Garfield High School - Rampage Yearbook (Akron, OH)

 - Class of 1968

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Garfield High School - Rampage Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Take time to work - it is the price of success. Take time to help and enioy friends - it is the source of happiness Take time to think - it is the source of power. Take time to play - it is the secret of youth. Take time to sing - it is the singing that helps life's load. Take time to study - it is the foundation of knowledge. Take time to dream - it hitches the soul to the stars. -Anonymous XXI!!! N Qt Q -,. -Q -, M- .1-1 ,....wm ffl!!! Q Z3 My W.. Q. fill!! N an-Q, ffl!!! '- Fx Garfield Students Find ,A K Time For Activities RAMPAGE - 1968 Gortield High School - 435 Firestone Boulevord Akron, Ohio 3 V, www v :ity ,- ,,j?'.i:ZE2 ,fy u""""""Mw-W K, , X , f airy g 5 f x X F X 4? YE . , f 1 W M ,f fx Educational Social . . Sports . . . Q L R HIGH s no l I WWING i i S EPT 2 8-11 29 3 UU , , 9 6 FIRESTONE 6 , our , H GMS H RB X Q., T qv"'N .ff gf ,ff -X 0" FQ-, Q f , "lsjfiw- waz. , . 1 .1 5 giilixj u '17 JN? W U,.,...,..... 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Mr. Joseph Quinn .wdli 41 V ff! Mrs. Norma Ma rcere -s,' ,F I 14 Mr. Joseph Quinn has been with us for the past eight years. "Christian Endeavors" occupy his spare time. This is Mrs. Norma Marcere's second year of coun- seling at Garfield. Guidance work has been her field for the last five years. Her travels include the entire United States and Europe. A veteran of twenty-six years of counseling at Gar- field, Mr. Leroy Dietz spends his leisure time in gar- dening and reading. Miss Arlene Spahr received her M.A. from the U. of Wisconsin. She has been counseling with us for three years. ff Mr. Leroy Dietz fc' Secretaries Acid To Office Efficiency ,sbs 1 ' Mrs. McNeil Mrs. luxon Mrs. Stadvec ""hlu-.,-- Miss Arlene Spahr 15 Girls often assisi in office duties. English Faculty Varies Program Ot Study 4-.Q , x W' ,fi A4 Mrs. Nancy Arnesen Mrs. Margaret Baglia Mr. Ira Eplin V77 af Miss Margaret Fetherson Mrs. Patti Freeder ln' Mrs. Freeder finds rewards in teaching. Mrs. Jayne Kidder Mrs. Michelle Levin if Yi? ,gs Mr. William J. McGee Mr. Jack McKinney Mrs. Miriam Pennington Mr. David Robb Mrs. Ruth Becker 16 'D 4Q?'-'W' F in--v Miss Dorothy Saylor Mr. William Waggoner fl A Mrs. replica of Stonehenge interests English students. Mary Jane Eppler Dr. Dominic Caruso Mrs. Mary Valis Mr. Gary Waller Mrs. Nancy Arnesen, the Rampage sponsor, is an instructor of English literature. Having obtained her B.A. from the U. of Michigan, she is presently working on her M.A. at Kent State U. Mrs. Margaret Baglia teaches English. Having obtained her B.A. from the U. of Akron, she is in her fourth year of teaching. Mr. David Carter Cnot picturedi is a graduate of the U. of Akron, and hopes to have his M.A. this June. Mr. Ira Eplin teaches English and iournalism. He received his M.A. from Kent State U. and is presently the sponsor of the President and the golf team at Garfield. Miss Margaret Fetherson received her B.A. from the U. of Akron and is now instructing English literature. She is the sponsor of the Girls' Bowl- ing team. Mrs. Patti Freeder earned her B.A. in English at the U. of Akron, and she is teaching American literature this year at Garfield. In her spare time she writes short stories, and is an avid sports fan. Mrs. Jayne Kidder teaches American literature. She is the National Honor Society sponsor, and a graduate of Hiram College. Mrs. Michelle Levin instructs English. She received her B.A. from Western Reserve U. and her hobbies consist of music and knitting. Mr. William J. McGee is a member of the English department. He gained his B.A. from the U. of Akron and spends his spare time as an assistant football coach. Mr. Jack McKinney is an English teacher. With an M.A. in Theatre Arts, he does community work in his sparetime. A veteran of the English department, Mrs. Miriam Pennington, teaches English and Latin. Mr. David Robb is a graduate of Kent State U. Along with his instruct- ing of English, he coaches Garfield's swimming team. Miss Dorothy Saylor, an English teacher, obtained her B.A. from the U. of Akron and her M.A. from Kent State U. Mr. William Waggoner teaches English, speech and dramatics. He is the coach of the tennis team and the Masque and Wig Club, and is a graduate of Columbia U. Dr. Dominic Caruso is a member of the Language department. With his M.A. from Kent State U., he is teaching Spanish presently. Mrs. Mary Valis, having received her B.A. from the U. of Akron, is a French and Spanish teacher. ' Mr. Gary Waller, a French teacher, obtained his B.A. from the U. of Akron, and is the sponsor of the French Club. Mrs. Ruth Becker is our head librarian. She received her B.A. from the U. of Akron, and her B.S. in Library Science. Traveling and reading take up much of her spare time. Mrs. Mary Jane Eppler is our assistant librarian. She obtained her B.A. from Bethany Nazarene College. Presently she is working on her M.A. at Kent State U. 17 Math-Science Cffers Challenge Mr. James Blackstock Mr. Henry Corbi 'if Mr. Phillip Dienoff iT! if Mr. Gordon Oster Mr. James Blackstock teaches algebra and geometry. He obtained his M.A. from Kent State U. Mr. Henry Corbi, a physics and senior science teacher, obtained his M.A. from Kent State U. He is also the spon- sor of the Science. Club. Mr. Charles Culver, a graduate of Kent State U., teaches biology, chemistry, and senior science. Mr. Phillip Dienoff received his B.A. from the U. of Akron. Along with his teaching biology, Mr. Dienoff is engaged in coaching the baseball team and sponsors Boys' Bowling. Mr. Ernest Fenstermaker, a graduate of Bowling Green U., is teaching algebra and advanced mathematics this year. Mr. James A. long, a chemistry teacher, obtained his B.A. from the U. of Akron, and at present is working on his Mr. Charles Culver Mr. Ernest Fenstermaker Mr. James A. Long 'fflx is Mr. Pfeiffer instructs biology students. Mr. W. Pfeiffer Mr. Donald Reynolds Mr. Wade Underwood M.A. at the same school. Mr. Gordon Oster teaches trigonometry and geometry, and also is the cross country and track coach. He gained his M.A. from Kent State U. Mr. W. Pfeiffer teaches biology and is a graduate of Kent State U. Visual aids take up much of his time. With eleven years of teaching experience behind him, Mr. Donald Reynolds came to Garfield to teach algebra and geometry. A graduate of Garfield, he has obtained his B.A. from the U. of Akron. He also attended Kent State U. and Ohio U. Mr. Wade Underwood graduated from Murray State Col- lege in Kentucky where he obtained his B.A. and M.A. Along with his duties as president of A.E.A., Mr. Under- wood teaches geometry and algebra. gm 51013 ...Q Mr. David Bistline Mr. Kristan Crane s it s if Carvin Varner finds wood shop a challenge. 2 wg 1 ar-inf' Mr. Ernie Holcomb Mr. David Kemppel Mr. Jerry Kordelski Arts Provide Variety. . . Mr. David Bistline, a graduate of Bowling Green U., is a drafting teacher, and the sponsor of the Rifle Club. Mr. Kristan Crane is Garfield's instrumental music instructor and music theory teacher. He earned his M.A. from the U. of lllinois. Mr. Ernie Holcomb, a member of the Industrial Arts department, is a wood shop instructor. He has his B.A. from the U. of Akron. In his spare time Mr. Holcomb enjoys boating and horseback riding. Mr. David Kemppel, a graduate of Kent State U., directs all vocal music at Garfield. Mr. Jerry Kordelski is a mechanical drawing and metals teacher. He obtained his B.A. from Kent State U. Mrs. Peggy Payne is our clothing teacher and co-sponsor of the Future Homemakers of America. Her background includes a B.A. from the U. of Akron. Mr. Harold Smith is our art instructor. His experience includes a Fine Arts degree and teaching at the Akron Art Institute. Mrs. Lauretta Wages is the foods teacher. She received her B.A. from the U. of Akron. . ln School Program is ' t t trrt 41 ' Vf,V , , MQ ,..,, . V .l Mrs. Peggy Payne Mr. Harold Smith Mrs. lauretta Wages Students find senior science interesting. 19 J Students Consider Business World fi' 1 Mrs. Veiva Best Mr. Lawrence Cordier, Mrs. Dixie Daye Mrs. Oona insiructs o student. s s u as " 11 Q ,.. ,--: 2: ,f V ' af- an ' ' , it V"'f ' N J K 5 E ' ' Eli?" I i i .ii ifiif. H - in as ,-" gig Miss Mickie Minko Mrs. Kaiherine Oana I .,.., 1 Mrs. Virginia Farkas rm Miss Joan McGea ry Mrs. Jennie Pier Mrs. Doroihy Edwards Mr. Frank Gingo ,AGR missy? i. Mrs. Ma rgarei Maggio Mrs. Fran Szoke 'Sound Body' Promoted By Faculty Mrs. Veiva Bestis a member of the business department. As a teacher of office practice and intensive shorthand, she also finds time to sponsor Blu-Tri. Mr. Lawrence Cordier, a graduate of Manchester College, is teaching typing and general business this year. Mrs. Dixie Daye obtained her B.A. from Olivet Nazarene College, and presently teaches bookkeeping and general business. Mrs. Dorothy Edwards, a member of the business de- partment and graduate of Akron University, teaches bookkeeping. Mrs. Virginia Farkas, a bookkeeping teacher, obtained her M.A. from Kent State U. Mr. Frank Gingo instructs students in shorthand and typ- ing. He obtained his B.A. from Kent State U., and is also the school treasurer. Miss Joan McGeary, a graduate of Kent State U. and Wayne State, is teaching iunior B.O.E. and general bus- iness. Mrs. Margaret Maggio received her B.A. from the U. of Akron. She teaches shorthand, notehand, and typing and taught for nine years before coming to Garfield. Miss Mickie Minko is spending her first year of teaching at Garfield. Although born in Colorado, she grew up here in Akron and went on to receive her B.A. in bus- iness education at the U. of Akron. Presently she teaches juniors in B.O.E. Mrs. Katherine Oana, with an M.A. from the U. of Akron, is a typing teacher. She obtained her M.A. from the U. of Akron. Mrs. Jennie Pier is in her ninth year of teaching typing. She is a graduate of the U. of Akron. Mrs. Fran Szoke is spending her first year at Garfield instructing senior B.O.E. and office practice. Her qualifi- cations include a B.A. from Kent State U. and a M.A. from Ohio State U. Mr. Ronald Amedeo is a physical education instructor and a health teacher. A graduate of the U. of Akron, he is also an assistant football coach. Mrs. Carol Bailey teaches health and physical education. Having obtained her B. A. from the U. of Akron, she also sponsors the cheerleaders. Miss Jeannine Butler, with an M.A. from Indiana U., is a physical education teacher. Mr. Preston Knight is a member of the physical education department. He is a graduate of Kent State U. and is also the head basketball coach. Mrs. Helen Nicholas teaches health. She sponsors The Future Nurses of America, the Hiking Club, and the Pep Club. Although this is his first year at Garfield, Mr. Russell Pier is a six-year veteran in the Ohio Public School system. Having his B.A. from the U. of Akron, he is presently teaching health and coaching football. Mr. Ronald Amedeo Mrs. Carol Bailey in rye 2 '5 ff" it Miss Jeannine Butler Mr. Preston Knight g , Mrs.. Helen Nicholas Mr- RUSSell Pier Mrs. Julia Benson Mr. Wesley Cunningham Mr. Anthony Donatelli History Reviews Past, Mr. Dan Flossie IU 5-N.. N-.A Mr. Donald Louthan 'VV Mr. Harry Otto Miss Janet Sasinowski Mr. John Eshack Mr. James Riedinger Mr. Robert Vernon 22 Students receive personal attention. lf?" Mr. John Williams Mr. Stephen Wosa ry Indicates Future Mrs. Julia Benson, an instructor in American history, heads the Social Science department. Mr. Wesley Cunningham is the co-sponsor of Youth for Christ. He teaches sociology, economics, and geography. Mr. Anthony Donatelli, a member of the social Science department, teaches American history. In his spare time he enioys reading and swimming. Mr. John Eshack, with an M.A. from the U. of Akron and a veteran of the Social Science department, is a World history teacher. Mr. Dan Flossie is the head football coach at Garfield. He teaches American history and obtained his M.A. from Kent State U. Mr. Harry Kidder is a graduate of Geneva College. Pres- ently he is our chief attendance officer. Mr. Donald Louthan is a World history teacher and is the sponsor of Student Council and Future Teachers of America. Mr. Harry Otto, having obtained his B.A. from U. of Akron, is a teacher of Problems of Democracy. He is also an assistant football coach. Mr. James Riedinger, a member of the Social Science department, teaches Problems of Democracy. He spon- sors the senior class, and in his spare time enjoys swim- ming. Miss Janet Sasinowski, a graduate of U. of Akron, is a teacher of Problems of Democracy and a senior class sponsor. A veteran of the Social Science department, Mr. Robert Vernon, is a World history teacher. His students benefit from the slides he takes when traveling. Mr. John Williams, with a B.A. from Mt. Union College, teaches Problems of Democracy and American history. Mr. Stephen Wosary, an American history teacher, ob- tained his M.A. from the U. of Akron. Mr. Wosary also directs the night school held at Garfield. Mr. Williams in Problems of Democracy. Coach Flossie's students ore not camera-shy! l 4 lg Vocational Training Opens A Bright Future Mr. Richard Halley 'GX Mr. Todd Palmer Mrs. Mary Jane Brannon Mrs. laVerne Metz ing. Machine shop is valuable training. 