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, ' ' f I , Lf , - 'K ,. V E, -il' I In ' I R- f k ' , . I J I - f - Vkyv , V 1 W I W I , , ' , f 1 f ' av , QQ? 1 M ' Q ' K . I L , . ' gy Q f Jo ' ', . 41: I I xi! WW s u I 'I L Q f ' X Q 0 X 7 ' ' +W?'+ WWW' f"fyjLW 526522 WW W if mf? Jw 223 MZ ,,,Z,f:Wzi,,,'fW T 'TQZQCQ1 ,N ix iff as My ,UH i:i::f,M,14ffff5fWQWNfV f 1942 5WQZW' QQ Riagg , , . ' Z f u g, ' . 1 i in 'wlzfg' ' ' ' 'f f . -. ,ra MQ- , ., -K ', ' ' I f ,W . . " 4 . , . ewfiff ,Y. S9f-iefg . w wf: wa r x 1 . f .s s 1 4- , A L - K ' V ' ' ' - 3-"F,-: X- .aww - ff. .1i::.1:?L-'cv'--x . , ' . .- -1 1 ,, : H' , la f A -.1- 931, -v -' - , - 'A -f f' - 1 a - f , 'lf' Fx? - 'f - "f:-r rfiafig- fx :f""...,4 .4 . ., r 4' 5 ' ' 4' f '- '- -ff 'ww-Y. -. 2- f - xii , evi l- 1- ww 'Af -. .,, ' ' ": ' - ' 'f 4 ' ' ' I '- V 41' +,m-- M -. . . . , , ..,,,. . A , JV , , -.. ,,,L , ,,M Q , ,WML I A H M4 fffj ff W WW jf! JJ!-K! WV gf.,f'50f,Pd! Zig!! QQQJMM MM f W7 J Qffjjfafpf 25233 Aww WW, ,, WMA My W Wifywwff My W Vw 0-fp ,W My , , QM f Wig Q M of MW my if W ,MK W W Wifi W Q W . WQKYMW ,JW W w W2i3jWf 3iLfZn,7.gfWQfjZ QWQM W wwf , Q ,bsgvffiiyu Dwyzfg yr" 1 'w f9Xf wg mmm MWWW ww F,,- N , , Of: QQQQ 4 N Q Wjiiiwwwfj 'g"'fEZLfgwN,j!,9+WwQ0Z2iti Zfffwwfw WM fl Q ww AW5V5?x2Jy The Robe - f 1 Wm QV Q , W ' W . 'P Q ' 4 I f1 - A S if CQ 'QTEK EF, f f E WM W ,5 1 l i M ?, - l A f gi X gf J u n e 35 ,G c, , fofdpz, ,gf C0ffL'7' L6 We Yang Q V , 7' 1'-Lgkxv f ffQw11L QM U6 Lvf '!V?iL+ .f Nfl! We .11fWL:774l 9Ai', My QW wwf 44 Q6 hx 1 cf XXMQ In IJ 1 'j " if A 1 I 561,51 , 1 7 ' 7 f j1L" , f' D , Lf' .gf ' . f j A, Q jf. A 5 f Q, f W 1 , 1 . X Bd ' xx' I SNP , N f W AAi.' N ,IXV Tv Kijiji' 1-57 v f ' ' x - 'x . , , 0 I. - . ., , Published b the Se11i0r .s 0 X I I xt, 4 x I N. Xl -, X .1 1 A 4 - 1 if fl X , N ,J 1' A L f 1 X! I , V. I x ,f , , f f . My ! A , ,, H X. , iff' z .Ml I 1 2 if - , Q .- 4 lj I S 1 ki- i J I uf! f' N ,J T JI If U .J 1 Y, J ,f ' IL K, I' 'fl ,xt lf" . 'X 4 V A . V r I ,ff-if 6 If' 'V " U : I "1 - l X ' - ' X My 5 uf 'U V QV I V! ' J f' f .J X W uw My f 1 X xv U ' V U!! X, M W O J , M V xx , 1 1 v f- I ' ', 1 - N iw. A . ,f f 1 ,!. a WL xx I X QR ff-E K X J V I 7541 1 ms-4 ! , J U' MW ' M Ex A U XV -M5 LV 'Sq W V 4' '7 9 x fi? ,,,f , , 5 . , , 'I " .I .f fu ' 2 , , . K" f v , 1 m If wig- -' J ' I Al 2,131.5 ' 1 V , A --,MQQ F! , - w ' L vfyxsgf If a f V I I li ' -,IX ' N ' I Eiga I . f P mf , sf ,314 1: 5-Y Arjx Y , flaw' J W. i .V t 2, T X' I, x J I, 'V 4. ... L, X' , . t ' I . jp-432 . ' r v ' - ' 4 I n C.-Af, - V o -X r '. '- ' . . P if j . Qffkfn ' 5 ,A I ,vi I , p 1527? v, IQ ' 1' . , , A N ff' t ','xf'3'i'3 , - , - . Y 4, V :JT K ' 'map f Y' I F' 1 ' It if h x , A A ' X P , ,T X 1 l N al ' ' . I ' . ' ' . ni . 2, g55'Lf3Z1'.f.i fx . .. 'r U J xt! 'Q , Pl 1 ' , "bfm657i?f:fM-1:54553 .,.,, V J' Q' Lflnil-55 N 'dw'-'llfwiktf:,::3rSur,f'wn- , . w'.""3: I - 'v-1+-'LQ:'-'vfzfrvp-',f"1fc3xf1A.4' ,, ' fdlfff. , ' ' "--,341-qui if-,gggissa-"+5wf,,,4,.H, K 1,fv,"e3f, 'W 1:-51' viyw Lam?--M: 4 .. a :wb 1 "V-' .-35. f":vy!,!'-'ZJ'i"1!7? 7-fn,-. ,X ' C-Fifi, x .- :WLM .gsKvA:'.D.21??5F7?Q?w? I NE ' ':':':,.9,,-,-,1- ,:aPf1,-wwf.. , ' "'-fm? W' f"Q.1'-E1ff--"19+'2'v-m.'s,q,,.. , . - . .J wfrff, :,f5f::-g,i?1:.'.,,f::,2353154343791 ,H S , 4. ' ""-IP.-?"fr."Q:2'ffL"'-1'3f"f' i'?,.vx, , I " ' K-14-Ir.:-Q,!fgf'j-u,fy5,i4g1 A j1g,f,'94',E ,. , .fwe8g,g:,g1,-,,gZ1.,fZfgff4:g5gg?7iRU,fn V ,MW531 H , A.wf5nN'-':jg,,-l ,.. ' "YQ-f:f .-g ,,,Vk,kV 4.f,.ffX I I ZVMIH 1 MUSE TP ., O 0 v,.. 3' 'fr-f Q., fe A 3ARFIELD.NEW IER EY ,W W W' ,X ,J . A! A 4 H?"'!K," v V K 1l1MIW""EF" 'NM 1 5 YEARS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I or : I I I I , I I I I I I I I Page Tour Foreword .. ONCE Mona A GA1uf1zr.n HIGH Sci-looL yearbook has come back from the press to take its place among the annals of precious memories. Forgotten are the hours of toil. Pride surges through the Seniors, as they see treas- ured moments indelibly traced page after page. The staff members have put away papers and typewriters. The last period has been added. Pictures have been placed. The copy has had its final printing. The Editorial and Business Staff have drawn together, each adding its part in the production of the memorial to the class of 1954. A feeling of deep satisfaction flows through every heart. Here are our moments. These are our joys forever caught in the reality of print, forever renewed in recalled dreams. fx Tableof ot, 0 N ,' 'E ' mon W t Facunrufykf .... T ...... ....7 CLAss . ...... ..... ........ .......... .... 1 o Snnlgb ..... .... .... I 3 Fn'ri .... . ....... .......,.. . ...35 e s I I PU o .. ---- 40 Cuts IL... ----42 UNDEKCL MEN ....45 Acnvmns .... .-.-. 4 9 SPORTS -.--.61 ADS N .... .66 fa ' 1 . K .. 1 A. ami Left to righz: Joseph Barccllona, Vice Presidentg Io- . , seph W. Smith, Gustav Dcalc, Carmen Verga, Presi- B 0 a I' d of E d u C a t 1 0 11 dentg William Capone, Secretary of the Boardg Edwin W, Sehempp, Iohn R. Rozema, Superintendent. MR. IOHN ROZEMA Superintendent of Schools Wherever the path of life may lead May you better your fellow man Because your own life was enriched By Garheld High School. l Page Tive Page Six n Ellrmnriam MR. HUGH D. WALDERS Long in the hearts of Garfield High School students and alumni will remain the bright image of you who gave us inspiration. You inculcated a deep desire for the Right. You guided our faltering steps toward the ultimate goal of attaining all the shining ideals you so fairly exemplified. You are gone from us-but long will you live with all the mem- ories we hold so dear. PRINCIPAL u When Time who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures, loo The mem'ry of the past will stay And half our joys renew." Song from IUVENILI-3 POEMS Congratulations To The Senior Class for this excellent compendium of their activ- ities in Garfield High School. In years to come memories will be rekindled and past achievements relived through the consulta- tion of its pages. AUSTIN TRAVERS Page Seven W Saw 1, . -1 . 9?IfL!fl56lf'nl 'K ' , "5 F u,z,'f.',ff' cf' 'l m iffy, , E . . li . wan-f . , J. ' -1' . fx ff, , A W 'gi f zffqff K 25 by ,jig-gym 1 i ' k Mg E -zyfza Z j CARI. PECORARO ARLIN GELATT Griizlancr Ilirrcmz' Asst. Guidance Director- Scicnre IOSEPH G. HOVAN MABEL MERRITT SALVATORE FRANZINO Via'-Prilzcipizl Sritflrc' Sfffnff ' ELEANOR KOSHEBA IOSEPHINE VILARDO PETER HUBIAK STASIA HOGAN Science Maflxcnzaticf llafhemaiics Mathematics vp lx , X x 7 ANNE RAPPA DOROTHY ROSE PETER TENGI X ' MILDRED FAGAN Language English English!! E English LILLIAN PIRRONE ALYCE MARTIN FRANK SOCHA ROSE PORCELLI English .Englixlz Social Studies Physical Education Page Eight , ,-'JOHN HOLLIS W' I Physical Eduralion f wi-4f'VY M NJ r " ' ,, fl! fnwxl , jf ' IV dj JJ, GILDA GRAZIANO IULIUS LAZICKI EVELYN CULLIGAN Phyxicul Education Businexs Educazion Bufiflm' Edufation ,fs JV A L 'S STEPHEN iw MILDRED KELSALL FLORENCE ADLER TERESA BONELLI Business Education Buxinfsx Edumlion Bming,-J Edumgign MARTIN RIESCHL ROBERT SHAFFER ERNEST COLEMAN STELLA IEZIERSKI Bugingyj Edymgign ' Industrial Aft: Indmlrial Arts Home Eronomicx LORETTA CIVITARESE ETHEL LINEHAN NANCY PLANSKA IAMES SALTA Home Eronomics Ar! M usic M wif ROSE LASCARI Librarian l MARY PLUNKETI' HELEN ULICS NINA SORRENTO Clerk Clerk X Clqrk 1 Page Nine Fpllivluww-W' rr' fr Class Prophecy None of us know what lies ahead of us in the fu- ture or what vast improvements and wonderful new things are yet to come, but we can all put our imaginations to work to seewhat the future may hold. So let's have a little fun and say the magic words that propel us into the unknown .... ALACAZAM! ! l l Here we are in as good a place to start as any, New York City. Let's see what one does for enter- tainment in these modern times. There's a premiere of the new fourth dimensional movie "Beyond Venus" starring MARY ANN ANESTA. Among the celebrities going into the theatre are AN- , THONY BARTELLO, crooner, who is being 5 Page Ten mobbed for autographs 3 movie director, "Holly- wood" GEORGE LUKACg LUCILLE VIVI- NETTO, Miss Universe, that celebrated lecturer on life on a desert island, ELEANOR ADAMCZYKg and Comet recording stars, REGINA LICASTRI, HELEN P RUDA, and MARIE' DOLCE, whose latest record "Purple Shadows on the Milky Way" has sold 5,ooo,ooo copies. That's PAUL DOSKY, boxing champ, going into the Garden with his trainer, CHARLES DE VITO and manager, CHARLES COSTA. Tonight he's fighting battling BOB BAN. It should be a terrific Hght. Let's walk down farther to see what that huge shiny mass is. Why-they're dozens of rocket cars. The sign says "jolly IIM DE VITO,s Slightly Used Cadillacs". CHRISTINE VAN DER GROEF, gen- eral manager, is showing VINCENT IELSINO and FRANK NUNES some of the latest models. Check the one that THERESA FETKO and BAR- BARA MEYERS are driving out with solid gold door handles. That big building across the street looks interest- ing. Shall we go in? This is the United Planets Building. Now that we've established communica- tions with Mars, it has been erected to promote better understanding between the two planets or any others which we may contact in the future. As we'enter, we see a picture of RALPH DARGENTO, that fearless young man who has just left by space ship to be the Hrst earthman to reach Mars. He took along with him, a Martian interpreter, BETTY ROTZKO, and will be followed by that superb explorer, IOE CASSATA. 'E 1 Off to the right is a courtroom where violators of the universal code are tried. What's that commo- tion inside? RICHARD OSSI is on trial for al- legedly hoarding space cadet helmets. His lawyer, TERRY TETLA, seems to be a bit carried away with the case. I guess that's why prosecution law- yer, ROSS GRECO, is hiding behind a In the next room there's a Space Board. President, TINO, and members, who are ELIZABETH LER, and ALBERT DE cide whether they to tell the public of startling ing flying saucers. we'd better wait t if s Across the you it' those LENE TRICE The winner KRISKO There go MENICKY who the South Pole guins. Here's a fine statue discoverer of the man in discovered that there was a man dence was established and it popular as a health and vacation resort. So a little cruise to the moon right now to see can find some of our old friends there. Before we leave, we had better procure some anti- space sickness pills from their originator, MARION BIGOS. DOROTHY HALADYNA and BAR- BARA STEFANCIK are trying to sell her their new home permanent kit, "Comet Curl". There's another rocket ship leaving now, too. It's our athletes going to compete in the Olympic Con- test on the moon. KALMAN TOTH, high jump champ 3 speedy IACK CARLOCKg CLYDE LEV- ERETT, broad-jump champ, and ROBERT ROSA, weight lifter, are leaving now. To see us all off, we have the Glorious Girls' Band led by LENORA MAIDA, with ARLENE PETRO- VICH on drums, DOT PAWLIKOWSKI on the trombone, GLADYS OBENAUF on the flute, and PAT STAUDT playing the cymbals. Well, we'd better be oH on our trip, so hop in the rocket ship and away we'll go. 'Drive-In Cloud". It's HERMAN Stand". Heav- LORRAINE and hostesses are PA went by? Oh, it Detective, Y, chasing of moon major- BETLEY head majorettes, are RUZILA, MARI- SCAGLIONE, THE KROLL. the hotel run by DIANE animal hunter B-ILL P Bill has just returned from a hunting trip in there, she accidentally shot CHWAN, in the leg. I hear is the trio consisting EUGENE CLAYTON, and manager, EDWARD BED- be enjoying it very much. Nightly highlighted by FRANK HARRIS, mambo dancer. Also entertaining are those "Happy Hula Girls", VIRGINIA IENSEN, PHYLLIS GAMBINO, BARBARA PETRON- CHAK, IOHANNE CHIZACKY, and CAROLE GURALESKI. Look at those executives lying in the sun-AN- THONY AULITA, president of Stogey Cigars In- corporated, ARTHUR SCHIMMENTI, billionaire butcher, and ROBERT STANKIEWICZ, super- salesman-they haven't a thing to do. Here comes ROBERT BIELEN, renowned au- thor, who is coming to read his latest book, "Bie- len's Biography, a Story of Romance, Adventure, and Intrigue Behind the Plastic Curtain". Right behind him is the mayor of the moon, ROBERT CHAP, with his personal bodyguard, ROBERT KRUGE. Class Prophecy Let's follow PAUL SZCZECH, undercover agent, to that pink crater with the antenna on top. No suspicious characters here, Paul. It's a radio- television station and NELSON COLLINS, disc jockey is broadcasting his program "Collins in a Crater". I guess those violent pink pants and char- treuse- tie are necessary for colored television. His secretaries, IRENE SKAWINSKI and DOROTHY KUDREL are conferring with his sponsor, BAR- BARA SATTELBERGER and HELEN GORSKI, owners of Cosmic Cosmetics. When Collins leaves the air for his tour of the earth, MARCIA NALES- NYK and IOANNE BELLI will replace him by interviewing celebrities on their program, "Break- fast Can Be Beautiful". Iust for fun we'll visit the presses of the "Moon Monthly" where CAROLYN ZETKULIC and EL- LEN GEORGIUS are editors. .They're laughing hysterically. It must be because of the joke in "Lunar Loonies" written by VIVIAN LUCAS and MARY LOU STEPAT. IOHN CANGELOSI and LEON- ARD NICK, sports editors, have just received a scoop from wonder boy .reporter, IAMES RAPPISE. SAL CALDERONE, sports commentator, for sta- tion W.H.O. has just been injured by a flying meteor. We hope that it isn't serious. Here comes ANTHONY CATALIOTO, expert on beautiful women and judge of today's Miss Stratosphere Contest. Among the lovely contestants are CAROL BAIEK, FRANCES KOPEC, VI- VIAN ELARDI, and ROSE BRIGANTI. If we want to cover some more ground, or should I say air, we'd better say farewell to the moon for awhile and wing our way toward earth. Too bad we can't visit some other planets, but interplanetary travel is still considered dangerous, so we'll have to be content with this small part of the solar system until we learn more about it. c That group of rockets is the space patrol which includes DOUGLAS TREMPER, IOHN FURMA- NEK, PHILIP