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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1948 volume:

W2 if . Q' if A if if T 5 ' T .. H xl.-new-4 iw in N4 -W-2 Wk l4M4.i . F X LAN ' 'N7"'Y' fl XX I 1 r Q x'L"Lr1'Jf mul. 'NIVK'5Nf'i.:r'iS:'1lU.,.1' 45 K ok Q. , A""'X 4 1 KM 2+-fx L f 'I XX k Q V. X , LN 8 LL A , " QL if QD G W KW X X X6 X X z X I' xix 1 X 3 XQXXX f x ! K 51' T- X QQ ' -1 mf 'L X S w Xxx YVMXV Y f ,f R V N I 1 ,M W vi . rg.: pn? wx W xxx f M M - ia. - QQ D -M 0 J f fl, rl f KJ ' JL DL Jim W QZA 5 ' ,Fas 11 X Q le.T2::g, S1445 I If U, Q! .1 'ful 72 2 if ff i g. nf f I-f X milf I QI" C S ef' X "Wai , , " I Q, , Wx, . H. 1, A 'via . - . ' f s nj f, , . N36 'fi ' 1 ' L , v ,HW 'fswzfmaswazmii ,mf Lf-,-wg:-X l- ra' 3 ,1 Wiki '4 f 47 2? s Q E W' wiki - N A-1g k 2213355 -5 'REE QQ X is A ii g f in ' "'f Z ' K ' ' "': , ' , iii' A YN, 'TF Wagga X Q . f f .:-M:..- - , -, .M AX X S x x Q SW s K 'ICQ 1 ma. ia Qfft lwks :idx V ,X wif y RELEHSED IW THE 1948 GIIHFIELD IIIOVIE STUDIO get X HHHDUI GIIHFIELD HIGH SCHOOL senme, wnsnmqrolg f , J 1 . I K ,, f 4-..... A 1 ' u wwf f fa f My Aw ?v , ,lfmff ' Y' as Rf y Qwmw- NSY' 'S .SX QS? 3' Qiffk ww M i A - 'M a, Q. 22,353 . A QE. M :SW 4' Q 1, ,Q :1 Mm Aww: 7 1151? U4 'Hs' -.2 'mx' 4 "M 'mf ! .ff 5 , . , A ' R 'M' U' , ff' 1 40", 1 at X ,S xi ff' Qlfwwg '..- ,,':V--.- 1 QV: .fs mf Q wh X im, K ff A 5:1-:.-gm 5 5 W . V, .ggsg .ma ., M V"f"m'X ,,:::s.',f" M H' iff .!gwAf,L i, 3 QQSSS .Q 6 'A f gif-2.Ef'7: i 3 fan c 5 i eil' Q F11 , DEDICIITIUII TO DINAH, the symbol oi every production released from Garfield's Movie Studio. this TWENTY-EIGHTH EDITION OF ARROW is respectfully dedicated. As she flashes across the screen and growls on the sound track. one recalls the kaleidescope of activities over which she reigned, and which made this whole picture, HGARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL." an academy award winner! STUDIO DSCIIRES THE 1948 ARROW, rolling off the press this year for the twenty-eighth time. is a visible and tangible proof of accomplishments gained during the school year. A record of cherished happenings and unforgettable episodes. this publication truthfully reflects stu-dent life in Garfield's Movie Studio. By opening the cover of this book you have un- locked the door to Garfield's inner self-the cosmopolitan spirit and thoughtshwhich fonn our nucleus. wcfrk,--I ki GIJLI.. n M4 yuduwwn gf T va 13-AAA.. 0-A, 0-ANf.afL4.,L4Q,L-Q-47 JA- LN?4Q L LTMJL 621.11 t. vm MJD? E .ff-L '-fi, W I .YA KJJV, LT, Q 5 U n , - fi :f-u..,,,,v,LJ iw-di ,UM ,X fT,v.s- , V J, tv 0x..,.u,h, -S TQMVVIL A t F , . T I - ,q - M.f,,,,, , 4 bxvs 9' ,L,,. '. 5 V A GJ, ,Z vqfuo r D , XL Lfgfu.a,1.,S . . page 10 srunlo rensonnu .,..,... M. I8 un Pnonucnons. . , .W68 sronrs neu ........ . ,,M,,m SELECTED SIIOHT SUBJECTS .... payef30 X ,bf X30 , 5 if CW Ig, 0" X, come XQLRX J- K, . XX J 'Q WU vt yi QQ' 0 M gf, 1,wnpni'rliilsTn+lg?l PIL W I----W If-4--I i H E P 2 1 1 if x A L Q 5 Q!! A ' 2 g x N - 35577 r 9,1 K. x or WENTY-EIGHT years ago, three-hundred students laid the cornerstone of the then known "East High Studio." As these young, energetic minds realized the infinite possibilities of devel- opment in the field of the motion-picture industry, they worked with strong determination for recognition. Finally, their efforts led to an expansion, necessitating a new building, which was named "Garfield Studio." Only through capable, patient and constructive producers and directors could the growth have been so great in so brief a time. These pioneers of education have left for all instructors of today, their heritage and their dreams. EHIND Garfield's many successful productions and its excellently organized studio is the executive producer, Mr. Hanselman. From hi un retentious oflice, he directs the huge task of synchronizing the S P workers and managing the countless details that go into moviefmaking. Through his untiring efforts in settling the numerous problems that naturally arise, he has been instrumental in elevating the studio to its high standard. A staunch believer in performing his duties democratically, Mr. Hanselman advocates a strong studio control plan, whereby the support' ing players have as great an. opportunity as the leading actors to elxpiiess their opinions and to exercise their latent abilities. In this way, e as won the devotion, gratitude, and lasting friendship of all. LTI-IOUGH ncw to thc otlicc of zissociutc producer. Mr, Slocomh has ailrczidy cstxihlishcd himself als ai vitail factor in thc husy lifc of "Garfield Studio." Bccziusc of his cxpcricncc in fulfilling il succcssful tcrm as head of thc script writing dcpeirtmcnt, hc is adept in handling his new rcsponsihilitics, which includc thc ordcring of supplies, guiduncc for programs, and thc cnforccmcnt of studio rcgulzitionsffzill important prohlcnis that conccrn cvcry pcrson on thc scts. Thus, with this udroitncss, his fricndly hclpfulncss :ind sympnthctic undcrstginding of youth, hc has hcconic :in inspiration to hoth zictors :ind sct workcrs ailikc. His impzirtizil, unprcjudiccd judgmcnt has inzidc Mr. Slocomh ai guiding light in cvcry production. v CRIBLEY, LESLIE Boyx' Crmxultmlt HENSEL, EMILIE Gwls' Consultant Y' Sl "1 D1r'C u WARREN, JEss1E tail nt t z 1 S PETERS, HENRY Cnxtwig Director SHELTON, HELEN Casting Director COLE, MARSDEN Html Llllmriun fun OUNG actors would become confused and lost amid the complexity of courses, activities, and objectives of the modern motionfpicture studio, if it were not for the capable men and women who are proficiently trained in the fields of guidance and casting. In order to provide the workers with more opportunities and better training, the Boys' and Girls' Clubs have always striven faithfully to serve the studio in this capacity. Mr. Cribley and Miss Hensel, club consultants, have been responsible for the success of many of the personnel. Miss Shelton and Mr. Peters, casting directors, have given invaluable consultation in choosing the correct roles for stars. The nerve center of "Garfield Studios" is the oflice, where the secretaries and recorders perform their important duties in handling technical details. Miss Wzirreii is the director who is in charge of the "Call Sheet." The library, a vital department, is managed by Miss Cole and her assistant, Mrs. Ellinger. Both have been tireless in aiding in research work. Those who avail themselves of the services of all these advisors will learn the secrets of acquiring knowledge through varied associations. M.. l HAMAOKA, SACHIKO Y Script Sucwtarv LAXSON. PHYLLIS Axszxta-nl Rrcordn SEMMENS, MARCIARET Head Rcconiur .I f 3 . K k A .xv av' .1- ,. I -.1 ANIDERSUN. ETHEL WAY Hculth Suprrl'1.m1 BAXTER, KIRK S. Hixturical Cmnullunl BENNETT, RICHARD Studio Surveyov - BIRD, EMMA MARIE ., Finance Dlrtctor BUCKLEY, CATHERINE Statistician R HE DIRECTORS in the motion picture industry are those who are next to the producers in importance. However, the director has more than anyone else to say concerning the finished production. It is his joh to think out every detail carefully and then to direct the work according to his well-laid plans. In addition he must he a diplomat, a judge, an expert in his line, and most of all, a friend. The picture is gradually built up, step by step, according to specifications. It represents the combined efforts of actors, setfworkers, and directors alike. In a school the teachers are the directors who supervise the work of the students. They endeavor to develop leadership, initiative, originality, and the ability to get along with others. The duties and responsihilites of a teacher increase from time to time as the studio grows, causing more complex and complicated problems. As a result, there must be an expansion of courses and equipment to meet the growing need of modern conditions, which, when met, form a motivation for the students' scholarly attainments. Then, the ultimate goal of the faculty is achieved. BURNS. JEAN Costume Dusignrv COMSTOCK, LLOYD Hiatorum Head Typist CONNOLLY, ANUELINE COOK, PARKER E. Choml A1mngc1 CORNELIUS. MAE E, English Authofitv DE TOURVILLE. AUDREY Spanish Coach DIXON, MARY ETHEL Srnpz Writer DZURICK. ERNEST Cameraman FIDLER. FRANK Athlerxc Advlxm FIELD, MARY ELLEN Srudm Math.-matlclan FOULK. CARI. A, Fpcrfh I"mmptv1 FREY, ERNEST A. Ser TurImz4'1a11 GREER, CHARLES A. Studnf Marhmlsl GROVES, MARY L. x Language Dlfectov HANSUN, ETHEL Engllsh Aulhflfity HUNT, JEAN SIILIIIO Dwticiau ISAACS, RUTH SI1aIquxpI'a1e Authority IOHNSON. EMILY H. Athletic Dxwrruf . JOHNSON, MARTHA R. Studm Bwloglxt LIURGENSOHN, EVA E. Dance Supsvvisov KELLOGG. ROY Il. Cl1iefEngmcur KINGSBURY, NIILFORD HUdIfI1 Supcfvixm KNIGHT, MARY E. H1stu'ricaI Dm-crm' -As. DIRECTDRS HAZZARI7, XXARRLN M, LIND' M11-MA PUIWCIYB' MKWLIIJUT Tudmufal Aduxur Head Bora-mx: I HOLCZOMBE, HAROLD LINDQUIST, ADOLPH Gvldlvon Authorltx' HOPPOIIK, GERTRUDE LOUGHEAH, ELEANUR Covltfmpmafy Au!Iw11rv Ch1cfStm1ogmnh,:r Jw 6 LOWE. MARGARET SUIIISIICIIITI MAXEY, ,IUHN lnxt'rImII'vItIII Dlnwrur X MERRIAM. S. L, HIIIIII MIItIII'vnI1!1I'IIIII IVIUORE, RUTH Ii. Studm Bfmlqlqcupuv SAEMAN, MARIE C. PI1I'1IICIIy P'rImmtI'r SIIHMALLE. A. L. Srudlo Chcmlst SCHOEPPEL. ELIZABETH MI'dIc1'nI AutIm1itv SKIHUH, LE ROY Rcxcuvch Chummt I 'F Q I x 65 N I MIIRE. LUTHER ROBERTS, MARCIARET Q7 li AW ,vi Stun! DITIIIIIT B1nxIm'.v.i Dlvcttm .. K' 'YA Y Q N Q. MOUNT. IlAMIes SIMMUNS. CHARLES I if Smmd Ednrm Hmldmg Dnufrov , 'X ' X A ws. ' in If LI. Q' f F ' NYSTRCDM, RUTH SMITH, CLIFTON T. K' 3: ,K :- if . Av! Supc11'1.m'r GfImIut1y Expml . ,, I X- gi Q I IJLMSTEIJ, VIRGINIA TICHENOR, ROY H. . I f- V Frunfh CIIIIEII HIstfI11og1IIpIIu1 ' j Q X Jr "... 35. ' ., T. V ,. 'I' ' I N TER? K ' ' I G I Ii I" Offv 3 . Im ILI, LLL ' - ,Ia IJEIIKHAIVI, ANITA IVELTS, FLORENIIE I SKY DK'-WZYIUT Rn'xcIIn'II Hx.vlII1IIIvI I A - sf I J PORT, H ALEN, KIAROLYN TYFU' 'f 1 I OAICII . Kiiffg Q ROBINSON, ' I , CL E "V Story EJIIIII I X QIICI I I nt' ' Tsai f 0 1' fag? X 'Z qagga QR 725,55 I7 STUDIO PER50I'lI'lEL 2 Q' 9 QQ: OUR HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX Garfield Studio Personnel are about to be released through the Purple-White Superior Graduations Agency. Critics all over the nation will iudge their merits in theatres of events. While the directors and cast anxiously await the awarding of the oscars, work must continue on every set and location of the studio. An exceedingly heavy three-year schedule calls for the completion of the one thousand eighty-one forthcoming Iunior, Sophomore, and Freshman productions. which are now in the process of being edited, pieced, censored and revised. Garfield Studio Productions are Class A features that usually require as long as four years of painstaking prepara- tion for their premiers. THE MEMBERS of the Class of 1948 were required to work their way up to stardom. They started at the bottom of the ladder as extras. and under the expert direction of Mary Groves, met the challenge to reach the top. From then fon they accepted their roles with adeptness. serving as models of inspira- tion to their proteges, who will be the stars of the future. gd if 7 llxhll 1 A 95 X f fo X If as it 4 - xii l . Il t p A I4 FP' SHIRLEY MOORE ,... ....,...... N 'uc.'fPrl-.mluur PETE XVHITE. . . . Pvumlunr Ix1RS.GROVES . , Admwv -IOAN MMDONALD . . Suncluvx ir: ia amiga? was-. me 4 fa if B MIKE ADELSON-Roll Officer: Roll Banker: Track: Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk. HUGH AINSLIE-Advertising Manager, Messenger: First Team Track: Roll President: Roll Representative. BETTY ALHADEFF-Girls' Club Cabinet. Usher Committee: Gold Seal: Senior Play: Funfest: Roll Banker: Girls' Club Committees, Service and P.Q,: Junior Class Representative: Honor Roll: Honor Society. ERNEST ALGER EMIKO AMABE-AGold Seal: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Honor Society Rep' resentative. HELEN ANAMA-Gold Seal: Funiest: HifLites Staif: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: Standards Committee: Main Oilice Clerk, GERALD ANDERSONfAMessenger Advertising Solicitor: Sophomore Represcnf tative: Roll Banker. STACY OLIVER ANDERSONfEntercd from Broadway: Third Team Football: Second Team Track: Ski Club: German Club, ANNIE ANGELA-MidfYVinter Concert: Senior Chorus: Roll Oihcer: Red Cross: Study Hall Clerk, RQIIHEL ANGELV- Roll Ofhcer: Roll Banker: Class Representative: Study Hall , er . HISAKO ARAKAWA HELEN ARGENT1-Managing Editor, Messenger: Quill and Scroll: Cofchair- man, junior Prom: Co-chairman, Senior Prom: Gold Seal: Funfest: Roll Ofheer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Beautification, Usher Committees: Radiance Roll. DONIS ARMSTRONG LORNA JOY ARRIGONlfMidfWinter Concert: Chorus: Ticket, Usher Com' mittees: Funfest: Sophomore Class Representative: Junior Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk. KIM ASABA XVEB AUGUSTlNEfLunchroom Committee: Bleachers Committee. PHIL AUSTIN-Assistant Sports Editor, Messenger: Senior Play: Funfest: Third Team Track: Roll Oflicerg Honor Roll: Honor Society: Stamp, Noon Program Committees: Senior Representative. DAVE S. AZOSE-Male Chorus: Roll President: Roll Banker: Sophomore Rep' resentative: Junior Representative: Study Hall Clerk. BEVERLY HELENE BACKER-MidfVv'inter Concert: Funfest: Messenger: Chorus: Roll Ofheer: Honor Society. MILLICENT BAKER-President, Girls' Club: President, Freshman Class: Ad' visory Board: Cabinet, Girls: Gold Seal: Funfcst: "Bu Club: Chorus: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Ski Club: Social Service Committee: Radiance Roll. BRUCE BALDUS-Entered from Broadway High School, Seattle: Officer Fresh' man Class: Roll Ofhcer: Roll Banker: Ski Club: Third Team Football: Third Team Basketball: Second Team Baseball: Class Representative. SALLY l5ALDW'lN- -Treasurer, Girls' Cluh: Advisory Board: Senior Class Committee Chairman: Cold Seal: Senior Play: Midfwintcr Concert: Funfest: Reporter, Messenger Stall: Senior Chorus: Roll President: Secretary: Honor Society: Senior Class Representative: Radiance Roll. MARIBETH ELLEN BALTHASER--Editor, Messenger: Secretary-Treasurer, Ski Cluh: Ski Team: Quill and Scroll: Chairman, Sophomore Red Cross Committee: Gold Seal: Funfcst Manager: Reporter, Messenger: Roll Olficer: Honor Roll: Bcautifications Committee: Sophomore Representative. GRETCHEN BARAGARfGold Seal: Funfest: Chorus: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Honor Roll: Honor Society' Ski Cluh: Lihrary, Standards Commit' tees: junior Class Representative: Senior Class Representative. RONALD BARENSTEN- Track: Funfcst: Roll Otlicer: Class Representative. CLEMENCE BAROH -Ski Cluh: Funfest: Roll Banker: Usher Committee: Standards Committee. LAWRENCE BATES- Vice-President, Sophomore Class: President, Honor So- ciety: First Team Track: Advisory Board: Cofchairman, Commencement Com- mittee: President, Inter-High Council: Cold Seal: Funfest: Roll Oflicer: Ski Cluh: Stamp, Traffic Committees. PATTY HECKER Roll President: Lihrary, Tiekct, Usher Committees: Class Representative: Freshman Chorus: Roll Secretary. ROLFE ALLEN BECKER Vice'Prcsident, Boys' Cluh: President. Freshman Class: Head Track Managcr: Bulldog Club: Roll President: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Chairman. Stamp, ,lunior Prom, P.-T. A., Student Funfifst Committees. JOAN BEIER Nlid'Vi'1nter Concert: Funfest: Roll Ulhcer: C.C.0. Committee: junior Class Representative: Nonette: After School Sports. MARCIA ANNE BELL- liuls' Clulw Cahinet, Friendship: Funfest: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Service, Nurses C.C.0,, Cafeteria Committees: Study Hall Clerk. MARY ANN BERRY RAY BENEZRA CARL L. BLASCHKA Entered from U'Dca High School, Seattle: Glee Club: Class Treasurer: Honor Roll: Vice-President: Seattle Prep, First Team Foothall. AL BLOCK- -Dehate Team: Roll Otlieer: Roll Banker: Doorman Committee. FRIEDA BOGUCH- Business Manager, Messenger: Gold Seal: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Nurses. Standards, Service. Usher Committees: Girls' Cyn: Cler . DAN L. BOONE Intramural Basketball: Stage Crew: Roll Ofllcer: Stamp Corn mittee: junior Represcntative: Senior Representative. EMILY M. BOOP BERNICE BORN---Cold Seal: "C" Cluh: After School Sports: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Secretary, Freshman Auxiliary: Lost and Found, Health Com' mittees: Hiuiltling Employee. LEULA CHRISTEL BOWENS "C" Cluh: After School Sports: Chorus: Red Safety Council Committees, Study Hall Clerk: Freshman Council: Pep ,u . DON M. BOWLES--First Team Track: Senior Publications Committee: Funfest: Third Team Basketball: Roll Officer: Senior Class Representative: Building Committee. SYLVIA E. HOWRY--Gold Seal: Mid-Winter Concert: Roll Ofheer: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Freshman Chorus: Health, Standards. junior Prom Committees. 'sn PK: C 'int E - .- ., f:IEI'EII ' .?: 'lk WSH: DICK BOYCE-'Sports Stall, Messenger: Ski Club: Senior Picnic, Building, Library Committees: junior, Senior Class Representative. NATHANIEL NICHOLAS BRANNON DOLORES ELAINE BROVv'NfAdvisory Board: Gold Seal: Mid'W'inter Conf cert: Funfest: Arrow Stall: Scnior Chorus: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Chairman. International Scrapbook Committee: Class Representative: Red Cross Committee. DON BROWN First Team Football: Track: lntrainural Sports: Roll President: Honor Roll: Patrol: Lunchroom Committee: junior Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk. NOEL LOIVIBARD BROWN-First Team Football: First Team Basketball: First Team Track: Advisory Board: Gold Seal: Funfcst: Manager Track: Messenger Reporter: Senior Chorus: Roll President: Honor Society, Senior Play Planning Committees: Ski Club. ARTHUR BRUNO ---- Cold Seal: Honor Society: Projection Stall. HAROQJJ LESLIE BURTON Third Team Baseball: Roll Oflicer: Study Hall Cer . SHIRLEY BURTON'-Usher, Senior Graduation Committees: Senior Class Representatixe. BEVERLY ANN BUTCHART' Mid-Ylfinter Concert: Funfest: Chorus: Oper' etta: lvlakvfup, Lost and Found Committees: Alunior Class Representative. ROBERT A. BUTSCHKEf-First Team Football: Chorus: MidfWinter Concert. .IEAN CALDERON -'-' Messenger Stail, Advertising: Funfest: Senior, junior Rep' resentative: Mid-Vdinter Concert: Roll Banker: Service. Senior Commencement Committees: Ski Club: Study Hall Clerk. GAY CALDWELL-f-Feature Editor, Messenger: Advisory Board: Quill and Scroll: Funfest Publicity Manager: Senior Chorus: P.fT. A., Senior Prom Inf vitations Coniinlttees. JOSEPH CANDIOTTI -'Cold Seal: lvIidfVv'1nter Concert: Chorus: Honor Roll: Honor Society. MORRIS CAPELUTO Senior Play: NlidfWinter Concert: Funfest: Band: Orchestra: Swing Band. DELORES CARLOf Editor, Messenger: VicefPresident, Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: junior, Senior Class Committee Chairman: Cold Seal: Funfest: Copy Editor, Arrow: Roll Othcer: Honor Society: Friendship Cotnniittee: Sophomore Class Representative. WILLIAM CAVENIJER-flntramuial Sports. CALVIN CHIN---President, Cathay Club: Funfest: Intramural Basketball: Scholastic Art Committee. FRED CHIN-t--Vicefl-'resident, Freshman Class: Mid'Winter Concert: Funiest: Second Team Tennis: Chorus: Roll President: Cathay Club: Class Represen- tativr. XVILBUR CHIN-fFuniest: Feature Editor, Arrow Statl: Roll Secretary: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Cathay Club: Photography Club: Junior Class Repref sentative. TOM CHRISTIE-fFunfest: Second Team Football: Second Team Baseball: Chorus: Roll Banker: Doormen, Bleachers Committees: Yell Team, CLAIRE CHRISTOPHERSENWEditor, AssistantfEditor, Messenger: Cabinet: Cold Seal: Productions Statl, Arrow: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Orchestra: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Ski Club: Senior Gift Committee: Junior Class Representative. FAYE CLARK-fMidfWinter Concert: Chorus: Roll Secretary. CONNIE CLEIN-'Managing Editor. Messenger: Quill and Scroll: Cabinet: Chairman, Senior Activities: Sophomore Publicity Committee: Gold Seal: Funfest: Feature Editor, Messenger: Pen Staff: Roll President: Honor Society: Bulletin Committee. MARCELLA COLE4Assistant Editor, Messenger: Funfest: Ski Club: Assembly, Standard, Friendship Committees: Roll Representative. BQB COOK--First Team Football: Senior Chorus: MidfWintei' Concert: Funfest: Stamp. Dnormcn Committees. BOB CORBIN-Second Team Football: Second Team Baseball: Second Team Basketball: lntramiiral Sports. LUCILLE CORNELL-Mid-Winter