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P FETERIA LEA N xl X G5 ' ' ' A i if X . as fa V New -XC JJ FQ ff f f IN Q ' Q M EQ '65 99-Eqafgw N 9 Q" ,,,,,,.,a..4l'4' udu. mv-4 MW...-Uuu-1-o., """'Ie'wqJN,4 ffiiinl S wif' X f""'f""' 1954 ' rexy ' ortralts 2 O editor Norma Price business mana ers wfedifnfing 'fi ggi We proudly dedicate the 1954 PREXY PORTRAITS to our principal, john W. Flood. UUVUIVIISTRUTIUH I DFQHNICI D-QL. BM A. N .1 KX MR FLOOD QSSISTQNT PFQINCIDQLS SECQETFXQHJ Mn Hn oen MRS Bnown SECQk:.TQQ'-9 MRS- PDU'-05 MRS, M' Nan. FACULTY NN Q-rv vu' Kiki -5" A Allen R Amrme Arbogast 19 :AHA "" f' 515452 "Uh l 9 C Arnold C Brewbaker S Caldwell E Caves 'QR f 'wil , 2 x V A. XL ? Y N, A Qweiv 3 Blstlme L Boyes 6 gpg 4 N NI Clark B Cole C Crlshp x, C5g,, 41 in Q 'V ig, L Davison P Dlenoff L D1etz B Hensal V Hxmebaugh K HO0ver ,QQ 'P Wx. J Eshack W vm 4,-. WW' bm! l A Fhnt D FIOSSIC 'Q- 'lbw :Sqn L.- vu. D Frazner F Fullerton J Grlffxrh 'N x A x L7 I X-X. Nkxx '1' F -5 , ,ah .N f Q-O' 1 5.1. .1 f F F fw if D D Q5 " if J, . ' . ' 4., if Y ', ,av-f J' ' TTY VV Y! f , y F Q I 3 s' ,lg D' ik 1 fa. - - Al ...Q 5. -P 2,32 'Q Q, , fix J, Ny, X L Q 1 ' My ' of 'L Paxcntl E Pavelox Q QNQ R. Simmons L. Smith A. Sricksel H. Srour X f 7 Q31 .mt-P ' 3 0 if, , ' 55- g wi f .2 - -i .. .A 119 E Swanson J VanCourt R Vernon "9 W Waggener V Wallace I Wessel il 3 Q... F Werner V Whxre A Wrlson Faculty Pictures llut Submitted J. Benson D. Kemppel D. Glover H. Poe C. Zimmerman W. Zimmerman N. Huston W. Scheidr N. Jennings A, Serhman CO0KS Q Xxx M. Porter A. Coleman C. Otto N. Hanna G. Pohner L. Major H' ez, X S.. C STODlA An1ta CLIIIIS Pat Cox Carol Eodor Amra CUIIIS Nancy H111 V1ola Pecora Donna Rhodes Norma jean Pr1ce Joyce D1ck1nson An1ta Curtrs Janet W1lll3mS Mar1lyn Stokes Nancy H111 Ann Hermanns Pat Schember Dorrnda Hawk Sally Jo TODIH Ioan W1ley Norma jean Pr1ce Franc1s Henshaw Dorothy Smoley Dorothy W1d1can Irene MZICIHROSRI f'N 438 PER SE l0R MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DEPENDABLE BEST LOOKING MOST BASHFUL BEST DRESSED PRETTIEST HAIR NICEST SMILE PRETTIEST EYES BEST FIGURE PRETTIEST TEETH MOST TALKATIVE MOST MODEST MOST SOPHISTICATED MOST ORIGINAL MOST COURTEOUS MOST WITTY MOST PERSISTENT MOST ATHI ETIC MOST FEMININE CMASCULINEJ MOST INITIATIVE MOST POISED Bruce W1lll3mSOU Ern1e HHIIIS Tom Kesselrmg MOIIIS Kelley Kenny Webster Bob Round MOIIIS Kelley jerry Bulgrm Tom Sweeney Arnold Payne Don Bolender Paul Tussmg jerry Bulgrm Tom Kesselrmg Bob Harold Bruce W1ll1amson Tom Kesselrmg B111 Mulrooney ohn Kosroff Larry Onclecker Arnold Payne Torn Kesselrmg jrm Long Ioe Sereno 1 2 B i Patti Leigh MOST STUDIOUS Bob McFadden ' J 1 " R' 5 'Wv EL S Q .J Af ,IAMES LONG "Big jim" Ambirifinz To live a tull and happy life. Prefereure: I.C., the boys. and Griffs. Favorite Saviing: "That's the breaks" fyiwyg 5 wt nj I Q WILLIAM MULROONEY "Biff" Ambition: To graduate from col- lege and keep Nathan B. out of trouble. Preferenre: Bev., sports, games, and having fun. Faroriie Sajingi "Down boy" SENIOR SPONSORS Mrs. Benson Mrs. Boyes Mr. Eshack Mr. Omeroid CLASS FLOWER: WHITE ROSE CLASS COLORS: ROYAL BLUE CLASS MOTTO: WE STAND PREPARED TO SERVE CLASS SONG TUNE: HHALLS OF IVY" Oh, how sad the thought of parting From the school we hold so dear! We will long remember all the joys For many a year. To the 'teachers who inspired us We will silently give praise, Ancl wish at times that we could Just relive those happy days. But now we journey ong We've other tasks to do, If we would make our fondest Dreams come true. For we've been taught the bestg Now we must do the rest To earn the praise of dear old G.H.S. So farewell, our alma materg May our lives be good and trueg No matter where we roam, our Thoughts will always be of you. Mr. Pugh Miss Parenti Miss Reed Mrs. Werner Miss White KIEANETTE BLIKE "jenny" Ambition: To get out of Akron. Preference: Nice clothes. . Fnwrite S115 ing: "Take two, they're small" LARRY ONDECKER "Smilie" Ambilirm: Make my millions early so I can spend it later. Preferenre: Brunettes, sports, and westerns. Favorite Saying: "Get the heck out of here" LOIS ABERCROMBIE "Lo" Ambition: To marry a millionaire and travel. Preference: Football games. money. vacations. Favorite Saying: "Oh" MARY ANN ALADICH "Af-Dlclt" Ambition: Always be happy. Preference: Cocoanut cream pic. measurin Ernie's IQ inch arms g . .. Farorite Saying: "Go jump in the lake" ROBERT ALLEN Finished in January l954. RICHARD ARDELIAN "Dirt" Ambition: To own three new Cad- illacs. Preference: Girls. Facorite Saying: "Search Me" GLORIA BAILFY "Sborl1" Ambition: To always be happy. Preference: Larry and strawberries. Favorite Saying: "Thats the way the ball bounces" DONALD BALLOU "Don" Ambition: To be ambitious. Preference: Picture shows. Favorite Saying: "Tough Apple- carts" 0 I -'Q fn i x fi 6- 'L' EDWARD BARATH "Brock" Ambition: To be a successful busi- ness man. Preference: Ford. Facorite Saying: "Cool" CARMELA BARBUTO "Carrn" Ambition: To make a certain fel- low happy. Preference: Armand and dancing. Favorite Saying: "Oh" PATRICIA BARNETT "Trisha" Ambition: To own a Lincoln x-100. Preference: Ronnie, all kinds of food. Fazorite Saying: "You don't know, do you?" PEGGY BARRINGER "Peg" Ambition: To succeed in everything I do. Preference: Kenny and Cheering. Favorite Sajing: "I can't" RUDY BENINGER "Rupert" Ambition: To be a millionaire. Preference: D. j. Facorite Saying: "Yea" ETHELYN BERES "Beetb" Ambition: To attain success in music. Preference: G.Y.B. gang and that certain fellow. Favorite Saying: "Oh, Dear!" GLFNNA HVRKQIN DRI' Fwqu .'lmff.'.'11 'A lk' .1 :U-if h+iL.wxx z l'v'4Vuu.'.L nl-'Pm H'L'ii1IlJ.lflii llill 5 ivilix niuxn .. ,, f.1, '..L X,...f.. K3il.5rx1f1I BUBABPRSN.-XR '25 A -, !, J V jf :gag .'ln.f1,m'.'f1." 'IL .mn Qiuumi Xliuriir fo, l'mfwu1.i liilliariix 1'iN in :Aiuw F.::'f.'14' Y.1'.ff,g Vin it Um. Blf'l'TY -FEAN ISLTTS .'1mf1.'f1m1 Nuns. 1L.i1'.1 l'1'ffu'em1. Jucic. Kathic. MLN. .ind Muilyn. l5.1zffrm 8.131114 IDIS BITTAKILR 'I ,L- IH. .llfrffmliffvzi Ii: In-wriic Mr Pwi.m Nki. PVL'fLY'L'PllLf ,Inc .limi .linkin Faiffrifi' S.11.'r1,:: "Oli XY'h.1t 3 Lmzx bunch" XY'lI.I.IA M BOD! HSY "ll"i.'f. 'Q Avzlwfzmi' To be an uniicrtakcr Pr'efnw1.Af: Chcewimrvux. mimcx. and mn Fazffrilf Sizmzg' 'Thark whar :hc tirxr unc said" DUN ISCIIJNIUIR 'l .Li .'l7!."?.'f."'. 'Ili tiny .1 nm Plym iiurh, l"Uu'w.'.i Niixx lfxiiimitiix. fwiifri lu Hiliin- l',1:fv','.'4 N..',1v.. :Xu uv 55 6' 5 7 ' Q 'X XIRLIINIX ISUIIIX cf,-1.11.2 .Jf- f f. Iii M- .i ,--vim xL'xfL'I.lU l".fi'i ..i Linux with Nur mu .mm Nix 1,13 f:.1 N.:',1f.g Ywu .ti ni Ariwxx .ui x-wi: SHIRLEY BOSIIY .'i1f.ff.'f1fffz: To be .is quuod in tmch- mu xlmrrh.1nii ,ix Niiv Flim. l'fi'wu1.1 Cv-rt. I-in. :uv .mif wrixcrrilwlcx. 111: fi'.'.'i N.11ff.'q 'I.i1.iI'N Lite' MIzI.B:X VIIQ-KN BOYD ",7i.zig' :1w.f1.'.'ifr1: To be an Air Line liimrv. l'f'wwLf.'.i Tha XY'.1rerhm .md lihcurinu F.f:w:.'i Mztnzg' "YwL:'ll be J hit" lfI..'XINI NIARII' BRALNFR' 1 ALT. .'iff.f11.'.wi.f' 'IU iw .1 Ilixhmn Dc- Niunnr l'r1 M 11 11.1 2 D.1m1ii1 .xn.t9thpcr1-iq Ntuiix' h.xll, F.1:fff','.'i S.1p.w,'," 'XY'h.1t .1 Juli HM BRI I'IN.'XY i,I1Y'.'7.:' .'i'f."f.'.'.' f, 'IM mln UI., with .an min lun.: l'm'uu1.. lQiQ.'14, Plxnimztiix. M.mi.i I,L'I1!liN Irina I hidccn l'.11fi'.'.'i 8.1 ff.. Iliiid IIN. imc' I 'XRHI ISIQUXNHN Cf f. 'f.1XL'. Iruuii tru .ir thi XXX-NrL'rri ,. ' i,..' -i 1... .4 N...,f.. Ilmirx .Mi x,.rc VERNA BROOKS Ambition: Dancer. Preference: W. Z. and tlancing. Facorite Saying: "Yeah" NANCY BROTHERTON "Nancy" Ambition: Sit on my boss's knee. Preference: 12-inch hotdogs at the Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "You don't say" DEBORAH ANN BROWN "Finkel" Ambiiion: Missionary. Preference: jim, strawberries, ancl crossword puzzles. Favorite Saying: "Say what?" ROBERT BROWN "Bob" Ambition: Camping and fishing, Preference: To always help others. Farorife Saying: ELIZABETH BRUNTON "Beatty" Ambition: Secretar and makin a Y- 8 certain guy happy. Preference: Scotty and his bag of tricks. Fazforile Saying: "That's the way the hall bounces" JERRY BULGRIN "B0gey" Ambition: To be President. Preference: S.W., steak and pota- toes. Favorite Saying: "You're a Cooly" ae. V 5, V . 'Wann' Y in if 1' f A i . , Y. , Q. 6' "V: , 'N f MARY LOU BULLOCK ",lIa1-imc" Arnbiiion: To live up to my mom's ideals. Preference: Slumber parties and Service Store. Farorife Saying: "Oh, well-that's the way it goes" GEORGENE BUTASH "George" Anzbirion: To live up to my mom's itleals. Preference: The gang, Waterloo, and a certain guy. Famrile Saying: "Oh, well, what are you going to tio?" CHliRll2 ANN BUTCHER "Butch" Ambilion: To hold a good position in life. Preference: Blue Swan, Park-A- Teens. Fazvfrircf Saying: "Chi Hua Hua" THOMAS BYERS "Mark" Anibifionz Live good. Preference: Straight cues. Favorite Sailing: DOUGLAS BYNUM "Doug" Ambition: To get a good job. Preference: Nomie. Favorite Saying: "lt's the greatest" JAMES EARL CARSON "Samet" Ambilion: To outclass Poe's and Whitman's Fords. Preference: My car, a certain girl and sports. Favorite Sa3ing: "Cool as heck" MARLENE CARTER "Mar" Arnfiitioni To use my Hope Chest. Prefcrenre: Ray Kincaid and Pizza at I.uigi's. Fai-orite Saiing: "XX'oul'dn't that kill you?" LOUISE CLEXTON "Lou" Amliitiont Decorate Bobs house and speak Spanish. Preference: Bob Joiner. Farorite Saying: "Oh! Sugar!" PATRICIA ANN COBB "Pat" Ambition: To he as good a com- mercial teacher as Miss Flint. Preference: Cheering and friend. Favorite Saying: "Oh" JOHN COBURN Ambition: Make a million. Preference: Little cars with big motors. Fazorite Saying: "Crazy!" DELORES COCCIOLONE "Dee" Arnfiitionz Marry that certain blue- eyed Italian. Preference: Midnight slumber par- ties. Fazorite Sawing: "You don't know, do vouf' SITE COFIIMAN "Suzie" Ambitiorii To he sure to open the door when opportunity knocks. Preferenre: Ed, food. clothes, and fun. Farorzte Saying: "Good evening, officer!" t if 9' : Y Q? v X 6 Q gi X. rf' A. --If ' Q f an- 5 3 7- fl! J 4. 