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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1956 volume:

7637+-w"JN 'Q-jif if-sr 'f fepnv. ,.'!.:y vp kc i 1. I 4, A Dawn breaks-Seagulls ruffle +heir wings and rise in flighf-fhe fain? echo of an ocean liner whisfle shalfers fhe shimmering silence-a slighl' disfurbance in +he wafer broadcasls 'rhe approach of a fishing Heel'-fugboafs begin fheir chugging movemenfs-lraffic on fhe wafer- fronf becomes heavier. The fog liffs, unveiling a lousfling communily al' work. This is a SEAPORT OF SUCCESS. FOIlEWOBD Sleepy eyed and yawning s+uden+s frudge up +he rnll long fronf walk fo fhe door Tugging on seemingly iron doors 'rhey s omp info James A The froni hall clock may produce hme anywhere from 745 fo 8 40 and sludenfs may conhnue fheir slower sleep walking suddenly begin 'ro husfle +0 avoid lardmess Early classes are fhe waking hours loui' as fhe day progresses +he sfudenfs fhoughfs mold info daydreams of loeH'er fhmgs yel' +0 come , - ll 0 ll ' I Q- - . III II A f I I ' : : , 0 ' II Q ll - , or Il I Il. I I I ' ll ll Q ,, , y Q? 5 fi ' Q 3-.S ,- ...J ...buggy-, in Ann-am,Q 'P -'sl -K QM. - 4555131 Sa, M.. . .407 .es .- f ll 0. FH' 1 w v. -f Nu iw M SE PIIBT HERE ARE few of us, who, living so near the waterfront, tail to be caught in a spell of fascination by the many marine activities. The world ot rols and reels, nets, anchors, and sea animals attract one's curiosity. The toot of a train whistle and the blast of a ship's foghorn beckons us to "waterfront wonderland." ln contrast to everyday business of loading and unloading docks and 0F SUCCESS sea-going vessels, balmy summer days hold in store such gala events as the Seattle Seafair and the Gold Cup races on the vast, inviting Lake Washington. The various kinds of wares on the dock show important enterprise for Seattle. Thus, the shipping of supplies to the corners of the world definitely proclaims Seattle as a "seaport of success." 1 fx H' eff 5:14. """1V' GATEWAY TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE LOCKS ARE ESSENT!AL FOR THE GROWTH OF A SEAPORT Q KN, 4 , uf "h,m N, V. '11 ,A. .Q V x , Xie., VS vi A -..L . N., "uf .V P' ' ' -3+ N va r -'1. ' r ' ' xv 5. N- ,"u' l:'.,1 --Q X '.:5'.k', 1.5 4' . 4' A Xl ' ,lx 'Q w ' wx at ' x , -,. , ' ' A .N . W H" ua: , X. V ,, -, ,x s , I ' . ... ,RN ,,.W Y W x 4 ,. -.-. w", L.-wJ"'L'w, Wq.,,,3'-wi Y vs. - Raw if . . V , J,,,, ., 5 yi, . I ' eh? fWQ5'b3Y'. M Mrs 2 53? ' i k A ,i j4.iw5xV 'iixxgiiig vi. 1" 7 fy Q 4 -w . , Xw Q xml-N , ,N - Q' ' , A A R-, V A ww Tl .. -- QA., N . 1--" ' 'L' .. '- V rx M., ' Q ' . V f V' r 7 - N., igk I -NYY, , ' .4 ' . ,. ,A A 'r ' ' M ' " 'r'--Af' y . , ma f A Ga, A , 5.4 X? .:.z . M 1- ,, fy . W , Of .,, wr , Q- -W, L , , Q . Tifiiiifrl, L A A Q S 4 v ,. A N-www A ,ff V S V L, 1. J 4 ,M km ....4wYmxu- W , "" la any-Q 4 at - .. , N. - 15, " A K. I 1 ,ff TF 5 i " ' - .12 4 he 2 ii . A M K ,A .M .im Lv ,z' if 5 '24 u- 3 ' Q if ,, , 4 I if 'S' 'T ,rj Qin- , .gf ly 3' Mrsnvf ' C0 TENTS OPENING SECTION ........ .. DEDICATION ............. .. FACULTY .......,,,...... .. Administration ....... .. Co-ordinators ........ .. Clerks ................ .. Faculty .,..,....i,. .. CLASSES ....... Seniors ...,...,, Juniors ............ Sophomores ,...... Freshmen ............... ..... ORGANIZATIONS ............... ..... Girls' and Boys' Clubs ........ ..... Service Clubs .............. ..... Radiance Roll ........ Color Guard .................... ..... Administrative Councils ...... ..... Interest Clubs .............. .... Honor Society ........ ..... Roll Officers ....... ..... PRODUCTIONS ....... ..... Literary ........... ..,.. Stage ........ .,.. SPORTS .,....... ..... Football ...A....... ..... Basketball ....... ..... Baseball .....,. ..... Golf .,,....... ,,,., Track ......... .. ...,,,,,,.,,.., Tennis ................................... ..... Songsters and Yell Leaders ...... ..... G Club - Girls' Sports ....., ,.... SCHOOL LIFE .................. ..... Feature ........ ,,,. Top Ten ....... ,.,.. Awards ......... .,,. CLOSING ..................... .... ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ....... .... 1 10 12 14 15 16 17 22 24 48 58 63 64 66 70 72 73 74 77 80 82 84 86 96 108 110 114 118 121 122 124 125 126 130 132 136 137 138 140 Dedzmied . . . 'Q X fx. I' ,-""'-X , . 3 f f i"'W"f2 x 1 1 IWW-u ,Q M fxglfl., J X '53 W X 'vimfhub ,iY ,H f -, .. :,- x X XX ' gnu-"J, 'k4'2h XX VV I 4 .6 If ,Ivy - 0 -J 1 V, K If Q If lf, X xx X N ij! ,-15 I' X Y X 'u as A X XX 4, f N! im x '- X 6 ., , V fx,TYf-g-. W X X Xhx. X I i 0 ..-jill 7 XX f x 372' ' x L ,N ., ii 4' ', 1 B N X , XJ f-i N 'X f i E X-x X x f I0 'fri K rx 41 2 IX . . . to our Cosmopolitan Student Body who provide us with an exceptional education. 6 if asv if ' Z fffi ...., Ay X XX f fl! Q fdiia ,lx V 5--V -H f,,,..., V , ff' f- -ei 7 Kf J!!-ff--T--XX l X -K .g'lHWMjiI :Q Q P 1 ' ' ' E s I 5 5 f ,TT-argvymv-3-x:,,,,,.--,L-g:3.m ,---'vii'-+TT!"i' i V K i - fm lb N .fi Pdf... K. FACULTY l-ll:N A QMALL boal is losl amidst raging waves stream ol lrgh suddenly flashes lhrough the dark ness x crnung the vessel of an unseen danger Many boats would olh rwise have sunk had not a helpful lighthouse heen present Al Garfle'cl he lacully is the guiding lighl Teachers spend many hols enllghlenlng eager minds of students who have difflcully in co nprehendlng a new lesson Ad giving reassurirg l'elr to those who are wandering hope sly on her voya es n - v V . . . I G 1 - I. - , 'V A h . e ' ' . . . l ' . . . LT ' . ' ' ' Visors and counselors, loo, are conslanlly guiding and T ' ' ' . i lv ' ' - les I. .i g i life. E E HANSELMAN Principal NISTBATIO HERLIN SLOCOMB Vice-principal C0-UBDINATUB Sitting at a desk, surrounded by middyvclad girls, is Miss Bell, the busy Girls' Club Advisor. A friend to every girl, she loves relaxing on a sandy beach, watching the ships sail out to SEG. Always an hand for consultation and advice is the easy-going Boys' Club Advisor. Grinning, Mr. Cribley, revealed that his main interest in the sea is catching gigantic fish. MILDRED BELL l.ESl.lE CRIBLEY Girls' Advisor Boys' Advisor 'Fw RUTH DEETZ JOHN MAXEY Counselor Pursued by continual program changers Deetz s time as counselor is In constant demand She feels tle sea IS a highway to many lan s traveled by rt n with cou age and curiosity Activity Director Conducting a succession of meetings Mr Maxey keeps Garflelds activity program run ning smoothly Being sublect to seaslckness he prefers strolling along the waterfront spying on the seagulls I5 Z . 'Gai ' ', Miss ' ' ' , , E . . . d , -e ' .' "' ' ' ' , l I . I l 1 CLEBKS 'Q' BRITA ALMQUIST VERLA EASTLY KATHERINE MARSHALL Library Clerk Affendance Sfudy Hall GLORIA NAGAI MARGARET SEMMENS AMANDA WOOD Assistant Clerk Head Clerk Counselor's Clerk ALL IN A DAY'S WORK ELLA ATTERBERRY Nurse RICHARD BENNETT Marhemuiics MARLANNE BLENKINSOP Science LTY 4 ..,., in x f CARL FOULK Language Arts JEAN FUJII Phys1caIEduca1ion WARREN HAZZARD Language Arfs JOHN BOITANO Driver Education JEAN BU RNS Home Economics EDITH CALDER Commercial WATCH OUT FOR YOUR TOES I PARKER COOK Music EDWARD DELIGAN Commercial MARY ETHEL DIXON Language Aris ERNEST DZURICK Science FRANK INSLEE Scnence RUTH ISAACS Language Arfs MARTHA JOHNSON Scrence YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK RAYMOND JOHNSTON Musu: EVA JURGENSOHN Physical Education ROY KELLOGG Industrial Arts JAMES KING IHCLUSTFIUI Arfs JOHN HINRICHS Physical Educafion NORMAN HOVLAND Head, Indusfrial Arts Deparfmenf JEAN HUNT Home Economics MARY KNIGHT Head Hasfory Deparfmenf JACK LATTIN Commercial WILMA LIND Language Arfs ADOLPH LINDQURST Physical Education RUTH LONDEAN Librarian MARGARET LOWE Mathematics RUTH NYSTROM r VIRGINIA OLMSTED Foreign Language HENRY PETERS History SOLVEIG LUNDBERG Foreign Language NORMAN LUSK Commercial JOHN MAXEY History AND IF YOU DONT MAKE A MISTAKE SUSAN McPHERSON Commercial L MERRIAM Head Mathematics Department LUTHER MORE Study Hall JAMES MOUNT Head Science Department MARIE SAEMAN Language Arts ELIZABETH SCHOEPPEL Hlsfory ANNA BELLE SHAW Mathematics GEOMETRY EXPERIMENT? H ELEN SHELTON Foreign Language JOSEPH STEELE SHAW HISTOFY ROBERT TATE Science DONALD URWILER Scaence JOH N POLIKOWSKY Crafi HORACE PORT Commercial MARGARET ROBERTS Head Commercfal Deparfm nf CAROLYN WESTPHALEN Lan guage Arfs BRUCE WILSON History CLAUDE WILSON Head Language Arts Deparfmenf CO0KS and A IT0ll 'K in HERE on earth IS the lamtor'-' pleads the unhappy student as he ends an unsuccessful search for has locker key The problem us ended as one of the lamtors IS found busuly sweeplng floors flxlng radiators or rudlng has exclusuve elevator Savory odors from the Iunchroom draw hungry students to devour quantntnes of plate lunches sandwlches and cookles prepared each noon time by the capable Garfleld cooks MR WILLIAM WILSON Custodian R cv liaastiigl T rl M4 'A Q t 5-. 5, , W A I f fax ,.1:., "r' ' PM L gk X Q flfigm K X? ff X S , ,,,. ll Pl, , Y 4 1 X " HlPS OF ALL classifications enter a seaport. They come from all four corners of the earth bringing something of value from their homeland. While trading goods, ideas, and knowledge in port, these ships help to better world understanding. After their business has been transacted, each ship sails away to its chosen destination. ln much the same manner, Garfield is an educational port for students of different backgrounds, customs, and futures. During his years at Garfield, each student acquires an understanding of all kinds of people. Upon departure, each has his chosen goal which may be achieved only by effort and determination. SENIIIB vffif SOLVEIG LUNDBERG CARVER GAYTON ALAN HASELWOOD PAT FELTIS DICK HUTCHINGS Advrsor President Vvce president Secretary Treasurer ARLY In thelr flnal year the Seniors discovered that leadership demands time and effort and that glory and recogmtnon must be earned Accepting this fact, they assumed their responsnbllltles by helplng the school machinery to perform smoothly They shared deep friendships among many dlfferent races They Ilved through thrlllmg moments that can never be recaptured but that are destmed to become cherished memories As the Seniors leave Garfield they are grateful for the preparatlon and an splratnon afforded them nn meetmg the problems of Ilfe M! JOANNE ABE-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Co-chairman, Senior Brunch, Purple Paw, Funfest, "G" Club, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Messenger, Shorthand Club, JERRY ADATTO-Roll President, Senior Class Repre- sentative. GLORIA ALEXANDER-Mid-Winter Concert, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll President, Banker, Social Wel- fare, Lunchroom, Friendship, Gazette Committees, Gar- thian, Spade Clubs. DARLENE ALLEN-Junior Skate Committee, Art, Friend- ship, Usher Committees, Pep Club. JOHNNY ALLEN-Pep Club, Mid-Winter Concert, Funtest, Operetta, Third Team Football, Advanced Band, Ad- vanced Orchestra, Advanced Chorus, "J.B.." DAVID ALLISON-Radio, Chess, Auto, 4N Clubs, Library Clerk, Cashier, Lunchroom, Program Seller. AND YOUR PHONE NUMBER? r' 'R if-,COCOA :Q A 4 5 ll W ' X' tl Y?-j W' W 4 Tgfi , 5 J my . W 's-.11 e Q vii,- is '-rr s Hs 4 'Oi' GRACE AMON-Roll President, Honor Society, Pep Club, Future Teachers of America, Lost and Found Commit- tee, Shorthand Club, Study Hall Clerk. CATHERINE ANDERSON-"G" Club, Alter-School Sports, Fine Arts, Noon Program Committees, 4N Club, Roll Banker, Study Hall Clerk, Debate Team. KAREN ANDERSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Or- chestra, Roll Banker, G.C.O., Make-up, Minute, Voca- tional, Senior Publicity Committees, Pep Club. SUSAN DARLENE ANDERSON-Copy Editor, Messenger, Historian, 4N, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Artist, Pen Staff, Roll Banker, Junior Commencement, Senior Pub- licity. Girls' Club Committees, Honor Society Repre- sentative. JURIS ANDREIKA-Gold Seal, Roll Officer. BlLL ANGEL-Senior Roll Representative, Boys' Club. SAMMY J. ANGEL-Left Garfield, February l956. DlANNE ARNESON-Girls' Club. BOB ARONSON-Sports Editor, Messenger, Intramurals, Honor Society, Senior Brunch Committee, Ski, Pep Clubs, Sophomore Class Representative. - 2 5 93 A I ' Q its .. X - P-in-' .., en ' X M I 2 it kmgptlfi is ,ey S 'Q I 'ff' 'll l T LARRY BAROKAS-Chairman, Class Committee, Funfest, After-School Sports, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Study Hall Clerk, "lary". YVONNE MARIE BARR-Cabinet, Purple Paw, Pen Staff, Roll Officer, Publicity, Junior Commencement Commit- tees, Marshall Shorthand, Pep Clubs. RONALD BARRETT--Band, Boys' Club, Senior Committee, 4N Club. JERRY BASS-Funfest, Third Team Football, Second Team Football, Auto, Pep Clubs, Roll President, Roll Secretary, Senior Cop and Gown Committee, Sophomore Repre- sentotive, Junior Representative. DONALD BATISTE-Mid-Winter Concert, Band. PEGGY BEADLES-"G" Club, After School Sports, Roll Officer, Red Cross, Fine Arts, Make-up Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. BARBARA ANN BELL-Circulation and Exchange Editor, Messenger, Honor Society, Girls' Club Committees, Ski, 4N, and Pep Clubs, Junior Class Representative, Junior Commencement, Senior Cap and Gown Committees, Study Hall Clerk. DAVID BENVENISTE-Roll Officer, Honor Society, Ques- tionnaire, Senior Gift Committees, Sophomore Class Representative, Pep Club. CAROLYN R. BERCH-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Funfest, Messenger, Roll Banker, Assembly Committee, Senior Brunch Committee, Sophomore, Junior Representative, Girls' Club Committees. HENRY KENNON ARTIS-Entered from Dillard High, Goldsboro, North Carolina. Roll President, Honor So, ciety, Auto Club. PAULINE ASABA-Gold Seal, Cabinet, All-City Business Staff, Messenger, "G" Club, After-School Sports Mon- oger, Honor Society, Senior Commencement Committee, 4N, Pep Clubs. SUE ASIA-Senior Play, Funfest, Roll Banker, Standards, Gazette, Makeeup Committees, Debate Team, Future Teachers of America, "Susie". KATHRYN M. BABA-Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Co-chairman. Senior Prom Committee, Girls' Club Committees, Purple Paw, Business Staff, Messen- ger, Roll President, "G" Club. JOYCE ELEANOR BACKMAN-Roll Secretary, Honor So- ciety, Usher Committee, Mcrsholl Shorthand Club, Pep Club, Movie Operator. RICK BARNEBY-President, Radio Club, lnter-Club Council, Sophomore Class Representative. 1, 2, 3, FIRE! X , f A -51 1 f x If iw 'T' f Q 5 Inj' ' " . , ' . , YN K A: . ' 'l i if- iii? i A ' vi: 7 fi A 1' I MGM 0 .A 2 W 1' sk DOLORES M. BERKUS-Funfesl, Messenger Staff, Roll Banker, Senior Announcement, Minute, Standard, Braun- schweig, Friendship Committee, 4N, Pep Clubs. AL BEUCHEL-Ad Solicitor. Messenger, Track Manager, Honor Society, Publicity Committee, AN and Pep Clubs. JUSTAMOMA BLAKELY-Pep Club, After-School Sports, Chairman, Senior Typing Committee, Usher and Lost and Found Committees, Spade, "G" Clubs. PETER BLOCK-President, Ski Club, Gold Seal, Bulldog, 4N Clubs, Second Team Tennis, Roll President, Ski Team, Usher, Senior Publicity Committee, Sophomore Class Representative. STAN BLOCH-Intramurals, Senior Cap and Gown Com- mittee, Boys' Club, 4N, Pep, Photography Clubs, Freshman Class Representative. ROBERT M. BLOMGREN-President, Boys' Club, Chairman, Student Council, First Team Baseball, Gold Seal, Second Team Basketball, Finance, Questionnaire Committees, Lions Club Committee, Color Guard, Inter-Club Council. UP, UP, AND AWAY! , vi A N A www --QT ' Q ..., A ' ':A up-1-off Ntllx... I .f '. xy! BARBARA ANN BOWMAN-Sophomore Representative, "G" Club, Spade Club, Senior Typing, Usher, and Lost and Found Committees, "Babbo". BOB ESRAUNSCHWEIGER-First Team Track, Advisory Board, Bulldog Club, Roll President, Lettcrman's Club, Junior Class Representative. CARRIE ETHEL BREGHTMAN-Funfest, "G" Club, After- School Sports, Friendship, Gazette, G.C.O., Senior Typing Committees, Spades, 4N Clubs. COLLEEN DEE BROWN-Gold Seal, Roll President, Girls' Club, Activity Card, Junior Prom, Senior Announcement Committees, Pep Club, Sophomore Class Representative, Junior Class Representative, Honor Society Represen- tative. SID BROWN-Lettermanis Club, Track, Boys' Club. WILLIAM BRYANT--First Team Football, Track, Third Team Football. ERMA JEAN BYRD-Purple Paw, "G" Club, After-School Sports, 4N Club, Shorthand Club, Senior Cap and Gown, Commencement, and Girls' Club Committees. CHARLES BUREN-Band, Chorus, Intramurals. SHIRLEY A. BUSHNELL-President, Girls' Club, Sophomore Class President, Advisory Board, Purple Paw, Funfesl, Roll President, Senior Brunch,Ticket Committees ,Student Council, Inter-Club Council. 93 ,X W if an 'W wwf' XX -r N79-G 1 sf ,59- f 2 li v-7 VIRGINIA CHUNG-Gold Seal, Funfest, Pen, Roll Secre- tary, Makeeup, Social Welfare, Nurse's Committees, Honor Society Representative, Spade. 4N Clubs. THELMA JO CISCO-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Fine Arts, Make-up Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. PHYLLIS YVONNE CLARK-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, Roll President, Senior Commencement Committee, 4N, Pep Clubs. DORTTHEA V. COLA-Mid-Winter Concert, Advanced Choir, Shorthand, 4N Clubs, Friendship, P.Q. Com- mittees, Class Representative. DOROTHY A. COLA-Mid-Winter Concert, Advanced Choir, Shorthand and 4N Clubs, Friendship and P.Q. Committees, Class Representative. BILL COLE-Vice-president, Boys' Club, President, Hi-Y, President, Young Life, First Team Football, First Team Track, Captain, Track Team, Advisory Board, Second Team Basketball, Chorus, Senior Gift Committee. JIM COLEMAN-Secretary, Radio Club, 4N, Ski Clubs. MANETTE COLEMAN-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Messenger, International Relations, Junior Commence- ment Committees, Girls' Club Committees, Senior Brunch Committee, Ski, Pep Clubs. BOB COLLINS-Boys' Club. 'Emi ERNESTINE CAESAR-Girls' Club. BRIAN CALLAHAN-President, Auto Club, Funfest, Messen- ger Staff, Third Team Football, Foreign Relations Com- mittee, lnter-Club Council, 'iTobey". BILL CALVO-Roll President, Sophomore, Junior Represen- tative, Gym Clerk, Funfest, Pep Club. ALLAN CAPLAN-Entered from California, Funfest, Roll President, Roll Vice'President, Senior Prom Committee, Pep Club, Assembly, Usher Committees. ELLEN CARPENTER-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, P.