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' 62 ffr- K ' DEDICATION This year we dedicate our Campus to our victorious football team — the Eastern League champions. We do not mean to slight the other teams who have done well this year as in other seasons, but we are particularly proud of the bulldog gridders because of their triumph after continual effort through the past few years. We congratulate Mr. Padilla and his fine team of champions. Through their many hours of practice and rigorous training they were able to defeat seven of the other eight teams. We are proud of all of the players on the team, but especially of Jimmy Lopez and Alex Sotomayor, who were tagged for spots on the All City Teams. They were responsible for many of the points made in the games. Thank you. Bulldogs, and Congratulations. vl FOREWORD After a long and busy year in the life of the student, the annual usually comes as a welcome re- ward, and a relief from the year ' s work. This year ' s annual is no exception. In it we have tried to reflect the friends, teachers, and activities of the past year. We hope that all classes may look through it with happiness and look back on it with welcome remembrance. We hope especially that the graduating seniors may receive it with joy and may find pleas- sure in leafing through it. For it is their book. It is designed to remind them of Garfield even after many years ' absence. For the eleventh and tenth grades, we give you the remembrance of a year. When you are a graduating senior, you also will receive your last Campus. We hope you will enjoy this one and anticipate the next. Now, sit back, wa ' ch, and remember, as we place the spotlight on you, the students of Gar- field. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY 10th GRADE SENIORS —Page 7 Page 13 Page 19 -Page 39 Page 44 Page 50 Page 70 Garfield High School has traditionally had fine year books, and this year ' s Campus is no exception. The pictures of your classmates, and the pictures of your many school activities will be pleasant re- minders of happy days and intimate associations. Take good core of this book and keep it as a cherished possession. (Mr. Dirckx is on George C. Dirckx Principal jbbatical leave. Spring, 1962) To the students of Garfield High School in this significant decade of the nineteen sixties, our per- sonal congratulations for past accomplishments. President Taft once remarked, " Inspiration is with the past; duty is in the present, and hope is in the future. " To each of you young people lies the hope of our world to be. For that you must work. And in that work is found THE OBLIGATION OF EACH OF you TO WORK TO THE BEST OF HIS ABILITY. Through this school experience you will be moving into adult life and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead. You will represent the best that Garfield con do for you. We have tried to inspire you with the knowledge of this land ' s greatness and to guide you into the fullness of life. Our hope is that you have developed an awareness of present duty — combined with skills and competence to perform. We wish all of you Godspeed. George V. Ingles, Principal As you complete your high school education and receive your diploma, one of your parents ' dreams will have come true. They have always wanted you to hove some of the advantages they were unable to secure. Some of you have worked harder than others and to you will go the greatest rewards in the form of recommendation to col- leges or for a position in the business world. For those of you who hove not applied yourselves the road will be a bit more rough. It almost seems like yesterday when I saw you for the first time as wiggling, squirming, little B-lO ' s. But time marches on and now you are ladies and gentlemen: this is not the time to say goodbye — but just Aloha — ' till we meet again. Most sincerely, H. W. VanDaniker Boys ' Vice Principal The Campus is a record of school experiences of this past year. As you look through it, you will remember your accomplishments, your successes and your failures as well as the good times you have had. These ore valuable experiences to you, a foundation upon which to build your future. Profit by these experiences, plan for the future, and set your goals high. My best wishes for your success and the realization of your ambitions. Jane Zartman Girls ' Vice Principal CAFETERIA STAFF Row ]. Left to Rigtil: G. Clork, 5. McOlqI, Robero, I. Garcio, E. Teply, M. Barry, R. Ros: MH. Harper, J. O ' Neal. SECRETARIES Row 1. left to R.gtil: G. Bukstipan, K. Blomgren, H. Dykemon, R. M. Mlezivo. E. Fu|ino, D. Wrigli ' , CUSTODIANS Row 1. Left to Rigtit: L. McCormick, E. King, I. Johnson, L. Willioms, O. McConnell, W. Roberts. Row 2. Left to Rigtit: H. Dowson, W. Hall. W. Estill, T. Morstiall, H. MacKlin, E. Iverson, D 6 Powell. FACULTY Mr. Acuna Mr. Adams Industrial Arts Science Mrs. Allen Home Economics Mr. Binkley Industrial Arts Mr. Black Fine Arts Mr. Catlett Physical Education Mr. Coles Industrial Arts Miss Collins Physical Education Mrs. Compton Home Economics Mr. Heiland Science Miss Herrera Physical Education Mr. Holmes Physical Education Mrs. Jessee English Mr. C. Johnson Industrial Arts Mrs. Dobson Home Economics Mr. DuBois Social Studies Miss Dunn Physical Education Mr. Esser Business Education Miss Gillmor Social Studies Mr. Gough business Education Mr. Haas Business Education Mr. Hastings Physical Education Mr. E. Johnson English Mrs. Y. Johnson Physical Education Mr. Kuntz Physical Education NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Miss Liepman Social Studies Mr. Millan Business Education Mrs. Naylor Social Studies 1 1 Mrs. Norgard Social Studies Mr. Padilla Physical Education Mr. Pearlstein Business Education Mrs. Peckumn business Education Mr. Ramirez Fine Arts Mr. Rasmussen Social Studies Mrs. Ricci Home Economics Mr. Reynolds Industrial Arts Mr. Rossier Social Studies Mr. Pedigo Mathematics Mr. Pescatello Mrs. Pisula Physical Education Physical Education Miss Prados English Mr. Price Physical Education Mrs. Sharp Home Economics Mr. Sherman Language Mrs. Sloman English Mr. Smidderks English Mr. Stock Mathematics Mr. Sultzer English Mr. York Industrial Arts Mr. Zetlmoier Librory B-lO ' s Row 1 (I. to R): S. Arias, I. Voldivio, C. A|. Vindiolo, N. Nunez, J. Perez, R. Luna, A. Al- varez, H Marquez. Row 2: S. Mendoza ,G. Vil- loreal, G. Varga, A, Vejar, C. Corona, A. Alcala, L Conlreras, B, Velenzuelo, R, Casta, J. Domln- guz, E. Aeencio, R. Korolz. Row 3: A. Vega, M. Ruiz, A. Noriega, M. Polmo, E. Lozya, f. Mor- rison, J. Chacon, R. Angel, R. Sanlos, P. Loyvas, A. Romero, F, Fierro. Row 4: S. Carpenter, C. Gaytan, A. Delacrus, E. Rivera, A. Gomez, B. Faudoa, S. Tonoian ' , S. Keever, R. Ruiz, G. Gates, C. Hilton, R. Amaro. Row 1: L. Hernandez, E. Hernandez, M. Stirgoki, L. Delgodo, A. Sondovolfi R. Yostildo, R. Patrick, J. Desotoff, A. Barrozo, R. Sanchez, F. Pinedo, A. Kincoid. Row 2: D. Vosquez, D. Vosquez, M. Alguilar, G. Cavorubios, R. Rodriguez, S. Jorge, A. Navro, R. Vargos, E. Martinez, G. Ramos, D. Thomasic, V. Vallego. Row 3: M. Reyes, B. Munoz, M. Abbatiello, M. Floccomlo, M. Ortiz, M. Costro, G, Acosto, M. Rajas, R. Mikaellam, A. Garcia, P. Dominguez, J. Volencia. Row 4: L. Glukoterd, S. Shintakjo, I. Roldan, J. Hanosoki, N. Pa- cillcs, D. Johnson, J. Aloimo, C. Nishikowa, E. Tomie, E. Otero, M. Soto, R. Mocias. I, E. Fell: R. Pre C. Zo ala, S. Villes, A. Dollie, R. Rios. Row 3; A. Oague, Y. I Estrada, C. Flores, R. Torres, M. Vesenil, R Madino, R. Bernal, M, Delotorre, M. Munoz, R