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A ,,,,,,,i.,,qEt.l..q-1-M sink., ..w.n ,, i., . Hqm fn ,,v.,Kf,.. YX.,.,,,.,.Q?,.,W,,y . ,,, .,,, 7 ,X ,QAM . 14 Q .AL,,. f . ,-g1,,gJ , Q V., V - V. - 4 V ., ft. -, yr: ,AJ 3 H-J. bw., - . A Q PQ, 1 S. . 7. ,ii G ',g:??f,a 3 - gi 4' Qi " Zi: ' 3. fg V 'F' 4 STE2.: Q 'Kiwi' 5. :. 9. 5 r w u ,, 3:-A Q, , vs wi ws cf, ' 'X , ':f " Nik, r - gil, FAKE, -352 :.. wi ng! f-ff: YJ , 3 5 . A ff. 'Q i I K2 '1 ' '35 V ga. all 1 . .ik My , :ZW , 39 ,avi 1 5, , gm' :M , ,it .pg 4 i f-r, , V 1. L 4. 1:1 1. - . :jg ' .. PE -mf F. - m 3 ,gsv lf" fikk A fail, ,, m" 1i, js' 'Q' J , J 'av' 'gm H' .5 ws , -,V QE, , ",Q,,:L3f, fi , , 'H.g,,. 1 mv 1,- 'bi I an Wwe ' fffi, W V1 I w x I z i 1 I S ! X i 1 I 5 i ! a I , F S 1 E i A p I . S Q i 1 u E- M-r 1 5 'Tj-43 2 EE is-f PRESENTS TI-IE1949 , , I I TABLE OF CONTENTS OUR SCHOOL V- -- 2 FEATURES .... U 49 OUR SENIORS L , - .... 17 ACTIVITIES .... , L , - S 3 CLASSES ..... .... 4 1 ATHLETICS ..... .... 7 7 RUM ANUEULU 'I 1 n H 2? -s X xgpk. his fiom ,MA .mecficalfe .jfiia E90 We, the members of the Class of 1949, dedicate this, our yearbook, to our class adviser, Miss Rose Porcelli. Miss Porcelli has been a member of the faculty of Garfield High School since its inception. During that time, she has unselfishly devoted countless hours to it in loyal service. Her faithful and tireless work in building not only sound bodies but sound minds as girls' physical education instructor is of immeasurable value. The unswerving loyalty and guidance she has given our class during her two years as adviser have been a beacon light for us to follow unfailingly and for us to remember in the years to come when memories become more precious than ever. Our sincere thanks to you, Miss Porcelli, and may you remember us as affec- tionately as we will you. ,I Aw, Om' fufuw x1w1u.qf-.zfvfm 1. Tbmc f.m1i!i.1v' mul mpiw in lazftory. Q ggi, ld' lf.x'f1w'iff1w1fu i VI Cffu muh y. 5 We e 1 561 W. . N we X -'00 0 Bnolebeeping -- the rr1m'w111.1- Wad lion of funn' and hguw-. 2 Une are guided by the une. Our newexl nmrbinef in of- fice prarlire. f ' s, f if 1y4 6 The Gregg Conley! Ilvinnern in Slaorllaund. 65522 ?k7f I6 fojfefsl fl! Round und Round il g06'.ff "F the mivleogmplo rmlffvine, P, 6 "af U1 Tomb of the unknown mldier N PURE ORD iw Franrirran Monartery Tomb of the unknown roldier ,,.'5.t r r s..:,ag, ., f ' file 'ffif ,iid 4--Illini -in 0 o'e-QQLQ.-. gwax rshgwxwtgv-:N Ampitbealer sk '.. 1 '!:"'4""'!sn""1nnsi'lhu Commencement-how often have we wondered why the end of our high school days should be called commencement-the beginning. Yet in a way, what word could be more appropriate! Al- though it marks the close of our high school days it is really the beginning of our real life. Here- tofore, our lives have been carefully nurtured and sheltered. As we leave these halls of learning, we shall be "on our own", out in the world facing both sunshine and rain, depending on our judg- ment, foresight and perseverance. All these were taught to us within these halls of learning from which we are now about to depart. In the years to come, we will often remember the many les- sons we have learned both in academic subjects and in just living. We will remember our teach- ers with great respect and affection, especially when bitter experience and mature understanding have tempered the rash judgment and impatience which is so characteristic of youth. We will often return both physically and mentally to these halls and we will realize that these really were the best years of our lives. We will remember you, Gar- field High School, with deep affection and envy the students within your care. Yes, for many years after our Commencement, you will be close to our hearts. Here, in our yearbook, our ercord of the high- lights of the career of the Class of 1949 and of Garfield High School itself, may you, gentle reader, enjoy and re-live with us our treasured memories. l8l ,, Zx ff , ,,,i,, fffffllllllwmmmll M21mw1NHQwm2Mr1rz4fN x M 3 4, -R f Z v ff , x V5 , 1 ,ll f X V 'HNF X u X ZX, ,R W., WX + 1 WW X U? N 'i L' N W QV' xxx IIIYIIKN WMM AM NNW ll'1E Axel. s MR. JOHN R. ROZEMA Superintendent of Schoolf M! me BD RD OF EDUCATIO MR. WILLIAM MR. STEPHEN MR. BRUNO KOMSA CAPONE DANIELS Serretary to the Board E. Komsa, J. Kramer, E. Schcmpp, W. Capone, C. Borromeo, S. Daniels, J. Rozema. I SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL in IZA' CHARLES - 1-.... I HLA. MR. EDWIN SCHEMPP U01 AUSTIN TRAVERS Principal FRANK A. PAPAROZZI VicefPrincipal Y' A in LUCY ADAMS Matbematicr 5 . ith, X W ini? .6 .N QM , 2 Q JOHN BURTCH Mxuic 5.2 MICHAEL CORNWALL 12 Bufineu Education 1 THE Ng tl f . 3 R r M M Y vs ,R - VMS' ' FLORENCE ADLER Bufineu Education MARY V. BOESEI. Bu.fine,r,u Educulian TERESA BONE LLI Bll,l'flI6J'J' Educdlion l E! QR A .R A NICHOLAS CASINI . ' Science SEER , E K . MARGARET 'N CHARBONNEAU EE Mum ERNEST COLEMAN I nd uflrial Arif ln. EVELYN T. CULLIGAN Bufinen Education ALPHONSE D'ACIERNO Science MILDRED FAGAN Social Sludief " LO D OF BOOKS DOES NOTI FACULTY ELEANOR GRAHAM Librarian liggf bi 1 A x fx EILEEN GERMAN Home Economic! , ARLIN GELATT Science and Bow Cownielof SALVATORE FRANZINO Science WEN' PETER L. HUBIAK Head of Malbematicf JOHN HOLLIS Def'f"'me"' Pbyfical Education BEATRICE GROSS Languagef A ,g3Wimw?Qw . RIH IRENE KOSHLAP Social Sludiex ELEANOR KOSHEBA Matbemalicf OLGA B. KENSELAAR Ar! QUAL CD E GOOD TEACHER" LORETTA IACIOFANO Home Economic! ,rw "iii X ROSE LASCARI Englixh 13 Af? MARTHA LUSTER Language! MABEL .MERRITT Head of Science Department ANGELA MARTINO Busineu Education ALICE MARTIN Social Studie: V' gina-"WF Ni THOMAS A. MEEI-IAN Languages " JULIA NOVACK Plyyxical Education ROBERT P. NORK Director of Athletics CARL PECORARO Director of Guidance ROSE PORCELLI Pbyxical Education JUNE NOVACK Englith MARTIN A. RIESCHI. Bufineu Education LILLIAN P. PIRRONE C A Englirh MABEL GRADY Englixb STACIA HOGAN Matlyematicf HELEN BLACKFORD Induftrial Arif AUGUSTA COSTANTIN Social Studiex MARGARET GOMMOLL S ocial S tudief U43 "WE SPEAK THAT WE D0 K CDW, A L LUCILLE ROCCO Bu.fine,r,r Edurazion MARY ROMAN Librarian HELEN T. SCANDARIATO Bufineff Efluralion PETER V. TENGI Englifb ELEANOR TERESINSKI Engliflf BERTHA E. TRAVERS Head of Bufineyf Educalion Dfpaffmfnf JOSEPHINE B. VILARDO Matbematir,r HUGH WALDERS Head of I nduxtrial Arif Deparlmenz JEAN MILEWSKI Clerk MARY PLUNKETT I, , ,, Z T , Q CAMERA SI-IY ELVIRA RIGOLOSI . .:., A Clerk GERALDINE KAROLY JOSEPHIEESJSSINKO Englifb HERTHA LINGG Head of Social Sludiei EDNA NEAVLING Department Head of language Department SARA MILLER STEPHEN STIRBA Head of Englifl: Deparlmenz Bufineu Educaliorz ESTIFY THAT WE HAVE SEE . . . " U51 u - Xl 1, f M, .W A, .1 WMM ' ,A - .r . ff ne MW! nm 2 V 'lt wi ,W, Nt new w fwankzw K'i3!00Y4H 01:11 ' aiwlm .,wnl nivlvhik 3 1 wwf 11 .Q .W my gy llff!,!1 ,Us ' ?, E HX ig H L -.4 ,,..L 1, If wx In rm.. f 1 a-,"v, 'I - 'Inf I v 1 ll 1:1511 I l. A "'2fi5iw ndh. f N ' fs. 41311128 gi ii .an nn. UN- 1 y lg' Q if V151 1' 51113, w,r1 ,www .flu , -541- ivnw-.M . I 'x ,M- fljk 111 4 L S ll!,Qfl7N'l ' 'sm qw 'Qi New k Q Mm A X Qi E 5 limb' N ' 'll ll' 1,1114 1 .1 .l. l1",11!.' lf, ,U ll.'1 mil ' ' I , E QEEENUUM26 -,,--Q 1 ,,--9 , '? ..-. k f ,,.- ,..- ..-- ..- .1- , ...,a ..,- ,... Q , ,JS . - V , E f 'X J "War P' Q V' .. if E, . - f,,,,,w- W E' JULIUS FARKAS Prefident RUTH MONASH Vice-President J JUDITH FASSO Secretary CLASS QFFICERS QS ,QL 53 .YQ if lg- N ,fi 5 Q wffiiiw A ff ' ' 7' A? W 'fp' . K AR 1 f xx H, 4 g?gi1E2QQQ ff ? f ' "' A 2 , yt I V N. , . . - A yx W ,,,,,,, 'V ' - - . 1 MISS ROSE PORCELLI 183 Advifer MICHAEL GUTCHES Treamrer it if l 6 Dorothy Ackerman "Dottie" er voice more entle than the summer's Ereezef' Burinesr Eduration mo Clubg Girls' Chorusg red Chorus. gg lil? John Arendas . "Pussy" U hn is a right good scout. General A Liness Staff, Purple and ld. Santa Bartello "Mickey" n the stage, she's a natural, only off that she's acting." Buiinen Education ' ill Fashion Editorg Business ff, Purple and Goldg junior y. Thomas Albanese "Dynamite" "Silence never betrays." Technical Aviation Clubg Hi-Yg Track. Margaret Babey "Marge" "A merry heart goes a long way to bring good cheer to all." Bufinesr Education Modern Miss. W-el fsfw-P . ,Q ..., P V .55 ., ,V 5 Q We 55' 1 lik is is Virginia Belfi "Ginny" "Talking merrily away, You will see her everyday.' Buxinefr Eduration Glee Club. CLAS G A R F I E L D HIGH SCHOOL 5 v .Qs 'I EP 2 .f f 3 Irene Andocsy "I hasten to laugh at every- thing." Bufineu Educalion Steno Club. Irene Babyak ..I.. "Happy and gay in a moderate way." Blume!! Educalion 1 4 S OF 9 Michael Arendacs "Commissioner" "I don't worry, I don't care, I don't hurry anywhere." General A Footballg Quillg Chess Clubg Secretary, Hi-Y. .fs i wx , is A -' W . if George Balla "Ratterman" "Always a friend to everyone." General B President, Camera Clubg Quill Photographerg Band. I 19 203 GARFIELD laws' HIGH SCI-IOQL Cl , a. ,, 1 A -. ,t is--.b g :iz 1 " HQ X , , Robert Bombel "Bob" "He has no time for foolish- ness or females." General B Aviation Clubg Hi-YQ Quill. Vinnie Cacciatore ..V.. "Happy is one who is gay and carefree." Buyinen Education Steno Club. S w mp 3 i i he .. joseph Bosco ..ZiP.. "A man isn't poor if he can laugh." General Glee Clubg Business Staff, Purple and Gold. Evan Caratenuto ..Ev,, "Along his way he merrily goes. Not caring a fig for worldly woes." Terhniral Hi-Y. Stephen Blickstein "Blicks" "I am willing to be convinced, But show me the one who can do it." General B Quillg C. 0.5 Hi-Yg Track. Y, Eleanor Brunda "Ellie" "A friend to allg a foe to none." Bwineu Education Steno Club: Quillg Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorus. Anthony Casiello "Tony" "He knows the art of friendg liness." General B Glee Club gVice-President, Sec- tion Room. 9 Q. 5 JB May Bolcar "Machie" "It's no mater what you do If your heart be only true.' Buiineu Educalion Cheerleaderg Glee Clubg Girls Chorusg Mixed Chorus. Helen Byra "Shirley" "A dash of sweetness, A charming personality." General B Quillg Purple and Goldg Glen Club. Antoinette Casimiro hskippy.. "She is a friend, good an true." Buxineu Education Glee Club. fiarguerite Chervenok "Bootsie" , she so quiet and demure, iybe, but don't be so sure." General B O., Quill, Purple and Gold. Louis DeGherro ..L0u.. Vithout music life would be an empty sphere." Terbniral Glee Club: Hi-Y. ienevieve Dobrowlski ..Gen,. Vhat sweet delight a. quiet life affords." Burineu Education Steno Club. Irene Conte "Renee" "Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor." Burinen Education Steno Club, Twirler. Gertrude Diezel "Gert" "When she's around, it's always fair weather, Her disposition is light as a feather." Burinerr Education Secretary, Steno Clubg Feature Editor, Purple and Gold. Ralph Donnerhack "Chuck" "A quiet man I'd like to be, Cause then no one will bother me." General A Chess Club. CLASS OF Phyllis Crusco "Phil" "Blue eyes, smiling face, Quiet, gentle, full of grace." Burinerr Education Patrick Discenza "Pat" "A little work, a lot more play, Is how I'd like to pass the day." General A Glee Club. 1949 QF Audrey Darling "Darling" "Friendliness is a wonderful thing." Burinerr Eduration Steno Clubg Purple and Goldg Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorus. Horace Di Tecco "Raush" "Cares I despise, because I have none." General B Business M a n a g e rg Quillg Business Manager, Purple and Goldg Hi-YQ Chess Club. fzi 22 G A R F I E L D HIGH SCHCOL Veronica Dzuiba "Ronnie" "Accent is the soul of speech, It gives feeling and truth to it." Bufinerr Edumtion Glee Club Julius Farkas "Sonny" "A willing, helping hand is he, W'ithout him - what would our Senior Class Be?" Terbniml Treasurer, C. O., Quill, Presi- dent, Senior Classg President, Hi-Yg Footballg Trackg junior Play. J Alice Elias HAI.. "I'll walk where my own nature would be leading." GenemlB Library Councilg Business and Literary Staff, Purple and Gold. Judith Fasso "Judy" "The Summer's flower is not sweeter." Business Education Glee Club, Secretary, Senior Class, Girls' Chorusg junior Play. S s . f it Frederick Donovin Arline Dowiak "Ted Horn" "Ar" "A real He-man, we like his "Happy is she, whose spir sort, is free." Good-natured fellow, clean- GeneralB cut sport." Glee Club. General A President, Rod 8: Gun Club, Hi-Y, Purple and Gold. john Estok "Yonk" "Usually seen but not heard. General A Geraldine Figlyar "Gerry" "She'll always be our queen. Busineu Edumlion Glee Club. Alfred Fadil ..Al,. "Ambitious in the work h likes." Clafxiral Glee Clubg Hi-Y, junior Pla! joseph Francica "Frenchy" "Small, but every inch a man. Technical Glee Club. 3 June Frank "Frankie" Jr she is just the quiet kind, nose nature never varies." Bufinexr Education Glee Club. was gs Roger Gelok "Rocky" ve taken my fun where l've found it." General A Alexander Gletow "Alex" is artistic ability is far above the average." General B Glee Club. Richard Furman "Richie" "Young fellows will be young. fellows." GenemlA Glee Clubg Business Staff, Quillg Business Staff, Purple and Gold. R Stanley Gemski ..Biggy.. "To worry little, to study less, Is my idea of happiness." General A Ralph Giinbizzi ..Ray,. "With a friendly smile and a cheery Hi Ralph passes no one by." Business Education Chess Club. CLA ai Elizabeth Garippa "Red" "Happy am I, from care I'm free Why can't they all be content- ed like me." Business Education Modern Miss. joseph Gergowicz "Diamonds" "I don't say much, but who knows what I think." GenemlA Aviation Club. SS OF 1949 George Gasper "Dushie" "Blushing is virt'ue's color." Terhniral Basketballg Glee Clubg Base- ball. Ruth Geyer "Ruthie" "Quiet, courteous, gentle and small Ruthie is a friend to one and all." BuJineJ.r Edumlion Steno Clubg Purple and Gold. f23 G A R F I E L D HIGH SCHOOL Marion Grasso "Babec" "Her hair is curly, brown and short, And that tops off a mighty good sport." Buxinerr Educaiion also f Eugene Gusciora "Gene" "Not too serious, not to gay, But jolly and good in work and play." General Rod and Gun Club. l24l 3. ai M :4,Q Dominic Graziano "Dom" "He has wisdom and wit as well." Technical President, Edisonian Science Club. Michael Gutches "Gooch" "His ability has won our esteem, He's an asset to any team." General!! President, Dramatic Club, Treasurer, Senior Classg Foot- ball, Varsity, Captain, Basket- ball, Varsity, Baseball. fa Louise Goralski "Lou" "Gentle in both manner and speech." Clauiml Glee Club, Band, Special Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorus, Quill. joseph Graziano aloe.. "Not afraid of work, but not exactly, in sympathy with it." Technical Glee Club. Lorraine Gyngyosi "Lorrie" "Always smiling, always gay." Bufinen Education Glee Club, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorusg Quill. mx 'stir . .,., it " i S Rose Graceffo "Rosie" "Quiet, demure and pleasar You hardly know she's pre ent." Buxineii Education Marie Gucciardi "Speed" "Liked are they of easy ways. General A Glee Club. is E Mary Handoga "Lefty" "ln the midst of gaity an laughter she can be found Burineu Education Glee Club, Girls' Chorus. 