-T.A., P.Q., Usher Committees, 4N, Pep Club. MARGARET CHEATHAM-4N Club, Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, After-School Sports, Chorus, Nonette, Roll Banker, Senior Cap and Gown Committees. BETTY ANN CHIBA-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Honor Society, Health, Red Cross, Senior Lunchroom Committees, Pep, Shorthand Clubs. IRENE CHIKATA-'Gold Seal, Cabinet, Funfest, "G" Club, Senior Chorus, Nonette, Roll Officer, Junior Courtesy and Senior Commencement Committees, Pep Club. KENNETH WAYNE CHINN-Funfest, Band, Honor Society, Cathay Club, Audio-Visual Crew, P.-T.A. Bowling. MULLAN A. CHINN-Advisory Board, Copy Editor, Pen, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Bulldog, Cathay, 4N Clubs, Funfest, Senior Questionnaire, Proiect Committees, Roll Officer. MARIE CHIOCCHIO-Messenger, Roll Secretary, Honor So- ciety, Make-up, Senior Night Committee, 4N, Pep Clubs, Study Hall Clerk. CAROL ANNE CHRISTIE-Funfest, Roll Officer, Girls' Club and Senior Committees, Class Representative, Attend- ance Clerk. 's ' 's '12 I , . "" ' .1 Q' ,.- I-'33 I . sk '... . , '- gy 4 MARILEE CONSTANTINE-Assistant Feature Editor, Messen- ger, Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetto, Pen Staff, Roll President, Funfest Manager, Senior Prom Committee, Chorus. GAYLE F. COOK-Vice-president, 4N Club, Gold Seal, Senior Play, Funlest, Operetta, Messenger Staff, Senior Chorus, Roll President, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Senior Class Representative. GERALDINE COOK-Left Garfield, January 1956. MARCIA ELAINE COTTOM-Senior Night, P.Q., Braun- schweig Committees, Pep Club, Funfest, "G" Club, Roll Banker, Junior Class Representative, 4N Club. BUD CROCKETT-Senior Prom Committee, Boys' Club. KATHERINE CROSS-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Purple Paw, "G" Club, Roll President, Co-chairman, Senior Gift Com- mittee, Marshall Shorthand Club, Freshman Representa- tive, Library Clerk, Honor Society Clerk. CHARLES DONALD CRYSTAL-Secretary-Treasurer, Bulldog Club, Funfest, Tennis Team, Intramural Basketball, Roll President, Courtesy and Boy of the Month Committees. PATSY DALE-Songleader, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, "G" Club, Chorus, Roll Banker, Gazette, Senior Night Committees, AN, Spade Clubs. BARBARA DANZ-Editor, Pen, President, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Chairman, Senior Com- mencement Committee, Funfest, Roll Secretary, Junior Prom, Finance Committees, 4N Club. JOHN DARE-Advisory Board, Vice-president, Ski Club, First Team Tennis, Gold Seal, Roll President, Lettermen's Club, Foreign Relations. Assembly, Senior Questionnaire Committees, Hi-Y Club. MARGOT DAVID-Treasurer, Purple Paw, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Funfest, Pen Staff, Copy Editor, l956 Arrow, Roll Secretary, Senior Cap and Gown, Girls' Club Committees, Senior Class Representative. LEAVERA DAVIS-Left Garfield January l956. """ -'PQ' uv.-M I . 995, my I x ti.-.QA N 1-vve y......-4. 'Q I 'Qi 9 'Q 1-f""A -sf ECAC C' i A 06 ey ". A lr " K " W7 E .- ' i i r W if 'F' w " 'wifi' :-' S by S . ' E y M ,Wav ,wa-f" - - r sy Nr i f L MANUEL DeCANO-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, Band, Orchestra, Swing Band, Roll President, "Deacon", PATRICIA DeGROFF-Senior Questionnaire Committee, Chorus, Pep, Ski Clubs, Usher, Heath, Make-up, Junior Skate Committees. ALBERT DeJAEN-Gold Seal, Third Team Football, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Class Representative, 4N Club. HAROLD LEE DEUTSCH-Bulldog Club, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Auto, 4N Clubs. GAY D. DIAMOND-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, Chorus, Roll President, Ticket, Usher, Senior Cap and Gown Committees, Senior Play, Library Clerk. CHARLES DODGE-Chorus, Double Quartet, Radio Club. GLORIA ELAINE DOLGOFF-Make-up, Welfare, P.Q., Senior Publicity Committees, 4N Club, Study Hall Clerk. ROYAL DOTSON-Vice-president, Bulldog Club, First Teams Football, Baseball, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Intra- murals, Roll President, "Choo! Choo!". SANDRA JO DREILING-Pen Staff, P.Q., Foreign Rela- tions, Usher Committees, Future Teachers of America, Automobile Clubs, Study Hall Clerk. sf. -mt Af"-v-as . F? are X RAYMOND EGAN-Second Team Baseball, Third Team Baseball, Junior Skate Committee. JOHN ELY-Left Garfield, December 1955. DORIS ENG-Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Officer, Senior Prom, Noon Program, G.C.O., Ticket Committees, Cathay, Pep Clubs, Sophomore, Junior Class Honor Society Representative. TERRENCE ENG--Intramural Basketball, Honor Society, Cathay Club, "Terry". BARBARA JOAN EPSTEIN--"G" Club, Study Hall Clerk, "Bobbi". MEL WALLACE EPSTEIN-Mid-Winter Concert, Third Team Football, Band, Orchestra, Roll Officer, Automobile, Fishing Clubs, Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk, STEVE ESCAME-Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Funfest, Ad Manager, Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Boys' Club, Junior Prom Committees, Hi-Y Club, Student Council, CARROLLE SANDRA FAIR-Mid'Winter Concert, Funtest, Operetta, Advanced Chorus, Roll President, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Friendship Committees, Sophomore Class, Senior Class Representative. PATRICIA ANN FELTIS-Feature Editor, Messenger, Secre- tary, Senior Class, Treasurer, Pep Club, Songleader, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Funfest, Chorus, Junior Class Committee Chairman. KARL DRESEN-Funfest, Third Team Football, Roll Banker, Senior Night Committee, Ski, Pep Clubs, Sophomore Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. MARK E. DUGAN-Third Team Football. ROGER D. DUNBAR-Entered from Colorado Springs, Colo- rado, Bulldog Club, Honor Society, Senior Gift, Lunch- room Committees. DAN A. DUYUNGAN-Entered from O'Dea High School. Seattle, Automobile Club, Boys' Club, Barrier Carrier. JAMES J. DYKEMAN-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, Chorus, Roll Officer, Senior Questionnaire Com- mittee, 4N, Pep Clubs, Senior Representative. ANN EDMUNDSON-Entered from New York, New York, Cabinet, Roll Secretary, Senior Courtesy Committee, Art, G.C.O., 4N, Pep Clubs, Junior Skate Committee. IT AlN'T MINE! ,,. L 2, - s . is xv if lb' -2. ,,---: Rx N 19 ' . A3 .9 F QYSQZI, DON FISHER-General Assemblyy Boys' Club Committeesy Co-chairman, Senior Questionnaire Committeey Bulldog. Ski, Pep Clubsy Funfesty Second Team Football, Tracky Roll President. SHARON LEE FISHER-Songleadery Mid-Winter Concerty Funfesty Operettay Messengery Senior Chorusy Attend- ance Otficey Bulletin, Senior Prom Committeesy Junior Class Representative. LARRY FLOOD-Radio, Auto, Boys' Clubs. FRED FORD-Left Garfield January l956. VANCE FREEMAN-Boys' Club. SAMUEL J. FRlEDMAN-Secretory-Treasurer, Freshman Classy First Team Tennisy Third Team Foolbally Roll Presidenty Senior Commencement Committeey Lettermen's Cluby Study Hall Clerky Funfesty "Buddy", 7, 6, 5, 4,3 ...BOOM!!! .....,,,:,, ., 'Q - pi N? 1 5,4 -NSI' -ef ,nu ull' B l xx sum in 1 5' 51 xi ,-,. -I 4 A QS? 'QW' u' if- if.-- We 'st ya- PHILLIP FRINK-Secretary-Treasurer, Letterman's Cluby First Team Footbally First Team Tracky Second Team Basebally Advisory Boardy Gold Sealy Senior Prom Com- mitteey Inter-High Councily Finance Committeey "Fritz". CHARLES FRY-Co-Student Director, 1956 Funfesty Co- chairman, Senior Nighty Roll Officery Gold Sealy Junior Class Courlesyy Calendar, Activity Card Committees. BETH FUJII-Second Vice-president, Girls' Cluby Secretary Junior Classy Advisory Boardy Gold Sealy Purple Pawy Funfesty Pen stuffy Athletic Manager, "G" Cluby Roll Officery Senior Night Committee. JANET FUKUDA-Quill and Scrolly Gold Sealy Co-chair- man, Senior Commencementy Artist, i956 Arrowy After- School Sports Managery "G" Cluby Arty Pep Club. KEN FUKUTOMI-Second Team Track Managery lntramuralsy 4N Cluby Junior Class Representativey Movie Projection. SEIJI FUNAMORI-Roll Bankery Second and Third Team Football and Tracky Senior Class Representativey"Sage". NAMIE FURUMOTO-Gold Sealy Funfesty Typist, i956 Arrowy "G" Cluby After-School Sports Monagery Girls' Club, Senior Commencement Committeesy Office Clerk. NANCY JUNE GADBERRY-Mid-Winter Concerty Operettay Chorusy Pep Cluby Spodesy P.-T. A., Senior Announce- ment Committees. SANDY MARLENE GALLMEISTER-Funfesty Girls' Club Com- mitteesy Pep, Spade Clubsy Senior Representative. oe. VTTT: 'CFC , WESLEY GRAVES-Second Team Football, Second Team Track, Roll President, Grounds and Senior Night Com- mittees. GERALD GRAY-Intramurals, Pep, Pin, Program Commit- tees 4N Club. JOHN GRAY--Chairman, Assembly Committee, Mid-Winter Concert, Courtesy Committee, Band, Chorus, Funfest, "Jack". BILL GRIFFITH-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Orchestra, 4N Club, Proiection Crew, "Bill". DELORES R. GUIMONT-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Messenger, Band, Orchestra, Roll Banker, Fun- test, 4N, Pep Club Committees. WILSON GULLEY-Letterman's Club, First Team Track, Second Team Track, Second, Third Team Football, 4N Club, "Gooley". KAREN JOAN GUNNISON-Gold Seal, Girls' Club Com- mittees, 4N, Pep, Spades Clubs, Senior Courtesy Com- mittee. FERN MARYANN HALGREN-Senior Cap and Gown, Braunschweig, Friendship, Gazette, P.-T. A. Committees, 4N, Spades, Pep, Young Life, Marshall Shorthand Clubs. MARLYCE HALVORSON--Desk Clerk. FRANK GATES-President, Chess Club, Stage Manager, Assembly, Funfest Committees, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Senior Gift Committee, Radio, Math Clubs. MARY GATES-Gold Seal, Honor Society Representative, Girls' Color Guard, Pep, Shorthand Clubs, Office Clerk. JOE FELIX GAUFF JR.-Basketball, Band Class Represen- tative. GAYLE HARRIS GAUTHUN-Senior Play, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Funfest, Operetta, Automobile, Pep, Photography Clubs, Stage Crew. CARVER CLARK GAYTON-President, Senior Class, Cap- tain, First Team Football, First Team Track, Advisory Board, Mid-Winter Concert, Chorus, HifY, Young Life, "Butch". MOZELL DEVONN GLASPER--Mid-Winter Concert, "G" Club, Roll Officer, Gazette, Sccial Welfare, Braun- schweig, Senior Commencement Committees, Spade, Pep, Future Teachers of America Clubs. RAELENE GOLD-Student Council, Assistant Editor, Pen, President, Purple Paw, Vice-president Inter-Club Council, Gold Seal, Funfest, Copy Editor, 1956 Arrow, Feature Reporter, Messenger, Roll President, Lions Club Com- mittee. MICHAEL J. GOLDFARB-Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Intramurals, Chorus, Double Quartet, Roll Officer, Senior Prom Committee, Pep Club, "Mick". GORDON GOLLIET-Senior Play,Mid-Winter Concert, Fun- fest, Operetta, Intramural Basketball, Calendar Com- mittee, Stage Crew. LOIS ANNE GORE-Operetta, After-School Sports, Chorus, Senior Roll President, Honor Society. MARTHA J. GORRILL-Co,Chairman, Cap and Gown Committee, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Messenger, Delegate to '55 Traffic Conference, Roll Representative, AN Project Committee, Masque and Gavel, Junior Class Representative. JAMES F. GRANT--Senior Play, Senior Brunch Committee, Hi-Y. rf? ,lv , I 1 . A K -:Z 1 1 r PATRICIA HANDLEY-Friendship, G.C.O,, Usher, Make-up, Senior Night Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs, Study Hall Clerk, Junior Class Representative. SYDNEY H. HANDLIN-President, Physical Science Club, Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Math, Radio Clubs, Gym Office Clerk, BetaARay Spectrometer. A. STEVE HANSEL-President, Inter-Hi Council, Gold Seal, Chairman, Junior Prom, Roll President, Student Council, Senior Prom Committee, Boys' State, l955, Junior Class Representative. FRANCES K. HARADA-Gold Seal, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Secretary, Honor Society Rep- resentative, Make-up, Social Welfare, Health, Red Cross Committees, Pep, 4N Clubs. MARIETTA HARDY-Friendship, Lost and Found, Braun- schweig, P.Q. Committees, 4N, Marshall Shorthand Club. PRINCETTA HARPER-Entered from Central High School, Jefferson, Texas, Pep, Marshall Shorthand, Spades Clubs, Honor Society, Nurse Attendant. SHARON HART-Gold Seal, Roll Secretary, Attendance Office Clerk, "Cherie". ALAN HASELWOOD-Student Council, Vice-president, Senior Class, Treasurer, Hi-Y, Advisory Board, Second Team Football, Intramurals, Roll Officer, Lions Club, Public Relations Committees, Ski Club, Junior Class Representative. BOB HASSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Officer, B.C.O., Senior Luncheon Com- mittees, 4N Club. DAVID HASSON-Assistant Sports Editor, Messenger, Gold Seal, Roll President, Honor Society, Senior Brunch Committee, Senior Class Representative, Pep Club, Roll Banker. JAMES B. HATFIELD-President. Radio Club, Third Team Track, Ski Team, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Barracade, Senior Announcements Committees, Science, Debate Clubs, Stage Crew. MARVA HAYNE-Mid-Winter Concert, After-School Sports, Chorus, Senior Typing, Lost and Found Committees, Pep, Shorthand Clubs, l'Mickey". '11 , Q- ar. . L ggw y. 5 Nxbiww l W 5' ., .ff pr ' 0' S.. is-1 xg" I V',- if fi' :N g sv 1 K gf, xv., Y RONNIE HEIGHT-Vice-president, Sophomore Class, Base- ball Team, Yell Team, Mid-Winter Concert, Third Team Basketball, Funfest. WALLY HEPWORTH-Senior Gift Committee, Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Automobile, Radio. Chess, and Pep Clubs, Stage, Proiection Crews. JOE HILL-First and Second Teams Track, Second Team Football, Funfest, Roll Banker, Grounds, Senior Night Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs, Class Representative. CAROL HILLESTAD-Funfest, Standards, Make-up, Friend- ship Committees, Pep, Spades Clubs, Study Hall and Office Clerk. BARNEY HILLIARD-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Third Team Football, Band, Swing Band, Garfield All-Stars, Viceepresident, Senior Band, Junior Prom Committee. JIM L. HILLIKER-Roll Officer, Patrol Committee, Head Manager, Football, Ski Club, Funfest, Tennis. ROBERT M. HIROO-Gold Seal, Bulldog, Chess, and Fish- ing Clubs, Senior Night Committee, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Senior, Sophomore Class Representative. COLLEEN HODGES-Roll Secretary, Study Hall Clerk, Roll Banker, Pep Club, Usher, Make-up Committees, Senior Representative, Debate. LILLIAN HOFFER-Gym Desk Clerk, Ski, Pep Clubs. 0 . AKIRA ICHIKAWA-Managing Editor, Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Funfest, Funfest. Senior Publicity, Student Council Committees, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Student Council. DALE IRVINE-Gold Seal, Senior Commencement Com- mittee, Radio, Pep Clubs, Book Room Clerk. BILL ISHIDA-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Second, Third Teams Football, Treasurer, Junior Class. KENNETH EARL JACKSON-Intramural Sports, Roll Banker, Honor Society, 4N, Pep Clubs, Track Manager, Foot- ball Manager, Basket Room Attendant. RENEE JACOBI-4N, Pep, Spades Clubs, Roll Officer, Usher Committee, "G" Club Marcher, Study Hall Clerk. HAROLD JOSEPH JAFFE-Sports Editor, Messenger, Head Football Manager, Varsity Baseball, Gold Seal, Co- chairman, Cap and Gown Committee, Chairman, Auto, mobile Club, Honor Society, Publicity Committees, Second Team Baseball, Roll Banker. BOBBY JOHNSON-Vice-president, Auto Club, First, Sec- ond Teams Baseball, Funfest, Pep, Hi-Y Clubs, Junior Class Representative. GILBERT RICHARD JOHNSON-Track, Roll Banker, Auto- mobile Club. JOHN JOHNSON-Band, Funfest. I Q DAVIDL HOLDEN First Team Basketball Track Mid Winter Concert Funfest Intramurals Band Roll Officer. LAVERNA RAE HOOK-Advisory Board- 'A " Club- Secretary, Friendship, Lost and Found, Senior Courtesy, Pep Assembly Committees, Shorthand, Pep Clubs, Radiance Roll, LEILA MAE HUBER-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Ticket, Usher, Minute, Senior Brunch Committees, Spades, Pep Clubs, Junior Representative. MARGARETT J. HUNTER-Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Usher, Lost and Found, G.C.O. Committees, Pep Club, Drill Marcher, Advanced Choir, After-School Sports, MARIAN HUNTER-"G" Club, After School Sports, Senior Typing, Lost and Found, Standards, Usher Committees, Marshall Shorthand, Pep Clubs, Chorus. RICHARD l.. HUTCHINGS-Assistant Editor, Pen, Treasurer, Senior Class Vice-president, Honor Society, Yell Team, Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Pep Club, Sophomore Class Representative, Boys' Club, Prom Committees. HORTENSE GETS A CHECK-UP .W-fsQ,,,,, ,W ':. -43555, i JOHNNY R. JOHNSON-Entered from Central Kitsap, Washington, 4N, Auto, Pep Clubs, Hi-Y, Track, Intra- mural Basketball. PIERRE JOLLY-First Team Football, First Team Baseball, Third Team Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Roll President, Arrow Staff, Photography Club, Senior Prom Committee, Hi-Y, "P.J.". CAROL JONES-Assistant Editor, Messenger, Pep Club Officer, Gold Seal, Publicity Editor. Pen, UG" Club, Gazette, Ski, Photography Clubs, Senior Courtesy Com- mittee. JEANIE JONES-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Mid-Winter Con- cert, "G" Club, Honor Society Representative, Chair- man, Make-Up, Junior Prom Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. MARTHA FERN JUE-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, "G", Cathay Clubs, Orchestra, Chorus, Honor Society, Fine Arts Committee. MIKE JUE-Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Third Team Tennis, Senior Chorus, Roll Officer. THIS MAY NOT STAY TOGETHER, BUT- l 'L-B swf 1 , l 2 5 0 fw iv gil. 'P sd' S -fs -Hr- sq, P 'sw is ROBERT JUE-First Team Football, First, Second Teams Track, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Second, Third Teams Football, Band, Auto, Lettermen's Clubs. SAM JUNG-Roll Banker. STEPHEN A. KAYE-Funiest, Third Team Football, Third Team Tennis, Intramurals, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Senior Announcement Committee, Ski, Pep Clubs, "Stevei'. ANN KAYLOR--Girls' Club, Co-Chairman, Honor Society Eligibility, Senior Announcement Committees, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, 4N, Marshall Shorthand Clubs, Junior Class Representative, Library, Office Clerk. BILL KEFAUVER-Entered from Lakeside, Funfest, Roll Secretary, Track, Pep, Auto, 4N Clubs. THOMAS KENNEDY-Vice-president, Hi'Y, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Funfest, Operetta, Band, Advanced Chorus, Boys' Double Quartet. GARY KIDDER-Left Garfield February 1956, VIC KIHARA-First Team Golf, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Student Council, Boys' Club, Senior Commencement Committees. ANDREVV KING-Funfest, Intramurals, Roll President, Banker, 4N, Pep, Auto Clubs, Sophomore, Junior Repre- sentotive. ig .., tv ws . X 2 L .. ,, Y t 42' li! 1' . . 