Concert: Freshman Chorus: Roll Banker: Sophomore Commission. BEVERLY THERESA CURPUZ Honor Society: Service, Senior Committees. IMQIGENE HARRIETT COUSINS- Midfvfinter Concert: After School Sports: C orus. FRANCES CRANEf-Girls' Club Cabinet, Lunchroorn: Debate Team: Funfest: Social Service, Standards. Usher Committees: Freshman Auxiliary. JOHN CRAVEN Track: Track Manager: Roll Banker: Grounds. Trafhe, Door' men Committees. HARRIET IRENE lDALLUMffSeeretaryfTreasurer, Sophomore Class: Mid' W'inter Concert: Funfest: Chorus: Roll Officer: Red Cross: Nonette. CARLYN DAUGHTERS-Gold Seal: Mid-Wliriter Concert: Funfcst: Athletic Manager: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Band: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Health, Fine Arts, Social Service Committees: Sophomore Rcpresntative. ALAN DAVENPORT 'Roll Utlicer: Ski Clulw. DOROTHY l. DAVIS -Reel Cross Committee. DON l7AWSONAPresideiit, Junior Class: Assembly, Grounds, Senior Traffic Committees: Gold Seal: Funfest: Basketball, Tennis Squads: Swing Band: Roll President: Honor Society: Stardust Combo: Secretary, Climbing Club. LUCILLE DE ROUSSE 'Second VicefPresident, Cirls Club: Cold Seal: Mid- Winter Coneert: "C" Club: After School Sports: Girls' Sports, Arrow: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Vocation. Red Cross Committees: President, Freshman Auxiliary: Radiance Roll. i GEORGE DlCK-Second Team Football: Second Team Track: Roll Omccr: Sophomore Class Representative: Library Committee: Building Employee. SHERIDAN DlCKlNSUNfffBoys' Club Cabinet. NANCY ANN DILLUN Quill and Scroll: Gold Seal: Senior Play: Funfest: Copy Editor, Arrow: Reporter, Messenger: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Frielndship, Social Service, Usher. Senior Commencement Committees: Ski Clu , HARBERT DRAKE-Senior Play: Funfest: Yell Team: P,fT. A. Dance Com' mittee: Bulldog Club: Roll Officer: Mid-Winter Concert: Senior Publicity Committee: Sophomore Track. ALAN DUBSONfFirst Team Tennis: Gold Seal: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Lunchroom Committee. l I N 1 2: , 5 Q K 'T ,,,, it fy . +I' me Q U. X :. s. or -A : : 3 as r-we-an as Q A as in S as Q in I n sv .3 .Miss IM ' 'his JIM DUNSTAN-First Team Football: Roll- Ufhcer: Traihc Committee: Ski Club: Sophomore Class Representative. PAULINE DUNN STANDLEY DYER-Second Team Football: Second Team Track: Intramural Basketball: Roll Banker: German Club: Trallic, Lunchroom Committees. ANITA MAY DYKEMAN-Copy Editor, lwiessenger: Quill and Scroll: Caps and Gowns Committee Chairman: Gold Seal: Senior Play: Fnnfest: Typist, Arrrow: Roll President: Honor Society: Friendship, Standards Committees. NINA ARLENE ECKARD-Cafeteria Staff: Study Hall Clerk. LEIF ALFRED EEG-Advertising Manager, Messenger: Roll Banker: Honor Society: Boys' Basket Room. SAMMIE JO ANNE EISIMINGERf-fFriendsbip, Senior Graduation, Girlsi Club Committees: Study Hall Clerk. MARILYN EKBLAD-MidfWinter Concert: Band: Honor Roll: Ski Club: Social Service, Nurse's, Standards Committees. DAVE ELKINS-MidfWinter Concert: Band: Senior Class Representative. PAUL ELLINGERf-Gold Seal: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Stamp, Lunchroom Committees: Study Hall Clerk. ALVIN 1. ELYNiSenior Play: Sehior Chorus: Roll President, Secretary, Banker: Lunchroom Committee: Freshman Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk: Operetta. DAVID ENG-'Quill and Scroll: Cold Seal: Art Editor,- Arrow: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Cathay Club: Senior Pin, Senior Gift Committees. WILLIAM ENG' 'Senior Class Representative. KAI HIP ENG---Gold Seal: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Cathay Club: Honor Society Representative: Senior Class Representative. DOLURES ESTIGOYfGold Seal: MidfXVinter Concert: Arrow Stall: Reporter, Messenger StaH: Orchestra: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Gazette, Standards, Senior Commencement Committees: Honor Society Representative. JO ANNE MARY FABIO --ff Midrkkfiriter Concert: Roll President: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Standards, Senior Activities, Health, P. Q., Senior Prom, junior Prom Committees: Freshman Class Representative. ALSTON R..FAIRSERVICEW-Senior Play: Debate Team: Track: Roll President. FRANK R. FERGUSON--Sophomore Class President: First Team Track- Sec' ond Team Football: Basketball: Roll President: Roll Banker: Ski Club:'Class Representative: Fuufest. HERMAN H. FlNKf--Intramural Football: Stage Crew. EDWARD LAWRENCE FISHERfYell King: Second Team Tennis: Roll Banker: Intramural Basketball: Roll President: Ski Club: School Messenger. LARRY FISHERASenior Play: Mid'Winter Concert: Senior Chorus: Opcretta: Pep Club Council: Second Team Track: Third Team Football: Third Team Basketball: Roll President: Senior Class Representative: Doormen Committee. VICTORIA FlSSEfAdvertising Staff, Messenger: Mid-Winter Concert: Fresh- man Auxiliary: Sophomore Commission. MARY JANE FITZPATRlCKffCabinet, Library Chairman: Gold Seal: "C" Club, After School Sports: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: Library Committee. . BARARA FLACK---Freshman Class Treasurer: Advisory Board: Cabinet: Gold Seal: "B" Club: Roll President: Honor Society: Ski Club: Service, Art. Senior Prom Committu-s. ,IACK FLETCHER First Team Football: Ski Team: Funfest: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Sta'np, Bleachers, Crounds, Doormen Committees. LEO FOLEYfMid1Winter Concert: Intramural Basketball: Chorus: Roll Presif dent: Honor Roll: Senior Class Representative: Operetta. RAGNA FOLNESf-News Reporter, Messeriger Stall: Vieefldresiderit, Pep Club: Girls' Club Cabinet: Chairman. Standards Committee: Cold Seal: After School Sports: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Sophomore Class Rep' resentatlw: Radiance Roll. JOHN ARTHUR FONDAfEntered from Cloversville High School, New York: Mid Winter Concert: Chorus: Lunehroom Committee. ROSALYN FORSBERGfCold Seal: After School Sports: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: Art, Usher, Red Cross Committees: Junior Class Repref sentatlve: Building Employee. ELXVUUD LLUYU FOSHERC-a Intramural Sports: Study Hall Clerk. NINA FOSTERW-Feature Editor, Arrow: Cold Seal: Funfest: Messenger Staff: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Art, Health. Friendship, Senior Prom Committees. PAULINE Q, FOY-ffFunfesr: After School Sports: Roll Banker: Cathay Club: P 'T. A. Committee: Senior Class Committee: Cafeteria Staff. XYILLIAM R, FRAHIVIH-President. Speakers' Club: Debate Team: Cold Seal? Honor Society. CAROL FRASER f Funfest: Advertising Manalger, Messeiiger: Sl-ci Club: Cam' pus, Social Service, Red Cross Committees: Roll Officer. ANN FRIEDLANDERfvCabinet: C-old Seal: Funfest: Copy Editor, Messenger: Roll Ollieer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Fine Arts, Library, Lost and Found, Sophomore Commission, Senior Picnic Committees: Sophomore Class Repre- sentative. ' DOROTHY FRIEDMAN--V-Business Manager. Messenger: Advisory Board: Cold Seal: Funfest: Roll President: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Senior Publicity, Gazette, Anti-Cheating Committees. GLORIA MAE FRIEDMAN-Cold Seal: MidfW'inter Concert: Funfcst: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Senior Chorus: Roll VieefPresident: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society. SALLY FUNES--Girls' Club Cabinet: MidfW'inter Concert: Funfest: Adxerf tising Stafl, Messenger: Chorus: Roll Officer: Usher Committee. JOHN T. FURUGORI-Advisory Board: Roll Secretary: Honor Roll: Senior Class Representative. NOBFO FURUMOTO Funfest: Tumbling Team: Intramural Basketball: Honor Ro l. PAUL FUXON- First Team Football: Funfest: Lunehroom Committee. MARY GALANTE -MidfW'inter Concert: Funfest: Advertising Staff, Messen' ger: Roll Secretary: Ski Club: Junior Class Representative: Commencement Program Committee: Freshman Auxiliary: Usher Committee: Study Hall Clerk. Mm? -:Fas .Ag iii . NA . ,i ibm 1 t . . 2 S' ll Va 5 'xvfw 17' 'Fw' 'fi im. X '., ,7,'i karts: ' xg X E X KS ..,,:-l.:v V "'A, . - if it A X Q x A mf ..,r p JACK E. GAMESWGold Seal: Advertising Staff, Whimsy Honor Society: Honor Roll: Sophomore Class Representative: Bookroom Attendant. MARY LOUISE GANDlNl-Entered from Lewis and Clark, Spokane, Wash' ington: Makefup Committee. DONALD GATESM 'Roll Banker: Stage Crew: Projection Staff. JERRALEE GEORGE---Honor Society. MITZI GERBER-Funfesf: Chorus: Sophomore Commission: Standards, Junior Prom, Senior Prom Committees: Senior Class Representative. DANIEL PARKER GIBSON-Funfest: Roll Officer: Bulldog Cluh: Doormen, Noon Program Committees: Study Hall Clerk. LEROY GIDLOF PHYLLIS GJERDE-Mid-W'inter Concert: Chorus: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Socictyg Spring Opera. SHIRLEY ANN GLAZER-f-MidfW'iiiter Concert: UG" Cluh: After School Sports: Usher, Lunchroom Committees: Study Hall Clerk, GWEN COODW'lNf-'Assistant Editor, Messenger: Chairman, Junior Prom: Chairman, Senior Committee: Funfest: Roll Banker: Honor Society: P.Q. Committee: Secretary, Freshman Auxiliary: Class Representative. WESLEY GRANDE-V-Debate Team: Ski Cluh. JOAN GRANTfManager, MidfVv'inter Concert: Music Director, Funfest: Pen Sraii: Band: Orchestra: Chorus: Roll Banker: Nonette. WJWW JEAN GUNDERSON-VicefPresident, Honor Society: Advisory Board: Gold Seal: Nonette: Debate Team: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Messenger Staff: Chorus: Roll Officer: Social Service Committee. JOSEPH GREENE' TCBM GREENE'-'Lunehroom Committee: Roll Banker: Freshman Class Repre- sentative: Usher Committee. SAMUEL HALEVAfDoormen Committee: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Rimllk Banker: Study Hall Clerk: Junior Class Representative: Basketroom C er . TOM HALFONfBleachers' Committee: Study Hall Clerk. AUDRIE HALTERMANf-MidfW'intcr Concert: Chorus: Roll Officer: Roll Banker: Opcretta. ARNOLD HAMILTON-f Art Committee. JEAN EVELYN HAMMONDS-Entered from Cleveland, Ohio: Olympia Cluh: Negro History Club: Library Club: Advisory Board: Mid'Winter Concert: Senior Chorus. JEANETTE HANS-Funfest: Roll Secretary: Roll Banker: Make-up Committee: Senior Class Representative: Red Cross, VYILLIAM HARADAAEntered from Kaimuki High School, Honolulu, Hawaii. ISOBEL HARTT-Roll Banker, Ski Club, Social Service Committee, Red Cross, Nurse's Office Attendant. GERALD JAMES HATCHER--Secretaryffreasurer Boys' Club, First Team Track, Boys' Advisory Board, Student Council, Fall Track, 100 Mile Club, Roll Representative, Color Guard. JEROME HAWLEY-Library Work. SHUICHI HAYASHlfIntramural Football, Intramural Basketball. IOANN KATHLEEN HAYES-Entered from Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California. BOB HEGSTROM-Entered from Seattle Prep, Second Team Football, Second Team Basketball, Second Team Track, Gold Seal, Roll Officer, Senior Class Representative. LENORE HERR-Midflhlinter Concert, Funfest, Chorus, Roll Qfhcer. LOYCE HlLLvMid'V'inter Concert, Chorus. JEAN HILLIER-'Entered from Ox-erlake High School, Washington, Gold Seal, "G" Cluh, After School Sports, Honor Roll, Social Service Committee, Chorus. PECTaEl1 R. HIPKE--Fall Track, Roll Ufhcerg Roll Banker, Ski Cluh, Study Hall , er . HLAINE HOMANfSecf:nd Team Basehall, Basket Room Attendant. vb ISAO HUSHIYVARA---Business Malia cr Pen' ulll and Scroll- Cold Seal, S i v . Funfest, Basehall, Basketball, Football, Honor Rgll, Honor Society. ANNE HOULAHANfFunfest, Freshman Auxiliary, Roll Banker, Lost and Found, Usher, P.-T. A., Social Service, Senior Picnic Committees. RODERICK BROOMALL HOWARD--AFirst Team Baseball, Scrub Football, Roll Officer: Grounds Committee. CONNlli HUNNEH- Entered from Broadway High School, Seattle, lxashingtong Vice'President Girls' Club, Secretary Sophomore Class, Advisory Board, Gold Seal, Funfest, Roll Secretary, junior Representative, Ski Cluh, Big "B", P.fT. A. Committee, Radiance Roll. ' ,IOANNE HUFFfFunfest, Roll Ofhcer, Honor Roll, Usher, Bulletin, P.Q., Senior Gift Committees: junior Class Representative, Study Hall Clerk, LUZERNE E. HUFFORD, ,lR.fEntercd from Broadway High School. Seattle. Washington. FLORANCE HURWITZ-r-Gold Seal, Funfest, Messenger Staff, Copy Editor, Pen Staff, Senior Chorus, Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Honor Society, Gazette, Red Cross, Usher, Senior Gift Committees. ETSUKO lCHlKAW'AfAdvisory Board, Gold Seal, "G" Club, Messenger Staff, Roll Oflicer, Honor Society, Art Committee. MAIDA IKEDA-Senior Representative, Mid-W'inter Concert, Chorus J 4 " it ii . 5 tu s.. , .... .... . , x A t ' 5 A s-asm "1 .am we AK! VC' .Q .. ' tt' 2 ' We 'bu' X . K 1 44 wr t Q We its o Marv bbs. nh... new :GPH ,avg ' A,.. 1 iz. In 2 Y W! J L ff rtct s i t rr . s 1.-it t ,', jj: , ,, yi 3 ix - Ti KAY IKEDA--Honor Society Representative: Cold Seal: Intramural Baskethall Roll Representative: Roll Banker: Honor Society. SAL INGHAM-Editor, Pen: Pen Staff: Roll President: Retl Cross Committee Senior Class Representative. JUNE ISHIDA-Gold Seal: After School Sports: Honor Roll: Honor Society Service Committee. YAEKO ISHIMITSUW-Cold Seal: After School Sports: Roll Seeretarv- Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ticket, Usher Committees. 1' LILY ISHII Honor Roll: Honor Society: P.Q.. Gazette Committees. i MARCIARET JETTY Funfcst: Lost and Found, Campus, Fine Arts Coni- mittees. MARIANNE JOHANSON- Midfkvinter Concert: Fall Pen Stafl: Senior Chorus: G,C.O. Attendant: Cap and Gown Committee: Senior Representative: Red Cross Committee. JANE JOHNSON-fAssistant Feature Editor, Messenger: Refreshment Chairman, ,luniorfSenior Prom: Gold Seal: Senior Play: Eunfest: Roll Oflicer: Senior Play Representative: MidfWintcr Concert: Senior Chorus: Friendship. Art, PQ. lommittees. PRIMUS LEE JOHNSON CAROL JOHNSON Cold Seal: Funfest: Messenger Statl: Roll 0H'icer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: P.fT. A., Red Cross, Health, Social Service Committees, D. FAYE ,lOHNSONfAdvertising Stall, Messenger: Health, Entertainment Committees: "B" Club: Advertising Solicitor. Messenger. BEVERLY ,lONESf-Advisory Board: Funfest: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Senior Chorus: Roll Othcer: Honor Roll: Social Service, Campus Committees. DON JONES-f-aFirst Team Baseball: First Team Basketball: Chairman, Usher Committee: MidfWinter Concert: Secretary, Letterman's Cluh: Sophomore Class Representative: junior Class Representative: Noon Program, Stamp Committees: Bulldog Cluh. HARRIET JOSEPH--Cold Seal: Pen Staff: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Gazette, Senior Commencement Committees. KIYO KANDA Cold Seal: M1dfNYinter Concert: HC" Clula: After School Sports: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Health, Ticket Committees. SANFORD L. KATZ7MidfYVinter Concert: Funfest: Senior Chorus: Roll Banker: Sophomore Class Representative: Operetta, ELAINE KELLER--'Cold Seal: Editor, HifLites: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Service Committee: P.fT. A. Class Representative: Honor Society Represenf tative: Utilize Clerk. DAN KEl.LEHERf-Feature Editor, Messenger: Cold Seal: Funle:-tg Roll Presi- dent: Honor Society: Football Manager. HONVARD B. KELLOCG, lR.fAssistant Sports Editor, Messenger: First Team Football: First Team Basketball: Cold Seal: Eunlest: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Bulldog Club: Senior Class Representative: Senior Picnic Committee. STEWARD KELLYfFuniest: Chairman, Noon Stamp Committee: Senior Class Representative: Second Team Track: Football Manager: Ski Team: Ski Clulu Planning Committee. DAISY ISRAEL-fCopy Editor, Pen: Pcn Staff: Quill and Scroll: Cold Seal: MidfWinter Concert: Funfest: Girls' Ensemble: Senior Chorus' Roll Banker' MASAKO KIKUCHI-A-HCA' Cluh: After School Sports: Chorus: Roll Banker. JACK KING-fRoll President: Roll Representative. YASUKO KINOSHITA -Secretary, Honor Society: Gold Seal: After School Sports: Roll Secretary: Honor Roll: Ticket Committee: Senior Caps and Cott-ns Committee. TOM KITANO-ff-lioltl Seal: Honor Roll. DOROTHY KNOLL Honor Roll: Stanelards. Usher Committees, RUTH ROSE KORNlAN'fFunfest: Lihrary, Service, Sorial Service Committees: ,luntor Rrprrst'ntative. DOLORES KRl5Mf Chorus: Roll Representative: Roll Banker, ROBERT CHARLES KUCHER Vice-President, Ski Cluh: First Team Foot' hall: Funfest: Second Team Track: Traffic Committee. QIUNIE KUMASAKA Cold Seal: "cr: Cluh: After Sehool Sports: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Make-up, Health, Friendship Committees. MARY LOU LA BREE fffCahmet, Girls, Health Chairman: Gold Seal: "GT Cluhz After School Sports: Roll llgltkfl Roll Banker: Honrr Society: Sophof more Entertainment, Sophomore Tea, Lost and Found Committees. ROBERT A. LANCBERC Roll Secretary: Doorman. Trafiie Committees: Senior Class Representative, DOREEN LANGE Senior Play, Puhlirity Manager: Dehate Team: MidfXX'inter Coneert: Roll Officer: Nurse, Ofliee Committees: .lunior Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk: Red Cross. ALICE F. LARSEN Cold Seal: Honor Roll: l'lo:1or Society: Service. Retl Cross Committess, CARL LARSON First Team Foothall: Boysl Atlvisory Board: Cold Seal: Fun' lest: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Ski Cluh: Class Representative. STAN LARSON AIACK LATHAM lvini-VJinter Concert: Chorus: Study Hall Clerk: Flying Cluh, FLORENCE LA TURRE-f floltl Seal: Roll Presielent: Honor Roll: Honor Soeietyl lvlaltefup: Ticket, Health Committees. ,IOHN LEUGATE fStamp. Doorinan Cotnnutteesi Thirtl Team Foothall: Fresh' man Class Olheer lBroad.x'ayJ. HAROLD A. LEITZKE- Senior Play: Nlid-Winter Concert: Funlest: Chorus: Class Representatives: Study Hall Clerk. NANCY LEMAN Ski Cluh: Usher, Lunehroom, Friendship Committees. VICKI LEVYff-lvlidfvlinter Concert: Freshman Chorus: Senior Chorus: Roll SfCYl'f11I'V1 Sophomore Class Representative: Operetta. sql N e ss: Q 8 N s A x 'K 3,123 ra-L' "4" L Y is e t if Set t. fi X AQ 'Uk is .FM IRENE C. LEW-Cathay Club: Friendship Committee. OLIVE MARIE LINDA-Sophomore Representative: Pen Stall: Messenger Staff: Art, Usher Committees. MAXINE LINDSEY-Funfest: Ski Club: Friendship, P.-T. A., Usher, Social Service Committees. ERNEST LINC-ER-Roll Secretary: Stage Crew: Doormen Committee: Projec' tion Staff: Senior Class Representative. SHELDON LOCKE-First Team Tennis: Third Team Baseball: Roll President: Intramural Ping Pong. , ANNE MERILYN LOTZM-Funfest. FRANCES LOTZKAR-Gold Seal: Funfest: Messenger Staff: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Makelup, Usher Committees. BILL LUCKS-Sports Editor, Messenger: First Team Football: Advisory Board: Chairman, Senior Decorations Committee: Gold Seal: Funfest: Third Team Baseball: Senior Chorus: Roll President: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Senior Class Representative. BOB LUIVI---Intramural Basketball: Ski Club. i JOAN MACDONALDfSecretaryffreasurer, Senior Class: Mid-Winter Con' cert: Senior Chorus: Funfest: Senior Representative: Roll Ofhcer: Assembly, Noon Program Committees. SHIRLEY MADDING-Sophomore Class Representative: Roll Banker: Cap and Gown, Health Committees. BARARA LOUISE MADISONfCold Seal: "C" Club: Ivlessvnger SrafI: Roll President: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski, Pep Clubs. ED MAHURIN-Second Team Track: Basketball: Gold Seal: Roll Ofhcer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Class Representative. WILLIAM I. MAHURIN-Football: Baseball: Track: Second Team Football: Second Team Baseball: Third Team Football: Ski. Mountaineering Clubs. LORELEI MACKAY- -AAfter School Sports: Honor Roll: Usher Committee. HAROLD MARBET-Trafic Committee: Third Team Football. LORELEI ANN MARCUS-Senior Play: MidfWinter Concert: Messenger Staff: Senior Chorus: Freshman Chorus: Library, Usher, Art. Gazette, Senior Gift Committees. NICK MARTIN, jR.A-Gold Seal: Honor Society: Roll Ofhcer. FUSAE MASUMOTO-fRoll Banker: Printer, Typist, Hi-Lites: Study Hall Cer . JEAN MATSON-Funfest: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Ski Club: Campus, P.Q., Building Committees: Sophomore Class Representative: Junior Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk. VIRGINIA MATHIS-Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Pen Staff: Chorus: Sophof more Representative: Red Cross, Senior Gift, Commencement Usher Com' mittees. KATHERINE L. MQCAULEY Clalunetg Gold Sealg President, Ilelvatf Tearng Frmfestg Messenger Staffg Pen Statfg Honor Rollg Honor Soeietyg Usher, Art, Standards, P.Q,, Alunlor Prom, Senior Activities Cornlnrrteesg Alunioi Class Representative. MARY LOU MCCLELLANIY Ilrrls' Club flahlnetg Delvatvg Iflriilivstg Operetrag Typist, Arrow Statlg Chorusg Honor Rollg Senior Acknoxxleilgement, Lost and Found, Red Cross, Lrrrwhroom ffomnuttresg Stage ffrr-wg Stuxly Hall Cilrrkg Iiorlilrnu Enrployer- IIICNRY MrffUY, Ili, Imralnural Iivollmllg Iiaskr-tlmll and 'I'r.nk BETTY ,IEAN IVIQGREGUR Roll Secretary: Usher, 'lilckt-I Clorrrinittcesg Stuely Hall Clerk. DOUGLAS H. MQNAUGHTON Funlestg Secoml Teanr Haselmllg Roll Otlicvrg Iloorman, Hlez-Cher, Iirounds llomnntteesg Class Representatixc. I5Ul.ORIiS RUSH MHSHER Mill-XY1nre1 1Ionrrrt1 Fllnlestg ffliorusg Roll Ilanlofr. LANVRENCE IVIESHER Football Manager, A N ,IAKIK MEYEI1 Ifamlg ffaletvrla. X 5 RUENA IVIEYKAII fioltl Sralg Iiunln-st: Honor Ilollg Honor .'o.'wlvg Iiallvt Clluh. LEON Ii. MEZISTRANO -Iionlesrg Tlrrixl 'I'e.on Footlwall. 