Garfield High School - Benedictus Yearbook (Terre Haute, IN)

 - Class of 1932

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Garfield High School - Benedictus Yearbook (Terre Haute, IN) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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:wg-f .., A f -ai al 1 5 ull? I ' I3 I lg 3 ' 8719 C220 LLS "A Lot of Applesauce' from the play "lust Country Folks" A farce comedy in three acts. lPresented by the Garfield Facultyl CHARACTERS rle:ellal1 l-luclung .,,, ............. l-larry Burgess ..... Mary Young ...... Slrnon Tulblll ..... Abner Wall uns ..., Clwarlez Porter ..... lNllV3I'lClr3 Dodge .... Elertlla Harnnwond--- Serb l'lQI'lllllgVV8y ..., .... .,,,, SYNOPS l S ---Jarnes Conover --------,Earl Prke ------Tlnr:a Parker Eduard Hylton -Or-vrlle jones ulrvrng Hearn --Helen Lelsey --FIl:rrence Ellls -Horner Powell The faculty lndulged rn "fl Lot ol Apple-sauce" rrluclw to the clelrglu ml all x-.nb saw Inns berlorman Vie slwall remember the young lawyers lPrlel cournng of llwe level, Plan, l'Sl1E'rlOCl'5 'lXlr l-ly tryrng to but one over on easy going Selly Hezerlxlaa and Img, Mrrandy, a'5o llle sllcle Charles Porter r lus accompllce The play, Set IIT The small town ol Elmwood about a lwundrecl mules lrnrn Euston, uae a lrnanclal sua SS C9 fx '-513 ' M, E 1 9 3 2 5, 'TNT if'-. xx x g v. . X4 -,p Q, : .lznety-xxx et t' 'YI mff l :Tlx of f 2 , rf I3 LZ f rt 6 Q 9719 Z0 US HOMECOMING AFll:lELD'S Nlnth Annual l"lOlTTGCDlTTllflg was held on Frlday GVEITl!'lg, November l3, an the audntorlurn The ttrst part of the evenlng was a soclal get together, belng spent rn renewlng old trlendshlps, drrnlzlng punch, and peel .ng tnto the nursery The torrnal vlelcc rr': we was glven by lxflr Ztrnnwernwan Eob Wheeler '32 and Iarnes Rlchardson '19 led yells The presentatlon ot a bronze tablet rn honor of lvlr T W Records oruncrpal of Carflelcl from l9l3 to l92l, was made by Dr Glen Irwin 'l6, atter vvhlch Mr T W Records, hrrnselt, soolce lvluss l-lelen Lelsey's C A A gurls entertalned vvlth a football dance, and the boys trro under the dtrectuon ol lvhss Florence Ellls sang several selectlons lvlr larnes Conover 'l6 rntroducecl Mr, lohn Wnlson 'l7 who presented has picture of the 'Soirtt ot 7-G", to the school l-le gave a most lnterestlng talla about the Spirit, The offlcers tor the cornlng gear President ...,. ---Hulbert lvlevvhunney '23 Vlce-Presldent .... ...... Nl ary Freed '23 Secretary-Treasurer -- .... Lyle Penne '24 s is f 2 ' ' -"?5 r 'N E '.f Eh! , 23 . ,ii ,'!F5l'7 1 9 3 2 rf ' ,R iff ZVi1zefy-scvcfz ?s,, Ggi::q Lie- f'5,1,c- W ence ciieius - x ff! A1- ..L'- f W' I ' in r Neff, ? I . Z. . V- I 1 Y MUSIC DEPARTMENT l-lE Crrls' Clee Club has an unusually large membershrp of srxty-hve Thelr performances rn as- semblues, concerts, and over the radro show their organrzatlon to be worthy of recognitron, The Boys' Clee Club held a pep broadcast prior to the Thanksguvrng game. The Crarfreld Orchestra has entertarned the Crarfleld student bodv and boosters many tlmes through- out the year, Thetr performances rnclude concerts at Maple Avenue Church, Fourth Avenue Church, and a sprung concert, curtaln ralser entertarnment at the sensor play. Dramatrc Club play, and commencea ment An ensemble selected from the orchestra has appeared several tlmes IH broadcast over WBOW. The cooperatron of all three organrzatrons was shown ln the Musuc Department operetta 1 9 3 2 ff m . 5 ,es L "Q-.,4Q'1-11 237. 5 Ninety-eiglzt :V ,.. , 1 'E I effenecizcfus , -.J fi m iif gsigf ' - ,- f- 1-11 few U 'gat' Z :QSM '35 932 kmqff ' nj: l 'I fi Nizzffy-zzinc if-5 M X aqlz i b rs.- Li: . ,Q 1 :Fr B f Zz 3 5, ' em? L22 0 as ONC-E IN A BLUE MGDN -'Q , E Q .4' ,q:, rpg- 3 GeorgeTaylor- e L Kenneth Payne Babbii' Mortqn- -' John Wulson -Berniece Eder' e.. Betty MOP'l'Oh -- , , Graee Wenneke i3 f LQGTPICC' ' x A ' ' 'l ' :B Sylvia- e- Ru-H1 Rgweuii ",'1s HX X kg: 'M-X, ,, , N 1. N -TV- S , xx e -S-:-we XX Na -M J ,ix - ' x e f we Q ff 535356 Rx X9 Y KX Q we 5 Y erm XXX X Q X v X X X X 3 mmm N X N Y X V N A Q4' sw X iw X X X X N 'SQA Q 'Egg IN! .ff f, ,, 1 9 3 2 R , Nia- Ol1CI1Il1IU'l'L'd ,I v if f ' - ' es? X-I ir . 'X "fl, 'H uf :rr xr . ,M 5Xm":',.- "' 'li ni , X Q X, . 'fixxf -- ' ' , , , ,, Ak E .. qutbi ., MOODCV' 0 e P0l'C9m0l1gf ,l. -.-.1 '2-A ' ii.,- -E ,f ' f3enecZz'0fuS UTOGRAPHS f is 1 9 3 2 - 1. O f-, 1- " 3 P f ' f tfU"W'Q x 1 ,., . ' One H umzdred One f- , 11i T2fXi,,.-3 'I -A W g 0? ,.....i.. lff A, f fi. I- : ' ,x ' ' X X sub, I 'Rx K '91 x Nil If J ig E lc!! if f 'Wi' 'L F . l 1. X' 'f JHLIH H. X 4 f' "2 - ff - ,' 7S.' 5.1 14 . i. '. ,. Fl. Alf. 5- v , 'B 14' 'Z 'N-xv' f I3 9719 cficfus UTOGRAPHS , MM 1 9 3 2 5 N mf I '5 One Hundred Two i..,. 1-if ,vt- env- ' ' -0- wg! -T ' - f ug W f Y -41: 1 +.. -11 ., 1- '41 Y Y Al 5 I Y - .5545 J-XX ii.. aff' -1-H A v - 4 A ,G X X Y Q..--5-,S 2 l Q- 1 ,, I . f - fig .1 j N L , N -'J f.,, K -X!-vi-:I d 1 5 N 'l ' I! 1' I ' - x f ' ' '7- lilk X .. 1 42. -lv ' 'E' 22" ., .- Jig 'I' 1' " F ,f ' 1 5.5 X X X H I h IQ r 'N QQ 5' 4 fj ' A A s- - , 2-.. I '-.. I .-:rl 'Er " 3 'ilu r., P "1 N avg r, I F-JL., i-EE 4 I , HI: ' - , - Y :Wifi N 11. A , V -ff SI! 'Q L ,A - sp" 5 3 Q B5 Ki ' ,gg ffl d' "' -3? W ln' ,3-Y K "- '-Z .g 1' ' - - Z If '- Q I 75: 52? " ,,., ' ""'- Z ' - ll: ?:: . -, ',f e " V - 7 'f: ' ' li-1, 'I W , Y ,fl I if' f .714 . Q. ' ' - ,. rr ' if 'JN -If -' Xl! 'Au ' X JM' Q' 3-Q., 'fd:? ry - N ps.-3. A ,L ,gf-' 5 A Qzff W . W :Zi -nz ff , f f f :X n K J X A ly Q ,J , , A' vs 11, - . , if ' , , ' '-' 'ga-,, f -f i ,41'4zis:fS1ff3 '1 f f Q- gk .. ,-5406, M " ' '1"4?f::4f--g- 12,7-E93s.r6.1' X ' .- Q 'Q ' 'f"'4v7"Q 4' .i'g - Y K 1-, gh In i h ,v V J A. ,sw 'ey -W -E 'J'--3 '- X Q N ' v - - ' - if -5 - ' :Q fjigggib- ,lc X - f Ai ,-'sfzsv-gg, - , Il r- Q fr .0 -0 I , ' X 'gi' x,lf'2o2f'1i'?9 M fx' ' ' 293553. ' ' . ' F F S ' IW f Af , ,- 7? 1, q ..,- x X5 1 v " 7,-LT ' x I 7-Pffbripy fr X 'mf ,Y T' I ly V ' i X I If ff ' M W '- N ' 17 if 21 Q ,Q I I x wg I , V ,V -. ' u , r o ' ' -e " L v , , - ' I . v K V4 ,th -Mau , wsu , . -. .Vx , g , n ,,f -Q-7-W... I .. 7 x 1-4 .Li la I six, 'H' . " 'W xv V. s oJ1,QtZz'ofus E the Benedictus Staff of nineteen hundred thirtytwo, wish to thank our Advertisers who have so loyally cooperated with us to make possible the commemoration of the pleasant days just passed at Gaifheld High School. 'Q YNTF Q! .' .'-5' 1 9 3 2 5 5 PQXEX xxl 7 One Hundred Five 2- i ii?-If Q15 , i 1 fienecizofus .sf I f ue' ig' " I W- , V i X 512- N f 'iw -'Ol i i R i nf Y. -. xf x DEDICATION N APPRECIATION ot his tireless interest in turthering physical education and ot his per- sistent ettorts in fostering good sportrnan- ship, we dedicate this Benedictus of l932 to Earl Pike, gi 2 l 'ffiim f S e wen i' i 73'EX -51 KEEP the memories of Graduaiion forever fresh wiiiz Phoiographs! OUR Special offers to Graduates make if possible for you to buy good photographs, martin 'Cru - Tone Piroiograpizs at no more lfzan lhe usual price of the ordinary kind MA R TIN'S PHOTO SHOP 6812 WABASH A VE. M J QQHQUQQQQQQQ One Hundred Six xxxxxxxxx tiLunxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxsxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxtixtxlittsxsxxssxxss 1sixtytxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments of First McKeen National Bank and Trust Company Boy' Would you like to go to the Prom? Cnrli Oh, l'd be delighted Boy. Then, buy your ticket from me -BUY- GLENDORA "Templeton's" WONDER COAL 2596 More Heat-5096 Less Ash "Quality Has No Substitute" AJAX COAL YARD 930 ohio sr. Tel. C.-8626 sxxxxsxxxxxs5111111xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxg Teacher Now, is there any question anyone cares to ask? Student ls this hour nearly over? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsnxxg .xxxxxxxxxxxxnxxsxxsxxnx f f Compliments of E E F. A. LEITH I I Groceries and Meats f Stark School For E 5 guy Motto Dancing E E "Quality, Price, Service I I 700 LAFAYETTE AVE. 717 M Wabash Ave. I I Phones c-2388-2389 I I I l One Hundred Seven xxxxsxxxxxnxxxx11nxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxusxx gsxxxxsxxuxxxxxxsxxxnxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BROWN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 116 South Sixth Street It will pay you throughout your life to attend a college whose reputation is nation-wide, and that is why BROWN'S alone can satisfy you. "Before choosing a Commercial School, Ask 'Is it accredited by the N. A. A. C. S'." WRITE FOR CATALOG 116 South Sixth Street. Terre Haute, Ind. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Patron' l thought you sand there was garlic In this salad? Walter Yes, slr, but you see slr, lt was soaked ln Llsternne, xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx x xxxx WESTS DRUG STORE GRN THE NORTH SIDE PRESCRIPTION STORE QT ON THE CORNER SINCE 1901 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx Polly: My photographs never do me justice Molly: lt's mercy you need, my dear, not justice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx QUALITY ABOVE ALL HERFF JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of CLASS RINGS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AND CLUB PINS INDIANAPOLIS Official Jewelers to The Class of 1933 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx One Hundred Eight F1 I3 .xf ff ,lil-.5 1 f : , - ' mfacizcf S ffv af' ,- 9 U Z -xx'.'P - -- ANT, 4 911 4 ,XA 1 9 3 2 W XW XQ 'LA A f - , N -. :E 4 1 if 5' 1 Q F A-f rvlrggl ll 8 J' Ki U W 2 03.5, . , Hx fd One Hundred A me fy., 1,35 .f-L 9, 5 , 1 xxxxxxxxmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxunxxuxxuxxxxxxxuxxxxxxxx Compliments of SWAN Terre Haute's Family Theatre Where Talking Pictures Sound the Best. The Pick O' the Best. 11xxxx!xx11xxxnxxx1x1xxx11xxxxxxxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The world is so fast that they out out the Saturday Evening Post on Thursday 1HHQQQQQQQQHQQQQQQHQHHHHQQ 4 E E Compliments of Compliments E E Harry Julius Halberstadt 4 4 of : : Junior Member of 4 4 MEIS9 E E Halberstadt Printing and : : Supply Co., Inc. 4 4 4 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn 111111111xxxxxxsuxxxxsxxxx Some people wash their faces Each morning in the sink, I use a drinking fountain And do it while I drink. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxuxxxxxxxn' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxuuxx . . 2 , Phone C'aWfOivF82 E E Twelve Points Bake VICKROY'S 4 4 Sho e GIFT sHoPPE g 5 pp New Location-112 N. Sixth St. : : """q 4 Pictures, Frames, Greeting : E Home of Better Baked Goods Cards, Gift Novelties. : : H,-Q If It's worgiriiiirggg, It's Worth E 5 1283 Lafayette nxxxxxxxxxxxxnxxxxmxxxxxxs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Principali So you imagine you know as much as the teacher, do you? How's that? Student: Well, he told me it was impossible to teach me anything xxnxxuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmxxxxmxxxxlxxl115111 WABASH COMMERCIAL SCHOOL THE LEADING BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL OF INDIANA. M M CITourI'rie1ids IIave Trained IIere.WIJome in and I- Talk With Us. Accredited by the American Association of Commercial Colleges SEVENTH AND OHIO STS. PHONE C-5554. sxxxxsxxsxxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxxuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs One Hundred Ten 1 ,txxx5xx1xxsxxuxxxsxxxnuxxxxxxxxxxuxxxxxxxxxxxxxsuxxxxxxxxxxs E MR. AND MRS. C. R. THOMAS E Funeral Home 2200 North Thirteenth Street I I I I I I 5 Transferring Phone C.-3805 I I 1Qxxxxnxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxunuxsxxssxxxnxxxxxxxx It ns easy to tell who owns the car The owner is the one who after you pull the door shut, alway opens rt again and slams It harder 1xxx111.1111111111111xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxixxxixsxui I 5 COMMERCIAL BANKING 5 SAVINGS 5 TRUSTS 5 SCHOOL SAVINGS 5 SAFETY BOXES : INSURANCE I I 5 een ' THE TERRE HAUTE TRUST COMPANY I I I I Wabash Avenue at Seventh Street 2 :Sz-5 E Twelve Points Branch E Maple Ave. and Lafayette Ave. I L----------.--------------------------.--------.--.-.--.---- Teacher What I5 a circle? Student' A cnrcle is a hne without begunnung or end and'-has two sides Teacher: What? Two sides? Student' Yes, outside and Inside ,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1xx1xxxxxxxuxxxxxxxxxsxxssxsxnlsxisxssixxxxx I I ' S T E W A R T ' S Collett Park Confectionery I I I I I I I 5 8th Sr. at Maple Ave. C.