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Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1958 volume:

Wff 'IVQZV WWW QQELW fa. M2337 QQ M fy , N ,fi ' WM wi W X V f,1v'Wwu5W , wb X v ig A Qfioyjlsbpwtikzvify QV K Q R W N Nj , f .gbjv x 2 ' 'X x M90 XQJM gig QQ, f R E? QR, Q Y JB QP W w QN + Du N ,K Mig? WM, WMM ' QQQWV 46' qw If xMWOMMfw ,W Qgjigg J? ffgiffiv if gjjfyjyyj If jgxgjfij 932435 . S dy , Q9 N mjgfjw 6' 5 QW IEEE my N 3253223 X X W M' 323311 JiJl53iL5ff5f fUjt,ffU5,f,i BQ?" wha 72ffc,C, 5 mm J W ffifp' V 9 EP if 'ln -W! L ! 1 4 ' 1 ' P X kia! of J 4600! 5 : 674, ,709 M450 ,e,xzJ.1 ,Z V, , kg ' '7ZQ'ff ZOE! 41141447 1 f Q g Foffcill Forwar . gg 95,906 ,fe ,doug "Q: jjfjf jg h , g , Sfgllileneveilgdiesil oo ! .4 Q . K ft HE GARFIELD spirit drifts down each of the hallowed halls, invades every class room, and is implanted in each new mem- ber of our student body. Our faculty and student body hold a deep sense of pride for Purple and White and the meaning behind them. It is for this reason that the association between students and faculty is friendly and har- monious. The Bulldog spirit has spurred us on to new levels of accomplishment: an ever- increasing number of award-winning pub- lications, effective organizations, fine stage productions, outstanding music groups, and victorious athletic teams. As the years pass, Garfield alumnae cherish the Arrow as a complete record of their high school days. ln the i958 edition, the staff has tried to preserve this year's events and the excitement and color that have accompanied them. fiiaoefiyffj u L " N X L X X1 W XV' K KX' t .' kj x x N NJ g , Xu xT1 KJ' LJ KW, nx- , , 'NJ , kv A v , 1 x' in lsr X u x . ,y , J' X -p -.1 . X u J 5? 3 N V . N M fm 4 . V . ' QV, X 1 I 5 1 x V , K 1. ., X I x . I . , , .VJ In 'Q ,Q X 1 1 xx , Wfv . . 4 1 Y. ' . v ,, 4 , X 5 h, kt , Y . V, I J KN ' , V, K X N it f - I ' :J v - r , 5 A - X X Hsu I X M H JVM X Li X W kv M F XM XL Nl by qv x F xt 'M AN xy xy' U xx KN 5' X' X LA! 'X kj X QQ X VN 1 X 'X Q' X, m N X? Ref Q X5 X. X O x X? Q' Q W X Q Nix N W 1 1 'u ffcf ' 7 , fa cf ' , f FAI X 2- 4727. A kc: Xi Q N? - 53: QTL I 'IX A Jw MZNWf 4 My ,ZIQW Q F958 F 1 A 4 g .Xl fin VAI, A V, ' fq Kilvlvvg mfwif LXCWLLWM-f ,, Q A I A 7, ,MQ GQ-wa1,Li 4fg ffvwb' A W? W q . Q, ,.Q66yyUg4fQl1'2 .b 1 s ff? ,, A! 7, A . L ,iff V I7 5. GLM rfwaifffff 'UQ L M ' A . r If ,A 4,1 fx, M240 OMIC6"'7 CM 7mmW .M A7 , f if X157 he t . X fi? 'ffffj 47,2 7.ci77"L!! Ajzfv J Z' V if vf, Q 1260" U , ffipjq 'A Wfff X ff " I I Yfvy of G lvll, 1 K' 5 W W , LM f if I ff f ,f Mf J -f1,ff.:z6L aff, 211'-pf Mt' 1 ' .fy ' fha T. . f'2 ' . I, R lg '. W U M A K v I jf? WZ H f 9923 , W V Q, 05 If fy I bn 5 W ff f q 2 M 5 f 0 My pw xxwpj, ,' L K If Q X ,WL W , ff fl Q Q ' . ' yarrfehf ig! .scioof .feaffb Wasifkyfon x f X CX A f fm W J NJ YV Y 1' rx, .V W ,J jj Vu 1 y f f ,Q ff V J , E! f M x . x X y X f , ,- v 1, . J' A x, X , r U 1 I W if 'mx xv JU Q " f .I q , , - ! , I , 1 ,' , , . J J u ,U VJ f J J NW! M W Q I MAMN NA 'Y Jx W if JW, D- '- 1 J ,f LA 4 HJ 0 Cjxufyfwxfffil ,J Q YJ , 5- if , I . cj Yr A Q MTX Q MU W 1, mdfwlyj Lf, K 1 , ,L M 'I YPZJ NY 1 ' ,zu .A q Qg J 5,131 . , pw X gp it fl I 5' , A ' ' 9" V1 ' fx . ' . ff 1 1 .jf C W! , W ' i , . i -X ' U Q??Ef'QCjj5'fMWQWMy1qM!JWW jim Www EMM ff W3 WT W7 V W M We W M 4750! W JQJIMMXQW ffffddfp WM Qjjfjlffxa' ' ww ,jf ff W ,K WU! uUL5jWMW ylf ' VW W M M W M W M fm, V J M3 j M Lfmlffw IM? M 'M . ,UMR Qi' A J ,fjjj MM W SXMW AW ffm 1, ggfw 'Q ,A 7 W lf' X e M7557 WL, Y N Q, EMM v H A XXX XX JM K N " 1 I . 'J X .L fb , wiv H 'dv wi I Gm I QW? - If' UI wk, QQ ml V by ey 5RYbfAf' 1 ,Mis I 59 I WJ Vip U If 'fXU j K I W Y- V K Wm? I If W W UIQ' V5 pw 1 I X, XLUWD W1 W I fi M IQ A ,W I Mx I I I 1 REL V w - pff Introducing the GARFIELD SPIRIT Wygwjwxw W O54fgg,,,QfiZW ,J OU ALMA MATER I 1 4, 0TN OPENING SECTION ..,... DEDICATION ...,.. FACULTY ..,,.,,,,Y.V,.. Adminisiralion ...... Co-ordinaiors .,,,, .. Clerks ..............,, Faculiy ,,,..,.. PERSONNEL ..,,,,7 Seniors .,.,.... Juniors ,........,. Sophomores ........, ORGANIZATIONS ,,,,.,,,,,I,,,Y, Girls' and Boys' Clubs ......, Service Clubs ,,.,.,.,.,,,.,..,, Adminisiralive Councils ..,.,,. lnleresf Clubs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Honor Sociely ,.,.., Color Guard ........ Radiance Roll ,,.,,. Roll Officers .....,., PRODUCTIONS ........ Lifcrary .,,,,,..., Siage ,.,.... SPORTS ..,.,..,,,. Foo'l9aIl .....,. Baslzc lsall .,..,. Skiing ......... Baseball ,,.,77,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-, Songs'e.'s and Yell Leaders ..,.,, I Track ....................s.,,.,..s..... Golf ...... Tennis ......... "G" Club ,,..,. . Girls' Sporis ,,,s,,.. HIGHLIGHTS .,....s Teaiures ...... Top Ton ,..,,, Awards .,..... CLOSING ........,............,... ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ,...... 1 10 12 I4 I5 16 17 22 24 45 55 62 64 68 72 74 76 77 78 80 82 90 100 102 105 109 110 113 114 116 117 118 120 122 124 128 129 130 132 HBO ST FF Advisor GERALD HARDCASTLE Co-Edifors Productions MARTHA KINCAID CHEVY DODD AL HARADER BARBARA BAKER COPY JAN KUDO MAE MAR Layout Technicians Photographers BILL FRENCH BETTY ENG JOHN MICHEL DONALD CHINN NORMAN MARTENSON Personnel LINDA MAEKAWA SUSANNA KIHARA Artis! Typisfs HIROKO ICHIKAWA HELEN KIHARA Public Relofions VIRGINIA CHINN GRACE KASE Sports BARRY BRYANT FRANK STULL SHEILA WOO ' " "" IO DEIIICATIU ARFIELD STUDENTS and 'faculty alike have long been noted for their outstanding accomplishments. The undying Bulldog spirit, so much a part of each Garfieldite, accounts for these suc- cesses. It is to the SPIRIT OF GARFIELD that we, the Arrow staff, dedicate the T957-i958 Arrow. KQ 4 K ll Q I2 r guiding spirits! The RCHIDS to the Garfield faculty - ou h I made us eager to learn. encouragement ond e p ir NISTRATIIII E. E. HANSELMAN JOHN MAXEY Principal Vice-Principal C0-UIIDINATIIB MILDRED BELL LESLIE CRIBLEY Boys' Advisor Girls' Advisor ROBERT TATE RUTH DEETZ Aciivifies Director Counselor MARGARET SEMMENS DORIS CUFF AMANDA WOOD Head Clerk Affendance Counselor's Clerk x. S353 ffl A GLORIA NAKAMURA WINIFRED STRAUB KATHERINE MARSHALL Assisfanf Clerk Library Clerk Study Hull ECBETARIE ' TODAY'S NEWS, TODAY! FACULTY ELLA ATTERBERRY Nurse MARIANNE BLENKINSOP Health Eclucalion PATRICIA BORGSTROM Lan guage Arfs EDITH CALDER Commercial EDWARD DELIGAN Commercial RICHARD BENNETT Mathemaiics JOHN BOITANO Physical Educaiion JEAN BURNS Home Economics PARKER COOK Music MARY ETHEL DIXON Language Arts ERNEST DZURICK Mathematics JEAN FUJII Physical Education LOU ELLA HART Head, Social Studies Department WARREN HAZZARD Lauguage Arts NORMAN HOVLAND Head Industrial Arts Department RUTH ISAACS Language Arts EVA JURGENSOHN Physical Education CARL FOULK Language Arts GERALD HARDCASTLE Social Studies RALPH HAYES Social Studies JOHN HINRICHS Physical Education JEAN HUNT Home Economics MARTHA JOHNSON Science ROY KELLOGG Industrial Arts FORREST KEYES Physical Education JACK LATTIN Commercial RUTH LONDEAN Librarian NORMAN LUSK Commercial JOAN MERRIFIELD Mathematics JAMES MOUNT Head, Science Department RUTH NYSTROM Art JACOB KING Industrial Arts WILMA LIND Language Arts SOLVEIG LUNDBERG Foreign Language JOSEPH MARSHALL Photography LUTHER MORE Study Hall MARGARET NEWELL Mathematics VIRGINIA OLMSTEAD Foreign Language RONALD PATNOE HENRY PETERS ROBERT PEVONAK JOHN POLIKOWSKY Science Social Sfudies Language Ari: Craffs MARGARET ROBERTS ELIZABETH SCHOEPPEL ANNABELLE SHAW HELEN SHELTON Head, Commercial Depf. Social Sfudies Maihemafics Foreign Language TERRY SHIMOMURA CARLTON SMITH JOSEPH STEELE-SHAW DUANE STRINDEN Commercial Music I Language Arts Social Studies ROBERT TATE DONALD URWILER BRUCE WILSON CLAUDE WILSON Healfh Education Science Science Head, Language Arrs Depf ooks and anitors N EMBARRASSING grumble from stomachs around noon time is a familiar sound at Garfield. Visions of wonderful plate lunches, wholesome sandwiches and delicious pastries enter food-conscious minds. The capable cooks are always in the kitchen to make sure our hunger needs are satisfied. MR. GAMBLE MR. LIGHTNER MRS. STOFFER Head Custodian Assistant Custodian Matrcn HAT SINKING sensation when you get to school in the morning and find yourself without a locker key is a familiar feeling to many. Your spirits are soon lifted when the ianitor comes on the run with his "Open Sesame!" keys. Not only do we depend on them to rescue us from predicaments like this, but we also trust them to keep our building and grounds in tip-top shape. Row One: Mrs. Wilkins Mrs. Payne Mrs. Schulz Row Two: Mrs. Knox Mrs. Nuber Mrs. Hunter Mrs. Lay i l 22 - sv Vf If ur footsteps . . . b born under yo . John Perse. A world to e -St Mrs. Calder, Advisorf Barbara Baker, President, Jiro Suguro, Vice-President Vera Chan, Secretary, Richard Nomura, Treasurer. SE Illll HEN SCHOOL OPENED, Graduation Day was the dis- tant goal toward which each member of the Class of '58 was diligently working. Spirited football games, lively pep assemblies, the hilarious Senior Play, and a suc- cessful Senior Banquet . . . these and other events made their last year on "Bulldog Territory" their most memorable year. Graduation Day is over now, and lithe seniors leave behind their coveted position and prestige. But the mem- ories of three wonderful years in the Garfield "family" will always be carried with them. GLORIA ADAMS--Funfest, Operetta, Senior Representative, P.T.A., Health, Friendship, Gazette Committees. OLAF AIKEN--Boys', Far East Clubs. CATHERINE ALLEN-Funfest, Advanced Choir, Senior Class, Girls' Club Committee, 4N, "G" Clubs. WILEY ALLEN--Roll Secretary, Advanced Choir, Girls' Club Repre- sentative, Senior Announcement, Usher Committees, 4N, "G" Clubs. KARLA ANDERSON-Roll Banker, Band, Senior Cap and Gown, P.Q., Campus Committees, 4N, "G" Clubs. RAMONA ANDERSON-Senior Fund Raising, Usher Committees. BRUCE ANDREWS-Radio Club, Honor Society, Basketroom At- tendant. CLIFFORD ANDREWS--Boys' Club, Senior Band. KENNETH AOKI-Boys' Club, Roll Banker, Orchestra, Funfest, Band, Honor Society, Senior Class Representative. TAKASHI AOKI-Roll Banker, Honor Society Representative. LAWRENCE ARD-Boys' Club, Advanced Choir. NANCY ARIMA-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Senior Brunch, Student Council Finance, Make-up Committees, Honor Society Repre- sentative, Library Attendant. AL ATKENS-Funfest, Boys' Club Committees, Ski Team. SHELDON AYON-Boys', Pep Clubs, Senior Announcement Com- mittee. JOANN BABA-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, AllACity Business Manager, Fall Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Advisory Board, Junior Prom, Co-Chairman, Senior Questionnaire Committees WALTER BACHMAN-Band, Honor Society. Al BACKMAN-Band, Honor Society. MARY JANE BAETZ-Songster, Purple Paw, Roll President, Funfest, Senior Play, Junior Publicity, Senior Prom Committees. BARBARA BAKER-Gold Seal, Student Council, President, Senior Class, Pen Staff, Production Editor, 1958 Arrow, Roll Officer, Lions' Club Committee. BONNIE JO BALAGOT-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Secretary, "G" Club, Cabinet, Student Council Finance, Senior Commence- ment Committees. BERYL BARBER-Scrapbook Committee, Honor Society, 4N Club, After-School Sports. .pw V72 QW- , 6. ,L far., 1 ax 1 ..,:1.f'. we ,. AA" gg i 1 X v .Q ,. . ff ,,s...,.,:.-r :Rf ii -,' i ff: W. . Xb i ,gy ? risk 9' " we ggi ...Q F its fa v ww' " . at il? - , iii KEN BARRETT-Boys' Club, Senior Skate Committee, Honor Society. HAROLD BELMONT-Messenger Staff, Junior, Senior Publicity Com- mittees, Honor Society. JOANNE BERANEK-Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Funfest, Senior Class, Girls' Club Committees, Honor Society. ROCHELLE BLUMENTHAL-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Co- Chairman, Senior Night Committees, 4N Club. BILLIE DEE BOBAIRE-Gold Seal, Roll Secretary, Funfest, Senior Publicity, Gazette, Usher Committees, Program Chairman, Honor Society. Bonnie Booenr-Left Garfield ociobef 11, 1957. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU . . . BULLDOGS LIZ BOULTON-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Roll Secretary, Funfest, Operetta, Band, Senior Brunch Committee. JEAN BOYER-Girls' Club Representative, Bulletin, Gazette, Health, Lunchroom, Usher Committees. CAROLYN BRAZIER-Roll Banker, Mid-Winter Concert, Basketroom Attendant. DONNA BROOKS-Girls' Club, Lost and Found Committee. MARY BROOKS-Funfest, Senior Fund Raising, Girls' Club Com- mittees, Secretary, Debate, 4N Clubs. CARRIE MAE BROWN-Funfest, Advanced Choir, Senior Com- mencement, P.Q. Committees. DIANE BROWN-Girls' Club, Senior Class Committees. EDITH BROWN-Mid-Winter Concert, Junior Play, G.C.O., Gazette, Lost and Found Committees, Girls' Club Representative. DIANE BRUDEVOLD-Messenger Staff, Roll President, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Announcement, Girls' Club Committees, Honor Society, Junior Class Representative. JEAN BUCHANAN-Copy Editor, Spring Pen, Roll Secretary, Fun- fest, Advanced Choir, Junior, Senior Prom Committees, Junior Class Representative. HARRIET LYNN BUCK-Roll Officer, Junior Prom, Senior Night, Make-up, Nurse's, Usher Committees, Honor Society. MEL BUCKNER-Honor Society, Audio Visual, 4N Club. GLORIA JEAN BURTON-Roll President, Secretary, Senior Com- mencement, Minute, P.Q. Committees, 4N, "G" Clubs. CHRISTIE BUSCHMANN-Publicity Editor, Spring Pen, Messenger Staff, Funfest, Operetta, Co-Chairman, Senior Prom, Gazette Committees, Junior Class Representative. BARBARA JEAN BUTLER-Roll Banker, Junior Publicity, Senior Skate, Lost and Found, P.Q. Committees, Sophomore Class Rep- resentative, Marcher. BRUCE CADWELL-Student Council, Boys' Sports Editor, 1957 Arrow, Advisory Board, Senior Gift Committee, Varsity Golf, President, Ski Club, Honor Society. LYNN CALVO-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Funfest, Senior Prom, Traffic Safety, G.C.O. Committees. PAM CAMPBELL-Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, Roll Officer, Student Director, 1958 Funfest, Senior Prom Committee, Secretary-Treasurer 4N Club. I DlDN'T KNOW THE GUN WAS LOADED STAFFAN CARLSON-Photographer, 1957 Arrow, Vice-President, Photography Club, Honor Society. VERA CHAN-Gold Seal, Secretary, Senior Class, Roll President, Funfest, Act Manager, Operetta, Co-Chairman, Junior Skate Party, Traffic Safety Committees. JEWELL CHANEY-Friendship, Bulletin Committees. CHERKY CHANG-Boys' Club, Rall Banker, Funfest, Senior Ques- tionnaire Committee, 4N, Cathay Clubs. GORDON CHIN--Gold Seal, Funfest, Cathay Club. HOPKIN CHINN-Honor Society, Cathay Club. me pf. ,ii E B Q' I vi ,P-Q K JOANNE CHINN-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Advisory Board, Inter- Club Council, Funfest, Senior Brunch Committee, President, Cathay Club. MEL CHINN-Gold Seal, Funfest, Manager, Third Team Basketball, Cathay Club. MAURY CLARK-Bulldog, 4N Clubs, Senior Representative, Foreign Relations, Vice-President, Boys' Exchange Committees, Honor Society Representative. FRAN COCHRAN--Transferred from Selah, Washington High, Yakima, Washington, Advanced Choir, Girls' Club, Junior Play Committees. GINNY COLCOCK-Senior Play, Operetta, Nonnette, Girls' Club, Senior Announcement Committees, Honor Society, Spades. BRENT COOK--Roll President, Senior Play, Senior Night Commit- tee, All-City