James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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' S' vf 4 ' X c 'L ,cf 'JO f 'J-ff'fInJff0"-50? -4-4"'A43 How 7,5-Q f? Aa GMX alfa ,QL .MQ R, 'Q . , A Q F7 Ci Rfk fifJfZif7if+gQf My-f by mdk" Lf GK, ff, ,WM 41, cm c 1 ' A Q Q,- Zfobq QQDXG 4,1 97,9 keg Q H px X S5 Af ' N . V G QQ is CW ,, 'Lx " L If f Q ix. ! L' U! 4 cSL , 0 xr- - , X h Q' V F 0 .!. 1' ' 3 Akv4l1i In JCQULQ-'DX I X wmv wW1'5wV mf Q W' 1 .51 , J QR C J if XY fgwfwl pQ vm f ff ff JW wa X dw W AN x M KQALGW We QNX CW? JWMQJ 312 5 fQfg1XQw'A dwsffi M W 5? X N www W RWM M Xfff rx Efxsglly Jr XVY HA! 3 F Q 'x Q5 V 1 QM W is wie 'N 1 Sm 1 3 RS fi? V I x 159' F i in Pg KxU,K?JflL , . A - X ,Lg X " ,F 1' . ,I A x M!! I ff 5 Q X ' W fb X 4 j 4 ' f MMM QRS- 'OVW , wk? ' N 5 X X5 Q K. r M ' io x' 3 M5 Q f ' xo J I K 1 af' 4' W I W www 12 F 997 ' , N6i JJ . ...ba ' A ! Jw XX! MJ ,X V! x 1 Qf X?2if, V v Q 5 if N ,Lbvofkwf 3 5 S 5 x fluff Q EQ ix s U J , an -J it XA ' D 4 Qt w , Aff, Nfy-5 - Q' nj? -. . Q 'gAQfw,y b 1 3 J' NAM pony 'W 4.3 A M XN wa X43 XXL, XX fy X Ng if f 'Z Cya. Lf Sb 7? fvjff'-fvii Jn If X 53' H3 7 L WWA M QANLNAWM of X Q2 X M Y 3 1 iff agylia J' ,C iq Q C!! gQfJS',M0'x kin fy fy Ufqbgff iM! gf ff ffl! iv Q "1'ff.4 ,Q gl ,vffli 4 V k I x ogy IQUJHPJS in ,M 1 , V Q fo " v QVC!! 0 xp h' 1'- ,AHRI j rv, Q! J, X-JKvx,,,1-XE VU SA I J K in V 1,3 Q 1 A , 1 L 1 an 'A If A A - A,, q M k 5 ,gf jf: J gf ,xx fe, i ,H X . tl Q VV X N Lk :dau J 'xr L 1-Y, X in X x xxx P -fg V ,V 'wk ' xy 5 We . N5 5 Q3 XJ , - - N3 Q Q in ,UF .Q NX , , X I XX 'ff' I of 2 4 K guyz", xc 9 25,3 I if E4 Avwlw "- A Q V 4 gg?-2 ix., , 05 25, X N ,QQ 'X X' , ,- . XM M f. '. V, E . xx bf 'f K f My wyl QJHM, WM?f? F f,:1QM QW -.N A K 'f3.fXL Rf f Q xi ' 5 x 54 ENV 'v p W! 39" -SWT N Muff x M xg? J 1 ,AMB W A J 'Dj cf! is ,pl W1 AW 1 X 4 , M x . Q, ul g L ff Ay-A AMW X ity A I ' , xg in P W fx my .N S Nxxx f 2, I . my ,, f 's f W ' M' iffy 1-Q p, cv' Jw, -J Ni gf 'Q X X JD , U' , if , Ji i 537 JP ., C We 3 G QM 13 is Y XX' X C' mfg fd ,Vu X , NX 2, Aj 5- fb br! G K -VN. l NJ, LVL I! , fx A Af f J 1 5, . A - af ' ' I , -'xfz K N I 1 J V X' 719-f" jx ' 1 'N N ,J '41 NJA ' .hw ,ya ll' 5-MAJ H fi iq, at .J -4 QXKJ IX' '-gli! fp XG diy, N , J Y J W W! X' lf' N 'Vw . , I , -V .IQ X, ff , 'li , If if , U X X 6-A X ,ff ff X fir CL A 17 GA! if " 4:xff:,!vf' ,A . Ya 'J A . f 'T ! Q,-'AMES Ag GAi3i-QELD HSS?-4 SQHQQLZ 'a w rw E".-......1........ 5i '?'31?!'7,fq, 1, was nu-. , iam f f iw Ulf My A X f Lfll llflj Q1 t , l: 0 R W A R D Q9 fillvfyy W ff f L fl 7 i 1 L' -fflf M U X 5 H4 1 Perhaps the true worth of our schooling lies in being able not only to benefit by the things freely given us, but in being able to give. Garfield students have given to their school not only of their time, talents, and efforts, but they have added an in- tangible spirit to her that can be seen on the athletic field, in the bleachers, the classrooms, and club meetings. Each stu- dent has freely given of his talents, wheth- er it be running, pitching a ball better than anybody else, speaking, leadership, or by iust being a good follower. That is why upon the graduation of each consecutive class an emptyness is left that cannot be filled. For each individual has added something to Garfield that no one else could have given. The honors each student brings to Garfield will remain and the results of the many hours of service will be seen long after that person has graduated. DEDICATION It is because of this thatwe dedicate this ANNUAL TO YOU, the students of Garfield and especially the graduating classes, in hopes that it will till many of your hours with pleasant memories. Qu' 4 Gu CONTENT QE, 'Y lfpgf,-4 1' , ' Y' Y 'yn J , M .1'3, r".r'1,n .3 it MV ,iy an 3 't tx 45, af' -any' wtf J '37 Wana r 5? P -it uf? 5' Q , x I 1355 ll 1 3 , A 'V" A r Q MARTIE FULLER Editor in Chief GEORGE NYE JR. Sponsor RENEE GILSTON W'56 Senior Editor W' A MARGARET ARRAS S'56 Senior Editor New-different-that is what Garfield students will find "The Campus" for '56 to be. The '56 Annual as presented by this annual staff shows an entirely different type of Annual than Garfield students have seen in past years. Beginning with the new incoming 'lOth graders life prog- resses until the climax-Graduation. All activities and sports give pictorial high lights of the school year. A new approach has been tried with new ideas in layouts, pictures, and organizations featuring this Annual. ENJOY YOUR '56 ANNUAL ,lg -325 Mr D Raymond Brothers has lust chalked up on even dozen of years of servuce un gutdlng and directing Garflelds student body as her prunclpul Throughout thus Ilme he hos won the re through hrs hugh admunlstratlve obllltles enthusiasm and concern for the welfare of Gorfleld and her students May we wtsh Mr Brothers another suc cessful twelve years as our school prm cnpal ADMINISTRATION DANIKER VAN Not every high school gets a boys' vice principal who can efficiently solve the routine crises that arise every day, and still maintain his naturally cheerful dis- position. Not only does Garfield have these two rare qualities combined in her "Mr. Van," but she has also found that he can carry his contagious enthu- slasm into the many school activities that he enters Dispute his many duties h has found time to capture some of the highlights of the school activities through his hobby photography ears has Mrs Shelia Bauer for three y furnished the feminine touch on our ministration trio ln the b'cachers at sports events an her office or at a luncheon Mrs Bauer as always represented to Garfield girls e perfect lady Her gentleness sincerity firm guidance and ready sense of humor have put many girls at ease when they have come t her office for advice or counseling FACULTY MIRIAM BINDER CARSON BINKLEY ESTEL BLACK ALMEDA BREEZE DON BOWSKY JOE COTA HELEN COMPTON CHESTER CASH DONALD CAPP EARL ESSER GEORGE EARL GEORGE DIEHL QWWZ ,4,,m'f, ' 'L 4 LAURENCE GINGERY GLENNA FLECK DONALD HASTINGS ROBERT LEVENTHAL WILLIAM LEWIS ETHEL INGALS MILEVA MANDARECH FLORENCE JESSE BERNARD KESS CHARLOTTE LAMBERT . . . When a B-IO first comes to Garfield he is faced with approxi- mately 98 faculty members who are complete strangers to him. For the next three years these people will play a role in his life that is second only to his family. Through his classes, clubs, and sports, he will come to know these people in their many different roles, teacher, organizer, club sponsor, advisor, and friend. Graduating, at the end of three years of close contact with these people, the senior finds that he is leaving a group of people who have been an im- measurable influence upon him and will always be part of his life. For they taught more than the "three R's" and have given more than was required of them-their guidance, understanding, sympathy, and friendship. WILLIAM MATHEWS WILLIAM McKENNA ESTELLE MARKCWITZ RVSSQQ STANLEY HASS ELVERA STAMPER MARGARET SHARP JOE SARVER DAVID MILLER WALTER MORLEY MILDRED MOYSE RUTH NORGARD NELL OERTEI. GLORIA RICE DAVID WOODS HARRY WALSTAFF W DAVID S. WILLIAMS KATHERINE PETREMONT Hgmneef' ADA ASTELS F. RUTH WINSLOW DON CARLOS BOWSKY WELCOME NEW TEACHERS I4 RUTH MU.ELLER ROBERT ROSSIER JAMES SOULES I PRESENTING High school progress as we know it. tt . 10111 GRADE Yet o Ilttle young to know t' 1 51' f-1 QQ! -'10 I tfh GRADE Thunks he mlght be doesn t know he IS lust stortlng to grow -9- XX list if 13, -'AuhnlBB23?'1" nw B ai----. ,I 'H I I Starts thlnkung of next semester cmd thinks this IS the best grade 5 711 11:49 L41 N In w. -Qi' GRADUATION . K S -. E A, ' . Xi ,, 5 3 . X ,Q PQI? ' ' i e , ..,gg ' ..'..-.r!.. Q' 'f' W .11 ,nfl nl-'11 . .1, .if I8 1 E "H g K . what lf? f 4- fs at " 'X , ' A f gif: , F -W 'S' G , , , ' H K, Lg e . f ""':' "- , .J Q54 ivy .exY,-q- V hh j . lv 'Y ,jig with 32370 . . . . . ' 1 : g X 335 t if V fi ,. 