'sf f ...L bqky Z Q . y I I if it iw 'fig 4.2 ii .:.. Q ',,., ., ,.g,.,.-, 1 si JOHN KULANDER-President, Physical Science Club, Gold Seal, Third Team Tennis, Inter-Club Council, Roll Sec- retary, Beta-Ray Spectrometer Proiect,Math,Chess Clubs. BRlAN ROY KYTE-Bulldog Club, Roll President, Honor Society, Freshman Class, Usher Ccmmittees. JOANNE LaBRUM-Left Garfield, October l955. ELSIE JANICE LAMB- Left Garfield, February I956. WILLIAM LAWS-Left Garfield, January I956. JOACHIM LEWINSOHN-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Third Team Basketball, Band, Swing Band, 4N Club, "Joe". EUNICE JEAN LEWIS-Chorus, Mid-Winter Concert, Op- eretta, Reporter, Messenger. GEORGIA LINDSTROM-Left Garfield, February 1956 ANN E. LlSCO-Roll Officer, Honor Society, G.C.O., Usher Social Welfare Library By Laws Committees Spade Pep Ski Clubs DOROTHY L. KING-Secretary, Pep Club, Gold Seal, Fun- fest, After-School Sports, Usher, Make-up, Senior Pub- licity Committees, P.-T. A. League Bowling, Marshall Shorthand Club. MAXINE KING-Entered from Weiser, Idaho, Girls' Club, Chorus. SUE KINNEY-Co-Editor, 1956 Arrow, Secretary-Treasurer, Ski Club, Quill and Scroll, Purple Paw, Student Coun- cil, Funfest, i955 Arrow Staff, Chorus, Senior Brunch Committee, "Zukini". JAMES KIRK-Boys' Club. THELMA KIRKMAN-Mid-Winter Concert, "G" Club, Chorus, Roll Officer, Health, Future Teachers of America Committees, Ski Club, "Jane", TAZUE KlYONO-Secretary-Treasurer, Shorthand Club, Historian, "G" Club, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest, Girls' Sports, i956 Arrow, Roll Secretary, Girls Club, Senior Commencement Committees, Junior Representative. LlLLlE MAE KNAULS-Pen Staff, Advisory Board, Senior Play, Roll President, Chairman, Junior Prom Refresh- ments, Co-chairman, Senior Night, International Rela- tions, Social Welfare Committees, Color Guard, Pep Club. CYNTHIA KNOWLES--Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Funfest, Co-copy Editor, Pen, Messenger, Roll Banker, Senior Gift Committee, Honor Society Representative. WENDY KNUDSON-Managing Editor, Editor. Messenger, Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Student Council, Co-chairman, Junior Skate Party, Senior Com- mencement Committees, Purple Paw, Funfest, i955 Arrow Staff. GEORGE KOMORIYA-Gold Seal, Funfest, Messenger, Boys' Club, Senior Gift, Student Council Publicity, and Junior Courtesy Committees, Pep, 4N, Youth for Christ Clubs. BARBARA KOSOKOFF-Funfest, Messenger Staff, Roll President, Make - up, Standards, Junior Fund - Raising, Senior Announcements Committees, Freshman, Sopho- more Representative, "Bobbie", JUNE C. KROM-Assistant Ad Manager, Messenger, Senior Play, Funfest, Sophomore Representative, Ski, 4N, Pep, Future Teachers of America Clubs, Senior Night. Girls' Club Committees. .-qi 1 if SARANN E. LITTLEJOHN-Vice President, Pep Club, Usher, P.-T. A. Dance, Social Welfare Committees, Future Teachers of America, P.-T. A. League Bowling, Funfest, Marshall Shorthand Club, Roll President. SAM LOCKE-Cathay Club, Bookrocm Clerk. VICKI LOCKE-First Vice-president, Girls' Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Cathay Club, Purple Paw Pledge Presi- dent, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Cabinet, "G" Club, Roll President, Senior Night Committee, Student Council. DONALD LOUIE-Cathay Club, Funfest, Third Team Foot- ball, Honor Society, Science Club, Intramural Sports. MICHAEL LOWE-Third Team Football, Mid-Winter Can- cert, Funfest, Operetta, Band, Orchestra. BOB LUKE-President, Cathay Club, Bulldog Club, Funfest, Arrow Photographer, Football Manager, Co-Chairman, Junior Courtesy Committee, President, Photography Club, Senior Representative, Inter-Club Council, Roll Banker. PETER S. LUKE-Vice-president, Bulldog Club, Quill and Scroll, Funfest, Layout Technician, 1956 Arrow, Intra- mural Sports, Honor Society, Senior Gift, Boys' Club Committees, Cathay Club, Senior Class, Junior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. MARY LYNN-Nurse's Aid, Chorus, "Nickle", LEO MACK-4N, IOO-Mile Clubs, Roll Officer, Intramurals, Roll Officer. DON MAGNUS-Entered from Highline High School, Seattle. AL MAIMON-Senior Committee, 4N Club, Class Repre- sentative. SALLY V. MAIMON-Gold Seal, Friendship, Red Cross, Lost and Found Committees, 4N, Future Teachers of America, Pep Clubs, Junior Representative. x ,awww W 4.t. 1+ 5 sf' E' . -,-- .. . ,'-.. 1 7 P ' "-',.-.,. 3 its ' l'- f ,, :"i ' NR , A J t -' Y 3 . J 'Q .,, ' Xsi., S 'rv' iv? Q .4-4' 1 S.. PATTI JEAN MALONE-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Fine Arts Committee, Marshall Shorthand Club, Library Clerk. CAROL ELAINE MANDAS-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Officer, Senior Prom Committee, Pep, Automobile Clubs, Lions Club Committee, Junior, Sophomore Class Representative. SHIRLEY ROSE MANSON--Operetta, Chorus, Mid-Winter Concert, Shorthand, Pep Clubs, Usher, Senior Typist Committees, After-School Sports. AL MAR-Varsity Football, Funfest, Second, Third Team Football, Third Team Basketball, Track, Roll Officer, Senior Publicity Committee, Cathay Club, Junior Class Representative. FRANCES FE MARSHALL-Vice-president, "G" Club, Roll Secretary, Make-up Committee, 4N Club, Senior Class Representative. PETER MARTIN-Pen Staff, Senior Committee, 4N, Boys', Pep Clubs, Library Clerk, "Pete". TOSHIE MASUMOTO-President, "G" Club, Student Coun- cil, Inter-Club Council, Gold Seal, Co-Chairman, Senior Luncheon, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Girls' Club Committee, Pep, 4N Clubs. MARIAN MATHISON-Senior Play, Operetta, Funfest, Mid- Winter Concert, Orchestra, Poster, Pep Club, Vocational, Social Welfare Committees, Chorus. WINFORD LARRY McCLENON-First Team Track, Mid- Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Double Quartet, Roll Secretary, "Tex". DAVE MILLER-Varsity Basketball, Gold Seal, Second Team Baseball, Third Team Football, Basketball, Roll Officer, Pep, Lettermen's Clubs, Sophomore Class Rep- resentative. LUCILLE MINTZ-Honor Society, Braunschweig, Make-up, Minute, Pep Assembly, Foreign Relations Committees, 4N Club, Study Hall Clerk. CAROLE A. MITCHELL-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Op- eretta, "G" Club, Senior Chorus, Roll Officer, Girls' Club Committee,4N Club, Class Representative, Library Clerk. PERCY MORIMOTO-Roll Officer, Ski, Radio, Pep Clubs, Sophomore, Junior Class Representative, Radio Clerk, Senior Prom Committee, Intramurals, "Putt". GEORGIA JO MORRlSON-Secretary-Treasurer, Sopho- more Class, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Funfest, Operetta, Messenger, Nonette, Senior Prom Committee, Inter-High Council. , HARRY MOSCATEL-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, Second Team Track, Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Roll Officers, Honor Society, Senior Announcements Committee. ARLENE MOSLER-Secretary, Purple Paw, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Co-Chairman, Junior Prom, Roll President, Senior Brunch, Girls' Club, Chairman Foreign Relations Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. ELSIE MARIE MURRAY-Mid-Winter Concert, After School Sports, Pep Club, Usher, Red Cross, Fine Arts Com- mittees. KATASHI MYORAKU-Commencement Committee, Intra- murals, Senior Class Representative, Roll Banker, Pep Club. FREDERICK L. MCCOY-President, Bulldog Club, Student Council, Senior Class, Honor Society Representative, Senior Questionnaire, Boys' Club Committees, Junior Class Representative, Intramurals, "Nick". JAMES McCOY-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Band, Swing Band, Orchestra, Roll President. JANET MclLYAR-Entered from Bellevue, Washington, Mid- Winter Concert, Operetta, Funfest, Chorus, Spades, Usher, Social Welfare Committees, "Jan". DONNA ELIZABETH MCQUAID-Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Roll Secretary, Gazette, Senior Commencement Committees, Ski Club, Senior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. JANET MARIE MELBY-Student Director, Funfest, Quill and Scroll, Co-chairman, Junior Class Skate Party, Purple Paw, Senior Personnel, 1956 Arrow, Messenger, Chorus, Roll President, Chairman, Assembly Committee, "Jannie". ROGER METZGER-Third Team Football, Third Team Tennis, 4N, Pep, Automobile Clubs. "PAJAMA GAME" A 'X W., 5 A VV X, 3 A ,....LW.. JF: I I .,, 'K HITOSHI NAGAMATSU-First Team Golf, Roll Secretary, Chess, Ski, Pep Clubs, Senior Gift Committee, Second Team Golf. MARY Y. NAKAGAWA-Girls' Club Treasurer, Assistant Editor, Pen,Vice-president,Junior Class, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, "G" Club, President, Orchestra, Roll Officer. JUDY NAMBA-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Co-chairman, Senior Courtesy, Finance, Girls' Club Committees, Funfest, "G" Club Reporter, Shorthand Club, Senior Class Repre- sentative. DARLENE NARANJO-Roll Officer, Honor Society, Com- mencement, Junior Prom Committees, Pep Club, Junior Class Representative, Office Attendance Clerk. GRACE ANNE NEAL-Co-chairman Honor Society Pub- licity, Usher, Fine Arts, Senior Gift Committees, Ad- visory Board, Gold Seal, Purple Paw, "G" Club, Secre- tary, President Marshall Shorthand Club, Honor Society Representative. VERA MARIA NEUFELD-President, Future Teachers of America, Vice-president. AN Club, Senior Play, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Nonette, Roll Secre- tary, Inter-Club Council. MAD SCIENTIST AT WORK . . CHEM lll . . A 9 sf ' """'1r-rf .., if 1 I """1x Vrtz c ' ...W if. . I n.,, 3 I s -" ,V-7 f i A of - 3 Jr My M K, .,,.,, I. I M.. A M na . NW, ii -' out ,N , L7 ll 1- li R ' , P, l 1 'lb t , f' , fwe, ff w Z Q A ,, -.- to ,H i t , 1 qi gin-""'1 -qt ll , A-.. ici In L 1 ig 3, , I fi ull.. E 2 lf, ff Q 3 t i EUGENE NEWCOMER-Boys' Club. HARLAN NEWSOM-Football Manager, Basketball Man- ager, Boys' Club. DOLORES NIEMAN-Gold Seal, Operetta, Mid-Winter Concert, Nonette, Gazette Committee, Advanced Chorus, Banker, 4N Club, Senior Play, "Dee". LYNN NITSCHE-Roll Banker, Roll Secretary, Usher, Senior Brunch Committees, 4N, Spade, Pep, Automobile Clubs. GRACE NITTA-Left Garfield October l955. KEIKO OIYE-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, "G" Club, Roll Officer, Girls' Club, Senior Cap and Gown Commit- tees, 4N, Pep, Shorthand Clubs. SHARON OKAZAKI-Entered from Harrington High School, Harrington, Washington. Mid-Winter Concert, After- School Sport, Sand, Art, Social Welfare Committees, Pep Club. PATRICIA OLLINGER-Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Senior Publicity, Make-up Committees, Study Hall Clerk, Pep Club. JOYCE ORLISS-Gold Seal, Chairman, Senior Announce- ment Committee, Minute, P.Q., Standards Committees, Funfest, Messenger, Honor Society, Pep Club, Junior Class Representative. l V, 5 -, .1-as J y :Lis 5:23, ev., af , 7' X ., :II gg ,......,,,,.,....r . vs.. l . S pf- - .:..n.- ' "N, on ,Qs , Q A , ' - X fs, ,wx W7 1 x , 1 nu T J JOHN O'SULLlVAN--Boys', Auto Clubs, Senior Gift Com- mittee. KAREN OTTERHOLT-Gold Seal, Purple Paw, Honor So- ciety, Co-chairman, Senior Courtesy, Social Welfare, Usher Committees, Pep, 4N Clubs. DORSS L. PASCAL-Transferred from Cleveland High School, Seattle. Mid'Winter Concert, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Red Cross, Vocational, Usher, Senior Commencement Committees, Marshall Shorthand, Pep Clubs, Senior Class Representative. PATRICIA PAYNE-Courtesy, Lunchroom, Minute, Friend- ship Committees, Spade, Shorthand, Pep Clubs. JERRIE LEE PEACH-Ad Staff, Messenger, Red Cross, P.-T. A. Committees, Pep Club. MYRNA MAE PEARCE-"G" Club, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Senior Commencement, Ped Cross Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. LYNN PEARSON'-Secretary, Ski Club, Gold Seal, Roll Banker, Pep,, Assembly. Make-up, P.-T. A., Usher Com- mittees, Shorthand, Pep Clubs. SALLY PEDERSON.-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, P.Q., Noon Program, Bulletin, Senior Prom Committees, Senior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. LYNN ELISE PICKERING-Funfest, Chorus, Roll Banker, Noon Program, Art, Cap and Gown Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs NORTON PINCHEV Boys Club ROBB POOLE Senior Play Mid Winter Concert Funfest Operetta Ski Club Bowling League Stage Crew CONSTANCE G POON Secretary Cathay Club Gold Seal Mid Winter Concert Funfest G Club Roll Secre tary- Fine Arts Committees- Shorthand, Spades Clubs Library Clerk. SHELLY PRITCHARD-Automobile Club. JOETTE MAXINE PROIETTE-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll President, Fine Arts, Make-up, Red Cross Com- mittees, 4N, Pep Clubs. DOROTHY PROTTAS-Funfest, Roll Banker, Friendship, Standards, Senior Announcements Committees, Study Hall Clerk. NADlNE PRUZAN-Funfest, Pen, Messenger Staff, Roll Officer, Honor Society, Ticket, Minute, Standard, Noon Program, Senior Commencement Committees. BILLIE JEAN PURDY-Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Fun- fest, Operetta, "G" Club, Roll Secretary, Honor Society, Chorus, Junior Class Representative,Co-chairman,Senior Announcement Committee. FRANK RAABE-Honor Society, Boys' Club. JIM RANKIN-President, Freshman Class, Gold Seal, Sec, ond Team Track, Intramurals, Roll President, Secretary, Honor Society, Senior Night Committee, Pep Club, Junior Class Representaive. ROBlN CATHLEEN REA-Red Cross, Fine Arts, Make-up, Publicity Committees, Shorthand Club. JOSEPH REASON-Boys', Pep Clubs, Basket Room Attend- ant, Track. l 3 4. 1 -1.1. ' Y ' 4 'f-4.1 if .M V J ,M -1 'R t ,. l s,Q - .cl T -f-:,I DIANE GAY REEDY-Songleader, Cabinet, Purple Paw, Funfest, Business Staff, Messenger, Chorus, Roll Banker, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Class Representative, Attendance Clerk. THURSTON JAMES REUBEN JR.-Varsity Track, Third Team Football, Intramurals, Second, Third Team Track, Roll Banker, Study Hall Clerk, CRAIG RILEY-Roll Banker, Junior Prom, Senior Night Committees, Pep, 4N, Ski Clubs, Track. ALEX RINGSTAD-Varsity Golf, Yell Team, Gold Seal, Bulldog Club, Funfest, Operetta, Pen, Double Quartet, Roll Officer, Senior Class Representative. PATRlClA ANN RIPPER-Left Garfield January l956. MARILYN W. ROBERTS-Cabinet, Messenger, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Senior Courtesy Committee, 4N, Auto- mobile, Pep Clubs, Senior Class Representative, Library Clerk. CALVrN ROBXNSON-4N, Pep, Chess, Hi-Y, Auto Clubs. NATHANIEL ROBINSON-First Team Football, Track, Sec- ond Team Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, 4N, Lettcrmen's Clubs, Class Representative. TOM ROBINSON-Funfest, Roll Banker, Ski. Pep Clubs, Senior Night Committee, Class Representative. DONNA JEAN ROGERS-Social Welfare, Teachers' As- sistant, Study Hall Clerk, "G", Pep Clubs. JOANNE K. ROHRBAUGH-Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Operelta, Funfest, Business Manager, Messenger, Non- ette, Roll Secretary, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Future Teachers of America Club, Senior Class Repre- sentative. JEAN FRANCES ROLLINS-Copy Staff, Messenger, Honor Society, Usher, Social Welfare, Senior Publicity, Poster, Publicity, Public Relations Committees, Ski Club, Sopho- more Class Representative. 'fltifibw ' c... 'Qu-QM: 'H-9",s 'sei' im 2 BN r g ef SONNY ROSE-Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Club, Student Council, Varsity Tennis, Advisory Board, Co-Chairman, Senior Prom Committee, Sports Staff, Messenger, Third Team Football and Basketball, Roll Officers, Lettermen's Club. EDWiNA ROSS-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Secretary, Senior Publicity Committee, Shorthand, Pep, 4N Clubs. HAROLD ROSS-Second Team Golf, Intramural Sports, Roll Banker, Pep Club, Senior Announcement Committee. lRlS JEAN ROSS-Mid-Winter Concert, Social Welfare, Usher, Cap and Gown Committees, Library Clerk, Basket Room Attendant. WlLLlE ROSS-Roll Banker, Funfest, Junior Class Repre- sentative, Intramural Basketball. DANNY ROUMM-Third Team Truck, Pep Club, Class Rep- resentative, Bowling League. SAM SADlS-Advanced Chorus, Third Team Football, Mid- Winter Concert. DOLORES I. SALGADO-Gold Seal, Honor Society Repre- sentative, Attendance Office Clerk. MARGARET SALONEN-Left Garfield, January l956. hi f my i ....,..,W Muff l 9 We ti' 'sv 5 ' ft' ' gk y Zi t if ,.., r . Vi, 1 BOB SHEPHERD-Entered from Seward, Alaska, 4N Club, Chorus. ALEXANDER L. SHEVALIER-Advisory Board, Varsity Foot- ball, Gold Seal, Bulldog Club, Second Team Football, Roll President, Student Council. IRENE SHIGAKI-Student Council, Honor Society Repre- sentative, Cabinet,Vice-president, Shorthand Club, Gold Seal, Chairman, Activity Card Committee, Funtest, After-School Sports Manager, Refreshment Committee, Future Teachers of America. HELENE SHINDELL-Ad Stott, Messenger, Funfest, Roll Representative, Junior Class Representative, Gazette, Art Committees. NEAL SHULMAN-Sports Editor, 1955 Arrow, Assistant Editor, Messenger, Gold Seal, Second Team Football and Track, Roll President, Commencement Committee, Senior Representative, Ski Club. HENRY SIMS-Varsity Football and Track, Second Team Football and Track, Third Team Football, Senior Class Representative. LEON SLADE-Lett Garfield, January 1956. YVONNE SLADE-Shorthand, Usher Committees. BILLIE JEAN SMITH-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Pen Staff, Friendship, Standards, Vocational Committees, Pep Club, Basket Room Attendant. GEORGE SAMESHIMA-Roll Secretary, Honor Society, Senior Gift Committee, Junior Class Representative. JOYCE IRENE SANSBURN-Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Business Manager, Messenger, Chorus, Honor Society Representative, Senior Courtesy, Girls' Club Committees, 4N, Pep Clubs. JOSEPH S. SAXON JR.-Entered from Los Angeles High School, Sports Reporter, Messenger. HERB SCHOENFELD JR,-Advisory Board, Yell King, Gold Seal, Co-Chairman, Senior Questionnaire, Assembly Committees, Second Team Tennis, Roll President, Banker, Honor Society, Student Council. GERALDINE SHAVERS-After-School Sports, Minute, P.Q.. Pep Assembly, Fine Arts Committees, Spades, 4N, Mar- shall Shorthand Clubs. REOLA SHAW-Left Garfield, January 1956. CHECK THAT ONE, MAN ! 'en R4 GRETCHEN de J. SMITH-Cabinet, Roll Officer, Usher, Braunschweig, Friendship Committees, Pep, Spade Clubs, Correspondence Chairman, International Relations, Senior Commencement Committee, Lunchroom Cashier. PHYLLIS FAYE SMITH-Senior Commencement Committee, Pep Club, Pen Committees, P.