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E I I ,1- ' ' ' Q," 1 ' 1' Vjui 7505 , If 1. Q K ZF Q,-Q,JEMm W2. wwufbkww N AW WW E fx yy 1 QD ff My ,, ffifii? WQWW Fifi? ,115 JM Let her fighting lif I ' , -o-I I 19475 Fl ' . ""'. ' - ."" ' "fi" .. "F . . 5-1 " vw 'mw- , . .Tu 1.1 .-.I.,-I I. K I - " -aw-"fir fsrmv" "?ZI.'1i'f-K -Nw f-NIT' wiv. ' 6 F13-: ' .:i'i' - ii ' - -'7 . ' ,Tl- If?"f4"I? - QQ 1 yi... 1 ---- . '53i7.rwz':w 'ff' ' - " D vin. f "1" -,amgvnggegqqff I-L-.. I - . ,- ' ,'fF,pgi,4w wif...-. Q- ..f- 1 --f ' 7.' ' .L --WN' . ... ' .1 WF -' W- -' f V x-Ar' :"1r"wY.I" '1"- ':Y:. ' - 'fi - - "mv . II 5:fv2'g: .Hwy - I, , : W-I3 :Hype-V-,LIU -- -L5 JI XEI,I3.:,I f :I III-I '.-::I --'- 5 1 Q' A. fvq., . :gr-,,---. , .- ff,ja'2.-- 'H' ..4V"'.I,'. g...,.I, 1g 4, . .1-...V--1. .. ,I ,I. 1 .g.gxI , 4-' mf .1135.33,6I:g,:3,g.?.2' '-'- - ' -- , 1.4, x II.-.N ...5IIIz-,,.I.- .If 11 fi.Iw,..-.wAo-.-..-- I II.-+1--N--. y, 'Im II I,Ig.f1i-- .I ',, -.I-5 - I-II -I ,- - . 1 . , .., fs, " 7 ,vvvQ.J'-rl :Ii II.. ,I .IQI II rifrif. -, . ' 'W ' ., f r fr-11: ff H x2 .'?-w,'52,..,v.,.. . M-Li-'ffs-wifvfiift. Egfif-'f? X . Q5i1.'Iigi'i 5 A' 'gf 3 - . ,Ig .Q I wr .11-f": -5 '3 :5 , . .2 '.1 .f 'Z-1'1" jf 'iff 92' J' -' ' 545: - ' 'g " ' .. 5 -'2.-.- " . 1 5 . 'J ,-' 1-5 " - ig. 7251 "?4i'Q',1,:. -. I. 7' ff iff' .-is f4':K14Hf2 .flax-, II Q II ,. . 5 1.3.3 , f 'Li' St My . 1'. ' .... Q.. . - '.Lb'1 i Y ,uf-5' .5-gn, I I-3 . '--+51-1a4!'r, . I 3-'J-f-F-s,4'fv""', I.I : I-i, I-.3 I-3 CA if , 5 it 5: .qs-Q--..r , .vw ' ," ggi' . '- ff-. 5- 'Y .x.f:a.,.,.-ep. QL " -H 4.9-y ,,, 'Mi if ww- - A-'-:H Wg. fl-,. ' . ,MII . ..I , I I I. . ni, NIE -I,-II.-. . - . " .. . I .,.,.- . .II I, qI I . 'wax- 133 1? Tw-2 is ., Lf. s T ,',.!' M " ---W .4 . 6 E1.-.ff if 'ffLe:ff:'LZ' """ . AZ- ., 0' :.":W -Qi.: ' 3: N' we Q-C1 .'.-- ' 1: mf "z ' .. 1 g v qggy., .fgrrjir :x:.f.3efIgg:3'c:v4-- :IPM-, 4,1 , '4 ' 'M 'rs www,-.'w-wi. ' ' .. H I, , -'gf ,Q mzvgzvtah.f.:f.':fg,N.-.-:lj-,Q-.4..-f.:f7:',.B:1-2-mi...L:f.I . I r -- -' 1 W I ' I, ,,,,.II ., -n .f,, . 41, '.4., : .. :,.,..I. -. ' ."-1. ' .' ,-:..1. .J ' 'muwawnemfffw' 1 '-' QQ 'ic A I. IIIQIEY. TI '::II . , .- .. 1 ,QI 1-I ' t . "". ' .' - '-he' . 45.3. 5' ldap ..f.:?:1m::mamma:-z:h1:f:qrnfgm--Gimme-.. in-.., Q 4:-. I.. . ,1:I- - - 'EI .sigh rg o . ' gf yI:" '. II I I ga... I. ,- 'Lg 'W ' K?" """ "J ' "m, - --.vqyi-w-1gf3!'YiqM:'59:1 fi-1-. ui . V N-C5 H . , I . I, f fi K gf 1 N' My 1. . SR ix gp E? 0,6 M9 I tx if Q pirit ever di r 5 . if , 6 mmf s 5 5' Q -wx. me ...N Yxwwmh- , 3 ,ww-.. A . N . 5 hw ff' A d to M xv N0 X Xxgwt-X ziixfif fkwffiv ,A K x 55+ ggi' N ggi X A TN A 'wigs X K x 0ll0l' MF wvwarw ,W ,,, ff ww 559 N . Q ., ,k X Q Sy ,mfg X5 x SES xg 5 5 ' . W 4 ,,,-lf: A WW ' Q A 1 ' K K 7 A 5 fl 1 f . - - x I V, 23555. -QM X , .M ,MuV.'VX - gf S-5, ,f HE? A . t-,rx xx, Q,35 X ' x x Y k ig f'Sf 45A x x x K x N?f3 - x X, Seattle, aSliin gtQffi j . 2' A lnetee undred and 'Firrt 1- u'0e.- ' Cos I-'1l"'5'Q"' Ti! 5 O! 5iY 4sf 0-C+ OUMV7? As one we sing her glory And pledge our love sincere 3 xii? V ? psf W Q an if mix Q. SY? K me M +A X .Am x X KR 5 vs " K' N K 'Q Q S - 4 'W VF. 4 fx X 2 ' , -' X , , 5 Q ,WO +4 AJR ' , 1 QQ' ix-ff , J 4 A A I up jx , 1 r QQ x 4 . N 'X A Q W - Q. .' ' 11' - 1 "M 3 ' N K -'ia 3 ' m f ,Eg 2 ' m M ,.,W ' . ,.T"f'i,, ' M f , '. . - 1 'f f 4 5 Nl 4 ' 2 4 X Lv I 1 S, s In Loyalty We Sing T0 Thee Year by year we Garfield High School students uncon- sciously strive toward a common ideal. an ideal which is the core-of every institution of learning. an ideal known as school spirit. This intrinsic enthusiasm, we feel. is daily stimulated within our portals. Our high scholastic marks uphold the standards of our alma mater. In every athletic contest. we hold steadfast to our inspiration. Likewise we represent school spirit in our colors. the Purple and the White. and in our mascot. the fighting Bull- dog. Proudly. then. to emphasize the traditions of the past. the 1946 Arrow wishes to enhance the vivid spark of school spirit. so that it will burn not only for the present. but for-forever. Dear Garfield lligh . . . From a few brown. wooden portables Garfield has grown into one of the largest and most beautiful high schools in the city of Seattle today. Along with its material development. the school has gained recognition through the accomplishments of its stu- dents. Such personages as Irwin Caplan. Chuck Carroll. Ieff Heath and Mark Sullivan. after having been graduated from Garfield. went out into the world not only to make a name for themselves but also unconsciously to bring glory to their old alma mater. Realizing that the former graduates have endowed glory to us. we students of today are proud: and thus in tribute. the Arrow staff gratefully dedicates this book to all those former students who have helped in various ways to make us proud to be a part of Garfield High. A To bafi germ XNUPDY DOH' yff'Vf? Table of Contents 1 AIIMINISTIIIATIUN 2 PEIISIINN EL 3 PRUDUCTIUNS 4 ATIILETICS 5 SCll 00L LIFE 1 Garfield teachers real- ize that school life is much more than recitations and tests. They believe that students need to develop initiative, originality, and leadership not only in the classroom but also on the football field, in the de- bate squad, or in any ac- tivity demanding partici- pation by a group -no matter the race. color, or creed of its members. 4' INISTR TIO All Garfield teachers act as counselors, assist- ing each youth to map out his prescient four-year program, which is formu- lated to suit the ability and the proclivity of the individual. These precep- tors, then, are paving the destinies of their scholars. conscientiously smooth- ing out the rough spots and allowing students to become adults with confi- dence. d4'Cll'.Fx-4- VO A 3A .gm- U1 'K I Q 4 v'?1g1'1f-,- , k , D f -if . 0 i 8 5 5 'Y 'I x I V . w . .Q -1 qu 12, H 1:4 L . ,i is 3,35 Q? f Y'?It'f K .. ., -, . , - , ,P -'f1?5f, we 'XI' E A' ,, . 52 l J J g YJ N X QWWM df .4 'X -. QQ, 9 - .Q A Q XQ4 - . ,-s ' f ' , M,--.1 'z f . lift . , ' A9 ' Qt. QQ, . XQQUQQ Q Q Q QQ.1 1 Q -QF ' 1-1. ', if . - - f ,J -Q 2-'YNH - . -, ,I .. .1 at A . - 4 1-A --fx, 3 I Av - ' I., ---- 'L h X - Q i .-BKQQQQ5, J. 315 , .. Q QQ V, Q 3 ,"fzI:f'2"f 272 1 f .xy 5, 4 ltglz we-1' .4 r fx' .1 V ' l , ,A 'fi' .1 -f .lk ' 1.-rvwx-1 . . - F55 ' -7 F L- 11432 1 . L: - ' 3 - ig fwgk "5-rw-www---'fi'-"f-4-W--r ' W 4 ,. .. f , ig P2 YQ N f 37 X , - Q - 'M"m:m-W-:,.f W M 3 3- W' f"Q'? ' . . ' 'L' ' 'H , f A . 3 A 3 mf 11, A A ,Ay , ' : K QQ QQQ NQSQM Q, Q 3 x. Q 3 X - A 5 V ., -k, ' M Q31 Q Q Q-, QQ ...LQ Q NME? Qi, q 51-X. .- 3 . we-Q. . - - 1,-,.. I . , , , Q. rp.-,M 1 -.--1f,w,f 4, . Q ,-I 59- Q - xxx w.5,f,bQ , '-FQ' ' -NF' xf i A A ' -41 , A . . QQQQQQQ - :DQ I- QQ . Q, Q !J:QQ,wQ,fE. . -. K - A A 5, I RY - ' .A .. ' . 5 2 Q. I . , .2 , A- . -a ' .3 3 , , we N 4 "m52?.'3ff'1Xfi?'1ff?i"'f'Y1?gtf:'ff3:71'7:g,lf51.J-A ,X Eg' A QQ AQ . 2 L x..,'f-'iaiifipm -I , -i. , ff - ' E-X s . ,, XQ .. 5 u-+L 1 ,QQQ.-Q, V V ., 1 . gs- QQ ,QQ .1 MQ Q QQ vm fi , . ' -' . P -. Q -, - . 1 1.- 'ffffisfff' ,g1f.i3.s"" 'fx rf' 'fi' ' ..f fi , f -Q J l ,,-f A-.fn3x,+4,lxQl4i'V""7" "'f-"- V. kxgk Q: 76 .,,my-M"'Rw,,, Q, .:,'5my5W?6QwQQQQQ Q J Q,Q3,Q1Xg3:5gt5vKiifkiw1q- ,-1..,.-5,-,Q Mk by '- Q Q W, Q WEA. .. QQ . ,VYQQNQ QQ ' x'-f,wl1fQjd2,Qg5"-,,Q Ht, - ,Q-Ehrlggx ,- A .h . N..,QQQf5'Nl.P-,. NK QQ F,Q,x.f5fx4, QQQQ - Q Q Q..,NTQQQQQQQQ QQ fa Q . ,M in Q QQQ 'W . - w-,N 9 51. QQ, , uv - Q. f ' .,,,.-,mai-g,i,-QQ,QQQ-' X " gg ,,?2'-wf-ww ' .QQ MQ' 55' 411-41 .- .-,Q..,,. " ' , 'rf . QQ' -kj - ,-1. 5 ' '-, n fa ii, -fix-R Q .- -"" 1 x f i gas.- 1 ' T -55" FQ'-.yg ' , . - , , Q.:-Q? QQQ-Q..5.Q? Q ,Q -- QI, QQ, QQ 5 ,gQ,5,i,ggQQ5, Q.,Q1Q m Q X ii A Qi ' 142 A m fsigbbf -Y' '- we. ., -, gfi-x-ga'i Q 3 TQ: iii- , , Q f- 4 , 'ij . Q' 93 E' 1 "1 - ', 'g5 'K ". - - Q f i.-A W-' - f5f4"vS'I 1 ' 'Xxx "pi L: 393-1 fl? - A A vfl ' 133 x 1 W m 1: - -pfgfg ff- ' 2 ,f i x ff rr Q '5"41- ,..-rv-H ' 5 . "YK-"Q 4135? 3 y Tx -'A V ' V4 .Q QQ -' -f.J...,,.. ,MWMQQQN QQj .1 Q 'Q,m QQ it Q V QQ.,,- , ,' Q QQKQ Kiki , KiJFFt C.E. K,fQ ' 4 QQ MQ Q Q, Q .gi Q IQ. Q' ig . Q Q. QQ' N 5 .1,v.'f-Isfrl Q.:5,,q.g,...xQQQQQ QQQ gzwxwiiwqolj gi- Q " 5' ' 3 , 5-if Y- -'Z i ,rf5?Q5Y'5-2539-" 'i ',":, .. EZ 5 E V Q QQ- . I, : 'Qi-,, ,Q Q Q 5 QQ' I QAVQ, QQ., k iQ ,Q+1yege,wn'1,g4ggg:M,,gwQSQQv QS- ,QI 2 Q Q, "Lf, ' ' 'fa ,df'3iQQ.: gf - K . L f- J- fg ya 25531 1' X . W 9 - Q' , W---Q5 x ., J, R2 if 'Y ff y ,.- 51 :ff gf, gp - '?g'- jg fl . , x A, .. . nf Q . f -K :W 'Q Q - 5 ' f 8- 4' ,F ,. , X ' mr- fmt F' 'V X A '- K7 ' X" 5 S ' 7 X 2 I'-Q 31 f' ' - '51 1,1 "' f si j Z' ,n , f- -fi x ix, . A A is if is , X. i .' -. g. 'i ,,.Q..,. ,iv Fe' 1 ' ' ,--' . ' 3 - 5 ng N, ,xg gl ' Q 'rg 5 , .v ,Q QQQSQ , Q Q., ' . ' Kel . . K E' ' . ' '- - 'Ii pg l ""'Xf"' - 1 -fa 7' f x ' f ' .. ,.-,-Q-,ws . If-. --I N M- ,,,., Q, "'k",,,ITs EQ53Q!,,m,, . .N Q -, JQI?i5i5Q?54m,5i:Q3-.ff. . .-K F 'Ip Q-.SQQ Hag.-',,, Qi 1 QQQQ5 5 - Q Q f QQ-QQaM:iQ.LQL:R A QQ -Q Q -, . .. x . 1. - 1- ,g-151: ' i A 1 ., ,. Q f' fx X ' ' . 'V 5 , TL! 'ff-" -1, ' . Q QQ.:,' QQQQQQQ,QLQ1g.vQ 1. ,: . .7 J yfimq? -Q.:Q:vQ :,:Q4QX Q:..q4Q. X. ' - in Rims- 51 - 'gg-Q1 - S QQ: 1 in 523431 ---A t L -H1352 - V. .L.:S3, f 1 ,. 3,-,, p -Ng-1 - -E f Q-Z-Q11 1 f 'f -iw 'Q ' I Xi-?-filfi wx-9f1iQ-wxif N . Q, we SUPRE HOWARD M. BRIER WHAT MAKES a good school? A fine building and modern equipment and books all help to make a good school. But these things, alone, are not enough. A school must have good teachers, and a student body eager to learn, before it can accomplish the objectives for which a school is organ- ized. Equal opportunity, high scholastic goals, tolerance, fair play, athletic achievement are but a few of the factors that help determine the greatness of a school. On the football field Garfield players have always accounted for themselves with honor to the school. In the Universities Garfield scholars have excelled. In the service Garfield pupils have made an enviable record. Over the years Garfield High School has established a reputation for being a good school. This has resulted in a fine spirit of loyalty. Garfield graduates take pride in the fact that they graduated from Garfield, and the school is proud of its graduates. As long as this feeling exists, as long as this school continues under a policy of fairness and equal opportunity, there will be thousands who will stand to honor Garfield. Howfxan M. BRIER--VicefPrmcipal. LEADER E. E. HANSELMAN HCUW OFTEN one hears the expression, "I could have done that if I had had the chance." Whitt the individual means is that had he had the opporf tunity for growth and development and had he taken advantage of it, he would he doing a lietter joh of living than he is now doing. Whcri a group of freshmen met a small group of teachers in Septemher 1920, Garfield hesfan its work. Opportunities existed and those freshmen wanted to do things. By taking pride in their work and with a determinf ation to succeed, they overcame many ohstacles, and in so doing profited each in his or her own way. Growth and development resulted. As the school grew in size, more prohlems arose and had to he solved. No matter how complex the task appeared, each succeeding class has assumed its share in the work to he done and therehy each individual has profited in his or her own way, This is growth and development. Guidance, suhject matter, and experience gained through participation in activities, each makes its contrihution in the growth of the individual. Youth, parents and teachers make this possihle at Garfield. E. E. HANsELMaNnsPvim-ipal. MARSDEN COLE ESSIE RICHARDSON JEAN ALFARONE Miss Alfarone, new to the ofhce staff this year, is the study hall and guidance clerk. PHYLLIS RAYMOND Miss Raymond, attendance clerk, assumes complete responsibility for compiling all records on school attendance. MARGARET SEMMENS OFFICE Mrs. Semmens, head clerk, not only is the secretary to the principals, but also directs all MARTHA JOHNSON Miss Johnson, in charge of all girls whose last names begin with A to K, advises on various scholastic problems. HENRY PETERS Mr. Peters, boys' solve an academic difficulty. HELEN SHELTON Miss Shelton, counselor for girls from L to Z, aids them to settle perplexing questions on school subiects. W 4 GUIDING THE LIBRARY, lined with shelves of the world's best reference, prose, and poetic volumes, is the literary center of Garfield. Head Librarian Marsden Cole, aided by Jessie Richardson, has made the library a pleasant place in which to follow research work or "browse through the books." It is in the wealth of the library that students may pursue hobbies, increase their knowledge, or choose vocations. THE OFFICE STAFF is Garfield's administrative center. Jean Alfarone, study hall and guidance clerk, assists Attendance Clerk Phyllis Raymond check and issue admit slips to tardy or absent pupils. To Head Clerk Margaret Semmens falls the job of being secretary to both principals. The office staff also prints the daily bulletin, operates the interfphone system, and performs countless other tasks. THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT, for the purpose of helping students solve their academic problems, is composed of girls' counselors, Martha Johnson and Helen Shelton, and boys' leader, Henry Peters. The members of the guidance staff, in planning success- ful programs for burdened students, not only enable these students to help themselves, but also aid them in taking an active part in an integral society. OFFICE OFFICE office procedures. GUIDANCE GUIDANCE guidance leader, cheerfully assists any boy to GUIDANCE l ME TQIR THE ADVISERS of the Boys' and Girls' clubs, Leslie Cribley and Emilie Hensel, by working through the clubs' oflicers, help to maintain the friendliness, integrity, and spirit of willing cooperation which have long been Garfield traditions. With the aid of the Boys' and Girls' Clubs' advisers, the Garheld ,student body' has this year attained many of its highest goals. THE TEACHERS are that part of Garfield which motivates the students' scholarly attainments. Although many students "gripe" about their teachers, they are neverthef less really happy to have such admirable leaders, for no matter how willing the student, he must have an able teacher. The Garfield faculty will express its own views in the following paragraphs. ' I , LESLIE CRIBLEY EMILIE HENSEL ETHEL WAY ANDERSON ' SCIENCE "I enjoy the friendly spirit which prevails between the teachers and the pupils in this building." K. S. BAXTER HISTORY Mr. Baxter believes that Garfield offers an excellent proving ground for developing sane, practical, democratic precepts. EMMA MARIE BIRD COMMERCIAL Miss Bird says that penmanship is an interesting subject, by which pupils develop a legible style that remains through life. CATHERINE BUCKLEY MATHEMATICS Miss Buckley declares that Garfield's classes and activities offer the students opportunities to develop self-reliance. DON BURNETT PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Burnett observes Garfield's many activities as producing a type of work that will result in better citizenry. JEAN L. BURNS HOME ECONOMICS "All the girls I come into contact with in Garheld have such a fine spirit for 'Future Home Makers of America'." 15 PARKER E. COCK "Garfield High has been famous throughout the city as a school that supports its activities with an unsurpassed loyalty." MAE E. CORNELIUS "The student body is so colorful. Many students as w l as many parents of our students come from all parts of he glob .' CELIA DENUE JH V ENGL Mrs. Denu describes Garfie d i '. many pp ni as "a world with' a world." f Dial Ex:-Z MARY ETHEL DIXON ENGLISH Each time we "stand to honor Garfield" Miss Dixon realizes anew the inspiration of sharing with others in a common purpose. MARY E. FIELD Mrs. Field likes the faculty because she feels they are her true friends, the students because of their cosmopolitan background. CARL A. FOULK Mr. Foulk likes all races, colors, and creeds in attendance in the same building: Garfield is this type of building. ERNEST FREY "Garfield is fortunate in having about the Gnest drawing room in any of the Seattle schools." CHARLES GREER The inseparable traits, outstanding spirit and student government, serve to eep Garheld supreme, voices Mr. Greer. MARY GROVES Students' growth through creative effort serves as a constant source of inspiration to Miss Groves. WARREN M. HAZZARD ENGLISH Mr. Hazzard likes the way Garfield students discharge their responf sibilities well and cooperate in publishing the Messenger. GERTRU DE C. HOPPOCK Pupils of different heritages, Miss Hoppock believes, bring out viewpoints indispensable to an understanding of world affairs. DONALD R. HOYT "I like the Hne building in which we live and work," reveals Mr. Hoyt. I6 ACADEMIC Music MATI-iAMA1-ics AND ENGLIsIr MATH EMATICS ENGLISH INDUSTRIAL Aivrs INDUSTRIAL ARTS FOREIGN LANGUAGE Hisroizv MATHEMATICS PIIIIMIITEII JEAN HUNT HoMIf EcoNoMII:s "I like the cooperative and tolerant attitude students take toward cach other and toward their teachers." RUTH F. 'ISAACS ENGLISH Miss Isaacs regards working at Garfield an opportunity to make some contribution to the sum total of achievement. EMILY IOHNSON Pnvsicai. EDUCATION "I enjoy working with the girls and find their cooperation and spirit very commendable." MARTHA JOHNSON SCIENCE "What could be liner than a world living together peaceably? We have it here at Garfield-all colors and many creedsf' EVA ,IURGENSOHN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss -Iurgensohn likes Garfield because it olfers the freedom and opportunity to develop one's talents and interests. MILFORD K. KINGSBURY SCIENCE "I have been here twenty'six years, and still it's the best school in the country." WILLIAM H. KLEIN MUSIC "I particularly enjoy the spirit of enthusiasm the student body shows toward its teams and its musical organizations." MARY KNIGHT HISTORY "To me Garfield symbolizes the American way of life"-a varied student body, student government, and traditional school spirit. ELEANOR M. LOUGHEAD CoMMuIzcIAI. Miss Loughead expresses her admiration for tlIc way the students always meet her requests with a willing and cooperative response. MARGARET LOWE MATHEMATICS Mrs. Lowe is inspired by the challenge presented by the variety of races, nationalities, and creeds of our student body. HARRIET MEHLHORN ENGLISH The experience of working with people ol various backgrounds proves interesting to Miss Mehlhorn. S. L. MERRIAM MATHIQMATICS Mr. Merriam likes the traditions, loyalty, participation, cooperation, and scholarship which prevail at Garfield. I7 ACADEMIC RUTH B. MOORE COMMERCIAL Garheld has been a wonderful place to work, discloses Mrs. Moore, because of its outstanding faculty and loyal student body. LUTHER MORE n PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. More feels honored to belong to Garfield because of its many commendable traditions. BYNG NIXON PHYSICAL EDUCATION Garfield frequently initiates new school activities and always backs all school functions enthusiastically, Mr. Nixon believes. RUTH E. NYSTROM ART Engaged in work depending on individual creative expression, Miss Nystrom likes a school with an "international" student body. VIRGINIA B. OLMSTED MoDEP:N LANoIIAoIzs "At Garheld we are proud of our own racial heritage and respect that of our neighbors." ANNA M. PELTON FOREIGN LANGUAGE Miss Pelton has always marveled at the fine spirit and gay enthusf iasm of the pupils of Garfield. HENRY W. PETERS HISTORY "Garfield is interesting to me because its population is made up of such a variety of types of people." H. W. PORT COMMERCIAL "I like the freedom of thought and speech so prevalent at Garfield. To me that is truly American." LOUISE K. PUGH ENGLISH Miss Pugh calls to attention that Garfield has provided for charity in peace and war honds in war. ' MARIE C. SAEMAN ENGLISH "May our Garfield spirit always impel us toward worthy endeavors as in earlier days when our school was shaping its life." A. L. SCHMALLE SCIENCE 'LI particularly like thc spirit of cooperation and helpfulness which Garfield students display year after year." ELIZABETH M. SCHOEPPEL HISTORY "Gar6eld, with its varied population, offers a great challenge and is indeed a stimulating experience in teaching." I8 PRO 0'l'EIl MARGARET E. SCHWARTZ COMMERCIAL "I like all that is 'Garfield'-the students, the faculty, the classes, the activities, the traditions, and the building." I MARIE G. SHAFER HISTORY The response of seemingly irresponsible students in an emergency amazes Miss Shafer. HELEN E. SHELTON FOREIGN LANoUACEs Miss Shelton notes that one has the opportunity of meeting and knowing many different and interesting students at Garield. CHARLES L. SIMMONS INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Simmons likes the wholefbearted spirit and good fellowship of the faculty and student body in all school activities. HERLIN SLOCOMB ENGLISH "The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Garlqeld is its distinguishing feature," comments Mr. Slocomb. CLIFTON T. SMITH MATHEMATICS "I like first its traditions Of good sportsmanship and fair play in its various activities with other schools and at home." l JOHANNA STRATE ENGLISH "There is a freshness and an originality about students at Garneld that make each day a new adventure." MARION W. THOMSON SCIENCE "Gar6eld's response to help in any emergency, and its cooperation in any activity, has always been very gratifying." JESSIE A. WARREN HISTORY "Garfield is so cosmopolitan that being a part of it is an education in the development O the real American community spirit." FLORENCE WELTS HISTORY Miss Welts believes that the teaching of history at Garfield en' courages an appreciation of the American institutions of democracy. GEORGE S. WILSON SCIENCE Mr. Wilson is interested in the way "some students take naturally to a science and others resist: still Others resist, then accept." RUTH B. YATES ENCLISI-I Mrs. Yates has always been delighted hy those strange adolescents called sophomores, whose amazing energy has held her spellbound. I9 Youths of various col- ors and religions attend Garfield. By working to- gether harmoniously. they learn gradually to understand and to help each other. Our alma ma- ter, as a result, is a melt- ing pot of all races: through collaboration her alumni are prepared for worth-while associations when they enter the ex- acting world ol competi- tion. -zf 'V i -, l t Off VJ W l-rl l 'fly ,JD JCM Coizzizzbnftfrfxsleszzi body. Garfield has pur- Wwtrjiw 655' J chased a sixteen milli- meter tihn arc and a new public address system. These purchases have been made possible by means oi the weekly stamp plan. By partici- pating in the latter, all Gariieldites contribute their share towards im- proving their alma mater. Iames A. 1 , 'Q Q QQ .Q f Q W - .5 Lg? NSN- if ' ,Q I ' 331 Q M- .g -. ' +-- - J K K' Q' K .g f' f ' wi V.-is f L -, Ng bw x -" x A , Y. 4 . 5 .3 - Q QQ ,-if ' -ff- ' E 'Q st ' N:-s - "'-'Sw .1 fl 5 HR ' yi . ' gli: A35 - C' -ff' - J li -1, , if N - .v l Qi? gf- ,.-'fifgf 1 -1 '5n?3!"f?'!Q'?f,-.-.--'W'-' 'X' ,W - , QQ IQQSQQQQQQQ Q .- lil,-QQ: AQ, r ,qw -, Q ily.. My Q - Q, .5 Q Q Q ki. Q!,gLQQ,r Y- .- wg' -,jg I - A ' , -'V '51 ' , .-. ., ,. .,-fy' ' 1, ,- ,Q A " - ,yn QQ.-"Q, SQ--SNR "P '. ,xv-V' 2 '- ' 5-S-g '- , f--31.91 V, is -. --,va-1'Pw',,.-f' ' z wr .- ff" Q W... -- ' E :ff '-f-7' - -'f+"x ' -' .4 - -A ' , - :--- 1- f., - '- -,..-- ' 399' .5- 7-1. 1- 'f .- .. Q, , , ,Q i QQ Q Q,QQQQ ., ' 4- - X . R 4 KA fp! mix"-' - f "1 43?