James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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fykfx, A, 9 Q MLA: 41" fyf Xi, N w P 0 Lilyay f.f4d,xj, ,ffm N JDUPW f!?fmJyr2fLff,f , JW iff' ' X Q uf.,-f Q , ' ,J lx iiJ fijjj ' QW -A xx 3 95 UU if R 3' 7 . N' h . 4, fi w ,fy ' W! ' F fx' ' A ,W NI MU f f .. ' E Aw 2-J -4 ,L N 4, ,xhlvx . X 1 M A N wk ,L I MINCXXM M ,X f " ! A K f ,gb J,3f,.xs-- Xi' Q :XA , R SX sir? 4 J all XV gf fr: W ' f 1.55 'tL, 1 V L ,T"5' f -1 i, :- 7 hy ' if 0 '1 if 16. xg' , 1 V . ' xl 141- C' 7- ' , ,Qi 1 " f'! ' . XL, ff ff' Lf ' i' f X VBS!! I L 1 V Li! idk! P JA! K r-J V' V , ff!! '17, 7 i' fl f J I rv' IK- 7 IJ? - . I .tj - ,N V X by ' V ak! A I X K NF, ' , A 5 Lf X ,P rv f L 4 J , , J' X WW 1 Q2 fx, ego Q3 P 426 :Qs QQ: 5 I FOREWORD The constant coming and goung of hugh school students becomes very obvlous to a person on cam pus lt takes only a few moments to notuce that every foot ns being placed with artnculate care on a specufnc path The feet pictured In thus annual are busy feet tnred feet, happy feet. Feet from size 3AA to l5D, they have paced across the "Campus" and left a print on your book to tell the story which follows. J YCDUR FEET CARRY ...AND BRING YCDU CDU PAST . . . ,m,,h.mW.vx,,.1, , W, N M 1 .,,..,, ,,,. ,A ,,, ' V- ,f-W.. ' ' wh- a ,,u, 1405. , hy W Mm,M H J - - , . www '-mf,-fw 1',,,:.z 'f TO GARFI ELD'S PGPULACE 1 . a Ab s. , A .C f L4 x X I .4 1 - 1 .4 x ,fi Ai' .Q5 1 is n xi' 'Sf z lah L ' , W - A 55958 f , K X, f f . nm Y 4 x ' X Pa W lvl 9 ' ah 4 3 , F? ' f, ,W , 3, ZW 7551 I ,913 3 45. ' 'XJ 4 Wi' A 4 2 2 P Aim 'I GK K ' 4 'r . i ,A 'Aww , rr V 1 ' , u, 4 , ' "W f 522.552 33- . 5 " Q -A A X 4, ss ff ' i C' ef 4, gm eh 5 Q3 ,L,, , Z, J x M Q f .. 1-.kig 1 xr J Q 'ras gm -Qu 3' A LM lu, an 1 flag ,I 5, 'Q Mfg 111' MW, iw . ,N s ZA at "ff ' 'fm' ff. ,.,'u'l': . .1 xii, N.. f Wg , , A W . , Kiwi! gif.-u , -4- A 4 ,L R 1' 1 gl Q, "W 'JL rx Q4 H f WL if 3.3 5 . 5 J.. 5. fps .fa , .. , . . 4 . ftcf jf 5" j 4.4: Q. ' a fi . ff - if ,Q :nk 0 A 'J ?"'E:f,f5k:.'f 5 3 'N 315 J! nf' V -in '+."l n 3 Q C wi Nr l ik MSW x kiln xl A ff YU of 7 . , , .- 1? F. v L I P wi- .-Z I Z--H M L A 1 , il! if L+ K""5 X' ""vf" A 1 ! maxim. ,N N. M , , E . . ,L 1 ,Ya 'svfg '4 'K ,gg-u To you, the graduates ot l953 we re- spectfully dedicate this issue of the CAMPUS in the hope that your achievements and honors will be per- petuated in the minds and hearts ot your successors. The history ot your school life and traditions ot Garfield High are re- corded herein-rernernber thern well tor she is your Alrna Mater. C TE TS Guiding Feet Learning Feet Active Feet Running Feet IQ NT? Administration, , Faculty Winter Seniors .,,,, ,,,, Summer Seniors Classes ,, Organizations ,, Clubs ,,,,.,A,V,..V,,. Annual Staff 7,,, Musical Note .,,, Log Staff ,, ,, R.O.T.C. ,s,s,, 1 Football Basketball Baseball s.rr.,,,, Cross Country ,. Track . r.Y,t,,,,,,, , Tennis Gymnastics ..,,,.., ,V Girls' Athletics Advertisements Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 10 14 18 34 54 63 68 82 84 86 88 92 100 104 106 108 111 112 114 120 . . . . Bewildered freshmen confused by the "Bigness" ot their tirst year ot high school .... perplexed scholars seeking the answer to a "puzzIer" . . ,, Seniors seeking advice about post graduation problems. Feet-uncertain feet-turn to GarfieId's obliging, help- ful Administrators and FACULTY tor guidance. 'QB' l- N- . lnT"""S' " ww, ,, Q Q ,q.b.1:2iAf..m,h Three short years ago you, as carefree lOth graders, tripped up the steps into the buildings that are Garfield High, and into the lives of faculty and administration. We have now spent six wonderful semesters together, and have corne to know one another rather well, even in such a brief tirne. We are happy for the opportunity to have met you, and to have been able to work together with you, knowing that your stay was short and that you would not pass this way again. We are better for having known you. It is our earnest prayer that you have not been disappointed in us, that you have never been misled by any thoughtless word or careless act on our part, that you have found in each of us some of the inspiration and guidance that you sought and rightfully expected of us, that you are now safely on the road that will lead toward a happy, purposeful, and useful life. D. RAYMOND BROTHERS, Principal ECDPLE WHO GUIDE OUR FEET Even Though Miss Sfevenson ond Mr. Rein- horT ore foced wifh The more difficulf problems of The school They eoch Toke Time ouT To help in sTuder1T ocTiviTies. Two finer vice-principols could riever be hod. They hove become o firm porT of our school ond will remoin so for ci long Time To come. QO- MISS STEVENSON G!irL5",Vice-Prihcipol 1,-,y,,f,1'5 " " 'f' MR. REINHART Boys Vice- Primcipol IN PATHS GF KNOWLEDGE Mr. Wallace Overman REGISTPAR IA Mrs. Hazel Turner COUNSELOR In addition to her excellent service to the vvhole school, Mrs. Turner adopts all seniors and gives them her special attention. Catalogues and advisory materials are always at her hnger tips, Information concerning scholarships and avvards is obtainable through her. She is an important factor in your lives, Gartieldians. With his Monday morning smile, Mr. Overman begins a week s vvork. I-le faces overworked excuses as "My Mom forgot to call me." ' The bus broke down, ' and "I had to go to the store." Although his heart is vvith you lat the beachl he is faithfully on the iob. If you dont try to deceive him, you will find him a friend indeed. LANGUAGE Bernard Kess, Josephine Jimenez, Marcos DeLeon, Solomon Sherman ART George Nye, Katherine Pefremont, AI- meda Breeze. SCIENCE William O'DonneIl, Roberl Curry, William Mathew, Virgil Besl, William Lewis, David Williams, Horace Knobby Knees, Floy Horning. Ml! Illini 3 " ENGLISH Seated: Zella Young, Florence Jesse, Ada Astels. Sfandingg Joseph Maron. Mariorie Gillen, Laura Peery, Maurine Maier, Mildred Moyse, Elvira Sfamper, Alberi Olenius. 15 GI RLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Grace Heiser, Eleanor Gandy, Marguerite Millier, Dolores Burkhardt, Dorothy Kake- straw. BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Kneeling: H. L. Hunt. Standing: Bill Thompson, Bob Holmes, Ed Kuntz. AND WISD HOME ECONOMICS Seated: Beaulah Alexander, Margaret Sharp, Dolores Allen. Standing: Helen Compton, Alberta Hig- by, Virginia Capps. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Ray Whitley, Pat Quinn, Paul Smyser, Lawrence Gingery, Tom Catlett, Ernest Leeper, George Earl, Lester Wasserbur- ger, Archie Swan, Joe Cota, Robert Rey- nolds. fa, 1+- I' ,K+ M'S VVAYQT MUSIC Aaron Rosenzweig, Sterling Hum, Carrol Jennings, Ethel Ingalls. SOCIAL STUDIES Sitting: Frankie Herman, Miriam Binder, Maxine Russel, Aileen Howard. Standing: Ruth Winslow, Lloyd Rasmus- sen, George Ott, Leo Good- man. X BUSINESS Sitting: Florence Trempe, Glenna Wright Ruth Norgard. Standing: Stanley Haas, Michael Collins William McKenna, Helen War- ren. OFFICE STAFF Sitting: Mary Jane Carter, Josephine Brit- ton, Kathleen Lee, Georgin Kurt Lillian St. Enerson. Standing: Louise Daher, Marcela Unger . . . Left, right, left, right, for- ward into fields of Academic . . . Commercial . . . Industrial Arts . . . and Fine Arts studies. Feet of creators who founded beautiful new objects of art . .. Feet that held their owner as he fixed the ignition . . . Feet, which quivered nervously as the final trig test was being adrninistered. Feet, of students who tried earnestly in their various fields of endeavor, Learning Feet. ,ur ly. v 1 553 x 4- v ww X I E 5 ? 5 QXQX P xi tf5'w- Q WMWQQ? Qavyg Awfggf . A K Y 5 ' W go' 1 k ,ya f5?'5':"5ji J Ni' xi X ' '3,.Q2Q CNE STEP CLOSER In oncuenT AThens The Ephehnons consTuTUTed o ollsTnncT omcloi order recognuzed ond honored by The SToTe ond re go ded lof The people os The hope ond pnde of AThens The Tconsio non o Thenr ooTh us Token by eoch member Upon lnTTloTvon enTo our rnodern CoUnTerporT orgonlzohon The Ephehnon SoCleTy CHARLES BREITHAUPT YRATA FARREN JOHN PRINZ ROBERT BEECHLER MARY MIYANO r Lf. . . I I - nf 'K . 4 . . 4' V ' ' T ' T 1 F596 The Wlnrer Avvord Assembly will long be remembered by These recap: ents of covered honors Chornp Albert Rnvero, Corroll Afhlernc Avvord, Fronk Moore, Klvvonos Scholorshlp Trophy, Mory Mayono, Alumni Scjhol orshnp, Pool BroyTon, Corroll Peoce Avvolrd CD FAME AND FORTUNE E ,T A x 4 :- P nl ? . 1 ' R 1 ' F .Q f ' fi A K N K .5 I Q. . A , ., is -gi The Senior Officers ore Blossie Gorret, Billy Son- chez, Choirlotte De Luco. Other Seniors ore Mor- tho Morquez, ond Jim Kessloft. 6ARl:lELi:. Cy 6' The post members ot the Senior Bee Cabinet. Row one: Inez Mocios, Jeon Muto, Stello Rey, Phyllis Bor- telli. Second row: Billy Sonchez, Cothy Boggio, Lupito Cervantes, Chuck Monossee. Row one: L. Nloudon, E. Gould, C. Boggio, I. Morcios, Pi Bortelli, Row two: T, Dwyer, M. Miyono, C. Mon- ossee, Mr. Ott, J. Muto. Row three: B. Sonchez, A. Consentino. f':-'gig'-5,:'i7:: f. :mu '-.4 -y 4: 1:11 ?r1'Q:5,m.H ' 'l-33139 74? 