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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1950 volume:

w wiv, vi Vx. if, 95 PE. Qv 'r S v 22 2 L. ,I Ii 'M TE 23 'sf iii 5, -1 ii ill Vx I rf: it ff! fi iz Ek' :ii 51: Li if E, H. Q L L4 1 QF 1 54 1 V: K M-v QQ , , . hw, M pq .1.-, f,.A Q-Y 59,-.Nw 13,4 ,V f Q-1. - 11 ki- ww, ' Z C' n ' 1 4 4 L1 if JH 111- ,gg laik-.if?,:, , E R -:VHA Y x y,. . ..,': ff... -.3 -, , . ,dl if T , AN.,-4 .4 i' -.... M: -gr-12 WT, , -1" 'F . gs.,1,.,ue U, M., , ,nl v , N. Q. xfeza, Y sw Q ,rw , -4- ,KK V' 4-M1-4..,k - ' -Q- 4-4-,1 V1 .,,,,5, . .,-, -,,. ,- u ,M M V, I 1. .1-, ,Ma ,n fy L -1. , ' Lf ' , u . 1 ,rw ,.,.,. . ' p ,,.,.,., L ui.- I QM' ,+A if '?, r st, xv' f :wx ' gr ' '--gf, M ,.,.1a: , fy. . .V x,, 43,1 I. . ,.! " A A za , ,, -5 1 , -1 ', f ,. . .4 ' 1 .,. - . v fn, .. ,, N 4, 3 A. ,f ghpgug, ., . 4 .f L A 1 . A 1 f,- f' ,fl , -,U ,. - V4 'wa , 'X f .Q w , f., ,, , ,V m, 1 3 Aw 1 5 Nw., xx , . - V, V.. N-V ' , ' . -'gif' lf' J , N V , , - W., V N' 5 A 'H 1 1 -5 r -- iff H , ' ' .51.f.f1P5,-Y .1 ".'1un V - - 1 ? 11 C0 TENTS ffdminchlzatian "Seasoned Timber" . . . I8 peuamad "Four Years In Paradise" . 24 pwdactdane "Let The People Know" . . 62 "Showboat" . . . 82 "The Battle ls The Payoff" . . 96 ?e4Zme "The Human Comedy" . . . 120 ! 1 l Il ff sl ' 5 ,S A R E I . I-I1 GARFIELD sa ns, w 3 I 1 I 1 . EE Y ir 4 1 l 2 1 3 1 1 3 ? 0 0 SCH00 SHAINGTO . 2 3 'Al 4 Q , ,Z ! Q, 2 U, X. 75 I , ' 2 f W 'U J S Sl f-Q F R fc 2 U 5 E 1 in 2 K D A N W X N vs 1 F w w w X 1 1 I 1 'ww K Di Y X 7 fs 7 6 9 0 9 2043 B66 606 999 f 45650 61942 asv B629 7 ff QNWW T0 YO THE TORCH In Memory of George N. Porter, founder of Garfield High School, whose torch inspired many. "The Torch moves on." Page 1 7 easone Timber GARFIELD teachers and executives are named "Sea- soned 'Thnberf' not because they are old or dry, but because they are imbued with knowledge and under- standing which enable them to guide and educate stu- dents. Teachers have a great deal of inHuence over young people dnce they Hve together dx hours a day, one hundred-eighty days a yearptherefore,it E essenHal that the faculty be composed of top-notch men and women. Garfield is justly proud to have such leadership. The facuhy not onw teaches but ako inkhtes and encourages student acHvH1es dedgned for fun. Have you ever gone to a footbaH game and seen teachen there cheering as loudly as you? Or did you ever go to a P.T.A. dance and smile at teacher who looked very gay and human out of class? Or have you ever seen the facuhy actin the Funfest? Of course you have. The faculty is always there, prodding or beckoning people on to a better Hfe. Page 18 --R113-ff -"'f -f Z,- ,2 4 1 S25 g ' v S Nfl S 3454 EQ4 yn - , S Page I9 Page 20 E. E. HANSELMAN Przncipal THE B MR. HANSELMAN, whose duty is to see that school regulations are faithfully enforced, has always been recognized by bath faculty and students as a very coopera- tive and understanding leader. He is ably assisted by Mr. Slocomb, whose duties include the ordering of supplies, disciplinary problems, and guidance of students' programs. Miss Hensel and Mr. Cribley, the advisors ofthe Girls' and Boys' Clubs respectively, assist in planning various school projects, such as the activity plan, the nurse's schedule, and noon programs. It is through the excellent coopera- tion and guidance of the principals and their associates that the student body has been able to undertake and engage successfully in so many school productions. EMILIE HENSEL Girls' Club Advisor OSS A f :i ff MILDRED BELL MARSDEN COLE Guidance Librarian SACHIKO HAMAOKA BRITA ALMQUIST Guidance Clerk Axxix.-Librarian l LESLIE CRIBLEY Boys' Club Advisor HERLIN SLOCOMB THE MACH! THE faculty and students also receive excellent coopera- tion from the office. Here, the business of the school is efficiently conducted under the direction of Mrs. Sem- mens, the head clerk, and Miss Drapeau, her associate. While the office handles all clerical matters, the attend- ance department is successfully managed by Miss War- ren. ln the counseloHs ofHce, the students receive aid in planning their programs and guidance in vocational ideas, from Miss Bell, who is ably assisted by Miss Hamaoka. Under the supervision of Miss Cole and her assistant Mrs. Almquist, students receive excellent assist- ance in the library. Through the combined efforts of these departments, Garfield is recognized for its efficient andsynematk management ,WWW v v f ' 5 M y 554, pig , ' f Qs., MARGARET SEMMENS JESSIE A. WARREN Chief Clerk Attendance MICHELE DRAPEAU' Axsis.-Clerk Vice-Principal Page Zl ETHEL WAY ANDERSON TI-IE GENTLE KIRK BAXTER RICHARD BENNETT JEAN BURNS LLOYD COMSTOCK ANGELINE CONNOLLEY PARKER COOK MARY DIXON FRANK FIDLER PETRONILLA FITZGERALD CHARLES GREER ERNEST DZURICK ERVING EASTON ONA FLETCHER CARL FOULK ETHEL HANSON MARY GROVES WARRAN HAZZARD JEAN HUNT RUTH ISAACS RAYMOND JOHNSTON EVA JURGENSOHN EMILY JOHNSON MARTHA JOHNSON ROY KELLOGG MARY KNIGHT Page 22 WILMA LIND f PERSUASIO ADOLP LINDQUIST SOLVEIG LU NDBERG BYRON MARSHALL RUTH MOORE LUTHER MORE VIRGINIA OLMSTED HENRY PETERS RUTH ROBINSON MARIE SAEMAN MARGARET LOWE JOHN MAXEY S. L. MERRIAM JAMES MOUNT RUTH NYSTROM HORACE PORT MARGARET ROBERTS A. L. SCHMALLE PETER SCHNELLER ELIZABETH SCHOEPPEL HELEN SHELTON JOHN SCHRADER CLIFTON SMITH ROBERT TATE H. ROY TICHENOR FLORENCE WELTS CAROLYN WESTPHALEN: CLAUDE WILSON Page 23 Four Years In Paradise GARFlELD'S student body is represented in this next section of the Arrow. Each face signifies an im- portant person, whose picture will make his importance Hve on. Perhaps, when you look through this book in later years, you will remember with pride old friends who have since gained prominence in the arts, sciences, literature, or other fields. You can recall, too, what fun it was to be a part of Garfield, adding your own zest and support to build a better school spirit. Perhaps "Four Years in Paradise" cloesn't aptly describe high school life-there are tribulations such as home-work and demeritsp but for the most part, high school is a pedod of fun and study. ltis an experhnentalstage when new fdends and ideas are shaping the studenti opinions and mannerisms. Garfieldites have exceptionally fine opportunities for developing an understanding of people, for within our student body are many nationalities that Hve and learn peacefuHy togethen Page 24 ul i , - Y ig ' A45 X K HARRY R005 Page 25 E J X 4 . i' 5 H. ROY TICHENOR PETE MCDONALD ELEANOR BAKER MARION BROWN Page 26 Adviser President Vice-Presidenl Secretary G0 E WITH TI-IE I THE class of "50" is a title which will be recalled with pride by each member of the graduating class. Working together as a group, the seniors achieved their goals as leaders in the school activities and proved themselves worthy by their accomplishments. Though the students will soon be "Gone With the Wind" from Garfield's halls, they will carry with them the knowledge and memories gathered during their senior year. Mr. Roy Tichenor ably guided Garfield's mid-century graduating class through a successful and worth-while year. CHARLES AMSTUTZ-Gold Seal, 4N-Club, Roll Secre- tary, Honor Roll, Senior Questionnaire Committee, German Club, Junior Class Representative, Honor So- ciety Representative. LAURI ANARDI-Entered from Franklin High, Seattle, Funfest, Senior Chorus, Bulletin, Ushering, Commence- ment Committees, Mid-Winter Concert. DE LOIS ANDERSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Usher Committee. RAY ANDRIE-Ski Club, Roll Secretary, Roll Represent- ative, Funfest, Third Team Track, Senior Announce- ment Committee, Basket Room, SHIRLEY ANFINSON-Sophomore Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk, Stamp, Lunchroom, Friendship, Cap and Gowns Committees. FRANCES MARILYN ANGEL--Mid--Winter Concert' 1 Funfest, Roll President, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Usher, Friendship, Service, Senior Announcement Com- mittees, Shorthand Club. GEORGE ANGEL-Entered from Broadway, Senior Play, Spring Play, Funfest, Chorus, Roll Officer, Class Rep- resentatives, Second Yell Team. SAM M. ANGEL-First Team Football, Basketball, Sen- ior Play, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Roll Officer, Roll Banker, Bleacher Committee' Sophomore Class Representative. MAY ANZAI-Entered from Renton Senior High, Sep- tember, I949, Service, Senior Cap and Gown Commit- tees, Senior Class Representative. 1 ANNE AOYAMA-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, "G" Club, After School Sports, Senior Chorus, Junior Roll President, Social Service Committee, Honor Society Representative. CLAIR ARMSTRONG-Entered from Broadway, First Team Football, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Band. DEIRDRE AUGUSTINE-Managing Editor, Messenger, Secretary, Ski Club, Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll, Cabinet, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll President, Honor Roll, P.T.A. Dance Committee. ADELIA AVERY-Girls' Club, Usher, Lunchroom, Noon Program, Senior Prom Committees, Nonette, Mid- Winter Concert, Senior Chorus, Operetta, Funfest, JOYCE BABCOCK--Gold Seal, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Senior Announcements, Girls' Club Committees, Study Hall Clerk, Freshman Class Representative. DOLORES NANETTA BAIRD--Usher, Noon Program Committees, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Junior Cass Representative, Attendance Clerk. ERNA ABEL-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Officer, P.T.A., Red Cross Committees, Library Clerk, 4N-Club. PATRICIA ABELLA-Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll President, Junior Class Representative, Gazette, Red Cross Committees. DON ADAMS-Business Manager, Pen, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Senior Play, Spring Play, Funfest, Pen Staff, Honor Roll, Trophy Case Committee, PAT ADAMS-Messenger Staff, P.Q., G.C.O., Usher, Commencement Committees, Senior Class Represent- ative, Study Hall Clerk. SARGE ALLEN-Funfest, Swing Band. JERRY LOU ALLISON-First Team Track, Gold Seal, Funfest, Second Team Football, Roll Secretary, Junior Class Representative, Yell Team, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Bulldog Club. LUCILLE ALMELEH-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Senior Chorus, Roll Officer, Banker, Honor Roll, 4N-Club, Pep Club, Honor Society Represent- ative, Friendship, Senior Commencement Committee. DAVE ALTARAS+Second Team Tennis, Band, Orches- tra, Honor Society, Ski Club, Honor Society, Roll Rep- resentative, Study Hall Clerk, Operetta. IRVING AMON-Rall President, Gym Clerk, Class Rep- 3 . ' x Page 27 ELEANOR BAKERtEditor, Messenger, Vice President, Senior Class, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Funfest, Junior Personnel Editor, Arrow, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Friendship Committee, Honor Society Represent- otive. DALE BARNES-Boys' Club. DOUG BARNETT-Freshman, Sophomore Represent- atives, First Team Baseball, Third Team Basketball, Football, Class Representatives, Intramural Sports. JOANNE BARNETT-Girls' Club, Honor Society, Lunch- room, Social Service Committees. JAMES RICHARD BARRETT-Sergeant at Arms of Let- termans Club, First Team Football, First Team Track, Funfest, Roll President, Class Representative, Advisory Board. BEVERLY BARRON-Mid-Winter Concert' Funfest' O I I P' eretta, Band, Chorus, Roll Banker, Questionnaire, Usher Committee, Study Hall Clerk. LAURA BASEL-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Mem- ber of Gazette, Standard, Usher Committees, Chorus, Honor Society, Honor Society Representative. STEVE BATES--First Team Golf, Funfest, Roll Officer Ski Club, Traffic, Doorman, Usher, Automobile Comi mittees, Senior Class Representative, AL BEHAR-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, ln- tramural Basketball, Selected Chorus, Honor Roll, Sophomore Class Representative, Senior Class Repre- sentative. 9 N X f ,XJ ff' A S f ff gg 1. Pace 28 BETTE BEHAR-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Roll President, Honor Roll, Usher, Service, Announcements Committees, Sophomore Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk, Shorthand Club. ROBERTA BENDER-Business Staff, Messenger, Nurse's, Red Cross, Noon Program, Service, Bulletin, Senior Commencement Committees, Junior Representative. ELAINE BERGER--Assistant Copy Editor, Messenger, Vice-President, Honor Society, Girls' Club Advisory Board, Cabinet, Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Sophomore Commencement, G.C.O., Co-Chairman, Senior Gift Committees, Quill and Scroll. ABE BERGMAN-Editor, Contemporary Hi-Lites, Bulldog Club, Lettermen's Club, First Team, Tennis, Basket- ball Manager, Gold Seal, Intramural Basketball, In- tramural Tennis, Messenger Staff, Roll President. EVE BERL-Entered from James Monroe High School, New York. BEVERLY Y. BLISS-Girls' Club, DAVID A. BLOCH-Chorus, Mid-Winter Concert, Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, Advertising Solicitor, Messenger. HELEN MARIE BLOMGREN-Vice-President, Honor So- ciety, Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Social Service, Service, Friendship, Commence- ment Committees. A MOLLY BLUME-Assistant Copy Editor, Messenger, As- sistant Manager, Funfest Act, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Senior Commencement Committee, Study Hall Clerk, Honor Society. MICKIE BLUMENFELD--Senior Play, Funfest, Roll Presi- dent, Roll Secretary, Girls' Club, Gazette, Usher, Bul- letin, Senior Commencement Committees, Ski Club. PHYLLIS JEAN BLUNCK-Honor Society, Pep Club, Senior Play, Roll Banker, Make-up, Social Service Committees. HARRY BOLD-Third Team Football, Third Team Base- ball, Roll Banker. CARLENE BOSSELMAN-Red Cross Committee, Pen Staff. FRED BOWERS-Entered Garfield from Lakeside, Sep- tember, l949. ESTHER BRADSHAW-After-School Sports, Chorus, Roll Banker, Girls' Club Office, Make-up, Senior Announce- ments Committees. EIGIL CARLSSON-Vice President, Roll, Lunchroom, Doorman, Ticket, Usher, Boys' Club, Projection Staff, Stage Crew. EUNICE YVONNE CARTER-Entered from ior High, Sports Editor, Das Glockenspiel Club, Chorus. BERNICE CASTON-Cabinet, Mid-Winter Concert, Class Re resentative' Roll President' Roll Banker' Make u I3 1 , I ' D, Senior Prom Committees, Funfest, G.C.O. Attendant, Operetta. VIVIAN CHAN-Gold Seal, Funfest, "G" Club, After- School Sports, Honor Roll, Cathay Club, Service, Health, Senior Cap and Gown Committees, Sophomore Class Representative. ELMER CHASE-Boys' Club. MORRIS LEE CHERNIS--Enter December, IQ46, from Walla Walla High School, Mid-Winter Concert, Oper- etta' Chorus' Roll Officer' Ski Club' Bo s' Club Build- I I I I y I ing Committee, Junior Class Representative. JOAN SUSAN CHERRINGTON-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Service, Usher, P.Q., Senio Prom Committees, Study Hall Clerk. ISABELLE JEANNE Cl-llNN+President, Cathay Club ' Funfest, Funfest Manager, Girls' Gazette, Red Cross, Caps and Gowns, Committees, Study Hall Clerk, Li brary Clerk. ROBERT CHINN-Assistant Manager, Stage Crew, Lunch room Committee, Funfest, VIOLET CHINN-Cabinet, Girls' Club, Gold Seal, "G' Club, After-School Sports, Funfest, Arrow, Roll Of ficer, Honor Society Representative, Honor Roll, Cop and Gowns Committee, Cathay Club, Publicity Chair- ITIOD. JOE CHIPRUT-Second Team Baseball, Intramural Foot- ball, Intramural Basketball. LOUISE CHIPRUT-Honor Society Representative, Gold Seal, 4-N Club, Funfest, Service, Usher Committee, Junior Class Representative, Honor Roll. JOANNE CHRISTIE-Assistant Editor, Messenger, Secre- tary of Sophomore Class, Advisory Board, Cabinet, Chairman of Junior Prom, Gold Seal, Nonette, Rol Banker, Honor Roll, Girls' Club Committees. BILL CLARK-Boys' Club. DICK COLE-Library Clerk. Roll Banker, Committees, Yakima Sen- , Officer, 4-N JERRY BRIDGE-Honor Roll, Honor Society, Intramural Sports, Roll Banker, Debate Team, Funfest, Commit- tees, Building Employee, Class Representative. MARION R. BROWN-Senior Class Secretary, Second- Third Team Football, Second-Third Team Track, Rol Secretary, Senior Gift Committee. NORM CALVO--Ski Club, Senior Play, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Funfest, Military and Swing Band, Track Team TAB CAMPBELL-Ski Club, Second Team Football, Sec- ond Team Track, Funfest, Doorman, Traffic Commit- tees, Class Representative. DOROTHY CANN-Red Crass, Senior Commencement, Usher, Campus Committees, Library Clerk. SYLVIA CAPELOTO+Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert Funfest, Operetta, Messenger Staff, Selected Chorus Ski Club, Noon Program, Senior Announcements Com- mittees. 