-T W4-f ' - - - ., ' 2-'-271. ' . "1 'X , .m W" f i - 'if-1 - ig Q Q QCQ QQXQQQQ QQ Q QQQ .Mn ,QQ QQ W.. mi. 5 ,- gs ,Q .. , .Q ' - n Q :MF ' X - . - : ' fa- ' . H-J. -- . -, . 1 Q - ,QA - - H fx ,, . M, ez, 1- ,. ,Q -. - Q 15 1 - . Q03 4 ,Q .7 -Q - Q A., . - f,,Q - ge. -Q Q-.f Q. , ,g f QQ. 1 , ggg Q .Q QQ, 3 QQ -..Q-QQ-vm 53,5 Q "J qi ' ' ' .QL 1 'ff df.: N S , .2-ug, ' Q- -,? , .. I .ffm 52--, g 5' t- . .1 - ff- wx-. ., , . Q .- jg' 3ggyo,,Q.g-,7327 1 Q Q .- 'J , . - QA 'f . ' .-- P-. 'u 'Wi -A. . r ...Z '-f , f ' ..- ' '- ' -N. f 1. 4 L Q ' X , Q Q, Q- QQ . g.g.. Q Q, ., .,Q Q- .I ,, Q Q, Q ,Q-jig. A- f' K ' SEQ - 5:45 ' 5 4' , -.egg 'N Q Q-It-. Q -wi F95 i-5115, ' :--'frm -f b" .- .wa 4.-: .gpm qv , 1 .Q .f .gx Q Q Mw... AQ-Q Q . v Q- 1 1 Q Q Q ,,. 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LQ! -z x Q , - ,- 1 - -f '- . + 1 Q :Q .-.F , . f, - " - 7 . ,- '-: Tr. , f ft f- if f 1555 .f 'N T ia IF- iz .sv-1,-1?-T2 -' .ai J.-az. ui: :I an .H 1 e A - 1 - n ' Z '- - ' .f--M E- T' . ' - 'ef 'FQ - N .,. ' ." ' 'sb- ---s-.l': x ' qi' ' 'J 5 . ' -f -' 2. , n 'E ' 51, 'Q -- , ,ye ' iff ' 3 1? 5 Q 3 Qxg .- , L , we X - gf, -' - , -Q Q - M ,- if Qftfs 1.x 4- - - . r aw' -. - if if-L .f ' -:M -. - -:E S 1 -5 .2-1, . ' , - -'- Q , 2' . Q .-3 ' -' f ,, H . s ,U ,o- gsm ' ' .- '12 -1'-J '- ' . . ' - 'V - 'fy x ' "" - J- " ' . A ' IM. Q49 1' A Y A I3 1 '-' ' "lf- ' i- L - -Y f , ' . ' . -3 if-' - :- . -2 ' 5 , ' - I ' ! E - - , - -, -. 3. 1 - - 15' 1 , J if e.."- u. -1- A ' f 5 ' W -1: -" L ' ' i 5 5557- Y U 43 ? 'F 'EG 'Z 'why y i -5 2: Q - iw - Q- ' .-- -2 fix-+L -Y ., ' 'ff -.Rf 2 -r QQ 1. .. 'Q 3 , Q,Q Q: Q is ,Q- 5, . Q. ,QQ - .- ,gk Q - Q . 5, QQQQ.,-.wt Q .Q .5 2 - f .1 --- fi Q' f ff- I .- . Q -fs, -- --z Q .Q Q Q Q, ,Q - . - . :. ,Q QQ - Q Q 3, ,QQ .- . -Q Q ,Q .Q , Q , Q . 'T ' 15 w L- - 'S q'5 ' K - ' 51553 if na 5 I2 , 2- 1 ' - 5' . , A ',- ,, - Z:-,.v.-- -2 -1- Q 5 ' -5 FX :Q F - . , .2 Q .f - ijt-33. W' 'Q Q- ,- -- Q- . -.535 -XV.-V... . Q. gg,-3' E. 3 ., ,E -Q fr.-1 .A Q-5 ,QQ , Q JQ .QWQ QQ .Q -.-' 1 , - QQ,:- 2 .3 ' fn- - . ,Q. 5 -Ijypfn Q ,-,Pfj A Y , I .Q - . A - 'Q ' ' r, -' Q K QQ . ,Q QL? QPQ QQ 2 Q ,F QQ . Q A-, QQ,,,-2, iid L'-f' -. 1- , -, 5- - - 1- -1 - 1-,,. IQ Aa . , K4 , , ,ep . mx- 3 gs 5, - , 5. Q ,r 1 ,Q -5 5, 35 ,QQ 5,43 -2 3 .gel Q 3, "?m-aug, .- v - - 1- f gg- ti -- 2- vs 1 1 Q, ----afzz Q - Q dj' , - Y Q 1523. A !-- -5 y, - Q Q.. 2-, f --9' N 3- 'lixgi HE'-3 ,Z 5-'I ' , . . - 59- , , -, HQ, QQ ,QQ Q - 1 x W w- 'lt -S21 5 Qg, , -, , , QM-1,-. 3 .3 Q . ,-,Q ,Q Q ,MUQY .-.,. f E3 -- - 22, S" W is 1 is . -5 ,. 1' ' ' ,J .- ' ' , ,- ' f 2 tk ' v ipaq? -,x ,Q '- X 5 - ' .gy 5 Qhm, ,g.1-Qwfyifggwvw-A--.w,v,-..,, 1. - , , - Q-mm mm-rf At this time , four long, adven- tu r o u s y e a r s have passed, and the p u p p y h a s gradually grown along with his mascot, the bull- d o g , in t o a n adult, mature d o g . T h e r e is Advise, much ahead of h im , a n d h i s school days are now but a sweet, treas- urable memory. The senior has now learned to regard an occurrence with a broad credence, to contemplate before making a decision. He is moulding definite opinions, and his r i p e n in g ideas are ready to blo ssom . He has reached the height of the narrow, wind- ing road of life, and the difficult stumps are smoothing out beneath his feet. He cheerfully bids goodbye to his teachers and fellow classmates, for they are his friends and shall never be less. As he proudly leaves Garfield's front door and takes a last. long look at his school, tears of thanksgiving gently roll down his healthy cheeks. The senior has va- cated another place in his alma mater -a place that no one can wholly fill out. VIRGINIA B. OLMSTED gf 22 BILL LEWIS President DICK LOWE Vice-President LOIS STRICKLAND Secretary-Treasurer THE CLASS 0F 1946 23 W'ILLIAM L. AIUAMS Scrrvtary-Trczlslxrcr. Sophomorr Classg Flrst Team, Foohnllg Chaitmzm, Doormnn Committwg Funfvstg Roll Ofhcvrg Honor Roll. Honor Socicly. JACQUELINE E, ALEXANDER Advxsory Board: Gold Svnlg "U" Clulw, After School Sportsg Honor Roll. Honor Socwty. JEAN ALFARONE Roll Ofhcrrg flnlctrtlau Stlltlg Othn' Cflvllr RAE ALHADEFF MldfNX'1lxtr'r ffouccrtg Funfcstg Study Hull Clvrk, TILLIE ALHADEFF Nlid-Yfintcr Conccrtg Roll Ofhcvrg Lnlwmry, ffoxnnnmr' ment, Ushvr, Program Cornnuttccsg Study Hall Clerk. DAVE ALMELEH-Y First Team. Trask: Gold Soul: Funfvstg Tumlvltng Tcnmg Fall Trackg Honor Roll, Honor Soclrtv, PEGGY JEAN ALTMAN f Entcrvd from Hollvwood High School. Hollvwood. Culifornin. DOROTHY AMON Funfrstg Ushrr flommittrcg junior, Sopholnorr Class Rrprcscntntlvvg Vlctory Garden: Stags Crcwg Study Hall fllcrlr. RUTH ANDERSONHScnior Plzlyg Funfcstg Roll Bzmkcrg Usha-r Conunitrvrg Senior Class Rcpresvzmrzutnwg Study Hull lilvrkg Ofhcv Cllr-rk, jAc:K LYCETTE, Nick NIXIJN, and JACK Kmman 'These Garfield letter-men are xlmwing off then smpex. JEAN ANDREXVS Vice-Prcsldcnt, junior Clnssg llnhnrtrt: lvlvswngrr SIJIYTQ Roll Ofhccrq Honor Roll, Honor Socivtyg Mslkc-Up Conunttlrrg Sr-mor Class Rcprz-scntznivc. LILY ANGEL-ffFunfcst1 "ll" Club, Aftcr School Sporty Roll Ofhcn-rg Soplxof mort' Clzlsa RL'prm'm'nt1st1vvg Soplxomorv flomnuasmon. SAM ANGEL Funfcstg Roll linnkvrg ,lumor Claw Rrpxwvur.uorg Vxctolv Ilnrdvn. ELIOT ATTEHERY Prcmdvur, llovs' Clulwg St'cn't.uryfTrrrmxrrr. lluulor Chung Funft-st: Ivialr flhorubg Roll Othccrg Honor Roll: Honor Sour-tv, GEORGE AYERS -ffhzuirmzm. Rvcords lIonmutlu'1 l5t-lw.m- iflulwg l5lr:u'ln'rs, Doorman Committccs. HELEN LA ROSE HARNETT Altvr School Sporta: Victory lhrrdvug iI.rh'l4'l1:n Stull, DAVE BAROH Captain. N-ti Footlmll Squddg Fun: Tturm, Foorlmll. Truck Second Team, Bzrskrtlwnllg Roll Otfifrt. Hnnkrrg Honor Roll: Atlmlt-rw, Huldmg Conxmittrvs. ESTHER BAROKAS -f'- Funfcst: Uahcr. Mnku'Up Conmnxittct-sg Frrshmzm Class Rcprcscntduvcq Red Crossg Gym Clerk. I SHIRLEY BARR Rt-d Gros DICK BARTU Chairman, Boys' Club Committee: Senior Play: Funfest: Building Committee. MARY LOU BASSETT News Reporter, Messeixger: Senior Class Repref sentative. SlfLlvlA BEAR Roll Banker: Usher Committee. STANTON LUUIS BECKERf-Sports Stall, lvlessenger: Photography Cluh: Ticket, Doorman. Publicity Committees. FRED BELL Chairman, Lunchroom Committee: Roll Officer: Honor Roll, Honor Society: Stamp, Ticket, Doorman Committees. STAN BENDBR MielfWinter Concert: Funfest: Band, Chorus: Roll Olllcer: Cafeteria Statl. ,IULIB BBNSUSEN Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Orchestra: Roll Othcer: .lunior Class Representative: Study Hall Clerk. ISAAC BENSUSSEN Gold Seal: Roll Officer, Banker: Honor Society: Cafeteria Staff. MARILYN GAYNELL BERRY-fflvlid-Winter Concert: Funfest: After School Sports: Ballet Cluh: Health Committee. Doius DANnaLsoN, MARY MOSSMAN, and Mamie PHILIPS Three Arrow-stag members react to the phozographefs jokes. BILL BBRTOLIN Chairman, Ticket Committee: Midfwintcr Concert: Funfest: Band, Orchestra: Roll Olheer: Honor Society: Senior Class Representative. RUBERT BIANCHI Third Team, Foothall: Chorus. lkllillilk BISHOP Entered from Grant High School. Portland, Oregon. lililiCH BLAKE Fonfest: Ski Cluh: Noon Program Committee: Entered from Queen Anne High School, Seattle, Washington. BARBARA BLAUVELT MiJ'V'iliter Concert: Chorus: Roll Officer, Banker. NANCY BLUME Roll Officer: Honor Roll, Honor Society: P. T, A, Cum, mittee: Entered from Broadway High School, Seattle, Washington, ,lANliT BUTHWELL Advisory Board: Quill and Scroll: Feature Editor, lvles' senger: Funfest: Roll Otlicer: Honor Roll: Senior Class Representative. CLYTIE BUWER Roll Ofllcer, Banker: Victory Garden. ALBERT BOWLES Football lvfanager: Roll Officer, Banker: Ski Cluh: Stamp, Reeords. Building Committees. CHARLINE BRIDGEFORTH --Cafeteria Staff. TED BRIEN First Team, Track, Footlaallg Chairman, Doorntan, Publicity. Noon Program Committees, Pen Stall, Roll Oflicerg Ski Clulwg Athletic. P. T. A.. Dance Committees, JACK BURKEfEditor, Nlesscngerg SeerctaryfTreasurer, Freshman Classy Pres' ident, Honor Society: First Team, Track, President, Quill and Scroll: Chair' man, Athletic, Building Committees: Funfest. RALPH BUTTERFIELI3 Head Ilasltetlmll lvianagerg Seeontl Team, Footlmllg Roll Uflieer. JAMES CALDERHEAD Chairman, Puhlieity, Bleachers Committees, Sports Reporter, Messenger, Senior Playg Funfestg Second Team, Footlvallg Ski Clulwg junior Prom. Assembly, Executive Committees. PEARL CALVO f-Cahinetg Funfestg Roll Oflicerg Usher, Nurses', fl. 11.0. Committees. GLORIA CARLO' Nlessengvr Staflg lvIaltefUp, llaziltr, Voeational Coin mitteesg ,lunior Class Committee. FRANCIS CHAN Cathay Cluli. JAMES A, CHASE-'First Team. Footlwallg Seeontl Team. Ilasltvtlwall. llasef lwallg Roll Omcerg Stutlv Hall Clerk. GALENA MAUARINSKY and JACK IVIILLER The two managing editors are minding their .Qviulls and Scrolls. NURIVIA CHIN-f-First Vicefl'rrsnIent, Girls' Cluhg President, ,lunior Classg Secretary-Treasurer, Cathay Clulvg floltl Seal, Fnntesig Roll Officer, Honor Roll, Honor Society. EDITH CHINN Funfestg Cathay Clulag Llhrary. Serxiee Coinmntees, BECKY CHIPRUT Cafeteria Stalf. FANNIE CHIPRUTV After School Sports, Roll Ilanlo-rg Honor Roll, Honor Society, Reel Cross. Victory flartleng Cafeteria Stall. JOHN CHRISTIANSON f-First Team, Footlwallg Messenger Staff, Funfestg Second Team Basketball, Track: Roll Offirerg Sltl Cluhg Program, Hall, Door- man Committees. JACK CLARKE' First Team, Tcnnisg Chairman, Assembly Committeeg Pen Staff: Senior Play, Funfestg Honor Roll, Honor Soeletyg Senior Class Re- presentative. CHARLES F. CLISE, JR. Entered from Thaeher School, Oral, California. NATALIE CONE--Slti Clulag Art. l'. Q, Committees: Freshman Auxlliarvl Senior Class Representative. RAY CUNNERY-f-First Team. Traeltg Gold Seal: Funfesrq Tumbling Team, Roll Oflicerg Honor Roll, Honor Society. llll,l. IZOUK l'rcaialrnt, l"'rcshnuu1 Claaag VlIC'l,fl'blklCIlf, Sopholnorc Class: C.npl.nn, Ti-:nm Tl-.nng Ilh.nr1n.un. Puhllcnry Connnittcrg Roll Olliccr. llnnkcr: llonol Roll. Honor Soclcty. lIl.l XRIA KIUUN IAKYK CURUUVA liohl Srnlg Srniol l'l.wg Honor Roll. Honor Soclclyg Door' nlilll Colnlniltrv. NlARlAN lfl5NA f1OUSlNS lvln.l'XYinn'r Conccrlg Funlustg Senior Chorusg SI.nnl.ll'Lls ifornrnrtlvfl Red Crossg Study Hall lflcrk. HUNVARD KIRAVIEN Roll Ullicvrg Stamp, Tlclwt ffolnrnltlccs. l3URlS l7ANllfLSUN K1.ilvlm'rg Gold Suzllg l'vrsonnL'l Eklllllf, Arron: NL-ws Rvpolrrr, Nlvssrrigcrg Scnior l'l.uyg Funlvstg Honor Roll, Honor Socivty. VIRGINIA l3liVlN Cnlvllirig Circulation Stall, lvlrsacngcrg Ski Cluhg Rcnl lfrossg Slmly Hull Ulcrlx. .IUHN li. DILATUSH lntr:nnur.ul lizaalu-rlmllg Ski flluhg filllix'lt'l'lil Stull. .ll.AN DUYUN llnsllirss Stull. lvlcsscngcrg Nonctlcc: Scnlor Chorus: Library flolninltlrrg llyin fflvrlcg lflilritrl lrorn Egllnonds High School, Edmonds, Xlflslnllgroll. 'IMTK Bvkxif and SoLv11lo IVARSSUN Two editors looking at the 'Ivlexs' in the 'Me.Ss' office" is no pun, SlllRl,lfY ANN EASTERN lv1nlWV1ntcl fionfcng lsilnlcstg Clxorusg Roll li,mlo'rg Ushrr Cfonnnnuw-Q Sophomore CMN Rcprcsmtalivrg Rvd Cross. liUlilfNlf liKlll.Al3 lvlnlfXYintrr Clollwrtg Bznul. MARY ,IANIE ENG l'rL-srdvrxt, "U" fllnlvg Gold Sczxlg Funfrsrg Roll Ullicrr, ll.unlu'r. llonor Socwtvg Cnrlmy Clnlwg Lihmry Conmmlttcc. Al.VlN Nl. liRl7Rli1H First 'l'c.lln, llnpclwaillg Svconnl TC-llll, Foolhnllg lntraf nnnul liauslwtlmlli Lunfhroorn ffornnmlu' XVARNHR liRlflKSUN Sings Crm-wg lhnhlmg lfmplovrr Sill. l',SKliNAZl Track 'linuung lllll'-llllllhll Spoih. Rlllilili EVANS lntr.imur.ll, llemslrctlmllg lluilding Coinrnirtcrg lfntcrcd from Ilaullnul High School, Scimlc, Nllislnngton. l.URlN R, FELVHR' Funlcstg lfntcrml lrom Grznnl Rnpnls High School, llrnnrl Rsrpnls. Minncsolzn, l7lil.AlNli FLliMlN4l Ncxxs Rcpoltrr. lvlcssviigrrg Honor Society: Sophoinora Clslsa Rrprvscrltaltivr. DALE FORBESffFirst Team, Basketball, Baseball: Chairman, Boys' Commit- tee: Senior Play: Second Team, Basketball: Roll Olhcer: Crounds Committee. RUTH FORTNEYffGold Seal: Honor Roll, Honor Society: Health Committee: junior Class Representative, DAVID QUAN FOY -President, Honor Society: Maliager, Di-hate Cluh: kioltl Seal: Roll Banker: Honor Roll: Dehate Cluh: Sophomore Class Representative, DOROTHY FREED -'HCA' Cluh: After School Sports: Roll Officer: Honor Roll, Honor Society. ,IEARL DEAN FRIERSONffFunl'est: Chorus: Ski Cluh: Study Hall Clerk. LANE FUKIIKADO- 'Entered from Hunt High Sehool, Hunt, Idaho, RAE FUNESY lviid-Winter Concert: Orchestra: Victory Carden: Study Hall Clerk. DALE GERALD CEYER -Funfest. EVELYNE GINSBERGf'MidfWinter Concert: Hit Parade: Spring Festival: Senior Chorus: Roll Officer: Lunchroom Committee: Junior Class Represen' tative. joAN WALKER and BARBARA Roueas Garjields two gifts to the theater are merely holding a dramatic pose after a hectic rehearsal of "janie." REVELLA UINSBERC Usher. Voeational Committees: junior Class Repre- sentative: Study Hall Clerk, WANDA CLASS---NIid'Winter Concert: Roll Otiicer: Honor Roll, Honor Society: Standards Committee: Senior, ,lunlor Class Representative. BERNICE GOLD'BERGffSki Cluh: Grounds, Health Committees: Chairman Victory Corps Committee. BILL GOODGE fCold Seal: Roll Officer, Banker: Honor Roll, Honor Society: Ticket Committee, LEONA LEE GORDONW-Senior Play: MldfW1nter Concert: Funfest: Senior Chorus: Usher Committee: Victory Garden: Cafeteria Stall. FREDERIC R. GRAFF-Chairman, Ticket Committee: Senior Play: Mid' Winter Concert: Funfest: Band: Honor Roll, Honor Society: Lunehroom Committee. PHYLLIS D. URAHAIVI--'Senior Chorus: Roll Ulheer, Banker: Library Com' mittee. GEORGE GRASHINH-First Team, Track: Chairman, Publicity Committee: Funfest: Intramural Sports: Roll Banker: Doorman Committee: Senior, junior Class Representative. BOB CRAY-f-Roll Ofhcer, Banker: Sophomore Class Representative. ,IANIi l'lIil.LIi IIRIIIIN Nlit.l'lYtntfr Conccrtg Band: Honor Roll, Honor Socirtvg IiIlIl'l't'LI from Lincoln High School, Portland, Orcgon. RITA GRIiIfNIiORG Cliorusg Roll Bankcrg Fins Arts, Vocational Committccsg Frrslxmau Auxiluaryg Sophomorc Commission: Rt-tl Cross, lfVIfI.YN KIRITIENHILL Viccfl'rrsnIt'nt, Honor Socictyg Quill and Scroll, Gold Svalg Copy Iitlitor, Mcsscngcr: Mid-Winter Concvrt: Honor Roll: Fine Arts Cominitn-v. MARY LYNNIi IIRUSSMAN Gold Seal: Pen Stallg Funlvstg Roii Otriccr, Ilanlwrg Honor Roll, Honor Soclctyg P. Q. Committrc. ,IQ ANNE CUNN Advisory Board: Quill and Scroll, Cabinet: Feature Edi' tor, Mi'sst'ngcrg Funfrstg Roll Ofliccrq Honor Roll. ,IULIA KZUNN Managrr, IX-hate Cluhg Calunctg Gold Seal: Mcssctigcr Stalfg Honor Roll, Honor Socuctyg Fine Arts, Vocational, Nurscs' Committees, Srniot Class Rcprrsrntativr. CLARICE KIURIEVITCH Gold Sralg Roll Banltvrg Honor Socictyg MaltcfUp, Finn' Arts, Vocational Committcrs. JERRY WI. HALPERN Messenger Statlg Third Tcam, Baseball, Roll Banker, lloorman, Noon Program Committcrsg Study Hall Clcrlt, l.II.I.Y HAM lYar llontl Commlttvr. DAVE Nmzrtzn and IVIILLARIB PETERSKY Readmg Dock .vportx column and inspecting Pete's photography ix a busy ocrupatitm for Doc and Pete. LIQATRICII HANAN Calwlnrtg Scnior Play, Honor Societyg Friendship, P, Cotntntttvrsg Sophomorr Class Rcprvscntativtg Rcd Cross. IVILFRIIIT C. HANSIIN Second Tram, Footlaallg Honor Roll, Honor Society, HIIWIN ALMIIII HANSON CUIIRINE HARIFMAN Ifntrrctl lroin NVrst Sraltlt' Higll School, Scattlc, Washington. AI.AN HARNISH Stags Crrwl Prix Stall. PATRICIA MAII HARRIS Funlvst. CHARLES HARTFORD First Train, Footlwallg NIid'IVintcr Concert, Baskctf lwall lvlanxigrrg Sflllul' Chorus: Roll Ilanlotrg Slti Clulvg Sophomore Class Ri-pl't'srl1tzltivv. IIIIRALDINIE HARTNETT Advertising Stall, Ivlcssvngcrg Senior Playg Fun' licstg Honor Sorivty, Ski Clulwg Grounds Committrvi Study Hall Clcrlt. TOM HARTNETT Husincss Managcr, Prng Advisory Board, Quill and Scroll: Chairman Grounds. Dt-nn-rits, Srnior Gift Committcrs: Gold Seal, Iiunlrstg Ilollol' Roll, Honor Soclrtv. HOBBY HENDERSON Gold Sczilq Mid'Xk'iirrcr Crwncrng llalmlg Honor Ri-ll, Hunur Sucirtvg Girls' Club Rcprvscntzrriw, PATSY HIUAKA Fuufrstg Ri-d Crux, DONNA HINTON-Cnlminctg Nlessfnurr Stall: Svnmr l'l1ryg Funluslg Rull Offircrg Hunur Roll, Hunur Sucivtyg Ski Clulv. LORRENE HIRST Mid-lX'iiilcr Cuuccrt: fllmriisg Liiuclrrruun, Maki-'Up Kfuruf mitlccsg Csifctcriir Stull. DURUTHEA HOLEVAS Funfcst: Ski Club: Stzrmlzlrila fiuiunirrtvrg lintvrml from Rnusvvclt High Schunl, Scxilllv, lY:rsh1m,1tmm, VERTHA HOLLEY ROSE HURONYITZ Nlio.lfXYii1ti'r Cfuucvlig ILCQU. Arn-m.l:im: Frvslmizrn Aux' ilixiry, ,lOHN HOVJIE --Records Curuinutrv. DOLORES HOYVLANIJ Rull Ulhccrg Honor Rull, lrluuui Su,-iviyg Nl:ilcufUp Cnxmniirtcvg Srumr Clam Rvprcsvulzlrlw. NAl7lNli LASKY and CAROL? MORGAN 'The "C" Club girls rest in the gym office after a xtremwus game of badminton. RUBYE HUEY Funlestg Rull Uihcn-rg Cznhaw Cluhg Service Cumruim-e. HATSUYH IMANISHI liulvrcil lrum Hunt High Sclmul, lluul, lilulm. DAVE ISRAEL lmraimurzrl Spurts: lilvziclivra Ciuuinnrlvc, SOLVEIG IVARSSUN Editor, Nlrfwlxgrrg Vicc'l'ri-fnlrirt, Huuur Sucwlyg Vrccflarcsidvnt, Ski Clulv: Quill and Srrullg lh-rsnum-l Assufizitr. Arrow' Funfcsr: Rull Oiliccr. Bzmlu-r, TED TERUO JITUDAI Eurvrvd from Hum High Srhunl, Hunt, ldaihu. EVELYN JUNE JOHNSON f lv11xlfYViutm'r ffuncvrtg Funfi-sig Svumr Kflmrusg Building flnmmittcug llritvicd from Fzrrgu High Sclmul. Fargo. North Dzrlmtzr, RAYNIUND YVALTER JUDY Clrmriunu. Buy! lflulw flunrrrrrltwg Fiiirfvstg Second Tc-nm, Footlwaillg Third Team, Traickg Rull Uflici-rg Ski flluhg Trnfhc, l.uncl1ruum, Duurmaiu, Building, Tickrr Cuiuiriittrrsg junior Class Rcprvrwiif tzltivc. LILLIAN KIUNG RITA KASTRINER Fn'shm.u1 Auxiliauvz fhrii-rvriar Stull. SUMA KATU lintrrctl frmn Ugtlcn Hugh Sclu-UI, Ogdntt, Utah. AUVE KATSMAN Mud-Wtntrr Cmtcrrl: Funfcrt: llxmtlz Urqln-st1'at: Swmg ll.lml. 'l'lil7lTY KAUFFMAN Uoltl Sully Nlusartlgvr Smllg Rtlll Ullicrrg lhlunol' Sn' t'lt'IV1 Sltl Kflulwg l'.-T.A, ffnnmuttrr. KA'l'lllfRlNlf CHlli KAWASAKl Aftcr Schtml Sptuls: Clmrtlsg Honor Sw civlvg Uvlvallt' Clttlwg l'.Q., Maukt'-Up Cnnttnittccs. ISARIKARA ANN KELLY Fuxtft-bt. VliLl'I'A RAE Klllll Scum: Clzxsa lh-prvat-ttl.tt1w: ll.tlctt't'tn Stull. AIAKZK KIIJDISR, Vm-'l'x't-altlctxt, lntfr-Sclmul Cuunptlg First Tram. Fumlmll. Tratrlt, liamkt-tlmllg Unltl Scalg Funfvstg Hmmr Snclcty: Athlvtlc Cummittcu. TOM KILLAM flxrculntmn Stall, Mvssctmgcrg Funfcstg Roll Othgcrg Stamp. lllvatclu-rs Cmnmtttvr, DULURIES MAE Kllv1llALL Mak--'Up flnntnuttvr. ROY MAR, Iitwmzzi VANCE, and DAv1a Bfxttott The weight of the football team ns determined by tllexe lmyx. lIljORIlE KING Rttll Ulllccr, llnnlu-rg Skt Clluhg liutltlmg, Trallit' Commit- tt-usg St-nmr Class Rt-prcsuntnttvc. ALLEN IRVINKI KUSIN Clmrmg Rull limkrr: lhurntgut Cmutmttcvg Red Kfrma, MARVIN KUSOKUFF Fust Tvnm, Football: MiJfWintur lhutcrrtg Sccuml Tramt, ll.tst'l'u:tllg Scmur Clmrttsg Truth: Cnnmtttittccg Senior, Suphutnorc Class Rvprcsclttnttw. DURUTHY ARLENE KRAUSE Mnkt-'Up Ct-mnmtu-, XK'll.MA KRAUSE Roll Ulllccrg M.lkt'Ug1. l'.fT,A. Cfmnt111ttt'rs. l'A'l' KREFTINQI llultl Svzllg lftlttlbvstg Honor Roll, Honor Suctutyg Slzttulztrth ilunuulttccg Girls' Clulv Rcprcsrlttxtttvc. Al KUSAKAlllf Hunnr Soclcty: Unld St-:tlg lvlatltc'UP Cuntnmittccg lfntcrcd lrum lists! Htgh bclmul, halt Lake Ltty, Utah, MARIAN lf. LANE Ski llluhg Frcalmmnn fllmrusg Bczuttttiuatttmt, Mxtk1'fUp llutllxtxlttrrs. HUXVIH LARSEN Svcrrt.u'y'Txrnstlrur, Buys' Cfluhg Ftrs! Train. l"'mmtlmllL l 1 Atlvlsury liustrtlg Gultl Scztlg Rt-ll Ulhfvrq Honor Rnll, Honor Socxctyq Skt Club. NADINE LASKY---President, Viee'Prestdent, ATG" Clulv: Quill and Scroll: Gold Seal: Girls' Sports Editor, Personnel Editor. Arrow: Reporter. Mes' senger: Mid-WIinter Concert: Ski Clult. ELIZABETH LAVENDER After School Sports: Cafeteria Stall. ALLAN LAIVSON First Team. Track: Advisory Iloaitl: Senior I'l.ivg I:unIcsl: Roll Oiicer, Banker: Stamp, Athletic Committees. JANE LEE Copy Staff. Arrow: Feature Stalf. Messenger: Copy Editor. Pen: Funfest: Roll Ullicer: Standards, P.-T.A., Gazette Committees: junior Class Representative. EILEEN LE GRANDE Senior Play: MidfWinter Concert: Chorus. FLORELEI LEOPOLDffRoll Ufhcerg Health, Gazette Cointntttees. ROBERT PAUL LESCHER Assistant Editor. Messenger: Band, Ur-flu-srr.i: Roll Ofhcer: Honor Roll, Honor Society: Assemlwly Conimittev: Sophomore Class Representative. BILL LEWIS-ffPresident. Senior, Sophomore Classes: Productions Associate. Arrow: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Eunfest: Roll Officer: Ski Cluhg Stamp Committee. I FAY JEAN LIBERMAN Usher, Gazette Committee: ,Iunior Class Repiesenl tative: Study Hall Clerk. Lois STRICKLAND, LUCY Llrimasczu, and ANITA STARR The Girls' Club Cabinet seems to have access to all the cabinets. LUCY A. LIENESCHH- Cabinet: Chairman, Senior Prograni Colninittre: Co- Chairman, juntor Class Committee. Cold Seal: Layout Technician, Arrow: Copy Staff, Messenger: Honor Roll. Honor Society. HERBERT LINDENBERGER Business Ivlanager, Arrow: Quill and Scroll: Chairman, Senior Publicity Committee: Cold Seal: Radio News Iiditor, Mes' senger: Senior Play: Ticket, Puhlieity Committees. BUB LITTELL 'First Team, Foothall, Colt: Roll Uilieer, Hankel: Bleacliers. Traffic Committees. GLORIA LITTLE' -Mid-W'1riter Coneertg Chorus: Cafeteria Stall. RAIVIUNA LOSK ffCold Seal: Ftlufest: "C" Cluh, After School Sports: Roll Ulhcerg Honor Roll, Honor Society. DICK P. LOWEfVice-President, Senior Class: First Team, Tennis: Senior Play: Funfest: Ski Cluh: Athletic, Noon Dance, Bleachers. Prom Commit' tees: Senior Class Representative. LAURENCE LUBRAN 'Entered from Polytechnic High Seliool, San Fran cisco, California. ABE G. LUMffPresideiit, Cathay Clulw: Advisory Board: Chairman, .lunior School Service Committee: Intramural Basketball: Roll Officer, Banker: Victory Garden. WAYNE LUSBYfFirst Team, Football: Second Team, Foothall: Intramural Basketball: Roll Officer, Banker. ,IACK LYCFTTF First Team, Golf, Sports Editor, Messenger, Senior Play, Funfest, Athletic, Stamp Committees, Senior Class Representative. liMll.Y NIaeI7UNAI.l3 lvIidflYtntel' Concert, Chorus, Nonctte, GALENA MAUARINSKY Editor, Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Cold Seal, Copy Stall. Messenger: Funlestl Honor Roll. Honor Society, Grounds, Standards, Friendship Committees. AIULIA MAR Funlest, Cathav Cluh, Lihrary, Vocational Committees, LILYAN MAR Funlestg Cathay Clnh, Service, Lihrary Committees. ROY MAR First Team, Foothill, llasltetlwall Nlanager, Study Hall Clerk. I.U'l'HI'fR MeLIfAN Senior Plav, Funfest, Roll Uflicer, Slci Cluh, Publicity, Building. Stamp, Doorman Committees, junior Class Representative. VIVIAN LIEONA MFAITE lvIidfXX'inter Concert, Funfest, Chorus, Roll llanlterg Il.C.U. Committee, Vietory Carden. ANNIE MHZISTRANO Roll Oth-:erz Honor Society, Victory Bond, Usher, Malo'-Up Committees, Vietorv Carden, Ilvm Clerlt, Tom HARTNliT'I', JOAN SoLoMoN, and HERBERT LINDENBERGER A11 "ed" and two jinanfe ministers discuss business problems. KIARULYN MILLER Freshman Auxiliary, MidfWinter Concert, Funfcst, Senior Chorus, Building, Standards Committees, Senior Class Representative, Red Cross, Q AIACK MILLER lvlanaging Editor, Messenger, VicefI'resident, Quill and Scroll, Roll Utlieer, Ski Clnlw, Assembly, llleachers Committees. lSIiRNlIi MINSK Second AFI-am. Footlmll, Roll Othcer, Doorman, Grounds, Illllltlllljl Committees. lIIfllNAI3INIf NIITCHIELL Senior I'I.w: Fnniest, Roll Officer, Banker, Ca' Zt'IIt', Lunehroom, Usher Committees. IRENE MOHRER llold Seal, Copy Co-Editor, Arrow, Roll Officer, Honor Roll. Honor Society, Lihrary. Ticket. Fine Arts Committees, Senior Class IlepresentatIve, Freshman Auxiliary. CAROLH MORGAN Second VieefPresident, Girls' Cluh, Treasurer, "G" Clolw, Girls' Athletic Manager, MidfWinter Concert, Ski Club, Girls' Ath- lelie, I'.