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sr - leated to GarfieldiadS rfow Fighting An ' iig Nations t A Lfttle did a large number of Garfield ' s boys realize last year when running down the field for a touchdown, working hard for clean campus points, and studying for final exams, that at the same time this year they would be fighting for their lives and their countries, moving inch by inch across the Korean battleground. In honor of these boys, Garfield High School wishes to dedicate this annual of 1951. We want it to be a token of our appreciation, and wc extend with it the wish that our former students may return home unharmed mentally and physically. Within the buildings of Garfield High School, students of many nationalities are working and playing together side by side. Here we have the United Nations organization in miniature. Black, white, and yellow races, all under one roof, are striving for one goal; that of com- panionship, understanding and brotherhood, trying to erase any feeling of partiality or intolerance. The theme of our 1951 " Crimson and Blue " symbolizes this theory of equality among men. In later years we shall look back at this book full of treasured memories, hoping that during these years we have lived this theory of equality day by day. C C € m A Thought for the Year " The United Nations — our best hope, " says the great American scientist, James A. Millikan. Most thinking people agree with Dr. MilHkan, and many of them arc asking, " How can we help? " The United Nations was called upon to undergo a very serious test, the Korean incident, even before it was fully formed. Designed to " keep the peace " , it had never had an opportimity to do this — because no peaci: treaties have been written for Japan or Germany as yet. We must not be undul disturbed at criticism against the United Nations on the grounds that it is not able to cope w ith the present world crisis. Following the Revolutionary War. our own Articles of Confederation were found to be weak and insuffu icnt - they were changed! The UN Charter is flexible and can be modified until it becomes an eflectivt- instrument for maintaining the peace of the world. We must remember, too, that the United Nations will be only as stiong as we, the peace lovmg people here, in Kuropti, Asia, South America, and r.l.scwhere, make it. It takes the United Nations and You to make it successful. D. Raymond Brothers, Princip al ¥ Our leaders who strive towards peace . m. Mr. Robert H. Rcinhard Boys ' Vice-Principal Miss Morgaretto Stevenson Girls ' Vice-Principal Mr. W. L. Overman Coordinator Mrs. Hazel Turner Counselor I • € ■ ▲» Vf tllS Martha Feutz, Katherine Gillmor, Leo Goodman. Fronkte May Herman, Maud A. Mallory, George Ott. Lloyd W. Rasmussen, Maxine Russell, E. T. Williams, Ruth Winslow. Not Pictured: Mrs. Howard M Are those whom ive follow H tME ECfNtMICS Beuloh Alexander, Dolores Allen, Virginia Copps, Helen F. Compton. Alberta Higbey, Margoret Sharp, Morjorie Thomas, Bernice O. Young. tl b Almeda L. Breele, Gordon Fine, George Nye jr., Katherine Petremont. I CliUCl Douglos Adams, Smith W. Ames, Virgil H. fl Best, James R. Heusdens. Floy M. Horning, Marie Krueger, W. 8 Mathews, Ralph Matthews, Wm. C. O ' Donnell, Esther Slong, Henry R. Thompson, Merrill E. Tower. yiTN Dave Benioff, Delpho Bunker, George P. Diehl. Glenna Fleck, Bernard Friedman. Charlotte Lombert, Mork Lehmer. f NTS.Eli Grace Ames Heiser, Selmo Mesloh. Marguerite A. Millier, Dorothy Rokestraw, Dorothy Risheberger. Chester N. Cosh, Thomos Cotlett, J. C, Coto, George W, Earl, L. E Gingery, Ernest W Leeper. Wtlliom H. Lewis, D. E. Miller, Paul Smyser, A. W. Swan. Lester L Wasserburger, Roy Whitley. lyilSTKIUiCTS And jvork mtb each day. IIIC Ethel G. Ingolls, C. T. Jennings. Burdette Krtenke, Aoron Rosenzwelg. I f I H i S M. Glodys Andrews, Earl A, Esser, Stanley Haos. William M. McKenna, Ruth A, Norgord, George F. Sawyer, Beatrice Till, Helen Warren, Glenno Wright. Ttn E L I S Ado Aslels, Marjone Gillin, Florence Jeisee, Idabel Jordan, Lillie Kunkel. Glodys MocDowell, Mourine Moier, Joseph E. Moron, Mildred C. Moyse, Albert O. Olenius. Louro Peery, Jane C. Smith, Elvero Stamper, Jos. V. Voorhces, Ruth T. Wallace. Zello P. Young. ttTs Phts.Ei Liutiui Marcos de Leon, Bernard Kess, Solomon Sherman. Bob Holmes, H. L. Hunt. Ed Kuniz, Vince Moltolo, Bill Thompson. u B Senior Aye Cabinet First Row: Mrs. Alexander, Harriette Apsel, Berta Rodriguez, Donna Miles, Peggy McCollom, Helen Manookian, Mory Fink, Jackie Sinclair, Dee Marcio Hicks. Second Row: Henry Mondoca, Bill Minasian, Ray Guzman, Ernest Gekas, Roque Torrea, Bob Lowery, Don Compton. Graduating Class Winter of ' 51 First Row: Berto Rodriguez, Helen Manookian, Virginia Martinez, Peggy McCollom, Rachel Ortegon, Jackie Sinclair, Dionno Young, Mrs. Alexander. Second Row: Bill Minasian, Ray Guzman, Don Narike, Rogue Torrea, Ann Sargent. Senior Bee Cabinet .,jilf».dit)tKaS .-VMb V AUGUSTINE ABKAHAMIAN MARIA AGUILAR ANGELINA AMBROFF In the years to come these seniors may someday . . . LOUIE AKOBOfF SHIRLEY BISSETT GLORIA ALMEIDA ARTHUR ALVAREZ LAWRENCE ALVAREZ r © EVELYN ANORICH JUANA ANGELL 0i RAUL BARELA fJiAftr BELMONTEZ HARRIEHE AP5EL MARCELLA AVAKIAN V ILFREO BANKE f ' i JEAN SEAPIN BENNETT ALICE BETANCOUHT ANNA BEZAK L EVA BOWMAN ELEANOR CALDEHON MARY LOU CARDENAS JOE CASTANON GERALDINE CASTRO ROMAN CASTRO RUDY CEDILLO ■UBEN CHAVEZ RICHARD CHRISTENSEN DON COMPTON AUGUST COMTE CARMEN CRUZ MARTHA DAVILA GEORGE OERETfCH HILARIO DIAZ: HARRY CLARK CONCHITA CRUZ .l, ELVIRA DOMIN6DEZ ROBERT FIORES OSBALDO FRESCAS ALICE HERRERA DEE MARCIA HICKS JANE HOLGUIN BILL JACABO ESPERANZA JACABO mkmk GILBERT JARAMILLO CARLOS JOHNSON GERALD JONES RICHARD EEFE HELEN KOCHARIAN ANTON KRETZU ELAINE LALAIAN TOMMY LAZALDE i OLIVIA LONGORIA BOB LOWEBY GUADALUPE LOYA ' Sucker Day " Accentuated with Plaid Shirts and Blouses HORTENCIA LOYA ■1 Id mm ROBERT MACIAS PETE MADRID g| -1 ,.--. K W iPk % M % HELEN MANOOKIAN NANCY MARTIN CONSUEIO MACIAS RICHARD MAGDELINO FELICITAS MARTINEZ RAYMOND MARTINEZ VIRGINIA MARTINEZ MARY LOU MARTINEZ V I ' k HENRY MAZZOTTE " n ;a: U J3 " J, ,, Senior " Socks and Kibbons Big Success PEGGY McCOLlOAA JUNE McDANIEL BERTHA MEDINA MARY MENA LEO MERCADO DONNA MILES 1 r VERNA MILLER DANNY MILLS RAYMOND MILLS BILL MINASIAN HENRY MONDACA CHARLES MONTOYA •i — LORETTA MUCCI HELEN MUNOZ DONALD NABIKE IRENE NAVARRO SEVERING NEGRETTE BEATRICE O ' BALLES GRACE OHANESIAN IRENE ORTEGA LORENZO ORTEGA fRANCES PALMA DORIS PALMER GRACE PALOMINO ROBERT RANGEL SALLY REGALADO ® O ft ,i BERTA RODRIGUEZ MARTHA RODRIGUEZ HOSIE M. RODRIGUEZ V 1 4 RACHEL ORTEGON ARMANDO ORTIZ RALPH PAOILLA ' .1 CARMEN PARADA MARY PEREZ HAHIE LUE POTTS RICHARD RENTEfilA | B K ' ' " RICHARDSON GLORIA RIVERA MANUEL ROBLEDO .; ROSIE P. RODRIGUEZ LUPE ROSALES ERNIE ROUGNY f e s STEVE SACHER JOHN J. SANCHEZ ANN SARGENT RICHARD SIFUENTES JACK SINCLAIR JACKIE SINCIAIH OONAID SMABY SEVERO SOI A RIO BERTA STEVENS VERNON SUESS EVELYN TAYLOR ROOUE TOBHEA BEATRICE TORRES EMILY TORRES JIMMY UHANGA JACK VALOFF MARY VARGAS SOCORRO VASQUEZ CHARLES VINCENT CHARLES WALLIN GENE WOODS DIANNA YOUNG ROSALIE YOUNG TOMMY YRIGOLLEN ROSIE ZAPIEN NOT PICTURED: Don Jensen, Efren Lopez, Richard Negrete, Richard Ramos, Tony Rivas, Bob Ruhland, Phil Sein, Joe Siciliano, Ronnie Sloane, Alfred Valencia, David Yon. The Fabulous Senior Coming Out Day — " Show Boat Senior Bee Cabinet First Row; C. Estroda, M. Bejarano. V. Carnevoli, F. Guerra, N. Yriarte, N. Fregoso, L. Cowthon, S. Spill- man, R. Ibbs, B. Foley, V. Diaz, S. McKinney, E. Rojo, Mr. Rosmussen. Second Row: T. Tanaka, T. Ramirez, H. Kelso, D. Gonzales, H. Jones, E. Solozar, J. Riboccht, J, Ramirez, L. Chavez. Graduating Class of Summer ' 51 First Row: M. Moore, B. Pontes, M. Cervontes, R. Moss, K. Roberts, L. Valdez, T. Tinojero, G. Carrosco, A. Blythe, N. Yriarte, S. Bohtgion, G. Ashdown, L. Viero, Mr. Rosmussen. Second Row: R. Nunez, J. Rodriguez, J. Chavez, R. Ortega, W. Fierro, D. Guerrero, M. Guerrero, B. Hortunlon, T. Peno, J. Holmes. Senior Aye Cabinet BOB ARElLANES RICHARD AREUANO ROSE MARIE A2PEITIA Lead in setth ng future world problems. MAGDALENA 8EJARANO ANNA MARIE ANORADA CHARLIE APODACA MANUEl APODACA AtLEN ASBURY GAIL ASHDOWN BETTY AVALA GAVINA BALLESTERQ5 ZITA BALOWITZ BEVERiY BARNARD F it RACHEL 8ENAVIDES RICHARD BERGMAN KATHERINE BILOTTI AUDREY BIYTHE SANDRA BOHIGIAN DALE 800T0W © i BARBARA BHEENE ■A RUDY CAMPA WILLIAM BROWN NELDA CAMPBELL MARGARET BUJANDA ANDREW CACCIATORI RALPH CACHO DAVfD CAMPA The senior party looked like an Easter parade when the seniors arrived in their " nnnsual " chapeanx. lA RUE CAWTHON ' ' ' CEBAL105 MARY CEBALIOS Senior luncheons give the seniors a chance to get better acquainted with teachers. SANTOS DELGADIILO ALMA DE MIRANDA Having refreshments in the Polar Room at the Senior Prom were a popular foursome. RUDOLPH DICKINSON filCHARD DIXON RICHARD DORADO JACK DOXEY jOe ESPINOZA EllAS ESQUIVEl BILL EVDOKIMOFF MARIENE EWART MARIE FARREN VIRGINIA DIAZ EMIllA ESPARZA WILLIE FIERRO BAfiBAfiA FLEMING ESEQUIEL FLORES MARY FLORES BARBARA FOLEY BARBARA PONTES © © ElVIRA FfiEGOSO NATALIA fREGOSO EMIIIA GALAVtZ NAOWI GALINDO EVA GALLAfiOO KENNETH GAIVAN BUBEN GAM60A JOSEPH GIOVINETTI r " W ' ii ALFRED GARCIA WALtY GORDON CARMEN GUERRA ANGELINA GARCIA AUGUSTINA GARCIA JOHN GARCIA SALVADOR GARCIA skmM DANIEL GONZALES EISIE MARIE GONZALES MANUEL GONZALES MARY HELEN GONZALES A traditional affair at all proms is the Grand March. 