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my lialillk W ., 1 E .- ..Zi :Ei - 525 '. 23 ' 11 1 'VH ' ' ' ' -In in' "W-ifgzl-u-.GWfffwff--'W"" Q-nf" x f- .Freq , I , .--gf, M-,,-, , 1-4,- :nf-1 E liniiinisfeffl'fifawmf?hiistwflfzwiwmiii ...1 41: -.r --n -1 -Y- ..., ml w S-'Ju'-' , ,.x,., - , ,.-1.-4.. ,, . .T -, . he... V ki-n, "' ' -- -'X "- v h 5 -.'-. :--Hum -:,f-, X ix ffxxx X ' -1: ' ' g. P. K4 1 ,. H r . I 5, 'n X V x ,. wrr-"rf'rvLr":.":- -- -, - .- ,v ,- -W..-1-..ff'1 -6- Q ---- Q . -fx ' ...uw .V -, r , -, . , , fguxfqugqrl N , A r ,W .,-.1 , ew vm. .,-- rv Y , 3,-9.3. my,,4u., V?" .M X .Q .., , N4 5 4- ,, , -5 , y,,...., ,-N., A Ab. L4 -4 ,K ,4 N.. J- ,tw , , ff- , -Q., 'ff 'nv .- J"T,:.1'!g-:Q-!.T..,,plilf,L-M NF? .2':!,?QtrLl!AR . lgn!-F51 15!wff,Lw,-W.,g,M.M , Fm , fe.g!,,,!. ' n -f, , ...-,, ., , - , .f- wwf. . I . W X L ., , A , x .X V 1 1 4 X 'PQ ff - Q -. N 1 Q-. '5 Q- I V 51 J W3 k QE 5 I' '-6 rl !l hi 'na - Y. P' , 1 .i L-1 3,1 XG ,. .5 A , 4-- ei :wi ,ow ,ig 1 1 ,fe 'Q '21 ff H if .lv .f., ,- S, .vs 4: A5 Q 4 A Y i PW --L 3 7 1 1" w . ,ef N221 ,ri f . . I . P4 , i-6.515 ,Q '1' -"ws af.-. QL5 -.' gg dw -H -5 S 4 sg -1 Q55 ..4 , , Y .V . Y ..-V. -- ,Q----f-,Q-I 'FW'--'--'-"'1 74e6MJid4 Seattle W ---rm-gnupff--H" -W '- :wr-w-,-,w'erl1fvvx'Q'r'ff.rgf-fy: 'Q-Fi7?fi,"f'1"x"N' " uw ' ' 1,-9-gg?-gg vvggvwjggy--gpr 70 I 1 'mmwwlik 90? ,,.f ,F thi"-fin, X 'N if 'X 9- Q :iffy if a-Q I ,W w t at is J iii g , 3 0 0 In thix war. wc arv dvfvmling with bullets and mvn a ilvmocratic way of life. WH' are waging a struggle against dictatorship and oppression that must ttrminatc in victory: but most of all, wi' arc fighting for a lasting pvaux fhis pcacc must bv won on thc hattli i ficlds and in thc diplomatic councils am! cimftnm'v halls. lt must ln' won first of all, l7ou'vt'c'r. in thv hi-arts of mvn. througlr thfir realization of the hims- ings of hrothvrlrood and world cowopvrav tion. Iwo an vmluring pvacv. Ibm., and a bvttvr world to follow, wi' xinclrvly clvdifatv this Arrow. 'T se' "" 7'-7 . Q. A H it . K N,- A I. 5, V 7 dy K A . ' ,ya A K ix-ax W K, . Q W , "' 'g M T giggles ivfjigf 'V 3 1 , ' f ' 9' s f Q u ' , v f .X d.44A,s. i 45,43 , .g , . 5 . X ' . f.,-."-2 "ls-."".' Q W1 '-,.fQ'.i' Us-a:"f"":il ' n y . 4 6 'A A Q 11' A g .1 'lf x ,'x7' 'v .f i-6: :Q b,Q 'AQ Ja D 1, 'v' T. - s' a S. .V I Q' ij' Si' uv . 1, ' .mf kts! 1 ' 4" . 'fi' sfo:-'I' ,L ,dwnti Q I ii. gl fp f', "4Q' -1 AY 7 W, Q i , 'Q .mp M Q' 1-Q lm 4 Q it . Q-4 T ' , 7 ' L, 'Y 4 V' 'ir 7 ' ' A5 M X ' , fi"i'fQ'riim T ,"lv 1, A . 1 -A . f 1 , . 4 Q . ,Q .5 4 s. V I ' J 1 " t ta ' J R v.Q 1 1 M. Q Y Q if fl. , ' f 1 A ' 1 1 XB? Q Y' ra i , ' ! 1 4' V " n ff k ' I 4 " 1 A .4 .4 ', f ' T s" Q v , ' 1 Q 7 " v u o u 9 Q f , 5 .S ' q n 4 ' . E' A ' 5' sfrfgssisime iw- .: R' i 'J . 4' ' V ..,- .N A s afzewofwl Today srerns all-important to us. Tomorrow and its achievements are as yet visionary and indefinite. The sub- jects we study. the sports and activities in which we engage. and the ideals for which we work. provide the basis for our progress. The future. with its hopes and un- ccrtaintiesrcasts its shadow over our lives. And in that shadow. we create this Arrow. Q w, vs, ,, .Mk ff' .4 - Q ,iff PK' 71" , . ' I ,- fb V .w ,Nh xgmr1,g+. fgfq' fm . 