3 X Raymond Handzo Ida Hansen "Ray" "I" is only fault is that he has "A girl of few cares has few no faults." regrets." General B Burinerr Eduralion :e Clubg Sports Editor, Modern Miss. illg Sports Editor, Year- lkg Baseball. George Hubert Palma Iannarone "Herb" "Pam" natural fellow of natural "May her success be as pleas- mind." ant as her character." General A General te-President, Aviation Clubg Y. Quill 3 Modern Miss. Marion janosky John Juricisin "Marion" "johnny" "Silence is sweeter than "What mischief lies behind speech." that sober man." Burineu Eduralion Terbniral asurer, Steno Clubg Girls' Glee Clubg Hi-Yg Basketball. e Club. CLA SS OF 1949 . W. Barbara Hartmann "Bob" "Be the labor great or small, She does it well and does it all." General B Camera Club. Jean Ingala "Jeanne" "The world would not be in- teresting, If there were no little people in it." Burinerr Education Steno Club. Q Frederick Hartman "Freddy" "Our thoughts and our conduct are our own." General A Glee Club. RMK T' Gloria Intervizt "Int" "Good humored, lively, full of fun." General B Modern Miss. fzs GARFIELD HIGH SCI-IDOL an , Marianne Klimkosky "Clem" "As merry as the day is long." Burinefx Edumlion Peter SfCIl0 Club. "Pete" "He has malice toward none." Terhnical Vice-President, Edisonian Sci- ence Club. , joseph Kolodzei l "Clothespins" Elizabeth Kocher "Why should life all labor be." "Betty" General A "She is blonde and gay, RHd10 Club- And in our memories she will always stay." Buxinexx Educalion Steno Club. 261 Stephen Kaminsky "Peashta" "Oh, what mischief he could find!" GeneralA Glee Club. K TW ' ,:,.,,, K Q N . Us New .. , t K5 Y. . -A Q , ,, ..t . . A .f - to A-V' ss. -. J ' .- i . Wallace Kmetz "Wally" "Worry kills me, why die?" General Bandg Edisonian Science Club. Eleanor Kopchak "Ellie" "Her art, that is the one she holds nearest her heart." Buxineu Education Dramatic Clubg Quill Artistg Purple and Gold. 5 ,S Eileen Kane "Slim" "A sincere and quiet Miss." Buxineu Education Steno Club. S John Kobylarz "Koby" "His wit will see him through." General A Edisonian Science Club. Chester Kopec "Shopper" "He is a manly, independe fellow." General A Track. james Kozel ..Jim.. "Oh, to be free from all worry." General A Radio Club. John Kurilec "Yanko" ood-natured - winning the favor of all." Terlaniral iation Clubg Hi-Yg Purple d Gold. Evelyn Lesko "Evie" -ler daintiness and charm and grace, 'e pictured in her pretty face." General B lee Clubg Literary Staff, Pur- Ethel Krehel "Krinkle" "She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with." Buiineir Edumtion Steno Club. Marie Langierl "Marie" "Her quiet smile reveals her happy self." Bu.rine,r.f Education Glee Club. Tillie LoBiondo "Til" "Of good wit, sparkling eyes, and pleasant smile." Buxinefr Education Dramatic Clubg Purple and Gold. CLA SS OF 1949 Rose Ellen Kroin NRO., "With eyes so bright, and heart so light, You'1l find a reat girl in this tiny mite." Burinen Education Steno Clubg Quillg Feature Editor, Purple and Goldg junior Play. Margaret Larko . "Peggy" "With valleys of eternal babble." Buiinesi Eduralian Steno Clubg Literary Staff, Business Staff, Quillg Business Staff, Purple and Goldg Office Helper. - vi. Ei. an Andrew Kroll "Buck" "An honest man, a warm heart within." General B Chess Club. Dorothy Latza "Ronye" "Twirling is my delight." General B Glee Clubg Head Majorette of Band. e and Goldg Quill. 27 G A R F I E L D HIGH SCI-IOGL William Ludwig "Bill" "He may not score, but yet he helps to win." Teclmiral Dramatic Clubg Hi-Yg Cap- tain, Football, Varsityg Track. U' Y Robert Makl "Maxie" "My skies are seldom gray." Terlmical Chess Club. E281 Steven Lukacs "Luke" "A right swell. fellow, full of fun, who loves to joke and crack a pun." General A Bandg Glee Club. H, . ki R Eileen Marchini ..Ei.. "Always happy, always gay." Burinerf Eduration Glee Clubg Girls' Chorusg Business Staff, Purple and Gold. K-Ya Floyd Lohsen "Floogie" "Not that I like studies less, But I like fun more." General B Glee Clubg Football, Varsityg Trackg junior Play. Camille Maciag ucam.. "She is neither shy nor is she bold, just a girl with a heart of gold." Burineu Edumtion Steno Clubg junior Play. Albert Marchioni HAI.. "Silence is a great asset to mankind." General A Glee Club. Dolores LoRe ..Dee.. "Tall and dark and happy a a lark." BuJine5r Eduration Joseph Magee "Buddy" "A mischievous spirit fills hi frame." General A Football, Varsityg Purple an Goldg Dramatic Clubg junic Play. S Christine Marmo "Tina" "Her hair is as black as mid night." Bufinerr Eduralion Glee Club. .eff Marie Martinelli "Chick" typical all-around girl is she." Bu.vine,r,r Education e Clubg Purple and Goldg gness Staff, Quillg Cheer- er. Lois Mitchell "IwfitCh" with the dance, let joy be unconhnedf' Bu,fine,r.r Education Clubg Quillg Business , Purple and Gold. rank Nakonechny "Frou" Easy going in his way." Terlzniral Radio Club. Angelo Mascaro "Gelo" "Thou seest a man diligent in his business." Burinerr Eduralion Steno Club. Michael Mock ' "Mike" 'A man of good nature." General A Camera Club. Raymond Nebiker "Nebs" "A little learning is a danger- ous thing." General A Chess Clubg Business Staff, Quillg Business Staff, Purple and Gold. CLA 1 Corrine Millo fr. nmrkyn "I don't ask questions, I just have fun." General B Glee Club. fi? if T '.-.' ?Pw V eggih if VCFFKVP .,,.' . l .f P- -L ggggev 'a'3,g . .,., Ruth Monash "Ruthie" "Clouds may hide the radiant skies But her sunshine never dies." General President, Section Roomg Vice- President, Senior Classg junior Playg C. O.g Editor-in-Chief, Purple and Goldg Quill Re- porter. SS OF 949 Edward Miskowicz "Misk" "All the world loves a good sport." General A Vice-President, Chess Club. james Mulligan "Jimmy" "A long way with his quiet- ness he'll. go." Bufinerr Edumtion Radio Club. i291 G A R F I E L D HIGH SCHOOL john Nunno "Harry" "A youth light-hearted and content." General B Glee Club. wg.- 4 , V Q , 4' A, , E sf Elsie Oshnik "Dibby" "Silky lashes, soft blue eyes, One would never suspect she's wise." General B Camera Clubg Circulating Manager, Quillg Literary and Business Stall, Purple and Gold. 301 'W , I Edward Olier "Eddie" 'For though he's a wit, he's no fool." Terbniml Chess Club. Elizabeth Pados "Betty" "A woman's best ornament is silence." Bufinerr Education Steno Club. Fred Nelson "Nets" "A fine escort he'd make any- where." General A Hi-Yg Glee Clubg Purple and Gold. Dorothy Orechovsky "Dot" "Full of fun and laughter." Burinen Education Modern Miss. Gloria Palatini "Pal" "A's and B's with the greatest of ease." General B Camera Club. .a . 5 l 2 5 it Stanley Nienajadly "Stash" "Speech is great, but silence is greater." Terlmiral Vice-President, Radio Club Hi-Yg Baseball, Varsity. Charles Orlofski "Bugs" "The man that blushes is nc quite a brute." Technical Radio Club. Vilma Palatini ..Vi,, "My soul has its secret, My life has its mystery." Bu.rine.r,r Education C. 0.3 Quillg Purple and Go if Lucy Palmeri smile is the whisper of a laugh." Buxinen Eduralion Albin Pataky ..Al.. "It is better for a young man to blush than to turn pale." General A Edisonian Clubg Band. Harriet Pescevich "I-larry' wo dimples flickering out and in ghlight a face bright with pep and vim." Buiinexi Eduralion e-Presidentg Dramatic Club, mtaing Cheerleader, junior y. Carol Pluhar "Chick" little work, a little more Play ps me going everyday." Buiinexr Edumfion ice-President, Steno Club. Richard Petrasek "Pet" "A boy of optimistic nature and impish grin." Technical Hi-Yg Quillg Purple and Goldg Central Organization. Dorothy Potoczak "D0tty" "Tiny and determined." Burinex: Edurulion Steno Club CLA SS OF 1949 Doris Pearce "Blondie" "Five foot two and eyes of blue." General B Special Girls' Chorusg Bandg Dramatic Clubg Mixed Chorusg junior Play. Arthur Pierce "Artie" "When I'm not near the girl I love I love the girl I'm near." Technical Football, Varsityg Glee Clubg Baseballg Junior Play. I Salvatore Pennisi "Bonecrusher" "In common sense, a merry fellow." Technical Aviation Club. William Plucinsky "Bill" "Athletes are born, not made." General B Glee Clubg Football Varsityg Baseballg Junior Play. 31 G A R F I E L D HIGH SCHCDOL Olga Procovic "Proky" "She is quiet, she is shy, But there is mischief in her eye. I Burineu Education Steno Club. 1 ff I jean Recke "Jeannie" "Intelligent, quiet and keen is this girl, jean." Burinerx Education Glee Club. 321 Pauline Radwan "Palka" "She wore a bashful look." Bufinerr Education Modern Miss. Dorothy Ridush MDM.. "Not quiet, not loud, nor short or tall, But a swell combination of them all." Buxinen Education President, Steno Club. Andrew Prelich "Andy" "Nothing serious never in a frown, Nothing in life can get him down." General B Rod and Gun Club. Helen Raia "Fuzzy" "Snappy, peppy, full of good will, Seldom keeping still." Burineu Eduealion Modern Miss, Purple and Gold. George Roman "A good heart is worth gold." General A Rod and Gun Club. Richard Pristas "Twinkle Toes" "Dance light for my heart lie under my feet." Technical Edisonian Science Club. Carl Rautenberg "Guzz" "And still they gazed, and sti the wonder grew, That one small head coul carry all he knew." Clauical Edisonian Science Clubg Band Editor of "The Edisonianf' Betty Ann Rose "Bet" "jovial Betty, with her brigl blue eyes, Getting fun out of life is wh: .she strives." General B Glee Club, Purple and Gold . Frances Rosol Richard Ruff "Fran" "Whitey" Sweet personality, full of "He has a happy-go-lucky, rascalityf' pleasing air." Burinerr Education General A Glee Club. Glee Club. Benjamin Sayor Norma Schaeffer "Ben" "Buttons" lice and tall liked by all." "Simplicity of all things, is the General A hardest to be copied." Burinerr Edumlion Girls' Chorusg Library Coun- cil iootball, Varsity g Hi-Y. 0 Ingeborg Seifert Margaret Serritella "Ingie" "Margie" rr ways are ways of pleas- "Nice things come in small antness." packages." Burinef: Education General B Steno Club. Cheerleaderg Glee Club. CLASS OF 1949 john Russo "Johnny" "A gentleman ever, with enemies few." General B Dramatic Clubg Quillg Junior Play. Evelyn Schuster "Evie" "A gentle lass, crowned in sweetness." Burinerr Education Glee Clubg Vice-President, Sec- tion Room. Phylliss Sassano "Phil" "Always ready to laugh and be merry." Bufinerr Edumlion Modem Miss. Audrey Scoskie "And" "Knowledge is the staff of life." General B Library Councilg Vice-Presi- dent, Section Roomg Mixed Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Fea- ture Eclitor, Quill. 533 341 "To know her is to like her.' G A R F I E L D HIGH SCI-IOCL -iv, Katherine Spalluto "Kate' Bruinefr Education President, Modern Miss. U Ernest Stricsek "Ernie" "Not only one of the boys, but one of the best." Terbniral Glee Club, Hi-Y. 3 f Q ., -gg s 5--si, ,. . ...rx-ff 4' '-5,-352-5-':'-. . :- . ..:: :-:QP - - -. J-Q '-zz. -- -. :I:.. by "tb . f- -.-Zia: , , . 'X ii 3 Nw ei SIU' . Aging. im L wi' ,I if M . F 1 ,gg Q fu, Q, 6 fi Q, Alfred Spitzner ..Al.. "Character makes its own destiny." Technical Aviation Club. Irene Sudol ..l.. A ready smile, a winning way." Burineu Education Cheerleaderg Dramatic Club. ' 1 - . . ax i 'iii gi? We-.. Elizabeth Simko "Betts" "A sweet, merry miss." GenemlA Glee Club. Richard Stafford "Staf" "A wolf in sheep's clothing." Technical Hi-YQ President, A v i a t i o n Club. William Suklich "Slush" "A regular fellow, why say more?" Technical Chess Club its X X 'tn R 'Ns Elizabeth Smith "Smitty" "It's nice to be natural, When you're naturally nice.' Burinerr Education C. O., President, Service Lea gueg Purple and Gold. Lillian Stier "Lil" "Cheerful and kind in everj way." General B President, Library Council Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus junior Play. 1 .grip . - f.. :gf . . X X'-EEN J. fs:'iifS + 19 , ' 5-xv-erm. E25 flffii l A 'Qtr .5 5 tl X WWSQN-1 - f E c 3525 ,iw nge N R M N , Sb N X X gh Sig Q Q? xc N X x st X Xxx 3, NAR xx x X Blix FX Xb . . ..... . 