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3 MLW A 953 Wm X jf W iw ff 4 M JM W X Q F X U Hou 9 ciao fp' WAN QOH! M0315 ' I M veHM 9fj,Qwvj5Wfs52UQOw kjy , 2 , , STM? bg? P 5256? iw T637 Ri 2 VX 0 Vg, iQ "XXX Wjvwwjigwf Hg, , 99 J I Q 2 Y' afb O 33 0694611 1 ' My KT 5?lE9lI33PlH5.?Q3?l!li'llTl1Y9S1i'9lIlSlll3I'9 ,UM fwlm, 3 J juopfv 260 -4,243 ,7914 Q Sagffzvglffftigijicldd foibaff FUN +0 YDUR YJAPEQ fqidmtsb +0 LQOLJ fvlgjbx- fl ll D3 44.15 -.4 iz W 335- H 'na if X 1 , M W Li, 1 435. iw Mg F M5 . wir! "' 5 f. XY' f 'i 4' win vs mx -1- .L ? 5- 5 'M we - wg. M, . at 2 .JAN xg'- ggm ,Tw ff ii ui' :fm M 'ni A., ggssz -V1.1 TYZWQ ., ,sm Q, nw. fs , S ' 23,3 -ilu. xg" Si, , ., fl:-ii, 4, y3,,fGja:ff2-im,-4.925 4,1-11'. 1 vw-ff ffkgwfrvbwfajWy,'5,,,J?5fx,Ei9 5',fnw N X. X- f.'HL:1f '51 "Eg ' WSWS vvfwwl 4 H48 'f 47' U11 ga' E ' swf' 3 .fi 325+ 1 ,- l Rf' M' 5 af gy, SCHOOL LIFE 132-163 SPORTS 164-208 PHOTO ESSAY 3-7 WITH SENIORS 8-39 UNDERCLASS 40-99 FACULTY 100-1 15 PRODUCTIONS 1 16-1 3 1 SPIRIT, WE BEGIN lr' E"'!' M 1 lisp ,V Nxt ax Pl W - W ,, 1 digg, ,N 1 Jgslgy, . 'N -11 ML1 , Q llfvx '15 1 3, L Pa E 'ln ii, ,....,-p11-"W --' : 3 4? . . -' L '15 li i ' 11x'f?kf3"M+'1 Us E 'aim SSXW 2 if u I Y' PIRIT I 1l""""leM CARING ENCUGH TO SHOW IT! 1 l -if '?YT'f:W'! 'fix 'WL "N-U, .I W r. , . Cf' may QQ, il Q -Hz? "' WR WHS iisifix s -'eE'Pb2f+ 551. X, pw-, 5' " ff 15 1 'r .lv Consuella Adams Iiwann Agenbroad I would like to thank God and my "The most important piece of lug- Mom 8: Aunt for helping me get gage is and remainsajoyful heart." - through these years. Bye Garfield IL Lons Sam Alhadeff Yes. there are two paths you Can go by, but in the long run theres time to Change the road youre on Tom Alvis Lisa Andrews Marching band 1.2 Pep Club 5 Love ya,j.W, TS.. TK. Thanx Mom. Dad joanne Allen "We dont have maid serviceg it's a cheap hotel." -R. Diesner Larry Ames Amanda Aiken Lisa Allen Orchestra 1,2 Volleyball 5 Basket- ball Mgr. 3,4 Football Mgr. 4 Purple Paw 4 Pep Club 4 Carol Amey You've got to live day by day, theres only one way to get to para- dise. Peter Albert Football 2.3, Capt. 4 Baseball 1-4 Annual 2 Adv. Drama 4 Senior Prom, 1-4 11? Kimberly Allison I dont like your attitude! -my moth- er Erik Anderson I have never let my schooling inter- fere with my education. - Mark Twain Michael Ashley "As you go through life you come to many obstacles. but if you put your mind to it, you will succeed," Lisa Banks To all my Pe7o's: I check. We finally made it! Thanx Mom 254 Dad I love you. Cj.G.I..E.P, BeardlBye Denise William Beach Iiinily Berlin Robin Biggs Why all this toil for the triumphs of an hour! -Young T , ,, 3 5. ' 'X Charlisa Barringer Marching Band 1-3 MESA Z-4 Pur- ple Paw 4 Love ya. Mom Portia Beard iyears 64 finally made it Thanks 2 all who helped me this far Iiut time awaits to complete mv goal. Chris Bernhardt Martha Bayne "Thats nothing to what I could say ifI chose." -Alice in Wonderland jennifer Bell frm- Nils Bernstein Who cares which games we choose, "Its like an internship in way-out little to win. nothing to lose. ,,. 'kin Yi ' F V 'S' K ff 1 is-bftlw, i , "'i. ""'973i?1 ' ' ul!!'ifdgmflais-:f,'il57jJs?m .afafftitst-i':i1 I. ,Vw ii ww.-,ftp," ggianflx' hifi-we pi ,, J ,,,- , ia- V-.W-, f - ' I 1 , -, 'iifxsvifisij iifff-5159-iii - iii Gooveroonif' -The Flinstones Antoinette Bazile Thanks Mom for pushing me so hard and good luck to the class of Diane Bender Gymnastics lg JV Cheerleading lg Pep Club 51 Love va I.A.j'l'. IJ. TS. TK, Thanx Mom 84 Dad Gary Berntson Life is a lot like a dirty shirt. Com- fortable until you sweat in it. -I'n- known Diana Botero I've been dazed-n-confused for so long, but now I'm throughl I love you, Steve Klemisch Chris Bourdoiseau Gerald Bradford Dewright Brooks Darlene Brown The sun is the same in a relative way Who's zoomin Who Thanks Strive hard and you will be on top in Best wishes to the future Thanx but youre older. -Pink Floyd PS I grandma and Mom everything you do. Good luck un- Mom. Dad Good luck Celese. Kim love you. Sonya. derclassmen. 86' rules Felecia -.ass Ilelena Brown Odiva Brown Dexter Brunson Shanna Bryant Lnderclassmen. glad I'rn out cause Forget troubles that passed away. Kickin' it live. to all you hackstah- 87 it's going 2 be hard Z heat RC L will be here all summer. Thanx but never forget to remember bless- bersz better get hip and bust a move. Guess Girls. it was lun while it last Mom. wouldnt ol' done it without ings that come eath day, Thanx I'll prove that l'm the bestll ed. Thanx Mom 84 Leon Luv U B you. Mom, s L. Q 1 - ax fa ' it 'T Esr f Anthony Bryant Greg Campbell "All we Can ask of you is that you try your best." -Frank Ahern l l Patty Butler "Let the world know you as you are. not as you think you should be. . . " -Fannie Brice Angela Byrd Family and Friends are precious. I've been blessed with both. Mom. Dad. Grandma, and Familyg Thanx and luv. 4 Renee Byrd Nancy Canady Look ahead to the good. rather than dwell on regrets of yesterday. lt's funny how time flies. M5 l Joe Carlisle V. lootball 3.4 Gamma 3.1 Thanks Mom and Dad l'm ghostll Fredrick Clark Nathan Corwin Peter Darrah Suzanne Carlson "l did enjoy my youth to the maxi- mum. I must say." -Chrissie Hynde Nathan Clement "Because it's there." -HH. Wendy Cox Back to Kansas City. TOTO Darius Chaney Nicole Collins Girls Basketball mgr. Funfest I Pre- cious Pups 2 David Crum Life is so unpredictable. dont let it slip away. To my Dad. I won't let you down, Kara Church Jacque Conyers Life cannot be achieved without en- thusiasml Esrenee Cunningham "Success comes from heart and from the mind." Thanks Mom, V. Tratk 1-4 Luv ya -IPB Camille Davis just because everything is different doesnt mean anything has changed, N and A. thanks Mom and Dad, Michael Davis "My dreams. they arent as empty as my conscience seems to be." -P.lf. Daniel Dickson 'lin free as a bird now" -Lvnard Skvnard Marie Dion The time has come the song is over. -Pink lfloyd BYIZYY Melanie Downs Thank you Lord. Mom. Dad 54 Sis. I made it! l'm outa here Good luck jay. Kell ac Rod. be your best! Thanx-Huteh Katrin DeHaen Well meet again some sunny day - Pink Floyd Mike Diehr "Driving in circles. I Come to my senses sometimes." -David Byrne Thomas Doolittle "You may have genius, The contrary is, of course. probable." -Oliver Wendell Holmes Roderick Demmings Goal: to be a pilot. Give God and Mr. and Mrsjames Hutchings cred- it for graduating. Marisa DiGiaComo "Soon well be away from here, Step on the gas and wipe that tear away '." -The Beatles Elizabeth Doud 'llello Sunshine" -Aretha Franklin Wi joseph Dibee Maxmilian Dimotif Orch. l--i jazz Band l-I Marching and Concert Band 2-3 Stage Band 5,1 All-state Orch. ll Andre Dowell Margaret Duffy "I Count myself' in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends." -Shakespeare Clyde Duncan Varsity Traek 1-bi "Vice" 3.4 BVFI' Club 2--1 the l3L'IiFMASTIiR 5.4 Puma Inc. :Ce Y -,IV my .11. - Y W Akai, 1 g, ,f all -if Mandi Iirnsr And so we know and rely on the lme God has for us. Ijohn 1:16 a Q., fx r ,, T sie ,- el -fit, Luis Ferreira jeremy Frank Chris: But are they Vuarnetsf Me: Yes. Chris, they are Vuarnets. jason Eichinger jazz. March Band 1, Track 2, B-Ball 3,4 Sr. V.P. FuriFest 5,-4j'nlI- Thanx Ahern and Hairston-Vice 4, Loriana lisquibel We made it Guess Girls. Thanx Mom 84 Dad Ylulio without your help I wouldnt ot' made it, Good luck to Juana Stephen Fogdall "Never look back, man, something might be gaining on you." -Satchel Piage H Q D i.iit r 'N N 5 rf 1- V , .111 K X. if-fe Zena Eltayeb Thanx Mommy 84 Baba Volleyball 'a MESA 2-4 Pep Club -4 Debate Team 4 Purple Paw -1 World traveler Carol Etheringt- Tracy Forbes Adam Ernst "To he happy is to be a cow" Sarah Fernald "Can you imagine us years from ro- day. sharing a park bench quietly 1" - Old Friends jean Foster "The days that make us happy make us wise." John Mansfield Gerald Freeman Monica Fudge Demetri Georgakapoulos Why are you reading this! Yes. I played sports. and I was A,S.B. Pres. and I was the shii anncr 5.41 Selina Gleason G'day mates! Dont forget- "Every- thing you know is wrong ' Cheerio! -Thanks Mac! Rachel Greenlee Chloe Gale jon Gary "Rosemary,that's forrernembrance. 4 yr. letlerulami ASB VP. 3 All and there's pansies. tl'iat's for American"Thanks Ms.j,S.ancl Mr. thoughts". -Ophelia Beck and Ahern." Qui-I Gefgfgm Craig Gibson Hlley' Hey. Hey .,., HC Careful out "Regrets, l'ye had a few. But then thefef' - The Sarge again. too few to mention,"-Sid '5E1'ivFE535ll'!TiH7fF" ' " V "Xin i - , , X. L is f tfi 'V - rw I or JN 1 Vi W Qi 1 f fi 1 .l- . KV 3 ' Darryl Glryxier liva Gorenstedr David Gayton Marching Band 1 Concert Band 1 j.V. Football 2 Thanks Mickey Wliat's Next! Sonia Gibson O Snail, Climb Mount Fuji, But slowly slowly! -Issa Matthew Green "Dont bother asking me questions. I only answer my own." Andrew Hamlin Marching Band 1-4 jazz Band 1-4 Mess 2-4 FunFest Z-4 "Never assume any audience is friendly '," -C. Collins Darion Harding Lisa Harris Carrie Helde "Heres wishing you the bluest Sky and hoping something hetter comes tomorrow '." -The Kinks i To iiii l I' n' i Donel Hill lt's not hard if you try. Thanx Mom and Dad. Holai Class of '86 "Califor- nia" here I come "Izod" Britta Hooper "Live long and prosper . . . " -Spock 'pi A . Patrick Harris "Thar's not sarcasm, tha Brian Stud" 1-4 t's wir." - Purple Hazejimi Hendirx "Power 1 aaa Catherine Hesik Crystal Hemphill Annual Staff Mesa 23,-1, Purple Paw Remember rhe games and daisy Vpward Bound Thanks all, love you . . , Bye! chains and laughs. Got to keep the loonies on the path, Erik Hille Maureen Hoiseck . 1 A -:svhk sgif it iv Darrell Harrison We Made it Marcus Thanks Mom 64 Dad I Love Lori S, Damon Hightower Sarah Hood "Theres more to me than just a fine pair of ankles." -Cyndi Lauper Latonya Horace V, Baskerball 5,4 Funlfesr 5.4 Thanks mom love you I'm gone Wendy Iloro "The rule is hercus percusf' - liliudoae '. if f 'z 'S 5 2 iiL,,'5S!f if -' it "SiE?fi?ElierJiiJ:r'Jfi-.