1 1 VICTOR CAPELOTO-Ski Club, Ad Staff, Messenger, Yell Team, Roll Officer, Roll Banker, Grounds Com- mittee, Sophomore Class Representative, Funfest, ELEANOR R. CAPELOUTO-4-N Club, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Funfest, Roll Banker, Arts, Usher, Announce- ments, Red Cross Committees, Library Clerk. ALLAN CAREY-Mid-Winter Concert, Band, Orchestra, Operetta, Second Team Baseball, Funfest, Swing Band, First Team Track, Sophomore Class Officer. f .CMI mf 5 if . W f 'fy X, 4,- mv t XM' l "3 2 62 , ' 1' I' 1 Page 29 FRANK CONRAD-New to Garfield, Boys' Club. CHARLES CONWAY-Advisory Board, Bulldog Club, Senior Prom Chairman, Chairman, Junior Prom, All City P.T.A. Dance, Lunchroom Committees, Staging and Costume Director, Funfest, Inter-High-School Council Member, President Ski Club, Roll Officer. WILLIAM COOLEY-Arrow Staff Photo ra her' Class , Q P 1 Representative. GERALD COYNE-Entered from Seattle Preparatory. SHIRLEY CROWELL-Entered Garfield from Quilcene, Washington. ANITA IRENE CROWSER+Senior Prom, P.Q., Standard, Usher Committees, Ski Club, Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Senior Chorus, Study Hall Clerk. JAMES G. CUMMINS-First Team Football, Advisory Board, Vice-President, Letterman's Club. TOM CURRY-Bulldog Club, Senior uestionnaire, Chairman, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Co-Chair- man, Staging and Costuming, Assembly Committee, Second Team Football, Roll President, Sophomore Class Representative, Junior Representative, Senior Representative. ANN DAVIS-Co-Chairman, Senior Announcements, Standards, Committees, Gold Seal, Funfest, Produc- tions Editor, Arrow Staff, News Reporter, Messenger Staff, Roll President, Honor Roll, Quill and Scroll, Pen Staff "1 qw, f , X X X Page 30 JOAN L. DAVlS+Entered from Portland, Oregon, Art Publicity Staff, Senior Prom Committee, Ski Club, Sen?or Play Publicity, Pen Staff. MORDO DE JAEN-Gold Seal, Funfest, Intramural Sports, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Class Representative. DOLORES DELMA-Usher, Caps and Gowns Committees, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, Sophomore Class Rep- resentative, Chorus. JERRY DE ROUSSE-Junior Class Representative, Chair- man of Lunchroom, Grounds Committees, Intramural Basketball, Funfest, Honor Society, Basketball Man- ager, Roll Banker, Car, Projection Committees. DOROTI-IEA M, DEUTSCH-Cabinet, Gold Seal, Pen Staff, Honor Roll, Messenger, Bulletin, Red Cross, Lunchroom, Senior Commencement Committees. GEORGE R. DIAZ-First Team Football, First Team Base- ball. ELIESE DIXON-Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Pen Staff, Roll Banker, Honor Society Representative, Gazette, Senior Com- mencemnt Committees, Junior Class Representative. OTTO DOHM-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Second Team Track, Second and Third Team Football, Third Team Basketball, Select Chorus, Roll Officer, Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. BERYL DOOTSON-Funfest, Roll President, Roll Secre- tary, Ski Club, Friendship, P.Q., Senior Prom Com- mittees, Junior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. JACQUELIN ANN DOUCETTE-Honor Society, Ski Club, Senior Play, Funfest, Manager, Operetta, Chorus, P.Q., Lunchroom, Assembly, Senior Commencement Committees. FRANK DUCHARME-Doorman Committee, Building Employee. MARLENE JOAN DYKSTRA--Roll Banker, Ski Club, Funfest, Commencement, Make-Up, Usher Commit- tees, Pep Club. NORWOOD T. EBEN-Roll Representative, Letterman's Club, First Team Football, First Team Baseball, Bas- ketball, Chairman, Noon Program Committee, Traffic, Building Committees, Funfest, Roll Officer. LILLY ENDO-First Vice-President, Girls' Club, Art Editor, Arrow, Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Officer, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Junior Prom Decoration, Art, Gazette, Senior Prom Com- mittees KAI HONG ENG-Honor Society Representative, Gold Seal, Roll Banker. .ff iv' NELSON ENG-Arrow, Sophomore Representative, Fun- fest, Cathay Club, Stage Crew. NORMAN ERICKSON-Honor Society, Funfest. JEANETTE ESKENAZI-Vice-President, Shorthand Club, Funfest, Chorus, Roll Banker, Fine Arts, Usher, Senior Gift, Red Cross Committees, Sophomore Represent- ative, Study Hall Clerk. SHIRLEY ESKENAZI-Entered from Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles, California, Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Junior Representative, Senior Prom Committee, Stenography Club. SALLY ANN EVANS-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Gazette, Lost and Found, Lunchroom Committees, Head Typist, Contemporary Highlights, Selective Cho- rus, Roll Secretary, Roll Banker, Study Hall Clerk. PATRICIA BARBARA FAIR-Vice-President, Honor Society, Gold Seal, Funfest, Messenger Staff, Roll Banker, Junior Representative, Usher, Friendship, Commencement Committees, 4-N Club. EMMIE LOU FAIRSERVICE-Entered from St. Nicholas School, Seattle, Senior Commencement, Bulletin Com- mittee, Co-Chairman Friendship Committee, Study Hall Clerk, Funfest, Pep Club. NED FEEK-Entered from Overlake High School, Fun- fest, Ski Club, Class Representative. DOUG FIELDS-Senior Roll Representative, Funfest, Hall, Doorman Committees, Basketroom. JULIA FITE-Advisory Board, Cabinet, Gold Seal, Fun- fest, Messenger Staff, Roll President, Ski Club, Usher, Lunchroom, Senior Gift Committees. JEAN ARLENE FLAKS-Gold Seal, Funfest, Messenger Staff, Roll Secretary, Ski Club, 4-N Club, Lost and Found, Senior Gift, Red Cross Committees, Roll Honor Society Representative. SHIRLEY FLEHARTY-Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Chorus, Roll Banker, Sophomore Class Rep- resentative, Make-Up, Senior Prom, Usher Commit- tees, Spring Play. KATHLEEN MARIE FOLEY-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Selective Chorus, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Service, Senior Prom Committees, Honor Society, Roll Representative. MARY LOUISE FORTNEY-Mid-Winter Concert, Oper- etta, Band, Chorus, Nonette, Junior Roll Officer, Senior Roll Officer, Sophomore Class Representative. CAROL JEAN FOSTER-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, P.Q., Usher Committees, Class Representative. RETA VIRGINIA FRITZ-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Chorus, P.Q., Senior Announcement Committees. DON FRY-Advertising Staff, Class Representatives, Roll Banker, Building Employee. MAKO FUJIHIRA-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, Bookroom. IRENE FUJII-Vice-President, Honor Society, Co-Chair- man, Caps and Gowns Committee, Gold Seal, Mid- Winter Concert, Operetta, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Copy Staff, Messenger, Orchestra, Roll Secre- tary, Honor Roll. GEORGE FUKEDA-Entered from Renton High, Intra- mural Basketball, lntramural Baseball. MASUE FURUMOTO+"G" Club, After-School Sports, Red Cross, Health, Senior Caps and Gowns Committees. JUNE ARLENE GALLAHER-Entered from Mansfield High, Mansfield, Washington, Gold Seal, Manager, "G" Club, Roll Secretary, Ski Club, Senior Gift, Senior Announcement, Social Service, Red Cross Committees, Sophomore Class Representative, Basketroom At- tendant. LOLITA S. GAMIDO-Entered from the Philippines to Garfield, September, l947, Gold Seal. BETTY GATES-Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Shorthand Club, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Usher Committee. Page 3l JOHN GAYTON-President, Bulldog Club, First Team Track, Chairman, Building Committee, Chorus, Roll Officer, Operetta, Mountaineers' Club, Color Guard, Assembly Committee, Senior Class Representative. PETE GEYER-Funfst, Roll Banker, Pep Club, Stage Crew. EDITH GIBSON-Entered from Roosevelt High, Seattle, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Gazette Staff, Chorus, G.C.O. Committee, Senior Class Represent- ative, Study Hall Clerk. DONALD LEON GINSBERG-First Team Basketball, Baseball, Chairman, Traffic Committee, Funfest, Col- or Guard, Lettermen's Club, Third Team Football, ln- tramural Sports, Roll President, Class Representative. ALLEN GODWIN-After-School Sports. JIM GOLDMAN-Co-Chairman, Senior Gift Committee, Funfest, Messenger, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Editor, Contemporary Hi-Lites, Stamp, Selling, Grounds Com- mittees. NORTON GOLDSTEIN-Funfest, Intramural Sports, Roll Secretary, Class Representative. JACK GOLLIET-Roll President, Second, Third Team Football, Study Hall Clerk, Ushers' Committee, Boys' Club. SELMA GOLOMBECK-Secretary, 4N Club, Cabinet, Red Cross Committee Chairman, Gold Seal, Senior Play, Funfest, Reporter, Messenger Staff, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Senior Gift Committee, Girls' Club Committees. 'Y W Page 32 BARBARA JEAN GOODNER-Funfest, Roll Banker, Ski Club, Lunchroom Committee, Friendship, Standards Committees, Senior Gift Committee, Senior Class Rep- resentative, Gym Office. MARGERY M. GRAFF-Funfest, Business Staff, Messen- ger, Honor Society, Ski Club, Senior Commencement Committee, Red Cross, Bulletin, Fine Arts Committees. DONNA GREANY-Chairman, Announcement Commit- tee, Spring Play, Senior Play, Funfest, Roll Officer, Girls' Club Committees, Class Representatfve, Chorus, Mid-Winter Concert, Study Hall Clerk. EILEEN GREEN-Secretary, Honor Society, Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Messenger Staff, Honor Roll, Friendship Committee, Senior Gift Committee, Senior Questionnaire, Red Cross. SHIRLEY GREENBAUM-Entered from Roosevelt High, Seattle, Funfest, Ski Club, Senior Commencement Committee, Friendship, Bulletin Committees. SYLVIA GREENBORG-Pen Staff, Honor Society, 4N Club, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Officer, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Art Committee, Senior Commencement Committee, Red Cross, Pep Club. FRANK B. GUTHRIE-Honor Society, Funfest, Second Team Football, Baseball, Third Team Basketball, Cho- rus, Roll Officer, Boys' Club Committees, Junior Class Representative. JANICE HAINES-Senior Prom Committee, Chorus, Mid- Winter Concert, Operetta, Art, Usher Committees. JANET LOUISE HALDER-Roll Secretary, Reporter, Mes- senger, Honor Society, Funfest, Ski Club, Usher Com- mittee, Senior Announcement Committee, P,Q., Red Cross Committees, 4N Club. JAMES HANLIN-First Team Track, Intramural Football. ELINE HANSEN-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus. MARIANNE HANSON-Editor, Garfield Pen, Assistant Feature Editor, Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Funfest, Chorus, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Com- mencement Committee, Senior Class Representative. CONNIE HARRIS-Red Cross Committee, Senior Gift, Usher Committees, After-School Sports, Library Clerk, 4N Club. JERRY HARRIS-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Officer, Class Representative. MIYUKI HASEGAWA-Honor Society, Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll President, Honor Roll, Make-Up Committee, Senior Committee, Cap and Gowns. MARGARETTA HICKEY-Funfest, Ski Club, Senior Prom Committee, Chorus. AKIRA HlDESHlMA+Stage Crew, Honor Roll, Gold Seal, Roll Banker. KINUKO HIGO-Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Usher Commit- tee, Junior Class Representative, Library Clerk, Office Clerk. MARION HILLYARD-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Ski Club, Questionnaire Committee, P.T.A. Representative. JANE HINO-Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports' Health, Caps and Gowns Committees. GILBERT HOBBS-Gold Seal, Intramural Basketball' Track, JunIor Class Representative. 1 1 VIRGINIA LUCILLE HOFF-Vice-President, Honor So- ciety, Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Oper- etta, Chorus, Senior Prom Committee, Honor Roll, Honor Society Class Representative, Make-Up Com- mittee. BARBARA HOLCENBERG-Entered from St. Nicholas School, Seattle, Roll Banker, Usher, Red Cross Com- mittees. STANLEY MELVIN HOLIFIELD-Advisory Board, Co- Chairman, Senior Caps and Gowns Committee, Co- Chairman, Senior Play Ticket Committee, Roll Officer, Football Usher Committee, Class Representative. ALLEN KIRBY HOLMES-Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Of- ficer, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Building Committee, Class Representative, Stage Crew. BARBARA HOPE-Fine Arts Committee, Junior Class Representative. MARY HORLUCK-Pen Staff, 4N Club, After-School Swimming Manager, Social Service, Campus Commit- tees, Editor, Pen. HARRIET HOUGHTON-Gold Seal, Funfest, Copy Staff, Arrow, Feature Staff, Messenger, Service, P.Q. Com- mittees, Senior Prom Committee, Junior Represent- ative, Inter-School Council Representative, Cabinet. ROBERT HOYT-Entered from Oakville High School, Third Team Football, Basketball Manager, Baseball Manger, Roll Banker. TED HULETT-First Team Football, Baseball, Junior, Senior Prom Committees, Chairman, P.T.A. Dance Committee, Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Funfest, Roll President, Junior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. ALBERT HASSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Cho- rus, Roll Secretary. ROBERT HASSON+Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Or- chestra, Roll President, Roll Banker, Senior Play. LUCILLE A. HATCH--Honor Society, Gold Seal, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Banker, Usher, Lunchroom, Service Committees. YOSHIKO HAYASHI-4N Club, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Health Committee. MARY KAY HEALY+Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Assistant Ad Manager, Messenger Staff, Chorus, Ski Club, Friendship, Standards, Commence- ment Committees. CAROLYN HEGSTROM-President, Girls' Club, Editor, Messenger, Vice-President, Freshman Class, Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll, Chairman, Senior Question- naire Committee, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Officer, Radiance Roll. ALLEN HENDRIX-Roll Representative, Roll Officer, Advertising, Messenger Staff. JUNE SYLVIA HEPPENSTALL-Entered from Renton High, Renton, Announcements, Ushers, Committees, Mid-Winter Concert, Shorthand Club, Study Hall Clerk. ROBERT RAY HIBBARD-First Team Football, Basket- ball, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Third Team Basketball, Chorus, Roll President, Class Repre- sentative. Page 33 SALLII: SUI: HURD-Gold Seal, Funfest' Roll Secretar I YI Ski Club, 4-N Club, Junior Class Representative, Fine Arts, Usher, Service, Senior Caps and Gowns Commit- tees, Library Clerk. GLORIA HYODO--President, Shorthand Club, Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Honor Roll, Friendship, Service, Senior Questionnaire Committees, Junior Class Representative, Honor Society Representative. KAZUYA ICHIKAWA-Gold Seal, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Baseball, Roll Officer, Honor Roll. IRENE ISRAEL-Honor Societ ' O eretta' Selected Cho yr P I - rus, Roll President, Usher Committee, Junior Class Representative. RAYE ISRAEL-Honor Society, Funfest, Social Service, Usher, Art Committees, Roll Secretary, Roll Banker. SARA BETH ISRAEL-Chorus, Roll Banker, Honor So- ciety, Social Service, P.Q., Senior Prom Committees G.C.O. Attendent, Study Hall Clerk. KAROL IVARSSON-Assistant Cop Editor, Messen er Y Q I Act Manager, Funfest, Gold Seal, Honor Society Rep- resentative, Senior Gift, P.Q. Committees, Roll Secre- tary, Honor Roll, Ski Club. DOROTHY IWASAKI-Gold Seal, Funfest, "G" Club, Girls' Sport, Arrow, Feature Reporter, Messenger, Pen Staff, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Senior Commence- ment, Ticket Committees, Quill and Scroll. DEL H. JACOBS-President, Boys' Club, Vice-President, Ski Club, Bulldog Club, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Funfest, Track Team, Roll Officer, Purple and White Day Committee, Yell Team. is Page 34 1 BOB JACOBSON-Sports Editor, Messenger, Business Manager, Arrow, Treasurer, Honor Society, First Team, Tennis, Vice-President, Debate Team, Funfest, Intra- mural Sports, Ltterman's Club, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Quill and Scroll. ALISON JAGOE-Gold Seal, Funfest, Pen Staff, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Service, Art, Senior Gift, Red Cross Committees, Study Hall Clerk. IDELLA JANKE-Girls' Club. BARBARA JANTZEN-Cabinet, Gold Seal, Senior Per- sonnel, Arrow, Feature Staff, Messenger, Roll Presi- dent, Honor Roll, Usher, Nurse's, Senior Announce- ment Committees, Quill and Scroll. ERIC JOHANSON-Roll Officer, Class Representative. BILL JOHNSON-Advisory Board, Funfest, Second, Third Team Football, Roll President, Roll Secretary. JAN JOHNSON-Entered from Bremerton High, Assist- ant Editor, Reporter, Messenger, Roll President, Senior Gift, Red Cross Committees, Gold Seal, Chorus, Mid- Wintr Concert, Operetta, Honor Roll. WILLIAM A. JOHNSON-Ski Club, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Funfest, Operetta, Band, Orchestra, Library Clerk. JOHN JOLLY-Sports Editor, Arrow, Feature Editor, Ar- row, Photo Club. ETTA JONES-Entered from Alabama, Senior Play, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest, Roll Secretary, Friendship Committee, Study Hall Clerk, Spring Play. QUINCY JONES JR.-Operetta, Pen Staff Artist, Chorus, Orchestra, Band, Mid-Winter Concert, Noon Program Committee, Student Director of Swing Band, Funfest. JEANIE JOY-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Usher, P.Q., Senior Prom Committees, Study Hall Clerk. JIN JEE JUE--Funfest, Cathay Club, Ski Club, Art Com- mittee. HARRY KADOSHIMA-Secretary, Junior Class, Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Roll Secretary, Roll Vice-President, Honor Society Representative, Intramural Sports, Fun fest. YONE KANDA-Head Typist, Pen, Honor Society Repre sentative, Gold Seal, Funfest, Historian, "G" Club, Honor Roll, President, "G" Club, Ticket Committee' Gym Office Clerk, "G" Club, After-School Sports. 