'X Q E . 2 X -.11 : X ex, Ntsx Hi L wiht K XXX Q Q aw? x QQ X ur X .Q ,g X9 ww X as ess X .tg K AS . 5 A W. W S. Joan Szekely "joanie" "A lass of gentle dignity Marked by quiet simplicity. GeneralB Girls' Chorusg Small Choir Secretary, Library Council News Editor, Quill, Purpl and Gold. Margaret Szekely "Margie" ie earns whatever she has." ' Burinexf Education Steno Clubg Quill. Stanley Tencza "Red" K quiet lad but a line one." Technical Edisonian Science Club. Dorothy Szmaciasz "Dot" 'Her pleasing manner is 2. . Joy' . Buxinen' Eduralzon Steno Club B '.., 'S age-t ,f William Thieme "Bill" "A man of few words, wise." Terlmiral Chess Club. but Florence Veliky Lorraine Veliky "Flo" "Lorry" cheerful smile and a cheer- "A quiet nature and a stead- ful heart." fast friend." Bu.fine.u Educating Buiineu Education Glce Club. Glee Clubg C. O. CLA SS OF 1949 Doris Szot "Butch" 'A gentle girl is rather charm- ing." General B Glee Club. i , l ' x 'si joseph Turcillo "Quick Thinking Turcillo" "Man abOI.1t t0Wl'l." Terbnifal Treasurer, Hi-YQ Vice-Presi- dent, Service Leagueg Business Staff, Quill. john Takach "johnny" "john is always full of fun, He has a joke for everyonef General A Camera Club. 'if' A e l! el ' S AW A -- ri 5352 1 :sl . A - ia Robert Ugrovics "Beano" "Wise men speak few words and seldom." Terlmical Radio Club. gas G A R F I E L D HIGH SCHOOL l Dorothy Wasilik ..DOt.. "A sweet person, a rare find." BllJffIE.fJ Edumtion Steno Clubg Quill. Gladys Yeates 'True humor springs from the heart." Bufineu Edumlion Steno Club. E561 Anita Veltn welcome Bunnen Education Modem Miss . S I ' V' "22 . B., , . ' "Nita" Q ' ' "A pleasing nature is every Jean Wasik "Jeannie" "A merry heart maketh a cheery face." Burinen' Education Glee Club. Dorothy Yow "Dolly" "She is gentle and shy." Burineu Education Glee Club. Joseph Wegnyniak ..J0e.. "A good sense of humor wins many friends." General A Glee Clubg Baseball. Thomas Yuhas "Tom" "Some think he's swell, but we know it." General A Basketball, Varsityg Baseballg Football Manager. i l Qt Judith Warnaar ujudy.. Her quiet way will someday Pay... General B Modern Miss. Q Josephine Wolosz ...Ion "A light heart lives long." Burinerr Education Steno Club. 3 E Florence Ziemba "Flo" 'A friend in need is a frienf indeed." Burinen Education Glee Club. Mary Ziemba "Zena" er eyes are rhapsoclies in blue." Buxineu Eduration e Clubg Cheerleaderg junior r. CLAS 1949 Sally Zrybko nz!-yblt "It's a friendly heart that has many fiends." General B Glee Club. Florence Zyla IIFIOII "A happy smile all the while." Buxineu Edumlion C. O.g Quill, junior Play. 4 L M TER? 6 455' X jf Jiqwvwm-ufwm .Yam zz-wfew -11. Wi- is ge- we-7 MM mf-M' H+ '22, 2"f"'f"""" ffm' 3.-Qwbvvfwafdb E 0:4 Aff-7441 i "fav A 1 ,.4.4..f, f 3. a1,....7l?ALM cv.. fnfy-f,.1a4.,,f.,...L 51- f--MJ. Mm e me M -fu X 52. ,.4f.,f-44-' A 564.4 J., ,bf-7:-Q A A 57204-L ll lg: me.. -M21 5- a1,...m,Z. E WXN0?-z4,L,4,.-...4.a4.+E,.-a-4M, E il ly luv 12 we we Mig. 'fw""17"AfMg A, -. .i -.2 1.- , .,- ..... E .I .Li L .i. - 7 - 5 W Q EQ .. + -?v- 37 381 Most Likely to Succeed CARL RAUTENBERG RUTH MON ASH H ARRIET PESCEXSVIUJI Pgpulm, ICH R ICHARD EK Bext Pals CXSXN and GEORGE GASPER SOHN SUR , EVELYN SCHUSTER and MARGE SERRYYELLA Best Dresxerx ARTHUR PXERCE KATHERXNE SPALLUT1 'B A0 ,df QWMJ A Bef! D47I!'Fl'f HARRIET PESCEVICH ANGELO MASC EE 1 Wwiexl JOSEPQH MAG KOCHER BETTY Bef! L WEL YN LES Bef! Albfelef ELIZA BE TH GA R I PPA WILLIAM 00613151 KO PL UCINSKY AR THUR PIERCE ARO if K ,wy- sfigqqi 59 401 SENIOR CLASS HISTCRY Do you remember your first freshman day at Garfield High? The corridors looked so perplex- ing, and students crowded in the classrooms, chat- ting with their friends until the first bell rang. The bell which opened a door to a new phase in life. Dressed in our newest clothes we shyly re- ported to our classes, and as the year progressed we found ourselves going to football games and Canteen dances. Although we never knew why the football players didn't dance with us. The only dislikes in our freshman year were final exams, report cards and detention, but we man- aged to see it through. Summer crept quickly upon us and before we knew it, our freshman year was completed. "Look at those tiny freshmen, I'm glad we weren't like that", were the exclamations of the proud sophomores. But they soon fell into stride with us and we knew our sophomore year would be fun. -- Fun, did we say, no sir, not with such complicated lessons as Spanish, geometry and shorthand, not to mention the tedious task of read- ing book reports. There was keen competition in intra-mural volleyball and basketball games. Noontime dancing made us smoother dancers and fellows seemed to take notice of us now. With all our glory in School 9, we looked up to the stu- dents in School 6 and yearning for the day when we would be juniors. Our anticipation for School 6 was short-lived once we arrived in the cramped school. The teachers looked so stern that we wished we were back at School 9. Who ever heard of going to another school for gym. Things looked grim and the days grew longer. Getting our lockers made us feel a little bit better. After meting our class adviser we immediately elected class oiiicers and opened the doors to a big year. Selling magazines and candy was our first money-raising project for the Washington trip. We then started selling tickets for the "Harvest Hop". With pleasant memories lingering, we picked a cast and set a date for our junior play. Practicing for the play was fun. We crossed the days off the calendar and soon that awaited night came. Our junior Play, "Life of the Party" was a hilarious success. With this encouragement we prepared for the junior Prom. The king and queen were well- chosen, and as we danced to the strains of "Moon- light Serenade", we felt our junior year had been wonderful. With a sigh of happiness we waited to see what the Senior Year had in store. At last! Seniors. Could it possibly be us? Yes, the suave seniors. It sounded too good to be true. This year we wasted no time and elected our class officers, yearbook and Quill editors wisely. We proudly exhibited our class rings to our under- classmen. Yearbook pictures were taken and we wondered what the results would be like. Christ- mas cards were sold for the Vffashington trip. Our Senior Dance, "Serenade of the Bells", highlighted the holiday season. We took our studies seriously and worked hard on exams, knowing our goal would be reached more quickly. It was cherry- blossom time and we were on our trip to Wash- ington. We told everyone of the beautiful sights and the fun we had on the trip. Preparations for graduation began with senior-singing. Cap and g ow n measurements were taken. Committees worked on the program for Class-Nite arduously. We practiced hard and studied just as hard for our final exams. The days following we signed the yearbooks of our friends. - Now at last, Class- Nite, the Senior Social and Commencement. The singing of our class song stirred our emotions. As tears filled our eyes, we looked at our friends, with memories in our hearts. We knew that last bell had rung, closing and opening a new phase of our life. We shall never forget Garfield High and the wisdom she has given us. 20 f'f:f f f q Z7 if 'ffm fh bl 1 EAN Q iii gfiijx Q fl' I g a x WI I xx Z 6 Ax , ew 2 NX 7 I, ff , f Km- 'f3'4:.v fi 4 Qs In 4 A QQEQ 42 junior Clan Ojirevzi Left to right: Marcel Pons, Treasurerg Priscilla Ritorh, Sec retaryg Richard -Iaskot, Presi dent, Mr. Peter Hubiak Ad- viser, and Ciro Barcellona, Vice-President. Looking on Io flue fulure of the junior ,M , H 5" Clan, Ad1"i,ie1'-M1'. I M, M Peter Hubiak. "mlb V .k if 51" Tliere wc were, juniors, strimling outsirle School No. 6, rlass advisor, we immediately eleiterl rlius othcers and then waiting to gain enough courage to go into this new building. started raising money for our senior trip to w'klSl1lllgf17Il, My, how different everything was? Gym claSSes held at D.C, Our first money-raising proyert was .1 iimgnziiic' sale Sfhool No. l, crowded and noisy study hulls, and a chemiS- by which we ilCCLll11LIliliC'4l at worthwhile sum. try lah with different nauseating odors every day. Much attention was given to the posters in the l Settling down was harrl hut under the supervision of our announe' ' l ' A ' FU 4 . . . , l'I'll . ,J zu, , nino, R. Ili-nunti. lf. Yer :i '- lwrowski, A. S' " ' ' lirst row. hott-ini: l,. lla' l. w, Nl, 'lliiutillo 'Nl in K lin K' tin to, Xl. lli'Xox,i 'Nl 9' . A mlls ing, tic junior Dame. Qoinmittees were chosen h oy' ii i . . . .4 zfi . Nl. Mill-1, Nl. Gillo, g . M. licvltilc. l. Yivliiiitr. Sur-oml rowg li Ili- Sclihii ' Lllttl, li, Sevlxo, l., flnsko, T. Szutt, l, Griglgilc, l' 'I"1n ' tori-, l". flowwliky A llnvtlislti Xl Ili " I Xp . uri, li. ller .. 1, 41, Ilo- . . 1. lx. NI2w:lw1i1H'.S. Si-:iglioiiv Xl im-t-it . , . . unify. A. l'opilt'll:tk, ll. Siilzilt lll1ll'll rn ' A. . elm, A. 'l'riol:t, M. lli 'llurro l l'i' li Kit l k IJ Dorsn 1 . iw: ll, llilmrilm A A -E , ,. vitu, Al. Siiilol, If Xlilwi 1, A. kiiniiitcmito, . . .t. :twin-z, M Mornwzi, j. l'elk:i. l. l'ilrli , . , , L. lxuilley. Fourth row: ,l. li.irti-hr-, S. lytxllll' ' l'. Allen, ll. fairnh, D. Di Salvo, to, M. Luecuro, J. -Mzxltesvl ig: Q , EX M N-Y First row: ID. X':inilerSamle, IZ. Bauer. ll. Unifer. L. Freedman, D. Drotos. J. VVindt, A. Schuster, R. Courtier. Sei-ond row: A. Mulder, S. llurtos, l'. Miglizirio, Y. Kzirclash, O. llinneiiik, J. Mihalko, B. Konarz, lj, Le. gutko. .l. Lohsen. Third row: R. Ilaskot. Al. Greeeo, R. Fuseo. J. Szwakoh. M. Sehinimenti: R. Tclson, R. Zeekcr. Fourth row: .l. Zulwer, J. lluhicl, N. Salmnosli, l. Kushwara. and everyone impatiently looked forward to the big night. But detinitely, you managed a date for this dance. Tryouts for the cast of the junior Play, "Her First Flame", began at once. This surely must he a success! Finally the tense night arrived and the curtain went up. Before we realized it the evening was over and only the empty seats of the auditorium remained. But it was a success and we sighed with contented relief. At last the highlight of our junior year approached-the junior Prom. Ah! the most talked about school affair was really happening to us. But like all good things it ended too soon and only the memories of the music and of the thrills it brought us remained in' our hearts. As we look back on our past years, thinking of all the excitements we have had, especially being juniors, we look toward our last ancl best year-our senior yearswith the hope that we will do as well next year as we have done thus far. First row, lmttoni: l'. Yerga, lf. Nicltliis. ti. Allele, A. Bruno, A. Catziiizaro, A. lie Puri. l'. Hilde, li. lluclak, F. tlinosrenti. St-eonil row: F. German, IJ. Kriseo, A. Pazinko, S. llolishiiey, B. Chieko, L. Serenee, M. l'oeziio. l'. Yaiieeek, ll. lleinille, Mr. lrluhiak. 'l"hii'il row: IJ. Gall. R. Becker, ll. Oreshnik, E. Mucha, R. Roth, j. Yelilwir, IJ. Russinko, L. Puzio, j. Rigolosi. Fourth row: -I. Kosmzi, j. foeula, C. Maklowski, F. lilcvlia, R. Szayway. 4 .0- Kita fs?-4 iw ,ml WT. ... M WW... QQUQQUQ QQ.-sXD . 3. . New QW 5352? 'Sa . YN! airs in .4 annum First row, bottom: K. Rareellonzi, M. fiereo, M. Ste-pat, B. Santo, M. Saks, A. Hernsdorf, J. Gzisorak, V. johnson, M. Lihrezi, Al. Koeizin, R. l'oeumly, ll. VVykzi, N. Cueeia, R. Di Piazza. Sernnrl rovwf: R. Morton, M. Mzirgxi, fl. Stie-r, II. liisenherger, M. Martinelli, M. Furnienzil-c, U. Cervetto, A. fhizziky. l. Freediuxm, IJ. Vrgovies, M. 'l':xinlze. Third row: A. Serene, R. Tyhursky, R. llurvutli. R. Rohsler, N. Csziki, P. Proh- lusky, l,. Kwzirter. R. liuonu, A. jones, If. Yam Leilten. Fourth row: 'l'. I,:i Roeezi, R. Msleziluso, 'l'. Arts, M. VVislotski, A. Pzirios, S. Gximliino. A. Nieiijsully. ,l. l'etiz, L. Surgent, R. l,:az:ir, D. VK'riglit. Fifth row: C. llrinilnggi, lf. Ruffle, R. 'I':mtilln, ID. VVL-st, R. VVright, R, Figlyzir. SCPI-IQMQRES Again 'md for our last year at the Annex, we boarded a bus, but instead of entering 21 bright and shiny bus, our eyes were fastened on an old and comfortable looking vehicle. It fitted into the way of school life that had become so dear to us -CLASS CDF 1951 now. Now we were upper classmen. Our lnurels had been won and the faculty were our friends. The shy, bewildered freshmen reminded us of ourselves and that not too long ago day when we had come here. The months rolled by and assem- lfirst low. lmttoin: ll. lliil. M. llelnink, lf. Lziinzaires, ,l. llrinku, tl. Sturm, I.. Silkoxuki, R. llrmieiito. l ll. luiigoliisi, K . Xzlrzuly, ll. lizirippxl, J. l,uZ, l. Rllilllllllll, A. Svlesiiixk. M. Przittz. Seriviul row: hl. Glirerkxl. M llzirlrvgi, KA. Seuskie, XY. Cole, M. Alfuim, -l. Miekllls, lf. lfilku, xl. llixllii. lf. Sueeio. M. Yivzlrl. 'l'hird row: M. K'l1:iilwit'k, l.. Miikl, l.. Rilixirilo, R. Meiiim, R Seltzer. S. Sivrnng, li. Nt-lwsnzik. l"mirth row: 'l'. l,in'm':ii'4li, R. Meyer. l,. fierinzm, -I. Monzisll, lf. lim' Nzirrhi. R. llzulley. R. fii'0ii1er. ,l. Ruiuzinrlizik. R. Lzmgeri, IJ. Martin, L. Mzxzzellzi, R. lluttiier. Fifth row: R. Hzilog, K. tlyiigoysi, j. Ileinko. ll. Rmxileik. M Align, Y. Muelr, lf. 1,4-liner, R. Russinko, A. Liieiaiilo, L. S2lllglS, Shilip. 'l. lfreilerieks. 44.4 ell A.