Garfield High School - Benedictus Yearbook (Terre Haute, IN)

 - Class of 1945

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Garfield High School - Benedictus Yearbook (Terre Haute, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1945 volume:

M! Wx jgzof NSW' rai ffl - 1: '1 Q .1-I . Wi: in 4 1 .. - I., .4 V.. 'xzg-A I -T 'r-...QI V.-1 ' T I . .. "ff" ' 1, .. C i5 rffr . 1' . -1- ' 5- . vi. I II IIII I -ISN..-4'-r P - '- ' 2. ' - , ny.. -- -:I1--,I1-' - .-a- I -I I- -1? 'Q n1"iRq'x"' ' 'f "if - - .. +11 IS 3 'fi -tif? f" -'--'F-K ' --5-1 ' - 1 -:. ,v, ff -- , :-+I, -A ..f. -"1 '-.-- .3 'J 1. -.- , ,If - f--,-+I?--F" la ---yr--...-I I:-f,g' - .cf--1.-f . - - 1--.I . I' -. 'I 'A --""- -. ' . I - I ' , I I- .,w ' - - ' 1 ' 1 I-+x-I1 II xg . ' :3 f . -. L-1453 .- I,- I, . . - . .- - y . -5 4 , .KF "- . zu- 1 -- r . .. . -.Ir . - . 1 ' 'Puff 0.1 -- , .I .H III ,I -9 - --I. , gk... ,Lap Isa I-L ffm.-5 - - - - ' la- ,Rf II: ...ft-I. 1 -'SQL if-1.7! -- --4' J,--f . I I . . I .Q 11 .. -f - W- - q... 'vol . . F -I.I --I-1-I 5I5:1IEI.:-gl . A 4, .I I . .. . . Lf V I. .., 1II-:Iii 4 5 - . - .. '--', ..w- fr g r .,- 'a.'III .. . I 'JAN I IU , . + .I .-5. LA II ' ZAlitIjf-' -- if I I I - . I' Iq J . .. ' ". 1 511- ' + 4- ' I' A '-i".- ""' . N . 1 '- b ' -Q . ', .. ' '- . .'-' Q . I .I " .Ia I - I . . Y I- iv- ' I1-1I 'y -1 D ' 'I'I1 31"-V I5 'C wI -. ' -. -- . - I.. I-I " - -'- . ' ,- - n ' 'IQ-E. T " ' . -.I .wg A' - ... - -1I- .I I -. 3--. ' . 'gr .. I ,. I T I - A . I - . -,I Ii. II ' I-3, ' .-T - -- 'fl --5-7 I 3. J--' I--1 ' . . ' c- '-:- Q ' ' ' E- .J-111 ' --T. -211 " .I . 4 su I- - s I1 i . -3 .. I, ' . f. . 1 V 1 -I 1 I .- 5- I 5' Z., V I . I' I 'I I I-II:-I-III' .I 'PIII I . '-595 L ' , ' - .- X'-Q 'Qt' - - .5 ' - , I :.I,,I-f--II- --- f- '-Jw - A gi X . .. --- . .If 'If -1 -4 ,' iff- I. .' . f -- . . I. ,j, xi A .. .I .I 'g' - iq -.I 'f . I- 1, II f II 4' ' -f -L 2+ 1 I n I 4 I .. 5' ,-- J--. '- -- . .- I .. . .' ":f- 2-- .,: I. I . , ' .:'. -- .-I1 . , f -- II 1. - ., 'U I V, K -.1 A ' ' , .l..,-L . X . - - . .1 1 -- 1 ' ' 1' fy, ., 1. ' . . .I 4- 'Q--"fs 1' - ' 3 . , 'Athi'- - 5 . .:.,' - -I .- - . - I -Im- - I - 'L . ..,,g- , I s '.'fI4- :Y- Lgn., - 'QW ..- - . . I. I IJIIIIIII -'Z ' ,I .I .. '- II. .I , 1. -1 -1 ' . ,f 1 ... - , ,- . .- ," . 'P " PFW ,'XT. I I ,ZI.v, 1 A I I I-. '-4II.I:'.I1!l--if II -LI -I up -.. ."l: ' .'.4 -.I ..II I----I -I '4I.-.-,. sw' "-2 s I -'-'.':i-. 1 4' I 1- ff!" "-'--'ff . .' ' 414 '. 'I I- -' .v...' . ,. I. . 'u , 1 I 'Q , 'Q ' 'ff -1, Q- . -IIQII- . - 'EIT-f . -. -f. " --ff I ' If l xx A' Q .v .- -ff .I , . ' 2. u. -I 4. .I II. it -I -. ' . A .I . ff. -- -..:fi'?' MII- - '- -. .. 1--II, . 1 -. I . . -I -,.. I..,... -. -' " -.1 - 1 '-11' . ' 1 -- . '- .f-' - 1" . .'-1'?3,4ff-- - ' '---- I- , T I X I v I "-I ..I ".- -I nl,-I f'hIIIygf-- I' I. I I "E gi- X -.. I- I ,I -- . - ,' . 4? -'-.I -' ,.."j1 - 4 - -. ..-gl- - L: 'QAfI'a.,. I, I., ., I, .I I . I, . .I . .II1I. I ., . . ,I.I ,- -II .1 4.3:-Is . 11, .Vp-..V ' ...II .. . -IU. . " I. I , r-I .:Cf,f- - .-.. I "' 1,-..I '.':.-. f I IIII , . -- . N :- . 1 I1-:L-III? 1 .9 '-Y"II4I I.A . L--- . II I L . -I . .s-...-.I In-TI I,-,,. II , IZ, ' .-, ,I.-I II .4 .I , I- II -- ..--,-1-.LSE-1--...,:f-'III - .' I. .I I- I- "-',. - . ' 1 I- v . ,fy I -.5.'-I.:-'QQSIE'-.2-'fixi-. I -II.-- .v-4 : ,I 'Q' - .- - .r ,I F - .' .,,"--: - .1"I-'. - f' ' Y' is '-S.-LA . - I -. I - 17 - ',.'- . -I.. ' II. -- .- ng- . '-:Hag '- -- f A --If v ' A- 4. vt , ' -'. rj '. 'I'r- I, -,' .4-.14-ff ., I - -4' -.r.I I 1.- .. . K .+I1s,-4,-. -. '1.t'- - A - ... .-. ,. . .- -- - -4 . - - . 'rl H, - 3" :I 132'--f :ff-1,-I--I.' -. '- :Q .'-' I- -'r :ax I 1- A . I - i..- .-I -.4-g. IIJ- . .f .,.,,I1 J- - -x ,.. I-me . -' gf --fs-N . If . I., 4,55 1.-'z Ili- if '4-QC?-7' ,-I J' 1153-",5f:j1w - 11 - -' 1' -- .' - 33 Q.-"H--.-.'f"' ,Ll -.- -Q... . . 1.-1'-1 -, 2' .If ' " - I, -. I . , - . V I-I4 g Q . II.- .I-,I - j--U II-3 ,I ' ' I I I .f I 'f- -. 1 --Y I1t.f-If -I4I-lf" .fvy . ' IIII I -gg.-5., II - ...IIL I 1',:. - TII . -f - .- .1--. -2 . f.',g'l 5.IgI,5f7I - .IQII-1, J - .Ifqgffyj .I I. I' EI.-'--I.-,y I 4' . .I I ,- I A - . .I I -II..v.If-L.-IIN .. -.,L-:."I-- I4-f zI'.-5- Q ".I-I - f -HE-':t'f 1 -,-zfqff? 31-' I A '-3I':' - MigL.,2.'-.'-1I-1'.- ' ' - -. i I' I- . . ' -" -"'-- ' "1-45--:'Z.-'gm-' -ff ' 1. - - -1. "f " ""' -3 1 ...V - 154' " -5-L , tn- ,J ,' ci -Al," - ,K -. -4 T. '.-1 -. 9- '--, -ff 3"-L-1-1 . .5 I-.. . .,. I -. - "' 3 -1. 'I-'- -- -.1 .-if .- -41.5-.I I ' --I 'I :, Eg W.--,""L .- -'-I .- - fj. ,I - . - -.. ... I-. .:- 'Is -I' -,- 375. f . ' '-- yg 11+ -- -. -I - - - .- ,4,I I--,fy-1,-.-. - I..I, .1 va" -. - , - 5-ff II --Q -4 ----1. I-f---'-I..-.2--,'I-fri. 5 -'-f.yff--:-- '--. I' - I - 1--'--'H -' I -- ' -I. f - - K .31 -' I. -'mir f I- --: -:1'.:f:g 5.5. ,S-1 ..f.I-'f'1- ' ' ' fi-. ,.'- Q' QI' - I - :.Iq-,v-IIg.g1f .- -f9'j,-,rQ,I-rf:-5 . 1 .... If"I' " -. -c . . .. . - In-, . .L A ., . -- 1 .,. I... I .I,- I - I - II, .I,- 1 ,. ' A 4-I' 44,-wg, ,Zi I-sf- 5 I-A .e ' -I. 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" x I ,1..:d- - ' .f' .-if I I- II- V II In I 'I r .,: ...I .Li ':'f.s44.a.: .r-:.'Ss.4.:!-'-5"fmL. 1-,if QL, 'I .K-4:7 1.5 X' ' PWS' .al 1'-'s-f-Cf-' ..L.E.2134'i-ff'-A ' the 1 9 4 N 2 ii Garfield High School Terre Haute, inciiana rv T 1-. ',,,l,,,- ,..- I 555 ,,..gA , Q ,. : Q' fy. Q O ' K , , - Nm, " ff , ' , ' . gx Q75 I W . u X P W , ,, k,, - Q , h Q U' M Q ,, ,I ,,:t ?uvg,q ,Q 2. by 1 ug., drill , r 4. M ,. ', . f. . .+ . - 5 'A 1 Qu K I I Q' 'ra' " ,nv A I fl up ,fy V 1 IP, 3 ,. Q A l atm!! :A 3 J Q .I 'V 5 ,L Ml' 3 g 'g 'Ui gl au QQ, vw ' fir? .A it 'W 'K Y 'MO ' 'A xi A " Os J ' Q .1 wr s ' 'Q' I ' X .V.?"s . iff: 1 Ks, pf ' - ,W if 'J -v . ',,f,:f- Y 'Q 1 ' W. WW' '91 K Sbgx 'I ,.,. - " ' ,,-talk' ,w g"f" , .-vt.. 5 -""'.-,fain 4. ,A ,T x K li .L V :-A'l',b-fgg,fg':f- fit ,' 5 hi A " ng.. , v -1- -, A-mb , 'zz -.A-. 1 ,vw A ' v-Mt. 1 ,u ' " ' fw4.v,..w fp' 5, , , 3. .- . 1 gi,-:I H it V' , I S Q!1f,4t4gg,:A . ', I . ' .7 A 3- , . V fx, C. ff' 1D0110c!1'c'f11s !JCl4ljS ll'l'!11lft' lo lfuuw IIIUIII ll 1 S . C H . I of f j111fA11!1!s !!!1lSfl'l.OllS Ll 11111111 IIJIO llllllt' 111111 ffm 5111111111111 s11C1'1i l'CU 1.1L ffm S0l'l'l-Cl' Q! l!1v1'1' 1111111111 CPL. IOHN R. I-'ORSYTHE SGT. WAYNE ANDERSON Class oi '44 Class of '33 DROWNED, DUTCH NEW GUINEA KILLED IN ACTION IN ITALY February 23. 1945 November 13, 1943 LT. RAY M. GRIFFITI-1, IR. PVT. WILLIAM BOVENSCHULTE Class oi '39 Class of '42 INFANTILE PARALYSIS, TEXAS KILLED IN ACTION, December 28, 1944 NEW GEORGIA ISLAND Iuly 11, 1943 PFC. IACOB O. DOOLEY Class of '42 LT. MAFALDA NEWKO DROWNED IN BELGIUM C1 December 25, 1944 PLAN EDDIE KOSTEBNO Class of '35 KILLED IN ACTIO N IN BELGIUM December 24. 1944 SfSGT. M ARENY ass oi '20 E CRAS H, PETERSON PIE COLORADO LD, SPRINGS May 22. 1943 LT. MATTHEW KENNEDY Class ol '36 AIRPLANE CRASH, ELTORO, CALIFORNIA Ig2iU:tM4g- BOY'-E March 11, 1943 PLANE CRASH IN ENGLAND LT. FRED WILLIAMS December 15. 1944 class of ,34 AIRLINE CRASH, KELLY FIELD, TEXAS SGT' R?:?f::Tof:4?URTON March 1. 1943 DIED, DIPHTHERIA IN PARIS, FRANCE ocwbef 15. 1944 HENRY BOHNERT Class oi '36 - C. P. T. OFFICER FOR I. S. T. C. LT' 103533, 25 S?RD"LI' AIRPLANE CRASH, KILLED IN PLANE CRASH, AUSTRALIA TERHE HAUTE. INDIANA February 25. 1944 F9b1'UUl'Y 221 1943 LT. EUGENE L. DeL1sLE LT- AUG!-TST SIEFERMAN Class of '37 C GSS of '35 KILLED IN ACTION IN ITALY AIRPLANE CRASH, GUATEMALA s December l, 1943 September 28. 1942 LT. WILLIAM WOODARD PVT. VICTOR KIRK ' Class oi '39 Class of '33 KILLED IN PLANE CRASH, ENGLAND TORPEDOED IN CARRIREAN SEA November 15. 1943 May 27. 1942 T LE .Qgqlfu - i Q 'i" E ?"' Q '- . 'S 311 Qmurg Quiz!!! llmsv wfm 14'n1'Lm! wifi: frm' Annie' file nlmlcsf wal, fn ll'!lii'!l SIM' gave U! Iwi' film' um! t',Xy4?l'f fu ffm .w11cc'v.wS of ffm gjurlkvfcf ff f 7 F71 , f X. + Jvllm zvflrs. 1 ll I'Hff'lllUl'Ij O x ,ms 72 "7 I I - I urmu C Voc' P, wo, f 10 SUIIIUI' 4' ass 0 lLj.,1,-3, !1l'l7l1C!!lf unc! flulnfify LL'L!1,L'clf4' ffzfs IJUUL. aacul Edward E. Hylton Principal Veva R. Kuhlman Registrar Grace DeVcmey Dean of Girls Marie Lana Earl Pike Dean of Boys Social Studios Nell V. Smyres Social Studie Helen Bunqard Librarian S Helen Conroy Latin, French xqf mm, Homer Powell Science Helen Heitzel Laura Shryer Home Economics Mcrthcruulics Orville Jones Margaret Richmond Home Ectoriomics Mechcmiccil Dmwinq Nelle Duncan Music: Dorothy Becherer Commerce Louise Harris Science aww, Iames O. Bowles Mlmw xl ll1IllllH'I Frieda Bedwell lfl1f1l1sll,fllf1-1-fli Helen Ross 511.1-illl filmlif -5: Mary Louise Iaenisch lxfll xtllmmxtil 'fs . Minnie B. Lammers C wr1I11zv-I-U' Donas Dischinger limnlzrll CfJ4I4'll, Pl1ys:iw1l lfrlllvcxliwll, f3vifir1w-- Inez Kelly Ml1Il1f'1lw1l11':s Mary Myrtle Posey A1 I Mr N GC Mary Hill Sanlcey English Helen Leisey Charlotte Nutt Physical Education English, Speech Erma George Social Studies Erma Mewhinney Commerce Helen Froeh Latin, Spanish Staniord Gilley Band, Orchestra Willard Kehrt Phys ical Education, Basketball Coach Thryza Parker English ,Q ' 'N 5145 L!