24 Mr. Robert Bibighaus Mr. Roger Yoho Mr. Darro Cottle Mr. Theodore Faur Mr. Robert Bibighaus a teacher of vocational machine shop attended the U. of Akron and Kent State U. and in his spare time enioys reading. Mr. Frank Blumenthaler is spending his first year of teaching at Garfield as an instructor of students in draft- Mrs. Mary Jane Brannon a graduate of Kent State U., is a Cosmetology teacher in the vocational wing. Mr. l. Fredrick Burr teaches in the auto collision depart- ment. He taught Adult Vocational School, and in his spare time enoys restoring antique automobiles. Mr. Darro Cottle having received his B.A. from Kent State U. and special training as a Goodyear apprentice, is Garfield's new machine shop and technology instructor. Mr. Leonard Falcone, new to us this year, teaches auto collision in our vocational unit. ln his spare time he golfs. Mr. Theodore Faur teaches office duplication and re- ceived his training from the U. of Akron. This is Mr. John Gartner's first year at Garfield. His qualifications are an A.A.S. and a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology and he teaches office duplicating. Mr. Thomas' Gindlesberger is a native of Canal Fulton and is doing his first year of teaching here at Garfield l as an instructor in drafting. Bi.. Mr. John Gartner Mr. Larry Shay Mr. Walter Harnack Mr. Robert Welker . Y..1:1il"" Mr. Frank Blumenthaler Mr. Edward Kanis Mr. Thomas Gindlesberger Mr. L. Fredrick Burr Mr. Richard Halley teaches auto mechanics. This is his second year of teaching, and in his spare time he enjoys woodworking. Mr. Walter Harnack, a data processing instructor, is a member of the vocational department. He received his M.A. from the U. of Akron. Mr. Edward Kanis is an electronics teacher. This is his seventh year of teaching, and in his spare time he enjoys sports. This is Mrs. LaVerne Metz's first year at Garfield. As well as teaching cosmetology, she enioys bowling 'and golf- ing. Swimming and fishing are Mr. Todd PaImer's favorite pastimes. Mr. Palmer is spending his first year at Gar- field teaching auto mechanics. A veteran of twelve years of teaching, Mr. Larry Shay, is an O.W.E. instructor. Mr. Shay obtained his B.A. and M.A. from the U. of Akron. Mr. Robert Welker is a data processing instructor and has been in this field for nineteen years. Mr. Roger Yoho attends Kent State U. 'Although this is his third year of teaching electronics, it is his first year at Garfield. Office Duplicating aids the school. 25 Mr. Leonard Falcone .f .tt1W.s.1,yf .3,y 1'-gmyvsrsffewgwe if-fl1S':fS,i?li L4?iSr:i?Pi 355351'359355l5VY5Q3S5?.ii:zi5Xi?359Y'3si7x5'ei tg 55.321-bmw swings-m.....5t wmv. fH1fevsf.ew....5fwsL K.g,,,Q,sgQQV1Sfigigs.w.2gsgm..Qgsfs2ggw s..Asfl22rgf.'s-,we fx sf ll Sinner ' "A M : zu. fr . .'-,ffm zie,5'lsS..L.?il 9 '92- tL55i535K156i1S Qiitiliii?5?-iifsxfigiisf 555'1551255.16?Kieiggiifigfiiigzgsgffiftbi-sf?lf3i1igggH??S?ii!3VQ-i4?V7?'37'ii gg?35535gikwgexiiukgistfsafieigfigQifkiwirffsiafigffslkiggf':l ggi wfffffex: gy-it are 252515235'-fiviihhyigsiti-9135 .s..,,.. ze, .L sw . ,...f-...W 533fwiilfiiigtfi?5s?K2F45HifiaftleiQiiiilsifiikvtiwsffis-iisfgzgssrfsr' .shaft24Z33555592f3Qs?Q5gs5Q?,as.g.lg,egg5sm2igeigsgaw ,ggs1fQit1,Q,,.:gs1f,gw.5y.,,71.,mQ1..,gsm,f:s.,g-fxvsisxffza 21145233.53lsrtsfssi'f:af.f4Qgx?aesSr1fif21zMwfsawsz.W.s?1,gw vm . ..g5ugv5gw,ti , .msgstwsslfss..g..,5,.sz.sfwgr W-'3:.fs K-ga-satis sggsmesmm I sms, ..f-fm: -. 2 use p-Ne.: t 7.5.0 5143575 ,ig-Swiziis 5454. . 5' 4 7 , 3' s?gg32ib5i?isEws.,:gsrg5i1e.s..gfwsiieittrazisfiziiwfkstggiwii iii : 5Zff3?E?lQ.+gi1?Ig5iiifii'"flf??1Q3?'35Z5kE9i5cs5'g?31zfif'5'5f55irf5gFf8 ' fm HM? :QM fr. ...3,,,e1.+'f .t,.q,.w..wf2X.sawfs mgzqswrm gsustwsistm was2Htgsmgsew,.i.fs5.s.tg2wQs,T..wM,.e-5,.sf2wsgt.f vssfir gg,fre1. 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It is the Source of Happiness M75 52, iw ai - , A ,M . ww , Q , , W ' ' A , , ,411-fQ,, 7 4 , , ,,,,,L,J Y.W, ,,w .,, V, .1.,, W W MW, V If , If 2 - T7 m - - , V A '- H ' MM , ww M my A 'ffl' Qfgfvfgqfi' ' uw Ei win y Wf jw-N N , V ' ' " ' 1-fy ., ,,V ,Z jj, ,M h: My ' ' pv.17,...,-,,,,.g ,,.y , , r ,, aww' f - ,f2,?3,,, n 12, , ' " fv, Take Lead in Council Marcia Anders Malcolm lash Suzie Ward Ferdie Stockclrd Billie Kay Dombovich Dan Moldea 'im Betty Feliz Bob Kaim Judy Slannard 29 i 1 Student Council Heads Organizations Student Council, headed by Tom Cle- venger, is the principal unit of school government. The chosen representatives meet every Monday during first period to discuss and make decisions concerning school policies. Student Councils' activi- ties include sponsoring the annual Home- coming Dance and providing delicious popcorn throughout the year at various activities. 'At Halloween members con- duct the Fun vs. Vandalism Campaign. ...- E 1 W ,.v-.qw . 30 Mr. Louthun talks with Tom Clevenger atm " 4,, ,.JJ..nh.'g , V-ff. "Hr hw, 'Q t ,ff 'N-','f. ' 'fa-fJ'1":M, r...-v V, fa-M 0, ,,,. W P X .wt 'A Underclassmen are future leaders. J' l,,'.x.pEni Council Members pop corn. JUNEORS Gary Fisher Scott Michaels Otis Jones Steve Oravecz Phil Piazza Keith Riley Becky Ward Sue Whiddon Carol Crissey Margie Zvoleff Judy Moneypenny Marguerite D'Amicone SOPHOMORES Roger Bell Mark Drake Bob Mayes Bruce ivory Larry Sfreeti Janice Duncan Laurel Marson Cathy Reinhart Teresa Parms Debra Boltz Meetings are held once a wee l 1 Library Assistants Sfudenis work as library assistanis. Our librarians work iogeiher. Front Row: M. Grammar, C. Lake, P. Johnson, M. Habas, J. Moore, L. Holzer. Fourlh Row: A. Thomas, S. Kennedy, S. Heifzenraier, D. Garrify Noland. Second Row: P. Spayne, P. Mack, G. Hoaia, R. Wray, J. Thomp- S. Headley. Fifih Row: C. Harlow, E. Hendricks, B. Hughey. son. Third Row: P. Sylvesier, T. Dolinar, D. Pirogovich, J. Pritchard, E. 32 Top Left: HIKING CLUB is for the nature lovers at Garfield. It was under the leadership of Presi- dent, Pat Saunders, Vice-President, Chcundice Capes, Secretary, Becci Beynon, and Treasurer, Alice Vuias. Their advisor was Mrs. Nicholas. Top Right: The ART CLUB meets to further their pursuit of culture. They also helped beautify Garfield with their colorful posters and pictures. The officers were: President, Chuck Abbott, Vice- President, Chuck Keith, Secretary, Terry Falatok, and Treasurer, Marguerette D'Amicone. Bottom Left: GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM members met every week. The officers were: President, Twyla Boyer, Vice-President, Debbie Garrity, Sec- retary, Fran Lamanna and Treasurer, Debbie Clark. Top Center: YOUTH FOR CHRIST offers fellow- ship to all at Garfield. Meetings directed by President, Jeff Douglas, Vice-President, Becky Jenkins, Secretary, Barb Casey, and Treasurer, Linda Allen included singing, guest speakers and fun. Top Left: LATIN CLUB is under the direction of President, Terry Falatok, Vice-President, Steve Oraveczp Secretary, JoAnn Zena, and Treasurer, Diane Betz. Their advisor was Mrs. Miriam Pennington. Bottom Left: FRENCH CLUB is composed of any interested French students. The members have heard speakers. Their advisor was Mr. Waller. The officers were: President, Jeanne Werner, Vice-President, Linda Noland, Secretary, Roberta Raabeg and Treasurer, Jeannie Kennedy. Top Right: PEP CLUB has followed the teams and showed that the school supported them. Mrs. Nicholas was the advisor and the officers were: President, Laura Ayers, Vice-President, Ed Israel, Secretary, Becky Hissong, and Treasurer, Steph- anie Livers. Bottom Right: GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION is a club for the athletically minded girls at Gar- field. The cIub's advisor was Miss Butler. The members were directed by President, Diane Tul- ley, Vice-President, Mary McCardle, Secretary, Connie Carter and Treasurer, Debbie Mesaros. S Top: BOOKSTORE ASSISTANTS, Front Row: Donald Gow- ens, Earl Hendricks, Debbe Garrity, Judy Czerwinski, John McClelland, Mark Hamrick. Row 2: Linda Garnick, Debbe Fagan, Becky Hagen, Sue Crabtree, Yvonne Sac- cone, Diane Bales, Wanda McAfee, Nancy Stewart, Janet Grecni. Center: MASQUE AND WIG CLUB, Front Row: Peggy Mc- Fadden, Debbe Garrity, Merilou Vierheller, Cathy Mills, Judy Moneypenny, Donna Ketchem, Nancy Stewart, Judy Czerwinski, Sue Whiddon, Sally Dieringer, Barb Springer, Jeannie Kennedy. Row 2: Becky Ward, Jill Jackson, Bill Woodside, Liz Jones, Dave Looney, Debbie Williams, Annette Vaccaro, Mary Leidel, Pat Spayne, Glenda Hill- yer, Diane Tulley, Jeanne Kaufman, Cheryl Cappo, Judy Stannard, Terry Falatok, Linda Noland, Eva Murat, Sandi Heitzenrater, Phyllis Sparr, Carol Crissey, Connie Carter, Marty Woodall, Debbie Boltz. Bottom: MASQUE AND WIG OFFICERS. The officers were responsible for organizing programs for their members. One of their projects was to see the play "Barefoot in the Park". The advisor was Mr. Waggoner. i fb left: HI-Y is a club for Garfield boys. The members were under the leadership ot President, Rick Smith, Vice-Presi- dent, Dave Bond, Secretary, John Cobrda, Treasurer, John Oravecz, and Chaplain, Tom Stephens. They sponsored a marathon basketball game to raise money tor orphans. Center: FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA is a city-wide organization. Peg Taylor was the secretary tor the chapter. The club's sponsor was Mrs. Veiva Best. Bottom: OFFICE ASSISTANTS, Front Row: Pam Palmieri, Sharlene Cleavenger, Judy Weiland, Jackie Williams, Hope Laytield, Cindy Ellis, Terry Klein, Becky Jenkins, Ramona Lindsay. Row 2: Annette Vaccaro, Betsy Floasin, Jackie Weisman, Vicky Poor, Violet Edwards, Peggy McFadden, Mary McDermott, Ruth Doubledee, Nancy East. Row 3: Pat Williams, Kathy Buhas, Carol Terrango, Cheryl Cappo, Judy Winningham, Mary Kovacs, Patsy Dengler, Sandi Tulley, Row 4: Barb Springer, Marge Ingham, Fran Lamanna, Kris Kaderle, Darlene Kirk, Arlene Kirk, Norma Green. 38 FUTURE TEACHERS: This club meets monthly to pur- sue their interests in a career in education. The officers were President, Diane Gar- anich, Vice-President, Chris Jackson, Secretary, Pat Mack, and Treasurer, Kathy Jennett. Their advisor was Mr. Louthan. The P.A. ANNOUNCERS bring the news to the Gar- field Rams each morning. Pictured are: Front Row: D. Dickson, O. Munich, D. Za- kikian. Row 2: M. Marko- vich, M. Stewart, L. Papa. Row 3: R. Smith, A. Ellis, D. Looney. Top Left: The SOCCER TEAM, although not an official City Series team, represented Garfield very well this year in the city-wide competition. Members are: Front Row: T. Santa, K. Warnick. Row 2: G. Stroll, V. Roberts, R. Ollison, O. Williams, D. Swisher, L. Surowski, D. Ivery. Row 3: T. Clyde, T. Summers, A. Ivery, F. Mergatroyd. Center Left: The BOYS' GYM ASSISTANTS help Mr. Knight promote physical fitness. They demonstrate many new activities for the sophomore and junior boys. Front Row: Kenny Wilson, V7 George Uhall, Dale Marino, Don Marteny, Mike Hatch, Jerry Ramian, Rick Smith, Bill Abshire, Tim Walker. Row 2: Jim Wilson, Jim Price, John Taylor, Tom Robinson, Tom Clevenger, Bob Griffin, John Oravecz, Bob Frankland, Jim Richards, Ferdie Stockard. Bottom Left: The GIRLS' GYM ASSISTANTS help Miss Butler teach physical fitness. Front Row: J. Tahrer, D. Tulley, D. Prude, T. Falatok, V. Poor. Row 2: C. Ringhor, D. Perich, J. Kenniger, Y. Frock, B. Fouts, P. Sparrm, D. Pilo. FUTURE NURSES helps the girls to get a better idea of what the medical profession offers. The officers of the club are President, Marcia Anders, Vice-President, Linda Allen, and Secretary-Treasurer, Jeannie Kennedy. Mrs. Nicholas was their advisor. The young scientists of tomorrow are gathered in SPANISH CLUB: Activities such as movies, outside the SCIENCE CLUB. The advisors were Mr. Corbi and Mr. speakers and a Spanish-style Christmas party are Long. The officers were President, Vernie May, Vice-Pres- directed by the officers: President, Nancy Long, Vice- ident, Janet Pritchard, Secretary, Pat Spayne, and Mar- President, Linda Noland, Secretary, Vickie Nieman, and gurette D'Amicone. Treasurer, Karen Chase. 40 The V.I.C.A. club has lectures to promote vocations FUTURE HOMEMAKERS have sponsored bake soles at the iunior highs. The members are under the leader- and dinners to finance their trip to Columbus. The Presi- ship of President, Bob Keimp Vice-President, Diane Kristy dent was Elaine Holzerp Vice-President, Becky O'Brienp Secretary, Rosemary Missorg and Treasurer, Greg West. Secretary, POT Fieglyi Gnd Tre-Gsurer, Vemie MGY- The RIFLE CLUB is shown ready for action. They improve their accuracy and skill through practices that were held after school. 41 National Honor Society Membership Honoring the highest academic group of students, National Honor Society takes its place among the clubs at Garfield. This year's sponsors are Mrs. Kidder and Mrs. Daye. The society is composed of senior students from last years' spring induction. Another induction will be held for seniors and juniors in the spring of 1968. National Honor Society does its part in encouraging students to strive for the best education through honesty, study and determination, by sponsoring an Awards Assembly at the close of the year. This years' officers are President, Dave Williams, Vice-President, Judy Stannardp Treasurer, Lisa Licitri, and Secretary, Martha Gostely. Rewards Scholars College Bowl Action College Bowl, a National Honor Society sponsored activity, is a junior-senior debate presented annually by the organization. The senior team consisted ot Judy Flossie, Tom Stephens, Dave Williams, Captain, Judy Stannard and Linda Noland. The iunior team members were Cindy Lake, Steve Oravecz, Captain, Patty Oana, Carol Crissey and Neal Sipos. 43 T, A it + to Eg X 5 is Queen, Sharlene Clevenger The traditional Christmas 'Formal was carried out through its theme "Sleighride in Splendor". Streamers of blue and white were used to create a realistic winter wonderland. The queen, Sharlene Cleavenger, and her court: crowner, Cathiann Capron, crown bearer, Cheryl Williamson, senior attendants, Jackie Weisman, Becky O'Brien, and iunior attendant Pat Hunt danced to the music of Bob Cole and his orchestra. The court was elected by the Blu-Tri members. "Sleigh Ride in Splendor" News an SQA Blu-Tri Lencls Helping Hcincl Blu-Tri is a service club for junior and senior girls. The elected officers for the 1967-68 school year are: president, Karen Mitchenp vice-president, Connee Faith: secretary, Becky O'Brieng and treasurer, Becky Neal. Teacher sponsors are Mrs. Patti Freeder and Miss Mickie Minko. Blue-Tri Officers +I 0 SENIORS Take time fo think. It is the source of power. L JACKIE WILLIAMS PATSY DENGLER Secreta ry Writer CRAIG FRISBIE DAVE CLOPTON Historian Athlete 48 RON PITTENGER Mathemaiicicxn Students of the Yeor 1968 CAROL N UTTER Ariisf Dan Moldea - President Malcolm Lash - Vice-President Senior Class Officers SENIOR CLASS CABINET - Front Row: Dave Looney, Tom Stephens, Vierheller, Kay Cunningham, Liz Jones, Martha Gostely. Row 3: Betty Foltz, Malcolm Lash, Bren Bittner, Tom Clevenger, Bob Keim, Connee Faith, Sue Sine, Judy Stannard, Lisa Licitri, Dave Williams, Judy Flossie. Row 2: Linda Noland, Pat Franz, Jean Watson, Merilou Terry Falafolc, Mike Hatch, Dan Moldea. 