Solians. Row 4: R. Lopez, C. Gorcia, E. Perez A. Juarez, R. Sachez, T. Leos, M. Colmenero, L Jimenez, I. Perez, R. Rongel, R. Vargas, D Flores. Row 1: P. Torres, A. Duorte, Y. Corral, C. Men- doza, J. Perdow, I. Munez, O. Rodriguez, E. Chavez, R. Androde, G. Ortega, R. Duron, S. Holguin. Row 2: Y. Delo Rosa, R. Ortiz, M. Alvarez, Y. Yborra, A. Kito, I. Komo, G. Her- harobedlon, V . Strode, D. Duarte. Row 3: M. Garcia, B. Maldonado, O. Diez, B. Wade, B. Brumfields, S. Torres, R. Mola, G. Rios, S. Aguirre, E. Perez, C. Vallejo, E. Espinozo. Row 4: M. Lopez, D. Delgodo, B. Figueroa, V. Danies, M. Corrillo, K. Yeloluz, G. Rodriguez, R. AvoJos, D. Martinez, M. Martinez, J. Sanchez, J. Santa- Row 1 (L. to R.): B. Deluna, H. Gallegos, H Ramirez, R. Cortez F. Peralta, J Torres, G Soavedra, A. Mont io, D. Morale s, J V, IqI- pondo, J. ■Junez, R. Berni. Row 2: R Santisle an J. Ortiz, . Wiano , S. Soils, B. Toldvero, A Valadez, L . Mortine z, C. Gornillo, E Weil P Santos, 1. luno, S. Delo Rivo. Row 3 L Mer codo, G. Romero, M. Lopez, I. Holgufn 1 Barbo, M. Martinez, P. Villegos, F Magdale no 1. Gonzale s, G. Ortiz, A. Velosq ez, J ar- tinez. Row 5: J. Lo cos, F. Regoso M Ton an F. Esquive , J. Hern ondez, S. Ortiz , G Co rol 1. Jaime, M. Ramos F. Menchco, I. Contre ras w (L. to R.l: H. Jaromlllo, T. 1 inte, D. Sena, R. Graff, A. Guzn , S. Serrno, A. Chaffno, T. lo 0, L. Garcia. Row 2: M. Cru Esporza, R. Conway, R Padil D. Hei :havir( Berno 5»edo, E. Rani Lopez. Row 3: Portillo, A. Gu ;s, M. Sedillo, ido, I. Guerra, endez. Row 4: tio, T. Orlego, NAonueol, S. Cos Chavez. Row 1: (L. to R.): J. Ito, H. Tommer, H. Mon toon, F. Romero, E. Porra, J. Enclnos, R. Villa lobos, R. Agopian. A-10 ' s Row I (L. to R.): A. Plocencio, J. Ocon, G. Cam- pos, G. Boconegro, M. Perez, G. Yokoe, F. Miyomuro, D. Solcido, R. Meroz, R. Rodarte, R. Rodriguez, R. Roybol. Row 2: R. Chavez, R. Rodriguez, G. Mijores, Y. Perez, F. Ulioa, P. Riviro, C. Chiquet, A. Gomez, W. Roses, T. Yborro, B. Cisnero, A. Olowo. Row 3: G. Rolles, S. Quintonor, J. Borsco, L. Agopian, D. Corrols, G. Gaspar, G. Rincon, H. Munoz, A. Alborodo, Y. Aodelo, C. Tarrin, F. Apolotegui. Row 4: M. Sherman, J. Hernandez, J. Rivera, T. Palocios, D. Nichols, J. Yborro, M. Castro, J. Avilo, T. Mirendo, M. Flores, R. Hernandez, D. Alvidrez. A-10 ' s Row 1 (I. to R.): J. Chovei, T. Guerro, N. Yva ro. A. Rodriguez, D. Hernondez, E. Sandoval, S. Quinonez, A. Parocua, R. Jininez, J. Vidana, L. Diaz, V, Salazar, A. Rivera. Row 2: R. Villolvos R. Una, E. Rodriguez, B. Gonzales, P. Torres, M. Silvar, L. Novodo, G. De Silvo, P. Lujon, E. Tonario, A. Solo, S. Luna. Row 3: M. Mojico J. Gonsolez, G. Torres, Y. Sandoval, E. Torres, R. Martinez, G. Negrete, L. Korigian, H. Ortiz, C. Olivas, O. Costrellon, R. Hovik. How 4: J. Chavez L. Howard, P. Muraviov. FOREIGN STUDENTS Row 1 (L. to R.|: H. Jaime, G. Lopez, R. Reynoso, M. Gutierrez, E. Frain, E. Corona, J. Ruvalccbo, J. Berumen, C. Podilla, R. Verduzco, G R. Novo. Row 2: J. Heraljez, B. Moldonodo, C. Soinz, M. Priato, M. Garcia, I. Cuevas, R. Solas, E. Rodriguez, M. Reyna, M. Garcia, V. Barojas. Row 3; W. Rodriguez, F. Lopez, R. Lopez, M. Polmo, O. Enriquez, A. Noriega, R. Martinez, E. Riveria, B. Diaz, L. Hernandez, A. Buslomante, A. Morales. Row 4: G. Compos, A. Vega, P. Gonzales, A. Munez, A. Shistianio, E. Hernondes, J. Pino, L. Serrno, R. Rodriguez, E. Lozoya. Gonzales, C. Costa, J. Alvorez, B. Gonzales, Chavez, N. J. Shishnonion. Row 2: S. Lozano, ' Rangel, R. Perez, E. Felix, E. Valencia, M. Becerr J. Ruiz, Q. Garcia, A. Alborado, J. Lopez, Porro, O. Verdin. Row 3: A. De La Crus, Holguin, R. Meneses. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Stifdenl Body President W 62 VICTORIA ALEKIAN MR. CARPS Sponsor BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Row 1. R. Morlinez, R. Moss, V. Alekian, J. Diaz, G. Tokohos Tokalo, I. Duke, S. Kawasaki, S. Komo, E. Tomie. P. Eras, C. I M. Miyamoto, R. Zopanta, A. Mendez, L. Copra. i, S. Kosako. Row 2. G. Kadoya, S. Capp. Row 3. L. Ilo, R. Rodriguez, KAY ODA Student Body President S ' 62 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Row 1 {Left to right): D. Koshimc, V, Alekion, S. SlivkofF, A. Selva, R. Moss, I. Duke, M. Yomado. Row 2: E. Tomi, R. Solorio, R. Zoponto, A. Menuez, N. Inouye, E. Tomi, Mr. Capp. Row 3: P. Luna, R. Rodriguez, M. Airode, W. Nim, M. Tolmasoff, E. Ayolo. Row 1, left lo right: B. Hernandei, J. Dial, R. BOYS Honda, L. Capro, D. DeNeve. Row 2. M. Parro, B. Fujihara, M. Miyamoto, R. Rodriguez, R. LEAGUE Zopanta, A, Mendez. Row 3. L. Nito, E. Ortiz, C. R. Gutierrez. N. Ota. P. Lediaev. GIRLS LEAGUE Row 1, left to right: P. Eras, R. Moss. E. Tomie, V. Alekian, L, Duke, S. Komo, G. Kodoya, Y. Gomez, C. Hom. Row 2. B. Wagner, A. Armen- dariz, P. Pogosion, C. Terry, M. Martinez, I. Sykes, N. Corral, G. Valverde, S. Kosako, L. Orona. Row 3. S. Tokala, E. Colzada, T. Bruno, L. Munoz, S. Slivkoff, R. Rice A. DeAndo, K. Tom, C. Masumoto. i i E«M M F«A .,.,J Row 1, left lo right: G. Aguayo, M. Negrele, S. Villolobos, STUDENT V. Alekian, G. Takahashi, E. J. Avelar, Y. Vargas, B. Ochoo, E. Koike. Row 2. T. Veiga, B. Clark, B. Ingle, M. COUNCIl Rodriguez, L. Mafosion, C. Rodriguez, S. Shibato, D. Amozarrutio, M. Volenzuelo, L Carrillo, K. Suorez. Row 3. R. Zaponla. E. Ayolo, G. Yonemoto, C. R. Gutierrez, J. Oceguera, H. Izuhora, T. Vasilevich, P. Dominiguez, T. Ureno. Row 4. R. Rodriguez, P. Martinez, A. Alonzo, R. Castro, L. Ito, D. Troncoso, D. Castro, M. Bravo, G. Romero. KEY CLUB Row I, left to right: R. Murlllo, D. Bonnesor, B. Hernandez, P. Bernol, A. Solo, M. Porro, D. DeNeve, Row 7. N. Ola, R. Ortiz, R. Honda, A. Luna, D. De La Cruz, D. Castillo, G. Roque. Row 3. A. Velderroin, P. Tabano, C. Bevan, R. Rodriguez, A. Nomura, L. Copra- J. Rodriguez, A. Lui, C. R. Gutierrez. CHATELAINES Row 1, left to right: E. Tomie, R. Alvorodo, S. Segowa, T. Bruno, L. Felnberg, B. Holmes, V. Alekion, M. Yomoda. Row 2. S. Slivkoff, C. Terry, S. Kawasaki, Y. Gomez, R. Rico, I. Rod- riguez, P. Poik, K. Garcia. Row 3. G. Kodoyo, S. Tokoto, J. Ostrom, C. Hom. S. Komo, S. Kosoko, L. Orono. S ' 62 STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 Left to right : A. Lono, A . Olive , R. Griego, E. Angelo, E. Mercado, V. Munoz, A Martinez L. Garrillo J. Holguin V. Masc arenas. S. SI vkoff, M . G V. Ing es (Principal , A. Selva, C. De La Luz, S Shibota, C. Alvarez L. Voidivio R Chovez H. Ortiz , M. Ag uilor. A. De Ando J. Bast des. Row 2: R. Zooonto, J. Mencozo, R. Alvorodo, B. Fujihor a, G. Yokes C Voldez V. Holq uin, J. Hernandez, E Barron, M Calderon, L Woggone , S. Mirondo, T Kuwoharc , L. Nari omi, P. Gil, S. Kohl, D An ozor utia, D Mod rid, D. Caff, Sponso r. Row 3: M r. Von Dan ker, C. Rodrigue z, S. Aefr ng, B. J. Hernandez, M. L. Borel- la o, H Monta no, J. Barelo, M. Jocobo, A. ValleJo . Chico, J. Cordero, M. Flores, S. J. illolobos L. Olivorez A Ozowa M. Hide igo, C. Torri 1, C. Vo enz uela, R. Morales, H. Campos, G Roque, P. Mur 3viov. Row 4: Miss i ortmon, J. Servondo, S. Yb orro. M. Parr a, A. Sanchez , S. Vilionu euo, M. Orti z, R. Vidal, D. Romo, J. Ho nomoikoi. L LofT, W . Alvarez, L J jorez, C. Bo dillo R. Ten orio. A. River 3, A H. So Tchez, D. Troncoso, R. Lc per. P r- pk i IW Ihk ' J 1 1 H 1 Wwi 1 1 1 E mm ' i 1 HK . I ' -Jt- ' - i moKKS .