Badminton, Sophomore Class Representative. BARBARA COOPER-Treasurer, Girls' Club, Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, Treasurer, Junior Class, Production Editor, 1957 Arrow, Co-Chairman, Student Council Handbook Com- mittee. KEN COPHER-Roll Officer, Funfest, Band, Orchestra, Third Team Football, Senior Skate Committee, Honor Society. DAVE CORDAS-Roll Officer, Honor Society Representative, Senior Announcement Committee, Honor Society. SANDRA CORDOVA-Gold Seal, Business Staff, Fall Messenger, Operetla, Advanced Choir, Senior Brunch, Bulletin Committees, Honor Society Representative. CHARLENE CRAIG-Transferred from Roosevelt High, Seattle, Roll Officer, Braunschweig Committee. KEN CULVER-Gold Seal, Bulldog Club, Senior Announcement Com- mittee, Third Team Basketball. SIDNEY CUTLER-Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Boys' Club Committees, Varsity Tennis. CAROLEE DANZ--Roll Secretary, Funfest, Senior Play, Senior Skate, Girls' Club, Pep Club Assembly Committees, Honor Society. BETTY DARNELL-Funfest, Senior Announcement, Handbook, Friend- ship, P.T.A., P.Q. Committees. DONNA DAVENPORT-Gold Seal, Secretary, Student Council, Pur- ple Paw, Cabinet, Funfest, Senior Brunch, Usher Committees. BOB DAVIDSON-Student Council, Messenger Staff, Advisory Board, Roll Officer, Senior Night Committee, Varsity Golf, Ski Team. JUNE DAVIS-Roll Banker, Funfest, Historian, "G" Club, Senior Cap and Gown, Girls' Club Committees, Cabinet, 4N Club. JOHN DeBRYN-Gold Seal, Service Director, Bulldog Club, Pub- licity Chairman, Inter-Club Council, Roll Officer, Manager, Base- ball, Executive Board, Honor Society. DARRYL DeGREGG-Roll Presidenhglntramurals, 4N Club Represen- tative. GEORGES DeHOUSSE-Exchange Student from Belgium, Bulldog, 4N Clubs, Senior Play, Exchange Students' Program Committee. THERESA dela CERNA-Purple Paw, Assistant Managing Editor, Spring Messenger, Vice-President, "G" Club, Roll President, Co- Chairmon, Senior Commencement, Student Council Finance Committees. ESTHER DeLEON-Gold Seal, Roll Secretary, Funfest, Senior Fund Raising, Standards Committees, Honor Society, Study Hall Clerk. LORITA DELMA-Gold Seal, President, Purple Paw, Funfest, Oper- etta, Choraleers, Funfest, Senior Prom Committees. WARDELL DERROW-Boys' Club, Roll Officer. CORAZON DOMONDON-Girls' Club, Friendship, Usher Com- mittees. BETTY JEAN DOUGLAS-Publicity Staff, Fall Pen, Messenger Staff, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, After-School Sports Manager, "G", 4N Clubs, Senior Night Committee. GEORGE DUGAN-Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Senior Night Com- mittee, President, Debate Club. BRIAN EGAN-Boys' Club. PHARRIEST ELLIOTT--Funfest, Campus, Gazette, Standards, Social Welfare, Friendship Committees. ANTHONY ELLIS-Roll Secretary, Funfest, PETER ENG-Gold Seal, Sports Staff, Fall Messenger, Roll Officer, Audio-Visual, Intramural Sports. BEVERLY ENGESETH-Messenger Staff, Advanced Choir, Senior An- nouncement, Gazette, Friendship Committees, Ski, Shorthand Clubs. DONALD FINCH-Roll Officer, Operetta, Advanced Choir, Football Manager. KENNETH FOY-Funfest, Senior Class Representative, Senior Fund Raising, Health Committees, Cathay Club, Audio Visual. DENNIS FRANCISCO-Roll Officer, Honor Society. CAROL FRANCKE-Funfest, Operetta, Advanced Choir, Mid-Winter Concert, Red Cross, Usher, Senior Fund Raising Committees. BOB FREEMAN--Advisory Board, Roll President, Roll Banker, Pub- licity Chairman, 1958 Funfest, Chairman, Building Committee, Senior Skate Committee, Senior Representative. EVELYN FREEMAN--Second Vice-President, Girls' Club, Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, Funfest, Senior Play, Senior Prom Committee. ELLIOT DOVER FRIEDMAN-Roll President, Secretary, Funfest, Senior Prom Committee, Varsity Golf. 1 DAVE FUKUI-Gold Seal, Student Council, Vice-President, Sopho- more Class, President, Junior Class, Inter-High Council, Roll President, Student Council Committee Chairman. NORM FURUKAWA-Vice-President, Boys' Club, Gold Seal, Student Council, President, Sophomore Class, Advisory Board, Varsity Football, Baseball. RILEY GAINES-Boys' Club. BETSY GARAWAY-Senior Commencement, P.T.A., Social Welfare Committees, 4N Club, Library Clerk. ROBERT GAUFF-Boys' Club, Third Team Football, Audio Visual, Intramural Sports. ERIK GIESE-Roll President, Junior Prom, Senior Gift Committees, Ski Team, Vice-President, Ski Club, Sophomore, Junior Class Representative. BARBARA JANE GILBERT-Associate Copy Editor, Fall Messenger, Cabinet, Athletic Manager, "G" Club, Roll President, Funfest, Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Quill and Scroll. MARIE GILLUM-Junior Prom Decoration, Senior Commencement, Braunschweig, Usher, Minute Committees, Pep, Y.F.C. Clubs. LESLIE GINGRICH--Roll President, Banker. BOB GINSBERG-Roll President, Secretary, Senior Skate Committee, Second, Third Team Basketball. FRED GINTHER-Radio, Auto, 4N Clubs. REMEMBER US SANTA? DOROTHY GOLDEN-Roll Banker, Health Committee. SUE GOLUB-Roll Officer, Funfest, Senior Play, Senior Skate, Standards, P.T.A., Friendship Committees. CAROLE GOODWIN-Girls' Club, Advanced Choir, Standards, Red Cross Committees. STANLEY GOONG-Gold Seal, Cathay Club. IRENE GOSSETT-Girls' Club, Operetta, Advanced Choir, Mid- Winter Concert, Senior Cap and Gown, P.T.A., Campus Com- mittees. LORRAINE GOSSETT-Roll Banker, Choraleers, Mid-Wnter Concert, Red Cross, Campus Committees. GLADYS GRATTON-Girls' Club. ANN GRAY-Senior, Junior Plays, Operetta, Girls' Club Com- mittees. LOUIS GRAY-Boys' Club, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, Basketroom Attendant. JAMES GREENE-Transferred from Gibbons High, Paris, Texas. HELENA GREENWOOD-Girls' Club Representative, Usher, Make- Up Committees, Pep Club, Junior Achievement. CHARLES GULLEY-Sophomore, Senior Class Representative, Var- sity Basketboll, 4N Club. DIG THAT CRAZY POSE!" SONYA HABIB-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Operetta, Advanced Choir, Honor Society Representative, Scrapbook Committee. VIC HALELA-Boys' Club, Senior Brunch Committee, Junior Class Representative, Second Team Track. FELTON HALL-Senior Class Representative, Third Team Football, 4N Club. AMELIA HALL-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Funfest, Senior Brunch, Student Council Finance Committees, Honor Society Eligibility Chairman, Vice-President, 4N Club. MARGARET HALL-President, Girls' Club, Assistant Editor, Spring Pen, Student Council, Purple Paw, Advisory Board, Cabinet. ROBERT HALVERSON-Transferred from Winona High, Winona, Minnesota, Boys' Club, Forestry Convention. ELLEN HANSEN-Roll Officer, Senior Class, Girls' Club Committees, Honor Society. SUZANNE HARA-Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Operetta, Ad- vanced Choir, Senior Class, Girls' Club Committees, Honor Society. ALLEN HARADER-Co-Editor, l958 Arrow, Gold Seal, Student Council, Bulldog Club, Quill and Scroll, Senior Gift Committee, Varsity Football. ...ol X nw-A 'ff af If 1 .W gf .. f ,M gr' ,E .si we .W . .. tt. , K if 'ie is Y W W , A " ix P 'R' i- ga. .2 its x Q t .. X wa . S. L K if 1 Q if f st 0 ' ef 5 5 2 ,te A:,' . ', i 152,13 'Q ,gm Q, 'k Q it W 5 3 V , f , 1, , .. .. A- ls--'23, -1' ea if , 'T .Q 5, ,, 3 V, it .ts 2 A E1 , TOM HARADER-President, Boys' Club, Gold Seal, Student Council, Bulldog Club, Senior Play, Varsity Football, Color Guard. JOE HARDY-Roll Officer, Funfest, Junior Skate Party, Junior Class Representative, Audio Visual. ISAIAH HARRIS-Senior Play, Track, Art Club. MIKE HARVEY-Gold Seal, Student Council, President, Bulldog Club, Inter-Club Council, Roll Officer, Senior Prom Committee. JUDY HASELWOOD-Senior Class Representative, Gazette, Student Council Committees, President, Junior Achievement, Pep Club. JANICE HAYASHI-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Girls' Club Com- mittees, Honor Society Representative, Pep Club. MARIANNE HAYDEN-Girls' Club, Red Cross Committee, Spades. WANDA HAYNES-Girls' Club, Funfest, Junior, Senior Plays, Senior Prom Committee, Honor Society, Pep Club. WINONA HAYNES--Roll President, Funfest, Co-Chairman, Senior Announcement, Activity Card, Braunschweig Committees. JOE HENDERSON-Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Second, Third Team Sports, Varsity Basketball. BILL HENRY-Mid-Winter Concert, Band, Intramural Basketball, Math Club, Hi-Y. RENATE HERBST-Senior Play, Exchange, Senior Fund Raising Committees, Art, Ski Clubs, Private Exchange Student from Germany. COURTNEY HIGHTOWER-Yell Leader, Funfest, Boys' Club Com- mittees. ANNIE HILTON-Girls' Club, Advanced Choir, Red Cross Com- mittee. MARGIE HILLESTAD-Messenger Staff, Lost and Found Committee, Spade, Shorthand, Pep Clubs. MELVIN HING-Boys' Club. BETTY HIROO-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Funfest, Girls' Club, Senior Class Committee. CHUCK HOWARD-Roll Officer, Funfest, Senior Class Committee, Second, Third Team Football, Honor Society. BETTY JEAN HUGHES-Junior Class Representative, Senior Cap and Gown, Usher, Health, Make-Up Committees. JACKIE HUGHES-Roll President, Secretary, Senior Commencement, Scrapbook Committees, Pep Club, Basketroom Attendant. ARDIS HUNTER--Roll Secretary, Funfest, Senior Publicity Commit- tee, Varsity Football, Baseball, Basketball, Lettermen's Club. HEROKO ICHIKAWA-Gold Seal, Artist, 1958 Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Nonnette, Girls' Club Committees, President, Art Club, Spades. BONNIE ISRAEL-Roll Banker, Funfest, Standards, P.T.A., Usher Committees. BOB JACKSON-Boys' Club, Band, 4N Club, Hi-Y. HARRY JACKSON-Roll Officer, Senior Class Committee, Second Team Track. LYNN JAFFEE-Circulation and Exchange Editor, Fall Messenger, Roll Officer, Funfest, Operetta, Advanced Choir, Senior Skate, Standards Committees. ELLEREE JENKINS-Girls', 4N Clubs. BETTY JESSUP-Transferred from Queen Anne High, Seattle, Bulletin, Gazette, P.T.A. Committees, Girls' Club Representative. LAURIE JOHNSON-Managing Editor, Spring Messenger, Gold Seal, Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Purple Paw, Choraleers, Co-Chairman, Senior Night Committee. CLIFF .IONES--Senior Class Committee, Varsity Track, Usher Squad. IRA ALAN KADISH-Roll Officer, Funfest, Senior Prom, Automobile Committees, Second Team Track, Third Team Football, Honor Society. CYNTHIA KAN-Gold Seal, Vice-President, Junior Class, Feature Page Editor, Spring Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Advisory Board, Choraleers, Secretary, Cathay Club. JOANNE KANAYA-Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Red Cross, Health, Fine Arts Committees, 4N Club. MYRA KARP-Senior Brunch, P.Q., Social Welfare Committees, Study Hall Clerk. GRACE KASE-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Business Manager, 1958 Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Cabinet, Senior Typing Committee, Chairman, Student Council Activity Record Committee. TOM KAWAHARA-Senior Publicity Committee, Honor Society, Stage Crew. MARY LOUISE KELLY-Senior Commencement, Lost and Found, Usher Committees. ALVIN KSNDRICK-Senior Class Committee, Third Team Sports, Foreman, Gas Engines. MAY KIHARA-Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, Advisory Board, Corresponding Secretary, Inter-High Council, President, 4N Club. KAY KIMBER-Senior Commencement, Social Welfare, Usher, Brauunschweig Committees, Secretary, Y,F.C., 4N Clubs. MARTHA KlNCAlD-Co-Editor, 1958 Arrow, Songster, Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, Production Editor, 1957 Arrow, Quill and Scroll. JANET KOBATA-Funfest, Senior Courtesy, Nurse's, Red Cross Committees, Honor Society, 4N, "G" Clubs. K k Q 5,,4e,.f.,.,MP .. .. ...,. .., ,F IFEX t S s... . rytr. y ,,,. 33 f W' 2 .5 1 N 1 1 R Q as 5 1 sf ii F rv 5 we 1 rf ., J. .g- fu - is nu.. Q x -7. -Q ,, S., H ,.f .,,,. 2 'uf -' :' as .,:.:- . . . ,.5. ,kvsh A M - . 222 Q e i .4 2 Y 'Z' 6 ,W .. s. .. .. .J 2111 W-. :sms J 'W ' i ' ,,,. . , , ' Hs- EF: i , fe - " ' 5 X . '-,. V ' . . 3 V , ,hr-Wwe. . . ' , ww if 3 Q, ELINOR KOSOKOFF-Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Funfest, Ga- zette, Minute, Traffic Safety, Senior Skate Committees. RICHARD KOYAMA-Gold Seal, Layout Technician, 1957 Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Roll President, Junior Commencement, Senior Cap and Gown Committees, Sophomore Representative. JAN KUDO-Songster, Copy Editor, 1958 Arrow, Messenger Staff, Roll Secretary, Junior Prom, Senior Prom Committees, Secretary, Pep Club. ROBERT LaBOW-Treasurer, Sophomore Class, Advisory Board, Junior Skate, Senior Night Committees, Varsity Football, Honor Society. GEORGIAN LAFFELL-Messenger Staff, Funfest, Senior, Junior Plays. GEORGIA LAMB-Roll Officer, Senior Questionnaire, Girls' Club Committees, Advanced Choir, Operetta, Junior Representative, "G" Club. BULLDOG EARP RON LAWRENCE-Bulldog Club, Senior Announcement Committee, Third Team Football, Hi-Y, 4N Club, Bookroom. DOMINGO LAZO-Boys', 4N Clubs. PAULINE LEE-Gold Seal, Funfest, Senior Typing Committee, "G", Cathay, Radio Club. VICTOR LEIF-lnter-Club Council, Manager, Basketball, President, Spades, All-City Spades, Band Manager. JUDY LEONG-Gold Seal, Vice-President, Student Council, Purple Paw, Secretary, Sophomore, Junior Classes, Typist, 1957 Arrow, Assistant Editor, Spring Messenger. GARY LEVIAS-Gold Seal, Usher Squad, 4N Club, Honor Society Representative. SUSAN LEWIS--Roll Officer, Funfest, Girls' Club Committees, Pep, Ski Club, Secretary, Freshman Class. DONNA LITTLEJOHN-Roll Officer, Gazette, Student Council, Ac- tivity Card Committees, President, Pep Club. BOB LOBODUK--Raaio Club. MAXINE LOO-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Funfest, Senior Ques- tionnaire, Student Council Activity Card Committees, 4N, "G" Clubs. KATIE LOVE--Health, Lost and Found, Usher Committees, 4N Club. COLUMBUS LOWE-Senior Representative, Varsity Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, IVORY LUKE-Funfest, Senior Typing, Gazette Committees, 4N, Shorthand Clubs, Senior Class Representative. MARGUERITE LUKE-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Cabinet, Girls' Club Committees, "G" Club. KENDY MacCOLL-Gold Seal, Pen Staff, Roll Banker, Band, Mid, Winter Concert, Honor Society Eligibility Committee, 4N Club. JOHN MACKLIN-Gold Seal, Advisory Board, Roll Banker, Senior Night, Boys' Club Grounds Committees, Varsity Track, Second, Third Team Football. LYNDA MAEKAWA-Senior Personnel Editor, 1958 Arrow, All-City Business Staff, Fall Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Student Council Finance, Senior Commencement Committees, Co-Chairman, Junior Prom, Honor Society Representative. BARBARA MAESKE-Girls' Club, Roll Banker, Mid-Winter Concert, Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, Sophomore, Junior Representative. COME ON BULLDOG, GIMME A GROWL . . SUE MAIMON-Assistant Ad Manager, Fall Messenger, Senior Night, Girls' Club, Student Council Publicity Committees, 4N Club, Study Hall Clerk. EVELYNE MANNHALT-Girls' Club, Roll Secretary, Senior Fund Raising, Friendship, Braunschweig Committees, "G" Club. MARTHA MANNING-Funfest, Advanced Choir, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Junior Skate Party, Senior Brunch, Social Welfare Com- mittees, "G" Club. PAUL MAR-Managing Editor, Fall Messenger, Gold Seal, Student Council, Boys' Sports Editor, 1957 Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Co- Chairman, Senior Gift, Student Council Public Relations Com- mittees. ELIZABETH MARTIN-Exchange Student, Braunschweig, Gold Seal, Funfest, Co'Chairman, Braunschweig Committee, Secretary, Art Club, Band Secretary, President, Debate Team. JENNY MASLEY-Feature Page Editor, Fall Messenger, Songster, Gold Seal, Quill and Scroll, Funfest, Senior Night, Student Council Handbook Committees. .' ...., his gg 2 .W 1 as 1.41. We X . A ,wifi s s L 'C . , . .