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mGY Dc: 41 1 ...Z gf J 5 E A 1 R 'ro Luau 15 WEP A Sensor ras ma orma M O Q 'gg POM 1 E."i'-1-.f--1 2 Qc 2 E. ?--...L -...i. -l - N Cl, 1 s F I nf C I :ell- iiiug, 4, ? i Wag nxwriq : 3 zmzmmf i uezsumzmi 1 9 r ' Q , 1 0 Y v fig Seniwb O ' saytsfnwe GARFIELD'S PHILOSOPHY Garfield must give every student the opportunity to become a well-de- veloped person-physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually-and must train him to realize and appreciate his present and future duty to and re- sponsibility for the economic, social, political, and religious life of society. In reaching this maximum development, each student will have learned not only what is worth thinking about, but also how to think. Garfield's function is to provide experiences in democratic living, not merely to prepare for such living. To establish these experiences, the school must provide for training in the processes of reflective thinking. By so pro- viding, Garfield necessarily becomes an effective institution in the perfect- ing of a more democratic social order. 9' 5? ' a 1955 ' p16ff90640t Pa 704154494 0101, his As President of the Senior Class of 1955 l express my appreciation to Mr. Flood for his generous help and able guidance. l thank the senior class sponsors for their co- operation and advice. The faculty, Nr. Kidder, and Mrs. Brown were equally gracious in their interest and assistance. The whole student body did a fine job of helping me through the past year. Last, but surely not least, the Senior Class itself really worked hard to make a good class for whom the school could be proud. To all these people I say thanks for a job well done. ,game fa. 75nd ,404 ,4a4onllg XY'e consider it an extreme pleasure when our friend and principal speaks to the student body. His gentle friendliness, wit. and wisdom serves as a stimulus. He is always willing to lend his aid and assistance to those who come to him with their problems. liufngedicaticn.. S4476 oflanuwdeatmq halqtlewleofowz khaedwfz zbddmdltd Wiwgwaw Wamaaufageafznogfzadaatelaoleft 3-W. gaafceld 7694 Solon! wallow! tk unpuazt of flew expat gaodcuzce M . id and caramel, Sr MR. FLOOD Prirzripal Mr. Flood received his B.S. degree in education from Ohio University and his M.A. from Ohio State University. He has also done graduate work at Akron University and Western Reserve University. He started his teaching career as an elementary teacher in the Fairfield county schools. He was later teacher and baseball coach at Crawfis In- stitute. From here he was principal, football and baseball coach at New Bremen high school, then on to Lancaster high school as science teacher, football and baseball coach. He started his Akron teaching as a science teacher at XVest high school, then as- sistant principal and on to principal. Wfe welcomed him to Garfield, in his present official capacity, in 1950. 74e4e 7 ?ace4 eqe Mr. Dietz received his B.A. from Akron University and started his teaching career at South High School. He arrived at Garfield in 1957 as a teacher of Civics and English. His teaching career was in- terrupted when he entered the-military service in 1942 where he served with the 87th Infantry Division. which saw action in Europe, including the Battle of the Bulge and Rhine Crossing. He returned to Garfield as counselor in 1946. He has served as Hi-Y advisor since 1954, and founded the Hi-Y Club for freshman and sophomore boys at Garfield in 1957. He will receive his masters degree from Akron University this year. 'N MR. Dlrsrz Q Courlfelor MRS. WAGN ER Secrefarg MR, KIDDER Arfirfawzl Principal Mr. Kidder attended several schools including Dennison, Ohio University, and Bethany College, receiving his M.A. degree from Akron University. His career is varied and colorful-football and track coach at llast Liverpool. teacher and counselor at Garfield, then assistant principal. He is pasthpresident of Tri-State Conference on pupil personnel, past-president of the Akron Area Vocational Guidance Association, present member of the Board of Trustees of the main Akron YMCA, and chairman of the Firestone Park YMCA. He gives much time to the guidance of boys. A sympa- thetic smile makes any problem seem easierg and a smile is the first thing that is no- ticed when a student approaches Mr. Kidder's office. ' Svnaoflly Mrs. Adaline Brown was graduated from Cleveland Shaw High School and then went to college at Ohio State Universityg she also at- tended Columbia University but received her M.A. degree from the University of Akron. Her first teaching experience was at West Richfield High School in 1920. She taught at Akron XVest High from W2-i-Zo, coming to Garfield as Dean of Girls in the fall of 1926. Ten years later she was made assistant principal and it is through her duties as such that Garfield students get to know her not only as an administratorbut as a charming. soft spoken person with much humor in her dealings with young people. as MRS. BRUXYN 'I AIJVII ,Q J Q,- Nl RS POULOQ Y YL it vu 6:2 WM f r Q "' Q '9 . 115, ,' .ay v., , , vs ' M if. 9 rf ,-2 WWF ,,. , 5 5 3 G 3 My, in fs, 23:43 If 1 T lst Row: A. M, Flint. V. W.1llate,fQ, Lrislip. lnd Ron, l. Wes Nm 1 s COMMERCIAL Commerce links all mankind in one common brotherhood of mutual dependence .ind interests. . of ? 'II lst Row: D. Frazier. P. Ramsey, L. Smith. Ind Roux Pennington, W. Waggoner. LANGUAGE ARTS Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone. -G ar field A, VC'ilson, F. XVerner R Benlter Ni lfnzermrz :N 'Ui Selina! , Although selclom recognized or appreciatecl. the import- ance of the custodian staff can never be too greatly em- phasizetl. The unselfish spirit of these helpers becomes apparent when one realizes that their only satisfaction can be the knowledge that they have matle the halls and rooms of Garfieltl .1 pleasant and beautiful place for stuclents anti faculty to work .incl study. 'J .- Lett to Rizht Mrs. hole- inan. Mrs. Rosa Ftlxxartis. Nlrs. Barr. Mrs, Pohner. Yang Hanna: llea.l C,-tok Nlacieline Porter "la . - . These men must use gineering to master thc handling of our mimmoth heating plant that keeps us comfort able during win ters icy blast. Left to R Xoum, r Mayor Claude Clunnin h im "Too many cooks spoil thc broth does not ap ply to this group of hippy workers Wlicn the delicious, savory otlors pcnctritc the halls from the kitchen it is ilficult to xmit un lunch time. Beginning School Student Council Assemblies Style Show Football Homecoming Band and Orchestra Majorettes Y-Teens Volunteer jobs Sophomores' Pictures S ' fplullgf . . . Blu-Tri Hi-Y National Honor Society President Staff Distributive Education Sports Yearbook Valentine Dance Service Committees Senior Introduction Seniors Letter From Mr. Irving Advertising and Snapshots fall... intefn Girls' Bowling Boys' Bowling Latin Club Pan American League junior Honor Society Red Cross Basketball Cheerleaders Christmas Formal Choirs National Thespians Senior Class Play junior Pictures In Memorium U U U aww, we swam M 7.044415 , AUTUMN A golden haze covers the landscape as days become shorter and nights longer. junior practices with the football team of 1961 in city streets while Dad replaces those screens with storm windows. Classes start anew. Teachers and students are back from vacation and homework troubles begin again. Soon, those inevitable report cards come around. Youth centers are functioning once more and club activities are in full swing. Students are beginning to think about who will win the City Championship. ln the meantime, hayrides and weiner roasts are evening highlights. Money becomes fore- most as organization dues are being collected and school publication sales begin. Stu- dent Council boosts school spirit by selling decals, hats, pins, etc., and fund campaigns soon became active. All this marks -the entrance of Autumn to Akron and the halls of Garfield. Piles of leaves that have filled gutters leaving barren trees behind are being burned in streets and yards. Up-turned coat collars and wind-blown hair prove that Mr. North Wind is on the job again. The first frost is on the roof and turkeys are being fattened for that Thanksgiving feast. Garfield's Homecoming Week is in the thought of every student. Whom to rake to the dance? Who will be queen? Student Council arranges decorating committees and lines up a band. Tag Day, Color Day, elections, the big as- sembly pass. The pep assembly is over and it's time for the big game. The introduc- tion of the Queen and court is as .important as the game. Thanksgiving rolls around, and speculation runs high. The play-offs-and finally Thanksgiving Day and the Rubber Bowl. r '? Y ff as- . ,: 1 1 .. 13 'fi 7 A., W O, it sets my heart a clickin' like the tickin' of a clock, When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder's in the shock. -Riley ,gg . I J- I .5 f .fall .8-'Qu wf if is' O an arf ,,,f I ,o J, Q .X V ' Q fl :V X, J " ' . ' 1 3. .. ., Q 'x ,S I . 1 '."""t s ,J I, 1. 1 8 Q D 'I 53 4' . .I S X, " 0, Q.. g- X ,Q . i 3 . QQ Q Q . ' - O ,V Q ' A iff, A K-.QQQOF 1 , , J 'Q X E " ' - f " Q , f I A, 3 Xa? fd iw I Y f s 'L 'Q ,, Y " A 'fi , m X ,fixix . . n 3. 'A 3 x -9 134 -, W WL. Q. a I.- Sched Once again the hulls ring with laughter as the bustle Of 11 full day begins, , . ..v .93 ' .... As stlwol begins once more. Mr. Dienoff takes the roll to see if all are present. Since school has been out for A three month vacation the students must renew old friendships, The Distributive Education students sell Hshfikcrsi' as ti money making project. The shakers scrvc as an added attraction for the Homecoming ggunc. vu .waz 5? Z it 1 hz "Brick to the old grinduathis requires thc obtaining 45 of new books from the stoekroom. 'Q 1. 'C1' X fs s-- 'YISY OF -1 EVROLEL 6 These students seem to put their whole "body and soul" into the thought of producing something sx'orthwhilca juniors .ind Seniors sign up for drixcrs tmining to ie-.trn to be mretul rind considerate drivers, when Scfzaol .73 STUDENT COUNCIL The school year of 1954 55 save a yery success ful Student Counerl yyorklngj under the gurdance of Mr Robert Vernon Therr frrst proyeet was Reg1s tratlon Day handled along, ynrth the faculty The next big 1et1y1ty was HCHIIILLKDIUIDE, Wfeek A frne Alumnr Assembly was gnen and the Homecommg Danee was vt ell rttended by students and faculty A general elean up eampalgn was carrlcd on through out the ye If to rmproye the halls and the campus For the Garfleld North football game programs honormf, Garfreld were sold Hats prns and decals were sold durrny, football season The annual stu dent faculty Chrlstmas Tea ushered rn the Chrrstmas season Through the efforts of Student C,0LlflL1l ln eo operatron mth the other clubs Cnrfrelds halls were belutrfully decorated for ClIl'lSIl11 IS They also assrsted the PTA by runnmg a booth at the Fall Carnn al The lrst brg eyenrs were the May Assem bly and Dance yyhreh were held as a fme fmlsh for a busy year i EXECUTIVE COUNCIL lst Row: C. Dickerhoof D. Marrese. Se-cretaryg T. Gates, Presrdent B Cotham Vnce Presrdent M. Di Donato, Treasurerg j. Luxon. Znd Roux A. Tominack E Hermanns J Zakely D Grxf fith, J. Judy, J. rlook. i an ' 7k 6 iQ in STUDENT COUNCIL lst Row: C. Emerson, D, Marrese, J. Judy, E. Atkins, B, Litton j. Flook, A. Tominack, C. Wagner, J. Kronenthal, B. Satterfield J. Reed, L. Capatosto. Znd Row: E. Hermanns, C. Dickerhoof M. Di Donato, S. Brandon, G. Mills, P. Werbeck, I-leilman, P Fitzsimmons, F. Dyer, D. Wright, B. Gotham, J. Pesar, S. Subich 3rd Row: L. Sisler, j. Zakely, B. Martin, N. Oster, B. Round, D Griffith, W. Parks. 4th Row: D, Ammon, D. Hockman, ,I Amedio, D. Grecni, G, Davis, J. Rymer. ' sfdflfdf 74 70016 HALL GUARDS lst Row: D. La Donne. J. Bozzelli, Ayers, J. Di Donato, K. VUashnock, Hayden, C. Buck, R. Nye, R. Tomas, M. Richards, B. Brannon. M. Di Donato, C. Wilcox, B. Gotham, D. Scott, M. C5 X .xx S. Murphy, M. Pagac, D. L. Capatosto, E. Miskar, E. l-Ieilman, F. Adair, D. Marrcsc. A. Tominack. 2nd Row: R. -4 X, 'ard Row: L. Parker D. Ondecker, P. Giacomo, M. Vegh, F. Bond, S, Houlihan, B. Fberwine, D. Cranicola, S. De Lacho, R. Cooper. 4th Row: J. Flatt, C. Burrows, G. Smith, F. Felber, D. Linn, B. Dumbroski, B. Williamson, B. Lofris, G. Compton, L. Taylor. W. Parks. rnftf' N r ' 1 S Pm: M4 ASSEMBLIES The Homecoming Assembly, highlighting fall activi- ties, heralded the return of talented alumni to entertain students at G.H.S. Johnnie and Dona Del Dixon, Carol Parker, Tom Sweeney, and Gordon Leslie were our guests. During the week prior to the assembly, color day and tag day were observed. The Yearbook Assembly, another fall event, aroused enthusiasm and school spirit by urging the students to in- vest in the Yearbook. During the year, these and other assemblies provided enjoyment as well as education for the students. STYLE SHOW For W hom the Belles Toll was thrs ymrs theme for the tmcll rronal Blu Trl Style Show Thls unuslml note added BRICK, to the fcs flX'1l of lovely dresses md Sffllllflb flees The models chosen by scv eral judges were tenth elexemh and twelfth gjmders who stepped rn to the spotlrbht xx nh charm porse and graceful ease WW 'S .