-'l'.A. Ilance, Usher Committees. CARRIE ERNESTINF MORGAN MidflVinter Concert: Funfest, Chorus, Roll Ilanlcer, Red Cross. IRENIE ALICE MURTENSON Historian, "G" Clnlw, After School Sports, lhrls' Athletic Committee, Victory Garden. MARY MIYSSMAN Assistant Editor, Ivlessenger, Chairman, Senior Com' mencement Committee, Chairman, junior Committee, Gold Seal, Productions Coflidltor, Arrow: Funfest, Standards, Social Service, MakefUp Commit' tees, Senior Class Representatixe. GIL MUNSON- First Tram, Football: Flmfvstg Scnior flliorlisg l,lm1'l'ori5,g. LORRAINE FRANCES MYERS FIIDIVSIQ Senior Chorusg Gazvttr, Ushrr, Marks-Up Committcusg Sophomorr Rrprcsvritlltlvcg Czllvtvria Stall. DAVID NAGLER-Head Ivlanagrr. Football, Track: Advisory IIUZIFLIZ Quill and Scrollg Gold Sralg Sports Editor. Nlt'sst'y1Lu'1'1 Roll Offwurg Honor Roll, GEORGE NAKANO Honor Sociutyg Entrrtxl from Hunt Hugh School, Hunt. Idaho. DOROTHY NELSON -Senior Playg Fllnfvstg Lilwrary, NIalw'Up fforiiriiittvvsg Rvd Cross. PAT NELSON' Prn Stallg Scroml Tcam, Track: Honor Rollg Tit-km Com' mittvr. ROSE ANNE NICIHELSONV Mid1YK'zritt'r Concvrtg Funfvstg Chorusg Roll Ofliccrg Prom Committcrg Svnior Class Rt'prcsvntativt'g flafrtvria Stall. ALBERT Ll. NICHOLES NIn.lfR'1r1tn'r floncvrt: Orchmtrag Marla' Kfhorusg Stamp flommittcc. TOM NIELSEN First Team, Footlwallg Gold Scalp Third Tvam, llasvhallg Honor Roll. Honor Society. VICTORIA WILEY, CECIL Wrams. and Noiwm Cum Bubbleblowing provides a lively paxtime for tlzexe Boys' and Girls' Club ofjicerx. MARILYN NISSEN Votational llrzrnniittrc. EDXVIN NIXON First Team, Foothallg Advisory Boardg Gold St-alg Furrlrstg Honor Roll, Honor Sofictyg Traflir, Stamp ffoniniittrm. ILLAH H. OAKLAND St-mor Clhoru VILMA 0BERHUl.TZI5R lfritvrvtl from Cloronallo Hugh School, Coronallo, California. BARBARA ANNE OLSON Nlvssrligcr Stallg Scnior l'layg Mill-XK'ilxtt-it Conf cvrtg Funfcstg Scrum flhorlisg Roll Ofliccr: Mzrkufllya Coninnttw. W'lLLlAM OLSON, AIR. -First Tcam, Baskctlwall, Tm.-kg Golgi St-alg Mui' XVrntt'r Corxfurtg Bandg Honor Socrrtyg Stamp. Alhlvtic, Turku flovnriiittvra. PEGGY KYMEARA Entt'rrn.l from Franklin High School, Svartlr, XVaslilnuton. EDITH ORA' After School Sports: Gazvttr flommittrvg Rt-rl firms, Virlorv Gardcng Cafeteria Staflg Study Hall Clrrk. IACK OZIEI. Roll llanlwr: Slllkly' Hall fllvrlt. HM II. l 'ALMER Tr.wk, Iffootlmll Mnnngcrg Lunchroom, Noon Program Ilornlnlrlvrsg Frvslun.ln Class Rm'prCmcntxltix'vg Study Hall Clrrk, klAffQUl'Il.lNll ANN l'AllKlfR flulwlnvtg Uolnl Sculg Pun Sunil: Fllxlfuatg Roll ll.mlwr: Honor Smivlvg UQ. Comnmtcc, Mlllillfl. lf. VARRY lfonlvsl: Hula' Tnlnlwlmg Tuning llond Coxnnlillcr, lllfllli PASS First Trznn, Foollvallg Hold Sr-.nlq Thlrnl Turin, Foollmllg Roll Ullwcrg Honor Socn-ty: Dm-rncrit. l,lllWllClIy Colnlnitlurs. LAlYRlfNfflf PEARL lvlnlflxnntrr Concrrtg Funfcstg Captain, Tumlwllng lraung Svnior Chorus. MILLAR ll l'IiTliRSKY Pllotogxalplw lfllltor, Arrow: Advisory lloalrdg Quill aunl Scrollg Truck: Roll llnnlwrg Honor Roll: Doormzln Committcc. MARTIIQ PHILIPS Aasratamt Erlntor. Mr-ssl-ngur: Adxisory Bonrdg Gold Sculg l'rodo-:nons Co-lfdnor, Arrowg Sfnnor Pluyg Fonh-stg Honor Roll, Honor Socirtv. MARY l'lHA flulnm-tg Fnnlcstg Sk: Clnlwg Gnzrtrc Connnimwg Sophomore flomnnssiong Sopllomorv, ,lunior Claus: Rrprcscrxtntivc. lv1ARUARlfT POXYERS Sccrrtzlry, Girls' Cluhg flawflllxalirlnallx. Alnnior Prom Colnmlttrrg Gold Soul: Fnnfvstg Roll Ufliccr: Ski fflulvg Flicmlslmip Com- num-v. CllARL.l'Il1N Smmlas, BILL SCllLliNKliR, and JACKI15 ALliXANi7hR Wlxuz studentx is the Advisory Board looking for now? .llllf ANN l'RlNlf NInlflY1nn'x floncrrtz Fllnfcal: S4-mor fllxorus. Nonvrtr: Roll off lu-rg M.ukr'Up floxnmlm-r: Alunuor, Sr-nnor Clzusa Rcprcsvnrznivcg Lacfrlcl m Stull. PRISCILLA ARl.llNli PROCITUR lv1nlflYlntrl' Colxcurtg Aftrr School Sporlag Svnlor fflxornfg Roll B.n1lu'l': Ualwr. Malo'-UP Cfonnnlttcrag Rr-d Crosag Study H.nII Clurk. ,IRAN PURDY lflxtrrrnl from Rio ilmnllr- Countv Hugh School, Mmmntc Vialal. fiolormlo. lKlfl5A lllfl7MAN ilnlnlwtg lvlvssrllgrr Stull: Svnlor Plalyg Fnnfrslg Roll Ofliccr: Honor Soflrlyg Asaolnlvly, Srlwlcc Cornlnlttrus, VlULlfT Rlflll Fonfrslg "ll" Clolvg Roll Bnlulwrg Uahur, Bond Committcusg C.ll'rln'x'l:a Staff, MARY lfl.l.lfN Rlfllf lflllrllwl horn Rrnlon Hugh School, Runlon. V':nlungton. ,ll DHN RlfIHARlJSl wN l"nnt.-sr. ,IEANETTH RIVKIN Roll Urlicrl: Honor Roll. Honor Socivtyg Frcslnmnn Auxiliau NOLAN nngton. ryg Usllvr Collnluttrv. RUAKIH lilmtcnxl flom Qln-rn Anne Hlgll School, Smltlc, Wash' if . :- 1.4 fu- 5:-X 36 - .M ANN ROGERS- Messenger Stall: Senior Play: Funlest: Roll Oilieer: Honor Roll: Standards Committee: Senior Class Representative. BARBARA ANNE ROGERS Cabinet: Chairman, .lunior Frientlslup Corn' mittee: Feature Reporter, Messenger: Senior Play: Funfest: Honor Roll: junior Class Representative. RON ROSS,fPhotography Stall, Arrow: Typist, Messenger: Second Team, Baseball, Basketball: Intramural Sports: Roll Officer: Doorman, Grounds Committees. SAM ROUSSO--First Team. Basketball: Second Team, Baseball: Roll Ullieerg Sophomore Class Representative. DENISE RUBICANL Chairman, junior Committee: Messenger Stall: Flllllfall Honor Roll: Ski Club: Social Service, Standards Cornmittees. GEORGE H. RUMBERflER. ,lR.f First Team, Football, llaselmll: Funlest: Second Team, Baseball: Roll Oflieer: Ski Club: Noon Progranr, Assemlwlv Committees: Sophomore Class Representative. JEROME P. SAl.Olv1ON -Chairman, Grounds Committee: Funfest: Trrrrrlvlrrrg Team: Baseball Manager: Senior Class Representative. CENEVIEVE P. SANT0-V Honor Society: Freshman Auxiliary: Soplronrote Commission: Red Cross: Study Hall Clerk. WILLIAM HENRY SCHLENKER First Team. Track: Arlvrsory Board: Atl Staff, Messenger: Funfest: Second Team, Track. Football: Roll Officer: Door- man, Noon Program Committees, ELI EN TALLMAN and Euor Arrrarrrarw The chief executives of the Girls' and Boys' Clubs are buxrly engaged in coordinating an overfall policy. ,IUHN SCHNAIUT- First Team, 'lraeltg Gold Seal: Roll llilieerg Honor Roll. Honor Society: Doorman. Demerit Committees, NANCY SCHRADER JERRY E. SCHROEDER Funfest: Second Team. Football: Roll Ullleet, Banker: Ski Club: Bleachers, Traffic Committees, BARBARA SCOTTH-News Reporter. Messetrgcr: Senior Play: Honor Roll: Friendship Committee. CHARLEEN SEARLES Advisory Board: Secretary. Quill and Scroll: Cabr' net: Radio News Editor, Messenger: Senior Play: Funfest: Honor Roll, Honor Society. ARTHUR SEGIMOTO---Roll Utlieer. MICHAEL SEllJEMANN--Petr Staff: Baseball lvlarrager: Senior Chorus: Roll Olfrcer. EVELYN SEIDENVERGH--Usher, Vocational, RQ. Committees: junior Class Representative. CONSUELO H. SHAWf-Messenger Stall: Funfest: "C" Club: After School Sports: Friendship Committee. SALINA JANE SHELIHUN Muul'NX'uuufu'r Cuuuucrrt: Fuuulcstg Bzumlg Usluu-r Cum' uuuullvrg Sruuuuuu Chun Ru'pu'u'su'lur.utuuu'1 lfuutrueul fuuuuuu Fxuurhzuuulas Hugh Sclumul, l'.uuulu.uuuLN, Al.usL.u IACK SHIOTA lfuuwuul lunuuu Huuuut Hugh Sclumul, Huuuut, luhuluuu, Nlllil SHIUIHARA lfuutrrml fuuuuuu Huuuul Hugh Scluuuuul, Hum. ldxuho. lil? SHORT Roll lkuuukrll ,luuuuuuur fflausa Ru'pru'su'uut:utuvrg Stzugv Crvw. Al.llZli M.'XY SMITH Fuuuulrstg Sku Cihuhz 4I.ff.U., lirauuutufucxuluuuuu, Slzuuudzuruls, Y l .Q. Cfluuuuuuuurtws. UUREIEN SUFFKY ff.ul'uuuuu-rg Uuld Sczulg Ruull Oflicrr, Bguuukcrg Huuuuuur Rull, Huuuuuuu' Suucuuwvg Slxuuuuhuumls Cuuuuunuuttrvg Suupluuunuuuru liluuss R4'prcsm'uutntuvc'g Red Lum IUAN SKWLLTMKTN lflluuuuuy Pvng l'ru'suJruut, lhullrt Cluuhg Quull Auml Scrullg lluulxl Suuul: Nrws Rrpuuutru'. Mu'asu'uugu'I: Sruuuuur Plxuvg MuLlfXK'uuutu'r Cuuuucvrtg llauzvulu' 1Iuuuuuuuuullu'r, HANS SURIQNSHN l'u'u'suuh'uut, liluu-ss lfluuhg Gold Svxulg Nludfxxilutrr Conf cvrlg llauuuulg Huuuuuuu Sm'uu'tv: Luhrzurv Cfuununuincvg llruuucctmuu Stull. RANIUNA STANH' lfuutvrvul lruuuuu fflvvu-l.uml Hugh Srluuuul, Svzurtlv, Whush' lllgluull lVlARl5ARlJ'l' Puuwuins and Howuue LARSIEN 'Tluumuhuuug llurouuglu julex us a tumc-cmuxuuning job for the xecretarirx nf the Gurlx' Club and Boys' Club. ANITA STARR Quuull .und Srruullg Khulwuuuctg xiuuld Srzulg lvicsscngrr Stnffg Mud' XYuuu!-'u lluuuurrurg Svuuuluu lfluuuuuus: Huuuuuur Ruull. Huuuuuur Suucuvly. BRUCE STIQXVART Ruull Ufhiru: Sku Clulh: Shunup. Trzufhc, Duunurnuzun, Nunn l'uuugu'.uuuu lfuuuuuluuultvuwg -lmuuuuuuu' Chun Rcpru'su'uur1utuu'c, II. HLYNN STl'1WAllT If.uhuuuu'x3 Ruull Ufhfu'r1 l.uuuurluu'1uuuu1u Cluuuuuuuuluw. l"RANCflfS S'l'UlfIfKlfRT Cfauhuuurtg Ifluuuuuuuunuu, Aluuuuuuur fflzuss Cnuuuuuuittwcg Gold Suzulg Mu'ssu'uugu'u St.ull'g Fuuuulrflg lhuululuuug, Suufuzul Snxucv Cuunuuuuuttcrsg Scnuuur ffI.usa Ru'pIn'M'lllQlIlXu'. VA N IYISTA STRANl I li LUIS STRIKZKLANI5 Su'cru't.urvf'l'u'u'.usuuru'r. Sruuuur Cflzussg Cluhunctg Gold Saul: lhupu' lhluluuu, Pu-uug lfuuuuhwlg Ruull Ulhcvl: Huuuuluu' Ruull, Huuuuuuu Suucuvtv. XX'll.MA STRUM Svuumu Cfluuuruuag lf.uh'trru:u Stall. lfl5lTH lf, SUNIBSTICD Kluuhl Scxulg Mud'XX'uuu!u'r lfuuncvrrg "fl" Cluulwg Allru' Sclumul Spurlsg Uu'cluu'stu'zug Huuuuuur Ruull. Huuuuuur Sncurtv. NIARURRY SVCANSON Gnhl Srxulg If4ufTvpust, Auruuwg Rnll Olfucvr, Baulukrrg lhuuuuuu' Ruull, Huuuuur Sncuu-typ Hvauhh Kiuuuuuuuuuutwg Suupluunuuuuw' Class Ru-prrscuuf lauluvrg Sluudv H.ull lflcrl.. ELLEN TALLMAN--fpresldent, Girls' Cluhg CofEditor, Arrowg Treasurer, "G" Cluhg Radiance Rollg Quill and Scrollp Girls' Sports Editor, Arrowg Beautification Committee, ROBERTA L. TATE Entered from Othello High Sehool, Othello, W'asli- ington. ROGER THOIVIPSON First Team, liaskethallg Second Team, Hasltethallg Roll Olhcer, Banlterg Ski Clulwg Building Committeeg Sophomore Class Represenf tative. WAYNE THOMPSON Entered from Quitruan High School, Quitutan, Ar' kansas. FLORA MAY THORGAARD Gold Seal, Senior Playg Midfwinter Coneertg Funlestg Chorus, Nonetteg Honor Roll, Honor Society, CAROL UDELL Chorus: Senior Class Representativeg Entered from Brem- erton High School, Bremerton. XX'ashington. HAZEL VALBUSH 'Messenger Staff: Funfcstg Roll Officer: Skt Cluhg Social Service Commttteeg Senior Class Representative. BRUCE VANCE Yell King, Dulce: Funfestg Basehall Matiagerg Roll liankerg Traffic, Stamp, Puhlieity Committeesg Freshman, Senior Class Representative. ANNE VAN HORNffCahinet, Assistant Feature Editor, Messenger: Funlest, Noon Program Committee: Sophomore Commission. TOM Nrr,LsrfN, Giaoiusra Rvmruanorra, and Ama Lum 'Teamfmates Nielsen and Rumberger practice football tactiex on the head nf tlie president of the Cathay Club. DOLORES LYNNE VAN METER Fllnlest: Roll Oflieerg Aviation, Skt Clulwsz Gazette, Lunchroom Comnuttees. DORENE VAN METER -'Roll Banker: Lrhrary Committee: Victory Garden. CHARLOTTE VOl..OTlN fCahinet, Gold Sealg Roll Olheer, llanlcrrg Honor -Soeieryg Vocational, Fine Arts Committees, DOROTHY WALKER Mid'XVinter Coneertg Funlrst: Orelu-strap Roll Oflieel. Banker: Senior Class Represtntative. ,IOAN WALKER -r Advisory Boardg Quill and Scroll: Cahinetg Assistant Fea' ture Editor, lviessengerg Copy CofEditor, Arrow, Senior Play: Funfesl. CECIL YVEEB -fVicefPresident, lloys' Cluhg Captain, Traclt Teamg Quill and Serollg Gold Sealy Sports Editor. Arrow, Funlestg Noon Prograrn, lileacliers. Stamp Committees. LARRY NVELLS Vicefllresitlent, Senior Class, Chairman. Senior Committee, Gold Sealg Messenger Statlg Pen Stall: Bandg Honor Roll, Honor Soriery. GLORIA MARIE NVIGGERS President, Ballet Clulwg Funfestg Gazette Com- mittee. VICTORIA NVILEY Treasurer. Girls' Cluh: Secretary, Honor Soeietyg Quill and Scroll, Feature Reporter, lvlessentgerg Copy Co-Editor, Arrow: Pen Stall: Roll Officer. CLAIRE WILLNIQR limcrul from Coll-gio Superior llc Scnoriras, San jose, Lost.: Rica. llllVlfRLY N. IVISE Funfrstg Sk: lflulwg Girls' lllulw Rvpl'4'svntativcg Senior' Class lIm'pr'r'srntalrlvr. lil,0ZIiR ll, WOHLGliLliRN'I'liR Gold Seal: Roll Ulllcvrg Honor' Roll, Honor Sogrvtyg Clxrss Clulwg Dcmcrlt Cornrnittue. AIUANNE XYOLFE Arlvuxllsimi lvlanagrr, lvIessrm.1rr'g "ll" Club: Alter Sclxool Sportsg Honor Roll, Honor Society: Gazette ffonnnitlccg Senior' Class Repre- scntalivc. HYIVIAN ll. IVULPIN llolll Scalp Honor Roll, Honor Somlcryg Chess Clulv: lh-xncru Conunim-rg Study Hall Clcrk. MARIE IVUU Vm'fl'r1'sialent. Cathay Clulwg Calmwrtg Funfcsl: Roll Ulllcvrg Honor Socirlyg Sophomore Dance, Bond Drive Cornlnlttcrs, MAIKILYN IYUOIF Calvlnutg Pun Slallg Funlrstg Roll Ulllevr: Art, Frlcmlf ship Cornlnltt4'm's1 Alunlor Class Reprvsclxtznlvr. Illll IVOUI3 First Tram. Basvlvallg Clxalrlnan, Noon Prograxn, Lnnchrooln Cornlnittrrsg Funfvstg Tllird Tcam, Footlwallg Slxi Clulvg Traffic, Noon Prof gram, Pulwlrcrty, Doorman. Srzunp llonrnmittcvs. IRIS WUULFE llolrl Svalg Copy Srall, Messenger: Honor Roll, Honor So- rirlyg Lrlwrzlrv, Vocational lfonnnlttcrs, 'lAN1a'r Bo'rnw1-,1.1.,joANN1a GL'NN, and ANNIQ VAN HORN :I-ll7'L't' "Featurel!es" from tlle Messewlger lzclp keep that Garfield xpiriz alive as they root for their heroes. HI'1'IA'I'Ilf IYURKCLIIFF M,kl,XX'rnrlr-r' florwvrlg lilllfrst: lluildlng, Lunclxrooln llolnlnlttrrs. IKICHARIT YAMAMUTU Srcoml Tr-am. Footlwall: Honor Rollg Entered from Moses Lake Hugh School, Mosrs Lalo-, Waslnnglon, HIHIYARIF S. YAl'l.Iflf Sen-ml, Tlxirgl Tram. llaslwtlvallg lntrannlral Sport:-g Roll Ufllccrg Callxay Clulwg Grounds lfonmnmirtvv. MARY Ylili Vm"l'rrsull-nt, "G" fllulwg Canlvirwlg Funlfsl: Afton' School Spurlsg Roll Ulllccrg Art, Lrlwrary, Arlxlctrc Conmnrtu-s. NIASAKU YUTANI Iv1alu'fUp CIomrnittr'c: Ifn!c1'L'4l lrom Hunt Hlgll Scllool, Hunt, Iulallo. ,IENNIII ZIMMIEIIMAN Funlvstg Honor Roll. Honor Socictyg junior Class Rqprvscntativrz Rui Cross: l'afcrcrla Stall. 'vifaflillmlwf I Awww II I Nwdnk' S f'bLf-ov a.LQ Wx, MMA wi Qwlzfvv PRIIGBAM THE CLASS OF 1946, in anticipating its program for the year, planned several activities. To handle these, special committees were appointed for each activity. The assemhly committee managed the senior assemhly held this year: the dance committee successfully carried out all arf rangements for the traditional senior promg the puhlicity and program committees launched puhlicity campaigns and designed programs for Senior Night. SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE First fTOI'l Row: Tom Killam, -lerry Schroeder, Cecil Wehh. -Iaclc I.ycctt4:. Ray Judy, Second fBOTTOKIl Row: Ann Rogers, Martic Philips, Calena Ivlagarinslty, Alice May Smith, Peggy O'lvIeara. Absent: Bill Adams, Chairman, SENIOR DANCE COMMITTEE First ITOPI Row: Janet Bothwell, Bill Schlenlcer, Chairman: Beech Blake, jim Calderliead, Betty Cihson, 'lean An' drews. Second fBUTTUMI Row' .Io Anne Gunn. Charlcen Scarles, Gloria Carlo. Anne Van Horn, Reha Redman. Ab.VC11If Rose Anne Nichclson. Bruce Vance. SENIOR PUBLICITY AND PROGRAM COMMITTEES First ITUPI Row: Barhara Scott, .lack Cordova, Ruth Fortney, -lack Miller, Solveig Ivarsson, Lucy Licneseh, Chair' man: Anita Starr, Second IBOTTOMI Row: Carole Mor- i gan, Mary Lou Bassett, Ruth Andcrf I l son, Herbert Lindenherger, Chairman: l Priscilla Proctor. Jacqueline Alexander, Dolores Van Meter. Absent: Melvin Marcus DESIGNER OTHER SENIOR COMMITTEES includcd senior class clay cnnnnittcc, which madc arrangcnicnts for that day' a clay planned for the cnjoymcnt of all scninrsg and tlic connncnccmcnt connnittcc, which was in part rcsponsilwlc fm' Gariicldk magnificcnt comincnccmcnt. Assisting tlicsc cnmniittccs wcrc thc scnior rcprcscntativcs, who noniif natcd thc canclidatcs from which tlic cntirc class sclcctcd thc ufliccrs for 1946. SENIOR CLASS DAY COMMITTEE Iiirsl QTOPI Rnwi Bula Mnnncy, Gcnrgc RlIIlll'5CI'gCl', jack Clarke. Sccmul IIXOTTUMI Row: Donna Hin' ton, Marilyn Wfxmvd. Barlvara Rogers, Victoria Wilcy. Alnxcnli Margaret Iluwcrs, CTIIQIIYIIIIIII. Marilyn Berry, Luther McLcan. Nolan Roach. SENIOR COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE liirxl Hur! Row' Gcnrgc King, jack Kiddci, Mary Mnssnian, Chairman: Dick Ililrtu. Second fmm'l"l'0MJ Row' Allan Law' sun, Elimci- W1mI1lgcIci'11tci', Doris Dan' iclsun, juan WalIkc1'. Absent: Vivian Mcadc. Nick Nixon Ii-is Wixcmllic. SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Firxl Qrmwj Row: Bcvcrly Vw'isc,Uv:nrgc King, .Inannc Wnllic, Mary Mnssnian, Jack Clarks, Bill Bcrtulin, Dick Lnwc, Ernest Randall, Hazel Vallwnsh. Svcmid QMIIIIWLIHRUWJ Carolyn Miller, Iiranccs Stocckcrt, jcan AI1dl'CWS,,IIll1Ct llutliwcll, Dnlni-cs Howland, Vv'anda Glass. Salina Slicldnn, lrcnc Mlll1I't'I'. Tliml fIIOF'I'0NII Row: Bruce Vancc. Nat Cunc, -Inlia Gunn, Rutli Angler' sun. -Inc Ann I,I'IIlC, Domtliy Vv'aIkc1', Ann Rugcrs. J 1 After three years - bb, ,hqr i in his alma ma- Zfffi bliz ter, the iunior. now capable of 6 " "' being compared 3 to an adolescent I dog, has covered i - his most difficult 'i years and mas- tered the minor defects that an- Advise, noyed him previ- ously. Having worked in coordination with his classmates for two years, he has now earned the leadership and admiration that have fallen upon his steady shoul- ders. As a committee chairman the iunior participates in the student government, and diligently endeavors to promote it. To freshmen and newcomers. he takes a unique fraternal interest and is now helpful and considerate. The affection for his school and her proteges has de- veloped and is deeply attached. He now has a strong desire to do great things, and by serving on various pub- lications his energy is well-used. The rocky. mountainous road of life is sud- denly smoothing out, and the iunior. once a stumbling youngster, has de- veloped a free, serene gait. RUTH B. MOORE X -nf 'Y df' Ty X 12 MARY ANN CLAWSON President WARREN HAIGHT Vice-President IOYCE GRIFFITH Secretary-Treasurer THE CLASS 0F 194 43' IJRIZIX ADAIR IIIKIMLURY ADAMS MIKIi AIVIIISUN IWURHTIIY AKICRHFRII KIULLIZICN AI,IIAI1IfI"I" KA'I'III.IfIiN Al,IIAl5IfI"I FRANK Al,l.IiN ,IAY ALLISUN SARAH AIXTARAS SULHMUN AMUN MARY ANARISI. BARBARA ANIIIIRSIQN .IIiRIiY ANIVIQRSUN VHRNICR ANIVICRSUN I.ICNURI'I AUHIISI' LUIS AUSTIN ISAAC AZUSIS MARIIIIZTII IIAI.'I'IIASIfR lII.IiMIiNf Ili Ii.-KR4 III RUSALIIZ II.-XRUNSKY IJUN llAR'I'IIUl MICY IiI.UISIi IiA'I"I'I.If ILIAHRIA IIIZKTKVR RAYMI UNI? HH IK lil! 1' 1 as I IUMA SUE CZASHERD iIi'I"I'Y CTA'I'I,I'I'I"I' DUNNA 4IIIAl.MIiRS IiUtlIiNIi KEHIIRNIIZK IIIIRIIIIRT KIIIINN MARY ANN IZLAWSUN ICVAN I it It fIIR AN DUN KTUIIN IIARIIARA CTUI.'I'lIN IIIIII. CIUNKLIN IIUII CIUUK IIIi'I"I'Y IIURNICIII, .lI'1RAI,ITINI: UUIISINS IMUl2lNlii1UlISINS I'A'I' liUXYIil.l. 'IYIIVIA f1UI'I,IfR RUIILIN iZlI'I"I'S IANIKTIE DANIIILSUN INA DANZ IIURUTIIY DAVIIIS DOROTHY DAVIS HUMIIR DAVIS MARIIIi'I"I'Ii DICHARMU .lI,l.Y DIQIAIZN Ju.. Q il- 'ix xho R 10 A-S ' S IQ? I ' f X' 5 , gg X ,IDE DIiI-liUW KHRN DIZVIN HARRY IHDHM NANCY IJUNAIMSUN HOXVARID IJUNH l:l,URA ImliSliI"I' KATHICRINH mmLJc:I.As DALIZ mm' CURINNE IMHYLIA' LARRY DRUXMAN ,kwcili l1lmUr:H CIALLIE IwUIwl,liY MARY PAT DIJIIAN CURINNIC DURANI7 ANITA DYKEMAN AIHAN IZDINIZTUN DOLURES IiDMl,IND DONALD HDMUND IIETTY ANN IiKI!LAD DICK IIKLUND KIARUI. IiLLSXYUR'I'II ,IIIAN IiLMIIIiRI5 FANNIE ICN!! KERMIT IiNll CARUL ICNISISR !ILAIRIi IQPSTIEIN ,IUYCIIE IESKENAZI SARA ICSKENAZI I5If'I"IIY IfVIi'I"I' KATIIRYN FAIIIIR 15 l'Iir:r:Y czuuluili JUAN ILORIN STANFORD IQOURMAN NANCY GRAY RIKZHARIT IIREENI ,IOIC IQREENKGARIW ANN1a'r'rra mum I'I.ORINIi num ,nwczra KGRII-'FITII ,IOAN uuNn1,Ac:H ,umm wauruaua wfuuusw HAIWIHT LOUISE HAI.Iil,A IIILI. HALIJON HODDY HALI. DORIS HAI.LIXX'IiLI PAT HALLOIZK HEORHE HAM BILL HAMILTON IKE HANAN ARNul.lm HANSEN PAMELIA HARTMAN ' EFI ANN HART NAI L. ISOIIEI. HARTT IIENE HATCH BROOKS HAWKES ROBERT HAWKES NAIHINE HAYES ,IAKIK HEAL nslikmlv HEIMAN I6 XYINII'RIiIl EAIKQUIIAR IHIIIK FEATHERS ALIIZE FIIINISERKQ ROZELLE EINE ROBERT' FISHER JACK FLETCHER IlEA'I'RI11Ii PRICED ALFREDA FREI ANN ERIEIDLANIHER EMILY FLOWERS MICHAEL FUKUMA NATALIH FUNK RAY lJALAN'I'E DOROTHEA KGALLOWAY PETE IQARTSHORE SYLVIA IIAYTON RONA fIELl.AI7Y UAE czllxszm ,IAKIK IGLAEFKE GLORIA KZLOVER HELEN IILOVER IFOLORES IZOLIJIIN ,IOE GOLDEN ALAN GOLIDMAN l.liNORli Hlilik til5l.lA HHRRMAN sAl,l.Y Sllli Hll,I, AIWHUR HlTctHlNm:s ,IUN l1ul,l.uWAY ,luli Hul,Mlis I'liARl. IIONNYKIIHIRC Illl.l. HOULAHAN IOHNNY lllllili.-XRD ANN HUMIQS ISHTKY HUNIII MARY HUNT l.AklLY lslmllil, lmN ,lfxciulss MARILYN ,lAc:unsuN lil.ORlA ,IAFFIE ,IOllNNlli IAMISS luuuik l' .IANSSON DALE LlliFIfRlliS Rl WSIQANN klk WHANSK NN HENRY JOHNSON ,IUANITA ,IOHNSON DON .IONl'fS ,IUDITII KAHAN we-Af AL 'sv 's ,HEANNINN KARR YEICZHI KATAYAMA ,lliROMli KATZ SANFORD KATZ OONNIIZ KIZELICR PAT KIil.Inn:1: lZI5ORtiIi KliRN SAM KETCTHAM SAM KIMURA DOLORHS KING PAT KNEERONIT MARIAN KONO ARNOLD KOPPICL HERBERT KOTKINS IULIUS KOVTUN ,HM KREFTINQI ROM KUKIHICR ROSEMARY KUHN RIIZHARD KUNG HAROLD LANDHR FLORRNKZH Lli COIIQ HELEN Llili BILL LEFLHY NANCZY LHMAN AUDRISY LlMlili4iK ANN l.lNDliliRlQ ISICTTY LOCIKWOOD CLIFF LOGAN NORICRN LUSISY EARL LYON RRIN MIIK MINIIWIISU if ISSI MIR! M R IINA MIYRAI 'KN X MI I N, Nl Y MII.I'IS .' il MII..'1 M 'IIAI"l. MINIiS MARY ANN MISl.IiR NRIS MUIIIIIZATIZ MARY IvIUIfIfIi IIUI5 MUUNIIY IUAN MURSIC I'AUI. MUSNIIR IIII IY NAKAIQAXX A 11III'lSI'IfR NARH I"I,AINIi NIfI'fl.IiY ISARISARA NUIILIII I IIUNA NUKIICISY IAC K NUITUN SI'I'X'I' NHRIH ARI Nl HRITIII VII" MARC'IfI,l,A NUR! IURIl IIIIRNIIZIQ OLSON ISUNNIH OLSON IUIS IYMICARA II"RRY HRA IR VIRGINIA LYON IIUHIIY MAIIK IRIiNIi MAIZKIIIUI' I1ULURIiS MACTRI SHIRLICY MAIHIJINIJ FLOYD MAILLI-ZY RICIHARI7 MAI,UNIf liI1XX IN MAR STANI,IiY MAR I.URliI.IiI MARCUS MIiI.VIN MARIIIIS ,IIIAN MATSUN VIRGINIA MATIIIS IJUANH MA'I"I'HI'fXYS IICANNI-I MAYU ART MrAI,l.ISTI'1R RERNARI5 M.-t1AUI.IfY SHICILA MIAITAIBIHIZN l5lANIi M.-IQRAIII DUN MIAKIENZIIC SHIRLEY MIAKIZNZIR RAY M.-I.ANIi MARY MrNAMARA HAROLD MrI'HAII1IiN , ws. 'V-Sli! t A uv I h ,.,. .Q h X n F. lLRAIiIi USANX A ,IIMMY USAXYA KIIM USIIURN IKEUKY I'I'.IIA DARVIN I'E'I'ERS MULLY I'Ii'I'ERSlIN WANDA I'E'I'ERSUN QIAIIQUELINE I'E'IA'I'Y GRANT PEYTUN AUDREY PHELAN YIAKE I'IIIA VENI' I'U1'llI' IUREN I'RES1'UT'I' VIRGINIA I'RIiSKIU'IA'II IIEVERLY PREIIENT KEN I'RlM ERNEST RANDALL DULURES RASMIISSEN VERA RATlil,IIfIf DAVE REIIIMAN TED REMMERT EDDIE RICNSTRUM MARILYN RICZE IIIl.I, RILEY i. i 94,1 .IUHN RILEY LAURA RUFI' STEWART ROGERS SYDNEY ROGERS RERT RUKZUWAY FRED RUMANUFF AZARIA RUUSSU ALAN RUIIEN NICK RUEICAM ,IANET RUSSELL CHARLES SAAS LORETTA SADIIZK REIKEIZKIA SADIS DONNA LEE SAMUELSUN HLUMA SAPERSTEIN ,I, R. SAVAGE ULEN SIIATTERDAY IERRY SCIHAIN ,IULIA SCTHARHUN IIERNARD Sf1I'IXYAR'IIZ VIRGINIA SELTZ ROY SENDER PAT SIIAITER RUNNIE SIIAIN ED SIIAIN NANIZY SHAXX SHIRLEY SHAXX ALIIAN SHAY MICHAEL SHEETS STELLA SHEMARYA lil 'A ,llllf XX ,-XRI3 ITICNNY XYIfII.lN1iI'UN AI. IYIJSIIIIIIIIII AI.I"RlfI5 XYlII'fI'fI,IiR MARY XYIlI'I'AKIfR IHXRUI YN XYIII'I'l'UMIK I'l'1I'I" XYIIIIIC lill YK IRURKL IIUIS XX'Il.I.IiY M.-XRKIARICI' WILSON IFUN WUI l"S'I'UNl'f MA RY Mi-Xli Wt HI II TRURY IIRANIIICS XYURK4ZlIIfl" DAISY YAI'I,I'fl'f .-XRTIIIIR YUSIIIUK.-X IUSIIIK.-X YIIK.-UNA SlIIRI,l'1Y ZAR YIYIAN ZANUN IUNIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Fzrst ITUIII Row. Ernest Sliernlan, joe Bluinenllial, Loren Ilresfott, Stewart Rogers. Denny Vvlellington, Sci-omllRoTToMjRow: Claire Epstein, Ann Hunies, Don IVIcKen:ie, Bolwlwie Mack, julie Seliarlmon. jUN1oR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Fin! QTIWJ Row' Bonnie Olson. Molly Peterson, ,lean Edington, Verner Anderson, Ted Reniinert, Amtin Case, Art Nordliorl. Second fMII1IlLI'.l Row: Mary Vwfliitalcer, Alice Iieinlwerg, Carol Ellsworth, Don Spring' stecn, Terry Ryan, Kern Devin, Dick Malone, Bill Houlalian, Margaret Tliienie. 'Third Qnorroml Row: Ann Hartnagel, Dolores Golden, Carol Enger, Alan Goldman, Donna Clialniers. Dolores King, -lolin HlllWlWLlI'Ll. Irene Nlaclflllop. 