-i ?:,:. 1, , 5 inf! KY I f?f"l',x Sl' e f '51, JUDY MASTEN-Girls' Club, Minute, Usher Committees. BOB MASUMOTO-Boys', Sportsmen's Clubs. GRETCHEN MATHERS-Exchange Editor, Fall Pen, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Messenger Staff, Roll President, Chairman, 4N Social Committee. RUTH MATSUMOTO-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Girls' Sports Editor, 'I957 Arrow, All-City Business Staff, Fall Messenger, Advisory Board, Funfest, Co-Chairman, Senior Cap and Gown Committee. CHARLES MAXWELL-Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Photog- raphy Club. TIMOTHY McCAFFREY--Boys' Club, Hi-Y. BILL MCGRAW-Advisory Board, Funfest, Senior Gift Committee, Varsity Basketball, Track, All-City Badminton. WILLIAM McIVER-Transferred from Kodiak, Alaska, Boys' Club, Roll Officer. JOE MCLOUGHLIN-Transferred from Seattle Prep, Boys' Club, Funfest. DUNCAN MCQUARRIE-Bulldog Club, Senior Night, Boys' Club Auto Committees, Hi-Y, Funfest. GENEVA MEDLOCK-Mid-Winter Concert, Health, Usher Commit- tees, Art Club. BETH MELVIN--Senior Typing, Usher, Scrapbook Committees, Spades, "G" Club, Library Clerk, Junior Achievement. MIMI MICHAELSON--Co-Copy Editor, Fall Pen, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Funfest, Co-Chairman, Senior Fund Raising Committee, Co-Chair- man, Senior Dance, Assistant Copy Editor, Fall Messenger. AKIHIKO MIHARA-Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Funfest Committee, Stage Crew Manager, Senior Commencement Committee, Audio- Visual Crew, Calculus Club. JEAN MILLER-Copy Staff, Spring Pen, Roll Secretary, Funfest, Junior, Senior Plays, Senior Prom, Girls' Club Committees. JOHN MILLWARD-Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, All-City Orchestra, President, Y.F.C. Club, Student Council Public Relations Com- mittee. WILLIE MINOR-Funfest, Senior Publicity Committee, Senior Class Representative, Varsity Football, Baseball, Boys' Club. FANNIE MITCHELL-Girls' Club. MARY LYNN MITCHELL-Girls' Club, Senior Cap and Gown, Friendship, Usher, Bulletin Committees. OLA MAE MITCHELL-Gold Seal, Health, Usher, Lost and Found, Nurse's Committees, Cabinet. VERNICE MITCHELL-Messenger Staff, Business Staff, Fall Pen, Athletic Manager, "G" Club, Roll Officer, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Typing Committee. KEI MORIYASU--Gold Sealy Roll President. JOANN MORRISON--Gold Sealy Assistant Editor, Fall Messengery Cabinety Roll Officery Funfesty Choraleersy Student Council Committee. GAIL MUKAI-Gold Sealy Purple Pawy All-City Business Staff, Manager, Spring Messengery Pen Statfy Advisory Boardy "G" Cluby Co-Chairman Senior Cap and Gown Committee. HIROSHI MYORAKU-Boys' Cluby Roll Taker. MASAKO NAKAMURA-Gold Sealy Cabinety Nonnettey Operettay Senior Questionnaire Committeey Honor Society Representativey 4N Club. RICHARD NAKANO-Roll Officery Funfesty Operettay Orchestray Senior Publicity Committeey Junior Class Representativey4N Club. JOHN NAPIONTEK--Boys' Cluby Varsity Football, Tracky Senior Band. KAYE NELSON--President, Honor Societyy Gold Sealy Student Coun- cily Copy Editor, Fall Messengery lnter-Club Councily Cabinety Program Chairman, 4N Club. DICK NAGAOKA--Boys' Cluby Senior Class Committeey Bandy Mid- Winter Concert, Honor Societyy 4N Club. CONNIE NEUKIRCH-Messenger Staffy Roll Officery Funfesty Oper- ettay Choraleersy Senior Gift Committee, JUDY NOCK-Girls' Club. DENNIS NOMURA-Boys' Cluby Second Team Football, Baseball. RiCHARD NOMURA-Gold Sealy Bulldog Cluby Treasurer, Senior Classy Photographer, 1957 Arrowy Advisory Boardy Roll Officery Second Team Sports. ELLEN NUMOTO-Gold Sealy Student Council, Junior Commence- ment, Co-Chairman Senior Courtesy Committeesy Messenger Staffy Roll Officery Funfesl. DICK OBAYASHI-Yell Kingy Gold Sealy Roll Officery Senior Playy Co-Chairman, Junior Skate Partyy Senior Gift, Foreign Relations Committees. JERRY O'FLOCK-Junior Skate, Senior Publicity, Building Commit- mitleesy Varsity Golfy Intramural Basketbolly 4N Club. MARGARETA OHRN-Roll Presidenty Senior Fund Raising, Campus, Braunschweig Scrapbook Committeesy 4N, Pep Clubs. KINUKO OIYE-Gold Sealy Treasurer, Purple Pawy Roll Treasurery Cabinety Senior Publicity, Chairman, Student Council Handbook Committees. GERALDINE OLIVER-Funfesty Library, Far East Clubs. MARJORIE OMORI-Gold Sealy Purple Pawy Inter-Club Councily Roll Officery Cabinety President, Radio Cluby Vice-President, Debate Club. KATHY O'SHEA-Senior Announcement, G.C.O., Vocational, Student Council Activity Card Committeesy Girls' Club Representativey 4N, Pep Clubs. 'mee , JULIANNE OTOSHI-Gold Seal, Treasurer, Student Council, Junior Personnel Editor, 1957 Arrow, Assistant Page Four Editor, Fall Messenger, Roll President, Co-Chairman, Senior Brunch, Chair- man, Finance Committees. SANFORD PALOY-Bulldog Club, Roll Officer, Senior Prom, Boys' Club Committees, Sophomore, Junior Class Representatives, 4N Club. MALINDA PANGBORN-Songster, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Copy Editor, 1957 Arrow, Roll President, Music Co-Ordinator, 1958 Funfest, Chairman, P.T.A. Committee. SONYA PAPEGAAY-Roll Officer, Red Cross, P.Q., Social Welfare Committees, Library Clerk, Spade Club, Marcher. DELORES PAUL-Girls' Club, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Questionnaire, Usher Committees, Roll Officer, Study Hall Clerk. AL PEASE-Senior Prom Committee, Third Team Football, Honor Society. ERNIE PETERSON-Pen Staff, Honor Society, 4N Club Representa- tive, Roll President. JUDI PHILLIPS-Transferred from Renton High, Renton, Washing- ton, Roll Secretary, Girls' Club Committee. MARJORIE POLZIN--Girls' Club, Social Welfare Committee. l'M NOT ELVIS BUT . . . YELL BARBARA PRINCE-Roll Secretary, Funfest, Senior Typing, Gazette Committees, 4N, Shorthand Clubs. ROBERT PROTTAS-Messenger Staff, Roll President, Banker, Senior Courtesy Committee, 4N, Pep Clubs, Audio-Visual. DAVID RADINSKY-Gold Seal, Bulldog Club, Roll Secretary, Co- Chairman Senior Courtesy Committee, Secretary, Honor Society, Third Team Football. ALFONSO RAMAC-Boys', 4N Clubs. PAT REEDY-Treasurer, Freshman Class, Roll Officer, Funfest, Senior Play, Third Team Sports. BETTIE RHODES-Roll President, Funfest, lost and Found, library, Bulletin Board Committees, 4N Club. BILLY RICE-Roll Officer, Funfest, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball. EUGENE RICE-Roll Officer, Senior Play, Band, Honor Society, Second Team Baseball. KATHERINE RICHARDSON-Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Senior Brunch, Usher, Lost and Found Committees. LARRY ROGERS-Orchestra, Spring Concert. LYNN RUMMENS-Transferred from Olympia High, Olympia, Wash- ington, Senior Night, Campus Committees, Senior Class Repre- sentative, 4N Club. JANET SAKAMOTO-Gold Seal, Vice-President, Purple Paw, Editor, Spring Messenger, Roll President, Funfest, Act Manager, Senior Commencement Committee, Honor Society Representative. BEAT THE DRUMS FOR GARFIELD DIANE SALTMAN-Senior Commencement, Usher, Chairman Library Committees, Junior, Senior Class Representative, Spade Club. AMY SANBO-Song Queen, Pen Staff, Funfest, Operetta, Senior Prom, Chairman Assembly Committees. DON SCHINDLER-Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Senior Skate, Lunch- room Committees, Second Team Baseball, B.C.O. BERT SCHREIBER-Gold Seal, Funfest, Orchestra, Senior Courtesy Committee, Roll Officer. JULIET SCOTT-"G", Far East, 4N Clubs, Girls' Club Committees, After School Sports. ROSS SCOTT-Foreman, Photography, Track, Radio Club, Assistant Foreman, Machine Shop, Audio Visual. PAULA SEALEY-Roll Officer, Funfest, Art, P.T.A., Bulletin, Gazette, Scrapbook Committees. LEIDA SEID-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Advisory Board, Cabinet, Funfest, Senior Brunch Committee, Historian, Cathay Club. SULA SEID-Gold Seal, Funfest, Junior Prom, Senior Brunch, Fine Arts Committees, Honor Society, Cathay Club. 2 sg., ' ., 4 W -We . H X T - il T 4' I 1 has fin Y' E 5 C3 hc JJ' li, 1 S A , st IRENE SHAIN--First Vice-President, Girls' Club, Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, Copy Editor, Spring Pen, Quill and Scroll, Advisory Board. JOEY SHAIN--Girls' Club, Roll President, Pen Staff, Co-Chairman, Senior Skate, Stanlards Committees. FRANCINE SHANK--Roll President, Senior Commencement, Gazette Committees, Secretary, P.T.A. Bowling, 4N, Spades Clubs, Marcher. STEVE SHERMAN-President, Student Council, Gold Seal, Bulldog Club, Roll President, Funfest, Senior Play, Co-Chairman Junior Prom. YOSHIO SHIMONO-Boys' Club, Basketroom Attendant, Math, 4N Clubs. VIC SHINODA-Roll Officer, Senior Publicity Committee, Varsity Football, Second, Third Team Football, Baseball, Honor Society. DARLENE SKINNER--Messenger Staff, Senior Courtesy, Lost and Found Committees, Shorthand, Pep, Spades Clubs. DIANE SMITH-Roll Secretary, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Senior Night Committee, Shorthand, Pep, Spades Clubs. JULIA SMITH--Girls' Club, Usher Committee, Mid-Winter Concert. PAUL SMITH-Artist, Fall Pen, Art Chairman, Funfest, Set Designer, Spring Senior Play, Vice-President, Art Club, Senior Class Repre- sentative, i957 Scholastic Art Awards Representative. CYNTHIA SPENCER-Songsler, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Business Manager, Fall Pen, Messenger Staff, Co-Chairman, Junior Prom, Senior Gift Committee. HARRIS SPRINCIN-Rall Officer, Second, Third Team Sports, Senior Class Representative, Senior Prom Committee, Hi-Y. JAMES STANDIFER-Roll President, Second Team Track, Varsity Football. EDDIE STERN-Junior, Senior Plays, Honor Society, Junior Achieve- ment. BARRY STEWART-Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Club, Student Council, Bulldog Club, Pen Staff, Senior Play, Chairman, Student Council Committee, Tennis Team. GEORGE STEVIIART-Roll Officer, Senior Fund Raising Committee, 4N, Hi-Y Club. SAMUEL STILLS-Roll Officer, Senior Class Representative. SUE STUDEBAKER-Gold Seal, Operetta, Nonnette, Mid-Winter Concert, Girls' Club, Senior Typing, Student Council Committees. JIRO SUGURO-Sports Editor, Messenger, Yell Leader, Gold Seal, Vice-President, Bulldog Club, Vice-President, Senior Class, Roll Officer, Varsity Tennis. HARVEY TABACK-Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Honor Society, Radio Club. MARION TAGAWA-Junior Publicity, Fine Arts, Red Cross, Student Council Finance Committees, Honor Society. MIDORI TAKAHASHI-Roll Officer, Funfest, Library Committee, "G", 4N Clubs, Audio-Visual. BOB TAKEUCHI-Gold Seal, Senior Commencement Committee. JUDITH TAMAKI-Gold Seal, Business Staff, Messenger, Roll Of- ficer, Funfest, Girls' Club, Co-Chairman, Senior Questionnaire Committee, 4N Club. EMANUEL TAYLOR-Manager, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Sec- ond Team Football. Track, Auto Club. JOYCE TAYLOR-Funfest, Senior Brunch, Gazette, Make-Up, Usher Committees, Girls' Club Representative, Maiorette. RICHARD TEPPNER-Senior Night Committee, Second, Third Team Basketball, 4N Club, Hi-Y. STEPHEN THAL-Gold Seal, Co-Chairman, Junior Decoration, Co- Chairman, Senior Prom Committees, Golf Team, Junior Class Representative. LYNNE THOMAS-Roll Secretary, President, Funfest, Friendship, Senior Night Committees, Honor Society, Senior Class Repre- sentative. KATHLEEN TOMITA-Business Manager, Fall Messenger, Cabinet, Roll President, Funfest, Co-Chairman, Senior Publicity Commit- tee, Social Chairman, 4N Club, Publicity Editor, Pen. ED THOMPSON-Roll President, Road Block Committee, Intramurals, Track. MELINDA TOWNSEND-Circulation and Exchange Editor, Fall Messenger, Roll President, Funfest, Girls' Club, Senior Night Committee, Study Hall Clerk, Senior Class Representative. NICK TSIAKILOS-Second, Third Team Football, Track, Boys' Club Committees. MARION TSUTSUMI-Gold Seal, Funfest, Operetta, Choraleers, Junior Publicity, Senior Questionnaire, Social Welfare Com- mittees. SUSUMU TSUTSUMI-Sports Staff, Fall Messenger, Co-Chairman, Senior Gift Committee, Honor Society, Sophomore, Junior Class Representative. DAVID TUCKER--Band. TIM TUCKER-Gold Seal, Student Council, Business Manager, l957 Arrow, Advisory Board, Varsity Golf, Senior Night, All-City P.T.A. Dance Committees. ROSE MARIE VAN ZANT-Pen Staff, Funfest, Chorus, Nonnette, Senior Cap and Gown Committee, President, Y.F.C. Club. DIANE VERZOLA-Funfest, Operetta, Senior Fund Raising, Bulletin, Vocational Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. DOLORES VERZOLA-Funfest, Junior Prom Decoration, Senior Fund Raising, Bulletin, Make-Up, Usher Committees, Spades. INESE VIKELIS-Choir, Senior Courtesy, Social Welfare Commit- tees, Senior Representative, Spades, Art Club. PEDRO VILLAMOR-Boys', 4N Clubs. I 1 sf' ki grim ' 'f. fa., , Q . M gg... if " 1 .L w .: , L 2,9 - I i N W wt NM? BOB WADE-Roll President, Funfest, Chairman, Junior Commence- ment, Senior Fund Raising Committees, Second Team Baseball, President, Hi-Y, 4N Clubs. BARBARA WALTON-Roll Secretary, Funfest, Junior Prom, Senior Gift, Friendship, Gazette Committees. ROSE WARD-Senior Courtesy Committee, Junior Representative, Art Club. JERRY WARSHAL-Roll Banker, Secretary, Senior Publicity Com- mittee, Varsity Golf. JAMES WASHINGTON-Roll Officer, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, 4N Club. JUDY WASHINGTON-Funfest, Senior Class, Friendship, Make-Up, P.T.A. Committees. GERALDINE WATSON-Secretary, Purple Paw, Messenger Staff, Girls' Club, Senior Brunch, Traffic Safety Committees, Honor Society, Color Guard. DALE WEBSTER-Boys' Club. JAMES WEST--Senior Representative, Honor Society, Radio, 4N Clubs. CARLTON WILLIAMS--Left Garfield, November 21, l957. IVAN WILLIAMS-Senior Representative, Second Team Track, Third Team Football. MARGIE WlLLlAMS-Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Publicity, Junior Prom Committees, "G", Debate Clubs. GRAHAM WILLS--Operetta, Chorus, Mid-Winter Concert, Advanced Choir, Double Quartet, 4N Club. JAN WILSON-Transferred from David Douglas High, Portland, Oregon, Girls' Club. CHARLOTTE WINSTON-Roll President, Funfest, Senior Cap and Gown, P.Q., Lunchroom Committees, Junior Representative, "G" Club. JOHN WISDOM-Varsity Football, Boys' Club. DORIS WOODY--Roll Officer, Senior Play, Girls' Club Committees, Honor Society. BETTE WORON-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Messenger Staff, Roll Banker, Funfest, Senior Night, Scrapbook Committees. LYNN WYATT-Bulldog, Lettermen Clubs, Advisory Board, Varsity Track, Second Team Football, Honor Society, Student Council. NAOMI YAMAMOTO-Roll Secretary, Funfest, Senior Courtesy, G.C.O., Health, Vocational Committees, "G" Club. KAY YANAGIHARA-Gold Seal, Student Council, Purple Paw, President, "G" Club, Cabinet, Senior Commencement, Nurse's Committees. l BETTY ENG-Photographer, 1958 Arrow, Girls' Club Representative, Secretary-Treasurer, Camera Club, Cathay Club. VIOLA YOUNG-Roll Banker, Secretary, Funfest, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Senior