-may2214559 ,f 'uf mgt?'I, l1?' ' 1 w , G V i J we ' Th i ii -: ' 5 .J . ,S X 'f , ""' .. ,. ef . V 2 5: Erica Hunter Loraine jackson We only seem to appreciate the things we lose. We made it Dar. Tam, Dee, Lisa8cI,isey, Thanx for good times! jacques johnson Shalonda Iioward Guess Girls we finally Made it let's live it up 4-exer. Bye Mj. SM. HB. and PB. Thanx Granny SII8:'l'SI'I 4- ever -we Ted Ipsen "Life is merely a continuous series of opportunities for survival ..,..., Duty. Honor, Country." April james Softball 1-4 Basketball 1,5 Fthall ingr. 4 Mesa 2-4 I,uv va Mom. Dad, 8cBro Randy Ilubhard Sean Hudson No school activities 1-il Countless bands 1-4 Sorry. Ryan, I cant tell you why 1--1 joe Israel Alicia johnson Thanks Mom. I'm on mv way to the top. I love you, jj. Vanessa jack Mesa Z-4 Ifunlfest 5 Purple Paw 4 Pep Club 14 Bon High Board '86 Love ya Mom'n Dad Anita johnson Goodbye Garfield. I'm headed for Beverly Hills, I love you Michael Lawrence johnson -nv. Racliel Vlolinson "Keep Clam." -Ixar Marla Kilgore Q rears and lmallx' outl It was lixe. Class ot' 'Hof 'llianlxs Mom and Dad liie Sliawn rautomoliilesa Leah Kolalenlierg "I used to be Snow White until I drifted" -Mae West Dan Larsen "Sl'ieesli. lille sure ain't like a beer commercial!" -anonvrnous transient Margo jones 'Iliese are the best times ot' our lives I,et's enloy wliile we Can. Thanx Cod. Mommy and Daddy 'G.G. It exer I Nu. . X . x l.iletlia Kimmons Alexandra Ladd Energy never dies, it only Changes form, we- e -Ji Mark Keister Itiyou win the Rat Race, youre still a rat. Gerrit Kiscliner "Am man more right tlmn liis neigli- bors constitutes a majoriti on one." -Henri Daxid Thoreau 31. as Aaron Lafferty "We sliould enjoy tomorrow wliile its liere . . . because someday today will be a long time ago eziggy gf-4 .4fqn..,.w- rm- Ifmmer Kerns Ronald Knight lraflx 1-l Cfapm Cross Clountrx 1-4 lilalio travel squad J- Q All metro 1.2 mileftuo mile Vlolin Lang "lo swim tlie mountains, and Climb tlie sea. This alter all is to lwe free. - lirozo Wozoid Donald Larson t . , Ji -: 1 'J-iieiwgiilvv -1 ' .. .ae sw -:J:1.T7'iii wii: K 4 -1-, 1-5 -2 L -Q , - '7lEQ1i'1'?il X 'tif 81, "iff , ,ew :Iii MVR i' i i .- if lr gi All Orion Larson Iiric Lowney "What ii long. strange trip it's been." -The Dead Justine Maxwell Alan McKay Gather your wits and hold on fast, your mind must learn to roam. -The Who Marty Lawson Tanya Leavitt Douglas Legters "I'll Check," "lt never rains under my umbrella." - Basketball lRentonl 3 My return to The Whtm Liesel Lund Mark Lundahl Life is like an opal-the more you "Come on in here boy have a cigar, look the more you see, youre gonna go far" -Pink Floyd r Jr' 1' Michelle McCauley Eva MCGough "Were going boom-boom-boom and that's the way we live. -David Byrne the Doghouse 4 Mens club 1-4 12377 Elizabeth Martin "Hey, Babe. take a walk on the wild side." -Lou Reed David McGuire Carmalita McKinney Steve McKinney "When I leave I dont know what I'm hoping to find-When I leave I don't know what I'm leaving he- hind," Shelindra Melton I Can finally say 4 sure I've accom- plished soinethingf Thanx Garfield I exerirhing luvxa Mom SMSSII I- ever. Carla Milan "Ili we Cannot end now our differ! ences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity '." -J.IiK. Derrick Alan Minney "You know It just doesnt get any hetter than this." -Old Milwau- kee Ryan McMahon 'But ... Wliy?!" Alison Metheni They are not stars liar away, They are stars within ine: I'hat is what I see. joey Miller "Yell King" 3 Rahf Rahf Rahf x Roy McMillon Martin Means Nicole Meier 'Just know your lines and donit hump into the furniture," -Spencer 'I-Ftifk A and K I,ee Mills 'Iiini Mhyr Meagan Mills "Life is what happens to iou while youre bust makin' other lans , . ln P john Lennon john Mitchell 'Ifyou only try your best. you Could he as tough as nails, tough as nails -Frank Ahern Marie Mitchell H i T 2 Andrew Morrill Billy Nellams M. Bantl 1,2 B, Ball l-'l Trgickl-4 Luv T7 Bobby. Mommy, thanks Mr. Ahern. The sky is the limit. ,Jenny Nguyen Roman Mitchell Take a little time to tlo whatexer makes you liuppy. Tina Momber Shellise Montgomery Basketball l. varsity 5,-i Tennis 1.5 Pep Club 5,4 Funliest 1.5.4 Mesa 2-4 Purple Paw ri Annual -'T Margaret MUUQI Cassumlra Munger Dun Nakanishi " . . , You may ask yourself-Well. hmy' did I ljtf heref' -The Talking lleutls 'x"e-we . nn. T Lathesia Nelson S. Ball 1. Wkestling mgr. 1, finally made it. thank you Mom. Dad I luv If Thanx to L.N. and my man ED. Z2 Micah Nelson Alexander Neuwald Phong Nguyen Edward Noble john Nortlin iyridmei Nystrom "Tomorrow Nexer Knows" -the Beatles 'ft 1 V A Bert Olfrancia Terry O'Neal lexa Ohalts 1.2-Football Varsity lfoothall 86ers "Heres where the fun heginsf' -ll. Varsity Football Gamma X I finally Solo Yaleerltah Alderaanl finished, l'll "Check" Love yo Mom jose Rasta joe Rastafati. Tequila. Ski Bus. BOT's. llSBT's 86ers-R-fresh-R Strip poker 5, Lacrosse Lori Olson "The sunshine Ol' a single smile brightens anyday '." Swimming 2.4 llawaii 5 Senior Senate Thanx Mamm 54 D ii Mari' Path if Sl i I' il 1 E. Tanva Palka Richard Palmason Tracey Parrish "Lif'e'5 Prem- great," V.Track l-'l. V.Cheerleading. Natu- rril llelpers 5-rl, Purple Paw 1, MESA V-4 Krista Paulsen "Yeah she always likes to leave you with a shadow of a doubt." -Tom Petty Verbenina Payton Education is our passport to the Fu- ture. For Tomorrow belongs tO those who prepare for it today-MX Kfififlfl Penrose Robert PCYYY Sharon Peterson Mark Phillips You WOUYF HC' lO5f if YOU dOU'f Thank you Mom and Dad and fam- Basketball 3,4 Track 1-5,4 Capt. Vice kI'1OW Where YOUTVC going- I did ll ily but most of all I thank jesus 4 "Thanks Ahern, Beckwith. 84 Al MONT- Christ. H. "Luv u Mom dc Dad" lirik Pickering 'just remember . . . no matter where you go . . . There you are." -Bucka- roo Banzai Chris Provo josh Ring "Satire is my weapon. but I am dis- creetf' -Alexander Pope in -E We 35 Bridgette P11165 Michelle Pleasant Chevonne Pollard MB. 1-5 Had fun. Take care sis bro Who's Who Among American Matt iwuvu Ficky Thank u teeherz High-school Students, 1985-86. "To We made it l,oriY -Buhilfroot Steve Radunovich Rachel Rahman Life is a beach when the moose is Adv. Drama, Cross country. student loose and then you die. L'.S.B.T.'s council. -1 yrs Varsity track 1-fl An- CR. 500 nual. With a will to succeed, you will. Thanks Ahern. 124 ' be excellent in whatever I do' thanks Mom Lamont Rice Football 5.4. Wrestling 2,3 Track Z-4 thanks mom Good luck Angie8cl,a- fOl'ly3. Mike Ripley Good times Bad times you know l've had my share. jazz Band 1. March Band 1,2 V. Soccer 12,4 lf.S.B.T.'s I Tamilyn Roberson Sheila Rogers Nordsrrom lfash. Bd. 85-H6 thanx morn for giving me the best 18 yrs, of nn life. now the rest is up to me Gavin Robertson QQ' .ark A484 oy Y 4, 1" Inu Rojas ex Rachel Rosen Tara Rye Chad Ross Marching Band 1-4 "Life is like a Bandaidf' '-.w-. Cynthiai Rogers Militza Rogers NULIS Lif!Yl'Of1S IUUIOUTS QIYOII' de wieilles memoires et de jeunes espoirs. -Arsene Houssriye ..ms1i'r Pls W NEW? - " T' f b i' g f H ' r- xi' 'rf -as W 1 Y' in f , if Kaiser Rose E., ' s'g2W'3 It is rhe riine wasted for your Rose that rniikcs Your Rose so nnporrunt. -The I.irtlr Prince Sarah Rudd Alex Rosen Tennis 2-I Alwaxs he xourself. Renee Rushing Boi' it was hard, but it was worth ir. Thanx Mom 8: Dad and that one speicul person. Lisa Sachs l Pacho Saelee Hiram Salisbury Live. love. lust and be happy thank you Mom for your extra push for my education. Peter Schull Aaron Schmidt X-cnty 2-'l D8cD J-l thank you Mom and Datl The game is over. Gootlhye. Annette Secrist Roberta Shinho Arms around the future and hack "Peggy What would you do it. . .f' against the past. -j.ll. Lara Smith "l made it" l luv jimmyl lil lS iessy n- me Kickin it liye in her 'Gi' stang U82 queen" Lisa Sather Kore Schutler Matthew Simpson "the sign of living fast, it's going to take your breath away" -Metallica Kristi Saunders Thanx mommy and Dad Gymnas- tics ZQMVPJ, 3,4 Track 2,41 Pep Club 4 Purple Paw 4 BZSLR. "Ave" PIAY Christopher Scott To be successful in life you will fail many times. l love you ITIOITI. C. Scott dont stop Deana Simuel We made it Tflf. D.B and L.S. l love you Mom, Dad, and Bobby.. Stuart Smith Y V l Tracey Smith Track-1 Pep Cluh- B V. Cheersquad-4 Goodluclt to the class of '86 David Stuhlss 'lug-if jennifer Thames There are some nights when the moon howls and the wolves are si' lent ,..' 'Shes always in trouble 1" - My Mom Damon 'Thompson Marcus Spriggs L V -45.315-f Melanie Sutton a.d.a. Romis solo Raeyanenik. yar- cka nu shajed heeg mae tasila. ienue. lflx' Casual I ig, , 5 r fi" 'Gi Q ' i Anton Thompson Ian Springsteel My everchanging moods-SC. YIT Stamp 5.4 HDWY 85. Ashland '85, N-staff 1'5 Sea Mag -1. EIT. AXV. KK. Alex Tauh Trafk 5,1 Cross Country 4 Pen 3.1 Sanity is what the majority secs as normal Antonio Thomas Kristen Stoops "Deep inside your heart of hearts. you know youre not as had as you pretend you think you are." 4LlfAll ,mn sq, john Teeny Q .- 5 b 1'gf.s g X 2, gags si..- rs - K s if Q ff. Craig Thomas jon Thompson Thanx mom, Sheila, Little jon. I made itl Yours Trulxyjonny "OTA Tammera Thorn Well. we've reached the end of the line Now we start a new one, Thanx DS. l love you Mom! Karen Vasseur Surls up, uh huh. uh huh -The Beufli Boi s Aaron Washington Dylan Welsh In natures infinite hook of secrecy, a little l can read. -Shakespeare K LJ: Cuong Tran Reshae Vester JV Cheerleader 1.2 Gymnastics 1 Boys Track mgr. S Thanx alot "But- terrnann Lashonna Waterhouse . . ,Tm stumbing away, slowly learn- ing life is okay a-ha Stay fresh GHS Love ya LPW' 2 I ' Mitch Trotter "Come to think of it. I'll have a Heineken!" U.S.B.T,'s "CR SOO" Gail Witte "The only way out is through" -Lui Collins A.. Paula Way "I have the simplest oftastes . . . I'm always satisfied with the best." -'UWM Pamela Turner JV Basketball 1-3 Track 1 FunFest 1,2 BYE Guess Girls We finally made it, Tenaya Wright Reese Wells "Be the best you can be" thanks mom and dad, I love you. Todd Wendt Football 3,4 Heather Westwater "You can do foolish things. but do them with enthusiasm" -Colette Phillip Wilson William Westwater lfl were the same tomorrow as I am today. Now would be yesterday, 454 the Future just an endless repetition of the past. Peggy Yamashita "Betta, tell me a story!" 29 james Willeford Steve Young Finally '.,. What all the staffs been waiting l. to see the Kid walk out the door. Time to Kik it. yea! Todd Williams l'm Free-l'm Free and freedom tastes of reality. The Who Edward Morris SR. CLASS OFFICER Q1,-iraq,-N:n,..,, .Q w.w.,,..g..S wma-wnmuiamwmwnwwwmwiwwwvmw Fm MCG0ugh-President jason Eichinger-Vice President SENIOR SENATE Erik Anderson, Suzanne Carlson. Esrenee Cunningham, Marisa DiGiacomo. jason Eichinger, Sarah Ifernaldjon Garv. Demetri Georgakoupalos Darrell Harrison April james Eva McGough Mefrran . - Y - r '2- Mills, Lori Olson. Shelia Rogers, jon Thompson. Heather Westwarer Lasagna i1.t...5?if?+. ..:f2i'5iuir,,f,,'is V- -fwfr' - f if ' is R 1. .ii ,W s ra ,-'P' 1 W J '7 r, -,L I ' in + E Meagan Mills-Secretary-Treasurer gf Q. A. 3 S P+ f ip .L 'fm wvxx T-: 'xff iiai ,,,. r 1,4 J H, V :. 