-4801 I I One Hundred Ele Ten I I I uxxxxxxuxxxnnxsxx1snxxxxxsxxxxxxxnxlsxxxxxxxxxuxxxxxxxxxxxxx The LA SALLE SHOP 5 I I Correct Dress for Women : Misses and Juniors 1 1 4 28 North Sixth Street : Edna Henry Chas. Van Houtin E I xxxxxxxnxxxxuxxssxxxxxxxxx xxxxuxxxxxxnxuxxxxxxxxxsxx I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I J. M. BIGWOOD 8a SONS CO. Jewelers, Opticians 20 N. Nth St. Established 1877 nsxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxxxxnxxx He: l understand this town is all for the K. K, K She' Nothing else Why even the rain comes down IVI sheets xnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx111.11xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliments Of THE ROOT STORE 615-621 Wabash Avenue fig! "The Best Place to Shop After All" xxxxx5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxuxxxxxxxxxx Lesson Ill Physlolog, -A sltelron as a man wa xxxxxxxnxxxxxxxsxsxxxxxxxx' C l ' Citizens Market 5 1244 Lafayette Ave. : 4 Groceries and Meats, Fruits and : Vegetables , 4 Service and Lots of It. E v We Deliver Phone C-1475 : 1xxxxxxxxxxnxxnxxxxxxxxxxf xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ili has insides out and his outsudes off xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnsx I I I I I I I I I I I ,KQQHHQHH Any Time and Any Place Call Mace Tire and Battery Service Sales and Service for Goodyear Tires, Delco Batteries, Tydol Gaso- line, and Veedol Motor Oils. 412-414-416 OHIO ST. Herbert N. Mace, Owner xxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx One H1l7ldft'4f Twelve' xxnxuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxnxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxs' W. H. 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Sgggte, lOV61gl3HdlAH3Ul1Hg C-3351-C-3352 Teue Haute, Ind xxxnssnxxxxxxxsxsxxxxx xx xxxnxxxxxunu 1 1 1 xxxxxxmsxxmxxxxnxxxxnsxxsxxxxxuxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx S COMMERCIAL ART Now Helen was an arttst true Wlltn otls she ltled to plag Della was a patnter of the taCe l-ler tools--pi X.-, dere, rfjmge, and clay Helen went tn tor the lwtglwer arts, An tnnented fortune spent And when elwe died the landlord xx ent 'Htgn art" wouldnt brrng past due But Dellai art-tjonttned to the lace Captured the banlefs heart Presentlg she rnatrled lwn She Conwrneroaltzed ner art LOYE Love and porous plaster, son Are xer, much alllte lt's alrnple g6ftlnq llllfl une, But getttng olf- Coudrntqnt' Hur Ilzntdrftl 1'1UIll'ft"FlI lEfl'l :JJ Ll HE Envieble Peputatnon of the X TERRE HAUTE ENGRAVINCJ CQ X X has been built upon tlne Quality X X X and Consideratuon rendered to all X XX X who have engaged our Servnces. XX X K ' l x Kruk I1 E H 6 I. fy fl 1 X! ff lf X f xx, -l N X '- I I f f X 'yN 1 j X X X XXX X X X X X M fQff X Xf X rk' ' 'Q' . In . .1 fl-If 4 . 4 x . ' -5.51: 52: ,. .X 4. 4' , W. .- ,.-. ' .s ' ..v v ., . u . l F I . . , n 4 n .:3 . J' P - ',"r4. . 'I i ,-' '. -' "- 'ffm up .3 , . ':, ,-x. ' , "','. , -1' JJ. . .Q . I". I, , 1 . ' ' - ,'.-' I ' r Q. , ,.. . ni' ,Qff-1: , 2136 ' t-'KN .fa -. if 111111 111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Ifyou wan! a thing well donePask a busy man to do ll' BLANKBOUKS PRINTING WW X, Xt niinnn n ,w w -.ze-.::.:. N M, 5sg:r:E'f'- 5:1539 5 ' is We Solicit Your Patronage of Engraving Ruled Forms , X,.5, . Blank Books -'-: Dance Programs . X e X x ss Q ,2 XQ 42 , Q s 'Ga X 5 . Q fk 'if 3 5 A z l 'H so Nz' , W . W ,. Personal Stationery Loose Leaf Supplies Phone Craugford 2952 T. R. Woodburn Printing Co - P r i n t e r s - Terre Haute, Indiana 1111111111111111111111111 11111111 0110 Ilundrcd Sixtecrz -! , F I 'iL- ti 1. .4141 1 I . : F V' 'L 1 .,. NL, 1:1':'. r 'J l,,. f afglvil I A I" I' . 1' . " 4 1 Y I 'J' v I vi .-, FJ. g 4 ll 1-T 5 JI . q -.- Qv -+'a gy, Q'-L f . 3 Av H . 4 ,sw 1 ' r O r I F4 'c '- 11' if - ' ... 1 , Y H-'. K uf, ,, W. V, . ., 1 g,.,. , . I z . .. 1" 1 , A -' ,I ,,- gal. .. ,, ,, I . . " ' 1 1" ' 1 1" fl' ,,'- ,: " 1 , ,.1- , V - 1 . I - 1 l ffl g , KI. ' ' " IV. F , V . 1 1 1 r ' ' I 1 , , 1 i- -' , ' - I ' . , . 1 ,f A . X, 'f 2. r' 1. A 11 - -2 V 1 1,1 , .5 ,, I, , ,V I- , , :,3. 4 , -1-- L, :r,.H. ,Pu ' 1 . Q. . ' .1 . ,. , ., . , W A 1. X 4 ,IQ . ,. I , A 1' 1 -1 V., 1:11 ' 4 . Ll -. . I 1 .- . Y, I, . .- ., , A xl. I .w 11. A , 5. ,.1 rx- V ,f I, WH, . , 51-'N - ,. 1 1 M V: 'Z f ' ,M ' ' ,. .1- , ' ...V .w . . 4 '1 . "'v. , 1 x , . 1 -1. ' :is . - 1 -s .ji . ' . ', -' ' '1. 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" r W ffqff' ' X 1 ' 2 V V ,' Rf - ' -.., . f ,fs .giifyfxi ' X N4 Y fm f V nur - X ' L I ly 5-.17 x x X - ,, 4 ' 'X Q J K f' A555 X XXX A ,XIX X ff x, ,Ang ,X X JI, QV vQ F. W X? . 1 'X " ' Y,XvN 1 'W 17 -Lf U' X WX' - 1, ' 2 f Q A Mi' , Q x X ff' f A N V mg' R XXQX X W1 ff f .mia W' - H 1' M xxx R A K X .A tvssr x , x . sx I M ! -a'ea?g- :J-X4 . , Y r -1 ,I , . . X XS.:-gx 'N' X I, ff i XXX. ,I Q 'QWEEMB ' + 'N gx H V . .4 1. ." ' , X wwf A - -4 .1 -I -, 'r x, , , ,.ai,Z4g! 'iBx X X-, iN .. fm .xl. Y 'f5Y!eA-'N . .W w.':a'ar-E.. ' Q?45,LYm X F .'- I I , My-gg,g,,X..x , Q I V X Nw V 'g f 'f N l!i x - I 1 YAP" ' 7 'X "' f "' -161 JA KE. X h' g f . , 2'5" A - ' ' - 3- 9.-- , A922251 A Ei ' ,F - l 1 :1 -- 529' 9 U ' 'f:' ? "? Lf fav 1'iaQ:e,. , X '11 51271 .4..,f - X Y 1,451 'S ,- , ' WH.. inlif ' 92:12 'la ll , ', , iff! 4, X fx X wi 11 k . 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J Q 8719 Z0 US - '1 ' A ' 5, 9 ,... ,, , I at aa:-1+--H CHARLES ZIMMEPMAN lt Prmtftpat 'W MARY DEAN Commerce jf-mes EWERS E Head of Sctemce Department MARY H. SANKEY Head of Erwgltsh Department HELEN REITZEL Mathematics A 1 9 3 Tlzirteezz IDA J DOTY Flfegtstrar MEPRY FACC Eiegtstrar LEVJNS if PHILLIPS Etelugy ALICE MOUDY Att EDWARD E HYLTON Head of Mathema- tics Department Dean ot Boye .Y 5' -L E St ix 1- T: ,-5l7'fffQ"Q 'f ff f Xa f xi - ttf,- im Q yi'-v Q ene die as F 1 "TN-1 1 .15 ERIVIA R MEVVI-I I NNEY Commerce IEWEL FERGUSON EFISIISIW IENIXIIE SMALL EngIx5I1 M I NN I E B LAIVIMERS Comma: .ie MERRILL ELLIOTT Chermst ry - 3" 6 fl! X A IQ' 1 40 I f. ' -"-, 'nn . ,, . N ,SWK Z . . , -- . x 552 25:-f 1 fi- . -lf ., ,xg J A I I 5:57 DM . ...... . .V t 1 ' I - ff ' 5 X15 1- 'Rb .' Q 55 .' 14 X Q.-If v 5 wiigp. ga ' LMf::':wgf:f:w2s:1:1, . L,.. , , ,,.,. .M J-2:-nigga-:,. L Q . 'I ' -f' aI .. . .,.. , ,Nc , A V+. ax r NW gy, 9 I 6 if in S A-lx-A K N' x c X X A 81 , "4 A ,, I ,, 3, , IP ,ag 5 X ' -fri 3av,a,fxX 3 K Wkuxg? I WI' Y. I 1 ww A, .. :1,. -"- X 4... Q.: va: Q ,swf 1932 ,ix r , 5 Fourleen g r! I' . ' A: - ' 3 T eIff1fv'If.w '- -A IM. vm S ' A I ,ilk 'ffxikii ilk-. ORVILLE IONES Mechamical Drawm INEZ KELLY IVIathematIcs LAELIA B McKEE Commerce BESSIE L, FOUTS Engl Ish LOUISE HARRIS Botany 5 .1, iz if I ' i '7 ",f n L M 1, ,. ' QX L ffeneglzbfus ,.,....-. X I 41- TA, I - ' ' N M? , ' -,xktl qxxx "Q,- x 4' xfxl J X, IRVINC HEATH History FLORENCE ELLIS MLJSIC HELEN ROSS Head of Hnstory Department LORA A LEWIS Home Economics SALLIE DAWSON Biology hi.T..:-I QFHH ' Tied lll . A,fg1,.,. ll' f FQOFTMA EROEB Emglnih . . ,- 1.f.,.., X, ,V :,eLi:'Y' ' ' K f4.g?Y Elia , I: , .4 525 I X , ,. . - '5 NQAEELLE OP-KEY ' Head of French 'iffyv BET 3 - "fi" . Lleparrment Qi Q A ,1 X , -9? L ' ADELE SCHWEDES Euglmsh EV-3311 Cf CINS HELEN M LEISEY Plwgsmal Educarnon I I Q HOMER POWELL , Industrnal Arts t , 5 ' . "L.L, 5 ' - :::,. 533,11-,Qfg-Q. . zwfga , . YQ ,L-1, ' "gif Q ,g's,5, fag' Y -,Ja ov.. 1 112+ 1 9 3 2 ,fffw R :A J ."k ' H x J , A '53 Fzftvwz f"4,Lgg?:QLn..E'fL gy. -M" x 1 A 4 '-a-A ," 'xf ,. ,,,,, 'P . A . , 1- '1 I fl 1 I Q s N I aq rl . 6 M Q 1 is 4' f Q ene ze as Q af-',,. as I I ' I , 1. .... Q ' "Ill :::"- . Se., -ii: HELLE DUI KAP! Latm FANTH PELLY Fvemtilt IIMFVZA Pfxlfl' EW Eu 'MM N H JE MKJLELITT HMHC Etltlttwtttf JAMEZ CO! IOVEIQ Pivystfal tfdtlcalmtt EARL PIKE Plwyslcal Education EDNA MAY BENNET Commerce LOUISE K LAIVIMERS Head of Latin Department MARY LCUISE IAENISCH Mathematics STRAUSSA V PRUITT Hnstory . Q QA G-it ?r!2t 5-..' aft 1 9 3 2 TQ the Ixaji-?f l 5 Sixteen 7.' 5' 1. ..f f f. ' l ' !.. 3 ,xxx IN , J Q B enecizbfzas 9 . L -,Q ilJ lll V . M. 'ii NELLE ACENC HwSTOry L X , I i LORENA RAMSEY i Commeroal Q., ' 1 5 LATTA, I-Mit., :' HELEN EU? FCAPD Lwbrarxam ' 1 'S 0 5' 'vu ,Y - C 1 IQ fx M-igygaqg , 1.5 N J L, -3 ' Y , 'LW : ' .. 1 9 3 2 .Skveiztecrz f'5l?677i4'S-'-" 1-"Y 453' A I - -,-. 'ijf iw W Q 97119 Z0 US -Z jf? 2 ' -'-.' .-E15 s 5 2 i 1 5 , i 1 pupp LOVE? ,- . ,.f" Z . 7-35 . 1 9 3 2 f " Efglm-U1 if , f tm Q f3eneLZz'0fuS Q Q, NW P ,Q iw 73 3 35 1 9 3 2 .Yizzetcm fi alifvx 'Pi 'QI 2. v2.5 , X e Benedzcfus lvl lSS RAYMOND ROBERT lACK ADA PRl,llTT LAUCl-lLllxl WHEELEI? CLDUTIER MCCURK SENIOR PACE E entered Qarhald tn the tall ,rt ITC? and l-,rr a tear were treshmen, "green as grass" B5 the begtnntng of our Enphdr'r'rure tear' vm: hail earned sullrtftent x-:rsdorn tu permlt the organtla- tuun ot the Class XVe Chose lvhss Prultt as class advlser Flayrnond Laughlln was chosen presldent and has Contrnued lu held that utltce tluuughuut the hlstdrg rat our class The uther sophomore olhcers were loe Vxfaller, wee president, lune Whutesell, treasurer, and Darts Nmltel, secretary A spnng plcntc at Dernrng Pall. was the outstandrng seiral event ul the tear As lunrbrs we edrted the Royal Purple We Dul but ten femmes, and the new Columns "Through the Eagles' Eye", "Whos Who IH the Faculty r", and "lust Imaglne' were ut sncctal engoyrnent to the student bud, The Qttrqers were Robert Sears, wee presrdent, Petra MiMahon, treasurer, and Ada lXlCCurk, secre- tary lt was about the mrddle of the gear, when the trrne Came for Qhooslng rrngs, that complete dtsaster threatened our rnountlng dIgl'lIf5 b5 a vehement dlsagreement, but the Class was trnally unanlrnoush proud ot the green gold rung tt chuse The uutstandlng soclal 8Cllvlly of the year was the banquet and prOrTl tor the sentors on Mag 29 Our gear ,'t' as saddened b, the death ot our classmates, l-toward Beeson and llruno Beelash Wtth three successful gears behlnd, we assumed the rele at sensors We elected Raymond Laughlrn, l,'l'E'SlGGlTl, Robert Vvlheeler, wie LTrl'E'SIClk2lTl, laik Cleutaer, treasurer, and Ada MeCurl., secretary We selected sen.or packets early an the tear so that we cou.d xzear them to the Thanlssgrvrng Day Came The sentur plag " The Wlwgrle Towns Tallttng' was true to tts name, for at Caused the whole toxxn to talk For :octal EiCllvlllE5 we had a Chrustmas Party and a Ianuarg Vronr tor the mud-year Class ln April we all en. teged a "sweater heb" Cumrnencernent xueel-E aitnrtres game as a cllmas to the sensor year, culmlnatrng rn the cammencernent em-ercnses As we close uut careers at Carheld, we wrsh to thank lxlnss Pruttl tor the guldance and assustance she has grven as class advrser and to express to the uther members of the lavults our apprcclatrun ul thelr help and Coopelalaun ln evergthrng we attempted ae?" fp Q f"'x , .ffm 1932 .44 mg' Nic- E T'ZL't'lIfj' ' b r if A at, ig' fgl, Q I3 enecZz'cfLLS 1 PQ-'94 v- .N'5Q4.Ah v im' X -" J k , , . yfq if.-1 fl . GQ, F ' lIl 'Hi' - --A Ill ,S 105 vwALKER ELIZABETH BARRIDER CERALDINE REARSON MARY KATHRYN REVEAL ROBERT WHEELER .ag Q' ERAK Ba., ,, , , E 1 9 3 2 Twclzty-alle f PHA MQMAHON .35 gk. RAYMQNDLAUQHUN 'I Vx VXRY XVARD 10Hr13nuTH A BETTw1EAN 1 5'5- A xx! 'K xv .. 'T' I' I if ,m,,,'1rr3g.v"r.- -- K, I-:v'lVff5' l -L 5 1,5 , wiv" 3 Q' fm wif 'N if l l T ' 5 ? I V, Q I3 enedz cfus r I.T----- . - -:ll Yi, lun: -- - 5.x - -- lll NOLA SPENCE 4 , I ROEIERT EPPERT CATHA NICCLIRDY ROBERT EDER FP' X be 1 IEAII IXREACEI2 I U I 'M ' 0 5 9 . - II N I , J f a- T, X5 -my lx I aw W I 1 9 3 Q E g 'II 'ITT' QT: 2 ,- ff? T I I 4 "-gn ' 'N-573 5141 IXIIILDRED SCHLOSSER IOHIXI PHILLIPS ADA MCCURK MAX WICCINS RUTH WHITE K 37 ,XII Tuczzfp-two . ,.-il.-Z.-. .VIHV qv .iff f A - "f'W? , a B J ' f H Q ene z as ,i " DOROTHY ROGERS EARL LOSIER EDITH HARDEN HOWARD REEVES IUANITA CARPENTER .iff 'STN-S'.'1" 1 A r r i L1 -.i...--......,........,. , 4 ......,-......,,.,,-,-,- ...., E. :iIi"""'-""""?"' , 'ilu . ""'W--41-'-"-'zzniigg Ill . J, 5.-.. . ,. Ill gg . R . . Wh , , ' X' IROIN VA STOKES 2 bl! E ' ,.. E xx TLBER PROSE L: T. . . iff? . rs. I O ' - LOHEHE MATHES Tia? T Q- , . I . ' r ' IOHN XXHTTESELL if F" 51+ ai E ' MENA MEYEP C '4 iv? I V , , gf iiqi, 1- , ' 'hzi A 1 9 3 2 , A ,, 4 q . 