-.31 ,ga N New 4 .g af- First row, bottom: R. Tufnro, S. Molinari, C. Ali, S. Haladyna, R. Obsuth, VV. Yuhas. Second row: C. Torkas, I.. Klein, De Boer. P. Tani, E. Yicari, IJ. Meyers, H. Harlmulanic, P. Ceitner, V. Terezkiweetz S. Rostkowski, L. llc Nova. L. llc Bonte, ll. Kinetz. A Senmen. Third row: R. Toth, I. Rabela, ll. Jalan, L. Yiolnnte, A. Marino, M. Spatam, R. Calilemne, E. Mnziekien. E. Rc-eg, R. Trentaeosta, M. Mozzio. lfourtli row: A. Cangelose. ,l. Russinko, ll. Seratin, M. lliez, T. ilablonski, J. Murusin, P. Kuzel. E. Piela, F. Serlin, H. Hurzik, U. Yonni. Fifth row: L. Nunno, J. Deniko, j. Tripporla, IJ. Seozarri, E. M. Zeek, A. Granato, A. Roth, V. Yuhas, R. Colasso. S. Scrzifani. B. Marrhini, ,l. Cherup, C, Ammo. Y. Sala. Sixth row: .l. Seralin, P. Mzizzzilani. G. Hulopka, M. jzicolvs, G Den.Blyker, M. Stieger, D. Gall, ll. Kovalcik, N. Glen- lrezzi, J. Negerli, Al. Criskowitz, G. Atlgrinzilnzi, K. L'rgovies, G. Fitting. blies and clubs were well developed and underway. These group gatherings had made us many new friends. The Christmas and Easter assemblies were mile- stones in the year. Football, basketball and base- ball games were a source of our outside activities. Then before we knew the term was almost over. Final examinations came and passed. For many of us this was a sad party, for our friends would be left behind. But as we bid them "Goodbye" we cast our woes aside to look forward to the new joys and pleasures that we'd nnd at Number 6 school in our approaching junior year. First row. hottoin: S. Watson. R. Vllttsoii. M. Fuller, C. Anzolut, E. llowiak, B. Alfonso, D. Sehiffly, P. Toth, A. Trentzieosta. A. llolsrowolski, L. Kroll, D. Yentolx. L. Ptlota, A. Affonte. Second row: M. liolzisa, R. Plucinsky, M. llanilzo, XV. Snhonash, ll. Cascone, R. Schiniilt, T. liellina, J. Gutifo, P. Regal, J. Nfmnlrt-rg. Thirrl row: D. Allvzinese. V. Buck, Y lie Maria. B. Korinrla. G. Brezina, A. VVimlt, E. Kotch, l'. Bruncln. Fourth row: R. Stuffit, G. Fette, E. Astalas, S. Cuecio, E. Szabo, F. Bianco. J. Majersak, lf. Cook, j. Favzxtn, P. Ozgzi. Fifth row: L. Divak, Gerriera, J. Gaul, J. Celmra, VV. Little, E. Bareellonzi, VV. Tzikzieh, T. Tantillo, P. Petoek, E. Majka, S. Pianattini. . 5 sizea - RMS mx M am it . ,ignite f. il Y' nl Ms: T451 ,W a 1 .i fi -Ql'2'NH.f6 kr Q, XD Z V 11 ' 2 , .11 !lC1 X viii ..... liflrlliwli 's ffl L Q91 :.-,:.-..:..-:.-:.e--- -5.'r"-:.'f' 'ai- x X First row: R. Regan, j. llziuer. F. Rieenrili, R. Lihu, P. Kzreminsky. A. Nzickmiexlmy, M. Griglnk, ,l. Miimiilzi, M. lillllllllllll, vl. Riluirilii, C. Kozel, L. Ernst, T. Pizzi, A. Micklus. Sei-mul row: ll. llinzipclk, M. -lziiikiivvskl. R. l'gilsi. ll. Beilvizirrik. lf. lfccmxvitz, M. Ni-luiker, M. lilziilliiigziilu, M. Xiilizis. l' lim-lit-1, M. Minn-liiiuii. 'l'luril row: li. Nuhzis, IJ. Ye-lcluir, Li. Bzilczirivik. VV. Lzikelvelil, S. Rulislvr, Lf l,iiMothv, j. 'll-svrzi, lb. Siiiliil. Finurlli row: l'. Kziiipars, j. Alhzuio, L. tizizicgi, A. Unppiwlzi, M. lizisliiiw, VY. liiiiqilski, l.. Mlifnliisii, R, llrlmil. Fifth row: M. Alutln, Fiisso, A. Role. ll. Attxuti. ll. Youriiiziii. ti. Foster, ,l. Rziinrmo, M. llc-viii.-ii. l'. llel,illis, J. lizimisi, Pzilislikriwitvz, Y. llni, M. iiovziliv, ll. Siiflul. FRESI-IME -CLASS or 1952 'l'he shiny bus pulled up in front of the school we too, were attending high school. The first few and slowly the group of chattering students left it. days we thought the sophomores were aloof and Suddenly we were quiet and subdued. This was superior, the teachers quiet and different. Classes indeed a new experience for many of us. Now, and assemblies brought us in Contact with every- First row: I.. Payer, L. Hastick, R. Gilbert, M. Cimino, li. Uliiiitiilzi, J. Yasilyk. M. jiilinsoii. -l. liimilowski, M. Layusi, -l. Skoski, D. Fercnee. A. fulenilrillu, M, Lieastri. Seemiil row: B. Luz. B. Schiniilt, lf. Stilmer, J. Szumero, li. Suekow. S. Conte, bl. 'lediek. A. Estok. ,l. Figlyzir, li. 'l'eiisera, C. Marehese. 'l'hiril row: R. Gasprr, K. Burdzy. 'I'. Vagcll, M. Lieastri. R, Yzmce-l-c, ll. Zelesnak, M. lliihis, M. Ussi. Foiirtliqrnw: J, VVolos. j. Schlopn. L. Turba, R. Amico, l'. Vzmgelosi, A. Bozarniki, A. I'ieri'e, R. llrmge, A. Lovnli. Fifth row: L. Arthur, K. Ptaky, M. Longo, M. Agnello, M. Yenvemitu, N. Market, A. Ulzsutli, R. Nnrk, H, Rubino, W. Lesko, A. Kovnlik. If 4 u U if F . lipuri .- Q XS ssti H' Ili? ,X f my -s squash w i , f U sf: in mnuxlt H alumina Q ma N slum ll Q as! in mi 'fmmaw-:fun his-msn 3 f mlluulmuusnl axis?-iii'-Yi ' is li N11 H016 wa? 'wi ' Rimini' First row. bottom: II. Shumelln, R. IJell:i Porta, I. Rudy, A, Bugohno, J. Charvan, A. Kureliak, M. Duschak, li. Sieizirsik, I". Ili-lln fziszi. IJ. Quinta, L. Meli, A. llzirroineo, ll. Hnclgeson. Second row: ID. Fliziliorn, A. lllihal, U. l"t-liwiilwzicli, ID. Szirti, lf. llelzick, I'. Pavlick. A. Morclenti, C. VVeye1'i1i:ii1, S. Riggi, Third row: I'. Salerno, I'. Metnsy. A. Lrirlmue, -I. .Xvc'llzi, A. Cicrzlzzi, L. Liclienlmerg. li. Tzihnsik, Il. Siliilel. Timlxo I. . . li. l.zipm'ski. Fourth row: IJ. lic-Ink, IQ, lla-iiuski, R. Gyknnski, fi. Koch, I' Tzieks, R. Gzivlzik. F. Pettiiieo, NI. Ilnrlmit-r, lf. I'np:irozzi, VI. Yiilmziggy Fifth row: Ii. Ste-fzinuo, A. llivorcl1:ik.j. Pt-trillo, li. Zolzivn. I". Fern-lice, i i D1 II. Melmi-nilivr. hl. NYoIlwcrt. l . here body and new friendships were formed. Football games, varsity dances, and the canteen were on our list of activities. The seasons changed and with them, the sports which we attended. Baseball and track were now in the spotlight and we showed our enthusiasm by beginning to see as many games as we could, Soon our final exams came and then were gone. We now would be the upper classmen in September. Yet though we were overjoyed at this prospect we realized that we would surely miss our new-found friends. But we will again meet them as we, the class of 1952, follows them up the road of education to graduation. First row: A. Ge-rliino. M. Fizil, M, Stnliula, ll. Kopec, L. Rim-lixirt. F, Perrilli. A. IJeLotto, R. Melnick ID. Lehnvr. li. Iluclnk, j. Augustowslii, M. Bzilla, M. Ribauilo, L. Razasn. Sefonil row: E. VVinklei', T. Mar tino, J. Schwinge. B. SL'llWiliZl1lg.f9l', M. Alfanso, Il. Schlerro. M. Acomondo, T. Woll M Schferilv M Schweighart. R. May. Tlliril row: I. Mura, A. Mithal, S. Luz, E. Lisovsky. I. SCIILYHZIS, M, Zeeker, E. Pet- risin, G. Alirucato, R. Mesko. I'. VVilIc. Lesko. Fourth row: G. Inserrzi, N. Polick, Tufaro, R. Golick, I'. Phauly, II. Gergnwirz, Zzifonte. VV. Salxonzisli. Fifth row: F sto, Stefanco, j. liuilles, S. Tarnoski, IJ. Vetrasek, R, I'relich', 1. Dt-voos, R. Gerrislen, G. Wren. .ii 59 W K. , r ' W Q 9 W N b sd a 25 1 X ' r , ,,, is EE Y Kimi: Q 5? , . RFWQ TQ 4- g 'Y 0 I g - .i 'gy L-.4 1'.1.I.K.f, 3 in mf. X . 1 " wx A. m 'Xl' ,, V '4 M.. wx, -AW., 1 1 Q .lf 'og 5 KV :X lk fu, ,pi ,,,'. Lf,,'lf.q17w News A X A W -W lnmw nf!! bl mul, . - '-,iv X 5 ' . kg- , 5 ,X ,X v 'x' ' L Q 'N-. wxy wr? liar fmff ge R :SQ U X f :J rm: X11 ltfvk-fm Lx-hx viffgf' xv ,i . lvm 'rn tum X lm! If .nr ap X A f X 4 it -va E .. is Q u -. X X, y . I 0 , 'Ms 6- . f 5 ix X N A 41 'E is w 'Za my Q Sain f - ff R , X .gf ,P 3' 'si Qs' Q . .nf wx. ' ' 'XS X 5 , X :XSXQ XFX X XXX X X X X V. X XX N X X XX Xi X X .yi N Xe N3 Q IV, W 'Qrw 5 X L 5 nf' ff 4 gn. wxwll Zz Um Cuf,wq.w ffm LO .XP X W 951 fi X. S92 U. U, .zfwnl 'Jz'.:I1jQ Xxgs 1 xr 1 Rf,1.f,, mm. un. U W1m1Q6 gif ff-A 4" gif , If 97 ' J I 3 ga X f ' - k f U 'T' ' -1 , ff f fm P7 F N N. 'I Z - awk N w as ,Mr f R Mx Z ' W V 8 W Q1 I 1 5 . + . f 1. Ji. ll. f,.,.....- 'I WWA 'Q x J: Q, Lk xX l 4, , , . W W H M lx Y I 7 Q j u , X X f X , . wi Q X N 2 " HE. ff ill? ga l -13. K 4 . N. fv'lv'i"7'f S een' 0141 King uri Qlgfllglhti 'QW .j was X I A -' Y . -- , V .Ive- r zheif' Willa Cihfulwlityliltii-vll1U"'ll" 1 Tb, SMU In octrasek 'll pierce. U F, 5R0.1Hl,C0m-1- 1 , X mchardl Anhui arkas. Wflmylm Pit tfft to right, MJ , I nvdimting- ner, AN ' ucingkyl R- A 1 If mel C thi! I ln .esko. Evelyn I lllf Picrce, Richa- 'Shaid hiriimn 'U ,llllius Wm l liv li Lmko M'l!'5 7' bid Iitrisek C' i Cum-gl' Gls fer ' N' ' ' .i- . 'A , '-- in Schuster and 151553303-Kltiilyl 1-MSU' Elulluzligicp Ifgigylar, ' "PCiak. ' ' esievich, - S01 JU IOR PRQM Each year, in the month of May, we wait for it certain day-the junior Prom. It is the most so- ciable night for the junior Class. The auditorium was transformed into a romantic garden with stars glittering from a dark sky ahove. Each girl was a princess whirling in lace and taffeta, while her escort was a prince-charming handsomely clad in black tuxedo, dancing dreamily to the strains ol' Alison Barton's soft music. At last, the piece de resistance, the coronation. The knights Arthur Pierce, George Casper, Rich- ard Furman, Williilni Plucinsky, Julius Farkas, and Michael Gutches, and the ladies-in-waiting Evelyn Lesko, Mary Ziemba, Harriet Pescevich, judith lfasso, Evelyn Schuster, and Eleanor Kopchak formed a pathway to the throne as Geraldine Fig, lyar and Richard Petrasek were crowned King and Queen to the strains of Moonlight Serenade. h V 'V ,iff gut-rite Clic-ivciiiiwk, Atlvisei Miss and Richard Ruff. ' They u'm'l- by dai f limit Iii IIYI The Prom Comniittec, seated left to right--Mae liolcaig Ruth lXion.ish, Mi celli, Rose lfllen liroin. Doris l'e.1i Mary 7lit'inlwa, Stamling, Al XY'alt'iicn -Iolin Kuiclic. Al Spitfncf, Micilc Gutclies, Julius Farkas, Floyd l,ohs rtinitivzfygmww Ci 2 1 X MNA V XXX J' SEATED Le!! Io right L Dolce E Kzlgus G Opielcun A. Zalewski, 1. Mickel, R. Mamola, M. Farinella, R Santo D Tyli lc D Haitrrann R Vicari I Roedema D. Novack, D. Kolek, D, Sulyovszky. STANDING-E Flmta R Scarpa M De Franco I Kohlzus O Bak M A Korba, O. Novak, M. Ladika, R. Mastrangelo, P Hudak A Plz 1r'1enI1 T Guzio V Scialampo P De Franco, M. David, F. Zemlonsky, I. Salisky, L. Mikula, E MARTHA SCACCIAFERRO Adviser FLORENCE ADVER ANGELA MARTINO Business Advisers ROBERT SANTO, DAVID TYLICKE Co-Editors SAL ALESSI Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF: Marie Farinella, Doris Hartmann, Ross Mamola, Iuliana Mickel, Ieanette Roedema, Ed- ward Sudol, Rose Vicari. LITERARY STAFF: Iune Elias, Edward Flinta, Doris. Hartmann, Eleanor Kilgus, Mary Ann Korba, Doris Novack, Rita Scarpa. SENIOR SECTION: Marie David, Paula De Franco, Marie Farinella, Lorraine Mikula, Ioan Salisky, Doris Sulyovszky, Frances Zemlonsky. ACTIVITIES STAFF: Olga Bak, Theresa Guzio, Lillian Knapp, Marjorie Ladika, Doris Maitland, Angie Pizzi- menti, Ieanette Roedema, Elaine Super. QUOTATIONS: Helen Bozyk, Patricia Hudak, Iacqueline Kohlrus, Dolores Kolek, Rosalie Mastrangelo, Agnes Zalewski. PHOTOGRAPHY: Ioseph Fedor, Ross Mamola, Olga Novak, Violet Scialampo, SPORTS: Robert Aboczky, Gladys Benti, Edward Sudol. TYPISTS: Mae De Franco, Elvira Fatuova, Rosalie Salerno. i -N., Oh! lmu' we danred on the nile of our ,facial again." Picture once again, if you will, a little white church surrounded by Christmas trees, silver bells suspended from blue and white streamers, and the sweet music of Alison Barton's Orchestra. Pre- vailing throughout the evening was a jubilant air, reflected in cheerful greetings and smiling faces. For one night the auditorium was transformed into a beautiful ballroom, filled. with merry dancers, whirling on a cloud of ecstasy. To add to the ex- The friendly guafdiaflf-0111' liZ7df7t'7'0!IL'.1 -Andrew Simko, Rose Porcclli, Angela Martino, and William Stefanelli. SE IOR DANCE citement, a Miss X contest was held, and a corsage was given to the person who guessed she was only imaginary. This was our Senior l3ancefOur Serenade of the Bells. WI' YIOTU f77L'J!'l1ff The General Llriiiiiiitlecz Seated, left to right: Evelyn Schuster, Marge Serritelln, llelen Ruin, Betty Rose, Corinne Millo, llurriei Pesecvich, Tillie LoBizn1rln, Ruth Mnnzish, Stzmding, left to right: just-pli Magee, julius Farkas. Michael Arenrlnrs. 'l'liinu:is Yuhhs. Louis llellnetto, Angelo Mziscziro, Fred' llonovin, Floyd Lohsen, xvllllillll Pluciusky, VYilli:ini Suklich :mil Michael liutclxes. wi " W r, 14 la- "hw" , i ' M " V "M,"lZ J: if if' J W s. yt . .i ' ,fr'Wazv.g.f!f'J 'U Q . W ' q . ,wi V " hi ii ,WLM Q A A71 it awry! ,f tim f, yi Wifil',Wi"5'7'V'f"i' 7 he W, W" l 1 r K iw' WWW it it aw r, N e 4, f 'I 'N f if Now wait a minute- Girlr! Cleft to rightj Arthur Pierce, Rose El- JU Ioa PL Y "LIFE OF THE PARTY" Cast --- Ruth Monash Mrs. Hughes ..................... a-- Mr. Hughes --- jean Hughes ..... Amy Hughes ...... Teddy Hughes ....... Walter Lebscomb .... Mildred Hughes .... Mike Tisdale .... Dottie Kixmiller ...... Snazzy Mitchell ......... Mary Rosalie Vogulhut Ruth Coates .......... Hope Shuttelworth --- Mrs. Victoria Coates .... Tommy King ...... Charles Collier --- Sally Frazier --- M-- Julius Farkas --- Santa Bartello Harriet Pescevich --1--- Arthur Pierce --- Floyd Lohsen ---- Judith Fasso --- joseph Magee --,- Doris Pearce William Plucinsky ---- Camille Maciag ------ Florence Zyla --- Rose Ellen Kroin --,-- Lillian Stier ,,,-- john Russo ---- Alfred Fadil --- Mary Ziemba Oh! my goodnerr, what happened? - fleft to right, Ruth Monash, W i l l i a m Plucinsky, julius Farkas, Harriet Pescevich, Arthur len Kroin, William Plucinsky, Floyd Loh- sen. Pierce. The curtain rose quickly, unfolding before a throng, the combined efforts of a host of people. Our most anticipated and difficult project was on. Worries and mishaps had plagued everyone but this seemed impossible to the audience. The char- acters were true to life and its name and theme were more truth than fiction. "Life of the Party," was a fast-moving comedy concerning a newly arrived family in Butterfield. Mom's a lover of the American Revolution while Pop struggles to keep peace at home. Teddy is kept on the run by his never-ending line of girl- friends, while Amy, a rowdy cheerleader, falls for Snazzy Mitchell. Mildred had her eye on a college man and jean would be happy to have anyone. Her transformation in order to get her man and the swift, drastic action that results in a public brawl is what made "Life of the Party" a never-t0- be-forgotten night. , jd' , d If lh I I playerr-The entire cast, standing Qleft to rightj.: E1lihyi'lbeLiilf!en,jIfilligiieSflizer,djoseghpieiggeeefflelglfojfence Zyla, Alfred Fadil, Rose Ellen Kroin, Doris Pearce, Camille Maciag, Mary Ziemba. Seated: William Plucinsky, Harriet Pescevich, Judith Fasso, Ruth Monash, Adviser Miss Porcelli, Julius Farkas, Santa Bartello, john Russo and Arthur Pierce. E523 Hof 2 -9 ,W f ., ff 'W 7 If v'M f'V jf'W f WWWJ Yfffffff H Z W ' 1 4 M Z MW Q M fp' 75 Z gf' Z 1 ' V f X 91 " A if nmmlm , Z 1 lay nw' 7 : I1 W I fgffff WWQ X f X Q W INJRPLE A D GQLD She worked diligently lo make our bool mic Al--Adviser, Martha S. Luster. 