9-"W: f 1 sg 1 I I LET'S DANCE IN STYLE LET'S DANCE FOR AWHILE HEAVEN CAN WAIT, WE'RE ONLY WATCHING THE SKIES HOPING FOR THE BEST BUT EXPECTING THE WORST . . . SO MANY ADVENTURES, BUT NOT TODAY SO MANY SONGS WE FORGOT TO PLAY SO MANY DREAMS SWINGING OUT OF THE BLUE THAT MIGHT HAVE COME TRUE. FOREVER YOUNG I I WANT TO BE FOREVER YOUNG. f x8 I ff -+ 1 ,w, H mv fav ,Hg ,Eg THE ANNUAL STAFF WOULD LIKE TO PAY A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO THE MEMORY OF KEVIN E. KING, CLASS OF 1986. NO ONE AT GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL BETTER DEMONSTRATED SPIRIT THAN KEVIN DID. HIS JOY FOR LIVING TOUCHED MANY, HIS ENTHUSIASM WAS AN INSPIRATION. FOR ALL HE GAVE TO THOSE WHO KNEW HIM, WE THANK KEVIN KING. HE WILL ALWAYS LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS. 3 THE SPIRIT OF '86 Consuella Adams, Ewann Agenbroad, Amanda Aiken, Christina Akers, Peter Albert, Sam Alhadeffnloanne Allen, Lisa Allen, Kim Allison, Tom Alvis, Larry Ames, Carol Amey, Erik Anderson, Lisa Andrews, Michael Ashley, Lisa Banks, Lisa Barringer, Martha Bayne, Antoinette Bazile, Bill Beach, Portia Beard,jennifer Bell, Diane Bender, Emily Berlin, Chris Bernhardt, Nils Bernstein, Gary Berntson, Robin Biggs, Diana Botero, Chris Bourdoiseau, Gerald Bradford, Dewright Brooks, Darlene Brown, Helena Brown, Odiva Brown, Carl Brunson, Shanna Bryant, Vernard Bryant, Patty Butler, Angela Byrd, Renee Byrd, Greg Campbell, Nancy Canady,joe Carlisle, Suzanne Carlson, Rebecca Charles, Kara Church, Fredrick Clark, Nathan Clement, Nicole Collins,jacquie Conyers, Nathan Corwin, Wendy Cox, Sharrod Cradle, David Crum, Esrenee Cunningham, Peter Darrah, Camille Davis, Mike Davis, Katrin de Haen, Roderick Demmings, Marisa DiGiacomo, joe Dibee, Dan Dickson, Mike Diehr, Max Dimoff, Marie Dion, Tom Doolittle, Elizabeth Doud, Andre Dowell, Melanie Downs, Margaret Duffy, Clyde Duncan, Stacey Edgar, jason Eichinger, Randy Eng, Zena Eltayeb, Adam Ernst, Mandi Ernst, Lorianna Esquibel, Carol Etherington, Curtis Pant, Sarah Fernald, Stephen Fogdall, Chris Fogerson,jean Foster, Tommy Foster,jeremy Frank, Gerald Freeman, Monica Fudge, Chloe Gale, Brent Gamble, Kevin Gardner,jon Gary, Demetri Georgakopoulos, Curt Gerston, Graig Gibson, Sonja Gibson, Marlon Gillies, Selina Gleason, Darryl Glover, Eva Gotenstedt, jack Greaves, Matthew Green, Rachael Greenlee, Percy Haggins, Andy Hamlin, Darion Harding, Lisa Harris, Pat Harris, Darrell Harrison,john Heflin, Carrie Helde, Crystal Hemphill, Damon Henderson, Catherine Hesik, Damon Hightower, Sean Hildebrand,james Hildebrandt, Harvey Hill, Erik Hille, Maureen Hoiseck, Kevin Holmes, Sarah Hood, Britta Hooper, Steve Hooper, La Tanya Horace, Wendy Horo, Randy Hubbard, Sean Hudson, Erica Hunter, Ted Ipsen,joe Israel, Vanessajack, Apriljames, Aliciajohnson, Anita johnsonjacquesjohnson, Louis johnson, Rachel johnson, Margojones, Steve Kavanaugh, Mark Keister, Megan Kelso, Emmett Kerns, Mark Kilgore, Liletha Kimmons, Gerrit Kischner, Ronald Knight, Leah Kohlenberg, Lexie Ladd, Aaron Lafferty, Matt Lamb,john Lang, Dan Larsen, Donald Larson, Orion Larson, Marty Lawson, Tanya Leavitt, Doug Legters,judy Louie, Eric Lowney, Liesel Lund, Mark Lundahl, Elizabeth Martin, La Shaun Matthews,justine Maxwell, Michele McCauley, Eva McGough, David McGuire, Alan McKay, Carmalita McKinney, Ryan McMahon, Roy McMillion, Martin Means, Shelindra Melton, Alison Metheny, Nicole Meyer, Carla Milan,joey Miller, Lee Mills, Meagan Mills, Alan Minney,john Mitchell, Marie Mitchell, Roman Mitchell, Tina Momber, Shellise Montgomery, Mike Moodie, Andrew Morrill, Ed Morris, Margaret Muna, Cassie Munger, Craig Murray, Tim Myhr, Don Nakanishi, Anne Navoni, Billy Nellams, Chante Nelson, Micah Nelson, Phong Nguyen, Tinh Nguyen, Xuan Nguyen, Ed Noble,john Nordin, Greg Norris, Mike Nystrom,jim O'Brien, Bert O'Francia, Terry O'Neal, Ieva Ohaks, Lori Olson, Devon Paget, Tanya Palka, Richard Pal- mason, Tracey Parrish, Mary Path, Krista Paulsen, Verbenina Payton, Kristin Penrose, Ted Perry, Sharon Peterson, Mark Phillips, Erik Pickering, josh Pierce, Bridgett Pines, Keith Pitre, Michelle Pleasant, Chevonne Pollard, Christopher Provo, Steve Radunovich, Rachel Rahman,john Rees, Lamont Rice, Angelia Richard,josh Ring, Mike Ripley, Tamilyn Roberson, Gavin Robertson, Cynthia Rogers, Shelia Rogers, Kasey Rose, Alex Rosen, Rachel Rosen, Chad Ross, Sarah Rudd, Renee Rushing, Tara Rye, Lisa Sachs, Pa Cho Saelee, Lisa Sather, Kristi Saunders, Peter Schall, Aar- on Schmidt, Kore Schuder, Chris Scott, Annette Secrist, Roberta Shinbo, Matt Simpson, Deana Simuel, Lara Smith, Stuart Smith, Tracey Smith, Marcus Spriggs, Ian Springsteel, Kristin Stoops, David Stubbs, Melanie Sutton, Alex Taub, Demetrius Taylor, Otis Taylor,john Teeny, Tim Tesh, Marvena Thomas, Anton Thompson, Damon Th0mpson,jon Thompson, Tammie Thorn, Eva Thornton, john Toutonghi, Cuong Quoc Tran, Mitch Trotter, Calvin Tubbs, Pam Turner,Jonathan Valentine, Karen Vasseur, Reshae Vester, Aaron Washington, Tootie Waterhouse, Paula Way, Reese Wells, Dylan Welsh, Todd Wendt, Heather Westwater, William Westwater,james Willeford, Todd Williams, Phillip Wilson, Gail Witte, jennifer Wong, Tenaya Wright, Peggy Yamashita, Stevie Young, Kristine Zitkovich 33 45 . if? A 'Q iii -21 Sw 7 L igj ' - vw - fs faT"1.-will ff Y N RMK i X - RN? WS ,wr A ww Sie . K M5 ww. x Q SKNE Nwgmgww- -:,x . 7 Q5 Q45 55 - "" fx . :QR WWMSSNS E l x . -sm... .,..- MS. UNIVERSE MR. UNIVERSE Kasey Rose Clyde Duncan 54 'Q'-svlv .gr IDU BEST EYES Cclockwise from ropj Chris Scott, Alex Rosen, Carol Amey, and Rachel Greenlee. Cfrom ropl Mike Davis, Cynthia Rogers, jon Gary. Not Pictured- Rachel johnson. BEST SMILE All rs Q fi.. U Y? W W, . ,, . ,r s .C ,V QW .T 1 -1. Q W ew BEST DRESSED CLASS SLEEPER Cfrom lefrl Randy Hubbard, Margo jones, Meagan Mills, Eric Anderson. ff'0mf0PPGfrQCamPbf11,N1f01eMevff,N2fhfmCorwin-Nor Pictured-Darlene Brown. 35 BEST ATHLETE Anton Thompson. ffrom leftl Amanda Aiken. Mark Phillips. Esrenee BEST LAUGH , lfrom leftl Reese Wells. Sarah Fernald, Lamont Rice. Not Pictured- Carla Milan. Cunningham. CLASS CLOWN A I from Ieftl Marty Lawson, Katrin de Haen.joe Carlisle. Shelinclra Melton. l MOST SPIRIT lclockwise from upper leftl Eva McG0ugh, Tracey Parrish,joey Miller, Demetri Georgakopolus. 36 Q CLASS LOUDMOUTH ffrom leftl Mark Kilgore, Selina Gleason, Roderick Demmings. Portia Beard. BIGGEST FLIRT ffrom leftl Paula Way.-Jason Eichingenjustine Maxell. Not Picturede Alan Minney Not Pictured- MOST SARCASTIC lfrom left? Suzanne Carlson. Louis johnson, LaTonya Horace. Not Pictured-john Mitchell. BIGGEST COMPLAINER ffrom lefrljoanne Allen, Terry 0'Neal, Shellise Montgomery, Alex Taub. ' 37 'W-QS - K Mn. iff . ,if-"5 ws- m X fx N551 m Ly A , W ,fax-1:-wwf" J' " mw- -' 'f .1 ' :Q-lmuisvj . xLg-L 3 5 W . 5 ,nf 'K nf 'RA - my ,K .alv- 'QQ hw, Q R g::i, :-'P i -ig Q, , . ,,t., , ..-kL. 5 A K K ., V 2- 1 -. S51 5 256 2 -:??1,.hs ,- '5!?2f'.f ' -if, vw wf . 5 1-.:. .. 55:52 K 'YY' 455: . .N 5 .A - .V :E :Ms-f.X, 4,23 ,Q-,ag , Awww. N was X, - W . M ' . - ,N 1 'N wx few. . .fm Nb , X2-wx El! fo ,., f"'1 , U 153232 J 53 ix 'U H3352 ,QE Q5 am Q f H H ' t ' f-1 XSS! 3 gg 5- :E Q E SS QQ li ,F J! 1 wg NE.. S3 H5 onathon Ackerman jenica Alexander Chris Anderson Nana Bailey 3 K, x ,f s Tamara Bean Cookie Monster Becky Adams Susan Allen liarl Andrus r xx Christine Barclay " X if gs A J' Richard Bender . , rr 8 Qs i VX si X o S as - X as sf, r R Q Xia S X -1 tt- Grover Cynthia Adams ---i -i.'- f X X ig X as a s ex? Q ,. .H Troy Allison Ghia Atelland Sandra Barquet Ayanna Bennett Mr. Hooper 45 Scott Adams ' ' jj vilng Sarah Amey Nicole Asphy Kristen Bauck Sean Berry Snuffaluphagus Terri Adams Analisa Anderson Tina Atkinson Ramon Bautiota Jonathon Biddix Noah Birnel ,Q-uf ,ns jami Airhart qi 1 H, mz11fz?Qi fx 6 ig '55 'Mr 1. .W , Brooke Anderson Romeo Bacarro Nicole Baxter Big Bird Michael Bitondo ' 6 A J Rachel Bjork Algx Black . ,. Angie Braggs Chris Brooks Selena Calloway Ramona Campbell Frank Chandler Steven Chang Greg Coles Caitlin Collins nv ,L Porria Blancherte Lewis Brooks Veronica Cano jill Chelimer Kendall Bodden Quincy Bond .b ' S' , ,,., Q it Q X R It . FASM:-.assxsewafaasgassf Oththan Burnside Chris Burstrom 1: ...uv Q, 2 :- Luther Carr Susan Carver Sony Chin Dov Clayton e 5 ., N L i.i s, C , i B David Constance Richard Cousins Mike Cox so .k...,k ...kk i 5 .,,k , Althea Bradford Hermenia Butler Brad Caverr ,.--i 4s K, pg.--Q ,,.--n- -........s- Matthew Coglon at ., I 1 'Qi Karl Crary Tobias Cullins .Ionathon Dale Mark Dansby Chad Davido Sarah Davis Themba Dayton 44 S! all 5 5 iii - Ariel Delagana Kyle Delissia Susan Dorffman Carlie Doss Dana Dennison Shawn Douglas Stephen Egnor Sara Denniston filler i r Caitlin Duffy Virginia Ijnglerr Harris Dysliun Ben Edelsrein X . eeee D El QQX 8 X 45 Pandora Fitzpatrick Fred Flinrsrone l juliann Flores .- X 3 NO' X R ' -- k i a ' N rra . . Dylan Dodd Peter Duncan livan Fein Karen Flayver Pebbles Flintstone Mikaela Frank jennifer Donnette jason Dunn 5' .N ai 2 x all Marla Finster Dino Flimstone pn z Wilma Flinstone aea IS: .gym . . Tristal Fremstad an I Shellie Friedrich Tammie Fry Aliki Georgakopoulos Geraldine Charon Gleason Ari Glucksberg k-:I-M.. 1.0. sf, N-sf.. Mei- V - s i '11?" LZIL L ' -Q 5- .us K ,W , 1. W we ,., S J ik gi.. xi fr Mesure' :JK Tyler Fuller Frank Gallagher Manuel Garibay as e Chris Gersron jackie Gibbs Tommy Gilbert 4'-'ea - Damon Grady Alvin Graylin Caleb Green Gina Griffen Andrea Grimes 3: 15. Gs. 6 xi loralene Gross Christa Gunderson i r' 'Q . f 'R The Fonz Porsy Webber 46 jeremy Garrett ,Ierod Gillies Holly Green Chris Grivas W X xg X K' N . ff. ' i. p ier? 40' X s we gg A 5 if Scorr Haley Ralph Mouth Felecia Harris Audrey Hepburn Briggerte Holmes Randy Hubmaster jonarhon Ima Boe james Le'Ondre Harris si. x- l , is i Q X S Q 2 l Dylan Hicks Torrance Holmes Shaunte Hudson Barry jackson Damon jardine Nick Harris Sarah Higgins Sarunya Hongskula N Y Harryerte Huggins Katie jackson K , George jerson 47 Priscilla Harris Alan Hoffman r Derrick Hopwood josh Hughes Laronya jackson Q- I jane His Wife Nr jenny Healy Nicole Hoffmoen Kenya Houston l Steve Humphreys Stephanie jackson Daughter judy -3 of 255 Kirk Henry Edwin Hofmann Djomme Howard Omar Hurd " "' E 4 Carl jaegel His Boy Elroy Astro jetson Wendy Keller Allen Kuppler i l Dean Larve jason Loghry Heather Malcom Christian jockman enve- Nate Kelley Michael Kurz Tammie Lee Tracey Looney Shawn Mamon Penny johnson 1 ..,1 Soo Young Kim Taeya Ladniak Akasha Lewis Sharon Love Maika Manring Carla jones jason Kind Gillian LaFond Kim Lind Suma Love pf Q F N1 Greg Martens 48 Shannon jones Edward Kirby l i Maura Kane 'fl' i i-:psi X , X ,F Kate Kischner 1 if K Q fi . . X , 1 N - - , gi x A i ' Q 2 X ,I ' -'rf gg .x fa L' ow!" Toya Lanier Miller Littleton Rebecca Lovell Charles Martin Karen Larsen l' Kim Lockhart Amelia MacLeod George Martinez Shiloh Mathes Nicole McDade jason Merrill David Monk Stephanie Maxwell X x jason McDaniels Kate Milan David Mahony X X X' Laird McCarter Kelly McGuire Anthony Miles Joni Moore V' rs ,ws if Finn McCorniskey Stacy McCoy Megan McKinney john McMahon Stephen McCracken john Meadows Traci Miller Jonathon Mines X Carl Morgan Gabe Morris Tom Mitchell Scott Mortenson 49 L xi S J Ariana Mosley Heidi Mueller Allan Muller Danny Murdey Cindy Murray 4 Alex Nameroff Evan Nelson Lin Nguyen Marta Nickles Michael Oakley Melecka Parrish Marlena Parker Kristine Path Kenneth Payne Marlene Perkins Chris Pierard W - f k.