James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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""-sax' l ' , ...V , . N,f, A , VyZ?57!3,'7L pf!! i .YY ffl MJ Qfy .9iff P'Z?fNEg ! 3 W Nw ' JL - WML MM HQ Jw? 5 fr 3 QM 'M J0 f51Uw'Lj,4wfJ 'ff,M ff Clk fdfw' ff' A iff Expt, 0 Hzffv .f we A 'fc LJ LW HJ A 91,041 Mfg, yi pb U dz M9 fp: 7 'blpwgv ds!!-1 gncbf A rzwc fb N53 5 zqM njkgwwyxy Wm11W W MO? NJ if Q Aw fb Q Mk fikiwx ,N tw VM S f-wx XV A W 9 wx 5 D um. N Qigi? se Seq QWSQ N WX wx X, My LEE 2 E 7205 13 005 23559 QJCS KX S 73 lf 0 ,-4f,4fwfs1f7'dJU gf wwf WW . V L U 1 X L MX ,, A gf jf 'fx 1 U I NL 121 I q , I C J UV4 f ,Kandi I Q f I " J , M' A JG AQ ' , ff! .if 5 2 Mm 'f ,W ' 4"" QP" fb if ff I , ,Av Z 1 X 6 4,7 F 2 1 4' 7 I N IV. y Q K f'f,0 1' A fy bfi? , f .R ' W . F 1 kia. I K1 M L A fi UL " g . 0' rv' x 1 ,A ' 5 A f J? Q Q 5 . A elfl: 0' 5 , 5 ., 'NN b wi 1 lx- :i X3 yn 'N , 'V ff Wgkrhx M Y g 5 ' J' vA" 'E . 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K 4 , Q , , 1 , 1 , -'I . 71 , k 4, A A " .5 , 3 z 4 , nh ' I X '.f ., 5 1 . .R gi ' ,,..,,,f I. 1 4, 4 . X Z 1 + a A ' :tx 33, L .g f, -., 1 st. . A ., ' fl . . , F f , ,K .W lb QE, qu :N ff A , SW s E L F Q?m .ff 53? I Q 5 I , fIm+H,4.av...fw- i, A 1 ,awww-I ww K i UJQYTD' ,sf 332. , f2'?'+?Lj " 4 ,AL JW.: 413' . o . . W., -. Q , A ww. -.R 4 MC' Garfieldians approaching 400 Building Arcade on a rainy day. THE SPIRIT Since our Auditorium was under construction, all assemblies were held on the bleachers. This is cn typical program during an assembly. ,,qnM9V""' s iw The campus crowd at noon gathered around the 100 building. BULLDCDC5 VILLAGE FOREWORD Built in the most advanced Techniques of 1925, the Administration Building has seen the arrival and departure of thousands of students, many of them the parents of students at- tending Garfield today. This building knew intimately many young and eager faculty members, who gave of themselves for the advancement and education of their students. Some are gone forever, others, enriched in mind and experience, serve us as only the wise and kindly can serve. The Administration Building, known to all as the 200 Building, saw the birth and growth of Garfield's time-honored clubs and traditions, of sports and socials, of triumphs and defeats. Yes, the Administration Building as we knew it is gone, but not the progressive and modern spirit of Garfield High School. Handicapped as we were, through this school year of 1954-1955, our accomplishments are notable. Here are the highlights of Garfield's activities and successes. Here, also, you will meet the students, faculty, and friends who made these fine things possible. You will find that the students are exemplifying the famous words of James A. Garfield: "There is no American youth however poor, however humble, orphan though he may be, who may not rise through all grades of society and become the crown, the glory, the pillar of his state . . . provided he have . . . A CLEAR HEAD llllaa s,, A TRUE HEART A STRONG ARM Above you see the Administra- tion Building as it is now, dur- ing the construction, and to the right you see the artist's con- ception of what the new Admin- istration Building will look like when it is completed. M-f""'w K? 0 Aw . , HW aff. X! Throughout Garfield there exists an intangible feeling which every student and faculty member is extremely proud of - our school spirit. You can see it, and you can always feel its presence in Garfield's atmosphere. Each person may express it in his own way - sometimes in a group, sometimes the school as a whole. The most important thing is that we do express it. The Spirit of Garfield has a special meaning for the Seniors, for it is as a Senior that we begin to realize how soon we will be leaving the closeness and security of the past twelve years. Friends and classmates will part after receiving their diplomas, to enter varied fields, and soon will be on their own. But there is one thing they will take with them wherever they go in their paths of life, the prevailing Spirit of Garfield. Who can ever forget the thrill of seeing the entire student body cheering and urging their team to victory? Who can suppress a surge of pride at seeing the student body rise en masse at an assembly to greet a visitor? Even the remoddeling of our Administration Building didn't stop us. No, we went on with our usual activities. The noise may have been loud and the air dusty, but after a few days, most of us took it in our stride. These are truly great examples of school spirit. To this school spirit - the Spirit of Garfield High School, which exists about us always - we, the Annual Staff of 1955, proudly dedicate this yearbook. DEDICATION CGNTAINED A CLEAR HEAD A TRUE HEART A STRGNG ARM CLASSES -- PAGES I4-17 CLUBS - PAGES 58-81 f S ORTS - PAGES 82-109 R EIR GUIDANCE MR D RAYMOND BROTHERS has been servmg Garfleld faith fully as our prmcnpal for eleven years Durmg this tnme he has dem onstrated the fine Splrlt of Garfield and has encouraged Garfleld :ans to do the same Hls excellent ludgement and wllllngness to get the best for Garfield are qualltles that every student recogmzes and respects In hum Hls smcere Interest and friendly guldance are a tribute to the school a tribute of whrch all Garfleldlans should strrve to be worthy Mr Brothers rs a truly tune example ofthe :deal of every Gar fleldlan the possessor of a clear head a true heart and a strong Clfm t 1 . - . . . ' I - . . . . - . . . I I . MRS SHIELA BAUER our Glrls Vlce Prunclpal IS one bundle of energy who listens to the prob lems of our gurls and does her best to solve them Glrls League clubs and other actlvltles that con cern Garfleld gurls beneflt from her klnd and gractous help Though MR H VAN DANIKER has been here established himself ln the heart of Garfield Hls actlve Interest un our school and nts actlvutles has promoted a sense of understanding between our Boys Vlce Prlnclpal and the student body Mr Van Danlker has expressed his pride In Garfield and Garfleldlans many times and Garfield cer tamly IS proud of hum but one year, he has, from the very first, 'firmly An indispensible aid in the Garfield administration is Mrs. Hazel Turner. She is always ready and willing to help stu- dents iron out their programing problems. Senior Ayes are her special adopted chil- dren, and she helps them to decide on their postgraduotion plans. Pity poor Mr. Wallace Overman, who each morning listens to the same stole ex- cuses. Things are never dull for our effi- cient registrar, as you will always find Mr. Overman serving Garfield and its stu- dents tirelessly. UNEQUALED... V T7 T1 J H.. .WN L:- .....--f"" fm HOME ECONOMICS Sitting: Dolores Allen, Margaret Sharp Alberta Higbey. Standing: Virginia Capps Helen Compton, Beulah Alexander. Sitting: Lee Agaianion, Ada Astels, El vira Stomper, Joseph Maron. Standing Eric Johnson, Laura Peery, David Woods, MATH Harry Walstaff, Mark Lehmer, George Diehl, Boyd Benson, Charlotte Lambert, Glenna Fleck, Dave Benioff. SOCIAL STUDIES Sitting: Ruth Winslow, Kay Gilmore, Frankie Naylor, Miriam Binder. Standing: Lloyd Brazelton, Lloyd Rasmussen, George Ott, Don Carlos Bowsky. 5 J These indispensable people are always there when we need help. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Esther Strong, Nurse, Marion Morgan, Li- brarian, Virginia Crocket, M.D. Sherman. Bernard Kess, Elizabeth Barnhart, Solomon " H gglgkff 9 bfi .- h Xe?-A -A 1:1 7 yy 'r MUSIC ART Aaron Rosenzweig, Ethel lngalls, Burdette Sitting: George Nye. Standing: Alameda Krienke. Breeze, Katherine Pelremont. '-Y ' ,fs SCIENCE David Williams, Merrill Tower, William Mathews, Merle Horner, William Lewis, William O'Donnell. BUSINESS Sitting: Nell Oertel, Ruth Ncrgard, Vir- ginia Beach, Estelle Polevoi. Standing: David Pearlstein, William McKenna, Glen- na Wright, Stanley Haas. we-4 vs. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Front row: Paul Smyser, Archie Swan, Joe Cota, David Miller. Back row: Dahl Hatch, Thomas Catlett, George Earl, Patrick Quinn. BOYS GYM Robert Holmes, Bill Thompson, Edward Kuntz, Vincent Mottola, Leonard Mann. Mr. Logg was born in British Columbia, Canada, and came to the United States as a small boy. He established himself as an expert mechanic and lock smith before coming to Garfield in 1941 to serve with Mr. Earl at various iobs around the campus. Upon retiring he will reside here in E.l.A. at 963 South Fetterly, where he'll be managed by his wife, Mrs. Logg. LOGG ,- ' A K -'S GIRLS GYM Jo Ella Broadway, Ruth Beutler, Dorothy Rakestraw, Grace Heiser, Lucile Vance. OFFICE STAFF Sitting: Gilbert Heisig. Standing: Helen Dykeman, Amy Fuiii, George Kurt, Marcella Unger, Millie Hoxie Carol Rogers. fl mmmm if nl.-fm-WM ,Qwmmwmm Mwmmnms :mu W L ft--1-4 4 this-.. K :fri , '51 ',mf' r A" 5 x. Nqgvunv---Q, ,my . Q5 2 A '54 L, .ef QQ, Am gr 5? 0 1 1 2 , fi - 3 , 9 ., - f g bs' - N 5? Q w , w " :tl H35 r. -3 I ' Q? 25' '- I- ' ,.Q Z , 1' e 4. 'fs-2-i ' Y B 5 S 2 Q Q V iii. X 5 gf l?'??????1?2s'i1 Q15 sg QQ Hugsiffiii? ' 13+ gg in '3 w ' ' si 4 Q, NUR ffm- . . l v W K +1-'-,J X5 iw .6 3.2 vw 1 QM 3, f 5 -x R bt ff A I Q w 'M '31 4 all f ww k W , XM. ,6 ,, f. .bw ,L If Y W W, 4 use ' Int' - y..-f ,L a , Pe l -s V, V141 i. Jul PP, . X, Wi, -fe Y . 4 s Q N Fl eff Sw. J' f R wi 435-jg' f? ' ffl ,g,., ,' 'Q asf A 7 1.5 x 4-. - . ,., 1, DE Q., ,Q, ,.1'4 !"H 3 E , ..-..,.,, Q n-71 Y I 19: 2 6 Hb . 5 N sim Q 1 .- tk wi W 4 .wifi 'S X -ksulfwv 8' L lk Q 'N 1 g"."s W Q' I tm ' .AHA N., fp va 5' 1 RA s R x ...... -..- ......-..--.. ----V Av- W wg,- .. 4, U .- A A. T7 -QQ L-4--5 i K , 'fl , ggf1 A. ' A "L : 5a, ' " l 4. ' HK. V f. 1 WK 1 Q I I ' '1 UPON DOMINGO RODRIGUEZ In ancient Athens, the Ephebians constituted a distinct official order, recognized and honored by the state. Our modern counterpart, the Ephebian Society, was founded in February, l9l8, as a civic-service organization by Dr. Albert Shields. Membership in this society is restrict- ed to graduates of Los Angeles City High Schools, chosen on the basis of scholastic and service records at the ratio of one to each forty stu- dents. Just as the Ephebian order of Athens was regarded by the people as the hope and pride of the city, Ephebian membership is held as the highest honor a graduating senior can obtain. CARLOS GARCIA MARY VASQUEZ BOBBY KATO BTV ...-'S' w'?f'i f 1'-1'xM,,4-' in 4,-5 Q .. , gf' f' V 4 fl? 'ff if 'G Ig 1591? 44,5 7 .1 I 4t'1i,ijfjt5 "f :H,1 4..- fp. ll iff j 4. aug' Qi, if Q4 fa M gf -f :F si Pkwy, I' I gig: 2- an. L- ff fqii l ,- f -2. "X 1 ML ga -R xii. .-4 lfj',.i w W'NqM lg, ,NN , 7 f 1 1 I M 9 4 W 1' l 1 1 M SKQA Y U Q UGh,g WINTER '55 CLASS OFFICERS s d c Ia y T easu CARLOS GARCIA FRANK TRIFILETTI ROSA BARRON RICHARD PEINADO SENIOR B wb' 'fs ,mm X Pr sd e P as CARLOS GARCIA MARY VASQUEZ BARBARA REYNOLDS OFELIA FLORES Led once agam by thelr able presldent Carlos Garcia the W 55 Fantaslans enjoyed a very successful Senior Aye term Hlghllghtlng their last term In hugh school was Fantaslan Day where the Sensor Ayes wore pland tres and Fantaslan badges In thus manner the class was Introduced to the student body R I I Pre ident Vice Presi ent Se re r r rer I e I ent Vic resident Secretary Tre urer . . . . 