5 f ,v f F ff" 5 I 1 fax 'viii rl ' f 5 f Qi F .A f 5 1 ,Y ff' ' ekmsif 5 2 , a I . I p In 1 5 i F 1 ..g 4 In J, JM, H, I N71 'X 1 Y ,iz , J. ,:.,4-.2-..'f 4 1 ,f or 2, , -ret 'L ' fl Sr?" 7 1 -. -, A Q ' "4 . . . 555 ff: ' - G ' 1-fi if 2 N 1,1 Q- uw E 2, .1 A W ,A AL , . Q'-9' f 'T Iv W ,.f. K wg, 33 N 7' xwffv 'L yi ,f,f'q., 34 ,,, ye sa' QM . .9 4 3 we 'ich J M ,W,, x ff .fn -'B' 4. . 4 u Kr 1., Q Z .::. 1 A, . .f- ' V ,xo 'B' ,W , f '12, V Sw . 5 5 F , M V Wwg 4, wt' f Q, ,. MM, .. , 1 ni A 5 , ' '- E , . ,,,, I " - f A .,. 4 , ,,3 VA ,, ' 4 .J L , Q . egg ' 4 ' 1 X , 4 - ,S MK W! at Q ,Q " 'i X. , I mf 2 ' - V ,, I I I f -' j " 'f y K u l 'I , t .. .LQ , fi :IQ 43 ,. RMK f :T it as A ad all I Mx? jg N sv x 04kt in 1' 1 1 GA 1 , . 1' ' 9' K ' vi 5 V2 K. ka xyw Y 3 5, x 1 'x . 4. Q wi 'v X ,. , 9 - J 4 4' if A V 1 ' . . 5' ' Q is f '-' ' f hy. ! 3 1' 4 Q, 5? 1 'gi 1:4 4 1 l Y., 5 , 'ii , ,R L , yr IM- -AZ? gig , , A' Y, A, 4? -w -5 .gg-gf ggi' S am w Q in ' -li 4 W! Q. 5 ' ' c as A Q. I? V Z ' W g A ex. ..'iQlKf.4:y 'W' nf? 1 gi, an in 'r,.,'?f,7'f "' ' "3 A ig M, 3 1 wsu.,-,-,G 35 A A Q Q Ai' ,K M, ' QT 4 if -wr '41 WX 'Q Q ,vp 01' new V ' L .""f'Z.A " Q' f 'nxl A ' I J. ?.2m,,!3Qb,,J:E .Q 1.01 Q' ' -M-, "'-4 -Q... a ,g- .gbgjr - M kc 1, 7 , . aw ,, , I i I A , 3 KN., NX K N . , 9 X xA I g In A ii' ay ' 3 , X r fi 2.1 . Q D lb-u... i ""'s"'w-4 -. m '65 t9 K 9 x W. wx J Row 1: G. Alcaraz, B. Aguirre, Baboff, M. Allen, J. Anderson, Avila, A. Alvarado, B. Agueros, Acosla. Row 2: J. Vargas, Barnes, E. Alaforre, B. Asolo, Acevedo, L. Aguilar, R. Anaya, Aguilar. Row 'l: P. Benel, C. Canales, C. Chavez, B. Chacez, C. Blodgell, L. aCstillo, A. Chavez, R. Busche, F. Bonsell. Row 2: G. Benavides, J. Burciaga, A. Chavez, M. Chavez, A. Chavez, F. Blampiam, A. Cer- vaniez, E. Barron. Row l: N. Daniels, T. Darrla, M. Celaya, R. Bugos. Row 2: M, Bi- tola, E. Barron, A. Beiarano, C. Hanley, R, Aguayo, G. Delgado. wl A Gilham M Garcia Gonzales D Garcia S Garcia A Garcia, Y. Garcia, M. Goncharen ko, J. Gonzales, J. Garcia. Row 2 R. Garduno, E. Gayton, M. Garcia M. Gonzales, A. Galuslian, A Gonzales, 8. Gardner. Row 'l: B. Maddex, J. Flanes, K Keppleno, E. Moeslas, M. Losoya A. Leon, M. Jurado, R. Longoria Row 2: A. Lopez, R. Kawasaki, R 1: M. Rodriguez, R. lolerno, U Limeon, W. Looney, S. Kane, M udomelkan, G. Ruiz, O. Salas, Lopez, HI Looney R. Kucemg Uwe, Row l: D. Cota, J. Dimassimo, Coon, A. Del Rio, J. Delgado, S. P Chavez, T. Chavez, E. Diaz, Diaz, A. Del Rio. Row : . Baca, S. Chavez, J. Diaz, D. R. Cirar, J. Darling, D. Cabos, E. Diaz. 'i Row 'lx S. Sanchez, A. Ybarra, E. Ramirez, A. Tapia. Row 2: L. Rios, C. Lopez, M. Santa Maria, A. Ten- erelli, R. Torres, I. Trujillo, O. Ro- driguez, C. Valdivia, A. Silva. Row 3: S. Pineira, J. Sandoval, G. San- chez, D. Strother, T. Telles, W. Valadez, F. Vargas, A. Rodriguez. Row 'l: A. Perez, J. Paul, A. Or tiz, B. Pommerville, R. Ortegon, R. Pietrowicz, J. Munoz, C. Pineda Row 2: M. Padilla, R. Perea, L Parrish, V. Olausson, C. Paweluish, B. Okira, D. Ortegon, B. Pogosian M, Podrasky. Row 'l: S. Nakata, D. Motsenback- er, F. Montes, D. Moore, N. Moure, H. Monroe. Row 2: A. Morales, B. Morales, B. Muraviov, G. Moret, R. Montoya, G. Nomura, A. Morales. Row 'l: J. Gonzales, G, Foster, B. Feinberg, C. Elizondo, K. Egkan, A. Hanada, L. Hamilton, G. Gon- zales, M. Gaytan, D. Grattam. Row 2: V. Gonzales, R. Drascich, A. Estrada, S. Calliher, D. Fierro, J. Granada, R. Gomez. Row 1: L. Tapia, D. Valenzuela, M Tovar, M. Takuichi, B. Sukiasian, I Valencia, D. Gandara, C. Tiiesina N. Torres, M. Soliz. Row 2: E Tolstoy, M. Tolmasoff, V. Taylor S. Siegel, E. Talamantes, P. Segu ra, D. Sepulveda, S. Tommer, D Styia, M. Ulloa, B. Frammell. rf- Row l: E. Nokota, V. Olivas Nalbandi E , . an, . Miranda, R. Neva- rez, S. Molina, M. Orosco L. M , on tes, R. Munez, J. Moncada A Munoz, C. Munoz. Row 2: B. Me drano, F. Chavez, N. Escalante, M Ba rragan, A. Mesa, J. McWilliams R. Montoy, A. Holmes R Orte J - 90 R. Nava, G. Valencia, J. Uribe, A. Meza, H. Molina. Row lz A. Sumeno, B. Spitzer, C. Schwartz, P. Mitchell A R d' , . 0 YI guez, R. Rachel, O. Ceroy. Row 2: R. Shararian, E. Mendoza, A. Du rand, R. Lopez, L. Rodriguez, A P . reclado, D. Rodarte. Row I: P. Legospe, J. Martinez, D. Klubnicken, I. Lopez, J. Kirkpat rick, O. Loya, A. Mocias, C. Leon M. Medina, E. Mendoz d R E R. B. P. a, Y. Men- z, C. Martin. Row 2: G. Lriye, Lopez, J. Mendoza, E. Merino Mora, R. Moronez, M. Morales, Moran, T. Moreno, D. Morishita, Montes, S. Lopez. Row l: E. Arguijo, R. Boylan, J. ores, A. Sanchez R Bernard, F. Fl , . Alva, B. Blanche, B. Espinosa. Row 2: A. Arras, D. Afonin, G. Barbo- so,J. Anderson, J. Aratani, H. Ala- niz, P. Arroia. l lTH Row 1: L. Chavez, A. Craflon, aslaneda C Dean J Coon C , - , - , Mendoza. Row 2: B. Castillo, Miranda, A. Casillas, R. Dalton, GRADE Row 1: D. Esparza, P. Decou, I. De Baca, R. Kilnick, J. Fuenles, J. House. Row 2: P. Flores, A. Du- rand, R. Diaz, J. Blanco, R. Brodie. Row 'l: S. Benavides, E. Perez, D. Powers, R. Navarro, L. Aguilar, M. L. Gonzales, J. Perez, A. Cordero M. Garcia, E. Rodriguez, J. Dillin- ger, R. Garcia, E. Gomez. Row 2: ' F. F. Oflll, R. Chavez, D. Holmes, Rivcli, A. Warren, A. Gomez, A. Sermeno. I Row I: B. Casas, A. Cordero, M. Clark, L. Caballero, R. Caballero D. Mariane, J. Chacon. Row 2: E Dawlin, E. Carmono, M. Cabulo D. Chavez, S. Bashikian, R. Chavez mm, wg . firm Kung Q A Y Q X D . .""'fQ A -5 2 X , ' jf 4' fa A XLA' W W W, . , CY " 'D 4 f 1 1 ' X WM iq 5 5 Q "fr-521,-f , x k , :gg . x X 5 , i 'x i ' , Wm , M, a V HM 4A M A Q 5 'QE v A X 1 , W 7 5 S' A kgfggx k,1":f15 S in 5 Q 1 W tl 1 W as fa. 'Y' 3 new 'M e i I fm Kwxw g Q' w ,X ASK, 3 ' ff ,J ,S J 1 X W Y .W .au V 3 .. V5 5 5 g -4, ' 1' wi, " Q X!"-m f g'J 345 wb, mf Vw Q, f - '- S . f ' i it 8 5 93 45, f . in A :Q 5 fa ff' if I "wb, IZ Q. 525, ,i 5, K wif. ...Mg , j 1 I It G f N4 57 ' '1' , in F ' A M' A' Hx ' My A ff 'fl I 1 6: m+vi 'f 'x A Q Q ,A,, Y .. 4 qgzt l w S W V, W' .I XM? K 2,53 A' if 1 , F f fu vs- N ,, N . , .ij Su- : ff , -, I 5, in ? Xfxfkwiggl M., , J .4 W Q S ,Q A f ' K ' ' . 'ffw fl, ., , ' Q K L , ai W k i,:'23L.-.1 it -7, sv ' 5 K ff K1 M ,. h Q- il 5 as , S' 5 Sf 1 Q , 1 J , Q - -1,1 . " y ,Q I "' K - a "" 1 W ff? Six . v M ' if as' J ml 1 V f --M... . 2 ,L N Yessy , . X. 5 ' is N-aM,ix xy, S Eg' x K K ' e N 'Q ., X fri ng an,-x 4 Y' ? ' Q V, t x N' , x v. .42 KZ? if .X Ak? L A his P if MCi mx? x .E X X N X, 5 'K X M 'S wa xv QF 3 Q AE I 1. -sw I -lx Row 1: C. Dominguez, C. Friedman M. Floriani, E. Gaylan, M. Duran D. Dorsey, G. Forman, E. Flores, D Gallego, E. Garcia, E. Eelss, O Felix, L. Fierro. Row 2: E. Garner, E. Garcia, D. Dykier, L. Eaton, Downey. Row Corella, A. 'lz J. Alfaro, R. Aguilera, W. Mena, A. Medina, E. Corella, D. Hunt. 4' Row 'l: K. Shubin, B. Shapiro, L. Shapiro, J. Sanchez, I. Ortiz, L. Caballero, R. Aguilar, J. Herrera, ndaval, C. Schwarlz, S Sandoval, M, Rodriguez. Row M. Ruiz, A. Sa 2': D. Powers, W. Seki, E .Sonchez, P. Rodarte, J. Portillo, R. Pacheco, B. Rutherford, I. Schmillker, A. Renieria, R, Salcido, D. Holmes, L Polydoros, D. Boogrove, D. Sando val. Row 1: M. Murillo, A. Rodriugez, R, Rios, S. Pacheco, J. Okamolo, H. Ochoa, Y. Derellana, T. Orlega, L. Purdy, A. Ramirez. Row 2: R. Ochoa, T. Mendoza , R. Ramos, C. Orozco, R. Rago, A. Preciado, J. Padsakoff. Row 'l: S. Simovich, V. W' d is om, R. Sainz, L. Herrera, L. Trask, A. Sharvelles, A. Dawnelles, A. Vas- quez, S. Wagner, M. Salcido. Row 2: ' T. Simon, W. Warden, S. Tana- ka, J. Trammell, L. Wards A , . Torres, E. Valenzuela, M. Vasquez, G. Sainz, L. J. Sauers, F. Orliz. Row l: R. Arroyo, R. Perez, R. Aici mega, F. Rivoli, A. Aguilar F Bu- wndq, R. Calderon Row 2: v R . . . o- driguez, A. Vasquez, C. Cordero, F. Herrera, G. Valles, F. Webb, C. Reyes, L. Andrews, J. Allen. Row 3: G . Almanzan, R. Candelaria S. B., J. Sunday, R. Perez, A. Nilo, R. Vindugo, J. Friday, H Frias D. Delfin, M. Alekian, M. Busch. Row 'l: F. Chavez, D. Rodriguez, A. Rebeles, A. Vasquez, Y. Felix M. Enriquez, S. Cole, P. Daleo, M. Campos, M. Brown. Row 2: R. Du- rand, L. Chambers, J. DeAnda, O. Cereudes, L. Carlin , G. Decker. Row 'l: S. Hamilton, S. Heredia B. Castillo, C. Lopez L Onei 'C , . e, . Clark, D. Montoya, M. Maddux E Olivas, J. Nakagawa, D. Monreal. Row 2: A. Olea, J. Murillo, G. Valencia, R. Lopez, M. Salcido, S. Wagner, A. Rebeles G Lel P , . a, . Clark, B. Johnson, B. Lugose. 