1 4- RICHARD ALLEN KROGH Junuor Class Representative, Stage Crew Feature Editor Arrow Prouectuon Staff. CAROLINE KUEHNERT Chorus Mud Wunteu Concert, JANE KULSETH Feature Editor Messenger Advisory Board Cabinet Gold Seal Mud Wunter Concert Fun- test Junuor Prom Senuor Prom Assembly Noon Pro- CAROL MILLICENT KWAN Gold Seal Funtest Roll Presudent Honor Socuety Cathay Club Junuor Prom Committee Study Hall Clerk Senuor Questionnaire, MARGARET LANIER Treasurer Girls Club Feature Edutor Messenger Junuor Prom Decoratuon Committee Chaurman Funtest Roll Presudent Roll Banker Make- Up Commuttee All Cuty PTA Dance Commuttee, ARLENE SHIRLEY LARSON Entered from John R Rog- ers Hugh School Spokane Washington Girls Club, SELMA LEE LAWSON Honor Socuety Usher Commut- tee Funtest Chorus After School Sports Mud Winter JANE LE COCQ Assistant Copy Editor Messenger, Cabinet Co Chairman Senuor Questionnaire Commut- tee Gold Seal Funtest Honor Roll Socual Servuce, BARBARA LOUISE LEFLEY Mud Winter Concert Pen Staff Freshman Chorus Roll President Lubrary, GCO Sen or Announcements Commuttees Sophomore AL LEMCKE Entered from Broadway Hugh Seattle Sec- retary Sku Club Sku Team Sku Club Roll Represent- JOYCE LEVINSON Entered from Queen Anne Hugh School Seattle Washungton Roll Pres dent Roll Bank- er Socual Servuce Commencement Commuttees Junior NAOMI LEVY Honor Socuety Gold Seal Funfest Honor Roll Senuor Prom Usher Committee Sophomore Class JULIA LINDBLOM Sprung Play Senuor Play Com- mencement Commuttee Honor Socuety Gold Seal, RUTH KARNOFSKY-Funfest, Messenger Staff, Roll Secretary, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Commencement Committee. ELIZABETH ANNE KEFAUVER-Cabinet, Gold Seal, Funtest, Honor Roll, Red Cross, Friendship, Fine Arts, Cards and Announcements Committees, Junior Class Representative. EVELYN KETZLACH-Assistant Editor, Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Girls' Club Cabinet, Gold Seal, "G" Club, Copy Editor, Pen, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Senior Gitt, Red Cross Committees. CLIFFORD M. KIRKPATRICK-First Team Baseball. TOYO KITAYAMA-Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Health, Birthday Committees, Shorthand Club. JOANNE KJOS-Girls' Club. GAIL KLATZKER-Honor Society, Gold Seal, Mid-Win- ter Concert. SHIRLEY ROSE KNAPP-Entered from Stadium High, Tacoma, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Sen- ior Chorus, Social Service, Standards, P.Q. Commit- tees, Senior Gift Committee, Study Hall Clerk. JOAN KRAKOVSKY-Feature Reporter, Messenger, Co- Chairman, Senior Commencement Committee, Senior Play, Debate Team, Funtest, Roll President, Honor Society, Ski Club, Pep Club, 4N Club, Red Cross Committee Junior Class Representative. Page 35 MARY LOCKE-Funfest, After-School Sports, Cathay Club, Gold Seal, Standard, Service, Gazette, Cap and Gowns Committees, Senior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. ANNE-MARIE LUNDBERG-Ski Club, Senior Gift, Senior Announcement, Usher, Art, Red Cross Committees, Basket Room Attendant. LAETITIA LUTZ-Transferred to Highline High School, Office Clerk. SALLY LYMAN-Gold Seal, Funfest, Ski Club, 4-N Club, Senior Prom, Campus Committees, Pen Staff. PATRICIA MACLENNAN-Advisory Board, Cabinet, Chairman, P.T.A., Campus Committees, Friendship, G.C.O., Senior Committees, Funfest, 4-N Club. GWENN MAH GEE-Gold Seal, Cathay Club, Question- naire, Caps and Gowns, Health Committees, Honor Society Representative. HARRY MAH GEE-Gold Seal, Funfest, Second Team Baseball, Honor Roll, Honor Society Representative, MARY ANN MARTIN-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll President, Secretary, Senior Commencement, Noon Program Committees, Junior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. OLIVE JEWEL MARTIN-Usher, Commencement, Red Cross Committees, Study Hall Clerk. I Page 36 I JAMES MATHEWS Entered from Lakeside High School, First Team Track, Funfest, Intramural Football, Base- ball, Basketball, Winter Track, Chorus, Ski Club. CHARLES GRANT MATHIS-Intramural Basketball, Football, Band, Basketroom, Lunchroom Committees, School Patrol, Baseball Manager. KEN MATSON-Officer, Ski Club, First Team Football, Advisory Board, Funfest, Third Team Track, Roll Banker, Ticket Committee, Sophomore Class Repre- sentative. HIRO MATSUDA-Funtest, Intramural Sports, Honor Roll. SEKIO MATSUMOTO-Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball. ERNEST MATTILA-Doorman Committee, Senior Class Representative. ALBERT MAYER-Roll Officer, Banker, Ski Club, Build- ing Committee, Sophomore, Junior Class Represent- atives, Study Hall Clerk. MARTHA McAVOY-Funfest, Roll Officer, Banker, P.T.A., Standards, Senior Gift, Lunchroom Committees, Roll Representative, Study Hall Clerk. PETE McDONALD-President, Senior Class, Bulldog Club, Pep Club, Advisory Board, Junior Class Repre- sentative, Chairman, Junior Class Committee, Funfest, Roll President, Usher Committee, Study Hall Clerk. MEL MCENTIRE-Varsity Track, Second Team Football, Funfest. JANE MCFADYEAN-Assistant Editor, Messenger, Ad- visory Board, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Arrow Staff, Honor Roll, Junior Prom Committee, Honor Society Representative. KITTY MCGOVERN-Funfest, Social Service, Senior An- nouncement Committees, Study Hall Clerk, Ski Club. DICK MCKNIGHT-First Team Football, Letterman's Club, Funfest, Roll Officer, Junior Prom Committee, Class Representative, Inter-School Council Represent- ative. STANLEY MEISELS-President, Pep Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Bulldog Club, Senior Play, Funfest, Intramural Baseball, Roll President, Chairman, Pep Assembly Committee, Stamp, Doorman, Junior Prom Committees. MARY LOUISE MEYERS-Business Manager, Senior Play. JOAN MOTTELSON-Gold Seal, Spring Play, Student Director, Senior Play, Pen Staff, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, 4N Club, Pep Club, Social Service Committee. ANNETTE MYERS-Chorus, Roll Secretary, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Honor Society, Ski Club, Senior Prom Committee, Messenger, G.C.O. Attendant, Usher Com- mittee. ESTHER MYERS-Entered from Franklin High Schoo Seattle, Washington, Corresponding Secretary, Honof Society, Gold Seal, Senior Play, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Usher, Senior Gift, Standards Committee, Chair- man, Refreshment Committee, 4N Club. SHIRLEY MYERS-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Chorus, Roll President, Roll Secretary, Ski Club, Senior Com- mencement, Lunch room Committees. PEGGY AYAKO NAGATA-Gold Seal, Funfest, After- School Sports, Arrow, Gazette, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Ushers, Standards Committees, Sophomore Class Representative. JlMMlE NAKAMURA-Roll Officer, lntramural Basket- ball, Messenger Staff. MAY NAMBA+Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Treasurer, Honor Society, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Secretar Y, Roll Banker, Health Committee, Red Cross. HELEN NEAL-Senior Commencement, Senior Gift Com- mittees, Chorus, Funfest, SONIA NESLIN-Cabinet, "G" Club, After-Schoo Sports, Roll Banker, Social Service Committee, Library Clerk, Gym Clerk. WANDA NEUKIRCH-"G" Club, Manager, After-School Sports, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Usher Committee Honor Society Representative, Library Clerk, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert. RICHARD NEWELL-Entered from Lakeside High School Golf Team, Gold Seal, Funfest, lntramural Basketball Messenger Staff, Ski Club, Boys' Club Committee Senior Commencement Chairman, Bookroom. BILL NIENDORFF-Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Ski Club Senior Class Representative. HANAKO NISHIMURA-Gold Seal, "G" Club, Roll Pres- ident, Honor Roll, Make-Up Committee, Red Cross Librar Clerk After School S orts Y I ' P - DONNA NOBLE-Messenger, Roll Secretary, Roll Bank- er, Social Service Committee, Make-Up, Usher Com- mittees' Basketroom Attendant. FRED NORD-Ski Club, Moimiqin Climbing Club, stage i Crew. BOB MEZISTRANOQROII Secretary, Roll Banker, Fun- fest, Study Hall Clerk. ELEANOR MICHIE-Roll Banker, Sophomore, Junior Class Representatives, Fine Arts Committee. DIANNE E. MILLER-Entered from Queen Anne High School, Seattle, Washington, Girls' Club Cabinet, Chairman, Campus Committee, Senior Play, Funfest, Social Service Committee, Junior Class Representative, Senior Prom Committee. JOHN MINA-Entered from Broadway High School, Seattle, Washington, Boys' Club, Lunchroom Commit- tee, After School Sports, Stage Crew. JEANNETTE MOFFETT--Sophomore Class Represent- ative, Chorus, Usher Committee, Girls' Club, Senior Prom Committee, Mid-Winter Concert, Roll Banker, Study Hall Clerk, Shorthand Club. BARNEY MONSEN-Stage Crew, Projection Committee Third Team Football, Chairman, Grounds Committee Chairman, Football Usher Committee, Building Em ployee, Lunchroom Committee, Funfest, Building Com mittee. JOHN LELAND MOORE, JR.--Funfest, Layout Techni cian, Arrow Staff, Doormen's Committee, Honor Roll Sophomore Class Representative. JEANIE MORAN-Entered from lmmaculate High School, Seattle, Washington, Girls' Club, Lunchroom Commit tee, Social Service Committee. DOREEN MOREY-Entered from Highline High School, Nonette, Chorus, Mid-Winter Concert, Nurse's At- tendant, Senior Announcements Committee. 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 - Page 37 DURENE NORTON-Funfest, Intramural Basketball, Football, Second Team Track, Roll Officer, Roll Bank- er! BUlld0Q Club: LIN Club, Senior Questionnaire' Sophomore Class Representative. MARILOU NYQUIST-Mid -Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Honor Roll, Fine Arts, P.T.A., Usher, Senior Announcements Committees. TERIE OGATA-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Honor Roll, Health, Red Cross Committees. THOMAS OHTANI-Intramural Football, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Roll Banker, Red Cross, Bookraom Attendant. SUMIYE OKADA-Roll Banker, Friendship, Health Com- mittees, Roll Representative, Caps and Gown Com- mittee, Shorthand Club. JANE OKAMOTO-Girls' Advisory Board, Gold Seal' "G" Club Historian, Pen Staff, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Girls' Club Health Committee, Caps and Gown Committee, Sophomore Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk. EUGENE OKAMURA--Lunchroom Committee, 4N Club, Intramural Sports. BETTY ONISHI-Honor Society, Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Banker, Honor Rall, Honor Society Representative, Health Committee, Red Cross. GLEN T. ORKIOLLA-Roll Officer, Class Representative, Library Clerk. Page 38 1 1 GLORIA OSANNA-Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Senior Gift, Birthday Card, Make-Up, Service Committees, Shorthand Club. MACK OSTRANDER-Boys' Club. RUTH OSTROW-Cabinet, Girls' Club, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Operetta, Chorus, Rall Officer, P.T.A., Social Service, Usher, Senior Questionnaire Committees, Li- brary Chairman. TUNI OTA-Ad Solicitor, Bookraom Attendant. TOMMY OTOSHI-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Op- eretta, Intramural Football, Chorus, Honor Roll, Lunchroom, Doormen, Junior Class Committees. OLENE OTTAWAY-Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Honor Roll, Friendship, Senior Announcements Committees, Study Hall Clerk. OSBORNE OWENS-Class Committee. CHARLOTTE ANN OZURA-Funfest, Senior Announce- ment Committee, Friendship, Red Cross, G.C.O., Service Committees, Study Hall Clerk. FRANK PARKER-Vice-President, Boys' Club, Sports Editor, Messenger, President, Junior Class, Quill and Scroll, All-City P.T.A. Dance Committee, Gold Seal, Student Director, Funfest, Second and Third Team Football, Yell King, Roll President. ROBERT C. PAULSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Chorus, Usher, Lunchroom, Senior Commencement Committees, Senior Cass Representative. ALBERT PEDERSEN-First Team Tennis, Gold Seal, Mid- Winter Concert, After-School Sports, Band, Roll Of- ficer, Honor Roll. CHARLES PEERS-4N Club, After-School Sports. MARK PEHA-Gold Seal, Sophomroe, Junior Roll Of- ficers, Roll Banker, Honor Roll. BERNARD LEON PERLIN-Gold Seal, Intramural Sports, Sports Reporter, Messenger, Roll Officer, Roll Banker, Honor Society Representative, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Honor Roll, Building Employee, Usher Committee. PAUL PETRY-Layout Technician, Arrow, News Re- porter, Messenger, Art Editor, das Glockenspiel, Fun- fest, Chorus, Boys' Club Committees, Football Ushers, Senior Prom Committees, Junior Class Representative. DIANE PHILLIPS-Funfest, Roll Secretary, Social Serv- ice, Noon Program, Senior Commencement Committees. MARY PIEROTH-Business Manager, Messenger, Cabi- net, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Noon Program, Lunchroom, Senior Commence- ment Committees. BARBARA POSNER-Cabinet, Gold Seal, Funfest, News Reporter, Messenger, Chorus, Sophomore Class Repre- sentative, Honor Society Representative, Junior Prom, Senior Prom Committees. CHARLOTTE PRESCOTT+Business Manager, Arrow, Vice-President, Junior Class, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Funfest, Selective Chorus, Girls' Club Commit- tees, Senior Announcement Committee, Honor Society Representative, Sophomore Representative. RONALD PRUETT-1Chorus, Ski Club. CLIFFORD RADFORD-Senior Class Representative, Roll Banker, Basketroom Attendant. CLINTON R. RAGSDALE JR.-Feature Editor, Arrow, Honor Society Representative, Gold Seal, Stage Crew, Projection Staff. RUST ENDICOTT REID-Entered from Montclair High School, Montclair, New Jersey, First Team Track, In- tramural Football, Basketball. ROBERTA D. RICE-Funfest, Roll Banker, Basketroom Attendant, Senior Commencement, Senior Gift Com- BARBARA RICHARDS-Entered from Grossmont Hi h Q School, Grossmont, California. MARY LOU RITCHEY-Gold Seal, Shorthand Club, After-School Sports, Senior Class Representative. MAXINE ROBINO-Gold Seal, Honor Roll. LARRY ROBINSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Roll President, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Auto Committee, Class Representatives. FAY ROE-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Chorus, Nonette, Roll Banker, Usher, Senior Committees. JERRY ROGOWAY-Entered from New York City, Treas- urer, Honor Society, Gold Seal, Pen Staff, Honor So- ciety Representative, Honor Roll, 4-N Club, Doorman, Senior Gift, Questionnaire Committees. HARRY ROOS+Quill ancl Scroll, Gold Seal, Funfest Technician, Art Editor, Arrow, Roll President, Hono Roll, Chairman Art Committee, 4-N Club, Senior Gift Committee, Art Editor, Pen. THERESE ROSS-Gold Seal, Senior Play, Funfest, Rol President, Gazette, Service, Bulletin, Senior Prom Com- mittees, Study Hall Clerk. AUDREY RUSS-Chorus, Art Committee, Girls' Club, Funfest. ROSALIE RUSSAK-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Sen ior Chorus, Roll Secretary, Roll Banker, Senior An nouncements, Gazette, Friendship, Service Committees Study Hall Clerk. MARY ANN RUSTAN-Honor Society, After-School Sports. HELEN H. SAMATA-Entered from Avery High School, Avery, Idaho, September, I948, Gold Seal, After- School Sports, Honor Roll, Usher, Health, Senior Caps and Gowns Committees. AL SANFT-So homore Class Representative, Third I3 Team Football, Intramural Basketball, Football. SIDNEY J. SCHAIN-Ad Manager, Messenger, Funfest, Senior Gift, Senior Questionnaire Committees, Quil and Scroll. ALVIN SCHEVING-Senior Play, Class Representative, Intramural Football. 1 mittees, Pep Club, Girls' Club. r I fu Page ' LEON SCHOLOSSBERG-Roll Officer, Gym Clerk, Study Hall Clerk. EVELYN SCHMIDT-Co-Editor, Arrow, Gold Seal, Fun- fest, Band, Orchestra, Honor Roll, Art, Senior Gift, Red Cross Committees, Quill and Scroll. BILL SHAW4Golcl Seal, Senior Play, Funfest, Ski Club and Team. MARIE JOYCE SHERWOOD-Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Honor Roll, Shorthand Club, Usher, Questionnaire Committees, Basketroom Attend- ant. TERUKO SHIMORURA-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Gold Seal, Pen Staff, Senior Class Representative, 4-N Club, Service, Make-Up, Senior Questionnaire Committees. LEONARD SHULMAN-Roll Banker, Chess Club, Roll Officer. SONYA LEE SHUPE-Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Lunch- room, Gazette, Red Cross Committees, Junior Class Representative. SHELDON SIDELL-Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Sophomore Class Representative. GENE SILVERTON-Letterman's Club, First, Second Team Baseball, Third Team Basketball, Football, Male Chorus, Junior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk, Freshman Roll President. Page 40 PATRICIA ELLEN SIMS-Cabinet, Chairman, P.Q., Red Cross Committees, Gold Seal, Honor Roll, Library, Commencement Committees, Study Hall Clerk. JERRIE SMITH--Cabinet, Gold Seal, Funfest, Pen Staff, Roll Secretary, Friendship, Standards, Senior Question- naire, Library Commitees, Study Hall Clerk. ERMA SNEED-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, Selective Chorus, -Girls' Club, Library Clerk, Lunchroom, Com- mencement Committees. GEORGIANNA SNYDER-Sophomore, Junior Class Rep- resentatives. MAXINE SOFTKY-Vice-President, Honor Society, Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Messenger Staff, Honor Roll, Ski Club, 4-N Club, Senior Announce- ment, Friendship, Red Cross Committees. KATHERYNE STANDIFER-Mid-Winter Concert, Fun- fest, Operetta, Chorus, Usher, Senior Caps and Gowns Committees, Library Clerk, Foreign Language Club. STANLEY JEROME STEINBERG-Honor Society, lntra- mural Baseball. GEORGE STEVENS-Band, Orchestra. ROGER B. STWART-Entered from Roosevelt High School, September, l948, Ski Club, All-City Ski Team, Chairman, Building Committee, Senior Prom Commit- tee. LESLIE STLJSSER-Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Club, Sports Editor, Messenger, Bulldog Club, Chairman, Noon Program, Junior-Senior Prom Program Commit- tees, Publicity Chairman, Funfest, Gold Seal, Lunch- room Committee, Roll Officer. ELlA SUNDSTED-Gold Seal, Senior Play, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Band, Orchestra, Roll Banker, Service Committee, Honor Society Class Representative. ERVIN N. SUNDSTED-Scond Team Track, lntramural Basketball, Boys' Club Committees, Study Hall Clerk. HOWIE SUSSMAN-Entered from Broadway High School, Debate Team, Tennis Team, Roll Banker, Interme- diate Chorus. SANDY SWANCY-First Team Football, First Team Baseball, Funfest, Red Cross Committee. EVERETT SWANSON-Mid-Winter Concert, Operetta, lntramural Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Advertis- ing Staff, Selected Chorus, Roll President, Funfest, Honor Society. GLORIA JOY SWENSON--Honor Society, Honor Society Representative, Gold Seal, Mid-Winter Concert, Oper- etta, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Selected Chorus. DAVID SWETMAN-Ski Club. LILLIAN TADA--"G" Club, After-School Sports, Health Committee, Senior Gift Committee. NOBIE TAKAHASHI-Honor Society, Senior Announce- ments Committee, Gold Seal, Funfest, Manager, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Reporter, Messenger, Honor Roll, Library, Usher Committees, Junior Class Repre- sentative, Library Clerk. MARION TAKENAGA-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Ticket, Friendship, Usher Committees, Senior An- nouncement Committee, Service Committee, Short- hand Club. AKIRA TAKEIJCHI-Boys' Club Committee, Intramural Football. MAS TANEMURA-Entered from Broadway High, Se- attle, Washington, Intramural Volleyball, Football, Sophomore Roll Banker, Boys' Club. TOMMY TANGYE-Class Representative, Lunchroom Committee, Stage Crew. ROSEMARY TATUM-Debate Team, "G" Club, After- School Sports, Copy Editor, Contemporary Hi-Lit-es, Make-Up Committee, Library, Senior Gift Committees, Basketroom Attendant. MARILYN TERRILL Entered from Queen Anne High School, Seattle, Washington, Roll Banker, Ski Club. DOLORES JEANNE THOMAS-Gold Seal, Spring Play, Funfest, Roll President, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Friend- ship Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Junior Class Representative. MARGARET TOMOGUCHI-Funfest, "G" Club, After- School Sports, Roll Banker, Service, Art Committees, Junior Class Representative, Gym Clerk, Caps and Gown Committee, Stenography Club. GEORGIA-MAI TOWNSEND-Senior Play, Funfest, Hon- or Roll, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Standards Committee. PATI TRAYER-Stamp, Friendship Committees, Study Hall Clerk, Cap and Gown Committee, Lunchroom