543 Hard work brings results. "Wl1en will the Class History be finished?" It seems we've changed it a dozen times. Say fel- lows, the sport articles aren't finished. Aren't those pictures in yet? From those expressions you can well-imagine what the members of the Purple and Gold Staff went through. A long and inter- esting task of preparing the high school yearbook, bringing material in last minute, worrying about ads, typing page after page of articles. It meant long hours of hard work, but it was worth it. We knew our friends better, by exchanging ideas and friendly thoughts and who would ever forget the skating party at Erskine Lakes? This book to us will always contain cherished memories of Gar- field High. There are our bury little beaverr. Seated: Rose Ellen Kroin, Feature Edi- torg Ruth Monash, Editor - in - Chief. Standing: Gertrude Diezel, Activities Editorg Ray Handzo, Sports Editorg Ruth Geyer, Co - Literary Editor. Missing: Marguerite Chervenok, Co-Literary Edi- tor, ' Financial Department-Miss Adler mtg. , pave Q 'Siva 'Illia-n-... U"e fherked and reclyecked fill everything war perferl. The Editors, left to right: G. Diezel, R. Handzo, R. Geyer, R, Monash, R. Kroin. STAFF lklrs, .Martlrri Luster -s- ...,.,..gv.. , Advirer fiom: Betty Rose, Helen Raia, Helen Byra, Rose Ellen Kroin, Miss Florence Adler --- ...,-.. Burinerr Adzfirer Ruth Geyer, Elizabeth Smith, Tillie LoBiondo, Alite Elias. Miss Eleanor Kosheba .... --- Burinerr Ad1fi,rerN0. 9 Afli1'ilf6l' Sldff Gertrude Diezel, Tillie LoBiond0, Audrey Ruth Monash ....s.s.,...,,s....s....s. Editor-111-Claief Horace Di Tecco ...,,................ Burinerr Manager Etllflllfftll Smf: Rose Ellen Kroin, Ruth Geyer, Gertrude Diezel, Marguerite Chervenok, Fred Drunovin, Ray Handzo. Lrfemrvy 516151 Alice Elias, Marguerite Chervenok, Audrey Darling, Gertrude Diezel, Marie Martinelli, Margaret Babey, Evelyn Lesko, Elizabeth Smith, Tillie LoBiondo, Ruth Geyer, joan Szekely, Barbara Hartmann, Rose Ellen Kroin. Senior Ser'!irn1,' Betty Rose, Helen Byra, Helen Raia, Evelyn Lesko, Tillie l.oBionlo, Ruth Geyer, Rose Ellen Kroin. Qnola- Tmnblw. lmnlnler, Iroufvler. Ike Lilemfy Sldf worked bard. lieft to right: R, Kroin, A, Darling, G, Diezel, E. Smith, E. Oshnik, M, Babey, R. Monash, E. Lesko, H. Byra, R. Geyer, E. Marchini, T. LoBiondo, V, Palatini, F. Nelson, R. Furman, R. Petrasek, E. Stricsek, J. Magee, R. Handzo, j. Kurelic, j. Turcillo. Darling. Ar! Sldff Eleanor Kopchak. Sportr SMH: Ray Handzo, Fred Donoyin, joe Magee. Ty,t1i,rz,r.- Ruth Geyer, Gertrude Diezel, joan Szekely, Betty Kocher. Burinen Surf: Alice Elias, Barbara Hartmann, Tillie LnBiondo, Irene Conte, John Arendas, joseph Bosco, Santa Bartello, Helen Byra, Eileen Marchini, Margaret Larko, Fred Dono- vin, Marie Martinelli, Fred Nelson, Elsie Oshnik, Vilma Palatini. Carole Pluhar, Betty Rose, Helen Raia, Ioseph Tur- cillo, Richard Furman. Wfe mean bu,rine.i'r,' The Business Staff, left to right: H Byra, E. Marchini, T. LoBiondi, E. Oshnik, M. Babey, V Palatini, F. Nelson, R. Petrasek, j. Magee, E. Stricsek, J Turcillo, R, Furman. U51 . all 'TJ-I: :::1,.. . ' "' H QQ Q ,gif ' ' ' ' ' "ff" "M tim vm W? uhh- ifiweviiw " 11-w 11- 1- ,... 1 P-"1"""""' 1-1-'-W", ml?" 1' Jmmnuw-11 H I 8, ... ....,--. gig. -...W 41 ff' IH IIISI l56l vvvffgz' funn' W 'lm 1.1 K 15 3 x Our Editon, "We can rofrert A 1, ' flair!" Audrey Scoiskie, An- Q T' 1 Ap gela Martino, Raymond Hand- - f lx ' zo, joan Szekely. "" XAX' 1 TMJ' and - S' A PEI!! I H5914 Mariizygfi 01" AdI'lI?f '-I I rn fC S5 14 1-' X' 7 2 ,4 1 5 S' X EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Q 2 ,lc1z111 Szskcly ,,Y. N, .,,,,Y ,WH eww 1 -v News Auqlrcy Sruskie ,,,, , ,,..,Yf, , -, YY,,, .., lfvixturc X X 4 I Ray ll1lIlKlZO NW .,,, -, WW, ,Y ,-- Sports REPORTERS f ,IQ Rmwlvcrt limnlmel, john Estuk, lficlizm-l l'1'tr11iL-k, lClCz111111' B1'11111l:1. 17 X 'Qi ,lulic Nlilml QE-A M Q ll 1: 'lllllflb LLLL441 tfrftzc ffffw , Xbmwlsxxx sa WML AXKKXX o C. v X 1 1 qlv N XX SPORTS REPORTERS l'il'L'4l Mz1lk11v1'ski, Julius Farkas ,I11l111 Russo, Mz11'ily11 Su-fairicik, Miclizu-l 1 1'c111lz1cS, l'a1l111:1 lz111- !lil.l'0llC, Louise Gornlski, Evelyn L1-skrw, llrlcn llym, M:1rg:11'cl Szckely, llorutlly VVz1silik, Fl111'1'11c1' Zyln, Rosc K1'11111, L'z11'ul lllllllllf, Nlzirgzxrct Lzirko, Lu1'r11i11u llyu11gy11si, Lois Mitchell, G1':1rc M1111:1c11, Elizulmctli Nicklus, Vilma l':1lz1tix1i, Ruth M1111z1sl1, ko, Anim l'z1ze11kr1, Szmtu llsirtcllu, Zlllll l,illiz111 ,S1ic'1'. , Stvvc Blickstcin, john lfslnk, R1cl1:11'1l Pctrnsuk mul Miclmel Arendacs. ARTISTS lil:-11111111 K01lK'llIlli :mal Alex Glctuw PHOTOGRAPHERS Gcrwgc llnllzi, ll Salmiirmeh. rmrucc Di Tuccu, ,Inc ,llllYk'lllO, :mal Niclmlns BUSINESS STAFF llumce lli Tecmo Y,,,, ,-, WY- ,...,YY ,.Y,, A l!11si111'ss 31llll2lgl'K' lflQi1- Ushnik ,,,.. ,,,,,,,Y, , lllffillllllllbll M:11141g1-1' 3 Slti1ff: joseph-Tliiricinfriiliigliuril l"11r111:111, Ray Nclnikvr, Iurotliy llmimll Phyllis V'111ccck M' "' - I' k Ll'll'fIlC 1'lllll'lf ' "y k"i1'11u L'111111ie Ciminu .1 .. , Miss Angela Martino .,,,,Y.. ,W W ,, M, Miss Florence Aillcr - Freedom of lbe Preu if our motto. The Pres: Club. nw mln nun nzliwl ' I 1 www l Yalsvw W wa 'RE ummm '71 415.1111 ,.1r11, . - , H411 sc111:11'ic- lll'llZlllll', 111111 li1'111'1'i1-vc l'ilvl1. ,- Litvrary Arlvisvr Business Advisor Lax! minute ruff: before the deadline, Our journalifm clan did the work. A to right: D. Heindl, P. Vzmeeek, J. Williamson, L, Serence, M. Chervenok, F. I uf!-f ,rqylh S. Blickstein, M. Gutches, R. Monash, Y, Rigolosi, D. Farinella. g010S1, 3 X P!-eside nt Vince Il! SCHOOL 9 Goxernment of the people, by the people, and for the people! Those famous words insure us we are a democracy. That is the way the Central Organization, consisting of presidents from each section room, operates. Its main function is to plan assembly programs and solve any problems concerning the welfare of the student body. Miss Iaciofano ......-... .... A dffiwf Georgia Fitting H, ..,.... Pfiifldffll Audrey Seaman --.. --- Vice-P1'erirz'enl Theresa jablonsky .... .YY.. S errezary Michael Wislowski ...,. SCHOOL - - - Trearurer 6 Miss Teresinski .......e..... Adzfifer Vincent Rigolosi -- ......, Preridenl Lillian Serence -- --- Vice-Prerident Phyllis Vanecek --- .g... Serrezary Julius Farkas ..., --- Trearurer First row: N. Cuccia, j. Augistowski, A. Hernsdorf, D. Fgrovitrh, J. Eisenberg, Lf Kawnrta A. Seaman. Second row: A. DeLotta, Mommula, S. Rostkowski, R. Regan, M. VVisl0wski. fi. Fitting, E, Chimala, T. jablonski, E. Maziekieu, J. Tctick. Third row: R. Seltzer, S. S rung, A. Mlttle, L. Payer, C. Anzolut, A. Micklus, E. VVinkler, E. Siedlarzyk. Fourth row: Di- Amico, V. DiMaria, A. Gerrera, A. Parilos, E. VanLenten, L. Diviak, J. Gall, P. Tacks, E, Koch, E. Barcellona, K. Gyongonsi, J. Demko, K. Urgovitch, K, Burdzy. A ie. 715671774 Let'S C0 E571 s. .W-. an lk I sill M. Miller, M. Seozzari, J. Pilch, A. Catanzaro, M. Serento, A. Bename, C. Alessi, J. Moscuri, B. Smith, M. Zicmlm, F. Zicmha, A. Dowiuk, F. Maka- rowicz, F. Uowatskv, ,l. Turcillo, C. Uiinino, li. Bug, j. Spezio, J. Lohsen, l. Surlnl, M. Stefancik. Oh, no joe, no drinks now, please keep moving. These are familiar phrases of the Service League. The members are considered the watch eyes of the fountains and guar- dians of the halls. This club is always at your service if you may need them. At the end of the year each member looks forward to their annual trip, which is usually a boat- ride. L. DcNov:x, Mammolai, A. Borromeo, M. johnson, E. Mazickien, R. il'5r:mcato, M. Stepat, R. Watson, C. johnson, R. Mcnnzi, H. Santo. E. Lisovsky, M. Vicari, A. Mithal, I.. Violante, E. Zeek, S. Watson, R. Gilbert. ,- SCHOOL 6 Mrs. Neavling -- Arlifier' Betty Smith W.-- Prwident joseph Turcillo Vic'e-Prwidenl Rosemarie Benante Secretary Phyllis Di Sclafuni Treasurer s sslzsif, Speak up, Madam Preridenl. Pay utlenlion, girlil SCHOOL 9 Mrs. Lascari .... Adviser- Roslyn Seltzer -- Preridenl Marge Stepat Vice-Preridenl Beatrice Santos -- Secretary E581 SCHOOL 6 Mrs. Graham .... Adriier I.ill1i1n Steir ,,,, Pr'ei1dw1l Virginia Hudiik Vive-Pregridenl joan Szekley W, Serrefrzry Helen Onifer -e Tre,1.izn'e1' If lloere'J anything you wan! 10 krzoug ark ur. Need a book report? q' 3 i iyihwi ihk -w-. .V .iii A' A E. P .ii - . J. X ' ..:- jg ,, q. -1 ,' he . R Wifi In ., ffm.-4355 -' : f..fs'.f . w ' -9 . 2 6 ' . 'Z' r fs . r Y ' 3 IQ 4533 h K XX E we X Er g X K Q 9 -v , ff?-1?-iz: M F, X 5 . Q 4' I ' ' .KHrL1nygw.,9i13' ' Our lmrerz of knowledge-V. Hudak, G. Monoco, P. Verga, D. Van der Sande, D. Demmerer, Mrs. Graham, adviser, H. Onifer, A. Dem merer, A. Elias, XXI Xveber, A. Bruno, T, Wfalgnecz, A, Scoskie. Seek knowledge, for it is strength. How well the Li- brary Council knows these words. The members of the club stamp and prepare books for the shelves. During the regular club periods, they discuss the latest books and read articles which may give them a wider knowledge on current affairs. Left to right: A. Alfonte, B. Alfonso, A. Hernsdorf, A. Chizacky M. Yuhas, A. Molina, J. Trippodo, Mrs. Roman, adviser, H. Garippa: J. Eisenberger, A. jones. if SCHOOL 9 Mrs. Roman ..., Adziirer Ann Hernsdorf--Pre.ridenl Audrey Chizacky Vire-Preiident Ann Affronte --, Sefrelary l59l 5 R XF ,I ,,- . I is 4. to 15, J 'I fl E' V A if i . K, 5 J it 5 r I Xi gr 5 if 'il . f is SCHOOL 6 Mr. Coleman ---.. Adzfirer David Gall .... Preiident Edward Mislcowicz Vire-Prerident Raymond Nebiker Serretary Ralph Donnerhack Tfearufer Your move, Ronald. Now let me ree, where Jlmll I move? SCHOOL 9 l Miss Rocco ,,... Advimr Vincent De Maria Louis Sangis 603 Preiident Vire-Prerident is F. Malkowski, R. Kmetz, ll. Gall, E. Luka, F. Nelson, R. Glinbizzi, Mr. Coleman ll, lli Tesco, E. Miskowicz, li. Ulier, li. Suhlegel, G. llemkow, A. Fmlil, P. Kimak R, Furman, L. De Ghett, A. Kroll, R. Szaiywxiy, A. Quzirtroue, VV. ,lllllt'llli', R, Donner hack, J, Seno. M. Awmlrlcs. J. lvlngve, M. lliitvlivs. J. Jurcisin, 'lf Yulms, R. Nebiker CHESS CLUB Your move, wait a minute, I wi1sn't watching. The fellows in the Chess Club are enjoying a friendly game of chess while creating a competitive spirit. They are not only learning the game, but de- veloping a keener mind. To flimax the season, a chess tournament is held in which every boy participating hopes to he the winner. l'. Vlfeyerman, D. lirutcs, R. Vl'rigl1r, R. Hmliwr, NV, Lesko. Y. llui, M. Longo, ll. Ruhino, L. Germain, A, Luccizmo, Yoormzm, R, llnillny. R, Gavlnk, S. Hnlailynzi, F. Ference, P. De Lillis, V. lie Maria, I., Lurlm, 'l'. Liccnrili, A. ll-rlmone, J. Noonherg, A. Pierce, R. Griener, A. liazainicki, l'. Tacku, L. Szmgis, Y. Ruflel, J, Favzita, B. Attardi, W. Goralski, L. Mazzelh, P. Hanrloga. , Ifirst row: L. Rudlay, A, Pupilchek. H. Suclol, J. Garb, C. Dobinski, G. Balla, J. Pelkn. hrecond row3AJ. Duhiel, R. Jnsket, J. Zuber, J. Chopo, J. Glogiewicz, S, Kalasa, J. lX21l'Ch. B- Nwklus. Third row: L. Kwaitkowski, Czuba, J, Takach, M. Mock. CAMERA CLUB Have "You" ever thought of becoming a member of the'Camera Club? Think about it. No special talent is needed but an interest in photography. Through the use of the new enlarger and sup- plies the members have an enjoyable time making their favorite photos cherished possessions by enlarging and coloring. J. Bauer, E. Chintzila, A. Mihla, J. Tdick, Stefanco, T. Vagell, A. Gerraci, M. Cavallo, E. Yuhas, D. Velebir,-G. Koch, Fusco, S. Gambino, A. Trentacosta, M. Ribaudo, E. Petrisin J. Skottes, L. Gnziek, R Balog, D. Cangalosi, A, DeLotto, P. Probolski, R. Sachalara, W. Lakefield, B. Casko, C. Torkas, G. Feda, W. Sabonash, A. Parilos, J. Zufonte, R. Plucinsky, P. Tyburski, M. Avella, E. Van Lenten. SCHOOL 6 Mr. Franzino .... Adviser George Balla --- Pferident Nicholas Sabanosh Vire-Prefidenz Jennie Pelka --- Secrelary Richard Jaskot - Treafurer Hurry up! We wan! to Jee lbose pic luref. Tke camera if a delicate ifulrument. SCHOOL 9 Miss Kosheba --- Advifer Eugene Van Lenten Preiidenl Byran Tybunski Vice-Prefident Alberta De Lotto Secrelary Sal Gambino --- Trefuurer rm l'he Women nf tomorrow. TRI-HLY Miss Smith .. ,,,, .. Adriier Carol Dubinslci .. Pwiident Virginia Hudak Vice-Prwident Audrey Dcnum-rcr ,. Serretary janet Lohsen ,,,,, 'I'reafurer Doris Vander Sande..Clm1plain LINC OL I-ILY -f .4 Mr. Cielatt . . . . Adriief julius Farkas M. .. P1'L'lfl1l'77l Antliuny Dc l.oi'cnzo l'fL'c'-l'1eiidw1l Mike Arc-ndacs . Serremry joscpl1'l'urtillo H, 'I'i'ei1s1u'er joseph Magee . ,H Clr.11il.11n Knights of the square table, l62l sM':-'- ., K ...QA M rf, NV: "We, lllc 1 ll'lll'1, Ll glllh L1lVl3llJll UI Lllk, 1 .lVl.KA.ll., LUllJlJlJ UI cl SIKJLIF Ul high school girls. The triangular emblem of the Y stands for Body, Mind and Spirit. The "Y" Club helps girls to understand each other better, be- come friends, and learn to get along with each other. There are four meet- ings each month: Educational, Social, Religious, and Business. Seated, tirst row: M. Nelriker, S. Luz, Nl. Dulns, li. Vl'yk:i, ll. lXl:ircliini, j. l,u1. lf. liilko, J. Koi-iaii, L. Klein, li. lloilgesrui, bl. Clicrup. Si-cond row: lf. llzirippa, ti. Monaco, l'. Yvrga, ll. lmlisi-ii. Y. lluilak, if llohiuski, A, lh-iuuu-r, IJ. Yauilt-i'S:u1ilt-, U. Augulut. l. lirivrliuann, R. llr-ck. Thircl row: li. Nicklus, Al. 