'C' DON CORBETT "Spatula" Amlzitionz To live the rest of my life. Preferenfe: A car. Fazorite Saying: "Huh" DONNA CORI. "Don" Ambition: To do nothing on a 510,000 income. Preference: Hamburgers and Liberace. Favorite Saying: "I'm not well" MONA JEAN COVETSKY "Dolly" Ambition: Private secretary. Preference: Pizza, convertibles, and Florida. Favorite Saying: "Whatcha gonna do?" PATRICIA ANN COX "Pat" Ambition: To be happy with that special guy. Preference: Writing, Miss Parenti, pink ghosts, and cocoanut cream pie. Favorite Saying: "Is that what you're trying to tell me, Joe?" YJOANNA MARIE CRESSLER "Io" Ambition: To own a farm and raise horses. Preference: My sister's boyfriends and driving the Green Dragon. Fazorite Saying: "You beanbrainn DOROTHY ANN CRlTIiI.I.I "Df1IlIL:'i Ambition: To become a teacher. Preference: Gene, Cheering, and "Little Italy." Faiorite Sajingx "Cool as heck" ALICE MARIE CRUTCI-IFIELD HAI77 Ambition: To go to Kentucky with Violet and succeed. Preference: jack in W. Va., and southern hospitality. Farorite Saying: "I reckon" ROXIE ANN CUNNINGHAM "Sborty" Ambition: To become a nurse. Preference: Southern guys, southern hospitality, and high-heel shoes. Favorite Saying: "Good heavens" RICHARD H. CUPPETT "Dick" Ambition: To be a success. Preference: A certain girl here at school and cars. Favorite Saying: "Why?" ANITA CURTIS "Peanut5" Ambitionn To be an elementary school teacher. Preference: Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "Let's forget it" LUCILLE D'AMICO "Lucy" Ambition: To be an elementary school teacher. Preference: Waterloo, Lyn, and joe V. Farorite Saying: "No kiddin' " CAROLYN DARKOW Ambition: To eat, sleep, be merry. and travel. Preference: Rock Hudson, ham- burgers, and fun. Farorite Saying: "Oh, great" PHYLISS DAVIDSON "Pbyf'! Ambition: To win that certain guy. Preference: Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "Now wait a min- ure" KENNETH DAWSON "Kenny" Ambition: Be King Farouk's banker. Preference: Money ancl some more money. Favorite Saying: "The most, to say the least" SOPHIA DESKOVICH Ambition: Get married. Preference: Ron and movies. Favorite Saying: "Could be" JAMES A. DIAL "Bern" Ambition: Be 6-fr. 2-in. so I can out-jump Rudy. Preference: Sports and pretty girls. Faiorite Saying: f'You've had it" YVONNE MARIE DICK "Bonnie" Ambition: Get enough money to marry Ken and be a good house- wife. Preference: Kenny and church. Favorite Saying: "Oh, well!" GERALDINE DINAPOLI "levy" Ambition: To see who the Rocket- man is. Preference: Little Italy, dancing, bowling, and j.C. Favorite Saying: "You better be- lieve it" LORETTA DISALVO "Lu" nlrnfzirirfrzz Become a secretary. Prrffererrce: Swimming. skating. and ,l.A. Faznrite Saying: "You know what I think!" DORIS DIXON "Doe" Arnbizirrnz To be happy. Preferencei M.Y.F. Choir, driving a real cool blue-grey 'fl' Nash. Famrile Sayingi "Let's shag" NONA DOBLE "Dnbbin" Arrzbirion: Get something for noth- mg. Preference: Gang, Waterloo, Pizza. Favorite Saying: "You don't know, do you?" MARTHA DRAPCHO "Marry" Ambitinn: Graduate, learn to cook. Preference: Customized cars, boys, Pizza, and Kozy. Favorite Saying: "That's the way the ball bounces" ROXANA DRILLIEN "Roxy" Anzlzitionz To get- my new car, and Mary and I will be on our way to Calif. Preference: '54 Cadillacs-Sunny Calif., and Italians. Fawrite Saying: "What say-there!" ARVIS DROVUNS "0gir" flrnbitiorzz To become a dentist. Preference: A hot Merc. and sports. Faznrile Saying: "Oh, no" Q 1 3 Ig COLLEEN DURKIN "B1mnz" Ambition: To SuCCC6d. PV5'fL'V'L'71L'C'I lsaly's and going to Blondhc-im's in the Emmaline with a crazy pal. Farnrile Saying: "Do tell, how come" TOM DUNAYE "Tommy" Ambition: To travel around the world ten times on a dime. Preference: A U37-22-3"' on my private island. Fat arize Saying: "Oh, yes, but heck no BERNARD EBENHOCH "Bernie" Anzhilionz To own a million greenbacks. Preference: Anything that wears ' sweaters and skirts. Favorite raying: "Wanna drag" ROBERT EMERY ' "Bob" Arrzlzilinn: Make a million. Preference: Football, good food, and fast cars. Famrite Saying: "That's tough" ROSANNE ECKERT "Rode" Arrzbitiorz: To keep still and to be ring bearer and catch the bou- quet at Pat's wedding. Preference: Cheerleading and the gang. Fazririle Saying: "Ah, fudge!" DAVID FAIR "Daw" Amlziziont To buy a dairy and make Tom milk all the cows. Prefererzcez Griffs, Waterloo. and the mob. Faznrife Sayingz "I say, I say, buddy" MARY ANN IIEDOR Ambition: To be as silly as Barb and Sophia. Preferenre: The Green Cheery that's always crowded. Farorile Saying: "I reckon" GERALD E. FERRELL Hferryn Ambition: To have money. Preference: Nice cars and the Waterloo. Farorite Saying: "Great Scott" NAOMI FIGARD "Nomie" Anibiiion: To marry Doug. Preferenre: Doug. Faiorile Saying: "Shoot" KIUDY EISCHER "Judy" Ambition: To get something for nothing and be satisfied. Preferenie: Pogo, gang, and Water- loo. Faiuriie Saying: "Whats new?" AUDREY FISK "Amery" Ambifinn: To keep still. Preference: Don and the Waterloo. Famrile Saying: "Kill it before it multiplies" KAREN FITCH "PinnnrlJio" Ambition: To ride in I7.H.'s Buick instead of my Chevy. Preferenre: Firestone gas stations. Fazorite Saying: "Serious" Q .1 F 1 l . 4 an LOIS FLCIWERS Hlllllilll Ambiiion: To travel. and to have fun. Preference: Going to football and basketball games, Waterloo and a blue Hudson. Farnriie Saying: "Get lost" CAROL ANN FODOR "Loma" Ambition: Best private secretary in the business and to find that right guy. Preferenfe: Rainbows and commit- tee meetings. Famrile Saying: "Gee zow" JACK FOUGHTY "laik" Ambition: To make money. Preference: Short girls with blue eyes. Famrile Saying: "Be careful." BEVERLY ERANTZ "Bez"' Ambition: To X-Ray Della Hiney's head. Preferenre: Bowling. roller skating and fun. Farorile Saying: 'Think sol Huh?" MURRAY FRENCH Anzbiiionz To make a million. Preference: Skating. Fazvirile Saying: "I believe it" JAMES FRESHWATER "jim" Aniliilirin: Navy fighter pilot. Preferenfe: Bevo. with brown hair and big blue eyes. Faiorile Saying: "Bite me, will 52" MARTHA FRESHWATER "Marta" Ambition: To learn to drive, Preferenre: Bob Fromm and the Waterloo. Farorile Sagingz "That's the way the ball rolls" ISABELLE GARGANO "Izzy" Ambition: To be a secretary at Garfield. Preferenre: Chuck. Farorite Saying: "Gee zow weasel" LOIS JEAN GARNER "Butch" Ambition: To marry a certain guy from Hower. Preference: Ted and chocolate milkshakes. Favorite Sajingz "Be good" BILL GLOVER Hllviiiie De ll"oiin" Ambition: To make a million. Preference: Girls. Farorite Sajingz "Tough, ain't it?" CONSTANCE GOGOS "Connie" Ambition: Take a trip to Bermuda. Preference: Tony. Farorite Saying: "Oh! how embar- rassingu PATRICIA GOLDINGER "Pat" Ambition: Travel. Preference: Clothes and eating. Farorile Sajiing: "My gosh" .J CLIFFORD GORDON "Cliff" Ambition: To make a million. Preferenre: Girls. Favorite Sawing: "Something wrong?" DEAN GRASSELL "Little Dean" Ambition: To be the first earthman to step on the moon. Preferenee: 5-ft. Z-in. brunettes with brown eyes. Favorite Saying: "It's a tough life" JOE GRNA "Joe" Ambition: To fly for Uncle Sam's Air Force. Preferenre: Rodding around with Don and Darrell. Favorite Saying: "Why don't you lay clown" JAMES GRUBB "Booze" Ambition: To find "The Lost Lord." Preferenre: Black coffee and the late life. Favorite Saying: "Officer, take your cotton-picking hands off of me" MARY HAGMEYER "Marti Ambition: To go to California. Preferenre: Waterlotr, Italians. and California. Faivirite Saying: "Hi, doll" JANICE ELAINE HALEY "jan" Ambition: To be secretary to the President. Preference: Hamburgs and French Fries at the Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "Woulcln't it grab you?" MARY HALL ROBERT HAROLD "Bob" Ambition: To own a Cadillac. Preference: Girls and money. Favorite Saying: ERNEST HARRIS "Big Ern" Ambition: Chemical engineer, and live life to its fullest. Preference: Money, good times and friends. Favorite Saying: "Yeah, sure" ERNESTINE HARRIS "Em" Ambition: To be a nurse and al- ways be happy in everything I do. lwfercfizccfz The "Green Dragonf' and Mary Cnyle's. Favorite Saying: "Not too dumb" CARL HATCHER "Hatch" Ambition: Retire at 2l. Preference: Bowling and girls. Favorite Saying: "Hay" DORINDA HAWK "Durina'ee" Ambition: Get the last word with Frankie and marry a millionaire. Preference: Light blue Lincolns and Mary Coyle's. Favorite Saying: "Shape up or ship out FRANCES HENSHAW "Frankie" Ambition: Reform Dorinda and Karen. Preference: Blue Ford, money, and friends like Betty and Nancy. Favorite Saying: "Don't think about it" DONALD HEPPERT Finished in January 1954. ANNE MARIE HERMANNS IPAnnill Ambition: Be happy, own an ex- clusive dress shop or be a high- fashion model. Preference: Having Grimm times and gay times with the gang. Favorite Saying: "'I'm financially embarrassed" RICHARD HIGBIE "Dick" Ambition: Understand women. Preference: Sleeping until noon. Favorite Saying: "Drop on your head, will ya?" NANCY HILL "Nan" Ambition: To become a top-notch secretary. Preference: Blue eyes, black hair, good times in a Chevrolet truck and sincere people. Favorite Saying: "Oh, well, we all have to go sometime" DELLA MAE HINEY "Dee" Ambition: To have a happy mar- ried life with Dick. Preference: Roller skating and Dick. Favorite Saying: "All righry" JANET DELORES I-IINEY "Toon" Ambition: To keep Ralph happy the rest of his life. Preference: Ralph and horseback riding. Favorite Saying: Oh, darn it!" KARL HIRSCH "Herrbie" Ambition: Fly an airplane and play the piano. Preference: Anything or anyone dependable. Favorite Saying: "Always leave 'em smilin' " PATRICIA HOCHE "HooclJie" Ambition: Rocket trip to the moon. Preference: Gang, Waterloo, pizza and slumber parties. Favorite Saying: "Say now" DON HOLYFIELD "Ho" Ambition: Own a million dollar tooth ick p . Preference: Women. Favorite Saying: "Do you know what this is?" LUCY HOPPSTOCK "Lu Lu" Ambition: To live a successful life and to get Sally Tobin some- where on time. Preference: "Green Dragon," watch- ing Sue twirl, and having Nancy eat my lunch. Favorite Saying: "Pitiful" MARILYN HORNSBY "Ching" Ambition: To marry a millionaire and raise five boys. Preference: Waterlw. Favorite Saying: "How you sound" RICHARD HORVATH "Dick" Ambition: To be a teacher, Preference: Girls, cars, and ham- burgers. Favorite Saying: "Drop dead" JOE HUBER "Sonny" Ambition: To become rich. Preference: Blondes. Favorite Saying: "Cool man" SUZANNE HUFF "Suezel" Ambition: Happiness. Preference: Crewcuts, pretty eyes, pizza, Patti Page, the South, and ice skating. Favorite Saying: "Ho, the kid's a riot!" JEAN HU'I'I'ON "Butch" Ambition: Airline Hostess. Preference: Music, people, and sports. FavoriteSaying: "Oh, horsefeathers" DONALD JAMES INNOCENTI .Donn Ambition: Super salesman. Preferenkez People who help make school projects successful. g Favorite Saying: "Would you like to buy?" LORETFAV JOHNSON "Lolo" Ambition: To be successful. Preference: Boys and good food, and dancing. Favorite Saying: "I want to thank vw" ROBERT JOINER "Bob" Ambition: To be a draftsman. Preference: A certain 5-ft. 10M-in. redhead. Favorite Saying: "Louise and Pobre Cada" SANDRA TOSEY "Sandy" Ambition: To be a success. Preference: Hamburgers, milkshakes ' and jim Schonover. Favorite Saying: "My goodness" KATHLEEN JUSTICE "Kathy" Ambition: To be successful. Preference: Temple Aires, bowling, and chipchops. Favorite Saying: "Well, anyway" MORRIS KELLEY "Hollywood" Ambition: To have biggest mob in Akron. Preference: Telling my girl how much she loves me. Favorite Saying: "So what?" LORETTA KERR "Lucky" Ambition: To marry a certain Af 3C and make him happy the rest of my life. Preference: Writing letters to this Af3C. and Hillbillv music. Favorite Saying: "Nothing" TOM KESSELRING "Ken" Ambition: To be a bartender at Tom's. Preference: Income tax returns and that second cup of coffee at the Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "Boy! You know no ROBERT KIRK "George" Ambition: To have anew car and a iob. Preference: Barbara and football. Favorite Saying: "So what?" JAMES KIRK "Sl4nJbine" Ambition: To take Piper Lauyi to the Stork Club. , Preference: Bonnie and chocolate milkshakes. Favorite Saying: "How about that?" BARBARA KLINE "Barb" Ambition: To get my Mrs. Degree. Preference: Jim, blue, White Pond, Blue-Tri Cabinet Meetings. Favorite Saying: "jim-it's not you, it's the way your mother dresses you" MARILYN KLINGENSTEIN vrMinky1r Ambition: Airline hostess and to visit Spain. Preference: Bowling, Francisco in Spain, and Pinky. Favorite Saying: "One of these days pow, right in the schnozola" DAN KLISCH 'Deacon" Ambition: To be dictator of Russia. Preference: Perogi and a tank full of gas. Favorite Saying: "You braggin' or complainin'?" JOHN KOSTOFF "Mad Macedonian" Ambition: Be a bartender. Preference: Waterloo and Griffs. Favorite Saying: "Darn straight" BETTY ANN KOZY "Gimpo" Ambition: To marry a millionaire and to live happily. Preference: Waterloo, cheering, and Larry. Favorite Saying: "Oh" JAMES EARL KOZY "Jim" Ambition: To be an executive. Preference: Basketball, period 3 8: 4 shorthand class and the Water- loo. Favorite Saying: "What's wrong with you?" DAVE KRAUSE "Mamie" Ambition: Go to Florida in my Cadillac El Dorado. Preference: Beverly and cool cars. Favorite Saying: "What's the hurry?" MILTON KRENICHEN "Milt" Ambition: To be an architect. Preference: To go hunting, fishing, camping, and swimming. Favorite Saying: "Hurry up" DOROTHY KRONENTHAL "Dot" Ambition: To live 5 scores. Preference: joe and hamburgs at the Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "You wanna bet?" THOMAS KYLE "lVimp" Ambition: Be a success Preference: Blondes. Favorite Saying: "See you around the campus" ALFRED L. LAMBERT "Al" Ambition: Mechanic or machinist. Preference: Cubic inches, harnessed to a four-wheel going machine, Favorite Saying: "You goofed son" BARBARA LANG "Barb" Ambition: Nurse Mary Ann and Sophie back to health. Preference: Gene, movies, and sports. Favorite Saying: "Well, I'll swear" DONALD 'LAPHAM Finished in january 1954. JACOB LAUER "jake" Ambition: Get through college and then get rich. Preference: Good food, nice cars, good friends and go to Griffs. Favorite Saying: "If you say so" BARBARA LAWSON "Babi" Ambition: To get jim through col- lege. Preference: Boys with blue eyes and sandy colored hair. Favorite Saying: "Jim" MARJORIE LAZOR "Margie" Ambition: To graduate from col- lege. Preference: Slcetching, and playing the piano. Favorite Saying: "No kidding" BONNIE LOU LEFFLER "Bm1r7ie" Amlzifiwzi To go to college. I're1ercr1re: Youth Ablaze. milk- shakes at Garner Bros. Fazfirife Saiirzg: "I was scared to Lleiithn ,j PATRICIA LIZIGH "Puffin Amfzilimz: Never to he L1 slave to ai school hook again, PVL'lL'l'Lf77LL'f A certain "Sigma Chi" at Case. and pizza at Lugigi's. 1211 write Saxing: "You goofedn GOLDIE LENGYEL "Go1rIer1re" Anzlnirifw: To he president of IB, Incorporated. Prefercufe: Jimmer, Blue-Tri Calu- inet Meetings, and good times with the gang. Famrifff Sailing: "All for one and one for all" ANN LIIPIYRA Hflvlfllll Amlzitimz: Secretary. I'mffw'n1rc: Jim McAllister. Fawritc Saying: "Oh shoot" PATRICIA LITSNIEXWSKI "Pal" Awbilimzz Secretary. l'r'cferem'e: Movies. sports. and milkshakes. Fazffrite Saxiugi "Oh. my gosh" DICK LFXYIS "BuIi'Zv' fimlzilfffrli Fly aroun-I the'xx'orl.l nonstop without an airplane. IU-eutrmiifi Cailillacs. clorhes. anil Par. Fazffrflt Sa',1r1,f: "So" A ROBERT LEWIS Picrczgg NANCY LINDLAU "SfJ0r!y'l Amlzifinnz To be a super stenog- rapher. Preference: Rainbow and Buiclcs. Famrile Saying: "Be good- "piffle" LOIS LYNN LIPPS "L0ly" Ambifion: Psychologist or take over my dadk job. Preference: G.Y.B. gang and driv- ing the Olds. Famrife Saying: "Oh dear" MARJORIE LIPTAK "Shorty" Amlzififm: To he a primary teacher. Preferenre: Fried chicken and ice cream and traveling. Famrile Saying: "Nuts" ARLENE LOWE "AI" Ambilimzi Be a successful house- wife. Preferenre: Don Morrow and food. Fazwrile Sajiing: "I can't stand it" IRFNIT LOVUIT "Bmnei' Amlzirifmz To get fat. Ivefcrtrzret Far away places. Fazffrmf Saiinc: "XVouldn't that kill you" TOM LUl'DIYRMIl.K 'iF.lafl1" nIm11.'rififi Tri malxc .1 Int or money while rioinu YL-ry little work. Pntgrgrlgr, rlulin, Dltli. .intl Carl- illacs. Ilzrfifitt Sazivigi "XY'e'll malice mil-A lions" TOM LVXON "Big Tom" .-imffifimi: To get somewhere in the Air Forte. l'mu'nriiv. Grirtk. the XY'arerloo, Anti gi Green Chevy. Fxzfifile 811115132 "Take it easy' PATRICK MACKFN MARILYN JEAN MALONEY "Pudge' Ambilimz: To live in Florida. Prerererzfcr Sharp hike: cars and Jays like January If 1954. Faiwrite .Sayirlgi "Evening, Officer CIHYICYU FRANK MARCH "F1do" Anibififfn: Be a space mari lil-ce some people try to he. Prefererzrei A Cool. sharp Chick. Dot. :mtl new cars. Fm nrile Sawing: "XY'hat you know!" IRITNIT MAR! INKUSKI "I" Avilzzfimzz Lcati .1 happy. success- ful life. Pm ttfrgrifp' XII' ipoffi, Blue- Tri. XY'.1terlriii. .mtl tlrivinn. Faifffi!eNi111'r1g' 'Pititulu . . may cs. 1, .- V .fr-V+ " . Q ,I ff A T' is M I C. .J 3 i Q I ' Y 'S -+9 711 we-r,z-W2 awww .. , 'ig T a I X I ,IIM M.