5 ish ay DN. . cf ,. 5-T JM' fig --.N 2 ' 7'Zi'L'lIfj'-flIl'l'L' H3 39-4 .fl 1,-,pm Q- E 9. lk v f ' - ? E. I Q I3 eneciz cfus .. X ' ' ,f f r 1 if if ' ....-...- .--,, -J lllli'-'-'---+-'-'--- NM' I -H--M--A ----- -1-v---M 1-- lll h , I-I MARGARET TALLON ROBERT BOND g I . I NELUE MAE SNEDDON ' PAUL BITTS ' l EAYE HOLTON Ii vii ,r--Q if ' M l' A 1 9 3 2 5,65 .NV 5 Twwzfy-fozlz' if f! 5' fJ"""'Y"'-:r R- -ix A223 Wi '.,. "Fw, R :Jim ' I-HLDA EDWARDS RUSSEL HAVERCAMP IRENE BOCZKI JAMES POTTS ROSALIE MASON Af K ce . 3 MARY IENSEN CLEN DITZENBERCER WANDA CASH RAYMOND HARROD WILMA LANDES f Q ffenedzcfus -X1 i- .af , K HW' f I 'Xxx " K N X I X , . , 7 - , ,,.. ,. .- ,,,, ,,..A, ,,...7 , ,,.. ....... ,.., -' -A, " ' . an ' . 3:-"ps, ,X I -'-e-j-v:2:- 1 -. gl G-rx,-1: .1 .- Q ..g v 'X " ' 2" '7"f "z'-L 1542:-- 'f will 53.3 lliluq. m...,z..,,.,L,,,-,.,,. ..-. ,Y .. V, -1-11.5.4 Ill ,.fs'55' '- ff :eA3 gf1.. V ll- G 9 I A 1 9 3 2 A Twenty-ji1'e DORNS NICKEL IQUSSEI. HAMIVWERLINC WINONA SICLER PHNLLIP CARTWRICHT BARBARA DUNKIN .Y V Ill , A fb,-f N P 4 fkiifif "AU A-AS!! 'Q - 'z' 4 X I l'r,:"- V X- if-f fy ,,.. . Y- 141 - . f . 1. 1 ' a f - M, A 'Ju f LL1' ' . 'gh 4, i +1- 'fra V , 1. I. ..1 V5 . Q i , B LZ ' f f T- Q ene ze as LORENE WARD kENNETH HILUCR MADONNA BRIGGS HAROLD MILNER IONE WH KTESELL fi t F lag gt I S Ax X I f Tzcwzly-,vi.r 'ag " . Ii: ull' X it-H .v f i fia 1 9 3 2 BEVERLY vom EUTE ARTHUR MQALPINE RUTH Rows LEQN mcxsom AGNES ROZQONY gk gm.. lff I3 d ' f Q Qne 1 0 as N" F ff , VERA WRIGHT JOHN CALVIN ANNA BEASLEY HOWARD MAYES LILA MARTIN fi I ' , " A ,- ,-E ,:,,,:., . . I .I l :in --I .- 3 -aw' if vp-', l Q 9522 1 9 3 2 Twenty-sefuffrz LEONA OLTEAN N ED LATTA T!-IELMA IONES CHARLES KLINE EDYTHE PIRTLE 14 EW fi? hai: 7 iw N' , E l i: " ' " nI:jg:f'4i' 'a 5 " E ' aw E 'E v -'x Z E- i?gg5Q.f. 3-IL xx? ,,L.... l.-.. :ff"'k5- -af N 7. " sf val 1 .Hn T ' ene Us ETHEL PILANT 1OHN WILSON ROBERTA WATSON GILBERT PIKER vm. WILKERSON iq, 'w I ,Y fx 1' 4 , M fs'- i 5 xxx 'TE ET-TX - wr 55 1- , - -, 15- 'X ?'l'- 1 :IIE -aw J? a- -1- -xg ,X - KX 1 9 3 2 Twelzty-eiglzt DOROTHY SARTAIN ROBERT MAY CLENDA WHITE KENNETH SMlTH THELMA GRANT :?f , ff 1 Q z 'I xr 37. I ' Benedzcfus DOROTHY HAYENER LYON UTTEFZ DOROTHY CONROY X'."HJ.IA'x1 CHEM. HELEN PEKOHERT . 9 I ' 'L ll... A iii . ' A. f m- O - ii,-1 f -. CUM ANN DMIS ' ' wxw s.1:CAPTwf , LILLNNJ mfxcr h EUOI5 af-+fr15TT A rvmm' OMPHANT .A .. ' i n. 5' ff' "OZ 1 9 3 2 HW " g,'1",f5' 4, 'K . Q29 9 ' N Q Twenly-111116 Q-XQEJLS ,554 W I3 CZ I lf ' ene ze as .. X' , 6 TMOCENE RAY ROBERT CHAPPELLE PAULINE ET. INCER FEV-TV-IETH PAYNE X. ICTORA - rg if li zhl 5: V QQ, 'Ex . A ' ' g li .A ilsaf f LEAECREEN .E,,,,,,L + -MEL . A aa: 'T-T-TTT mf-A-A-aaa 1Qh 3 2 MARY C SULLIVAN ROBERT CATEXVOGD MARY ELIZABETH STITT PERRTS LEEK yum TURNER l. I: 1 I Q B enedz cfm? ALBERT MEWHINNEY PAUL CHARLES VINNEATTA MOUNT KEITH BROWN CHARLES DE LISLE F gif 5 li LL bf: ' ES L' 4 - ig, - , Km. ' h ff' gk S L ku 'L T T f 5 . ' . PETS ,L 35.11 - LTQJ '5 ,W fm 353- I , ' :-.ri CQ ' itz ' 1Q32 A MARY MORCE if MARTON UNDERWOOD P CATHERINE CACLE I. HAROLD CARVI N V255 P1 MARY LOUISE COX 'r , , .1,. ,z, , if . ,,,,yur 643 53 A ff 7 xi X- T52 f'?Nx fx . ,Q , ', H -'E . I3 4' f Q cane ze as 'z 'vu If, PIOBEPT SEARS NAMES BALL wf+UrQ1EfxTTA MOUNT CHARLES LETSINCEH IQHI1 PoTTrL1Ar1m f ' if, :lj f L . I 1 9 3 2 5Mc4U.Ef Lel, 5 Tlzirty-two MARIAN KITTLE ARTHUR DAWDY MARY HANSEL WILLIAM OBRIEN FRANCES ROESCH 7 IE Q ffeneclzcfus VIRGINIA DALE WILLIAM SULLIVAN ELIZABETH CALL STANLEY BILLER IQOSEMARY IVIULLIICIN . IACIQ CLOUTIER BARTON AIIQIVIAN IX-'IARCAFYET MILLER V FLOYD CAMPBELL I if f MART I N ROESCH ,.,,M.,.,, M,gf3gQg.,Q1.41,j I. g v-. nllifcmgnfl . 1 9 3 2 Tlzirfy-flzree T ii fi-U" 'KN 43 .QL - QE vi f I3 Cz' f ' ene z 0 as 6 LL VIRGINIA MYERS MAURICE EURNETT FERN BORUFF ' JACK NORWOOD POEEPT DENNY ac' if-I g nl 8 x "f f W1 47 It -1.44K-2, QM 5 Tllirty-fozn' A T, E: - 'ifffh in val XE 'HL 'MX r" S - 4. 3 3 4" ' A - V --fb: , f H-"1 1 CLEN NECROCKLIN FRANK DOWEN GENEVA MURDOCK DARRELL READINCER HELEN LACKEY f -ge., , 11123 1 4? rf X H, li . rw f V34 F .. Y' xxx xx La? J IACIX TOPMOHLEN James Campbell Edward Donnelly Orvllle B!aCk August Casale V.lIllI3VT1 Danner lane Davn5 Lester Eldred james Fesler Vxfllllam Grant f Q f3enecZz'cfuS . A . ' D , 'L . .... . - i"" i"all l-ll - -, --r- --- lll . g k ln Other Members of the january Class Buell Lambert Irrltn ferban Zi Other june Graduates Y liter Cray Thomas Herbert Clwarles llnowles Paul McDaniel Harry Mclntcslw Mary Mellok Chester Melson 1932 ISABELLE l,lEISSEl,L C lames .JLllllX an Mabel Vt.'t1lilj Xl, vllrarn Muller Crlenna Relnltard Frederlclt Film-all lulla Srnatlrl James Smltlw Lloy Strarsg james F Sullwan .. me F fh? 5' 'll V .FF-I r .UN A .i X ' 2 if 53175 W-J" fv- ,,.. . Y- 141 - . f . 1. 1 ' a f - M, A 'Ju f LL1' ' . 'gh 4, i +1- 'fra V , 1. I. ..1 -l'?v 37 , is . ltr. A K K sr. . vf f if ' LZ 'of ene z as ' rs LIFE IN TEN YEARS S I sat before my frreplace, dreamrng, a prcture began to unfold rtself rn the flames Startled, I watched, then l began to lrsten also, for I seemed to hear the sudden whrrr of a motor There as the plane flew rnto my lrne of vrsron, my heart turned over, for the plane was actrng strangely Then rt fell with a crash Into a freld A man, looking scntjwhat famrlrar, came runnrng forward, shout- rng for some one to call a doctor As the man reached the plane and began hrs work of extrrcatrng the prlots, I recognized hrm lt was lohn Calvrn, my old frlend, lrttle lohnny Calvrn He worked hard, and rust as an ambulance clanged up to the freld, he pulled the second prlot out of the wreckage, Doctor Robert Sears hopped out and rmmedrately began hrs work When he had wrped the blood from the faces of the two avrators, l saw to my surprrse, that they were Frank Dowen and Kenneth Payne They strrred a lrttle, and Kenneth Payne murmured, "Where are we? We started a trans-Pacrfrc flrght, and rf we don't get on, Robert Eppert and james Smrth wrll get to Tokro frrst " Dr Sears sard rn hrs busrness-lrke manner, "You can't go for a few hours yet " He motioned for the stretchers, and hrs two rnternes, lames Sullrvan and Clenn McCrocklrn, lrfted the rnrured men rnto the ambulance Then as the ambulance left, Dr Sears walked over to tlae wrecked plane and sat down by johnny Calvrn "l-low are you comzng afong as a farmcr, lohn9" aslred the doctor lohn smrled rn that bashful way of hrs and answered, "Oh, I get along l have some trouble wrth my hrred men though l'm always frndrng Floyd Campbell srttrng behrnd a hay stack readrng one of Leona Olteans new novels And then too, Crlbert Prker promrsed me that whrle he was putterrn' around rn hrs laboratory hed develop some rust-resrstant wheat for me, but he hasnt But I get along" The doctor srghed, "That dear old class of BIT We are scattered all over the world now, john l've managed to keep track of most of, our old classmates " lohn anxrously requested, "Tell me about then, Doc l've been rather burred here on my farm. Of course, Chester Ivlelson runs a general store down at the crossroads, and Marron Underwood and hrs wrfe-you remember Mary Morge3-have settled down on the next farm here l' The doctor settled hrmself and began: "Well, Barton Arkman has a clrnrc rn Swrtzerland for over- worked St Bernard dogs, and he has a very capable staff, Wrlma Landrs, Paul lVlcDanrels, and lulra Smatlrk Stanley Brller rs a successful Fuller Brush man, so successful that he has I-larry lvlclntosh do hrs lcnockrng lvlarran Krtrle rs the frrst woman forest ranger, and Paul Charles rs manager for the Dancrng Mount Srsters' vaudevrlle act, lvlary K Reveal gathers scandal for a New York tablord, and her nearest rrval for fame rs I-larold lvlrlner Wrllram Creal rs a soda founlarn rerlcer and makes wrse cracks I 9 3 2 ri'- Rf . 5 Thirty-six rg'l-itil, F ,X Q I3 enecizefus .L-.1 -xf I L1- ,, in- f i - .. - r ' Y, L Al' Na-1 - y .M XX if l s J' J X I at all the lady customers, especially the young ones, that come in Betty lean's drug store Mary Louise Cox is dietitian at Mayo Brothers, and Dorothy Conroy is the registrar at Garfield She is said to be en- gaged to the principal, Fredrick Russell, and Doris Nickel, head of the math department, is ouite jealous Josephine Ehret is a booklceeper and Lillian Mack a stenographer in the office of Martin Roesch, architect Hilda Edwards is governess for Albert lxflevvhinney, lr Q you Papa Mewhinney is a manufacturer of laewpie dolls Edward Donnelly, a popular director of I-Iollywood, is devoted to his wife, the former Paul- ine Evinger Edythe Pirtle and Katherine Cagle are models in lone Whitesells dress shop on Broadway Ione's brother, lohn, is director of the U S Marine Band and is quite a heartsnatcher among the ladies of the nation's capital," I-Iere, lohn broke in, "SpeaI-ing of Washingtow, I read in the paper the other day that lohn Smith, the radical old congressman, has introduced a bill providing that all high schools must henceforth hold their commencements out of doors, as the overhead lights mal e the graduates nervous " The doctor nodded, "Yes, that sounds like him And did you read where Madonna Briggs and Ruth White tied for first place in the beauty contest of the National Librarians' Association? The iudges were Robert Bond, Vxflliam Sullivan, and laclz Norwood Roberta Wlatson and May Vxfiggins are managers of rival chain stores Dorothy Havener is the statt pianist for WBOW, and Vera Wright is head of the music department at Carfield, Ray McCarty and Lyon Utter are second-rate gigolos, and their best customers are Mary Mehok, a wealthy widow and formerly a seamstress, and Cieneva Murdock, who has pined away as an old maid Isabelle Meissel has become the leading reporter of the day and has taken Lowell Thomas' place on the Literary Digest She has recently written an article exposing the meth- ods of lack Clouiter, wolf of Wall Street Wanda Cash is nurse for that famous veterinary surgeon, Robert Chappelle Robert Denny, I-Ioward Reeves, and Earl Losier are traveling salesmen Beverly Von Eute teaches aesthetic dancing at Rose Poly, and one of her most talented pupils is Raymond Laughlin, l-Ie is soon to start on a tour with Margaret Miller as his manager and Charles Kline as pianist Irene Boszki, Fern Boruff, Thel- ma lones, I-lelen Reichert, Lila Martin, and Glenna Reinhard are stenographers in Ferris Leelds law office, Ferris is running against August Cassie for Mayor in the next election Charles DeLisIe manufacturers sweat- ers designed by Mena Meyer, We have three of our number with Barnum G Bailey circus: lohn Phillips is a trapeze artist, with Lloy Ruth Strang as his partner, and Art Dawdy is elephant trainer Ellis Barnett and Cora Ann Davis are rival chemists, each always trying to surpass the other in a new discovery lames Ball is a lawyer in the South Sea Islands, and lim Fesler is down there too, teaching the nattves the newest dance steps. Maurice Burnett is a cowboy on Ada IVIcCurl4's dude ranch Victoria Leafgreen is singing lul- labies to twins, and Reva McMahon, who married a millionaire polo player, is running a day nursery, Lo- hene Mathes is happily married too. She was engaged before she graduated, but only a select few knew it, Elizabeth Call has been a hostess in the "Rit:y Night Club" in New York, but she had a quarrel , ei as 1 9 3 2 fit?-' Tlzirty-seven ? 