1 NANCY HAIAPOFF DI ' flE HAMMOND JACQUELINE HANLEY MARILYN HARRISON BEN HARTUNIAN I BARBARA HAUOUITZ JENNIE HEREDIA Everyone was busy reading the senior edition of the Log. ' ' JOE HERNANDEZ MARIA HERNANDEZ :f Mrs. Alexander ' s second period senior prob- lems class was 100% in " Log " subscriptions. VADA HEfiOlD EMMA HOLGUIN BUNJI HAVATA .i . OANIEl HERNANDEZ YOIANDA HERNANDEZ JAMES MUGGINS MARILYN HUISHOFF VERN HUN5AKER GENEVIEVE HUfiTADO 4 " NORMA IBERRI ELVIRA JACOUEZ ARLENE JAIME - CHARLES JANEWAY EVEIYN JENKINS MANUEL JIMENEZ RUBY JORDAN GENEVEIVE JUAREZ DOROTHY KASHERGEN The senior luncheon is one of the activities to which the seniors look forward. DAVID KESSLOff lOLET KIRAMIDJIAN PHYLLIS KIRBY LEONARD KNIGHT CAROLYN KREUTZER MARY ANN lA PAGLIA k . I r. tl k RAUl LEMOS ROBERT LEBMA LILLIAN IIDYOFF RALPH IIMON ALICE LOPEZ f ©.f In M lEONOR LOPEZ BETTY LUEDTKA JOAN LUEDTKE ne sRl%ttiSES «:f.tu . ' . ' ' !SS ' : . EDWAfiD MAUANIAN LUCY MARTINEZ MARTHA MeCARVER vs JOAN MAIONEY RAYMOND MARMOIEJO DAVID MARQUEZ DOROTHY MARTIN DE MARTINEZ MARIA MARTINEZ DORIS MATHERLY FUSAKO MATSUMOTO DEE DEE MAXWELL HOWARD MAYER KARoi McClelland T. C. McCULLUM The lawn was dotted with new senior sweaters. SALLY McKINNEY ERNEST MENDOZA During noon, the senior sweaters brightened the campus. WILLIAM MENDOZA gi ENRIQUETA MIJASES PATRICIA MILLER EDWARD MONROY MYRNA MOORE CM WILLIAM MUELLER DAVID MUNOZ CHRISTINE MORALES H ANITA NAfF f , DANIEL MORALES GLORIA NANEZ The Coming Out day featuring these students was a great success. i MATILDE MOLINA DOLORES MONROY ©0 AIMA MORENO ROSELIE MOSS MANUEL NEGRETE PAT NEGRETE I JULIA NESSE BETTY OKAMOTO HELEN OLIVAS w m I ) A ' : " v SYIVIA OPPENHEIM RUBEN ORTEGA ROBERT OSUNA lEONA OVEfitEY ESTHER OVERTURF NELDA PADILIA r m PAULA PAINTER DOROTHY PATAPOFF JOSEPHINE PAZ I RQY PEOERSON MARION PEERSON ANTONIO PENA Dorothy Patapoff chatting with the senior class president, Kenneth Roberts. TONY PENA WAXINE PORGES BELEN PRECIAOO FRANK PYBUfiN CARMEN OUEMADA ' IRGINIA QUIJAOA The highlight of the senior Coming Out day was the can can. ElOISA fiEYES JOSEPHINE REYES COIORES REZA JIM RIBACCHI KL GERTIE RICKETSON EUNICE ROBERTS KENNETH ROBERTS I MARY RICHARDS PHYLtIS RICHARDSON t STELLA fiOCCO JOE RODRIGUEZ JUAN RODRIGUEZ jmmM IILIY RODRIGUEZ ROBERT RODRIGUEZ VICTOR RODRIGUEZ VIOLA RODRIGUEZ ARMANDO ROJAS EDWARD ROJO ROBERT SAtCrDO ELOISA SANCHEZ DAVID SELCER HENRY SERRANO DIANA SHtOHAMA DEHA 5MIR01AN LORRAINE SIIVAS DOLLENE SIMPSON BARBARA SLEDGE SHIRLEY SPILLMAN Senior Coming Out day was filled with talent. % At » NADINE STONE BEN TALBERT TOMMT TANAKA HELEN THE0FI105 1: 1 - EDWARD THOMAS AURORA IIJERINA 1 . WkJ Km !L J 1 TERESA TINAJERO SALVADOfl TRASLAVINA NORWA TURCO BENNY VAIADEZ RUBEN VALADEZ • . LORRAINE VALDEZ RICHARD VALENZUELA VEllA VALLEJO ' Sucker Day was a day enjoyed by all seniors. MARY VASQUEZ HERBERT VELASCO VIRGINIA VELASQUEZ _ ADBIENNE WONG YUTAKA YAMASAKI NORMA YRIARTE REY YSAIS ELEANOR ZAPATA NOT PICTURED: Wallace Burress, Salvatore Gal- luzzo. Bill Johnson, Ronald Mor- rison, Bernard Perez. Thirty-seven Ephebians American Legion Award Winners Harriette Apsel Donald Narike Winter, 1951 Harriette Apsel Dee Marcio Hicks Peggy McCollom Raymond Martinez Donald Narike Thirty-nine fcr ' " " py- f 5 KVlrilr ' B 12 First Row; M. Zabalo, E. Shubin, S. Vefdugo, J. Besset, L. Klugh, M. Torres, R. Zobala, E. Caste- llanos. Second Row: M. Aloyion, I. Joramillo, D. Kobzer, A. Gregoroff, B. Holupoff, M. Law- horn, D. Ramos. Third Row: R. Arrington, A. Sesonto, J. Peterson, R. Romo, G. Acosta, T. Goiton. Fourth Row: H. Garcia, M. Negrete, S. Land, R. Valdez, R. Apodaca, R. Lorenzana. B 12 First Row: L. Camorilio, S. Fronco, B. Martinez, A. Lightfoot, E. Medina, N. Solano, M. Medrono, G. Valencia. Second Row: B. Martinez, M. Mc- Corver, B. Bustomante, J. Jerome, H. Ruiz, M. Ewort, V. Klubnikin, B. La Hoye. Third Row: D. Ayola, D. Bluntoch, S. Ciror, R. Adoms, C. Ohonesian, D. Trommell, R. Nunez, G. Herrero, K. Chitjian. Fourth Row: V. Gage, E. Dominguez, R. Saenz, M. Chernekoff, O. Beckmon, J. Rongel, R. Wells, F. Troncoso. B 12 First Row: H. Wilson, R. Simonian, I. Kongo s, P. McMullen, B. Sc holes, N. Swonson. Second Row: J. Gonzales, M, Golvon, C. Shelley, I. Murphy, W. Munoz, E. Pizzo, P. Montoya. Third Row: R. Zoyas, F. Canaan, R. Montes, L, Mar- tinez, J. Fife, D. Garcio. Fourth Row; T. Schoefer, D Cojak. h ft X-tlLO B 12 First Row: R. Zeller, M. Pampo, L. Hallenbeck, B. Martinez, M. Pearson, L. Parff, S. Sanchez. Second Row: J. Padilla, C. Ceballos, N. Litwak, W. Jurado, R. Valdez. Third Row: C. Fritz, A. Leonard. D. White, A. Volkov, J. Gerakos, R. Terry, A. Padilla. B 12 First Row: G. Wilson, D. Gomez, R. Ramos, J. Lerma, R. Castanon, R. Arguello. Second Row: P. Soto, M. Escondon, M. Jacobs, M. Norton, S. Alvarez, L. Garcia. Third Row: J. Tolstoy, A. Vasquez, R. Uronga, M. Kelly, R. Porras, D. Ayala. B 12 First Row: J. De La Pena, N. Sanchez, C. Salcido, A. Range I, S. Rodriguez, I. M artinet. Second Row: C. Cervantes, J. Brown, T. Valadez, J. Jerome, T. Volodez, E. Valle, M. L. Garcia. Third Row: A. Salazar, D. Elisorra, V. Santos, M. Vines, B. Pierce, T. Tomey, A. Mercado, R. Ortiz. Forty-three B 12 First Row: L. Torres, M. Garcia, R. M. Gutierrez, G. Lord. Second Row: D, Nunez, P. Medina, R. Leon, R. Ruon, S. Sanchez. Third Row: 0. Del- gado, F. Hernandez, A. Volkov, L. Corrales. B 12 First Row: B. Kimuro, H. Lozono, E. Calirera, C. Royo, A. Gomez, E. Vrozoff, S. Chitjian. Second Row: R. Martinez, H. Rojas, W. Manzo, K. Mukai, R. Plan, G. Barba. Third Row: G. Ferrales, M. Corello, A. Fregoso, G. Corrillo, R. Garcia, A. Garcia. A 11 First Row: C Agueros, P. Soto, E. Renterio, J. Mondujano, M. Contreras. Second Row; A. Leon, E. Ghiotti, K. Vickonoff, M. Sotomayor, R. Her- nandez, F, Flores. Third Row: C. Garcia, E. Leyva, B. McKnighl, R. Golvcn, J Allemand, M. Nishimoto. Forty-four A 11 First Row: M. Pallanes, M. Mendoza, H. Rodri- guez, F. Passarelli, M. Hernandez. Second Row: T. J. Brown, A. Martin, L. Zaitzeff, E. Tofoya, D. Mesa, F. Almonza. Third Row: R. Word, J. Roque, F. Morales, R. Mocios, M. Glenn, R. Robles. A 11 Firsl Row: M. Voierio, G. Viromontes, H. Ta- varez, J. Bedoy, G. Baca, A. Aivorodo, J. Do- minguez, S. Jacques. Second Row: D. Lopez, B. Podillo, G. Ferrer, M. Avedisian, C. Cain, G. Martin, I. Gonzalez, M. Perez, R. Munoz, G. Higuera. Third Row: G. Uliborri, J. De SImone, I. Middaugh, A. Camocho, J. Compa, B. Gutie- rrez, E. De Leon, F. Oe La Rosa. Foity-fivr A 11 First Row: R. Gonzales, D. Blair, D. Marean, A. Stanley, E. Gootsan, C. Rodriguez, D. Valencia. Second Row: J. Garcia, E. Sepulvedo, N. Ham- ilton, K. Hoffman, R. Baca, A. Arroyo, D. Wohl. Third Row: C. Cabrera, C. Carrillo, E. Albertson, B. Scott, J. Buckroff, D. Dongleis, B. Robles, R. Mendivit. R. Earle. A 11 First Row: R. Garcia, A. Holguin, M. L. Quemado, P. Ramirez, L. Guevara, M. Gabaldon, A. Vas quez, M. Osaki, T. Acevedo. Second Row; R Bonnett, J. Anderson, D. Allen, P. Warnock, J Telling, C. Ortiz, I. Carlin, J. Cuba, S. Trotter, H. McCovey. Third Row: R. Ceniceroz, R. Rey nolds, O. Addeman, R. Roberts, M. Puig, W Martin, A. Hazan, R. Cano, F. Young. A 11 First Row: R, Galindo, M. Cote, A. Lightfoot, M. James, A. Amador, A. Seely, E. Avilez, A. Rami- rez. Second Row: L. Dunn, G. O ' Rielly, D. Poppas, B. Hardy, N. Johnson, I. Hansen, B. Conway. Third Row: F. Telles, E. Olivores, F. Rio!, R. Rodriguez, E. Diaz. Fourth Row: H, Tirre, T. Luna, B. Garcia, J. Gonzales, S. lalaion, P. Pederson. Forty-six A 11 First Row: Y. Pelayo, A. 2a lion, I. Vasquez, G. Wisniewski, A. Giova, G. Paling, M Orshoff, I. Arando. Second Row: R, Lorenzo no, R. Still man, R. Fregoso, E. Golbroith, J. Weigmon, R. Zamar- ripa. Third Row: R. Campos, B. Abeyto, A. Kozarian, J. Murchison, K. Barnes, G. Munoz. Fourth Row: D. Cujak, R. Ortiz, R. Gunther, M. Bendovid, J. Brown, E. Flores. A 11 First Row: E. Somorin, J. Caligueri, M. Luken- bill, C. Trommell, Y. Slevin, C. Bernardino, H. Izuhoro. Second Row: A. Loya, B. Smaby, J. Hunt, L. Richardson, M. Shofer, E. Bejorano, A. Delgadil- lo. Third Row: F. Kuboto, G. Budovec, R. Lares, C. Myler, C. Zipper, G. Garcia. Fourth Row: F. Dorado, S. Conales, K. Reseck, L. Spitzer, R. Gonzales. Fifth Row: S. Cano, G. Maiben, L. Hopcus, R. Kimmet, D. Baquet. A 11 First Row: T. Beasor, J. Otero, B. Trifiletti, M. Aschenbrenner, H. Brilliant, M. George. Second Row: G. Worshaw, F. Sainz, C. Somerville, J, Lunardi, D. Klevin, R. West, J. Thomas. Third Row: W. Londa, F. Alvelais, R. Ortiz, G. Strnad, M. Margolis, P. Medrano. Fourth Row: I. Hernan- dez, 8. Dunham, V. Canales, E. Contreros. Forty-seven A 11 First Row: K. Medieros, L. Bortlett, B. Canacari, E. Franzen, J. Garcio, B. Ledford, F. Espinosa, A. Palacio. Second Row: C. Greva, A, Jones, W. Pommerville, B. Duron, A. Lopez, M. E. Hall, L. Doporto, G. Foras, D. Guerrero. Third Row: R. Cosio, P. Morrison, B. Keehmer, F. Franco, N. Mokris, C. Jacquez, R. Salmon. Fourth Row: A. Loly, M. Robles, R. Cano, J. Rudometkin, L. Epp, D. Franco. B 11 First Row: C. Guerra, R. Puerto, S. Rey, E. Sandoval, C. Mendoza, J. Muto, V. Sandoval. Second Rowt H. Lopez, A. Hernandez, R. Perez, M. Chavez, C. Knight, I. Macias, G. Castro, R. Beechler. Third Row: H. Durham, F. Ramirez, G. Mowing, N. Flores, J. Gaitan, P. Aguilor, V. Ruiz. Fourth Row: J. Villanueva, C. Breithaupt, D. Cerecedes. B 11 First Row: C. Licon, A. Martinez, M. Munol, G. Chacon, G. Doran, M. H. Martinez. Second Row: A. Chacon, A. Martinez, R. Falcon, A. Robles, P. Gonzales. Third Row: H. Ballesteros, R. Martinez, R. Aviles, A. Sloyton. Forty-eight B 11 First Row: B. Villanuevo, G. Madrid, J. Mozzotte, M. Tirre, D. Mendoza, L. Mercodo. Second Row: C. Monossee, P. Garcia, G. Sanchez, E. Figueroa, G. LeyvQs, E. Beanez. Third Row: F. Botich, P. Vincent, B. Perez, R. Ochoa, R. Lugo, R. Rod- riguez. B 11 First Row: I. Winger, S. Klutts, S. Viramontes, H. Juarez, D. Banks, H, Garcia, M. Kocharian. Second Row: L. Longoria, A. Kasparian, L. Reyes, H. Reno, B. Richardson, Y. Farren, R. McGill. Third Row: R. Flores, F. Martinez, J. Delby, L. Maldoncdo, R. Quijada, R. Palomino. B 11 First Row: F. Marquez, M. Morgan, M. Chambers, A. Avila, M. Tellez, F. Guerra. Second Row: E. Asadoorian, A. Lopez, D. Hug, R. Keehmer, R. Rodriguez, S, Rodriguez, G. Gomez, A. Cosen- fino. Third Row: M. Mocarewich, C. McFarland, L. Rodriguez, L. Esquer, J. Montoya, J. Cacioppo, J. Delgadillo, A. Hernandez. Forty-nine B 11 First Row: E. Rodriguez, R. Gonzalez, L. Sepul- veda, E. Gould, O. Zomoro, G. Lopez, S. Demp- sey. Second Row: J. Nojeru, E. Cosillos, J. Curnow, D. Garcia, M. Garcio, A. Quan. Third Row: R. Becerril, A. Lopez, R. Murray, J. Grady. Fourth Row: J. Alcorn, J. Prinz. i B 11 First Row: O. Ramirez, P. Crewson, M. Valen zuela, B. Clifford, Y. Wagner, M. Moreno, B Mendez. Second Row: B. Pipkin, J. Kessloff, E Mendoza, B. Dominguez, G, Wisdom, E. Hernan dez, R. Martinez. Third Row: F. Moore, W Popoff, F. Tomey, R. Lumsden, D. Cordero. Fourth Row: H. McElhenny, R. Moreno. First Row: D. Espinoza, B. Anderson, T. Senechal, L. Torres, P. Dixon, J, Loo, L. Naudon, C. Boggio. Second Row: R. Carrillo, E. Eby, R. Turner, M. Miyono, L. Cervantes, S. Deretich, D. Tolmosoff, M. Rhyne. Third Row: B. Dowald, S. Porter, P. Hamilton. Fifty . A 10 First Row: C. Fovela, D. Ostrom, R, M. Trifiletti, D. Donelly, R. Quijoda, L. Uffer, D. Holland, E. Varelo, A. Espinozo. Second Row: R. Gomboo, M. Berumen, R. Reveles, E. Wellengham, R. Perez, T. Deherrero, R. Colderon, H. Yamodo. Third Row: J, Preacher, D. Gonzales, M. Rodriguez, J. Guerrero, G. Magdaleno, R. Hicks, J. Adams, M. Vosquez. Fourth Row: M. Kommer, B. Peter- son, A. Word, V. Chavez, J. Miller, R. Garcia, M. Gonzales, R. Arriolo. Fifth Row; K. Smith, M. Hughes, D. Gonzales, R. Wagnon, J. Moring, G. Spring. Sixth Row: D. Sturgeon. J. Rangel, W. Peterson, P. Ortega, A. Ortega . A 10 First Row: G. Borslner, G. Terry, Y. Compbell, M. Calvillo, J. Galluzzo, R. Aguilor, S. Mikeloff. Second Row: A. Klistoff, A. Sermeno, M. Villa, M. Fleming, D. Carlson, L. Gandaro, E. Nazoroff. Third Row: R. Viscaino, R. Bustamante, B. Herold, G. Hummell, K. Barnard. Fourth Row: G. Aguilar, T. Harven, T. Ruck, T. Mukoi, R. Leggio. A 10 First Row; B. Montoya, B. Montez, M. Gander a, I. Garcia, C. Gandaro, R. Martinez. Second Row; L- Botes, R. Cisneros, B. YrigoHen, D. Taylor, N. Bell, H. Hummell, R. Biffi. Third Row: C. Thomp- son, R. Loch man, G. Salinas, J. Fuentes, H. Hermosillo, R. Anderson. Fifty-one A 10 First Row: J. Harrison, C. Krotz, L. Hoffman, S. Bledsoe, L. Breton, J. Silvo. Second Row: J. Bukovoc, D. Dugally, A. Siegel, F. Cummings, J. Evdokimoff, D. Mitchell. Third Row: D. Sanchez, V. Hansen, D. AAendrin, B. Smith, J. Campbell, T. Dikel, B. Hetrick. Fourth Row: R. Brown, D. Davis, R. Emerson, G. Robles, G. No ka date, R. Lopez, S. Kubo. A 10 First Row; O. De Leon, R. McGill, N. Hedrick, M. Visotsky, J. Oblea. Second Row: M. Herbert, B. Beach, I, Troncoso, L. Foster. Third Row: V, Telles, R. Gutierrez, D. Ryan, D. Warren, A. Gonzoles. Fourth Row: A. Ackenback, J. Bonnett, N. Kubota. A 10 First Row: O. Garcia, J. Pronsevic, M. Edwards, M. Dismang, C Richardson, C. Lindley, P Chapman. Second Row: M. Gutierrez, L. Hen dricks, H. Hamilton, A. Atherton, B. Allen, S. Murchison, R. Morua. Third Row: G. Martinez, C. Lopez, F. Rios, O. Robles, G. Halopoff, C. Gold. Fourth Row: T. Higuero, W. Long, P. Brayton, A. Morabito, L. Barche, A. Cox. Fifty-two A 10 First Row: S. Mora, A. Portido, G. Gonzales, J. Muniz, R. Salazar, M. Felix. Second Row: A. Garcia, D. Boren, L. Phillips, E. Mosqueda, R. Brown, P. Popoff. Third Row: P. Bissett, R. Rutherford, R. Harabedian, C. Arnhart, R. Berry, G. Kessler. A 10 Firsf Row: M. L. Garcia, M. Ditman, J. Guerrero, W. Newman, M. Ortegon, T. Fernandez. Second Row: J. Elias, C. Fernandez, V, De La Pena, S. Salz, J. Ne bring. Third Row: J. Bo wen, L. Penner, D. Vasquez, G. Karckashevo, J. Olson, F- Baltazar. Fourth Row: A. Rivera, H. Prouty, F. Salcido, R. Torres, M. Espinosa. ' %:i A 10 First Row: T. Sera, G. Romero, R. M. Alcocer, D. Jones, S. Arredondo, D. Phillips, I. Saenz. Second Row; D. Silvers, M. Gutierrez, R. Jacquez, T. Telles, G. Delgado. Third Row O. Keeton, E. Jacobs, L. Tyson, D. Trejo. Fourth Row: T. Eng- strom, J. Kronick, E. Gomez, M. Jara. Fifty-three A 10 First Row: L. Brokenshire, A. De La Pena, E. Barroza, B. Smith, R. Roman, C. Cortez, M. Chavez. Second Row: H. Oscar, S. Ysais, C. Robles, C. Marquez, A. Dorado, B. Porro. Third Row: R. Cotignola, M. Holmquist, J. Hans, T. Diaz, P. Rosas, L. Garcia. Fourth Row: S. Mer- cado, R. Canales, F. Rubio, R. Sarkisian, G. Dclgado. B 10 First Row: J. Vasquez, R. Londeros, G. Herz, T. Grijaloa, F. Ramirez, D. Baca, A. Carrillo. Sec- ond Row: I. Calderon, J. Estrada, I. Guerrero, M. Lopez, R. Richardson, A. Murphy, T. Montoya. Third Row: R. Arellano, A. Dovalina, I. Reza, C. Jones, M. Trevino, A. Cabrera. Fourth Row: P. Soto, J. Cramer, A. Vtliapondo, R Hernandez, B. Towers, P. Yniguez. Fifth Row: M. Garcia, L. Wood, G. Golewick, R. Peralta, D. Adams. B 10 First Row: A. Regalado, E. Tani, M. Almanzo, C. Ramos, I. Uribe, K. Volocios, S. Reeves. Sec- ond Row: E. Estrada, M. Nishimoto, E. Gomez, R. Polacios, H. Lopez. Third Row; S. Tapia, J. Archer, M. Flonagon, B. Maxwell, G. Lloyd, S. Watkins. Fourth Row: R. Padilla, R. Gonzales, D. Tilton, M. Valdez, M. Logan. Fifth Row: D. Zoller, L. Maldonado, J. Benavides, A. Cortez. fill I u Itw Kl « •ill Fifty- four B 10 First Row: L. Ylm, S. Finkle, D. Terry, E. Garcia, B Pipkin, R. Yomasaki, C. Littlefield. Second Row: S. McGinnis, A. Krikes, D. Warren, A. Tellez, C. Mossey. Third Row: R. Carrillo, R. Mireles, R. Ellenson, F. Vosquez. B 10 First Row: G. Zertuche, E. Baca, E. Arellano, S. Kleven, L. Ramirez, R. Marquez. Second Row: V. Anonian, S. Grier, N. Hernandez, R. Reza, I. Canales, A. De Anda. Third Row: R. Rico, I. Hernandez, S. Alba, C. Jonkman, B. Corlzen. Fourth Row: R. Mestas, A. Rincon, B. Hardisty, J. Di Marzio. Fifth Row: A. Alvarez, S. Arellano, L. Maxwell, R. Melonl. B 10 First Row: M. Jauregui, E. Codena, J. Gonzales, M. Resales, G. Ramirez, G. Rcngel, F. Shubin, S. Negrete. Second Row: L. Govec, E. Mendozo, P. Ellis, A. Vargas, R. Gamboa, S. ' Munoz. Third Row: T. Rojas, D. Powell, L. Boyer, E. Hernandez, A. Alvarez. Fourth Row: A. Jacobo, R. Yslas, J. Gaitan, J. Cordozo, A. Quljado, J. Bjornstad. Fifth Row: N. Foreman, F. Lugo, J Weaver, P. Montoya. Fifty- five • MiMIIifltiS mti These Officers and Commissioners represent Raymond Martinez Winter Student Body President Winter Ann Sargent Winter Student Body Vice-President Virginia Martinez Winter Student Body Secretory m Board of Cominissioners Board of Cominissioners First Row: K.. Perez, E. Caslellanos, E. Fregoso, J. Gonzales, . Miyono, W. Mendoza, Miss Glllmor, V. Martinez, R. Martinez, A. Sargent, S. McKinney, G. Poochigian, J. Rodriguez, M. Flores, D. Young, H. Munoz, S. Garcia. Second Row: J. Garcia, E. Salozar, B. Minasian, G. Gomez, L. -Diaz. Fijty-eight iind help the school in every way possible . . Rudy Chavez Summer Student Body President Lupe Diaz Summer Student Body Secretary Eleanor Castelianos, Summer Student Body Vice-President Summer Board of Commissioners Board of Commissioners Seated, left to right; C. Boggio, M. Flores, G. Borba, J. Weig man, E. Castelianos, R. Chavez, L. Diaz, K. Roberts, Miss Gill mor, F. Guerra, R. Jordan. Standing, left to right: G. Carrasco S. land, A. BIythe, E. Maljanran, L Lopez, G. Budovec, C. Apo. daco, R. Wells, M. Ortegon, R. Romo. R. Ortega. Fifty-nine Winter Girls ' League Cabinet First Row: L. Cervantes, V. Klra midjian, G. Faros, R. Ortegon L. Diaz, D. M. Hicks, A . Sargent S. McKinney. Second Row: E Casteltanos, S. Rey, E. Gould S. Wiggins, E. Fregoso, M. Com poy, M. Flores, V. Martinez, Mrs. Capps. Third Row; J. Weig man, G. Carrosco, H. Apsel, P. McCollom, J. Moloney, J Keller, H. Munoz, R. Jordan Fourth Row: G. Valencia, B Trifiletti, J. Bukovac, M. Wilson J. Garcia, T. Tinajero, D. Shi roian, M. L. George, R. M Trifiletti. Winter officers of Girls ' League Cabinet, L. Diaz, R. Jordan, and D. Shiroian, proudly hand over their offices to summer officers, J. Weigman, E. Fregoso, and G. Faras. Summer Girls ' League Cabinet First Row: V. Kiramrdjian, J. Moloney, D. Shiroian, M. Forges, E. Fregoso, J. Weigman, G. Faros, J. Anderson, M. Avedi- sion, B. Luedtko, G. Carrosco. Second Row: Mrs. Warren, E. Costellonos, G. Valencia, M. Ortegon, A. BIythe, L. Lopez, M. Rhyne, J. Kronick, M. Dis- mang, S. Rey, R. M. Trifiletti, D. Ostrom, Mrs. Capps. Third Row: Mrs. Herman, H. Theo- Fllos, L. Diaz, S. Alvorez, A. Krikes, B. Maxwell, J. Keller, F. Guerro, M. Flores, M. Cam- poy, R. Jordon, C. Boggio. Winter Boys ' League Cabinet First Row: J. Rodriguez, R. Guzman, G. Gomez, K. Roberts. Second Row: G. Nakadate, A. Fregoso, J. Buckroff, A. Comte, R. Lugo. Winter officers, K. Roberts and G. Gomez turn over their offices to sum- mer officers, G. Barba, A. Fregoso, and Mendoza. Summer League Cabinet First Row: B. Bolter, G. Bor- bo, W. Mendoza, A. Frego- so, G. Nakadate. Second Row: F. Ramirez, R. Mar- tinez. Winter Student Council First Row; R. Cosio, A. Ybarra, T. Deherrero, R. Rodriguez, R. Cumming, F. Franco, B. Bolter, W. Gordon, R. Campa, W. Prouty, S. Land . Second Row: B. Okomoto, A. Delgadillo, I. Vosquez, J. Guerrero, C. Lopez, M. James, S. Deretich, D. Simpson, J. Anderson, C. Coin, S. Regoiodo, V. Cornevali, N. Hedrick, J. Bukovac, M. Sermeno. Third Row: T. Rodriguez, R. Castonon, D. Wahl, Y. Pelayo, G. Eliso, M. Lopez, M. Contreras, D. Marchand, B. Preciado, J. Castle, C. Snelen, A. Cooper, F. Soto, G. Valencia, B. Fontes. Fourth Row: R. Beechler, L. Ortega, L. Mercado, B. Gutierrez, H. Rojas, B. Jacobo, S. Sacher, B. Talbert, I. Akoboff, A. Alvarez, R. Castro, B. Abeyto, G. Brown, E. Romero, D. Ortiz, J. Allen, D. Hollond. With the assistance of the Student Council and the other organizations. Summer Student Council Firs. Row: A. Light oot, S. Viromontes, K Voiles, M. H. Cas.neda, E Beiorano M. C ' .ernekojf, Jerom. M. H. Martinez, L. Dunn, B. Luedtka C. ' ' f ' tT ' d.ZlvD Ll Salozar, T. Goi.on, D. Kleven, D. Holland. Maids Firsl Row: G. Worshaw, M. Rhyne, B, Dawold, P. Bartelli, L. Richordson, B. Conway. Second Row: D. Oslrom, J. Bukovoc, M. James, R. Trifiletti, J. Elias, L, Breton, Miss Aslels. Third Row: T. Senechal, B. Trifiletti, N. Solona, H. Brilliont, M. George, M. Visotosky, M. Orshoff, M. Dismong. Knights First Row: J. Gerakos, B. Hartunian, B. Tolbert, A. Leonard, D. White, W. Mendoza. Second Row: Mr. Hunt, J. Rodriguez, J. Chavez, A. Comte, N. Litwak, Mr. Reinhord. Third Row: A. Fregoso, R. Chavez, A. Garcia, K. Chitjian, D. Guerrero, E. Matjanian. Fourth Row: D. Norike, D. Holmes, B. Minosian R. Ysois, W. Gordon. N. A. S. S. First Row: W. Gordon, Mr. Mottola, R. Gunther. Second Row: K. Chitiian, E. Maljanian, E. Gckos, B. Minasian, E. Lopez. Third Row: J. Ribacchi, A. Rojos, W. Mendoza, D. Gonzalez, B. Tatbert. Chatelaines First Row: V. Martinez, A. Flores, S. Bohigian, D. Simpson, J. Keller, D. Hicks, P. McCollom. Second Row; R. Jordan, J. Weigman, S. Spillman, M. Porges, D. Shiohama, V. Carnevali, M. Anderson. Third Row: E. Castellanos, H. Apsel, A. Guevara, L. Diaz, G. Carrosco, G, Va lencia, A. Moreno. Fourth Row: B. Scholes, R. Ortegon, L. Lopez, F. Vickers, Z. Balowitz. First Row M Chernekoff, C. Knight, Miss Wallace, L. Spitzer, J Thomas E. Gonzales, B. Towers. Second Row: E. Bustamonte, R. Wells, M. V. George, B. La Haye, A. Medina. Third Row: J. Rangel, J. Morad, D. Dugally, J. Simon. Cst Row: N. Campbell, S. Spil.mon. Second Row: D. Hammond, A. BIythe, J. Keller, C. Vincent, T. Davey. S. McKinney, Winter Editor; A. BIythe, Summer Editor; P. Kirby, Assistant Editor; N. Campbell, Associate Editor; M. Chernekoff, Feature Editor; N. Solano, Assistant Editor; T. Pena, Sports Editor. J. Peterson, Sports Editor. Sixty-four Editor, Shirley Spillmon Assistont Editor, Delia Stiiroion Art Editor, Joan Anderson f Senior Section: N. Turco, L. Viera P P„- , r „ D. M. Hicks. ' Painter, D. Patopoff, Class Section: B. La Haye, B. Sledge, V. Verjon. Organizations: L. Lidyoff, E. Jenkins, R. Ortegon, R. Ibbs, J. Moloney, M. LoPoglio. Winter Summer Assistant Advertising Editor, Advertising Editor, Art Editor, Charles Vincent Bunji Hoyata Armando Ortiz Miss Ruth Wallace, Adviser Sports Section: H. Mayer, R. Lerma, J. Macios, S. Fox, F. Troncoso, B. Hartunian. Sixty-five Los Amigos First Row: J. Rangel, J. Rios, J. Morad, W. Mendoza, G. Deretich, J. Muggins. Second Row: Mr. de Leon, H. Apsel, I. Ortega, R. Ortegon, G. O ' Rielly, Z. Balo- witz, N. Padilla. Third Row: M. de ta Pena, F. Alvelois, R. Ortiz, A. Roque, R. Chavez, E. Contreras, J. Castaneda. Fourth Row: A. Loya, G. Corrasco, D. Marquez, R. Sifuentes, M. Orshoff, F. Sainz. Le Cercle Francais First Row: M. Medrano, D. Shiohama, N. Turco, D. Shiroian Second Row: R. Saenz, M. Torres, G. Strnad, J. Gonzales, R, Roberts, S. Lalaian, T. Carter, S. Land. Third Row: M Aschenbrenner, D. Pappas, J. Hanley, R. Adams, V. Gage, M. Chernekoff, N. Campbell, S. Estey, Mr. Kess. Fourth Row; L. Comarillo, D. Baquet, F. Trask, J. Rodriguez, C. Ohanesian D. Narike, R. Valdez, A. Palacios, L. Rodriguez. Fifth Row: H. Loyo, G. Herrera, J. Lavin, I. Knight, J. Fife, W. Lando R. Cosio, D. bluntach, F. Vickers. Los Caballeros del Ritmo First Row: R. Nunez, L. Lopez, tAr. Sherman, J. Oominguez, G. Sanchez. Second Row; J. Paz, G. Poochigian, S. Rocco. C S F First Row: M. Hall, B. Caponigro, H. Smissen, A. Atherton, B. Dawald, P. Maccagno, B. Smith. Second Row: J. Campbell, E. Maljanian, G. Poochigian, K. Reseck, B. Talbert, J. Hug- gins, Miss Wallace. Third Row: J. Weigman, H. Apsel, J. Loo, B. Conway, Z. Balowitz, F. Vickers, M. Visotsky. Fourth Row: V. Carnevali, Y. Pelayo, R. Trifiletti, N. Solona, G. Valencia. Achievement Firjl Row; G. Corrasco, M. Lukenbill, A. Giovo, B. Peterson. Second Row: N. Hedrick, B. Smith, M. Chernekoff, H. Ruiz, K. Reseck, B. Horlunion, G. Poochigian, B, Talbert, B. Dawald, N. Campbell, J. Honley, L. Quimetto. Third Row: E. Maljanian, M. Dismang, J. Campbell, M. Holl, N. Solana, B. Buslamanle, M. Wilson, S. Bohigion, J. Anderson, D. Simpson, J. Keller, B. Conway, M. James, G. Faras, R. Ortegon, L. Spitzcr. Fourth Row: H. Apsel, J. Elias, N. Yriarte, V. Kiromidiion, A. Atherton, L. Richardson, P. Maccagno, V. Carnevali, A. Naff, J. Bukovac, P. Kirby, Z. Balowitz, V. Turk, Y. Pelayo. Fifth Row: F. Soini, J. Weigman, M. Visotsky, J. Silva, M. Ortegon, A. Ramirez, B. Trifiletti, A. Lightfoot, . Olson, S. Salz, J. Loo, A. Guevara, L. Dioz, R. Trifiletti. UNESCO Seated: H. Smissen, A. Ramirez, H. Apsel, M. Porges, E. Gomez, J. Weigman, N. Utwak, S. Sptllman. Stonding: J. Peterson, J. Muggins, T. Ramirez, R. Ortega, Mrs. MacDowelt, R. Martinez. Treble Clef First Row: Miss Ingolls, H. Gerard, K. Mc- Clellan, M. Ewort, P. McCollom, M. Chernekoff, B. Halopoff, M. Hulshoff. Second row: G. Valencia, E. Castellanos, L. Mayers, E. Rivera, A. De Mironda. Eurydi ice First Row: L. Belcher, J De la Pena, M. Gutierrez, B. Trifiletii, F. Beal. Second Row: Miss Ingalls, L. Klugh, R. Ibbs, M. Thome, L. Penner, M. Wilson, I. Carlin, M. BujancJa, J. Moloney, E. Jenkins, D. Simpson. Third Row: M. Kommer, J. Ruiz, G. Gonzales, B. Preciado, L. Parff, M. Ortegon, H. Tavarez. Students of all nationalities learn to sing, A Cappella First Kow: D. Silvers, E. Gekas, G. Brown, J. Sinclair, R. Macias, C. Fritz, M. Guerrero, L. Br i ley, R. Carrere, R. Range t, E. Lopez, R. Garcia. Second Row: Mr. Jennings, E. Rivera, C. White, M. Corona, G. Martinez, R. Goreyko, J. Anderson, M. Vargas, A. Guevara, A. Lightfoot, B. Smith, R. M. Trifiletti, J. Elias. Third Row: E. Aros, S. Mora, D. Marquez, D. Holland, R. Ruan, D. Ortiz, P. Garcia, C. Johnson, D, Palmer, J. Sinclair, B. Dunham. Fourth Row: S. Kaloion, N. Turco, P. Painter, L. Lidyoff, G. O ' Rielly, B. Jones, N. Ayers, M. Richards, L. Dunn, N. Yriarte, E. Sanchez. Sixty-eight Advanced Ensemble left to Right: S. Trotter, G. Wisdom, F. Troncoso, Mr. Roseniweig, G. Korokasheff, N. Uraroff, D. Donnelly, M. Porter, W. Pommerville, H. Ruiz, J. Weigman. Vocational Orchestra First Row: R. Cacho, R. Reynolds, D. Guerrero, R. Ruhland, F. Estrada. Second Row: W. Martin, J. Miller. Third Row: I. Hernandez, G. Hug, B. Lapson. Fourth Row; G. Figueroa. play instruments, afid work in harmony. f! f. t ? ? ? Orpheus- Quartets First Row: D. Gonzales, J. Miyono, C. Wrothall, L. Apodaco, J. Rudometkin, D. Westenhaver, K. Barnes, M. Holmquist. Second Row: Mrs. Krienke, G. Sanchez, W. Jurado, G. Cenuto, T. Pena, L. Br i ley, P. Gonzales, C. Salozar, E. Gootsan. Third Row: S. Traslavina, T. Ramirez, S. Garcia, R. Mocias, A. Garcia, R. Rodriguez, R. Snow, W. Gordon, R. Mar- tinez. Fourth Row: P. Ortiz, A. Shoff, O. Addeman, R. Ysais, R. Rodriguez, D. Holmes, H. Tirre, R. Hernandez Sixty-nine V- — ' » - . - Orchestra Seated, Left to Right: F. Troncoso, N. Uraioff, J. Rodriguez, M. L. TindoH, C. Cabuto, M. Porter, M. Hulshoff, H. Ruiz, W. Pommer- ville, J. Weigman, I, Troncoso, J. Fischer, R. Jordan, R. Cache, D. Cutotto, S. Porter, C. Breithaupt, J. Prinz, S. Cano, G. Hug, V. Suess, D. Blair. Standing: S. Trotter, G. Wisdom, S. Wiggins, B. Shaw, I. Valen- zuela, Mr. Rosenzweig. Music Letter First Row: E. Sanchez, N. Yriarte, L. Lopez, H. Ruiz, M. Bujondo, M. Porter, G. Carrasco, J. Weigman, D. Palmer, G. Valencia. Second Row: A. Rodriguez, E. Maljonian, G. Poo- ch igion, F. Troncoso, G. Hug, B. Talbert, H. Mazzotte, E. Villa, A. Garcio, I. Hernandez, M, Perez. Third Row: R. Cocho, S. Cano, G. Eliso, P. Goodman, C. Cabuto, J. Lunardi, W. Pommerville, M. Hulshoff, M. Ewart, E. Rivera, R. Jordan, C. Johnson. Ushers First Row: P. Wallace, N. Yriarte, H. Apsel, N. Stone. Second Row: R. Gonzalez, J. Gordon, G. Faros, M. Porges, D. Shiroian, L. Lopez, J. Anderson, S. Spillmon, V. Tinajero, G. Warshaw. Third Row: Miss Gillmor, G. Valencia, E. Castellanos, A. Androda, C. Boggio, P. Bartelli, G. Carrasco, P. Reza, B. Guevara, A. Guevara, Z. Balowitz, E. Sanchez. Fourth Row: H. Potts, O. Thompson, M. Anderson, J. Olson, J, Bukovac, G. Wisdom, H. Brilliant, P. Maccagno, V. Klubnikin, V. Coleman, O. Longoria. Fifth Row: D. Gomez, S. Alvarez, N. Solana, H. Ruiz, J. Jerome, M. Farren, D. Galarzo, M. Avokian, L. Diaz, T. Tinajero. Seventy World Friendship First Row: T. Tanaka, B. Mueller, P. Brayton, G. Poo- chigion, N. Litwak. Second Row: G. Gonzales, D. Flores, C. Krotz, B. Peters, Z. Balowilz, Mrs. Winslow. Third Row: G. Ferrer, D. Allen, H. Reno, S. Sumpter, D. Garcia. Fourth Row: J. Muniz, M. Ortegon, R. Moss, B. Okamoto, M. Osoki. Big " G " First Row: J. Buckroff, R. Porras, R. Torrea, D. Bootow, T. Pena, J. Fife, G- Barbo. Second Row: H. Soor, J, Guerra, J. Gonzales, O. Be:kman, S. Loloian, J. Chavez. Third Row: B. Minasian, D. Gonzales, D. AAunoz, D. NarJke, Coach Thompson. Y-Teens First Row: £. Sanchez, N. Yriorte, A. Moreno, L. Diaz, A. Gomez, L. Lopez, M. Campoy, D. Gomez, S. Alvarez, A. Guevara, V. Mar- tinez, M. Flores, H. Munoz. Second Row: M, L. Sermeno, A. De Miranda, E. Rivera, C. Arellano, R. Baca, E. M. Gonzales, C. Cabuto, B. Guevara, D. De La Torre, M. Corona, G. Faras, M. Avedisian, E. Aros, D. Guerra. Third Row: L. Comarillo, F. Guerra, E. Carillas, O. Torres, V. Tinajero, A. Stanley, S. Rocco, J. Paz, B. Rodriguez, E. Fregoso, G. Hurtado, I. Valadez, R. Gonzales, A. Sermeno. Fourth