INSINGA, IOHN FEDEg they are led by captains, WALTER CHROBACK and DAVID KOPEC. They just caught PETER STROOSNYDER driving his space ship too slowly. That's serious! Instead of landing right now, let's hopscotch around the world to see what's doing. . Up at the Indianapolis Speedway RICHARD Page Eleven --., . . F! sl' sr ' if Class Prophecy FLICKER, RICHARD SUROWIEC, RUDOLPH PELIKAN, IOHN NEMETZ, and LAWRENCE SCUCCI are vying for honors. Presenting the trophy to the winner will be president of the Plumber's Union, ROBERT ALBANESE. STANLEY BUCZEK, THOMAS CALDE- RONE, and RONALD ROBERTS, electricians, are busy setting up the lights on MARTIN GALLER'S "Goody Gumdrop Stand". Down in Texas, the ARTHUR BROTHERS, ALEX and ROBERT, are making a mint with their frozen pizzas. Their motto-"They'll send you". Why, CONCETTA RIBAUDO, KATHERINE BUONO, ANNA HRAB, CAROL SMITH, and IOYCE SMARSH even have to count their money for them! BOB TOMASKOVIC, teaball tycoon, has his summer home in Beverly Hills. MARTIN WINK- LER, merry milkman, is delivering his dairy supply right now. Next door is the secret laboratory of in- ventor IAMES GALLUP, whose radioactive robot got up and walked off last week. Don't worry I.G., he'll hear the accordion and come home. SUE DI MARCO, president of DiMarco's Dime Bank, is taking her favorite tellers, IOAN KLI- MOCK, and GERALDINE PASTOR, to Visit GLADYS LUKACHIK and MARION DIAN- DERAS, pineapple growers in Hawaii. Scooting ahead of them are traveling nurses, ANN SERAFIN and DOROTHY MACAGNONE on their way to an emergency case in Australia. WILLIAM PIETRUSIAK and EUGENE MA- RUT, mountain climbers on Mount Everest, wave as we pass by. W Over in India we can see IOHN KREIC, trader, with his private secretary, GAY RIBAUDO, look- ing over some elephant tusks that ROBERT CHOMA, treasure hunter, has found. Driving his caravan into the mountains is ALPHONSO VAC- CARO. EVELYN SALERNO and MARIE LUTERZO are teaching some Turkish girls how to play basket- ball in ten easy lessons, while ROSE DI PIAZZA, interpreter, says it's all Greek to her. Let's drop down into Paris where there's always something of interest. I see those millionaire play- boys, FRANK KASZAS and IIM VANDER SANDE are here too. IACKIE BOEHM, dancing darling, is starring in the Follies. There's PAT MACEY who originated the U.S. fultra sonicj hair- cut going in to see Iackie, accompanied by LEE GLOGIEWICZ, lady lawyer, who has just cracked the suit case. IOAN SZAYWAY and RENEE VERGA, financiers. who are financing MILLI- CENT ROGERS' Hindu missionary. We'd better leave now and head for home. That's IACK PUZIO, swimmer, crossing the English Channel. He's in great shape! Wow! Look at that platinum plated yacht headed toward New York. ANN KONECNY, millionairess model for tooth paste ads, is returning from her world cruise with IANE KOPAS, psychiatric orig- inator of the money complex. With her are BETTY SUE BELLINE. fashion consultant for Devastating Designs Limited and DOT DUDAS, designer of solid glass houses. And so as we reach the point at which we started, the whole vision slowly begins to fade and we are in the present again. Our dream of the future may hives gust been a fantasy, but it was fun. Wasn't it. . . I I I 5 E Senior Class Officers President .........,..,.....,,.........,.... JACK CARLOCK Vzce Preszdent ....,.....,...,..,..........,......,.. HELEN RUDA Sfrfffafy ......... REGINA LICASTRI Treasurer ..,... ......,..,..... R OBERT CHAP Advisor .,... If Page Twelve 93 LL . . . . . . .MR. ROBERT SHAFFER K-Z SENIURS ELEANOR MARY ADAMCZYK "Ellie" . . . Oli, the love of sports . . . always on tlic go . . . willing to l1elp , . . lun to be witl'1. Press Club l: Library Council 2: Glee Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Junior Play 3: Junior Probies 3, Sec. 4: Girls' Choir 4: Quill Business Mgr. 4: Yearbook Business Stafl 4' . ALEX ARTHUR UAV' , . . jolcester . . . a real pal . . . affinity for outcloors. Commando A Club 1.2: Traclc 2: Bancl l,2:- Aviation Club 3: Hunting and Fish- ing Club 4. ROBERT WILLIAM AUMUELLER uBob" . . . excellent student . - . quiet, but loads ol lun . . . an ideal bancl member. Science Club l: Jr. Engineering Club 2: Aviation Club Pres. 3: Jr. Acllievement 4: Eclisonian Club 4: Boys' Clwir 4: Banol l,2,3,4: Natl Honor Society 3,4. Page Fourteen ' ROBERT ALBANESE MARY ANN ANESTA "Bob" . . . bot rod bappy . . . smiles nBreezy" . . . ller bair accents ber beauty easily , , I many interests , , , an amiable . . . 8 gifted voice . . . ol l'HSCEllity lwunter. . . . star on the dance Hoor. Commando A Club 2: Aviation Club 3: Press Club l,2: Baton Twirler 2: Glee Huntingand Fishing Club 4. Club l,2,3.4: Girls' Cboir l,2,3,4. ROBERT ARTHUR . ANTHONY AULITA "Bob" , , , pleasant to know , , , Cool, Mstogyn . . . good plmysique . . . an ardent calm, and collective , , , Casual manngr, Yankee fan . . . attracted to foreign cars. Commando A Club l: Commando B C0mmHnCl0 A Club 1: Camera Club V- Club 2: Cbess Club 3: Hunting and Fisln- PICS- 4- ing Club 4. CAROL BAJEK "Babe" . . . always smartly attired . . . blue, blue eyes . . . lresln beauty . . . waml and glowing personality. Travel Club l: Dramatic Club Sec. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2.3, V. Pres. 4: Glee Club 3.4: Girls' Clmoir 3.4: Yearbook Literary Staff 4: Quill Literary Staff 4. .W - - 'R' -FQ S E P T E M B E R 9 Opening ofschool 25, Asbury Park football game 30 Senior officers elected ROBERT BAN Bolo" . . . naive . . . a jolcer at times . . . a good friend. Commando B Club l: Commando A Guin 2: Hunting and Fishing Club 3,4 JOANNE B. BELLI "Jo" . . . pint of lun . . . angelic impres- sions . , . lcnown by all . . . good humored. Career Cluh 1: Hall Supervisor Club Sec. 2: Steno Clula Sec. 3: Girls' Choir 3: Glee Club 4: Yearlooolc Literary Stall 4. ANTHONY R. BARTELLO "Bart" . , . our crooner . . . personality plus . . . has a way with women . . . good Cadet. Aquarium Club 1: Commando B Club Pres. 2: Glee Club 3.4: CO. l, Pres. 4: geiarilmoolt Ass't Editor 4: Boys' Choir 1, BETTY SUE BELLINE "Belt" . . . fashion lcnow-how . . . dreamy green eyes . . . ever vivacious . . . sparlcl- ing personality, ' Dramatic Clula 1: Service League 2: Glee Club 3: Junior Play: C.O. 4: Girls, Choir 4: Yearhoolc Business Staff 4. ROBERT BIELEN "Bob" . . . popular . . . dry humor . . . Emil. our Frenchman in the play . . . hot- rocl Fireman. Commando B Clulo lc C.O. 1: Projec- tion Cluls V, Pres. 2: Traclc 2: Hi-Y 2: Junior Play: Junior Class Pres.: Nat'l Honor Society V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Radio Clulz Pres. 3: Yearlaoolc Editor-in-Chief 4: Quill Photographer 4: Quill Business Stall 4: Quill Circulaton Mgr. 4: N s EDWARD BEDNARZ "Eddie" . , . winning smile , . . enjoys howling . . . modest in manner. Projection Cluh 1.2: Hunting and Fish- ing Club 3,4: Track Mgr. 3,4: Hi-Y 4. JEANNETTE BETLEY "Jeannette" . . . twinkling eyes . . . happy- go-luclcy air . . . loves to tall: . . . twirling is her speciality. Press Club 1: Glee Club 2: Dramatic Club 2, V, Pres. 3: Junior Play: Baton Twirler 2. Drum Majorette 3.4: Nat'l Honor Society 3.4: Quill Literary Staff 4: Girls' Choir 4: Yearbook Literary Staff 4: JOAN M. BIGOS "Jeanie" . . . tremendous enthusiasm . . . bright laughter . . . a true friend , . . lovely lass. Hall Supervisor l: Dramatic Clulz 2: Modern Miss 3: Girls' Choir 3: Glee Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y l,2.3,4. Page Tifteen MARION A. BIGOS Mlvlarn . . . sophisticated . . . intelligence combinecl witli tllat certain sparlcle . . . cliooses clotlies witli style. CO. l,4, Pres. 2, Treas. 3: Glee Club 1.2: Tri-Hi-Y l, Pres. 2, Cliaplain 3, Hist. 4: Dramatic Club l,2: Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3.4: Quill Literary Stall 3.4: Baton Twirler 3.4: Girls' Cboir 3: Junior Play: Yearboolc Business Stall 4. STANLEY BUCZEK '-Sl8Sl'ln . . . miscbievousness witll a capi- tal M . . . never a clull moment . . . a good trienci. Commanclo B Club l: Commanclo A Club 2: Raclio Club 3: Cliess Club 4: Hi-Y 3,4. SALVATORE CALDERONE "Goose" . . . frienclly manner . . . quiet riot . . . lilceable disposition, Commando A Club l: Camera Club 2.3: Aviation Club 4. JACQUELINE R. BOEHM 'Xlaclcien . . . gay as a giggle . . . bobby --dancing . . . entliusiastic . . . sliort ancl sweet. Glee Club 1.2: Girls' Clioir 1.2: Dra- matic Club l: Career Club 2: Modem Miss 3: Steno Club V. Pres. 4: Yearboolt Literary Staff 4. - KATHERINE R. BUONO uKate" . . . efficient cafeteria lielper . . . goocl natured , . . dreamer at lieart. Home Economics Club 1.2: Steno Club 3, Treas. 4. THOMAS CALDERONE mldomn . . . a nice, quiet type ot guy . . never a lwarslm worrl . . . lrienclly. Commanclo A Club 2: Radio Club 3: Eclisonian Club 4: Quill Business Staff 4. ROSE BRIGANTI "Ro" . . . casual soplmisticate . . . ciimpled clleelcs . . . loveliness tlxat spealcs . . . italian coililure. Press Club 1.2: Hall Supervisors Club 2: Modem Miss 3: Glee Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Yearboolc Business Staff 4. GARY BURGESS "Car" . . . 'Rebel' . . . carefree . . . Hirtatious . . , slmarp dresser . . . soutlmem gentleman. SCHITEBS lj COHIIHBDCIO A 22 CIICSS Club 3: Hi-Y 3: Hunting and Fislling Club 4. yi 1 it OCTOBER 3 Barringer football game I0 Passaic football game I3 Band Festival I7 East Rutherford football game 24 Paterson Centrdlfootlaall game wi, ...ay-btw? , .S-w:,::-siksyygzif 'W JOHN CANGELOSI. JR. HCange" . , . smile lor one and all . . . good buddy . . . hair, oh so curly . . . scholarship. Camera Club 1: Commando B Club 2: Baslcetball 2: Language Club V.Pres. 3: Junior Play: Natl Honor Society 3.4: Cvlee Club 4: Boys' Choir 4: Quill Sports Ecli- tor 4. ANTHONY CATALIOTO "Buzzy" . . . 'Mighty Mite' . . . sparlrling personality, . . happy-go-luclcy air . , . nice to lcnow. Science Club 1: C.O. 1.2: Hi-Y 1.2: Language Club 2.3: Junior Class Trees.: Alidisonian Club 4: Football 1.2.3. Co-Capt. lr JACK CARLOCK "Jack" . . . dependable . . , one of the family . . . "A-1" . . . "Mr, SSO". Camera Club l: Projection 2: Hi-Y V. Pres. 2.3. Pres. 4: Language Club Pres. 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3.4: C.O. 3: Traclc l,2,3,4: Football 1.2.3. Co'Capt. 4: Senior Class Pres. Q ROBERT J. J. CHAP "Muldoon" . . . mad scientist . . , easy to get along with . . . those blond curls. Commando B Club l: Projection Club Sec. 2: Traclc 2: Eclisonian Club 3: Base- ball lVlgr. 3: Junior Play: Language Club 4: Senior Class Treas.: Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3.4: Hi-Y 2,3.4: Quill Business Staff 4: Yearboolc Business Staff 4. ROBERT CHOMA "Bob" . . . shy . . , good humorecl . . . a man without worries. Seabees l: Hunting and Fishing Club 3.4: Baseball JOSEPH CASSATA "Joe" . . . every girl's hero . . . never a dull moment . . . a regular guy . . . oh, those Pioneers. Commando B Club lg Seabees 2: Hunting and Fishing Club 3.4: Hi-Y 1.2. 3.4: Basketball l.2.3.4: Baseball 1,2,3.4. JOHANNE CHIZACKY "Jo" . . , ambitious . . . forever bringing "general notices" . . . a ready smile . . . lriencl to all. Tri-Hi-Y 1: Dramatic Club 1.3: Library Council 2: Junior Probies 4: Glee Club 4. WALTER CHROBACK "Walt" . . . deep depths ol character . . . good natured . . , wide range ol interests . . . energetic. Travel Club 1: Projection Club 2: Radio Club 3: Chess Club 4. GRANT CHWAN "Grant" . . . the silent type . . . nothing annoys him . . , hunting is his joy. Art Club l, V. Pres. 2: Language Club 3: Aviation Club 4. NELSON COLLINS . . . tall, lair and handsome . . . blushes easily . . , one ot the tBig Fiveh Commando B Club 2: Hunting and Fishing Club 3,4: Baseball 1,2.3,4: Bas- lretball l,2,3,4: Football l,3. RALPH DARGENTO HDushU . . . outstanding leatures . . . amiable personality . . . pride ol the finest . . . little room lor improvement. Commando B Club V. Pres. l: Basket- ball l,2: Commando A Club 2: Hunting and Fishing Club 3: Junior Play: Edi- sonian Club -fl: Hi-Y l,2,3,4l, EUGENE T. CLAYTON HGene" . . . friendly . . . intelligent . . . mixes mirth with seriousness . , . Holy Name Corps buglcr. Camera Club lg C.O. l: Jr. Engineer- ing Club 2: Edisonian Club 3.4: Natvl Honor Society 3.4: Football 3: .lunior Play: Band l,2,fl: Yearbook Literary Stall 4. CHARLES COSTA "Cos" . . . a twinlcle ol' mischief in his eye . . . never a care, never a frown. Commando B Club 2: Hunting and Fishing Club 3. ALBERT J. DeLUCIA "Al" . . . 'Do your algebra?' . . . lriendly. unpretentious manner . . . studious . . . a model railroader. Jr. Engineering Club 1.2: Edisonian Club 3.4: Natil Honor Society 3.4. MARILYN CLOSTERMAN UlVlarilyn" . . . gentle dignity . . . ladylilce . . . a lasting impression . . . intelligent. Dramatic Club l,2: Glee Club 2: Mod- ern Miss 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3.4: Language Club 4. ANTHONY A. D'AGOS'I'INO "Tony" . . . musical jaclc of all trades . . . never a frown . . . a good pal. Jr. Engineering Club l, Sec. 2: Camera Club Treas. 3.4: Band l,2,3,4: Yearboolr Business Stalzt 4, N O-V EAM B E R I2 Splash Party , 2I Cheerleaders' dance 24 Parents' night' ib Clifton football game 28 Senior dance RONALD DEMENY CHARLES DeVITO JAMES DeVITO .. -- , - V I. t - ' I HCI' lc" . . . lr R l .lc . . , l' dl 'll' H . . . sunny nature . . . merry jcster aI3Cf:Lity.'