-XRAZITA "Kp fii, 1" .'Imlii,'ifir1' Hun A t-instruction t-iiripany. lli'rYt"u1.'t: Sleepinu mornings. F.1ii rift S-.!',,"I1. " nervous" SANDRA MARSHALL "Sandi " nlwffifimzz Missionary nurse, l'f'rltnm1: Youth Alwlnze .mil homeroom IIS. Fizifirittf Sawing: "Really: how? TIIAYFR MARTS "Ped" Afzzfffliffrii Play pro. football. I'rdtrmi4: Muiorettes and new cars. Fizifiwlt Xlziffig: 'Lctk make whoopeeu ,IOHN DAVID MCCARTER "Mai Ambitifm: To graduate from col- lege and he a success in life. Prelerenfe: 50 Chevrolets, cool music. hamburgs and mill-cshakes. Fazwrile Saying: "Eat your pie" DORIS MCCURDY "D0tIie" Arzzbiliwiz To no to Maryland. Preferwzrei Roller skating, Allan. anti the l-:iris at lunch. Faiffrils Saiiugz "Youre fighting me" ROBERT KICITADDEN "Profe5mv' Amlfiliwzs Nuclear physicist. Prffifrcrzre. Astronomy, Fuzffrite Sawing: "XY'hat a tlayu MARILYN MCFEDRIES "Mac" Ambition: Nursing, college, and visit Rome. Preference: Piano, all the kids, and homeroom 115. Favorite Saying: "Thanks a lot" CHESTER MCMILLIAN "Bae-Bee" Ambition: To finish college. Preference: Good food and sharp clothing. Favorite Saying: "Doggone it" CARL MEADOR "Sam" Ambition: Revelry, revolution, and revelation. Preference: Fat Russian women, and Sandy Beach. Favorite Saying: "Naive comments" WILLIAM MERCHANT ANGIE MERENDINO "Cbok'late" Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I do. . Preference: Red Ford, polkas, tall, dark, and handsome men. Favorite Saying: "Whadaya say, jellybean?" LEONA MILLER "Skeeter" Ambition: To always put my best foot forward and never trip over it. Preference: Roller skating, ice skat- ing, and Bunny Hop. Favorite Saying: "Il Magooga" IQ- 1 , in 'L U .al 'Nu fp J .ij 3 f an TOM MILLER "Coober" Ambition: To own the Waterloo and get back all my money. Preference: The Four Days and new Chevys. Favorite Saying: "What'd I ever do to you?" WINSTON MILLER MARY ANN MINROVIC "Mina" Ambition: To be a private secre- tary and get married. Preference: Bowling, John, basket- ball team, homeroom 115, and locker 145. Favorite Saying: "Oh, I forgot" MARILYN MUCK "Mickie" Ambition: To be a private secretary and finish college. Preference: Tennis and bowling. Favorite Saying: "Shut up, Marge" RICHARD MUI-IA "Dick" Ambition: To inherit curly hair. Preference: Margy, sports, and moonshiners. Favorite Saying: "Don't know, do you?" VUILLIAM MUTO "Wee Willy' Ambition: To scalp "Kelley" and use his hair on my dog. Preference: Kozy Kitchen and vi- ciniry. Favorite Saying: "You sporting the rod? I ain't" VUILLIAM MYERS "Biff" Ambition: Pass Senior Problems. Preferenfe: Money and fast cars. Fazorite Siuing: "Your crazy" BEVERLY NAI-IAS "Bev" Ambition: To be happy. Preferenfe: The gang and being with my friends at the same time. Farorite Saying: "Oh, darn!" GEORGE NASWADI Ambition: Own a dairy farm, and to shoot with the Olympic Rifle Team. Preferenre: Firestone Rifle Club, Cuyahoga Falls, and money. Farorile Sai ing: "That's the breaks" BETTY NEIHEISER "Bettrice" Ambition: Teacher or housewife. Preferenfe: G.Y.B. gang and that certain fellow. Fazorile Saiing: "Oh, dear" BEVERLY NOLAN "Bez"' Ambition: To be a successful Eng- lish teacher. Prefereticez Milkshakes and true friends. Faiorite Swing: "Gee, I don't known FRANK O'Dl2l.I. "D1gger"' Ambition: Be it millionaire. Preferenfe: Hamburigs and milk- shakes. Fazorittf Singing: "I'd do the same for a normal person" ff 1 ROBERT OETTINGER "Stitch" Ambition: Be a baker. Preferenre: Dodges. Waterloo. and Inman Street. Farorile Sajiing: "Yeas" VUILMA FAYE OWENS "Willi" Ambition: To have more money than I could ever spend. Preferenre: 6-ft. 4-in. with a light blue Cadillac. Farorite Saying: "That's the way the ball bounces" LORETTA PANDOLFI "RaffaeIa" Ambition: To get married and have ten children. Preferenre: Redheads with Ford Victorias. Favorite Saying: "That's life, live it ARNOLD PAYNE HATIIICIEJH Ambition: To have a iob paying anywhere over SlO0,000 a week. Preference: Buicks and lots of time. Farorite Saying: "Yeah" VIOLA PECORA "Pete" Ambition: Have success and happi- ness. Preferenre: Cheerleading and dancing. Faiorite Saying: "We'll have a ball" MARY ANN PERRY "Sb0rt5top" Arnbition: To own the Waterloo. Preferenre: Park-A4Teen and rec- ords. Faiorile Sawing: "You don't know, do you?" FLORENCE PETROSHANOFF "Fifi" Ambitirnzz To be a telephone oper- ator. Preference: Kresges Co. and The Macy's kids. Farorile Saying: "You don't know, do ya?" MELVIN LEE PIZER "llIef" Ambition: To graduate from col- lege. Preference: Tall, beautiful blondes. Famrite Sayirzgz "Hi, babydolln JOHN PODA "Big john" Ambition: To be a successful re- tired businessman. Preference: Driving the newest model of a '49 Chevy all about TOYVTI. Fazwrite Saying: "Let's go, gang" PATRICIA POLICY "Pat" Amlaitionz To work in an office and to be happy. Preference: '51 graduate and danc- ing. Farorite Saying: "Why?" JERRY PORTS "Pogo" Ambition: To-do nothing and make money. Preference: Boots, green cars, and Waterloo. Farorite Saying: "Ohl Yea" BARBARA POSTIACH "Barb" Ambition: To ioin the Waves. Preference: Boys and all my pals at Garfield. Fazorile Saying: "No comment" U I , I , s gl . , f ,f Q N Q 2 9 x l PATSY ANN POTTER "Pat" Ambition: To be a private secre- tary and to get married. Preference: Bowling, hillbilly mu- sic, square dancing and ham- burgs. Favorite Saying: "All right" CHRISTINE POWERS "Chris" Ambition: To grow old gracefully. Preference: People with a sense of humor. Farforite Saying: "That's life" NORMA JEAN PRICE "Norm" Ambition: To meet every day alike. Preference: Football games, twirl- ing, and Blue-Tri Cabinet Meet- ings. Favorite Saying: "Down in Texas" SOPHIE PULASKI Ambition: To have money. Preference: Curly and green Ford. Favorite Saying: "I'll betcha" GLADYS REMONA RANSOM "Mona" Ambition: To become a success in life. Preference: Receiving letters from Pontiac, Michigan. Favorite Saying: "I'm here to tell you" ROBERT RAYNOW Finished in January, l954. JOAN JANET REED "loathe" Ambition: To find the right guy. Preftrence: Don and Waterlimtw. Fai oritc Saiinlq: "Neat" ROBERT RESS "Bob" Ambition: To own my own machine shop. Preference: Coupe DeVille Cadillac. Favorite Saying: "Cool man, cool" RICHARD REYMANN "Little Monk" Ambition: To be the youngest millionaire in the world. Preference: Cadillacs and Blondes. Favorite Saying: "Crazy cool" DONNA JEAN RHODES "Red" Ambition: To he an airline hostess. Preference: Hillbilly music, square dancing, and horseback riding. Farorite Saying: "'s go" XVILLIAM RICE "Bulldog" Ambition: To be a polygynist. Preference: Shakespere, Chopin's 5th, and Liberache. Fazorite Saging: HPBXZSKH RONALD RIFFLE "Buzz" Ambition: To have a Cadillac or a mink sweat shirt. Preference: Money and women. Favorite Saying: "You don't say" DEANE RITCHIE Ambition: Always he happy, Preference: Cadillats and money. DONNA ROBINSON ".Ili1zie" Ambition: To have more money than I could spend. Preference: A certain 6 footer at 1069, and Bertram and Bert- rand. Farorite Saying: "Oh well, that's life." GLORIA ROBINSON "Gay" Ambition: To always have fun. Preference: Airplanes, Glenn Mil' let, and mink. Favorite Sagingz "Oh, Fudge" DOLORES ROGERS "l.ottiL"' Arnbition: To be asecretary. Preference: Soldiers, and hot fudge sundaes. Farorite Saying: "Oh heck this is for the birds" JOE ROGERS "Joey" Ambition: To make money easy. Preference: Waterloo, hlue, and girls. Farorite Saying: "I'll he" ROBERT ROUND "Booze" Ambition: To always have my Ford running. Preference: Beverly, Wfaterloo, and hamburgs. Favorite Saying: "Cool" JOHNNY SALOIYE "John" Ambition: Successful draftsman. Preference: Rose Marie and pizza, Favorite Saying: "Let's don't play games" MARILOU SAUER "Mar-in" Ambition: To occupy a seat in Con- gress. Preference: 'Sincerity and initiative. Favorite Saying: "That'll be all right" MARY SAYE "Sadie" Ambition: To get married. Preference: Being with Eddie and Peoples Hospital. Favorite Saying: "Crazy, said Red" CALVIN SCHAADT "Cal" Ambition: To be a millionaire. Preference: Sports. Favorite Saying: "Oh heck" PATRICIA SCHEMBER "Sbembabe" Ambition: To be editor of United Nations News. Preference: Chugging and that August night. Farorite Saying: "Nobody likes a smart kid." NANCY ' SEKULICH Ambition: To be the world's most efficient secretary. Preference: Friends and fun. Fazorite Saying: "What's the mat- ter, don't you know nothin?" JOSEPH SERENO "joe The Lawyer" Ambition: To earn a six digit annual income. Preference: Prohibition cars. Faiforite Saying: "Sir" KAROI. ANN SHIREY "Karyn Ambition: Accountant or secretary. Preference: Music and flowers, music and bookkeeping, music and Kenny, music and the ac- cordion and music. Faiforite Saying: "Whats the matter" JOHN SICA "Antbony" Ambition: To be a successful busi- ness man. Preference: New Cadillacs and drags at the light. Favorite Saying: "Hey Parson" ROBERT SIMMONS Ambition: To be a success. Preference: Women and hot cars. Favorite Saying: DONNA SIMMONS "Dairy Mae" Ambition: To be a success. Preference: Dancing and watch Garfield win. Favorite Saying: "You don't say" BEVERLY SMITH "Bern Ambition: To live and learn. Preference: Bill, dance reviews. and football games. Favorite Saying: "Oh, you know?" SHIRLEY SINIITH Finished in january 1954, DOROTHY SMOLEY "Do Do" Ambition: M.R.S, Degree. Preferenfe: Bob Cherry. Favorite Saiing: "Crazy mixed up kids" FRANKLIN SNYDER "Pierre" Ambition: Go to Akron U. and earn a B.S. degree. Preference: Mr. Griffith and Miss Smith's unexplained humorous remarks. Favorite Saying: "Go west young man" JOHN SNYDER "johnny" Ambition: To be a minister. Preference: Miss Parenti's Spanish class. Favorite Saying: "Como esta usted?" DAVID STEELFOX "Dave" Ambition: To tour Africa on an all girl safari. Pfeferenre: Drag after football with Bo. Favorite Saying: "Yankee dog" NOREEN MARIE STERZER "Nor" Ambition: To graduate and get a job. Preference: Roller skating and a Certain guy. Favorite Saying: "Don't know, do you?" f gxl ' 21 X . ,f I K.. I 1 'Q . A Q, ii, r . I "' Wx, :fi-4 N1 .- 1 - K V 9 XV .iii .0 S :S Ixgpv I I ' . 