Row: A. Rangel, C. Salcido, T. Valadez, G. Mendez, M. E. Contreras, G. Sanchez, C. B. Cain, E. Villegas, C. Men- doza, T. Tinajero, M. H. Chavez, C. Morales, F. Guerra, G. Romero. Hi-Y First Row: U. Hawkins, D. Bootow, R. Torrea, J. Guerra, B. Talbert, R. Bergmon. Second Row: P. Cervantes, C. Apodoca, R. Guzman, M. Vines, A. Fregoso, L. Chavez, J. Costonedo, Mr. Catlett. Third Row: A. Hovonisian, M. Chapman, A. Cocciotore, H. Soar, H. Mondaco, B. Bolter, R. Mar- tinez. Fourth Row: R. Compo, T. Pena, B. Baco, H. Mayer, T. Ramirez, J. Garcia, M. Jimenez. Health Committee First Row: E. Salazar, J. Rodriguez, G. Poochigion, B. Minosian. Second Row: J. Garcia, J. Weigman, Mrs. Horning. Third Row: S. Gorcia, S. Cox. Masquers First Row: P. Miller, G. Poochigian, D. n:Um, B. Mueller, V. Hansen. Second Row: A. Giovo, S. Estey, M. James, G. Paling, J. de la Pena. Third Row: S. Salz, L. Foster, F. Espinosa, J. Bukovoc. Slide Rule First Row: K. Reseck, B. Medina, E. Medina, Mr. Mathews. Second Row: R. Sifuentes, L. Torres, A. Medina. Third Row: F. Vickers, N. Solano. Fourth Row: T. Tanaka. Gavel Club First Row: Mr. Voorhees, J. Kronick, E. Mos- queda, P. Brayton. Second Row: W. Newman, R. West, D. Dugolly, S. Salz, J. Olson. Reiterman House Club First Row: D. Martin, A. Moreno, A. de Miranda, H. Theofilos, B. Fontes, E. Sanchez, M. Flores. Second Row: B. Martinez, B. Show, N. Yriarte, E. Correnti, J. Correnti, V. de la Pena, G. Hurtado, E. Penolber. Third Row: M. Cox, S. Cox, B. Martinez, M. Bejarano, G. Juarez, E. Barraza, C. Morales, F. Guerra, M. Campoy, G. Martinez. F. H. A. First Row; S. Garaea, J. Campbell, G. Warshow, D. Simpson, M, Shofer, B. Dawald, M. Dismong, D. Garcia, D. Poppas, G. O ' Reilly, L. Chavez, C. Cervantes. Second Row: Mrs. B. Young, F. Raima, B. Sledge, A. Benfatti, R. Gonzales, T. Tinajero, R. Boca, L. Diaz, G. Faros, P. Jepson, R. Turner, B. Anderson, N. Swanson, N. Bell, Mrs. Compton. Third Row: B. Scholes, M. Martinez, R. Hartunion, I. Vasquez, H. Izuhara, F. Sainz, G. Corrosco, M. Vasquez, V.Velasquez, F. Motsumuto, M. Visotsky, H. Pena, R. Simonian. Fourth Row: I. Cuaron, J. Keller, N. Solana, E. Mosqueda, B. Ledford, J. Nesse, H. Ruiz, L. lidyoff, E. Huerta, H. Brilliant, J. Hunt, C. Verdugo, V. Miller. Noon Hall Service First Row: V. Quijado, C. Cobuto, E. Golaviz, A. Stanley, C. Cain, E. Reyes, G. Ballestero, L. Como- duran, H. Potts. Second Row: N. Sanchez, E. Voile, M. Richards, L. Martinez, H. Daniels, C. Quemada, C. Bernardino, J. Heredia, M. Vasquez, Mr. Rasmus- sen. Third Row: K. Hernandez, M. Cervantes, I. Morales, T. Rodriguez, R. Renteria, G. Lopez, P. Crewson, E. Garcia, C. Pcrea, B. Okomoto. Fourth Row: M. Martinez, M. Meno, S. Bledsoe, N. Fregoso, M. Bujanda, M. Medrano, M. Cerecedes, V. Velaz- quez, L. Camarillo. Bible Club First Row: P. Wallace, M. Rhyne, S. Wiggins, J. Foster. Second Row: J. Weigman, C. Trommell, J. Loo. Third Row: L. Noudon, M. Tellez, M. Cote. !■■■■ ' sm F. T. A. (I First Row: R. Ortagon, M. Porges, H. Apsel, M. Orshoff, Z. Balowiti. Second Row: D. Shiroian, G. Warihaw, B. Trifiletti, Mrs. Stompar. A: ggies Drill Team Band First Row: E. Rougny, B. Hartunian, H. Diaz, R. Ysais, J. R amirez, B. Bolter, A. Abrahamion Second Row: F. Fuller, G. Esquibel, E. Pizzo, J. Hernandez, J. Holmes, Mr. Lewis, D. Jensen, A. Gubba, L. Martinez, D. Kessloff. First Row: A. Moreno, A. De Miranda, E. Sanchez, M. Roiz, F. Vera, R. Jordan, M. Orshoff, J. Weigman, H. Apsel, B. Trifiletti, Y. Pelayo, G. Higuera, E. Gootsan, B. Eisenberg, A. Geova, G. Paling. Second Row: E. Rivera, F. Guerra, M. L. Quemodo, P. Chapman, J. Rugg, G. Eliso, Y. Farren, A. Bezuk, N. Swanson, R. Simonian, M. James. S. Estey, M. Avedisian. M. Flores, R. Ortegon, G. Faros. Third Row: A. Martin. S, Demsey, E, Renteria, G. Mendoza, M. Campoy, B. Carnocarie, E. Franzen. G. Corrosco F. Sainz, B. Preciodo, B. Filkins, R. Douglas, L. Richardson, M. Fleming, M. Corona, G. Hurtado. Fourth Row: B. Scholes, J. Moto, T. Tinajero, L. Diaz, L. Quimette, M. Marquez, E. Mendoza, D. Lukenbill, G. Warshaw, L. Lopez, R. Goryeko, I. Kongas, M. Farren, B. Fleming, H. Brilliant, P. Goodman. Fifth Row: F. Guerro, A. Guevara, W. Pommerville, D. Ramos, E. Bustamante, V. Kiramidjian, E. Gallordo, C. M. Thomas, B. Jones, M. Hernandez, H. Ruiz, D. Carlson, P, Hamilton, B. Hardy. Sixth Row: Miss Risheberger, L, Mottola, Miss Rakestraw. First Row: G. Poochigion, J. Perez, S. Cono, H. Jaramillo, D. Guerrero, J. Miller, W. Martin, G. Figueroa, E. Maljonian, I. Volenzuelo, C. Thompson, R. Podillo, X. Gonzales. Second Row: Mr. Ames, T. Rivera, J. Martinez, R. Cacho, J. Hernandez, G. Uliborri, G. Rubalcava, B. Corder, C. Briethoupt, J. Prinz, L Briones, R. Rodriguez, Mr. Rosenzweig. Third Row: T. Telles, R. Flores, R. Palomino, B. Lapson, R. Ortega, W. Feezell, L. Apodaca, V. Canales, I. Hernandez, D. Dugally, S. Rodriguez. H M i v Attendance ofBce and the morning line of absentees. Squires and classroom ' .- " students use our library. ™ % j - " is ' Seventy-eight The office staff which helps make Garfield an outstanding school. Mrs. Kurt and her book room helpers. J. Zachry, W. Fierro discuss the Weather Map. Aeronautics students, B. Baca, R. Carrere listen to weather reports. Busy fingers showing their speed on business machines. Displaying talent in ceramics are B. Sledge, J. Foster, and L. Phillips. Mr. Mathews and M. Ewart demonstrating an experiment to an eager group in che " iistry. Getting some painting done are Mrs. Petremont and her stage craft class. Time out for a picture of Mr. Miller ' s stage crew and G. Ricketson. Seventy-nine Mr. Gingery and print shop students make our school Log. Auto shop and Garfiehl ' s auto mechanics. Drivers ' Education — Mr. Wasserburger giving two of his students a field division test. Our boys ' food class demonstrates its cooking skill. Eighty Yell Leaders First Row: R. Macias, A. Hazan. Second Row: D. Trammel!, E. Lopez. Third Row: R. Macias. Miss.Higbey ' s clothing class Projectionists Weigman, R. Canates, L. Tafoya, A. Cox, T. Olivarez. Second Row: I. Sanchez, Palomino, E. Padilla, D. Dillon, F. Garfield girls line up . .1 1 gpj tlieir ill the gym chest X-rays. D. Bootow, R. Martinez, J. Huggins, G. Barba, D. Narike proudly display their trophies after the Award Assembly. Eighty -one A one-act comedy presented by the drama class, called " A Wedding " . Paul Brayton, James Hug- gins, Sally Cox, Dave Tram- niell and Marie Farren listen eagerly as Linda Richardson gives a speech on " Nations of the World " B ' rith assembly at our B ' nai Marilyn Dismaug plays the accordion for the " Crimson and Blue " sales parade. The drama class puts on a play called " Romance Is a Racket " . Geoffrey Morgan talks to Elvira Fregoso and Raymond Martinez, after an assembly at which he spoke to us on " Marks of a Man " . The Orpheus Club present their annual concert with its theme " Spring " . Members of the French class write their first UNESCO affiliation letters, as the sponsor, Mr. Kess, looks on. Marie Farren of S ' 51 receives the lamp of knowledge from Chuck Wall in of the class of W ' 51, while the class speakers look on. Howdy Day dance introduces new B-lO ' s to one of Garfield ' s favorite activities. The Girls ' League sponsor their annual Christmas dance. ' 4 a -- » ». -»- , Miss Huntington Beach Gonna Wash That Man g Right Out of My Hair Christmas Queen The Old Master Painter Baby Face A Garfiehl Nightmare Three Stooges .ji«5i f Chain-Gang The Colgate Twins Garfield Lovers Bubble-Gum Queen Competition Killer Taking Precautions Sucker Day Lonesoniest Gal Chatelaine Prexy, W ' 51 We ' re Just a Couple of DolIs(?) Beachcombers. Lost Weekend So Long, It ' s Been Good to Know Yal Sleepy Time Gal Boring Day Mighty W ' 51 ' s American Sweethearts Winter Officers First row: Copt. F. Bustamante, Major A. Kretzu, Lf. Col. J. Muggins, Copt. J. Peterson, It. C. Shelley, Lt. A. Contreros. Second row: Lt. E. Floras, Copt. B. Abeyta, Lt. R. Rodriguez, Copt. G. Budovec, Lt. W. Londo, Lt. F. Kubota. Streamer Presentation Major Roger S. Rees presents the Honor School ribbon to the Garfield ROTC Battalion, R. Rodela, C. Shelley, E. Scanlon, and L, Uffer. Copt. Duncan M. Emery; M Sgt, Charles C. Baldwin; Sgt. Anthony J. Payak. Drill Team Rifle Team First row: R. Campos, W. Londa, R. Lares, S. Land, E. Flores, N. ' " 1 row: E. Flores, J. Doxey, V. Gage, B. Abeyto, M. Hughei. Kubota, B. Abeyta. Second row: S. Kubo, G. Nakadate, G. Budovec, Second row: L. Murphy, S. Land, P. Brayton, J. Peterson, W. P. Brayton, Y. Mendez, J. Doxey, F. Kubota. Long. Summer Officers First row: Capt. R. Lares, Lt. Col. J. Muggins, Maj. J. Peterson. Second row: 2nd Lt. A. Contreras, Capt. G. Budovec, Capt. B. Abeyto, Lt. C. Shelley. Color Guard J. Dilsaver, C. Shelley, V. Gage, E. Scanlon. ROTC Band First row: G. Poochigian, J. Miller, G. Jara- millo, J. Prim, S. Cano, D. Guerrero. Second row: F. Flores, L. Briones, R. Polomino, G. Rubalcaba, B. Lopson. Third row: X. Gon- zales, J. Hernandez, C. Thompson, G. Figue- roa, R. Padilla. Fourth row: C. Breithaupt, J. Martinez, V. Conales, B. Corder, I. Hernan- dez. Fifth row: H. Mazzotte, W. Feezell, I. Apodaca. Battalion passing in review. " " - 5£2fc».,. % if fi %w i i , t ' • i. . t :ii Garfield Winter Company A First Platoon First Row: R. Hull, A. Cox, P. Brayton, E. Fernandez, S. Land, L. Murphy, J. Doxey. Second Row: T. Greetham, B. McCarver, R. Emerson, E. Ruiz, G. Dierlam, P. Rosas. Third Row: J. Rodriguez, F. Martinez, R. Jaime, G. Nokadate, S. Kubo, M. Hernandez. Company A Second Platoon First Row: W. Long, M. Hughes, J. Rodri- guez, P. Vincent, R. Giovinazzo, J. Voiles. Second Row: A. Obregon, L. Weiss, R. Castanon, J. Sanchez, J. Bonnett, M. Gutierrez, J. Lopez. Third