-A Q 2, 1 1 'Vg-5 'Yll' ,, 13' J Bet 01 FOOTBALL sEAsON The Garfield football team completed its best season since 1951. a powerful SOuth team in the Playoffs, Out-of-town action They finished with a record of seven wins and three losses. The saw Garfield defeat Euclid and Stubenville and lose tO Barber Maroon and Gold XVarriors went straight through all City Se- ton and tO the state champions from Massillon in what was ries competition before becoming over-confident and losing to considered their best game of the season Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield SCORES Euclid Senior I-lower - Barberton Buchtel East North Stubenville Kenmore Massillon South sl Bob Scofrelo Guard TOID GCDd21 Wes Parks Guard Tackle LOUIS Seckel Tackle Don Clanuolla Back Bob F rnk fl Tackle Back Wrlly Brrdges B111 Scherdt Tackle Auutant Coach Gene Zuravel Back Manzre Wrnters Gary Compton Tackle Carl Parker Guard Mack Stephens Guard 1 1 -W ,rrrc lf :lf 3 Manage r gl df J! 9 Blll Mlller Back Dave Chrls 'Fil- Barb Q if Dan Flossle Carl Cox Head Coach Tackle Capt Joe Ameda, Rxck W hm: Bdfk End Tony Aulmo Guard Walter Bell En V7 Al Mobley Back Don Olcmnk En Ray Pmrks Guard QQ, ohn Lam pley Fn 'sl Blll Wfashnock W H Guard Mlke Vegh Center rs G l iw ' M WK HOMECOMING DANCE October 23 was the date set for the final and biggest event of the Homecoming week. At intermission. lovely and vivacious Patsy Monroe was crowned by Beverly Rowles. The crown was pearls set on a black velvet back-ground. The junior attendant was Shir- ley Calli and the Sophomore attendant was Rita Rowles. The music was provided by George Con- way's band. Garfields gymnasium was deco' rated by the Student Council who sponsored the dance. Over one hundred couples at- tended. HOMECQOMING GAME Homecoming Wfeek was made a success as Garfields mighty football team overpow- ered North High School by the score of 52-0. North was in the game for the first quarter only when they fought desperately to keep Garfield from scoring. just after the second quarter opened. Garfield scored. From then on it was a "down hill" battle for the offense moved all over the field and the defense held the North team from making any sizeable gains, The Homecoming Queen was honored during the half-time ceremonies by the band. the Student Council. and the football team. In the second half. the substitutes played equally well as the first string and carried the team to the final score. W ta C7 5,5 'I HOMECOMING COURT L. to R. Patsy Monroe Queen Beverly Roules. Sr. An. Rita Rmwles Soph. Arr. Shlrley Calll jr. Art. gmuud ance ' ' 'x At' ' vrw Q -...s-.. .. :'x::3:.--t":nJ:..,..-...-,.- .. L - . , ......g.-',i ', , 'AA ,-- ,. . ,, 1 . - - -L. '. ... . ' ,. V 1 . , 1 , ' a . W .fin .HJ-' N. 'ru .1 1, ZA' x A I 1. ..,.,., . -- ,, ., ' ' Q ,. ... .L.... 15, ,. , L -... 1, 1 4' 1 ? 3' 5 '-1 3' A F' 1 X 'PC' V ' 32 5 V 3 7 fiiiiiigix ep, 'M 'A ' N, .J -' , Y N -u .- ' ' .5 .fl 1 - . 3 ig '. X iii ' ' 1. k ' i IZJI' fx" ,UW df ,, Q K Lo ' 3' ' - , I I . . 'g ll g q , Q. gl -. 3. 5 4-s. 1, NL 3 innhli 'Q i112 - 4 , A M Us-V E f-Q- Q na" 4? H! -. , I.. ,.,.'. . - N: 95' -sf lk, Q hy: I -4 . M 1 V TP Q' T If ,' . 3 5-.Z 'Sl FQ YK shxln , v ' , . .1 ' . f ' L - ,' '46- , , QS Rr 9 ,fix , wk? ' 9 R , .. i ,ri , , 15' ' , ffl V A missin wi ' 321'-7 M ' 1. as fa T - 1 - A f f ms , 1 , Ne - fi fe' ,w me ,. M, U, -T is ,.f,:wa"',,mf L+1Wii -' 'H f ',3i45'V4wii.sw4wZv???i545"s. ORCHESTRA The orchestra affords students an opportunity to learn about classical music. Each year in the spring, this organization presents a concert of classical, semi-classical, and popular music. The officers this year were: Marge Garske, Pres.g Neal Wolfe, V,P.1 jim Elliott, SeC'y-Treas. G.-J 'K I X.: 7711. dale B af ' GARFIELD BAND Garfield's band, comprised of approximately ninty members, adds much to the color and spirit of football games. Its precision marching and fine band shows have been feature attractions at half-time. In addition to games, the band has played for num- erous pep assemblies, open house and patriotic parades. Mr. R. B. Cole does a fine job of directing the organization. GARFIELD ORCHESTRA Garfield orchestra is one of the finest in Akron high schools. Approximately sixty young musicians participate in this organization. The orchestra practices daily to pre- pare for its numerous appearances. Twenty members of the orchestra were chosen this year to play in the lnter-High Or- chestra for the annual city-wide May Festival. 992 THE PREXETTES . , . They add interest and enthusiasm to the band. CSP CHARLOTTE Z JANET 3 17? CAROL E7 l Cb ROBERTA JOYCE if L' MARDELLE px I1 BEVERLY Y TEEN 1.5 ll qllili' Y-TEEN The Garfield Y-Teen is a service organization sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. It promotes citi- zenship, friendship, scholarship, and sports- manship. The club is divided into two chap- ters at Garfield, the Junior Y-Teen, for tenth graders, and Blu-Tri for the eleventh and twelfth grade girls. The officers this year were: Preridevzl. Barbara Webster l'ice-Prtarirlerzt. Dotsy Eletich Secremrj. Elfriede Hermanns Treamrer. Rita Rowles Claaplaivz. Janice Kattouf Cleluli with Left to right Row 1 A Schola C Steele M Stekle Dame .' - ' - - , - i - , J- - row, P. W'erbeck, C. Waddell, S. Brandon, B. Brackett, J. Fre- vola, S. Stout. P. Horvath, J. Longacreg Row 2-D. Schlegel, -I Palcheff, B. Lorenz, A. Hartman, S. Kucik, M. Kyle, S. LaFol lette, B. Hunt. J. Mutt, B. Kemp, C. Wagner, J. Kattouf, j. Kron- enthal, C Conleyg Row 3-M. Karaiskos, P. Billington, G. Burch S. Gogos. A. Tricaso, j. Clark. M. Menich, S. Smith, G. Mills Ef Costaras. B. Burkett, S. Loskey, M. Kirstein, G. Cousert, E ..-. 5 Clemans, M. McBee, P. Wood, V. Hawks, L. jones, D. Falb, T31 K I Row 4-J. Gifford, M. McFadden, P. Hollendoner, M. Knapp A. Wright, C. Rasberry, P. Fitzsimmons, M. Fodor, M. Blank, S Rinehart, P. Hrubik, j. Hawkins, T. Kapper, L. Watring, S Smith, L. Watral, L. jelus, B. Sparks, K. Atkins, J. Amendolar, S Symonsg Row 5-P. Ashbrook, N. Whited, C. Bochard, S. Stre- zoff, S. Subich, P. Zaveson, P. Kline, J. Warren, I. Light, A White, S. Lorenz, C. Beinert, S. Slider, R. Yeater, W. Koehng Row 6-C. Harris, E. Hermanns, D. Eletich, M. Simms, S. Al- wine, S. Vance, J. Reed, R. Rowles, B. Webster, J. Bobco. Avy Q no LIBRARIANS Left fo Right-Firtz mu: Janet Price. Deanna Cart- Second mzt: Judy Gifford, Carolyn Harris. Patricia wright, Joanne Glenn. Pat Billington, Sandy Sparv. Ashbrook. Barbara Fleming, Joyce Nutt. Joan Hawkins, Mary Jane Haas. Third V014 1 Lynda Hanson, Steve Marks. NEW LIBRARIAN Our popular new librarian is Mrs. Becker who replac- ed Miss Hime- baugh, who went to Roswell Kent Jr. High. STAGE HANDS Left IU Riglyl- Roy Hartz, Stage Manager, John Thur, Sidney Pryor. Bryce Morgan. ,lflhfl VOI STAGI1 Be it only a small announcement or the most colos- sal of shows, the stage crew is always on the job behind the scenes preparing the stage and equipment and seeing that all runs smoothly during the performance. The boys pictured here have learned, perhaps more thoroughly than The library assistants are volunteer workers without whose efficiency and dependability the li- brary could not give the best service to its users. Their work involves clerical duties. issuing .intl receiving books. carding .md shelving them. rein- forcing new materials and mending the old. collect- ing and checking permits, and errand running. It gives excellent experience in doing responsi- ble, accurate xvork. improves the students knowl- edge of all libraries as well as Garfields. and gives him the opportunity to perform a valuable service for his school. The library assistants agree that they have ob- tained a greater knowledge of the use and care of books and magazines from their work in the school library. CREW the rest of us, the meaning of cooperation and responsi- bility due to the never-ending duties they have ably per- formed under the guidance of Mr. Wilstun. They are Roy Hartz, Bill MacDonald, Sidney Pryor, Brice Morgan, John Thur, John Voitko, and Kenneth Shaner. l 2 at tko. X it .q0':. , o',,aull . ..A 00110, .A 5 l.,g i f 'll ', :lo l, o VOLUNTEERS GIVE THEIR SERVICE TO L1 CAFETERIA HELP Une or the most pleasant jobs at Garfield is helping during the rushet: lunch periods. For the services they render they receive free meals. Their services include working the cash register. working behind the counters. and operating the d is h xx agher. XX'ithout their help. the cafeteria would DUI be able to ron as effi- ciently as it does. . tl +4-.4 5 During the basketball and football sea- sons the ticket sellers provide tickets at the booth during the eith. Sth, 6th, 7th, 8th. and 9th periods. For their services they receive a free ticket to the game. This year they were: Judy Reed. Karan XY'g1shnock. Pat XY'il- loughby, joan Judy. Catherine Borovitz. wlo- Anne Rojak, and .loan Reed. THE SCHOOL AND THE STUDENT BODY P.A. ANNOUNCERS Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you will find Donna Rittenhouse and Bob Am- mons at the microphones inside the office broadcasting the news of the day into all the homerooms, Any club or organization may submit announcements if they have the spon- sor's signature. This is a very good way to reach all students at once. MOVIE MACHINE OPERA TORS At Garfield there must be two boys trained to oper- ate the movie machines for each period. Their job in- cludes running the film, seeing that no damage happens to the film, preparing film for future use. and keeping the machines in order. Mr. Pfieffer is in charge of them. Left to right-Rou I: Richard Carson, Don Patton, John SERVICE We I I 'Q Nikles, Bob Phillips. Rou 2: john Syroid, Bruce Dicker- hoof, Philip Heffernan, Tommy Lucas, Marlin Cochrun, Dick Lucas. Rozz' 3: -joseph 'Lucco, Eugene Wesley, Clinf ton Prettyman, Al Byers. Rout 4: Dorn Henbury, jim Bobo. Abbott, C. Abercrombie, Aleman, J. Alwine. S. Amendalor. nl. ' Angel, VU. Arkle, T. Arnott. D. Ashbrook. P. Atkins, K. Baines, C. Bainhill. il. Baker, L. Baldwin, P. Barham, J. Bell, E. Bell, J. Benjamin, R. Benner, B. Bernardo, H. Bernert, L. Berry, K. Bibey, N. Billington, P. Blair, D. Blank, M. Blevins, D. Bobco, j. Bochard, C. Bolick, D. Bonanno, J. Borovitz, D. Bowman, E. Boyd, B. Brackett, B. Bradley, D. Brittsan, L. Brock, G. Brown, J. Burch, G. Burkett, B. Byers, A. Calhoun, B. Cannon, H. Carr, B. Carson, R. Carter, P. Chatman, T. Christ, R. Church, -I. Clark, J. Clemens, C. Clemens, E. Clopper, D. Comshaw, T. Cooper, R. Corbett, D. Costaras, E. Coulter, L. Cousert, G. Crew, D. Critelli, S. Cuffman, C. Cuffman, j. Cummings, -I. D'Agostino, J. Damerow, J. D'Amico, M. I . , Q . .4 . Ci.. A .- I. fl- 7 4, J .f sf? J. 'sn 4 , vv 3 . 1 5 WW? 48-' .- K - .4 .-., AY K 1 J . .Q-X .1 BQWA -l J 2 f . 1955 ,v- A we Q- H' .J A, ,.,. - J 5, N,- ,I I I ICE. .4 Y 3 A .V . " x .l y B . .. ,,, A- .5 1 f' K I i ,. ig' of A J 5 1 Y' A ' ,- E? fi. . 'S 0 l-2 5 . ,vs uri I ., 44, . if 4 T . f ff? Q ta , "4 . , - V ff . , 12 F5 .V , I .1 ri A2-get I .sf . Z!!! . I ! if 3 I - f-as ,Sf I 3 ,. ,: fx 2 '- it Davis, DI. Dawnen, P. Dawson, A. Dawson, D. Dealt, S. Deitch, R. Desl-covich, ,l. Dorha, M. Dortch, J. Douglas, C. Doyle, H. Drowns, R. Dutton, J. Ellerbock, S. Ellington. P. Elliot, P. Ensign, J. Esque, j. Evans, N. Everharclt, L. Fair, D. Falb, D. Farmer, D.' Felber, J. Ferrell, M. Finelli, M. Fisk, R. Fitzsimmons, P Fodor, M. Franks, E. Frazier, R. Frevola, J. Frengou, A. Gatie, B. Gibitz, L. Gibson, D. Gibson, F. Gifford, J. Glenn, J. Glover. P. Gogos, S. Gonczy, B. Gosorn, T. Goudy, D. Gould, C. Greathouse, B Groce, N. Haas, M. J. Habick E. Hager, M. Hall. B. Hanus, P. Hancock. Q. Hanson, L. Harig, R. Hartman. A. Hartney, B. Harvey, P. Havoc. G. Hawk, V. Hazlinger, il. Headly, S. Heffetnon, P. Henderson. R. Herbruck, N. Hermans, E. Herston, T. Hicks, A. Hicks, R. Hilligas, S, Hockman, R. Hallenbough, W. Hollendoner, P. , . - - - ' F ., 4 ,S Horvarh, P. J . 'H' ' ' I A , -Q ,. A V? t D' Howell, E. JW V . ' A I' - . f Hrublk. P. , X y ' Hubbard, 'lf M I ' X Huddleston. L. Hunt, B. ,., Humphrey, L. t7 v- 4, W ,I Infanre, B. ' .Il 7 eg "1" " 6 7 "v 1 lnfanti, C. , ', .., ,Q I ' If - 1 Jakob, E. K ' Jakob, K. P -. 4. ,lelus. L, Johnson, N. .. f. V Q Pi nf, - Q .Sv If 1 Z A -- L Johnson. T. Jones, D. f 1 J 3 ,,. f . - Jones, G. . -'W jones, L. jusrham, S. Kaforex. J. - 1 ,,.u. . ,Am vi 457 ' ' Karaiskos, M, J Q 1, ,L M A A J iv, Kardos, R. 'li s-4 L' i Karrouf, J. ' ' Q ' ll Keaton, S. A I Keenan, C. Keenan. P. 1 Q Kemp, B. A " W dl ' L' Y 1-2 'f :A " 1' ff' Kessinger, W. 5 A' L' , -7- f . .,'V -2 Kimble, P. 1 gf XI, af to i jf' Kirstein, M. 1 , . I4 , ,f ' Klanselc, S. . Kline, 1. A ' Kline, P. ,V N ,fs X ., A ey' f: , Klinger, R. N' 3 , ff- -1. 9 I - '? V Knapp, M' X, Koehn, W. 6 .7 I Nj- - V Kovach, 1. Kraft, S. Kronenthal. J. ,, W: Kruelski, R. ' Kucik, S. Kusy, P. Kyle, M. Lachowski. R. La F0'e"e' 5' Sqdlanou 0 1955 Lawrence, T. K Lawson, M. Uv .Q . x 'A 1 .' f 9 Q WJ " ' "3 YE -. c I 4 7 , 7 5 . .. eq vv W8 :L , V r V -, F K I Jw ,Mb lk 11 ' V-AJR an 1 '1 ms A Q.. 6 V: fri I .. ,.,, A X 1. 1 1 .- , x Lees, R. Le Masters. G. W M' Light, 1. of of ei' 1 Qs. ,al Liguore. C. ' V "7 '- 3 Lloyd. P. ' f Long, P. "J " V.--. 1. Longacre. J. 'f Q, Q Lorenz, B. , Lorenz. S. I f iz 3, Loskey, 5. Lou ery, j. Lucas, B. fkfrf. Luck, R. A - Macaulay, B -f , - nfl? Q Mauyarics. F. P01 U A Q Mako, j. Marchok. A. l I 1, j A - .A f ' A ,R , 1- R- fr, y 1 ' 'c 3 ' ia . 