50 R P , gW..,,1-.mmmmfx . """'N-gf" f ww xc . N X NN, I X F. if ,T is Q- ,glS:,::, K is , A ,. xw , .5 Sw 'gi up i 3 rf' it W Charles Abbot! Bill Abshire Ron Achberger Kathleen Adam Cindy Addie Marcia Anders Dorothy Anderson Larry Andrasko Lelha Aronhall' Paula Aronhall' Wwe l. +.".9:,x. Seniors Set the Busy Y'-1-3 Jim Bale Rochelle Beavers Robert Ball Gary Bechter "TW" he 'N-. Jim Ballard Hazel Bechler 52 Richard Barger Carol Barlow Pairicia Beers Ted Beley A igs E,,l, YW Ron Aleman Kenneth Auler 'me Ram Pace Deborah Barringer Cheryl Bender 'ex Karen Alls .Ioan Badonsky Donna Almer Marilyn Bailey Wim Becki Jo Barry Mary Ann Benner Jon Balchik Donald Beverage '1E."""' 53 H. B a ww f -,,,,f, Loreen Bingner Tom Bisesi Dave Bond Tom Boveington 455, wx' Brenda Bittner Barbara Boyd Football Kicks Off 40- lyndu Brooch Robert Brodbeck Don Brown Cheryl Coppo Cothi Copron Paul Carcione awww . i ,, ,,,. f W l ltlll t i B rrz' it 54 5' "SI'.3"" Herb Bivens Michelle Bodnar Twyla Boyer Renee Bridges X m x SWE x. . ik af , s R, ak Theresa Boger Sue Bohnstedt Lawrence Bright Sandy Brighfwell sig? siti- 5 1 S s i 0 Fun-Filled Senior Year 'Nm Qm Yu.. 5 Linda Buffa Kathy Buhas Joe Carvey Karen Carter i wiser-'Q Pam Burgy Dan Burrell Linda Carter Ralph Case .praw- 55 Daniel Boio David Brindle ,Q--. . W' N an-rw" Kathy Caetta Barb Casey 1 ...Q.,,. ,.., W ...A E i i 4 5 2 535 -S' Q Qs uf .,. ,,,.,, 3 B Stephanie Chappe Karen Chase Don Cheeseman -' Tom Clevenger John Cobrda Daniel Coburn 2. io im s if wi-,ig of io . P' M Mm 4 4 w in.. i , go PN' U as Q03 fm -.5 oesi EH PM Q8 E9 ik? Q QGMQ O 53 ik'-'gxt 3iEfQ,Q . a ' f 32,Xgfug,: Fourteen Sensor Men U .X,fLf ie-ii S as 55f"i'5i 'fq :QQ-fa 4 . a.a- 52 C D a a M- F ': gg 5 ig ir: 3 5 Qt N- P' CZ x n jx? ,N me M, .4 ...f was ,af -. .P 1.4 J ,MB ., 5' Q.: Joy Cooley Rachel Correll Tom Cowman Deanna Custer Denny Davidson Kim Davis 'Y 56 ' ' '- X 1 YK' W' S T we 1 i el if C. QQ 'WM X E . Q Dianne Christ David Christy Karen Chudoba Sharlene Cleavenger Dave Cogar Larry Collin Nancy Collins Nancy Collinson X Participate in i967 Football Championship 'Sk Guyanna Crispin Randy Cross Kay Cunningham Sam Curatolo Ron Davis Sherry Davis Sandi Davis Bgb Day '23 57 in ENN NF i-ti ,b-. r y Msg Y tis Connie Clement Pat Cook 'Qin Diane Curtis Richard Dietz sf - 'Ci' l 3' kv Tom Demko Patsy Dengler Theresa Dolinar Billie Dombovich E Janice Ellis Debbie Fagan YN? Gara Elton Connee Faith .MT I 1. fmlm, Dennis Derks Robert Detamore Paul Dewitt Cosby Douglas Irene Dubravetz Tim Earlenbaugh We Value Sportsmanship and 1-f-3, Linda Elton Bev Epling Joe Epner Terry Falatok Larry Fazenbaker Ethel Fears Yi 5 ,X 58 . .M,,,M,,,,W , 1, f N ff , +wywWWwlfMfWWQZQ!!!!ul' fly? l Tom Digiroloma Paula Dobroski Larry Dohner Paul Eberharl Joseph Echermun Cindy Eitner 41 Cutstcnding Athletic if li Z?: if Byrdarea Epps Richard Fiegly QQ 7 , I Karen Estel Tom Filuseta 37: Skill William Evans Keith File Q"-fr 59 Debbie Fisher Linda Fleshmcm Betsy Floasin Kim Forest ' Gary Fouse Gary Frung Senior Enthusiasm Stands ,fs K- 'Qs Cheryl Gainer Frank Gaiudatsy Karen Gullowuy Louie Gilblom Brenda Gludin Jane Glauthier '1 ssssrssr LVAV i L1 xAL ..,: , . Q I AQ! 60 as W .Q Betty Florence Martha Flory Judy Flossie Bob Frankland Pat Franz Joe Friedl in uw, fix? Out in Extra-Curricular Activities ,x,.,.,.,,,X 1 Carol Fluharty Betty Foltz Craig Frisbie 'hd sp...- Olive Full Louis Garden Linda Garnick Donald George Joe Giacomo lynn Gibbony Calvin Glaze Kirk Glockner Vicki Goode Marie Gorring Martha Gostely 61 - """-5 Mike Gray Charles Green Doug Gunnerson Elmer Hakin 'Ns' wq,,-x 'Qin vu- ,, tfwf' Many iii.. WISP Floyd R. Harbarger, Jr. Bob Hardy 5UndY He0CllY Tom Heinrich Debbie Green Norma Green Robert Greer Donald Hall Bob Hamilton Debbie Hammond X' e earo so G , is-:M E. --mf,-, QM -,sg 5:5 k Class Leaders Help Us Plan Our , ga 2 kkk , A v K , is ix ' ii Q . a s Vickie Harmon Gerri Harsell Madeline Harlzell Sandy Heifzenrater Connie Hendricks Ken Hileman W ""--.. 62 QF A QFMP Susie Griffin Mark Hamric T' -ff'-.','.1'v 'N - J.1r.--.ffv..- -ss. .1 Barry Griggs ' Mary Ann Gross Kathy Hanak Clay Hansel will Last Year at Garfield Mike Hatch Glenda Hillyer K L.k.L. A ...:L,e A ni ' Judy Hathaway Gary Haught Ken Hinchee Gina Hoaia 63 K kk L ...- 3 ,p .. .. , me Q.. : g:iWfE5f,E K kk.L .,.,. g F. Q sl -AL-L Q . Sandie Hodges Willie Hoyle Elaine Holzer Cheryl Hood Bob Hughey Dallas C. Hunter iw X Senior Class Committees YS-0 Qing, Ari' Israel Violet Johnson 111 64 is Jill Jackson Joyce Jackson Bonnie Jones Debbie Jones Debbie Hood Frederick Hoover Barb Hurd Dennis Hyatt 'Et'- Jim Hoover Margaret Ingham 'C' Sandy Hoover Marsha Hosey Jonathan Irving Janie Isch 'K' . Q IQ . . E t Qg ,Q 1 1 ' - at 5 9 W gi fl - e,-. rb. I , sf' X muff Plan Unusual Activities for Class Q35 Becky .Ienkins Robert Jenkins David Jones Elizabeth Jones .,., ,Q .P J' i fs' Y f X X X at Brenda Johnson Kathy Jones ww-' A 'Q QU- ,. ., x 4 J-T K+ 'Q ,. is C 2 'Wt 65 'S' Bonnie Johnson Christine Kaderle ,,, Q wuwsw-'y X 5 N sis A XX . A John Johnson Suzy Kane ks. 4""' Jeanne Kaufman Robert Keaton Jamie King Arlene Kirk Robert Keim Darlene Kirk E t Seniors Show Survival 'Qfuv Barb Kl'-'9 Mary Kovacs Cynthia Lacy Steven Lafferty 66 Kathleen Kristoff Frances Lamanna V W 'Ulu-9. We f 4, f,,v Z , Donald Keller David Kelly Jeanie Kennedy Bill Kerr Lois Klaco Judy Klein Terry Klein Ron Kleffingef Donna Kelchem George Knoch the Fittest... Dennis Krisfon Mary lamonica H nv-mv any ii if 'kwa' James Kubik Malcolm Lash Evelyn Kuhns Mickey Lastocy -. 1 67 Marie Kulick Frank Latona 11' ' iw naw 'D' unw- 'wu- Rl Mary Alice Kullon Ken laValle John Lee Louise lerch Rand Lesler Linda Lonsbury Dave Looney Cheryl Lott P X - ERN lk 'i he 7 As They Take College 'lin-.M Dave Lulu Pat McKelvey ae Wanda McAfee Tony Maglovsky Mary McCurdle Maxine Maluchosky fbi 68 'ltr 3 'Yi Q, iv- 41-'sl ss., 'pw Joe Liciiri Lisa Licitri Ramona Lindsay John livers Bonnie Lovehe Tom lowry Bill Luc .lay Lucas JU' Nancy Long Wayne Luli Boards and Finish Up Term Papers 1 ff- 2 , , sx-' ' . .-.' is '-:.i E kkk,kh .,,-. ii ' I ' X A . 4 S ws W' ii 5' Jim McClarnon Cindy McCloud Pat McCulley Sherry McDaniel Susan Marko Andy Markovich Barb Markovich Vincelta Marotla Jo Ann McDowell Tim Marshall 69 isbn var: if Don Marteny larry Miletich Wu i Q.-....... Glen Martin Robert Miller 1Q, Rosemary Missor Wayne Moore Pill' 'J "'3.S" z 'x Karen Mitchen Mike Morgan QQ? Q 0 4 ig. Kathy Martin Marvin A. Matyasi Vernie May Dennis L. Miller 5 Dennis J. 'Miller Jim Miller "H-6.4, eniors Are Leaders in "tial:--fr' ,.,.s-9 Bob Mftchen Karen Mobley Dan Moldea Corine Morris Mary Mosyiowski Ronnie Mothersbaugh QQ.. 'Q"""'8 70 on-.,, YFPQ. ' sux Sandra Mayer Ranell Minear QN- 'N'- 2':,.j V ' Erich Meder Richard Mink Denny Menendez Jeanne Misanko in Ram Pricle... Diana Monk Fred Mon Kgs 'W Q-,-...uf -uiwl' it Isabelle Monroe Thomas Mozik 4lu.,.,,,, Jennifer Moore Ollie Muenick any 71 Wa' 4 A, , P, , G" QQ' ' r wiv Susan Mullen Peggy Mullins Eva Murat Mike Neug Becky Neal Irene Nehrebecky ,fr-1 M-v 'UP f ,, , Ww,,,mwg 'kj'-rl' 2 Valerie Oatley Kathy Orr 72 www 'iw Scholarship Rates 'Q' in-ug n Becky O'Brien Gary Osborne 2",E31fI?3:.ZE-BQ922521-':" f"'7f?9k:IW3T5zV' f F ' 'f ""'s John Oille Lynda Ostrander fin 'un-B+ Margaret Muster Jean Muzlakovich Donald Nighswander Linda Noland N A , ., , 'R N ,Qs si: High in Class ol '68 ax L.. Q .f?f"' gs Irene Olinik Ronald Ollison Pam Palmieri Lia Papa ..1:,g: -.igeggiiag Suv v:f7r Ronald Myricks Joe Noonan Jon Nagy Judith Naugle Carol Nuifer John Nyitray Y ,E Karen Oravec John Oravecz Dennis Orban Barbara Peck Louis Penson Tom Perich QN 'iv rx QM Qsvw- 73 fx 1---vs in-.ex Q Linda Perkins Loreen Post larry Perry Jim Price Mari Jean Piazza Richard Price in-cv Meosu ring for Caps Qi- r Jim Raines Jerry Ramian Debbie Ramsey Candy Reed Jeff Regallis Elaine Regec 'rv 74 aw- W, xiffmfaiw X i Linda Piscitelli Ron Pitfinger Sandra Pohl Vickie Poor Denise Ports Janet Pritchard Dennis Prough Dorothy Prude James Quick Bob Rader 'S xwwqggwxh 5 me, - x XY 5 'WN 5:52. QS .Nl Wi' 5 i .1 Lf- 2 . - bc cmd Gowns ls First Step... si Climmie Ranson Steve Remis S5 ii 'K' Q: ""'?:-"" Carter Ray Jim Ray Ken Reash David Reed Jeff Rexroad Cassandra Rice Beverly Rich Jim Richard ii. 'R 75 Jim Richards Mary Jo Rinaldo Tom Robinson Linda R6bison lenny Samulak Donna Sanders Cafhie Schultz Dave Scichilone Barb Ringkor Greg Roach Chris Roberts Richard Robison Bernie Roser Janice Rollyson Toward Graduation Ceremony Nancy Sanfoferrarp Karen Scalero louis Scalzo Jeanne Seikel Barb Selby Lealrice Sellers . we '. S E 76 HRH' ,kv Nu- Marilyn Roberts Vaughn Roberts Dick Robinson Rene Rossi Barb Rowles Dennis Ruegg lm ur--"' anna:-..,, in June -'UW' k Vu 'line-1' Melinda Scheck Pete Schmeida Mary Schueller Anita Shamansky Rachel Sheperd Steve Sholar ss s wr' 77 XX Linda Shook Eddie Sloan Michael Soles Tom Stephens ' Q. 78 i ef' linda Shuler Cynthia Sloat S X?-QYM ifhiyxx W ,Sm "N"-. Becky Simmons lee Smith gen-w"" Tokens of Our Lost Pat Spayne Freida Stewart Tina Speicher Nancy Sfewart if S ' l Curt Simmons Chuck Simmons Sue Sine Dan Skinner Mary Skoczylas Ri'-Ik Smith Robert Smith Suzanne Smith Sherrie Smith Bob Snyder ad""w HCQ 'Qttfif Yeor ot Garfield... ii M 4 , 1 L A Jeanne Speight Nancy Stickle W ,..,, , 4? M , MJ" it I m., aare S S fr Barbara Springer Beth Stiles in ? , QQWMQ, Tim Pm Stqnich Judy gmnnurd Madeline Stemple Lau,-ie Sfone Louie Sterle Ferdie Stockard 'mf 79 Howard Streeter John Thoerig v',, vyus X rs Ken Stuber Bruce Such Jerome Sullinger Deborah Surgest Bruce Thomas Clyde Thomas Charlotte Thomas Willie Belle Thomas E3 W'Il Keep Cur h as wif' Diane Tulley Kathy Vangeloff ...VK Sandra Tulley Judy Tvardy Lewis Tyes George Uhall Dan Vercuski Merilou Vierheller Doug Volchko Kathy Vorhes TJ! 80 bi ik Dave Sveda John Taylor Peg Taylor Linda Templeton Carol Terrango Nancy Thornton Richard Tigelman Colleen Townsend Jeff Trautman Angela Triola ig? 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Q X v ' W Sv-Q .J ,-'T' - M 'K' 5. .,. ., ' .' ' -f v". ,- 4.1 'Q "' sg:-'4 ,iatlh 'e ., -. 7 '- 'lf'-' 'riff' A- 'Z 4' 'J v u 5.4! '-5' ff, "'--1 gif ' " ' 't "- QP - - ' R14-311.1 2F , , , -.w'.,,.z, 4 ' -. . 1 ' ' -' - -- 5 'W 1 ' l 7 . 1 , Y " Y , -auf-r, 518811 Q' .1 'L-j .' Av -MW ' ' 4 Y 2' J ,ls Q ' tr K 1 '-ef 4. E N Y 1 1 P- vm ' ' 'AQ I 1 e Q R 'K - 1 A A s f'N ,, 'Sl 'Ms 5 I v' A 'N S ' , N S 7 , X , ' ,.. I 5 . W, ' "5 'N s V V - A F .WLM ' " X . . -M- W -'-i Ax, - Aw- ' 1 ' '31,-M. K- Lwlwf-if ' ' ' r U: E . ,v N A.-',,, 1. A ,, I N Mx H g 1 , -, - N' 0 ,Wx , n 141- V x QW pix ' K ,f h Mm am 4 M N .lily-Jg, 'Emo I S 6 v b V . , -lvfr ' . L S 2 'A - 4 rr K , 4- ' - -A N , -. , A " L Z' , 4-1 1 Q f . lx V ' I gf 1 ,Z-ug q Q ' 2 J KJ S Nfl V U ' if 7' N fm MM A RAM , ' , .sb A f V E 1' A1 'A QQ l?'."FQ 13 9' 1 A 'E ig 5 'N f 'y r 5 1 S fi f Q 1 fl rf " , N 'A ' 'Vg' f V , 'Q 'X A K' T' .Q D H I ' ' Y . , q, , R , V3 R n . H J A W -Q 1. K df 5 fi , Q .,.Kf,, Q f , 5 67. -g! is .s , w . L ,.--N ., 1--, f . 4 X! i x V, 4 X1 A I. W . 3 K Y"Tf'Awfy .- ff, lv- 'T Hi ' 1 f' ' c by N. A , X-4"3'xi if 5 1' mn g1?'465A" tml X: f,.L'Lf2 ' qrrrwllg ' ' ' r L Q i1ff.g.l. 7fgff L'.!,l QQ-I'i'gCf " 1 'i?'m: ' ' X ' 4 -QQ Q . 'A xv, ' A X: ,--A 4 l 33,2 xv , Hx , I 3- ,,--thu,-jhixh '.,- 5 A I ' A , . s ,ggi-J JA fy? I- ,',V,,:,x" -1 --5 'Y xjL'gJs.f,f L - V j.'g:xk 0' Q-H,-'v - wiffff' ' 5 1 Rx 1 ,:M'1'+Q'Q:r .LR-T' ' A f-' x ' .K A Aizvljivi , 'A K: f-.-...:. F Q - . . i' ' yy lr V AQW , .g.NifQE. --Q .I "IFF - V ,! iw, xixfi MQ: ,LS xj'xxL.!l V M. A xx : X ' 1 A41 'HQ -1 1, , ' 1' 1 U imA,w Q-.fl 73. .- Lb si I l f 4 .X K rm, . , Vi 7 If ' x eg f R ' K K MW Bob Wharton Jim Richards All City fm ss.. mu.. E 4 . f " A, -Army Q9 "ff L f- rit -N' KA. . w-hw i E5 Don Marteny Ferdie Stockard All City Ron Street Tom Clevenger All District 90 Dave Clopton Mike Hatch Doug Volchko Frank Lutonq All City All District Wayne Luli Malcolm lash Jim Wilson Y All City We're No. 1 It all started with a prediction by Coach Flossie that the '67 Ram football team would be green, fast, and tough. Green they might have been, but tough and fast they certainly were as they proceeded to demoralize and destroy each team they met. They rolled up a tremendous undefeated season of 8 wins and 2 ties. Their record included a tops in the state ranking on defense for the least points given up. Ram pride came through each time in such high- lighted games as the 14-6 win over Warren, the 6-6 tie with Hoban, the 50-6 playoff crush of Buchtel, and the 6-6 Championship tie with East. On Turkey Day, the statistics told the story as the Rams made 13 first downs to Ecist's 2 and 215 yards to East's 120, proving beyond a doubt the cry of the Rams all season - "We're No. 1." SEASON RECORD Garfield Central Garfield Hobo,-1 Garfield Soufh Garfield Firestone Garfield Buchfel Garfield Garfield Warren Harding North Gflffield Hower Playoffs Garfield Buchfel Thanksgiving Day Garfield East -f-'-"Sz, ,, , ,, zlf W 4 5 mba III XS fy Aly' """'i 3 94 mi' A 3 f W A, - 4 1 f 'in eh, f gig? fg f ga f Z 2 'R All The Way 1' 1 ' Q bf! W 4 'Y W Q 1... - it 5 fn 1 Q - r nx ,X . . up Q .-- 35 ,r s I I I .. 'g. i .. S., W g- ,ix-'Q . YM K .112 1. R- ,- .g,"3i Lq - ff I? 'u-'Q-53, 1 Q 3.95 u A gf ' Aim -'41, f., Q-pf' ' -"'iW'!3f3: f f.gksN':-Vffvm L Mk A ' ' a:f'53f'vX" 'Q v fungi ww- h Q- 1 Q Z t A K' k i.. f 5 Q .xxhb ,L -,ini iiffy xi, x-32.3 fr.. mi! 271, 6,453.3 a ff' A Ss ' '71-' ,jg K :fi !'iL.A2:41 Q s hh, 5 A ,W sg? .,,.,, U 3 G : ,.,, e :Q f w A. X 3 X N fl . " , ' r . L, . ., 2 Q an aw, 1, 'M ' Q , 'xii -' - 44" ', R ' V was-a L: ' if ' - QQ . f - i P N W--. Q 53 '. t , X .leg ' 1 I , , 4 -- wi- ggl- , .. . - , - - A . A J..,,f- -A.. v 'isfsilu Q . fi. 'Q f--af' .F 2 L X K, f K jgjff kg -:4fi?Z' " f' 'mg .P 'gt'-5 351: ' M " 'H XX A M .Q , A H ,A , ,I V 0, , . 1 .A.. ,, A. .Q .QM xf M . v . K- Q. bfi- . s K M - Q", L '- , If I, ':- L ja ..., ,. 5 P' To Turkey Day Success! 