. ' ' lgligtqsezfe , . . ruziglbill , . .nlnan ol snlallpztaglrrrcrl .y. Holyrlsllanib . .nlleasy going , . , a real buclclyr Camemlclgjb 3. Language Club P,-gs, .13 Caclct Corps clrummvr. Camera Club l: Projection Club 2: Ra- Football l,2,3,44 Hi-Y l,2,3. Commanrlo A Club l, Pres. 2: Ecli- tlio Club 3: Camera Club 4. sonian Club 3: Clll'SS 4: Basketball 1,21 Baseball 1.2.4. MARION DIANDERAS SUSAN DiMARCO "Jeannie" , . . to lmow ber is to lilce ber "Sue" . . . always willing to help . . . gay . . . entirely sincere , . , clueerlul . . . yet gentle . . , radiant smile. from soutb ol tbe borcler. Career Club lg Press Club 2: Glec Club Art Club lg Sewing Club 2: lvloflern 3: Junior Play: Steno Club pres. 4. lVliss 3. ROSE A. DiPIAZZA "Ro" . . . neat ancl trim . . . ineffable cbnrm . , . loyal lrinnrl, Camera Club lx Carr-rr Club 2: Str-no Club 4g Girls' Clloir 4, ,,s:ffwn.., Yffmw ff-- x egg.. ian srl glint MARIE DIORIO HlVlaricH . . . loucl never . . . lacly ever . . . sby , . . stuclious. Travel Club 1.2. Glen Club 25 Steno Club 3: Natll Honor Society 3,4. MARIE DOLCEMASCOLO HDolce" . . . always laugbing . . . one ol tbe lamily . . . matb wizard. Dramatic Club Sec. l: Press Club V. pres. 2: C.O, 2: Glen Club 2,3,4: Nat'l Honor Sortic-ty 3,43 Junior Play: Yearboolc literary Stall' 45 Quill Literary Stall 4: Girls' Clmir 3.4. PAUL DOSKY Hpauiu , . . prize liigiiter . . . spariciing wit . . . never a worry. Commancio A Club 1.2: Ciiess Ciuip 3.11: Hi-Y 1,25 Baseball 12.4. JOHN FEDE "Johnny" . 4 . quiet . . . iiiceabie person . ., . can taite a ioice. Projection Club 1.2: Aviation Club 3: Eciisonian Club 4. EUGENE FLINTA "Gene" . . , swing ami bop artist . . . weii lcnown for musirai ability . . . popular. Jr. Engineering Club 1: Band 1,2.3: Hi-Y 2: Aquarium Club 2: C.O. Treas, 2: Junior Play: Camera Club 3.4, DOROTHY DUDAS "Dot" . . . inciiviciuaiist . . . si1e glows witiw ciiarm from witiiin . . . Frank Sin- atrais greatest ian, Career Club 1: Service League 2.3: Gice Club ii: Yearbook Business Staff 41, THERESA FETKO mrerryn . . . spontaneous iaugimter . . . ioacis of l-un . . , mociei of vitality . . . ciotiics conscious. Girls' Ciioir 3: Career Club 3: Junior Probies 41: Quiii Literary Staff 41. JOHN FURMANEK. JR. 'bioiunnyii . . . quietly attentive . . , basimiui . . . easy going . . . willing co-woricer. Camera Club VIVIAN J. ELARDI uvivn . , . vivacious . . . wiiiing to coop- lerate . . . Hip, iiip, iet's go . . . ioacis oi: n u . Dramatic Club 1: Language Club Pres. 2: C.O. 3: Junior Play: Giee Club 41: Cheerleader 23, Capt. 4: Quill Literary Staff 4. RICHARD E. FLICKER "Rick" . . . a big boy witii a smile for everyone . . . a gooci irienci to ali. Projection Club 12: Football 1: Avia- tion Ciub 3: Hunting and Fisbing Club 4: Boys' Ctioir 4: Tracie WWWWWW ... 'ia uf-, 1 - .f .Q .f s . ...':msiH'.:iifw.. .+.,... . 'J ' , 1 . .. ,.,f' .M 1 EM B sn 4sbmwcmwmw.f. I2 Fifth QgarteriClub'Dinnerg 5. I8 Barringer bagiastban game, Zi fri,-Hi-Y' Faculty 96335 f 22 Snyder biskefbogii game S . .f .f M Wwwww . R it wwmmwwmi :"' ' MARTIN GALLER Hlvlartn . . , ladies' man . . , a ready smile , . . easy to get along witlx . . . pleasant clmap and sclioolmate. Jr. Engineering Cluln Treas, l, Pres. 2: Aviation Club 3: Hi-Y 23.41 Ediwflian Clulm 45 Nafl Honor Society 4. ROSEMARY GEISLER UCviggyH . . . excels in twirling . . . cute lreclcles . . . optimism unsurpassed . , . sensilale. Camera Club l.2: Tri-Hi-Y l,2: Junior Proloies 3, Sec. 4: Glee Clula 3: Baton Twirler 2, Feature Twirler 3.43 Quill Literary Stall 4. JAMES GALLUP U.limn1ie" . . . prolluse reader . , . line ae- cordionist . . . tremendous intellectual appetite. Edisonian Clulm 3: Junior Play: Cliess Clulv 4: Yearlvoolc Literary Stall 4. ELLEN MARIE GEORGIUS . . . lair lwaired lady . . . amialnle personality . . . industrious , . . sclmool spirit. Hall Supervisor Cluli l: Cvlee Club l,2. 4: Language Clulm l, Sec. 2: Quill Liter- ary Stalil' 3, News Editor 4: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2.3.45 Nat'l Honor Society 3.4: Yearlnoolc Business Staff 4: Cvirls' Clluir 4. LEONIA GLOGIEWICZ "Lee" . . , lmppy smile , . . dancing leet . . . up to date . . . lilcealule. Glm Cluln l,2: Career Clul: l,2: Mod- ern Miss 3: Steno Cluln 4: Yearliroolc Busi- ness Stall 4, PHYLLIS ALICE GAMBINO "Fannie" . . . pixie . . . lwublnles witl1 laugliter and misclliel . . . a loyal friend. Dramatic Clula l: Library Council Pres. 2: Selrvice League 3: Glee Clulm 4. HERMAN GLOEDE "Herm" . . . misclmievous . . . fancy free . . . lceen sense ol humor. Sealmes lp Commando B Club 2: Hunting and Fishing Clulo 3: Edisonian Club 4. HELEN T. GORSKI "Helen" , . . long blond tresses . . . ladylilie clmarm . . . attractive . . . racliantly alive. Career Clulu lg Service League 2: Mod- ern Miss 3: Cvlee Clulv V. Pres. 4. ROSS GRECO HGrec" . . . Iull ot' lun . . . good sport . . , winning ways , . . real buddy. Commando B Club l.2: Hunting and Fisbing Club 3.4: Basketball I,2.3: Base- ball 1.2.3. FRANK HARRIS "Speedy" . . . sunny disposition . . . lmown to all . . , silent liurricane . . . fond ol' tlic pigslcin. ' Camera Club lg Radio Club 3: Football 12.3.42 Tmclr ARLENE ROSE HORN HAH' . . . friend you'cI lilce baving . . . clislilccs insincerity . . . ready and willing .. . or is it MDW". CHHICYH I1 Language 2,31 Junior Probies 4: Natil Honor Society 3.4: Quill Literary Staff 4. CAROLE GURALESKI HCarole" . . . determined loolc . . . pleasant , . . neat . . . class dreamer. Dramatic Club l: Career Club 2: Girls' Cboir 1,25 Junior Probies 3.4. PATRICIA JOAN HECK "Pat" , . . serious minded . . . loads oi lun . . . intelligence to spare . . . always willing to lielp. Hall Supervisor l: Language 2.3. 4: Natil Honor Society 3.4: Tri-Hi-Y 2.14: Yearboolc Art Editor 4: Quill Literary Staff 3.4. l DIANE E. HORN "Di" . . . generous , . , earnest . . , an eager beaver . . . nice to lcnow. Camera Club l: Language Club 2: Junior Probies 3.4. DOROTHY J. HALADYNA MDM" . . . effervescent . , . a cbeery cbeerlcader . . . coquctte . . . vividly re- lresbing personality. Press Club Sec. 1.2: C.O. 2.3.41 Nat'l Honor Society 3.4. Cbeerleader 3.4: Tri- I'li-Y 2.3.4. Quill Literary Staff 3.4: Quill Business Staff 4: Junior Play: Yearbook Copy Editor 4, DOROTHY J. HOPPHAN HDotH . . . ladylilce . . . a true friend , . . wbiz at sbortband . . . future nurse. Dramatic Club Ig Press Club 2: Lan- guage Club 3: C.O. 2,4: Nafl I'Ionor Society 3.4. JANUARY 8 Central basketball game I2 Clifton basketball game IZ, l3, t4 Mid-year exams I5 Eastside basketball game 29 Passaic basketball game ANNA HRAB "Ann" . . . always ready to lielp . , . llospitality . . . wisely innocent . . . dependable. 4 Art Club 2: Modern ixliss 3: Glee Clulr VINCENT JELSINO Hvincen never a dull m . . . . oment . . . curly liair . . . forever on tlwe verge oi get- ting tlmrown out of class. Commando B Clulo I, Treas. 2: Hunt- ing and Fislwing Club 3.4. Q PHILIP INSINGA UFlip" . . . quiet . . . sliy . . . easy going . . . ever loyal and true. Projection Clulv 2: Aviation Clull 3: Camera Clulo 4. VIRGINIA JENSEN "Ginger" . . . carefree, lout capable . . . a gay clernoisclle witl1 dancing eyes. Knitting Cluln I: Art Clulo I: Library Council 2: Service League 3: Glee Clulw 4: Girls' Choir 4. JOSEPH KAMINSKY "Yosie" . . . popular . . . friend to all, loc to none . . . triclcster . . . sclmool spirit. Commando A Clulw 1.2: Hunting and Fislwing Clulb 3.4: Basketball l,2,3,4: Traclc I,2,3,4: Quill Business Stall 4: Yeariloolc Business Staff 4, MARLENE ANNA JAEGER Hlvlaru . . . soft voice . . . friendly . , . dependalinle . . . outstanding student. Knitting Clulw I: Travel Club 2: Nat'l Honor Society 3.4: Glee Club 3.4. ROBERT KAMENICKY uBol'a" . . . quiet, until lie gets going . . . well-lilced . . . fine manners . . . disap- PTOVCS Of IIOIIICWOYIC. Commando B Club 1.2: Aviation Club 3: Edisonian Clulu 4: Baslcetloall 2,3,4, FRANK J. KASZAS "Bunny" . . . princely good looking . . never witliout liis car . . . Curly liair . . . well lcnown lay all, Jr. Engineering Clulv I: Football l: Commando A Clulu 2: Eclisonian 3: Hunting and Fislling Club 4: Baslcetlnall 12,31 Track 2.3.4. WILLIAM KEMMERER "Bill" . . . gallant . . . goocl sense of l1umor . . . lirst class major, Hunting and Fisbing Club l,2,3,4: Base- ball l,2: Football l,2,3. JANE KOPAS "Janie" . , . as innocent as dynamite . . beavenly blue eyes . . . one we'll never lorget . . , cute ancl popular. Glee Club l: Dramatic Club l: Hall Supervisor Club 2: Modem Miss 3: Natl Honor Society 3,4: Girls' Cboir 4: Quill Literary Stall: 4: Yearbook Literary Stall 4: C.O. 4. KENNETH A. KOVALY "Ken" . . . easy going . . . sociable , . . a track man . . . wellalilrecl by everyone. Commando B Club 1.2: Aviation Club 3: Hunting ancl Fisliing 4: Hi-Y Pres. 4: Track 23.4. JOAN KLIMOCK HI'Iowdy" . . . always giggling , . . a polka entbusiast . . . lrienclly ancl smiling, Camera Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Steno Club 3,41 Girls' Cboir 3,4. DAVID KOPEC "Dave" . . . silent but attentive . . . alert barol worker . . . a great guy, Camera Club l: Projection Club 2: Radio Club 3: Cbess Club 4. JOHN F. KREIC HCraig" . . , energetic . . . crew cut . . . Yogi Berra ol Cvarlielcl . . . a determined malls Engineering Club l: Football lc Hunting ancl Fisbing Club 4: Basketball 12, Mgr. 3,4: Baseball 1,2,3,4. ANN KONECNY "Ann" . . . captivating smile . . , a strik- ing effect ol beauty , . . vivacious ancl popular. Career Club l: Service League 2: Mod- ern Miss 3: Glee Club Pres. 4: Quill gusiness Stall 4: Yearbook Business Stall FRANCES V. KOPEC "Fran" . . . our queen . . . very popular . . . tiny sprite . , . lovely to loolc at. Service League I: Dramatic Club 2: Junior Probies 3: Junior Class V. Pres.: Junior Play: Natll Honor Society 3,4: Glee Club 2,43 Girls' Cboir 3: Flag Twirler 3.4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. Sec. 4: Quill Business Stall 4. J H qw-:f FEBRUARY 2 Central basketball game 5 Clifton basketball game 9 Eastside basketball game l I East Rutherford basketball game I6 Passaic basketball game , L t J. J .1 f- w 1 JOHN KRISKO "Krisko" . . . joker by tracle . . . has big ideas . , . goocl stuclent . . . likes to play baseball. Jr, Engi eering Club 1, V. Pres. 2: Edisonian Club 3.4: Nat'l Honor Society 3.4: Baseball 2,3,4: Hi-Y 3.4. DOROTHY KUDREL nDot" . . . co-operative . . . a blushing rose . . . spiritecl cheerleader . , . sings her way through life. Knitting Club Sec. 1: Career Club 2: Cheer1eacler,3,4: Steno Club 4. ami -ng RUFH KROLL "Ruthie" . . . sincere . . . neat as a pin . . . willing to work . , . friendly manner. Travel Club 1, Sec. 21 Cvlee Club 3.4: Yearbook Business Staff 4. ANTHONY LA MANNA "Tony" . . . enthusiastic . . . sociable . . . one of fine understanding , . . Yankee man. Camera Club l,3,4: Seabees 2. REGINA LICASTRI "Reggie" . . . a worthy friend . . . sincere . . . one of the family . , . always singing. C.O. 1.2: Press Club 1: Language Club Sec. 2: Girls' Choir 3.4: Glce Club 3.4: Nat'l Honor Society 4, Trcas, 3: Yearbook Ass't Editor 4: Quill Literary Stag 4: Quill Business Staff 4: Senior Class Sec. 1 ROBERT KRUGE "Bob" . . . crew cut . . . mischievous spirit . . . trig's woe . , . a regular guy. Seabees 1: Commanclo B Club 2: Ecli- sonian Club 3: Hunting and Fishing Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Baseball 1.2, Mgr. 3.4. CLYDE LEVERETI' Hsachn , . . carefree . . . liked by all , . . runs like lightning . . . recorcl breaker . . . sportsminclecl, Hall Supervisor Club 1.23: Hunting and Fishing Club V. Pres. 4: Basketball 12,3213 Football 1,2.3,4: Track 12.3.4 THERESA LOGGIA "Terry" . . . oh, those eye lashes . . . nice to know . . . cheerful . . . gay. Travel Pres. li CBICBI' 21 Cvlee Club 3.4. Page Twenty-five VIVIAN ANN LUCAS "Viv" . , . full of vim and vigor . . . passes out gaiety . . . a cracker-jaclc ciriver. Glee Clulo 1.2.31 Service League 1: Language Club 2.3: Quill Literary Stall 3. Assit News Editor 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1.2. Trees. 3, Clraplain 4: Baton Twirler 2.3.41 Modem Miss 4: Girls' Choir 3.4. MARIE LUTERZO "Salty" . . . familiar smile . , . peppery . . . cleliglrtful to know . . . sports entlru- siast. Press Club Pres. 1.2: C.O. 3.4: Tri- Hi-Y 4: Quill Literary Stall' 4: Quill Busi- ness Stalil' 4: Yearlnoolc Business Staff 4, LENORA M. MAIDA "Lee" . . . merry IICHII . . . quiclc smile . . . gay . . . always a helping l1ancl. Camera Club 1: Glee Club 1.2: CO. 3.4: Quill Literary Stall 3.4: Girls' Clloir 3.4. GEORGE JOSEPH LUKAC '1LulceH , . , versatile . . . artistic . , . a man with lriglm ambitions. Science Club 1: Projection Clulz 23 Eclisonian Clulu 3.4: Junior Play: Quill Literary Staff 3. Ass't Sports Editor 4: Yearluoolc Business Staff 4. DOROTHY J. MACAGNONE "Dot" . . . natural . . . gaiety in lmer sur- roundings . . . a pleasing person . . . nice to lcnow. Knitting Club 1: Career Club 2: Lan- guage Club 3: Junior Prolwies V. Pres. 4. PATRICIA ANN MARCINIAK "Patty" . . . lreart ol golcl . . . clrarmingly rnpalule . . . anxious to please . . . genuine, Camera Clulm 1: .Ir. Red Cross Clulu 1: Glee Cluln 1.2: Dramatic Club Treas. 2: Tri-Ili-Y 1.2.45 C.O. 3.4: Girls' Choir 3.4: Quill Literary Stall 4: Yearlnoolc Busi- ness Stall 4: Flag Twirler 2.3. Capt. 4. GLADYS LUKACHIK , Hcladyn . . . jovial personality . . , inno- cently wise . . . former Pennsylvania girl. MArt3Club 1: Sewing Club 2: Modern iss . PATRICIA L. MACEY "Mace" . . . life of tire party . . . inde- pendent . . . fascinating person . . . loves life at a merry pace. Hall Supervisor Club 1: Tri-Hi-Y 1: Language Clula 2: Glee Club 3.4: Flag Twirler 3.4. MARCH I3 College Board Exams I5 Opening of track season I5 Opening of baseball season I7 S+. Pa'rrick's Day EUGENE V. MARUT "Gene" . . . rab. rab boy . . . zeal lor life . . . neat clresser . . . tbose bloncl Waves. Camera Club lg Commando A Club 2: Cbess Club 3.4: Hi-Y l,2,3.4. JOHN NEMETZ "Admiral" . . . quiclc wit . , . easy going . . . a good sport . . . never at a loss lor words. Projection Club l: Commanclo A Club 2: Aviation4Club 3: Language Club 4: Hi-Y 1.3.4. BARBARA JEAN MEYERS "Bobbie" . . . cbic clotbes , . . ber laugb is lcnown by all . . . intelligent . . . pleas- ing personality. Hall Supervisor Club l: Career Club 2: Steno Club Pres. 3.4. LEONARD NICK "Lenny" . . , a pitcber of tbe finest calibre . . . two no-bitters , . . a real buclcly. Commanclo B Club lg Projection Club 2: Language Club 3: Hunting and Fisbing Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Baseball 3.4: Quill Liter- ary Staff 4. FRANK NUNES "Noolcy" , . . witty remarlcs . . . a friend indeed . . . lively . . . goocl-naturerl. Commanclo B Club l: Football l.2.3: Hunting ancl Fisbing Club 3.4. MARCIA NALESNYK ulVlarsl'i" . . , lilting laugbter . . . vivid and refresbing . . . bubbling femininity , . . colorlul personality. Service League l: Career Club l: Hall Supervisor Club 2: Modern Miss 3: Glee Club 4. BASIL NOSAL HNoz" . . . lilcecl by all . , . captain ol tbe Holy Name Cadets color guard . . . a twinlcle in bis eye. ' Seabees V, Pres. l. Sec.