'JY ' f X to - .Q ' 1 'I 'S ,, - A ,TM 75 A Q :. -H . ,, Q - If J- V 1 ' .Muff F' I fini A ri' "5 if sf fi :.. iff ., ' it W ' - 1? '31 'J K 7' 5 ' 3 l fl ILA Ni ' 4 x f. F' . r A f R Tv " .' ' .. " '15, -' 'L 3' -- ' f 'ji wr 5,6 X Y I - ,- iz., g r -' ja sg' 'Z' .1 -, 1 R ' in ij ij 1 1 ni 1 or-fs v - F- " 5' . . ' ' . -3 - f' 'R -1 'f' " -L f x '1 . .5 ,J J ' Vi r j I I f ll-ix s W- , 1 1 Q mf. -up f R . 5- 4 IQ ia at i 0? ' Q4 3' ,ht ' r Q - m 4 .I ra :1 I., iii 5 '5 " , ,V ' . fs I .., R, 5 3 .ts ia-I 1 X . I, I I J ' -if' 1 N 7 !n 0' , 'sr' i' Pg I A Q 1 f A vb . .ci 'L V - 1 v, 7 'J I X 2 ...I .,." Marchok, J. Markel, E. Martin. R. Mathews. G. McBee, M. McCann, j. McCune, N. McCullough, D McKenzie, M. McFadden, M. McG1inchey, T. McPherson. R. Mcvifain, P. McXVhirter, C.. Menich, M. Mercer, G. Meyer, P. Mills, G. Moffett, T. Morris, J. Morris, DI. Monzel, M. Mozingo. R. Muir, H. Murphy, T. Myers, K. Namen, S. Napier. I.. Nawrocky, S. Norman, B. Nutt, j. Olclaker, L. Ondos, N. Palcheff, j. Pedullu, D. Perry, J. Phillips, Pickelsimcr, R. Piscotta, J. Prettyman, K1 Prim, j. Proper. VI. Pryor, C,. Puctt. B. Puett, N. Rafferty. H Rainier, B. Rcamy, Y, Retionnc. A. Reed. I, Rey. A. Rhodes. R Ridenour. L Riffle, A. Rinehart. 5 Robinson. IT. Ronk. J. Ross, C. Round. B. Rouser. F. Rowles, R. Ruby. J. Sathen. C. Scarberry, Q, Schlegel. D. Schola, A, Schueller, R. Sellers, G. Sereno M Sharp B Shepard C Shepard S Shuex l Sllodle D Slmms Stlder S Smxth B Smrrh S 53 Smltlex R Smoot R Y Snyder M 0 A Soppn T Spellman ""' Spory S Starkey J K Steele C 4. Stekle M Stockwell B Stoltz B 5 Stout S Strouth B M Suarez R Sl1blCk S Symons S Tafonellt J Tallent J Nba ',-AFwv?fFD- A , v' .' ' Q rv' Y "' - . f X 4- J J . ' 1 I If vb X t ' ' K- . it -1 VN ' 'l F xgvz S ' f X l 2 -, , ,, . . ,f ll ,N ' - "2 xi a . df V 4 'T ' " -- ' ' lg - " n 5 Q. 09:3 f qv f Qt YI SLA v I, , I qua. 'Ax .f 8 lg' fx. - f: ' f X ' Sw '93 NX , , gtg 3 u - me tag ,, sww, V 'ix' 1 . 5 A X at ' ,, z T . 'X' I Atv f ,lt Q Q. ,S Ll rl . 1 .,, ,V --fart S N r' I ' 1 I 1 if s "f 1 5 .5 L, 'WJ , ' f vm , ' Q '-"fe , y -. ' , ,jjaar ' 1 fx- - aa, . - .T t l . .T T 5- - awe T 1 - .T y -A T 2 A - r.,..,,t s - ff: 5 Q . :J ."','--"w 'QU' U . - X at 2 ' Q x. gg,-ls " I I ' X lf 'ir " B - 'l 1 ' Q 1 ' XT 1 'I Nl sg H' 'l' ll tl ' 2 - V t, P W . APT' 'x IH: ' 5' tg- 1' Xl f' S' H"'?l 0 N Q' ' X '1 mf., . 'N . "e ,, V J- gl X' -" 2 ' T A ' ' s ' ' N qv , 1 ' . V Q' QQ.. -"Q Si-an P' "il td' ., ffl w. Q ' T K" Y 5 .l - S ' ,ly A '- x I ' - 1- ' P of A 4 s X ,fx . l ,Q 1 il j ,' . ll 'X 'Xl U? A X ll A wi Y - l' 5, ' Q' . B193 1 ' V' ' , NK - Tanner R Tauoenherm Taylor T Festa P Thomas W Tlll M Ttllman J fomas 1'r1caso A Trrola N 'x at Valentme P Vance -I Vance S Vanrk R Vargo T 97,7 Varner M I. Waddell C, Wagner C Wallace B Waller M Wanarnaker B Wanzxe B Warner K Warren A Watxal L Watrlng M Watte P Weaver P Webster Wehrlm Werbeck Westfall d Whxte A Whxte M Whnted N Wllllams G Wllllamson F Wmters, M 1 Wood, P Word, P ,af 'I -fl 3 A fi I' Worsnop F Wray D Wray M Wrlzht D Wr1g.,hr G Wrlght R Yanke Yareff T Yeater R Xoumxdahl j Zaklev I Zaveson P 71mmc-r F Srrezoff 9 , . , A ' r. y - , if if 2 Y 'Ziff Q? ' 7 ' ' nv L ' A 'M 'T ' If - A , V 77 -' hs t h p V.. as Xa 'V' 4 ,E V '- 4 -. H 4 f fi Q ' ' I , V V J" I I gt: x 3 . x xx 1 ,Q 1 N . ' 'li' .. :Jn Y 1 1 7 aztec 4 Zaaaletdall WINTFR 111111 1111111x 1111111 IS s11111111x 111x11111 xx111 1 1111111111 111 xx LL XLIK11 IYLLS g 181111 1 HLSN 111 1L U11 III ' UNX fl IS 1 XL x 11s 11 1 11111 1111111x111x 1 11111 S11 1, xx11 1111 118 111 11111 1 1 IL 11111 11s1 111 Q11 111 1 5 111 111 11111 111111111111 1 11111111 1 111s 1 1s WL 1111111 18 111 1115515 11111 8111111111 1111111111 1111 1 1 1 11s 11118 ls 11 1 111111111115 111 1111 L1111511111s f1111111 1 111s 1111 111 1J11xs 111 111t111s111 111 b1s1111 1 L 1884.8 ITL fOf1INIJSI 111 11 L 1 1l1JI'S ITL 11'l11xlI1g lPP1JlIlIIl'lL111S 101' 11188 WILIUTLS 1111 S 11111 L 18818 IFL P H1111 Q Wlf LS 1111 1,11 111311 IL 111xx 1111 ULLIIIIN 1111 s111111111x S1111 111x111 1111 1111 1111111111 111 1111 1x1111s 'ICICI QYS ULQH1 YLNILXNIIIL, H111 NILIKLIIIS ULLLIH KTIINIHIUS, S0 LXUIIIIIIIIOIIS LO 1111 1411 1 xx 1111x111 1 1115 11111 S1 1 11111118 1111 s111111111s 1 1 X 111111 D11111 s IL LX 11111 1111 1111 s11111 1111111 XX 111111 18 111x1111 11x 11s1 1111114 11111 111s1111b111 IS 1111111111 Q11 1111 f1I111b 11 Ix1111 S1111 L111x11s11x XX1111 H1lI'111C11f 1111111 11111Qf111111111g 1 11115 xx1 1xx111 1 1111s1 1111 13.111 1111s 1111111381 111 3411111 1111111111 11 bllllcr intel W? - Y I ' . 2, L ,A Q1 g fs - ,f , 'T -1 3 3 - 3 A . ,V .. . 4 .... 1 ,- 5 FM , l 4 .V H- A ,1 , f-- - , 1 - T ? .- 1 ,-I - l ' l - ir' J ,V 3' .A 1, ,, '-1 - 1 pf 1 . Q A ' -- . 3 3 , . A TA -l I , ' , - - 5 , f . - i .. .. 4 : I v , . I . 4 - .-. . , , 54 f 1-. . - . 4 - I - L V - ' :Q .T 1 -. .L , , - -- D ' an f- ' 1. M U , . P , ... M H , V , 4 r F L ,Q L 1 , , L 1-- -. , 4 , A ,T V. 8 . A -- ' , 4 ., .f , , U , ,A .1 - , . , '- w ' f- -1 - . ' , y-1 ' m " 1 ' . , ,- ' 4 - 1 . P4 '1 : . . -- , -. .1 , - . - A . h , Q V m . .. ... 'V ,, f. f -1 1 " ' 1 ,. 5, - .T 7 - J' . -. M- ' ,- " C 1 fi Q . 1 V' 3 -v-1 .1 11-1-11 .H--15--ff 1 I M 7: 1 3 H 1. 73 V ' 1, C.. 'J' . H , . w :r fe 1 - PT ...L ' .1 - ,, C ' ' , ." 1- 1-5: ' 1' - ' , -. , ... J .4 ' ,- ' . , ... ' 1 Lv '1 "" .L --- ' 1 - ,, - ' , -3' 3 , - P V' Q P H ,i N , 71- 1 ' - '. ' 1 Q , I , 'Y " f- 'll -- . - 4 7: , -- ... A rd ... ,. N H., , jg -- ... , fl- I ' V , , - A , ' 3" 1 L11 1 A 4 F-1 5 I , - P qi ,. '. ' . '-vw . '- ' I Fr 1 , . ,1 P A . PM . F- U-- ' ' -D ' ,. 1 - , 'S : -, . , , , Q 1 1 - - ,i 'X - '+I L . ' : 7 1 - . 3 , ' . .. ,., . 'N KT f- ' 37 1 . . M V 1 --'1' 'A' ' L . + f . 1 4 , ' ' ,: .w' 1 ' ' 3 , ' 1 L M f- Lfi .-. L 1 -4- "" : fl '-v. - . I 1, :' - ' ' f-1 .1 .,.1 ,, ,, . ., Y 7- ' L 'A f,. f? . '1 f -- . 1, - - 1 ft f ' -fx 1-Q '-- ' , vi A W . ui r .Y w ' , " .,. Y 1 1 '- ' L. - 'E L ' ,I P 'x 5- ' L ., ... : . -' '1 ' - :H T :7 fx , ' ' ' - f "' ... ' 3 . V ' '-1 ,'2 '1 av . J ' A " :.. ' '. TT ,. ' " :T V . . ,- A 5 Q .. ' ff 3 "' ff ft . 1 f ,.. , : ,' , I A 1, 1 JA X ' 1 X .' f 1 I , I V Na K Af 1 f A 1' s ',+r' jf ff ,aff I 5 " 'SK x4 J'-cv, iQ00 my 1 . GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB Row I-N. McCune, P. Silxora. H. Broun, F Brown, P. Sharnslcy, J. Mc- Quowng Row 2-P. Kimble, S, Justham. J. Sihir, C. Dray, S. Edwards, S Fox, S. Deak, M. Simon, H. XX'alsh. M. Taylor, Row 3-C. Emerson, J. Thatch J. Reed, Headley, M. Srekle, J. Reed, C, Steele, VU. Middour, N. Neiheiser J. Hull, J. Reed, Row 4-E, Hellman, M. Bechkowiak, J. Paschall, R. Eddy S. Taylor, Miskar, J. Pesar, B. Elliott, J. Kovachg Row 5-M. D'Amico, R Horvath, E. Clopper, F. Rose, M. McFadden. GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB This club gives the girls a healthful form of relax- ation arid arouses an interest in sports' competition. This year's officers were Joyce Brorherron, presi- dent, Dot Spiva, vice-president, Frances Allrutz. treasurer, and Sandy Taylor, secretary. Left to right, Row I-C. VC'addell, J. Bobco, R. Rowles, P. Hrubik, C. Con ley, J. Gifford, Row 2-C. Lamonica, N. Kempson, K. Kimmell, B. Hill, S Hall, M. Rich, M. Hegyes, J. Kronenthalg Row 5-I., Magazzeni, T. Kapper, J Hawkins, C. Binton, C. Borvirtz. M. McBee, A. Reshenberg, P. Palmer, B Sielehr, S. Rinehart I Li ht C. Bumerr Rovs -I M. Deitch Pesar S . - il . 9 ' - , J- . Hairston, D. Eletich, E. Hallusco. M. Simms, I. XY'alsh, D. Spiva, J. Brother- ton, Row 5-N. Whited, S. Alwine, E. Jones, K. Klein, C. Kapper, S. Reed CROSS COUNTRY The Cross Country team starts its training season in the Fall. Each boy competes in running the two mile stretch which usually takes place at Firestone Metropolitan Park. This year the team included Larry Sis- ler, Bill McLaughlin, Hank Deckert, and Fred Clause. Q If 1 4 4 I L fi ' N 154' 7? if Ex F Sp 2.93 ,fhuz X l f f fi BOYS' BOWLING CLUB :B I The boys' Bowling Club provides clean, wholesome rec- E K reation for ll large number of boys. Competitive spirit. 1 ,,, team interest. fair play, courtesy, and good use of leisure I 6 I e-1 time are a few of the values derived from this Club. I .. BOYS' BOWLING CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Wesley' Xwilson, Bob Eberwine, jim Youngdahl, Brian Stockwell, john Syroid, Bob Ball, David Kozy, Eddie Robinson, Don Kuhar1 Second Row-Phil Fox, Ed Wittman, Henry Deckerr, jesse james, john Dillinger, George Malinoff, Larry Van Kirk, jerry Ronk, Wern- er Ziemann, Nick Spayne, Third Row-john Hae, Bob Kenroad, Dan Pack, Bob Harrig. joseph Trico, Ralph Hendrick, Don Borovitz, Bob Dugan, Ronald Roffertyg Fourth Row-Red Rymer, joe Deblali, Denny Pieri, George Metcalf, jack Vance, Larry Sisler, Floyd Weatherholt. Qt! -4 A. P f A . L 1 F101 1' ll I L i n., 1 PAN AMERICAN LEAGUE The Pan American Club is open to all Garfield students who wish to participate actively in promoting inter-American friendships. The purpose of the club is to foster understanding of the Latin American republics through knowledge of the life and eustoms of the people. First Rott. Left to Right-M. Lontthar. If Zuesldort. D. Perry. C.. Sothen, L. Fverhardt. A. Flanitlx, C., Lorenv. 5. Smith. bl. -Iaretl. D. Rittenhouse. A. Frengon. bl. Kattouf, vl. Kronenthal. K.. MeCorlxhiIl. A. Ciroseg Setontl Rott--ul. Reiluliard, D. Young, bl. MtQuoxxn. li. Haneheeli. B. I nuyel. XX". Mtrrtlotlt. ll. lltgll. N. Neiheiser. Ii. Frantz. L. llariu. L. Kyle. D. Burth. C. Boro- Stutly. This is fiCCOITlpl1SlICkl xitz. xl. Priteg Thittl Rott-P. Lunn, P. Tillintt. vl. Iilliott. N Nltf une. R. wloxith. F. Hagerty. by films, trips to museums. Pasthall. .l. Palehott, BI. ljianlx, 5. Brantlon. P. Zaveson. B. XXI-bster. C XX'addell. Il. Damerou. 5. 5uhieh1 Fourth Rott-K. Lemley. S. Yante. 5. Gibitl. li. llermanns. M. Prettymari. P. NX'il- loughby, -I. Scott. The Latin Club increases an interest in Latin and classical LC and talks dealing with Rom- an history and life by out, side. and student speakers. The club is open to all stu- dents of Latin LATIN CLUB Left to right, lst roxt--l. Clark. M. M. Kirstein. S. Symons, D. Corbett. Arlene llattmang Intl rott-5. Stout. A. Sthola, K... Harris. M, Mcliadden. P. llol- lentloner. N. Xvhited, P. Ash broolxg 3rd row-il. Frevola, ll Muir. B. Still. tl. Sauers. C Bochard. nl. Ciifrordg -ith roxxg M. Aimms, B. Xlfebster. ll. Ben ardo. S. Harvitt. P. Valentine. S. Spory: Sth row-E Bowman. B. Cooper. C. Prettyman, D Goudy. D. Arnott. D. Blair. .I Youngdahl. 4' 5 '- G 1, . .v',f .f .-- t i '.'t E-A ' 1 LATIN CLVH fJPl'lf.lTRN I Bally Ntoat. Pres.. Sandra Sporty Y P. Barbara XVebster, Bet 3' Hob Cooper. Treas- 2477 'L ' 'N Q PAN AMPRICAN l.LACfl'L UlfIfIf.LRS '- .D ,l1m.Ll.iott. Pres. Marilyn Blank. Y P Nantt' Nt-ilwitcru su X Q Marie Lonthar. Treas. ' ' junior Red Cross is the junior member- ship of the American Red Cross. Its goals are to help those in need, to pro- mote understanding of all peoples, and to carry out its purpose. "Vile serve." The officers this year were: M. Rich- ards, Pres., E. Egnew. Vice-Pres., S. Wfhitlock, Sec'y, C, Weirath. Cor. Sec'y. First Row-R. Martin, M. Lent. M. Taylor, S. Edwards, J. Diclcerhoff, N. Bibey, C. Wei- rath, D. McDonald, B. Litton: Second Row- B. Smith, S. Gibitz, N. McCune, S. Crabtree, M. Richrds, F. Heilman, P. Sikora, F. All- rutzg Third Row-D. Beougher, J. Nutt, E. Egnew, B. Webster, C. VUaddell, A. Latona. K. Klein, R. Hayden, S. Spory, L. Hum- phrey, jr., Fourth Row-R. Carr, R. Hor- vath, B. Nist, S. Whitlock, B. Still, F. Rose, D. Scott. 13'-5 1 JUNIOR HONOR SOCIE' Established in June, 1934, the junior Honor Society is open to any student having an average of B or over for three consecutive grading periods. The purpose is to encourage those in the club to maintain a high scholastic average and take part in extra-curricular activities. The officers this year were: DI. McQuown Presg M. Lent, Vice-Pres., S. Subich. Sec'yg I.. Griffith, Treas. Left to right, lst rom-S. Eichelhurger, B. Lengyel, j. Palcheff, Cl. NVQ-irath, DI. Lowery, S. Smith, J. Longacre, A. Frengou, CQ. Wagner, M. Menith, N. Koch: 2nd row-S. Stout, P. Zaveson, I., Griffith, M. Simms S. Brandon, M. Lent, Zuelsdorf. B. Frantz, S. Vfhitlock, -I. McQuown, If. llermannsg Srd row-C. XY'addell, D. Young, M. Blank. F, Hagerty, P. Valentine, M. Mc' Fadden, N. Whitetl. S. Subich. J. Gifford. R. Cart: -ith row-D. Falb. B. Hyrnick, P. Lunn, C. Abbott, D. Blair, DI. Youngdahl, B. XY'ebster. A. Schola. K. Klein, S. Strezoff, B. Norman, CO BASKETBALL SEASON The Garfield Presidents completed their regular sea- son with fi record of eight victories and seven de- feats. The team came in third place in city eom- petition. In the eity series, the team won five games while dropping three. Their wins were over East, North, Kenmore, Hower, and Elletg while Clentral. South, and Buehtel were the teams to defeat them. In non-series competition, Garfield topped St. Vin- cent, St, Mary, and Ravenna. Their losses were to Barberton, Massillon, Mansfield, and Canton Leh- man. Tournament action saw Garfield down Norton be- fore losing to the cagers from East High School. fleet n.Shn.wl2cvLS,p Garfield Garfield Garfield G.lfflL'ltl Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield I eaaaula eww - 55 St. Vincent 29 Mansfield 52 Barberton 5 l Massillon -il Clanton Lehman 60 St. Mary 4' Kenmore 6' Ellet 43 Buehtel 44 South 54 Ravenna 52 Hower 65 East nl Central 60 North TOURNAMENT SCORES 52 Norton 53 East 55 45 66 66 45 40 45 42 56 52 49 35 59 -10 56 .IT ful 5 x , in dv 'if ?... ,xxtrv I Liv f- V.