James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1942

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James Garfield High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1942 volume:

f I II 1U i CRimSOn o BLU€ II II PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASSES OF JAMES A. GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA FOREWORD LET US GO ON A TRIP— A JOURNEY THROUGH GARFIELD OF THE YEAR OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-TWO. WE ALL LIKE TO REMINISCE BUT SOMETIMES MEMORIES ARE DIFFICULT TO RECALL. THE MEMBERS OF THE ANNUAL STAFF HAVE CAREFULLY ARRANGED THIS TOUR SO THAT YOU MAY NOT FORGET ONE OF YOUR SCHOOL-DAY ADVENTURES. THEY HAVE TRIED TO INCLUDE EVERY PHASE OF SCHOOL LIFE AND EVERY PERSON WHO HAD A PART IN THAT LIFE; THEY HAVE MADE IT THEIR PRINCIPAL AIM TO AVOID CONSTRAINED, PURELY RECORD-LIKE CHARACTERISTICS. NOW PUT YOURSELF IN AN INFORMAL MOOD AND JOIN THE EXCURSION. Four Five DEDICATION ON A MEMORABLE DAY IN DECEMBER, 1941, OUR NATION WAS PLUNGED INTO THE MOST TERRIBLE WAR IN THE HISTORY OF MAN. AS A RESULT, OUR ARMED FORCES HAVE BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT OF THE DAY BECAUSE THEY HAVE DONE THE MOST SELF-SACRIFICING WORK FOR THE ACTUAL PRO- TECTION OF THE IDEALS WE HOLD SO DEAR. IN THE DEEPEST APPRECIATION OF THE GREAT EFFORT THEY HAVE PLEDGED, BOTH IN SWEAT AND BLOOD, FOR THE VICTORY OF THEIR BE- LOVED LAND, THE 1942 CRIMSON AND BLUE IS SINCERELY DEDICATED TO THE MEMBERS OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY, NAVY, AND MARINE CORPS — INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLEC- TIVELY. MAY THEY HAVE DIVINE GUIDANCE TO KEEP ALOFT THE GLORIOUS STANDARD THAT LEADS THEM SO INSPIRINGLY IN PEACE AND WAR. t 3 plebge aUegiance to tfje flag of tfje Winitth tatt of America anb to tfje i epublic for toijicf) it s;tanb£;, om Jgation, indibisiible, tuitj) libtvtv anb jusitice for all S z ' en HERBERT S. WOOD Principal A ) PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE THE FEW SHORT YEARS YOUNG PEOPLE SPEND IN HIGH SCHOOL CONSTITUTE PROBABLY THE MOST PLEASANT, THE MOST PROFITABLE, AND THE MOST CARE- FREE PERIOD OF THEIR LIVES. THESE HIGH SCHOOL DAYS CAN BE AND OFTEN ARE WASTED BY INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS, AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT AND ADVANCEMENT ARE NOT USED TO THE UTMOST. NOW, IF EVER, IS THE TIME FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO USE EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY TO PREPARE IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE MANNER FOR THE YEARS THAT LIE IMMEDIATELY AHEAD. YOUNG AMERICA MUST BE THE BEST PHYSICAL SPECIMENS OF MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD, THE BEST EDUCATED, THE MOST LOYAL AND CONSE- CRATED GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. YOU, EACH INDIVIDUAL IN GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, TOGETHER WITH THE OTHER MILLIONS OF AMERICAN BOYS AND GIRLS MUST BE READY; AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE DEPENDING ON YOU. YOU DARE NOT FAIL. HERBERT S. WOOD, PrincipaL Nine D. WALLACE ADAMSON Boys ' Vice-Principal Tin ALICE REITERMAN Girls ' Vice-Principal MARIE ALDEN HOPKINS Registrar MARION B. GIRARD Counselor Eleven F fl CU LTV FIRST GROUP: Ernest Leeper, Mrs. Edna Mac Pherson, Selma Mesloh, Mrs. Laura Magruder, SS ' iSVi S- Loundes, Leo A. Marks. SECOND GROUP, Standing: Pieter J. Kapteyn, Mark O Lehmer, Mrs Burden Krienke, Fred M. Johnson. beated: Deodata Jiminez, Lily KunkeL THIRD GROUP: Ethel G. Ingalls, Mrs. Floy Horning, Hor- ace Hunt, Mary B. Jacobs, Alberta Higbey, Mrs. Aileen Howard, Wallace H. Hook. Center: Helen Harding, Genevieve Hillman. Not photographed: Mrs. Mattie Branthwaite, Mrs. Maud Mallory, Mrs. Dorothy Felton. Tujetve FIRST GROUP, Standing: Walter G. Powell, Mrs. Laura N. Peery, Lillian Morris, Roy Priebe. Seated: Marguerite Miller, Mrs. Ruth Norgard, Mrs. Mildred Moyse. SECOND GROUP, Standing: Archie Swan, William Storlcan, Dave Taylor. Seated: Mrs. Mar- garet Sharp, Mabel Schobach, Mrs. Lora Suther- land. THIRD GROUP: Mrs. Katherine Hazel, George W. Earl, Lester Frederickson, Hazel Harrod, Mrs. Grace A. Heiser, Ruth Foreman, Henry D. Herold. FOURTH GROUP: Mrs. Buelah H. Alexander, Mrs. Roberta Culbertson, Harold H. Cooper, Mrs. Gladys Chandler, William J. Ingram, Mrs. Virginia Capps, Edith Cooper, Bertha Church. Thirteen FIRST GROUP, Standing: Castilla Winford, Mrs. Charlotte Young, Mrs. Zella Young, Frank Zink. Seated: Glenna Wright, Mrs. Flora Winslow, Mrs. Ella Twomey. SECOND GROUP, Standing: Fred R. Dobric, Mrs. Evangeline Heisig, Charles L. Cornell, George P. Diehl. Seated: Ruth Dickey, Abbie Douqhiy. Mrs. Glenna Fleck, Lois I. Eross. THIRD GROUP: Harry G. Rogers, Ehzabeth Scheld, Maxine Russell, George I. Sawyer, Mildred Reed, Ethel Reiterman. FOURTH GROUP: Ada Astels, Gladys Anderson, Raymond R. Brown, Virgil Best, Mrs. Almeda Breeze, Mrs. Marion Binder. Foiirl fjj OFFICE WORKERS STANDING: Mrs. Thelma Sentence, Text Book Clerk; Gilbert W. Heisig, Business Manager; Buelah Head, Counselor ' s Assistant; Everett M. Chase, Assistan ' Librarian. SEATED: Mrs. Martha Gates, Swicth- board Operator; Mrs. May Belle Thompson, Princi- pal ' s Secretary; Royal Bouchellerie, Registrar ' s Assistant. Fifteen SixUrn Seventeen Qmi M, Fir si Citumn—UH PantI — ELEANOR ABATA: Thespian Presi- dent, World Friendship Club, Prep-N Club, Service, Tri-Y. ESPERANZA AGUILAR: Achievement Club, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Alpha, Ker- sey Business Club, Noon Concert Club. BILL ALLARD: Home Room President, " B " and " C " Track. BARBARA HELM ALLEN: Kersey Business Club, Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Service, Girls ' Ath- letic Association. CECILIA AREL- LANO: Noon Concert Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. CHRIS- TINE ARGON: Thespian, Prep-N Club, World Friendship Club, Serv- ice. SAM S. ARIZA: Achievement Club, World Friendship Club, Service Captain, " B " Football, " C " Track. BETTY ATKINS: World Friendship Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Cup and Saucer Club, Service, Audi- torium Control. Sf ' i ' om Cohtmn — JOSEPHINE AYALA: World Friend- ship Club, Service, Business Letter Award. JAMES BAHR: Stage Crew, World Friendship Club, Service. DORA BARRERA: Girls ' Athletic As- sociation, Tri-Y, Service, Auditorium Control, World Friendship Club. DOROTHY BAYER: Tri-Y, Cup and Saucer Club, Maids, Service. ARTHUR BECKER: " B " Tennis Letterman, Service. BETTY BECKMAN: Girls ' Athletic Association, Achievement Club, Chatelaine, Senior " A " Sec- retary, Auditorium Control. ROBERT BENJAMIN: Service. PETE BETIA: Board of Commissioners, Big " G " , " A " , " B " , " C " , " D " Basketball, Gymnastics, " B " and " C " Track, Home Room President. Third Coluitin-Rmlit Pttii.-I--- VALLIERA BISH: Glee Club Secre- tary, Service, Noon Concert Log Re- porter, Home Room President. MARY BOWERMAN: Student Body Secre- tary, California Scholarship Federa- tion-Life Member, Chatelaine, Letter Club Secretary, Kersey Business Club, Ephebian. JEAN BOYNTON: Service, Home Room President. EVELYN BRANDT: Service. MIL- DRED BRASHEARS: Senior Annual Staff, Senior Play, Prep-N President, Tri-Y Beta, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion. MARLIN BRITTAIN: Hi-Y, Achievement Club, Football Band, Student Council, Service. NANCY L. BUCHANAN: Service, Girls ' Ath- letic Association, Achievement Club. MANUEL BUSTAMANTE: World Friendship Club, Service, Cross Country, Choral Club, Track. hourth Column — BILL CASTLE. ANGELITA CASTRO. GENE CATTANI: Service. SALLY CAZAREZ: World Friendship Club, Tri-Y, Service. LUCIO CHAIDES: Service, Senior Orchestra. BERTHA CHAVEZ: Tri-Y, Senior Usher, Prep- N Club, World Friendship Club, Service. KEITH CHESNEY. RAY COSIO: Student Body Council, " B " Football, Choral Club, Orpheus Club, Noon Concert Club. i X F.khUni i I f ' lnl Cntiimn Lejt Panel — EVELYN BERNICE COZAD: Letter Club. Girls ' Athletic Association, Home Room President, Tri-Y, Serv- ice. LOUISE CRESPO: Service. RAY CRUIKSHANK: Service Captain, Fire Brigade. AMIS DELGADO: Service. CONSUELO DIAZ: Log Stall, Girls ' Athletic Association, Achievement Club, Service. FRANK DI NOTO: Commissioner of Organizations, Life Member of the California Scholar- ship Federation, Knight President, Head Yell Leader, President of the Eleventh California Scholarship Fed- eration District. GLADYS MAY DIXON: President of Tri-Y Beta, Vice-President of Tri-Y Beta, Secre- tary of Girls ' Athletic Association. Achievement Club, Service. SAL- VADOR R. DUARTE: Board of Com- missioners, Achievement Club, Hi-Y, Home Room President, Senior Band. fiond Cohtinn — DAISY JO DUROUSSEAU: Tri-Y Beta, Service. JOSEPH DZIDA: Ker- sey Business Club, Achievement Club, Service. TSUGIO EGAV A: " A " and " B " Basketball Manager, " B " Football, World Friendship Club, Foreign Language Club. MARY EDITH ELICH: Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation Commissioner, Letter Club President, Officials ' Cub. Chatelaine, Tri-Y. MANUELA ELIZONDO: Serv- ice, Cup and Saucer Club, Tri-Y Beta. FRANCES ESPINOZA: Tri-Y Beta, Service. JESUS C. ESPITIA: " A " and ' B " Track Letterman, Cross Country, Service. JOSEPH ESSE: Service. Thini Colinnn — Ris it Partil — DORIS EVERHART: Prep-N Club. RUDY FANSKA: Student Body Presi- dent, Knight, National Athletic Schol- arship Society, Home Room President, " A " Football. Ephebian. JIMMIE FARRACE: Future Farmers of Amer- ica, Service, Sguire, Orpheus Club. RAUDEL FERNANDEZ: Achievement Club, Kersey Business Club, Home Room President, Hi-Y, " B " , " C " and " D " Basketball Letterman. LOUISE FONTAINE: Senior Annual Staff, Service. ARMANDO A. GALINDO: California Scholarship Federation, Knight Vice-President, Gold Service Pin, Vice-President of Hi-Y Alpha, Cross Country Manager. Ephebian. HECTOR GALLEGO: Service. OSCAR GALLEGO: Student Body Vice-Presi- dent, Hi-Y Alpha President, Califor- nia Scholarship Federation, Board of Commissioners, " A " , " B " , and " C " Track Letterman, Ephebian. Fourth Column — REBECCA GARCIA: World Friend- ship Club, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion, Business Letter Av rard, Service. BERT GAUNY: Track Letterman, Publicity Club Representative to Boys ' Athletic Association, Publicity Club. WAYNE GOLLY: Service, Student Council, Projectionists ' Club, Stage Crew. CAROLINE GONZALES: Service. LAURA GONZALES. LIL- LIAN GONZALES: Service. Cup and Saucer Club, Tri-Y Beta, Girls ' Ath- letic Association. LORRAINE GOR- TON: Service, Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation, Tri - Y, Business Letter Award. DOMENICK GRECO: Or- pheus Club, Vice-President of Fu- ture Farmers of America, Member of National High School Chorus, Serv- ice, Senior Problems Class Presi- dent. ■ « X ' uu-tren -S .-J»J iV ' Aimi First Column -Left Panel — FLOYD SCHRAFF GROSS: Service, Fire Brigade, " B " Football, " B " Track. DELIA A. GUAYANTE: Girls ' Athletic Association, Service, Senior Usher. MARGARET GUERRERO. SALVADOR GUZMAN: Big " G ' Club, " A " , " B " , " C " , " D " Track Letterman, Hi-Y Club, " A " , ' B " , " C " , " D " Basketball Letterman, Achieve- ment Club. BETTY E. HAMBELTON: Achievement Club, Service, Tri-Y Beta, Home Room Secretary, Girls ' Athletic Association. LE ROY HAM- BELTON: Service. Guilders. CARO- LYN HAMRO: Kersey Business Club, N.Y.A. Service. GARLAND HAR- KEY. Si-fonil Column — JOAN HARRIS: ' World Friendship Club, Letter " Writing Award, Serv- ice. LOUIE HASSON: Board of Com- missioners, Commissioner of Publi- cations, Boys ' Service Commissioner, Knight, " B " and " C " Basketball. GUY " WILLIAM HEDER: " A " Track Letterman. World Friendship Club, Future Farmers of America Presi- dent, Cross Country, Student Coun- cil. ELAINE D. HENDERSON: Girls ' Athletic Association, Home Room President, Service. ESTHER HER- NANDEZ: Service, Noon Concert Club. MARY LOUISE HERRERA- Service, Choral Club, Student Coun- cil, World Friendship Club, Drama Club. KATHRYN LOUISE HERRIN: " Vice-President Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation, Chatelaine, Letter Club, Prep-N Club, Officials Club. JAMES L. HILE. Thir.l Cnhnnn — Rr kl Pan.l HELEN HOBBS: World Friendship Club, Kersey Business Club, Tri- " Y Alpha, Business Letter Award, Serv- ice. DUDLEY HOLT: Stage Crew, Service. GERALDINE SHIRLEY JACK- SON: Girls ' Letter Club, Girls ' Ath- letic Association, World Friendship Club, Service, Senior Annual. DON- ALD J. JOHNSON: Small " G " , Big " G " , " A " , " B " Track, Band, Service. GENEVIEVE JOHNSON: President World Friendship Club, President Prep-N Club, Secretary Prep-N Club, Home Room President, Tri-Y Alpha. HARRY LEROY JOHNSON: Knight, American Legion Award, California Scholarship Federation, Hi-Y, Com- missioner of Organizations. Senior " B " President. DOROTHY KEISTER: Tri-Y Club, Prep-N Club, Service, World Friendship Club. EDDIE KIR- ALLA: Achievement Club, Hi-Y, Ker- sey Business Club, Service. f ' niirth Column — DARINKA KISSICH: Service, Tri-Y Beta. WILLIE D. KNOTT. RALPH KOONTZ: Senior " A " President, " A " Basketball, Big " G " , Board of Com- missioners, Various Class Presidents. SHEILA KURTZ: Senior Annual Staff, Girls ' Athletic Association, School Play, California Scholarship Federa- tion, Tri-Y Beta. JOAN AVELINE LAWRENCE: Achievement Club, Preo-N Club, Service, Gilders Club. JACK LEASE: Knight, Achievement Club President, California Scholar- ship Federation. Gym Team, Home Room President four times. MAR- THA LESTER: Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club, Girls ' Ath- letic Association, Big " Four " Langu- age Club, Service. BARBARA JEAN LIMES: Vice-President Girls ' Glee Club, Shorthand Awards Business Letter Award, Service, Girls ' Ath- letic Association. li- ' tl TiVfnty ?l wu u I I ,• .X S- I First Column— Li-lt Panel— JACK LITTLE: Treasurer of the Hi-Y Alpha. Achievement Club, World Friendship Club, Service. RICHARD E. LOMBARDO. RICARDO LOZA: Hi-Y Gamma, Achievement Club, World Friendship Club, Home Room President, Service. SHIRLEY LU- EDTKE: Tri-Y Beta. Service. JAMES LYTLE: Fire Brigade. Supervisor of Service. Service. JOSIE MADRID: Service. PETER J. MAIMONE: Presi- dent of the Achievement Club, Knight, Hi-Y, Track Team, Dance Orchestra. OLGA MARGAIN: World Friendship Club, Girls ' Athletic As- sociation, Business Letter Av ard, Service. Sii ' ond Cnhimn — PAUL MATCHIN. VIDA MATIJASE- VICH: Tri-Y Beta, Kersey Business Club, Service, Usher, World Friend- ship Club. RACHEL MATURING: Vocational Cosmetology, Tri-Y, Cup and Saucer Club, World Friendship Club, Noon Concert. MARGARETT A. McCONAUGHY: Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club, Girls ' Letter Club, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion, Senior Annual. MARIORIE HELEN McCOY: Guilders ' Club, Achievement Club, Clavis Club, Stage Service, Service. RUBY Mc- GUIRE: California Scholarship Fed- eration, Chatelaine, Gold Service Pin Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club. MARIE MENDEZ: Tri-Y Beta, Service. KAY MILLER: Girls ' Glee Club, World Friendship Club, Ushers, Drama Club, Service. TliirJ Column— RiKhl Panel— PAT MINNITTI: Big " G " , " A " Foot- ball, " A " Basketball, Service. HER- LINDA MORENO: Tn-Y Beta. World Friendship Club. NAOMI MOYA. VELEN MUNOZ: Tri-Y. World Friend- ship Club, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion, Kersev Business Club, Service. LILIO NARDINI: Publicity Club President, Senior Problems Class President, Home Room President, Track Team, Service. NELLIE NAR- DINI: Home Room President, Tri-Y Alpha. Service. FLORENCE NOSKIN: Log Staff. LETA FRANCES NUTTER: California Scholarship Federation, Achievement Club, Prep-N Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. Fourth Column — I ' lRGINIA L. NYE: Chatelaine, Tri-Y Alpha, GitU ' Athletic Association, Associate Editor of Log, Iota Gamma Gamma. MARY WANTHA O ' BOYLE: Girls ' Glee Club, Girls ' Athletic As- sociation, Commercial Awards, Serv- ice. ISABEL OROZCO. EVELYN OSTENDORF. MARIS PABIGIAN: Achievement Club, Senior Usher Captain. Home Room President, Tri-Y, Service. LAWRENCE PAUL- SON: Orpheus Club President, Big Four Language Club, National High School Chorus, Service. JOHN PAV- LOFF: " A " Baseball, " A " Basket- ball, Hi-Y, Bio " G " , Student Council. EDWARD JOSEPH PENFIELD: Vice- President of Hi-Y Gamma, Knight, Achievement Club, Sport Editor of the Log, " B " Football Letterman. W. 1: Tiventy-one Ik. mnmi Finl CiAinnn — Ltit Panel — ONOFRIO PENNING: Fire Brigade, Service. MARGERY PETERSON: Let- ter Club, Officials ' Club, Achieve- ment Club, Prep-N, Service. JEWEL PLUMLEE: Editor of Senior Annual, Ushers, Senior Achievement, Kersey Business Club, Service. RICHARD POPOVICH. CHARLES PRICE: Pres- ident of Noon Concert, Reporter lor Future Farmers of America, Band, Orchestra, Service. SALVADOR OUE- SADA. HORTENSIA RAMIREZ: Tri- Y, Prep-N, Service. PEARL RAYOR: Senior " B " Secretary, Secretary of the California Scholarship Federa- tion, Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club, Service. Scconfl Coluniii — CONSUELO REGALADO: Commer- cial Awards, Service. JUNE MARIE REINHARDT: Senior Annual Staff, Girls ' Athletic Association, Kersey Business Club, Service. EDWARD REYES. ELOISE RICHAUD. DON BOBBINS: Fire Brigade, Track Man- ager, Service. DOLORES RODHl- OUEZ. MARY RITA RODRIQUEZ: Glee Club, Service. LUPE ROMERO: Tri-Y Beta Secretary, Guilders ' Club, Service. T :ir,l Cnhimii—RishI Panel— RAOUEL RUIZ: Kersey Business Club, Auditorium Control, Tri-Y, Service. SUMIKO SADAMURA: Ker- sey Business Club, Achievement Club, Service. PRUDENCE SALAS: Service, Tri-Y Beta, World Friend- ship Club. LILLIAN SALCIDO: Serv- ice. NORENE SALVAGE: Glee Club, Service. MARY WILLIAM SAMOFF: Chatelaine President, B-U Grade Representative, Tri-Y Beta President, Life Member of the California Schol- arship Federation, Ephebian, Letter Club. CLAIRE MARCELLA SAN- BORN: Letter Club. World Friend- ship Club. Tri-Y Alpha, Girls ' Ath- letic Association, Service. ELLA SANCHEZ: Service. fijnrth Column — THERESA A. SANCHEZ: Big Four Language Club, World Friendship Club, Cup and Saucer Club, Service. LOUISE SANTOS: Library Service. FRANLIN WALTER SARGENT: Log Staff, Annual Staff, " B " Basketball, " B " Softball, Service. ZANE SAWA- YA: Achievement Club, Tri-Y Beta, iCersey Business Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. LORENZO SCATTAGLIA: " B " Football, N.Y.A., Service. VIVIAN SCHULTE: Tri-Y, World Friendship Club. LEO SHAIA: Track, " A " Basketball, Service. FRED SHELDON: " A " 10, " B " 11, " B " 12 Home Room President, Sec- retary of Small " G " , " B " Football Letterman, " A " Football Letterman, " A " Track Letterman. .i»j Tufnly-ltfo ) ll Firil Column —L,-ll Panfl — ANGEL SILVA: Service. FRED SIMON. SAYDA SIMONOFF: Board of Commissioners, Senior " B " Vice President, Chatelaine, Service, Tri-Y. AUDREY SKINNER; Chatelaine. Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation, Girls ' Letter Club, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion, Auditorium Control. BETTY SONN: Girls ' Athletic Association. Service, Senior Usher. VIRGINIA SORIA: Hall Service, Tri-Y Beta. FRED SOTOMAYOR, JR.: " A " Base- ball Letterman, " A " Track Letter- man, Home Room President, Service, Orpheus Club Secretary. FOSTER STANFIELD: Service. Sf-coi ' .il Colitmn — CHARLES SUFFRIDGE: Vice-Presi- dent Orpheus Club, Service, " A " Basketball. EVELYN TAYLOR: Pres- ident California Scholarship Federa- tion, President Officials ' Club, Letter Club, Kersey Business Club, Stu- dent Council, American Legion Award. JOSEPHINE TORRES: Girls ' Athletic Association, Tri-Y, Service, Achievement Club, Kersey Business Club. MARY TOTTEN: Service. EDNA MARIE TURBEVILLE: Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club, Service, Noon Concert Club . VERNON TYLER: Service. CATHER- INE ELIZABETH UMINA: Cup and Saucer Club, Tri-Y Beta, Choral Club, Service. -WALTER UROFF: Gym Club Letterman, Vocational Or- chestra, Senior Orchestra, Football Band, Service. Third C.iiliniin ' -Rif.ht I ' aiul — JOAQUIN VALDEZ: Service. CELIA VALENCIA: Tri-Y, Service, Commer- cial Awards, V orld Friendship Club. LEO VALVERDE: " B " Foot- ball, Service. SHERIDAN VAN OS- TEN: Service, Gym Club. EMMA VEGA: Tri-Y, Service. BERNl ' CE M. VINCENT: Service, Noon Concert Club, Typing Award. JOHNNY FRANCIS Vl AGERS: " A " Gym Club Letterman, Log Staff, Service. BILL ■WARDLE: Hi-Y, Big " G " , " B " Foot- ball, " A " Baseball, " C " Basketball. Fourth Cnlujiin- MILDRED WAWRUCHUCK: Senior Usher Captain, Service, Student Council, Vocational Cosmetology, Noon Concert Club. JACK VI ETZEL: Orpheus Club, Service, Stage Crew, Big " G " , Student Council. BERTEAL ■WHITEING: Business Letter Award, Typing Award. GWENDOLYN WIL- DEY: Senior " A " Vice-President, Noon Concert Club, Service, Home Room President and Secretary. ROSETTA WILSON: Tri-Y Beta Treas- urer, Kersey Business Club, Service, Senior Usher, World Friendship Club. JOHN KEELY WITHROW: Service, Football Band. EUGENE WRAY: Service, " A " Track, " B " Football, Orpheus Club, " A " Cross Country. RALPH YEAGER: Service, Gym Club, Big " G " . Tu ' tnty-lhree KAY KAZUKO YOKOI: Senior An- nual Staff, Vice-President Chate- laine, Achievement Club, Service, Iota Gamma Gamma. TILLIE ZAGER: Senior Annual Staff. Achievement Club, Kersey Business Club, Serv- ice, Senior Usher. AMELIA ZA- MORA: Tri-Y, Service. CAMERA SHY DOROTHY BABER: Service. GLORIA BARDINE: Service, Achievement Club, Drama Club, Tri-Y Beta, Girls ' Athletic Association. MANUEL BENA- VIDEZ: Hi-Y President, Choral Club President, Knight, Service Captain, " A " , " B " Track Letterman. JUNE FLORINE BOYD: Drama Club, Tennis Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Girls ' Glee Club, Service. MANUEL BRIONES: Service, Basketball Letterman, Big " G " , " B " Basketball. DUANE BROOKS. IRENE BROWN: Thesoians, Tri-Y, Noon Concert, Service. DALE BURGESS: Service. RICH- ARD CARRILLO: Publicity Club President, " B " Track, Cross Country, Service. RAY CHABOLLA: Service. DOROTHY CIMINSKI: Kersey Business Club, Service. VICTOR JAMES COTE: Big " G " Secretary, Gym Team Letterman, Home Room Presi- dent, Service. JOE WILLIAM LOPEZ. SATORU MAYEDA: Service. ROBERT OKU: " A " Basketball. MANUEL R. PEREZ: Service, " B " Track, Home Room President. MARY REITER: Girls ' Glee Club, Service, Noon Concert. TEOFILO ROD- RIGUEZ: Service. ALEXANDER ROSAS: " B " Track Team, Boys ' Athletic Association, Service Captain. ROBERT VARELA: " A " , " B " , " D " Basketball, Serv- ice, World Friendship Club, Commercial Av ards. HAIL AND FAREWELL Hail and farewell! Ye well loved halls of learning! We ' re Seniors now and we must sa ' y goodbye, The door stands wide, our spirits yearn with hope to try the road, And courage now within our hearts beats high. Then sing farewell to comrades of our school days, To friends so true, of hours of work and play. We go to try the road that leads us onward O ' er all the rough and smooth of life ' s long way. For all we ' ve gained of knowledge and of pleasure, For happy hours, For mem ' ries glad and gay, Dear school, for all that you have ever giv ' n to us Accept our thanks on cur Commencement day. Twenty-jour Ahnr: rau-c , twr tvtt tf n our c mntU ; we wui ti W utr wt uwaU (If f( TO«rav,v , twr ciwr i uii ri-wtowi ' 1932- H.n ' 53-Arv, li«Hurifflr, 1 WW WINTER EPHEBIANS Mary Samoff, Rudolph Fanska, Armando Galindo, Oscar Gallego, Mary Browerman. AMERICAN LEGION Evelyn Taylor, Harry Johnson. Tzventy-fwe j WINTER 1942 SENIOR CLUB MEMBERS (1) OFFICIALS— Evelyn Taylor, Mary Samofi, Marjorie Peterson, Kathryn Herrm, Mary Elich. (2) KNIGHTS— Top Row: Harry Johnson, Jack Lease, Peter Maimone, Louis Hasson. FronI Row: Armando Galindo, Frank Di Noto, Edward Penfield. (3) CHORAL CLUB — Manuel Bustamente, Manuel Benavidez, Bert Gauny. Gene Cattanl. (4) COMMERCIAL CLUB— Rachel Martinez, Dora Barrera. (5) ORPHEUS CLUB— Charles Price, Roy Cosio, Charles Suffridqe, Lawrence Paulson. (6) GUILDERS — Virginia Sona, Lupe Romero, Catherine Umina, Charles Suffridge, Marjorie McCoy, Joan Lawrence, Charles Price. (7) ACHIEVEMENT — Top Row: Salvador Duarte, Peter Maimone, Edward Peniield, Jack Lease, Armando Galindo, Louie Hasson. Front Row: Florence Noskin, Sumiko Sadmura, Kay Yokoi. (8) IOTA GAMMA GAMMA — Top Row: Armando Galindo, Frank Di Noto, Edward Penfield. Front Row: Mary Samoff, Kay Yokoi. (9) NOON CONCERT— Charles Price. (10) WORLD FRIENDSHIP — Top Row: Velez Numoz, Manuel Bustamente. Jack Little, Harry Johnson. Front Row: Sara Barrea, Eleanor Abata, Bertha Chanez, Betty Atkins. 7 ' :tYnly-jix ii ! WINTER 1942 SENIOR CLUB MEMBERS (1) CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION— Back Row: Mary Samolf, Frank Di Nolo, Armando Galindo, Oscar Gallego, Mary Bowerman. Front Row: Pearl Rayor, Audrey Skinner, Ruby McGuire, Evelyn Taylor, Mary Elioh. (2) LETTER CLUB — Back Row: Geraldine Jackson, Mary Bowerman, Kathryn Herrin, Mary Samoff, Claire Sanborn. Front Row: Maijorie Peterson, Margaret McConaughy, Manuela Elizundo, Mary Elich, Evelyn Taylor. (3) CHATELAINES — Back Row: Betty Beckman, Mary Samoff, Virginia Nye, Katheryn Herrin. Front Row: Kay Yokoi, Audrey Skinner, Ruby McGuire, Mary Elich. (4) ORCHESTRA— Lucio Chaides, Charles Price. (5) PREP-N CLUB — Back Row: Dorothy Keister, Marjorie Peterson, Genevieve John- son, Kathryn Herrin. Front Row: Mildred Brashears, Florence Noskin, Mary Elich. (6) CUP AND SAUCER — Catherine Umina. (6) FUTURE FARMERS— Guy Heder, Dominick Greece. (7) HI-Y — Back Row: Peter Mainonee, Jack Little, Edward Penfield, Armando Galindo, Jack Lease. Front Row; Salvador Duarte, Richard Loza, Edward Kavilla, Harry Johnson, Frank Di Noto. (8) TRI-Y BETA — Back Row: Zanie Zawaya, Josephine Torres, Catherine Umina, Shirley Luedke, Gladys Dixon, Lupe Romero. Front Row: Prudence Salazar, Emma Vega, Virginia Saria, Mildred Brashears. (9) KERSEY BUSINESS CLUB— Evelyn Taylor, Edward Kasilla, Harry Johnson, Jack Little, Ruby McGuire, Edna Turberville. Tuenty-seven Seftio FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— JESUS ACE- VEDO: " A " , " B " , Track Letterman, Little " G " , Big " G " . JACK ACKERMAN: Horseback Riding Club, Choral Club. Service. FIDEL ACOSTA: Orpheus Club, B-12 Representative, Service, Track Team. Cross Country. BELIA AGUIRRE: World Friendship Club. Service. Girls ' Athletic Association. SECOND ROW--JOE ALILOVICH: Service. NAOMI ALMANZA: Achievement Club. Student Council Representative. World Friendship Club Treasurer, Prep-N Club Secre- tary, Girls ' Letter Club. LIDIA ALVARADO: World Friendship Club. Tri-Y Alpha. Service, Noon Concert Club, Home Room Secretary. BETTY JEAN AMBLER: Girls ' Glee Club, Serv- ice, Drama. THIRD ROW— MARY ANDERSON: Kersey Business Club, Service. ALBERT AN- DREWS: Service. LOUISE ANGELUCCl: World Friendship Club. Prep-N Club, Service, Com- mercial Av ards. WILLIAM ANTON: Hi-Y Alpha. Achievement Club. Service. " C " . " D " , Basketball, World Friendship Club. FOURTH ROW— ENEDINA ARAGON: Noon Concert Club. Service. NICKY ARNOLD: Tri-Y Alpha, Senior Council, Senior Usher, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. EDNA ARNOLT: Service, Home Room Secretary. GUS ARROYO: Student Body President. Student Council, National Ath- letic Scholarship Society, Knight, Gym Club Letterman. FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— NICK ARTUKO- ■VIC: Service, Fire Briaade, " C " . " B " . Basket- ball, Second Gym Club. THOMAS BABBITT: Home Room President, Service. HILDA BAILER: Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. Senior Usher, Girls ' Glee Club, Maids. BARBARA OLIVIA BAKER: California Scholarship Fed- eration, Achievement Club. Tri-Y Alpha Presi- dent. Kersey Business Club, Service. SECOND ROW— PERRY BALES: Service, Student Council. ANNE BANGAR: Prep-N Club. CLYDE FRANC BEEGLE: Noon Concert Club, Stretcher Bearer, Service, Class Representative. AMY BEEVER: Girls ' Letter Club, Senior Usher, Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Noon Concert Club. THIRD ROW— CLIFTON BELL: Hi-Y Alpha, Aud Control, Stretcher Bearer, Service, Achievement Club. MYRL BELL: Chatelaine. California Scholarship Federation Torchbearer. Letter Club. Tri-Y Beta, Achievement Club ' Vice-Presi- dent. BILL BENSON: Service, Gym Club Man- ager, Assistant Art Editor tor Crimson and Blue. JEAN BENTON: Chatelaine, Girls ' Ath- letic Association, Usher, Achievement Club, Tri-Y Beta. FOURTH ROW— OLGA BEZAYIFF: Senior Usher, Service Captain, Kersey Business Club, Student Council. VIRGINIA RAE BIS- SELL: Chatelaine, Board of Commissioners. Usher, Girls ' Athletic Association, Achievement Club. MABRY BLAYLOCK: Guilders ' Club. " B " Football, " C " Track. BEVERLY BOND: Senior Orchestra Concert Mistress. Guilders ' Club President, Service. Ttc ' tnty-fizht B ' 42 COSTA; Ser ice, ;iJBli£: Allelic ■OVICH: itrnm Woild bSeafr IMDCk Sema, Heluy, i, SeiT- )EiiSO»: iJTAIf- 1: WtiH s, Coo- »; Hi-y ;■ ' " 5 " romn ' Concen f Alfhi e, Gills ' Semce. Student ina! Ath- ' m Club FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— MARY LOUISE BOSKO: Commercial Awards, Service. HELEN BOWMA-N: Achievement Club, Chatelaine, Tri- Y Beta California Scholarship Federation, Girls ' Athletic Association. NORINE BRADLEY: Prep-N Service. LEON BRIONES: " C " Basket- ball, Cross-Country. SECOND ROW— LUCILLE BR17INSKI: Horseback Riding Club, Service, Tri-Y Alpha. Usher, Kersey Business Club. I-nANCINE BROWN: Home Room President, World Friendship Club, Big " 4 " , Service, Stu- dent Council. MAXINE BULLIS: Chatelaine, Tri-Y Alpha, Service. VIRGINIA BURGER: Service. THIRD ROW— EMMA CALDERON: Achievement Club, Tri-Y Beta ,Noon Concert, Service, Kersey Business Club. DALE CALL: Achievement Club, Student Council, " B " Foot- ball Service, Track. NORMA FAYE CAMP- BELL: Senior Usher, Service. JESSIE CAM- POS- World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta, Prep-N Club Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. FOURTH BOW— JOSEPH CANZONERI: Gym Club Hi-Y Service. MARIE ASUNCION CAR- RILLO, DOLORES CASSEL: Prep-N Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Tri-Y Alpha, Service, Knitting Club. GLADYS C. CASTILLO: Girls Letter Club, Achievement Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, World Friendship Club, Service. ] I FIRST ROW (Reading Across) — RACHEL CAS- TRO: Girls ' Athletic Association, Girls ' Letter Club, Officials ' Club President, Tri-Y Beta, Auditorium Control. TONY CENDEJAS: Future Farmers of America President, Bronze and Sil- ver Award Winner, Service, Annual Art Staff. LOUIS CERVANTES: Cross Country, Little " G " , " A " Track. WARREN CHARLES. SECOND ROW— EMMA CHAVARRIA: Home Room President, Office Service, Auditorium Control, World Friendship Club. PAT CHRIS- TENSEN: President Hi-Y Alpha, Gym Team, Home Room President, Service. TRUMAN LYLE CLARKE: Alpha Hi-Y President arid Secretary, Gym Team Lefterman, Big " G " , Home Room President, Service. ANNA COMTE: Usher, Horseback Riding Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. THIRD ROW —JOE COMYNS: Service. RICARDO CONTRE- RAS: Choral Club, World Friendship Club, Fuf. ure Farmers of America, Noon Concert Club, MICKEY CORIA: Publicity Club President, Pub- licity Club Treasurer, Service, Designer of As bestos Curtain in Auditorium. ROBERT COR- NELL: Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet, Stretcher Bearer, Vault Manager, Service, FOURTH ROW: MARY JANE CORNWELL: So nior Orchestra, Band, Commercial Awards Service. CATHERINE CRAVEA: Tri-Y Alpha, World Friendship Club, Girls ' Chorus, Service, f iXINE CROSS: Service, Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation. LESLIE CULBERTSON: Service. Tv nty-nini SenioA FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— WAVELENE 1 UNNINGHAM: Horseback Riding Club. Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. EDWARD DAL- TON: Home Room President, Service, Log Rep- resentative. JOSEPHINE C. DE CHIAZZA: Noon Concert Club, Senior Orchestra, Service, Foot- ball Band, Annual Staff. SARA DE SANCTIS: Usher, Hall Service. SECOND ROW— HERMAN JULIUS DEUTSCH: " A " Football, Gym Team, " A " Track, Senior Orchestra. Senior Play. HOV ARD DILLON: Service, ■ ' B " Basketball Manager. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH DI NOTO: Senior " B " Secretary, Chatelaine, Girls ' Letter Club, Achievement Club, Tri-Y Alpha. VERNA JO DOANE: Achievement Club, Service. THIRD ROW: HARRIET DRAKE: Student Council, Tn-Y Alpha, Home Room President, Service. ALEX DURAN: Service. LOUIS DURAN: Orpheus Club, " B " , " C " Track, " B " Football, Drama. ADOLFO DURON: Future Farmers of America Treasurer. FOURTH ROW— DORITA IRENE ECHEVESTE: Girls ' Glee Club Secretary, Serv- ice, Noon Concert Club. IRENE EDWARDS: California Scholarship Federation, Tri-Y Alpha Inter-club Counsel Representative, Kersey Busi- ness Club, World Friendship Club, Achieve- ment Club. MARGARET DOT ELLIS: Service, Guilders ' Club, Auditorium Control. lunior Red Cross Secretary. CELIA M. ESPINOZA: Girls ' Athletic Association, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta, Service, Cup and Saucer Club, FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— VELIA ESPI- NOZA: World Friendship Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. LUPE A. ESTRELLA: World Friendship Club. Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation, Tri-Y Beta, Service. OPAL FALVEY: Service. JOHN WALLACE FARLEY: Service, Senior Orchestra, " A " Football, Student Coun- cil. SECOND ROW— FREDA FERRARA. WALT FIEDLER: California Scholarship Federation President, National Athletic Scholarship Society Vice-President, Boys ' Athletic Association, " .A " Tennis Letterman, " A " Football Letterman. BETTY ANN FOLTZ: Girls ' Glee Club, Tri-Y Beta, Noon Concert Club, Service. JACKIE FOX: Stage Crew, Senior Usher, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association, Kersey Business Club. THIRD ROW— MORRIS FOX. ALICE FREED: Girls ' Glee Club. EDDIE FUIIOKA: Kniaht, Hi-Y Gamma, Achievement Club, " B " Football Let- terman, Log Staff. LOUIS GAITAN: Orpheus Club Vice-President, Hi-Y Gamma, Achieve- ment Club, Guider, Noon Concert Reporter. FOURTH ROW— CHARLES GARBEDIAN: Dance Orchestra, Football Band, Senior Orchestra, Service, " B " Football. JACINTO GARIBAY; " B " Track. HARRISON GATCHELL: Commis- sioner of Safety, Chief of Fire Brigade, Big " G " , Service, Student Council. LEOLA GEER: Senior Usher, Service, Kersey Business Club. S ' 42 FIRST ROW (Reading Across) — MARGARET GIBiSER. PETER GIOVANNOLI: Stage Crew Manager, Guilders ' Treasurer, Student Council FRANK RAYMOND GOMES: Service. Choral Club. CONCEPCION GONZALES: Girls ' Ath- letic Association, World Friendship Club. Tri-Y Beta, Service. SECOND ROW— FRANK GON- ZALEZ: Hi-Y Gamma President, Knight, Student Council, Camera Club President, Public Ad- dress Crew. ROBERT GONZALES. MARILYN GORDON: Student Council, Girls ' Letter Club, Achievement Club, Service, Tri-Y Aloha. GLO- RIA ANN GRADY: Commercial Awards, Senior Orchestra, World Friendship Club, Prep-N Club, Service. THIRD ROW— SOPHIE ELOISE GRKAVAC: Girls ' Letter Club, Guilders ' Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. ESTELLE GROSS: World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta, Noon Concert Club, Prep-N Club, California Scholarship Federation. BOB GRUBBS: Achieve- ment Club. Service. " C " , " D " Basketball, " B " Tennis. Stage Crew. ERNEST GUTIERREZ: " A " Football, Big " G " , Service. FOURTH ROW- MARK HARDISTY: Sguire President. " B " Foot- ball Letterman. Service, " B " Track Letterman. JACK HARRISON: Publicity Club. Projectionists ' Club, Auditorium Control, Service. PEPRON HARTUNIAN: Horseback Riding Club. Tri-Y Alpha, Usher. Service, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion. JEANNE HEBERT: Kersey Business Club, Achievement Club, Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation, Home Room President, Annual Staff. 6, FIRST ROW (Reading Across) — ROSEMARY HEENAN: World Friendship Club. Girls ' Chorus. ANNA HEISE: Achievement Club, Big " 4 " , Girls ' Athletic Association, Tri-Y Alpha, Service. CHARLES HENDERSON: Publicity Club, Guilders ' Club, Service, Crimson and Blue Art Editor. LLOYD HENNEGEN: Achieve- ment Club, Service. SECOND ROW— GEORGE HENSEL: Fire Brigade Assistant Chief, Vault Manager, Glee Club, Library Service. ESTHER " ERNANDEZ: Service, World Friendship Club, BETTY HIGBEE: Chatelaine, Guilders ' Club, Service. EARL HILL: Orpheus Club. THIRD ROW— BALYSS HOBGOOD: Home Room Presi- dent. " C " and " B " Basketball Letterman. Ten- Riding, Service. LORETTA Prep-N Club, Noon Concert Girls ' Athletic Association. PATRICIA HOLM: Student Council, Letter Club, Usher, Tri-Y Alpha, Home Room President. JENNIE HOMOTOFF: Service, Prep-N Club. FOURTH ROW— BARBARA HOOVER: Annual Staff, Service, Tri-Y Alpha. CLAIRE HORTON: Tri-Y Alpha. Girls ' Glee Club, Prep-N Club, Noon Concert Club, Kersey Business Club. FSTHER HUIZAR: Officials ' Club, Girls ' Letter Club Vice-President, Tri-Y Beta, Auditorium Control, Home Room President. lEANNETTE HUNGERFORD: Commercial Awards, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. nis, Horseback HOCKINSMITH: Club, Service, I Senior FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— DONALD HUNT: Boys ' Athletic Association; Little " G " . JAMES HUNTER: Big " G " President. Gym Club Letter- man, Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet, Serv- ice. ELIZABETH INMAN: Service: LILLIAN JACOBS: World Friends hip Club, Tri-Y Beta, Noon Concert Club. Service. SECOND RO ' W— TED JENSEN: Service. Track. Boys ' Glee Club, Home Room Secretary. MERLE JETTIE: Girls ' Letter Club Secretary. Kersey Business Club, Annual Staff, Tri-Y Alpha, Achievement Club. ELIZABETH JOHNSON: Tri-Y Beta, Noon Con- cert Club, World Friendship Club, JEANNE JOHNSON: Girls ' Athletic Association, Girls ' Glee Club, Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Noon Concert Club. THIRD ROW— RUTH JOHN- SON: Commissioner of Organizations, Senior " B " Vice-President, Girls ' Athletic Association Cabinet, Chatelaine, Home Room President. JOHNNY JONES: " A " Baseball Letterman, " B " Football Letterman, Service, Big " G " , Little " G " . GERALD JORDAN. THEODORA KAO- URIS: Chatelaine, Noon Concert Club Secre- tary. Kersey Business Club. Senior Usher. Serv- ice. FOURTH ROW— ART KAUDER: " A " , " B " Tennis Letterman, Student Council. Board of Commissioners, Service, Basketball Manager. BESSIE KAUFMAN: Service. BETTY JEAN KAUFMAN: Kersey Business Club, Achieve- ment Club, Student Council, Service, World Friendship Club. KENNETH KEITH: Hi-Y Alpha. Service. FIRST ROW (Heading Across)- THOMAS KIRK- PATRICK: Gvm Club, Big " G " , " B " Football. JIMMIE KITABAYASHI: Boys ' Athletic Associa- ciation Commissioner, Boys ' Service Commi ' s sioner. Gym Club Letterman, California Scholar- ship Federation, National Athletic Scholarship Society. KENNETH KLEIN: Knight President, National Athletic Scholarship Society President, Basketball and Tennis Letterman, Hi-Y Alpha Secretary, California Scholarship Federation. ROBERT KLOSTER: Band, Senior Orchestra, Service. SECOND ROW— BETTY KNOTT: Serv- ice. HELEN KRASOWSKY: Achievement Club. Girls ' Letter Club, California Scholarship Fed- eration, Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club. NICHOLAS KRIKES: President Cinema Projec- tionists, Thespian, Squire, Service Captain, Stu- dent Council. JACK LAMONT: Knight, Hi-Y Alpha. Big " G " , Service. World Friendship Club. THIRD ROW— HELEN LA PORTE: Prep-N Club, Annual Staff, World Friendship Club, Achievement Club. MARY ROSE LASKER: World Friendship Club, Prep-N Club, Cup and Saucer Club, Girls ' Glee Club, Commercial Awards. EDWIN LAURICELLA: " A " Football Letterman. " A " Track, " A " Baseball, Service, Big " G " , JOSEPH LAURO: Student Council, Kersey Business Club, Commercial Awards, Service, Auditorium Control. FOURTH ROW MARION LAVENDER: Girls ' Letter Club Presi- dent. Commissioner of Finance. Chatelaine, California Scholarship Federation Life Member Girls ' State Representative. PAUL LAZARIS: Los Angeles Press Association Treasurer. Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet. Hi-Y Vice-Presi- dent, Log Associate Editor, Tennis and Gym. Club Teams. MARION LEAVITT: Service ALTA MAE LEES: California Scholarship Fed- eration, Achievement Club, Kersey Business Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association Thirty-two S ' 42 FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— SAMUEL LE NEVE: Service. BESSIE lO LEUTY: Stage Crew, Senior Usher, Service, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion. THEODORE LIKICH. HELEN LIMNEOS: Achievement Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Girls -Glee Club, Service. SECOND ROW- SARA LOERA: World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta, Cup and Saucer Club, Service. JUNE LONIE: Tri-Y Alpha Vice-President, Girls ' Let- ter Club Vice-President, lota Gamma Gamma Secretary, Girls ' Athletic Association Team Captain. Achievement Club. CONCHA LOPEZ: Noon Concert Club, Service. HORTENSE LOPEZ: Tri-Y Alpha, World Friendship Club, Auditorium Control, Kersey Business Club, Service. THIRD ROW— JULIO LOPEZ: Log Edi- tor, Commissioner of Publications, Knight, Stu- dent Council, Home Room President. PAULINE THERESA LOPEZ: Girls ' Athletic Association, Kersey Business Club, Tri-Y Alpha, Noon Con- cert Club, World Friendship Club. HELEN McALPIN: Service, Tri-Y Alpha. ROBERT Mc- GRATH: Big " 4 " , Achievement Club, Student Council, Squire, Service. FOURTH ROW— MAX- INE McGUIRE: Kersey Business Club, Senior Usher, Tri-Y Alpha, Senior Cabinet, Service. BETTY McKEE: Drama, Service, Home Room Secretary, Dancing Club. JIM McKINNEY: Hi-Y Secretary, Stretcher Bearer President, Stu- dent Council. JANE McKINZIE: Crimson and Blue Staff, Senior Usher. ■ FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— LESTER McMA- HON: Senior Achievement Club, World Friend- ship Club, " A " Track Team, Service. HELEN McMULLIN: Kersey Business Club, Service, Senior Cabinet. JAMES MacKRELL: Baseball, Football, Service, Home Room President. MARCO MADRIGAL: SECOND ROW— TOMOYE JEAN MAEDA. LOUISE MAHAN: Kersev Busi- ness Club, Service, Home Room President, Commercial Awards. DOMENICK MAIMONE: World Friendship Club, Hi-Y Alpha Vice-Presi- dent, Service, Senior Orchestra, Student Coun- cil. WILLIAM MAKRDICHIAN: Senior " A ' ' Class President, Board of Commissioners, " B " Football Letterman, Service, Horseback Riding Club. THIRD ROW— LOIS MANWARING: Stu- dent Body Secretary, Girls ' Letter Club Presi- dent, California, Scholarship Federation Life Member, Chatelaine, Girls ' Athletic Association Secretary. MARGUERITE MARCIA: Service, Achievement Club, Drama Club. ANGELINA MARKS: World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Alpha, Girls ' Athletic Association, Kersey Business Club, Noon Concert Club. BETTY MARSHALL. FOURTH ROW— MARIAN MARTINEZ: World Friendship Club. RACHEL MARTINEZ: Tri-Y Alpha, Noon Concert Club, Service, Auditorium Control. CARMEN MEDINA: Achievement Club, Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Kersey Busi- ness Club, Auditorium Control. PAUL MEDINA: " A " Basketball Letterman, Big " G " , Future Farmers of America, Service. Se MxnA. FIRST HOW (Reading Across)— PETRA ME- DINA: Achievement Club, Girls ' Letter Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club. ZENOBIA MEDRANO: Letter Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Tri-Y Beta, Kersey Business Club, Service. MARY JO MILLER: Senior Usher, Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion, Clerical Service, Achievement Club, Home Room President. RISTO MILOSEVICH. SECOND ROW— NELLIE MINIAREZ: Kersey Business Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. BETTY LOUISE MITCHELL: Home Room Presi- dent, Girls ' Athletic Association, Service, Tri-Y Alpha, Student Store. HORTENSIA MONTE- NEGRO: Service, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta, Kersey Business Club, Big " 4 " . JULIA MORALES: Service, World Friendship Club, Kersey Business Club, Tri-Y Alpha, Auditorium Control. THIRD ROW — HELEN MORENO: Achievement Club, Auditorium Control, Letter Club, Tri-Y Beta Ring Chairman, Kersey Busi- ness Club. VIRGINIA MORENO: Tri-Y Beta, Girls ' Letter Club, Auditorium Control, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. MILTON MORRI- SON: Senior Orchestra. ROBERT MOSLER: Guilder, Fire Brigade, Service. FOURTH ROW — IA.MES EDWARD MUELLER: Commissioner of Saiety, Chief of Fire Brigade, Knight, California Scholarship Federation, Hi-Y Gamma. DAN WILLIE MUNGO: " A " Football Letterman, " A ' Track, Big " G " , Hi-Y, Service. RICHARD W, MURPHY: Hi-Y Gamma, Gym Club Letterman Football Band, Senior " A " Cabinet, Home Room President. DONALD NORTON: Senior " B President, Hi-Y Alpha, Track, Board of Com- missioners, Service. FIRST ROW (Reading Across— LILLIAN NU NEZ: Noon Concert Club, Service. MAGDA- LENA NUNEZ: Tri-Y Beta, Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation, Auditorium Control, Service, Noon Concert Club. SYLVIA OBREGON: Service RAUL OCHOA: " B " Football, Choral Club, Or- preus Club. SECOND ROW— OTILIA OGAZ: Service, Girls ' Athletic Association, Noon Con- cert Club. JOHN OHANESIAN: Commissioner of Finance, " A " and " B " Football, Football Band, Hi-Y Gamma, Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet. TADASHI OKI: Board of Commission- ers, Knight, National Athletic Scholarship So- ciety, " B " Football Letterman. Achievement Club. ETHEL ORENSTEIN: Prep-N Club, Cup and Saucer Club, Thespian, Noon Concert Club. THIRD ROW— LOUIS ORONOZ: Service, Stretcher Bearers ' Secretary. PAT OSBORNE: Commissioner of Entertainment. Chatelaine, Acrievement Club, Girls ' Letter Club, Guilders. PATRICIA O ' SULLIVAN: Tri-Y Alpha, Stage Crew, Senior Play, Home Room President, Service. MARY JANE PADDOCK: Service. Prep-N Club, Girls ' AthleHc Association, First Aid Team. FOURTH ROW— DONALD PANEK: Service, Drama, Orchestra, Orpheus Club. BETTY PARKER: Senior Orchestra, Tri-Y Alpha, Girls ' Athletic Association, Service. VERA PASHCANOFF: Noon Concert Club, Thespian, Cup and Saucer Club. MELVIN PAULSEN: California Scholarship Federation Life Member, Guilder Vice-President, Achievement Club, Squire, Architecture Club. Thirty-four S ' 42 FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— PAUL PAVLOV- SKY: " A " FootbalL Business Office Staff, Fire Brigade. lOE PERKO: Service. RITA PETER- SON: Tri-Y Alpha, Girls ' Athletic Association, Kersey Business Club, Drama Club, Knitting Club. ONA PHILLIPY: Service, Student Coun- cil. SECOND ROW— ARTHUR PIETROPAOLO: Service, Gym Club. ESTHER PONCE: Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. JOHN POOCHIGIAN: Service, Band, Guilders ' Club, Orchestra. FRANCISCO POSADA: Big " 4 " . Service, Audi- torium Control, Track Team, Hi-Y. THIRD ROW —PEGGY POTTER: Commissioner of Entertain- ment, Tri-Y Alpha, Chatelaine, Letter Club, Log Staff. THOMAS PRICE: Boys ' Service Commis- sioner, Kniqht, Hi-Y Treasurer, California Scholarship Federation, Tennis Letterman. ROB- ERT PROCTOR: World Friendship Club, Thes- pian, Service, Kersey Business CI ' - ' " Annual Staff. HECTOR OUINONES: Stage Crew, " B " Football. FOURTH ROW— DOROTHY MAE RA- BORN: Achievement Club, Thespian, Kersey Business Club, Girls ' Athletic Association. LIONEL RADFORD: Service. MARGARET RA- GUSA: Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. ROBERT RAIDY: Service, Gym Club, Horseback Riding Club. FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— CLAYTON RA- KOV: Knight, National Athletic Scholarship So- ciety President, California Scholarship Federa- tion Life Member, Track, Tennis Letterman. JESSIE RAMIREZ: Service, Kersey Business Club, Clavis Club, Girls ' Athletic Association, Girls ' Letter Club. MARGARET RAMIREZ: Girls ' Athletic Association, Service, World Friendship Club. DOROTHY RAMSEY: Girls ' Athletic Association Commissioner, Letter Club Secretary, Chatelaine, California Scholarship Federation Life Member, Tri-Y Alpha Secre- tary. SECOND ROW — ROBERT REDMAN. FRANK REHOR: National Athletic Scholarship Society, " A " Baseball Letterman, Guilder, Or- pheus Club President, Service. LEO REISIG: Head Yell Leader, Assistant Fire Brigade Chief, Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet, " A " Foot- ball Manager, Service. CELIA RENTERIA: Service. THIRD ROW— EMMA B. RIVERA: Service, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta Club. BEVERLY ROBBINS: Girls ' Athletic As- sociation, Achievement Club, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta, Noon Concert Club. FRED ALBERT ROBINSON: Secretary-Treasurer of National Athletic Scholarship Society, Achieve- ment Club, " A " Tennis Letterman, Hi-Y Gamma, W ' -H Friendship Club Vice-President. CLAUDE ROLLICK: Hi-Y Alpha, Home Room President, World Friendship Club, Kersey Business Club, Service. FOURTH ROW— LILLIAN ROLLICK: Senior Usher, Student Council, Girls ' Athletic Association, Home Room President, Service. WILLIAM ROMBAL: World Friendship, Service, Home Room Secretary, Horseback Riding Club, Photography Club. TONY ROSALES: Service Captain, Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet, Football Manager, Orpheus Club. WILLIAM ROSEN: California Scholarship Federation, " A " , " B " Tennis Letterman, Achievement Club, Service. Thirly-fiz ' c- Se4UJ0 FIRST ROW (Reading Across) — DOROTHY ROfSTAN; California Scholarship Federation, Tri-Y Alpha Secretary, Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club, Achievement Club. UDY RUBIDOUX: Tri-Y Beta, World Friendship Club, Girls ' Glee Club. CARMEN RUIZ: Audi- torium Control, Letter Club, Tri-Y Beta, Girls ' Athletic Association, Home Room President. RUSSELL G. RYAN: Service, " B " Football, Stage Crew. SECOND ROW— ERNESTINE SAL- A2AR: Girls ' Athletic Association, Cup and Saucer, World Friendship Club. Tri-Y Beta, Service. ELEANOR SALCIDO: Service. WIL- LIAM RICHARD SANDERS. MAE SCOTT. THIRD ROW— SHIGEKO SHIMAMOTO: Service, Achievement Club, Tri-Y Alpha, Japanese Club Treasurer. SIDNEY SHRAGER: " B " Basketball Letterman, " B " Baseball Letterman. ADELINE SHULMAN: Service, Horseback Riding Club, Usher, Girls ' Athletic Association. MARY SIMONIAN: Noon Concert Club, Thespian Club. FOURTH ROW— ALICE WANETTA SIM- ONDS: Kersey Business Club Treasurer, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta President, Noon Concert Club Vice-President, Service. ROSE SIMONOFF: Chatelaine, Noon Concert Club Vice-President, Kersey Business Club, Achieve- ment Club, Student Council. JUNE SINCLAIR: Usher Captain, Guilders ' Club, Service. LUCILLE SIRES; California Scholarship Federa- tion, Tri-Y Alpha, World Friendship Club, Guilders ' Club, Girls ' Athletic Association. FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— ANNA SLEVi ' . California Scholarship Federation Life Member, Sstudent Body Vice-President, Chatelaine, Let- ter Club, Officials Club. BOB SMART: Gym Team Letterman, Gym Team Captain, Home Room President, Football Band. AILEEN SMITH Achievement Club, Service, Tri-Y Alpha, Nocn Concert Secretary, Kersey Business Club ROZEL SMITH: Nocn Concert Club Vice-Presi dent. Girls ' Letter Club, Tri-Y Alpha Noon Con cert Club President, World Friendship Club SECOND ROW— GEORGETTE SOFFA: Tri-Y Al pha. Service, Kersey Business Club, Girls ' Ath letic Association. FELISA MATILDE SOTO Achievement Club, World Friendship Club Girls ' Glee Club, Girls ' Athletic Association ROMELIA SOTO: World Friendship Club, Ker sey Business Club, Service, Girls ' Athletic Association. VELIA SOTO: Service. THIRD ROW -WILLIAM SOTO: Service, Senior Cabi- net, Kersey Business Club. DURWARD A SPANN: Fire Brigade, Service. ANITA SPILIOS: Guilder, Chatelaine. Noon Concert Club Vice President, Service, Girls ' Glee Club. RUCKER SQUIRES: Service. FOURTH ROW— MARY STEELE: Service, Annual Staff, Student Council C(3LLEEN STEWART: Assistant Editor Crimson and Blue, Chatelaine, Tri-Y Beta Vice-President, California Scholarship Federation, Auditonurl Control. EUGENE STRENY: " A " , " C " Bask.- ' ball Letterman, Soft Ball Tea, Bia " G " Service Fire Brigade. JUANITA STRUTHERS: Chatp laine Pre.iident, Commissioner of Publicity Home Room President, Publicity Club Tn Y Beta. r n S ' 42 FIRST ROW (Reading Across)— GEORGE SUKI- ASIAN: Service Captain, Soft Ball Team Man- ager Photography Club. " B " Football Team. lOE SUSNAR: Fire Brigade, " B " Football, Serv- ice. FRANCES TIEGELER: Tn-Y Beta. Service. VARTKES THOMASIAN: " A " Football Letter- man " A; ' Track, Home Room President, World Friendship Club. Service. SECOND ROW- BEATRICE TIJERINA: Tri-Y Alpha. Kersey Busi- ness Club, World Friendship. ESTELLA TINA- JERO: Noon Concert Club, Tri-Y Beta. BOB TOnHUNTER: Service. HUBERTO TORRES. THIRD ROW— TED R. TRIBOLET: California Scholarship Federation, Hi-Y Gamma, Fire Brigade. Service, ersey Business Club. AN- ' ' W LEWIS TUCKER: California Scholarship Federation Life Member. Editor of Crimson and Blue Projectionists ' Club President, Home Room President. ARMIDA VALENZUELA. GEORGINA VALOV: Girls ' Service Commis- sioner. Chatelaine Vice-President. California Scholarship Federation. Guilders ' Club Secre- tary. Achievement Club. FOURTH ROW— MAGDALENA VELASQUEZ: Kersey Business Club, World Friendship Club, Tri-Y Beta. Serv- ice. EDWARD VERONIN: Gym Club, Bia " G " , " A " Letterman, Service. Horseback Riding Club. MARY LOU VILLEGAS: Noon Concert Club, Service. PATRICIA VOGEL: Service, Kersey Business Club, Commercial Awards, Home Room President. FIRST ROW (Reading Across) — JOSEPHINE WADINGTON: Service. JUNIOR WARDLE: " A " and " B " Basketball. " A " and " B " Tennis. Big " G " , Little " G " , Service. ROBERT WEESNER: Stage Crew, Gym Club Letterman. Service. MARTHA WHEELER: Service, Senior Orchestra, Dance Band Vocalist, Home Room President, Girls ' Athletic Association. SECOND ROW— • " ' ■PBERT WHITHEAD: Home Room President, California Scholarship Federation, Softball Man- ager, Service. HARRY WILKES: Hi-Y Gamma, Service ' B " Tennis Letterman, " A " Tennis Team. BERNICE WILLRICH: Kersey Business nub Noon Concert Club Service, National Hioh School Chorus. CALVIN WILLSEY: " A " Football, " B " Football. " B " Basketball, Big " G " , Service. THIRD ROW— CHARLENE WIL- SON: Senior " A " Secretary. Tri-Y Alpha. Horse- back Riding Club. Senior Usher, Girls ' Athletic Association. PAT WOLOHEN. DOROTHY; ■5« ' VSE: Service, World Friendship Club. Girls Athletic Association. MARVIN ZADEKIAN: Service, Camera Club. Home Room President, ?r, " Jro FOURTH ROW— LUCIANO ZAPATA: ■■5 " B« ' ==hal! Letterman, Service. GENEVIEVE ZARAGOZA: Service, Achievement Club. Tkirly-stvtn ( CAMERA SHY PAUL ANCTIL. ALBERT I, AYALA: Big " G " - FRANK BATES. GERALD BLEDSOE. LAWSON BROWN: Service, Fire Brigade, Noon Concert Club. MARY LOU BYWATER: Service. HAROLD CAMP- BELL: " A " Football, Service, Student Council, " B " Football. LAV RENCE CASSEL. EUGENE CESSNA. JOHN CHALLENGER. WILLARD COLEMAN: Serv- ice. JAMES CRAWFORD. JOSE ESCOBOSA: Sec- ond Gym Club. WILLIAM GIBISER: Stage Crewr. JESUS GONZALES: " B " Softball Team, " A " Tennis Team. DORIS ELSIE HAGEN: Service, Tri-Y Alpha Kersey Business Club, Senior Cabinet. JOSEPH HERLE: Achievement Club, " B " Tennis Letterman, Service, Football Band. MARIORIE M. HISTED: Service. DONALD A. lOHNSON: Service, Stage Crew. FRANK KING. ABNER KNOEPFEL. JACK McGILLEN. ERNEST MENDEZ: Service, Kersey Business Club, Orpheus Club, Noon Concert Club. " ERNON PHILLIPY: Student Council, Service, Home Room President. ELEANOR REGINO: Drama Club, Girls ' Chorus, Noon Concert Club. ARNOLD RITTER: Hi-Y, Kersev Business Club. STANLEY SCHMITZ: Service, Football Band. JIMMY SEM- PONIS: Boys ' Athletic Association Cabinet, Service Captain, Football Captain, Track Captain, Baseball Manager. HISAO SHISHIDO: Baseball Manager ROBERT SULLIVAN: Orpheus Club. ESPERANZA VALDIRIA. TAKATO UYENO. VERLIN WARNKE: Service. EPHEBIAN OATH " We will never bring disgrace on this, our city, by an act of dishonesty or cowardice. " We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the city both alone and with many. " We will revere and obey the city ' s laws, and will do our best to incite a like reverence and respect in those above us who are prone to annul them or set them at naught. We will strive increas- ingly to quicken the public ' s sense of civic duty. " Thus in all these ways we will transfer this city, not only not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us. " T hirty-ci ht SUMMER EPHEBIANS TOP ROW: (Reading Across): Jimmie Kitabayashi, Marion Lavender. SECOND ROW: Lois Manwaring, Thomas Price, Clayton Rakov, Dorothy Ramsey. THIRD ROW: Anna Slevin, Juanita Struthers, Andrew Tucker. AMERICAN LEGION Gus Arroyo, Colleen Stewart. Th ' irty-ninf f Forty-one WiniER BOARD OF COMMISSIOnERS -«iV |pt f SUMMER BOABD OF COMM ISSlOnERS WINTER BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS SUMMER BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FIRST ROW: Rudolph Fanska, President: Oscar Gallego, Vice-President; Mary Bowerman, Secre- tary; limmy Kitabayashi, Boys ' Service; Georgina Valov, Girls ' Service; Juanita