-Treas, 2: Cbess Club 3: Eclisonian Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Basketball 2.3: Traclc Mgr. 3.4. GLADYS A. OBENAUF "Glat" . . . friend to all . . . neat as a pin , . . genuine . . . willingness. Jr. Red Cross Club l: Press Club 2: Hall Supervisor Club 3: Cvlee Club 45 Girls' Cboir 4. RICHARD OSSI "The Train" . . . wlxat an appetite . . . drag racer . . . liappy go luclcy . . . a swell baslcetball player, Commando B Club 1: Hunting and Fislling Club 3. Treas. 4: Baseball 1.2.3. 4: Basltetball RUDOLPH PELIKAN "Sea Gull" . . . pegged pants and bot rod . . , good natured . . . never a frown. Projection Club 1.2: Football 1.2: Avia- tion Club 3.4: Hi-Y l.2.3.4. WILLIAM PIETRUSIAK "Bill" . . . tbougbtlul . . . Iilceable cl1ap . . . lab cntbusiast . . . lriendly. .Ir. Engineering Club 1.2: Football 1: Baseball 1.2: Commando B Club 2: Bas- lcetball 2: Cliess Club 3.4: l'li-Y Sec. 3.4: Natll. Honor Society 3.4: Yearbook Busi- ness Stall 4: Quill Business Stall 4. GERALDINE ANN PASTOR "Jerry" . . . luture Roller Derby star . . dependable . . . long, darlc tresses . efficient. Service League 1: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Career Club V. Pres. 2: Library Council 3: Girls' Clloir 3.4: Steno Club 4: Yearboolc Liter- ary Statll 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3.4. BARBARA PETRONCHAK "Pet" . . . malces friends easily . . . care- free . . . lite ol tI1e party. Camera Club 1, Pres. 2: CO. Sec. 2: Glee Club 3.4. JACOB PUZIO lblalceu . . . liunting and lisliing are a part ol liim . . , air ol Iriendliness . . . good Iooliing. Commando A Club 2: Football lVlgr. 2: Hunting and Fisliing Club 3.4, DOROTHY PAWLIKOWSKI "Dot" . . . willing worlcer . . . sparlxling personality . . . a l1ello lor everyone . . , liappy and gracious. Dramatic Club 1.2: Glee Club 3: Tri- Hi-Y 3.4: Baton Twirler 1,2.3.4: Girls' Clloir 3.4: Quill Literary Stall 4: Year- boolc Business Staff 4: C.O. 4. ARLENE PETROVICH "I" . . . quietness tliat speaks . . . cle- liglltful smile . . . desire to please . . . dependable. Glee Club 1.2: Career Club Treas. 2: Steno Club 4. APRIL I5 Easter Vacation I5 Spring Concert I9 Eastside Baseball Game 22 Clifton Baseball Game Z9 Passaic Baseball Game 30 Clifton Traclc Meet JAMES RAPPISE "Jim" . . . llappy go luclcy . . . youill liincl no worries in luis smiling lace , . . great guy. Press Club l: Commanclo A Club 2: Cvlee Club 3,43 Football Mgr, 3: Boys' Choir 1.3.4. RONALD ROBERTS "Ron" . , . quiet disposition . . . patient . . . independent . . . a lilceable fellow. Commando B Club 2: Clless Club 3: Eclisonian Club 4. CONCETFA RIBAUDO "Connie, . . . ambitious stuclent . . . in- spired quiclcly . . . tranquil girl. Knitting Club Pres. l: Art Club 2: Modern Miss 3: Camera Club Sec, 4. MILLICENT ROGERS ulvlillieu . . . deptli ol cllaracter ancl clignity . . , versatile . . . lasting cliarrn . . . lovely to behold. Knitting Club l: Press Club 2: Glee Club 3,43 Girls' Clioir 3.4: Nafl Honor Society 3,41 Yearboolc Literary Editor 4. BETTY M. ROTZKO uBet" . . . always ambitious . . . expres- sive sparlcly eyes . . , lmppy disposition , . . larnous lor lner platinum streali. Press Clulv l: Service League 2: Modern Miss Club 3: .lunior Play: Natil Honor Society 3.4: Baton Twirler 23,43 Yearboolc Literary Stall 4: Quill Literary Stall 4: Glee Club 4. GAY A. RIBAUDO nGay" . . . all tlwat is proper . . . co tagious laugl1 . . . very lilceable . . friend to all. Knitting Club lp Art Club 2: lvloclern lvliss 3: Girls' Cimoir 4. ROBERT ROSA uBob" . . . manly intelligence anrl de' penclability . . . nonclmalant . , . true l'1umor. Commando B Club 1.2: Aviation Club 3, l'li-Y 4: Natl Honor Society 3.4: Lan- guage Club 4. HELEN R. RUDA "Butch" . . . Miss Harmony . . . one of tile family . , . lwey. Reg and Dolce, let's sing . . . piquant wit, Camera Club l: Language Club Treas. 2: Cvlee Club 3: Flag Twirler 3: Junior Class Sec.: Junior Probies 4: Senior Class V. Pres.: Tri-Hi-Y 3. Pres. 4: Quill Liter- ary Stalil 4: Yearboolc Literary Stall' 4: Girls' Clioir 3,4. ARLENE RUZILA "Ruz" . . . big blue eyes and lreclcles . . . lasllion-wise . . . loads ol sclrool spirit. Dramatic Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2.4: Lan- guage Club 3: Cvlee Club 4: Flag Twirler 3.4: Girls' Clioir 4: Quill Literary Stall 4: Yearboolc Literary Staff 4. MARILYN SHARON SARTI "Mar" . . . sweet voice . . . calm cle- meanor . . . sunny nature , . . ace at tlle piano. Dramatic Club L2: Girls' Clioir 3.4: Language Club 3: .lunior Probies 4: Lit- erary Stall 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1.2. ARTHUR SCHIMIVIENTI "Art" . . . misclwievous looli . . . lmown to all . . . wcllrgroomed . . . never a dull moment wlwcn lre's arouncl, Commando B Club l.2: Hi-Y l,2.3. Treas. 4: Radio Club Prog. Clnairman 3: Natll Honor Society 3.4: Language Club 4: Yearbook Business Stall 4. ELIZABETH ANN SABANOSH "Bettiann" . . . prim . . . strange inter- ludes . . . studious . . . gay as can be. Home Economics Club lc Glee Club 1.2: Career Club 2: Quill Literary Staff 3.4: Library Council Sec.-Treas. 3: Girls' Clloir 3.4: Language Club 4: Nafl Honor Society 3.4: Yearboolc Business Stall 4. BARBARA A. SATFELBERGER "Barb" . . . incites gav laughter . . . al- luring . . . loves to dance . . . lull ol lun and lancy lree. Dramatic Club L21 Steno Club 3.4. LAVVRENCE SCUCCI "Larry" . . . talces time out lor lun . . . wonclerlul lriencl . . . courteous . . . liltecl by all. Hi-Y lc Commando B Club 2: Clress Club 3.4. EVELYN SALERNO "Ev" . . . sports-minclecl . . . sweet ancl simple . . . wlio put tlie clevil in Eve- lynls eye? Press Club l: Language Club V. Pres. 2: Camera Club 3: Modern Miss 4: Quill Literary Staff 4. J ACQUELINE M. SCAGLIONE hlaclcien . . . a lavlylilce miss . . . smart clotlles . . . sweet ancl petite . . . refresliing company. Service League lg Travel Club V. Pres. 2: Library Council 3: Modern Miss 4. ...Ns wg f . , MAY 8 Our Junior Play 9 Our Sophomore Hop I4 Nat'I. Honor Society lncluctlons y J 2l Annual-f"Y" Dinner r a 2 I P.V.C. Championship Track Meetfi . W ANN SERAFIN "Junie" . . . serene . , . agreeaiaie and suit spoken . , . adds ioveiiness to lite, Service League ig Dramatic Ciuio 2: Junior Proiaies 3, Pres. 4. JOYCE SUSAN SMARSH "Joyce" . . . understanding , . . a good listener . . . a devoted friend . . . maiden' iy ioveiiness. Press Club i,2: Quill Literary Statit' i: Girls' Ciloir 4. LILLIAN SIMCAK "Lil" . . . ever-ready mind . . . musically inclined . . . friend to all . . . reliable. Home Economics Club i: Cviee Ciuix l,2: Career Club Pres. 2: Liiorary Coun- cii 3: Cviris' Ciioir 3.4: Language Club 45 Natl Honor Society 3.4: Quill Literary Statt 3.4: Yearbook Literary Staff 4. CAROL M. SMITH "Smitty" . . . a friendly manner . . . ready witii a smile , . . mild sopiiistication . . . always cooperative. Cviee Club l,3: Home Economics Club 2: Nat'i Honor Society 3.4: Quill Liter' ary Staff 4, SYLVIA M. SPOTO "Syl" . . . time perfect stenograpiler . . . perseverance . . . independent . . . iadya like in tier ways. Language Club Treas. iz Career Ciuiw 2: Modern Miss 3: Giee Ciuim 4, IRENE SKAWINSKI ul" . . . neat as a pin . , . pretty blue eyes . . . amiainie . . , iadyiiice. Knitting Club l: Career Club 2: Mod- ern Miss V. Pres. 3, Treas. 4: Cixeerieader 3.4. LORRAINE ANN SPINELLI "Lor" . . . captivating ciuarm . . , iaenevo lent warmtir . . . iadyiiice intelligence, Camera Club Sec. iz Service League 2: Cviec Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 33 Girls' Ci1oir 3.4: Flag Twirier 3,4. C.O. 4: Quill iiiterary Staff 4: Yearbook Business Staff MARIANN STANEK Ulviariannn , . . a petite blonde . . . sincere and sweet . . . iigi1tens a iieart. Travel Ciuib i: Dramatic Club 2: Cviee Club 3.4: Flag Twirier 3,4. ROBERT STANKIEWICZ "Refi" . . . iineiiever in joyous iiving . . . misc11ievous . . . iiates iionieworic . . , a quiet riot. MARY LOU STEPAT "Lou" . . , cute tilings come in smaii packages . . . iiaxen tresses . , . angeiic . . . serene sweetness. Dramatic Ciuiv 1: Language Ciuin Giee Ciuiu 1,2,3: Nat'1 Honor Society 3.4: Baton Twirier 23,41 Quiii Ass't Feature Eciitor 4: Tri-Hi-Y 12,41 Girls' Choir 4. JOAN B. SZAYNVAY Hjoanif-H . . . iuii oi iiile ami mirtii , , . seii-radiant . . . coioriui ami riiervescent . , . to imow iier is to iove iier, Aquarium Ciuim 1: Art Ciuiv 2: 1V1oci- ern Miss Sec. 3: Gin-e Ciuiv Tr:-as. 4: Yearinooic Business Staff -1. 'rv f it it g. ' , ,V , . A ' A 1 , r 1 I . f I r ' If . if ft ifffwf' mlfofmi 11 0' A O if 'Is J' A A.. .1 f X PATRICIA STAUDT 1 Hpatn . . . gay iiie . . . aiways on time go . . . wiii tiiat wins. Career Ciuiz 1,22 Tri-Hi-Y 2: Giee Ciuia 3: C.O. 4: Girisi Ciioir 3,4: Quiii Literary Staii -1. ,L 1 ff r Zi., J 241 BARBARA A. STEFANCIK "Barium . . . Hey, Dot, guess what imap- peneci , . . cute and energetic . . . inrigiit as a Xmas tree. Press Ciuio 1.2: Modern Miss 3: Cimeer- ieader 3.4: Junior Piaya C.O, 4: Quiii Business Staff 4: Yearbook Business Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. PETER STROOSNYDER "Pete" . . , a man oi few words , . . iiis nature never varies . . . iuii oi energy . . , a "Y" man. Jr. Engineering Ciuim 1: Commando A Ciuia 2: Ciiess Ciuin 3: Hunting and Fishing Ciuil 4: Hi-Y 1,2,3.4. PAUL SZCZECH Hpriomi Bolliimern . . , pririe 01' our imsicet- ixaii tvaln . . . c'xfe11s'nr1' in 2111 110 en- tivavors . . . mofiesty is iiis virtue. Ciiillllllilfliitl B Ciuii 1: Aviation Ciuir 3: Hunting ami Fisiiing Ciuiv 4: Baseliaii 1,2145 Bzisicetiiaii l,2,3,A1. RICHARD SUROWIEC "Ricky" . . . sunny nature . , . sincere . . . i1orn rimmed giasses . . . extremely iiirtatious. Hunting anci Fisiiing Ciuia 4. ' JUNE 5 Our Junior Prom I8 Class Nigh+ 21 First day of summer 23 Graduation , 25 Last' day of school JOHN J. TETLA mlqerryn . . . rabicl Doclger lan . . . pastime pizza pie , . . owns a Ford. Hunting and Fisbing Club 3.4: Foot- ball l,2.3: Baslcetball 1.2: Baseball l,2, DOUGLAS TREMPER HDoug" . . . unassuming . . . an in- clividualist , . . always wearing a smile . . . great guy. Art Club l: Commando B 23 Ecli- sonian Club 3: Hunting ancl Fisbing Club 41 Track t,2,3,4, ROBERT TOMASKOVIC "Teaballs" . . . energetic . . . well-man- nered . . . a revealing smile . . . King of our prom. ' Hall Supervisor Club l: Hi-Y lg Bas- lcetball l,2: Raclio Club 3: Hunting and Fisbing Club 4: Football l,2,3,4: Base- ball 12.3.4 MARGARET TUZZOLINO HlVlargie" . . . gay anrl energetic . . . soft brown bair . . . lriencl to all. Tri-Hi-Y lg Camera Club lg Dramatic Club 2: Cvlee Club 3,4: Baton Twirler 2,3,4: Yearbook Business Staff 4. CHRISTINE VAN' DER GROEF HCbris" , , , unassuming comeliness . . . tall ancl gram-lul . . , always rcacly for lun . . , a glowing personality. .lr. Rerl Cross and Hanrlicralt Club l: Hall Supervisor Club 2: Color Guard 2: film- Club 35 Modern Miss 4. KALMAN TOTH "Kal" . , . quiclc smile . . . a regular guy . . . winning ways . , . sbarpie. Jr, Engineering Club l: Football l: Commanolo A Club 2: Hunting and Fisb- ing Club 3,43 Hi-Y l,2,4: Traclc l,2,3.4. ALFONSO VACCARO UAV' , . . quiet 'til be gets starterl . . . bot rocl . . . never burried-never worried. Commando A Club 1.2: Hunting and lrisbing Club Sec. 3: C.O. 4. JAMES J. VANDER SANDE "Van" . . . tbree letter man . . . blue eyes . . , wl1ere's Kaminslcy . , . mag- netic cbeerlulness. Projection Club l,2: Hunting anrl Fisb- ing Club 3.4: Football l,2,3,4l: Basketball 1.2.3,-tg Baseball l,2,3,4. RENA VERGA "Renee" . . . those natural wavesl . . . never without words . , . oh, that laugh . . . keen driver, Dramatic Club Treas. l: Service League 2.3: Glee Club 4: Girls' Choir 4: Year- book Business Stall' 4. Page Thirty-four LUCILLE A. VIVINEITO "Lucille" . . . lovely features . . . grace of movement . . . poise and personality . . , pleasing low voice. Dramatic Club lg l'lall'Supervisor Club 2: Glee Club 3,4. CAROLYN LEE ZETKULIC "Kitcl1" . . . bound to succeed . . . a perfect lady . . . sincere . . . cute, quiet ways. Dramatic Club 1,21 Language Club 3: Glee Club l,2,4: Natil Honor Society 3, Sec. 4: Quill Literary Staff 3. Feature Editor 4: Tri-l'li-Y Sec. l, V, Pres. 2,3. 11 illrmnrwm Sylvia Cheaure and Iohn Youhas were known and loved by their classmates, faculty, and friends. Their quick, radiant smiles brought joy to our varying moods and showed optimism for a better world in the morrow. Their cooperativeness and keen sense of responsibility can do well to serve us as ex- amples which we should strive to follow. During the course of our four years at Gar- field High School, they parted from us to a greater happiness than this life could ever hold for them. We, the Class of 1954, express our sym- pathy to their families, yet we know that they are consoled in their grief by a memory of one who attained to the highest integrity of character. MARTIN G. WINKLER "Wink" . . . quiet .- . . photogra her un- surpassed . . . willing to wort . . . dreamer. Projection Club Pres, 1.2: Radio Club 3: Hunting and Fishing Club 4. Wit 2 y A ' QW , ,QW , 'g, . Za, i J, sn T 1 1 fnw A, ff. Kew ff , SL K mi Q .aw L, xx: an P iw-kilg W. Nr- .. iw-5 33575 1 . - 1-m..ez-- . ,ww-W f 1 l Look at those smiles! I! Iunior Dance Bob Bielen crowns Irene Slqawinslqi, queen of our sweetheart dance. Class History To most people the year 1950 meant nothing in particular, but to the class of 754 it meant the begin- ning of four wonderful years that would be filled with never to be forgotten memories. Our Freshman year meant being introduced to noontime dancing, vivid assembly programs, football games, and clubs which make life at Garfield High School rich and vibrant. 