- f ft 1 v ff, a., ' , , V, "J, .. , .4 ,vm -1 S., ,I W IE A'P nf-. Y Q fx -X hr NX T? 28 1 3 ,f 'XO x -v 3 4, ff E, I ! I - rr f fy x X X.. 4 5 , Q-,ii 5 PATSH ,umxxr X r- M 4 V FRANCES RITA MARGIF ,CP NIARCA lt BITVITRLY - we-+ 'U LIZ SHIRLEY Y7 ,mm L kd LY , K l L x if '30 f' , ' - T' nr ..f,4 V Y. V, 1 f . I . . l . I . ' t Y, 'spill' A Q I ' 5 . H. . I ' ' ,5 ' I 1 I Q v i 9 ' WMM, V . aa pf? f' Strains of the music of Harold Nclsons ortlicstri fillctl G.1rficltl's Gyrnnusinrn on Dc- ccmbsr l8 its the Blu-Tri prcscntctl thc Frosty Frcilit. The gyrn was tlcccaratctl tn turry out gl winter them. A big snwwmrtn tnmplctt with top hat anal scarf sttmtl in one unr- ncr 115 L1 lmtcltgrutintl for thc thrown. The umtirt trorisistctl iff Vluycc Brothcrtnn, qtlccng Sandy l.t- Mnstcrs. trnwncrg Bcvtrrly Srittcrficltl. senior rrtrcntlrintg Miry Lt-nt. junior :rt- tendantg Donna Xwillizunsuri, lllliillf' gtttcntlrtnt. 'l'hc.- twtirts flcmwt-rs wt-rt' l"oinscttiru :mtl thc Quccn rctcivctl Ll big rctl ttncl white stripctl tnnc The programs were frosty white snowincn with sequins for ftrziturcs. Thcrc wcrtr over ont- htintlrccl Couples :tr- tcntling thc tlrnnctx JS. A, X. l 'Q' 5. 5- is ve C Sympfuuuk: ' The symphonic choir was started under the leadership of B. Collins. He was suc- ceeded by Mr. Neil Davis who was followed by Mrs. Ruth Carrothers. The present director, Mr. David Kemppel, has done much toward the betterment of the other choirs as well as the symphonic. Under his leadership, the Mothers Club was started. It has helped raise money for the choirs new project, that of getting new robes. The pres- ent enrollment is seventy-seven. Those in choir have gained knowledge and technique of musical development along with the ability to perform before a group and be at ease. Hazel Wfalsh heads the group, Carol Emerson is veep, Al Primerino is secretary. and Betty Brannon takes care of the money. . f The all girls choir is headed by Allyne Flaniclc. Her right hand helper is Rose Marie Hanus who is pianist for the group. Sue Murphy is secretary and joan Malachosky is treasurer. There are fifty-one enrolled in the club. The Choir is trained to sing secular, semi-classical, popular, and religious music, 9 , , 9 1? age v ,Q mf A 'X L .,, ,,,..---f .Muoic .74 the .Taming af .Cane Dmczn Wiz. Keowppd 'x fl 1 , li Q ! 'N 93 ' The All Boys Choir, a new group, is headed by Pat Zavison who is also pianist. The vice-president is Don Bolick, the secretary is Gary Davis, and the treasurer is Richard Lusk. There are twenty-three enrolled in the choir, just as boys learn precision and very fine team-work in sports, they learn it also in singing. This group is composed of seven girls who put their daneing talent to use for the choirs. They add frills and color to the choir assem- blies. The dancers are: Barbara Hunt, Delores Gipson, Donna Rae Schlegel, Christine Shepard, Carol Waddell. Pat Werbeck, Judy Reed. 5' l Y Q f 9 . S. This is our small ensemble as far as choirs are concerned Students are selected for this group by vocal ability willingness to work and dependability. Left to Right, Row 1-G. Taubenheim, A. Flanick B Webster A Wright Row 2-J. Church, N. Wolfe, B. Gotham, Row 3 A Primerano B Dre mak, J. Kukajda, T. Evans, B. Cooper, W. Bell First Row, Left to Right B Still H Walsh A Flanick Second Ross I Nutt, S. Crabtree, D Kremcr J Hawkins R Hannus B Gotham Third Rovn -G. Davis, D. Carmack - 'X High Council consists of rcprcscntatives from each choir and the presidents of each. They are chosen by the members of the respective choirs. Gary Davis heads the groap. Rose Marie Hanus is veep. Hazel XY'alsh is secretary. and the treasurer is .lack Scott. There are fifteen member in High Council. s-5 I .Y . u Q N J O! 1 I Zuma 7 Garfield Troupe No. 7 was granted a charter in IQ36 by the National Coun- cil. lt creates an active and intelligent interest in dramatic activitiesg sets a growing standard of excellence in all phases of Dramatic Arts, and develops and broadens in youth their cultural at- tainment of the theatre, motion pictures, radio and television in order to make them intelligent consumers of dramatic projects. NAT'L THESPIANS Left to Right lst Row-S. Pryor, D. Kremer, B. Dremalcg Znd Row - A. Primerano, j. Church, R. Hartz. 'Wkquun nhumwa Hman Ska! 7-zone 6. . 1954 195 5 74e4,aaw 72 I , 1 W it 3 -1. if ' , 'ski Ill -r l r-1.451 1 it-L. ,L .vt-.z:x-t.. E Mmm' W' at p 1955 The fingtmml prrwflts from linfnzzfw lim, the scniur Ll.1SX slum: .1 mtlsitttl mtirt- fm yutxth. rmtltt pwsxiblc our cnjrmytmmt uf the Scniwr tlms bmquct and prom in tlmt ut- xt-rwiwrf lmtl little to pity for the most ,lu-ri5l1ttl event uf our Sclmoul f..1- rccr. The plot of the shmv satirically portrayed youth in thc thottglwtz "VUE can do any- thing-nothing is impossible for us!" Q., ,f xi ' f' ,. ., lx I Allrutz, F. Allrutz, R. Allshousc, T. Ammons. D. Ammons. xl. Ammons. R, Averictte. l.. Ayers. D. Ayers, F. Balrlino, D. Ballou, C. Ball, B. Bancheek, B. Barnes, J. Bartlett, S. Begallie. S. Bell, j. Bellman, M. Bininger, C. Boarwright. C. Bond, F. Borovitz, C. Bowman, M. Bozzelli, J. Bozzelli, j. Breckenridge, J. Bruffy, C. Buck, C. Burch, D. Burrows, C. Calli, S. Campano. B. Capatosto, L. Capps, M. Carano, 1. Carmock, D. Carr, R. Carroll, O. Cartwright, D. Chapman, B. Chiacihita, D. Chris, D. Clauss, F. Clopper, E. Coburn, B. Coburn, C. Coddington, S. Connell, D, Coontz, E. Coontz, l. Coulter, il. Craft. H. Cressler, N. Crew, H. Crisp, il. Dams. G. Davrs, H. Davis, R. De Mali, tl Dickcrhofr. l D1 Peo, R Doble, R. Dremak, B. Dyer, F. Eckley, B. Eddy, R. Eichelberger, 5. Elder. B, 7:1-'73 ,, . ,,- K ' . I -r 1 vs .. . Q 5 ' W ' IAA E , 1' 'sl . W 3-4 f I' 'A X' 'Tx 0 1 A r, '2 .4 I X I q ., . - ,, Q :rr Q ff 'J , -1 ' lv , fcauha of 7955 ai . J. -o nv A 0 H U Z,-if A Q " ' 'J' "yi-' A , .01 '1 1 237 fi 1 f 1' - 'Z 'f A ' fr Q I 4 'tv' .7 ,A 'Jr 43' Qs, M .ff ' , , gy f :in A fl f 1 1 I 1 1 A M ns. 55, Q ' .. at ,A Q EAD? 53, Q . ' ', A ' .qv 3 N ,Q "7 ' .,- I 'I 3 I 2 . ! '.. 'nr' , ' 3 I-W ., ,X ,. R fl- . Y D A r 1 ' I lf 3 X a . . 4 r 1- .df Q Nkaxgg Y'-Q -Q: -"L" I ABMQN ef 1.141 ' er B - W 1 I .4 ,Q 3- ' 'i ' ,H-N 'a ' .,, . - -. V I I vi . ,I ff 1 s N f -' 1 1 1 A IH. 1 .r ..f iff? ' . at QQ 1 fr -- 1 . y M 215.5-f f ' '. 2 .' . I I f , I 1 ,Q ,fr 0 d QI 7' Qi nal' 5' rs-g, ' x A .1 ' ff V mt. ' f i X in . - . f 6' cw 'Q ' .7 i .W 3, - it Q- I 4.37, ',. ' I . :Ji-li N 1' .1 7- '- . ,QQ . , -5 ' fr Q ' Us Sf 4 ag? is 'S in hr in Jn 4 ! 'if A W . f H 'r If X172 wit! 45, . " ' 'sy J V w , 1- S 'F' 'bg :.i-3 4 ' W fi , A S 'v r Q, 1 T? ' -v . K W! ff 'L I f fm Q f- fa . , fe 3 14' 'Ig' 5:2 .4 -L gt " f ," gf' I .f C , gift? of ' :lf . S S J "4 27 'P 'QF - 51 2 "I . 4 t " I . j if 4 F' -1 .f I1-J,, gf" a ,-,et ,gf A A, .z ' F 1' A 4 A tx 'tiny , C... .1 '-If Ja ,f 49 ' , 5 S ' V f 1 Elliott, B. Elliot, j. Fast, B. Fisk, C. Flatt, J. Fleming, D. Foust, J. Fox. P. Fox, S. Franjesh, J. Frantz, B. Fretz, D. Frickey, j. Frisone, T. Gay, B. Gasdacko, Gentla, T. George, B. A Gergosky, j. Gibitz, S. Gipson, D. Gotham, M. Grecni, D. Griffith, L. Grna, P. Grogan, j. Gorse, A. Grubb, D. Hackney, P. Hagerty, F. Haley, D. Hall, S. Hallusco, E. Hammeral, T. Hamric, P. Hanus, R. Harig, L. Harriett, S. Hartz, J. Hartz, R. Harvey, D. Hatcher, N, Hazlett, S. Hazley, V. Hegyes, M. Heinbuck, C. Heiselman, S Hibbs. J. Hicks, j. Hicks, M. Hicks, R. Himbury. j. Hiney, D. Horvath, R. Houser, P. Hull, J. Hurst, -I. Hyrnick, B. lnnocenti. G. lrig. B. jameson, M. jared, J. johnson. D. jones. E. jones, T. jovich, R. Judy, j. juggett, R. Kapper, C. Keirns, H. Kempson, N. Kimmel. K, Kirby. N. Klein, A. Klein, K. Kline. H. Koch, N. Kolasky. L. Kovach, P. Kozma. D. Kozy. D. Kraft, 1. Kremer, D. Kuhar, D. Kurtz, J. Kyle, L. Kyle, M. Lancaster, B. Landers, 1. La Penna, M. Lapham, D. Latona, A. Learner, E. Le Donne, D. Le Master, R. Lemley, K. Lemmon, B. Lengyel, B. Lent, M. Lerch, H. Levens, S. Lewis, E. Liclge, A. Liptak, A. Loftis, B. Longbottom, B. Lorenz, C. Loudermilk, C. Lowry, E. Lucas, R. Lucas, T. Luckctt, B. Lunn, P. - v 'A' nl 3 1 1 1 fi" 1 'J -, . H . , t v .'X" ff, 11, . .a A ' ,. 1 "s"bs 4-. .st .J QQ! Y -, ,. .f A . Ig. ,xl J .12 .,. I' ' WW Of .Q I I 8 3 P? 43 A. .1 E: A J, l Er,-1-. W 3 MacDonald, Magyar, G. Mako, 1. Malarik, J. Marchok, P. Marts, F. Maxwell, A. '- McAlese, C. McArdle, P. McCorkhil1, C. McDonald, McKissick, G. McLaughlin, B McQuown, J. Means, D. Metcalf, j. Middour, W. Milhoan B. Miller, B. Miller, j. Mitchem, D. Mitchin, M. Mollica, G. J' af . " 'U- .1 I .Y A. .,f I-'1' " J ..- A Azz. 1955 R , . ,, , W5 5 A 1 1 Q 1 1' 1. .,.a, -s 0 3' , -1 fig.. Q. . I 'N 4 1, v ,A -.4 , -.. M., xl -, . N " A . 9 , R A . -... an rv-v. n f, , .4 1 . l , i' .la Ab. '9 -J' --0 .ls fl- 4 1 4 A 4 -'I J fv 1, 2,3 'sv A vl A. 'r. f-. as sf, .A 1. -ot 3 -ns '5- -Jil 3 XAX. Z-2 A.. 973' I 3 1 A ki .. J.- 1 . ues. l 449' ,5 -Q .- .4 , ,. , X l .10 ALA ...... 1. 'Q V7 i ,I rw- . -1 J. 33? J , ' 1 . .- 'I' ff iff qw rv 1.8 'x I 1 4 4.1 A, -4 ay. yuan Og 1955 -Q if "F ' Q-fi fl A wiv Q ,. J 5'-5 J J -N 14 -5, -1- - A . , I F3 J A Ll Y' 2 .af TZ '-T C' ""' 1' i 1 . 5. 3 4 ' " 1' Moore, G. Moore, -I. Morton, L. Mosley, B. Muck, M. Mull, C. Murdock, W' Muth. J. Mutz, M. Nawrocky, S. Neely, E. Neiheiser, YN Nikola, 'II Nollan, B. Nollan, R. Olcean, j. Oltlaker, E Orban, S. Oyston, A. Pachta, A. Pack, D. Palmer, P. Palmer, R. Parker, C. Paschall, j. Patton, D. Patton, V. Perry, D. Pesar, J. Pesar, j. Picora, N. Pieri, D. Plant, B. Plogger, CQ. Poore, R. Popeko, G. Price, j. Rasberry. C. Ray, Reed, J. Reed, j. Regec, B. Rexroacl, B. Rich, M. Richards, M. Ries, M. Rinesmith, E Rojak, I. Rose, F. Rowe, B. Rymer, B. Rymer. j. Satterfield, S. Satterwhite, M Sauers, J. Scalf. T. Scott, j. Scrimgeour. B Selders, B. Shaffer, D. Shaner, K. Simkanin, -l. Simon, M. Sinagro. T Singer, S. Sirota, D. Sisler, L. Smith, E. Smith. VI. Snyder. P. Soppi, M. Stanley. hl. Starcher. W. Steadham. L. Stephens, D. Stephens, M, Still, B. Sturgies, M. Syroitl. J, Tallent, W. Tarr, P. Taylor, D, Taylor, j. Taylor, S. Thatch, 1. Tinder, L. Trachsel, G. Trachsel, N. Tucker, L. Tywon, E. Van Kirk, L. Van Scyoc, D. Van Scyoc. M. Vercusl-ti, j. Vojtko, J. Wahl, S. Walker, J. Wandling, D, Washnock, K. Waters, J. Weirath, C. Wesley, E. A 'V . X . 'fi . W7 Q I Q 1 I -sir.. in :sf .sl 3 l . J f D 'vi Q7 xy 2 4? .-Sr. F3 ,- r .MQ .. ,S A 'Q ,J oi .i Wald, W' ',.J. ik Taifgw White, B. Whitlock, S. Wightman, D. Wilcox, C. Williams, E. Williams, G. Williamson, D. Winters, A. Woodall, B. Woody, A. Woody, B. Woody, P. Wyatt, S. Yingling, R. Young, D. Zegloff, M. Ziermann, W. Zoval, M. Zuelsdorf, E. Zweifel, R. P 5 1 .96 1010- A 3 O .N A -, G 1 A fs A A . 0 ,- 'Q' S2 'Q .pf E55 I of 1955 'fi 4 r ff 4734 Q.: '- E.- 1 f' 'if . 2 . . l , rr. wiv? A A - ,J -1' .Wind "fir J K mf Q T. .- L .xx 'A 4 ,A . .1 , fi . 7, fr if' wi, ' d' fl- i W J' ' - t I 1 Pi- 1 f rv. '5 I ' "' 6 y ' 'fb . S L ' " fj' -a rr' I ,L - ir' f 1 f S . - if A 7 L I itfxl ,. N-PS-. .7n,.Memwuam 11 641445 tlatatawzepouxflle ?0'D0464ld'!f40l0lf0466 'fofeaoalaaneloaeei tlattleq 'wfffdlfw Wiuaadwlaedegk ,..7auuyun -'47 we . '44, . ' . . ' ill lllllllllll ' , 511, Spung .7 0, SPRING Buds appear on trees and bushes, daffodils and crocuses burst into bloom. March winds give way to April showers, Mr. Robin makes his appearance, and all the earth has the fresh, green look of new life. Sunny days bring a longing for freedom and spring fever runs unchecked as teen-agers dream of summer vacation. The senior class is circulating pictures and anticipating their long awaited grad- uation, while the junior class becomes more and more impatient to receive their class rings. Easter vacation comes and goes and the last long weeks of school stretch ahead. The Calico Ball, May Dance, and Prom are the last big social functions. From the sports department comes track, tennis, and golf as the season gets under way. "King" baseball reigns as team practice starts and City Series competition gains momentum. College plans or job hunting monopolize senior tirne. Final examinations loom aheadg frenzied cramming begins on all grade levels. The yearbook is circulated and the last issue of the paper for the year is published. The seniors are gone, classrooms take on a barren look, and the school year is nearly over. Students look forward with excitement but a tinge of regret that it has ended. The doors of Garfield close on another school year. I I In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove, In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. 746777231071 Spnzing, Q fknv, ,fur . ,f , 'Y .. .. fmagwelfff . . sgxffil' ww.,-.mtv ' M f"'3?3-f ff? J fm '+V aww N E sf? I baba .ff V 4, gf. 9 Hr-2,5 .J , ' V' ' .K,4f"'M .yi uv lf., ,i V Q vj,,'QQ"': 0L?3N . 4-4 ' .- ,m",',,,fff' 'W' if ff". " -ff" . :fn . . L' Y Mu' 34-' '., 1 'B . T k - """4w'e .. .:-4 - i . M .f.w -4,54 ff . 2 Y 'L Y AQIFKQ- -.5 , gl "Q' ' f 2 f .