Garfield High School - Rampage Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1969

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Garfield High School - Rampage Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1969 volume:

9-1 -4- f.' ' ' 2 ",'- ,SL V: -fer. 'nh 211+-1 'kewl'- ' 7: fi iff 5 ',t'iZ"fl"Z"f,"'xa':!l'-""' "rv "'-'ifzff V' aww . ,, ..:..--- .-.fw,,.,Y lanky: 19 - .,...,,-,.,, ., ,.,- ., , ,, , , ., I n gif' Ms . , Vw , A M "1"Q2 Af 13' W5 iff' M wg Er 'W 53, Q Www' ' . M xv Q i .O nzsm , -nzmummm .rum vm av-.nw N-1wmm.m,. mam: ff AL 1 FOREWORD As the T968-69 school year began, Garfield was plagued by a series of disturbances. By having pride in our school, in ourselves, and most of all, in each other, the student body united to make this a year of excitement and success. Throughout this book, we have tried to illustrate RAM- PRIDE in all its forms. Yet, no matter how well-organized, this book serves only as a record of the school year. As you scan these pages for familiar sights, it is your choice to let this book mean something more. We hope it will serve the seniors as warm memories of a great year gone by, and underclassmen as a guide to the future. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty Page 10 Seniors Page 30 Drama Page 68 Sports Page 82 Underclassmen Page 1 I2 Organizations Page 160 Senior Index Page 182 1969. .. fn : x ki' QNX A ' E 'J 9 . , Q aefrf ...N in Ili n ma ss lm gs If 21 W M Garfield High School Akron, Ohio 44307 'fig 92151 QF' QF RAM-PRIDE A Year Of Excitement And Efhusiosm f 3 E e X. 1 9 Q WM , 4 J,-5 HQ: X, fs!! R112 f . J X .X X Q.. V- -1.- Q5 'nf Q19 N. EHV2'HiQ5,Zi:f--ff.-. H -fig?" V511 l f fif ftiffQPl gs X L .X gist' f ,l S 'A u u fl . Q X ww' XZ' .Y .. S LQ 1 I Lu ,t ,A F. , N il, .ah - 'W wa' Q' '25 5 'it w it-f 'QW ' 'TL ' 1 J. "X . f N7 fi. X n L 0 ' X , ., , ' MW 'Q 3 W M 321 nw f1.'wvL:Xf1,L.wf1im'::, , ,NSW V v: N - , M ?,:yfwi'amffh. .-vf1ml'::2w5,:,miT11P 63, Ks-wMsw'mf?::1mwgwezmrMg5wMa,, Mg,wMqimfw.3131wrm:.:g3:fv'iwa-W,Q5ffuS?3mTf,g.:::a2fSywq N553 grsiiraggvy 1Q:-,m1fsW-'.fQiw!4-':A H Q , Q 315 ,, VMC" f-,Ms-,w 'ww-2-2:fxwfligxx-'ff?4'2mgQ,3'al,pgwfigffm5,fwm,9fm31 --mlm. ssfmiufmciv's""-we1'-fmv?ff'vf'miff31g'f Wag Ming- -.gpsxy M.i,':f'z:,g fzrw-:mgL,1'-'MSN2T?f'G1J.fS'4y wg-zkfgiv " ' us ? NI' 1 '1 - -1 ,V m vii cM',w',3 we xg'QW'AXQHY1-ffQx,,5gw ,2g,wW,f""ww A!! 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'ff - . jw' F f'-K JS- Y.'EiW,f'wf'w',f'Qi1'f5V5wfWIf?515d?E-- iimfihMmizmggcwig-YEA -bi' 1 ALIFQ :d,j"ff'A:f5'fiPXw' , V. , 'I LQ,gL:,l,L:.m .ff ',,'i2gv,mff+-'iflv M L . 'f 1iE.'1'1 fT:zZi.?wf'pgzimffcT' w Q .,.., y1,q,:51xf,M RAM PRIDE KNOWLEDGE Ram-Pride ln Education Becomes Goal 5 , s K - 5 i s Mr. Harland B. Horton Principal of Garfield High School Serving Garfield High School for Ten years is Mr. Harland Horton, principal. He attended Kent State University where he received his M.A. He also attended Western Reserve University where he received his B.B.A. and did graduate work. Before coming here he Taughi at several schools in The area and was principal at South High School. 'I2 Administration Mr. Robert J. Simmons, one of our assistant principals, has been a part of Garfield for 19 years. He began his teaching here, then coun- seled at Jennings for three years and South for one year. Mr. Simmons then returned to Garfield, taught for five years, counseled for four years, and finally became our assistant principal. He has held this position for ten years. Mr. Simmons educational background in- cludes a Bachelor of Science in Education from Akron University and a Masters in Education from Kent State University. Mr. Stephen Wosary Assistant Principal Mr. Robert J. Simmons Assistant Principal Aiding the administration as an assistant principal for the first time is Mr. Stephen Wosary. Previously a teacher in American History he is filling the position left by Mr. Kidder. He ob- tained his Bachelor of Arts and his Master of Arts from Akron University. His main job is taking care of student attend- ance. He also attends to student discipline. Lay Workers And Professionals Provide SECRETARIES As the secretaries of Garfield High School Mrs. McNeil, Mrs. Luxon, and Mrs. Stadvec form an indispensable part of school management. Cooperating with the school administration, they handle Garfield's communications and office work. Working through the summer months, they have provided our school with a smooth running foundation. In addition to these three efficient secretaries, our office also employs students to aid the administration during school hours. Basis For Achieving Educational Goals Mr. Leroy Dietz COUNSELORS Mr. Leroy Dietz B.A. - Akron U. M.A. in Education - Akron U. Mrs. Norma Marcere B.S. in Education - Kent State M.A. in Guidance - Kent State Mr. Joseph Quinn B.A. - Akron U. M.A. - Akron U. Miss Arlene Spahr B.S. - Akron U. M.A. in Education - Kent State sf x. gy. H I 'tri-Ir: 'I-i35l:1..,:':v ' . . . ' ' 5 - . Nm .r.. Mrs. Norma Marcere Mr. Joseph Quinn Miss Arlene Spahr 15 Mr. Phillip Dienoff Mr. Ronald Amedeo Mrs. Helen Nicholas gil + Mrs. Kathleen Harrick 16 Mrs. Miriam Pennington Mr. William Waggener Zi, - 34 M' Mm-'QP 4. Mrs. Joan Stepunsky Mr. Jay Eplin Mrs. Julia Benson Foculfy . . . Offers New Insight And Learning 'I7 nl No. I Foculfy 3 1 s E i i Mr. Ernesl Fenstermuker Mr. Hdrl'V 0510 Mr. Lawrence Cordier r. Charles A. Evans Mrs. Jayne Kidder Mr. Dun Flossie 'I 8 For No i School X Mrs. Virginia Farkas Mrs. Barbara McSweene Mr. Wilbur Pfeifer Mr. Gordon Oster 19 iw X. . Q I I Q A 2 i ST 'aff LT 1 JT ' Q" 2, - -3 - J. Dx., ..L if 3 mmwrms V!! Mr. Leonard Falcone Mr. James Long Mr. John Williams lg, Mr. Frank Gingo Mrs. l.aVerne Metz Mr. Robert Vernon 22 Mr Walter Harnack -Q39 43' Mr Richard Halley Mrs Penny Cummmgs W-Q V1 Osw- Mr. Henry Corbi Mrs. Clurice lewis Mr. Arthur Tuub 23 Leaders Of Today Guide Mr. Thomas Gindlesberger Mr. Robert M. Welker Mr. James Blackstock "----Q Mrs, Gloria D'AveIlo Mrs. Mary Jane Brannon Mrs. Annette Baker 24 Lenders Of Tomorrow Mr. Charles Culver Mrs. Veiva Best Mrs. Fran Szoke Mr. William McGee Mr. Jerry Kordelski ,-f"' M. X Mrs. Peggy Payne Mrs. Dorothy Edwards Mr. Robert Bibighuus Mrs. Margaret Muggio sit 3 51 ser N..-0-f 31111: Mr. Edward Kunis Q i fx X ima - N , Lfv . ,b,, ix 5 ff,-Y New Teaching Mefnods NNN. Mr. Ronald J. Cenia Miss Jeannine Butler Mr. James Riedinger Mrs Ruth Becker Mr John E Gartner Mrs -'in Involve Foculfy ln lnferesfing Mr.. Anthony Donatelli r. Kristan Crane Work V Mr. John Eshuck Ed rm gs 2 .sxw A . . X is fffwkix S Q - - k Axikf X .. fig . X g K wx X XL , m 1 - . J 1 b N SRS? ,few f Mg: ,ak i . Mg 5? .iw x Llgfg, af K k XX N A Ami .- ' - NSN- x K- .f lfiwlf K ki - k X ' Rampride. . . 30 gg? is QQ, 1 f ' XSS? . Q X5 A Sewsiiv Q-is QQQ X Q. I Y ' 1 f x A .fi-.X 5? . HE 3 1155 S f 2 ,Q W Tfi - 5 ,+ 3 1 Q Q3 fi-F . ,X JFS '95 " . . .. ,,, -gif' 5 , if'3 k X 1 w 4 Leadership V39 'S ,9 if: al'- ,xm . xg y w rib . A336 Q' ' if ff X sw iw 1 ' Q K W ' 'I kk 1 .ff-P M 5 15-'Q t Aw! Q N -ax if 'I L ' wave? - ,w Kathi Davis Senior Class Treasurer Steve Bucy Senior Class Vice President Senior Class Officers Promote Unity Seiniors Diane Marcelli, Patty Hunt, Ruth Huff, Keith Riley Kerry Marzick are near despair seconds before the winning at the Homecoming game against Kenmore. fr In a close race held last May, Ken Wilson was elected to serve as the 1968-69 Senior Class President. He and the other officers have devoted their time for their class. Not only have they served as class officers, but they have also been involved in many other school and community activities. Working both during and after school, these officers have served their class well. The Senior Class Cabinet aids their officers and serves the class by performing much of the background work for all senior class activities. Many hours were spent by the Cabinet and their various committees in helping to unite their class for a year of achievement and success. Scientist - Don Plaster Mathematician - Neal Sipos Vocational - Chris Noeth linguist - Van Garber Linguist - Pat Ivey Students Of The Year Students of the Year are chosen by members of their selective departments. Awards are based on character, grades, and ability in the respective fields. The yearbook is not involved in the selecting process, only in the publication of the results. Some categories have more than one student because candidates ranked equally in the eyes of their departments. New categories have also been added so that all areas of our educational system are covered. 34 Historian - Gary Fisher Writer - Marty Woodall Vocalist - Nancy East Secretary - Mariorie Zvoleff Instrumentalist - Karen Petroff l"'5ifUmen'UH5f - PONY OUHC Athlete - Jim Lash Artist - Kay Saniga 35 Barbara Aaron Thomas Arrendale A - , . I , 1 -Q A X, x 5 A A. Janet Belitsky Loren Bishop Christine Adams Anthony Alexander David Alexander James Alldredge laura Ayers James Baker Robert Balazowich Diana Bales Class Of '69 Strives Toward A eelee ' js- Deborah Bellomy Jeffrey Bender Vincent Benson Edgar Beverage Deborah Blqir Anna Marie Bolls Winston Dale Bolls Joseph B'-ifbely 36 'draws' N X37 XX Glenda Allen Linda Allen Robert Antibus NUUCY BUHY Phylliis Barton Beverly Beavers -5.3 .5 Unity And Success Rebecca Beynon Donald Biscan Ddrlehe Bishop Lawrence Bowles Barbara Boyd Deborah Bradshaw 37 - -Sw ss eeos 19 Y x David Breitenbach Andrea Brewer Stephen Brooks Mark Buie Barbara Buzek Stephen Byers Seniors Reach Goal Constance Carter Maxine Carter Judy Ann Carver Sandra Chupek Debra Jane Clark David Clark XXXKX . B . .si5:52:17-'z"-:'ii?1k .. f rfi' ., s -' 1- ::s.:E. -.5-gps 38 KH Deborah Brown Larry Brown Edward Browrisword Dale Buchanan Steve Bucy Ernest Calhoun Brenda Calloway Sally Campisi Chandis Capes David Caplinger Asa: School Leaders .343- 25 Mark Cusmur Doris Casteele Roger Coch Jack Colando Myra Chambers William Collier Viva- 39 Ruth Chaplik Anne Joyce Childs Cynthia Cone Johanna Conley fi s S x is . N Candice Corbin Geraldine Crawford Marquerite D'Amicone Jeffrey Dean i Patricia Cornell Michael Coutler Susan Course Mary E. Crispin Carol Crissey Betty Cross Enthusiastic Seniors Marilyn Davidson Shelley Dean Debra Davis .lerry Davis Cynthia Decker Shannon Deger 40 Susan Crabtree Loren Currington Participate Kathi Davis Shelley DeSalvo Steven Craig Patty Cyc Jerry Craver Celestine Crawford Judith Czerwinski Roberta Daley ln All Acfivifies linda Davis William Demko D louis Davis Michele Dete David Dieringer Denise Duhon 3--K X Joyce Ellis Judith Fahrer 42 - . N William Dieringer James Di Giammarino Julie Dunn Peggy Jean Dunn College Applications ff Jr, -jf Mary Ely Timothy Emerick Vivian Fennell Patricia Fiegly ann-N, wk' Nur Sherry Dollison Ruih Doubledee Dennis Downing Beverly Downs Michael Duff Nancy Earls Nancy East Are Finally Sulamiifecl Ronnie Edelen Violet Edwards Arthur Ellis 'QR' 'Q"""' fs.. Roger Enos Mark Eppler Richard Eschman Ronald Evans Sharon EVCIHS Greg Fincham Evelyn Finn Gary Fisher Richard Fleming David Flesher 43 Ronald Fly Barbara Fouts Penny Foutty k K Denise Fox Robert Fox Diane Garanich Van lawrence Garber Sandra Garnick Deborah Garrity Susan Gastaldo Hig Martin Glauthier Jeffrey Gordon Christy Grizer Frank Gross h-Spirited Seniors Spark Successful William Grant Martin Gurnik Frank Graven COHSGH GTCIY Mary Habas Deborah Haddad 44 'William Freeman Robert Gay Marta Friedrich Robert Geffken , Football Season Yvonne Frock Carol Gilblom Gary Greuthouse IRichard Hamilton Janet Grecni Carl Hammett Shirley Green George Hammett 45 N"--or 'fr we fmx s W ii is .i i A i P 8 S51 1 'H--.. 4 l S SA- M-" f Barbara Haney David Harbarger James Harig Philip Hayes Willard Headley Sharon Hedges ,vxi N- Y:- John B. Henry William Hixon l 46 Sv ,H S wks eniors Follow IE. Robert Hernea Luther Hoagland Q'f"ff" ...--v' Spf Eugene Hertzig Terry Hockenbrocht N55 N5 'Xfn' James Harlan Terry Heiselman +!"K 4,-.-f 'Inv' Ll Charles Harlow Edward Heitzenraier Sally Harris Cheryl Helfrich Q!! in Slim ,wx l.arry Hausch Janice Henniger -ur--M f' X X 5 -IH X AQ, . S Garfield Troclifion Of Being No. l pr '99 4 Gary Hiener Richard Hoddinott 'f.'? Luv Beniamin Hill Donald Holm E Off' Linda Hill Madelyn Holt 47 Rose Ann Hirschfell Larry Holzer 'Neg Q .gan Alex Hawanczak Earl Henricks 50" QYTI7' wily' Rebecca Hissong John Hood Jr. ' , ' 35325 "- .15fzg?s:,i?Eii- 5... J' 'keg 971 I Qi. ,, N af 'LS 'P Robert Hoover David Horner Robert House David I'IU9l19S RUII1 l'IUff Edward J. Husser Mary Joyce Ingram Rosalind Irby Edward Israel Patrick Ivey fi N...- David James Edwin Jarzenski Robert Johnson William Johnson MK Y?- Viv? Committees Are Formed To Plan I wi Cathy Jennett Ronald Johnstonbaugh elrv I 48 .gi Elaine Johns David C. Johnson Juan Jones Kathy Jones vm-af' I fx 5 400- eff' Arthur Ivory iw'-... Victoria Humble Patricia Hunt Crystal Jackson Evenfful Senior Year v r. -1 Judy Johnson Otis Jones i it 3- Nancy Johnson Robert T. Jones 5, ti 356+ HR 99 Nr Q35- Xa Richard Hupp Richard Jackson 5' Priscilla Johnson Erika Kaclerle ' 49 4,4 f B9 5:8 Auf! 'w"?'..' Samuel Kaludy John F. Kandes Beih M. Kapper Gerald Kelley Rayola Kelly Barbara Sue Kemp N3 5. Q gg:-r Q-'IQ N.. R.O.T.C. Develops N .fi Q' f,.,W N.