2+-..1.u..w , ggi " th W1 ' " 26 m W ' 4 V sf '15Vf,.3j QR A X WP ,, Q mm -H,-mv, 10 I . , -Yi 4113149511 fr""w'4il .g4,K ,xni xv Tl, 'J' 49 ,wr Awwy-mzfrsf :Y14qf" , .. N ,E P.. ff' , ' vw L ,N W A 9 fy as Y: ' 'lh",.f ' x xv 1 .wa q'q?mf.wnuvi......,5,,. --"""f lx vu , fy fx,-,...- 4 A Q B. If S ! is .M X ' 'Q' W1 mmf? A-4. . Y 4, mf ,N f 'Q ,,,E?f'fL R mi .V EA, N 3 BSL .QL-1 as WM f 5 5 2. P r E Q 5 2 sq.. ga, ff- T 5. 'iff w5T2?'T' 9211 S' View -L u f - 'Q ' Mkndfk V W' .. A .jim . g f " :T T H ' 'f M1 m ., 6, ., .,'1, il 5"'1W'A!i!F i.. inkffu-s 2 Uwfpfify Ugggfggui lillglgm cy :gsm- v HWBH BOYLK' 'ifwih SAL151 VZUBLRT LTOUCKS NYU-23 S. R053 WM HAM EUGENE BLANCNARD ALTON WALTER WMTTSON LOUIS GEORGE CODEY THEODORE KELLY JOHN BENNETT CARROLL ARTHUR W. SOULE WALLACE JOSEPH NOSKYI JOHN THOMAS LANCASTER MELVIN G-RANT JOHNSON VICTOR MARVTN GADROW CLARENCE HELVIN FORHOE TT LDDIALDSDN TROSE EHHE nnsmu mum norman wuum .noun on ennesr EUGENE coaev JAMES mnneu cgsev noafm' n. moons KENNETH GAY BRAKKE ' X NNW" 4 FHWV VV 4' Bmw i.!i5""i! i pw wowwz v. ?1?"Qf1?i.ffexxi RUSFSHT E ?12f'K'1fJIwf'y: M,BEfRT iIPxLl,O,,LL 41555, CLARLNCE MLMTLIN QQASKE Y HENRY CLAY- MASON JOHN GOLDLE LEGGETT , GEORGE LLLAND NUTCHINSON PAUL RLLEY MILLER J AMES R. WALKE R DAVID WAYNE JACKSON R0 NALD LAWRENCE KELLER' HOMER D .BTLYEU ALBERT 'EDWARD MTTCHELL ROBERT, L. HDLSBO ROBERT CHARLES E LY ARTHUR uonu Tn Lon GLEN ALLEN SUHH ans, mmnv WTLBUR vneusou ozone: wunzucs HUGH xguunu ,Innes Gunn: me was mm Alasenvl? A vw' wma mov MLW SK 1-wr QM wil 1 ff Nfl 'D ll! Il 11" Iv 'X mn T lk 'h uf: I5 xg ,l Ll an f I 4 4' ' ' r" A L,mh V , i,. .L A, I , M lg A L " ,1 . I -ii Ropes grow taut timbers against steel and a great water beyond fl sliz jo UPIL7 CCIPPF. I ' Just as the ships l cnunknown seas. so to begirf ocurfuture lives lies ahead of us. get we move and purposefully. YVe are Ibis conflict will spring a new world that fiom in which to live. In that world we shall seek our destinies. A l my D ,- T' 5 -:E ll fl :Wo I F nw 1, , .X 5 A PM I!- I A l ff ., ii. WTI 4.-v., . ,Q 5 ?,,..-,.-W - 1 .5 ' ' I' ref' , ., pf ,gy wg N.. 3, f if l'H:'?:" f I Emma nmaamzei Zawadactiana Spam 7ecmnea L' ,X A 'f' 7-Tfis J nt the coming of he present world stnlggle the em re body mm the aw wa-rd, bewrldefed Ffes man to the airy, e ted new o grim resolve an ea e t far ef stunned fwsm 15 a 'nv-tion 1,0 e ' V 1'ie1lC6d S lwugh they me a strong and :mme l W N swdem ,f N pe el1iof,a110P a en Al allwefe h dawfmm ' 4, 1 bn' t zhustasm. n vanis ed. ln its place ca sw 'ng among nations. t ew sitiml in the stfugglfz owen w ep ingabov wffwvs ' Q 2 , dau GT ield scudems ' e y TQCOSWIZZC1 exact y what m ey a uickand p evic heyreaiz ca wnwffow wow rheirs. n mr shou ers would 50011 res sibilines of anatioo a also c moons: ' of :he