-gr 1 9 AIA". 'r f.,,.a'w1' ,. 1"'.5,g" g,"-Qt . xx ."'f ' fdtgg 4 nrt- 'Nvfk' 1-599,355 as ' ' .4,-Cfsfqi-i"".-4'v ,,, jyjg f . -X'-1. .. C A .411 'arg'-.' , ,g . ,A L-.W 5.155 ,. 5.. . fl... 131-,,.f4,fJ?2, 3 . qixlrw Q. - ww ,nd-ff 4' qt 1 S , 1. .- qt .L . J' 1. . . ,'j..:,.K'19 V--5:24 . -- Q .'v,,., eg 1, '. va? .push 5 ,af 1 .nw '- ww-'. . ..,. fx., .LJ .F VW. 4, I l ..- . 5. .5 3 ,'x,4f',., .vhlx ,109-4, .f"'-,YIQ1 .QSHJ A f ,ig - A .LAS-.SL ig. ptr? .V iw, A ':,.f , - - ' , , ' my . .- K r gf-Q ' J .5 ' . A 67' 2 F Q r VAN A :iz ,n k V -Jv,9w6.9, , V. Vfeif If 1' , .1 fx! W, 1 Kqxkfg fx.. ,, , A D ,K ,, i ,M -, ,G ,, ,,yJ.3, G. ,L V, Y '. , . ' "'f 'fg-i.--?Qk1T.L'., 4 j-'JT' - ' ' ii Q5 uf' ' '., .f5"f- 'rf' Ji. '-' . 2, .,ff'- , N. .Q1f.e'+1 M'w1- w f -f J-fa If -.ary Nc 0 - 1- K . f-'+.Q + ' Ye ' ,Q Q 'stg - 'I A B, QI: , d ,W , ' ' - . 5,4 A ' S ,asm , I xl K'yfs'9 ""' 5 ' if '. ' ' .. 'Z . . , Tl, we 4. , fi- ' .'fw-"Jax Q N---K-4"-.. fi- Q. 'if W 1'9Qw"L . f-A .-N4 QQ' A - Q A mglil ', "Q 'Q' 'I is-R' ' ' 1 Q , X. " ' fy- Q K 'X lk . 5 i 5 . x 1 'N ' 'bi' 'i 1 'Vi ' W 1' - ' Q ' ,A , z ' . ' fu A' 9. 4. f.,Q 5. , , .1 Q-fa-f . ef' if S., ?D"fQ'v..fQ6i'd:g?' .kgkf x 90 'B UD BLUE TRI SENIORS Left to Right. Row l-L. Ratkovic, C. Bartlett, L. Meekins, D. Haffly. P. Jones. M. Haley. M. DiDonato, J. DiDonato, E. Sciulli S. LeMaster, M. L. Burrows, B. Brannon, G. Long, B. Rowles, B. Satterfield. L. Seigfried, M. Garske. C. Emerson, S. Sewell, M Richards. Row I-B. Litton. J. Beayon, R. Collins, J. Floolc,, S Murphy. M. Taylor. M. Payne, M. Durkin. C. Dray. A. Flanick, M. Lou Pagac. A. Tominock. D. Marrese, C. Lamonica, J. How- man. S. Edwards. P. Bittaker. S. Crabtree, M. Eletich: Row 3--J L. Sibit, N. Yanatoy, P. Morgovan. L. Grosso, D.,Scott. M. Crew C. Cammel, J. Darkoxy. P. Yergin. D. Spiya. E. Miskar. R. Tomas, C. Kucko, R. Hayden. K. Laxxson. P. Monroe. L. Pollock. F. Heil- man, Row -1-L. Magazzeni, A. Reshenberg, M. A. Beckhoxyiak. M. Lenk B. Fleminu B. Gotham . Walsh. C Trachsel. B Nist. M. Boettner, D, Allen, J. Meredith, P. Sharnsky. B. Lehr. P. Si- kora. C. Dickerhoff, S. Houlihan. J. Brothertong Row 5-J. Beck- ert, M. Doseff, H. Br ' ' ' ' Hairston, P. own, S. Rossi, M. Prettyman, S. Reed, S. BLU-TRI JUNIORS V This year the activities of the Blu Tri were many. They included the planning of the Christmas formal, the Calico ball, a spaghetti dinner, the purchasing of Garfield sweatshirts, a trip to the Ice Capades, and a Mother and Daughter Banquet. The officers Were: Pat Yer- gin. pres.g Marilyn Richards, veepg Sandy LeMaster, secyg Maxine DiD0nat0, and Margaret Taylor. chaplain. Il. ,. Left to right, Row 1-D. McDonald, J. Malachosley. C. Kapper I. Coontz, J. Thatch, G. Webb, J. Landers. M. Simon. J. Price L. Snyder, Roxy 2-B. Bancheek, J. Muth. S. Satterfield, J. Frick- ey, S. Fox, M. Capps. J. Stanley. J. Mulhollen. T. Cirino, D. Hall l. Macken, M. Foughty, D. Vfilliamson, Row 3- K. Kimmell J. Ditkerhoof, C. McAleese, J. Rojak. B. Rinesmith, W. Starch- er, J. Hull, S. llichelberger, F. Zuelsdorf. XY. Murdock, M. Lent, B. Lengyel, L. Morton, J. Kurtz. M. A. Ries. P. Palmer, S. Beg allie. D. Kozma. J. Breckenridge. G. Faidleyg Row -3-C. Lorenz. J. Jared, M. A. LaPenna, C. Laudermilk, E. Coontz, P. Snyder, M. A. Rich, J. Olcean, L. Capatosto, S. Wyatt, N. Koch, S. Hall D. LaDonne. J. Judy, S. Calli. I. Bozzelli, J. Hurst. C. McCourkill Luxon' Row 5 P Hackne R ovich Ammons K Wash J- , - - su -J ,JV , . ' nock, S. Heiselman, B. Salzaids, S. Taylor, C. Wilcox, R. Eddy A. Grose, B. Sielehr, B. Wloodall. K. Klein. M. Muck, L. Griffith F. Bond, S. Wfahl, F. Hagerty, Row 6-J. Moore. M. A. Bowman M. Kyle. D.,Young. S. Vyhitlock. XX'andlinu. B. Hyrnick, W' Tallent. D. Baldino. Pat Grna. F. llallusco. J. Pesar. P. Paschall C. Coburn, M. Zegloff. S. Gibitz, J. Pesar, Row '-C. Buck. D Johnson, M. A. Mitchin, R. Horvath, F. Allrutz, B. Plant. Q60 .ff . E nom H fy, 'af tb DELTA GAMMA HI-Y Run I: Don Cantleheriy. Dave Robinson, ,loc Dt-Mali, Phil Lunn, For- rest Maris, Date Arnott, Robert Bautli, XX'olfe, Hill lfotz, john Sy- roitl, Jim Lctliibrtl, Ruiz J: .lim lfoust, Gerry, ,lim Flliott, Toni iiatesi Gary Smith, jim lfnsign. Dave Griffith, Fretl Vilalters, Dennis Xwantlling, Dick Gricni, Roy Meklure, Bob Fberxxine, Iitl Lowery. Run 5: Ed Wittman, Tom Grant, Tom Franklin, Vince Martinez. The Garfield Hi-Y is sponsored by the Y.M. CLA. The purpose of the club is "to Create, maintain, and extend throughout the school, and community. high standards of Christian charac- ter. Danny Dalian, Louie Linn, Roy llartl, Mitkey Vetgh, Mitlmel Zexmilk Gene Davis. Tony Aulino, Prank Nite, Bula linux n, Dean Dutton, liu gene XX'isley, Stanly Peabotly, Tarty Van Kirk. Run -4: lltmartl Sharp, Terry Sitlley. Ronald Palmer, Huh lautixuhmit tom, Ronnie Lair, Tim lones, Larrv Sisler, Glenn Roherts, Ritlx XY'hite Al tsym, joe Kuhaida, Bill Bush. ' '7 HI-Y OFFICERS Lefl to ugh!-Don Cantleberry-Sec., Dean Dutton-Treasg Terry Sidley-Pres., Mike Zewalk-V,P.g Bob Eberwine-Chap. la "IX gf JS. - .458 " DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Left to Right. Row l-T. Sidlev. J, Dodgen. S. Gray. B. Brubaker. B. Litton, P. Guarino, B. Wierman. D. Franzg Rovl Q-D. Linn. E. Volke, xl. Thomas. S. Thomas. ul. Henderson, M. Vegh. P. Giacomo, Row 3-D. Blankenship. L. Calvaruso, VU. Troutman. ,l, Miller. B. Archer. D. Tal- lent, D. Wandling. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Distributiyc Education trains people for careers in retail- ing, wholesaling and service establishments. A successful distributive education program is the result of cooperative participation by the school, the employer, the store super- visor, the parent, and the student. An advisory commit- tee of merchants and school personnel plan the program to fit the local community needs. Each has definite re- sponsibilities. Student trainees attend school part-time and also receive supervised work experience under actual working conditions. fa, 4 Q s' l E. 4' N 16 SX ,1- 9' xg ' 3 'ki' Officers-T. Grant, Pres l NATIONAL HouoR soclEfY Q X X I wg I lx? .7"'Eknp'in, , W, Troutman, V. Pg B. Litton, Sec'y.g S. Thomas, Treas. i lx Y a 1 .v 1. C7 r J K l lx X First Row, Left to Right-S. Marks, M. MacBride, D. Rittenhouse, D. Spiva, N. Wolfe, Second Row-C. Dickerhoff, C. Benton, M. Hall, P. Bittaker, P. Monroe, Third Row-J. DiDonato. S. Le Master, L. Pollock. S. Reed, M. DiDonato3 Fourth Row--j. Butz. PRESIDENT STAFF It is composed of students who are interested in journalism. The staff puts the paper into ' B' ' circulation twice each month. The first edi- tion was published on November 9, 1926, NATIONAL HONOR SOCQIFTY Leit to Right, Row l-E. Hcilman, D, llaflly. il. Orndorlf. Fl. Floolt, A. 'l'on1inot'l4. M. Payne, D. Rittenhouseg Row 2-T. Aulino, M. Hall. D. Stott, 5. Cruhtree. M. Ritlmrds. N. Wolfe, B. Schon- overg Row 5-M, PfC'Il'5'l'U.1Il, CQ. Gillespie. N. Yanatov. M. D1Donato. M. A. Bechl-touialt, B Gotham, Row 4-P. Vfilloughby. 1. Brotherton. D. Spiva, J. XValsh, B. Nist. M. Boettner. Neal VUolfe. Prerzderzt Marilyn Richards. V165 Pre.r1a'em' Ann Tominaclt. Sefrelary Mardelle Payne. Trcatuwr 2 1 f ' 'K' ff! ,T I I gg 3 I 5, " C 43" - Q' J:-J 1lla'I' n:: N 25555-35 ' .Anit a K L A -Q ll- 92.-.913 TENNIS TEAM Gary Davis Ron' 2: Richard Ireland Darrell Carmack Sherman XI-Iensal Jerry Grubb Howard 5h3fP Stanley janhawsh 71 7 ,4 Quang Wimfa Lefl to right: Phil Dienoff, Bob I-Iarrney, john Spisack, jay Carano, Larry Bucker, Rich Ireland. Mike Gotham, Jerry McKissiclc, Dick Clopper, Marvin Farrell, Ronald Suggit. Harold Learch, Sherman I-Iensal, David Goudy, Bill Bush. 2777 Left 10 Riyfvli Turn Cicnila, Frank Sayc, ci.lI'I'y Davis. johnny Bell. Bobby Ball, Garry Scarberry, Dean Dumin, ,lim XVillcic. blnlin llillcr. Bob Spencer. ,luhn 'I'aylnr. ,lim Zalxcly. Bnlw Nlildiiiulilin. Bill XX'ashnm,lc, Duc Chris, Larry On- Lleckcr, Andy Lipuk, Frul Viilkc. jack Durnin. Bill Miller, Tum Cmmin, Cicnruc Tabcrr, Rny 'Davis, 'Ibm llcrxmn, ,Ind Mcflunn. jim Rymcf, Phil iniwwff. 7443 7mm to Spode ff l 'Sy 'r . sf iii f O 01 Left to Right: Mike Gorham, Roy llarri, Mr. Zimmcrmiin, 5Jl'N ,l4llnrfT1.lS Burch Wfeaver. Phil Fox. X Xi may Mezzqmw Paz Wdlmgddq 744464 to tie Zecvzlool Seldom These two girls gave up practically everything for a book that had become a part of themg working unceasingly at all hours of the day and night. Always in their minds were the thoughts: "Make that copy aliveg check those namesg get something different in those pictures." The book was always first. Weeks came and went. Home-work was regarded as something to put off until the end of the week. Personal and social life disappeared . . . each girl went all out to do a good job for the bookg they worked until they could work no more, but they still kept at it. March ll, the deadline, was looked forward to for the happiness it would bring for a big job done, yet feared lest the deadline would not be met. All of a sudden, it was over. The pressure was gone, the pictures had been taken, the copy had been written and the deadline had been metg they could relax and once more resume normal life. They cleaned out their desk and files and took one last look around room 704 which had been their homc for thc many past months Thcir work was finished waiting for thc day when thc book came from the printers fv 'gilt vel 744464 70 tie Zemdooi Staff There are many students who contributed their services and time to the making of the "yearbook" this year. First of all we thank Edna Clopper for her help with the art work. There was much work to making up the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior pagesg most of it was done by Pola Sikora, Kitty Klein, Marilyn Richards, Lois Meekins, Ellen Zuelsdorf, and Carol Lorenz. The sports pages were made up through the ef- forts of Dave Robinson, Bob Bauch, and Jerry Donelan. jim Ledford and Carol Emerson worked out the Choir pages. Besides doing the secretarial work for the book, Ethel Olah helped Mary Ann Bechkoviak write the run- ning commentary which as a new feature, appears throughout the book. Nada Yana- tov and Pauline Morgavan did most of the typing. Louella Siegfried, Margaret Tay- lor, Carol Gillespie, Dorothy Scott, and janet Kurtz helped us with other items. Elsie Heilman handled the money situation. The combined staff worked out the pages of different organizations and clubs. These people spent much time trying to make this book the best Garfield ever had. We hope that you enjoy reading and looking at the 1955 Yearbook. We express much gratitude to Mr. Wilson who was our editing advisorg without him the book would not have been possible. We thank Mr. Leahy, press advisor, Mr. Simmons, financial advisor, Mr. Pugh, picture advisor. for their assistance: and Mr. Irving who did a splendid job of taking and furnishing us with pictures, 7'zea4azez Seowtcvuy Slueif' z4el0l44 33 as ,vs W!!! ixc- 1 If Z I., -.J ,ff l I I i S id9'wMC3wLWfd M Yfalentdae Dance This year the Valentine Dance was called "Cupid's Caper." The dance was held in the Garfield Gym- nasium on February 19, Bill Andre and his orches- tra furnished the music. The decorations were red and white. The Valentine theme was carried out in small cupids which lined the wall, and the throne was two huge red and white hearts. There was a wishing well in one corner where the girls obtained their future. At intermission a Cupid visited thc danceg he carried the two crowns to the crowners. The court was: Carol Emerson, queeng Terry Sid- ley, king. Donna Marrese, crownerg Don Olenick. crownerg Joan Judy and Bill Miller, junior attend- antsg Marilyn Blank and Gary Scarberry. sophomore attendants. The court's flowers were red and white carnations. The dance was sponsored by the Year- book Staff and National Honor Society. The Assembly Program Committee plans and arranges the assemblies for each semes- ter. The rule is one assembly every two weeks, but each semester the rule is broken- we usually have an assmbly once a week. Seated: Rochelle Rossi, Mrs. Brown, Barbara Websterg Standing: Mr. Ormeroid, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Dietz, Mr. Kemppel, Mr. Cole. f74vLtHe.93ene' aftHeSA:fwol The Service Committee authorizes the purchase of equipment needed by the school to aid in instruction, or to be used in any way to help the school. Seated: Miss Flint. Miss White, Mr. Simmons, Standing: Tom Gates, Carol Emerson, Phil Lunn. 17 Beverly Roxy les Barry Gotham Nflarllyn Rxthards Patsy Monroe Lee Magazzrnr Beverly Rosy les Robm Nye Carol Emerson Patsy Monroe LIZ Sculllr Charlott Barlett Sandy Le Masters Beth Nrst Beverly Satterf1eld Barry Gotham Marrlyn R1chards Marrlyn Durkrn Pat Wfrlloughby Maxme D1 Donato sayin Smwu MOST POPULAR MOST LIRELY TO SUCCEED MOST DEPENDABLE BEST LOORING MOST BASHFUL BEST DRESSED BEST FIGURE PRETTIEST TEETH MOST TALKATIVE MOST MODEST MOST SOPHISTICATED MOST ORIGINAL MOST STUDIOUS MOST COURTEOUS MOST WITTY MOST PERSISTENT MOST ATHLETIC Rlta Frslt MOST CFEMININEJ MASCULINI Barry Gotham MOST INITIATIVE Patsy Monroe MOST POISED Terry Sldley Tom Gates Don Cantleberry Tom Gates Tony Aulmo Frank Felbcr B111 Troutman john H1ller Tony Aulmo Abe Tate Dean Dutton Don Blankenshlp Rlchard Whrte Neal Wolfe Gene Davns Steve Marks Neal Wfolfe