12TH W? . ff-ai, 5 I h 1 QA? R fx JK! w-BX! ' is 5 X Ja I in 1 filly ni su ll! K Kj J,gy! -if, XJ 51123 Us 'fa , Li it jxH,,qw7 1? Q X I ,V 'J K 4 X 1 4 4 5 M gi K H24 i Wb H v . 7, ' 1 W' ., 1. ., 41,4 3 ff? iw K A , V 35 1 5,5 . ,, 3:1 flfif.. 7' ,Av afyfyf-v --J ,. 9 3-Q 'Q Q ' X2! 9 fr fr , I' g' Lv, wQ9'EQw 'gf'fr'123fi LI' f. 25:10 ' H L43 ' N 1 T y F f 'Pa RENEE GILSTON KATHERINE MATICH Joe TRONCOSO PATRICIA fuel GEORGE YAMASAKI W'56 EPHEBIANS W'56 OLYMPIANS DAVID BENIOFF Head Sponsor W 56 Class Contrary to tradition the Olympians went one step ahead and created an emblem that held no sig- ' nificance. The results was a modern artistic idea. A In honor ofthe Olympic Gomes the Class of W'56 was designated as Olympians. Xs, , 26 ORLANDO KREUTZER SENIOR A CABINET FERNANDO FIMBRES CARMEN DOVALINA DAVID APODACA ESTHER MONTEZ SHARON BENSON YOLANDA PINEDA ROSE MARIE SENIOR B CABINET RODARTE L+ -7,: t ' y J Gs, is 'Q 1 JOSE CHAVEZ Academic CAROL DALLEY Business MARY LOU DIAZ Business HORTENSIA ESPARZA Home Econ. ROSE MARIE CHAVEZ Business THOMAS DAVIS Academic SPONSORS FRANCES NAYLOR SOLOMAN SHERMAN BURDETTE KRIENKE JACK DILLARD Ind. Arts ANA MARIE ESPINOZA Business ' TECHZNICK CHEKIJIAN Business YOLANDA DELALOZA Business GEORGE COBIN MARGARET COPPIN Academic Business CANDELARIO DELGADO ARMANDO DIAZ Ind. Arts Ind. Arts MARGARET CORTEZ Business LINDA DIAZ Home Econ. CARMEN DOVALINA Academic BARBARA ANN ESTRADA Fine Arts MARTHA YOUNG DUGALLY ALBERT DURAN Academic Ind. AHS FRED FERNANDEZ XAVIER FERNANDEZ Ind. Arts Business V .ALL 5 I Za' if ,.,. 'Vi 5,37 ' -ELL: ,f ,fhffa ' EVALINA DURAN Business ERLINDA FIERRO Business "5-s:. .I , I .f I if ,,., f " ALONZO FIGUEROA Academic RICARDO FIERRO Ind. ArIs X SPONSOR DAVID PEARLSTEIN CONCHA GARCIA ISABEL GARCIA Accdemlc Busmess FERNANDO FIMBRES Ind, Arts MORRIS FLORES Ind. Arfs CA RM EN GALLARDO Business ANITA GARICA Business 'ie BI W Q1 JIMMY GARCIA n ArIs LEONIDAS GARCIA Business BEVERLY TAYLOR GARRETT Business ERNESTO GAYTON Academuc S 13? 54,56 S I ly 6 .,? - ' di G . . I dl . . . I . QM Illzzu . I ua . ' ,uf 7 ,I f' 9 .'4Zh.,, 1 2 " CQ, . .Iv f I ,Q 74 Q, I iI Ii : fff ffr Kunl 5 - Q 2 E 5 ,h d MW RENEE GILSTON CELIA GONZALES ESNEST GONZALES GEORGE A. GONZALES Academic Business Fine Arts Ind. Arts '22 JOSE GONZALES Ind. Arts NORA GONZALES Home Econ. JIM GRAY ALICE DOROTHY GUILLEN Business NANCY HARRISON Business FRANK HEINZE Academic SPONSOR GEORGE NYE, JR. OLGA HERAS Business EDM UND HERNANDEZ Ind. Arts ALFRED MELENDEZ Ind. Arts ISABEL MORALES Business RALPH NAJ ERA Academic YOLANDA PINEDA Business S . f J A V f , 5 ISABEL MENDOZA JIMMIE MILLS Home Econ. Ind. Arts THEODORE MORENO FRANCES MOTTOLA Ind. Arts Business BARRY NERENBERG Journ. GOLFI E POLYDOROS Business i I F I f' + f Wk EMILY OBLEA Home Econ. NEIL PONTECORVO Fine Arts CONSUELO MONTES Home Econ. EZEQUIEL MUNOZ Ind. Arts ESTHER J. ORTEGON Academic JOEL RAMIREZ Ind. Arts ESTHER MONTEZ MARGARET MONTOY Business Business PAT MURPHY DAVID MURILLO Music Aero IRENE PARDO ADAM PERRY Home Econ. Aero. NEPHI RAMIREZ RAUL RAMIREZ Ind. Arts Ind. Arts ROGER SIFUENTES DANNY SNELEN EVANGELINE SOLIZ DEANNE STROTHER Business Ind. Arts Business Business JANET TETRO DANIEL TRASK JOE TRONCOSO PAT TUEL Business Academic Academic Business SPONSOR JERRY SULTZER GERALDINE VERA BETTY WONG Academic Academic 4 MOSES VALDEZ Academic GEORGE YAMASAKI Academic MOLLIE VALLES JACQUILINE ZAMBRANO Home Econ. I ALFRED TACHIQUIN Ind. Arts BARBARA ULLOA Accdemic BELEN VASQUEZ Business BEN ZAMORA Ind. Rrts MANU EL TAFOYA Ind. Arts DOLORES VALDEZ Business RUBEN VELASOUEZ Aero. RAYMOND ZAYAS Aero. Q. M ,Z f., y Us f D ' 2 ian 6 6 '?'1 -ffe '56 , if 4 iw , Q f" A 1' QQ .M W - ' 'S L' . X Q k fi: ' . A .. - .,,A1, f ,yji 1 , P I 5 - , A at vm C was ,I A K , . . , X as-.N ' 1 .1 U . ' ol ,g . x if 'JT' A y 1 1 K , A 5 I - n X ,fx 'if' S S A : 'Zaat l if . 1 i A fS'LL?ILw5lt'TV3' R f -. sh Q Jtxx nfl. A-.fm H 5 W Q I , +2 fs-I -' Ha ' , 'Q 4.. .4 Ae 2 3 -' 2 if '-r"q-M 4 n by - sh QXJ- X mr 'Q ' M X 1 s -10... x 4 4f5?4??44" .-2-. s i il? + so., AH ' N A I I A . x N . , i ' V14-3 t " g ' '-""""'-----E I 'k is-2. 1 ."a 4 ful , Q 4 Y gf. q .... YQ' .1 , x A I - fy! Vm U T, ,Q 1 'fr ,wg 'K aw 25 M f fX ff fi N ! X25 5 5313 I' 1 sb 5' Nx Head Sponsor S 56 Class The shape of the emblem of the Summer Class of '56 repre- sents the present modern and future trend. The telescope, beside the planet earth, indicates that we are looking into the future The name Utopions means "perfect," coming from the Imaginary land of pertection, Utopia. S 56 EPHEBIANS 'WT' JANICE BERNARD RoxIE KIRAMIDJIAN Y Rosenr SANCHEZ F g BONNIE PIRKIN -Y DAVID ROBINSON DELANO KAWAHARA ' ' it "H 'W' K' ' ' ' ' HELEN MARTIN The Ephebian Society was founded in 1918, by Dr. Albert Shields as a civic-service organization. An Ephebian membership is the highest honor that a graduating senior can obtain. One is chosen out of every forty on the basis of scholas- tic and service records. The oath they recite on Graduation night pledges them to uphold the honor and tradition of their school, com- munity, and of the Ephebian Society. 434 4 cJZ4z , CJ 4 1 . ,, 'mn , 4 f 3 Uk EDWARD ZAPANTA MIGUEL MIJARES HENRIETTA GUTIERREZ wig ffffff Z fiffuw K7 I -X144 c'?,z,4af 42'fff 5 07213 X K J S ERS nldbb sn. use cumsr A ' Kgglf -Qu, ,fall ,QZ40 J -,gxzcisdf .,c9lCf Qlzzf! J 4144 dig! Z f.Qd.1.4ffL' T df 4,4 24,6-Jf, MARGARET ARRAS DOLORES VIGIL ROBERT SANCHEZ SR. AYE CABINET PETER AGUILAR Ind. Arts BURT ANDERSON Academic MANUEL ARROYO Fine Aris EDWARD AGUIRRE Academic DICK ANDERSON Academic 6 4 E 4' -D' f 121 , sn if JACK ALLEN Academic PAUL ARELLANES Academic . ,cg .. f 5 em lluluu-an , ' 5 ' .0 A c' ,ON GEORGE AVEDISSIAN Ind. Arts FAYE BACA Business V...-.1 5 i i EMILIA ALMANZA ACADEMIC TERESA ARMIJO Business I A f ,csc J. ,M ,A ef wgsw' ,fs .hu W1 'a I RNQE.-.Q ,wi A JUDY BAILEY Business CAROLINE ALVAREZ Business MARGARET ARRAS Business QS a Y N JOSE BARRIOS Ind. Arts NATALIE AMPARANO Home Econ. EDMUND ARREDONDO Fine Arls SAMUEL BARRY Academic I I .ff ff 1 ,Q " DAVID BEECHLER Ind. Arts DONNA BRODIE Fine Arts EDWARD CAMARENA Academic I 25' JOHN BELDERRAIN JANICE BERNARD NELLIE BLADH Ind. Arts Business Business MARJORIE BUKSHPAN ANITA CADENA MARGARITA CADENA General Home Econ. E I I E ALICE BONNETT Home Econ. LOUIS CAGLIERO Fine Arts S351 ,A- DOMINIC L. CARDINALE General PATRICIA CARDOZA Business if .IWW .VII V...