en if of cheeffv ga accepted mesv 1' nsibi mes, and 1 lved than u T8 , g ations should not be impefibed by the tyranny and iniastice w ic 1 they are fighting against today. l i ' h t , i Garfield A ls ' h if ouclook f d h nfl ' at ' h' rzimdfl 50011 h h lp m pfro' 'ng vmdm mln G f analyzed h ' po l un l ' l I1 could d h l l q mow ami ledhwmw ' MMM of ld be O thi' ld rest th T pon ' nd he .ww l ew la. 2 may u apo L an 1 W N and ll h ll x Q ,L lm is 1, , , 2 .X E W V - 'B ,' 4 :xl . 1 I i"i1 gfy' WwEWQQ,v ' X7 2 V K' 'ZA "-- 11 ,LL. 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MERRIAM, Vice-Principal Loyalty, cooperation, participation and accomplishment are a few of the many traditions which the students have built up in the nearly twenty- five years of Garfield's history. Students today are carrying on and expanding those traditions. They are meeting their problems with the same spirit of courage shown by those who have preceded them. They will meet the challenge of tomorrow with a determination to contribute their part toward the building of a lasting democracy. fra E. E. HANSELMAN, Principal In time of war. high schools have a double task. They must aid in the defense of their country and maintain and improve democracy when the war is won. At Garfield students receive both occupational information, and guid- ance in preparation for critical services. They participate in a program in- cluding physical fitness, mathematics, and occupational and domestic sciences. They should learn to face the future with optimism, not pessim- ism. They should prepare for their future roles with hope and courage. I3 ETHEL WAY ANDERSON Science KIRK S. BAXTER History EMMA M. BIRD Commercial RUTH H. BOLING English it f 1 The members of the faculty compose one of the most vital and indispensible factors in guiding the students through the shadow of the future. The students' mastery of skills and formulation of intelli- gent views and opinions depend greatly upon the broad knowledge of the faculty concerning the sub- jects which they teach. LEON H. BRIGHAM IDA CHARROIN Physical Education Mathematics CATHERINE BUCKLEY MARSDEN COLE Mathematics Librarian JEAN BURNS PARKER E. COOK Home Economics ML1SiC This year the teachers have been burdened by nu- merous war defense responsibilities in addition to their regular work. These supplementary tasks often stole valuable time from their classes. but were met with enthusiasm by an able faculty. MAE E. CORNELIUS HARRY B. CUNNINGHAM Study Hall Boys' Advisor ETHEL J. CRAGG ELIZABETH DEARBORN English English ELSA L. CRIMP MARY ETHEL DIXON Commercial English MARY ELLEN S. FIELD Mathematics ERNEST FREY Industrial Arts VIRGINIA H, GRAY English CHARLES A. GREER Head-flndustrirzl Arts 4 W Q ajv, MARY L. GROVES Language EMILIE HENSEL Girls' Advisor GERTRUDE C. HOPPOCK History DONALD R. HOYT Music JEAN HUNT Home Economics RUTH ISAACS English MAE JACOBSEN Marhematics HAROLD B. JEFFERY Mathematics EMILY H. JOHNSON Physical Education LESLIE W. JOHNSON Science lb MARTHA R. JOHNSON