-i1' 'zi jon Plummer Shahid Rahman ,,-' E . X xx 8 1 Xi X 1 X ..t.r L ag if , er X X .tfbv Howard Nakanishi Andrea Olson Alexander Perry Triela Pleasant jamahl Powell Brian Ramey 50 l jennifer Reid Morgan Rose Matt Scott Gary Smith Tasha Stanton Ben Stricks Mischa Retman .us-r Tian Richardson Brigette Rigert Laura Rockey zt, V f joanna Roth Kevin Rothrock Leah Saltgiver Annathea Schmidt S flll .sis xy it t xl ii ll Marian Seibert Don Shingler Shaney Siefken Dan Skutt tt,. - , .. , 'E E. X joey Smith Lori Smith Shawn Smith Michael Spann jeff Rood Rachel Schuder Alisa Smith jeffrey Stanton Mario Stephens Ernesh Stewart Mike Stewart Pleshette Stewart Aaron Stothart 5 ,'- W "TQ: ' vS"T:EE..5,, F ' te.t l Bruce Strothers Kirsten Sullivan Aimee Sutton Terry Tackett Elsayed Talaat 51 59 is it Gordon Taub Antonio Taylor jeff Tee Lisa Thomas Melissa Thomas Tanya Thorn fl 'ir Tracy Vaughan josh Visser Ernest Walker Q-A Neill Warfield Earis Wayrnan Terry Weaver Monique White Sarah White Kimberly Whitlock Michael Terada jeff Tomlinson Mari Walker Davonne Weaver Y i. '?" in Runako Whittaker 'Xitr Nguyen Thien Carolyn Turnbull i Shontai Walker N Terry Weaver Rory Wiggen fe... ,fx Keith Thomas Ben Van Winkle Leah Wallace Elliot Westwater Shannon Williams K K I KKI. g al. 2 t g S Nx Dana Wilson Felisa Wilson Kerri Windhorn Katrina Wright Thomas Yang Jeff Zane 52 -aXRY'QN ::3:,E. gk? FRESHM CLASS CFFICERS li Elliott Westwater- President, Marlena Parker- Vice President, Sarah Chan- Secretary Trea- surer. f WW -E ., mf TYQL 'gk Ei 55 f M, ' WW H1 MF! W0 W 4 4 1 'UW my Ulf 1 W, YXMQXJ, xk 'Nm MA 5Ai,X.xf ' , .f 3 , 2lf'fMJ'5cfx, .w'A'.gAf J 1m QIWJ J Q 1 5 QWWY13 sf mi l VOL" 16", 'QW A A6M 1filff? ' ' U my Gfgmwliyxzaf ,QW f" ?!M l' Ml fz.!fm,, Q. A V'W ?'f? Ef? fffff Y , . i twpvgkkwmg ,QM 3E!g ,q,fig ,Q9 ' ' ,W 5 fv' 1i1g" T" X192 fb' Wfcgi W ' l.f5f?', Siiffj. i FUI !f f3'a'5ff. 154 'Q BYM'-wkahvxan Yfvfbwv u Cu Qlxopfa Efmwkig Lib UWM, Glyn - 56515 CLS mgfwy ' AMKLQNQOSXJ WN SJ if ,ujwf ULQJEKLU Hum.. K KfBNf'Q 3 m wwe, uamwa 533 2Qf1ifQ3YS Q XWQXQL3 n iw Uvdf i ww EQMWD N ummm i c5mcLXJ5uvwnnfw , ?Ygf9fQ159fZfQMgLwM5 I' I' s g' Qfiiieafiiiif 9,4jOdX6 jg . X U Q! 0 1 HQ Q Q, . if XD 1 - . W , by XG Q LOKSQXQ' W Q S x mm? 1 S ofx , E A fu x C. , il 56 Daudi Abe Meegan Allen . Yr, is R .X '56 Todd Bailey Cahrina Bell -'Ni Howard Borts Frin Brumert S Leonard Adams Shelley Anderson Kendall Barber ,-Xe, -C - h - SE -, ,C Y 5 . ' QR mfs Shelley Biggs Eugene Branch Cherie Burlrs Brenna Aegerter johnny Appleseed Kenneth Barger Kelli Bodenberger Parris Brashear Amy Bush r ' - Andrew Aiken Crystal Allen Irene Allen Barb Ashbaugh Arika Atherton Suzanne Auge Michelle Barnes Maisha Barnett Hai Bartholick Heather Boe Kristen Booker Shelly Boston Robin Brooks Jacque Brown Luther Brown Christian Butler Lisa Butler Leslie Campbell QS I Q 'P"'9" 57 Q 5 has- Rohert Campbell Dylan Canfield Abelardo Carrera Terry Cato Pat Cauldwell Kris Causey X Q X .. kiwi, . .. 1. -' , iissxe 1. ,L :z, .avg R S X Billr Chamber Paul Chapman Bobby Charles Iiddie Hascal june Cleaver Lumpy Kalvin Clien jeff Coles jackie Collins iii: x Tiff' .Sak .. A N W4 jerri Cowles jeff Craig Betty Crocker Yonna Carroll N NK , X iv MP2 fig:-Q X ,. f - t it . if '- ' at, 53 . .. , -.,, tt 155553 , t . s.-s 5 -. V S- ,ni ,W figs in ,E .gig . ' is 9 ' is if 5 : 9 Elizabeth Carter Peter Carter Chachi Aaron Christensen Ward Cleaver jonathon Collins Seth Dallaire 58 joanie jan Chaloupka Tiffany Clark The Beav Wally' Cleaver Talia Clever ,sw xx xx Ngge Marci Cook Steve Corley jacob Danilchik Colin Davidson -W - N, -,ff E as Sammy Davis jr. W Y f Bryan Degel Sarah Connor Andrew Denton Maha Dibee Charles Dickens Paul Dillard I fs. ws Michael Dinsmore Carrie Doolittle Kim Douglas Pat Durocher Donald Ellis Roger Ellis Nathan Elmore Max Emminger 45111. D- Keith Ervin Beth Evenson Zane Fierro Tanya Finister 'Cw""? as, isa? Malik Davis La Shaun Daye jabu Dayton Amy Dearborn Susan DeForest T' .HVQZY i. Dycus Washington Amy Emrich Tammy Flynn .nz '5- Kevin Edwards S Ryan Ernst -QW. .. Q - :V,, . Q ,L w Deven Foss 5 59 is ' ' .3 Q Laurence lfowler Q 'SQA go N S X Sie . tx X Q.. C C james Gaines Stephanie Graham Felecia Hagler Yoshiko Harden Fozzie Bear Redell Frazier Katherine Gaines Barbara Garrett W .- V 4 Matt Freeman xX W L i Qt 3 g I ,.., Ronnie Gates l Eddie Grant Michael Graves Katherine Green Connie Hallam Christina Halvorson Lisa Hampton Sarah Harrington Esther Harris Lollipop Harris Carrie Fry Nathaniel Gibson Chris Greenlee Sara Hanson Terence Hartsfield Roshawna Fudge Amy Goldner Maria Greenlee jennifer Harden , .5 5 X , R .v 32 v Q at s 5 it he Qt X xx X' rtrr Crystal Hayes Lisa Healy jeff Helde Shannon Helton Pee Wee Herman Bryan Hobbs Todd Hodges 60 Monique Holifrnoe Andrew Hunter Theo Huxtahle . ,,,5:? i Greg Ireton n Anthony Hood X , ,CX if 5 xg ' si..- M 'B 4 s 'Q X, .. . -- X . . 1 fi' t if Q- Q' S , Lucas Hopperstad Green Hornet Clyde Hutchinson Claire Huxtable Cliff Huxtable jason Howard Denise Huxtable . '-2: 5 . " Q -. ge : .tri-Z' 1'-'N 5. ,, . ...X X sl .X t X Q. . X . . t ,N K Katrina jackson L. jackson Laquanta jackson Reaction jackson Christian jaeger X in iiii My A - . . I b V 3 my f 3 Y ' ' "1 ixziiliil' f. X X ii ill e lil l 5 5 - 1 Kellie johnscn Aaron johnson Merv johnson Royle johnson Eric johnston jessica Huffman Rudy Huxtable Vanessa Huxtable Destiny Itano joe james Gail jones Q Ai F5 61 3 ? Ethan Kaye Regina King Sara Leffingwell Eric Lift Teresa Loo 1 Ted MacCleod jesse Kerns Nikki Ladyka Kevin Lew Q SBR X 5 Larry Marr Dionne McGraw Natasha Miles YS - ,A ' . .Q at cgi X . Richard Moody - A T A J Marla Murray it X .c i Gwenyth Marshall Amanda McLaughlin Ken Mitchell Daniel Moore David Nakayama Neil McCrea Robert McLemore 111 1 Y x es xi is 'iw ,G . ii,Q 9 at 5 Aimee Monihan gre? I' X lleather Moran Ramona Nash Michael McDaniel NN' Nfiq 5 jeremy Meyer Marilyn Monroe julie Morefield i l Celeste McDul'fie Gena McGhee L if X Weatherly Meyer Holly Mickelson s Aram Montgomery Leeshell Montgomery Anne Mulholland George Muna x 5? ' ix! G I joe Neff Angela Nelson Pete Nelson Shannon Nelson Lisa Nichols Nancy Nickles Peter Nilsen Ryan Nishioka Gracie Norman 63 an a :QL john Oetjens Mary O'Leary Jody Page Rodney O'FranCia l Carla Olson l Anthony Parker QR Rachel Oh Y Q s, Y' X 1, X ,... , Q - kk P if .Iessika Orange X K ' X 1 Damico Parker 6 is lg P it : iii! ,. my mb ,N . as Roxanne Okada Lelia O'Keefe Sean O'Keefe Tammy Osgood Donny Osmond Marie Osmond Peter Pan Staci Peterson -wg? K Ahra Potkin , .Q 4- Matt Purvis 64 ' - K 7 5552 Anthony Peters Christine Peterson l Peller Phillips Mike Pleasant Rachel Potts juliette Power in, h.7 Demico Quinn Karin Rarnerman Kim Randle Christine Richards Tim Rogers Ben Ryker Auron Schigley john Ray Peter Richardson Lisa Rosekrans Q 1' ' .-1 Scott Snckett Wilhelm Schmidt Orvil Reddenbocker Katherine Roberts Ben Rosen Cruz Sanchev Monica Schweinherger josh Reiss Emily Robertson i Linda Ross jo-Ann Reinoquillo i Sharon Robinson Cael Rozen - .1 A-SR" Sm X X Q We six iles, 'F Mian Rice Sherry Robinson ses: - T L Q, ,ya it v,-- Andy Royer ,Ieri Scherrer Brian Scott Y . , is ccc, We fm- . S Nicole Seakules Peter Semple Jayson Seraile Shannon Kelley Noriko Shoji Rebecca Simmonds : ' Q 65 ' 3 sa st as X xx X s X g N V X , K .L ,SBZZ wi , Q Q - - . gl : K Q , -.,..-v. - 3 fe w + 1. - we of A Melissa Simpson joseph Small Devin Smith jennifer Smith Akili Smith Monica Snider Dennis Sonladouang Robert Sonza Matt Sparling Robert Spikes Greg Stanford Leilah Stehman Ann Stephenson Ken Stowe Lorrinda Strellnauer Liz Stricks ar David Stubbs Colin Sullivan Randi Sundby Erika Taggart Swag' Rosemary Tanksley Roshelle Tanner Stephen Tanner jean Teather The Pointer Sisters Angie Thomas 66 Q rf Betty Thomas X g me 'QW' , sf? i x H0 ix K in . fra: Michael Truog X AbLL X - Greg Vaughan john Ward Robert West Curtis Williams X e is 1 QNX X Antonette Thompson Leasa Thompson Roger Tucker Marilou Ubungen Shawnda Warfield Aaron Wagner Willie Watson jay Waxon NW K j. f ' 'Z ' 'Ulf Beth Whelan james Whetzel Reggie Williams Shelley Williams X w X X X s s x X, .... . . .. X X X X X x R NX e s Traci 'Thompson Erin Thurlow Chris Van Dyck Wolf Vanhee 5, It X. -1 . Paul Walker jason Wall Aletta Wayrn Natalie Werner 'As " l 4 " I Chris Whirehouse Anretha Whitner 7 ' - '-Si. i liyiwif' W - : ..-- :SX SN - S- Fifi i ' Sid Williams Tyron Williams julia Toews Rachel Vanpelt War , john Boy Walton .. .. - ,,,. -, ...,,,. W- K -we :1'.ss.fs: -:,e:,'-arise, -is. SX fa. eeee X eee., E .. X XX X X E YV Xb' 3 Colin West Omar Vlfiggs Viann Williams Q 'eb L 5 I 67 I CD ohnese Wilson jewel Wright Elise Disciullo Michael Winston jenny Yang David Wong Beth Wood Aaron Woodhead Brian Woods Torrance Young Steve Zacher Andy Zarling Lucinda Ziegler Rebecca Ilnuze Ronica jones 68 l c i SOPHO ORE OFFICERS Susan DeForest -Pres., Kendall Barber -V. Pres., Rosario Delayang -Sec. Tres. 69 QQ: 'O im UN il I Q S David Adams Shelia Adams K Q N Missy Arai Aaron Armstrong xi Michael Barra Andy Bauck Stacey Belgum Tina Benshoof x Aaron Agenbroad Kimmie Arckard .L.. Q Q.f we - :mes . wmv Laura Baylor Peik Benson l NN Kathy Bird Chris Birondo Eric Bjork David Bradley Houston Bradley Bobby Brady 73 Marlo Airhart Emily Aylward Roland Beach Erin Bergin Toni Bodenberger Cindy Brady Gillian Anderson jesse Baldwin . w s +15 Kevin Bean Eric Berry Cassandra Bowen Greg Brady X-f. : an SLG' l William Anderson Charlene Balick Abbey Behan Leon Billingsley Traci Boyerr jan Brady Q r f .A L, Cl git AX. ,.:, 4 TYY"kESWSF5'?f?f2-ft s .. Y w X 3 is l fa . 31 If . Marsha Brady Il x ax 1 r N K 3 X 4' if wb if if ' ' R. ' sg-e .: : :1T::v or UQ Chris Branhan 1 1: ,f A . sf .Sy s I - ff B Sk N , N, slr. 1 fr. Q5 -' r 2 if xwaz X555 MS Gayle Breed Rasheed Brown Mario Buchanan james Brecher s " Mr. Brady Mrs, Brady Peter Brady Alice Brady jamell Brandi f Fredrick Breed - - . , X C 'K Chuck Brooks .. 