1 I I 1 CHRISTINA AGUILAR Business LYDIA ALLEN Business ROSE MARIE AYALA Business ALBERT ALATORRE Academic LUCY AMPARANO Business ROSA BARRON Business ROBERT ALCORN Ind. Arts RICHARD ARMIJO Fine Arts FRANK BECK General MARGARET CABUTO Business ESTHER CALDERON Business ALICE CALLES Business JOE CAMPISI Ind. Arts LUKE CAMPISI Ind, Arts DAVID CASTANADA Ind. Arts BEATRICE AROZ RALPH ARVIZU HARRY ASATO Home Eg, Ind. Arts Academic JOAN BIFFI BERNETTE BLACK JESUS BONILLA Business Home Ec. Academic J ,,4v' LILLIAN DANIELS Business IRENE DUVALL Academic GERALDINE GALLIHER Business IRENE GARCIA Business JEANETTE DeCOU Business VICTOR ENCINAS Ind. Arts CARLOS GARCIA Academic PETE GARCIA Ind. Arts ARTHUR DeLAIRE Ind. Arts JOSEPH ESPINOZA Academic FRANCES GARCIA Business THERESA GARCIA Home Ec. In v 'jf 'GX J- 'SP' 1 I f i K PAUL CASTELLANOS Ind. Arts ROBERT CHAVEZ Ind. Arts NIR. G Scholar LOUIS ESTRELLA General JULIETTA CASTILLO Home Ec. SOFIA CHAVEZ Academic ALBERT DOMINGUEZ Ind. Arts MARLENE EVANS Home Ec. FRANK CHAVEZ Ind. Arts LIONEL COTA Ind. Arts NORMA DOMINGUEZ Fine Arts OFELIA FLORES Business EDWARD GODINEZ Ind. Arts ANNIE GOMEZ BUSINESS Q l 5 in ll J, ll MR. G Scholar DOLORES GUERRERO Home Ec. HENRY GUERRER0 The Coming Out Day of the Fantastic Ind. Am present the first program of its kind to be s Vam ira Duvall, Louie Montezuma, and the P ALBERT GUTIERREZ Ind. Arts ANGELINA GUTIERREZ DON HAMMOND HELEN HERNANDEZ HORTENSE HERNANDEZ ROSE MARIE HERRERA Business Ind. Arts Business Home Ec. Academic CAROL HYATT RONALD JONES JOANN KAPLAN MIKE KASARIAN ROBERT KATO Business lnd. Arts Business Ind. Arts Academic 22 5 r 2 ,H E ns of W'55 worked against all odds to rfield. How well everyone will remember be-bop Aztecs. nw ESTHER KENNON Business CORA KIMMET Business JACKIE KIRBY Ind. Arts MR. G Scholar RAYMOND KUBOTA Ind. Arts DOUGLAS LeFEBVRE Academic . A it DANNY LIMON Ind. Arts BARBARA LOPEZ Business DENISE LONG Business DAVID LOPEZ Fine Arts an X6 A MARY LOO Business MIGUEL LOPEZ Ind. Arts Qu. 'v ADELINA LOPEZ AZUCENA LOPEZ Business Business OLGA LOPEZ ROBERT LOPEZ Business Ind. Arts RICHARD LUGO Ind. Arts ANTHONY LUJAN Fine Arts MIGUEL LUNA Ind. Arts MR. G Scholar MARY MACIAS Business ROSE MARIE MADRID Business NORMAN MALDONADO Ind. Arts OFELIA MARES Business RICHARD MARES Ind. Arts GLORIA MARTIN Business DOLORES MARTINEZ Business JESS MARTINEZ Ind, Arts MARY MARTINEZ Business MICHAEL MATOSIAN Ind. Arts ANDREW MAULIT Ind. Arts ROBERT MEDRANO Business DELFINA MENDEZ Home Ec. MANUEL MENDOZA Ind. Arts WILLIAM MIRANDA Ind. Arts ELEANOR MOJICA Business MR. G Scholar IRENE MONTENEGRO Academic FRANK MONTOYA Ind. Arts MICHAEL MORENO Academic MR. G. Scholar ALFRED NAVARRO Ind. Arts DANIEL NAVARRO Business ERNEST NEGRETE Ind. Arts LYDIA OCHOA Business FRANK OGAZ Business CHARLENE O'GRADY Home Ec. ESPERANZA ORTEGON Business LILLIAN PACHECO Business EMILIO PEDREGON Business RICHARD PEINADO Academic RAQUEL PEREA Business ABRAM PEREZ Ind. Aris DONALD PEREZ Academic CLAUDE PICAZO Business CARMEN RAMIREZ Business DOLORES RAMIREZ Business THERESA RAMIREZ Business YOLANDA RAMOS Business MARY RENDON Business JOHN REYES Ind. Arts BARBARA REYNOLDS Business ROBERT RINGLEB Academic JORGE RIVERA Ind. Arts 121 LILY RIVERA Business AUGUSTINA RODRIGUEZ Home Ec. DOMINGO RODRIGUEZ Ind. Arts MARY ELLEN RODRIGUEZ Business TONY RODRIGUEZ Ind. Arts FRANCES ROLDAN Home Ec. JENNIE A. RUIZ Business JENNIE M. RUIZ Business JOHN RUIZ Ind. Arts LUCILLE RUIZ Business JOSEPHINE SAINZ Academic JOE SALAS Business CHRISTINA SALAZAR Business RAUL SALCIDO Academic JOSE SAMANIEGO Ind. Arts LI LLIAN SANCHEZ Fine Arts RAYMOND SANCHEZ Ind. Arts ROBERT SANCHEZ Ind. Arts ERNEST SANDOVAL Ind. Arts GRACE SAN GERMAN Business RICHARD SEGURA Ind. Arts Q 'Tiff DAVID URUTIA Business JOHN VALDIVIA Ind. Arts ESTHER VASQUEZ Business MARY VASQUEZ Business CRUZ VELASQUEZ Ind. Arts RAMON VENEGAS Ind. Arts MR. G. Scholar BETTY VILLAGRAN Business HENRY WAGNER General EDWARD SELCER Business EDWARD SERMENO Ind. Arts HRIAR SHEKERJIAN Academic REINA SLADE Business FERNANDO SMITH Ind. Arts ALFRED TAFOYA Academic BEATRICE TAFOYA Business ROSE MARIE THOMAS Business ALBERT TIRRE Fine Arts FRANK TRIFILETTI Academic AIDA URIBE Business JOSEPH URIBE Ind. Arts 3' l ' J., Aww' au 1" ,..,. 129' g , 4 KENNETH WATAN ABE Academic LARRY WEISS Academic fig ROSARIO YANEZ Business JUANITA ZAMORANO Business Queen Barbara Reynolds cuts lwer calce af the Prom, Polynesian Paradise, as Sr. B. President .lce Avila stands by i..i1v-E' f f I Ni.. . V 1 .K fy, SENICDR SENTIMENTS Joyful moments at the Senior Picnic . . . boys after the pie-eating contest, participants in the sack race, sponsors and some classmates observing from the sidelines, and the egg-throwing contest when Jo Kaplan "caught" one. ALL ABOARD ?7?7?? .. LGATE SM VERY TTY NO, LET ME TELL IT!! WHAT A LIE L it 5 -A . M ' ,gr 3, 5, 'ffl 4 ff L' M, Q Fw M414 I ix? R x X ff , . Q F vi 1' X LK L1 m 'M' 5 9. n ff xv HAVE A LICK SENIOR BEE .156- DK' , Q- f 'Nw F45680972 . 3 wx so-A f 'M' Two hundred and twenty-five couples danced through a Polynesian Paradise on the night of January l4th, at Gorfield's first oft-campus prom. The colorful affair was held at South Gate Auditorium. The efforts ofthe Class of S'55 to give the best Prom ever were well re- warded as the couples whirled and twirled to the music ot Bobby Rey and his band. Queen Barbara Reynolds and her escort, Mickey Cunningham, reigned on this magical night of nights. l JOYCE TAKEUCHI CHUCK CADMAN MARY RUIZ The chosen Ephebians of each senior clas stand upon the platform on graduation night to recite the ancient Ephebian oath. With each word they are further pledging themselves to uphold the honor and tradition of their community, their school, and the Ephebian Society. "We will never bring disgrace to this our city by any act of dishonesty or cowardice, nor ever desert our suffering comrades in the ranks, we will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the city, both alone and with many we will revere and obey the city's laws and do our best to incite a like respect in those above us who are prone to annul or set them at naught, we will strive unceasingly to quicken the public sense of civic duty. Thus, in all ways, we will transmit this city not only not less, but far greater and more beautiful than it was transmitt- ed to us." DORA ROSALES JOE AVILA IRENE VARCADOS S'55 EPHEBIAN .mg-5 S'55 EPHEBIAN CANDIDATES Sitting: S. Figueroa, F. Sanchez, I. Varcados, G. Jaeger, M. Ruiz. Kneeling: J. Takeuchi, I. Franco M. E. Munoz, D. Resales, M. Schulte. Standing: J. Avila, A. Espinasa, A. Ceniseros, R. Cardoza, M Hiller, C. Cadman, D. Kubo, E. Tanaka. H--ff DON KUBO SUSIE FIGUEROA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer JOE AVILA CHUCK CADMAN JESSE VARELA MARY RUIZ SENIOR BEE CABINET Row l: A. Muto, B. Shirley, F. lbcrra, M. Davila, J. Varelc, J. Avila, M. Ruiz, C. Cadman, E. Uribe, M. Huerta, A. Campoy, F. O'Grady Row 2: E. Mena, l. Veler, G. Jaeger, K. Benfatti, C. Smith, R. Dalton F. Rodriguez, M. Rangell, R. Goodman, S. Garrett, C. Manduiano, D. Joich. 34 Under the leadership of Joe Avila, Sr. B President, and Chuck Cadman, Senior A President, the Athenians of S'55 had a truly exciting Senior year. Being the first class to present an off-campus prom was an insurmountable thrill. Coming Out Day and the Senior Party, Picnic, and noon dances provided moments of relaxation and play during a semester filled with lots of work, busy schedules, and fun. President CHUCK CADMAN Vice President Secretary Treasurer WALDIE RAMIREZ GEORGIA JAEGER MANUEL RAN4 SENIOR AYE CABINET Row l: S. Smith, E. Mena, R. Dalton, M. Rangell, W. Ramirez Cadman, G. Jaeger, M. Davila, E. Uribe, R. Alvarez. Row 2: Muto, B. Shirley, M. I.. Ruiz, E. Tanaka, R. Regalado, J. Robles Rodriguez, R. Goodman, S. Garrett, C. Manduiuno, F. lbcrra, Mr Mottala. ANA AGUILAR Fine Arts ROBERT ALVIDREZ Ind. Arts VICTOR ARZATE Fine Arts ., xg, Q. X It ll. X 3 ffm . 'I I Master of ceremonies Leonard Wolen talking to a sleuth during the Coral Coming Out Day. DOLORES AGUIRRE Business RUDOLFO ALVIDREZ Ind. Arts HELEN AULWES Academic If DELIA ALATORRE Academic IRENE APSEL Academic LYDIA AVENDANO Business ROBERT ALMANZAN Academic ARMANDO ARAMBULO Ind. Arts JOE AVILA Business LARRY ALTAMIRANO Ind. Arts TAKAO ARATANI Academic JACK BARCELO Ind. Arts A IQ 0,lll' lqiii lllll lgailil sqqltll 'snow' uanw" all 0' ,Q I 'iii 1: gli!! Q 5111! MARIA ALVAREZ Business SOPHIEHARMIJO Business WILLIAM BARELA Ind. Arts 'Q' nv LOUISE BARTELLI Business RALPH BIEGGER Ind. Arts NANCY BRODIE Business BEATRICE CAMPO5 Business GILBERT BASTIEN Academic FRANCISCO BLANCO Ind. ArIs GLORIA BROWN Academic ANN CAMPOY Fine Aris ATHENIANS KLARA BENFATTI Business ROSENDO BLANCO Business KAY BUKOVAC Academic ROSALIND CANNON Business NEIL BENNETT Ind. Arts REGGIE BLANEY Ind. Arts IRENE BUSTAMANTE Business MR. G Scholar ESTHER BERMUDEZ Home Ec. ROSENDO BLEA Ind, Arts YSIDRO CABRERA Ind. Arts ROBERT CARDOZA Academic ANITA BERRIDGE Home Ec. LILLY BONNETT Business CHARLES CADMAN Academic MARY ANN CASADAS Business IQ I 5 I A IRENE CASTANON Business MR. G Scholar LOUIS CASTRO Ind. Arts JANICE CAVENDER Home Ec. ESTHER CECENA Business AMADO CENISEROS Ind. Arts RONALD CHARTNIZ Academic MARIA CISNEROS Business WILLIAM KLINE Ind. Arts JON COBIN Academic 'L MARY CORDERO Home Ec. FRANCISCO CORDOVA Ind. Arts RICHARD CORNEJO Ind. Arts RICHARD COSTELLO Fine Arts RUBEN COTA Fine Arts BARBARA COX Fine Arts ROBERT DALTON Academic DIANE DAVILA Business DIONE DAVILA Business GEORGE DEMETRI FF Ind. Arts JOE ESPARZA Ind. Arts 38 MARY DAVILA Home Ec. HILDA DIAZ Business ALBERT ESPINOZA Ind. Arts DAVID DAVIS Ind. Arts DOLORES DOMINGUEZ Business MAY ESPINOZA Business MARLENE DAVIS Business IRENE DOMINGUEZ Business HERLINDA ESTRADA Home Ec. Xin' MARY DELGADO ROBERT DELGADO Business Ind. AHS SHIRLEY DRAGOVICH ROY ESCARCEGA Business ACUdemIC WILLIAM FELIZ GEORGE FERNANDEZ Academic Academic The greatest show on earth 4-4""r. 0-M iii of '37 EDRA FRADIN Business MARGARET GARCIA Home Ec. JOYCE GIAMBRONI Business '7 www! HENRY GOMEZ Ind. Arts RALPH GREGORIAN Ind. Arts RUDY HERNANDEZ Ind. Arts NANCY GONHUE Business JESUS GUERRA Ind. Arts THERESA HERNANDEZ Home Ec. X EVA GONZALES Business ROGER GUTIERREZ Ind. Arts JENNIE HEROLD Home Ec. RAYMOND HOPCUS Ind. Arts SUSANNA HOWESPIAN Business MARTHA HUERTA Business FRANCIS IBARRA Business GEORGIA JAEGER Business DAYONA .IAICH Business RUBEN GONZALES Ind. Arts LENA HERNANDEZ Business MICHAEL HILLER Academic ROSEMARY GOODMAN Business JOSEPH HERNANDEZ Ind. Arts RAYMOND HOLGUIN Business S., 6 15' 1,555 ANTONIO Academic MARTHA Fine Arts MR. G Scholar ,-of '27 ii JAN CAROL KOVNER Ind. Arts PETE LEON Ind. Arts JOHN JANEWAY Academic HARRY JORDAN Ind. Arts KENNETH JORDAN Ind. Aris ALICE JOYNER Business WILLIAM KALINE Ind. Arts LUCY KAPSOFF Home Ec. FRANCIS KARLEIN Fine Arts RUTH KITAGAWA Academic BEVERLY KNORR Academic DONALD KUBO PETE KUDRAVE Academic Ind. Aris ARLENE LINDELL RALPH LONA Academic General J C' CAROL LABUSHEVICZ Business DELIA LOPEZ Business av- CHARLES LAWRENCE Ind, ArIs FERNANDO LOPEZ Ind. Arts 'G Qvl JOSEPHINE LOPEZ Business EVELYN MALH OIT Home Ec. EDNA MARTINEZ Fine Arts PAUL MERCHIAN Ind. Arts si., lf STELLA MANASIAN Fine Arts MAXINE McLENDON Home Ec. VIOLA MITCHELL Business CLEOTILDE MANDUJANO Business CONNIE McOWEN Business ARLINE MOHR Business s i MANUEL LOPEZ Fine Arts PAUL LOUIE Ind. Arts LOUIS MARQUEZ Business ESTHER MENA Home Ec. ANNA MARIA MONTANEZ Business MARIA LOPEZ Business EDWARD LUGO Ind. Arts RONALD MARTIN Academic VIRGINIA MENDIVIL Business RICHARD MONTANO Ind. Arts '45 YOLANDA LOPEZ Fine Arts ERNEST MALDONADO Ind, Arts DAVID MARTINEZ Ind. Arts FRANK MENDOZA Ind. Arts ANNA MARIA MORALES Business X-, 'Q' ERNEST MORALES JOSEPH MORALES Ind. Arts Academic MARY ELLEN MUNOZ ALBERTA MUTO Business Business JUDY NESMAN FRANZA O'GRADY Fine Arts Business ANTERO PALACIOS RUTH PAUL Ind. Arts Business JOHN PERRY PHILOMENA PERRY Ind. Arts Business gt'-?9f X Al f if If fl' if ALFONSO MCRENO Academic JOSEPH NANEZ Ind. Arts HELEN OLIVARES Business ROBERT PAZ Ind, Arts NANCY PETERSON Business -6 ESPERANZA MORONEZ LILIA MUNOZ Home Ec. Home Ec. DORA NARANJO DON NEHRING Home Ec. Academic MR. G DOLORES ORTEGA Scholar Business CAROL PEDERSON HENRY PEREZ Business Fine Arts EDWARD PIGNOLI GLORIA PONCE Ind. Arts Business CONSUELO ORTEGO Business RACHEL PEREZ Business JOSEPH PUSITARI Ind. Arts Q-M.,..f-Q 6 4' ali IVV 'R7' NORMA QUINTANA Business JUAN RAMIREZ Fine Arts EMILY RAMIREZ Fine Arts OSWALDO RAMIREZ Ind. Arts BELEN RAMOS Home Ec. ALFRED RENTERIA Ind. Arts JOSEPH ROBLES BUSINESS MANUEL RANGELL Academic RUTH RINK Business ROSALIE ROBLES Business ANGIE RAZO NELLIE REBELES Business Business MADELINE RIOS MR. G. Business Scholar BARBARA RODRIGUEZ FRED RODRIGUEZ Business Business DORIS REDE Home Ec. GILBERT RIVERA Ind. Arts GEORGE RODRIGUEZ Academic "NJ Jin- ,4 at ,. I IQ RICHARD REGALADO Academic DELIA RIZO Business JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ Industrial Arts Q nes- if .1 -.5 ,WWX aww A F fiat Y J. E is MANUEL RODRIGUEZ Ind. Arts DAVID ROMO Ind. Arts ELIZABETH SAAVEDRA Home Ec. PAUL RODRIGUEZ Ind. Arts DORA ROSALES Business ANGIE SALAZAR Business RAYMOND RODRIGUEZ AURORA ROGERS Ind. Arts Fine Arts VIRGINIA ROSAS DANIEL ROYBAL Business Business RICHARD SALAZAR DANIEL SALDANA Academic Ind. Arts WANDA ROGERS Business GLORIA RUIZ Business MARGARET SALES Home Ec. ARNOLD SANCHEZ Ind. Arts MARY ALICE ROJAS Home Ec. MARY RUIZ Academic ROBERT SAMARIO Ind. Arts CARMEN SANCHEZ Home Ec. as V 2 3 6 FRANCIS SANCHEZ JOSEPH SANDOVAL Academic Fine Arts FRED SCOTT STELLA SCOTT Academic Business STEVE SHUBIN NORMAN SHUTE Academic Fine Arts CHARLES SPARKS CAROL SYRSTAD Academic Business BRUCE TAVERNER REDA TAYLOR Academic Business iv, Y? ALFRED SANTA CRUZ Ind. Arts STEPHEN SEGAL Academic MR. G Scholar TED TAKAMATSU Academic ARMANDO TENORI O Fine Arts MR. G. Scholar ANGEL SERNA Ind. Arts CHARLES SMITH Academic JOYCE TAKEUCHI Academic WILLIAM THOMPSON General 5 ROGER SCHAEFER Fine Arts SALLY SERNA Business PAT SNELLEN Academic EDWARD TANAKA Business JAMES THORP Academic MARY SCHULTE Academic BARBARA SHIRLEY Academic FRANCIS SOTO Business HIROSHI TANAKA Academic MARY ELLEN Business 'CSF' M x AMELIA TORRES Home Ec. GLORIA URIBE Business ANITA VALLE Business DOLORES VEIGA Business MARILYN WALL Fine Arfs TITUS TRAMMELL Ind, Arts ROBERT URQUIDI Fine ArIs MARTHA VENEGA5 Business FRANCIS VELARDE Home Ec. JANICE WALLACE Academic ,I is is Ei I RAYMOND URATA Academic ESMERALDA VALENCIA Business IRENE VARCADOS Academic IRENE VELER Business RICHARD WEDDLE Ind. ArIs 's. X, f.. ,, ri .,., .L-I, ' cg.