Science EVA E. JURGENSOHN Physical Education MILFORD K. KINGSBURY Science MARY E. KNIGHT Head-History MARIE J. LAPPENBUSCH Commercial MARTHA LAW History -Ig 2,11 I 7 ELEANORE LOUGHEAD Commercial RUTH B. MOORE Commercial LUTHER MORE Physical Education VIRGINIA B. OLMSTED Language ANNA MAY PELTON Language HENRY PETERS English ANNE C. PUGH English LOUISE K. PUGH English MARIE C. SAEMAN English A. L, SCHMALLE Science ELIZABETH M. SCHOEPPEL History MARGARET D. SCHWARTZ Head- -Commercial HELEN E. SHELTON English CHARLES L. SIMMONS Industrial Arts fv"""" .IESSIE A. WARREN History FLORENCE WELTS History ELIZABETH B. WILLIS Art CLIFTON T. SMITH Mathematics JOHANNA STRATE English MARION THOMSON Science GEORGE WILSON Head--Science HERLIN SLOCOMB Head7EngIisI7 Joined Faculty, February, 1943 MARGARET SEMMENS, Head Clerk PHYLLIS RAYMOND, Assistant Clerk The value of good organization is well illustrated by the present office staff. Each morning the clerks are del- uged with students, transfer slips, ex- cuses, bulletins: all of them representing many tasks to be accomplished quickly, efficiently. Without the speed and accur- acy with which they work, the compli- cated school machinery, made even more intricate by the war program, could never be handled so expertly as it is. JEAN BRUCE. Attendance Clerk Below: A typical office scene, 16" MISS HELEN SHELTON Senior Guidance MR. PARKER COOK Junior Guidance They serve as advisors as well as instructors, in this way helping stu- dents to solve the problems concern- ing their course of study and plans for the future. Each year as students leave Garfield, they remember and thank those teach- ers who guided them through their perplexing high school days. These faculty members give conscientious advice to each individual. MISS MARTHA JOHNSON Sophomore Guidance MR. LESLIE JOHNSON Freshman Guidance TOM OWEN WALTER RICHTER WILL CHINN Prvmiienl Vicv- President Sefretary ZZ MISS MARGARET SCHWARTZ MRS. ELIZABETH WILLIS Advisors We, the graduating seniors of 1943, are envision- ing a world that is brighter and happier than any of the highest dreams ever before created by youth. Al- though we realize our immediate future is perhaps blacker than that of previous graduating classes, we are confident that the trials we have to bear will make our ultimate tomorrow more lucid. The war darkens the horizons of the nations of the world, but we pray that when we receive our high school diplomas, we may be better equipped to help destroy that darkness. Already we are preparing our- selves for the armed forces. Already we are aiding our country in production. We are endeavoring to gain as much knowledge as possible, before having to take our place in the war. Eventually we hope to help build a new world, founded on progress and peace. 