'TWRQ rmV".A Borborcu Rowles - Queen HGMECOMING QUEEN and COURT -fa-Q...ullQ' si ,MMV uf' Sandy O'Quinn Betty FoHz Crowner Jon Richok Lindo HiH Becky Rizzo Wim The Land of Oz Garfield T967 Homecoming festivities began Friday, November 27, with the traditional Homecoming assembly. The students displayed a variety of entertainment, including skits, dancing, and music. The Homecoming game against North added to the excitement of the weekend. Garfield defeated North 32-O, Friday evening at the Rubber Bowl. Miss Barb Rowles was announced as queen at half-time. The following evening the couples danced to the music of the Carl Michael's Orchestra in the atmosphere of the "Land of Oz". The crowning of Miss Barb Rowles by senior attendant Betty Foltz highlighted the evening. Other mem- bers ofthe court were iuniors, Linda Hill and crown bearer, Jan Richak, and sophomores Becky Rizzo and Sandy O'Quinn. A kiss for the Queen The lettergirls become "little girls" for a skit. The 1967 Homecoming Court: Becky Rizzo, Linda Hill, Crown Bearer, Betty Foltz, Crowner, Barbara Rowles, Queen, Jan Richak and Sandy O'Quinn. 98 i Queen Barb Rowles , , g,,, V A W " ' r l K gn ff rv H lr annum Q W' M l 5,v, if Q fn, my ummm M, :mm r l ivv 2 7 . , - We f 'Q 3... ' - mf Mx--l Wt Crowner Betty Foltz Crown Bearer Linda Hill 7' w 4 ,, f Jonathon lrvnng ond Wlllle Belle Thomas begin f an enioyuble evening. 99 in Q- - A ga., Q f. , W 1 535 vb 1 as ., .-.-. , lmiwiiz - 'f San xv in V X 9,001 1 . 11, 34 Q 'fl :fi K 'E X , This year's Ram basketball team had its share of problems as they repeatedly ran up against very tough opposition. Team effort and individual excellence were there, but fate repeatedly dealt the Rams a losing blow in the final seconds of most of their games. The season rec- ord of 5 wins and T0 losses hides statistically the fact that the poten- tial was there and was many times displayed in such games as the close contest with Sectional power, Hower, and numerous other games that fell short by l or 2 points. Tough Opposition Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield SEASONS RECORD East Warren Western Kenmore Massillon Firestone Cuyahoga Falls Central Buchtel Barberton Hower Hoban North St. Vincent South Crestwood Reserve 56 69 44 49 71 72 53 69 60 61 40 54 38 73 42 2 Front Row: .lim Price, Rick Schmidt, Al Smith, Paul Brown, Tony Alexander, Mark Buie. Row 2: Bob Collinson, John Lucy, .lim Lash, Coach Knight, Phil Marzick, Steve Craig, Jeff Trautman. -LJ Seniors! Jeff Truuimun John Lucy IN, , x I NN-.,,,f' ef?- 'IO3 Y ee 54- k , an -up f x X gif 4' Y 4 '52 -49 ..,,,,,..,-af" Grapplers Sweep Sectional Mats! Front Row: Larry Street, Bill Johnson, Bob Jones, John Taylor, Vince Benson, Don Marteny. Row 2: Coach McGee, Jamie King, Dave Clapton, Malcolm Lash, Dan McAnalIen, Gary Stroll, Coach Pier. RECORD Garfield 29 Hower 18 Garfield 26 Mogadore 'l6 Garfield 39 Warren Harding 8 Garfield 24 Warren Reserve 23 Garfield 22 St. Vincent 17 Garfield 23 North 20 Garfield 37 Kenmore 4 Garfield 28 Firestone ll Garfield 33 South 5 Garfield 'I4 Hoban 22 Hudson Tournament ....,..A..,,,. Fifth Place Northwest Tournament .a,.., Second Place Russell Pier Coach The 1967-68 Ram Wrestling team shared the Sectional Mat Crown after settling for a tie with co-champ Hoban. ln the City Championship meet the Rams again met Hoban and were defeated by a 22-T4 score. Five men were sent to the District. John Taylor made it to the "semis" and Jamie King won the 145 lb. -championship and a trip to the State. s Y 5. XS 'Tir' Coach Robb The Ram swim team, during the 1967-68 season, saw somewhat of an improvement over last year's squad as shown by their 3-7 league record. Due to the fact that the team was made up mostly of sophomores and juniors with a few seniors, Coach Robb expects a vastly improved team next year that could very well go all the way in local competition. Noteworthy during the season was iunior Jack Metcalf's establishment of a record in the 400 yd. freestyle. TEAM RECORD Garfield Warren Harding Garfield Hoban Garfield Coventry Garfield Warren W. Reserve Garfield Hower Garfield Massillon Garfield Cuyahoga Falls Garfield Buchtel Garfield Kenmore Garfield Firestone Garfield Painesville Harvey Garfield Central Garfield North Garfield East Swim Teom Improves on '67 Record ,e,m,,, ,V,. 1, , 1 T Front Row: Don Biscon, Som Flat John Thomas Jack Metcalf Bob Kline Bill S L Wh , , , , oye, arry ite. Row 2: Jim Toth, John Wczlloce, Steve Vanchoff, Dan Brown, Gary Thompson, Eugene Kuhns, Gerald Vance, Ken Wornick, Tom Cline, Rick Smith. 107 Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield l TEAM RECORD Semi-Finals Hower East South Ba rberton Hoban North Barberton Kenmore Western Reserve Central Firestone South Buchtel Cuyahoga Falls Cuyahoga Falls The Ram Baseball Team entered the '67 season with a minimum of lettermen and maximum of desire. Rampride came through, how- ever, and posted a season which saw the Garfield Nine muscle their way to a most satisfying 10 and 5 record. The team lost a hard fought battle to Cuyahoga Falls in the Shaughnessy Playoffs by one run. Falls then went on to win the crown. Outstanding for Garfield during the season were All-City second baseman, Mark Farrel, and centerfielder, Bill McKee. 108 Rom Nine "Swing" Into Playoff Front Row: B. McKee, T. Flossie, M. Hatch, R. Jenkins, T. Hughes, M. Forrel, D. Lengel, P. Corcione, R. Golden, R. Migdol, T. Walker. Second Row: J. Linger, T. Siebel, N. Kascikoff, D. Heosly, K. Austin L. Horris, T. Deol, G. Frong, J. McLornon, T. DiGirolomc1, J. Trcxutmon T. Cullen. 109 Coach Dienoff Q I ,, The 1967 Ram net squad boasted a season record of 9 wins and 4 losses to place them fourth in district tennis competition. The team was captained by senior Ralph Snyder and supported Mr. William Waggoner Faculty Advisor Front Row: Dave Bond Tom Stephens Gary Fouse Jeff Rexroad Ralph Snyder, Capt. Second Row: Len Surowski Steve Oravecz Dave Luta Rick Smith Tony Alexander Dick Mink Knot picturedl by faculty advisor Mr. William Waggoner. The team looks for- ward to a possible championship season next year with six out of seven lettermen returning. SEASON RECORD Garfield Cuyahoga Falls Garfield Kenmore Garfield East Garfield Norton Garfield St. Vincent Garfield North Garfield Buchtel Garfield Central Garfield Wadsworth Garfield Western Reserve Garfield Hoban Garfield Firestone Garfield Barberton Ram Nettmen Post Winning Season 'll0 Z nfl. iiiis IIINSHSJH IIIIQQII llllrfill II IE 'Ill llllllll llllllll I--1221! 'IH L f' VTE f Eli XE Q, E ,eau RH 1 5 ag 1+ L fi gh J J iii if 5: We Fil. .ii f ii iyii Q W' Kai Q 43 3 , , Y iris Q Front Row: Joe Licitri, Jim Luginbuhl, Craig Frisbie. Second Row: Jim Uhl, Mikey Theodore, Coach Eplin, Bruce Robinson, John Lee. Garfield Duifers Show Winning Form Coach Eplin 'I967 TEAM RECORD 'ii 5, ,Q 5 ii eg ,J EE5 T 5 fig 5 i R ' in Sis ii 232224 V fr. Q T WSQ3' ..M 'Qii v- -if W V 1 ,V . A' 5 2' V ? 1-W . , i 15 ,Q gf fi 7- 2 ,s -f1s:2.wa2f2Lws.7'w4:fei2f'z wzz-swwiwag-as-,V ,.LeM:gQ1e-'-A ."-- .V ,2- 5 H S G..-J +7f:Qg5,f1q,gw -rieqgwgigsv 'fgrgfggg If-Igevighif 1 ,552 mg - 2 . -, ,rc 4 W if X12 2 ' or T K . it wg E R iis m iiii g Q K , fiyqrfig ilgf-figj my , 'Y2'iEf1?' A 'A A SQEXEWI-T r: "sf:5.-- 'ffl'- g ,E w ig? 5 or ,T fi in .W A M, 5 3 A a - 'S i i N 5 Ir is? i is i ig in f f .rr A i f ii if Q.. A i ,Ag A 7 ,g,g,.f1Vf',ff2e-Lisa'-2 si-.rf-fl , , sf? , W av 1-.1--f f . Garfield duffers finished 7th in the Se Tournament out of a field of 33 teams. H2 ct io nal , 22:34 ea- -,r H ,iii gi xiii X g 5 gi ggi , sig iran Q, , 5 Siimfzfi CRAIG FRISBIE JOHN LEE The besi' of1en ge! into trouble. KEITH FILE 113 "Thinclads Race to Fourth in District Front Row L. Thompson, K. Glockner, R. Cross, D. Buchanan, S. Moreck B Mllhonn D. Laughlin. Row 2: Coach Gordon Oster, D. Biscan, E Sm th B Frankland, D. Webb, R. Allison, J. Harig, B. Smith, D. Fletcher, J Livers Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield TRACK RESULTS - 'I967 Central 20 Kenmore 45 WRA 82 Hoban 66 East 100 Hower 15 North 54 Firestone 47 Walsh 32 3rd in City Meet of 9 teams 4th in District Meet of 42 teams Harriers Capture Third" ,, 9132- Q, ss , gy -. - - lf, -i . H X f A 2 ky if Q in .1 S1751 A ,. :ffQvw..'fTf-Afkifwmgw 'SQ-M, .i " 5 Rf, Q- .S lfklwif' 'I 'T ww ff 4 'gM:5'f W Q5 H gg ' . --f. - ' . ' . ., - 5 Kq. I yy IN? F it yt. V. x'.: . 4 i 'if K , ,Q .. Mfg if 5 FL . , L, ? XX . -fi ' A Lx 3 Mft . .,...1,.. . Y M Af W kL if - A V . - . ,.A. S jj N' Mfgv. W huh ' Lbs' 3- if m1g,.?S2.f2:A 'KLL ' f- i 5' ' ki Qiiff L, Q.. f . , " .. -X -gffi-gif-, ---- -11f,f'.N.,H.,.g I Q Lwfxo W f Q- w l--wif gf? L if gg - . .V 3QQg,f3f'5e35g-.2Y'Ag'Q"4'. "K-f X " W" K " -Sl" 4: ., -A w ,ff-L" T5 ,sg . wk WN-F iaw gm K .A -, ., . fi fW' f5'5c' 4ffKQi:'5 . 'FK it R .. ,'A- - i-XSMW'-2 K "' -f 4 ----.... ' ' W - u ,ASN PX -six? Nw. 33.1 . . ,fqxfxfk X Y, W, XS. ' 'F' S Sue Sine ye. Bren Bittner, Captain Jeanne Seikel The T967-68 cheerleading squad has added pep and spirit to our football and basketball seasons. In the past they sponsored bake sales and car washes to pay for their trip to Muskingum Cheerleading Camp. There they learned new techniques and cheers to add vari- ety to their style. Many summer hours were spent in practicing and perfecting the cheers. The cheerleaders participate in city wide programs under the direc- tion ot Mrs. Carol Bailey. Varsity Squad Junior Varsity Squad Barb Rowles Judy Flossie Terry Falatok X K kk.k 1 ' A y is is I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 0 I I 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I Q Q I I I Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . . I I I I I I . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I Q I I Q I 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I MUSIC-DRAMA Take time to Sing... 'f is The singing that helps life's load. .W va? -'.i??igqf:.w.ix-f'f: aefffmas Q if L . E . A A - - . J - fimxfkasiliii.. - - 2 'K K - - 1 - mi as ' 1 f Q., A . 1 T A ": 2 . Q xx swift K N al V . E 5 Y' S K Wx R 8 A F ki, in gg 'I R 9 WL' V . Lk Yi 42' .Q 4' Q A 5 Q s XS al A " I yn .N 5 Q ' Y Ji P ?'w..,vff"b iw . if fix 1 L X A v ig. 'S Q Q M ,,5,-X WSEX L Q 'i,, .i i i .iw g L . q . KN X :'kR'l"" f Qifi 1 lufliwg if' p QR ,lk ik F8 " 631- 3351, Q31 W' . fs 1 Q wr! 2 sf 9 I! Q s 1 fs' M x N .. NK ' Q k11,. k --Sf . 'h1lGN:,f.--,. 1 Garfield Marches On... Precision was the keyword and practice the motto as the Garfield Majorettes pivoted their way to perfection. With shoulders back and heads held in perfect unison from the first football game to the City Championship on Turkey Day. Clad in white, maroon, and gold, the Maiorettes maneuvered from one intricate pat- tern to another as they performed at various school events. high, they marched 32. ri The '67-'68 maiorette line raised money by having car washes and bake sales so that they could attend the Smith-Walbridge maiorette camp located in Syracuse, Indiana. Here they were taught new routines to be used at football games, assemblies and other programs. The maiorette line consists of: Kathy Vangeloff, Head maior- ette, Karen Chase, Jeanne Warner, Debbie Fisher, Kathy Hanak, and Susan Marko. A .....-1'-""' si' Lwfe '?,,',.i W adv-3 Dance and Concert Bancls Entertain Rams - 2 L Front Row: Jeanne Werner, Richard Hoppinott, Eddie Schadle, Richard Ealy, Kirk Glockner. Row 2: Bill Mayes, Robert Westbrooks, Chandie Capes, Duane Redmond, Marc Drake, Thomas Miller. Slring Bass: Russell Jenkins. Drums: Mark McMasfers. Piano: Kathy Hanak. Superior Orchestra Promotes Interest in Music Under the accomplished leadership of Mr. Christopher Crane, the orchestra rated an excellent in the February con- test. Throughout the year, the orchestra practiced twice a week and performed at various programs. Officers of the orchestra consist of: Jeanne Werner, President, Debbie Fisher, vice-president, Kathy Hanak, secretary, Karen Chase, treasurer. Front Row: Patricia Oana, Karen Petroff, Chari Beckett, Chandis Capes Susan Course, Russell James, Mary Habas. Second Row: Terri Zido, Jac quelyn Moore, Cheryl Smith, Steve Mick, Cynthia Squire, Christopher Noeth Olive Full, Karen Chase, Susan Marko, Deborah Fisher, Kathleen Vangeloff, Julane Curtis, Colleen Cort, Jeanne Werner. Third Row: Robert Westbrooks, Russell Jenkins, Michael Renchkovsky, Douglas Gunnerson, Laurel Marson, Kathy Hanak, Thomas Miller, Marc Drake. Fourth Row: David Crawford, Kirk Glockner, Robert Caetta, Beverly Beavers. Not Pictured: Mark Weldon, Ronald Myricks. g if . E 5 S a s 3 s l Beautiful Voices Harmonize. Garfield Symphonic Choir, directed by Mr. David Kemppel, provides music during festive assemblies and occasionally travels to perform for special programs. Choir sponsors car washes, candy sales and other activities to raise funds for robes and music. A Cappella is a selected group of singers also under the direction of Mr. Kemppel. This group performs throughout the year at many places and its performances are requested by civic groups on several special occasions. left to Right: Pam Roberts, Candy Joynt, Pat Lucas, Violet Johnson, Janet Grecni, Claude McCutcheon, Theresa Linderman, Chris Adams, Dennis Peteya, Rita Davison, Judy Czerwinski, Lewis Gilblom, Sue Nutter, Sandy Heitzenrater, Dave Bittinger, Sharon Smith, Julane Curtis, John Henson, Karen Kreps, Joy Rork, Otis Jones, Pam Gabel, Mr. Kemppel, Lynn Gibbony, Cindy Lake, Bruce Barden, Judy Klein, Sandy Garniclc, John Sautner, Roberta Raabe, Cindy Cone, Jay Pringle, Debbe Garrity, Merilou Vierheller, Joe Licitri, Nancy East, Pat Powers, John Cobrda, Jeannie Kennedy, Carol Gil- blom, Dick Fiegly, Peg McFadden, Glenda Allen, Jim Knisely, Pat Fiegly, Cathy Mills. 1 gizifiifvl 1, ' f15fsj,5m1,Qgffzxgjwgg,H Sages G ' fv W we fgggkief make' --Skzefifff , ,,M,w1W - Lf: K iigfyfzwe gf ,. A Q wx. Ml 5i14,:55,?i,g5if3rgE5 ,iiygmfgg qw 2- . ,. - ,. ,,x- M4 ' K ' V' -gs-gf: fi., x.,ZS,V grififi, 5 K -j',f1E'l:5?7 K5 f Vlfvikixrf ' , 2 1-Q-.sfsfifz-Z L A ,X . gi M xxx'-5 N x. xx. xeiif in 'Y ii X1 it if T35 E5 .3 E X-.wat .R R . X i jx Q Garfield Music Department Present "Mardi Gras 1967" SH 'V' . X 2 4 I 1 The Curious Savage was presented by the senior class in the Garfield High Auditorium April 6, 7, 8, 1967. The play was directed by Mr. William Waggoner. The cast included Barb Fetter as Florence, Bob Houlihan as Hannibal, Ruth Cracium as Erry May, Keith Philpott as Jeff, Barb Popa as Mrs. Paddy. Also in the cast were George Hetrick as Titus, Charles Yoost as Samuel, Debbie Grna as Lily Belle, Sue Davies as Ethel, Mary Oriti as Miss Wilhelmina, and Dave Childress as Dr. Emmet. The Senior Class fat!!! 4 wx vi ' ., if . , A-lov W 'i ' 7 T , l xl! 130 5? V 5 4 1 Eg ff ,Y .