-.ff It A .. i s Lo if eQifl'if51fQQiffi'?'i K .VV.. Hwy mf .M ,. ,X 5 f ffgwggfvi ,A :'. Z 0 1 es if ii IRMA URIBE Business CARLOS VARELA Ind. AHS ROBERT VELTRI Business JOANNE WISE Academic JESSIE VARELA Business MARY VERDUSCO Home Ec. LEONARD WOLEN Fine Arts VIRGINIA VEGA Business JOSEPH WALDEN Academic JOHNNY YSAIS Ind. Arts r . ...ff J K, X if 1 if I A H wx fi' 3? if la Qin.. Dx ffvx AV 26135 1. IN AND AROUND THE CAMPUS CLASS OF ' 56 Row 1: J. Salcido, E. Fierro, J. Anderson, F. Marlinez, H. Esporza, N. Gonzales, D. Row I: G. Polydoros, H. Rojas, Y. Pineda, D. Guillen, B. Estrada, R. Rodarle, G. Vera, B, Ulloa, L. Beiarno, M. Young. Row 2: F. Mollola, Y. De La Loza, C. Garcia, L. Martinez, L. Hernandez, A. Rosales, M. Leos, M. Sanchez, E. Orlegon, D. Valdez, C. Gonzales, E. Solis, N. Harrison, D. Joseph. Row 3: R. Serrano, N. Renteria, C. Gallardo, T. Zabala, B. Vasquez, A. Sanla Maria, M. Corlez, E. Duran, I. Mor- ales, R. Gilsion, B. Taylor, P. Tuel, E. Monlez, A. Garcia. Row 4: J. Caslro, D. Murillo, D. Apodoca, J. Salazar, F. Fernandez, M. Hernandez, X. Fernandez, J. Dillard, F. Mageno, A. Delgado, B. Nerenberg, G. Gonzalez, A. Tachiqwin. Raw 5: R. Ramirez, J. Marlinez, J. Vera, A. Figueroa, J. Birckos, E. Leonard, F. Heinze, A. Melendez, R. Rivero, T. Mor- eno, C. Rubio, G. Yamasaki, G. Blanco. 50 Strolher, G. Shahon, K. Malich, I. Men- doza, E. Nunez, M. Sanchez. Row 2: F. Hernandez, R. Chavez, R. Garavilo, I. Aguilar, C. Dovalina, T. Rangel, A. M. Espinosa, J. Buckroff, S. Benson, M. Mon- toya, M. Coppin, J. Laren. Row 3: A. Duran, V. Martinez, I. Reyes, R. Zoyas, D. Trask, F. Fimbres, A. Perry, S. Hernandez, E. Gonzales, N. Ramirez, J. Kolkoff. Row 4: R. Chapman, R. Caslillo, E. Squirrel, J. Dillard, G. Sales, E. Chavez, M. Valdez. Rowl F Garcna D Zerluche C Marmol ego H Velosquez I Montoya F o rl che arvse I rch Counts A Samannego E Perez G Gon za es w 2 J Ramlrez I Zamun R Rnncon L Wordlengh M Senechol H Marhn C J Brody N Hugo S Wag l. Crofl D Con reras Faras Mnranda Row 3 G Holmes C Cola N Young R Stone D Anderson P Bowen T Ohesen P Lozono M Corrnllo L Fnch B Moeller Row 4 J Mercado G Prov enclo J Summers C Munson K Phipps eynolds E K g R lbor R M Perez R Melendres S Barry J Vcr cados Carrier A Keehmer R Mnlls B D Amore Fuller E Ml r l Roz Row ema R Dura H Gonzaes Blanche E Calzoda E Molma E Almon za E Vega E Numez R Cashllanos R Sa es M Madrnd D Arras Row 3 C Mores D Vargas V Ulloa M Holqunn Hmoloso N Torres G Cas ro Aguilar P lopez C De La Rosa R Por no C Connie P Dodge R Galm ow 4 J Allen L Herrera K Homo moto R Klulls P Rolo A Teleda R Val dez A Mendez M Mulcres P Arellanes Anderson R w 5 D Pawlola Oluvas B Lopez D Pereo M Arroyo T Calderon G Mesla C Chavez T Mar quez R Safner F Hernandez S Perez D Kowahora CLASS OF S 56 I Z . A , . , . - ' , . , . , . Ble , M. F 'I , A. C I' I , D. L'p' , L. , . ' , . , . - I . Ro : . ' , . d'u, Q . I I . 1 ' I . ' , . . , . , . - ner, . , . I , L. , P. ' . : . , . , . . , . , . ' , . , . . : . , . - . , . , . , . I , R. R , . in , . ao, . Rios, . , . , . , . Row I: T. Armiio, D. Vigil, B. Pipkin, M. 0 , - , I F , u J 1 M. , . 'Ile , . ok. 2: N. M d' , , n, . I , G. , . , . ' , . - , Q , - , . . , v l , . ' , . . : . I . , . , v . , R. ' ' , . , . I , R. ' , . , . , J ' l'll , . ' , . , . ' do. R : . , . , . - 1 . , . , . A , . ' I ' I I U I I I B. . o : . ' , A. J , - , 1 I 1 , . , . l , - , . ' , . I , . 1 Q I CLASS OF S'56 Row l: P. Nancarrow, A. Martinez, F Thomas, N. Bladh, J. Fetzer, C. Pena Row 2: E, Shubin, M. Arras, J. Bernard K. Schaefer, N. lrashkin, A. Klubnickcn S. Deretich, S. Deretich, R. Kiramidiian, S Simonick, N. Axelrod, V. Fuerte. Row 3 G. Gutierrez, H. Gutierrez, A. Macias, E Gutierrez, T. Martinez, A. Lachman, P. Murphy, L. Ramirez, S. Tanaka, N. Naka gawa, A. Paik, L. Iwamoto, J. Warner, L. Fowler. Row 4: F. Ortiz, G. Garcia B. Calkin, J. Puga, O. Crouch, P. Delgado B. Davidson, R. M. Ichiyama, A. Aguilar, R. Arciniega, T. Stigers. Row 5: L. Lewis H. Garcia, M. Guerrero, F. Sesma, R Ortiz, R. Rodriguez, J. Esmirlian, J. Lou F. McCollum, D. Robinson, E. Camarena F. Thomas, R. Navarro. -GJ Row 'lz M. Pietrowicz, J. Bailey, D. Cruz M. De La Cruz, R. Picazo, H. Robles, M Villarreal, C. Lopez, M. Dominguez, H Dairla, M. Martinez. Row 2: K. Peyiani L. Raya, M. Campa, F. Juarez, R. Garcia M. Cadena, A. Gonzales, V. Garcia, R Imperial. Row 3: J. Barrios, E. Aguirre E. Zapanta, B. Sanchez, G. Dorado, L Savoian, G. Avedission, L. Perdue, J Razo, L. Salazar. Row 4: T. Gil, F. Ortiz A. Rubio, J. Mercado, P. Aguilar, E. Ar redondo, S. Sarkisian, J. Morgan, E. San chez, R. Turriago. the clean up campaign. Another one of the active groups during Row I: M. Castaneda, R. Montoya, E Barron, A. Orabuena, V. Rodriguez, V. Jaramillo, A. Gonzalez, L. Moreno, M Knorr, K. Skoko, I. Ramirez. Row 2: P Magoalino, P. Perez, A. Gutierrez, B Morales, E. Flores, M. Gonzales, M. Ser na, A. Eros, M. Amarillas, M. Rios, M Gomez, A. Tanioko, A. Utsumi. Row 3 B. Pena, G. Sainz, D. Hooton, F. Delgado D. Ramirez, M. Busch, L. Chambers, D. Thomas, W. Leeman, G. Gamet. Row 4 D. Mara, E. Cervantes, C. Jager, V. Gar cia, O. Sanchez, N. Rede, D. Duran, R Felix, G. Vasquez, A. Castellanos. CLASS OF '57 Row I: L. Trask, J. Torres, I. Harney, M L. Madina, J. Nakagawa, J. Kobata, M. Brown, M. Steinitz, L. Herrera, C. Montez, A. Utsumi. Row 2: I. Ornelas, M. Molina M. Enriquez, I. Delgado, L. Perez, S Ralphs, L. Schwartz, G. Franklin, M. Yosh ida, A. Franco, M. Campos. Row 3: L Carlin, R. Gonzalez, A. Nahkohunian, A Figueroa, F. Chavez, O. Crouch, J. Mur illo, R. Garcia, G. Almanson, V. Valencia Row 4: R. Preciado, R. Lopez, J. Deanda J. Uribe, E. Garcia, H. Franklin, A. War ren, H. Garcia, S. Tanaka, P. Alvarez, M Vasquez, S. Saavedra. .0 Row I: S. Cole, S. Simovich, M. Herrera V. Wisdom, F. Montoya, R. Manasian, M Maddux, M. Mushegian, N. Avoian, E Tolmasoff, A. Eckler, E. Hanada. Row 2 H. Holguin, N. Brewer, M. Soliz, I. Or itz, L. O'Neil, J. Allen, J. Dietman, D Brower, L. Lopez, E. Ziert, N. Konovalov Row 3: A. Torres, J. Trammell, A. Gon zales, G. Almanzan, J. Ruiz, R. Garcia G. Valencia, P. Gomez, R. Hurtado, R leyba, B. Boranian, J. Garrett. Row 4 H. Beers, W. Warden, M. Garabedian J. J. Ramos, R. Calderon, J. Russell, T Guerra, B. Medrano, D. Oleson, E. Gon- zales. Row l: G. Ramos, M. Madrid, J. Cisneros, E. Marquez, R. Asbury, l. Morales, J. Esp inoza, A. Estrada, L. Gomez, A. St. Marie A. Aguilar, A. Vasquez. Row 2: L. Juarez, A. Urista, C. King, A. Saldae, M. Men doza, B. Castillo, G. Corral, E, Villeags, A. Rebeles, E. Bravo, G. Dalton, L. An drews, H. Daniels. Row 3: M. Matich, P. Daleo, G. Decker, A. Rosin, R. Saavedra B. Rudometkin, T. Simon, J. Demetriff, M Moreno, N. Goings, M. Gonzales, B. Morales. Row 4: S. Lopez, D. Cortez, H Garcia, J. Gamboa, G. Sainz, R. Leyba J. Esparaza, B. Pena, R. Thompson, R Sainz, J. Savers, J. Lopez, L. Eaton. CLASS OF S'57 Row l: S. Viramontes, R, Torres, C. Mun oz, J. Montes, M. Martinez, F. Ramimerz C. Schwartz, E. Flores, M. L. Galvan, R Guerero, l. Deemer, l. Santa Maria, A Prellanes. Row 2: L. Soto, M. Taylor, E Eells, G Staz, C. Friedman, A. Martinez I. Medrano, M. L. Garcia, M. L. Gan zales, L. Aguilar, E. Rodriguez, R. Fern andez. Row 3: J. Delarosa, R. Chavez J. Urata, J. Guzman, M. Trujillo, G. Wil liamson, J. Argandona, R. Salgado, F Conteras, W. Palacios, G. Garcia, Y Limon. Row 4: R. Oda, M. Kubo, M Aratani, L. Wong, E. Rodriguez, T. Hern andez, E. Sanchez, P. Rodarte, J. Mar tinez, E. Carmona, E. Gurrola, G. Davis E. Ferra. Row l: C. Mercado, R. Rios, H. Valencia I. Mendoza, M. Ruiz, A. Sandoval, A Sanchez, D. Morales, V. DeLa Cruz, A Meza, G. Belderrain, R. Jayan. Row 2 A. Romo, J. Chacon, M. Villa, D. Hama- saki, L. Portillo, A. Hernandez, H. Molina M. L. Martinez, M. Diaz, T. Hamamoto, E Nakata, B. Bozigian. Row 3: A. Rishe J. Apodoca, J. Tomey, J. McWilliams, A Gomez, C. Benson, F. Skoda, L. Cogan R. Zadina, R. Downey, C. Pignali, E. Gar- cia. Row 4: J. Burgess, M. Barragan, D Fuener, G. Garcia, J. B. Hester, M. Perez G. Ortega, D. Luna, R. Pulice, G. Cen- deias, F. Vargas, B. Joseph. Seated: M. Radriguez, E. Calvo, l, Ortiz, A. Cuellar, E. Miranda, F. Leyba, A Ruiz, E. Ortegon, M. L. Velosquez. Row l: E. Medina, R. Sermeno, J. Mon cada, E. Orozco, P. Mills, R. Reyes, B Villa, N. Martinez, M. Floriani, H. Perez E. Duran, D. Villicana. Row 2: D. Mat thews, L. Montes, M. Guerrero, A. Hern andez, M. Rodriguez, B. Rivera, L. Alfaro J. Misquez, C. Reyes, L. Luna, E. Martinez G. Valles, C. Tommer. Row 3: R. Aguilar A. Renteria, J. Epuihua, R. Renteria, H Salcido, R. Dorado, T. Gonzalez, J. Espin asa, C. Castellon, S. Delgado. Row 4 R. Verdugo, L. Flores, A. Leon, B. Cas tillo, F. Moreno, J. Medina, R. Chavez, N Escalonte, C. Barrios, R. Aguirre, P. Ar roya, E. Gurrola, F. Parra. Row l: L. Helstowski, L. Shapiro, J. Bern and, G. Pena, M. Fierros, F. Buck, A White. Row 2: K. Hamamoto, M. Yos hida, V. Kishi, V. Olivas, R. M. Ramirez l. Sepulveda, T. Vitar, M. Ullo, B. Ruther ford, W. Coon, B. Shapiro. Row 3: R Muniz, K. Shubin, R. Rios, M. Crawford R. Tiierina, G. Guayante, J. Griffin, A Munoz, J. Arias, S. Weisstein, R. Nev- arez, S. Molina. Row 4: R. Granado, C. Montoya, R. Lopez, R. Paredez, A. Mesa M. Cabuto, H. Valdez, R. Orellana, A. Licas, H. Garcia, R. Hernandez. Row 5 A. Cisneros, A. Rivas, H. Frias, J. Mer cado, E. Romero, E. Diaz, R. Maronez, J Lynn, D. Delfin, A. Monteno. Row 'lz M. Garcia, l. Rosales, M. Son chez, O. Portillo, J. Lopez, F. Felix, V Perez, M. Fonseca, J. Sotelo, J .Gilderman S. Hardisly, C. Lipinski. Row 2: N. Her rick, L. Fierro, S. Jordan, R. Boylan, M Bogdanoff, A. Lara, I. Gonzales, E. Gar cia, M. Herrera, J. Sanchez, M. Clark Row 3: J. Andersen, B. Sawaya, L. Lorge L. Polydoros, G. Nelson, B. Munoz, C Arballo, D. Dykier, D. Mancuso, F. Par- ral, L. Soffa, R. Jewell. Row 4: B. Casas J. Schamcich, A. Nunez, S. Jaramillo, J Greendale, B. Pedraza, D. Afonin, G. Bel- tran, M. Waltermire, J. Portillo, D. Boo- grove, D. Kimmet. Row l: E. Alva, C. Gonzalez, J. Garcia L. Caballero, C. Gallegos, R. Alva, S. Go- mez, L. Olguin, C. Caro, S. Harris, N Kato, R. Nalbandian. Row 2: L. Harris G. Salaz, R. M. Aguilar, D. Green, D Gallego, S. Loveland, E. Rosas, A. Ner- Sesion, S. Hanley, D. Reseck, B. Pategal J. Poynter, A. Akobobb. Row 3: S. Ben: avides, S. Padilla, G. M. Barbosa, V Aguilar, S. Oscar, G. Sanchez, L. Maldon- ado, A. Chacon, E. Tanaka, R. Kuruma, D. Bravo, B. Wood. Row 4: B. Russell, R. Lee, M. Gold, S. Harlunian, L. Glass, D. Sandoval, D. Chavez, J. Smith, L. Block, D. Cabrera, E. Gardner, R. Louis. i 5-.J Ip Q 150 0 ' -blip lfffifflll W gk . ,M Rowl L Hernandez J Palaclos