- Thomas L. Klein Ray Kligz Donald A. Knight Eugene E. Kuhns Richard Kunig John P. LaBelle N 50 ,Q at N Jce Michael Karder Rebecca Kay Eihirley Kennedy Thomas Keplinger c muffin rl. fi H FS Y iii Nicholas Kazacoff Danny Keaton Charles Keith Sharon Kiraly Ronald Kirkpatrick VL Diane Kisbac -' f nh.. ' 'Tw Avg L- 'S' esponsible Well-Informed Senior Men Si 'Mn xxx M-..f' James Knisely James Kouri Cynthia Lake M. Roland Landis AD' 3533- John Kozma Gary Krizo Colleen Kyle Barbara Langham Joyce Lansberry Patricia LaSala 5 3 it-:J 5l E , 'Us 'un lffx M 'tgi- Rebecca LaSalle Jack Lattimer David Laughlin Terry Geo. Laviers George Leaver Patricia Leaver Larry Legg Donna Lewis . ,L , iviitiiix T mm ' an CA' Palmer Lawson Bonnie Lisic wk., 1- A A, X 5 . if at 'I ,iii Four Seniors Eorn Nationwide Hono ,ur L fC!- Marylyne McCarrolI John McClelland Mary McDermott Margaret McFadden Pairicia Muck George Maczko Connie Maddox Susan Maerean 52 .iii Willean McKenzie Donald Maione ,pfvl S l' L- Q,-.. Patricia Lay !Siephanie livers 'fu-r Hope Layfield Sheryl lopane , I A NQX I? f-1 i xy YW--Q 5 , Qi M. X For N.M.S.Q.T. Scores Gerry Lean Patrick Lucas 924 guna.. Nancy McKinney Cherie Maple vc'-N, Mark McMasters Diana Marcelii f Gary McNatt Dale Marino 53 Michele Murkovich David C. Marple James Marshall Jerry Matthews William Mayes Michael Menhorn lnitiofions And Double Court YT"""?' A :if 1. Darlene Miller Michael Miller Patricia Miller Connie Moore Diane Morgan Ellen Mosby aa, araaa Q 'Ilheodore Marusiak Deborah Mesaros Climax Year QOH Robert Milliken Leonard Mosser 6 Kerry Marzick Scotty Michaels .gpwsc Michael Marzick Donald Matthews Janet Matthews Steve Mick Richard Migclal Brian Milhoan For Blu-Tri M embers - ci .W-Q.. 'Civ Catherine Mills Timothy Mullins Judy Moneypenny Brent Murgatroyd 55 W""'r Lois Moneypenny Jerry Monroe Thomas Natoli Nick Neckar 'WN Y Nadine Nehrebecky Patricia Neicleri Joseph Nemes Vicki Norka Cynthia Norman Daniel Norman wah' ,.rr9' 'RY ww' James Newell Pai Oana fi' Cheryl Newman Stephen Oravecz its-Q so-ws., Seniors Sirive To Be Well- Rounded 4m0- Edward Pancoast Mahhew Para Beniamin Parker Chris Peteya Dennis Peteya Diane Petri ' 56 Que' Bruce Parks Susan Peirochuk Pamela Parry Karen Pelroff 'Sandra Newman William Noeih Amy Noonan Gary Owens Susan Pachipka Marie Palermo 'lf"9- individuals Emma Parfin Deborah Perich Karen Peters James Peiryszak Jeffrey Petz M. Philips 57 I Philip Piazza Mirene Plavisch Deborah Pilcher Timothy Posien bw' l6 Seniors Lead The iss-is David Puzukulics Julia Quiifer Allison Ray Bruce Richards James Richardson Lynn Ries 58 N 352 W Deborah Pilo Delores Pinkerton Cathleen Pinkus Brenda Pishnery Janice Powers Gerald Prarat James Prarat Jay Pringle . ..,. :mg ' sf hu- W-oy To Anolher Foofball Championship ww' Donald Plaster Debra Pritchard 3. i, w ex i fxz , in A y ' .. Q n ,K , Q ts ii? K 9 , X .. b if X Sp P l N f i ex X e ii e Q S if Q if Sf id f Duane Redmond Rebecca Reese Sherry Reynolds Sandra Rice Janis Richak Keith Riley Carol Ringkor Judith Ringkor Annie Roberson Darlene Robinson 'PN...,,X 59 504 4'+'s Terrance Robinson Patricia Rodocker Tony Rogers Yvonne Saccone Sandra Suffles Vito Scaficlo William Schlitt Richard Schmidt John Secreto Anna Sekel ina ..f"" M ,QI , arf' as-.Q Class Meetings Become A Vital Part 'Q"""v q!"""?' Linda Shoulders Patricia Simmons JoAnn Sines Marlene Sines Wallace Sipos Albert Smith Edward Smith Robert Smith Sandra Smith Thomas Smith 60 GL ,,..f-f Kay Saniga Jloseph Selesky Patricia Saunders Joseph Savage Kathleen Shea Timothy Sheppard Ls., ing xii A Vw- 'X w'f"jv-1 Di The Senior Class sf X -X A .Q ge V -K 6577 K Kathleen Sloia Thomas Smoot Gregory Smerekanich Michael Smerekanich Brenda Snyder Deborah Snyder an-rs. 61 CTT? Jack Snyder Phyllls Sparr Cynthlu Squure Charles Stiles Claudia Stocker Tom Strouse 'N' ni!-"" Tx ,-.W--1 Alma Taylor April Tilenni 62 I ! .., i I X T Q' S 3331 ' -f " 4--M.-43,:.f. a-guru. Donna Staton Terry Summers .gf-4' J I W Lynda Steidl Leonard Surowski S 4 f X Em 3 M' If T P K ' . .M 2 5 T X 1 gi' so is Stephanie Steimetz Lawrence Stemple Delaine Sterzer Robert Swisher Nancy Taber Marcia Talbot QW'----r' e-osurements Are Only The Beginning Lindsay Thomas Terry Todd S K 5.153 ' in s i n h: x I Sharleen Thomas James Toth T'f"""' Y""'b Gary Thompson linda Thornton Diana ThUl'mdn Suzanne Toth Joyce Tracy Sharon Tracy 63 A' , Y James Travis Frank Tyler Brenda Vakaro Gerald Vance Nnlda Vlhcenly Ruth Volchko Aluce Vulas Lynn Wallace Rebecca Ward 6 ,K ..-gc . f X R ' aff Y. QR -' as X Davlcl Webb Kathy Weekley Robert Westbrooks Vlrglma Westover Alan Whack Patncna Whnte Carol Whitten James Whyde Ronald Whyde Rodney Wlghtman . M.-5 Q., NN Dennis Vannatter Robert Varrato Harry Vermillion Cynthia Warner Clifford Watson Diana Weaver I E 5 Charles Wharton David Willett "'!.g"Qv vents Become Memories. . R., if-Q 1 ,N P ' 1 Susan Whiddon Jeannette White Daniel Williams Janis Williams 3253 65 I . in M 2. E- Deborah Thompson Seniau Na! 0' Ronald Baker James Baran Thomas Dale Cook James Cooper Dennis Coyle Diane Curtis Daniel Dickson Grace Elliot Theresa Fox Glen Friedrichsen Melanie Hackett Jesse Hatter William Hartley Barbara Hurd Michael Krosnick Claude McCutcheon Dwight McDaniel Thomas Martin James Mishler Russell Murph Thomas Murray Patricia Oprian Kenneth Raylon larry Waid Ramsey Roger Vaughn Richard White Calvin Williams Debra Wise it ,Wit-'rx ,sf j , f 1 .QS James Williams Cheryl Williamson Martha Woodall Roger Dean Wooley ,ew--'V As if Steve Bruno Herman Chambliss Joyce Ellis Barbara Foster N, -fi-E3 4'. H X. 66 qs--Y - 3- ,. Kimberly Willis Rochelle Wray Seniors Soy Timothy Droll Patricia Graham is i11"i" Dennis Wilson Kenneth Wilson Gerdu Wlmmer Shelloh Wolfe Dennis Woodoll Janet Wyhowonec Robert Yost David Zukl un rl Farewell To Gorfzelcl High 48" my Robert Collinson Michael Costello Vernelta Dixon Howard Hitchcock Jr James lash Christine McQueen Y, J I In K1 Q S +' d uff U .- A ' A Q wxi ' llllllll 7 -v""f' Performance Owen Parkside, town playboy, instructs Jenny on applying make-up. 70 Under the direction of Mr. William Waggoner the class of 1968 presented "Jenny Kissed Me", on April 4, 5, and 6. The comedy was written by Jean Kerr a successful Broadway playwrite. When Mrs. Deazy's orphan niece comes to live in the rectory, where her aunt is the house- keeper, Father Moyihan is not prepared for the changes that must be made. In order to marry off Jenny, the orphan piece, Father Moyihan introduces her to the town playboy. Also trying for Jenny's attention is Michael, a young edu- cator. While trying to decide what to do with Jenny, Father Moyihan is also troubled with a grumbling housekeeper, a bothersome spinster, and the school girls. Despite Father Moyihan, his problems and Jenny the 1968 Senior Class Play provided an enioyable evening for all. Seniors Present . "Jenny Kissed Me" Jenny ............,.. Fatlher Moyihan Michael ................. Mrsz. Deazy .... Miss Stearns ...,. Owen Parkside . Mr. Parkside ...... Sister Mary ........... Shirley Tira bossi Mary Delany ........ Harry .............. Jo ., .............. .. Jane ....... Pris1l:illa ..... CAST ......Elizabeth Jones .........David Williams 3. ,N .............,.Louis Gllblom ...,....Sandy Heitzenrater .A ..............Jean Kennedy ,.,...,Merilou Vierheller Linda Nolan applies the finishing touches on Mrs. Deazy .......Dave Looney .........Bill Woodside Spayne .......Kathy Vangeloff ........Lynn Gibbony .......Jucly Stannard .,.......Jill Jackson ......Nancy Stewart ! Father Moyihan, Shirley, Harry, Mr. Parkside, and Miss Stearns are brought to life as the all senior cast vividly portrays their roles. 71 Halftime is always colorful and exciting when the Golden Ram marching band performs. Under the direction of Mr. Crane and Drum Major Chris Noeth, the band spent many busy hours this summer and fall learning their football routines. Ram Band The band prepares to march onto the field at the Rubber Bowl. 72 March es On Backing the cheerleaders, major- ettes, and student body at all Gar- field pep assemblies, is the band. It helps to create the enthusiastic and exciting atmosphere that fills our gym. Chris Noeth, Drum Maior Front Row: Cathy Pinkus, Laura Fuller. Second Row: Nancy East, Glenda Allen, Beverly Beavers, Judi Czerwinski, Pat Fiegly, Claudia Stocker, Captain, Sally Dieringer, Laura Thrasher. Not Pictured: Cathy Savage. Letter Girls And Maioretles The Lettergirls add spirit to all of our pep assemblies. The Maiorettes had a busy summer of car washes and bake sales to earn money for a week at a camp in Syracuse, Indiana. After learning new rou- tines at camp they put them to use in their half-time shows at Garfield football games. Lynda Steidl was captain of this year's line which included Pam Parry, senior, Sue Johns, and Sonya Hosey, juniors. The Lettergirls also were involved in many money-making projects such as car washes, bake sales, and a fruit punch sale. To learn new steps and routines they attended an area dance school. The Lettergirls who are the only line of its kind in Akron were captained by senior Claudia Stocker. Seniors returning from last year include Bev Beavers, Judi Czerwinski, and Pat Fiegly. Others on the line are seniors Nancy East, Glenda Allen, and Cathy Pinkusp and iuniors, Sally Dieringer, Kathy Savage, Laura Fuller, and Laura Thrasher. Lynda Steidl, Head Maiorette -ggi d x .Up -,f 'x r 1 Wi , . I ,. . Ifxx Q . h V Z ,' .. ,. . .:.' :' :,' my ' J Add Pep To Garfield ff Pc: m Po rry Sue Johns Sonya Hosey 75 V Officers assist Mr. Crane in the organization and leadership of the Orchestra. Jackie Moore, Patty Oana, President, Karen Petroff, Vice Presi- dent, Bev Beavers, Chandis Capes. 3 S 5 Front Row: K. Petroff, P. Oana, C. Beckett, S. Mick, A. Layfield, S. Course, L. East, M. Habas. Row 2: T. Zido, J. Moore, V. Herbruck, V. Langs- dale, J. Badonsky, B. McClelland, L. Marson, C. Kyle, C. Hart, J. Curtis, R. James, P. Myricks. Row 3: A. Geary, B. Given, J. Bradshaw, B. Westbrooks, C. Reynolds, M. Renchkovsky, C. Capes, D. Kutuchief, D. Redmond, D. Parker, D. Miller, B. Beavers, C. Cort, P. Gabel. Row 4: D. Starnes, H. Surgest, D. Robertson. g 1 1 s 5 Dance Band puts the swing into concert season. Front Row: J. Steidl, R. Ealy, D. Brookover, E. Schcudle, P. Gabel, L. Marson. Row 2: M. Drake, T. Miller, D. Redmond, D. Robertson. Row 3: M. Renchkovsky, D. Albright,,C. Reynolds, D. Westbrooks, C. Capes. Band officers provide leadership tor the Band Front Row: Terry Zido, Treasurer, Colleen Kyle, Secretary Row 2: Bob Westbrooks, President, Chris Noeth, V. President Instrumental Organizations Display G.H.S. Musical Talent Front Row: B. McClellan, C. Noeth, P. Perry, C. Ford J. Roberts P Clair C. Pete ea C K le I 1 - , Y 1 - Y I L. Marson, C. Hart, J. Curtis. Row 2: C. Cort, S. Hosey, L. Steidl, S. Johns, J. Bodansky J. Rork P. Colegrove, C. Reynolds, D. Kutuichiet, Ti Tucker, C. Capes, S. Parms, D. McClelland, D Albright, B. Westbrooks. Row 3: D. Garnick, T. Lampe, V. Lamb, J. Jones, M. Moser, P. Mack D. Lambright, E. Schadle, D. Brookover, L. Zelin sky, R. Hoddinott, S. Colegrove, D. Davison, S Hottman, D. Redmond, T. Miller, D. Boyd, M Butcher, M. Renchkovsky. Row 4: D. Robertson D. Mills, P. Gable, K. Givens, B. Bodnar, J. Lewis L. White, D. Parker, J. Skeidl, R. Ealy, J. Brad shaw, M. Drake, M. Kyle. Row 5: R. Barber, D Starnes, S. Stasel, L. Street, L. Johnston, T. Zido H. Surgest, D. Pirogowicz, C. Joynt, P. Roberts L. Snyder. Garfield's Halftime trio, Bill Wilkerson, Jim Knisley, and Don Gowens, lead Rams in sing- ing the Alma Mater. Front Row: D. Werntz, M. Kopcha, D. Outlcncl, L. McNeill, H. Surgest, B. Wilkerson, B. Cox, G Farrell, D. Jones, S. Scott, D. Wendell, B. Canter- bury, S. Rose, J. Moore, T. Jones, S. Stevens, O Jones, D. Gowens, C. Smith, D. Mills. Row 2: L Crites, D. Barry, D. Smith, B. Lewis, E. Husser, D Flickinger, L. East, P. Strickland, P. Slack, J. Nace N. Ease, M. Haas, S. McClure, M. DiRomualdo, T Brown, D. McClelland, T. Armstrong, J. Newell, J Wallace. Row 3: L. Ziegler, B. Kleckner, D. Shaulis D. Harris, S. Coleman, S. Edith, L. Sells, J. Powers D. Garrity, J. Cooper, K. Dockery, M. Marable, J Henson, J. Hoefer, G. Yehnert, K. Cunningham, D Kennedy, C. Grizer, B. Neidert, D. Pirgowicz, G. Newberry, J. Luli, C. Blankenship, C. Gilblom Row 4: M. Crispin, C. Mosser, D. Boltz, T. Jackson J. McClennon, Q. Simpson, I. Williams, L. Bills, E Honeycutt, J. Tyrrell, N. Course, P. Allred, R. Raabe, C. Joynt, J. Bradshaw, T. Armsey, C. Johnson, B. Auls, H. Chambliss, T. McCoy, C. Smith, J. Knisley, J. Pringle, J. Czerwinski, T. Simmons, L. Smith, L. Thrasher, J. Giles. Varsity And Choir Lead The A group of girls who like to dance make up the Choirettes. They ac- company the choir and do routines. This years Choirettes are Darla Cutland, Donna Harris, Slack, Joan Giles, and Mary Crispin. fl! The Officers really keep the choir on the move. They include: Secretary Judy Czerwmskl Treasurer, Mary Marable, Vice President, Jay Pringle and President Otis Jones. Varsity Choir is the new name for the former A Cappella choir. It is still made up of selected singers from the choir. Varsity members are: D. Garrity, J. Czerwinski, J. Pringle, J. Curtis, P. Ingram, J. Wallace, L. Smith, D. Pirgowicz, D. McClelland, T. Jones, D. Barry, O. Jones, M. Copchaw, D. Wendell, S. Rose, B. Wilker- son, L. Sells, M. DiRomualdo, B. Lewis, J. Cooper, L. East, D. Gowens, N. East, L. Thrash- er, L. McNeill, S. Coleman, J. Powers, Mr. Kemppel. The Crucible. . Based on historical fact, Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible", portrays the ignorance and intol- erance that resulted in the witch trials and hang- ings of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. This play presents the ghastly injustice that existed in the court systems in the early history of our country. This was a grim chapter in the life of early America, and all of the characters in "The Crucible" are based on actual personages. The play points out a parallel between Salem and our modern political witch hunts, and shows how malice and hysteria, intolerance and big- otry gain control and restrain our freedom. Ruta Davison, Sally Dieringer, and Rosemary Armstrong await their cues backstage. Abigail Williams and Mrs. Putnam make a last desperate attempt to revive Betty Paris. . .A Tale Cf Witch Mercy Lewis tries to explain to Mary Warren and Abigail Williams how Betty became ill. Thomas Putnam Reverend Paris ..... Betty Paris ......... Tituba ................... ....... Abigail Williams Susanna Walcott Mrs. Ann Putnam Thomas Putnam ......, Mercy Lewis ....... Mary Warren .... John Proctor .....,. Nick Kazacoff Karen Krugh Rosemary Armstrong Jackie McKee Carol Crissey Rita Davison Mike McKown Tanya Paserk Judy Moneypenny David Hughes Rebecca Nurse ........ ....... C athy Adams Giles Corey .,............... ........ B ob Caetta Reverend John Hale .,.... ...... D ick Kutuchief Elizabeth Proctor ......... Francis Nurse ..... Sue Whiddon Dale Robertson Ezekiel Cheever ,... ...... T erry Heiselman Marshall Herrick .....,............ ..... D on Matthews Judge Hawthorne ......................,,...... Keith Riley Deputy Governor Danforth ...... Mark McMasters Sarah Good ................................ Sally Dieringer unts And Salem Trials Abigail Williams reveals her true feelings for John Putnam. ...A - he-s. .,. .. .. Reverend Paris Reverend John Hale. accuses Tituba of 81 bewitching Betty Paris. L,,,,,.p" .ig 5.5, P ' f - ig! ki K L' A ills ,x535f1"'2v1ig5g5if ' ,, ,A HZ ,J if jf' RAMPRIDE . .W N rf W! 'H Q51 SPIRIT I .Q K E. Q, Jackie McKee Linda Begly V - V - Vicfory 1968-69 RESERVE SQUAD Sheila McNeil 84 Stephanie Ramian Margaret Prack Sharon Cramer Captain I tf S Kay Sanigu Jon Richuk Becky Ward Linda Hill 1968-69 VARSITY SQUAD Debbie Pilo Captain Sandi Rice 85 .. , is i968 Rams Repeat A Q , all s Q' v--I W., .ff ' Q sw is ' . 4 . 1 1 1 Front Row: Row 2: D. Marino, R. Row 3: D. B. Whitehe R. lvory, J. Borberly, E. Calhoun, J. Craver, J. Lash Horner, S. Kaludy, S. Craig, J. Kouri, T. Notoli, D Migdal, L. Thomas, G. Fisher, G. Flowers, T. Poole Magill, M. Staicer, T. Robinson, D. Bittinger, R. Wray ad, D. MacAnallen, D. Watson, D. Smith, R. Parnell 1 1 B. Harmon, R. Harmon. Row 4: D. Brown, G. Pringle, P. Myricks, H. Gordon, MoGaw, B. Ivory. Row 5: W. Jones, C. Johnson, G. Rowland J Kalbus B. Green, A. lvery, E. Grant, J. Haas, B. Callen, J. O qlttb 'Ab OFFENSIVE TEAM Garflelds Golden Rams offensive team exploded for 314 points in ten games The Rams were led by senior backfleld men Dale Marino Nw who threw for 14 touchdowns and completed 6'l'Xa of his passes and Ernie H' Xi? . . Q -F 4 si T s x it I . , . ' " : 9- J f 1 . . . . . mi ,v I - r R lk Calhoun, who scored TOO points and carried for ll0O yards. f Clty Champions DEFENSIVE TEAM: Garfield's top rated defense held its opponents to only 70 points. The defense scored 24 points themselves on two TD interception returns by Dave Alexander, one by John MaGraw, and a blocked punt and fumble recov- ery by Steve Craig. During the season the proud defense shut out four teams. Golden Roms Jim Lash . . . All City, All Joe Borbely . . . All City, Second Team All Ernie Calhoun . . . Co-captain - All City, Second District, All State, All North- District. Team Northeast, All District, Honorable Mention east. All State. sf: L 4 I T Y Jerry Craver . . . All City, All District Dale Marino . . . All City, Honorable Mention I Second Team All District 88 Tom Natoli lindsay Thomas Seniors Create And Leocl ln School Spirit Honorable Mention All District. valuable yarclag Fisher Steve Craig . . . Second Team All City, Ernie Calhoun picks up .... 1 w 4 Bob Ivory . . . Honorable Mention All City Dave Horner Sum Kuludy Gary Flowers Jim Kouri "Coach" - nrt'-tw. - - 4- A - , "Craig getting important instructions" Rick Migdal a Midi? Mi- , "J f 0 , wr M""',W , mmm 'V ,,,, -QZHWQL, ' V. ., Roms In Acfion L gg Q amg , , wgw, A Q , Aim 41,4 f , Ab l, W I 4 ll, v , f, ,W W' 'f12'Ww '55, I J WWW, A 92 Y i E? X avg 5'5- W K 1 15 1 5 Nw k 5 QR Q RAMQ 41 55545 a Aw 25 FW'-Q QfAQ ,,. -9 M25 KX, QF " f , X Q "E, ' .SQ f ,"ff h n f YQ U A 2 A 1 an-M ., 1968 Homecoming Court Us F x bv Crowner April Tilenni W flu. Q f 'WY' A 43 551 Lavender Ancl Blue Emphasize 1968 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT W -. X x e A walk down Camelot road with Queen Debbie Davis Beverly Beavers, crownbearer, and April Tilenni, and her escort, Ray Samples. crowner, take part in the regal festivities. 96 Camelot Theme The Homecoming week-end at Garfield High began Friday morning, October 25, with the annual Home- coming Talent Assembly. That evening the student body waited with anticipation as Miss Debbie Davis was announced as the 1968 Homecoming Queen and was crowned by senior, Miss April Tilenni. Escorted to the 'Field by their fathers, other attendants were seniors, Beverly Beavers, Cathy Pinkus, and Cheryl Williamson, juniors, Rosemary Armstrong, Kathy Di Salvo, and Sue Johns, and sophomores, Shelia McNeil, and Adrian Stokes. A spirited victory over Kenmore topped the crowning which took place at the Rubber Bowl during halftime. A dance the following evening from 8 to 'Il climaxed a wonderful week-end as the queen, her court, and their guests danced to the music of the Carl Michael's Orchestra and the theme of Camelot. As her father adiusts her crown, the Queen carries the traditional white football off the field. T.. s a l t K Imogene Harris and Myra Chambers sing "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" at the annual Homecoming Talent Assembly. Sue Johns, Lynda Steidl, and Pam Parry await performance time at the assembly. ' Front Row: A. Smith, R. Wray, J. Lash, P. Marzick, J. Hatter, M. Buie. Row 2: R. Schmidt, W. Klipstein, C. Wharton, D. Smith, S. Moreck. The '68-'69 basketball team started off the season slowly, winning only 2 out of its first'7 games. The team was winless in City Series competition and appeared out of play-off contention. Before the Buchtel game of January 3rd, Coach Knight altered the starting lineup by moving Phil Marzick to a forward position and inserting Charlie Wharton at guard. The team then won five straight City Series games to finish third in fluff, :ff in f 6' 1 -f si : ae Reserve Coach Evans and Coach Knight. the standings. In the first round of the playoffs the Rams defeated top-seeded Central 44-43 on two last second foul shots by Al Smith. In the championship game against highly favored Firestone, Garfield, with a strong shooting performance by Phil Marzick, carried the game into overtime before dropping a 59-58 deci- sion. This was the first time since 1953 that Garfield made it to the championship game. 1968-1969 SEASON'S RECORD Garfield Norton Garfield Kenmore Garfield Warren W.R. Garfield Firestone Garfield East Liverpool Garfield Central Garfield Cuyahoga Falls Garfield Buchtel Garfield Massilon Garfield Hower Garfield North Garfield Hobon Garfield 5OUil'1 Garfield St. Vincent Garfield Alliance Garfield EUS? Garfield Control Garfield Firestone Garfield Control 98 Enihusiostic Garfield supporters. Myron goes up for a rebound Al Smith shoots o iumper. Lone fights os Buie looks on. 99 Rick Shmidt Wesley Klipstein Ron Wray Dave Smith 100 it - A . 53 Ln .X - , ,QP od p zfrim S k-L: FV' 42 .-:f - " v A 5 '15 I ..,. .. N . .1 -. if X ef' 'M-5 if v,l......g5 - 55? ,, .L.. A. sux , ,, ki . . , ff W .saw f Grapplers loosen up. This year's grapplers coming from a good season last year had a little disappointment this year with a 5-6 regular season record. This record however didn't reflect the true depth of our wrestlers. lt's shown in their placing second in the Hudson Tournament, and seventh in the District Match, taking into consideration the youth of the team. Coach Pier and Coach McGee say that next year's team is expected to come through with a good season with eight letter- men. Wrestling Front Row: B. Memor, P. Fahey, B. Johnson, D. Caplinger, B. Eaian, W. Dallas, L. Street. Row 2: G. Stroll, W. Lacy, W. Dancy, J. Marshall, J. Travis, M. Kray. Row 3: D. Bittenger, V. Benson, C. Hammett, D Crawford, J. Flint, G. Rose, R. Antibus, O. Moore, Coach McGee. Not Pictured: Coach Pier. Front Row: G. Flowers, S. Oravecz, R. Street, R. Cross, J. Irving, H. Streeter, K. Glockner, B. Milhoan. Row 2: B. Johnson, E. Cal houn, K. Wilson, G. Fisher, V. Benson, C. Watson, D. Buchanan, D. Laughon, R. Ollison, J. Livers, J. Harig. Row 3: R. Collinson, B. Parks, J. Travis, C. Johnson, D. Maione, D. Johnson, W. Boio M. Landis. Row 4: J. Borberly, C. Hammett, J. Johnson, W. Klip stein, S. Moreck, D. Smith, J. Corlando, B. Weile, L. Street, D Biscan. Row 5: H. Otto, G. Oster, R. Wright, L. Thompson, F. Bolar r 1968 TRACK 1968 cnoss-couNTRY Gvffield 45 EUS' 73 Won 3 ,, Lost 5 Garfield 68 Buchtel 46 3rd in City Garfield 62 South 5th in Dish-gd Garfield 54 Hoban Garfield 76 Kenmore Garfield 52 Hower Z' -...N-s if D., f . Q .. iissi. V . -. . :J i V . Q vi my S . 6 M , ' 1 .-i. Ernie Calhoun finishes 880 relgyg Cooper and Watson run City Champion mile relay. High Jumper John Irving 4 Front Row: T. Marple B. Milhoan W. Klipstein J. Harig D. Buchanan Row 2: D. Buchanan D. Laughlin G. Oster S. Moreck M. Buie Track And Cross-Counlry ,WM I 4' HWMQF Watson wins mile relay. Gqfy Flower and Jgn Irving Ron Street clears the bar. Jim Price wins mile run 105 Gary Taylor Sparks Varsity Nine To ,f,iif'f4.-vi''ivy 'QPWT ilffgi is 7:-n ,Th-L-, VV. in r ?.,.ff. 5, ' f fr wir, QW W 1.599 . ff' it fx Q '. A ,f xv! ,Jr 3402! ,ruin-1 i "' Coach Dienoff meets with umpires Front Row: G. Taylor, R. Moore, R. Migdal, J. Tiautman, P. Carcione, M. Hatch, R. Jenkins, M. Miller, D. Marino, T. Poole, L. Miller, J. Davidson, R. Pittinger. 2nd Row: J. Blazeff, M. Buie, H'-hung: gi Pittinger finds the handle Team enioys Winning Season . Osten, J. Sautner, C. Davis, G. Smerekanich, J. Mathews, J. enry, J. Shiral, N. Kazacoff, D. Pisanelli, B. Doane, G. Mayer, . Allen, R. Cappo, Coach Dienoff. if Ia H , ,III , fs The '68 Ram Baseball Team, although failing to make the playoffs, had a very successful season. They had a season record of 10 wins and six losses and also played to a 5-5 tie with Central. In the post season Sectional Tournament the Rams won two games before being elim- inated. Their composite record was 12 wins, seven losses and one tie. Outstanding for Gar- field was outfielder - first baseman Gary Taylor who was a member of the All-City team. TEAM RECORD Garfield 5 Hower 3 Garfield 5 Central 5 Garfield 8 South 5 Garfield 3 North Garfield 7 Buchtel 2 Garfield 6 Firestone 3 Garfield 5 East 4 Garfield 2 North 3 Garfield 'I Hoban 2 Garfield l Cuyahoga Falls 9 Garfield 4 Central 5 Garfield 5 Kenmore O Garfield 5 Buchtel 0 Garfield 'I Firestone 2 Garfield 5 South 0 Garfield 12 Hower 4 Garfield 4 Western Reserve 5 Ram terror on the basepaths ,3"f-" Pitcher Jeff Trautman winds up Tanlcers Build For Future Front Row: D. Delaney, D. Biscan, G, Thompson, Coach Blumenthaler, N. Neckar, J. Toth, J. Thomas. Row 2: F. Mataysi, J. Haas, B. Klein, B. Safe, R. Wadell, B. Klein, M. Butcher. Not Pictured: T. Klein. Coach Blumenthaler enjoys action. The Garfield Swim Team held their meets at the Firestone High School Natatorium. The team, coached by Mr. Blumenthaler, took part in events such as the backstroke, butterfly, breast- stroke, and the free-style. Although the team had a 'l-8 record there were only four seniors on the team and they are looking forward to a very successful season next year. The outstand- ing swimmer was iunior John Thomas who set a new school record in winning the butterfly event. Q-2 5. Q5 - , aw If X 55 . Mlffggukiikggq 7kfS:.m.: QE? I N . .... - xi M - . Sf ,fgfmzgx .iw .,m U Q I1 Q-1 :- Awww ww-'Sf xi Na 5 .