1gi i?fb" -3, 4,111 I5 - 9 ,Ati 3. M Q c S if 1 l XX W7 V' xl L with her employer, Kenneth l-lillick, because she wanted to sing classical numbers William Miller makes speeches on child welfare, and he has aroused the interest of Ned l.atta, millionaire philanthro- pist james Campbell is an inventor of musical alarm clocks, and his wife, l-lelen Lackey, is Quite proud of him Art Mcnlpine takes tickets at Marlatt's It is whispered that he is a great drawing card and many a maidens heart flutters at sight of him Mary Oliphant is secretary to the American ambassador to Finland, alias Vyfilbur Prose Margaret Tallon is a milliner in june Turner's exclusive hat shop and Vryl Wil- kinson dusts the chairs before the clients sit down l-larold Garvin is an oriental rug dealer in the East and he exports his merchandise through the Victor Gray agency. His chief designer is Virginia Myers Ruth Rowe is a famous prima donna, and she and her leading man, joe Walker, have just made an appearance in Darrel Read- inger's latest operetta at the Buell Lambert Theatre james Potts is the proprietor of a skating rink, and Rus- sell t-lammerling runs a barbecue next to it l was in Paris last summer, and l met Robert Gatewood. l-le lives in an attic and paints was figures Charles Letsinger has a beauty agency over there, and his chief operators are Imogene Ray and Mary Stitt Agnes Rozgony plays the piano in Woolworth's music department, and Gatha McCurdy plans the menus for their lunch counter Rosemary Mullikin is a police matron, and Charles Knowles is chief of detectives Ethel Pilant went to Reno the other day to divorce her husband, William O'Brien, Russell Havercamp was her attorney. juanita Carpenter is a country school teacher, boarding with Mr and Mrs William Danner, who own an apple orchard Rob Wheeler, coach at Purdue, matches his team against that of Coach Bob Eder of I. U next week Raymond l-larrod is an absent- minded 'prof' of history, and he is said to have even forgotten a few dates with a fellow member of the faculty, Edith l-larden The woman tennis champion of the world is no other than Nellie Mae Sneddon. and she attributes her success to an old friend, Faye l-lolton, Thelma Grant would be a happy little housewife if it wasn't for the fact that she lives iw the apartment next to Mary jensen, and Mary's husband, Leon jackson, is trying to learn to play a 'sax'. Rosalie Mason has written a helpful little pamphlet on, llnlow To Blush ln Ten Easy Lessonsf Nola Spence gives lectures on evolution, and some of her statements have called forth a violent protest from Mary Ward, who has made a concentrated study of the subject, Geraldine Pearson teaches astrologyl she is a wonderful inspiration to her students, Mildred Schlosser and Robert May are trying to be happy though married, but Mildred can't under- stand the Einstein theory, and it makes her morbid. Glenn Ditzenberger is a missionary, he is accom- panied on his foreign trips by Barbara Duncan, explorer. Tommy l-lerbert is a sports promoter, and his newest protege is l-loward Mayes, heavy,-weight boxer. Keith Brown has established a hospital with a most capable staff Dorothy Rogers, William Grant, Phillip Cartwright, Orville Black, Virginia Dale, Dorothy Sartain, Frances Roesch, and Winona Sigler. john Wilson is a scoutmaster in Canada and is en- gaged to Virginia Stokes, who is doing welfare work. Glenda White and Mabel Wood have a sister act in Berlin ,john Rottman manufacturers trick cigars which Kenneth Smith buys by the gross. Elizabeth Barraider is a worker at l-lull l-louse, and Anna Beasley rivals Irving Berlin in writing sentimental ditties. Lorene Ward writes for True Story Magazine of which john Serban is the new editor " "Well, that's fine, Bob, old pal You have certainly kept track of them l-low are you getting along?" Bob sprang up and burst forth, "Great scottl l'm a doctor, and I forgot those wounded aviators! So long" FE ae 'tF'f. "-,tll 3 3 f- fn. -it-.1, 'EN nhl g r 1 9 3 Q 4 ze fwffzki, , . 'jf 1,-if 5' 5 F' 5 Thirty-ezght IY5 ", 'Xi-gl X f3enecZz'cfLLS W , as 12. ' -'sr .X 4 X, 1 1 9 3 2 Tlzirry-nine Arai. +G M N ,f' f,1lP 'w ,L , fw'zf'- f' ' zilbl. "ir-ij -Af1X " .X Ger t 5 21 fx4fg,i2a'fI' D+:- aw M f W S J A ' Q ffenecfzcfus IBIENIEBUCETRJ S SFAIFIF 0932 i fi' Y' '- a. 51333 58 5 f 'fimsfs2 1 9 3 2 5 Bibi-I' :Hi ' 'f Fuffv " '45 " . ' 'Xfx I' f - A 1 ' enecizefz-as BENEDICTUS STAFF SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS Edrtor-in-chlef .... ,..,,........... , - ..,,.. - ...... joe Wall-er Busrness Manager-U ---- lvlarran tgrttle Lrterary Edrtor--- --- lsabelle lvlerssel Art Edltor ---.- Robert Catewood Organrzatrons --- ----- Ada lvlcCurl4 Crrculatuon ---- ---- l one Whrtesell Stenographer --- ----- Edrth Harden Athletrcs --- --------.-. .- --,--- - l lacli Cloutrer I- Dons Nrclcel IUNIOR STAFF MEMBERS Asslstant Edrtor ---------------------------- ------ - ---Russell Wfelborn Assistant Buslness Manager .---- ---- l iathleen Newton Assrstant Organlzatlons ---... ---lxatherrne Strang Assrstant Crrculatron ---- ------------ , - -, ---- ----- P aul Crffel FACULTY ADVISORS Helen Ross E E Hylton Norma Froeb Helen Rentzel polnt of dlfference in thus year's Benny from those of precedlng trrnes IS the lunlor asststant staff members Because the Royal Purple Nas dlscontrnued for l932, four lunrors were glven positrons on the Benedlctus staff, These assistants wrll rn all probablltty have charge of next years annual. Beslcles the junlor ancl sensor classes that were unstrurnental rn the success of the l932 Benny, there are the school organrzatrons, buslness places of the clty, the faculty, and the under classrnen All contrlbuted their help, and it rs for therr assrstance in rnakrng the years actrvrttes lrve torever rn a school annual that the rnernbers of the staff express the-rr slncere apprecratron Especrally do they wrsh to ew- press therr gratltude to l E Ewers, who lS responslble for all the group plctures, appeanng rn thus bool: ft V .: - F .f as 1 9 3 2 t 1 I' g's.f,Vf' y-"2 a 'Wi 'SW e 5 ' F' F oft y-one it- i ii-5 :-if 4' f 05 'ITE' ' f -. fl 'A ' ' QTLQ If-gy m NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF SECONDARY SCHOOLS CARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL X I-IIS rs to certrfy that the followrng students have been elected members of the Carfleld Chapter I d of the Natronal Honor Socuety of Secondary Schools Thrs electron was by vote of the facu ty an was based upon scholarshlp, leadershup, servrce, and character Anna Beasley Elrzabeth Call Edrth Harden Raymond I-Iarrod Marian Krttle Raymond Laughlan IANUARY 1932 Madonna Briggs Robert Sears IUNE I93Z Isabelle Merssel Albert Mewhxnney Ada lvlcCurk Reva McMahon Doris Nfckel Mary Oliphant Ceraldlne Pearson IANUARY I933 Agnes Rozgony john Smith lone Whrtesell Iohn Whntesell Ioe Walker Vera Wright Darrell Bennett Norene Raines james Mrtcham Edward Wodlcka HCP' 5 fi 135 'fc '21 "+I f" llfIih?A+t 1 9 3 2 75, ,ight-gQ igv i, 5 Forty-two ,...i.1.-.. Ehzlf Q - E X1 , A- , f- 1 B LZ ' f ' ene ze as 'N :"' x 'f,--- P P if A KNUQTF 151' ' fx - N. 1 Q 'V ., : ..1' 5,1 ' ,if x' V' 3 tat, KW...--,. ,.x..,, ....--.1.,,, .-,,,-.,....,f ,- L. , -. , .W -,,- W, ..,. , , . , -1932 -sf! Q: fa 'N 'v ff 2 .f. "?i 429 mimi ,- JP., if flhaz fy . ,v 1- ' ., ,z -ve - : My x Z- - - xg-g,AQ++,.,-+ 9.9. QC?- .iw 2 - "li , 712 1 5: r,,,,.Y,.:5 jg . 'si' -my- A 'af -1' Nu? YN ffl, 5 ne w vj-7 -QM-,lt , ' Benedzcfus IUNIORCLASS l-lE class organized early in the fall semester with the election of a new staff of officersi President, james A l-lughesg Vice President, Kathleen Newtong Secretary, Walter R Snedeker, Treasurer, Ciar- land Wintersg Faculty Advisor, Miss lnez Kelly. ln view of the fact that there was no "Royal Purple", which hitherto had been published by the juniors, four members of the class were appointed to the 'Benedictus' staff, filling various assistant positions in order to gain experience in that field As an added cooperative enterprise, several mem- bers of the class sold tickets to the faculty play, which was given to render financial aid to the annual A "junior mixer" was given in january to get the members of the class acquainted and to help in the collection of class dues, lt took place in the gills gym, and the dancing, entertainment, games and re- freshments were heartily enjoyed by all After much discussion about class insignia, a secret ballot decided in favor of the continuance of the ancient custom of buying class rings and pins A beautitul green gold ring was selected, and by the first week in May many junior fingers were adorned Class activities for the year were climawed by the annual junior-senior prom, the first weelz in june Robert Acton john Aikman Ceneva Allen Fern Almon Wayne Alderson Edna Bachstein lnness Bachstein Mary Banta Margaret Barraider Leona Barron David Bartram Walter Beck Catherine Bell Kenneth Bell Darrell Bennett Irene Benton Mary Bitts john Braman Ceneva Branham Chester Brentlinger Carrol Criss Sara Brentlinger IUNIORCLASSROLL Lillian Brown Maxine Bunch l-larold Burget Reba Burkholder Mary Burris Reussell Butts Albert Campbell l-larry Cash Maxwell Cassle Dorothy Castle Geraldine Chadwick Bertha Chaney Willie Clark William Coast joseph Cole Louis Collins Ruth Conley Donald Conroy Paul Cottom Ernestine Culllson Mary Dancy Howard Danner F1932 Forty-joe Clark Davis jane Davis Howard DeLisle Pauline Dennis Marjorie Dever Donald Donnelly Mary Dorrough Emma Dunkin Bernice Eder William Edwards Alma England Dorothea Engles Margaret Evans Don Evinger Edwin Faubion l-lelen Ferency Lucas Fischer Lester Flint Raymond Flint Edward Fox Maxine France Norman Carvin EL f- A -'24 N22 V163 I 1 E L -,'.,5' xSfC?,f'Q't--it uv -. ,Q A :gr-1 lil f- I3 li ' f 3 Q 87119 Z 0 Us ,. , 5 Mary Chrndei Valll Clllel 'xlrllnn Crahanw Ardell Crunes Efrberl Crrlgan Ffrberl lf-mer l, Er llll llasi-E lee Hadley Leah Hague Lucrle Halsley Harry Hallneraladl Charles Hanlrncnd Ralph Harclesll Ruth llarrnless Qllo l'l3VlllS Ruth Hawl rn? Harold Hennernan Eilllh Hrll Cwer'rdolyr'1li' l-llllli lnhn Hoare Nfldflflll Hocl er larnes Hughes 'xlav rne Hornbuil le Alaa Hllrnphrel lularv Hneennq Evelxn Hyil-Url lUNIOR CLASS ROLL Lorene lenson Alden lobe lvlae lohns Elrner lohnson Nfleredrlh lohnso Panlrne lohnsljln Robert lnhnson Bertha lones Clllha lones Elrlabeth lonee Evan lones Helen lonquel Hazel Kan: Sophra Kendler lxlrgnon Kung Ernest Klrl-E larnes Kllrnel lfarl linlpmeler Stephen Kona Dorclthy Laal: Margaret Lanlbe Vrrgrnla Long llclberl Llndflex lacl Luce lane lXf'lCAllTlune n rl 'lhelrna lvlrknlnrh lacl lVlcCrory Ned lVlcPher3nn Delberl lXlcWrlllan1S Eleanor lxlann lvlarle lvlarrs Ceraldrne lxflarlrn Lronel lvlarlrn Viola Mason lacqnellne lxll3ll1IE'Ll Fl-Jslw lxleaclows Helen Mehnl, Earl lkflerssel Pnlhe Never lnhn lXlrllar lxlarlha lXlrll3r V.lrrw'lr'oxw lXlrlI3' larncw lXlllCll3VTl Velma lxlnarf. Merle lkloali Cnla lxflnllemlf Franrei Nlruleilrr Dlrrnlllx Mnnnrnger lfmrrla hll-rllell lean Mnrgan lnlawlrl lxloss l?a'nn lxlnncre if I E' ' ,sl xigl , a xwx ' If - 2 If ei.. 1 f lf 'a 3 fi f Xa a""l e I, 4l,.,. ,,xmL , Lnnn larl snr: lohn lXlCCarl 4 l Fran-Eels lxluehler Lnfrlle larretl lxlmcela lX'lfCOy' Fred Needlmrn -- N7 si-l 1, S X- ! pas, ,f ,0 1 9 3 2 .ix Fort y-six ar e 7- 'L ff 1. ' lik W f Til 1, , mf f 1 xxx: 'rt' l J 1 X ' enecizcfus xxx. , B v i x'A-4 Kathleen Newton Karl Nrpple Eltzabeth Norwood lack Norwood Margel Olleeary Daryl Orem lane Parker james Parks Ceorge Paton Elam Payne LOTS Pernovv lohn Phster Marcella Phelps john Porter lean Potts Robert Prnce Mary Prust Norene Rarnes lvlarram Ray Maxnne Reese Glenna Rernhard Maurice Reinkrng Grace Rnchardson Sam Robb Stephen Rohan lvltchael Romanyk Carl Royse IUNIOR cLAss RoLL lohn Russell Abe Satkey Bernard Sampson Lourse Scott Bull Serban Ralph Shadle Dale Shaul Edward Shea Pelmer Shelton Robert Short Raymond Srdenbender Carl Srmpcoe Charles Srms Estella Smrth Marg Srnrth Vfllllarn Sluart Ruth Snroots Walter Snedel er lames Spence Elsie Standeau Eleanor Stlllxxell Adelene Stoltes Kathernne Strang Brll Strange Dorothy Strassler Morrrs Strole lohn Soggs Zrnnra Sulc Herman Sutdan Robert Swander Wlllrant Swtnney Phrl Templeton Rosemary Thompson joe Thomson Ruth Truttrer Ernest Tryon Laura Turnbull George Tottle Dorothy Vanness Donald Vaught Robert Wallace Henry Watson lames Webster Russell Welborrt Grace Wennel-e Ralph Whute lrrna Vxflllrarns Ralph Vxfrlltams Barbara Wtlson Thelma Wllson Garland Wrrwters Edward Wodtclxa Raymond Wood lxlarlorre Xrlfrrght Ruth XVyCOlf 1 9 3 2 Forty-Seiten ? I at fill L, m fg' -5 4.37 . F f Qsfwlf 3 ., ,Z fxizgilsff -fl by -1-' .Q .E -gif! L- '21 I3 df f ' erm 0 as TE ' "A ,M -, CD. "W w X M13 H319 -.ff - -N 1 9 3 2 .4355-if 5 Forty-eight j-i'- T. ll It rl -8:5 I3 di' Z ,T Q ene 0 as s SOPHOMORE CLASS l T a meetrng ot the Sophonwores, wlwrtih was called by Mrss Schwedes, rn October, l93l, lxltss Nelle Duncan was chosen as the adyrsor ot the class ln a very short trme Mrss Duncan called an- other meetrng tor the purpose ot nornrnatrng students tor class oftrcers An electron was held, and our very capable ottrcers were selected Brll Burle was elected President, Leon Montgornery, Vree Prest- dentg Donald Bartholonwe, Secretaryg Wendell Asbury, Treasurer Mernbers ot the class felt a great loss rn the death ot Elrnora Copra, Aprrl I The Class held several meetrngs both rn the fall and sprung terms, but the most Important one wai on Tuesday, April 5, at whrch trrne plans were made for a party May QD, at the Vrgo Bread Cornpany Blanche Abernathy Betty Alexander Bernetta Allen Martha Arbaugh Vxfrndell Asbury Evelyn Bader Wrlam Baldwln Mildred Barnhart leannette Barron Donald Bartholoma Honor Basden Lucrlle Baxter lohn Beasley George Beckman Clifford Bennett George Benntngton Walter Bledsoe Margaret Bohnert Raymond Bose lames Bradrng Rrchard Brtdges Katherrne Brown Margaret Brown Wrlliam Burke S336 SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL lvlantord BurnS Ruby Butts Margaret Cade Mary Cagle Charles Calyrn Ceorge Came Louas Carlwrtght Noble Cartwrrght Edna Chrsler Edward Clark Robert Clark Roma Clayton Vrrgrnta Clayton losephrne Cole lvllrram Conner Eleanor Copra Robert Cornell Vlrgrl Coy Laura Dayrs Rtchard Dayts Sarah Davis Mrlze Deady Robert Decker 1932 Flay nwond Fallon held .H PE wk it I r 1 2. .. 