-N i f k vw' -wwgg yn 'Ti-Eiif A"""" 5 I ...s Q 5: MARILYN CARRIER Academic Q---fa RAUL CARRILLO Fine Arts CAROL JO BRADY Business EVELYN CALZADA Business ROSALBA Business ,lv GLORIA CASTRO JOE CASTRO CHARLES CHAVEZ Business Ind. Arts Academic CONRAD RICHARD COTA LAURA CROFT DELIA CRUZ Business Business Home Econ. CRUZ DE LA ROSA LUCILLE DELGADO Academic Business MARIE CONNIE CHAVEZ Business BEVERLY ANN D'AMORE Academic SAVETA DERETICH Academic SOPHI E DERETICH Academic iI': .,., I 'Ni' J n ,Q X , I Z ,J DIANE CONTRERAS Business BOB DAVIDSON Aero Q1 I,---'N GILBERT DORADO Ind. Aris ESTHER WILLIAMS COOPER Home Econ. WAYNE SCOTT DEAN Aero. ROSEMARIE DURAN Business I if fi J VIRGINIA FUERTE MARTIE FULLER RUTH GALINDO BILL GALKIN RUTH GARAVITO Business Business Business Ind. Arts Aero. HENRY GARCIA NICK GARCIA RUTH GARCIA STEVE GARCIA VELIA GARCIA Ind. Arts Home Econ. Business Fine Arts 33 I ' '1 1 X335 1-S. fegix' -- - rl kiwi, Mn rsh 3. JOHN EZMIRLIAN ROBERT FELIX LEE FINCH Academic Ind. Arts Business DAVID FLO RES Fine Arts LYDIA FLORES Business I I CARLOS GARCIA Ind. Arts ALICE GONZALES Business LINDA FOWLER Business LAW PHILLIP HERNANDEZ Ind. Arts SALLY HERNANDEZ LOUIE HERRERA Academic ROSALIE HINOJOSA Business GARY HOLMES Ind. Arts NANCY HUGO Home Econ. ROBERT IMPERIAL Ind. Arts NINA IVASKIN Business HARVEY IWAMIZU Business KIYOKO IWAMOTO Business CONCHA JUAREZ Fine Arts TONY JUAREZ Ind. Arts HELEN MARTIN Academic JESUS MERCADO Ind. Arts ELOISE MOLINA Business PATRICIA MURPHY Business Q ANNA MARIE MARTINEZ Business MIGUEL MIJARES Academic ISABEL MONTOYA Home Econ, NANCY NAKAGAWA Academic E? TERESA MARTINEZ Business EMILY MILLER Academic SPONSORS WILLIAM C. O'DONNELL, JR, GLENNA A. WRIGHT ERIC JOHNSON ANDREA MORALES Home Econ. PAT NANCARROW Academic 2,-13' at it 1: ., .M is A sr sb KV' 1 4,5 ge N was v-ff' RONALD MASON FRED McCOLLUM NORMA MEDINA Academic Home Econ. RUTH ELLEN MILLS PATRICIA MIRANDA ROBERT MOELLER Academic Home Econ. General GILBERT MORALES JACK MORGAN Ind. ArIs. Fine Arts RICHARD NAVARRO DORA ORONA Ind. ArI.s N F ,. xi , T, .gr - ff wr .L,.- PM . A' it si" I A V I 4 ' A gf As i MAURO MURO Ind. Arts BENNY ORTIZ Ind. Arts ...I FRANK ORTIZ TED OTTESEN Ind Arts Academic , .I as 1 NORA PAIK Academic "-jf-.0-sm fi .35-sg, v- , ,' I C' LILLIAN PEREZ Business MARGIE PIETROWICZ Business MANUEL PEREZ Academic BONNIE PIPKIN Academic CA RM EN PENA y , Y I LEONARD PERDUE Business Ind. Arts Immun? 1 , 5 It M e mn- ---- --A rm? 'iq lr ,. - 5 r V 0 'MU it SAMMY PEREZ Ind. Arts DANIEL PERTILLO Ind. Arts KATHLEEN PEVIANI Fine Arts JOE PUGA Ind. Arts DAVID PEREZ Ind. Arts KENNETH PHIPPS Academic LITIZIA RAMIREZ Business SYLVESTER RAMIREZ ROBERT RAMOS JOSE RAZO LUPE REGALADO PAT RENFRO RAMELIA REYES Ind. Arts Academic Academic Business Business Home Econ. 'Q H' . 1 A ., I S' A N ' na -I , . J ,.-ff ,,.t0g'w.-' ,Qi-t..5jl' I ' ' " I ' -Q 'L J W M .4 ',' ' X. . 'Lk 4: v 45. V ,l' All? , i I- E., 'FT' RONALD REYNOLDS Ind. Arts PETE ROTA Business RAMONA RINCON Home Econ. ALBERT RU BALCAVA Ind, Arts cd? ,ww RICHARD RIOS Ind. Arts RICHARD SAENZ in II if' Q34 f I I I IIIIAVID ROBINSON HERMELINDA ROBLES X I Academic Business ALFRED SOFA ROBERT SAFIER Academic Academic Ind. Arrbh B-2 EDDIE ROJO Ind. Arts ARTHUR SALAZAR Ind. Arts LINO SALAZAR Aero. ELIZABETH SANDOVAL Business l ,QQ 'f?i if' I MIKE SALCIDO Ind. Arts SAM SARKlSlAN Ind. Arts X X 5 f1lfrP"+. JJ 4 ' ., ., V' ,, . 116.112-L ,R . Ls x 'A ' N I Q 5 R A TA A ES ' ARMQDA ERNEST SANCHEZ i Horv Econ Academic Sim v UAN Ayr, RE AEFER UTA sCHwARTz 'A d 1 X Y ,xt Businibsis Business X v 3 ff me t -gx 'XJ fi V1 A m A mf 5 B A 1 ix 5 ru i N E N , X2 Nei X V i N A ' ii V Y SX? i S? W3 59 My "W-i. V QQ ROBERT SANCHEZ Academic AL SCOTT Aero. MARY SENECHAL Home Econ ANTON STRAUSS n Arts 'var FRED SESMA Ind. Arts JACK SUMMERS Academic ELAINE SHUBIN Business MARGARET TANAKA Business 1-5 mai...-LL.. . MARY SILVA Home Econ. FLOSSIE THOMAS Business Q? it Q SANDRA SIMONICK Business FRED THOMAS Fine Arts 3 1 'E' ifi Q ROBERT STONE Ind. Arts JAMES TORRES Academic NATALIE TORRES Business ELVIRA ULLOA Business DOLORES VARGAS Home Econ. HELEN VELASQUES Business DOLORES VIGIL Academic LORNA WARDLEIGH Business JOYCE WARNER Home Econ. GEORGE W. OTT KENTON HORNER I 7'f'fw,s 312' f '55 f i f TOM CATTLET ENOLA WOOTEN NORMAN YOUNG Business Academic RAYMOND TURRIAGA Ind. Arts CRUZ VALLE Business AURORA VEGA Home Econ. MARGARET VICTOR Academic MARIE VILLARREAL Business SANDRA WAGNER Fine Aris EDWARD ZA PANTA Academic in we z k F - if iv: . ., x , ,Q ' if Wx ' , ix af lr. 5 s 1 ' X 'tk' Vw S " ,X 5 mg K 'NG ,pf-. is 2 X , sf ,,:.. .. 5 xx Q Q X' X ws x N A ,. .. 5 SF , ,gf 3 ws ,- Vw . Kil im f HPS EZ? ng .X LW' 91 HQ jr'- -2 K N-1' Lg' :P f 6 XR X gig 'Zb- g 3 P - 1: 5 ff pw 1 Q Mfgdisvw? 'I f ibliffff' fi fr, Q12 ' QS Nb L,Q.QsX'?T-ki .A . , M , Li ' Lswaair in .xaivwxgtiggwx N? " Y . ' Kgilsfix ,giwggfxy - N A , 5.21 Air 12" X- ifglf 5.5, . X. Q - W- ,Q -f , 4 - ' .R .Q -ie 9 t ,L I-lf. xx. J ,X . 5 "- 1 -X Aw' 5 ,nn X . is ,Q w...f"' QR 'Yun mia K f Qf if ix . xbfiwqgll x N :N glxxgzgzk -gk 1 If N 'Q S g Oat ay M, 065 KEY CLUB Bonom to top T. Otfensen A. Aguilera E. Zapanfa E. Aguirre B. Sanchez A. Rishe D. Kawahara J. Ezmirlian P. Segura J. Savers M. Perez J. Razo B. Rosin K. Hamamoto J. Torres H. Beers MAIDS Row I: J. Fuentes, A. Crofton, E. Mendoza, M, Ortiz, N. Kato, M. Delgado. Row 2: C. Evans, Pogosian, L. Parrish, S. Chavez, B. Sukiasian, . Valles, V. Kishi, M. Birakos, A. Rodriguez. Row 3: K. Hamamolo, E. Nakaia, K. Shubin, C. Schwartz, Y. Hamamoto, M. Yoshida, B. Pofegcl, B. Smitzer, M. Cornilliac, S. Owlehe, N. De La Loza. BUSINESS OFFICE Row I: E. Nakafa E. Clorinda F. Smith D. Brodie A. Macias M. Enriquez Row 2: B. Garret! C. Caro S. Dereiich I. Apodoca L. Helsiowski S'56 WELCOMING COMMITTEE left to right: A. Okomoto, E. Flores, J. Nakagowa, B. Pogosian, S. Hanley, B. Spitzer, C. Evans, J. Okomoto. W'56 WELCOMING COMMITTEE M. Enriquez, E. Flores, P. Mitchell, S. Hanley. CHATELAINES W'56 Row 'lr A. M. Martinez, M. Madrid. Row 2: H. Martin, N Paik, P. Tuel, D. Brodie, M. Gonzales, J. Kobata, J. Naka gowa. Row 3: S. Hamilton, S. Simovich, P. Daleo, J. Allen K. Schaefer, J. Bernard, R. Gilston, Y. Pineda, M. Enriquez Row 4: K. Matich, M. Fuller, M. Senechal, S. Simonick, R. Kir amidiian, M. Carrier, B. Alexander, D. Strother, G. Shahan S'56 CHATELAINES Row'l J Nakagawa N Paik M Madrid J Bernard Row 2 M Enriquez G Ramos J Kabata H Martin M Gonzales E Nakata D Hamasaki R Gonzales J Gulderman D Brodie w 3 S onick R K mndpan S anley M rrier M Senechal K Shubin J All M Fuller S H m :lton S Simovich P Daleo M Arras K Schaefer E Hanado E. Flores. EURYDICE D. Rangel, D. Salazar, G. Foster, P. Jim- enez, H. Holguin, S. Alaimo, D. De La Losa, L. Delgado, G. Gulierrez, L. Swan, G. Lopez, G. Pena, S. Ontiveros, A. Cas- tellanos, D. Vigil, N. Martin, C. Tann- chill, P. Nancarrow, D. Peviani, M. Cum- fos, M. Porfillo, N. Hugo, H. Gonzales. MUSIC LETTER Raw 1: M. Madrid, N. Goings, S. Dere tich. Row 2: A. Samaniego, V. Olivas J. Grier. Row 3: S. Deretich, Q. Zorll berg, R. Maese. Row 4: D. Flores, R. Lee T. Simon. Row 4: R. Porlugal, J. Huizar. Row 6: R. Castillo, M. Guerrero, C Goette, H. Beers. TREBLE CLEF Row I: B. Pipkin, L. O'NeiI, J. Larsen F. Gonzales, V. Olivas, E. Montana, E E. Perez, A. Klubnicken, B. D'Amore, M Enriquez, I. Ornelas, G. Ramos, A. Lemos E. Ingals. DAVID APODACA PAT TUEL ESTHER MONTEZ W 56 Student Body President Student Body Vice-President Student Body Secretary KATHERINE GILLMOR Sponsor BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS AND STUDENT COUNCIL Acting as the governing body of Garfield the Board of Commission- ers and Student Council is privileged to act upon all affairs concerning the student body. In order to get a complete repre- sentation of the students' interests the Student Council members are se- lected in all the second period class- es and the Board of Commissioner members are elected by the entire student body every semester. The Board members meet every day and the Council meets once every two weeks to discuss and try to solve the problems concerning GHS stu- dents. Planning assemblies and Operation Soapsuds, and revising the constitution, not to mention the ordering of the popular apple ma- chine, are some of the activities that have kept these two organizations so active this year. sruoenr council. w'5s 58 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS BOARD COMMISSIONERS W'56 STUDENT COUNClL..S '56 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS S'56 Arthur Yoshida, Erculando Garcia, Daniel Castrellon, Nadine Sherman, David Ramirez, Eleanor Flores, Roxie Kiramideiian, Edward Zapanta, Ronald Reynolds, Robert Sanchez, Mary Senechal, Edward Aguirre, Yetsuko Hamamoto, Virginia Kishi, Velma Wisdom, Anita Garcia, Margaret Tanaka. AND STUDENT CGUNCIL ROBERT SANCHEZ EDWARD CAMARENA ROXIE KIRAMIDEJIAN S'56 Student Body President Student Body Vice-President Student Body Secretary Dance Band AARON ROSENSWEIG Sponsor BAND AND "Where ever you find good school spirit, you'lI find a good music organization" is the belief of Mr. Aaron Rosenzweig, Music Coordinator. Mr. Rosenzweig efforts to build a good band and orchestra evidently have shown a great deal of success in the past year. As a participator and host at the Eastern League Spring Festival the Orchestra and Band were honored by receiving a superiority rating. The Dance Band was in its familiar corner at all the dances and Alumni Home- coming Show, besides traveling to Belvedere Junior High to play for their gradua- tion. Performances at Kern and Stevenson Junior High completed its circuit of tours. The Orchestra played to an audience of over 1,000 at the annual Spring Concert. Football Ba nd Concert Band ,Y , H M Y . 