Strulhers, Commis- sicner of Publicity. SECOND ROW: Pat Osborne, Commissioner o( En- tertainment; Louie Hasson, Commissioner of Pub- lications; Harry Johnson, Commissioner of Organiz- ations; Mary Elich, G.A.A. Commissioner; Pete Betia, B.A.A. Commissioner; James Mueller, Com- missioner of Safety. THIRD ROW: Marion Lavender, Commissioner of Finance; Ralph Koontz, A- 12 Representative; Don Norton, B-12 Representative; Caesar Orneles, A-11 Jiepresentative; Evelyn Murphy, B-1 1 Representa- tive, Herbert S. Wood, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Gus Arroyo, President; Anna Slevin, Vice-President; Lois Manwaring, Secretary; Caesar Ornelas, Boys ' Service; Evelyn Murphy, Girls ' Service; Lillian Hanson, Commissioner of Publicity. SECOND ROW: Peggy Potter, Commissioner of Entertainment; Julio Lopez, Commissioner of Pub- lications; Ruth Johnson, Commissioner of Organ- izations; Dorothy Ramsey, G.A.A. Commissioner, Jimmie Kitabayashi, B.A.A. Commissioner; Harrison Gatchell, Commissioner of Safety. THIRD ROW: John Ohanesian. Commissioner of Finance; Bill Mackrdichian, A-12 Representative; Charles Warren, B-12 Representative; Joe Garcia, A-11 Representative; Betty Jo Coyle, B-11 Repre- sentative; James Campbell, A-10 Representative, Manuel De Luna, B-10 Representative; Walt Fied- ler, B.A. Commissioner. WINTER STUDENT COUNCIL TOP ROW: Fukuda Yoneo, Lawrence Paulson, Rob- ert McGrath, Baylss Hobgood, Bob Frieze, Oscar Gallego, Julio Lopez, Caesar Ornelas, John Piskul, Gus Arroyo, Frank Gonzales, Ralph Koontz, Royce Price, Leo Reisig. SECOND HOW: lack Domes, Conrad Zomara. Har- rison Gatchele. Bill Makrdichian, James Cannon, James Mueller, Donald Johnson, Tom Herrera, Louis Baroldy, Bob Gomez, Robert Durante, Rudy Salazar. THIRD ROW: Bob Staines, Naomi Almanza, Barbara Brockie, Alice Sugimato, Alicia Rodriguez, Thora Stormer, Asa Barnes, Birdie Anderson, Angelina Katangian, Jacqueline Southwick, Molly Shucart, Lewis Woodland, Augustine Aguirre. SEATED: Kathryn Avakian, Carmelina Marino, Phyllis Domis, Evelyn Murphy, Mr. Adamson (sponsor), Patty Garaghty, Margaret Williams, lola Pasta, Millie Wawrychuck, Betty Hambleton. SUMMER STUDENT COUNCIL TOP ROW: Jimmy Kirella, William Sibba, Kenneth Murphy, Manuel DeLuna, Richard Murphy, Wal- lace Spraig, Joe Garcia, James Camel. SECOND ROW: Conrad Zamora, Bill Mackrdichian, Rudy Rincon, James Mancuso, James Mueller, Ern- est Atilano, Alex Torres, Stanley Shrainer, Leopold THIRD ROW: Jimmy Kitabayashi, Bob Grubbs, Art Kauder, Ruth Johnson, Ruth Dickson, Peggy Potter, Betty Jo Coyle, Robert Young, Bill Houston, Tony Sanchez. SEATED: Helen Andrews. Evelyn Canepa, Clorid Pone, Evelyn Murphy, Eileen Fatta, Helen Ar- tunian, Mary Steele, Joan O ' Sullivan, Mary Duarte, Marion Nagoishi, Rosie Sogian. foTty-three MISS GENEVIEVE HILLMAN (Sponsor) CRIMSON AND BLUE EDITORS Forty-jour Andrew Tucker, Summer 1942 Crimson and Blue Editor; Jewell Colleen Stewart, Associate Editor. Plumblee, Winter Editor. A tmuu Stajfjj COLUMN 1: Mildred Brashears, Jose- phine De Chiazza, Mary Elich, Louise Fontaine, Jeanne Hebert, Barbara Hoover, Geraldine Jackson, Merle Jeltie. COLUMN II: Shield Kurtz, Helen La Porte, June Lonie, Margarette Mc- Ccnaughy, Jane McKinzie, Mary Jo Miller, Robert Procter, Frank Rehor. I COLUMN III: June Reinhart, Beverly Robbins, Mary Samoff, Franklin Sar- gent, Mary Steele, Thelma Wagner, Kay Yokoi, Tillie Zager. I FoTty-five I WINTER ANNUAL ART STAFF Mrs. Dorothy Felton (Sponsor), Gil Granadmo, Tony Guerrera, Alfredo Molino, Mickey Coria, Jack Har- rison, Charles Suf fridge, Marjory McCery, Ralph Yeager, Charles Henderson, Don Carroll, Louis Ayala, Jack Conway, Barbara Farley, Lloyd Robles, Louis Baroldy, Margaret Williams. SUMMER ANNUAL ART STAFF Jack Harrison, Jack Conway, Lucille Brizinski, June Sinclair, Opal Falvey, Braulio Martinez, Ed Franco, Bill Benson, Tony Cendejes, David Dorado, Ernest Gallego, Vincent Galvar, Moses Lopez, Richard Riccio, June Wardle, John Eads, Jesus Salqudo, Harlan Jackson, Nellie Menjarez, Jessie Ramirez, Louis Baroldy, Louis Ayala, Mrs. Dorothy Felton (Sponsor). forty-six CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION TOP ROW: Samuel Narro, Lilzaw Heimo, Gerald Brcwn, Clifford Hopper, Melvin Paulson. SECOND ROW: Pat Wiseman, Rose Artenian, Man- uel Ramirez, Burton Rutkin, Mike Saiazar, Evelyn Murphy. THIRD ROW: Helen Hammond, Fumie Oike, Eve- lyn Mahan, Colleen Stewrart, Helen Arutunian, Lois Walker, Pat Smith, Marjorie Welsh. SEATED; Marian Krause, Irene Edwards, Lucille Sires, Dorothy Rotsan, Eileen Fatta, Alice Siga- mota, Frances Healy, Colleen Chitjian. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION TOP ROW: Perry Hasson, Kenneth Klein, Walt Fiedler, Luis Acevedo, Andrew Tucker, Ted Tribo- lei, Clayton Rakov. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Hayduck, Gloria Elias, Adeline Ostrowsky, Virginia Lopez, Frank Robby, Nathaniel Goldstein, Carlos Chavez, Evelyn Men- doza, Maxine Wells, Bertha Rodriquez. THIRD ROW: Yoneo Fukuda, Barbara Krause, Anna Slevin, Lois Manwaring, Yoshiko Yokoi, Alta Mae Lees, Betty Jo Coyle. Carolyn Pascoe, Jimmy Kitabayashi. SEATED: Margaret Pizzo, Georgina Valov, Dorothy Ramsey, Marion Lavender, Virginia Wheatley, Myrl Bell, Carmen Gallardo, Victoria Chavez, Helen Bonar. Forty-seven CHATELAINES TOP ROW: Betty Jo Coyle, Frances Healy, Jose- phine DiNoto, Virginia Bissell, Evelyn Murphy, Lois Walker, Ruth lohnson, Marjorie Welch. SECOND ROW: Mary Meeks, Helen Bowman, Anna Stanheld, Lillian Hansen, Yohukio Yokio, Rose Simonoff. Mary Marquez, Addie Tallman, Jean Benton. THIRD ROW: Anita Spilios, Pat Osborne, Dorothy Ramsey, Marion Lavender, Juanita Struthers, lola Pastra, Anna Slevin, Colleen Stewart, Margaret Pizzo. SEATED: Theodora Kaouris. Maxine BuUis, Lois Manwaring, Barbara Denn, Mrs. Alexander (spon- sor), Peggy Potter, Georgina Valov, Myrl Bell. BOYS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CABINET TOP ROW: Pat Christenson, Braulio Martinez, Clay- ton Rakov, Leo Reisig. SECOND ROW: Tony Rosales, Kenneth Klein, Frank Gonzales, James Semponis. Paul Lazaris, Robert Cornell. SEATED: Caesar Ornelas, Walter Fiedler, Jimmie Kitabayashi, Gilbert Reyes, John Ohanesian, Fred M. Johnson (sponsor). Forty-fi ht KNIGHTS TOP ROWr-Gus Arroyo, Frank Gon- zales, Julio Lopez, Jimmy Kitabaya- shi. SECOND ROW: Tadashi Oki, Edward Fujoika, Clayton Raykov, Kenneth Klein, Albert Borunda. SEATED: Robert Savage, Cesar Or- nales, James Mueller, James Can- non, Thomas Price. PROJECTIONISTS TOP ROW: Nicholas Krikas, Robert McLaughlan, Elden Green. SECOND ROW: Jack Haworth, Bill Kennedy, Bill Kellaris, Melbourne Hamilton. SEATED: Andrew Tucker, Mr. Her- old, Frank Winslow, Bill Goit. SERVICE CABINET TOP ROW: Eileen Fatta, Evelyn Murphy, John Gardner, Frances Healy, Kathleen Benedict. SECOND ROW: Marion Krause, Har- rison Gatchel, Robert Gardner, George Sukasian, Tony Rosales. SEATED: Roberta Babb, Myron Aba- burko, Mary Anderson, Caesar Or- nales, Juanita Struthers. I MAIDS TOP ROW: Carmen Mendivil, Mary Reyes. Betty }o Coyle, Katherine Avakian, Margaret Pizzo. Thora Stormer, Frances Healy, Louise Reid, Marjorie Welsh. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Gill, Lois Walker, Gloria Elias, Mary Lou Tidball, Shirley Gordon, Betty Covington, Margaret Berry. Lillian Koeppel, Patricia Grignon. THIRD ROW: Rosie Artenian, Marion Kiause, Helen Hammond, Twila Burgess, Roberta Babb, Betty Jensen, Betty Arnold, Mary Gadberry, Adeline Gitrowsky. SEATED: Betty Johnson, Marga ret Sargent, Betty Richardson, Elinor Kaluzna, Marjorie Foster, Birdie Anderson, Maxine Akins, Marguerite Carter, Betty Lou Curtis. SQUIRES TOP HOW: Anthony Rodriquez, Joe Garcia, Thomas Wilham, Gary Mabey, Robert Soifa, lames Man- cuso, Gerardo Zendejas, Alexander Torres, Ruben Denna. SECONO ROW: Nat Goldstein, Herbert Lube, Rudy Rincon, Robert Kearney, Eliseo Carrillo, Gerald Brown, Manuel Ramirez, LaVergne Gilmer, Eddie Corella. SEATED: Mike Rosales, Leon Shapiro, Marco Zonni, Roy Contreras, Anthony Moreno, Michael Salazar, Samuel Narro, Burton Gelman. Filly FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA TOP ROW: lohn Beauchamp, Ar ;■■ . Lopez, Ricardo Contreras SECOND ROW: Tommy Dicklich, Robert Gonzales, Adolph Harris, John Gonzales. THIRD ROW: Gilbert Gamboa, Rudy Granadino, Willard Teply, Baldemar Jimenez, Clinton Heller. SEATED: Paul Medina, Charles Are- balo, Adolph Duron, Tony Cendejas, Mr. Marks (sponsor). JUNIOR USHERS TOP ROW: Margaret Berry, Betty Lou Curtis, Clara Wollee, Marqie Lyne. SECOND ROW: Lillian Koeppel, Margarita Cervantes, Marguarite Car- ter, Rosemary Duarte, Mildred Gvor- kian. SEATED: Betty Richardson, Mary Gadberry, Maxine Akins, Lisa Ritchl, Virginia Bowman, Vera Brady. GUILDERS ' CLUB TOP ROW: Amid Spihos, Frank Re- hor, Fred Robinson, June Sinclair. SECOND ROW: Teruko Akita, Georg- ina Valov, Lucille Sires, Patty Os- Borne, Mildred Ellis. SEATED: Edward Franks, Mabry Bla- lock, John Poochigian, Mrs. Breeze (sponsor), Louis Gaitan, Molly Shu- cart. Fljty-one I SENIOR ORCHESTRA TOP ROW: Frank Rehor, Robert Duarte. Bill Goit, Gordon Kloster, Bob Klosler, Luz Briseno. Rudolf Torres, Ceasar Ercole, Ray Tabizon, Kenneth Klein, Charles Garbedian, Louis Ayala. SECOND ROW: Mr. Walter Grant Powell (sponsor), Aileen Bullis, Maqdalene Esperanza, Milton Mor- rison, Sylvester Sornoso, Betty Lou Parker, Mary Cornwell, Helen Ellis, Marjorie Gill, Gloria Elias, Lester McMahon, Richard Zachman, Domenick Mai- mone, Richard Murphy. FIRST ROW: Rose Lalaian, Gloria Grady, Beverly Gordon, Dorothy Eckberg, Beverly Bond, Josephine DeChiazza, Colleen Chitijari, Wanda Sneed, Jean Bishop, Ramona Aspeita, Ralph Melikian, Leonard Hays, Lydia Isaac, Joe Canzoneri. ORPHEUS CLUB TOP ROW: Alex Aranda, Arthur Alvarez, Daniel Herrera, Paul Ochoa, Herman Deutech, Burton Giiman. SECOND ROW: Nicholas Krilces, Henry Alvarz, Fred Robinson, Roland Haymes, Robert Gardner, Pedro Corona, Don Panek, Thomas Babbitt. THIRD ROW: Fidel Ocosta, Charles Dorfer, Oscar Ochoa, Lloyd Robles, Bill Whitney, Gene Coles, Henry Gomez, Richard Ricchio. SEATED: Richard Arogon, Robert McLachean, lerry Lipnisky, Louis Gaitan, Eloise Tyler, Mrs. Krienke (sponsor), Frank Rehor, Ralph Velasquez, Tony Rosales. Fifty-tte ' o GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: Helen Duran, Marian Hambletcn. Rose Simonoff, Shirley Rasmussen. SECOND ROW: Hortensia Montene- gro, Clara Malisgeski, Ettorena Gen- tili, Mary Gadberry, Corrine Herron, Alice Leon. THIRD ROW: Mildred Higniti, Lee Price, Miss Ingalls (sponsor), Dora Kruetzer, Marguerita Cervantes, Doris Edwards. SEATED: Jacqueline Southwick, Mar- tha Anderson, Jessie McCollum, Vir- ginia LaMont, Enedina Ortega, Claire Horton. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: Mina Oakes, Carmen Ciq, Lorraine Hargus, Virginia Gal- lego, Delfina Limones. SECOND ROW: Dorita Echeveste, Anita Spilios, Beverly Robbins, Juliet Perea, Molly Shucart, Virginia Garcia. THIRD ROW: Judy Rubidoux, Pat Osborne, Jeanne Johnson, Betty Foltz, Maxine Akins, Myrl Bell. SEATED: Dora Loza, Imogene Braw- ley, Betty Lou Curtis, Marguerita Carter, Elaine Foltz, Georgina Valov. NOON CONCERT OFFICERS TOP ROW: Rozel Smith, Alice Sim- onds, Rosie Simanoff. SEATED: Theodora Kaouris, Louis Gaitan. Fijty-three ( I L 1 GIRLS ' LETTER CLUB TOP ROW: Ruthe Bailey, Kathleen Benedict, Jose- phine DiNoto, June Lonie, Ruth Johnson, Ruth Woods, Marian Krause, Carmen Rui2, Isabel Ruiz, Esther Huizar, Kathryn Avakian, Frances Healy, Marjorie Welch, SECOND ROW: Velia Soto, Rebecca Moya, Zenobia Mediano, Betty Blasdell, Rozel Smith, Pat Smith, Virginia Moreno, Ruth Saleno, Naomi Almanza, Jessie Ramirez, Arnette Pearson, Helen Moreno, Gladys Castillo. THIRD ROW: Lois Walker, Pat Holm, Marilyn Gor- don, Marion Lavender, Dorothy Ramsey, Anna Stanlield, Roberta Babb, Betty Johnson, Anna Sle- vin, Pat Osborne, Amy Beever, Pat Russell, Bessie Stanich, Twilla Burgess. SEATED: Peira Medina, Patty Garaghly, Merle lettie, Mary Metchikoff, Lois Manwaring, Georgina Valov, Peggy Potter, Helen Krasowsky, Myrl Bell, Aza Barnes, Angelina Kataugian. SENIOR USHERS TOP ROW: Dorothy Sias, Anette Pearson, Ruth Moline, Elenor Martinez, June Burt, Eleanor Ka- luzna, Harriet Plotkins, Rose Simonolf, Theodora Koanri ' s, Mary Reyes. THIRD ROW: Georgina Valov, Marion Lavender, Dorothy Ramsey, Shirley Dowfns, Maxine McGuire, Rita Olaerls, Nadine Plumblee, Fay Furgeson, Pai Osbourne, Bess Sullivan, Norma Bridgewater. SECOND ROW: Rose Artenian, Waveline Cuioing- ham, lackie Fox, Bessie Jo Leuty, Mary Maris, Virginia Luna, Barbara Evans, Betty Covintgon, Eileen Fatta, Lorraine Bellovin. SEATED: Barbara Siegler. Yoshito Yokoi, Mary Metchikoff, Lois Manv aring, Mr. Miller (sponsor), Frances Peters, Ruth Chernicott, Marjorie Oborn, Leola Geer, Mary Beth Cunningham, Rita Franks. Eileen Fatta, Lorraine Bellovin. fijty-four . TRUMPETS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Eckberg, Colleen Chitjian, Betty Lou Parker, William Goit, Robert Kloster. SAXES - ACCORDION LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Garbedian, Jeanne Bishop, Tom Soto, Josephine De Chiazza. CLARINETS LEFT TO RIGHT: Domenick Mai- mone. Kenneth Klein, Cae-ser Ercole, Walter Uroff. BAND POWER LEFT TO RIGHT: Stanley Schmitz, b aritone; Calvin Whitmore, trom- bone; Kenneth Murphy, drum; Dur- ward Spann, symbals; Salvador Du- arte, tuba. Fifty-five I ACHIEVEMENT CLUB TOP ROW: John Schmidt, Perry Hassen, Tom Price, Allen Rosen, Bill Rosen, Rudolph Torres. Ted Tribolet, Ray Fain, Bob Grubbs, Jimmie Kita- bayashi. SECOND ROW: Leo Shapiro, Lewis Woodland, Eleanor Kaluzna, Helen Hammond, Evelyn Men- doza, James Mueller, Sara Varela, Lois Walker, Mary Reyes, Virginia Lopez, Harriet Plotkin, Elvira Romero. THIRD ROW: Adeline Ostrowsky, Anita Maljanian, Petra Medina, Beverly Robbins, Helen Golub, Helen Krasowsky, Betty Johnson, Helen Limneos, Marjorie Welch, Colleen Chitijian, Carmen Men- devil. SEATED: Pat Grignon, Carmen Mederea, Helen Bowman, Pat Osborne, Ruth Johnson, Josephine Di Noto, Helen Bonar, Aza Barnes, Frances Noel. Shigeko Shemamolo, Mary Alice Anderson, Verna Doane. PREP-N CLUB TOP ROW: Louise Angelucci, Betty Covington, Lillian Koeppell, Rose Artunian, Angie Gonzales, Mary Montoya, Antoinette Calderon, (Vice-Presi- dent), Alice Flores, Margarita Cervantes. SECOND ROW; Helen La Porte, Mary Lasker, Doro- try Rotston, Irene Edwards, Claire Hortan, Estelle Gross, Eva Dominquez, Hcmotoff. Jessie Carupos, Jennie SEATED: Anne Bangar, Betty Richardson, Mary Anderson, Martha Anderson, Jessie McCoIlum, Eileen Fatfa, (Secretary), Frances Healy (President), Noriene Bradley, Eleanor Martinez, Mrs. Horning (sponsor). PUBLICITY CLUB ON THE BENCH— Rear: Charles Hen- derson, Jack Harrison. ON THE BENCH— Front: Tosca Tog- neri, Don Narvesion, Mrs. Felton (sponsor). STANDING— Left: Ernest Gallego, Gil Granadine, Mickey Coria. STANDING — Right: Juanita Struth- ers, Bob Treaster, Braulio Martinez. HORSEBACK RIDING CLUB TOP ROW: Sam McMullin, George Boyajian, Ralph Milikian, Bill Arm- strong, Johnnie Ohanesian, Bill Ma- kridichian. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Lorenz, June Lonie, Dorothy Lauch, Ruth Johnson, Ruth Aikens, Jean Globenfelt, Alice Alexander. THIRD ROW: Naomi Jackson, Bev- erly Gordon, Helen Hammond, Emma Pena, Dorothy Merrick, Virginia Moffitt, Christine Tona, Beverly Trecp. SEATED: Shirley Duff, Angelina Marks, Pauline Lopez, Barbara Sig- ler, Mr. Marks (sponsor), Frank Spencer, Rosemary Duarte, Margaret Berry, Winnon Woodward. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP ASS ' N FIRST ROW: Perry Hasson, Kenneth Klein, Tadashi Oki, Fred Robinson, SEATED: Clayton Rakov, loe Jordan, Gilbert Reyes, Jimmy Kitabayashi, Walt Fiedler, Earl Wallis, Mr. Fred- erickson (sponsor). fijly-itzYn KNITTING CLUB REAR: Mrs. Heisig (sponsor), Marjorie Ruiz, Vera Gibson, Betty Parker (president), Barbara Krause. FRONT: Lenora Swan, Imogene Brawley, Priscilla Vehlow, Colleen Chitijan, Adeline Ostro ' wsky, Rita Rita Peterson, Dolores Cassel, Loretta Hockinsmith, Pauline Winslow. TRI-Y ALPHA TOP ROW: Lillian Jacobson, Doris Edwards, Betty Covington, Ruth Johnson, Claire Horton, Birdie Anderson, Virginia Luna, Mary Marquez, June Lonie. SECOND ROW: Rose Artenian, Pat Smith, Anna Stanfield, Betty Galvin, Maxine McGuire, Patricia O ' SuUivan, Lillian Hansen, Noreen O ' SuUivan, Lois Brinigar. Rosemary Zigler. THIRD ROW: Miss Eross (sponsor), Barbara Baker, Rozel Smith, Betty Lou Parker, Marjorie Baboft, Maxine Bullis, Lillian Koeppel, Colleen Chitjian, Hortense Lopez. SEATED: Shigeko Shimamoto, Lidia Alvarado, Betty Richardson, Dorothy Rotstan, Irene Edwards, Har- riet Drake, Lucille Sires, Pauline Lopez, Angeline Marks, Eileen Fatta, Lorraine Bellovin. ■iiry-fif;ht . TRI-Y BETA TOP ROW: Selma Obregon, Rachael Martinez, Gloria Acevedo, Ruth Campbell, Elvira Espino. SECOND ROW: Helen Moreno, Emma Rivers, Ame- lia Garcia, Gloria Gomez, Anita Coria, Betty Lucas, lumie Oike. THIRD ROW: Rebecca Kintzley, Marion Krause, Petra Medina, Pat Osborne, Betty Foltz, Jeanne Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Mary Louise Duran. SEATED: Estell Gross, Helen Golub, Ramona Azpeitra, Roberta Babb, Alice Simons, Colleen Stewart, Beverly Robbins, Myrl Bell, Helen Bow- man. TRI-Y BETA TOP ROW: Margaret Ragusa, Velia Soto, Magda- lina Nunez, Eleanor Martinez, Patty Garaghty, Betty Lou Curtis, Mary Suarez, Esther Huizar, Zenobia Medrano. SECOND ROW: Conception Gonzales, Magdalina Valasquez, Lupe Estrella, Virginia Moreno, Mary Beth Cunningham, Elvira Romero, Evelyn Mahan, Alice Sugimoto, Ernestine Salazar. THIRD ROW: Margaret Berry, Alice Alexander, Lorraine Carls, Helen Krasowsky, Alice Zaragoza, Gladys Knudson, Hortensia Montenegro, Virginia Harford. SEATED: Virginia Lopez, Barbara Krause, Adeline Ostrowsky, Vera Gibson, Elizabeth Johnson, Mar- jorie Oborn, Georgina Valov, Fay Ferguson, Jean Drayton. Fifty-nine I ALPHA HI-Y TOP ROW: Jimmie Kitabayashi. William Anton, Richard Huizar, Jack Lament, Leonard Hayes, Dominic Maimone, Jimmie Kiralla. SECOND ROW: Louis Gailan, Carl Mahakian, Gus Arroyo, Kenneth Klein, Don Norton, Pat Christen- sen. Richard Spears, Alex Mihalovich. SEATED: Clifton Bell, Truman Clarke, Sal Flores, Mr. Hunt (sponsor), Myron Ababurko, Murry Mc- Loor, Bob Smart, Kenneth Keith. GAMMA HI-Y TOP ROW: Alex Aranda, Frank Aguerrebere, Paul Lazaris (Vice-President), Gil Reyes, Rudy Torres, Tommy Newell, Jimmy McKinney. SECOND ROW: Michael Alhandy, Fred Robinson, Harry Wilkes, Frank Posada, Tom Price (Treasurer), Bob Smart, Frank Gonzales (President). Alfred Borunda. SEATED: Mr. Sawyer (sponsor), Eddie Fujioka, Caesar Ornelas, James Mueller, Johnny Ohanesian, Richard Murphy, Ted Tribolet, Alex Sokol. Sixty ■■ WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB TOP ROW: Naomi Almanza, Lidia Alvarado, Elinor Martinez, Henry Alvarez, Jerry Lipnisky, Ricardo Contreras, Elinor Kaluzna, Sora Varlera, Conchia Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Hortence Monte, Velia Espanoza, Betty Lucus, Elvira Romero, Ruth Dixon, Evelyn Mayham, Fumi Okie, Ester