- " s i. ORITHYIAN A-n CABINET 1 V Aleklon, G. Alcon, T. Vasilevich, ndez. Row 2 USHERS Yomomoto, C To m, E. Koike P. Poqo ia A. Gate G Gore 0, R. Rice . Row 3 G Kadoyo B. Sepu vedo M Krou e, P. Poik, N P. Ung. CHESS Row 1 P Eros, D Bonnesor, M Johnstone, I Jone s, D Rudberg J. Higuchi, T. A imoto. L Oka muro, G, Arme nto. Row 2. I. Mo osion, K Okik owo, A. Gonz alez, A. Tana a, A. Nomu a D V illioms, A. Mu sicont, J. Acevedo, A, Ayola Row 3. R, Morin, D. Gonzolei, H. H irono, R Moroza, R. Orlil, A. Una. T. Vasilevich, N Oto, R. Murillo. Hiimi f w. w L£ ' ' ' i3!?l BIG G w 1. M. Aznoff ' P. Vol S. Valle, I. Voldivia, De Ando, R. Rico, P. la, A. Acevedo, C. Qu Marmoieio, L. Mori CENTURION CABINET Row I, E. Ayolo, A. Sotomoyor, F. Iwomlzu, i Smith, J Gleoson, L Molsuhita, J. C. Higgins. Row 2 A Cosillos, G, Hayashi, R. Rodriguez, B. Bukshpon, D- Morlinez, M Miyomolo. Row 3. M, Tolmosoff, D. Gonslez, R, Ortiz, R. Yusi, P, Bernol, R. Cosiro, J. Wallace, W. Nim. GIRLS LETTER CLUB Row 1. v . Golluzzo, T. Uren , M. Cas lonon, P. Pa k, S. Villo-lobos, H Day V. De La Rosa L. Llane s, M. Valle, A A. Me ndez. Re w 2. V M ares. G. Marquez, C Quir oz, M. Hernandez E. Cuev ' c s M. Yamodo ' V. K use, S. K osoko, L Fe nberg , K. Garcia, I. Oron . Row 3 M. Ruiz E. Sato, S Kawasaki, L Mor shila, A. Acevedo P. Pogo ian, Y. Gomez D. Esquivel, G. Toko- ha Shi, R Argoll. Row 3. 1. Rodriguez R. Rico S. Komo, C. Piesch, E. To mie, D. Solo, A Morome , J. Hayoshi. MUSIC LETTER ASSOCIATION Row 1. C. Quiroz, E. Cuevos, F. Kaye, C Rivera, L. Waggoner, L. Kobzeff. C. Tolenlimc H. Hernandez. Row 2. A. Acevedo, I. Vargo R. Lorenzano, M. Caslonon, V. Kruse, E. Borror G. Alcon. Row 3. E. Vargas, M. Airoda, C Lujan, A. Limon, Mr. J. Mayloreno. r SiSi [ j JBF W ■ - ix P ' JB jHRl IB- iV WllLxa n 1 ■ T i. JPP Sp T J m 1 JQlMi 1 Wmy} I WE k VH KNIGHTS Row 1. B. Hernandez, R. Gonzales, E. Ortiz. J Wallace, P. Bernal, E. Ayolo, T. Vosilevich, J Selcer, M. Tolmosoff, J. Rodriguez, R. Hondo M. Aznoff, R. Rodriguez. Row 3. T. Vargas, M Widowski, C. R. Gurtierrez, A. Soto, L. Ito, J Diaz. PRESIDENTS COUNCIL Row Eras, Row Piesh Rodr 1. Pogosian, T. Br R. Moss, E. Tomie, 2. R. Rico, C. Terry, H, Day. Row 3. guez, R. Zoponto, uno, G. Tokohoshi, S. Kosoko, Y. Gom S. Sllvkoff. I. Duke J. Diaz, P. Bernol, . Mendez, N. Ota P. C. R R. MAIDS Row }. J, Hirono, V. Mascorenas, J. YorTiamoto, K. Tom, C. Masumoto, N. Corral, A. Armendariz. Row 2. G. Herrero, C. Tokashimo, L, Carrillo, F. Miyamuro, D. Nokogowa, L. Ulsunomiya, M. Krouse. G. Garcia. Row 3. K. Kikawa, M. Kosoko, A. Ramirez, N. Miyokowo, C. Nomura, I. Sykes, B. Wagner, M. Louis. STAGE CRAFT 3w 1. R. Rodr G. Diaz, M. Mendoza, G. irroies, R. Soiorio. Row 2. M. Acosto, O. ubb G. Voiles, L. Solis, D. Martinez. N.F.L. Row 1. B. Hernan Row 2. G. Alcon, Miyomuro, L. Loff B. Wagner, N. Inouye, D. DeNeve, E. Colzoda, T. Vosilevich laime, J. Welch, Y. Borronday, Y. Gomez, F. Kunimolo, C. Cu Acoslo, D. Castillo, C. Rodriguez, V. Mascarenos, I. Rodrigu . Bruno, H. Velosco, P. Paik, C. GutierreJ 3r, J. Olsen, E. Dorado, B. Ingle, S. Kor B. Fijihara, J. Post, M. Aznoff, I. Carrillo, E. Tomie, E. Shubin, D. Wallace , A. DeAnda, R. Rico. Row 3. F. Selcer, L. Morshila, O. Cervantes. Selva, G. Yokoe, L, llo, T. Vargas, A. Solo, R. Yusivich, S. Wong, J. Aceve COMMUNITY CHEST SPEAKERS Row 1. N. Inouye, P. Paik, P. Pogosian, E. Calzada, J. Welch, R. Rico, A. De Ando, M. Yamada. Row 2. J. Selcer, R. Yusi, T. Vosilevich, E. Tomie, S. Komo, A. Acevedo, J. Olsen, E. Shubin, L. Morishilo, D. Wallace, R. Delgodo. Row 3. T. Vargas, A. Selvo, D. Troncoso, W. Nim, L. Ito, I. Carrillo, D. Givens, L. Okomuro, M. Aznoff. ACHIEVEMENT Row 1. A. De Ando, V. Alekian, E .Tomie, T. Bruno, S. Kawasaki, Y. Gomez, M. Yamoda, S. Kosako, R. Moss, L. Duke, M. Kosako. Row 2. J. Ostrom, J. Rodriguez, J. Welch, R. Rico, 5. Komo, N. Corral, S, Takala, C. Terry, L. Doniel, S. Segawa, C. Masamolo. Row 3. K. Tom, E. Medina, G. Kodoya, T. Arimoto, L. Ito, B. Garcia, B. Holmes, D. Nackogawa, F. Miyamura, K. Kikawa. Row 4. J. Rodriguez, B. Hernandez, M. Porro, C. Ainscough, T. Miyomuro, G. Yokoe, J. Post, W. Nim. Row 1. R. Ri R. Moss, L. Duke, S. Segawa, N. Coi Takota. Row 3. G. B. Garcio. C. S. F. E. Tomie, C. ' Kadoya, T. Arimoto, L. Ito, KBefe S ' ..., n puir Ci V C H t l 1 ' H Bf l j wM r - - ' m 1 911 Jt K ' ' " HALL SERVICE Row 1. L. Munoz, P. Eros, C. Esperon, F. Soto, B. Peterson, O. Cervonles, D. Solo, D. Esquivel, J. Gallegos. Row 2. Mr. T. Davis, J. Monreal, N. Chovorrio, V. Alverez, G. Sandoval, S. Cha- vorria, L. Voldivio. Row 3. E. Mendoza, Y. Moreno, G. Garcio, V. Del Castillo, R. Astorgo, B. Ingle, J. Sanchez, D. Romo. Row 4. G. Montenegro, T. Gollordo, C. Vorgos, A. Holguin, A. Angel, B. Garcia, A. Younger, E. Garcia, G. Solozar, G. Gaboldon. REITERMAN " o ' ■ B. Ingle, p. Eros, D. Nokogowa, E. Medina, C. Masumolo. Row 2. P. Pogosion, E. Dorado, K. Tom, A. Acevedo, A. Gales. Row 3. J. Holguin, HOUSE S. Miranda, C. Tokashima, I. Carrillo. GARLANS Row 1. D. Bonnesor, R Morin, J Martinez, . Sykes, B. Wogne r, A Armandoriz, M. Yamc da. L. Utsunomiyo, T. RobI es, . Morishito , I. Carr llo. E. Gregorian, D. Bonne sar, E. Koike, C. Take stiimo, B Ruiz, M. Ruiz C. Mosumoto, C, Ybo ra, 1 Robles. Row 2 B. Ke s, T Guer.ero, M. Louie, C. Rezo, L. Molosion, E. Jaime, C. Orona, M. Kosako, ■J. Inouye M. Con rer OS, A. Acvedo, J. H rano, N. Rodriguez, C. No Tiuro, B. In gle, A. Luna, D. DeVe ve, G. Vorgos Row 3. A. Tonoka, N. Ota, M. Porro, R. A Aarti ne , K. Kikowo, F Kun moto, 1. Rodriguez, P. Poi , P. Ung, 1. Carrillo J. Holquin G. Herrera, S Mirando , K. Tom, Y Audelo E. Pinto, N. A iyo kov to. A. DeAndo. Row ' . R. Ortiz, 1. Morales, V . Heoly, C. Sag e, M. Bereza, G. Gore 0, C. Rodriguez, J. Rod iguez, J. So ntillan, A A. Lona. Row _ Selva, J. Mijares A. Kizuko, G. Ito, J. Post G Yokoe, P. Naritomi L. Copra, A. Garcia, M. Martinez L. Daniel, K. Jotin , G. Ort z, E Fu io a. Row 6. A. Gonzol js, A. Musiconl, J. Acevedo, T. Arimoto E. Acosta F. Miyomu a, D. Castillo, L. Loflf, L. Howard, E. Campos A. Lopez M. Koit 3n on, D. Gorabed ion. T. Vasilevich, A. Morale , R Rodriguez M. Jorez A. Nomura K. Okikawa, J . Higuchi G. Gabald )n, G. Armenia, R. Peg ero R. Murillo, D. Bus hneil J. Bruno, L. Okamuro, A. Veiderroin, M. Solom on. M. Dom niquei. ip i 1 IM it ' CURRENT Row 1. R. Robledo, C. Meraz, I. Rodrii EVENTS Row 2. M. Navarro, J. Johinian. IIRPAPY " o " ' • ' " . Blomgran, M. Goiton, S. Slivkoff, P. Ledlaev, V. Mijares, Sponsor Miis LIBKAKT j 2 Marquez, A. Holguin, N. Mijaries, W. Garcia, C. Vorgos. Row 3. CLUB L. Olivarez, C. Esreron, L. Munoz, P. Eros. Row 1. Y, Gomez, C, Horn, T. Bruno, P. Poik, S. Kamo. Row 2. G. Yonemolo, DISASTER D. DeNeve, M. Widowski, A. Muro, C. Vargas, C. Gutierrez. Row 3. R. ro, H. Hernandez, J. Oleo, P. Sanchez. Row 4. L. SQUAD P " ' " " " - - ' " " ° " - - ' ■ " ' ' ' ° ' " ■ Hernandez, OWUMU " |,jj_ p Truiillo, R. Morales, N. Mijores, A. Soto. SENIOR RED CROSS Row 1. A. Heling, L. Waggoner, C. Piesh, R. Cos SOUND PROJECTION Row 1. L. Solis, O. Clubb, M. Acoslo, G. Corroles. STAGE SERVICE Row 1. G. Voiles, P. Bernol, G. Diaz. Row 2. D. Martinez, W. Zetlmoier, R. Rodriguez. 32 SOUND CREW Row 1. R- Rodriguez, L. Solis, E. Diaz, G. Voile .riL M . CLEAN CAMPUS Row 1. C. Horn, S. Kamo, S. Kosoko, E. Tomie. Row 2. S. Takato, G. Tokohoshi, L, Duke. i ( ' ■•• iL L- SQUIRES Row 1. D. Bonnesor, S. Solomon, J. Oceguero, L. Rodn Row 2. B. Fujlhoro, R. Rodriguez, M. Porro, R. Guerrero. QUILL AND SCROLL Row 1. P. Martinez, P. Bernol, J. Wallace, L. Malosion. Row 2. B. Bukshpan, R. Ortiz, C. Bevon, D. Estrada. SPORTSMAN J» - 1 t I 1 I r ?