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 - Class of 1947

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Garfield High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Garfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1947 volume:

I V. w v 1 W1 z N' . ' ur, 1 . v Z a 'I 3 . 1. .x--E I ' 4 mx i -"SLG Q W .r. -,EWU I , G, .QP I ' 4 Q51 ,. ' ,121 . , . 5 f Xxx 4. 1 ,.. 1 5 , - V 1 H, H'-y Q -,Q w ' 'rfv-wr , ' -1 I "' Ki 2 1 L: S : i 2 n Pa 1 ,i E FIIHEWIIRII As the time of parting approaches, we, the Class of 1947, feel it is difficult to distinguish between the strong feeling of sadness and that of high anticipation of college life on the many campuses of the country or of adventures in newer and broader fields of activity. We leave behind us happy days crowded with memories of our carefree moments and our more serious ones. To the underclassmen we express the hope that their years at Garfield High will be as fruitful and as happy. In turning the pages, may you share our happiest moments with us and may you obtain as much pleasure and keen enjoyment from reading them as we have had in living them. STAFF CO-EDITORS ......... ...Hebert Scmfo, David Tylicke BUSINESS MANAGER. .. ...,.............. Sal Alessi FACULTY ADVISER ..... .,.., P Jlcrrtha F. Sccccicferro BUSINESS ADVISER ......... ......... F' lorence Adler ASST. BUSINESS ADVISEIZ .... ..... A ngela Martino Published By Ehe Senior Class GAIEEIEEII HIGH SCHIIIIE GAIEEIEEII - NEW JERSEY IIEIIIIIAIIIIN .fglftzifilfl 3 PRINIZIPA I" An encouraging smile for us when we needed it most-a word of praise after a task well done-a tactful Word to lead us on the bet- f h' hearty t r road when We had chosen a rough one-the sound o 1S e laughter when something amused him-the proud expression on his f hen our students distinguished themselves in outside activities- ace W his enthusiasm over each issue of our schoolpaper-h1s great help and cooperation in preparing our yearbook-his comforting presence in times of difficulty-these are the qualities which have endeared our l t ot onl the senior class but to our entire student body. principa o n y , In token thereof, we, the graduating class of 1947 dedicate our b k t our friend and principal, Austin Travers, in appreciation year oo o for his sympathetic understanding of our many problems, his invalu- rk his praiseworthy service to the student able aid in directing our wo . . . . . V1 t .t . ht- body and for his unceasing efforts in restoring our schoo o 1 s rig ful place among others. LUCY ADAMS Mathematics MARY BOESEL Business Education NICHOLAS CASINI Science ANNE T. COLNAGHI English FLORENCE ADLER Business Education TERESA BONELLI Business Education FRANCES CASELLA Social Studies ERNEST COLEMAN Industrial Arts EU FRANK A. PAPAIIIHIIII Vice Principal ACU HY IOSEPHINE GODOWSKI Business Education lOHN HOLLIS Physical Education MICHAEL CORNWALL Business Education ALPHONSE D'ACIERNO Science MILDRED FAGAN Social Studies FRANCES GAYNOR EVELYN T. CULLIGAN Business Education ANTHONY DENBY Director ot Athletics SALVATORE FRANZINO Science ARLIN M. GELATT Home Economics Science cmd Boys' Counselor TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: PETER L. HUBIAK, Head ot Math. Dept. ANGELA MARTINO, Business Education LORETTA IACIOFANO, Home Economics THOMAS A. MEEHAN, Languages OLGA B. KENSELAAR, Art MABEL H. MERRITT, Head ot Science Dept ROSE C. LASCARI, English IULIA NOVACK, Physical Education l A CARL I. PECORARO LILLIAN P. PIRRONE ROSE PORCELLI Director ot Guidance English Physical Education .1 , ,gs " so l . .i 1 2, is T si.i A A is ff TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: MARTIN A. RIESCHL, Business Education MARY P. ROMAN, Library ELEANORA RINALDI, Library MARTHA F. SCACCIAFERRO, Languages NORMAN RISKIN, Languages HELEN T. SCANDARIATO, Business Ed. LUCILLE ROCCO, Business Education BLANCHE L. SCOTT, Business Education I ALFRED SPURR PETER V. TENGI STEPHEN VELIKY A Music English Mathematics l I . . L Y Allll ELEANORE TERESINSKI English BERTHA E. TRAVERS Head ot Business Education Department lOSEPHlNE B. VILARDO Mathematics HUGH W1-XLDERS Head ot Industrial Arts Department LEONA P. COLACINO Clerk HELEN DANSESKI Clerk MARIE C. ORSINI Clerk IOSEPHINE RUSSINKO Nurse K:-ff-,?f,fg5vuin1f5f5? U 1 Nl SENIIIR MASS IIHICIHS IOSEPHINE B, VILARDO Adviser OLGA BAK Secretary IEANETTE ROEDEMA Treasurer DAVID TYLICKE President SAL ALESSI Vice-president ROBERT ABOCZKY "Bob" "Handsome is as handsome does" Technical Glee Club: Football: Basketball: Base- ball: The Purple and Gold SAL ALESSI "Such joy ambition finds" Technical Class vice-president: Dramatic Club: The Purple and Gold IAMES AMATO . , "Iimmie" "There is no greater everyday virtue than cheerfulnessu Business Education Camera Club OLGA BAK "Augie" "Her heart is like a singing bird" General B Class secretary: president, C.O.: presi- dent, Service League: vice-president, Tri- Hi-Y: Glee Club: The Purple and Gold HEDWIG BECKER "Cookie" "She seldom ever sings the blues" Business Education Glee Club: Band: Knitting Club EDWARD BELFONDO "Belt" "Silence is more musical than any song" Business Education Radio Club ERNEST BENCE "Shark'y" "Wise to resolve and patient to reform" General A Chess Club BRUNO BENNA "Brown" "Every inch a king" General A Art Club: Mixed Chorus: Basketball 4 GLADYS BENTI "Benti" "Dance and always be gay" Business Education Secretary, Service League: Cheerleader: the Quill SALVATORE BERLINGERI "Buddy" "Without music, lite would be an empty sphere" General Glee Club: Men's Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Operetta: Football lllt SENIIIR MASS I9 NICOLINA BIANCANELLO A ' 'E A "Nickie" "She is a natural on the stage" Business Education Dramatic Club: Operetta EDWARD BIZIK 'lBizzy" "A friend to everyone" Technical The Quill: Football BETTY BONANNO "Honey" "My true love has my heart and l have his" Business Education Vice-president, Sub-Deb Club: captain, Cheerleaders IOHN BOYKAS "A gentleman with a sterling character" Technical HELEN BOZYK ,.Hon,, "Her charm is evident from the start" General B Tri-Hi-Y: Dramatic Club: Iunior Probies: Operetta: the Purple and Gold WILLIAM BRODHEAD "Bill" "Give me the lite I love" General A Dramatic Club: Glee Club STANLEY BUREK ..ShOeY,, "So sweet the blush oi bashfulnessn General A Chess Club: Basketball: Baseball IOSEPH BUZANSKY "foe Buzz" "A long way with his quietness he'1l go" General B Radio Club: Chess Club IOSEPHINE CAMMILLI NIO lou "Silence is golden" Business Education Steno Club: Library Council GRACE CANGELOSI ..GaY,. "No legacy is so rich as honesty" Business Education Glee, Club THE SENIIIII MASS I9 ii? SAL CANGELOSI "Silence is the most perfect herald of i0Y" Business Education HELEN CEBRA "Cebu "Oh, give me a lad I can dance with General B Glee Club WALTER CHABORA "Chib" "Content to pursue his lonely Way" General A Art Club PHYLLIS CHERUP "Phil" 1, "A good heart is worth gold Business Education Modern Miss Club DOROTHY CHMIEL "Dot" "Simplicity of all things is the hardest to be copied" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Steno Club ELEANOR CHOMA MEF. "A girl hard to beat'is gentle and sweet" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Art Club EMIL CHOWANEC "Mitch" "An all-around good fellow" General Chess Club ANTOINETTE CIFFO "Neff" "Small of stature but great of nature Business Education Knitting Clubg Glee Club IOSEPHINE CIMINO NIO., "You've pleasant ways about you" Business Education President, Steno Clubg Library Council ROSE CIRELLO "Rosie" "This quiet girl is rather charming Business Education Steno Club: Library Council THE Stllllllll MASS I 9 MARIE DAVID "Dave" "One whose good heart and spirit are well known" Classical Glee Club: Central Organizationp Mixed Chorusg the Purple and Gold LYDIA DAVIDUK "Her life is full ol jollity" Business Education Steno Club ROSE MARIE DEC' NRO., "Gentle in both manner and speech" Business Education Steno Club DOROTHY DE EEO "Dot" "Merit Wins the soul" Business Education The Quillg Steno Club MAE DE FRANCO "Bright Eyes" "A lovely lass, full ol fun" Business Education Steno Clubg Glee Clubp the Quill: the Purple and Gold PA ULA DE FRANCO "Babe" "Her eyes reflect the blue, blue sky" Business Education Modern Miss Clubg the Purple and Gold IEAN DE LANCEY "Irish" "A merry heart maketh a cheery lace" Business Education Glee Clubg Dramatic Club ALICE DE MAYO ..Dee., "A sparkle of inspiring flame" General B Glee Club: Operettag Art Club IRENE DEMKO ..1,, "Iovial, pleasant, and a good sport" Business Education Clee Club: the Quill LEASIO DEMMIE "A merry fellow" Technical lllt SENIIIII MASS I 94 ROBERT DERCO "Derk" "Many a joke has he" Technical Glee Club: Service League WILLIAM DE ROSE "Bill" "Among his friends General Glee Club: Dramatic Club ROSARIO DE SALVO "Ross" "A pal and a regular sport" Technical Glee Club: Football DOROTHY DIVAK ..Dot., "The summer's llower is no sweeter" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Library Council ELEANOR DIVAK "Ele" "How sweet and fair she is" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Library Council EDNA DOERFER ..Ed,, "Peppy, cheery and quite gay" Business Glee Club: Dramatic Club: Central Or- ganization LENORE DOLCE "Red" "Always smiling, always gay" Business Education Dramatic