114,14--' M Also on the Orchestra's performance agenda was the Drama departments pro- duction of "Twelve Angry Men," graduation and vesper services ,and various assemblies. The 48 people in the Band presented a different half-time show at all eight foot- ball games, besides appearing in assemblies and the annual E.L.A.J.C. Homecom- ing Parade. These three organizations have been kept extremely active this past year fulfill- ing their three obiectives-to help build good school moralg provide good enter- tainmentg and represent Garfield well at all its out of school appearances. Orchestra 4-1'1" 445,-'ell' i.hE!1 7U F3 I m U7 -l Z IP li dl IW " S '56 GIRLS' LEAGUE Row I: S. Katz, J. Gilderman, Y. Hamamolo, V. Kishi B. Villa, M. Birakos, E. Olivas, S, Simovich, C. Lysin ski, P. Mitchell, A. Garcia, J. Nagakawa, L. Wardleight. Row 2: B. Spitzer, G. Ramos, J. Bernard, M. Arras, E. Molina, M. Madrid, P. Daleo, L. Ramirez, M. Fuller B. Pogosian, M. Hanley, C. Evans, K. Schaefer, E. Han ada, M. Tanaka. W '56 GIRLS' LEAGUE Row I: M. Campos, l. Baboff, S. Sfmovich, N. Hugo, K. Matich, M. Matich. Row 2: M. Fuller, D. Maldona do, P. Tuel, H. Molina, N. Paik, V. Kishi, E. Flores A. Lara, R. Kiramidiian. Row 3: A. M. Martinez, Y Pineda, B. Aguirre, H. Marlin, J. Nakagawa, J. Oka moto, M. Gonzales. Row 4: E. Almanza, J. Bernard E. Nakata, M. Tanaka, A. Garcia, M. Enriquez, F Proctor, E. Hanada, A. Gonzales, E. Perez, G. Ramos 5'56 BOYS' LEAGUE Row I S. Siegel, R. Garcia, E. Garcia, A. Kaina B. Pom- merville, E. Camarena, Row ll C. Rignoli A. Yoshida, R. Chavez, A. Carrasco, R. Pulice, R. Safier. W'56 BOYS' LEAUGUE Row I: E. Camarena, R. Kuruma, A. Yoshida, D. Kara hara. Row 2: A. Zapanta, E. Aguirre, L. Carlin, E Garcia, R. Brodie, R. Masumura. PRESIDENTS CLUB S'56 Row 1: E. Olivas, M. Gonzales, V. Wisdom, K. Chaefer N. Hugo. Row 2: J. Gilderman, L. Ramirez, H. Mar tin, G. Ramos, P. Mitchell, A. Garcia, P. Daleo, E Molina, L. Wordleigh. Row 3: E. Garcia, A. Carasco, R. Garcia, S. Seigel, C. Pignoli, E. Camarena, D. Ra mirez. W '56 CLEAN CAMPUS Row I: S. Siegel, B. Joseph, R. Kuruma. Row 2. Y. Pineda, N. Kaio, R. Vasquez, K. Shubin, K. Gilmor, H. Roias. I i PRESIDENTS CLUB W '56 Row 1: M. Yoshida, N. Paik, D. Kawaharo, E. Perez G. Ramos. Row 2: E. Calzado, R. Kiramidiian, M. Ful ler, K. Matich, J. Bernard, J. Nakagowa, M. Campos Row 3: E. Camarena, C. Evans, N. Hugo, J. Birakos A. Strauss, J. Sanchez, E. Nakata, A. Martinez, M Tanaka. Row 4: E. Zapunta, J. Summers, B. Sanchez D. Robinson, O. Adams, E. Garcia, L. Carlin, R. Garcia S '56 CLEAN CAMPUS Row 1: I. Uisumi, V. Kishi, Y. Hamamoia, M. Yoshida M. Cabuio. Row 2: T. Moreno, M. Link. 63 KNIGHTS Row 'l: D. Kawahara, E. Zapania. Row 2: L. Chambers, E, Camarena, R. Garcia, R. Klutts, D. Robinson. Row 3: L. Carlin, O. Kreutzer, J. Ezmirlian, M. Link. Row 4: R. Safier, L, Herrera, M. Busch. NUTRITION CLUB Row I: E. Eells, J. Dawnelle, A. Dawn elle. B. Nereberg, J. Nakagawa, T. Curtis M, Enriquez, B. Rivera, R. M. Aguilar Raw 2: A. Utsumi, M. Duran, A. Sando val, M. Ruiz, J. Sanchez, L. Harris, L Helstowski, A. Strauss. SQUIRES Row 'l: D, Williams, B. Lee, E. Sanchez A, Yoshida. Row 2: E. Garcia, S. Siegel 5. Nakata. Row 3: J. Darling. Row 4 B. Joseph, B. Scwaya, A. Rishe, C. Pigno Ii, F. Regalodo. LIBERTY CLUB Row T: A. Martinez, J. Burgess, J. DiMassimo. Row 2: I. Acosta, C. Jones, J. Nakagawa, S. Katz. "'-ny...--Q Q ,ins Q. i, + L 1 sw. 4, -UZ? M' REITERMAN HOUSE Row T: S. Deretich, A. Drafton, P. Mitchell, C. Sanchez, M. Ccrnilliac, S. Deretich. Row 2: J. Bernard, L, Shapiro, M. Arras, B. Pogosian, S. Alaimo, F. Thomas, J. Bernard. REITERMAN HOUSE Row Lope T: T. Gift, T. Martinez, C z, M. Campos. Row 2: L Vfardleigh, A. Mucias, V. Wisdom i. Se S.N LG pulveda, N. Hugo, L. Montez akagawa. Row 3: S. Hanley ilderman, E. Gutierrez. A Xa 11, .E 3 , J x ty m 1 E 5 E'-Y V - gi - -. L, R . ' 7 1 s h 7 1 ? 1 3. . Q I y , A .X 1, 2 X z ' it Xi . . E Q' S1 E S M, 'F 1 5 s. . 1 , 51 sl 1 s L. x Lx 4 5 if 11 . f U'- ' I 'A W, 1 R A 'cv 9 x f. X, ,AX X 3 X vii! z, bi I J N 'V vX f ' WA 5:1 fs ff' V - , ,s jx? J 2331 4? 1 'r W qw . MK" 4' sg 'E K, A r Yi gqfxxx E in Gif if 11 i? X 'W H a Z1 5.11 2 1 qv S Q f 1' mf I' in ich I 634,644 V .,-""'-I' ,Diary Q, RL 'f Q 1 B rf-ew by N awmswif ,Jw tis-ff' g X R X 'N Er if l X , H if-Q ...G k ,Ad J .' LI v-A M x 'K V M. X Wiigzfgigfa X5 1 X L -wi ' , 'X 4 If 5 R . ' 'I 1 :fl-,.3f""' M ' ak ag ' , :fi , .-- ,xg f f , f' X gg Hg' . Qs.: 3 ' ' X A p 1---' .. .-4246 ,.. g:.g-if-QM' S -- 4 X sg-f ' ,.-f' ww" sfn.k,,1,v-3 ,Z '.m...rf:W,..,1.v,, .. , x f '-Q W ab f X. K ,f 5' ' 4.5 'ieufl -'., ff,-1, , lfxgfx 36" L Q-f-...L ' V " ,,,, P+? gf 1 'li E . 1 K . .ff-f I ff-' , wi. h . . W, W- , .W WAN .W , ,' I 7 A X X Q- 'ff ffqy' , -pig? fzfv :ew -. :- W 6f.?',Qm. H .1 W: A xv.. fr w F Ji, .. , x-s IL M145 1 41 f , 15,64 , ,V W ,fr n an N, ' f V X " 1 Z W .. VK' ,M , W ff n . Q. n an n as as Qi 'mg , 3,4 f -4 K f Lisfblix -5 A. 1 Q W 4 5 M '--. -K ff, ,X MMR! - xxx, ,xx ,X KN H-X, Q A ' fX.'1:?' fx, , 1 Q5 S15 xxx :XX R f4.l:L xx -tx NX 'QL' G -f - ' -Q f '- X - ' . - N :N . X --- yds M ' . s . I X Q Nik. , , . 1 ' " A , X- XNNA ' V., V ' xxf' is . g X -Q 55 -, ., 5 5 K X . im, Ng-xx. j ' -s. N J N W 'f x 7 I rw K .. Wx '-QNX. Nfxvxslmwxx. k,'k xnxx ,K Q J: N . . W - 5 Q x N: sg K V ' vs ' ' 4 5 ' P ' 1' N514 -, M, -V XA -sv HQ A N N ,l fx f X 4? XL, x, 'ig VX .K 'S My K W Vx 'E ., ' . v - gl ' 5.5, -X, ka- 4, I- 154, NNW- s s 5 ' P. ff, 3' 4'-Q 2, . WIN., N' R , x! XM ' N ' . Q r':x Q' L K X W' M s 5 5 ' ' I Q k.. -xrggq j s K' f A Ig p , X x fr '-' in , V Q M 1' "N x bg ' Q 5 , Lx X v ' 7'-f' 8 q i? 7 5 4 ' A . v Jr ' 'Km' V- Ax-. fx N"N..,s '- 4 " at A 1 if u M A gg M477 'It ,, Q, if vt -' I Y Ol f ' T' F- "bf I ,I 1 4 1 A ff , .. -.,g-.im 1. v 5 A . V , T 'pri 1 -f A: ' ' 1 If mf 4- ' ' 0. Law Q P s . - 0 Q x V, ,ff ,-,, 1 lixl, , .L . . mxxyg s Q 5 Q 3 grisly! I 5 i , Q, Q ,f M in A, Q ff V M V X' if bps ? i LL Y A , T- . V1 gill' i x ,'yY,iii WM' 1 7 . . '- I Y- .- -' , 1' I Q Q' Qs' N Q . 9.41 S 3 .. , K . f, I J 5 A . .Qs 4' .gt V 'Qijq K L N - ,T Q4441 M . .. . ,V 7 A ,X ,.,k . X , A fa ,J ... , ,, ,K , N , A, 4 ,X : fm. X ' ,f . ' Y mfr W. Y X ' . , .gm ,X Qi. 4 f ,Q 71' " ,"- ff f, 'ff arg nur, I ,. , .f 7341 5 N, Aiwa 1 .L 4 - - if me , , 3 'E . z -.-if , 3 .ff .. , Y 4 , ,. WC ' -A m 'f s Q. ff ' Q Y ig A S Y gg'-:Q K, ., O we .l , - if Q sn. f VK Q"'n.-1 JT Lu.. ',.