Questionnaire, Bulletin Committees. EMMA HARRIS-Senior Cap and Gown, Usher, Health, P.Q., Social Welfare Committees, After School Sports. RICHARD HINCKEL-Transferred from O'Dea High, Seattle, Boys' Club, B.C.O. ARLINE KING-Editor, Fall Pen, Gold Seal, Student Council, As- sistant Circulation and Exchange Editor, Fall Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Funfest, Senior Prom Committee. SONNY MARTOS-Roll Banker, Funfest, Junior Prom, Senior Brunch Committees. GAlL PICKERING-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Cabinet, Messenger Staff, Senior Announcement, Student Council, G.C.O. Com- mittees. ROBERT RENDER-Funfest, Second, Third Team Football, Second Team Baseball, Operetta, Senior Courtesy Committee, Roll Secretary. SPERRY RINEHART--Boys' Club. MIDGE SINGER-Secretary, Girls' Club, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Ad- visory Board, Purple Paw, Assistant Feature Editor, Messenger, Funfest Committee. EDWIN YASUKAWA-Band, Junior, Senior Class Representative, T.B. Health Committee, Hi-Y, Audio Visual. PAULINE WOO--Gold Seal, Co-Chairman, Senior Announcement, Junior Skate, Health Committees, Funfest, Honor Society, Cathay Club. MAD MACHINE HENRIETTA GETS A CHECK-UP .. H? SENIUII BIIUNCH Row One: Sonya Habib, Julianne Otoshi, Nancy Arima, Liz Boulton Joanne Chinn, Sandra Cordova. Row Two: Donna Davenport, Victor Halela, Amelia Hall, Sue Hara Judy Haselwood, Marguerite Luke. Row Three: Martha Manning, Katherine Richardson, Leida Seid Sula Seid, Joyce Taylor, Geraldine Watson, George Del Rosario. ANN 0UN CERIEN TS Row One: Winona Hayes, Pauline Woo, Catherine Allen, Wiley Row Two: Diane Brudevold, Betti Darnell, Bev Engeseth, Mike Harvey, Allen, Carrie Brown. Kendy McColl, Kay Nelson. Row Three: Ken Culver, Kathy O'Shea, Al Pease, Gail Pickering, Francine Shank. SE Illll CUMMITTEES PUBLICITY Row One: Kinuko Oiye, Billie Dee Bobaire, Cynthia Kan, Kathleen Tomita, JoAnn Morrison, Johnnie Griffen. Row Two: Ed Villumson, Tom Kawahara, Jerry Warshal, Jerry O'Flock, Willie Minor, Charles Gulley, Richard Nakano, Vic Shinoda. FUND BAISING Row One: Mimi Michaelson, Bob Wade, Ramona Anderson, Al Cole- man, Carol Francke. Row Two: Kenny Foy, Ann Griffin, Evelyn Mannhalt, Margo Ohrn, Delores Verzola. Row Three: Betty Martin, Renate Herbst, George Stewart, Sonny Martos. TYPING Raw One: Gretchen Mathers, Grase Kase, .loanne Kanaya, Pauline Woo, lvory Luke. Row Two: Beth Melvin, Vernice Mitchell, Barbara Prince, Sue Studebaker. 44 SENIIIR PROM T Row One: Evelyn Freeman, Steve Thal, Christie Buschmann, Dave Fukui, Lynn Calvo, Pam Campbell, Amy Sanbo. Row Two: Lorita Delma, Wanda Haynes, lra Kadish, May Kihara, Arline King, Jean Miller. Row Three: Jan Kudo, Suzie Lewis, Al Pease, Pat Reedy, Mary Jane Baetz, Harris Sprincin, Sanford Paloy. CAP AND GOWN Row One: Gail Mukai, Ruth Matsumoto, Karla Anderson, Joanne Beranek, June Davis. Row Two: Barbara Gilbert, Irene Gossett, Emma Harris, Joe Hender' son, Betty Hughes. Row Three: Richard Koyama, Charles Maxwell, Harvey Taback, Charlotte Winston, Diane Brown. COMMENCElVlENT Row One: Bonnie Jo Balagot, Theresa dela Cerna, Betty Hiroo, Thurman Edmunson, Marie Gillum, Carrie Mae Brown. Row Two: Ellen Hansen, Jackie Hughes, Mary Louise Kelly, Kay Kimber, Judie Leong, Gloria Burton. Row Three: Lynda Maekawa, Akihiko Mihara, Janet Sakamoto, Bob Takeuchi, John O'Francia, Diane Saltman. CIIUIITESY Row One: David Radinsky, Ellen Numoto, Carole Goodwin, Janet Kobata. Row Two: Robert Prottas, Robert Render, Bert Schreiber. Row Three' Inese Vikeles, Rose Ward, Naomi Yamamoto. NIGHT GIFT Row One: Rochelle Blumenthal, Laurie Johnson, Harriet Buck, Brent Row One: Paul Mar, Susumu Tsutsumi, Bruce Cadwell, Sid Cutler, Cook, Bob Davidson. Eric Giese. Row Two: Betty Douglas, Chuck Howard, Robert La Bow, Sue Maimon, Row Two: Barbara Walton, Martha Kincaid, Malinda Pangborn, Jenny Masley, Duncan McQuarrie. Connie Neukirch, Dick Obayashi, Cynthia Spencer, Margaret Hall. Row Three: Dick Teppner, Diane Smith, Lynne Thomas, Melinda Townsend, Bette Woron, Lynn Rummens. QUESTIIINNAIIIE Row One: JoAnn Baba, Judith Tamaki, Cherky Chan Row Two: Masako Nakamura, Delores Paul, Irene Tsutsumi. SKATE g, Maxine Loo. Row One: Kenny Barrett, Bob Freeman, Bob Ginsberg, Shelton Chow. Shain, Marion Row Two: Vicki Mix, Lynn Jaffe, Joey Shain, Elinor Kosokoff. 45 MRS. LUNDBERG, Advisor, SHINYA ICHIKAWA, President, KENNY GIDLOF, Vice-President SHEILA WOO, Secretary, MAE MAR, Treasurer. UNIOIl S THE YEAR CLOSED, the class of l959 looked forward to holding the coveted position of seniors. Looking back, they saw a fun- filled year of activities cmd study. The individual enthusiasm within each iunior contributed to the profitable Junior Movie and successful Junior Dance. Leadership of the iuniors was also seen in the results of Girls' Club and Boys' Club work, productions, and sports events. With voca- tional plans in mind, the class of '59 awaited their senior year. FRANK ABELLERA DOROTHY AGDAMAG JIM AKITA DAVE ALEXANDER ERNIE ALEXANDER JOEY ALHADEFF DON ANDERSON WILLIAM ANDERSON DAVID ARAI SUMI ARIMA OSSIE ASPHY BUD BAETZ ED BALL JOHN BANKS BILL BARR ESTHER BENEZRA JUAN BENNETT AL BENELIOL BOB BERG FREDRHOL BERRYSMITH REVELE BISHOP BONNIE BORGERSON KATY BOWDEN GENE BOWSER SHARON BRASHEN MARTHA BREWER BEVERLY BRIGHT JULIEANN BRODINE BETTY BROWN FLOREAN BROWN FOSTER BROWN RUTH BROWN BARRY BRYANT BRUCE BRYANT BILL BUDNICK JACK BUTTNICK MIKE CADDEN LYNN CALDWELL RENEE CAPELOTO PAUL CARACO LEONA CARTER RUTH CEPUTIS AURELIE CHINN DONALD CHINN HANSING CHINN VIRGINIA CHINN FRANCES CHING VIRGINIA CHOHLIS WILMA CLAGG RAYMOND CLARK VANCE CLIPSON BARBARA COHEN ERIC CORNELIUSSEN ROGER CROSHAW KATHERINE DAVIS MAU REEN DEMPSEY ANN DENNEN IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST OF US! KATY DIAZ DAVID DILLON BILL DIXON CHEVY DODD DEANNA DODSON PATRICIA DOHERTY JOHN DOUGLAS LOLA DOVER CHUCK DREILING MIKE DRUXMAN CAMILLE DUETT CHARLES DUKES STUART DUPEN EVELYN EASTERN MICKEY ELLIS BRUCE ENG HAZEL ENG JUNE ENG RAYMOND ENG MAXINE ERVIN RONALD ERVIN KAY ESAKI CLIFF EVANS MAX EVERETT DOUG FARRELL LYNN FERNALLD GLORIA FINISTER SAUNDRA FISCHLER CHARLES FISHER DICK FISHER WAYNE FOLEY GAIL FRANZKE BEVERLY FREEMAN NORMA FREISE JENNIE GEARHART JEFF GEIBEL KENNY GIDLOF BILL FRENCH ELSA FRITZNER GEORGIA PEARL GOINS CLAUDE GOLD DELORES GRIMSRUD SHELLIE FUNES HARRY FURER LAURA GANTT JUDY GATES MELBA GLASPER MARVA GOFF GENE GROSZ MARY HAMADA BOB HANDLIN TIM HANSEL DICK HANSON CLYDE HAYDEL JANICE HEALEY HUNTER HILL CHARLES HINCKEL ,f,V-5 I sw Qi If JR 539555 I ,am Fgfvmf .-,, A A f JANICE HING JOYCE HIRAOKA JOYCE HOSHINO JULIANN HOOK FRED HOFFMAN TOM HOWARD ELAINE HUDESMAN EARLIE HUDSON BUZ HUMPHREY SHINYA ICHIKAWA DOUG IKEGAMI LLOYD INOUYE ANTHONY ISRAEL MARION IWAGO TERRENZ JEANS ELAINE JOHNSON ESTELLA JOHNSON JEANNE JOHNSON CATHY JORDAN DONALD JUE SILAS JUE GEORGE JUSTIN EUGENE KANO LIBBY KATAOKA ELIZABETH KAUFMAN MARY KENNEDY HELEN KIHARA SUSANNA KIHARA AKIKO KIKUCHI BARBARA KNISLEY JEAN KOKORISS HARUMI KOYAMA KARLIS KRASTINS MIKE KROHN FRANCES KUBO REVA LAMB HERSCHEL LAWSON SANDY LAX LESLIE LEAVITT LANA LEDERMAN TIM LEFFLER MICHAEL LEVIEN BILL LEVINE LARRY LIEF BILL LISCO MELINDA LOCKE DANIEL LOUIS BETTIE LUKE CHUCK LYFORD GAIL MacCOLL AL MAIMON FANNIE MANNING JO ANNE MANNING CAROLYN MAR MAE MAR SUNG MAR DOROTHY MARLER ROBERT MARTIN SELENA MARTINEZ NORMAN MARTENSON CAROLYN MASSENA RICKY MAYO DENNIS McAFEE MARY McALLISTER BOB McCUTCHEN DICK MclVER JEANETTE MEAGHER ANITA MERRILL BARBARA MILLER CHARLES MITCHELL THANE MITCHELL BILL MOFFETT DAN MONTGOMERY CHARLENE MOORE RAY MOORE PHILIP MOOREY ERIC MORGAN TYE MORGAN BETTY MORIKAWA EIICHI MORIYASU Y , , Y- 31. R I r Q'-T T ,I qi, kk Q J- V '- -., . I I W I mv Nw PHIL MORRISON DENNIS MOSER DAVID MOSLER FLORENCE MUKAI ROBERT MURRAY ERNIE NAGAI EMIKO NAKAMURA GARY NAKANISHI RAY NAKANISHI IRENE NAKAO SANDRA NAKATANI GARY NETZ EILEEN NEWMAN PATTY NEWLUN LINDY NICHOLS ARLENE NISHIMOTO RICHARD NISHIO SO, WHO NEEDS A HEAD? BILL NOBLE YOSHIKO NOMURA ALFRED NORIEGA STEVE NORMAN HENRY NOSI DONNA PANTANO SHEILA PORTER PHIL QUINN JOHN RABEL CAROL RAILTON MIKE RILEY DICK ROBERTSON ANDREW ROLLOLAZO GARY ROSS JO ILA RUBENFELD EDDIE RYE GERALD SADIS BEVERLY SAIKI CHARLES SCHAEFFER KATHIE SCHEEL BILL SCHREIBER MIKE SCHWARTZ RICK SEEGER BILL SERAILE DICK SERAILE PHILIP SHERMAN HIROMASA SHIGA THELDONA SHINGLER LOUISE SIMPSON PAULA SKOOG DOROTHY SKOTHEIM ETHEL SMITH KERRY SMITH JOHN SNOW ROYAL SNYDER CHUCK SPRINCIN POLLY STEVENS FRANK STULL LOUISE STULTZ STAN SUSSMAN RONALD TADA DOROTHY TAGAWA ETSUKO TAMAKI DICK TANABE FRANK TANAKA AKICO TATSUMI VELMA TAYLOR JUDY TAYLOR LESLIE THODE IRV TREIGER FLOSSIE TOLLIVER WAYNE THRONSON JUDY TREMBLY HERMAN TROTSKY DONNA TSOMING ARLENE TSUTSUMI BOBBY TSUTSUMI 55504 JANIS TUSCHER DOLORES VAN ZANT SUE VIERECK RICARDO WASHINGTON JEAN ANN WATSON .IOSEPHINE WAYNE TYREE WEAVER GLORIA WELLS MARTHA WHITE ULYSSES WHITEHEAD PONIZETTA WILLIAMS ROMAN WILLIAMS TERRY WILLIAMS WALLIE WILLIAMS ROSETTA WILLS CAROL WIRTA THALIA WISEMAN WHO SAYS CHEMISTRY IS HARD? SUE WOO MASON WONG EDDIE WOOD ROBIN WOODWARD BRENDA WORREN RALPH YATES BRUCE YOSHIMURA ELAINE YOSHIDA BARBARA ZEUMAULT RICARDO BALAGOT SUSIE BELL JUDY CARP SALLY ORDELL BONNIE MANNING ROBIN PHILLIPS JUNIIDB DANCE CUMMITTEE JUNIIIB CUMMITTEES PUBLICITY CUMDIITTEE Left fo right: Shinyo lchikawa, Susanna Kihcro, Jimmy Nicholson. Row One: Gail Frcnzke, Sheila Woo, Moe Mor. Row Two: Shinya lchikowa, Ken Gidlof, Charles Dreiling. PBOJECT CUMMITTEE Left fo right: Sheila Woo, Elaine Hudesman, Chevy Dodd. IlECORA'l'ION CIDDIDIITTEE Left to righh Mae Mor, Buz Humphrey, Lono Leder- mon. GENERAL CIDBIIVIITTEE Left to right: Ray Raube, Barry Bryant, Ken Gidlof. 55 MR. HAYES, Advisor, VlRGlE GREEN, President, JOANN BOYER, Vice-President, BOB O'BRlEN, Secretary, MIKE MacLEOD, Treasurer. UPHO IIBES NTERING the strange halls of James A. for the first time was a thrilling moment for the underclassmen. Their first year of high school was a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Three years packed with excitement and filled with fun were for you, the sophomores. As the weeks passed, you became a part of Garfield and the Garfield way of life. Next year, with a feeling of belonging, your participation in assemblies, sports, and productions will increase. And that "sophomore" feeling will, fortunately, never be recaptured. Q wk E M sw N.- X :Q gawk .. W, -mug' CR ie? J' 'H . gi Q M . N 'tax - 5, 'M A - f Q + we uw ff-3 . my 5 1..,... -- A 3, kwa-if A M.. R ,F . I . if w :" ' 'Ks ki 7 in st , may ag A , gg, spik- new ANNETTE DRAYTON BONITA EASTERLING LINDA EDWARDS STEVE EDWARDS MARILYN ELDER DAVE ELLIS APRIL ENG DAVID ENSLOW DONALD ERVIN DONNA ETIENE CAROL FISHER JOHNSON FLETCHER SALLY FOSS SANDRA FOULKS JERRY FUJIMURA PAULINE FUJINO MARVIN GENAUER DORIS GEORGE PATTI GERLING GWEN GETTER ALICE GIPSON SANFORD GLADSTEIN HANS GOLM BRADLEY GONG NANCY GOODWIN LENITA GRAVES EVELYN GRAY VIRGIE GREEN KENT GUNNISON JOHN HALGREN ALYCE HALL SUE HALL CAROLEE HANSON RICHARD HANSON SANDY HATHAWAY DICK HEIZ ANN HILL KAREN HILLIKER MEGUMI HORI LADEE HUBBARD GLORIA HUNTER KIP INGHAM PATSY ISOMURA BETTY JACKSON PATSY JACKSON HELENE JAFFEE STUART JAMES PAT JONES DOUGLAS JUE FRED JUE HARRY KAMADA ANDREA KAPLAN ROSS KATRA JUDY KAWAGUCHI TONI KAYE MARCIA KEIFER MIKE KENNEDY FRED KIKUCHI JOAN KIMURA BARRY KLATZKER JIM KNOWLES MAX KREIELSHEIMER FRANCIS KOYAMA PAUL KUSAKABE FRANCES LAWSON RONALD LAZOFF LARRY LEGG FAYE LENNIS MARGERY LEONG MARCIA LEVINSON BETTY LEWIS CHRISTINA LIND SUSANNA LINDSEY TAMARA LONG JEAN LOWE ROXIE LUDTKE JOHN MucDONALD MIKE MacLEOD MARILOU MucLENNAN JANET MAIMON JAN MAR LARRY MAR RAYMOND MAR JOANN MARTIN REIKO MATSUMOTO TIM McAFEE JUDIE McMANNUS MERRILY McMANNUS SHEILA McMATH ARLENE McVEY BOBBIE MELTZER ESTELLE MERLETTE FRANK MEYER SUSAN MEYER GLENN MILES ANN MILLER BRUCE MILLER ELAINE MINATO V A Y' U, - ' "I 5 . Y -LS 1 QEQKQ JR., ya TANYA MINI: Q W V AUDREY MITCHELL DAVE MOFFETT A OZZEI I A 54 BARBARA MooRE L., I cov MOORE 'T I PATRICIA MOORMAN I-IIsAIco MORIGUICHI in A LARRY MosLER I II I , A , ,'.I II . ' BARBARA MURRAY I 1 -'- 'f-'1 ig , ,qlq 9 1 , I BETTY MURRAY W- T gf f, f':"T""' MORRIS MUTAL I f I 'if Ii A RUTH NAGAOKA ,gh " wg .gm if F JUDY NAGEL .,:, . A I b A I. , RICKY NAGEL A H . T- JUDY NAKAO IIII .- Q Awww A K . MARKEE NEIDIGH EA, X I 'I 2 I I . .I REGINALD NEWBACI-I E33 fz w ,Li .I I y ,W JAMES NICHOLS ggi NM 5 I Ii A ,,I, ir U W KARIN NILssEN E . As., - .,,. .. , -, MARJORIE NITTA A , A I I I BOB O'BRIEN A I L, PAUL OFFENHENDEN ,:II I n V A V - JIM OGILVY "" " ' L JUNE oIYE ,ill , -' ISAAC OLIVER A BOB oPP ' T' E EIJJ R"",I?a --L1 . LAURA PAASO JOHN PANGBORN MAXINE PASCAL SHARON PASS SANDY PELLEGRINI N SUE PERRY LINDA PERINE BILL PERSITZ SHARON PETTIT ARTHUR PIGG KAREN PORTER I RAYFIELD PosLEY Yi 'Q NEILs POULSEN 4I,,, ' 'RIL '1.. , BARBARA PRIMRosE , I .if ' FRED RAoEoRo ' ':" I ,, " .I ,Q AE .. 'I as ewf 4. ! f W , Q X A 3 if J., ,fx ' I' 15' ' LA vw I - 'RB I B- .EQ 1 1' If! ER I x 9 ,I RRI MIRIAM RADINSKY BARBARA REED MARY HELEN REED VIRGINIA RICE ELIZABETH ROBINSON JEANNIE ROBINSON SHIRLEY ROBINSON RUDY ROLLOLAZO SHARON ROSE MIKE ROSS DOROTHY RUSSELL DEANNA SAKAMOTO STEVE SANDER LINDA KAY SATER ESTHER SCHARHON JOAN SCHENKAR LINDA SCHEEL PAT SCHINDLER MARLENE SCHNEIDER BABS SCHWARTZ BILL SCHWARTZ MARY SCOTT RACHEL SHAHON MARGY SHAIN BOB SILVERTON GLENN SIMONS MARY SKOCILIC CAROL SKOTHEIM VICKI SLOOTSKY JOAN SMITH JOHN SMITH LARRY SMITH WHITNEY SMITH DOUG SPAETH BOB STOKES DENNIS STORIE JIM ST. JOHN CAROL SUGIYAMA MARION TASHIRO JIMMY TAYLOR JOYCE TERRY JOHN TIDWELL CHRIS TODD GLORIA TOMITA TAKAKO TOYOJI SHIRLEY TREIT JACK TSUJIHARA BARRY TUCKER JEANETTE TURNER MIKE TURNER JEAN UENO SHAWNEY WAGNER JULIE WALKER PAT WASHINGTON DORIS WATSON JIM WATT LINDA WEEKS JANICE WHEELER MARY WHITTENBERG JO WICKERSHAM AUDREY WILLIAMS CAROL WILLIAMS ELAINE WILLIAMS LANNY WILLIAMS LILLIE WILLIAMS STANLEY WILLIAMS DOUG WINDHORN FRAN WINSLOW MALCOLM WOLFSON GLADYS WOOD x- x??Ng wx QQNQSX 5iSQEi,s UM RW Yi WM Q Q - Vw 2X Wg .Q N NS M5 XR N 3551 ES, Uwwggwwg fiyijgf 5525 X 62 X l N lx members The Bulldog spirit, Ife of the nds on the enthusiasm of its . ' ations ci strong force in the i CESS of on organization depe G rfieldite, mode our orgomz HE SUC professed by each loyal Q school. t l if LESLIE CRIBLEY Advisor 64 TOM HARAD ER President PEEK into room lOl revealed a cozy little set-up. All the comforts of a home were there, including a blaring radio. ln one crowded corner, a never-ending chess game was in prog- ress. This could only be the Boys' Club office. All boys automatically become Boys' Club members when they enter Garfield. Officers are elected by the boys themselves. Mr. Cribley, the advisor, kept this year's officers busy planning and supervising club activities. x , J BIIYS WHO? US CONFUSED?? BRUCE CADWELL Bos DAVIDSON Q .l.'f 11' ' Lf, CHUCK DREILING . H ---fl -' ' ' - E. P . . .ei , ANDRIS FALTENS l l . . P Boa FREEMAN ki ' 2,5 ii it TIM HANSEL 9 is 1 A mf Yiw- NORMAN FURUKAWA BARRY STEWART Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer OR INSTANCE, a Christmas party honoring the faculty was to be planned, and various other committee proiects had to be approved. The Advisory Board consisted of twelve capable boys to enforce law and order around Garfield. When the Boys' Club officers had their elections last spring, the 1957-58 A.B. members were elected to their positions. To represent them on the Board, GarfieId's voters looked for boys of outstanding character and friendliness. ,,.f ., 13-L, hr. CHOW TIME! BOB LaBOW JOHN MACKLIN BILL McGRAW aat RICHARD NOMURA ,gf 1 ' r . I ., , TIM TUCKER I ' ' li LYNN WYATT Q Q i f-. 