S Fern andez, B. Spilzer, C. Schwartz, E. Hernan- dez, F. Maldonado, B. Bonnelt, R. Big horse, B. Graham, J. Kirkpalrick, L. House L. Purdy. Row ll: F. Procfor, G. Wolari R. Hernandez, L. Barron, M. Alvarez, S Revelles, E. Avila, M, Kaline, M. Medina l. Acosla, Y. Mendez, Bernal. Row Ill: M Taylor, J. Huizar, R. Terrazas, M. Garcia L. Rodriguez, E. Merino, F. Velez, G. Mor ales, G. Cendeias, D. Cora, E. Dominguez, R. Torres. Row IV: D. Hunl, J. Tiierina, E Romero, C. Parker, R. Hardy, J. Gallardo, D. Garcia, A. Sanchez, L. Valdez, P Prancevio, A. Rodriguez. CLASS Row l: J. Martinez, L. Lopez, J. Varela H. Lozano, E. Holmes, V. Arkenback, C Cordova, V. Fin n, T. Rodriguez, V Davila, C. Garcia, Row ll: R. Valenzuela D, Telles, S. Flores, L. Mazzolle, L. Sa- avedra, A. While, S. Pacheco, R. Mon- loya, M. Logian, M. Aleiandro, l. Mer chian, R. Moronez. Row Ill: D. Castrel lon, L. Acosla, E. Guillen, P. Munoz, J Mandoza, A. Casillas, L. Orazco, D. Espin- osa, J. Ruiz, R. Romero, L. Lerg. Row IV H. Sarkisian, R. Ramos, G. Mazzotle, R Dalton, W. McCallick, L. Chavez, E. Ru bio, D. Gonzalez, S. Lopez, R. Monliio J. Paul, J. Lopez. w.. 1 CDF '58 Row I: V. Hiiar, D. Klubnicken, M. Cornil liac, C. Dean, M. L. Ortiz, B. Mumm A. Crafton, J. Fuentes, P. De Cou, M. Bir akos, P. Jinmenez, I. Cobos, R. Anderson Row 2: C. Oshann, S. Gleber, L. Johnston L. Garcia, M. Vega, R. Gonzalez, E. Hern andez, A. Rodriguez, E. Verdugo, S. Hines C. Larrazdo, M. Carrillo. Row 3: R. Rago J. Cannefax, G. Velasquez, S. Reza, A Narvaez, J. Alvarez, A. Simonian, E. Gar cia, T. Moreno, R. Flores, J. Miran P. Flores. Row 4: R. Masumora, Enriguez, E. Ziebarth, R. Brodie, G. Gon zalez, W. Amaya, D, Perumear, G. lriye K. Bredlav, H. Guerrero, E .Cisneros, T Sanchez. Row I: N. Sherman, N. Ramirez, R. Gar cia, l. Zubia, Y. Drellana, D. Estra a R. Rios, A. Rodriguez, l.. Allen, B. Gomez J. Castoneda, M. Vasquez, C. Ramirez, C Amarillas. Row 2: M. Cisneros, J. Oka moto, O. Loya, E. Gallardo, H. Ochoa, C Leon, R. Hidago, A. Mocias, I. De Baca, G Chavez, N. Bustamante, M. Campos. Row 3: R. Escarcega, R. Campos, M. Jaime, R Diaz, V. Vasquez, R. Lopez, I. Cazares R. Valencia, R. Lemmon, R. Gonzalez, C Lopez, P. Montes. Row 4: R. Mapstea J. Blanco, S. Esperon, R. Flores, F. Razo B. Alamanza, B. Kolochian, E. Marashlian M. Murillo, R. Flores, C. Meolina, R. Jua P. Baca, T. Moreno. Yi: affix in w I Lec v a Villarrea Juarez C Gomes L Cacvoppo I Apo daca C Garcia E Ollvarez M Gomez M Cuellar D Acevedo R Gayton D Bermudez Row 2 S Chavez M Garcia M Otero l Topez J Felix A Montene gro A Castellonos R Barela M L Vos quez R Alvaree A Quqada Row 3 A Sermeno P Nalera A Ramirez W Vas quez Row 4 T Casillas G Gonzalez T B nas D Maullt l Bosada J Alaro M Aguilar M Sanchez J Pinuelas W Lulan F Roldan G Lopez "L Auf" "' 'M-we-f M 'X A Q my .5., if!! ff: I-Y' varff 5, - - Ae QU 1- rgjexz. , wg- gf- -'V Qiix '- Ki? 'fr' ' .". . X A .l 5.. ' A ii '5"!ff5', n.'.,,111 .f ' HN"-E21 'J ' ghkfg Q., - , Y' '6-'QQQ swf-',',l,'4, fd'-', ', . - , Y 2? g2f'ff5ff1.v "Mi3'-"1"Qg4ffugs'w A-' ' ' Q ia- ki A303-JU!-,L.,.-,.x,f.5g 4,1 gf! fwfr, ,J-L., 9 , ' - ,sn -. 1 '. x' ffks 'IM' f1'V'Q"LA,Af,, 4,1 Q. - '.. ,,i.iiPi2"'Q". " QUNKN yen 2 2 ' d 'ro r ff ' JA 'as '?,K3"1 ' 1 n- +5 MW ngjve mf ,,.,.A. . . , ffm 'Q , 3,-ev--wk K 'ihaff 'aff I y MU" I ' . qv A 1.1.4 . y i-UH Q ,K Ms, 'w"':" 'eu K ...tw Q2"a,g,: .,.. V- Q . .,M.leaF ,yfsi-x'+4f3'H"'l" E 5? Zvi.. . 6 V . . M .J . il iff'--fM"'i-?Wf 'W' K 9 .,,. i an ii' ,nga V 4 . 1 ' ' ' tl fa, x .3 ' A V 4 ig r Q: ? 17' . 'Q Ig-. Q : -' 1 , .340 .Y rm, 1' ' ,mp .v' 1 I P, sf ' U! . x AQ: 1 1 ff' 71 si-56 4' fx 2 1 'lx Through the doors of Gor- field poss students of every roce, color, ond creed. With the thought in mind of con- tinuolly bettering our school they work together . . . cmd ploy together . . . with o true heort. q-1-Q i i X ADL Q i A i' .lj if .Q - STUDENT BODY OFFICERS W '55 LOUIE ESTRELLA BARBARA REYNOLDS President Secretary KENNY WATANABE Vice President THRCJUGH DEMCDCRATIC W'55 BOARD OF COMMMISSIONERS Row 'l: M. Huerta, B. Reynolds, J. Take' uchi, D. Rosales, l. Franco, V. Wisdom. Row 2: G. Blanco, J. Avila, M. E. Munoz, S. Figueroa, J. Kaplan, C. Reyes, l.. Estrel- la. Row 3: R. Dalton, L. Weiss, B. San- chez, D. Apodaca, K. Watanabe, K. Gill- more, Advisor, R. Peinado, C. Garcia, H. Shekeriian, H. Wagner. The Board of Commissioners represents the true heart of every Garfieldian. We have ex- pressed our belief in them by electing them as our student body leaders. In accepting the re- sponsibilities of their offices, they have promised to uphold and respect the Constitution of James A. Garfield High School. It is up to them to study and act upon the many problems that come up in our school life. As the representatives of our school, they do a tremendous iob in demonstrating the friendliness and fair play that are traditions at Garfield. SPIRIT STUDENT BODY OFFICERS S'55 JOE AVILA MARY ELLEN MUNOZ President Secretary SUSIE FIGUEROA Vice President S'55 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Row I. C. Ortegon, P. Tuel, F. Sanchez. J, Birakos, S. Figueroa, J. Avila, M. E. Munoz, C. Cadman, V. Kishi, J. Okamoto, D. Vigil. Raw 2: K. Gillmor, Advisor, R. Garcia, E. Carmona, G. Yamasaki, L. Wol- cn, M. Huerta, M. Rangel, F. Karlein, D. Apodaca, E. Camarena. OYS' LEAGUE WINTER-Row 1: Sitting: D. Perez, H. Wagner Row 2: Standing: H. Moreno, B. Kato, R. Dalton, D Kubo. Members of the Boys' League represent Garfield boys in clubs and other student activities. The Boy's League is a very indispensable organization on the Gar- field campus. Among other things, they contributed to the success of the Christmas Dance by helping in various ways, such as setting up dec- orations and selling tickets. SUMMER-D. Kubo, G. Ycmasaki, E. Camarena, D. Apodoca, R. Garcia, J. Birakos. W '55 GIRLS' LEAGUE B-IO Girls were introduced to the activities of various clubs at the Semi-annual B-IO Party, one of the numerous activities of the Winter Girls' League. Row I: B. Pipkin, R. Kiramidiian, M. Vasquez, D. Vigil, P. Tuel, S. Figueroa, J. Biffi, V. Wisdom, N. Paik, J. Kobata. Row 2: G. San German, J. Sainz, D. Rosales, M. E. Mun oz, M. Lopez, M. Huerta, I. Franco, G. Brown, Pederson, A. M. Martinez. Row 3: K. Hamamoto, C. Ortegon, S. Hamilton, K. Matich, S. Hanley, L. Amparano, J. Nesmon, K. Bukovcc. M. Schulte, M. Rios, E. Kennon. GIRLS' LEAGUE S '55 GIRLS' LEAGUE Under the guidance of the president, Pat Tuel, the Summer Girls' League en- gaged in such activities as the Cotton Day Dance and the Easter Party at the Riggin Avenue Nursery. Row I: M. Kaline, R. M. Chavez, M. Schulte, S. Figueroa, M. Rios, P. Tuel, M. E. Munoz, I. Franca, A. Campoy, L. Avendano, J. Nesman. Row 2: M. Yoshida, V. Kishi, M. Campos, S. Simovich, J. Nakagawa, M. Lopez, M. Matich, P. Daleo, J. Lopez, A. Lara, F. Karlein. Row 3: J. Okamcto, M. Cornilliac, C. Ortegon, S. Manasian, A. Gonzales, V. Garcia, D. Valdez, S. Hamilton. W'55 STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting: J. Takeuchi, J. Ruiz, R. Manasian, J. Harper, A. Orabuena, M. Sanchez, R. M. Thomas. I. Fran- co. Row lr E. Mena, J. Kaplan, B. Reynolds, M. Ullo, A. Moreno, M. E. Munoz, C. Reyes, D. Rosales, E. Nakata, N. Maddux, J. Sainz, S. Figueroa, K. Gillmor, Advisor. Row 2: M. Kubo, V. Kishi, V. Wisdom, C. O'Grady, N. Rebeles, S. Garrett, N. Dominquez, E. Vasquez, M. Vasquez, M. Huerta, S. Deretich, R. Perez, D. Guillen, M. Brown. Row 3: B. Miranda, D. Hidalgo, S. Sardisian, G. Crawford, C. J. Garcia, L. Estrella, D. Kubo, H. Shekeriian, L. Weiss, R. Peinado, E. Ccmarena, C. Cadman, R, Dalton, T. Luian, K. Watanabe. Row 4: J. Avila, H. Wagner, F. Rodriquez, H. Tanaka, E. Zapanta, B. Sanchez, A. Maid, R. Castillo, R. Cardoza, R. Alvidrez, M. Rangel, D. Apoclaca, G. Blanco, H. Perez, S. Savedra. GARFlELD'S TRADITIONS S'55 STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: R. Castillo, C, Garcia, E. Flores, K. Skoko, F. Molina, R, Reynolds, S. Figueroa, M. E. Munoz, C. Cadman, E. Mena, A. Campoy, V. Lanai. Row 2: F. Rodriquez, F, Karlein, M. Huerta, Y. Pineda, L. Bartelli, J. Ramanies, E. Martinez, I.. Mozzotte, L. Lopez, M. Senechal, R. Dalton. Row 3: P. Naiera, E. Camarena, T. Davis, C. Pignoli, D. Castrellon, L. Wolen, E. Figueroa, J. Avila, D. Herrera, J. Birakos, B. Sanchez, F. Scott, R. Alvidrez, G. Yamasaki. KEY CLUB Key Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and performs various services throughout the school, such as caring for the marquee on Sixth and Woods. Row l: M. Gold, H. Beers, L. Wollen, D. Kawahara, D. Robinson, R. Sufier. Row 2: R. Martin, J. Sauers, C. Cadman, J. Sandello, J. Ezmirlian, C. Chavez, R. Calderon, R. Castillo. Row 3: R. Klutts, P. Levinson M. Hiller, B. Taverner, M. Link, S. Segal, L. Cham- bers, L. Carlin, J. Thorp, E. Zapanta. I GARLANS Garlans Club is the Garfield Language Club. Any student taking a language now, or who has takcn one is eligible for membership in this extremely ac- tive club. Row l: M. Ruiz, B. Rutherford, M. Enriquez, I. Orne- las, E. Nakata, Y. Hamamoto, C. Montez, B. Pategal, E. Nunez, J. Kobata, M. Steinitz, A. Lindell. Row 2: R. Renteria, C. J. Brady, J. Gilderman, J. Bernard, G. Dalton, J. Kaye, L. Harris, D. Hamasaki, G. Brown, J. Gaynor, A. Gomez, J. Wallace, S. Dere- tich, L. Counts, M. A. Crawford. Row 3: Mr. Sher- man, H. Wagner, D. Golego, M. A. Herrera, I. Gon- zales, J. Torres, M. Molina, K. Hamamoto, D. Reseck, S. Hanley, l. Sepulveda, R. Garavito, B. Bozigian, J. Nakagawa, S. Harris, R. Rios, R. M. Aguilar, G. lopez. Row 4: S. Loveland, l. Franca, l. Apsel, L. Herrera, M. Brown, B. Medrano, A. Torres, R. Pulice, R. Dalton, E. Camarena, B. Ulloa, J. Bernard, L. Shapiro, P. Snelen, M. Arras. Row 5: G. Alman- zan, J. Troncoso, M. Hiller, S. Segal, A. Nunez, R. Saxton, C. Pignoli, N. Young, F. Contreras, R. Chorluiz, B. Davidson, J. Apodoca, E. Sanchez, R. Lee, S. Farley. REITERMAN HOUSE Reiterman House is a club for girls. At any ac- tivity held in the Alice Reiterman House, there is always a crew of girls working in the kitchen, serving refreshments, and doing all of the various tasks that come up, ending of course, with the final clean-up. Row l: S. Deretich, S. Deretich. Row 2: J. Gaynor, M. Maddux, R. Robles, V. Wisdom, G. Jaeger, A. Lindell, F. Thomas. Row 3: T. Garcia, D. Martinez, I. Aspel, A. Macias, E. Gutierrez, T. Martinez, C. Lopez, L. Wardleigh, J. lopez, C. O'Grady, M. Lo- pez, M. Arras, J. Bernard, V. Vega. MASQUERS Masquers is the local drama club. Top Row. D. Lopez, E. Arredondaz, V. Arzate, G. Jaeger, Mrs. Liepman, N. Dominquez, E. Gonzales, J. Sandoval, H. Wagner. 