-kv PROJECTIONISTS Row 1: B. Nerenberg, D. Olivas, F. Jones, E. Alalorre, G. Cano, M. Perez, A. Strauss, R. Pielrowicz, H. Cervantes, L. Aguilar. USHERS SOUND CREW Row l: B. Pipkin, A. Keehmer, S Hamillon, S. Simovich, M. Matich M. Fuller, P. Daleo, E. Hanodo, S Simonick. Row 2: J. Gilderman, G Graff, P. Milchell, S. Cole, R. Kira midiian, D. Vigil, M. Madrid, M Carrier, R. Mills, K. Malich, E. Shu bin, S. Hanley, I. Sepulveda, A Velasquez. Row 3: S. Alaimo, S Williamson, N. Kalo, Y. Hamamo- lo, C. Dovolina, A. Garcia, E, Mon- lez, H. Roias, Y. Pineda, B. Her- nandez, D. Garcia, M. L. Orliz F. Rillos. I 2 Row 'lz A. Chavez, S. Harris, B. Gardner, S. Lopez, F. Thomas. Row 2: L. Clark. NOON SERVICE Row 1: R. Kuruma, B. Nerenberg, A Strauss, C. Bean, C. Barley. Row 2: V Kishi, A. Lara, E. Flores, M. Duran, J Sanchez, D. Garcia, B. Trammell. Row 3- A. Sandoval, M. Ruiz, D. Gallego, S Loveland, L. Harris, E. Rosas. I WORLD AFFAIRS Row 'l: E. Eells, M. Enriquez, J. Gilderman, E. Nakata, H. Martin. Row 2: S. Loveland, J. Fuentes, S. Deretich, R. Kitnick, M. Campos, L. 3: Gift, J. Dean, D. Ricky. Row D. Gallego, J. Emirlian,, E. Men- doza, R. Safrier, M, L. Orliz, R. Kuruma, G. Monte, D. Robinson, S. Katz, R. Dalton. STAGE CRAFT Left to right: E. Flores, l. Gonzales, F. Montoya, E. Nakata, J. Gilder- man R. Mills, B. Pipkin. GAVEL CLUB Row 'l: R. Kilnick, H. Martin, B. Joseph, L. Carlin, D. Robinson, B. Villa, E. Gaytan, D. Monreal, A. Carrasco, N. Ponlecorvo. ,Ig -:ze if-ix: 4 ', it Assfix STAGE CREW Row 'l: M. Muro, C. Cash. Row 2 O. Cerecedes, R. Johnson, P. Levin son. Row 3: A. Chavez, F. Thomas R. Navarro, R. Roio, A. Duran, B Rudometkin. 69 .nn X ACHIEVEMENT Row 1: E. Nakaia, S. Simonick, S. Hanley, T. Vitar, K. lwamoio, R. Kiramidiian, Row 2- E. Gayton, K. Hamamofo, D. Hama- saki, A. Klubnicken, M. Yoshida, V. Kishi, S. Hardisfy, K. Shubin, L. Shapiro. Row 3: L. Ramirez, A. Lachman, J. Bernard, J. Sanchez, B. Rutherford, K. Matich, E. Flores, J. Gilderman, M. Cornilliac, L. Monies, H. Holguin, M. Herrera. Row 4: B. Shapiro, M. Enriquez, B. Pogasian, A. Garcia, D. Svrovher, Y. Pineda, E. Hanada, S. Simavich, P. Daleo, L. Parrish, A. Ro- driguez, M. Rodriguez, M. Brown, O. Adams. Row 5: J. Nakagawa, N. Dawn- elle, A. Dawnelle, E. Camarena, B. San- chez, B. Bop, E. Garcia, J. Torres, J. Tron- coso, E. Sanchez, J. Kobata, A. Sharvell J. Ezmirlian. SLIDE RULE fo righf: K. Shubin, D. Safier, Mr. Mathews, J. Eme irlian, O. Adams. C.S.F. Row 1: R. Nakata, D. Robinson, D. Hamasaki Y. Hamamo7o, J. Gilderman, M. Cornilliac E. Camarena, D. Kawchara. Row 2: J. Naka gawa, S. Simovich, D. Gallego, J. Troncoso S. Glover, M. Yoshisa, A. Klubnicken, A Lachman. Row 3: E. Hanado, B. Rutherford B. Shapiro, S. Simonick, L. Shapiro, S. Har dlsty, L. Evans, B. Pogosian, K. Hamamoio, L Ramirez. Raw 4: L. Carin, J. Sanchez, N Faik, K. Shubin, O. Adams, J. Ezmirlian. v- 1':'?w Aff, W. .2 I Q91 LM, 1, x 1 Q, 13, - i SP 'ff f ASA 'ffl ii Y lu .141 , ' if X an 1 A UM, R . V f 1 . 3 f ' I h 71 was Hg 'vm f R5 f 9' Q4 -L V W ,Q Q15 3 , fx f Y' ,ig I ,K i x I 5' 4p?fJ3i,8ilk -L X V Q 'V fi K' if ' , W' fx- 4 W, 'MQW' if kay K' Q v. au, sr 3? .,f,, ' Him, W2 dv 'W ' 4 1? E , ifffgi V X ef, 5' 31. -I Y , H i? 2 'f A, :,,W4. ' 71 ' L ,v-' ,, ,V , V N Q A 'wr We . V, ,.u.aq1, 1' , 1" U W ' f 5? xx " 'fx ,www 1, ' iwii . ff lv wwf th , 355: 'E x 3 WV, 31 l 1. ig 55,3 x, . 6 1 ,:A, 2 "9 ,U ' 1 J ., A -. R fw Xia" A' Q A an E. Q-fin V 'i?' '1-Q 453 Km ' 9 " v 1 7 3 , , MI.: Wx' Y xfgg : v 5 Q' t 1 5 r it N af HERMAN GEERTZ Under the guidance of their sponsor Mr Herman Geertz the Log staff has weekly presented the news and actlvltles of campus life to the student body through the Under the gurdance of thelr sponsor Mr Herman Geertz the Log staff has weekly Log the school newspaper As the newspaper ts completely a student prolect even the prlntung ns done by the Garfneld prlnt shop the students fund that they are trained tn all the frelds of newspaper work from funding the story to wrttlng the headlrne to domg the lay out of the pages to dustrlbutlng the paper Perhaps the success of Garfield s Journallsm department can be seen by the fact that there are more G H S graduates taking Journalism at ELAJC every year than any other group of hugh school graduates l l t 1 ' 1 1 - 1 , . 1 1 ' . . , . Log Staff S 56 Log Statt W 56 GARFIELD LOG H. MARTIN Editor-in-Chief L. CARLIN News Editor J. BIRAKOS Editorial Editor B. MOELLER Co-Sports Editor Co-Editor E. AGUIRRE Feature Editor 4,-M M. GONZALES Feature Editor B. VILLA News Editor M. BUSCH Co-Sports Editor C0'Edi"" M. simxxos Editorial Editor ff wcrd D. Livernois, Sergeant lnstructors. Battalion Color Guard. i 1 x 1 o 4 Left to right: Captain Donald H. Weihs, Asst. PMS8.T, MfSgt. Pete Nepote, and Mfsgr, Ed- Major General Homer O. Eaton presenting the Honor School Streamer to the Garfield ROTC OFFICERS W '56 Top to right: Cadet Lt. Colonel G.lbert Blanco, Cadet Major George Yamazaki, Cadet Major Jimmie Mills, Cadet Captain Manuel Hernandez. OFFICERS S'56 Cadet Lt. Colonel Norman V. Young, Cadet Cap' tain Robert G. Davidson, Cadet Captain Rich- ard Anderson, Cadet Captain Charles Jagers. Left to right: Captain Donald Weihs, Lt. Colo- nel Charles Hoge, Major General Homer Eaton, and Major Richard Kerr. "Alfa" Company-under leadership of Cadel Capl. R. Anderson. "Bravo" Company-under leadership of Cade! Capl. Manuel Hernandez. R.O.T.C. WS? W V f X ar 5 X X x 6 Q0 X A JCB WELL DONE MARK LEHMER At the close of school thus June Mark Lehmer wlll be stepplng down from Athletic Coordinator a servrce he has rendered Garfield for the past IO years The athletes and the Athletlc Department wnll long remember the many wlllnng hours Mr Lehmer has spent furthermg the Athletic program of Garfneld mers famllnar attendance at all athletic programs On the other hand few stu dents know of the asslstance and time he has glven all dances and other school actlvltles We wash to thank Mr Lehmer for all of has consuderatlon whale servung nn the pos: tlon of Athletlc Coordinator knowing that he wall be happy returmng to a class room full tnme Students of Garfield have long been accustomed or taken for granted Mr. Leh- U9 U X. X, Qgg shbdlli A M.A.q U . 1, x, 1 M.-q :blTb Carabedla BILL THOMPS J VARSITY FGOTBALL 5 f 1 f N, I f Ai ' I . 13 113 HQ A J. Qalazar Q. C veA ldl1CG J Allen gg i 'Q Stone A 1'1F'U H fo, 9 ,J W J b U! 1 W 4 f if WL M 22 f 2 Mi? QMM kj ,ILM Wi J 1 V6 EV QP MW w WW V' Va qu 2 J hotkoff Fuente af Candelarla J De Anda uarez R Ramos C18 52 Q l "A" FOOTBALL This football season was a very exciting one for the Bulldogs even though they won but one game, that against Wilson in the Annual Milk Bowl. Garfield's return to Eastern League competition was marked by ner- vousness caused by the excitement of facing new opponents. When Garfield moved out of the Eastern League in 1948 they were the most consistant winners and with the past season's experience will again regain that edge that marked them winners prior to l948. The traditional game against Roosevelt was again the classic with Roosebelt edging our Bulldogs in the last 'few minutes. The nip and tuck battle, usually associated with this game, proved to be the best of the season for our Bulldogs. ernandez R. Downey J. Murlllo Lopez LX. lmionbo ,,. ,, ws 13? 3 , P. Arellanes A. Duran L. Coen " f' W" -M, an M ivy L F M-. ww, A lf! 