'fi :Z-Y eflfaeiz- be X "112'7? :L-' ilhlvfrf t5E',-Sfkf6J.f" 'ggifff A 4 A GAIT BEH Sponsoring th e m o n y events of the closs ot W '53 vvos Mr. Ott, who olong with oll the other Senior AYE sponsors di- rected o semester th ot will be remembered tor mony yeors to come by dll the members of this closs. ND WE FIND CLASS LEADERS JULIA AGUILAR Home Economics PHILIP AGUILAR Industrial Arts RAYMOND BARRON Industrial Arts PHYLLIS BARTELLI Business JAMES ALCORN Academic RUBEN AVILES lndusmal Arts BARBARA BEACH Clerocol ERNEST BEANEY Industrial Arts ELEANOR BABUSH General HENRY BALLESTEROS lnaustrral Arts ROBERT BECERRIL Industrial Arts ROBERT BEECHLER Fme Arts DONNA BANKE Bustness KENNETH BARELA lnaustrtal Arts MANUEL BENEVIDEZ Inaustrtal Arts RALPH BENAVIDEZ lnduitrral Arts FRANCES BERNARDINO Business CATHERINE BOGGIO Acrrflerwc FRANK BOTICH lndusrrwfxl ArTs CHARLES BREITHAUPT Fme Arrs MANUEL CABALLERO Acrmdemwr ANITA CALVARUSO Home Ecorvomrcs RACHEL CARRILLO Home Economics ELEANOR CASILLAS Business GRACE CASTRO Business DAVID CERECEDES lndustncrl Arts LUPITA CERVANTES Acodemrc ARTHUR CHACON Industrial Arts GLADYS CHACON Home Economucs JULIAN CHAVEZ Industrial Arts MARY HELEN CHAVEZ Home Economics RALFE CHERONE Frne Arts LUPE CONTRERAS Nncusfrrcxi f-ms DONNIS COON Home Ezonomrcs BLANCHE DOMINQUEZ Acooemxc HERMALINDA DUENEZ Home Economfcs GLORIA DURAN Home Eronornics HAROLD DURHAM Indusrrral Arts THOMAS DWYER Academic ' DOLORES ESPINOZA Home Economics LUIS ESQUER 'vw'wS'v '17 Ave DIANA ESSE Home Eccncm is FRED ESTRADA Mus: ALEXANDER COSENTINO Acmcicnmc PATRICIA CREWSON Buswness ROBERT CROFT Aczzczem C RONALD CUMMING Accmemwc JOAN CURNOW Acodemwc JOHN DELGADILLO Indusfmal Arts CHARLOTTE LUCA Busmess STELLA DEMPSEY Fine Arts MARGARET DIXON Business ,f 25" 4, 4 RODNEY KISICH Academic SHIRLEY KLUTTS Business kwa CAROL KNIGHT Fine Arts is MARGIE KOCHARIAN Business JENNIE LOO Academic ALFRED LOPEZ Acodemic RUBEN LOPEZ RICHARD LUMSDEN MIKE MACAREWICH INEZ MACIAS RAY MADRIL lndusiriol ArTs Academic Academic Business indusiriol Arts LORENZO MALDONADO CHARLES MANASSEE MARTA MARQUEZ DOLORES MARQUEZ AMADO MARTINEZ Industrial Arts indusfrioi Arts Business Home Economics Industrioi Aris ANTONIO MARTINEZ Home Ecohomrcs JOHNNY MARTINEZ Frng AHS MARY MARTINEZ Home Econorvmzs RICARDO MARTINEZ lndusfrnol Arfs The rhyfhmcufic d ru m s in darkest Rl-13551 MARUNEZ Africa brought Thrills cmd chills in n Us the Winter Senior Coming Out Day. JULIA MAZZOTTE Business BEATRICE MENDEZ HELEN MENDOZA RAMON MENDOZA DELORES MERCADO CONSUELO MIJARES Home Ecorvorwcs Home Ecorwomrcs Fme Avg Buswess !+:'mer'vc DOLORES MIRANDA MARY MIYANO FRANK MOORE OFELIA MORALES MARINA MORENO Home ECOVTOVTNQS fLl'1Cli'VT7 : flznderr C Hcfve Eccncfr cs Bus ness GILBERT MUNOZ Indusvr ol Arts RACHEL MUNOZ Bus ness LORETTA MOTTOLA B s ness MARGIE MURBACH US H955 EVELYNE MURPHY US NESS JEAN MUTO Bus ness LUCILLE NAUDON Acodem c LUPE NAVARRETTE US H655 RALPH OCHOA Ind STTGI Art ANGEL OLEA RAYMOND PALOMINO Ind strol BENNY PEREZ Indus? A JERRY PEREZ ca st ol JOSE PLATT Acooem C ANNA POPPIN B s ness 1 5 U i B i B i i i B i U i S Indusmol Arts U i Arts mol rTs In U rw Arvs L I u L DOROTHY PORRAS ERNEST PORRAS Acode FIDEL RAMIREZ HELEN RENO B s ness LYDIA REYES RAYMOND RICH ROBERT RODELA ELVIRA RODRIGUEZ RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ PJDY RODRIGUEZ I s I 5 F JOHN PRINZ Acode STELLA REY BEVERLY RICHARDSON LIONEL PODRIGUEZ SANTIAGO RODRIG 'EZ ALLEN QUAN Acode JOE REYES GILBERT RIOS RAY RODRIGJEZ EDWARD ROMERO mwc 'ndUs'r13I Arts rf c mm Nrwfzuswrzi Affs U w Bus-ness Buswness Home Economms mimsvr fx! Avs Home Eccmcm fs Amcicrwc I ine +3r's Eusmess lrf1,i'v 'z L:'111Qr'vf I I K' .'- 1 Wm frvm Ar' ,ne flvg inf f4r'5 Ivviuswfxl AHS MARY RUBALACABA VICTOR RUIZ WANDA RUNYON BILL SANCHEZ S e B s ness GLORIA SANCHEZ ESTHER SANDOVAL VIOLA SANDOVAL THERESA SENECHAL Bus ness B s ness Acode JULIETTE SILVA IRMA SOTO JOHN SOTO MARLENE STONER Acc: iem ess o J e JOE TAVAREZ MARTHA TELLEZ CHARLES THOMPSON MARY TIRRE FRED TOMEY LUPE TORRES RUTH TURNER TOM URATA O frjg Bu mess Busm ss U ' lr1dL,s'r':JI Ads i U I . Busmess mic Q wc Busin Aer rvmwcs Busm ss Irwausrr :I Arrs Busmess B.1s wess Buswess Aer nfww Acfviemwc Busmess Acfvierwc NICHOLAS URAZOFF F ne Arrs MIQUEL VELASQUES Industr ol Arts SCORRO VIRAMONTES Bus ness AURELIO YBARRA S CAMERA KENNETH BARNARD JOE BOOGROVE WILLIAM F CAMPBELL HECTOR CAMPOS MICHAEL GRIGORUK JOHN HERNANDEZ DAVID HUG LEO INGRAM RUDY URIBE MARY VALENZUELA JOE VALLES lndustr OI Arts r F ne Arts BLANCA VILLANUEVA JOE VILLANUEVA PATRICK VINCENT B s ness Ar SHARRON WIGGINS LOIS WINGER GLENDENE WISDOM B s ness Home Econom cs Fne Ans SHY KENNETH MEDEIROS HENRY MONDACA ANGEL NAJERA GILBERT RAMIREZ GILBERT RODARTE ROBERT RUBIO ROBERT SANQUIST SAM SUKIASIAN The Kung cmd Queen Iecnd The Grand Morch of The March Gros mfg . 4. 3, 1 A1 I K UI T Art I ui i I I I I Buiness I A I " 2' R 3 ' I A fx 0. CDU R EPHIBIAN PAUL BRAYTON We wrll neyer brrng drse grace To This our city by any act of dishonesty or coward- ice, nor ever deserT our suffer- ing comrades in The ranksg we will fight for The ideals and sacred thrngs of the city hath alone and vvrrh many we wah revere and obey The crfy s laws and do our besTTornc1Te 'W 1 GLENN NAKADATE ROSE MARY TRIFILETTI ALLAN SHOFF o like respeCT in Those obove Us who ore prone To onnol or set Them of nought, we will strive unceosingly to quicken The puhllc sense ol CIVIC Clufy T Us In oll These ways we will Transmit This Cnty not only not less but for greofer ond more beouhful Thon :T was Transmitted To Us CDF S '53 JIM ENLOE JIMMY CAMPBELL ,nn If if I HENRY YAMADA IRENE TRONCOSO PETE ORTIZ SENIOR BEE CABINET Row 1. G. Borstner, R. Rornon, D. Sturgeon, J. Nenrnng, G. Romero, L. Foster, J, Guerrero, Mr. Thompson. Row 2. Mr. Nye, J. Enloe, S, Moro, I. Troncoso, E. Mohno, D. Carlson, Miss Rokesrrow, R. Perez, Mr. Cottlett, Mr, Quinn. Row 3. H. Yornodo, G. Nokodofe, J. Telles, T. Horven, M Gutierrez, R. Busfornonte, R. Jacques. SENIOR BEE OFFICERS Vuce-Presudent, Roberto Rornnn Presrdent, Jxm Enloe Secretory, Gowi Borsrner SENIOR AYE CABINET Row 'I. J. Nehrung, M. Orregon, C, L+ndIey, D. Osfrorn B. Monfez Row 2. M. Gwlerrez, I. Troncoso, M. Dwsmong, C Rnchom son, R Rornon, J. Bokovoc, A Orrego, Mr Wornpson Row 3. D. Holland, R. Summers, A. Worm, J. EnIoe I-I Yum fm:I4,n, P Ornz, R. fssneros, J Gonzales BILL THOMPSON sponsors g ACHED ARTHUR ACKENBACK Lr::us'r nl Lvs BILL AGUIRRE GEORGE AGUILAR !rmwS'r 'N AVS BEVERLY ALLEN Bus ress EVELYN ALMEIDA Busrness TONY ALVAREZ Incwsfrmi Arrs ROBERT ANDERSON Irwdusvrrol Arrs DANNY APODACA Busrness JOYCE ARCHER General SYLVIA ARRENDONDO Acodemic RALPH ARRIOLA Industrial Arts LARRY ARTECHI lrwdustrrol Arvs ANDY ASENDORF Business PAT ASH DOWN Home Economics ADELLE ATHERTON Business ROBERT AYALA Irvdustrxcl Arts LARRY BATES indusfrrcl Arts NORMA BELL Home Economrcs FRANCES BALTAZAR Busmess LARRY BARCHE Acsuervic ESPERANZA BARRAZA Busmess OLGA BARTON Hcrve Economics ERNEST BENAVIDEZ lnzxusrrrd Ar's JESUS BENAVIDEZ lrwcxusfrrul Arts GAIL BORSTNER Business PAUL BRAYTON Academic LILA BRETON Academic LUCILLE BROKENSHIRE Academic RODNEY BROWN Academic JO ANN BUKOVAC Academic VINCENT CACCESE Academic RICHARD CALDERON Academic JOE CAMACHO Industrial Arts JIMMY CAMPBELL Academic YVONNE CAMPBELL Business RICHARD CANALES Indusrriai Arts JOE BEER Industrial Arts ANNETTE BENFATTI Indusirial Aris MARGARET BERUMEN Business Secured RONALD BEERY Academic RICHARD BUSTAMANTE Indusfrial Arts RICHARD BIFFI lndusirial Arts PHIL BISSETT Industrial Aris ADA BLADH Home Economics TRAVIS BLASICH Academic DOROTHY CARLSON Fine Arts MARY HELEN CASTEIEDA Business ELEANOR CASTILLO Business gh Standing JOE CASTILLO Industrial Arts ROSE MARIE CEFALIA Business VINCE CHAVEZ Fine Arts PAUL CIMINSKI Industrial Arts RICHARD CISNEROS Business MARGARET COBOS Home Economics af-0 ALICE COOPER Business CONSUELO CORTEZ Business ROBERT COTIGNOLA General AL COX Academic SHIRLEY CROWNOVER Home Economics GLORIA CRUZ Business FRANK CUMMINGS Acodernic SHIRLEY De CRUZ Business DELBERT DAVIS Industrial AHS TONY De HERRERA In'ius'r-cl Arrs ABEL DELGADILLO Business GUILLERMO DELGADO fscridcm C WORTHY OF ALICE De Lo PENA VIRGINIA De La PENA OFELIA De LEON Busrness Business Buswness BEN DIAZ MARLENE DIETMAN MARILYN DISMANG Acodemrc Business Busrness DICK DUGALLY FRANK DURATE JIMMY ENLOE General Course Industrial Arts Buszness ALFONSO ESPINOZA ANGIE ESTRADA CAROL ESTRELLA lndusfriczl Arls Home Economics Home Economics LLOYD DELLINGER Aeronouflcs ADELINE DORADO Flne Arts JOYCE ELIAS Acmdermc ALFONSO FIERRO lndustriol Arls HELEN Dia MARIA Busrness PETE DORADO lndusrrlol Arts MANUEL ESPINOSA Flne Arts MARY FELIX Busrness PRAISE K- ' 'Zz .. nn, FEEZILL ALFONSO FIERRO JENNIE FLORES Busmess IndusYrIoI Arfs Busmess FAYE FRANKS JOAN RUGG JULIO FUENTES .ess :Us ness ?r:,Js'rIuI Arts GANDARA ALFRED GARCIA ARNOLD GARCIA BUS res: "GuS'V QI ins Iv:Js'r,izI I-r's MARY LOUIS GARCIA OLGA GARCIA RUBEN GARCIA G9PE'3I aruJsvrIc1I L.r's Irv:.Is'rIuI Arvs LORENE FOSTER IRENE FRAIJO Busmess Home Economwcs JOSEPHINE GALLUZZO RACHEL GAMBOA Buswess Bus ness DOLORES GARCIA JOE GAITAN EUS ness Im1,J5'r cl Avs RUBY GARCIA Inc1Us'r::1I Arvs THEODORA GARCIA Home Econom cs RAIFFI FRANCIAN Inouswiol AHS LILLIAN GANDARA Home Econcmns LOUIS GARCIA :'1:.,5'r :xl LPS CHUCK GOLD ieroncuvcs AI G-.E ENEDINA GOMEZ Academic ADELA GONZALES Home Econormcs ANTHONY GONZALES lndus?ruc1I Arts DANIEL GONZALES Indusmol Ads DOLORES GONZALES Busmess GILBERT GONZALES Industrial AHS GLORIA GONZALES Music JOHN GONZALES Industrial Arts LINDA GONZALES Home Economucs JOHN GRANZEN Industrnol AHS ERNESTINE GRIEGO Busmess DOLORES GUERRERO Business JESSIE GUERRERO Busmess JUANITA GUERRERO General ANN GURROLA Home Economics MANUEL GUTIERREZ Acuderwc MARGARITA GUTIERREZ fs C':'1fvr'r Q ERMA GUZMAN Bus nuss GRACE HALOPOFF Busmess JAMES HANS I I is E rv- J I lib Qt-r , 4 ' if 4 . .I , wg , -N an 4, if-Q 1 - I 9'-N W, 1.-1 1- 42 5 qw 43 F 2 --.E W! 