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I jerald Crowser ' , 'P' .V Aw' W , K' i, Erik Davido Lisa Deliurle Paige Dorsey june Constance Tracie Dates jenny Davison Tina Diel Tamara Drain jay Cook Q 'I fi , , b ,f X X Chris Cullins Dean Davis I.. air Iillen DiGiacomo Natty Dread i,as E is , S '7l,Qi'q L E .Ne Seth Edelsrein Brian Edwards Rebecca Ehrlich 75 Steven Cranford Paul Cunron ry. ..rrrr f 0 Karen Davis Sophia Dobra Karie Drucker jamie Elmore We . XX XXXQEL, H - b iff M fs " if Q . N K X WS -2 S K- e-.qrfsilriil lk X 4 x X r i Q l X R K , Y Al Evans -. Q 'f i-11 , -:fl - ' . vis Tollea Frazier fix? joshua Gardiner Barbara Gibson ,,.. 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Shannon Greydanus Camille Hall johnene Harden Matt Harrington Debret Harrison Hilary Haseiton Alice Hauschka Heather Hobson Anthony Hunter W' XX'iliiam Hoeller Kevin Holmes s s ffgiiji. ,. if Lr.L,A:,. 3 Mike Ireton Gucci jackson 77 Kim Heckard Marcy Henderson i john iiiii Dain Hudson Daeronna jackson Matt Hays Kyle Heckard Chris Herr I Lavonne Hillard Scott Hungerford Paris jackson Tiffinie Haywood jeff Helgesen Katy Hieri jackie Hines Guido Hum Rodney jackson IN I3 Nil fe ' rA, l y--ii- - V-- Garfield High School . . . . . . would like to pay a special tribute to the memory of Donnajo McAllister, class of 1986. Donna earned the respect of her class- mates and teachers for her fine coursework, her helpful and co- operative attitude and her friendly smile. Business Education was her strongest accomplishemnt for she worked toward Proficiency Achievement in Bookkeeping, Shorthand and General Secretar- ial Skills. with spirit ... Donna waged an extraordinary in struggle against Osteosarcoma. After an amputation, two major chest surgerles and many months fighting for life and hope, Donna managed to make an lmpres sive return to Garfield in October, 1985 Her courage and dedi cation were greatly admired by us all. Donna passed away November 29, 1985 but she left wlth us a remarkable example of tenacity, strength and commitment to education. Her bravery will forever be an example to us ' 0 I 78 - K ,, f .- ses-. r . M ' iii ,, ."" Q E 257 is s , W 'six fx Yvette jackson Cecilia johnson Mike johnson - 1 . F ' .fx .lx er, C- sr Shane johnson s joyce jones Alex Keaton K - 'P A X I ixw, .,.. .t - Q s i Lisa jaffee Femi james Kelly jefferson - , Eric johnson jennifer johnson Larry johnson , . Michael johnson Monica johnson Pat johnson Andy jones Cheryl jones Dana jones N , '33 . Pete jones Staci jones Sumnar jones jennifer Keaton Mallory Keaton Skippy 79 i Brenda Start Marlo johnson Paul johnson jason jones Matt Kane Mr. Keaton Carmen johnson Melvin johnson Rachel johnson jayson jones Keiko Kawasaki .X iv xx f .fa f' Mrs, Keaton I l -51 fs it 1 David Keegan Ted Kelleher Christina Kelley Shawn Kilgore jeff Kind Suzanna Kruger l Felecia Lee X YSLWSTESX NF x Q K wx..- -' ,.., 1 -. in if Mithya Lewis jenny Lysaker Kyle Op james Leffew Sony a Liles Brad Marquarilt 1. Cheryl Larson Alan Lehto junius Lofton S . hs . Wink Martindale SEEK af' ff' . A Doris LaStrappe Ricky Leonard Kristian London X X . W kzuyzq , X 4 fl! all xl QS, x Marc Matthew ze. Ralph Lauren is X X xt Xe R X A f X 1 a t x a f kv David Leong Felicia Loud Peter McCracken 5 i 1 john McGrew Lillian Mclsaac Aaron McLemore Cesily McWashington Chris Michel 80 fli jon Kleiven Amy Lawton joseph Lewis Antoinette Loyd 'Y px 5, Angela McGlynn . is Dechelle Miles Matt Millar Michael Mills fd' Deardra Moore Sean Moore Carmel Mulholland Thamar Muller :11 ,l..,,.l ..l,:, . 4 K rf " it N- t M' 3 I sf Mark Murray Earl Myles ,,.., L1 :L Nelson Rogers Chad Nicholson EQ "-- ...,, .l..,, . - fi . . , Y .1 Q. ssr my Carolyn Olson Regina Olson N Fifi - K iii? X Q 1 Molly Mills Roh Mitchell l james Morgan Neil Morgan Charlie Murphy April Murray Tamara Nameroff Hola Nellams Kirsten Noble Carmel Ofallaghan ' f -X N. S Roh Olson Beth O'Neal 81 'F Monica Moland Dartagnan Moore jean Morrill Dana Motohio vi. 4 sol Liam Murray Marc Murray ZW J 'B Q Alexander Orlando Beth Ostergaard Mark Owen sw fs--.X c k.,:'. 2- 1 i 5 19115 t i . 41: Blandon Parker joseph Payne Augustine Payton X . X tl . 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Sale r Scurr Sandwick Keith Schiller . .X.: gr W K Sean Sims Tracy Slade 33 Dawn Robinwn Averil liorlirnzla s - :,- -Q K . 1 Tanya Rynd CQliuCl4undi Salislwuary 'N' Brad Scurr Colleen Sloan 5 was Z i', X r. he nw Patrick Ruluinson Bam liam Ru bble lien Salwicrs Alexa Sand Fredrick Scki Diane Srnirli 4 A ' " - - ltizit.. ' HJ ' my ET' eiliiiiil 55' "Ps V N' at : Q X X ' ., i Zsisw?ff? s! :Ski Tracy Slade Ken Stone I' A r Henry Tam Lisa Smith .. ,. ,...,.: 35,5525 Q I-. .. X X X a N Qi at S X Ramon Strange Mark Tiemens P , X Shawn Thorn David Toledo ' ' Q, -S . .rm rar.-new -. , ,... X -'- 1 -ar. ::':52'l ' W WE .W - fi T i ff as ' .K "A K is - .. ' 1 5 i llieu Tran Tim TuClcer Suzanne Trotter Kerry Uyeda Tonyia Smith Mataeo Strothers Ana Thomas -If 1 if in ffm 'sv Monica Spann Mary Sporman 1 Tuella Sultes Paris Sullivan e XX f ' 'Q Michael 'ta 'X ff X Eglluiig :LN TQ I N t 6 L K 5: ff" Paula Steven .tttt . .ttt t t.ttt Q ' T ggifsff' +0 F. K f as k t R i l X Y 1' Alisa Sylling sf t rx S 5 if 5 x X gl hi ii A Q: at Q, .-or P 2. .Q -- . X X Q X E? t . 'S QT Q Thomas Lara Thompson Shannae Thompson 1 84 in Q . . . at 'fi' fif' ' . - Fisfi' ' ' a .QQ QX Q X Q t - Y hiv 'luk Q . tits! rj- 4:- 'X -f 'G 8 X -H Q 'sin' 'ui janell VanDussen Derrik VanNimweg Kim Vonlorne jessica Wallace 3 19 5 im. Andre Watson Kevin Weeks sf Tier' Weller Kevin W'ells i I Gus Williams Ray Williams Jl 1 s as N as xbX ix -. .- en Bruce Vasseur Monique Walls 'C' N- 1 1 4 - Bud Weiser - Q Q . Ni. ifttfsz, was X? 1.1- Deinetrius White Lanette Williams X Karen Vega Wyeth Wasserman julie Weller Erika White Roger Williams i 1 ir Lynn Wight mfs VP Sanilra Wfilliams Laura Wilhurri Christina Wfillis Nathaniel Wilson -john Withey Inye Wolcomo Valerie VUOOLIS Chris VC'right Robert Xwright I l v 85 :il- 0 'A 1 S A Courtney Xanthull Charles Yearby Zenetta Young Steve Yukawa Christopher Zacher Sarah Zarter 86 UNIOR OFFICERS Molly Mills -Pres., Mithya Lewis -V. Pres., Carmel Mul- holland 'Adv., Femijames -Tres. swf' 87 X5 419 0 .af J, .- f 3 N., Q N. X 'GMA NW i !Q?ff, Tv RE N rx xxx x X x X N w .A x 1 :fW' 7' F. X v, Wo mf S -A N ,V XQX Q5 1 XXX S S XQQ, ' W " x 5 Sr -- y A N' ' xx -X R LQ .. OW ,K M4-4-4 ' WX 5 X"X 'H D N' Q K Ks Q ss . fxl Rxli X 5? .AQ,xN x X X QQ K A X m F LAN . iff 4. ,QQ xg X LJ si W A is N + :gm lt fm X xr L Q ' fb xi N mf : fx Q S gg JY f A R Xi N " X, T XX X f PRX Sq X FX F J , A 8 ,X C 6 'X KX gum . www Wm 'YFPE-fd S w i .Q,. i I, 1- . 5 3 5 'E E N an --. 1 J , '- x 9 " 0 , 6 91 Q :iv Z' K? ri' L' 'N fi -'T E-fm ,m.,,g . 1 Q3 ew 3,11 ex- . mf ' . .N ,. CTD 0 9 l I S ,- SN , ww .ggi . My Q -ff' rf SEM X X 5 SMOKSNG W. K' fr :fw,. Q' g 4 Y is Gs ff: iw.. L gg ,A 97 X X T , Q Q 3, 1? Si S I ,Q ff Q, 2 2 2 ag- N H5 K K . .,...' - aff- KMWQ f ,X if- X: If NN 5- 'f- wil wax uqpnlll' Q 5- A ., A T Jig! Q gqywwx Si i pw 'QNX N ., 'L-N N kk S , L - :X 5 1. I A . . W, AM Pk Ni .. , M X5 K . ' .Q X L 3 98 vi? fx IQ? B f V5 JCL 9 S' A X H 29 ! , 14334 1'- "n' " Q?-26 1 , lf 3 un UE.. Y AD NISTRATIO s Ammon McWashington Principal Garfield High School has always thrived on stu- dents' morale and enthusiasm in hoth extrzicurrifular and zicatlernic activities. It is culled uspiritf, This spirit is the result of the multicultural. multiethniu luackgruund of our stutlent body and staff. "Spirit" is the word most often useel when alumni and community converse, We are proud of this. Ammon MCW2lSl1lIlgIfJll 5 Burl G irnett YN Al Hariston Pat Stuart Asst. Principal A-'fi' .1--nd" - .,-r,. I, f L -If I in Asst. Principal L WP Q S ,Q ,L S Dean of Students SUPPORT STAFF ll Georgeanne Delahamy lm B' rney 1 -11 A 1 Dorothy Belcher 0 0 ww-"V Q- X- K- ' Ernesrine Thomas Pat Siggs O lille Chambers Dorothy Greene i Glenn lfmbfee o Vivian Adarto S , o o r ww S ' ' :f:"' . QQN + g 4 L S' . K :TL K wg - K 5 -1' F Q 2' :Q-.-SW Ci? f-. - 2: - .. ' Fi L, .... 2 x. - -f,:.1L wgf i 15 3: .. f .L 5 1,5-I rw .. , . K A -SNFXS, r . X..-- QM .ggi . rrrr - Q X ff " S sr- M . ,g,,N.W 1 A H 5 if . i i .:- ga g: Xfrf ag i - gg ' 4 ' H ff f S Q f f S r 3 51 -il' N Q . Q' l i 'W v Helen Lacy , , 7 ,, Q I 'lim Sowell hmm ,Q 'SN HP!! x Y 2 sr: -N55 i r , ' . " .Q 222:22--ff r we . 1 9 H :uqf v .:::. , ' "'3:fi:E2:s'2"1. ' life-iv., ,ppm j eilf' -"" ' B YW.-. . ' . sEE?s. 5 '. :I Eric Abrahamson Warren Anderson May my worksheets live in you heart forever. Fred Beckwith Boogie Down! 1' ACULTY Clarence Acox "If Music be the food of love, play on."-Shakespeare jack Babani I don'r want you ro take my pic- ture. I'm a shy man. Henry Bell me - we Michael Adams Frank Ahern If you try hard enough you can be as romh as nails. me ws- 31 Sue Batchelor Sue Barrin You're in for a rude awakening! John Brill Loretta Brown '86 advisor Myra Burch Good hugs can help you bear anything. Gary Davis All is not what it appears to be. Edward Dimodica Nixon For President of the South Pole. Ginny Burton Good luck in calculating your future. Ron Davis Right on! Right on! Everett Elenbaas Save the whales! 6. Thomas Buser jim Creighton The pen is mightier than the "Knowledge is good"-Animal sword. House si Helen Dickens Richard Diesner Sam, SIT DOWN! Shirley Ellingson Joanna Farris Evil men flourish when good men do nothing. ' Tony Fore jean Givins You're just as good as anyone else, and no better. Don Fredrickson Luby Halvorson . . . Don't fool with mother na- ture! Robert Goldstein Life is a game of inches Nancy Haworth "Without your health you have nothing" Elke Gibson Not everything that is faced can Thomas Gipson be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. ' it a ff 1- .i xiii 355 ,',' W e in f ,. 1. 52 Q -5 i 1 Michael Grigsby Jacqueline Graupner Young adults, not kids! Are You kidding? Sally Illman john Kunselman "You Can do anything you en- "The universe is bizarre." i0Yf' 106 r i mg S K 'V ESE. .