- , I J nM NN X-'PQ ff' My lyx Q 9 CUIOTS a E 1 5 i i 2 5 : Z ' 2 51 -lv 5 Helen Brown Henrietta Sorensen William B. Everson Mary Scroggins Patricia Monroe Icepcrs Creepers, Whered "You Walked Riqht In" "Yes, Indeed" "Twinkle Toes" "Is You Is Ya Got Those Peepeisu I I r 3 Dorothy Riggs Betty Wonders Wayne Geisman Mary Ann Holmes Ioan Minqer "And So I Dream" "Wish You 'Nero Waiting "Radha with the Moon" "EmbracealJle You" "And Her Tears Flo for Me" Like Wine" Ruth Ann Apple Stuart Chestnut Marjorie High Charles Reed Charlotte Coflenbe "You Wore Never Lovelieiu "Lot Mc Love You TOI'llf1l'll', "I Can'l Say No" "l'm Making Believe" "Dream Cl Little Dream i Mary Rouse Robert Scott Ioy Abbott William Smith Gloria Bedino "Swir1qin' on A Star" "One Meat Ball" "Time Will Tell" "I Had the Craziest Dream" "Can't Get Out of This g, Dorothy Keelor Iames Sellers Bettie Io Smith Alex Balu Bevra Culver Your Aims lliwmtl "The Yotmq Mori "I Full in Love Too Easily" "The Mun l Love" "Strange Music" Mo, l'lwx1f.y" with Tho Horn" lriorie Woodward Valera Downing William Gregory LaDonna Moore Marilyn Iamesd - I Are You Doing Thr: "Wisl1in-'1" "llc-cent-tchu-ute the Positive" "My Buddy" "You're un Old Smoothie -St of Your Lifw'?" U try Lou Hayhurst Marion Dunlap Barbara Cronk Iames Penderqast Charlotte Snow ,is llerut of Mine" "My Dreums Are Gettinq Better "We Hate to Leave" "l'll Get By" "Like Someone in Love" All the Time" Page Thirlcwl -' Q Winilred Myer Doris Stone Eugene Stokes Ioy Wright Marilyn King 'ltxrqcrt-Mtv-Nols in "Do l W0r1'y?" "Bring on the Girls" "l.uss with the Delictxle Aix" "Ymi're SO Sweet Your Eyes" Remember" 2 Norma lean Haxton lack Gordon Imogene Faris Norman Walls Frances Thomas "Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes" "Flush" 'Wlelcrricholy Baby" "l'll Be Around" "The Sweetest Girl the world" Betty Hillis Barbara Compton Rudolph Cseszko Louise Paitson lean cCrocklin "A Pretty Girl ls Like "You'd Be So Nice to "The Very Thought of You" "Sweet mid Lovely" "The Storl qht Will l ti Melody" Come Home to." iMe to You" i Harriett DeLisle William Spence Barbara Abbott Terry Iohnson Margaret Churcl' "The Girl l Left Behind Me" "Why Dorft You Do Right?" "Blf1Clf Magic" "Tec: for TWO" "Dark Eyes" Anne Syester Bill Hawkins Sally Dill Matthew Burns Dorothy Pickett is Long As There "How Many Hearts Have "Little Curly Head in the "VVine, Worrieri and Song" "You Must llave Been a ls Music-" You Broken?" l-liqh Chair" Beautiful Baby" 'irqinia Thomas William Evans Geneva Killion Wilbur Adams Barbara Toth 1 phisticatmi Lady" "The Spell of Your Kiss" "You'll Never Know" "Craz Rh th " " A ' y y rn lkioonliqht Becomes You Knne Wagner ,. Donald McKee Theresa Greene Donald Russell Mary lane Hyatt Nas lust a Sailor's "I Don't Wartt to Set the "Pretty Baby" "I'll Keep My l-leart Under "Smile, Baby, Smile" Sweetheart" World on Fire" Lock and Key" Picture not shown Rosalie Perkins Page F fftcwz Ruth Nelle Carnes Dick Nicoson lane Wells Warren Brewer Maxine Butts "The Music' Goes "Soy When" "Lovely to Look At" "I'll Never Smile Aqcrinn You Stepped Out Ll Drown" ltounft and Round" Betty Shoal Wayne Thorlton Helen Schultz Leo Everett Rosemary Smit 'Wee Bonnio Lassie" "Come Out Wherever "The Woy I Wont You" "He Wcis ci Perfect "The Chatrrn of Y You Are" C3C?llllGillftl1H Norma Byerly Virginia Pattison Rex Riggs Laura Price Grace Petty "Don't Get Around "Love ls In Your Heart" "Wait for Me, Mary tEttol" "Deep in the Heart of Texas" "When Iohnny C Marching Horn Much Anymore" ! u Charlotte Morgan Paul Thompson Rosemary Iones Charles Nickles Dorothy Hali "Pol of Mine" "The Old Music Maker" "Woman Driver" "l'm Breothlessf' "A Little on the Lone NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Leh to Right: Row 1: ILIIHCS Pendcrquei, La1ITo111'm Moore, Rebecca Shedd, Peie Vordri. How 7: Ruth Ncllc: Cfzmcs, Bn:1'1':f1m Abbott Madonna Bums, Louise Pcxitson Raw 2: Winifrvd Mycr, 'vlruiixx Rwmcy, Frances Detrick, Iecm Handley. Row 4: Glori.: Eedinc, Sully Dill, Doris Skiti, Dorothy Pickett. Pugv Scnfwzzcwz Senior Class Officers Pete Vardcr Barbara Abbott Marilyn Icmes Stuart Chestnut President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SENIOR CLASS HISTORY e, the "sophisticated" seniors of Garfield High School, started on our career as a united group in the fall of 1941. Being unorganized until late in the year our activities were hamper- ed and we spent most of the year adjusting ourselves to high school life. ln December a suc- cessful Christmas party was held in the hall, and in the spring the following officers were elected for the year 1942-43: Pete Varda, president: Bob 1-lemeier, vice-presidentg Shirley Ham- rick, secretary: Louise Paitson, treasurer: and Miss Latta as our class sponsor. Back again in September, 1942, we started on an enjoyable and profitable year. Be- sides supporting the Student Council, Victory Corps, and Red Cross drives, we enjoyed varied social activities. As a starter we had a skating party on February 26 at the Third Avenue Rink. In April we celebrated the first with an appropriate party, and again on the twenty- third we enjoyed a "Sweet Sixteen" Party. The year 1943-1944 began with the restoring of a Garfield tradition, the Royal Purple, under the direction of Miss Becherer. Alex Balu, presidentp Dick Nicoson, vice-president: Dorothy Pickett, secretary: and Warren Brewer, treasurer, proved successful executives. ln April the popular junior show was called the "Manhattan Manhunt." june brought the annual junior party and the social event of the year, the junior-Senior Prom and banquet held in the Mayflower Boom, june 3, with Fred Cizek's orchestra furnishing the music. At last, in the fall of 1944 we attained the long-awaited title - seniors. Our officers were: pesident, Pete Vardag vice-president, Barbara Abbott: secretary, Marilyn james: and treas- urer, Stuart Chestnut. The senior class play, "Family Reunion," was successfully presented November 1, with a capacity audience attending. Other activities included a sock dance in the gym, December 5, and the senior Christmas party, December 22. The january seniors culminated their graduation week with commencement at Woodrow Wilson, january 17. Sen- ior talent was again displayed in the senior revue held on February 7. A Shamrock party was given March 16 in Lange Auditorium for seniors and their guests. Almost before we knew it, june graduation activities were at hand f a picnic, senior breakfast, baccalureate and finally commencement in the traditional formals of Garfield. As the end of our four years at Garfield draws near, we wish to express our sincere ap- preciation to our sponsor, Miss Marie Latta, and the faculty for the patience they have shown and the help they have given us. May we bear proudly the title - Garfield alumni. 1 Page Eighteen LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT e, the Class of '45, of Garfield High School, having attained the feeble old age of four years, declaring that we are of sound -mind not acting under the influence of red F's swallowed from the hands of the faculty, are now ready to depart-from the cruel, cruel world, bounded' by the walls of this noble institu- tion. We hereby declare this to be our last ,will and testament, summarily re- voking all previous documents of like nature witnessed and signed by us. Article I. We do will and bequeath: To the school - tBeing of particularly generous nature, we feel that we cannot be governed by past classes in limiting our bequests to a single article.l a juke box, purple and white striped with a gold eagle inscribed on the speak- erp a telephone booth so that future students of Garfield may not suffer as we have by having their conversations censored: pencil sharpeners, not pencil chewers: better sports write-ups in the Terre Haute city papers. Article ll. We do will and bequeath: To our class sponsor - Miss Latta, another class with the ability to talk its way in and out of anything and everything. 'Article III. We do will and bequeath: To the faculty - Our deep sympathy in the loss of such an exceptional class with the hope that they will bear up well under the strain. To the Class of '46 4 The headaches, the heartaches, the pitfalls of being seniors. To the Class of '47 -- Money! CThey have looks and brains.l , To the Class of '48 - Immunity from picking up the bad habits of seniors. To the janitors 4 Some new brooms to sweep out the old "dirt" left by the Class of '45. Article IV. We do will and bequeath: To the new senior president - The traditional polka-dot shirt. To Mr. Kehrt -4- Another Wabash Valley Championship team, this time with FIVE All-Valley players. To Mrs. Sankeyf- Success for her new textbook. To Pat Welch - Matt Burns' allaround ability as an entertainer. To Miss Ross - A saw to cut her dead timber. Page N i netecn THE CLASS PROPHECY ood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the radio audience. This is sta- tion WBOW broadcasting the dedication ceremonies of the new Garfield.Sta- dium, a dream in the mind of former coach, Donas Dischinger, which today becomes a reality. Our thanks to Ioy Abbott, maker of Abbott's King-size cigarettes for donating the money which makes this program possible. This afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, you are going to listen to one of the most un- usual broadcasts of a football game ever heard on the air. Instead of telling you about the game, we're going to tell you about the spectators. Aside from being the fiftieth annual battle between the Garfield Purple Eagles and the Wiley Red Streaks for the bronze turkey, today is homecoming for the class of '45. lt has been seventeen years since the class of '45 received the title of Garfield Alumni and we are glad to welcome them back. You might be interested to know that Coach Pete Varda informed me just before we came on the air that the Garfield fellows are in top condition and that victory for the Eagles is certain. Since there are still a few minutes before the kick-off, let's listen to Frances Thomas. "Drink Coca-Cola, the only drink that makes every pause the pause that refreshes. Remember, Alyce Adams, the