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R NarroRMarrnez C ToIeaIo E Rrvcs M Lo ez S Negrere N Yarnasakr A an cnez J Hernandez A Morales L Cadenn cnrn a me Manmsran Prpkrn CabanrlIas G Herz H Lo ez D Ayala A Lopez M Aranda P Ynrauez R Avxles E Rosas W 1 Vazquez A Rarnrrez Rros A Guf errez W Turn rrner R Ys arnboa D Orrrz Trevr F Ca E ernan ez yr Clan r D Morales A Te-ran F Agur e f A anrqn, . , . s, N er anqez, a, 1 , I. DeLa osfr ' aes, . r , I , A Dom s .eves, 1 'rm in ':, ' f es, M. s s e ano, Bac .ora1an, E. Val errnrre, S 'b n, R 1' 'mason Odrrguez .arrozc, Aaarns Montoya, R Roarrguez, F Ramrrez, R. Gan es, C, Ramrrey, A. Jacobs, E, Lo . J. Lopez, R CarrrlIa, A Alvarez, M. Esco bar, N Mendoza, D. Cache, R. Ayala P R'1I'xcros, R Ornparano PLEASE 'I Row 'I Row Row Row Row Row Row Row r no o c Y V 1 CVT X U 'J FUCHT SON LVV wS1 V7 r G1 FJ D on o McDovv JI sro P Mc nfosv VYCLJJCL Y I W VRQS onvoornery M L onnrno Gon T YT L rf fr ew 1 f1n".J' n L D Gln + ' L , , , mcm, ' mn O, M 1 Jr ey, r er, 1 L Q, 'nz :I , G 'I R 17 LJ, , JA wu, , L, Morales Lfsmnmnre, . C ' 1, Mnvoncff, LJ ouw, B go, . vr , S msr w B Uc1nrQH, P Muyc1no,C Morales, A Ocum' po R Randolph M, Anderson, Go ,T Rodrrq H N V O, OC U . UV ID, Q WWE, Grocro, J Cordero, J. Rodnqoes H, Smrfh, G, Sarnon, V. Rlcn, A. Velosco, L, Robledo, D, Alvm, R. Leos, A Trurrllo, G, Wonrmon, P. Leon, J Gonzales, J Negrere, E Acnoo. -4, -4. , Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row P Bhznsoe, B Perrovvrcz, C Orfcgon, N. Cor pro, M Lonzr, C, Conocor, M Cosvro, Volencro, J. Eckler R, Conner, E Rorlecg B. Hohnon. B, Holgorn, Y Qonwero, J Anosro, L. Avril E. Nunez, G Vrvormo, D. SonoovoJ, E Pocrrqoez, S Solis, E. Ur be, M Te,eb E. Scrrrndewclf J Ce-cclrnr, P Cornpron, R, Uhorrret, P Jones, L. Mmroroz, R. Borbcso, E Morquez E Hoklotubbe, H, Bord ff F Soncnez, E Froocc, M, GCJIJCIYCJ A Ecooe, FE. Gonzo!-es, M Lopez, E Poszs J Porvoo, A Monrecd, W. Lrrnon, S Lopez J Ncznornr D HJl,J Gciznez, L VM nowcz L Myeno, E Pfrfl G Q':'r No 3 D 1 3 V':e,c, E OP .ins 9 Ceiwrcsi: P VN J ir: 'wee E .fe Qzzcoez '.' E L r . as N. Ev" n Q E 'K : 'nc' N Pre: 'mc L Prferiz rx r'.'i-':':':: Z NC i'oz'1 S Gcnzwks 1 fiz::gQ N F., JVM C Bonne" '-.L-,iwez P .rfg': 7 N: uso' f' xr L '."1o':'2l iz'- F 3., Z P we Jfrn 5, Tovce ff -1,12 Esourzii A Jew, 9. Serv: F ,'.""r'r'55z Befrssof J fwzrcff, U Nekr f Ferro, J Gor'z'1J-as i- , 'wrfz E brcq, J Fei 1 M Deguifzczc G -1 r Burornen, S S:rJLJJ.ec1'1 D S':ic"o K4,Lf A-'I Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 I . 2. 3. 4. 2 3 4 S Moraga, B Rwerrv, I Duran, J. Ogwno, N Snrozakx, G. Oda, M Tanwoka, M Uram A UraTa. G. Perez, E. Mora, A. Leos, B. Castro, M Pacheco, S. Garcxa, R. Black, H. Beltran. J Sambrano, S. Velasquez, C. Sayedra, R. Escoyedo, T. Robles, T. Holquun, A. Hgue roa, R. Mendez. T. Teliez, G. Kolefa, H.Kavvamo1o, A.Saun aers, L. Sfephey, R. Sirnonuan, F. Lopez, Danwels, H. Lozoyo, R. Syrfad. R Heznandez, M. Boylan, G. Rodrrqoez, M. Mwcone, O. Rocco, D. Ryan, J. Prskul, V Peacock, F. Srnwrn. J. Canales, M. Fernandez, C, Duarre, E Leal, R. Rolas, M. Vidona, V Gowllen, J. Srnufn, P. AIVGLUIS, J. Rodrr qoez, C. Brown, R. Barraza, S. Kantxcdis F. Beecrder, A. Kosareff. A. Cazares, D. Beadles, R. Trulxllo, B. Turn er, C. Colvin, F. Lopez, R. Ocampo, M. Gon zales, J. Garcia, D. Ward. A REVIEW OF GARFIELD YELL LEADERS Row 1, L MnxvveN, R Mw.1ves,R Gone Row 2. D Costner, J. Bargas, R Barbosq FEET Row 'l. Row 2. Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 E. Calaeron, R. Barron, B. Aroz, L. Rurz, G Mares, R. Maarra, G. Martrrt, S. Mrranaa l. Du-wall, G. San German, B. Barry. S Rubalcaba, J. So'c, K. rNa'artabe, H Asato, Y. Rarrtos, M. Vasquez, L. Sanchez A, Gonzalez, L. Arellanes, B. Kato, F. Chavez, H. Shelmerrran. J Rurz G Flores S Lopez, J Kaplan J Bri, E Ranmrez D Ram rez, L R-vera, M Mamas R Pereu J Marquez, F. Chavez M. Rehaon A Gaterrez J Cc:s'llo Cagvro J Reyei ll Nzwfzrrp r S3535 ,QL Mer-Qczq F Rafocs Q Carp sr .M Jew-n, Q Sq., :ac A Dorf hauez F Looe T L,'1r 9 ',Qn'r-r':S A Tf-9 I Tfflpf- R F'Y'1:'j'TS 9 "."1.fz ff Moreng L v'v'I:SS L Wlrrtryrsr I, Ffazo A Be-rnfzl B-1 Row Row Row Row L Pacheco, A. Gomez, R. Herrera, T. Mo- reno, C, Rarnrrez, T. Gonzales, D. Mendez, F, Rolaan, D. Guerrero, G Del-UPGNC1, D Long, J Zamorano, L. Agurns, B. Rev- nolas, S. Yates, G. Gallrher, R. Ayala, C. Krmmet6 E, Vasquez, C. Agullar, E. Molrca. R Mcclrano, B, Roberts, R, Castellanos, R. Arrnno, M Encrnas, A Alatorre, A. Navarro, R Sanchez, H, Martrnez, A. Jrnwenez. L. Eyrella, H. Guerrero, M. Matosran, D. Le'ebvre, J Samamego, R Jones, F. Smuth, R. Rrngleb J Mack, E Valenzuela, J, Gonzales Row Row Row Row A. Calles, M Cabuto, C, Hyatt, F. Garcia A. Lopez, E. Ortegon, T. Garcra, H. Hernan- aez, l. Garcra, N. Krnnev, J. DeCou. G, Torres, R. Duran, H. Mrrannda, L. Dan' rels, C. OGrady, M. Castorena, F. Rutter A. Orozco, M. Emard, G. Tellrng, R. Slade A. Tafoya, D. Urutra, E. Negrete, F. Felix A, Sermena, A. Agulrre, R. Segura, A, Ro mera, M. Lopez, D. Perez, R. Peinado, J Gavtan. R, Sanchez, R. Lopez, R, Arvrzu, J, Frontlno A Salcrdo, A. Martel, A. Flores, A. Perez C Garcra, D Lopez. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row E Onvrvevos, M. Alvarez, R, Perez, E, Gon Isles, M Rros, C. Bernal, G Urlbe, N Rebeles S Serno M Gurrerrez I Orreoon H Dloz K Bulcovnc, M Rurz, G Brown R Sclvworlz F Erorlrn S Frguerow M EsprnC1r1,L 271 bfrlrr, E Bfunefrrrl LJ Bcrre A Roclgc-ra X-. Berrrrlge, G Guerrero, A. Costrllo, E. Lugo, P. Ku drove, F. Kuplent, B, Tcwerner, K Jordon A, Gorcro, E Overlrolvzer, G Boslven, E Volenzuelo, B Towers, E. Mendoza, E. Flguerocn, J. Hernondez, J Rodriquez, J. Borcels, D. Rorno, R. Rodrr quez, A. Corn, J. Mocorewrclw, H, Cnuoro wlle, Z Weodle. B. Olrvos, L. Cosrro, P. Almonzo, E. Avrlcr O. Clork, R. Novorro, M Murrllo, L. Morlr nez, M Dovllo, D, Muelo, D. Agunrre, J Grombronf A. Gunerrez C Valenzuela, A fwfmlurl, C Sanchez, D. Rosales, M. Munoz, S. Mono sron,E Morvrne H Cl1rozokr,C Togowo D, Rlvero, M Grnozo, A. Rros. D. Aguulero, R, Gonzales, P, Merclwcxln, R Oregorlcm, B Thompson, A. Jumenez, H Gomez, D Colo, J, Fronvxno, Y. Cabrera L, HulsnoH, M Rongel. S. Borelo, A. Romvrez, F, Perez, M. Borelo L. Topm, L Tellez, C. Cobos, R. Delgado D. Gomez, R. Blonco, E, Moroles, J. Avllo E Morrrn E, Bermuclez C, Comoclwo, B Hernonclez, M. Morvrn, G Joeger, B Knorr M. Cosooos, C Mondulono, M McLendon M. Dovus, E. Leybo. E Nunez, G. Rurz, L Avenclono, M. Cor dero, B Gorsro B Rorlrrquez S Sonqufsr A. Coon, H. Aulwes, D. Rrzo, B Cono, C Fleld, E. Droz. L. Costro, J, Jonewoy, M Fuenves, R Bloney, J, Gorcro, R Qobollero, R Cordozu E Qurroz, F Novorrere, VV Arggmf M Mrller. B. Agurlor, J. Walden, E, Moddonodo, A Cenrseroz, R Regoloclo, R Solozor, E Hol lrnq J Perry C Corrlovrz, C. Sm vl R Flores. S SCC", r Dcrwnguez, C Vllzz grono, A Vrrlonuevfr, C Syrsfod, R, Wrlson C McOwen, L Feroner, P Snelen, J. Wol lfxre, E Gf1rcro,J, Gfrrnbco L 'Cr' ",fr' as 'J '.":"fQ':5 U L ."' "'.,SL'f, 5 Rrcs, M Tre-rrncz A Campos E Urroe, lf Bernol, A Velgo B Mcrnrrny, N Qurrvonfr I Goran G Monhrnc ' Fe'ni:"::ez J Arzive F4 Alfczrcz T Y:fi:fr'i:'s- K. Srunszko, F Scorr, R Venegss, A Polacros, W. Ramirez N Bennen 1 Vorelfr, A Lrorvbulc, C Lvwrence, A Slum, H Toncxifcr, H Joroon, A Monroyo L Marquez, B Kolroe, R Hopcus, R Greek: R Gurrerrez A-1 Row Row Row Row Row 1. Row Row 3. Row 1. Row 2. Row 3. GN PARADE C Labuclwezicz, C Pederson, R. Perry, C, Kovner, J Peterson, J. King, L, Graieaa, D Glamuzina, C. Garcia, M. Clvavez, B Carnpos. M Delgaaa, A. Royas, E. Soluz, J. Gaynor B. Hancock, A. Joyner, S. Fosfer, Barbara Shirley F Karlern, A. Lrnclell, M. Wall, Helen Olnvares G. Demetriff, R Martin, C. Cadrnan, E, Figueroa, E. Tanaka, S, Segal, C. Sparks, L Wolen, A. Granada, T. Aralanl, D. Davis, R. Urquicll, D. Kuba, E. Moreno, J. Morales, J. Ramirez, K. Lee, F. Baez, B. Zamora, J. Esparza, T Escobar, P. Rodriguez, L, Flores A. Salazar, E. Mena, B. Ramos, R. Ocho, B. Landa, C. Cabrera, C. Espinosa, W. Rogers, K. Benfatti, I. Veler, M. Garcia, M. Lyne F. O'Grady. B. Cox, P. Workey, J. Lopez, V. Vega, M. Lopez, M. Hernandez, A. Martinez, S. Gar- cia, A. Aguilar, D. Melfzer, F. Sanchez, L. Barfelli, D. Jauch. A. Renreria, B. Almanzan, R. Gonzalez, R, Ruiz, F. Rodrnquez, J. Hernande, A. Santa Cruz, R. Biegcar, R. Somario, F. Blanco, J. Munoz, T. Gonzalez, M, Romero. D, Alaforre, J. Wise, M. Sclwalfe, I. Franco, l. Apsel, L, Munoz, R. Goodman, A. Pal- rnonez, L, Sparhawk, G, Alvarez, M. Huerla. C, Bustamante, R. Escobeao, R. Rivera, H Barciaga, J. Takeuclii, V. Madrid, D Villa- ponao, R. Alvuarez, W. Guiboa, G. Webb, G. Mosher, B. Barela, D. Nehrxng, H. Perez, R. Paz, V. Alvarez, J. Nanez, R. Holquin, W. Field, Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 60 Ambling Along to Com A. Manning, R. Cl'avez, A. Olea, D. Garcia, J Larsen, B. Esrracla, Y Espinoza, R. Rodarte, C Vera, G. Narvaiz, l. Mendoza, F Hernandez, l-l Alalorre, M. Young F. PilarcH, P Murpliy, G Slwalwon, J. Znmbrano I, Garcia, V. Williams, E. Mallwior, P. Munoz, M Coppin, J. Tetero, K. Matich, P, Ritchie. M. Aguirre, J. Gomez, J. Glenclrnning, D. Ander sen, E. Gonzales, L. Guerrero, R. Mendez, F. Firn bres, R. Leon, J. Kotlcofl, R. Mason. J. Reveles, F. Chavez, G. Villegas, R. Chapman R. Ramirez, R. Zayas, V. Morales, J. Chavez, D Trask, R. Alfamnrano. A. Merchain, M. Prouty, T, Agueros, L. Quinlanilla l. Pardo, G. Carrillo, R. Robert, F. Morrola, L. Bay, M. Geary, J. Anderson, S. Rivas. E. Flores, E. Pompa, L. Lovuo, O. Mendoza, A Santa Maria, T. Sabala, J. Salcido, E. Fierro, A Espinoza, T. Rangel, C. Monres, R. Juarez. R. Zepeda, R Guzman, R. Naiera, J. Sandello, H Lim, A. Perry, J. Garcia, P Levinson, L. Gill, N Ramzrez, A. Duran. O. Kreurzer, J. Martinez, Z. Padilla, D. Snelen, J Babb, M Valdez, E Ananian, A. Figueroa, A Delgado, J. Rarra, P Moore, G, Salgg, Row Row Row Row D. Guillen, M. Garcia, A IT Garcia, M. Corvez F. Dur- an, N. Harrison, M Ran, rrez, A. Rangel, F Baca, P Sanaers, S. Jararnillc R Hernandez. M Diaz, E Acosra, Y Morales, F. Mesa, L. Diaz C. Lxcon, R. Reza, A. Tavar R. Serrano, V. Mergil, O Hcras, R. Medell, A. Mar liner, M. Regaldo. B. Aguirre, E. Perez, A Diaz, J. Lynn, L. Aguilar, J. Gray, A. Manaoza, F Hewnze, F. Bukovac. R. lbarra R Rerea D Tnonna R. Rivera. D. Casrrc, B Jones, R Perez R.Sanci'ez R. Orozco J Kalusnan, C Feeaell, J. Dillard, C Leon f1ra,A. Reed, D. Taonfas. S Row Row Raw Row Row Row Row Row CCYTDN D?