-T.A. Bowling. LOYAL SNYDER JR.-Co-chairman, Senior Publicity Com- mittee, Co-chairman, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Bulldog Club, Roll President, Captain, Usher Squad, Honor Society Representative, Senior, Junior Represen- tative. LUCIA SONDLAND-President,4N Club, Song Queen, Fun- fest, Roll President, Inter-Club Council, Chairman, Inter- national Relations, General Assembly, Social Welfare, Noon Program, Senior Announcements Committees. PHYLLIS ANN SOULE-Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Purple Paw, "G" Club, Co-chairman, Eligibility Committee, Honor Society, Chairman, Library, Senior Commencement Committees, Pep Club. MARY SPENCE--Pep Club, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, After-School Sports, Chorus, Roll Vice-president, P.-T. A., P.Q. Committees. PATRICIA STAHLHUT-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Ad- vanced Chorus, Honor Society, Pep Club, Red Cross Committee, Junior Representative. AlN'T HE SWEET X 'Q l 1 'Q fr o' J:-Qi' 5 it i L.. ia' 'wwf Nd .Sf 'iv..s.-'fm ' I - ...f-,gg5g.,., , ' p 525 an . ' , ,Q ,., i .:.., ,.." - 55. react iv, I 'ff-3 .. ' - ' v is fr Q, INGRI STANG-Vice-president, Purple Paw, Quill and Scroll, Co-chairman, Senior Gift, Junior Courtesy Com- mittee, Funtest Manager, Business Manager, Pen, Messenger, Roll Banker, Honor Society. ALFRED STAUFFENBERG-Vice- president, Debate Club, Senior Play, 4N, Pep Clubs, Senior Announcement Committee, Stage Crew, "Skip". DOUGLAS STEINHAUSER-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Second, Third Team Football, Second Team Track, "Skip", BOB STEVENS-Fishing, Pep, Auto Clubs, Second Team Track, Roll President, Senior Gift Committee, Class Representative. GEORGE ST EWART-Boys' Club. STAN STONE-Treasurer, Pep Club, Funfest, Senior Ques- tionnaire, Junior Commencement, All-City P.-T. A. Dance Committees, Hawaiian. 4N Clubs, Basketroom Attend- ant, "Rock". ORA LEE STOUDAMIRE-Entered from Pine Bluff, Arkan- sas, Chorus, Lost and Found Committee. TED STYLIANOPOULOS-Yell Team, Gold Seal, Funfest, Junior, Senior Roll Officer, Senior Night Committee, Co-chairman, Poster Committee, 4N, Pep Clubs, Senior Class Representative. BRIAN J. SULLEY-Gold Seal, Funfest, Honor Society, 4N Future Teachers of America Clubs ,au TS? 3- xx M' f'?N........ SHIG JOHN TSUTSUMI-lntramural, Roll Officer, Pep Club, Sophomore, Junior Class Representative, Honor Society. MELVIN TURNER-Intramural Basketball, Junior Skate Party Committee, Senior Class Representative. MITSUKO UMINO-Gold Seal, Funfest, Typist, 1956 Arrow, "G" Club, Roll Officer, Girls' Club, Senior Commencee ment Committees, Sophomore Representative, Attend- ance Clerk. DENISE UTT-Entered from Holy Names, Seattle, Song- leader, Gold Seal, Senior Play, Funfest, Junior Prom, Senior Courtesy, Girls' Club Committees. JANET RUTH VANDERLIP-Pep, Spades Clubs, Social, Health Committees, Girls' Club. SHARON VERVYNCK-Left Garfield, January 1956. CAROL ANN VINING-Gold Seal, Cabinet, Funfest, 1954 Pen Staff, 1955 Arrow Staff, 1956 Messenger Staff, Social Welfare, Junior Prom, Senior Cap and Gown Committees, Junior Class Representative. BETTY VON ROTZ--Masque and Gavel, Gold Seal, Stu- dent Director, 1955 Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Honor Society, Usher, Social Welfare, Senior Publicity Committees, Pep Club. MARTIN WALKER-Secretary-Treasurer, Bulldog Club, Roll Banker, Senior Gift Committee, 4N Club, "Mert". V34 BEN T. TAKASHIMA-Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll President, Honor Society, Junior Class Representative. OWEN TAKENAGA-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Ad' vanced Band, Roll Banker, Ski Club, Senior Courtesy Committee, Sophomore Class Representative. SHUZO TAKEUCHI-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Fun- fest, Band, Roll Banker, Honor Society, 4N Club, Senior Class Representative. CAROLE B. TAYLOR-Mid-Winter Concert, Roll Officer, Make-up, Minute Committees, Messenger. ALAN THAL-Funfest, Roll President, B.C.O., Senior Brunch Committees, Junior Class Representative, Honor Society. JOANN BEA THOMAS-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Social Welfare, Gazette, P.-T. A. Committees. YASUO TOKiTA-Advisory Board, Student Council, Gold Seal, Funfest, Reporter. Messenger, Roll President, Senior Gift Committee, 4N Club, Senior Class Repre- sentative, Projection Crew. GENEVA TOLLIVER-Usher, Lost and Found Committees. HARRY TOSHI-Varsity Football, Second and Third Teams Football, Second Team Track, Band, Senior Publicity Committee, Co-chairman Junior Commencement Com- mittee. LUCY M. TOWNSEND-Chairman, Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, "G" Club, Gazette, Chorus, Pep, Spade, Shorthand Clubs, Senior Class Representative. DENNIS TSUBOI-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Fun- fest, Band, Roll President, Senior Gift, Grounds Com- mittees, Future Teochers of America, Pep Clubs, "Drag". JANET TSURU-Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Funfest, Copy Editor, Pen, "G" Club, Roll Officer, Pep Club, Senior Courtesy Committees. hum! QW-32? 1 ' -fi ' -y A .. W 's .":': " ' f 1 " , 5 Fil . ,f Q-. ,b""v--s i . . , 1 To . 4. 7 Rings X . , ii' ,,.' tl - M lb b 5 .lag ti Ry, J 1 2,-if EURADELL WALLACE--Funfest, Lost and Found Commit- tee, "Little Bit". AUDREY JEAN WALLER-Junior Prom, Usher Committees, Social Welfare, Pep, Marshall Shorthand Clubs, Nurse's Clerk. PHIL WAMBA-Gold Seal, Roll President, Honor Society, Activity Cord Committee, 4N Club, Junior Class, Honor Society Representative. TOM WARREN-Bulldog Club, International Relations, Senior Courtesy Committees, 4N Club. JOYCE WASHINGTON-Girls' Club. ERDIE WICKLIFFE-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Banker, Friendship, Social Welfare Committees, 4N Club. CAROL ANN WILLIAMS-Social Welfare, Standards, Friendship. P.Q. Committees, Spade, Pep Clubs, Girls' Club. DONALD L. WILLIAMS-Entered from Carver High School, Florida, Mid-Winter Concert, Intramural Basketball, Band, Roll President. DOUG WILLIX-President, Bulldog Club, Secretary, Honor Society, Gold Seal, Head Photographer, I956 Arrow, Student Council, Inter-Club Council, Chairman, Publicity Committee, Lions Club, Senior Prom Committees, Color Guard. PATRICIA ANN WINSTON-AssistontCopy Editor, Messen- ger, Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Manager, Committee Head, "G" Club, Advanced Chorus, Honor Society, Senior Prom, Standards, Co-chairman, Gazette Com- mittees, 4N Club. CAROLE M. WOLFIN-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, Messenger, Chorus, Roll Officer, Cop and Gown Committee, Study Hall Clerk. MING WONG--Funfest, Radio, Cathay Clubs. J q,.. Q . Q V -2- -"- fl B vigil' ' I 'E' ei? 1 'ir' ...uf I 2 3 5 an : no 5 - 2: x 5 WING KAIN WONG-Artist, Pen, Roll Banker,4N,Cathay, Radio Clubs. WINYAO WONG-Co-editor, I956 Arrow, Student Coun- cil, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Color Guard, Bulldog Club, Layout Technician, i955 Arrow, Senior Gift Com- mittee, Physical Science Club, "Winnie". JIM WOO-Honor Society, Treasurer, Cathay Club, Usher, Senior Gift Committees, Bulldog Club, Roll Officer, Funfest, Sophomore Class Representative. DAN J. WRIGHT--4N Club Representative, Gym Clerk, Automobile Club. JUDY WRIGHT-Secretary, Girls' Club, President, Junior Class, Secretary, Student Council, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Chairman, Junior Prom, Purple Paw, Funfest, Roll President, Ticket Committee. PHYLLIS YOOK-Songleader, Gold Seal, "G" Club, Roll President, Vocational, Health Junior Skate, Senior Ques- tionnaire Committees, Honor Society Representative, Study Hall Clerk. RON YOSHIDA-Gold Seal, Funfest, Band, Senior Prom, Public Relations, Junior Class Committees, Junior, Senior Representative, Bosketroom Attendant, "Mamo". EU LA YOUNG-Girls' Club. SHIRLEY YUEN-Assistant Copy Editor, Messenger, Gold Seal, Cabinet, Purple Pow, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, "G" Club, Senior Brunch Committee, Short- hand Club. QUESTIUNNAIIIE Row One: Marva Hayne, Marian Hunter, Carrie Brightman, Justamona Blakely, Barbara Bowman, Margaret Hunter. Row Two: James Dykeman, Virginia Chung, Gayle Cook, Stan Stone, Don Fisher, Herb Schoenfeld, Ann Lisco, Phyllis Yook. S EN lllll l'll0Rl Row One: Kathryn Baba, Diane Reedy, Marilee Constantine, Carol Mandas. Row Two: Vera Neufeld, Pat Winston, Carrolle Fair, Sally Pederson, Georgia Morrison, Mickey Goldfarb, Doris Eng. Row Three: Steve Hansel, Phil Frink, Doug Willix, Al Caplan. Ron Yoshida, Sonny Rose, Pierre Jolly, Percy Morimoto. Slixlllll GIFT Row One: Fern Jue, Frances Marshall, Bill Cole, Martin Walker, Katherine Cross, George Same- shima. Row Two: Cindy Knowles, lngri Stang, Jim Woo, Bob Stevens, George Komoriya, Peter Luke, Dennis Tsuboi, Winyao Wong. :H--"Y 2 SE IOIl SENIIIII NIGHT Row One: Wesley Graves, Joe Hill, Lillie Moe Knauls, Vicki Locke, Mary Nakagawa, Marcia Cottom. Row Two: Bob Hiroo, Tom Robinson, Carol Christie, June Krom, Charlie Fry, Beth Fujii, Craig Riley, Ted Stylianopoulos, Jim Rankin, Korle Dresen. BRUNITII Row One: Janet Melby, Lucille Mintz, Betty Ann Chiba, Toshie Masumoto, Joanne Abe, Frances Harada, Shirley Bushnell. Row Two: Carolyn Berch, Manette Coleman, Arlene Mosler, Larry Barokas, Jim Grant, Sandy Dreiling. Judy Wright. Row Three: Lynn Nilsche, Bob Hassan, Al Maimon, Al DeJaen, Bob Aronson, Leila Huber, Lynn Pear- son, Shirley Yuen. CUMMITTEES ANNOUNCE1WlEN'l'S Row One: Nancy Gadberry, Lucia Sondland, Grelchen Smith, Joyce Orliss. Row Two: Billie Jean Purdy, Ann Kaylor, Carole Miichell, David Miller, John Gray, Colleen Brown, Dolores Berkus. Row Three: Alfred Slauffenberg, Jim Hatfield, Harry Moscatel, Sieve Kaye, Dorolhy Prollas, Bobbie Kosokoff, Helen Shindell. QWIRIRIENFERI ENT Row One: Janet Fukuda, Barbara Danz. Mozell Glasper, Irene Chikata. Row Two: Phyllis Soule, Kafashi Myoraku, Bill Ke- fauver, Neal Shulmon, Vic Kiharo, Alex Ring- slad, Bud Friedman. Row Three: Phyllis Smilh, Nadine Pruzan, Darlene Naranio, Tazue Kiyona, Namie Furumolo, Dale lrvine, Pauline Asaba, Myrna Pearce, Milsuko Umino. PUBLICITY Row One: Pat Ollinger, Dorothy King, Gloria Dolgoff. Row Two: Edwina Ross, Yvonne Barr, Jean Rollins, Sue Anderson, Bill Ishida, Marian Mothison. Connie Poon. Row Three: Loyal Snyder, Peler Block, Terrence Eng, Al Beuchel, Al Mor, Akira lchikawa, Karen Anderson. FAI' AND GOW'N Row One: Bob Luke, Carol Vining, Margarel Cheo- tham, Keiko Oiye, Irene Shigoki, Stan Bloch. Row Two: Iris Jean Ross, Lucy Townsend, Carole Wolfin, Jerry Boss. Gay Diamond, Bob Johnson, Ron Barrelt. Row Three: Maryann Halgren, Lynn Pickering, Marly Gorrill, June Krom, Harold Jaffe, Shuzo Takeuchi, Bobbi Bell, Dolores Salgado. f0l'll'l'ESY Row One: Karen Gunnison, Verna Hook, Joelle Proielle, Owen Takenoga, Palricio L. Payne, Joyce Sonsburn, Denise UH. Row Two: Janet Tsuru, Judy Nomba, Karen Oller- holl, Ann Edmundson. Marilyn Roberls, Carol Jones. UNI0ll 1' 'aww 2:20 9 Q9 -+- ED DELGAN ART KONO MARY METCALF REIKO KIHARA BOBBY SAUNDERS Advisor Presrdent Vrce president Secretary Treasurer OR JUNIORS the begmnmg of the school year holds nelther apprehen saon nor the burden of leadershup However they have vast opportu nxtles to accomplush thelr separate ambltlons Thus as an Important year In whtch dlllgent study and the assuming of responslblltty should stand first By the end of the school year the lumors begun to take over authorltatnve offices and to full oppolntments ln other posltlons Their future now becommg secure they look anxnously toward a glorlous semor year AUDREY ADAMS REX ALLISON ALL THIS FOR WHAT9 MARLON ANDERSON HARRY ANGEL ,f-R GR wav ""' ff' RICHARD BEEKMANN JERRY BELVILL ROBERTA BENNETT KARLA BENATLEV '-U' DOLORES BILLS DAVID BLOCH ESTHER BORUCK CLAUDIA BOULTON BARBARA BRANDT BILL BROWN ann -g-1' as- 'UQ' Qv JUDY ARONSON HENRY ARVISO DAVID AZOSE CONSU ELO BALAGOT JACK BAROUH CLAUDE BARROW SARA BATISTE CHERRY BEADLES LYNNETTE BEAN PHYLLIS BECKER MQ ,436 CHARLES BROWN DAVID BROWN ROBERT BRUCE JIM BUDLONG ESTHER BURKE TED BURNS MERLIE BURTON KENNETH BUSHNELL CHARLIE CADWELL SHARON CALLAHAN up-..-' Nu! PRISCILLA CHIN GRACE CHINN VALERIE CHINN EDWARD CHOW GEORGENE CLAGG SALLY CLEMENT ZEE COLLIER BETTY CORNELL LARRY CORPUZ EARLINE CROSS MELVIN ENG JOAN ENGESETH FHYLLIS EPSTEIN GLORIA FERRELL BRENDA FILL PI DICK FOLEY YVONNE FORCH ROBERT FOSS DAVID FRANCKE MERRILL FRANKS STAN CALVO EUGENIA CAMBRIDGE POOP JUD IS DEAD' BEATRICE CARITHERS GENE CARLSON MARSHA DAVIS BETTY DELO SCOTT DENNISON PATI DESKINS ANNE DODD BYRON DORN DON DUWE DICK DWYER BETTY ECHIGO TALL ELLIS J 'Q' iv nj' V X -,,, I' A I I .PI'. ' I I .Q ,A H - .Y ' ' b b-b.' ' 1 .K I A ff g :,, . ., x 1 .,:: 1,. -F A 3' M. XA' Ib ' . I-sf , -V E, , Y' I CAROL FREIBERG ELAINE FRENCH IRENE FUJIMURA HARVEY FUSON PETER GAHLHOFF PAUL GENUNG WAYNE GIDLOF JOAN GILES I ERLE GILMOUR MARGARET GIPSON ELIZA GRIGGS ROBERT GRIMM FRANK GULDSETH CARA GUSTANOFF MARLENE HARIZ BELMA HAYES D ANN HAYES MARK HEILBRLJNN B LL HI L NIORMA HIROTA 10' 'HF I ,1 90 'gf B I .p--. 'Wm LEILA GOODMAN JUDY GOSLIN MOTHER WOULDN T LIKE THIS JOANNE GRANSTRAND HELAINE GREEN ..- 0. av K DONALD HOBBS BOB HOIDA JANICE HOLLAND ALAN HOLT ROBERT HOLZINGER BARBARA HUBBARD COPPY HUBER SHIRLEE HUEY ELOISE ANN HUGHES BEHEL HUNT 5I Yrs' ,,-K, nr ARLENE KEISLER IOHNNY KENNEDY IS HISTORY ANY EASIER THERE9 MAC KENNEDY REIKO KIHARA 5"-w. VHA JOE LAINS HALEY LAKE LOUIS LAKE CHARLES LEWIS LOYA LI LILLIAN LIDDELL PATRICIA LOCKE OSCAR LOVE LYNDA LYTLE PETER MacRAE 'R -up , Zz if . -. ,V 1 JANET IWAGO ORIEN JEANS WAYNE .IEW PATRICIA JOHNSON RON JOHNSON ROBERTA KAMEL LONNY KANEKO KAREN KARNES AL KATZ TOMOKO KAWAGUCHI 'Bum-, mf ,f- MITSUO KIKUCHI JAY KIND CALVIN KING LAURA KING JO ANN KLINGMAN LORE TA KNAULS LORRAINE KOHM ART KONIO SKAIDRITE KRUMINS GEORGE L ABBE CALMER MCCUNE HELEN MCDUFFIE SANDRA McKEE MARGARET McKENZIE EULA MAE MCNEIL ROBERTA MAJOR HENRY MAR JIM MARGOLIS SANDRA MARSHALL ELIZABETH MARTIN Q-.W 7? CAROL MITCHELL TETSUO MIYATA DEAD OR ALIVE? RONALD MOORE SARAH MORFORD 'Wa Av Y ,fx JFW EORGE MARTIN ANIITA MAXWELL UNA MAYES PAT MERRIWEATHER PATTI MEVES MARY METCALF NORIHIKO MIHARA SANDRA MILES NE L MILL RANDY MILLER -E, Wu .. , AKIRA IAORIGUCHI AUSTON MORRISON GERALD MOWAT ARTHUR MURAYAMA SUE MYERS TOSHIO NAGANAWA CAROL NAKAMURA BILLY NAKASHIMA JACK NAVLET ISAMU NISHIKAWA tsl ' 7? I I ,iizfi ' 5 158 .I ... , , qi , X55 H 5 L I A4 5 K I as Y Gaiam 1 wmxkc, , wr. ,L AARON PASCAL FRED PAULSELL SHARON PEASE PENNY PETTIT JOAN PICKARD SHIRLEY PINCHEV GLORIA PINES JUDY POON HERMINE PRUZAN CAROLYN PURNELL 'wg ff: Nu gk R QLIEJ' 2 I F' JOHN RITCHIE JOANNE ROBIN ANITA ROLLINS LYNN DEE ROSE JOHN ROSTON LINDA ROTENBERG HAROLD SADIS DON SALONEN ADELLE SANDBERG BOBBY SAUNDERS AL NIST MIKE NOMURA CARL NORRIS DIAN O'BRIEN KATHLEEN O'BRIEN TOM O'GORMAN PEGGY OHASHI JERRY OKUMA SHARON OSTROFF ROGER PAPPAS J RA JOAN REDMOND WHEN DID YOU LEARN TO READ9 'if .N ,gs-1 j,,,f'f..Q N' A a- Avg, ,551 GERRY REED ROSEMARY RHEIN'ORD Q STUART SCHAIN NANCY SCHOENFELD MAE ETTA SCOTT DONAID SELTZ JANET SHAHON PAT SHEUMAKER SANDRA SHINDELL JUDY SHULMAN RONNIE SII ON RONNIE SLEMMONS 'Fr ARLENE STEPT VAN STOCKSTILL BILL STOKES MICHAEL STORIE PHIL SUCKERMAN BOB TADA ART TAKAHARA GERRI TAKAYOSHI JOHN TAKIZAWA JANE TANAKA Q u ,H Q94 'MJ lgy' ii 'Z uw A.. 'H f fe SALLY SMILES BEVERLY SMITH GYNETH SMITH HERB SMITH TONY SMITH CONNIE SNOWDEN BOB SFANFELNER JOHN STEINBRECKER JOHN STEINHAUSER MARTY STEINHAUSER wif JAKE TARICA DIANE TEMBREULL YOU'VE HAD IT, BROTHER' SUE TENNEY HAROLD THOMAS 'Z TL 'QF' LELAND VINING BILL VOLKERSZ ANN WALLACE ETTA WARD SHIRLEY WARREN FLOYD WASHINGTON CHARLESETTA WATSON HANS WEHL FAYE WEISKIND TARENE WESTERHEIDE 'VI-Aux 'IQ-sf BARBARA YAMASHITA AIKO YANAGIHARA NO DUPUCAUONS HERE' HING YEE IRWIN YOSHIMURA ELINOR ZETIN Q fn QB' Lf, BARBARA THOMPSON JAMES TODO YUZO TOKITA PAUL TOMITA SANAYE TOYOJI TOMIKO TSUJIHARA YVONNE TYMONY ILLIAN UENO PAUL UYEDA MILAGROS VINCENTE fy-f fav 'X Xa ww Q -2.- 'TV BETTY WHERRY FLORA WILDER ELSIE WILLIAMS SUZI WILLIAMSON WILLIESTINE WITHERS ARTHUR WONG MYRTLE WOOD JANET WORON HAZEL WUNDERLICH RONNIE YAMAMOTO UN IOB C0 ITTEES ll 'N lllll PIIIIWI seems to toke so long but he fmol product ns always c success the Junuor Prom Pl Ill ll IT! Success crrnves only from the posters that are mode by the publicity com muttee The skate porty IS not only fun or all but provldes us wnth o prom III4 llll KTIUN ns were ot ortust touc comes T . I A A lt t Y ' ' .ITNIIIII SICATE ' f Th' is h th ' h in. 0PlI0 0BES Www EDITH CALDER NORMAN FURUKAWA DAVID FUKUI JUDY LEONG BOB LaBOW Advisor President Vice president Secretary Treasurer INCE most of the Sophomores were new to Garfield they felt a llttle strange In a bewildering new atmosphere At first they had trouble fmdmg the thnrd floor annex and the Iunchroom through the overcrowded halls ln time the newness wore otf and the eager Sophomores lolned ln the actlvltues of school llfe They were the first to sign up on all avaalable committees and participate In the various clubs lt wasnt long before they were caretreely strolling down the halls greetung all their newly acqulred friends , Q-as . , se X A Q. 3 mm., . ' F, Y ...Q G I , 'ts frvt W ,, 52 A W4 2:52. 'il W 'figsxs I ' I ' I I I CATHERINE ALLEN WILEY ALLEN KARLA ANDERSON BRUCE ANDREWS V if CLIFFORD ANDREWS KENNETH AOKI TAKASHI AOKI MARGARET ARCHULETA SHEIDON AYON JO ANN BABA BARBARA BAKER BONNIE JO BALAGOT BERYL BARBER KENNY BARRETT DONNA BAXTER KENNETH BEACH JOANNE BERANEK ROCHELLE BLUMENTHAL BILLY DEE BOBAIRE ELIZABETH BOULTON PEGGY BRICKLEY CARRIE MAE BROWN EDITH BROWN DIANE BRUDEVOLD GLADYS BRUNSON BETTY JEAN BRYANT JEAN BUCHANAN HARRIET LYNN BUCK MELVIN BUCKNER GEORGE BURNETT GLORIA BURTON CHRISTIE BUSCHMANN BARBARA JEAN BUTLER BRUCE CADWELL LYNN CALVO PAM CAMPBELL VERA CHAN CHERKY CHANG GORDON CHIN HOPKIN CHINN JOANNE CHINN MELVIN CHINN SHELTON CHOW BETTY LOU CLARK MAURY CLARK DENNIS CLUFF GINNY COLCOCK JOHN CONSTANTINE BRENT COOK BARBARA COOPER KEN COPHER DAVID CORDAS SANDRA CORDOVA NANCY CRAGIN BETTY CROVIE KENNETH CULVER SIDNEY CUTLER CAROLEE DANZ BETTIE DARNELL DONNA DAVENPORT BOB DAVIDSON JUNE DAVIS JOHN De BRUYN THERESA DELA CERNA ESTHER DeLEON LORITA DELMA WARDELL DERROW CORAZON DOMONDON ALETHEA DONES BETTY JEAN DOUGLAS GEORGE DUGAN BRIAN EGAN ANTHONY ELLIS BETTY ENG PETE ENG BEVERLY ENGESETH BETTY FITCH -r ff. s.. ts' .v ll' I PW 6 up 'vw AL Nm 57.1 AX 'I V mr- I I I S' an Aww Th 59 ,.:,.. I . A M my ' 1' 1 ' , Y I A 'I ": ..,: I A A ,.,,. 