-N .. r S. .,.. ii ' i Paul Ladniak Paul Larsen Susanne Lindsler Craig MaCGowan Think FISH and HEMAGRAP SUS NUDAS. iiri Sharon Masse Rick MacAninch Roger Metzger Cynthia Mitchell "What do you mean your home- work's not done?" N. 33" rai 1. Kirby Morgan Ken Morrison "That was a frogable offense." Mike Musselwhite Graduation night all of you Cseniorsj will receive ONE of two things: CU a sheet of paper that states that you are a gra- duate of Garfield High School or CZJ a flashlight Cbatteries not includedj. The purpose you ask? so that you can find your way to night school. It is NOW not then that you make your choice. f Susan Oas ife -?" Nadeeri Oliver Beverly Raines Thelma Randles james Nelson jane NEISOI1 Georges Pachkovsky Eva PCHEI "Votre travail vous represnte et VOLIS Cfes fepfeseflfe Pal' Votfe travail." . lii- A sv-Fe 'l We g , l-"s 5 .5 We ' f G N 3 .X joseph Rauch Jeanne Reeder 108 Thomas Richardson Doug Rickerson Linda "Byrney" Rolfson Elizabeth Rorabeck Lights! Camera! Action! Ann 5ChUh Beverly Scott Rosa Sheets Peter Statcevich "Old age and treachery win over "Listen my friends . V I " skill and youth"-Anon 'N- . " N ,s 5 .351 E s 3 .5 'S , f S, sf X X , .. t . Sue Steele Caron Touliatous Marcus Tsutakawa Robert Williams "Not Now!" 'je voudrais votre attention, s'il vous plaitf' 109 Robert Wrlght Debra Zawada HHeLiBeBCNOF SECURITY CAFETERIA Greg Brashear iw Ms. Charles i52?,:ff5 ' i fs k,k A if, Q- i ' ."' was 2 k . kk K e A1 Thomas Ms. Drayton 5 6 Ms. I-lamilos Ms. Lewis Ms.Nevin Ms. Williams Catherine Acox Gertrude Houser Darlene Phillips 111 f1'z""': " Mrs - 3 X - -2:15 11 Kar N , . ex .S -f. 4-M w .iz Q ai V fffi' ' A . s " was : N Ox ii, W W ,ix N . X. 1 Ms. Swanson Rigina Amira ll? 1 -3 sa e 1 -vP'N'e 'W N A yi. -- h as is ,fl ' F , -, , ,airs-.amwj ,wf...:v-w vm ,,L, V f- ' 15'1fI...,l,..,rg.-1.2-:hw-: -:.-+ s . -1 - .K 1 Lisa Raytinski lx X : x 1 - xg QM B,x,,, N N vw - - fs: - . i Q QQ Q- 'BS A K - " SSEX Q as - X ,QQQ w X 5,2 .,:,... , L, -' 4' 'S .. N X' Y if i Y H i Egg ,S - Q , - t X 1 5 Q gk SNAPS ,, W N X f X N N X X Q. + Y: N' 112 ig. awww, 2 2 E gi. K gs Q15 hmm-X ,Q- vi Expose yourself ro the elements' . XX X X if W 'S E M W s You are here! wvKfV16Wl 1-,px My if Gimme some of that Cake! A F A 4 I ff, 5644 QW yew? 713, fee? diff Ke if? 550 W M 'Q mdk Pzovcvqmcblxfw w dw X lyffe Oc E7'fff"Wi QW! e VM r 'N Q. No, edY Ms. Iillingson keeps her cool as another typewriter breaks down. the batteries are not includ- ' L 6 ECL f f Qrfr, df 126,41 A Q. 55223: yomf Qvffwsff Ov 57ff?7f1fffKUV6! T WM 746V f ? rxx M, f'l 'f 1, 'K ffim L?c I Xa KZ fx Ajyl fU6f f?CtNf jaduCK, v , 1 Qffvwff , ij if NJ A diff QA mg- gf Q L JH Cfsf kye C I V B! XO "!hjEQC!! oonjwuw :FW 'A - 'X ,, Q Q.: 'Q N +9570 ' V ' Slgi . 55 f 'vjffi , 5' f " 'ax 0' ll 'QQ iff' '45 H-a'3Ul9 W -556 .. 51 ,gli TQIQNS MARCHING BA Drum Major'Mike Diehr Director-Clarence Acox Band Captain-Karen Vasseur 118 li dL .. CLARINETS K, Vasseur Csection leaderl, I. Allen, A, Bennett, C, Brown,j. Doss, R. Fudge, L. Harris, P. Harris,j. Healy, S. jackson, F. Larkins, A. MacLeod. S. Middleton. M. Mo- land. D, Nakayama, Plummer, L. Williams, TRUMPETS L. Mills fsection leaderj, C. Barday, K. Edwards, C. Green, G Martens, L. McGraio, R, Mitchell, A. Olson, K, Payne, R. Scal lon, M. Truog. FLUTES E. Agenbroad Ksection leaderlj. Allen, A. Anderson, K. Bauck, C. Bowen, R. Brooks, L. Daye, L. DeBurle, A. Graham, L. Healy, C. Houston, S. Howard, S. Hudson, Sjoneson, S. Melton, A. Nelson, C. Ofallaghan, S. Peterson, D. Robinson, Roth, L. Sather, L. Smith, A, Thomas,j, Toews, M. Walker V, Williams. S OU S AP H ON E S P. Carter Csection leaderl, T. Roberson. PERCUSSION C. Ross fsection leaderl, K. Ervin, G. Freeman, Helgeson, B. Pleasant, G. Taylor, Ii. White. M. White. . 121 FRENCH HORNS T. Doolittle Csection leaderl, S. Eclelstein, T. Pleasant, A. Robert son. TROMBONES - BARITONES M. Dimofffsection leaderl. K. Fremstad, A. Lawton, A. Miles, K. Ramerman, R. Strangegj, Withey, M, Dansby, W, Vanhee fsec- rion leaderyl, W. Earls, D. Wehner. TAGE Maisha Barnett, Gerald Freeman, Roman Mitchell, Edward M BA IKE-..' l WM, ,W,,,,,, an W ., orris, Antonio Thomas. Richard Williams. Cecilia johnson. l 122 l wwwmwwmwmw. . 5 3 2 i 2 --:Q iv ms .wi -1 .S-uzsw:1'Nb -- JAZZ BA Saxes-David Crum, Andrew Hamlin, Kasey Rose, Andy Zarling. Trumpets-Caleb Green, Lamont McGraw, Lee Mills, Roman Mitchell. Trombones- Amy Lawton, Anthony Miles, Ramon Strangejohn Wirhey, Piano-Ewann Agenbroad. Bass-Max Dimoff. Drums-Richard Williams. Advisor-Clarence Acox. L 353536 :Q V. x '50 X is ' 124 X l L. if Q Q?- 125 Y X. K X x F W, QW 5 5 2 e E I M i ggi 3 Wt, PMI wth R B ....Q- - 'iki-. ss .Mme fi 7 ' 361, L ,. .., x . A,X.A L. 1 5: X 5 5 f wg X xv Q Qs mx ,- J,-1 QQ: -5 i , X zQ 4 QC ORCHESTRA Eiiwisww a S w emi if. we Kate Brewster Shelia Bristow eremy Dawson Max Dimoff, Carol Erheringron, Chris Grivas, Nicholas Harris, Samar Lofton, Sharon Love, Renee Raatz, Peggy Yarnashita, Mariene Fredrick, Adrian Mar- iano. CHOIR Orchestra and Choir Director, Marcus Tsucakawa liwann Agenbroad. Bobby Anderson. Iivette Cotton. Melanie Downs. Redell Frazienjacqueline Gibbs. Arastede Hariston. Heather Hobson. liric Litt. Brodine Naugle-jarnes, Regina Olson, Quanira Parker, Carter Payne. Shannon Sanders, Peter Schall. Sherry Williams. Tanya Martin. Shawn Leslie. Militza Rogers. X L'l '91 J,-. --Q, ADVANCED DRAM 5 ., , It K. rl S 1 rt Q . 2 i 3 , Peter Albert, Melissa Arai, Chris Bourdoiseaui Heather Clarklljacqueline Conyers, Carrie Doolittle, Adam Ernst, Demitri Georgakopoulos, Darion Harding, Erica Hunter, Roy Mclvlillion, Mark Murrayulames O'Brien, Joshua Pierce, Timothy Tesh, Tammie Thorn. , Uwltlnq, wt Ur Qllfltwt QM, owl me A K A A K H !L:c,lrrn'r+ Wfl- WWW ,Wall lm 55lKlIOlZ3 D A JLEBLHAM Ol WM Q C A flwwr weft, 'WJ - '5Ul'052Lf UBC 'bcal"-'W U61 -4fQ9LJ'Qf f5m,..:,s -- 1.. .K Q, at r.., . rr J, xxx N R X Q QEQQQQ rest F3 V K iw 128 l l l l S r 513: x ,' QQ X X E R ls R 1 K Y h Q, - : 5 2 s X I - . af X 1. Ik hw W! X K sm 'im S .i ig., k See my gold nuggets. ,- Nici' X wma .ws Ifz , KN Q, 2 X , W Q Q Xa X X N , X '5 gf X Ja 3? , Q N get . gig , -Q -. L . , xx .XLL X, M :za ,. QQ.--i ,:g,.ggi,, 4: . f 50 , QA E 9 A R B 7 ' 1 N HE 5 13' QQ W QUITE A.S.G. OFFICERS President Demetri Georgakopoulos Senator Gerrit Kischner Vice President jon Gary Secretary-Treasurer Sam Alhadeff alt-sz. e Q Q PUQPLE PAw ' " DCANNED F000 DRNE vo RPLE PAW 'lop Row: I.isa Satlier, Nancy Canatly. Peggy Yamashita, Chris Provo. Alicia johnson. Bottom Row: Iiwann Agenluroad, Karen Vasseur Crystal llenipliill. Tracy Parrish. I,isa Allen. Apriljames. Lisa Barringer. Verberiina Payton. Vanessajaclc. Bridgette Pines. Sliellise Montgom ery. Not Pictured: Joanne Allen. Tom Doolittle. Mike Diehr. David Crum ADVISORS l,dtl1e Cliambers and Erncstine lliomas OFFICERS Historian. Izwann Agenlvroatl Secflreasz Crystal Hemphill Vice Pres: Slicllise Montgomery i President, Karen Vasseur ATL RAL HELPERS Students: Gary Bernston, Andrew Boudreaux, Nancy Canady, Dean Davis, LaShaun Daye, Susan DeForest, Dylan Dodd. Susan Dorffman, Nicole Dull, Par Durocher, Ryan Ernst, Ray Ellis, Kim Garrett,jon Garyjerod Gilliesulanice Hamilton. Yoshiko Harden, Sarah Harrington, Shawn Helton, Erica Hunter, Vanessa Jack, Yvette jackson, Ferni james. Kristian London, Suma Love, Greg Martens, Weatherly Meyer, Ryan Moniham, Sean Moore, Mark Murray, Tracy Parrish, Sharon Peterson, Christopher Provo, Mike Ripley, Sheila Rogers, Kasey Rose, Tanya Rynd, Robert Scott. Sean Sims. Colleen Sloan, Henry Tam, Kevin Wells, Kimberly Whitlock, Lanette Williams. Staff: Clarence Acox, Fred Beckwith. Dorthy Belcher, Myrna Burch, Tony Fore, Sharon Masse, Craig MacGowan, Bill Phelan, Bev Raines, Ann Schuh, Rosa Sheets, Tim Sowell. x XUN i 2 E f if ,Q ex 3 S t , . Sak ta, f fXX .vat 13.5-392 . ki Natural Helpers are a group of students who have been elected by their peers as people they feel comfortable talking with. They are sent to a three day camp where they are trained to listen, understand, and help students with their probe lems. Natural helpers learn that they can't solve your problems for you, but by asking questions, they can help you to find a solution for yourself. E X - SSW! When people talk Mark Murray listens! i! Q HOMECOMI G 'M X ,WK 352+ 8 i FN t If X fgx 1 --.55 5..,h S ' . 3,9 -- MM X fi ,. ki, Q F .. 3' s ff ' 1 i f J X J, Sk Q xx ., . Ax X N ia W-f X Y . 7 Q H ,,,, . , N. we. wif Mismatch Day Hawaiian Day Twin Day Toga Day Sports and Spirit Day L 1-mann 'U'-' wwf 's ' Q Q a sv' . Q. ,: is-A HOMECOMI GCG RT -W MR. AND MS. BULLDOG jon Gary and Esrenee Cunningham SENIOR PRINCE AND PRINCESS jason Eichinger and Heather Westwater 140 SOPHOMORE PRINCE AND PRINCESS Luther Brown and Harriet Braxton .JUNIOR PRINCE AND PRINCESS jason jones and Denise Ransom ii 51 v P xx. K t ' 4-I 11' r f I N ..1f.. I --'ff : Z., M W gi "IC ., -I Q ERESHMAN PRINCE AND PRINCESS Luther Carr and Suma Love Q .4-"..r wgivs -. ,el- Ei Q3Yx!?r:'SQJ, mm. I fx PRECIOUS PUPS ARSITY CHEERLEADERS K v W -sk, ..R,,i.a ...K muh 6 s f " K., , -1 Q 1 ' - s Q . . . .f..s y N si A SPIRIT SQUAD Tracey Smith-Song Queen Yvette jackson, Kim Von Tome. Sonya Liles, johnene Harden, Monica Fudge, Tiffinie Haywood, Karen Davis Cecelia johnson, Kerry Lfyeda, Deirdra Moore, Stacey Belgum. Tracey Parrish YVCIIC JHCIYSOH Tracey Smith Sonya Liles 144 x LL,: "Half-Pint" "Wu221G" 'WSHSSY' "'1'iggy" "Shortcake" 4'TOddll?Y W-H '4Bambi" HKa,..KdyH "FudgCY S N. "Cookie" 145 j.V. CHEERLEADERS 1 . : Sxfiffge fiXQ E Q I E ,Qs X N ,X -M 5 W W- fw- tg M ' ss K X Standing: Eric Litt, Robin Brooks, jacquelyn Brown, Seated: Charlotte Houston Marilou Ubungen Latangia Brown Khrystle Hill, LaSean Daye, jacquee Collins 146 . I. 1 N t X 1 E , is X 5 S, X ia ,SEQ 'Y -SQA . A V .3 ' .. g . ks f :E wwf 'Q ' x S . Q 3 x , .Af i z 3 f swf i S5 Q Ml PEP CLUB if Front Row: Leeshell Montgomery, Roshawna Fudge, Monica Scwienberger, Maha Dibee, Geri Scherrer, Mary Lou Ubungan, Karin Zougg, April james, Middle Row: Carla Olson, Cesily McWasl1ington, Michelle Ma Belle, Lara Thompson, Ena Glover, Mary Lowe,jackie Brown, Back Row: Rachell Burk, Lucy Calloway, Kenyata johnson, Augustine Payton, Not Pictured: Taeya Ladniak, Zenetta Young, Olukemi Abiodun, Shellise Montgomery, Latanya Horce, Shawn Brown, Verbenina Payton, Montine Wilson, Feleceia Duncan. mu.- , r Qt X X X 148 r PETTE 5 1 u i Back: Daeronna jackson, Paige Dorsey, Gena McGee, Center: Kim Whitlock, Tasha Stanton, Celese McDuffie, Shalonda Howard, Yarieka Baker, Margo joneshlanice Hamilton, Portia Beard, Denise Ransom, Elisha Richmond, Tina Bryant, LaSean Daye, Front: La Tangia Brown, Felicia Harris, Not Pictured: Helena Brown, Shameke Rice .N r.,,,,,.. mmm , .., ,a.r...r a....,,.,.. ,,, ,,,,,...,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,..,W..:Mr..v......W.aW, ,Q rfi, ' WIT. V , Q ri ,ssc I E 5 ,,, f is r N 3 X ' X f -Q. TER ATIO AL CLUB if . 32- E. 5 r .,. 'X X Q 3 W' rxxyx A i ' e f Standingzjuma Power, Ann Stephenson, Chris VanDyCk, Maura Kane, Terrence Hartsfield, Tiffany Clark, Enrico, Christy Halvor- sen, Linda Ross,justin, Vaccaro, Peterjones, Karin Zaugg, Lisa Nichols, Kate Green, Alisa Sylling, Brad Scott, Mary O'Leary, julia Toews. Kneelingijenny Yang, Karin Ramerman, Beverly Quinby, Beth Carter, Amy Emrich, Amy Goldnenjoannajames. Monique, Rachel, Heather. ssl' H . 