51 l The first two tedi- ous high school years are past, a n d , a s th e gleaming sopho- more looks back, he recalls his haphazard ad- ventures, and, y with strong deter- MARY GROVES mination, con- Advise, structs complica- tions and difficul- ties for the unhackneyed freshman. Having had a sample taste of various school activities, he resolves to be more active in a few of them. Inspired by the previous "Pen" publications, he trans- fers thoughts and ideas to paper, and enters them as manuscripts in the "Pen" box. His interest in sports is maturing, and by turning out for football his exigible aspiration is satisfied. Thus the sopho- more, not yet adult but past the first puppy stage, is acquiring many new friends, and, to his amazement, school becomes more stimulating than ever anticipated. The task of coordinating into and finding a special place in the distinguished family Garfield is a mo- mentous and tedious one for the sopho- more, but the reward of having earned self-satisfaction and recognition is sure- ly high and gratifying. ff A7 PETE WHITE President LAWRENCE BATES Vice-President IUDY BRIGGS Secreiury-Treasurer THE C ASS 194 53 First fTOI'l Row: Helen Argcnti, Bob Auernf heimer, Ernest Alger, Webstein Augustine, Hugh Ainslie, Dave Azose. Second fBOTTOMl Rowi Kimi Asaha, Kath' erine Alhadeff, Helen Anama, Lorna Arrif goni, Betty Alhadell, Annie Angel. First frovj Row: Donald Brown, Norman Brown, Vvlalter Black, Lawrence Bates, Leola Bowens. Second QBOTTUMQ Row: Patty Becker, Frieda Boguch, Jeanne Boyer, Janice Birkctt, Dolores Brown. Rachel Angel. First fTlll'l Row: Laura Benford, Raymond Benezra. Don Bowles, Ronald Barensten, joseph Candiotti, Gretchen Baragar. Second QBUTTOMJ Row: Dick Bryant, Sylvia Bowry, Beverly Backer, Lawanna Berthelson, Sally Baldwin, 'ludy Briggs. First fTOI'l Row: Vslilhur Chin, Claire Chris' tophersen, Noel Brown, john Craven. Tom Christie. Fred Chin. Second fBOTTOMl Row: Connie Clein, Grace Carnes, ,lean Calderon, Lucille Cornell, Max' ine Cummings, jo Ann Coleman, 51 S 'F fs, 3' , X F I ' , tx 1'5" 4. 'D I 4 ,-.. .an- Fwxr froilj Row: Dennis Dahlinc, Williani Cavender, Ralph Dickey, jenn Cryor, Delores Carlo, Fay Carol Case. Scrond fIlU'I'TOMl Row: Chester Desinarteau, Ernest Cassirer, Pat Donaldson, Donna Camp- hell, Frances Crane, joan Drehauin. First QTLDPH Row: Carlyn Daughters, Alan Duhson, Dave Elkins, Don Dawson, George Dick, Alvin Elyn. Second QBOTTOMJ Row: Irene Edwards, Nan' ey Dillon, Harhert Drake, Williaiiii Eng, Dolores Estigoy, Nlarilyn Ekhlad. First QTOPJ Row: Larry Fisher, Ralph Eekf lund, Alston Fairservice, George Fyfe, Dan Edelson, Dick Frayn, Williziili Frahin. Second Usorromj Row: Elwood Fosherg, Herman Fink, Terence Fillingini, Paul Ellin' ger. 'lean Eeklund, Pauline Foy. First QTOPJ Row: Elaine Featherston, Gloria Friedman, Carol Fraser, Paul Fuxon, Delorez Frodle, Leona Frodle, Dorothy Friedman. Second fHO'l'TOMJ Row: Rosalyn Forsherg, Mary jane Fitzpatrick, 'lo Anne Fahhio, Vie- toria Fisse, Raye Funes, Sally Funes. 55 Iiirsi Uorj Row: juan Gunderson, Gwen Goodwin, Sol Calanti, Daw: Galanti, Sheldon Urovinan, Dan Gihfon, Eileen Gardiner. Sgr-,mul fIHl'I'I'Uh1, Row: Shirley Glazcr, Mary Galanli, XVcQlcy Grande, Donald Gates, Pat v - w ffallaglwr, Lorrainc C-ordon. First fT0l', Row: Rhcta Harschlicld, Daisy Hcttlc. Dunn Hooker. Gloria Hagen, Phyllis Gjcrdc, Pearl Hanson, -Ioannc Hull. Serond fiiorromj Row: Flurancc Hurwitz, Mitzi Ucrhcr. Marcella Harris, Anne Houla' han. Dchhy Ccnaucr. First fTUl'l Row: Toni Halfon, Morris Has' ron, Sally Ingham. Kay lkcda, Pctcr Hipke, Karl lvars-on. Scrimd Qiiorromj Row: Arnold Hamilton. Rod Howard. Carol johnson, Daisy lsracl, Sam Halvva, Vwlally Hill, lim! from Row: Margaret jctly, janv john' son. jack King, Howard Kellogg, Bcvcrlcy .Iom'f, Dawson Kiang. Phyllis johnson. Ser-mid qiiorromy Row- Masako Kikuchi. Kiyo Kanda, Dorthy Jorgensen, Dclorcs Ians' fon, Patti Kncip, Stewart Kelly. 56 ,ao lv' I X, -1 N.. ,rfb- JO 'WK ,ffv 4 5 ,:..i as H? 'Y' Eh 'ir xv G QU' s"'us' First lruvj Rune: Rulwerl LilIljll'5CI'g, Erneft Linger. -Iannex Lnekwmrd, Carl Lurwn, Bill Lucky, Olive Marie l.inLl. liiwn Luke. Syl-mid lIiH'I"I'OMl Rule: Maninrie Levinfuii, Alice Larsen, limneef l,ixt:k4n'. H.n'nlgI l,eit:ke, -lake lsmel, Slieldnn Locke. First fTUl'l Run" Currine lilII1LlCl'N'l'g, Linnea Mmteiimii. Lorelei Maleliny, Bill Mnlinrin, Art McLeod. Vsnnstuii Millet. SCCUTILI Qlitlluftllxil Row: Betty ,lean Me' Gregor, Marxine Lindsey. Cecil Lalvender, Doreen Lange. Marilyn Manning, liliweiirc Lz1Tnrre. Iiwxl QTUPJ Rina: 'lngrniln Meyerf, jack Meyer, Leon lVlL'.'I.1hll'illlU. Harrold Mzirlwt. Dong Me' Nullglitnn, Leon Meziftlxniu, Minnie Marie Mfxlillli. Ser-mid fm1I"ruMj lime: Henry Mukari, Doug Marr, Ed Mgnliurin, Betty Meriiweaullier, Dolores Mexlier, l3:1r'lmi'41 Mxuylxew, liirxr Q'I'Ul'j Knir: lfqilwelle Neeley. Muriel Murtun, Ciwrinne MeDun41lLl. Shirley Mmvre, Dwnngi Moline, Maury Lon Mefilellnnd. Sammi 1luJI"I'4m1J Row: Bnrlmin Manclisnii, D.n'leen Nultun, .Iimn Miller, Hanna Nlelselx, MLlI'y Manning, Kanllierine Mellrllley. 57 Fmt frovj Row: George Nomura, Edward Oettel, john Overand, Carl Paulsen, Floyd Proctor, john Picroth. Earl Nohle. Svcoml lHU'I"I'OMJ Row: Gloria Oswald, Pa' trlcia Nolan, Margaret Edwards, Ardys Olts, Catlwriiic Ncckas, Don Norman. Fira! Lrovj Row: Leroy Paulson. Don Port' man. LeRoy Puro, Loren Preston, Stanley Poland. Harry Phillips, Second 1no'rToMl Row: Frances Pinchowsky, Mary Pcnihleton, Rosemary Pettingill, lane Philips, Ruth Quarterinine, Susie Policar, Flfml fTol'j Row: john Robertson, Harold Richardson, Tommy Romano, Boh Ryichard, Richard Riggs, john Pietromonaco. john Slade. Set-mid Usorromj Row: Norma Rooney, Ken Randall. jennic Rousso, Helen Rossing, ,lone Rock, lvlollic Reich. First f'l'0l'l Row: john Stevenson, Norma Lou Schankel, Martin Strohecker, Ruthflfllen Sullivan, jack Seeley, Herh Stusser. Sammi Lnorromj Row: Barbara Snyder, 'Icanettc Schrader, Sally Stricker, jo Stark, lirances Schachcr, Carolyn Shirley. 58 ifgvgi was N 4' .3 '. 'fi' 5 Q ii! i we V '91, , , g M. in ' 1 1 nth: sf- -not '44 fs gc , gg, 1 .e Q4 is if 1 oi-'Q Y v-x First QTUPQ IQUIFZ Beverley Seliwzirtz, Evelyn Statlldc. Lnnnic Sliieldf. Stanton S, Seliucli. Riclmrd Szlfley. Erling Snrenaen, Bill Senriglwt, Second QBUTTOMQ Raw: Eleanor Stork. Rita Snyder. Thelma Szunsnn, Diane Stark. Dave Skinncr. jnainne Snyder. Frm! lTtll'l Row: Dun Tlinrewn. Gene Tale. -Iziek Szittertliwuite, Vv'inlred Taylor. Betty -lean Tuiigiic, .Iuscpliine Tninluns. Second QBOTTOMQ Row' Eileen Tuttle, Almtn Tliygesen. Helen Tucker, Luis Turlwet. .luAnne Tnllmzm. .lnzm Tull. First fTOI'l Row: Eleanor Vv'lnte, Virginia Wieser't, Slmrnn Vvlzirk. Bill Vv'nll'e, Pliyllit Vv'lnte, Robert Vvlenkcrt. -Imepli Vitn. Set-mid fBOTTOMl Rnw: Lulu Vvlnng. lVlAI'llUll Van Cries. Esther Vyfieklnnd, Marilyn Vkfngf stall. Eileen Ulirieli. Betty VN'nllEtnne. First QTIJPJ lime: Kenneth Vv'en1elt, ,Inn Vxfisliingtnn. Dnris XX'nnds, Pantry Vfilmn, Bill Wilsiwii, Glenn Vvlillianns. Nnlwun Ylllillil, Second QBOTTUMJ Row: Pauline Yee, Hazel Williziiiis, Clillnrd Weigelt. Dun Yorke. Meir' jury Young. Margie Yorke. june Tippcy, 5 fl Upon entering high school. the freshman is ap- proaching a new era of challenge and felicity. Like a new-born pup. he cautiously looks around. and with the E11-:EL WAY ANDERSON alertness Ui the Adviser bulldog. his mas- cot, he becomes accustomed to the new environment. After waiting for an elevator that never arrives, and searching for a non-exist- ent swimming pool. he eagerly investi- gates the mysteries contained within the portals of Iames A. A clever one. the freshman learns fast. and his confused mind is soon cleared by the friendly advice poured upon him daily by his kind, understanding teachers. Learning the numerous school songs and becoming accustomed to the vari- ous rules and regulations are iust a few of the phenomena the ambitious freshman acquires during his first me- morable school days. Like the bulldog puppy. his keen eyes absorb the friend- ly manner of his fellow students, and he silently resolves to use all possible exertion towards improving his alma mater, Garfield High. -if , H is X 60 BILL LYCETTE President DAWSON KIANG Vice-President IIM FLEXER Secretary-Treasurer THE C ASS 0F 1949 61 Fwst lTOPl Row: Victor fxllllfil, Don Andvrf son, Ciprlann Alonzo, Bolw Buford, jolun Adams, Margaret Balmnscn, Second KMIDIILVJ Row: Ed fxlllllilll. luanxta Beers. Harry Bold, .lack Andrews, Vngnna Brown. Dick Boncstccl. Ccrald Allcrx. Tlnrd QBQJTTUAU Row: Maman Allxadcll, Vicky Adatto, JoAnn Pncrgvsr. Rrta Alkana. -Ioan Adkins. Lcla Mac Alcinx. Fira! fTUPl Row: Margie: Bull, Mary Bca Biax. Earl Brnnk, Lcon Bunczra. Art Binnlc, Ucorgc Boop, Barlwara Bl'kllIl1Willlt'. Second lMlITDI.I'.l Row: jack Brennan, Pvtur Bcnvcnutn, Beverly Butcluart, Henry Bonn, Ole Bruce, Gary Bronznn, Virginia Bcmmclx. Tlnrd fHOTTlHw1, Row: Stanlcy Boar, Alcx Bentley, Barbara Barokax, Davrd llnlmop. Franccs Bclmar. Allred Black, Frm! QTOPQ Row: Lucille DcRousw, Howard Lady, Lorna Lolnpllta, f1illl1lll'lIlC c1l1lSIll, Lou Clarke, Mary Cullwcrtson. joannc Dcnnrstonn. Second l MIIWLI-'J Row:Vv'caltl1a Clark, Carols Colmcn, Roslta DcYonng. Gwcndolyn Croson, Torn Chitwood. Marlc Clhrntrnan, -lnnc Clmrclnll. 'Tlnrd fHOTTOMl Row: Eugcnc Clark, Vwnan Cinder, Anna May Ctilllillll, Collcun flown, Ramona del lflcno, Plwyllxx Cranxtonr Flrxl fTUl'j Row: -loc Eastern, Mack Dclnla Isaac Eslccnazl, Robert English, Larry Dol' goll. Prlncc Dcnlnan, Nelson Eng. Serond 15111111111 Row: Robert Evans, Lol' rains: Elslwrcc, Adrcna Dudlcy, Utlwlla Eclmalf-, Nelda El'lClis0I1. Nina Eckard, Mrk-J Donnan. Tlnrd lhdrromj Row: Alruc Eng, Yvonne Eng, Mklfliill Davif, Alrcc Dwnw, Sara Lvc Dingwall, Marilyn Engcr. lfirxl f'I'OI'j Row: Alain Fleming, Nurniaind Uriflith, jini Flexer, Ace Feek. Dave Grinch, B4-h l'nster, Shirley Grzishin, Second lMIDITl.I1j Row: Ann Frost, Ray Grill' in, jziniee Flauiley, Dun Franklin, jnnnnc Gulliet, jenn Fredricksun, Patricia Gilfcn. Tliinl fHOT'I'UMj Row: Phillis Gurdon, joan Flaks, Phillip Uurdun, Alvin Guldlurh. Harold l:rninh:u'li, Rzunnnzi Glass. First f'l'4Jl'j Huw: Peggy Lou Herron, Fred Ulnriu, Andy Harris. Phil Haynes. Orville Gruvum, Wziyiit' Hau'ni.i, Herbert Harris. Sawmill lMlI1DLlzj Row: Becky Hussain, Hugh HilllSll11ll1, Robert Graitl, Betsy Hunk, Gerf aildine Huher, john Hall, jim l'lughes. Tlural lli0'I"I'0Mj Noir: jnhn Holm, M.ir1lyn Hyinen, Miirney Hnuek, Muriel Hurwitz. Ed' weird Hefty. litrsl l'l'lll'j Row: Robin johnson. Charles Hirst, Buh Hansen, Oscar Holden, Marvin Hnnnry, Dnuglzls Haynes. Charles Hall. Srrmul lMlIWl!liI'.j Row: jauiis jones. Ruth Heekenliaihle, Gertrude Hung, Paul Helshy, Susan Hinckel, jack Holt, Dick Hirzlhayuslii. 'Third lnurrumj Rvws NVanda Harrison, Bzirhau'z1 Hin-iniigcl, jnyee jenness, Donna Hullnwell, Maury Hodge, jaine Hawkins. First lrurj Row: Stun Knssen, Bessie john- snn, Orville Knisley, L, C. jones, Twiln Kruse, Ruth johnson, Williatiii Knwaitn. Scrmid lNlll3ITl.l"j Ruw: Hideu Kuhaiyashi, Henry Kiilnaisaikzi, Helene Kussen, Charlene Kerns, Laverne Kershner, Tommy Kung. Chiye Kuszikuhe. Tlzml QHlJT'I'kJN1j Row: Dick Kerns, Rusulind Kue, Anitai Kzltsnuin, Mary Lou johnson, jaieque Kneip, Betty jnhnsun, Mary Kimura. Ii!! vt fl' at fy no if 'ff 06 I lvl - 1 P1111 fIIII'f lx11:1 I'11-111-11rIx l,1ll1.111. lH1Il l,v futtv, -1.1511 l,.1tl1.1111, ll.-11115 l.1111lw1'k. Al.11L l11ul1L!11111, I'l1yH1N N1.111'xx'Nl11, I'.1Ily l111xu' . , . .N1'1'11111f fXIlI1I1I 17 IX1111. .'XH1'11 l,11x'1'. 5l1llIL'X Lvxy, I.1'1' l.1'Ny. ,I-1.111 fX'11vl111'. ffl1:.1l11'l11 M.1 111111: fV1.11v111 I.x'XK'1-. N111111.1 N111'l11'Ix.-11 Tlzmi 111111111x11 R1111: 4l.111111' I,1'.1x11r. H.11 1'1ct l.111'kxx'11111l, M.11y l,v1111, Alwy I.l11y1f. -lc.111 M:1cD1111.1l1l, 1111111 l,.1g.1xx'11'1. kI11l1.111111' M1 y.1:.1k1, 1111, r11'yA K11111 JX1111111 fN11111.1v, Kc1ll1 IIN, 1111y N11'1141l-, 171111 M1'.1111'y, RM' Mu. I. 1111 1I+41I1x'X'. l511l1 Nt'XK'l11.lI1 . MM N . 6:1111 l 1Il1I'l lj R1111 1 l"lx'l1N'II Milk, -I1111111v N I 1Il1I4,c5l.,t NL11' fV111fl11'H. I5 11 M1'f".11l1l1'11, v.1s N.1k.1t.1. I3.1111.11.0M1'.'Xl 1lI13ilXl'1'11111'1' Max' aff .3 1 Tlzxmf 11u11111X1IAR1111' N.1k.1111111.1. 121111 um' Nuw111 4.x ,l1:.111.w1111111lI1. K1'11:11 N.11g.1 111.1tN11, 5l111'1'y .Ax111Xu Xml, Ii11s11' fN.1k.1111111.1. Rny N.1l4.11111. I'111w1 1l11l'j H1111 lid ll.1N11111w1'11. K1'11111'll1 l'cl1'1x1111, T111 l,111'11y..l11l111 I,111.x1-1. lxv11111'Il1 UNt111.111. H.11-1111 R1ul1.111,lx1111, ,I.11111w Ixllllm' S51 11111 1N1II1I11 11 Hun' Sl1'lI.1 I'111.1. I5L'Nk'Ill.l UI-1111, A1111-Ll 011111-11111-11111'1, R1l.1 M, Naxll. 17.11111 V1.11l111, 5l11111'y R1xl1111, I,1'1111.1 Iidll 111111. Tf111'1f111+11111x11 151111 I5.111111.111I'11't1111 lxlVIP .1l1I K11l1l1'N. H11w11' 5I1.1111111. fX1.11gv 0311111 XQ111. IQJY Rww. 111.1 N1.1111' K1'1l111.111, XX.1111'11 I,1'.11l. 1:1111 1I4II'I H1111 XX',1111'11 SIIIIIIW. link 51111. T11111 S.111alx'1:. R11-N 51l1l11w11'111, R11'l1.111l 51.111 dun. N111111111 5l111g1l1.11.1. N11111l1' 5I1111L1'1 51'1.11111 lX1I1111lIl R1111 f1111111'l1.1 51'.11N. Ivtlll Sl11111.1. fI11111.1 5w.111N--11. l,llxX' 311111. l,1111'l1.1 5.11112 Ii11l.111d 5t.11111111. N.1111v 5p.1ll1111l Tl111J l11c11111x1i K1111' llmy 5111'1111.111, 11.11 111u11t.1 Slum. Kulwll 511111, AI.11'k11' S.lII1lIl'I. Vw'1ll Sllull. l..111y 5l11'11H, AI1111111v 5.111dx111.11l1 FITS! Q'l'ul'j Rmb: Ehhm Slllhlll. Hmvatrd Smith, Ernusl Smith, -lack Spatultling, l'n'rnau'tl Tunkmx, XX'.1ltc1' Srltl. Milliltllll Tllckvr. Ssrmld QMIl5Ill.l'f Run' Kaul Yurlwyv, Pctcx' Tuuhy, D.u'itl Slmihw. Leu Sh.thun, .l.mcttv X,llI'I'i.lIlU, l3t'1'x1atld Stlhcl, Hcxmmc Thllgcf, Thxrd fHlb'I'I'llMj Rim' Vnrgnum l':1cl. bluhn Vlalslch, -Inn Stnlvtwu, Polly XXYUH-SIUIIC, Phyl' ln lh1m.uw.n, l:d1tl1'S1gt-I, Sully X ltu. 1"1rxI f'l'Hl'f Run' Roy xxvlllhlllli, -Ic.m Vfulkc. lfu-ti w'l'll1l3k'lU, lfmnk Xxvlbiilg, Gu-rgc XVUV' thy, Nalwy x,WYlIlI1il1gl1Lllll, Srwmltf QMIIYIILI-1 Kun" Duuglqx YULIIHJII, Ed' ward Vv"ung, Mlkt' XVAVJ. Hom' XX'wliin, ,luhn Vfllhglllls, AIllk'LIlIk'liI1L' XXVIISHII. Tlzml fIiU'IEI'1lIxlf lima' l.mrnc XXUMI, Tum Vfinlcr, l.Qlilil XYUL1, M.u'clt.l Vfhltc. Nathan XYulpin, lullllllil Ynkuv111x1.1, FRESHMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES lfxrx! f'l'Ul'l Run" Act' Fcuk, Russ Schlusstcun, Art llinnlc, Curl l'.1ulscn, Tutu Rununms, Lcu SIIQIIXUII, Huh lmstul. Srfmuf QMIITIBI rj Run' Aluam rV1lCI1lL', ,lim Hllglu's,ju1tl1 l3t'u'l, Dun Ifrnmklin. Ed Mahm- H1, Altlfh Pvtvt'sm1. Tim-ti QIKO'l"l'lHx11 Run' liUS.llll1Li Km: Eatrlf vm' Ncwmam, Rust' Slh'I'I1lLll1. Shlrluy Rlvkm, Alum' Eng, Mlkc l5tmn.m SOPHOMURE CLASS REPR ESENTATIV ES 1'll'AI 1'I'ul'j Run' Dchwcs C.u'lu. -Iohn Pwtmf tlmmmcu, Stcvv: Nord, XXvlIllfvI'L'Li Taylor, Samf Iurtl Kult., Azaxrnx Rtwusw, Bert Rugtmuny. Sccmui QMlIvlvl.lfj Run' Domus ljllhllllf, 5.1111 5l4'ilI'l1S, Sum Bchur, jvc XAIICC. Cuurlyn l7ulxgl1tt'xs, Fun l.ukc, john Ruhurtsnn. Thxrd fNU'l'l'UIs1f Roux Sum Alt.1l.lf. Xvllllillll Mathis, Mxtrxhcth lialltlmsrt. Cllmm Uluvcr. Vick: lxvy, Pamhnc Ycv. illlllill' Frm! lTlJl'j Row: Lillis Brown, Barhara Bar' kcr, Gary Barcnstcn, Richard Bower, Cvralnl Attehery, Salvo Bchar. Second lMIITDLlfj Row' Sam Angel, Dolorcy Baird, Florcncc Bowes. Charlcs fxllsllll. Do' lorcs Bcntlcy. 'Third QHOTTUMJ Row' Estl1crAngcl, Michavl Brahant. Norman Baronsky, Mary janv Bar' tholmcy. feng ,, 7. 701. gil' m fvun First lTOPj Row' Marilyn Dillon, Pat Dona' hoe. joe Chiprut. jerry fllcmons, jcan Doddf, Pat Daley. Second lMIl1lll.Iil Row: john Cox, ,lcwcl Danz, Gay Attchcry. Madeleine Caslon. Elicse Dixon. Third lBOTTUMj Row: Morton Crystal, Marion Brown, Doug Barnett. Harold flotlnni. Fwst QTOPJ Row: Norman Erickson, Mordo Dc jean, Don Ginsberg, Dick Gallmcistcr, Lillian Flowers, Norton Gnldstcin. Seczmd lMIDIHI.lij Row Bctty Franco, Eric johanson, Kcnncth Dorning, Bill jallc, Kai Hong Eng, Norwood Ehcn. 'Tliwd lli0T'I4UMj Row: Don Corliclc, Virf gmia Ellis, Mary Ann Edimmd, Evelyn lfrcvnl. First lTOPj Rowi LeRoy Helms, Bill Gicssc' man, Stanley Holilield, Charlcs Black. fired von Gortler, Second lmimuuil Row: jimmy Goldman, jar' quolyn Gallagher, Maurccn Howson, Molly Glaefkc, Maiy Ann Holland. Tlurd QHOTTUMD Ron" john Gayton, Douglau Ficlds, Mary Gattwig, Dclorix Hanwn. reshmen lfirxl ll'lll'l Row: Alinvta jnncs, Vv'cslcy jacksun, fllydv -lumw, Lloyd Llndrutli, Nur' man Hansen, Vv'allaci' Lcvin. Scumiil fMII1I5ll-I Row: Alvin Hunwry, Sul .lL'I'lIMllIlll, Lnrrainc Laiscn, Susan Levy, Eliz' alvctli Kcmlcr, Barlvara Lcllcy. Third lNO'l"l'0M, Row: jcnnic Lcvy. Xyilina l,ilwci'man, klin jvc jnc, Edith Kms. lfirsl l'i'ni'l Rim' Sliirlcv Myers. Glen Or' laiulla, Bill U'Day. tlulin Munir, Harry Mali Gov, Stanlcy Mciscls, Kcirli Middlctnn. SCl'U'llLl lMll1lWl,l-,H Row: Bulwlwy Paulson, -In Annc Mollctl, Karon Mattsun. Diana Na' ranjn, Rusalic Russak. Tliml Qllll'l"I'0IKll Run" M' r" ' Renton, Marilyn Ncwuunilw, Hai'y us, Mack iwlm Oat randcix 1:11181 fmrl Rim' Ucnc Silx-cm-ii, Clifford llaullmnl. Bulw Rogers, Paul Rcsnr, Diana Svliarlmn, Carnicn Sigel, Scwml fMIIYIWlWI.lil Row: Cliarlottc Tucker. Marion Smith, Mary Sulain, Shirley Tlminp' mn, Nancy Scclcy. Third lN0'l"I'1m1l Knut Sidney Scliain, Stan- ton Scndcr, Lila Lcc Tnlwin. ,I-:nnic Tarli. First lI'Ul'l Run" Aaimi Vcdcinll, mfvllllkllll Clcnaulc, Bill Tliraillcill. Rub XYcfLlwi'g, Ray- mund Sulnian, Bula Vw'agncr, Svumnl fMIl7l5I.l4l Row' Pctcr Yvc. ,Iacquclyn NMirun, Barlwara VN7L'ilf.l1CI'l'7CL'. Dorothy Uptun. Nurinc W.11i1l1mmll, Takai Taninn. Third fim'l'roMj Raw. julw Vance. janet Yuunginan, Durutliy Vysc, Rul'wi't Willic. By partaking in the va- rious productions. Gar- fieldites test their abilities. often selecting future ca- reers in this manner. Some choose the Arrow staff, while others act in the Funfest, play football. or paint. All, then, en- gage in whatever fields they are best suited. cre- ating. thereby, ingenuity for themselves as well as for their school. 4' PRIID CTIUNS Continuously encour- aged by their teachers to develop original ideas, many youths create unique impressions in art. literature. music. or the dance. They learn that school is more than book learning: it is life in prep- aration. They spend hours in preparing school performances so that Gar- field's achievements may again reflect the unwav- ering spirit of past years. K r K .yuv f Eggs. ? . M3 ' Q q if-e "Wg . .Ke X e ,KK Q K x Km vw . '95 ,V 'U' .. Q, X' K S' ff' 'U' f E X ' ' . MSX X . vw H: K-xK:uKe .K. , fr . f . X K. K ,N K-A xx-KKKKKKX -K K KK 5 KI.--K , 1731 'QQ K X X . K X T " A 1 - ' r 1 fx - -L .qw "WK"!9 . . K A 3 X af 'rx .gas K X , W vf .EMJ 'Xi' ' 'K-.yy X K , '- X . 2.1. XX X. 3- X ' H 1 4 QQX '- . Y XXX? 1 X 43513 X -9 , . Xw K .Jr-'13 4.25. -Lg, .K R' 9, - pK L ,. , L ' 1:11 fs-WX EX .. X fX . we . 'K-QQ N ' . -Xf 1 . ' :Ki , Qefe fur 3 K. . X K K 'IIN .. W f- K A XX j. 1- X.,. K 395.1 - ' -.HK K. QQ .YK -KKK K1 ' K g .K 83. '. ,Q Ji- ,- Kg: ,. J X -Y. X: X if . 1 rrgtw- X A , - K. , K 9 - . X" 5 'X K,,,g ' ' . 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X .f. fs: -.5 Q K -X f' .Ee ' 'AN .fc 5-Q' X .MW .X -K -as 3' X. -'85 - WI. - - .. ' fi. K K ,, .M .-L. , y .K . w K K 4 .. -X.. 5 .1 . KeK.K fi L, H- W Q' . v - 1 .K K . X 'S X QQ X 1 an xg.. 4 1. x K. 5, SQ . ' . XX . X X4 . X - .,, X K .- 3. Q KK K KKK , K. KK Q KKK .. . .. K . K K, K Q K,:zKKKKKKKKK.? ' 'X X . ' ' 1"-Cf' 72 "5"f. -'Ar'-12.2 .- . w X '49 " : -X " hbfl' . Q -.'KX I K ,ff K 3 K KKK . f K K A w, - K f,..., 5.3 K 3.32 . K - ww: X :ws ..-.wfi '- x fmr.-3. .X iii. ,. 2 'X-2: 4 ..s'.X.?K W X. ,AOP K .. Kr. gm!! X. J .p g-.5 2.5.-X g K r Q , --.f Q-5,5 .K is A- .X.f- 'X X-Km' -5 + Mi g. . X 2 xi X.'?. 'A ,Q ' .X . ' H ' ui 1- KX Q 2K:Q1, 4 fiX 2' v X 5 3 1-'TQ PKK K. Q K Q K K. . K. KK KK .EEK RK K KK K KKKKKKKKK X . 1Kx3K.,K X x . K K.. . 3 XX 3 . .7 Q33 ' 541539,-AX '-1 QK R 'gem X Q 5' f ix? f 3 Q 3 A25 r. 'fvwif' X: T? X . . L i-..,K.. K .X , X 'P . .. . XE. S, 3 pf? lg iii. 1'1f,"A g,K . gy- 4 , ' Q rw H f. ,- 5,3 ' "i pf?-Xv .QL gg. lf, .':f.if nw K . K 5 fizgigyw .K X 3- 521 I Kg X Xie' .5451 ZX .fsff ,,i5r'gK K. . - KX... 1. , X . K. K . 1 X55 K K ':, g. X X -HX .gf ' :if ' ,rg 'WK Ky.--KK o x Y. 1- 5' . ff- 12. Xi.1?m f S3 5 if' 'u"X.n1' 2' '-25-4 Xi "1 'E fb f . -X-nw rs .X. X X ,1 .X 111 A .. TE i-s n,-., 2. X ' X ' bf- -' 'lx 'I'-' ,- u K. gr.1rgfu:5KKX 1, 4 1. 'fd 4,5 -3. wx. t.. X .r K K1 it-...5g!!'. ,Q .. K 5.?2gqn., g . X ,wal -1 .5. Xa ' .X . 'ze' VX A . if 223. ' Y 279 X4 '27 7' J W : 1' 5 X i 5 'XV '.:"". I l1k'1.'3..Q Q X . T ' 2 - Y 'C' ' KL 1 Kai K Kg. . KKK Kg? 5. K .. KK KK K 5 KK v 'g'i1 x 3 X-. 'f si F3 '11:Sf.:1'. 9: Q E i L v. . :X ,XKK . K.. . gg, xg, 1 K. ' R 1 21, K - K ug' is L id 5 - Y 'X ' . '. ' T . Y " X-.3fs 4X2 ' at vi ff- X 2 .XS L2X'1i7T3 " X 'Srl X 'K . . 'X if Y X E Miglfe K ci 'fb 5, K x ' 3 ' 'VX by Q - Z3 '. EK . -X fx: 3. X . . - x... ' . . , X uf, X .tx . ryfi '- .. WSW: . . 'S f' A X ' X Q-. x fvhmfa :X. . s, . .425-g 1,- lr. .. A , X. . -A . X- .1 1 . 5 X Q ' 'india 1 . K, .-x-K ..g-7. Q 'I 31 X X Mei 31595 rs . . .g .. gig v . , . fx .- -w -- Xf- f . X. .K i ' "3 X ,. 1 K: . 95 .3 ,E-.Q 2 33?-.fa 553. sf 1 - 1? Q23 XK - 1 f- X.: inf, K1 ef. fifk 'SK Sf .5 5173 52 'STA E Kg . E Ergfffs 'S ?E'Xg,. - K fp KK .KKK .K KY K,KK Ki if KKKKKKQ K gy... Kg, K Ki .KF " TEX 'X '52 ' 5 X . ' T. ff 1853 555.1 X? Y?" X 1 3 g J K ' 5 gc' gi' 3. KK : E '.K KE 5 xg . X1 r ' gjf . Us 'N 3 Y X. 9. f. gi ' 5 El 5 KKK. IAKZK SlilfI.FY Tvpiii ,HM KRIZFTINU Tvpm MARILHRY SWANSUN llwail Tvpm IZIIUIIC SUMMITRFIIQLIJ Liiximl Ti'illrlii' LUCY LIENESKIH l,iix-mi! Turliwixfiiivi IJUANE MATTHliXX'S Vliiiiirgmplix- Tutlivxiciavi GARFIELD YEARBUIIK THE 1946 ARRUYN, in recording thc sclwul lifc fur the ycar, has mmm' again hccimmc thc amial thruugli which futurc gcncratiims may catch a hackward glimpsc of Cariicld High Sclmul as it is today. The pagcs of thc prcsciit shall swim hccumc pagcs of the past, and all that is acwmplishcd shall swim hc dccds of a hygonc time, Sw thc activities rccwrdcd hy picturu and writing in this Arrow shall prcsciitly hc thc lwkf ingfglass tu thc past. The ch-:criiig crowds of thc haslxcthall gamc, stirring martial airs, the iicw muvic prujcctm' and loud spualccr system, thu Fimfcst and fiiuthall asscmhlics, ski trips, the swing hand, wld clothcs' drivc, thc hcwildcrcd llrush and self-assurcd seniors all a part uf tht- yvar 1946 arc forcvcr iiiscrihcd into thc history of thu past. l i DUN M.-KENZIIS lllflilllfllil' l,INlWlZNlKliR1Il5R Awwixliivil Eililw Hiiiiviui Nliiiriiiuv llllliflll STERN .v1Il,I,ARI1 l'lf'l'lfll5KY Illiningvilpllx 111-lfililiir Vliivliiilmpllx KU'-lfiliiiwr LGS DORIS IVKNIIIN N NXIWINI LANG MARY MUSSM KN X INIX MX! XRINH ABRUW LEST THE INVALUABLE 'SERVICE past Arrows rive r-nt 'rx tie se moo we forgotten et us reniemier e ' 1 'i A "arts ri ti' yearho 's l-Lifflvkvl . uring 'artie C: .ith iation witi tie Nationa fei if QS ie 'ess ssl e'. X , tie rrow was Ween seven limes tleemetl worthy to receive First Class Honor Rat' ing, seeontl only to the AllfAnieriean Honor Rating, whieh the yearhook has tive times reeeivetl. Yet, it has not heen the annual alone whieh has won these honors. for every stuelent who has passed through Uarlieltfs portals in these last twentyflive years has eontrihutetl to the worthiness of the yearhook. He and his eoinpanions also inay .leelaiin the eovetetl award. Thus, future generations, hy looking haek through the Arrow, may see anew that spirit whieh is Garfield. T lu RHI X vl Tw Liu LYNN BROWN uufmi Moniuiix Capt- t:i,fE.ia.i1 1 liive memhers ol' the Arrow Staff relax for a moment during their earnest eilorts to meet the linal deadline. Left to right Herhert Lindenherger, Galena Magarinsky, Don McKenzie, Bruce Stern. Mary Mossman, iterary ight QUILL AND SCROLL, hy providing a worthy goal which may he attained tlirough hard and conscientious work, furnishes much of thc initiative and enterprise necessary to a vital and healthy school organization. , Initiative is that factor which makes the peoples of a nation forge ahead and is therefore necessary to life itself. Withiuut enterprise and initiative a nation could not long endureg so it is that schools must furnish a source of enterprise to their student hodies. Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school journalists, accepts into its ranks those students who, hcsidcs showing ahility, havc given meritorious services of a litcrary nature to their school. The G. N. Porter Cha wter of uill and Scroll com dosed of ahout rift ' students, , . , .I . Q 7 I V y has in it not onl uhlication editors and cow writers, hut also husiness versonncl and I v Y P Q ly Q Q l A production editors, thus hcing an accurate representation of a student hody ever strivf ing toward high journalistic goals. lixrxl froifl Row: joanne Vxfolfe, Mary Mossman, Cecil Welwh,Al41ck Burke. President: .lack Lvectte. -lack Miller. Vice'l'iesi dent.. Lucy Lienesch. Anita Starr, Scumd fMII3I3LlIl Row: Charleen Searles, Secretary: -loan Vx'allier. Ellen Tallman, Solvent lvarsson, Galena Magarinsky, Evelyn Greenhill, Lois Strickland. Third fHoTTox1l Rau- Nadine Lasky, joan Solomon Herhert Lindenherger, Doris Danielson, Dave Nagler. Absemeex: janet Bothwcll. lo Anne Gunn. Tom Hartnett, Me Marcu-. Millard Petersky, Victoria Wiley. i 72 Full SCIHCSIII' an IOAN SOLOMON Editor ALAN GOLDMAN Busmexs Manager MARY ETHEL DIXON Adviser Spring Scmcstcr 'T' ALFRED WHEELER Editor MICHAEL SEIDEMANN Buxiness Manager Creative ournal THE PEN, Gzirliclrfs only crcutivc prof duction, hy prcscnting to thc puhlic tht- thoughts and idczxls of her students, has opcncd to thcm the portals of thc school's inner sclf, ai spirit crcatcd solcly hy thc many past studcnt hodics. Of thc thousands of ailumni who haivc grziduzitcd from Gzirficld and of thc pupils zittcnding thc school now, czich has contrihutcd gi part of himself to that spirit that futurc studcnt gcncrzltions might haivc ax fine and worthy hcritzlgc. Thc hcaiuty of ll warm spring Llziy, thc sadness of ai grziduation cxcrcisc, the hilarious cxpcctztncy of thc Funicst, thc wondcr of il growing plant, thc scriousf ncss of lifc :ill thcsc things :irc rcmcmf hcrcd in that hcritztgc, and all of thcsc the Pcn prcscnts to its rczldcrs. Yet, only 41 fcw of thc hundrcds of I112lDllMI'lPtS suhmittcd for production may hc puhlished. Thus, thosc most truly rcprcscntativc of studcnt tzllcnt, school life, thought, and activity, whcn prof duced, hccomc ll vitzll and living part of thc hcritzigc of il grczlt school. I I FALL STAFF SPRING STAFF First l'l'lll'l Ron" Dorothy Snyder, Alatcquclinu Pawlxcr. ,lcain First fTOl'J Row: jenn Cryor, Alun Hamish, jon Holloway, Ci-yor, Marilyn Vw'ootI. St-wud lisorromj Row: Miclizicl Gloria Wiggei's. Second QBOTTOMJ Raw' joan Guthrie jzicf Scidclnainn, Alfred Wl1cclvi', Lois Sn-icklimd,Absenzeeg Ernest quelinc Parker. Mairilyii Izicohson, Pat Sliaiilcr. l Shcrmzin. A 7 3 EVELYN HREENHILL. TEDDY KAUFFNTAN GLORIA CARLO Biuinem Staff ,IUANNIZ XYOLFE All Mmm Copy Staff ,IUHN CHRISTIANSON Cirrulafmn Smfi IKILL SFHLENKIZR. ANN ROGERS Atmliivils .IICAN DUYUN Iiu.xinr.u Stull Stud nt Newspap 1' THE FALL MESSENGER for an entire semester presented an accurate weekly picture of school and community news to the student body. Catching the interest of its readers, the Messenger, ably edited by a student staff, not only served as a source of information, but also emphasized important news and events. That the newspaper belongs to the students alone may be seen in innumerable waysg the humor of the feature page, the streamers in the sports section, the headlines an' nouncing class ofhcers, the stories of celebrities' lives all are a part of a routine which helps to comprise the very essence that is Garfield High School. It was through the Fall Messenger that many school projects were carried out projects which would otherwise have failed. The P. T. A. dances, class elections, toot' hall rallies, Red Cross drives, the March of Dimes, the Eunlcst, Olot Day all were brought to a successful close partly through the efforts of those on the Eall Messenger staff. Front Row. Reba Redman, Bobbie Olson --Feature Reporters. Front Row: Consuelo Shaw, Anita Starr. Nadine Lasky Second Row' Barbara Rogers--Feature Reporterq Ron Ross-A News Reporters. Second Row: Stan Becker-f-Sports Reporter Typist. Mary Lou Bassett, Herbert Lindenberger Newx Reporters We I 54 71 WARREN M. HAZZARD Adviser .IACK MILLER Mmltlgmg Editor FALL MESSENGER THE MEMBERS of the Fall Mesenger, chosen for their leadership and ahility, made their newspaper a truly superior puhlication. These students not only gained invaluable experience in the field of journalism hut also had the opportunity to express and enlarge their creative ideas and ahilities, thus helping to produce a highly professional news' paper. Representative of student ahility are the many national and state honors awarded the Uariield Messenger. Having six times won the All American Honor Rating, four Pacemaker Awards, nine Quill and Scroll trophies, and the Whitmzxri College Press Cluh Award, the newspaper last year soared to new heights, winning the eoveted George H. Gallup Award, in addition to three separate Vifashington State Press Cluh presentations. The awards won for the Messenger hy its student staffs, although many and varied, all emphasize one singular point the talent and ahility ot Garfields students. SOLVEIKI ivARssoN lt is this latent ahility, put into selffexpression E,,,,,,, hy the cosmopolitan spirit and thought, which forms the nut-lt-us of Garfield High School. non LESCHER MARY MUSSMAN Axaistrivxt lldilon Mlfl,VlN MARCUS Asiisrtiit ANNE VAN HORN IIAKZK l.YfflfT'l'lf Sports lftiiloi MIUANNH HUNN Frtltiire Editor SALLY SUE HILL Circulation Manager JOAN BRCUWNE DONALEE SAMUELSON Axsixlmits Firxt QTOPJ Row: Eddie Sum' nierficld. jerry Schroeder. See- imd tisorromj Row' Dolores Thompson, Vie Hasson, Sporty Reporters. AIANET RUSSELL GENE MEYER RUZELLE VINE Atlwrn. N111 L1 Staff IRENE MOHRER PAT HALLOCK l51t.m1t's.s Mmiagerx eekl Publication THE SPRING MESSENGER. through its stimulating etlitorials antl feature stories, has unloeketl the tloor to Garlieltl's inner self, that spirit composed of the students now at' teneling Garfield. From the sports to the news seef tion, the newspaper representetl the essenee of high school life. Wliiltr ref vealing these activities to outsiders, the Spring Ivlessenger also presented inimetliate news to the student hotly. Heralding the haskethall victories, the hlunior Prom, and the Senior Com' meneement Exereises, the pages of the Messenger were truly represenf tative of the schools spirit, The Messenger, while entertaining the students, also olleretl them exf eellent educational facilities. Firxt f'l'0Pj Row: -Ioan Corin, Nancy Gray. Second flso'I'I'oMj lion' Hazel Val' hush, Mardette DeGarnio, Pat Cowell. I'it'dlIU'c' Reporters. Firxt fTHPl Rowi -loan lvlorsc. Sheila lvlrliaddeii, Gloria Becker, Charlotte Butter' nian. Second fHtl'I'TllMl Row' Mollie Peterson. -lean Etlington. Barhara Andersen, Anne Byington, News Reporters, 'QI' Sk 5l.VlilKJ lX'xXl1SSUN Mtnmgnig Ifdxtnr lfl,l,EN l3liEHM lfdtlor !I"n'.xt Tru XX't't'lpl Qprin F essenger A PRUDUCTIUN of tlic journtilisin dcpatrtnicnt, tlic Mcsscngcr is studcntf inatnngcd, tlius giving its stuffs invttlf uatlwlc cxpcricncc in ticld. Holding positions sucli as t'c.ttnrc writcrs, cditors, sports rcportcrs, pliotogrgtplicrs, lwusincss niainttgcrs, or assistant and mttnaiging cditors. tlicsc studcnts gatin rcatl jotirngilistic cxf PU'-llxnflx. Many ot' tlicm go into tlmt field ns ll lilic vocation, lvcconiing rcportcrs llllLl columnists on lgirgt' city pxtpcrs. Tlic jotirnulistic dcpgirtnicnt, in liclping studcnts to l't'Qlll1L' and dc' vclop tlicir potcntigtlitics, liars lwrouglit tht- scliool glory, for yczirs lgitcr, many of tlicsc sannc studcnts givc to Cnr' fit-ltl, tlirougli tlicir own succcss, xt grcxttcr spirit.'t'r Kiglit Many :Knn Clldwson, Fcutttrt' Editor ffirxl ten wcelqslg Ellen Brc ip.. NN MARY ANN CLAVVSUN Editor ISct'mid Tau Wiclyx! ,IO ANN STOVER MARGARET THIEME Axsixtmtt Edlturx fiilmxmill l"t'at1o't' Editor fwcmitl tan Lt't'8liNfQ Carol Rcillcy, Assistant. Crnlvr Alain Uoldnmn. Sports Editor, Lorcn Prescott, Asxixttnlt. I.ou'cr l.t'Aj'1' Dorothy Snydcr, l'.nt Kellogg, Virginia Lyon, Copy Edztorx. lim, N -ft indlers of Inspiration THE RADIANCE ROLL, dedicated to all Garheld girls with the hope that they will he inspired to greater deeds, was or' ganized in 1927. Five girls were chosen at this date, hut as the school's population steadily rose in the following years, it was decided that any nurnher up to twelve might he selected. The Radiance Roll is elected during the spring semester hy secret hallotg each girl in school may vote for her three ideal schoolmates, and in this way due rccognif tion is given to those who have rendered gallant service through Girls' Cluh activf ities or through the various puhlications. Having inspired their friends through kindness, sincerity, and consideration, the electees have earned this, their life-long rewardg to he voted to this honorary is the yearning of every girl. These fortunate eleven who have heen noticed and appref ciated will now search for even finer and higher deeds. ,IANET IKUTHWELL lSIiVliIiI,Y BROOKS NURMA CIHIN ,IU ANNE KIUNN SOLVEIG IVARSSON C1ARULIi MORGAN ,IACIQUELINE PARKER MARGARET I'UWIfIlS KIHARLIZHN SEARLIES ELLEN TALLMAN VICTORIA WILEY PIIULDE F THE CREED THE GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS, hantl in hand with their aelviser, Miss Emilie Hcnsel, lead the majority of activities throughout the year. They carefully plan a thorough program, including assemhlies ahout health, ctiquettc, and other topics of current interest. Witli the aitl of her vicefpresident and remaining staff, the presif dent orliciates at all meetings. She is also a memher of the lntcrfSchool Council, an organization which promotes friendship among all Seattle high school girls. The lirst vicefpresident takes care of the correspond' ence, writing "thankfyou" notes to assemhly speakers and tcachers, hesitles letters to other schools. The second vice' president, a representative of the Big "G" Cluh, keeps a rccortl of the points that girls earn hy participating in afterfschool sports. The secretary writes the minutes and assists with the correspondence, while the treasurer rcmits all the hills receivetl hy the Girls' Cluh. Together, at their weekly meetings, the leaders coordif nate the various opcrations of the Girls' Club, each taking charge of a delegated few. Because school functions are organized hy the ofiicers, a spirit of friendliness prevails among the girls at all times. They plan parties at which junior and senior girls mingle with freshmen and sophomorcs, all heing united hy the same hond: "ln loyalty wc sing to thee, clear Carneld High." 1.3 EMILIE HENSEL-Adviser ELLEN TALLMAN' Prexicleiil VICTORIA NNILEY MARGARET POWERS CAROLE MORGAN NORMA CHIN Treasurer Secretary Second VlCC'PTC.Yll,lE7ll First Vice-President ANNIC HIINN MAR'I'IIi I'IIII,II'S KIIIARLIiIiN SIIARLES -IU ANN SIUYICR IUAN awmaker THE GIRLS' ADVISORY BOARD, a group organizcd to help all Uarficld girls. has tlonc adniirahlc work throughout its cxistcncc. Clad in regulation outfits. the girls patrol thc halls wcckly to scc that all is in ordcr. Thcy arc impartial at all timcs and will gladly rcndcr advicc and guidancc to anyonc in difliculty. For this work thc mcinhcrs havc attaincd rcspcct and admiration within the school, Siinultancously, whilt- solving thc prohlcms of othcrs, thcsc girls gain sclffcontidcncc as well as valuahlc training in lcadcrship. I K1 QIIII INI" AI.IiX.-XNIIHII ,IANET I!O'I'IIWIfI.L IiI.I,IiN IKREHM ANNI. IIYINI :INN lKl..'XIRI. I I NI I IN Iiivir lion-I Rim' Carolyn XVImronilw, Iiarliara Rogvrs, Iioiorhv Snvtlri, Shirlvv Suinloitl. IWoii'i'n Solrlxi. Anna Stall. I.n.'x I.i- nvsrli, Mtil Irath, ,Ioan Browiw. Smfiiil Iminm il Row Wanila IH-ii-isoii. Ijul is ITann-lson. Ili xi ilx Ilioolts, Iioiina Ilinion, Maiilyn XX'ood, Iicltv ,Ivan Tongur. Ivlary Ann Mislvi. Ivlaix Y-v, Maigai-r I'lii-mi. Mai.-lla Noigoir Tlioil liioi iovij Rini' llliarloiti- Volotin, xlaciilicliiii' Parlwi, Manu XX oo. Ann: Yan II-an. Pam. li. H iii man, Iulia Hunin, I.iIls Ilvlwan, Iiiaiifrs Storclwrt. klcan Amln-us . Il 1 r e 0 t 0 r s THE GIRLS' CABINET, composcd of girls who havc shown outstanding intcrcsts in coniniittcc functions, constitutcs the framcwork of Girls' Lluh activitics. The nicmhcrs thcinsclvcs arc comniittcc chairmcn, formulating monthly rcports of thc work accom' plishcd. Ivlany drivcs and campaigns are sponsorcd hy the Cahinct, to whom thc girls constantly turn for counscl. By constantly working hand in hand, thc Cahinct mcm' hcrs forward Uarficld's maintcnancc through such activitics as sclling tickcts, scrving in ilic lunchrooin, and dccorating thc school. XX XI Ixl R . LESLIE CRIBLEY ELIOT ATTEBERY Adviser President CECIL WEBB HOWIE LARSEN VicefPrexident Secretaryflreaxurer ILIIERS 0F TB DlTl0 THE BOYS' CLUB OFFICERS, confident and full of new ideas, promote school ac' tivities through constant leadership and full cooperation. Their duties are as follows: the president supervises and presides at all Boys' Advisory Board meetings, which are held weeklyg the vicc-president is chairman of the Stamp Committee, and the secref tary-treasurer takes all minutes in addition to clearing financial questions. Both Boys' and Girls' Club officers, together with their respective advisers, meet with Mr. Hanselman whenever necessary to talk over matters concerning Garneld and her proteges, at which occasions the youths voice their respected opinions, helping the principal to formulate a constructive program for the pupils. The purpose of the Boys' Club is to unite all the boys into one organization, to provide equal opportunity in student participation and administration, and to carry on school activities democratically and efficiently, Assemblies are sponsored by the officers whenever necessary to inform the boys of future plans and also to give them a chance to participate in school life. The president calls weekly meetings with his fellow officers, at which time they organize plans for future reference and also discuss the merits and faults of previous drives. Then they scatter throughout the building, talking to their classmates, encourf aging them to partake in the school organization. The three officers are respected and wcllfliked in Garfield, for not only have they developed the best within themselves, but generously lent their useful, prohting selves to James A., their alma mater. rosecutor THE BOYS' ADVISORY BOARD, administrative head of Garf1eld's student govern' ment, sees that all rules are carried out and interpreted without fault. The hoys, chosen lor their dependability and honesty, lend a guiding hand to those who otherwise might go astray. By working collectively with their adviser and auxiliaries, these lwoys promote school activities and acquire a taste for that field of work. DON llARTHOl.MliY DICK BROWN JOHN HUBBARD JACK KIDDER ALAN LAWSON Allli LUM DUN McKENZIE DAVE NACLER NICK NIXON MILLARI3 PETERSKY J. R. SAVAGE BILL SCHLIZNKIZR 01' anizers THE BUYS' COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN, together with their staffs, perform around the huilding many vital tasks which play a prominent part in the organization of the Boys' Cluh. The chairmen lead their committees, constantly working individually with the memhersg thus, through unity and cooperative sharing, they perpetually strive to elevate the eminence of their alma mater. Fimr fTOPl Row: Bill Bertolin, Bob Leseher, jack Clarke, jim Calderhead, Cecil XVehh, Verner Anderson, Dale Forhes, jim Krelting, Second QMIDDLIEQ Row: Bernie lwiinsk, Dick Barto. Marvin Kosokoll, Dick Brown, George Grashin, Jim Chase. Third fBOTTOMl Row: George Ayers. jack Miller, Ted Wrwcmd, Kern Devin, Nick Nixon, Bill Adams. 82 ClllTON T. SMITH DAVID FOY EVELYN OREENHlLL DOROTHY SNYIJI R X liiiarr Pn'.wiiImil Vii'i"Pn'.xxiii'iit Sri re! Architects of Knowled e THE HONOR SOCIETY, composed of students who have received recognition through excellence in scholastic ahility, is looked upon with recognition throughout the school, As sophomores, the memhers must have at least twentyffour pointsg as juniors, at least fifty: and as seniors, seventyfeight or more. Those seniors having one hundred eight points at the end of the year keep their gold seal pin when they graduate from Garfield, lnspired hy the patient guidance of the teachers, many pupils strive for perfection in their studies, thus developing traits that will constantly advance them in future comf munity relationships. The importance of initiative and originality is stressed hy the faculty, and as a result the youths are erecting a hasic knowledge to which they conf stantly refer. From this group will arise tomorrow's leaders, young men and women who will advance democracy and further its interests. Some will enter the field of science, others law, some will study sociology, others the art of dressmaking. And, when they find their places in the world, these American citizens will in turn teach their children the significance and value of high scholarship. First QTOPH Row: Ray Connery, Dick Brown, Raymond Becker, ,lack Burke, Fred Bell, jack Cor' doya, Ruth Fortney. Second QMIDDLEQ Row: Carol Ellsworth, Jacqueline Alexander, jean Andrews, Pat Cowell, Evelyn Greenhill, Lurene Ford, Isaac Bensussen, jane Green. 'Thwd fHOTTUMl Row: Mary ,lane Eng, Norma Chin, Beverly Brooks, Delaine Fleming, David Foy, Ellen Brehm, Doris Danielson, Dave Almeleh. Absentee! .lack Clarke. First lTUl'l Rim' Hcrlwcil Lll1LlCI1l'WCI'jlCl. Alan Harnisli, Donald Alacnlws, Bulvlwy Hcnf Llcisnn, Vvlillvrcd Hanscn, Alf!" nnw Katz. Hnwic Larsen. -lack Kiddrr. Sccnml lMlll' lJI.l',l Rim" Galcna Mklllllllll' flcy. Solvcig lvarunn, Pal Krclting. Lucy I,icncM'l1. Marilyn -laculwsnn, 'Inain Guthrie, ju Anna' Gunn. Third lii0T'l'UMl Ruin" Mary Lynnc Gmssnian, julia Gunn, Nadine Lasky. Virginia Lynn. Tvddy Kauflinan, Katlwrinv Kawasaki. Ai Kusakalw, Alu' .SK71tt'f.H. Claiicc Gllrcvitcll. Twin Hartnett, Rainnna linxli First l'I'llI'l Rim' Ernest Randall, Dnrvun Sultky. Nlary Mnssinan, Hans Surcn' Hen, Bill Olsnn, Twin Nivl' svn, Ed Nixun, Alan Rulwn. Second lxiinniiy Ruuu 'laclcic l'ai'licl'. Dianc Middlu- tun, lisnc lVlivlil'r1', Elainc Ncelcy. Mnllic l'utcisnn, Vu' ginia l'i'csuiL!. Uunrgc Na' kann. Alvin Siclvll. Anita Starr. Tlnrd lll0T'l'OMl Run' juan Snlmnnn. Himkn Nalv agziwa. Uciiuvicvc Sanln, Cliarlccn Suarli-5, lvlargarcl Powers. ,loan Mursc, Marcclf la Nurgnrc, Marti: Plnlipx. Fin! lI1Jl'l Rim' M.lIH4llL'l Tl1lClllL'. llixiiicw Stincckiwl. Allred W,lHtxl'lL'l', Donny Vfclliiigtimii, Ci-ful Vv'clvlw. Eddic SllI11l!lCI'llClLl, 'Iuannc Xkhilfc, Elnzci' Vv'ulilgclci'n' ter. Seumid lMIlHhl.l:l Run' Edith Snndflcd. -lnycc Udcll, Mai1'gcl'y Swanson. lflnra May Thni'g.iai'd. Clliarloltc Vnlnf tin, lvlaric Vvlnn, Lim Strick' land. 'Third qnnrrnmj Raw 'Tnsln Yukawa, Vanctta Strange. Carulyn Vvllntcninlw, Victnria Vx'ilcy. -Ivan Vv'alkf cr, Hyman Vv'ulpin. lrix Vvloolllc. Al'r.wnlc'rs' Dirk Tlwriziult. Rirliaril Yaina' lnimtu. TWO-B JUNIORS having a 3.3 grade average or better are presented a twofbar pin at the beginning of the year. These members of the Honor Society receive an average of one "A" and three "B's" each semester. Though the students are made conscious of the value high marks represent, it is hoped that they gain more from classroom participation than can be recorded on grade sheets. Ninety received twofbar pins: Katherine Alhadelf, Jay Allison, Lenore August, Isaac Azose, Maribeth Balthaser, Don Bartholf mey, Sam Behar, Lucy Bensusen, Florence Berger, Diane Brigham, Lynn Brown, Norman Brown, Anne Byington, Elaine Carson, Austin Case, Roma Sue Casserd, Claire Christophersen, Mary Ann Clawson, Constance Clein, Jean Cryor, Rollin Cutts. Mardette De Garmo, Howard Dong, Anita Dykeman, Ralph Ecklund, Jean Edington, Claire Epstein, Beatrice Freed, Alfreda Frei, Ann Friedlander, Raymond Galante, Dorathea Galloway, Joe Golden, Joyce Griffith, Warren Haight, Doris May Halliwell, Patricia Hallock, Pamelia Hartman, Robert Hawkes. Jonathan Hollowzg, Johnny Hubbard, Ann Humes, Daisy Israel, Jane Johnson, Judith Kahan, Patricia Kellogg, eorge Kinney, Marian Kono, Julius Kovtun, Ann Lindberg, Betty Lockwood, Harold MacPhaiden, Floyd Magley, Richard Malone, Don McKenzie. Nancy Miles, Michael Mines, Paul Mosner, Jim Osborne, Carol Reilley, Stewart Rogers, Bert Rogoway, Julia Scharhon, Jan Schrader, Bernard Schwartz, Jack Seeley, Roy Sender, Patricia Shaffer, Bonnie Shain, Michael Sheets, Stella Shemarya, Ernest Sherman. Bessie Sigel, Dorothy Snyder, Gerry Stark, Jo Ann Stover, Shirley Swinford, Norma Tada. Alice Tatt, June Thomas, Ray Treiger, Marion Unosawa, Mayo Uziel, Marie Valbush, Joseph Vance, Matilda Varon, Robert VVcnkert, Pcte W'hite, Vivian Zanon, Jennie Zimmerman. E-B SOPHOMORES make up this group who have earned twentyffour or more Honor Society points during their freshman year. An "A" is worth four points, a "B," three, a "C," two, and a "D," one. In addition, students may earn one service point per semester by working in a school activity one hour daily. Each pupil strives to maintain a high scholastic record, and thus many become members of this honorary. Eighty'thrce received onefbar pins: Betty Alhadeff, Victor Amira, Helen Anama, Helen A-rgenti, Philip Austin, Beverly Backer, Sally Baldwin, Gretchen Barager, Lawrence Bates, Rolfe Becker, Janice Birkett, Frieda Boguch, Sylvia Bowry, Dolores Brown, Anne Cadwell, Joseph Candiotti. Delores Carlo, Ernest Cassirer, Henry Chinn, Carlyn Daughters, Don Dawson, Lucille De Rousse, Nancy Dillon, Marilyn Ekblad, Paul Ellinger, Dolores Estigoy, Mary Jane Fitzpatrick, Ragna Folnes, Rosalyn Forsberg, Dorothy Friedman, Gloria Friedman. Debby Genauer, Gwendol n Goodwin, Richard Green, Jean Gunderson, Pearl Hanson, Joanne Huff, Florance Hurwitz, Ciarol Johnson, Ernestine Johnson, Kiyo Kanda, Dawson Kiang, Patti Kneip, Florence La Torre, Frances Lotzkar, Bill Lucks, Corrine Lundeberg, Mary Macfarlane. Barbara Madison, Katherine McCauley, Donna Moline, Shirley Moore, Linnea Mortenson, Mariel Murton, Catherine Neckas, Ardys Olts, Ted Pang, Harry Phillips, John Pietromonaco, Susie Poli' car, Leroy Puro, Mollie Reich, John Robertson, Norma Rooney, Helen Rossing, Jennie Rousso. Richard Safley, Thelma Samson, Joanne Sn der, Erling Sorensen, Jo Ann Stark, Martin Stro' hecker, Herb Stusser, Don Thoreson, Joan Thygesen, June Tippey, Betty Jean Tongue, Phyllis White, Bill Wolfe, Lulu Wong, Pauline Yee, Marjory Young, Nobuo Yutani. CLASSIHIUM THE ROLL OFFICERS are those students elected hy their classmates to supervise roll activities and lead roll discussions for the improvement of Garfield. It is the duty of the president and secretary to sell stamps every Tuesday morning, while the hanker is in charge of the financial status at this time. Each ofhcer, together with his contemporaries, rounds off the circle of school aetivf ities, therehy helping to keep them rolling at a pleasant rate. These students are partif cipating in selffgovernment in other words, preparing themselves for hetter and more cooperative future citizenship. School spirit plays a role of major importance in rollf room activities, for without the valuahle stamphook pupils would not he ahle to partif cipate in the school's active schedule. ' A' ' FALL OFFICERS ROLL PRESIDENTS First Noel Row: Lawrence Hates. ,lun Flexer, Darxxm Peters, Hola Gray, lhrtl Dawson, jaek Fletcher, Sain Ketehaiu. Diek Feathers, Roh Newman, Pviary Nlae XVoodhury, Rosemary l'ettutgill, Seeund tMrnrmr.ij Row: Harhert Drake, Bernie lviinslt. ,lack XYagner, Hill Sehleu- kcr. Al Shay, Ray Connery. Terry Ryan, Sam Rousso, Dorothy Snyder. ,lulie Hensusen. Lily Angel. Third tmrnrxrril Role: Dave Nagler, Les Suapp. Bill Lefley. Dorothy Freed, ,lane Lee. Sam Behar, Arthur Segrrnoto, Lou Clarke, Tillie Alhadell, Pamella Hart' man, lviarv Hodge. Fourth tuorloml Row: Howard Shapiro, Rona Gellady. Alfreda Frei. Charlotte Volotin, Ra- mona Loslt, Ernest Cassrrer, john Stev enson, ,loan Gorin, Ragna Folnes, Shel- .lon Locke. Florenet' La Torre. ROLL SECR ETARIES First lroirj Role: Pete XYhite, liroolts Hawkes. Niek Krllatn. .lim Beriault, Torn Hartnett, Fred Adair. Austin Case. Don NN'iIson, Alfred Block, Don Audel' son, Don Bartholmey. Secoutl lurnoirb Role: George King, Roland Stanton. Gerry Stark. Hoh Hawkes, Glora Dor- Selt, Dorothy XX'alker, Beeerlv Jones. Phyllis NYhite, Olive lviarie Lind, Gloria Iatie, Nancy Spatiord. Third 1MtuoiI'l Row: Nlariheth lialthaser. Ann Homes. flharleen Searles. Rosemary Kuhn. lrene Miller. Loretta Sams, Marry' rviaefarlane. Gretchen Baragar. .lauiee llirltett, Dolores Van Mtster. Fourth trsoiioub Row: Alice Eng, ,laetiue Knuip, Ann Rogers, Rona Gellady, Norma flhiu, Floteler Leopold, Galena lvfagarinsltv, Roderlelc Howard, Sylvia Bowry, Larry Slieiiif. ROLL BANKERS Foot tiovj Roie: Floyd lviagley, AI Hivxvli-s, Han Lear Douglas, lid Short. Austin Case. Charles Riehlen, George Dick, Ed NYihorg. ,lerry Anderson. Seemnl lxtiiini r-,J Row: Dorothy XYallo'r, Alfred XVheeler. Herhert Lrndenhergei. Rohr-rr Wong. ,lack Oziel, Don Cohn, Diana Nliddleton. tint-n Goodwill. Cleoda Marit' Hatcher. Third lMlmu,i'l Row: Sheila lvfeFadden. Naney Gray. Gloria Swanson, Sara Eskenazi, Reheeea . Sadis, Shirley Levy, Betty jean Tongue, Carrie lvforgan, Virginia Bensusen. l Foiuth tnorroml Role: Gay Caldwell. l Dolores Estigoy, Donna Chalmers. Rona Ilellady, ,loAnne Fitltluo, Eloise Battle, lulie Seharhon, Nlary Hiplte. ,lulius Koetun. rlaielt fllan'ln', ,Inn fllizise. Stenrnl lsunf Slmlion, Rolwert Pislier, Howie Linsen, son. Allied lllnelm. llill Tlinnllull, Don' ,l-leloe lhnker, Ronin hue Lxisseid, .lack Sophie lvlendelsolin, Maiilt' lYoo, -lean' nine Karr, Carol -lolinsnn, Nlairilyn Dil' lon, Lneille lle Ronsse. ,lennie Ronsso. Rule: lilomnee lluixxltz. lvlxuy ,l.ine liirxt noel Rule Ruth Anderson. Kern llexln, .laelt Millei, H.ins Sniensen. llenige llielt, lid Slum, 'l'errv Ruin. llnieen Soltltv, Vniiun lvletide, Louis li.u.i NleAllistel, llloi 1.1 lleeltei, Nxinev llitzv. ll.nlv llold, Rav ,llnlxg Nanci' Slmw, llloim, Rzivinond ll,ilf zinte, lloiolliy P r ie tl ni .1 n , ll.irh:ir.i lli.nllm.nte, lPon.ild lltites, Tliml 1Min- ln rj lime l'lnw.n'd Singer. Geraldine llulwei. Tzilme T.inine, Reheeen Sntiis. l.inne.i Mnrtenson, ,laiequellne Pettv. l3nnn.i Cflizuliners, Mule Woo, lYillwur Slnrlev Rivlun, Many Lynne, Stella Palm, l3.nsv Y.iplee, l,ulu XY.