-Q it A 1 A W? EEF Q' ik W , ., if iw: Yi fxb x 'K if -Wil' ff . S . . ::..- L6 X :A 5. ,wwf ae 3 K, , f -s Q Mai Keio Wa Aku Couples danced to the music of Denny Thornpson's Orchestra in the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom on June 2, 1967. After the dance, couples departed for the after- prom party at Montrose that lasted until clay break. r Mr 9 44 'V . ...Q N W .xii 'CDC Q l u 'S t, Fifi I, 'X N' Q I i J .fa +3 -i fit e q W fx, i Q gQ.? its 132 S . ,-:QM M.-4' A 1 X. wr "From This Time Forward Crepe paper in class colors of mint green and lemon yellow accenied the Hawaiian atmosphere of Mai Keia Wa Aku - From This time Forward: the 1967 Senior Class Prom and Banquet. xg., 'fini Jlxh' VPS 133 K --'I 3 ii ""v-ng. 'nu-W. i W J, I- PROGRAM Overture . .... ........... ......... ...... . G a rfield High School Orchestra "Briggle-r"s Ilollclnyf' Ls-roy Anderson "Yon'll Nm-vm-r Wlllli Alone" from Carousel, Rioliurrl Rodgers Processional Hgoroxnnnni Millolln lronl the Proplwt, Gian-orno Mvi'f'r'lreer Invocation ........................ The Reverend Mr. George E. Ralph Urslrivt Sllllt'l'llllt'lllllllll. livzrrrggeliull CllllQ.1l't'l,Lilll0llLll Church Vocal Soloist ..................................... Miss Nancy Gallagher "'l'l11- lnniossrlnlv Dl'l'lllllH l'l'1llllMllll ol' l.a1 Milllfllil ln Mitch lA'lQJ,ll .incl .lov Dllllllll Ac-1-orlnulllle-fl ln' ltliss. ,llnnniv Werner nncl Garry Rvclrnoncl Presentation of Speaker .................................. Charles Yoost l,l'f'Slllt'lll, Senior Class "From the Top of the Hill" . ....... .......... D r. Sarah C. Caldwell PMI Presrdenh NEAL Past Clllilllllllll, Eclrivntiorinl Polrvies Connnissiong B Mr-rnlwr nl the EXCCIIYIXU Lfonnnitlvv ol WCOTP Nlllft' 1952 Instrumental Soloist .. .............................. Miss Cynthia Lowe HMl'illlLlllllll" lion: Tll.llS. ln' ,lnlos lw,1LIYSf'llQ'l Al-m'or1lp.l111f-cl ln' Miss Karen lml'llflll Presentation of Class ........................ . Mr. Robert J. Simmons Assistant Prinvilnil. Cnrtxvlml High Svhool Presentation of Diplomas ........................ Mr. William R. Bond hlerrllwr. Akron llozirll ol Education 'l'hv Claw li'1lllt"NlN no .lpplnnse flllllllpl lllQ'SPlll1lllUll ol illlllfllll-lfi. Alma Mater Benediction ........................ The Reverend Mr. David W. Yoost Pastor. Sonllr Arlington Methodist Church Recessional .......................... Garfield High School Orchestra "Porno and Ciiviilruslgirrce-" ln- llclwurcl Elgin :k'l'hv ariiclle-lim' will plea!-ze l'Ullllllll senlecl nntll the rlnss has lvl! the llllfllllllllllll. l35 3-at 'mln Iv" ,alan w'7 W f 93" fx? Q S "3ig+r3igvi3"'cc A ls 9 'Q 'vi 'mi' N all 5 F Y I- . 1 Q . Q. -e wif' e ' k Q k"!Ri,ns, M AC X W its 3' E Fl 8 'r " NF 5 4 xl' X Il Y' Yr Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ICN II! II Q. 00M 0 1 - - 00000 Q QQQQ . QQ.Q0. Q.Q'n.0.0.o.0.Q ...QQ QQQQQQQQQ Q0 0 'Quia Q., Q0 .00 Q00 i 00 -- AII 00-- QQ. Q Q 0 I .QQ Q Q 00 QQ' Q0 00 . 0.9 04: 0Q0 QQQ. Q 00000 0QggggQ- I000 IIO II I 0000000 I0 Q00000I0II0 0 Q 00000 III Q QIII 000 QQ 0Q00000 000 00 III I III -ll . 0000000' -I 00 I I I000 0 I I 0 000 - U I II I000 I I IIIII00l00 I I IQIUIIII I I III U I IIII I II I IIIII I I IIIIIIIIII I I IIIIIIIIII I II IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I' IIIIIIIIOI I OI IIIIII0'0I I I- I III0-00 I I I IIIIQUOI I I' I III!-II I I I II00QQI I 0- III0000o0 I -0 I IIIIIIIII I 00 I IIIIII-I I -0- I 0000 I0- I 'I I I IIIIII I -00 I IIIIII I 'I' I III II I --Il I IIIOII I "U I IIIIIIIUI --0: IIII I I --Iv I I I I QQ0IQ Q 'Q I 0000- I I 0 IIIII- I I I I I IIIIIUI 000000Q I I IIIIII00 IIII..II.. I I 000II !I0l0 II 00000 5000000000 Q000 IIII0000000 0 Q 000.0 0lIl 'Io Q000 I0 IUIQQQQQQQQ. Q 0 I I I I I I I I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 0 0 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 0 0 0 Q Q 0 0 Q 0 Q Q Q 0 0 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q UNDERCLASSMEN Toke time to study. . . ' ' of knowledge I ':: It is the foundation I I 5. I , Q ., 1V..... Barbara Aaron Christine Adams Anthony Alexander David Alexander James Alldredge Roberl Balazowich Jane Barfy Phyllis Ballon Beverly Beavers Janet Belifsky Deborah Bellomy Jeffrey Bender Vincen? Benson Edgar Beverage Rebecca Beynon Class Ol '69 Sfrives To Maintain Thomas Arrendale Laura Ayers Diana Bales James Baker E lk Glenda Allen Linda Allen Robert Antibus Q 33? wil ' Y fx k E ,Q X J. v ff 3 S Es' K' jg-5 Homeroom 208 - Mr. Donutelli 138 J 1 ' A. K, A. , , it X 4ff'5lZsif's '22 4 '.,, ' fK"2'5E - 251112 -J ,- . E. Q ss ' sv - , 133555 , Y. ill sf, N54 Q x la ..- . . .-SAM I 11- 4 'Wx ' .--ff-, xt . Academic Excellence At Garfield W' ' 'r A.VV , Q NJ K Q1 'r i ' m M in . ' mg If oi xv N YS1 3 M Y XS L 'WET' S i figs 1. S 1 is i ,cgi ' 52- if : -4-1-. Hikiii J -, -S X l A" ' ' -.' -an 5 Winston Bolls Sarah Booth Joseph Borbely lawrence Bowles Barbara Boyd Deborah Bradshaw David Breitenbach Geraldine Brooks Homeroom 312 - Miss Suylor John Bimuller Darlene Bishop Loren Bishop Deborah Blair Sherry Blouir Siephen Brooks Deborah Brown larry Brown Edward Brownsword Stephen Bruno Jeannette Bryant Dale Buchanan John Bucy Mark Buie Barbara Buzek Stephen Byers Ernest Calhoun Brenda Calloway Chandis Capes David Caplinger Amy Coleman William Collier Robert Collinson Diana Conley Johanna Conley Juniors Take Constance Carter Maxine Carter Judy Carver Mark Casmar Debra Clark David Clark Roger Coch Jack Colando its Time Out For Fun In The A3 M , t' 1 L' , ,, x . -L N V 35 H' f ' r -F 3 fi . ,. . t-.. 1 il - K L, , se 1. 1 t , r- 1' Doris Casteele Myra Chambers Ruth Chaplik 1- 0 ,J Homeroom 200A 140 -mir e gee ,,, 5' Us ala 53155 is 25235 ' ft - , Mr. Bibiglmus Middle Ol A Busy Year .fg T5 ' by -r - ' . ' 12" , 'I' i ' iirr . . C Siefo fi 4 Q S X ss 95? Z H' 2 A Y- X M J f Jerry Craver an Celestine Crawford 'I 6' . 555' ...,A:' ' Geraldine Crawford 1 s-M .Nu 0 lg 5' l-if ig ia S U ,.. ,:. is ,.. 1 sf: '- i Linn! up r'Wv Homeroom 200B - Mrs. Levin 141 Thomas Cook James Cooper Candice Corbin Patricia Cornell Michael Costello Michael Coulter Susan Course Dennis Coyle Susan Crabtree Steven Craig Mary Crispin Carol Crissey Betty Cross James Cross Loren Currington Patty Cyc Judith Czerwinski Roberta Daley Marguerite D'Amicone Marilyn Davidson 1' 1 Debra Davis Jerry Davis Kathi Davis Linda Davis Louis Davis Joseph Davison Jeffery Dean Shelley Dean Shannon Deger Evelyn Delia William Dieringer David Dieringer James DiGiammarino Verneita Dixon Ruth Doubledee Dennis Downing Beverly Downs Timolhy Droll Michael Duff Denise Duhon Julie Dunn Nancy Earls Nancy East Ronnie Edelen Violet Edwards Homeroom 206 - Mrs. Benson William Demko Shelley DeSalvo Deborah Dicks Daniel Dickson ., 'N film .,.. :elif 5- ., 55 E " 4 ' Q' 2 I J Aix S is 9 5 sa X ' L Q .,.. ., - -- as K use-K .rw , , 5 . E 'Erik '- :Lr K Y - fx, . 93 3 ' ' is T 'J .ggffc 1 '1ii'f.,3wlwELw. . W'-as E 126 - - " so W ' 'J ff 'fm . M .gk 6 1 D f, ,s X-Q... Il- ., a Nov c DK. sn Qs 'ii , bk '1' .. I e A AL! J J i::'..'S... ,, , J 4 . . N sk if 5 R xx s S Q 3535 K milf up N . . :Q we " . ygjinagpgf, is , 1, I . . . 35. .X sf 1 5251- sf-',5-gggwk x, K. srscysro J oisr ,oro E E Ex ,.,.-,:,,:.a,4,-,.e,. ....X ' gf . ',k' " Homeroom 36 - Mrs. Brannon . iz sv J. f, .ww '15 X w dag, -fit , ,ig si 1' -as K F A 'L 53311 F r if sig! -: is L A S gjllqxks 1 X X 1 Q' H .- Richard Eschman Ronald Evans Sharon Evans Greg Fincham Evelyn Finn Gary Fisher Q A if 'S Y 1 Judith Fahrer Vivian Fennell Karen Fertig Palricia Fiegly Richard Fleming David Flesher Ronald Fly Barbara Foster 'I43 Cynthia Ellis Joyce Ellis Mary Ely Timorhy Emerick Mark Eppler Robbi Fouts Denise Fox Robert Fox William Freeman Maria Friedrich Glen Friedrichsen Yvonne Frock Diane Garanich Sandra Garnick Arihur Garrett Robert Geffken Carol Gilblom Martin Glauihier John Gonzales ileffrey Gordon Colleen Gray Gary Greathouse Jane? Grecni Shirley Green Christy Grizer Juniors Realize Importance Of School Deborah Garriiy Susan Gasioldo Robert Gay Ax Homeroom 5A - Mr. Kunis 1 Patricia Graham Mary Grammer William Grant Frank Graven , 'N 144 Activities ln Building Well-rounded Individuals .il :J f Homeroom 5B - Mr. Yolio a ' -'P Q 4 K .f -Ju.. . . 5 Frank Gross Martin Gurnik Mary Habas Melanie Hackett Deborah Haddad Rebecca Hagen Eleanor Hakin Richard Hamilton Carl Hammett George Hammett Barbara Haney David Harbarger James Harig James Harlan Charles Harlow Ernest Harper Sally Harris William Hartley Jesse Hatter Larry Hausch Alex Hawanczak Ralph Hawks Philip Hayes Willard Headley Sharon Hedges Service Given By Unclerclassmen . l . "" Terry Heiselman '25 - -. 1 ' Edward Heifzenraler Cheryl Helfrich Janice Heniger Earl Henricks- Beniamin Hill Linda Hill Rose Ann Hirschfelt Rebecca Hissong William Hixon Dan Holt Madelyn Holt Larry Holzer Jack Honeycuh David Horner John Bruce Henry Roberr Hernea Eugene Herfzig Gary Hiener Luther Hoagland Terry Hockenbrocht Richard Hoddinoti Donald Holm '.z V fb' 'f 1 .55-'.,.L it 2- 1 Q- fi wffie9:rf.g ' .:i'2fSE5gegai5.1,,1- 1 . . ffm -... 13 fig. V - n ,km J , ar? :. ' ' .i K K 4 R . z ffm' t N , . .,-M' 13 i 1 W, Homeroom 315A - Mr. Gimllesberger A Becomes Involuoble To Garfield W - I m llglgm Mi ' i ll X X Reese, N , S A--s , lm ,,. . , 9'- 'i is l'l0lII9l'00ll'l - Nl s " .: ---f 1 - " In . in I' X N ..l- M., . N P me Falcone as . Q2-fu-is fs gi i 3 .1 f - Rosalind lrby Edward Israel Patrick Ivey 147 Arthur lvory Richard Jackson David James Edwin Jarzenski Cathy Jennett Elaine Johns David Johnson Donna Johnson Robert House Ruth Huff David Hughes Edward Husser Leonard Hutchison Judy Johnson Nancy Johnson Priscilla Johnson Robert Johnson William Johnson Juan Jones Kathy .lones Oiis Jones Roberi Jones Erika Koderle Allen Knight James Kouri John Kozma Gary Krizo Eugene Kuhns i go. x ian wp. 1 Samuel Kaludy Rebecca Kay Nickolas Kazacoff Danny Keaton Charles Keith Gerald Kelley Barbara Kemp Shirley Kennedy Ronald Kirkpafrick Diane Kisbac Thomas Klein Raymond Klisz sg, r' - 'I-gf -"'--' I ETH ' ::.,jES2 "' ":f'Ye5E4::3.. X , Thomas Keplinger Charles Kerkesner Sharon Kiraly Homeroom 310 - Mrs. Kidder ' s 0 . , . . v . . : 0- f 'Q C "3'5o. -vyfg if ,iigfifioiff 'fm ag A '22 '54 "3 :,f'Q"la' Q 'L 50:24 ' :.:-,:'Xr:" Homeroom ,sg 131 - Mr. Welker Barbara Langham Joyce Lcnsberry Patricia LaSaIa uv 'F- .g 5 Rebecca LaSalle James Lash Jack Lattimer David Laughlin Terry Laviers Linda Lawless Palmer Lawson Patricia Lay 'I49 Richard Kunig Colleen Kyle John Labelle Cynthia Lake Michael Landis Hope Layfield Gerry Lean George Leaver Patricia Leaver Larry Legg Bonnie Lisic Marie Little Stephanie Livers James Lucas Claude McCutcheon Dwight McDaniel Mary McDermott Margaret McFadden Willeam McKenzie Nancy McKinney George Maczko Connie Maddox Susan Maerean Donald Maione Cherie Maple Diana Marcelli Dale Marino Michele Markovich David Marple James Marshall Marcia Martin Theodore Marusiak Kerry Marzick Michael Marzick Donald Matthews Janet Matthews Jerry Matthews William Mayes Catherine Maynard Raymond Maze Mark McMasters Gary McNatt Christine McQueen Patricia Mack 'f 'iff-Ni k Q-'iii-:5'iV ' is N te QW W e l' i if 'R if ,,. sur '.e,M.g's-Qwftfgggqz - ,Nrlgmsff ' it W... 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Homeroom 138 - Mrs V.. 1 Metz Donna Lewis Sheryl Lopane Sandra Marsh 159 Anna Marie Balls Sally Campisi Karen Dornbusch Penny Faulty Carol Gaines Victoria Humble Crysfal Jackson Rayola Kelly Cheryl Newman Susan Pachipka Deborah Pilcher Cathleen Pinkus Brenda Pishnery Julia Quifler Frances Schulmeister Kathy Weekley David Achberger Susan Achberger Catherine Agner Deborah Aleksin Charles Allen Beverly Balazowich Thomas Balchak Karen Ball lawrence Ball Mary C. Ball Start Ol lOth Grade Ella Allen William Alls Charles Antibus Richard Antibus Cindy Apazeller William Appleby Donald Armbrust Rosemary Armstrong Thomas Armstrong Paul Austin Bruce Axelrod Georgette Baker L X l -- R -.. as . X if 3 5 XJ N ks 'tk lf' 4 me ww Q mf' r W, : , - , ani 2 1 ,X B C QR. x NYJ. , if 5 an S as ,A ,. 2 X 5 X X ,Q .T Rene Ballenger Bruce Burden Mrs. Bugliu 160 ' S . 1 QQ. E Ni ,. .- .I lf ' .- . Ji wg B """'.v l . .,,,. .... S B P . - , . , fl... Q ms. . gg. 1 i fr 'Q Ewa .. ., R x L . 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Burrell Delincla Burress Homeroom 306 - Mr. Pier z Richard Braziel Richard Brink Lila Brock Janice Brodbeck Russell Brown Joseph Broz Karen Buehrle .loan Buhas L, irgswissiy gsf i . .,.h 5 Q , . .A 5, - James Burton John Burton Darrell Butler Sue Byczkowiak X 'R ,R -ex, f Q xi H wade X 1 Jia wifi? 1- -- , SL if- ,,i. -, S , I, E ' ag e 5 Qu k , Ax X 9 l , 'Y as ' ge, gf , xl is L?2 as 162 . HM 1 L1 iff - ? as is K Q- ,-.. .,, I l , .,.'EQk A ,.,., 'Q xi Q J 'E 3 L r X Q , X , 3 i , - , , f 1. ,ri 1 ve-F N' 'B' sr' Homeroom 314 - Mr. Bistline ' - I ' is 1 if ig? SSS Sera by I N ,B Qi .Q ,. I ' g Q C 2 C C l 5- ..,, x K X 1 . v- y...,, E 3 1, we E gi ' 1 I 1 au. 1 .di Cf- . mi-, we I 'N Q X ifi . x Q-A Wei. ' If C Q.. N gk 'Q ii gi E 43 ei- S :f " -' x x i X QW X S C- XY, zli .A SW I 5 5:57 I 13551 , S f 5 . ff? ' , K ,as..frr F 1 .. 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W ai- -'fi i5i'sfef': F532 wiwsvws if 165 - t Q e sf 'M 1 S Bill Datson Harry Davis Jennifer Davis Jodie Davis Johnny Davis Rita Davison Linda Deckard Dave Delaney Karen Deluca Diane Dete Annice Dill Kathleen DeSalvo William Doane Maureen Doherty Jeffrey Douglas Debra Doutrich Marc Lynn Drake Sandra Drapcho Larry Dukes Janice Duncan Barbara Dunn Rick Ealy Thomas Edmunds Lori Edmundson Robert Edmundson William Eisele Jeffrey Ellis Debbie Emanuele Ellen Erdelyi Ches1erEsiel Gloria Falafok Richard Farmer Deborah Feeman Nancy Feick Dan Ferlan Vincen! Filko Sherry Finkler Ralph Fisher Dorothy Fleming Dennis Fleicher Von Fleury Jean Flcasin Nancy Flora Paula Florence Sandra Flynn Vidor Foliz George Forney Dennis Fouse Cheryl Foufs Cheryl Francis Homeroom 305 - Mr. Dienoff f 'J-' "' 32:39-: :gf ' iii- 1 -N figmavl: f , ,g y J -,Q ' S Barbara Evans Pafricia Ever: Palrick Fahey Susan Faith X iv F x. we ' Q f Agfa .R . Rf if: 5 ' i' .ps , if 5 Q . -ge rw- - Ng, Q6 ! S at 1 U. 