-Y QUEEN i-NL HE? VFMNH FSSES nr-r Og wc Cl rrlf-me P"'r1rr:sQr', Barbara l-1 ,rrcl as Brrrrme '. zrlzer- Mr:rrl,rw D srwwma I l rl.'lw1rrr': Norrrzzr M'-rrflfxr., lC,r'1.rw OWU 1r,llr Goal J Lrmorw 11, J? Carmona P Prvfus 5 Mrreles A' Par-wrrez, J Maarrl, C Podarve r Morelf-s B Ulrcrx D Valle, M Sancrrez, 3 Qumrrez J Mrlls, P Grecrlvam B Smrvly J Mrller, D S'ro1l'er, D Valaez, E. Orvegorw, N Mr'cl'ell 5 Marquez, A. Sofa, K lvlqvfrllrrarrfs A Garcra, J Rabro, J Brrakos, G Blanco, M Melerwdez, E Herrera, D Apoaaca, M Corv- YVGYOS, E Vargas, M Flores, D Agarlar G. Gonzales, V. Clwacon, N Negrere, X Dom rf- Qaez, J. Carrasco, B Agurlar, A Tacr qarn F2 Felrx, M, Ramos, J Vera, J Agarlar, G Palom- bo, D. Salazar. E Morwrez, J Baclcroff, P Tuel, V. Morales, L Marrrrwez, C Garcra, E Oblea, A Pamrrez, C Gonzales, M, Lros, R. Becerrrl. F Marrrnez, R Guls1on,G Polydoros, Y Dela Loza, C Dailey, J. Harrm, A, Lerrmos, Y Prneda, H Paras, M Ramrrez, N. Flcnrerra, L Harman clez, H. Esparza R Guerrero, D. Joseph, C. Dovalurwa, J. Srlva, J, Castro, G Yamasakr, E, Gayran, L. Renrerra, L. Garcra, A. Resales, D. Vernomn, A Argacllo I. Reyes, F. Frmbres, F. Mage-no, V. Marrrnez, A. Danrels, L. Hoggan, D. Murlllo, M. Galvez, M Hernandez, R. Rodriguez, A. Alvarez. -3 1,52 .vpn N .4-4 my . . Tapping to the latest dance tune . . . nur- rying to attend a committee meeting . . . im- patiently snuttling While waiting tor a date. . . stomping vigorously at the assembly pep rally. Feet-active feet-on the go in pursuit of Gartields many ACTIVITIES. M--"" 4, vm, y' r ". ,f 2 ' f 1 254, -4 5. , BV i Jv'xVX.TER BOARD OF K O'AlVHSSkONEFQS R Mwyzmo M Arumxcz, C Rwdm1rd5om,M, Gw'erPe-z H Yclrwucm D Bimke, , 'lfwm R GOITZ'!!'Z 4 ScT0,J EvvN0e- L Brmom T Sgrvechm, R Lcmzkmcm, N OrfEegon,L Pwoi STANDXNG B Sc1nCh3z,B Turrwfr 5? Lorna, B Garret THEY LED AND WE ,-.qi Dws 'zen' O'orYe5 Brweh-gzgg' 1' , Dorwfz Bfrvwp FOLLOWED President, Jlm Enloc Vwce-President, Morro Orfcgon Serra-vary, Angra Ortega SUMMER BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Row I. M. Guruerrez, M. Ortegon, A. Ortega, B. Towers L. Wcnss, D. Osfrom. Row 2. J. Enlos, J. Montegomery, G. Nokodme, A. Al vorez, M. Arondo. Row 3. Miss Gillmor, B. Rocha, H. Yomodo, F. Apodoca G. Schoield, E. Folluco, R. Summers, A. Krikes L. Breton. 65 Row Row Row Row , H Yfzrvxizgy P Jones, D Beudues, P P Row Row Row Row Row Summer Sfude-mTCoumc1 R yresem mvc 3 meer ciurmg DQINOCJ Two , S X-haf: Umm, T Hermfmfn,-1 P FOV' ' 1QrUo B Roc mc . l GH 'wr' P Ppzrx F Shubm, 4 K mme' of rff fmn wozm T MPUC ng mm Morales C. P,d'mdsom, B Pzpkm, B Ccrlz rw r Ov 1 P 'nic F Rummy J Gfxrf V :fm Z S ' NXHf:'v'1 NX Qy'1vf!'1,M GUT1rarvef! J EMG: V-1 1 Prim 1 D1 Afurmw, F Apomcxcmo, A. Hermmuez, P Smpf Headed by Theresa Seneclwal,Tl1e winter Girls' League made greaf progress . . . . Row I. I. Apasel, I. Hernandez, J. BMTT, A. Krlkes, T. Senechal, R. Perez, C. Richardson, B, Towers R. Randolf. Row 2. Y. Farrcn, J. Kaplan, B. Holman, L. Cervanies, V. Ananuan, M Orvegon, B. Monrez, M. Trevino, R. Trrfllettn, D. Oslrom. Row 3. S. Wuggins, S. Dayls, B. Daniell, R. Miyano, M. Boylan, E. Gomez, A. Oriego, L. Breton, S. Fugueroa, A. Regalado, D. Warren Girls' Summer League Row T. B. Donnell, R. Mryano, M. Guelerrez, M. Orregon, M. Vasquez, J Kaplan, J. Bnffl, B, Towers. Row 2. J. Welss, M Boylan, B. Anonlan, R. Perez, A. Krukes, B. Carlsen B. Rocha, J. Ellas, L. Breton, C. Morales, M, Elrzarrares. Row 3. D. Osrrom, R. Trrilcffr, S. Figueroa, B. Maxwell, D. Carlson, S. Alba D. Slrotlwer, K. Mafuclw, R. Herrera, l. Troncoco, R. Raldolph, R. Ran- dolph, R, Randolph DITIONAL MILES The leaders of Garfleld Boys' League activities in The winter semesfer . . . Row 1. C. Manassee, D, Perez, L. Maxwell, H. Kawomoro, Hank Yamada. Row 2. Mr. T, Rernlwara, R, Beeclwler, R. Summers, D. Kubo, R. Calderon, E. Folllco, Boys' League Summer 53 Row 'l. C Garcra B Howers, G. Bli1nco,L Maxwgll Row 2. J Ga ran R Summers, R Orveg:1,E Fcllco G Galwcr 1 'I- Q The Top girls from euch ciepcirtmem oi The school me ioimfi in Chcxief Iciines. Row 1. E Gomez, V Eioggc P Lfogiw 5 Wiggins, M. Ovegcii i Sims-hz, E E Gorfizi J Lfvhpbeii Row 2. J Archer B lice' isgfi P p-.iv Y Ffzrii-ii 3 M 1, ,. ' .'iJs'v:i1w Mhm ' "' " i 'TDTVCW Row 3. E Towers fl flu-, 7 S"'7t'l i : J'v'ii'iF-'H F .M 3 V 'wifm l TWC i i 1 The younger girls of Gorheld serve os The Maids , . . Row 1. J, Kc1picm,J. Bifh, S Beam, S Dcivis, J Amohoif, B Dwiweii P? Miyfmo V Mowoyi Row 2.. Fmiuo P Pfirizgizw ff Mviizei B Qoghri, M Hoiviiiw J iffoisiegci M Munoz L Pcsiies ix Mercfmo , Busvzmrvmm- Row 3. M, Viisqeez 3 Er':s'e,ii B Qe, iwoius, i' PiQ":'w55i- VN Dominguez F Kmriviw M Deg Y Bmgsig V M--mr '1 Beorers of gre-of imowiecige me The swdehis o Hhe Coiiiomici Schoicii- ship Federgiion .... , Row 1, D Osvoiiw !.' Vu. TOgfiw'1 i Lin'-i A Navi ?O,f1l,NT ffm' H A A fm, ec' D Dcs':'i-2 Row 2. r Tromosc E 'J 2,-.fs 2 infu- V Mudiifz, 1 iiivrpbi--i J Meri 4 U Oivvfrgef 'A , ,f f- T :,,,,- L Teiiez 5' 5" J.':" Kg." C. Meiizei E Uize VTQC ' Qs z Row 3. 5 KWWL H if' 1.1. ,. 'yvfl KY. !N'1PQ::i'x'e H ' KJTJC 9 5' wi 117' -ff Q ff"Q?f'ff. Q1 4 ,',1E?'f'v+'gz,?i . img? 5952. , E ft Q' ff gait' A ' if lay fl? ,421 5 Q ,Vim 1' 'fl 5 5 S i -gi 9 VK' nf 3 'L .3:51fPQ-., A W' rf P5435 z:g fff?. K 4 ty . v Q. x I-31. 1. , I QQAS v414!".t-.A . -1 . S. .L Q f w . . . wr' ' Q .. 15 9' ' '-'I S f+:.. .+ 1 ..Y- 1 Y 1 WEE? 3 j 'W h .V,4 f 9 l . -AQ 1 If it . 3' ,A X 3 f 9 JJ 5 s ' V -p S' 0:9 Q, 5 J f 9 f va if Llf,'1.,. 051' Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 1 , 1 , gLJ1f1::L,5l..:,-L 11 Lfbllb mel. , KJ 11:11, , M91 .1111-L1111 L1 l1-11 B f1w1111s, B IHQL-11 S M1111 lSl ll 5 '.1'1"111- E 1-494131111 M L1 511-'wig J films, 5 Mfuxvvll, M l-1-.11c, Ll f.'111w11 1' A l?egf1lc1c1o V' '1h'.1llf1Qe, V Mo11'e1,'1 M. Pwz, B Boylan, D VVc1rsor1, l Apsel, M. Murboch, E. HLJbc1uc1, J. B151 M Vasquez, S. F1gueroc1, J Kf1plr111 B lowers, Mrs Wr1r1f-11 L Fos1e1, S Tr11'11w, A. DeA11r411, A SL1lf1r1s1f111 L Kr1-res, N Don'1r1qLJez L Burrell B. Peyrwolus. P M T117 le'Y1 D 0910111 J l-lerclfz If BMG The ideal Women To be The future Homemokers of America . . . Row 'I. Row 2. Row 3. A. Estrada, A. De Ammo, F. Vero, V. A1'1c1r11or1, M. Muycno, E, Hoggcm, P, Ursuo, G, Castro. D. Jacob, S, Wc1tk1r1s, H. Duorfe, M. Almcxnzo, P. Ellis, R. Mortmez, M. Rosoles, N. Hedr1ck. I Monfenegro, G. Lopez, B Momcya M. Mom, F Heredml, G. l-lc1li1po5, L Hewlr Qlcs, D. Sturgeon fy 45' 7 ,. K "' 7 I 1 hr ww SHOW NEITHER C Mcmy educofionol Elms were shown by These boys in the Prolecfioh Crew . . . Row 1. J Mcrfrlx-5 A Cwfxm E Brfzrwz Row 2. W Gee1bo:1, B Kcrlhe, B U "11 L Sfephey .H Feezelz. Row 3. F. Sccmlon, A lox, 1L'11.1-r, 5 Segal, E. Sr111'1ovr1I, M. Lopez y4 Z .JJ --d NS NDR BUNIONS The Y-Teens Render their services orid spreod good throughout the Campos . . . Row 1. F2 Bciiroii, A Qiihes V. ffipwc G Sanchez B Pofwi P ferez B Mori- 'oz A Qrtwfi ' 3r1Q1:L'iL'i'1C M 710 HQ F Gwzir. Row 2. M, Q isvir-tion C Longs-z E flietlwrzc M Qosfiles, E Bmw S Yszzs J Torres C Ag,,lfir P f'.,z 5- X,"t:1- rwewfi T Qczfri re: Row 3. P Crewsori, - Qin' rez i Marve- r1egro,F. Hereoci B Mci"cy:1 M Moro, L. Bre'ori F Ver: B Tafoya B Viiiogrcm, J Looe: M. Lopez Row 4. P Rodriguez, L Av is L Vxcwcrrerte, M Moreno, E Gin: 5: H Gtlrcio, O Mares, G Cosfro A Torres, C Gurriri, E Mthwr The Notioriol Thespiori Society is on orgonizotiori ot omoteor octors . . . Row I. J. Thomas, V, Ariort-oh, J. Birokos, A, Cooper, L. Spitzer, Row 2. Mrs. M. Giilirw, S Crorie, A, Krikes, A. Decindo, M Disrmirig L Foster, P, Wrillrice Row 3, A Shotf, S, Atbfi, A Pzirtififi, I Siege:i,L Weiss D Bee:-tai Promoting iriterest iri the held of drcirvicitics ore the Mosque-rs , . . Row 2. '."- '.' f '.' C-c":':1-fs L Soft, . U11 i 2 P L' Nga, ,hh 4 lg ..1. S .2 LA 1 , Q, 255 VU ' it -. A SL? , ix ' f f X A F xgigw X. xg: W xv ff .Q I C J H ' 4--L. K .-V fx 7 3 uv ' l. U' ' if i ' I i - L' ii S. Q f M Q5 ? R -Y S 1 Q E wil 1 WA 25, 3' ,,,. Y ' my . K, If if ' x ' 'M ,V K?" I if X ' I b ' 9 -g ' A , - Q V- -,I 's ' vt 4 A ff? Q H4 Q. - , IQ-3'L"?E Y ' ' , A I-A "'w2fi,Q:"g f ,Y ,jf 1 ' ,- ia 5 V . ,KM ,X f L , A , Q' 'nf . ' M Y . 