■% A CAPELLA Row I. L. Waggoner, D. Beckett, C. Ctiavez, E. Cuevos, R. Pallon, J. Holguin, G. Vargas, S. Villolobos, R. Hicks, I. Soavedra, D. Gonzalez, L. Yborra, N. Maldonado. Row 2. Mr. Black, S. Felix, S. Luque, C. Quiroz, C. Horn, M. Negrete, M. Jingo, M. Casas, R. Morones, R. Gonzales, L. Moret, G. Morales, C. Senechol, E. Quemoda. Row 3. C. Goyton, M. Castonon, A. Estrada, R. Garcia, A. Acevedo, M. Garcia, V. Gutierrez, R. Escareno, C. Rivera, A. Villolobos, R. Zarate, H. Aguilor, A. Bonuelos, A. Heling. Row 4. M. Metchnikoff, R. Guerrero, V. Valdez, E. Gonzalez, G. Alcon, L. Kodzeff, H. Hernandez, M. Duron, S. Sanchez, R. Placencio, L. Rodriguez, A. Limon, A. Moret, R. Castro. GIRLS CHORUS Row 1. Y. Pacheco, E. Soto, F. Caslro, R .Rubolc Sevan, A. Urciel, P. Guillen, J. Goriboy, F. Roblei Salozos, j. Richmond, S. Mendozo. Row 3. C. Almi Gonzoles, T. Lopez, D Villegas, R. Moiico. Estrello, D. Bus BOY ' S CHORUS Row I. A. Jourcgui, C. V( Bonuelos, N. Villegas, D. Moreno, A. Cruz, D. Cos M. Garcia, J. Mendozo, S. R. Martinez, D. Vosquez, , R. Morales, A. Gonzales, H. Gurrolo, J. igelo, Mr. Block. Row 2. R. Ramirez, D. D. Corrales, P. Siqueirdo, J. Gutierrez, Row 3. I. Mora, R. Guerrero, E. Sandoval, ;asillas, E. Vorgas, A. Millan, J. Piminez, VOCATIONAL ORCHESTRA Row 1. W. Bulkley, G. Gospor, A. Limon, A. DeLoo, N. Colzado, C. Rodriguez, E. Barron. Row 2. G. En Row 3. Mr. J. Moytorena, E . Vorgos, G. Ilo, A. Garcia, J. Post, D. Delgado. Mesa, M. Dominguez, D. MR. MAYTORENA Row 1. J. Alvarez, M. She Alfring. Row 3. C. Tolentii R. Yvarra, M. Airada. ORCHESTRA n, R. Arriolo, E. Garcia, S. Posada, K. Koye. Row 2. E. Negrele, O. Lujan, K. Johns, B. Sepulveda, A. Younger, C. Hernandez, S. k. Limon, A. Morquez, G. Gospor, R. Solano, D. Troncoso, Mr. J. Moytorena. Row 4. E. Barron, Y. Vargas, R.Wong, D. Solcido, DRAMA " " ' • - Vasilevich, B. Sepulveda, A. Bcinuelos, L. Moloslan, L. Woggoner, M. Jingo, R. Diaz. Row 2. S. Sontos, L. Monloyo, L. De Reso, V. lonzi, V. Del Coslillo, E. Jimes, A. Lopez, A. Vollejo, L. Feinberg, A, DeLao, K. Garcio, B. Hernondez. l m s ' " 4 I 3k W9m : MfM F ' V li " Y ' A WOa f ' ' mS tlB i «■ ■E -jSt " ™ W rn - Wtk m ■ • ' -M BULLDOG BAND Row 1. C. Tolentino, E. Barron, S. Posada, I Morquez, D. Sokldo, G. Ilo, J. Post, A. Gore Cortez, G. Caspar, W. Bulkley, A. J, lozan Barron, 1, L. Garci , R. Solan Row 2. F. Santano R. Ventura, R. Wong. A. R. Guerrero, T. Duron, G. GIRLS ' DRILL TEAM Row 1. N. Ortez, E. Mendoza, M. Lopez, V. Martinez, R. lorei J. Monreal, C. Meraz, Y. Loero, D.Abe, S. Berry. Row 2. E. h Vargos, L. Fry, A. Alvarez, V. Gutierrez, C. Cuellor, B. Agu G. Gonzales, R. Ctiavez, A. Barrios, J. Cordero, T. Robles, G. Row 4. R. Poctieco, I. Medina, L. Leal, S. Rodriguez, R. Rami B. Beath, C. Vosquez, B. Rimbert. 3na, T. Veiga grete, E. Gon e, R. Takoha . Pritchard, Ronquillo, , V. Holguin. Row 3. A Walters, R. Acosta, E. . Ortega, M. Hidalgo, Hernandez, C. Quiroz, K. Soto, d, C. Lozono, M. Galluzzo, E. Villareal, R. Diaz, C. Rodriguez, jrtinez, P. Narilomi, M. Negrete. Espinosa, B. Clark, B. Sanchez, 37 GIRLS OF THE MONTH (SPONSORED BY GIRL ' S LEAGUE] A II CABINET Row 1 (left to right) R, Montoyo, A. Nomura, E. Mezo, M. Airodo, L. Vigil, H. Gurrola Row 2. M. Alvar( L Hernandez, E. Koike, F. Lopez. Row 3. N. Ota, C. Cuellor, L. Ccrrillo, F. Soto, S. Potino, L. Romeriz. MODERN DANCE Row ]. (left to right) E. Amemiya, G. Aguayo, V. DuCaine, D. Beckett, I. Waggoner, J. Welch, B. Sepulvedo, H. Guerrer. N Inouye, M. Barrow, Row 2. M. Montijo, T. Koto, J. Harper, E. Austin, B. Mezo, L. Feinberg, S. Flores, K. Gorcio, M. Gorci R. Moreno, Row 3. A. Rodriguez, I. Martinez, E. Beanez, M. Ochoo, P. Romo, L. Fierro, L. Munoz, C. Esperon, Y. Gonsolbe Row 4. E. Arroye. E. Rodrigruez, C. Velaiquei. J. King, A. Higley, D. Rush, C. Orono, S. Hordisty, M. Ramirez. 39 Row 1 (L. to R.): I. Chavez, D. Berumen, I, Calvo, V. Silvo, I. Novo, L. Perdue, B. Martinez, M. Marquez, P. Chovez, L. Heredero, P. Sanchez, S luque. Row 2: R. Ramirez, T. Conales, V. Chave?, M. H. Saovedra, Y. Rodriguez, D. Alforo, P. Calzada, O. Romero, N. J. Shishmonion, F. 1 Goicoechea, R. Delgado, A. Koshirsky. Row C; D. Gurrola, M. Moya, I. Moreno, G. Herrero, M. H. Ortiz, M. Alvorodo, L. Ramirez, H. Rodriguez, R. Flores, C. Sanchez, M. Olivo, V. Reyes. Row ■. F. Espinoso, M. Airada, A. Altamirono, M. Alvarez, S. Hernondez, R .Novarret, J. Ortega, L. Berni, R. Angel, M. Vosquez, D. Dovila. Row 1 (I. to R): E. Alvarez, I. Hernandez, P. Garcia, L. Martinez, C. Chavez, R. Chavez, M. Barrow, V. Bastidos, F. Castro, A. Cleveland, A. Acosto, E. Vargas. Row 2: F. Podillo, T. Alemon, S. Flores, C. Puentes, P. Morquez, M. Olgain, I. Rodriguez, R. Rivera, C. Zavala, A Chavez, G Rodriguez, A. Telles. Row 3; M. Haro, R. Rios, F. Fierro, I, Martinez, I. Villoiruel, A. Shishmain, D. Castro, E, Fierro, F. luna, C. Bevon, G, Carrosco, A. Aguilar. Row 4: V. Barelo, E, Morllnez, D. Alvarez, I. Martinez, A. Gonzoleo, R. Murakami, G. Yo.hido, M. Arros, R Co lm F Farnda D Moreno, M. Espinoso. Row 1 (L. to R.)i M. Vigil, L. Corrillo, D. Esp R. Pollan, Y. Gonsolves, P. Dominguez, E. Gar R. Quiiodo, A. Moreno, H. Medina, N. Med R. Rodriguez. Row 2: G. Herrero, I. Ditto, Tokeshimo, D. Romo, G. Goboldon, L. Aroujo, l lffw.vJ S aOmI S :M J f El t Mjk eff mt WL SmJc tf m ▼v SF R to m M, " - ' rwrlH li m P da ' .1l l9l B-12 ' s Row 1 (Left to Right) P. Siqueiros, A. Casillas, O. Cervantes, M. I. Romirer, A. Abbotiello, J. Selcer, M. Aznoff, R. Zayos, P. Lore, E. Vargas, M. Reyes, M. Diaz Row 2 M. Dominguez, E. A. Valleio, L. Quinonez, T. Martinez, P. Marmoiejo, R. Valencia, R. Rodriguez, S. Medina Row 3 A. Noriega, E. Ayolo, J. Serno, A. Lucero, F. Trujillo, P. Sanchez, L. Segovia E. Montes, J. Villegos, P. Martinez, E. Mercodo, V. Ceniceros Row 4 D. Prii : ' off. Slev Tho Taylor, V Hamilton, R Pedroza, D Masudo, J. Guerrero, D. Rodriguez, J. Padilla, R. Corella Row 1 Left to Right J. Alvorodo, E Garcia R Tokehono, L. Armas, L. Mora, D Soucedo, G Londo, F. Medina, A R Garca, R Millon, R. Jime nez Row 2 E. Yanez , G Perez E Barron, D M onduio. A. Rivera, V Torres, M Montono, C. Martinez, M. Ponce, A Moret, F Luna, G. Pero Ito Row 3 W. Egk an, J Tapio D. Green A. Delgodo , G. Voiles, R. Sokoi, J Villegos, J . Co staneda. O. Arredondo, L. Gron lo G. De La Cru z, C. Cr uz Row 4 A. luian. A Hermosillo R Rubio, F. Vasquez, E. Martin ez Y. Gomez , J. Cordero D. Alverez R. Mora es M. Volenz uolo M. S. Valenzualo, B. Morales Row 1 (Left to Right) S. Tommer, S. Miller J Leonard, A. Sanchez, D. Trillo, B. Voldez, M Sanches, V, Rodriguez A. Ortega, D Juarez 1 Sanchez, A. Sotomoye Row 2 C. Quiroz, M Hernand. z, M. Sanche z, P. Pogosion, P. Poik S Komo, M lono, A. DeAnda, R. Rico, E. Med no A. Kocho rion, 1. Rodriguez Row 3 L. Noritc mi M. Miyo noto, L. Ito, . Solozor, T. K uwahoro E Tomie, Orduno, M Yamodo, M. Yokoto, S Shibata, R. Garcia, L Peinodo Row 4 P. Al- vorado. M, Mijores, C. Tso, D. Villegos R. Rosoles P. Voile M. Choco, M. Ojinaga, G Vozza, E Sanchez, Y. Chavez, G Perez Row 1 (Left to Right) V. A. Corrasco, P. Al- varez, R. Merio, A. Selva, M. lee, N. Gomez, E. Dorado, A. Gates, M. Gonzales, I. Corrillo, M. Solos, V. Sanchez Row 2 G. Trillo, A. Ayole, A. Mendez, A. Acevedo, M. Contreros, G. Ortiz, T. Vargas, M. Chico, A. Mendozo, E. R, Jasso, A. Ayolo, P. Gainer Row 3 C. Benovidez, J. Cruz, J. Hernandez, A. Aguilor, R. Arriola, J. Arellano, J. Rodriguez, E. Garcia, D. Padilla, M. Tolmasoff, E. Ditto, M. Sukiasion Row 4 A. Soils, L. Ruiz, L. Voldivia, P. Ung, J. Hayashi, M. L. Vollez, T. Iwomizu, I. Liones, R. Bukshpon, D. Troncoso, J. Martinez, J. Moestos B-12 ' s Row 1 (Left to