23 ADAMS, ANTHONY - Transferred from Missoula, Montana. AGNEW, PATfSenior Play: Chorus: Orchestra: Roll Representative: Sopho- more Commission: Health Committee. I AGOADO, FRANCES--Building Com- mittee: Mid-Winter Concert: Opera: Banker. ALEXANDER, DONALD-Band: Fun- fesl: Spring Concert: Football: Roll Rep- resentative. ALFARONE, EDI-Roll President: Usher: Lunchroom. ALHADEFF, VICTOR-Honor Society: Roll President: Banker: Manager Football and Head Manager Basketball: Open For- um Club: Garfield Oratorical Contest. ALMELEH, LUCIE-Fashion Show: Honor Roll. AMSBARY, NANCY-After-School Sports: Big "G" Club: Roll Secretary: Senior Roll Representative: Fashion Show. fi.. - ' 'tp ANGEL, ELEANOR --Girls' Ensemble. ARNBERG, ELEAN- OR-Health Commit- tee: After-School Sports: President, Big "G" Club: Ski Club: Funfest. BAJ US , J A C K - Honor Society: Honor Roll: Roll Represen- tative: Building Com- mittee, and Election Committees. BAKER, JEANNE- Art Committee: Roll President: Senior Play: Opera: Nonette: Dra- matic Club: Garfield Oratorical Contest. BARBARA SUTHERLAND Card of the "Mess" i Mx. Q5 -Q-wx, f .. I A, , .... . . ..,, , J is " ,. ova i Q . ., . by sg? MADISON MOORES TOM BUSHNELL Cinder "Cinsation" Asset to Art ANDERSON, MEL VIN T.--Transfer R ,J from Seattle Preparatory School. 'HV' "V' ' ANDERSON, BILL f It WY ':..,.,.,. ,"-- m ' of ANDERSON, DARRELL4Advisory Board: Secretary, Ski Club: Ski Team: First Team Football: Baseball: Vocational President: Roll Secretary. ANDREWS, ARTH UR4Honor Society. 24 1:2 58- A GLORIA GUNN "Glo" of the Cabinet BALKEMA, MITZI MARIE-Senior Rep- resenlative: Roll Pres- ident: Hit Parade: Noon Program: Soph- omore Commission: Big Sister: Fashion Show. BANNICK, BOB- First Team Football and Track: Boys' Ad- visory Board: Quill and Scroll: Sports Ed- itor, Messenger: Pres- ident, Junior Class: Secretary, Sophomore Class. BAROH. LOUIE-First Team Football and Basketball: Track Team: Honor So- ciety: Honor Roll. BARUCH, ISAAC--Banker: Roll Pres- ident: Doorman: Library. BASSETT, JACK- Football and Base- ball Teams: Publicity Committee: Roll Officer: Vocational Officer: Senior Repre- sentative. BATES. PEGGY-Manager Stage Crew: Lunchroom Cashier: Roll Banker: Roll Secretary. BOTHWELL, DICK -Lunchroom, Stamp. Grounds, Program Committees: Roll Pres- ident and Secretary: Funfest. BOWMAN, DON- ALD BUD OWINGS ALLENE JENKINS POLLY HUSTON GERALD STRICKLAND Simply Duke y Garfield's Brazilian Bombshell The A.B.'s Irish Rose "The pen is mightier BEACH, BONNIE-P.Q. and Standards Committees: Roll Officer: Vocational Of- ficer: Senior Representative: Funfest. BECKER, JEROME-Roll President: Library Committee. BEEBE, JIM - Roll President: Voca- tional President: Roll Banker: Funfest: Tumbling Team: Intramural Basketball: Science Club. BERLINER, ZYNDELL-Messenger, Pen, Gazette Staffs: Vice-President, Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Senior Night: Sophomore Commission: Valedictorian. BERTOLIN, RALPH-Chairman, Ticket Committee: Senior Night: Funfest: Mid- Winter Concert: Opera: Roll Banker: Honor Society. BJORKMAN, ELAINE - Transferred from Nampa High School. BOGUCH, HARRY-Tumbling: Ten- nis: Radio and Stamp Clubs: Funfest: Junior Roll Representative. BOONOV, CLAIRE H. M- Advisory Board: Cabinet: Gazette and Victory Corps Committees: Messenger Staff: Hon- or Society: Funfest. 