4 . I 1' . , , ffm - A. Q, Y' f Q '.. -' Sh A R 5 3 H' , A W " 1 - 1 55 ' ' ' i 9 'X V "H-.a A . . S' Eurydice is known for Tlwe beautiful blend of feminine voices . . . Row 'l. D. Rivera, D. loya, V, Madrid, A. Regalado, E, Guzrnan, R. Gamboa, J. Ruiz, S. DaCruz, E. Alemeida, L Dorninquez. Row 2. R. Goodman, J. Gaynor, R. Musegan, E. Kenna, B. Holman, M. Trevino, B Barry, D. Glarnnuina, E, Mosqueda, Row 3. S Agu lar, D Puiz J Wise, B Hugo, M. Verdugo, K. Bukovac, M Ruiz i. Franco, E Valencia Orpheus is an organization corn' posed of boys only, Tneir voices are vvell renwernberecl . , . Row 'l. T Hugo A fabrerz J Nniefl, J Menaoza F MLW: Az J Ki,-ssicf? if 7"1.fA1 G Pigs Row 2. B Krerwe L, Boyer, .N Peynfzwi, D i erecefzes P Mf1"'er.'l G Nu N21 P Mes'f:s E. Qosas D Orriz Row 3. T Engsrrom, R. Caszires, M. Holm' qu s' 3 Turner, J. De-'erson U Keefmer M ESFJVOSCI J, Dirnarzc i Scar-quez The voices of Treble Clell join in Harmony . . , Row 'I. D. Long, N, Dominguez, F. Balrazar Row 2. J. Bukovac, M. L, Garcia, G. Mart.. nez, R. Narro, F, Ralolws, A Esrmaa, L. Penner, E Kennon, D. Carlson P Ocinalun, The Sound Crew scfwwg up The IlV'OC1ffCU5T'!WQ system for The mud. GUNS cmd Fwekd GVQOTS Row I. .'. Long N' lsr E ',"If,f,H' Row 2. CA S 3' 'Nqr Vw,mO:s To Gurfmerlri cur Xfmlfcmf-1 vvnlw worm' srmlees by Nw .Aff rim vwC1CO'WwrwNffQ41 Row 1. P 7r'WwM I- Uvmuv FH' f Pzmrioin' Row 2. ,fl ?Cg,:1:':c S :Q,-f'L': 'V' , i imsffl Row .J asm, We Prep N furfwer 'Hear swfnes 1 the Held of rwusmg owl ff vw ea Row 2 w Jow s V fwzcmez A Kr Pee E rv ewolf CHWYMLY F Gui: FRGM W fm:zf.,,, fwh 'ga 3 P Dun!! fi Om I V Nw VMS 4+ vu 1 W - ' 'Y ' 1 ,' xr R . S S-A. -IW, 5 Su.f..1,1 ., Hrf'Q,w,: L' Sm "sy: A P 'fin mc M "ado . L, VN: r ,J -CQ X1 Av6u1:rie,3 elk . , . 1 SP' f' G S x rm g-41" Vlf 'K xz K L- 1 Ki -f '1?fQff'TffN gl iw 3154 ,Y , 4 These Sfoge Croft students ore found spending mony extra hours working on sefs . , . Row I. G. Gonzales, E. Beones, G. Gorcio, J, Deherreo. Row 2. I-I. Zobolo, B. Monrez, Mrs. Petrernonr, C. Sliller, T. Hdrtin. Row 3. J. Hons, P. Crewson. Row 4. R. Jocouez, J, Cordozc, R. Gomboo. XTRA ACTIVITIES ISJ The Slide Rule Club fornilidres nfem- bers with the opplicofions of mothe- mctics . . . Row 'I. D. Mclnlosh, J. Sykes, B. McDowell, J. Compton, Row 2. Mr, Morhews, I-I. Kowurnoro, B. Velozqoez E. Wclrerrnlre, E. Sclwnwewolf, N Blanche I-I. Renferuo. ,Miva 5 '1 X: 3 H N if fe QQ. . ..- ., f ., v N e. 1 A Y 1 if 1 - . f V if K ' 4 ,ii X ' 8 A1 df A sz 6' X ,Q V- X BX' Q ' as ,' Q. ' X X if X - 5 mt, K. J A X N. ' .M ,Q x v rbi L32 -s, -if :QS if iw sf 'S ffl-'flu w"'B'bf sixk 8, wg E+ WWM53 gm ' ? " A Z in if sw .9 ,A we-vw U A '-1 . ' . ig . W , I' ' 5 5, Q Q If w 3, w x., Q 15 , x 'A - 1225 ig, 2g fQ - wp- Q 1 V ws- W gpg? in K 5?-gg 'f -' K , 4 4 s f W ...: - S.. A A ' ,mm ,, if ff Q ' 4 63' 1 5' 5" , ,. N 'fn K t M x K Xl 3.5 t, L , ff ff: Sw f gg. ,nv 15 4 w if A ask" QQ 'Lf , 1 13 I 4 Iliff ' "" 'f 345,23 wx airy 99 'ff N 'A if 'vt M ' -S42 Q 5: Plysgiqf Nz . 1 I f' 5. ' - 1 1 any adv xx -Q-. .. - x ilk -' Wxil.. 'Ihr cr- if 5- ,W wing A "1i'1'2'l 2 in ll., 3 W '. .-,W sz? mf! f LA A ,FQ Wa? wh' 452 if ' 1 wk' Aa.: 5 'i .zh 9h"9'?w QE? Sl i 1 7. w,,': . pi it 4 .lf-H , Q .my an V. ,.-, ,,,1, ,az 1'1- U ll ,,,,.!, -'W I N -'Q 'D' 'N .. My , , 3 QQ4 ' l up 1 A Y' ff, 'I , THE T953 C Top: The staff pictured with Anthony Loya as they finished up the lost campus shot. Bottom: Mr. Quinn takes things easy as the staff keeps busy to bring the book to a successful end. Esther kubek Pat Crewson SPORTS WRITERS Our Thanks to Morwel Espinoso for his clever sports cartoons. Dick Dugcnlly Art Hernandez i A obo ' 1 Mr. Quinn Thomas Urata Jimmy Campbell Manuel Gutierrez Sponsor Winter EdiTor Summer C0 - Editors As you read This, you will have reviewed a parT of your school annual. The yearbook has been brought about by The hard work of The winTer and summer staffs. The foundation work, The cover design, The IayouT of The annual was achieved Through The consTanT work of The winTer sfaff. The summer sTaff Took up where The winfer staff lefT off, picTures were Taken, pages redesigned, color of The cover chosen and The final Touches were applied. The resulT is now before you. The Campus is now bound To become another greaT Tradition of Garfield High. Here is an inTroducTion PUS STAFF elfina Ortiz Mona Gondara Robert Jacquez uck Mamasse Mary Ruiz Stanley Kubo 3 ,gf John Gonzales Raymond Aviles Carol Knight Marilyn Dismang Dorothy Sturgeon Gordon Kessler 'F iii? ,ww ,i gi 8,51 . ' 1 1? 2 wg Y fi Wx Eg , .I fa? V: ily- '5 ' ,, 'iii J, - farm f QQ' 251 42 . ffm ,' gli"-WX X LL? fi' ' 1 lf , Z? V 6 Y ,, 1 " rf 2 M 1 f f 1 ' f 5 1 fl ' A 5 . v.q.,. V, 4 1 ' 5 M U 1 ' f .',J .W '1- .Wx f af A ' s , - 'V u 'K "f--z f: i 30 'Ax JI-VJ-' ' r if Z Q 5 1' 1 E ., f 1 f if my tri, 1 is sb if . I 2. I "Hz, ' "" 1 1, , v 4 af W v y 1 N Q . WF' f ,QF fd' ff, .gilwi 7' ff 4, !UAi , ff ga JW WINTER .llmmy Campbell Edrtor an Chlef Dorothy Porras Feature Editor Marta Ortegon News Edltor Bull Sanches Sports Edutor Lupe Torres Asssstortt Editor Manuel Guherrez Sports Edltor Carol Knight Feature Edvtor The Log Stall of l953 Seated Margie Gutierrez Marta Ortegon Jose Mumz Jimmy Campbell Lupe Torres Dorothy Porras Grace Halapoff Carol Kmght Standlng Steve Rodrrguez Art Alvarez Manuel Gutierrez Armlda Tellez Bull Sanchez Art Hernandez Lllllan Avlla Robert Becerrll "Someone throw me the scissors" "l need two more heads" "Find me a ioke". Those are phrases you'll hear whenever iournalists get together. Every Thursday the log office is unquestionably tabbed the busiest place on the cumpus. The Editor is pulling her hair out and saying, "Never again", the reporters are busy making excuses for the stories they didn't write, and dear Mr. Gingery is being patient, as always. lt's the life they love. Those things are in their blood... S Grace Halapoff Lillian Avila Dick Dugally Editor in Chief Feature Editor News Editor Sports Editor A. Hernandez Mrs. Stamper A. Tellez M Young E Mosqueda, L. Avila, V. Chavez, C. Wisdom MARCHING FEET CDF THE R. O. T. C. The Hog defoil proudly pre- sehrs The colors. The R. O. T. C. Bond sfcmds rigidiy for Their porfroifs. , . 'SJ 1, sa. wg if 7'r..,l lg! X yiks in 3 K' . xx li nt Q-"J vi s ligl is OFFICERS Row 'I. P. Brayton, M. Marques, Row 2. M. Sgt. Nepodi, G. Herz, W, Long, L. Weiss, A. Cox, Captain Row 3. D. Ayala, R. Anderson, N. Kutota, L. Del- VM . linger, D. Zoller. l The Reserve Officers Training Corps completed one of Their most suc- cessful years this June, and received an outstanding report from the Annual Federal Inspection Team. Many leaders will be graduating, but equally qualified cadets will take their place. The Garfield ROTC placed high in all the competitions held this last year, and at every parade they received the wholehearted support of the student body. Were looking for even better things from them next year. L. Garcia, A. Louez. D. Cantor. -. ' A In - ... A COMPANY, lst Platoon A COMPANY 2nd Platoon Row 1. Y, Menaez, J. Neafer, P. Mes'as, E Huff- Row 1. L. Dellnger, F, l-larnorotf, M. Lopez, F mona P Be zirizrc, L Ne ss. Amaya J Herrwanaez, C. Delgaao, M. l-le' nanaez Row 2. S Herrin: z ' f:s'1lc J Ganz: s Le Fe-brine Row 2. E. Gornez J. Pcwrrez, L Hogg Jaquez A Menzzszi: B Poberrs Row 3. V Miz" , s tx Hence' Bdrelfi Row 3. P Vella" E Sai", ' Jixnefwiy J 'fri' B EC.1vPd':" . gx Q .i,,,Yf5'Qn+fwsgYrih4.6vq. M iw inf' am, ' kid r QQH Q-nw 111 f' W 9' 10" 'W J A 2512 U' as il- Vw ind 'Nw Milli Wbilil asf -1 J 'Hi l I ef .4 . Lum Pride at true R,O.T.C.,tl'1e Drill Tearn, under the Command ot Lieutenant Willoar long, gave many inspiring pertorrnances, all clue to the rigid preparation inolarecl by these boys. A Company, Tlwircl Platoon, B Company, Seconcl Platoon. Row 1. Q- U ifvrrrerir 3 Stir ' L. :'or'r'o l rrordno R Row 1. P Bigr D 37ar: lk L+-on ,J bl.: f G:'r"I K '-" Puff-rr Row 2. E Belvirn C Y'irrwiZ'1i,Nrflrgrr-S H f4s':'oa Fwrr Row 2. ,l Srirnfm Qqyo,J Mills, R. GH-ctrrrinr L Ramos F? Jilramontvs fxyftlx, Row 3. F Vargas A Nriiurro, D Gonwz J Benavirlel Row 3. F2 Pivnerlo D Gonzales l Munoz fl Dvlgftrrc, P lllllwll P Gam a f I... A L. .. M - B Corripany, First Platoon. Row l. :':'r ' r ' Row 2. ff lygiuzrrc, K Nc, P .H ' "" 'sa P. Torres, A Lopez Row 3. G Sdrottleld, V Crxcmsse defz, D. Cosner, G Herz, B Company, Second Platoon ii Row 1. If Dx. s 5 7 ur-s . Q- 'L ' f f,"1"e'l F SW" lou: r- 1 trrr Q 'folio -Ai" 3. r- Row 2, A Lara els, ' Qonzfil-:5 5- 5 zorruvr V LH K C1 Koller, N Snr rms igaeroa, H lopez f- Melerr- Row 3. A Granaao, F, Carrrllo, J Perm, B Zamora, P. Clrrrrn z l ffrfxtfmr, T Moreno . . . . Romping tor a touch- down .... scampering to steal home plate .... dash- ing over the cinder track . . . . darting down the hard- wood court. Feet - running teet - participating in Gar- field High School SPORTSY A grim curTain was lowereT on The TQSP grid yc ir aT Garheld High School as The v mrs Ty foorboll Tcarn wounl up one of Their moT unsuccessful seasons under Their presenf coach The recora for me ye-gr WQ5 Seven losses and one Tre which came in The Milk Bowl againsT Van Nuys However b fore Tlling you fans The d n ws le us consider The Teams sTaTus lniTially There were only Three leTTermen reTurning To The rosTer and secondly wTTh The excepTion of a few ind: vidual The Tea'n was vcry green and inexperienced You mighT say ThaT Coach Bill Thompson de serves a veraal paT on The back for bringing his crew in fine fashion in Th Jefferson Van Nuys and The Ea T Bokershcld TrlTs BuT in The Fremonf Manual ArTs and SouTh GaTe games The Bulldogs liTerally fell aparT boTh defensively and on offense In The seasons opening game The Bulldogs looked greaT ogainsT Easf Bakersfield on The local gridiron as They were edged by a close lA To T3 decision ThaT game evened up The Two year series be Tween The Two schools for losT year Garheld Traveled up norTh To hand The Blades a 12 To 7 lashing ln The following week There was a compleTeIy differs-nT picTure aT Garhelo as They fell To a powerful SouTh Gafe Team 27 O The Rams were supposea To have one of Their besT Teams in many years Then The