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Gough Donald Gowens Ruih Graham Becky Gray Dale Grayem Diane Green William Green Patricia Griffin Linda Griggs Bernard Harmon Michelle Harmon Reynard Harmon Susan Harmon Riia Harper Imogene Harris Daniel Harlsook Gail Hausch Linda Hawkins David Hawn Edward Hayes Carol Halmond Sherry Headley Mary Henderson Jean Hendon Homeroom 101 - Mrs. Ounu Delmar Groves Ann Gsellman Cheryl Haberkosl Gary Hagen - 113W S. -' Nix faryv- F.. Mary Hager Yvonne Hamilton Linda Hamric Timolhy Hanes Jerry Harden Ruth Horkless 'r i K1 ef, . .3 I. X X A ., ,..., FS. K A ll? 'ng if fr K is Q 5 51 X e E3 XZ 'X -, Y K- eri" ,b.ix X u er v. ,gee- 0 168 'Em - ef- Q .Q , xx , 3 ag Q 1 we K WL! l ,..,, , mfr. 4"'Z , ,gr A 1 U nl' EQ . Q l E:-' 'QF x YL . Im Ni tg- -9+ ,- ., iz. N i it r Homeroom 308 - Mr. Amedeo N532 . T '92 st: W Wi? 2-:ffffl fr .. ,S rt .. .....,, 3 . ,-fE?f ,J ss J SL S Q as Q Q7 s Rn 5 S , ex X sf N if X we ' . '-'lj' in .S+ or if 4, A, 48, . J .S si s Jo E. Hengstenberger John Henson Michael Hentose Charles Hicken Pamela Hill Howard Hillyer James Hipple Sharon Hippli John Heard Delores Hodnick Sharon Hoffman Kathy Hogg Leslie Hollingsworth Peggy Holi Zenobia Hood Betsy Hosey Sonya Hosey Gerald Houpt Robert Hubbard Dennis Hubele L. Neal Huckels Merl Huff Robert Huff Milo Hutchison Judy Hyatt Patricia llcheson Robert lmes Rosemary Isaac Auron lvery Bruce Ivory Rondel James Russel James James Jamison Janice Jeffries Russell Jenkins Karen Jenneft Susan Johns Carl Johnson Chester Johnson David Johnson Eddie Johnson Leonard Johnson Phyllis Johnson Rodney Johnson Sheila Johnson Kerry Jones Jerald Joyner Timothy Joyner Candace Joynt Palrick Kcforey Gregory Keeney Linda Kiefer Daniel Kennedy Gloria Kennedy James Kennedy Homeroom 104 - Mrs. Muggio WM nw-frm , iewef www eww? gk :R '- , I 1 . I ix, . A in f as . s 1. iii! N si ii! LarryJohns1on David Jorws Diana Jones Jean Jones - J E ,,,Sgf,,E.:y,. realy. 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My Darlene Keer Edmond Kirkpatrick Robert Klein Deborah Klever Bruce Kline Wesley Klipstein Edward Knecht James Knisely Ronald Koci Robert Kohler Anna Kohut Mary Kopunovitz John Korora Michael Kossuth Jeannette Kovach Richard Kraft Ralph Krausman Mark Kray Karen Kreps Timothy Kulton Robert Kunig Richard Kutuchief Washington Lacy Toby Landrum Pamela Lune Frank Lunsdorf Judson Laraway Brenda larue Michael Leary Mary leidel Dennis Lemons Lloyd Leslock William Lewis Kristina Liciiri Theresa Lindermcxn Duane Lindsey Mary Lisic Kathy Lister Liana Logsdon George Long Michael J, Long Patricia Long Daniel Lovefie Nick Lozowy John Luc Jocalyn Luli Mary Lusier Daniel McAnaIlen Pauline McClc1rnon Michele McCloud Susan McClure Teresa McClure Debbie McCulley fseefii eff ,EE We 'L' X5 1 0+ lag 1 -,:.':,.K:: :I . 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'-'ikfiz .3 r " f -1 -232.-AN ' is Terry McVey Martha Macaluso Deborah Maiorano Homeroom 313 - Mr. McGee Roberta Makros William Maloney Larraine Mancz Mary Marable John Marburger Rita Marsh Pamela Marshall Thomas Marshall Laurel Marson Gary Martinov Joseph Martinovich Steve Martin I73 Mariorie McDonald Deborah McEuen Douglas McGill Beverly McGuire Dennis McKeown Philip Marzick Deborah Mason Stanley Massey Gary Mayer Robert Mayes Homeroom 107 - Mr. Waller Tim0'hvMe"0k , Michael Menhorn 95.91 S a linda Menich Lamon1Meriwealher K i N Lavonne Meriwealher r' " F Karen Michael linda Mick Dale Miller Deborah Miller Janel' Miller Jeanne Miller John Miller lorry Miller Paul Wm. Miller Sondra Miller Thomas Miller Mary Mills Doy Minear Patrick Misanko Ellen Mitchen .locnn Mifseff Daniel K. Mohler Ronnie Sue Monk Wanda Monlgomery Susan Mock Carolyn Moore Jacquelyn Moore Randy Moore Stevan Moreck Carla Morgan iii Q 3 'if Q i are S wr Q : .'E' 515 E . ,E 5 2? 21 , N? XM' iw . s if 1, f -, w w w A f 2 '- 5555. :L i ' 5, ws . K - . x i , .. Q e. ,, ' K . .:.x .x 1 A A , - 1 alia 11 fix lfE.EQET - 2 il in :il1f1:?x. 'f 1 f ' " ,955-, , ,kv Q' millimi V I f-fgdiiiii K Q We iff i- ,' Q! .Q S ,K .Q-Lfgfgz 51 A a 6 gg 'Q 5 I . Homeroom 102 s K 50 xx Wi 3, S A If 0 X ,msg A Q I 2. 7 fp' fi.?'5ifi51PT K. X ii gf. '55 be-13 , is is X , f s 5 N Q is s! s s E gsm XX i Q L X an s if X it f li . 55: s gi . :iii-W1 1'2?2'f13 . 'iS5f . '. - . X " S T .,.. S '. : ag: A 1 1 ' Wx , 'MSF T sa 'Y :Mg ' , . - .o is X s 1 D!! Lv' gl' O ' H' 'A .VI I .ln 4 175 f -- David Myers Carl Nagel Joanne Nagy Timothy Neal - Mrs. Pier Mary Morlan Timothy Morris Juanita Mosley Roy Mothersbaugh Paula Maul Thomas Mueller Cheryl Mullenix Susan Musgrove Charles Muster Susan Muzlkakovich Luba Neckar Karen Nesbitt Suzanne Nester Vicki Nieman Susan Nutter Barbara Oatley Thomas Oberdier Roxanne Oliphant Steve Opphile Sandra O'Quinn Pamela Oravec Cheryl Pagano Neil Page Sandra Page Ronald Pamer Dana Parker David Parker Denis Parker Diane Parker Georgia Parker Teresa Parms Reginald Parnell Sadie Partridge Robert Patton Frances Pavlic Charles Portis Barbara Powe Cathy Powell William Powell Patricia Powers we Q 5? K f wwf ws? K w Nm -ef wi? . lm is .rsh 4 - K.-X W N Frances Pendleton .lon Pernell Robert Phillips Thomas Phillips Peggy Pierce Diane Pirogowicz Dan Pisanelli Emery Pitman Nancy Plaster VioleEPlausicl'1 Tommie Poolf Zeno Porchowskyi he A' an Y is W.c.,,.s A as if 4 S it " sr , , Homeroom 303 - Mr. Pfeifer . -f---v -rf 176 Dennis. Rankin Rebecca Ranson Nancy Reed Q Lx Ruth Reed Caiherine Reinhart Q Gary Reiienbach Michael Renchkovsky Mr. Kordelski Deborah Rexrcad John Rexroad Richard Rexroad Karen Rhodaback Irene Rice Leasay Richardson Joyce Richerson 'I77 Homeroom 209 Mr Vernon Deborah Roberts Dwighi Roberts Pamela Roberts Joy Rork Gary Rose Linda Ross Gerald Roundtree Marsha Sanders .rraorra Q Grace Saniaf -if A Vikforia Santa Jo h n Sa p pe r John Saurner Caihy Savage 7 L. 8fY,9: ofa 16, A S wx Q Vera Sawyisky Cheryl Scalzo -. , - .L Edward Schadle K -52 David Schuller - . K .Q ,Q ss vwlg? We ag Q .- " Nag?-s.:f. N, M my W wife R L4 -I' 8, if E ., ,ev Susan Scofi 4 .f 1 -. 4 D ' :'L bzlk William Seay .:f'i"'5 L . Xi Kaihleen Seese ix t -7 Jill Selby D' -5 1 Donna Sells 7.5 .. .,:k y Carol Senchuck if L ,. :,, F D if W 'f '5 :ax ' 3 Linda Senelsberger Ricky Semelsberger Debbie Shape Jeanerre Shepherd A Jon Shimko 5356. 5515 5 x arms. . Sp-Sit. X .F A - -gan 1 A' W 1 is .'k fi. 557 ' -9 , Q 'NOS Q.-f 178 " ' s N is X ig Q sw K X -we gg Q X Xx me 3 Homeroom 207 - Mr. Holcomb . S?5i5?'ff:i . ..-.., , . 1 i -4 , XN...:t.. . - gg, S' .,, ,w c M 5 S S K , ' . Q 5 K in X .,.. X-WT' rw. . , ' 1- 1 Q 1 5, Q S 5,5 . ul, 4, j cj 5 K f i f Z2 '-" si, L Mi Z Zag--' Relena Simmons K Bernard Simpson . , M re, ,Q 'Q Qc exxix .Uno v. ?w,f'+ . -"' S, I , 1 'Ulf-f Y " ,f '32 M' Ev-3T9'N', X . 1 fgiirilffis? ' J " it -G 5W?5ff-'f ill - c S mc, f f M "b' X K. ... - X L T1 xk-' '-" ' Q L.,A W . J I 5 J 'S' GFX we mu .' 3' . .r, 1 tzr aikhw . N . W K-, ck V Z gil 235 sv X P r 133254, ec Ki, Mx Kim. m?1fX..W 42 ow f X-Q: ,Q .IQ Q F if 6 5 c is NNN 179 Laura Sinacore Joanne Sinesky Brenda Singleton Eugene Six Karen Skaggs Bruce Slogle Elizabeth Slofa Cheryl Smiih David Smith Diana Smith Gary Smilh Robert Smith Denise Snow Kennelh Snowberger . . 5- , A Qi Jess Shingleion Jelp Shinholster John Shirhal Pamela Silashki Linda Simmons Paula Sokol Richard Sombrio Janice Spalding Cecil Speegle Gary Spence Larry' Stroll Phyllis Sylvester Sandra Tennank Alicia Thomas John Thomas Kathleen Thomas Patricia Thomas Judy Thompson Lindon Thompson Laura Thrasher Peggy Sprague Mark Staicer Ned Stallworth Frank Stannard Thomas Staycheff Stephen Stayschich Deborah Steinmetz Bonnie Stewart Jane Stiles Greg Stokes Gary Stone Lynne Stonestreet William Stout' Larry Street Vivian Strickland Garry Stroll sw TM T ww.. si N my ix iix -5 U4 ri' S in 'li s ig r A X 20 if 'Q 'J' Q nf.. QXX S Homeroom 106 - Miss McGeury 'I80 n 2.L:azs51:.:H 1 an ' Z . ii, .T H, an aQwwa'sQma ' bl i i 53 gee . 4, fa' is ff, r. x. 5:2551 f'.f'u?+ .Ye - 2 Q 'T mx We s Q X K x X. , ,sr,,A. ,.., X a segglgg Homeroom 211 S, 1 , 4 1' ss? .V Linda Tudor Marian Tudor Lucretia Turner M. kk i n . X M .ui Q ' M A g'Fi5 - Miss Butler I I. :I X Q 'T ll NK 'S .Je ,ifsge V, , E22 ff 1 e Til 1 YN! wx 181 Sandy Underdown Beverly Underwood Stephen Vanchoff Barbara Varner William Vasko Edward Vaughn Sue Vereshack Martha Wacher Rick Waddell Carline Walker Glen Warner Linda Warner 4 B. 42' 2, M,-5 Qifuft,n sg. -f,w,."i?j ff? in 4 1, V sw V1 M wwlqhle fs' 1:-1 Barbara Tokar Charleen Triola Gail Tubbs Alice Tuck Thomas Tucker Judith Warren Patricia Waters Deborah Waterford David Watson Terry Watson Cathy Walters George Walls Pamela Wealhers Lynetle Weaver Pamela Weaver Rober: Weible Alan Weiland Joyce Weis Gary Werbeck Frederick Wheele Lawrence While Pearl While RobertWhi1ehead Malinda Whitt Deborah Whobrey Charles Wicks Sheryl Wilcox William Wilkerson Edward C. Williams lrene Williams Mae Williams Michael Williams Patricia Williams Karen Willis Amelia Wilson David Wilson Donald Wilson Shelly Wilson Shirley Wilson Sandra Wise Waller Wolanslcy Terry Wolford Jerry Woods Sue Woodside Ronald Wray Ronald Wrighl . FX X f f? fi' si I: -EY in -5 qw R N s J- S . ' 1 l wx? A Asif? f-sas. ,, ,. y . . .,,. ,S 1- 'Q W., ' H . . . X , F, ,fr X- "- N P fl ' X s C C Q Q Janice Willen Cathy Williams Deborah Williams S, 1 'S c Homeroom 108 - Mr. Caruso , 'K 5 ., rll. ill' Ss s f ff ss-f W R, b X E X X 1 Q. X X N ,gs si, es f T X sworn- 1 r, ' t., , qv gs'-, sae.. cs. . vi 3 4 New-if 'bfi -- -qs ls.l ' U xx' ln-rf Xl ,. df! W K Q5 s 9 K is s ir' Homeroom 205 - Mr. Underwood V7 58 if ,Nag , Qi? I A -K. ' Q T . 21.0 r.: -.,- X W' C L M365 , , sw , K 182 kr , 55" fvlfwi s K rf. ,fa fr-,ff-H ug., 1 ffm NI' ra S ia kj Si! 5 K f . 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' D , of gf! 5 M 0. 5 if bk Af, has Tony Andrus Sieve Bednar .lack Caley David Case Ronald Decker Roy Dowdy Darell Reed Anlhony Robinson Jerry Sfutler Roy Tanner Daniel Templeton Don Wyan pw -...xx aaa-im A ff: V-1 p if-X I xv, C r..---.--- S Eiaszf g ,A dnb Y , 1., .,f- 'f' SENIOR INDEX Take Time To Dream.. It Hitches the Soul to the Stars Senior Activities Herb Bivens - National Honor Society, French Club, Science Club, Charles Abbott - Art Club President, Publicity Committee of Senior Class Bill Abshire - Cross C Ron Achberger - Art ountry' Club Chemistry and Physics Lab Assistant Michelle Bodnar - Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, Science Club, Senior Cap and Gown Committee. Kathleen Adam -. Blu-Tri, President Staff, French Club, G.A.A., Future Secretaries Cindy Addie - Choir Ron Aleman - Hi-Y Karen Alls - Future Homemakers of America Marcia Anders - Student Council, National Honor Society, Future Nurses' Club, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Cabinet Dorothy Anderson - Blu-Tri, F.H.A. larry Andrasko - Bowling League Letha Aronhalt - F.H.A. Paula Aronhalt - V.l.C.A. Theresa Boger - Bowling, Choir Sue Bohnstedt - Office Assistant Dave Bond - Hi-Y, Tennis Team Tom Boveington - Baseball, Bowling Barbara Boyd - Dramatics Club, Blu-Tri, French Club, Teacher's Aid, Cap and Gown Committee. Twyla Boyer - President of Girls' Bowling, Pep Club, Homeroom Representative, Blu-Tri Renee Bridges - Choir, Blu-Tri, Homeroom Representative Lawrence Bright - Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Senior Class Play Properties Committee Kenneth Auler - V.l.C.A. Announcement Committee David Brindle - Bowling Joan Badonsky - Yearbook Staff, Home Room Representative, Senior Class Financial Committee, Senior Class Announcement Committee, Blu-Tri Jim Ballard - Cross-Country, Track Lynda Broach - Choir, French Club, President Staff, Senior Name Card and Announcement Committee, Office Assistant D B H . A. . . Richard Barger - President, Boys Bowling League, Prom and .an rown Visual 'ds' Swimming Banque, Commmee Gym Assismm Linda Buffa - Choir, Financial Committee, Blu-Tri Rochelle Beavers - Bowling Club, Future Nurses' Club, Blu-Tri, Kalhy Buhus ' BlU'Trl' Office Asslslcmf F'S'A' Choir Pam Burgy - Blu-Tri Cheryl Bender - Office Assistant Mary Ann Benner - Publicity Committee Loreen Bingner - Cho Tom Bisesi - Football ir Dan Burrell - Golf Team Kathy Caetta - Rifle Club Cheryl Cappo - Blu-Tri, Drama Club, French Club, Office As- sistant, Senior Class Financial Committee Cathi Capron - Lettergirl, Blu-Tri, V.l.C.A., 1967 Christmas Court Brenda Bittner - Captain Varsity Cheerleaders, Blu-Tri, Senior Cabinet, Co-Chairman of Senior Class Picnic, Talent Show MOST RESPECTED Paul Carcione - Baseball Karen Carter - Choir Barb Casey - Y.F.C., Secretary, Spanish Club, National Honor Society Judy Stannard Stephanie Chappe - Choir, Future Nurses of America Karen Chase - Maiorette, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Treasurer, Blu-Tri, G.A.A. Don Cheeseman - Homeroom Representative, Hall Guard, Choir Dianne Christ - V.l.C.A. Club Michael Clark - Basketball Sharlene Cleavenger - Blu-Tri, Home Room Representative, News- paper Staff, Office Assistant, Publicity Committee, 1967 Christmas Court Tom Clevenger - President of Student Council, Football, Hi-Y, Senior Cabinet, National Honor Society David Clopton - Football, Wrestling John Cobrda - Name Card and Announcements Committee, Secretary of Hi-Y, Student Trainer for the Football Team, President of Acappella and Symphonic Choirs Daniel Coburn - V.l.C.A. Dave Cogar - Rifle Club Larry Collins - Park Cars, Hall Guard, Visual Aids .Ioy Cooley - Blu-Tri, French Club, Girls' Bowling, G.A.A., Name and Announcement Committee Rachel Correll - F.S.A., Superintendent's Student Seminar Dele- gate, National Honor Society, Counselor's Office Assistant Tom Cowman - Bowling League, Prom and Banquet Committee Randy Cross - Cross Country, Track 186 Kay Cunningham - F.S.A., Senior Class Cabinet, Graduation Announcements Chairman, Student Council, Akron Teen Safety Council Deanna Custer -- F.S.A., Blu-Tri Kim Davis - Bowling League, Art Club, Social Committee, Decor- ations Committee Ron Davis - Social Committee Sandi Davis - F.H.A. Patsy Dengler - Acappella, Student Council, Office Assistant, National Honor Society Dennis Derks - Science Club, Hi-Y, Boys' Bowling, Rifle Club Paul Dewitt - Track, French Club, Drafting Club, Hi-Y, Home Room Representative Tom Digiroloma - Football, Baseball, Spanish Club Paula Dobroski - F.H.A., Bookstore Larry Dohner - Boys' Bowling, Rifle Club, Library Assistant Theresa Dolinar - Art Club, G.A.A., Senior Finance Committee Billie Dombovich - Student Council, Blu-Tri, Cap and Gown Com- mittee Cosby Douglas - Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, G.A.A., Home Room Representative Sue Easton - Homeroom Representative Paul Eberhart - Football, Hi-Y, Graduation Committee Joseph Echerman - Soccer, Stage Crew, P.A. System Cindy Eitner - Blu-Tri Gara Elton - Home Room Representative linda Elton - Finance Committee, Prom and Banquet Committee Bev Epling - G.A.A. Joe Epner - Baseball Byrdarea Epps - Bowling Club Karen Estel - Lettergirl, Blu-Tri, Senior Class, Flower, Motto, Color, Song, Committee Debbie Fagan - Blu-Tri, Bookstore, Future Teachers, F.H.A., Spanish Connee Faith - Blu-Tri Vice President, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, F.S.A., Senior Class Graduation Committee Terry Falatok - National Honor Society, Cheerleader, Student Council, Senior Class Card and Flower Committee Chairman, Blu-Tri, Art Club, Drama Club. Larry Fazenbaker - Cap and Gown Committee Richard Fiegly - Acappella, Boys Bowling, Science Club Keith File - Golf Team, Basketball, Prom and Banquet Committee, Publicity Committee Debbie Fisher - Band, Maiorette, Blu-Tri, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Choir, Orchestra Vice President Betsy Floasin - Spanish Club, N.H.S., Blu-Tri Betty Florence - V.I.C.A. Martha Flory - Blu-Tri, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Senior Class Cap and Gown Committee, Yearbook Staff Judy Flossie - Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council Vice President, N.H.S., Editor 1968 Rampage fYearbookD, Chairman Senior Class Song, Motto, Flower, Color Committee, Spanish Club, Akron Teen Safety Council Carol Floharty - G.A.A., F.T.A., Science Club Betty Foltz - National Honor Society, Student Council, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, F.S.A., Chairman of Prom and Banquet Com- mittee Gary Fouse - Wrestling, Tennis, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play Publicity Committee, Social Committee Gary Frang - Baseball Bob Frankland - Cross Country, Track, Spanish Club Pat Franz - N.H.S., Yearbook Staff, Student Council, Blu-Tri, Prom and Banquet Co-Chairman Joe Friedl - Boys Bowling, Science Club Craig Frisbie - N.H.S., Acappella Choir, Spanish Club, Golf Team Olive Full - Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club Cheryl Gainer - F.N.A., Blu-Tri Frank Gaiadatsy - Homeroom Representative Alternate Karen Galloway - Blu-Tri, Homeroom Representative Louis Garden - Football, Track Linda Garnick - Band, G.A.A., Spanish Donald George - Band, N.H.S., Latin Club, Library Assistant Joe Giacomo - Hi-Y, Gym Assistant, Home-Room Representative Lynn Gibbony - Y.F.C., Acappella, N.H.S., Cap and Gown Com- mittee, Yearbook Staff Louie Gilblom - Acappella, Drama Club Brenda Gladin - Announcements Committee, V.I.C.A. Calvin Glaze - V.I.C.A., Yearbook Staff Kirk Glockner - Track, Cross Country, Band Vicki Goode - F.H.A. Martha Gostely - Secretary of N.H.S., Co-Chairman of Announce- ments Committee, Blu-Tri, Yearbook Staff, Science Club Mike Gray - Physical Education instructor Charles Green - V.I.C.A. Debbie Green - Blu-Tri Norma Green - Blu-Tri Robert Greer - Gym Assistant Susie Griffin - Drama Club, Blu-Tri, Senior Finance Committee Barry Griggs - Rifle Club Doug Gunnerson - Band, Orchestra, Name Card and Announce- ment Committee Bob Hamilton - Hi-Teens Council Debbie Hammond - Blu-Tri, Ram carrier and sign maker for football games, Decorating Committee of Blu-Tri MOST RESPECTED Tom Clevenger BEST DRESSED Joe Giacomo Barb Selby Mark Hamric - Bookstore Kathy Hanak - Band, Maiorette, Orchestra, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club Clay Hansel - Rifle Team, Visual Aids, Wrestling, Name Card and Announcement Committee, Football Floyd R. Harbarger, Jr. - Soccer Club, Science Club Gerri Harsell - V.l.C.A., Home Room Representative Madeline Hartzell - French Club, N.H.S. Mike Hatch - Football, Baseball, Social Committee Judy Hathaway - Band Gary Haught - President Staff, Yearbook Staff Sandy Headly - Blu-Tri, National Honor Society, Library Assistant, F.H.A. Sandy Heitzenrater - Acappella and Choir Officer, Drama Club, N.H.S., Home Room Representative, Library Assistant Connie Hendricks - V.l.C.A. Ken Hileman - Band, Dance Band Gina Hoaia - Rifle Club Sandie Hodges - Band, Orchestra, F.S.A., Home Room Representa- tive Elaine Holzer - Blu-Tri, F.H.A. President, Cap and Gown Com- mittee, Science Club, Library Assistant Cheryl Hood - F.H.A., Blu-Tri Debbie Hood - F.H.A., Blu-Tri Jim Hoover - V.l.C.A. Bob Hughey - Mr. Ram, Library Assistant, Pep Club, Chess Club Dallas C. Hunter - Hall Guard, Christmas Decorations Dennis Hyatt - Home Room Representative Margaret Ingham - Office Assistant, Treasurers Assistant, Girls Bowling, F.S.A., Blu-Tri Jonathan lrving - Red Cross Janie Isch - Blu-Tri, Girls Bowling, Home Room Representative Art lsrael - Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Art Club Jill Jackson - Secretary-Treasurer of Drama Club, F.T.A., Blu-Tri 1 Choir, Senior Class Play Committee Joyce Jackson - Choir, V.l.C.A., Home Room Representative Susie Jackson - Red Cross Becky Jenkins - Office Assistant, Senior Class Treasury Committee, Senior Class Announcements Committee, Y.F.C., G.A.A. Robert Jenkins - Baseball, Y.F.C. Bonnie Johnson - Spanish Club President, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Play Committee, N.H.S. Brenda Johnson - Red Cross John Johnson - Choir, Acappella, Track, Y.F.C. Violet Johnson - Science Club, Drama Club, French Club, Acap- pella Choir, F.T.A. Bonnie Jones - Blu-Tri, G.A.A., Science Club, Cap and Gown Committee Elizabeth Jones - Senior Class Play Chairman, Spanish Club, Band, Blu-Tri, Drama Club Vice President Kathy Jones - Track, G.A.A. Christine Kaderle - Spanish Club, Volleyball Team, Office As- sistant Suzy Kane - Blu-Tri, V.l.C.A. Jeanne Kaufman - Yearbook Staff, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Blu-Tri, G.A.A. Robert Keaton - Art Club Robert Keim - Student Council, Hi-Y, President of V.l.C.A., Senior Class Cabinet, Superintendent's Student Seminar Donald Keller - Red Cross David Kelly - Wrestling, V.l.C.A. Jeanie Kennedy - Nurses Club, Drama Club, French Club, Acap- pella, Blu-Tri Donna Ketchem - Blu-Tri Cabinet, F.H.A., Drama Club, Senior Class Play Committee, Home Room Representative Jamie King - Wrestling MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 'Qi Judy Flossie Malcolm lash Arlene Kirk - Choir, Home Room Representative, G.A.A. Darlene Kirk - Choir, Office Assistant lois Klaco - Blu-Tri, Christmas Formal Ticket Committee Judy Klein - Acappella, Senior Class Finance Committee, Senior Publicity Committee Terry Klein - Blu-Tri, Office Assistant George Knoch - Boys Bowling Kathleen Kristoff - Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Choir Dennis Kriston - Cards and Announcements Committee James Kubik - V.l.C.A., Wrestling Evelyn Kuhns - Senior Finance Committee Marie Kulick - N.H.S., Business Editor of the Newspaper Staff, G.A.A., Blu-Tri, Spanish Club Mary Alice Kulton - F.H.A., G.A.A., Library Assistant Steven lafferty - Track Cynthia lacy - Y.F.C., N.H.S., Girls Track Team Frances lamanna - Girls Bowling, Hiking Club, G.A.A. Malcolm lash - Football, Wrestling, Track, Student Council, Vice President of Senior Class Mickey lastocy - Home Room Representative Frank latona - Football John lee - Golf, Hi-Y Joe licitri -- Golf Team, Student Council, N.H.S., Hi-Y, Acappella lisa licitri - Senior Class Treasurer, N,H.S. Treasurer, Blu-Tri, Finance Committee Ramona lindsay - Choir, Blu-Tri, Girls Bowling, Masque and Wig Club, Office Assistant John livers - Track, Cross Country Nancy long - Blu-Tri, Spanish Club President, Choir linda Lonsbury - Library Assistant Dave looney - Spanish Club, Drama Club, P. A. Announcer, Presi- dent Staff, Senior Class Cabinet Cheryl lott - F.H.A. Bonnie lovette - Finance Committee MOST ATHLETIC Sue Sine Jim Wilson CLASS FLIRTS M3555 lia Papa Mike Hatch Jay lucas - Rifle Club, V.l.C.A. Announcement Committee, Senior Class Play, Cap and Gown Committee John lucy - Basketball Wayne luli - Football Dave luta - Tennis Team, Stage Crew Wanda McAfee - Blu-Tri, F.N.A. Mary McCardle - G.A.A., Blu-Tri, Announcement Committee Jim McClarnon - Hi-Y, Baseball Cindy McCloud - Y.F.C. Pat' McCulley - V,I.C.A. Tony Maglovsky - Acappella Maxine Malachosky - Cap and Gown Committee, Y.F.C. John Marchette - Football Susan Marko - Blu-Tri, Band, Orchestra, Maiorette, Finance Com- mittee Andy Markovich -- Homeroom Representative Assistant Barb Markovich - Blu-Tri, French Club, F.T,A. Vincetta Marotta - V.l.C.A., Blu-Tri Don Marteny - Football, Wrestling, Home Room Representative, Fun vs. Vandalism Committee Marvin A. Matyasi - Stage Crew Vernie May - F.H.A., Science Club, Rifle Club, G.A.A., Blu-Tri Sandra Mayer - Cap and Gown Committee, V.l.C.A., Pep Club larry Miletich - Hi-Y Dennis l. Miller - President Staff, Science Club, Cap and Gown Committee Chairman, Rifle Club Jim Miller - Rifle Club, V.l.C.A. Ranell Minear - F.H.A., Name Card and Announcement Commit- tee, Senior Finance Committee, Library Assistant, N.H.S. MOST MASCULINE Ferdie Stockard Richard Mink - Tennis Team, Hi-Y Jeanne Misanko Y Blu-Tri, N.H.S., Girls Basketball, G.A.A. Rosemary Missor - F.H.A., Blu-Tri, V.I.C.A., Secretary Karen Mitchen - Blu-Tri President, G.A,A., N.H.S., Choir, Home Room Representative Karen Mobley - Blu-Tri, F.S.A. Dan Moldea - Senior Class President, Student Council, Hi-Y, Foot- ball, Fun vs. Vandalism Diana Monk - F.H.A. Jennifer Moore - Blu-Tri, F.H.A., Senior Class Financial Committee Corine Morris - Blu-Tri Mary Mosyiowski - V.l.C.A. Fred Mott- V.l.C.A. Thomas Mozik - Drama Club, V.I.C.A. Peggy Mullins - F.H.A., Blu-Tri, Senior Class Cards and Announce- ment Committee, Home Room Representative Eva Murat - Blu-Tri, Science Club, Drama Club, Lab Assistant Margaret Muster - Blu-Tri Ronald Myricks - Band, Orchestra, Bowling, Y.F.C. Mike Neag - Wrestling Becky Neal - Blu-Tri, N.H.S., Prom and Banquet Committee, Office Assistant Irene Nehrebecky - N.H.S., Cap and Gown Committee, Spanish Club Donald Nighswander - Stage Crew Linda Noland - N.H.S., French Club, Spanish Club, Editor of Literary Magazine, Newspaper Staff, Library Assistant Joe Noonan - Rifle Club, French Club, Cap and Gown Committee Carol Nutter - Art Club, Spanish Club, Blu-Tri, Prom and Banquet Committee, Office Assistant Valerie Oatley - Spanish Club Becky O'Brien - Blu-Tri, F.S.A., F.H.A., Choir, 1967 Christmas Court lrene Olinik - Blu-Tri, Garfield Representative to Polsky's Junior Fashion Board Ronald Ollison - Football, Y.F.C., Cross Country, Soccer, Track John Oravecz - Social Committee, Hi-Y Treasurer, Gym Assistant, Track Kathy Orr - F.H.A. Gary Osborne - C.B,R. Club of America Lynda Ostrander - F.S.A., Cap and Gown Committee, F.H.A. Pam Palmieri - G,A.A., Blu-Tri, Prom and Banquet Committee, All School Play, Office Assistant Lia Papa - Blu-Tri, G.A.A., Spanish Club, President Staff Tommy Partridge W Homecoming Talent Show Barbara Peck - Tab Reporter CWAKRD Larry Perry - Football, Swimming, Electronics Treasurer, Name Card and Announcement Committee Mari Jean Piazza - Blu-Tri, Turkey Day Assembly, V.l.C.A. Linda Piscitelli - Blu-Tri, Spanish Club, F.S.A., F.H.A,, Senior Finance Committee Ron Pittinger - N.H.S., Bowling Team, Home Room Representative, Science Club Sandra Pohl - Spanish Club, N.H.S. Tom Pollack - C.B.R. Club of America Vickie Poor - Blu-Tri, Name Card and Announcement Committee, Chairman of Blu-Tri's Christmas Formal Denise Ports - Blu-Tri, F.T.A., Office Assistant, French Club Loreen Post - C.B.R. Club of America Jim Price - Cross Country, Track, Basketball Janet Pritchard e Blu-Tri, Science Club, F.H.A., Library Assistant, Choir Dennis Prough - Treasurer ot V,I.C.A., P.A, Staff BEST LOOKING Brenda Gladin Dan Burrell Dorothy Prude - Blu-Tri, V.l.C.A., N.H.S., F.N.A. MQS1' FEMININE James Quick - C.B.R. Club of America, Football Bob Rader - Boys Bowling, Science Club Jerry Ramian - Football, Hi-Y Debbie Ramsey - V.I.C.A. Climmie Ranson - Blu-Tri, G.A.A., Home Room Representative Jim Ray - Committee of Caps and Gowns Ken Reash - Secretary of Boys' Bowling, Home Room Representa- tive Candy Reed - Choir, F.H.A. Steve Remis - Home Room Representative, Wrestling Jeff Rexroad - Hi-Y, Tennis Team, Basketball Cassandra Rice - Blu-Tri, Bowling Beverly Rich - Spanish Club, Masque and Wig, Girls Bowling, Cap and Gown Committee Jim Richards - Football, Track, Social Committee Mary Jo Rinaldo - Senior Announcement Committee, Blu-Tri Barb Ringkor - Senior Finance Committee, Spanish Club, Blu-Tri, F.H.A. Greg Roach - Home Room Representative Chris Roberts - Home Room Representative, Blu-Tri, Spanish Club Marilyn Roberts - Band, Orchestra, Band Treasurer, Blu-Tri Vaughn Roberts - Soccer Team, Spanish Club, N.H.S., Band linda Robison - Blu-Tri, Acappella, French Club, F.N.A. Tom Robinson - Band, Gym Assistant, Y.F.C., Track Richard Robison - Band Bernie Roser - Blu-Tri, V.l.C.A. Barb Rowles - Varsity and Reserve Cheerleader, Blu-Tri, Fun vs. Jackie Weisman Vandalism, Flower Song Motto Committee, Homecoming Queen '67 -I-ibm, Sunm - Soccer Club Pete Schmeidu - Science Club, N.H.S., Cap and Gown Committee Nancy Santoferraro - Bookstore, Drama Club, Blu-Tri, Home Room Rod Schneider - Wrestling Representative, Spgnigh Club Mary Schueller - Blu-Tri, Cards and Announcement Committee Karen Sgalera - Lene,-girl, Blu-Tri, Drama Club Cathie Schultz - Blu-Tri, Art Club, Senior Class Treasurer Assistant, Melinda Schenk - FSA- Home Room Representative PRE-T1-'EST EYES Jeanne Seikel - Varsity Cheerleader, Blu-Tri, Home Room Repre- sentative