2 i ,Q Af L ' I MA 65 J GIRL 9 MISS BELL MARGARET HALL IRENE SHAIN Advisor President First Vice-President -....s,.L..JS. JO ANN BABA JOANNE CHINN JOHNNIE GRIFFIN CYNTHIA KAN HELEN KIHARA HE GARFIELD GIRLS' CLUB began their activities on the first day of school by welcoming the new girls to Garfield. "Big Bow", theme of the Big cmd Little Sister Program, acquainted these newcomers with Garfield. After the committee sign-ups in October, committees selected and carried out monthly proiects. These committees, headed by a Cabinet member, gave the girls of all re- ligions, races and creeds an opportunity to work together and to make new friends. Each month a Cabinet member was chosen Chairman of the Month. NANCY ARIMA SUSIE BELL BARBARA COHEN JUNE DAVIS BEVERLY FREEMAN SHELLIE FUNES E K if. 1 'W .4 s BARBARA GILBERT AMELIA HALL MARY HAMADA ELAINE HUDESMAN CATHY JORDAN LANA LEDERMAN CLUB EVELYN FREEMAN MIDGE SINGER BARBARA COOPER Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer f" e'.f' : , A - RER wi I K W ., . ,I , we f L' ts W .1 li, Y f ZW, 'wth 5 5 fi 52 Q f 3 1 '11- lf '4 . ., .N gzxqgsy M, I, Q. x 'S ,S F k-Q fe RUTH MATSUMOTO GAIL MUKAI LEIDA SEID KAY STYLIANOPOULOS ROBIN WOODWARD EADERSHIP of the Girls' Club was exercised by the Advisory Board, the Cabinet, and the five officers--President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer-all under the guidance of Miss Bell. The officers managed the club functions and set a good example of personal conduct for other girls to follow. The Advisory Board enforced school regulations and supervised many school activities. The Cabinet promoted proiects aimed to interest more girls in Girls' Club work. MARGUERITE LUKE GRETCHEN MATHERS OLA MAE MITCHELL JOANN MORRISON MASAKO NAKAMURA MARGE OMORI ,a S Q if l 2 I 22 W , ,,, C -4 . -I w 1, Hee.. V , 2 O Z -J 4 pf, , -',, px, ,X Q Z 1- 2 Q X rn E Z Q w m 4 m xi r- 4 ua Z 7.5 L. m P Z P Z Z 2 P -4 m O Z -.. O uw m 1 E Z m 2 P -4 Z m fi P xl O r- 5 so -4 P Y I 1, , .A ff' H ,ww 5' if ZV, f if 'LL' ' "" ft -2'-i ,QQ - , lik '- . - , A ., Wg, , MR. DZURICK Advisor MIKE HARVEY President First Semester c 'f-1 . I g , W Vk,k A " L R - 1 L L ' ' 2 . 5 . g e'i' f . JIRO SUGURO DAVE RADINSKY SANFORD PALOY JOHN De BRUYN DUNCAN Vice-President Secretary President ViceAPresident MacQUARRlE First Semester First Semester Second Semester Second Semester Secretary LLDUG CLUB BLACK AND ORANGE BAND, a friendly smile, and a familiar request- "l'm sorry, but you are in the wrong seat, would you please move?"- describes a Bulldog Club member. The Bulldog Club is an honorary service organization of twenty upperclassmen. As Garfield's policemen, they not only kept the lively Garfield students under control at football and basketball games, but they also ushered at the Funfest and the Senior Play. Mr. Cribley is the club's advisor. First Row: Mike Harvey, Georges De Housse, Barry Stewart. Second Row: Lynn Wyatt, Duncan MacQuarrie, Allen Harader, Sanford Paloy, Jiro Suguro, John De Bruyn. Third Row: Ken Culver, Ronald Lawrence, Steve Sherman, Richard Nomura, Tom Harader, John Macklin, Dave Radinsky. 1 C wise 5 ' 55 ' :..,,....A..s:a A L- 4 MISS SHAW LORITA DELMA JANET SAKAMOTO GERALDINE WATSON KINUKO OIYE Advisor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer IIPLE P U LWAYS READY TO LEND A HELPING HAND" is the motto of the Purple Paw, an honorary service organization for senior girls. Good scholar- ship, pariicipation in activities, and a pleasing personality are qualifications for membership. Proiects of the club included a Christmas party for the children of the Seattle Child Hearing League, a fund-raising campaign for the football team, and selling cow bells to promote school spirit for games. The social highlight of the year was the Purple Paw slumber party. Row One: Barbara Baker, Theresa delo Cerna, Gail Mukai, Laurie Johnson, lrene Shain, Evelyn Freeman Barbara Cooper, Midge Singer, Margaret Hall, Joann Baba. Row Two: Cynthia Kan, Joann Morrison, Leida Seid, Melinda Pangborn, Pam Campbell, Cynthia Spencer Martha Kincaid, Mary Jane Baetz, Gail Pickering, Donna Davenport. Row Three: Lorita Delma, Janet Sakamoto, Gerry Watson, Kinuko Oiye, Grace Kase, Marjorie Omori May Kihara, Judie Leong, Ruthie Matsumoto, Keiko Yanagihara, Kay Stylianopoulos, Joanne Chinn 1 IIE T CUUNCIL STEVE SHERMAN JUDIE LEONG DONNA DAVENPORT JULIANNE OTOSHI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HE STUDENT COUNCIL was composed of delegates from the school's maior organizations, stage and literary productions, and the Student Council officers lPresident, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurerl. lt met with Mr. Tate, Miss Bell, and Mr. Cribley every Friday. To promote school spirit and to foster good public relations with the community, the Council recom- mended policies and regulations to control student participation in school functions and government. This year a iuke box was installed in the lunch- room through Council action. In January a successful "Teens for Polio" drive was supervised by the Council. ATTENTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS! I TER-HIGH COU CII, DAVE FUKUI GAIL FRANZKE TIM HANSEL MAY KIHARA NCE EACH MONTH, representatives from the nine Seattle high schools ioined hands to form one efficient body of officers and executives. The activities of this Council were planned and carried out by the students themselves. Three committees were established to work on separate proiects of the Council: Traffic and Safety, Law Enforcement, and Sportsmanship. Throughout the year, the Council also held conferences on Leadership, Halloween Safety, and Traffic Safety. Gar- fieId's representatives to this important link in city-wide student government were May Kihara lExecu- tive Secretary of the Councill, Dave Fukui, Gail Franzke, and Tim Hansel. NTEREST CLUBS, old and new, gave Garfield pupils of various likes an opportunity to participate in activities of their choice. A council of the individual club representatives met with Mr. Tate every Wednesday after school. The purpose of this Inter-Club Council was to create interest in the member clubs and to co-ordinate their ioint functions. The Financial Proiects Committee car- ried out proiects to raise funds for the use of member clubs. The Publicity Committee announced Inter-Club activities. TEBEST CAMERA CLUB Left to right: Gary Netz, Vice-President, Betty Eng, Secretary, Paul Blacksten, President. SPADES Left to right: Joyce Hoshino, Vice-President, Victor R. Lef, All-City President, Yoshiko Nomura, Sec- retary, 4N CLUB Left to right: Pam Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer, Amelia Hall, Vice-President, May Kihara, President. ART CLUB Lett to right: Betty Martin, Secretary, Barbara Corl- son, Vice-President, Hiroko lchikawa, President. BADIO CLUB Left to right: Jerry Ostrer, President, first semester, James Henry West, President, second semester, Charles Miller, Vice-President, Larry Lief, Secre- tary, Dick Tanabe, Treasurer. SKI CLUB Left to right, Dick Hanson, President, Julie Plant, Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Moffett, Vice-President. Ill-Y Left to right: Bill Moffett, Secretary, Bob Wade, President, Ray Raabe, Treasurer, Gene Grosz Chaplain. 72 1 CLUB JUN IOIl ACHIEVEMENT left to right: Bill Diffenbocher, Bonnie Israel, Harriet Buck, Judy Hcxselwood, Representatives. MATH CLUB Left to right: Gerald Ido, Dick Robertson, Secretary. STUDIO PLAYERS Left to right: Corolee Danz, Vice-President, Wanda Haines, President. CATIIAY CLUB Left to right: Joanne Chinn, President, Virginia Chinn, Secretary, Melinda Locke, Vic-President. CHESS CLUB Left to right: Lloyd lnoyue, Al Maimon, Dick Robert- son, President. FAB EAST CLUB Left to right: Paul Smith, Vice-President, Molinda Pangborn, President. 73 MR. URWILER KAYE NELSON ANDRIS FALTENS DAVE RADINSKY Advisor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer H0 011 HE PURPOSE of the Honor Society was to provide recog- nition of high scholarship, leadership, and fine character. This group worked with Mr. Urwiler to give school service as well as to achieve good grades. lt sponsored the CARE drive to aid needy families in other countries and was the spark behind various campaigns to help the student exchange program. GULD SEAL First Row: Theresa dela Cerna, Grace Kase, Nancy Arima, Vera Chan, Cynthia Kan, Bonnie Jo Balagot, Pam Campbell, Joanne Chinn, Betty Hiroo, JoAnn Baba. Second Row: Barbara Baker, Lorita Delma, Esther De Leon, Lynn Calvo, Hiroko lchikawa, Barbara Cooper, Arline King, Sandra Cordova, Janice Hayashi. Third Row: Joanne Beranek, Laurie Johnson, Martha Kin- caid, Evelyn Freeman, Donna Davenport, Irene Shain, MAAayWKilEra,-Sonya Habib, Amelia Hall. rr Vw- t Fourth Row: Pete Eng, Erik Giese, George Dugan, Norm Furukawa, Sidney Cutler, Tom Harader, Allen Harader, Ken Aoki, Bob Freeman, Richard Koyama, Andris Faltens, Gordon Chinn. TWO BAR First Row: Akiko Kikuchi, Judy Gates, Joyce Hoshino, Mary Hamada, Virginia Chinn, Evey Eastern, Ann Dennen, Susanna Kihara. Second Row: Beverly Freeman, Hazel Eng, Jo Ann Green, Camille Duett, Elaine Hudesman, Shellie Funes, Gail Franzke, Frances Kubo, Esther Benezra, Kay Esaki. Third Row: Cathy Jordan, Fred Hoffman, Dick Hanson, Dave Arai, Lynn Caldwell, Larry George, Charles Dreiling, Chevy Dodd. 0NE BAR First Row: Jonathan Chinn, Judy Kawaguchi, Helene Jaftee, Sue Barclay, Marcia Birch, Andrea Kaplan, Gail Arshon, Joanne Arai. Second Row: Jimmie Knowles, Virginia Crotut, Ann Hill, Lynnette Albert, Francis Koyama, Hellen Chinn, Paul Kusakabe. Third Row: Barry Klatzker, John Collins, Judy Davis, Charles Aronson, Fletcher Johnson, Davidson Dodd, Alan Davenport. AMELIA HALL BILLIE DEE BOBAIRE CHUCK DREILING GOLD Eligibility Chairman Program Chairman Publicity Chairman SEAL IICIETY N RECOGNITION of the twenty points that they earned for hard work in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, sophomore members wore purple emblems with a single white bar. Eligible iuniors could add a second white bar to this emblem. Seniors exchanged their bars for gold seals when they had amassed a total of eighty-two points. To keep this seal, they had to earn an additional thirty points during their last year at Garfield. li0l.D SEAL First Row: Marguerite Luke, Elizabeth Martin, Bert Schreiber, Dick Obayashi, JoAnn Morrison, Kay Yana- gihara, Julianne Otoshi, Leido Seid, Maxine Loo, Midge Singer, Kinuko Oiye. Second Row: Marion Tsutsumi, Malinda Pangborn, Sue Studebaker, Mariorie Omori, Jenny Masley, Ruth Mat- sumoto, Ellen Numoto, Gall Mukai, Janet Sakamoto, Cynthia Spencer. Third Row: Kei Moriyasu, Kendy MacCoII, Ola Mae Mitchell, Lynn Calvo, Diane Saltman, Pauline Lee, Bette Woron, Gail Pickering, Elizabeth Boulton, Kay Stylianopoulos. Fourth Row: David Radinsky, Gary Levias, Akihiko Mi- hara, Paul Mar, Judy Leong, Lula Seid, Judith To- maki, Masako Nakamura, Kaye Nelson, Pauline Woo. Fifth Row: John DeBryn, Gretchen Mathers, John Mack- lin, Dave Fukui, Steve Sherman, Tim Tucker, Steve Thal, Jiro Sugura, Don Schindler. TWVO BAR First Row: Akico Tatsumi, Florence Mukai, Lana Leder- man, Sandi Lax, Theldona Shingler, Sandra Nakatani, Bette Luke, Irene Nakaa. Second Row: Mike Levien, Gail MacColI, Judy Taylor, Elaine Yoshida, Carol Wirta, Lindy Nichols, Robin Woodward, Polly Stevens, Bill Schreiber. Third Row: Yoshiko Nomura, Dick Robertson, Mike Schwartz, Al Maimon, Phil Morrison, Herschel Lawson, Anita Merrell. Fourth Row: Mae Mar, Dick Tanabe, Frank Tanaka, Bill Moffett, Alfred Noriega, Ernie Nagai. 0N E BAR First Row: Bruce Mendenhall, Hisako Moriguchi, Margie Leong, Doris Yank, Deanna Sakamoto, Marcia Leven- son, Sue Perry, Judy McKay, Jani Schenkar, Jean Robinson, JoAnn Martin, June Oiye, Allen Wood. Second Row: Toni Kaye, Judy Nakao, Mariorie Nitta, Reiko Matsumoto, Jean Ueno, Mary Wittenberg, Mar- lene Schneider, Jean Lowe, Tanya Mink, Elaine Minato, Gloria Tomita, Kazuko Yamashita, Carole ' Sugiyama. Third Row: Richard Takeuchi, Jack Tsuiihara, Mike Mac- , Leod, James Pinkham, Frank Meyer, Rae Shahon, Miriam Radinsky, Pat Schindler, Jim Ogilvy, Ed Tooley. I Fourth Row: Larry Mar, Ray Marr, Doug Patterson, Regi- X nald Neubeck, Peter Peternouschek, Steve Sander, ' Davld York, Ricky Nagel, David Moffett, Bill Schwartz, I Laurence Mosler. COL0ll G ARD HE BOYS' AND GIRLS' COLOR GUARDS, composed of student leaders, opened every Garfield assembly. To be a member of the Color Guards was to hold a position of honor. The Stars and Stripes had to be presented, saluted, and posted with reverence and dignity. This the Color Guards did with military precision and smartness. left to right: Paul Mar, Norm Furukawa, Bill, McGraw, Mike Harvey, Tom Harader. Left to right: Grace Kase, Janice Healey, Laurie Johnson, Sheila Woo, Geraldine Watson. 