Hernandez, Paz Payu- soa, Alice Leon. THIRD ROW: Reiko Ando, Chryeko Hiraoka, Alice Simons, Lillian Jacobs, Amy Beevers, Yoshiko Yukoi, Jeanne Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Marjorie Oborn. SEATED: Rozel Smith, Helen Bowman, Pauline Lopez, Angelina Marks, Mrs, Winslow (sponsor), Maxine Wells, Alice Sugimoto, Eileen Fatta, Loraine Bellovia. WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB TOP ROW: Michael Alhandy. Alex Armanda, Rudy Rincon, Armando Jinenez, Ruben Denna, Richard Huizar. SECOND ROW: Ray Contraras, Alice Fuentes, Ceha Espenosa, Fred Robinson, Esther Huizar, Amelia Garcia, Jackoline Hayduck. THIRD ROW: Clorinda Pounce, Margaret Ragusa, Jessie Campos, Petra Medina, Ernestine Salazar, Beverly Robbins, Shirley Gordon, Anita Conia. SEATED: Mickey Papilla, Betty Bowman, Gladys Castillo, Carmen Medina, Dorothy Rotstan, Irene Edwards, Lucille Sires, Helen Krasowsky, Estelle Gross. Sixty-on J THESPIANS TOP ROW: Lorraine Bellovni, Melbourne Hamilton, Fred Robinson, Gene Gates, David Popst, Nicholas Krikas, Michael Alhandy. SECOND ROW: Katherine Lee, Ruth Harrison, Leona Swan, Josephine Artukovich, Betty Samson, Carmen Rahal, Frances Healy, Molly Schucart. SEATED: Eileen Fatta, Roberta Babb, Erma Jeanne Brawley, Miss Beezley, Mrs. Sutherland (sponsor), Dorothy Raborn, Mary Simonian, Rozel Smith. PUBLIC SPEAKING TOP ROW: Bob Frieze, Forrest Hendrick, Bob At- kinson, Caesar Orneles, Warren Charles, Bill Wil- son, Herman Deutich, Elden Green. SECOND ROW: Raul Ochoa, Ralph Koontz, Frank Granedino, William Villequelte, Bob Hartunian, Jack Stillwell, Bill Schindler, Pat Christenson. THIRD ROW: Tony Rosales, Alfred Borunda, Anita Spelias, Molly Calisher, Mitzie Kemph, Helen Milich, Anita Aurparan, Lucy Burns, Richard Spears. SEATED: Anna Slevin, Harriet Drake, Virginia Bieatore, Mary Leap, Julio Soldo, Mrs. Sutherland, Juanita Porter, Filomena Nora, Eva Morgan. Si.xly-tu ' o HI 1 KERSEY BUSINESS CLUB rOP ROW: Leo Reisig, Richard Murphy, Bob Smart, Paul Lazaris, Ted Tribolet, Claude Rollick. SECOND ROW: Arnold Hitter, Frances Noel, Anita Maljanian, Elinor Kaluzna, Evelyn Estelie, Carmen Gallardo, Victoria Chacez, Hope Belchar, Juanita Fuentes. THIRD ROW: Ruth Johnson, Marie Vogliardo, Ruth Dixon, Alice Simons, Helen Bowman, Maxine Mc- Guire, Barbara Baker, Rosie Simonoff, Theodorea Kaouris. SEATED: Nellie Minjarez, Alta Mae Lees, Helen Krasowsky, Pauline Lopez, Angelina Marks, Doro- thy Rotstan, Irene Edwards, Petra Medina, Carmen Medina, Zenobia Medreno, Jesusita Ramerez. KERSEY BUSINESS CLUB TOP ROW: Marjorie Ruiz, Gloria Oronoz, Paul Miller, LeRoy Draper, Robert Savage, Ruben Jimenez, Robert Alvarez, Benjamin Hamud. SECOND ROW: Paz Rivera, Eula Faye Lewis, Bev- erly Levenson, June Drawbaugh, Mindred Krienke, Eleanore Martinez, Grace Rosenberger, Christine Ruge, Dorothy Jordan, Arline Ruge, Bertha Rod- riguez. THIRD ROW: Mary Yvarra, Frances Godinez, Rozel Smith, Vera Kriloff, Evelyn Mahan, Evelyn Men- doza, Frances Restovich, Rita Soto, Romelia Reyes, Sachiko Nakamula. SEATED: Phyllis Dentis, Coramay DeBoard. Eunice Danielson, Gene Carter, Gloria Baroldy, June Burt, Louise Mack, Elvira Romero, Mary Beth Cunning- ham, Helen Susnar, Margaret Pizzo. Sixty-three I WINTER ' 42 £(Uf. STAFF AROUND THE TABLE: June Lonie, Lou Hasson, Virginia Nye, Peggy Potter. WINDOW ROW, Left to Right: Julio Lopez, Edward Peniield, Consuelo Diaz, Walter Fiedler, Paul Lazaris, Colleen Stewart, Eddie Fujioka, Clayton Rakov, Tom Price. SUMMER ' 42 £0 STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucy Melikian, Julio Lopez, Aza Barnes, Ruth Woods, Paul Lazaris. Sixty-jour SUMMER PRINT STAFF REAR: Pascal Romo, Donald King. AT THE TABLE: George Boyjajian, John Cappadona, R. T. Macy. WINTER PRINT STAFF REAR: Donald King. AT THE TABLE: Ray Alanez. John Cappadona, LOG REPORTERS READING RIGHT: Herman Dieters, John Schmidt, Eugene Hilton. Sixty-five LOG REPORTERS SEATED AT DESKS: Marjory Welch, George Boyajidn- STANDING AT TABLE: Georgia May Ward, Dorothy Erickson. Rebecca Kintzley, Charles Willrich. SEATED AT TABLE: Gerald Brown, Roberta Babb. LOG TYPISTS FRONT TABLE: Virginia La Mont, Maxine Wells. BACK TABLE: Evelyn Canepa, Joyce Lohrey, Grace Rosenberger, Aileen Bullis. Sixly-six STAGE CREW BALCONY: Glenn Holladay, Don Narveson. LEFT: Bob Keefe, Jacqueline Fox, tools: Wayne Golly, Charles Dorfer. CENTER: Jesus Moreno, Jack Wetzel, Bob Treaster, Norman Akins, chief electrician: Jack Keefe, manager; Peter Giavannole, assistant manager. SEATED: Bessie Jo Leuty, secretary, Dorothy H. Felton, instructor. PUBLIC ADDRESS CREW LEFT TO RIGHT: John Nazarolf, James McDonald, James Cannon, Jesus Gonzales. Sixly-i-iskI p i TOP ROW: M. Ababurko, C. Abata, A. Abundis, R. Bydna, L. Acevedo, G. Acsuaedo, C. Acevequ, I. Acherman, F. Agapoff, V. Agajanian. SECOND ROW: C. Agajanian, M. Agorian, F. Aguerrebere, A. Aguilar, F. Aguilar, P. Aguirre, V. Aguirre, B. Aja, A. Bleich, M. Akins. THIRD ROW: N. Akins. R. Akins. T. Akila, R. Alaniz V. Alcorn, O. Alderdice, N. Alderete, J. Aleridg, A. Alexander, B. Alexander. FOURTH ROW: iSi}? ' ; Alhandy, B. Allen, W. Allen, J. Almaraz, H. Almanza, R. Almaraz, Aloefa, R. Alqumn, B. Alsena. hlFTH ROW: L. Alvarado, A. Alvarez, B. Alvarez, N. Alvarez, I. Alvarez, R. Alvarez, I. Amador, L. Amador, Amparan, G. Anchondo. SIXTH ROW: E. Andary, M. Anderson, M. Anderson, B. Anderson, E, Anderson, W. Anderson, R. Ando, J. Andoor, H. Andrews. SEVENTH ROW: L. Angelucci, H. Anton, Anniza, C. Apo- r.? ' ' u ' P°° = ' S. Apodaca, E. Aquilar, G. Aguilar, R. Aragon, P. Arambula. EIGHTH ROW: D. Archie. ,V,5;,, ,i?;, Arrelanes, C. Arehalo, E. Arrejaho, T. Armas, B. Armstrong, S. Arnador, A. Arnold, B. Arnold. NINTH ROW: D. Arnold, D. Arcs, J. Aros, A. Arpeita, C. Arredondo, I. Arrdyo, M. Arriola, R. Artenion, I. Arlukuvich, H. Artunian. TENTH ROW: R. Ariz, D. Aston, J. Atkins, B. Atkinson, C. Atkinson, E. Atiland, R. Aspalurian, A. Avuakian, K. Avakian, E. Aversa. Sc:rn y TOP HOW: D. Aversa, M. Axford, A. Ayala, G. Ayala, L. Ayala, L. Ayala, O. Ayala, R. Azpeitia, S. Baba, R. Babb. SECOND ROW: M. Baboff, M. Baboft, E. Baca, I. Baca, R. Bailey, N. Bain, J. Baldo, A. Ballesteros, L. Barlow, C. Banke. THIRD ROW: L. Barguez, E. Barba, R. Barker, A. Barnes, G. Baroldy, L. Baroldy, A. Barton, J. Barnes, J. Barraza, B. Barrett. FOURTH ROW: A. Barrio, A. Earris, F. Barron, L. Barron, P. Barron, E. Barrow, G. Barry, M. Barry, J. Beauchamp, F. Blaner. FIFTH ROW: B. Becker, W. Beckman, C. Bicor, I. Biehm, B. Bejarano, H. Belcher, L. Bellovin, D. Belmont, L. Belrustegui, A. Beltran. SIXTH ROW: W. Belveal, K. Benedict, M. Bender, J. Benitez, O. Biegent, A. Berckian, R. Bernard, L. Berni, C. Bernne, A. Berovid SEVENTH ROW: G. Berrara, P. Berumen, M. Besler, E. Betancourt, L. Betancourt, B. Bethel, C. Beizyiff, B. Biehm, J. Birkett. L. Bischoff. EIGHTH ROW: J. Bishop, B. Blasdell, L. Bleich, F. Block, L. Bodine, K. Boice, G. Bojorq ue, I. Bojorquez, E. Bolin, H. Bonar. NINTH ROW: D. Boncheff, R. Bonelli, A. Borunda, F. Borunda, M. Borzicchi, P. Bowers, D. Bowles, B. Bowman, V. Bowman, G. Boyajian. TENTH ROW: F. Boyatian, E. Brandt, M. Brandt, D. Bradley, V. Brady, I. Brawley, E. Breatore, V. Breatore, R. Brende, J. Breseno. SevfTity-on I WW WM . ! .M TOP ROW: A. Briceno, N. Bridgewater, L. Brinegar, F. Briski, L. Briseno, C. Brito, R. Brock, B. Brockie. G. Brown, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: L. Brown, M. Brusski, R. Buck, A. Bullis, B. Fidcher, F. Bumpass, H. Bundren, I. Burdick, T. Burgess, K. Burnes. THIRD ROW: L, Burns, C. Burrows, G. Burrowbridge, J. Burt, E. Byers, J. Byrd, A. Byrnes, E. Byron, C. Cairo, A. Calderon. FOURTH ROW: G. Calderon, M. Calderon, M. Cal- sher, M. Calville, L. Camarillo, M. Campa, S. Campanelli, H. Campbell, I. Campbell, R. Campbell. FIFTH ROW: E. Zomorra, D. Canales, E. Canepa, J. Cannon, C. Canzano, M. Cappadona, A. Carcian, J. Cardenas, H. Cardora, D. Cariens. SIXTH ROW: L- Carls, D. Carlson, L. Carnigan, D. Carrasca, H. Carrasco, E. Carrillo, L. Carrillo, M. Carrillo, D. Carroll, G. Carter. SEVENTH ROW: M. Carter, R. Casanova, C. Castellanos, D. Castillo, E. Castillo, R. Cendejas, L. Castle, A. Castorena, A. Castro, E. Castro. EIGHTH ROW: E. Cassaday, L. Cassaday, L. Cathey, E. Cazares, O. Cendeias, S. Cendejas, S. Ceniseroz, A. Ceniceros, L. Ceniceros, G- Centi, NINTH ROW: C. Cequerros, M. Cesneros, M. Cervantes, B. Chaides, D. Chalfane, L. Chappie, R. Charles, E. Chavarria, C. Chavez, H. Chavez. TENTH ROW: I. Chaves, M. Charez, S. Chauez, S. Chavez, R. Charez, V. Chave, B. Cheroff, R. Chernicaff, A. Chico, C. Chitjian. SfVtnly-lu ' O tijb P, o fi f% ft 2 ♦ TOP ROW: B. Chorre, N. Chronis, F. Ciminski, R. Cinderas, R. Cochran, P. Cohen, R. Cole, D. Collar, I. CoUvsi, J. Colombo. SECOND ROW: C. Conlen, R. Conteras, R. Conteras, E. Cook, C. Cootts, A. Cordova, D. Cordova, E. Corella, A. Coria, B. Coring. THIRD ROW: B. Coring, S. Covona, J. Cornadona, R. Correa, J. Cos- sentiaz, R. Cosia, E. Cosia, B. Cola, E. Cota, G. Gates. FOURTH ROW: G. Couturier, B. Covington, D. Cox, B. Coyle, L. Cozad, L. Clarke, M. Clegg, L. Clifford, A. Cruz, M. Cruz. FIFTH ROW: F. Cruz, C. Cuevas, J. Cujak, H. Cienfuegos, F. Cunningham, M. Cunningham, W. Curry, B. Curtis, M. Curtis, F. Cutter. SIXTH ROW: M. Caullas, H. Cizia, S. Cisneros, I. Corv all, R. Cordero, L. Clifton, D. Cenderellp, R. Ceja, I. Co- nales, I. Corayson. SEVENTH ROW: F. Croz, P. Daglen, M. Dakovich, E. Danielson, D. David, D. David, R. Davila, M. Daly, H. Dahton, I. De Biasio. EIGHTH ROW: J. De Golde, M. De Grazio, S. DelaCruz, C. Delarosa, M. Delarosa, P. Delagdillo, A. Delgado, C. Delgado, M. Delgado, T. Delgado. NINTH ROW: E. DeLuna, M. DeLuna, M. DeLusa, P. DeSu, R. Dominquez, B. Denn, R. Denna, P. Dentis, I. Dewyn, M. Dicklich. TENTH ROW: T. Dicklich, L. Dieu, G. Dilsaver, L. DeNoto, B. Dipillo, R. Dixon, D. Dobst, D. Doerr, L. Doin, E. Dominquez. Sfvtnty-fhree i TOP ROW: I. Domis, P. Domis, D. Dorado. W. Dorado, M. Duran, C. Dorfer, R. Dorr, R. Dorr, S. Dow, A. Downey. SECOND ROW: D. Drain, L. Draper, I. Drayton, I. Duarte, K. Duarte, N. DuBuque, S. Duff, G. Dugally, P. Duncan, F. Dupea. THmD ROW: G. Duran. H. Duran, P. Duran, G. Durani, C. Durazo, M. Du- Roy, M. Duarte. E. Duron, R. Duron. FOURTH ROW: W. Downing, I. Drawbaugh, S. Downs, E. Boricchi, I. Eads, A. Edwards, B. Edwards, D. Edwards, F. Eisenhart, D. Ekberg. FIFTH ROW: G. Ellas, I. EUch, H. Ellis, M. Ellis, F. Elizarrez, G. Ercole, A. Erians, D. Erickson, C. Enriquelta, A. Escalera. SIXTH ROW: R. Escalera, A. Escandon, E. Escarcega, B. Eshilian, D. Echevesta, C. Eskenary, S. Esparza. E. Espino, A. Espinoza, L. Espinoza. SEVENTH ROW: M. Espinoza, M. Espiritu, M. Esquibel, E. Estell, H. Estell, A. Es- trada, E. Estrada, R. Estrada, R. Estrada, B. Evans. EIGHTH ROW: W. Everett, I. Evich, I. Fackler, E. Fain, R. Fain, D. Faircloth, D. Faircloth, B. Farley. E. Fatta, S. Federoff. NINTH HOW: V. Federoff, V. Feliz, W. Pettis, I. Fernandez, R. Fernandez, E. Ferrales, R. Figueroa, R, Fike, A. Flores, E. Flores. TENTH ROW: E. Flores, F. Flores, L. Flores, R. Flores, S. Flores, M. Follendore, E. Foltz, B. Foster, M. Foster, M. Foster. SfZ-fnly-lonr ?1« ' ; ' IK «1f TOP ROW- R Fox E Franco E Franks, R. Franks, A. Freedman, P. Fregosa, B. Frias, B Frieze, R. Fry A. ??ente? SECOND ROW SFuente., J. Fuentes, Y. Fukuda, C. Gabriel M Gadberry B. Gaither, C, Gal- lando I Gallardo, V. Gallardo, F. Gallego. THIRD ROW: V Gallego, V. Ga q° row R Gardner R Galvan G. Gamobz, P. Garagaty, M. Gaibedian, R. Gardea, I. Gardner. FOURTH ROW «■ G dner . «• Gardner, I. Gutson, B. Goit, A. Garcia, A. Garcia, A. Garcia B Garcia C. Garcia, C. Garcia Fit IM HUW. t Garcia G Garcia, G. Garcia, H. Garcia, H. Garcia, I. Garcia, L. Garcia, M. Garcia, N. Garcia. SIXTH ROW. N. rJrr a ' O Garcia P Garcia R Garcia, V. Garcia. W. Gar cia, D. Gaylor, N. Gazzeny I. Geer, B Gelmaii. SEVENTH ROW RGSvorkian, J. Genoud, I. Gentile, E Gentile, D Gibbons, F. Gibbons G. Gibson V. r-iK™ iv;t rill F rilmer EIC5HTH ROW: L Gilmer, J. Gilsoner, P. Giovannoli, A. Girler, H. Gjurisn, n. Bascock I Glenn, ?. aobenkei, L. Godinez, F. Godi ' nez NINTH ROW: H Golub, B. Goldstein E Go- mez G Gomez G Gomez, H. Gomez. M. Gomez, R. Gomez, A. Gonzales, A Gonzales. TENTH ROW. C. SInzales.C Gonzales, G. Gonzales, S. Gonzales, J. Gonzales, I. Gonzales, L. Gonzales, L. Gonzales, M. Gonzales, O. Gonzales. Seventy-five i TOP ROW: P. Gonzales, P. Gonzales, R. Gonzales, S. Gonzales, T. Gonzales, V. Gonzales, M. Gonzaki, B. Gordon, B. Gordon, M. Gordon. SECOND ROW: M. Gorlovich, S. Gordon, F. Granadino, G. Granadino, R. Granadino, G. Graves, A. Granda, J. Greco, D. Green, B. Gregorieff. THIRD ROW: A. Grijalva, M. Griplna, S. Grkavac, R. Gruber, R. Grignor, H. Gruzman, G. Guayante, M. Guerrero, D. Guerrero, R. Guerrero. FOURTH ROW: T. Guerrero, F. Guerca, R. Ganzano, R. Gutierrez, T. Gutierrez, R. Guzman, F. Gutiennez, P. Haas, M. Haber, R. Haines. FIFTH ROW: W. Haines, G, Hall, H. Hall, F. Haliech, M. Hambelton, M. Hamilton, E. Haman, H. Hammond, B. Hamud, L. Hansen. SIXTH ROW: R. Hanson, H. Hare, V. Harford, L. Hargus, F. Harper, A. Harris, J. Harris, M. Harris, E. Harrington, E. Harrison. SEVENTH ROW: R. Harrison, M. Har- rington. B, Harlunian, E. Hartunian, H. Hartunian, M. Hartunian, P. Hasson, W. Hatley, I. Hayduk, R. Hay- mes EIGHTH ROW: L. Hays, J. Hayworth, F. Healy, M. Heath, F. Hedrick, W. Heder, C. Heller, K. Helm, R. Henderson, D. Hendrickson. NINTH ROW: I. Henderson, R. Henry, E. Hernandez, A. Hernandez, C. Her- nandez, C. Hernandez, E. Hernandez, F. Hernandez, I. Hernandez, H. Hernandez. TENTH ROW: I. Hernan- dez, M. Hernandez, I. Hernandez, R. Hernandez, Y. Hernsehall, D. Herrera, Y. Hernandez, D. Herrera, D. Herrera, S. Herrera. Sc:m y-ji.i i I f TOP ROW: S Herrera, C. Herron, M. Herrera, H. Hettinger, D. Hibbon, B. Hickson, M. Hidalgo, G Hild M. Hignite, E. Hilton. SECOND ROW: E. Hime, H. Hines C. Hiraoka, E Hogapion, J. Halcomb, A. HoL quin, C. Holquin, R. Halquin, G. Holladay, C. Holling. THIRD ROW: W Hi ' " ingswo ' -th a Homes, R Hol quin I. Holt J. Homotoff C. Hopper, B. Horner, B. Horton A. Hosen FOURTH ROW: B. Houston, L Hova- deian, C. Howard, S. Huffstetier, R. Huizar, V. Hulse, N. Hunter, H. Hunt. L Isaac, F. Jackson. FIFTH ROW I. Jackson, L. Jackson, N. Jackson, A. Zigley, B. Jacobs, C. Jacobs, F Jacobs, R, Jacobian, L_ Jacobson. L. lacobian. SIXTH ROW: C. Jaquez, R. Jasquez, L. Jenkins, B. Jensen, B Jensen A Jimenez, B. Jiminez, D J.minez, R. Jimenez, A. Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: B. Johnson, D. I?hn|on.E Johnson, F. Johnson, I ohnsori, M. Johnson, R, Johnson, R. Johnson P- Johnson D.Jones. EIGHTH ROW: M. Jones N_ Jones W, Jones, B. Jordan, D. Jordan, J. Jordan, R. Jordan, R. Joseph, C. Juarez G. Guerra. NINTH ROW: A Her- nandez, S. Kaitangian, G. Kalulan, E. Kaluzna, G. Kannon S Kosareff, F. Kashmer, B. Kaspanian V Kas- parian, A Katangoln. TENTH ROW: B. Keamey, B. Keefe, J. Keefe, L. Keeland, V. Keister, B. Kellens, D. Kelley, J. Kelley, D. Kemp, H. Kemp. Stvc-nty-strv n TOP ROW: I. Kempf, M. Kempf, B. Kennedy, K. Keyser, E. Killing-sworth, J. Killingsworth, B. King, D. King, G. King, G. King. SECOND ROW: R. King, R Kintzley, J. Kiralla, F. Kirkpatrick, S. Kitabayashi, M. Kitching, G. Kloster, G. Klotz, I. Knickerbocker, D. Knott. THIRD ROW: G. Knutson, O. Knutson, L. Koep- pel, J. Koerndl, B. Kostenko, T. Koury, H. Kozima, B. Krause, C. Krause, M. Krause. FOURTH ROW: G. Krasn. D. Kneutzer, V. Kriloff, B. Kunkler, S. Kuevomoto, J. Kuznetzoff, H. Joseph, C. Guzman, R. Lakin, R. Laluian. FIFTH ROW: A. La Monte, V. LaMont, I. Landing, M. Lara, M. Lara, M. Lara, C. Lassillos, D. Lauch N. Lauricella, E. Lauricella, J. Lauro. SIXTH ROW: J. Laviguer, H. Lawson, L. Laxson, M. Lazalde, P. Lazano, E. LeaL C. Leap, M. Leap, B. Ledington, K. Lee. SEVENTH ROW: L. Legrand, F. Leitner, I. Leit- ner, A. Leon, C. Leon, R. Leon, R. Leon, G. Leon, G. Lerma, B. Leslie. EIGHTH ROW: G. Leslie, A. Le- udtke, B. Levanson, G. Levy, E, Lewis, P. Lewis, G. Licon, R. Lynch, D. Limones. L. Lind. NINTH ROW: M. Lindley, I. Lionisky, L. Lisowski, B. Littlefield, H. Litzaw, C. Llamas, D. Llewelyn, J. Lohrey, N, London. TENTH ROW: M. Lopez, R, Lopez, A. Lopez, A. Lopez, A. Lopez, C. Lopez, D. Lopez, E. Lopez, E. Lopez, G. Lopez. Sfvi-rtly- -i,i:bt n o r TOP ROW: I Lopez M Lopez, P. Lopez, V. Lopez, V. Lopez, Y. Lorentz, A. Loya, B. Loya, D. Loza, L. Lozano SECOND ROW: A. Luas, H. Lube, B. Lucas, B. Luna, R. Luna, V. Luna, B. Lunbeck, L. Luoya, M. Lynch M Goldstein THIRD ROW: L. Mack, R. Macy, C. Madrid, A. Magdalen, M. Magruder, C. Mahakian, E Mahan, C. Maimone, R. Malagon, S. M. Maloney. FOURTH ROW: C. Maliszeskp, A. Maljanian, J. Marcuso, M Madarich K Manley Z. Mann, C. Manoogian, M. Manoogian, R. Manookian, C. Marino. FIFTH ROW: L Marius E. Markine, G. Markley, A. Marguez, E. Marquez, E. Marquez, I. Marguez, J. Marquez, M. Mar- quez D Marrick SIXTH ROW: E. Marrs. H. Martin. L Martin, Y. Martin, A. Martinez, B, Martinez, B. Mar- tinez ' C Martinez C. Martinez, E. Martinez. SEVENTH ROW: G. Martinez, H. Martinez, J. Martinez, I. Mar- tinez G Martinez, H. Martinez, L. Martinez, N. Martinez, R. Martinez. H. Martinez. EIGHTH ROW: V. Martinez, F. Mason. F. Mastellos, D. Matijasevich. G. Matranga, I. Mature, M. Mavarro. F. Mayer, R. Mc- Alpin I McAteer NINTH ROW: A. McCann, I. McCollum, E. McConce, D, McDaniel, I. McDonald, D. Mc- Dowell ' l McGinnis, G. McGowan, M. Ivor, E. McKinney. TENTH ROW: H. McKee, I. McMath, P. McMath, S. McMullin, R. McLachlan, C. McWilliam ' s, D. McWiUiams, N. Mears, P. Mecori, E. Medina. St ' Vfvly-nine TOP ROW: E. Medina, F. Medina, G. Medrano, C. Zeoidan, M. Meeks, C. Meixner, J. Melendez, F. Melikian, L. Mel ikian, R. Melikian. SECOND ROW: H. Mencada, A. Mendez. F. Mendez, T. Mendez, R. Mendias, L. Medina, A. Mendivil, A. Mendivil, C. Mendinil, R. Mendilola, S. Mendivil. THIRD ROW: A. Mendoza, E. Mendoza, E. Mendoza, L. Mendoza, L. Mendoza, M. Mendoza, O. Mendoza, R. Mendoza, H. Mendsin, M. Mendza. FOURTH ROW: B. Mercada, C. Merino. M. Melchikoff, I. Meyer, A. Mihalovich, P. Miloradovich, L. Miller, D. Miller, J. Miller, P. Miller. FIFTH ROW: K. Miller, M. Miller, T. Zepija, H. Milich, I. Milligan, L. Milligan, L. Milligan, R. Mills, R. Millon, O. Mino. SIXTH ROW: L. Minnitti, M. Miramon, D. Miramontez, M. Mireles, B. Mitchell, V, Moffitt, J. Moir, A. Molina, A, Molina, A. Molina. SEVENTH ROW: A. Malina, R. Moline, E. MoUineto, M. Monies, E. Montano, C. Montoyd, A. Montoya, M. Montoya, R. Montoya, M. Moore. EIGHTH ROW: R. Mooney, N. Morad, M. Morad, E. Morales, J. Morales, L. Morales, M. Morales, R. Morales, A. Moreno. NINTH ROW: A. Moreno, G. Moreno, E. Moreno, E. Moreno, E. Moreno, J. Moreno, I. Moreno, P. Moreno, R. Moreno, R. Moreno. TENTH ROW: E. Morgan, J, Moring, L. Morris, T. Morris, B. Morion, G. Moss, R. Mucci, I. Muirhead, F. Mumolo, D. Munnell. Ei[;hly ■ TOP ROW- L Muntz E Murphy, K. Murphy, R, Murr, C. Musich, J. Muthoz, B. Mgrdichian, M. Mgrditchian, H Myers I Naccaroto. SECOND ROW: M. Nagaishi, M, Nakamura, S. Nakamura, S. Narro, D. Narveson, F. Nara I Nazaroff. M. Nazaroff, M. Neal, E. Nersasian. THIRD ROW: T, Newell, F. Noel L. Norman, L North, F Nova A. Nudo, E. Nunez, S. Nupoff, G. Oberstein, M. Oborn. FOURTH ROW: S. Obragon Ocambo, O Ochoa M. Oehring, R. Oanesian, H. O ' Gorman, B. Oheresion, F. Dike, Y. Okura. FIFTH ROW: h ' Olaerts, E. Olausson, S. Olfaulo, I. Olguin, A. Oliedrz, R. Olivas, R. Olivas, M Ohvarez,, G. Oliver, P. Onopa. SIXTH ROW: C. Ornelas, G. Oronoz, L Orozco, M. Orozco Orosco, C. Orrantia, t. Ontega, E. Ontega, F. Ortega, R. Ortiz. SEVENTH ROW: A. Ostrowsky, N. O Sullivan G. Otero, H. Ott, M. Overley, I. Owens, M. Owens. S. Pacho, F. Packord, E. PadiUa. EIGHTH ROW: M. Palacio, N. Palafox R Palomino, M. Palumbo, B. Paguette, B. Parcells, G. Parenberg, B. Parker, C. Pascoe, S. Pasmuren. NINTH ROW: 1 Pasta, M. Patapov, F. Paul, L. Paul, M. Paul. F. Paulsen, M .Paulson, J. Pavich, W. Peacock, A. Pena. TENTH ROW: E. Pena, M. Pennington, B. Penuna, C. Peralta, G. Penalta, H. Peregnna, A. Perez, A. Perez, R. Perez, R. Perez. Eighty-one ' ' d f f ff% :o,.