deT rnined Bulldogs Traveled To The famous Pasadena Rose Bowl for The annual Milk Bowl classic wh re They did everyThing buT beoT The Van Nuys Wolves in holding Them To a O O Tre MOST o The TilT was played in The Wolves TerriTory and had Tle game lasTed 20 minuTes more many press box observors predicTed an impressive victory for The local griaders W Th The record of Two defeafs and one Tre The Crimson and Blue were handed Their T7rsT SouThern Leagu loss by The WashingTon Generals T3 O Coach Bill Thompson Then decided To execuTe a liTTle psycho'ogy by posTing signs reading UpseT Week all around The school in The week before The Jefferson game IT almosT worked as The Bulldogs goT a surge of ThaT old Garfield hghfing spiriT back and ouT played and ouT-classed The Democrafs. BuT Coach Mike MarienThaul's eleven crossed Their apponenTs goal line one more Time Than did The Bulldogs as The G-men dropped a very close T4-6 score. lT was apparenr That Mikes men Thoughf The roof fell in on Them for They expecTed The Bulldogs To be a push- over, buT were very much surprised. The following game Took place aT ELAJC's new STadium beTween Two of The ciTy's mosf biTTer rivals, GarfTeld and RoosevelT. The game, which could have gone eiTher way, was seen by some l0,000 EasT- side fans as The Roughriders barely beaT The Bulldogs 7 - 6. The nexT Two games played aren'T mentioned much around The campus, because ThaT is where The Bulldogs fell apart. They were handed a hearTbreaking "SO - O" slaughTer by The score happy Fremonf PaThRnders aT Wrigley Field, and Then blanked again by Coach Jim BleweTT's Manual ArTs Toiler's AI A O, in The Dixie loops lasT game of The '52 season. ConTribuTing Their all To Garield High Schools fooTball Team were linemen, Richard Harabedian RG, Francisco Salcido RT, Ray Barron LT, Henry BallesTeros C, Rod Kisich C, Benny Ramirez, Gerald Kessler E, Ralph Arriela LG and Jessee Valles E. The fleet fOOTed backfield men who led The Bulldog squad were Arlin SlayTon RH, Pefe OrTiz QB Ruben Aviles HB, Richard Keemer HB Bob KaiTaniian FB, Hecfor Morales FB and Mike Macarewich, bofh a Tackle and fallback. fxs far as The seson wenT, you mighT have guessed iT, Garfield ended up in lasT place in The League. But next year The Bulldog rosTer will be sTar sTudded and Coach Bill Thompson isn'T going To sTiCk 1 T , Nwr' 1 -..r' ' v' I. ef THEY CLEATED UP THE GRI his neck ouT by making lavish predicfions, buT he lust smiles when asked abouT The T953 grid season aT Bulldogville. . ,V I X 5 ' ' 11: We 5 gl 4 r , T lf Q? ,., ef- ' ' T J' ,T "v3g51fg,gA ,, - "T L' 'V' IRON Row 1. Cond' Torn Ca'Le1r,Mars,Jolran Gar- crz, Refugro Pros, ,Rrcnara Mares Danny Cairo, Don Perez, Hrarr Shek- er ran, Coach Br!! Thompson Row 2. WaLare Ramrrez FB, Rrchara Scarf RH, Roberr Carrlio LH, Mrckey Cunningham LE, Alex Perez LT, Rarnura Leon. QG, Russel! Valencla Row 3. Eaa.e C0540 LE, Rrcnard Ellenson RT Erma Fallrco QG, Manuel Gailarda LH, Jerry Gonzales C, Leroy Hrcks LH, Tom Hofquin RH, Frank Lopez LH, Frea Lugo RT, Avnles rs about to recerve a flat pass, from QB Pete Ornz, for a suzabfe garn. Pete Popoff Frank Moore R b . . . o er? Rltchle Robert Rodriguez Duane Ryan 22P L36 52 gl-qxgg 23 rgr, Arlr N n Slayvon plows Ynrough the cenrer of The lrne ar Washnngran QW q ? W Q FQ ' 1 Q b . " g ,gg . 'CW fo Q ' V -9 H 5 A , Q9 3 ,,, iv ,A . , , I Q I . F 5- Q ,wwf Ny- h , M,,,..- My yn-Q' xf' 'R , 5, wwg, ffa' V ,Mmm 14 ,, X f2R' 'mm .pfjn 4W' Wh gm , 'A 5 . Q 3 E L A ' L- .9 , 8, QL r- ' n J I 5 3. x 1 ll as ' 531 - A 5 X L I K W 6 Q 5 , .. ,E DID THE BULL AS 1 ' r L X4 W -vi --M . J 1 'Q 5 ., 2 KN I 9 w gf! f ' Q' 128i 17084131 B Squad JV's 98 Row 'I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Roux, J. Ccrmpwsr F, Trrfrwrw, J Grey, B. Kolme, A. Somorro, J Vasquez, E. Pogo, L, Com, A, Serno, D. Topno, A. Seremerwo A-yolo, Q, Jones. 91121, F Bionic J Few E Negrefe, L Pros M Looez P Ubfwrrvef B Moore H Tanaka F8 Gor1zoles,W Howsro J Moooz Seffe, H Gomez C Lixwreme, G. Hernandez, L AL7UVT7O'.?V'JO A Goran, P Domels, F STIVTCLJEZ, E. Overholfzer J Herfwrwe-1 Sour? B. Agowaru P Hopzos F2. Torres. 9 ,ern P Cano D Nefrvg F Lopez, A. Doevez Q .Lge Liv 5 Rofrwo, L Nerss fe Tzrvcrrzurno, L. Corrvorsr P Homo " Locdevvrcif P Sirlqnc F M':r'fez R Leos, J. Negrewe E Logo 3 Pegoloo, B Mrrcmco J Moons L EsfreJJfJ Yms E Pomero A Trorik: .L B:1bof7,C Vore-io, G De-LQ: Peng: I- C.1lbfF!V'1,fK Cot: B "JeJ"w E Perm Exzp P ffomrervs J Benzwruez, E. Odom, J, BorceJs B Sf3rJe. J Qorero, A, Terre, H. Yi.Fo,i1 V e! H Guerrero fi- Ackerwbccr C Vekosqoez J Perez S Bosvrem,f1 Srlvcx J W:zrQH Conch Cc:fJe" PUPS GN A LIGHTER SCALE The Bullpup squad for The l953 season had The champuonshup maTerual and sp:rsT buf as The SouThern Lea gue as no pushover The Tables were Turned and Thus They posted a gram record of no wnns and 5 losses an league play The season sTarTed ouT wuth The Bullpups playung hosTs To The EasT Bakersfneld Bee squad Even Though The half ended wlTh a sllghT edge Towards EasT Bakersfneld The Bull pups came back flghhng but To no avall The Daggers won by a narrow margin The nexT game saw The BEES bounce back from de TeaT Surely They were not To be denued They ouTplayed ouTran and ouTmaneuvered The Team from SouTh GaTe Garfleld proved Thelr power as They sealed up The game by a score of 6 To O GeTTlng lnTo league play They dropped all of Their league games Though They played ha rd and held all Teams for The TursT half on The ground and In The alr The ouTsTandlng players were Davnd Holland Roberf Mendez Clarence Savedra Bull HardlsTy Jim Kessloff Claude Frerro Richard Palacros Richard BusTamenTe Rlc ardo MarTlnez Joe CasTlllo Edwin HokloTubbe Tony Mon Toya and David OrTuz Couch Horace Hunt Wi 1 N AG G dv 99 -sq Tom Robles mokes o lump shot for Two poinTs ogoinsf JefTerson. In The next port The J.V.'s ore shown ogoinsf Jefferson. LUNG LEGS - FLAT FEET N. JP' z X. K ., I LARGE HANDS This year's basketball team was at a great handicap, being that the season was split. This split season took great effect on our team, since we lost three first string players, as they were seniors. This year's tough Southern League produced many good teams all shooting towards a goal of a league championship. These teams were blessed with players who had ideas of their own, of breaking individual scoring records, also team records. Although our teams play was not impressive in these games the spirit was never lost and the determination to keep on trying was always there J Kramer B Ramirez G Rudametkin R Summers F Lopez Ivan Sirnonvich R Rodriguez T Robles T Blasich J Checchini It 'ln Q bm Q' 1 .ff ' f fra , 4M1MlQgfi H , , 358. f 'Hi wfygfllzilgh, , 1 iii 4,1 I,'i, W . :A Wm YZWSQIN Qwsiyz QM. Q , .f.2?-fi s AAS xfAV I 'fwhgxw A-N,, y I Q A 32 is FK? .. . X, .Q 1' 5 5 'SM is ik? X ?" x fu si ya QAFLZTITKN Q 4i,:.,,,..,,i qgygqgiflsvu X, 'J kg , ,. Y R? S 1 X QW as 4 ,. MM!- .egg . .,, ,W g Z' LE f vw . ,S if .Q i 'K f 4' 5 " 3 f9Sa"??f X zz 3 gf Q .4 is ,.,,. :.-.. . 1 , 'S 'C' Basketball Top Row: Coach l-lolrnes, K Watanabe, R. Ozuna, J. Ramlrez, R. Barbosa. Second Row: J. Torres, C. Garcna, T, Tellez, R. Gum verrez, F. Scott. Junior Varsuty Top Row: Coacn Movfola, J Klrby, J. Syles, P Sanchez, H Wagnen, S Freraman, B. Sanchez, P Jones Second Row: F Lopez, P. Peralta, T. Yrata, F. Botldw, G Nf1lfarlf1te,P Alvarado, A Casnllo B Basketball Top Row: E Tanaka, P. Ortega, G Danglels G. Delgado. Second Row: Coach Holmes, T, Rodrlgaez, J Walaen, A. Vlllanaeva, N. Sofelo Third Row: P, Cisneros, G. Lawn, J Gawvan H Yarnaaa, D. Beaales, Varsiry League Scores Gar1Weld 6-4 Woshlngfon 5-3 Garield l-l lelferson O-0 Garfleld I-I0 Roosevell 0-5 Garlield 4-7 ManuelArfs 0-0 Garfield I-A Fremonl O-I Final Southern League Srondings Won Lost Percenf Garlielcl lO O .l000 Washlngron S 2 .800 Fremon? 7 3 700 Manual Arts 6 A .600 Jefferson 3 7 ,300 Roosevelt 0 10 A000 SCDUTHERN LEAGUE CHA Dawa Beadles Donald Well Glenn Danglers R Y 5Umme'5 Emes' Neglele Pew J' 991 ffl 'framer Angel Flguero e Ga n l GVWUVC' 05 L WWW? Gore' 11 3 1 -:if Garfields phenomenal varsiTy baseball ag- gregaTion did iT again. Yes, Tor The second con- secuTive year, Coach Bob Holmes and his horsehide wrecking crew, won The So uTh e r n League Championship, wiTh a perTecT TO-O rec- ord To Their crediT. The league play sTarTed wiTh Garfield Tak- ing an early lead in The loop. AlThough The Bull- dog nine looked good, They were noT yeT cinch- ed Tor The loop crown, as There were oTher Teams who were eager To caTch The gold cup. They will long be remembered for achiev- ing This vicTory, as oTher Teams, in The pasT have done successfully. BaTTing pracTice aT MonTebello Park PICDNS Q? - . :QM g.. . V4 ,WM , fi 4-1 L x ,E ,,..,.v ,. , 34: X' vi f , ,M Coacrr Bob Holmes Coach Bill Thompson VarsiTy Baseball Top Row: J. Macarewrch, Q Summers D. Wall, L. Barche. T BlGSrC9W G Dangle-s P Orrega. T Pobles A Figueroa Second Row: Coach Holmes, D Beacles J, Kramer, E lNegreTe, C, Say edra, J. Ganan. Third Row: L. Rios, C Ferdell, F ScoTT, L Govea "B" Baseball The Soufhern League "Bee Class Cham ions", of The 1953 season wiih a 9-1 record. Top Row: Mgr. W Jew, B, Searle J Kalus'ran, E Querros, C. Cor aova and Coacr' Bill TT'ornDSOn Second Row: K Waranabe P. Samaria A Figueroa A Vos, 9 Gen zales P 3oarrgaez anaJ Wa loon Third Row: C- Macarewrcr E Prgnclr J Casfllo L, Ba'es, L Trre 52, Peral'a A Taloya ana E, Tfznakl N? xl F 'f' Nz! The Varsity Leatherlungers had a very successful season by again capturing the Southern League Crown for the fourth consecutive