dietitian at the Union Hospital says Coca-Cola is good for you." It's time for the kick-off, ladies and gentlemen, and here come Bettie Io Smith and Ioy Wright in their helicopter with the ball. They're flying low over the field - they're dropping the ball - and there's the kick-off. Now Matt Burns, who was recently voted the most popular radio star, will take you down into the grandstands to talk to some of the class of '45. "First of all let's get the officials lined up. Rudolph Cseszko is the referee: Wilbur Adams, the field judge: Donald McKee, head linesman: and the umpire is none other than Gene Stokes - the shirt is beginning to get a little ragged. Take a look at the covers of the programs. They were designed by Barbara Cronk. There's Norma Haxton, girls' athletic director: and her assistant, Char- lotte Snow: Mary Ann Holmes, dean of girls: Madonna Burns, social studies teacher: Marilyn King, who took Mrs. Richmond's place: Henrietta Sorenson, physics teacher: and Rebecca Shedd, the registrar: sitting down near the fifty yard line. Right behind them are Bill Gregory, the dean of boys, and Charles Nickles, who is back at Garfield since he is the only one who can manage the stage equipment in the new auditorium. There is Dorothy Keelor who designs shades for Revlon, and Mary Scrog- gins, star of a new dancing show on Broadway. Speaking of dancing, I heard that Geneva Killion won the dancing marathon, remarkable at her age. Shirley Hamrick, the new truant officer, is checking up to see if everyone is here. Here comes Ruth Carnes and her husband, Pat Hayward, with their twins. With them is Louise Paitson, who just finished a piano concert tour of South Amer- ica. Look at the beauties coming in. Marilyn Iames, Virginia Thomas and Margaret Kieth are all Powers' Models. And there's Margaret Church, star of M. G. M. and Dorothy Pickett, famous clothes designer, with her seamstress, iContinued on Page 5591 fs Page Twenty I X I - 1,3 X . ' ' ' 1 . X 7 ' s A H L 'M . -ff' ' - 3. 'i.,1.g'3 .Y , . - ff, -Q, ' ' . . ,y :B ,bn . V ' 1. 1, LA,-,, I Y 4 ,xhnna l I, LSA f ' 9 I K , ,II ' wiv' ndmclussmen I 1 x 1 I 3 3 x Q lunior Class Officers Bob McGinn Bill Freud Freda Rudisel Shirley Rowe President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer I UNIOR CLASS HISTORY he juniors may well live up to their pronounced declaration of being jolly for that is indeed what we are. But we may also live up to the title of ambitious because in that too, we shine. just to prove it to those who fail to believe, behold our progress for this year. We stopped the football rolling by giving a dance right after the game with Robinson: all who could walk and crawl came. We knew that after this dance, success was just around the corner. We had a little trouble, however, finding which corner it was, but at last we dis- covered the right one. Proof of this was the Turkey Trot which followed immediately after the Turkey Day game, November 23. ' Although we tied for the game, we didn't tie for the most beautiful float and queen. Our contribution toward beauty was june Boyll. Need we say more? The junior class soon received the honor of publishing the school paper, The Royal Purple. This was made a success like all of our other things by our sponsor, Miss Dorothy Becherer. She has juniors on her fingers and on her toes and we'll love her always wher- ever she goes. The Royal Purple was very popular and very gladly received when those certain Fridays rolled around. Our staff worked hard and were rewarded by a banquet held in their honor. The class rings arrived and we're not sure who was more pleased - the juniors who got them or the ones to whom they gave them,Vanyway, at last we had ample proof that we belonged to the Class of three-year-olds. Then a few of the stars who had been watching our progress decided they wanted to share our glory so they dropped down. Thus was formed the "Star Parade." This too was an example of our initiative, and mighty pleased we were over the success. The date for this Startling revue was Wednesday, March l4. Our events for the year were closed by a banquet and prom given on june 2 in the Mayflower Room. We should like to thank all who have supported us and have helped us in our events. We have worked through this year, and we leave our place for the next year's students. May they have as much fun as we and may they live up to being "jolly juniors." Page Twenty-Three Juniors Lei! to Right: Row l: Mary I-leyder, lliloen Smith, Marjorie Waqqoner, Barbara Taylor, Barbara Schabol, Dorothy Rinkor, Mary Mae Purcell, Barbara Mason, Shirley Canine, Nina Ramey. Row 2: Bonnie Hayworth, Shirley Rowe, loy Wright, Pauline Toulson, Dorothy Wailly, Kathryr Keep, Mary lane Waaqoner, Louise Severn, Pauline McClain, Marilyn Rogers, Rosemary Roaerson Row 3: Shirley Spence, Freda Rudisel, Kathryn Thompson, leanne Trezise, Iosephine Stonelcina Pat Welt'li, Pauline Templeton, lean Cromwell, Katherine McCvi1'm, Phyllis Templeton, loan Utterback Mary Frances Gibson, Betty Lou Paitson, Lois Kleber. Row 4: Vincent Gfryso, Gene Richmond, lack Radcliffe, Bill Little, loe Frisz, Robert Ike, Glei Biclcel, Dick Conrad, Gene Hansel, i 1 Row 5: Vtfalter Myer, Robert Vidal, Byron Clark, Bill Spence, Ronald Thorlton, Robert Ross, Robert Schimrnel, Bob Daiielow, Robert Conrad, Paul Thompson, lack Hill, Don Campbell. Pugc 'I'1c'cnry-Four Juniors Left to Right: Bow 1: Vera Bailey, Bertie Lou Balltrrini, Betty Brooks, Iune Boyll, Virqinia Comlts, Donna Downing, Mary Monninqor, Pat Goda, Phyllis Gammon, Billie lean Frazer, Shirley Harnolmann, Jeanne Fortune. Bow 2: Don Pellcoy, Norma lean Griffith, Frances lieironinius, Florence Myers, lolono Bakorg Theresa Fitzgerald, Betty Critchlow, Roberta Martin, Martha Hiatt, Delores Miller, Betty Mc'Danirrl, Renee Croenne, Betty Dillon. Bow 3: Bill Froad, Paul Marshall, Willvur Adams, Boh McGinn, Norma Smith, Betty Lott llyatt, Nina Mahan, Loretta Forliecrk, Itrcfqueline Brezer, Phyllis Hammond, Barbara Keeney, Bow 4: lohn McGee, l-lnrrnan Badtke, Bob Gibbons, Bill Spence, Mary K. Carson, Betty limo Price, Ioann Dierdort, Shirley Drake, Patty Meehan, Betty Norris, Iune Bose Herman, lim Thompson, Rex Rigas. Bow 5: Louis Long, Charles Pease, Clyde Iohnson, Bob Kantz, Bob Austin, Bill Stewart, Bill Waltrnan, Dick Myers, loo Mullikin, Bobert Malone. Sophomore Class Officers lim Nichols Ray Swilt Gordon Neil Bill Weeks President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY e, the class of '47, entered the halls of dear old Garfield in the fall term of September '43, over 100 strong, and quickly gained the reputation ot one of the flashiest freshmen classes ever to enter these stately portals. To Miss Helen Reitzel we gave the honor of the position of sponsor for our class and we also chose class officers for the following year. With the exception of a few unusually green blunders made by no few members of the class, this was all of importance taking place during our freshmen year. We came tripping back to school, ready and willing for work C?l in the fall of '44, We now became the Class of '47, lnc. lDon't worry, nothing new was added. "lnc." just sounds more dignified, and, people! do we need dignityll With our newly gained rank as sophomores, we decided to take life seriously for a while - at least long enough to enter whole-heartedly into the various school organization and war programs. The sophomores also had their share of glory when two of the class members played on the Wabash Valley Champs team. Too, we were the class with the best rating so far as honor roll was concerned. The outstanding beauties of the class were well represented when Pat Smith was chosen as our attendant to the football queen. We decided the next way to make history for our class was to make money. iAn un- usual accomplishment for ANY classll So we did, at a Christmas Party given in the lower hall on December 21. However, money wasn't the only thing gained at this party. The soph- omores turned out full force and a regular brawl was had by all! ln the spring along with our spring fever, we had another party in the Lange Audito- rium. This party was a little on "the shabby side" and was appropriately called the "Shab- by Shamblesf' The sophomores dressed up for the occasion in jeans and plaid shirts. So happily ended the second year of our long-to-be remembered climb to the summit of gradua- tion in '47. l-lere's hoping that next year as "jolly juniors," we shall be able to turn in as credit- able a performance as Cwe think? we have this year! Page Tzuenly-Six Sophomores Left to Right: Row I: Dale Carey, lirn Nichols, lerry Baker, DeWitt Owen, Ray Swift, Byron Wlieolor, Mrrrtixr Wallace, Don Penderqast, Paul Haas. Row 2: Donna Barker, loAnn Gore, loyizo Floyd, lerrie Herndon, Kathleen Clrfnvpollv, ltr--an-'lyn Price, Pat Burkholder, Shirley Canine, Bonnie Morrison, Norma Golnin, Louisa llandy, Maalornrrr Mrrnscnd. Row 3: Borliara Payne, Phyllis Seal, Rao Behaqq, Martha Sliriner, lohannfi Walters, Pitt Humphries, Barliara McGuinness, Margaret Burk, Carolyn Kackley, Zelia Lenne, Row 4: Charlotte Evans, Bill Dyer, lane Ann lenks, Dorothy lean Carpenter, Anno Willis. Carolyn Fisher, Betty Caye Burns, Lois Frazier, leanne Croenne, Rosemary Burns. Row 5: Merle Cluder, Bill Dyer, Virqil Riclnnoncl, lim Lelforqe, Gene Roman, Bill Myers, llnfqlr l'Vallm'e, lohn Etlinq, Bill Roqerson, Bob Burnett, Louis Wailly. Row C: Kenneth Rexrorle, loe Fisk, Bolv Atrlrinson, lark Burk, Ronald Rlancl, Artlinr Clrostnnt, Roli Haxton, Milton Manuel, lesse Elliott, Arthur Sweetinq. Row 7: Fred Reynolds, Bill