-; ..- ' Af TOP HOW: W. Perez, F. Perl, L. Perris, H. Perry, J. Perry, F. Peters, I. Philley, D, Phillios, P. Piatt, H. Piaxton. SECOND ROW: H. Pinal, H. Pingree, J. Piskal, B. Pitt, M. Pizano, M. Pizzo, I. Pizzo, J. Pizzo, G. Pizula, S. Pizula. THIHD ROW: I. Piaxton, M. Pleich, G. Polloveno, C. Ponce, Q. Poochigian, J. Posler, T. Pooler, M, Popilli, P. Porras, M. Portillo. FOURTH ROW: T. Portillo, H. Powell, M. Pranceria, A. Price, R. Price, V. Price, C. Prince, V. Proctor, I. Proffer, J. Provansal. FIFTH ROW: J. Puerto, C. Pyles, M. Pacheco, A. Pearson, J. Panea, D. Peterson, N. Plumlee, H. Plotkin, P. Parros, L, Pritchord. SIXTH ROW: R. Quilling, A. Ouesada, M. Ouevado, J. Quinones, M. Quintera, P. Ouinteras, B. Quntana, I. Rabago, J. Radde, M. Raicerich. SEVENTH ROW: C. Rahal, A. Ramirez, A. Ramirez, E. Ramirez, J. Ramirez, H. Ramirez, M. Ra- mirez, M. Ramirez, R. Ramirez, I. Ramirez. EIGHTH ROW; L. Ramirez, V. Ramirez, C. Ramos, M. Ramos, M. Raper, F. Raqusa, B. Rayfield, L. Raymond, C. Redcher, D. Redlin. NINTH ROW: R. Redmond, A. Re- galdo, G. Regaldo, M. Regaldo, P. Regaldo, R. Regaldo, C. Reid, L. Reid, D. Remindon, G. Renteria. TENTH ROW: M. Renteria, E. Resa, F. Restovich, P. Revilla, G. Reyes, L. Reyes, M. Reyes, R. Reyes, R. Reyna, D. Reynolds. £if:hty-ltro I u I f € , f . J 1h3 TOP ROW: J Reynolds, C. Reza, I. Reza, R. Ricchios, A. Richards, B. Richardson, I. Richardson, W. Ridley, J. Rigos, R. Rincon. SECOND ROW: L. Ritchel, S. Rivas, P. Rivora, F. Rivera, P. Rodant, A. Rodarte, S. Robers ' , N. Roberts, P. Roberts, N. Robertson. THIRD ROW: R. Rodia, G. RobidouxE. Robinson V Robledo, A Robles L. Robles, F. Roblez, A. Rodriquez, A. Rodriquez, A. Rodriguez. FOURTH HOW: A. Rodriquez, b ' Rodriquez, B. Rodriquez, B. Rodriquez, E. Rodriquez, F. Rodriquez, G. Rodriquez G. Rodriuez, G. Rod- riquez, I. Rodriquez. FIFTH ROW: I. Rodriquez, L. Rodriquez, R. Rodriquez R Rodriquez R. Rodruquez, T Rodriquez, T. Rodriquez, V. Rodriquez, V, Rodriquez, V. Rodriquez. SIXTH ROW: M. Ro " ' " R°i " ' C Romero, E. Romera, E. Romera, J. Romero, J. Romero, P. Romo, P. Romero R. Roney SEVENTH ROW. H Ronteria, M. Resales, T. Rasales, D. Rosalez, T. Rosenbaum, A. Rouhana, I. Rubia, I. Rubion, A. Rubal- cava, I. Rubio. EIGHTH ROW: R. Ruff, E. Rufula, A. Ruge, C. Huge, I. Ruiz, M Ruiz A. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, A. Runyon, M. Ruscich. NINTH ROW: P. Russell, B. Rutkin, B. Saap, C. Saerz, I. Socker S. Sadamura. M. Sadorivsa, S. Salas, M. Salsor, A. Salazar. TENTH ROW: M. Salazar, R. Salazar, A. Salcido, I. Salcido, J. Salcido, L. Salcido, M. Salcido, M. Salcido, R. Salerno, J. Salgado. Eighty-thrft •■ i K ■ ' % TOP ROW: A. Salinas, B. Salmon, S. Saltow, E. Samaha, A. Samaniezo, J. Samieza, G. Sanogior, E. Sanchez, N. Sardes. E. Sanchez. SECOND ROW: N. Sanchez, I. Sanchez, R. Sanchez, T. Sanchez, C. Sanders, M. Sanders, A. Sardoval, L. Sandoval, S. Sandoval, S. Sandoval. THIRD ROW: J. San German, M. San Pedro, B. Sansom, F. Santa Cruz, H. Santana, E. Santillan, E. Santos, A. Sarellanez, M. Sargent, L. Sarkisian. FOURTH ROW: R. Savage, E. Sawaya, M. Secrone, K. Schickal, M. Schickel, B. Schindler, J. Schmidt, R. Schlemlein, D. Schneider, E. Schneller. FIFTH ROW: A. Schoenen, M. Schwartz, L. Scliz, I. Scott, L. Secours, R. Secours, M. Seinteel, D. Semponis, L. Seratsky. A. Serrano. SIXTH ROW: C. Serrano, H. Serrano, M. Settle, Semponis, G. Schmitz, B. Shapiro, L. Shapiro. L. Sharar, M. Shucart, J. Underwood. SEVENTH ROW: F. Shrainer, S. Shrainer, W. Sibley, B. Sierra, B. Sigler, H. Signam, M. Siljeg, J. Silk, P. Silvan, R. Silnett. EIGHTH ROW: B. Simonds, P. Sinanian, B. Simonoff, V. Sisneros, D. Slas, S. Small, C. Small, C. Smith, J. Smith, L. Smith. NINTH HOW: P. Smith, P. Smith, R. Smith, T. Smith, V. Smith, W. Smart, W. Sneed, A. Snyder, G. Soffa, J. Sogoian. TENTH ROW: R. Sogoian, A. Sakal, F. Solis, J. Solis, E. Soloria, S. Sornoso, R. Sosa, A. Solo, L. Soto, H. Soto. Eif bty-joiir . i , -.,, i-. f ( MMm. " a A J t :! «■ « r Pi t TOP ROW: R. Soto, T. Soto, A. Sotomayor, O. Solomayor, J. Southwick E. Sowaya, A. Suesler, M. Spork- msn I SDpars R Soears SECOND ROW: J. Spence, J. Spence, W. Spraig, P. Spurglon, B blames, A. ianhid ' B sfan k ' M ' stanley°M. Steele, H. sfeger. THIRD ROW: B. Sterner, StePh - V ' l ' lto?mer ' N. Stewart, G. Stewail, M. Stewart, B. Stierwalt, I. Stillwell, S. Stoltz H_ Stona. FOURTH ROW T_Stormer, F. Stowe. R. Stowell, I. Streater, S. Sturgis, M. Suarez, A. Sugimoto, R. Sukibsion B. Sulhvan, F Furgeson FIFTH ROW: H. Susnar, B. Suter. L. Swan, R. Swelney R. Tab.zon M. TafoUa, M. Tah.U, B Tait, B. Tait, K Takimoto SIXTH ROW: L. Talbert, A. Tallman, R. Tanago, F. Tamasi, R. Tanos, A Tapea, A Tastado, A TavaTes W Teply, H. Telesio. SEVENTH ROW: I- Teles.e, R. Telles, C. Tetro, R, Tetro, F Thomasion, M. Ihomas: E. Thompson, L. Thayer, E. Tiberi, M TidbalL EIGHTH ROW: S. T ' rre G , Tobtn N Todd T. Togneri, B. Tolmasoff, K. Tolmasoff, F. Tomes, D. Tomovich M. Tomomch, R- Woods NINTH ROW- C- Tona, A. Torres, M. Torres, R. Torres, R. Torres. N. Tosi E. Tovar, R. Tovar, H. Traslavma R Treaster. TENTH ROW: B. Tresp, B. Tuerina, B. Tuler, P. Twist, E. Tyler, D. Tyler, D. Underwood, D. Unruh, M. Uvarra, M. Vahle. Eighty-fivi TOP ROW: L Valadez, A. Valov, G. Valda, R. Valdes. H. Valdez, M. Voldez, G. Valencia, M. Valencia, I Valenzuela, A. Vallejo. SECOND ROW: G. Vallejo, K. Valon, E. Valverde, P. Vanderviot G Van Doren B Vanette, C. Van Dundy, D. Van Wickler, I. Varela, I. Vorela. THIRD ROW: S. Varela, G. Vargas R Vargos dA,;, ' " , " ' ' ' ' ' Vartonian, M. Vartonian, R. Vartonian, A. Vasguez, C. Vasquez, M Vasquez FOURTH HOW: y. Vasquez, G. Vaughn, J, Vela, R. Velasco, R. Velasquez, W. Veliquette, P. Vehlov, F Venecas E. Verduga, D Venzuela. FIFTH ROW: ]. Verduga, M. Vicuna, P. Villagrana, C. Villalovas, C. Villalobos, R y.llanyeva, D. Vallareal, C. Villegas, C. ViUegas R. Villesca. SIXTH ROW: G. Vincent, C. Viramonles, E. crviSS™ oi l " i ' ; yogl ' ardo, M. Vollmer, T. Vanelle, A, Vukojevich, K. Vukojenich, G, Vuletich. SEVENTH ROW: R. Vuiovich, C. Wackeen, B. V ackenkutch, C. Walhler, B. Vl ahlberg, L. Vl alker, L. Wal- quish, W Waileat B. Waller. R. Wallin. EIGHTH ROW: E, Wallis, L. Walther, G. Ward, C. Warnholl, C. Warren, P Waroff, J. Warren. D. Watson, F. Watson, R. Webb. NINTH ROW: O. Weber, E. Webster, N. nKw D iv.Y ' i ' sM;. " = ' P- " = ' °- Werner, K. Weshburn, V. Wheatley, M. Whitken. TENTH c WM ' -.l;-, • Whilmare, B. Whitney, E. Wicker, B. Williams, M. Williams, M. Williams, C. Willrich, B. Wilson, D. Wilson. Eifhiy- ,.-n.»m :t ' ' i t ja 3 vi ' w ' M. ° ' ' TOP ROW: I Wilson M Wilson, P. Wilson, G. Wind, M. Windham, I. Wingo, M. Winkler, C. Winn, F. Winslow, P. Wiseman. SECOND ROW: T. Witham, G. Weadislaw, E. Walner, H. Walfslau, R. Walahen, P. Winslow. E. Woods, R. Woods, L. Woodland, D. Woodwase. THIRD ROW: W. Woodward, E, Wonley, P. Wrilley, L. Wuest, B. Yoder, A. Yahiro, K. Yahiro, Y. Yakoi, M. Yonni, B. Yorka. FOURTH ROW: L. Yo- shida, B. Yasoian, W. Yasoian, D. Young, D. Yaney, B. Zachman, R. Zachman, A. Zamora, C. Zamora, M. Zanotli. FIFTH ROW: G. Zapper, A. Zaragoza, I. Zaragoza, R. Zaragoza, D. Zaring. Our Creed I BELIEVE IN GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL BE- CAUSE IT GIVES ME A CHANCE TO WORK, AN OPPORTUNITY TO SACRIFICE SELF FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, AND A CHALLENGE TO SERVE MY FELLOW STUDENTS. I BELIEVE IT WILL DEVELOP IN ME THE HABIT OF PUNCTUALITY AND REGULARITY, RESPECT FOR THE PERSONAL AND PROPERTY RIGHTS OF OTHERS, A FEELING OF INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE COM- MON GOOD. AND A WILLINGNESS ALWAYS TO GIVE A SQUARE DEAL. I BELIEVE IT WILL HELP ME TO BUILD FOR MYSELF A CLEAR HEAD, A TRUE HEART, AND A STRONG ARM. Eighty-seven Eighty-fight . If Eighty-nine A TRIBUTE RS. LORA SUTHERLAND is now closing fifteen years of service at Garfield High School. In that time she has produced, successfully and artistically, twenty-eight full length dra- mas. Her short plays or skits are beyond enumeration, for many sudden demands were made by various departments and organizations for assistance in present- ing assemblies or speeches. Generously and skillfully she answered every de- mand. Nor was she concerned only with the mental growth of the student; she was equally interested in the physical and moral development of each one. The curtain has gone down on Mrs. Sutherland ' s own drama at Garfield, but all who know her feel that the play to follow will be even more rich and humane than the one just completed. Our best wishes accompany her in whatever she does or wherever she goes. MRS. LAURA SUTHERLAND THANKSGIVING PLAY LEFT TO RIGHT: Nicholas Krikes, Bert Gauny, Margaret Williams, Frances Tonasi. I I PROLOGUE AND EPILOGUE, " KEEP SMILING " LEFT TO RIGHT: John Elich, Florence Nos ' Laura Gonzales, Mildred Brashears. " KEEP SMILING " STANDING: Nicholas Knkes, Bob Atkinson. Her- man Deutch, Carmen Gallardo, Norma Bridgewater, Ethel Orenstein, Fausto Zendijas, Bert Gouny. SEATED: Sheila Kurtz, Grace Calderon. CAST OF " KEEP SMILING " STANDING: Melbourne Hamilton, Mildred Magru- der, John Reynolds, Betty King, Sheila Kurtz, Bert Gauny. SEATED: Leona Jackson, Grace Calderon. ( FROM THE SUMMER PRESIDENT THE time has come for me to put down my gavel and say farewell to all my friends and teachers and to express my sincere appreciation to everyone for making me president of the Student Body. In looking back upon my three years gt Garfield, I can honestly say that I have deeply enjoyed every moment of them. I have made many acquaintances and true friends with whom I have par- ticipated in happy school activities. All of these with many other rich experi- ences will go down in my book of memories. I could wish no greater good fortune to my successor than that his term of office be as satisfying to him as mine has b een to me. — Gus Arroyo. FROM THE WINTER PRESIDENT A FRIEND — one soul, two bodies " is an ancient Chinese proverb which beautifully describes one f the most priceless possessions of the individual. Our high school days are those in which we bind into a lasting friendship that companionship formed through sharing common joys, sorrows, suc- cesses, and failures for so long a time. The fact that we are continually striv- ing toward the common goal of educa- tion seems to unify the Student Body perpetually, just as the well seasoned football team works in unison toward the common goal. Of course, a player may get out of position now and then, but that is one of the things which lends excitement to the game. It is this type of shoulder to shoulder spirit of friendship which we shall al- ways remember; and it is for this very same whole hearted cooperation which 1 received during my term of office that I wish to express my sincere apprecia- tion. — Rudy Fanska. Nincty-t!ro Ninety-three WINNERS IN LOG SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE TOP ROW: Lewis Woodland, Allen Rosen, Frank Posada, Sammy Le Neve, Earl Wallace, Bill Sand- ers, Bob Mosler, Nick Krikes, Perry Hasson. SECOND ROW: John Schmidt, Jane McKinzie, Emma Pena, Lillian Jacobs, Helen Limneos, Colleen Stewart. Naomi Hunter, Barbara Baker, Phillip Cohen, Jimmie Kitabayashi. SEATED: June Lonie, Frances Healy, Ruth Johnson. Aza Barnes, Peggy Potter, Mary Anderson, Betty Johnson. Marjorie Welch, Geraldine Kennon, Pat Smith. FASHION SHOW i 1 t Sinfty-iouT THE WATCHES OF BATAN VICTORY GARDENS To the brave men cl America and the Phihppmes who fought at Bataan. A hundred years may come and go ' Ere freedom ' s banner rise again, Yet mute, unseen, her torch shall glow, Within the hearts of Eastern men. For in the watches of Bataan They saw, incarnate, vital, free. Democracy that lives and breathes And lasts for truth ' s eternity. Who kept the watches of Bataan? Not white nor brown-skinned men alone. But side by side they bled and died. Their graves unmarked, their deeds unknown. Defeat? Though men have marked it so, ' Twas rather victory they gained. For theirs it was to die to show What truth within men ' s hearts re- mained. This be thy task, America! To keep a watch that shall not cease Until the day when thou shalt lay Upon their graves — A wreath of peace. — Frances Healy. Springtime is here and the gardens are blooming. Strange — in a world where death has command. Strange — in such world, in one plentiful land. Gardens! Their colors and fragrance assuming. In other lands, there is hunger and sorrow. Take heart, ye peoples, afflicted, op- pressed. God will not leave you, nor does He e ' er rest, Gardens! His symbol of hope for the morrow! Bright, blooming, gardens! This mes- sage they bring — Naught save God ' s gardens reveal it so clearly — Freedom, once planted, once cherished so dearly. Through winter darkness looks forward to Spring! — Frances Healy. Ninety-fiz ' e SATURDAY WITH MY LITTLE BROTHERS I had often wondered how so much dirt could collect on three small boys in the short time of one Saturday, and at last I determined to find out. The method I used was simple enough; I merely followed their activities one Saturday. To say I kept up with them would be an exaggeration of my physical ability; I just watched most of the time (that left me breathless) and sometimes I even needed the refuge of a grandstand seat on the first limb of the nearest tree. We were out of bed bright and early Saturday morning. We ate breakfast with comparatively little incident, but I did not have to wait long for the fun to begin, first came the chore of feeding the pigs. Living on a farm had made pigs and pig pens a matter of course and I took them for granted, as a true daughter of the soil would, but even to me, the sight of the uniting of boys, pigs, and pig slop was a shock that was overwhelming to say the least. Perched on the top rail, watching the little pigs snorting and wallowing about in the mud, I looked up to see all three of my young brothers trudging up the dirt path, two of them tugging a large slop pail between them. All the slop did not stay in the bucket. Indeed, the boys finally got a small part only of the pigs ' food in the trough. Just as I started to get down off the fence to go the next act. Tommy climbed the rail, hopped over, and darted after a little pig Ihat did not deign to eat. That chase was riotous. The pig could get through the mire but Tommy could not; this called for help from Bob and Jim who obliged without a moment ' s hesitation. I was be- ginning to see the light. The truant pig was cornered, and we went to husk corn after a trifle of mud scraping from shoes. The corn was comparatively clean — it was only dusty. Since their chores were completed, I thought the boys would clean up and take a rest; but nonsense, why waste all that playing time? From seemingly no- where appeared rubber guns, and, much to my immediate discomfort, rubbers. (This is where I climbed the tree.) Luck- ily the new vogue in rubber guns was to entrench. They pulled boxes, boards, pieces of canvas and odd implements of defense from the woodpile, the shed, and any place that was covered with dust and erected what they called forts. The forts were equipped with peek holes from which they could do the dramatic shooting and were low enough to be practical. One could stand up and with a lucky shot dispose of his opponent, at the same time offering himself as a broad target. My brothers were con- vinced that to take a chance was the only fair thing to do. Their rules for war might have been patterned after the way men run the world. The game, after several heated argu- ments about the observance of rules, became tiring, and I was glad to see the boys decide to do something peaceful like staging a circus. I followed them to the barn where they pulled out Uncle Elmer ' s old vaudeville trunk. Prepara- tions were coming along nicely with boys running here, there, and every- where collecting clothes pins for the rings, boxes for the orchestra, chairs for the horses, and clothes from said trunk for the actors. After half an hour ' s hurried preparations, everything was ready for the curtain except the actors. This was a grand show that was destined never to have any actors, for just then some white creatures were spotted run- ning all over our Victory garden. I am of the opinion that the boys had accidentally opened the pens in their wild hunt for stage props, but that was of little importance to them. With one accord the youngsters forgot the circus and dashed after the rabbits, but the rabbits were wily. Three boys on the garden would produce more havoc than three rabbits, and with a look of defiance the rabbits placed themselves in the middle of the garden and defied capture. T ' he boys, walking cautionsly in from three sides, dived for the nearest bunny. They dived for the rabbit, but each time their only catch was a faceful and an armful of terra firm.a. By the time the boys hit the dirt, the rabbits had silently departed in threee different directions and sat calmly somewhere else inno- cently munching carrot tops, or just sun- ning themselves in the hot afternoon sun. This exasperating state of affairs continued until the boys finally con- trived to catch the rabbits with butterfly nets — left-overs from last year ' s fad. By this time I was beginning to see the rea- son for dirt on small boys, but I re- mained with them for one more ad- venture — lunch on the ditch bank. Sup- plied with sandwiches, milk, and apples we sat in the shade of the mulberry trees. The boys were not long finding out that the mulberries were almost ripe (mulberries rarely last until they get . ripej. Up the tree went the boys and soon mulberries were all over three faces and three pairs of hand. I had seen enough. Health authorities prob- ably will not agree with me, but it is now my firm belief that small boys are happy in direct relation to the amount of dirt they can wear at one time. — Rozel Smith. HOW TO HUNT RABBITS Did you say you were going rabbit hunting? Say, there ' s a subject I know something about. You had better let me tell you how to hunt