1 I -A ....:.. E- --- ..,:-:f... . Q 3 6 5 p .,T,. , ,:, 4 we . I 'fs A ' ' f , I v v ,Vp I-I - Q ' ' 'T IX I - iw, A 9 A .,T. .1.- I I .T Q ,L , -T A P I y W, 3 I I sf D Fwzwfm I N i x ii I 'H W . I 1 - an f ww- I V h 5 A Q Ya G9 .I , b ks X WA : Y ia ,Lb A-..T I, '77, fx -. - ,5 .. IA E kj 4 5 A , ., ,X I uf. ,,.-. iw 'CV Ln. 60 A F 1 wx-H 91 'lr-1 JA sf E '17 -A L4 1. .r "W new WR I af If IIII L qw f 4? I JI I I '- , .,., j ' Q . ,. I A ,Y ,PWMA A L A J Magi? :-:- mf I N. , I I 1 V! ' K H U A Q?" auf I Q U Q ..... .,., I ., y , W X , ' I .: I W i ,yy vfzquvh- XC . gf A 1,153 l .,.. V r P 4 A ,., ,L I 5 1 A f h 4, . A ' , ' ' " ,V .A I is I I .' ' J 3 HFS w , Q ' A .-... - I f :Z -.-4.- V I F by -,.41E34,: fb, Q lv P' V, K x 4 A .,,,,.A-4 A . 'ILQ W ,zlv ..,.. Q , A: , l., , ,,,L,:,,,,,!,,, :K A V7 'ZVQ 3 I Ei I I A I M 4 I f' I ,. ':., Z A Q I 4 ,..., P A 1, i . ,gn . . , , nh Q 3 .zjh L.. A 5 2 5. I P 2 T .A .4 www 'Wen' Es' 1 In L 'N'-v .. img DENNIS FRANCISCO CAROL FRANCKE BOB FREEMAN EVELYN FREEMAN ELLIOTT FRIEDMAN SUE FRIEDMAN DAVID FUKUI NORMAN FURUKAWA JOHN GAILEY BETSY GARAWAY ROBERT DEAN GAUFF ERIK GIESE BARBARA GILBERT NANCY GILMOUR LESLIE GINGRICH ROBERT GINSBERG FRED GINTHER SUSAN GOLUB MARY GOODIN CAROLE GOODWIN STANLEY GOONG LYLE GORANSON IRENE GOSSETT LORRAINE GOSSETT ANN GRAY LOUIS GRAY HELENA GREENWOOD DELORES GRINDE CHARLES GULLEY SONJA HABIB VICTOR HALELA COLLEEN HALFON AMELIA HALL MARGARET HALL ELLEN HANSEN SUZANNE HARA ALLEN HARADER TOM HARADER JOE HARDY CHARLES HARRIS WALTER HARRISON BOB HASELWOOD JUDY HASELWOOD JANICE HAYASHI WANDA HAYNES WINONA HAYNES JOE HENDERSON WILLIAM HENRY MARGIE HILLESTAD BETTY HIROO ELIZABETH HOLTZ CHARLES HOWARD GLENDA HOWELL JACKIE HUGHES HIROKO ICHIKAWA BONNIE ISRAEL HARRY JACKSON LYNN JAFFE FRED JOHNSON JUDY JOHNSON LAURIE JOHNSON IRA KADISH CYNTHIA KAN JOANNE KANAYA MYRA KARP GRACE KASE TOM KAWAHARA MARY LOUISE KELLY MAY KIHARA MARTHA KINCAID ARLINE KING JANET KOBATA LEONARD KOHM ELINOR KOSOKOFF RICHARD KOYAMA JANET KUDO BOB LDBOW GEORGIA LAMB RONALD LAWRENCE PAULINE LEE VICTOR LEF JUDY LEONG GARY LEVIAS SUSAN LEWIS DONNA LITTLEJOHN ROBERT LOBODUK MAXINE LOO if KATIE MAE LOVE COLUMBUS LOWE MARGUERITE LUKE IVORY LUKE KENDY MacCOLL JOHN MACKLIN LINDA MAEKAWA SUSAN MAIMON GRACE MANN EVELYNE MANNAULT Cf MARTHA MANNING PAUL MAR JENNIFER MASLEY JUDY MASTEN GRETCHEN MATHERS RUTH MATSUMOTO CHARLES MAXWELL NANCY MECLANAHAN DUNCAN MCQUARRIE JUDY MELBY BETH MELVIN MIMI MICHAELSON AKIHIKO MIHARA JEAN MILLER JOHN MILLWARD OLA MAE MITCHELL VERNICE MITCHELL VICKI MIX DARLENE MOILANEN JOANNE MORRISON JACQUELINE MOWRY GAIL MUKAI RAY MURRAY RICHARD NAGAOKA MASAKO NAKAMURA RICHARD NAKANO LILY NAKAO KAYE NELSON PAT NELSON CONNIE NEUKIRCH RICHARD NOMURA ELLEN NUMOTO HIDEKI OBAYASHI BILL O DONNELL JERRY oELocK DONALD oHAsHu MARGARETA DHRN KINUKO OIYE LILLIAN OLSON 'Z' MARJORIE oMoRn KATHY o SHEA JULIANNE OTOSHI SANFORD PALOY MALINDA PANGBORN DELORES PAUL AL PEASE ERNEST PETERSON LOUISE PFAFFENBERGER GAIL PICKERING MARGARET PRICE BARBARA PRINCE SHEILA PRINCE ROBERT PROTTAS 'W DAVID RADINSKY PAT REEDY 49 EQ? LL 4 Q. A tif I R . 5 A E '4 Z 5, 5 ? 'E I I 1 A ' 4+ A , R If 4 ' I A ARE ARE A 'R I ' I A Evff - Ig AARR . V N XV 1' 'J 1 I Q i W! llunq H 5 W la., , xihv E ,. W h V - H , I I 1 I I A ff II,',. 3 A ' A ,. j I ck I 'TS R51 A L E.I.E A R A R ,I RIIIISIS 1.4 ,HW - , UQ., , ,. Y J -Q: 2 1: A at L? H 1 I S L7 , an A JDJ J A EE A I X H ""':" E H' Z I .... ' N Q 'RA :fr I In ..,., . AA Z t S I! I Ax , jf L. I I A Y 'E I ' I 2, 'pf 5 I, ' I I I ' 1 ,-,l..: A 231 A A I R S 1 I .A ,',fV A R325 - in lm .52 R zu. A 'Qf is K Ny I eff, 0' ' 1' D- - 41 , ' ' , A 'ff 4 V ff " X A 'Nc "'M'!F 4... -4 N.,,,f +A lull 5,1 -... .v- 61 'Qfvf' r 'Q -va S, Q 'P Y we 13' av. A.. 'QT' 'Sn A Yse , vf 6 G' QI? 5' Si K '-. v-1'-vw J' 1 " 3' K4 ,W sf' KATHERINE RICHARDSON DAVID F RICHESON LARRY RODGERS JANET SAKAMOTO DIANE SALTMAN AMY SANBO SUSAN SAYLES BERT SCHREIBER JULIETTE SCOTT LEIDA SEID SULA SEID IRENE SHAIN JOEY SHAIN FRANCINE SHANK STEVE SHERMAN MIDGE SINGER DARLENE SKINNER PAUL SMITH CYNTHIA SPENCER HARRIS SPRINCIN EDDIE STERN BERRY STEWART SAM STILLS SUSAN STUDEBAKER KAY STYLIANOPOULOS JIRO SUGURO HARVEY TABACK MARION TAGAWA MIDORI TAKAHASHI JUDITH TAMAKI EMANUEL JOSEPH TAYLOR JOYCE TAYLOR MIKE TELTOFT DICK TEPPNER STEVE THAL LYNNE THOMAS KATHLEEN TOMITA MELINDA TOWNSEND FRANK TSUJIHARA MARION TSUTSUMI SUSUMU TSUTSUMI TIM TUCKER BETTY VANDERLIP CARLA VAN GRIES ROSE MARIE VAN ZANT ALBERT WALLACE BARBARA WALTON JERRY WARSHAL GERALDINE WATSON DALE WEBSTER JANET WHITE LEROY WICKLUND BETTY WIDNER BETTY WILLIAMS MARJORIE WILLIAMS JOANNE WILLIAMSON STEPHANIE WILSON CHARLOTTE WINSTON JANET V ITTY PAULINE WOO BETTE WORON LYNN WYATT NAOMI YAMAMOTO MIKE YAMASHITA KEIKO YANAGIHARA RONALD YOSHINO Q I W ' ,v.v 'gan ..,, I I '?L. "I, I I I ,.,, .., A L gf b .,VV. g A H Lrg A' 1 A QIVI, .5 SQ T 5 is I I A I Tar A Q.. - ' ' M 'N L .,, x 0 , L, Q . g I ? 'NK ,,4,,,f 777 i W , Ez Q Asif if af :I I J 5 -A I K M? I x. hx I A af L S. 'gig Lis I H ' I 4 I S' I I " X Q 'L 'if " Q 6? A If ' mf ,X ' Q ' L -I D M 1 I , 6' 'xi E .lf T! b if I .T , I tx I I flfw R . f H . M , w az. A 7' , A , I,IR-- I .3 ,,,. 1 p I . x 2 FRESH Row One Jack Buttnrck Sumr Arlma Janet Emerson Robert Campbell Mlchael Delcollo Row Two C Yates lynn Stepp Reba Mae Carter Geneva Carter Wlllle Brown VERY YEAR on a bright September mornlng a shiny freshly waxed bulldmg as mvaded by an army of boisterous youths Some of these oncommg students are returnmg to famullar class rooms and faces For others It ns the begmnmg the begrnnmg of thelr hugh school careers The class of l959 whlch will be the last group of Freshmen at Garfield, entered with such a small enrollment that It was some tume before the rest of the students discovered their presence Not to be dnscouraged by thelr lack of size or number, the Freshmen went on to complete a profitable year Row One Mike Cadden Robert Barnes Marlene Polack Fannle Manmng Melvin Genauer Caude Gold Row Two Jlm Torrance Arthur S Perkins Leslle Sue Thode Sharon Smith Fred Berrysmlth Patty Newlun 2 is EP' ' Ek -:iL-,-1-- 9 ' f X2 Xm ' :I , 'Z vm.. IIRGAN ZATIIIN S HE SUCCESS of a seaport depends upon the combined efforts of every cntrzen From the captaln to the la borer each plays an active part an the constant hum of actuvlty along the waterfront The mdrvldual also us the basis of Garfleld s actlvltles whlch are governed by the students and guuded by the faculty Meetlngs are held before and after school but the favorite hour IS lunchtime A common sight at noon s a committee huddled In a corner consclenhously dlscussnng business whale devouring their food . fl Q 'l A-WK 5 fffl ,Z t ff' 4 X' Xf- Nl' It esp, P D, ,Q is K - pf , :six is xx te MILDRED BELL SHIRLEY BUSHNELL VICKI LOCKE Advisor President First Vice-president GIRLS EWILDERMENT as soon gone from the thoughts of each new gurl as she opens Garfield s door to frlendshlp On the flrst day she IS usnered about by her Bug Saster , the Gurls Clubs tlrst progect of the year About the first of October, every gurl lS given an opportunity to sign up for a committee Having chosen one, she begms to functlon by workmg on that commlttees monthly prolect CABINET Front Row Kathernne Cross omoko Kawoguchl lulene Chunn etty Echngo crbclra Brandt Aorllee Constantine hyllls Soule eonne Jones sonne Barr Aargarett Hunter A ll r a o and Row ary Metcalf ue Tenney aullne Asaba argaret Cheatham etty Ann Chnba at Winston ene Chukcta net Tsuru anne Abe andro Mules if whiff ADVISORY BOARD KATHRYN BABA Donls ENG JUDY oosLlN VERNA Hook LILLIE MAE KNAULS 9 . , M... ' L U r L Nr BETH FUJll JUDY WRIGHT MARY NAKAGAWA Second Vice-president Secretary Treasurer HE standards of the Hlgh School Creed are followed and enforced by fIve offncers, an advIsory board, and a cabInet The offIcers are the admInIstratIve body fuIfIIIIng the requIrements of theIr IndIvIdual dunes The advIsory board IS busy throughout the year enforcmg all reguIatIons The CClblnel IS composed of the co chaIrmen of each commIttee who meet every Tuesday to Iron out dIffIcultIes In theIr prolects CABINET Front Row Kathleen O Brnen Sally Smlles Joanne Rohrbaugh Shxrley Yuen Lmdo Rotenberg Judy Namba Gerry Reed Pat Locke Irene Foy Second Row CODDY Huber Sandy McKee Shurley Pmchev Carol VInIng Gretchen Smnth GeorgIa Lmdstrom Irene Slugokl Auko Yanagnhara Pat Ollxnger i , 1- ADVISORY BOARD CINDY KNOWLES WENDY KNUDSON GEORGIA MoRRIsoN GRACE NEAL suE WILLIAMSON I l - - 1 T I - A --.- ' f A . ff U . , Q f if - ' 'liz 6 ..- ,, ' , Q 1. 1' 'lf -1.1 , 1, ' LESLIE CRIBLEY BOB BLOMGREN Advisor President BUYS HOUGH It exhlblts Men Only sgns the BCO as he Garfneld s he mens hideaway where femlnme intruders are not usually encountered The mann room of the B C O IS decorated wnth pennams vnvld mountain palntungs and dnstmgulshed photo graphs of past Boys Club presudents In the muddle of the room slts a battered table here many conferences and bonsterous meet mgs are undertaken The floor bears the worn mark of many tram plung size I2 s and a wobbly chair shows evidence that at has quite a few wreckmg experlences BACHELORS CLUB IN SESSION ADVISORY BOARD JOHN BASS MULLAN cH1NN JOHN DARE sTEvE ESCAME PHIL FRINK 9 ' " no" "I , ...'I . , - , . .. . 1 . A .. ' . .. ....'. I I ' , . . F - I 1 BILL COLE SONNY ROSE Vrce president Secretary Treasurer FF THE mann B C O are found two separate oversized closets One IS lhe domlclle of Mr Crlbley whose drawlmg wlttlclsms are forever appreclated The other ns the offucual office for the three Boys Club officers Though the BCO IS a refuge for all boys It IS most often occupied by twelve All Amerlcan looking boys who are known as the Advisory Board Thenr eagle eyes are forever on guard and woe to the culpnt who IS caught In a mlsdeed CONCENTRATION'-' SH-we ADVISORY BOARD GARVER GAYTON ALAN HAsELwooD v c KIHARA ART KoNo HERB SCHOENFELD YAsuo TOKITA OFF' we K Q'-A at 9? F Q5-1 QM ,,,, no ,453 x Il First Row Anna Belle Shaw Advisor Raelene Gold Presndent lngrl Stang Vlce president Joanne Abe Kathryn Baba Yvonne Barr Carolyn Berch Second Row Arlene Mosler Secretary Margot David Treasurer Shrrley Bushnell Katherrne Cross Pat Felhs Beth FUIII Thrrd Row Ann Kaylor Sue Klnney Tazue Kryono Candy Knowles Wendy Knudson Vlckl Locke .lanet Melby Georgia Morrrsan Fourth Row Mary Nakagawa Grace Neal Kelka Orye Karen Otferholt Duane Reedy Phyllxs Soule Judy Wrrght Shirley Yuen PUBPL PAW URPLE PAW members are recognized by thelr lavender tles with P P ensugnras These gurls are constantly an the process of makmg therr rmmedlate protect a success Good scholarship partrclpatron In actrvatres, and a pleasrng personalrty are requirements for membershrp rn thus semor gurl honorary servrce club The motto, Always ready to lend a helplng hand was regularly practiced as the Purple Paws did everythmg from forming pep sections for athletuc contests to grvmg a Christmas party for the deaf children at the Seattle Hearrng Center 70 J 5' Q ' T t -Sv 6 I I I " x , A 13 Q , V ., , , l W 'ii T? xl K A M X I Q ,. Q M K ll :,, "-',,, .W It . - 2 Z :Q 6 'ig' , t ss- a ' " 2 - ' ' , Q L T t . M K 4 X 1 K M K? . I i R A ' 1 . ,, bv: K4 I 4-caan, . V c A an Q .Nb Q3 AA T 'J V X, - Q , , P jc Q - X 1 4 X A l x x X X . LLDIIG CL T EVERY basketball and football game, senior boys, exhibiting orange and black arm bands, are masterfully keeping Gar- field's wildly emotional rooters from getting out of control. In a dignified manner, they sturdlly hold up ropes and keep the exhllarated mob off the playing field or court These are members of the Bulldog Club, an honorary service club for senior boys Besides ushering, Bulldog members are constantly at work on patriotic deeds for the school First Row Mr Crlbley Doug Willix Roy Dotson Chuck Crystal Second Row Fred McCoy Peter Luke Martin Walker CIFFICERS First Semester DOUG WILLIX President ROY DOTSON Vice president CHUCK CRYSTAL Secretary Treasurer Second Semester FRED MCCOY President PETER LUKE Vice president MARTIN WALKER Secretary Treasurer Third Row Peter Block Mullan Chinn Harold Deutsch Roger Dunbar Don Fisher Bob Hlroo Brian Kyte Fourth Row Bob Luke Alex Rlngstad Alex Shevalier Loyal Snyder Tor-1 Warren Wnnyao Wong Jim Woo ,fr whim- 'i me Q View MAN new EW 3145! 'Sk fnlik I I li . A A Y i f , .fiiif --t,,,- M ' ""i: 'W ii 'Q -JE, fl . Mffx g j ' A, C it v I . V f... P abr- w , , s .sg U l Y V i -- -'-- - 1: I t i.t- '- '-'.' T - A L' f zt- -A We ,, C f 2-W' i .,-." 2 J fi - Y --'.A ,.,, e l-:l Z 5 :' W t .,., Q di cm ? we 5 t ti ff 3 ,Q it T I S lsll lsos A i L fi f -t,t, tr' ' e 'Z' 'v',,, :.,. iii , 1 SEM' ," W 1 ' ,if fgfi H "'-'- ' eil . , sk ,fi , I t 2, ll m , ,g,tX , Q , 3 I BADIANCE BOLL .ZW Q llltlilllllll lllll First Row Kathryn Baba Shirley Bushnell Pat Feltus Beth Full: Raelene Gold Judy Goslln Second Row Verna Hook Sue Kinney Lillie Mae Knauls Wendy KnuJson Third Row Vicki Locke Tosh: Masumoto Janet Melby Georgia Morrison Fourh Row Mary Nakagawo Lucia Sondland Sue Williamson Judy Wright Denise Utt Phyllis Yook T IS SAID that election to Radiance Roll is the highest honor a girl can achieve at Garfield. What could be so rewarding as knowing one has inspired others in some little way? The Roll is determined by permitting each girl to nominate three who have been inspirational through their friend- liness, sincerity, leadership and school service. At an assembly the Radiance Roll is announced by Mr. Hanselman, The honored girls come to the stage to receive corsages and memorial booklets. Throughout the day the radiant ones reply with grateful thank-yous to many warm congratulations. C0 0B G ARD Left to Right Art Kono Doug Wllllx Bob Blomgren Dave Holden Wlnyao Wong ITH starched stiffness, the color guards, composed of student leaders, march onto the stage for all assemblres It as qulte an ordeal for the boys to don thenr unaccustomed sults Nevertheless It IS an honored duty they accept wlth dlgnlty Clad nn white mnddles and navy blue skirts and sweaters, the gurls color guard participates ln Girls Club assemblies Left to Rrgl-at Janet lwogo Sandra Marshall Carolyn Berch Vlrglnla Chung Lorlta Delma 5 1 1 1 1 - - I . , . . . . , . 5 ' 1 1 1 I TER HIGH CUUNCIL ONSISTING of three delegates from each Seattle hugh school Interhugh Councul unutes uts All Cuty representatuon unto cu useful and profutable body The Councul meets monthly and us composed of three umportant commuttees Traffuc and Safety Law En forcement and Sportsmanshup Garfueld s representatuves to Inter hugh unclude Georgua Morruson Phul Frunk Steve Hansel lPresudent of the Councull and Mr Maxey Advusor Besudes workung on common problems the Councul sponsored the Fall Leadershup Traffuc and Seabeck Conferences and also campaugned for a safe and sane Halloween Inter hugh Councul us a vutcul organ un All Cuty hugh school student leadershup EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE TRAFFIC SAFETY COMMITTEE use SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE YQ ""'Xx,,,.. Advisors: Leslie Cribley, Mildred Bell, John Maxey BOB BLOMGREN JUDY WRIGHT SHERLEY BUSHNELL President Secretory President T DE T CIIUNCIL TUDENT GOVERNMENT IH acnon IS best illustrated at a student councul meeting held every Frlday lunchtime In room 'll7 The members of this democratic body are representatnves from the varlous clubs and orgamzatlons Here the contemporary Issues and problems at Garfield are cured and solutions voted upon Before bemg put to a motion heated disagreements fre quently arise as lunlor polmcnans debate thelr oplmons Amid the confuslon of mo :ons questions and flllbus ernng Dobert s rules of procedure are often abused ln the end however lus Ice truumphs as the council settles one Important matter after ano her MR CHAIRMAN - - r 1 - 1 v . , ' K. L. . . I . , A , , I , mx . I I 9 1 I . 4 , 1 5 as a 1 Ns. figs, I fla x v ':,-Z. -5g'l.':':. A A ., ..., TER CL B C0 CIL JOHN MAXEY CARVER GAYTON RAELENE GOLD BARBARA DANZ BILL COLE Advrsor President Vlce president Secretary Treasurer OFF TO SELL PEANUTS FOR POLIOL HERE ARE many varned clubs at Garfield each wuth a dnfferent program and range of actlvmes They serve as outlets for special nn erests whuch cannot be covered ln the classroom lnterclub Council ns composed of a presudent from each club They work together to solve common problems and work on prolects where everyone's support vs needed The flrst prolect undertaken by lnterclub Councnl was the decorating of rooms ll9 and 230 for displays on Back to School Nlght Competutlon rose as each club vled to see who had the most unique exhublt Durmg January, again all the clubs lomed forces for a "Peanuts for Polio" campalgn Each club member canvassed an asslgned terrutory, selling peanuts for donatuons All proceeds went to the Poluo Drive I - T ,..'l 22 fr . glen M duff A A X73 g -lUTOWl0BlI E CLUB Brian Callahan .lerry Bass Bobby Johnson The Auto Club was newly organuzed thus year Trafflc Safety Week whnch was the mann protect of the year was observed by all of Garfneld An as sembly and car check brought the student body Into the campaugn IATIIXI IILII Valene Chmn .lam Woo Bob Luke Connie Poon The Cathay Club consisting of the Chinese stu dents completed an active year These were exhlbuted at football games by the student body IIIPNS IIUB Mlke Teltoft Elizabeth Martm Afternoons of mtrngulng games were enloyed by all members of the Chess Club A team of the fave best players In the club played nn tournaments wnth other schools DPBKTI' fl UB George Dugan Eluzabeth Martm Shurley Warren Anita Maxwell The Debate Club enabled nts members to dnsplay their ablllty rn thlnklng and speaking Outstanding ebate awards ln the ctty were glven to Elizabeth Martm and George Dugan SPOIl'l'SWIAN 98 CI L B Gerald Beppu Rober Shnmomuro Paul Klmura The former Fnshung Club by changnng nts name to the Sportsmans Club opened nts membershup to hunters as well as flshermen A A 1 ' 1 I - ' 1 v 1 v I I HA I - 1 , . 1 111 1 1 Ass 14 . 