- K Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Players The 1968 Garfield Tennis Team finished the season with an 11-2 record which was good enough for a second place tie. The "netters" were paced by Len Surowski 112-1 personal recordjf and Steve Oravecz and Jeff Rexroad, first doubles. Returning this year to hold down the third singles position and try for his third letter is Tony Alexander. -x Front Row: Tony Alexander, Tom Stephens, Captain, Dave Bond, Gary Fouse. Row 2: Len Surowski, Jeff Rexroad, Steve Oravecz, Advisor, Mr. Waggoner. Len Surowski, Captain Tony Alexander Steve Oravecz 110 Show Perfect Form Throughout Season GOLF TEAM -- Front Row: R. Schmidt, B. Egan, T. Miller, P. Piazza, D. Lorenzo, J. Kosma, T. Sheppard, Coach J. Eplin. The 1969 Golf Team is looking to improve on its ll-9 record of last season. The returning lettermen are Phil Piazza, Rick Schmidt, and Tom Natoli, who top the team in club throwing. Coach Eplin said, "With this group of veteran golfers, we should be one of the top teams in the city." Garfield's Soccer Team kicked off its Q '68 season Friday, October 25, with a convincing 3-1 victory over Hower and T E .. T srese i climaxed the 3-l-3 season with a smash- ing 7-0 victory over Tallmadge. High point man for the season was Steve Ccimpano with 8 points. SOCCER TEAM - Front Row: D. Maliyuk, D. Schueller, N. Lazowy, S. Campano, G. Smerekanich, B. Malony, Z. Porehowskyi. Second Row: D. Groues, R. Wydell, M. Kasapis, G. Stone, C. Knighter, J. Dies, F. Skelley, C. Davis, B. Woloschyn. 111 RAMPRIDE . . . UNITY ami 40 " -L i Connie Able Sue Achberger Cathy Agner Debbie Aleksin Charles Allen Ella Allen Bill Alls Charles Antibus Richard Antibus Cindy Apazeller Bill Appleby Don Armbrust Rosemary Armstrong Tom .Armstrong Paul Austin Bruce Axelrod Rick Bachman Georgette Baker Beverly Balazowich Tom Balchak Larry Ball Mary Ball Rene Ballenger Bruce Borden Cathy Barrett Becky Bartels Chari Beckett Linda Begley Charles Bell Roger Bell Elaine Bellack Anthony Bennett Jan Benson John Benson Beth Berkheimer Diane Betz Linda Bills Darlene Bingner Dave Bittinger Jeff Blazeff Beverly Bodnar William Bolo -, f g ---an M- f 'ix' ff-N7 l"'Nnup..f"d' - .hh s -m ,- I tfxxiytiff-f' , , 1 Class s .f Ask.: , as ssriii . -f f f t gn 'EQ NK ... tw ,,.: , . K x ,E C Q' lv" Remind ...Y , .- .Q '5 ' Of l97O .-., 1- ""' r ."' "T, K, . we X J D 'Il E , 1 M RN 'l'l5 Debbie Boltz Steve Booth Sue Bordas Joanne Boros Sheila Bowman Rick Bradley Mark Brandt Vicki Bray Richard Braziel Richard Brink Lila Brock Janice Brodbeck Joyce Brooks Beatrice Brown David Brown Joe Broz Karen Buehrle Joan Buhas Joanne Burgy Mike Burns Mary Burrell Jim Burton John Burton Darrell Butler Terry Byrd Pat Caetta Larry Caldwell Sheila Canfora Randy Cappo Richard Cappo Sharon Carpenter Jane Chapman Peggy Christ Kathleen Ciborek Rick Cincurak Ken Civitts Pat Clair Paula Clark Mary Clarke Jan Codian Greg Collins Joan Conger f L i i 'J' Q 5533. yffifiigjgg f , if-at I X f Juniors 116 if XY? ' R I 4 'iii ,Q N L., , , . .sf Q., M HE . 5, V N4 me kim or QW .Wa-QNX 2:1 lbgxwq 'QL xx his X Fr. ilk Nfl:-'ffvf B I I so-' T Q-V- X EH- 'e - iii, in 'af of re J- ' infix f' in .L , Y' r, X N., X LI' ,xx Joon Conley Debbie Cook Debbie Corbin Colleen Cort Betty Coulson Sharon Cromer Dove Crowford Lora Crites John Cross Bob Cross Bob Cuellas Dove Cuffmcn Dove Cullison Georgionno Cummings Volerie Cummings Paul Cunert Becky Curry Glenn Curtis .Iulone Curtis Sondy Curtis Byron Custer Mike Dodisrnon Ted Dohlke Ed Daley Carl Davis :'k Charles Davis L "f Harry Davis 5 ' ,g Jenny Davis Jodie Davis 'V Rita Davison s 45 iii Linda Deckarcl ky Karen DeLuca fish Diane Defe 'K ' - Olivera Devus Gail DeWitt Y ' Sally Dieringer f' Jam Dies T Annice Dill Kathy DiSalvo :jp V Billy Doane ' 7- Maureen Doherty , Bill Dotson K . i Jeff Douglas Marc Drake Sandy Drapcho Kenny Dumitru Jan Duncan Richard Ealy is f A-N J' i s .1 Ek Q .. . 31, :-sgfs1,'s-gms-,. 5: i ,,.. sf, Q ik-R X R xi S T s Qi K 5 N .. f .. 5 ns all E ff 5 .: is. g.,,. .,-, X flags .. 4. g g J , K fs J al'i J 'S ' 3 Q 5' J Juniors xW Su lb-3 Q sv X '. 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A F5-7 l .ia ' ii ' I ' fees 5 fii c r' in Q if l 9, I 'iz - -xTf53'5+P'w7xx5oXif"5. 'TTY"'i'i when or ene S , r Q ' ' fi f- . P t , -"'::. .' 5' .l K R ,,,, ., . " 'L ' ., 152 . ,.. ' feng: - 5533 ii J 'rf ,JJ so 'Mi My My 3 Qxqgit f gt! Y rt R 'il z I 3 'X H7 5 F x iii E' t 5. Si ll 4 a 5., , sift was Q. ..-... " fe I 1 -.,:Q,.s. h V ,m,A .. - ,Q ,., ,!, Q . , Q 2 f if .t SI' Ne s X ta Christine Raymer Robert Reese Susan Regallis Janice Remis Charles Reynolds Janet Rice Mary Richards Sondra Richardson Cynthia Rick Dianna Riffle Kathleen -Ringkor Eric Roach Brad Roberts Judy Roberts Michael Roberts Dale Robertson Lawrence Robertson Mary Ann Robinson Philip Roppolo Shellie Rose Leonard Rowe George Rowland Ricky Rupert Kathleen Saari Teri Sanders Joseph Santoferra ro Earla Savage Michael Savick Elizabeth Schleier Betty Schneeberger Craig Schneider Patricia Schramm James Scichilone Paul Seesdorf Howard Sellers Debra Shaulis 3 l ,. Fifi ll fd Brenda Shaw Lynne Sheckler Beth Ann Sheffler David Shilinski Marsha Shimko Peggy Sholtis Donna Shook Brian Shreffler Robert Simmons Terry Simmons James Simpson Robert Simpson Lit er- at AAC ' is is K '-or .4 L5 , fx: Q 'L ' it if fb H' Q ' is 17 is 9 gill gs 3: 3 , if ffsvsffsvi ,V F, e ' 'Q L M3 YK X 't NGS? ' h. if , K J ' Ai K I 7.1, fm Q' 5 fi? iz S ,fl ee .1 ng ' it X X f .. A. ,,, . Sophomores ,t 1 1 x ' : " Q ix Q K gig x W ,xv AX ,.r . its . . ,- ff. Swv- -Q. - -- r .X 1, 5 .Li Q 6' 'T . Q 2 ,Q Q 'X X :S 'SF' 155 4 -'S M, -..,. .gs 551 3,3 tg i li c jf S s at X 3 X v. 9 uf -A . cf: an 3 mug , i Q ....., 4' .. I Q ' ttf- 1 Q :st 4 if iff, Fr' ,ig 5. ml ff wi 1,45 ici. if with Frank Skelly Phoebie Slack Diana Slawter Michael Slonaker Janet Smerekanich Charles Smith Dorinne Smith Jacque Smith Luresa Smith Robert Smith Sebastian Smith Wayman Smith Janet Smold Melinda Smole Steven Snowberger Dave Snyder Lee Scott Snyder Wallace Snyder Stephanie Sowinski Robert Speas Cecil Speegle Gary Spence Theodore Squire Susan Squires Kathleen Stafford Janette Stanley Melissa Stark Douglas Starnes Steven Stasel Carrie Staycheff Jack Steidl Robert Stephanoff Frank Stephen Gail Ann Stocker Adrian Stokes Christine Stokes Michele Strebler Lucius Street Phillip Streeter Phyllis Strickland Albert Struharik Deborah Suarez Harry Surgest Pamela Swope Linda Taber Gary Taylor Michael Taylor Regina Taylor sim X t + -x 3 tn 1 15' PX T. 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R 'S , 'ig I K an .Na W 1 Q 2 J u MX x 'Y x .4 L:,lX,L N, XQLX X X E, ,LfXc,XxN Mx 1 ef , z "Q t vp - - . ' bbs K E t,,f ::. " : 1 gg ' ' ,L :'. -g is ss 1 58 at-N L K file- dreg- .sh 'ww' L iv has if Q' X avi A ff Nik, N? sir P W me 5 Q arf -few A W . 5 2 , .IFS ..- ffs ffifs s o , is 3 'Q' , e, -W Y .3 J w .,g11j3ff' D JN' ff' 4 h - sm t Y fs u i R J ig je l 1 . , Y Q. JN vrugtf if ,iv .,, If A 1, f 55 Y f s 4 Q me Q it f 5 . 3. A Xe Affgf ., -f- li , I j1l4ij,.g5?:,Pg: I I Sophomores hd 'S .mv 4 s .X Y ff 5' X-, L K cf r fan sf 'ts ,dn M7 . tg B.. ,. xx: A-'fvc .ta me 'I-,,Q!:?'i,f"5aL. 9 :xr 15,'t',f,,, is sr 99 , M A S5 to Q! f ,Q 4 'I il cd it ' 1:- 19 .sf . as J, wJ. - yy Sfrwikf-sv. ms, .. c, i as , N 7"- fi- as xzixi, 6 .k.M El 3 t .si ,, .,,k S, ig kp4 fi we fs. T 'L J Q55 -mee-fig guj.yQ5 " R ii'f'fi'i"i""ffi l X liiizlliff i"35i5?5'i.'.i5fff i . -- W K kL': Eg . Q, ,v.L: 'fn ' . It 7 Q is eycycyss sess D s fi ef' 159 Michael Wieland Gary Williams Joyce Williams Karen Williams Michelle Williams Rita Williams Victoria Williams Barbara Wilson David Wilson Patrick Wilson Rose Wilson Shelly Wilson William Wilson James Winberg Leah Winn Pamela Wiseman Earl Wolfe Jay Wolford Bohdan Woloschyn Rebecca Wood Robert Woodall Patricia Woods Joel Woolard Shelly Woolf Patty Worrells Debra Wright Linda Wright Patricia Wyhowanec John Yankovich Cathy Yates Dennis Yaworsky George Yehnert Moses Young, Jr. Nancy Young Janice Zanders Lois Ziegler Tony Zuchowski Sharon Zupancic Laura Jane Zuravel James Kennedy John Marburger Johnnie Moore RAMPRIDE 1' PARTICIPATION Student Council Linla 'X K is 2 R f -- Jan Richak, an inspired member of Council. Sue Whiddon, President, gets useful advice from Mr. Louthan. Seniors take the lead in Council. Front Row: Sue Whiddon, Kathi Davis, Jan Richak, Becky Ward and Carol Crissey. Row Two: Keith Riley, Gary Fisher, Sam Kauldy, Dale Marino, and Steve Oravecz. 162 Students And Faculty Student Council is the backbone of the stu- dent body. This organization is responsible for the Homecoming Dance and Assembly. At bas- ketball games and wrestling matches, the Coun- cil sells refreshments for the pleasure- of the spectators. The bulletin board contests are also sponsored by them. Otis Jones headed this new school proiect. The "Rams in News" bulletin board is kept up to date by our Council members. The Council helps with student elections. They hold a meeting each Monday in order to help solve any student problems. As always, any and all suggestions are welcomed. l N s L Members of Council look over some new business ' s. g - flssfcwr: .struts ., Junior members are: Front Row: Dick Kutuchief, Sandi O'Quinn, Bob Mayes, Sherry Finkler, and Larry Street. Row Two: Denise Snow, Reggie Parnell, Marc Drake, Bob Ivory, and Sally Dieringer. Sophomore members are: Front Row: Kathy Adams, Jackie McKee, Jackie Chase, Phoebe Slack, and Mar- garet Prack. Row Two: Frank Neal, Dale Robertson, and Wyman Smith. Literary, Artistic And Dramatic Colorful pictures, supplied by the ART CLUB, help to beautify Garfield halls. Officers are, seated, Alice Vugas, Secretary, Becky Ward, President, Gary McNatt, Treasurer, and Marquerite D'Amicone, Vice President. Other members are, Ann Gselman, Jean Floasin, Carol Semchuck, Alma Taylor, Diane Thorman, Lori Edmondson, Bob Huff, Allen Boyd, Chuck Keith, Terry Marple. "OPUS" staff screens material for literary magazine. Editor, Patty Oana, is sur- rounded by staff members: Rochelle Wray, Marty Woodall, Steve Oravecz, Jean Floasin, Phyllis Sparr, Rosie Lampkin. S. ,f Accomplishments Enrich School Year. Q NATIONAL THESPIANS is a national soci- ety for students who are talented in dramatics and would like to broaden their interests. Members chosen this year are- Sally Dieringer, Sue Whiddon, Judy Moneypenny, and Mark McMasters lnot picturedl. Students interested in theater are members of this organization. Officers are, seated, Sally Dieringer, Secretary, Judy Moneypenny, Vice President, Sue Whid- don, Treasurer, and Mark McMasters, President lnot picturedt. Row 2: Cathy Adams, Karen Krugh, Teri Sanders, Becky Ward. Row 3: Don Mathews, Chuck Keith, Bruce Richards. ' ew f"5 Crganizations Provide Interests THE FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA held their meetings twice a month. Front Row: Vice President, L. Allen, President, N. East, Secretary, S. Course, and Treasurer, C. Gray. Row 2: V. Nieman, L. Friedl, C. Triola, K. Buehrle, O. Devus, R. Lampkin, S. Finkler, J. Jones, M. Marble, C. Jennett, L. Moneypenny, E. Johns, J. Nace. The officers of the VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL 45 CLUBS OF AMERICA are: Reporter, Anna Bolls, Vice President, Dave Laughlin, Secretary, Sue Gastaldog President, Art Ellis, Treasurer, Marilyn McCarroll, and Sgt. of Arms, James Marshall. 166 in All Fields The High School RED CROSS planned the sending of a Red Cross Chest to the Viet- namese children. Representatives are: Diane Ginda, Frank Stannard, Jean Jones. . ss.s. E V . 'ffxxi ir 4sr.s WWW, BLIU-TRI is the social and service organi- zation of Garfield consisting of junior and senior girls. Officers are: President, P. Sparr, Vice President, E. Johns, Secre- tary, V. Humble, Treasurer, D. Snyder. 9 Q 0 0 0 HI-Y consists of junior and senior boys who strive for good character, clean speech, and sportsmanship. Front Row, Officers: President, Greg Smerekanich, Vice President, Sam Kaludy, Secretary, Keith Riley. Second Row: Chaplain, Bob Westbrooks, Treasurer, Steve Oravecz. "VN .l Girls' Gym Assistants - Front Row: B. Word, J Richak, S. Whicldon, J. Moneypenny, D. Perich, K. Willis, C. Ringkor. Row 2: D. Feeman, V. Cum- mings, P. Silashki, Y. Frock, E. Mitchen, J. Stiles, Service Groups Help Promote S B. Stewart. Row 3: C. Capes, J. Fahrer, D. Gor- don, D. Green, J. Richerson, M. Marable, E. Mosley. Boys' Gym Assistants - Front Row: C. Johnson D. Crawford, W. Dancy, D. Smith, M. Staicer, D. Lemons. Row 2: G. Taylor, D. Gowens, B. Cross, L. Street, B. Mayes, B. Weible. Row 3: J. Dean D. Buchanan, S. Moreck, T. Miller, S. Craig. Row 4: C. Davis, B. Headley, P. Marzick. Row 5: D. Roberts, C. Wharton. Row 6: M. Buie. Athletics And Physical Education Atv 'ig ,pf Girls' Bowling Officers - Front: Debbie Garrity. Row 2: Patsy Niedert, Sandy Garnick. Girls' Athletic Association - Front Row: C. Cris- sey, K. Davis, D. Perich, C. Carter, R. Huff, D. Mesaros, P. Sparr, C. Norman, B. Ward, S. Whid- don. Row 2: S. Richardson, D. Biddings, J. Zan- ders, S. Benson, J. McGowan, D. Robinson, P. Rodocker, J. Fahrer, C. Capes. Row 3: S. Rice, D. Weaver, C. Staycheff, M. Hileman, B. Mullen D. Gibson, J. McKee, K. Buehrle, L. Friedl. Row 4 C. Savage, V. Nieman, C. Edinburgh, D. White D. Gordon, B. Lewis, C. McDaniel. Row 5: L. Zur avel, B. Wood, S. Zupanic, C. Thomas, L. Taber M. Shimko. In order to send students to Mexico the members of the Spanish Club are selling magazines to raise money. Front Row: C. Staycheff, D. Weaver, T. Jones, B. Whitehead, M. Prack, A. Tilenni, C. Stocker, Mr. Caruso, T. Paserk, D. Weaver, D. Drapcho, D. Pirogowicz, D. Windell. Row 2: K. Kester, D. Fisher, R. Young, J. Williams, M. Ely, D. Garanich, C. Kyle, K. Cunningham, R. Fannin, G. Milain, S. Michaels, L. Ayers, N. Haas. Row 3: B. Cox, L. McNeill, T. Mehok, B. Antibus, D. Plas- ter, D. Matthews, P. Ivey, V. Garber, C. Stokes, M. Faylor, J. Rork, F. Neal, M. Kopcha. Row 4: G. Fisher, J. McKee, C. Pilo, D. Gibson, B. Mullen, S. Hosey, C. Barrett, V. Neiman, G. Garber, B. Weible, P. Misanko, M. Kray. Row 5: J. Cooper, J. Lcmkenau, V. Dizdar, K. Poor, D. Cook, S. Ramian, D. Snow, K. Ball, D. Klever. 