Row: J. Gio- vinetti, D. Rodelo, R. Thomas, A. Acken- bock, J. Garza, F. Martinez. Company B First Platoon First Row: E. Galbroeth, M. Walls, G. Maiben, R. Lores, T. Carter, K. Smith. Second Row: B. Cotignola, E. Torres, D. Mitchell, B. Lovio, R. Lopez, A. Garcia. Third Row: Y. Mendez, F. Kuboto, D. Davis, B, Jesus, J, Zepedo. Company B Second Platoon First Row: G. Neder, R. Becerril, D. Silvers, J. Felix, F. Rubio, N. Kuboto. Second Row: L. Garcia, D. Donnelly, A. Gonzales, R. Anderson, J. Mortinez, J. Morcia, L. Uffer. Third Row: H. Durham, R. Campos, W. Londa, J. Delby, R. Zeller, R. Biffi. ROTC Summer Company A First Platoon First row: F. Kubofa, W. Long, R. Poiris, R. Abundis, J. Richard, D. Zoller, E. ' Gomez, G. Nakaddte. Second row: A. Ramirez, R, Cabovillas, D. Burrow- bridge, A. Reveles, L. Dellinger, J Di Morzio, A. Seely, S. Kobo. Third row: J. Benovides, C. McForlond, R. Schmitt- Iter, L. Street, M. Granado, L. Murphy, V. Gage, A. Smith. Company A Second Platoon First row: R. Murray, D. Donnelly, E Galbraith, R. Emerson, R. Rodriguez G. Maiben, R. Rodelo, R. Campos Sec ' ond row: R. Lopez, J. Martinez, N Foreman, J. Conger, J. Weaver I Weiss, F. Alvelais, D. Davis. Third row: M. Hernandez, R. Ramos, J Mor cia A. Cox, E. Scanlon, F. Martinez T. Roias, J. Benavidez. Company B First Platoon First row: W. londa, D. Pacheco, A. Corrillo, J. Cardoza, N. Zepeda, M. Hughes, M. Golvan, D. Mitchell, S. Land. Second row: J. Ramirez, J. Doxey, T. Deherrera, K. Smith, B. Mota, D. Powell, A. Villapando, A. Lopez, M. Kubota. Third row: R. Trevino, L. Gar- cia, W. Ibby, R. Podilla, M. Rocco, R. Mestas, F. Rubio, R. Moreno, C. Mon- tane. Company B Second Platoon First row: E. Flores, F. Martinez, H. Durham, J. Jeffreys, R. Biffi, L. Fernan- dez, R. Ramirez. Second row: M. Mar- quez, G. Herz, F. Behnke, D. Silvers, J. Bonnett, R. Anderson, G. Neder. Third row: D. Mason, Y. Mendez, T. Ramirez, P. Broyton, B. Tolbert, J. San- chez, P. Rosas, L. Uffer. s iS ' S IVIIMifltlAI waesmi .V , • 1 1 • fr i g Sl G »RFOO »7 £ OW V£ " iuF. M i( AL TUMBLES BtiA BkE lKS LOOSE fOf: Varsity Reserves First Row: R, Valenzuela, J. Rongel, G. Munoz, E. Garcia, J. Campa, A. Leonard, B. Perez. Second Row: B. Bolter, F. Satcido, B. Garcia, J. Rodriguez. Pigskin Review of 1950 With many breaks going against them, Gar- field ' s 1950 footballers ended in the cellar of the Southern League. The Bulldogs had o record of one tie and four losses. In two practice games ot the beginning of the season, Garfield ' s grid- ders defeated Wilson 26-7 and Marshall 7-0. Garfield 7 — Manual Arts 10 The league opener proved to be one of the closest contests of the season. Garfield was edged out by a field goal in the last period of ploy. The Bulldogs pushed over a score in the second period when Milton Vines tallied from the one foot line. The Gorfleldions scored another touch- down, but it was called back due to a penalty. It was on exciting gome all the way, with the Eostsiders playing their hearts out. Garfield 6 — Washington 13 Playing on a mud -soaked turf, v ithout their star back, Don Narike, who was benched by injuries, Garfield ' s Bulldogs were stopped in this game by a rough Washington team. The Bulldog marker came in the last few minutes of the game when Tony Pena passed to Ben Garcia from the two yard line. This climaxed a 98 yard drive by the Thompsonmen. Garfield 13 — JeflFerson 20 Unleashing a new type of formation, the double wing, Garfield ' s fighting gridders almost upset the mighty Jefferson Democrats. Running up more yardage and first downs than Jeffer- son, the Bulldogs outplayed the Democrats all the way. Garfield scored first when Roy Guzman snagged Jim Buckroff ' s pass and skirted 20 yards for a T.D. Milt Vines scored in the lost seconds of the game on a long pass. Garfield 7 — Fremont 13 Proving too much for the Bulldogs, the Path- finders from Fremont handed Garfield their second league defeat. It was a close game all the way. Fremont pushed across two touchdowns in the first half and held the Garfieldions score- less until Jim Buckroff passed eight yards to Milton Vines for a T.D. in the third quarter. Garfield 7 — Roosevelt 7 Playing the exact carbon copy of last year ' s game, the annual Eastside clash again resulted in a 7-7 tie. Don Narike, playing in his first game since the Fremont tussle, scored for the Bulldogs from the one yard line. The Garfieldions ' last minute touchdown drive faltered when they fumbled on Roosevelt ' s four yard line. Ninety-five .• ..«». • Bee Football Garfield ' s 1950 Bee gridmen emerged from the sea- son with a record of three wins and four losses. The Bullpups, ably coached by H. L. Hunt, knocked off Washington 12-6 for their only league win. The Bees were led by such boys as Andy Cacciatori, Gilbert Carnighon, Rudy Chavez, Rudy Castaneda, Anthony Hernandez, and Hilario Diaz. Scores Garfield — Manual Arts 12 Garfield 6 — Fremont 1 3 Garfield 12 — Washington 6 Garfield 7 — Jefferson 32 Garfield 6 — Roosevelt 7 Practice Scores Garfield 12 — Wilson Garfield 12 — Marshall 6 a f w %v« IS ' le 1 13 lb r:f % m « ' - «b t-. t Jl W - w • 59ftW :felM, Bee Football Reserves First Row: R. Leggio, V. Dovila, S. Spring, H. Prouty, J. Montoya, P. Ortega, T. Engstrom, G. Brown, D. Holland, A. Mendez, J. Mendoza, R. Brown. Second Row: A. Siegil, Mgr., R. Bustomante, D. Bluntach, M. Morgolis, J. Yturralde, R. Romero, A. Ortiz, C. Ohonesian, W. Munoz, R. Arellano, D. Montoya, J. Gonzales, Third Row: L. C. Gary, W. Baquet, M. Galvin, P. Aguiior, F. Dwyer, B. Perez, J. Cocioppo, E. Holgoin, R. Mendivil, P. Ortiz, R. Guererro, J. Nojera, Coach Hunt. Fourth Row; G. Garcia, R, Cosio, R. Mortinez, R. Aviles, H. Whitrock, R. Keemer, C. Marquez, J. Lavin, A. Leon. e • ? ?, f f f ■ ' :« « » $? , « r P -Wilis ' lp! W ' ' « sA. ' J3 - - ' ' h V w § Junior Varsity Football First Row: P. Ramirez, S. Mendoza, R. Garcia, R. Horabedian, K. Chitjian, W. Jurado, R. Varela, J. Holmes, Mgr., C. Gold, Mgr. Second Row: Coach Benioff, A. Yborro, R. Rodriguez, B. Pierce, E. Lopez, E. Leyva, D. Ayala, P. Cono, G. Rios. Third Row: A. Lopez, C. Ceballos, P. Gonzales, C. Arnhart, F. Franco, R. Garcia, D. Ryan, T. Davey, R. Kisich, L. Corrales, Mgr. Fourth Row: S. Cirar, J. Chaides, M. Robles, H. Miller, Mgr., N. Lederman, R. Martinez, A. Pinon, R. Rodriguez, D. Gilroy, R. Chavez. Ninety-eight Ninety-nine Bee Basketballers First Row; S. Traslavina, C. Greva, D. Dangleis, A. Lopez, D. Monzo. Second Row: O. Addemon, E. Gekas, V. Richard- son, B. Arellones, B. Gutierrez. Third Row; Coach Mottola, N. Litwak, Mgr., K. Tani, D. Godinez, R. Rodriguez, O. Flewallen, Mgr. Cee Basketballers First Row; R. Garcio, A. Hernandez, H. Yamada, G. Delgado, E. Olivares. Second Row: D. Lorenzana, Mgr., K. Medieros, F. Botich, R. Stillman, E. Porros, B. Barba, E. Contreros, Mgr., Coach Holmes. Dee Basketballers First Row: T. Telles, G. Nakadate, R. Cis- neros, J. Moring, L. Bates. Second Row; D. lorenzana, Mgr., R. Beechler, J. Garza, E. Contreras, Mgr., Coach Holmes. Otir Hundred Basketball A " Suniniary B " Suiniiiary The varsity basketball team, though ending deep in the cellar of the Southern League, had the desire and the quality of players to win games. According to the scores, Garfield was defeated in all league con- tests, but each game proved more exciting than the last. Ball handling by the varsity cagemen was excellent. Whenever the boll wos in Garfield ' s possession, our boys held on to it until attempts or points were made. Rarely was the ball lost to opponents on errors. Garfield will field a better team next year because this past season gcjve the Bulldogs needed experience. Although four members are graduating, seven lettermen will return, full of the same enthusiasm and fighting spirit which Coach Vince Mottola develops in all of his teams. Th Bullpups also showed that they knew the game of basketboll by keeping control of the ball and seldom missing a chance to add more points to our score. They won two games out of ten. " C " and " D " Siinimaries The Bulldog Cee casabamen ended their season with a record of four wins and six losses. They defeated Fremont, Roosevelt, and Washington. Taking high point honors for the 1950-51 season with 175 points was Guillermo Delgado. The Dees under Coach Holmes had a great season, winning five tough games. The " Mighty Mites " showed they really hod class from the way they handled the ball and made every break count. ' A " League Results " B " , " C ' , " D " League Results Garfield 42 Garfield 25 ■ Garfield 29 ■ Gorfield 30 Gorfield 45 Garfield 21 Garfield 31 Garfield 26 Garfield 18 Garfield 28 - 54 Monual Arts - 5 ' i Fremont - 45 Washington - 75 Jefferson - 69 Roosevelt - 49 Manual Arts - 59 Fremont - 35 Washington -101 Jefferson - 47 Roosevelt " B " " C " " D " " B ' Garfield 35 28 31 Manual Arts . .48 Garfield ... 33 25 36 Fremont . 43 Gorfield ... 34 33 29 Washington 28 Garfield 41 24 23 Jefferson .50 Garfield ... 42 34 31 Roosevelt .48 Garfield . 41 14 26 Manual Arts . .48 Garfield . 49 30 27 Fremont ...56 Garfield .... 41 27 28 Washington 36 Garfield 32 37 24 Jefferson 57 Garfield .... 