'QL 4245 4 W .1 f, NXMLYI ,, if, M Vi, Z Y wwf A M, I f 'W lo UMFF13 4.LUCu 1 O QYHFHGZ 0 THOMAS CATLETT Coach 3 Row 1: S. Rosin, M. Martinez, K. Kline, M. lopez, B. Zudina, l. Cobos, O. Crouch, R. Jewel. Row R. Soinz, R. Ciror, D. Armendoriz, l. Corczas, D. Luna, R. Sanchez, D. Gonzales, M. Perez. Row G. Gonzales, R. Rodriguez, B. Moron, D. Oleson. YJ' 5vQ J 'JD g,,fF' f ' K 0 l!PwGf.:L if qt ' ,mffgifs 'I . -5 A F Ak l .l gYUl'.n ' 1 N Q 3 ' , 'MA' 5 I, TNQ, 3 1 ' Y Qam'5 l AA'fl , wx VL . .I K. ! fill T BEE FOOTBALL This season the bee's had the best record of any Bullpup squad in a long time. Every game provided thrill after thrill resulting in an un- defeated season and the Eastern League Championship. Probably the climax of the season was the traditional game with Roosevelt at E.L.A.J.C. in which Garfield merged victorious by a 7-O score. The following week the squad had a let down and were held to scoreless tie by Huntington Park. This season will long be remembered, congratulations Coach Mann and team. LEONARD MANN Coach U L1 QL.. Right: Leonard Mann Hector Mo rales, Donald Hastings SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAMPS J. BALDERAIN S, PEREZ D. TRASK M. PEREZ J. RAZO L SALZAR R CHAVEZ KUNTZ The 1955 edltlon of our Cro s Country Team resembled RAMIREZ A NAVA last years but was better to the extent that not only R LEON Not shown Outstanding runner 84 dld they take League and Cnty Championships but thus year added the Southern Callfornla Champnonshup to thenr long lust of accomplnshments One more repeat performance by the l956 team wall bring the Cnty Cross Country Trophy to Garfield permanently Strangely enough this IS the flrst season In over three years In whuch our Cross Country Team lost a dual meet The desire of the boys plus the exacting coachlngs comblned to bring further glory to Garfield The result of thus coaching has kept Garfield as a contender for clty championships slnce l929 Coach Kuntz s first year at Garfield Although the lOth grade team dld not do as well as Its brother teams one must consider that lOth graders were running on both varsity and JV teams and as a result weakened the lOth grade team But they stull wound up holdung the third place posntaon CROSS l NV ffl W ff l' elf ul lf, ' ' I D. Row 'I: C. Diaz, D. Fontana, B. Roias, U. Ramos. Row 2: D Torres, R. Sainz, G. Florez, A. Strothers. Row 3: F. Roze, R. CCDUNTRY Row 1: E. Cameranic, A. Ramirez, A. Warren, M. Guerrero, C. Goetle. Row 2: B. Delgado, J. Guzman, C. Garcia, G. AI- manza, F. Velasquez. Row 3: G. Salas, M. Garragan, O. Moes, R. Navarro, J. Argondona. U ' r L11 M gf-WLD Q rw, . Rm, El 'mF' ln r1,AKE"fls f 4 1 7 3 1 'Z smarts Er WPEELY ' 4 fri? YTQQQSN MIKE MIJARES Mike Miiares was high point man on the Varsity Basketball Team and was picked to be on the all Eastern League Second Team as Left Forward. Mike is I7 years old, stands 5 feet 7Vz inches tall, and is a member of the graduating class of S'56. Row 1: Coach V. Mottola, F. Sko- ka, B. Sawaya, L. Sofia. Row 2: Manager, R. Lee, J. Jimenez, E. Garcia, R. Safier, A. Rishe, R. Les- inky, Manager, F. McCollum. J. V. BASKETBALL J. V. BASKETBALL Our J.V. this year didn't do too well. There was only one returning J.V. and only three on the whole team who had ever played on a Garfield Basketball team. Even though they didn't win all of their games, they were exciting to the final minutes and even into the overtime. There seemed to be cz iinx on the team as three of their games were lost by just one point and others by two and three points. The first string alter- nated between Moeller, Jimenez, Holmes, Ramos, San- chez, and Soffa. Row 'l: A. Tachequin, B. Bristol, D. Kawa- hara, L. Block, D. Cabrera. Row 2: A. Montana, P. Carrion, Thomas, S. Tanaka, W. Rodriguez, D. Chavez. Coach Holmes. 88 BEE BASKETBALL L. Chambers, D. Our "B" Basketball team brought Garfield its third championship of the year when they went through the entire schedule without a loss and took the Eastern League Championship with their fast ball handling and perfection of playes. Coach Holmes has every reason to be proud of their record which stood at ten wins, O losses. The five top men consisted of Carrion, who set a school record in points, Esparza, Chavez, and Tanaka. flu' J,-. vw' Row 'I: L. Perdue, F. Garcia, R. Oda, C rero. Row 2: B. Asato, D. Sanchez, B Pommerville, R. Rago, R. Kawaski, O Reyes, Coach Holmes, CEE BASKETBALL The little brothers, the C's, did very well with their opponents. This is the opportunity the coach has of training the boys for the Varsity and Bee teams. Their record stood at 7 wins, 3 losses. The five starters alternated between the following: Cana- les, Oda, Pommerville, Reyes, Kawasaki, and Guerrero. Cancles, R. Kuruma, B, Garcia, D. Guer- GQS it GQ5 G95 G95 G3-S S JJ i ROPE CLIMB W. Gerardo, E. Rance, T. Eckerle, M. Muro, D. Beechler. lTll,lII+lvlMililZlL'Iill? L LL Wifi ul f x30 ui' 'LLC U . LH LQ L VINCENT MorroLA ' I ' SIDE HORSE 4- wx . ill ll Coach My J tx LLL X X Ll 1 J, if V H U c i if ,ll gl Q Q i f JC ' , .Ji L v W. Dean, M. Chavez, L. Maldona- do, M. Gonzales, P. Montes. EASTERN LEAGUE CHAMPS FREE X G. Provencio, L, Maldonado, C. Chavez, M, Gonzales, J. Ruiz. SCORES The League Scores for the Season Stood at Bell ,...........,....... l7 South Gate ........ 28 Roosevelt .......... 58 V2 Huntington Park 52 PARALLEL BARS Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield 7th in City K. Shute, J. Ruiz, C. Chavez, B. Wood, M. Gonzales. l 91- XY r Y.-tl 'NA x ly ff' I, Q F f ' ,P x- til, 'Q ' . 2 bk. -1' TUMBLING G. Provincio, ? Bennett, ? Barron D. Velasquez, R. Moreno, absent R. Saenz, absent. RINGS K. Shute, J. Ruiz, C. Chavez, R Calderon, R, Rubfo, B. Calderon absent. GYMNASTICS Led by their captain, Ken Shute, our gym team, for the first time in five years was able to garner enough points to grab the Eastern League title. This led them to the All City Meet at Venice High in which we took seventh place out of I9 schools. Ken Shute, Joel Ruiz, Lionel Maldonado and Billy Calderon, as well as the rest of the Musclemen led Garfield to these honors. Congratulations to Coach Vince Mottola and our team. HIGH BAR C. Chavez, K. Shute, J. Ruiz, M Gonzales, J. Samaria. LONG HORSE ?? Russell, M. Waltermire, ?'? Cas tillo, G. Provincio, K. Shute, 7 Moreno, absent. 91 ,Na K M M. www. x 1 , G . .1 Xb y N is , ,QW-fax, G .fm-www T -' ww., as Q ..,.... .., k Maw.. wax, G Q A AN, G. i- '1 Q Q-- ,sw f 3 5 Q Q 3 Q.- . UM , , G L, X L I X. e X g . M, u- 'S " 'vw--A..--, , S2 M ....... mf wx.,,..'wQ X wales m X i 9 K l . SEXY' 5 was 1 Q V 4 5 . Q . G G Y. ' N A ..M,,K ne , ma r" 1 .. ' N -.vm mx-fX"Y5TNQf N,-'w-N iv- A rj ...M Q YG R K ip , Q Q ' , S 8 X R X Q sf Q L m Q Q' N. X , gf ' A X 'Ni ' A X l la? Z 1' Kd, an SQ Q ' K Nu W Q: -f , . ,f if X ,4 " Q, rr, i 6, L .- if J L 4 Q ,ug will", - x 4 ---W 6. x x JR '- . N ,Q Lg 'X . wax' ' 'W " "ff X .M -. . .. . . -S -. Q W . L. ,gs zikiw 4. XX hx.. - S x gg! 1 - X - - M glkf iw' SMX - ff A ' ,,fYK f xxx - X Nw -'Q-Ex -. + X x O W -we - , fu, V . N x-d xf-LQ , ' -- - Q- . 5 us, -ff -Q ' QI, H x ff .1 -':' - , ,S l . Q . -' 'i M ip -N 3 . .y-a:fa.s:sa1.:.- -,x. Q -+ 1 ' f K , -1 l v X ' QQ M.. Q ' : P- N H1351 TRACK ED KUNTZ Coach l l Rowl J Fuentes R Chavez R Navarro R Guerrola R Sanchez D Ramirez J Razo B Sanchez A Castellano J Summers R Ro malne Row 2 A Caslllas L Salazar D Espmosa M Llnk L Sofa M Garabedran B Rudometku F Hernandez This years Track Teams were outstandmg The Varslty and JV s took second nn the League Finals The B s and C s took flrst In both the League and an Dual Com Pete Rota B broadlump 2l 3 Jack Summers A broadlump 22 1111 old record 22 l Crusader Vasquez B TOO yd dash lO l tled old record only 'four Inches away from a pole vault record Dave Esprnoza 180 low hurdles 20 2 old record 20 3 petition. But that isn't all. They begin to break record after record, as follows: Sf? , B , '. ...z .x:f..si. g , Row1 A Oleo R Chavez J Argandona D Garcla M Vasquez P Rota R Garcua Row 2 C Marhnez F Abelardo B Lopez B Pommervalle A Warren C Prgnolx R Ramos M Guerrero BEE AND EQ R w'I A Morales F Velosquez D Corona P Sequra P R anal A Borrazas R Montenegro J Guzman P Warren A Pamlrez Row 2 E Alafane C Castello D Sanchez F Mocred ret A Sirofhers R Delgado A Saavedra A Guzman B Bas e on L Cobos Row 3 G lrye A Nava E Camarena L Ag anza B Perez J Pavelo R Curhs G Flores A oo lla Bottom Row left to nght P Aguilar S Snegel S Narata R Salcldo R Evans E Nneto Top row left to right R Garcia A Rnshe G Darado B Safuer G Pery E Zopanta S Bshlklan Mgr TENNIS The Racket Men or otherwuse known as the tenms team had qunte a season They lost all but one game Let s take a look at the team They had 9 men of whlch 5 were Sensors and all ln all nt was a young team lackmg experlence Wvth only 4 men left for next year coach Lewis IS going to have to start building has team up agaln 'vi 1 !l::"'h T wi! 