1 LEON S. MEZISTRANO Funfrstg Roll Ilanker: Iiaselwall Manager. ITAXVN MILLIER hfI1rI1NY1irtvi fiom:-'rig Ifhorusg Nonvtrv. 5 Q IRENE PEARL MILLER Nlrdfkklirrei' flonrrrtg Funtestg Senior Clhorosg Roll Secretary: Roll Banker: Mzikefllp, Art Commlrteesg Class Representative: Operettag Nonrtteg Swimming Team. EVA IOAN MILLER Senior Playg Mrd'Wrnter Concert: Messenger Statfg Senior, Freshman Chorosg Roll President: Honvr Rollg Senior Gift Cornrnrt' teeg Sophomore Representative. PAUL MILLER-fF1rst Team Hasehall, Haski-thallg Second Team Foothallg Intra- vnnral B.rskrthaIlg Roll Urhcer: Class Rvpresentatixvg Bnildimg fiomnritter. XVINSTON IvIILLETf-Chairman, Traffic llonrinllteeg Head Manager, Track: Basketball Marragerg Reporter, Messenger Stall: I..IllICl'1l'UUI11, Noon Prograrn, junior Prom, Senior Prom Committees: ,Iunior Class Representative. SYKES MITCHELL'--Ski Cluhg Funfestg Sophomore Class Representative. HACHI MIZUKI 'Sophomore Tea flornrnittec' lliroadwayl. DONNA MULINE--'Gold Sealg Eunfeslg Messenger Stailg Arroxx Statlg Roll Banker: Honor Rollg Honor Society: Standards, I',Q., Lost and Found, junior Prom Committees. SHIRLEY TVIOORE -Vw'Pres1n.lent. Senior Classg Ilirlsi Ciahim-rg Hold Sealg Funfestg Reporter, Messengerg Personnel Editor, Arrowg Roll Presidentg Honor Rollg Honor Socielyg Junior Prom, Senior Prom Committees: junior Class Representative. EDNA LINNEA MORTENSON-Gold Sealg "li" Illulvg After School Sporrsg Chorus: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Usher. Standarrls ffommitf reesg Senior Class Representative. H-QQ 'K-.Q :iii- 'M ,N ., . HENRY MUKAI MARIEL MURTON-Art Editor, Peng Quill and Scroll, Gold Sealy Senior Play, MidfWinter Coniertg Funfestg Art, Program, Publicity, Commencement Committees. ARTHUR NAGAI -- Senior Play: Intramural llaskctballg Stamp, Publicity Com' mittees: Otiiee Nicssenecr. EDDIE NAGAI-flntramural Basketballg Roll Banker. MIDORI NAKAHARAf-Ticket Committecg Gazette: Make-iip Committccg Senior Invitation Committee. TERRIE NAKANISHI HG" Club: After School Sports, Gazette: Friendship Committee. LILLY NAKANOffFriendship Committecg Senior Activity Committeeg junior and Senior Representative. TSUTOMU JIM NAKASHIMA fEntered from Lewis and Clark, Spokane, Vvfashington. CATHERINE NECKAS---Girls' Club Cabinet, Gold Seal: Gazette: Funfestg Messenger Reporter: Pen Staff: Roll Ilankcrg Honor Roll, Honor Society, Usher Committee. SHIRLEY DARLEEN NULTONflviidfYVinter Coricertg Study Hall Clerk. PATRICIA NOLON GEORGE M, NOIvIURAf Rell Banker: Honor Roll. STEVEN NORD Ski Clubg Senior Representative, Sophomore Representativeg Roll President. DON NURIVIAN---President, Ski Clubg Ski Team, Debate Teaing Nlessen r Staff, Roll President: Assembly. Lunehroom Committci-sg Pine Pone. ED UETTEL Roll llankerg Projection Statlrg Bookroom Clerk, ARDYS OLTS' Gold Seal: Roll Banker: Honor Rollg Honor Societyg Make-up, Usher, Standards, Senior Puhlieity Committees: Alunior Class Representativeq Study Hall Clerk. GLORIA ANN 0SW'Al..DfGirls' Club Cabinet: Senior Committee Chairman, Funfestg Chorus: Honor Rollg Roll Presidentg Roll Secretary: Roll Banker: Ski Clililhz Friendship, G.C.O, Committees, Sophomore Representative, Radiance Ro . -IANET 0TOSI'II7Gold Sealg "G" Clubq After School Sports, Typist, Pen: Honor Roll: Honor Soeietyg Friendship, Social Service, Senior Class Invitations Committees, TED PANG-Funfestg Third Team, Truckg Roll Uilieerg Roll Banker, Honor Soeietyg Cathay Club. EDYTHE ROSE PARKER--Funfest: Roll Ofhcerg Roll Bankrrg Social Service Standards Committees: junior Represent itiveg Study Hall- Clerk. GUNTHER PAULGENH-'Entered from Broadway High School, Seattle, W'ashf ington, Honor Rollg Honor Society, Stamp, Noon Program Committees: Ski Clubg Spanish Club. LUFTTA li. PEARL Roll Banker: Honor Rollg Usher, Friendship Committees. PHlL PEARL- Entered from Seattle Preparatory School, Tkllvl PETERSON Dt-lute Team: Nlid-lX'inter Concertg lizindg Orchestra: Chorus. RUSEMARY PliTTlNfilLL lvlidfXYrnter Concertg Senior' Chorusg Roll Presi- dentg Roll Secretziryg Ski Clulwg P,Q,, Friendship Comrnuteesg Study Hall Clerkg Funfestg Programs Nlzurziger, Funfestg Radiance Roll. AUDREY PHELAN -Ulliceg Funfcst: Roll Presidentg Honor Roll: Senior, Friendship, Usher Committees. MERLIN PHELPS Orchestral. ANTHONY PHELPS lloltg liuslcetlmllg NliL.lfNN'inter Coneertg Roll President: lntrztnruriil Sports: Lilvrxiry: Senior Clztss Representative. HARRY LE ROY PHILLIPS. JR. f -President, Secretary, Nlarnzrger, Delwateg Clrnirinnn, Building Cornmittccg Cold Seztlg llelmte Tezimg Roll Officer: Honor Rollg Honor Societvg Ski. lvlountzun Climbers' Clulvsg Sophomore Class Repre- sentative. ,lAlXiEkPHlLlPS tI.C,O,, Nurst-is. Lihrzrry Committeesg Roll Uflicerg Study Hall Cer . KIUHNNY PlliRUTH Photogmphy Editor, Arrowg Stage lvlzinzietwg Stage Crew: lixtndl Prolection Stzrtlg Building Comniittee. FRANCES C. PINCHONYSKY Mid-lX'inter Concert: "CH Clulvg After School Sportsg Senior Chorusg Roll Bzrnkerg Roll Secretzirvg lvlakelup, Red Cross Comnixtteesg Study Hull Clerk. SUSAN POLICAR Cold Svalq Senior Plaiyg Funlestg Copv Editor. lvlessenger: Urcliestrlig Roll Urhccrg Honor Rollg Honor Society: Service, RQ., Social Service. Usher Cornnritte-'s. PATRICIA PRATT Cold Senlg Honor Rollg Senior Pliryg Funfcstg Secretary. Little "li" Clulwg Feature Reporter. Mcsseriger: Pen Sttlllg Freshrnain Auxiliairv Czrlunet: Spzinislr Club: Roll Baukrrg Social Service Committee, KIEFFREY XYAYNE PRUETT Second Tcnm Fourlmllg Roll Ullieexz Roll Banker: Ski Clulw: ,lunior Class Representative: Funiest, MARSHA PREUITT KENNETH E. PRIM lntrnmurzil Sports: Roll Bzrnkcrg Chess Clulw. FLOYD PRUCTUR --ff Honor Societyg Tralhc Commlttecg lntrzimurzil Footlvullg Second Tezirn liaselmxllg Senior Class Representative. LEROY PURO Sports Editor. Arroxvg Chziirmxm, Grounds, Noon Progrnrn Committees: Senior Prom Ticket Committee: Chaiirmiin, junior Prom Corn' uiitteeg Cold Sezil1 Funiesrg Footlvtllg Roll Ofhcerg Honor Socirtyi Ski. Bulldog Cluhs. MOLLIE RlilCH Honor Societvg Roll Rcpresentaitiveg Gold Sezrlg Operettaiq Nlessen1.1er Stull: Chorus: Roll Brinkerg Honor Rollg Honor Society: Red Cross, Snrudairds, Senior Acknowledgements Cornmrltees, EARLINE RICHARDSON Honor Society lllLL RILEY- Advisory Bozirdg Senior Class Prom Committeep Funfestg Second Team Footlwzillg Roll Presrdentg Roll Secretarvg Ski Cluhg Doormen. Stamp, Tmtlic, Bleaichtrs' Committees: Scnior Class Representattive. W 4.1. JOHN RILEYMSports Editor, Messenger: First Team Golf: Second Team Bas- ketball: Second Team Baseball: Roll O cer: Bleacher's, Senior Prom Committees: Freshman Representative: Funfest. JOHN L. ROBERTSON-Assistant Editor, Messenger: President, Bulldog Club: Gold Seal: Funfest: Honor Society: Grounds, Senior Picnic Committees: Senior Chorus: CofCaptain, Tumbling Team: Roll President: junior Class Represenf tative: Projection Staff. SHIRLEY RODALAAMake'up, Usher Committees. TOMMY ROMANOfFirst Team Football: After School Sports: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Lettermen's Club: Class Representative: Building Employee. FREDERICK M. RGMANOFFASenior Class Representative: Roll Banker. NORMA ROONEY-Gold Seal: Funfest: Secretary, President, "G" Club: Messenger Staff: Roll Secretary: Roll Banker: Service, Social Service, Library. Senior Invitations Committees: Sophomore Class Representative. HELEN ANN ROSSING-Business Manager, Messenger: Gold Seal: Funfest: Roll Banker: Honor Society: Library, P.Q., Friendship Committees: Class Representative. JENNIE ROUSSO-Business Manager, Messenger: Quill and Scroll: Cabinet: Service Committee: Funfest: "G" Club: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Senior Prom, Ticket, Usher Committees: Sophomore Commission: Freshman Auxiliary: Roll Secretary: Radiance Roll. BOB RYCHARDfBulldog Club: I.ettermen's Club: Ski Club: First Team Track: Funfest: Intramural Basketball: Roll President: Senior Chorus: Cross Country: Roll Banker: School Messenger. ELAINE SADICK fMid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Messenger Staff: Senior Chorus: Nonette: juniorfSenior Prom, Senior Prom, P.Q. Committees: C.C.O. Attendant. RICHARD N. SAFLEYfGold Seal: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: Stamp Committee: Senior Class Representative. THELMA MARIAN SAMSONfGold Seal: Debate Team: Funfest: Messenger Staff: Pen Staff: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Red Cross Committee: Freshman Cirlsl Club: Honor Society Representative. FRANCES SCHACHER--Business Mariager, Messenger: Sophomore Class Rep' resentative: Funfest: Honor Roll: Usher, Gazette, Senior Questionnaire Com' mittees. NORMA SCHANKELf-Mid1Winter Concert: "C" Club: After School Sports: Usher, Health Committees: Study Hall Clerk. IVALTER EDWIN SCHOENFELD+First Team Golf: Roll President: Chorus' Honor Roll: .Iunior Class Representative. JUNE SCHULLER Entered from Bennett High School, Buffalo, New York: MidfWinter Concert: Funfest: Chorus. BEVERLY M. SCHVWARTZ-f Funfest: Red Cross: Makefup Committee: Honor Roll. CHARLOTTE JOYCE SCHYVEITZER -f-- "C" Club: After School Sports. ,IACK H. SEELEY- VicefPresident, junior Class: Chairman, Building Commit' tee: Gold Seal: Student Chairman, Funfest: Messenger Staii: Arrow Staii: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: Senior Invitations Committee. VIRGINIA LEE SEIDLERfAssistant Feature Editor, Messenger: Gold Seal: Funiest: Roll Oflicer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: French Club: P.Q., Art, Senior Decorations Committees. CAROLYN SHIRLEY-Gold Seal: MidfWinter Concert: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Freshman Chorus: Senior Chorus: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Health Committee: Gazette Committee. JAKE SIGURDSON-President, Sophomore Class: Chairman, Lunchroom Com' mittee: Senior Class Representative: Studcnt Council: German Club. ,IOHN SLADEf-First Team, Tennis: Third Team, Basketball: Ski Club: Stamp Committee: Senior Play Ticket Chairman: Class Representative: Intramural Sports. SHIRLEY SMITH "C" Clllla: Roll Banker: Ski, Pep Clulvs: Senior Caps and Clowns Committee. ' ,IOANNE SNYDER-- Girls' Club Cabinet, Campus: Gold Seal: Funfest: Senior Personnel Editor, Arrow: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Roll President: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: P.Q., Acknowledgements Committee. RITA SNYDERW Funfest: Roll Otlicer: Layout Editor, Contemporary HifLites: Study Hall Clerk: Fine Arts Committee. BARBARA SODERLUND- -Freshman Bulletin Committee, Chairman: Sophomore Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk. LEXIE SPAFFORDf -Funfest: Feature Reporter, Messenger Staii: Roll Secretary, Ski Club: P. Q, Committee: Class Representative: Red Cross, JO STARKfScnior Play: Mid'W'inter Concert: Funfest: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Clulw: Campus, Senior Picnic Committees: Study Hall Clerk. PETE STATTENW Cold Seal: Mid-kkiinter Concert: Second Team Footlvall: Hand: Orchestra: Honor Society. EVELYN STAUDE-'Senior Play: MidfXVinter Concert: Funfest: Sophomore Class Representative: Service, Friendship, Ushers Committee. SAM D. STEARNS, ,IR.Y'Secretary'Treasurer, Freshman Class: First Team, Tennis: Gold Seal: Funfest: Intramural Basketball: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Building, Noon Stamp Committees. ROSLYN PHYLLIS STEINBERII -Advertising Staff Solicitor: Usher Com' mittee: Red Cross. JOHN H. STERN-Basehall, Basketball Manager: Band: Lunehroom: Senior Class Representative. ,IOHN STEVENSON-Y-Third Team, Basketloall: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Traffic Committee: Class Representative. ANNA MAY STOVER WIACK STREET-Editor, Messenger: First Team Track:Advisory Board: Senior Committee Chairman: Gold Seal: Funfest: Yell Team: Honor Society: Pep Club Board: Citizen, Lunchroom Committee: Roll Representative. SALLY STRICKERfFunfest: Advertising Staff, Ivlessengerg Roll Banker: Roll Secretary: Study Hall Clerk: Usher Committee. MARTIN F. STROI'IECKERffFirst Team Golf: Funfest: Intramural Basketball. Track: Roll President: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Doorman, Senior Publicity Committees. HERBERT C. STUSSER- -Assistant Editor, Messenger: Quill and Serollg' Co' Chairman, Senior Gift Committee: Chairman ,Illl1lUI"SCIllUl' Pin Committee: Gold Seal: Arrow Staff: Roll President: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Stamp Committee: junior Representative: Ski Cluh. RUTHfELI.EN SULLIVANWEditor, HifLites: Cabinet, Friendship Committee, Lunchroom Committee: Funfest: Orchestra: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Freshman Auxiliary: Senior Picnic: Pep Cluh: Radiance Roll. DUN SUYETANI---Honor Roll. 'S aku ,, sv- it-as ii 'Pita 4 it 'QF W - is 41 s '4 its PS sais S ,,,. X RR it N ig. Q A at ,A is O " X "TAF C :VV iz. -. - R .:. as Q. , ..., . uY""'R Wai. 'V lb we Sag, as KAZUKO TAKAHASHI--Cold Seal: "U" Club: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Library, Friendship, Ticket Committees: Senior Representative. LOIS TARBETfGold Seal: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Operetta: Orchestra: Roll President: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Noon Program, Friendship Com' mittees: Study Hall Clerk. EDYVARD W. TAYLOR Funlest: Second Team Basketball: Messenger Stall: Bulldog Club, Honor' Society: Noon Stamp, Bleaehersi, Field Committees: Roll Ofhcer. WINIFRED TAYLOR- Secretary, Girls' Club: President, Secretary, Speakers' Club: Advisory Board: Gold Seal, Debate Team: Funfest: Roll Banker: Ski Club: Junior Prom Refreshments, Red Cross Committees: Executive Council: Pep Club: Radiance Roll. KENSO TERAMOTOH-Gold Seal: Intramural Basketball: Honor Society, DON LE ROY THORESON -Business Manager, Arrow, Advisory Board: Cold Seal: Funfest: Intramural Basketball: Manager, Basketball, Track: Messenger Stalf: Senior Chorus: Roll President, Honor Society: Ski Club: Assembly, Bleacher Committees. JOAN THYGESEN Gold Seal: Funfest: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Friend' ship, P.Q. Committees: Study Hall Clerk. JUNE TIPPEYf-Pen Staff: Gold Seal: Debate Tram: MidfWinter Concert: Funfest, Roll Officer: Friendship Committeeg, BETTY JEAN TONGUE--fCabmet, Freshman Auxiliary: llirls' Club Cabinet: Gold Seal: Student Director, Funfestg Roll Secretary: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Nurseis, C.C.O., Library, Sophomore Commission Committees. BETTE TRAYER ALICE K. TSUE-V-VNU" Club: After School Sports. THOMAS WILLIAM TUCKER-Captain, First Team Football: First Team Track: Advisory Board: President, Lettermenis Club: Roll President: Chair' man, Building Committee: Funfest. EILEEN A. UHRICH---"GH Club: After Sehool Sports: Library. Serxiri Social Service, Senior Invitations, PQ. Committees. LESLIE VOORHEES7Entered from Stadium High School, Tacoma, Vklishingtoli: Roll President: Honor Roll: Ski Club: Girls' Club Committees: Class Repre- sentative: Study Hall Clerk. CLAUDE W'AKEFIELD--Entered from Vashon High School, Vashon, Wash' ingtong Advisory Board: Chorus: Ski Club: Track Manager: Second Yell Team: Funfest: Roll Officer: Junior Class Representativeg Noon Stamp Committee. DORIS XYALKER--Honor Roll: Usher, Service, Standards Committees: Study Hall Clerk, SHARON XVARK -Senior Play Art, Senior Play Publicity, Nurse's Commit' tees: Debate Team: Ski Club: Sophomore Commission: G,C.O. Attendant. ROSE MARIE VJARNER-Entered from Cleveland High School, Seattle, Wash' ingtong "G" Club: After School Sports: Standards, Hobby, Friendship Com- mittees: Vodvil: Study Hall Clerk. JIM VJASHINGTON-f-Iviid'lklinter Concert, Second Team Basketball: Senior Chorus: Grounds Committee. RUTH YVATANABE After School Sports: Roll Banker: Friendsliip Committee: Spanish Club. SHOJI XVATAOKAf -Entered from Broadway High Seliool, Seattle, Vvashington, BARBARA A. W'EBERfEntered from Broadwa' High School, Seattle, W'ash' xngton: Funfest: Feature Staff, Messenger: Choir: Roll Representative: Ski Club: Standards, Art, ,Iunior jottinizs Committees: Study Hall Clerk. ROBERT WENKERT--.Assistant Photography Editor, Arrow: Honor Society Representative: Quill and Scroll: Gold Seal: Debate Team: Mid-Winter Con- cert: Intramural Basketball: Messenger Staff: Senior Chorus: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Basketball Manager. NORA VJHITE-Copy Editor, Messenger: Secretary'Treasurer, Junior Class: Sergeantfat'Arms, Ski Club: Advisory Board: Chairman, Senior Class Com' mittee: Funfest: Roll Banker: Friendship, Red Cross, .IuniorfSenior Prom Committees. PETER C. VJHITE--President, Senior Class: Advisory Board: Assistant Editor, Messenger: Gold Seal: Funfest: Roll Oflicer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ski Club: Manager, Football: Stamp, Traffic Committees. PHYLLIS L. YVHITEfCabinet: Messenger: Gold Seal: Funfest: Roll Oilieer: Roll Banker: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Assembly, Usher, Senior Activity, junior Prom Committees: Study Hall Clerk. ESTHER MARGARET YVICKLUND-Usher, Red Cross. Senior Gift. P.Q.. Art, Standards Committees: junior Class Representative: Roll Banker: After School Sports: Chorus. BOB YVILLEY--President, Boysi Club: Chairman, Lunchroom Committee: Senior Play: Second Team Track: Roll President: Director, Funfest: Doormen, Usher. Bleachers, Field Patrol, Senior Gift Committees. , HAZEL WILLIAMS DON WILLSEY-Mid1Wiuter Concert: Intramural Basketball: Band: Orchestra: Roll Banker: Honor Society: Band Committee. WILLIAM WOLFE--Vice-President, Sophomore Class: Secretary, Debate Team: Gold Seal: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Chairman, Acknowledge' ments Committee: Sophomore Class Representative. DERRY WOHLWENDfFirst Team Football: First Team Golf: VicefPresident, Ilietierrlgins Club: Class Representative: Roll President: Head Manager, as et a . BETTY WOLFSTONE-Ski Club: Funfest: Senior Chorus: Standards, Friendship, juniorfSenior Prom, Senior Prom, P.Q., Usher Committees: C.C.O, Attendant: ,Iunior Class Representative. JACK K. W'ONGfFuniest: First Team Track: Intramural Basketball: Tennis: Honor Roll: Cathay Club. LULU XVONC-Secretary. Cathay Club: Cabinet: Gold Seal: MidfWinter Con' cert: Funfest: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Honor Society. LEICHTON P, NVOODvSki Team: Funfest: Ski Club: Stamp Committee. CATHERINE YAMADA -"CH Club: After School Sports: "C" Club, Typist: Basketball Manager: Senior Representative Committee: Attendance Officer Clerk. TEDDY YAMADA PAULINE YEE-Honor Society, Treasurer: Gold Seal: Mitlfvvlinter Concert: Funlest: Roll Olhcer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Ticket, P.Q., Art Com' mittees: Sophomore Class Representative: junior Class Representative. KIYOSHI YOSHINAKA --Second Team Baseball: Intramural Football: Intra: mural Basketball. MARJORY YOUNCW-Productions Editor, Arrow: Girls' Club Cabinet: Gold Seal: Funfest: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Roll Representative: Honor Roll: Ski Club: Library, Friendship, Senior Commencement Committees, RICHARD YOUNG7Cvold Seal: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Cathay Club: ,lunior Class Representative: Senior Class Representative. .iflill-lil I sw Q W'- . K: S , .I 3: fl 'vm has 'UI S . au, - 1 i L Q , t .t, CSXSVP' 'ss .apt we Ilafvicria. LH H1 : o :u I5 o B 3 -I -I IH ffl U1 lla Wsmwi-. i ALICE D. YUURGLICH f Puhlications Committcug Roll Ufhfcrg Building fiom' riiirtcrg Noon Program, Class Rcprvscntarivu. NOBUO YUTANI' Gold Seal: Roll Srfrutarvl Honor Socivtyg Honor Roll, SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Front Row Kazuko Takahashi. Gloria Friedman, Linnea Mortcnson Sally Baldwin, joan lv1acDonaId, Connie Cluin, Richard Young, Suuimd Row Shirley Burton, Dolores Brown, jane johnson, Phyllis Vfhitc, Bill Riley, Stewart Kelly, Ernest Lingur, Fred Romanoff. Third Row Sieve Nord, Larry Fisher, john Stern, john Furugori, Winifred Taylor, Bill Lurks, Howard Clark. Fouvlli Raw' Hip Kai Eng, XVilliam Eng, Howard Kcllogll. Bill Tuckcr, Karl lvarsson. SENIOR PICNIC Frmu Rim' Ann Fricdlandcr, -Io Stark, lvlarcvlla Cole, Gloria Oswald. Scrmid Row Ruth Iillcn Sullivan. Ilcvvrly Ioncs, Ioan lvlacllonald, Carlyn Daughters. Third Row Don Tliorcson. llill 'I'11cki'r', Don Dawson SENIOR PROM Frim! Row' W'inston Millar, Pauline Yee, Sally Baldwin, Betty Alhaf dcl'I, Gloria Friedman, Larry Fisher. Scwncl Row: Elaine Kcllcr, JoAnne Fahhio, Sylvia Bowry, Jeannie Rousso. Third Row Bill Riley, Nora W'hitc, Bill Lucks, Lee Puro. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CARDS Fnml Run Nmuma Romney, flay Caldwcll, Helen Rossing. Srmuul Run' Enh-vu Ulrich. ,lzmrt Uwshi, Midfur: Nalcahnrn. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Fnmt Rnw Joanne Snydvr, Mznsauknm Knkuchl, Rngna Fulnus. Mmmllil' Reich. Scmnd Row' Bxll Wulfc, Beverly Butchan, Mary Luu McClelland. Yacku Ishimirsu, ,luhn Fonda. ACTIVITIES Fmnr Ruu' Catlxurmc Ncclms, Cunnic fllcin. Suimul Run' Kathcrinu Nlcflzmlcy, Phyllis lVhm'. SENIOR GIFT Fwut Run' Clznrc Chrlstoplxrrmlm. Hclcn Argcnti, Esthcr lylcklund. Svrmnl Row Dulurvs Brown. Hcrlw Stusscr. l7uvu.l Eng. gx 21+ 1 X A . 1 , sg A 1 ,..........- 'f i g Sllmlllll Clllll LIIIIDE SD ,fm Friivii Rim' lit-Irv Alhadvll, lvlollv Riieh. Clniniie Ch-in. litsiilm lcliikawa, Harriet loseph. Suioiil Knu' lieiiiice B-nn. Dt-loiis Ciailo, Linnea Nlmtinson, llaxid ling. lsao ll-isliiu.u.i Tliirti Rau' lioheit XX'-'nk.ii. Mariel lvliilt-in. lionna Nl-ilinv. lnixxienri' llaies, :lhiiviiii lian 1.nntli'isi,n HE FIFTEEN STARS pictured on this page are deserving of special Oscars, lor taking the lead in scholastic achievement. Vsfithout letting their extrafcurricular activities interfere with the academic standards of the studio. these amhitious workers have proven that in order to take an active part in events, one does not have to sacrifice his goal of scholastic perfection, The filming of this "A" picture was difhcult, hut with ahle producers and directors to advise them their task was somewhat simplified. These Stars now stand as worthy examples of the spirit displayed in the Garlicld Studios. The same qualities which have made them outstanding on the lot will also make them leaders of the future. PREVIEW 0F COIl'lIIIG EVEIIT5 S THIS year comes to a close, several hundred hoys and girls will he passing through the portals of the studio gates for the last time. Their career, which hegan four short years ago, came to a climax the night they were presented their diplomas. Having reached their goal for stardom. they are now out on their own in search of new roles. Since the future is a composite of numerous and varied careers, the amhitious and diligent memhcrs of the cast will have little difhculty in qualifying. Mcist of the Stars have done considerable thinking ahout their future. Vocational tests have heen a major factor in aiding them to select the life work that will most nearly suit their talents. Iviany hoys have discovered through shopftraining that their career lies in mechanical work. Many girlsehave found a Home Economics course invaluahle in planning a home. Others will seek higher education, while still others have found their interest lies in salesmanship. lt is evident then that the "Garfield Studio" has endeavored to give its workers a practical training that leads to their future success. HE IUNIORS, as "Featured Players." are gain- ing experience and recognition as the Stars oi 1949. Working in Garfield's Movie Studio under the guidance of Miss Buckley, they have become accus- tomed to the responsibilities oi student government entrusted to the Seniors. By conscientious endeavor, they have achieved many distinctions which will help them in their iinal year on the lot. Looking forward to 1949, the Iuniors are anxiously awaiting their debut to stardom. l lgftfl r LL MIKE MAZUTRZHEN ,,., , . , Vnc.'fV'rc.uJ nr MISS BUCKLEY . . Adu -IOE WILLIAMS . , P1u.uJ nr BILL LYCETTIZ , Suv.-tux Q. M . R 4 ' e AIIDILL. KEITH fi ' .. .. ' . ADAMS VIGLETTIE1 - w M I 'F -. W i, .5 ADATTD,vIc:IcY I M . - Y f 1, ADIcINs.,IoAN . . ,.- R ' ' ff Q I HEHI: I ALFERS, GERALD Si A 'ff ' V P ALHADEFF, MARION w . .- W N P ALKANA, RITA I U 'M M 4 im In I AMOS, HELEN Q. - .- I ry A ANDERSON, DON' .Q ---:. , .V ,Q : I t ANDERSON. ,IGYLE 1.2 2 IZ' . 3 .Y . ANDREWS, JACK W E ANGEL,EsTHER .. x I., 'iw GYM 3 it 5 3. AUERNHEIMER, BGB ' 4 m 1 AVZARAIJEL, ESTHER . RAI-INSEN, MARGARET , f . . Z f ,If I If BALDWIN, DIGK F' 1 Q H A BANWELL, PAT l K W P 5, R ' RARENSTEN, GARY 1- gb, I I f-QR. .g Q. Q P EARKLEY. Isors .. I 8 Q YA- N BAROKAS, BARBARA Yi . " - ":":2jE:5:-:I I .. 5: 1 ' ff A . 1... + A ' m - EARTHOLOMEY, MARY JANE ' e x if, In -- QQ, gg. . BATES. MARGARET ,, . at 5.5 :L ,, , A Q A ., . 'E' . . . 3 I . BEACH, DAISY . 1 """' .5 J R BEHAR, FRANCES Y -' f 'X f" A BELL, MARGIE 'DX B . EJ Y Q Y, af'-is A ' ..,.. L .. .. I . "": b - fu BENSUSEN, VIRGINIA I I K . . 5 ' ' I BERGER, IG ANN ,..,. . was If if ' ' " ' l' ' A , ,if ff V' C' '- 3' X V Ewfaw . wx . I A BERULIN, ALEX ' ' V '. 5 - Rf., H-. ' . ' '-I-.55 , R 1' jjj. V , U ' ' ' . BIAS, BEATRIKZE " I BIRKETT, JANICE .... - - 2 . ' I I sl R Yi B -N BLACK, AL ' BLAKESLEE, UERALDINE gg IIDDE, RIGI-IARD IIDNESTEEL, DICK X Q Q 253 BORIES. HENRY BRAITHWAITE, BARBARA E ' mf-' BRENNAN. .IAGI4 ,. IIRINER, MARIAN G BROWN, DGN J 'I aiu. . X , , ' E -. I . ' 'L , vig: BRITCIHER, MARIIL I .1 A, A f - k m. I if -S -4.5: 1. , I, I- E ., - . 4 IIIImx'N,LILLIs f I I I, In IIRIIIVN, PHILIP 'Fw Ii I If ff A .- -HHH ' TX 45 . IIRUNK, EARL IIUFURD, DANNY IIRIIWN, VIRGINIA , - .. -,A'- I A - 'W I F215 5 I I Ir KR NX 1 X X X I I 'F' L X a I PY it J A 1, Q - 2 . If , gf fix I GY' I I gr X A , if I Ifitwri " . , V, .- . W. 5 I IXULLIS. SHIRLEY ,Q IsYIrIIIfImuIn, IaImxx'ARIu K gb CADY, Hmx'AI11n h A' V I I f ILALIIERIIN. RAE I zzy- I I g 4, - A , , II, im., ,J f1AMl'I0N, PAT .V,,,. I 3 .. A :f-: L If IQ. , .., . IQ- ,,,,, 'I-- .,,,, I I IV , III f A BA IIIIIE, MARTHA .IIiAN c3oHIiN, CAROLE COLLINS, DAVID cioLUMIsRo, JOAN c:oMI'LITA. LOUIS CLONKLIN. ANNA MAY CONLON, .IUHN CORNELISUN, DURAN CRANSTON, PHYLLIS CROSON, GWEN vw 'N , lf A I X sf, NX 4, V-Q 'S 3 N f, I I Xu 1 if f A 2 1' il' CASE. EAY CAROL CASTUN. MADELEINE CHESHIER. RUTH ANN CHINN, BYRON CHINN. EDITH CIHINN, FUNKL CIHISM, CATHERINE CLARKE, LOUISE CLAUSEN, AI. CLERF. IIIMMIE my ' vb fr' A I R-'55 N it -I -..aN I CRYSTAL, MORTUN CULHERTSON, MARY CUTLER. VIVIAN DALLUM, LILA DALY, PAT DANZ, ,IEWEL DAVIS, CLAUDE DAVIS, LUCILLE DAVIS. MARION DEL EIERRU, RAMLINA 47 E X 5 Q.. Q-av A I .3 i I l .f I A H ,L 5 K W I-2: I ,P E. K 3 , M Q 'A-A. - . A 1 ag: ..., . ..5 .I A ,jg . .. I., . 3 g, I 5 I I I ImoNNAN, MIKE - X I ,- . I '- fx ,I . . Dour:LAs. VAN LIIAR , E- M -L, 5,5 IJYILR. ,IIINIL 5 , tix IIASTRURIL RAY " ' ' IIQASTRRBRIRIK. SALLY - : I 'K . 'sg X. I f 1, I YE V A1 I if ff IIIIANIURA. LISA IIIINIIINDS. HENRY A ' IzLLIs. IIRNIA ., -. fv- IiLSBREE,LORRAINIi Q.. 5? IILYN, ALVIN .'Q" Q N -'Z .F ,. Eli as it R If ' " I A If , I . K ' . A g V- A fx FISHER, c1LARIi FISLER. BARBARA FLAKS. JOAN FLEXER, JIM FIINIIA. ,IIwf'Ic FRANCO, BETTY FRANTZ. ,IANIH FREDRICKSON, -IEAN FREED. EVELYN FRUMHACH. HAROLD DELMA, MACK DE VUE, BOB DICKINSUN. CZAL DILLON, MARILYN DINGWALL, SARA LEIZ DIVINE. ALICE DIXON. CLYDE DODDS, .IEAN DOLC-OFF, LARRY DONAHUE. PAT EMORY, MEADE ENG, ALYCE ERICIKSON, NELIJA HSKENAZI, IKE ESKENAZI, MORDIE FEEK. Ach FEIN. DORIS FERRERA, KATHRYN FIELDS. JIM FINLAYSIJN. ALEX L , IS X FROST, ANN KGISARY, CAROL FEHLHOFF. IJOROTHIZA IIIFFEN. PAT COCZHIS, DOLLY I CPOLDFARIS, ALVIN IIOLDFARB, ROYAL IIOOCH, DAVE IIOSHO. MARION VOTTSCIHALK, SHIRLEY L L I N ,. ap 'f'E"" E 'F 'A r N' A 1511? if I If x s J . f 'YI-fu .3 ' .,.. I Ii .T a x ,ga ,mx I K A 'N ' ' Qfirf K' 6 Xl f W .. A 2 ' K 1 HALL, JOHN - A HANICKER, LOUIS HANSON, MARIANNE W .L ,ri HARA. HIROHISA H 1 HARRIS. ANDY haw 3 A ,Q A 'A , 5 ' M2 me f HARTNAGIBL. BARBARA HASHIZUME, AIOANNE HASSON, BECKY HAUSMAN. HUGH HAYNES, PHIL vw. an 33. I I X Q is . g '::-'- gig R+ if QRAFF, BOB ?RASHlN, SHIRLEY IREIEN. IIHARLIN ZREEN, ,IANET IREFN. ROBIIRT JREENII, ARLAN IRIFFIN, RAY IRIFFITH, NORMANI5 'ROSSMAN. SHELIJON 1 IUSTAFSON, CHARLES 1 , if 4, 55 V Q sag ,X I I ' an " I Q T I S la. L ,... . r Q, A -an qv L, nn - Q.. 4, ,i,,,' ,fs fb L. if HEI1KIiNLIAIXl,Ii. RUTH HEGSTROM, KZAROLYN HELENKAMP, MARION HELSRY, PAUI. HHNDRICTKS, AI. HIIRRON, PEGGY HIBLER. SUZANNIC HILLIER, DOROTHY HINCKEL. SUSAN HIPKE, MARY Q, I ., , . , ,I . . . A ' . . 4' . i A I - ,,., I , 1' ' S H- I .. s Q Ami WML If Egfr I - O AM I Isp I-I I' LQ? gh ..,.z.S... ..,. . -11.- R HIRABAYASHI, DICK HIRANO, GEORGE HOAK, BETSY HOLDEN, OSCAR HOLLAND, MARY ANN HONORY. MARVIN HOOKER. DONN HORAN, CAROL HOUCK, MARNEY HUEY, ANNA HUEY, RUBY I HULSE, KEN I ' ' I , I-IUNT, MARY fi- . , W ,. . mv ,Q Zf"' HURWITZ, MURIEL 'A I 5 X I HYMEN, MARILYN W ' 4 V ' .. ' si. IDETA, AKIO V INOLIYE, NAUMI .I ' 'A ISAAIQSON, GILES . A-A -- ' ' -I Q W .5 ,S ,wg II ISRAEL. JAKE - I I gg I. VAN GREIS. MARY LOU M 'H ' ' ff I I ,Q - .J IE ' , is... 2 ., IAc1oBsoN, non N. , gg - fa. nzczzn I JAFFE. BILL ,F 1. ,.,, A .,,:. M -IANTZEN. JANII:I-: R , JENNESS, JOYCE . N JERUSALMI, SOL JONES, TED KARROW, CURTISS KATSMAN, ANITA KAWAGUCHI, ROY KAWAHARA, ROBERT KAWATA, WILLIAM KERNS, CHARLENE KERNS, DICK KERSHAW, DIANE KERSCHNER, LAVERNE R -Q sv i f I I- I s I R A 'GQ If 'Vs gk -nr RQ! JINGUJI. MARABU JOHNSON, DONNA JOHNSON, RUTH JONES, FRANCIS MARIE JONES, JANIS I I , I O " if I sl:.,., , 5 KIKU!1III.IRIiNIf KIMURA. MARY KLEIN, RICHARD KOBAYASHI, HIDEO KODAMA. BOBBY KOE. EDITH KOE. ROSALIND KONDO. MARY KOONTZ, HOWARD KOSSEN. HELENE .. 4 N.. 4 Y I, A QU' A - 733 S. :ww-.5 ' :sum v.av:"'. -. LEVY, LEE LEVY, SHIRLEY LEVY. SUSAN LEWIS, MARVIN LIBERMAN, WILMA LIMBECK, GEORGE LOCKE, LANNA LOFTIS, ELEANOR LORD, BARBARA LOVETT. EURSELINE 4- dr ' 3 I " g E ' 5 .f' I . . N I .l 5' Q' " . ' , Q.:. I I II II sf .N 'fs .'AA:-2 , f XR, :I 'W If QI 'fszm IE, h .L Y Q.. . 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RAY MURRAY, ARTHUR MURRAY, ,IOYCZIE MYERS, HARRIITI' NAUAMATSU. KLN NAKUMURA. JIMMY NAKAMURA, ROFIH NAKAMURA, RUTH NAKANO ROY ,Y , fx, ORRNEY, BRUCE OSAWA, GEORGE OSAWA, MARY OASULLIVAN, MARKQY OTTOLINO, DOLORES I'EARL, WARREN PELTO. HELEN PEMISROKE, RIKIHARIJ PETERSON. JACK PETERSON, KENNETH I 'S S ,P , wt Y 'fi' if is f.w-4 I A fr' I ,f mx N 'S , fr? 1 A RESOS, DONNA RHODES, SUZANNE RIVKIN, SHIRLEY ROGERS, BEVERLY ROHDE, MINNIE ROMANO, TOMMY ROSS, ELORINE RUSSAK. ROSALIE RUSSELL. JUNE SADIS, FRANCIS 'Wg I' L-E i .:.-, i Q' A rg, J 8, LYYL, I A .I s 'Lx" A si A K il mg 'Pt S' wk: 1 A dx 'ff Q N ' , I bu A . x ,',- Q ,p Q I F n . ' A ' . vhTERsuN, NANc:Y K it N A 5. Q PETTUS, c1HARLuTTh , -A - A IAHELAN, NOEL ' I ' PIHA. STELLA ' S 1-LATTER, DAVID 3 A ns Ma . . N K M I,-EE: S' 6- .1 5 S K My 3 ' IQQPSI ' T W-' Wi .. iv E' I Tv , 'R PRINE, JAMES QUARTERMAINE, RUTH RASMUSSEN, ED REETZ, ANN R ENTON, MARC LARICT ' . A S 5 I Nl - J Q, I 54 I f SADIS, LUCY SALZMAN, STANLEY SAMUELS, ,IACZKIE SASSE, DONNA SATTERTHXYAITE. ,IAILK SIZHARHON. DIANE SCIHLOSSTEIN, RUSS SCOTT. LOIS SEELY, NANCY SELTZ, WALTER ,. 'U' Y x Ls AH? SIHEL, KIARMEN SILBER, BERNARD SIMON, LILLIAN SMITH, DOLORES SMITH, SYIJ SOLOM, MARY SOO, RAYMOND SPAFFORIJ. NANCY SPAULDINII, MARC IARET STALZKHOUSE, PAUL QW I I Y. 0 N' -I X I.,f". '., 'I 5 . Q : G' ..,. . V! ig : 6' TANINO, TAKAE TAT, RON 54 THOMPSON, HELEN THOMPSON, SHIRLEY THOMPSON. TANYA THRAILKILL, ISILL TOBIN, LILA TONKON, BERNARD TRANEL, IOANNE TSUII, RICHARD 3 -fgi2Q,,Q ,g ,rg wx , W3 I Wi N I ki, QER, gm SHAFFER. IDAVIIB SHAHON, LEO SHAPIRO, HOWIE SHAW, CARMELITA SHERIFF, LARRY SHIBATA, FUMIO SHIBUYA, HENRY SHINN, MARIORIE SHIPMAN, GEORGE SHOMLER, LAR RY STANTON, ROLAND STARK, VIRGINIA MAE STEWART, ED STOCKER, MONTE SUMMERVILLE, ISOII TAKAYOSHI, TAKATO TAKENAGA, EMI TALLMAN, ,IO ANNE TANEMURA, MAS TANGEN, .IO ANNE I SLIIISIIMUI11, III'Il.ENI-I VU! IKISR, f1IIARI.UT'I'Ii 'I U1 IKER. HELEN TUUHY, I'ETER TUTTLE. EILEEN UNIIERWUUIJ. RUNNY UNUSAWA. PHYLLIS URAKAWA, ELSIE UZIEL, VIRGINIA VAN ARSIBEI.. WILLIAM WEIIIS, ISRUKIE WEINBERII, FREIJ WELCH, AUIJREY WELKE. ,IEAN WELLS, ISUII WESTHERII, IIOIS WILKINSON, LUIS WILLIAMS. ,IUE WILSON. DUN WILSON, I'A'I' ,,,,,k X 'Ev .:., I I E9 A I3 5-: VANCE, IIULIE VYE, LOWELL WACIHTER, IJAVIIJ WACISTAFE, MARILYN WALLER. CHARLES WAMHUFF, NURINE WARNER, LUUIS WATERMAN, AI. WATSON, .IAKLKLYN WEAVER, ELAINE WILSUN, PETER WILTSE, BETTY WILTSHIRE, PATRIKZIA WINNINIIHAM, NANK N WINSTUN. SHIRLEY WINTER, TOM WITTER, CHARLOTTI WOLFIN EUGENE WOLPIN NATHAN WULFSTONE, POLLY I ,Q - ,N W 6, I wwf ,L P I Q ap X -gag: x :iz 4 SQ' ,. Ti: ' A 4, x- ' :.-' Q - 1: , ' my H M ' E :lla 5 'f ah . g N , ' 'N '. x '- 1 I , ff ' jig. ilgjg I -. pn 'W 1-fs My Q .: x if 3 'f fl A vw 'z 5 Q ,K SW L -K SU" Q Ai-+ 'Zi W--.W ls 'T 1 -x, .- R YOSHIDA4 DURUTHY YOSHINU. TEDDY YOUNG, FRANCIS YOUN1SMAN.AlANliT XXlTU,l.AI1.A WOOD, IAHRRIIC WUON, HHN XYORUN. TIAKIQUVLYN WURTHY. UITURKIIC YAMAMUT1x,'I'usHlKu YAMISAU, ,-MINES YASUNUISU, HUB PETER YUKUYAMA, DONNA .IllI'lIOR REPRESEIITIITIVES Fnmz Kuw Pat Cuxnpmn, Hvlru Thumpsun, lviurllyn Hymcn. Clmrlum' Kurns, Lmmc Chmllms, Tnkzxr Tamnu. Sufmld Rum' Hvlvn Pm-Tin, Tvhrllyn, Km'-' Frrrclux, Pan Cllffrn, Clxzxrlin Grcun, Vlrglmu Uziul. Suzzmnc Rlwdw. Thml Run' ,Im Arm Ilvrgvr, Ivizlrgnrct Bixhmuu, Esthcx AAVZ-9ll'2ldCl, .Iunv M:l1iL' Head, Ruth Qlmrtcrmnlxn-, Huh Umlf. Pan Wxhxhllr, Iiflwtlx Run' Swnnv Shxpnmn. Prn-1 'I'm1In. Au' I'-wk. Hub MCFAATILIT-11, Hd Rknmmnlssrn. Huh Nrxxnmn, JlllIIOII THE PROGRAM COMMITTEE, given the task of selecting a theme for the annual EIUIIIOF' Senior Prom, picked the title of "Moon Mist." Called on to design the programs, they carried out the theme with moonfshaped programs. A senior hoy or a senior girl's name represented the title of each of twelve dances. From these were chosen a King and a Queen who reigned supreme during the evening. This committee also handled the distrihution and sale of the programs. Left ln Right Ivlarian Iiriner, Rav Ivlosratel, Janie Frantz, flhairlnm Iiarlwara Haxtnagel. THE DECORATICNS CCMMITTEE was ref sponsihle for decorating the Epiphany Parish Hall. Carrying out the theme of the dance, L'Moon Mist," they placed a huge moon across the stage, in front of which were erected the thrones for the King and Queen. Various characters sitting lweneath thc "light of the silvery moon," were displayed on the walls. The memhers of this committee put forth a great deal of time to make their work effective. Lt!! to Right Henry Edmund, flliairmang Ann Iiiost, Ivlaiucy Houck, Harold Iironihach. THE PU BLICITY COMMITTEE was organized to hroadcast the fact that the juniors were giving a prom to honor the graduating seniors. Memhers from the Messenger and various other puhlication staffs were represented, in order to use these means to puhlicize the dance. Articles appeared in the Messenger, and posters were placed in the halls. This committee worked long and diligently in order to put over this annual event of the Garfield Movie Studio. Ld! lu Riglil Lou Lluke, f,I1au'mang llal Dickenson, Sally Iiaster' Ialuuk. THE REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE was formed to take care of the prohlem of planning and IQISIC that coke The save sihlc neat Lrfz r Dwi. serving the refreshments. Since everyones is dilferent, it was a difficult joh to End food would suit everyone. Thc final decision was and cookies made in the shape of halffmoons. helpfyoursclf method was used in order to confusion, This committee was also responf for cleaning up the kitchen and leaving a and tidy hall. u Right Leo Shalion, Daisy lieacli, Virginia Ilroxxn, llevvilx' lfhairinan, COMMITTEES HE SOPHOMORES. as "Bit Players." are build- ing a foundation for their future career in Gar- field's Movie Studio, while the present Stars are holding the spotlight. Besides having successfully engaged in numerous lot activities as understudies, the Class of 1950 has won first place with their mem- bership in the Honor Society. 7-A Z ROY TlClHl:NUR ..,.,..........., Atl ' ' P J ,1oYc.14, MURRAY . . . A ......., t , ft HARVY LOWE' X I I VIOANNE CHRISTII Q Fmnr Run' Launrur AK!!-lfdl, Clhzurlu Am' stulz. Pat ,Ad.n11a. Emu Rim- Alwl, Shlrluv Anhmun, Lllcxllc Almvlch. Svcmxd Run' P1mm.1 Alu-Hn, Fnmu N Angel, Sings Allan, Uvlmlsv Adzur. Rnnmn Amir xv, Thmi Run' Rm' Alun, Ilvm Annum, ,Ivuv Allison. Dun A-.l.nrm. fum! Run' lflmxml lhkvr, Iivxrrly Har' run, hum Aualun, Ihxlmu Apulus, Adv' lla: Awrv. S.undl'n Apphgzxrtlm. Sm'm1JRnu' D4-vrJrr Allgxmunv. Shl-mln Finch, lhlmrs B.urd, Barham l5.u'kvl'. Kvnncth Asclxlvzlllrl, Tllmf Run' Sxrw Ihtcs, Clhu' Arm' strung, lviclxin Hzllwr, Sum Anucl. Fwvlr Run' Phyllxs Hlunfk, llauul linlrn. Elaunv Brlgcr. Earl Hlsnm. Mxxck Bcnm-tl. Sammi Run' Rulwclmn Bn-ndvx. M.n1'lL-xxx' Bcrggrvn. Burn' B1-har, Mlckln' Blurncn' ffld, -Inhxx Hvuschlcxn, Frank Uuclmrnw. Thmi Run- Warxx-11 Hmm-tx, Fruncn A. Blnachkzu, Hrlcn Hlulnglwn, Hmxud Blllnxfwrg. Fmvx! Run' Tum' flnllmvn, Ifllgcxw Bnwck, Luna Iiulsmgl, Curtis Lu- liumks, Ifsthcr Bl'm.lsh.m. Sumxd Run' Susan Hrurt. M.x1'y' ,Iam Brown, flarlvm- Hmsflnmn. Nnvrm Kinlw, Niaxlm' Braun. Thxnl Run' Dxfk Bmwr. NIM:-m Hmwn .lim Buvlr, Mzulx'1x1 Brzldvn. Frmxl Kms ,funn-5 llhmn. Ruiu-1'r Klhmn. jmnxm' ffhrlstlr. Ienhrllr flhmn, Iivrniu' flnsnm. Sylxizn flnpclnru. 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R11-111m T1111l11-r111.111, -I11111111' Tv1.11l.1. l7.m11Tr1'111f lwlvv. A1111 V.111 Ar-drl, A1111 XY.1l1111. Fl111'1'11u' XY1111111, 'Thlul R1111' ,lurk Vnllvulflm, I'1'1l1lv 'I-x111'. lflwlv Tvllcll, PMI1' T1:11'r1. A411111 Vw dvlnil. f.l1-11 NX1lI1.1111- Fmvlt Run' 1l1w11L11 Y1'll.111J. l".1111111 XY111115 V111g1111.1 XY1'h1f.1ll, T111111k11 Yw fl1111L.1, M.11l1-l-111 YUI111111, R1111,1I1l XXX-15' k1111l. S1'u11v11f R1111' N.111.'v WAH11-1. ,l11h.111111'11.e. XXX-lwr, Rugcl W1k1111, f1l:111 A1111 NY111'1l1' 111gm11. R11fhrll1' XY11'11:r. K111l1 Ymlnf -111k:1, 1l'u11:1l1l XN1ls1111 Tlxml R1111' DHL XYI111111-1. H1111.111l Z1'11l111.111, l.111N XY1111.1rt1. I5.111N XX'1lI1.1111N. Huh XY111g11v1. H1-11111111 XY1111g SOPHOMURE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Fxvxr RUN' 51111111 H1'l1.111x. 1111411111 f.l11'lf111', N1111111141 XX1wr!.1ll, H.1rI1,11.1 Pm' 1111. M.111r1111' l'1'ml11v11111. lT1.111.151'h.11h1111 S1u1-1111 R1111' M.11x l,11111w F11r111.'1, M.11- Qzlrr! l,.11111'1, Rurhrll-' XY11'11v1, RJ11-11 H.1aw11. f1.u11.1w A1111-'I Thml Kun' E1'1c l11h.111w11. 'IX1111 4f11111. S1L111l1'v Hullhvlal, 131111 15111-lwm. H1111 Tat. 1511141111 R111 XY.1111'11 H1'1111rKl. Rnlwlflr XYVNYIWIL1. XYAH1' lvxm. l11h1l11x' N11-U11' STIIIID IIIS HE MlDfTERM SOPHOMORES. as "Stand Ins," participatcd eagerly in the whirlwind of studio activities. Awkward and widefeycd, they took advanf tage of the many opportunities given them and successfully coped with the various decisions which they encountered. Although a hit dulwious at Hrst, they accepted the challenge of competition with fresh ideas, and aftcr "looking over" the airy, experienced Seniors. they lweeame anxious for the time when they would make their debut. ln the studio and on the lot, they are receiving valuahlc instruction for their future career, and are striding confidently ahead to their ultimate goal, Front Kun' lvlitcllcll lilaek, ,less Barton, jean Alexander, Leon Angel, Dave Al- taras, Al llehar, Allwrt Adatlo, Sam lieriveiiiste. Serinid Row joseph Allen. ,lelry liridge, Mary Ann Brewer, Adaline Bowman, Molly Blume, Ike Bensnsen, Frank liakrr. Fin! Row lid Kloleoek. Donna Lev lfckrrt, Vivian Chan, Mi-laniqan Collins, Laurence Cohn, ,li-ll Comyn. Sermid Row lviarlrnv Conley. Eleanor flapeloto, Nliniel Kfamplvll, Aludy Cas' sitly, joan Camplwll, jim Callaghan. Third Row Charles Dickson, Louise fihiprlzr, Sliarvn Len' Clxexin, Alum lluxltlf. Fmt Rim' Dolores Hlazrr, Fr a new - Fnncs. .lay Friedman, ,loyce liskenazi, Loretta Clurrela, Carol Foster. Second Rau' Kai Lim ling, Russell ling, Daw' Fumes, Nancy Evans, ,lean Flaks. Third Roll' Dean Saxzltge, Edward ling. Ni32i Robert Evans, Tim flardner, Edward Freeman, Rolwert NlcAlllster. HI I Prnt Kun' lu-nv lamvl, Alanrt H-vldru, Sclmu Gulmnln-ck, Lurnllr Him-lx, IM-I4-rl-N Half, .luanltsu Haynm. Summl Run liul H.