Right) O. Hernandez, I. Rubol- cova, M. Arondo, E. Soria, E. Angulo, R. Olivos, I. Dovaco, T. Yborro, G. Peralla, V. Ceniceros, J. ApodocG, F. Luno SMILE KING AND QUEEN 1962 Johnny Poloc R.O.T.C. Sgt. O ' Campo C Lt. Col. G. Yonemoto C Col. J. Baltierra C Lt. Col. A. Alonzo 46 C Lt. Col. C. Gutierrez C Col. R. Porocuo C Lt. Col. A. Soto ROTC COMPANY " A " E. Quesada, C. son, I. Gonzales, R. Chavez, M. stillo, T, Vargas. Row 2 J Rodrl- z, F. Trujillo, R. Garcia, K. Santa Moreno, J. Lopez, D. Morehead. unger, J. Serna, COMPANY R. Marlii Hermosillo. f Briseno, D. Cisneros, C. Rhode O. Clubb. Row 3. G. Monlen R. Reyes, R. Portillo, E. Perez. A. Lopez, D. Salcido w 2. C. Gutierrez, . R. Galica, B. Solazar gro, H, Smith, J. Alv Bugarm, .,, R. Oliv n, J. Sen COMPANY " C " Reyes, T. Fries, L. Segovia, G, Sotello, M. Gar , E. Compos, A. Chavez, I. Enriquez, L. Kaeck. R. lernandez, H. Medina, M. Rongel, N. Mijares, J. ; C. Vonderhyden, K. Sakuda, A. Cardenas, A. 3. F. Garabito, R. Ojeda. Egkan ■ Yapp J. Pegu Delgado COMPANY " D " to, M. Perez, E. Ramirez J. Sotello , C Chiquete abrera, D. M rlir ez, R. W hilmoyer. Row 2. J. Oleo J. Rivera, J. Acosto, B. Gonzalez, G Perez, E Robledo, A. Mu o, R. So orio. Row 3. R. Aguilor , R. Moroles, L. Howard, T. Castro R. Meiia, G. M. P. ' S Row 1 (left to right): L. Gonzales, G. Rios, E. Duron, A. Chavez, R. J. Serna, J. Uidana, E. Perez, J. Santa Morio, G. Perez. Mechikoff, J. Alvarez. Row 2: D. Moody, DISASTER SQUAD Row 1 (left to right): A. Vargas, W. Eagen, I. Ito, A. Muro, A. Soto, J. Rodri- guez. Row 2: M. Widawski, J. Ramirez, R. Manjaros, G. Sotello, R. Parocuo, R. Solorio. Row 3: P. Sanchez, A. Lucero, J. Pieguero, J. Acevado, R. Olivas. FEDERAL INSPECTION STAFF Row 1 (left to right): H. Hernondez, B. Hernandez, A. Alonzo, J. Baltierro, R. Rogers, J. Acevedo, D. Rudberg. Row 2: D. DeNeve, A. Solo, A. Limon, M. Widowski, R. Mongueros, L. Heredero. — ■- I I -s.. COLOR GUARDS (Left to right): L. Segovia, R. Robledo, M. Herman, U. Morales DRILL TEAM FEDERAL INSPECTION RIFLETEAM {Left to right): J. Rodriguez, W. Egkan, L. Ito, G. Sote Pescatello, Mr. SPORTSMANSHIP QUEEN AND HER COURT Each year in the midst of the football seoson Garfield elects the Sportsmanship Queen who reigns over our trodi- ionol Garfield and Roosevelt gome. This is to promote better elotions with our neighboring school. Chosen to represent Garfield as Sportsmanship CJueen dur- ng the 1961 football season was Mary Ann Barron. She wos rowned by our Student Body President, Joe Dioz. Her court onsisted of Dianne Chavez and Alice Moronez. The queen ind her court were crowned during the half time of the ro ' ditional homecoming gome, November 3, 1961 at East OS Angeles College. BULLDOG SPORTS d BOYS OF THE MONTH Varsity Cheerleaders Varsity Head Cheerleader Jean Itai - j Bm f " ah -% I Yell King George Nava Yell King Amos Banuelos BEE Head Cheerleaders Linda Morishita, Vivienne Kruse ii: : Bee Cheerleaders IS Ralph Castro Frank Iwamizu 1 Bill Gonzales Art Millan Coach Padilla EAST LEA CHAM • » Oscar Buelna Pete Martinez Jimmy Lopez receiving. T i! A ERN GUE a Ray Serna CS Alex Sotomayer Jimmy Lopez pioNs : i " Gilbert Ortega Glenn Hayashi John Ortiz Coach Catlett Huntington Park and Garfield Game. • , s ' " , »®« » ' - ' » sun If4l !4 4 i M f- i fcv« A. Sotomoyer J. Lopez E. Ortiz J. Honamaikai L. Matsushita R. Serna G. Hayashi , 1 »« ' §lii i j i .. ' i- t ' j mi .i}i tsd ii i tM p. Martinez R. Castro L. Ito I. Copra A. Millan O. Buelna J. Wallace Ki H V:M i_ 1 . r i@«i l@« S Mgi , . , r • -I fciJ t-Tf fei k r i )£i.i D. Martinez k ii i -s t-=l ir ' i r x fei i-Til E. Ayala J. Volenzuelo F. Solazor M. Blonstein B. Trujillo B. Gonzoles J Jiminez l VARSITY FOOTBALL RESUME ' " S J f A Ttie first league championship in thirteen years came to GorfieltJ this football season. The team was F HM y£| - expertly guitJed by All-City quarterback Alex Sotomoyer anci led by Co-coptains Roy Serna ond Edmund B T i W V ES Ortiz. All-Eastern Leogue performances by Ralph Cosiro, Jimmy Lopez, Gilbert Ortega, Edmund Ortiz I HM r i and Alex Sotomoyer were the key to the success of the teom. tBBI ' JJ The terrific pass cotching of All-City End Jimmy Lopez was usually the F " tXiy J ' MMA winning factor in most of the ball games. Lopez ' outstanding performances j k Ij d Hr .a JV earned him a selection to the South All-Stor Shrine Team. V Mfi HJ M Bh B I would not hove been possible the rugged T f H B line ploy by such men os Ortega, Castro, Frank Iwomizu, Glenn Hayashi, a " " " E. Jaime U: V " " ° ' ° ° " ' ' ° " ° ' ' ' - " ° ' ' ' ' " ° ' " ' ° ' ° ' ° ' " ofternoon at U W ' W ' ' ° ' " " ' ' j Lh I, the Marshall gome, our team might hove gone on to the city finals. 1961 K B- frk H ' w wos o fine season for o tough group of football players. BJtSsr W7 - Row 1 (From left lo right): L. F haro, S. Ysois, F. Mendozo, P. Choves, D. Dela Cruz, R. Mend CosQS, P. Olivas, M. Mortinovi D. Cuentas, R. Ruiz, R. Pardo, tinez, V. Solazor, R. Rios. z, N. Ola, P. Nakogawa, F. Gonzales, L, Moret, A. Arzate, R. Reys, A. Corrosco, F. Fimbris, T, Kuw Drtinez. Row 2: Mr. Capp, . Garcia, D. Matsushita, D. Zaragoza, P. Bernal, L. Diaz, R. Rodriguez, I, D. Teron, L. Montiio, J. Yborro, R. Correon, J. Price, H. Gomez. Row 3: P. Gainer, A. Mendez, J. R. Martinez, M. Ponche, W. Healy, J. Medina, M. Parra, G. Torres, J. Yborro, S. Sheptterd. Row Jimenez, R. Ramos, V. Morales, H. Gonzales, R. Coronado, F. Tovor, R. Garcia, A. Vilderion, J. Mc Captain Fred Fii BEE FOOTBALL Captain Pete Martii bi 11 11 i BEE FOOTBALL Frank Mendozo Louis Moret Leonard Mo Paul Nokagawo VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY : ' w BW 9 1 Berni, L Olivos L Rodriguez ROW 2— From left to right Mr Kuntz, R Rolpti Guzman 1 Ikl lorenzo Ybon 59 ROW 1 from left to right; D. Moreno, N. Villegos, V. Aguilor, D. Garcio, R, Nunez. ROW 2 from left to right: D. Equihud, R. Arriolo, R. Delgado, A. Arvizu, E. Rodri- guer, G. Perallo, Mr. Kunti. JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY R. Arriolo V. Aguilor R. Delgado r -| im 1 A It 1- Row 1 from left lo right: M Flores, R, Luna, R. Zopanta, L Bastidos, M Reveles, R Ramos, D. B azurto, A. Gonzales, G. Seno, G. Co lOTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY ii i ' r i 1-04 ' M i i . • ' i Garfield and Wilson ■ Garza attempting a Ready for another score. »««H»iw«n«»ffl»s«a:( f " ® f ft.. 9 M 9. w 1 from lef! to righl: R. Urbano, L. Garcia, R. Rodriguei, A. Koshirsky, J. Porenteau, M. Sandoval, G. Roque, P. Santos, R. Ramirez. Row 2 from left to righh Ayala, J. Gorcio, F. Arciniego. P. lona. V. Nunez, D. Gorabedion, D. Hernondez, R. Jiminez, Coach McKenzie J. V. BASKETBALL V A R S I T Y |y f Npii|i«ii i ll . f m jjfk Kh %ri d Jl Bk f , KI aQl Hv ' i JB J M - ji - ju s s - " - J rx Left to right: ROW 1 — L. Felix, R. Sontistevan, P. Martinez, O. Buelna, L. Noriega, E. Aspeitio, M. Garcia, G. Torres. ROW 2: Coach Holmes, R. Quiroz, M. TolmasoflF, M. Loyo, A. Millon, A. Elorzo, R. Reyes, E. Garcia, P. Goiner. B A S E B A L L ■ jKf i-h ' u Oscar Buelna h M3| JH ' L hML .H Pete Martinez £» I Richard Quiroi ; Robert Keyes Rudy Sontislevoi I l u f M Mm .. % w r- Jr i b. ' M fo.. ' W ' .mP i Marcelo Gorcio Eddie Garcia K tin ' r r f " p c c r " l a r) ft - ' i m: r BEE BASKETBALL ROW 1 from left to right: A, Romirei, M. Miyamoto, A. Lui. J. Solozor, R. Mon- toyo, J. Garrison. ROW 2 from left to right; E. Garcia, D. Rubio, R. Ouiroz, M. Loya, R. Conlreros, J. Urbano, E. Cis- s 0 a ' i 1 1911 i 1R CEE BASKETBALL ROW 1 from left to right: R. Guimon, H. Mori, D. Williams, L. Noriega, D. So- lorio, P. Leon, 