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Schaefer, M. Madrid, M Tanaka, M. Gonzales. DOROTHY RAKESTRAW GRACE HEISER Q4 New 'www w JOELLA BROADWAY -1 . ---'Eh 5 A Q- H xs ' ' '1 T. X A Q E A i Q X bw, V, l I. . A. I, ::,.,., .IN Y' ' ' 1' ' Q ' tts' A 'l'- j t ft my 1 -YL . s. Y k -. 1,,,,i',A.- aan 2, AJ:- - - .HUM Ya ' ... . -f., ,Q 12,5 !,fr,6E4E ll 55. , 455.5 . M' V. ' gf' " 'YY fi?" ' - " k ,- . f- , a a , -4s.,:,,L ,yy -. . 1 ' rv .- 45 - ,J U , 1, uf . Q - 4' , ii!! . QA- A : 'T ' --v V- --Y.-f.. . "' 5H s "'Ts:-r Ma Qt:--L'E'3Z.LTff' T" " .. , ....,.-+-- On Mondays and Wednesdays the eager female athletes of Garfield High get together after school for an hour of fun and excitement. Baseball and basketball have been their main sports this season. G.A.A. is under the sponsorship of Miss Beutler, Mrs. Broadway, Miss Rakestraw, and Mrs. Vance who have done an outstanding iob with the girls. RUTH BEUTLER LUCILLE VANCE g '56 CHEERLEADERS eanor Flores, Rose Marie Aguilar cggie Gonzales. 'IOfh Grade S 56 llih Grade S'56 12th Grade I S'56 M I ' 3 A "" ' N"' 'Z Q m ' R ' WW - '55 - i . 'I ... Y 1' Q .3 .,-, Q . I 4 Q V- - g M ... U . U V ,...-is '11'-- . L . M ,.,. I i , 5 , 3- . , 15.2 , ' W 'K "' f ' J 5,1 ' x X X X t Su As- 1 ? x IH -m '11 , 5 , in fmw il fm x'fHiif 3. A Q sm , ' 5 SEQ," v x "5 M " M R -' LEX' S V if Wkrrs A S x . A .. V is mx ,K S 'Tr bu wax .ixxkxifqsvw xxx f, .K I :Z S ',,x xg 3 ,Win Nh iw A. MF--Q-iq-M,A'qT13 14 fvii ' 32 gif. in K ECM! .5 ' . K 1 fgi ' lr: is W J Q Y W' i t i A K5 as Q W f A Bag fl? ,. f'?iQi,,.,gd if isa A A S4 5 A R 1 A3 . 5 yh, i , A239 wfm C f N V Aff if? Am- v ' G ' P V' 'QM Q N 3 1 TJ fw- K. 1 , my 3,54 L 4 ,k,, N ,I L,,f!g,. ffm Q 'al M. 1 .J 2 M. Q W . 3 . -vm W -f Ps it 5' 21, K' 1. , 5 N ' ' ww Q w N, , ' X ' 1-1.1 , -we W' K ' 4-Q " , -ilcfqilf fl? s - L e E - may -Q ' ,Q Xk' i - . .1 fa fi' 4. N X E ww if-!'?'w1i'!,fi'H ' ' L. " 3 "st:-ya M. . . QA fi ,gk A 'wig v Sli-1,f,ii'i ll N X' giilrdigggi , 1 'FM dx qv, Qs 55' Aff-13,4 A 'M if w K 1. swims' fQ2"Q? 5 ,ii mx 7' mf wp, .N LW NF he MJYPQ 335 ,gp xg, .Ku Mfr , ig mf 3 NNW? Anya w ik 9' as URICH-NELSON MOTOR COMPANY 501 South Atlantic Blvd. Los Angeles 22, California ANgeIus 3-7433 ROY M. ALEXANDER and ELDON M. FEEZELL S'38 FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5800 E. Beverly Blvd. I Los Angeles 22, California RA. 3-4987 WILLIS A. RITTER, INC. f I Y 4' V217 vvvvv rv Y v vvv V NEW and USED CARS 344 So. Atlantic Blvd. AN. 9-II2I Los Angeles 22, California JOHNNIE DUCA AUTO SALES 52l6-O6 East Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles 22, California ANgelus 2-5177 JOHNNIE DUCA Your Neighborhood Automobile Dealer All Makes of New Cars 5656 Brooklyn Avenue Phone ANgelus 8 4278 MlKE'5 DRlvE-lN HELMICKS FIRESTONE 5003 Whlme' BW- TIRES - RETREADING - BRAKE SERVICE ANgelus 9-4777 EASY TERMS Your Safety ls Our Business FO' Lovenef Hai' " Pfofessiofw' Cafe 5050 whanier Boulevard ANgelus 9-0511 CHARM BEAUTY SALON 4584 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus l-7373 GULICK MORTUARY I 4997 Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles 22, California DELEO BROS. GARAGE ANgelus I-2464 3805 Brooklyn Ave. I LILLIAN ALLEN GULICK ANgelus 8-3546 I BROOKLYN 84 FORD MARKET Brooklyn Ave. ANgelus 3-4726 -W P A N .yin LEE-MAR'S MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR Belvedere's Leading Men's and Boys' Wear 3657 East 1st St. ANgelus 2-2248 ' if 5 l i mgxlg wwe new RENT-A-TUX INGRAMS SERVICE STATION 746 So. Atlantic Blvd. Los Angeles 22, Calif. ANgelus 9-6441 ANQ Lubrication and Car Washing 401 South Atlantic AN. 3-2069 JOHNSON AUTO SUPPLY AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Motor Rebuilding - Machine Shop Service 759 So. Atlantic Blvd. ANgelus 8-5114 Los Angeles 22 LATIN AMERICAN PHARMACY Recetas - Yerbas Medncinales - Acertes Medicinales 3659 E. First St., Los Angeles 63 elus 8-4414 Entregas Gratis - Diario 9-9 - Domingos 9-6 E. L. A. TRIBUNE-GAZETTE 4928 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 8-7177 Success to Members of Graduating Class S'56 FACTORY SILK STORE CoTToNs - RAYONS - WOOLENS 4754 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 9-8831 HARVEY BELL MEN'S SHOP ANTOYAN PONTIAC Featuring Nationally Advertised Brands 5059 Whittier Blvd. 5172 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 1-7335 ANgelus 2-5154 E l l BAGUES and SONS MORTUARY 4221 Brooklyn Ave - ANgelus 8-6373 1930 E. First Street FELIPE BAGUES MANUEL BAGUES S'48 Your Compus Cover was once ogom produced by THE S K SMITH CO 5260 W 104 ST Dedlcoted to Quality Cover Mokmg WHITTIER ATLANTIC BOWLING CENTER 5158 Whlfher Blvd For Heollhful Recreohon WILHELMS GOLDEN GATE PHARMACY Professuonol Phormoclsfs 5188 Whrfher Blvd Los Angeles 22 Ccxlrf RECORD RACK CLASSICAL POPULAR MODERN JAZZ WESTERN HIGH FIDELITY OAM 630 FRIDAY93O AM 900 PM 5160 Whlther Blvd ANgelus 2 7992 Los Angeles 22 Colufornlc' S H KRESS 8. CO 4709 Whrther Blvd ANgelus 8 4369 THE SALVAGE SHOP THE YOUNGFOLKS DEPARTMENT sroks INFANTS CHRISTENING SETS CHILDREN S LAYETTES 4836 Whlfher Blvd ANgelus 9 5981 STORY MUSIC COMPANY Music LESSONS PIANOS sneer Music Rscokos SUGAR BOWL CONFECTIONERS FRESH HOME MADE CANDIES LARGEST SELECTION OF MAGAZINES IN ELA 4708 Whlfllef Blvd ANgeIus 1 7309 Res ANgelus 3 3115 ANgelUS 8 6960 JAMES A GEKAS Prop etor 5114 Whrther Blvd Eosf Los Angeles WESSEL S ANgelus 1 4333 Porklng rn Reor 4778 Whither Blvd V 8. S PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY A PRESCRIPTION DRUG STOPE 4826 Whither Blvd Los Angeles 22 Collf NORMAN E VISINEAU FAIRES N SHIREY Phones ANgelus 3 7115 ANgelus 3 7116 I , 9:3 ..-: P.M.- z ..-: .. EASY CREDIT TERMS 1 LAYAWAYS . , ri 5 ., I X .. 1956 Campus Engraved by the LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING CO. 418 E. Pico, Los Angeles Write JACK CANNICOTT, Mgr. Yearbook Division for the New Publication service plan ANTHONY LOYA STUDIO Fine Art in Photography Your "Campus" Photographer 5175 Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles 22 ANgelus 8-5003 SILVER MOTORS 657 So. Atlantic Blvd. AN. 3-4196 1956 A YEAR TO REMEMBER FINAL EXAMS GRADUATION YOUR FIRST JOB mia... . - The Campus Staff wishes to extend their thanks and appreciation to the many people who have helped to make the "Campus." E From the Staff at I 6 as I WY! BRADBURY AGENCY, INC ff ffflj . 915 SO. Atlantic Blvd. AN. I-7151 If ttf . Y V, 1 EFFICIENT FRIENDLY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE -56.776, QQ? ' 166417, Ze- c-Q f-C1 . RowAN cnemr JEWELERS 775,17-QW' , . cus1oM MADE amos EsrEci,-.uv DESIGNED V I- , 7, H Fon You IN oun owN wouxsnor :MW 5 i es-E311 19 W ' 1 K' ! M l f- 1 ' I Mi mutt.. A y ii . mms .E . M I 'Fit 1 l ' '. , ' ' lx K 'K V Wit- xm l M I ' ,I llli I To Anthony Loya and his staff for the fine pho- X v, A tographyg to Mr. Jack Cannecott for his guidance gl y 7 aSl5fN I in printing and engraving, to our advertisers who - A .- 1 - Easy Credll Terms - H 1 GI 1 contributed so much to the success of our book. We ONE YEAR TO PA NO CARRYINL CHARGES im A Z I especially thank our wonderful sponsor, Mr. George . NO INTER-EET Nye Jr., without whose patience and help this book would not have been possible. ROWAN CREDIT JEWELERS two STORES IN oun NEIGHBORHOOD to SERVE You V l l 3656 E. First St. 'M AN. 1-9217 2214 Brooklyn Ave. AN. 3-3818 f wi 1 fig 0 Z 0, fljgfylf p FP gf' W E I 7 J X mil ,V Q G iQ! 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Suggestions in the James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

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