-nulnrn. Rlcyr lv rzurl, Kznrnl lvzurlmn, lvhlllvn H.ulI, lvlnrgrry Gxullll. Tllml Rmv Nlvrnn Hurn, linulmx llul' lwrg, l71n'nl lsulrll, .luv Hunt.-1. Allwll Hamann. FHJYII Run' liurum lvlalnlmllb, lfwlxn jnlws, Elinor l,uvpul4l. flxwn M.llx li---'. Namnu Lvvy. SL-wml Run' llrtly Lum-n, Nlfurv 1.0.-kv. Nclliv lvlallmwlch, lflczmnr .l.lcmlwsrn, Cl.ul Klzmzlccr. Thxnl Run' Nmuxin L.: llnmdr. Rulwlr Lux Briim Manx. Slug--ru Knt.nv.uu.1, llnl' Manrgulns. Fnmt Run' Bill Qlmrlra, Pcggy Nngnllx, ,lralxcttr M-nh-mr, Slnrlvy lvlunson, Nmncv Norton. lvfurls' Plum. Sufuml Row Huh lvlarslmll, lxwin Rum' zmoll, Ncukxrclx, Nancy Mczv stmno. Lydm Phillnps, Cfhnrlvs Pcrrs. Mlrritl Rulwrtsun. Fmnr Run' Clk-urn Smith, lflm Sxxrnlprl-al. Mimi Rnusau. Hmxnrsl Rum-ntlml, Lvmx- ard Shulmzm. Sufmul Ron' ,loan Sums, .lualv SlTlIlKt'l, ,lzucqunc Tnlkr, Slmcldun Sxdvll, Dan-ul Swvtman, Thlnl Ron' lvfzurria Sullry, Ulmiu Suriv sum, .lusrph Srrznilr, llvvr-'rt Sxmnsml, lfnlnlic Ruussu. Fmt Row Murg.m'lt Wxlsun, Shawn Xhmlfc, Pearl Varnn, loan Waitc, Marv XVils1m, Phyllia Yalnmlwm. Suruml Row Frank You, llnul Thonmx. Dclclnc Xklulmn, Mlckm-x' XX'1Ilmms, Lum YX'l1itc, 'Tlxml Row: lm- Vxzzzlrv. liwu-lx Yuumg. Kcnurtlx Zcumault, Umm XY.-mia, HE FRESHMEN, who have just entered the gates of the studio as extras. have already engaged in the spirit of activities although nineteen fifty-one seems a long way off at first. These ambitious extras are doing more than waiting for a break: they are facing the challenge. in order to fulfill the require- ments which they must meet when they reach their goal of stardom. - LLUYI3 KLUMSTOCIK .,.,. . . . . . .AJ1-Lww JUANNE SIIlC9Iil .... .... , . . Suurulmx ED RILEY , . I' ' I LHI5 IRI! If X P I Firm! RMU' ,luycv Hxtlvuvck, Bztrlmm Ht-zal, McAdaxm Hmm. Kxw Hlunck, Rich' Ltnl Hlfhtup, Eugt-nc Hcckcl. Stamtun liitvf Ins. Sutmxtl Run' Nurm Clcln, Lu' Brunf rttr. Run Hnldus, Iicttv lIh.tst', Alnmqwltlm' flutvr. jvrry ffritrs. Thmi Run' llvurgc llruwn, plum' Augtm, Datxltl Ht-wh, Tum' Allwn Fmnt Run' ,Ivnv Hamm Lvnn Unntt. Mxtrxttx Flatks, Ihxlt-lu' jmxus, Tum .luv uhsclm, Qlzum hldntlwst-11. Suznnnt Hum. Srmnti Run' Bxtm' lidtmmdf, Illum- Ulxnn, ,lamn- Km-hm-I. P.mlt'ttr litics, Ltmrtt Lwtwdvll. Thani Run' Elwmtd Hmm. lit-urgc Din" tdsun, Nfrlvhml l5t't'.tn-1, Hull fllrrlw. Frtmt Run' Hatrttld H-tutglt, jtnxn Pvumf I gall, Ellznlwth Ntugurr. Int Rlwdcs. limit' Snnchvz. Suzxtuuv Nvum, Lu' Pun. Scumld Run' Hnzrl Qtmttt-t't11.txm-, Ruth U5tnm', Matt'1lt1tx Nyquvst. Ralph Mats' L1-.m. ,ludnth Nluslct. Thml Rmu GvmlJum- U'Httm. Htmzud N.-lwn, KI.tlxm Mattlxt-xxx. Etncst Mzxlmttlm Fmnt Run' Enulyglrxm Wlmvtftmxr. Hu- nrstumc Stnnr. Nlnhlt- Wtfmg, Pattrtck XVII' mu. Nlumczt Slnuplca, Rtwdlmtxu Strm Sctmul Run' Durlcur Thumpstm, jtmy-fr Su-gf-l, Nlntllyn Sulllvzm, Chttk Tuy. .lnwltmtv Vztn Ryflt. ltmvgvru' Sctfrdztn, 'Thwd Run' T45-lux Sfmt. Qldtutw Tau. Ed Rxlvv. Al Snnft. REPRESENTATIVES FRESHMAN CLASS Fmnt Run' Nnrm.m Clvm. Pzttllctlt' Etlts. ,ltrvcr Httlwuclt, l3.n'lvm' Thmupwtm. itttfmf Ruta' lid Rulnv. ,lm'ct- Snrgcl fi JB JA M10 AM H If .., -, P W fVgffU y Q gift My HIT PRODllCTI0l'l5 ilillllllilli-1 1 STOP -r-TT-' I "'.,.'g:,G:,'. Ee' STAGE BIIZZER S0 A1 V E31 H B ff QM Que LL PRODUCTIONS in Garfield's Movie Studio, are a contri- bution of bits of talent from every person registered on the lot. They develop facile minds by creating a diversified program that promotes responsibility and teamwork among all the per- sonnel. The Senior Play, the Funfest, the Mid-Winter Concert, the Arrow, the Pen, and the Messenger, are all representative of constant endeavor by everyone in the studio, from the greatest Star of 1948, to the most self-conscious Extra and wide-eyed Stand In. Accordingly, there have been many academy awards and honorary citations given to Garfield personnel for their splendid achievements during the year of 1948, a year of memorable events. villlm XYINIFIIEIJ TAYLUR SALLY BALDWIN LLIVILLEVIDIZ RLHUSSI .St'.'ifl.ivv Tnuxtwuv hcuoiiil I nvl viinltvil STUDIO HE GIRLS' CLUB supcrviscs thc majority of thu studio activities. thus it is of thc utmost importzincc that its lczidcrs :irc clhcicnt :ind dcpcndzlhlc. Under the direction of Miss Emilie Hcnscl. the mumhcrs of this ycztr's stuff mct the rcsponsihility plziccd upon thcm hy thcir fans. They cnrricd out the duties imposcd upon thcm, adding thcir own constructvc idciis. lfvcry girl on thc lot is urgcd to zivqiil hcrsclf of tht- opportunity to pgirticiputc in tht- numcrous committccs of thc cluh. Witli thc standard of thc crccd sct hcforc hcr, shc strivcs to hc loyal. courtuous. aind just to hcr cofworkcrs, :ind truthful in hcr daily undcrtaikings. Your Ruiz' Brlflnlfil Lord, Lulu Wong, Ann Fl1t'dl.uidvx, ffonnxc Clvin. Ilslisy Iilt-.ICIL Sully Fllnu, ll1n'lv1ll.i Hzutnzxuvl, Nrtinzil Rini ,lozmnv Snytlvr. lvluicm Bvll, Riignu liolniw. Milli' ,lznit Fitzgmtxicli. Iilorlti Ufxmld. Kay Nlcfhiulcy. Hvtrx Alliiitl-'II Tliml Rim- Novnni Mirkt-lwn, Virginia Ilrimn. Marx Lon Iniliri-i'. Frzunfi-s flriuiv. .Iunnir Ronfxo. fl4itliul'iliv Nvclmr. 'ninth Run' lvlxnv l,oi1 Mt-C,l.-II.iiitI. fl.nii- f,l11'lfropln'rxiiIi. hliillvy Nliiorr, l'l1vllls Xkhir.-, Rllthfltllrn Nilllviln. l'.lr lVI.lfl.i'nlmn CONNIE HOWE MILLICENT BAKER ' MISS EMILY HENSEL Fnst V1cc'P1csidcnt President Girls' Advisor C0llI'lCIl HE GIRLS' ADVISGRY BOARD plays an important role in the establishment of law and order on the studio grounds. Attired in their navy blue regulation uniforms, they saunter around the lot, enforcing the regulations that were made for the good of all. Despite the delicacy of their positions, the members of the Advisory Board have gained the respect of everyone, not only for the carrying out of their daily routine of duties, but for the helpful suggestions and advice they render. - The Girls' Club Cabinet, composed of the committee chairmen, form the backbone of the studio council. It is through these hardfworking girls that the aims and ambitions of the council materialize. r DOLORES BROWN GAY CALDWELL BARBARA FLACK DOROTHY FRIEDMAN JEAN GUNDERSON JEAN HAMMOND ETSUKO ICHIKAWA BEVERLY JONES ,IO ANNE TALLMAN NORA WHITE fs at if Q? gig ir 'Z-an f ,gg f .v W CLAUDE WAK EFIELD NOEL BROWN CARL LARSON BILL TUCKER BILL LUCKS PETE WHITE JACK STREET STUDIO HE BOYS' CLUB presents many opportunities to all boys who are interested in being of service to Garfield's Movie Studio. The officers, the Cabinet. and the Advisory Board, all working with Mr. Crib' ley, strive toward one goal-that of creating a bond of friendship between each and every boy from the leading stars of 1948 to the most inexperienced bit players. A democratic form of government gives all members of the cast a chance to voice their opinions and to suggest improvements and activities for the studio. The Advisory Board, selected by school scrvicc and scolastic records, are conscientious young men vvhosc responsibility it is to execute the rules and regulations of the studio. They pass judgement on and advise issues important and incidental to the council. It is also their role to determine the final verdict on the problems and controversies that face the personnel. By maintaining discipline among themselves, and by using wise and considerate counf sel, these boys are gaining knowledge that will be of value to them in the future. DON WILSON Ib TQ? . LAWRENCE BATES J Zin ,1 '. DON THORESON gg, ws. BILL RILEY JOHN FURCORI Fvont Raw: jim Fields. Marvin Honory, Stewart Kelly Scromi Row Ron Tat, Don jones, Don Daw on C0lll'lCIL HE OFFICERS, elected hy popular vote of the entire company, accept their responsibilities with clear, competent minds and zealous enthusiasm. These boys, with the confidence and trust of their fellow workers, have supreme power in G2l1'H6lCl'S Movie Studio. They direct and put over many of the activities scheduled for the studio personnel dur' ing the year and suggest necessary improvements for the lot. Through their efforts and achievements these ofhcers are preparing themselves for places of responf sihility and leadership. The Committee Chairmen, chosen hy the Boys' Cluh President, are responsihle for the success or failure of the projects their committees undertake, They stress cooperation among their fellow workers, and are hehind each worthwhile movement and progressive action introduced on the lot. Since all hoys in the studio should participate in some field of eluh work, they are presented with this outlet for their creative ahility. ln learning toguide others, these committee chairmen all gain recognition in Garfield Movie Studio. Fmnt Row' James Chin, Vfinstnn Millet, Harry Phillips. if ii Rau" Lce Pino, jake Sigurdson. MR. LESLIE CRIBLEY Atlvisuv BK TB NVILLEY Prcxiiluvir ROLFE BECKER Viii'-President GERALD HATCH ER ScIrr'!i1rvfT1t'i1sun 1 BDI! OFFICE FHVDRITES HE RADIANCE ROLL, composed of box office favorites, was elected again this spring. This custom, which has been carried out for twentyffive consecutive years, serves as an inspiration for every Garield girl to develop and to improve her character. Although elected by fan mail, these girls are not chosen for their popularity alone, but also for their loyalty, leadership, courtesy, friendship, and all other important traits which represent the standards of good American womanhood. An assembly is held in order to acquaint the fans with the standards that a Radiance Roll electee should possess. The following morning every girl is permitted to vote for her three favorites who, in her estimation, have best lived up to the required standards. Fmnt Row: Connie Howe, Sally Baldwin, Gay Caldwell, Gloria Oswald. Rosemary Pcttingill. Second Row: Ragna Folncs, Lucille De Rousse, Milliccnt Baker, Ruth Ellln Sullivan. 'Third Row. jcnnir: Russo, Winnie Taylor, Halen Arg.grnti. 5TllDl0 IIOIIETTE HE NONETTE, one of the studios proudest possessions is known not only hy those around the lot, hut also hy thc entire city hccause of the many engagements which they fulfilled throughout the year. The nine songstresses are selected hy the music director, Mr. Parker Cook, for their ahility to read and to interpret music, their personality, and the quality of their voices. Under the capable direction of Mr. Cook the girls spend many hours after the regular work day, learning new sclccf tions, both popular and classical, and perfecting their harmony. During Christmas, the Nonette hrought the spirit of the holiday season closer to everyone hy singing carols around the lot. They again received merited approval as one of the outstanding numhers in the annual MidfWintcr Concert. 5 FLORINE ROSS IRENE MILLER HARRIET DALLUM JANE FRANTZ ROSEMARY PETTINGILL ELAINE SADICK JEAN CUNDERSON MURIEL MILLER RITA NASH JUAN GRANT 75 J 5TllDIO GAZETTE COMMITTEE I-IE MEMBERS of the Gazette Committee are given the responsibility of publishing a paper each month for the girls on the studio lot. Eagerly anticipated, the publieation is read by everyone that desires to know the latest fashions popular around the studio. News concerning the various Girls' Club committees, party hints, and interviews are features whieh regularly appear in this popular publication. Fmiil Rim' Clarnlyn Shirley, Nlarion Alliatli-II, Rosalyn Sri-rn. Stemnl Row Catherine Neekas, Chairman, Lorelei Nlarells. FRIENDSHIP COMMITTEE Courteous and smiling, the Friendship Comf mittee, as the name implies, promotes friendship throughout the studio. Sponsoring mixers to eelef hrate the various holidays, writing to girls who are seriously ill, having a Friendship Table in the lunehroom, and presenting scrolls to those girls who serve on committees are but a few of the ways they accomplish their purpose. Front Ron' Susan Illaek, .Io Carter. RutlifElIen Sullivan, Illianinan. Seeond Ron" Marcia Bell, flo-Chairman, Ilierdre Augustine, Nanev XYaIker. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE It is due to the eonscientiousness of the Assem' bly Committee that the studio has had so many varied and interesting pep assemblies. This group not only plans the entire program, but in addition it locates speakers and entertainers for the various occasions. Thus it is that this staff plays an im' portant part by affording welcome diversions to an otherwise strenuous program , . Lei! to Ixiglir Ioan lvIaeI7onaltI, Alaek Seeley, Don Dawson, I'hvIIis XX'hite. Don Tlioreson, Maurer-llzu Cole. Lon Kilarke. LUNCHROOM COMMITTEE The members of the Lunchroom Committee can be seen every fourth period, patrolling the lunehroom in order to keep it orderly. Directing new students to various counters, seeing that stools are put up, and keeping the tables clean are some of the numerous responsibilities plaeed on this committee. During the past year several drives have been held to help the committee with their iob. Left to Right Iiranees fliane, Katherine Meiianley. Iiwlyn Iironn sn-in. BIICHERS RED CROSS COMMITTEE HE RED CROSS Committee which has al' ways played an important rolc in the studios charitahle work, was again extremely active this year. Each committee memher spends two hours a week in the Red Cross room. Their newest project is the adoption of a German school. By sending needed school supplies and exchanging letters, this staff is contrihuting greatly towards making friends with Germany. Finni Row Daisy vlran Beach. f.hannian, Pat Sims. Sirninl Ron' XVnnIi.-d Tax-lni, lviarv Ann Hanson LIBRARY COMMITTEE The memhers of the Lihrary Committee assist Miss Cole with all lihrary work throughout the year. Shifting positions each week, the workers take charge of the file cards, the magazine room, and the main checking desk. Many of the staff memhers have ohtained practical experience that will fit them for future lihrarian work. I.i'lt to Right Pal lNolan, Penny lVIcElroy, firetchcn Barager, Nlary lam Fitzpatrick, flhanman, Hideo Hirnhayashi, Patty Becker. SOCIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE The girls who serve on the Social Service Comf mittee have given much time and effort to their work this year. Each week two or three commit' tcc memhers read to the children at Harhorview Hospital, Helping to take care of children at the Broadway Nursery School is another of their re- sponsihilities. By performing such services, these girls are living up to their creed, "Ready to do all possihle service." Lei! in Right Nlarion Brinri. Virginia Blown. Clhannian, Susan l'rogrni'. Helen Illonigren, LOST AND FOUND COMMITTEE The memhers of the Lost and Found Committee perform a very valuahle service for the studio, in that many articles are lost daily. It is through the efforts of this committee that not only num' erous pens, wallets, and hooks find their owners, hut articles of sentimental value as well. Since these memhers must sacrifice an hour daily to do their good deeds. the studio feels greatly indehted UT tl1CI'I'l. Lift In Riyln Donna lvliililie. flaiolvn H.-gsironi. Nlaiv Lon Mc' lllvllantl. Clhaninan. Nui QA .,..,....-..-M..-.un 'iv up was 78 COOPERIITIIIG BULLDOG CLUB HE Bulldog Club with a mem' bcrship of twentyffive, is composed of seniors and secondfhalf juniors who have rendered outstanding service to the studio, Frou! Row Hiller Wiebb, -lolm Robertson, Harbi- Drake. Second Kola' -lack Szlttertlxxxzutr, Alston Fairserxlw Danny Gibson, Bob Rychard, Third Ruin' Ltc Puro, Howard Kellogg, Ed Taylm. Don jones. CATHAY CLUB The Cathay Club, a vital part of the democratic system in our Garfield movie studio, is composed of G2lfflCldlS enthusiastic Chinese personnel. Tend' ing to promote stronger friendships among its members. this club has def veloped into a prominent organization which takes part in many lot activities. For recreation, they sponsored a dance, L'Cashmere Casual." Front Ron" Mabel NYong, Iitlnh Cllnnn. Scuuvld Roll' fialxin lllxmn, Miss Nystrom, Ray Soo. SKI CLUB The Ski Club continued again this year to keep alive the interest of Garf Held's ski enthusiasts. Witlm meetings twiee a month, they have profited by movies and talks given by prominent skiers. They have also sponsored many ski trips. Fmnt Roux lvlaribctlx Baltllaser, Nora XVl1ile. Second Roux Bob Kuclxer. Mr. Fidler. Don Normm LETTERMEN'S CLUB HE Lettermen's Club is composed of first team lettermen, They set the rules by which athletes earn their letters and work for the betterment of the studio's athletic department. No regular meetings are held. Lcfl to Right' Don jones, SecretaryfTreasurcr1 Derry NVnhlwend. Vice-Prrsidentg Bill Tucker, President. DEBATE TEAM The Debate Team has again en' deavored to develop keen thought and convincing speech. Meeting during the sixth period each Clay, it has grown into one of the most capably conf ducted organizations in the studio. Front Row' lvfnricl Hurwitz, Secretary: NVilliam Fralim, Maliagerg Lillian Simon, President. Second Row Mr, Carl Fnnlk, Advisorg Bill Xvolfe, Recorder. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club was newly or- ganized this year to enable those stu' dents interested in photography to dis' play their talents. As a hobby it is rapidly becoming more and more pope ular because of its commercial possi- bilitics. Left to Right. jim Fields, Secret:iryfTreasnrerg Karen lviatmn, Vicrlprrsidcntg Fred -lzlppc, President. GlIIl.D5 N gym Quqvllwr ww BIICHGHOIIIID HE BAND, not resting on its laurels of previous years, has just completed a highly successful year in the Garfield Movie Studio. An inspiration to grid fans, it gave moral support during thc tense moments at foothall games, with original and snappy arrangements of the traditional SOIIQ. Although weird sounds occasionally emanatc from room 316 the finished products were a grand treat. Under the skillful guidance of xlohn C, Mzixey, this group stimulated interest and enthusiasm in the per' sonnel and spurred them on to great accomplishments, Appearing in purple and white uniforms, the Band prof vided "background music" for many hit productions and played at the wellfloved pep assemhlies. Rising to great heights in its performances, the hand has gained prominence throughout the entire lot. thai t'i' ri Mi.tz1iwt I,ois Tarhvr. Fmt Violins Nick l'orchnya, Rt ert isln ti in it as mtv it ivx ti i -. tophersen, Delores listigoy. ,luv Macri. Surinxil Violins Irene Finn fliir nn or in on ir ii Vivimi ons ls i ini Haynes. Haas XYilliam Alohnson. Flute ,lean XYellce. Chlriiietx PLL A n 1 i oxx 1 in om in N Triun ttx lvloiris Capt-liito, Quincy jones, Troiiihoiit' Tom Peterson. S xop ants I nrle nor stir o tn i it cumin it Siniii Harp Lloyd Lindroth, Plum: loan Cram. Esther Avznradill. Drums Phil gtukhou i. 1 ri ii tx li il in A ii it i it x r inii Brown, Alo Carter, lvlarvin Flalcs, Roherl XVestlwrg, Pete Staten. Hindrik xi iviroit ii mstroni., ii ui regren, Paul Locke. Baixus Calvin Coolidge, Kenneth Doming 1 nu 'rump rs oiri pi o n iir ui., i J n rd, Quincy jones, Peter Touhv, Louis YVai'ner, George Stevens. unix in i i tnir uni nrt 'i ls n Paul Staelaliouse, Saxophoviea Oscar Holden, Kfharlrs lvlarhis, Billie 1 -I nut t o 1 o x i om in Wvillsey. Br-Hi lvlary Louise Former. Fliilixi .lean XXX-llu'. in in in in ' i on ion l'i l Iii: ll. Harp Lloyd Limlroth. fllll5lC HE ORCHESTRA, although unusually small in numher, has contrihuted much "hackground music" to Garfield's lvlovie Studio. As practice is an important factor in the skill of every musician, a daily period is set aside for this purpose. Not only are pitch and timing stressed, hut hlending and color are carefully added for strength and heauty. This worthwhile organization, under the expert direction of Parker E. Cook, offers grand opportunities since every participant gains not only great musical knowledge, hut also the experience of playing with a group. A constant striving toward greater skill is due to the fact that a friendly competition is carried on amongst the memhers. An eagerly anticipated event is the annual MidfWiiif ter Concert, where selections of various types are pref sented, ranging from the semifpopular to the classical. Playing a colorful part in the activities of the studio. the Orchestra has added its elliective touch to many hit productions. 