3 . ..,. ,,,. . i ft g X " s s mt l r - J -1 Interested students ioin the French Club. Front Row: R. Raabe, R. Williams, C. Cone, C. Joynt, J. Cooper, Mrs. Valis. Row 2: K. Ciborek, P. ...Lad . , - an Waters, J. Duncan, J. Moore, R. Cappo. Row 3: P. Roberts, G. Stocker, K. Dockery, J. Moore, L. East. Row 4: J. Lankerau, M. Woodall, A. Noonan. Members ot the Latin Club are: Front Row: Florentina Burigan, Jim Nolan, Shiela McNeil. Row 2: Chuck Reynolds, Jacque Smith, Tod DeCheco. gym J i t '. :gg or The Future Teachers of America is an organization for those who plan to maior in education. Officers are: Mari- lyn McCarroll, Treasurer, Kathy Jennett, President, Otis Jones, Vice President, Sandi Rice, Secretary. The Spanish Club officers are Secretary, Tanya Paserk, Treasurer, Diane Weaver, Vice President, Claudia Stocker, President, April Tilenni. One of the proiects of the Future Homemakers of America was sending Christmas boxes to the boys in Viet Nam. Seated is President, Pat Feigly. Standing are Sue Nutter, Secretary, Janie Willen, Treasurer, Ruth Chaplik, Vice President. Senior students with high scholastic averages and a variety of school activities are members of this year's National Honor Society. Another induction for seniors and iuniors was held this spring. Committees were formed within this organization to perform various services throughout the year. Activities sponsored by N.H.S. include the underclassmen picture sales, College Bowl Assembly and Awards Assembly. This year's advisors are Mrs. Kidder and Mrs. Daye. Seniors Strilce Second JUN - Front Row: Kathi Davis, V. President, Len Surowski, President Row 2: Carol Crissey, Treasurer, Marty Woodall, Secretary NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row: C. Squire, C. Lake, R. Doubleclee, M. Zvoleff, C. Crissey, M. Woodall, K. Davis, L. Surowski, P. Oana, P. Sparr, C Ringkor, A. Tilenni. Row 2: S. Kennedy, L. Allen, J Moneypenny, K. Petroff, M. McDermott,'S. Whiddon B. Ward, P. Neidert, K. Tippel, K. Peters. Row 3: L. Ries 1 C. Adams, R. Volchko, S. Oravecz, D. Garanich, S. Rice E. Finn, D. Messaros, C. Mills, P. Fiegly. Row 4: C. Cone C. Kyle, L. Steidl, D. Robinson, J. Harig. Row 5: F Graven, D. Matthews, P. Ivey, N. Taylor, D. Plaster N. Sipos, L. Stemple, J. Borbely. Row 6: A. Ellis, M Buie, B. Mayes, S. Bucy. Row 7: G. Fisher, K. Riley. Victory 67-22 Mr. Waggoner moderates the questions for College Bowl teams. N 'kmfv " SQ v :sv Y X. se '53 .ze f f ,cb Q ff .. This year's senior team members were: Neal Sipos, Marty Woodall, Steve Oravecz, Captain, Patty Oana, and Cindy Lake. Junior team members were: Bill Wilkerson, Dennis Fletcher, Captain, Debbie Cook, Colleen Cort, and Patty Clair. Timekeepers were senior members of N.H.S., Cindy Squire and Larry Stempel. Regulating the buzzer signals was Mr. Corbi. Mr. McGee controlled the scoreboard. This year's senior team returned from last year's victory over the senior team by cl score of 51-52. ln an exciting assembly this year they scored their second victory over the iunior team by a score of 67-22. Faculty members served as judges, moderator, and scorekeepers. The rest of the work was handled by College Bowl Chairman Karen Petroft, and her committee. 173 Scorekeepers were Mrs. Marcere and Miss Spahr. Garfield boys who enjoy Bowl- ing meet once a week at Bories. This year's officers are Dan Swisher and Neal Sipos. E 1 W T 1 PT . , , Pep Club promotes school spirit and cheers our teams ident: S. Coleman, P. Ingram. Second Row: L. Smith, on to victory with colorful signs posted throughout L. Hill, L. Ayers, B. Hissong, J. Nace, D. Beam. Third the school. Front Row: R. Cuellas, E. Kirkpatrick, Row: J. Cloyd, S. Kinsinger, F. Cox, S. Richardson, Treasurer, E. Israel, President: M. Sanders, Vice Pres- S. Regallis, T. Sanders. Fourth Row: S. Massey. Front Row: Becci Beynon Vice President Pat Saunders President Alice Vuias Secretary Second Row: Carol Gilblom Barbara Powe Marcia Sanders Rita Davison Third Row: Chandis Capes Richard Hoddinot sk X xx , , ffm X!!! .gn 43' it 1 ' 2 2 l K -.....-...... ,Es ,..... WM-. Q. 'M W... .... ...MMD N- M-.- .W ,--..-:.1" fs.. .-.. , N., , Xl .. il, f"""s 'Gab fbg . if s 3 l' l s : N 1 1 .1 f 'X i,k - J . 251 5 J X . .gftskr 'ix . gif- , 1- A Z K ' ,I r V c . fi Students interested in hiking and the out-of-doors belong to the Hiking Club. Gartield's sharpshooters test their skill as members Third Row: T. Neal, Secretary: D. Cullison, D. Mat- ot the Rifle Club. Front Row: L. Snyder, M. Taylor, thews, Treasurer: D. Plaster, President: D. Ruegg, L. J. Steidl, D. Hawk, R. Whipp. Second Row: J. Amen- Radziwill, J. Conley. lNot Pictured: F. Stannard, Vice dolar, W. Dancy, W. Jones, T. Oberdier, T. Smoot. President.J One of the newly organized clubs at Garfield is the Chess Club. Seated are: Secretary, C. Gilblom, B. Philips, D. Col- Iison, T. Mehok, E. Kirkpatrick, President: C. Noeth. Second Row: E. Henricks, Vice President: D. Woodall, M. Gurnick, J. Fleeman, Treasurer: D. Dickson, D. Math- ews, Mr. Taub, Sponsor. -V ggluur In P The Future Secretaries plan for a future career in secretarial work through the meetings they attend. Front Row: R. Doubledee, C. Maple, P. La Sala, P. Hunt. Second Row: S. Harris, M. Hackett, S. Garnick, C. Williamson, S. Hedges. Third Row: B. langham, P. Batton, R. Hirschfelt, C. Carter, R. Huff. 6 The P.A. announcers bring the news to From left: Nick Kazacoff, Bruce Richards, the students each morning as they an- Cindy Lake, Art Ellis, and Dave Zakikian. nounce coming events and activities. Home Room Representatives help to keep their class informed. Front Row: G. Kennedy, C. Fran- cis, K. Hogg, J. Jones, S. Course, C. Jennett, J. Summerfield, P. Rodocker, B. Fouts, D. Blair, L. Snyder, R. Fox, B. Dunn. Row 2: C. Triola, I. Wil- liams, L. Warner, C. Morgan, P. Wiseman, M. Kekela, C. Adams, J. Finn, J. Giles, J. Jamison, R. Arrtibus, B. Orr, S. McClure. Row 3: B. Slota, B. Cox, C. Mosser, S. Rose, K. Therman, T. Paserk G. Hammet,'P. Jackson, C. Mapp, S. O'Quinn T. Linderman. Row 4: D. Grubbs, L. Honeycutt C. Nerdert, D. Lorenzo, N. Chickodroff, D. Mes aros, J. Quitter, K. Davis, C. Carter, R. Hirschfelt C. Helfrich, S. Confora. Row 5: D. Parker, K Kraft, T. Everett, D. Lyons, C. Rick, M. Easly, " Bralek, D. Weaver, B. Ward. The Science Club provides interesting speakers and information for all the scientifically-minded students. Front Row, Officers: Vice President, J. Harrig, President, P. Roberts, Secretary, R. Arm- strong, and Treasurer, R. Raabe. Second Row: B. Balazowich, J. Prarat, J. Moore, L. Allen, S Michaels, C. Squire, D. Garanich, C. Lake, L Ayres, J. Czerwinski, J. Pringle, J. Cortis, C Joynt, L. Stemple, L. Marson, B. Mehok. I X97 Ticket Sellers to all Garfield games are: R. Schmidt, P. Piazza, C. Lake, K. Ball, R. Hirshfelf, D. Cook, S. Johnson, L. Allen, K. Riley, T. DeCheco, J. Nolan. In ali -. .Mis .h .Wi Assislanfs in the Main Office and in l'l0 are Front Row: P. LaSala, J. Davis, D. Davis, M. Lisic B. Rizzo, L. Sinacore, C. Crissey, R. Wriston, E. Johns, S. Hedges, S. Garnick, M. Palermo, K. Peters. Row 2: R. Davison, C. Ellis, M. Chambers, 178 gggxllllfll 5 .--- - 3 J. Milseff, C. Gray, R. Wray, D. Sells, P. Rodocker L. Warner, C. Ringkor, M. McDermott, D. Snyder C. Helfrich, P. McFadden, R. Volchko, P. McClar- non, M. Crispin, H. Layfield, C. Mills, S. Whid don, J. Moneypenny. f-44-W QQ Working in the Bookstore are: J. McClellan, J. Williams, D. Messaros, D. Garrify, C. Cone, S. Crabtree, S. Gastaldo, B. Orr, C. Able, J. Crawley. Back: P. Fiegly, J. Grecni. l Helping Mrs. Becker in the Library are: Front: D. Peteya, C. Harlow. Row 2: O. Jones, P. Hen dricks, M. Kopcha, D. Beam, J. Moore, S. Sowin- ski, D. Kennedy. Row 3: T. Zido, R. Wray, J. Cur- tis, S. Miller, J. Hinkle, P. Saunders, J. Ringkor Row 4: P. Holsey, S. Kemp, J. Cooper, D. Gar- rity, M. Habas, B. Kay, P. Fiegly, D. Weaver, L Zelinsky, S. Kennedy, D. Pirogowucz. 179 "December Dreams" Expresses Q Crownbearers Sam Kalucly and Kathi Davis Crowners Keith Riley and Becky Ward Q Kisses for ihe King and Queen. Colleen and Keith enioy "December Dreams". 180 olif For Christmas Formal Colleen and Gary ascend the throne. Blue-Tri held their traditional Christmas formal December 27, 1968. Music for "December Dreams" was provided by John Nuzum's Orchestra. The evening was high- lighted by the crowning of the queen, Colleen Gray, and king, Gary Taylor. Senior attendants included crowners, Becky Ward and Keith Riley, crown bearers, Kathy Davis and Sam Kaludy, Cheryl Helfrich and Bob Westbrooks, Vickie Humble and Mark Mc- Masters. Junior attendants were Janie Willen and Bob Whitehead, Lorraine Friedl and Denny Lemmons. 1968 CHRISTMAS FORMAL COURT 181 i969 Senior Index Chris Adams - Varsity Choir, Office Assistant, NHS, YFC, FTA Dave Alexander - Football Tony Alexander - Basketball, Tennis, Hi-Y Glenda Allen - Varsity Choir, Lettergirl MOST ATHLETIC Debbie Pilo Jim Lash Linda Allen - NHS, YFC, Latin Club, Choir, FNA, Homeroom Representative Bob Antibus - Spanish Club, Science Club Laura Ayers - Spanish Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Science Club, FTA, Choir, Prom 81 Banquet Committee Jim Baker - VICA Ronald Baker - Choir Bob Balazowich - Science Club, Prom 81 Banquet Committee, Namecard 8. Announcement Committee Jane Barty - VICA, Blu-Tri Phyllis Batton - Choir, FSA, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Finance Com- mittee Beverly Beavers - Student Council, Lettergirl, Orchestra, Home- coming Court '68 Jan Belitsky - VICA, FHA Debbie Bellomy - Blu-Tri Vincent Benson -- Football, Wrestling, Track Becky Beynon - Choir, Pep Club, Hiking Club Don Biscan - Swimming, Track, Cross Country, Rifle Team, VICA Darlene Bishop - Blu-Tri Loren Bishop - VICA, Football Debi Blair - Library Assistant, FHA, Blu-Tri, Homeroom Repre- sentative Anna Bolls - VICA, FTA Winston Bolls - VICA Larry Bowles - Football Dave Breitenbach - Homeroom Representative Andrea Brewer - VICA Debbie Brown - VlCA Larry Brown - Band, VICA Richard Bruno - NJROTC, Drill Team, Visual Aids Assistant Dale Buchanan - Track, Cross Country Steve Bucy - Vice-President of Senior Class, NHS, Homeroom Representative, Senior Class Finance Committee - Chairman Mark Buie - Basketball, Football, NHS, Hi-Y, Baseball, Cross Country, Gym Assistant Barb Buzek - Office Assistant, VlCA, Pep Club, Bowling Steve Byers - VICA Brenda Calloway - Blu-Tri, Band, FHA, Drama Club, Pep Club, Office Assistant Sally Campisi - VlCA, Pep Club Chandis Capes - Band, Orchestra, Hiking Club, GAA, Dance Band Dave Caplinger - Wrestling Connie Carter - GAA, Library Assistant, Blu-Tri, Drama Club, FSA, Senior Class Cabinet Maxine Carter - Choir, Office Assistant Judy Carver - Homeroom Representative Mark Casman - VICA Doris Casteele - FHA, VICA, Blu-Tri, Pep Club Myra Chambers - Office Assistant Sandi Chupek - Pep Club, Latin Club Dave Clark - "Our Town", "You Can't Take it With You" Debbie Clark - Bowling, Hiking Club, GAA, FHA Robin Daley - VICA, Blu-Tri, Prom 8. Banquet Committee Marguerite D'Amicone - Student Council, Art Club, Blu-Tri, Science Club, VICA, Prom 8. Banquet Committee Buckeye Girls' State Debby Davis - Homecoming Queen '68, Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, Spring Fling Court '67 Jerry Davis - NJROTC Kathi Davis - Senior Class Treasurer, NHS, Student Council, GAA, Blu-Tri, Spring Fling Court '67, Christmas Formal Court '68, Homeroom Representative, 59'ers Lou Davis - NJROTC, Drill Team, Namecard 8. Announcement Committee, Prom 81 Banquet Committee, Varsity Choir Joe Davison - Baseball, Science Club Jeff Dean - Hi-Y, Basketball, Gym Assistant Shelley Dean 4- Blu-Tri Cindy Decker - VICA, Blu-Tri, Varsity Choir Debbie Dicks - Office Assistant, Namecard and Announcement Committee Dave Dieringer - Baseball, Science Club Sherry Dollison - Choir Ruth Doubledee - Homeroom Representative, Service Club, NHS, FSA Beverly Downs - Spanish Club, French Club, Latin Club, Prom St Banquet Committee Denise Duhon - Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, Senior Finance Com- MOST RESPECTED rninee Sue Whiddon Ken Wilson Julie Dunn - Band, Blu-Tri, VICA -lack Colcmdo ' WCA' Track Nancy East - Spanish Club, Choir, FNA, Office Assistant, Letter- Bob Collinson - Basketball, Track, NJROTC Qlflf Song Committee Cindy Cone - French Club - President, NHS, Yearbook Staff, Prom 8. Banquet Committee, Bookstore, Varsity Choir, Blu- Tri Johanna Conley - VICA Jim Cooper - Track A Pat Cornell - Homeroom Representative, Blu-Tri, VICA Susan Course - Spanish Club, Blu-Tri, YFC, FNA, Orchestra Sue Crabtree - Bookstore Steve Craig - Football, Basketball, Track, Senior Class Cabinet, if Gym Assistant Jerry Craver - Football, Wrestling Celestine Crawford - Bowling, Blu-Tri Geralldine Crawford - Blu-Tri, Bowling Mary Crispin - Choir, Office Asstistant Carol Crissey - GAA, Blu-Tri, Drama Club, Senior Class Secretary, NHS, Student Council, Office Assistant, College Bowl, "The Crucible", "lmpromptu", Fun vs. Vandalism, 59'ers Betty Cross - Yearbook Staff, Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, Home- coming Court '66 Patty Cyc - Science Club, Drama Club Judi Czerwinski - Lettergirl, Choir, Drama Club, Science Club, "Our Town", Senior Class Play, Song, Motto, and Color MOST LIKELY To SUCCEED Commmee Marty Woodall Steve Oravecz 183 K3 . .,: , T jg s A l++ PRETTIEST HAIR Belly cross Phil Piazza Ron Edelen - Football Violet Edwards - GAA, FHA, Office Assistant, Senior Class Finance Committee Grace Elliott - Newspaper Staff Art Ellis -- VICA - President, NHS, PA Announcer, Electronic Lab Assistant, Senior Class Play Cindy Ellis - Bowling, Office Assistant Mary Ely - Spanish Club, FTA, Office Assistant Mark Eppler - Newspaper Staff Judy Fahrer - Homeroom Representative, GAA, VICA, Gym Assistant ' Vivian Fennell - VICA, GAA Pat Fiegly - Lettergirl, Blu-Tri, Varsity Choir, Bowling, FHA - President, Library Assistant, Bookstore Greg Fincham - Band, NJROTC, Drill Team, Drum Major Evelyn Finn - GAA, Blu-Tri, NHS, Senior Class Cabinet Gary Fisher - Student Council, NHS, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Span- ish Club, Latin Club, Yearbook Staff, NJROTC Richard Fleming - Visual Aids Assistant, Basketball Manager Dave Flesher - Prom 81 Banquet Committee Barbara Fouts - Gym Assistant, Blu-Tri, FHA, VlCA, Homeroom Representative Penny Foutty - VICA Bobby Fox - Bowling Denise Fox - VICA Terri Fox - FHA Marta Friedrich - VICA, FHA, GAA, Hiking Club Yvonne Frock - Bowling, Gym Assistant Dianne Garanich - Student Council, FTA, Spanish Club, Science Club, NHS, Prom 81 Banquet Committee Van Garber - Spanish Club, Science Club, Drama Club, Senior Class Play, NHS 184 Sandy Garnick - Blu-Tri, Bowling, Drama Club, Band, Varsity Choir, Office Assistant, FSA, Homeroom Representative Debbe Garrity - Varsity Choir, Bookstore, Library Assistant, Bowling - President, FHA, FTA, Drama Club, Blu-Tri, French Club Sue Gastaldo - Bookstore, VICA Carol Gilblom - Varsity Choir, Rifle Club, Drama Club, Pep Club, Hiking Club, Chess Club, Miss Ram Jeff Gordon - Visual Aids Assistant, NJROTC, Library Assistant Patricia Graham - Bowling, FHA William Grant - VICA, Namecard and Announcement Committee Frank Graven - YFC, NHS Colleen Gray - Office Assistant, FNA, Yearbook Staff, Christmas Formal Queen '68, Namecard and Announcement Com- mittee Gary Greathouse - Track- Janet Grecni - FTA, Science Club, Drama Club, Bookstore, Var- sity Choir, Senior Class Play Shirley Green - Prom and Banquet Committee, Choir Chris Grizer - Choir, GAA Frank Gross - VICA Martin Gurnik - Chess Club Mary Habas - Orchestra, Library Assistant, Varsity Choir, French Club, Homeroom Representative, Science Club Melanie Hackett - Choir, FSA Rick Hamilton - Bowling, VICA Carl Hammett - YFC, Track, Wrestling George Hammett - Track, VICA Barb Haney - Science Club, Drama Club, tive Red Cross Representa- David Harbarger - Visual Aids Assistant MOST BASHFUL Lynda Steidl Dave Alexander Jim Harig - NHS, Track, Cross Country, Science Club Jim Harlan - Hi-Y, Science Club Charles Harlow - Library Assistant, NJROTC Sally Harris - Namecard 81 Announcement Committee, FSA, VICA, Homeroom Representative Larry Hausch - VICA, NJROTC Alex Hawanczak - Varsity Choir, Hi-Y, Student Council, Home- room Representative Phil Hayes - VICA Bill Headley - VICA, Gym Assistant Sherry Hedges - Homeroom Representative, Blu-Tri, FSA, Office Assistant Terry Heiselman - Wrestling, VICA, Drama Club, "The Crucible", Bowling, Gym Assistant Cheryl Helfrich - Christmas Formal Court '68, FHA, Blu-Tri, Of- fice Assistant, Homeroom Representative CLASS CLOWNS Myra Plasvich Mark McMasters Jan Henniger - GAA, Girls' Baseball, Girls' Track, VICA Earl Henricks - Bookstore, Library Assistant, Chess Club, Visual Aids Assistant Robert Hernea - Bowling, Golf Gary Hiener - Baseball Linda Hill - Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Senior Class Cabinet Roseann Hirschfelt - Office Assistant, Homeroom Representative, Blu-Tri, FSA Becky Hissong - Spanish Club, Prom 8. Banquet Committee Bill Hixon - Library Assistant Teri Hockenbrocht - Blu-Tri, FHA, Gym Assistant Richard Hoddinott - Latin Club, Hiking Club, Band Don Holm - Basketball, Hi-Y Larry Hodges - Wrestling, Senior Class Finance Committee Dave Horner - Football, Boxing, Hi-Y, Wrestling Ruth Huff - Homeroom Representative, GAA, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Cabinet, FSA, Namecard 8K Announcement Committee Dave Hughes - Drama Club, Senior Class Play, "The Crucible", "Our Town" Vicki Humble - Blu-Tri, Christmas Formal Court '68, Drama Club Ed Husser - VICA, Choir Joyce lngram - Namecard 81 Announcement Committee, Senior Class Finance Committee, Cap 8g Gown Committee Rosalind Irby - Blu-Tri, FHA, Gym Assistant Ed Israel - Pep Club, Latin Club, YFC, Hiking Club Patrick lvey - Choir, Soccer Club, NHS, Spanish Club, Prom 81 Banquet Committee Crystal Jackson - FTA, VICA Dick Jackson - NJROTC Dave James - Homeroom Representative, Choir, Baseball Ed Jarzenski - NJROTC, Drill Team, Rifle Club Cathy Jennett - FTA - President, Medical Careers Club, Home- room Representative Elaine Johns - FNA, Blu-Tri, Office Assistant Bill Johnson - Wrestling, Track Dave Johnson - Rifle Club Judy Johnson - FTA, VICA Nancy Johnson - Pep Club, Homeroom Representative, VICA Priscilla Johnson - VICA, Blu-Tri, FTA Robert Johnson - Football, Track, Gym Assistant Ron Johnstonbaugh - Student Council, Baccalaureate Commit- tee - Chairman, Publicity Committee - Chairman Juan Jones - Track, YFC, VICA Otis Jones - Choir - President, FTA, Hi-Y, Library Assistant, Year- book Staff, Student Council, Senior Class Cabinet, Prom 81 Banquet Committee - Chairman, Spanish Club, Pep Club FRIENDLIEST Vickie Humble Sam Kaludy Robert Jones - Wrestling, NJROTC, Track Sam Kaludy - Hi-Y, Student Council, Senior Class Cabinet, Foot- ball, Christmas Formal Court '68 Joe Karder - Rifle Team Becky Kay - GAA, VICA, FNA, Library Assistant Nick Kazacoff - Band, Baseball, "The Crucible", P.A. Announcer David Kelly - Wrestling, Projection Club Ravola Kelly - FNA, GAA Sue Kemp - Homeroom Representative Shirley Kennedy - NHS, FNA, French Club, Library Assistant Sharon Kiraly - Choir Ronald Kirkpatrick - Chess Club Diane Kisbac - Blu-Tri Tom Klein - Swimming, Cross Country Allen Knight - NJROTC 'KA 'si' PRETTIEST EYES Shelly Dean Dan Williams Jim Kouri - Football, Baseball John Kozma - Wrestling, Golf Mike Krosnick - VICA Ernest Kuhns - Swimming Team, Cross Country, VICA Richard Kunig - VICA, Visual Aids Assistant Colleen Kyle - Band, NHS, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, Orchestra John LaBelle - VICA Cindy Lake - Yearbook - Editor, A Capella, Newspaper Staff, Blu-Tri, Science Club, French Club, NHS, College Bowl, Senior Class Cabinet, Senior Class Play, Library Assistant, P.A. Announcer Michael Landis - Track, Wrestling Barb Langham - VICA, FSA Joyce Lansberry - Choir, YFC, FTA, Homeroom Representative Pat l.aSala - FSA, Blu-Tri, Office Assistant Beckie LaSalle - Blu-Tri, Homeroom Representative Jack Lattimer - Homeroom Representative, Football, NJROTC Terry LaViers - Visual Aids Assistant Palmer Lawson - VICA Pat Lay - Pep Club Hope Layfield - VICA, GAA, Name Card and Announcement Committee, Office Assistant Gerry Lean - VICA, Library Assistant Patty Leaver - FHA Donna lewis - VICA, FTA Stephanie livers - Pep Club, Choir, Science Club Pat Lucas - Choir, Rifle Club, Baseball, NJROTC Marelyn McCarroll - Pep Club, YFC, Drama Club, VICA, FTA, FNA John McClelland - YFC, Pep Club, Soccer, NJROTC Claude McCutcheon - Choir, NJROTC Mary McDermott - Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, NHS, Homeroom Rep- resentative, Office Assistant, Senior Class Cabinet Peggy McFadden - Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, Bowling, Choir, Drama Club, Yearbook Staff, Treasurer's Assistant Patricia Mack - Library Assistant, FTA, Art Club, Band, French Club, Prom and Banquet Committee Willean McKenzie - Choir Nancy McKinney - Science Club, FNA Mark McMasters - Band, Drama Club - President, Hi-Y, Dance Band, NJROTC, "The Crucible" Gary McNatt - Drama Club, Art Club George Maczko - Namecard 81 Announcement Committee Donald Maione - Track, Hi-Y, Football Cherie Maple - Choir, FSA Diana Marcelli - Blu-Tri, Homeroom Representative CLASS FLIRTS Becky Ward Dave Breitenbach ale Marino - Hi-Y, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Student Coun- cil, Fun vs. Vandalism Charles Marple - Wrestling, VICA, NJROTC ike Marzick - Hi-Y, Prom and Banquet Committee Don Matthews - NHS, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Rifle Team, "You Can't Take lt With You", "The Crucible", "Leading Lady" Janet Matthews - FHA, VICA Jerry Matthews - Baseball, Hi-Y Bill Mayes - NHS, Hi-Y Deborah Mesaros - NHS, GAA, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Finance Committee, Senior Class Play, VICA, Namecard and An- nouncement Committee, Bookstore Scott Michaels - Student Council, Spanish Club, Science Club, NJROTC Steve R. Mick - Band, Orchestra, NJROTC, Drill Team, Spanish Club Rick Migdal - Football, Baseball, Wrestling Brian Milhoan - Cross-Country, Track, NJROTC Michael Miller - Baseball, Swim Team Pat Miller - Red Cross Representative Catherine Mills - Choir, FTA, Drama Club, NHS, Office Assistant, Senior Class Play Judy Moneypenny - Student Council, Senior Class Cabinet, NHS, Office Assistant, Drama Club, Choir, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Play, Gym Assistant, Prom and Banquet, GAA, "Our Town", "You Can't Take lt With You", "The Crucible", "lmpromptu" Lois Moneypenny - FNA, Bookstore, Newspaper Staff, Senior Class Cabinet, Cap and Gown Committee-Chairman Jerry Monroe - Art Club, Choir, NJROTC Constance Moore - Pep Club, FNA, Blu-Tri Diane Morgan - Choir Ellen Mosby - Pep Club, Blu-Tri, Gym Assistant, Choir, FNA Lenny Mosser - Wrestling, Soccer, Track Tim Mullins - Spanish Club, Homeroom Representative, Hi-Y Brent Murgatroyd - VICA, Soccer Tom Natoli - Football, Golf, Westling Nick Neckar - Football, Swimming, Namecard and Announce- ment Committee, Basketball, Track, Gym Assistant, Visual Aids Assistant Nadine Nehrebecky - VICA Pat Neidert - NHS, Bowling Joseph Nemes - Spanish Club Cheryl Newman - Pep Club Sandy Newman - VICA, FHA Chris Noeth - Band, Orchestra, Drum Maior, VICA, Chess Club - President, Namecard and Announcement Committee Amy Noonan - French Club, Senior Class Finance Committee, Namecard and Announcement Committee, Office Assistant Vicki Norka - Blu-Tri Cindy Norman - GAA, Blu-Tri l"' ggi BEST DRESSED Connie Carter Jim Newell Patty Oana - NHS, Orchestra - President, Prom and Banquet Committee, French Club, Drama Club, Blu-Tri, College Bowl, Yearbook Staff, Opus - Editor, Social Committee Steve Oravecz - Band, Student Council, NHS, Hi-Y, Newspaper Staff, College Bowl - Captain, Yearbook Staff, Opus Staff, Tennis, Senior Class Cabinet, Superintendent's Student Sem- inar Betty Jo Orr - Homeroom Representative, Bookstore, Treasurer's Assistant Gary Owens - Hi-Y Sue Pachipka - "Our Town", VICA, Pep Club Marie Palermo - Pep Club, Office Assistant Ed Pancoast - VICA, Gym Assistant Matt Para - VICA, Gym Assistant Beniamin Parker - Visual Aids Assistant, Gym Assistant, Stage Crew Bruce Parks - Basketball, Track, Football, YFC Pam Parry - Maiorette, Band, Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, Home- room Representative, Spanish Club, Fun vs. Vandalism Jeanne Partin - GAA, FTA, NHS, Blu-Tri, Office Assistant Debbie Perich - Homeroom Representative, GAA - President, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Cabinet, Gym Assistant Karen Peters - FTA, NHS, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, Office Assistant Christine Peteva - Band, Orchestra, Choir Dennis Peteva - Choir, Pep Club Diane Petri - Blu-Tri, Homeroom Representative f , ,ec c, gi, S --Q J X ""evP' . r ADB BEST LOOKING Debbie Davis Bill Collier Susan Petrochuk - GAA Karen Petroff - French Club, Orchestra, Senior Class Cabinet, Song Committee - Chairman, NHS, Yearbook Staff Gale Phelps - Bowling Phil Piazza - Student Council, Homeroom Representative, Golf Pat Piercy - VICA, Opus Staff Debbie Pilcher - Choir, VICA, FTA Debbie Pilo - GAA, Reserve 8K Varsity Cheerleader, Blu-Tri Cathy Pinkus - VICA, Lettergirl, Homecoming Court '68 Brenda Pishnery - Homeroom Representative, Blu-Tri, VICA Don Plaster - Rifle Club - President, Spanish Club, NHS Myra Plavsich - Blu-Tri Tim Postem - Art Club, Prom 81 Banquet Committee, YFC Janice Powers - Newspaper Staff, Namecard 81 Announcement Committee, Choir, Senior Class Play Jerry Prarat - Spanish Club, Science Club, Namecard 81 An- nouncement Committee Jim Prarat - Homeroom Representative, Spanish Club, Science Club, Hi-Y, NHS Jay Pringle - Football, Choir, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Science Club, Song Committee Julie Quitter - VICA, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Cabinet, Homeroom Representative Duane Redmond - Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, Rifle Club, Bookstore Beckie Reese - Blu-Tri, FTA, Choir, Prom 8. Banquet Committee Sandy Rice - Varsity Cheerleader, NHS, Blu-Tri, GAA, Senior Class Cabinet, FTA, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant Jan Richak - Reserve 8. Varsity Cheerleader, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Cabinet, Gym Assistant, Homecoming Court '67, Choir 4 Bruce Richards - Hi-Y, Drama Club, P.A. Announcer James Richardson - Track, Wrestling lynn Ries - Choir, YFC, NHS, Office Assistant Keith Riley - NHS, Student Council, Senior Class Cabinet, Senior Class Finance Committee, Track, Football, Hi-Y, "You Can't Take It With You", "The Crucible", Senior Class Play, Christmas Formal Court '68 Carol Ringkor - NHS, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant Judy Ringkor - FHA, Library Assistant, Pep Club Darlene Robinson - NHS, GAA, Bookstore, Homeroom Repre- sentative, Senior Class Cabinet, VICA Tery Robins - VICA Pat Rodocker - GAA, Homeroom Representative, Office Assistant Yvonne Saccone - VICA, Counselor's Assistant Sandy Saffles - FHA Kay Saniga - Senior Class Cabinet, Reserve 8. Varsity Cheer- leader, Office Assistant, Blu-Tri Pat Saunders - Choir, Library Assistant, Rifle Club, Hiking Club - President, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Namecard 8K An- nouncement Committee Joe Savage - Football, NJROTC Bill Sellitt - VICA Rick Schmidt - Basketball, Golf, Hi-Y, Gym Assistant John Secreto - NJROTC, Gym Assistant Joe Selesky - VICA Kathy Shea - GAA, Homeroom Representative Tim sheppard - ooif, NJROTC Pat Simmons - YFC JoAnn Sines - GAA Marlene Sines - GAA Neal Sipos - NHS, Senior Class Cabinet, College Bowl, Bowling, Science Club Kathy Slota - Homeroom Representative Greg Smerekanich - Soccer, Senior Class Cabinet, Baseball, Hi-Y - President, NJROTC Albert Smith - Football, Basketball, Gym Assistant Wits- 2"f'VtN5s5lf -X A ' Q ggtsiix--'I - 4 , , vc" MOST MASCULINE MOST FEMININE Jerry Craver Colleen Gray BEST FIGURE Diana Marcelli Jim Kouri Bob Smith - Football, Cross Country, Track Ed Smith - Cross Country, Track, Spanish Club, Hi-Y Sandy Smith - GAA, FHA Tom Smith - Band Tom Smoot - Rifle Club, YFC, VICA Brenda Snyder - "Our Town", Senior Class Play, Senior Class Finance Committee Phyllis Sparr - GAA Girls' Basketball, Girls' Volleyball, Gym Assistant, Drama Club, Yearbook Staff, Opus Staff, Senior Class Cabinet, NHS, Blu-Tri - President Cindy Squire - Band, Orchestra, NHS, Blu-Tri, Yearbook - Co- Editor, Science Club, Spanish Club Lynda Steidl - Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Head Maiorette, Blu- Tri, Student Council, NHS Larry Stemple - NHS, Science Club, Yearbook Staff, Namecard 81 Announcement Committee Chuck Stiles - NJROTC Wanda Stiles - Homeroom Representative Claudia Stocker - Spanish Club, FHA, Lettergirl Captain, News- paper Staff, Blu-Tri, Senior Prom 8. Banquet Committee Janice Summerfield - Homeroom Representative Terry Summers - Soccer Len Surowski - Tennis Team -Captain, NHS- President, Senior Class Cabinet, Soccer, Hi-Y, Mayor's Youth Advisory Com- mittee . Robert Swisher - Bowling, Soccer, Hi-Y Marcia Talbot. - Red Cross Representative Alma Taylor - Art Club, VICA, YFC Gary Taylor - Baseball, Gym Assistant, Hi-Y, '68 Christmas Formal King, NJROTC Neal Taylor - NHS Lindsay Thomas - Football Sharleen Thomas - FHA, VICA Gary Thompson - Swimming, NJROTC Linda Thornton - Counselor's Assistant Dianna Thurman - Art Club, YFC, FNA April Tilenni - Spanish Club- President, Library Assistant, Blu- Tri, NHS, Senior Class Cabinet, Name Card 8. Announce- ment Committee, Homecoming Court '68, Treasurer's Assistant Kathy Tippel - Choir, NHS Jim Toth - Swimming Sue Toth - Pep Club Sharon Tracy - Pep Club, Soccer, Blu-Tri, Art Club Jim Travis - Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y Keith Troutman - Namecard 8. Announcement Committee, VICA Jerry Vance - Swimming Bob Varrato - VICA Harry Vermillion - Hi-Y, NJROTC Ruth Volchko - Latin Club, NHS, Office Assistant Alice Vuias - Art Club, Hiking Club, FHA, FTA, Library Assistant Lynn Wallace - VICA, NHS, Art Club, Pep Club, Blu-Tri, Senior Class President Becky Ward - Student Council, NHS, Varsity Cheerleader, Art Club-President, GAA, Blu-Tri, Homeroom Representative, Drama Club, Senior Class Cabinet, Prom 81 Banquet Com- mittee, Christmas Formal Court '68 M' MOST POPULAR Jan Richak Dale Marino Cindy Warner - Spanish Club, Homeroom Representative, Office Assistant Cliff Watson - Track, VICA Diana Weaver - Science Club, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Blu-Tri Dave Webb - Yearbook Staff, Cross Country, Hi-Y Bob Westbrooks - Band - President, Hi-Y, NJROTC Virginia Westover - Homeroom Representative Alan Whack - Football, Track, Basketball Charles Wharton - Basketball Sue Whicldon - Drama Club, GAA, Girls' Basketball, Student Council-President, Service Club, Senior Class Cabinet, Homeroom Representative, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant, NHS, Mayor's Traffic Safety Council, "You Can't Take It With You", "The Crucible" Jeanette White - Senior Class Cabinet, NHS, Blu-Tri, French Club, VICA Carol Whitten - GAA Ron Whyde - NJROTC, Drill Team Dave Willett - NJROTC Jan Williams - Homeroom Representative, GAA, Blu-Tri, Art Club, Bowling, Rifle Club Daniel Williams -- NJROTC, Hi-Y Jim Williams - Homeroom Representative, Bookstore, Spanish Club Cheryl Williamson - FSA, Blu-Tri, Christmas Formal Court '67, Homecoming Court '68 Kim Willis - FTA, Blu-Tri, Choir, Gym Assistant Ken Wilson - Football, Track, President of the Senior Class Gerda Wimmer - Choir, FTA Dennis Woodall - Chess Club book Staff, Newspaper - Editor, Opus Staff, Student Council, Marty Woodall - Drama Club, French Club, Blu-Tri, Choir, Year- NHS, "Our Town", Student Skill Team Dean Wooley - VICA Rochelle Wray - Library Assistant, Office Assistant, VICA, Senior Janet Wyhowanec - FSA Class Cabinet, Opus Staff, Superintendent's Student Seminar Mariorie Zvoleff - NHS, Student Council, Blu-Tri, Prom 81 Ban- quet Committee, Senior Class Finance Committee, Red Cross Representative, Homeroom Representative MOST TALKATIVE Cheryl Helfrich Bob Ivory ,xxx-,al I lil X D Y Y ,fi WS Wig !!-' ' 0 NMA MKS -W 1... . .4 .hw x -f-"M W ' K N, 1 358 . mfs . N 5'-.'Ll'23f Y M if r 4 , J.. Y-l"l' 1 i .: ..k-- ,M Q ' gi ' X525 .. ,xii 5 X 1 2 X Gloria D'Avello - B.S., University of Akron, Home Economics, Mr. Ronald Amedeo - B.S., University of Akron, Health and Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach Mrs. Margaret Baglia - B.S., University of Akron, English Mrs. Annette Baker - B.S., University of Akron, Shorthand, Typing, Stenography Mrs. Ruth Becker - B.A., University of Akron, B.S., University of Illinois, Head Librarian, Library Assistants Club Mrs. Julia Benson - B.A., University of Akron, American History Mrs. Veiva Best - B.S., University of Akron, B. O. E., Stenography, Office Practice, Future Secretaries of America Mr. Robert Bibighaus - University of Akron, Kent State University, Mr. Machine Shop, Technical, Pre-Vocational David Bistline - B.A., Bowling Green University, Drafting, Rifle Club Mr. James Blackstock - B.S., and M.A., Kent State University, Math Mr. Mrs. Miss Analysis, Geometry, Senior Class Frank Blumenthaler - Drafting, Technical Mary Jane Brannon - Kent State University, Cosmetology, Technical, Pre-Vocational Jeannine Butler - B.S., Indiana State University, M.S., .Indiana University, Physical Education, Girls' Athletic Association Mrs. Helen Carper - B.A., University of Akron, World History Mr. Dominic Caruso - B.A., Youngstown University, M.A., Kent State University, Spanish, Spanish Club Mr. Ronald J. Centa - B.A., Kent State University, Woodshop Mr. Henry Corbi - B.S., industrial Tech., M.Ed., Science Education, Kent State University, Physics, Algebra, Science Club Mr. lawrence Cordier - B.S., Manchester College, General Bus- iness, Homeroom Representatives Mr. Delmer Cottle - B.A., Kent State University, Machine Shop, Pre Vocation, Technical Mr. Kristan Crane - B.A., Murry State University, M.S., University Mr. Mrs. Mrs. of Illinois, Instrumental Music and Music Theory Charles Culver - B.A., Kent State University, Chemistry, Tech- nical Math, Biology Penny Cummings - B.A., University of Akron, English, Year- book Advisor Miss Margaret Fetherson - B.A., University of Akron, English, Girls' Bowling Mr. Dan Flossie - B.A., University of Akron, M.A., Kent State University, American History, Football Coach Mr. John E. Gartner - B.A., Rochester Institute of Technology, Office Machine Duplicating, Office Service Committee Mr. Thomas Gindlesberger - Drafting, Technical, Pre-Vocation Mr. Frank Gingo - B.A., Kent State University, Stenography, Typ- ing, School Treasurer Mr. Richard Halley - Kent State University, Auto Mechanics, Tech- nical, Pre-Vocation Mr. Walter Harnack - B.S. and M.S., University of Akron, Data Processing, Bookstore, School Banking Mrs. Kathleen Harrick - B.A., Northwestern, English, Literary Magazine Advisor Mr. Edward Kanis - Electronics, Technical, Pre-Vocation Mr. David Kemppel - B.S. and M.A., Kent State University, Junior and Varsity Choir Mr. Harry C. Kidder - B.A., Geneva College, Economics, Sociology, Athletic Director Mrs. Jayne Kidder - B.A., Hiram College, English, National Honor Society Mr. Preston Knight -- B.S. and M.S., Kent State University, Physical Education, Basketball Coach Mr. Jerry Kordelski - B.A., Kent State University, Mechanical Draw- ing, Metals Mrs. Clarice Lewis - B.A., University of Akron, Office Duplicating Mr. Wayne E. limp - Auto Collison, Technical, Pre-Vocational Mr. James Long - B.S. and M.S., University of Akron, Chemistry, Science Club Mr. Donald Louthan - B.A. and M.A., University of Akron, Ameri- can History, Student Council, Future Teachers of America Miss Joan McGeary - B.S., University of Akron, M.S., Wayne State, B.O.E., Stenography, Future Secretaries of America Mr. William McGee - B.A., University of Akron, English, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Wrestling Coach Mr. Jack McKinney - B.A. and M.A., University of Akron, English, Home Economics Club Mrs. Dixie Daye - B.A., Olivet Nazarene College, Bookkeeping, General Business Mr. Philip Dienoff - B.A., University of Akron, Health, Boys' Bowl- ing, Baseball Coach B.A., Youngstown University, M.A., Mr. Anthony Donatelli - University of Akron, American History Mrs. Dorothy Edwards - B.S., University of Akron, B.O.E., Sten- ography Mr. Jay Eplin - B.S. and B.A., Morris Harvey College, M.E., Kent State University, English, Journalism, Newspaper Advisor, Golf Team Mr. John Eshack - B.A., Heidelberg College, M.A., University of Akron, World History Mr. Charles A. Evans - B.A. and M.A. University of Akron, Alge- bra, Geometry, Assistant Basketball Coach Dramatics Mrs. Barbara McSweeney - B.A. and M.A., University of Akron, English Mrs. Margaret Maggio - B.A., University of Akron, Shorthand, Mrs. Notehand, Typing Connie Marsh - B.S., Central State, Health, Cheerleaders Mrs. laVerne Metz - Kent State University, Cosmetology, Technical, Pre-Vocation Miss Mickie Minka - B.S., University of Akron, B.O.E., Clerical, Blu-Tri Mrs. Jill Nelson - B.S., University of Akron, English Mrs. Helen Nicholas - B.S., University of Akron, Health, Future Nurses, Hiking Club, Pep Club Mr. Gordon Oster - M.A., Kent State University, Geometry, Alge- bra, Track and Cross Country Coach Mr. Harry Otto - B.A., University of Akron, P.O.D., Assistant Football Coach Mr. Mrs. Mr. Leonard Falcone - Auto Collision, Technical, Pre-Vocational Virginia Farkas - M.A., Kent State University, B.O.E., Book- keeping Ernest Fenstermaker - B.S. Bowling Green University, Algebra, Trigonometry, Elementary Functions Mr. Todd Palmer - Auto Mechanics, Pre-Vocation, Technical Mrs. Peggy Payne - B.A., University of Akron, Clothing, Future Homemakers of America Mrs. Miriam Pennington - B.A. and M.A., University of Akron, English, Latin, Latin Club Mrs. Joan Stepansky - B,S., University of Wisconsin, English Lt. Commander Theodore Stephens - U.S.N., Retired, B.S., Univer- Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. sity of Akron, Naval R.O.T.C. Fran Szoke - B.A., Kent State University, M.A., Ohio State University, B.O.E., Stenography, Office Practice Arthur Taub - B.S., University of Akron, General Business, Consumer Education, Business Law Marie Valis - B.S., University of Akron, French, French Club lilobert Vernon - B.A., University of Akron, World History William Waggoner - B.A., University of Akron, M.A., Colum- bia University, English, Drama, Debate, Speech lllobert M. Welker - Kent State University, Data Processing, Accounting .llohn Williams - B.A., Mount Union College, American History, American Government, Senior Class Iiloger Yoho - Kent State University, Electronics, Pre-Vocation, Technical Mr. Wilbur Pfeifer - B.A,, Kent State University, Biology, Senior Science Mrs. Jennie Pier - B.S., Unive'rsity of Akron, Typing, Homeroom Representatives Mr. Donald Reynolds - B.A., University of Akron, Algebra, Geom- etry, Refresher Math, Ticket Manager Mr. James Riedinger - B.A. and M.A., Kent State University, P.O.D., Senior Class Mr. Edwin Saari - U.S.N., Retired, Navy R.O.T.C. Miss Janet Sasinowski - B.A., University of Akron, M.A., Kent State University, P.O.D., Senior Class, Dramatics-Business Manager Miss Dorothy Saylor - B.A., University of Akron, M.A., Kent State University, English, Spanish Mr. larry Shay - B.A. and M.A., University of Akron, Occupational Work Education Mr. Harold Smith - B.F.A., Akron Art institute School of Design, B.S., University of Akron, B.A., University of Akron, Art DVR if 'i lf A , ..., ML, , The President Qlvfaq HQ..