5? V x EXCHANGE STUDENTS ! i Filippa Bratt ilngelholm, Sweden Luis Ferreira Asunci6n, Paraguay Eva Gotenstedt Mariestad, Sweden Wendy Horo Christchurch, New Zealand Alexander Neuwald West Berlin, Germany Militza Rogers Oaxaca, Mexico Karen Vega Chuguicamata, Chile Martin Veil-Picard Paris, France 15 NNUAL STAFF .,.. W .. - . W . ,MX - X - - A r . mmgx me aw Beth Lara, Camille Suzanne, Carolyn Marie, Racheljoel, Shellise Mae, Ayesha Mary, Royle August, Carol Anne, Karen Ann, Curt David, Eva Marie, Suzanne Ella, Nicole Marguerite, Margaret Evelyn, Liesel Suzanne, Heather L0uise,jon Alexander, Ieva Cassandra, Sarah Christine, Patty Lynn, Henry Chan, David Carlton, Ryan Spencer, Crystal Arizonajeffrey Walter Erwin, not pictured: Erin Kathleen Bergin, Tina Petra Mornber. V . . .ig if Q Q A i : s fLL- wma rw - If m W ' 'S' 1 YiS i .KWSN New as I Wm! L-L- RN wmmvmm P F ! ' Q HRW I :QQ b " ' Q W 'PT' Sw , , , mm " ' - 'Im ,,.- , ,.', " IA ww ii SX I 'X , X , Q ,X Xxx iw I as ,SX wx X R ., I ., I . . , . N .. - 5 - ,Q -2' fi X i Q . j fkwgg f -. w- , Ivy - A P PPPP I I I ' If Si--3 .smsi-,gk ,N K! X .AS V. . " " 'A A I I gszsfgfg S 1 -WM, N.. W N5-QNVQ Sw! me I .gig gggg 4, wi, .. ,.,Q5S1.'wwS.i ' I I I - fx ww SPIRIT! SPIRIT! SPIRIT! K is ESSENGER STAFF Window, Lee Mills, Gerrit Kischner, Leah Kohlenberg, Tamara Nameroff, Middle row: Erica Hunter, Aaron Gunderson, David Leong, Wyeth Wasserman, Sonja Gibson, Tom Buser Advisor, David Toledo, Mark Keister, Andy Hamlin, Mathew Green, Craig Gibson,jerold Crowser. Front row: Mandi Ernst, Damon Thompson, Editor-in-Chief: Gerrit Kischner 154 U l u X Vknump 4 X x I 34 'av hu 'Y"2a l L 4-V 'I' 19 M Q' Ai 'Gm S: LATIN CL I I 0 Q O 0 0 Q Q Q q . ' 0 u 0 ' 0 is 0 0 0 0 A 0 ' ' s t L. A ,. ,,, A, s . K k'k: ' . ' BQVES SEMPER iw Aneoansus SWT . t t f "' j . my .:.'- s X . ' , R he L t i . K .. ..x. nf' L 3 .X X - . 9 Q 0 0 I Q O C 0 0 O O n D 0 C V l 9 O 5 Q 0 0 o . o Back Row: Ronald Knight, Marian Seibert, Henry Tam, David Stubbs, Steve Zachenjeff Helde, Keith Pitre, David Wong, Roxanne Okada, Middle Row: Carl Morgan Rosemary Tanksley, Ginger Englert, Suzanna Kruger, Katy Roberts, Tina Benshoof, Lisa Harris,jenny Nguyernjennifer Thames, Nikki Laclyka, Colin West, Front Row Melanie Sutton, Selina Gleason, Ieva Ohaks, Not Pictured: Kate Brewster, Kris Causey, Leah Kohlenberg, Tuela Sykes, Peter Vangs, Richard Williams, Officers: Selina Gleason-President Ronald Knight and Ieva Ohaks-Vice Presidents Lisa Harris-Parlementarian Sonja Gibson-Secretary-Treasury 156 COMMERCIAL FOODS ..v""' Fli 'ng PPI them burgers! This is how you do it . . . Busring suds! 5 S im A. .X Q Y as an -w 5. A 5 wg- Q.-1 - bk ..+,,L.,. .bri i QJA N i L , N,.W,. .,.. ,md :gf . ., ri Q -Y t ,x... TM mm : . . . 5 , - - : wmv V- " 4 ' - . M ,:.. , ..., 5, 5 ., . f .-ipggigfff-s.mggQ mf eww s-'L T511 ,. 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I mv, 1 fgjix YE Q fb QQWX ' f f ' lm ' .ai iw.. at Jliiwi WD 'TS l xg FOOTBALL Peter Albert, Roland Beach, Leon Billingsley, Gerald Bradford, Christopher Branham, Anthony Bryant, Dexter Brunson, Roy Busch, Greg Campbell, Michael Campbelljoe Carlisle, Luther Carr, Arthur Chandler, Dennis Chin, Dov Claytonjonathan Collins, Chad Davido, Erik Davido, Dean Davis, Michael Davis, Ro- land Davis, Andre Poster, Tommy Foster,jason Getty, Darryl Glover, William Hall, Darion Harding, Matt Harrington, Terence Hartsfield, Kyle Heckard, Steven Humphreys, Eric johnson, Emmett Kerns, Marty I.awson,junius Lofton, Derrick Marshal, Matt Millar,john Mitchell, Mike Moodie,james Morgan, Leroy Myles, Billy Nellams, Peter Nelson,john Nordin, Terry O'Neal, Blandon Parker, Damico Parker, Anthony Peters,jason Phipps, Erik Pickering, Twan Refour, Lamont Rice, Gavin Robertson, Aaron Schmidt, Chris Scott, Daniel Skutt, Nathaniel Small, Mario Stephens, Cameron Stewart, Bruce Struthers, Anton Thompson, Roger Tucker, Andre Watson, Aaron Washington,jay Waxon, Reese Wells, Todd Wendt, Charles Yearby. Coaches: Bob Bass, jim Creighton, Ron Davis, Lee jones, joe Murray, Keith Parnell, Doug Rickerson, Anthony Russell, and Manuel Washington. Trainers: Robin Biggs, Carrie Helde, and Cindy Murray. 'A 'B ,gf me we V- ,R K. 5 , .il so K F5 S Nt ig . Q S '55 - .1 ,Q .- ,j 1, ::..,,,- Q - T f f s g , p,V.x .ip. . ,A Xp., 5 Q-:L Q2-A 'R MQ S,,X,,- Sa, rw- - . 166 2 1 .Q 1 167 a SSH. !,,,..,'. W 1 EAW3 i-Jw wp. 51 ,., .... .Irv LW ,M.,..L- -TNF. W Nw .ff K ,4- S X M, " s L Q' Ny, S , . f ' K . .mwfgxzcj U ' Q N 3? 5 N. -ifffrxi 1 w NN . K Wm Y.. il Vai' 'Wm Tiff' . X X . ev. .N UNE X X l x f z y f --R W: - 1 CRGSS COUNTRY i. -Q,--. - fl, .. Qt it 5 K , .. , .. X .Qzbt , r ,, -- t 1 t . , , QQ W at r tm 'gk K 3 X' i P " 1 'N 3 t ex .J l I 5 . i . ' ig A Q N is Q 1 5" ' t or as Y . P- Q t f 5,- IF ay e ,Q it X Z 0 63 t S N 3 A E' ,gm if? -'1f' I-535559 ' Q 'AITN - t 1 ' J 5 E K 'ff-- l 1 - we 1 r 2 W X - if S it t ,. :,A W ..., Qi! r - . iz, I Q T LLLL IL- , . rs e at lkfliif-in Magi. Percy Haggins, Aze Hannum, Andrewjones, Ron Knight, Nikki Ladyka, David Mahony, Peter McCracken, Michael Nystrom, Christopher Pierarcl, Rik Reinholdtsen, Katherine Roberts, Laura Rockey, Peter Schall, Monica Schweinbergerulames Schopf, Frederick Seki, Rosemary Tanksley, Kevin Wells, Umar Wiggs, Inye Wokoma, Paula Zook, Alex Taub Cream manager and photographerj, Coach Beckwith ,t r..-. .. , +W..r.,,....,,...,,... W s 172 Ska 175 xxs 5 .. 9 8 Q. .VF , .-Q. we as X - -Q-1:-,N QR - W Q. . N. ,M ,Q- X W6 V M Q L A . .YK Win .M X M: rj Enix, . .X W x g, . 5 5 1 SSS Sn- X Y rwwwmm K 5 M V J X , 5 K kr K5 A .Q.z,, X. N, Q. -Q N :X Y M . A N A Q Q X -M N - Q L ,W sw N., X lg QN W ' A ' W . S X if' is X. Y i K K 4 5 X GMENS SOCCER Top row: Elliot Westwater fmanagerl, Coach Denny Bader, Eva McGough,julie Weller, Carlajones, Kate Milan, Coach Thom Bader, Caitlin Collins, Shelley Biggs, Randi Sundby, Tanya Rynd, Middle row: judi Gault, Katy Hierl,jennifer Bell, Susan Carver. Bottom row: Emily Aylward, Avril Rothrock, Heather Westwater, Alice Hauschka, Carolyn Turnbull, jean Teather. Amanda Aiken, Carla Milan, Elizabeth Martin. Not pictured: jenny Lysaker. 55 K kiwi ' ,,,,, , 176 M iv was-Q wx ,. X New Em in ,VW M ,, if ,. ' - X 5. 5: Q-f "'L'm'm'.'p V, - my ww .,,. . Q W L, W M wk Q i om Qi-1-' ,sgaggik X 'X R ' 1 vis w x? A Nz im I J f 9137- 'ZH .. M ,va :Q 'X ' 5 iwii Q x X " -4 QA Y , .... , X ?S N N , F k ,,.,,: . E K I , Y X X Q as ., K ,, Q ., ,L,AEfifNm'W-ILIXIU, X - H H' S , 1 .. N E-ff-Xi' F'WiFf3 75- Mw igfiiyiswsw WM www -W ps SS? K Q1 Q xii Top Rowjaysonjones, Sarah Hoo GOLF Sara 5 f,,:"l a,..,,.t....W.,.,..M...,f.tE L ii li .rw -M Y -.M vs sv-is 5 , ,K .V. H K, - Q 1 t .M , .W tt tm., if .sem S. is t in V Q S . 3, W ,.. NN. 5 Q SFX .,-...nw-.Q Q gen-uf 3, - " .rf- we-,...m up-.Ya-w cl, Sarah Fernald, Eric Berry, Peterjones, Steve Burnstin, Peering through window is awesome Coach Al Hariston, David Keegan. Bottom Row: Suzanne Carlson, Elliot Westwater, Keith Thomas. Not Pictured: Tina Benshoofjerald Crowser, Ethan Kaye, Eric Lowney. " " H" 3 ..5::Z'V ff f'f,q::.. .. L 15 1 me ii' ' X Q . - . iti V ft .af is S' rr i. -W e .fu 1, N i,t. r .t, . K A is as S 'Y ' - , in 33, QW' sae. N N"' :...:.: .. tth,., ,. 180 - ,. ie . Nei N. Q -X ix P 5 5 2 - 9 : V ' 1' ' 5 -41- F. . ai ,, :A swiaxxfs ' X Q .xfxvfx av . I k A Q' ..-Q, if F .Xy'..f J- .war .f , ,Q A ' 'tv-N., , Q4 ME 2 X Q . Q, ki if Q - a bi HS 5 S : , P Pg M ...M , Q , mu 'X ' ,WM E x W 3 X2 Q Q 1 ,L'k X E -'.- V ' .N xii' X . 1"3,sfSu Ili. X za' -:.:::i,'Nf.:f::: 1 K..X i A x Xue- ? K if X -r S X Q X S Q N r' ' 0' f "Nia," f M W, + QS" 1 8 1 N, - 'Nw .f , fi. - ., ' Nix ' if -A L . xg A1 Q Q, . . K' 55, K A- 4' A 2 A X. , . gf..-x,.: 1 Q X. L 'A 51'3'Ni-935'-f"' fx. n' . 1- 5 1 5 , Af '- . M., gf ,Sf - -- - ,i xfxniixf. . KN , .. 5 wi 'M' U as QM A N ,wb VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Ska - S lst row: Lisa Allen Cmanagerj, Coach Oliver. Znd row: April Murray, Wendy' Cox, Lisa Sachs. 3rd row: Taeya Ladniak, Bethany Clement, Carol Amey. flth row: jo-Ann Remoquillo, Mithya Lewis, Dana jones, Kasey Rose. 182 j.V. VOLLEYBALL lst row: Lisa Allen fmanagerl, Coach Oliver. April james ftrainerl. Znd row: Dana Morohoi, Zenerra Young, Lisa Nicholsjoanne Roth. 3rd row: Sarah Harrington. Rebecca Simmonds, Marilou Ubungen, Kristen Booker. Not Pictured: Rachel Oh, :X 185 ,......4-if f- ws.-as - , J- wwwwww' ...wr MENS VARSITY BASKETB LL 3 - M 1 ii 8 - --': ",- wmw'- M iss, X Q rr Coach Al Hariston, Gavin Robertson, Billy Nellams, Kellyjefferson, Eric Berry, Craigjordanjason Eichinger, Greg Gill, Chris Fogerson, Coach Jojo Rodriguez, Rodney,Iackson,jason-Iones, Ishmael Butler, Mark Phillips, William Elleby, Craig Murray, Calvin Tubbs, Trainer Carrie Helde. 184 wands AK ' - --JV f , 185 Q-4 out fn , ,,,. ' "" I Y 2 5 Km :N i E x -'sqm Fi? v-Ndm 5, 4- 5 .Bmw Q j.V. B-BALL K4 3 if: N..,,-qw-vw-sl ' f mA . A. am Omar Wiggshlames Stewart, Rasheed Brown, Richard Moody, Andrew Aiken, Leon Billingsley, Pellet Phillips, Shannon Nelson, Christopher Greenlee, Parris Brasheanjason Seraile, Paul Walker, Not Pictured Coach Frank Ahern and Ben Rosen. Nw 3,5363 ,QS G 11 pf FROSH. B-BALL Q 5 P ,., MMM, -W S 'M' 5 'fm Q l W .., r , ,E I iz-1 N.:, ' Q Q , I t , A ,,.. ,rr we We Barryjacksomjarnahl Powell,jodi Page, Ernest Walker, Shawn Mamonnjames Levias, Peter Duncan, Evan Nelson, Luther Carr, jeffrey Staton, Coach jo jo Rodriguez, Not Pictured Daniel Moore. 189 WO NS VARSITY B-BALL Amanda Aiken, Cabrina Bell, Shelly Boston, Cassandra Bowen, Leslie Campbell, Robin Dukes, Laura Fuller, Carmenjohnsonnloycejones, Felicia Loud, Colleen McLaughlin, Shellise Montgomery, Kasey Rose, Marvena Thomas, Eva Thornton, Pamela Turner, Erika Whitehlewel Wright, Coach: Ron Davis, and Mike Allen. Managers: Lisa Allen, john Chatters, Gerald Freeman and Mian Rice. Stats, Lori Esquibel. 190 mfv we MQ. NS ffkggfx x N 191 2 W LLUGHUN S 5 1 3 -2 , - W. ..X.A. -. N W, ,N. . 9 i I g.. 2 .I X K kg Q . 2 i5Y,Q.l . :,: ., 39.5 i ,,,YA Q S 14S e.i' all 93 WOMENS B-BALL 3 s Crystal Allen, Cabrina Bell, Cassandra Bowen, Katrina jackson, Cheryl Kilo, Elisha Richmond, Erika White, jewel Wright, Carla Fuller, Briggette Holmes, Marla Murray, Leasa Thompson, Coach: Tony Fore i,.. we ,--. 