Club: Glee Club FRANK DZWILEWSKI "Quiet and shy is this senior guy" Business Education Art Club: Camera Club PAUL EFRON "A man ol great character" Technical Camera Club IUNE ELIAS l "Iunie" "With malice toward none" , Business Education Vice-president, C.O.: Steno Club: Li- brary Council: Tri-Hi-Y: the Purple cmd ' lHl SINIUR he ranks high" Education ClASS I94 MARIE FANTA UZZO "Duchess" "She knows not her own sweet way" General Modern Miss Club MARIE FARINELLA "Farr" "May her success be as pleasant as her character" Classical Glee Club: Operetta: the Purple and Gold ELVIRA FATUOVA l'Vera" "Happiness seems made to be shared" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club: the Pur- ple and Gold IOSEPH FAUSTINA "Quiet and thoughtful, he moves along Business Education his way" Radio Club JOSEPH FEDOR 'lZolIie" "An able man of resolute actions" General President, Camera Club: Chess Club EDWARD FEDUSH "Eddie" "Talent is that which is in a man's power" General A Operetta Club MARGARET FEYO "Midge" "Silence is a virtue" Business Education Glee Club DOROTHY FILLIMAN "Dot" "Good nature and good sense must ever join" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Sub Deb Club EDWARD FLINTA "Professor" "He has moved nearer to the Master of Music" Technical Hi-Y: Service League: Operetta: Glee Club: Men's Chorus: Accordion Band MILDRED FOSTER "Midge" "Full of sport and 1aughter" Business Education Edisonian Science Club: Modern Miss Club: Operetta: Glee Club llll SENIIIII MASS 194 IOHN FRANKOVSKY "Frank" "Our thoughts and our conduct are our own" General A Art Club RITA FRIEDERMANN "Beet" vu "Her hair is as black as midnight Business Education Glee Club: the Quill Club OLGA GABOR "Babe" "She is all courtesy cmd sincerity" Business Education Modern Miss Club MARY GALL "Tranquility is better than rubies" Business Education Service League RACHEL GARIPPA URGY.. "Dark eyes, eternal soul ol pride" Business Education Modern Miss Club THOMAS GASIOR "Rabbit" "He knows his place about this World" General A Vice-president, Camera Club: the Quill NANCY GIAMMARELLA "Nan" "Patience is the best cure for trouble" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club IEAN GIMON "Wit is the salt of conversation" Business Education Glee Club: Quill Club ROBERT GREMBOWITZ "Grem" "Fortune helps those of good judgment" General A Treasurer, Art Club: Chess Club: Basket- ball: Baseball FRED GUSCIORA "Butch" "Character higher than intellect" Technical Camera Club: the Quill SNII lIlASS l947 THEHESA GUZIO "Terry" "Her manner oi dressing completes her personality" Business Education Secretary, Modern Miss Club: Girls' Cho- rus: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: the Pur- ple and Gold DOLORES HAHTMANN "Doris" "To do easily what is difficult for others is a mark oi talent" General B President, Iunior Probies: Editor-in-chief, Quill: Service League: Purple and Gold DOROTHY HAYZER "Dotty" "Variety is the spice ol life" Classical President, Library Council IRENE HLIBA "G1ib" "Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie" General A Art Club: Glee Club: Operetta IOSEPH HOLLIS aloe.. "Sir, I would rather be right than be President" General A Vice-president, Dramatic Club: Glee Club ANNE HOHNIK UAUHIGI' "Her voice will carry her far" General B Glee Club: Girls' Chorus: Operetta STEPHEN HORVATH l'Steve" "He has ability and the will to work" General A Radio Club WILLIAM HOVANEC "Hookum" "A jolly good fellow" Technical Radio Club DOROTHY HRICZOV "Dottie" "Patience is a great power" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club: Girls' Chorus: Operetta PATRICIA HUDAK ..Pat,, "Her brown eyes are always twinkling" General President, Sub Deb Club: Modern Miss Club: Cheerleader 1947 "Chabong" "I've taken my tun where I've found it" General ELEANOR IAKUBOWSKI "She has the art of acquiring friends" Glee Club BENEDETTA IENCO "Betty" "Laugh and the world laughs with you" General A "Ambitious in the work he loves" Radio Club: Edisonian Science Club "He is of good nature" Camera Club: Chess Club "Liked are they of pleasant ways" Sub Deb Club: Quill Club: Purple and Gold IHE SENIUR IOI-IN HUMENIK "jackie" "Her quick smile and gay eye are her assets" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club ANGIE IASKOT ..Ang,, Business Education Girls' Chorus: Glee Club: Operetta EDWARD IESCERZEWSKI ulezy., Technical LILLIAN KARPINCI-IIK "A better friend you cannot find" Business Education Treasurer, Sub Deb Club STANLEY KASPER "Stas" General B ELAINE KECICH "Daughter of the gods, divinely small and pretty" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Glee Club: Quill Club ELEANOR KILGUS "Lonnie" Business Education DANIEL KMIECIK "A light heart lives long" Technical Glee Club: Art Club W ClASS . . . 194 LILLIAN KNAPP "Knappy" "Her lile is lull of jollity" Business Education Editor-in-chief, Quill: Steno Clubg Tri- Hi-Yg Purple and Gold EDWARD KOBYLARZ "Koby" "Silence never betrays" General B Camera Clubg Chess Club GENEVIEVE KOLASA "lean" "A quiet nature and a steadfast friend" Business Education Steno Club DOLORES KOLEK "Sunshine" "She moves as a goddess and looks as a queen" General B Dramatic Clubp Glee Clubp Girls' Cho- rusg Tri-Hi-Yg Quillg Purple and Gold IACQUELINE KOHLRUS "lacquie" "Whatever is worth doing is worth do- ing well" General B Sub Deb Clubg Treasurer, Dramatic Club VIOLET KOPACZ ..Vj,, "Her ways are the Ways oi pleasant- ness" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club: Cheer- leader MARY ANN KORBA "Cobra" "Witty is she and gay as can be" Classical Tri-Hi-Yg Dramatic Clubp Iunior Probiesp Service Leagueg Purple and Gold IULIA KOSKE 'lIulie" "Full of pep and loads of fun" Business Education Glee Clubg Library Council WARREN KRAF T "Bret" "The greatest pleasure of life is love" General B Art Club EDWARD KROPELNITSKI "Krop" "Nothing is so useful as silence" General A HIE Sllllllll MASS I9 STEPHEN KRUDYS "Steve" "High thoughts in a heart of courtesy" Technical Edisonian Science Club: Quill Club: Hi-Y HELEN KRZYCH "She is gentle and shy" Business Education Secretary, Library Council: Steno Club HELEN KUCHENREUTHER "Cookie" "The mildest of manners and the gentle heart" Business Education Steno Club CHESTER KWIATKOWSK1 "Chet" "A good athlete and a good fellow" General B Art Clubp Footballg Baseball YOLANDA LA BASH ..YO,, "To know her is to like her" General B Iunior Probies: Service League MARIORIE LADIKA "Marge" "A sparkle of inspiring flame" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Art Club: Quilly Purple and Gold PA UL LAIOSA l'NalIy" "A man isn't poor if he can laugh" General A AGNES LAKEFIELD i.Aggie,, "An active girl, full of fun and joy" Business Education Library Councilg Glee Club: Quill GEORGE LATZA "Speech is great but silence is greater" General B Chess Clubg Radio Club ROSALIE LIBERTI NRO., "Music soothes the savage breast" Classical Glee Club: Girls' Chorus: Operettag Quill lHl Slllllllt MASS 1947 CONNIE LICASTRI "Butch" "She is of voice so pleasant" General B Girls' Chorus: Glee Club: Mixed Cho- rus: Operetta ELEANOR LITSCHAUER "Litsch" "Her eyes are homes ot silent prayer" General A Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y: Service League Glee Club: Operetta MARIE LO BRUNO "Meri" "To know how to wait is the secret of success" General Glee Club: Girls' Chorus: Operetta RUTH LUKAC "Root" "Silence is sweeter than speech" Business Education Modern Miss Club THERESA MACIAG "Terry" "It is rare indeed to be liked so corn- p1etely" General B Secretary, Iunior Probies DORIS MAITLAND "Derry" "She is beauty itself" General B Library Council: Iunior Probies DONALD MAIERSCAK "Mage" "Cares I despise, because I have none" Technical Art Club: Glee Club ROSS MAMOLA "Rosie" "He was wisdom and wit as weIl" Technical Vice-president, Glee Club: Hi-Y: C.O.: Service League: Purple and Gold EDWARD MANGANELLO "Manny" "Silence is as deep as eternity" Business Education Radio Club: Camera Club MAE MANSKIE "She walks in beauty like the night" Business Education Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Operetta THE SINIIIII IDIASS 1947 LEE MARCHESE "Chuck" "Not only one of the boys, but one of the best" Technical ROBERT MARTIN ..Bob,, "A gentleman, to say the least General A Forum Debating Club ROSALIE MASTRANGELO "Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled at me" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club: Quill: Purple and Gold THOMAS MATZINOWICH "Tom" "He is full of bashfulness and truth" Classical Radio Club: Camera Club DEBORAH MESKO nnebby., "Oi simple tastes and mind content" General B Modern Miss Club: Service League: C.O.: Glee Club ALICE MEYER "Slim" "By her deeds you shall know her" Business Education Glee Club IULIANA MICKEL UIC., "Beauty and charm are gifts oi gods" General B Art Club: Glee Club: Operetta MARY MIHALECSKO "Dimp1es" "Her quiet way will someday pay" Business Education Steno Club LORRAINE MIKULA "Lorry" "Pleasant are her ways" Business Education Glee Club: Mixed Chorus VIOLET MINIMI ..Vi,, "Endurance is the crowning quality General B lHt SINIIIII lIlASS u 9 LORETTA MONACO "Laura" "As merry as the day is long" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club IOHN MANOPOL1 "Bobo" "A sprightly step marks the athlete" General A Art Club: Baseball RAYMOND