year, and being the only school in the Southern League as well as in the City who has never been beaten in dual meet competition for the past years, After a torrid race in the City Finals at LJ.C.L,A., the Bulldogs strided to a third while last year City Champs San Fern- ando took a second and surprising Belmont was crowned City Champs for the '52 season. First in the Southern League, fourth in the City Classic and leader of the Vare sity pack was Al 'iChamp" Rivera's outstanding performance record this past season. Competition grew quite heavily when Bert Padilla, Frank Apodaca, Art ul-lorse" Hernandez, Art "Mouse" Ramos and Ruben Martinez got side by side during a varsity race. "Were City Champs!" were the ioyful shouts from the Garfield Tenth Grade squad at LJ.C.L.A. after they were officially proclaimed City Tenth Grade Cham- pions. Having an undefeated season plus a Southern League Championship Crown, the Bulldogs went on to capture the City Tenth Grade Crown which made them the first Garfield team to take the City Cup in their respective division, thus proving a great asset to our varsity in the coming season. Staging some close finishes for the Hrst Hve place honors onthe Tenth Grade Championship Team were Bobby Chavez, Robert Paz, Bobby Almanzan, Paul Mer- chain and Raymond Ruiz. Our J.V.'s, having that great desire to run, struggled to a second place in the Southern League Finals and a Fifth in the City Finals at U.C.L.A. Showing their team desire, they beat Fremont in the City Finals and Fremont was the Southern League school who wiped them out of a Southern League Championship several weeks prior. Most of them are returning with experience which will help them out in the '53 season. produced a City championship team for these first Eve Varsity at the starting line. Confidence and speed were the chief elements that Al "Champ ' Rivera tries to break the record at East Los Tenth Grade Harriers. Angeles Junior College course against Roosevelt. Recalling as well as summarizing the past successful TO6 season are four flyingfeet of the Varsity squad, B. Pa- dilla, A. "Champ" Rivera and their Coach, Ed. Kuntz. Varsity squad men . . . The respect for GARFIELD as one of The top teams in the City Competition has been kept by these Varsity hill and dale runners. Left To right: Row 'l. A Ramos, B, Navarro, B. Padilla, A. Rivera. Row 2. F. Apodoca, R Lachrnan, A Hernandez, P4 Yniquez. lNor picturea- R Martinez, R. Becerril.l Junior Varsity squad . . . Team desire was The success of This years Junior Varsity Track shoe users. Left To right: Row I. M. Aranda, R. Natividad, A. Urquidi, J. Ramirez G. Robles. Row 2, R. Rodriquez, T. Telles, R. Hunt, E. Santa Cruz, R, Ayiles. Cross Country Box Score Garfield .....,.. 22 Washington .. .34 Garfield ........ 28 Jefferson ....., 34 Garfield ......., 2l Roosevelt ,..... 442 Garfield ........ 27 Manuel Arts H28 Garfield ,,,..,.. lf? Fremont ........ 45 Southern League Finals: l. Garfield ......,.. . ,... 46 2. Jefferson ..,.... ...... 6 A 3, Manuel Arts ..... ...,.. 7 9 City Finals: l. Belmont ........... .... 8 2 2. San Fernando .... .,.,,,. I OA 3. Garfield .........,................ lO9 Note: Lowest score wins. U' Entire Tenth Grade Team . . The biggest turn out in The schools history and The first City Championship was this years Tenth Grade successful record. The following Tenth Graders were res onsible for This terrific record. Left To rightr p . Row 'l. R. Gonzales, R. Rodriquez, B. Alrnanzan, R. Paz, B. Chavez, R. Merchain, R. Ruiz, R, Cota. b E. Morales, R. Roariquez, Row 2. .l. Morales, E. Garcia, R. Hernanaez, E. l-lolling, R. Urguicli, W. Gui oa, L, Lopez, R, Salcido, J, Garavito. Showing excellent form as they go over the low hurdles are: Richard Lachman, Ernie Over- holtzer and Manuel Aranda. One win and four losses was This years' Trackmen achievements. Nipping out Washing- ton High in Their first encounter ofthe Southern League dual Track meets, The varsity Bulldogs, coached by Coach Horace Hunt and Coach Edward Kuntz, had a bad day aT The Southern Lea- gue finals and fell down into The Dixie Loop cellar. The varsity was led by a group of boys who ran Their hearts ouT in The meets, even Though The opposition was Terrific as it has always been in The powerful Southern League. As usual The Jefferson Democrats grabbed The Southern League and All-City crowns. Our milers were Richard Cisneros who placed in The Finals and with him was Albert Ri- vera. BoTh of These top milers are seniors. In The 880, Frank Lopez, Frank Apodoca and Bert Padilla ran The grueling Two lapper race. Tommy Telles specialized in The pole vault while Richard Lachman doubled in The high iump, broad jump and high hurdles. Placing more Track men in The finals Than The varsity, The B and C Bulldogs really fought Through Tough competition all The way. Highlighting The B's was Barry Nelson in The 660, Richard Yslas and Claude Fierro in The shot put while Ernie Overholtzer nipped The hurdles. Francisco Blanco and Art Hernandez Teamed up in The 1320 yard run while Armando Escobar pole vaulted. CiTy medal holder, Robert Delgado ran Third in The City 660 in The class C division. Run- ning along with Delgado during The season waz Paul Merchain. Frank Trifiletti showed great form in The pole vault. Manuel and Richard Segura really heaved The iron ball when They stepped into The shot put ring. In The sprinTs we had Norman Malanado a nd Lou i e Tapia while Ernie Morales ran The hurdles and high lumped. inter-squad meet Several of the Bees and Ceels inish closely in Gerald Kessler g ves a mighty heave as the put goes flying through the air 'IO l ,.,4.-L Row 'I. D, Uridio, G. Podillo, A. Aivorez, P. Yniquez, R. Cis, neros, T. Telles, F. Lopez. Row 2. H. Hum, J Korkofb, A. Tru,iIIo, A, Perez, G. Kes- slor, P. Smpiri, D Mac rw- rosh, J. Costiiio, E. Kumz. Row 3. M Lopez, A, Gorcio, R. Warren, R. Lochmon, F, Apodoca, R. Volencio, A Cozores, F. Perez, S Her- nondez Richofc Csneros, Champ Rivera ,C-rv Herrwnnoez and Barry Neisor ent: Il gfoeiirig rose Dwi' 'lfl 'If' VT'I'x 'i"'lVS " V b'Z' ' 'r ii if :, i pf-f f.. gngefffzig 'vow-avi., ? T a I i if ff' 14h m Showing his sho? put form Richard Yslos, while Ricworc uei Romos look on of -H, '7 9,15 ff 1 1 1 1 i n N, P I i Seguro, Clouds Fierro, ond Mom TF f: . ' f i f . . . ...L W -... "Bee" Arrnanao Escobar ss own going over The Lui , T T i- A Y Row 'I. if Yslas, A Escoboi, P Rodri uez A. Poque, T Del-lerrera J, Felix Q Salooo H NS llyng Spell WM T e glullesrof el Cl Row 2, Coach Hum, G, Robles, E. OyerliesTer, Lopez .l Goble-s B Nelson V. Alvarez A Hernan ez, Coach Kunrz. Row 3. Mgr S Hernandfz L Olezsfyj ffinipisi, D Uiqu L ffinwps J, Mcicias E, Holling,F Blanco, Mgr F Perez Cee 4 SQUAD The 'lVlighTy Nlifesu of "Coe" Track This year l3oasTed a 33 win 2 loss record in league compeTiTion, They also Won Their only pracfice meef. The sTandouTs in The "Cee" squad were l?oberT Delgado, Paul Merchain Manuel Ramos and Bobby Paz. These boys ran The "Cee" 660. The Class "Ce-e" also had Tleeffoofed sprinTers in The T80 and TOO yard dashes, David Tapia and Norman Maldonado. In The shoT-puf Freddie Segura and Manuel Ramos were excellenT men in Test of sTrengTh. The mighty Team also had a splendid "monkey climber," Frank TriTileTTi4 Row 1. Row 2. Coach Morrolo, M. Hiller, R. Salazar, C Smrrh, A Sheff, B Toverner P, Ros rein, R. Beager, F2 Welsh Mgr. J. Kirby. G. Nakadofe, J. Checchlni E, Follico, H. Yamada, C Garcia, B. Telceuchr. J. Checchini 0 Y. We G. Nakadate C. Garcia lnspired by lasT year's Third place record, The whiTe- clad Tennis Team was spurred on To Tie wiTh FreemonT Tor league second place. WiTh Three year men, Hank Yamada and Glen Naka- dare, and Two year men, Jim Checchini, Carlos Garcia and Ernie Follico, The Team showed The experience and sporTs- manship developed by hours of Training. H. Yamada E. Follico Top Row. Second Ro Third Row. P. Garcia, D. Castillo, D. Martinez, A Romero, N. Ponfecorvo, A. Rincon, R Alvidrez, R. Barraza, D. Holland, T. Tellez w. Coach Moftola, J. Waroff, V. Ruiz, F Beechler, R. Uharrief, B. Price, M. Gon zalez, A, Gurlierrez, D. Ward, J. Ramirez Mgr. R. Escovedo. A, Escobar, G. Galewick, W. Tierheimer T. Olivarez, M. Sanchez, L. Maxwell, A Kazaroff, C, Brown, A. Romero. Joe Ramirez Lawrence Maxwell Muscle Ripplers ol our School The T953 gymnisTs, oT The end of The seoson, posTed o 2 win 3 loss record which vvos surprisingly good Tor The Tough SouThern Leogue. The sguod vvos hondicopped by lock of experience ond sTrong compeTiTion. The Teom did noT lock The spiriT ond desire, buT The inexperience of Th e juniors ond sophomores coused Them To be overwhelmed by The onxieTy ond Tenseness of ConTesT. They hold 5 rough leogue meeTs. Even Though They losT 3 To The power houses of The Dixie Loop They did Toirly well. The sfrong evenTs were Free Ex vviTh Monuel Son- chez ond Lovvrence Nloxvvell, ond high Bor vviTh Alex Kozoroff ond Gordon Golevvick. The seoson ended vviTh Gorfield in o Tie Tor TourTh ploce. In The leogue Tinols Alex Kozoroff ploced TiTTh on The High Bor, moking him high poinT mon vviTh 27VQ poinTs. Soufhern League Me-eTs Gdrfield Goriield Gorfield Gorfield Gorfield Score 35 V2 84' QOVQ 29' 35 85 7-41 46 3l 89 X1 fy Opporieni VVoshingTon Jefferson RooseveIT Monuol ArTs FremonT si" Tony Olivares Wenzel Tirheimer Alex Kozoroff Manuel Sanchez Abel Gulierrez Armando Escobar Q Tl-e leaders of GAUA aui ra winter SP SYPY of l95fS C3arfield's Amazons Did T On these pages are pictured the Amazons of Garfield High. The Amazons are a legendary group of women who are not only beautiful, but possess great strength. Garfield girls have added to the highlights of our sports and have lived up to the tradition of the Amazonians. Su me GAA Offces H84 'sf' , 2 si 3' ilu E JL.: 7 LJ v f , UxQJFf'3,e Q51 Q. 4 , ,Q if Q? 3 1-A -f 9 ' m I if ff yxsjx- ,., Q 5 K .4 I 4. 