76 l MIDGE SINGER CYNTHIA SPENCER MARTHA KINCAID MALINDA PANGBORN LAURIE JOHNSON MAY KIHARA DONNA DAVENPORT EV ELYN FREEMAN BARBARA BAKER DIANCE BULL HE HIGHEST HONOR bestowed upon a girl at Garfield is election to Radiance Roll. Each girl has anropportunity to make her choice for membership on the Roll by nominating three girls who have inspired her the most. Friendliness, leadership, and school service characterize each nominee. On the fateful day, the auditorium was quiet as the special Radiance Roll assembly began. The honored few made their way to the stage, and a feeling of pride deepened within them. To remember this eventful day in her life,'each girl was given a corsage and, as a special keepsake, a little booklet announcing the Radiance Roll. I - 'I ef' I N57 mul I A wus HICLL spas-UT Wx xNYX , LORITA DELMA MARY JANE BAETZ AMY SANBO BARBARA COOPER MARGARET HALL CYNTHIA KAN IRENE SHAIN ROBIN WOODWARD VIRGIE GREEN FALL BOLL IIFFICEB U OMINATIONS are now in order for Roll President." This fa- miliar announcement began a semester of work for the roll officers, who provided the important link between the student- at-large and the clubs and organizations around school. At weekly meetings, these Presidents announced coming events and led dis- cussions of school-wide problems. Was student conduct at'llhe games giving the public a good impression ofthe Garfield student. PRESIIIEN TS i First Row: Jean Lowe, Janice Healey, Francine 1 Shank, Esther Scharhon, Gail Franzke, Cynthia Kun, Julianne Otoshi, Midge Singer, Aurelie Chinn, Joey Shain, Barbara Baker, Chevy Dodd. Second Row: Bea Hardy, Jo Ann Boyer, Marcia Levinson, Jackie Hughes, Kenny Gidlof, Gene Grosz, Bill French, Lynn Jaffee, Dorothy Tagawa, April Eng, Richard Nomura. Third Row: George M. Dugan, Darryl DeGregg, Virgie Green, Lynnette Albert, Kei Moriyasu, Vic Shinoda, Diane Brudevold, Winona Haynes, Mae Mar, Jean Ueno, Tim Hansel. Fourth Row: Beverly Freeman, Jackie Newsom, Joe Hardy, Chuck Howard, Joe Henderson, Paul Freeman, Dave Ellis, Jim Ogilvy, Charles Gulley, Barry Klatzker, Don Schindler. SECRETABIES First Row: Elliot Friedman, Shellie Funes, Mer- rily McManus, Sue Perry, Ruth Constantine, Margaret Bovingdon, Margy Shain, Marcia Keifer, Nancy Christenson, Gini Anderson, Takakc Tayoii. Second Raw: Mariorie Omori, Marguerite Luke, Joyce Hoshino, Sally Foss, Mary Skoeilic, Diane Saltman, Barbara Knisley, Elaine Hudes- man, Sue Viereck, Ruth Matsumoto, Billie Dee Babaire. Third Row: Jan Kudo, Midori Takahashi, Jo Ann Green, Phyllis Young, Sharon Pass, Joyce Hiraoka, Wiley Allen, Lillie Mae Williams, Charles Dreiling, Al Maimon, Charles Harris. Fourth Row: Susan Lewis, Gretchen Mathers, Katherine Davis, Hazel Eng, Raymond Clark, Richard Bailey, Charles Gulley, Samuel Stills, Joe Hardy. BANKERS First Row: Hisako Moriguchi, Marie Rose White, Evelyn Gray, Frances Lawson, Patricia Moor- man, Sandi Lax, Sharon Brashen, Bettie Luke, Ellen Numoto, Jeanette Turner. Second Row: Irene Shain, Robin Woodward, Emanuel J. Taylor, Mary Barber, Maxine Ervin, Marlene Calderon, Harumi Koyama, Marion lwago, Norma Friese, Sonia Papegaay, Elaine Yoshida. Third Row: Eddie Rye, Fred Radford, Chuck Sprincin, Dave Moffett, Tim Tucker, Ulysses Whitehead, Tom Howard, Joanne Kanaya, Karla Anderson. PRILSIIIBR TS SPBI G BIILL FFICER body? What rules governed the holding of roll room Christmas parties? The answers to these questions and many others came out of the Monday morning sessions. When the Presidents' meeting had ended, they reported all the happenings at these meetings to their roll rooms, and led the discussion of problems and coming events. The roll secretary checked attendance every morning and took minutes of the classroom meetings. On Tuesday, the roll banker carried out the school savings program. First Row: Bettie Luke, Sandra Nakatani, Ger- aldine Watson, Gwen Bauldin, Wilma Clagg, Paula Sealey, Joan Green, Jim Knowles. Second Row: Al Maimon, Bruce Mendenhall, Kazuko Yamashita, Jean Ueno, Reiko Matsu- moto, Carroll Collins, Lindy Nichols, Harold Belmont. Fourth Row: Dick Hanson, Bill Moffett, Morris Mulal, Duncan McQuarrie, Barry Stewart, Wayne Foley, Frank Tanaka. SECIIETAIIEES First Row: Billie Dee Babaire, Jo Ann Manning, Diane Verzola, Ramona Anderson, Lola Dover, Norma Friese, Margie Leong, Ja Ann Baba. Second Row: Lana Lederman, Carole Sugiuama, Marcy Bergh, Jan Healey, Diane Saltman, Gini Anderson, Virginia Chinn. Third Row: Irene Shain, Dora Knox, Barbara Miller, Pat Graham, Mary Barber, Johnnie Griffin, Dorothy Tagawa, Janice Hing. Fourth Row: Betty Martin, Charles Aronson, Felton Hall, Ken Copher, Howard Coe, Frank Bryant, Marcia Keifer. BANKERS First Row: Marlene Schneiker, Judy Carp, Arlene Nishimoto, Renee Capeloto, Sharon Rose, Bella Benveniste, Sue Barclay, Loretta Harris, Mar- lene Calderon, Hisako Moriguchi. Second Row: June Davis, Joey Rubenteld, Elaine Hudesman, Cathy Jordan, Carol Wirta, Ann Miller, Joanne Kanaya, Melodie Bennett, Carolee Hanson, Doris Yook. Third Row: Jack Tsuiihara, Glenda Howell, Eddie Rye, Jerry Warshal, lrving Treiger, Ernie Alexander, Charles Schaifer, Karla Anderson, Elaine Yoshida. Fourth Row: Dave Moffett, Joseph Smith, Fred Kikuchi, Melvin Lillie, Lynn Wyatt, Charles Carter, Eugene Kano, John Halgren, Richard Nomura. 80 ITH A FULL CARGO of Garfield pr 'ifl ide and school spirit, the literary a nd stage productions sailed smoothly along. Row One: JOANN BABA JENNY MASLEY KAYE NELSON BARBARA GILBERT LAURIE JOHNSON Row Two: GRACE KASE HIROKO ICHIKAWA LYNDA MAEKAWA LANA LEDERMAN ARLINE KING 82 ILL and SCIHILL ORK ABOVE AND beyond the call of duty on Messenger, Arrow, and Pen was rewarded by membership in Quill and Scroll. Each semester outstanding students on Garfield's literary staffs were chosen to belong to this international organization for Iournalism honor students. Members proudly wore their gold pins in recognition of their hard work and extra hours spent in editing, drawing layouts, writing copy, preparing art work, and taking pho- tographs. This select group was advised by Mr. Hazzard. Row One: CYNTHIA KAN JOANNE GRANSTRAND PATTI DESKINS MARGARET HALL REIKO KIHARA ANNE DODD Row Two: BARBARA COOPER PAT SCHEUMAKER ARDEN STUART JANET WORON IRENE SHAIN NORMA HIROTA Row Three: ROGER SHIMOMURA TONY SMITH PAUL TOMITA RICHARD KOYAMA ALEX JOUKOUSKY Absent: MARTHA Kl NCAID ABBUW ALLEN HARADER GERALD HARDCASTLE MARTHA KINCAID Co-Edifor Advisor Co-Edifor THE ARROW STAFF AT WORKI?l ARBUW ROMPTLY AT 2:10 every day of the week Room 213 was converted into a closely-guarded workshop for the publication of this, the 1958 Arrow. Each staff member rolled up his sleeves and set to work to produce the best Arrow ever. But a new problem confronted the staff this year - the budget for the book was reduced considerably. Pages were cut, layouts re-drawn, and plans for the book were reviewed and revised, but these tasks only increased the deter- mination of the staff to make Garfield's yearbook an outstanding one. This year's crew had been selected the previous May by the 1957 workers, and each recruit received information about the iob ahead of him from the student who held his position on the '57 staff. When September rolled around, the two co-editors, their assistants, and Mr. Hardcastle, the new advisor, took the first steps to produce the annual. The co-editors worked out deadlines and copy schedules, but their most important duty was to co-ordinate the efforts of the individual staff members. FRANK STULL BARRY BRYANT GRACE KASE Boys' Sports Boys' Sports Business Manager BARBARA BAKER CHEVY DODD SHEILA WOO Productions Productions Girls' Sports VIRGINIA CHINN HELEN KIHARA HIROKO ICHIKAWA Typist Typist Artist STAFF HE CREATIVE MIND and talented hand of the artist produced sketches which portrayed the theme. lt was from these sketches that the art work for the book was selected. There was an endless amount of copy to be written and proof- read by the copy editors. They racked their brains to come up with word de- scriptions of the activities. Original and attractive layouts were the contributions of the productions and personnel editors. The darkroom was the happy hunting ground for the sports editors as they searched for the glossy prints of Garfield's athletes. Three dummies of the book were drawn up and re-drawn by the layout technicians. Their constant companions were a drawing board, slide rule, and layout sketches. They also mounted pictures to be sent to the engraver. The photographers were always on the run, attempting to meet picture appointments and to keep the picture-record of events throughout the year. The typists stayed busy at the keyboards typing up the copy as it came in daily. The duties of the Public Relations Manager were diversified. She was concerned not only with financial matters, but also with writing bulletin notices and mimeographing as well. The Arrow staff, having completed its task, presented the 1958 Arrow to the student body for its approval on Purple and White Day, May, 1958. BILL FRENCH JOHN MICHEL BETTY ENG Layout Technician Layout Technician Photographer SUSANNA KIHARA LINDA MAEKAWA DONALD CHINN Junior Personnel Senior Personnel Photographer JAN KUDO MAE MAR NORMAN MARTENSON Copy Staff Copy Staff Photographer g l MR. HAZZARD PAUL MAR LAURIE JOHNSON JENNY MASLEY JIRO SUGURO Advisor Managing Editor Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor LL ESSE GE HE RENDEZVOUS for members of the school newspaper staff was room 209, equipped with hot and cold running water, a private telephone, and a little red radio. Daily during fourth period, the editor and advisor of the Messenger staff issued assignments and made announcements and comments to the ambitious Gartield iournalists. This group, advised by Mr. Hazzard, published the Messenger weekly. JB? All First Row: Judie Leong,Janet Sakamoto,Julionne Otoshi, First Row: Cynthia Kan, Vera Chan, Maxine Loo. Therese Delr' Cerner' -lonnn Morrison- Second Row: Harold Belmont, Bonnie Jo Bolagot, Jan Second Row: Lynn Jaffe, Lynn Calvo, Elinor Kosokoff, Kudo. Betty Jean Douglas, Gerry Watson, Sue Hara, Bette Woron, Janice Hayashi, Connie Neukirch. I .y-fs nl- Q ' - 5 Upper Lett, First Row: Pete Eng, Joe Henderson, Robert Upper Right, First Row: Arline King, Melinda Townsend. Prottas. Second Row: Beverly Engeseth, Diane Brudevold, Margie Second Row: Susumu Tsutsumi, Dave Radinsky, Shelton Hillestad, Darlene Skinner. Chow' Lower Right, First Row: Johnnie Griffin, Sue Maimon, Lower Lett, First Row: Sandra Cordova, Betty Hiroo, Ellen Numoto. CYnlnlu Spenser, A'nY Tornlln- Second Row: Kaye Nelson, Barbara Gilbert, Gretchen Second Row: Lynda Maekawa, Ruthie Matsumoto, Judith Mathers, Mimi Michaelson. Tamaki, .lo Ann Baba, Gail Mukai. sf' '-'-'-IL :if N ' ie.g.sG'2? ' ' fi 5' et' 3:9 :,. "st: 15: ' B . MR. HAZZARD LAURIE JOHNSON JANET SAKAMOTO CYNTHIA KAN PAUL MAR Advisor Managing Editor Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor SPIII ESSE GER The spring and fall staffs dispersed into four different groups, each heading one of the four pages. Headlines concerning activities in and out of school and interviews with well-known personalities appeared on the front page. Page Two featured editors, polls, movie reviews and biographies of Garfield guys and gals. Row One: Jeanette Meagher, Susanna Kihara, lrene Row One: Jo lla Rubenfeld, Christie Buschmann, Sheila Nakao, Theresa dela Cerna. Vlloo, Arline King. Row Two: Robin Woodward, Raymond Clark, Helen Ki- Row Two: Vera Chan, Peter Schneidereit, Bettie Luke. hara, Elaine Hudesman, Arline Nishimoto, Sue Viereck, Melinda Locke, Beverly Freeman. 9 : ,, Row One:: Joe Henderson, Dave Radinsky, Chuck Hinckel. Row One: Diane Brudevold, Darlene Skinner. Row Two: Susumu Tsutsumi, Al Maimon. Row Two: Margie Hillestad, Billie Dee Bobaire, Julianne Oto h'. Row One: Judith Tamaki, Judy Taylor, Evelyn Eastern, S I Hazel Eng. Row One: Maureen Dempsey, Gretchen Mathers, Mimi Row Two: Gail Mukai, Bonnie Jo Balagot, Sandra Naka- Mlchoelsonf Revele Bl5hoP- tani, Sandra Cordova, Kay Esaki, Betty Hiroo. Row Two: Maxine Loo, Elinor Kosokoff, Ellen Numoto. FALL PEN MISS DIXON LANA LEDERMAN ARLENE KING Aclvisor Assistant Editor Editor U ON'T BE a Rebel Without a Cause -- Write for the Pen," pleaded Oscar and the staff in one of their clever ads for Penerama, the twentieth anniversary issue of the Pen. Twice a year for two decades, the Pen has published the original poems, essays, and short stories of Garfield's literary giants. To publish the Fall issue, Room 214 became a studio. The producers, directors, and stars ofthe Pen staff painted signs, iudged manuscripts, and planned art work to make Penerama the best issue ever printed. is r xr lf si J, CHRISTIE BUSCHMANN CYNTHIA SPENCER GRETCHEN MATHERS JEAN BUCHANAN Publicity Manager Business Manager Copy Editor Copy Editor BUSINESS STAFF PUBLICITY STAFF CUPY STAFF Row One: Elcine Hudesman, Camille Duett. Betty .lean Douglas, Amy Tomita Row One: Jean Miller, Josephine Shain Row Two: Charles Harris, Vernice Mitchell. Row Two: Judy Carp, Kendy MGCCOII. PRI G PE MISS DIXON ELAINE HUDESMAN JUDY CARP Advisor Co-Editor Co-Editor HEN SPRING CAME, new writing talent bloomed all over the school, and a fresh new Pen staff had to cope with it. Once again the call went out for manuscripts, and those turned in were iudged on the basis of originality, sincerity, and significance, with Miss Dixon keeping a trained eye on all proceedings. The distribution of the Pen brought delight to Garfield's most talented authors and poets. ' BETTY DOUGLAS CAMILLE DUETT VERNICE MITCHELL AMY TOMITA Copy Editor Business Manager Head Typist Publicity Manager BUSINESS STAFF PUIILICITY STAFF CUPY STAFF STEVE THAL TANYA MINK JEAN LOWE BRUCE CAPLAN ANN DENNEN MARY JANE BAETZ ROSE MARlE VAN ZANT BEVERLY FREEMAN BOBBIE MELTZER SUSIE BELL WWF? UBCIIESTR NDER THE BATON of their new director, Mr. supplied the music for the Funfest revue, Mid-Winter Concert, "Moments in Music," and might have been "Practice makes perfect" as result was a skilled, co-ordinated, and talented Carlton Smith, the orchestra 'Magazines Imaginary," the the Operetta. Their motto they rehearsed daily. The group of musicians. The orchestra visited various elementary schools in the Garfield district to give short concerts. The purpose of these visits was to promote interest in Garfield's orchestra. Row Row Row Row Row One: Bradley Gong, Ken Aoki, Carlos Vx'ard, Bonnie Brodine. Two: Morris Mutal, Judy Gates, Doug Jue, Fred Kichuchi,.lerry lda, Ken Copher, George Beppu One: Richard Nakano, Frank Ferrell, Bill Schreiber, Margaret Eovingdon. Two: Gail MacColl, Malinda Pungborn, Jean Ueno, Lady Hubbard, Vicky Slootsky- Three: Margie Leong, John Millward, Selina Martinez, Jan Mar. U ORWARD! MARCH!" Clad in sharp purple and whiie uniforms, the Gar- field band marched all the way to an Honorable Mention in the annual Santa Claus Parade. This was a fitting reward for the hard-working band and their new director, Carlton Smith. This band of renown also backed the growling Bulldog spirit at games and pep assemblies. Half-time participation at the football games gave the band a chance to display precision marching and clever stunts and skits. Row One: Carlos Ward, Lynn Caldwell, Bradley Gong, Juan Bennett, Tom Howard, Roger Croshaw, Christine Lind, Thomas Tobin, John Napiontek, Lafayette Patterson. Row Two: Robin Phillips, Bob Silverton, Mike Macleod, Gary Auld, Nathan Johnson, Clifford Andrews, Bill Barr, Judy Gates, Walter Bachman, Fred Rollins, Charles Schaefer, Don Smith. Row Three: Dick Heil, Steve Alarie, Judy Dons, Fletcher Johnson, Clyde Haydel, Doug Robinson, Bob Bamberg, lorry Smith, David Holt, Bud laetz, Ed Tooley, David Tucker, Gerald Ida, Dennis Storie. L CIIUR L G NUNETTE CIIIIRALEERS First Row: Pat Moorman, Lorraine Gossett, Rose First Row: Amy Sanbo, Lola Dover, Lorita Delma, Josephine Wayne, Cynthia Kan, Marie Van Zant, Marion Tsutsumi, Vera Chan. Second Row: Dolores Van Zant, Martha White, Second Row: Rose Marie Van Zant, Lorraine Gossett, Judy Trembley, Martha White, Bonnie Manning. Laurie Johnson, Glenda Howell, Elizabeth Boulton, Connie Neukirch- Third Row: Sue Studebaker, Virginia Colcock, Third Row: Herschel Lawson, Julian Hook, Richard Goff, Foster Brown, Donald J. Finch, Glenda Howell. Thurman Edmunson. TTIRED IN royal blue and white robes this year the Choraleers and Chorus im- pressed Garfield's music fans who attended their concerts. When they ap- peared in the Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, assemblies, and community functions, their beautifully-blended voices were evidence of hours of practice. The Nonnette, a select group of nine accomplished girl singers, filled many private engagements. Parker Cook, formerly one of Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians, directed both groups. CIIUBUS First Row: Janice E. Henry, Katherine Richardson, Catherine Allen, Carol Francke, Gloria Jean Burton, Irene Gossett, Dolores J. Verzola, Diane Verzola, Annie Helton. N N in E A Second Row: Estella Johnson, Judy Masten, Mitzi Ruby, Sandra Cordova, Suzanne Hara, Sonya Habib, Geraldine Watson, Fannie Mitchell, Carrie Mae Brown, Sue Studebaker, Ginny Colcock, Barbara Knisley. K N Third Row: Bonnie Manning,.,Wiley Allen, Louise Stultz, Judy. Taylor, Revo Lamb, Judy Trembley, Lorraine,,Gossett, Georgia Lamb, Dolores Van Zant, Loutichia Rogers, Loucrechio-Rogers, Sandra Hescock. E . T QW.. ,q FHL Fourth Row: Jeanne Johnson, lnese Vikelis, Jimmy Nicholson, Bruce Hoppman,-Jerry Carr,'kaw1'ence Ard,1Jr., Wate Phair, Herman Watson. 