MORGNER "X-Ray" "A youth light-hearted and content" General Secretary, Hi-Y: Radio Club: Camera Club MILTON MOROZ "A man of good nature" General B Treasurer, Camera Club: Quill ARTHUR NALESNYK "Art" "Endurance is the crowning quality" General A Secretary, Chess Club: Quill MARY ANN NORDYK 'lDimpIes" "Small things are best" Business Education Sub-Deb Club: Library Council DORIS NO VA CK MDOT., "Nothing in life can get her down" Classical Treasurer, C.O.: Secretary, Dramatic Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Glee Club: Operetta: Purple and Gold OLGA NOVAK "OIgie" l'Ambition is the sire of tame" Business Education Sub-Deb Club: Art Club THERESA OBAL "Tess" "A sincere and quiet Miss" Business Education Steno Club: Library Council GENEVIEVE OPIEKUN nlecm., "Truly a modern Miss" Business Education President, Modern Miss Club: Quill Purple and Gold llll SENIIIII MASS 1947 GEORGE OSSI "An ounce oi wit is worth a pound ot woe" General A Edisonian Science Club: Art Club GLENN PALATINI "For they can conquer who believe they can" Technical President, Hi-Y: president, Edisonian Science Club: Forum Debating Club IOSEPH PALUH ..loe,. "His quiet manner tits him like a cloak" Technical President, Radio Club: vice-president, Edisonian Science Club: Football: Bas- ketball LOIS PANTESS 'iMousey" "Laugh and let the world go by" Business Education President, Quill Club: historian, Tri-Hi-Y: Camera Club: Operetta HELEN PASTERNAK "Diligence leads to success" General A Camera Club IOYCE PEARCE ..IoY,, "A comrade blithe and full ol glee" Business Education Glee Club WILLIAM PETRASEK "Bill" "His genial smile covers a keen mind" Technical Vice-president, Radio Club: treasurer, Edisonian Science Club: Baseball HELEN PETRONCHAK "And there was a girl that loved fun" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club ANGELINA PIZZI "Angie" "Cheerful always, kind in every way" Classical Vice-president, Iunior Probies: Girls' Chorus: Operetta ANGIE PIZZIMENTI ..Ang., "The blackest ot hair has Angie so fair" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Operetta: Purple and Gold llll Sllllllll MASS l947 L PHYLLIS PUZINO "Slim" 5 "The mildest of manner and gentlest of heart" 1 Business Education Modern Miss Club ELEANOR REGAL ..L,. "Icy rules her day" General Glee Club MADELINE RENNA "Madge" "Always there when needed" General A Glee Clubp Mixed Chorus DOROTHY RHINEI-IART "Dot" "True wisdom is a thing extraordinary" Classical Glee Club IAMES ROBERTS "Slim" "A light-hearted youth" General A Forum Debating Club IEANETTE ROEDEMA UNSHGH "A flawless girl, courteous and refined" Classical Treasurer, Service League: Class treas urer: Iunior Probiesg Band: Quill: Oper ettag Purple and Gold RAYMOND ROI-ISLER uR0Su "Wit wins the soul" General A Glee Clubg Men's Chorus: Basketball VIRGINIA RUFUNDO HRUHH "Character makes its own destiny" General B Glee Club HELEN RUSNAK "Rusty" "Kindness is wisdom" Business Education Secretary, Camera Clubp Library Coun- cil CARMELLA SAGGIO "A smile that wins the smile of others" Classical ' Glee Clubg Library Council MASS I947 "The unspoken word never does harm" ANTHONY SALERNO General A ROSALIE SALERNO NRO., "A friend worth having" Business Education Library Council: Glee Club: Purple and Gold IOAN SALISKY "Sweet and hard to beat" General A Quill: Purple and Gold SAMUEL SAN GEORGE "What should a man do but be merry" General A Treasurer, Radio Club: secretary, Sci- ence Club ROBERT SANTO "Tex" "A smile is the whisper of a laugh" Technical Quill: Editor-in-chief, Purple cmd Gold RITA SCARPA "Chick" "She has the gift of personality" General B President, Tri-Hi-Y: president, Dramatic Club: secretary, C.O.: Glee Club: Quill: Purple and Gold VIOLET SCIALAMPO "Scialamp" "A cheerful friend is like a sunny day Business Education Glee Club: Quill: Cheerleader H TED SCHUSTER "His kindness will lead him to success Technical Radio Club: Edisonian Science Club: Hi-Y IRENE SEDLAR "Renee" "Her virtues are many, her faults few" Business Education Vice-president, Library: Glee Club M ARY SERAF IN "Mar" "The mirror of all courtesy" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Art Club THE SINIIIII MASS I9 AUDREY SEYMOUR "Audge" "Happiness consists in activity" IOYCE SFERRUZZO "Her eyes are pools of blue delight" Business Education Vice-president, Modern Miss Club: Sub Deb Club HELEN SIMKO "Kit" "Petite and sweet" General B Glee Club HELEN SKAWINSKI "Holly" "Strength of character, strength of mind" General B Iunior Probies: Band: Operetta MARY SKIMBO "Character is higher than intellect" Business Education Steno Club IOSEPHINE SPOTO ..IO,. "She is a bonny wee thing" Business Education Steno Club: Modern Miss Club: Service League STEPHEN STANKA NX., "Wit, struck sharply, shows a spark" General A Chess Club: Glee Club: Football "Silence EDWARD SUDOL "Fat" "How happy the lover" General Art Club: Edisonian Science: C.O.: Quill: Purple and Gold MICHAEL SULICK "Micke" is the virtue of the wise' General A DORIS SULYOVSZKY "Schully" "For though she's a wit, she's no tool" General A TrifHi-Y: Service League: C.O.: Glee Club: Quill: Purple and Gold l947 ELAINE SUPER ..E,. "The very flower of youth" Business Education Glee Club: Purple and Gold IAMES TANTILLO ulimmy Tan" "Qualities you'll strive in vain to match" Business Education Chess Club: Football HENRY TENCZA "Ten Cents" l'Character is a jewel worth having" Technical Chess Club: Operetta HILDA TOTH "Tothy" 'lMistress of the smiling eyes" Business Education Art Club: Sub-Deb Club IOSEPH TUMINIA "Buck" "For he's a jolly good fellow" General A Art Club: Men's Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Operetta LOUIS TURANO ..Lou,, "Wit may flash from fluent lips" Technical DAVID TYLICKE "Dave" "Wisdom and personality in handsome youth is rare" Technical Class President: Chess Club: Hi-Y: Football: Editor-in-Chief, Purple and Gold GLADYS URGOVITCH "Peanuts" l'Always ready with a smile" Business Education Service League: Quill FRANK VANDER SANDE "There's always a silver lining" General A Basketball GEORGE VARGO "Russian" "Tall, dark and handsome" Technical Radio Club: Basketball THE SENIIIR MASS I9 ROSE VICARI "Honey" "The joy ol youth her eyes display" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Glee Club: Quill: Purple and Gold RICHARD VISOTCKY "Richie" "Man was born lor joy" General A Art Club WILLIAM VOLOSIN "Willie" "Let me have wine, women and song" Technical Art Club: Basketball BENIAMIN WALENCZYK "Ben" "Not that I love studies less, but lun more" General A Glee Club: Football: Baseball VALEHIA WALLACE "Val" "Paradise is open to all kind hearts" Business Education Steno Club ANN WOLOS "Her eyes in flood with 1aughter" Business Education Glee Club TESSIE WOS "Cleo" "Sincerity and truth are the basis ol every virtue" Business Education Art Club PAUL WUERFEL "Wert" "He that hath knowledge spareth his words" Technical Chess Club: Radio Club MATILDA YONDOLINO "Tillie" "Her air and manners all admire" Business Education Sub Deb Club: Art Club AGNES ZALEWSKI "Aggets" "Golden hair like sunlight streaming" Business Education Modern Miss Club: Sub Deb Club: Pur- ple and Gold lllllllll HAS IS47 LORRAINE ZANOTTI "Naine" She possesses the ways of honor" Business Education Glee Club STANLEY ZASOWSKI "Life is a comedy" Technical Chess Club FRANCES ZEMLONSKY "Fran" "A maiden blessed with lovely eyes" General B C.O.g Quill: Glee Clubp Operetta RAYMOND ZIMMERMAN "Czummy" "Oh, what mischief he can spin" General A Forum Debating Club HELEN ZMUDSKY "Zmuds" "Her soul is in her eyes" Business Education Service League IOHN ZRYBKO nzryb.. "Young fellows will be young fellows." General A Basketball IOSEPH ZUWATSKY nice.. "lf it's in ct book, I know it" Technical President, Chess Club Knitting Clubg Glee Club: Bandp Oper- etta Business Education THE SENIIIII MASS I9 Ill SS HISIIIRY As frightened and Wide-eyed Freshmen we entered the foreboding doors of Garfield High School, ready to start a new phase of our lives. The school was strange to most of us and we walked through the wide halls, peeking behind doors to read the room numbers so that we might get to the right room at the right time. We felt out of place, friendless and shy. By the time we were Sophomores the shyness vanished completely. We laughed at and teased the incoming Freshmen just as the upperclassmen had teased us. We were now confident and strolled through the halls with an importance befitting lordly Sophomores. We made plans for a dance, cheered our boys through the Intra-Mural basketball games and the girls through the volleyball tourneys, and helped in the scrap drive to raise money for Gar- field High School's first yearbook. We loved the Annex, but everyone longed to get down to School 6. Then the day came. We were Iuniors and again in a strange school with strange teachers. We looked around for friends and found that a few of the faculty had moved with us. There was no time for shyness now. We plunged into electing class officers, casting for the play, planning for the prom and choosing our king and queen. We watched our football team become sectional champions and our students distinguish themselves at out-of-town conferences and forums. We saw our friends graduate and wished we were they. And our wish was granted. Seniors-at last, we were Seniors! We thoughtfully elected class officers, yearbook editors, and Quill editors. We proudly wore our class rings and went to the Snowball Frolic happily. Some- how we struggled through homework and examinations until May came. bringing with it our trip to Washington. Iune crept up on us, and with it came Class Night, the Senior Social and graduation. We heard our class song with tears in our eyes, received our diplomas with shaking hands, and, in a quiver- ing voice, sang our Alma Mater. We love Garfield High dearly and our memo- ries of it will remain with us forever. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1947 34 CIASS PIHIPHIIIY The distant hum of the printing presses, the steady clicking of the type' writers and the constant ringing of the phone is the setting of the "Fiddle Paddle" newspaper office. Office boy RAY MORGNER is plowing through the deluge of papers. As we pass through the offices we notice Editor EDDIE SUDOL typing the "Sports Roundup." We glance through his column and see that IOHN MANOPOLI, the famous pitcher, is on the ball .... IOE FEDOR has opened the new YMCA with DORIS NOVACK and IOHN ZRYBKO as swim- ming instructors .... Mayor GLENN PALATINI has dedicated the IELAINEI SUPER Stadium and has appointed two caretakers, BOB ABOCZKY and BEN WALENCZYK .... AGGIE LAKEFIELD'S "Dead Stop" basketball shoes have contributed to the successive victories of the Grembo IROBERT GREMBOWITZl Gales .... A golf match between RAY ZIMMERMAN and Bing Crosby proved that age makes no difference .... IIMMY TANTILLO and IOHN HUMENIK are calling for all available bachelors to form a football team. VVe now leave this editor engrossed in his Work. Commercial advertiser FRAN ZEMLONSKY is sitting at her desk sur- rounded by ads. ROSALIE SALERNO, PAULA DE FRANCO and MADELINE RENNA are advertising their new formula "Never Know Peroxide" on sale at their beauty salons .... STANLEY BUREK and GLADYS BENTI are picking up where Arthur Murray left off .... Wardens of the neighboring penitentiaries are told to take advantage of LOIS PANTESS' photo studio's special offer this week. A cut rate on Closeups, numbers included, is offered. EDDIE MANGA- NELLO'S Swank Shop is featuring drastic reductions in ladies' lingerie. CHET KWIATKOWSKFS new law office is ready for clients with Mr. Rieschl as right- hand man. IOSEPHINE SPOTO and DOROTHY CHMIEL are advertising fGEORGEl VARGO'S ultra elevator shoes. New fashion designs are being created by the expert stylists MARIE FANTAUZZO and GENEVIEVE OPIEKUN. Their originals are on display at GEORGE OSSI'S Department Store. Attention! K. and M. KELAINE KECICH AND ROSALIE MASTRANGELOJ Dental Cream given away with every purchase over 55.00 at the exclusive CHOWANEC Meat Market. Want ads has BUDDY BERLINGERI looking for his licorice stick .... HELEN RUSNAK and HELEN KUCHENREUTHER lost their horses, last seen grazing in EDDIE KROPELNITSKI'S dairy pastures. Attractive positions are open at CIOSEPHI "HOLLIS Ice Creamery." For sale, one 1946 Buick Sedan, in fair condition: see STEVE STANKA. Dressmaker YOLANDA LA BASH will pay S500 reward for the return of her manikin, "Lulu." Wanted: A large building to be converted into a skating rinkg see RACHEL GARIPPA, NANCY GIAM- MARELLA and MAE MANSKIE. Theater openings and activities on Broadway keep Society Editor IOAN SALISKY on her toes. She has received news of the success of actress LENORE DOLCE in the new comedy, "Punctuality Plus," and NICOLINA BIANCANEL- LO'S performance in "No More Amour." Among the celebrities attending the opening of the opera "Madame Butterba1l," starring ANN HORNIK, were United States President DAVID TYLICKE and First Lady DORIS HARTMANN. Congresswoman OLGA BAK was accompanied by Secretary of State SAL ALESSI .... Debutante HELEN BOZYK and Bucket Star BRUNO BENNA are en route to view ballerina DOROTHY HAYZER perform. Professor and Mrs. RO- SARIO DI SALVO, the former DORIS SULYOVSZKY, are vacationing at Miami, Florida, where the professor received his college education. fContinuedJ 35 Class Prophecy Continued The noted poets of the day, ELEANOR KILGUS and EDNA DOERFER, have been guests of honor at a party given by IOSEPH PALUH of the Social Register. We notice that THERESA GUZIO has again been voted one of the ten best-dressed women of the year. Glancing farther down on the society page, we see that "The Keyhole Night Club," owned by ELEANOR IAKUBOWSKI, is filled to capacity nightly, due to the low, sultry voices of "The Torch Singer," MILDRED FOSTER, and "Swoon King" IOSEPH TUMINIA. The newly organized vocal quartet con- sisting of RAYMOND ROHSLER, IOHN BOYKAS, HENRY TENCZA and ROB- ERT DERCO are featured daily at IEAN GIMON'S "Tea Room." "Mind Your Manners," written by the famous author, IEANETTE ROEDEMA, heads the list of best-sellers of the month. City Editor ROBERT SANTO greets us as we approach his office. Our conversation is interrupted by the ring of the phone. We hear him give orders to have TOM GASIOR and MILTON MOROZ go to the airport for pictures. The scene now shifts to the iIAMESl "ROBERTS Airport." The long run- way is being cleared for the landing of CPAULI EFRON'S rocket ship, which has on board men and women of world renown. Two policemen, TED SCHUS- TER and TOM MATZINOWICH, are working furiously to hold back the crowd that begins running out on the field as mechanic PAUL WUERFEL opens the door of the arriving ship. The crowd, milling about, makes it difficult to get near enough to see clearly. However, from a distance, whom can we distin- guish? Secretary of Labor EDWARD BIZIK and his private secretary ANGIE PIZZIMENTI have just returned from an inspection tour of Lower Slovobia. They report that missionary DOROTHY RHINEHART has done a commendable job in converting Lena the Hyena. President of Lower Slovobia, STANLEY ZASOWSKI, is frantically appealing to nurses ANGIE PIZZI, THERESA MA- CIAG, and MARY ANN KORBA to come and aid in relieving the current epidemic of Pin-seatitis. Looking over the crowd we see RITA SCARPA, the comic-strip writer, rushing to MICHAEL SULICK'S cab nearby. She is on her way to be inter- viewed on LORRAINE MIKULA'S radio program, the "Chit Chat Hour." This program is well known for its melodious tunes furnished by the "Three Hun- dred Fifty-Two Keys," otherwise known as the "Four 88's" CEDDIE FEDUSH, IRENE HLIBA, ELEANOR REGAL and ROSALIE LIBERTD. Still-searching home owners are very grateful to interior decorators MARIE DAVID, HEDWIG BECKER, and THERESA OBAL, who have just returned from splendidly remod- eling the pyramids of Egypt. The radiant sun beats down on the confused field, but this does not seem to bother peanut vendor GLADYS URGOVITCH, under her large um- brella, as she extracts a few bags of peanuts from her tray for the mathema- tical geniuses, ROSS MAMOLA and WILLIAM PETRASEK. They are still count- ing their change when stewardess VIOLET SCIALAMPO comes up to pur- chase some nuts for two lost, wailing babies, LILLIAN KARPINCHIK and WIL- LIAM VOLOSIN. Psychologist MARIE PARINELLA has announced that after years of treatment the staff of the well-known "Purple and Gold" have been cured and are back to normal. fContinuedl 36 We have seen enough rockets and celebrities whizzing by. Let us re- ward ourselves by going off to some quiet and relaxing spot. How about "fSAMl SAN GEORGE Amusement Park." The multi-colored electric bulbs and the innumerable stars above shine down on the busy and popular playground. We are eager to enter and begin walking around. Perhaps we may see someone we know. The thought has no sooner left our minds when we find that we are purchasing our tickets from FRANK VANDER SANDE. IOE BUZANSKY dashes up to us and begs us to try to ring the bell for a cigar, but the cigars do not tempt us, so we continue on our Way. BETTY IENCO does not seem to agree with us, though, as she is winding up for the bang. We can't see whether or not she made it, for HELEN SIMKO has just walked past us blocking our entire view. CARMELA SAGGIO and HELEN PASTERNAK are busy supplying their customers with baseballs to knock over those artificial and gruesome monkeys. MARY ANN NORDYK, LOUIS TURANO, and FRANK DZWILEWSKI are doing fine at this game. Walking down the narrow street we notice the open-air pavilion crowded with spectators viewing the spectacular stunts of the trapeze artists, IEAN DE LANCEY and her partner FRED GUSCIORA. CONNIE LICASTRI, standing there, just hopes that they can keep their balance. After they com- plete their act we venture toward the "Fun House," where we see ANGIE IASKOT and VIOLET KOPACZ sliding down the avalanche still with their familiar giggles. With every roll of the huge barrel comes a scream from ELEANOR LITSCHAUER, who is definitely in need of help from the attendant, LEE MARCHESE. Coming out of the "Slanted Room" slightly dizzy from their experiences are ROSE VICARI and ANN WOLOS. Next door to the house of fun is the "Virginia Reel," where we find VIRGINIA RUFUNDO, HELEN SKA- WINSKI, and ROSE CIRELLO hesitantly entering a car for this daring ride. A barker, STEVE HORVATH, calls our attention to the largest roller coaster on the eastern seaboard, the "Spitfire" Crowds of people are fighting to get in line. The first car is filled to capacity-oh, no, our mistake-the last seat is still vacant, but not for long. ED IESCZEREWSKI is making a dash for it. Many others are waiting in line. Among these we see HELEN KRZYCH, PAUL LAIOSA, MARY GALL, and GEORGE LATZA. 