-r Marty Woodoll Editor w of , , , R W ! f Poge editors work hard to meet their deadlines Front Row Lois Moneypenny, Jon Powers. Row 2: Debbie Mason Von Fleury. 194 Monthly lssue Of Ram News f"""' 53" . .X.. 1 Newspaper staff meets two periods a day to Debbie Mason. Row 3: Von Fleury, Debbie Cook, provide news for the student body. Front Row: Steve Oravecz, Claudia Stocker, Pat Wilson, Lois Moneypenny, Marty Woodall, Cindy Lake. Mark Eppler, Greg Jolly, and Jim Hoffer. Row 2: Jan Powers, Grace Elliot, Belinda Rife, The Newspaper staff works diligently to pro- vide Rams with current news at Garfield. A monthly issue of The President is distributed to all students. The issues contain all news from the College Bowl and Science Fair, to sports and Teacher of the Month. The editor, Marty Woodall, supervises all the work that the students do to make each issue more interesting than the last. Each issue also contains pictures and cartoons to add enjoy- ment and pleasure. Mr. Eplin, newspaper advisor, indulges in his favorite pastime mf? A 'E' 5 R 43 f5,WfS its , 1' sg 1 , avg 3 i . . E u Q Q x 4 Q I F153 ine --.' E . il?-: - - -,-. .E r x Y. 1513 Q N.J.R.O.T.C. PERSONNEL Commanding Officer: Lt. Commander T. Stevens Executive Officer: Chief Petty Officer E. Saari Company Commander: LCDR D. Craver Company Executive Officer: Lt. G. Fisher Company Operations Officer: Lt. JG R. Westbrooks PLATOON COMMANDERS: Ens. J. Borbely, Ens. N. Kazakoff, Ens. M. McMasters, Ens. T. Summers, Ens. K. Wilson SQUAD LEADERS: Ist CLASS PETTY OFFICERS: PO P. Austin, PO B. Bibey, PO R. Bruno, PO D. Cauffman, PO R. Jackson, PO R. Johneson, PO W. Johnson, PO D. Knight, PO P. Lucas, PO M. Mc- DRILL TEAM: Officer in Charge: Ens. S. Mick. Members: D. Cuff- man,-E. Jarzenski, R. Bruno, D. Bumgardner, R. Whyde, G. Fin- cham, L. Davis, R. Waddell, T. Evert, R. Brink, J. Cook, W. Crouch, G. Rose, R. Hagan, B. Bibey. CADEETS: J. Armsey, R. Bachman, R. Barber, B. Barden, R. Bar- ron, T. Breeding, D. Brieghtenbach, R. Brink, D. Buchanan, M. Butcher, D. Butler, D. Casteele, R. Collinson, J. Cook, W. Crouch, J. Currington, W. Dallas, J. Davis, L. Davis, R. Deal, J. Delia, D. Doane, T. Dodson, W. Egan, J. Ellis, T. Evert, R. Fannin, G. Fincham, J. Flynt, W. Freeman, S. Gandee, J. Gorden, M. Gurnik, R. Haddad, R. Hagan, C. Harlow, L. Hausch, L. Hoagland, K. Jay, D. Jones, R. Jones, W. Jones, R. Kinsinger, W. Klein, D. McClelland, PLATOON CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS: CPO D. Bumgarner, CPO E. Jar- zenski, CPO J. Lattimer, CPO J. Secrecto, CPO G. Smerekanich Known, PO M. Marzick, PO S. Michaels, PO T. Phillips, PO T Sheppard, PO G. Taylor, PO G. Thompson, PO H. Vermillion PO J. Wallace, PO D. Williams, PO W. Wilson. COLOR GUARD W. Johnson R. Fannin K. Jay M. Butcher L. Walker R. Barber J. McClelland, C. McCutcheon, T. Makora, D. Marple, J. Matthews, B. Milhoan, D. Mills, J. Monroe, J. Nemes, S. Neunz, J. Newell, R. Newman, D. Oldham, D. Olinger, B. Parker, R. Patton, R. Ray, D. Redmond, R. Reese, C. Reynolds, L. Robertson, G. Rose, J Savage, T. Sayre, R. Smith, R. Speas, T. Squire, N. Stallworth, J. Steidl, R. Stephanoff, C. Stiles, H. Surgest, L. Thompson, R. Waddell, L. Walker, R. Whyde, W. Wilkerson, D. Willett. RAMPAGE . . . - H , fi Editor - Cindy Lake Assistant Editor Cindy Squire Front Row: Betty Cross, Cindy Lake, Phyllis Sporr, Cindy Cone, Colleen Gray, Steve Orcvecz, Cindy Squire. Row Two: Otis Jones, Peggy McFadden, Jerry Kelley, Dove Webb, Patty Ocno, Karen Petroff, Morty Woodcll, Gary Fisher. 198 --.,,, .. 'X .c. """"'S y-,Ns 'WW' .,. f"e-----f f""""""'i Seated: Jean Floasin, Pat Misanko, Debbie Boltz, Loraine Friedle. Standing: Debbie Cook, Nancy Flora, Pam Roberts, Roberta Raabe, Diane Betz. . . . Where If All Began fr -ec I , vi-if Fmnk Smnnofd C0'Che5 PGP G5S9mblY The perfect trio, Cindy Squire, Frank Stannard, Cindy Lake excitement on film. 199 Aufogrophs 200 Yesterday . When . "Yesterday" was the theme of the 1968 Senior Prom which was held in the ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel. Couples danced to the music of Denny Thompson's Orchestra. Amid decorations of maroon and white the class colors. Seniors waited for the final hours of danc- ing. The after-prom which was held at Montrose lasted until early morning. Thus concluding a wonderful mem- ory for the Graduating Class of 1968. Class president Dan Moldea, center, listens as fellow class members speak of the future. 1 , . S t f , ' -vs Tom Stephens, Judy Flossie, ond Dave Looney provide thoughtful moments of times remembered by all. 202 As the banquet opened graduating members eagerly awaited the coming festivities. li 478104, Q S dpi A 31555 N if :wth - Sin' l K si x 'sr Graduating seniors found time for amusement as the Tom Clevenger completes his duties as Student 1968 Prom and Banquet came to a close. Council President with a final speech to the class. i if t Graduation 1968 Q' Q aw is Sym vx ' lx EB' I is 1 ng, 5, 204 5 1 'K ffbli A I A PROGRAM Overture . ,.... .,.,,..,,.,,,,,,.,,...,,,,.A,,,,. G arfield High School Orchestra "Fantasy," by Vincent Youman Processional ,...- .....,,...,.,.,...... ..,,,,,,,, .,A,,......,,,.,,,...,,, ..... ...,......,............ . . . "Coronation March," from the Prophet, Giacomo Meyerebeer The National Anthem .. ..,. ,,..... ...,,. M e rilou Vierheller ,fx Invocation ,...,,..,, .,,,.....,......,........,... . . ..,................ . Rev. Donald M. Hall Pastor of the Firestone Park Presbyterian Church iPresentation of Speaker . . ,....Y ........,.,,,,.. . . .. Dan E. Moldea President of the Senior Class "Do You Know Who You Are?" , . ..,.,.,...., , Dr. Mabel Riedinger Distinguished Professor of Education University of Akron, Ed. D. ilnstrumental Solo ...., ..,.......,,. . .. .lr ...........,....,.,........,.,.,.. Mark Weldon 'Ave Maria," by Ethalbert Nevin Accompanied by Miss Jeanne Werner Fresentation of Class ,,.,,,v,,,., ,,,, ..,,,,...,,,.,, . . Mr. Harland B. Horton Principal of Garfield High School Presentation of Diplomas . , , Dr. Mabel Riedinger Member, Akron Board of Education The class requests no applause during presentation of diplomas. Photographs are to be taken from sides of the stage only. ' iAlma Mater . . ,.., ,, Merilou Vierheller Benediction .... .,,. . .,.., ,,,,. . ,. ...,.,..,,.,, Rev. Fr. Ray A. Durant Assistant Pastor of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church 1'Recessiona1 . ,.,, ,, ...... , . Garfield High School Orchestra "Pump and Circumstancef' by Edward Elgar lj Q Q. 'W' .. 9 'S .. E. sw is 5. fi 1 gm ' , is x emi, YQ PSX if in 4 'ff- - .- Af . - " A . .. ,, , - - - i .. - " Q Q -1 "S 8 -J Q47 ,JK 1 In W 1 ix psi I4 ai l a.wzJ A.WZizOqCj7wfze4Aazi C." CASE EGG 8. POULTRY Live and Fresh Cut-up Poultry From Ohio Farms '3,QK Dressed Daily-Modern 8- Sanitary it Strictly Fresh Eggs-Wholesale 8- Retail N Y 663 S. Arlington St. PA-4-l208 1 ' Akron, Ohio 3, Schermesser Funeral Home BECK'S COLOR MILL NEW SOUTH CONSTWONED I492 S. MAIN ST. AKRON Cl-IAPELS Phone 724-I265 Over 20 Yrs. Fine Paints and Wall Coverings PA 4-58l8 I446 S. Main PA 4-58l8 L wits., s s A 1 llililllif U' ' gi f Nzeno HISTORY WFFK 206 Bar, Food, Janilor Service Equipmenl' anal Supplies Specialized Line: Paper and PlasTic Take Oul ancl Disposable llems D-A SPECIALTY CO., INC. Member of Food Service EquipmenT Insfilule JAMES J. LICITRI Presiden+ TEL. may 434-4531 308 E. SOUTH STREET AKRON, OHIO 443II 207 BEST WISHES FROM GONZALIES P RK uro PARTS INC A A . B-K ROOT BEER DRIVEJN I495 s. MAIN ST. PHONE 773-7848 HOME OE GOURMET HOT DOGS 84 BURGERS T 0 N Y' 5 B A R B E R S H O P HAIR STYLING FOR MEN I-OCGIGCI aT ROFFLER SCULPTER KUT E. WILBETH and INMAN RAZOR KUT5 HAIR STRAIGHTENING Phone 724-6IOI AND COLOR 356 Reed at Aster 724-7282 Tony Guorino - Jim Houlihan ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME Sales - Service UNCAN'S MOTOR SALES COLOR UNLIMITED D AsI'er Pain+ 8: Wallpaper Cen+er 354 Reed Avenue al' Asfer 860 S ARLINGTON ST Painls, Basemenl Painls, Varnislwes, 81 Wallpaper PHONE 773-7474 773-236l James D. Duncan Earl R. Bond I I P A u L ' s ROBINSON FLORIST S O H I O S E R V I C E Elnesl in EIOWSTS BRAKE SERVICE - TUNE-UP 730 S. ARLINGTON BEST LUBRICATION IN TOWN AKRON 6, OHIO PA 4-7I24 lFires+one Parkl I455 ASTER AVE. PHONE PA 4-0026 20 KALAIN HAIR FASHIONS I495 ASTER AVE. In Ihe Hear? of Firesfone Park for 42 Years Owners Carol and Judy Kalain Nine OperaIors 'ro Serve You 724-8008 724-8383 COLONIAL FLORISTS I487 SOUTH MAIN ST. PHONE 773-6624 WEST FOOD MARKET I479 ASTER AVE. AKRON, OHIO PHONE PA 4-I4l8 EMIL'S PIZZA RESTAURANT I5II ASTER AVENUE in FIRESTONE PARK 724-6I28 L f! T5 xoan: ARcHwooD PHARMACY I 7 2? R "I 738 E. ARcHwooD sr. ' b ,,.I W 724-9301 ,--- U: gf PRESCRIPTIONS GIFTS TT W OS - S00 it l1l'l'0 at your Headquarters fbr Korlulc Equilmzent PO. 2-33l3 We CaIer Io Banquefs - Parfies an 'U "T"' 'I lugs NEW CRYSTAL RESTAURANT .a"v EJ S555 8: COCKTAIL LOUNGE ,.-I-q-, O h TT it - T' T T ' ' l 1 I' , T OPPOsi're Firesfone Tire 8: Rubber Co. Q A- M .E G' A 4 nv I' P -85: T' 7---5 ALEX MARINAKIS, Prop. " " 'f " S. Main 81 Cole Ave. Akron, Ohio 4430I Summif Mall - 836-I56I ArIingI'on Plaza - 773-2552 209 RUBBER CITY PRINTERY I to 3 Day Printing Service L School Publications Commercial 8. Job Printing 570 Spicer St. 434-6675 Dick Knepper, owner Fred's Bakery Finest in Baked Goods i505 Aster Ave. PA 4-5525 Akron, Ohio A.B.C. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Phone: 724-l525 me Loveks LANE AKRON 6, oHio Rgsg Lessons on All Instruments Band Instruments o Guitars 0 Rentals 81 Sales 773-6964 l2I5 GRANT ST egxcoffyia TRoPiouARluM TROPICAL FISH Aquariums 0 Supplies o Repairs Pet Supplies 724-0460 I467 ASTER AVE. FIRESTONE PARK PHARMACY IN THE HEART OF THE PARK I50l ASTER 773-5l28 Prescriptions - Cosmetics WORDEN'S CYCLE SHOP Honola - Triumph and B.M.W. Cycles 547 McKlNLEY AVE. and BROWN ST. PHONE 724-60l0 AKRON. OHIO Floral Designs F fill 0 :inns .QQA-F-GRAp,, 5 oe S! 3. , Q r 5 ' we ash -,li 'N' R 'V 5 - . 'E .Aneflrois I ' F , r 1. E 9 loarlfwag 3621-Isl unc f f" -X 1099 GRANT ST. .7 5 Il AKRON O JOHN .LAMEDEO PR.3-6641 Complimerds of YOUR CLASS RING SALESMAN HAROLD C. JONES L. G. Balfour Company R2, I27l Akron-Medina Road Medina, Ohio 44256 Phone No.: Sharon Cenfer 239-9692 A.B.C. CLEANERS Specialize in Draperies. Formals, ROTC Uniforms 736 E. ARCHWOOD 773-58II STYLE WORLD BARBER 8: BEAUTY Privafe Room for: Razor Cuffing and Hair Sfyling Hair Sfraighfening and Toupees l3lI BROWN ST. 724-5253 in xc - 'N ' ss Q K X .S . . ,..,.. .44 .., "Sit down, be quiet, and get to work!" were the words most often heard slipping out of Room 'I just be- fore the door was slammed. The bell rang fifteen min- utes ago, but someone's still combing her hair, physics books start to appear, and English tests are being studied for. Sooner or later these students remember why they are here. Pictures begin to be seen, math books start to close, and the Yearbook Staff begins to work. Though most days began in a midst of confusion of what pictures are where? whose layout is this? why don't we have any rulers? and is that kid who iust walked in on the staff? - everything was completed. Pictures were found, copy was written, and those all- important deadlines were met. Some staff members stayed after school to help organize group shots, many worked at home and on weekends, and others even came in during their extra study halls to help. The purpose of a yearbook is to accurately record the events of a school year from the' students' point of view. lt's not to see how many pictures can be crowded on a page, or whose arm is sticking out behind whose head. There are many who won't like the new changes or decide that this year's cover is "ghastly". Although no production can expect to be free from criticism, each year the staff hopes to experiment with new ideas in new areas. This year we have chosen RAMPRIDE as our theme because we felt it best expressed what made Garfield High School everything it is. Through pictures and words a yearbook is supposed to arouse the emotions, sensa- tions, and feelings that were part of everyday life at school. We could only take the pictures and write the words in the best way possible. lt's up to you to do the rest. Cindy Lake Cindy Squire 1969 Editor Co-Editor .V 1. l fit t, , I gf- Q V L' ss Q -N 5? , .. ,- K. .. -. .... .-4., f ,e - - - A. V - - p l 4 P f'-1110-123 'f"41- I- sr I+- -X-'K' -W f-'Q .w.-u- 511, ..l!.,-14.-4711.-fu! an " ,T I Tc - 4 -1 -Q , " ,fu v I 1 I 1 1 4 1 f gn W Y-YW? "?"fH"'1I7 nz, m- 1 fl' 7, 1: M':'l:ll":'-""l' Tltd' t 410:-I -.. !l2"l' :,h:., -' -r. ,-4-, n:,.'f,:t.:uv 41:-u'.g:q-1-ll 1-'

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