-rig. IR THE ROLL OFFICERS, promptly performing their weekly duties which eonsist of selling aietivity stzunps and recording the money hainked every Tuesday morning, are ehosen hy their elassmzltes on quzlliiiexitions of dependnhility and promptness. In ziddif tion, the ollieers take care of the distrihution of the Pen and the Arrow, taike collections for the Red Cross and the M:11'eh of Dimes, and attend to any other maitters that muy arise. By the zillotment ot' various duties, more students have ll ehzuiee to partake in sehool activities. Thus, opportunity constantly arises for the development of hidden talents, and results are indeed encouraging, for the alumni have experienced training in lender' ship :is well its in group pzirtieipzition. SPRlNU OFFICERS ' ROLL PRESIDENTS First tioiij Rune: llill Luelts, Pete lYlnte, 'fed Purdy, liill Tucker, George Rnmlverger, Rollin flntts, llene Hatch. mil Rule: lil.une lI.nson, Gwen llond' win, Dielt M.ilone, Alvin lllyn, Glnrm Lille, Loren Preseott, Alston li.nrserf wee, flex: lYni'!liv. Nl.lrv ifnllwertson. 'Tliml lmimnil Role: bl-mn tlorin, lvlxuv Pillai, Karl lxnnsson, lvlaxrgerv inninsnn, l'el.Lgv llnotlge, ltene Millex, lnzinnn Heels. Priscilla l'inetoi. Fourth tnnilowll Row: Rulwye Huey, Paunelm llautlnani. ll.n'liet l.-it-ku-t-titl. Larry' Slierilli, Colleen Allmtletl, lvlarnex- 'louelt, Vitgilini lfllis, Ann R vqeis. ROLL SECRETARIES liars! liorl Rule: tlelrv Stark, Leo lid hlinrt, ,lvrry heliroeder, Laurl ...iff n.i lvlolint, Seimnl tminniixl Rule: Dong llairnett, Dave lloueh, Susan llineltel, the ililwsnn, Anne Van Horn, Seeley, llezitriee Freed, Put Sli.itlel'. llnwanml Slmpn-ti. Tliml tmimn i l Rune: lleltnliline Hulier, ,lne Ann Prine, llnnalvon Pretzer. Fnurtli tum foul llzntliolmev, XVnnlied l':.n', l3onn.i llllllull, lloris Nlay Halliwell, Sally- ll.ildwin, lhnolxn lYliitennilw, lris XYnolle, R-:s.ilund Koe. ROLL BANKERS i,nmplit.i. heeovnl lmnmtll Rome: ll.n" Clint. Foiwtli tlnnioml Run' Alexxel lhnz, l3.nsy lsi.uel, Masziltn Hiltuelil. Pl-nnees Plnelinvsltv. Svlvm Honrv. The A'Cornj'eil" imiitrexxes Prove graceful and eliarining, ie mulilimiul rihhmi tlunee of the Climese is uitrotlueetl at Garfield. rue Garfield heauliex are really H111 the muotlu as they dance at 'ACluh Stardust." 10 'ky-4 ol 41 creature was stirring," not even linux Hioinx' in U5lII.7Yll7t'Tll71I6..i The "Platter Chatter" elioms AI'llj1.K, Uliiilvy, Are Ton Kitltlniglm no kfout. THE 1946 FUNFEST, rocking the school with hilgirity for weeks, proved ll worthy ref fresher for il tiretl stutlent hotly. With over twenty weeks of school heliintl them, during which duties .ind studies haul heen faithfully performed, the students were deserving of the sueeesstiul production of this, their own show. A product of the student hotly solely, the Funfest is faunous for its humorous situations, heauty, and originality. The tremendous ovxif tion accredited this yei1r's Funfest purtieipiuits proved ai satisfying reward for the nmny hours spent in perfecting tlqinee routines, eostumes, :ind sets. F .QA ' 15' N 3 456: ' Ls j 35 sf I-5 Ks? Q S X 45 NWT . , fwxwiq X MX, N X,XY X Si M' Prim . .V XQSQ s 1-S'! N X .. ,X L mpg +5 is? .iw iS1a,,m " ww ,Ha . 3 x X " gf xv. .X a W. ..- sl ws --1 .. v. 5 QP' ,Q 66 JA nw THE SENIOR PLAY, presented amid the tension ot' last minute caution and wellf meant hut useless advice, was one of the departing gestures of the class of 1946. The gleaming spotlights illuminated the stage as the young east of "Janie" hegan its heart' warming performance. Under the capahle direction of Celia Denues, production adf viser, each participant learned his part in an effective, pleasant manner, the reward hcing a perfect showy this was jovially confirmed hy the audience, judging from the wild applause which echoed throughout the huilding. Thus ended the opening performance of a modern comedy. The cast had hcen ref hcarsing for many weeks, polishing the rough spots and adding a dramatic touch here and there. Witli the continual guidance of Mrs. Denucs, who had an encouraging word for all, "Janie" was a production worthy of the praise hcstowed upon it. Top jamie doe.: some explammg to her father. Top' The soldiers get actgitaiwiletl ut the party. Middle Mr, Vmi Hmm! and Mr.v. Lai,i're'11t'e dia' IN-W! limlfs Middlff ll lfmli-Y L1-Y ll' fL17Uf'.-X W Ymllllli' HHGINA tim plans jiir niarrmge. Bottom: Wliere has Elxhetli heen' Not icpxtuir Bottom' The hoyx .wig LL trzhuti' to fume. asleep' ' "Hi 'Nu 'as l l vp: licrmiiline doix the ttillgnig as usual. Top: Getting rid of Elxlvctli proves difficult. Mialillv. Hvfv popped the i1Ilt'XlllV7l and iillfw well. 1,1-,dv Lwdmg Lady. Middle: Iame ix taken hy xiarprixzx vtfomj Ptuilti i'onifm'tx lie: stulor Nfielqey. Bottom: Elshetli, rctionni-ng frmn ilu' t'd'f7ll'l'Ll adds to the eoiifiitximi. SE Illll PLAY THE SECOND HALF of this year's Play Production class presented its version ot' flanien on Saturday, the second night. Somehow a little more was expected of this east, for the students in the opening performanee had set a deeisive pattern whieh had to he equalled, perhaps even improved. ln order to make the show a success, much had to he accomplished hehind the scenes. The scenery and furniture were set up hy the industrious stage crew, while the malcefup committee spent many hours testing the ell-eets of various eosmeties. At rehearsal time the praetiee often had to he stopped, for the performers enjoyed playing tricks on their dramatie elassmates, who, though they tried to, eould not hold their mirth. Yet, with the neverftiring tips delivered hy Mi's. Denues and the full eooperation of both the laeulty and the student hody, the two performances of "Janie" proved to he astounding sueeesses. 91 TEBTAI ER THE GARFIELD CONCERT, annually produced hy the music department. ha: lvecomc, through the lwcauty of its werforman"s h l i tt , sym o ic of the harmony of Garfield High. just as the memhers of any group desiring worthy achievement must cooperate, so must the students of a school work side hy side to make their school truly great. From the oneness of the hand to the exacting waltz interpretation of thc dance group, from the greatness of 'ARhapsody in Blucn to the heauty of "Solvciv's Song " this year! musical program hrought the spirit of Garfield, in all its glory! to student hody and audience alike, thus heralding the glories of Garfield High School to the wuhlic. . . l Tap Lcfl' The lireshnien Girls' Ensemble screnades the audience. Top Right. Flora May Tliorgaard together with the Cuatixt Din Ciou , H a ce 1' p. interpretsUSolx'eig's Sunil... Middle: KIEAN BURNS, C . , . GENSOHN, Dance DlVt'Lill7YQ WILLIAM KLEIN, Hand Director. ostumc Directorg PARKER E COOK lwnsn' Director EVA xlllll' Bottom Left: The Creativc Dance Group perlorins 'xNorthern ldyllsf' Bottom Right: The Nonette hegins the program wtih "Song ol' India." Iiirsi ll'ol'b Rnzi' XYihna Stioin, Anita Stair. George Vena. iviarvin Kosokofii, Dan Etitisivll. C ll 0 Ill S E ll Q' I'Hli CIHURL 'S impressively arrayed in hlue rohes, is a very necessary part of Garfield High Sehool. for it is the harmony of the ehorus which expresses the students' hope oy, grief. or patriotism. Under the elireetorship of Parker E. Cook, this group has helped to enrieh Uariielel's musieal record hy its perforinanees at hoth student ant faculty asseinhhes. This year the ehorus has interpreted for its audienee "Rise Up. Uh XX'orltl,"' i'Losl in the Night," and "Prelude in C Sharp Minor." , , . l'nxr trovb Ixt-ii' Linestine iXndei'son, ,lean Eggleston, Emily MaeDonald, Cfhailes Hailhnd. Loi' rene Hnsl, Norman Cfliaikiii, Barhara Mayhew, Dorothy jorgensen. Seuonti lfwillvlllll Run' Vhylhs Ciiahaiu, Becky Hunan, Rosalyn Capeloto, Barhara Olson, Beverly Butehart, -lean Doyon lim., nlnlmsnn, Eileen Leiiiande. Tlimi U1o'I"I'oMj Row Katherine Alhadeii, Roseann -Iohanson Doloies ifthnund, ,Ieanne Mayo, Evelyne Ginsherg, Kathleen Alhadeti, Eileen Uardinei, Gloria Hagen Roh' tit Vfenkeit, Michael Seitlemann. Seroriti QMIIIITITI Row Carolyn Miller, Ueorgeen Puuslev, Vu' inii Nth Illnh Uiltlind VI in C in D Vw d f uii 'Viiip,ui Io 'Rn P int lill h V V V Y , . . , N . . ' 1, . . . . . ari. .ous s. oris foo s. it "e i 1 'L . Q e . n i' '. b Ihihps, Third liiorioxij Ron' Mary Piha, Dona Noklehy, -lo Ann Colenian. Eddie Sham. ,luhus Koxtun, Howaid Shapiro. Irene Miller. 11 1 H l"n .au A ,. -If 9 ns .., 'is :'- x.., 2 '11 w 11 3 Aff ig! . 4. 'V 1 1- KN L... 1'1Y.xl 1'I111'1 R1111' C1111111 A11111I1S41I1. 11111 BU1111111, Dux: E11ill1N, Art Kinnvy. 1,111111'1y H1'11111-151111, l11'111 Hz1t1'11. 511111111 1MlI1I1I.IZ1 R11L1'5 fXI'I1U1L1 HAIIISCIX, T11111 1711t1'1'51111, -111111 1V11'y1'1'5, -l1'4111 Vx'1'1111'. H1'1'111'11 K111111115. H.1I'11111 11lL'111lI'11hl1I1. 1V111I'l'lr f11lPC1lll11, T111r11 11111111111-J R1111' A1111 151'ii1111'1g. 171.1111 Brig 11.1111. 1111111 Stern, fX1cx BlI'll1lIl, 'I411111'5 Stark, P41111 Kncip. L1CI'il111 5111-11. 1111111111 111111 I'11x11 1111111 'I.11'11111' lxincp, f.111'511'1' 15c5111411'11'.111. 51.111 11115111, Vw 111141111 klein, 171111111111 1'1111'1' '1'111111y. 11111' 1,111 1: 1V1.11'y f11111'11'1'151111. T Il I 1 M L I ' 1 L, 1 , LV K THE BANIYS 11141g111'11Q spirit pr1111111tc11 1111' 1111111 411111 1115ty 11111' 111115 1111 11111 114111111111 51111111111 111111y 411 111111 11551'111111ic5 411111 111171111111 g41111c5 11115 y1'11r, 111115 111.1111i1g 11111 11.11111 11111 111 1111' 11111111 1115pir11ti1111111 c1'111cr5 1114 1110 51'1111111. T111' 1w1'11tyf1'ig11t 1111'n111cr5 1114 1111 1W11llL1, rc5p1111111c11t 111 t11C11- 111111111' 411111 xx'111111 11111 11111115, 11111 1111111111111 411111 511111111141 111 1111 C111'11c111 c111'1'r1i1g 5111111111 115' 11'.lL1ll1Q 11111 4111 111111 111111y .11 4111 11111 tw11 111 11115 5c4151111'5 111111114111 g41111c5. T11Lw 11.11111 i5 11111 1111r1' 411- 11111' 111'111'5 511111111 spirit, 1111' 11 is 1111' 5t1rri11g 11111511 111' 11111 13111111 w11ic11 51'15 114111115 1'1.111111ng .11111 v1111'1'5 ringing, 111'11vi11g 111411 11111 U41r111'111 51111101115 41r1' 11111111111 11111111 11141111 111111 111111k11'L1k1 11111' 111111, win 11r 111511. A1t1111llg11 t11c group 11511411111 p111yS 511111111 5l111!5, 11111 13.11111 11.14 411511 1'1111'r111i111'11 115 11111111'11c1:5 with t111' cvcr 111111111z1r K'Bcgi11 11111 1561111111611 .11111 51'v1'r.11 S11115.1 111111'C11C5. 0111- 111 1111'1r 1111151 p11PLl1ilI' 1111111111'r5 IS WU 51.11111 111 H1111111' l1.11'111'111. 11111 51'1111111'5 111'w 11111141 11111111 51111g, W111151' l11llS1C w415 writtcn 11y 171.11111111411111 VN'Y111l.1I11 K11'i11 .11111 1110 VV11I'L1S 11y Girls' Cj1ll1W A11vi5cr Ei11i1i11 Hc115c1. Wi111 11115 SUIIQ. 11111 l1.1r111'111 11.11111 11.15 41g41i11 11115 y1'111' 111v1g11r.111'11 1111 5111111111 111111y 211111 11111111111 5111111 "11.1r111'111 1111 111 V11-1111'y." llll PS0lllS Q THli UIKGHESTRAS harmony symholizes the spirit of Garfield High School, Harf mony, a necessary part of any successfully organized school, is that factor which enahles a school to forge ahead, no matter how great the odds. For an organization to he sucf cessliul, it is necessary that its memhcrs look to future goals and attain, at least, some of' these goals. The orchestra presents these goals to the student hody in the music it plays. This music, which is at once stirring, strong, and heautiful, depicts life at Garf tield. Although virtually a little world complete with students of many races, colors, and ereeds, Garfield High School is nevertheless one compact unit working toward higher goals. Directed hy Parker li. Cook, the orchestra has not only performed for student hody and faculty this past year, hut it has also played for numerous alumni and parents. This year at the Garfield Concert, the orchestra presented a Scandinavian theme, which they ahly interpreted with Sihelius' NFllllLll1Lllil1H "Norwegian Dance Numher Two," "Last Spring," "Solyeig's Song," and 'xvxfedding Day at Troldhaugenn hy Edvard Grieg. The Garfield orchestra has truly shown that "her standards live on and never die." IIIINI llHl'l Kun' Chuck johnson, Gene Hatch, AI Nicholes. Garol Ellsworth. Secnml fMIl1IHl,I'l Ron' Stella Shemarya, Vivian Zanon, Alice lleinlnerg, Laverne Kershner. Gorrine Lundeherg. Third Qllt1l'I'H?x1l Roni Dorothy Vise. Edith Sundsted, Allireda Frei, Parker E. Cook, Director: l.ois Tailwt, Matilda Xlaron. NGSTRESSES -IUAN ISEIER ROSALYN CAPIELOTU jHAN IJUYON EMILY MQDONALIJ RITA NASH RUSH ANNE NIIZHELSUN lilllllllli OLSON IUE ANN PRINE FLUIIA MAE THORCIAARIJ CAROL ELLSWORTH Accmnpanixl THE NUNETTE, music makcrs ol' vihranl quality, not only cntcrtaincd the stuclcnts with thcir harmonious rcnditions, hut also gained invaluahlc cxpcricncc in thc ficlcl of music. .loan Bcicr. a sophomorc. having hccn in lhc Noncttcrlor her two years at Umrlrcld, ls wcll known lor hcr rich alto harmonics. Rosalyn Capcloto. a mcmhcr ol' thc musical corps lor thc Iirst timc m this. hcr junior ycar, IS pl1SSCi5Ul' ill il ClClll'. Ll'llC NUPLQIIXU. .Ican Doyonl second-sopiano voicc hlcnnls magically with thu othcr harmonizcrs. Shc, too, ls a mcmhcr ol thc Noncttc lor thc lust time. Emily lvlcDonald. serving thc school for hcr first ycar. adds a richness ol' tonc to all Noncttc music with the magic ol' hcr sccondfsriprano songs. Rita Nash, thc only llc:-hman lCPI'L'5CllLCL.l on thc Noncttc. not only charmed hcr listvncrs with scvcral Christmas carols, hut also pcrliorincd a solo at thc Midfvslintcr Concert. Rose Anne Nichclson, second ycar mcmhcr ol' the school's acc musical organization, has rcn' dcrcd lnvaluahly lWCR1lltlfUl alto music to hcr alma mater. Bohhic Olson, scnior, has hccn with thc Non' cttc for thrcc and onc hall' ycars, during which she has not only sung soprano solos at school, hut also ovcr the radio. -loc Ann Prine. ncwcomcl to the ranks ol thc Noncttc, has aflordcd thc students many pleas' ant musical sessions, singing lor them in lm pltasing sccondfsoprano voicc. lilora May Thorgaard. thc only mcmhcr to have hccn with thc Noncttc lor hor cntirc four high school years, rcnd-:rs satislying soprano solos for hoth stagc and radio. Carol Ellsworth. musical accompanist lor thrcc years, ls not only a Noncttc musician. hut also a pianist of high standing throughout the school. Thus thc mcmhcrs of the Noncttc, worthy of only the high..-sr praisc and conf sidcration, have again cnkindlcd the light of Garficlds musical spirit to an cvcn hrightcr flame. PERFORMER DE BATERS THE DEEATERS havc madc a good namc for Cariicld at all timcs, cntcring contcsts and always rating high. By coaching cach othcr, thc hoys and girls gain cxpcricncc in judging and pcrforming, hoth of which will hc hclpful to thcm in latcr ycars. DOORMAN THE DOORMEN, courtcous and smiling, arc always rcady to scrvc thcir school whcn thc occasion ariscs. Thcy paticntly guide lost gucsts through thc corridors, giving lcngthy cxplanations now and thcn. As a rcsult of this constructivc work thc hoys furthcr Oarticld's tricndly rcputation. LIBRARY COMMITTEE THE LIBRARY committcc olfcrs many op' portunitics for its participants. Shifting wcckly, thc youths takc chargc of thc magaf :inc room, shclvc hooks, tilc cards, and work at thc main dcsk. PROJECTION STAFF THE PROJECTION staff consists of hoys who arc intcrcstcd in handling projcctors of all sorts. In thc past ycar Cariicld has accuf mulatcd iilms for thc usc of almost cvcry dcpartmcnt in thc school, thc varicty and First LTOPI Row: Roh' crt Vsfcnkcrt, Leo Sha' hon, Alston Fairscrvice, Tom Peterson, Sharon Vhrk, Winilired Taylor, XVcsley Crandc, Second qiaorromj Row: Franf ces Crane, Katherine McCauley, William Erahm, Thelma Samson, joycc Udcll, Morton Crystal. First QTOPI Row: Bill Houlahan, Earl Lyon, Paul Mosncr, jack Clarke, Ozzy Rousso, -lack Cordova. Second Qisorromj Row: Harold Eromhach. Bill Adams, jim Flcxcr, Dave Alf mcleh. First QTOI-'j Row: Wealf tha Clark, Robert Mooney, Dan Gibson, jon Holloway, June Thomas, Dorene Van Mctcr. Second LBOT' TOM, Row: Vicky Aclatf to, Marian Alhadctl, Marjory Young, Patty Bcckcr, Patricia Cifhn, Virginia Uzicl. First ITOPJ Row: Erncst Lingcr, Hans Sorensen, LeRoy Mason. Second LBOTTOMJ Row: john Picroth, Donald Cates. Marvin Lewis. quality of which arc stcadily incrcasing. paw RED CROSS COMMITTEE THE RED CROSS workcrs havc donc ad' mirahlc and constructivc work throughout thc past school ycar. Thcy knittcd afghan hlankcts, collcctcd jokcs, and crochctcd dolls to hc scnt ovcrscas, in addition to prcf paring Christmas packagcs and thc likc. First QTOPJ Row: Mary Lou McClelland, Virf ginia Mathis, Donna Campbell, jean Cryor, Sal Ingham, Doreen Soitky, Audrey Lim- hcck, jcanninc Karr, Shirlcy Grashin. Second raorromj Row: Alice Eng, Lilly Dejaen, Mol- lie Reich, Frances Schaf chcr, Carol johnson, Tillie Varon, Elorance Hurwitz, Rosalind Koa, ACC PLI ll i i l I . MAKE-UP COMMITTEE APPLYING cosmetics is its duty. First f'l'OPj Rowf Fay Carol Case, Ruth Quarf termaine, Marie Valhush, Shirley Swinlord, Phyllis lviajewski, Lorrene Hirst, Irene Miller, Beverly Butchart, jackie Storey, Ruth Anderson. Second QMIDDLIQ Row: Beverly Schwartz, XVealf tha Clark, Ardys Olts, Betty Lockwood, joyce Speer, Ai Kusakahe, Bessie johnson, Katherine Alhadefi, Dorothy Nelson. 'Third fIIOTTOMj Row: Katherine Kawasaki, Marjorie Levinson, Louise Upton, Lorraine Myei's, Marilon Van Gries, Becky Hasson, Florence LaTorre. PRODUCTION COMMITTEE THE PRODUCTION committee, includf ing thirteen faculty memhers in addition to two students, judges each show per' formed at Garfield. First tTOI'j Row: Don Mclieiizie, Ernest Frey, Marion Thomson, A, L, Schmalle, Eva jurgenf sohn. Second fMllDl3LIij Row: Leslie Crihley, S. L. Merriam, Virginia Olmsted, jean Burns, How' ard M. Brier, Ellen Tallman. 'Third tHoTToMJ Row: Celia Denues, Emilie Hensel. Margaret Lowe, Eleanore Loughead, STAGE CREW SETTING up scenery for the Senior Play and Eunfest are two of the many duties performed hy the stage crew. In addition, they regulate the loudfspeaker system, thus assisting all assembly programs. First QTOPH Row: Daniel Boone, Thomas Strom' mer, Edward Short, Ernest Frey, Clyde Millo, jay Allison, Kenneth Ostinan. Second illOTTUMj Row: john Rohertson, Art Yoshioka, Howard Smith, Ernest Linger, john Pieroth, Roland Stanton, Mike Donnan. STAMP COMMITTEE THE STAMP committeeis duty is to dis' trihute activity stamps to all the rolls every Tuesday morning. First QTOPQ Row: Nick Killam, Bill Lewis, Nick Nixon, jack Fletcher, Cecil NVehh, Gene Hatch, jack Lycette, Al Nichols, Second tminnticj Iilllllf john Pietronionaco, Frank Allen, joseph Blum' enthal, Rolfe Becker. Bill Leliley, Rohert XM-nf kert. Third fBOTTOMj Row: David Nagler, Alan Goldman, Alvin Sidell, Alfred VVheeler, jim Hughes, Herh Stusser. USHER COMMITTEE THE USHER committee guides audiences First fTOPl Row: Fay Carol Case. Mary Galante. Betty Meece, jean Calderon, jennie Rousso, Pearl Hanson, jean Gunderson, Salina Sheldon, Lucy Sadis, Peggy Goodgc. Second iMll1DI.lij Row: Ruth Quartermaine, Marcella Norgore, Carmelita Shaw, Bessie Sigel, Bonnie Shain, Clemence Baroh, Frances Crane, Catherine Neck' as, joyce Udell, Marjory Young. Third tBoT- TOMJ Row: Sally Funes, Doris Vwfalker, Marilon Van Gries, Katherine lvIeCauley, Adele Trotsky. Betty Cornell, Eleanor Stork, Virginia Uziel, Rosalyn Eorsherg. ASTIMES THE BALLET CLUB is formed of those Garfield students who are interested in the dance, meeting periodically to practice, dance, and study the ballet. The aim of the Ballet Club is to give its members pracf tice and enjoyment as well as to stimulate the interest of other students. Officers: joan Solomon, cofchairmang Miss jurf gensohn, adviser: Gloria Wiggei's, cofchairman: Roena Meykar, secretary. THE CATHAY CLUB is unique in that it is a club composed entirely of Garfield Chinese students. Through their club, these students not only promote friendly rela' tions between all Garfield Chinese, but also assist the school in every possible way. Officers: Norma Chin. vicefpresident: Miss Thom- son, adviser: Marie Writi, secretary: Edwin Mar, president fabsentl. THE CHESS CLUB is a new organization which was formed this year that all chess advocates might play for enjoyment as well as for development of skill. The club, which is also open to all those desiring to learn the game of chess, offers the students both recreation and fun. Officers: jerry Heiman, vieefpresidcnt: Mr. Smith, adviseit Hans Sorensen, president. THE DEBATE CLUB was formed some time ago in order that students might have the opportunity to become able speakers and at the same time have fun. The mem- bers of this group conduct discussions and participate in debates with students of other schools. Officers: Mr. Foulk, adviser: Wiiiifred Taylor, secretary: Joyce Udcll, president: Lenore August, manager fabsentj. THE SKI CLUB is open to both Carfields amateur and professional skiers. The club meets regularly to discuss skiing and make preparations for future weekfends in the mountains. The chief aim of the club's members is to go skiing as often as possible. Offirerx: Dick Stomberg, president: Solveig Ivarsf son, vieefpresident: Mr. Cribley, adviser. 