'Cautiously we 'iiwalked around school hoping no one would notice us, and that we Woulddo nothing wrong. The school was new to us, and we had sched- ules, teachers, and room numbers to learn. In time at all, tlieyear was over and we eagerlyhlooked for-'our"seeond yearfi H .V Once more we walked through the doors of Gar- field High School, but this time We had aiyfeelihg of conhdenceig we were Sophiomoresz forward to our new activities whichwould keep us quite busy. Spring would 'bring the Sophomone,,.Hop, our first big class dance. Things beganfto happen so fast that the year was over before we know lit. Sad as we were to leave No. 9 School, we' looked forward to the day when school would reopen and we would become a part of still another community, School No. 6. In IQ52, we again entered the portals of a new building with even more things to get acquainted with, such as gym classes held at School No. I, crowded and noisy study halls, and a chemistry lab with a different odor every day. Electing officers was our first big step. Under the direction of our patient and understanding class ad- visor, Mr. Robert Shaffer, we elected Robert Bielen, president, Frances Kopec, vice-president, Helen Ruda, secretary, and Anthony Catalioto, treasurer. The queen and her escort, Anthony Btzrtello. lunior Pla As the year progressed we wrote for the "Quill," enjoyed our Iunior Dance, acted in the Iunior Play, proudly displayed our rings, and anxiously awaited the most thrilling night of the year, our Iunior Prom. Best of all, we looked forward to the following year when we would take over in the position of the "Al- mighty Senior." Thus we reached the sublime heights of Seniors, and we wasted no time in electing officers. They were lack Carlock, president, Helen Ruda, vice-president, Regina Licastri, secretary, and Robert Chap, treasurer. The greatest amount of activities during our high school days were now upon us. Everything seemed to be done with more spirit. The twirlers tried extra hard not to drop their batons, and the cheerleaders seemed to cheer louder than ever. Our Senior Dance was the Hrst big event on our agenda. After that joyous evening, time seemed to pass very slowly as we waited to see if we were on the Na- tional Honor Society. Class Night and Graduation brought tears and smiles to the faces of the Class of '54. At long last our Senior Social ended life at Garfield High School. From then on we were on our own to face life and to make a successful career for ourselves. WW ,aww The entire east including prompters and stage hands. Bob Bielen's dramatic proposal to Marion Bigos. fe! JU u SCH . THE o we , 109 ly OF GFPHQQQESENTS Ou'r6 Yoljigno WY E' a ly Y FRIDAY ECHQOL N D N. 3- X A1 S GARFIEL I ik ceoAR Sl' 5 P- V" bb cw" S g on 1953 li V XX! DOl z, You're Young Only Twice CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Trigg ,........,....... Betty Rotzko Sophie ................ Eleanor Adamczyk Libby Frohman ,,....., Dorothy Haladyna Helen Hunter ,...,. ....... V ivian Elardi Beatrice Newman .... Irene Pratt ,..,...,. .... Avis Laurel ....,...,. Miss Agatha Dunnin Emil DeSoto ,........ Stubby Holcomb . . . Chester Pearson ,...... Lowell Cooper ..,,,.. Van Wyelq Waterhouse, . . , . . .Marie Dolce .Ieannette Betley , , .Betty Sue Belline Dorothy Randolph ,....,.. .Frances Kopec . .Marion Bigos g ...,.. Van Wyelg Waterhouse .,.. Ralph Dargento , .Robert Bielen . .George Lukac Eugene Clayton . ,Eugene Flinta . .Iames Gallup Page Thirty-seven Vivian Elardi and Frank Kaszas crowning our king and queen, Rob- ert Tomaslqovie and Frances Kopec. ""'v Iumor Prom Frannie and Bob displaying their well-deserved crowns. 1, 3 if ,'Qr Fi Our chosen king and queen, walking through the court Thanks to this group for our beautiful decorations to their throne. C .5 WB w QQ? QW gm N Wm we X "5-.W-H +1-5.5 "ln..,.,,,,,,,...r M'-N' iran' Wuhan.. ,pdf ark if 4 ww. 5 JE! 5 ,415 I 2 H35 bf J Y fgyg 7? 3' . K 2 4 yn. K : O ,,,..,,,..,Q f ,f:f,,,f:,v..-M. H Best Pals IOANNE BELLI and MARCIA NALESNYK DAVID KOPEC and WALTER CHROBACK 5 r' Wa 5 Typical High School Students VIVIAN ELARDI and IACK CARLOCK , Best Athletes MARIE LUTERZO and IAMES VANDERfSANDE yds Class Actors Best Dancers MARY ANN ANESTA and ANTHONY BARTELLO IACQUEUNE BOEHM and KAI-MAN TOTH Class Dreamers CAROLE GURALESKI and MARTIN WINKLER N ieest Personality VIVIAN ELARDI and ROBERT BIELEN lflaat ill sinh eatamrnt nf The Class of1954. We, the members of the Class of 1954, residing in Garfield in the County of Bergen, and State of New Iersey, being of sound mind and disposing memory do make, ordain, publish, and de- clare this to be our Last Will and Testament. I, ELEANOR ADAMCZYK, do hereby will and bequeath to Eleanor La Bell all the fun, luck and happiness I had in my senior year. I, ROBERT ALEANEsE, do hereby will and bequeath to Leroy Mal- mendier my parking space on the side of the school. I, MARYANN ANESTA, do hereby will and bequeath to Roberta Rie- ger my title. I, ALEX ARTHUR, do hereby will and bequeath to Howard Hines my gym trunks, if he promises to wash them. I, ROBERT ARTHUR, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior one of Mrs. Rentsch's thought questions. I, ANTHONY AULITA, do hereby will and bequeath to Ioe Barcel- lona an excess of ten pounds, before next football season. I, ROBERT AUMUELLER, do hereby will and bequeath my baritone horn, with all its sour notes and all the times it missed its' cue, to my successor. I, CAROL BAIEK, do hereby will .and bequeath to Elvera Scalera a year's supply of starch for her gym suit and white shoe polish for her sneakers. ' I, ROBERT BAN, do hereby will and bequeath to Ciro Masucci my great dramatic ability in presenting soliloquies from "Macbeth". I, ANTHONY BARTELLO, do hereby will and bequeath Mr. Hubiak and all his figures to Carl Conoscenti. I, EDWARD BEDNARZ, do hereby will and bequeath to Tommy Staf- ford my seat by the open window in Mrs. Rentsch's Section room so that he can smell I-leyden's Chemical Plant. WE, IOANNE BELLI and MARcIA NALEsNYI-L, do hereby will and be- queath to Irene Serahn and Lorraine Mayer our title of "Best Pals". I, BETTY SUE BELLINE, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior the honor of being chosen "Best Dressed". I, IEANNETTE BETLEY, do hereby will and bequeath to the future Drum Majorettes all the luck in the world, and a bottle of nerve tonic. I, ROBERT BIELEN, do hereby will and bequeath to some under- classman my collection of antique lunch bags collected over a four year period, including the tops of all peach dixie cups- ten cent size. I, JOAN Brcos, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Nan a bottle of headache pills. I, MARION Blcos, do hereby will and bequeath to Florence Bigos all the fun and good times that I had in my four years at G.H.S. I, IACKIE BOEI-IM, do hereby will and bequeath to Richie Boehm my best wishes for a happy future, and to some incoming senior my title as "Best Dancer". I, RosE BRIGANTI, do hereby will and bequeath to Santa Marletta my dirty gym suit and a washing machine to keep it clean. I, STANLEY BUczEx, do hereby will and bequeath to Ronald Kulig my dancing skill at all of the canteens. I, KATHERINE BUONO, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Ieanne Buono, all the wonderful friends that I had in G.I-I.S. I, GARY BURGESS, do hereby will and bequeath the printing press Ll , y 'parking place for his car fif he gets one, on in Mr. Coleman's room to Ioe Barcellona. TOM CALDERONE, do hereby will and bequeath to Iohn Veleber my number I3 in gym class. IOHN CANGELOSI, IR., do hereby will and bequeath to Iohn Rau- bold my title of "Meatball", and to Bob Timko my title of Sports Editor of the Quill. I JACK CARLOCK, do hereby will and bequeath my decrepit old track shoes to Ray Gretchen. , IOSEPH CASSATA, do hereby will and bequeath my love for study- ing to Ioyce Becker. . I ANTI-IONY CATALIOT0, do hereby will and bequeath to Tootie LaCorte my football jersey, pants, and shoes, if they lit. ROBERT CHAP, do hereby will and bequeath- to Mr. Hubiak a book entitled "The Mathematical Life of Robert Chap". IOHANNE CHIZACKY, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, Iohn, my perfect attendance at all of the basketball games ROBERT CHOMA, do hereby will and bequeath to Ciro and ard Masucci my footsteps around the school WALTER CHRCBACK, do hereby will and my English notebook from which to GRANT CHWAN, do hereby will and the wonderful times I had one school locker rooms. EUGENE CLAYTON, do hereby junior all the answers to homework that I didn't MARILYN hereby San Filippo my row of gym class NELSON COLLINS my number 5 CHARLES CosTA the lead on Mr. ANTHONY D Salta I gray RALPH my seat in ALBERT DELUCIA bold the six RONALD DEMENY, do jersey to Sal Guerrieri. CHARLES DEVITO, do rusty mouthpiece and a jar of students borrow it. AMES DEVITO do hereb will and MARION XDIANDERAS, do hereby will and Giardina my ability to sleep in bookkeeping class. SUSAN DIMARCO, do hereby will and bequeath to Marie dina all my exercises from Miss Porcelli's gym class. , MARIE DIORIO, do hereby will and bequeath my locker number 53 to Gloria Luz. RosE DIPIAZZA, do hereby will and bequeath to some incoming senior Mrs. Rentsch's history outlines and their after effects. MARIE DOLCEMASCOL0, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Hubiak hopes of taking his place in four years. PAUL DosKY, do hereby will and bequeath to anyone who wants them, Mrs. Costantin's notes. VIVIAN ELARIJI, do hereby will and bequeath to Iean Gagliar- dotto the title of captain of the cheerleaders and' to the rest of the squad all the good times that I had cheering for G.I-I.S. IOHN FEDE, do hereby will and bequeath to Anthony Lukas my gym trunks which I' had for two years. 'IfHEREsA FETKO, do hereby will and bequeath to Barbara Gut- ches and Irene Pal a kerchief for the walks in the rain to gym. f' . ,, . .lst I, I, L I, I yn. . RICHARD F I.IcI-LER, do hereby will and bequeath to Billy Ference all of my books from which I have earned my points to gradu- ate. EUGENE FLINTA, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Salta one slightly used clarinet reed. IOHN FURMANEK, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness to a talkative junior. MARTIN GALLER, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Robert Kellner, my beloved and dilapidated slide rule. IAMES GALLUP, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Hubiak my secret formula for linding the volume of lop-sided lollipops- NKVD GAMBINO and bequeath my long black e Pal. GEISLER, do and bequeath to Elaine to Iren m all the headaches that to some future .of the "Qui1l". bequeath to Howard 's fourth period class. 'to Patty Procovic hereby will and bequeath library" and hope that to Christina Pace and had in G.H.S. and bequeath to Marjorie 'bequeath to Iohn I-Iawes the "The Scoreless Wonder". and bequeath to some lucky projects for Miss LaBanca's of drawing for the "Quill" and will and bequeath to my cousin that I had and all the wonderful bequeath to Dot Rosol all the school. TuzzoI.INo, do hereby will and Lorraine Handzo our places as riot of the livin' Iills. will and bequeath my position as guard team in gym class to Ieanette Spoto. NsINcA, do hereby will and bequeath to Angelo Barcia ten cents for his first bus ride to number six school. the I, MARLENE IAEGER, do hereby will and bequeath to any incoming I I I I I I I 9 9 9 7 7 senior my locker with the key inside. ' VINCENT IELSINO, do hereby will and bequeath all the home- work that I didn't do to all of the juniors. VIRGINIA JENSEN, do hereby will and bequeath to Doris Duess all the A's that I never received. ROBERT KAMENICKY, do hereby will and bequeath to Nick Dis- cenza my locker, without a handle. IoE KAMINSKY, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Franzino and future chemistry students a new formula for hydrogen sulfide with chlorophyll added. FRANK KASZAS, do hereby will and bequeath to Iohn Torkos my gym trunks for 'Mr. I-Iollis's fifth period gym class. WILLIAM KEMMERER, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Shaf- fer a new shop coat. ' TT' ' .YT ,E-ef -H. - --f 1---vw .-- 1- .. ww.