'V 1 1 A I A JA 1 vw Y A n,4 L n 1 Nw 5 I l4TTlallWlla'N S fl ll! Phrl Frank Bull ls :da Dave Holden The Lettermen s Club llmlted to athletes who have earned a varslty letter had its annual PICHIC In the sprung PEP FIIB Dorothy Kung Sarann Lnttlelohn Loyal members of the Pep Club met before school to arouse school spmt and to plan prolects Makmg banners and performrng sklts for football and as ketball assemblies were among their actlvltles 4N IILB lucy Sondland Coppy Huber Vera Neufeld The 4N Club consusts ot members who are study :ng or have studied a forergn language Imaginary trnps to other countries are taken during meetings The club IS known for nts cookles which are llberally served FT! Mary Nakagawa Phyllis Soule Vera Neufeld The Future Teachers of Ameruca us a national or gamzahon which studies the opportunities of the teaching professnon The James A Garfreld chapter recelved nts charter thus year INTBIIN XTIIIN ll RBI KTIUNS Bull Volkersz Lucy Sondland Carol Frenberg CoPPv Huber The lnternatlonal Relations Organlzatlon helps to promote lnternatlonol understandmg at Garfleld Thus year an exchange student to Braunschwelg Ger many was chosen Pll0'l'0IilIAPllY CLUB Greg Vederoff Martin Walker Bill Volkersz At Photography Club meetings each member not only displayed and discussed his "pride and icy", his camera, but also benefited from excursions, movies, and lectures. ll illlil I I l B Marlorie Omoru David Fukui Don Salonen Radio Club members studied the Inside story of our everyday radio by entering the world of elec tronics and electricity Sll0llTll AND fl ll! Katherine Cross Tazue Kiyono Grace Neal Irene Shlgoki Future secretaries learned of the business world in the Shorthand Club A special room for short hand students to practice during study period was kept up by the club HISYDRY 1 1+ un- .an fx ,wrxx tlilik 1 MNH, :wma Q9 bf if 1' ' , 'Tile' SKI I I Ull Peter Block Sue Kinney John Dare A trip to Stevens Pass was a successful activity planned by the Ski Club Movies of skiers on white sloping hills were often shown during meetings SPKIDI4 IILB Penny Pettit Joanne Grandstrand Members of the Spade Club whose aim was to help spastic children were frequently found making dolls and other toys Another activity was entertain ing the children at their school SUSAN MCPHERSON BARBARA DANZ DICK HUTCHINGS DOUG WILLIX Advisor President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer rw A .3 ,I J- h ,nv OOKWORM genius nelther one describes most honor soclety mem bers, the scholarly appearance lust IS not rn style lnstead, this ganlzatlon consls s of students, full of life, working to achieve scholarshlp and to gave school servlce These students are recogmzed by the puns they wear The purple emblems wuth one and two bars are worn by the Sopho more and Junior members, respectively Sensors wear the Gold Seal hill ll Slt ll Fnrst Row Susan Anderson Karen Gunnlson lrene Chlkata Kathryn Baba Dorothy Kung Katherine Cross Mary Gates Frances Haroda Namne Furumoto 'oanne Abe Betty Ann Chiba Second Row Jeanne Jones Gayle Cook Barbara Danz Vlrgunna Chung Tozue Kayono Poulme Asaba Harold Jaffe Steve Escame Bob Huroo Third Row Wendy Knudson Ann Kaylor Sharon Hart Beth Full: Pat Feltls Margot David Candy Knowles Dans Eng Vlctar Klhora Akira lchlkowo Fourth Row John Kulander George Komoraya Peter Block Carolyn Berch John Dare Dale lrvme Duck Hutchings Mullan Chrnn Davnd Hassan Fnfth Row Juris Andrelka Dalnls Faltens Bob Blomgren Charlme r teve Hansel up Fr: k Sydney Handlm TW 0 BAR Fnrst Row Carol Freuberg Valerne Chmn Janet lwago Nanci Goldsmldt Barbara Brandt Judy Aronson Pnscllla Chan Sora Botuste Paul Genung Second Row Irene Foy Betty Echngo Joanne Granstrand Elonne French Pat: Desklns Beatnce Corlthers Annette Brazier Mark Helbrunn Dovld Block Ttnrd Row Norma Hurota Coppy Huber Anne Dodd Barbara Hubbard Sharon Callahan Fourth Row Roger Shlnomura Frank Guldseth Alex Jou as y Gerald Beppu Bl I Brend Fu llpl Rnc ar Beekmann Flfth Row Duck Foley Bob Honda Arthur Wong Stuart Schaln Mac Kennedy Brian Mulron Jack Barouh Sxth Row Art Tokohora Rex Alluson Jxm Margolns Don Duwe Bobby Saunders Wayne Gndlo' IIN I4 B All Front Row Grace Kose Theresa dela Cerno Bonme Jo Balagot Betty Hlroo Bettie Dee Bcbalre Jo Ann Baba Janet Kudo Vera Chan Corazon Domondo Cynthia Kan Ruth Matsumoto Klnuko Orye Julianne Otoshl Second Row Sndney Cutler Harold Belmont Barbara Boker Margaret Hall Pam Campbell Janet Kobata Arllne Kang Sonya Habib Sue Frnedmon Sandra Cordova Lmda Maekawo Gall Mukol Thlrd Raw Elizabeth Boulton Winona Haynes Nancy Crogun Wanda Haynes Hnroko lchnkowo Jamce Hoyoshn Lorlta Delma Suzanne Hara Donna Baxter Esther De Leon Jennufer Mosley Kendy MacCcll Fourth Row Bruce Cadwell Bob Haselwood May Klhara Rochelle Blumenthal Betty Fitch Peggy Brlckley Glnny Colcock Horruet Buck Lynn Colvo Martha Kuncaud Mlm: Michael on Fltth Row Stoffon Carlson Bob LaBow John DeBruyn George Du C1 Jerry Oflock Ameluo Hall Luz Holta Duane Brudevold Carolee Danz Grace Mann Ola Mae Mntchell Sixth Row Kenny Barrett Mel Chinn Dennis Francisco Maury Clark Dowd Cordas Evelyn Freeman Beryl Barber Hopkln Chinn Aklhlko Mlhara Seventh Row Stanley Goong Al Pease Alvln Bockman Gordon Chun Davnd Radlnsky Gretchen Mathers Erghth Row Chuck Howard Tom Harader Ken Copher Joe Phllllppay John Mocklnn Paul Mor Ken Morlyosu . i 1' f 5 'lg 4 la I . . . . - . . . . ' . or- . I . . t I . . 1 1 Q 4 L 44 4 X . . V ' . . ' ' , V . l ' F y, s ' , Phill' "n , nf Phyllis Becker, Patricia Jolhnson, Betty Delb, Judy Goslin: kk,' ,iul1al, a'Il', 'hcl v w L 4 4 Q ' , ' , ' ' KATH ERI NE CROSS Eligibility Co-chairman ANN KAYLOR Eligibility Coichairman We JIM MARGOLIS IRENE SHIGAKI PHYLLIS SOULE Publicity Chairman Student Council Publicity Chairman Representative 0CIETY URING all the month of September, the Honor Soclelys three officers and five committee chairmen are found scurrying about in an effort to count eligibility points Membership in this exclusive organization is based upon grade and service points The Senior members must earn one hundred and twelve points to keep their Gold Seals when they graduate This is an honor valued highly by everyone Gill D Sla AI First Row Carol Vnnxng Phyllis Yook Janet Tsuru Arlene Masler Georgia Morrison Toshne Masumato Dolores Nieman Judy Namba Mary Nakagawa Keiko Onye Irene Shugakn Mltsuko Umnno Second Row Vick: Locke Judy Wright Shuzo Takeuchl Dennis Tsubal Alex Shevaller PhllWamba Lynn Pearson Denise Utt Sally Maumon Connie Poon Colleen Brown Third Row Yasuo Toklta Wxnyao Wong Fred McCoy Herb Schoenteld Ted Styllanopoulos Jim Rankin Joyce Orluss Shirley Yuen Grace Neal Betty Von Rotz Fourth Row Doug Wlllxx Ronald Yoshida Alex Rnngstad Ben Takashnma Dave Muller Delroy Richardson Brian Sully Phyllis Soule TW 0 Bill First Row Revko Kuhara Tomoko Kawaguchn Lillian Uena Margie McKenzie Bobbie Kamel Shirley Punchev Huroko Klyonaga Tomlko Tsullhara Judy Poon Pat Locke Janet Woron Gerry Reed Sally Smiles Gerru Tokayoshl Mae Etta Scott Elizabeth Martin Jane Tanaka Aiko Yanaguhara Third Row Carolyn Purnell Pat Sheumaker Hermine Pruzan lyna L le Laura Kung Skaldrlte Krumlns Shirley Warren Anita Maxwell Judy Shulman Fourth Raw Zaya Ll Sarah Mortord Charles Lewis Joan Pickard Betty Wherry Paul Tomita Noruhlko Mlhara Fifth Row Yuzo Toknta Marty Stennhauser Sharon Ostrott Dian O Brien Nancy Schoenteld Akira Mornguchu Sixth Row George Martin Art Kono Gyneth Smith Adelle Sandberg Patti Meves Linda Rotenberg Suzi Williamson Myrtle Wood Seventh Row Mltsuo Kikuchi Lanny Kaneko Ben Kase Bill Volkersz Henry Mar John Stelnhauser Bill Nakashlma Eighth Row Herb Smith Jake Tarlca Jan Storle Greg Vederoff 0X lf HAI! Flrst Row Frank Tsullhara Bert Schreiber Leuda Send Sula Send Jo Ann Morrison Mudge Sunger Bette Woron Amy Sanba Janet Sakamoto Kathleen Tomita Marguerite Luke Maxine Loo Second Raw Gaul Plckerxng Irene Shaun Margorue Omorl Lynne Thomas Mallnda Pangborn Kay Stylnanopoulos Margaret Price Cynthia Spencer Lily Nakao Ellen Numoto Judith Tamaki Third Row Joanne Kanaya Pauline Lee Pauline Woo Judy Leong Hideki Obayashn Barbara Cooper Donna Daven port Carla Van Grues Marlon Tagawa Kaye Nelson Keiko Yanagnhara Fourth Row David Fukui Kenneth Aoki Marlon Tsutsumu Laurie Johnson Masako Nakamura Duane Saltman Eddie Stern Steve Sherman Lynn Wyatt Filth Row Tom Kawahara Pete Eng Norm Furukawa Richard Koyama Gary Levlas Robert Wade Vlc Shlnoda James West Sixth Row Richard Nomura Melvin Buckner Bull O Donnell Jlro Suguro Steve Thal Tum Tucker Harvey Taback Mike Yamashlta Allen Harader Susuml Tsutsuml F' ' , C 4 sr' IN . , . v 1 w 4 L A 1 . I . . . I n . U I I . . , f f , , t . I .. I I . . ' I .I A , D , I , , V , , , - , , , , ' . . I . I . 2 , h f. - , . . , Y A Second Row: Mary Metcalf, Sue Tenney, Kathleen O'Brien, . , t I 5 r I U l I d yt , , , - I l 1 I 1 I . f , , 3 A I -I 1 1 . v 1 A 4 I 5 I. I l r l . 1 . , , V : . . . I . I . . .l , , , , . . r I 4 ' , V t . 5 A .4 .1 I .I , , , U I I 1 r U I I I I I 1 A I Y . I r f. , l . . 1 FALL BOLL IIFFICEB ALF AWAKE the roll presidents stumble Into room 23l every Monday mornung at 8 30 Desplte the time of these early sessions, the representahves manage to conduct an lnformahve meetung, vntal to school government On Tuesday mornnng these messengers report to therr roll the busmess at hand Class and club prolects are generally announced as well as the actlvltles of the Student Council lf ALL BOLL PBILSIDILNTS Front Row Morllee Constantme Vncku Locke Phyllts Yook Kathryn Boba Shurley Pun chev Mudge Snnger Joey Shaun Irene Shaun Grace Kose Theresa dela Cerno Sandy Poloy Second Row Lou Gore Grace Amon Jaette Protette Mollnda Pongborn lynn Jaffe Meltnda Townsend Luz Ho tl Janet Shahan Betty Wndner Jum Hnllnker Thtrd Raw Georgia Ltndstrom Brent Cook Ted Styllonopoulos Peter Block Pot Reedy lshlda Dennis Tsubol Don Wllluoms Ken Bushnell Yasuo Taktta Fourth Row Elsie Lamb Suzu Wullnamson Pnerre Jolly Pete Gohlhoff Bob Spantel ner Don Fusher Herb Schoenteld Allen rader B ll Htl lfth Raw Sam Sadus Sonny Rose Harold Thomas Jerry Bass James McCoy Fred Poulsell INDI I Slfl lKl"l' lllll'S Front Row Mary Spence Francus Harada Tamxko Tsullhoro Mary Nakagowa Pat ynn Dee Rose Barbara Danz Jerry Washal Back Row Kaye Nelson Carolee Danz Mae Etta Scott Donna Baxter Vtrgunlo Chung Pat Ollrnger Barbara Cooper Bettne Dar ne Jackle Mowny Nancy Crogln Akuhtko Mlhoro Thvrd Row Sharon Callahan Nancy Mc anahan on Desklns Verna Hook Shuzo Takeuchl Mark Heulbrunn Arthur Wong Vrctor Lef Fourth Row Penny Pettlt Conwy Huber Sue Tenney Wendy Knudson Wuntord Mc lenon m Margolus Bll Kefauyer Dowd Fukuu Bill I ll XNIQI4 IIS Flrst Row Sidney Cutler Jon White Cynthra Spencer Keiko Yanagthoro Klnuko Olye Cynthto Kan Marlorue Omar: Joanne Abe Bette Woron Eleanor Kosokoff Second Row Delores Gunmont Wng K Wong Darlene Moulanen Hermune Pruzon Harrnet Buck Nornhlko Mlhara Barbara Jean Butler Margaret Cheatham Thrrd Row Rlchard Nakano Lynn Pearson Barbara Maeske Carol Mandas Pattt Meves Daynd Azose Shuzo Takeuchl Yozo Tokuta Patsy Dale Fourth Row lngrl Stang Crndy Know es Stephen Wong Darts Eng Katasht My oraku Charlwe Cadwell Bull Nakashlmo Ken Fukutomu 1 h Row Morttn Walker Bull McGraw Gtlbert Johnson Bill Volkersz ' I 1 1 1 1 1 . L - L ' . , I . I I , Bill ' , 'I ', V ' ' Ha' , i "l. I F ', . 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 4 L A 4 g 4. Locke, Jo Ann Morrison, Carole Wloltin, L . , +I, " . ' ' 1 Cl , P l' ' , ' , C f nt ', ' i , . . . . ' ' I .' ' , 1 . , I . 1 I F ft ' , ' , 82 ACH roll room IS under unique management Every morning except Monday the president calls the class to order 10 read the daily bulletin which announces meetings club protects, and other school activities As soon Os these buts of information have been absorbed a discussion usually follows about anything from grades to games The secre ary takes minutes from these meetings and also records the sales made on tickets and activity cards On Tuesdays the banker dominates the scene by acting as cashier for the thrifty students SI'IllNln INDI I I'llI'SIIlIf NTS Rowe One Judy Wright Bonnie Balagot Cynthia Kan Lucia Sondland Nanci Gold smtdt Namle Furumoto Toshte Masumoto Maltncla Pangborn Vera Chan Kay Stylianopoulos Row Two Tomoko Kawaguchi Belma Hayes a Nelson Sue Tenney S lly Smtes Marge McKenzie Sarah Morford Leila Huber Barbara Cooper Gahlholl Jim Crutchfield Dennis Tsubo: Yuzo Tokita Row Four Sidney Cutles Steve Sherman o n telnhauser Dave ukur Herb Schoenfeld John Bass Bob Wade Sanford Paloy Row Five Yasuo Tokrta James Standlfer Bobby Saunders Phil Frank Melvin Turner David Hassan Roy Dotson Row Six Dan Wright Carver Gayton John Douglas Don Duwe INDI I SI4 IlI"I' lIllIfS Row One lily Nakao Geraldine Watson Duane Smith Jan White Carole Woltln Carol Christie Mary Nakagawa Reiko Krhara Ruth Matsumoto Lynne Thomas Row Two Margot David Grace Mann Llll e Mce Knauls linda Rotenberg Mary D lls Mae Etta Scott Barbara Yamashita Gerry Reed Brenda Fulltpt Joanne Williamson Sandra Miles, Row Three Sue Williamson, Mary Metcalf, Diane Reedy, May Kihara, Georgia Lamb, George Dugan, Alfred Stautfenberg, Hitoshi Nagamatsu, Lonny Kaneko, Shuzo Takeuchi, Bettie Darnell. Row Four Elliott Friedman, David Radinsky, Ro ert Ginsberg, Je Hill, Steve Kaye, Neal Shulman, Bill Cole, Melvin Turner. Illll I ll XNKI' IBS Row One Margaret Hall, Joanne Abe, Billie Dee Bobaire, Consuelo Balagot, Marsha Davis, Terry Ward, Hermine Pruzan, Marcia Cottom, Carolyn Brazier. Row Two Mariorie Omori, Sanaye Toyoii, Betty Wherry, Carrolle air, Carol Mondos, Pat Feltis, Joanne Robin, Coralie Karp, Erdie Wickliffe, Delores Guimont. Row Three Sydney Hodges, Elinor Kosokoft, aurie Johnson, Kendy MacColI, lucy Townsend, Margaret Cheatham, Lynn Pear! son, Judy Goslin. Row Four Harry Jackson, John Steinbrecker, Bo Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Harold Deutsch, Bob Hiroo, Stephen Wong. - 1 I 1 1 n A A A H- 1 AL YV 1 - 1 - . 1. 4- t Pt , ,' Q 'I f Row Three Ken Bushnell, Pat Reedy, Pete in s ' , ' F 3 ' . . .' I ' I 4 If ' V , ' 3 , A . l . b o . . . I . F l b XXI SJ X 2 ,.-Xa-Q ...E X g 5 , XXX!! ,175 if X 1 f , P ' I X' . I l 1 3 , Xxyx , l U PBODUCTIONS NE Ot THE most fasclnatlng creatures ot the waterfront as the starfrsh lt holds the same attractron to beach combers that stage productions and literary productrons hold to Garfleldltes The pride of a publlcatron or the fame of their names an prmt attracts the ambntlous to become part of the world Show busmess also has something rnfecteous about at The excitement of opennng nught or the thrrll of applause brrngs many students to the Garfield spotlight lf-'X ot deadlines, galley sheets, and typewriters. Q ILL and SCn0LL OURS of wrmng, plannrng, copyreadmg or other laborious tasks merlt membershup In the Qurll cmd Scroll Each semester, outstclndung lournalusts from the three school publlcahons display therr newly acqulred puns as members of thus snternahonal honorary organlzatron These busy students are generally found workrng with galley sheets, layouts, and manuscripts for a better Arrow Messenger, or Pen Bottom Row Janet Fukuda Janet Melby Janet Tsuru Susan Anderson Kathryn Baba Row Two Sue Wllllamsan Pat Feltls Cxndy Knowles lngrl Stang Raw Three Aklra lchlkawa Stexe Escame Pete luke Row Four Wendy Knudson Mullan Chlnn Sue Krnney Row Five ADVISORS Marte C Saeman Warren Hazzard Mary Ethel Dnxon Absentees Barbara Danz Margot Davnd and Mary Metca .---.-..,...,.., aig hail:-it :img H5545 , , . 5 1 1 1 I - I I l , l , l I ' - I l l , ' , . I , I , . 1 l : , l . , . ' . : , ' , lf. as 'Q -at ,W W s 'S Yfsg my ' f . ,g , , 4 .Y I 5, rs . l - . x ' .. ,I W nv 5 , , we sf' me at get as WINYAO WONG Co edlfor BRUW MARIE C. SAEMAN Advisor Wu.. 'Winn- HE PRODUCING of a successful annual constituted the herculnan task of the Arrow Staff Assemblmg every fufth perlod the staff members flrst were Informed of their separate tasks each of vlta an Intensive work Importance Every posntlon required mgenulty perseverance The Arrow s debut nllustratmg the memorues of the school year nn art photographs and prose was longmgly awauted on Purple White Day by the students and faculty SUE KINNEY Co edttor I I-sz" Www WE VE GOT TO MAKE THAT DEADLINE' . X an We l K fy 5 U . ire 'S f f 'TTT A K gzwl I ' I 1 l - , , , . . . I I I I ' -Q ar' '4- "f0w. . k lx . ..- I l fl ' Q ,WW- A 'ZLL c I my 3' ., t ' L. Z , W.. :1'l:1i,5:VKis MLA , mxxxiw t h T T, JANET FUKUDA DON DUWE MARGOT DAVID RAELENE GOLD Artist Business Manager Copy Copy llBOW EHIND the drawn, black shade of room 2l3 Arrow productlon continued day after day The editors assembled the dummy cmd made deadline schedules for all maternal The artist drew sketches about the theme, whale copy editors created clever words of descruptlon Production and personnel managers attemp ed to construct layouts that were both orngmal and Inexpensive The sports edutors were seen dashlng to the darkroom and back collecting glossy prints of athletnc players Surrounded by cardboard pictures and slnde rules, the layout techmcxans then arranged and pasted each page were BOB LUKE GREG VEDEROFF Photographer Photographer 4613. MARY METCALF SUE WILLIAMSON PIERRE JOLLY FRED PAULSELL Productions Productions Boys Sports Boys Sports .pun DICK FOLEY PETER LUKE JANET MELBY SUE TENNEY Layout Technician Layout Technlcran Senior Personnel Freshman Sophomore and Junior Personnel TAFI? QUIPPED with camera, flashlughts and slldes the Arrow photographers snapped countless films of grinning faces In classrooms and halls Luggmg their paraphernalna to the grldlron and basketball courts, they captured those never to be forgotten plays The cameramen then preserved the precnous fulm untll It could be developed an the secluded darkroom Despite unfavorable weather condntnons and necessary reshootmg schedules, they labored on untul the last 'mnute .Ugg BILL VOLKERSZ DOUG WlLLlX Photographer Photographer --N YUM 'Q-V TAZUE KIYONO NAMIE FuRuMoTo Mnsuxo UMINO A DROODLEI Girls Sports Typist Typist WARREN HAZZARD AKIRA lCHlKAWA WLNDY KNUDSON Advrsor Managmg Editor E lftor HE CLOCK strlkes l2 45 the managmg edltor rises, Mr Hazzard smiles and suddenly room 209 becomes sllent Any copy coming an today'9 Okay group meetings lmmedlately the Messenger staff bursts unto actlvlty Edntors assngn stones copyreaders lament over the errors an the galleys and a cub reporter ponders over how to get the 5 Ws unto hrs lead Exactly 'fifteen minutes later, half the staff charges out the door headed for the lunchroom STEVE ESCAME AD STAFF CAROLYN BERCH Ad Manager Left to Right Jerrle Peach Barbara Kosokoff Assistant Ad Manager W-4 'Q Mar SUSAN ANDERSON JEAN ROLLINS PAT WINSTON NADINE PRUZAN DELOPES BERKUS Chief Copy Editor CINDY KNOWLES Typlsts Assistant Copy Editors NEWS STAFF Front Gayle Cook Marty Gornll Eumce Lewus I GIVE Up' Back Georgia Komorlya Marne Chlocchxo lngrl Stang Georgia Llndstrom Yasuo Toklta : , . , . ,, . . . ,, . A . , . - I , . . I - I . : . I ' . 3 S Beg: - ... 