50lIIlD TIHICH HE SELECTED CHURUS, under the guidance of Parker E. Cook, has played an important role in Garfield's Movie Studio. It is a closefknit organization whose members enjoy music and are able to interpret various selections by all types of com' posers. Their adaptability in pleasing many audiences has gained for them recognition throughout the entire lot, and their repertoire of songs was heard many times by an appreciative studio personnel. Upholding the studio's tradition of having a Hne ehoral group, they have provided "Sound Track" for many Garfield productions. Front Row: Claire Fisher, Clay Caldwell, Sally Baldwin, joy Bolton, Mitzie Gerber, joan Grant, Faye Clark, Janie Frantz, Beverly Backer, Gloria Friedman. Seimnl Row' Nelda Erickson, Pauline Dunn, Cora Lee Crews, Anna ,lean Bussy, Harriet Dallum, Millicent Baker, Morrie Chernis, Salvo Behar. Third 'Row hhlallaee Eng, Fred Davis, Fred Chin, Sheila Basehe, Joyce Farda, Tod hhakeheld, -lean Gunderson. Fourth Row Alden Fischer, Royal Goldfarb, Larry Fisher. Alvin S. Elyn, Harby Drake, Beverly jones, Esther Avzaradel, Tom Christie. Filth Rim" lke lfskenazi, john A. Fonda, Leo Foley, Dave Collins, Noel Brown, Al Fisher, Don Thoreson, Bill Luclrs. Front Row' Nancy Jimenez, Helen Thompson, Julianne Miyazaki, Maida Ikeda, Helene Tsutsumoto, Emi Takenaga, Mary Noble, Carole Madigan, Elaine Sadick. Betty Wolistone, Mollie Reich. Second Row Loyee Hill, june Marie Head, ,lean Winter, Lorraine johnson, ,lim Heacl, Loris Levine, Fay Roe, ,loan Miller. Marilou Van Cries, Lorelei lvlarcus. Third Row Anita Katsman, Virginia Stark, Rita Nash, Mary Lou McClelland, Shirley Ann Thompson, john Robertson, Mary Hunt, june Jacobsen, Gloria Oswald. Fourth Row Marney Houck. Alfred Oppenlieiiner, Vincent Mitchell, Bruce lVebh, Nancy Peterson, Walter Schoenfeld, Ed Rasmussen, june Schuller. Firth Row Rosemary Pettingill, joan MacDonald, ,lack Latham, Marvin Honory, Grant Harris, Howard Shapiro, Wally Levin, Dick Riggs. Sixth Row Charlie Taylor, ,lim Vlarshington, Harold Leirzke, Don jones, Leighton hhlood, Bob Ryrhard, Leroy Puro, Anthony Phelps. " 7 Bl- 0 " Q7 'f"L I - 2 ,f- git 'lfdgv-J " -49-7f?f5' kj ,ff ' 'L'7.f' L .,, xxx cxne musxcnxx M ff , 'X-'if ,4 , 1' I, Q n A fi- x Q HL- f ' HIL lVIll7fVv'lNTlfR CONCERT lxxrxxxslxcd ll.xx'hclnl'S Ivlxxvxx' Stxxglxxx .xxx xxppxxxlxxxxxxy xx 11. ,' of cxpxvssxxxg its tlxxxxxglxt tlxrxxxxglx mxxsxc. Pxvssxxtxml for tlxc cxglxtlx lxxxxu. xlxv Clxxxx' I ,Q Mxxsxx'.xl xxlllurxml sxxulx lk:xvxn'xtx's xxs Xxxxxc Bxxl tlxc Lxxxxcly' Hcxxrt, Tlxc I.xxrd'.x I'myx-r, Uxx Q., pf l Vx'x.xx'mx.xxxx, XX'xxxtCx' Vxfmxnlcrlxxml, Vxlxll: xxx C Sluxrjx Nfxnxxr, .xml Oxxxxuxrxl Clxrxmlxxxxx ' 'L XJX, Sxxldxcxzx. Rcccivxxxg l4xxvxxr.xlvlr cxxxxxxxxvxxdxxtxxxxx frxxxxx fxxcxxlty .xml xxxxtsxxlws. tlxxs pxvsuxx f l.xtxxx1x xxuxs xrcxxgxxxzvnl :xs xnxx' ul tlxu Stxxxlxxxs most xxxxpxvssxvv pUx'lxxx'xxx.xxxcx's, Tlxxs yxxxx' lxxx' tlxu Txrsx txxxxc, cuxxxplxxxxuxxtxxry txckcts wcrc xssxxxxl rxx xmxrvxxts xxxxxl lrxfxxxls xxl tlxu pcxsxwxxxxul. PARKER Ii. CUUK MARIE! MURTUN IPxxxx'rxxvfl'x.xxlxx.,x llxxxxxxx Sxxlw M-XRYIN HUNURY Ilx.xxxxx lPxx.x JUAN l3RAN'I' Tlxc Cxxxc Mxxsxcxxl xxilcrcd :xxx xxppxxrtxxnxty to pcrsxxxxxxcl in thx- Gaxrfxclnl Mxxwfxx' Stxxnlxxx lmving xxutstxxmling musicxxl txxlcxxt. Felix Ivicrxdclssolxxfs Rondo Caprxccxxnw, plxxycd lwy Mxxrxcl Mxxrtxxxx, slxxxwcd lxcr kxxxxwlcdgc of rlxytlxm .xml lxxxrmxxxxy. .lxxxxn Gxnxxxt .xml M.xrx'ixx Hxnxxxry slxxxwul tlxcir qxlxxlxty to plxxy mgctlxur wlxcxx xlxuy prusuxxtxml rlxx-ir pxxxxxxx Llxxct. Svrrxlxlxxnxxqxxc Vxxrxxxlxmxx, lxy Csxvsaxr Frzxxxcli. SIP 2 i QW 'mv ,.x QF, my ,ff-wif awk, 4? wwf Fa' We TECHIIICGLOR The Student l:ll'llfC.Nl CTUHITPIIIIFC. A Hx! of 171311 Lz,ll4j.f'l!t'T. Ruunlg Rl1f'fil7Yl. liarlvwxhup Blues, Dagger Dd7lL'c'. Fwd CHTVVITI. 5111111111154 uf Dun N1rllruxr4 THXUJU jll7IL'!1nv1. I-DI'c'd1Hy' UNI. M. C. Nfxlluni Mllfhulf Rn Nm 1 "Q K. ,I ,.x is W' 'QRUQ' fuk I l IITRIIVIIGIIIIZII , lwmlcll I'm1lLu:c.x. Il. Tin' 11u'14Itx' f'1mfL'wt C,UHIHllllL't'. I3 I4 li 16 . lwslmx 1ur the FV1U4Y7l . Nxgllr Mun' AHL-y. . Cfnlzmulvxu l71.xm1'm'.x thc Uvldws. w s . LAIIIHLCXL' IXIITITUTI Dumu 17 IS. W lvl x fuwl THgL'!,l1'7', fknlfx' Mmgfx nj flu' C,c'7lII47':X' .yi QQ ai! 'OK Siva'- d",.'Iib LEGITIIIIIITE THEIITER HE SENIOR PLAY, annual performances of which mark one of those neverftofhefforgottcn parting gestures of the senior class, was presented this year in the form of the delightful teen-age comedy "june Mad." For two hours the First Nighters laughed and cried over the various antics of a love' struck girl with a charming college man. When several curtain calls had heen made, and the hright spotlights dimmed for the last time, a sigh of relief could he heard hackfstage, while on the other side of the maroon curtain, the audi' torium continued to ring with the enthusiastic applause of those severe critics, the students. The critics were impressed hy the way the stars of the comedy handled their roles, hut the entire cast contrihuted to the success of the play. MISS CAROLYN WESTPHALEN, Advmw -,N UPPER LEFT: "Gee, Dad."' UPPER RIGHT: L'And please change that outfit!" BOTTOM: "Well, this is the situation . . ESCIIPE T0 BROIIDUIIW N THIi filhll pv1'fUr111.1m'v wi' "-lunc M.nLl'f" txxwlnglmt stnml, I1lL'INlR'I'S - uf thc mst wsu' l'ClWl.lCUkl by utlxcl' Q.1p.1Nu LITIISIS. Um' tu Mrs. Cf.mwlyn VN'ustplx.ulc11Qs C.lP.lIWiLx dilwctiwlm, lwtlm msti .lchicvcd Pl'li1kUSSfUll.ll Hlwssc. Thu studunts. whxlu mkmg pluznslm' in thuxr' wwrk, lu1u'ncd tu m4wpu1'41lc XYIII1 wtlxur 1m'1ufn'1's uf thu ms! alml tu ulwtgnln .1 pmsc xvlmlglm wlll lm' x'.1lu.lNu ll1l'LlLlQ,1l Ilulr Lutm lim.. Althmlgh thc mst wccivcd thc c1"1l1l im' tlm Mlcccss uf thc play. thu Stags urfxx' umlsr thc 5llPCI'VlSiUI! uf M1'. Fwy. playcd .1 lulding mln by spcmling' lwlmrs .nflur sclmwl suttmg up SCCIlUI'X'. A shun' ut the u1'cd1t qllsu lwlungs 1 5 . uf' llhllifllg up Cl1.ll'.lCtCI'S must vffgvctlvvly. . ,.uAz 1 rm I4 1111 bully. xulmt Am vxpvrmxfu' 1 V1-1 na :wax xt All fIwTl1mq.x W nu Au mul lux! YT1?llr'fV,llf m1'f'rN1w1lx Hli ARROW! SLAHQ, striving this yum' Us prcsviit , Q , A , t .Q , hx .K -, ihi I.-48 .iiiiiuil xxith 1 gn itir sigliihiimi tw MARH4 M SMCMAN ligiiiivhl stmlviits, sclvctml als ilw lxisis im' its wiirk, .1 W-Iwi" miiviu rlllxliil. "Uq1i'fivld Mwviu Stmliuf' .i thumc sugf gcsicil hy Mqiriul Miirtuii was cliwsrii .xml lwuih up with thu iili-.i ul' ilhistrgiiiiig ilic iiiipurtniicu of Luihf iiiciilitiifs iiivrmlvi-il iii mgikiiig Ugirficldk pmdiictiuiis siicccssfi In prmliicv zu yvgirhimk wwrthy nf xi prwgrussivu studiu pcrsimiiiicl lhiilci' ilif lv4iLli'i'ship mln Miss S.iuiii.iii, thc rXi'mw Uillshllll .idvisrmr with pmspuctivc, loyalty. .ind ruialy wit, shi' kc wt lhu' 1 V 5 lxiiiiiim .Nf1.m.ii4ii grqitiludr fur thu viilimhlu .issismiicu shi' rciidcrcd iluriliq PBOIll0TI0l'l ll. Kucpiilg this iii mind. thu 1948 stuff aiiiiicd new ta... ly .idvqiicul in ultimziiu wlwjcciivus. Ani W, stuff' uiiitrd. To hcr wc wwe uiicx ircssqihlc WN ""'1WfWN ,- ANN IRUSIK M:XRNI'fY HUULK PAY U'l.UlIlQHl.IN Iiwi.-1 I'imi1.w.lI1.filiif Lfifpx ljilifm Liixwiiit Tuiliwiiiimi jUANNli SNYIJFR HELEN ,AMLJS RULANIJ STANTUN Swim-v Firsmxwivf Ifiiiri-1 Huh Spun lfiliiiir Liwwiul Tuliiiiiiiivi 5,4- HAXRUII1 Hit HN fiililiii DAVID liNli Arr Iiihiiii 1H.XKiH DEPIIRTHIEIIT HF ARROVJ is not coinpihxl in .i licw xxvulxs, .is in.iny :irc lctl to hclicvti Editing is xvcll nntlur xxuiy long hcforc thc studio pcrsonnul hugins to .intici p.ttu its ycxirhook, Early in the fiill. thc st.iIi' tluvotus many wccks to prcpztring dctgiilcd prt'liiningn'y plans hcforc hcginning thc aicttiaul work of writing and iisscrnhling thc hook. Schcduling pictures in :iccordancc with tht- wcaitlicr main. Qiccurxitcly identifying, lithchng, .ind mounting pictnrcs, writing copy :ind kccping ai coinplctt' unto! daitc record of :ill cxpcnditurcs, nrt' gill .i p.irt ot' thc uvcryfthiy routint' in room 213, fifth pvriotl. Along with grucsomc dciidliiius, rct.ikt's, thu shift' ing of layouts and congloincriition ot' H.ish hulhs. ruhhcr ccmcnt, :ind missing captions, wcnt miiny mcmorgihlc timcs. Wimrkiiig dihgvntly throughout thc cntirc yczir. tht- 1948 Arrow Stuff hats ciitluivoixml to producc :in :iccuriitc rccord of tht' iictivitics iintl tht- aichicvcmcnts for the yuan' 19474948 of ninth Star, Ftxiturc Plaiycr, Hit Plgiyur. lixtini .intl St.intl'ln. IH il t NIH N VXI It UN LILRUY VURU IN1.'XR.Il5liY YUUNKI Txpiwl lion' Sp 'vii Iliiiior l' iliiiloi 5 N l,I',lRUIlI I1UI,0Rl'fS HRUXYTN NANCY lTll.lUN H il'h1i,rmhw P1 in ri vi it jj t px l'iiI 1 not pw- oi i' o r5.1 '.i -ii it in :mWW'."'v.' ,,.......4'7' x iflfr f 'M 5-D5 547 P.. pdf' 89 PIIBLICITV IIGEIITS N ANNUAL quickly licconics thc fonclcst rcniinclcr of onc's high school clqtys, ii mczins through which fnturc gcncriitions may czttch .i liiickwiircl glincc ot' llirticlcl High School ins it wats. .ind past gcncrzitions nigiy rcininiscc. Tlic aiw.ii'tls tli.1t lornici' Arrow Stalls liiivt- won lor thc Annual itll ciiiplmsizc ilic surprising lqitcnt zilwility of thc stticlios pcrsonncl. Rcccivf ing tlic Scholastic Prcss Associxitioifs AllfAmcricain Honor Rating six tinics :incl Firstfilliiss Ranting four tirncs, thc stt1clio's ycairlwook li.ts provccl itscll' it topfnotclicr tcn tiincs. Evcry iiicmhcr of thc st.1tl' workcd long :intl iirclnously upon thc dcvclf opnicnt of this yciir's thcmc. lt is our hopc that yon, thc rciidcrs, will rcgiirtl this Arrow its thc SlllLllll'S hitfprocluction of 1948. N12 I1.,,, s.....4 l fn. DONNA YUKOYAMA Plintogriiplicv MARY Lt HU Mcf Tl,liLLANll Tvpnl DUNN Ht WOKQNR lintlitclioin htiitl FREI7 lAl'l'li Illliiliilhlfilltt fe- Wll.l3UR KIHINN H1iRliliRT MARK Q I ff'-up f ,w as I 4 W X Q , is. .i ..,. . .r:"J-if H will ei' f j.,f.f.,V,"' f SM "' f'fi, ii! 'fi wwif :vi-WNV 90 SCRIPT WRITERS HE PEN, only one of two litcrary magazincs of its kind in Scattlc. cclchratcd its tcnth :innivcrsary this year. Puhlishcd cntircly hy stu' dcnts undcr thc lcadcrship of Miss Dixon, only thosc manuscripts most truly rcprcscntativc of studcnt talcnt, school Iifc, thought, and activity arc sclcctcd. This puhlication. which is issucd twicc ycarly, affords an opportunity for Garlicld writcrs to display thcir talcnts. The pocms. cssays. short storics, and art work chosen, rcprcscnt hours of carcful work and study. and arc judgcd on such points as sinccrity, originality, and unity, A living tradition in Garficld's Mcivic Studio, thc Pcn has gaincd popularity locally and nationally. IVIISS IVIARY If'IiI'IIfI. ITIXIWN Atlimwr I,t'lr li- Riglir DAISY ISRAEL, Fall Liiipv lpilmiv ISAU HUSHIXYARA, Fall liiikiiiim Maviagiw SAI. INIIHAM, Fall Eilimr 'Q I,i'lI In Right DIANE KERSHAW. Spring Ilnllloi JAKE ISRAEL, Spring Bii.si1nw.x Maviaqw. FALL PEN STAFF Finn! Ruiz' Katlwrinc Ivfcilalilvy, llarln-rinv Nrckas, Tlmvlma Sampson. Nlaiiannr Johanson, St-twill Rau' klakr I-iavl. Ulnr Maru' Linil, Diani' Ixvlslzaxx, Iuarlmua I.rlI-'x'. Alum' Ilppx, SPRINIC I,IfN SVIIAIJI7 Fmiil Run' Ilarlviua Iilslrr. ,Ionic Uvvl, I'at I'ia!l, Florvnct- Hurwitz. Sccmiil Rim' Harrivt Aloscplx, Phyllis Cranston. Nlaril annr Hanson. janv! Utoshi, Tliinl Run' Ihrggv Lou Hvrion. I'uiIwrt Kaxxahara. M! ...J r 91 I in I und I in 'Xu ia Wliiiw, Anita I3yIo', si xii iz Ann I'rivdIaiitIei', IIITRIS S'IEIISSIiIi MAIU1Iil,l.A fll II.If lxmlaltltll lftlirifn VIRGINIA siiiniaik .IANE .loHNsoN U Axxiatiiwit Featiut' Ld KZONNIE IILEIN Fvilriivt' Ifdilnr .IUHN RILEY PHIL AUSTIN Sports Editor and Auistuiir THE IIIIIRCH HE MEMBERS of the Fall Messenger stall never failed in their responsihility of giving accurately a clear picture of studio life to their vast numher of readers. The Messenger is an important source of information, not only to the workers on the lot, hut also to those on location who would other' wise remain ignorant of the events and activities heing carried out. One of the most popular pages in the "Mess," as it is fondly called, is the feature page. Here all the humor and lighter side of studio life is descrihed, In this section, many of the workers ohtain in various ways puhlicity and thus have their names printed frequently. Each week this puhlication honors one or more of the workers hy printing a personal interview concerning him. The memhers of the feature stall aim to puhlicize everyone, not just the stars alone. The eagerly awaited Messeiiger is distrihuted to thc sixth period classes each Friday hy the staflf members, The distrihutors often possess an air of relief after having spent a husy week. meeting deadf lines and facing the confusion which is the result of last minute changes. But the staff memhers are proud of the fact that they have played a part in the printing of a nationally known paper. I'i xii ai. Nroars bl xifis: Fvmzl Rott- Iivxrrlv jones, Ilielt Iioy-ev, Ilailwii Ihiigliivis. svrmitl Run' NI:-lriorv Young. I'at Pratt. Ni-rnia Rooiivy, Tliml Roux XYinston Millet, jack Seeley Aim wil i.: Virginia S4-itllr i'. 0F GIIRFIELD HE MESSENGER has always lwcen one of Car' fields prizcd possessions, and rightly so, for it has won numerous national and state literary honors. Twelve AllfAmerican Honor Ratings, the George H. Gallup Award, and the Wliitmznii College Press Cluh Award are among the trophies found in the "Mess" oilice, signifying a superior paper of which all workers can he justly proud. Prohahly our live Pacemaker Awards are the ones which we most cherish, since only thirteen high schools in the United States are so honored each year. Although the Messenger helongs to and is put out hy the students alonc. much of thc credit for its sue' cess goes to Mr. Hazzard, whose splendid suggestions and advice have won him the respect of the entire stall.. His journalistic alaility has heen internationally recognized, in that he has served this year as presif dent of Quill and Scroll. an international literary organization. Aside from serving as a means of information for the studio. the Messenger has also proved to he an invaluahle aid in teaching the workers to lwecome more dependahle and fulfill their responsihilitiesg for all this acclaim could he made possihle only with the workers cooperating with one another. N1 ws lil rolci I K fi il lxt it X :lt Donna Molint Seimxtl Rim- i 5 ii x An M xx usa io. llaiol lixasi 1. llngli Ainsln, lvlaiilwtli lialtln i r i f,arol Alohnson. Aim x 1 I n: Leii lzeg. .lane glolmsuil, Bu w i n t liisisiss Si xii: Levi! to Rnglii Iloietliw Filed' Niws Rlii-oiailiu: Fran! Row' Dolores Estigoy, Carol lieaiv, Nancy Spallord. Miillii' Rr-ish. inan, .Ii-nnie Rouse... l'i.iiiers Seliaeliei Seenmi Ron' Beverly Backer, Nina Foster, Raina lmliies, Rosalyn Koe. ,Ioan lvliller. Aixsixilis: john Rolieliwii. Herb Stiiwer. I'lEllI5 0F HE MEMBERS of the Spring Messenger took over the duties and responsibilities left to them QIUNNIE CILEIN MLml'2"1'1 liiflfvi by their predecessors and proved their capability of publishing a newspaper. Several of the members who 4--M had served on the fall staff remained in the spring in order to assist the newcomers over the hurdles. which were bound to confront them at hrst, Entering the newspaper field is never easy, and the "cubs" found that their lessons must be learned the hard way, by experience. Possessing an excellent journalistic background after completing a prcrcf quisite course, News l, and publishing a 'kcub paper," they were well qualified to enter the "Mess" oliice and begin their work. Tm WMA Realizing that all of the staff positions do not require the same accomplishments and eharacterisf EQHMISRWHFRWN tics, the various positions 'were chosen with care-ful 'EA1,QA,,,F,,A,'f,,1W A,L, ku, consideration. An editor is required to assume full responsibility in addition to having a talent for writf ing. In order to become a success an executive must have the respect of all the stalf. Thus leadership is an important characteristic. The reporter must have more than the ability to write a story that is clear. concise, and accurateg it must also appeal to the many readers of the Messenger. LLJU CLARKE Aixixliiilt Editor 91 Shoals Saalrz Luft to Right Ron Rieklrs. .lim 4 l Frxii iu, 51 wr' Fri oil Ron' janis Jones, Sally An Srxri: Le!! to High Fields, Nia-l Broun. Aiisi x ii 1: Ed Tavlor. liiislelhrook Carol Pxasei , Ad Nlaliagrr, flaiol ,li hn ii Srcinnl Ron' Aloanni' Snydri, Gloria Frirdma Carolyn Shirley. Aus: sri I : Nlarilvn XYagstat THE IUEEH HE SPRING MESSENGER again proved itself to he "a paper with a purpose," for the staff had written, within its carefully laidfout pages, the stories which determined the sueeess of Garfields activities. Such events as Olot Day. the Eunfest, Purple and XVhite Day, and the studio eleetions, might have heen rated as failures had the "Mess" not given them the proper puhlicity. The puhlishing of the paper in the spring is even a harder joh than in the fall, for the amhitious staff meinhers have the tendeney to let the numerous spring activities interfere with their work on the "Mess," The incomparahle "spring fever" must also he considered as a hindranee. Although puhlishing a paper entails mueh hard work. there are numerous eompensations for the journalist for having gained the opportunity of servf ing on the studio paper, Life never heeomes monotof nous around the ofiiee. for in a humorous and lively atmosphere the reporters write their stories on varif ous topies every day. lvfany reporters have the good fortune of interviewing famous eelehrities, thus rating a "hyfline." Ahove all, there is the supreme satisfaction of seeing somthing one has written in print, to he read and enjoyed hy the readers of the Messeiiger. DAN KELLEHER Fciztiwe Editor HERBERT MARK A.v.ii.xtti1il Friilun' Eililm HILL LUIZKS Spam Editor HOWARD KELLOGQI Sports Asxmtinxt fiom Sixrif: Luft Io Right Nora XVhite, Florance Hur- witz. Susan Policar. Aa srs1'i1izs: Delores Carlo Anne Friedlander, ill, Y, 1 1 law lhn ii i Qt if gs... etts E -Gb. ,pa T? SCREEII WRITERS' GUILD Front Row. Daisy Israel, VicefPrcsident: Harold Frombach, Secretary: Dolores Carlo, President. Second Row: Miss Dixon, Mr. Hazzard, Miss Sacman. UILL AND SCROLL, an honorary literary organization, elects each year for its membership, the writers who have proven themselves to be most outstanding in the literary field throughout the year, A The goal for membership is set by the staffs of the Arrow, the Messenger, and the Pen, from which the candidates are chosen. This goal inspires them to achieve superior writing abilities, thus enabling the publications to obtain nationfwide acclaim. The advisors of the three publications present the names of the prospective candidates at a meeting. If they fulfill the requirements of the society they are presented their pins and membership cards at the Awards Assembly, thus becoming members of a vvorldfvvide organization. From Row: Nancy Dillon Daisy Israel, Anita Dykeman, Cay Caldwell, Connie Clein. Second Row: Jennie Ronsso, Helen Argenti, Maribeth Balthaser, lsao Hoshiwara. Third Row Harold Frombach, Delores Carlo, Herb Stusser, Bob Wlenlcert. Ahxentfex David Eng, Mariel Murton. Q f THE " " PICTURE MRS, MOORE LAWRENIIE BATES JEAN GUNDIZRSON YASUKO KINUSIIITA V.-XllI.INl .'Xili'i.wv lnwni-'nt X ii't"I'n''ii! Nrnliivx v HE HONOR SOCIETY inclndcs in its inuinhcrslnp thosc stuulcnts who h.ivv :icliiuvcd snpcrioi' scholarship. and who lianvc givcn thcir tiinc :ind uilort in purforining scrviccs for the studio. Easily rccognizcnl hy thcir purplc :ind whitc oncfhgir. twofhqir. oi' goldfscgil pins. thuy scrvc :ns Qin inspiration toward hcttci' scholarship, lfligihility in thc socicty lo hzisctl upon thu point systclng .in "A" graidc counting four points: an "B"g1-ntlu. thrcc pointsg ga "C" gmdc. two pointsg Lind ll "D" grinds. onc point. In orulcr to qualify for mcinhcrship. czicli studcnt must Imvc c.n'm'tl twcntyffour points during his rirst two scincstursg fifty points during his first four scrncstcrsp and scvcntyfcight points. during his first six scmcstcrs. Upon graduation thosc mcinhcrs who have :it lcxist onc hundrcd fight points arc pcrinittud to kccp thcir goldfsczil pins. symholizing supreme scholastic Qihilityl 2 .4 0 'K Front Kon' R.ign.i lfolnvs, Silxizi Hours. llosnlvn livislwig. M..ix .linir Fiizimriick. Ninn F-zstvi. Klonnlr Kflvin. Sillx l9.iltlxxin. Siinrnl Knit lllzinv f.liiisiopli'isoi1. Hiiltiurii li.n,ig,n. lvlillntni lhlwi. l.n.illv lk-lioiissi. .'Xnil.n lTvln' llivliwlvs lfsiigov. lVl.niIu'lh ll.lllll.Isii. N.inu Dillon. Thinl Kim l7.unl ling. Uoloivs liioxxn. Hilwn .-Xiginli. Oiloii-s lliiln. l"iivil.u llognnli. li.