Weeks, lay Center, lay Dennis, Don Hernran, Don Owens, Don Sri-roi Goorqo Martin, lnlius lay, Don VValtinan, George Duckworth, Alfred Disponnett, Page' Twenty-Seven Sophomores Left to Right: Row l: Edna Russell, Audrey Lawson, Martha Reed, Alice Mace, Vivian Menser, Vera Griffith, Betty Baker, Beverly Monkliouse, Frances Bonte, Pat Papinchock. Row 2: Mary Frances Miller, Mary Lou Fisher, Dorothy Stone, Pat Wolfe, Dorothy Cooke, Luna Delorme, Beverly Cassle, Betty Kenzor, Rosemary Scott, Maxine Burton, Carol Wyman. Row 3: Barbara Bugbee, loan Henderson, lrnogene lennings, Doris Hercules, Ioan Dicken, Sheila Thomas, Lee Bragdon, Mary Lou Faris, loann Rogers, Geraldine Scott, Row 4: leanine Kline, Mary Gourdouze, Virginia Havercarnp, Pat Smith, Rosemary Doerre, Marilyn Scott, Betty Radtke, Sally Wheeler, Anita Butts, Coleen Guire. Row 5: Harlan Cooley, Gordon Clark, Paul Titus, Arthur Blakely, Paul Godwin, Robert Weir, Wendell York, Marion Wishard, Patsy Bowman, Betty Eisman, Patty Eisrnan, Beverly Fuson. Row 6: lack Hoopingarner, Robert Mann, Graydon Tetrick, Eugene Galloway, Dick Tuttle, lim McCann, Gordcn Noii, Bennie Kiuburis, Don Sullivan. Lett to Row Flow Ward. Raw Miller, Row January Freshmen Right: 1: Mary Head, Mildred Cottrell, Marilyn Patrick, Alice Clark, Beverly Price, Shiiley Godwin 2: Helen Rozqony, loanne Wells, Mary Haqmeier, lrene Rozaony, Nancy Lantz, Zoetta 3: David Harqrave, Iohn Gainey, Allred Stillwell, Don Petty, lack Fallowiield, William Bill Chance, Earl Harris, Homer Sisson. - 4: Donald Albright, Evan Davis, lames Hughes, Ted Locke, Bob Ash, Raluf-rt Fisher. Page Thirty -Onc ,ggpsil v fe? Freshmen Left to Right: How I: Elizabeth Graae, Carolyn Ellis, Rita Boyle, Mary Ann Boyle, Patricia Tiffin, lean Davis, llvlon Giistin, Roberta Sewell, Darlene Perham, Iuanita Full, Ioan Brentlinqer, Norma Kiefer. How 2: Martha Howlc, Marqaret McAdams, Patty Miller, Marilyn Spenrer, lune Murray, lane Henry, Shirley Nylek, loanne Auberry, Delores McGee, Mary Virqinia Moore, Mary Anna Morris, iliizalueth Smith, Hazel Kaufman, Row 3: Charmaine Kline, Barbara High, Sharron Holdaway, Ianet Greenleaf, Dorothy Priwe, Betty Gayer, Neldaniae Snodgrass, Ann Boyll, Peggy Pearson, Belty McKay, Mary lane McDaniel, Edna lliatt, Edythe Lee. Row 4: Don Fasiq, Larry Swaney, lerry Niel, Robert Risher, lohn Criicliiiold, Ianies Burns Halph Dis Penne-tt, James Kinney, Donald Skelton, Gene Lelforqe. Row fi: Robert Martin, Carl Monkhouse, Richard Thomas, Danny Turner, Anthony Santilli, Paul Pilant, Phil Coldwell, James Diehl. Row 6: Donald lenkins, lack Cordell, Dale Everly, Iohn Stewart, Don Butts, Bob Beatty, Stephen Bodwoll, Don Pearson, Leslie Snapp, Bill Butts, Ray Cook, lack Leonard. Page Twenly-Nine Freshmen Lett to Right: Row l: Norma lean Scott, Charlotte Ellis, Beverly Moore, Barbara Dowell, Deloers Turner, Dorothy Clark, VVilrna Chisler, lean Correll, Barbara Baker, leon Bartenback. Row 2: Lucille lewell, Rita Foster, Betty Byrqe, Ruth Furnas, Marilyn Everett, Betty Thompson, Mary Boyll, Virginia Burt, Carol Cooper, lune Burton. Row 3: Lois McGilvrey, lanis Albin, Betty Alconn, Mary I-lickenbotharn, Eileen Feldkamp, Mary Io Turner, Donna Lou Eslinqer, loanne Ienninqs, Doris Hall, Mary Davern, Betty Allen. Row 4: Robert Riggs, Robert Owens, Dwight Barnltart, Bill McDaniel, Gene Peterson, William Rinker, Robert Skitt, Wesley Farmer. Row 5: loe Feinhor, Gene Pearce, Douglas Lanqley, Robert Rinlcer, Clyde Lovellette, Paul Meyer, Norman Wilson. QNVHICS I l E F E 4 g a i z I i ! r ! BENEDICTUS STAFF Page Thi yl PAUL MAQQHALL BUS I NESS MANAGER JOAN UT TFPBA QM ,, f.. E' f .,..... 3 5 mr .1 ff v- Sf X DECK CONMD EDITOR . A S2W CT!BGc Vfplkrwlsn 551+-fa? ASSSSYANY 595105 ,wx ., -2:'-.29 . ::2':::::: 'N X 5 -'XY JEAN fmwiu. X N 5 I ,Q Y W-Y when . Qzff , - x A A .,.:::"' :I . " ,.,, .,.. f N if A 'K 5' f x . ,, ' ,ff gf 5 A ' A. N' w fxfHLx if N W Qt y - ,,,f"Kw:iffh X si , .M Qgiwwgffgbsjx, MB ,,..i-N. F,-f ,L X .7 ,A . W x. Y. M755 if lk Wk ., ff? xxx -6 1 g Q ..-P ww wi! 25, A 02' .-W' W wr Q f K x mm nw V nf Wffxmiwwx SQXWWA ""' W .,,ff xm A ' Q W'vbXEswwwv2W? l 'Ti' X V , f W6 ff' if' "X s , ' ki,Nt,u fcwgf QVLQVQS v X ,yxl A vf W W X W si-fffNkaidSkwQ!fX: M- "Ak " 'W YA 'Im gfllff? Y W .. +A, A, V .W yxAV A W ,Mj?fXW wah Wm , S ,QvXf,l'ixYiNSMQbQSX'NSwM My ff W V7 V , , QQQQSXX ,ff ,, QXSN RTS 'Q x f . Smgixxiia mz?!QYfYwy jf , A A , Xgxvw , 5 ' qgxw' W !,fff Q, f N - Q5-222,27 xVW ,, 5 x Mg m wk! Y A X .,X, , x A QQQQQXRXWQW , RW K V mm em SALLY Laws. I X A Q 5 4 , . I XXWKN Ymiiisygx QQQJWY' ' 'Z . . 5 V 'mx I - 'K sif:Iz."" mage Sifim ' " .. - ' " Nfl , N 12? f t jig W , K W v W2 xi, N' W , wyv, WX ww Rss! WW A' X ,. qs, ' , , X W BILL KILLICN S03 CCNP AD Q BARBARA KECNEY PHYLL 9 S TEMPLETON wmcv smmsx spmgq Q DRAKE BJ pawn um STUDENT COUNCIL Lett to Right: Row l: Council Members: Byron Wheeler, sophomorep Bob lamison, junior: Dorothy Pickett, senior, Nancee South, sophomoreg Madonna Burns, senior, Charlene Beresford, juniorg Bob Waid, junior, Rudolph Cseszko, senior. Row 2: Home Room Representatives: lesse Elliott, lim Nichols, Patricia Cundiff, Rae Behagg, Patty Lee, Ierrie Herndon, Zelia Lenne, Pat Porter, Pat Brownson, Virginia Jordan, Shirley Reedy. Row 3: Home Room Representatives: Bill Hankins, Paul Gibbons, Ray Swift, Tom Keller, Harry Iohnson, Bill Killion, loAnn Rogers, Pat Wolfe, Mary Lou Kearschner, Doris Tiley, Frances Detrick. E. o he Student Council, consisting of four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen, along with a representative from each home room, started its year's work under the following leadership: Madonna Burns, president: Bob Iamison, vice-president: Charlene Beres- ford, secretary, Rudolph Cseszko, treasurer: and Miss Kelly, sponsor. Our major accomplishment of the year was drawing up rules concerning the activities of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and after passing the approval of the student body, they became a port of the Student Council constitution. The council presented a film play assembly in order to make money for service around Garfield, did our share in all salvage drives, worked with and contributed to the Red Cross, and backed the new first-aid station. Page TlzirlyfSez1en JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL he Iunior Red Cross Council Was organized last tall under the sponsorship ot Miss Kelly. The council was made up ot the representatives ot the first-period classes and the following officers: Gloria Bedino . . . ......... President Wilbur Adams ...... Vice-President Dick Nicosin ..............,............... Secretary-Treasurer Virginia Combs was elected to serve as President of the Vigo County lunior Bed Cross. The work of the Garfield Iunior Red Cross has been mainly to assist with salvage drives. One ot the big projects tor the year was that of giving gitts to soldiers ot Wakeman General Hospital at Christmas. The money Was obtained by having a "tag day." When the pupils contributed to the drive they were given red and green tags. The amount received tor this protect was 338. On Valentine's Day a drive was made to obtain money to give to the National Chil- dren's Fund. The slogan ot this drive was "Have a heart." Each contributor received a little lacy valentine to wear. The amount collected at this time was approximately 335. We gave 32.50 to the Senior Red Cross and 350 to the National Children's Fund. The otticers of the new semester are: Barbara Keeney . . . ......... President Gloria Bedino .... ...... V ice-President lune Burton . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Lett to Right: Row 1: Bertie Lou Ballarini, Jerry Weddle, Sally Wheeler, Betty Brooks, Betty Critchlow, Pat Burkholder. Row 2: Anne Syester, Grace Petty, Donna Lou Eslinger, Mary Frances Miller, Gloria Bedino, Virginia Burt. Row 3: Bill Myers, Guy Cordell, Bob Richmond, Wilbur Adams. BLUE TRI he Garfield Blue Tri, with a membership of approximately two hundred and four girls, has completed many successful activities this year. The Blue Tri sponsored a dance, November 17, called the Harvest Moon which proved a big event. The service committee has been very active this year. At Christmas the Blue Tri sent a box of gifts to a girl at the Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. Some girls rnade favors for Wake- man Hospital, and others sold Tuberculosis seals and stamps downtown. Books were also collected for Torner House Library. Garfield Blue Tri as a whole has donated money to the Community Chest, World Fel- lowship, Glasses Fund, U. S. S. Terre Haute Library, and Red Cross War Fund. ' The Ways and Means Committee has worked hard to provide sufficient funds for the treasury. During the football season the girls made and sold pom poms and lapel pins. Our most steady source of income has been the selling of candy at noon in the halls of the school. Several girls attended a tea at the Y. W. C. A. at which Miss Boss, foreign secretary from Syria, was the speaker. Vanita Ramey, a very active member of Blue Tri, participated in the Christmas Eve broadcast and the Y. W. C. A. Review. She has since moved to California. The programs for the regular meetings were quite interesting and have shown the result of careful planning. The council members for the past year have been as follows: Miss Iaenisch . . . . Mary Ann Holmes Louise Paitson . . Eileen Smith .... Dorothy Keelor . Nina Mahan .... June Boyll ...... lean McCrocklin .. Florence Myers . Rebecca Shedd . . . Marva Welton . . Dorothy Pickett . . . Betty Critchlow ..... Page TlzirtyQNine . . . Club Sponsor . . . . . . . President . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . . Service . . . . Music . . . . . Social . . . .... . . . Devotions Ways and Means . . . . . . . Publicity Art . . ., Sergeant-at-Arms , ,wx ' 9 BLUE TRI Lott to Right: Row l: Council: Florence Myers, Nina Mahan, Dorothy Pickett, Margaret Church, Marva Welton, Mary Ann Holmes, Dorothy'Keelor, Betty Critchlow, Eileen Smith, Louise Paitson, Rebecca Shedcl. Row 2: lean l-landley, Anne Wagner, Madonna Burns, LaDonna Moore, Theresa Greene, Mary McConnell, Betty Shoai, Alyce Adams. Row 3: Helen Brown. Charlotte Cotienberry, Mary Scroggins, Marjorie High, Barbara Abbott, Sally Dill, Frances Thomas, Norma lean Haxton. Row 4: Marjorie Woodward, Barbara Cronk, Bettie Io Smith, Beverly Alexander, Anne Syester. Dorothy Riggs, Betty Wonders, Marilyn lames. Row 5: Ruth Vanderbilt, Norma Byerly, Margaret Keith, Shirley I-lamrick. Barbara Toth, Ioy Abbott, Virginia Thomas. Left to Right: Row 1: lane Henry, Iune Murray, Marilyn Spencer, Ioyce Floyd, Donna Barker, loAnn Gore, Bennie Morrison, Ierry Weddle, Marilyn Scott, Betty Radtke, Sally Wheeler, Sharron l-loldaway. Row Z: Margaret McAdams, Ianet Greenleaf, Doris Hercules, Luna Delorme, Dorothy Cooke, Ada Soames, Lois Frazier, Anne Willis, Rae Behagg. Lee Bragdon, Sheila Thomas, Iohanna Walters, Mary Boyll, Edythe Lee. Row 3: Beverly Fuson Carolyn Ellis, Carolyn Fisher, Martha Shriner. Iune Burton, loan Brent- linger, Mary l-leyder, Zelia Lenne, Maxine Burton, Carolyn Kackley, Mary Evinger, Margaret Burk, Pat Waggoner. Iolene Baker. Row 4: Delores McGee, Edna Io Russell, Patty Lee, Rosemary Burns, Ieanine Kline, Mary Hickenbotham, Alice Mace, Rosemary Doerre, Pat Wolie, Virginia Havercamp, Pat Smith, Carol Wyman, Ruth Furnas. Row 5: Pat Humphries, Pat Miller, Martha l-lowk, Barbara Baker, Mary Gourdouze, Barbara Mason, Mary Frances Miller, Pat Papinchock, Eileen Feldkamp, Beverly Cassie, Doris l-lall, Mary lane McDaniels. Row 6: Neldamae Snodgrass, Hazel Kaufman, Roberta Sewell, Peggy Pearson, Shirley Canine, Theresa Fitzgerald, Laura Price, loann Iennings, Donna Lou Eslinger, Betty Kenzor, Frances Bonte, loy Wright. ' Lott to Right: Row 1: Mary Ann Boyle, Elizabeth Smith, Barbara Taylor, Virginia lordan, Shirley Spence, Dorothy Rinker, Barbara Schabel, Eileen Smith, Betty Critchlow, Shirley Hammelmann, Carol Cooper. Row 2: Rita Boyle, lay Myers, Frances Heironimus, Phyllis Gammon, Vera Bailey, luanita Full, Phyllis Templeton, Pat elch, Joanne l.aFo1lette, lean Cromwell, Ioan Utterback. Row 3: Norma lean Scitt, Sally Lewis, Shirley Reedy, Betty Brooks, Iune Boyll, Lois Kleber, Pat Brownson, Katherine McGinn, Pauline Templeton, Bonnie Hayworth, Shirley Rowe. Row 4: Marilyn Rogers, Betty Gayer, Pat Meehan, Mary Mae Purcell, Betty McDaniel, Betty Paitson, Barbara High, Shirley Nylec, Ioan Auberry. Row 5: Patricia Cundiii, Iacqueline Brezer, Betty Alcorn, Ianis Albin, Virginia Burt, Ann Boyll, Mary Virginia Moore, Loretta Forbeck, Delores Miller. Page Forty-One HI-Y lack Radcliffe .. ...... President Norman Walls . . . . . Vice-President Bill McDaniel .. .... Secretary Charles Reed .. .,.. Treasurer he Hi-Y Club continues to function with its service to the school by operating the Hi-Y book-store, serving at games, school functions, and keeping up the service men's register. Some social gatherings were held at the Y. W. C. A. and the dance after the Crawfords- ville gave was very successful. lack Radcliff is the retiring president of the Eighth District Older Boys Conference and Marion Wishard is the new secretary for l945. The club contiues as a registered member of the National Organization of Hi-Y clubs. . Left to Right: Row 1: Billy McDaniels, Charles Reed, Norman Walls, lack Knox, lack Radcliffe. Row 2: Bill Killion, Tom Keller, Stephen Bedwell, Marion Wishard, Robert Rinlcer. Row 3: Mr. Pike, sponsor: lim LeForae, Gene Le-Forge, Leslie Snapp. Page Forty-Two GIRLS' CABINET Left to Right: Row 1: jerry Weddle, Mary Elizabeth Evinger, Mary I-Ieyder, Helen Brown. Row 2: Barbara Baker, Gloria Bedino, Margaret Keith, Katherine McGinn. l"'T-lil he Girls Cabinet, organized five years ago by Miss Grace DeVaney, consists of four sen- iors, three juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman. It was organized to sponsor and help with worthy projects for the school. We, the Girls Cabinet of 1945, have tried to continue the cabinets good work. Again this year, the Girls Cabinet sponsored the big and little sister program for students entering Garfield for their first tirne. We provided each new girl with one of our own books, "So You're a Freshman." These books were revised by two of our members this year. This book, as proved in the past, is a great help to the new girls. ln addition to this worthy project the girls sponsored a dance called "The Iinx" on Friday the thirteenth and "The Hatchet Hop", which was very appropriate for the month of February. Both dances were enjoyed by the student body and were highly successful. A new venture this year was remembering each member of the faculty at Christmas time with a beautiful holly corsage. We hope that this will become traditional with the cabi- net. We, members of the cabinet, feel honored and privileged in serving in this worthy or- ganization and in doing so, helping our school. Page Forty-Three G. A. A. he Girls Athletic Association was organized this year under the supervision of our soon sor Miss Helen I..e1sey. The organization has accomplished many things this year one ot which was the redecorating of the teacher's room. The board consists of: Dorothy Hall .... Harriett DeLisle ..... Mary Frances Gibson Patty Eisman .... . . . Charlotte Morgan . . . Theresa Greene . . . Betty Eisman .... Rosemary Iones . . . Norma lean Haxton . . . . . . . . . . . . President . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . . . . . Treasurer . . . . . Sports Chairman Membership Chairman . . Publicity Chairman . . . . Social Chairman Benny Representative The girls have taken part in several sports this year including basketball, volleyball and soccer baseball. In order to receive a monogram a girl must have earned 150 points a letter 350 ,points and a pin, 500 points. Those who earned awards were the following Pm Letter Monogram Harriett DeLisle Norma lean Haxton Betty Eisman Charlotte Morgan Mary Alma McConnell Patty Eisman LaDonna Moore Page F arty-F our Dorothy Hall Rosemary Iones I X 1 x f V5 Q. x lf.. AG M? ,,, H 1 ' l 1 5 l H A M-ff' . .,, ., nw 1 'I Q ff' --If if - 5, P pg - D sq, X 13- 2 I A, M ':- ,V - 1 f if gg A ,.,. , ,I H 4 X b I af 'Y F " W V 1 - X 'H W S.,ivf-A' K xx' ,ax mn M 41 " " , ' ' ist- iw ,,...,uN:7- A K , h -sn... ,,........,hM, W""-H f- ...Egg ' ' X-... ,, :- , t...,..,.-BA f- A , , A :. :. 'hh N, 5 W . N ..,, ,...-3 W 1 .p a x ,Wg WNW ,Muni b .Q N-.N K ffTf'1.. , "- """'-'LM ' 'ff-wr. M"'W in m Iwi., ' .. ,. ,, WW , ,-.s..... MMN- ..... - . , ,W -.M 'I!,.4.' -..,,-Q-Ncu-hu A v + Q 0 Vdley ball. V0s1e5x,a,11 QMWS, Soccew' Evo.sebo.1U. Basketbwl X. G. A. A. Left to Right: Row l: Lucille lewell, Anita Butts, lerry Herndon, Beverly Monkhouse, Charlotte Morgan, Harriet DeLisle, Theresa Greene, Dorothy Keelor, LaDonna Moore, Pat Monroe, Rosemary lanes, lean Davis, Belly Byrqe, Elizabeth Graae. Row 2: Beverly Moore, Loretta Forbeclc, Mary Hickenbotharn, Charmaine Kline, Mary Gour- douze, Rosemary Burns, Patty Eisman, Mary Heycler, Rita Boyle, Mary Arm Boyle, Mary Evinqer. Zelia Lenne, Shirley Reedy, Barbara Buqlaee. Row 3: Frances Bonle, Beverly Fuson, Belly Eisman, leannine Kline, Pat Smith, Virginia Haver- carnp, Kathleen Chappelle, Mary Frances Gibson, Norma lean I-laxton, Nina Ramey, lean Correll, Virqinia Burt. Row 4: Norma lean Scott, Patricia Cundili, Sharon Holdaway, Betty Kenzor, Frances Heironimus, Frieda Rudisel, Virginia lordan, Shirley Spence, Dorothy Rigas, Patty Lee, Patricia Tiffin. Row 5:1 Mary lane McDaniel, Edna Hiatt, Mary Davern, lune Brewster, Pal Goda, Beverly Cassle, Eileen Feldkarnp, Alice Mace, Rosemary Doerre, Geraldine Scott. Page Forty-Six MUSIC I he various groups of Garfield's Music department have had a very busy, as well as a very successful year. Consisting of band, orchestra, glee clubs, and choral club, it has ac- complished much during the past school year. The band, under the direction of Mr. Gilley, has added enthusiasm to pep assemblies at school, and to the many football and basketball games at which they played. It has con- tributed greatly to Garfield's spirit. The orchestra, under Mr. Gilley, played for the senior class play and various scholastic activities. The students have been working very hard and their group is progressing splen- didly. The glee clubs have gained in popularity and have had an increase in enrollment. Their beautiful arrangements, combined with hard Work and skilled guidance, give promise of a bigger and better music department. The choral club has had a very busy year, furnishing programs for school assemblies at Garfield and several other schools, including Woodrow Wilson, Otter Creek and Clinton, singing for service clubs, many churches and other organiaztions. Winning for the second consecutive year, a first division rating in the Indiana State Music Festival proves the quality of the choir as Garfield's most outstanding musical organ- ization. As a result of its performance the choir has built up a reputation as a Well-organized and well-balanced group of singers. term were as follows: Warren Brewer .. Paul Thompson . Doris Stone .. Ierry Herndon . . . This year there are 52 members. Its officers for the fall . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Tr 1rer After Paul and Warren joined' the Navy, Charles Nickles was elected president and Iune Boyll vice president Page F arty-S even QM ' Q4 ' - ' 'M Qw 5 W fffftiff Q.. gg 15 Q55 xg, gf 'agwhgseagag ' Q jen ? Q V Eg 1 ZAA 5' W g A " il is ,, iii ESA 553553 495 im QM we W M if W jl,fp4c,w , ug. , A , W- W mm X 9 wgffwgfiv f 3' 'Ze ,A V . ai. , ? ZH ,Jew dj 1 ' P R Page Fifty SENIOR CLASS PLAY he senior class play for this year "Family Reunion", a delightful three-act comedy by Robert Ray, was presented to a capacity audience in the Garfield auditorium on November l, 1944. The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of a large, old-fashioned farm house. The time is summer. The place is a small community within commuting dis tance ot a large city. Synopsis oiXScenes Act One: Act Scene One: The latter part of Iune. Scene Two: Two weeks later. Hot Iuly Two: 1 Act Early the following morning. Three: The The end of the week. Saturday afternoon. cast of characters: ALLAN HAMMOND - Gloriif: young Dagwood-type husband ,...,.., GLORIA HAMMOND - Typical young wife and mother ................ MARGARET HAMMOND - Allmfx frank and out-spoken mother ........ ELIZABETH BUCKNER - All1m': finzizl neruom' nmrriezl sixler ,,,, ,, BUCKY BUCKNER - Elizubethlv zlumincering grouehy hurlumd ,,,, , I. H. HAMMOND - Allan? rich bachelor nnele ,...,.,.,.,,...,.. SHEILA SEARS - Allcm'.v glamoriou: cousin .............................. FLORENCE DANE - Glorirfs good-looking widowed mother ....., BURNEY DANE - Gloria? athletir young brother ................. TUCKER DANE - Gloriuk middle-agen' uncle ,.................... GERTRUDE DANE - Tnclqerlv "Billie Burke" type wife .... "IUNIOR" - Gertruzlelf shifllexx :on ................ ............,.. . . Page Fifty-One Matthew Burns . Margaret Church Beverly Alexander Mary Ann Holmes lack Gordon Wayne Gieseman. Ioy Abbott Betty Io Smith lim Sellers lack Knox Winifred Myer Charles Reed. Left to Riqht: Row lt Anne Willis, lim Pendergast, Betty Fladtlfce, Ioan Minger, Sally Dill, Martha Shriner, lean Davis, Elizabeth Graae, Betty Caye Burns, Pat Welch. Row Z: Betty Allen, Pat Brownson, lean Cromwell, Katherine McGinn, loan Utterback, loanne LaFollette, Iuanita Full, Geneva Killion, Gloria Bedino. Row 3: Marilyn Rogers, lane Henry, Shirley Nylec, loan Auberry, loyce Floyd, Ierry Weddle, Sally Wheeler, Marilyn Scott, Carolyn Fisher, Barbara High, Carol Cooper. Row 4: Dan Thornberg, Ierry Neil, Mary Virginia Moore, Barbara Mason, Bae Behagg, Florence Myers, Nina Mahan, Iune Murray, Ianet Greenleaf, Martha Howk. Row 5: Don Fasig, Lois Frazier, loy Wright, Eugene Roman, lim Sellers, Robert Mann, Guy Cordell, Gene Lelforge. Row 6: Bettie Io Smith, Pat Porter, Beverly Alexander, Marva Welton, Mary Alma McConnell, Stephen Bedwell. DRAMATIC CLUB e enter on the cue." That's the motto ot the Garfield Players, and they've done a line job of living up to that motto in the producing, acting and staging ol plays this year. The club activities opened last September with a pot luck supper, followed by dancing in the lower hall. Meetings began in earnest by the end ot the month, and a program was given each time by the members of the organization, or by talent from the college. The pro- gram all proved most interesting. The final social event was held May ll, in the auditorium oi the school. Supper was served at 6:30. A program and dancing followed. The officers are: Sally Dill ........ ....... P resident lim Pendergast .... . . . Vice-President Martha Shriner .. .... Segretari' Anne Willis . .. .... Treasure' Page Fifty-Two gs? :EI y lf! I '4 in I . Vlqv In lbtv Y 4 .5 1, M' , 'fs : 2 1'- : K Q' f M rv M ' 2 if ,. 1 .Y 9 fx' r .4 4 'f E Q I 4 0 x Q X K 1 - -e 11 15? -wwe. - :..::. 4.4.3 si f 2. I I ..5::'.:.. 'i ' - 5 s 4 EI if f fi E 35? A 1 4 :55 K: 3 1 . .- A155 . A, 1 of C W if x wt, gx X t,35,,Q.Q X , . Q. : , L 'E W J 3 , . Q f mx. K Q xx ,fhw H L .,, 2 , . V w s. x . ,LA -A ....i f . ' " H 1 '2':.. 1 Lei! to Right: Row l: Donna Eslinqer, Alice Mace, Sharron Holdaway, Betty Allen, Patricia Cundili, Virginia Burt. Row 2: Dan Thornberg, Phil Coldwell, Jerry Neil, Stephen Bedwell, Dick Thomas, Don Fasig, Danny Turner. Row 3: Larry Swaney, Bill McDaniel, Tom Keller, Bob Rinker, Guy Cordell, Sam Windley, lack Leonard. Row 4: Miss Froeb, Norman Wilson, Bill Butts, Bill Rinker. Not in picture: Ann Boyll, Mary Edna Cole, lean Corroll. THE LATIN CLUB rganized in the mid-year, the S. P. Q. R. adopted its constitution and presented interest- ing programs, fact and fancy, based on Roman background material. The members enjoyed a Christmas party and also a supper party in May. Alice Mace .... ...... P iicsidlizit Robert Rinlcer ..,.... . . . Vice-Prcsidcnt Sharron I-loldaway .,.. ecretary-Trefzsure: Miss Froeb ........ .... S ionsct Page lfljfrx' -Perri' The Class Prophecy fContinuedJ tContinued from Page 205 Virginia Pattison. Also in that crowd is Grace Petty, who is drawing petty girls. Mary Lou Hayhurst and Rosemary Smith, professional ticket sellers, are helping out down at the gate this afternoon, and they've had quite a problem on their hands. They can't decide whether to let Mary Alma McConnell and Betty Shoaf in for half price or charge them the full amount. "The Garfield band sounds pretty smooth under the baton of lim Sellers. Look there! Rex Riggs is sitting over on the Wiley side, he always did go for the Wiley girls. lt's interesting to note that everyone is wearing corsages from Imogene Faris, the Fancy Florist. Do you know who raises the finest fruit in the country? Why, it's Ruth Ann Apple and Charlotte Coffenberry. Be sure to ask for Apple and Coffenberry fruit the next time you go shopping. I just spot- ted Warren Brewer. They tell me that he's the President of the Smoke Abate- ment Club. I guess he's been working for several years and so far hasn't accomplished much. Bob Hemeier and Stu Chestnut are here doing some scouting for the University of Southern California. Speaking of scouting - Winifred Myer, Director of Personnel for Douglas Aircraft, just flew in from Colorado to look over this year's graduating seniors to see if there is any material Douglas can use. There's Ruth Vanderbilt down at Bill Spence and Norman Wall's conces- sion stand. Ruth inherited the Vanderbilt millions and is busy spending them. Someone was just hurt on the field. I believe - why, yes, it's little Billy Gies- man. There goes his dad, Wayne, out on the field. Wayne is principal at Garfield now. Here comes the ambulance. You can't imagine who's driving - Charlie Reed. Sally Dill is the doctor and her nurse is Bill Smith. Marion Dunlap is holding back the crowds so the doctor will have space to work. Doris Stone just arrived: she's quite busy now since she took over the Quaker Maid plant. And there's joan Minger. I hear that she has only one more ninth period before she gets her diploma. No doubt she'll feel just like a bird out of a cage. Governor lack Gordon just flew in with his air hostess, Beverly Alexl ander. He's going to make an address during the intermission. There's the Garfield float, decorated by Marjorie High and Dorothy Riggs. Hmm - the queen looks familiar. Oh, I know! She's the daughter of Dick Nicoson and Barbara Abbott. Barbara Toth, Terre I-Iaute's leading photo- grapher, is now taking pictures of the queen and the float. Here comes the drum and bulge corps. They are doing nicely under the leadership of Mary Heyder, who has taken over Warren Henderson's job. "Ladies, do you find that you never have time to make doll dresses for your little girls? Then buy them from Valera Downing, who makes 'dresses for dolls for dollars.' The boys are going back on the field with last minute good wishes from Basketball Coach, Alex Balu. Wayne Thorlton and Theresa Greene flew in from the North Woods where they have been trapping. Bill Everson took time out from his ice fishing to come down here and see the game and sell fish sandwiches. Vanita Ramey and her husband, Maver Gibbs, just Walked in, and with them are Harriet CContinued on following Page? Page Fifty-Five The Class Prophecy fContinueclJ CContinued from preceding Pagel DeLisle and lack Pfrank. By the way Mrs. Pfrank is new single's tennis cham- pion. We might mention here that Charlotte Morgan and LaDonna Moore recently won the doubles Olympic tennis match. Two of our girls went into the business world. Betty Hills bought Hill's Snappy Service jthe only thing snappy about it is the comebackl. Helen Schultz is special hamburger trier. Iean McCrocklin is now manager of Root's third floor. lean Handley and Mary Rouse just flew in from New York, where they have a group of pictures on display at the Museum of Modern Art. Oh, there is Bill King, who just flew in from Brooklyn and is extremely happy about his purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge. He's talking to Gloria Bedino, who is running a kennel, raising chows. Terry Iohnson is also talking to Bill. Terry, you know, has revised Einstein's theory. CFormer teachers are amazed? Congratulations are in order to Rosemary Iones, who won the 500 mile race at Indianapolis. Also, to Anne Syester, who was recently voted the most popular blues singer. While we're passing orchids let's not forget the reporters who are covering the game. Bill Evans has come from New York: Pat Monroe, editor of the Post- script page ot the Saturday Evening Post, is helping out too: and Barbara Compton is pounding away on her typewriter right now. Leo Everett, district manager of the paper substation of the Terre Haute Tribune, is down in the press box. lane Wells and Betty