25 than the sword" BOYNTON. PETER A- Roll President: Se- nior Night: Opera: Production Commit- tee. BRADY, JOHN- Senior Representative: Roll Secretary: Ski Club: Building Com- mittee. BRAUNN, MARI- LYN-Big "G": Roll Ofhcerr Fashion Show. BRENNER. JOE- lntramural Sports: First Team Football: Boys' Advisory Board: Roll Officer: Reserve Track and Baseball: Honor Society, BRIGHAM, CHARLES-First Team Football, Basketball , Track: Advisory Board: Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Club: Vice-President, Junior Class: Sports Edi- tor, Messenger. BRINSFIELD, WILLIAM R. - Honor Society: Chairman, Fourth-Period Stamp Sales: Chairman, Demerits Committee: HiHo Roller and Photography Clubs: Banker: Junior Representative. BRUCE, JEAN-Entered from Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana: Stand- ards Committee. Senior Chorus. BRUNNER, DOLORES - Chairman, Lunch Room Committee: Gazette: Assist- ant Ad Manager. Messenger: Senior Chorus: Photography Club: Roll Officer. BURTON. ELEANOR - Messenger and Arrow Staffs: Advisory Board: Cabinet: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Nonette. BURWELL, LOUIE - Co-Chairman. Bleachers Committee: Messenger and Ar- row Staffs: Track: Photography Club. BUSHNELL, TOM - Messenger: Fresh- man Track: Roll Officer: Bleacher Com- mittee. CALDERHEAD. BILL - Senior Night: Ski Club: Chairman, Noon Dance and Senior Programs Committees: Junior Rep- resentative: Roll Representative: Vocation- al Officer. :sas gp.. Q I :E X X slxf . 'ix' as BYRON WINGETT NANCY DOWNS "Mess" Mentor "Circulation" her Specialty Su CARLSON. DOROTHY - Honor Roll: Honor Society: Opera: Mid-Winter Con- cert: Roller Club: Roll Banker. CARRASCO, JUANITA - Honor So- ciety. CASSERD. FRED--Debate Club: Ticket Committee: Funfest: Band Concert: Mid- Winter Concert: Senior Representative: Honor Society. CAVENDER. JANE-Freshman Auxili- ary: Sophomore Commission: Fashion Show: Senior Roll Representative. Z6 HERB LEVIN per Ad Salesman . " PY , A .. 'li 'Wt ' ..,. "iii ? 25" In-f 'fR" A ....... CH A N, OUENTON CHARNEY, LIL- LIAN-Big"G" Cl u b: After School Sports: Gazette Staff: Sophomore Commis- sion: Make-Up, U s h e r Committees: Photography Club. CHARROIN, JIM -- Manager, Football and Track: Roll Represen- tatiue. CHINN, WILL-First Team Basketball and Football: Secretary- Treasurer, S e n ior Class:Aduisory Board: Roll Officer: Cathay Club. ef 1... CAL DRUXMAN Publicity with Felicity CHRISTENSEN, ROBERT- Airplane Club. CHRISTIANSON, DICK - Transferred from Stadium H ig h School, T a c o m a. Washington. COHEN, NESSO-Doorman and Hall Committees: Oratorical Contest: Roll Banker. COHN, SIDNEY-First Team Tennis: Intramural Sports: Doorman Committee: Roll Officer: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Senior Roll Representative. COLAGROSSI, RALPH - Funfest: Lunchroom and Noon Programs Commit- tees. COLEMAN, JAMES- KW C ,KN D E L E U W , AL- PHONSUS, Jr., - Roll Officer. DOOTSON. ROB- ERT B. - Personnel