1' r ' ' f',.l. 'arg 'I 1 y. lit? 5 'V- 'xg e '? r--1 -1 '1 ', fX1z'af-3-Q-e'n' 'C' f'2' V "' . Var 2 r rs Cz' f ' em? z 0 as Clen Graham Andrew Grant Wanda Greenleaf Harry Hale Iacli Hampton Robert Harl ness Muldred Hartah Pobert Haucl Paulrne l-lauer Lester Hayener lOhn Hearn Orlea Hegsler Marcelrne Hogue Dorothy House Wtlltarn Houston Paul Humphrex Darrell Huston Crate Hyett Paul Iohnson PODEVT lohnson Berntce lones Franctg loneg AllC6 Kalb Wrllram Krefner Agnes lfrrchner lullan Klemt QF ' X53 ,4,r.g1'. X i .5 -5. 'E5N' F S SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Futh Klitll lulla KOOS Marcella liroous Xlfrllram Hutch Raymond Lamb lone Lawson Verna Laymon Ruth Leal. Davtd Lewts Elale Ltbbert Betty Logan Catherlne Lowe X.'Il'gIOl8 Lowry luantta Lumsdon l.VIllI3l'l't Lundwall Ellen lvlt:Cray Frank MCCrOCl:lrn Annette McGraw FlorenCe Mel-lenry Mary McKee Dorothea Mclilllno Helen Mephereon Vera lylaehlnng Fred Mahalel, Howard Martun Dorothx May 193 +4-x . NX? ' 2 Helen Mayes lane Mayes Helen Mehes Vtncent Mtllar Xlnlrna Muller Delma Mtlner Russell Munger Otto MO6ry Maxlne Monroe Paultne Monroe Leon Montgomery Letha Morey Cale Morgan Kenneth Mullts Don Murdock Dorothy Myers Katherrne Myers Vtfllltam Myles Mary Neese barah Nesott Rlchard Ne-tzhammer Leonard Nlchols Manorue North Hattle O'Dell Morton Otfett Eugene Oxford :Q7 It-,Ln -Y "T 1-Q .QQ , ii! A l Lf ? X E :Y I3 di' ll f ence 0 as Valverda Padgett Wrllram Parker Robert Parrett john Patterson Maurice Pernovv losephtne Petroff Frances Petty lxladelrne Phrlhour George Prerson Vera Plrtle Frances Posle lvlaxtne Pnce Sue Prultt Anna Radium Franla Ratsavach Clrfford Readrnger lvlanaradrne Reese Claorde Reynolds Oderfa Rrggs Alrce Rrsher lesg Rouch Margaret Robb Shela Roeschletn Helen Roll Zola Roush Steve Rozgony Davrd Ruihworth SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Frances Sampson Thelma Schott lack Shake Exfadean Shane Carl Shockley Fred Short Bob SrmDSOn Ralph Smlth Xllrglnla Smnth Erma Snedelier Eugene Snow Martha Somes Robert Spence Emma Spottgvllle Max Soolre Paullne Stallrngs ldenrretta Slandau Kenneth Stanttll Odeo Sterlrng joseph Stewart Lloyd Stlllwell Margaret Stnth Agnes Sulc Charles Swander Zudora Tanner l-lrawarhea Taylor Rnchard Templeton Rul35 Thomas Eleanor Thompeon loe Thomson Ralph Trley Fred Tuttle Clyde Todd Florence Trurtt Camllla Tucl-'er Raymond Turner Alberta Tuttle Xkfrlletta Tuttle Robert Underwood Agnes Utenrclg Vrrglnua Van Blbller Beulah Vernon Florence Vogel l-larry Ven Eure l-larold Waller Sam XfValler Marte Vxfalvvrcl' lohn Wernbrecht Robert Xlwleiton Lrllran Wheeler Roy Wrll-erson Franli Xlflllvame Fred Xlfrllrams Floyd Yargus 1 9 3 2 lr 2 . -gre f X EI' X, '31 Fifty-0116 i'X: r,g11sG,E'f 5-Y- lg," ' V f tl' ' negiiciu Q15-El." W. 'TEXXQX'-tJg , Y,i' l' an Q Clldo Bedrno liathleen Berford Donald Bennett Thomas Borders Vlvlan Branham Carl Bucl-1 Paul Campbell lane Carney Thomas Coalaley Marcella Collins Vlrginia Cooper Anne Cotton Hershel Coy Ellen Culbertson Logan Davrs Danlel Davns FRESHMEN CLASS ROLL Mary Doyle Norman Eder Margaret Edmonson Florence Edwards Margaret Egloff Euntce Ellrs Maybelle Engles Elliabeth Fahr Dons Feuquay Iosephrne Frtzgerald Vlrgunra Forbeck lohn Fread Catherune Fuqua Dorothy Clbberson Dons Cubbons Mary Cnbson Marune Davis lane Hall Ruth Dowen Vtrgrnra l-laflock . -9-' gg?- '.E 5 -:ttrftg E e 1 9 3 2 L n .E Q . f Frfry-two james l-tamrlton Marian Hanners Ralph l-largns Susan l-layne Vrrgrnia l-lays Charlotte Heodrnck Thelma l-letzel Vera I-logue Wrlliam Hopp Mlrram Hughes Leo Hull Wayne lewell Cruy johnson Katherine Krngerv Vlctor Klrk Melvin Klotz Edith Laughltn Ellen Lee 5 vi . , -. fe A ' , l. 54 l B , L 8719622 CQZLLS Noah Lenne Russel McCoy Merrutt McC1lone Tom McCurk Dorothea Marchino lane Marley Alnce Maupin Helen Muller Claude Modesntt lrvan Morris Margaret Myers Merrltt Noel Lols Oxford Vlrglnla Porter Argul Powell Ceorge Powell Sue Prultt Byron Price FRESH MAN CLASS ROLL Thelma Ray Mary Rector Bnllue Reddue Ruby Reese Lrlllan Reveal Billy Rlley Margaret Roman Bernlce Scanland Louuse Schlosser Mary Short August Sleterman Vlrgrnla Slrnpson Frances Shaul Paul Shaw Emma Smlrh Mary Snedeler Edward Spahr Mary Sprlnkle Edgar Stahl Charles Stewart Roy Sutherland Mary Taylor Mary Vane leanne Wallace luanlta Vxfalser Helen Walters Margaret Vvlarcl Evelyn Watts lulls Vxfhltalcer Stanley Xklhltesell lylary Vxflllex Audrey Xlflndlex lulla Wnnsteaa Carolyn Yates Vlrglnla Zervvlcl Helen Zvverner loe Zwerner TQ5 .S a a, 1 9 3 2 l. .ll Flffy-l'1Zf66 .S,,?4,,.g s,.L's ,Y if f -as li 5. l i A 1 B 1 V, Q enecii QfLLS ' vs Y E A R R E V I E W 1 9 3 I 1 9 3 2 FX SEPTEMBER LA L 8-Regrstration Day agaln' The usual toy of greettng old ig JV-7 ' ' LI frtends and makrng new k Q ' t 9-Bump! Ouch, my toe' Qurt oushrng' lust the freshtes glisca' 3 N Qy rushrng to class "Not a smtle or fnend tn a carIoad", They " 'X X V r ll graduated last june x JM a f Cf - S -J, toafxnorhef day K WRKX X' ll-Cast for sensor play has been selected Reva lvlc- Mahon, joe Walker, and lohn Smlth have the leads. Con- - gy ff- T W gratulatnons 'wx lo--School has become settled, and gym classes start QV., M 5 today Gosh, tt's hott All the classes in the dog kennels ..., 0 are forced to seek cooler regrons Well, they are seek- tng So far they have advanced to terrace and the gym wlndows Zl--Bank cashlers confer 2-l-Sensors assemble and elect a nomtnattng commlttee 25-Flrst football game in Brazrl at nrght, Score, 7-O, Tom Herbert ran if yards for a touchdown rn closl ng mtnutes Yeah, rah Herbert' but there lf salt rn the puddrng Today was Mass Anne Malones last day at Carfleld ZSiMtss Mlnnue lt Lammers gave an enltghtentng talk on Holland today at the Blue Tn meettng 29-All excrtement and soeculatlon Why? lt ts the electron of senror offrcers, May the best man wan' 39-Seatrng assembly, really very interestrng KT' X OCTOBER if 3 " lla E l-Peo assembly ' ' W ll X 3ePlayed Sulltvan at Tech freld, l6-O Carfrelds favor, , , Sure was hotl I IVAN Jig! S2 5-Exams? Yes, really They have held back for a 4 g r as 1? long trme. HJ' R,f,,,l.4n, 3,6 651,75 C--Sensor meeting and lncrdently the treasurer wants 4 ' 'f dues' .i f Mole Q 7-"Skrnny" and l are handtng out tickets to the sensor dx A' fl I X yi, play rtght and left No sales though ,"! 'ic I 8-Best pep assembly rn ages Sure was real' Byford NN X - Wtldman came up from Tech and gave a talk ' -1-,. If 'if lO-Met frrst defeat at the hands of Tech, 6-O. An- Tf- l , T other hot day Oh, that sun' 8 'Q' I gi 3 I3-Poured all daylll Everyone was stranded at school .tt Z'-all r - gil tru 5 30 l8MSenror play a wowl I9-eSeconcl ntght of senror play Benny staff announced today 20--Frrst Benny meeting 22+l-lrp hurrahl Vacatlonl' 24-Everyone rnotored to Brcknell Our boys won and had a btg feed rn Sulllvan on the way home 25-Blue Tn rntttatton and Hallowe'en party Dont a few of you gurls blush at the mernory-after wards? 27--lust another senlor meetrng 2SiDear old card day happy golden rule day' C A A had a keen Halloween party at the Vlgo Elfll-Ghosts and watches walk, and cats meow as usual. ffl-Another defeat Thus tame from the dlrectlon of Robtnson, a l3-O score. es if '-fig !! : " at ery .W 1 9 3 2 E f s '5,,,g4' ig , ' 5 Fifty-four 'i"f ., ,,. . A -af ... ' Benedzefus C NOVEMBER XVN gw 2-Benny subscruptions comlng ln thrck and tast from ff!-X Q KN X the sensors ff DJJ x 5 Ll-Slnger mldgets here today Cute lookung bunch KK T ' if 5wThe flrst student assembly and lt was a knockout f uf ll g 6-The contest between the girls and boys waxes hot X-l,sQ' in dh ' for the hlghest number ot trckets sold to the game f A 7--A day of unexpected events Played Clanton wlth a f score of l2-7 recorded What a game' f L! 9-World Fellowshlp program at Blue Trl A gurl of X? Spanlsh descent from St. Marys gave the talk F lO-Benny meetlng Q jf 4 'N ll-Cot out of school to see Tech and Wrley play. I . ,V -, S i .f I I l2-Another Benny meetlng -, 2 li:-1 I l3fl-lomecomlng Yum, yum, the punch sure was good L LF lust ask Claude l-larrold li' N 171, 'I lil'-A peach of a day Played Pnnceton and won 34-6 Bart Alkman IS the hero of the hour l6-lunror Benny dnve on' Cet your copy now l7-Cray pagamas are all the vogue The glrls of the c'othrng glaggeg held a palama dance ll'l the glrls' EW" l8-Each home room has selected a student to arrange a Thanksgrvrng ottenng 19-'The gurls' gym was so decked out rn crepe paper that l hardly knew lt today The occasron rs to be the party and dance tonrght grven by the Art Club for all students who have taken art work at Cartueld 20--Benny meettng thus noon to decude on the Cover l-lope you luke vt 23-The senuor C A A gurls are oulte deltghted wtth therr new boy fnend and hockey coach My, he lS handsome P S l-le has black halr, bug brown eyes, and the keenest wrt, but he ts only two teet three Inches 25-Senlors appeared thus noon tn therr new lackets Some are llttle, some are blg, but all are qulte the envy of the lower classmen Now, senrors, I see you comlng 213-What a llcklngg Wlley lf. Crarfleld O 27fVacatlon llust a short one thoughl zz' L oi.,-I DECEMBER rf lf A ' lf fj A , 5:7g?::' H 999, l-Assembly about Cllnton and Tech games .Ir If b 1 -T-1 " 4-Dramatlc Club party lf f 7vBlue Trl vaudevllle Member? wif, H "' 'f tfggigl' 8-Senior meetlng-Dues' Benny' ' L E' I 9-Red letter day agalnl JM! l I loeaaskerball assembly. f rl' 203- ,lgmgg l'5-Mrss Reltzel has chnstened her new coat, "Nellre"- I TJ. " -L I7-Benny meeting, I 1 Q ' 'lf 23-Faculty party last nlght Sh-h-ha-that's the reason 6 -4 'f they were so sleepy today J 24fVacatlon, 'Qi -D 2 1 4:.i-.--- if "9-5 ff ' L A 1 9 3 . . g f Fzfty-flea 2' .ngi.:4,L,..2-L Q., 1 0 n ll ,J N54 X 1 -. my :P .!. 7' '11 - .-F uih A u, su, If ibfdf .jl"El '. V ' l uu a f I3 enecZz'0fLLS .sf f af .eu f ' ' if ' 141 X 'Xxx :L lt ' ' us 'lie J - "4 :. '51 I: 7 'iff -- u,ff" Z , , :- - L ici Buffy, 'ax - u uu PAALIUL 'l f- from Gfgglkf X s-:gig u , Q -u ff 4 sur" Il ff 1 7 1 I -Q ,f ! , 5 uyl f I X X N 'pf ' 1 14 l uf l Cru Z Af! 95 N Fil u f'lX K-T u 1 XX Qqlggugl A l' K f K ' J ge NJA " IANUARY l-We, Cartueld, beat Wuley 2-l-20 A close game and a thruller 4-Agaun, "We are all un our places wuth sunshuny faces". 5-lvluss Ida I Doty out today Sfgtull out 7-A'DuCky's" been passung hus wut off on the student body l-le's nobody's tool l-l-Furst nught of the operetta, '1Once ln a Blue Moon". li-Fashuon revuew by clothung classes Second nught ot operetta lB--Stacks of yellow paper and tests, lf?-More tests 20-Commencement for the lucky ones Bob Sears gave the student address for Cuartueld Zl-"All us ouuet on the Western front" except for an occasuonal test 25-Surpruses' loyl Sorrow through the halls for ut's red letter day The Prom was held at the Demung Sure was a swell dance 27fBoresome day FEBRUARY 2-Che-eruo' Sprung us comung, Mr Curound l-log could- n't possubly have seen hus shadow on a day lul-me today 3-Blackboard un Room 8 has assumed its natural per- sonaluty The neat program has been replaced by the usual ballyhoo 4-Faculty vs Seruuors un curtaun raiser tor Cathedral game 5-Played Plaunfueld, Mr Puke's home town lncudene tally we got beat, 7-Rehearsal for Benny assembly tomorrow, 8-Senuor meeting, C A A unutuatuon, and Benny as- sembly l2-Caps and gowns are taboo for june commencement accordung to votes l6YBusuness Club vaudevulle l7-Senuor gurls had a heated duscussion today concern- ung commencement dress IB-Latun Club pep assembly Hughly entertainung 22-An elaborate and beaututul bucentennual program to the memory of Washungton 25-Fat Acton comes to the front un a huge red auto Sprung us surely on the way as noon rudes are growung un popularuty 26-C A A gave a St Pats dance at the VugO Bread Co A bug success 29-Day of days for gurls' But everyone us stull sungle, at least ut looks that way . 