1 ffl- , ,f age 1 LX, of L ..: , 4 . N 32 M., 'rw . , , , . X I , l , . l . : U D I A V . I U I , . .wt , s -an CAROLYN JONES NEAL SHULMAN BARBARA BELL Assistant Edator Assistant Editor Crrcu ation and Exchange Edrtor ESSE GER EHIND the bars of the Messenger ofhce the task of producmg the next weeks Mess as always In progress Durmg the afternoon, these would be lournallsts are constantly laboring to complete their duties How ever, the staff also enloys many convement facnlltles, mcludmg a radlo hummung the coolest huts, hot and cold runmng water, and a prlvate tele phone These attractuons help to allure Journalusm I students unto becomnng part of the Finest Mess Ever BUSINESS STAFF JOANNE ROHRBAUGH Front Row Left to Right All Cnty Kathryn Baba JOYCE SANSBURN Business Manager Joanne Abe Paulme Asaba Bu mess Manager Back Row Carol Vlnlng Duane Reedy tg PAT FELTIS FEATURE STAFF MARILEE CONSTANTINE Feature Editor Left to Rrght Georgla Llndstarm, Bnan Callahan, Barbara Assistant Feature Edrtor Danz, Georgia Morrison HAROLD JAFFE SPORTS STAFF BOB ARONSON Sports Editor Left to Rrght Bob Saunders, Jae Saxon, Sonny Rose, Assvstant Sports Editor Dave Hassan, Larry Barokas WARREN HAZZARD WENDY KNUDSON INGRI STANG Advisor Managing Editor Editor PBI IRST the eager reporter covers has beat, gathermg the facts, but thus IS lust the beglnmng The news must then be wrrtten In good form and typed When the page editor has checked the story he sends It on to the copy staff The story havung been corrected, now acqunres an eye catchung headlme Approval by the managing editor hastens the story on for the sanctlon of the scrutamzlng Mr Hazzard JUNE KROM AD STAFF JOE SAXON Ad Manager Barbara Bell Marsha Davls Assistant Ad Manager CINDY KNOWLES COPY STAFF TYPISTS Copy Editor Bobble Kamel Pat Wulson Morgue McKenzle Pat MCTTIWCOTHCY Carole Taylor fm, News STAFF BACK PAGE GAYLE COOK Front Row Sarah Mortard Sharon Callahan Re to Krhara Arleen Kelsler Pro DeCa'1o Anlta Maxwell Rosle DeLeon Charles Lew s Asslslcnl Edllor Back Row Patrlcla Johnson Pat Shuemaker Pat: Desklns I . ' I . , ' , I I f 1 - 1 1 ff rf , 'F' Wi 14' wh W -M 1. -Q? 1 , W , V , x. 'Q . ' KC ' , ' , 1 'lf'-L" :ii wif GEORGE KOMORIYA PAT FELTIS BARBARA BRANDT Assrstanl Editor Clrculatron and Exchange Editor Assistant Circulation and Exchange Editor ESSENGEB FTER the revused copy reaches the prmter, It IS set up on green and whute galley sheets The whlte sheet IS hung on the bulletm board among old puctures, to be lmtlaled by the orlgmal author The green galley ns cut and pasted on a dummy sheet The 'hnal attempt for accuracy IS made Thursday mornnng when the edutors examme the omon sknns O Friday the story appears for the furst tame In newsprlnt to be read by all nts avnd readers BUSINESS MANAGERS BUSINESS STAFF Leff ,O Rfghy Carol Vmmg Kathryn Baba Joyce Sans Front Row left to Rnght Huroko Kuyonaga Penny Pettnt b Barbara Yamashnta um Back Row Lett to Rught Brenda Fnllspu Paul Tomlta 'ft ,-sua BARBARA DANZ FEATURE STAFF MARTY GORRILL Front Row Nanci Goldsmldt Mary Metcalf Gerry Reed Feanne Edllor Back Raw Bull Volkersz, Lynn Dee Rose Janet Woran Asslslanl Feature Editor BOB SAUNDERS SPORTS STAFF STEVE ESCAME Sporgs Educ, Front Row Brlan Callahan John Steunhauser Rex Allnson Ass,-gfanf Sporfs Ed,f0, Back Row Gene Carlson Paul Genung, Pete Gahlhoff B xl FALL PEN DICK HUTCHINGS BARBARA DANZ INGRI STANG MARY ETHEI. DIXON JANET TSURU CAROLYN JONES Assistant Editor Editor Business Manager Advisor INDY KNOWLES Publicity Editor Copy Editors STAFF Left to Rlght Sandy Drellung Coppy Huber Betty Echugo Peter Martln WHAT S UP PENLQCK9 Barbara Brandt Llllle Mae Knauls Marllee Constantine ARFIELD S amateur poets and novelists start thenr flrst steps toward a best seller when their wrltlng appears ln the Pen Thus magazine, produced each semester, IS composed of many student selectlons which are assembled by a staff of worthy pudges Near the end of each deacllme, many students are seen wlrh pencll In hand busily wntmg thelr contrlbutuon to the lnterary world . I I , Arxk f ' 1 5 N t ' ii I l s K tw. in my I 4 . : I I I l . I . . ! , I b 94 PBI G PE S THESE manuscrlpts flow m, the Pen staff works furiously, copy readlng and ludglng them Each one IS debated untll the fmal declslon IS made yes, no, or revlslon The day of dnstrubuhon, a guarded secret as awaited with hopeful thoughts by each contributor Although these authors are no Hemungways, they recelve Garfield s Pulltzer Pruze, theur selechon nn print LlLllE MAE KNAULES COPPY HUBER MARY ETHEL DIXON BETTY ECHIGO PETER MARTIN Business Manager Editor Advlsor City Edriors STAFF Front Row Mlm: Mlchoelson Joanne Robin Nadme Pru an Jo Ann JUST LOOKING Morrison Back Row Cynthua Kun Brenda Fnllupl Norma Hlroto Betty Delo Alex Rlngstad Wang Wong , Y feffef' "Q""" First Row: Frank Guldseth. Mike Storie, John Macklin, Delores Guimont, Lorita Delma, Elizabeth Martin, Randy Miller. Second Row: Charles Buren, Alex Joukousky, Conley Hamilton, Mac Kennedy, Don Williams, John O'Francia, Gerry Takayoshi, Pio DeCano, Richards Beekman, Etta Ward, Ken Copher, Alvin Reash, Mel Epstein. Third Row: Ron McAllister, Darrow Kruse, Liz Boulton, Sharon Okazaki, Carlton Williams, Barney Hillard- Johnny Allen, James McCoy, Alvin Backman, Tom Kennedy, John Takazawa, Allan Holt, Bill O'Donnell, Stun Ccxlvo. Standing: Paul Devereaux, Don Batiste, Duncan Bayne, Dave Holden, Jake Tcrika, Jack Borough, Ronnie Simon. 4 3 0BCI-IESTB U TRIKE UP THE BAND!" Our Garfield band responds to this command with vivacious tunes at our pep assemblies, while classical music is saved for special performances. During football season, the band is frequently found plowing through the mud during rainy Seattle weather in order to perfect half-time entertainment for the games. Shoe soles are worn thin while the members are stepping high in the Santa Clause and the invitational Wenatchee Parades. The Garfield band is one of which we are proud as we watch them perform difficult maneuvers to rhythmic music. AN OZART, Bach, and Foster are sometimes caught and held by the ear as the Garfield orchestra puts lo life the masterpieces of long ago. These and con- temporary works are so vividly expressed that everyone enioys the so-called "high- brow" music. Not limited to the classics, the orchestra includes in its program current hits of the day. Funfest brings many headaches to frantic musicians. A few weeks previous to opening night, the band members, while arranging and practicing the selections, are slaves to music. The Mid-Winter Concert, however, is the orchestra's shining moment, when the players appear in formal attire to perform like real troupers in the great field of music. First Row: Richard Nakano, Carol Freiberg, Mary Nakagawa, Frank Guldseth, Phyllis Clark, Barbara Maeske, Barbara Hubbard. Second Row: Lorita Delma, Peggy Buckley, Mike Storie, Kenny Oaki, Elizabeth Martin, Delores Guimont, Johnny Allen, James McCoy, Manuel Schreiber, Randy Miller, Ken Culver. Third Row: Beatrice Carithers, Malinda Pangborn, Richards Beekman, Manuel DeCano, Larry Rodgers, Art Takahara. Standing: Pam Campbell, Carla VanGries, Ron Simon, Jack Borough, Bill Griffith, David Block. Cllllll GBO HOUSANDS of musucal notes dance down Garfneld s halls every second and thrrd perlod The O shaped mouths of the chorus produce harmonnzed song an practuce for commg musncal programs Gowned nn blue choir robes the large chorus fills the auditorium with song Music of all descruptuons IS absorbed by auduences of assemblues and larger productions such as Mud Wlnter Concert and Operetta The Nonette and Boys Quintet composed of the most talen ed members may never be stars of the Metropolttan Opera but, nevertheless, they please their audlence NONETTE BOYS QUINTET Mr Cook Georgia Morrlson Elsle Lamb Sheila Prmce Mackey Goldforb Ronnne Height Behel Hunt Steve Rosemary Van Zandt Irene Chskata Cloudlo Hansel Tom Kennedy Boulton Vero Neufeld Joanne Rohrbaugh Hlroko lchlkawa Margaret Cheatam Row One: Irene Chikata, Billie Jean Purdy, Lucy Townsend, Carole Wolfin, Sharon Fisher, Elsie Williams, Diane Smith, Lynn Jaffe, Nancy Cragin, Lynn Dee Rose, Sally Smiles, Edwi na Ross, Marilee Constantine, Carole Mitchell. Row Two: Janet Melby, Rose Marie Van Zant, Pat Stalhut, Una Mayes, Judy Johnson, Carol Mandas, Donna McQuaid, Marva Hayne, Mary Metcalf, Pat Winston, Mae Etta Scott, Margaret Hunter, Norma Brooks, Mary Spence. Row Three: Loretta Knauls, Georgia Lamb, Shirley Manson, Leila Huber, Nancy Gadberry, Lorraine Gossett, Bud Crockett, Jim Dykeman. Carver Gayton, Sonny Rose, Elsie Lamb, Sheila Prince. Row Four: Winford McClenon, Tommy Kennedy, John Gray, Eddie Phillips, Graham Wills, Bill Cole, Sammy Angel, Bob Spanfelner, Charles Buren, Dan Finch. Row One Dorothea Cola Dorothy Cola Vera Neufeld Georgia Morrison Lois Gore Carrolle Fair Gloria Ferrell Sally Clement Joyce Sansburn Dolores Nieman Margaret Price Connie Neukirch Manette Coleman Margaret Cheatham baugh Doris Bentler Susan Studebaker Dianne Brudevold Joann Thomas Flora Wilder Row Three Margaret Cater Marty Gorrill Patsy Dale Gay Diamond Sue Myers Hope Allen Fannie Mitchell Row Four Ronny Height Johnny Allen William Bryant Micky Goldfarb Harry Moscatel Bob Hasson Doug Steinhauser Tall Ellis Alex Ringstad Mike Jue Row Two: Shirley Fanning, Patricia De Groff, Mary Giddens, Dana Dodds, Maxine King, Claudia Boulton, Joanne Rohr- UN FEST 1956 ROUPS of performers, costumed and made up awalt thelr cues by smgrng talkmg, and playmg games Ln the lunchroom before the annual Funfest A performance tlme grows near, each acquures excutement commonly known as stage frrght Hours of trual by error practices are evndent as the entertainers perform luke stars of Broadway To the theme of Confldentlally U S A talented entertalners present wltty lokes skllled chorus Innes, and expressnve muslc to please thenr auduence JOHN MAXEY Front Row DELORES GUIMONT Musuc JANET MtLEY Co student Dlrector SUE WILLIAMSON Advlsor Program JUDY GOSLIN PUblICllY LUCY TOWNSEND Program SALLY SMILES Publucuty Back Row CHARLIE FRY Co student Director DICK FOLEY Scrupt AKIRA 'CHlKAWA Artist FRANK GATES Stage Mika CHARLIE FRY JANET MELBY STAGE cREw Cosludenf D'fef'0fS Front Row JIM HATFIELD RONALD cHLN MR KING Advnsor AKIHIKO MIHARA JEANLE JONES PAT OLLINGER GAYLE GAuTHuN Make UP C"U"f"'-H' sack Row FRANK BURTON BURTON HANSON GORDON GOLLIET FRANK GATES Stage Manager DONALD SELTZ - I I .L TT LL 1 - .L - . . . . , , . 3 1 2 ' 1 ' I 1 2 1 1 1 P 1 - I 1 T J 1 7 - 1 2 , . A A Lv ,N X 11. M ai N L 5 Ak , 5 'A 'Xt ' L 'th 1 ' r 1 1 . 1 i 1 , . 5 I r I 1 .g l WALKING DOLL SPOTLIGHT PER FORMERS MONITOR ORCHESTRAL REPRESENTATION PRUDENCE NICKEL MIDNIGHT PASS EAST MEETS WEST MIXED-UP SHAKESPEARE Q!! HITS THROUGH THE YEARS TRAVEL SESSION MOULIN ROUGE 459755 7 9, STINKY SKUNK A,-. Ns 'T' UMMM ME AND MY MEN HIITS E 0Tl-I WAS CAROLYN WESTPHALEN Drrector formances The bus those two BRENDA FILLIPI Mrs Abigail Abbott a wrdow ANITA MAXWELL Susan her daughter SANDY SHINDELL Lorne LINDA ROTENBERG Sylvia JIM GRANT Professor Michaels reaches zoology MARTY STEINHAUSER Bunny NANCI GOLDSMIDT Clara VERA NEUFELD Helen lj., NEAR disaster sux Inches of snow 'fell the day before the opemng mght of Mother Was a Freshman Mlraculously Fruday morning this whlte peril melted promlslng a large attend ance for both Fruday and Saturday nughts per lest and most actlve spot In Garfleld nights was not the stage but eight square feet ot floor space servmg as a dressing room To outsiders It mlght seem lmpossnble that these young stars could fund their clothes dress and ra ba ce n tame for their cues Nevertheless they appeared 'faultlessly groomed before a thoroughly apprecn atlve audnence ck to the stage I who DAVID BLOCK MARSHA DAVIS Marge GERRY REED Prompter LILLIE MAE KNAULS Mrs Miller housemother fd u VD gtg 9 ,f I 1 it I if 5 I jfs , A T 5.53 f 'W' I E N 'S I . 4 FS , ' Y ',., I .. ...HHH .. ,, HI. , M.. 56 55 .L ,.--V 1: In ' ' ' 42 A h . . . ' , . . . ' - I ,1 I A.,. I," . I f - V3 Av ' ' I . . . , . . I X . I .Q I 3 '- 'N l ' ' vt fl 511 ,es . jst 5 0 :ll y', stc etts fa? , - , CAN T YOU SEE IM STUDYING9 IM GOING TO STAY RIGHT HERE I VE GOT YOU NOW A FBES OTHER WAS A FRESHMAN is a three act comedy about Mrs Abigail Abbott a very attractive widow who enters Pointer College where her daughter Susan is a sophomore Confusion arises when Ab gall is charmed by the attentions of a certain Professor Michaels who is also the idol of her impetuous daughter After many dnf ficult situations Susan realizes that the professor loves Abigail The climax finds them in each other s arms, danc- ing romantically. a widow At the traditional reception for senior parents after the play, representations of school activities were displayed and refreshments we re served to the music of the school or- chestra. Sylvia SUE ASIA Bunny DYNNE HAYES "if 2 Marge .lack ELSIE LAMB 2 5 J 5 E S 6 2? JUNE KROM Clara MARION MATHISON Mrs. Abigail Abbott DONNA MCQUAID Susan, her daughter BETTY VON ROTZ Student Director HAROLD SADIS Dean Gillingham, Dea of Pointer College HARVEY FUSON Bobo DENISE UTT Carrie AL STAUFFENBERG Bill MICHAEL GOLDFARB Howie CURTIS COONROD i ii '?- 6 PARKER COOK RAYMOND JOHNSTON EVA JURGENSOHN WILMA LIND Choral Director Music D rector Dance Production Stage Co ord nator III WI TER C0 CERT HUSH went through the audience as Mr Johnston Iafted has baton for musuc and the Mud Wmter Concert began The orchestra set the mood for hstenung with a classucal number followed by lighter tunes from the Chorus and the Band Spnrutuals square dances marches and chamber music gave space to the program To the pace of the orchestra a group of gurls danced across the stage with the greatest of ease DANCIN ROUND REACHIN HIGH We H' TWO S A TEAM ALL DOLLED UP FOR DANCING UPERETTA HE ANNUAL Operetta held In May was produced and performed by the GarfIeId chorus under the dIrectIon of Mr Cook SpecIaIIzed dancers added SPICE to the performance The style of RIo RIta Influenced a Spanush mood as the sIngers swayed In brIghtIy colored costumes Carousel a famous selectIon was sung In GIbson GIrI and saIIor boy attIre and swIftIy changed moods For a modern seIectIon VIncent Yeoman s song styles rendered a bIt of romance for the young In the Spflng In formal wear the chorus took grateful bows for satIsfIeId applause as the curtaIn fell on the 1956 Operetta LORETTA KNAULS MARY HELEN MARIAN MATHISON GEORGIA LYNN sI-IEIIA PRINCE MOIWSON VERA NEUFELD Rose MARIE SONGSTERS WE JOANNE EIsIE WILLIAMS VAN ZANT ROHRBAUGH WW 'QS' BEM 2. I N' "tiff-rr i -Er sv, N . TL, cj is , "" 'w5fIa3f'Ifl x - L ,.: 4 vs' H ,N Q K VX 7 3 ' ' 7 :,v :EU .,.".. 55:11, -""'- 2 A- ': ,I K wr 2 Q 4 ...,.A I I If ffl I I r s ,I rg - A I X , Q NX 1 fi..-1 ....,, . . I ' 5 I I " ' W 1 MQ gg f " ' 2 "' I WI I wif --:'R'vR -. ' 5' I . 5 Wftife' 1 ,ar wt Q 1 N3 lr If l 'rn CHUCK DODGE MICKEY GOLDFARB TOM KENNEDY EDDIE PHILLIPS ALEX RINGSTAD GRAHAM WILLS .1 H XZ .N POBT HE THPILL of playung a f h the prrde of a good catch he rnvlgoratnon f the s lt ar each fusherman receives has own pleasures .rom thus sport Lnkewnse each Garfield athlee reaps undrvrdual rewards on the battleflelds Ol physical competition e all T benchwarmer s sat: 'hed with the f 0' compe stron frlendshuo and excl ement 9 X ' Es , ' , 6 ' ' .' o a i - ' . . L . . L . .. For the hero of the season, fame, awards, and glory ar his. he " " i 's' ' un SITY GERALD OWMA Guard T O S H 1 G U c r d H A R O L D J A FF E H e cz d M a n o g e I AQ 7 53: f f B 0 B J U E G u a r d WILUAM enwwr End 'WOT' CLUB TROPHY "'s...MN..,- .1 PlERRE JOLLY Cerner -W1 '.11..' f w.aff4."Ef'S,..? 'SWEDEN LXNDQUIST Head Couch if ft Wg Q 19' fefff, P, 5 uw 3 I Si' S 41 KJ inf J Q tx 'ff-Jn" . f. x -'V Aww! JQHN BOPTANO Coach 'g KEN BUSHNEH Quarterback Domus Hoses TCM FOLEY End Tackle 4 .. Jax il. Z . K TV Www z r. ff 5 ffa V--V i 'I f s 2, -:ff: K . ..., ,Q f Ag' g K if -4 BILLY USHIDA ALEX SHEVAUER Inspirations! Scholasiic A-HACi!y AHfCi7y 42' CARVER GAYTON Coptcun A!!fCi1y HAROLD HALEY Hoffbock , S15 X . NALCSDLM UNDQV453- 'femief FO0TBALL HENRY sms Tockfe BILL COLE End I 1 A CARL womens Tcckfe f, Q ff, L LM CRUTCHFLELD in EL . Holfback 15 ff' f - A gl' it : E ROY oorsozw , , . ..,.,.,,.,.,b.. Hcmmk is we A' Y ' f' "': H a- ' L A L rf V J ' in - J' yt ,.,. , JOHN srsaNHAusER GM: QDDER T cklef cc e Aichi AH-Chy Coach t tf? SQ 'P' A , ' L' wa ' L CHARLEE CHRLSTENSON Quarterback Azz of, ,Agua A-Q, '3 3 'M-,. X if' """"h AL MAR Cerner HM HILLIKER 4 Manager KDHN BASS WQLSON End Coach Allfxfy GERALD MOWAT Guard N MJ! W... s I ,Z .M PHIL FRYNK my Honbm M:c:HnGAN "ON"'QfCffj"0NS ALUMNI TROPHY f ALVIN RESCH .FUHQJCJCIC 'E A M if 'fn affix' Wi sf' . Q ' ' .., sr-'Z 1- f ,mr . ,kg -,K ' '5 35 my -f X ff 2 Y Yarsily Standings Yarsily Games Se-cond Tr-alll Third TI'alll W. L. GARFIELD ....,, ..,A., ,, 7 O Franklin ,.,.,,,,,,,,.A,,,A..,, 5 2 Ballard ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,, 4 3 Queen Anne ,,,.,,...,,,,, 4 3 Cleveland ,...,....,,,. ..... 3 4 Roosevelt ,.,.,........ ...... 2 5 Lincoln ..................,.,... 2 5 West Seattle ,,.,,,.....,,, O 7 GARFIELD OPPONENTS 20 Cleveland 7 19 West Seattle 0 20 Lincoln O 27 Franklin l8 6 Ballard 0 12 Roosevelt 6 l4 Queen Anne 6 I4 Lake Washington O West Seattle .,.,, GARFIELD ........,, ,. Queen Anne Lincoln ,.,.,,,.,.,,,A... Roosevelt ..,..,..,.,.,. Ballard ,,......,...,..,, Cleveland ..,.......... Franklin .....,.......... GARFIELD ,.... Roosevelt ..,,,, Lincoln, .,..,,,,. West Seattle Franklin ,,a...,. Cleveland ..... Queen Anne Ballard ..,,.,... SECO and THIRD TEAM left to Right, First Row: Luther Thomas, Bob Bushnell, John Steinbecker, Larry Corpus, Vic Shinoda, Gerald Okuma Charlie Cadwell, Archie Smith. Second Row: Alvin Resch, Jim Crutchfield, Tetsuo Miyata, Billy Nakashima, David Brown, Tom Hollis, Robert Williams Third Row: Bill Hill, Bill Wright, Donald Hobbs, Tom Foley, Dick Foley, Haley Lake, Bill Stokes. Left to Right First Row Ardess Hunter Willie Minor Charles Harris Emanuel Taylor Charles Howard Paul Mar Ron Holden Jim Pipkin James Washington Robert Labow Second Row Pat Brennan Joe Lewlnsohn Bob Haselwood Donald Ohashl Lynn Wyatt David Radlnsky Ken Copher Allen Harader John Wisdom Allen Pease Tom Harader Bruce Cadwell Third Row John DeBruyn Ernest Dzurlck Coach Robert Render Alvin Klndrlcks John Zapata Vincent Navea James Standlfer Willie Davis Harris Spnncin Felton Hall Columbus Lowe Lonnie Matthews Pat Reedy Bruce Wilson Coach 51 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ITY T S SO INTERESTING? 