'l'es:irik, U. Gervettu, ll. Scliwar17iiigi'i', M. liziglicrclatto, G. Abruscalo, j. Marusin, J. Sachmann, ID. lleuimvr, L. Serence, J. Windt, M. Pecora, E. Lisov- sky, j. Moscate. ,aww .. '-. -. wi M .f is Seated: F. Lnhsen VV. Ludwig, J. Magee. ,l. Farkas j. Turcillu, A, Faslil. ,l. Si-no. Standing: F. Nelson, lf. llonnvin, D. lfariuelli, T. Yuhas. T, Alhaucse, Y. Rignlnsi, Mr. Gr-latt. Mr. Vase. llorace lJcTccco, R. Stafford, ll. Saynr, li. llnrxzitll, S. lllickslt-in. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian Character. The am- bition of a Hi-Y member is to do the best he can in speech, manner, study and to make life worthwhile for himself and his community. The club's slogan is: "Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship and Clean Living." Uoes hyurogen support combustion? lfor the answer to that question ask any member of the Etlisonian Science Club. The boys perform scientific experiments uncler the watchful eye of Nicholas Casini. At the close of the year the club publishes the Eclisonian Newspaper, which enables them to purchase pins for members which graduate. lf. Mui-lizi. l'. liimzik, XY. linicif, Il. Kirziziaiio. A. lfziilil, R. Rziilteillii-rg. Secoml row: I. Grecco, A. l'ovlic:i, .X. l't:iky. lf, Xi-lsun, 'l'. Yuhqis, Nl, l'uns, lf. Ulivr, li, Luka. 'l'liii'il row: j. Koinsi- lNl, Ai'c-iiilzics. R, Ytitlilllllli. ,I. liuliyliirz. li. l'1'istfIs. Bl. Kliitvlles, lf, Mislwwicz, Rigolosi, lizirlwzito, J. Coculzi, Fourth riwv: lf, Malkuwski, I.. llc-Cllii-tio. ll. Furman, bl, Seno, ,l. Magee, nl. Russo, ll. Ti-riezzi. A, Quartrune, j. jiircisin. , Zzilizilnvxi, C. Gcreuz. R. Reagzxu. li. fiykowsky. ll, Yoormzui, J, Schlopo, A. Estook, M. Allotfa, lfigylar. If you have good common sense and an interest in science, join the cience Club. The wide-eyed members experiment with chemicals and dis- uss various scientific theories. Some members give talks on the lives of imous scientists and their accomplishments. Who knows, we may have a :ientihc genius in this club. 'l F i I in I Gs K it ? gY xx. "W fi-: " nl x , SM 1, 523: E: Il'r like :bit fellourr , , . EDISO IA SCIENCE Mr. Casini ..,,...., Admer Dominic Graziano - Pfeiidwzl Peter Kimak Y- Vice-Preiiderzf Wiillace Kmetz Serrelari. T1'eu,i1n'er xmmii . WS SCIENCE GLU 4 Mr. D'Aciemo -, -- Adrifer Ruth Reagan ...,.. Preiideut Sylvia Conte -s Vive-Pferident Maria Allotta ....,. Serrelmj Clear the room! Wfe'fe experimenting. I65il DRAMATIC CLUBS SCHOOL 9 Mrs. Pirrone f,f, Adrfieer Selma Sprung ,W Prvudent Marlene Margin-Vive-Pr-eudcnz jean Luz ,,Y, .- .- . Serrelafy "On with the play." SCHOOL 6 Mrs. Grady L,,L,,A, Admer Michael Gutches . W Preizdent Harriet Pescevich Vive-Pre.ria'er1l janet Lohsen ..,., .- Sefrelafy A M. Martinelli, J. Lawrence, T. Martino, S. L.u , A. M t' , K. B ll , D. V' l , R1 1 Oreida, M. Alfano, B. Nabezniek, S. Sprung? Z ar In arcs Ona mm 3' L Han D' . ts., Y .amz 4' 1. Q.. t be 3 - ,. joseph Magee ..... Treaiurer "All lbe u'f1rld'r 4 mage and all the people merely plural." rm First row: L. Gasko, H. Pescevich, D. Pearce, M. Gutches, F. Malkowski, F. Conscnti, E. Kopchak. Second row: J. Cocula, J. Lohsen, I. Sudol, T. LuBiondo, O. Bakomcnkn, IC. Olicr, j. jurcisin, A. Faclil. Third row: R. Furman, L. DeGhctto, E. Miskowicz, j. Magee, A. Quzxtrone, j. Russo, S. Lucas, S. Kaminsky. Fourth row: F. Lohsen, VV. Plucinsky, J. Seno, F. Nelson, M. Aremlucs, C. Rautenherg, J. Farkas. Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? As we pass through the halls these heart-warming strains reach our ears. The Dramatic Club pre- pares for action. This well-known club, under the direction of Mabel Grady, helps to promote a better character and fulfill the dreams of all those who wish somday to become actors. GLI.-EE CLUBS SCHOOL 9 Mrs. Charboneau --- Adfiiw Joan Tidick ....,. Pffisjcfefll D. Meyers, H. Harbulanis, J. Luz, S. Luz. L. Pear, V. Yuhas, M. Janowski, Mammola, A. Roth R. Meyer, J. Romanchek, M. Wislowski, J. Fnsso. . sm-qw Let me demomffate firrl. M. Janowski, A. Roth, R. Meyer, D. Meyers, M. W'is- lowski, J. Romanchek, J. Luz, Mammola. SCHOOL 6 Mrs. Charboneau --- Advifer "M "WW'ifs"i"' B. Eberhardt, J. Wegryniak, S. Ksminsky, J. Jurcisin, D. Latza, M. Martinelli, G. Ribardo, M Bolear, M. Handoga, L. Gyngoysi, A. Schuster, M. Serritella, J. Violante, J. Francicn, T. Casielln, . IJ'Amico, J. Lohsen, D. Pearce, B. Rose, M. Langeri, F. Rosol, H. Byra,EJ. Wasik, M. Ziemba, . Duwiak, F, Ziemlm, E. Marchini, L. Veliky, B. Simko, G. Figlyar, . Lesko, A. DePeri Ibm J. Farkas, B. Sayor, E. Stricsek, R. Schmegelski, E. Olier, G. Casper, M. Stefancik, J. Mihalko, V. Dzuibzi, D. Slot, E. Miskowicz, C. Rautenberg, M. Gucciardi, D. Yow, A. Triola, F. Veliky, J. Graziano, W. Plucinsky, l. Suclol, T. LoBiondo. F. Lohsen, M. Gutches, J. Seno, J. Russo, J. Reeke, M. Tantillo, E. Gletow, F. Malkowski. Of all the arts, music is the one which appeals most to the emotions. Lek wai'f0'lhe i"'md""i0n' The members of the Glee Club find this to be true. The chief objective of the Club is to broaden a cultural sense of music to the students as well as to develop their voices by singing. T651 4-S ...,,...-f .-- I Ruilly IJ Uhalmrzi A Micklus F Winkler M Schweighardt ,I Mura, M. Gadliardotto, Dorf! lie the bandage torn light. M. Schweighardt. j. Mum, M. Fial, M. Gagliardotto, G. Abroscotto, C. Balcarivisk, D. Sarti, E. Wfinkler, G. Rams- dorf, D. Chabora, I. Rudly. MI'S. Ktlfllly ..,A,,- Adfjigy Fvel n Winkler H- Prerident Ahrnsi-otto, U. Ilalcdrivi-sk, Iii':il,'D. Sarti. I I ' A ' y Dorothy Chabora I 'ice-Pre.r1dw11 Irene Rudy --- Ser.-Tre.1.i'ure1 ANDICRAF Are you skilled with your hands? Do you like to make things? If so, join the handicraft club and explore the unknown. Learn. under Mrs. Karoly's supervision, how to take crude articles and materials and transform them into magic garments. Composed of eighteen boys interested in radio and television, the members of the Radio Club planned a progressive year. With such an able advisor as Mr. Gelatt, R the boys experimented with parts of the radio, gave talks on the future of television and listened to records concerning the Morse Code. i661 W. Plurinsky, ll. l'grovics, M. Schwc-iglmrrlt, A. Megaro, j. Palmera, F. Allen, F. Nalconechny J. 'l'uri-illu, j. Kozel, S. Ni-injutlly, J. NYcgryniak, Kziminsky, F. Moloisky, C. Orlofski, J. Mul ligan, F. Ilartnmnn, R. Mal-cl, IC. Ulier, j. Tronucn, R. Ruff, S. Pennisi, Russe, C. Kopec, A. Pre- lirh, J, Koloclzicj, J. Violante. CLUB Mr. Gelatt ......,,. Adzfifef Richard Telson .... Prearidenl Stanley Nienajadly Vice-Preiident Fred Allen ,,,,.,,, Serretary Wfalrb rlofely, boyf, and linen. Left welcome me Navy to our club. Mrs. Blackford ..... Advixer Leonard Divak .... Preridenl Peter Brunda--Vire-Preridenl Ronald Golick ..,,. Secretary JUNIOR G Xa J. O'Neil, R. Gerristeo, D. Pelrasek, R. Prelick, G. Whren, M. Hzmdzo, R. Cangelosi, G. Brazina, l'. Brunda, R. Karinda, VV. Yuhas, Astaloz, M. Steiger, P. Petnctz, L. Macziluso, L. Deviak, G. Inserru, S. Tarnowski, E. Majka. GI EERING CLUB VI TIO CLUB Mr. Hubiak ........ Advifer Richard Stafford ---Pretridenl Geor e Hubert-Vice Prerident Buzz . . . Bang . . . As you pass the shop doors you clap your hands over your ears to keep out the noise of all the mechanics within. These are,our potential engi- neersg the future builders of our country under the capable leadership of Mrs. Black- ford who affords them all the opportunities available. Hear the whirr of propellors? The members of the Aviation Club can. Boys with an inspiration to fly or work on airplanes in their later life can be found in this club. They discuss the fundamentals of flying and learn interesting facts by reading and discussing articles on modern aviation. i671 F. Lohsen, J. Kurelic, R. Stafford, C. Miskosky, F. Hartmann, J. Gergowicz, Plucinsky, E. Olier, J. Seno, M. Schimmenri, B. Sayor, S. Kaminsky, Arthur, j. Wegrynialg, A. Quatrone, A Spitzner, T. Albanese, J. Turcillo, R. Bombel, J. Francica, G. Gasper, J. jurcism. g . Alfred Spitznerjer.-Trearfzrer Read an, Mr. Preriderzl, I0 our future pilolr. f 2 A 5 ! I TRAVEL CLUB Mrs. Boesel ...f.,.. Admw- Laura Kiwarta L... Prefidenf Joan Banko L - Vine-Prerident Carol Scoskie ,..... Secretary Ralph Fngylar ,..TL,Trea.rurer Would you like to take a trip to Mexico? Well then, let's join the Travel Club in one of their imaginary journeys. The members of this club widen their knowl- edge by studying the customs of people in different parts of the country with the hope they will travel there someday. M. Spataro, R. Czilderone, M. Mazzeo, M. Protz, G. Tinsera, IJ, Sciierlly, A. Seoskie, L. Rhine hart, U. Farenhbziek, A. Nnehonzwhzy, M. Grigelak, J. Scoskie, M. Schferly, V. Trekwictz, L Kwarter, R. Colasso, S. Scrafani, I. Friedermann, M. Nebider, J. Cherup, N, Csaki, J. Danko if Lu Moths, C. Yanni, J. Griskowitz, E. Lehner, A. VVin1lt, R, Figylar, N. Pollock, J. Fasso, A. Nic-njadly, J. Negerle, V, Halupa, M. Bradrogi, M. Quiecka, S. Rostkowski, D. Scozzari, C. Natoli, R. Toth, P. Krezminski, R. Tichasek, Romano, B, Liba, D. Bednarcik, C. Kozel, J. Pxiliskewitz, IJ. Albanese, R. Meyers, F. Ferenee, H, Molmandiec, N Market J. Romanehak, F. Bianco, D. Gavlak, A. Rovalj, R. Glenski, R. Oris, G. Den Blaker, J. Wallace, J. Shipp, J. Serahn. Mr. Stirba ,...,.,.L Advuer Stasra Rostkowski s-Pre1idenl Ronald Meyer- L Vife-Prerident Mary Curecka , - .. , -Svrrelafy Diana Scozzari W. -Treasurer "Far away planar." 6 Ilabla Eipanol? Miss Gross v,,,.... Adzfzref Dolores IlgrovitCh-,Prer1den! J. Petrullo ..,. Vire-Prerident Evelyn Soccia ,,,... Sefrelary F. Salerno ,..L r-,'I'rea.rurer LANGUAGE CLUB r68J 'Uv 4 L. llillonti, ll. l'grovies, D. Wyka, VV. fole, M. Tamlxe, E. Felko. R. Trentacoste, E. Soecio, Miss Gross, L. Silkowski. 6 Que hora es? It's time to travel to the mystic lands of our foreign friends. This is a friendly club with everyone trying to learn and understand the language of their native country. If you want to have fun while learning, why not join the Language Club in their travels? A born artist is rare indeed. The members of the Art Club, though they are at born artists, try to develop a keener sense of art by learning the fundamentals of rawing and the use of colors and paints. They also study the colorful lives of iany famous artists by the use of motion-picture slides. ivxited: R. Cocumly. J. Ilizini, M. Saks, A, Marino, C. Varatly, F. Licastri, R. Buono. Second row: Nilk. T. Jahlonsky, A. Dobrowski, J. Gasorik, J. Tesarik, T. Pizzi, J. Ribaudo, J. Mickluss, M. Baldanza. l'hird row: M. Jacobs, J. Devoise, E. Cook, R. Gasper, E. Reigh, J. Timko, J. Paparozzi. Fourth row: 4, Patacky, Ozzie, Golick, R. Maculaso, L. Nunno, K. Burdzy, G. Wolbert. Mrs. Kenselaar ,,,.,. Adzfiier FW Kenneth Burdzy ,--Pre,r1denl J, Edward Cook--Vire-Prerident ju: .sf Tess Jablonsky .... Secretary K C5 . R -- . WI A H f mari i 1361-693- Q 1 in F' Tm Have you any Juggeftionr? Ml Pkg, ll . 0 it lx Q 5 if Q 5 Q , fc: l 5 Q. Su? . 5 t 3 5. , - R Q vw? 1 r V K L, s as is . 1 its ei " v ' 4 w lx.g. :laW.' A E., l c. 4 im- 9i l'TiT E ef' W' J lVlJeeeeeee.' John Hollis ....,.., Adzfirer Victor Buck ....... Prefidenl Anthony Guerrera Vice-Prerident Seated: T. LaRocco, J. Cebra, R. Tufaro, W. Liddle, A. Serne, E. DeMarchi. Second row: H. Kovalcik, S. Molinari, J. Albano, R. Tantillo, S. Pianettine, P. Regal, J. Griffo, S. Cuccio, A. Ali, A. Gerrera. Third row: D. Gallo, A. Obsuth, G. Amato, N. Nebizzi, A. Tantillo, V. Sala, R. Horvath, R. Larger, J. Grenbo- wuz, R. Obsuth, R, Longer. Fourth row: A. Staifa, J. Monash, M. Barbier, J. Majersak, R. Roshler, W. Takack, E. Barcellonu, H. Trawinski, T. Arts, L. Surgent, G. Fitting, D. Martin CQMMANDO Rough, tough, and good sports at all times, are words which the members of the Commando Club are proud of. Under the capable leadership of John Hollis, the fellows are-taught to respect the rights of others, and make clean-cut, law-abiding citizens by following the rules of Good Sportsmanship. CLUB E693 X Tbir with. ir the gun I rbol the deer Mr, Walders ,,,,.,. Adrfifer Fred Donouin v.... Preridenl john Veleber --Vire4Preridenl Andrew Prehlich ,--5erre1ary George Roman ,,.. 