911 Every fall the students anxiously await the com- ing football season. dur- ing which the Bulldog team earns roars of ad- miration from the confi- dent spectators. Purple and white streamers con- stantly float through the building, for the pupils proudly display their school colors at all times. Everywhere songs and cheers echo the spirit of Garfield. 1 ff' TIILETICS Our track teams are large and victorious. thus an important part of the school program. Girls. too, participate in athlet- ics. practicing daily after school. Basketball. base- ball. and golf squads also have a high attendance. for besides physical train- ing, the participants gain a spirit of fellowship-a spirit of inestimable value in years to come. 4,5-'ik - u .r ,fs E .FE 5 1:5 xi , Q ' L. Vx .f '5?z"!fw, X b f ,,s -A5 y Q ' 5- Xf'.'Lw + X ff f ig gg 2 w,f..m-mf . . Q53 -431' , Mm-ww. y . .1 ' +5 f. r h ,x,W,,. A ,X X R 1 1 ,iv 1 " '--1 fggk V L' f , . -41 . ' 3 wg . lamwr -H gp ., Y, w' Q- I xxmm , f gurl- va 5, mi , we -Mg, 11" -I 'Y A A r .Y ,M ,xv YL , -wma ILL: 3 H 3' ' - .avg-Q A T 4 ,:-'W' .:Q,1:jf-13? ' Q j , 4.-:Q ,. ,J wf x - . :ffw A Jn, X f N ,QL ., N x My-vii Af' 4 A- .wig 'f . .rf j X.:-. f 4 Q r lg, Q 1 N95 ":'?2 ' X' A3 1 Q Y gif: K '71 K .ef L , , , ,4 it i ,sk A., 5' -w"':K 'H ff..-. .. fix- fm. WR H X 57' - . 'VVE' x S : ' ga- K ' -QQ' I 'Q - V -- 3 xr .: -b -f 5 :.'.,, X xx Av , A gl :. r WN , . . - Gif? 1 Er? . 1 1 X -fiviwixl 1 l.-ify is fxif x xx. 'g 5 .Tix 1.5. , I 1 Q. AL Jfgi i,..5 VE , A 4 A , , gh, Q, 2 :E , 1 ,I 5 "'15f, ,. g. f":"x 1 K - 2 L 515, sf' , iv +A V 'M , Q I ,g .W . .. L 7 'I. ' K f A 2 U F , 2 -1 .Tu g 54, .- Vx ,-,Mg wg EJ? f 1 N 1 .L H., ,f .9 N ' .Lf 'gX.'lfl., ' . 4 :fit Q A f r "u- Yi 1 1 . 'ali fl A ' 5 ix .ij wg, 1 . '-.f , c "V, fx All, l W 1: 35, 'L Y S fl 52 aj ' 'xi Q X . ' 'gg AN? if '- YK f' X 0' W .- , 4 ' ' , Y . J. ,"' if D ""'-7 Q SRM i 1' 2 1 fi ,ag aff M Q 3, ' lf' 1. if M kr 1.3 -X .. ,A , ,tt I1 '1 ,. -K rf . :Q .1 I , STI .Wg ,If hr t . my-' , A - 1 Q .ef 3' 1 ,h N- fx ,xi . In A - 'gb .5 X :cg-, - 2 1 i, TY Vw ' .L . 'A A :Ter Xv 3"'f1 49" 5 f- - ,?t' ,"3kgfn. ' 'x,. . Q '- '. ' N,-sflimxa , Q X WSC , ,NA ' K "fxyw,'5. Q. 4"Rw,X x , A 6 1 'J N- as Sb. " 5 'YL h - '1 ' 'QL 'H fy 1326, f XT - A N' I '.E"'1:5. ,Y vs- Q, . : Ai 5- ., ,J gm ., A 5, as X X 5 Q i 4M X - NX r 5 xkw X Y S Q X . X x s X ,, s, is t t 1 el' .-' :Q-'s f, 11,4 8 , -, Lx Y S X 3 f 4 'A ff. A Q fx i ' at Q L N 'J 'B 2 Y- , in 0 N is ' 1 1. Q if ,Y 2? S if +' , . . -,gi 5 'Z .1g'Z"l' V X , x Q wh I. f 2:73 O W is ' f' -'S 3:3 75?-Y" : K iii' E if .K .fl , sg fkq fi , ' 15.3. 3'-is We 'X e if Q rl Q. i. Q' fl V ,V V U, I -25 f 2 . A gf r, f bg V , 1, 'f H ,, R- Q," 7 N1 4. ' X.: Sv , t Q. A fs' ff ' - , 1 1' N "N ., t K ' f'::qf sf- AL X iw z .v " ' 5:73 ?, -1 Y: 4 4 'Q Baal , X M x f ' : 5 v A -x N J lil ' , S 'i E Y. if 1 H ' A X 1' X, gf S 'F w 1 x A . M 1, 'i 'ilu-z . . Q, , .,,... 5 Wg., E. . r !,..5 gig .5 ,, . .-43 Fha! -arse 2, wifi ev fl QP . 452 1 9 'f Q . ' xizjg , , R ' .I 5- -u X I -v U! , f ' 'ii-' g. ' .X 2 .kzxli nc, Lg.. ,Q :iydm A ' s . .1 WJ' '3 1 2 fix? - F , xx ,J , U , --,, A 4 . K .h I .gf fi ' P 2 TS' X : Q .5 , L. -I- ii sk x TY . i .13 f U pg ' 'ff L . 1 K , 'f ' . THE SPIIRT r TWA. PARA ll E JP it Meiji ,J WM . ' . Ui All I. . x if ' I N . . 'T' ' With only the four spring sports of golf. track tennis, and baseball remaining, the Purple and I f 1 White of Garfield is going all out to edge the X, ,T Roosevelt Roughriders in their fight to retain J jj the All-Sports Trophy. The Pups have the edge ,Af over the Teddies by virtue of their tie for fourth I -5 jf place in football and the runner-up spot in I basketball: the Cowan Parkers finished seventh in the gridiron race and first in the casaba sport. Queen Anne is a fraction of a point ahead of both schools in its athletic feats to date. It looks as if the Bulldogs will really have to get down to brass tacks in the various spring sports. The past athletic year has seen Garfield rise back up to its former rank as a threat to all title aspirants. A championship track team, sec ond place squads in golf, tennis, and basket ball, a tie for fourth in football, and ninth in baseball-all go to show that the Pups are on the rise from their athletic slump. 102 DON BURNETT Head Football, Baslqetball, and Baseball Coach BYNG NIXON Head Track, Axxistanr Football and Basketball Coach LUTHER MORE Intramural HERLIN SLOCOMB Golf DON HOYT Tennis, 1946 HENRY PETERS Tennis, 1945 Garfield Mentor UNDER THE LEADERSHIP of Head Coach Don Burnett, the caliher of GarHeld's athletics has dehnitely started on the upgrade this year. At Garfield everyone wishes the hest of luck to Coach Burnett and his future athletic prowess at james A. In his first year at Garfield, Head Track Coach Byng Nixon has hrought another track championship to the East Side school and has a good chance to produce another first class team in 1946. Con- gratulations are in order to Coach Nixon for the splendid record he has set. Luther More, intramural coach and gym in- structor, has started many of GarHeld's has' kcthall greats on their road to stardom hy helping to organize their activities in after' school sports. Herlin Slocomh, golf coach, has set a line rec' ord while at Garfield with the three teams he has coached, taking two championships and a second spot. Returning to Garfield after a one-year ah' sence, Don Hoyt will resume his joh as head tennis coach. His 1943 team was champion in the tennis loop for that year. Tennis Coach Henry Peters has done out' standing work in bringing Garfield a second and third place in the tennis race for the last two years. 103 CI DER 1945 TRACK SCORES AND STANDINGS All-City Scores 1 -1 Q GARFIELD ........ . -an ROOSEVELT . . . 31 LINCOLN . . . . ww QUEEN ANNE . . Il QQ 5 BROADWAY. . . I0 FRANKLIN. . . 3 BALLARD . . . 2 CLEVELAND . . . . 2 WEST SEATTLE . . . I INTERSCHOLASTIC SCORES GARFIELD . , . XSV1 CLEVELAND . l7V3 KJARFIELD . . . 8755 FRANKLIN, . IAM, GARFIELD . . . mv: LINCOLN . . sz WEST SEATTLE 1 GARFIELD , A sv ROOSEVELT . ss BROADWAY . 14 RELAY CARNIVAL LINCOLN . . . 41 BROADWAY . 11 OUEENE ANNE 1 GARFIELD , . , 2615 BALLARD . . 1 WEST SEATTLE 1 ROOSEVELT . , 1915 FRANKLIN . A CLEVELAND . ll GARFIELD FROSH LINCOLN FROSH MARSHALL FROSH MONROE FROSH Matland strengthe FROSHfSOPH ALLfCITY LINCOLN SUPHS . great lead. GARFIELD SOPHS . Z6 ROOSEVELT SOPHS . 211 QUEEN ANNE SUPHS . . . I7 ' H . S Y .. It I T comuu: mmmn IZRIIDBVIN CIIAM CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN! The 1945 track team, def spite running second to Lincoln in an interscholastic meet and in the Annual Relay Carnival, proved to be the class of the All-City meet when it copped first place by a decisive score. The pups took four firsts and a host of seconds and thirds to give them an nn point lead over their closest competitor, Roosevelt. The Purple and White was led by Captain Conrad Mat' land, a three year letterman and holder of the AllfCity 880 record, who for his second straight year won the AllfCity half mile. Dick Brown, fleetffooted quarter miler, and Jack Burke, high hurdler, each gained individual honors by plaef ing first in his respective event. The relay team, consisting of Anderson, Brown, Kulseth, and Webb, clinched the championship for the Pups. The AllfCity victory brought the Bulldogs their second championship in three years. In the interscholastic dual and triangular meets, the Car' field cindermen swamped Cleveland, West Seattle, Franklin, Roosevelt, and Broadway. The one loss of the season occurred at the hands of Lincoln in a hard fought, nip and tuck meet in which the Lynx won by IM points. Garfield again ended second to Lincoln in the Relay Carnival, where the Lynx displayed a remarkably strong team. The 1947 track letter winners elected Cecil Webb, two year letterman in the 440 yard dash, as their captain for the 1946 season. Webb placed third in the AllfCity quarter mile and was on the winning relay team. The Pup cindermen will provide plenty of competition to any team in the city during the 1946 season since they have sixteen lettermen returning. With these lettermen and many second and third team prospects, the chances for another track championship are very promising, Coach Nixon should have little difficulty in forming a strong team. Burke breaks the tape. CECIL WSI! Ill-I. .W ,NN ,,,.,.. r .,.... .aa . sas., GEORGE GRABHIN HENRY IOHNSUN IAC! KIDDER N Km-55TH ALLAN LAWSON ill!-LUKDY ART NOHDHOFF SCHRAID1' 103 10 Hs 5 FUT RE WINNERS ALL-CITY MEET DICK BRCIWN, Garfield 440 ace, extreme right, snatched first from Bill Olson, Q.A., in the speedy time of 51.7 for the quarterfmile course, Cecil Wehh, Garfield, second from the left, placed third, followed hy Haley of Lincoln. SECOND TEAM TRACK THE GARFIELD seconds, in a trif angular meet, were harely edged out in their one contest of the year when the Roosevelt scruhs defeated the Pups with a score of 43f4l. Broad' way, the other team, managed to score 20 points. Second Team: Al Zwingenherg, Don McKe1izie, Rollin Cutts, Ray Judy, Howard Singer. FROSH-SOPH TEAM THE GARFIELD Frosh in the Frosh AllfCity topped the scoring with 36 points to 'li for Lincoln and 17 for john Ivlarshall, The Sophomores in the Sophomore AllfCity placed sec- ond with 'I6 points against Lincoln, who had UM points. Third Team: Henry Chinn, Don Brown, Don Wilsciii, .lack Satterthf waite, Larry Fisher, Bill Wilstiii, LOW-HURDLE RACE IN THE BEGINNING of the low' hurdle race with Lincoln last season, Garlield was represented hy Boh Shaffer, second from the left, and jack Burke, second from the right. Shaifer placed second hehind I-Ierh Olney, Lincoln center. PRECISIO TTERS 1947 GOLF SCORES N W .Since leaving Garfield in june, 1945, 'ARF"iL" ' ' 23 WEST SEATTLE I Greene liar won all tlie major com- CIARFIIELIT , . IIVL ROOSEVELT . IZV3 - - .1 V - UARFIEL1, I A ,BVI CLEVELAND U 55,2 petitions for his age group and will GARFIELD . . 24 BROADWAY . U no doubt continue to be a topfnotcli - - 34 EQUESIELSNNI5 1' professional golfer in tlie Pacific 1 ' . , Zo ' . . lr Q GARFIELI7 , . 1: L1Nr:oLN . . 1: N"'ll'wm arm llARI:IlfLII , . I7 IIALLARII . . 7 ' OE FINAL GOLF STANDINGS 1 I GREENE A W L T ROOSEVELT . . . R lb 0 1iAIlI1'IIfIliIl . , 6 I I BALLARD . , . 6 1 0 LINCOLN, . . . . S I I WIEST SliATTLlf . . 3 S 0 CLEVISLANII , 3 'S U IIRUADWAY , I 6 U FRANKLIN . . . 2 6 U KJIIHIQN ANNE . . IJ S U AT THE END of the 1945 golf season the Garfield golfers found themselves in second place, with the Roosevelt Roughriders racing to first place The Pup golfers won six matches, tied Ballard, and lost a thrill' ing encounter to Roosevelt hy I point. CAI. COOLIDGE ALAN FLEMING joe Greene, captain and three year letterman, captured the AllfCity title where he displayed some line golf to edge out Eddie Draper, numher one man from Roosevelt. Gar1ield's num- her two man, jack Lyeette, and Calf vin Coolidge, numher three, also earned honors in the AllfCity hy placf ing third and fourth respectively. Gariield's golf team for the 1946 ROBERT HAWKES GEORGE KINNEY season will he extremely powerful with the aid of seven returning letter' men, Coolidge, Fleming, Hawkes, Kin' ney, Littell, Lycette, and Riley. jack Lycette, two year letterman and a vital clog in the Pup golf machine, has heen elected captain for the 1946 season. Lyeette, comhined with all the lettermen and many other golf aspir- ants, should he ahle to lead the Pup golfers to another championship. IACK LYCETTE IQHN RILEY 107 fum... v- f 5. Y s AL Mclllllm GENE POGUE Y .' -Awrm , .QM I. my . ,fx fx L R, SAVAGE Lxzsur SNAPP - fi IAC! WAGNER TED WOOD DIAMO 1947 BASEBALL SCORES AND STANDINGS Rl X ISICVIII, I' QUEEN ANNIZ ISALLARD . LINCOLN . 1II,IiVIfI AND BROADWAY . WEST SEATTLE FRANKLIN . 1i.illl4'll4II,ll UARFIIILD . HARFIIZLD . HARFIEI D . HARFIELD . HARFIELD , KLARFIELD , LZARFIELD . HARFIELD . KQARFIELD , IIARFIEIID . IQARFIELD IJARFIELD XX . IH -1 S . K. . f. w Q 4 R SCORES LINK fULN . ISAI.I.ARD . CTIAI5VIiI.AND IIRUADWAY FRANKLIN . QUEEN ANNI I.INfIUI,N . I5AI.I.A RD lZl.IiVIiI,ANIJ BROADWAY I"RANKI.lN QUEEN ANNE . . 'ul 714 K--H nr-7 ima Sm: 417 417 IU 'Srl 7 ll S 3 ll nr I In w A 4 IS THIRD TEAM BASEBALL First ITOPI Ruw: Doug Mar, Duck Malone, Doug IVIcNz111gtun, ArnuId Human, IVIICIIQNI Mmm, Ifrcd Hutclxinsun, AIcx BIFLIIIII, Huwurd Kcllugg, Seumd fBlJ'II'I'UIwII Row' LUIIIIIL' SIIIUILIS. H.Irry Duhm, Tum Christie. Earl Lynn, Curl Brent, flurry Stark, Ruy Scndcr. Stcwu rt KcIIy. HIS USTEB BASEBALL has still to rc11ch its pcnk :1t Gurf ticld, AIS oncc a1g.1in thc Pups full hchind the rcst of thc ticltl to finish in the ccllalr with 'Ny thrcc wins ilI1Ll ninc losscs. Eycry tc.1n1 has its . , . . good points illlkl Cmrticld was no cxccption, rcg.1rdlcss ot' how thc tcguns finished in the titlc ran cc. W 'tk t tm ms Clint Colcniiui Llllkl xlini Ko wcrc cofcup' it ig 1515 4 t 'BZ A taiins ol' lust YCLIIJS squad, Colcninn holding - - 4 CLINT COLEMAN A znnmcu down thc tlurd suck .111d Ko ninnning sccond If lmsc. Ko was Allfffity sccond hsiscmgin hy virf tuc of thc cxccllcnt lmtting Lllkl ticlding ggunc A which hc 11lw:1ys pluycd. Hc lcd thc squad with thu stick, hzttting El cool .BSU illlkl followcd hy fTUlCI112lll who had ll .333 .1ycr.1gc, Highlights of thu rcgulan' SCQISOII wcrc thc 'H wins ovcr Bro11dw11y, Quccn Annc, and Lin' coln. The Bulldogs tirst victory ot the SUJSOII was ovcr thc Tigcrs ot' B1'o41dwQ1y, setting thcin dow11 hy :1 scorc of fight to thrcc, Thc Pups ! . 52 I 4 Q ve - 2, l11LlLlL' it two victorics hy hlnnking thc Kuaiys "' four to nothing, Upcning thc sccond round, - - DALE roiuszs thc Pups got orl to .1 good stgirt hy cdging past Mmow Pm Lincoln's Lynx, two to onc, in ll ycry closc pitching ha1ttlc. The Pups' prospccts for .1 good ycgu' in 1946 look latirly good with sonic ninc lcttcrnicn rcturning, .dong with scvcrul sccondftc11mc1's, TRAVELING SQUAD Iiirxt trovj Row: Ted Vw'ood, H.1rx'cy Kncttlc, R. Savage, AI Mclicnzic. Gcorgc Ruinhcrgcr, Don joncs. Diilc liorhrs, Lrslic Snupp. Sccivwicl KHOTTOMQ Row: Al Erdrich, Ucnc Poguc, Clint Colcinznn, L Concli Burnctt, -'itll Ko, Bartow liitc, ,luck Vvlugncr, Ron Ross, A 1-uucv1:Y xmzrmz HM K0 4 I I I II!! C0 RT JESTE THE CARFIELD TENNIS TEAM, led hy Captain Bill Cook, a three year letterman, climaxed its season with a tie for second place with Ballard. The 1945 net team won five out of seven matches, losing only to the championship Roosevelt team and a potenf tial, off and on West Seattle squad. During the ahsence of the regular coach, Don Hoyt, Henry Peters carried out the coaching responsibilities in a commendahle way. Mr. Hoyt is hack to take over the coaching reins for the 1946 season. With six lettermen returning, Clarke, Duhson, Huhhard, Lowe, Sherman, and Siclell, the possihilities for a successful season this year are extremely hright. FINAL TENNIS STANDINGS W L ROOSEVELT , . 7 II GARFIELD . . , 'S Z BALLARD . . . . S 2 LINCOLN . . . . 4 3 WEST SEATTLE , . , 4 3 QUEEN ANNE . . 2 7 BROADXVAY . . . I 6 FRANKLIN . . 0 7 mu. C0014 io:-iN HUBBARD IACK CLARXE ALAN DUBSON DICK LOWE ERNEST SHERMAN ALVIN SIDELL J ALLEN WRIGHT PIGSKI PARADER WHEN THE CURTAIN rollcd down on thc 1945 foot! hall scason, Garlicld found itscll' in a thrccfway tic for fourth placc with Franklin and Vsfcst Scattlc. Thc cightfgamc schcdf ulc was highlighted hy a closc 74: victory ovcr Broadway's Bengals and a llfll lic with the championship Quccn Annc Orizzlics in thc scason opcncr. Davc Baroh was clcctcd captain of thc squad and was also honorcd hy hcing awardcd thc fullhack position on thc inythf ical AIIfCity Second Tcain, Toni Niclscn, ironinan tacklc, who playcd ovcr HU minutcs of varsity hall, was votcd thc most inspiring inan on thc tcain and was accordingly awardcd thc Chuck Carroll Inspirational Award. Ucorgc Ruinhcrgcr was instruincntal throughout thc scaf son hy virtuc of his cducatcd toc, which completed scvcn out ol' tcn pointfaftcrftouchdown kicks. HQ was also outstanding in cnahling thc Pups to maintain an avcragc of thirtyfthrcc and twoftcnths yards on punts. Davc Baroh and 'lim Chasc ticd for tcain highfpoint honors with thrcc touchdowns apiccc, Ncxt ycar's squad will have six vctcrans of the 1945 tcain plus a numhcr of sccondfstring incn. 1945 FINAL STANDINGS Vs". L. T. QUEEN ANNE . . 6 l I LINCOLN . . 6 2 II BALLARD . 6 2 ll GARl"IEI.ll . . . 3 3 2 FRANKLIN , . . 3 3 Z WEST' SEATTLE , . 4 4 ll BROADVVAY . . 3 4 I ROOSEVELT . , 1 6 U CLEVELAND . o 8 ll CAPTAIN DAVE BAROH TOM NIELSEN Wl7l1I8T of the Inxpirulimml Award Hill Tucker scrambles fur ii toitclifdown Tllen' ix plenty of action im the line of Srwmmage. in the Wes! Seattle fray. gl, ln-L ADAMS DAVE BAHOH GARFIELD 0-QUEEN ANNE 0 In the seasons opener against a strong Kuay squad, an enthusiastic Pup eleven surprised the prep prognosticators hy hold' ing a highly favored group of Hilltoppers to a 041 score. The game teetered hack and forth with neither team making any serious scoring threat. The Bulldog squad shaped up as a wellfcoodinated group and gave definite indication that it would he a serif ous threat to title aspirants. Rumlierger smashes tlirougli Center against .Queen Anne. TBDBRIEN Dave Bavoh goes for a long gum against Vv'e.wt Seattle, GARFIELD 25-WEST SEATTLE 0 A snappy Bulldog team sealped the West Seattle Indians in an interesting contest to 2 the tune of 2547, jim Chase made two touchdowns, one on a huclc pass from Rum' herger, and the second hy means of a toss from Dave Baroh. Baroh made the first tally of the day hy crashing through center after recovering a Redskin fumhle. One of the highlights of the game was the eightyf five yard touchdown return hy Bill Tucker of an Indian punt late in the fourth quarter. GARFIELD 7-FRANKLIN 7 For the seeond time in two years, an underf dog Franklin eleven came from the short end of a 743 score to earn an even break with the Purple and White of Garfield. The Pup squad outgained the Quakers by 124 yards, but was tied by the spectacular touehdownfgallop of Nlurray Grant and the tryfforfpoint of By Richardson, both of Franklin. Preceded by a sixtyfone yard drive, the Bulldog tally was scored by Dave Baroh, going off-tackle for the score. Haroli is lmuled down in the Franlqliu game. mm: rmn.xm:n K 7 M cmmuzs muarronn Hap Adumx runx l7I!t'Yl.t'T?7lL'C for Barolz against the Teddies. GARFIELD 0-ROOSEVELT 7 Lady Luck once again trod on the toes of the hapless Bulldogs as the Roosevelt Ted' dies upset the dopefsheet to come out on the long end of a 7fO score, The lone tally of the day came late in the third quarter when interference with the passfreeeiver was ruled against Garfield on an attempted toss by the Roughriders, A Teddy back then erashed the ball over the goal stripe on the ensuing play. VIC HASSON IOE HOLMES X KARVIN KOSOKOFF IAC! KIDDER -1 fl GARFIELD 7-BROADWAY 6 ln a hard-fought, evenly matched game, the Purple and White of Garfield skimmed hy Broadway's Bengals hy the narrow margin of 7f6. J. R. Savage was the hero of the game hy intercepting a Tiger pass and racing it up the field seventyfflve yards to payfdirt. George Rumherger kicked the tryfforfpoint to put the Pups out in front. This was the first game the Bulldogs had won from the Broadvvayites in several years. WAYNE LUSIY Buford is .Stopped by a pair of Lynx. ROY MAR GH. HVNSON TOM KIDS!!! ma IRON Rumberger hitx the line against Franklin. GARFIELD 27-CLEVELAND 0 By walking over a weak Cleveland team to the tune of 27fO, the Garfield eleven won its third game of the season. Twelve points were accounted for hy means of passes from Dave Baroh to J. R. Savage, for the first score, and to end jim Chase for the second tally. Chuck Hartford pushed the hall over from the onefyard line for an' other six points, and Don Wilsmmii com' pleted the day's scoring hy recovering an Eagle fumhle hack of the goal line. George Rumherger made three out of the four conf versions good. GARFIELD 0-BALLARD 6 The Ballard Beavers, although outplaying the Bulldogs for thc most part, found them- selves on the long end of a 6f0 score when the final gun went off. The Red and Black chalked up fourteen firstfdowns to four for Garfield, hut they were still unahle to cross the goal line more than once. In this game Ballard received a sample of the neverfsayfdie spirit that Garfield has always displayed. Buvolx .vprmts rhe end in the Kuay fray. nl . pl.. Haroli ix held for no gain against Franklin. GARFIELD 7-LINCOLN 20 For the first half of the game with the Lynx, it appeared that the Railsplitters had at last met their master, hut when the gun sounded to end the 1945 football sea' son, the Pups found themselves with a thirteen point deficit, 20-7. Following the first Ahe touchdown, the kickoff was picked up hy Dave Baroh on his own twentyfhve and he went through the entire Lynx eleven to score for Garfield. 1. R. SAVAGE DOKWUJOII 5 DALE FDRBB ROOSEVELT4' . GARFIELDX - HROADXYAY7 , QUEEN ANNEA: . FRANKLINA: . . LINCOLN . . . BALLARD .. . . NVEST SEATTLE . CLEVELAND. , . 3 Aitrrfrlmrnpiunslnp CEARFIELD . GARFIELD . UARFIELD , UARFIELD . GARFIELD . GARFIELD . GARFIELD . UARFIELD . GARFIELD . UARFIELD . IIARFIELD . KLARFIELD , UARFIELD . IAC! KIDDER 1946 BASKETBALL STANDINGS gxxnws. XV. . I3 . Ill . S , 7 , 6 9 . 5 . 1 . 1 1946 BASKETBALL SCURES BALLARD , . WEST SEATTLE . . CLEVELAND . LINCOLN . . QUEEN ANNE BROADWAY . BALLARD . . WEST SEATTLE . c:LEvELAN1w . LINC 11 DLN . . QUEEN ANNE 1s1xuAluxx'AY Rooslivlirr Pct. mm 7m 615 5,13 'illlf 417 417 rms UMR Zl I7 26 13 BX IX ww ll Zi dl Z4 'R anno ' I-mnucus Axuelmm N91 ,ww BILL OLSON ' RON R055 IIQHIPSTEII A BASKETBALL linally rcachcd its pcak at Garfield tluring th-3 1946 scason with a vastly iniprovcd tcain coming through to snatch a second placc hcrth at thc closc of the twclvcfgainc campaign. ln thc chain' pionship gains with thc Rooscvclt Tctltlics, thc Pups wcix' tlclcatctl to tht' tunc of 3723. Tlit- Garlicld livc can wcll he proud of its showing this ycar, as it has hccn sonic tinic since a Pup squad has shown the fight and aggrcssivc spirit the '46 team tlisplayctl. Captain -lack Kitldcr was sclcctcd hy his tcaniniatcs as the most inspirational of their nuinhcr, Ray Ko linishctl fourth on thc scoring racc with a suni of 111 points, followcd hy Kiddcr in cighth with US. Ko mad.: the first team AllfCity with Kidtlcr gaining a position on thc second tcani squad. The Pups will lic sitting prctty around has' 'V' SAB IOUSSO ltcthall tiinc ncxt ycar with thrcc of the starting tcain, Mt-I Marcus, Al McKcnzic, and J, R. Savagc, I'L'lllI'l1ll1l1. Dick Brown will also scc plcnty of action HCXI stasuil. 'T R1 L R. SAVAGE SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL At the completion of the second team foothall season, the scruhs found themselves in sixth place with a total of one win, one tie, and four losses. The Bulldog second stringers had their one victory over a green Broad' way squad hy a score of 220. Valuf ahle experience was gained hy this second team which will make most of these men first team next year, lfxnr tiorb Role Harold lv1acl'haiden, Dali' Dow, Hill Tneltei. Stcfmd Row lloh Littell. XVilfred Hans.