25 in rg ' 1' u 52 X? nfl :u'f"- Nu. 'N-, N.." ,h . -. 1 we -1- r. l ' I A-'fn 1, -5 ' - ' ,isis C -4- "'l 'Eff' il ' 5 i ll ' 1932 Fifty-six , . .l.-.- I .. "fl: N fienecizefus Af l Ai- t'f 1- - of f I J 12 l ,QXX QX 'l M W v' MARCH 2-The dye is castg pastel colors in afternoon dresses for the girls for lune graduation -l-junior Red Cross program at State gym Those who wished to attend were excused from school 7-Fooled again' The first real snow is on, and it is zero temperature in half the rooms 9-Ciloom' l-ligh-pitched and angry voices' Why? lt's red letter day. lO-Art Club gave a rip roaring good program in the auditorium after school to pay for their page in the Benny ll-"lt Won't Be Long Nowl" I5-'lPromenade' Swing your partners"' C A A barn dance, l7gAnd sure 'tis the top of the morning l be wishing you Home Ec gave a St Pat's dance and party l8-The Dramatic Club presents their annual three act sem T1 'fy' My S G7 r A X X tr 'fxigfgff -"1 535 WZ? lllf comedy A real triumph' Zl, 22, 23, and 2-l-Pictures taken for the Benny after school 25-Spring vacation and a breathing spell APRIL ig U W E fy-ffffrf VILJNE Crzrg 557,512 -l-Back to school lvliss lvlewhinney is again teaching her classes for the first time since last fall 7-Dramatic Club repeated, "lt Won't Be Long Now". 8--Several teachers and students out with the flu ll-Blue Tri opened Cirls' Week with lovely program l2-Report says we will see the boys in white tlannels and dark coats on a significant night in june l3-Rev joseph Fisher of the Central Christian talked at assemblies Boys were given a break and invited to our Girls' Week assembly l5-Mrs Catherine Turney Garten gave a splendid book review in the auditorium of Maple Avenue M E Sara lose- pha Buell l-lale was the lady of discussion l8-Oh dear, l don't see how I survive the shock l had the awfullest fright today. This noon l came home and found a significant looking envelop in the mailbox from Garfield l-l S But l worried needlessly, it was only im- personal 2l and 22-The annual faculty play, "A Lot of Applesauce' and only a quarter Sure was good 28-"Inaugural Ball" at the Deming inner Council Blue Tri dance, a bicentiennal one 29-"Sweater l-lop" at Vigo Bread Company tllrllltffs W 5 AW' in --'fa gl dnl! 'K . .,. x. . -, Fzfty-seven 2 trg.-aw-:+L-y . -5 ,- -1-se ML-':llir.i-il 4l5'if., ,ftfA'2 I Q4 x, - ,fly at re .V f lil! f ene as ,X X -'QQ' xx X l J" q,' , . , 2 "" ff-C Xvw R lf , lie? "Y A A 1 me ll fl i l 'f H if-5 , ' fi A tr iem f if We X 'J e erie-it X G I l lfll 'liflcg fd!! HQ' 5 'B l r MAY 6-"Kingdom of Hearts Content" presented by Home EC. 9-Blue Tri girls entertained today with a Mothers' Day tea in the Art Room The Home Ec. girls elected officers today for next year. l7-Dance and party for all members of the Business Club 25-Open dinner dance sponsored by Home EC. 30-Installation of Blue Tri officers for ensuing year puns 5-Baccalaureate at Central Christian Church, 6-Blue Tri farewell party 8-Commencement and a big general meeting for all Home EC girls ri-X 1932 if yi Aff!! If .5 f -- C ' 4-r Q- , : rel: i- fif. 'X ill I 'rin -, S-fr A , 'As --,hx Q, -2. 'f if 2 . T 7 'X k , ie ,em E i,,.,flefi 1iSaa X f Fifty-eight Q I3 enecizbfzbs f . H We can ei 5 if 2 iff. . ff- ' ,,. , A 5 " 1-lava? , - g 9 'X ' - 4 . - K S xgwz' V if R Q 72 2 'fy f 3,35 -xiii fg A,,,,A,..,,. x X X Q Q x -C3 9 2 .." . , 1 wf , X 2,5 X ' Ek QV' . ,N mx N- Q 5 , 1 a tc K ,SL 3 0 """" W -N I ' -' -'L - FET: P - ,--- My . - :E .f -V uf . 5,..,5.p.,:f-.- 1 D J PH 1932 WJW Fzfty nme E N, A2 Q f,,, gm? .V , 1 I3 JM ' " Eff ' sane as ae?" ,- dl -nj, B 1 UTOGRAPHS o59W5 m+ ff 1932 PM f I mwmw .ge Q' 7 , '. if if-2 1.44 'if' 1.0 f Sixty X XQQHIFM LVETU QT 5 ff' . vu ..-5. gf , NV Y M V, r .,.v., ' A, Fr Y V0 ,g,.s,w. .fe-2,4 I' , , . -A I 'LQ Nui .Q - Wh! ,lr .C 1, V' ll We 1 , - S 'rf-P Lg qu. Y" 4 --.r 4 f -S l v , K I , ..A ' n . 5, L, u 4.- 0 E . ' x t ffl' A'1 ,.5 ,Aly 'I-'L 4 -4 x .A f A nk, P 1 . 'lr' Rl, .4-, . . ... -. ..- 4, B ene ciicifus fi' Ek, L: Q, lg-2 g bfv ' X it' L ,X m e vu THLETIC UTCGRAPHS 1.932 , YQ. f., ll A41 Nd? A E gf ' Nllwxl. " 5' ' Q xv 5xfg'f,f'51,' - 4, "i fwmfs uf if-i -' .Sf J L- , I, 1 13 CZ? f uf ' ene 0 as ""f::' EARL PIKE IAMES CONOVER Director mf Pmsmcal Educar.-vm Assistant Dwector of Physica! Educatnon 5 rf? .11-fig 4 -ii, wifi? FOOTBALL SQUAD OF 1931 , 3-' 'E 'I'-' 4 if! 5, f jfjfq 1 3 2 ,Cx C f .Szxty-four - I . ' 145 -JL.. f 1-Q gg :AFX 1 Q1 K-2 W Ht' ' V543 .4 ,sr I I ?R --:mi Q, N is I' - g 'P 1 N I , 4, -Q - 5 ffl-Ei itg' A . 5 Q ,IE 1 I3 if f e ene 0 as .! L Flhi ,L-...l -. .lL T tt" 9 at-5 ' Floyd "l-loot" Campbell, veteran haltback of our backfreld, Y was the unanrmous chorce of the squad tor the Captatncy A qulck thmker and a game ttghter, "Hoot" proved hrmselt a very capable leader together vvlth garmng hrmself great fame through hrs excellent bloclimg abrltty "l-loot" was rated one or the best blockers rn the entlre Wabash valley Thus, however, was hrs last year and he wrll be greatly missed next year 'dh Ut' FLOYD "HOOP" CAMPBELL ' X uv Q wx ' I ff' Leonard "Pete" Klrehner. tall, rangy, 2211-pound tackle, ' '- xv L J J, L, me staved off the opponents' drlves so consnstently that he garned P the left taclale Dosrtron on the mythtcal all valley eleven Due to thus tune abuhty "Pete" was chosen the most valuable man X on the purple and vvhrte grrd machlne ot l93l. l-le also played hrs last year for Carheld "Pete" was lust a natural football player, burlt tor puntshment, somethrng vvhrch one must be able to take as well as grve LEONARD "PETE" KIRO-lNER tg 1 9 3 2 Sixty-five 3 5 731 E355 rwwmug I 'V' 5 um Lf as 1bnkfhafwe bald f A 1 .5-.: A ,ffflerc or-eu w e bunld' e I I 'I R IV F., I 1 ., f f F ' 1 X1 .- 'Klw' 1-. ' - MA X fa- " E -.g H ,ud- 'Y 'f ..' ?..- " Lv. -S ' - I Lf '- ' ' ,f F - :gr 1 - ' 11 V f J ' 13 ci ' eng zeius , vvv. ,..q ,..-. ..... Y..i,.t,.,...-- , I' V f-"",1 f,.x.X ' 4 h U -:,. f 4 ' ag' X Ny -N f F 5? N L f m-'Q " , .,.. 59- . ' -' '-A 'ffii , 4 B , ,fix 'H I . ' " f X yu' 'Q- - ' Q-T' , , -.- ,. . Q 'L Ll"- 'M l X " PL-15 y .1-3, " .,L.'- V ii, if- . , ff -, 'ff' 1 ,- -' .,:-..Q:2-if 'r Fi . NF' "N-id, f gf' ff' -N "-9 " ' if KWH -,ax Q V, ,-K-Af, 3 Z X-X ., x. INN , SQ? . ' .1 X W iq Q pg f x 'dar v,-fd-Q , .. Q N.. D ras K ' 1 ' ' fr A 1 ' - 9-,N ' . . - ig : up ' 1 . . , "We X 41 f ur'--J . .. 1 , , . , Y .X ,, - K X F - . ,EMF , -,r I QA - :za-F., . 4 ,Q ' ' 'V ' , ' L I , ' 5 I .lls t' ' ,X Q pg 1.5, , . .--A 4. '14,-,-5 y -, . . 1 1- . MT., .Pij'ffT- -JI - , , - 2155 'X Q - 611: " - f' 3' ' : " .2'. N 5.3 V , "- , Q .nm Q' 1 ' ff WWQ- - ,, . 1-1 ,ff 1:44 '- N - ' ., , pf- ' , , . 3, -Q S - Q. , , Ummm Y - 'Aw'-.i " V, is i: -, x .Q-'..'..2 - - -v ' 1 Q .2 . .- Q :ff 4.-Q' " f , e5's.x5, , fijg-:lfif.f -- fx , 1.9. ' 1 ,ff -1 fs.:-' '1- 1 ez: ' - " sw .L-r .g . -x .X ' ' "W - 3 4'-'1Pf1j:fa1.:-H Aryan! i x,- frw, 1 9 3 2 , .cg 5 nf- iq, 5 :Y ' , ""' .QV -af 5. 1 "EQ I fd' jggzl f I- I Q I3 enedz cfus W - W .-:Vw '71."':-TV' ire- - V. - Farm ffVs?7ff'vf , . . X '--'ilf ggp5q,'i3:f:+- Fl'-xr M .f .J Maj Vx V X. fi Q 'ff '-V""'f 4 . . V - X N F21 l, A 1 L ,f"" ?"3r4A' L :ff , -s h ,. ZF' . ,, ,. fy V4 . -X-V N .g r .b " F' ! Q K , Maxi 1-. 5 ...g.H:., xl'-45-i L. ' Q LA X E 1-15 K Vg X if VS 4 'RQ 'Pin ,. A S ' ss ' ,-' if V 1 if . , -,AN-NQF-, :'.'L' PN hi' ' -v. 1 IN at j x: " ff F -.4 ' my Ml if -J -,A -.- jk " 94':...l' JY' '- ' , V ,, . Q-' . ' 1. ,V f ff' - - ' n , fW"KV-.W - V 'li ifl wffi,-7 ' ' -' V - Vg- ' - W'-Wx' A A fi ' if 'ii "37'fif"A' tx as: X49 ii 3:1 f 'R ' H 1 ff, Wx! -raw , -V.. . ga- - A, V VY, V xv. , . ,-'46 5 -51,,,1fv 5:-V K -V : -Q . -,. ' -f -W - +354-Q x . 1 . ,l . VV ' - .VV- -if 1251 V, va. ,gf 3 -V Q '- ' " "'5l1'f5'T. -ug. 51" I1 1 X Vw: 1 - " 351. . vi. 24' ' 'W Lv A f ' za:-k::-'.V.L. - r N- - . A ,. ,. ' -.' ,V + : 1--3 - --x"- . '- , ,L f ' L ., sq , :Ay az ' ,gas ' - ' ' 4-.,"fVT ."- .1 vw , VV -x, ' F ' V -TEA -.5 Pffi . A' ' V V- -U -- 3-,,-91-,...u--1, k . M Q' 0 T ' , ,, 5. ,. i . q i? fi . V ' ff . V P A" 41 ? iw f A f J 5 , V E' Q 5. '5 jg, x if 4: - ei ',, V Wrist: -QGQQQV " dawg' , L- an-15.51 ,gr ,J ' , ' -I '- ,x -.1 A ' . V w 9 XV . sgiggfgg-, ,-.- ,.-.3555-pf-A-Nfzx I ,. ' . 'X V ' ' - -f N- ,rw gfgvw . ,Q - , ,wif 5. I i 4 : 1 ygv...,4a 'V A R W ' NP ' X 'Q 5 .f?f1i:lh x I' x L T, ' V V , ' ' ,,, -U V " ,if 1- -Ez:-" , ' - , - zgng- --LJ m g . , V .V , I - I 5, Q, . -1 ei , ,ff-:N V -rw '11, .A W . V YV 1 " f f1.f.8h1?'f+ 1 r , ' .f . V' X 1 ' fps. V , V: V gf' 4 L-"V.,:- -ip' ' ' JW " PM 4 1 - . x Q. Q- my X A 3 . - , g : , x xg 1 I -.ish "I 9 ' www ,EI , 1 QI V .Ai dan . A ff- .-4-.. fav' V ,,:,-:gif - 'A 'i " I ' , Sami' ' .'-ff, .' sex- 'Q ..f -'-' ' - ng V ' QL..-fV ' .gf-V Je- V.,-' " 1- ..,. -' .gf-f V' , ., - -nf. V -V 1 wwf' 2 4'1w 'f F3LE--T. A 1' V im-.i'3'V ' A , 1115--.f . " :Q-IQA 1232, --l.'7'7Q3g?,.:Tgg-2 U ' 1, ' Al V.- ' -1 s :1 ' ff 1V ' A .. 'f'P'.X.o'P 'nf' " ' -'3i:I 5V.yZ5,'i55 . , - V ' fn "-,gf gcrfl W A N A N . , , l : :,..,:-,- 4 . . A 1 . 1 9 3 2 Sixty-scvmly 1. R14 KW' V M Q? " 1 GY- Z7 fl: 5 A - ,f ihga V ii -.T-ffl" P qt r e .wi f an W ' B 1 f ence Like LL F O 0 T B A L L Carfielde 7 .... ---.Bra:il- O .... ..... S eDl- 25 Carfield-l6 .... --,-SuIlivan- O .... .... O ct, 3 Carfield- O .... .... C erstmeyer- b .... .... O ct. lO Garfield-22 .... ---, Bicknell- O .... .... O ct, 24 Carfield- O ..., .... R obinson- l3 .... .... O ct. 3l Clarfield- 7 .... .... C linton- l2 .... .... N ov. 7 Garfield-34 .... .... P rinceton- 6--- --., Nov. I4 Garfield- O --.. ---- X1 Vileye l2 ---- ..-- N ov. 26 86 49 CARFIEI-D47 BRAZlLfO ARFIELD showed great ability and promise in this first game of the season. Garfield drove Brazil off their feet by making sixteen first downs, as compared to none by Brazil, Garfield gained 274 yards by scrimmage to 27 yards by the Red Devils. Garfield threatened several times, the half find- ing them within one foot of the Brazil goal, while several other threats were halted by the Brazil forward wall Toss Herbert broke loose for S5 yards to score the only touchdown, l'vlcDaniels the point The game ended with the ball in Ciarfields possession on the Brazil one yard Crant looked best in the line while Herbert and F. Campbell looked best in the CARFlELDel6 SULLIVAN-O After a scoreless first halt, Aikman took a I5 yard pass from Herbert for 30 yards lvlcDaniels battered their way to the 4 yard line Campbell carried the ball over, and plunged over for line. backfield F, Campbell and McDaniels broke through the line for the extra point The third quarter ended with the Eagles having the ball with- in a few inches of the goal and McDaniels went over on the first play of the fourth quarter, Her- bert's kick was good Flint blocked a pass behind the goal for a safety. lvlcDaniels was the out- standing player, but was backed up by Kirchner, Laughlin, Burke, Aikman, and F. Campbell. CARFIEI-D40 TECH-6 Playing rather indifferent ball and getting some bad breaks the Eagles received their first defeat of the season A blocked kick was the indirect cause of the touchdown The only time that the Eagles showed their real power was when their goal was threatened Twice they succeeded in holding the Black Cats for four downs with no gain Kirchner looked best in the line, while of the backfield the outstanding were McDaniels and F. Campbell, CAPFIEI-D--22 BlCKNELL-O The team played a wonderful offensive as well as defensive game, and scored early in the game when the Bicknell fullback fumbled the kickoff on the l7 yard line On the third play McDanieIs entered 9 E , 1 3 2 is-1173-if ' 5 Sixty-eight lik Q KE 7X f ff 971942155 .xl I L- 1 t rr- f 44 .A , : ,i 4 . - 1 X N "-411. 