--m t:...,,I, . f I, IOAN Kusrocx, do hereby will and bequeath my gym suit and the hard times we had running through snow and rain to get to class, to my cousin Barbara. WE, ANN KoNEcNY and IANE KOPAS, do hereby will and bequeath to two incoming Cher-o-kees, ourufourth period cafeteria class, the dishes we left unwashed, and the "Dagwood sandwiches" that we made for ourselves. I, DAVID KoPEc, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior my calendar for 1953. I, FRANcEs KoPEc, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Mary Ann, the trials and tribulations of being a band member, and to Mr. Hubiak a little planetarium all his own. I, KENNETH KovALY, do hereby will and bequeath to Bob Timko all the troubles and pleasures of running the Hi-Y in his senior year. I, Io:-IN KREIC, do hereby will and bequeath to Robert Sidor, a winning baseball season and my corner hangers in the baseball locker room. I, IGI-IN Knrsxo, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister Terry, the good times that I had in Miss LaBanca's class. I, RUTH KRoI.I., do hereby will and bequeath to some junior my zeroes which I received in Mrs. Rentsch's class. I, ROBERT KRUGE, do hereby will and bequeath to some junior my trigonometry tables for Mr. Hubiak. I, DOROTHY KUDREI., do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin Dolores Sowa, all the butterflies that I felt before Mrs. Rentsch's class and my place on the cheering squad. I, TONY LAMANNA, do hereby will and bequeath to Mrs. Vilardo my rr inch ruler. I, CLYDE LEvEREI'r, do hereby will and bequeath to Iohn Torkos my seat on the bench, and the paddle with the star on it, with which I was in contact so many times. I, REGINA LIcAsTRI, do hereby will and bequeath to-Miss Nan my lasting friendship with hopes of its growing deeper. I, TI-IEREsA LOGGIA, do hereby will and bequeath to Phyllis Kopec my locker which I never used because I couldn't get to it and unpaid bills. I, VIVIAN LUCAS, do hereby will and bequeath to some junior the trials of being Assistant News Editor of the "Quill" and all the fun that went with it. I, GEORGE LUKAC, do hereby will and bequeath my newly ac- quired nickname of "Hollywood" to some unfortunate junior who dares to wear a necktie to school. I, GI.AnYs LUKAGHIK, do hereby will and bequeath to Mary Ann Serafin the ability to ask a question in Mrs. Culligan's class. I I, MARIE LUTERZO, do hereby will and bequeath my position on the Monroe Motors' basketball team to Ioan Martinelli. I, DOROTHY MAcAGNoNE, do hereby will and bequeath my locker with one old gym suit inside, to Ioan Lesko. I, PATRICIA MACEY, do hereby will and bequeath the longest D.A. in G.H.S. to George Martin. ' I, LENORA MAIDA, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Bar- bara Nataro, "The Hallelujah Chorus" which I learned in Miss Nan's music class. I, PATRICIA MARGINIAK, do hereby will and bequeath to the next Flag Captain, my title. I, EUGENE MARUT, do hereby will and bequeath to some incoming senior all of my understanding teachers. I, BARBARA MEYERS, do hereby will and bequeath to Barbara Gut- ches, my appetite. I, IOHN NEMETZ, do hereby will and bequeath Mr. Rieschl's law problems to a very lucky junior. I, LENNY NICK, do hereby will and bequeath to Iohn Windt the experience that I had counting the number of times Mr. Hu- biak said "What?". Inst ill sinh Efeztamrni nf The Class of 1954 I, BAs1L NOSAL, do hereby will and bequeath to Robert Veleber all the future "Put it downs" from Mr. Gelatt in room Io. I, FRANK NUNES, do hereby will and bequeath to Walter Flinsch and Don Nemeth my good times at my Alma Mater. I, GLADYS OEENAUE, Ado hereby will and bequeath to Genevieve Youngman my gym suit and all the good times that I had in gym class. I, RICHARD Ossr, do hereby will and bequeath to Robert Timko my number I4 basketball jersey. I, GERALDINE PASTOR, do hereby will and bequeath to Phyllis Pietrusiak my passing mark in Mrs. Rentsch's class. I, DOROTHY PAWLIKOWSKI, do hereby will and bequeath to Helena Pawlikowski my position on the twirling squad. I, RUDOLPI-I PELIKAN, do hereby will and bequeath all my bubble mlm to Sal Guerreri. I, BARBARA PETRONCHAK, do hereby will and bequeath to Arlene Kaminsky all my millions of admittance slips for being late every morning. I, ARLENE PETRovIcH, do hereby will and bequeath to Ieanette Bosland all of my happiness and luck during my junior an'd senior years. I, WILLIAM PIETRUSIAK, do hereby will and bequeath to an in- coming senior in the I-Ii-Y the work involved in being the secretary. I, IACK Puzro, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior a slightly used stick of gum to be found under the seat of a desk in room eight. , I, IAMES RAPPISE, do hereby will and bequeath my position in the Boys' Choir to some appreciative junior. I, CoNNIE RIEAUDO, do hereby will and bequeath to Camille Lanza my homework that I didn'f do and the A's I didn't get. I, RONALD ROBERTS, do hereby will and bequeath to Barbara Roberts my locker in the basement of number six school. I, MILLICENT ROGERS, do hereby .will and bequeath the waves in my hair to Beverly Greiner. I, ROBERT RosA, do hereby will and bequeath all the good times that I had in G.H.S. to a fortunate junior. BETTY Rorzxo, do hereby will and bequeath to some incoming senior all the fun and good times that I had as a "Wapiti". I, HELEN RUDA, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky senior my alto position in sixth period music and the fun we had with Miss Nan. ' I, ARLENE RUZILA, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Dot, an umbrella with which to go to number one school in the rain. I, ELIZABETH SABANosI-I, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Dot, one broken coat hanger in Mrs. Grady's room and my "Plebs" jacket to hang on it. I, EVELYN SALERNO, do hereby will and bequeath to Gloria Nunno a book of I2 easy lessons on "I-Iow to Understand-Miss Por- celli's Marching Drills". I, MARILYN SARTI, do hereby will and bequeath my seat at the football games to some enthusiastic junior. I, BARBARA SATTELEERGER, do hereby will and bequeath to any incoming senior my neatly starched gym suit and my clean white sneakers. I, I, IACKIE SCAGLIONE, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Nan next year's senior class and a bottle of aspirins for her headaches. I, ARTHUR SCHIMMENTI, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Hu- Page Tarty-fvuf biak a new pipe. I, LAWRENCE Scuccr, do hereby will and bequeath to Angelo DePeri one whole pencil. , I, ANN SERAFIN, do hereby will and bequeath to Frank Serafin all my late slips and to Ioan Lesko my "stand at attention place" in gym. I, LILLIAN SIMCAK, do hereby will and bequeath to Lorraine Handzo the answers to Mr. Hubiak's "Quickie Quizzes". I, IRENE SKAWINSKI, do hereby will and bequeath to an incoming senior my cheerleader's outfit. I, IOYCE SMARSH, do hereby will and bequeath to Frances Galimi the scissors which I always forgot to bring to journalism class. WE, CAROL SMITH and CHRISTINE VAN DER GROEF, do hereby will and bequeath to two juniors the goods times that we had in the classes which we had together. I, LORRAINE SPINELLI, do hereby will and bequeath to Dolores Puzino all the fun that I had in twirling. I, SYLVIA SPOT0, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister Ieanette, the daily bus ride to and from school. I, MARIANN STANEK, do hereby will and bequeath to Marianne Fontana and her O.A.O. a wonderfulsenior year. I, ROBERT STANKIEWICZ, do hereby will and bequeath a hammer and a supply of nails to Mr. Ritoch for the purpose of repairing my seat. I, PATRICIA STAUDT, do hereby will and bequeath to Paul Staudt my embarrassing moments in Mr. Rieschl's class. WE, BARBARA STEFANCIK and DOROTHY I-IALADYNA, do hereby will and bequeath to Iean Gagliardotto and Maryann Serafin all the fun thatgwe had together on the cheering squad. I, MARY Lou STEPAT, do hereby will and bequeath to some lucky junior my trig. book. I, PETER S1'RoosNYDER, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Casini a manual on better driving. - I, RICHARD SUROWIEC, do hereby will and bequeath my bald tires on my car to Sal Guerreri. I, IOAN SZAYWAY, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Iane, all my fun at G.H.S. I, PAUL SzczEcH, do hereby will and bequeath to Iohn Torkos my basketball jersey number II. - I, IOHN TETLA, do hereby will and bequeath to Ioe Szczech my basketball knowledge. I, Bon TOMASKOVIC, do hereby will and bequeath to Richard Mas- succi my jersey number six and to "brother" Ciro all my failures. I, DOUGLAS TREMPER, do hereby will and bequeath my knowledge of trig. to anyone who wants it. I, ALFONSO VAccARo, do hereby will and bequeath my toy cap pistol to the ballistic department in school number six. I, IIM VANDERSANDE, do hereby will and bequeath to Ioe Barcel- Iona my title of "Most Athletic". I I, RENEE VERGA, do hereby will and bequeath to Corinne Petrasek the possibility of getting all the A's I missed. I, LUCILLE VIVINETTO, do hereby will and bequeath to my cousin, Ioanne Bonelli, the sweet memories of the Iunior Prom and SeniorISocial with hopes that she may enjoy them as I did. I, MARTIN WINKLER, do hereby will and bequeath to all forth- coming graduates, the joy and sorrow of graduating from G.H.S. I, CAROLYN ZETKULIC, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, George, all my teachers in number six school. Lv.-1 7 'f LINDERCLASSMEN 56 IUNIOR CLASS Ol:l"lCliRS Lrfi fu rigfzlz Austin Travers, class ada visor: Carl Conosccnti, President: lean Ciugliurrlotto, Secretary: Frances Porcoro. Vice President: Doris lickzirrlt, Treasurer. Au .. UNIOR CLASS 's 1-'fi i F ...l s ,ii i i Vfij YM I Y ,L , 3. i s t PRE VIEW We began our exciting junior year as upperclassmen in a new and unfamiliar school. We became acquainted with our new teachers and soon ,settled down to work. We had new experiences such as going to No. 1 School for gym, having our study hall in the auditorium, and belonging to a chemistry class with nau- seating odors. To lead us in the march of coming events we elected Carl Conoscenti, presi- dentg Frances Porcoro, vice-presidentg lean Gagliardotto, secretaryg and Doris Eck- hardt, treasurer. Pleasant thoughts of the many events to come made us eager to begin our social activities: Heading our affairs was the Iunior Dance L'Fantasy in Snown, held on Ianuary 16th. lt was a big success and everyone had fun. Two of the most out- standing activities of the year which de- serve some notation are the Iunior Prom and the Iunior Play. Receiving our class rings was an exciting and thrilling oc- casion. VVith a very successful year behind us, we have pleasant memories to carry along with us until next year when we will be- come the ualmighty seniors." A little wiser, older, and much more confident, we returned to Garfield High School as sophomores. Pleasant thoughts of the many events to come made us :ager to begin our social' activities. A Finally our excitement was climaxed by nur big zxllair-V--tlie Sophomore llopl lt Nas a tremendous success and everyone iad fun. Thus another gem was added io our treasury of memories. P 'E 4 R , 7 ..I , lt I lik X s xx' V S . X , - I m x , x X I I f P lf! OPHOMQRE - CLASS UF '56 B ' 1 1 FRESHMEN - CLASS OF 957 The first and biggest day for us incom- ing freshmen was September 14th, on which we walked through the open doors of Garfield High School. On that very first day, we were bewildered and some- what frightened. However, it wasn't long before we realized that we were an indis- pensable part of G.H.S. and that here, we would soon Find new and lasting friendships. We participated in various school ac- tivities during our first year and thor- oughly enjoyed doing it. We are now anxiously anticipating our next three years. F' YI? H .R ACTI ITIES -- -1-.f ..,... Wg, ,S w-...-as N,- ' 'K '1- ,-f M h r , K ' ' FTM ' """W"" M , r s f ,. .. ...,..,,., ,.. . , Mom M., ,,,. ,a was ,, .. W ..-.v,...,..+.+MV,...I,rr,,,.a,s A-MNMW--www - -wg-MW' t'f""W I 5 .2 . ,. ,,, rx . , Wu.. ,.-M, W- . Let io right: Anthony Bartcllo, Assistant Editorg Iack Carloek, LITERARY STAFF. FIRST Row, iff! lo righl: I. Kopas, L. Simcak, H. Ruda, A. Ruzila, I. Sports Editor: Regina Licastri, Assistant Editorg Millicent Boehm, I. Betley, I. Bclli, C. Bajek. SECOND Row: I. Gallup, M. Dolcemascolo, G. Pastor, Mrs. Rogers, Literary Editor: Patricia Heck, Art Editorg Dorothy D. Rose, B. Rotzko, D. Halatlyna, M. Rogers, E. Clayton. Haladyna, Copy Editorg Robert Bielen, Editor-in-chief. Editors at work Mrs. Dorothy Rose, Literary Advisory Mr. Frank Socha, Business Advisor. BUSINESS STAFF. Fmsr Row, Iefr to 1-ighz: B. Bellinc, P. Staudt, L. Spinelli, P. Marciniak, L. Maida, M. Lu- terzo, L. Glogiewicz, I. Szayway. SFCOND Row: D. Dudas, B. Stefancik, M. Bigos, D. Fawlikowski, A. Petrovich, E. Georgius, R. Briganti, A. Konecny, E. Sabonash, R. Geisler, R. Verga, TIIIRD Row: G. Lukac, W. Pietrusiak, I. Kaminsky, R. Chap, A. D'Agostino Mr. F. Socha, D. Macagnone. A. Horn, M. Tuzzolino D. Horn. Page fifty THE ROBE The last page is set, the ink is indelible and the Finished product is before us. The worries and heartaches are forgotten, but the memories to be found in our yearbook will linger on. This was all made possible by our yearbook advisors and their staffs. Mrs. Dorothy Rose and her literary staff collected andput together the literary material for The Robe. They did the fine Work on the pictures, Write-ups and the hundreds of other items that make up The Robe. The advisor of the business staff was Mr. Frank Socha, A great deal of time and effort was put into the purchasing of ads that enable us to publish The Robe. This was the job of our business staff. Through the co-operation and combined efforts of both staffs, the editors were able to assemble the book, page by page. It is the sincere hope of the staff- that The Robe of 1954 will bring joy and fond memories to its readers for years to come. Yearbook Business Staff Business Manager , . , l.EoN1.-x GLKJGIEWICZ Circuluzioin Managers . Maxim: Broos, GEORGE LUKAC Tl'66Z5MI'6l' RVILLIAIVI PIETRUSIAK Secrezrzries , IoAN SZAYVVAYQ IRENA VERGA 'I fl: .1 3 i 4 IG f-I F if 1 ff-" 6 S . r Ls Editors planning tlzefr Quill. THE QUILL 'KI-Ieadlines" and "deadlines"l These are familiar words which have to be considered each month when our school paper goes to press. Weeks of planning! Monthly assignments are handed out and reporters are seen scurrying about gathering the necessary material to complete their articles. Then editors take over and make essential corrections and additions. Finally after much toil and strife, the material goes to press. It is with a feeling of satisfaction for "a job well donel' that the staff hears fellow students receiving the issue with enthusiastic reports. "fav V S , Miss Anne LaBanca, Literary, Advisorg Q X' 4 Mr. Frank Socha. Business Advisor. lg A I l X f I ' Sai? A .sflwi - f i as Q i BUSINESS STAFF. FIRsT STAFF, lrft to riglzl: B. Stcfancik, R. Geisler, F. Kopec, L. Spinelli. SECOND Row: R, Licastri. D. Haladyna, P. Marciniak, M. Luterzo, R. Bielen, Mr. F. Socha, T. Calderonc, I. Kaminsky, R. Chap. Q W, mul' 4 G War '5 ' 'if 3 Feature Editor. Left Io righi: Ellen Georgius, News Editor: Assistant News Editorg Iohn Cangelosi, Ir., Sports Edi- tor: George Lukac. Assistant Sports Editorg Carolyn Zetkulic, Feature Editor: Mary Lou Stepat, Assistant Vivian Lucas, LITERARY STAFF. Fmsr Row, left to right: M. Kova- lysik, B. Belline, I. Cangelosi, Ir.: V. Lucas, E. Georgius Miss A. LaBanca, C. Zetkulic, M. Stepat, P. Heck, G. Lukac. D. 