Wonders are still swooning over the Bobby socks hit, not Sinatra, but Paul Thompson. Maxine Butts and Rosalie Perkins are home for a short vacation from their missionary work in japan. While there they ran into Warren Martin and Bill Hawkins, who are now majors in the army of occupation. We neglected to say at the beginning of the program that the stadium was designed by Allen Schmidt, architect of world renown, and also a member of the class of '45. j All during the game Helen Brown has been passing out oranges from her ranch in California and Laura Price has been passing out grapefruit from her ranch in Texas. "Do your curtains hang crooked. Then use Bevra Culver's Crinkley Curtains. They're guaranteed to hang straight." Anne Waggoner is modeling hats for Frances Detrick, who owns the "The New Exclusive." ln case you need a new secretary, just see Doris lean Skitt, who is pres- ident of Skitt's Secretarial School. l'm taking this opportunity to announce the new officers of the G. Men's Club. President, lim Pendergast: Vice-President, Bob Scott: their Secretary, Marjorie Woodward: Treasurer, Don Russell. The celebration of the election is to be held at Dorothy Hall's pop-corn stand, which now occupies one complete block in Twelve Points, and the members of the class of '45 are to be special guests of the G. Men's Club. This is lack Knox, your announcer, from WBOW signing off. Page Fifty-Six I Q r If . , -'gv '-1c,:Jw,1w . . ,3- . A "1 9. ' " . F 'pf' . ,y,g3w-n:..-,- , ,':' Q' W. 1 W , 1 ny an Q' Y, V I . if J, ELL , A ,U , ' , 5: "W- " .ief,:, Qfz-3 ' ' ' H ,lf 43 4 A - - J A X I Y xg . . " S 5,13 , , ,ag - if .A ' TDICTICS Fi' -.QQ in wg G ,V Q q V xv 4 A1 . it . 1 W 3 g Q HAWKINS GIBBONS THOMPSON I-IEMEIER HANSEL FRISZ CHESTNUT BREWER NICOSON VARDA MCGINN FOOTBALL 1944 Left to Right: Bow l: Kerry Neil, Willie Walton, Bill Bogerson, Larry Swaney, George Duckworth, Art Chestnut, Foe Fisk, Don Pendergast, Paul Haas, lim Nichols, Bill Weaks, Don Pearson, Iim McCann, Tom Keller, Bob Bisher, Don Fasig. Bow Z: George Martin, Bob Burnett, Byron Vtfheeler, Ronald Bland, Bay Swift, Bennie Kiburis, Art Crank, Clyde Lovellette, jerry Baker, lay Center, Martin Wallace, Art Sweeting, Bill Humphries, Don Owens, Don Ienkins. N Bow 3: Coach Donas Dischinger, Stephen Bedwell, lohn Critchiield, Bill Binker, Bill Smith, Paul fhornpson, Dick Nicoson, Bill Hawkins, Bob Hemeier, Stuart Chestnut, Pete Varda, Wayne Thorlton, Warren Brewer, Terry Johnson, Warren Martin, Charles Nickles, Matthew Burns, Jim Thompson, Gone Leliorge, Bob Binker, Raymond Cooke. Bow 4: Assistant Coach 'Willard Kehrt, Iohn McGee, Herman Badtke, Gene Richmond, Bob Gil:- E-ons, Gene Hansel, Bob McGinn, Gordon Neff, Julius lay, Bob Kantz, Clyde Iohnson, Don Sager, loo Frisz, Ronald Thorlton, Don Herman, Paul Meyers, Budolph Cseszko, De-Witt Owen, Earl Harris. 5 3 3 E E 3 E Q H 2 zz 5 5 5 Q Q 3 2 ? 5 5 sa 5 E E L E 3 a 5 5 2 Q i 2 2 E 2 Z is E 2 3 : L 5 Y E Q Q Q 2 5 2 3 3 E 2 F s 5 5 z 2 v 1 3 2 2 E 5 I . FOOTBALL SEASON'S RECORD Garfield-27 . .. ..... Linton- 0 Garfield- 7 .... Georgetown- Garfield-l3 . . . . . . Sullivan-19 Garfield- 0 .... ..... H obinson-2 Garfield- 6 ......... Brazil- 7 Garfield-38 ...... ..... O blong- Garfield- 0 ............ Clinton- 6 Garfield- 0 ...... ...,. T ech- Garfield-l3 ............ ' ........ W iley-13 SEASON'S SCORING P.A.'l'. T.D. 'l'.P. Brewer . . . . . . 5 30 Varda .... 5 30 Chestnut .... I 6 Iohnson . l 6 McGee .. 1 6 McGinn . . . 1 6 Nicoson . . . . . . . 1 6 Hansel .... . . 8 . . 8 Hawkins . . . . . l 6 G. H. S. vs. Linton With perfect weather, the Purple Eagles ishered in their season by Winning their first game 27-0. G. H. S. vs. Sullivan In a thrill-packed game Garfield met defeat at the hands of a pass-minded Sullivan ag- gregation. Q y G. H. S. vs. Brazil A crippled Garfield team was upset by the Brazil Red Devils at Brazil. Victory was With' in the grasp of Garfield when the Eagles completed a pass in the end zone to Stu Chestnut, but illegal use of hands was called by the umpire. G. H. S. vs. Clinton Clinton, making only 4 first downs and being across our 35-yard line only once, defeated us by a score of 6-0. The breaks of the game! Page Sixty-Two G. H. S. vs. Tech The Tech Black Cats gained revenge for last year's defeat by capitalizing on an inter- ference penalty and scoring the only touchdown of the game midway through the first quar- ter. Score 6-0. - G. H. S. vs. Georgetown Playing the first half with reserves, Garfield had a 6-0 deficiency at the half. The regu- lars by the end of the second half made the final score 7-6, breaking a four-game losing streak. G. H. S. vs. Robinson Playing on a field that more nearly resembled Lake Michigan than Memorial Stadium, the Wabash Valley champions from Robinson pasted Garfield 20-0. The most spectacular play was made by Steele of Robinson. Backed up 7 yards behind his goal line in punt forma- tion ready to kick, he fumbled the ball, picked it up, slid, splashed, and swam 107 yards for a touchdown. Needless to say the weather was rainy. G. H. S. vs. Oblong This game was a complete rout for the Purple Eagles. The first team played only 19 minutes of the 32, and in this time they scored 38 points. Final score 38-0. G. H. s. vs. wney In probably one of the best-played Garfield-Wiley football games in many a year, Wiley pulled a "Pearl Harbor" to tie Garfield 13-13. lust before the third period ended Gar- field lost possession of the ball on a fumble and a quick whistle by the official. Brewer's 70-yard touchdown dash and Hawkins' superb catch of a pass from Nicoson together with a place kick by Hansel accounted for Garfield's scoring .T.. o i At the close of the season, Pete Varda and Bob Hemeier were elected co-captains of the '45 squad. Varda, a power on offense and defense during the entire season, rated a berth on the Tribune-Star All-Valley eleven. Chestnut gathered a second team spot, and Hansel a third. Page Sixty-Tlu'ec' Ye1T Leaders ZELIA LENNE SHIRLEY REEDY LuDONNA MOORE TURKEY DAY 1944 . 7 3,5 YA .J-Q' E Float Designed and Made by W. A. FREAD PAT SMITH IUNE BOYLL IOY ABBOTT HARRIETT DeLISLE MARY IANE MCDANIEL Sophomore Iunior Queen Senior Freshmen 1 2 K. . Q . , aa I' . 'S 5 , ,Eff .V ' f i my G V ififgi? ' , :X Q. if ' ,Bk - ,- J, W x , . V .X ,ex 1 'Q ' ,- -J-. 1 , A ,V -:----, L Tv, QW 1 ,Q 3 11: E 'ia ... Q def L 1 ts: K. BL -. W2 wwf, A an H ymsqiig M, as Q M 1 Q, ' ' ' x v y' f, ,M,A 2' X' Q " ff -MQ, Zvzziv ' N ,, Q, Q' Q L 'Egan ,S JR .5 3 S 'I' 13' 6 if mg mg vggds iw? Q an Q E Y , M V I 9 new 'rf f Sin 9' Q ff fa- W :3?,'6,Y5g 3 5 my ?'r 'gig ' Q, R 5 X 5.5 M 'Q' Q 5, MER NEW BALU HMHFT f 1, W LAND J :,, fi f ' 'Q . Q wilif? was - Q eas ? , PERQE MARSHALL ELAKELY CENTER BASKETBALL SEASON'S RECORD Garfield-43 . . . Clinton-41 Garfield-36 .... . . . Linton- Garfield- .... Sullivan-26 Garfield-43 .... .. Spencer- Garfield-SO ......... Tech-32 Garfield-40 .... .... W iley- Garfield-43 . . . ........... Brazil-37 Garfield-38 .... Otter Creek Garfield-35 . . . . . . Crawfordsville-30 Garfield-38 ...... . . . Clinton- Garfield-41 . . . .......... Valley-33 Garfield-35 ...... .... S tate- Garfield-49 ................... Brazil-50 Valley Prelims Garfield- . . . ........ Fontanet-30 Garfield-38 ...... Concannon- Garfield-40 ................... Tech-37 Valley Finals Garfield .... Roachdale-28 Garfield-43 .... .. Sullivan Garfield- .... Covington-23 Garfield-40 .... Bridgeport Sectional Garfield . . . .......... Fontanet-35 Garfield-36 ...... .... S tate Garfield-54 ..................... Tech-55 Chestnut Bland . . Balu . . . Points Scored McGinn . . . Neff .... Nicoson Marshall Lovellette Blakely . Pease .. Center .. Radtke . Baker . The first Wabash Valley Basketball Championship in the history of Garfield -thats the claim to fame for the '45 Purple Eagles. Garfield fans will long remember this team, in top- notch physical and mental condition, well-balanced, well-coordinated, playing through seven games of stiff tournament play, winning practically every game by a comfortable margin tak- ing the victory like the true champions they were: We salute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Valley Champs. Individual high scoring honors for the season went to Stu Chestnut - Stu also picked up the high scoring title for the newly organized West Central Conference. To Chestnut, too, went the Zimmerman Award as most valuable player of the season. Co-captains Balu and Chestnut added to their laurels by rating berths on the Tribune-Star All-Valley team. Alex Balu had his name engraved on the G Men plaque for making the best percentage of free throws, 68.572, Page Sixty-Seven Q fivif, Varsity Basketball Left to Right: Row l: DeWitt Owen, Student Manager, Ierry Baker, Bob McGinn, Paul Marshall, Art Blakely, lay Center, Ray Swiit, Rudolph Cseszko, Student Manager. Row 2: Coach Willard Kehrt, Dick Nicoson, Alex Balu, Stuart Chestnut, Clyde Lovellette, Charles Pease, Gordon Neff, Ronald Bland, Bennie Kiluuris, Assistant Coach Donas Dischinqer. Reserve Basketball Left to Right: Row l: Rudy Cseszko, lohn Critchtielcl, Bob Skitt, Art Chestnut, Q'Art Blakely, lay Center, lim Nichols, DeWitt Owen. Row 2: Eugene Roman, Bill Hanktns, Leslie Snapp, Don Sullivan, Ray Swift. Baseball Left to Right: 11flW 1: 111111155 111y, C111111111 11111-11, M1111 1Y1111I12S, 111-'14 Qs'J1I1f7Ii 11111111 1111111k11, G1-1111 1111115111, 15111 1fv1111s, 11111111111 B1111111, Rudy Csfi- 521411, A11 C1111s111111, 1l'11Y 8111111 Left to Right: Huw V: W111111111 Y1111-Q, 11y11'111 VV1111111111, C,1y1111 1111111:s1111, C111o11.11'- 1V11lI11I1, 42111111111 