2nd Row: M. Campos, D. Gillen, R. Navaro, M. Huerta, F. Karlein, L. Hererra. Bottom Row: J. Nakagawa, B. Estrada, E. Nunez, l. Veler, A. Lindell, C. O'Grady, G. Montes. USHERS Ushering at graduation ceremonies in formal at- tire is one of the many helpful services of Usher Club. Row I: K. Shubin, K. Matich, S. Hamilton, N. Axel- rod, E. Hanada, I. Montenegro, M. Madrid, S. Sim- ovich, D, Strother. Row 2: D. Vigil, R. Kiramidiian, C. Dovulina, E. Montez, Y. Pineda, P. Tuel, B. Pip- kin, M. Carrier, D. Reseck, S. Hanley, l. Sepulveda, J. Gilderman, M. Ruiz. Row 3: Mrs. Lambert, J. Tetro, A. Garcia, A. lemos, K. Bukovac, S. Garrett, S. Manasian, R. Mills, N. Dominquez, S. Simonick, R. M. Herrera, M. Matich, P. Daleo, G. Jaeger, I. Apsel. LIBRARY SERVICE Students who are interested in serving in the library ioin together to discuss ways and means of running the library more efficiently. Row I: A. M. Martinez, H. Olivares, M. Loo, M. Bukshpan, S, Katz, N. Flores, J. Kaye, R. Gilston. Row 2: R. Gomez, B. Lopez, G. Brown, C. J. Peder- son, E. Fradin, J. Gaynor, C. Kovner, N. Peterson, G. Shahon, M. J. Morgan. NOON SERVICE Students who give up their lunch time to serve on posts in the halls belong to Noon Service Club. Row I: P. Blea, G. Galiher, J. Ruiz, C. Maiben, F. Thomas, C. Gonzales, P. Ritchie. Row 2: M. Huerta, V, Rosas, F. Hernandez, D. Gillen, C. Pena, l. Gar- cia, B. Valencia, E. Flores. Row 3: M. Rios, R. M. Montoya, C. Chavez, P. Dodge, T. Hernandez, M. Coppin, E. Perez, A. Straus, B. Nerenberg. BUSINESS OFFICE These students handle over S'l50,000 each year, from proceeds taken from dances, football games, and many other activities. Row I: I. Castanon, A. Joyner, M. Senechal, F. Thomas, C. McOwen. Row 2: G. Ramos, C. Syrstad, B. Campos, N. Brodie, C. Maiben, T. Alekian. Row 3: R. Costello, C. Dalley, D. Contrearas, M. Arros, J. Lilly, A. Berridge, E. Malhiot, M. Enriquez, D. Strothers, Mr. Heisig. li-ff PRESS CLUB Press Club members help promote Public relations through the help of Iocol and metropolitan newsoapers Row I D Costner J Gilderman J Wise H Martin M Hiller ow 2 M Rios I Montenegro M Gonzales M Young J Sainz WORLD AFFAIRS They discuss and promote interest in the conditions of world sit uations today Row I E Nunez S Deretich H Wagner S Deretich S Stmonick Row 2 J Nakagawa M Campos C Montez L Herrera J Kobota M Brown M Gonzales Row 3 R M Herrera M Molina J Caller os M Stemitz L Gomez D Rodriguez E Arredondo R Navarro E Gonzales ARE UPHELD PROJ ECTIONISTS CLUB These students are a great aid to our teachers and students They show films for classroom use. Row I: D. Williams, Advisor, P. Celaya, E. Selcer, L. Large, J. B. Hes ter, D. Powers, E. Gurrola, E. Figueroa. Row 2: L. Rendon, D. Holmes J. Avila, D. Krat, N. Sibley, Y. Limon, N. Bennett, J. Kirby, K. Trask SCIENCE GUILD A club dedicoied to the study of science. Row I: M. Bukshpan, l. Varcados, E. Camarena. Row 2: K. Shubfn, S. Katz. N . may -4 CSF Scholar students of Garfield are ioined together in the California Scholarship Federation. Awards are given at graduation according to the number of se- mesters they have belonged. Row I: K. Matich, E. Garcia, B. Kato, M. Hiller, E. Camarena, D. Robinson, D. Rosales, Row 2: S. Hardisty, Y. Homamoto, D. Hamasaki, J. Gilderman, R. Rios, R. Kirimidiian, J. Biffi, I. Veler, B. Reynolds, I. Frcnco, E. Nakota, T. Vitar. Row 3: G, Shahon, E. Hanada, S, Simovich, A. Eckler, K. Shubin, L. Counts, J. Ruiz, E. Calderon, R. Barron, S. Figueroa, M. Rios, M. Munoz, J. Takeuchi. Row 4: I. Var- cados, J. Kobata, R. M. Herrera, K. Bukovac, L. Beiarano, J. Nakagawa, M. Yoshida, C. Ortegon, N. Paik, N. Kato, M. Schulte, M. Ruiz, D. Reseck. CHATELAINES Girls representing each of the various depart- ments in school serve as members of the Chatelaines. Row I: M. Ruiz, S. Figueroa, I. Varcados, P. Snelen, J. Vwlallcce, I. Apsel, M. Schulte, B. Reynolds, J. Biffi, M. Loo, R. Gilston, D. Strother, J. Wise. Row 2: I. Franco, J. Takeuchi, M. E. Munoz, C. Ortegon, D. Rosalcs, R. Robles, N. Brodie, K. Matich, R. M. Herrera, E. Kennon, C. J. Pederson, F. Karlein, K, Bukovcc. BY TRUE HEARTS MAIDS Serving at dances and other school affairs are the younger girls of Garfield, the Maids. Row I: D. Vigil, N. Axelrod, R. Kiramidjian, M. Maddux, S. Hardisty. Row 2: E. Calzada, J. Nalca' gawa, A. Martinez, J. Kobata, L. Counts, V.. Wis. dom, S. Hamilton, E. Nakata, Y. Hcmamoto. Row 3: V. Kishi, C. Ramos, S. Deretich, M. Mushegan, H. Martin, E. Honada, S. Simovich, M. Mctich, P. Doleo, B. Potegal. ACHIEVEMENT Achievement Club IS a kind of younger brother to CSF Students whose grades dont quite meet C S F standards loin together Row I E Calderon Y Hamamoto D Hamasaki sel c Biff: B Reyno er R Row 2 S Hanley I Sepulve a k er Co J Grlderm n M Ma I atich G own J aynor V re a Munoz M Rios M Figueroa C Ramos Row 3 N Kato E Flores T Vitar E Hanada K Iwamoto V Ks I N Park S Hardisty P Daleo E Nakata M A Crawford K Shubin R Rios M Yoshida S Sm ovich J Nakagawa Row 4 D Reseck D Rosales J Kobata M Brown L Counts S Slmonick R Kira mrdpan G Jaeger K Bukovac M Arras J Bern Mon enegro R Gilston M Herre a Snelen C Ortegon G Shahon R w 5 J Avia Esmu ran J Troncoso G Yamasaki B a M. Hiller E. Garcia D, Apodoca D. Robinson E. Camarena J. Wallace J. Takeuchi . ww. sv .fc A y GAVEL CLUB ur nav- r W Students interested in speech and debate form the Gavel Club. Row I: J. Wise, D. Costner, I. Varcados, M. Hiller. Row 2: D. Lopez, H. Martin, P. Nancarrow, E. Nunez, M. Schulte, J. Janeway. no KNIGHTS Upper Division boys serving Garfield through the Knights, participate in various activities such as painting the trash cans once a year, collecting tic- kets at sports events, and selling football programs. Row I: D. Rodriguez, K .Watanabe, G. Yamasaki, J. Avila, H. Wagner. Row 2: B. Kato, F. Trifiletti, G. Blanco, D. Perez, C. J. Garcia. Row 3: M. Leh- mer, Advisor, D. Kubo, C. Smith, R. Peinado, L. Weiss, D. Apodoca, M. Matosian, H. Shekerjian. SQUIRES Lower Division boys serve Garfield through the Squires, who this year gave food and clothing to two needy families at Christmas time. Row I: L. Chambers, H. Beers, M. Long, L. Carlin. Row 2: R. Safier, J. Sauers, J. Ezmirlian, R. Lee, E. Tanaka, Mr. D. Williams. Row 3: E. Garcia, G. Nelson, B. Sawaya, M. Busch, J. Apodoca. dv. 'F' 'ars- ix, PREP N CLUB Prep N Club is primarily for students interested in a medical career. Row l: E. Calzada, E. Molina, B. Knorr, A. Olaza- hal, E. Perez. Row 2: D. Alatorre, L. Ramirez, S. Deretich, S. Deretich, R. Castellanos, C. Gonzales. F.H.A. are the Future Homemakers of America. They discuss plans for running and caring for future fam- ilies, they also do favors for the Riggen Nursery. Row 1: J. Castillo, C. Ortegon, K. Rosales, A. Mer- chain. Row 2: M. E. Munoz, F. Sanchez, T. Garcia, P. Tuel, D. Martinez, C. Montes, I. Pordo. F.T.A. Students planning to become the Teachers of America ioin this club to discuss their plans in this field. Row 1: C. Pederson, B. Ulloa, A. Aguilar, E. Fradin, L. Sanchez, C. Kovner. Row 2: M. Schulte, A. Lindell, G. Brown, J. Gaynor, l. Franco. 4 L Y TEENS A division of the Y.W.C.A., the Y Teens are an active part in school life, and among many things send a representative to Sinomar, California each year. Row l: E. Calzada, F. Sanchez, T. Garcia, R. Cas- tellanos. Row 2: C. Aguilar, J. Sainz, G. San Ger- man, L. Ruiz, B. Villagram, R. Slade, D. Martinez. Row 3: A. Olazabal, M. Coppin, P. Ritchie, F. Hernandez, G. Poynter, B. Valencia, E. Molina. EURYDICE One of Garfield's many musical organizations that provides much entertainment. Row l: E. Valencia, A. Macias, l. Martinez, E. Gutierrez, C. Syrstad, G. Martin, R. Madrid, J. Allen, R. Robles, H. Valasquez. Row 2: B. Egan, A. Santa Maria, P. Tuel, A. Joyner, A. Rodgers, L. O'Neil, R. Goodman, C. Rojo, Opez, V. Vega, R. Ayala. Row 3: L. Dominquez, V. Olivas, C. Chavez, N. Hugo, K. Schaefer, P, Murphy, H. Gonzales, C. Gonzales, B. Perez, N. Quintana, M. Lopez. TREBLE CLEF Sixteen selected girls gather together each se- mester to provide beautiful music at many social gatherings. Row l: E. Fradin, N. Brodie, E. Montez, Y. Pineda, N. Dominquez, A. Lemos. Row 2: E. Kennon, J. Gaynor, E. Perez, M. Enriquez, K. Bukovac, S. Ralphs, D. Glamazina, D. Lorsen, L. Fowler. MUSIC LETTER This is a club composed of students who have earned their music letter by performing for the Student Body and by making personal appearances. Row l: M. Huerta, N. Dominquez, M. Rios, S. Dere- tich. Row 2: J. Ruiz, G. Galliher, R. Ayala, A. Sam- aniego, M. Ruiz, I. Franco, J. Wise, G. Brown, A. Aguilar, V. Vega, J. Larsen, Y. Pineda, G. Jaeger. Row 3: L. Sanchez, S. Deretich, C. Dovalino, P. Tuel, E. Montez, S. Barry, J. Ezrnirlian, F. Scott, R. Peinado, E. Selcer, R. Medrano, M. Gurrero. Row 4: R. Coto, R. Chavez, R. Cardozo, A. Armbulo, T. Luian, R. Martin, L. Wollen, R. Maese, H. Perez, J. Troncoso, M. Mendosa, A. Tirre, A. Sermeno. Uv' D CLUB Club is composed of boys who have the de- sire to do better for the school in any way they can. Row l: L. Estrella, R. Escarcega, A. Silva, J. Allen, M. Link, R, Regalado, H. Smith, C. Sparks, C. Cad- man. Row 2: J. Summers, A. Castillo, E. Chavez, J. Sandello, R. Klutts, J. Bonilla, T, Blecka, J. Munoz. Row 3: K, Hamamoto, T. Lujan, C. Lawrence, A. Teieda, J. Kolkoff, R. Marlin, B. Sanches, B. Miranda, J. Barcelo, H. Shekeriian. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders lead the student body in cheering, during our football games. Row l: J. Bikakos, G. Marlin, J. Bifli, R. M. Madrid, H. Shiozaki, A. Mulo, S. Manasian, R. Peinado. Row 2: Mr. Mottola, M. Gonzales, S. Figueroa, M. Rios, M. Huerta, E. Gaylon, A. Androff, L. Cabellero, L. Gomez, D. Hamasaki, J. Nakagawa. Row 3: E. Aguirre, M. Yoshida, J. Kishi, E. Rosas, V. Fuerte, R. Gonzales, E. Flores, R. Aguilar, D. Res- eck, N. Paik, R. Tiierina, F. Scott. Row 4: A. Tanioka, K. Iwamoto, M. Tanaka, C. Ramos, S. Deretich, S. Deretich, D, Vigil, S. Simonick, R. Kiramidiian, S. Hanley, M. Campos, M. Steinitz, J. Kubota. ORPHEUS Orpheus Club is the male vocal group of Gar- field, who each year put on a very enioyable as- sembly. Row l: J. Ezmirlian, F. Scott, J. Birakos, R. Cola R. Lee, F. Buianda, M. Mendoza, S. Barry, Mrs Krienke, Row 2: T. Luian, R. Peinado, L. Weiss, F Chavez, I. Harvey, H. Guerrero, M. Rodriguez, E Selcer, R. Martin. Row 3: L. Wollen, J. Burgess, R Mares, T. Sligers, R. Sanchez, T. Simon, A. Scailar R. Medrano, F. Beck. lll Colonel Robertson of Fort MacArthur addressing s t u d e n t body. lRl Colonel Robertson tying Hon- or School Streamer on the R.O.T.C. flag. R.0.T.C. This year's R.O.T.C. Unit set an exceptionally high mark for future units to achieve. In almost all the com- petitions, Garfield was in the top half of the entire city. The Drill Team represented the school in many outside performances, and as always, they reflected a great deal of credit upon the school. The Assistant P.M.S. 81 T. Maior Cantor, and MfSgt.. Nepote say that this unit has been tops in every respect, and are both con- fident that the Honor School Rating will again be awarded to Garfield. The entire student body can well be proud of the fact that our R.O.T.C. has consistently turned out fine cadets as well as an excellent unit. Cadet Colonel Don Hammond and the Color Guard at attention. Cadet Colonel Don Hammond, who was recently honored as Honorary Colonel of the Eastern Regiment, points out some plans for a tactical problem at Fort MacArthur, California, to Cadet Maior Don Perez, and Cadet Miguel Lopez. Cadet Col. Hammond is the third consecutive Colonel from Garfield to have this honor bestowed upon him. These three cadets were respon- sible for the organizing and training of the R.O.T.C. Battalion. "B" Company, First Platoon-Row l: N. Bennet, C. Jager, A. Strauss, F. UB" Company, 2nd Platoon-Row I: D. Davis, J. lbarra, L. Rodriguez, R. Parra, J. Alfaro, F. Velez, P. Koeppel, E. Sanchez, N. Young. Row 2: G. Brodie, M, Taylor, D. Relfin, T. Hernandez. Row 2: F, Ortega, M. Miller, C. lopez, S. Benavidez, J. Blanco, R. Flores, M. Garcia, J. Long, P. Rodarle. Candillo, G, Gonzales, E. Romero, G, Gonzales, R. Lopez, D. Anderson. Row Row 3: L. Wong, E, Castenon, R. Rivera, G. Ramos, R. Diaz, S. Rordiguez, 3: E. Cormona, R. Dallon, E. Romero, W. McCaIlick, E. Rodriguez, M. La- A. Robles, A. Alvarez. Malia, H. Friaz, S. Lopez. MARCH MARCH MARCH If w:'. W? A . f Y - f w J? - 'J y"'35fL 1' 2 'I ' fl f' xi 1 ff-f 71 X 'T ,118 F, I x xx I .... ' N .7 W 55339 N' ,is--' "' Editor ln Chief MADELINE RIOS LCG STAFF Working mdustrlously at wrltlng and edlt mg our school paper, The Log are the lourna lusts of Garfield On them IS placed the respon slblllty of nnformlng students of Important events on campus, wrltmg edltorlals and features which wlll entertain, bessdes reporting the latest results of sports events Yes, workmg together harmoniously as they do even when they cause their editors their sponsor and the prmter to develop a few gray hairs by lust meetmg deadlmes the Log Staff can well be proud of the tact that It was a lob well done log Stuff busily working to meet Thursdoy's deadline. FRANCES SANCHEZ 3rd Page Editor Summer and Wunter MARY RUIZ lst. Page Editor Summer X? HELEN MARTIN lst Page Editor Winter View .1 A x .IOSIE SAINZ 2nd Page Editor Winter MIKE HILLER Znd. Page Editor Summer - -Q-Q BOB MOELLER 4th Page Editor Summer DON LESSIN 4th Page Edltor Winter CAMPUS STAFF Each year the annual staff works hard to produce a yearbook that one can look back on and say, "This annual was the best ever!" This year's staff is sure that the T955 Campus will become a treasured momentum of life at Gar- field. Between these covers we have attempted to