0 sf' X., fm tm!! MP HIANK INSIEE Ccwmn JOHN BASS Guard ,N I I 'Vs mlm. 3 I , :.s I II I PFTE GAHIHOFF Quaid DELROY RICHARDSON forward GENE LARISON Mcmnqf 4 IK' fe- ph. nn, Vw my BOB SAUNDERS Forward ii' W, 4 cj I N ! T55 F3 'J .Dfw ,ir s ASKETB LL ' BOB TATE Head Coach JOE GAUFF Center Allfify Second Team HM CRUTCHFIELD Guard DAVE HOLDEN Center Coptom Al15mre Honorable Mention All-City ME g 2 6 fe in ,,., -'A' Tom Hows M Z7 Guard ,Q ' All City Honorable Mention L :ii 5 L f 1 I L 1 l wwf Forward W l HARLAN NEWSOM Manager , I Wveyhrgwqfygfqwv-ff SEASIDN STANDINGS W. L. Lincoln ,........ ,,.. 1 3 1 CARFIELD ,...,,, 1 1 3 Franklin ,.,A,,,,,,, ,AAA 8 6 Queen Anne ,,,... ,,,. 7 7 West Seattle ,, .. 7 7 Bollord .......,. 6 8 Roosevelt ..,,,,,,, 4 10 Cleveland A.,,,,,, O 14 GARI E SCUIIES GARFIELD OPPONENTS 65 Cleveland 46 43 Queen Anne 37 66 Roosevelt 53 56 West Seattle 43 61 Lincoln 68 51 Franklin 47 58 Ballard 60 60 Queen Anne 52 61 Cleveland 43 44 West Seattle 49 57 Roosevelt 45 58 Franklin 46 71 Lincoln 66 48 Ballard 45 115 SECO and TIIIBD TEAM SEITDND TEARI TIIIIID TEADI STANDINGS STANDINGS W L. W. L. Lincoln ,,..,.,.,......,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I4 O GARFIELD ..,,.,,,,,,,, ,.,,,..........A l 4 O Roosevelt ......,....,.,,,,,,.,,,.,. ...A l O 4 Lincoln ..,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ........,..,..., 9 5 GARFIELD ,..,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, .,,..AA,., 8 6 Roosevelt ,,..,,....,.,...........,...,,. 9 5 Ballard ...,..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,... , ...., 7 7 West Seattle., ..,,...,..,,,,..,.,,, . 8 6 Franklin .,,,,,,,,,,,,, - A,,, ,,..,, 7 7 Ballard .,.,...,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 6 8 West Seattle, ,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 9 Queen Anne ,,,, , ,,,,,,,...,. 5 9 Queen Anne ,.,. ,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,. 3 ll Franklin ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,, .,,.. .... 3 ll Cleveland.., , ,,,, , ,,,,,..,. ,..., 2 I2 Cleveland ,,,,,. , ...,..,,,., 2 l2 Front Row: Charles Christenson, Claude Barrows, Malcolm Lindquist. Back Raw: Bob Tate, Coachg Fred Paulsell, George Sauer, Tom Foley. Fron Row Richard Teppner Charles Gulley Ed Boyd Thurman Edmondson George Stewart Second Row Victor Lef Manager Harris Sprlncln Edgar Vilumsan Bill McGraw Joe Henderson Ken Culver Columbus Lowe Frank lnslee Coach Back Row Mel Chinn Manager Billy Rice Art Hunter Tate Jackson Richard Furukawo Richard Nomura 4 , ' ' - 1 1 1 1 - I 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 , . 5 1 I 1 1 1 1 - KTM? V RSITYA MMM ASEBALL ERNIE DZURICK Coach TOM KO PIERRE JOLLY CHARLIE JORDAN ROBERT KRISOLOGO BOB BLOMGREN ROY DOTSON TOMMY JOHNSON ARTIE GLASS AL PEMBLETON GEORGE SLEMMONS DAVE HAUGLAND Manager CHARLIE CHRISTENSON DWAYNE RONESS EDDIE JORDAN JOHN NEWCOMB JOE LAINS WHEEEEE HES HAD HIS WHEATIES' VARSITI G AME SCIIIIES STAN DIWGS Franklm Ballard GARFIELD Queen Anne West Seattle Lmcoln Roosevelt GARFIELD OPPONENTS Roosevelt West Seattle Lmcoln Franklm Queen Anne Ballard Roosevelt West Seattle Lmcoln Franklm Queen Anne Ballard HE l955 BASEBALL season had a damp begunnmg as the opening game between Garfield and Ballard was ralned out Then the sun began to shine for the Bulldogs as they success fully topped Roosevelt West Seattle and Lmcoln After losmg a thrlller to Franklm the Pups edged past Queen Anne and Ballard The Roosevelt West Seattle and Lmcoln games all brought dlsaster but the Bulldogs succeeded In wmnlng over Queen Anne at thelr funal league game Thus wm earned Garfneld a chance to a play off wlth Ballard for second place posntlon In the playoff game lady luck was absent for the Bulldogs slnce Ballard won 2 0 A v A . w. L. 15 1 b ------...Aw'-w,--,-----.---.,..A,wA 9 2 4 2 8 4 2 ' l . ,,,,,..,.,.....,,s ,.,,.,,,,.,, 7 5 3 ' 6 7 5 9 8 Cleveland .................,..,,,,. ...... 5 7 3 2 4 7 0 2 - 4 8 1 a 3 9 4 ' 5 3 ' 2 a 4 0 2 1 I D ' I ' l 1 ' I , . , ' . WHERE S THE BALL'-' Q 3 gan H Vi W3 Y. wwma X Was! 'JM had is 2 """"l'v"' lib-uw-w..+ we T9 From Row Roberl Wade Ronme Sumon Larry Corpuz Bob Johnson Harold Jaffe 120 Back Row Tom Hollus Jum Budlong Malcolm Llndqulsl Gerald Mowcf John Bass Harvey Fuson SECO ASEB LL SFFIIND Tlx ANI ST AN DIN GS Franklin Wesl Seattle GARFIELD Lmcoln Queen Anne Ballard Roosevelt Cleveland Won Tae Loss 9 0 3 9 O 3 7 l 4 5 I 4 5 O 5 4 0 8 3 O 8 2 O 9 GOLF 7 ff tlvn, -aff -,,,, W NB? 'Y .ff of Timex S W Aw g . L, X M I ,Kamik X75 , M -in xt' ',,:- 3 E 2' is .K mjwmp ,..t of KY An! if Q N we ill! W . t :fx Ls f , 'fflfx ss t DUNLQP Coach Lattin, Bill Lochow, Hal Sadis, Fred Paulsell, Manager Margolis, Bill Davidson, Dick Singer, Eb Carlson, Neil Mill, John Douglas, John Miller, Hitoshi Nagamotsu. HE Garfield golf team ended an exciting season, resting in fourth place, regardless of the fact that they had only three returning letter- men. Losing their first match to Roosevelt, they then went on to win over Cleveland, Queen Anne, Ballard, and West Seattle. Their winning streak was ended by the champion Lincoln squad. The final game with Franklin was close, but the Quakers won it, taking third place. ln the All-City contest, Eb Carlson placed seventh with Bill Lockow tying for the eighth spot. The team is expected to be a first-place contender this season because of its seven returning lettermen. SEASOX'S STANDING Lincoln ,.,,..,.. ....,. 7 0 Roosevelt ......... ....,. 6 l Franklin ...,.,., ....,. 5 2 GARFIELD ......,. ...... 4 3 Queen Anne... .... .. 3 4 West Seattle .,.... ..s.,. 2 5 Ballard ........, ...... l 6 Cleveland ...,... . ...... 0 7 l2l xl' , in :ttf A ki 0. m JW' iv 'T 3 s mx , r w Q. vl- fl-M 4... ,.. V ar N is ,,. 'it Y 1 Q X R Z G U., A ' 'Q H' r fr -"Q . ' T Left to right Doug Smart, Bob Eraunschweiger, 'Swede' Lindquist, Coach, Anthony Stevens, Dave Thompson, Bob Christie Sidney Brown, Carver Gayton, Bob Burgess, Bill Ishida, Bill Moser. HE GARFIELD Track Team started their l955 season with a bang by winning their first two track meets, over Ballard and West Seattle. Losing their footing, they were beaten by Franklin. From then on, it was easy as they swept a trangular meet over Roosevelt and Cleveland. ln the Relay Carnival, Garfield placed second to Franklin by winning the two-mile and high-jump relay. The succeeding week didn't go quite so well with Garfield placing a close third to Franklin and Lincoln in the All-City. Those winning All-City events for Garfield were Doug Smart in the shot put and Anthony Stevens in the high-lump. gm- MQ 11 e t to rlgnr Phsl Frnnk Ron Wulllamson Wxlson Gulley Jullus January Jim Crulchfneld Harrnson Ward Aaron Pascal Artie XI I I ITY III' SUI T5 Franklin .,,, Lmcoln .,,,,, . ,, , GAPFIELD , .. , , Roosevelt, .,.., ,,..,, . ,,,.,,.,,,,,, ,,,.., ,,,,,,,,,,. Queen Anne ,,,, ..,,,, , .,,,,,,,,,, , West Seattle.. ,,,, ,,,,. . . , Ballard... , ,, . Cleveland Hands Donald Hobbs Bull Cole Ill' I AY IXIIINIYAI IiI4Sl'I TS Franklin. ,,,.,,,,, ,, , , , ,,,,, H GARFIELDH .,,,,, ,,,,,, , Lincoln... ,, West Seattle .A,,,.,,,.,,,,,,..,, ,,,.A.,,,,,,,,,,,, Ballard ,,,,,, ..,,,, . ,H ,,,, Roosevelt .....,,,,,, ,,r,, ., ,,,A , Queen Anne Cleveland , ,,,., ,Y 'X ,A,. -:, Y . 1' E NNI S ,, , Q, - f ,X t, f i .., . ss, ff ..,... X - egg 5 59 Q' V' fl .. pf 41. 9 1 ls? 0 fy f ::-. . 1 jf ff Y, K, ,... , ,,,, , , vQQ?,yf xf fs p. ,qi f LK 'N te K . . S 1. tr :Q Left ta Right: Mr. Maxey, Coach, Chuck Dodge, Manager, Art Kano, Tom Hulett, Sonny Rose, Stan Sidell, Bud Friedman, John Dare, Tom Lewis 124 TENNIS STANDINGS Queen Anne. ,,,.... 7 Roosevelt ,,,,.., ,,,A,,, 6 GARFIELD ..,.,,, . .,.,.,, 5 Franklin ,,,...... ,,,.... 4 Ballard ..,,,,,,,A,,., ,,,,,, 3 Cleveland ....,.,., ..,.,., 2 West Seattle ,,,,Y,, ,,,,.,, l Lincoln ,..,,,,.,..,.. ,.,,,,, O 7 HE Garfield tennis team started the season with two decisive victories over Franklin and Cleveland. Following this, the meet with Roosevelt was called off on account of darkness. Unfortu- nately in the rematch, the Bulldogs were the losers. However, they went on to whitewash Lincoln, 9 to O. After losing to Queen Anne, the Pups then began to hit their stride, beating Ballard, Cleveland, and West Seattle. The team finished a fairly successful season in third place. In the All-City Tournament, Art Kono, Gar- field's number one man, lost a close match to Larry Mounger of Queen Anne, thus ending the tourna- ment in second-place spot. Y . .r. it it 5 6. ,f WW 'Z...,Qt A km E iss as V at P R E Left to Right Phyllis Yook Denise Utl Duane Reedy Lucy Sondlcnd Queen Pct Felhs Patsy Dale Sharon Fisher Songsters and Yell Leaders that spur the team toward victory whether on the football field or on the bas ketball court The enthusiastic songsters inspire even the mopes to loin in the cheering Led by an energetic group of boys the Bulldogs support their team with war like chants fierce enough to cause the bravest opponent to tremble with fear Left to Right Yuzo Tokitc Dick Hutchings Herb Schoenfeld Yell King Alex Rnngstud Ted Slyliunopolous Absentee Stan Calvo l l Y A SWISH of their pom-poms, seven lively personalities conduct spirited songs ww 'W JEAN FUJII TOSHIE MASUMOTO FRANCES MARSHALL Advisor Presrdent Vrce president G CLUB ITH THE poundung of the gavel, thus years agenda was brought forth for conslderatnon and approval by the members and officers of the G Club, an organization dedtcated to gurls Interested In athletucs as well as servuces for the school Miss Fulu, the competent advlsor, assisted the club IH such protects as the annual Thanksgtvlng basket, Christmas toys for the Childrens Home, Jamboree marchlng prlntung of club handbooks, Girls Sports Day lwhlch was an experlmentl sellmg yarn dolls, and various soclal functnons, such as the Gab Party and o hers Frrst Row Joanne Abe, Frances Harada, Betty Ann Chtba, Namle Furumoto, Marcna Cottom, Earlme Cross, Patsy Dale Second Row Kathryn Baba, Mozell Glasper, Valerue Chmn, Betty Echugo, Janet Fukuda, Jeanne Jones Thrrd Row Katherne Cross, Pauline Asaba, Beth Fugn, Vrckl Locke Tazue Klyono Fourth Row Barbara Bowman, Verna Hook Marian Hunter L me U J WW , X , J sr a or 2 , 4 J st " t saw CAROLYN PURNELL TAZUE KIYONO BETH FUJll Secretary Hrstorran Athletrc Manager GCI, EMBERSHIP In the gurls letter club results automatically by attend :ng after school sports regularly untl fuve hundred points have been accumulated As a result a and a chevron are awarded For each addltnonal five hundred poxnts another chevron us earned The possesslon of th ee of the latter entitles a gurl to a star The members are required to wear regulation every Wednsdoy At the end of the year, the gurls who have faithfully worn their outfits are honored at the Installation meeting Frrst Row Pat Wunston, Irene Shngakn, Judy Namba, Mltsuko Umrno, Sandra Mules, Shirley Yuen, Blllle Jean Purdy Second Row Myrtle Wood, Grace Neal, Carole Mntchell, Carolyn Purnell, Pat Olllnger, Luc: Townsend, Mary Nakagawa Third Row Etta Ward, Irene Chlkata, Tomlko Tsugnhara, Toshle Masumoto, Doris Pascal, Phyllxs Soule, Francis Marshall Fourth Row Keiko Onye, Janet Tsuru, Gem Takayoshl, Jane Tanaka, Sanaye Toyota, Peggy Ohashl, Myrna Pearce - . , HG" I . ,Q TOSHIE MASUMOTO lN lruspuratuonal Award Winner GIRL HE G CLUB meetung us held the furst Wednesday of the month The role of the offucers and the commuttee heads us to unutuate new udeas The members then mold these suggestions, wuth revusuons, unto constructuve plans, thus, makung the club a working unut Early un the sprung the members put asude the usual busuness to vote for the gurls who gave outstandung leadership One of the most actuve gurls sports thus year was pung pong Perhaps the uncreased interest un thus sport was due to the fact that any gurl rather than only sophomores as formerly was permitted to partucupate A perennual favorute at the begmnung of the school term was badminton The gurls formed teams and played off com petutuvely therefore makung the sport more unterestung Bowling has become an established sport in recent years. The girls average out their series in order to compete for at ieast one of the six trophies awarded at the end of the year. Valley ball, though offered early in the season was of brief duration in order to give place to other seasonal sports. The girls set up teams and played off as they did in badminton. BETH FUJII Left to Rught Janet Fukuda Mozell Glasper Lucu Townsend Irene Shugaku Dusplayung Sports Equupment Absent Frances Harada POBT HE GIRLS puctured above were the commuttee heads of the fuve duvusuons of the the club, namely publucuty decoratung, refreshment, entertaunment and clean up Together they planned and headed many functuons The equupment shown above us vutal to the G Club program Under the headshup of the athletuc manager, the after school sub managers operated effucue nt sports program Swummung was a much antucupated sport The gurls mastered muscle coordunatuon as well as the pruncuples of swummung An where defunute tume us reserved for Gar fueld gurls Another tradutuonal sport was basket ball whuch requures good reactuon because of uts speed Precusuon shots are necessary puon There was a good turnout Tumblung was a new sport offered thus year Although not many gurls turned out tue attendance was quute good The gurls exhubuted both balance and skull Thus sport shows good promuse for next year Hukung one of the last sports offered came un the sprung when better weather condutuons enhanced the attendance Com panuonshup coupled wuth places to vusut r'-ade thus a popular sport U I . . I . . I - l . . - - an nually, swimming is held at the Y.W.C.A., so that the team may become the cham- If F VQXQQ ,QM LS JR SQ A RQWTX gg, AW? in ,Q-f X746 ,.. - rl' Xmzgg 1 f , M,,XY1'9 -N x f M - f .1 5 f A XXX if,-F I! f ix QXXXXX T , - Z Tix Y glsiix ,IL - xl! Z r Xxx x 'XX ,Q ., 4531, EX .- , 1212 A N pzvfqxkx K A X N Xfiffbvx 4 S -- ,lg-,L S-! M K ff X X 1 X N wifi?-5'M 4-Zujlfmi li fax? .sf Q fs M 51 3 Lt td SCll00L LIFE LONG THE beaches of lakes and bays groups of care free prcnrckers may be seen enloylng another facet ofa seaport The pleasure of a plcntc ts often remembered as a means of eastng the drudgery of regular work There rs ltttle monotony at Garfreld since special events occur to make stuclyrng less parntul Pep assemblies contatn many amusing skits and stunts that cause students to I ave the audnor um IH a cheerful frame of mlnd Such occastons as Blrmey Day Olot Day and Purple White Day are looked forward to by all and remembered long after the tough asslgnmen s are forgotten fl xx!! ,IX f Q , . e " E ' ' . ' I I T 'ee cg . ' . : . f l r A g L . ir L -'-'---,,s..-i-- ""'Q f Y M Mg.-I- ..,, R X. .ba 5 1 :eh E vi 'V g X x Q dw i s K M A .fl V133 sa? X Q, T I X 99' ff' ff, Dawg f N Aix' X . x f y Sf' WWQEW' ez New ' . ! 9 gf: X92 Tit HL M W xl K' mi, 4 peg, H egxw 11-wt as I. . and GA S l. "Now, this here is one of them new-fongled 3. "Speck for yourself, John." radios." 4. "Now on this question of pollution 2. "Scolpel, cotton, sponge, butcher knife . . . 5. "NO policeman in Q ,got like fhist' mop!" TOP TE -FW' 'Www RHI WG" if 041' ,sa-n 4.5 'on BETH FUJII NAMIE FURUMOTO IRENE SH GAKI PHYLLIS SOULE CLASS 0F IRENE CHIKATA BARBARA DANZ ANN KAYLOR MARY NAKAGAWA WINYAO WONG PHYLLIS YOOK HESE students wuth thelr versatile personalities deserve the top recogmtuon as scholastic leaders The malntalmng of hugh grade averages throughout their stay at Garfleld permlts them to reign as the Top Ten Scholastlcally as well as socially they "shlne through as tops" t H a ' I A N, r Emi! 2 I Q1-L J.... 3 . A W R .zt .,.:.,., -. I ' 'L '1"' 'f:'-' 'Q , ' I .,,, ...:,,.V , W :" -"'l ."' A ' fi M X ,gs I grtag A '- A 4 .,,.., I' H. 1 -1,. ' A 9 5 6 IIIINS lll Il 1-Illl III' TIII4 WIIINTII KY! lllll SHIRLEY BUSHNELL VlCKl LOCKE BETH FUJII JANET MELBY SUE KINNEY MARY NAKAGAWA WENDY KNUDSON JUDY WRIGHT I IIINS I I I Il INIY III' TIII' WIIINTII III KIIII BOB BLOMGREN STEVE HANSEL BILL COLE AKIRA ICHIKAWA ROY DOTSON SONNY ROSE CARVER GAYTON WINYAO WONG CHARLIE CADWELL Four way Combnned Flrst Place All Cnty Sk: Meet BILL COLE Four Year Football Scholarshup Unlverslty of Montana GAYLE COOK and AKIRA ICHIKAWA Represented Gartueld at Frederick and Nelson Scholastic Art Contest KARL DRESEN lnsplratlonal All Cnty Skt Meet GEORGE DUGAN Flrst Place Impromptu College of Puget Sound Forensic Tourna ment Second Place Debate for College of Puget Sound DON DUWE Rotary Club Boy of the Year CAL KING and ANITA MAXWELL Unlversnty of Washlngton Speech Festlval WENDY KNUDSON Honorable Mention Elks Youth Leadership Contest JOHN KULANDER Honorable Mentuon Fifteenth Annual Westinghouse National Sctence Talent Search ELIZABETH MARTIN Second Place Debate for College of Puget Sound MARY NAKAGAWA and ALEX SHEVALIER Honorable Mention Elks Most Valuable Sudent Scholarshnp FRED PAULSELL Exchange Club Boy of the Month YMCA European Centennlal Trlp ALEX SHEVALIER Llons Club Foo ball Scholastic Award LOYAL SNYDER and PHYLLIS SOULE Honorable Mention National Merlt Scholarshlp Program 1-lllll lxlti VIINNEIIS IN TIII4 IlI'lnl0N KI S1 lllll KSTII KIRT KY! QIKIIS l0N'l'I4S'l' BOB BRAUNSCHWEIGER PAUL SMITH SHIRLEY PINCHEV DAN WRIGHT 11 1 - 1 1 1 ' - A 1. A' A AA A 1 1 11 1 1 - 1 1 Y v 1 .. 1 11 1 A 1 .- I . . , . T , . l I " , . - I. .- ' ,I vt - I . 'T , . . L . 11 I . .1 I 1 v1- v vv1 1 1 1 11 v -1 1 1 1 1 1. 1. 1 1 1 -1 1. 14. 1 - 1 v 11 A 4 1 . 1 1. Spanning and cutting through extensive blue lake water. the floating bridge Iinles a noisy nze- tropolis with the rest of the country. Each day, many tourists pass under the tunnels and sweep down the floating highway. Traveling onward, road maps in hand, they leave Seattle, headed eastward where green hills and mountain ranges greet them. Likewise. after graduation. the students traverse the bridges of life to discover neu' lands and ex- periences. They never know what lies beyond those misty mountain peaks, hu! they hope tha! the future will he as hright as the Illllfilillg sun, springing from the eastern horizon. Bc-It lnenx In llgl'llll'lll s rx A cmd M 5 Hono d G m Ma Robert McDonald Enguov Q M Howard Veulmc, Robuil Lan A fruofi Enqrovmcz ond Elcdrolype Company R bw? PL: 1 nndl E iss Siu I s fgvem Hcnrhvm 1 S K Srmtu Compo Tlxc-ml Photoqrophs Pubic Relohons Duvlsw r Po I of Seoftle Seattle Chombcv of Commevu r , . B - . pri Ying M, r. 'i .KI bc :wtf r, ' 5 ' j Mn. A . dbovu ' . Phmoqrnplwy Mr. o . L. fic no: Ke H - I' do I Mr. H, ' ' The , . " my . H 1' 4 ' ' 'ow V , u 1. 'X- ,

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