48 X ROY STEVENSON "Steve" Ambition: To retire at twenty-one. Preference: Marilyn and cars. Favorite Saying: "Oh nuts" BILL STEWART "Steu"' Ambition: To make money. Preference: Blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Favorite Saying: "Yea" MARILYN STOKES "Ditto" .Arnbitionz To become a good nurse. Preference: Medium-tall boys and driving the two-tone terror. Favorite Saying: "What's this bit?" BETTY STULL TOM SWEENEY "Torn" Ambition: Be a Priest or teacher. Preference: To sing, have fun, and food. Favorite Saying: "You know what I mean?" -IOHANNE SYMONS "Jody" Ambition: To be a rypist. Preference: A certain sailor. Favorite Saying: "You remember" BARBARA TAKACS "Barbie" Ambition: To be an art teacher. Preference: Dark curly hair and brown eyes on a certain Bob, Favorite Saying: "My gosh!" RONALD TALCOTT "'O1'aH Ambition: To own the nicest cus- tom in Akron. Preference: Blue 26 Ford, girls, and pizza. Favorite Saying: "Give me" MARTHA TAYLOR "Marty" Ambition: To be a model. Preference: Hillbilly music. danc- ing, and airliner. Farorite Saying: "Yes dear" LAWRENCE TAYLOR "Larry" Ambition: Retire at 21. Preference: Little brother smaller than me. Farorite Saying: "Got any gum?" LINDA LEE THOMPSON "Lin" Ambition: To dig ditches with a spoon. Preference: Blue eyes, brown curly hair, and Merc's. Favorite Saying: "You don't know do you?" SALLY JO TOBIN "PJ," Ambition: To be first woman president of the United States. Preference: Pizza and the Green Dragon. Faiwrile Saying: "Neat" x K Wwiy.. ,refine - : f 4-,,. L., ' 33515-e2Q'f51V5i'igf'5l "5fiQG,'5 fr -nf.:f2'?V if?ifig?x?if3'7i:fQ- 41- y . . ,..., .... . . . iiifi Kiwi ,2,C,-- 1. .. ,Q at N uri- A Quai' fl. :.,. . . Sy. Bl in il rx ia Q., 5, 1 rf We 2 21- a 'WW 3 f In ii Q'-v X X . F IRIS TRACI-ISEL Ambition: Private secretary for Mr. Litchfield. Preference: Perry Como records and sloppy ioes. Farorile Saying: "Let's not get carried away" KENNETH TUNSTALL "Doris" Ambition: Make money. Preference: Brunettes and Buicks. Favorite Saying: "Action speaks louder than words" BETTY TURNER "Peacbe.r" Ambition: Secretary for Miss Pierce at Court House. Preference: Tom, cheeseburgers, cokes, and records by Hill- toppers. Faziorite Saying: "Dont try to be funny" PAUL BAYARD TUSSING "Tuss" Ambition: To teach history. Preference: Mr. Griffith's Trig classes. Favorite Saying: "Good gravey" CECIL VAN HORN "Pappy" Ambition: Girls, girls, girls, and more girls. Preference: Souped up "Fords" and sleep. Favorite Saying: "Yeh" CAROLYN VERHEYEN "Corkie" Ambition: To marry a multi- millionaire. Preference: Eating pizza at Audrey Wilson's house. Favorite Saying: "I don't mess around boy" SALLY WALLACE "Green EyeJ" Ambition: To go to college. Preference: J. B. and strawberry milkshakes. Favorite Saying: "Oh, for crying out loud" GENE WALKER "Red" Ambition: To succeed in all I try. Preference: "Hot Fords" and girls. Favorite Saying: "Yeas" WILLIAM WARREN "Bill" Ambition: To make my second. Preference: A blond and sleep. Favorite Saying: "How are ye?" RICHARD WATSON "Dick" Ambition: To be a southern suc- cess. Preference: Short girls and music Billy May style. Favorite Saying: "Izzat you Sanry Claus?" KENNETH WEBSTER "Whitey" Ambition: To be a success in the medical field. Preference: Adirondacks. Favorite Saying: "Dad blame it" SHIRLEY WHITE "Sho Sho" Ambition: To be a success. Preference: Dancing with a certain guy with blue eyes and Waterloo. Favorite Saying: "You crazy mixed up kid" GALEN WHITED Finished in january 1954 DOROTHY WIDICAN "Dottie" Ambition: To find happiness and success in everything I do. Preference: Pounding the gavel, "7T," basketball, and the gang. Favorite Saying: "Neater than heck" JOAN WILEY "joanie" Ambition: To be a dental hygienist. Preference: Waterloo and all the kids. Favorite Saying: "Neat as heck" JOAN WILKINS "Peanut" Ambition: To be a success and get to California with the gang. Preference: The Waterloo, -never staying home, and boys that play basketball. Favorite Saying: "Get with it" JANET WILLIAMS "jan" Ambition: Go away to college and travel: Preference: The gang, downbeat music, black-haired men with clark eyes. Favorite Saying: "Like, what's the haps?" ROGER WILLIAMS "Pungiab" Ambition: To be a success. Preference: Edgewood Ave., rec- ords, and Bem. Favorite Saying: "Rolling like a big wheel" SHIRLEY WILLIAMS "Cat eye!" Ambition: Be a good secretary and get married someday. Preference: Being with Butch. Favorite Saying: "Oh darn" BRUCE WILLIAMSON "Nathan Bi' Ambition: To someday have the curly locks like Amedeo. Preference: Amazons. Favorite Saying: "Stay smoochy" MARCENE WILLIAMS JEAN WILSON "Sport" Ambition: Get through 7 years of college. Preference: Clothes, Cadillacs, and the Prexies. Favorite Saying: "Crazy" MARILYN WILSON "George" Ambition: To always be happy and successful. Preference: Acting crazee. Favorite Saying: "I'm not as dumb as I think you are" BARBARA WISBERGER "Barb" Ambition: Own a big beautiful Cadillac and have a wallet with enough money in it to pay for it. Preference: Pizza, Western, and 12-inch hotdogs. Favorite Saying: "Hi Guttenoby, what say?" 4' HARVEY WOODS "Euccin" Ambition: To get a 95 on an American Lit. theme and be a success in the social field. Preference: YMCA, blondes, and lunch. Favorite Saying: "Best wishes" ,IOYELIN YOCI-IUM "Joy" Ambition: Be a private secretary and Pat's flower girl. Preference: Pizza and the gang. Favorite Saying: "Got your money?" BILL YOUNG Ambition: To pass Miss Smith's tough Am. Lit. class. Preference: Autographed pictures of King Farouk. Favorite Saying: "So you want to make a federal case of it?" DORIS YOUNG "Dee" Ambition: To succeed and become a nurse. Preference: July 4-16, l952, brown hair, brown eyes and good times with the gang. Favorite Saying: "Be serious" JOANNE YUHAS "fo" Ambition: Marry a Major League Baseball player. Preference: The gang and pizza. Favorite Saying: "I-Iey babe, com- ing tonight?" NEVA ZIRKLE "Nev" Ambition: To own a yellow con- vertible with cashmere seat covers. Preference: The gang and green Fords. Favorite Saying: "Tell me about it" GENE ZOVAL "Moo:elipr" Ambition: To be as good as Joe Amedio thinks he is. Preference: Slumber parties, girls and a girl named May. Favorite Saying: "I've had enough" In addmon the followrng students are members of the JUNE CLASS OF 1954 Rxchard Bonzo Mlchael Brown Wlllxam Cherry Joyce Drckenson Ednth Green Rlchard Kmlon Frank Magazzem SENIORS Wnlllam Normmgton Davld Stephan john Tengea Robert Trolke Drck Valentme Frank Vance Floyd Weatherholt john Whatmough . Ls L1 BABY DOROTHY 7 l .a ' s r ri .. . mv I, I I . 1- ' 44- '-,V I l ' .4 - ff ji Y G. ,. Y, , Ll . Y 2 x - V , 1-5 3 IEW A Eli mwlfo JUUIUQS 'fo EJ L Q 43- 3-rn 4 ml 'Sera QD 1 ' ' K - .. J3, F. Adair D. Aleman D. Allen T. Aulino C. Barlett H. Bartlett W. Bell D. Beougher R. Bernard M. Boettner B. Brannon W. Bridges B. Brubaker J. Burkett M. Burrows D. Ciancilola C. Clemons R. Collins C. Cox A. Crabtree M, Crew M. Davis H. Deckerr G. Dickerhoff J. Donelan M. Doseff C. Dray M. Durkin D. Dutton B. Eberwine C. Emerson ul. Ensign I.. Fann R. Fisk A. Flanick B. Fleming i X . I 4 a. fi I T A A 1 I lf- ."g I 1 1? ik 551 s at " . X mf.. " 1 5 ,Li ,f 3 - Xx A 's W F Il fii l 'A A sat, ' A 7 'A is . 1' . I 1-. . 9. . . s 1 A . . . is-n . wi ' r a.. A! P f- ...A T , . s I Q 1 1 A ff U 'fa Q il l Y 9 ,?' 6 5" ffl W. as ,Lf t' X in W UA 3 N S 3, 7 1 , lv w Lg 'mf A. Alsip J. Amedio B. Archer R. Bauch M. Bechkowiak J. Beckett B. Berry W. Blair -I. Bobo -I. Brotherton B. Brown H, Brown AI. Butz D. Cantleberry D. Carter G. Comton A. Conley R. Cooper J. Darkow nl. Davidson G. Davis J. DiDonato M. DiDonato J. Dodgen T. Dudich G. Dugan C. Dunson S. Edwards E. Egnew M. Eletich F. Felber B. Ferguson R. Fink J. Flook M. Forsyth L. Fuller M. Garske T. Gates P. Giacomo L. Grosse L. Grosso D. Haffly E. Heilman J. Hendrick S. Hensal M. Hudson S. Houlihan R. lnfante K. Kaforey M. Knapp C. Kucko J. Laney A. Lauby K. Lawson M. Lenk D. Linn B. Litton F. Magazzeni G. Malinoff E. Maluke D. Martin R. McClure D. McEwen D. Miller J. Miller P. Monroe R. Muller S. Murphy J. Nil-ctes D. Olenick B. Oser M Pagac '3 1 .Q iilir M! gi- ? ,. is Y Stk '53 affix 1 T I A 'uv , ! X .Ax 4 XXX ,,. 1. ... . ,fl k it Y 'W Q.. Xi is V lx. -Q:-' Q QSM' ii N N x E il 6 3 av Y I S' S ll -. if 1 1' Q .rf -rx J Vi M--AQ? iv- ' 9 4, Q ffl 3 "wr of dsl Yi P ff' ' C. Gillespie R. Gibson D. Griffith S. Harrison M. Haley R. Hayden J. Hiller J. Howman Y. Hubbard R. Ireland P. Jones R. jones .l. Kuhajda G. Labut C. Lamonica B. Lehr J. Ledford J. Lee M. Lontchar V. Loyd M. MacBride S. Marks D. Marrese C. Matthews M. McMillan D . MCWain L. Melcins P. Morgovan P. Morris M. Moslce B. Nist R. Nye E. Olah L Parl-ter W Parks J Payne . Payne Phillips Pollock Raffenty Rasberry Ratkovic Reighartl Reshenberg Richards Salyares Ross Rossi Savers Saye Schonover Sekel Sewell Sharnsky Siegfried Sikors Sinagro Smith Solley Spayne Strouth Talarico Taylor Tomenach Turner Trachse Walsh Wandling Wanzie Vfierman VC'ilkie Williamson 6 if .f S Ziff R 'nr rf O i 3 .I gy, 1 . ' 4 it 1 3' si 'H' K A , 7 ' Q ,i ,F sv is 32 f ! ,, in . ni 5: , 5 ,- I yi ?,i.v' 4. Q -L ,. 1 i , 9 5'3" Q l if ' i V A , Nx figs: 7 N ,f 3- .1 1 Xi , Q S A I ,212 ,if Xt XY . 'fl Prettymen Primerano Pryor Reed Regec Reich Ritlenour Roberts Robertson Rowles Ruman Satterfield Scofield Scott Sculli Sharnsky Sharp Siclley Sisler Smith Smith Spiva Stephen Strouth Testa Thomas Tomas Troike Walsh Walsh Washnock White Witlmeyer Willoughby Wischt Wolf 23 f .X . fd V1 'Lg J -FYM f'V Wx X X 1' X Lf 9 NN Q5 f gi N "3'u f,.,2,-.2 X fc , a 0 ' ff iw' 'Q ' 1 X X 5 fr ,1 - Qfcx I , TQ f '- ,J .. D ' -1 X X i'J4'5,a ', f S m -i...