Carl Cox Carl Cox Tom Gates Dean Dutton l . D E L I Q PRETTIEST EYES Bill Washnoek eaulofz efdddf Dean Dutton Prerident Tony Aulino Vice Preridenl Dorothy Spiva Secretary Sandy Le Masters T rerzrurer 'fp- CLASS SONG A We'll be seeing you in mem'ries old of yesteryear That this heart of mine holds dear of Garfield High. With our high school days came fun and work each day That made the years spent here, a time of joyg a time of cheer. Teachers, now we give thee praise for all you've done to mold our ways, You've taught the Golden Rule Of life and love within our school, And as we part our thoughts will stay In mem'ries dear of yesterday. Here's our thanks for dreams come true, Garfield, our thanks to you. lTune of l'll Be Seeing Youj 3' ,AND- :li MOTTO "The noblest task is to command one's self." CLASS COLOR Scarlet and White FLOWER White tipped red rose. Each year we have a Senior Recognition Assembly during which many awards are presented to the students of the graduating senior class. Among the honors are the Commercial Department certifi- cates given to those students who have excelled in typing and shorthand speed tests. Letters are given to the graduating members of the choirs, band and orchestra with special recognition given to the four year participants in these organizations. Many stu- dents receive perfect attendance awards and some receive a library certificate. One of the nicest pre- sentations is a bronze plaque given by the Science Department for ex eptional work and interest in the field of chemtstry or physics A uill and Scroll certificate is given for outstanding work in the field of pournalism The highlight of this as sembly is the announcement of the Manhood and XVomanhood Cup Winners ETHEL ADAIR HHONEYH To be an accountant. Fine clothes and to possess a Cadillac. People who think they're bet' ter than you. . "Oh my soul." 5,4 ' A V K, up sk' .f DOLORES ALEMAN "DEE" To rate a Cadillac. California, cool cats, and Cleve- land Indians. Homework, housework, a n d heels. "Well?" DOROTHY MAE ALLEN "DO'I'I'IE" To succed in life and make my mother proud of me. My friends, people who loan money, and "9-23-54." People who know you're lying when you are. 'Whatta you think?" ga FANNIE ADAIR To advance to a higher curri culum. To satisfy under superb circum stances. People who praise themselves liars, and rouges. "l wann thank you," OHN ADAMS J HQUINCY' To be like Mr. Pugh. Waterloo and '32 Fords. "You Mouse." ARNOLD ALSIP ' OZZ To get a good job. Waterloo and sports. Homework. "That's the breaks." "sa 0 ' ,limi I To be a sports writer. Yowee TONY AULINO To have a car as fast as M Ze walk thinks his is Football and '53 Lincolns Getting up for school. "Wise guy, huh?" BOB ARCHER CHARLOTTE JEAN BARLETT "ARCH" y 'HOT Ron To be able to steal guys' girls I, f E' To make my parents proud of and keep them. ' me. Banjo music, Sh-Boom, and Bel- A Q M f Driving, rwirling in Garfield Ho 's Root Beer band dancin and GYB 3 I P V - gs E L , I , g, Losing drags with my rod. 1 A Uncourteous boys. " 1 n "Hi." gil - Q HUGH BARTLET1' NBUCKH 3 JUDY BEAVON HBEEVENU To go to Kent State University. Football games, gang at lunch, and sleeping late. To own a new Oldsmobile. A girl from St. Marys. Stuck-up girls. "Nice." Anonymous letters and pizza. "Watch yourself at all times." MARY ANNE BECHKOWIAK "MARlSHA" To travel. The Cherubs and Colorado. - Big brothers and little sisters. "Aw, shucks." 4 up 1955 ROBERT BERNARD To be a success in life. Waterloo and a certain girl. Girls that aren't ready on time. "That's right, I'm sure." BARBARA BERRY To have a '55 Oldsmobile. Joe. I People who are late. , . "Well, I'll be." J ROBERT BAUCH HBAUCH-A-ME" To be the best electrical en- gineer. Money. Characters that think they k-now it all. "Great." 'gs an OYCE BECKETI' - AN J HJ' Bur V To marry a millionaire. Cars, Waterloo, and majoret- 'A ring- . People who say they'll be some- " where and aren't. "Oh, Yeah, sure, uh huh." WALTER BELL HBOBH "BARB" DOROTHY BEOUGHER "CHICKEN HAWK' To be able to play varsity for Minnesota. " Football and more football. CMoney tool. A girl who tries to draw my attention from football. "Sufferin' succotashf' Ilwrll To be a successful secretary. Traveling, music, and chocolate cake. People who don't tell the truth. "Hurry up, Marie." V! PAT BITTAKER "PA'1'rlE ANN To build a log cabin and get my MRS degree. Mrs. Blaurock's lemon meringue pie. A certain guy who's always late. l've been good, how about you?" ,vs WILLIAM BLAIR BILL" Constructron contractor Canton School Boy is it cold MARTHA BOETTNER Q' ffl.: I JOYCE BROTHERTON To be a kindergarten teacher. Darrel and Blu-Tri. Darrel's jokes. "Buy me a present." b HMARTAH To go to Ohio U. with Mitzi and have a good time. Waterlooj Blu-Tri, and Lake Erie. Moody people and people who are on time. "You do it, I'm not." W' DON BLANKENSHW "RICK" Go to colleze study and be come a pharmacist Waterloo girls and trusty knocks Niacs Model A T ats ritzht I aint l L 1,-mfs Bono IM Be a mechanic Cars and a certain iunior 1 Girls who bleach their hair Yeah H, WILLIE BRIDGES BETTY BRANNON "NAV To get married to a certain Cali- To go to college and get mar- fornia guy. fled- joe, the gang, and the Water- Fqorball and m0nffY- 100. Girls chasing me. OBEES and conceited people. "That's great." 'am f ft. HELEN BROXVN Learn hon' to drive without hitting anyone. Teachers who have patience H- like Mrs. Crislip and Mt. Simmons. 'la . A -',,. , , I "1 reckon." "How about that?" S ' ROBERT BROWN "Bon" To cut out to college. Waterlcxtn. Wise chicks. "You're in a fog." BARBARA BRUBAKER "BARS To put my right foot forward t and see that no one trips over it. Dimpy. convertibles. and V521- terloo. Painted evehrows and smart alecks. 'iNever mind." JAMES BURKETT Nunn, "MOUSE To marry a blond with a lot 'L 5 Hambur ers Buffalo. and Dem of money. Girls, football, and the Water- g loo. tux Girls who dOn't speak to you ' ,gs in study hall. ,Q "Nuts" JERRY BUTZ ,, ' Money, wealth. and riches ,, A Nfl. x if 1 is 'K ' - ocrats. x l Sifgf ,ifj'5'i V' 'L Republicans. .. , To become an aunt. "The Kids." "Hey jovidollf' CAROLE DAWN CAMMEL "CAMEL" Waterloo, football games, and joyce's driving and getting up at 7:00 and sardines. " . z "You never had it so good 'L' MARVIN CECIL DON CANTLEBERRY "MARV D "DOWN To be a bricklayer and own a To make a million and retire Cadillac' A af fhe SEC Of 40- Waterloo, money, women, and Lincolns and Calverts. sleeping mornings. EVOITICU d1'1YC1'5- ,V "Say, hay, Willie Mays, whuts G-e-e-e-e-minee. happen?" ' DON CIANCIOLA HCINCIH Football and Balactica, Copper- mckes. N ' I Cox's bursting bunions and girls F ' - who run into other people 0' -' in the hall. . "I don't know." All ELISABETH CLEMENT I "TINY" ' A jimmy. X Tennessee. 1 y Tall people. max - "Y'all come." CHARLES CLEMONS - HCHUCKU To be a General Motors auto- mobile designer. Norma. hot rods. and sports. Silly girls and lazy people. 1 "Real cool." RITA COLLINS ,ff "SH0RTY" . GARY COMPTON To someday marry Earl. es.. "HORSE" E. H.. being with the gang. and To graduate in Ianuan.. wiafefloo- Football. BOYS wh 1101 ffmpffs Crankinz XY'hite'5 Model A. "Heaven help us." "Just 3 Qninutej' RONALD COOPER lv' "COOPER" To retire a millionaire at the ripe old age of 21. Good music, nice cars, and girls. Silly girls, being without money at the Kozy. '-" "That's life." I MARY ANN CREW NMAC, To marry Jerry and be happy. Jerry, Waterloo and the Chev. A People who make fun of my driving. "AI1 right already." MARY LEE CROMLEY nLEEu To be a good housewife for W. C. Wes and certain blue Nash. People that are late. "Heck." JAMES I.. DAVIDSON "JIM" To be happy. 7 '15 "Hey gombadif' GENE DAVIS "GENE" Engineer and to make Jo a wife. Jo, M. Y. F., singing, and Ply- mouths. Scottie, Chevies, and good golf- ers. CARL cox H "SEAL-O-BEAMS To be a coach. ' Football, the boys and Margie. 4, "Tell me." SANDRA CRABTREE . "SANDY JACK - h ., To understand football. - A- f Crewcuts, Waterloo, the gang, . ' and music. "I'm too sure 'bout that." f . 'if 5, Yr 7 W Gr 1 Y if JOYCE DARKOW if JAD To be at the World Series when Joann opens in her P. T. Waterloo, and football games. Obees and people who don't like my driving. "I'm Believin' it." 0 MARY NELL DAVIS "Mummy" ' To be on my own. ' That certain guy, blue eyes and Jodie. 6' People who are not dependable. Q , - "I ain't a telling." 3 N HENRY DECKERT ". "HANK" To spend 30 years in the Air Force. k I , . Rodding in Ron's Chevvy. 2 f Gabby girls. VV A ' X "Cool as heck, man." ' . J fa, . . , CAROLE LOUISE DICKERHOFF "DIAMOND LIL" To be a journalist. Dan, Executive Council, Rain- bows, and miniature golf, Waiting for Pat after school. "Let's face it." MAXINE DIDONATO ,,MAxff JOANNE DIDONATO "jAsTRuM" To open the World Series in my P.T. and The Gang. Waiting for Max to get dress- ed, and Obees. "Max, hurry up!" To win the Wimbleton from I "Mo" Connoly. Little Italy, black coffee at the ' Waterloo, and C.Y.O. f H2 gg' "How about that Jastrumf' If e t. f JERRY DONELAN up JAMES DODGEN HJERJI "JIM" To be able to loan money to Be a millionaire and be happy. X John D. Rockefeller, A certain chick from St. Mary's Wine, ggromeny and gfagkg of and money, Walking 3UYWhefe I 80- Cars with horns. HPIHY if C001 and f0XY-H "What's on your mind?" Q 'F' MARY DOSEFF UIWARIEH To go to Hollywood. Tommy and a '54 Ford. G' are Homework and conceited peo- ple. "Aw, be quiet." - A CONSTANCE LEE DRAY I. ,R ' "CONNlEl' 1, J To live a happy life. gcc TED DUDICI-I To get somewhere. Carol, money, and ment. 1 fu . HWHITEYU unemploy- "What'cha been doin'." GEORGE DUGAN Get there. Nice cars and sports. "What." MBOBH Waterloo, the kids, and Dave. People who call me Sandy. "And there I was-." xi CLIFF DUNSON ' "BULL FROG" I To get a new car. -rl Mixers, skating and Grove City. . A foxy chick who is always 1 talking. r "Sure, anytime." 1 I Waterloo, C.Y.O., Little Italy. MARILYN DURKIN DEAN DUTTON HBUGGSH "DOUBLE n" Live in Heaven on Earth Ire- To be a major league ball play- land. gr. Irish. Lake Erie. and XY'aterloo Al, baseball, good music, and Being introduced as the baby 6 ex boys at Sadies. ,,, K and moody people. Losing ball games and silly -l 'Ive had enough." girls. "Hang it up." ROBERT EBERXVINE D A "BOB" I A To' be a successful success. M, ' Unconceited girls and cool rods. Ft. N, I B. P. Moondoggers, and BW's I CAROL EMERSON M.R.S.' degree and a long hap- life y PY - Pizza and Moon Dog. Slapping slippers people. "Don't get shook. SANDRA EDWARDS ,. Cadillac. "Nix, it's got a weak battery. HSANDY f To aways be happy. ' ' f Moon Dogs, crew cuts, base- ball, and the gang. - I I People calling me Connie. 1 "What say there." R ' A . . ELOISE EGNEW he ,Q I MITZI ELETICH H 1 HWEEZIEU R' . A v - MIL" To graduate from nurses' school. ' . T0 H0 I0 01110 U- With Martha Jerry, 4, and mugic, r and always be happy. People who get mad and stay V IWHIUIOO- Yhe HHH!! ami Lake mad. Erie. "We'll have none of that." H0mCW0fk and moodv P90Pl9A UEMMIEU and insincere JIM ENSIGN To retire at forty-five. Chrysler convertibles. HJ IMH "Guess what." S ' LEROY FANN HJIMINEY To be successful. Loud Mouths. Real choice. FRAINK FELBLR Hancly's corner. jokes about my "cat." "Hold him joe." CRICKET'- To see jug and Odell graduate. HKEENERH Z BILL FERGUSON "EERGY" To live a long and happy life. Lee's Drive-ln and cool chicks. V "Not too fine." ,a i' F 1 -Q A ,. X! . .rf b 2' ef ' V -4 .W RITA YVONNE FISK af 1955 Commercial artist. Black curly hair, brown eyes, Hurry up, Cheryll, we're gon- na be late." ALLYNE ELANICK "GREEN EYES" To be a model. ROBERT FINK HGENGHIS KHAN' Admiral in the Navy. Football, blondes, and black 1 Cars. 7 Monday and Petracca. 