3 : I s . ,IL ,, Q, N I , . '. L" X31 u I True Heart Row Row Row Row Row Row Drill Team and Bond A demonstratwon by rlwe drrll Tecum ar Easr Los Angeles Jonwor College V Mlxclrlo N Row 1. P M ,avi Y C3s'vc" M 'IW-.I . Moreno B P plen D Sam ln-s M EllZOVfGS. Row 2. E Ballesreros, S Tapla, M Almanza A Regolodo, B Monrez, B. Rocha, S Beach, J Anronofl, A. Orfego. Row 3. G. l-lelser, L Ramirez, M Busmrnanve P Cruz, A. Athervorx, M, Rosales, E Arellano, Y- Compbell, G Marvmez an 'L Y W. 1 KY Girls' Alhelelic Associcllion Bernrml M Mvuez, EV Rarnlrez A Maw, S Fwgoeroa, M Rlos, R Romero, K Natrcllc, D. Rosales, M. Franco, B. Rauz, C14 Jrrcqo Fosler, F Dll,1Z,S Befml' J Antonoll, B. Roflwa D- Melizer B Al Mon1ezA vas, E Valervclo J Tlrwornas, L. Arambulo, B Manranl, G. Brown, A Regala B Slnrlcy, M Urns lx,'lf1nclarar1o,F Marflnez L Sanpl'ez,l Apsel, A Joy F AAOHYAH' ll nor T lelro M Young, C Dovallna, Y Plneda G Slralwon A C, :rr 1 I , loel , El fzs N Bllzngm- A Run el G Ortecon,F Sancrez, Y Ciaroa, C1 Gallllrer, R Sflrwarrez, J Ga nor, A. Dovallna V Go 9 J Y M Marlin, M D. Osrrom M E Rarnlrez, M R Esplnozzm, E. Ranmrez M Elrzarraras, E Mrller, D Sanclvez A Ovega, D long, L Pnclweco, L Ralz, D Warren, B Prpken, ri Mlm r Rosrrles E Arellano, N. Pererson C Reaerson, C Kovner E Froarn C Agarlar, R Qolnfan lla R Oaa, N Srnozakr oas M Cusadas A- Lrnaell R Rerez, E Onfwveros M Scoalre l Bosfornonre, E. Volencra E Casnllo, M Cabmo, C H,af M Evrms, L. Gorca, R Clrwez, L Ramlrez, A Gwrerrez H. Olwarew, T Moreno Y Morrzles M Dlaz, E Acosrfm T Rnrnlrez J Dallon L Ferrrner Mrs Burklvarr L Urrlie M Delgrrrio, L. Renle-r'f1, D Alalorre, B Bokovflr, R Herrera l Monlenegro l Frgeroa M Ruloro, B Rorrrrawz Dovnrngaez, S- Arrngc, M Lopez, L, Moreno M Caswo M Bas?amenTs,J lopez V Vega, D. San German, B Vlllagron Mrs. Helser, Mlss Goncly, E. Vasquez, C. Garcro, E. Nunez, B, Long, C. Tokavvo, H Slwoozokr, J. Take-ucrr, B Danlell, R, Mlyano, S Manasran Casrlllo, O. Clark, S. Garren C Gon zaIes,.l Boclrlofl R. Juarez, M, Zozaya, A Sarvo Marrfz, C. Valenzoela T Rangel, N, Rebeles, J Garcra R. Rme 'iz . Apsel, H. Lopez, Mrss Qokesrrow, ore Cl few of 'hose roof Yoke porr mn school soorrs Back: Mono Gondoro, Mory Ruuz. Front: Esther Rubolcobo, Delfxno Orruz. Strong Arm Drill Team These gurls represent me core of Gorfield school spiriv. New precisron morchmg hos brought 'hem Cnfyvwude fomo. v. Prorn, Senior Picnic, ond Coming OUT Doy were memorable events recczlled os SEMESTER HIGHLIGHTS XZ llf0g-T579 'lei . n . 418 x , , Here you see Sfan Kubo, Jimmy Campbell, Mr. Quinn, Manuel Gutierrez and Archie Avilas, giving a crifical, lou? approxing look ai your Campus engravings, with Jack Cannicorr. LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY Easi Pico Boulevard Richmond 5186 Write JACK CANNICOTT, Mgr,, Yearbook Division Engravers of l953 Garfield Campus Los Angeles 15, California X eb. 4. Q 5 Sam School Outfitters Sporting Goods Equipment of Champions CUSTOM MADE JACKETS LETTERMEN'S 1027-29-31 S. Broadway Place Prospect 8-333 Los Angeles 15, The 1953 Campus Staff wishes to extend to Anthony Loya for his photography and co-operation. To Jack Cannicott tor his guidance and fine Engraving and Print- ing. THANKS to all of our advertisers who helped to make this book a success. Rowan fredii Jewelers DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Jil L EOR THAT CERTAIN SOMEONE Easy C edt Ploh 4840 whime B d AN9elvS 0 939 SEAUTV LOUNGE Art stry n Beauty AL FISHER Open Thurs 8- Fr Even ngs 954 S Atlantic Blvd 3656 E 1st Street ANgelus1 9217 Closed Mondays o 7 4 . 1 X y L Li ll. LiL' CH" C'C.f K , r i . ' ' r lv . ' i i ' . 1, i . ' - , Manager l D I I ' h' K A , Q- . , . -1. . I t if A., ,'., 110, , :,la.',Q-a ,-.' V ' J' . ANTHGIXIY LOWX YOUR FRIENDLY PHOTOGRAPHER 5175 Whuther Blvd ANgelus 5 003 IU.-rfr.11.f.4 1-7.-r Ltvwfff -,Insular MN!! :'Jd"H.!f, RIFKIN S SHOES FECITUVIDQ Jarman shoes for men Poll Parrot shoes for chrldren ANgelus 5 903 4728 Wh Parlc Auto Bake Auto Painting Factory Baked Enamel I a y y to a Ca 318 S Woods ANgelus 3 1909 JAY S MEN S SHOP Special discounts for Graduation suits EA 'ther Bivd SY CREDIT TERMS 4818 Whittier Blvd ANgelus 3 2891 GULICK MORTUARY 4997 Whittier Blvd ANgelus 1 2464 TQNY 5 BICYLE 5H0p LILLIAN ALLEN ouucic DARRELL WARD udWd et 112 Atlantic Blvd ANgelus 3 0712 PEOPLE S CASH MARKET 44315 Union Pacific ANgelus 9 1386 HARVEY BELL MENS SHOP SMART CLOTHES FOR MEN 8. BOYS 5172 Whittier Blvd ANgelus 1 7335 Best Wishes 81 Congratulations URICH NELSON MOTOR CO Sales ond Service Dealer for East Los Angeles 3640 E First Street ANgelus 6341 7 Ma rcantonlo Tailoring Atlantic Blvd ANgelu s 0020 GEORGE'S CHILI DOGS HOT PASTRAMI SANDWICHES HAMBURGERS CHEESEBURGERS TACOS Johnny Plskul S'44 501 S Atlantic 4100 Whittier Blvd ANgelus 5632 ANgelus 3 7433 I 1 I I We'I p int an thing from o Crosle dillac. I New and rebuilt bicycle Brazing n el ing Exp r Repairing 3 . . . I 32 S. ' . 3- . .4 ,Q -H I -I up ' r ,IP It I .- ...P .Aft .'. 4 01.41" ' CUSTOM BUILT AUTOMOTIVE Custom Seat Covers Plamng Duals Installed Featurtrtg the Gnest no Custom Made and Tatlor Made Clothmg Sports Wear and Shoes Complete Tu edo Rental Ser ace o do payments Up to sux months to pay I0 d scount to all Ga Feld Stude 4555 E 33rd Street ANgelus 91994 Murpmy Bums MURPHYS SPORTING GOODS Team Outfutters ANgelus 9 7361 4958 Whlttler Blvd 201 South Broadway MAd'50n 2020 MUN 81 MIN MEAT CO WHOLESALE MEATS Dellclous Hamburgers 256 Sartdvvtcltes C tu e Best Restaurant and Hotel Provusuons 736 Atlantic Blvd East Los Angeles ANgelus 3 9740 ANgelus 9 9725 ANgelus 9 6266 4030 Whlttler Blvd HELMICKS FIRESTONE llgnkilillgfiltilh Stcztmners Tlres Retreadlng Brake Servtce P otocopf 909V D VW Home and Auto Supplies Gum Smwp ng SOC , 5 B SWSS EASY TERMS Dupl car na Suppl es S'a'or1 f Your Safety ls Our Busmess 5050 Vvhnher Blvd ANgelus 6728 913 S Atlantic Blvd ANgelus I 3991 - LL - vv t 1 ' x v' . 'N wn -- ' l ' ' , i r l nts. O 1 ' ...lw'l'...Ttt 9, D I Y 't - Mmm cm r-t Q Whittier-Atlantic Bowling Center, Inc. Sugar Bowl C0l1feC'l'l0l1el'S 20 BOWLING ALLEYS Bowling every night, Leogue gcrnes. 5114 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 1-7309 5158 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 1-1171 PETER SALES DRUGS Prescriptions coretully compounded by REGISTERED PEiAR1vix-xcist SPORTSWEAR 3868 Brooklyn Avenue ANgelus 9-8875 4776 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 2-1002 Bum! AUTO SALES "MSE" - FRAZER PAVO REAL CAFE JOHNNIE DUCA Your Friendly Cm Decler FAMOUS FOR lT'S SPANISH FOOD 5216 E. Olympic Blvd, ANgelus 2-5177 Mr. 8 Mrs. Ortegon 3419 E. Slouson RENT-A-TUX SHUCART Stationery 84 Printing Co. Forrnol vveor Weddings . . , Dinners . , . Donces ES,Obi,5,wed 1926 746 S. Atlantic Appointment Phone ANge'us 9-6441 Topaz 2--.489 4701 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 2-1191 C' ARES' 8 600k NH' Men s mop NOW' BUCJQST GWGVQ8 Accounf Orugunotors of The Famous Lounge Wundsor cmd Rugby 4962 Whither Blvd ANgelus 2 5284 Conwplefe stock of ouTomo1nve ports ond occessones for possenger cors Trucks ond oll Mwlutczry Vehicles THE MEZORIS Henry Pudy Eugene ond ANgelus 2 2131 Emelnne Mezonu Dowson 4385 E Olympic Blvd Q 1 gtg, , . iff ..,. i - , . 1 1 - 1 1 WILLIS A Rn-TER Harry Worth Style House Used CWS C101116ST1WC1?OVG dvfferem AUTOMOBILES WNSUFQANCE olvvclys Cl lnTTIe urwderpruced Four' vwovwflw To pay No down payment 344 S. Atlantic Blvd. ANgeIus 9-1121 ANgelus 2-0132 4936 Whitiier Blvd BROOKLYN and FORD MARKET CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF hz! Klum ANgelus 2-1603 THE SPORTSMHN Hunting 81 Fishing Supplies Athletic Equipment Teorn Outfitters 633 S. Atlantic Blvd. ANgelus 'I-4333 Parking in Rear WESSEL'S APPAREL SHOP 4778 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 'I-5373 ,i U T . l Qlllcllcicllc' XIJACA' gfllclle' 3658 E. First St. ANgelus 3-3936 HENRY'S DRY GOODS and SHOES 4512 Brooklyn Avenue Res. ANgelus 2-0857 ANgelus 3-2344 BODY 8, FENDER WORKS Mufflers lnstollecl -Sproy Booth Pointing Frome ond Wheel Stroightenecl 84 Alignment John M. Vidinoff 4936 E. Olympic Blvd. For the cor of The future see your FRIENDLY FORD DEALER FRA K CARR0ll Trucks and Passenger Cars ANgeIus 0101 705 Atlantic YOUR FRIENDLY RIQHFIELD SERVICE A 81 B SERVICE STATION 5201 Beverly Blvd. ANgelus 1,9147 CONGRATULATIONS YOUR '53 CAMPUS COVER Wos once ogoin produced by THE S. Ii. SMITH IIIQI. Dedicoted to Quality Cover Making 5260 W. 104 St. Pedrick Heot Shaped Piston Rings JOHNSON AUTO SUPPLY Motor Rebuilding Automotnve Ports, Tools ond Supplies Distributors of Toledo Steel Products 739 S. Atlantic ANgelus 5114 RECORD RACK Classical and Popular Recordings SHEET MUSIC 5162 V2 Whittier Blvd. ATLANTIC SALES 8. SERVICE Service TV, Tune-up, Brakes, Alignment Phones: AN 3-1263 - AN 9-6926 1414 S. Atlantic Blvd. GOLDEN GATE PHARMACY Prince Motchobelli, Perfumes Colognes 5188 Whittier Blvd. Corner of Atlantic l. C' 0ll0R6' HIGHEST IN STYLE 8 QUALITY LOWEST IN PRICE Sux monTI'1s To pay Men s and Ladles suns and slacks made to your measurements Special discount to any boy or gurl showing credenhals of school 2805 9 Whither Blvd ANgelus 2 2460

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