N1111, C'T1y1'11- L11v1r1- 1 W 11-1111, 11111 Qi11"S1Il111, 111111 V111c111 11f'I1ll11' K111l111S, A11111lI Crunk 1311-1-1 N11-11s1111, C1111111 171:s1'111111'1r-11 Golf Left to Right: 11111 1111111, 11111111 Wl11141t4', 11111, 11111, C1111111-15 P1111s11, 14111115 LU1111, A11 11111114111y, B011 W11111, 1J,1I'IY i1w111111y. Track Left to Right: Huw 1: 11111lV111 UW- 11, 11,11 11514 114111 11111111111, 111-1111111 W1s1111111 111111 MA111111, 11111 K11111111, M-111 1111111:4, 1,01115 VV11111y, 1111111 IV1111 . ' 1 1 1 :,111111, 11111 W111111s, 1111-1-1 11111,11'111111, 11111y11-1k111,G1-11111111-11111. Left to Right: 111'1w 11: 1111111 111111111, C1111:s1--1 1111111111, 111111 f11111111, N1111111111 Vv'1111:s, 111111 CV11111111, 11111111111 . ,. -1 141111111, C1111111111 N1111,.1111L,1111s111111, 111111 V1111111, 1111Y Swift, 111y C1111 111, 111111 KVDVVIEII, 111111111-1 K1111111s, 111114 111-1115, 1'11111 11-1y11111115, C,'11111'11 1f1'11I1. Tennis Left to Right: 11l11111y N11'11111s,11111111111111111111 1,1111-y, 111.111 111-1111, V1l'1Y1I1' C111'1s11 1111111,1'111111111111S1'11l. SPRING SPORTS 1,0 E' ' vw- Af POETRY hese poems submitted by Mrs. Mary Hill Sankey, Head of the English Department, to the National High School Poetry Association, were chosen to be printed in the Anthology ot High School Poetry for the school year '44-'45. DEMOCRACY Have you ever stopped to think what Democracy means? Well, I have! Democracy is boys playing in cool, clear streams: It's lovers with the wonder of new-old dreamsp 1t's planes climbing a path, strange and high: It's our flag against a space in the sky It's people going to church - the one of their choiceg It's the high and the low speaking together in a fearless voice, It's a free press. lt's a city skylineg and it's country scenes. Have you ever thought what Democracy means? Well, I have. -Written by IACK KNOX. fO RIVER WILLOW The willow hows in the morning sun, Shaking away the glistening dew drops. She nods to the river as the dew drops form Interlocking rings of ripples. Stretching her roots, Wiggling her toes in the mud, Drinking her fill, She washes her long hair in the river and Dries it in the sun ana' bzreeze: Then sings and dabbles her fingers In the current While she listens and watches The water flow. -Written by VIRGINIA THOMAS. Page Seventy THEY'RE ALWAYS WELCOME ! Gariields iiqlitinq men seem always to "hit" the Garfield Campus when they're in town .... a fact which makes us all happy and proud. The sea-going Bickels, Lester and Earl, drop in for a chat .... Paul Kohl, a roqular "salt" . . . . Harold Reynolds, fresh irom boot Camp .... lasper Kelly squires the loot' hall Queen .... ls it that bad, Gordon Sweeney .... How'd those Civilians aol there? .... Ed Evinaers girl in this port is B. I ..... Paul Thompson, "the Admiral", Comes home .... Walter Newton looks O. K ..... Harry Roush, that handsome Marine, is the cause for the smile on Virqinias lace .... Don't Bill Robson and Mary Kay look happy about tho whole thing? . . . TTIHIAINIKSS THE byfafjzae IQ45 Benea'z'efas wisaes fo express ifs grazz'faa'e fo ffze patrons fwfzose ariuerdsemenfsfoana' in Mefolfofwing pages fze4pea' fo male Mis afzmealpossiole. live hope ffzaf zfze reaa'ers support zaese Zoyaf Garjqela' A ooosfers. e OUR IAN1TORS S Mrs. Meissel Mr. Rhodenbaugh Mr. Hicks Mr. E11 Page Seventy-T1 1- : E 2 :: ll' 3 : :su PFI 1 I'!'I :- -I ll' 3 I'1"l 1 1 1 l'f'l it I1 PFI 3 Z I1 Z I'l1 Z 1 I Ji W 'Id l NO S wo Page Scuczzty-Three Compliments of Eaflfinge 924 Lafayette Avenue Terre Haute, Ind. C-7094 - C-7095 N ORMAN 'S CONFECTIQNERIES ow Clinton Terre Haute Wabash Theatre Building Garfield Theatre Building since 1926 since 1937 135 tyli HERFF-J ON ES COMPANY INDIANA ' 'lr Designers and Manufacturers I SCHOOL AND COLLEGE IEWELRY 0 GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS O MEDALS 0 CUPS AND TROPHIES IEWELERS TO GJRFIELD HIGH SCHOOL MRS. IOHN MARSHALL, REPRESENTATIVE SMART DRESSERS ?,?JZe.., JOSEPH 'S 644 Wabash Avenue FOR THEIR CLOTHES Go to Mace - That's the place ihczi SERVICE BUILT SALES AND SERVICE FOR MOBILGAS - MoB11.on. - PENZOIL - MACE o1Ls LUCAS PAINTS - ACME EVANS FEEDS IOHN DEERE PRODUCTS AND WILLAED BATTERIES MACE SERVICE, INC. Page Seventy-Five COMPLIMENTS - QF - W. E. Meyers 1259 LAFAYETTE AVENUE FERGUSON DRAPERY AND FLOOR COVERING SHOP 26 Noun-I 6TH STREET CRAWFORD 3710 HELEN GALL GROCERIES AND MEATS 2141 MAPLE AVENUE PHONE C-5787 COMPLIMENTS - QF - AMES SHOP 529 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute. ndiana RIVER VIEW MILL 1000 Souih First Street CRAWFORD 2516 SALLY AN N BEAUTY SI-IOPPE I 1 1242 Maple C-1789 KENNETH GILLIS Page Seventy Six GARFIELD HEADQUARTERS FOR DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY - CHINA GLASS - GIFTS - SILVERWARE 9 I 'inns uAu1c's Most IIITEIISTIIYE IIUIL 612 WABASH AVI. Buy nationally known watches including Bulova. Gruen. Hamilton. Elgin, and Welsbro on Hil1man's Budget Pay Plan. CE'u111plimc11ts - of - S W A N THEATRE Twelve Points HICE'S DRUG STORE KFRANK D. REINOEHL, R. PI-1.7 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 13th and Maple Ave. Terre Haute. Ind Phone C-3151 AUTOMATIC GARFIELD D'jgQ1ggg3'G MUSIC FCKYHQ MORALE 1222-24 LATJAQYETTE AVE. Crawford 6840 Page Seventy-Seven College Avenue Compliments ol Greenhouse GARFIELD i Flowers i For All GCCHSIOHS 3101 College Ave. C-2523 me MAPLE 'WE' Pete lV1cGinn Sign Company NEON SIGNS AND SERVICE Truck, Wall and Window Lettering 1620 Blaine Ave. H. 6612 Our Service Merit: Your Patronage Baur,s Pharmacy BAUR'S OLD RELIABLE DRUG STORE BENJ. W. MUNCIE - C. G. DOUHERTY SUCCESSORS 661 Wabash Phone C-3075 EXCLUSIVE BUT NoT W1ANDT'S EXPENSIVE - FOR - o IEWELRY JAMEAXIQLF o DIAMONDS CQMPANY . CUSTOM nawfznw CRAWFORD 2537 622 Wabash . . . HOME COOKED MEALS . . . IRONS COFFEE SHOP 505 Ohio Street - Compliments of - Paitson Bros. "The Complete Food Store" C 1386 1474 Locust St. Page Sevefzty-Eight f. Q. gdfwe T!! CLASS IEWELRY .... GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CALLING CARDS .... HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS fc! JESSE E. GREENE. STATE MANAGER 'f Daleville, Indiana B R E W E R MUSIC CO. Slzcct M mic' -:- M z4s1'c'a! Supplies Pianox 505 WABASH AVE. TERRE HAUTE. IND. Witlx Our Compliments .... The LaSalle Shop 28 North Sixth Street "CORRECT DRESS FOR WOMEN AND IVIISSESU na Dolph Cross Funeral Home 2005 North 13th Street C-5973 Meet Your Friends at The Newly Remodeled OLYMPIAN Nliflq Shlflkff and St1l7dlUI.l'hL'.f Um' S pcdzzlty 425 Wabash Ave. B-2281 Page Sc'L'clzty-Nillc O LM S HQFH TWO LEGS PANT SHOP Pants - Sweaters - Jackets " S WITH THE S 618 Wabash Ave. M L I E S -Op- D. 86 I-I. LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY l'I' PAY 'l'0 PL Y I-IERB LEACH QUALITY SHOP THINGS TO WEAR FOR MEN WHO CARE 523 Wabash Ave. C-6205 l X 91 1 fx, 5ffm,J North Side Bakery PASTHY AND ITALIAN BREAD 1245 Lalayel A T I h C4916 Page Eighty-One McERlJCKLIN BROTHERS TRANSFER Loc 1 nd Long Dis! nc Movin 208 S T S T 1 ph c 6576 ART CUMPTUN GSE? CLEANER AND TAILOR CSE Phone C-3060 1214 L f y tte Ave. ---- Terre H t I d 623 H-JY:11fn'!1 pfmzr .ffQjjjvm11'c111c'c C7 rymzu Cgfse gicvcsll C-S53 'TU Good Luck to I3 bcgfyl - Compliments of - Sleek ln gfzake COMPLIMENTS OF The Beauty Nook RUTH TAYLOR, Proprietor Phone C-4225 2004 North 12th Street Oitice Phone: C-6654 Rex. Phono: C-B762 Dr. S. L. Sinclair Office - Room 8 Twelve Points State Bank Building Residence - 713 Maple Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF Paitson Brothers HARDWARE 12th and Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, Ind. 240 National Avenue Brazil, nd. COMPLIMENTS - of .- Varclais Grocery 1500 GRAND AVENUE CRAWFORD 4745 TO BUY AND TO SELL YOUR REAL ESTATE See B A R T L E Y REAL ESTATE CRAWFORD 3245 F 0 S T E R ' S D-X SIiRX'lCli STATION 1205 LAFAYETTE AVENUE Firzzctom' 'l'irv.c, Iz'attc'r1'c.: and ,f1z4t0 .-Ifcf'5.f0rir'5 Page Eighty-Three WE ARE PROUD AND HAPPY TO HAVE HAD A PART IN MAKING THE 1945 Benecficlfwi A FINE BQOK FOR A FINE SCHOOL. MARTIN'S PI-ICTO SI-IOP With Best Wishes for Success TO ALL GARFIELD GRADUATES BIGWOCD'S COMPLIMENTS OF THE S. Hs, PAWLEY LUIVIBER CGIVIPANY COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS 1101 Lafayette Avenue 800 So th N th Street P5 L:ggftyF We Congratutate .... THE GARFIELD STAFF on this .fine portrayal of life at Garneld. Making the Engravings even under war time inconvenience has been a real pleasure. 'mann HHUTE Page Eighty-Five M7 lgzfinting is an mftg Let a Qzfaftsmcm do it 'k 'lr 'k 'lr SC!-JCCI. ANNUALS DANCE PPOGPAMS PEPSGNAL STATIONEPY LOQSE-LEAP SUPPLIES Our Reputation has been built upon Q U A L I T Y an d CONSIDERA TION rendered to all who have engaged our services ..... ENG-PAVINQ . . PPT WOPK . . 'k 'k 'lr 'k . . T lla VOOOCIZJALIJWI lgrinting Go. 75 South Sixth Streak 44 44 vw vw Terre l-lauie, lnoli Page Eighty-Six '1'lLMUUNYAINSb1H,MEx' V' maruskrfk WALL HAPER A CLEANER CLEANER A Wmmaaiexai A XS-...4..-a-if" Y-...-.....-f sw5sWT+fff LRESCCNL LRESALNL W'F35?WH Every Spring Use CRESCENT WALL PAPER CLEANER To Brighten Up The Home O MADE' IN TERRE HA UTE ON THE BANKS OF THE WABASH With Best Wishes for SUCCESS! TO ALL GARFIELD GRADUATES From the Personnel of CARL WDLP, INC. 631 Wabash Avenue "YOU WON'T FEEL SHEEPISH IN WOLF'S CLOTHING" The Blossom Shop STEIGER'S FUR SHOP ,kg - QUALITY FURS GLADYS COWAN POUND 22 NORTH SIXTH STREET CHARLES DAVID POUND Terre Haute, Indiana fue 113 North sevemh sa. Crawford aazs TELEPHONE 03221 Page High ty-Sczfclz . I a u i I r . J I - i 5 I r

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