6. Zanalo. Row 2 from left to right: A. Wallers, T. Reyes, J. Shiohowo, R. Borreros, S. Garcia, Coach VARSITY BASEBALL Don ' t know whether he ' s out or safe. Garfield-Roosevelt gome ADDITIONAL J. V. BASEBALL iflRfiri l i ' k 0% W I N T E R ' 62 From left to right; D. Koshimo, L. Vorgos, M. Loya, B. Bukshpan, J. Wallace. ROW 2: A. D. Givens, L. Morel, P. Bernol. Row 3: M. Barrow, S. De Leon, J. Peterson, L. Orono, M. If J. V. BASEBALL M. . n i .I H: ' )0¥i aJ - ' ' - ' feB George Armenta Jesse Nunez Fidel R! 1 - » «iS Armando Rorr Rf fLr v ¥ a £jP Eddie Medina , L From left to right; T. Gardenas, C. Barrio, D. Solorio, F. Riesgo, M. Vici Ramirez, R. Payan, A. Barraza. ROW 2; Coach Padilla, J. Ybarro, G. An F. Monge, J. Espinosa, E. Medina, D. Soto, R. Santos, L. Rodriguez. Nunez, T. Torres, G. Sena M. Burgoss, J. rbarra, D. Ri Row 1 (left to right): L. Noritomi, R. Garcia, L. Mora, J. Ramirez, F. Fimbris, M. Johnstone, A. Noriega, F. Mendoza, A. Casillos. Row 2: E. Rodriguez, M. Muroviou, J. Wode, L. Gorcia, E. Ayolo, L Caparo, R. Monies, A. Corrasco, R. Delgodo. Row 3: A. Selva, A. Molina, O. Vorelo, J, Bruno, G. Ortiz, G. Gospar, D. Gorcio, G. Marquez, Mr. Kunlz. lilte Johnstone — first place for Garfield. He did it in his P. F. Flyer Watch that first step. Naritomi-second place. B E E i ' K Row 1: left to right: J. Solozor, V. Solozor, A. Moronez, A. VoMes, L. Olivos, R. Alvorodo, A. Luno, P. Murovlov, Row 2: S. Ornelos, I. Dioz, J. Solo, J. Canoles, G. Corrales, R. Caldero, D. Gollordo. Row 3: Mr. MacKenzie, R. Bon Garcia, P. Poiacios, P. Villegos, F. Estrada, Mr. Kuntz. m i Robert Alvarado » Jil i I ADDITIONAL VARSITY TRACK Hector Ramirez « ! f f . i l i fl l »ri i (i }[ ' q4 l- i c E E Row 1: left to right: E Bozurto, E. Fujloka, R. Angel, T. Kuwahora, R. Ni Row 2: D. Priest, F. Corrillo, R. Padilla, J. Mijares, R. Luna, R. Rodorle, ; G. Ito, P. Olivas, F. Fuenles, I. Volkov, H. Gonzales, H. Izuharo, A. Music nez, J. Bastidos, E. Serrano, H. Ramirez, R. Marquez. A. Reveles, R. Ramos, W Heoly. Row 3: Mr. MacKenzie, inl, P. Leon. GYMNASTICS Row 1 (Left to right): D. Teran, G. Urdiales, S. Hernandez, J. Guerrero, R. Mociel J. Moestos, R. Hernondes, G. Novo, C. Loero, L. Ruiz. Row 2: P Deloo, R. Barbo, C. Cuellor, L. Monloya, D. Mosudo, M. Ponce, J. Villegos, A. Avalos, J. Martinez, R. Ramos, A. Verdogo. Row 3: R. Torres, S. Solomon, A. Deloo, F. Flores, A. Cormona, R. Flores, A. Bernol, S. Villescos, H. Rodriguez, J. Zopoto, Coacli Price. Row 4: E. Acevedo, R. Hernon- dez, A. Reyes, A. Lopez, S. Santos, R. Redondo, C. Flores, A. Placencia, M. Romero, J. Vasquez. Row 5: D. Zavala, J. Barbo, R. Hovik, M. Alvarado, R. Porodo, M. Corrasco, M. Jocobo, A. Tonoko, R. Alva, L. Biones. PARALLEL BARS — J. FREE EX— G. TUMBLING— I. Rui] VARSITY TENNIS 1 fT-, Oavrd Troncosi ROW 1 from left to right; R. Montoyo, J. Post, H. Mori, A, Nomura, Garcia, A. Ozowa, R. Zaponto, D. De La Cruz. ROW 2; B. Bukstipon, G. Roque, D. Troncoso, R. Rodriguez, J. Medii R. Castro. Richard Zapanta, David De La Cn J.. V. TENNIS Bill Fujihara, Aaron Ozawa, David Wil Frank Lopez, Richard Wong, Joe Parga, Frank Toiro, Eddie Acosta. MMift ' M t. ' ROW 1 from left to right: B. Fujihara, J. Porgo, R. Wong, P. Tabanao, F. lopez, E. Acosta, D. Luna, D. Williams. ROW 2: A. Chavez, R. ' Ortega, R. Gonzales, F. Toiro, R. Duron, E. Garcia, J. Sontillon. G.A.A. W ' 62 OFFICERS Row 1 (left to right): M. Hernandez, K. Gorcio, G. Tokohostil, S. Korr T. Ureno. Row 2: A. Moronez, E. Koike, S. Kosoko, P. Poik, I. Motosic G. Kodoyo, I. Sykes, S. Kawasaki, E. Tomie, L. Fierro. i P Mi m G.A.A. G.A.A. W ' 62 President Goyle Tokahashi. G.A.A. SPONSORS Collins, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Pisula, G.A.A. CHEERLEADERS Row 1 (left to right): A. Moronez, L. Fierro, E. Koike, E. Toir G.A.A. S ' 62 OFFICERS Row 1 (left to right): S. Miranda, L. Morashita, M. Somoniego, J. Holguin. Row 2; I. Ulsunomiya, M. Hernandez, G. Kadoya, M. Yokoto, T. Ureno. Row 3: M. Kosoko, B. Ruiz, R. Rico, I. Orduno, A. DeAnda, G. Gorcio. G.A.A. S ' 62 President Grace Kodoya. ] :© JlM«?otl 1 G.A.A. 12TH GRADE Row 1 from left to right: A. Moronez, S. Kosako, K. Garcia, G. Tokotiash, G. Kodoyo, I. Motosion, S. Kowoski, T. Ureno. Row 2: S. Berry, C. Cueiior, C. Piesh, L. D. Woggoner, M. Rodriguez, E. J. Avelor, S. J. Villo-Lobos, E. Solo, V. Mijares, G. Alcon, V. Gutierrez, D. Valencia. Row 3: V. Kruse, J. Ostrom, B. Holmes, M. Solcido, C. Horn, I. Feinberg, L. Orona, Y. Gomez, G. Morquez, H. Day. Row 4: E. Mendoza, M. GoMuzio, V. Holquin, O. Duron, I. Olivorez, L. Vargas, R. lorenzano, R. Ruiz, R. Jomime, M, R. Mendez. Row 5: E. Cuevos, M. Costonon, Y. DeLeon, H. Almanza, A. Olvorez, N. Ortez, B. Sepulvedo, J. Welcli, E. Villorreal, S. Takata. i G.A.A. IITH GRADE Row 1 from left to right: V. Milwer, I. Ouinonel, A. Ace vedo, C. Orona, R. Garcio, Y. Madrid, E. Duron, L. Rodri guez, M. Valenzuelo, M. Olguin, D. Dominguez. Row 2 D. Corrillo, J. Valencia, P. Pogosian, C. Quiroz, M. Her nondez, C. Chovez, B. Clark, I. Orduno, P. Eras, E. Vargos C. Meraz, Y. loero. Row 3: I. Moronez, M. Samoniego, R. Chavez, S. Alfring, N. Corral, F. Sato, R. Pallan, N Inouye, I. Rodriguez, P. Poik, S. Kamo, A. Ramirez, S. Shi boto, K. Suorez. Row 4: L. Moroshita, C. Flores, K. Rodri- guez, P. L. Mormdlejo, T. Martinez, M. Jimenez, M. Qui nonez, M. Lopez, B. Sanchez, R. Diaz, B. Ruiz, E. Medino R- Rico, M. Yokoto, M. Yomodo, P. Ung, J. Hoyoshi. Row 5 M. Hidalgo, R. Oteo, M. Sanchez, S. Florez, M. H. Ortiz L. Ramirez, A. AInarodo, L. Podillo, C. Coronodo, F. Miya- muro, K. Tom, A. DeAndo, L. lanes, M. I. Voile, T, Iwamizu uf f ff fi f f ' ' G.A.A. lOTH GRADE Row 1 from left to right: M. Negrete, A. Pocheco, M. Munoi, M. Ramirez, B. Beotty, G. Inouye, J. Dillard, J. Holguin, K. Kikawo, M. Gonzales. Row 2: R. Pocheco, P. Olivus, L. Morales, G. DeSilva, R. Takohashi, S. Martin, L. Utsuno- miya, S. Reyes, S. Posada, E. Pinto, M. Kosako, V. Mos- carenos. Row 3: R. Vosquez, C. Martinez, T. Robles, A. Armendoriz, B. Wagner, L. Sykes, G. Garcia, M. Louie, C. Rezo, J. Martinez, J. Hirono, F. Kunimoto. Row 4: I. Daniel, M. Martinez, H. Alcoraz, C. Torrin, I. Vorgos, H. Villorreal, K. Reyes, C. Alvarodo, C. Aroujo, C. Vasques, eol, R. Laz Ron ' Drill Team and Bond al the Roosevelt Can DRILL TEAM AND BAND Bulldog Rooters at the Roosevelt Garr W " • ,, 77 TITANS W ' 62 EPHEBIANS W 62 1 1 TONI BRUNO m l ljll l MH I HiiiiilHiH DENNIS DE NEVE SHIGEKO KOSAKC YOLANDA GOMEZ ®i EPHEBIC OATH . . . " We will never bring disgrace to this, our city, by any act of dishonesty or cowardice, nor ever desert our suffering comrades in the ranks; we will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the city, both alone and with many; we will revere and obey the city ' s laws and do our best to incite a like respect in those above us who ore prone to annul or set them at naught; we will strive unceasingly to quicken the public sense of civic duty. Thus, in all these ways, we will transmit this city not only not less, but far greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us. " J 79 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Senior " Aye " Officers TITAN SENIOR A CABINET Row 1. G. Volverde, O. Lujon, M. Saloi, S. Kosoko, P. Bernol, R. Argolt, H. Doy. Row 2. T. Bruno, H. Cordova, V. Mijorei, D. Quintona, N. Louis, Y. Gomel, A. Moiben, K. Gordo, I. Orono. Row 3. R. Alvorei, P. Penolber, R. Sesmo, P. Mortinei, L. Fein- berg, C. Morolf. TITAN SENIOR BEE CABINET Row 1. D. Zorogozo, G. Tokashi, E. Row 2 D. Quinlono, N. louis, Y. Gomez, G. Volverde I. Orono, R Argott. Row 3. J. BoUierro A. Alonzo, P. Bernol, P. Martinez, L. Feinberg S. Kosoko. VICE-PRESIDENT Senior " Bee " Officers TITANS W ' 62 %.