-- , -H '- Legg' L I X :f .Z MN SUUUUHIUQQS Q 3 J-fl F. Allurrz R. Allurtz E. Zurovel F. Ayers L. Averiette B. Baer B. Bancheck S. Bartlett P. Beatty M. Bellman R. Bloom C. Boatwright C. Borovitz J . Breckenridge D. Brisendiono S. Calli D. Cain L. Capatosto R. Carr O. Carrol B. Chapman F. Clause E. Clopper B. Coburn J. DeMa1i I. Coontz E. Coontz H. Crew J. Crisp M. Crissey B. Dickerhoof J. Dickerhoof R. DiFeo R. Eddy S. Eichelberger J. Elliott S S If l 4- v 5 'wu- g ,. , .. fm.: 251 7' t f ag 9 3 1 1, l ,1 K I Q . l K 34 Lf f f 'S' 'B XA- ffc Q .s 71. -x Z' 'lip f 4. X x vs. i i ,Ki .5'g":17'rK'flf? f I 5 S i as A . 'V '73 5, l . 2 -:-.W f , 2 'al 193 R 'I ff I is .1 ' J K .AL i f ra , Ai? I fa: C A' gi ff 5. 7 1 ' .. ,,, 2 . ,g ,. ' . 'T . X '41 ,ag 5 K .,s , ff '5 1 r lx A .Ja C7 I 9 1 "S :A ,M if A rg. - Q 'ir !"? I Xknri F b f' . if 111+ Q 4 9 W 2. 'Q 7 A . '50, 1? A .tvs ff ,gps . asf 'R , . J A h 4- 1, -V W hfgv .5 rv R. Arnmon R. Arnmon D. Ayers R. Baker B. Ball VI. Barnes S. Begallis C. Benton J. Bell J. Boldino F. Bond J. Bozzelli C. Buck C. Burrows B. Bush J. Carano D. Carmack O. Carmack D. Chiacciola D. Chris T. Cirino C. Coburn J. Collins G. Comshaw j. Coulter J. Cox N. Cressler G. Davis H. Davis R. Davis B. Dremak F. Dyer B. Eckley B. Demery J. Esquc C.Estep D J. C B. J. D Evans Fagen Fazio Fran.L Franiesh Fratz Foust OX Ga George Gergosky Grbrrz D Grecm W Gresham L Grrffrth R Habrclx Hackney Haagert Hallusto Hammoral Hamrxc Hartz Harvey Hatcher Head Herselmah Herget Hrcks Hrcks Hlcks Houser Hudak Hudak Hy rmcl-t Innocentr 5' . , 5 - L 3 I V Q if '7 '3 . 1? '7 A A lm mi? 0 3 A 0 1-7 V? I fi Z DJ 19953 9 F? 'Q '? 1 -Sf f .3 i 'v -Fir C. Fisk J. Flatt D. Fleming J. Frickey T. Frisone M. Foughty Gazdacko Gemtnd Genda Grpson Godfrey Gooden Grose Grubb Guenther Haley Ha Ha Hanus Hang, Hartz Hawrtl Hazlett Hayte Hess Heyges J Hrbbs Hrldreth Hmey Horvath Hughes Hu l Hurst M Jameson J janed D johnson A jf T. Jones R, jovich Juengcl Kerm Kcslmg lxlmmcll Klrne Klxnger Knapp Zuelstlorf Kayma Kozy Kreha Dremer I Kurtz J Lampley LaPenna D Lapham Lexsek LeMaster Lemley H Lerch Lrdge Llnclers Lowery Lotze Loudermlltl Luxon Mcfxleese Packovrclx l Malachoslxy Makacnk A Marthok F Marts McArdlc McDonald rr , ,,- .INK 11 99 N D wif' -6 f rf- vw a-r J. C. M P It Judy Kapper Kurm Klrby Klem Klem Koch Koehn Kolasky Kraft Kraft Krause Kyle Kyle Taylor Latona Leaune LeDeonne Lemmon Lengyel Lavx son Lofns Lorenz Lucas Luckett Lunn MacDonald Mackm Magyar Marchok Maosh Martm McGowan McK1ss1ch 1 McKnight . t L A Ag ' zrgrffzi M. . . N. ' M. . ' y -A - ,A .V V y L A. ' K, " . , , 2' , - if K. ' ' , 5 ' 'S lx .A . 42 N L 1 f H. ' 2 N. s. ' 5 B. R. 5, .. V A , L. K' I 5,2 vp . 2: E. . Y . C, Dt , a Ba if , . i A o. L. D. Q :'l1 1 M. . -5 f, .Q 7 ' i V ,r,r. ' . . , A- MI V f 'Q a rl f "4 2-1, E. 54 ' Lg.L . w l?'wf I' ? by A t,' rl. 'G Ar" .I ' , fi f. . . f. G 1 1 7.4 4 . xl, 5 if C. ' - T , B- R. SIE ., 7 t 4 ig '. .ii i :ff B. K. 1' V , V. vb V A V M. Lent 1- ' L .-t1 K fa . 1 F C' . ' , I vl - v--v 1 , lwf V I V . Q I f vu W I4 -r P. V.. N A, ' ,ff 1 7 ky ,VS X - V J? 4 .. xxx X ff 1 j, B. C, 4 I ,,g i 3, n A L ' D' ' ' 6 . L 4 . ff .f 43 G' ' ,W l' . ff! W if . 1, , ,Z , , ' if ' 'A lv, f " J' . , y , ' . A N H -gy A .......... U., X - ' 5 ' X D4 Z ' f . --I xg' 3 "'t igik ' .V V W A V ,W B, McLaughlin McQuown M. Zoval P. Mervine S. Messirger W. Micldown J. Miller M. Mitchin G. Marrews J. Morris L. Morton K. Moyer C. Mull W. Murdoch J. Muth N. Neiheiser T. Nikola M. Zegloff R. Orchosky A. Pachta D. Pack C. Parker R. Parks J. Paschall A. Pearson N. Pecora D. Perry D. Pieri B. Plant C. Plogger 1. Ray M. Rector J. Reed B. Rexroad M. Rich M. Richards Gs A 9 'Kar 1 if snr I' A 3 R351 5. O 1' I N 'd F. ..-4 iQ 3 infe- ,rn wr Q Lyy 5 Q fa? -if Mi? 9 Y A. 0' yi ,I 4 .3 A Q X 3,7 if 'FLY' cf -37 I. 3 ' f .Q in ka f 1 il .JJ -4 I' ll W' 'Q 1 Z 1' Q , . i . 1' V' . ,,.. ,,,J 1 I 'T ', 3' aug! 5 . f X' ' I. 6 . A . 5 A :QA if 1 J. McVUain D. Means J. Mehalko B. Milkoan B. Miller J. Miller G. Mollicn G. Moore 1. Moore M. Muck j. Mulhollen C. Mull M. Murz S. Nawrocky E. Neeley B. Nollan J. Olcean E. Oldaker R. Pack P. Palmer R. Palmer E. Passeos C. Humsron V. Parton J. Pesar E. Hallusco J. Pesar S. Podol-ca R. Poore 1. Rath j. Reed M. Rus B. Regec j. Rogers T. Rogers R. Zweifel J. Rojak G. Ropeko D. Young 1. Yengling O Wright B. Rymer J. Sauers B. Scales T. Scalf K. Shaner J. Sibit B. Sielener L. Sisler E. Smith J. Smith B. Spencer B. Spurrier J. Stanley M Stephens L. Linder C. McCorkhill M Sturgies R. Suggett- J. Syroid A. Tate J. Tate J. Taylor N. Trachsel A. Trezie W. Troutman F. Volke J. Vojtko M. Wagner G. Webb C. Weirath B. White UH Q if G 'nf' ff' fi IQ 1,1 In 11,7 I 9 fi Z' Q' 'P . ,, .X 1 1 -. WANQ 'lt J' f si 4 4 .ff , .1 '13 ,, X X xx x 'e 9 2, Q. 933 P' J 1' -ef 1 ' l I ki. 1 Q' In LM . X! A hw Q 9,-,Lx M 4' fi . ... V ix. . .:..x . V 4 f 5 W' f-it 1' . f... A Q. . J if E" ,:' Q C. Rossi J. Rymer L. Smreck B. Salyards S. Sattctfielcl A. Satterwhite J. Scott B. Sctimgeour B. Seltlers M. Semon S. Singer D. Sirater P. Snyder M. Soppi B. Spencer M. Starcher W. Starcher D. Stephens L. Stiadham B. Still R. Stoltz D. Tallent W. Tallent P. Tarr S. Taylor J. Thatch G. Ttachsel M. Van Scyoc C. Van Scyoc J, Vercuski 1. Walker K. Wmhnock j. Waters C. White S. Whitlock D. Wightman --vu 1.4. Q. if 'ill Min, , , ...Q A 3 , wi Y I -1 J ,-4-q w S I ll -is. .4 5 ,4 15? H rm-:msn 'T '52 A- li.. .-a. J. Aleman S. Alwine J. Amendolar K. Atlies L. Baker P. Baldwine E. Bell J. Bell H. Benarclo M. Beougher K. Berry N. Bibey D. Blevins J. Bobco C. Bochard D. Borovirz B. Boyd B. Brackett S. Brandon J. Braranov L. Brirrsan C. Bruffy G. Burch B. Burckett H. Cannon B. Carr R. Carr P. Carter G. Chatmaxi T. Charman L. Fye E. Bawonam C. Clemons E. Cochran H. Collins J. Collins I .4- ,, as 44- Qs 1' X L3 'Q 'uv' r C 3 I "Q gf, Q ' 2 I All 4 . 'Ei' . j if J' Y.. ,Es I . 1 " ff' mb ' X2-, '- J 5 ff fl , 1 If Q 5 . .,.l A y 1 Q' ly INV! V Q 2 .. . 4 E , I I ' 6 A '11, rx. x I l ' f ' in I ' W hi J . l Ak' .sg . P' y 'fi' ' H L f .lr HA ll I iz, 14 N 'I' X . M' T ' -v ,gs K ' L ,ff Airy XS T. Arkle D. Arnott P. Ashbrook W. Balewiclc C. Barnes J. Barnhill B. Benner P. Bennett C. Bernert T. Bininger T. Birraker D. Blair D. Bole D. Boliek I. Boanno J. Bradford D. Bradley B. Brake D. Brown J. Brown W. Brock J. Burks A. Byers B. Calhoun S. Carr R. Carson G. Carter R. Chris: B. Chupek j. Church E. Clemons D. Clopper J. Coates T. Comshaw C. Conley C. Cooper R. Cooper E. Cosraras D. Corberh J. Cummings D. Cunningham J. D'Agosrino A. Dawson D. Dawson J. Deaning P. Dawnen J. Deskovick M. Dorka R. Drowns j. Durron D. Eletich L. England J. Ensign N. Evans D. Fall D Farmer J. Felber R. Fisk P. Fitzsimmons M. Fodor R. Frazier A. Frengou B. Fretz F. Gibson J. Gifford L. Gillarcl P. Glover D. Goff S. Goges C. Gould B. Grearhouse N. Groce . A , 8 JR I DN ' .. I f 'ffs 'A -A .vi af N U ' far , I f f ,X . Qaf if :R .ii ' S Q 3 ll ' J 41 Q A :vis gy . 4: . 4- - .F IQEKQ 'I A . , QF: R A 1, 2. fs.. , 4. .i .- fpllni .' li I' l X 9 X 1'-v . A 1 i F if 'f J .eff I F LX f K3 -Q . ,3. 1 f ' 1, , . n a ' 4' I 1 5 'Qi 939 9 9 4 1 N11 D. Crew S. Grirelli C. Cuffman J. Damerow M. D'Amica 1. Davis S. Deak R. Deitch j. DeMoss J. Dorrch R. Douglas H. Doyle S. Ellerbrach P. Ellington P, Elliot T. Evans L. Everhardt D. Fair M. Ferrell M. Finelli B. Fink E. Franks S. Frasher P. Frazier B. Garie D. Goudy L. Gibirz H. Glenn J. Glenn P. Glaudieux B. Gonezy T. Gossorn T. Gostline j. Grubb P. Grurzmacl-cer M. Haas L. P. R. R. B. P. N. E. T. S. R. J. E. P. L. R. S. C. I.. N P. L. D. S. J. C J. P. M S. M. M. R. J. P. S. Hanson Hanus Harig Hartman Hartney Harvey Herbruck Hermanns Herston Hilligas Hockman Hodges Howell Hrubik Hubbard Infante Ingram Jacob jenkins Johnson Johnson Jones Jovich Justham Kartouf Keenon Keith Kimble Kirstein Klansheck Knapp Knapper Knight Kovack Kovack Kraft 913-1 1 1 I 1 ' X i 1 I x V If Qiv R K L n k fix.. Alnlg ' 'P" T ii' 'X l. x ' f ll' i i ., 3 V f Y Q K I K.. y A1 ii V 5' .s 5 . ,ml V ,, K l . fb f 3 Yi K V B if ' V W. lfg .4 . .4 'I if 'W ' .4 , ff l- it R , t . aw V- , VK v I fl we ,L r 'W 5 L -. 1 . ' ' .'P. . ,,, . y . a . . .Q Y, a . fa- y-1 L fm I2 A 'Q Q A ,gg mv ' A 4 I fig f 4 liivtf 31 i fl x f I 1 F . I V... ff . X' 141' ar ,.,.. , C. Harris S. Harris C. Harshbarger J. Hazlinger P. Hefferman D. Hembury R. Hicks E. Hildreth B. Hill P. Hollendoner L. Holtz P. Horvath L. Humphrey B. Hunt C. Infante K. jacob L. jelus C. Jenkins D. jones E. jones E. jones J. Kaforey M. Karaiskos R. Kardos W. Kennedy L. Kerinnech W. Kessinger j. Kline P. Kline R. Klinger M. Knox W. Loehn G. Kovac J. Kronenthal R. Kruelski P. Kusy M Kyle LaFo1lerte Latchawski Light Ligvore Litton Lorenz Lorenz Lucas Magyarrcs Mako Mako May May Maginga McPherson McWain Mc-:nick Mills Moffett Morgan Nawrocky N elson Norman Overly Palmer Pearson . Puckett . Prettyman . Pryor . Puett . Rafferty . Reamey . Richter . Ridenour . Riffle Lawrence Lees Lewis Lloyd Longacre Loskey Lowery Lunda Lund gren Marchok Markel Maust M McBee McCann McMenamee Mercer Meyer Mikal Muir Myers Napier J Nutt Ondas Oldaker Phillips Plckelsimer Prsciotta . Prim . Proper . Puett J. Reed . Reeves A. Re . Rinehart . Robinson . Ronk S- r Y- i - M 'I R. R. ' . 4, I , N , R. ' L f 4 . K 1. ' ' ,z ' 5 ' p, C- I .4 li L J- C. F, sf S, r 9 rv 11+ . B- Q , M, . " ea, B. I r ' L . 'QV '- E. ' Q P g... P J. J. 3, f 1 E. J. 7 L E P. Yi! ' . 'X ' , H. D 4 Ig,-1,1 ' I L l M. ev f . - J, R. ' ' ' , B. '-L , ,rl ' . R. 753 L. P- . I .g Q - . ff ' i Q, P. ' Q f X F I T. - 4" or Nl' K. B. cw U If ' L. . L. ' . , ' f f L . 