Editor, Arrow: Mes- senger Staff: Chair- man, Noon Program: Senior Commencement and Election Commit- tees: Senior Represen- tative: Senior Night. GLORIA MacLAUGHLlN KATHERINE KOENIG BOB PATTEN CONNIE SMITH Girls Club Cala mac ty Senior Night "Kay"-tastrophe Hilarious Hero of Senior Night The Thinker COLUMBRO, MARGARET - Big "G" Club: Funfest: Noon Movie Committee. CONNOR. GARLAND D. Jr.. - Screen Productions. COOK. BOB--Vocational Officer: Office Helpers' and Bleachers Committees. CORRIGAN, ED-Messenger Staff. CURTIS, BILL -- Track: Junior Safety Patrol: Honor Society. DARCH, LOIS-Sophomore Commis- sion: Study Hall Clerk: Fashion Show. DAVID, MARY LOU-Girls' Club Ga- zette: Girls' Club Committee. DA VIS, MARGARET-Opera: Mid- Winter Concert: Friendship Committee. 27 A 1 ea as . I wi XX f ew? ,Q t , A. 4, 0 2 as 4 is 3 A lm ,gi . .Ez D O R I S, ANNE- Honor Roll: Honor Society: Roll Officer: Messenger Staff: Art Committee. DOUGLAS, KEITH -Football. Baseball: Yell Team: Chairman, T i c k et Committee: Lunchroom Co mmit- tee: Roll Representa- tive: Vocational Presi- dent. DOWNS, NANCY- Cabinet: P. Q. Com- mittee:Chairman. Usher Committee: Messenger S t a ff: Se- nior Night: Funfest: Roll Officer: N o o n Program. DREYER, DICK- Chairman, Publicity Committee: S e n i o r Representative: Track. DRUXMAN, CAL - Feature Editor, Messenger: C h a i r m a n, Publicity and Lunchroom Committees: Senior Represen- tative: Track Manager: Roll Representa- tive: Vice-President, Photography Club. DUBSON. SAM - Senior Night: In- tramural Sports. EDDY, BETTY ANNE-Roll Secretary: P. Committee. EDDY, .IEAN+Transferred from St. Nicholas School: P. Q. Committee: Ski Club. EDELSON, BOB+RolI President: Serv- ice Honor Roll : Stamp and Doormen Com- mittee: Chairman, Ground Committee: Senior Representative: Track. EELLS, CHARLES-Athletic and Stamp Committees: Honor Roll: Golf Team: Freshman and Sophomore Basketball. ERICKSON. KEITH - Advisory Board: Track: Football : Victory Corps, Athletic, and Philanthropic Committees: Roll Pres- ident: Treasurer of Ski Club. ERNSTROM, DICK-Hit Parade: Mid- Winter Concert: Senior Representative. , ,..-: 5,:,: .,:,,:.,! mi 'EIN' iw we B. FIELD, TED- FISHER, FRED 1 Debate Club: Door- manandAthletic Committees: F i r s t Team Tennis: P e n Staff: Honor Society: Roll Officer. FISHER. WILLIAM - R o l l Secretary: Messenger Staff: Build- ing and Demerit Com- mittees: Manager Foot- ball. F L O R E Y, JOHN DON4Captain. Jun- ior Safety Patrol: Se- nior Night: Funfest: Ticket Committee. BILL KIDDER GLORIA HUNTINGTON DALE SODEN Hell Tackle Anything Activities "Gallo"-re All-City Hoopster ESKENAZI, AL-Senior Representative: Roll Officer: Football Manager: Fall Track: First Team Track. ESKENAZI, JOE - Roll Representative: Zee 1 Aviation Club: Stamp Committee, WD sr V wg ig if FEINBERG, lRVING7Roll Officer. Mid- Winter Concert. pg? 15:51 7, sl-at X we Q ,iff M. ,Vg set, va 2' Wg : f ' Nix 5 Sf lik? 4 V! , ., ,- er " ei ad if? t gg, 1 R4 W l . V' I if FEINBERG, IRVING-Roll Officer. - ' , 'X za 'W 1 