capture a true picture of life on the campus in The Campus. lt is our hope that the faculty and students will take pride in this book, as we feel this is the finest reward for our efforts. Sponsor Winter Editor PATRICK J QUINN DOMINGO RODRIGUEZ Summer Co-Editors MARY RUIZ GEORGE DEMETRIFF SS K fzjff -T01 1 DON PEREZ Boy's Sports Editor RICHARD REGALADO Boy's Sports Editor INEZ FRANCO Girl's Sports Editor A1 x VY 1. '-V ,if fs 2 K 1 I I I i in 'G' if .If 5 ROBERT DALTON Art Editor GLORIA BROWN Business Manager CELIA ALATORRE Seniors s BEVERLY KNORR MARY SCHULTE MANUEL RANGEL Seniors Writer Boy's Sports ESPERANZA ORTEGON EMILY MILLER MARTI FULLER Classes Typist Advertisements SALLY SERNA KEN JORDAN ALICE CALLES Clubs Boy's Sports Typist HIROSHI TANAKA Boy's Sports ANN CAMPOY Publicity IRENE DUVALL Writer FRED RODRIGUEZ Boy's Sports ED TANAKA Boy's Sports BARBARA SHIRLEY Classes The Summer Staff shown a few days before the deadline DON KUBO Ccrtoonist MARGARET CABUTO Typist CHARLENE O'GRADY Advertisements 4 4- A-.Ld IFB' 0- , Ph ,W FE M Brothers congratulates the outgoing Student Body President Louie Estrella during the mstollo Louie Estrella administers the oath of office to coming Student Body President Joe Avila Mr, Kuntz and helper trying out the new tractor pur chased with school funds. In the auto shop testing the distributor. Busily working during "Operation Soap Suds." A familiar scene in regular gym class. looking in onthe cabinet making class. Dance band performing at the Christmas Dance. Mr. "G" supervising cheers ata football game. THE CAMPUS .qs .3535-x QQ- ?U"'f, -'7'?" fsl ' '64 a 1 , 5, X K 'Q .31 K. ."2S,.M ' X me Q , , My -1 gr K fi E .. R like 335 gm? id? Q s .F NW V mf f'...,:. ' 'Sf Q 4 ex" Q "NS-1. N ' ' . I ' Q sw If f If r U VM -J., .w, I' The records and victories that are herein inscribed are results of perseverance and desire. Practice . . . Patience . . . Diligence, the reward... A Finer Body, A Keener Mind, A Better Citizen. A STRONG ARM. .f 4. ,ff ,. '11 ..'c A uf E. Negrete-R,E. J, Bonilla-R.T. C. Varela,--R.G. B. Veltri-LG. D. Herrera--C. M. Link--LT. B. Miranda-F.B. K. Phipps-L.E. L. Estrella-Q.B. R. Sanchez--R.H. .l. Macias--L.H. C. Sparks--R.E. R. Escarcega-R.T. R. Regalado-R.G. E. LugodC. H. Tanaka-L.G. R. Banta--R.T. J. Kotkoff--L.E. THEY SHCDWED The school spirit, to which this annual is dedicated, has been strongly felt on the football field. Our Varsity Squad, handled by the experienced coaching of Mr. Bill Thompson, has shown that they have the spirit, the desire, and the attitude to meet any opponent on the gridiron and make their presence known. The line, which was considered small by many coaches, proved that speed made up for lack of height and weight, which resulted in scaring several teams that were considered superior. This was proven when one of our co-captains, guard Bob Veltri, was chosen on the first All Southern League Team, and on the second All City team. Dan Herrera, Bulldog center, placed on the second All South- ern League team. Our first encounter was with the Yankees from Hamilton. The Bulldogs came through with flying colors as they defeated the Yankees, 25-7. The tilt with the South Gate Rams was nip and tuck until the Rams scored a touchdown in the final quarter, resulting in a 'I9-T2 defeat. A balanced single wing squad from Wilson proved too strong for the Bulldogs in the Milk Bowl tilt. Two intercepted passes deep in Bulldog territory resulted in touchdowns. This was fatal as the game ended 2l-O. The Southern League opener against Roosevelt at E.L.A.J.C. Stadium proved victorious for the Bulldogs. The small and scrappy Bulldogs were proved superior as they came from behind to score two touchdowns to overthrow Roosevelt, l2-6. With three All City players, the city champion Manual Arts Toilers scored early and coasted to a 32-O triumph over Garfield. The Pathfinders from Fremont took the upper hand from the Bulldogs on mishaps and lead at half time T4-O. The never say die Bulldogs came back in the second half, but the lack of two conversions brought about our downfall l4-12. Garfield encountered the Washington Generals on a muddy field, which was to the Generals' advantage because of their weight. Although the Generals won T3-O, they knew they had been in a battle. Four intercepted passes by the Jefferson Democrats proved to be the downfall of the Bulldogs. The final score was 56-6. Garfield is looking forward to a better season next year as many lettermen will be returning and a host of Junior Varsity players will be coming up to the Varsity. VARSITY SCORES Hamilton South Gate .......A Wilson ,,..,. ..A, Roosevelt ..., Manual Arts .,.....A Fremont .,.... Washington .....,.. 7 . Garfield .,...,...,,. 25 l 9 Garfield 2l Garfield 6 Garfield ,.,, ..,.. 32 Garfield ..... l4 Garfieldn. Jefferson ,... 56 Garfield. J wh HQ -' f",: ,, . iff' up .:. K - f i' f x if , " V- 1'-r-M--:.4..M ' ' M ' " US VARSITY SQUAD Row 1: E. Negrete, J. Bonilla, C. Varela, D. Herrera, B. Veltri, R. Escarcega, K Phipps, R. Sanchez, J. Macias, 8. Miranda L. Estrella.. Row 2: C. Sparks, J. Allen R Regalado, E. Lugo, H. Tanaka, G. Verdu- go, J. Kotkoff, J. Banta, J. Barcelo,, W, Ramirez, J. Schamlich. Row 3: J. Cabin, C. Urutia, C. Lawrence, J. Summers, A. Tirre, J. Ysias, T. Marquez, A. Rubio, A. Figueroa, H. Shakeriian, T. Catlett Asst. Coach. Row 4: J. Salazar, G. Garcia, J. Munoz, R. Martin, M. link, R. Reynolds, B. Sanchez, A. Taieda, J. Garrett, T. lujan. Row 5: S. Harris, G. Avadisian, V. Mor- ales, J. Robles, M. Valdez, M. Garabe- dian, C. Cecala, J. Fuentes, D. Reyes, C. Garcia. I3 Garfield ..... Top: Ernest Negrete catching o pass between two Jefferson defenders B H : l ' ' o om outs Estrella running around Raosevelts end behind a host of Garfield blockers. ei 3 A R 35x y I' resttt-SQ. avi,-se Bet 3'?f:r-A Q Q .ff 'J ' I Q 5 30 -17 east 4 1 . 4 ' . A W T' N5 'SSP 'ytnl Q 4 X 3, W jo 1 I 1- K 'Q ,C3 px Q rw F9 f t A jx .I ff, 'N X. x.,f Y V , XX X. CobiniF.B. Allen-R.T. Reynolds-O.B Barcelo-C. Schomlich-L.G. Martin--l..E. Rubio-R.G. Sanchez-R.H. lawrence-F.B Garrett-L.H. Mu noz-R.E. Luicn-R.H. ...pv- SOUTHERN LEAGUE FINAL STANDINGS Mcnuczl Arts Jefferson ,A., Washington Fremont 7,,,, Garfield 7,,.. Roosevelt ,A.. " A. Tirre-Q.B. xi 5 X . 6 l . Q5 - M -- -"1 : W to A 1. - -X ' is f 5 X 'S N sv 3 B xg' NNQGX 3 N -115 QS wifi 9 in jw Q 2 K ts 1 t' 'ai H, i , . . A j I "' g - V , ', Q . 9 il 1 wwf 'fl' . . 1 if, , 2 K 3 J aff? , my s A A Q?" T I? .R n X A il 0 1 Ai ' Q 4 0 N K 'X ' wi 0. '14 eff' J. V. SQUAD Row I: E. Payan, V. Garcia, J. De Anda, T. Blecka, R. Stone, R. Sifuentes, F. Engstrom, P. Soler, E. Sanchez, R. Gonzales. Row 2: Coach Catlett, G. Astuto, G. Montiio, A. Sofa, L. Cogan, J. Sandello, R. Gurrola, R. Pulice, G, Sanchez, P. Arellanes. Row 3: R. Klutts, R. Juarez, F. Chave:, J. Murrillo, F. Luian, D. Regan, F. Negrete, J. Telesio, B. Davidson, S. Hartunian, P. Perez. ACTION AND ..... Top left: Jack Summers running around end in Jefferson tilt with John Garrett leading interference Top right: Danny Herrera bringing down South Gate ball carrier. Bottom left: Coach Thompson giving instructions to his players. Bottom center: Louis Estrella throwing iump pass in the encounter with Washington. Bottom right: Ray Sanchez on the receiving end of a pass against Fremont. Rios Villa Sermeno Kreutzer Saavedra Barragan Samario Medrano . Segura R. Preciado L. Herrera Valdez J. Razo L. Weiss Urala H. Moreno K. Hamamolo Miyano R. Moreno J. Russell BUSY BEES P. Padilla B SQUAD Row l: L. Herrera, R. Preciado, L. Weiss H. Moreno, R. Valdez, M. Barragan, S Saavedra, J. Razo, G. Valencia. Row 2: R Segura, R. Rios, A. Sermeno, O. Kreulzer E. Villa, R. Samario, K. Hamamoto, S. Mi- yano, J. Russell, J. Urala. Row 3: J Aguirre, D. Krafl, C. Benson, B. Zadina R. Padilla, R. Moreno, B. Medrano, J Trammel, M. Vasquez. Row 4: R. Chavez J. Palma, H. Franklin, R. Gonzales, R. Do rado, H. lwamizu, A. Nahksunian, R Lopez, D. Chavez. Row 5: J. Howing, B Pedrazza, R. Ramos, R. Felix, J. La Costa D. Olson, D. Sandoval, A. Leon, J. Pusa leri, D. Castro. 1 1 MORE ACTION B FOOTBALL The Bullpups started the season with a new coach, Dave Benioff. With little knowledge of his team, Coach Benioff molded a team everybody could be proud of. The Bullpups running game proved very destructive as they thumped Hamilton 20-O to start the season. South Gate followed, whom they defeated, I4-O. In the Milk Bowl contest, a field goal by Richard Segura early in the first quarter were the only points scored as they squeezed past Wilson, 3-O. Entering the always tough Southern League proved too much for the Bullpups. They were defeated in all of their games. Their attitude and willingness to play were of no avail. Sparkplugs during the season were: L. Herrera, H. Moreno, and L. Weiss. Newcomers who added fire to the inexperienced team were S. Miyano and R. Rios, BEE SCORES Hamilton ...... South Gate ........ Wilson ...,,. Roosevelt ...... .,,, Manual Arts ...,..,, Fremont ,..,.,..,,.,,, 20 Washington Jefferson ,,,,,,,,..,, 20 Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield Garfield VARSITY IN ACTION Top left: Bill Miranda on a long gain around Wil son's end. Bottom left: Robert Sanchez up the mid dle gaining yardage against Jefferson. Bottom right: John Macias receiving pitchout from Albert Tirre in the Milk Bowl game. NM :gs gsfwgx J RS' T E wx X Q f - v SX X S IN. x , X x ,. J ., 9' "',v X E Qi L'::' 3 - J e , S K E .. ,. K is N. , NX 'K X 'f 1 'S ' MVN ' i s A Q X ,J HQ jf Ji S ., A M 1 5 -, -':- , . " , ' 'S ' 5 0 is Q' Xe ' , ' W R KX'- S YQ X YQ Q 1 K X was 3' Q E .,-. in 3 X- S 5 CQ -Cjgj gmt 331595 f Xt? Qu 0, ,F 5 f 'Xi Y ' . f K " , , 5 7 Q Q QE N NX 0 ' x lv.. S N K x k ,K . . ai QS Q Q. W ' -1 Q: if Q F X 4 sf. X wg. X'-.5 f is 2 Ax. I--1 if X U TX 2 2 Cm A 71 ,nfs K ,. by .W if SMALL IN STATURE VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1954 T955 basketball season dad not prove too successful the team belng handicapped conslderably by the lack of height and experlence Although our hoopsters lacked the ablllty and height they showed they had determnnatlon The Bulldogs dld not wln any games In the tough Southern League but they showed the flghtmg splrut for which Garfleld IS well known Many coaches and players consldered Garfleld as the most Improved basketball team an the second round of competltuon The starting flve was composed of Fred Scott the spark plug of the team and smallest player at one forward Al Castullo at the other Joe Walden sax feet tall lumped at center with Art Delalre and Ed Tanaka at guards The other spnruted Bu'ldogs were Juan Ramlrez Al Tafoya Bob Sanchez Ken Watanabe John Perry and Ron Morten I , . I . . I , 2 ' 1 , ' I . i . . . . . ' . I 1 I 1 1 Fred Scot!-F. Art Deloire-G. Ed Tanaka-G. Joe Walden-C. AI C uan amirez . Al afoya-F. Ken Watanabe-G. Rober anchez-C. J h P y F J R -G T t S LARGE IN DETERMINATIGN J. V. SQUAD Row I. J. Torres, Mgr. R. Navarro, A. Ceniseroz, Rivera, R. Chapman, R. Garcia, M. Long, Mgr. R 2: Coach Mottola, A. Navarro, M. Perez, D. K met, G. Bastien, B. Sawaya, J. Morales. JUNIOR VARSITY The J. V. basketball team this year was unable to scrape up enough points to win any games. However, many of their games were not lost until the final min- utes of play. The hoopsters were always fighting until the final seconds and never gave up the Garfield spirit. The starting five consisted of Gil Bastien at center, Ron Chapman and Carlos Garcia at the guard spots, with Ray Garcia and Joe Morales playing the forwards. Left: Juan Ramirez and Roosevelt hoopster iumping I for the basketball. Right: Arthur Delaire attempting I I to block shot of Roughrider. .,if5.fQ,f" W 6 1? . if , Q 9 . Q 1' 2'wCQ,fQfff1fffYf'f' ? A,, ' L .7 Yi, p B and C BASKETBALL Garfield's B basketball team had a little more success than their big brothers. They ended their season with a tour win-six loss record. The following hoopsters alternated at the starting five, Alanzo Olivas, Abel Castellanas, Ernie Val- enzuela, Ray Urata, Frank Ogas, Fred Rodriguez, Joe Avila, and Thomas Davis. The C team ended their season with three league vic- tories to their credit against seven loses. Outstanding play- ers were H. Jordan, M. Miniares, D. Kawahara, and D. Perez. BEE SQUAD Row l: L. Castro, H. Fernandez, F. Rodriguez, R. Urata, F. Ogas, J. Ybarra, G. Holmes. Row 2: Coach Holmes, B. Kato, L. Lordge, E. Garcia, L. Davis, Mgrs., B. Garcia, R. Karuma. CEE SQUAD Row I: B. Rubalcaba, A. Tachequin, M. Kubo, H. JOYUOI1, D. Kawahara, E. Tanaka, D. Perez. Row 2: Coach Holmes, M. Miniares, S. Tanaka, L. Chambers, D. Thomas, Mgrs., B. Garcia, R. Karuma. Bert Anderson Don Gallegos George Cobin Fred Scott Mike Cutler Ronn e Reynolds Al Duran Eddie Pignoli Clifford Ferdell Louie Herrera Ernie Valenzuela Ronn e Marlin Ralph Prec ado Jack Summers Joe Walden John Belderrain Leroy Orozco D d Cla ez PRACTICE GAMES Garfield ..,,,,. .,,,,. Garfield ....... ...... Garfield .,,,,Y, ,.,... Garfield .....,. ...... Eagle Rock S. C. Frosh Bell .......... Wilson .... FINAL SOUTHERN LEAGUE STANDINGS Team Garfield ....,.. Jefferson Roosevelt Fremont .,... Washington Manual Arts 1955 Won Lost Percent 7 2 .. ...,., 6 3 5 5 3 6 3 7 2 7 .777 .666 .500 333 .300 222 LEAGUE GAMES Garfield A............... 2 Roosevelt Garfield ..,.,. .,.,.., 8 Washington Garfield ,,.,,, ,,,.,,, 4 Jefferson Garfield ..,... ..,.,v. 4 Roosevelt Garfield ,,,.., ,,,,,,. 