1 ,f S. V' fe go 7 . 5. L .1 if ..- . .gr i M , AX K L .. Z. .L ' fl' If f I Q 4 1 i' . i' cs, 9 ' as gi .' ' . Ci. 11' PY ' 3 I rf! gy! ' ' R I C hh." ff f f 5 Lf, I 1' uf' .: M 'U J .. - ,c . 5. W v J C -1 Q I 'hs J C A I "' C X 52 - rx i s. W 1. , H ' 3 "' H ' tr f P V , N' y ' 7 n. H ' ' , S L A ' A J A Y I, 52 V1 1 J. Ronk 1. Ruby G. Scarbury P. Sees G. Sellers M. Seveno D. Siladic M. Simms R. Smitley T. Soppi B. Sparks C. Spangy B. Stockwell C. Stelle C. Stokes R. Suarey S. Suhich L. Sullivan M. Tomas W. Thomas Z. Thombury N. Triola P. Valentine J. Vance J. Warren R. Warren B. Wanzie K. Wehrlin A. Winters R. Vanek E. Wesley F. West N. Whited M. Winters P. Wood G. Wright Y 3 sv' V 9 a 9 KX I . 4 6 , 5 I 9 ve L V A J 9 i 1 9 i '1 I il' wr wry f J r- 3 99 .1 lf I ,, ff . 7' 50' fr f 5. 9 Y J . rf 1' f D. Schlegel B. Schonover R. Schueller B. Shays A. Sheets J. Shirey S. Smith V. Smith R. Smoot P. Spellman S. Spory C, Sothen S. Stout A. Stover S. Strezoff S. Taffe R. 'llannet D Taylor J. Tillman B Treesh A. Triaso C. Walker R. Ward K. Warner M. Watring P. Weaver B. Webster M. Varner T. Vargo M. Vasileff M. Whyler M. Williams F, Williamson I.. Wright J. Wroebel T. Yareff Trcvnla T. H wunhuia Xaklcy .'!. I I A r,as... . pt fi 'F fc? Q! Q. QQ 1' S15- T H., UQUDHIZDTIUUS In Row: G. Lengyl, C. Fodor, J. Flook, J. Judy, M. Lent, J. Muth, N. Price, B. Troutman. 2nd Rouf: H. Stouth, S. Tobin, I. Marcinkowski, J. Hurst, R. Rowles, K. Atkins. 3rd Row: J. Ledford J. Zakely, R. Hayden, B. Strouth, V. Hawk, S. Bandon. 4th Row: D. Perry, M. Mills, S. Lorentz P. Fitzsimmons, R. Kardos, L. Hoppstock, P. Cadle. 5th Row: T. Kesserling, P. Morris, J. Rojak J. Luxon, S. Wallace, P. Cobb, D. Rhodes, M. Aladitch. 61,7 Rauf: T. Sidley, P. Willoughby, B Gothans. P. Meroine, D. Grecni, T. Gates. L. Sisler. REPRESE TATIVE TUDENT Cllll CIL ALTER ATE lit Row: J. Kostoff, B. Dick, R. Bauch, M. Zewalk. Zmi Row: L. Jeluis, B. Cole, G. Faidlcy, P Monroe, S. Reide, D. Spiva. 3rd Row: T, Kesserling, J. Brittson, D. Johnson, P. Beatty, L. Thomp- son. 4th Row: E. Harris, J. Kostoff, J. Poda. G. Naswadi, B. Schonova. U7 11? 2, Q! In Row: K. Tunstall, J. Brittsan, B. Kirk, F. March, K. Webster, B. Young, D. Fair, B. Mul money, D. Grassel, B. Bauch. 2nd Rout N. Wolfe, B. Troutman, P. Marts, J. Poda, B. Rice, J Kostoff, B. Rounds, P. Tussing, D. Klisch, M. Zewalk, D. Cantleberry. 3rd Row: T. Gates, G Compton, F. O'Dell, M. French, T. Loudermilk, G. Roberts, D. Wanley, B. Eberwine, T. Dudich G. Davis. -4th Row: R. McClure, J. Ledford, D. Dutton, B. Wierman, D. Griffith, B. Archer, F Walters. 5th Rout F. Saye, D. McCarter, T. Sidley, J. Saloye, D. Bolender, J. Ports. Gtb Row: B. Warren, B. Fink, J. Bulgrin. E. Harris, J. Long, R. Lewis, B. Raynow. DELTA GAMMA HI-Y KAPPA BETA HI-Y Ist Rau: R. Ball, B. Arnott, B. Fretz, J. Malarik, E. Lowery, B. McDonald. 2nd Rout J. Metcalf P. Lunn, J. Carano, D. Chris, B, Etkley. Srd Roux B. Round, G. Davis, D. Wrightman, H. Crew J. Scott. -ith Rout R. Carr, R. Davis. 5lfJ Rau 1 L. Sisler, T. jones, R. Palmer. T QN. as 0 i.'s. 9' ' O i 'Q 2' '.0' o Or g: 5 A - . -4 l I g- ' ' 2 3 1 Firrt mu: M. Knox, J. Kattouf. C. Xwaddell, S. Brandon. B. Webster. E. Hermanns, A. Hartman, M. Meniclc, M. VUilliams, J. Longacre. Serum! mu: S. Rhinehart, J. Amendalar, J, Butch, B. Brackett, R. Rowles, J. Kronenthal. J. Reed. E. Costaros, S. Smith. Thin! mu: J. Damerow, D. Schlegel, S. Alwine, M. Fodor, J. Bradford, C. Steel, C. Strouth. K. Moyer, M. Kirstein, J. Church. Fourth mu: R. Yeater, L. Jelus, B. Cole, J. Glenn, L. Hanson, J. Kline, P. Glover, J. Perry, M. Blank, M. Simms. Fifzh rout L. Watral, C. Wagner, J. Kovac, P. Kline, S. Subec, J. Pisar, S. Fox. Sixth row: M. Mitchen, J. Rojak, S. Heiselman, J. Walker, J. Miller, J. Pesar, P.,Zavidson, S. Bagal, J. Pesar. FRE HME 0Pll0MORE Y-TEE Firrl muh M. Marsh, S. Heiselman, J. Judy. J. Walker, L. Griffith, F. Bond. J- Jurst, P. Snyder, N. Koch, B. Hyrnick, I. Maclten, M. LaPenna. Second wut W. Murdock, E. Coontz, C. Benton, K. Klein, K. Borvitz, B. Frantz, S. Nwyatt, D. Baldino. Third rouf: C. Weireth, I. Coontz, J. Dickethoof, B. Lerigyel, J. Kurtz, J. Ammons, J. Hull, P. Grna. Faurzh rou: E. Elusco, B. Sparl-ts, J. Sholey, S. Stout, S. Taylor, B. Selders, S. Begallie. M. Hegyes, J. Landers. Fifth mu: N. Cressler, D. Brown, L. Smreclc. N. Pardin. S. Calli. VU. Tallent, C. Mcfxleese, A. McCormick, B. Salyards, M. Simon. J. Rojak, M. Mirchen. Sixth mu 1 J. Thatch, S. Headley, C. Washneck. Sefenth mu: R. Eddy, D. Johnson, D. LeDonna. t '- 9 6 9 lv- X r Nd .TQ- VQ' C7 Rou' I: G. Lengyel, P. Leigh, W. Miller, D, Critelli, M. Stokes, L. Garner. Rau- 2: N. Price, S. Wallace, M. Hall, N. Copeland, K. Kluss, P. Cobb. Rou' 3: D. Wiclican, M. Klingenstein, P. Cox, M. Aldich, N. Landlau, M. Lazor. Rau' -fi B. Merchant, M. Sauer, B. Neheiser, L. Thompson, P. Hoche. Rau' 5: J. Coburn, P. Schember, D. Young, j. Sereno, L. Ondecker. Rau' 6: T. Byers, J. Long, E. Harris, K. Webster. A'l'l0 AL H0 0R 0ClETY UNl0B H0 0R SOCIETY Fint row: B. Sieler, J. Sibit, K. Klein, B. Webster, M. Simms, M. McFreclies, D. Scott, C. Weirath. Second rout M. Richards. . Hawkins D. Scott A. Schola E. Zuelsdorf S. Whitlock M. Lent Third mul: P. Hackey, M. Lonchar, S. Eichelberger, E. Heiselman, B. Frantz, D. Young, D. Blair. Fourth mu: B. Nist, J. Millunkowse, F. Haggerty, P. Beatty, L. Griffith. Fifth row: R. McFadden, R. Carr, P. Lunn. 7 F U' -X 67 ' I Q1 ,....h Irt Rout G. Walker, A. Payne, Mrs. Van Court, J. Reed, P. Goldinger, D. Ritchie, B. Brown. 27111 Rout R. Stevenson. D. Steelfox, B. Stull, C. Bronson, C. Durkin, F. Petroshanoff, S. Smith, D. Innocenti. Sn! Rozr: B. Stewart, G. Whitetl, M. Kelly, B. Simmons, T. Kyle, D. Robinson, D. Cuppet. DIE TRIB 'FIVE ED CATl0 LATI CLUB Ir! Row: T. Rinehardt, M. Lent, S. Whitlock, C. Weirath, P. I-luhik, S. Stouth, M. Simms, B. Webster, A. Schola, M. McFedries, L. Baker. 2nd Rout P. Wood, M. Kitstein, S. Symons, J. Corbitt, M. McFadden, K. Atkins, J. Clark, S. Harvitt, H. Muir, S. Hazlett. 4111 Row: K. Shriner, P. Hol- lendoner, C. Bochard, E. Doldroff, S. Acherberger, P. Beatty, S. Singer, D. Arnott, B. Horig. 515 Rout R. Carr, J. Foust, G. Davis, J. Kurtz, D. Goudy, J. Scott, D. Means, 1. Thur. 6117 Row: P. Lunn, C. Meadow, R. Hartz. fra Dk.. Q2 4 I T' P5 3 In Row: J. Morris, R. Henderson, D, Hembury, G. Naswadi. W. Wilson, S. Hensal. 2nd Row: Mr. Brewbalcer, D. Harvey, M. French. B. Coburn, J. Syroid, W. Miller, M. Krenichen, Mr. Bistling. 3rd Row: M. Brown, M. Farrell, D. Boliclc, I.. Doyle. RIFLE CL B TICKET ELLER N. Bibley, J. Roiak, S. Heiselman, J. Judy. F. Bond. 'adv f ERVICE COMMlTTEE T. Gates, T. Kesserling, Miss White, Miss Flint, Mr. Simon, P. Cobb. PROGRAM COMMlTTEE Seated: Mr. Dietz, Mts. Brown. Standing: Mr. Kemppel, Mr. Omeroid, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Cole D. Robinson, R. Rossi, T. Kesserling. :IC STAGE HA D L P -'I D. Higbie, D. Rittenhouse. Firrt rnzz: R. Lewii. R. Lucas, Syrllid, Cf. Prcttyman. B. MtDfmald. Serwzj run If, Lowery. G. Innocenti. S. Hensal. T. Bobo, K. Shannen Thin! mu' G. Vfegley, jwinter. B. Merchant. H. XVoods, P. Heffer- min. P. Morris, 1. Vatjko, B. McDonald, K. Shraner, R. Hartz, J. Thur P OA 0 MOVlE PRUJECTIO ISTS SISATED: N, Price, Cnzn1rilmar1: T. Swecny, Treasurerf P. Cobb, Veep: T. Kes- serling, Prexy: S. Tobin, Sefrelarn: C. Weirath, Repreierztalire. STANDING: T. Gates, Repre5en!ali1'e.' B. Merchant, Senior Repre5entatizfe,' B. Gotham, Rep- re.renlatf1'e. BL -TRI EFFICER EXEC TIVE CEUNCIL Lu B. Kline, Treamrer: G. Lengyel, Secretary, D. Widican, Prexyg C. Fodor, Veepg I. Marcinkowski, Chaplain. K. Xwelusrer, Chaplain: J. Poda, Vecp: B. Rice, Prexyg B. Young, Secrelaryf D. Bolendar, Treaiurer. DELTA GAMMA HPYAUFFICERS DISTRIBUTIVE , EDUCA'I'l0N NFFICERS J D Innocenri, l'rexm.' A. Payne, Vecp: D. Ritchie, Prexy: j. Reed, 38678147 P G ld T inger. reaxurer. D. M , ,' . Wh . . y,' M. , PAN AMERICAN LEAGUE UFFICERS LATIN CLUB NFFICERS M. Klingenstein, Vecfp: M. Sauer, Secretary: R. McC1ureg Tfeaiurerr B. Neheise Prexy. E. Harris, Prexy: K. Webster, Veep: N. Pnce, Sec'g. M. Sauer, Treax. JUNl0R HONOR SOClETY UFFICERS E. Zuelsdorf, Sec'y. D. Sp NATl0NAL HONOR SOClETY UFFICERS RED CROSS UFFICERS KAPPA BETA IH-Y UFFICERS Q sill :ss X -- Q? Q! -. sb!! ' A 31.4, 'f Q m. ga, ', g 5 5 M 5 Fir!! rout J. Metcalf, Chaplain: H. Crew, Veepf P. Lunn, Prexy. Sicfmd rouf:R. Davis, Sgt.-at-Affr1J.' L. Sisler, Treayurerf R. Carr, Secretary. Y-TEE 0FFlCER L. Griffith, Veep: F. Bond, Prexy: K. Washneck, Trealurerg J. Hurst, Secretary P. Gnera, Chaplain. Y0 TH-A-BLAZE UFFICER S. Pryor, Cbaplaing R. Cunningham, Sec- retaryg B. Leffler, Prexyg S. Marshall, Veepg D. Rittenhouse, Reporter. SEATED G. Dinapoli, Secretary B Frantz Prexy M Bullock Secretary STANDING N. Brotherton, Treafurer M MIDIOVIC Veep B 'BOWLl G CL B UFFICER Veep: G. Naswadi VHUSIC Ql in--u-1:3-1 1 ul 1 I Qui 1111iuiuu I l I ll sq 1 1 1, I-limit:-l-It . I-n-uau1nsi-n - - n :Sul I is 1 nl 1 r l'g f5, Ei sf 'Iv .d SJW- i fi :Tn "1e.fb 'Sl !'f5'?' E ,ff fa f 3 . X4 .5 is Y v 4 ' N 4 lx " 'X QQN4-v1 A 1' 1 m?.gQ4 pf we Q- fn 1'3fL!f' "Q 'bf' ' 1- - -P 'EQ' 5' fd fkiwffv 9 1 . fo 'Q 'JE 7 QM' 9' 43 ' if 'KMf."" Af,1""fA Q- Hires 9 'J' "'-'14 4 1 if if fx ,.L'e,Q,f Cfglfi 'U . N . , 1 , v A ,rn . 1 , Q' ' K ffl ,fl 14, Q. . 'Y y'.' I: I' ,314 Nvg M ' R 4. - -ff--L9 6 'L S H3 9.'1"75 . 