'I'rearurer ROEDH 'PV Q! rll IG Q-4 G, Hubert, C. Kopec, 1. Gergowicz, G. Balla, R. Bednarcik, A. Bauer, E. Augustowski. Want to hear some good fish stories, or howvlireddy killed the deer? Why not step in a minute to the Rod and Gun Club. Youll find these fellows to be the out- doorelife type. The members hope to go on field trips in the spring-and have pledged to conserve and protect other states natural resources. ?ROjECTIONIST CLUB im S. Riggi, M. Alia, E. Kock, A. Boli, L Arthur, M. Bashaw, E. Stefanco, E. Szabo, J. Pettineo, R. Rusainko, D. Wright, J. Gergowicz, M. Colasso, M. Devinko, K. Gyongyosi. joe, adjust the lights-no, no, a little farther back-all right, now face the camera! That's the familiar expressions heard in the Projectionist Club. The mem- bers learn the parts of motion picture cameras, and how to run them. They are of valuable service in the visual aid program of the school. Mrs. Merritt ....... Adviref Kenneth Gyongyosi -Prerident Ernest Szabo --Vire-Prefidqni Richard Russinko --.Yerrelary Peter Ozga ,...... Trearurer Lighlr off, u'e'll thou' the flir- lurer now. Speak up girly, loud and :leaf Mr. Tengi ......... Aduiier john Gall ........ Prerident Larry Nunno --Vice-Pruident Anne Mordenti .... Secretary Left to right: Licastric, A. Mordenti, A. Jebino, J. Gall, J. Marusi, B. Stier, Mr. Tengi, E. Szabo. DISCUSSIO CLUB An agile mind belongs to a well-rounded person. You'll find that is true by visiting the Discussion Club on meeting days. Under the guidance of Peter Tengi, the students voice their opinions and ideas on newspaper and magazine articles. They also view domestic and world affairs by reading and debating articles. I-ICDME To keep up with the le dernier cri, a wise miss would join the Home Economics Club. The girls come in close contact of costume designing, and the work involved in actual dressmaking. So if it's the title of "best-dressed" that is your heart's desire, this is a fine place to start. CLUB , , I N. Cuccia, B. Yancek, M. Alfanso, S. Rohl , M. C' ' , B. S h 'dt, E. V' ', P. T ' MISS IaC10farlO ...... Adrflier Schmidt, H. Zelesnak, V. Ciolina, A. Granatimfrfl Scariurgsnlg. Dowigkinll. DiPiazfziln am, Nancy Cuccia ..... Prendenl Jean Schwmge- Vice-Prefidenz Lorraine Hastick --Trea:ufer Too many rookr Jpoil :ke broth. gvwyjur-v" ECONOMICS f71 R. K G What sweater shall we knit first? W That one looks too complicated. Maybe we'd better start with a scarf. The Knitting Club members, within a year, have advanced from the simplest stitch to complicated sweater design. The girls have made their sweaters, mittens and socks as a hobby in their leisure time. Left to right: I.. Ladynai, ll. Schwartzinger, M. Belniak, M, Layosi, E. Ifcovitz, L. Ennst, l. Rr-ishxncn, P. Kosher, M. Alfzinso, G. llul, j. Augustuuska, L. Payer, A. Pnlmerm, D. jaon, J. Sr-rahn, I. Bobela, P. Toth, IJ. Seratin, E. Steeger, B. Luz, L. Rzasa, M. Duschak, B. Schmulla, D. Kopec, B. Hodgeson. y WT'll"!T'l . """" Q1 l . 1 . Left to right: M. Gentile, E. Secko, M. De Teco, D. Orechovsky, S. Scaglione, P. Radwan, R. Cangelosi, I. Hansen, M. Nicastro, B. Foss, M. Santoloci, J. Di Salvo, M. Gallo, M. De Nova, j. Surlol, H. Raia, IC. Vergn, T. Violnnte, IJ. Dorso, A. Vagasky, H. Szucs, A. Caratenuto, M. Morowa, M. Babey, G. Intervitz, J. Warnaar, K. Spalluto, P. Sassano, A. Veltri. Miss Novack ,,.Y... Adznw- Eleanor Siedlarczyk -Preriderzf Lorraine Kroll -Vice-Preirderll Beverly Luz uv-Se'r.-T1'c.1.r11rw julia Novack ,..... Adrirer joan Augusiouska --Pf'6'l'fd6'?ll Geneveve Dull,l"ire-Pvwiderrl Beverly Hropesok Ser.-Treczi urer Kflil four, drop luw , , . Mp, are we progferring. Planning the Budget wirely, u truly Modern Min. Miss German ,...s. Advirer Katherine Spalluto--PreJiden1 Ann Vagasky--Vice-Prerident Helen Raia ...,.... Serfelary Jennie Sudol ,...., Treamrer jane, where did you learn to dress so nicely? - Could it be in the Modern Miss Club? - The girls try to improve their appearance by learning how to wear their clothes and apply make-up correctly. Each year the girls invite a beauty expert to lecture on care of skin and hair. U21 Anyone interested in stenography as a career? The members of the Steno Club practice their shorthand by dictation from 80 to 140 words a minute. By means of informal talks and discussions, the girls have learned that neatness, accuracy and punctuality are the keynotes for a successful business career. Miss Bonelli , AdZ'f.l'E1' Dorothy Ridush .... Preridenl Carol Pluhar --Vire-Preridenl Gertrude Diezel A,,Serrezary Marion jonasky ,--Trearrzrar U"l7al were you Jaying, Dol! Nurring ir a valuable pmfer' tion. Miss Adler ...,.s.. Adrfirer Doris Drotos ...,.. P1'e.s'ide1zl Rosalie Spoto--Vire-Preridenz Barbara Bauer ,.... Serretary Seated: S. Yeates, M. Klimkowsky, G. Yeates, E. Brunda, M. Janosky, C. Pluhar, D. Ridush G. Diezel, D. Wasilik, V. Caeciatore, E, Pados, M. Szekely, I. Seifert, D. Potuczak. Standing: l. Conte, B. Kocher, R. Geyer, A. Scucci. G. Uobrowolski, IJ. Ackerman, O. Procovic, R. Kroin, E. Krehel, Miss Bonelli, Adviser, P. Larko, D. Szmaciasz, G. Dobrowolsl-ci, A. Darling, j. Wolosz, I. Andocsy, M. Caceiatore, J, Ingala, C. Maciag. F. , -M I f x :k.,,..+1f:wuvsagf" f f 1 , 'yt ,. f , aw: Q f gg. . .. ' - f M . ' as 'N I' M wa. ' KAN 'UFY Seated: N. Dorshak, R. Spots, R. Cangialosi, P. Gillen, D. Drotos, B. Bauer. Standing: J. llemeny, J. Windt, F. Ziemba, A. Dowiak, 0. Bakomenko, T. Lo Biondo. Need any first aid? We have all the remedies. The members of the junior Probies are girls who intend to further their education in the nursing field. At each meeting different fields of nursinfr are discussed. The girls have visited local hospi- tals and read books on the subjecf, of their choice. i731 If l uf sz ,,..-,M....- BAD Hear the music! It's the Garfield High School Band parading into the football field. Look at them! The new purple and gold uniforms, divi- sions of the band, and the new steps made us feel proud that our band had developed so for the 1948 season. When they played the Star Spangled Ban- ner, and the crowds were quiet, tears filled our eyes as we watched our classmates bring to our school a new dignity, and we thought of the happy Fir!! Majorette-Doris PearcegSec0nd Majorclfe-wjule XVilliamson Captain of Flag Twirlerf-Eleanor Verga. years in Garfield High School. The band did many things this year, such as entering in the Pas- saic Festival, Bergen County Festival, and appear- ing formally in the Christmas Concerts. Yes! 1948 has brought us a wonderful year. wgetlaer- 741 Belween two Time out during me half' wlllflefl- ' 1 14 ,aw Mafrbing along' TWIRLERS Sparkling silver batons twirling in the sun! Here Come our twirlers. Aren't they neat in those pur- ple and gold uniforms. That's what the crowds were saying at the football games. The twirlers have improved this 1948 season with new uniforms and new steps. They made a fine addition to our band, marching in step to the strains of our foot- Honor Guards: L. Goralski, R. Concundy, C. Maciag, A. Sea more, E. Mazieken. Twirlers: A. Di Peri, D. Donatelli, J. Trip- poda. M. Gentile, T. Villante, L. Serence, P. German, H. Garippa M. Porcoro, P. Verga. ball songs, and exhibiting their twirling tricks. The group itself has grown larger and we can all proudly hold our heads high and say: "There go our Twirlersf' w ne? of ou' band' Us acticiflil he' for Am D0 Tfirk Twiflef 1 a. . zion. 711 Do' MZ at-r1n8 Amin uble Indemnity' fhene Conte. A ne 761 ll7e relebrzzled ou T r lmnlaigiving Day Victory with Comzgei! Left to right Mary Bolcar, Marilyn Stefancik, Irene Sudol, janet Lohsen, Alien Mittal, Harriet Pescevich, captain, Mildred Tantillo, Barbara Chicko, Virginia I-ludak, Marie Vicari, Marie Tamby, Mary Ziemba and Marge Serritella. CHEERLE DERS v.,kb 5 1 'JI - fl 13,- "l-lave we got a team? Yea! man, what a team." These " 4 2-'Q are the vigorous cries of our cheerleaders as they cheered 'ff' l X the boys to victory and the title of "State Champs." Every 2 'V X ' game found the girls right behind the fellows leading the x, 1 crowds in cheers, and when the going seemed really tough Q: V 5 they cheered louder and better. To them and their able 'Q fig, - adviser, Miss Rose Porcelli, we owe in part, the team's 5 f ' ' Z' achievement of state championship. However, their activi- ' 'Z X W -x " " n ties are not only conhned to football. They are a familiar , i -I and looked for figure at our basketball games in their white Q! Q 4.1 -1 sweaters with purple letters and their white and gold skirts . 'f T ' xc , as they Hash through their cheers. Ng 'H 7 tk ' . i A I E' 2 5 WM ' 2 li. -5 f 4 Q X i lllllflll mqmllill 1 xxx Wm mu 1 N W1 H. xc?-1 ,H ww 5 5 A5 f If IIH xxx XX f W ax mmmxxxxxxx Q my Q ,7 140 nun 00157 'ilu W Z ulmwmulnl "mm luwf r"l11urll1I7"'- I In 4,4 y 5 W" , f I , ,: S ly' f-':Z1"' 4 4-Z . I Xxx ,Q A iv ,if 1 4:' i 5' E x +- ll X nxxxxvw' x X NXXWWxmwWx ff wx X wi mfHt1mmXXXm C ww ff ' I X X N WMM X 9 g fag . Q I R ' h gin' N, V , , U , 'af 'A ,A W! X gg X Q E vm I Nh 4 2 Mx S W 45 , ' ,XR S ' XX. K" fr-vx Je ,--'-af. X E I N lj g' INS' f ?2'6'1525f13b ' f Cx A Q QFPLW f " i Q xv ' , A 'Cm fs' ' N X6 X 32 wi X if N WI X 5 if r J X 5 A ,baure to pme. A .swell fello w, mark-Robert Nork. 0117 .W vu., .ww H- ,. JO, 7-...,., -wi Cuach Hu!lis, C. Bzxrccllunzn, M, Schwcighnrflt, VV. Ludwig, A. VV:1lem'yk F. Lnhsen, . 'uhas. 'I' ircl row: I. orva , 2. fi ing, N'. Littc, v- - - P. Ilullbin, J. Cebrq, R, Tufaro, A. Quartrnne, A Fzulil, F KI:-chu I fndavel I0 any team Captain Bill R. Zecker, P. Mazzoliani, VV. Eherlmrdt, K. Vgruvirs, R. Szzxywxxy, A. u aug' Pianattini, G. Alli, A. Uhsuth. Scramble for lbe ball! Again in Plu- rimky mrfying-Ludwig, Szayway, and Speed demon - Plucinrley wade Ike Gutrlver bl0fbI7Ig. iourbdown, folh. sum., Q.. wg, ., - f.w....:S9Pw+.,T.. A. I'ierc'e, B. Sayor, Couch Nork. Second row: B. Lilmrern, VV. Plucinsky, j. Balasa, R. Schmvgelski, C. Glogewicz, M. Arvnducs, L. Kwzxtkuwski, Y. T X h I4 H ah 1 I n N 1 M. Clutches, Y. Rigolosi, lligirolmuzx, J. Monash, fourth row: Spntnrn, S. A Hash of purple and gold and the team is on the ield. We hear a shrill whistle, the hollow thud as the mall is kicked, and we're off down the field. Our season started with an Alumni-Varsity game which we lost 19-6. But it was a good loss for it acted aoth as an incentive and a lesson. We didn't lose any games after that. Ga P681 514 X dh ra- Ti? IJ ' S Fog mxsg Ay than OW- 2 Mila-t'a7 1- Scberlul S Hier E45 e Ura, 9 S Mufday A 'Q 4,hmaf X 1,948 Ora I6 lmatufday 5 Erpingt ' .Zg ILAC7, 05-L 2 fu:-day Z4 P 011 Home 3 3 Satufda T7 P 'Maia 70 A"'-'ev w 0 up 4. . Nam as 'ywrqww 95 Patekutberford O Away ltr is may Nik G Rkaamen Cmffal Away ., w Mfgngwd 'lf 13 Head GHG "Wa QI' Tn- o fm' ' :ag M at g"7'T'mgyfttjZs9"8h:,,de35'4Wr . .5 'Hy llama This season was full of thrillers - The Bloomfield game was a close one-a O-O tie, and that only because of our fine defensive play. Never will we forget the last minutes of the Trenton game with the Boilermakers losing by one touchdown and just two minutes to play. On a naked reverse play we scored a touchdown to win that game 13-12. Our final game with Clifton on Thanksgiving Day drew a record crowd. The sun shone, and although the air was crisp, the stands were filled with warmth and good fellowship. This game meant many things to us. . . . We were defeated for two successive years, and the State Championship. Yes, we won the game by a margin of 19-6. William Plucinrky mrrier the ball for '12 011, fellfv, Plunge lim! line. Coach another tourbdown. Did we win?? And the crowd went wild when Garfeld fb Jeemf 4 liltle worried. You can bet your boon we did. beat Clifton, making zu "Stale Champxu. v W iss V -t . . f W - ' H . tg -Qf'y:,91 fP- : 1 t - Y Qs x Q x Q B , r fiifvfr 45.5 57 .' .ffl t fiwtfki fiifffg -' - g 3 25,3451 Q s -fi' A 55: M as wt, is vm N Q C tk 39,1 tg w sa ,S ' if . gt ,fag it if as X li They play Vanity hall. Bottom row: T. Yuhas, R. Becker, Capt. M. Gutches, A. DeLorenzo, F. Malkowski. Standing: L. Surgent, E. Chmiel, R. jaskot, Coach Hollis, R. Elasik, j. Cocula. BASKETBALL Unfortunately our basketball team did not meet with the same success as did our football team. Although both Coach Hollis and the players gave their all, we didn't seem to hit that lucky combination. The season began most auspiciously with two victories in three games. However, from then on, scores were close, but victories were few and far between. There's always next year and that may prove to be a banner year after all. 'I-nnp,,. ' 21.11 52 34 .. Y II11- V H r .y:sr'1rm,,, ,JU Shall S and 1 ' - , Ar ' 'I:"- 0 lv-m-,Mer M XX. f 111451, Sm E Sgyategylobn H S Izm,,,,,,w H Frida NN TEH' ILIMLF wjlgag Cough l Gutglve ee 1' NNN- ' N' '91 . . - ae hnul-f., Ig 1:'u.1.,,,, 5? ,WM -MXN ,.LMvEf' my 12:21, Nucl? J 7 Hr , - ' 'U' -., ' TL ' ammry I Fwd '40 34 7l'm,,,M JW 25 N . . 'A UE ve' J.f,.,,,,,. ' ru 'af 28 1i,,k,,h0 1-.fn-,,,, 66 Home 0 Jann. i I-I fad'-Y ,navy H 3 Ham fr.: -lanulr? I8 -:w"0'ly ig? 991413: Fiamee I W 'agua ' 21 ""'4ny A PU,-I 48 Ayn, 3130 ia. " 26 F""" 607 mv., 69 na. W un, 'ru Kid, :- I-'. I 'ld f' . 3:3 Felhruqry l -ruoldalyx 27 ITN! flntherru 57 Athy 3.300 F.:-,,,,11-" 'll AEM., 38 K'lin,,:' Home Ma I-'vhru B , ly 6 QW , Ag.. I Q' "1 m Iglfdhu-n4,,.4? Hn.-1 Age Z5 Hom! 3180 "WZ d , vm -rr I 1 lnrunry ,324 X xxu ly 45 .:'::Iw.jc e-rfnrd :Loge 3-:LO I",-ld. vlhlx-X Force Y 9 . 50 XM , Hum, J JW... N- Come on! De Lorenzo U61 gel lhal hall. It'.f a :lore game, guard your man! jun a lillle higher! 1261 fcuhot. was r. N, r Y XM v K V X Q, ww... is-KQJS3 r .. ' .. - . Q..