Committee, Junior Class Representative. DAWN ELAINE TREMBLEY-Senior Play, Spring Play, Funfest Talent Director, Operetta, Roll Officer, Ski Club, Noon Program, P.Q. Committees, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Senior Representative. TEDDY TSUE-Intramural Sports, Third Team Track. HANA UMINO-"G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Secretary, Service, Senior Gift Committees, Study Hall Clerk, Gym Clerk. PATRICIA I. UNZELMAN-Entered from Issaquah, Girls' Club, Bulletin Committee. ANN VAN ARSDEL-Secretary, Girls' Club, Chairman, Junior Prom Publicity Committee, Gold Seal, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest, Feature Staff, Messenger, Selected Chorus, Roll Officer, All-City P.T.A. Dance Committee, Senior Announcements Committee. AARON VEDEROFF-President, Honor Society, President, Lettermen's Club, First Team Football, Basketball, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Messenger Staff, Roll Presi- dent, Honor Roll. MARGARET VILOUDAKI-Business Manager, Messen- ger, Cabinet, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll President, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Chairman, Social Welfare Committee, Senior Questionnaire Committee, Service Committee. MADELON VOLOTIN-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta, Chorus, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Gazette Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Junior Class Rep- resentative, Library Committee. NANCY WALKER-Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Funfest, Feature Reporter, Messenger Staff, Roll Banker, Friendship Committee, Senior Questionnaire Commit- tee, Standards, Lunchroom, G.C.O. Committees. FLORENCE ESTHER WARNER-Entered from Quilcene High School, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll President, Roll Banker, Basketroom Attendant. Page 4l Page 42 KATHLEEN WATABAYASHl+Honor Society, After- School Sports, Honor Roll, Senior Questionnaire, Caps and Gowns Committees, Make-Up Committee. IUNE WATANABE-Girls' Club Cabinet, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Funfest, Roll Banker, Make-Up, Standards, Senior Cops and Gowns Committee, Sten- ography Club, Study Hall Clerk. AL WATERMAN-Entered from Broadway High School, Editor, Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Layout Technician, Arrow, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Building Employee, Basketroom. JOHANNETTA WEBER-Second Vice-President, Girls' Club, Editor, Pen, Quill and Scroll, Gold Seal, Athletic Manager, "G" Club, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Cabi- net, Girls' Club, Questionnaire, Library Committees. JO ANN WENER-Cabinet, Girls' Club, Bulletin Com- mittee Chairman, Gold Seal, Senior Play, Pen Staff, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Ski Club, G.C.O., Service Committees, Senior Commencement Committees. VIRGINIA WESTFALL-Roll Banker, Sophomore Repre- sentative, Red Cross, Girls' Club, Pep Club, Shorthand Club. EMILY-JEAN WHETSTONE-Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Officer, Senior Gift, P.T.A., Fine Arts Committees' Honor Society Representative. ROCHELLE JUNE WIENIR-Mid-Winter Concert, Fun- fest, Chorus, Honor Roll, Social Service, Make-Up, Friendship, Campus, Senior Announcement Commit- tees, Sophomore Class Representative. DORIS WILLIAMS-"G" Club, After-School Sports. 1 MIKE WILLIAMS-Boys' Club. RONALD WILSON-Stage Crew, Tennis, Intramural Sports, Funfest. NANCY WINDAL-Entered from Lake Washington High School, Red Cross, Make-Up Committees, Chorus, Junior Class Representative, Funfest, Lunchroom Com- mittee. Senior Committee Chairmen Front Row: Jane Le Cocq, Joan Krakovsky, Joanne Christie, Irene Fujii, Ann Davis, Donna Greany, Elaine Berger. Second Row: Tom Curry, Richard Newell, Chuck Conway. Stanley Holifield, Jimmy Goldman. 1 LOIS WINGETT-Roll Secretary, Cabinet, Noon Pro- gram, Red Cross Committees, Funfest Act Manager, Chorus, Nonette, Study Hall Clerk, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Operetta, Senior Comencement Committee. CHADWICK WIRTH-Entred from Broadway High Schooh SeatHe,VVashington, Ofhcen Pep Club,Second Teanm BasebaH, FootbaH, BasketbaH, RoH Banken Usher Committee, 4N Club, Freshman, Junior Class Representahves FANNIE WONG-Treasurer, Cathay Club, Gold Seal, Funfest, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Roll Banker, Friendship, Service, Questionnaire Committees, Honor Society Representative, Gym Clerk. HERMAN WONG-Assistant Sports Editor, Messenger, Advertising Manager, Messenger, Senior Gift, Ques- tionnaire Committees. PHYLLIS YAMBAO-Gold Seal, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Artist, Arrow, Roll President, Roll Secretary, Honor Roll, Usher, Gazette Committees, Senior Com- mittee. GEORGE YELLAND-First Team Football, Boys' Advisory Board, RoH Preident RoH Bankeq Grounds Conwnh- tee, Junior Class Representahve. KENJI YOSHINAKA-Honor Society Representative, First Team Baseball, Gold Seal, Intramural Basketball, Footbalh Second Tearn Basebalh BasketbaH, RoH Pres- ident, Honor Society. TOMI YOSHIOKA-Gold Seal, Honor Society, Funfest, Secretary, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Ski Club, Chairman, Ticket Committee, Service, Senior Prom Committees, Study Hall Clerk. EVER JEAN YOUNG-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Servme, Usher, Lunchroonw ConnniHees, Baskehoonw Attendant. FRANCES JEANNE YOUNG-Cabinet, Gold Seal, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest, Funfest Committee, "G" Club, After-School Sports, Band, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Cathay Club, Girls' Club Committees. HOWARD ZEIDMAN-Editor, Contemporary Hi-Lites, Secretary-Treasurer, Bulldog Club, First Team Tennis, Head Basketball Manager, Intramural Basketball, Third Team Football, Roll Officer, Lettermen's Club, Ski Club, Doorman Usher, Football Games Committees. A V , Q., 2 1 N 4.5 , S rf f' JN A Q -, Cs M . ,f Junior Committee Chairmen Front Row: Jana Jacobsen, Paulette Edes, Mable Wong. Second Row: Norm Clein, Taylor Scott, Steve Deller. , .ss ,fymgw a f W wwf f X52 S! 7 f N , s 1 X V Ns. fs? fig? we X X jx s Q! ' ' I X . fs . , , f of , , I SE is?" Q3 Page 43 HELEN SHELTON CHARLES SEDLACEK SALLY CHINN DIANE DIXON Adviser President Vice-President Secretary Page 44 E FOOT I I-IEA N THE members of the class of l95l now occupy the coveted position of upperclassmen. The obstacles and handicaps of inexperience have ,gradually been overcome, and these students are now enthusiastically participating in many school activities. They have not only assumed responsibilities in the Boys' and Girls' Club work, but also are represented on three publication staffs. The highlight of the year was the dance, "High Society," that the Juniors presented in honor of the class of l950. After having completed three successful years under the guidance of their advisor, Miss Shelton, these students who have "One Foot ln Heaven" are ready to assume full leadership. ALBERT ADATTO CLARE ADDICOAT DELORES ADRIAN JOSEPH ALLEN TONY ALLEN ARLENE ANDERSON BARBARA ANDERSON BUD ANDERSON GRAHAM ANDERSON JAMES ANDO DON ARAI WILSON ARNOLD HARRIET ARVON OLIVE MARIE AYERS RAYE AZOSE FRED BACKER JAY BADER JOY BAIRD RON BALDUS REGINA BARKEY JOANNE BARNETT ANN BARTLE BARBARA BEAL STAN BECKELMAN EUGENE BECKER JOSIE BEHAR IKE BENSUSEN JEANNE BENVENISTE SAM BENVENISTE CAROL BEYER CONNIE BILLUPS MITCHELL BLACK RAY BLACK BARBARA BLAIR ANN BLANKENSHIP VERNA BELLE BLIXT KAY BLUNCK KRISTIN BOHMAN BARBARA BROWN DONNA MAE BROWN DONNA MIRIAM BROWN GEORGE BROWN BARBARA BROWNE KEITH BURNS DANIEL BYTHEWOOD rf" fa- I I , dffx f ,FST ,am J . M , , if I f 1, 14A fi ,f 44, 2. W J X -X R' X , ig ' uw L fvwwvim XJ Page 45 Page 46 DEAN CALDWELL JERI CALDWELL IRVING CALVO JO ANNE CAMPBELL JOAN CAMPBELL BETTY CAPELUTO JOSEPHINE CARTER JUDY CASSIDY JIM CHAMBERS BETTY CHASE ROOSEVELT CHINN JOE CHUN NORMAN CLEIN LAINE COHEN BOB COHN SALLY ANN COHN ED COLCOCK JEFF COMYN MARLENE CONLEY VIRGINIA COYLE BARBARA CRAGIN SHARYN CREVIN GEORGE DAHL BOB DeBRUYN MELCHOIR DECANO VIOLET C. DeJEAN BETTY DELEUW STEVE DELLER CARMEN DELMA CAROLLE DIAS HAROLD DRAKE ROELLA DYKEMAN SHIRLEY EATON BETTY LOU EDELSON PAULETTE EDES DOLORES EKBLAD JOAN ELLISON MARLENE ELSBREE EDWARD ENG KAI ENG TUCK ENG JOYCE ESKENAZI NANCY EVANS JOHN FERRELL BYRNE FISKEN MARVIN FLAKS JOYCE FLOWERS DOROTHY FLOYD ELAINE FRANSON LATEN FRAWLEY MARY FRAWLEY JACK FREDERICKSON CHARLENE FRIEDMAN JAY FRIEDMAN ALLEN FRYE JEAN FUJII JOY FULLERTON BOB FULTON DAVE FUNES SAYOKO FURUMOTO SALLIE GALANTE SONIA GAMEL MARIE GARDNER GARY GAYTON PEGGY GIESSEMAN FRANKLIN GILL GWEN GJERDE DOLORES GLAZER SANDRA GLAZER RUTH GOLDTHORPE JOAN GREEN LORETTA GURRERA JAMES GUSTAFSON DOLORES HALE BILL HALGREN SHIRLEE HALVERSON DOYLE HAMILTON ESTHER HANAN PAUL HANSEN NOBORU HARA DOUGLAS HARTMAN LIEF HASLUND MIKE HEDREEN VERA HERMAN JOAN HILL KAREN HINMAN JAMES HINO SUSAN HOUCK LEONARD HOYT JEANNE HUEY Page 47 I a e I Q I Page 48 LEE HUMES CHUCK HUMPHREYS DIANA HUNT JOE HUNTER JANET HUSTON EMILY ISRAEL JANA JACOBSEN TINA JACOBSEN NATHALA JELTZ JERRY JOLLIFFE DARLENE JONES EVELYN JONES JACK JORGENSON NATALIE JOUKOVSKY DICK JUSTHAM NAOMI KAHAN FRED KING HAROLD KLEIN FRANK KLEPSER MARY JO KLEPSER ROSE KOBATA AKIKO KOJIMA DAVID KRAMER VIVIAN KRUEGER JANIS KUEHNER HENRY KUMASAKA NANCY KUWADA DICK LACY JACK LANGNER BARBARA LARRABEE DOROTHY LARSON ROBERT LEE JEAN LEONG CHARLES LEWIS JOHN LIND ABIGAIL LLOYD LAURA LOBDELL DIANE MACHEN BURTON MALAKOFF GLORIA MARCUS BOB MARGOLIS BOB MARSHALL YUKIE MASUMOTO CALVIN MATHEWS CHARLES MAXWELL JAMES MAXWELL IKE MAYO LUCILLE McCLENAHAN DICK McKENZIE SHEILAH MELVIN DICK MERRIWEATHER RITA LOU MESSER NANCY MEZISTRANO BERNICE MILLER LEE MILLER ELAINE MIYAKE MYRTLE MOORE NANCY MOSCATEL JUDY MOSLER MIMI MOSS DANIEL MULHOLLAND SHIRLEY MUNSON ' BOB MURRAY YOSHIKO NAGAI YOSH NAKAGAWA GEORGE NAKAMURA JANE NAKAMURA JEAN NAKAMURA TED NAKAMURA ROWNIE NARANJO MONICA NAVA TOM NECKAS ART NELSON JEAN NELSON SUSANNE NEVINS JACKIE NEWMAN NANCY NORTON REIDER NOTSUND GERALDINE O'HORA JONATHAN OTANI MARIANNE OTOSHI JACKIE PASCO CLETIS PATTON ALVIN PEARL NORMA PETERSON JOAN PETTINGILL BEVERLY PETTY BOB PONSELLE TUCKIE PRATT LEE PRICE Page 49 Page 50 LEIGH RABEL MARY RAFFETY ALVIN RASMUSSEN RUTH REED PAT RHODES ED RILEY SUSAN ROBINSON JUNIUS ROCHESTER JOANNE ROGERS SHIRLEY ROLLINS IRWIN ROMANOFF IRVING ROMEY HOWARD ROSENTHAL CHARLES ROSS MIMI ROUSSO RENEE ROUSSO MARCIA SAFLEY ROCKIE SAMS VIVIAN SAUNDERS CHERYL SCHMIDT IMOGENE SCORDON TAYLOR SCOTT BERTEL SELIG JOYCE SELLINGER ALICE SELTZ JOSEPH SERAILE LOIS SHARPE MONICA SHARPLES MEYER SHEMARIA SUMI SHIMBO CAROL SHREVE SYLVIA SIDELL JOYCE ADA SIEGEL JOAN SIMS CLEORA SMITH BARRY SMITHSON JANET SNYDER GALE SPARKS RALPH SQUILLACE LEAH STACK BETTY STANFORD ROSANNE STERN BARBARA STONE DULYCE STONE EILEEN SULLIVAN . GLORIA SUNDIN HARRY TADA GEORGE TAKEUCHI TOSHIKO TANAKA OLIVA TANNER PAUL THOMAS ARLENE THOMPSON DARLENE THOMPSON GLORIA THOMPSON IRWIN TREIGER YOSHIO TSUE WANDA UHRICH VICTORIA UYETA ESTHER VARON PEARL VARON DONALD VIZZARE JOE VIZZARE ELLEN WADE DELCINE WALTON WILMA WAMHOFF BEVERLY WASHINGTON TOSHIKO WATANABE TWINKIE WATSON LAVERNA WEAVER HENRY WEHL HELEN WESTFALL LEON WHITE DOROTHY WIBORG PAT WILLIAMS CAROLE WILSON GWEN KAY WILSON SHARON WOLFE MABLE WONG BILLIE JO ANN WOOD JOAN WYMAN HOWARD YAMAUCHI TOM YAMAGUCHI STAN YAMASHITA AKIO YANAGIHARA YUK YOSHIDA DEANNE YOUNG SALLY YOUNG KAZUO YUTANI PAUL ZELLINSKY SOLVEIG LUNDBERG DEAN NORDQUIST WINDY KING SUE FRASER Adviser President Vice-President Secretary 0 BIG THE Sophomores are "So Big" now, having had the experience of two years of Garfield. Already they are beginning to take part in school activities and are making strides in scholastic achievement. Under the leadership of Miss Solveig Lundberg, the sophomores sponsored a dance in March and continued the duty of the school patrol. The class is advancing, and great things will be expected of them during the next two years. Page 52 Front Row: Mary Louise Baker, Shirley Aho, Norma Alexander, Barbara Abella. Serond Row: Betty Arase, Helen Anschell, Lois Balaoro, Joan Al- len, Robert Allen. Third Row: Dick Arensberg, Eliza- beth Anderson, Theresa Atkins, Irma Ard, Bob Armstrong. Fourth Row: Henry Aronson, Rich- ard Attwood, Don Badgley, Tom- rny Archey, Ike Amon. Fran! Row: Annie Bangs, Ruth Bauer, Mary Berggren, Muriel Bell, Bernice Dotson. Second Row: George Behrendt, Mona Batchelor, Beverly Brear, Emma Jean Berry, Mary Bowd- en, Loraine Basel. Tlzird Row: Chuck Bird, Robert Bonnevie, Warren Barneby, Jim Bowers, Wallace Bolton, Stanton Bayless. Fourth Row: Ivan Berry, Jack Barnes, George Baningdon, Bill Blanchet, Terry Bradshaw. Front Row: Aselean Byrd, Gloria Campbell, Geraldine Brooks, Nancy Brown, Bonny Burns. Second Row: Max Calderon, Mar- lene Brashen, Rosalie Capeloto, Grace Bushnell, Marjorie Coul- ter, Gladys Carlson. Third Row: Bill Bruyn, Ike Cape- louto, Gordon Cash, George Buz- zelle, Art Carlson. Fourth Row: Gary Bundlie, De- wayne Briscoe, Jerry Caughlan, Leo Caster. Front Row: Marlene Crowser, Nancy Cross, Mary Chan, Flor- ence Chikata, Marilyn Crystal. Second Row: Catherine Cook, Bonny Cook, Myrna Coates, Karen Cosby, Shirley Danielsen. Third Row: Henry Cordas, Jack De Leon, David Chang, Don Crews, Robert Conaway. Fourth Row: Bob Davis, Richard Cornwell, Calvin Chatters, .Tames Conklin. Page 53 l 4 Page 54 Front Row: Leatrice De Leon, Deanna Eng, Bonnie Jean Duran, Marion English, Velderine Dun- lop. Second Row: Carol Ellison, Sally Donaldson, Anne Eide, Karen Drury, Jinny Kirbe. Third Row: Tom Donnan, Ruth Emery, Betty Dudles, Sharon El- wood, Willis Eng. Fourth Row: Bch Dorning, Jim Douglas, Harvey Elliott, Jack Elmberg, Douglas Donohue, Kushi Echigo. Front Row: Helene Fine, Arlene Fujii, Sue Fraser, Lee Fraser, Janet Floyd. Second Row: Hannah May Fink, Peggy Foley, Joan Gallagher, Lynn Francke, Alice Fukeda. Third Row: Bill Franson, Francis Fry, Jack Fitzgerald, Carl Fu- ruta. Fourth Row: Norman Forsberg, Bob Flexer, Phelps Fisher. Front Row: George Gilligan, Rob- erta Golub, Katharine Hamano, Nancy Hall, David Green. Second Row: Lyda Hancock, Selma Garmel, Marilyn Hanson, Judy Gartshore, John Gunby. Third Row: Andrew Guiang, Wil- lie Lee Gary, Josephine Gantt, Mary Lou Gigstad, Phillip Galt. Fourth Row: Chuck Hansen. Bill Green, Mickey Green, Harold Hardy. Front Row: Janet Harris, Con- stance Hiney, Dolores Hart, Laura Hoffer, Mary Hikida. Second Row: Adele Herrigel, Beth Holberg, Mary Hicks, Serena Hendrix, Carol Haynes. Third Row: Dick Hedreen, Sam- mie Hogan, Jackie Harnish, Bar- bara Hilton. ' Fourth Row: Dwaine Hatch, Bob Hiraki, Harold Hobbs, John Haye. Front-Row: Jeanne Huey, Barbara 1-Iosking, Gloria Holland, Sallie Jagoe, Beverly Israel. Srronfl Row: Olivette Jones, Ann Jeffries, Anne Holmstrom, Lois Hunt, Charles Johnson, Ray Johnson. Third Row: Charles Jones, Dick HGUY, Lloyd Jones, Chester John- son, Joseph Johnson, Jerry Jaffe. Fourth Row: Ned Ingham, Cal Humphreys, George Kachlein, Ronald Johnson. Front Row: Martha Kawaguchi, Ruth Kahn, Dianne Kaneta, June Bender, Evelyn Kaufman. Serond Row: Eleanor Klein, Sue Karr, Mona Korman, Janet Ken- nedy, Diane Kearns. Third Row: Donald Kadoshima, Q1 Kleinberg, Darryl Kan, Daniel o. Fourth Row: Gerald Kaplan, Don- ald Koontz, Dennis King, Windy King, Kouji Kikuchi. Front Row: Teddy Larson, Doro- thy Little, Clarine Lund, Ella Locke, Wayne Mah. Second Row: Mun Lee, Barbara Moulton, Barbara LeCocq, Han- nah Laschansky, Tom Kusukabe. Third Row: Albert Maimon, Ken- neth Lambert, Bob Malone, Glenn MacLennan, Bob Lack- man. Fourth Row: Johnny Martin, Har- old Marcus, Stanley Mah Gee. Front Row: Edna Mitchell, Shirley Martin, Magdalena Mendoza, Glenda Moffett, Judy McDonald. Second Row: Geraldine McCoy, Betty McGowen, Marian Miller, Doris Mayo, Jean Maxfield, Ellen Morford. Third Row: Rod McClelland, Ken Merport, Eddie Mezistrano, Rob- ert Matsumoto. Fourth Row: Harry Lind, Paul Misuradze, George Lumbert, Da- vid Mezistrano. Page 55 Page 56 Frorzl Row: Ruby Num0i0, June Nakano, Sylvia Nomura, Bertha Joyce Nellams, Gloria Nagai. Second Row: Thalia Nims, Patty Neil, Betty Noble, Diane Nelson, Karol Norris, Joan Napiontek. Third Row: Bob Namba, Joanne Nicholas, Kenzo Moriguchi, How- ard Naranjo, John Nakamura, Thomas Nolan. Fourth Row: Alfred Landix, Eldor Myers, Dean Nordquist, Elmer Norgren. Front Row: Nobumasa Onishi, Astred Pels, Donna O'Hara, Vicki Olson, Sadaye Okada. Second Row: Nancy Pitman, Mary Catherine O'Connor, Sally Poli- car, Lynn Pierson, Joan Peder- son. Third Row: Tom Patterson, Morris Peha, Tom Oswold, Jerry Olson, Bob O'Neil. Fourth Row: Pete Peters, Lowell Pass, Julian Olson, Gene Pelley, Steffen 0'Brien. Front Row: Betty Resos, Donna Preston, Loretta Raloff, Blanche Riste, Jim Pountain. Second Row: Buddy Reyes, Armin Rembe, Marilyn Ranck, Helene Pruzan, Janet Prupis, Robert Robinson. Third Row: Don Rehteldt, Mike Reedy, Bill Preston, Nancy Quar- termaine. Fourth Row: George Robertson, Bob Racine, Bob Rahe, Jerry Potier, Jim Robertson. Front Row: Masaru Shimizu, Cheryl Lee Sands, Jo Ann Pel- ham, Joan Sheriff, Linda Sue Satterwhite, Darrell Ross. Second Row: Margaret Senda, Marilyn Ross, Janet Shapiro, Sarah Sadis, Betty Sargent, Luanne Shaw. Third Row: Teruo Shibata, Duane Schooley, Bo S cheving, Joan Rodney, Robert Sheltren. Fourth Row: Frank Paterson, Mac Sinner, Ron Sellers, Jim Schu- bert, Stephen Schaefer. 1 Front Row: Beverly Stone, Patsy Stiley, Devaughne Standifer, Es- ther Siegel. Second Row: Charlene Smiley, Karen Sk0Og, Marilyn Spence, Joan Siegenthaler, Theone Stark. Third Row: Alfred Stewart, Bob Shindell, Ronald Snyder, Rick Smoot. Fourth Row: Joe Smyth, Lester Smith, Jim Stice, Jeanne Staley. Front Row: Alice Taylor, Natalie Thomas, Howard Sullivan, Rich- ard Takano, Sylvia Sims, Joyce Toshi. Serond Row: Evanell Toyne, Veloy Tollifson, Betty Twilligear, Joyce Thygesen, Darrelyn Semon, Joan Underwood. Third Row: Molly Thompson, Do- lores Terrell, Sandra Stone, Isa- bel Sigel. Fourth Row: Dick Turner, Mick Tacher, Henry Turner. Front Row: Velde Lee, Fanny Fay Wilson, Masao Uno, Larry Vini- kow, Fumiko Uyeda, Marianne Urakawa. Serond Row: Diane Verbon, Elea- nor Varon, Shedrick Washington, Lois Warren, Bruce Viloudaki, Jackie Turner. Third Row: Sandra Wienir, Jac- queline Wilkins, Jean Williams, William Watkins, Eugene Sund- berg, Jim Waite. Fourth Row: Bruce Walker, Autrey Stirgus, Monte Wesselink, Yvonne Wilson, Satoru Tashiro. Front Row: Toshiko Yamaguchi, Dorothy Young, Foon Woo, Mary Woo, Hazel Woo, Jean Yee, Second Row: Gary Wong, James Woods, Ken Yamamoto, Bobby Yamada, Louise Wagsiaff. Third Row: Bob Wiseman, Chuen Wong, Fred Woodson, Jim Wolff. Fourlh Row: Paul H. Woron, Dave H. Wright. Poge 57 'Weenie Page 58 SOLVEIG LUNDBERG TERUO SHIBATA DANIEL KO MASAO UNO Advimr Cafilain lx! Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant AGE OF INNOCE CE IIWALK, please, don't run," admonishes the patrol-boy, holding forth his bright warning flag. A shrill whistle pierces the ear, and traffic slowly stops. This is a frequent scene at all of Garfield's crosswalks while the Sophomore Safety Patrol is on duty. These are the boys who do their part to uphold Seattle's reputation for expert street-safety patrols. At Garfield there are twenty-five boys who alternate for this duty. Their time, risks, and responsibilities are compensated, to some extent, by honor society points and service letters. The Sophomore class can justly feel proud of its contribution to the safety of the entire student body. , First Row: Joan Coburn, Sheila Clark, Gail Bradshaw, Al Azoge, Second Row: Jim Corey, Jack Cohen, Overton Berry, .Terry August. Firxt Row: Jeanie Jue, Barbara Harris, Harlean Fosberg. Second Row: Vercele Daye, Shir- ley Graham, Carol Hansen. Third Row: Stan Sylvester Habib, Gilbert Martin Metcalf, Paul Lewis. Firxt Row: Beverly Machen, Bar- bara Mar, Ruby Luke, Bette Ku- rimoto, Vicky Maimon. Second Row: Perry Gilliam, Jerry Ogden, Maryanne Norgren, Yosh Ogata. First Row: Emily Ann Teel, Maxie Lindsey, Shirley Wong, Nanci Wong, Rae Piha. Second Row: Elsie Ritchey, Audrey Temple, Dianne Sullivan, Doro- thy Williams. Third Row: Don Proctor, Gary Schaah. Page 59 PETER SCHNELLER BOWEN KING GORDON JOHNSON ELAINE LEWIS Page 60 Adviser President l'i1'e-Presideizt Secrela THE one hundred seventeen Freshmen, who entered Garfield last September, have finished their first and most difficult year. The usual "greeness" of new students was soon same- thing of the past with the Class of l953. Their loyalty to their new Alma Mater was soon proven by their school spirit and willingness to enter the extra-curricular activities. Honors were brought to the class by the Freshmen girls, who worked hard to present one of the best acts in the 1950 Funfest. These students, although handicapped by inexperience, have seriously begun to plan their courses and activities under the capable guidance of their class advisor, Mr. Schneller. These students will have occasion to look back upon "The Green Years" as enjoyable and profitable. I-'rout Row: Patricia Chadwick, Rae Davis, Nan Adams, Doloris Blond, Marie Bates. Srfona' Row: Donneiia Du Bois, Janet Anderson, Delores Der- heim, Milton Cutler, Roberta Brown. Third Row: Norma Chaikin, Gar- net Armstrong, Nora Baker, Charlotte Devereaux, Bill Baum- gauner. Fourth Row: Eddie Joe Dixon, Roy Alley, Marvin Albert. Front Row: Melvin Freeman, Eugene Giger, Janet Edmiston, Helen Fliehman, Merle Dulien. Serond Row: Carl Fritzner, Joan Lundy, Helen Looney, Ruth Field, Leah Friedman, Bette Eckart. Third Row: William Gardner, Philip Gayton, Gale Felton, Heide Flynn. Fourth Row: Mary Dunn, Emory De Wolfe, Eddy Gerstell, Lee Ellinger. Front Row: John Huston, Elaine Lewis, Barbara Harris, Barbara Lanning, Sandra Jones. Second Row: Bowen King, Carman Jensen, Bylieu Helwig, Constance Honnsly, Carol Hillman. Third Row: Virginia Glerup, Mary Hoak, Elenore Kirshner, Ruth Johnson. Fourth Row: Jerry Lindsey, Gor- don Johnson, John Holcenberg, Gloria Goodwin. Front Row: Esther Schlossberg, .Alene Seth, Joyce McGregor, Nancy Rutlen, Toni Bembe, John Porrott. Seaond Row: Joyce Sanderson, George Nelson, Calvin Seraile, Marios Sison, Bob McDaniel. Third Row: Charles McCeullar, Bob Phillrook, J. R. Mills Ridg- way, Don Madison, Carol Sar- gent. Fourth Row: Eugene Price, Bill Maynock, Leonard Oppenheimer, Roy Ropps, Wayne McGreggor. Front Row: Charles Young, Bill Versoi, Lothar Weinberg, Betty Anne Summerfield, Lauretta Walton. Second Row: Donna Stark, Louella Woltstone, Diane Vowles, Colleen Sullivan, Yvonne Sweem. Third Row: Frederick Stills, Bar- bara Wheeler, Dianne Sullivan, Myra Waterhouse, Lavonia Zeu- mault. Fourth Row: Terry Turner, Tom- my Stang, John Ward, Lois Tay- lor, Ronnie Wong, Janice Thomp- son. Page 61 Let Th opl Know EDUCATION functions through communication: there- fore, it is appropriate that a school should promote and develop literary publications. The Messenger, the Pen and the Arrow work to "Let the People Know." The Messenger serves as a witty, weekly paper, the Pen as an ouHet for creaHve genius of the students, and the Arrow as an authoritative record of the year's activities. Good work on the pubHcaHons B rewarded whh Honor Society points and membership in Quill and Scroll, a national organization. Other student groups which con- tdbute toward the schooVs general weHare are the Cabinet, Advisory Boards and Boys' and Girls' Club officers. They stimulate school spirit and provide a strong student government. This next section of the annual is devoted to the members of these organizations. The Arrow staff is proud to record the pictures and activities of these people who helped to make the year l950 such a memorable one. Page 62 fff -1 Sf'- xi. 'S Z V X Q BARBARA BLAIR Copy Editor PAUL PETRY Layout Technician JOANNE ROGERS Productionx AL WATERMAN EVELYN SCHMIDT C0'Edit0r HARRIET HOUGHTON Copy Editor JOHN MOORE Layout Toohnician NAOMI KAHAN Productions f -ima f Co-Editor ALMOST THE selection of the theme "books" was the first major project of the 1950 Arrow Staff. Before actual work on an annual may begh, a theme which Hes together aH the separate divisions must be selected. Members of this staff chose "books" since they felt that this subject is of fundamental interest to students and faculty alike. If this theme inspires the reading of any of the books used, the staff's aim has been fuHy achieved. Miss Marie C. Saeman, who has ad- vised twelve Arrow Staffs, gained the respect and admiration of all who worked with her by the friendly man- ner in which she guided them. ANN DAVIS Editor, Productions Page 64 am Mguw 1 GM Www 4 MARIE SAEMAN CHARLOTTE PRESCOTT Advisor Business Manager HARRY R005 PHYLLIS YAMBAO Artist Artist JAMES GUSTAFSON JOHN JOLLY Editor, Boys' Sports Boys' Sports SUSAN HOUCK BARBARA JANTZEN junior Personnel Senior Personnel PERFEC TWENTY-THREE students comprise this year's Arrow staff. Selection of the members is conducted every spring when the aspirants are given a test. They are chosen by Miss Saeman and the present staff for their abihty in desi.gnated fields, recommendations by faculty members, and scholarship. From the first picture mounted to the last Hne of copy wrHten,the edhon and theh staff have put in days of planning and hours of work to meet impending deadlines. Unwilling cam- era subjects, budgeting finances, and last-minute changes in copy have been dhcouraging, butthe expedence gained has offset any difficulties. YZF DOROTHY 1wAsAK1 rr,, ,,,,,, W Editor, Girlx' Sports Wm Page 65 FINISHED RECENT Arrows have received sixteen honors from the National Scholastic Press Association. Seven times it was awarded All-American Honor Rating and nine times, the First Class Rating. The Arrow Staff is pleased to present you the result of its efforts and hopes that the l950 Year-book will meet with the approval of both faculty and student body. f f 'Y' W, N t ls, , , 3 ls. 'WW f fp if u I 4 ' 1' Page 66 PAUL THOMAS Heaa' Photographer BILL COOLEY Photographer NELSON ENG Arrow Staff CLINTON RAGSDALE Photographer DICK KROUGH Photographer PEGGY NAGATA Typixt VIOLET CHINN Typist 4- CLAUDE WILSON Advixor FALL EDITORS Seated: Yosh Nakagawa, Publicity Man- ager: Joyce Siegel, Editor: David Kra- mer, Business Manager. Standing: Yone Kanda, Head Typist: Marianne Otoshi, Copy Editor. SPRING EDITORS Seated: Mae Suyetani, Art Editor: Mary Horluck, Editor: Jerry Rogoway, Busi- ness Manager. Standing: Teruko Shimomura, Head Typ- ist: Sylvia Greenberg. Copy Editor: Alison Jagoe, Rewrite Editor. FALL STAFF Seated: Carlene Bosselman, Norman Forsberg, Alison Jagoe. Standing: Terrie Shimomura, Mary Hor- luck, Jerry Rogoway, Sylvia Greenberg, Jane Okamoto. SPRING STAFF Seated: Mary O'Connor, Sally Lyman, Joan Davis, Joan Hill. Standing: Ann Davis, Sayoko Furumoto, Mike Reedy, Donna Mae Brown, Connie Hines. PE ROD 'I' HE Garfield Pen is published biannually under the skill- ful guidance of Mr. Claude Wilson. The best and most appropriate poems, essays, and short stories are carefully selected from the manuscripts submitted by students in- terested in writing. The National Scholastic Press Association has awarded the highest possible honor to the last three issues of the Pen. Page 67 WARREN M. HAZZARD DEIRDRE AUGUSTINE Adm-'07 ,Managing Editor JANE KULSETH Feature Editor SID SCHAIN MARIANNE HANSON MARY KAY HEP-LY Assistant Feature Editor Adwftifgmsnt SMH TO the Messenger goes the credit of presenting the news, sports events, and feature items to the student body, and of being the force which tends to unify and strengthen the spirit of the school. Under the slogan "A Paper with a Purpose" the Fall Messenger staff strove to carry on the fine record already established. Fourth period in room 209 is devoted to the staff, ond is the scene of good times along with hard work. COPY NEWS Seated: Helen Marie Blomgren, Paul Scared: Molly Blume, Elaine Berger, Peiry, Nobie Takahashi. Irene Fujii Slandzng: Pat Adams. Joan Hill, Janet ' Halder, Ann Davis, Selma Golombeck. Standing: Karol Ivarsson. Jane Le Cocq. Absentee: Sonya Shupe. Page 68 4- n fm is -V--me , ELEANOR BAKER Jane Mclfadyean, Jan Johnson, Editor Evelyn Ketzlach. Axsistant Editors Seated: Marge Graff, Roberta Bender. Standing: Mary Pieroth, Margaret Herman WOUQ Vilgudaki, Aniston! Sports Editor 311511125-' Staff Bob Jacobson. Les Stusser. Sporty Editorx POSITIONS on the Messenger staff are obtained after the successful completion of a prerequisite course, News I. When placements are determined, consideration is given to the student's ability to write, follow instruc- tions, and assume responsibility. ln an effort to give a larger number of students the experience of serving on their school paper, each staff serves only one semester. u FEATURE SPORTS Seated: Dorothy Iwasaki, Nancy Walker. Standing: Julia Fite, Harrie! Houghton, Joan Krakovsky. Bernard Perlin, Pai Fair, Abe Bergman. Page 69 A LI TLE OI' fr TUDENTS are responsible for all the positions neces- sary in publishing a newspaper. The Managing Editor supervises the entire staff and edits the back page. Editors and Assistant Editors, plan layouts and make assignments for reporters, respectively. The copy staff corrects the errors and writes the headlines. FEATURE NEWS ELEANOR BAKER lllanagirzg Editor JOAN HILL MARIANNE OTOSHI Asxistant Editors SALLIE SUE HURD Exchange Editor NANCY MEZISTRANO Typist PEARL VARON Circulation Manager Seated: Alvin Pearl, Richard Newell Standing: Steve Deller, Melchior Decano Sporty Reporter: Sealed: Jo Carter, Dorothea Deutsch. Sealed: Carol Foster, Jean Flaks, Sylvia Sidell Renee Rousso ' Standing: Naomi Kahan, Tina Jacobsen. Smndiglgz Toshiko Watanabe, Nome Takahashi, Annette Myers, Joyce Bab- cock, Lucille Almeleh. Page 70 EVERYTI-II JANE Le COCQ NANCY WALKER Feature Editors EVELYN KETZLACH Editor Seated: Emily Israel. Mary Kay Healy. Standing: Sid SChail'l, Dave Bloch. Ad Staff IRWIN TREIGER Axxistant Sports Editor HOWARD ZEIDMAN Sports Editor 33:23 E3 BECAUSE of his splendid guidance, Mr. Warren Hazzard deserves much credit for the success of the paper. Recent awards conferred upon the Messenger include the George H. Gallup, the Washington State Press Club, the International and First Class Quill and Scroll honors, and the All-American and Pacemaker by the National Scholastic Press Association. Mfffm. 'Vx BUSINESS COPY Sealed: Roberta Bender, Marge Graff, Seated: Molly Blume, Karol Ivarsson, Natalie Joukovsky. Dulyqe Stone. Standing: Mary Pieroih, Paulette Edes, Standzng: Mimi Rousse, Maxine Softky, Maggie Viloudaki. Betty Capeluio. S J VIS' Pgg EMILIE HENSEL CAROLYN HEGSTROM LILLY ENDO Advisor I S Q' T f N XM V w is f X I W6 i we ,ff gk X fav y Page 72 ELAINE BERGER .TOANNE CHRISTIE ELIESE DIXON JULIA FITE JANE KULSETH President First Vice-President E ECUTI UNDER the supervision of Miss Hensel, the officers, Advisory Board, and Cabinet direct a very important and active group, the Girls' Club. These directing groups strive to plan the year's activities so that all girls may be included in some phase of Girls' Club work. The president is responsible for seeing that the functions and responsibilities of the Girls' Club are faithfully performed. Girls' Club Front Row: Dianne E. Miller, Pat Sims, Marianne Otoshi, Barbara Posner. Second Row: Paulette Edes, Violet Chinn, Evelyn Keizlach, Dorothea Deutsch. Third Row: Jerrie Smith, Emmie Lou Fairservice, Barbara Janizen, Mary Pieroth. JOHANETTA WEBER ANN VAN ARSDEL MARGARET LANIER Serond Vibe-Prcxident Secretnry TTECUUVET I-IOUSEKEEPERS THE Advisory Board has been one of the most hnponantschoolgroups,asitistheh dutyto enforce regulations and to advise those with problems. Although these girls are in a position to be heavNy crhidzed, they have gained the respect of the enthe student body through out- standing leadership. The Cabinet is also an essenHal part of the Gids' Club, as H is these girls who direct the committee functions. Cabinet Front Row: June Watanabe, Frances Young, Bernice Caston, Laura Lobdell. Second Rows Jane Le Cocq, Selma Golombeck, Margaret Viloudaki, Barbara Cragin. Third Raw: Elizabeth Kefauver, Sonia Neslin, Jo Ann Wener. i it as W f , JANEMADYM PAT MaCLENNAN JANE OKAMOTO CHARLOTTE PRESCOTT NANCY WAL K ER W' 'Mm ,, . , X X ,i I 1 y Q?-vfgw, f V f , f gf I W y? Q 1 f W 4 1 J ..My, , I- 34,1 W 1 ff 1 f ff? Z A I 45 ' X X X f f A f f 6 W I? , f W ivy W 4 ' ,,, .f' so M 2, Page M, -C - f,,:1-xii ma? ff yfgggx. W vf . : ,,,4A.Nv , f, , Z. N f QQ 'wx X l X f Q 4 X f s f f fro V I, ,f . ,NW W ,fl ftef , W1 wi AA! ,J ,Ts VVNSN Za 7 M ,, 7, I gp gs: fm X f,,. N A 1 Q K , 7 X ' . WML ,. .N .,... -g ,W,9':"' :wx . 2, NORM CLEIN CHUCK CONWAY .TIM CUMMINGS X r . , QZWZQ feeefeffevs, e2Q2Wez1WWWQ2Wo M , M 1 ' my Page 74 1 M xx 1 fl 5 sy XM 7, M W f N X f ' zeefysv ,e, 5 5 f xxx If , 4 , X f X f , J, f, i, ., W , l 7, WN! Q W 155 WW ,W K ,ff 5,22 so f X f wif ff was f X eff K X A X 05 f W l f 1 ,V . .W 1 . me .. ' fisl' LESLIE CRIBLEY Advixor DEL JACOBS President LL TI-IE THE Officers, the Cabinet, and the Advisory Board of the Garfield Boys' Club, under the guidance of Mr. Cribley, work together to promote friendship and coopera- tion among all boys. Opportunities are given the boys not only to learn to accept responsibilities, but also to serve the school by working on the various Boys' Club projects and committees. The president, with the Officers and the Advisory Board, directs the activities and encour- ages greater participation in all Boys' Club work. He is assisted by the secretary and the vice-president. CABINET GARY GAYTON Front Row: Jerry DeRousse, Dean Nordquist, Steve Deller. BILL JOHNSON Second Row: Roger Stewart, Norwood Eben, Barry Smithson. BRIAN MAR Abxentezsz Don Ginsberg, Barney Monson. . M J V ff ,ff , gr QQ. ,N V if ' QQZQQWWQ, KI G'S R fe? , Q ,-1 V! , f ffznfv, H., . .-,X ' .. 1, ,-q.':f.f,g ,, V . :S . . f , T A 4 f, 5 , X s- , , . if w , fs QW ' f N, fo . , .. ,f . X ,,Z,Xiff..k Q X-57,1 V 5, I as W MQE2., ,A ,N ss ff A tk if f WW is V y iff so if f f' f, fmsisw f ,, ff f M FRANK PARKER LES STUSSER Vice-Prexidcnt Secretary-Treasurer HE Advisory Board, chosen partly by popular vote and partly by the advisor, has done much toward helping Garfield boys. It is the duty of this group to see that school regulations are enforced and to render advice to those having problems. The good judgment exercised by these students has caused them to gain the respect and admiration of the whole student body. The committee chairmen, who work with their committees on various projects, are an essential part of the Boys' Club as they earnestly try to promote cooperation and goodwill among the boys. BULLDOG CLUB Front Row: John Gayion, Stan Meisels, Howard Zeidman. Abe Bergman. Semnd Row: Dick Jusiham, Frank Parker, Howard Rosen- thal, Merle Prim. Third Row: Del Jacobs, Les Stusser, Tom Curry. Fourth Row: Dee Norton, Jerry Allison. KEN MATSON PETE MCDONALD TAYLOR SCOTT Q ss Q' ' . W ,X , f 1-will V :sw A 4 bf Q' AARON VEDEROFF GEORGE YELLAND DICK BARRETT f J, s f Q "' ,gfnn W, A fi N f s I f f X .QV M AG' , VW X 1 . , his .. ,Ev Z sg lf, ff A N CTF 5 gg X 4, X f s 424.1 f as ff f fff'f M-pc 5 fx? f " Q74 1 W Page 75 Page 76 Top Row: Advisors, Warren Hazzard, Claude Wilson, Marie Saeman: Co-Secretary, Harry Roos. Bottom Row: President, Evelyn Ketslach: Vice-President, Eleanor Baker: Co-Secretary, Al Waterman. BEYO D GLORY UlLL AND SCROLL is an international honorary society for high school students who display outstanding ability in the literary field. The goal for membership is set by the staffs of the Arrow, the Messenger, and the Pen, frorn which the candidates are chosen. This goal inspires them to do superior work, thus causing the publications to obtain nation-wide acclaim. The advisors of the three publications present the names of the prospective candi- dates at a meeting. These candidates must be in the upper third of their class scholastically and be unanimously approved by the present members. The membership of the G. N. Porter chapter of Garfield includes publication editors, copy writers, business personnel, and artists. Front Row: Barbara Jantzen, Elaine Berger, Marianne Otoshi, Dorothy Iwasaki, Nobie Takahashi. Ann Davis, Jane McFadyean. Second Row: Joan Hill, Dave Kramer, Johannetia Weber, Barbara Blair, Frank Parker, Evelyn Schmidt. Third Row: Sid Schain, Marianne Hanson, Deirdre Augustine, Bob Jacobson, Carolyn Hegstrom, Joyce Siegel, Don Adams. Front Row: Vice-Presidents, Virginia Hoff, Maxine Softky, Elaine Berger, Irene Fujii: Secretary, Eileen Green. Second Row: Vice-President, Pat Fair: Treasurer, May Namba. Third Row: Vice-President, Helen Blomgren: Secretary, Esther Myers. Fourth Row: President, Aaron Vederoff: Advisor, Ruth Moore: Treasurer. Jerry Rogoway. THIS IS MY BEST THE members of the Honor Society have always been recognized as out- standing students because of their superior scholastic achievements. These members, who are easily identified by their purple and white one-bar, two-bar, or gold seal pins, stand as an inspiration toward better scholarship. In order to receive these membership pins the students must earn twenty- four points as sophomores: at least fifty points when juniors: and seventy- eight points by their senior year. Upon graduation those members who have one hundred eight points are enthled to retain their gold seal pins Most points are earned through the grade-point system, but additional points may be received for outstanding service in school activities. Front Row: Vivian Chan, Lolita Gamido, Ann Davis, Sylvia Greenborg, Joyce Babcock, Lilly Endo, Irene Fujii, Elaine Berger. Second Row: Harriet Houghton, Lucille Hatch, Dorothea Deutsch, Julia Fite, Violet Chinn, Anne Aoyama, Kathleen Foley. Third Row: Patricia Abella, June Gallaher, Deirdre Augustine, Louise Chiprut, Virginia Hoff. Fourth Row: Mordo De Jaen, Eleanor Baker, Carolyn Hegstrom, Marianne Hanson, Helen Blomgren, Abe Bergman. Fifth Row: Edward Eng, Don Adams, Jerry Allison, Charles Amstutz. Page 77 Front Row: Miyuki Hasegawa, Hanako Nishimura, May Namba, Harry Kado- shima, Betty Onishi, Dorothy Iwasaki, Jane Okamoto, Marianne Otoshi. Second Row: Gloria Osawa, Carol Kwan, Jane Kulseth, Jane Le Cocq, Jane Mc- Fadyean, Evelyn Ketzlach, Yone Kanda. Third Row: Jon Mottelson, Peggy Nag- ata, Gloria Hyodo, Sallie Sue Hurd, Gwenn Mah Gee, Toyo Kitayama. Fourth Row: Esther Myers, Elizabeth Ketauver, Mary Locke, Akira Hide- shima, Pat Fair, Olene Ottaway. Fifth Row: Del Jacobs, Bill Niendorff, Richard Newell, Tommy Otoshi, Harry Mah Gee, Alison Jagoe, Bob Jacobson. Front Row: Helen Samata, Dolores Thomas, Shirley Munson, Marie Sher- wood, Pat Sims, Frances Young, Phyllis Yambao. Second Row: Elia Sundsted, Mary Pie- roth, Johannetta Weber, Tomi Yoshioka, Fannie Wong, Nobie Takahashi. Third Row: Al Waterman, Maxine Rob- ino, Sonya Shupe, Charlotte Prescott, Margaret Viloudaki. Fourth Row: Bernard Perlin, Jerry Rogo- way, Jerrie Smith, Nancy Walker, Ann Van Arsdel, Terrie Shimomura. Fifth Row: Harry Roos, Kenji Yoshi- naka, Maxine Sottky, Frank Parker, Edith Gibson, Evelyn Schmidt. Sixth Row: Aaron Vederotf, Clint Rags- dale, Albert Pedersen, Les Stusser. Front Row: Barbara Beal, Tuck Eng, Carol Foster, Josie Behar, Shirley Eat- on,, Joanne Barnett. Second Row: Paulette Edes, Barbara An- derson, Harriet Arvon, Joyce Eskenazi, Violet DeJaen. Third Row: Jean Flaks, Charlene Fried- man, Al Behar, Betty Capeluto, Kay Blunck, Beverly Brear. Fourth Row: Diane Dixon, Barbara Blair, Clare Addicoat, Betty Chase, Laine Cohen, Raye Azose. Fifth Row: Sargent Edwards, Steve Dell- er, Sharyn Crevin, Jeanne Benveniste, Douglas Donohue. Sixth Row: Gordon Cash, Rubin Fry, Bob De Bruyn, Richard Cornwell. Front Row: Naomi Kahan, Lee Miller, Vera Herman, Jean Leong, Jane Naka- mura, Jean Fujii, Nancy Kuwada, Sa- yoko Furumoto. Second Row: Susanne Nevins, Sheilah Melvin, Irene Israel, Barbara Holcen- berg, Jackie Newman, Rose Kobata, Elaine Miyake. Third Row: Karen Hinman, Natalie Jou- kovsky, Emily Israel, Susan Houck, Dave Kramer, Laura Lobdell, Jean Na- kamura, Arlene Thompson. Fourth Row: Janet Huston, Ted Naka- mura, Sandy Glazer, James Hino, Kai Haye Eng, Nancy Mezistrano, Rita Lou Messer. Fifth Row: Jerry Harris, Fred King, James Gustafson, Yosh Nakagawa, Lee Humes. Front Row: Tuckie Pratt, Twinkie Wat- son, Mable Wong, Kathleen Watabay- ashi, Toshiko Watanabe, Esther Varon, Hazel Woo, Laverna Weaver. Second Row: Judy Mosler. Renee Rousso, Jo Ann Uyeda, Sumi Shimbo, Pearl Varon, Mimi Rousso. Third Rows Marilyn Ross, Toshiko Tan- aka, Rosanne Stern, Dulyce Stone, Wilma Wamhoff, Delcine Walton, Gloria Swenson. Fourth Row: Kazuo Yutani. Alvin Pearl, Charles Sedlacek, Cheryl Schmidt, Jo- anne Rogers, Shox Tokita, Joyce Siegel. Fifth Row: Paul Thomas, Irwin Treiger, Leo White, Sylvia Sidell, Barbara Stone, Irving Bomey, Taylor Scott. Front Row: Rosalie Capeloto, Karen Dru- ry, Barbara Abella, Leatrice De Leon, Nancy Hall, Mary Chan, Marlene Brash- en, Helene Fine. Seeond Row: Mary Louise Baker, Lynn Francke, Nancy Brown, Katherine Ha- mano, Jackie Harnish, Alice Fukeda, Arline Fujii, Florence Chikata. Third Row: Karen Cosby. Sue Fraser, Lee Fraser, Sally Donaldson, Deanna Eng, Betty Arase. Fourth Row: Lois Balaoro, Art Carlson, Willis Eng, Jim Bowers, Barbara Hilton, Robert Bonnevie, Adele Henigel. Fifth Row: Dick I-Iedreen, Bob Hiraki, Henry Aronson, George Bovingdon, Mary Bowden, Wallace Bolton, Eliza- beth Anderson. Sixth Row: Dewayne Briscoe, Bob Flex- er, Norm Forsberg, Victor Hara, Jack Elmberg, Mickey Green. Front Row: Evelyn Kaufman, June Na- kano, Ruby Numoto, Martha Kawa- guchi, Faye Nicon, Thomas Nolan. Second Row: Beverly Israel, Mona Kor- man, Gloria Nagai, Sylvia Nomura, Ma- rian Miller, Barbara Hosking, Sue Karr. Third Row: Betty McGowen, Janet Ken- nedy, Laura Heffer, Mary 0'Connor, Hannah Laschansky, Patty Neil. Fourth Row: Robert Matsumoto, David Mezistrano, Barbara Le Cocq, Judy Mc- Donald, Donald Kadoshima. Fifth Row: Gerald Kaplan, Anne Holm- strom, Kenzo Moviguchi, Ellen Morford, Sammie Hogan, Howard Naranjo, Al- bert Maimon. Sixth Row: John Martin, Dean Nord- quist, Daniel Ko, Harold Hobbs, Robert Namba, Tom Kusakabe, Daryl Kan. Front Row: Veloy Tollefson, Lee Velde, Howard Sullivan, Sylvia Sims, Fumiko Uyeda, Frances Suhr. Second Row: Dorothy Stusser, Joyce Toshi, Margaret Senda, Natalie Thomas, Betty Sargent, Louise Wagstaff, Mari- anne Urakawa. Third Row: Chuen Wong, Sally Policar, Isabel Sigel, Joan Sheriff, Marilyn Spence, Foon Woo, Marilyn Crystal. Fourth Row: Nancy Pitman, Molly Thomson, Janet Shapiro, Masaru Shim- izu, Joyce Thygesen, Karen Skoog. Fifth Row: Evanell Towne, Sandra Stone, Janet Prupis, Dick Philips, Char- lene Smiley, Darrelyn Semon, Diane Verbon. Sixth Row: Dave Wright, Paul Woron, Bob Rahe, Satoru Tashiro, Henry Tur- ner. THE HEART OI' OLL officers consist of a president, a secretary, and a banker, and are elected at the beginning of each semester in a democratic manner. Their duties are various. The president and the secretary attend roll representative meetings, where the information that is obtained, is in turn presented by the officers to their respective rolls. Discussions are then conducted on problems concerning school life and students are reminded of forthcoming events. The roll banker not only acts as teHer for the school savings plan, but also urges greater participation in this worthwhile plan. Front Roto: Therese Ross. Sallie Galante, May Namba, Carol Kwan, Mabel Wong, LaVerna Weaver, Ann Davis, Carol Blye, :Rosalie Capeloto, Nancy Mosca- e . Second Row: Jan Johnson, Donna Greany, Margaret Viloudaki, Di- anne Sullivan, Bernice Caston, Charlene Friedman, Dave Funes, Nancy Pitman, Dulyce Stone. Third Row: Barbara Jantzen, Merle Prim, Sammie Hogan, Ele- anor Baker, Maggie Lanier, Julia Fite, Marvin Albert, Diane Ver- bon, Mordo De Jaen. Fourth Row: Howard Naranjo, Harry Roos, Teruo Shibata, Sharyn Crevin, George Yelland, Ted Hulett, Jim Waite, Bob Da- vrs. Fifth Row: Mary Louise Fortney, Frank G. Eng, John S. Ho1cen,- berg, George Nakamura, Chuck Conway, Don Ginsberg, Tony Al- len, Taylor C. Scott, Sara M. Angel. Sixth Row: Willis Eng, Bob Arm- strong, Les Stusser. Kai Lee Yee, Tom Curry, Lee Price, Leo Schlossberg, Dick Barrett, Ned Ingham. Front Row: Tuckie Praii, Raye Israel, Annette Myers,Toyo Kita- yama, Irene Fujii, Dorothy Iwa- saki, Lilly Endo, Marianne Oto- shi, Sally Chinn, Janet Floyd. Second Row: Frances Angel, Janet Halder, Carol Foster, Monica Sharples, Judy Cassidy, Betty Hesos, Joan Pettingill, Marian Miller, Sue Karr, Charlene Smi- le . Tlgrd Row: Edith Gibson, Bylien Helwig, JoAnn Spaetig, Mary C. 0'Connor, Johannetta Web er, Steve Deller, Ann Van Arsdel. Paulette Edes, Joyce Thygesen, Beverly Brear. Fourth Row: Bill Cooley, Al W3- terman, Bob Mezistrano, Phelps Fisher, Otto Dohm, Gordon Cash, David Chang, Norton Goldstein, Norma Chaikin. Fifth Row: Bob Jacobson, Sol Tacher, Fred Backer, Norwood Eben, Albert Hassan, Shirley-My- ers, Herman Wong, Glen Orkiolla. Front Row: Jeanette Eskenazi, Sara Israel, Ruth Karnoisky Mar- lene Crowser, Bob McDaniel, Jean Fujii, Lilly Endo, SYIVIB Sims, Frances Young, Shirley Martin. Second Row: Joanne Rogers, Selma Golombeck, Mary Pieroth, Vicki Olson, Sumi Shimbo, Florence Warner, Ann Jeffries, Tina Ja- ' cobsen. I Third Row: Howard Zeidman, Phelps Fisher, Molly Blume, Lee Velde, Judy Cassidy, Elaine Fran- son, Peggy Foley, Esther Myers. Fourth Row: Junius Rochester, .Tay Bader, Delcine Walton, Vic- tor Capeloto, Dave M. Funes, Roberta Rice, Ike Carlsson. Fifth Row: Bob Flexer, Jack Elm- berg, Aaron Vederoff, Calvin Mathews, Mimi Moss. W-, Page 80 THE MATTER HESE students elected to the offices of president, secretary, or banker of the roll room must maintain a satisfactory grade average, must be trustworthy as well as efficient, and must participate in many school activities. These requirements are very important as on these officers rests the responsibility of accurately informing their roll rooms about such important matters as proper conduct in assemblies and at games, the promotion of charity work, and rubs concendng conduct in the haHs. They are ako responsH e for stimulating interest in all school productions. Front Row: Victoria Uyeta, Mi- yuki Hasegawa, Shirley Martin, Foon Woo, Mable Wong, Jo Car- , . ter, Jana Jacobsen, Jessie Grimes, Bernice Dotson, Sylvia Sims. .Sifmnzl Row: Beverly Brear, Don- na Greany, Yone Kanda, Gloria , Hyodo, Sally Policas, Mary Cath- erine O'Connor, Harriet Hough- ton, Nancy Mezistrano. W Third Row: Helen Marie Blom- 1 gren, Karol Ivarsson, Eleanor Klein, Bowen King, Charles Sed- lacek, Gary Wong, Paul Lewis, Ruth Johnson. Fourth Row: Sian Habib, Phelps Fisher, Gordon Cash, Jay Fried- man, Charles Maxwell, Larry Edwards, David Isdell, Kazuya Ichikawa, Harold Hobbs. Fifth Row: Ed Yelland, Simon Justham, Larry Robinson, Char- lie Hulett, Leon Ginsberg, Lee Humes, Jerry Allison, Alex Waite. Sixth Row: Chuck Conway, Tony Allen, Rust Reid, Fred Nord, Ned Ingham, Wilson Arnold, Wayne McGregor. Front Row: Julia File, Roberta Brown, Marilyn Bekins, Patty Neil, Jeanie Joy, Vicky Maimon, Charlotte Prescott, May Namba, Lolita Gamido. Second Row: Grace Bushnell, Florence Chikata, Anita Crowser, Jimmy Kirk, Carol Kwan, Terrie Shimomura, Peggy Nagata, Jean Fujii, Joan Cherrington. Third Raw: Al Kleinberg, Charles Lewis, James Hino, Vic Capeloto, Barbara Browne, Elia Sundsted. Joyce Sanderson, Virginia Hott. Fourth Row: Bobby Yamada, Steve Deller, John Mina, Irwin Romanoff, Bob Shindell, Patricia MacLennan, Barbara Cragin, Myrna Coates, Dulyce Stone. Fifth Row: Ted Kogita, Gary Gay- ton, Teddy Tsue, Mike Reedy, Ralph Squillace, Jackie Doucette, Hazel Quartermaine, Deirdre Augustine. Sixzh Row: Dean Savage, Pete MacDonald, Les Stusser, Bob Armstrong, Jack Elmberg, George Kachlein, Quincy Jones, Al Rasmussen. Front Row: Leah Friedman, Elea- nor Varon, Veloy Tollifson, Tomi Yoshioka, Lillian Tada, Tina Ja- cobsen, Shirley Munson. Srrond Row: Lothar Weinberg, Anita Crowser, Sallie Sue Hurd, Joanne Rogers, Raye Israel, Bet- ty Capeluto, Emily Israel. Third Row: Thalia Nims, Donna Mae Brown, Ruth Ostrow, Joy Fullerton, Madelon Volotin, Joan Motellson, Dorothea Davis, Ann Jeffries. Fourth Row: Lloyd Jones, Lee Velde, Karen Skoog, Bonnie Jean Duran, Sue Karr, Nan Adams, Marilyn Spence, Bernice Caston. I-'iflh Row: Dick Barrett, Ray HOD- po, Otto Dohm, Jerry Rogoway, Selma Golombeck, Joan Kra- kovsky. Sivrh Row: Paul William Zellin- sky, Aaron Vederoff, Ken Mat- son, Robert Hoyt, James W. Gus- tafson, Stanley Steinberg, Junius Rochester. Page 81 Show Bout ALL aboard! A memory trip on Garfield's "Showboat" is beginning now. 'Turn these pages and recaH the exciting stage events of '49 and '50 that made school so interesting. Remember the turmoil of the Funfest- practice and more practice daily until the "Big" night arrived. How well the inter-planitary theme was car- ried out, with weird sound effects and the outer-space backdrop! "January Thaw," the Senior Play, was an- other brilliant success. Something new was introduced in place of the regular Mid-Winter Concert-a light operetta, "Down in the Valley," was chosen. After several disappointing cancellations it was presented at an assembly enjoyed by the whole school. Another box office favorite was "Rio Rita." Combining hard work and talent, the chorus, dance groups, band and orchestra made the productions possible. The spirit behind these perfonnancesisindicaHve ofthe cooperadon and enthu- siasm Garfield pours into worthwhile projects. Page 82 5 W l 4 w 1 Pgg 83 "What are you laughing at, Mattie-boy?" MASTERS OI' DOUCETTE DEAN NORDQUIST George Huxted DAWN TREMBLEY Barbara Cage Second Night GEORGIA-MAI TOWSEND Barbara Gage First Night GEORGE LUMBERT Mr. Loomis BILL SHAW Uncle Waltwr HJ ANUARY THAW," an entertain- ing comedy, was presented by the advanced drama class under the aus- pices of Mrs. Carolyn Westphalen, drama advisor, and Joan Mottelson, student director. Adapted from a novel by Bellamy Partridge, the play was the ultimate result of the diligent study of character parts, as well as lines and cues. The senior play is an activity which is entered into with enthusiasm and remembered with pride and pleasure by everyone, whether as a participant or a spectator. mmf: AQMMYKFS .--5 gp! "I'm not married, George. lim not!" TI-IE DRAMA ARFIELD should be proud of its thespians who had leading roles in "January Thaw." Norm Calvo and Jackie Doucette brilliantly dramatized the elderly Rockwoods who, upon re- turning to their homestead, found the Gages, Don Adams and Esther Myers, occupying the house. Crowded hving conditions stimulated a confusing ct- mosphere and many amusing incidents. A happy ending, climaxing the hilarious comedy, drew to a close one of the year's best productions. JOAN MOTTLESON Slz1dentDireetor DON ADAMS Herbert Gage ESTHER MYERS Marge Gage STAN MEISELS Malt Rorkwoorl SHIRLEY I-'LEHARTY Sarah Gage SAM ANGEL Carxon JO ANN WENER Frieda PEGGY GIESSEMAN Paula Gage Page 85 Page 86 sm X QW Q NW Student Funfest Committee Starlight, Star Bright Slaughter on Saturn M.C. Deirdre Augustine The Finale, Sweets By Jupiter Moonshine Melydrama I Smell Smoke Dreamer's Holiday Galaxy Gals if Faculty Funfest Commitiee Blue Heaven Sojourn To Slobbovia Earth Moods Max-'s Stars Chinese Idyll Comei Capers "Romance," sung by Adelia Avery Rainbow Rhythm Page 87 Direelor Dolly DEL JACOBS Clzifk Bran NORM CALVO Ed Lovett JACKIE DOUCETTE Katie Bcan JOHN HOLCENBERG Colonrl Gonzales PARKER E. COOK KRISTIN BOHMAN YOUNG HR IO RlTA," a colorful musical performance centered around the Rio Grande, was presented as the Spring Operetto. The leads were chosen in March and were backed by the participation of the selected chorus and the orchestra. Numerous rehearsals resulted in a marvelous production which the entire audience received with enthusiasm. As in past years, the operetta was one of the favorite activities, but this year the whole school caught the atmosphere created by the gay costumes and lively tunes of the southern border area. The faculty members who directed the show were Mr. Parker E. Cook and Mr. Raymond Johnston. TOP: You have suclz temperament, .vuclz fire. BOTTOAI: Who left the door open lo the booby-lzalch? MORRIE CHERNIS Dazxulos Page 88 OICES THE gay plot involves the follow- ing characters: Jim, a captain of the Texas Rangers played by Bob Paulson, Rita, a young girl played by Jane Berg: Carmen, a Spanish cabaret dancer played by Shirley Martin, and Chick Bean, a boot- legger played by Del Jacobs. Jim had crossed the Mexican Border in search of the bandit known as the Kinkajau. Rita's brother is a suspect. This comes between Rita and Jim. General Esteban, who is also investigating the case is dis- covered to be the Kinkaiou. Featured musical numbers were "Ria Rita," "Moonlight Ballet," "The Kinkajou," "Spanish Shawl," and "The Rangers' Chorus." JANIE BERG Rita BOB PAULSON jim JERRY HARRIS General Evleban SHIRLEY MARTIN CHl'7I1En TOP: I hate you. Now ga! BOTTOJVI: Ladiex, Ladiex, now don'l ight. Roberto JOHN LIND Sergeant MrC-'inn DON VlZZARE Padron CI-IORD AN SWING BAND Front Row: Norm Calvo, Clayton Harrell, Joe Hunter, Ted Nakamura, Leon White. Second Raw: Al Carey, George Stevens, Alvin Rasmussen, Carl Furuta, Bob Dorning, Yosh Ogata. Top: Joe Allen. THE Orchestra, although small in number, has contributed fine per- formances during the year. Combined with the outstanding musical students from Washington and Meany Junior High Schools, they provided excel- lent selections on the nights of the Senior Play. Another display of their efforts was at the Mid-Winter Concert and at the operetta, "Rio Rte." As practice is an important factor in the skill of every musician, a daily period is set aside for this purpose. Under the able direction of Mr. Raymond C. Johnston, this valuable organization presents grand opportunities and experiences for each participant. VIOLINS: Robert Hasson, Irene Fujii, Myra Waterhouse, Mary Chan, Everett Jackson, Melvin Freeman. CELLOS: Joan Underwood, Barbara Harris. BASSES: Yosh Ogata, Bill Johnson. FLUTES: Elia Sunsted, Gordon Myers. CLARINETS: Jo Carter, Buddy Catlett, James Wood. SAXAPHONE: Norm Calvo. TRUMPETS: Quincy Jones, Lauretta Walton. HORN: Robert Bonnevie. TROMBONES: Bob Dorning, Carl Furuta. PERCUSSION: Anne Holmstrom, Tom Curry, Wallace Bolton. PIANO: Nancy Hall. Page 90 DISCI-IORD HE BAND, under the skillful guid- ance and direction of their new leader Mr. Raymond Johnston, has performed at pep assemblies, football games and various school productions. During the football season they not only introduced new songs, but also entertained with specialty numbers. One of the most outstanding of these was "Coming Round the Mountain." The students in the Band have not only learned to cooperate and unify their work, but several of them have also received additional training in actual band leadership. Dressed in attractive purple and white uniforms, the members