4 - J , W - - , 'Vx 9 X - Qi fn W 1 4 3 A 6 A A 1, G! ' we "' "' ' as 'Lf - ff , fi i li 1 , p ,. ' 1, ,ff ' U' - ' 44' -i. , , - 1 . - . S P3 3 , gt, il Q- E... w :w,, -pd-Q f . '- . new 'F , I 1' gf ,- P 4 s qi J 6 ' 5 493 5 ' -1: 6 ,Qi 'af' 2'A ' 7 ,859 .3 'Z v I .z f S '51-'Xi' -'gi' YF f'li.g " if N S - " ew 5 5 'b f Y Q L Q ' 'L :W ull' 5 if s::'?ry "vw-1 a' mils? ss' 5 I' i xx x b - A gf -ills .-' X nw Q' 'N ' ,l ' 23: gzpvs ' Q A , I' ,Z .cv '?'5'f Q V - , in 5 I " L j 1- Inv-. X A .4 5, X H Q , 4' Q 5 A 9, F, mi, Q 4 -15, Q ff '55 I L:,. . ll 'oo i' 2 35 7? , 3 4 6 Qa1v:?a O G ,ali ,gf -3 -P 5. E 1 wa 12- X ,Q -.2 A Q ff E. .0 'I 1? 'NM '9ffffMf5'9 1 J!'1fi7.A f' ?'if,23Q'HSf 91,f,E8gf P , - - 1 Qc - .L W AQ' 1 mv 'riff 41' - E X rHW'1:Q5P"?"J 512 .4513 F 'Q-4. fz. ?",,gg,'9- fA4.f5'i,595 -1' ' ,-,-7" ' ' Q6 A7 W. Qi -A .zu ,' E 'T' lQi'1 get 'G 'm"K'igZQ19f -V X .L X if W, A , fi k . M.. .2 i .. ... 1' y 5' 4- -1 1 . , -, . , 9 if 0 x . b 1 ul. -7 X 5 f E ' 'QJ XX' X 1' ' tg-sb 3'-f' .fig 1.-vga 4-I 'x E SE' ? A ' , M r in Fw. mm 4,1511 K 'Z -1 I ' w 14 'T F' 'W-Q 1 2 I w Q y M X X . lX fx, F Nfff ll " sf 1 Barbara Takas, Preridenlx Ernest Harris, Veep: Norma Price, SEIVCIIIYL' Dorintla Hawk, Treasurer. Mr. Cole is sitting in front. Margie Garske, Joyce Beckett, Ellen Zuelstlorf, represented Garfield in the state orchestra. Suzanne Huff, I'nfm!ez11.' Melvin Pizer. Veep: Mary Hall, .S'ur't'11ri'Treai1ner fnot in picturej. V3 BA D UFFICER ORCHESTRA UFFICER 15,1 1' Q if 4 V. :elf 4, Q 1 . 7 . f S 'Qu' y 5 43 'i jo s fr, . .1 J 49' l M '4' 4 7 'N MS J" ' J ",l 1' 4 ,- Z 4 f Z Mr. Robert C. Cole, director of instrumental musrc. , if? 3 3 3?E-Ifggggf? 2' 21:3.aff . 5 ,XT J f E., A E: LQ' h,,r, Q M KL , 1 X Q Q3-1 wax Wiz :Qfa Q y ' 5 f 'lfgavgf fx , H' iilgw if .M -0-A ,, l P Y 5" 2 A-5,.w 'G Q 3 A IL 3 Q. 8 5 I . W -..N L X l , 1 . f ALL GIRLS' Cll0lR UFFICERS Sally jo Tobin, Treafurerf Judy Flock, Veep: Goldle Lengyel, Prendenl: joan Wiley, S LW lllll ll lllliii mg Lg ""'Z1Q3"5 ALL GIRLS' CH0lll 699 at 3 -sl? Emi by ll llMcvyApll144 l V ir vi f f A vs if A I we W x :wma rf? S 0ll0lliS 75. v o 4 O f S 5' 'Oo' 1 1 4' 4' 0 0' Q Q Q UTMLETICS . ' 1' ' , ' 4, Q 5 tt':0f4'f3gt ' , 6 I V: T BALL I I I I I I I I I I I I K I I I I I I LET T Q? 9 VARSITY FO0TBALL Q RE ERVE FO0TBALL f I 1 l 'J mf I u-I Qi In Rout D. Burkett, S. Ile, J. Prime, M. Winters, R. Scrimgeour, G. Ellison, R. Ball. 2nd Row: E. Lowery, F, Ayers, C. Parker, B. Gay, D. Whiteman, D. Grecni, S. Marts. 3rd Roux M. Stephens, E. Zuravel, D. Chris, W. Miller, T. Genda, B. Eclftley, R. Sugget, R. White. '-x if S Crltelli 1 Suarer Robol G Ellison S Sheppard R Wright W Angel j Cunningham J Primm B Brittsan BA EBALL in . , . In Rauf: J. Dutton, J. Rogers, R. Lewis, R. Ball, J. Taylor, D. Chris, B. Rymer, A. Liptak. 2nd Rout R. Spencer, R. Davis, W. Gresham, S. Ile, J. Bell, Coach 'Dienoff. 3rd Rout F. Saye, J. Zakely, -I. Amedeo, W. Rice, D. Dutton, B. McLaughlin. 4th Razr: L. Ondecket, F. Weatherholt, G. Labor, G. Roberts, B. Wilkie, J. Goslin. J. Kostoff, S. Thomas, J. Sereno, J. Lauer. 2 if TRACK C' ,- In Rrm: Coach Zimmerman, D. Hepperr, N. Pecora, L. Sreailham, D. Oleniclc, F. March, D. Grccni, R. Kirk. End Rout C. Meailor, R. Allrurz, W. Miller, J. Rymer, B. Rymer, F. Clauss, B. Troike, 3rd Rmv: D, Robinson, R. Davis, A. Molwley, E. Zuravel, J. Bulgrin, T, Gates. -ilh Rout W. Bell, D. Holyfielil, J. Knsroff, R. Williams, I.. Sisler, P. Lunn. CROSS COUNTRY li ...iw X Irt Rout Coach Zimmerman, N. Pecora. I.. Sreaclham. P. McWain, 2nd Roux R, Allrutz, S. Rob- inson, D. Grecni, F. Clauss. ,inf Run: R. Rafferty, I., Sisler. I-l. Declxcrt. B. Troilce, J. Bulgrin. V1 WlMMlll KX IJ! Row: W. Bush, L. Sullivan, C. Lotze, Coach Zimmerman. 21111 Rout B. Lunmlgren, R. White C. Meador, G. Williams. TENNI ...... '2 S N o i P. McGowan, F. O'Dell, C. Meador, M. Pizer, B. MacDonald, D. Grassel. VARSITY BASKETBALL is, fs 4 ' WL .W amz- f" 7' F 'Eli I . ' Qing. XM X 'YK-' fi MJQ vi 41:15 1 'G : 1 ff I +V' . . -if - :f 'Fx ,S E, in 45'lf,,w",'f" D C heerleaderx lr! R011 D Cnrellx A Cums R Eckert J Boyd B Kozy 2nd Rau V Pecora P Cobb S Wallace B Rovsles P Barrmger atm? dl, R mn . . . I7gr5jz3C,1p1gj11 ReJer1'eCapfairz . . . eau A mia 59119 Roxanne Sa 3 Beverly Vl0fd Peggy Q 4 I , I5 f , S 1' " xl: 'I 7 5' 1 K' f 'O ' ' s xv Q Riga? gg V i H, as .fx 4, I' - Sy' A 1 Q X new 8 D I 4 N4 . . 1 N , . ' fl N 2 4 ,1- Z' JEH91 II E91 1: SUZH FRIUICES PJITSES C2 1 E kb-. nv X , Q . I : Linz 5 X '1 Iwmtmai UIOEJ1 C9 BJ1RBJ1R.l1 CRBGL QL'lEEJ1",HJU1E 77 B-EUERL1' SHJIDRJI 00 x af A 1 T 'ww' 3 alvntuw anrv KVYQU, 13 W JUIICJT BRUCE PJICSY J 01111 D CJTRL DJIDE Q fir-xfxf'NfN,N fXnxfx6'qXqq KKK-xfwmrxfwfw 6154? 'ZW C1 ,iw fx wfi 7 . bi' C E3 2 wg P QQ W 9 La Q cg W LC 5 L L L L . L, L 1 Rub 'ff 43 LL b v Y X v ff it 4 xg -I A , , x OJUU1 ff i-Q Baum QLIEEJUI GQCDIE 5? x I ' K' nan, N v XX--Q , ,N W, , -9. we ' fx 5 . ,mf W h 1-Q w Q X A4 sr: . .. A mu ,U Q4 f X ,L , , .3 , ' w Q-, V , 'vw 1 4 It ..-,L hm .Z vwg VEQRBOOH STQFF-' G 45? 8-1 W f V is K X N flsll I PM m Hi Kids, You have just finished looking at your 1954 Prexy Portraits. Without the help of the following seniors, this book would not have been possible: Beverly Smith and Pat Cox, BUSINESS MANAGERS, Tom Kesselring, ADS, Bruce Williamson, jerry Bulgrin and Pat Leigh, ART, Jim Long and Pat Schember, SENIOR PICTURES, Dorothy Widi can, SENIOR WRITEUPS, Sue Huff, MUSIC, Sally Tobin, CLUB WRITEUPS, Bill Mulrooney, Bill Rice, and Bob Round, SPORTS, Doris Young, FEATURES, Goldie Lengyel, CLUB PICTURES, Irene Marcinkoski, UNDERCLASSMENQ Ernie Harris CIRCULATION MANAGER, Dave Fair and john Kostoff gave us a great deal oi help also. Pictures were taken by PONGRACZ STUDIO. These people also helped in the production of our YEARBOOK: Mr. Simmons, FINANCIAL ADVISOR, Miss Skewes, EDITORIAL .ADVISORg and Mr. Leahy, PRESS ADVISOR, Yours very truly, P 11 ,gd s Norma Price, Editor. ROBINSON GREENHOUSE Flzrzeral Spmys and Baskets Foc1IDesg s 0 Pot PIC: no 5 AnuNc1oN s 6 0H'0 6.3 ART GERBER SERVICE STATION AMOCO PRODUCT? Lubrucotlon Tires Batteries Motor Tune Up ARNOTT S SERVING FIJUR CRECNI MUSIC STORE 8. STUDIO R-810 T I WI I0 S PI NOS OGRAP ION D RECORDS hr f KESS Barber Shop 618 S Arlington St ABC Cleaners 1 Hour Cleanlng 734 ARCHWOOD AVE PHONE PR 3 5811 ' CAN SEE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE WITH STA NU LAWSON DAIRY 1024 S Arlington St John Snyder Manager FRED S BAKERY FINEST IN BAKED GOODS 1505 Aster Ave PA 4 5525 CRECNI Muslc Store 6' Studno 1137 So Mam St kron Ohio Pictures were taken by Pongracz Studlo South Maln Complnments of the H R Terryberry Co Complnments Croso Dry Cleaners 460 E South sf HE 41011 HAROLDS BARBER SHOP 857 S Arlington St Harold Keggnns Manager 'agita- Af: h"9'3'O'0'.'i. S519 The World s Best People Eat Here Our Customers' 423 East Waterloo Road WESTS FOOD MARKET 1479 Aster Ave Bob Blake Manager ARCHWOOD SERVICE STORE 738 E Archwood Ave J C- Humbaugh Manager l Monnls PHARMACY A ' 1178 Grant Qu BORIES BOWLAND Q50 C! For Your Greater Bowlmg Pleasure 1559 S MAIN STREET ' on . nnlsl-unc no 0 . . l . . . KC T, T Y . ' . A , ' Il . o9 a ' D. R. Morris, Manager 0 69 I x . , If ' me ll ' ., 0 ffl' . 'F T J Xxff-EP, W2 wwf E 'EAM im 3 if "m"'f"L"'A A YQ: x A c o 'Ffesfvns 0.f, SOUTH AKRON'S COMPLETE HOME an AUTO STORE ' 730 s. Main sr. Phones: PA. 4-9658 PA. 4-0079 AKRON, OHIO 5 PIU. 1 I ' Y , l , ,W WW , 1 4- 4 ' KURT!!! STQE5 V7 E' scnfnmfsssn FUNERAL HOME Quiet Homellke Fmest lnvolrd Atmosphere Car Service THE MODERIN AND COMPLETE FACILITIES OF THIS BEAUTIFUL HOWIE AVAII ABLE AT NO EXTPA COST Telephone PA 5818 1466 South Ma n Street GR4 M5554 gf X-ff-:K W' A Q viii L... W re., 'I rl:- Q1 0 I X an e ff' or ' ' 6 XT I ff-. g s, it F , I M HUNGERFORD S DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS Rexall 6' Nyall Agency 706 South Arllngton PA 4013 WYAN S SERVICE 1244 S A II gro Sf AKRON 6 OHIO mmmnzmnrtll BOB S KOZY Curb 5' Dining KITCHEN Roorn Service DRIVE IN Your Host AKRON s riNEs'r Cf Hostess Tel PA 4 4301 BOB 5, JAYE 389: w i R d Axnorfilehofliooa PADDISON SWAN HARDWARE HOUSEWARES HARDWARE PAINTS 787-789 SO. ARLINGTON ST. Featuring Dinners of Chicken, Fish, Steaks, Chops, Spaghetti, Frog Legs and Sea Foods in Season STlLL'S MANSION HOUSE I052 S. Arlington Street AKRON. OHIO PArkway 4-9415 Reservations Taken for Parties and Banquets Mr, and Mrs. James Still, Proprietors .. -L . . I .nn "D-A" SPECIALTY CO. ,IOBBERS Restaurant, Hotel. Bar, Janitor and Sanitary Supplies--Home Appliances SMITH FLORIST Open 4:00 P.M. Daily II:0O A.M. Sundays 620 S' Arlington Sf. , Akron 6, ohio PRinceton 3-2412 5 C 1. l p n av X ,,..-vw Jw- - ,-xy -f. ,M ggi-r 4 GARFIELD HIGH f. Maw .M ' LWW, W, an - 1 A " in " 1'f- f ' X bij 4 nw 1. .A, -HQ 4 A A -1 Q2-SIE ' ' J ' 1 "N'j .ttf -l 'Qi fr.. . H 7 . 'bw W "-,g- WP: ty -I , ,-4 , ' 'F' ,Yr '1. J "" J' . 1 - ' 14"-1' 5 1 . . ' ., ' vf ,A ,W 5 'Y'T"w. 1:34 -Iii", 69 NN.,f FACTOR OPM Ofilff Kunsus Cnty , 'X 'ii INTER-CULLEGIATE PRESS N20 O 75,5 JE X.-J a RQ' QQ nl Nfvu 2 fo 0 0 495 EE M 3 wx' f x " m i x QQ f e w M D mn if ' J ,NVQ H-. M ,ff 1 e 1-4 OD 5 Gb 2 J -V 0993 55 GH U 0 X4 'kfV1f.f7 KJJZWJD N- H .mfl D E ' B O U 4 XHA D ' N T3 21- - f K G Q N E- D f 'V-" 1' Y X,Xxg I, L O MES 0 H E 0 v ,

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Garfield High School - Rampage Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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