6 Manual Arts Garfield ..,.,, .....,. 9 Fremont ,,,,,, Garfield .,..,. .,...,, 4 Washington Garfield ,.,.Y. .,,.,.. 2 Jefferson ,,,,. DORSEY TOURNAMENT Garfield ...., ,,,,,,,, 2 Marshall ,,,,, ---, Gclrfield ..... ...,.. I 4 San Pedro e,,,,, ,,,, Garfield ...., ,....,.. 2 Fairfax ,,,,,,, ,,AY CLEUJLGC' Lama "E 2 1 First row: R. Preciado, D. Chavez, E. Pig- noli, F. Scott, L. Herrera. Second row: C. Ferdell, B. Anderson, L. Orozco, J. Belder- rain, J. Summers, M. Cutler, Coach Holmes. Third row: D. Gallegos, R. Reynolds, G. Cobin, A. Duran, R. Martin, J. Walden, E. Valenzuela. SOUTHERN LEAGUE CHAMPS '52-'53-'54-'55 ,LLCC-fff Q ' ,amdfw-fcfjff-X E gg le! ,+f6.d,fff:2.n .1 mv I A I in 'I fr f' ,l.,Ilql,, A G-gl, l 1s 1 wel' 42 , ' 1 QE 'ip v - . U, i' Y' gi '- ' V ' .. is Q f-5.1" Four years straight! A very impressive record for the tough Southern League. Our Baseballers had the ability and desire to take the league, and succeeded with flying colors. With the excellent coaching of Bob Holmes, and the fine pitching of Don Gallegos, we breezed through a league season of seven victories and two losses. The first lost being to Roosevelt in our first league game, and the second defeat by Jefferson in the last league game. We won seven con- secutive league games to blast our way to our fourth straight Southern League title. VARSITY SQUAD :ww-:seg :rig gl .7,,,,gwm if Hi' .ff Y i B SQUAD First row: R. Ramos Mgr., D. Kowahara, L. Perdue J. Smith, J. Miranda, A. Tachiguin, B. Lopez, E. Tan aka, B. Virckenoft, Mgr. Second row: Coach Beniott R. Moreno, D. Itonin, J. Morgan, D. Torres, L Chambers, L. Chavez, K. Purdy. Third row: E. Gar cio, Mgr., E. Munos, R. Rios, B. Sawaya, J. Allen J. Munoz, B. Medrano. BEE BASEBALL TEAM Due to lack of experience, our Bee Baseball team did not fare too well in the league games. As this story goes to press the horsehiders of Garfield have not come out on top, but have shown the desire to go out there and practice every day in order to get ready for the big game. Jack Allen, pitcher and first baseman, was the "take charge guy" of the team. When ever Coach Benioft called on Jack, he was always ready and raring to go. Never giving up and always hustling, no matter what the score, were outstanding players Billy Medrano, Raul Moreno, Delano Kowahara, and Richard Rios. DCDING THEIR PART N""""'---Q CITY CHAMPIGNS VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 5-1 , Q - 31" - -' st. ll , Qld' f I ii? Under the excellent coach- ' 3 ' 84,2 5 SQ ing of Mr. Ed Kuntz, the Var- ! j ,, 'lite sity Cross Country team went s ' y through the season undefeated . A riff!" V llli T4 '5 "" and untied. V M- T y C . 11-Y ' At E.L.A.J.C. a course record l was broken when Garfield's gb gjf' great runner, Robert Paz, cross- ,ff .EO ed the finish line in 9:05, TO it - seconds under the previous rec- V ord. This record did not last long, for a couple of weeks later this same record was bro- ken by another Garfield athlete, Manuel Ramos. He cut three-tenths of a second off the record set previously by Paz. After winning all of the dual meets, Garfield came to the Southern League Finals. Again Robert Paz came in first, followed by team mates Manuel Ramos 2nd, Richard Leon 5th, George Rivera Sth, and Luke Campisi lOth. After taking the Southern League Crown, the climax of the season was the City Finals, in which Garfield completed an undefeated season by taking the All City Championship. Robert Paz placed fifth, taking top honors for Garfield, fol- lowed by Manuel Ramos. Congratulations to our great Cross Country City Cham- pions and their excellent coach, Ed Kuntz. ert Paz breaking the course record at E.L.A.J.C, in the meet with Roosevelt. Q K .P s.sr .M as ,slag - X. ff, 5 -swf ii sv-3644 -gf if Eix tr 9, 'A L. X61 if ' ' ,'.. W Robert Paz Manuel Ramos Richard Leon John Balderrain Fran o Blanco ke Campisi Gilbert Rivera obert Chavez Lino Salazar uben Cota ENDLESS ENDURANCE Row I: R. Chavez, J. Guzman, D. Ramirez, T. Guerra. Row 2: J. Agandonian, R. Renteria, M. Aratani, M. Cabuto, L. Glass, G. Almanzan. Row 3: Coach Ed Kuntz, E. Garcia, J. B. Hester, P. Alvarez, L. Soffa, G. Dvenas, R. Monroy. 98 J. V. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM The J. V. Cross Country Team kept pace with their bigger brothers by capturing All League and City Hon- ors. The leather lungers were un- defeated in dual competition as they harnessed their first All Southern and City championship. Taking the first five places in the Southern League finals were: ist, R. Mares, 2nd, R. Ruiz, 3rd, R. Blanco, 4th, D. Trask, 5th, R. Navarro, all from Garfield. Also, placing in the City Finals, were R. Ruiz, 5th, R. Mares, 6th, and R. Blanco, 9th, to complete the most successful season on record. TENTH GRADERS This year, as in years before, Garfield produced another mighty Tenth Grade Team in Cross Country. There was one outstanding individual, David Rami- rez, who went through the season undefeated. After taking first in the Southern League finals, he took first place in the city finals which concluded his Q' ' great undefeated tenth grade cross country season. Row l: R. Chavez, M. Ramos, J. Robles, R. Romaine, J. Fuentes, R. Paz, R. Navarro, C. Varela, J. Cobin, J. Garrett. Row 2: Coach Thompson, R. Pulice Mgr., T. Davis, D. Espi- nosa, R. Rodriguez, L. Moreno, L. Salazar, E. Gaton, Coach Kuntz. Row 3: G. Garcia Mgr., E. King, C. Sparks, F. Hernandez, R. Urquidi, J. Murillo, Mgr. CINDERMEN IN ACTION VARSITY TRACK Although our varsity track team did not win any dual meets, there were some outsanding times set by our cindermen. Our squad was handicapped by a lack of depth necessary for a winning track team. Due to this fact, our Bulldogs lost a tough one to our rivals, Roosevelt. Leading the way for Garfield was our top 440 man, Richard Navarro, by placing a first in the tough Southern League Finals with a sizzling 50.7, a new school record. Previous to this he had broken the record twice in league competition. Joe Robles, our other top 440 man, placed 4th in the fianls. ln the middle distance was Robert Paz, placing 3rd in the finals with an excellent time of 2:03. Manuel Ramos was our top miler, running the four laps in a respectable time of 4:40. Other point getters were Thomas Davis in the broad iump, Jon Cobin and Ray Rodriguez in the hurdles. This was a fighting and determined track team. They proved it by going out there and giving all they had in every track meet they participated in. ft Our middle distance runners in action during inter-squad meet. Right: Robert Chavez breaking school record of 12' in the pole va B SQUAD Row l: J. Razo, R. Garcia, D. Ramirez, M. Min iares, E. Garcia, L. Sopha, B. Sanchez, B. Casas R. Delgado, P. Merchain. Row 2: Coach Thompson S. Miyano, J. Vera, R. Chavez, A. Arambulo, D, Fon tana, J. B. Hester, M. Barriogan, B. Lopez, D. Apo daca, M. Vasquez, Coach Kuntz. Row 3: S. Perez R. Urata, O. Kreutzer, l. Cazares, J. Apodaca, A Rubalcaba. B-TRACK This year's Bee track team excelled unsurprisingly in the long distant runs, especially the 1320 yards. ln this event Garfield's own Joe Razo and David Ramirez usually finished in one of the first three positions in dual competition. Despite the Bee cindermen's lack of experience and the dominance of track superiority over us by the other schools in our league, the Bullpups always had the desire and the fighting spirit. But next year many of the bees will move up to Varsity and help them considerably because of the switch to the Eastern League. Some of the varsity men working out on the home field. .ls C - SQUAD C-TRACK Led by the incomparable Pete Rota, Garfield's "Mighty Mites" finished with a two win three loss record for a third place in the league. Rota excelled in the 100 yard dash and broke the school record for the 120 yards low hurdles. John Trammel exhibited a tremendous pace in the 660, being underrated in league com- petition. He is considered to be one of the better runners in the city. Displaying fine form to round out the squad were Ray Ramos in the 180 yard dash, and Jim Urata in the shot put and broad jump. The featherweights revealed a speedy relay team as they defeated both Jefferson and Manual Arts twice. This team consisted of Bobby Amanza, John Trammel, Ray Ramos, and Pete Rota. Many of these shining tracksters will be coming back next season to help the Bee and Var- sity squads. .M , E Q TIL-l y llgmgy utkkttltl N Wolf ,P Row l: J. Guzman, C. Costrellon, B. Amanza J Trammell, P. Rota, R. Ramos, A. Warren, J. Ur f R. Garcia. Row 2: Coach Thompson, G. Iriye E Camarena, B. Pena, C. Pignoli, A. Olea, M. G rero, R. Sainz, J. Argondana, Coach Kuntz. MUSCULAR ARMS GYMNASTICS TEAM As the Southern League gymnastics season came to a close, Garfield's muscle- men finished a very close second behind Roosevelt. Winning two as againstthree losses, the Bulldogs were paced by three year letterman Joel Ramirez, who was first man All-Southern on the side horse and third in the City Finals, and two year letterman Ken Shute on the long horse and parallels. Ramirez went through the season undefeated and contributed greatly to the success of the team. Shute was high point man in most of the meets as he scored heavily in both of his events. Joel Chavez, who tied for fourth in the City Finals on the rope, and Joel Ruiz who placed fourth in the City Finals on the high bar were outstanding in their per- formances. David Martinez on free exercise, Robert Cardoza on rings, and Don Costner and Harry Jordan on the long horse made good showings for Garfield. Top left: J. Ruiz, high bar. Lower left: R. Cardoza, rings. ff' K. Shute parallel bars. J. Rflmifel Side ho 9 ...Q .. ,,,,.NfQ-:Wiz-.,,,x ws .4 K i. A-f J-Y. ,f A' f , . , , I 0 , M t - l ' , , f HA , re-4M J I "ffl . :Yi fb f- 3 . J . - ,ff . :V 1 . . ,f , . tix J .1 p ILIII hh ,fs W :J J- ., ,SEI T SES ,Z :II ,Q T f H 1 1 - yu A 6 Q? 5 H UH T ' . H 5 JS Q JS .5 55 'J . H . A J JJ5 G95 GQS G95 GQ? D , A as G35 aye. 3 I GYM TEAM Row lf R, Naiera, L. Aguilar, D. Kubo, T. Moreno, R. Cardoza, J. Ramirez, H, Jor- dan, B. Kaline, R, Hopcus. Row 2: Coach V. Motlola, J. Chavez, D. Beechler, C. Chavez, R. Calderon, P. Magdalene, N. Pedregon, K, Shure, D. Ramirez, N. Ponie- corvo, Row 3: B. Calderron, R. Castillo, A. Maldonado, D. Davila, E. Gurrola, T. Moreno, J. Samarin, L. Savoian, J. Ruiz, N. sabiey, Mgr. C . rf 5"'a 1' L 'LJ LL ' ' J Q' fi 4 25124: . -.iw 'FA l 2- ff ' 71 .xx Top Right: P. Magdalena, tumbling. lower right: J. Chavez, rope. D. Martinez, free exercise. H. Jordan, long horse. Kneeling: D. Lesson, F. Contreras, R. Satire, B. Dorado, R. Garcia, E. Zapanlo. Standing: G. Crawford, A. Rishe, M. Miller, S. Segal, G. Perry, J. Thorp, P, Aguilar. TENNIS TEAM The T955 tennis squad, inspired by their second place standing last year, placed a close second behind Manual Arts. They posted a three win two loss record. Under the expert coaching of