1,1 "Heck man, they're big?" BARBARA LORAINE FLEMING HFLAMINGOU To get my Archaeological and MRS degrees. Air Force, my friends, and all the good times I've had. Jim Hall and Ffldai' flight? The "Blue jet" and conceited People who talk all the time. A. men, "NHfU1'allY-H ti "No lie, man." JUDITH ELSIE FLOOK To 0 to Wittenber g I U s. Fred, knitting argyles. and all the kids. Waiting in line. "What's happenin?" MELVIN FORSYTH Physicist or Chemist. Anything mechanical. "Silence is the virtue of knowl- lrJUDYn 9X NME'-H edge. LOU FULLER HLOUIEH To marry that "certain guy." - Louis, '47 Chevrolets, and - ' Chuck. " Unfaithful girl friends. "I-yi-yi." Y .. ,., MARJORIE ANNE GARSKE b . , i UGERSKERIEP ' 'ig-f V, t Own a motel in the Vifestb anjl Q THOMAS GATES start up an all-gir 's an . K i w E ' f "T0M Miss Flint's smile, K. S. and an 19 God job and 3 lm of friends Goodyear Band- Cadillac coup-deville and one ClOIl'lCS Il'13I off their hang- Speqial girl, CIS- Dave Robinson's Fords. "Oh, birds." "George" or "Hi," PETE GIACOMO "GRAssHoPvl2R" To be a captain in the Air Force. Handy High. girls from other s F schools. Big wheels, people who can't gr V take a joke. V2 I "Big Xvhtrels roll Slow," .QW BARRY JUNE GOTHAM HB J ,- To always see the bright side of things. My friends and people with a sense of humor. lnconsiderate people. "Really." SALLY GRAY FISALYY To teach elementary grades. To travel. Conceit. "Don't kid yourself." LILLIAN GROSSE "LIL" Being a secretary. fe Hamburgs, dancing, and john- ny. Waiting for people. "1 cn't figure it out." 1 Cv' " fra V h, LORETTA GROSSO rf" I . .VLEDH The Waterloo, pizza, Stuck-up people. "We had more fun." To always be happy. , and W. ' ,ll RICHARD A. GIBSON HDIFK' To be wealthy and happy. CAROL ANN GILLITSPIE HDIZZYI To live a full life wirh happy people. Twirling, chopsticks, band mu' sic. Runnin' around in circles g . "Oh dearl Let's DOI get slop- py about it now," DAVID W. GRIFFITH S ' PHYLLIS GUARINO To live in Hollywood Cal Dancing with Sammy at Ghent People who brag and are bor rx fx ing. "' "' "Golly Sharon." xv DOROTHY HAFPLY ketball team. loo. Being bashful. "M-m-m boy!" DAVE To 'be of value to humanity To get married and raise a bas French fries, pizza, and water W, aa SUE HAIRSTON ness in all I do. Cows. faucets. ROBERTA HAYDEN "BOBBIE" To make people happy. Fords, hamburgs, cokes, foot- ball games and Suz. Homework, people who lie and work. "Oh Boy!" ELSIE HEILMAN "E1.L1E" To think of an ambition. Being with the gang, football games, and the Waterloo. Homework and walking to school. "Very nice." "Suzie" To go to Italy and find happi- Pizza, Waterloo, and Purple Empty salt shakers and dripping "What'sa matter with you?" ,I E f 4 5 in 3 "' . Q. 2.55 l RALPH HENDRICK 40 Design a bigger building than MARY ELIZABETH HALL To be happy. JAMES ARTHUR HENDERSON HMM.. Next Moondog King. Nancy and Mrs. Boyes' history class. The "Big Six." "Yea for me, the heck with you." N wit .y CURLY" , the Empire State. F X A red '54 Chevy. X up 4 Q "Just ask me 1'1i tell you." 4 A SHERMAN HENSAL f "sHERM" ' - 'v To be a success. Fun, money, and gas-saving X cars. l Cars that won't run. 4 "That's the way it goes." JOHN HILLER fr' "MICKEY" To play center field on The V New York Yankees. -7 -- Sport cars and women. a 9 "Big wheels" with little spokes, . x --Say hey'-i JANET HOWMAN " ' PJAN' SALLY HOULIHAN A vs 5 ' To marry Rick in one year and ' "HOULY" ' I ' f go to California. To find happiness. ,,-i ' Rick Winter, roller skating, and K Waterloo, pizza, S. T. and foot- - - - Corral. I .' ball games. People who think they know 2' lnsincere people. p everything. .- , , "Honest?" I "Big deal." YVONNE HUBBARD MARY HUDSON HSOOKIEH To become successful. A powder blue Cadillac con- vertible. Conceired people. "Shock my nerves." "PO0CH" To have a car of my own. A,certain boy at St. Mary's and food. A certain girl at St. Mary's. "Oh sugar." CHARLES HURD RICHARD INFANTE HDICKH Navy. Hot rods. Bubble gum. "The wet noodle." Q Z r RICHARD IRELAND HRICHH Navy. Brunette with blue eyes. Studebakers and banana milk shakes. "That's what they say." PATRICIA JONES HPATH To get my father's car. Ohio' U. boys, food, and blondes. People who are late. "Oh heck." ,J 5 r, Q. RACHEL D. JONES Q if ..RACH,. .E To go to college and become , an accountant. iff Fine clothes, cool house, and a gg A Lincoln. 1 sf' People who think they are fine. 1 "That's real cool-that's foxy." 1vBOBlr To be a success in the future. Cadillacs, mansions and a cer- tain girl with bright eyes. Drugstore blondes "Let's go." STANLEY JANKOWSKI "STAN, THE MAN, -IANKOVVSKIH To reach it. Blondes. Fords. "Shazam." Seniwa KEN KAFOREY HK K ,, To get ambitious. Summer vacation. Chevys and Sherman. "Man," PAULINE F. KATANIC "POLLY" To own a blue Ford hardtop convertible. Ronnie, Kenny, and hillbilly music. People who think they're per- fect. "That's a coolie." JOSEPHINE KLANSEK To be a secretary. t Movies, hamburgers, and Bill. "No kiddin'." MARY LOU KNAPP V X To stay happy and make others ' ' happy- Yank's Confectionery and Royal Show. "Do tell." BARBARA KOEHN HBOBBIE ANNH To be a successful housewife for Don. Meetings, Don Neill, Swensons' hamburgs, and roller skat- ing. Cars with electric windows. -Q, "I told you so." Q JACK KOVACS CYNTHIA KUCKO JAKEM0 ' CYNTHY T0 atrend Collegf' I , , To be a good secretary. 2 Brunettes. ! ' Sundaes, clothes, and songs. , - 4 Pink Caddies. X l Know-it-alls. "5h0f-H lil A. "You know what I mean?" JOSEPH KUHAJDA "JUMPING Jos" - To move to California. Teachers that won't give home- al 19 55 Hot rodders and show-offs. "I wouldn't doubt it." GEORGE LABUT HGENEH To play pro baseball. Michael's Villa and jednota Club. "Seven comes eleven, Gene's turn to buy tonight." CLARA LAMONICA "ISHN To prove to my parents that I -A -- can drive and to be able to t - get the car. ' Micke , football games, and Y " hamburgers. Having a certain guy tell me V I'm "dumb," "Dog-gone it." ' V KATHLEEN LAWSON JAMES LEDFORD s "KATHY" "LEDHEAD" To get my drner s license To go to college Kool Aid and Hershy sand Good times mth the gang and mches and Ted hamburgs Barbara s burnt popcorn Two sophomores Yeah cause I am huh' Yeah' What? "TIGER" " JEANETTE LEE ' ELIZABETH LEHR e Q iugi BERYL DEAN LITTON "Ln'r1.E LITTON" To be able to teach like Miss Van Court. Waterloo, gang, music, clothes, and neat cars. Being called "Barrie" "Um-hm-I'm really To succeed in everything that Prexies, football games, choir, Conceited people. "Oh well, we all have to go "JANET" I do. and a certain boy. sometime." "Liz" To be a success. CHARLES LEISEK CHUCK To become a pressman in the Coast Guards. Cars, pie, and time to wonder. To stay at one place too long. SANDRA LE MASTER HSANDYH To graduate from nursing school. jack, Geranium, and swimming. Barber shop haircuts like mine and OBEES. "Must be nice." MARJORIE CATHERINE LENK "MAGGIE" To go to Florida with Liz Sciulli in an Eldorado. Waterloo, Tinker bell, and Mar- lon. People wearing my clothes. "I really care." B1 D. E. class sure." K ,Abs I fs- igs ky? ., s A-I ,is,!gss.,,g., , 5 5 2' .7 "Under the circumstance." DAVID LINN "LOUIE" To go back to the "old coun- try." Handy's corner. People who get mad easy. "Where? When? Why? Who?" VIRGINIA LLOYD To be a success. GLENNA LONG MARLENE LONG MARM To become Mrs. Garrett. "Star Dust." People who tease me. "I'm embarrassed." "SPLEXTER" To be the first woman Presi- dent. Tom and all the crazy kids. OBEES. "Later for the happenings." Bud Garrett, "The Marine Corps" and the song, 'i '3 , I .- XR To get married, own my own MARIE LONTCHAR HCHUKH I "Cho" and "Chu." "Who? Me?" CHARLES LOTZE 'ACHUCK-A-LOTZI' ,Ni Breed fine dogs. " ' Dogs, money, and swimming. Money problems and too much homework. "l don'r know." RONALD LUTA Chemical engineering. Eat, sleep, and driving fast. Alarm clocks. "Nothing" ap 1955 .X DAVID MCEWEN IMVEU To design and build cars. Customized Fords. "Get what I mean?" -Q bf . A DELORES MCWAIN "JEAN home. and Cadillac. To make my own clothes. I Kids calling me Dee Dee. "I wants to thank you." V To be a Social Worker and raise a big family. Accordion, drums, and Fonce. I "RON" RICHARD GENE LOTT Good typisr. Baseball and football. HDICK ROY MCCLURE MARY MAC BRIDE HMACH To be Marilyn Monroe's man- 361' g . Oldsmobiles and blondes. Girls who think they know it Whatcha doing there? FRED MCDONALD To be famous. NMERIN To marry that man. Church, Waterloo and? ? People who miss "President" deadlines. "You'd better believe it." QA LEE MAGAZZENI HLEEV- To be a good secretary. Dick, games, and Waterloo. Nosey people. "RealIy? " I' E GEORGE MALINOFF To get a good job, getting paid, and doing nothing. Fast sport cars and Moon Dog music. Homework. "What are you, a hood?" DONNA MARRESE HMARESSEEH To go to Art School. Waterloo, games, and Robin's Chrysler. "Encore" CLAUDETTE MATTHEWS Fashion designer. Own a car, my own home. and money. People not spelling my name right. "Well all right now." EDWARD MALUKE "BIG BD' Architect. '41 Lincoln Continentals. "Why sure." STEPHEN MARKS HGROUCHO' To be as smart as Don Cantle- berry thinks he is. Ferraries, Jags, and Cunning- hams. Bleached Blondes. "You're funny but looks aren't everything. HCLAUDIAH LOIS D. MEEKINS Y. F. C., driving, and Pennsyl- "LOU To graduate and go to M.B.I. vanians. People who won't answer your 1 questions. "Who? Me?" JOAN MEREDITH UMEENIE MO' dm To be a big success at Firestone. f Hillbilly music, dancing, and f tall handsome guys. People who call me Wilma. "Hello dere." as 1 so ELEANoR MISKAR ' S "EL1.rE'f ' , V To live in California. 3 ,if Q The New York Yankees, French V 9' fries, and the Four Lads. ' V "Holy Cow." PATSY RHEA IWONROE HCLEOU To teach history like Mr. Ver- non and to see Max learn to drive. Don, cheering, games, and the gang. Scuilli's Moon Dog. Sandys cats, and OBEES. "How about that Smedley?" PAULINE ELAINE MORGOVAN HPAULU To open a chain store across the street from my father's independent store. Detroit, ice-skating, and getting mail. Certain people always being late. "Oh, you guys, l'll never tell." MARIE MOSKO "cUDDLEs" Private secretary to a executive. handsome A New Cadillacs and Johnny Ray. "The Mambo." V6 "Don't get panickyf' SUE MURPHY "SUSIE, To marry Stan and have six kids. Stan, Lovers Lane Drive-In and polkas Certain person being late all the time. "You know." JOHN NIKLES X-ray tech. Five foot, two and one-half blonde, D. K. "Sacre bleu." 455 DON OLENICK HBUTCHH To be a 'forest ranger or a coach. Sports ffootballj and girls CBillieD. Gossip columns. "Oh, shut up." DON ONDECKER "BAI.DY" To play baseball with the Bos- ton Red Sox. Usually found at Handy's Youth Center. A hot car. 1 I "Don't get the hots on." "LONG JOHN" t X RALPH INIUELLER A 4, To make a million. ' ' t Cars. I .4 ROBIN NYE To always be happy. Having fun, the Waterloo, blue eyes, records, and the gang. lnsincere eo le. P P "You know?" ETHEI. OLAH To graduate. Danny, Lynn, and apple strudel. Conceited people. "Ohl Crumb." an p N ,. A. g. "How about that." BETH ANN NIST To understand football and keep up with the gang. Mrs. Boyes H. C., crew cuts, the Waterloo, pizza, and danc- ing. Insincere people. "M-m-m-I'm too sure!" IIROBU ULOUIE " JOYCE ORNDORFF "Boo'rs" To be a secretary and always be happy. Blue Swan, color blue, and long rides on summer nights. Teachers who give homework on weekends, "I'1l never tell!" BETTSH MARY LOU PAGAC LESTER PARKER "LOUIE" "LES" To be a success and have a real- To be a twenty-year man. Re- DIY big Weddiflil- X tire at 38. Skating at the Rollercade, ham- X A certain 1955 Chevrolet, bl1f8S, and I-CC'S Drive V Q People who go back on their G' I IYHL. k Fd word. lf S W 0 S010 C- - , "You better believe it." 5 - "Goodness, g d Q OO ness Wes PARKS J 'T "PONCHY" . . QP 'Tb- ' I To have an ambition. . '- , 1 V I Football, cheerleaders, a nd .5 -V .4 f.- FV 1 gyfoondogs- 5- f,-. :3,1. - - z, V Seel' eems, Fanno, Cinci, and X., ' in .af-"" Mega-wg E . X "'I'hat's right, I'm not lying." MARDELLE PAYNE "MARBLE" To become a teacher at Gar- field. Football games, Blu Tri. tvnirl ing, and Mr. Cole. 7:30 A.M. practice on Mondays 5' 1 G and zoos. L f A,"-J A' may fVefYb0dY! RAY PICKELSIMER y ' '13 1 BOB PHILLIPS "RAY" A . . ,ZFABULOUS FLOYDU Own thi finest custom car ever V' I To own a G.M.C. sports car. ma en S i u if Colorado Forestry School. Waffhlng GQFY Gooden df0P ,argl M A girl at Garfield. 5 -J , U U:?n5m155'0U54 ,A V t ZVX "That's a cool bit." l if Cool- 'Q 4 I K LOIS ANN POLLOCK U H is , LO Q To be successful. ' Crew cuts, pretty eyes, dancing, . and eating Chip-chops at 'Why 'rf ",. , the Waterloo. Waiting on people. "Oh come on." 1. MARILYN PRETTYMAN nLYNn To be a professional Girl Scout. Goodyear Band, football games, and youth fellowship. People who become talkative the minute vou start to AL PRIMERANO HPREMOH To become a Catholic Brother . or Priest. Travel and reading. ' People who wonder what this " modern generation is com- ' . .0 Q. f ing to. U , A, V "Comesta." -4 I A V A 1 sm PRYOR "' f i ,, 'i" "PROFESSOR" .. l Tn arrnmnlich cnrnnvl-nina . in X. RONALD RAFFERTY females. To get beat in a drag. LEON E. RASBERRY "LONNIE" To be a dentist on "Toothache Island." South, East, North, and West Akron girls, mostly South. Sarcastic people. "Come out of your act." LINDA RATKOVIC To always be happy. joe, the gang, and Cheeseburg- Stuck-up people. "Crazy." ROSEMARIE REGEC af 1955 X JOANNE REIGHARD ' IICHOH To become a nurse. Band, choir, and Plymouths. People who like brown eyes. ' "'1'hat's classical!" ALMA RESHENBERG IIALII To be a secretary. Dean. Boys that showoff and non-sup- porters of spring sports Kbaseballh. "Oh brother, not me." State Highway Patrolman. My car, real gone music and "Never hit a man when he's down-he might get up." "1.1NDY" NANCY REICH I IRON!! WILLIAM G. RAINES "WILLIE" To fulfill my wishes. People who are like I think I Make-believe angels with dirty faces. "Come here you." SUE ELLEN REED "SUSIE DU" To be a good secretary and own a pink Cadillac. Ronnie, Blu-Tri, and the Wa- terloo. Sue, Emmy, the Little Bomb, and potato chip bags. "Ronnie, you're late again!" HMECCAI! To go somewhere outside of Ohio. Pizza, chocolate milkshakes, and johnny. Conceited people. "Oh, fish." HNANCEH To find one and be happy. The gang, Waterlw, and pizza. Cooking and conceited people. "Don't get nervous." MARILYN RICHARDS HMARIWINU To always feel like smiling. Dances, Rainbow, Blu-Tri, and friendly, sincere people. Cars with gears to shift. "Hi-How are you?" DONNA RITTENHOUSE GLENN ROBERTS Very little. just about anything, "All is well that ends." ROCI-IELLE LEE ROSSI To always put my best foot for- That certain u m ho eless "CHU" "ROCKY" .4 To attend Bob jones U. To be a success in life. ' Thomastown Baptist Church Music and basketball. and brown eyes. People. Cho and J. B.'s habit-forming "Yeah, but I mean all." life savers. , "What is this biz?" .,. JOANNE ROBERTSON : Elementary teacher and to al , f ways live up to Genes 1, 5 ideals. my 44 Gene D, green, and all my 15,-L? wg 'I' friends. ' People out for themselves at the expense of others, "All-right-ee." DAVE ROBINSON NFAKEOUTU BEVERLY RAE ROWLES IIBEVOI! To get the ambition to be am- bitious and to stay awake at a slumber party. Cheerleading, singing "Cherry Pie," Waterloo, and food. "Sl-IELLIEU ward and never trip over g y, v P chest, and pizza. If A Green Dragon without a Obeegetaqg lglftgzi Ioghelgiz to X . . spare' - , M "Aw, shut up, Rita." S ' JAMES RUTHERFORD UJIMII Interior decorator. Customized cars and cool clothes. People who think they most. "Hoot mon." are the ARTHUR SATTERWHITE "ARTlE" To become an Internal Revenue agent. To see "Odell" graduate. BEVERLY SATTERFIELD 1 Snobbish women who think they are cute. ..C f To open the biggest Fashion Sa Ome out 0 your act lon in Akron. PHIL SAUERS Bob, clothes, cream puffs, and "DAD" '47 Dodge. To have the Air Force support Sloppy people, OBEES, and a me. Girls with green eyes. fake friendship. A . "It wasn't worth saying." I ri "Don't be bitter." at HBEVH 6 kv A FRANKLIN A. SAYE "REvEREND" ., To go to college. Sports, Waterloo, and Moon- WILLIAM SCHONOVER ,, dog. , 1 BILL Getting up in the morning. 