-iiinw' Bonn. Mui lnllniisnn Foiotli Rini Novl liioxxn, Il,nh.n,i VI.i.'k. f.,n'lxn llliiglvivi-. l'h'h'n ,"xn.iin.i. , fliinlioitl. IMH Iymoiiy GOLD SEAL Frmu lime' Hurnlucu Hurwitz, Ann Hnxllumlrx. Km lvicfiulllvy, Buxham Nladmux. Ynsuku Knnmhlm. li-'lu Alhnd-'!l, Ilnsv Ismcl. Summl Run' Dmuthy Fm-Jlmmn, Kulw K.eml.l. Alun' Lzlrscn, Hzxrvlrr Alusm-ph. Ydrku I5h1n1ulw. ,lun-' Ixhldn. Charm Frwdm.m. Thml Run' Mlurx' Lum l.XnIhcv. llnun- Kur1mx:nk.u, lun Uuxmdrrmn, lfrwuxxnw Lutzkzuy ,Iran I.1llwr. ffwuuu llmu Fumth Row Ifluxm' Krllvl, Ihl! l.mkx. ,Luk lhumwh KM lk--J... Nxfk Malrlxrl, Hnvwnrmi KL-llugg Fwnr Rau' ,Lmxr Utmhl, Riflnml Ymmg. Nmnm Rmuwx. I'.n1lmr Yu-. flnthvrlm' N1-.'L.ns. M4:ll11' Rush, ,llmxuxr Slmydviy Lulu .XX'4mg. Scimnl Ruu' Nulvuu Yuhml. KvlxwTvlm1wtu, Sumlx Pfulnrur, Kuzxxku Tnkdlunslxl. M.cr1.ulx' Ymxng, 151111.-1,4 Przur. Lmf T.uIwr. Thml Rum' Hdrrx' Phllllpf. Ummm M4vl1r14'. Ruin-lr XYcl1kfrt. Lmnru Niurtvnsun. Thrlrwl Surmuu. lirttv , Tumguf. Fuurth Rwu Nm-l Phvlzm, .luck Sm-I4-v. Hvlrn llwulm. Phylln XN'h1u-, Vlruinm Svnll--x, lvfznwl Nimwn. 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A1111 XX':1ll111. A1111 V111 A1wl11, ,l11h.111111l1.1 Wclux. B1111,11J I'11l111. N.1111'y W,1lL1'1. QI- 1111- S11111l1, Iv1.11k P1'l1.1. F1111rrf1 R1111' A411111 Yldulfmii. 1,1-flu' S111M1'1. flullm-11 IH-lI1.1111, 1,11 Hulwlu. Al XK.11v1111.111, C1!11111111 R.1g5J.1lr, ,ll . K1'11j1 Y11sl1111.1L.1, UNL XYI1l!I1m l"111h R1111- R11l11'11 XK'1wrPw1g. ,ln A1111 XYv11c1', 51411111111 fi111111'1, H11xx.111l Z111i111,111, Bull Slum, 51.111111 Src11l11'rg, NIJ l'.1l1v1e1111 fu 1 1855? w LTR M4 ri' -LOCIITIOII B055E5 HE FALL Roll Ollieers are elected hy their first period elrrsblnartes at the heginning ol' the semester to keep the staff in eontrret with the :retivities that are heing earried on in the studio. They are required to attend the meetings whieli are errlled for the purpose of aequrrinting them with the knowledge necessary to supervise Arrow, Pen, and stamp sales, These loerrtion hosses are the link hetween the heard olliee and the workers on loerrtiong thus the responsihility for the interest Created in these rretivities rests upon their eompetent shoulders. ROLL PRESIDENTS Finn! Rule Lee Priee. Bette Behar. Luis Tarhet, ,lo Anne Tangen, Rachel Angel, Evelyn Freed, ,loyee Balienelx. lflizaheth Noreore, Florence Warner. Anita Dylfenran, Nlarianne johrrnson. errmrl Rule .lean Ivlatson. Frances Angel, Henry Krrniasalna, Ragna Folf nr-4, Becky Hawrin, Sally Baldwin, Etlirlr Chinn. .loan lvliller. Beverly Baelrer, Beverly Rogers. Thml Role Stanley Hrrlilieltl, Norf wood Elven, Toni flliirxeood, Leon Sehlosshere, Louise Collins, Dorotliv Friedman, Gloria Uriednian, jack Seeley, Barlwara Flack, Herh Stusser. Frmrntli Rore .laelx Peterson, john Hall, Lee Levy, Helen Argenti, Hill Riley, Toniinv Romano, Hrrrolrl Fronihaeh, Alolin Rohertson. Filth Run' Aaron Vederoll. ,laele Crolliet, Alan Davenport, Lonipe Coniplita, lion Norman, Carl Lar' bon, Paul Helahy, Sal Inrihani, Ken' netli Peterson. Sixth Rau" .laek Fleteher. l"loward Kellozlblf ,laek Srreer, George XVortliy, Trd lones, Rolfe Beelrer, Don XVII' George Liinheek, Don Bowles, ROLL SECRETARIES Frunt Row Ruth Karnofslry, Bar' reel, Nlarv Ann Hollzriid. ary .lane Ba rllrolni e y, Donna Nohle, Hairy Kadoshrnia, .loan Young, ejnnre Levy. Pauline Yee. Ltsulco lelrileawa, Vielci Levy. S mil Run' ,lim Drrnstan, Karen lvlattson, ,lane Krrlaetli, Dann Elaine Trernhley. Bernard l'erlin, Violet Chinn, ,laniee Birlrett, Loretta Same, lvlary Clalanti. Third Ron' Rod Howard, Richard Peinhrolse, Phil Austin, Vetor Cape' loto, Ivlariherh Baltliaser, .lean Grind' ersnn, Carol johnson, Aloan lvlieliie, Roseniarv Pettingill. Frirrftli Ron' Del elarnhs, Fred jappe. Paul Elineer, Susan Hinrlrel, llertdre Aueribtrne, Dororlry Hillier. Virginia Seidler, ,loyee Siegel, Sally lfastel' brook. ll Run' Rolfe Beeleer, Nolxrro Yutanr, Boli l,:riig,her'y.:. George Sloan, Jerome Hawley. Beverly loner, Lef nore Herr, Lloyd Lindrotli, Yixtli Run' Nielv l'.rlrerson. ,lim Lehde. Cal Dir-lronson, Bill Riel-iv, jack Flr-rr-lit-r. ROLL BANKERS Front Knit' Gloria Friedman, flux" tra Lee Brooks, Mary' Naniha, Fusrre Ivfasnnioto, Ivlarlelyn Volotin, Marx' ian Alhadelli. Betty Allradefl, ,loanne Snyder, Violet Chinn. feemirl Run' Hing Chinn, Eleanor Nliehre, Ruth XValanahe, Evelyn Ketzlaeh, Marv Lori La Bree. Mar' ua Bell, Ann host, Eddie Fisher. 'flirnl Row liigrl ffarlason, Pat Daley. Belle Trayei. .losephine Car' ter, Imogene Seordzrn. Linnea Nlorf r'lni.r Torlrl, Boli Hee' vrorn. Forrftlr Ron' Ken Ilorning, Herherl Mzrrk, Lnev Salcis, Larry Fislier. Helen Rossirig, linen Goorlxxin, Betty XViltse. Filth Rule -lolin Craven. lviariel Nlrrrtoii, lid Riley, Haney Loe. eorge Nornrna. Pat Fair, Alean Dodds, Harriet Dallnin, lflaine XYeaver. .Sixth Rule Le roy Puro, Toni Vi eene. Run Selilowtein. ,lollnne XX ener, Harrv Bold, XVniified Tay' LOCIlTI0l'l BUSSES HE ROLL OFFICERS, composcd of a prcsidcnt, a sccrctary, and a lwankcr, conduct the studio's business on location. Asidc from taking cars of tlic various salcs, tlicy supcrcrvisc collcctions for tlic March of Dimcs and for tlic Rod Cross. Every Tucsday morning ,tlic lwankcrs pcrform tlicir duty of kccping an accuratc rccord of tlic moncy dcpositcd lay studio workcrs in tlmcir savings accounts. Through tlic work of tlicsc location lwosscs, thc stall mcmlwcrs arc madc to foul that tlicy arc taking an activc part in tlic transactions of Garficld's studios. ROLL PRESIDENTS i,.i . ,, fSPRlNIlj no ..,i. , Frou! Row ,lo Annu Tallrnan, lvlarl- lyn Dillon, Louiar Collins, liarlwara lvladison, Dawn lflarnv Trvrnlwlvy, pg., Lois Tallwi. Annu' Angcl, Row V lvlarir YYarr1i'r, Lorrir' Wlood, Aloannr Kfliriatir, Dxanv Dixon. Srroml Row Slxuldon Lorlw. Lron Sclmlofslwcig. Rurliflillrn Sullivan, Film! fillinn, Lola lYim.1vtt, Dorothy Hillirr. Samlra Applcgaith, Harris: Dallum, Carolyn Hr-gfrrom, Ruth Quarrrrnrainv, Third Row Kai Hip ling, l.coFolvy. Lu' Rolwrr, Audrry Phrlan, Hvlvn Hlomgrvn, Tim flardnvr, Karl lvar- sscn, Bolv lvfcFaddvn. Fnuvlli Ron' Harwv Loc, Norwood lilavn, Harold Froml-arli, Dick ,lllSl' liam, Aaron Vcdm-roll. ,lim Fir-ldf, Sands' Swan.-v, Don Tlion-son. Fijrlx Run' Bill XYoll'i-, Dan Ki-Ilff llrr, Hola Ryclmard, fflnlclr Gustafson, Tony Phi-lps, lvfaitin Srrohcckrr. Noel Brown. og Mmm ROLL SECRETARIES QSPRINGJ Fvonl Ron' Lorric XX'ood, Karlc Lu' Dotaon, Nlay Namlva, Lillv Endo, E Faye fllark, Yasolxo Kinoshira, V Paulinc Yi-r. , Srcuml Row flurry lilalo-slw, Milly' jane Barrholmcy, Marilyn Hall, ' Ioyrv Nlnrray, Yai-lco lslriinirsu, jjj Sharon Vfolfr, Palllvm' liulcs, Do' Lv. lorry Thomas. W 5Tl'llYll Ron' Karrn lvfattson, lvlorulu' X Efkcnazi, Sam li-'www-rxisrv, Hclvn Rossingg. ,lran firilmlvrwir. Tod Vvakvf lirld. Foiollr Ron' flail l'anlai'n, Roll Lavz, ,lark Nystrom, Dan fiilwson, Alun Elyn, Lila Iballum. -. A ROLL BANKERS fSPR1Noj Front Ron' Norma Roonvy, Virginia Uzivl, Mary Aralcawa, Betty Unishi. Vicky Adamo, Daisy leracl, Ragna Folnm, ,lanicv llirlncrr, Sally Lyman Sucund Ron' Rolwrt Mar, lvlarcia Pa-Il, Hclvnc Kosscn, Bzlrlwara Lcflvy. Patricia Pratt, Nancy Si-irlcy, Gloria Osxxald, Diana Scliarlion, 'Tlrml Ron- XYalrcr Scliornfrlrl, liolr A Nlrzmrano, Linnva lvlortcimm, Marr' llvth llaltlrasvr, Shxrlrv Smllll, Tom fllirisiiv. ,lulia Filv, Hvlun lviiilvvy. Shirlrv Mx-i'r:, Fonrili Rifu' Frciliirk Romanoll. Kcnnvth Maison, Larrv Fishcr, Kai Hip Eng, Hazel Quartcrmainv, Par Fair, Richard Prnmlwrolo-, Xlanilrud Taylor. W , MMM u,U5fw3MWAi5,y vQfvftkyf SPORTS REEL J . sw N -Ufil ' M I 114100 ENC- A f..:: 1 - 1 - 1 M.. HE SPORTS SECTION of the Arrow contains a series of reels that bring forth cheers of enthusiasm from the Garfield student body. Although the studio gives first consideration to the aca- demic pictures. clean. competitive sports follow as a second feature. Throughout the season the Pups spiraled to a thrilling crisis, reached when our basketball team became city champions. It was again evidenced when the Garfield Bulldogs took fourth place in the state tournament. The habits of teamwork and sportsmanship that are being developed in Garfield's Movie Studio result from the fact that all the players pull together to gain a victory. HE 1947 Basehall season was far more successful than in past seasons. A total of six . wins and six losses found Gariield tied with Ballard and Franklin for fourth place. Outstanding games of the season were the two wins over Ballard. The Hrst game continued for eleven innings and was elimaxed with a douhle hy Les Snapp followed lwy a sizzling line drive by Don Nystrom, Other exciting games were the hearthreakers lost to West Seattle and Lineoln. BASEBALL STANDINGS egg f XMH1 Lost Pix. LINCOLN . . io 2 zo L ROOSEVELT . . s 4 I6 ' ' f' CLEVELAND . . 7 S I4 GARFIELD . , 6 6 iz BALLARD . . 6 6 iz FRANKLIN . , . . 6 6 iz WEST SEATTLE . 3 9 6 QUEEN ANNE . z 10 COACH DZURICK J. R. SAVAGE l DON JONES oouc BARNETT novo OGDEN DON NYSTROM 101 is ECOND TEAM AllfCity honors went to Don Jones for his fine pitching record, and to Boh Carlson for his excellent play behind the plate and with the hat. These skills, incidentally, netted him a season's hatting average of .316. bl. R. Savage and Art Lustig also figured high in hatting, with averages of .344 and 516, respectively. Seven Lettermen will return to action next season to restore Garfield to the top of the league. BASEBALL SCORES GARFIELD QUEEN ANNE 3 GARFIELD WEST SEATTLE 4 GARFIELD CLEVELAND I6 GARFIELD ROOSEVELT 2 GARFIELD LINCOLN 3 GARFIELD BALLARD 6 GARFIELD QUEEN ANNE l GARFIELD WEST SEATTLE 9 GARFIELD LINCOLN 3 i GARFIELD CLEVELAND S ' ' GARFIELD ROOSEVELT ll L x C-ARFIELD BALLARD I EARL LYON HENRY ioHNsoN l LES SNAP? I I , JIM KO ART LUSTIG FAU L MILLER SECOND TEAM 29 17111111 Row. Ylflrrcn Pearl, Bulwly Kndama, Howard Kmgmjlurxvmuid Elwcn, Dave Tripp, Ted Hnlclt, Gmc Silverton. Am Sucmld Raw: Nvilly Kawata, Drlng Barnett, Fnmin Sw SalnAAngcl, Alvin lluldfarlw, Tom Chitwood, jim Prine. , I Tllini Row' Harry Mzlh GCC, Harold Richarrlsnn. 'l lrymts. Bill ahnrin, Hlainl' Human. Clznxdr Davis, Chad Nvirth, Turn Carnal Wiingrg, J rw 'Sf ., xx , cz 'Pb CX ii '71 GX -f N S? Qx - A NN 'GX Q' J I :E N Q fd N wnfww, ,K ,..... 6, ,N X, 3 EARL LYON lnxnmltmmzl Awami lVmn 7' ALEX BIRULIN DON GINSBER 5 PAUL HEL55-f NORWOOD EBEN , GENE TATE HE 1947 Golf tcaim roundcd out thc scuson in third plaicc. The Bulldogs lost two matches, one to Bullard, 1316 to 1016 :ind thc othcr to Rooscvclt who pullcd :ln upsct, 1216 to 1116. ln the AllfOity match Gcorgc Kinncy, .lohn Riley, and Call Coolidge placed, third, fourth, and fifth, rcspcctivcly. Only two lcttcrmun will return ncxt season, hut Mr. Bcnnctt, new golf fihlfh, l1llS nllllly linc pI'OSPCCtS lld VlCVw' ZIFHOIIQ LlI1LlCI' ClilSSl'HCI1. GOLF STANDINGS Wlvn Lost Pts. Wim Lost Pts. BALLARD . . . 7 U 14 QUEEN ANNE . . 3 4 6 ROOSEVELT . . 6 I 12 FRANKLIN . . , 2 5' 4 GARFIELD. . . 7 2 10 WESTSEATTLE . l 6 Z LINCOLN , . . 4 3 8 CLEVELAND . . U 7 0 . ,wh Q COACH SLOCGMB BILL LYCETTE DERRY WOHLWEND ART KINNEY LARRY SHERIFF Qmfls , Q fmnmmanungf H mfr CGACH UNDQUIST NOEL BROWN GREG ADAMS 108 T THE end of the 1947 Track Season Garfield rated as third in the City League. Although the Bulldogs had shown fine material early in the season, the Roosevelt Rough' riders acquired the crown, and the Queen Anne Grizzlies edged out the Pups for seeondfplaee honors. The Eastsiders won all their track meets except one, during the season, that with Roosevelt, the score being 57 to 47. The sophomore team, which placed fourth. has many potential stars returning to the Cinder paths next year. ALLCITY SCORES 1zoosEvELT ..,,... as if: QUEEN ANNE . , . Z7 GARFIELI7 , , . 14 will BALLARD , , . , I4 if: FRANKLIN . . . n uf: L1Nc:oLN . . . 71fi r:LEvELANn , . A WEST SEATTLE . . f. Russ LESLIE ' HUGH AINSLIE KARL ANDERSEN OY OWENS BILL TUCKER JACK HAYES new HE 1947 Rclay Carnival was won hy Garfield. at which a new rccord was set hy threc Pups, Lincoln's hroad jump relay mark in 1942 of 61 fcet, llfz inches was hrokcn hy the trio, Don Bartholomey, Danny Buford, and Boh Buford, who set the new rccord at 63 feet, 8 inchcs. Karl Andersen reccivcd thc lnspirational Award for his hard, consistcnt practice and allfout effort that arc so essential to a successful team. 1.1294 RELAY CARNIVAL IIARFIELIJ ........ F7 ROOSEVELT. , . ZR QUEEN ANNE . . I3 FRANKLIN , . BALLARD . . . LINC IOLN . . . . WEST SEATTLE . . 414 LLLEVELAND . . aj it r. ji-Eqi, I- 'i 1 ,'."4 ,n I 1 r sg - I- V 555 E. 11' 1 .IJ A, N- Q, Ya., ' ',1:iW'1-f e' 541 if Q N' ...e 1- f T' 'T' . 'f i . - K M" , 1 3 X Q , fi Fw N 'W' 1 GERALD HATC HER Q X I ' 1. - N- 305 RYCHARD KERN DEVIN IRWIN I-IAWKINS -M w we 1' P32-',, JACK 5A7HEg1HWA,-ff Rogfm' FISHER DON BARTHOLMEY DICK BOWERS BILL STREET 109 KARL ANDERSEN Impmltlomll Auund lVim1u1 SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Fnmt Row Fung Chinn, Ken Durning. Phil Brown Bub Wnllcy. Scfond Ruw' Ed Mzahurin, Rugcr Jucksun, jim Pcurf sun, Peter Ycv. SPRING SPORTS MANAGERS Front Row Head Manager, Baseball, Ray Trcigrr. Mika' lvfincs, Ron Tart, Vv'zxlly Levin, David Lcmhku. Second Row: Head Mzxnagcr, Truck, Rolfe Becker, Ernest Tanner, Tod NVakc6eld, Dun Thurcson. .lnhn Crznvrn, NVin5mn Millct, LEFT! Up and Over. , O A Q n I ',,, ,,..f y HE END of the tcnpis Geusoiijsiyid Garfield in fourth place. The top mfitch of the year was fl hezited round"of play, with the Teds of Roosevelt zlppezlfihg the victors to the score of 5 to 4. The Bulldogs scored four decisive wins, highflighted by Captain John Huhhz1rd's fine play. Since five lettermen will return next year, the coming prospects seem encouraging. -:QL ,,,, Nu...--4 1 Qs I v : -,Q , -4 fr -N: I ,fi TENNLS SQTANDINGS, fm-q l . .1 f -', ,QV 'I Vvlm Lost Pts. QUEEXTTI PTNNE . ROOSEVELT . LINCGLN , , AR,FlELDf i . RANKLIN . . WEST SEATTLE BALLARD , . CLEVELAND . 7 O 14 6 I 12 5 2 I0 4 3 8 3 4 6 2 5' 4 l 6 2 O 7 0 COACH MAXEY 2 CAPTAIN JOHN HUBBARD SHELDON LOCKE 'X SAM STEARNS DOUG MAR Nm gi JOHN SQKADE movin GGLDFARB' l NURMAN BROWN III N, 4,3 SMA. ik Q ,Mwwug J, - -,-. , . RF '3? + .K ., , :.- 1 V-'- , U ...,V,.,,, -v-'-:"- ww an A ' ."::' G." 1 -"- f 5 ? 53 -. - Q F 3 1 A Q 3 f K ,pm A 1: W 3 X my :.f. 4 'I ' I' ':. ,.,' ML .4 W3 ggi- 1 .: 55. 5 . ZS ,E 1.,, jf' 1' S ,.', : V, R 1 X - Q Q bg QQ mw mwb N Y W :fi J W H: N323 A 4 ! Q Q Q Mg 0 Vmgi-'Pl 1 x A My We A. ,P Q -1 QMHMQ f 1 f W ig f -as 1 M -My 6 1 Vx . A ' fi 1 ' " ' , ..., v.-,. , . V X A 'Y I X 5, -X A ' iff I 14, tg"'?K'5iii:5:5 W" W Jr , M uzawaf, pq-A. . BALLARD 7 ---- GARFIELD II ln their scason's opener the Garfield Bulldogs held the strongly favored Ballard Beavers to a single tally. Our tenacious forward wall was the mainf stay in holding the speedy Beaver hacks to all hut the one twentyfonefyard touchdown pass. Buford's outstanding groundfgaining ahilities proved suc- cessful, as he averaged 4,2 yards for each of ten linefsmashes. Browns three longfdistanee punts. deep into the opponents territory. kept the scatfhacks, Feagan and lvfullavey from virtually capturing the game. GRIDDEBS HEN the 1947 Foothall Season was concluded Garfield was in fifth place. The Bulldogs' only two victories were the Cleveland and Franklin games. with a tie with Roosevelt. Although the season was not successful as far as actual wins were concerned. it cannot he said that the team lacked enthusiasm. Boh Butschke, who relied upon actions rather than the words to spur his team on to victory, was awarded the Chuck Carroll Inspiraf tional Award. Bill Tucker, sparkplug quarterhack, was elected captain of the team. Derry Wcililwend won the coveted position of center on the All'City eleven. The hlocking award was presented to .lack Fletcher, tackle, who also placed on the second AllfCity Team. as did Danny Buford. halfhack. and Paul Fuxon, tackle. Although just these few won special awards. the entire squad displayed splendid teamwork and undying spirit. Five lettcrmen will return for action next season. along with a great many promising second and third team lettcrmen. Hikel FINAL STANDINGS iii ISALLARIH ,,t. - QLIFHN ANNIZ . . l.INKTOI,N . iricsic siQA'i"i'i.ii . Q lIAlll"lliI.I5 . , 1 I"RANKl.IN . 1 CLEVIKLANII. , . I f I RUOSI3X'IiIfI' . H 1 I HUB IIUTSIIIIKF Airiml-Xl'inii.i IACZK l'il.lflilflll2ll lllililik' XXIIHLXX IiNIW BILL l-Ufflilili 1 nl 1 C lin BliirkingAxeavd-XX'iiinei Allfifilx' Te I .aprt ilwufmi " 'R P' in Q .. -f I s -E .HM LIUNTTAN DAN BUFORD PAUL FUXON :HAH ' ' Cook outrzuix llic Rmagfiridem' Halffnnk dawn fs 'O Gel Cm' Bulldogs' Tackle ROOSEVELT or- GARFIELD o Battling through heavy rain and mud, the Bulldogs easily outplayed the Roosef velt Roughriders, hut weren't ahle to score a single touchdown. Early in the game Noel Brown intercepted a lateral and ran 80 yards to the goal line, only to have the play called haek hecause of a penalty. Great strength was exhibited hy the Pups when they held the Teds to just 58 yards and only two first downs. LINCOLN 12 GARFIELDK1 ln their first night game of the season Coach Lindquisfs Garfield Bulldogs hat' tled the Lincoln Lynx to a scoreless dead' lock during the first half. However. on the kickoff in the second half, the hoys from out Vxfallingford way scored a touchdown. Then then proceeded to score another tally on a drive from the Pups 4Ofyard stripe. The Eastsiders' rally during the last few minutes was halted hy the gun ending the game. NOEL BROWN ff.-XRL LARSON DON BROWN limi Kiinml Unumf Q A941 TED JONES BOB HIBBARIJ BIIVII lillfjkx :2l4.wlurhuclg Laiitm Linl CLEVELAND rlf GARFIELD 25 Garficld rackcd up four touchdowns against Clcvcland to walk off thc Hcld with a twcntyffivc to nothing triumph and its initial scorc of thc scason. Boh Cook crosscd thc goalflinc for thc first countcr during thc first quartcr, with iloncs, Buford. and Kcllogg all scoring in thc final pcriod, Thc Pup forward wall played with such undying spirit and cncrgy that thc Eaglcs almost suhmittcd to two othcr touchdowns. QUEEN ANNE 6 GARFIELD O Thc Bulldogs made a valiant stand against thc Grizzlics of Quccn Annc, holding thcm to only onc touchdown out of a possihlc four. Thc Kuays wcrc down in Pup tcrritory most of thc gamc. Thcy ran thc hall to thc cightfyard, four' yard. and thrccfinch lincs, only to run against a dctcrlnincd Gariicld tcamg onc that always comcs through in a critical tcst, T1 FMMY Rl NMANU Uuanl all it 'Touclldo wnf Buford on the loose? HUXYARI5 KELLUKZH U, l., QIHENUXXI IH Emi Kixmril was 1 my ,W f lil ill lSllTSiil'll'Qlf HUB Nl'flX'lvlAN XVALTER BLANK l'lii1l Trlgl' Tiflqlt' Lnrlqx takes it tllroug .ii :lrlLflQt'Y' xiveepx the end' -minimums Pigpilei WEST SEATTLE 12 GARFIELD 7 Garfield got off to a good start against Vv'est Seattle with a touchdown in the very first few minutes. when wlaek Fletcher recovered a fumhle on the Inf dian's own thirteenfyard line, Then Derry Vxfohlwends conversion try was sueeessful putting the Pups ahead, 7 to 0, The Bulldogs held this lead until the fourth quarter, when the Indians eounf tered after a Bulldog fumhle, and a sixty' eightfyard run hy Bruce Lyons. FRANKLIN o -s GARFIELD ll To put a finis to the 1947 foothall season Garfield trouneed the Green Wzive of Franklin Z1 to O. Immediately after the lciekfoff the Bulldogs hegan to roll, Buford going sixty yards on the very second play, paving the way for a touehf down. A tally was scored in eaeh of the next two quarters with a touehhaek in the fourth, when on an intended toss the passer was nailed in the end zone. .dfq-1. Hn ru. PM rm-'th 5x :PK -+h' -- ' " -:- E il.-A N L-"K I.IiRUY SKTHUH .'Xwulxr11!ifn.1.l1 Nr J-1Y"'r 3. HS I' Il ,'Mx1xl.1vzl4 fl XITUIPH I. LININQIIIS1' HLJJ L'1f.1.lx I SECOND TEAM Ilvwvr Km' Sul Suwlll. 1 CI fwylrf, NUI' Nlfffulxl-'1v, 'Mug ilmm. I-X11 H m L I 'Mu' fhwih, mum! R-N14 li-ri' ."Km-lr1Mmlxu.1, Hull Mdhuxulx. ,lurk -Xnlu xx lxm lflwmu Um f wll-vw. Ruw Sfhhwfvnlx, 'TMI Hulvfl. Ilul Hlvzuk. Dun Xml.-uxlxw Thmf Rwu Vlxurk limxmxiwrn. Al.arL Nwtnnxx, ,Im-L l'wrv1wu. NWI I'Iv1 nu lu THIRD TEAM ' mtwlxg. Mnwn lixmxn. Imuxk lvwuf lun l, .Xu Iinlfx lim Uhm ISI D1 In Hun-rv. .mu M4 N I lx 1 ll Niulfnulv. ,lun C H . Nw U, mmk I'.uL1-1, Hung wunnl Lvulvlmlx. l,.l1u R4vlvl11wH. Nlxlw lunmmv. Nlxnxm Hxqnlvu. Suu Angel, Huxuvx' Niwuvn. VZJJ1. fwqwx, flrwxgx Yrllaml, Pull K lvnvlu.m. Thml Kun Rub-xl Hml, YM' ihlvzplwll. Nsvxxxuruxl ' L Malmo. Nllnwn, .lxxwlmvl Klumlxuxx. Sandy XX-kl.'1U!I. 'I'.qyI4n Sum, livin' Sxlvnxmn, XXxHmm liulwxrkuux, ti.