-. i t Miss Gillmor, Sponsor Anne Abbott Henry Ackenbock Maria Acosta 0.a Teresa Alcala Rudy Almaraz Arnold Alonzo Mary Alvarez Patsy Alvarez SKIfl ' l ' k M, SAM ARBALLO ROSEMARY ARGOH JOSE BALTIERRA MICHAEL BENAVIDEZ PHILIP BERNAI ■MY NAME IS TITAN COMING OUT DAY CAST. NORA BRISENO TON! BRUNO LARRY CABRERA IRENE CALDERA HELEN CALDEf RAYMOND CARMONA ARLENE CARRILLO WILLIE CASTILLO PATSY CERVANTES ALVA CHAh BERTHA CHAVEZ RICHARD CHAVEZ PAUL COBARRUBIAS HILDA CORDOVA HILDA DAY JESUS DE LA VEGA SLYVIA DE LEON GLORIA DELGADO DENNIS DE NEVE JOE DIAZ VICTOR DURAN RUSSELL ELDEB ALBERT ESPENOZA ANDREA ESTRADA LINDA FARRELL SALLY FELIX AMRIA GAITAN LINDA FEINBERG PATRICIA FUERTE ' r %f KAY GARCIA JIMMY GARDNER AAARGOTT GARCIA OTHON GARCIA HILARION GONZALES RAUL GONZALES RACHEL GUERRERO ' 4 ' GERALD GUTIERREZ PATSY GUILLEN JOHN HARO WILLIAM HERNANI GLENN HAYASHI HENRY HERNANDEZ ANTHONY HOLGUIN t amA f ' OLIVIA JUAREZ ARTHUR JAIME VANCE JONES Pa SHIGEKO KOSAKO VI CARLOS LOPEZ ELENA LOYA STEVE KRAUSE NORMA LOUIS GL EJIE i -y y NED MALDONADO CAROL MAROLT GLORIA MARQUEZ ' ' ' MARTINEZ PETE MARTINEZ RACHEL MARTINEZ ROSARIO MARTINEZ ROSIE MARTINEZ TED AAARTINEZ LANCE MATSUSHITA ROBERT MAYNES ik. k AAARIO MEDINA BETTY MERAZ ROY METCHNIKOFF VIRGINIA MIJARES HASMIK MOVSESIAh V 1 ' ' ■ ' 2 ROBERT MONTANO MICHAEL MONTOYA ANGEL MORALES ALEXANDRA MORENO ROBERT MORONES STEVE ORTIZ ALICE MORONEZ SALLY NUNEZ ERNESTINE OLGUIN LORETTA ORONA EDMUND ORTIZ ROBERT ORTIZ PAT PACHECO ROBERT PAEZ WILLIAM PEDRAZA HENRY PENA £ 1 k ALEX PENALBER RUDY PEREIDA EDGER PEREZ RICHARD PLANCENCIA ROY PORTILLO DORIS QUINTANA ROSIE RAMIREZ DOLORES RAMOS -S DONNA PROPERNICK PAT REVELLES ROSARIO ROBLES STELLA ROBLES PAUL ROCHA IRENE RODARTE ALICE RODRIGUEZ LUPE RUIZ ROSE MARIE RUIZ BILLY RODRIGUEZ JEANEHE SAKREHOFF JMUG I i CARICIA TENORIO ETSUKO SATO GAYLE TAKAHASHI VERONICA TERRAZAS ANGELA TREVINO CARMEN TOLENTINd DANNY TRUJILLO JOAQUIN VALENZUELA il0 RICHARD VALENZUELA GERALDINE VALVERDE CARLOS VARGAS MARGARET WRATHALL, 89 M kv JAMES WALLACE PATSY WOODS GLENN YANEMOTO SAMMY YSAIS w DANIEL ZARAGOZA MARGARET ZEPEDA t ■ IT ■ .W...lyir° ' r K ' « MQ HH I ka i A J m ' WL. m " - ' - " mm m . i t i 14 • - - - 9 A h m ilk. {x 9 k Attn i » ill|«« . ts SB IS !• • t te i; I- ,, i» It » J» fe, » » I. fe If il b k { 4 lA Is • ' . k % k li it k IX ll b i4 .1% k k ..i| " - . (f k k . fe k k L k ' ■ . . ., fti 1. i T I T A N S ' ORITHYIANS S ' 62 EPHEBIANS S ' 62 VICTORIA ALEKIAN LUCY DUKE JEAN ITAI RAY HONDA GRACE KADOYA ROSALIE MOSS KAY ODA SETSUKO TAKATA CAROL TERRY Charlene Matsui Corresponding Secretary Grace Kodoya Recording Secretary SENIOR " AYE " OFFICERS ORITHYIAN SENIOR A CABINET Row I M. Goliuzzo, Z. Diaz, G. Kodoya, L. Duke, R. Yusi C. Matsui, R. Moss, W. Nim, L. D. Woggeor, C. Piesh. Row : M. E Benitez, S. Hernonder, D. Valencia, R. Aguilor, A Alvarez, B. Sepulvedo, J. Welch, L. Molosian, T. Ureno. ORITHYIAN SENIOR B CABINET Row 1 A. Rodriguez, L. Motosion, T. Ureno, R. Moss, L. Duke, S. Berry, A Delgado. Row 2 S Kawasaki, B. Holmes, J. Welch, B Sepulvedo, O. Duron, E. Avolar, I. Gendoro, B. Hernandez. Row 3 E. Vargas, G. Morquez, N. Morales, N. Collodo, M. Johnstone, A. Soto, W. Nim, L. Biones. SENIOR " BEE " OFFICERS Rosalie Moss ' ice-President i ORITHYIANS S ' 62 INEI MR. WILLIAMS, SPONSOR GLORIA ALCON ra 4P ' JOHN ACEVEDO MARIA ACOS fl© H RAQUEL ACOSTA GLORIA AGUAYO BETTY AGUILAR LUPE AGUILAR RUTH AGUILAR VIDAL AGUILAR CHARLES AIMSCOUGH LUPE ALAMILLO ROLANDO ALARCON WILLIAM ALARCON i i i nw?mmmmmmismwm m mm. ikk.!. i : Mi ) VICKI ALEKIAN HELEN ALMANZA DORA ALMAREZ RITA ALVARDO ROBERT ALVARDO ALEXANDRA ALVAREZ ANDREW ALVAREZ ANNIE ALVAREZ CYNTHIA ALVAREZ AARON ANDERSON JOSEPHINE ANDRADE FRED ARCINIEGA BRUNO ANGEL MARGARET ANGELO OSCAR ARAGONEZ LINDA ARROYA . I - . I EMMA JEAN AVELA FELIPE ASPEITIA LESTER AUBEL PEGGY AVALOS f a « 9 X ' BEATRICE BACA ALICE BARRIOS MARY ANN BARRON PATRICIA BECERRIL CNIEGA HECTOR CALDERON OSCAR BUELNA MARTHA BURGOS RICHARD CABALLOS t f A? fik yjy MIKE CALDERON RUDY CANO ELBA CALVADA NORMA CALZADA CELIA CANO ARMANDO CARDENAS FRANCISCO CARDENAS ROBERT CARREON JIMMY CARRION JANET CASTILLO MARY CASTONAKj ! J RALPH CASTRO ROSE CASTRO HERLINDA CENICEROS BARBARA CERVANTES JOYCE CHACON RONNIE CHACON r I 100 DIANE CHAVEZ ORVILLE CLUBB IRENE CORDERO GUERRERO CORDOYA RICHARD CORONADA YOLANDA CRANSTON WILLIAM CRUZ CONNIE CUELAR L ESTHER CUEVAS ARMANDO DELGADO AMXINE DELGADO PETE DELGADO RAY DELGADO WILLIAM DE LARA YOLANDA DE LEON JEAN DESATOFF d £k fTO?? GARY DIAZ ZULEMA DIAZ GLORIA DOMINGEZ JERRY DRASCICH gi L w M, ) VICKI DU CAENE LUCY DUKE ARMIDA DURAN MARTHA DURAN ARTHUR ELORZA DLORES ESQUIVEL 1 1 HH I RICHARD REFUGIO ESQUIVEL DANIEL ESTRADA JOE ESTRADA ok MANUEL FERNANDEZ N AAARGARET FLORES OFELIA FERNANDEZ FRED FIMBRES ANNA FLORES RICHARD FORMAN MARIA GALLUZZO ROBERT FREYRE TED FRIAS DELIA GALINDO 3 i ■I i LEONARD GANDARA CHRISTINE GARCIA DAVID GARCIA FRANCES GARCIA IRENE GARCIA LOUIS GARCIA MIGUEL GARCIA MARIA GARCIA ROY GARCIA ARULLIA GOMEZ " ' ■ " ■ — fe., — — ■«« , ' -».. , »--- - w DOLORES GONZALES AAAADOR GONZALES BILLY GONZALES DAVID GONZALES FRANK GONZALES RITA GONZALES ROBERT GONZALES 103 . ROBERT GRIEGO CELIA GUERRA JANE GUERRA MARY HELEN GUERRERO AARIO GUILLOT CELESTINO GUTIERREZ SANDY HARPER ALFRED HARTMAN ART HELING FRANK HERMAN ELVERA GUTIERREZ RALPH GUZMAN i BENJAMIN HERNANDEZ CONNIE HERNANDEZ HELEN HERNANDEZ ' RENE HERNANDEZ SANDRA HERNANDEZ THOMAS HERNANDEZ VERA HERNANDEZ CAROLINA HERRERA HUBERT HIRANO BARBARA HOLMES B VIRGINIA HOLGUIN CAROL HOM FRANK IV AMIZU SHELIA JACOB ROBERT JACOBO ROSALINDA JAIME MSK2IIi 2MLii lOi LINDA JARAMILLO LEONARD JONES MICHAEL JOHNSTON MARILYN JINGA JOHN JIMENEZ SANDRA KAWASAKI CONRAD LOERA 106 ELAINE KLESTOFF LAURETTA KOBZEFF VIVIANNE KRAUSE STEVE KURUMA ESTELA LACUNA JEANETTE LANZI MARGARET LARA k M Jtar . i EDWARD LEMUS ALBERT LIMON ELVIRA LOPEZ HENRIEHA LOPEZ JIMMY LOPEZ i MO 5 i ROBERT LOPEZ RACHEL LORENZANA MAX LOYA FLOYD R. LUCERO RICHARD MACIEL DAVID MADRID LINDA MAGENO LARRY MANOOKIAN ROBERT MANQUEROS ERLINDA AAARTINEZ LOUIE MARET ALICE MARTEL DANNY AAARTINEZ DOLORES MARTINEZ © V. iu-- 107 ik AJ _-4 GILBERT MARTINEZ SABEL MARTINEZ GEORGE MARQUEZ DON MASIELLO SALVADOR MATA LILLIAN MATOSIAN CHARLENE MATSUI DIANA MEDELLIN ALFONSO MEDINA LEANDRA MEDINA M SYLVIA MEDRANO ROBERT MENDIVIL MARIA MENDEZ EVA MENDOZA 108 1 MARTIN MENDOZA FRANK MENDOZA FRANCES MENDOZA OOJMAlA MIKE MENDOZA DAVID MESTAZ YOLANDA MENDOZA RALPH MENDOZA BARBARA MEZA LOUIE MEZA ARTHUR MILLAN IRENE MIRANDA MARY MOISEN ALBERT MOLINA CHRIS MOOSHIGIAN JOSEPHINE MONREAL ENDOi MINNIE MONTIJO LEONARD MONTIJO iK 109 ELIAS MORALES GILBERT MORALES MARTIN MORALES NARCISSA MORALES YOLANDA MORENO ROSALIE MOSS HIDEKO MUKAI VIKIE MUNOZ LUPE MURILLO MARSHALL NAKAGAWA OSCAR NAVARRO ROBERT NAVA ESTHER NEVAREZ IRENE NAVARRO ROSS NAVARRO !3i % no WINSTON NIM RICHARD NUNEZ BERTHA OCHOA ALEX OGINAGA LARRY OKAMURA JERRY OLEA LUPE OLIVAREZ CHARLIE OLIVAS JOHN ORTIZ EDDIE PEREZ MIKE PEREZ CAROL PIESH MARCELLA PROVENCiO NADIA RABAN JAIME RAMIREZ JESSE RAMIREZ MARY LOUISE RAMIREZ PORFIRIO RAMIREZ JAVIER RAMOS RICHARD RASCON ISABEL REDONDO GENEVIEVE REVELLES 112 ■ i MANUEL RIVAS CHARLES RIOS SANDY REYNOLDS ESTHER REYES 9 CAROLE RIVERA MARTHA ROBLES TONY ROBLERO ANITA RODRIGUEZ eFRAIN RODRIGUEZ ELVA RODRIGUEZ GEORGE RODRIGUEZ JAVIER RODRIGUES LINO RODRIGUEZ MARGARET RODRIGUEZ f) It GILBERT ROGUE LINDA