correctly. First, in order to hunt rabbits, you must have a gun. Of course I know vou could choose any kind of gun, but take it from one who knows — a shot- gun is the only thing; and by the way, be sure that it shoots eight shots without refilling because, brother, you ' ll need all of them. Then you ' ve got to know the rabbits ' hang out. Find a place where rabbits are thicker than fleas — a place where you can just stand still and let fly at them as they jump up. By the way, I ' ll tell you about the last time I was out. Well, my friend and I figured that we had better start early to get the jump on the rabbits. We set the alarm for 2:30 a.m. — yea, that ' s right, 2:30 — and went to bed with high spirits, thinking about the good time we were going to have the next day. I had just got to sleep, it seemed, when bang, off went the alarm. I turned over and looked at the clock. It was 2:30 all right, so I promptly jumped out of bed, and jumped back in just as promptly. Wow! Was it cold! I gradually worked my way out of bed, snatched on my clothes, and proceeded to wake up my companion who had slept peacefully through my ordeal. After about an hour spent in getting our things together we finally got started. While my companion drove the car, I spent the two hours it took to make the trip alternately sleeping and freezing. I don ' t know whether I was sleepier than I was cold. When we finally reached our destina- tion, we thought that to warm us up we would take a snack of that lunch we had prepared. We took a snack all right. We ate the whole darn lunch. We then proceeded to try to load our shotguns. After a half hour of frantic labor we discovered that we had brought the wrong size shotgun shells. Driving half way back home to get more shells didn ' t bother a couple of old hunters like us. Oh, no! Why it took only two hours, four gallons of gas, and a great deal of patience. When we finally got back, we started hunting rabbits in earnest. Yes, we spent another two hours earnestly hunt- ing rabbits, but we did not see any? No, not one. We were seriously con- sidering giving up our enterprise as a bad thing, when zing, up popped a rab- bit at our feet. That ' s just how he went — zing. All we saw was a grey streak of fur on the hillside. However, we were ready for them by this time, and the next one that jumped up I really let have it with all eight shots. Bang! Bang! Bang! Then I picked myself up off the ground, examined my arm for broken bones, and rushed to the spot where the rabbit had been. There were numerous shot holes in the ground, but was there a dead rabbit? You ' re right; there wasn ' t. We repeated this proced- ure several times — so many times, in fact, that our patience became utterly exhausted. Finally I bore down, with my dead eye, on a swiftly moving jack and let him have it. Blam! Over he topoled. Up rushed my friend and I to finish him off, but he was such a sad sight, kicking there on the ground, that we could not do it. We had only wounded him in the hind legs, so we decided to take him home with us. There he sits in his pen in the backyard today. What! You ' re not going rabbit hunt- ing after all! —Dale Call. Sinety-seven THREE BOOKS I WANT TO OWN. AND WHY When a person gives the names of three books as his choice selections out of the many he may have read, one virill have a natural inclination to ask what valuable material or unique pleasures he has derived from their contents. In the fiction I have read, my choice is a novel by the great French writer, Alexander Dumas; its title is " The Count of Monte Cristo. " From this novel I did not gain anything materially; but while I read it, it stirred my sympathies for the persecuted; it so aroused my emotions that I seemed to share in the main char- acter ' s misfortunes and later triumphs. The subject on which my next book was chosen is a comparatively new field; this subject is psychiatry. Sigmund Freud is known as the founder of the new school of psychiatry, and this is the reason that I should want to possess a collection of his works. The name of the work that 1 should like to own is " The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud. " This book has given me a clearer under- standing of human emotions and the ef- fects of environmental factors on the complex human nervous mechanism. One cannot choose books without mentioning at least one that has value from the standpoint of inspiration. Such is the value that I attribute to " The Life of Louis Pasteur. " It was this book that, together with a few other bits of inspira- tion, helped me to decide the field of study that I should like to pursue in preparation for my life work. Whenever I feel mentally depressed, I have but to turn to one of the writings of Pasteur ' s scientific exploits, and from this inspira- tional source I gain a new mental and physical vigor. In the list of my three favorite books 1 chose one that was of pure entertain- ment, one that was of facts of the world about me, and one that served the double purpose of education and in- spiration. I believe that if a collection of books is to be of any value it must contain material which will serve those three purposes. — Jesus Gonzales. Ninety-fight THINGS I CAN DO WITHOUT I have found that there are two things that I can do without very nicely. One is the cuff on the left side of my pants, and the other is the cuff on the right side. I am one person who will not feel the loss of these wasteful adorn- ments. Being a lover of the great out-doors, 1 find pants cuffs very useless, if not a handicap. When worn across desert sand dunes, the cuffs may be relied upon to transport seemingly tons of the not so firm " terra firma " from one end of the desert to the other. At the same time they have a natural tendency to collect an overabundance of burrs, sticks, fox tails, and other small articles that belong not at my journey ' s end but on the plains from whence they came. Nothing i.=; more burdensome to a person hiking in the mountains than a cuff load of first- grade decomposed granite, unless it be the same cuffs loaded with heavy clay of the adobe type. Water is necessary for life, say many people. I ' ll concede the truth of the statement, but not when pants cuffs are concerned. What is more dreary than to walk over miles of dust and dirt with a supersaturated solution of cuffs hang- ing, yes, hanging, on the lower ends of the trousers? Salt water fishing is my favorite pleas- urable pastime. Along with fishing, as in all other pleasurable pastimes, there are some discomforts. The most com- mon discomfort is the long trip home while the wind sprays cold salt water over the passengers. Even more miser- able is the conglomeration of salt water, salt, fish blood, slime, and scales that become dried on and in the heavy folds of the cuffs. This medley cannot be re- moved without the use of very forceful and unprintable language mixed with hours of scrubbing in the strongest soap obtainable. With these facts in mind, I do not un- derstand why any person, sane or in- sane, can honestly regret losing pants cuffs. Some men believe that social life demands cuffs, but in actuality it is the men without cuffs that escort the best looking girls. These men without cuffs, the soldiers, sailors, and marines, would, after the first few drills or maneuvers, regret having cuffs if they were allowed to wear them. —Clifton Bell. ' t ? " - ' - ' ' :■ ' " !: ' Nini ' ly-nine HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED? Have you ever wondered about the space that Hes beyond — Its size, its shape, the place where no human foot has gone? From whence came such a mighty uni- verse? What caused, if true, the nucleus to disperse? Is it truly a real and physical substance? Or is it a thought-fancy formed just by chance? A thought-fancy composed of mere sen- sations. Composed of your thoughts, you friends, your nation? Are we small, so infinitesimally small. Or are we just anything at all? Is our earth merely an electron, an atom of a gigantic sphere? How is one to kno ' w what lives on the small earth here? Is there a king, a ruler of the all? If so when does he present his call? Is he human? Can he be felt? Does he sit on a throne to which we have knelt? Until he appears, what do we do? I have often wondered, haven ' t you? — David Probst. LOST SOULS Poor souls that walk the streets at night — What fate has left them there. Without a hope to make them dream, Without a dream to make them hope? Poor souls that walk so softly by, , I shudder when they pass; Perhaps someday I ' ll also walk Those barren streets with them. — Louis Gaitan. HATE I hate, and that hate burns Like fire throughout my bitter soul, Until the flames die slowly out, And only bareness remains. — Louis Gaitan. On,- Hundrrd I w.m[f ' fmf4 . yrj r.. One HunAred One 4 Ont- Hundred Two rEii.2 NDvyinE r ; I r ■ - rCR.WHIoTUC DIIJVFT railUOWDAV r£W4 VALENTINE rC£.fZ LlNCOLN-;a«.„ rEazrmliiyTJLC mu yAmF£ - rcBi25 nutacD V - f J " VTir 2%? j- Out Hundrrd Tlir, M IR.20MARmABANO m.P5 - G rfORD API SmCKPMY m. s spmc One Hundred Four GL[[ASffM9Ly 5 WNOPDA y )N AT SC OOT SW£AftR c= C £M STPy CLASS POM DATING B.A.A. 19 SP. PROM T G ITPT 3 O ' CLOCK VA CA TION GRADUATION ' Ms Our HuiiJrr,! Fkr n,„ HnnihnI Six ' One Hundred Seven LESTER FREDERICKSON ( " A " Football) FRED JOHNSON (Cross Country) DAVE TAYLOR ( " C " and " D- Basketball) HORACE HUNT ( " A " and " B " Basketball) ROY PRIEBE " A " Football FRANK ZINK " B " Football (hw llunj„d Eight CLASS " A " FOOTBALL Garfield vs. San Pedro Opening the 1941 football season, the San Pedro Pirates invaded Ingalls Field for a practice game. The Bulldog line did a fine piece of work, but could not open holes for their ball carriers. The Garfield touchdown was a result of a pass from Davilla to Fred Sheldon, left end. With less than one minute to play Ayala was sent in to give San Pedro a safety and secure a free kick from the twenty yard line which the gave the Bulldogs a chance to hold back that line. The game closed with the score Garfield 6, San Pedro 4. San Pedro ' s score came from two safeties, the second the stra- tegic gift to protect Garfield ' s goal line. Garfield vs. Marshall With the second practice game, the Garfield Bulldogs lost to the Marshall Barristers by the score of 6-13. Garfield ' s only tally, which was made by Davilla came in the third quarter. However, his conversion was blocked. Oscar Gal- lego ' s thrilling ninety yard run back to a touch down was unhappily nullified by a penalty. Garfield vs. Jordan Playing on a sloppy and muddy field. Garfield Bulldogs outwitted the Jordan Bulldogs 6-0. Aside from the magnificent charging line, Al Hernandez, did a won- derful job of kicking. He ably took the place of Oscar Gallego who was injured. Garfield vs. Huntington Park Garfield, rising to great heights, crushed Huntington Park by the score of 23-0. Rudy Davilla faded back from his own 39 yard line to the 28 and passed the ball to Oscar Gallego who ran the remaining distance to score. Otherwise the game was a procession. Garfield vs. Riis Garfield Bulldogs downed the Riis Vikings 25-8 on the Riis field. The Bull- dogs scored three touchdowns in the second half. Garfield vs. Bell Garfield was defeated by Bell with the score of 6-0, although the boys put up a great fight and did their very best. Garfield vs. South Gate The Garfield Bulldogs won over the Ramblers. One HniulreJ int CLASS " A " FOOTBALL TOP ROW: Rudy Davilla, Fred Sheldon, Oscar Gallego, Benn.e Chorre, Franklin Jacobs. MIDDLE ROW: Rudy Fanska Sam Herrera, Ernest Gutierrez, Harry Sherman. BOTTOM ROW: Trainer Doctor LaMarr, Coach Lester rredeickson, Ed Launcella. I CLASS " A " EASTERN LEAGUE STANDINGS W. Bell Eagles 4 Garfield Bulldogs 4 Huntington Park Spartans 3 South Gate Ramblers 2 Riis Vikings 1 Jordan Bulldogs ' A " FOOTBALL SCORES L. 1 1 1 Tied 1 1 Pts. For 44 66 32 41 55 18 Pts. Agst. 12 14 41 31 68 90 Garfield 6 San Pedro . 6 " Marshall .. 25 Riis . 4 .13 8 2 6 Jordan n 4 5 12 South Gate. Bell . 23 Hunt. Park . ' Polytechnic ' Denotes practice gar " Denotes carnival gar . . 6 nes. ae. 0«r HundrrJ Ttn . I 9 CLASS " A " FOOTBALL TOP ROW: Assistant Manager Harlan Johnson. Salvadore Flores, Albert Ayala, Neal Robertson, Marvin Settle, MIDDLE ROW: Bob Hartunian, Dan Mungo, Jack Stillwell, Walter Fiedler. BOTTOM ROW: Manager lames Semponis, Coach Roy Priebe, Assistant Trainer William Streany. CLASS " A " FOOTBALL RESERVES STANDING: Manuel Ramos, William Ridley, Her- bert Plaxton, Floyd Johnson, Vincent Henschall, Lawrence Clifton, Daniel Phillips, Paul Pavaloski. MIDDLE ROW: David Unruh, Raymond Armenta, Rudolph Silvett, Frank Granadino, Daniel Arriola, William Whitney, Walter WoUeaf, Jesus Rabago. SEATED: Wilfred Garcia, Orbon Alderdice, Robert Morton, John Ohanesian, Warren Charles, Richard Watson, William Ohanesian, John Farley, Duren Shilian. One Hundn-tl EIn-f CLASS " B " FOOTBALL LETTERMEN TOP ROW: Manager Leopold Berni, Norman Lauri- cella, Robert Friez, Arthur Molina, George Kimura, Manager Charles Wernhdt. SECOND ROW: Coach Frank Zink, Manager Wil- liam Belveal, William Yasoian, Royce Price, Jesus Sanchez, Gregory Schmitz, Manager John Piskul. SEATED: Tadashi Oki, Robert Funk, George 2a- pher, Francis Kachaturian (Captain), John P. lones, Edward Fujioka, William Mackrdichian, Forest Hendricks. CLASS " B " FOOTBALL Garfield vs. Los Angeles Under the leadership of Coach Zink, the Bullpups scored a victory over the Romans by the score of 8-0. Kachaturian made the touchdown. Garfield vs. Marshall Garfield trampled Marshall, 24-2. The boys showed great power in running and aerial attacks. The " B ' s " repeatedly outclassed the boys from Marshall. Garfield vs. Jackson Garfield ' s high-scoring Bullpups, with Kachaturian at the helm, outscored Jack- son, 32-0. Garfield vs. Jordan Through a hard fought battle Garfield and Jordan tied 6-6. It was a very evenly contested battle with Jordan although Jordan tallied first. Apparent overconfi- dence marred the Bulldog attack. Garfield vs. Bell Garfield kept an undefeated record as it rolled over the Bell midgets 38-0. In the opening moments the Pups com- menced their scoring streak. Garfield vs. Huntington Park The Garfield Bullpups rolled to an un- defeated season and the Eastern League title. They downed a tough Spartan squad 6-0. The victory enabled the Pups to retain the Eastern League title for the second consecutive year. Onf Hunttrrd Twelve CLASS " A " BASKETBALL— (First String) LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald McDowell, Paul Medina, Carroll McWilliams, Earl Wallis, Gilbert Rels, Junior Wardel, Myron Ababurko. CLASS " A " BASKETBALL (SECOND STRING) LEFT TO RIGHT: Pete Betia, Fidel Elizanez, Rudy Tanes, Joe Jordan, Eugene Streny, Louis Hasson. CLASS " A " BASKETBALL Practice Garfield 29 Garfield 25 Garfield 28 Garfield 23 Garfield 44 Garfield 30 Garfield 44 Garfield 43 Garfield 29 Garfield 36 Garfield 26 Garfield 19 Garfield 33 Franklin 23 El Monte 33 Wilson 15 Jefferson 31 Eagle Rock 28 Belmont 38 El Monte 35 League Riis 23 Jordan 33 South Gate 33 Bell 24 Huntington Park. 20 Riis 25 Garfield 24 Garfield 22 Garfield 22 Garfield 36 Practice League . Jordan 28 South Gate 25 Bell 19 Huntington Park. 49 Pts. Pts. W. L. Made Agst. 4 3 223 203 .5 5 290 279 In both the practice and league games, the teams were about evenly matched. All scores were close and no team went through the season undefeated. As the scores show, a team would win its first game but lose its return match. CLASS " A " BASKETBALL RESERVES STANDING: Coach Hunt, Manuel Brianes, Robert Oku, Manuel Valencia, Dick Collar, Generic Con- huner, Joe Rubio, Harrison Getchell. SEATED: Faurlo Zendeuas, Sidney Sharger, Bill Rose, Thomas Price, Robert McLaughlin, Branlio Martinez. One Hundred Thirteen l CLASS " B " BASKETBALL FIRST AND SECOND STRING REAR: Harrison Gatchell {Manager), Louis Wood- land, Randel Fernandez, Fred Robinson, Perry Hcsson, Leo Miller, Gilbert Gamboa, Coach Hunt. FRONT; James M elendez, Arthur Jimenez, Clayton Rakov, Kenneth Klien, Arthur Almanza, Harlan Hethinger, John Silk, Bayless Hobgood. CLASS " B " BASKETBALL Garfield. . ..13 Garfield. . ..24 Garfield. . ..32 Garfield . . ..24 Garfield . . ..18 Garfield. . ..27 Garfield . . ..24 Practii Practice Franklin 16 El Monte 18 Wilson 8 Jefferson 28 Eagle Rock 28 Belmont 20 El Monte 20 W. L. Garfield Opp. 4 3 161 120 7 3 256 228 Garfield lost the championship game by two points in an overtime to South Gate. League League 11 423 348 Garfield 35 Garfield 18 Garfield 36 Garfield 28 Garfield 25 Garfield 19 Garfield 16 Garfield 38 Garfield 17 Garfield 31 Riis 31 Jordan 13 South Gate (o.t.).38 Bell 21 Huntington Park. 24 Riis 21 Jordan 15 South Gate 26 Bell 20 Huntington Park. 31 CLASS " B " BASKETBALL RESERVES STANDING: Egawa Trugio, Richard Huizar, Pedro Ouientero, Coach Hunt, Ernest Aguillara, Flichard Cendejas, Joe Rubio. (htr Hundred Fourteen SEATED: Ralph Rameriz, Raul Rodante, Draper, Sal DiPaulo, Gilbert Granadino. LeRoy CLASS " C " BASKETBALL REAR: Bob Parcells, Renyaldo Perez, Stanley Shrainer, Coach D. Taylor, Alfonso Garcia, Freddie Aguilar, Bob Frees, Conrad Zamora. FRONT: Bob Wahlberg, Richard Guttierez, Edward Barba, John Lopez, William Anton. CLASS " D " BASKETBALL REAR: Russell Henderson, Leo Shapiro, Frank Cut- FRONT: Jim McMath, Marco Zonni, Don Cen- ter, Francis Watson, Mr. Taylor, Jerry Streater, derilli. Rudy Estrada, Alfred Richards, Wade Downing. Onr Hiindrrd FiUrfn II CROSS COUNTRY— {First Team) REAR: Bob Atkinson, Jesus Espitia. Alfred Borunda. FRONT: Fred M. Johnson (Coach), Bill Parker, Jimmie Moreno, Edmund Cazares, Ernest Gallego. CROSS COUNTRY The Garfield " A " team beat Dorsey and Downey on the Garfield Course in the first meet. The Bulldogs scored 25 points to Dorsey ' s 33 and Downey ' s 0, and won a 15 to 85 victory over Montebello on the Garfield course in the second meet. In the third meet the Bulldogs defeated L.A. High and Roosevelt on the Dorsey field. In another meet at Dorsey the Bulldogs lost to Dorsey, but beat Hollywood and Tor- rance. Dorsey won the city champion- ship by downing Garfield 38 to 46. Jim- mie Moreno won the coveted first place. The Garfield " B " team won all meets, defeating Dorsey 35 to 77 to win the city " B " championship. Stopped only by a powerful Dorsey team, Garfield ' s tenth grade team won the rest of its meets. Dorsey beat the Garfield squad 37 to 66 to win the city championship. One Hundred Sixteen CROSS COUNTRY— (Second Team) REAR: Fred W. Johnson (Coach), Leon Briones. Abraham Escaudon, Ralph Median, Caesar Ornelas, Lo is cervanies, Rudolph Salazar. FRONT: Richard Cairillo, Alex Michalovich, Fain. Gilbert Lopez, Ray TENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY REAR: Bob Tait, Ralph Mendiola, Fred M. son (Coach), Roy Vujovich, Otto Werner. John- FRONT: Jesus Briseno, Charles Montoya, Gonzales, Roland Haynes. Onf Hundred Sfventeen GYM CLUB TOP ROW: Dan Phillips (Manager), Jose Jimenez. Peter Waroff, Leon Belaustagui. Frank Gatson, Richard Murphy, Abilardo Pena, Ralph Guzman, Jim