92 UNFEST MR- TATE PAM CAMPBELL BRENT COOK BOB FREEMEN .IEANETTE MEAGHER AKIHIRO MIHARA MALINDA PANGBORN DANIEL LEWIS PAUL SMITH U AGAZINES lMAGINARY" was the theme of the I958 Funfest. Each act portrayed an individual magazine and was spiced with original dance routines, gay costumes and touches of humor and elegance. Try-outs were held in January, but in the following months, the busy performers worked hard to polish and perfect their numbers. In March, a tingle of excitement and the common "stage fright" were felt by each performer. The big moment came, and the show emerged from the wings! The many rehearsals and practices really paid off. STAGE CREW FU FE SILAS JUE AND ACCOMPANIST MADEMOISELLE SEVENTEEN THEATER ARTS HOLIDAY THE FOUR DOTS BETTY AND JUNE ENG DOWNBEAT THE HI-Fl'S SUNSET SPORTS HUMILIATED TV GUIDE SCIENCE FICTION PAUL SMITH AND HAROLD YOUNG FRANCES LAWSON AND LAURI E JOHNSON SATURDAY EVENING POST 5 fi UNITE SE IOIl Top Row: LOLLIE LEAVITT, Company Manager, TIM LEFFLER, Sheridan Whiteside, WANDA HAYNES, Maggie Cutlery PAT REEDY, Burt Jeffersony CAROLEE DANZ, Lorraine Sheldon. Bottom Row: PAUL SMITH, Dr. Bradley, GEORGIANN LAFFELL, Miss Preen, ANITA MERRILL, Harriet Stanley, MELVIN LILLIE, Mr. Stanley, GINNY COLCOCK, Mrs. Stanley. HE ASIAN FLU' epidemic hit the senior play cast this year. Even the leading man was not spared and "The Man Who Came to Dinner" was delayed for several weeks. Despite this set-back, the three-act character comedy by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman had great audience appeal. When Sheridan Whiteside slipped and fell on a patch of ice on the doorsteps of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley, an hilarious comedy began. Sheridan made it Upper Left: BILL HILLIARD, STEVE SHERMAN, TOM HARADER, DICK OBAYASHI. Upper Right: PAUL OFFENHENDEN, NEIL POULSEN, PHIL SMITH. Lower Lett: THANE MITCHELL, BARRY STEWART, EDDIE RELEFORD. Lower Right: RAY RAABE, CHUCK DREILING, absent, WAYNE FOLEY. PLAY Top Row: ROBIN THOMPSON, Richard Stanley, SALLY ORDELL, June Stanley, EUGENE RICE, Banjo, BRENT COOK, Beverly Carlton, EDDIE STERN, Professor Metz. Bottom Row: Al. COLEMAN, John, EVELYN FREEMAN, Sarah, JERRY MOLITOR, Sandy, JEAN MILLER, Mrs. Dexter, JO ILA RUBENFELD, Mrs. McCutcheon. possible for everyone concerned to live in a nightmare while he was supposedly indisposed in a wheel chair. A rattled nurse, a vampish actress, an ambitious doctor and an assortment of prison inmates were a few of the eccentrics who added intrigue and humor to the outlandish plot. Watching the plot untangle around the heads of these frustrated characters provided side-splitting entertainment for Garfield's drama fans. Upper Left: MR. STEELE-SHAW, Faculty Director. Upper Right: Chorus: LORITA DELMA, GEORGES DeHOUSSE, AMY SANBO, RENATE HERBST, JOSEPHINE WAYNE, EUGENE ALLEN, DOROTHY SKOTHEIM. Lower Left: MARY JANE BAETZ, Business Manager, MIKE DRUXMAN, THELDONA SHINGLER, Assistant Business Manager, ISAIAH HARRIS, PAUL SMITH, Scenic Design. Lower Right, Properties: JEANETTE MEAGHER, SANDI LAX, PAULA SKOOG. MID-WI TER C CERT i --lV- . ewes- , ,. A ,- ' - " A .L, 7 ' L '1 if ' iv 'ff I- - 5 - ' si M K ' V I in V.V, L, - 4 ' . MR. CARLTON SMITH MISS EVA JURGENSOHN MR. PARKER COOK HEN SANTA CLAUS came to town, the idea of giving was in everyone's thoughts. Gar- field's music department gave a special present to the school - the Annual Mid-Winter Concert. Under the direction of Mr. Parker Cook, the Choraleers, Advanced Choir, Sophomore Choir, Nonette, and the International Trio sang selections from Fred Waring's arrangements of "I Be- lieve," "Dry Bones," and "Night Before Christmas." A wide variety of selections followed, such as the haunting spiritual, "Dark Water," and the lively Ukranian folk song, "Carol of the Bells." Maestro Carlton Smith, with his sharp band and orchestra, filled the auditorium with musical entertainment, putting the audience in a merry spirit for the holidays! THE SOPHOMORE CHOIR PBI G PLAY MR. STEELE-SHAW .IEANETTE MEAGHER SALLY ORDELL U Y SISTER EILEEN" was a light comedy centering around the misfortunes of two young girls from Columbus, Ohio on the lookout for careers in New York City. lt starred Sally Ordell as Ruth Sherwood and Jeannette Meagher in the title role. The disasters which struck these two innocents as they tried to keep house in a cold-water basement flat in Greenwich Village kept the audience in stitches from the opening curtain to the last bow. Coach Boitano made a surprise guest appearance in the last act. Mr. Steele-Shaw, head of the Drama Department, directed this hilarious farce, which, to his delight, was a financial as well as a dramatic success. ElLEEN'S BEST FRIENDS Av Ui X 2 f 'j W ,jg A In 1 ,ff f 1 N N Y 100 i r Q wx Q ,f -'J ff is vi , , X ,QU fra IX ' A If A' ' if fvl , ' 2 Wiki' I 'I ,Xp Qi ii Ei lx 'Li li L 'V X 1 7 'X , V Q, 'Q if xxm Af if :X 'xl X I my !'X ' :IW X -i ' Hit 1 XANJ xy 1 X . lx ik h ii X -eh ii 0 my If iii in L V P NN M' ' ' il in if I NM 2.5! KYXHSU A 'amy N 0,1 Ni, 'X :ht YI LN f V, if? V 1 , f A - ll t rl V L . ,, iw i X IP if f Q L x ri X at Ee J N -V red in the cups and trophies ARFIELD'S zest for sporis is mirro d championships that our teams have won. ciwords on V A I Ti VABSIITY RESULTS W. L. T. Garfield ...... ..... 6 O I Fronklin .......... ..... 6 I C Wesl Secxllle ......... .,... 5 2 O Ballard ............ ...,. 4 3 O Roosevelt ..,........ ..... I 4 2 Queen Anne ......... ..... 2 5 Q Cleveland ........... ..... I 5 'I Lincoln ...... ..... I 6 O TlMBER-R-R- I JOHN BOITANO FORREST KEYES JOHN HINRICHS ERNIE DZURICK Head Coach Coach Coach Coach CHARLES MITCHELL WILLIE MINOR TIM HANSEL DAVE ARAI All-City All-City All-Cify Honorable Menfion DAVE MOSLER MIKE RILEY JIM WASHINGTON BILL RICE Honorable Mention Honorable Mention ULYSSES WHITEHEAD TOM HARADER WILLIE DAVIS MEGUMI OKADA 0 T B L L VARSITY STANDINGS GARFIELD OPPONENT 6 West Seattle O 0 Roosevelt O I2 Lincoln 0 I4 Cleveland 0 I9 Franklin 7 31 Queen Anne 7 20 Ballard I4 6 Clover Park 0 GOING, GOING, GONE! BOB LGBOW DON OHASHI NORM FURUKAWA ARDESS HUNTER All-City All-City All-City, Inspirational All-City, Inspirational Us-Mmvkiqgpa LEE' I if I I KEN GIDLOF JOHN RABEL JIM STANDIFER JIM GEORGE Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention AL HARADER RUSS FARRELL COLUMBUS LOWE PHIL QUINN I K V , , ":' 2 1 I 5 I K V z ' N Having' . - My .V K ,how --I -, ,ww-an-.uwaw-s S, . ' ' V 'A '17 - ' E-is-GL I gl I I A I g Q, L l , if ,. in 'T We I for -52533 . L. Q rl H I I .,.,,.:, A I ' ' ' f G 3, I -- :'H- we S I he H ,, 2 I - -- ' I , 1 ,.,, L, ,, - 1 I . ' . , li is: if I , M ' ' . M-Qfepznfkw.. ,Lim , .1 New ,heme eww if - - 1 - . -- V ' W ' TE' I -'.-: -L . .:--: w i fi I I I. e L e ,--J ROYAL SNYDER JOHN NAPIONTEK JOHN WISDOM VIC SHINODA AIL TO THE CHAMPS! When the immortal "Swede" departed from Garfield and left his job to Mr. Boitano, sec- ond team coach, many people wondered what lay ahead for the Bulldogs. The second team took the city championship in '56, so the outlook was good, but again, this was another year, a new season. Two days before school started, the team started rattling their bones. Their dismal Jamboree performance was no real indication of their ability, and the team proved it by beating West Seattle 6 to O. Then came the Roosevelt battle, fought in the rain and mud, that ended in a O-O dead ack. To tie the invincible Bulldogs was a moral victory for Roosevelt, but the team's peak had not been reached, and harder practice was ordered by the coach. Sparks began to fly again and Lincoln and Cleveland fell by easy scores, but our undefeated arch-rivals, the Frank- lin Quakers, lay in waiting. Franklin thought Garfield would be an easy victory, but a first-play fumble gave Garfield the ball. Ardis Hunter took to the air with a pass to Willie Minor, and Garfield took the lead, 6-O. The rest of the game was iust one Bulldog triumph after another, and when the game ended the scoreboard read l9-7. The following week Queen Anne went down, 3l-7. Friday, November l5 was an awesome day for the Pups. lt was the coach's birthday, and the Ballard Beavers were blocking the way to a bang-up party. The game was a thriller-diller, but our team was hot enough to present the coach with a three-tiercl "cake": a 20-14 victory, the City Championship, and a third-place berth in the AP poll of sportswriiers. The City Championship automatically pitted Garfield against the fast, heavy Warriors of Clover Park, rated first in the sfate. The Warriors were out in strength to exact revenge for their loss to Ballard on the same occasion in T956, and Clover Park was picked to win. The game was a deadlock right down to the last few minutes, when a short pass over right tackle from Hunter to Mitchell gave Garfield a 6-O lead. The Warriors fought desperafely, but it was too late for a Clover comeback. The hands of the clock moved toward zero, and the end of the fourth quarter count-down found Boitano's Bulldogs victorious not only in the eyes of the iubilant student body, but in the eyes of the whole state as well. The mythical but meaningful state championship was ours. , sf uhm . ' , f A198 7 f 'f .Q First Row: Doug Farrell, Bob Gibson, Jack Day, Emanuel Smith. Second Row: Frank Stull, Bill Seraile, Ernie Nagai, Ron Ervin, Al Stuart Third Row: Bill Hilliard, George Justin, Paul Layton, David Dillon. SECO TEA SECDND TEAM THIRD TEAM STANDINGS STANDINGS GARFIELD ........ Ballard .....'..... W. L. T. 6 O 0 Roosevelt....... 3 2 l GARFIELD......... Roosevelt ...... ..... A 3 2 l Sealth ......,........ Cleveland ..... ..... 4 3 3 0 Queen Anne ....... Queen Anne ......,.. ..... 3 3 0 Ballard .......... Franklin ........ ..... 2 4 0 Lincoln .............. Lincoln ............ . ..... 2 4 0 Cleveland ........ . West Seattle ...,... ..... l 5 0 Franklin ............ West Seattle ........ .... 0 6 0 TIIIBD TEA Front Row: Ron Bushnell, Ralph Redmond, Larry Smith, Jim St. John, Manuel Cowaling, Arthur Eastland, George Beppu, Thomas Tobin, William Hampton, James Finckley, Jim Pinkham, Manager. Second Row: Richard Takeuchi, Paul Kusakabe, Lee Bowman, Jan Mar, Glen Miles, Terry Acena, George Zeufeldt, Bill Schwartz, Bob O'Brien, Frank Bryant, Fred Radford. Third Row: Ray Ross, Bill Guenther, Jim Charles, Ed Johnson, Davidson Dodd, Bill Persitz, Steve Sander, Billy Bruce, David McBurnie, Edgar Jones, Joe McCray. Fourth Row: Ernie Dzurick, coach, Dennis Oliar, William Morris, Henry Wheeler, Donald Pumphrey, Burnell Bolden, Julian Richardson, Dick Blanchet, Morris Mutal, Doug Downie, John Pangborn. Not Pictured: Dave Benson, Ron Benton, Ambrose Chandler, Mike Kennedy, Everett Richey, Johnnie Smith, Bob Stokes, Stanley William. VA ITY BOB TATE RON PATNOE JOE HENDERSON CHARLES GULLEY Head Coach Coach All-City VAIISITY RESULTS , GARFIELD OPPONENT 60 Bullard 43 38 Roosevelt 40 47 Lincoln 54 W. lincolnm-um H 71 Cleveland 52 GARFIELD-mm Io 43 Queen.Anne 33 Roosevelt-mm 10 52 Franklin 44 Ballard,-U-'W 74 West Seattle 43 Cleveland-mm 45 Roosevelt 37 Queen Anne.-nn 60 Ballard 52 Frcnknnm-mm 64 Oueen Anne 47 West Seattle 52 lmcoln 53 63 West Seattle 43 50 Cleveland 52 45 Franklin 39 31 Roosevelt 43 WILLIE MINOR KEN WYATT COLUMBUS LOWE GENE BOWSER TIM HANSEL NORM FURUKAWA VICTOR LEF RON LAWRENCE ASKETB LL T l .. Q rf b ' 4 s T . ,.AA ' A? .T V, ..,- , f V- . 72 -:g g ff, .... . .g , , ARDIS HUNTER BILL MCGRAW DAN MONTGOMERY THURMAN EDMUNSON HE COMBINED EFFORTS of Mr. Tate and his mighty Bulldogs brought Garfield another outstanding season. Hard work and grim determination netted them a second place in the city, an honor shared with Roosevelt. Garfield started out the season by defeating Ballard. Losing the next game to Lincoln, the defending State Champs, took the push out of the Pups, resulting in a loss to Roosevelt. But forgetting these losses, the team won the rest of its games in the first round by large margins. ln the second round the Dogs started off with high hopes of a City League championship. Of the games in this round they won their first three against Roosevelt, Ballard, and Queen Anne. The fourth game of Round Two was probably the most exciting game of the season. The Lynx beat the Bulldogs by one point in the last few seconds of the game. The Teds also lost to Lincoln while Garfield lost to Cleveland, thus ending the season in a tie for second place. The Teds won the play-off at Seattle Pacific by a large margin. This loss denied Garfield a berth in the state tournament. GET OFF MY BACK! HUNTER LAUNCHES SPUTNIK Ill Bob Tale, Coach, Buzz Humphrey, Tim Hansel, Roman Williams, Dave Arai, Tom Fair, Ron Palnoe, Coach C0 D TEAM SECOND TEAM THIRD TEAM STANDINGS STANDINGS Roosevelt .......... GARFIELD ......... Ballard ............. Queen Anne ........ Cleveland .... West Seallle ........ Franklin ....... Seallh ........ Lincoln. ........ . W. L. W. 'l0 2 Ballard......... ll 8 4 GARFIELD ....... 'IO 8 4 Roosevelt ......... 8 7 5 Lincoln ............ 7 7 5 Wesl Seallle ....... 7 6 6 Queen Anne ....... 5 4 8 Cleveland ........ 4 2 'IO Franklin ..,.. ., 2 2 'l0 Seallh ...,... 0 TIIIIID TEAM Front Row: Bob O'Brien, Al Williams, Dave Ellis, Alan Davenporf, Dennis Oliar, Tom Whitfield, Jim Ogilvy, Lawrence Mosler Coy Moore, Ron Benlon, Ron Palnoe, Coach. Second Row: Dennis Slorie, Bob Slokes, Paul Kusakabe, Billy Caldwell, Karlis Kraslen, Julian Richardson, Joe McCroy Odns Raines, Warren Sakai, Ray Mar. SKI TEAM U ULLDOG SKI TEAMS VlCTORlOUS" has been a familiar headline on the sports pages of Seattle newspapers for the last four years. This year, as in the past three years, the Garfield Ski Teams have done an outstanding job in putting Gar- field's name in the headlines. In 1958, the team members competed in various invi- tational and open races and did well in all. The All-City meet, the main event of the year, saw Garfield run off with all of the first trophies. Erik Giese placed first in all four events. Dick Hanson, Bruce Cadwell, Frank Meyer, and Bill Moffett fol- lowed closely behind to help accumulate the points which brought Garfield the title. Garfield had 1,111.07 points, the nearest opponent, Mercer Island, had 985.11 points. On March 17, four Seattleites iDick Hanson, Erik Giese and Bruce Cadwell from Garfieldl left for Winter Park, Colorado to compete in the National Junior Four-Way Championships. There they were confronted with stiff competition. Gar- field chalked up another successful ski season, but with the loss of two four-year men, the picture for the next season is not clear. BRUCE CADWELL BILL MOFFETT DlCK HANSON FRANK MEYER MALINDA PANGBORN, MARGIE SHAW, GAIL FRANZKE, susle BELL, IRENE SHAIN ERIK 5,555 Y -If ,QT Av "' -,, may -'-f . ag' ERNIE DZURICK Head Coach H0 VA ITY I Jos mms All-Cify A 'KK H 4 c 'Vw . ,E V., . if- 2? " gil I GSA: ,411 V T5 51 1 wi f GERALD MOWAT JOHN BASS y as 4- , ,.k .. I ,... g 5 YA in :k,5 7 BILL RICE S ..:. 