ROJAS SALLY ROMERO EDDIE ROMERO CARLOS ROMERO YVEHE ROJAS ' ' 3 ? " m 1 H ARMIDA RUBALCAVA ROSE MARIE RUBIO DONALD RUDBERG ROSE MARIE RUIZ JSIPRO SAAVEDRA REBECCA SAIZ ARTHUR SALAIZ FRANK SALCIDO MARCELLA SALCIDO LUPE SAUCH EZ MANUAL SANDOVAL RAYMOND SANDOVAL v " ' RICHARD SANDS PATRICK SANTOS SHARLEEN SEGAV A CLARENCE SENECHAL BARBARA SEPULVEDA 114 ROBERT SEPULVEDA RAY SERNA GRACE SHIKIYA SYLVIA SLIVKOFF JOSE SOLOMON MARIO SOLOMON GEORGE SATILLO VIVIAN SOTELO ALEX SOTO DONNALEE SOTO SATSUKO TAKATA MARY TALAMANTES i BERTHA TARIN RICHARD TELLEZ DAVID TERAN CAROL TERRY ipOtVEDA ALMA TORRES ■f ' ' " ms l ANSELMA TORRES DAVID TORRES DIANNA TORRES MARY HELEN TORRES ROBERT TORRES M BOBBY TRUJILLO j ' " " MARIA ELENA URANC LUPE TRUJILLO PHIL URIBE JOE URBANO VIRGINIA VALDEZ TERR! URENO RUBEN VALDIVIA CARLOS VALEATIN DELPHINE VALENCIA ALBERT VALLES JOHN VALLES 4 I 10S(ES ALICE VARGAS EDWARD VARGAS LUCY VARGAS -Jfe i;:::. JOSEPHINE VEGA ESTHER VENEGAS YVONNE VARGAS TONY VASILEVICH VICTOR VIDAL NOREEN VICTORINA MARY VILLAREAL i RAY WACHEL JIM WADE LA DONNA WAGGONER ALFRED WALTERS JOLENE WELCH LORENZO YBARRA SONDRA YEDWALSKY RAYMOND YUSI SAL ZUBIATE iSffi W ' 62 CAMPUS ANNUAL STAFF (Left to right): Elba Calzoda (Senior Editor), Anthony Hoiguin (Senior Editor), Helen Esporzo (Art), Solly Munez (Business Manager), Jonnoe Oslrom (Class Editor), Isoble Redondo, Jimmie Peguera (R.O.T.C), Javier Ramos (R.O.T.C), Eddie Mendozo (Art), Eva Mendozo (Senior Editor), Josephine Monreal, Pete Martinez, Barbara Holmes (Club Editor), Gloria Garcia (Copy Editor), Terri Ureno (Sports Editor), Olgo Duron, Sealed, Editor Carol Terry. Not shown in picture are Bill Fujiharo (Sports Editor), Aaron Ozav o (Sports Editor). S ' 62 CAMPUS ANNUAL STAFF (Left to right): Richard Mendozo (Art), Donnalee Soto (Senior Editor), Mr. Geertz, Dolores Esquivel (Senior Editor), Jennie Revelles (Copy Editor), Terri Ureno (Sports Editor), Sylvia Villalobos (Typist), Jeon DesotofT (Seated; Editor) Ruby Ortiz (Snapshots Editor 8. R.O.T.C), Morlene Yomado (Business Manager), Tony Polacios (Sports Editor), Esther Cuevas (typist), Henry Gurrolo (Sports), Evo Mendozo (Copy Editor), Eddie Vorgos (Sports), John Velasquez (Sports). EASTSIDE TYPEWRITER SERVICE FUNERARIA ZEFRINO RAMIREZ BUSINESS MACHINES MEMORIAL CHAPEL SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS - ALL MAKES ESTABLECIDA EN 1919 CALCULATOR SPECIALISTS 4545 BROOKLYN AVENUE 5120 WHITTIER BLVD. LOS ANGELES 22, CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES 22, CALIF. AN 8-4278 AN 3-2615 AN 3-3226 AN 1-2255 AN 3-9664 ATLANTIC SAVINGS LOAN RIFKIN ' S SHOES 4728 WHITTIER BLVD. 5031 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 8-5903 AN 9-0661 RECORD RACK " BEST IN THE WEST BY TASTE, 1 GUESS " ROCK N ' ROLL -POPULAR LATIN - JAZZ - WESTERN FOSTERS FREEZE BLUE CHIP STAMPS 5144 EAST BEVERLY BLVD. BANKAMERICA CREDIT CARDS 5160 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 2-7992 " IN EAST LOS ANGELES " j ' mmM ' i LAWSONS JEWELRY THE BEST IN CREDIT JEWELERS 2212 S. ATLANTIC BLVD. PA. 1-7816 OSCAR ' S HOME FURNISHING! THE FINEST QUALITY IN FURNITURE 4814 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 8-4535 LEE-MAR ' S MEN ' S AND YOUNG I MEN ' S SHOP " FOR THAT rj FEELING OF INSOUCIANCE " Wta t T UsuL Wojo i AN. 2-2248 3657 E. FIRST STRI LOS ANGELES 63 CALIF. FIRST TO RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF IVY AND CONTINENTAL ai RENT-A-TUX FORMAL WEAR WE[ DINGS • DINNERS • DANCES DOTTY DEAN FASHION FOR ALL OCCASIONS ' COMPLETE SELECTION OF DRESSES AND SPORTSWEAR " AN. 9-6441 746 S. ATLANTIC 4787 Whittier Blvd. L.A .22, California AN. 1-3465 CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED 880 W. Beverly Blvd. " In Mart of Montebelio " RA. 3-9566 LAY-AWAY URICH- NELSON MOTORS MERCURY • S-22 • COMET 122 501 S. ATLANTIC AN 8-3101 CaatauU GmJ Jewel to V X. EASTSIDE CREDIT JEWELERS " Gifts For All Occasions " 4840 WHITTIER BLVD. AN. 9-0938 WORTHS 2120 ATLANTIC BLVD. RA 3-2123 For The Finest In Men ' s Clothes THE FIRST STREET STORE 3640 EAST FIRST STREET LOS ANGELES 63, CALIF. AN 9-8370 HOWARD MEN SHOP VARSITY SHOP 2236 S. ATLANTIC BLVD. MONTEREY PARK PA 1-6544 ' j j r MW m ft ROWAN CREDIT JEWELERS ROY R. NESHEK 3656 E. FIRST ST. —2214 BROOKLYN AVE. " Service Is Our Business " AN 9-1106 5121 E. BEVERLY BLVD., AN 8-9814 " A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned " INDIANA MARKET SAVE AT 568 S. INDIANA ST. J. C. PENNY CO. AN 8-4869 2200 S. ATLANTIC BLVD. IN MONTEREY PARK CASITA DE FLORES 4465 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 9-9868 or AN 9-6378 CROWEN ' S MUSIC CENTER FINE SELECTION OF INSTRUMENTS INSTRUMENT LESSONS Shucart Stationery Printing Co. 3524 BEVERLY BLVD. MONTEBELLO 124 School and Office Supplies 4701 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 3-4141 OFFICIAL TIME INSPECTORS FOR UNION PACIFIC AND SANTA FE RAILROADS DOWNS JEWELERS 4832 WHITHER BLVD. AN 1-8646 HELMICK ' S FIRESTONE FIRESTONE TIRES PHILCO APPLIANCES BUDGET TERMS 5050 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 9-0511 FREEWAY MOTORS CARS • PARTS • TRUCKS • SERVICE 705 S. ATLANTIC BLVD. EAST LOS ANGELES AN 8-01 01 STORY MUSIC CO. RECORDS — INSTRUMENTS — LESSON! RENTALS — REPAIRS — ACCESSORIES JOIN OUR RECORD CLUB " ONE FREE WITH EVERY TEN " WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS 4708 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 8-6960 IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL RAY ' S BARBER SHOP EXPERT HAIR CUTTING Raymond B. Vargas 462 So. Atlantic Blvd. No Phone Los Angeles 22, Calif. JAYS MEN ' S SHOP 4818 WHITTIER BLVD. AN. 3-2891 diL KURLEY ' S 4719 WHITTIER BLVD. Los Angeles 22 E. Z. Credit One Year To Pay Specializing in Continental and Ivy Clothes TUXEDO RENTAL! SPECIAL STUDENT RATES Levi Headquarters in E.L.A. (BANKAMERICARD) PACIFIC SAVINGS LOAN 5401 WHITTIER BLVD. RA. 3-6285 Hi ANGELES MARKET 4322 UNION PACIFIC AVE. AN. 3-9329 WHITTIER ATLANTIC LANES STUDENTS WELCOME 5158 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 1-1171 BIRK ' S JEWELERS USE OUR CREDIT PLAN 4721 WHITTIER BLVD. AN 2-2508 " Campus Photographers " CAGLE-HOLLINGER STUDIO 737 SO. ATLANTIC BLVD. LOS ANGELES 22, CALIF. gi|— LASALLE DIAMOND CO. ' SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR 20 YEARS ' 4824 WHITHER BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES 22, CALIFORNIA BEN GILBERT AN 1-5305 CONNIE MAY ' S BEAUTY SALON SPECIALIST IN COLD WAVING— HAIR SHAPING STYLING SCALP TREATMENT TINTING 5348 WHITTIER BOULEVARD PA 1-1741 THE MOST COMPLETE TOY STORE IN EAST LOS ANGELES TOY VILLA AN 8-0448 5143 WHITTIER BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES 22 USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN ALL YEAR ROUND MONTAGUE ' S FLOWER SHOP SPECIALIZING IN WEDDING FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS 5225 EAST BEVERLY BOULEVARD DAYS— PA 2-5617 NIGHTS— AN 8-6322 GARCIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY YOUNG CHINA CAFE FAMILY STYLED DINNERS 5245 E. BEVERLY BOULEVARD " WE PACKAGE ALL FOODS TO TAKE OUT " LOS ANGELES 22 5126 WHITTIER BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES 22, CALIF. L. B. GARCIA PA 2-1741 AN 3-9068 TED RIVAS — PROPRIETOR HENRIETTA GRANADO— OFFICE MANAGER ALUMNI W ' 49 TEDDYS FOR MEN 4780 WHITTIER BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES, CALIF. AN 8-4643 tt MS 5322 irtW ill i«.•t ■ia« ' J ' «»Wdtfii ' A•tVL» ' A ' M, ivfc« i ■ tl f , ' v « ' i■t A l

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