1 i ' To attfmd West Point' 1--Fraid notu Zig. Spending time in Ashtabula I ' JW' ' 'I' Music lessons. ! rf ELIZABETH SCIULLI "1.1zzARD" To go to Florida with Margie Lenk in '54 Cadillac Eldo- rado. Cheering, Pizza, Little Italy, and singing "Cherry Pie" with B. R. OBEES and waiting for Bever- ly to lead off in a cheer. "What's with it." BOB SCOFIELD "Bl.BEzE-WAY" To graduate. Roseann, pizza, and playing with my dummy on the ,lr N. ...f ' DOROTHY ANN SCOTT Mir' " ' "' EIS I A To always have fun and become . ' 'R an elementary teacher. 1: My friends and eating hamburg- field. "Be cool, jitterbugsf' IH ap 1955 - - SUE SEWELL USUZIE Q" To acquire Poe's position, if she ever retires. The Waterloo and watching Garfield win. People who complain about my driving. "You don't know the half of it." PATRICIA SHARNSKY "PAT" To have a bowling average like Shellies'. Chocolate milkshakes and the games. All dentists. "Judas" 6 , I w ' s 4 -i L51 ,,.. 4 I , ln. A. XX if Y' 'AQ' 'fc H '.r Q, People who are inconsiderate. ' ' -X ' f'i " "Definitely. MARILYN SEES HSISSYU To be a nurse, go to Africa, and get married. Dick, sleeping, eating, and '54 Olds. People who aren't sincere. "Holy cow." LOUIE SEKEL HTHE HOOD" To make a cool million a year. Money, girls, sports, music, and cars. "Policeman, get your cotton- picking hands off me." HOWARD SHARP To be a minister. Women and cars, A i People who think ll 3 . "How about that? "DO'ITIE" 'O my S so f 'i A 4 A rx' - aug, - I "SHARP" they know it JO LEE SIBIT IIJO!! GARY R. SMITH To go to college and succeed in life. New Buicks, good records, sports, and money. People who know-it-all. "Gee zowie." To marry a millionaire. Millionaires, Cadillacs, stock car racing, and men. People who don't tell the truth. "What it is? I'll believe it." ,QQ F' 2? TERRY SIDLEY HTERRENCE MAI-IONEYH To be part owner in the Nick Fondas Enterprises. " ' D-E, Mama White's home cook- ed meals, and '46 Ford convertibles. ' .4 People who talk a lot, but say E little. "l'm sure!" ' Y, LUELLA FAYE SIEGFRIED .X ULU., , lg, 2 To get my MRS. degree. ' fy Waterlw, blond hair, blue eyes. "M ' and slumber parties. People who are late when l'm on time. "Nice," APOLONIA SIKORA i" "POLA" I W To be a success in whatever I .1 do. V . l V Fords, Pizza, and the Lyn. When Betty doesn't laugh at 5 F 5' my jokes. tl Q ,,.. "Holy Cowl" A j z., Sv KENNETH s1sLER . 5 SALUE 5'-OAN ,, ,, HCORKH Y' M To be successful in life SAL Iggnigvcgf Egg ccggsgtlgimbadah ."" 1 Dick, '50 Oldsmobile, and foot- gus K ' ball games. ' -- H People who are late. People that say what and cops x S I uoh! I hope you drownf, that give tickets. "Sasha" and "You don't know, do ya!" "SMI'I"l'Y" JOE SMITH HDOADYU To marry Barb in July. ' The Cadillac of the future. ' Girls that drive cars. "Who goofed?" U JOYCE SMITH 1 Q nJOYn f' To be a telephone operator. . Herb, Fords, and that crazy ' ' wink. People who are always late. "Boy, you know it." WILLIAM J. SOLLEY "BILL" To have all my desires fulfilled. P .. " .f NICK SPAYNE s . ' - y "BIG NICK" is - , To be a lawyer. Girls with cars. Q " F, People who think they're the A most. V - "How about that?" .ef " ? . ., . DOROTHY SPIVA PATRICIA SPEAKS "DOT" To graduate from college and be a C.P.A. or editor oi the N. Y. Times. . "Honey" and Pizza pie. People who chew their finger- nails, policemen, and pay- , day fFrank'sJ. "Buy me that." L4-',, A ' A A BETTY STROUTH , "BET" , Airline hostess, A certain tall, dark, and hand- some guy. People who make promises and never keep them. "Sho 'nuff." of 1955 People who are late. "I'm hungry." Q FRANCES TALARICO People who are always late and my brother. "That's cool as heck, man. DEWEY TALLENT , "GENE" H Teach Franz to speed shift his '50 Mercury. "88" convertibles, women, and D-E class. Girls calling me all the time. "I am like old Louie-don't go for that stuff." ABRAHAM TATE "PAT To graduate and be a nurse. Navy and a certain Jack H. People who are late and peo- ple who brag. "Pots" and "Oh my land." UFRANJ, Live a long, happy, successful life. Slumber parties, football games, and polkas. HABE' To be a bun slicer. Girls such as Ida Neal. "They gots to live." MARGARET ANN TAYLOR "MAGGIE" To be a secretary and make S200 a week and to always be happy. Blue eyes. and Blu-Tri. K 6 5 7 fi? x . 3 SAM THOMAS DAN TESTA 4 "CHRIS" 'ANDYH ,I To graduate from Handy-High. T0 SUQY 0'-If Of the ANDY- 5 Golf and swimming. MSW: and fhe KOZY- ' ya Grasshoppers, Crows, and Bull- Mous1e's" Chevy. --:gl dogs. "Let's go to Steves." , f I 'fumpm-lo." ROSEMARY A. TOMAS yimfijwh t A3 HROSIE' To travel around the world and marry a multi-millionaire, Clothes, mystery books, and popular records. People who are late, and con- ceited boys. "How about that?" WILBUR DAVID TROUTMAN UWILBUR D.H To someday have a son like "Pig-Pen." Watching "The Mooses" eat. Girls who lie. "No mun, no fun, no bun." 3 ANN TOMINACK HANNIEH To get my driver's license. Waterloo, football, and Thurs- day night meetings Unreliable people. "That's nice." CAROL TRACHSEL To become a private secretary or a beautician. A1 Rosen, classical music, and a "big boy." People who are not precise. X "What a doll." MICHAEL VEGH "MICK" Graduate from college. Clara and sports. Dry fried chicken. "Cripes sake." , 'L NX w I 1. 1 19 ' if ED TURNER "BULLDOGl' To see Pete when he isn't brag- ging. I-landy's Youth Center. Pancho. "Here comes Mickey Mouse Zewalkf' FRED VOLKE V HBUTCI-I" cg To attend Ohio U. and grad- W uate. Baseball and girls that have nice cars. Girls that eat a lot with no money. Im our to mess you up." ,Avi if A-WW' ' '-CV HAZEL WALSH UPREZH To fly to the moon with one of last year's grads. 5'7" boy, dressed in "Blues" People who run things to the ground. "Darn him any now." 4,1 JANE WALSH ' To be a C.P.A. or a bookkeeper. Blu-Tri, J. I-I., nice clothes, and lots of fun. 9. People who chew their food out loud. N V "Ya dummy." "jANEY" di' 1 at. an :T f? lg THOMAS F. WAI.SH HFISHII To shoot pool as good as Keith , thinks he can. - Arlene, Moon Dog sides, and ,X Basketball. .5 ' Girls who break up. I. "Take it easy greasy, there's Q' . ,Q fungus among US- 'V FRED WALTERS Y . ' To stay out of trouble. Well-built brunettes. . Girls who give you shoulders, "How 'bout that?" DENNIS WANDLING HDENNIEH Make a million bucks. Going to the Waterlw. All women drivers. Z 6' "Get serious, will ya?" fi 4 WILLIAM WASHNOCK .WZ 'VDUMBROSKIH 1 ' RICHARD H. WHITE To own the biggest pool hall in K. "Moose" Akron. I . 75, To go to Ohio U. and visit Soft spoken words from the In 'lf Ruthie. football coach. EQ WW Aunt Mae's sitting room. Girls who follow me around. 'gm K , ,, " fv"' 1 ' Always driving on double "That's the way the ball rolls." I ' V dates, ug, 'if GLEN WIERMAN UXVIRECATU To find happiness and success in everything. A certain chick, Buicks, Dis- tributive Education, and milkshakes. S20 rods in Indianapolis. "What an odd ball." .ip 1955 "Mao" cold G 76- 'K 3 hr 0. of ROBERT WIILLIAINISON JIM WILKIE BOB ' HXVRONG WAY WILKIEU To pass printing. Baseball and to pass in june. "Come on, will ya?" To raise South African Aard- varks. if Having fun and cool Miss Smith. "Bet me." 4 I f x I . PATRICIA ANN WILLOUGHBY IIPATII To be a success in everything ' I undertake. The "Princess," station wagons, and a tall boy with a crew cut. 1 V "Quiet" libraries and undepend- ' "' ' able people. "Icky-sticky-pooh." Af: ii .a-f V MARILYN WOLF To get my MRS degree. tibles. ' Cigarette smoke. "For a while." ' Q 1 I I "PIASAN" ' p gg -4 . I NADA YANATOV To become ambitious and to al- ways smile. Blue eyes, football players, clothes, food and dreamy music. Conceited people and people 5 who don't laugh. "What time does the bus go by?.. V2 . V 4 PAT YERGIN R . To be a good secretary. MICKEY Mouse xp ' 4 Blu-Tri, meetings, Butch and To be a success and marry a blue eyes. fine girl Being pinched by Margaret Females Waterloo and N H S , Dot, and Joyce. Snobbish girls . 1 . "Will you not?" Ya Im sure it is "PoKEY Tom, black hair, and conver PORTRAi sl' C" 471 SOUYH MAIN SYIEU - - AKRON S, OHIO - POvlagu 2 1351 VC 4 XJ 'L Cc- W ,f , M ., fl 'Z' 11 ff Zami , . .,... -. PITKINS JEWELERS Complete Jewelry Service Located a few doors north of Firestone Bank 36 Years 1095 S Main FR 6 9325 ARNOTT S PHARMACY Manutacturrng Prescrrptron Chemist Druggrst 1727 S Mann Corner Wulbeth Road SERVING FOUR GENERATIONS Frnest Flowers for Any Occasion COLONIAL FLORISTS 14775 Mann Akron Onto PArkway 4 1289 Complete F T D Wrre Servrce Russ Rlcherts Kenny Coffman Owner Mgr BORIES BOWLAND e 0 S ! 5 FOR YOUR GREATER BOWLING PLEASE BOWL at BORIES 1559 S MAIN STREET FRED S BAKERY CQZZP 41'- WEDDING CAKES COMPLETE CATERING FOR WEDDING RECEPTIONS THE WATERLOO O 'TIA' 'T 423 East Waterloo PR 3 3261 GARN PAINT and WALL PAPER STORE 354 Reed Avenue at Aster Complrments of THE 7 30 6 m 7 00 P m Lucxv stone 1505 Aster PA 4 5525 1495 Aster Avenue . , ' Q 3 3 1 0" J 5 .- -tl Everyone Eats at 7 f 4 f 'D ' 5 V L J N ll F I R E S T O N E 730 S Main Street Phone PA 4 9658 PA 4 0078 Y Nftvtn mmm: two 1"s1 Y W U" 'r'Il x A c o ACTIITII SOUTH AKRON'S EM PARRY BILL PARRY Prck Up and Delrvery AKRON 1 HOUR MARTINIZING Martlnrzrng more than Dry Cleaning At No Extra Cost PA 4 6016 1467 Aster Ave Phllco Hotpo1nt84 GE Appliances RCA Philco GE Sylvania Admlral Radios 81 TV SICA TELEVISION APPLIANCES ANR FURNITURE COMPANY Open From 9 trll 9 PR 3 1436 1162 64 Grant St JOE SICA Proprietor AKRON 1 OHIO THE TOWN HOUSE FINEST FLOWERS AND PHOTOGRAPHY 1503 Aster Avenue PA 4 91 1 1 IDEAL CLEANERS One Hour Servrce Zapper Repairs 1455 S Mann Street MORRIS PHARMACY 1178 Grant D. R. Morris Manager ROSS CLEANERS 1769 So Mann Street AKRON 19 OHIO PA 4-8512 MQLTHEATBEQQL Q50 e wmemoo ao PH 4 9557 CS. Q .SPQYCVG F06 g N A SPAYNE QI SIKORH 6ETTY LEHR N K HUDSON CONNIE ORHY . ,V gfw?P'lW x A Ps- Q V til Z , , ,i l Q A . . , . 6.5, t7 :Q - I GRECNI MUSIC STORE AND STUDIO Gulbranson Pianos Reynolds and Martin Band Instruments Lessons for all lnsTrumenTs II37 So. Main ST. Akron, Ohio SMITH FLORIST 620 So, Arllnglon ST. PR 3-2-4l2 i I I pi A ' '12 1 I It pi f few S, ,Q- og , A X -. -I f H R1 T, S 'Ihr' I , , 1 Li faf.42z-Rx . his .1 7 3 v vi Q- -I - Q I s x I A 11:1 7 fi . 1 aft V ' .gg Q 'fa W , 1-A LL U - I ' 5 fi'f'f'Qi9-7 B 35,115 Wy KNIGHT COLD STORAGE CO., INC. Congralulafions Class of T955 9 Jolwn osah C. cg. Page SWAN HARDWARE HOUSEVVARES - HARDWARE PAINTS 787-789 SO. ARLINGTON ST. PPI SCHERMESSER FUNERAL HOME QUIET, HOMELIKE FINEST INVALI ATMOSPHERE CAR SERVICE THE MODERN AND COMPLETE FACILITIES OF THIS BEAUTIFUL HOME AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA COST Telephone PA 4-58I8 I-446 South Main STree1 D -J K. I ff 5 f Y' ,A JL., fr K 455 ' E J If 25' W if xx 15' Q Q 1 k -0' ...r V, .l 1 vm, 'Qi ,a ,,.,4...,L My M..-un. .I CITIES SERVICE STATION Complimentr of 1555 Brown St' PA4-0243 SANGINITLS RESTAURANT 707 E Marktr St For me bfzzrrlylznh zt 5 JE 9 4106 PARKS BEAUTY SHOP 557 Reed Aw PA4 1310 fmzonr or F1114 100415 HUNGERFORD 5 DRUG 9 9 PRESCRIPTIONS Rexel! and Vyull Agency Away jk 706 S Arlmgton PA4 4013 ART GERBER SERVICE STATION AMOCO PRODUCTS FUNERAL SPRAYS AND BASKETS FLORAL DESIGNS POT PLANTS 730 S Arlmgron PA4 7124 Lubrrmtron Trres Batternes motor tuneup PA4 0109 658 S Arlrngton at Lovers Lane Complzmenlx o FENTON FLOWERS REASONABLY PRICED IS06 S Mfun St PA4 8168 FINCI-I S BARBER SHOP Aster nd Lmdenwood PA4 0076 U76 Welcome I 011 zt e BARCLAY AND SON fOfmCfIy XVALKER BROS South Plaza Shoppmg Center 1489 Aster Aw TOP STYLES AT PLEASING PRICES zz 55 G! ul to See I 011 Stop In PATTERSON S HARDXX ARE XX Q Glve Thrift Stamps 1465 ASICI' Avt Complzmezztj f W' I f' ' I ' U ' f , A G , R .' 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Q .-lvl. - .-l -.-ll. --il. i L1-1-111 sn il il ,ii li K K 1... -..... -.-.11 .i-.. a-ii u-1.-. -li it- 1--1-. . , n .-.. .1- . il- ii. 111. -.Qi-. -.-.-.-.- i il f il... il.. 1.-it -11... -.. --.Ti- li. -11. -il l X .--1. ,nf ---I -14 ARFIELD ..X.. omecomlnj Dqnce, LE VE T0 SERVE

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