-mg. Bnmlx. Sgugw Allyn Ifuvrh lim' Unk Ikuxmr. MQ-l Mclimur. Humx fiurh' rn- Dun Inmiw V nth, ILvlmlLl lhrmlxiwux. Uumlu Lmkxvmg, Xhnlxvn liwvmll. Hull Iwlzvwnv. 'ML llffllwl. Vick NIQKIHQIH RHI SNIIVH 'T1mJ Tnmvl l'ff,:.7x S ., GER mg. Mn -lwhnxmwu. AI Sammy. f,h.xd htm Hu ll Rl hu Mm l lx". Hwlf N-xxumn. Umm' WA! '. . wx r . n -' W Anorvu J. Imnoulsr Did he make ity H-mul l.n,n'l1 DUN .IUNIQS HL JWARIJ KEI.l.Ufi1i BIISIIET ARFIELD, City Baskethall Champions of 1948! After sixteen years the Bulldog Basketball Team finally recaptured the championship trophy to grace the halls of Garfield. The Pups went through the season with a grand total of eleven wins and only two losses. The two defeats were in the second round of play, Lincoln slipping hy with a one point margin of 40 to 39, and Queen Anne overwhelmingly winning the last game of the season, 53 to 39. The most thrilling match of the year was that with the Ballard Beavers in their own "crackerhox" gym, The Eastsiders came from behind during the last second of play to tie the score, and then in overtime, prof ceeded to win hy a score of 42 to 38. Prospects for next year look hright, with four such players forming the nucleus of a 1949 championship team. 1948 BASKETBALL STANDINGS IV. L. Pit. For AQ. KIARFIELIH . . III I .833 TNI 395 BALLARD , U 1 .TW itll 461 LINCOLN . . . K 4 .M7 wi 4111 FRANKLIN . . . fu Ii ,ion 424 496 QUEEN ANNE . . fi fi .irlir 4711 472 CLEVELAND . Y 7 .917 431 451 ROOSEVELT . . Z IH .167 423 9414 WEST SEATTLE . 2 111 .167 375 431 AL KQULDFARIS RAY SOO .s x 1 MeCuteIien down the floor for twirl I'?RVRIffS'l' IVIIIIILI4 I I I l I l ARFIELD. fourth plaee state haskethall champions! After having won the eity championship. the Bulldogs proeeeded to the state tournament. where fifteen other distriet champions were planning to walk orl with the state title, The first game with Lynden was the hest example of the Pups' skill. for they eame from far Iwehind to win hy two points. 29 to 27. The seeond game. won hy Mt, Baker with a seore of 33 to 31. terminated Garf fields ehanees for rirst place honors, hut seemingly undiseouraged. the Pups went on to win the next two games for fourth plaee, The two star guards. Mike Meflutehen and Noel Brown. placed on the Iirst Allfflity team, Don -lones. forward. won a second team herth. and Ray Soo. Ray lvloseatel. and Howard Kellogg received honorable mention. As the results of the state tournament. Howard Kellogg won second team honors. and Mike lvleflutehen and Ray lvloseatel reeeived honorahle mention, 1948 BASKETBALL SCORES LL.-XRI"IIiLIl ICARFIIQLIJ tLARI'II'II.lJ lQARFIIiLl5 AJARFIELIJ ISARHELII IIARFIISLIJ IQARFIELIW tiARFIIiLlJ tiARIfIIiLli HARFIIZLID t2ARI"IIiI.IJ XYHSII SIiA'I'TI.I', . FRANKLIN . . LINCIULN . BALLARD tII.HXf'IiI.ANl1 . k2UliIfN ANNE WEST SIiA'I"I'I.I FRANKLIN LINCOLN IXALLARU KILIfVlfLANlJ QUISISN ANNE Mllili Mt-CIUIKKIIILN PLAYOFF GAME l.ARIfIIiI,IT 44 iiiu.i.Aiuw O STATE TOURNAMENT liARI"II'ILI5 , , :ti LYNIDEN . . :H .Akriian ui MUUNTISAKICR as t,ARFIIiI.IJ . iii Hlc:HL1Ni-1 . r ofuu-'ii4:1,n . 4-i c'iiN'rii.u. xmu. is PAUL Miiiriii ali' x Ili it .I Ntllfl. ISRUXYN RAY MUSC1AII'1I x I-s Ns A X .5 K Ll . In N 5 N li'?S N A Q Q f 5.25-I , "' . ::.:3:.., r :.s:::::.:5 - -:.::.:.?-:::::E h. 1 t A 3 , Q . b, r hw N 1, m 959132 M 5- 553 ,kai g VX, sa 7 Sunni' "' 516 f wx 3991 Q' X 4. IACIK STIililf'I' HRUIZIQ Wlflili IfI1l5lli lfl5Hl'fR KARL IVARSSUN DUN HUXYI I-iS T GARFIELD this year. the Yell Team performed an exeellent pieee of work in helping to rehuild morale. This was eulminated hy a ehampionship haskethall team. A new organization ealled the Pep Cluh was estahlished to strengthen the support ot' the Yell Team. This group, dressed in white, formed an impressive and enthusiastie rooting seetion at all the games. Considerahle praise earne from the outside, eommend' ing the line exhihition of Pupfsupporters during the state tournament. Mueh ol this eredit was due to Yell King Eddy Fisher and his squad of Bruee Wttlwli, klaek Street, Karl lvarsson, and Don Bowles. Team morale is an important issue to the managers. They realize that elean uniforms and oeeasional words ol eneouragement are very helpful to the hoys that are out lighting lor their alma mater, Mtmiite Stoeker and Derry Vwkwhlwend, foothall and haskethall managers, respeetively, with their eompetent staffs, have worked hard to keep their teams well equipped, Foothall managers prohahly have the most arduous tasks sinee a loothall player wears so mueh equipment, and weather eonditions during the season neeessitate a eonstant elean supply, The managers are indispensahle. They, as well as the team, were out every night, and ean always he eounted upon when needed, Iiiifnt Kon Head Managei, Fiitiiluill. Munn Sioekei, Hill Qltllei-in, Patil lfllmtgei, .mtl Kllniek liliotli. Sttmnl Kon' Head lvlanagel, llasketlnill. l7eiiy Xxiiililxxend, Holi Hoyt, lid lvlzilnnin, liola Xvrnlwit, .intl kxlinsliin lwlillit il IIITBIIIIIUHIIL 5POBT5 LUTHER MCURE FRANK FIDDLER Dzvvrrm ul 'Tumbling Director oj lnlmniimil Sports NDER the direction of Mr. Fiddler and Mr. lvlore, intramural sports are continually gaining popularity at Garfield. Since only a small percentage of high school athletes make the grade for interfschool competition, this program encourages tournaments and leagues so that boys may become better athletes and more physically Ht. Since medals and cups are awarded the winners of the various sports, the boys are given something for which to strive. For the future, plans are being made to include Baseball, Tennis, and Golf in this group of sports. 100fMILE RUN Compiling a total of one hundred miles in the shortest possible time is the goal of these fleetffooted boys. Three or four miles after school each day is the usual routine, but to the observer, the thought of such a workfout is exhausting. This program has brought to light many potential longfdisf tance winners that will bring glory to their alma mater. Top honors were taken by Pat O'Loughlen who ran the total goal in ten weeks. First Rau' Ken Dorning, Jim Fields, Harry Phillips, Art Klein, Bob Stone, Phil Brown. Sccoml Row: Pat U'Loughlen, Alston Fairservice, Dick Safley, Martini Strohecker, Ronald Baronsren, fiarl Hamilton, Gerald Hatcher, Bob Rychard. BASKETBALL Basketball has appeared as one of the most popular of intramural sports. The intramural program has been a great asset not only to the participants but also to Gar' field since their improved game has helped Garfield to become tops in Basketball. Major and minor leagues were organized and as a result of the competition, Miller's team ap' peared the champion. Fvonl Row Alex Birulin, Bob Corbin and Leo Foley. Stroud Row' Ilan Boone, lvfarlin Slroliecker, Carl Paulsen, Paul lvliller, Bula Rychard. TUMBLINO Spectacular midfair flips and somersaults are the specialty of this group of lads. Pref senting their hreathftaking talents hefore the Funfest and various other functions has required eonsiderahle practice and skill. Three cheers for these hoys who regularly attend eight o'eloek classes and saeriiieed hearty hreakfasts. Prim! Ron' Stan l..usen. -loc Walliains, Nolwun Yutani. flail Nnhlw. Sermnl Rua' Miki' lloiinan. Daw Skinnei, XYlilIrv Raw inussen, -lohn Rolu-iisoii. I-an Hosliixxaia. CROSSCOUNTRY MARATHON For those fellows that are interested in improving their running talents, a erossf country course has heen set up for races, From school, the trail travels east to Lake Vxfashington, threefquarters of a mile, south on the houlevard, and then up a steep climh hack to Garfield. This rugged upfandfdovvn sprint is three and sixftenths miles long. ln the race which took place in Fehruary, Al Fisher, ironflunged junior, took first place honors with a time of tvventyfthree minutes. twenty seconds. Fvnvxi Run' Ken l'iiin. All Klein, Henry lvlefiov. Second Ron- Chuck Fair. Lonnie Sliields. Pat Uluuglxlen, Harold Richardson. FOOTBALL Touch foothall has heeome very popular among the intramural gridders at Garfield. Although the game is simple to play, quick thinking and speedy running are required on the part of each player. Six teams partieif pated in the league of which Ohtani's team. without a single loss, appeared the victors. Fin! Row Tommy Oroshi, liohlw Kodama. Miiiiv Yoshino, Thomas Uhtani, lsiio Hoshixxaxu, Ken Yoshinaka. Seemid Ron' Brvhhv Kawahara, Kivo Yoshinaka, Richard Tsuil. lvlas Tanemura. Henry Shihuva, Shuirhi Hayashi. George Usax-, a, TABLE TENNIS Enthusiasts of this seemingly simple sport give much time and attention to perfecting their "serves and hackfhand swings," ln fact. entire lunch periods are often spent in 203, the Ping Pong room. Tournaments are held, giving scores of hoys an opportunf ity to participate, Recognition is given the hetter players. and the thrill of clean, whole' some competition is enjoyed hy all. Frmil Row Ht-niy llories. Ted Pane. Si-cmiii Ron' Roval Coldlaih, ,lohn Rohervsoii, Hill l.indsvx. vivo UFFICERS fi is' 3 ""Z"' MISS JOHNSON AJ1fi.xn1 BETTY MKFRRISKUN Fin! Virr'fP1eaidt nl ISECKY HASSON SuC1el41'fyfTTeii.x1i1r 1 dive?- Mvs-W'-vt 'mmf NORMA ROONEY President LUCILLE DE ROUSSE Strand VicefP1uxidt'ut ALYCE ENG Histimiivi Garfield won again! ACH year new officers are elected by the mem' bers of the NG" Club on the basis of ability and willingness. This year has proved to be a busy one for the officers, for there have been a number of parties which had to be arranged and a new march' ing brigade to organize. lt is the duty of the president to preside over each "G" Club meeting. If the president should be un' able to attend, the vice-president should be able to take over at a minute's notice. The second vicefpresif dent has the task of caring for all business concern' ing girls' sports' activities. The secretary takes notes at the meetings and gives reports on the progress of the various activities. 1 IIIIIIIIIGERS HE PRESENT niamngcrs, als wcll tts thc cxf mnmngcrs of girls' sports' :ictivitics dcscrvc conf sidcrzthlc cmmncmlzition for thcir ctiicicncy. It is thcir rcspmisihility to chcck zlttcndxmcc, to taikc calrc of cquipmcnt, to kccp thc scorcs, :mtl to xirrgmgc for numcrwus othcr tlctnils that :irc IICCCSSZIFY for il sucf ccssful scqison. Bcsitlcs hcing compsllcd to hc prcscnt nt catch turnout. they :irc cxpcctctl to llfiillfti spiritctl cncuuratgcmcnt whcn thc gzimcs sccm to lug. Thcsc imiizigcrs .nutomtiticnlly rcccivc gn hundrcd points tuwnirtl thcir Big with thc privilcgc of gaining aitlditionatl points, sincc thcy thcmsclvcs volf untccr, if thc rcsptmsihilitics haivc hccn cxccptiougtlly well cnrricd out. Gump I. Luft tn Right' H Hvlcrii- Tstirslniimtti, Chimp II lui! In Rig! Ytittng. V 1 Busy Bees cwrlv llvciy Shiilcv Smith. ,limit t Lxxt' I'it't'ti, M.ixi' Hipltt'. litinm- lltilli. I'i.u1 U, i 'mist-, Cuithrilm' Y.uii.ul.i. Ann R-'t'l:.. tmfitp IH, l,t'lI ttf Right fu la lk! I2 5 r "G" CLUB HIS YEAR the "U" Clnh is comprised of Big "GE" only, since all Little "GE" from last year have now earned their hig letters. Every year all girls are urged to turn out for afterfsehool sports. the first 500 points making the girl eligihle for her letter. Besides earning these emhlems. the girls are entitled to many privileges, one of them heing participation in the parties which are held at numerf ous times during the year, In addition they are expected to he present at monthly "G" Cluh meetings. They may. if selected, attend the yearly Letter Breakfast held at one of the high schools in Seattle. One of their newest privileges permits them to join the marching hrigade which functions at all the games. At the heginning of the school year a welcome party was given for all new girls. Later a Christmas program was held in the gym. By attendance at these func' tions and hy active participation the girls have come to he hetter acquainted and more interested in what the school has to offer. 4 Helen Exilim:-. llinyr Knsaltalw, Irene Klltneln, Aly.-1 ling. liailwara Loud, Nlaiy ,Ian I'1npati'icl. lie.-ky Hasson, :nu Man lflizalveth Hiplte. fleriy Blakeslee, Nlailon fiusllu, litslllto lelnltawa, Alice Uxvine, Nlaly Lon l.a liree, I ili 1 -Xn rrl xt Lucille Ile Rnusse, Bernice Iioin, Dorothy Hillier. -lnnie Dyer, Peggy Lon Herron, Alanice Alantzcn, Donna -lohn tn IIIEIIIBERS im R 1 llulnm Mxetlisun, Trrrii- Nnltlmnslii, limi T.ulrrvmg.i. ,I.uivt Urirslil, Klirlxi-lim' Yzinimlu. liiimi-4 Ymmg N wil R 11 llilvrrs l'im'l1rvxx'sln, llvlly lvllvlilsull. lirlriiv Tsiitsliiiwtiu. lliitll N.ulx.imIn'l, Nl1il'g1ui'r Slmiililillg, K.l:ulxu iliillmlxrlsliu lll vi lllrl li 111 lx 14 IN im.: St'li.inLil. klvlniu' limissiv, lvhxinv S-ilrlu. llwlin Pvltw. lliiiinlix Multi. Slmlrv fwmnli, l,llmi-.1 Nlliitviiwri T THE mmitlily mcctings of tlic "U" Clulw, liclcl tlic first X7V7L'LlllCSLlQly of cglcli muiitli. iiunicruus lmsincss is lwrouglit up. ai grcsit tltuil of wliicli cmiccrns tlir ciijoymcnt of tlic girls. At tlic vcry lwcgimiing of tlic your :1 wclconic party was givcn for :ill girls now to thc scliool. Lntcr in October ll Hzillcuwdcn pzirty. spoiisorcd by tlic MG" Clulm was licld in tlic gym. ln prcpzirzition for tlicsc pztrtics tlic Dccorzitirm Coniiiiittcu liriglitcncd tlic gym witli colorful picturcs and lizmgings, Tlit' Eiitcrtziiiiiiicnt Coin' mittcc. uiidcr tlic lcaidcrsliip of klciinic Ruusso. pltuint-tl tliu ciitcrtuiiiiiiciit, cuiisist' ing of music. Llilllflllg, :md gzlmcs. Ont' uf tlic most importxmt fcxtturcs of tliu SCLISUII for "C" mcmlicrs was tlic .imiuul Lcttcr Brcgilcfzist. licltl at mic uf tlic Suglttlc Higli Scliuuls, As gm gidtlt-tl timxittiiw, .ui ciijoygilwlt' sports' prugiuirii was nrrgmgcd. Since only sclcctctl girls frmmi tlic cluli muy zittuml, .ill ltmk frmrwgnrtl ulgcrly tu liciiig clmsvri. GIRLS' lump Hall Inrrrp 7'Cfi1't' Ilmirr Ready for :lic Sum' 128 PEED and skill arc comhincnl whcn it comcs to a winning tcam in sonic sport such as haskcthall or hadminton. Girls who turn out for most of thc activities usually posscss thc qualities of accuracy. good sportsmanship, and kccnncss. Thc girls find that thcy arc hcnchttccl not only physically lwut also mentally. Thc past two scmcstcrs liavc ohfcrcd much in tht' linc of sports. including hockcy, spccclhall, vollcyf hall, haskcthall, and haschall. Swimming, too, is ohrcred, hut as Garhcld is not cquippccl for this sport. it has hccn ncccssary to asscmhlc at thc Y.W.C.A. As this particular sport was so enjoyable many of thc girls rcqucstcd that it hc schcdulcd for two scmcstcrs instcad of thc usual onc. Thc girls of Garfield High School truly havc somcthing of which to hc proud. for thcy arc olfcrcd onc of thc hcst athlctic programs in the city. Spillki Spcvtl "Sonllipawf"' 1, E? s is S l ' " ... .1-"WL, SPORTS NE of the major sports offered this year was Badminton. Because of its popularity. it was continued for a whole instead of a half semester. Under the capahle inanagership of Eleanor Loftis and .Tunic Kumasaka. it proved to he one of the highlights of thc season, Another major sport of thc season was haskethall, which involved a great deal of competition among hoth the upper and lower classmen. The star players were chosen to take part in the championship games. The final outcome resulted in the championship for the juniors. Basehall, a leading sport, was offered early in the spring. This activity was as enthusiastically received as was haskethall. The minor sports were not overlook either, since pingfpong, tennis, hockey, and spccdhall were offered. These alternated with the major activities. Ready, Set. Splash .' 5I7IL1Sl1 Tricky Return Volley that Ball Swing your Partner 129 5HORT SUBJECTS r ' I n , r ' XX V ., 71 I I I I , ' I I I I n I 0 ' I 1 9 , ' I I I I t 'M f ,vx ,wa fw- EATURES describe the leisure time pursuits of the students and faculty of our Garfield Movie Studio. Although our social activities do not vary greatly from those of the other studios within our area, it can be said without any reservation that our spirit is among the best in the world. Our zest for fun prompts such pro- ductions as the Funfest, Noon Movies, and P.T.A. Dances. Our spirit is also behind the studio athletic teams that turn out faith- fully, rain or shine. In reviewing the year's events pictorially, it is gratifying to realize that our Alma Mater offers her personnel four of the most enjoyable year of their lives. CIIIIIERII 2 Signing up for classes. if Typmg class Purple and Wl11tc Day prlnccxwex. 6. Kay fautury, Nl?tl71fIGl671I show. 7. The new lmlx Band 1'r1aTcl1i11g. IIIIGLES 99 Fr I, Neamcxs pay.: dividends. 4. Office pests. 2, Cmnv, sec the game. 7. Silent Night, Holy Night 3. Hmnlviurgvr and milk slvulgc, 6. Plate IIUICII4 pleuxf' STUDIO 'W' -H S an we is ' S 1. Pwr 17611. . . . 6 I, Kf1b.xm1 gufus. 1 A, . . . . s. Prummx wzultx, 7 4. Pupufurztx' 1'U'llfC'Xf 8 131 5 Purple and Wl11te Day Tlllffldf xpwir, "1 want L1 dolly." SLnllUU1..Y mat. close-urs Prexzdent of 2211111 and Sumll, 5, Fnmlglm Band pluving. A wsit tu Smldpohll. lv. Snow jiglxr. Pep Axxembly. 7, Fm' U'H'Hlt"Vl UTIIYV Kxllmg the Dragml. 5 LEISURE l. Kmg for the day. 4. Girls' Assembly. Z, Farulty mfs. .xlude11ts, 7. TB. or 1111! TB. 3 Mulqvflcfw rrrmn. 6. CjU1llYYll'7llN d1xcu1'er,s thc' Hlhlkilt' Uafficldfw vendltum nf ' Ofnt Day f2'1u1Ytet. T1m1fA11our. Nunn Dmur. Tllll Qi lLlCI?L'Sl'fd'!l!'V1.u Xkflldlk your CXL'IlXL'7 Ski luke. Dragon dance. Any mall? 137 IICIIDEITW IHUIIBDS HELEN ANAMA-First Place, Poetry Division, Garfield Food Con' servation Contest. First Place, Girls' Division, Navy Defense Contest. MARIBETH BALTHASER-First Place, Combined Ski Trophy, First Place, Slalom, Second Place, Downhill Garheld Novice Race, Snoqualf mie Passg Third Place, Al1fCity High School Race. ANN DAVIS-First Place, Girls' Division, Garfield Day Cratorical Contest. PAT CAMPICN-Scholastic Regional Gold Key Awards, 1947. JOAN GRANT-Second Place, Prose Division, Music and Arts Foundaf tion. Honorable Mention, Essay Contest, Scholastic Magazine. KATHERINE HAYE-First Place, Essay Division, Garfield Food Con' servation Contest. MURIEL HURWITZ-Second Place, Ladies' Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest. N ETSUKO ICHIKAWA-Tied for Eleventh Place, Local Hearst American History Contest. STAN LARSON-Honorable Mention, Essay Division, Garfield Food Conservation Contest. MARIEL MURTON-First Place, Cartooning Division, 1947 Portland Engravers' Journalism Competition. First Place, Ladies' Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars Contest. Third Place, Vicky Bobby Pin Essay and Photo Contest. JIMMY NAKAMURA-Third Place, Ladies' Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest. BERNARD SILBER-First Place, Boys' Division, Garfield Day Cratorical Contest. Fifth Place, Local Hearst American History Contest. PAT SIMS-Honorable Mention, Essay Division, Garfield Food Conserf vation Contest. JUNE TIPPEY-Ninth Place, Essay Contest, The Breakfast Group.- BILL WOLFE-Tied for Eleventh Place, Local Hearst American History Contest. THE EIID BIIT I'l0T THE FIIIISH A-FNM,,,.,.., it i sn ' f bq.f 2 i 4 ,WMM 4 l HE FINAL curtain has hcen lwrought down in the Garfield Ivlovic Studio, and the doors locked for another year. To those who helped record the memories of the events in our Studio, l wish to express my personal thanks, But most of all, my deepest appreciation and gratitude goes to Miss Saeman. who accepted the rcsponsihilities of the advisorship. lt is my hope that you. the readers, will cherish this twentyfeighth edition of Arrow which represents a successful and memorahle year of activities. - The Editor --1 5 Q, no Cf11'Z,- H - .V C, " , I .C of 4 2 : f A ' .9-v-nf , I gil ww K ,' ff ' rykf Ov , 0f cd-6"j?'L,f QQ! gp Mx H01 ' N 7 Ss 'J' 6 ' W' , Q 2 X ..A.A..,.,...,Av.....v.,..:L7Hg3?gH5g'ammngghg.1.,.,.,,-.,.v.Y4322131432323LA',,.,Y,v,v,v,-,-,',v,v,v,gAw um 9 9 qs xs 4550'- 70eQz4Zefallgz4 ye., , MRS. EMMA GORMAN HALE N N PRINTING ""' MR. WILFRED E. BEE 4 Seattle Printing and Publishing Company ENGRAVING ....... NEWTON CANNON y Western Engraving and Colortype Company 4 MR. EARL KENNELL ' PHOTOGRAPHY "" MRS. HENRIETTA EIDEL N KenneUfEIlis Studio .-.,N,-.,-,,N,5,5,-,, 4.5 , ,-.. gr . ., Nxt, Ar S75 f 5, ,H ag , wt, 1 ,QL-, za Q, ' sw s s 5 nw. xr df Rx N ix ! , f Q SEYN ,f 'jim . - is. 'bf , ,Q MX: .mv . wk' XX , gvlx Xi ,N i S g 2 l I ff L Z 4 5 3 4-f Q3 .fl rf f l i 491 1' 6 4 f ffl V ' . X X X KQKXSXA ' ,1,M,L.ff,, M 'MA' li Www M W4 41 ALO CLMJQf721j,Lvf2'ig ff! 3TUD10 PRsssN?3 Ii

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