of the Band are an asset to all Garfield gatherings. PEP BAND Front Row: Norm Calvo, Jo Carter, Leon White, Ted Nakamura, Clayton Harrell Jerry O'Hara. Second Row: George Stevens, Mick Tacher, A1 Carey, Carl Furuta, Bob Dorning Anne Holmstrom, Top: Gerald Kaplan. FLUTE, Elia Sundsted: CLARINETS, Frances Young, Jo Carter, Marvin Flaks, Ted Nakamura, James Wood, Rick Smoot, Annie Bangs, Joe Seraile, Leon White, Myra Waterhouse, Harold Drake, John Holcenberg, Don Rehfeldt, Bill Quarles: BASS CLARINET, Geraldine O'Hara: ALTO SAXA- PHONES, Norm Calvo, Charles Mathis, Sammie Hogan, Joe Allen, Joe Hunter: TENOR SAXAPHONES, Clayton Harrell: BARITONE SAXAPHONE, George Brown: CORNETS, Alan Carey, Quincy Jones, George Stevens, Sol Tacher, Harold Hardy, Bob Gary, Harvey Elliot, Lauereta Walton: HORN, Mark Odal: TROMBONES, Bob Dorning, Sam Katamoto. Carl Furuta: BARITONES, Charles Johnson, Clair Armstrong: SOUSAPHONES, Wilson, Tarbet, Gerald Kaplan, Bill Johnson: DRUMS, Joan Underwood, Helen Looney, Anne Holmstrom, Al Pedersen, Wallace Bolton: DIRECTOR, Bay Johnston. Page 91 SING YOU SINNERS THE GARFIELD SENIOR CHORUS, under the excellent leadership of Mr. Parker E. Cook, is composed of students, who, through previous training in beginning and intermediate chorus, have outstanding music ability. Be- cause of then high qualhy of work and varying reper- toire, they have entertained music lovers throughout the city. Both advanced musical knowledge and considerable skill have been the rewards gained by practicing together. Upper Picture I-'rant Raw: Jacky Waddell, Barbara Posner, Beverly Barron, Shirley Martin, Marion Hillyard, Charlotte Prescott, Selma Lawson. Madelon Volotin, Joan Pettingill, Pat Rhodes. Second Row: Darlene F. Jones, Shirley R. Knapp, Bernice Miller, Carol Foster, Laura Basel, Sylvia Capeloto, Rosalie Russak, Jan Johnson, Lois Wingett, Rochelle Wienir. Third Row: Joan Cherrington, Jeanie Joy, Anita Crowser, Erna Abel, Kay Blunck, Peggy Foley, Mary Louise Fortney, Barbara Browne, Hazel Quartermaine. Fourth Row: George Giberson, Albert Hasson, Dick Lacy, Donald Vizzare, James Head, Sam Angel, Everett Swanson, Ronald Naranjo, Otto Dohm, Ray Black, Del Jacobs. Page 92 lure Efiliiirlgiiuz Lucille Almeleh. Jessie Grimes, Audrey Russ, Billie Joanne Wood, Myrtle Moore, Jeri Caldwell, Kristin Bohman, Katheryne Standifer, Ann Van Arsdel, Fay Roe, Sandy Urquhat, Joanne Christie, Mary Kay Healy. - . Second Row: Marie Gardner, Vivian Krueger, Delores Krueger, Erma Sneed, Janice Haines, Betty Resos, Blanche Head, Marilou Nyquist, Ruth Ostrow, Doreen Morey, Carolyn Hegstrom, Gloria wenson, Caroline Kuehnert. . I ihird Row: Tommy Otoshi, Rod McClelland, Stan Meisels, Al Behar, John Lind, Jerry Harris, Robert Paulson, Gale Sparks, David Bloch, Dick Justham, Jerry Potier, John Gayton. USIC D EDICI LEADING roles were held by Kristine Bohman as Jenny Parsons,the heroine: Bob Paulson as Brack VVeaven the hero: Del Jacobs as Thomas Baunche, the villaing and Gale Sparks as the Leaden The senior chorus led by hAr. Parker E. Cook, the advanced modern and country dance groups instructed by AAhs Eva Jurgensohn, and the band under the dhecHon of Mr. Raymond Johnston also participated. TOP: You can't forget he killed a TOP: Brack Weaver will die. man. He killed Thomas Bouche. BOTTOM: No more trains tonight. BOTTOM: Careful, Brack! He's got Take it easy now. Try to get some a knife! sleep. 420' 4 2 v l l 7 4 7 124 w w ZW , ppfww , W5 - of 74 74 'ff 'M V Page 93 FAY ROE LOIS WINGETT BERNICE MILLER Second Sopranos MARY LOUISE I-'ORTNEY DOREEN MOREY JOANNE CHRISTIE Altos Page 94 HAT! IS MUSIC. c Q T , g i Mn. PARKER coox ", 5 'lyl X f , Director 145 QM? X f ' ,Q fx! X Q 1 fy DELCINE WALTON , Accompanist S 7 4swf W, m NDER the excellent direction of Mr. Parker Cook, the Garfield Nonette has entertained during the year within the school as well as throughout the city. The girls are selected by Mr. Cook at the beginning of the year not only on the basis of vocal quality, but also for personality and skill in both interpreting and reading music. The Nonette tryouts are open to anyone regardless of previous vocal training. The girls spend many hours after school, working on popular as well as classical selections. They are well rewarded however by valuable experience gained in the musical field and by the acquisition of many new friends. " s , . 7 v If Qfgfwik X x 4 fx X zz! My uf Wfff' , , , , gg - :-L f f ,, ,, ,, Wy 1, , ' 5, ,W , e o gs , Q, f f W!! 1 , .T .... . ,M .. , ' g ffmoimf ff , 2 .4 s AJS! , , , f if S I. sy-X M 7, , ,.f I, , fi - l j. ,ye ff ,Lf f ,fo K QW f ,f JW! ' ,M Si 'M 1, QW iiiyiv Lf? ff Q , 1 1 age , I , in 5 My ,W ' , 4 , XJ f wc WZ? f s K .c-" fl5f sz Vswfi- A ,MTV ww c c KRISTIN BOHMAN SHIRLEY MARTIN ADELIA AVERY Sopranos , Q Q, f, , f7"'Q'x A ? s f W fx If-my gff skis- -sm-is PILLAR OI' SOCIETY DEIRDRE AUGUSTINE ELEANOR BAKER JOANNE CHRISTIE LILLY ENDO EDITH GIBSON CAROLYN HEGSTROM JANA JACOBSON DIANE MILLER f W- , i QW W f , ' f, ,,,. ' ' ..: X ',,f,z4, ,ff , Q -if fi ' f , 1 fs :sy i ff:-fi, f , X ff li? ,,,, f Wgsyi - .5 . , ' , i ,,L,. o Q 'Q ' V 1 ' 4 Q , ff ss, l ' ig, N... J HE Radiance Roll is composed of a group of girls who have been chosen for their insipirational qualities. During March each Garfield girl was allowed to vote for three girls who she believed had been most inspira- tional to her. The fourteen girls having the most votes were presented with corsages from the Girls' Club as a memento of their election to the Radiance Roll. These outstandin.g girls who have such fine characteristics of womanhood as joyousness, truthfulness, courage, friendli- ness, and consideration form excellent examples to the entire student body. EVELYN KETZLACH MARGARET LANIER CHARLOTTE PRESCOTT PAT SIMMS . f V f ,i I 2 f V ,, v-M W ' I fig, 7' , X X f ' X V1 X ff' ' f l .A I-V , jf is A 7 sem f QQ fry i yb ,W 51 2 mf? 1 i. f 1 V ,. , , " 4 I if f X ff 1 Q re ' f if W X we l flf 3 3 W E, ,X ,A g , .--- ff'-X - f ,Zi 'ff ' i f '2zW:g.'? 9 I , I 1 W I I If L Q YM X 1' ,X -fn E Ai. Bm iw f .X if 7 , , f Q 1531 A as ' ii' N X ' X 6 fn I Q, 5 Z6 Z. s ,se - A Yi is , '4 ' ,gg wif f if-F"f 45 Qi 1 I PAT MacLENNAN JO VVEBER . A f 'C 2, ,,,, ' f , If ff 9 W S, Y, 3 , , I W fw W 1 1 4 ' I ff I I Q , K .F , :ii "7,'T,flT.'Q' ' ' 'fi were ' Q I Page 95 Th Batt T GARFlELD'S fighting sportsmen can be seen working and practicing every night after school, any season of the year. ln the fall, the football boys rough it out on the playfield, plowing through mud and ignoring cold rain. Their rhythmic push-ups are seen from 230 study hall, but the work and persistence that are necessary to turn out a polished grid star are never fully appre- cited by mere on-lookers. Basketball takes over during the winter, with the hoopsters tossing those balls in the gym every night. Next follows baseball with the "whack, whack" of bat versus ball, and the less publicized tennis, golf, and track. ln all these sports, "The Battle ls the Payoff," the culmination of all the hard work, and with the student body's support the Bulldogs always make a good showing. Equally important in the sport field are the intramural activities that give everyone a chance for fun, relaxation, and the feeling of being on a team. Page 96 I h Payoff EIHTW. X my Viv r V ll I ,yin l, X, My H I W, , X V y , ,. , ' nf 1U"1gjN H' '. 'xxx 1 All ELL 'li I 'A W w f 1 W ,gw as 1 ' VE! 5, wx ' wi , , 1 li- , Mi, M M , X 1 H if if N 44 1 M ,, HEL i H 'VL qf,,:,f , IV!! M Ilf i W -W 1, A Aw ,rv r f NIMH xy 'N A 1 i7 ll' 11 JIU! , .M ww , ,, i nf' . ,w L , ,MXN W5 Page 97 THE big event of Seattle Prep football took Lincoln place on the night of September 23, in Memo- Ballard rial Stadium. The second quarter, which fea- Rcosevelf tured Garfield vs Lincoln, proved to be the most GARFIELD exciting quarter of the game. The Pups passed West Segffle and bucked their way down to the Lincoln ten- Frgnklin yard line before being stopped by a fumble. The Queen Anne high schools of the west won the third annual Cleveland classic. RIDER BY Roosevelt Garfield First Team Second Team Third Team ck Lawns anna, 'WMAK . ocaooo C7 orqe Pcrllerson A 0,7 7 0 F T T' A f 70 ? Q 0099 jf 'obo V gas, 1 QQ., l ' . A Q 'S' 'Woo Q . if 5 .ff 'ia Dick BQ, Cb Q . Q"QQ,c,tC3g7Q7ZZrq,QQ ' w C3 Q o 'Ralph Squlllace 'Rm Dxck Lacy TI-IE YARD First Team O Second Team 13 Third Teclm O Fred Backer Q23 cgCf-Vg ,. I FJ- Y ,. T ' f' : -it fir- -11 W ' 0 Q "Q 0 2.39 c30 Q35 . THE Garfield football squad, after its brilliant showing in the Jamboree, ran into a strong Roosevelt eleven and bowed, 20-7. After losing to Lincoln 7-0, the Pups played a surprisingly strong Franklin team. Although the Bulldogs threatened to score many times, the outcome brought a tie. The following week brought a sweet victory over the Queen Anne Grizzlies 14-0. Ob Hlbbcrd ...W ei, Q 372 Qeoooooomgch Q Q 'AQ S Q 5 5 Q Q 0 Q 0 0 Q Q Q 0 Q NX X O D 'L N 9 'w 0 4 i J ' 11 U OOGGSQGCZQZZQG f pf an X nf Q, ' Bob Chuck Fair ffm, Larry Edwcr Queen Anne Garfield First Team O 14 Second Team 7 8 Third Team 6 l 9 ON the following Thursday, the Bulldogs squeezed out a victory over Cleveland on the muddiest field that had confronted them during the entire season. The heartbreaker of the season occurred the following week in the Ballard game. A Ballard field goal with three minutes to go beat the Pups 3-0. A long pass from Yelland to Lewis brought a victory over West Seattle, 6-O. Cleveland Garfield l First Team O 6 Second Team 7 l3 Third Team O l2 hm Teurel George D1 Yelland Coach Tate uaudvw . y R af' DOD oo ,K . oo o DQQGQQQQQOOOOQOO ca Q95 C355 0 0929 00 QQ ' , V Q09 Y ,qi fe- an u lee ,V ' T w-W" P' - Y f 'T' "WN QD f 1" A -ge ' fi A Q A Boo QQ00 B000 'U Q , A .. B BQ' ooo bbwocroomooo DQ' Q00 Duck McKnight "Lf.lZ?" Aaron Vederofi Sum An gel OQQQQQQ Q Q 39.3.3 523 lg 3. -l. y 1- '?" ', D3 225 3339 0 fl 0 0 0 0 1' HE Bulldog second and third teams both fin- ished the season with a good record. This causes us to believe that things are looking up in Garfield football. The Pup second team, after winning five consecutive games, lost to a strong Ballard eleven in their last game and finished second. The third team also lost its last game to Ballard and f.nished fourth. lim QC Q 'ir wiv Barrett THE Garfield Casaba squad opened the season with an impressive win over Cleveland. After losing to Lincoln by a slight twenty points, the Pups rolled over Queen Anne and Franklin. The Pups then ran up against a strong Ballard five and eeked out a close six point victory. The Pups finished the first round in second place, los- ing to Roosevelt. FIDLEH TI-IE BIG Lincoln O Roosevelt 5 West Seattle 6 GARFIELD 6 Queen Anne 6 Ballard 8 Franklin O Cleveland YAMES HINO AARON LARRY Page 102 FREEZE PLAY-OFF GAMES GARFIELD 35 West Seattle 20 GARFIELD 24 West Seattle 40 THE Pups opened the second round of play with a narrow one-point win over Cleveland. The Bulldog delusions dropped sharply, however, as the Pups lost three straight to Roose- velt, Queen Anne, and Lincoln. Franklin and Ballard were de- feated by the Pups in the two remaining games. By losing in the playoff to West Seattle, Garfield took fourth place. IOE CHIPRUT FRANK YEE Page lO3 ' JERRY ALLISON ?'? L. C. IONES TED JONES Page lO4 WALLY BLACK DON BROWN r GEORGE BROWN THE Bulldog cinder men, although boosted by returning lettermen and outstanding sophomores, came in only fourth in the all-city meet. The out- standing sophomore of the season was Bob Gary, who finished second in both the l00 and 220-yard dash. Ted Jones and Jim Flexer copped all city honors in the high hurdles and shot put respectively. MEL fwfwgw JACK CHAIVIPLIN f JIM FLEICEZR ALL CITY STANDINGS Roosevelt 3 3 V1 Lincoln 321A Queen Anne 20 GARFIELD l 8 Ballard 9:11 West Seattle 934 Franklin 9 Cleveland O Zffx BOB GARY IOHN GAYTGN coma LINDQUIST A av 'IUNIUSM ROCHESTER f Lao S1-IFJ-ION M - a sm SMITH 1 l KEN ZEUMAULT Page l05 THE Garfield nine, although highly underrated at the beginning of the season, finished in a dead heat for second place with Franklin. Losing only four of the twelve games during the regular season, the Pups entered a one-game play-off with Franklin for second place. A pinch-hit double by Joe Hunter won the contest for the Bulldogs, 9-8. The victory put the Pups in the Sick's Stadium play-oft with Queen Anne. BASEBALL STANDINGS Won Lost Queen Anne l O 2 GARFIELD 9 4 Franklin 8 5 Cleveland 5 5 Lincoln 5 7 Ballard 5 7 Roosevelt 4 8 West Seattle 2 l O NORWOOD EBEN C0 ERR RICHARD TsuJl DAVE TRW COACH Dzuklclc SANDY SWANCY nous BARNETT MAS NAKATA STAFFORD HOPKINS CAL HUMPHREYS Page l O6 EDY ORS THE play-off game saw the Bulldog hopes shattered in the last half of the ninth inning as the Hilltoppers came from behind to win, 5 to 4. There were many Pup errors, coupled with a few Kuay hits. The sour note of the game came when Wayne Parsons, Kuay third-sacker, made a game- saving tackle on Bill Kawata, Pup third-sacker, as he was rounding third base to score. PLAYOFF STANDINGS SECOND PLACE Garfield 9 Franklin 8 FIRST PLACE Garfield 4 Queen Anne 5 Tom currwoon Hsnscnzl. Gooowm 82231 ':'05:gMA oscAR HOLDEN D205 SILLNEER HERB PRICE U E Y wu.Lls KAWATA 5 BRG Page 107 COACH STEVE BATES MIKE DONNAN Page T08 I JIM BOWERS 6 , M46 ,-a,,r,r.,,,o.E?913J'i1.?:l??3'sQI+15Llll it LARRY DEAD GARFlELD'S Teemen finished a poor season, losing all seven games. Green material and little experience helped to keep them in cellar positions throughout the season. Won Lost Tie Lincoln 6 l Roosevelt 6 l Ballard 5 l l Franklin 3 4 West Seattle 3 3 l Cleveland 2 5 Queen Anne l 6 GARFIELD O 7 Q COACH MAXEY FUNG CHINN ABE BERGMA OULS THE Pup Netmen 'hed wnth West Seattle for fourth place Garfield fouled to take any honors in the all city meets ln which the Kuoys placed first Queen Anne Roosevelt GARFIELD Franklin Ballard West Seattle Lincoln Cleveland wr , LOSE THIS year intramural sports gained in popularity under the direction of Mr. Fidler and Mr. Lindquist. A pro- gram of the more popular sports was offered, this included touch football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and ping pong. Good sportsmanship and spirit was shown by all players. COACH FRANK FIDLER Top! "The Paying Parade" Boltom: "Watch that hand, Ros:."' E Page HO ' wxwfw , WNW! se W mmf, ew , s WX A W WY ZVXWZN Jw, QWSWAX--. A W 1 W W K2 DRAW HIS year winners of the heavy league in football were the "B" "B's." Winners of the basketball tournament in the heavy league were Potent Pigeons, Kigmes being placed runners up. The light league found Midgets in first place and Kens Hens in second. ln the ping pong finals Roosevelt Chinn defeated Dave Williams. Top: "Cannonball Williams" 9 when THIS year's Yell Team featured Frank Parker as king and Jerry Allison, Vic Capeloto, lke Mayo, and Chuck Sedlacek as dukes. They presented unique skits at the pep assemblies to promote the Bulldog school spirit dur- ing the year. Their clever stunts will long be remem- bered. OI' MICE 1 w ? Page UZ l THE second teams are the backbone of the varsity. It is their job to scrimmage the varsity players each night and at the same time work for a position on the tirst team. Our second teams did a great job this year, a fact which causes us to look for brighter things in the near future. We hope they follow their winning ways next year. ERNEST DZURICK BOB TATE I-'BANK FIDLER Q .4-if Top Row: Coach Dzurick, Edwards, Backer, Teufel, Hibbard, McKnight, Brice, Lacy, Humphreys, Elliott, Angel, Swancy, Kogita, Gary, Coach Tate. Second Row: Humphreys, Justham, Fair, Barrett, Armstrong, Murray. Goodwin. Vederoff, Davis, Nelson, Patterson, Eben. Front Row: Nordquist, Cummins, Yelland, Hullett, Scott, Diaz, Squillace, Hunter, Jolliite, Hogan, Lewis. Baxlcetball Top Raw: Chuck Lewis, Jay Bader, Kai Lin Eng, Mickey Green, Chuck Hanson. Bottom Row: Bob Racine, Fred Backer, Paul Mizauradze. ', , f x- M" f X S ' 5 f , s ' ii , ' 5 2441, X f v - wwf I 1 X x E ' F notball Page IIB YONE KANDA .TO CARTER JO WEBER TOMI YOSHIOKA JANE OKAMOTO Prendcrzl Vim-Pre.ria'cnl Atlzlrflic Director Secrflary Historian LADY X l HE "G" Club, composed of athletic girls, ' had a fuH progranlthroughout the school year. HLady Be FHM quhe accuratdy de- scdbes the purpose of this club because besides sponsoring and participating in sports, the members stressed Iadylike behavior out- side the play courts. This group was under the guidance of Miss Johnson, adviser. f K EMILY JOHNSON A duimr Front Row: Marianne Otoshi, Yoshiko Nagai, Yoshiko Hayashi, Miyuki Hasegawa, May Namba, Dorothy Iwasaki. Srmnd How: Gloria Osawa, Toyo Kitayama, Jean Fujii, Vivian Chan, Hanako Nishimura, Lilly Endo Third Row: Patricia Abella, June Gallaher, Gloria Hyodo, Sonia Neslin, Violet Chinn. Fourth Row: Imogene Scordan, Wanda Neukirch. Eliese Dixon, Riia-Lou Messer. V ,Af ,mn , l Y X. A, ,, wwe f, M Page H4 4 , ROSEMARY TATUM DOROTHY IWASAKI PHYLLIS YAMBAO JUNE WATANABE LILLY ENDO GLORIA SWENSON BE FIT NE highlight of the "G" Club calen- dar was the annual letter breakfast held at Franklin Hfgh School. The Quaker Maids conducted a sports rally after the aH-city breakfast. lknother event of the year was the presentation of the inspira- Honal plaque. Yone Kanda, preddenh was selected award winner by the mem- bers for herl outstanding service in the club. YONE KANDA 1nfj1frr1!ional Award Winmfr Front Row: Marion Takenaga, Noble Takahashi, June Watanabe, Lillian Tada, Marie Sherwood. Second Row: Fay Roe, Marge Tomoguchi, Phyllis Yamhao, Fannie Wong. Third Raw: Elia Sundsted, Florence Warner, Rosemary Tatum, Maxine Sofiky. Fourth Row: Gloria Swenson, Terrie Shimomura, Doris Williams. ...M W .W f 4 mx Page ll5 HIKING season opened in the fall with a corn roast. Generally a favorite, this outing was prevented by rain, nevertheless, the girls enjoyed the corn in the gym. On fair days Imogene Scordan and Florence War- ner led the group to interesting places which were within walking distance from school. IMOGENE SCORDAN FLORENCE WARNER JANE OKAMOTO GLORIA HYOD0 BADMINTON was limited to juniors and seniors only, due to the popu- larity of the sport. Run for a twenty- week period, it was under the management of Gloria Hyodo, Jane Okamoto, Fanny Wong, and May Namba. By applying fundamentals learned in gym classes, the after- school players enjoyed fast, competi- tive