49 27 15 Roosevelt 56 " C " " D 43 10 22 26 16 31 36 30 29 20 38 24 17 25 22 30 53 28 28 33 Varsity Kneeling: Ruben Ortega, Albert Rivera, Bert Barba, Rudy Nunez, Ray Garcia. Standing: Ruben Gamboo, Leon Carrillo, Hubert Jones, Joe Diaz, Coach Kuntz. Cross Country Review Under the leadership of Coach Ed Kuntz and with the fine running of Barba, Rivera, Ortega, Jones, Garcia, and Carrillo, the Varsity Cross Country team was undefeated in 1950-51 and captured the Southern League title. The leather lungers did not stop here. They went on to capture the All-City Cross Country Championship contest held at U.C.L.A. The leather lungers were paced by Bert Barba, who placed third in the City Cross Country finals and first in the League finals. The Bulldogs looked like champions from the start of the season when they knocked over a strong Loyola team. The distance runners went on to win from Manual Arts, Dorsey, Jefferson, Belmont, Roosevelt, Muir, Venice, Woshinqton, and San Fernando. The Jayvees Cross Country team also hod the desire and the will to win and also captured the Southern League title and like their bigger brother also won the City Championship. The Jayvees were led by Manuel Garcia who placed third in the city and first in the Southern League. The Tenth Grade team mode a fine showing for Garfield OS they placed second in the Southern League finals and third in the city finals. Garfield is proud of Cooch Kuntz and his Cross Country teams for they are true CHAMPIONS. One Hundred Tico f s W " - I Lionel Rodriguez is shown moving up to take fifth ploce in the All-City tenth grade race. He Is second from the left. Fulfilling his promise to run six laps if the varsity took the All-City meet. Coach Kuntz is shown at the starting line. Bert Borba takes third place in varsity All-City meet. Manuel Gonzales is shown capturing the Southern League Junior Varsity championship. Coach Kuntz is presented the All-City trophy at U.C.L.A. Tenth Grade Kneeling: J. Soto, J. Delgadillo, R. Dorado, L. Esquer, D. Warren, A. Fierro. Standing: D. Lorenzono, A. Espinoso, A. Martinez, R. Garcia, N. Garcia, Coach Kuntz. Junior Varsity Kneeling: P. Villa grana, D. Delgodo, M. Turner, M. Gonzales, E. Esquivel, E. Monroy, H. Rojas. Standing: M. Corella, D, Cam pa, R. Salcido, J. Chavez, V. Hunsaker, D. Kleven, L. Garcia, R. Arguello, Coach Kuntz. rs fit I ' A ' " " Suiniuary Garfield ' s track team of 1 951 , coached by H. L. Hunt and Ed Kuntz, had a very rough sea- son, winning but one meet and tasting four de- feats. The Bulldogs started the season with a bang by almost upsetting Belmont ' s Sentinels, who went on to capture second place in the Northern League. After only one practice meet, Garfield tackled the strong competition of the Southern League. Standouts of the Crimson and Blue squad were Leon Carrillo in the mile; Jones in the 880 and relay; and Tony the low hurdles, 440, and anchorman relay team. As the 1951 season came to an ei Carrillo and Hubert Jones found thi among the top men in the city in the 880 respectively. " A " Scores League Finals Garfield 34 16— Manual Arts 69 5 6 Jefferson 67 1 3 Garfield 33 1 2 — Fremont 70 1.2 Manuel Arts 39 Garfield 72 1 6 — Washington 31 5 6 Roosevelt 31 Garfield 21 1 2 — Jefferson 82 12 Fremont 17 1 ' 3 Garfield 49 — Roosevelt 55 Garfield 16 Washington 8 13 " A " Track Team First Row: L. Carrillo, R. Gamboa, M. Kelly, C. Ceballos, G. Kessler, R. Urango, R. Medina, A. M. Landez, J. Voiles, T. Dovey, J. Diaz, A. Espinosa, Coach Hunt. Second Row; Coach Kuntz, E. Salazar, L. Chavez, R. Rodriguez, B. Perez, R, Ortega, T. Peno, G. Fish, A. Slayton, R. Plan, D. Gonzales, Mgr. Third Row: J. Chavez, G. Barba, A. Almanzo, 5. Troslovina, E. Esquivel, D. Holmes, P. Brkich, Mgr., R. Villagrana, B. Salcido, M. Corella, T. Sandoval, V. De Modesto, Mgr. " C " Siiiiiniary After going unbeaten for four straight meets, the Bulldog Ceemen were defeated at the hand of Jefferson and Roosevelt, thus landing them in third place with a 1951 record of four wins end two losses. The standouts of the squad were Gil- bert Podillo in the 660, who went all the way to the Southern League finals un- defeated; Gary Spring in the 180 and re- lay; and Ray Ceniceroz in the 660, high jump, shot put and relay. The pole vault twins, Robert Dorado and Thomas Telles, also ploced in the Southern League meet. ' C " Scores Garfield 58 1 Garfield 55 1 Garfield 43 1 Garfield 65 I Garfield 12 2 — Belmont 18 1 2 2 — Manual 21 1 2 3 — Fremont 33 1 3 2 — Washington 1 1 1 — Jefferson 65 Wfl!A Garfield 28 1 2 — Roosevelt 53 1 2 " C " Track Team First Row: R. Palacios, P. Yniguez, R. Ceniceroz, F. Apodaca, M. Nishimoto, R. Gonzales. Second Row: Coach Hunt, R. Dorado, R. Rodriguez, R. Ysios, G. Podilla, A. Espinoso, Coach Kuntz. Third Row: M. Aranda, H. Dovillo, A. Jacobo, T. Telles, J. Montoya, C. Manassee. " B ' Suniniary The Garfield Bee squad was very well- balanced, but a lack of depth proved too much for the Bullpups. The team as a whole displayed very fine form all season, and when the final curtain fell on the 1951 cinder season, the Pups found them- selves in fourth place. Sparking the Bee team were such stars as Art (Tudy) Fregoso in the 100, 220, and relay; Al (Champ) Rivera in the 1320; Al Mena and Manuel Gonzales in the 660; Al Garcia in sprints and hurdle; Dick Keehmer In the shot put; and Art Ortiz in the high jump. " B " Scores Garfield 48 — Belmont 47 Garfield 45 ' 3 — Manual 49V2 Garfield 25 — Fremont 70 Garfield 57 — Washington 38 Garfield 12 — Jefferson 83 Garfield 42 — Roosevelt 53 ' B " Track Team First Row: Coach Hunt, R. Ward, V. Hunsaker, A. Ortiz, A. Fregoso, G. Galewick, A. Reyes, T. Engstrom, R, Brown, R. Sanchez, P. Montoya, D. Delgodo. Second Row: A. Mena, C. Apodaca, R, Gonzales, R. Moldonado, V. Mendoza, R. Keehmer, W. Robfes, R. Miranda, A. Garcia, D. Kleven, Coach Kuntz. Third Row: R. Martinez, M. Gonzales, E. Monroy, E. Hernandez, G. Ferroles, V. Ruiz, G. Gomez, A. Rivera, H. Rojas, E. Ramirez, R. Arguello. One Hundred Five Tennis Team First Row: R. Ortiz, P. Albrecht, A. Rojas, L. Martinez, G. Ceruto, J. Morad, B. Mendoza, H. Miller, H. Yamado. Second Row: R. Cano, H. Tierre, R. Wolsleger, P. Radliff, A. Hazan, G. Nakadate, Mr. Lewis. Varsity Tennis Garfield ' s tennis team had a very successful season during the 1951 Southern League campaign. Mr. William Lewis ' s racketmen tied for third in the finol standings, which is the best a Garfield team has done in many a year. The Bulldogs met defeat at the hands of Manual Arts, Fremont, and Washington in league ploy, but finally came bock to take Jefferson and Roosevelt, which put them in a tie for third place with Jefferson and Manual Arts. Over 30 men showed up for the team this year, which is considerably more than in previous years. An intra -squad tournament at the beginning of the season gave the team spirit, experience, and ability. The winner of this tournament was Leroy Martinez, who was also one of the most con- sistent players, as he alternated with Bill Mendoza for first and second man of the team. The captain of this year ' s team was Bill Mendoza, who was also a three year letterman. He headed a host of other fine players such as singles stars, Leroy Martinez, Hank Ya- mado, George Cerruto, A I Hazan, and doubles players, Henry Tirre, Armando Rojas, Herman Miller, and Jimmy Morod. Garfield ' s pre-season play even outdid their Southern League ploy, as they beat teams from Huntington Park, Bell, South Gate, Belmont, and almost took Mark Kepple, one of the CIF ' s finest teams. The only meet in which they were outclassed was against Montebello. Four men entered the doubles division of the city finals held at Griffith Park. George Cerruto and Henry Tirre went all the way to the quarterfinals, but were finally beaten and ended fourth in the city. The other doubles team, Leroy Martinez and Hank Yamada, were beaten in the first round of the tournament but succeeded in going to the finals of the consolation bracket. Final Standings Washington 5-0 Fremont 4-1 GoTfield 2-3 Henry Yamada Manual Arts 2-3 Jefferson 2-3 Roosevelt 0-5 William Mendoza Armando Rojas UlE First Row: J. Ribocchi, Catcher; D. Dangleis, Pitcher. Second Row: R. Gunther, First Base; T. Gaitan, Second Base; J. Gaitan, Third Base; H. Kelso, Shortstop; J. Buckroff, Left Fielder, Pitcher; J. Simon Center Fielder; H. Jones, Right Fielder. " A " Baseballers First Row: A. Siegel, Mgr., R. Valenzuelo, M. Macarewich, T. Gaitan, H. Kelso, R. Gunther, J. Ribocchi, E. Dominguez. Second Row: K. Bernard, Mgr., B. Garcio, J. Cramer, R. Avenotti, P. Soto, D. Dangleis, J. Simon, G. Mowing, Mgr. Third Row: K. Toni, Mgr., L. Goveo, J. Buckroff, D. Richardson, R. Perolto, P. Ortega, J. Goitan, Mr. Holmes, Coach. Fourth Row: C. Joneway, Mgr., H. Jones. Varsity Final League Standings Won Lost Tied Rained O " ' ' Jj Washington . 9 10 jE Gorfield 6 3 1 Manual Arts 5 3 11 1 Fremont 3 6 1 ' Jefferson 2 7 1 i Roosevelt 2 7 10 till B " Baseball Team First Row: R. Garcia, G. Spring, B. Pierce, E. Garcia, R. Cummings, M. Guerro, P. Pederson, R. Gutierrez, E. Maljanian. Second Row: L. Tafoya, R. Castaneda, J. Castillo, R. Calderon, L. Barche, L. Rios, R. Summery, J. Gonzales, R. Mendivil. Third Row: R. Wagnon, R. Fregoso, P. Ortiz, M. Van Doren, R. Regalado, S. Land, R. Alvarez, J. Enlce, R. Rodriguez. Fourth Row: Coach Thompson, R. Achin, E. Joyner, R. Cisneros, L. Bates, R. Nieto, H. Jimenez, P. Burrolo. Varsity Baseball Coach Bob Holmes and his horsehiders started the ' 51 season off with a bang, winning their first six practice games from Bell, Wilson, Huntington Park, Franklin twice, and Lincoln. These were some of the strongest teams in the city. The Bulldogs went into the Southern League with the spirit and determination to bring home the bacon for Garfield, but the Southern League jinx got the Bulldogs, as they lost their first two league games to Manual Arts and Fremont by the close scores of 5-4 and 2-1. The Bulldogs were determined to get in the win column and did so with a smashing 5-4 upset over the league-leading Washington Generals. This raised the spirit of the team higher, and they went on to knock over Jefferson and Roosevelt by the scores of 5-0 and 8-2. This ended the first round of play. The second Manual Arts ' game was called off because of rain and was not played until after the Dorsey Tournament. The next team to foil at the hands of the Bulldogs was Fremont by the score of 6-0. Then came the big gome, the second one against Washington. If the Bulldogs were to win this one, all they would have to do would be to win their remaining games, ond the championship would be theirs. It was a close game all the way, but a pinch-hit single in the sixth inning spoiled the Bulldogs ' championship hopes. The score was 3-2, and so as it turned out, Garfield missed the Southern League championship by one run. But this did not stop the Bulldogs, because they went on and handed Jefferson a 4-1 setback and upset Roosevelt 15-1. The Bulldogs were led by the great pitching of Don Dangleis, the smart catching of Jim Ribacchi, and the timely hitting of Bennie Garcia, who hod a ,555 league average. As a team, this year ' s nine hustled all the time in the Garfield trodition. ' B " Baseball Due to lack of experience and frequent injuries, Garfield ' s junior varsity boseball teom finished in the Southern League cellar with a record of one win and seven losses. The Bullpups made a successful season out of it, however, by dropping their Eastside rival, Roosevelt, 6-3. League Scores Garfield 1-3 Monual Arts . 