I-Junter, John Muirhead, Roy Priebe (Coach). SECOND ROW: Robert Figueroa, Arthur Ramerez, Truman Clark, Tony Koury, Bob Schelmlein, Dick THIRD ROW: Bill Gregeroff, Robert Raidy, Norman GARFIELD Garfield became the Eastern League Champion gymnasts for the third suc- cessive time by taking first place in the league finals held at Huntington Park. The schools participating in the meet were Banning, Bell, Garfield, San Pedro. Munnel, Lionel Secours, Mike Salazar. Akins, Benny Tuler, Courtney Meixner, Robert Wiesner, Pat Christensen, Jimmy Kitabaya ' ski, Joe Almaraz. SEATED: Earl Worley, Lawrence Bischoff, Shiro Kitabayaski, Al Gomez, Bob Simonds, Gus Arroyo, Ernest Ferrales, Raymond Mendoza, Gilbert Ober- stein, Herman Deutsch. GYMNASTIC Garfield scored 31 points more than all other schools combined. After heart-breaking setbacks Garfield bowed to Fairfax by a two point margin in the final of City competition, and tied with Manual Arts for second place. f One Hundred E ' tf htee: I One Hundrc ' d Nint ' ti-in CLASS " A " TRACK In the first track meet of the season, a practice meet, the Garfield " A " track team lost to a powerful Fremont squad 691 3 to 34% at Fremont. Starting league competition, the Bull- dogs won over Jordan on the lossrs ' field by a 59 to 45 count. Lloyd Robles scored 13 points and tied the school record of 21.9 for the 220 as Garfield rolled over the Riis Vikings, 57 3 5 to 36 2 5, on Ingalls Field. The relay team served notice that it would be a threat to the city championship by running the race in 3:05, two tenths of a second off the Eastern League record. The Eagles from Bell were next to be slaughtered by the powerful Bulldogs. Garfield won 71 to 33 on Ingalls Field. Francis Kachaturian ran the 100 yards dash in 10 flat and Jimmie Moreno, Gar- field ' s ace miler, beat Joe O ' Connor, last year ' s city champion, in the mile. Garfield smothered a weak Huntington Park team 72 2 5 to 31-3 5 on the Spar- tans ' field. Frances Kachaturian ran the 220 in the fast time of 21.5. Gus Gomez came through in the last few yards, as he had been doing in previous meets, to win the 440 in 52.3, one tenth of a second off the school record. South Gate fell before the invading Bulldogs 65 5 6 to 38 1 6. Gus Gomez tied the school record for the 440 at 52.2 and the relay team composed of Robles, Baroldy, Hines, Owens, Parker, Reyes, Gomez, and Kachaturian, broke the one year old relay record of 3:04.8 when they ran the race in 3:04.6. This victory gave Garfield the Eastern League dual meet championship. Garfield closed a very successful sea- son by winning the Eastern League finals with 49 points. " B " TRACK Winning the practice meet at Fremont 53 to 42, Garfield ' s " B " track team was off to a good start. Jordan fell before the onrushing Bull- pups 78 to 17 on the Jordan oval. This was the first league meet of the season. The Vikings of Riis took a terrific beat- ing by Garfield 91 V2 to 2V2. Marcus Car- rillo tied the school 100 yard record of 10.2. Rudy Salazar broke the 70 yard high hurdle record of 9.3 when he ran the race in 9.1. He also tied the school 120 yard low hurdle record of 13.5. Marcus Carrillo and Rudy Salazar led the Bullpups to an 89 to 6 victory over the invading Bell team. Carrillo broke Ihe school 100 yard record of 10.2, run- ning the distance in 10.1. Salazar again ran the 70 yard high hurdles in 9.1 and the 120 yard low hurdles in 13.5. Earl Ramirez broke the school 220 mark of 22.8, running it in 22.5. The " B ' s " won their fourth league meet by beating Huntington Park 71 to 24 on the losers ' field. The relay team won in the fast time of 1:08.6, one tenth of a second slower than the league record. South Gate was the last obstacle for the championship bound Pups. The Ramblers lost a hard fought battle, 68 to 27, at South Gate, and this gave the Garfield Pups the Eastern League Cham- pionship. Garfield won the Eastern League finals with 85 points, five more than the combined points of the other five teams. CLASS " C " TRACK The Fremont Pathfinders beat the Crimson and Blue of Garfield 45 to 32 on the winners ' field in a practice meet. In the first league meet Garfield swamped Jordan 61 to 16 at Jordan. The Garfield Terriers showed their power for the first time in this meet. Next to be beaten were the Vikings cf Riis. The Terriers scored 52 points to the Vikings ' 25. Gilbert Lopez turned in a fast 660, running it in 1:30.9 on In- galls Field. Bell put up a hard fight, but the Ter- riers could not be denied a victory. Gar- field won, 48 to 29, on Ingalls Field. The Spartans from Huntington Park could not stop the confident " C ' s " ; Gar- field won, 65 1 6 to 1 1 5 6 on the losers ' field. The Terriers coasted to an easy 62 ' 2 to 14 ' 2 victory over the South Gate Ramblers on the South Gate field. This was the last league meet and gave the Garfield " C ' s " the Eastern League Cham- pionship. The " C ' s " easily won the Eastern League finals with 48 1 2 points. They have never lost a track meet since enter- ing the Eastern League three years ago. One Hundred Twenty CLASS " A " TRACK TOP ROW: Grover Dilsaver, Myron Abalurko, Neal Robertson, Johnnie Reynolds, Earl Wallis, Tony Guerrero, Jimmy Moreno, Gus Gomez. SEATED: Don Norton. Louie Baroldy, Jimmy Owens, Bill Parker, Leonzo Garcia, Bob Atkinson, Jesus Acevedo, Gilbert Gamboa, Abbie Eskandon. CLASS " B " TRACK TOP ROW: Earl Worley, Truman Clark, Frank Bar- ron, Nick Chronis, Ted Rosenbaum, Alfonso Zam- ora, Leroy Draper, Alex Sokol, Marcos Carrillo. SECOND ROW: John Beachamp, Alan Rosen. Sal- vador Gonzales, Norman Lauricella, Ernest Gallego, Harvey i-Iines, Ray Lauricella, Edmund Cazarez, Stanley Shrainer. SEATED: Lewie Ayala, Kenneth Yahiro, Earl Ram- irez. Carl Manoogian, Frank Cunningham, Jesus Sanchez. Alex Mahalovick, Daniel Miramontes, Rudy Salazar, CLASS " C " TRACK TOP ROW: Billy Tolmasoff, Bob Parcells, Raul Hernandez, Reekie Rodea, Manuel Ramirez, Alex MendiviUe. Robert Yodes, Bob Wahlberg, Julian Hernandez. SEATED: Domene Maimone, Tony Zepeda, Pink Smith, Richard Gutierrez, Gerald Brown, Gilbert Lopez, Gilbert Duran Celso Jacques, Rudy Guierro. One liiinJr d T ' .n-nty-one LOYALTY SONG We ' re loyal to you, Garfield High; We ' re Crimson and Blue, Garfield High. We ' ll back you to stand With the best in the land For we know you have sand, Garfield High, rah, rah. Your sons, brave and tall, Garfield High, Are backing you all, Garfield High. Our school is our fame protector On then, for we expect a victory from you, Garfield High. Fling out that dear old flag of Crimson and Blue; Lead on your sons and daughters, loyal and true. Like men of old, on giants placing reliance Shouting defiance, rah, rah, rah. Beneath the dear old flag that shelters our band. For Garfield ' s honor and for learning we stand. And unto thee we pledge our heart and hand. Dear Alma Mater, Garfield High. SCHOOL YELLS We ' re for you — we ' re for you! B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S! Bulldogs, Bulldogs, We ' re for you. G-r-a-a-R-a-h! G-r-a-a-R-a-h! Bulldogs— Bulldogs! G-r-a-a-R-a-h! G-A-R-F-I-E-L-D! G-A-R-F-1-E-L-D! G-A-R-F-I-E-L-D! Garfield — Garfield- Booma-laca, Booma-laca Booma-laca, Bee! Riff-raff, Riff-raff, Riff-raff, Ree! Ickity-Wickity-Wahoo-Wah ! Garfield High School! Rah-Rah-Rah! -Garfield! Perry Hassen, Leo Reisig, Clayton Rakov Onr Hiindrrtl Twrnty-two I One Hundred Txvenly-thrce Ont- Iitindri-(l Twenty-jour Ki . CLASS " A " SOFTBALL Starting the Softball season in grand style, the Garfield Bulldogs defeated Canoga Park 9-3, and then dropped to the Jordan Bulldogs 5-3 in the Washing- ton Softball Tournament. In league play, the two Bulldog teams continued their feud; Garfield won one, 4-0, and lost the second, 5-3. Climaxing a tough season, the Crim- son and Blue battled fourteen innings to a 0-0 tie with Dorsey. The Bulldogs tied one, won 3 and lost 4 games. South Gate won the pennant. League Results R. H. E, Garfield 2 7 4 South Gate 7 7 Garfield 2 2 6 South Gate 7 4 Garfield 4 2 Dorsey Garfield 14 5 2 Dorsey 2 4 Garfield . ' . 3 6 2 Jordan 5 6 1 Garfield 4 6 Jordan 1 Garfield 4 11 2 Manual 3 6 1 Garfield 4 6 7 Manual 5 1 " B " SOFTBALL The Bullpups won six games this year to become the undefeated Eastern League " B " Champions. Manual Arts fell before Garfield ' s jeep unit 12-9 and 5-3. Jordan, too, bowed twice — 9-3 and 7-5. Next in the path of the champions was South Gate, which went down 2-0 and 7-3. CLASS " A " TENNIS Paced by McDaniels and Kauder, Gar- field ' s racquet wielders became the Eastern League Tennis Champions. In three league meets Garfield lost to South Gate 3-4 and in a closely contested bat- tle defeated Bell 4-3. They finally bowed Huntington Park 5-2. In practice meets the Bulldogs lost to Dowerful Fremont and Montebello teams 7-0 and 5 ' 2-lV2, respectively. The net- men then defeated Lincoln and Wilson each by the score of 6-1. In the City Semi-Final meets, the Crim- son and Blue played host to Los Angeles High, the Western League Champions, and lost 7-0. McDaniels, a returning letterman, at- tempting to maintain top berth met keen competition from Art Kauder, a steady, hard playing senior. One played first man in one game; the other, first in the next. Both had to fight hard to hold back " South Paw " Macy, a " B " letterman of last year. Robinson, a two year letter- man, held the fourth berth against the crashing attacks of Fiedler, a 220 pound tackle from the football team. Kenny Klein also gave the boys considerable trouble. Gonzales and Rosen, second doubles, struggled hard to replace the first dou- bles composed of left-handed Shrager and " Dinker " Herle, and gave them trouble without rest. " B " TENNIS The " B " netmen, championed by Klein, finished the season in a three- way tie with South Gate and Bell for the " B " Championship. Each team lost one meet. The Bullpups, who were edged out by Bell 3-4, defeated South Gate 4-3 and defeated Huntington Park 7-0. In practice meets the " B " boys downed Lincoln 6-1 and fell before Mon- tebello 7-1. Coach Taylor is leaving plenty of tal- ent for next year ' s team. Flying the Crimson and Blue in ' 43 will be Schmitz, Sweeny, Rutkin, Mancuso, Sharer, Her- rera, and Grijalva, singlesmen; and first doubles Hopper-Gonzales. Of the thir- teen " B " lettermen only Grubbs, Klein, Price, and Reisig are graduating. Oni ' Hundred Tucnty-ftve CLASS " A " SOFT BALL STANDING: Coach Hunt, Frank Rehor, Rudy Da- villa, Carroll McWilliams, John Reynolds, Myron Ababurko, Ceaser Ercule, Gene Couturier, Harvey Mines. SEATED: Ray Dorr, Herbert Whitehead, Gilbert Reyes, Jesus Bnzeno, Rudy Torres, Deran Eshil- lian, 1. R. Underwood, John Jones, George Burrow- bridge. CLASS " B " SOFT BALL STANDING: Coach Hunt, Ray Lauricella, Pedro Ouientero, Lawrence Cozad, Eugene Streny, Ed- ward Franco, George Burrowbridge, Leopold Berni. SEATED: Ray Dorr, Frank Melendez, Obron Alder- dice, Alvin Johnson, Arthur Hernandez, Armando Jimenez, Rudy Granadino. Onf lintutrtil Tttrnty-six CLASS " A " TENNIS STANDING: Mr. Taylor (Coach), William Rosen, lesus Gonzales, Don McDaniels, Sid Shrager, Walt Fiedler. FRONT: Fred Robinson, R. T. Macy, Art Kauder, Kenneth Klein. Not photographed, Joe Herle. CLASS " B " TENNIS TOP ROW: Coach Taylor, Tom Price, Harry Wilkes. Clifford Hopper, Louis Gonzales, Leo Reisig, La Verne Sharar, Jimmy Mancuso. SEATED: Richard Aragon, Bobby Grubbs, Burton Rutkin, Sammy Di Paulo, Robert Sweeney, Mike Grijalva. One- Hundrt-d Ticenty-St;ven One Hitndnd Ttvfnty-eight Oni- Hundred T-.centy-nine Illlll r iiiiiii WINTER ' 42 KATHERINE HERRIN Vice-President BITSEY CORING Vice-President MARY ELICH President GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION One of the most popular girls ' organ- izations at Garfield is the Girls ' Athletic Association, commonly known as the G.A.A. It was first formed in 1926, the second term after the foundation of Gar- field to further interest in healthy, out- door activities. The varied activities of the G.A.A. in- clude after school sports four times a week, inter-school playdays which have been abandoned since the war, two Gar- field playdays, and the annual spring banquet. There are many sports in which girls may participate. Basketball and volley- ball are the two team sports for the win- ter term. Speedball and baseball for the summer semester. These four sports are under the supervision of Mrs. Young. EVELYN CANEPA Secretary JOYCE LOHREY Secretary 1 ||lim (r lllllll SUMMER ' 42 DOROTHY RAMSEY President On,- JluiiJr,cl TInrly Illllll r Illllll WINTER ' 42 LOIS MANWARING President I II JUNE LONIE Vice-President jliiiii iiiiii|| lili.£!li SUMMER ' 42 MISS JACOBS Sponsor GIRLS ' LETTER CLUB During the three years of high school almost every girl who is athletically in- clined strives towrard some goal. At Garfield this goal is the Crimson and Blue " G " . Membership in the Girls ' Let- ter Club is the highest award which can be achieved through participation in girls ' sports. Those members of the Girls ' Athletic Association who have earned six credit points in after-school sports, such as bowling, tennis, archery, bad- minton, or team sports are eligible. It is possible for a girl at the end of the B-11 term to receive a letter, as two participation credits may be earned each semester. The Girls ' Letter Club corre- sponds to the Boys ' Letter Club which is the highest award for boys ' sports. In reality, the Letter Club girls are the leaders of girls ' sports. MARION LAVENDER President ESTHER HUIZAR Vice-President DOROTHY RAMSEY Secretary MERLE JETTIE Secretary Out- Hundrt ' tl Th ' irty-onc OFFICIALS ' CLUB i SJ3i TTWX. ANNA SLEVIN President RACHEL CASTRO President HE ' EN MORENO Vice-President RITA SOTO Vice-President FROM HERE ' N THERE ■ •• « On,- IllllldrtJ Tllirlx-ltco MRS YOUNG Sponsor RUTH WOODS Baseball TEAM SPORT CAPTAINS EITSEY CORING Basketball Volleyball EVELYN CANEPA Speedball On,- Hinuln-d Thirly-lhr,;- MRS. HEISER Tennis Sponsor MISS MILLIER Archery Sponsor ARCHERY I Otu- Uiindri-d Forty-four I BADMINTON BOWLING TENNIS One Hundrtd Thirty-five 7i4c« 4 ta tlte l t tuai Stafiji at the. ap pxtntiutitif o aiditUf. in t i f2A.oducUo i o tiUi. i4.i.ue. o 6 ' « M« attd Blue . . . ant n e tf 4t(fe ' i : PRINTING ' PACIFIC-AMERFCAN PRINTING COMPANY •44ai WHITTIER BOULEVARD • PHONE ANGELUS 0314 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA On Humlnd Thirty-six cJkrouak Im iiroucfri tne ijears... on every IMPORTANT OCCASION. . .MAY WE CON- TINUE TO BE YOUR " photographer " Lyac LeSiuoLo J o(j Jrkolo rapner n,ir HunJrtd Thirly-si-Jen WHITTIER - ATLANTIC BOWLING CENTER 20 Alleys 5158 WHITTIER BLVD. 20 Alleys — Open All Night — R. C. " Hetch " Hetcher, Manager ANgelus 1-1171 W. T. GRANT CO. MAKE OUR STORE YOUR STORE 4771 Whittier Boulevard WM. E. BRADLEY GENERAL INSURANCE Notary Public OFFICE: 419 S. Atlantic Blvd. Phone ANgelus 1-1774 HOME: 380 S. Vancouver Ave. Phone ANgelus 10588 Fares as Lo ' w as 10c 24-Hour Service GARDEN CAB 4806 Whittier Blvd. AN. 7209 — Free Phones at — First and Rowan, R Carline — Whittier and Atlantic We Carry Our Own Contracts AN. 19894 Phone We Carry Our Own Contracts HITTER ' S NEW and USED CARS FRESH HOME-MADE CANDIES GIANT MALTS OUR SPECIALTY SUGAR BOWL CONFECTIONERS James A. Gekas, Prop. Light Lunches and Special Sandwiches Phone ANgelus 9127 and 9251 4563 Whittier Blvd. East Los Angeles OUALITY MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES MAC ' S MARKET We Aim to Please Corner Eagle and La Verne UNION OIL PRODUCTS " 76 " TRITON 4985 Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles, Calil. A. (Slim) FRANCINI SLIM ' S SUPER SERVICE 3900 Whittier Blvd. Phone ANgelus 9002 ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION GETTING DOWN TO FUNDAMENTALS " I want a shave, " said the sergeant as he chmbed into the barber ' s chair. " No haircut, no shampoo, no rum, witch hazel, hair tonic, hot towels or face mas- sage. I don ' t want the manicurist to work on me, nor the bootblack to handle my feet. I don ' t want to be brushed down, and I ' ll put on my coat myself. I just want a plain shave with no trimmings. Understand that? " " Yes, sir, " said the barber quietly. " Lather, sir? " PETITION GRANTED " Mr. Winkins, you asked last Sunday for prayers for Anna Bell; would you like thii repeated this Sunday? " Winkins — No, thank you kindly, rever- end; Anna Bell won last Monday at 7 to 1. " A senior stood on the railroad track. A train was coming fast. The train got off the railroad track To let the senior pass. One HunJrrJ Thirly-nsht Compliments of BOULEVARD CHEVROLET CO. 3919 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 8171 Compliments of D. N. KELKER SON Feed and Seeds Birds and Pet Supplies 767 South Kern Avenue Compliments of HAMILTON DIAMOND CO. 4777 Whittier Boulevard CALVIN ART SHOP ARTISTIC PICTURE FRAMING Leather Goods and Costume Jewelry Gifts - Greeting Cards Wooden Novelties - Pictures 224 East Philadelphia St., Whittier and 3810 Whittier Blvd.. Los Angeles FREE POTTERY AND PYREX URICH ' S SERVICE STATION New 24-Hour Super Service 500 South Atlantic Blvd. AN. 7587 Compliments of WM. L. GORDON, INC. LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR SPORTS WEAR 4723 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 2-3455 DR. JAMES A. SMALL CHIROPRACTOR 912 S. McDonnell Ave., Los Angeles AN. 7070 Compliments of BIRK ' S DIAMOND CO. CREDIT lEWFT.FRS Repairs that satisfy the Reliable Jeweler Nursery Stock - Bedding Plants - Fertilizers Spray Materials " PET STORE OF THE EAST SIDE " McCORMICK SEED FEED CO. Specializing in Globe Feeds Ph. AN. 5406 — 765 S. Arizona St., East Los Angeles Compliments of S. H. KRESS CO. 4709-11 Whittier Boulevard 5 - 10 • 25c STORES 4751 Whittier Blvd. ' - ■ 1! « J M h Corner Kern Ave. One Hundred Thirty-nine ATLANTIC BOWLING ACADEMY 457 S. ATLANTIC BLVD. Phone AN. 2-2568 Opp. Roberts ' Ranch Market A Good Place for the Family to Bowl STREAMLINED ALLEYS . . . COFFEE SHOP Free Parking Also Free Instruction GOLDEN GATE MEAT CO. GILMORE OIL PRODUCTS . . . MONARCH OF ALL WHOLESALE MEATS Tires - Tubes - Batteries M. LEWINSTEIN 464 South Atlantic Blvd. 4101 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif. Phone AN. 9700 Bus. Phone AN. 1-1225 Res. Phone UN. 1-2681 it ffne HunJrrd Forty THE FOLLOWING FIRMS CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THE GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL BEVERLY DAIRIES ICE CREAM CARNATION COMPANY JOHNSON AUTO SUPPLY 4-S BAKING COMPANY ZIEGLER PRODUCE COMPANY RELIABLE TOWEL SERVICE BELVEDERE GARDENS BUS LINE WESTERN COSTUME COMPANY Acknowledgments THE CAGLE STUDIO 737 South Atlantic Boulevard Los Angeles, California LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY 1220 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, California PACIFIC-AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY 4481 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles, California BABCOCK COVER COMPANY 1131 Oberlin Drive Glendale, California SIGNATURES i OrtiT Hundred Forty-ttvo « i

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