'I V 1 v' rl 5 Into the role of a human steamaroller and scored The pornt was mrssed Agarn rn the second quarter a break gave Carfreld the ball on the Bulldog 22 yard lrne Herbert scored on a pass from F Campbell Hefberfs luck was good Laughlrn blocked a Brclznell punt whrch resulted rn a safety ln the thrrcl quarter a Carfseld drrve put the ball on the twenty yard lrne. and McDanrels agarn tore the Btclfnell Irne to pieces for a touchdown, Herbert followed wrth a good lcrck The fourth quarter was played mostly by reserves. CARP I ELD---'fl ROB I NSONY--l 3 A strong Maroon lrne held the Carfreld bacls whrle Weger proceeded to punch holes rn the purple forward wall The Eagles threatened to score but on ce rn the game An rntercepted pass, a serres of plays, and a pass gave Robrnson the frrst score The pornt was good ln the fourth quarter a bloclaed lcrclc, two passes, and two lrne plays gave Robrnson therr other touchdown The try for pornt farled The Car- freld eleven lost a great deal of pep when Krrchner was rnlured CATF I ELD-T CLI NTON-el 2 The Eagles played one of therr best games of the season and only lost the game through some bad breaks. They battered the Clrnton eleven to a stand strll Durrng the second quarter a fumbled pass gave Clrnton the ball on Carfrelds seventeen yard lrne and Clrnton carrred the ball over on a serres of lrne plays, The pornt was mrssed Herbert got loose for a nrce run Two passes and four lrne plays ended wrth lvlcDanrels scorrng Herbert made the Dnrnt In the frnal perrod a Clrnton pass put therr ball on the Carfreld eight yard lrne, after some drspute the Clrnton team scored but mrssed the pornt lvlcDanrels, Herbert, and I Campbell were best in the back freld Ctrant and Chappelle were best rn the Irrte. CAI? Fl ELD--34 PR I INICETON--5 Drsplayrng plenty of drrve the Carfreld eleven tool: revenge for a I3-6 defeat at the hands of the Prrnceton team by runnrng touchdowns across therr goal almost at vtrll Touchdowns were scored by lvlcDanrels, F Campbell, I Campbell, and Arlcman, Herbert krclced three strarght pornts l.l:Danrels was the bug scorrng gun wrth two touchdowns and one pornt Arlfman, an end, made a nrce run on a pass and scored Reserves were used freely by the man of the moment. Coach Prke CARFIELD-9 VvILEYfl2 Showrng very ltttle, rf any of therr power whrzh had pulled them through rn former games, the Crarfreld Eagles were defeated twelve to nothrng lt was the thrrd Quarter before the Xrllrley team suc- ceeded rn scorrng A delayed buck scored from the one yard lrne where rt had been placed by a number of lrne plays, Later, rn the fourth quarter, lones attempted to throw a pass, whrle the ball was on Clar- freld's nrneteen yard lrne and tt was rntercepted for a touchdown A pass from Herbert to Sullrvan gave the Carfreld team a chance, because rt put the ball on the Wrley frve yard lrne, but an rntercepted pass rurned therr hopes. The game ended wrth reserves playrng the last few seconds Fw'- 11,15 A 1 9 3 2 -r C. ' wr Hg s y ' x 1 7.323 'Qi t, ' I I E , W . Szxty-mire e' .1-g1g:.y,'rsTrfV -QT 1 f . "A+ N-.. f QTLQLZZO as VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD "Rob" Wheeler, playrng conslstenf ball rn most of the entlre schedule, demonstrated that he had very good defensive ablllty 'In addltlon to playing a neat floor game "Rob'A blazed The trall rn bornts, he was hugh scorer wrth Sl pounts. Il is only evident that vvrth such abrlrly he would be chosen as captaln of the l93l -32 edltuon of the Purple Eagles of the hardwood Hrs loss wrll be badly felt when old man basketball comes snooprng around agaln because he IS a senior, "ROB" WHEELER Y L, ."' fills A Xi vsl'f""NT-ff 'N' -X -'g i ' yn'-lj?-f 41 1 9 3 2 F? fl Q42 .-,3gg'Kqj gfq, 5 Seventy aqf : Ln 1 l Q I3 eneclzbfzbs .A ngfvl I f.. r' 1 .- AX 'fs' 1. . i V ,, 1 , , KL. --A' ., K ' ,Q 76 " ,A '--- Q, 1' ggj ' W ,X V , :Ja b Q A f- A , , 1 X' QP- Q 5 ' xw ' . gli b Q Y A -,N A K ,NR Y Kg WVVAV .H -2 K .jf ly-jif I: 1 9 . K Q Q f I cw ff ,,9e6a A ' ' 68051: . ce, v "Massive Sullivan. Forward uqpdwzeel Q 53" ' Q A 9" 1 i lgqva 1 g x K f - fi: , , + i 'Q A' gem ., ai 1 46.'MeUL?.b A q"C0-mag-6 Bari' Aikman Guq,,q,'0ney' . "WW VON' Forward . , - fra N Q., I I , I .3 1.12. X , U ITL ,Q iw' K fi' Q ' v w' ' fff f x ez" ' ' S , V'V' . V Giswlfd "Luke" 'Fischer ' "MIN .BA -3-l fe3T' ,A Ai , Manager' , , we , ' - 'I ".,ff,'-y!L.'.' 1 9 3 2 Sc1'cz1!y-one ' , M99?9f9FF35 ,A ,. ,.,, W- '.:.1.:--nga, -. .- . M.-z'.JQ4"4'-kx",' "" 'Ji-'T' 4, if N359 fx - I MT fb' 1? if ,, '- ' T -1 e ffenecliefus -.161 X ..: y il, " t 'Vw I 4. , Q VJ HQ w I xv N, Rf J "" I ' vs CITY CHAMPS R THE first tlme rn about tnve years, Garfreld ended the basket ball season as "City Champs". De- featlng Wrley by the score of 24-20 the Eagles b olse the spell whrch has hung over Cartreld for several years Tech came next ID lnne, gorng down under a score of All-22. and State fell before the true champuon form vvhrch Carfueld was drsolaying The State score was 28-l5, thrs game gave the Eagles full possessvon of the hrghest roost Thus was the Cartleld revenge for therr defeat in football, BASKET BALL Pmyluc REPORT Date Opponent Place Outcome Score 12,5 Sullivan Wlley gym won 25-23 l2-ll Brclnell W,Ie3' EWU won 28-ll 12718 Pans P-3V'S won 25-20 12719 lylarshall Marshall won 28-l3 l2-26 Clenn Glenn won 38-l6 12.23 Clay Crry Clay Crry won 22-IO l - l WI ley Wllevf won 24-20 I-R Brairl Brazrl lost 22-l4 l-9 Bosse Wiley gym lost 28- 9 l-I5 Tech Wiley gym won 20-l4 l .16 Petersburg Petersburg lost l2-ll l-22 Tech Wrley gym vvon l3- 8 l-23 Wrley Wrley gym lost 32-l9 2-5 Cathedral Wnley gym lost 4l -22 2-ll State Wiley gym won 28-l'f 2-6 Plaunflelcl Plannfneld lost 26-l9 2-l3 lvlonrovla Wlleyf gym won Q23-25 2-20 Shortrrdge Wiley gym lost ZS-23 3-4 Elaclhavvl Vflley gym won Zl- S 3-5 Honey Creek 4 Vtflley gym won 23-li 3-5 Wrley Wnley gym lost 11- 7 Total games vvon-l3 Total games lost-3 at S 1 9 3 2 , T , rg? a bmezzty-turo I3 emQcZz'cfLLS E RESEBZA mx L , GIANT oN5 Seventy-three 5 3 EAGUE Mp! , H7 'r M 7 ? gg.. IC: f' - ' 1 , - -,- . ., : Z 1 7' F ff, ai " J x c,-"Ol 1' -- 0 Wlsrxg- 3 , 'f i f t 1 I N: A. 3' I TX V Q Qng Qfurgw WEARERS OF THE "G" Lower row McDartlel5, Flmt, Herbert, Russell and Eder Mlddle row' Elller, lxlewlwrrmey, Sttllwan, Lartglwlm, Allman, Waller and Burke Upper rem Chappelle, Grant, Conroy. Campbell, Wheeler and lvlodesltt ,Vx V523 These lyme, have only one creed as tlwerr rws,r,trt'etmt1 It ts ae follows "For when the Great Scorer comes He rmarltz mfr xxlwetner gent men or lost. but mu ,eq f'tl.13Gnj llte game " No Creed Could be ang. better rm fosterrrtg the true Sportsman splrrl lll the meld 05 sports if ii- fl, 5 Qrlpy-1,., .2 ig, t 1 9 3 2 e --. .xvl , ',f :Nl 9.5 y , fr ' Q' e f,imiQ-K.5j-, 13354,-5 .Bez-enty-four -QW ff , Q B J ' i ww f? ene z 0 as I v: , Q f fi fx l X If K b ip: , 2 r"-" L-f's.L-"-.B Liv, I 1 lfx 1 M Ti ,' N 11 ' X 'P 32,2 F N Q .Q FK X 1 l P 11? 4 as 7 " W W? Y P . -'sf 1 : , Q, I ' u I L 1' ' A we Nfafwf - , V - , ME ,fr 45 - .-1f,l'fqvQ l 1 9 3 2 I fxf, XE! 1x A 'Q l f ,QNX 'QWX 3 Q .-:'4 V' . Sewerzty-ji-ug , -1 .y - "5.4fQ,- , 6 X. 5.-n .,. -,nm . ,:3.,,. -PJ ' . I' .,',g ..'. 'M'-, 4 x ,I .N I T2 I A 1 . -1 . "Sail . . ,V , J '. ' l G... ff 'E 1 iv Y KE 2. 'z f fl 8719 LL X XM My U , ef' fzjv ,fa V- .', I' .- ' 'f' A '-4 l.Y ' . ff: 'f1f-' , xx if V X 1 'I, 3 I f '+ 5 ' -K A. - f .I V A Y L 'lf 3.3 Q.. . HL ,A N ' Q-sa. f . bb P. 1 llillh uf. . 5 4, 3' M I". -r v- X I Qyf ' 51,43 . . , 1 , -, - ' ,- .2 f ' 1 ,ali -, ' ' ,D ,-.Q:..Q- A2 l.. A , ' 4 1 'I' J -g " W ' .J f . . , L A , X rt , v""k'5fin?WFI':f .' . - ' ' 5' ' fffjf. if f U ,V 5- 'V 6 :affix A ' 1 ra-'Q-ljvlszzf-11 ,- ,, ,. 4 , . ' , 1 k k f XIRIP1 ' mmm. -- . -1 k.,,.e-L -1 ,W- A-v5r3A1,A 2 V1 If .., ..,,, 1 . n.ii?Mf':s X 5 Will .1 . , . . , ,'.-k.,,,.---..-, " " -, --4-J--' -' - VJ-- 'ik r E K 13 wg Q Y 2 , ,5 A-q,15 tf?'A i i- asfx X X " .St Lentv six I' EL' X ,R NTIER gif' fi Q QQ? ,K 1' f' vfffgffaff ,ff -,.fjff:Q, f", 2 Z 2 Lmij I I EX f.LQmQXlS . . , 'l A :- ,1-. 4 .,L.J-f 4 V 4-Lx. ' 4 ' V... - -an ' f'v F l -,- . 1 U 1 -. .Q 1 , ,f Y A .Y I-9 ,. 4, . 1. . L ' 'Y 'I .A 113 1 af' 1, -53. - -. Ii., '. .s,,Z"' fwrf aw 'K fl' I' ,5 n f , e-V s - A.. ,fr 1 ix 'A Q, . .-. 57- , , . -. G1 -' JH X T'"V . ,S 11 'x gn-1, , th' Z' , 'e--13 'i 'fag' wh A V-Y ,- alffxg D.-E, '--il Fr' -N. Q--., N. . f' if 1 ,uf ...uv - V ' 7 -bi 1 U- I .' " . N f, WM , f li .' Tx ' ' -my aku ' I , - 5 :'Xf.q1ff- T UA fe 1 rs df f , v Q ene 0 as ,?i W- -. ,,... M- . ..q. we. -2-glggqe-M 3 ns. 95- az. HI-Y Presldent ,,... ..., R l Catevvood Vnce Pl'ESId6Vll,,- --, Leater Fllnt SG-CI'6TEiry .... - ...,, Max SClLlll'6 Treaiurer H--- - - -,,FQatrnond Harngtj HE Carlueld l-lu-Y entered upon the Current tear vllllw a true prograrn ol aetnvltlei llg Character re- newed, the organlzatlon reopened the Enol: Room, Dl'rEVlOLlSlt establlelwed, at the beglnnlng of the fall and gpnng terms Perrnlsslon to use the Collet: Perle tennss Courts ltaQ been C-btalned so that the l-ln-t may sponsor a team and a tournament fl precedent for other Subs lwax been eetabltslwed lll the announce- ment that the l-ll-t wall glve an Aclwlevenwent Troplwg The Seiond annual Hr-Y Poundup was a FOUSHWQ success Dunng the vear partles were glven, a snow spunsored, and plans launched for a ntlnstrel and revue The organrzatlon was repreientefil at the Lrntun Cenlerenee and the Ottlcerif Conference at ln- dlanapolts ln even manner the club has lnstllleo lll the azlwc-ol the true Qlll'lSTl3Vl Qlwaragter, t-.lmglw was proved by the Mothers' Dat Banquet ADIVSORY COUNCIL Mr Puke Mr Conover lvlr Plmlllps Mr, Powell lxlr Cntchfreld VY M C Al no ,E gl- qfif F lfrrllltl 1 9 3 2 -'fs we e., . .g,EYq. "2? Seventy-nine . 344,-ts fre L T :FTW 1: 1 I3 ll L Q b- , S 0 W. ,,,, , T , ,. BLUE TRIANGLE ARFIELD Blue Trl has had a rnost successful year due to the Interest and leadershlp presldent, Ellzabeth Barralder, and to the Cooperation of the rnernbers of the organ: The Ways and Means cornrnrttee under the charrmanshlp of Reva lx-flclvlahon, sponsored whrch proved to be a huge success Several other projects were eftlclent an addang rnoney to The dances and partres, under the dlrectlon of Cora Ann Davls and Helen Lac!-ey u ere cessful. , 5 or the club :atlon a yaudevllle our treasury. equally suc- Ceraldrne lxflarhn as head ol the servrce commuttee dld a great deal ot good worln The gurls of ller group rnade vveelly ylslts to the Day Nursey and gave the chrldren parhes on l-lalluween, Thanks- 5,lXlllg. Chrrstrnas, and Easter The Blue Trl placed a pound of butter II7 each -l-lT.3lWl5SlX.llTg baslxet that lett Crarlreld and gave two Chrrstmas baskets to needy tarnllles To Carheld, Blue Trt, leaves anew black curtaln for the stage V Weel ly broadcasts were grven over statlon xl! E O W under the drreclron of Vrctorra Leafgreen, program Cll.3lVVll3Il. and Ellzabeth Call and Agnes Rozgony, rnuslc chalrrnen The Club programs were of a valued nature. and lIT them a greater number of grrls oartlclpaled thts year than usual The same li true ot devotlons under the dlrectuou ol Vera hlaehlrng and her Qonunlttee Ot thus group twenty-fgtur guls tooli the Curl Reserve rlng rms year, at the "Feast ol the Lanterns" herd at lflennrle Parly on lvlay 23rd Thls IS the largest number ot glrls who have talsen the rung at Carfleld I if! B l 1-,tw 3' 5 ,643 A fs' 5 Eighty ,H f -'LE :f'.1:5:' 5 i f L.. hx t r . -Jug ' I' I , ,v , Q I3 enedz cius The present councrl, who have endeavored to rnclude all rnteresred rn the Blue Tru are as follows Presldenr --- -- Advrsor ,,........ Vrce Presrdenr ..,, Secretary --,,-- Treasurer ....,... Sergeant-at-arnwe ,,- Program Cllavrman ,... Advvsor ,,,,A...,.,. Servrce CIwanrr'nan,,- Advlsor ,......... Social Cnalrmen .... Advusor .................... Ways and Means Clwarrmanw,---- Advisor ........................ Eodv, Mind, and Splrut Chalrmanuw AGVIEOV - ,,.,,,.. - ....,..., ---- lvluglg Clwalrrnen ,,,,,,,.,., , Advrsor --------, - Poster Clwalrman ,---.. Advrsor .......... , Y... Nlernbersnrp Cnaarrnan ..... Advisor ...... , .,.. - Publrclly Clwaurnwan ,... Advrsor -- H ..,,. -- ----,EllzabeTl1 Barralder ---Mrss Norma C Froeb --------,,--Betty jean --------Mena Meyer ---Jvlarv Louise Cox ----,,----l-lelen Poll -----Vlctorla Leafgreen ---Jvlrss Marne E Latra Ceraldnne Marlin MISS Mlnnle B Lanwmers ----- l Cora Ann Davls I Helen Lael ev -----Mls5 Helen Relliel -----Reva McMahon ---Jvllss Ine: Kelly ----Vera Maehllng -hlxlrss Sallre Dawson ,,- l Elizabeth Call I Agnes Rozgony ---Wlxrlrss Nelle Duncan --,---,,,,--Mary Vxfard --,-lxrlrgs Alrce B lvloudv -----,,Dororhy Sartarn ---UMass Lora Levvls -----Margarel Barralder ---Aflrse Tlwlrza Parler 1 9 3 2 Eighty-one 4 5' Xia .fp 'af xx xi Q43 l on 5' f A ' ji .j'3Ix4-' ,,..11T..... .V 1 Q 1 ' eneclz cfus ni! 1 .nf k iiisufg AM 5+ 1 E 5 535 in QV fill!! ifgi r , wi". wa' - 'L aww. -' H- f ff :Q 1 if mf Ez , , ,YN -Lp 5117. - fglij-1110 :A at . , . ., .lbs A 'V-'W -G gala f.. r alf a S N O J Q I3 97L9LZZ,0l!LLS BUSINESS CLUB HE Carfxeld Euslncss Clrgh was Qrganlged ln September Arthur Dandy was eleCfEd Presrdent, Ade- lrne Stol es, Vue Presrdent, and Thelma jones. Secretary-Treasurer Through the leadership of these offrcers and the asslstance rendered by the commerce rnstroftors, the club has had a very successful year, the expenses of whrch x-.ere tlnanfefj by the prggeedg of a vaudevllle show An Interesting tall- by Mr Franlt Shannon. advcrtlsrng manager of tho Trrbune Publlshrng Co, and J rneetsng IH Charge ot the Club: alumna were ootstandrng teatllres N rsrts were made to the Xlrgo Breai Company and Ermlsrjh Brothers Cleantnlg Plant The Club year was Closed wlth a farewell party and dance Program Maurice Burnett Marlory Dever Agnes Rozgony Maztrne l-lornbuclile Frances Sampson Laella STAND I NC COMMITTEES Ways and Means Margaret Muller Dorothy Conroy Elleen Hyett Henry VJat5on lialph Vfllllama r Publnclty lulua Smatllli lr."IVglI'll5 Srnlth lune Turner Doroth -,,r House ,'.'oOjr0w l-.lrlier SPONSORS B. McKee Erma Ruth Mewhrnney .Y v aa 0 5 ?f ,V:, I,gQ-5 , -1f!. "'?'f2l 1 9 3 2 -wif W 1 H J.'g ' , .K , 41.2 jf aigiiill f Eighty-tlzree ?x gg11i 7lffNi,, :-'V g . a --- ' -:gr-'E 6 I X' I3 LZ ' L' 9 ene z 0 as ' F5 ART CLUB President ,,.... ---R l Oatevvood Vice President --..-. ---- A rthur Dawdy Secretary Treasurer ---- ---Pauline look HE Cartielcl Art Club is one of the new organizations on the Garfield campus, having tor its sole pur- pose to instil in the student body a warmer feeling tor that which is fine The club meets weekly on Thursday and endeavors to carry out an artistic program The club sponsored in the past year a dance, candy sale, 'Washington bridge, and the tirst stunt show On our program tor the immediate future is a japanese Festival, which vve hope will be the outstanding entertainment Garfield has presented from an artistic as well as from a business standpoint From these various enterprizes. which have been suc- cessfully launched, we hope to add to the beauty of the school COMMITTEES Publicity chairman ---- --- ---- Xvanda Cash Executive chairman ---- ---- B ob Catewood Advisor ----.------ ---Miss Moudv if f! 5 -' if f ff .."s',.5 ' 5 . V51 2 Ezglzty-four if f -' if na i E fieneciicfzbs .QR :av , X . U i, 4 J ' Q2Q:' ' N4-'T y , ,Q N' iff: A f x N 5 X . 1-,vs .-, -N: V',N.El5g3-Qjlxg, ,i gQ "'- .Q " 53 f V"-U f 0 W ' 45 ,wh VA. N ,M ,if QQ? Wee 4' 4, ga , QQ :ng fda, N vx 9 mx Q lk C B , . ae 'Q , df, 4 'ff X ' Vg 4 in 51 X ' -. A Yrvq, ic' Ae' 1932 NN P 4 A f if . Epqlzty-jzzv' :'A,4,',,'i.4,w .1-fkg., . "F .i l lx . , , l 1 F.. 7 Q V 'T"'H E. ' C5f4Xf'?F::liL..D - ,iqf-. ,,, L W, lb M, - ' ' ' "' ' A----Ir - in .-. iF, ,, -, X 1f., , .f,3f :E - ' X - .sffr-, -' "' 'ff 'LLC W E ff 2533 'Wil Q?L x Q ' 5i -BQ 6 J-1 "Taxi ' f xx f 1 ff, , fav, ,, 214 , ' Wk lx , 4 WL-ff-. f ' . X X.. .. N -af., ft nv I fic- -Q "' ., iw 'AY -5 ' li , '. 7 Publi eel b 62'-xor fx, Gap feld MDCDXXM1 in . 0 ff fmm., M- .,-,,dw, 1, MM J N 0 av A Z". .V f bil, a - -Q W V . I f Q 97118 C220 US '5 'Q ll A , Bee Aaron Mary Banta Geneva Branharn Posernary Burke Mary Burrough Vrrgnnla Cooper Elinor Copral Laura Davis Mary Dovyen Ruth Dowen Bernuce Eder Margaret Eglotf Ruth Ferguson Margarrte Forbes Mary Chrndes Dorothy Clbberson HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Emma Cusron Faye l-lolton Dorothy House Alsa Humphrys Agnes Kurchner Mary lvlcjliee Dorothy MCKillop Allie Manpln Dorothy May lane Mayes Dorothy Monnlnger Paulrne Monroe Geneva Murdock Sarah Nesbltt Marjorie North Leona Oltean Hennetta Parsons "Deceased 'r-f1v1.- - .. 1 9 3 2 2,14-1.5 Ezlglzty-sm: Manardine Reese Maxrne Reese Dorothy Sartain Vrrginia Srrnpson Nellie Sneddon Eleanor Stillwell Margaret Tallon Mary Taylor Rosemary Thompson Dorothy Vanness Buehah Vernon Beverly Von Eute Marne Wallrnck Maxvne Vxfallworth luanita Walser Delta Wllkrnson La Vanch Woodruff qv sw . - , I effenedzefus - as THRIFT CLUB HE Thrttt Ctub thus year as I0 the past has trred to further the practtce of thrttt among the stu' dent body Due to "hard ttmes' It has been rmpossrble for many students to bank and because ct thus contests have not been hefd The new system instrtuted has made rt harder The rnrnrmurn amount of a weekly deposrt ns now twenty-frve cents whereas before there was no Irmrt However, the members of the Thrift Club, both the fail and gprtng terms-sfor a new group of mem- bers us selected each term-have cooperated and Carfueld has no reason to be ashamed of nts record for the past year Mtss Ellrs and Mrs Sankey were faculty advrsors, M, . as , M- fri? -Mew -V --la-- 1 9 3 2 P Q0 V -4- -f 4i tx . gg!j Eiglzty-.sewn 2 ' a t-e--52+ 'A--L 2-'ef .. Te 1 ' erwcliefus " .Q .3 , ' 44, V I 'Xxx x t . I lf? '- 5 in R535-:tg 11. To N Y a ny L?-5 -. TT'-axis so A get -,YX '1-4 .Nix AMICI ROMANI HE Latln Club was reorganrzed thus September alter a Derrod of three years has elapsed wnthout a Latun Club The name "Armen Fiomanln, meaning "The Roman Fruendsf and the motto "AmrCutla colenda est", rneanlng 'lfrlendshtp must be Culttyatedn, were Chosen, Durung the year the club has sponsored many candy sales, and nn March ut staged an assembly of Roman games, companng present- day athletlcs to the anclent Roman feats The club has progressed rapudly under the advisorshlp of Misses Lammers and Duncan The present ottlcers are' Consoles, Vera Wrught, lohn Whrtesellg Aedules, Ncrene Raines, Darrell Bennett, Quaestores, Leon Montgomery. Max Squireg Scuba, Meredith johnson The club sang :s "Ammo Romanr' sung to the tone of "My Wlld lnsh Rose". AlTTlCl Roman: ftmlcl Roman: SUFDLIS amlcn bonl Sodales sumus FldGl9S, fortes Benlgnl multls Amarnus omnes et Latnvam quoque Clarnores dornus et multas laudes Arnlcrs Rornanls nostrts d 1932 1 s .V 5 Eighty-eight l i..-1.-... llllllg if D -KE I .xf 6, f EY I3 Q? ' f ' 9719 Z0 US james Ball Anna Beasley Marguerrle Cade Maxwell Cassle Robert Clark Rlclward Dennis Ernrna Duncan Paul Dunliarn Lucllle Halsley Gwendolyn Hrllrs Karl Knlpmeyer THE lvlElvlBERS ARE2 Helen Lacley Isabelle lxlerssel Mena lxleger XVllrna lxllller Howard Moery Parrlrne lvlonroe Leallla Morey R ev a lvl C lvl a ll o n Saralw Nesbll Valxerda Padgett lane Parker vvlllllla lvlllner Vera lxlaelllrng Cllarles C8lNlll l alllerlne Brown Lrllran Brown lxlarrlwa Arballglw lllarlln Ollelt larl. Slwalre Davld Prlslmorllw Helen lxlelles Helen Dodson llcsenwarx' Eurle farf- - 'S .- JTQK rf, lr: rr'r 'flew 1 9 3 2 Eighty-nine 1fQ 7?'f' -52 .J f 5 t . ' I3 enedzcfus y X Q ! 2 v is GARFIELD PLAYERS THE DRAMATIC CLUB OF GARFIELD john Smith-- -- ..... President Maunce Burnett--- .......... Vlce President Ehzabeth jones .... - ---- Secretary and Treasurer Mlss jewel Ferguson-W ----------. Faculty Advrsor HE Cartreld Players began the tall semester wtth torty enthusrastrc members The total member- shrp of the club cannot exceed tltty members, and after numerous try-outs the following members were accepted james Hughes, Russell Welhorn, Norene Rarnes, Dorothy Hayener, john Porter, lvlorrrs Strolex Camrlla Tuclzer, Wulham l-futch, and I-eroy Ptng The Players have had therr usual Fnday eyenlng play every weel-3 rnterspersed wlth numerous parties and specral 'get-togethers' Thrs year has marlced more Cltlfifillh-jlflg ezents than any year slnce the club was formed. The Players presented the one-act play "Where l-oye Is" as their Chrrstmas productron Thus play was most success- tul and upheld the rdeals and standards of the true Chrrstmas season- john Smtth, the presrdent of the club, presented Carfteld wrth a srlver loving cup He was granted rx 1 y, f r -F Ijwvfj L"1 'T' 'x 'as Y' T .-I, '11 r-i,Qf',1' . xx W J N E Ninety .al W e I' i. att., f -J F 1 V 8719 Z0 LL-SW this cup because of winning first place in the county Bar Association Contest The Players are proud to claim him as their president The outstanding dramatic club production 'Alt Wont Be Long Now", was not only unusually inter- esting, but the proceeds allowed the club to purchase new furniture for the school stage "Open House" was held for the student body, Two plays were presented the fantasy, "Columbine", and the light comedy, "Too lvlany Wives " The auzlitorium was filled to capacity The Players look with pride to the fact that they were chosen as one of the three outstanding dra- matic clubs in the state They were given a very difficult play to produce for the conference of national and state delegates of dramatic directors The name of the play was "Across the Border", l-lelen Lackey took the part of lVlrs Hopper, john Smith the part ot Ed Hopper, and Leroy Ping played Franl. l-lenderson The meeting was held at Indiana University The boy's play "loomed up" as the laugh provoking "co-ed" production of the year Finally the club banquet with its pleasant memories and delightful renewing of old friendships, claimed the attention of the club This event is considered the final curtain of the Players season lvliss Ferguson and all club members regret to bid the graduating seniors a farewell to club activities, but send a sincere wish for their happiness always is gizyx E -1. V? f tftitttllt-5 ful f 'wt ffm My L 1 9 3 2 T: . , ,P .R . Nznety-one fg.f,g.,- we-'L B, c lll he I3 LZ ' f f Q ene ze as -in Amt Vfllrfllwr Dfmitor Tallet- Vlx nam Darrell- Beanet Blal e --- Robert Presttgn Thrirrnae - - -- Mlm X'.'rll es-- lxflr' lkfleel 3--- Olga ....,. Frances ,...,, Franl: Cullen ,,A, Charle5 Dnbenn- - Dr. l.Orrng-- Prees nrarr ,,,, --- A Pcrllcenwan ,,,,,,A, - Dtrector-lxflnse lewel Fe-rgttetirrw at The Garfield Players present' A comedy in three acts It Wont Be Long Now" Our l-lClli'l'S' lrgrne l.'t'ltrte'4-,e-ll, Ada lN,l.1Ctlrl, and Marx liatherrrre Reveal ,-ic?" fl 5 illwlt fill N --- 1 9 3 2 -1 x ' , " 1- iff. E .Yinety-Iwo 'Jqx -' "rf: r ----Helen Lackey ---Kenneth Payne ----Kate Newton ----Ellus Barnett ------lohn Smith ----lack Norwood ---Elrzabeth jones ----larnes Hughes -----Mary l-lussong -----Lucrlle larrett -----,,,Paul Crtfel Russell NVE-lborn -----Stuart Srnrth --- Morris Strole - --Daryl Orem .V f ff , fs- ' at Wg ' , New ' X ,I J -1 XX, L at 5- , f, 4.-, 'Hx-fill emeclicifzbs - HE plot of thus play was unusually lnterestrng Flybert Preston rs a wealthy young man who belleves that to be successful he must be "hard, Cold, tlghtf' and above all rnust "never rm-' sentrrnent vvlth lJl,lSlIWE'SSl' He us lll love wlth Ann Wrnston, but she has no use for hun, though Xlrvlan Darrell, a lrsper, rs only too an-tous to be Lund to Pobert Ann and her trrend Doctor lallex conc l,wl gt a scheme to soften Bobs hard outer shell, and manage to convrnce hrrn that he has tal en a deadly polson by rms- lake, and has onlg twenty-four hours to llve Ann also tells htm that she I5 golng to roarrg Doctor Talley Bob rs an desoalr, hut plans to do everythrng oosslhle HT twentytour hours to atone tor the seltrgh lrfe he has lrved As a last noble gesture he rnarrres Kwan Darrell because he helreves lt x-,rll rnale her happy and persuades Ann and Doctor Tally to make It a double vweddrng But when the twenty-tour hours are up Bob llnds that he Peeps on llvlng and that the DDISOD hasnt wc-rled He li rn a dreadful rgosltron, for the polltlcal grafters he has exposed are vvarhng to arrest lAlllTl, he lS DGl'lI'lIlESS, and worse than pennr- less rn berng marrled to Vlvlan, and Ann li Doctor Talleyls wrte ln the end lt ts all strarghtened out, and Bob has learned how to hve and be happy Memorles ot dellghtful rehearsals llnger alter thrg presentahon because ot the perfect coopera- tton of the cast, and the support of the entrre Club -. vw., .. ,, ,,,1 il gllrff-Z? 1 9 3 2 fo rr' Fr.. lk :Z E T Q Ninety-three 2-g ag i fwfr t.,-, 5 fv- 1... 1 - ., .,,, Y - -A 1 - ': - 63 I ' 1 ' :M Q AF J ' B eneciz cfus but-."l N ww X Em -xxx 'B N x HM Vin Q - 1932 ha! ' 54 'THZGQN T aff? if .Hy 1 1N .:'f5f- "sf ik ,," '3'.g " T , am , ,. L-, :if 'f ? '-'KQAAZ " 'N fl Q1 73514 BX . Q-3 n Ninety-fozzr

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