-n. Rollin Cons. Ted Remmert, Fred Adair. Tlxod Ron' ,lerrv Schroeder, Howard Fisher, Ar- nold Hansen. Cfail Larson, Boh Kucher. Ralph Bot' telfield. Fourth lixoiioml Row Dick Brown, Roh- ril lfislier, Al Shay. Bernie Miiisk. Alan Rnhen. Rav ludv. THIRD TEAM FOOTBALL The inexperienced Pup thirds ended their season in the cellar spot with a record of one tie and live losses. With twentyftwo third team lettermen for next year, the first and second teams will have a lot of good material. Fin! lioi-D Ron' ,lack Fletcher. Boh Cook, Bill Malmren. Tommy Romano, Leroy Puro, Paul Milf ler. Howard Kellogg, Sermnl Row Harold Mather, Noel Brown, Dave Elkins, Don Brown, Dan flihf son. Stanley Salzman, Paul Fuxon, Coach Byng Nixon. Third Role Dick Seth, Don Anderson, John Oxerand. llahriel Tourirl. Russ Schlosstein. Earl Drienk. Royal Cloldlaid. Fourlli Row .limmy Prine, Bill Locks, lioh Auernheimer, lioh Newman. David Sliaeller. Dave liooch. Boh Buford. Bill Riley. Fiftli lnoiiovi Ron' Tum Christie, L. fi. jones, Harold Rieliartlson. Alex liniilin. Bill XYilson, Roy Sender. l.t'i' l.l'XV. an 118 SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL The Garfield second team came through the twelve game season with a record of eight wins and four losses to finish third hehind Lincoln and Roosevelt. The scruhs lost their games to Ballard, West Seattle, and two to the championship Lincoln Lynx. These men will move up to the first team next year. Fwxt QTOPJ Row: Don jones. Boh Stone. Ed Taylor. Don Dawson. Second lHOT' TOM, Rowi Ray Moscatel, Frank Fujii. .loc Capeloto. THIRD TEAM BASKETBALL The Pup thirds finished at the hot' tom of the haskethall race with one win and eleven losses in a tie with Broadway. The Pups' lone win came over the Broadway scruh five with a score of 32119. With a little more ex' pericnce these fellows will he ahle to help holster the first team. First QTOPQ Row: Don Wilson, Howard Kellogg, Paul Miller. Don Bowles. Second faorromj Row: Alex Birulin. Oscar Holf den. john Stevenson, Gary Bronzini, Kern Devin Bruce Vance, Les Snapp TRACK AND BASEBALL MANAGERS Always working diligently, Dave Nagler and Julius Kovtun, managers of the track squad and baseball team respectively, together with their asf sistants, severally helped their charges. First fTOPJ Row: Leon Mezistrano, Stan' ley Salzman. Carl Paulson, Noel Brown, Pete White. Second Qaorromj Row: julius Kovtun, Head Baseball Manager: Harold Leitzke, Wesley Grande, Ray Treiger, Mike Seidemann. Absentee: Dave Nagler, Head Track Manager. FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL MANAGERS Dave Nagler, football manager, and Alan Goldman, basketball manager, with the unstinting help of their asf sistants, worked long hours towards the betterment of their teams. First KTOPD Row: Jim Krefting, Bill Riley, Don Bowles, Al Bowles, Al Goldman, Head Basketball Manager. Second KMID' IDLEI Row: Art Nordholf: Pete White, Howie Larsen, Monte Stocker. Tliird fBOTTOMl Row: Stewart Kelly, john Stevf enson, jack Seeley, Dave Israel. Absentee: Dave Nagler, Head Football Manager. .si King Johnny Hubbard Karl Ivarsson YELL TEAM Leading the student body at sports events, the Yell Team, composed of King Bruce Vance, and Dukes Kern Devin, Johnny Hubbard, Les Snapp, and Karl Ivarsson, served as inspiraf tion for Purple and White athletes. King Bruce Vance has been very active around Garield during the last four years. Besides his Yell Team service Bruce has served as chairman of decorations on the P.fT. A. Dance Committee, plus serving on several Boys' Club committees and the Sen' ior Commencement Dance group. Kern Devin, in his first year of dukedom, has also been active in Boys' Club work. uhm" fKern's nickname, is a Hrst team letterman in track and second team in basket' ball. Johnny Hubbard, captain of the tennis team for 1946, and Les Snapp, a baseball letterman, are both mem- bers of the Boys' Advisory Board: they are equally active in many of the extracurricular activities around James A. Karl Ivarsson, another newcomer to the ranks of the pep leaders, has acted as a roll oilicer, and has been a member of the Bulldog Ski Club. 119 MARY YEE Vi. c"l'rc.mlwi! NA DIN lf LASK Y Prumlmir -IIUXNNINE K.-RRR Sureliirx' ',, ! I .m""A IRENE MORTENSON Hmtimmi lflvll l.Y xllil-INSUN All1'l.Xt'P' IIARULE MORGAN Allilrriu Mmiugrr TIILETIC LE DEI i THE BIG MU" CLUB, am Ol'g2lIliZllflUI1 composed of tliusc girls wliu lizivc lwccii aictivc iii .irlilcrics tlimiigliuiit thc past sclwol yczir, functions primarily for tlic purpusc of fur' tlicring tlic prcstigc of girls' sports, Undcr thc eiuspiccs of thc Pliysiciil ELlllC.lliU11 Dcpiirtliiciit, this group sponsurs, for gill girls intcrcstcd in aiftcrfsclwnl sports. .1 yrsir' rmiml iitlilctic prugrzlin. gl. , , , 1... tLl.URA IVHRSIQIUI' MARY Al.-XNIi VNIJ Al.FRliDA lflilfl IJLHRIA lAI'll' R.-KM1 HN.-X IA NSR SHlRl.llf M.-Kl',NZll" lHf'l"liY Mlfliillf IHUU NRICS Ii.-XSMl YSSVN l.AlfRA Ili Nl I l1UNSUl'fI.lY SH.-UN lUlil.URliS THUMI'SUN ,lUANNlf XXUI.l'I'I SHlRI.l2Y Z.-NK !ilil.A Zlllilfl' 120 Ili HR.'X'l'lll'f:X lLAI,l UW,-X ASSIICIATE ' THE LITTLE "G" CLUB is composed ol' those girls who, during their freshman year, have fulfilled the requirements for a school letter. The memhers of this organization, automatieally heeoming auxiliaries of the Big NG" Club, are free to participate in many activities of that group, By learning to heeome experts in varied athletie lieltls, such as swimming. tennis, and hatlminton, these girls not only are ahle to attain Big "U" status. hut also to improve their physieal and mental selves. Iam! lI'Ol'l Ron' Eileen llrieh. .lennie Rousso, Helen Lee. Dolores King. jean Gunderson, Seroml fli1l'I'l'lHx1l Knit' Etlith Suntlsted, Norma Rooney, Shirley Glazer, Barbara Madison, Sophie Me delsohn. H' liiwxt 1'I'l'l'j Ron' Clonsuelo Shaw. Betty lvleeee, Delores Thompson, Carlyn Daughters. Gloria ,lalle Seeinnl lli0'Il'UX1j Roux Shirlie McKenzie, Edith Sundsted, Ramona Loslt, Shirley Zak, lborathea Uallowav. ASSISTA S MANAGERS, hy their initiative and tlependahility, determine, to a large degree, the sueeess of each intlividual sport. Girls from the Big and Little "U" Clnhs, volunteering to supervise eaeh sport at the heginning ot the sehool year, are responsihle for all eqtiipf ment usetl in their sport, and for the puhlieity given to that partienlar aetivity. By perf lorming these few, hut important serviees, the managers receive, as eompensation, special points towartl their sehool letters, 'D ARCHERY STRIVING to attain perfection, the how and arrow enthusiasts constantly practice standing, aiming, nockf ing, drawing, and releasing, all of which constitute the fundamental principles of archery. Among the many varieties of shooting taught in the archery classes are the range shot, the clout shot, and the flight shot, an example of the latter heing shown here. Florence La Torre. Laura Rotl. Norma Chin, Lily Angel, Lucy Lienesch. BASEBALL THE "ALLfAMERICAN" sport of hasehall, prohahly the most popular of all games, is a favorite of most Garfield girls. From hatting a hunt hall to making a home run, from heing catcher to knocking a fly, the girls enjoy their active moments. Under the capahle leadership of Gonsuelo Shaw, good sportsmanship and friendliness, symholic of a healthy society, are exercised to the fullest extent. First f'I'0PJ Rowi Gertrude Hong, Norma Rooney. Bessie johnson. Catherine Neckas, Ghiye Kusakahe, Rita Alkana, Linnea Mortenson, Edith Sundsted. Second QBUTTOMI Row' Alice Eng, Rosalyn Koe, Jeannine Karr, Barhara Madison, Ramona Losk, Dorothy Davis. Becky Hasson, BASKETBALL THE CASABA season, one of the most exciting ever experienced, was climaxed hy the traditional playfoili exhihition hetween the upper and lower class girls. While shooting for haskets and putting up stiff counter' defenses, the girls on the haskethall squads gained valuf ahle experience in the art of selffcontrol. Ramona Losk served as student manager. First fTOP, Row: Mary jane Eng, Linnea Mortenson, Delores Thompson, Carole Morgan, Gloria jalle, Marilyn Bcrryg Set" ond fMIDDLIil Row: Pearl Hanson, Corrine Lundeherg, Patty Kneip, Rita Alkana. jean Gunderson, Sylvia Gayton. Tliird fBOTTOMJ Row: Alice Eng, Nelda Erickson, Barhara Madi' son, Edith Sundsted, Becky Hasson, Shirlie McKenzie. HIKING HIKING, always considered a popular form of recreaa tion at Garfield High School, is heneficial to the health and vitality of its supporters. Because of the favorahle location of the school, various excursions to such points of interest as the Lake Vsfashington Pontoon Bridge attract many outfdoor enthusiasts. First QTOPQ Row: Norma Schankel. Gloria jaile, Betty Meece, Peggy Lou Herron. Bessie johnson, Lucille De Rousse. Ser' ond fBOTTOMl Row: Shirley Glazer. Barhara Madison. Laura Rolf, Shirlie McKenzie, Dorathea Galloway. COUNTRY DANCE MASTERINC such old favorites as the Spanish bo' lero, the schottische, square dances, Viennese and Cuban waltzes, occupies the members of the country dance class. Gaining exquisite timing and precision in the field of dance, this class gains much for its effort. Other dances also practiced are those indigenous to our own country, the two-step, the foxftrot, the avaf lon, and the big apple, one variety of which is illusf trated by the following girls. Sally Eunes, -Iulia Scharhon, Elaine Neeley, Margery Swan' son, Lois U'Meara, Lucy Bensusen, Helen Argenti, Pat Shaffer. CREATIVE DANCE PHYSICALLY interpreting the various moods and tcinpos of musical compositions, the creative dance classes offer the basic explanations of the mystery of music. Exhibiting rare qualities of grace and poise, these groups participated in several Garfield produc- tions, including the Memorial Day Assembly and the Garfield Concert. An example of their talent is dis' played in "The Last Spring." First fHACK5 Row: Vivian Meade. Tillie Alhadeff, Donna Chalmers. Second QSITTINKLQ Row: Carrie Morgan. Corinne Doyle, Colleen Alhadi-ff, 'Ioan Cundlach, Emily Flowers. CREATIVE DANCE THE REPERTOIRE of the creative dance classes varies greatly in rhythms as well as moods. Under the expert guidance of Miss Eva Jurgensohn, the girls mas' tered spicy dances such as the tango and samba, and the more conservative classics exemplihed by Grieg's melo- dious "Solveig's Song," which is shown here. First fTOPJ Row: Virginia Mathis, Frances Wcirkcufl, Rae Alhaclefl, Hazel Willizinis. Second QMIDDLE, Row: Colleen Alhadeff, Carrie Morgan, Corinne Doyle, Emily Flowers, Vivian Meade, Third fBOTTOM, Row: joan Gundlach, Tillie Alliadeff, Donna Chalmers. TUMBLING PERFURMINC fantastic physical feats constitutes the principle purpose of the tumbling classes. The girls achieve difficult contortions by intensifying their musf cles and twisting their flexible bodies. The fruits of their efforts show that the female is definitely not the weaker sex. Fira! fS'I'ANDlNlGi Row' Mr. Luther More, Delainc Fleming. Second 1viaaTlc:Ai,1 Row: Dolores Mellgren, Vanetta Strange, Shirley Burton, Lcnorc Herr. 'Third QRIGCLININUJ Row: Bobbie Mack, Bonnie Olson. BADMINTON AS IN MANY other sports, the secret of playing good badminton lies in one's ability to keep his eye fastened to the object in motion. Played on much the same prinf ciples as tennis, badminton requires a skill in one's being able to deliver "shots" that will catch the op' ponent unawares. Therefore, players spend much time in the learning and practicing of technical shots. This sport, oifered to upperfclass girls in the daily gym classes, is also an afterfschool activity, under the man' agement of Shirlie McKenzie, and is actively particif pated in by most girls. GOLF A COMPARATIVELY new sport in the athletic prof gram is that of golf. Composed of those upperclassmen interested, this class receives general information from the gym instructors, and also gains experience from some of Seattle's leading golfers. Some of the funda- mentals emphasized include the different strokes, use of the different clubs, and correct positions for the hitting of the balls. After this premilinary procedure, the girls are able to practice their skills on the regular golf courses. HOCKEY SPEED, timing, and the ability to outwit one's opf posing players make hockey one of the most thrilling of all sports. While these three factors are requisite in all competitive activities, they are particularly stressed in hockey. This invigorating game, played on the reguf lar fields in the fall, was managed by Ramona Losk as an upperclass activity. This sport received enthusiastic support from a large group of girls who were singularly attracted by the stimulation of this game. PING PONG HCUWEVER simple it may seem, ping pong is a fasf cinating game. A definite skill must be developed be' fore one is able to play the game. This skill is based on quick, short movements and precise timing. Alf though ping pong has long been an activity at Gar- field, its popularity and prestige gained increased mo' mentum this year when the gym annex was created and new tables and other essential equipment were purf chased and put into use. Ping pong as an afterfschool activity is for underclass girls only. - SPEEDBALL THOUGH speed and skill are the outstanding factors of a winning speedhall team, teaiuwork is the essential among players, Witli speed to delude the opposing team and skill to handle the hall, one possesses the ahilf ities every player strivcs to attain. Playing out of doors during the fall, the freshman girls make this sport a major game. Speedhall, solely a freshman sport, is played hy the girls in the regular gym classes as well as in the aftcrfsehool sports field. SWIMMING TO ACHlEVE perfect cofordination in swimming and in diving is the prime aim of the participants in this sport. The aquatic classes were held at the YWCA under the capahle supervision of experienced instruef tresses. The girls were divided into two groups, the swimmers and nonfswimmers. The latter group was taught the elementary strokes and the principles of the sport, while the more advanced girls received help in ironing out the flaws in their strokes and in mastering new diving techniques. TENNIS THE ART of tennis lies in the force exerted hy the wrist action of the player. As in hadminton, one must master the different "shots" involved, hefore heing ahle to play an intelligent game. Among the more im' portant drives are the forehand, which is prohahly the most commong the hackhand, used when the hall is to the left of the playcrg the smash, which is supposed to put the hall in such a position that the opposition cannot return it: and the overhand serve, judged on the hasis of accuracy and potency. VOLLEY BALL BY ENTERING wliolcfheartcdly into the spirit of the game, girls turning out for volleyfhall made this sport a popular activity this year. Volleyfhall is a relatively easy game considering the few regulations involved. The hasic idea of this sport is to keep the hall in the air while in play, and to try to outwit the opposing side hy tricky shots and passes. Although this sport can he played either inside or outside, it is generally accepted as a midfwinter activity. lf? Amid the thoughtful mo- ments of diligent study. many Garfieldites find time for outside activities. The dramatically and mu- sically inclined rehearse for school programs. Those athletically minded play golf, tennis. football. often engaging in other sports. The more ambiti- ous ioin the Ski Club, which plans mountain ex- cursions throughout the year. 'W SCIIINIL LIFE A special feature of Gar- field's school life is the daily noon program. Here students may not only see a movie twice a week, but also attend a dance twice a week. Very popular is the Wednesday Talent Show. for both the audi- ence and the performers. The latter are chosen from the ranks of the many stu- dents who sing, dance, or act. In all, Garfield stu- dents enioy life at Iames A. V. 5- ' ,. . 3.5 :.,,. .f SQ Q Vila YV Arg.. F., f ' .-2 . 3 .. -. 5- -ff 6 -f f- '1f3f""'i ' K5 JL. -in .fifff-f-5. "H ' V .y , ,. 7 V . VV V - .. -ff .ma - -Vq "'f3Z"fI.'2q . 17.5 3,531 5 Q5 gf- 5' 5 Q 9' .JYI-:fig 1 ,723 gi 5 ' ' X Nt 15.54 P X .+P '-. -I '- f 'Z VH' ' :PW Y t :. . . -,Jn 5 1- -. ' ' 1.1 .4 3' .- as----4 - - ggi? Q w'Ee,g '- X - 2 1 if .. .::- -Hi V' J J 2-,ff ' -xi, , . 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X 4 , N f . rf I ' a". . , ., kxhaf gftg N 1. ' V' ' ,, X Q59 x if M' ,Qt Nw: x Q + sk as f 5 C A is i 65. W 5. QF: mg K ' 'gf-Qjbf Y I X x K, ' Nb . M . f b Q. .5 Q5 g f X x QM' A 1 .rw J, .g Y ' " :-f,. M . ' .V .-QAWN' N, X A L A A , ,. W q R MM A X QE 7 8397151 WE PIIINT WITH PRIDE .a. . ART: Russell Kearns . . . Washington State Regional Award, Scholastic Art Contest. HISTORY: Mary Lynne Grossman . . . First Place, Garfield Division: Second Place, AllfCity Division, Ladies' Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest. Joan Solomon . . . Second Place, Garfield Division, League of Nations Contest. LITERATURE: Marilyn Jacobson First Place, Poetry Division, Music and Art Foundation Creative Writing Contest. Herbert Lindenberger Honorable Mention, Prose Division, Music and Art Foundation Creative Writing Contest. , Marcella Norgore First Place, Prose Division, Music and Art Foundation Creative Writing Contest. Carol Reilley First Honorable Mention, Poetry Division, Music and Art Foundation Creative Writing Contest. Joan Solomon . . . Honorable Mention, Poetry Division, Music and Art Foundation Creative Writing Contest. ORATORY: Mary Lynne Grossman . . . First Place, Girls' Division, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. Vivian Meade . . . First Place, Elks' Cratorical Contest, Competition for Scholar' ship. Bert Rogoway . . . First Place, Boys' Division, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. Joan Solomon . . . Second Place, AllfCity Division, Washington State Resources Contest. Joyce Udell . . . Second Place, AllfCity Division, Sons of the American Revoluf tion Extemporaneous Speech Contest. SPORTS: GOLF: Art Kinney . . . First Place, Garfield Fall Golf Tournament. SKATING: Mary Lou Bassett . . . First Place, Novice and Junior Ladies, Seattle Division, First Place, Senior Ladies and Ladies' Pairs, Spokane Division: Second Place, Junior Ladies, Pacific Northwest Division, Third Place, Junior Ladies, Pacific Coast Division, National Figure Skating Championship. SKIING: Loren Prescott . . . Fifth Place, Cross'Country, Jumping: Ninth Place, Downhill, Combined, AllfCity High School Ski Meet. Dick Stomberg . . . First Place, Jumping: Fifth Place, Combined, AllfCity High School Ski Meet. SWIMMING: Carlyn Daughters First Place, Class A, 50fYard Backstroke, Freestyle, AllfCity High School Swim Meet. Pat Fair . . . First Place, Class B, 50-Yard Freestyle, All-City High School Swim Meet. Dorothea Holevas . . . Second Place, Class A, 5OfYard Backstroke, AllfCity High School Swim Meet. Carolyn Miller . . . Third Place, Class A, 100fYard Freestyle, AllfCity High School Swim Meet. Joanne Tallman . . . Third Place, Class B, 50fYard Backstroke, AllfCity High School Swim Meet. Eleanor White . . . Third Place, Class B, 5OfYard Freestyle, AllfCity High School Swim Meet. Carolyn Daughters, Dorothea Holevas, Carolyn Miller, Ellen Tallman First Place, Class A, 200fYard Freestyle Relay, AllfCity High School Swim Meet. 131 We fifcinomledge . . PRINTING U K -,,MRS. EMMA HAAKI GORMAN lMR. WII.FRIiIJ E. Blau Seattle Printing and, Publishing Company ENGRAVING ...... MR. KENNETH MILLIER Wkstern Engraving and Colonype Company RAPHY IMR. EARL KENNELL PHOTOG .... lMlss BARBARA FRAzucR Kennellfllis Studio XMN- Sfllllqv 'Qirgggmblw ALONG WITH THE CLOSING PAGES of this Arrow we bring to an end another year of our high school career. For some of us. the year 1946 represents only a beginning. These pages will help recall the first opinions formed about Garfield-the hand- some building with the two third floors, the cosmopolitan per- sonnel. and the new customs with which we became familiar so quickly. To others, this year symbolizes the termination of a career. The preceding pages serve as a reminder of carefree school days and bring to mind those many friends of the past who inspired us with enthusiasm and achievement. But, whether it be beginning or end, we shall always treasure the memories of this most important year of our lives. To us who have served on the staff. this Arrow signifies a full year of work. cooperation. responsibility. and. above all, fun. As we look upon its pages. we can picture the many difficulties we encountered. Yet, no matter what the problem. we always miraculously overcame these difficulties. The credit for our suc- cess goes to our adviser. Ruth B. Yates, whose forebearing. con- scientious attitude carried us through many a trying hour. It is probable that if it were not for her patience and assistance. we should never have been able to publish this Arrow. Now that she is leaving Garfield, we think it most fitting to give our most gracious thanks to one who has always seemed to us indispens- able. We have truly appreciated her efforts. Again we say, "Thanks, Mrs. Yates! " 1 -...Q-.4-m.uAx.4.....w.f H. QM M J! ?4,fc, MW my M1 fWf flfifyf vf ga 3.5?L,,,,M,,fVQaMf,LL, vNm,fffW'VT KTM Wm J Q? 3 My ,ww W EW M bmi Let her fighting ' ' J3 6l.,5.L , ..- MY' . xg- X xx Q ol s 53? 1 x N X! ..l- M X IN F f' .xf 1' y K3 'J fx' X 1 KY Jyfffhwi I f V ' , ' , ,, N I-A ' , ff 111:47 - 2' as I -A-mam-. , - . -, , gn- . ' gm arms-'-swf-ff:-sm -Agana amp K-.41-H,2y,, 1 1 - N:-. ,. uf, 7f, :-2 ' gf: 1 -f'-. 5- 2-'7 ' . '4b:- 'Aff ' .':"Y.'- F55-" 1, ""':1': 3. -gf 2171- 3 ,Eau -gm ff- . -' '-.1..: ma : A 2 . .gray if g-- arf, gh.. f-.fu '-n:6avzem ' :wp ' .ku--wp '- l,w,q-ings:-:F . .. ,:.,. ,. ge,-.-y nvA.qg,f-:hg':..g4.,--,lmfnq fa-rg. 'ff 'I' Nfl. v l an ' ' , ' - - .-.1 - . yfkgfwl' -'14:'5.4.ffg5E--,-..q 1zilg,e1,, ' 'K2921' -'ihf'hw1- 44- . , , Y ' 'wf .na -'-f-71-235.-::',y W-:,l.f, '- ". -.rug , .5-.N U x ?JvfE5'25-s'au4ffL5".h45mya.- 'iaigffg 4- ' .,,' Q- v .-153242-PM 'W-ag-'zfgmq---'1L2:q,Im- 1, qi: .firm - ' G? , - 'if '-f 4, 1' '5A'f5'f'? ,, " '- N-'P 1'- 'r ,- 1 "Lk,-A 'Eff ,v,- I- -5.-. -,- :kg---L :.Q- .-144.-.!U' -.D 325 I NA- gl --g,,:,5,::-.A". '5 I .P-er-or-IQQSQE Qi' , gi- '1's1'iY y" - 1' If? ,v .- -'J ECG' 1 EQEJJEQQJ .Am '. f - " 16?-2.9 .-- " 1-4. J.. .-ar-.f---fn ...- - xr, - up-4 5, 5-.v .. 4 fe1.z.1,qs.,. ' : if 5 f uv . "f- 1'AZ"2- 1' '1 JETS' alaska- Q ' ge- I.. - ,g QQ: -gg F -Jus 1 , i Q af. 99 552. '-'Q -:QB .f . ff - " .Q '54 1,4 -mir- .f4-g- gif ' . gl -:'R1,4gg-:gt,gL, , -143, 1.29555 .."4'5E - 'f-4: ' A .-ah-3 'fe '91--:. 49+ ' 5 E.,.,ir:'.:.f5"l5Q5,5r5 :ff ,Ar ,, - , -., v. ,-' . ,...-1 ' l, Z-I, 1 313, ZFTPMX -'?'Gf'I"'. -: " ' iv? 1435 . .. . .. '-.,' . N ,. - . .,, gt- ... . - -an .f 21 z -, miaekfwf Lf. H- 5-'Iv Ii x- '1"'1 P' Qi -fx 'Ni ilk 3 '. U .tv u,-.ff .- I' - . .' - rr 9 .. 1 A.'f" 'Q' i?fu:r'f'l"'?1T?'1g:3fR.Eg211-M5-'iz1::?vF1'-2-. iff-. ' -f 1, .f 1 ' .NM .4 f-- l,- , ,mg-og-:.,1,1.:f..g ,,g,gfw.-z.-,-,f1...,:-.-f.-1?.f,.:.-.T-.f:2.:1.:1. . 9: -. 5' 4 ' ' 3'-4""f1-- ' " 'i f ,. , f . .. A.-,.,:.1,,g-.g,.p ..,,g,. -, fini A Q:-. ,' .:- .JIH ' 'REL yffi-.'-Tir?-,.mv'a'P'. ' '42-HHH' ' A"" .A . ' J.. Q gt. . - ...f"'Y' L ' , . . G' , 'Y 'E- 'Ivz' -:ff . . . V-sa. , ,,, .- ..-ffysf-:4ava:s21av.-smafr.-5-zmvaigqfsmw- ik.. , 4.. I... ,- - f ' .Y .greg ., ' ,N 1 ' 'Q fs ' W, :Lv v, ---vm.. ..... A, . ' U, .. '4""' 'HI :gh 4 .-f,NM1Q'5::Wif1Kx?gf2a2I ffir. P if H T ? G fi? L X52 Q Ag 1 E3 QQ A pirit er die wk I f 2:9

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