5, -K .... is .. Q 1' .Qfii1,3:fs15. .14 r is i T t ,C,, 'K ' Q3 '- fi 194 if? miie"- ii ,,,J,, b, , t FRESH B-BALL Nicole Asphy, Portia Blanchette, Donyeal Clahoun, Gina Griffen, Felecia Harris, Briggette Holmes, Kate Milan, Kim Whitlock, DaVorme Weaver, Nana Bailey, Coach: Mike Allen 195 5' Y. WRESTLING r. fgzz F jeffrey Coles, Michael Dinsmore, Tommy Foster, Steven Cranford, William Graylin,-Ionathan Greenblatt, Eric Hansen, Nicholas Harrisulohn Mitchell, Carl Morgan,john Nordin, Rodney O'Francia, Erik Pickering, Morgan Rose, Andy Royer, Brian Scott, Michael Spann, Aaron Stothart, Ben Stricks, Colin Sullivan, Timothy Tesh, Roger Tucker, Elliott Westwater, William Westwater, Anthony Wilson, Steve Zacher, Leonard Adams, Ted MacLeod, Chris Carter, Shannon Kelly, CoachJ.L. Williams, Asst. Coach Anthony Russell. 196 197 SWI TEAM k Y - xi Z A S Us Q . joanne Allen, Brooke Anderson, Melissa Arai, Charlene Balick, Erin Bergin, Fary Bernston, Kendall Conrad-Bodden, Andrew Boudreaux, Pilippa Bratt, Lisa Butler, Kristin Causey, Kara Church, Dennis Clark,jerald Crowser, Sophia Dobra, Lizabeth Evenson, Luis Ferreira,jean Foster, Craig Gibson, Eva Gotenstedt, Matthew Harrington, Sarah Harrington, Sarah Higgins, Monique Hoffmoen, Nicole Hoffmoen, Rebecca Houze, Royle johnson, Wendy Keller, Orion Larson, Amy Lawton, Sara Leffingwell, Kristian London, Liesel Lund, Stephanie Maxwell, Peter McCracken, Holly Michelson, Joni Moore, Cassie Munger, Liam Murray, Tamera Nameroff, Alex Neuwald, Roxanne Okada, Lori Olson, Juliette Power, Brian Ramey, Matthew Richardson, Cynthia Rogers, Cael Roozen, Alexa Sand, Bradley Scott, Rachel Schuder, Fredrick Seki, Damon Thompson, Peter Vanags, Rachael Van Pelt, jessica Wallace, Leah Wallace, Coach Doug Rickerson l 198 Q Q S N wwgwwwixiwwwx A . 2 xv: A- A Q , Q . I Yi W! Ask - ljiifwwizgk 199 W E msgs Ax Nmisis .. N ,k:,Vk wiv ....k 1-M KEN. XX GY ASTICS Olukemi Abiodun, Suzanne Auge, Stacey Belgurn, Sarah Dixon, Rose Donaldson, Cecilia johnson, Taeya Ladniak, Sonya Liles, Amanda McLaughlin, Cesily McWashington, Rachel Oh, Cassandra Perry, Kristi Saunders, Reshae Vester, Coach: Eve Whitman W w l 200 :swans X xeftyw DEB TE S Gerrit Kischner, Katie Roberts, Lisa Harris, Holly Michelson, Eric Church, Lori Smith, Leah Kohlenberg, Thella Sikes, Eric Lowney, Matthew Green, Weatherly Meyer, Craig Gibson. 202 mx . Q... -q-..,N 3 mm X X iw , K E, f- N, . C' Q x ZR x .W 5 K .1 ,..-.,, Q eh tabs! .x,.,x4..W.x- me ...-'v 5,--J mum. 5 W. .xx Q, x fn T 3 EM " , ,ig . W. -ww ww S war Simi! mm X ,N . K 5 .X A X ir 5 i . ' X X 3 A 3, wg! ' ' bl X x X N . , - QQ Q X Q P A' ' N 2' X QL.. X , .X .N fs ,. g V - M ,VL K N' IBS " X 335 . .K ,QS - fn Saw-H X M .NEW - . g WZ nik. . M Agua QQ S: 'si 5 K ,X Y " ' 3' - . X. .. . xg X A xx if K. . ,W 2 'I NNQNNNX Q X ,.4w-db :g , ,..W,. Q ,,,,,, .mv-'Y' .4 206 Q X XXX x . . A. M , me . .5 XX X XXX Q Q N X is X Xxx X X XXQ' Q X f S XX X X N QR NX X x X sz N W E rss- t. :w.'2::'a".sz-wx K XQSQQ X X xx X S 1 x mm. 1 www... xx 1 s . nf' Q ,N ..L X ,f 'N i ' 207 N .. 5. .. ., W. .. 5 MENS TRACK Scott Anderson, William Anderson, Michael Ashley, Leon Billingsley. Christopher Branham, Parris Brashear, Luther Carr, Abelardo Carrera, Steve Cranford, Clyde Duncan, Bill Elleby, Aleph Fackenthall, Ross Flowers, Chris Fogerson, Tommy Foster, Michael Gabre-Kidan, Frank Gallagher,jon Gary, Greg Gill, William Graylin. Percy james Haggins, Darion Harding, Efrem Howard, Randy Hubbard, Christian Jaeger, Patrick johnson, Gailjonesjasonjones, Craig jordan, Ronald Knight, Marty Lawson,jay Loften, Shawn Mamon, Steve McCracken,.Iames Morgan, Edward Morris, Billy Nellams,john Nordin,jody Page, Blandon Parker, Aundre Phillips, Mark Phillips, Peller Phillips,jason Phipps, Shahid Rahman, Lamont Rice, Mian Rice, Gavin Robertson, Frederick Seki, Robert Stith,joseph Stroy, Alex Taub, Demetrius Taylor,jon Thompson, Ernest Walker, Gregory Warren, Aaron Washington, Andre Watson, Kevin Wells, Umar Wiggs, Michael Winston, David Wong. Team Captains: Clyde E. Duncan jr., Mark E. Phillips. Head Coach - Fred Beckwith, Asst. Coach - Frank Ahem, Asst. Vols. - Louis Byers and Curtis Wells. V QV A AWS Qi , - QL. .wi gfufwgy +1 FSE . 'L - iawglk N A . ,LSSQYQQ .A.A A A V - ' ' N ' Q wk 'Mx ww ww sw N fgxwwv EN Qi9gQEY?gulgS ?x?5N M -xg W XL x-SX X wx my GMENS TRACK Crystal Allen. Irene Allen, Analisa Anderson, Arilca Atherton, Nana Bailey, Michelle Barnes, Sandra Barquet, Shelly Biggs, Shelly Boston, Angela Braggs, Erin Brumett, Leslie Campbell, Ramona Campbell, Danielle Christianson. Esrenee Cunningham, Dominique Dinish, Laura Fuller, Sara Gaasholt, Ari Gluclcsberg, Aze Hannum, Kenya Houston, Dana jones, Regina King, Sharon Love, Dionne McGraw, Molly Mills, Anne Mulholland, Carmel Mulholland, Lelia O'Keefe, Mary O'Leary, Rachel Rahman, Bridget Rigert, Sherry Robinson, Laura Rockey, Kristi Saunders, Monica Schweinbergenjennifer Smith, Tasha Stanton, Betty Thomas, Antonette Thompson, Traci Thompson, Eva Thornton, Christie Threadcraft, Christina Willis, Sara Zarter. Team Captains: Leslie Campbell, Esrenee Cunningham, Danajones. Head Coach - Greg Brashear, Asst. Coach Frank Ahem, Asst, Vols. - Rosa Sheets and Curtis Wells. Q, :Sis -S .. .Q- an 3 k,-rel . Q' ik . - - ..,,, -Ee - - ,. .W . to . . --Y, -. . . 24 f W e Q- - , , .- I - . 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Bmroin row: Averil Rothroclejudi Gault, Alice Hauschka,Rasl1elleTanner,Saral1 Rudd, Carla Milan, Kate Milan, Sallie Cliesnut, Hilary Haselwn, Tuella Sykes, Karen Da- viS. . .TENNS , if Top row: Asst. Coach live Whitman, Scott Haley, Mike Stewarnjason Howard, Scott Mortenson, Matt Scott, Dov Clayton, Kirk Henry, lilliot Westwater, Coach Tony Fore.. Bottom row: Caitlin Collins, Dana Petersonjenniliet Harden fManagerl. Not pictured: Dylan Dodd. Chris Greenlee, Yoshiko llartlen, Cassandra Perry, Mischa Retman. Martin Veil-Picard, Steve Zacher. BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL CPICTURIZDJ Top row: Asst. Coach: Ronnie Gates, Mark Murray, Roland Davis, Rodney jackson,john Heflin, Bruce Forsythe, Dean Davis. Coach: Paul Larsen. Bottom row: Damico Parker, Chris Scott, Robert Scott, Aram Montgomery, Peterjones, Peter Nelson. Not pictured: Houston Bradley,john Mitchell, Dexter Brunson, Kelly jefferson. j,V. BASEBALL CNOT PICTIJREDJ Dewright Brooks, David Constancejames Gaines, Ronnie Gates, Lucas Hopperstad, Anthony Hunter, james Leffew, Derrick Lot, Brian Ramey,james Schopf, Sean Simsjoseph Smith, Michael Spann, Keith Thomas, jay Waxon. E EE Q - gs x xi L. X ..s . - A x Us Q. 'S X i .4 S R X 3 s ,Qi X 1 -fg X S is 52. i 'N 5 X S! x i if L L: - - .- v LL L. . V :J N L L LL h L 54 . --LL? .-" f- 'X QL 5' ,YE L Q. .'- X 1 XXXR .x x' iii' QS 'r S, L. L L L .. - L- . . . . - 3 . . - if -LLL LL -L L' Q F L L LLL . 3-LLL. . i KmL.kLL L RSS- L L- . XL-- - LL Q L L . L -N , ., - L K.:' QLLLLL T fs K XM? .,-. .. L I 6 .Q f l , X .QQRA Q FL . , . - .. Lf 'E - L ---' LL - ,5,. . . . ..1. . . My -XX- K. 1. -. .L ,... gil..--fgg... - 1 'L FQ ff-TLQT' L 5. .us 3. V? . j,l.lNlm,f3k3Ml::L"L if g. - X.. L' ' L1 LL'LLL"LLLL: 'LL' .... L L ,. L Y Lli-A L- L ' L . A sfwwwmgm, 1 M K .. -- .. K .. . .L - .. L LL f1L.LL-L. L- -:Ls .. , . . Q 'H L ---- 4 'QQ ,W .Y .ig 1 L K' KL 'L 1 QNLEPM - " TTYL SH.- My . 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Third row Charlie Murphy, Yvette jackson, Felicia Duncan, Becky Charles, Cabriria Bell, Sharlene Hutchinson. Bottom row: jomi I-loward,jo-Ann Remoquillo Marilou Uhungen, April james. Not pictured: Sirita jackson, Lee Shell Montgomery, Tracy Duncan, ei? TEAM CAPTAINS Sharlene Hutchinson, April james. CHESS TEAM Chris Cullins, Tobias Cullins,joe Dibee, Nicolas Eisenjeremy Frank, Craig Gibson, Nathanial Gibson, Sonja Gibsormjohn Glass, Michael Glass, William Graylin, Kam Guerra, Rorke Haining, Erik Hille, Scott Hungerford, Guido Hunt, Michaeljohnsonjim Leffew, Wolfe Maykat. Alexander Perry, Scott Sandwick, David Stubbs, Wyeth Wasserman, William Westwater. Team Captain: Erik Hille. Coach: Peter Starcevich, ,, PEN STAFF ,.... 1. .. V., .A .. Www, aww- Wwvvewvvd .. my ww X fr'-0' www iiggyfllll we X if N wwwdwlll. Sum Alliadelif. lietliam' Clement, liliyalveth Doud, Mandi Ernst, Steve logclall. Chloe Gale. Rishii Henry, Lisajafliee, Michele McCauley. Mike Nystrom, Averil Rothrock, Alex Tamb. Advisor - Michael Adams mans-nu-maxaman HAWAII 1986 si 'S 5 Us ,, is ., ,L . . Ma.. Peter Albert, Irene Allen, Kim Allison, Shelly Biggs, Kris Booker, jon Chaloupka,jacque Conyers, Michael Davis, Carrie Doolittle, Margaret Duffygjean Foster, Katie Hierl, Sarah Hood, Selina Gleason, Ethan Kaye, Doug Legters, Ryan McMahon,john Mitchell, Anne Mulholland, Alexander Newald, Grace Norman, Mary O'Leary, Christine Peterson, Erik Pickering, Cricket Richards, Tim Rogers, Paul Roos, Scott Sacketr, Chukundi Salisbury, Lissa Simpson, Lori Smith, Danyale Thomas, Peter Vanags . , . Also . . , Susan Doolittle, Glen Embree, Craig MacGowan, Larry Lange, Clyde Gray. 985 Andy Bauck, Tina Benshoof, Eric Bjork, Nathan Clement, joe Dibee, Tom Doolittle, Seth Edel' stein, Lisa Edmondson, Adam Ernst, Selina Glea- son. Darren Grayjennifer Hall, Mike Hall, Keiko Kawasaki. Leisel Lund, Eric Martin, Kasey Rose, Alexa Sand. Scott Sandwick, Sylvia Scott, David Secord, Roberta Shinbo, jennifer Thames, Gina Turner, Tief Weller . . . Also: Dr, Frost, Ric Hei- deger, Tony Mebus, the Morrisons, Chris Oleson, the Phelans, Nanina Talka. Australians: Laurie, Tina, and jodi Clyde-Smith. FLCRIDA 1986 David Adams. Amanda Aiken. Roland Beaclyjennifer Bell, Gary Berntson. Iiric Bjork. Amy Bushjon Collins. Anne Priesen, Graig Gibsonjanice llarnilron. Marr Ilarringron. Sarah Harrington. Marr Hays. Aaron Lafferrygjohn Lang, Tanya Leavitr, Tina Momher. Dearrlra Moorejoni Moore. Marla Murray. Tim Myhr. Roxanne Okada. Sean O'Keefe. Lori Olson. Denise Ransom, Ben Renolds, Chelsea Riddiclyjeri Sherrer. Aaron Shigley. Alisa Sylling, julie Weller. Sarah Zarrer . . . Also , . . The Morrisons, The Phelans, 'IIE ,Y ,,, - ' 'r. 1 X' AW' N' 'lefflt' X f-.,.,,f-My X xx fffif K-XA 5 V X ff: - liiiMi'Fx V -X j A rf' f UXQ f l Z g 'f"NxQSQCf4Q6 KA Y ,ff ' I - ,X I Q fr' e X ff L - if 4:2-Lim X Kaz: Ci xg.-f xg! X X, for J 'A . 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Emcees: Tim Tesh, Eric johnson, Andy Hamlin, STAGE CREW f sncl x Agams lux iiasmkx Hr ni limxm 'Xu mln lullms linquei umerx Srl I I ar funk! lrcumn Dmd Um him html Umm I arson Del hella Mules 'Xiulh Nixflx I nrmel Mulimllxmi lun Ol mn I xmuut Rm Dxvm Rnlunsun Danni :mud Xlex Ixulv N1 Muni Hmzmis 1 nm I :urn Xnxlmr lumix Rn um 41111. la ' I' ., ' lf 1 'Jul '.',A1' '1 4' .fr au 4511. if. V' '1 . 1 A . alex. l.n'ilmx1x liurawie. joe Israel. Margnvluncs. I4 uf .. 1 'hflxusl' 'Hi .f 3' - Q . 'HSL mm ik K .M s Q X 5 M ,. Nw Q11 ww R Q 4 1 S LW,.. , Xii. A W E . . gg Q X ., M rw-NA 5 'ii ztsfk r .1 m 4 if mi? aww'

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