'I'he wonderful aroma from the barbecue stand tempts us to loosen our purse strings. The counter girl, HELEN CEBRA, takes our order and conveys it to the cook, BILL BRODHEAD. Having satisfied our hunger, We pass a counter where VALERIA WAL- LACE is selling cotton candy to enthusiastic customers, MAE DE FRANCO and LEASIO DEMMIE. Noisy pin-ball machines lure us to the fascinating Penny Arcade. IRENE DEMKO, the change-girl, supplies us with pennies. WILLIAM DE ROSE and EDWARD BELFONDO seem engrossed in their rifle-shooting, while PAT HUDAK and AGGIE ZALEWSKI try desperately to grasp something with the cranes. We look toward the door and see RITA FRIEDERMAN and HELEN ZMUDSKY. It seems that they have gotten up their courage to go on the Loop- a-Plane operated by IIMMY AMATO. Farther down the street the Siamese twins, ELEANOR and DOROTHY DIVAK, with their act, have OLGA NOVAK and MARIORIE LADIKA laughing hysterically. Time has passed quickly, the rides are now coming to a standstill, lights are going out over the entire park. The merry-makers, still in a happy state of mind, are starting for home. THE END '17 Bw Q. li? ip A ww? 4.21, ,i.l1 .g14f, Afxf V 'gfffy ff " , f ,1 f ,f4. f- M .MX Q., f,,f' N N, . J Ra b . AA, -,1f- , ' K 1,4 a :Q Ili, y a M Q-,Ng gm , ,NN , A 0- mg A - Us n kfff,fw ' Hk.l AN , , V N. SHIV! vf 2:5 wel, 2 'f z r CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS llllli IIWN WHIVS WHII HEARTBREAKERS .... FLATTERERS .... ARTISTS .......... FACULTY "DRAGS" .. ACTOR AND ACTRESS MAN HATER .... WOMAN HATER .... SONGSTERS ........ HAPPY-GO-LUCKIES . MIXERS .... DANCERS ....... SPEECHMAKERS .... MOST INTELLIGENT .... MOST COURTEOUS . . . NICEST EYES NICEST SMILES .... I-IANDSOMEST BOY . . . PRETTIEST GIRL . . . .. .EDWARD SUDOL, DOLORES KOLEK . . . .IOHN HUMENIK, IULIANA MICKEL ..STEPHEN KRUDYS, IULIANA MICKEL . . . . .DORIS HARTMANN, SAL ALESS1 . . . .IOSEPH HOLLIS, DOLORES ILOLEK .. . . . .MARY SKIMBO ............SAM SAN GEORGE . . . . . . . . .ANN HORNIK, RAY ROHSLER VIOLET SCIALAMPO, SAL BERLINGER1 . . . . . . .. .OLGA BAK, BRUNO BENNA . . . . .STANLEY BUREK, GLADYS BENT1 . . . . .RITA SCARPA, GLENN PALATINI .DORIS HARTMANN, GLENN PALATINI . .IEANETTE ROEDEMA, IOSEPH PALUH . .PAULA DE FRANCO, IOHN HUMENIK ELAINE KECICH, RICHARD VISOTCKY ...ROBERT ABOCZKY .. . . .DOLORES KOLEK KQ Q X., lg I Z i K x XMI fXJ,X,,f7 fw QjfPaiuFBw1w9Q THE JU Illlt PHIIM As we eagerly ascended the stairs of No. 8 School, our ears caught the romantic strains of music being played by George Ross and the Mellowtones. The doors swung wide and we were in a paradise of stardust and rnoon- bearns. Stars sparkled from a brilliant blue sky and a bright paper moon shone down upon the whirling dancers. The basketball nets, for the evening at least, became garlands of spring flowers and the orchestra was completely encircled by a white picket fence. Girls in a colorful array of swirling gowns and boys in evening attire added a note of festivity. And then came the big event of the evening-the Coronation. Robert Aboczky and Dolores Kolek, followed by their court, were crowned King and Queen as the orchestra played the sweet low strains of "Stardust" Dolores Kolelc and Robert Aboczlcy surrounded by members of their court just before the Coronation. l w 42 Queen Dolores Kolek and King Robert Aboczky with their attendants, Edward Sudol and Elaine Keczch SIIWBAH HHHIU Trumpets blare-are you listening? Everywhere-snow is glistening A beautiful sight, We're happy tonight . . Only it's not our "Winter Wonderland"-it's the Snowball Frolic. The air was filled With all the excitement and expectancy of the forthcoming Christmas season. Picture, once again, that huge evergreen tree bedecked with glittering lights and bright colored bulbs, those merry dancers gliding over the polished floor, the sweet strains of Allison Barton and her orchestra Yes, it all comes back-the green and red balloons bobbing up and down about the dance floor, keeping time with the soft melodious music, "snow flakes" falling from a blue sky upon the twirling dancers. The senior dance was an evening well spent and one long to be remembered. Committee members and their escorts in a gay mood at the Snowball Frolic. L, to R.: Rose Vicari, lames Amato, Rosalie Mastrangelo, Richard Visotcky, Mrs. I. Vilardo, Olga Bak, lulius Farkas. Jul lun vlv Fast-moving comedy, color, action, and drama-that was our Iunior play. Aptly entitled "Boarding School," the story concerned the unsuccessful attempts of young Phoebe Prince, "the little orphan princess," to elope with the French nobleman and fortune-hunter, Count Andre de Maupin. Although the story centers around Phoebe, she is only one of many droll and amusing characters. The rollicking comedy-the tense dramatic action and the splendid characterizations all contributed to make our Iunior play a great success. THE CAST KATIE IOHNSTON ..... ............. ............. O I ga Bak IDA EVANS ......., VICTORIA WILSON. LORETTA CARTER. . MRS. BETTINCOURT ..... PHOEBE PRINCE. .. MISS CHAMBERS. .. MISS FARADAY .... MARY LAWRENCE. MARY DYKES ...... CANNONBALL JACKSON .... MARGARET BUTTS. KID KENNEDY ..... EUPHRITES ........ WILBUR TIMKINS .... BOB VINCENT ..... DICK SLOAN .... ANDRE ......... 4 Nicolina Biancanello .. . . . .Marie Farinella . . . .Dolores Kolek . . . . .Helen Cebra . . . . .luliana Mickel . . . . .Helen Bozyk ... . . . .Lenore Dolce . . .Mary Ann Korba . . . . . . .Rita Scarpa . . . .Salvatore Alessi . . . .Lorraine Mikula .. . .. ...Ross Mamola . . . . Jacqueline Kohlrus ... . . . .Ernest Bence . . .Theodore Shuster . . . . . .Robert Derco . . . .Anthony Natoli "ASK lHl PRllltSSllIt" "Ask the Professor," a musical extravaganza, was presented by the Music Department under the direction of Mr. Herbert Fein at the close of our Iunior Year. The plot, which took place on a college campus, concerns the lite of Maryida O'Neal, a laundress' daughter, who was sent to college by Iohn and Iune Ainsworthy. The musical background was provided by a singing chorus. THE CAST MARYIDA O'NEAL ..................... Margaret Soldmann EMILY LEE ........................ ...... D olores Kolek PROFESSOR WILL BREACKEASY .... Ray Maladowitz IUNE AINSWORTHY ............ ...... A nn Hornik IOHN AINSWORTHY .... .... M ichael Fasano POLLY ................ ..... E leanor Paladini RED O'NEAL .....,... ..... I oseph Hollis TOMMY FRESHMAN .... ..... R obert Bovitz MRS. O'NEAL ....... .... A lice Bortnick SINGING CHORUS-Hedwig Becker, Dorothy Hriczov, Betty Ienco, Theresa Maciag, Doris Novack, Madeline Renna, Mildred Foster, Connie Licastri, Theresa Guzio, Agnes Lakefield, Edward Flinta, Henry Tencza, Iohn Humenik, Chester Kwiatkowski, Iohn Kozma, Ierry Ianowski, Anthony Natoli, Amelia and Marie Dietel, Eleanor Dynes, Eleanor Macko, Lillian Kmetz, William Iracki, Richard Fadil, Richard Grenelle, Michael Fasano and Iohn Mihalecsko. DANCING CHORUS-Lois Pantees, Rita Scarpa, Doris Sulyovszky, Madeline Koenig, Dolores Bashaw, Ella Nardino, Doris Maitland, Katherine Kopchak, Iuliana Mickel, Ellen Nestler, Frances Zemlonsky, Gladys Urgovitch, Ioan Salisky and Doris Novack. 45 CHRISTMAS C0 IIERI Maroon choral robes, usherettes in evening gowns, a large Christmas tree in the hall and the beautiful strains of beloved Christ- mas Carols-all were contributing factors in making our traditional Christmas Concert a memorable one. With such soloists as Ann Hornik, Margaret France, and Her- man Schwedler, accompanied by Rosalie Liberti, Irene Hliba, Frances Conoscenti, and Walter Taormina, the Music Departments of the High School presented the concert under the direction of Messrs. Herbert Fein and Alfred Spurr. The program included both traditional and modern favorites by both vocal and instrumental groups, and ended, as always, with the entire ensemble and audience singing the beloved "Silent Night." 46 N- JW , Ia E ,xQQ-X X f2?5' Wx Q-vu , 1 Q55 S W if 1943 0? MASS I IH 4- f 'MW m VFW. Q ' v 2 3' Wag ffm bFf:'g3,gl'?af'Eif"N'1" ,. g , W ' 1 'H fm X5 ,Q -if E 25 5' .,,.. , A-..,: ...Q. ..'.,h I QA , :., ywanig 'V . f 'ff QW sf Q if sg Qi I Y ww? Y' A3 W Q- gr W ,Q hw .k.4. ,t ii fm Q M W J , x ' - f 'ii A S 'TEH +252 .Sf 'ff X H- 41, M6 jf fi K Q if W 'wa M vw 2: 3 'W N A " :':f:'751: K 5 -- W aww, 4, A km 'V , 5' M ? 4 4 , 'K 1 '1 N2 jk ' 51 wiv . Sf H150 IH MASS IHI EfiUifiF5 Qi ff X! X SEATED-Left to right: L. Dolce, E. Kilgus, G. Opiekun, A. Zalewski, I. Mickel, R. Mamola, M. Farinella, R. Santo, D. Tylicke, D. Hartmann, R. Vicari, I. Roedema, D. Novack, D. Kolek, D. Sulyovszlcy. STANDING-E Elinta, R. Scarpa, M. De Franco, 1. Kohlrus, O. Bak, M. A. Korba, O. Novak, M. Ladika, R. Mastrangelo, P Hudak, A. Pizzimenti, T. Guzio, V. Scialampo, P. De Franco, M. David, F. Zemlonsky, l. Salisky, L. Mikula, E Plllllllt A Il Gtllll MARTHA SCACCIAFERRO Adviser FLORENCE ADVER ANGELA MARTINO Business Advisers ROBERT SANTO, DAVID TYLICKE Co-Editors SAL ALESSI Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF: Marie Farinella, Doris Hartmann, Ross Mamola, Iuliana Mickel, Ieanette Roedema, Ed- ward Sudol, Rose Vicari. LITERARY STAFF: Iune Elias, Edward Flinta, Doris Hartmann, Eleanor Kilgus, Mary Ann Korba, Doris Novack, Rita Scarpa. SENIOR SECTION: Marie David, Paula De Franco, Marie Farinella, Lorraine Mikula, Ioan Salisky, Doris Sulyovszky, Frances Zemlonsky. ACTIVITIES STAFF: Olga Bak, Theresa Guzio, Lillian Knapp, Marjorie Ladika, Doris Maitland, Angie Pizzi- rnenti, Ieanette Roedema, Elaine Super. QUOTATIONS: Helen Bozyk, Patricia Hudak, Iacqueline Kohlrus, Dolores Kolek, Rosalie Mastrangelo, Agnes Zalewski. PHOTOGRAPHY: Ioseph Fedor, Ross Mamola, Olga Novak, Violet Scialampo. SPORTS: Robert Aboczky, Gladys Benti, Edward Sudol. TYPISTS: Mae De Franco, Elvira Fatuova, Rosalie Salerno. lllll BS CENTRAL ORGANIZATION scHooL NO. 6 Mr. Martin A. Rieschl ........ Adviser Olga Bak .................. President Sylvia Di Giovanni .... Vice-President Rina Craighero .,.. ...... S ecretary Doris Novack . . . . ..... Treasurer SCHOOL No. 9 Blanche L. Scott, Frances Casella .........,.,.,.,.. Advisers Ruth Monash .. ....... Presideni Iulius Farkas ..... .... V ice-President Mary Ziemba ..... ...... S ecretary Geraldine Figylar .... ..... T reasurer SERVICE LEAGUE SCHOOL NO. 6 Miss Alice Martin Olga Bak ........ Ross Marnola ....i Gladys Benti ,..... Ieanette Roederna . SCHOOL Mr. Stephen Stirba Santa Bartello ..... Mary Ziernba ...... Eleanor Kopchak . . Irene Nedwick . . . . . .Adviser . . . . .President Vice-President . .,.... Secretary . . . ...,. Treasurer 9 .. . . . .Adviser . . . . .President Vice-Presidenf . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer EHIBS DRAMATIC CLUB scHooL No. 6 Mrs, Mabel Grady .......... Adviser Rita Scarpa ,............... President Ioseph Hollis ,.... . . .Vice-President Doris Novack ...... ...... S ecretary Iacqueline Kohlrus . .. .... Treasurer scHooL NO. 9 Mrs. Lillian P. Pirrone ....... Adviser Mae Bolcar .........i...... President Irene Sudol . . . ..... Vice-President Ianet Lohsen .... ........ S ecretary Mildred Tantillo . . . ...... Treasurer LIBRARY COUNCIL SCHOOL No. 6 Miss Eleanora Rinaldi ........ Adviser Dorothy Hayzer ...... ..... P resident Helen Krzych ..... .... S ecretary Carmella Saggio .. .... Treasurer scHooL No. 9 Mrs. Mary P. Roman ........ Adviser Virginia Hudak ............ President Vinnie Cacciatore ...,. Vice-President Olga Humenik ..... ...... S ecretary Iule Williamson . , . .... Treasurer lIlllllS CAMERA CLUB scHooL No. 6 Mr. Salvatore Franzino ..... Adviser loseph Fedor ......... Thomas Gasior . . . Helen Rusnak Milton Moroz . .. SCHOOL NO. Miss Muriel Sacks .... George Balla ..... Rocco Garrone . .. Phyllis Sassano . . . Anna Muro ..... . . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer 9 . . . . . .Adviser . . . . .President Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer KNITTING CLUB scHoo1. No. 6 Miss Martha F. Scacciaierro. .Adviser Winifred Hodgson .......... President Susan Veleber .... SCHOOL NO, . . . .Secretary 9 Miss Iulia Novack .......... Adviser Iudith Fasso ...... Barbara Chicko . . . . . . .President . . . ,Secretary lIlUIlS SUB-DEB CLUB Mrs. Frances Gaynor ....... Adviser Patricia Hudak ............. President Betty Boncmno ........ Vice-President Theresa Guzio ............. Secretary Lillian Karpinchik . . . ' .... Treasurer MODERN MISS CLUB Mrs. Frances Gaynor ........ Adviser Genevieve Opiekun ......i. President loyce Sterruzzo ....... Vice-President Beatrice D'Agostino ......... Secretary Antoinette Scalera .. .... Treasurer TRI-HI-Y Rita Scarpa ............... President Olga Bak ............. Vice-President Carmella Saggio . . . ...... Secretary Eleanor Litschauer .. .... Treasurer LINCOLN HI-Y Mr. Arlin M. Gelatt ........ Adviser Glenn Palatini ............. President Ioseph Zuwatsky ..... Vice-President Stephen Krudys . . . ...... Secretary Paul Wuerfel . .. .... Treasurer NURS COMMERCIAL CLUB Mrs. Mary Boesel ............ Adviser Boy Foti .......... ....... P resident Marie Langieri .. .... Vice-President Lois Mitchell . . . ..... Secretary Ethel Carbone . . . . . .Treasurer STENO CLUB Miss Teresa Bonelli ......... . Adviser Iosephine Cimino .......... President Iune Elias ............. Vice-President Lorraine Moroz .. ..... Secretary Somaya Fadil ..... Treasurer COMMANDO CLUB Mr. Iohn Hollis ......... Peter Buben .... .... Harry Cairns . . . . . . .Vice-President Iohn Nunno .... . Walter Dahl . . . . ART CLUB Mrs. Olga B. Kenselaar . . . . . .Adviser . . . . .President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . . . .Adviser Sonia Dolishny ............. President Bruno Benna .......... Vice-President Stephanie Kolano .......... Secretary Robert Grembowitz . . ..... Treasurer lIllIBS CHESS CLUB SCHOOL No. 6 Mr. Ernest Coleman ......... Adviser Iohn Zrybko, Ioseph Zuwatsky ........ Presidents Arthur Nalesnyk, Ioseph Fedor . . . . . .Secretaries Stanley Burek .... ..... T reasurer scHooL No. 9 Mr. Stephen Veliky ........... Adviser David Gall ................ President Robert O'Shalkin ...... Vice-President Robert Shayway . .Secretary-Treasurer IUNIOR ENGINEERING CLUB Mrs. Helen Blackford ........ Adviser Ioseph Spezio .............. President Andrew Kroll .......... Vice-President Stanley Wdowiak ......... Secretary Rosario Pedone . .. ..... Treasurer RADIO CLUB Mr. Arlin M. Gelatt .......... Adviser Ioseph Paluh ............... President William Petrasek ...... Vice-President Connie De Salvo .... ..... S ecretary George Vargo .... ..,. T reasurer IIHIBS THE QUILL Miss Eleanore Teresinski .... Adviser Doris Hartmann, , Lillian Knapp .......... Co-Editors Lois Pantess .,....... Feature Editor Agnes Lakefield. . .Super-Snoop Editor Anthony Verga ........ Sports Editor Robert Santo .... .... L ayout Editor Milton Moroz .. .... Photographer PRESS CLUB Mrs. Rose C. Lascari ........ Adviser Ruth Monash ............... President Vilma Palatini ........ Vice-President Elizabeth Nicklus .. ...... Secretary Margaret Babey . .. .... Treasurer LANGUAGE CLUB Mr. Norman Riskin ......... Adviser Richard Pristas ............. President Margaret Larko ....... Vice-President Tillie Lo Biondo . .. ....... Secretary Evelyn Schuster . . . .... Treasurer ANNEX PATROL BOYS Mr, Frank A. Paparozzi ...... Adviser Michael Zuccaro .,..,....... President Donald Farinella ...... Vice-President Anthony Spatore .... ..... S ecretary Dominic Di Salvo . .. .... Treasurer CIIIBS EDISONIAN SCIENCE CLUB Mr. Nicholas Casini ........ Adviser Glenn Palatini ............. President loseph Paluh .......,.. Vice-President Samuel San George ........ Secretary SCIENCE CLUB Mr. Alphonse D'Acierno ..... Adviser Alfred Spitzner ............. President Alex Gletow ........... Vice-President Anthony Spatore ........... Secretary Donald Farinella . .. ...... Treasurer IUNIOR RED CROSS Miss Angela Martino ........ Adviser Lorraine Gyongyosi ......... President Elizabeth Garippa ..... Vice-President Marion Ianosky .Secretary-Treasurer DISCUSSION CLUB Mr. Peter V. Tengi .......... Adviser Eugene Gusciora ........... President Robert Elasik .......... Vice-President Iohn Seno .... ...... S ecretary Iohn Estok .... ..., T reasurer lIllIBS IUNIOR PROBIES Miss Florence Adler ........ Adviser Doris Hartmann ............ President Angie Pizzi ........... Vice-President Theresa Maciag ............ Secretary HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Miss Loretta laciofano ....... Adviser Irene Babyak .............. President Mary Oeser ........... Vice-President Marie Cacciatore .......... Secretary Dorothy Yow .. . .... Treasurer HANDICRAFT CLUB Mrs, Iosephine Godowski .... Adviser Gloria Palatini ............. President Margaret Morawa .... Vice-President and Secretary Audrey Demrner . ....... Treasurer CHEERLEADERS Miss Rose Porcelli .......... Adviser Betty Bonanno .............. Captain lIlllBS GLEE CLUB Mr. Alfred Spurr ............ Adviser Iohn Russo ................. President Ioyce Nogrczdy ........ Vice-President Eleanor Vergcx . . . ....... Secretary MIXED CHORUS Messrs. Herbert Fein cmd Herbert Miller ............ Advisers BAND Mr. Alfred Spurr ............ Adviser Iulicma Mickel ...... Drum Mcxjorette TWIRLERS Mr. Alfred Spurr ............ Adviser Doris Pearce ..... .... C hief Twirler k,.,,lK 55 n If f -N YN :fx 4,4 wg f 43 ,- JSR 4 X N .........'6'.,.fiL......xLC?f,,.'1ix FIRST HOW, left to right, seated: Staliord, Albanese, Bovitz, Ludwig, Garrone, Furman, Shmelgelski, Rigolosi, Piasecke. SECOND ROW, seated: Scholtz, Aboczky, Walenczyk, Ber- lingeri, Stanlca, Di Salvo, Paluh, Bizik, Tantillo, Kroll, Kwiatkowski. THIRD ROW, standing: Coach De Vito, Arendacs, Stemplcowski, Kopacka, Calendrillo, Ottogalli, Scussel, Sedlack, Saccomano, Dudas, Plokhooy, Verga, Coach Denby. FOURTH ROW, standing: Coach Hollis, Horvath, Mislcolcy, Barcellona, Digirolamo, Walenczylc, Piela, Klemm, Pierce, Farkas, Fadil, Wilk, Kowalik, Farinella, Lopez. FIFTH HOW, standing: Di Salvo, Lohsen, Magee, Franke, Kwiatkowski, Kazmarcik, Elasik, Schweighardt, Filliman. Hllllllllll Despite the pessimistic views ot many ot the squad's followers earlier in the 1945 season, the Boilermakers achieved a very impressive record. Playing one ot the long- est and most difficult schedules in our ath- fl tg? ' it letic history, our team Won six, tied one and lost four games. The jinx that for so many years in- sisted on plaguing our previous teams struck this year with all the fury of a gale gone Wild. The weather also contributed- Saturdays were either rainy, hot or freez- ingly cold. There was none ot the fine loot- ball Weather one reads about. Although the pre-season letterman list numbered nearly thirty, injuries or circumstances beyond the control ot any individual cut into this im- posing group. From the very beginning, it became quite obvious to our following, as Well as to others, that a sixty-minute first team would be necessary. On the bench at the Dickinson game. SCHEDULE Garfield 19 ...... Carteret 19 Garfield B .... Asbury Park U Garfield 0 . . . . . .Irvington 18 Garfield 20 .... ........ P assaic 13 Garfield 6 ....... East Rutherford 17 Garfield 26 ....... Paterson Central U Garfield 28 .. .... Bloomfield U Garfield 0 ........ Dickinson 6 Garfield 33 ..... Paterson Eastside 13 Garfield U .. ........... Clifton 37 Co Captains Ben Walenczyk, Chet Kwiatkowski and Eddie Scholtz talk it over with Manager Dave Tylicke. In practice as well as in regular game time, injuries mounted. This specter alone was our opponents' most potent wea- pon. It seemed that, along with the difficult schedule, We were presented with more broken arms and noses, as well as other diverse injuries, than in any other athletic season. With travel restrictions now removed, the Purple and Gold saw action in Asbury Park and Carteret. We hope that these schools will remain on our schedule. One other new team to our schedule was St. Mary's of Rutherford in a post-season game which was played for the benefit of the American Legion. A tense moment in the Passaic game as Scholtz Connie Calendrillo smiles as he carries the ball to carries the ball. victory. MW? 4 ' .H 5 3 52 A , 'f'3- V. 'fe' 'K , intl. si. -f. vm " " i.. 'O , rx a ff jf f. ' . Q fig-fre ' llASKllBAll LEFT TO RIGHT-First row: R. Marek, B. Benna, S. Burek, H. Ptak. Second row: I. Zrybko, Coach Hollis, W. Volosin, R. Grembowitz. Third row: I. Kelsall, I. Paluh, G. Vargo. I Although our basketball team amassed twelve victories in a sixteen-game schedule, it failed to win the Valley Confer- ence title by losing to both Passaic and to Paterson Central by a very slight margin. In both cases, time was the disputed and deciding factor. ln the post-season Iambo- ree, the Wearers of the Purple and Gold won two out of the three games. For the second time, Passaic proved to be their nemesis. However, "hope springs eternal in the human breast," so perhaps next year, we'l1 have that championship team. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Garfield 39 Garfield 37 Garfield 37 Garfield 33 Garfield 26 Garfield 58 Garfield Bl Garfield 51 Garfield 39 Garfield 42 Garfield 49 Garfield 35 Garfield 43 Garfield 52 Garfield 63 Garfield 59 Garfield 59 Garfield 30 Garfield 56 ..................Irvington 19 ...........Thomas Iefferson 43 ..........Dickinson35 ............Passaic 30 . . . . . . . . .Paterson Central Z8 .. ............ Clifton 40 .. .... Paterson Eastside 42 . . . . . . . .East Rutherford 21 ..........Passaic40 .. ....... Bloomfield 41 ...........St.Mary's37 . . . . . . . . .Paterson Central 35 .. ............ Clifton 41 . . . . . . . .Paterson Eastside 28 . .. .. . . .. .. .East Rutherford 38 ..............Perth Amboy 34 Iarnboree-East Rutherford 31 . . . . . . . . .Iamboree--Passaic 53 . . . . . . . .Iamboree-Clifton 44 BASEBAH LEFT TO RIGHT-FIRST ROW: Kutyla, Chicko, Kelsall, Aboczky, Manopoli, Petrasek, Grem- bowitz. SECOND ROW: Coach De Vito, Walencyzk, Ccmgialosi, Ottogczlli, S. Verga, Obal, Struab, Yuhas, A. Verga. THIRD ROW: Zecker, Woicik, Barcellona, Pierce, Plucinski, Chmiel, ledniny, Schmegelski, Hcmdzo, Gaydos. Our baseball schedule this year con- sists of fourteen games-ten scheduled against Valley Conference foes, and inde- pendent clashes against Lodi, Ridgewood, Kearny and Irvington. Our hopes for the Conference title lie in the tact that we have players back from last year, including a number one battery. Most of the games will be played at the recently finished Garfield Memorial Sta- dium, with the rest of them scheduled to be played away. As is the custom, the season will be brought to a close with a game against our age-old enemy, Passaic High School, on May 29 at the Garfield Stadium. GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1947 April 18 ..... LODI ........... Away April 22 ..... RIDGEWOOD ....... Home April 24 ..... KEARNY ............ Away April Z8 ..... PATERSON EASTSIDE Away May 1 ..... EAST RUTHERFORD . Home May 3 ..... IRVINGTON ......... Home May 5 ..... PATERSON CENTRAL Away May 8 ..... CLIFTON ........... Home May 12 ..... PASSAIC ........... Away May 15 ..... PATERSON EASTSIDE Home May 19 ..... EAST RUTHERFORD . Away May 22 ..... PATERSON CENTRAL Home May Z6 ..... CLIFTON ........... Away May Z9 ..... PASSAIC . .. Home 67 An absorbed trio reading the sports page Six lair damsels all in a row Two little maids talking it over-over the fence Coming back trom assembly at the Ritz 5 School's out! Mrs. Crsini at her desk Benna and Manopoli in a playful mood Our cutest couple, Betty and Brot A happy quartet on the school steps 1. Your move-at the Chess Club session 2. Scramble tor the ball! 3. Basketball Co-captains Bu- relc and Benna talking strat- egy with Coach Hollis 4. Our seniors arriving at the Snowball Frolic 5. Bruno attempting to tap the ball at the Irvington game 6. Mr. Casini explaining a point in Chem Lab. 7. Now, hold that high C, girls ot the Chorus 8. Stempkowski losing his shirt and the ball at the Passaic game MRS. MADELINE MASTRANGELO MR. AND MRS. P. A. WUERFEL MR. AND MRS. A. YONDOLINO MR. AND MRS. W. T. ZAK MR. AND MRS. M. ZALEWSKI MR. AND MRS. I. ZANOTTI MR. AND MRS. S. ZEMLONSKY MR. AND MRS. N. ZRYBKO MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. BIANCANELLO CHARLES CANGELOSI M. DE LANCEY L. DE ROSE A. DURKOVIC FATUOVA G. GIMON N. IASKOT WILLIAM KOLEK, SR. MARGARET KORBA SOPHIE KRUDYS MICHAEL LATZA I. MAITLAND MRS. A. MARCHESE MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS IENNIE MONACO LOUISE OTTER M. PEARCE KATHERINE POTOCKI FRANCES ROBERTS ROSE SEDLAR IOSEPHINE SUCOROWSKI CARRIE TANTILLO VERONICA VARGO SOPHIE WOLOS A. ZIMMERMAN IULIA BENIGNO MARIANNE BIZIK HELEN BOYKAS MARGARET BUZANSKY HELEN S. CEBRA THERESA CIFFO ROSE CIRELLO MARIE DAVID MARY DEC CATHERINE DEMMIE MARY GALL MARY KOLEK KAY KOPCHAK IULIA KOSKE DOROTHY LISTNER ELIZABETH MANNERS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS PAIIHIS HELENE VASILENKO EDITH WUERFEL HELEN ZMUDSKY GRACE CANGELOSI DOROTHY DE PEO IEAN DE LANCEY ELEANOR and DO'THY DIVAK LENORE DOLCE GENEVIEVE T. DZWILEWSKI SARAH FANTAUZZO MARGARET FEYO ESTHER GALLETLY IEAN GIMON ANNE HORNIK LILLIAN KARPINCHK MARY ANN KORBA HELEN KRZYCH MARIE AND CATH. LO BRUNO CAROLINE MIHALECSKO CARMELA SAGGIO MARY SKIMBO SALLY ANN ZRYBKO MR. CHARLES SIMOLDONI MR. ROGER SULYOVSZKY MR. LOUIS A. VISOTCKY MR. IOSEPH IAMES WALLACE MR. LOUIS ZALEWSKI ALICE AND IOHNNY ANGIE AND YANKO ANNE AND FEL ARLENE AND WAYNE SHEETS AUDREY AND YOLANDA BETTY AND ADAM BOB AND CHARLOTTE C. AND L. DRY CLEANERS DORIS AND DAVE DOT AND IO EDDIE AND GLADYS EDWARD AND DOT HRICZOV ELAINE AND LARRY ELVIRA AND CHARLIE ERNIE AND STEVE FRAN AND ART FRANK R. SULICK AND SHIRLEY MISS ELLA AND OLGA MELICHER MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS ELEANOR MILANICK ALICE ROSE MEYER IUNE NOVACK MARGARET OTTERBACH CAROL PAZIN I. RUSNAK MISS MARIE AND BEATRICE SANTO MISS MISS RITA IOAN SCARPA IOSEPHINE SPOTO MR. IOSEPH ALESSI MR. THEODORE BOYKAS MR. S. BONANNO MR. IOSEPH BUZANSKY MR. CHARLES CANGELOSI MR. F. GIAMMERELLA MR. L. GUSCIORA MR. BEN I. KOPACZ MR. IOHN KRZYCH MR. MICHAEL LATZA PFC. PETER B. NORDYK MR. ROBERT ORDAS MR. I. P. SIMONARO MR. IOHN SOLTIS MR. PETER ZASOWSKI MR. CHARLES ALBANESE MR. ALFRED I. BELFONDO MR. FELIX IDOCI BLANCHARD MR. IERRY CUCCIA MR. GLENN DAVIS MR. ANTHONY DE ROSE MR. HERBERT DOERFER MR. FRANK DZWILEWSKI MR. RAY FRANKE MR. IOHN FRANKOVSKY MR. DAVID GARIPPA MR. SAMUEL SAN GEORGE MR. IOHN HOVANEC MR. BOB KILROY MR. I. KLEIN MR. STANLEY KOLASA MR. MIKE MALEC MR. EDDIE MANGANELLO MR. IOHN L. MARCHESE MR. EDWARD OPIEKUN MR. IOSEPH E. ROBERTS MR. IOSEPH SCIALAMPO 70 GARFIELD PACKERS GARY AND ELEANOR HEIDI AND COOKIE IACKIE AND DOLORES IO AND ERNIE IOYCE AND IOE KNAPP TWINS LORETTA AND CHARLIE LORRAINE AND GLORIA LARRY AND ROCCO LUCKY AND HOLLY LYDIA AND VIOLET MAE AND PAT MARGE AND NAT MARIE AND IIMMIE MILLIE AND ANTHONY TANTILLO MR. AND MRS. M. BAK, SR. MR. AND MRS. C. BALDANZA MR. AND MRS. S. BARKUS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. C. I. BASCH A. BARTELLO A. BECKER, IR. P. BELFONDO I. BENCE I. BENTI F. BERLINGERI I. E. BIZIK W. BOGNAR N. BOZYK I. BUREK A. BUTCHKO A. CAMICIOLI B. CAMILLI S. CANGELOSI F. CARLETTO I. GIAMMARELLA I. GRACEFFO AND MRS. I. GREMBOWITZ AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. I. GUSCIORA A. GUZIO H. M. HARTMANN L. V. HARTMANN M. HAUSSLER C. HLIBA I. HOLLIS I. HORNIK W. HOVANEC L. HRICZOV I. HUDAK I. IAKUBOWSKI B. IESCERZEWSKI N. KARPINCHIK M. KECICI-I A. KILGUS V. KMIECIK I. KNAPP I. KOHLRUS I. KOLASA W. KOLEK, IR. AND MRS. M. KOSHLAP AND MRS. S. KOSKE AND MRS. S. KROMKA, IR. AND MRS. W. KUCHENREUTHER AND MS. A. LA BASH AND MRS. A. LAIOSA AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS C. LAKEFIELD P. LAZZARRO F. LIBERTI T. LICCIARDI F. LITSCHAUER A. LO BRUNO M. LUKAC F. MACIAG M. MACUNOWICH H. MAITLAND MAICHER C. MAMOLA P. MANGANELLO P. MANOPOLI MANSKIE F. MARCHINI F. MARTIN T. MATZINOWICH. A. MESKO I. MEYER AND MRS. I. MICKEL AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. M. MIKULA M. MOROZ I. MOSCKVAN P. NORDYK I. I. NOVACK S. F. OBAL OPIEKUN A. OSSI OSTROWSKI AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. O. PALATINI I. G. PALUH I. PANTESS I. PASHINSKY T. PASTERNAK L. PESKIN W. PETRONCHAK I. PIANNETTINI A. PIZZI F. PIZZIMENTI E. C. POMYKALA I. PRUZINSKY I. ROHSLER K. ROEDEMA A. RUFUNDO I. RUSNAK I. RUST C. SAGGIO A. SALERNO S. SALERNO W. SALISKY S. SALVIA A. SAN GEORGE S. SANTO G. SCARPA AND MRS. T. SCARPA AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS 1. sc1ALAMPo F. srsmwzzo M. SIMKO P. SIMONARO 1. SKAWINSKI A. SKIMBO 1. sLoTA V. 1. SPALUTTO 1. sPoTo 1. STACK, IR. s. STANKA P. STRAUB G. sUDoL V. suLYoVszKY 1. SUPER N. TARSIA M. TENCZA c. TUMINIA A. TYLICKE 1. URGOVITCH A. USCHAK 1. 