-fa.. 4 -t ' s, . WN rx- S- s v "- ""'M- -Q J r M fo Our future big-leaguers. First row: F. Kutyla, R. Becker, P. Ottagali, J. Kelsal, A. Pierce, W. Plucinsky, R. Chicko, H. Ptak, Coach DeVito. Second row: R. Schmegelski, E. Straub, E. Chmiel, R. Lazor, Wislot- ski, R. Handzo, S. Nienjadley, T. Yuhas, J. Wegryniak. Third row: R. Plucinsky, S. Kadis, J. Bovitz, R. Horvath, L. Surgent, E. Barcellona, J. Berkowitz, C. Barcellona. BASEBALL With the return of seven lettermen, the Boiler- maker nine is looking forward to a good season. The inner defense will be particularly strong since it is composed of four lettermen. Ray Becker will be at first base, with Tommy Yuhas playing at the keystone sack. Art Pierce will shift from the out- field to third base, while Ed Chmiel will be play- ing his usual good game at shortstop. In the out- field the returning lettermen are Bill Plucinsky and Ray Handzo. On the mound, diminutive Ray Schmegelski is the only returning vet, and on his shoulders will be the brunt of the Boilermaker mound chores. Besides the lettermen, there are many young, hopeful candidates who will see plenty of action in the future. If Coach De Vito can develop one or two more pitchers to aid Schmegelski, the Boil- ermakers will prove to be mighty tough foes to all their opponents, and who knows, we may win the Valley Conference. 52675 I 7140 ie Ed 6-A . g j Wlff 4110? 610 A12 114,152 41. 4 6 S. x95 ACF, Omg' term!-D H' PM WE 0' 60" sm. 'SCHEDK' TEAM sun' ga BAS on tw ,Q ta H" 'di:""" MTE Fda, 1 Yi ,mv mv Wm SG 'suvfl' V' ,ae r-"V ' ,AH -new fu 2' sw' V' M0 N ' V .Za ,wav cxsW"' mm kvfn ' gwv A V 25 nuff" Wx" nl! nm T rin! 'mU'l A Mid' as vw L he M., 5 Nia! X Ways View Rukhefwm A", ' ' ,Ali - r-1 0 Mm? 3 Tw' La -uid: Bom his G igiovhf E" ' iw" l D w 'murmur cvlwn am-is Y 51: S X3 Muni!! giefxfd Wm' 5 S ' may W Jhuwsiif visnnilumhevtiifa V - x , '20 Nttindav Um 54183 ' . .. SPR ,ff The members 0 Garrone, Ftoyd Lohsen. Standing: Chas d Richard Petrasek. Barcchona Rocco f the track tearnz Seated, Steve Bhckstein, D0naXd Farineha, Crro , ter Kopec, joseph Dubiet, john Zuber, Thomas Atbanese, TRACK ,44Z22?! dl, , 13 GOLF The m Rich dembers of th garanr Jaskot, Hener gcgf team: John Y Cncza and Vingfobylarz em Zan: 82 Mr. and Mrs. C. Albanese Mr. and Mrs. M. Arendacs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Arendas J. Babey J. Babyak Mr. and Mrs. A. Bartello Mr. and Mrs . S. Belii Mr. and Mrs. H. Blickstein Mr. and Mrs . J. Bolcar Mr. and Mrs. J. Bosco Mr. and Mrs. M. Brunda Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. S. Cacciatore . A. Caratenuto Mr. and Mrs. B. Casimiro Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. J. Conte . A. Crusco De Ghetto . J. Mr. and Mrs. A. Denboske Mr. and Mrs. Mr D. DeStefano . and Mrs. E. Diezel Mr. and Mrs. C..Discenza Mr. and Mrs. L. Dobrowolski Mr. and Mrs. W. Dominik Mr. and Mrs. F. Donovin Mr. and Mrs. J. Dowiak Mr. and Mrs. A. Elias Mr. and Mrs. S. Fadil Mr. and J. Farkas Mr. and Mrs. J. Fasso Mr. and Mrs. S. Figlyar Mr. and Mrs. P. Francica Mr. and Mrs. J. Furman Mr. and Mrs. F. Garippa Mr. and Mrs. M. Gasper Mr. and Mrs. S. Gemski Mr. and Mrs . J. Gergowicz Mr. and Mrs. P. Geyer Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr .and Mrs . J. Glinbizzi . H. Goralski . J. Graceffo . F. Grasso . G. Gusciora . M. Gutches . J. Gyongyosi . J. Handoga . A. Handzo . A. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. J. Hartmann Hatala ' Mr. and Mrs. J. Mr. and Mrs. G. Hubert Mr. and Mrs. L. Ingala Mr. and Mrs. B. Janosky Mr. and Mrs . S. Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. J. Kane Mr. and Mrs. M. Klimkosky Mr. and Mrs. J. Kmetz Mr. and Mrs. J. Kobylarz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Kocher W. Kolek Mr. and Mrs. M. Kolodzej Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Kopec A. Krehel Patrons Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . A. Kroll . L. Kubitz . W. Kurilec . S. Langieri . M. Larko Mr. and Mrs. M. Latza Mr. and Mrs. J. Lesko Mr. and Mrs. F. LoBiondo Mr. and Mrs. W. Lohsen Mr. and Mrs. J. Lo Re Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . M. Ludwig . A. Lukacs . J. Magee . F. Marchini . J. Marchioni Mr. and Mrs. J. Marmo Mr. and Mrs. A. Martinelli Mr. and Mrs. J. Mascaro Mr. and Mrs. M. Millo Mr. and Mrs. A. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. J. Mock Mr. and Mrs. J. Monash Mr. and Mrs. F. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. A. Nebiker Mr. and Mrs. A. Olier Mr. and Mrs. P. Orechovsky Mr. and Mrs. H. Orlofski Mr. and .Mrs. F. Pados Mr. and Mrs. G. Palatini Mr. and Mrs. J. Palatini Mr. and Mrs. J. Palmeri Mr. and Mrs. A. Papio Mr. and Mrs. A. Pataky Mr. and Mrs. C. Pescevich Mr. and Mrs. F. Petrasek Mr. and Mrs. W. Plucinsky Mr. and Mrs. A. Prelich Mr. and Mrs. J. Pristas Mr. and Mrs. H. Procovic Mr. and Mrs. L. Radwan Mr. and Mrs. J. Raia Mr. and Mrs. P. Recke Mr. and Mrs . G. Roman Mrs. and Mrs. G. Rose Mr. and Mrs. A. Sandro Mr. and Mrs. J. Sassano Mr. and Mrs. J. Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. A. Schuster Mr. and Mrs. G. Scoskie Mr. and Mrs. W. Seifert Mr. and Mrs. S. Serritella Mr. and Mrs. M. Simko Mr. and Mrs. J. Spalluto Mr. and Mrs. C. Spitzner Mr. and Mrs. S. Stafford Mr. and Mrs. E. Steepy Mr. and Mrs. A. Stier Mr. and Mrs. P. Stricsek Mr. and Mrs. J. Sudol Mr. and Mrs. W. Suklich Mr. and Mrs. J. Szekely Mr. and Mrs . J. Szmaciasz 83 Mr. and Mrs. A. Szot Mr. and Mrs. A. Takach Mr. and Mrs. M. Tencza Mr. and Mrs. W. Thieme Mr. and Mrs. W. Toth Mr. and Mrs. J. Ugrovics Mr. and Mrs. M. Veliky Mr. and Mrs. L. Veltri Mr. and Mrs. C. Warnaar Mr. and Mrs. P. Wasik Mr. and Mrs. J. Wasilik Mr. and Mrs. J. Wegrzyniak Mr. and Mrs .A. Wolosz Mr. and Mrs. J. Yuhas Mr. and Mrs. G. Zetkulic Mr. and Mrs. J. Ziemba Mr. and Mrs. N. Zrybko Mr. Anthony Ackerman Pete Br Sophie Arendacs Mrs. Mary Balla Mrs. Helen Bombel Mrs. Jozefa Byra Camille and George Mrs. Maria Casiello Doris and Louie Mr. Michael Dziuba Mrs. John Estok T. H. Fial Mr. Edward Frank A Friend Mrs. Alex Gletow Mrs. M. Iannarone Mrs. Mary Jurcisin Kenny and Dolores Mr. Jack Kessler Mrs. Anna Kimak Miss Helen Kimak Miss Mary Kimak Mrs. P. Kopchak Mrs. Anna Kozel Helen 8: Sophie Leciston Peter Longo May 8: Ba Mrs. K. Nienajaclly Mrs. Susan Nunno Mrs. Margery Pearce Mrs. R. Pennisi Mrs. Cora Pluhar Mr. Samuel Potoczak Mr. G. Rautenberg Ernest Rose Mrs. Evelyn Rosol Mr. Frank Russo Miss Irene Schweininger Audrey, Alice, Carol, June Scoskie Mr..George Smith Mrs. Steven Szekely Veliky Twins Walt and Joyce Wapiti Co-eds 1948-1949 Mrs. Samuel Yeates Mrs. Stella Zyla ---Q----.----I-HIGHS! Automobile Dealer: Feit Motors Co., Plymouth - DeSoto General Auto Supply Co. King Pontiac Co., Inc. Beauty Shop: Estelle's Hairdresser Stasia's Beauty Salon Bowling Alley: Belmont Recreation Waterfalls Inn Caterer: Teddy's Catering Cleaner: 6 Dyer: F. Hetel's-Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing Mitchell's Cleaners Palisade Cleaners 8: Fur Storage Confertionery Store: Ann's Sweet Shoppe Choch's Ice Cream Parlor Dashy's Genevieve's Sweet Shop House of Faust Mae 8: Ollie's Sweet Shoppe Denti:t.r Dr. Michael Bosco-Teaneck Dr. Francis Budz-Passaic Dr. Wm. Fish-Class of 1951 Dr. Louis Pink Department Store: Berenson's-Garfield's Finest Dre:: S bop: Rosalie Dress Company Druggi:t: Albert's Drug Co.-Passaic C. Borromeo Jewell Pharmacy Elertrir S upplie: N. B. M. Radio 8: Appliances Frank Spataro-Electrical Contractor Expre::ing Moon Carrier-Clifton Finance Cornpanie: Commercial Finance Co. Business Boosters Five ana' Ten Store: Garfield 5 8: 10 to 31.00 Store Food Market: 6 Dealer: H. Bachem-Delicatessen Charles Di Bello, Groceries Dom's Market M. Frankovsky Ideal Market Kovac's Meat Market Kovalcik's Market-Meats 8: Groceries Harry Kroin Pickle Products Molinas Fruit 8: Vegetable Market North Jersey Ravioli Co. Phil's Dairy G 8: F Rienzi-Meats 8: Groceries Steve's Grocery Steve 8: jerry's-Italian American Grocery Tom's Meat Market Glar: Andy's Glass Shop Grill: john's Grill Hardware Palisade Hardware Hotel: Somerset Hotel Importer: Cimino Importing Co. lawyer: Arthur J. Messineo John D. Vasilyk Linoleum Harrison Linoleum Shop Lunebeonette: - Diner: Martinelli's Restaurant Ray's Luncheonette Winnie's Luncheonette Radio: Monroe Radio Service Station: joseph Kuhta Esso Station Lakef1eld's Esso Service Sport S bop: Carriero Sport Shop Tailor: M. Simko-Tailor DODGE PASSENGER CARS PHONE: PASSAIC 3-5200 Qi 1313513 .SSS I 3 Llndy Motors iDY'6lIItT10Ufh milk BENJAMIN LIND fri' f 514 RIVER DRIVE GARFIELD, N. J. , 'xx PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS FOR PRINTING See The Garfield Guardian PRINTING OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS 121 MIDLAND AVENUE GARFIELD, N. PHONE: PASSAIC 3-0120 Garfield Womarfs Club Forstmann Woolen Co. PASSAIC -- CLIFTON -- GARFIELD 85 NICASTRO STUDIO Your Yearbook Photographer '23 196 HARRISON AVENUE GARFIELD, N. J. PA 2-8688 86 Emil's Market 63 BELMONT and 44 PLAUDERVILLE AVE. GARFIELD, NEW JERSEY Passaic 2-0268 M. Trechak, jr. AMERICAN RAVIOLI CO. Makers of the Best Ravioli Made Fresh Daily -- Delivered Anywhere 34 Belmont Ave. Garfield, N. J. Compliments of PIONEER DINER 20 Outwater Lane Garfield, N. Gregory 3-1114 Trade in Allowances Westinghouse Vacuum Cleaners - Air Conditioners BARRALE HOME SUPPLY Philco Television -- Radios - Refrigerators Thor -- G.E. -- Admiral Products Suitable Time Payments 133-135 Jewell St. Pa. 3-6776 Free Delivery PIETRANSKFS FOOD MARKET Meats -- Vegetables Groceries -- Dairy Products 269 Lanza Ave. Garfield, N. Phone: Gregory 3-0020 joe Lupichuk, Prop. BELMONT SERVICE STATION Auto Repairing - Lubrication - Washing Tires - Tubes - Batteries 468 River Drive Cor. Belmont Ave. Garfield, N. J. Phone: Passaic 3-0575 CHARLES ALBANESE Plumbing and Heating Contractors Garfield, N. J. Everything for the Builder HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. - L u m b e r -- Tel. Fairlawn 6-2900 10 Stefanie Ave. QOH Route 6 84 Boulevard, East Paterson, N. MICHAEL FERENC 43 Hudson St. Garfield, N. J. Telephone: Passaic 2-1587 VOGUE DRY CLEANERS Same Day Service All Work Done on Premises 222 Outwater Lane Garfield, N. Expert Alterations - We Call For and Deliver Pa. 2-6153 Chas. Laverack, Prop. RIVERLANE AUTO SALES Cars 8: Trucks Bought Sc Sold Used Cars 8: Trucks 555 River Drive Garfield, N. J. KRAMER FUEL 8: SUPPLY CO Phone: Passaic 2-1084 45 Hepworth Place Garfield, Passaic 6-6944 POPEK BROTHERS Jewelry, Appliances, Gifts Watch Repairing 101 Jewell St. Garfield, Phone: PASSAIC 2-8667 M. J. Lyons DIAMONDS --- WATCHES SILVERWARE 53 BROADWAY PASSAIC, Four Years of High School and Four Years of Banking From freshman to senior represents four years of progress through high school for this year's graduating class. Back in 1945 when today's seniors were freshmen, the First National Bank in Garfield had resources of 37,730,771. The next year, 38,177,474 Last year, 358,418,964 And now over 359,000,000 Continue your progress through Life by choosing a pro- gressive bank for your bank. - FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GARFIELD CORNER PAssA1c STREET AND MIDLAND AVENUE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 89 Pa. 3-0539 BUSHY'S LUNCHEONETTE SAL'S AUTO GLASS Where All Friends Meet Candy , Cigars , Cigarettes Channels and Regulators Home Made Pies Home Made Cooking 635 River Road Garfield, N. Sporting Equipment Cameras Passaic 2-6311 Sweaters Jackets MERIT GARMENT CO. GARFIELD SPORT 8: CAMERA SHOP M3UUf3CtUfCf5 of Ladies' Coats, Suits 8: Sportswear PAssaic 3-4216 Anthony Iannaccone 32 Outwater Lane Garfield, N. 380 River Drive Garfield, N. Good Luck to the 194-9 Graduating Class of GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL MANHATTAN LINES ROUTE 6 EAST PATERSON, N. J. PASSAIC 2-1212 90 GARFIELD TRUST COMPANY "The Friendly Bank" - WE EXTEND OUR GOOD WISHES TO YOU, THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949. MAY YOUR AMBITIONS BE FULFILLED TO HIGHEST EXPECTA- TIONS AND GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOLLOW YOU ALWAYS. WE WILL ALWAYS BE READY TO SERVE YOU, FEEL FREE TO CALL UPON US. Largest Financial Institution in Garfield 12 OUTWATER LANE GARFIELD, N Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 91 We have a right to expect our boys and girls to turn out to be good American men and women. As the twig is bent, so grows the treeg hence it is our duty, by word and deed, to teach the youngsters not to be cowardly and weak. We must teach them to work hard and play hard. We must teach them to be clean- minded and clean-lived, prepared to hold their own under all cir- cumstances and against all comers. We must imbue their hearts with the spirit that will govern their lives according to the Laws of Providence. It is only on these conditions that they will grow into the kind of men and women of whom America can really be proud, for in life, as on the football field, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hardg don't foul and don't shirk, but hit the line hard. THE FIFTH QUARTER CLUB 92 PROGRESS ASSOCIATES INC 264 Bloomfield Ave Caldwell N J . x, f- -wus, s X 1, , X , . . J. SAK Y - ,'-bp'-AAQLL ff .z :?.w, ,W V 1 - 2' ' "W " ' ' 1 ' J "V 1321155 .siiltlxifirx .MAY Lk ALJ. Lf:.',,..f4QzA7 3 an As -iffY,i:fwi4 - L 'H - - ' w'1',w.iv13Sx.:.3. Fs3ih?b 414 K' ,gg K 1' rr Q, if " 'S , A u Q2 . .JDK g W.. ,N - ..i, 1 .Els 214 f f fy V, I ., . .U sf'- ' 1' fr: I, ,fm 1 'ft u. wwf fx.: , 1' -, --AV ' '.-f" X '- . ,f "' ' -1 , - A I .V ' tsgzif' ,Ulf . '- ,-gwx 21.75, .gm .3 af A 5, f 5351- 1-1- 1 gf, ,. 4 JI-ANN New-, V' , s 'ff . , ,F .1-AJ" f , :,,.c-. . '591 X ,, Rfk .1 V ,, '-I' f 7, ' 559'-Q 4 v 1 "Wt : 5. A-.X - fm 1 tk- .L-V 5'

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