1 i f :I S A ggg . I :,.: .,-' A "::. . ,.,.,- , gi ,.kk: i: g::: - A SAM STILLS JOHN WISDOM DON OHASHI MALCOLM LINDQUIST WILLIE MINOR COLUMBUS LOWE BASEB LL LARRY CORPUZ CHARLIE CHRISTENSON RONNIE SIMON JIM BUDLONG ARDIS HUNTER All-City 3 kr L .,,h x K I R HARVEY FUSON ' XQ Q3' I I ' .3 i ' "SEA, , 1 fi I 1 STE-E-E-E-RIKE JOHN DeBRUYN :Epi I-I JOHN BOITANO Coach 'III .ai as. S :faux ff--' , "H .aft - 4 l l HE GARFIELD diamond dusters got off to a fair start at the beginning of the baseball season. They lost their first game to Roosevelt, but scored a 6-3 upset in the second meeting against the same team. Franklin, which took the championship, also beat the Garfield nine the first time, but Garfield came back to score another maior upset of the year. The Quakers fell 7-0. During the rest of the season, Garfield had good times and bad, winding up the season in second place. With the retirement of Mr. Dzurick as head coach on the baseball coaching staff, John Boitano took over the iob of coaching the new squad. The next season looks very promising. Seven returning lettermen will go to bat for the Bulldogs. W.LT l VARSITY RESULTS VAIISITY GARFIELD OPPONENT SECONll TEAM v 2 R It 4 , STANIIIN GS Bgnzile STANIIINGS W. L. Franklin Franklin ,..,,... ...... 'l 2 Queen Anne West Seattle ..,.,.,,,,..,. 8 2 GARFIELD ........ ...... 'l l Cleveland GARFIELD ....... ....... 7 4 Rooseveltu.. ..... ...... 9 West Seattle Roosevell'..-- ..,. .... . .. 6 3 Cleveland ....,.... ...... 8 Lincoln Queen Anne... ..... .. 6 3 Ballard ............. ...... 6 Roosevelt Lincoln ......... ...... 5 5 West Seattle ..,.,.., 6 Ballard Ballard ......... .,-... 4 6 Lincoln .,........... 2 Franklin Cleveland ....... ...... . 2 8 Queen Anne ..... 2 Queen Anne Franklin ....... ...... . 2 9 Cleveland A West Seattle Lincoln S011 ste-rs and Yell eaders JIRO SUGURO PM ', " : - 513. Q ss? I ' 3 K 'SS' . All 1 si Cac CYNTHIA SPENCER JENNIFER MASLEY E SEVEN peppy Songsters made their debut on Purple and White Day, l957. This event began a year of thrills, chills, sweat, vigor, and fun: Faithfully performing their duty of spurring Garfield's football and basketball teams on to victory, the girls became a trade-mark of the Gar- field spirit. During basketball season sev- eral new songs were introduced, such as "Garfield High School", and "Pepper Boogie". "Lean to the left, lean to the right!"-- The yell leaders received a terrific response from the student body when they called for the Motion Yell. These five boys dedicated themselves to the task of implanting the Bulldog spirit in the heart, hands, and voice of each Garfieldite. JOHN RABEL DICK OBAYASHl p xg MELINDA PANGBORN JAN KUDO AMY SANBO JOHN DOUGLASS COURTNEY HIGHTOWER 3 2 fha- K l as S, ,A V X filigga 4 MARY JANE BAETZ . W -, im MARTHA KINCAID H3 FRANK INSLEE Coach A. J. LINDQUIST Head Coach sosais sAuNoERs Au.cny JIM GEORGE BRUCE BRYANT AL STUART JOE BOYD BOB WILLIAMS JEROME SMITH CAL MCCUNE VARSITY HE SEASON began with a cross-country run to the Floating Bridge, the Ar- boretum, and Sicks' Seattle Stadium. Eight returning Iettermen and many promising sophomores greeted Coach "Swede" Lind- quist. The survivors of this ordeal made up the I957 track squad. Early in the Spring, the Pups entered the Green Lake Marathon and Aaron Pascal came in a close second. ln pre-season meets, the Pups outdistanced Queen Anne and Seattle Prep. In the dual meets ,they won two and lost one. In the Relay Carnival, Garfield came in second, while their close rival, the Franklin Quakers, won by a small margin. The big event closing the season was the All-City meet at the UW stadium on Purple and White Day. Garfield's Bobby Saunders played a big part in helping the Bulldogs secure the second place title in the city. This achievement assured the proud Pups that the All-Sports trophy would be theirs for the second successive year. LZ-7 ON YOUR MARK! GET SET-! TRACK ALL-CITY RELAY RESULTS STANDINGS Franklin .................... 38 Franklin ....... GARFIELD ,,,,,,,,, .,,,, 2 5 GARFIELD ....,... ..,.. Roosevell' ,..,,.A,.. ..... l 6 Roosevelt ..... West Seallle Ballard .......... Queen Anne. 13 Cleveland ...,..... ..... 'l 3 lincoln ......... 12 BalIard......... 8 CIeveIand.... 7 Queen Anne Lincoln ....,.. West Seallle. ........... . BILL STOKES AARON PASCAL CARL NORRIS DOUG FARRELL LONNIE MATTHEWS JOHN NAPlONTEK REX ALLISON ROYAL SNYDER STR-R-R-R-R-R-RETCHL RAY RAABE DON BARRETT MR. LATTIN COACH FRED PAULSELL ALL-CITY HAROLD SADIS JERRY O'FLOCK HE GOLF TEAM, coached by Mr. Lattin, did a superior iob of upholding the age-old tradition of Garfield's leadership in sports. The boys were edged out of the championship by Lincoln, which had one of the best golf teams in the country. lt was one of Garfield's two losses, and the Pups placed second in the City League. Six returning Iettermen greeted Mr. Lattin in the spring and another winning team took to the links. GULF STANDINGS SCHOOL W. L. Lincoln ............... 7 0 GARFIELD .......... 5 2 Fran klin ............. 5 2 Roosevelt ........... 5 2 West Seatle ......, 3 4 Ballard .............. I 6 Cleveland ..,....... I 6 JIM MARGOLIS Queen Anne .,,A -- I 6 MANAGER BRUCE CADWELL BOB DAVIDSON ' , T I 5 ' m t WV! Q :k, I ig? 2' . ilye I "E" T JERRY wARsHAL TIM TUCKER GIILF RESULTS GARFIELD OPPONENTS 183 Ballard I60 l95 West Seattle I84 I78 Roosevelt l9O I75 Queen Anne 'I35 200 Lincoln T65 l88 Franklin I78 I8l Cleveland I44 MIKE RILEY TENN S RESULTS GARFIELD OPPONENTS 9 Cleveland 0 7 Queen Anne 2 7 Ballard 2 5 Franklin T 7 Roosevelt 2 8 West Seattle l 9 Lincoln 0 ITH A QUARTET of returning lettermen greeling Mr. Maxey at the beginning of the season, the Bulldogs started out in high spirits. At the end of the year, the Bulldog racquet squad captured the city championship without a loss. All-City stars Art Kono and George Martin led the squad through match afier match with fast footwork and hard drives. The loss of four graduating seniors should have weakened the team, but the Bulldogs proved that their reserves were strong enough to give them a winning team for two years in a row. TENNIS STANDINGS SCHOOL W. l. GARFIELD ,... ,.... 7 0 Queen Anne ...... 6 l Cleveland ....,..,.. 5 2 Fran klin ........,.... 4 3 Roosevelt ......,,... 3 4 Lincoln ............... 2 5 West Seattle ...,., I 6 Ballard ....,.......... 0 7 ART KONO ALL-CITY ' ii .fair ' ' 1 in L-f'41. , q.:,,, ,,x.,,"ft,,, V X' In ' fx ' it 1 Y i t an 1 317' P I 'x l J Q L .viz , . 4 5 . . ,., ,, 'TNQ ,ge gm- , af W W MR. MAXEY COACH if GEORGE MARTIN ALL-CITY 'QV 'fm-Axe 'S' gf' A .. , sp i,, ,' , 1 ts, , , Qfffte :?,a3,'.3 ' ... 'W 1 4,1 G MQ. -fag. Qtr. -ir' "" ,J- ',, f f 'elf A 3,- f...- 5 4 ' A-5 ,fi JIRO SUGURO MARK HEILBRUNN SIDNEY CUTLER JAY KIND , -- - if-W . 1 JEAN FUJII KEIKO YANAGIHARA THERESA dela CERNA Advisor President Vice-President GCL NITIATIVE, WILLINGNESS, and co-opera- tion were the elements which made up the "G" Club of 1957-58. Under the care- ful supervision of Miss Fujii, "G" Club ad- visor, members spent many of their spare hours producing and organizing activities: iamboree marching, packing a Thanksgiv- ing basket 'For a needy family, planning an all-sports mixer lnew idea this yearl, and presenting skits at assemblies. These are iust the small ones! Row One: June Davis, Maxine Loo, Janet Kobata, Bonnie Jo Balagot, Gail Mukai, Theresa dela Cerna, Ruth Matsumoto Row Two: Wiley Allen, Fannie Manning, Beverly Bright, Cynthia Kan, Catherine Allen, Gloria Burton. Row Three: Georgia Lamb, Geraldine Watson, Beverly Freeman, May Kihara, Judy Leong, Karla Anderson. l HB BONNIE JO BALAGOT JUNE DAVIS EVELYN FREEMAN Secretary Historian Athletic Chairman G CLUB U 77 CLUB meetings were held the first week of each month. The officers and cabinet members carried out ideas unanimously approved by the club. One ofthe ideas was to award a "G" Club bracelet. Each month a club member was elected to wear a sterling silver bracelet ornamented with a small medallion en- ' graved "G" Club. This -bracelet 'was awarded to her for outstanding work. At the end of the year the most outstanding girl was awarded possession of the brace- lei "fOr keeps-" KAY YANAGIHARA Inspirational Award Row One: Marion Tsutsumi, Akico Tatsumi, Naomi Yamamoto, Arlene Nishimoto, Florence Mukai, Janet Sakamoto, leida Seid, Julianne Otoshi. Row Two: Ellen Numoto, Judith Tamaki, Barbara Gilbert, Vernice Veoria Mitchell, Midori Takahashi, Charlotte Winston, Kay Yanagihara, Amy Tomita. Row Three: Joanne Manning, Audrey Stone, Masako Nakamura, Betty Jean Douglas, Sheila Woo, Martha Manning, Beth Melvin, Evelyn Mannhalt, Elaine Yoshida. This is one of the many projects "G" Club has undertaken. Row One: Janet Kobata, Maxine Loo, Naomi Yamamoto. Row Two: Judith Tamaki, Georgia Lamb, Vernice Mitchell, Beth Melvin Absentees: June Davis, Charlotte Winston, Barbara Gilbert. GIRL ' U IVE HUNDRED" was a magic number in the girls' gym. Each Garfield lass had fun earning the 500 points which enabled her to receive a chevron, a letter, and a warm, official welcome into the "G" Club. An additional 500 points entitled her to a second chevron. After-school hikes to nearby business firms provided each Here's the pitch: girls as well as boys go to bat for the girl with the opportunity to see how the other half, the All-American sport. working half, lives. The Y.W.C.A. may not be the English Channel, but our Skill, not height, was the decisive factor when our long swimmers began to look like Florence Chadwicks before tall Sallies took to the court. the year was over. COME AND GET IT! JUST SIGN YOUR NAME . . . PURT HEN A TOTAL of three chevrons was earned, a girl was on her way to a star. Those ambitious girls who could rack up their fourth 500 points were awarded a star, the highest award achieved by a "G" Club member. For the girls who could spare the time, the bowling year Watch the birdie! Fast-moving, agile girls made bad- was a striking success. minton quite a racquet- Heads, hands, feel, arms, and legs - anything was legal Because almost every girl-sophomore, junior, or senior- equipment to get the volleyball over the net. wanted to be a paddle pusher, ping-pong turn-outs were held twice a week. 122 UN X 5 fix APTURED in ccmdids ore the fun-filled events fha to our days at Garfield. t added spice EAT ES Have Cl Heart! 5. Sorifo Songsler-l97Ol'?l Here I Am, Girls! 6. Bulldogs on The Go Sneak Preview 7. AHC: Boy, Boilcmol Papo Dzurick ,mmm x,f.,,f1.f .fewivsl-va-4'M ,JH fxvwfv 1714, ,mln"W+x '.mvxar'a'H'::fA'r ' .1 'lu w mswi:m1fLQf Honor Graduate Mary Lou Jonovich 4. You Can't Have Your has attended Garfield High School Cake and Eat It Tool by means of G prlvole tutor' 5. Sweet Smell of Success Come, Let's Stroll 6. Not Even Make-up Spray Net Does Such Can Help That Face! Wonders for the Hair! 7. Troubles, Bunkie FE T RES FEATURES Spring Has Sprung Space Mon Zorro Since When Has There Been cz 7th Period Cluss?? "Goodnight, Mrs. Callobush, Wherever You Are!" Honoring Prince Valiant and His Knighls Garfield Spirits Also Come In o Jug You Stubborn -"!?8.S!"8.! Oooopl And . . . Away We Go! More Pose Thon Work! ' .is LIIDNS CL sv' l5W"s1e STUDENT COMMITTEE FACULTY COMMITTEE Row One: Lorita Delma, Barbara Baker, Laurie John- Row One: Mr. Tale, Miss Bell, Mr. Dzurick. son, Sheila Woo. Row Two: Tom Harader, Dave Arai, Mike Harvey, ' Sanford Paloy. ' EPRESENTATWES from the Garfield student body and faculty met with mem- ' bers of the Capitol Hill LionsfClub' on the' first Tuesday 'of every month to plan and work on school and community functions. A program was' planned to honor each Boy and Girl of the Month. The Lions also 'contributed to the student exchange program and to the scholarship fund. All in all, the Lions' roar backed many Garfield activities. SERIOUS BUSINESS! EN GARFIELD SENIORS rightfully claimed the title of Top Ten. They have maintained the very highest scholastic records throughout their high school careers. Each of these ten individuals will step out into the world to face some- thing new and different. Here are GarfieId's intellectuals, along with their future plans. MAY KIHARA will attend the University of Washington. She plans to take a pre-maior course . . . MARTHA KINCAID will enter the University of Washington and major in Home Economics . . . RICHARD KOYAMA will maior in Engineering and minor in Mathematics at the University of Washington . . . ELIZABETH MARTIN plans to spend two years at Whitman and then transfer to a German University . . . KEI MORIYASU will maior in Nuclear Physics, but his choice of school is still a question mark . . . KAY NELSON will maior in Mahematics Education at the University of Washington . . . MARJORIE OMORI will choose Research or Medicine as a profession, so she will study Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics at the University of Washington . . . .IULIANfNE OTOSHI will attend a business college and become a secretary . . . MIDGE SINGER will attend the University of Wash- ington and maior in Education . . . JUDITH TAMAKI will pre-maior at the Uni- versity of Washington. MAY KIHARA MARTHA KINCAID RICHARD KOYAMA ELIZABETH MARTIN KEI MORIYASU CAYE NELSON MARJORIE OMORI JULIANNE OTOSHI MIDGE SINGER JUDITH TAMAKI 128 BARBARA BAKER PAM CAMPBELL JOHN De BRUYN NORM FURUKAWA AW RD' LMINS l'l.lfll LORITA DELMA MARGARET HALL LIIINS I'l.I7ll HIDY 0F THE ALLEN HARADER TOM HARADER SANFORD PALOY ld lll. 0F Tllli RIIDNTII AYYARIIS BARBARA COOPER MAY KIHARA IRENE SHAIN bent, B NL DIIINTII AWYAIIDS STEVE SHERMAN BARRY STEWART Pll0'I'0 PIIIXTS 0F TIIE RIIINTII HAROLD BELMONT JOE HENDERSON JOHN STANTON SUE HALL BOB HANDLIN ROMAN WILLIAMS G0l.ll ICEYS IN Sl,fll0l.AS'l'lC AIIT CUNTEST BARBARA CARLSON JOE HENDERSON NORMAN MARTENSON BETTY ENG JACKIE HUGHES TANYA MINK BETTY ENG Certificate of Merit, National High School Photography Contest. ANDRIS FALTENS and ELIZABETH MARTIN Ga Certificate of Merit for achievement in the National Merit Scholarship Test. CAROL FI-ZEIBERG rfield Student contributing most to the Seattle International Relations Organization, 1957. BILL FRENCH Second Place, Oral Interpretation at Seattle Pacific College Forensic Tournament. LARRY GEORGE First Place, Oral Interpretation at Seattle Pacific College Forensic Tournament. Best Junior Achievement Annual Report in the Nation. MAY KIHARA Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, local. SANDY PELLEGRINI First Place in Debate at the College of Puget Sound Forensic Tournament. FRED HOFFMAN Club, All-City Boy of the Month, Eagle Scout Award. Seattle Exchange CATHY JORDAN Representative to Evergreen Girls' State Conference, 1958. PAUL MAR Representative to Evergreen Boys' State Conference, 1957. CLYDE HAYDEL First Place in After Dinner Speaking, and First Place in Debate at College of Puget Sound Forensic Tournament. GERRY REED Outstanding Drama Student, 1957. K 4' if dlfflf jeff Jw-J we W7 'faaf 'K'L'Wr'U M ff ,rw gfywbf fl, V F. A-L,Cv'C6Z4j,,, cape KZLQ. ds ight? ,ffinlgf ,4q,Q,p,1 S ,Ia Luljb Afkfy xfbdloz . GWUO ll ,J l QJQMMSQWMXD .fgfp H Ns E v "Behold This and always love if! lf is very sacred and you must treat it as such." -Sioux Indian. 130 F'W V sk,-' .7 3? Alfl6.NIIWW'I.l'1lIlil4II5ll'IN'l'S Printing ,,,,,, .,,.,, M r, and Mrs, Harold G. Kimball Mr. Robert McDonald The Bullard News Engraving ,,,,,,,, .,,,,.,. M r. Jock Gallant Mr. Howard Vierling Art ,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,A,AA,,,,A,A,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, M r . Gene Patrick Artcmft Engraving and Electrotype Photography ,,,,,,,,,, A,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,, M r. Robert L. Pederson Kenneil-Ellis Studios Covers ,..,,,,,,,., ......,,,.,,..,.....,,..A,....,...,,,.,,,.., M r. Jim Palm The S- K. Smith Company

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