1. VALos L. VANDER SANDE 1. VARGO T. VEHGA s. VICARI L. Vzsorcxy P. VLADYKA E. A. WENZEL 1. wox T, Wos 1. cz-:BRA 7 I MR. AND MRS. G. CHERUP MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. F. CHMIEL N. CHOMA F. CIFFO I. CIMINO C. CIRELLO L. COZIC MR. AND MRS. T. DAVID MR. AND MRS. P. DAVIDUK MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. I. DAVIS M. DEC I. DEMKO C. DEMMIE I. DERCO A. DE FALCO D. DE FEO F. DE FRANCO S. DE FRANCO S. DE FRANZA M. DIORIO M. DIVAK MR. AND MRS. L. DE SALVO MR. AND MRS. E. DOERFER MR. AND MS. A. DOLCE MR. AND MRS. A. ELIAS MR. AND MRS. R. FANTAUZZO MR. AND MRS. I. FILLIMAN MR. AND MRS. I. FEYO MR. AND MRS. E. FLINTA MR. AND MRS. F. FOCARINO MR. AND MRS. I. FOSTER MR. AND MRS. M. FRANKOVSKY MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. A. GABOR I. GALL F. GARIPPA S. GASIOR T. GASIOR NALLY, BUCK, BROWN AND BOBO NICKIE AND HELEN OLGA AND PHYLLIS PAT AND VIC PEANUTS AND DON ROS AND GENE ROSALIE AND ANGIE RIPPERS CO-EDS SHOEY SMOOCH AND ANDY, Ska SWINGETTES TERRITO AND SONS TERRY AND TUMMY TERRY AND PAT PIZZI THE MORE THE MERRIERS "X" AND BENCE WAPITI CO-EDS 1946-1947 WILLARETTS WALT AND IOYCE DORIS AND NETTE GAYAWEES ting Team Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1947 NORTH IERSEY SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 625 Main Avenue PASSAIC, NEW IERSEY BOOSTERS Charles Market Cherokees-1945-1946 Coremin's Moving and Storage I. Cuccia, Expert Electric Shoe Repairing Peter Di Franco and Sons Mr. and Mrs. M. Eiron Ioseph Fedor Iohn Fila, Butcher and Grocer Mr. and Mrs. B. Friedermann Harry F usco-Groceries and Meats Garfield Sea Food Gee's Sweet Shoppe Goldy's Sweet Shoppe Benjamin Greene Hill-Top Bakery Howe Ave. Garage Mr. and Mrs. Michael Humenik Iivin' Iills Ioe and Ioan Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Kaminski S. Kasper, Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Kohout's Bakery Libby's Sweet Shoppe Lou's Cleaning and Pressing Mayfair Venetian Blind Co. Miskuff's Meat Market Mitchel1's Tailors N.B.M. Radio and Appliances Mr. and Mrs. W. Nebiker Ex-Councilman and Mrs. W. A. Petrasek Pra's Beauty Salon I. Puzino, Heating and Oil Burner Installations Rhinehart's Service Station Mr. Ioseph Ristuccia Royal Auto Sales Mr. and Mrs. William Sinkovits The Sugar Bowl Tootsie's Service Station Wichitas 72 l ,, 1 lf, GARFIELD TRUST COMPANY "The Friendly Bank" Oilers Felicitations and Best Wishes to Class of 1947 You Must Be As Proud OI Your Success As We Are Of Ours We Pride Ourselves In Being The Largest Financial Institution In Garfield And Having Served This Com- munity For Over 20 Years. Complete Banking Facilities For The Individual, Industry And Business. 12 Outwater Lane GARFIELD. N. I. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 73 Pa. 2-8688 PF NICASTRO STUDIO YOUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 196 Harrison Avenue GARFIELD. N. I. PG 74 Phone: Passaic 2-8724 P. MICHELOTTI 6. SONS, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Road Builders and Excavators 103 Grenelle Avenue GARFIELD, N. I. -,ff EMIL'S MARKET 44 Plauderville Avenue GARFIELD, N. I. if STANLEY SWEET SHOP 21 Plauderville Avenue GARFIELD. N. I. GARFIELD GUARDIAN GariieId's Home Newspaper PRINTING 121 Midland Avenue GARFIELD, N. I. Best Wishes from the GARFIELD WOMAN'S CLUB 75 MANHATTAN LINES Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF '47 Phone: Passaic 3-0977 'ik' HY SPIRIT WINE cl LI UOR STORE an Q HARTMANN. INC. 76 Iewell Street GARFIELD. N. 1. Makers Of 7 FINE LACES and INSIGNE Phone: Passaic 2-8667 C 1 ' M- LYONS ongratu atlons DIAMONDS - WATCHES CLASS QF 1947 SILVERWARE 53 Broadway 75? PASSAIC. N. I . ee' ' Who is the owe with il Smile . " GIRL very much like you-perhaps she lives on your block or went to your school. She's friendly, wants to get ahead, and takes pride in a iob that counts in her community. She dresses well, too, on a salary that is the highest in tele- phone history. Yes, she likes it here-the interesting work, the pleasant surroundings, the feeling of working with young people like herself, You will like it here, too. And your Vocational Guidance Di- rector can tell you how easy it is to become a "Voice with a Smile" after you graduate. Ask her today. New Jersey Bell Telephone Company l77 Compliments Compliments ot ot cz GEORGE TOTH FRIEND ANN'S C. BENIGNO'S SERVICE STATION 60 Iewell Street GARFIELD, N. I. SWEET SHOPPE 219 Outwater Lane Next to School No. 5 SUNDAES OUR SPECIALTY BERGEN COUNTY CLEANERS 6. DYERS 258 Midland Avenue GARFIELD, N. I. Compliments ot WILLIAM SALEK 345 Lanza Avenue GARFIELD, N. I. Ph Passaic 2-8632 HARRISON FLORIST TABBY'S OF GARFIELD U 94 Iewell Street Choice Flowers For All Occaszo 194 Harrison Avenue GARFIELD. N. I. GARFIELD, N. I. For the l3th Consecutive Year, "CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS!" Congratulating the graduating class of Garfield High School is becoming an old custom at the First National Bank in Garfield. We have been doing it since 1934 and we look forward to it each year! Welcoming graduates as depositors is also becoming quite a tradition at the First National, for each passing year finds us serving more and more of the Purple and Gold Alumni. That is why when you bank at the First National in Garfield, sooner or later, you are bound to meet class mates of former years. Some of our depositors graduated with the class of '23! What better recommendation for making this Bank your bank when you graduate from school days to earning days. FIRST NATICNAL BANK IN GARFIELD Corner Passaic Street and Midland Avenue Phone: Passaic 2-0560 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 79 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CITY OF GARFIELD .Icy , , J ? Qsl 2' . 4 , 1. Hs, 5 5 K.: . V TIQK ' TSE' ' -5' ,-1' 5- ' ' 9+ X . .gg if-1-. 4 Q f I 1 " '3'7'1' Q,3"Fff' 7 ' P' Rr , 2 3 IVV' fi.. " ax ii .',, , , ' A - my ' f 4 f-, M Q I X 5 . 4-, V QF kg-A Q T-J V' 12, Q .gg A rx 1, '1,-M M Q L Wg, 5 Q 4 . fr , W JD JD, Q 1. ,UTA 2 f v 3 . -If- .Y , 53-1- - .. is qs:-zffgrk ,f ' 'Q lv I . , ,PL AH X if b M' , . , .1 .4 J K 1 yrx , 'I Sf" iv W Z ' , , V , He,5- '- , 'fi-hz' , A 1 W - ' ':'.- .11 - ,V ,ci - 7 -fiftxj XY -L "fi: "ZF ., s , , ,,..,W V' , 1 fe g25?agqQ1 . .y ' Ja 'gifb I gy ' V A gy A-'nw IA, . .1 , .,f"'g. if " .'-'-Q 1 ff- L,,g - gg,-4 - -, 4-gg' 3,4 V ."X"s,q u'l59:1Vh I-X' ah' -4 1 - g,g,f'.',- fm-Mai -. 13" , A , A nr?a' 'J Wil' gf' k - , 1--'J-'Ffa-..'.','1f" M, " x- - , v ,,.,-iw'-w.-5,-1:L - w g1n?' . ,,. . ' - .-::-Lf'.g.L- ' w fQ:1'i?,, - i'1if"'I'fa ,-1.1 Q- 1, , . -f Q j -7157! A Y. ff., 415. ISL- , x "' J Q"1' " 1-:-'NZ' 'A-'.'A X155 J Q5-I V A -1- f " Qifflgi?-3,' A L sigh,-' - f ' 4,2411 ' if F., 2-.4 I . , ,if " - , ':.4Q,' . F. 3 ' - -X ' 'L ,-',1-'J ' 4 1, ' . J. , N, -RJ. - .. - ,, , -,.-L ,f FLM, A -- ,,,, , V ' V . ' -3.32 I-4 W5 -di' --' AV 5 ,,,,Q,. l,!, ,K V uf., V ,-'f,, f' 1-' X . sr 1- if 1 "e'g'a.'f- 1. 195 3 - , if-,iv ' A , . I sigh-.4 :gig 35,41 3 414 W, 3v1.?T?'a' --If -iif .g.t 2.3 - M, My - ' ., ',,-ghvlg 1 .gf -9 ' Q L ...4-M' ' A - 1159, ,. Jw -. - -ff , ' fu "KS af 'PN Tl., .H 5. - r , 5? , . '- W, :QV f-'H'-fZ:b:z4'-121833 '-'H :f ' - i A - K- - , . . X ' , 1? -'J ifsikf Q5fV-fifh - ' i A V' 'Y f ' I 5' A' '- . 2a-ffm Lf uf," K ' ,, " ' 'r Q? Jw 7- 5 Y' D.. K-fi-.f1f'f,31:"'e'-f-Q "7 - -, -fu if ' 1 r. i- 9, ff- -,,.,.-,,- ,lffp i.,,,v4. -. , A.-, 4 6 .U f fm: .f in ,QL rf 5 W 1 '57",Q- '-f'v.?f,i, Y T54 1' ' -V I-I - ' ', ,i :, -, JJ ' frfsggiax A 'Q-,li-fzffe-,,.fv . 'S - ' !..5fs'- 2? +qz,gNff'.,E H. X I qw'-gi ,M ,fan R. r .Tm . 5,1 :gr r 1 fn.: v , ., ,,,: -.v fa, f,.,..,--, ,qt -- ,- ,- ,gf , ings, , .. .1 V., A ' v.4'I'yf--35,1-:-'.g,.v,-,L '. '-W.,-,.',j"4L , " '-JJ. 'f I . vr -.,g-w.-- -Ury, '- - ' -'- 1 W -- f - ,-1.5 , ,. f : -rf .r , . . i 1 1 M1 h cl Y ,-.. .- 43 ' s-, 'a-gqfwnw A 4 - -- V-N -w, , . K 1, , . - - - s.-,H ,' - Q . 4 M: .,, '-ff Marv-21-' ' 1 v v w v ' ::. .wx ' - ff -I fi? aj 1 . fit 3' A za' ' 1 -j . K 84 if -4, 11' 4. vi X ? 4 - 4 4 M. '41 ,zu -1 3,4 I 1 'A 1 1 'B -a 5 5 wx 7' , .m,4wn1 ' . ff f' '.'i.wfz .- w , ...Lf.. .m.:nm::5an-.' ' '::frzf.:T:'s1.,e-E" 114- - '-f9"'2f'fF'r'1'L"34fW'??'-QWC' 5"- V i 25

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