Barb Selby - Blu-Tri, F.T.A., Social Committee, Yearbook Staff, Office Assistant Anita Shamansky - Blu-Tri, F.S.A., N.H.S. Steve Sholar - Mikado Play linda Shook - Blu-Tri Linda Shuler - F.T.A. Becky Simmons - Home Room Representative, Blu-Tri Sue Sine - Cheerleading, Blu-Tri, Basketball, Fun vs. Vandalism Dan Skinner - V.I.C.A. Mary Skoczylas - Pep Club Cynthia Sloat - Blu-Tri, F.T.A. Rick Smith - Hi-Y President, Swimming, P.A. Announcer, Student Council, Yearbook Staff Sherrie Smith - Acappella, Choir, Spanish Club, Senior Class Play Committee, Newspaper Louis Scalzo - Choir ' Michael Soles - Boys' Bowling Pat Spayne - Science Club, Drama Club, Blu-Tri, Senior Class Play Committee Tina Speicher - Blu-Tri, F.S.A., Cap and Gown Committee Jeanne Speight - F.N.A., Pep Club Barbara Springer - Symphonic Choir, Acappella, Lettergirl, Blu-Tri, Christmas Court '66 Jim Richards Barb Rowles Pat Stanich - Newspaper Staff, Publicity Committee 191 Madeline Stemple - F.N.A., F.H,A. Tom Stephens - Tennis Team, Senior Class Social Committee Chair- man, Hi-Y Chaplain, N.H.S, Ways and Means Chairman, Yearbook Sports Editor Louie Sterle - Bowling Freida Stewart - Finance Committee Nancy Stewart - Acappella, Drama Club, P.A. Announcer, Book- store, Senior One-Act Play Nancy Stickle - Home Room Representative Beth Stiles - Art Club, Pep Club, Blu-Tri, Yearbook Staff Ferdie Stockard - Football, Basketball, Baseball, Student Council Laurie Stone - V.l.C.A. Ronald Street - Band, Track, Art Club, Football, Y.F.C. Howard Streeter - Track, Band, Orchestra, Art Club, Y.F.C. Bruce Such - French Club, Science Club, Lab Assistant, Prom and Banquet Committee Jerome Sullinger - V.l.C.A. Deborah Surgest - Announcement Committee, Spanish Club, N.Y.C. Dave Sveda - Rifle Club John Taylor - Wrestling, Cross Country Peg Taylor -- Blu-Tri, F.S.A. Carol Terrango - Blu-Tri, V.l.C.A., Office Assistant John Thoerig - Finance Committee Co-Chairman Clyde Thomas - Soccer, Track Willie Belle Thomas - Blu-Tri, Future Nurses Nancy Thornton - Pep Club, Choir, V.I.C.A., Bowling Jeff Trautman -- Hi-Y, Student Council, N.H.S., Basketball, Baseball Angela Triola - V.l.C.A., Name Card and Announcement Com- mittee MOST POPULAR Betty Foltz Dan Moldea BEST FIGURE S S Jamie King Barb Markovich Bill Townsend - Senior Props Committee for Play Diane Tulley -- G.A.A. President, Blu-Tri, F.H.A., Gym Assistant, Senior Picnic Committee Sandra Tulley - G.A.A., Blu-Tri, F.H.A., Office Assistant Judy Tvardy - Choir, Hall Guard George Uhall - Hi-Y, Golf Team Barb Utterback - Blu-Tri, Girls Basketball Team, Christmas Formal Committee, Gym Assistant Annette Vaccaro - Blu-Tri, Drama Club, Counselor's Assistant, Senior Finance Committee, Cap and Gown Committee Karen Van Camp - G.A.A. Kathy Vangeloff - Head Majorette, Band, Blu-Tri, F.S.A., Girls Basketball Team Merilou Vierheller - Acappella, Senior Class Cabinet, Third Page Editor of President, Junior Class Song Committee, Chairman of Publicity Committee Doug Volchko - N.H.S., Football Kathy Vorhes - Blu-Tri, Lettergirls Captain, Senior Class Publicity Committee, Christmas Formal Committee Bessie Walker - Girls Bowling, V.l.C.A., F.H.A., Blu- Tri, Senior Class Publicity Committee Tim Walker - Hi-Y, Baseball, Prom and Banquet Committee, Play John Wallace - Swimming, Hi-Y, Orchestra Leonard Wallace - Baseball Susie Ward - Student Council, Blu-Tri, Art Club, Counselor's As- sistant, Prom and Banquet Committee Ken Warnick - Soccer Club President, Swimming, V.l.C.A. Keith Warren - V.l.C.A. Jean Watson - Blu-Tri, President Staff, Senior Class Cabinet, Pub- licity Committee, Spanish Club Judy Weiland -- Blu-Tri, Christmas Court '66, Choir, Newspaper, Prom and Banquet Committee Debbie Weirath - Choir, Blu-Tri, Reserve Cheerleader Jackie Weisman - Blu-Tri, Office Assistant, Prom and Banquet Committee, Social Committee, i967 Christmas Court Mark Weldon - Bond, Hi-Y, Senior Properties Committee, Dance Band Richard Wellen - Choir, Hi-Y Barry Wells - Student Council, Varsity Basketball, Yearbook Staff Joyce Werab - Library Assistant, Counselor's Assistant, Blu-Tri Jeanne Werner - Maiorette, Band, Orchestra President, N.H.S., French Club President Gregg West - V.l.C.A. Robert Wharton - Football Paul Whiddon - Football, Spanish Club Nancy Wilkie - Choir, Home Room Representative Caroline Williams - N.H.S., Spanish Club, Blu'Tri, G.A.A. CLASS CLOWNS George Knoch Mari Jean Piazza David Williams - President of N.H.S., Editor of President Staff, Spanish Club, Masque and Wig Club, Co-Chairman of Senior Class Play Committee Jackie Williams - N.H.S., Blu-Tri, F.S.A., Office Assistant, Spring Fling Court Oscar Williams - Y.F.C., Soccer Club, Band Pal Williams - Blu-Tri, F.S.A., Homecoming Court '66, Office Assistant, Prom and Banquet Committee Almondine Wilson - G.A.A., F.N.A. Jim Wilson - Football, Social Committee, Fun vs. Vandalism Com- mittee, Organizer of BH Club Wanda Winfrey - V.I.C.A., Drama Club, Blu-Tri Judy Winningham - Pep-Club Wayne Wolfe - Band, Baseball, N.H.S., Cross Country, Football William Woodside - Drama Club, Plays Jim Yanok - Rifle Club Holly Younkin - Blu-Tri Kathy Yowell - Home Room Representative RAMPAGE Gary Hcxughf examines photographic equipment. .QI5 . Q ' 2 "?f':.'r' EQ?wh! L f- .. Q. gi. X X ggggeifif ' Mfg . Sfw-,. .a N- ic . , is-:fx Sf'::se1q. . . E 1 - X Xxx., K X.k. QE -ff' f X - :SER z' - . - ff B K 3 on-N i 1 i . KT E NN? iq. , , ' N, .... P: -. x S QQ- iff: Sp' Q al -9 194 Q The whole stuff gets fogefher lmmortalizes Ram Ventures Each season brought its own special aura of events and traditions, and now it's over. Sophomores, contemplating a future as noble upperclassmen, juniors, looking forward to a year as leaders, seniors with tassels casually to the left in the pride of accomplishment, all are going now - some to work and some to play -- some to return in the fall and others leaving for the last time. But each one takes his memories with him, the memories of a year of good tirrfes, learn- ing, and growth, a year at Garfield High. It is the hope of the Yearbook Staff that we have captured these treasured moments in the 1968 Rampage with accuracy, and that they meet with your approval. Judy Flossie, Editor Jeanne Kaufman and Pat Franz type copy Frustration frustration' Staff members search for the right picture. 195 v Circulates Ram News Gary Haught examines equipment. .a"""" Dave Williams The President Staff has continued to produce a fine school newspaper which provides the Rams with information and entertainment. The National Scholastic Press Association awarded the President an All-American rating. In order for more staff members to learn about the fundamentals of journalism, it was decided to appoint different students to maior staff positions. Under Editor-in-Chief, Dave Williams were News editor, Sherri Smith, Editorial editor, Jean Watson, Feature editor, Merilou Vierhellerp Sports editor, Dave Looney, Business editor, Marie Kulickp Photographer, Gary Haught. Mr. Eplin is the advisor. The girls work on u page layout. Time for a thought, 197 GOOD LUCK SENIORS FROM 6 GARFIELD RAMPAS ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME Sales - Service DUNCAN'S MOTOR SALES 860 S. ARLINGTON ST. PHONE 773-7474 5 D. Duncan EarI R. Bond CongraIuIaInons on Your Pad Performances May You Indeed I-Iave a Briqnf Eufure, PARKSIDE DRIVE-IN 658 EDGEWOOD AVE. PHONE 253-8367 AKRON, OHIO 44307 POLSLEY'S B-K ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN Cor. E. Wilbefh Rd. and Inman S+. Serving Unusual Hoi' Dogs and Burgers "Where Ine In Se+ Goes for Eoods Tnaf Are Way CuI" I 198 l -H -----11 CONGRATULATIONS ORADUATING SENIORS The YEARBOOK STAFF ABC SCHOOL OF Music Cf?f'Q'GTQlGTiOnS Class of '68 Phone: 724-I525 786 Loveks LANE AKRON 6, oi-no Lessons on All lnslrurnenls Band lnslrumenls o Guilars o Renlals 81 Sales - PARKWAY FLURIST 1099 GRANT ST. KRON, OHIO 44301 ff 31 A .1 eg ANN Amen 0 PH. PR 3-6641 Conqralulalions, Class ol BOWL AT... GARDEN LANES Special Open Bowling Rales for Garfield Sludenls B O W L A N D Only 4Oc per Game al All Times I559 S. Main S+. 264 E. MARKET ST. Dick Belwra, Manager PA +6827 I3esI Wishes from PoIsIey's B-K Root Beer Drive-In I-Iome ol Gourmer I'IoI Dogs Delicious Cold Roof Beer I-IoI Fried Pies 'I SOUTH PLAZA BARBER SHOP NO WAITING O 6 Chairs Io Serve You LOCATED IN SOUTH PLAZA ARCADE DANNY'S DRY CLEANERS 8: SHOE REPAIR Phone 724-4328 I469 ASTER AVE. AKRON, OHIO EXPERT TAILORIN6 STYLEWORLD BARBER 81 BEAUTY CASE EGG 8. POULTRY Live and Fresh Cut-up Poultry From Ohio Farms Dressed Daily-Modern 8. Sanitary Strictly Fresh Eggs-Wholesale 8. Retail 663 S. Arlington SI. PA-4-IQO8 Akron, Ohio IEIAIRCUTTING TO Yom SATISFACTION ROBINSON FI-CRIST B s . 'gl' rown lreei Flowers for AII Occasions Priveie Room Ior: RAZOR currime and I-IAIRCUTTING 730 S- ARLINGTON HAIR STRAIGI-ITENING and TouPEEs Also AKRON 6, or-no PA 4-7I24 BEAUTY SI-IOP FOR WOMEN 200 0 - FROM S PARK AUTO PARTS I495 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 773-7848 .tu ""1ng,, Schermesser Funeral Home NEW SOUTH CONEQIIIONED AKRON CI-IAPELS Over 20 Yrs. PA 4-58I8 I446 S. Main PA 4-58I8 FRED'S BAKERY Finest in Baked Goods I505 Asfer Ave. PA 4-5525 Akron, Ohio BECK'S COLOR MILL I492 S. MAIN ST. Phone 724-l265 Fine Pain+s and Wall Coverings THE GRADUATING COSMETOLOGY CLASS 1968 Froni Row: Wanda Winfrey, Caihi Capron, Susie Kane, Paula AronI1aI1, Bernie Roser, Mary Mosyiowski. Row 2: Angela Triola, Vinceifa Maroha, Pat McCuIIey, Sandy Mayer, Debbie Ramsey, Laura Stone I Connie Henricks, Mary Jean Piazza, Brenda Gadin. PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Bailey Mrs. I-Ielen Molhersbaugh Maxine Malachoslcy Mrs. Anna R. Casey Mrs, Henry Pohl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bodnar Mrs. Roberr Kirlc fklvia Marleny Family Mr, and Mrs. John Cobrda Mr. and Mrs. Waller Franz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flory Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Gibbony Mr. and Mrs. Guy Vierheller COLONIAL FLORISTS I487 SOUTH MAIN ST. PHONE 773-6624 Flowers for Any Occasion COLOR UNLIMITED AsI'er Painr 8: Wallpaper Cenier 354 Reed Avenue a+ AsI'er Painls, Basernenf Painls, Varnishes, Xe Wallpaper 773-286I 202 Compliment of YOUR CLASS RING SALESMAN HAROLD C. JONES, Repr. L. G. Balfour Company R2, I27I Akron-Medina Road Medina, Ohio 44256 Pnone No.: Sharon Cenfer 239-9692 RAMIANS GARAGE INC. General Aufomobile Repairing on All Makes 876 S. ARLINGTON STREET AKRON, OHIO 44306 724-88I2 W.ARDEN'S CYCLE SHOP Honda - Triumph and B.M.W. Cydes 547 McKINLEY AVE. and 957 BROWN ST. PHONE 724-6010 AKRON, oi-no P A U L' S S O H I O S E R V I C E CONGRATULATIONS BRAKE SERVICE - TUNE-UP BEST LUBRICATION IN TOWN IFires'rone Park, I455 ASTER AVE. PHONE PA +0026 KALAIN HAIR FASHIONS I495 ASTER AVE. In Ihe Hear+ of Firesfone Park Owners Carol and Judy KaIain Io Serve You Have Served Firesfone Park for 42 Years emoufmne SENIORS NELSON PERSONNEL 600 IsI' Na+ionaI Tower Building Akron, Ohio 44308 Phone 376-686I May Your Fulures Be Brlglwl We Ilminlc Youre All Riqlull CLASS OF'68 TULLEY'S Phone: 535-5819 ,.f""""""l"""'-N u-arc e WI' fl I BEAUTY SALON I S47 SIOIGI' Ave. - ,f Grocery and Mea+s Akron' Ohio f' I? I seeua walking Mildred H k 'M 428 COLE AVE. 724-575I . I Ak J WEST FOOD MARKET I479 ASTER AVE. AKRON, OHIO PHONE PA 4-l4I8 PO. WE CATER TO fl T? Kodak EFLEXII' S00 it lzvrv at your Herulquurlcrs fbr Kodak EQIIIIJIIICIIC BANQUETS PARTIES 7Zew6zq4tal2e4tcun4nz! Bt COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPPOSITE FIRESTONE TIRE 81 RUBBER CO. S. MAIN 8: COLE AVE. ALEX MARINAKIS. PROP AKRON 1. OHIO WHAT' MAKES Tl-IE SHOE GOOD IS . ,e - ..a- - ,, THOM McAN ' 5 1 U A C 7 NOT THE PRICE Q , A M ,.-a:.'l!"f"'i-u '. ,H 3 1 F 9 1 'IA' Midway Plaza Chapel Hill I Slafe Road Plaza Arlingfon Sfreel Summil Mall - 836-I56I Arling+on Plaza - 773-2552 3 I - - - 204 Coriqreiuleiions io iiie CIess oi '68 D-A SPECIALTY CO., INC. SERVICE Bar Equipmeni Food and Janiior Supplies Paper 305 E. Sou+I1 S+. 434-453I Jim Liciiri Pres. "WIiere Cusiomer Ivieeis QueIiIy" FIRESTONE PARK PHARMACY IN THE HEART OF THE PARK I50I ASTER 773-5I28 Prescripiions - Cosmeiics Besi Wishes GRADUATES from THE FIRESTONE BANK Member I:ederaI Deposii Insurance Corporaiion RUBBER CITY PRINTQY I to 3 Day Printing Service School Publications Commercial 8- Job Printing 570 Spicer Sf. 434-6675 Dick Knepper, owner TONY'S BARBER SHOP HAIR STYLING FOR MEN ROFFLER SCULPTER KUT RAZOR KUTS HAIR STRAIGHTENING AND COLOR 356 Reed ul' Aster 724-7282 Tony Guorino - Jim HouIiI'1cxn b Selby TOIv1'S SUNOCO SERVICE Brake ServIce, Iuneups General Repair I5I5 ASTER AVENUE 724-0079 IVIOLLOHAN TRUCKING 8: EXCAVATING 2903 ALDIS DRIVE AKRON, OHIO 44312 PHONE 644-8116 BASEIVIENTS - GRADING - SEPTIC SYSTEMS EMIL'S PIZZA RESTAURANT I5II ASTER AVENUE in FIRESTONE PARK 724-6 I 28 I . 206 Legion Winners Lynn Gibbony Craig Frisbie CONGRATULATIONS .... Lynn Gibbony and Craig Frisbie were the winners in the 1968 American Legion Contest. The Contest included competition from all of Ohio. Their prize was a one-week trip to Washington, D.C. i968 Litero ry Stoll Under the leadership of editor, Linda Noland, the 1968 OPUS staff pro- duced a fine literary magazine. Staff members pictured are: Front Row: Linda Noland, Jean Kaufman. 2nd Row: Martha Gostely, Lynn Gibloony, Martha Flory. 3rd Row: Howard Streeter and Marty Woodall. Not pictured: Calvin Glaze. 207 SENIORS. . .Remember When? 51 EAST Mm sr. . Axuou, omo 44308 208 AUTOGRAPH Take time to Take time to work - it is the price of success. help and enioy friends - it is the source of happiness. Take time to think - it is the source of power. Take time to Take time to Take time to Take time to play - it is the secret of youth. sing - it is the singing that helps life's load. study - it is the foundation of knowledge. dream - it hitches the soul to the stars. Anonymous U I I I I I I I I I I.l.l.I.I.I.l.l 9 0 Q. 0 o 4 I I Q .. . . . . . ' 0' ' ' ' 0 O o.o'o'o.o'o. T 0 l I o I o o o o g .'.'...I I I I I a Q 3 I I I Q g . . . ' . Q I Q Q 0 o n o s q g .'.' I o o o 0 I I Q , . . . . . I Q Q ' ' 0 0'o'o.o.o.o'o. T 0 I I Q . ' 4 0 I V I o , , . . .W:f:f:f:f'f:f: ff 1

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