'I-laladyna, M. Bigos, E. Salerno, V. Elardi. SECOND Row: C. Vander Schaaf. B. Gutches, T. Fetko. L, Handzo, P. Marciniak, H. Ruda, M. Dolcemascolo, R. Licastri, L. Simcak. I. Becker, B. Gireiner, D. Paw likowski, M. Sarti, L. Maida, L, Spinelli. THIRD Row R. Timko, A. Bartello, C. Bajek, I. Betley, B. Rotzko, A. Ruzila, M. Luterzo, C. Smith, A. Horn, P. Staudt, ' L, Nick, R. Bielen, R. Steiger. Page Tifty-one ART CLUB Advisor ..,...... MISS E. LINEHAN President .,,.,. .,... P AUL PINTO Vice-President . , , . ,IOSEPH CASELLA Sevretary ..... .. JACK SOBOLEWSKI Treamrcr ,....... IACK KILONOWSKI The future Rembrandts and DaVincis busy themselves in this club preparing their masterpieces. Here the basic prin- ciples of art are learned and practiced. CAMERA CLUB Advisor, MR. SALVATORE FRANZINO Prerident . . , , . .ANTHONY LHMANNA Vice-President ..., ANTHONY AULITA Secretary ...,.. . . .CONNIE RIBAUDO Treamrer .... ANTHONY D'AGOSTINO Be on guard, for a member of the Camera Club may be stalking for an in- formal snapshot with his every-ready camera! Members also strive to perfect their skills and give service to all school publications. Page Tifty-treo ALL SPORTS CLUB Advisor ,....,., .MR. ROBERT NORK Prexident . . . . .KEMP ROEDEMA Vice-President ...... WILLIAM DIETEL Secretary . . . . . IOSEPI-I MIGLIACCIO Treaxurer ..... IOSEPH CATANZARO He should have passed the ball . . . No, he should have punted . . . The All Sports Club discusses the films shown at its meetings and participates in all sports according to the season. '+L K . ,, I AVIATION CLUB Aduixor ....... MR. PETER HUBIAK President , . . . IRVING KLEINBERG Vice-Presidenz IOSEPH BARCELLONA Secretar'y-Treasurer .... NORMAN BERG Is that a meteor in the sky? No, it must be one of the many types of planes that the boys nf the Aviation Club study.- Perhaps the fellows will build us a new super-sonic plane. CAMERA CLUB--No. 9 Advifor ..,.. MISS ELEANOR KOSHEBA Prerident ...... WARREN MARCHIONE Vice-Prerident . . , .EDWARD FRENZEI.. Seeretary ,,..,... ROSALIE PETTINEO Treamrer' ......... ROCCO CAVALLO "Watch the Birdie." Click! Click! It's just the Camera Club taking the pictures of school activities. After the clicking comes developing, printing, and coloring of these amazing pictures. it-. CAREER CLUB MILDRED KELSALL Advisor' ..... MRS. President .........., BETTY IOHNSON Vice-Prerident ...,. IOAN MARTINELLI Secretary ,...... CARMELLA DAIDONE Treasurer .....,.,,... VERA MANUEL What's your line? Discussions which help both the decided and undecided to choose their careers are brought forth by the members, who take charge of their meetings. ,ws V.. 1 --aus-1u....., CENTRAL ORGANIZATION Adviror ....,... MRS. DORIS RENTSCH Prerident . . . . .ANTHONY BARTELLO Vice-President .... ELEANOR LA BELL Secretary ........,. LORRAINE WHITE Treasurer . . , SALVATORE BRANCATO Sergeant at Arms. . .CARMINE D'AMICO "When is the C.O. dance this year?" This and many other questions pertain- ing to our school are brought up at the C.O. meetings. These leaders help to pro- mote ideas for raising funds for various activities and help to foster better under- CHESS CLUB Advisor ...., MR. ERNEST COLEMAN President ........... ANGELO DePERI Vice-President ......., EUGENE OLIVA "Check mate!" One of the many ex- pressions heard while members are study- ing and learning the game of chess. After knowledge of the game is obtained, tourna- ments are held to determine the champion chess player. standing among students.. Page Tifty-three COMMANDO CLUB Advisor ........., MR. PETER TENGI President ..... . , .GASPER BETTIO Vice-Presidenl .. . . GEORGE FUSIEK Secretary ...., ANTHONY BRANCATO Treamrer ..,,,.., CHARLES DiMARCO I, 2, 3-hike? Who missed that chip- pieP VVhy did you swing at that inside curve? Iust some of the expressions you may hear at the Commando Clu-b activities. The boys learn to make their own deci- sions and each gets a chance to shine in his favorite sport. it arts, E EDISONIAN SCIENCE CLUB Advisor . .i., MR. NICHOLAS CASINI President , . ....,. .GEORGE LUKAC Vice-President ...., EUGENE CLAYTON Srrretary-T1'eusm'er .. .IOYCE BECKER "Boo-ml That was close," is often heard in the lab when this group collaborates on an important experiment. The club stimulates an active interest in scientific fields and experiments. DRAMATIC CLUB Advisor ...... MRS. LILLIAN PIRRONE President ...,.. KATHERINE ALFONSO Vice'-President ,... BARBARA BIROSAK Secrelary .....,,.,, BARBARA BULLIS "Lights out . . . quiet please!" This re- frain is heard when the big moment finally arrives, and the actors show their abilities in the dramatic field. FRESHMEN TRAVEL CLUB Advisor '......., MR. STEPHEN STIRBA President ...,,. ....., I OSEPH SORCE Vice-Presir1'qn! ....,.... IACK CIMINO Secremry .,....... DOROTHY RUZILA Treasurer . , ANTHONY RIGOLOSO Take a bus, take a train, take a boat, take a plane! It's the Freshmen Travel Club going on an imaginary journey. They collect pictures and facts of foreign coun- tries whieh interest its members. 1' X HALL SUPERVISORS AND SERVICE LEAGUE CLUB A1I'w's0r .,.. . .MR. IULIUS LAZICKI P!'ESIl2lC'!7f .ROSARIO MERCANDANTE VICE-PI'C5l-dffll . . . . . .LAURA ALLEN Treasurer .. ,,........ DIANA NICK You don't have a pass? This is the fa- miliar refrain of the Hall Supervisors and Service League Club who also help main- tain order in the halls, direct use of the correct stairway, and direct school visitors. HOME EcoNoMics CLUB Advisor .MRS. LORETTA CIVITARESE President ,...,.. BARBARA SVAHRA Vice-P1'c'xIdfnt ..,.... IOAN MAGEE Secretary . .,.,., HIUNE KOVACK Tre:1szu'er . ,,.,.. CAROLYN KOVACK "VVhat's cookin'F Whatever it is, it sure smells good?" Members of the Home Economics Club try their skill in the art of cooking as well as sewing. They can also be heard discussing self-improvements. GLEE CLUB Advisor ,... .MISS NANCY PLANSKA Pre:z'denl ..v......... ANN KONECNY Vice-Pre5z'11'enz ,..,.. .HELEN GORSKI Sefremfy , . . . . .LAUREL WITSLOTSKI Treasurer ....... . . .IOAN SZAYWAY Do-re-mi-sweet music is echoed through the school corridors when these spirited boys and girls meet. Their choruses bring enjoyment and relaxation to the people who hear their melodious songs. HANDICRAF T CLUB Adllimr ..... MRS. FRANCES MARKEY Preridcnt ......., ELEANOR DEMKOW Vifc'-Pre!1'dz'nl .... .RICHARD BOEHM Secretary ....,...... NICK VIOLANTE Treasurer ..., HELENA PAWLIKOWSKI Look! I made it myself-it doesn't look like a wallet, but . . . The members are interested in making various items which are given to the poor. Gifts for friends or relatives are also made. rf IUNIOR PROBIES CLUB Alllvffor ,.... MISS FLORENCE ADLER President ...........,., ANN SERAFIN Vice-Prexiden! DOROTHY MACAGNONE Secretary .,,...,, ROSEMARY GEISLER 7'l'C'l1.Y!l!'fl' . . ELEANOR ADAMCZYK Scalpel - sponge - nurses in action! These probies are discovering by visiting Colleges and hospitals that it's not only the white uniform that makes a nurse. KNITTING CLUB Advixor ..... MRS. GILDA GRAZIANO Prerident .............. RUTH DIETZ Vice-Presifient 5 ROSE MARIE DiGlOVANNI Secretary ........ ANNA SCHEFFLER Treumrer , , . , . ROSANNA PETRIZZO A ball of yarn, knitting needles, direc- tions, and patience can eventually evolve some type of knitted article, although sometimes it may be unrecognizable. page Taffy-Six HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB Adviror .......,.. MR. FRANK SOCHA Prexidenl ...........,.. IOI-IN TETLA Vice-President IAMES VANDER SANDE Secretary ........... IOSEPI-I CASSATA Trezzmf'cr ,............ RICHARD OSSI "You should have seen the fish that got awayll' These long and short tales go about the club at each meeting. Their main purpose is to teach the conservation of wild life and to understand the rod and gun. IUNIOR ENGINEERING CLUB Advixor .... MRS. HELEN BLACKFORD President ..,.... SAMUEL RANDAZZO Vice-Prerident . . .RICHARD COLUMBUS Serremry ............. RONALD LEBA Treaszzrer ............ FRANK PATRIS Do you like a one-family house or a two-family house? These students are studying architecture. In the following years, they may become the builders of homes and industries. LANGUAGE CLUB- No. 6 Advisor ......., MISS ANNE LaBANCA Presidenz ..,.,.,... RONALD DEMENY Vice-President CAROL VANDER SCHAAF Secretrlry . . .CAROL VANDER SCI-IAAF You can take an imaginary trip to France, Spain or to Italy merely by walk- ing into this room and seeing and hearing this group's club meeting. Thereby an interest in the languages and customs of foreign Countries is aroused. LANGUAGE CLUB- No. 9 Advisor ..... ..,. M RS. ANNE RAPPA President . , . , . . EILEEN TOTH Vice-President . . DOROTHY YOUHAS Secrefary ,....,...... . ,IOAN LESKO Treasurer ..,....... MARILYN AMATO Care to take a trip? By all means join the Language Club and climb aboard the train of imagination to Italy and Spain, where you will develop respect for their views of life and compare their everyday activities with those of your own. LIBRARY COUNCIL- No. 6 Advisor MRS. VIRGINIA MELLINGER President ......... DOLORES WOLOSZ Seerelury-Treasurer MELVA SCRITTORALE "On what shelf does this book belong? Where do I find a fiction book?" These are a few questions that come up before the library council. The main purpose of this club is to assist in the operation of the library. LIBRARY COUNCIL- No. 9 Advisor .,..,...,. MRS. MARY ROMAN President ......,.. CAROLE PALINKAS Vice-President MARY ANN SOBOLEWSKI Secretary ....... PHYLLIS PIETRUSIAK Treasurer ........ ANTONIA LANGERI "Need a book? Fiction or non-fiction?" Reading books for reports can be inter- esting as members of the Library Council have discoveredg they assist the li-bmrian in Bling, checking out books, and in cata- loging. Page Fifty-seven MODERN MISS IIIZLJIXOI' MRS. STELLA IEZIERSKI Plvxidefzl . . . FRANCES PORCORO Vice-Pre.fz'rfen1,LENORE MONTELEONE Sfwefzlry ..,.. IEAN GAGLIARDOTTO Trenrllrer . . ...,, IRENE SKAWINSKI VVhat style these girls display! They be- come acquainted with the fashions of the day and are given an opportunity to show their interest and.ability in the fashion field. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Aa'ui.for. , . . . .MR. AUSTIN TRAVERS Prefidenl . .,.. ...., R OBERT BIELEN Secremry . , . . .CAROLYN ZETKULIC The aim of all high school juniors and seniors is membership in the National Honor Society. All of these members have achieved superior grades in scholarship. leadership, and have rendered services in Garfield High School. Page Tifty-eight PROIECTION CLUB Advixor ....... MRS: MABEL MERRITT Preridenz ....., MARCEL MONTANYE Vice-President ...., GEORGE MARTIN Srcretrzry-Trea.vurer STANLEY SENCHY Lilvrarian ,....,.. MICHAEL SWALUK "It's upside down again!" This remark is often heard by the members of the Pro- jection Club as they operate the movie machine whenever needed. ,Their duties often require caring for audio-visual equip- ment and learning how to operate them. RADIO CLUB Advisor ...MR. ARLIN GELATT President SALVATORE La CORTE Vice-President .VICTOR DOMBAL Secretary. . .CHARLES VACCARO Program Chairman ANDREW MASTROPOLE Have you heard a strange sound in your radio lately? A member of the Radio Club should be able to assist you in this matter. The study of radio, its techniquesg con- struction, and repair is investigated by this "air-Wave"-minded group. SCIENCE CLUB Advisor. . .MR. ALPHONSE D'ACIERNO Presidenz ..........,. RICHARD MISKE Vice-President ...... MICHAEL BEFUK Secretary ......... GEORGE ZETKULIC Treasurer ..,.,........ WILLIAM CALI "Double, double, toil and trouble!" That's what happens when our scientists get together to perform an experiment. The club endeavors to stimulate an inter- est 1n science and to provide an outlet for scientific ability. SECRETARIAL CLUB Advisor ..,..,,... MRS. HELEN ULICS President ......... DIANA KARPOVICH Treasurer ......... ARLENE MATHEIS Sergeant at Arms MARGARET SEMAHCHIK "Clickety-clackl Clickety-clackl" The familiar sound of the typewriter brings to mind the Secretarial Club and the valuable experience it offers to its members for future years. REPORTORIAL CLUB A!7iUf,f01' , , . .... MISS STASIA HOGAN President .... GENEVIEVE DeBELLO Vice-I'res1'de11f . , . . ,EDDA BERNAUFR Serrrmry ....... NADIA YADLOWSKY rrvvh ,H .I 3 o. VVhen." "Where?" KKWIUP -this is what the inquiring reporters 'ask when finding What's going on among the students. These inquisitive minds will one day become the editorial staff of the "Quill". SOPHOMORE TRAVEL CLUB Advisor ....... MISS LUCILLE ROCCO President ......... WALTER IAGIELLO Vice-President ..,... ANGELO BARCIA Secretary ,........ VIVIAN GRAZIANO Treasurer .........,. IOAN VENNERE Going my way? Movies, oral reports, and past experiences are used to help ac- quaint student members with the un' familiar lands and places of the world. Page Fifty-mne LINCOLN HI-Y Aduixor., MMR. ARLIN GELATT 5 Preridcnt , , . . ,KENNETH KOVALY Vfff-P,-mam , ., . IACK CARLOCK Sccreiafy . WILLIAM PIETRUSIAK , TI't'l1,fllI'6'I' . HARTHUR SCI-IIMMENTI Chaplain . .. ..... GEORGE LUKAC Sw'gn1nt-at-army , ., ROBERT ROSA TRI-HI-Y Aduiror .,.,, , .MISS VESPA SMITH President ..... .,..... H ELEN RUDA Vice'-President . . , ..,, CAROL BAIEK Secrc't411'y Trerzsnrer C lmpluin H irtoritzn Page Sixty FRANCES KOPEC , IOYCE BECKER HVIVIAN LUCAS , , . .MARION BIGOS STENO CLUB Advimr .... .MISS TERESA BONELLI Prexidenl ......... SUSAN DiMARCO VicefI'resizfe11l . .IACQUELINE BOEHM Secremry .,...... ROSALIE BARRIALE Trealrzffter . ..,, ,KATHERINE BUONO Is that hieroglyphics on the hoard? No, those are just some shorthand terms that the girls of the Steno Club are trying to learn. In order to be a successful stenog- rapher, these students know that one must have the skill and determination. GIRLS, CHOIR Difmof ....., Miss NANCY PLANSKA it 2112 5 SJ SPORTS 5 X., fixhf gift 1 WW.. canrlantc. VV. Iagiello. Siciown Row: Cqirlock. Harris. Rezuly, Guerrie- ri, Barca-llnna, Angelln. Graziano Frank. CilILl1'1Z2l1'O,'l'lIIIRIJ Row: Berg. Masucci, Dictel, Vcltri, Torkos. Cliizackv. Gretchen, L:iPena. Fio- renzi. Fot'R'rii Row: Glogiewicz. Dirclasik. Tomko. Molnair, Lelaun. l7iSc1ilf:ini. Cartaino, Szintorpi, Ileiul Coach Hollis, TOP Row: Assistant Coach Sacha. Migliaccio, Senchy, l.:iCortc, Sgilek. K. Iagiello. Mas- trgingello. Assistant Coach Luzlwig. bout talzoto an Aagbufl' Ca' down an bring t0 A d Dei-nf1W Pink mav- Van er Sunde and onosccnzz' re- ceiving last minute fnsbructionf from Coaches Hollis nd Ludwig. FOUTB LL lAlthough the football team went without a victory this year the bo h d I D , ys s owe p enty of school spirit and courage. Injuries plagued the team and played a major roll 1n putting Garheld High School in the loser's column. Everyone is aware ofthe fact that both the Central and East Rutherford games were very exciting. Coach Hol- I. I . . .W I . . is a Ong with his assistants spent much time working with the fellows. The familiar ' 7 ' 77 I cry, "wait til next year , can now be heard f R Could this be an intercepted pass? 5 2? ui F 1 W' N4 as U il U ws s .4 el Coach Ighfl M S .fPuziz1n,Vandii'H B A The basketball team paced by Paul Szczeeh, who scored over a thousand points in his high school career, won the Passaic Valley Conference for two consecutive years. Dick Ossi, Nelson Collins, lim VanderSande, Ioe Cassata, and Ioe Barcellona also played excellent ball. Paul Szczech received the distinct honor of being appointed to the Daily News Passaic-Bergen All-Star team. Nelson Collins and lim VanderSande received honor- able mention. Everyone is proud of this yearls record of nineteen wins and three setbacks. Our boys endeavored to win the state title, but the team bowed to Hackensack High School. This put the team out of the state contest. Mr. Misko also received honorable mention as coach of the year in the Passaic-Bergen section of .the New York Daily News. He deserves great praise for his meritorious coaching. Left to righlz Coach Iohn Misko. Nelson Collins, Ianics Vantlcr Sancle, Ioscph Barcel- lona, Richard Ossi, Paul Szczech, Ioscph Cassata, Ioseph Kaminsky. as "Watch those ouls boys Get that rebound I ,j A ,ang ti 3 BASEBALL Last year the baseball team had a record of 7 victories and 6 defeats. Two fine pitchers, George Suplco and Mike Gabor, were lost through graduation. Nelson Collins will probably be the starter this year and will be given support by Richard Ossi, lim Vander Sande, Iohn Krejc, Paul Szczech, and Ioe Cassata. The boys expect to better last year's record and bring home the Valley Conference Title. Coach Charles DeVito TRACK Garfield High's Track Team is expected to come through with another fine season. Last year'for the first time in the history of the school, the track team defeated Eastside High School. Our team had a record of 8 wins and 2 losses and placed third in the Valley Conference. This year the team hopes to..b5tter this record through Coach Lazicki's excel- lent guidaneetand coaeliing. The,gg:am's high jumper, Kal Toth, set a new Valley COHEiffl5BCEiiNEWOfd of 6'y4N- Every- one hopes that he will break this this year. lack Car- lock was also a winner in the run and is anticipat- ing a repeat. A in fs. v if iss' t ' A- C ... A . 0 Huff? A 1 as ti Jr ig, A Qt , cf' 3 K If 5 . s i ' .y.. Ls. fl 5 A 'ff' 5 a A M if Lt iw . 1 cw: si .af W.a, Coach fulius Luziclqf I' ei sw.. I ' K , , . '-'ll , 2 N-' 'I F ' 'FIRST ROW. iff! Io riglzlz I. Skawinski. B. X " Stcfnncik, V. lilarcli. captain: D. Hzxlnclyna, ' I. Guglinrclotm. Srctrmwn Row: I. Becker, C. Hastcn. M. Bovitz. D. Ducss. M. Scru- Fm. THIRD Row: D. Nick. G. Bzxdnmi. R. . ' Rirosak. F. 'XVorchol, F. Lalffcll. r -ICHEERLE DER X LEFT Row: Dnvnl Mark. Salvatore Cara- vclla, Thumus Adamo. Charles Rozcma. Dirc'ctor: Mr. lame: W. Salla RIGHT Row: Samuel Ranzazzo, Robvrt Aumueller, Edward Pirog. COLOR GUARD, TWIRLERS, and CAPTAINS FIRST Row, lffl fu right: P. Murciniak, capt. flag twirlcrs: R, Geisler, feature twirlcrg C. Kmll. lnnscutz I. licllcy, clrum rmljnrcttcz I". Pormro. lmtun twirlcr. Sr-.CUND Row: N. Yacllowsky, F, Slnmiak. S. Zuma. D. I'.1wlil4r1w5ki. M. Rigas, B. Rotzko, M. Stcpat, V. Lucas. M. Tuzzolino. L, White. C. Lzmzu. M. Kupcc, I.. Cali. THIRD Row: D. Sabo, A. Massa, D. Puzino, R. Barriulc, L. Spinelli. A. Ruziln, M. Stanck. M. DeSim0ne, D. Mnzzola. FOURTH Row: I.. Handzu. I. Witck, I. Finrcinhuf, I. Szayway. Congratulations Class of I954 Many new associations will be made throughout tl'1e years, lnut as an old associate you can always lme sure of THINGS YOU CAN COUNT ON HERE: A welcoming hand if wil ' ali An open mind I A -J X -If An attentive ear 'Sh- Bring your money problems to our bank. You will be warmly receivedg and we will cooperate with you in every way we can. GARFIELD TRUST COMPANY xml-HE FRIENDLY BANKH 12 Olll VVATER LANE Oldest and Largest Bank in Town MEMBER Fsnsruu. maposn- 1NsunANcs convonxrioxv Page Sixty-six NICASTRO STUDIO Your YYUU.Y'II0Uk I3'l0t0QY'!lpIl9l' 196 HARRISON AVE. GARFIELD, N, J. Pr. 9-8688 iff .dl ff 7 f , f gp FY-AA :s i . ' ! l I I . 0' I W' UJWWM ' 57 JW GW' d We have a right to expect our hoys and girls to b d ' . - . l - . d, turn out to e goo American men and women As the twlg IS hent so grows the tree hence It IS our duty hy word and deed to teach the young sters not to he cowardly and weak We must teach them to work hard and play hard We must teach them to he clean minded and clean hve prepared to hold their own under all clrcum stances and against all comers We must lmh e thelr hearts with the splrlt that will govem thelr hves according to the Laws of Providence It IS only on these conditions that they WIII grow Into the kind of men and women of whom America can really he proud For In life as on the football field the PFIIICIPIC to follow IS Hlt the hne hard dont foul and dont Shlfk hut hit the lme hard THE FIFTH QUARTER CLUB Page Sixty-eight YHZX-f7L I Wa! i WWW ' awww W 7 Wefve gfaduatecl foo! K O Graduation time is one of tI1e Iiappiest periods of Life. You Ilave your wI1oIe Future ahead of youI May it ine all tI1at you cIesireIII Eariier this year time Bank graduated from one banking office to twoI Vvilenever you need bank- ing services, we,II Iae Iiappy to weIcome you as a customer at our 20-year-oId office in GarI:ieId or our new office in East Paterson. Bank where graduates of other years bank, at -- FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GARFIELD AND EAST PATERSON MEMBER FE E E S U C Page Sixty x x. .bl 65' ww 4' QWMWWW 8 n O' 'JA 1 T6 WOQNV Q Compliments of ROBERT SCUSSEL, JR. O I-llth y gttt I tf y ft e happinessf, 1 g . Q ww R . Qjf , scussfrs MASS WDM QTEAMBATH I W ypjwffw MQ 9 3 M A Q W' R I g Seventy 1' I CH" p I Congratulations CLASS OF I954 MAYOR BELLI AND COUNCIL CITY OF GARFIELD ill .I Page Seventy -0716 . , ' s,,1 i M W if? pm 9 vbh V' Congratulations MJ M Class of I954 PJ. wk MAYOR EMIL J. SADLOCH For Printing See . . . GL NO CH V LET, I . EN N E R0 NC THE GARFIELD GUARDIAN Printing of All Descriptions 848 RIVER DRIVE GARFIELD, N. J. 121 MIDLAND AVENUE GARFIELD, N. J. WALTER F. GLENNON PRescott 7-3500 PRescott 7-0120 P ge Seventy-t KING PONTIAC CO., INC. 2-16 PASSAIC STREET GARFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phone: PRescott 7-4830 EMIL'S MARKET Two Stores Io Serve You 63 BELMONT AVENUE Gregory 3-9687 44 PLAUDERVILLE AVENUE Gregory 4-9738 GARFIELD, N. J. BENNY BISCONTI General Contractor CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS Formica John Adamczyk 13 WILLARD STREET GARFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phone Gr. 3-3308 Page Seventy-tbre 6 B. J. WERNER-FORD DEALER 450 River Drive. GarIieIci, N. J. Pr. 7-2520 Fishing Tackle Sporting Goods THE TACKLE BOX - Binky, Jake S Lenny River Road GarIieId, N. J. STULL ENGRAVING CO. 79-SI IVIicIIancI Avenue GarI:ieIcI, N. J. ANDREW COREMIN - Fine Furniture Garfield New Jersey - Compliments of GARFIELD RECREATION COMMITTEE ALBERT R. GALIK Realty 36 Dayton Avenue, Passaic, N. J. Pr. 8-3815 ' BENIGNO'S SERVICE STATION Cor. JeweII Street E' Morris Avenue GarIieIcI, N. J. . Compliments of I BILL VENTURA WAPITI CO-EDS '55 .. '54 T Page Seven Compliments of LEO J. BRUNETTI -Q Compliments of JOSEPH E. FISH l 51 Passaic Street BERENSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE Gaffield, . 214 lvlarlcet Street CHARLES RAIA, JR. Fa. 6-5120 East Paterson, N. J. - FOZZIE'S LUNCH EON ETTE 773 Midland Avenue - 311 Passaic Street, TOM'S FLORIST Garfield, N. J. Garfield, N J. Gregory 3-2131 176 Sllaw Street BILL S HARRY'S MARKET GHFIIICICI, ' Compliments of MAURICE M. CHAPNICK, M.D. - 336 River Drive MONROE MOTORS, INC. Garfield. N. J. . 400 River Road MICHAEL GORTYCH'S MARKET Garfield, N. J. i- Lanza Avenue JOHN FILA'S MARKET Garfield, N. J. LHHZH Avenue EDELMAN'S BAKERY Garfield, N. J. l- DR. WALTER F. SLOAN Garfield, N J. 310 Outwater Lane l GARFIELD S PASSAIC BUS CO. Garfield, N. J. Cor. Plauderville Ave. G Main St. - THE OLD FIREHOUSE TAVERN Garfield, N. J. Plauderville Avenue i' 537 River Road LAKEFIELD'S ESSO SERVICE Garfield, N. J. - VOGUE DRY CLEANERS Garfield, N. J. 222 Outwater Lane ' Compliments of COUNCILMAN JOSEPH KOBYLARZ 1- Qutwater Lane GARFIELD S PASSAIC TRANSIT CO. Garfield, N. J. - 250 Dayton Avenu CUPO S MILES INSURANCE CO. Clifton, N. J. Page Seventy 49 Plauderville Avenue GARFIELD PHARMACY Garfield, N. J. . Compliments of DR. M. J. BROZYNA 11- GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY CO. 396 Midland Avenue, Garfield, N. J. - 38 Harrison Avenue BARCELONA'S . PETE'S CLEANERS E- TAILORS 20 lVlacArtl1ur Avenue, Garfield, N. J. - Compliments of ANTHONY KULIG Pr. 8-1123 Garfield, N. J. Pr. 9-1948 - Compliments of J. A. WILSON i Compliments of THEODORE CIESLA COZY COFFEE DONUT SHOPPE 75 Nlonroe Street Garfield, N. J. - MYLES GARVEY TABBY'S TAVERN-The Very Best Beer 52 Cliestnut Street Garfield, N. J. - 171 Ray Street HILLTOP BAKERY PANARISI'S SWEET SHOPPE 224 Palisade Avenue Garfield, N. J. Garfield, N. J. l Compliments of JOSEPH R. KOLLARIK River Roacl MORAN MOTORS Garfield, N. J. - Jewell Street BRUNO'S PHARMACY Garfield, N. J. - NEBIKER'S - CHET 14 Alpine Street S EDDIE'S CONFECTIONERY Garfield, N. J. - m THE FLOWER BASKET i POPEK BROTHERS Page Seventy-six RELIABLE FIX-IT SHOP 184 Outwater Lane Garfield, N. J. -. FORHEZ PLUMBING-HEATING CO. 206 Division Avenue Garfield, N. J. - BARRALE HOME SUPPLY CO. 137 Jewell Street Garfield, N. J. - GARFIELD UPHOLSTERING CO. La HZH Avenue Gregory 3-2275 - TOWNSHIP GARDEN SPOT 724 Boulevard Prime Meats ancl Vegetables E. Paterson, N. J. LIKMAN'S CONFECTIONERY 34 Belmont Avenue Garfield, N, J, Compliments of G R E T C H E N ' S GARFIELD MACHINE WORKS Plauclerville Avenue Garfield, N. J. D E B O N A I R S '53 f-1 '54 A I: R I E N D DABAI.'S SERVICE STATION Cor. Lanza Avenue Er Prospect Street Garfielcl, N. J. - JERRY'S LUNCHEONETTE Jewell Street Garfield, N. J. - SILK-O-LITE 100 Outwater l..ane Garfield, N. J . .A CORNER LUNCHEONETTE Cor. Jewell Street Er Lanza Avenue Garfield, N. J. - BELL'S DINER Cor. Passaic Street 61' Palisade Avenue GHFIIICICII, - JAMES CARAMANNA 354 East 32ncI Street General Insurance Paterson, N. J. . STAUDT UPHOLSTERING COMPANY - WHOOPPEE SODA WORKS 196 Van Vvinlcle Avenue Garfield, N. J. EDWARD LEHNER - Plumbing S Heating Contractor 72 Bergen Street, Garfield, N. J. Pr, 9-2039 , JAEGAR'S MAIN AWNING AND UPHOLSTERY SHOP 48 Dewey Street, Garfielcl, N. J. Pr. 9-8390 Page Seventy-seu Pxx W I WM Ov - x if . X g .' .............. 1 ' 7 5 f A WI Xml' X Compliments o , D - ' MON RECREATION af' ME EI " - TfA CAPITOL CLEANERS S DYERS 102 Va f- nlcle Av ue Garlielcl, N. J. N I .l CHER-O-KEES 94" ' A '53 - '54 I ' ' f BOILERMAKER CO-EDS W Y J '53 - '54 .J 169 Palisade Avenue PALISADE HARDWARE A Garfield, N. J. KARDASH JEWELERS 60 Palisacle Avenue, Garllielcl, N. J. Pr. 7-2674 CIRUS CLEANERS 52 Passaic Street Garfielcl. N. J. GARFIELD IDEAL FOODS 65 Passaic Street Fresli Fruit and Vegetables J- Birdseye Frozen Foocls COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION Lanza and Midland Avenues Prescott 9-9840 RUTBLATT'S SPORT SHOP Passaic New .Jersey PATRONS MRS. FRANCES ADAMCZYK I26 Shaw Street MRS. LENA ANESTA 67 Malcomb Avenue MR. S MRS. LOUIS ARTHUR 40 Beech Street MR. S MRS. WILLIAM AULITA I I8 Grenelle Avenue MR. 8 MRS. JOSEPH BAJEK I73 Ray Street MR. S MRS. NICHOLAS BAN I9 Monroe Street MR. 8 MRS. ALFRED BARTELLO 69 Passaic Street MR. S MRS. EDWARD BEDNARZ 33 Blakely Place MR. 8 MRS. CARMEN BELLI 82 Highland Avenue MR. 5 MRS. FRANK BELLINE 4I6 River Drive MR. 8 MRS. STANLEY BETLEY I43 Division Avenue MR. 8 MRS. JOHN BIELEN 393 Outwater Lane MR. S MRS. JOHN BIGOS I28 Joanne Terrace MR. S MRS. JOSEPH BIGOS 39 Pacific Avenue MR. S MRS. RICHARD BOEHM 30 Krakow Street MR. 3 MRS. CARMELL BRIGANTI 462 Palisade Avenue MR. 8 MRS. STANLEY BUCZEK 87 Division Avenue . MR. S MRS. SEBASTIAN BUONO I9O Gaston Avenue MR. S MRS. CHARLES CALDERONE 88 Farnham Avenue MR. S MRS. SALVATORE CALDERONE SOO Harrison Avenue Page Seventy-eight B qv UU,-v , 4,0 70+ BMW, WW 404221011 5 M, mg if WV F JW' WN 9 MW 57? w31l?:l?'m5iAfa'5f W R9 5.54 2,5'f5f jg? 0:6PL,yU P "QM Gjgbkjiutbirw -ww JN ,fwify gy df wi M, M ffxmiw W if ff Wg WW"f 55545 Zim? M226 WLM W? WM Q Z f X, +ve wc? qodle' X 6 6 ?4'Yw25Gf0Q'0' I Z ffllildf OV- W' 1-3 -me 5 WL .u Q , W, .A t , 'Qu q hi, f .u L VA ! 1' f ,, W if Z! W ,ff -Z vwmwww W7 ff Wfgjjfiyjf 'fxfffwff M 76 f dow Mkf of I ifjfywfwf JMS. i gala 0'5ga:5ij!Qa,f, WWW ' Jiffy Q, xn N . Wff Q , QW ,V A 'M ik a . -,-3 .- .12 f 3 f-:lr ' g Hy, , ' h nf, -g,1,,g?.5. v ,Z I -- A ix: , I t. I W ,.-REV ,, AE, .if .v 5' - , Q Z ' , ,,'QL" '55 -' ,J " ' Q 1-li -' - - .V ?'J '1'f '-'- f V . . , . . - V . . -f ' zfw .3 A 4 .V f -' . , , , . v V ' 'f -- --he , , V A - , , . ' . - , 1 - 1- A Y . V ' , - . V . f'4-.wg-g 5, , , " .-.J n v- ' - ' A Y- k i A. -,-1 .-.,,, A , - ' - - an " A' . ' ,, , YQ' YM, " ' Y, ' 'Y V ' " ' ' " 1 "

Suggestions in the Garfield High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Garfield, NJ) collection:

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