games. MAY NAMBA FANNY WONG Page ll6 s W at BASKETBALL, a major sport, was held twice a week: Wednesdays for the upper classmen and Mondays for sophomores. The maple court maidens used the new 1949-1950 rules for dribbling and penalties, adapting them readily for fast enjoy- able games. The sport was managed by Nobie Takahashi and Marion Takenoga. MARION TAKENAGA NOBIE TAKAHASHI JO CARTER JUNE GALLAHER BASEBALL, the truly American sport, was the last of the major after-school activities to be held. Speed, accuracy, and ability were necessary for close enjoyable games, but enthusiasm was the major factor in making the turnouts a success. The popular diamond sport was capably managed by Jo Carter and June Gal- laher. WZ? VOLLEYBALL, an after-school sport, develops arm and leg muscles as a girl leaps up into the air to hit the ball over a high net. Managers, Marianne Otoshi and Pat Abella, helped the girls to or- ganize teams and took care of equipment. Volleyball started in February this year, followed by baseball in April. MARIANNE OTOSHI PAT ABELLA ELIA SUNSTED VIVIAN CHAN SWIMMING was again made possible as an after-school sport with ten points given at each turnout towards a "G" or Chevron. Since the rumors about the fourth- floor swimming pool were untrue, the girls learned their aquatic les- sons at the Y. W. C.A. Elia Sun- sted and Vivian Chan were the managers for this activity. lr PING PONG was offered to sopho- mores as consolation for exclusion from badminton turnouts. The rules of the sport being rather simple, the girls practised slams and perfected serves during the after-school period. Jean Fujii and Terrie Shimomura di- rected this game which was enthusi- astically accepted by the lower class- men. JEAN FUJII TERRIE SHIMOMURA VOLLEYTENNIS, a game taught for the first time to Garfield girl athletes, was so popular that it was the major sport for the fall, after- school turnout season. Though it is played over a tennis net, the rules of this activity resemble those of vol- leyball. The sport was conducted by Phyllis Yambao and Wanda Neukirch. WANDA NEUKIRCH PHYLLIS YAMBAO Page ll7 Page 118 "UP TO THE LATEST" ARCHERY, a sport popular since the days of Robin Hood, still finds enthusiasts in the modern generation. With the bows and arrows provided by the school, the girls acquire valuable experiences at no cost to them. The feminine William Tells must be good marksmen, judging by the unbroken windows in the girls' gym. COUNTRY DANCE, part of the physical education program for girls, is quite popular, Learning the many square dance steps together with the schottish, several waltzes, and folk dances, produces enjoyment and good exercise for participants. Square dancers from the country dance class took part in this year's folk opera. MODERN DANCE, technically not a sport, nevertheless, was in- cluded in the girls' physical education program. Besides learning basic dance steps, the students gained poise and gracfulness from this class. For vari- ous occasions in the past years, the more advanced dancers functioned in several school productions. SKI fundamentals class was offered because of the popularity of this sport. The course included movies, lectures, conditioning exercises, and indoor demonstrations, but there was no way of providing outdoor experi- ence for the skiers. This was fur- nished by ski schools under the spon- sorship of the daily papers, TENNIS classes were so large that practice on the courts was quite limited. After the basic principles were taught, the more ardent players organized an after-school tournament in which games were scheduled on a ladder scale. When the courts were too wet for play, the racket swingers improved their skill in the gym. T UMBLING, the sport which requires perfect timing and body co-ordina- tion, was offered as a regular gym course. The beginners learned the less complicated stunts such as the head- stand while the advanced students mastered spectacular acrobatic feats. Tumbling's popularity may be due to the fact that it aids in keeping trim. , f '19,,gd'1v. , SEATTLE TIMES SKI QUEEN" Page 119 Th Human Comedy SCHOOL is not all study and drudgeryp in fact, Garfield students have theh fuH share of fun. The feature section of the Arrow will give you a glimpse of the happier side of life: shots of humorous little incidents that happen every day and also snaps of important events. VVho could forget the highly antkipated Purple White Day, or Olot Day when mock chivalry reigned? The extra-curricular activities should be, and are, empha- sized as much as the academic subjects: for if a school presented only undiluted book learning, its graduates would be grossly unbalanced individuals. Garfieldites are fortunate in this respech since opportuniHes for having a good time and making friends are offered. The follow- ing pages of the Arrow will probably bring back more memories to you than any other section of the book, because they present a true picture of our colorful school life. Look ahead now into Garfield's "Human Comedy." Page I 20 2 Z We Xi 2 ,I VERY UL 2 1, x -' .xQiiiiii Page 121 Z H2 Z 7 Q yix 1 wwf? GX y,,, W1 1 :vb , if X ,M ' 55, K, if S f fi 4 ' I f ' 15 'i 1 g X fl if E V Y r , fx '- f if Q 2 E if g, xg Z 2? fily 5 1 M A ww 7, X , 7 W7 29 1' . ..f My 'fb W, 5, Q K 1 3 1 f ff W 1 Q A ' S-wwffwyf :WMM W WW: My W, W W H I R XZ X Q f' RL :ff X ' 'fz,6m2 f f 4 f I s 2 e ,f rf N f 1 WK X gli' 0 if , 7 9 Q 4 f , l 2 Small time politicians Ninety tons My! a new lab coat. Wider please Heap big smoke but no fire Jump?? Rebound romp Posture parade Burp!! Page 123 I , ,A ' . , ' N Z ' -.ff Q31 , ' 1 -Q E- GQ! ' C.. .Q f T J -ei - .., . .fi I H Q J V ,. Lf' fn f V i 1 1 2 ' - f 0 J. Q! Q If Gi if Q- 4 1 ii: 5 ku ,f , I 'ix - S N. 0 X i S sv I 'A nm' x!k"i Z":-' "" 4 I i 5 uh X. 1 im. ' Q: -- - 'ZFX . f- fa., I 5, l I ' X KL I Es, .. .... ,g .fs , 5., ' , LZ : N f iwinwiifur gif, jx, , of. 1 - . 5,3 A ffl X g ?! X mph? E 1, I 'Wt' -milf Fl xii A X H i i ' I A .- il i i 25 1 g SR V yi 4 - . E, X ilu' ' . - ' , If L IL 'l September September September September 7 22 23 30 October Zl October 22 November November November Page 124 5 7-I0 I8 The first day of school marked the beginning of the sales in the ticket office for admit slips to the swimming pool and licences to run the elevator to the fourth floor. And so begins a new semester at Garfield. The student body of Garfield High spent the day at the Puyallup Fair, eating cotton candy, drinking cokes, and taking "daring rides" on the Fer- ris Wheel. The weather was perfect, and everyone had fun. The Jamboree-and what a colorful evening this was! A great show with the eight teams, clad in their Alma Maters' colors, sporting their best. During Garfield's quarter, the Pups tied Lincoln with a score of 0-0. Woe is us! lt's our first loss with a 20-7 victory for the Rough Riders of Roosevelt High. Our touchdown was made by a pass thrown from George Yelland to Sam Angel. Nice going, boys! Thirty, maybe forty-five minutes-. Anyway it was a Pep assembly and the Auditorium walls shook to the tune of "Garfield High, Our Alma Mater." Don Rogers supplied entertainment with his amusing records. "Come See The Game, For Garfield High-." A victory, and what a won- derful feeling remains, beating those Grizzlies by a score of 14-0! Could be the Pep Assembly and inspiration of it all, helped. Following the game with Ballard, in which the opposing team scored over us 3-O, the Bulldog Club sponsored the "Bulldog Bounce," which was held in the girls' gym. lt was a big suc- cess, and fun, too. Everyone has his nose buried in some type of book. What's the sudden at- traction? There's only one answer to this. lt's "Ten-Week-Test-Time," when everything is dropped for a few This week end was a big event in the days-to cram. Lives of the Drama students, espe- cially Don Adams, Esther Myers, Norm Calvo, and Jackie Doucette. All held prominent rolls in this year's Senior Play, "January Thaw." November 24 December 2 December 9 December 22 January 6 January ll January I3 January 19-20 January 25 The Thanksgiving Day game, and what excitement! One of the happiest days Seattle has known for a long time, with Lincoln High of Seattle win- ning over Wa High of Walla, Walla, with a score of 2l-7. Another wonderful event took place as the P. T. A. dance was held at the Epiphany Parish Hall. Featuring Bumps Blackwell and the junior band, the dance was a big success. This was a night enjoyed by all. The Aurora Roller Bowl was the setting of the "Projector Prance," held for the purpose of raising funds to buy new projectors for the science department. Several students chal- lenged the faculty to a race. A "real" Christmas assembly with carols and everything. Mr. Cook led us in singing favorite tunes and the band played entertaining selections. Also the Drama class gave a holiday play. Merry Christmas everyone! Wow, what excitement and competi- tion! The ARROW was challenged by the MESS to play a fast game of bas- ketballl-and that it was. Had the ARROW team eaten its Wheaties for breakfast, it might have won! A rousing pep assemlby was held in order to prepare us all for the first basketball game with Roosevelt High on Friday. After Mr. Fidler gave us a glimpse of the team, the Debonairs sang some of the "old favorites." The "first" Basketball Game of the season was to be played at Roosevelt on Friday the l3th, but the game was called off because the weather condi- tions were poor. ls anyone the least bit superstitious? Well, school was called off because weather conditions did not permit the busses and various other transporta- tion facilities to move freely. All tests and activities were called off, andl-ah, Vacation! The Noon Program Committee pre- sented another one of its hilarious movies. Entitled "Riot on Ice," it featured Bud Abbot and Lou Cos- tello, a movie that would brighten anyone's day. January 31 This was a sad day for those students March 24 Mr. Scmalle and .lick Mlilfhghr who aimlessly spent the semester just were Cr0WI1ed US K'1l9 fi as 7 a a "Slippin' Around," as the raults Df1Ydaffz4'f'blY6 dag 8:23 ozlofasigcjf showed on theh repon cards. any vo e i ws a ea . , students had their troubles adjusting Gnd felgned UVB' the Skflflfz? PONY themselves to the tempo of Garfield. 5P0"'50fed l3Y the ARROW Sta ' February 3 I , , The weekly noon dance really mode a March 31 The tJhunl'?r 1-Class, wlfht 35:12:22 hit. Since the conditions for entering rom Ie . . I, pfefenff . the gym were that only couples would at the .Casa ll'alIGI1G. High 5aC'a2'1 be admitted, everyone was dancing. featuring B05 .Ma'fl"all and f e h f H The swing band supplied the music, Debonalrs, was given In 0n0r 0 0 with Tom Adams as vocalist. 'lla 9'aaual"'9 sen'o"' February 9 The MId-WInIe, Concen "Down in April l lt's such a sad occasion! All the tube Valley" was given, being directed feaahffs haVIe !e2J::I?f::tie:::ti1e y Mr. Cook. With Kris Bowman, Sa aas afeaasm ' ,' B I, p I I CI G I 5 I, No ARROWS or MESSENGERS will Ieezds, ile :eeclelly ewlas aegeeateellciege be SWG" Oaf- ANYWUYI fvlksl haPPY Thanks to all who took part. AP"il F00l'5 D'-'Yl F b I4 V I ' ' d I H h' I I' Apdll-I0 Ah,SpHng VacaHon,and now wecan e were ":.IElmIl:,,Z" el sea: wI:IclI:e:Ioe,,:': relax for. seven whale days. Probably come often enough for some people, SHIHQ Wlll fake UP 0 lgf of time ln and too often for others. Some will be fha 'Wes of the mar? "'d"'5l"o"'5' trading hearts, while the rest will And f0f fhle l0d9Q Sklefs-'U Same of regard it as just another day. Canasta Wlll be emo' February l7 The Sophomore Dance, with aid from APfll 14 lies the sean of the l95o ooseooll the P. T. A., was held at the Casa season, with the Bulldogs Ipenuiig Italiana. Their theme, basketball, in- ogolnsl' Queen Anne' Goo uc ' troduced the name "Rebound Romp." follows' D ' t h h t f A h' , , Kefxllzeeryeonll-, ejmejreo e:ol:dee:.fuI ITM: May l8 With the. assistance of Miss Burns, the clothing classes presented their . annual fashion show in the auditorium 28 :::...2G'::.::'..':uP:.P'::::..:,'f: of P- T- A' fri, winning by a score of 35-20. The Lllejles wee enee e mervee el. e losers meet Queen Anne on Thursday ' with the winner playing the Bulldogs June 2 A Hpurple and white Day., assembly all the Pawllon' Merch 7' was presented, at whichd a king am: aueen were crowned, an a review o March 2'-3-4 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of th sf was giyen. The ARROWS Mflfch 2: 31 41 Wefe the dates when weerepsiven out, following the "Noon the "Funfest of l950" was presented. Acfiyifiesnl With Mr. Maxey in charge, the Fun- feSf committee Cl"0Se HSPUCE ReVieW" June 5-9 Well, school is almost at an end, and GS file theme f0l' fhe 9Ula Went- the Seniors are taking advantage of their HVVeek" to the fuHest extent March 7 West Seattle downed the Pups 40-24 Most of their free moments are spent at Edmundson's Pavilion. Both teams signing ARROWS and saying goodbye made a slow start, neither hitting the to all their friends. basket untH three nnnutes of playing ' time had all elapsed. lt seemed to be June I4 Commencement exercises were held at West Seottle's game all the way. Meany Hall. Afterwards, the' more fortunate ones nent go the c?2gIOI' - - Prom" at the ile ountry u - March lsele A Cmeerelle feem from seeth Klleee o fitting climax to four really won- upset the favored Lincoln team to win , I the state high school' chagpznnghip. 'ila"h'l Yoon' Good luck 50 grads' k h'd t- ihlgeglleieiiksfge, dnllr Nialelele Weallde Seat June I6 The end of another perfect year. So North Central to take fourth place. l0l1'9 for naw falksl E 1' Xi' he I 5 .- -f vw ww I 1 I I h Il . ff, , Q Q ' vc ., ' L 1 el I ' U I :aft ,, ax s v lf il D XI I w 'W --1 ef. N I 1 is as I -l rj we s I 1 -r' 543535 . " Q, Q H' ' 0 7 ' TL 'ffm X L? iirglwliiil ss -" ' fl! 'U srl' We- 3, lm. e I -ff 11. 'v If-fz' 4 Q!!-1' 'Q , Q .Hd N .T if W ! 'l' ff av- M7 MjlWf.l.,.l .f . - 2 I .MW L -l f -- -r If- -.fa I -' " f . .agfiyq f! I ,I LI .II IX . .II ?'7f -1 lf '- 0-' f , I l .. e T ' Y X 5 F ,, f L I yt: T ill I f I uw I ?.I f'i.lE f hi 5 X II e-T--'T-' l J -W5 III' Lf I K I Nm Q f. ,, l I . was f' . I 1 if '::!' ng: . fx X I - XIX l F :jr "-- 0 'f' V :il - ,rjlbllu x lx Q mv M- in If ' lm Page 125 New yell team? Easy now Miss .T.!! Tonsils? Second half, were winning Enter the Inner Sanctum Purple-white Conga Boardwalk! Plank stumble Its easier coming down Stage crew fworkingj wg' Page I 26 Lookout Below! fPuya11up Fairy Bird's-eye view Sox-appeal "I dub thee-" Four Flais Quartet Fourth Floor Swimming Pool Over ihe top The villain-Booooo Carnival Concession? Page 127 Moak fx i, 'WW ,in fv- ,M--vr ELEANOR BAK EVELYN KETZLACH Page 128 NW W KW JOANNE CHRISTIE EILEEN GREEN KAZUYA ICHIKAWA TOYOKO KITAYAMA JANE MCFADYEAN PAT SIMS LESLIE STUSSER DOLORES THOMAS JOHANNETTA WEBER THE "Top Ten" present an outstanding example of the scholastic achievement which has been maintained during four years of high school. They have received the vital background necessary for future success. Without thought of acclaim, these students realized the importance of pursuing knowledge and the subsequent high ,grades when they first entered Garfield. They set their ideals and have been striving for the goal which they now deserve. As the "Top Ten" leave Garfield to take their places as leaders in colleges and universities, and finally in communities, they merit recognition along with wishes for good luck in years to come. DOROTHY IWASAKI MAXINE SOFTKY , CHARLES AMSTUTZ-Fifteenth place, P.l. State History Contest. ELEANOR BAKER-National Award Certificate, I949, Quill and Scroll. ABE BERGMAN-Sixth place, P.l. State History Contest. DONNA MAE BROWN-Regional Scholastic Gold Key Award. BONNY COOK-Thirteenth place, Ski Bowl Poster Contest. SYLVIA GREENBORG-Bronze Merit Pin Award, l.P.l. Contest. MARIANNE HANSON-First Prize, High School War Memorial Shrine Design, Regional Scholastic Gold Key Award. AKIRA HIDESHIMA--Regional Scholastic Gold Key Award. BOB JACOBSON-Fourth Place, P.I. State History Contest. BILL JOHNSON-Bronze Merit Pin Award, l.P.l. Contest. ELAINE LEWIS-First place, Girls' Division, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. ELEANOR MITCHE-Regional Scholastic Gold Key Award. GLEN ORKIOLLA-Regional Scholastic Gold Key Award. MARK PEHA-Ninth Place, P.l. State History Contest. JERRY ROGOWAY-First place, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. IRWIN ROMANOFF--Regional Scholastic Gold Key Award. 3rd prize in Ski Bowl Poster Contest. DELORES THOMAS-3rd place in Sons of American Revolution Oratorical Contest. Page l29 WWW -. N 'QWVOXIIW ff, Rx H 7 R. 2 f f W f , I ,f Mr , nm ,, -Q-..,, Poge 130 QM?"- WW, XX W GOOD BY R. CHIPS THE l950 Arrow is off the press. To you, the student body, this means that the halls will echo once more with the cry of "Sign my Arrow," but to the staff it means the end of all the turmoil-exciting though it was. Our theme song "Deadline Blues" was ground out every fifth period in the Arrow office, now, at last, we can break the record. To the uninitiated, 2l3 teems with apparently dis- jointed activities-a typist intently pounding away, layout technicians puzzling over picture dimensions, an artist inking a picture, several people arguing over the color of the cover, and perhaps some poor soul trying to write copy in the midst of the hubbub. These were the processes by which our annual was produced. Miss Saeman, our advisor, rates a hearty cheer for the wise suggestions with which she guided us--the unanimous consent of the entire staff backs this statement. This is your annual-we hope you like it. "Go forth, my book, and take Zl'1lIlIff"l!Hl' Ilfllliillllig The lzeavy-fi.s1'ecl destirzies jn'ejmre." T H I2 EDITORS Page 131 Page I32 "Your Money's Worth" PRINTING . MR. CHARLES F. FERRIS MR. FRED VER MILLION Federal Association, Inc. ENGRAVING . . ' .MR. KENNETH s. MILLER MR. ROBERT WRIGHT Western Engraving and Colortype Company PHOTOGRAPHY . . . MR. EARL KENNELL MRS. HENRIETTA EIDEL Kennell-Ellis Studio COVERS . ..... MR. GEORGE A. BAYLESS Wax'd's Bindery 35312. um uffaf.. xx, 5, is 'G' wif 1, 1 5. ., MQ, U, u -wi-5.31 , mg: . fy, A 'HWS , M, 1,6 F9'5P'FZ' M' -7+ , L nv, x 1 'T Ji,-" 4 3--'fi 1. , .. 1. . NN su. af- M, w- uw-.V y , 1 1 .1..,.

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