4-6 Garfield .11-2 Washington ...17-5 Garfield 3-4 Jefferson 5-7 Garfield 6-6 Roosevelt 7-3 Fremont failed to field a jayvee team. iyu ' A ' ' Summary Coach Vince Motto la proved that he had the best all-around gym team, as his musclemen won the dual meet championship of the Southern League. But the actual standings were not de- cided until the league finals, when the Bulldogs took a poor fourth place. This was because the individual strength of the Bulldogs was weak except in a few events. Because the Bulldogs made such a good show- ing in the dual meets, however, they were moved up to third place in the final league standings by an official point system. After dropping the first meet of the season to Lincoln High, the Bulldogs went on a winning spree to knock over Manual Arts, Fremont, Jef- ferson, and Roosevelt. The only defeat in the Southern League came at the hands of Wash- ington by the close score of 62V2 to 57V2. The most thrilling and exciting gym meet of the season was that between Roosevelt and Garfield, which the Bulldogs won 61 V2 to 5BV2. The gym team was led by Captain Wally Gordon, and highest scorer, Dave Guerrero, who made most of the Bulldog ' s points. Other high point winners were Sontos Delgadrllo, Bill Jura- do, Tommy Tomey, Al Hazon, Robert Guerrero, David Ayola, and Gilbert Herrera. Dave Guerrero was the only gymnast to place in the city finals, as he tied for second in the free exercise. This gym team will be remembered for its great spirit and its sincere will to win. Garfield is proud of them. Dual League Meets Garfield 67 — Manual Arts 53 Garfield 62 — Fremont 58 Garfield 57 2 — Washington 62V2 Garfield 86V2 — Jefferson 33V2 Garfield 61 V2 Roosevelt 58V2 League Finals Fremont — 29V2 Roosevelt — 26 Manual Arts — 25 Garfield— 15 Washington — I4V2 Jefferson — 10 I First Row: Cooch Mottolo, J. Garza, G. Herrera, C. Minjarres, D. Ayola, D. Guerrero, Captain W. Gordon, W. Jurado, S. Delgadillo, R. Guerrero, J. Gonzales, R. Snow, Mgr. A. Cosenlino. Second Row: Mgr. E. Pizzo, D. Ortiz, A. Sesanto, M. Herron, T. Luna, T. Brown, F. Pyburn, A. Hazan, D. Trommell, E. Contreras, F. Covely, Mgr. N. Litwak. Third Row: Mgr, R. Garcia, E. Porros, A. Gutierrez, T. Acevedo, I. Sanchez, J. Weigman, R. Rodriguez, F. Young, R. Rutherford, G. Wilson, M. Jimenez, R. Apodaca-, T. Tomey, R. Escobar, E. Asadoorian, T. Cherone. Not pictured: C. Vines. One Hundred Ten Tcili City Finals Fremont — 22 Roosevelt — 19 Manuol Arts — 1 7 North Hollywood — S ' j South Gate — 7 B ' . ' BSS if- Team Standouts WALLY GORDON DAVID GUERRERO WilUa-tYi J, IlKliS Our Hiindicd Tuih ' C Tennis Class Duiiciiii; — A Favorite of Everyone Basketball — A Popular Sport Letter Club First Row: H. Apsel, S. McKinney, B. Loedtka, D. Hicks, V. Martinez, P. McCollom, I. Navarro. Second Row: J. Weigmon, R. Ortegon, L. Lopez, G. Ohonesian, B. Gobel, A. Rangel, Mrs. Heiser. Third Row: E. Sanchez, E. Reyes, A. Gomez, D. Gomez, S. Alvarez, N. Yriarte, E. Galcviz. Fourth Row: G. Valencia, A. Moreno, L. Diaz, A. Gue- vara, M. Flores, P. Kirby, H. Munoz. Roll Call on the Field One Hundicd Thittfcii Winter Executives First Row: G. Volencia, H. Apsel, R. Orlegon, P. McCollom, M. James, S. Alvarez, H. Izuhora. Second Row: Miss Rakestraw, E. Bejarono, M. L. George, D. Hicks, S. Porter, B. Luedtka, S. McKinney, P. Hamilton, Miss Risheberger. Summer Executives zuharo, G. Valen- Second Row: H. Brilliant, W. Allison, M. I. George, L. Lopez, D. Gomez, A. Gomez, Mrs. Nogle. First Row; P. Reza, B. Trifiletti, H cia, T. Senechal, E. Bejarano. G. A. A.- Grade 10 First Row: E. Bejarano, B. Smith, A. Atherton, S. Deretich, B. Dominguez, M. Costaneda, B. Montez. Second Row: L. Noudon, I. Her- nandez, J. Bukovoc, R. Gonzales, M. Dismang, N. Hedrick, M. Robles, F. Baltazar, R. Hor- tunian, T. Flores. Third Row: L. Torres, D. Sturgeon, M. Visotsky, R. Trifiletti, J. Loo, M. Miyano, P. Dixon, G. Wisdom, R. Turner, C. Boggio. Fourth Row: J. Elios, S. Bledsoe M. Ortegon, H. Gorcio, M. Tirre, B. Esperonzo, V. De Lo Pena, L. Cervantes, B. Dowald, P. Bartelli, S. Rey. Fifth Row: H. Pena, E. Garcia, G. Lopez, G. Castro, J. Kronick, J. Aiello, C. De Luca, J. Muto, T. Senechal. Sixth Row: E. Sandoval, M. Valenzuela, L. Breton, P. Mac- cagno, R. Perez, C. Robles, A. Ortega, J. Silva. Seventh Row: E. Mosqueda, J. Harrison, B. Allen, S. Crownover, D. Mendrin. G.A.A.— Grade 11 First Row: I. Quimette, S. Verdugo, J. Lermo, D. Gomez, M. L. George, P. Howord, J. De Lo Pena, E. Samorin, A. Bolian. Second Row: L. Martinez, E. Costellonos, G. Faros, B. Guevara, M. Avedisian, A. Amador, G. Hi- guera, Y. Peloyo, B. Trifiletti. Third Row: M. Sermeno, D. Valencia, E. Avilel, G .Hunt, I. Camorillo, I. Valodez, E. Villegas, M. Ewart, B. Martinez, G. Valencia. Fourth Row: H. Brilliant, C. Trammell, P. Reza, A. Ramirez, N. Sanchez, T. Volodez, E. Valle, A. Rangel, C. Salcido, M. Chernekoff. Fifth Row: S. Alvarez, N. Solano, M. James, M. Osaki, J. Jerome, J. Jerome, H. Izuhora, C. Cabuto, M. Hernandez. Sixth Row: B. Hardy, E. Gon- zales, L. Dunn, E. Bustomonte, F. Sainz, A. Arroyo, E. Daniels, A. Gomez. Onr Hundred Fourteen Winter G.A.A. Cheer Leaders O. Hickj. G. Volencia, S. McKinney Summer G.A.A. Cheer Leaders D. Gomez, M. L. George, A. GomeT. " Hearty Eaters " " The Things " GAA.— Grade 12 First Row: H. Munoz, I. Navarro, L. Lopez, P. McCollom, R. Ortegon, L. Diaz, H. Apsel Second Row: B. Gobel, B. Barnard, V. Kira midjian, E. Fregoso, T. Tinaiero, G. Hurtado J. Weigman. Third Row; A. De Miranda, V Martinez, M. Flores, C. Morales, A. Guevara, M. Corona, W, Allison. Fourth Row: S. Mc Kinney, D. Hicks, B. Luedtko. f) i( ' Hiuidnd Fijtirii ,.r- y " »-. This lovely photo of Mary Zobaio, Gertie Ricketson, and Pat McMullen was token at CAGLE ' S STUDIO, 737 SOUTH ATLANTIC BOULEVARD. They also have o studio ot 4511 SOUTH VERMONT AVENUE. Phone ANgelus 1-8020 ijucart Stationer? anb printing Co. Office Supp its Ei uipment 4701 WHITTIER BOULEVARD Ben ' s National Paint Store LOS ANGELES 22. CALIFORNIA IMPERIAL WALL PAPER ' DUTCH BOY PAINTS Established 1926 4634 Whittier Blvd. M. L. SHUCART PHONE ANGELUS 2-1191 Los Angeles 22, Calif. [ With Prospero Soto driving, Angie Garcia beside him, Janie Besset and Bill Mendoza in the back, all ore having a wonderful time in the ' 51 Ford from the FRANK CARROLL FORD DEALER, 705 ATLANTIC BOULEVARD. With Mrs. Till behind the wheel, Violet Kiramid- jian, Lupe Dior, and Minnie Compoy are getting gas where the service is best at Jim Kreutzer ' s UNION OIL STATION at the corner of OLYMPIC AND AT- LANTIC BOULEVARDS. A, A-l AUTO ELECTRIC f Looking up at the sign of the A-1 AUTO ELEC- TRIC, located ai 640 ATLANTIC BOULEVARD, is Bunji Hayata. BROOKLYN FORD MARKET 4500 Brooklyn Ave. Tel. AN 3-4726 Look who ' s shopping at CAll ME KURIEY ' S, 4623 WHITTIER BOULEVARD. Leono Overley and Mory Louise George are selecting something suitable for Joe Guerra. Quality work thot is guaranteed is shown by Frank Soto of SOTO ' S CLEANERS, 629V2 SOUTH ATLANTIC BOULEVARD, to Doug Holmes, Irene Ortega, Wally Gordon, and Grace Ohonesion. You are welcome to visit the new NATIONAL PARTS COMPANY located at 4385 EAST OLYMPIC BOULEVARD. Telephone is AN. 4107. Silting in o booth, ot the GOLDEN GATE CAFE, 760 SOUTH ATLANTIC BOULEVARD, drinking cokes, ore Sharlene Moomjean, Melvin Chapman, Lorraine Silvas, Andy Cacciatori, Dorris Boren, Ben Boco, LaRue Cawthon, Aram Hovanisian, Barbaro Hau- quitz, and Jerry Whittle. Richard Bergmon and Tino Romirez are shopping with Marilyn Dismang ond Esther Mendoza for pony snacks at the BOULEVARD MARKET, 3822 WHITTIER BOULEVARD. One Hundred Nineteen Helping John Miller pick out o fine quolity suit at CHARLES AND COURTNEY, 4946 WHITTIER BOU- LEVARD, is Sondro Bohigicn. With employees of the market helping, Tony Peno and Marie Kommer select fine quality meats at REX MARKET, 4401 BROOKLYN AVENUE. For good quality jackets such as the " D " club has, visit W. A. GOODMAN AND SONS, 1027-29-31 SOUTH BROADWAY PLACE. Acknowledgments — We wish to extend sincere thanks to Mr. Frank Flanigon of Cagle ' s Studio and Dixie Hammond of Garfield for all the swell pictures in this annual. We also sincerely thank Mr. John Bugel of Murray and Gee, our printers, for his help in the production of the " Crimson and Blue " . L O-C Cl c OClS ' llb Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles 22, California Angelus 2-1002 m

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