Mr. Lewis, the five returning letter- men of the squad improved as the season progressed. First man Mike Hiller and second man Don Lessin were the out- standing players. They are Garfield's nominees for All-League honors. This year's team did well considering the fact that they lacked depth. A 3-2 record is considered good in the Southern League. Right: D. Lessin, second man. - EY... Bottom Row N Pontecorvo, T. Moreno, J. Paul R Frederrckson R Blanco, J. Med- ma Top Row Mr Woods, R. Ramirez, F. McCollum O Crouch R Chapman, R. Ar- menta H Moreno Y lmon. SWIMMING TEAM Garfield's swimming team, under leadership of its new coach, Mr. Woods, had a fine 1955 record in the Sunrise League, finishing in 3rd place with a two win, one loss, and one tie record. This record is remarkable in light of the fact that Garfield did not have a home pool throughout the season, and started practice sessions two weeks late due to lack of facilities. Mr. Woods took over the coaching reins which were held by Mr. Cash the previous two years. Mr. Cash started a swimming team here at Garfield in l953. Some of the outstanding Varsity aquamen were: Ron Chapman, John Schamlich, Adam Perry, Tony Moreno, Gerald Goodman, and Neil Pontecorvo. Garfield's swimmers have gone a long way to be a league threat. -an-11. Varsity practicing their starting dives dur- ing intersquad meet. W -:-1' 41 These are the girls who, with a strong arm, led the W '55 G.A.A. Standing: Dolores Vigil, Mary Ruiz, Georgia Jaeger, Mrs. Broadway, Miss Rakestraw, Miss Beutler, Ann Campoy, Madeline Rios, Shermella Garrett. Sitting: Frances Sanchez, Martha Huerta, Yolanda Peinada, Nancy Nakagawa, Dora Rosules, Aiko Utsumi, Lucy Amparo. GARFIELD GIRLS The fall semester sets the stage for many exciting volleyball games, with both physical education classes and the G.A.A. staging volleyball tournaments. "Sound off, one, two, Sound oft, three, four," There go the members of the Garfield Girls Drill Team, marching spiritedly to the accompan- iment of the Bulldog Band. Directed by Miss Dorothy Rakestraw, this se- lect group of girls is best known for its performances during half-time at the football games, R.O.T.C. lnspec- ,Sf tions, and assemblies. The big event of the year for the Drill Team is their semi-annual tea held in the Alice Reiterman House, honoring Senior Aye girls who have belonged to the Drill Team. Forming a "G" for Garfield was only one of the many formations that the Girls Drill Team made during last football season. The "G" remains a perrennial favorite with the girls and the student body, as it exemplifies the true spirit of Gar- field. SHCDW SPIRIT qs, kv S 4. yr. . . in . K f ' ,if Q nf ,H " - J.. Nxt . 1-3? so ' At the top left you see action at the Whittier and Atlantic bowling center. Seated at the top right are the girls who competed in teams of four for trophies. The bottom pictures depict a clear picture at ue- .. , ., A what may be seen during a G.A.A. meeting. -Q' 4 - 'T f""' The G.A.A. Board consists of the officers and sponsors, who plan the activities for G.A,A. This semester's highlight was 0 very successful playday given at Garfield, Standing: Kay Bukovac, Pat Tuel, Alice Lara, Joyce Takeuchi, Yetsuko Hamomoto, Alice Gonzales, Maria Lopez. Kneeling: Dora Rosoles, Martha Huerta, Anna Cam- poy, and Mary Schulte. THROUGH ATHLETICS... You have probably walked across the ten- nis courts many times but, if you've never played on them, the girls in this picture will tell you that its loads of fun. Stand- ing: Mary Schulte, Madeline Rios, Susie Figueroa, Mrs. Heiser, Yolanda Peinada, Joyce Takeuchi, Irene Apsel. Sitting: Ruth Gravalito, Dolores Vigil, Ruth Kitagawa, 'YY , N, Inez Franco, Hideko Shiozaki, Alberta g"'lSl'0 'ihmwfak RFI ' ,f YO Muto, Irene Montenegro. i I GPH T620 GAA I W Twice a week, the female athletes of Bulldogville meet to participate in tournament games and individual sports. "Side out," yells the referee, but you are not out of the fun when you belong to this fine organization. G.A.A. is kept functioning smoothly by its fine sponsors, Miss Rakestraw, Mrs. Broadway, and Miss Beutler. On these pages you see some of the girls ioining in sports such as softball and basketball. "F" Fi -- I, A . H M I,,.- gi A LJ -2 v 3, W V fi fl . Membership in G.A.A. for three semesters gives girls the privilege of wearing a G.A.A. Letterman Sweater and belonging to the Letter Club. Row I: Madeline Rios, Yolanda Peinada, Irma Uribe, Joann Kaplan, Barbara Reynolds, Carol Hyatt, Joan Biffi, Martha Huerta, Joyce Takeuchi, Mary Schulte. Row 2: Dora Rosales, Susie Figueroa, Virginia Vega, Helen Olivares, Beverly Knorr, Delia Alotorre, Irene Aspel, Rosemary Chavez, Mary louise Ruiz, Inez Franco. Row 3: Mrs. Heiser, Lucy Amparano, Carmen Dovalina, Maria Lopez, Frances Sanchez, Ann Campoy, Sophie Armiio, Josephine Lopez, Adeline lopez, Georgia Jaeger, Lena Hernandez, Barbara Rodriguez. Top Row: Shermella Garrett, Ruth Kitagawa, Al- berta Muto, Hideko Shiozaki. Improving their skill at hitting the target provides fun for these girls: Alice Keeh- mer, Roxie Kiramidiian, Barbara Rodriguez R .W ,4 Adding sparkle to G.A.A. at Garfield and at playdays are the G.A.A, Cheerleaders for S '55, Alberta Muto, Virginia Fuerte, and Gloria Ramos. dcmhau. The Campus Staff of l955 wishes to extend their thanks and appreclatuon to the many peo ple who have helped to make the Campus To Anthony Loya and his staff for the tune photography to Mr Jack Cannncott for has guld ance IH pruntmg and engravnng to our adver tnsers who contributed so much to the success of our book We especlally thank our wonderful sponsor Mr Patrlck Quinn without whose pa tlence and help thus book would not have been possible tt nv I ' ' I - I ' I ' I in Q . wx K x fi Wig I x 'V' 1 .4 Avg - : mga fe? gr-4 Ali nl All E339 M 21 A x H ar f- I? '51 iff-4 ie. vis ...wi Ng-515, 4-I II lf" I ll f 4 ' 'lx . ...I .Pl 0- IQ., x ,X .I v . K 1 s - 1 , , .,,, A in -fs, L. -Q k -'IE "if ? J' 4 . L. rf. Wm x' x' "1 1. N ' 4 ' 4 9 'if f , 1 A 13 ,, 1-xxx, ' , 'LS EP xv NJ A KQ- -'2 wiiqgn ROWAN CREDIT JEWELERS mAMoNos wmcnes JEWELRY ROY M. ALEXANDER 3656 E. rim sweet Ang Ius l-92l7 and ELDON M. FETZELI. 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I ,Un +--...lp 'UV ly 44 1. I 1 .ncfuii ' P H Milk 1 R fa BIRKS DIAMOND COMPANY ANTOYAN PONTIAC Relaxing in the newest Pontiac convertible is Mary Ruiz DIAMONDS-'FINE WATCHES-COSTUME JEWELRY Mary Schulte, Barbara Shirley, George Demetrift and Hiroshi Tanaka. 472' Whiftief BW - AN- 2-2508 5059 whamer Blvd. - AN. 2-3154 I 9 5 5 A YEAR TO REMEMBER HNAL EXAM5 RAYONS-COTTONS-WOOLENS-DRAPERIES GRADUATION YOUR WRST JOB 4635 Whittier Blvd. From the Staff at BRADBURY AGENCY, INC. 9I5 S. Atlantic Blvd. ,,,,, AN. I-7l5l 6331 Hollywood Blvd. ,,,,5,,,.., .... ...,.,,.,.. H O Efficient Friendly Employment Service 4-5IOI YOUR CAMPUS COVER WAS ONCE AGAIN PRODUCED BY THE S. K. SMITH CO. 5260 W. 104 St. Dedicated to Quality Cover Making Los Angeles 22, Calif. - AN. 9-883I 99 gg..- :Fi ,A 'y I ,,. sa 2' IA 4 . A RENT A TUX COMPLETE FORMAL ATTIRE FOR THE WELL-DRESSED MAN 746 S. Atlantic Blvd. FARMACIA LA CRUZ AZUL Est. 1927 COSMETICS - CANDY MEDICATIONS - JEWELRY PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES YOUR BLUE CROSS PHARMACY 400 N. Ford - ANgeIus 6169 Bagues and Sons Mortuary 4721 Brooklyn Ave Phone AN 6373 Los Angeles 33 Felupe Bogues Manuel Bogues S 48 n s o I JOHNNIE DUCA YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD KAISER-ERAZER DEALER 5216 E. Olympic Blvd. - ANgelus 2-5177 CHARM BEAUTY SALON 4584 Whittier Blvd. BEAUTY IN HAIR STYLING NUGENT 5 8. 10 OUTLET ALL scHOOL SUPPLIES 4622 Whittier Blvd. - AN. 4690 3500 E. Whittier Boulevard MODERN FOOD MARKET Phone ANgelus 9-4693 ANgelus 1-3833 MORAN'S DRAPERY STORES 4917 Whittier Blvd., East Los Angeles FIRST STREET STORE FURNISHINGS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 3640 E. First Street-AN. 8-6341 RECORD RACK CLASSICAL - POPULAR - MODERN JAZZ - WESTERN - HIGH FIDELITY 9:30 Cl.t11, - 6:00 P.ITl. Monday and Friday 9:30 a.m. - 9: p.m. 5160 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 2-7992 Los Angeles 22, Calif. 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Equipment liuIII:II MIIIIIIIIIII 4997 WHITTIER BLVD. LOS ANGELES 22 CALIFORNIA ANgelus 1-2464 Lilian Allen Gulick EASTSIDE JEWELERS Fon THAT CERTAIN SOMEONE BRILLIANT DIAMONDS-ELEGANT CLOCKS 4840 Whittier Blvd. AN. 0938 Jian 'J DRESSES-COATS-SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE-COSTUME JEWELRY ANgelus 1-1012 4779 Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles 22, Calif. g I I 1' cage ' EASY CREDIT TERMS FEATURING SUMMER SPORT CLOTHES 4818 Whittier Blvd. AN. 3-2891 SUGAR BIIWI. EUNPEIITIUNEHS FRESH HOME-MADE CANDIES largest Selection of Magazines in E.L.A. ANgelus 1-7309 1 Res. ANgelus 3-3115 James A. Gekos 5114 Whittier Boulevard Proprietor East Los Angeles The East Los Angeles TRIBUNE 8. GAZETTE Serving Greater East Los Angeles BOB'S CAR WASH llO5 So. Atlantic Blvd. Los Angeles 22, California Young China lfafe 5126 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles 22, Calif. Phone ANgelus 3-9068 Johnnie Chung and Larry Chung, Mgrs. Air Conditioned We Package All Foods to Take Out HARVEY BELL MEN'S SHOP SMART CLOTHES FOR MEN 8. BOYS 5l72 Whittier Blvd. -- ANgelus I-7335 Phone AN. 4076 WILLARD CLEANERS 6l9 S. Atlantic Blvd. LATIN AMERICAN PHARMACY 0 RECETAS I YERBAS MEDICINALES 0 ACEITES MEDICINALES 3659 E. First St., Las Angeles 63 ANgelus 4414 Entregos Gratis Diario 9-9 Domingos 9-6 HARTMAN BUICK, INC. Above you see Emily Miller, Delia Alatorre, Ed Tanaka, Manuel Rangal, and Sally Serna looking over the fine selection of Buicks at Hartman's. 377 So. Atlantic Blvd. - AN. 3-7371 BIANCA ORIGINALS Here we see Sally Serna making last minute ad- iustments to the lovely gown Inez Franco is mod- eling. Any bride would be thrilled to wear the beautiful fashions available at Bianca's 4623 Whittier Blvd. Phone ANgeIus 5903 LEE-MAR'S MEN'S 8: BOY'S WEAR ANgelus 2-2248 - Lay-away Plan, Budget Plan 3657 East lst Street, Los Angeles 63, Calif. WILLIS A. RITTER, INC. NEW AND USED CARS 34-4 5. Atlantic Blvd.-AN. 9-I l2l Los Angeles 22, California RIFKIN'S SHOES ,lorman's Men's Shoes Poll Parrot - ChiIdren's Shoes Work Shoes and Boots 4728 Whittier Blvd. N. RIFKIN Los Angeles 22 California AN. 3-3673 3606 E. First St. - AN. 3-3673 MILLAN MUSIC STORE ESTABLISHED I 940 MEXICAN HOUSE OF MUSIC MAMBOS, POPULAR, RHYTHM AND BLUES RADIO 81 T.V., SALES 8. SERVICE Aurelio Millan 1 Art Millan JOHNSON AUTO SUPPLY AUTOMOTIVE suPPLv Motor Rebuilding - Machine Shop Service 579 So. Atlantic Blvd. ANgeIus 8-5l I4 Los Angeles 22 PAU L'S DRIVE INN 5616 Beverly Blvd. PA. I-3022 - Montebello WHITTIER-ATLANTIC BOWLING CENTER 5l58 Whittier Blvd. For Healthful Recreation URICH-NELSON MOTOR CO. YOUR EAST Los ANGELES MERCURY DEALER 501 S. Atlantic Johnny Pisbul S '44 ANgelus 3-7433 OLUAE 0 On caunafhtna llc IL' IQLLL Ll X7 W W FINE FASHIONS MADE TO ORDER FQRMAL5 TUXEDQ5 4939 Whsfher Blvd 11555 Whittier Blvd AN 2 3695 iatagmpda t l . . .34 Ji ,Q L." giyluffg , lb- L.. X X , , fq I iw W ..'S X . f ' lv '.f Ygk' ' - Q I In l I In 4 ', V. . X t. , A N lx - . I XX L," f f f ,f x Reigning Queen of Cotton Day, l955 was Carolina Gomez, wearing a boutant dress of pink cotton, Her court included, from lett to right, Gloria Gutierrez, A-l l, in a gray print, Sharon Benson, B-l2, in black and white, Mary Ellen Munoz, crown bearer, in pink, Queen Carolina, Peggy Mitchell, B-lO, in a pink print, Shirley Drag- ovich, A-l2, in green, and Adeline Munoz, A-lO, in an aqua print. Not pictured is Rose Marie Montoya, B-l l, who wore an aqua flowered dress. llnthnng Imga Studio FINE ART IN PHOTOGRAPHY YOUR "CAMPUS" PHOTOGRAPHER 5l75 Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles 22 ANgelus 8-5003 Q- 'HN gag A Ak L - 1 Xfgellbb aww Hawgmphz X uw 'H .fx N ig, 1 . M VV V Y YG Y A H ' A 7 .1 'wr .V fr I 'fr ,jf ink, u.f X 4, 1. '-4 I 'N 'X x K V! PL1 'ff .v .I 1-. ff L gm x IL! If J' Qbgf' - f7', WJ X .ffff J'VVfV,V 1 4- X 1 B -i ij" 5 SV .V If: V ?V..VlV- VV, ff" V , V .. Q Q . ,1,,f- V - . 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