CHARLE HOWARD "Charlie" of the A. B. FORSELL. MARY JO -Honor Society: P. Q. Committee: Fun- fest: Mid-Winter Con- cert: Band: Freshman Auxiliary: Roll Offi- cer. F O S S. OLIVER 1 Committee Chairman: S t a m p Committee: Roll Officer: Ski Club, Al FREDRICKSEN. DORIS-Fine Arts Committee, National Emergency and Beau- tification Committees: Roll Banker. FRIEDMAN, STAN Y- Senior Night. Opera, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert: Stage Crew: Chairman, Assembly Committee: Roll Officer. FUQUAY, DON - Honor Roll: Honor Society: Track. Football: Demerit Com- mittee. GAFFORD, MAXINE - Roll President: Vocational Secretary. GORLICK, EDDIE- Vocational Secretary: Roll Banker: Winter Track. GORMLEY. SHIR- LEY - Copy Editor, Messenger: Honor So- ciety: Roll Banker: Se- nior Night: Funfest: Girls' Cabinet: Chair- man, Fine Arts and Noon Programs Com- mittees. IYNDELL BERLINER MICKEY ERICKSON SHELDON SOFTKY PAT SHANNON Mixer of Jokes and Journalism High Man of the Hurdles Mathematical "Mathemagician" Beacon of the Girls' Club H . V' GATCHET, GEORGE--Roll President: Vocational President: Radio Club: Ticket Committee: Honor Society: Honor Roll. GENSS, ISABELLE - Freshman Auxil- iary: Sophomore Commission: Building Committee: Study Hall Clerk: Honor Roll. GILDER. GABRIEL-Transferred from Los Angeles, California. GINSBERG, RITA - Vocational Secre- tary: Sophomore Representative: Fashion Show: Mid-Winter Concert: Hit Parade. GOLDBERG, IRWIN-Messenger Staff: Roll President: Banker: Chairman, Demer- its Committee: Bleachers Committee: In- tramural Sports. GOODNOW, CHARLOTTE - Honor Society: Cabinet: Chairman, Bulletin Boards Committee: Fine Arts and Ga- zette Committees: Messenger Staff: Roll Officer: Banker. GOODRICH, RALPH-Roll Representa- tive: Ski Club. GORDON, PHYLLIS ANN - Fashion Show: After-School Sports: Big "G" Club. 29 GORRIE, JACQUE- LINE 4- Roll Officer: Gazette and Make-Up Committees: H o n o r Society: Honor. Roll: Library Helper. GRAHAM, BILLIE IEAN - Sophomore Commission: Library Worker: Banker: Roll Representative. GRAY, MARJORIE -Roll Representative: Vocational Officer: Se- nior Night: Health and Building Committees: Honor Society: Fun- fest. GRIFF, M E R LE- Senior Night: Funfest: T i c k e t Committee: Publicity and Assem- bly Committees: Bas- ketball: Football. GRINALDO, MICKY--Transferred from North Dakota: Library Assistant. GUNN, GLORIA - Friendship, Lunch- room, and Junior Prom Committees: Radiance Roll: Roll Representative: Cabi- net: Chairman P. Q. Committee, HABERNAL, LAURA E. - Fashion Show: Roll Banker: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Lunchroom, HAGEMANN, EL VERA - Transferred from Winfred, South Dakota .' Office Worker. HALE, FLORENCE-Junior Representa- tive: Opera: Mid-Winter Concert: Spring Concert: Honor Roll: Hi-Ho Roller Club. HALFON. ESTHER 4 Pen Representa- tive: Vocational Secretary: Honor Society. HALLGREN. BOB - Chairman, Screen Production Committee: Funfest: Noon Movie: Office Workers and Elections Committees: President. Science Club: Roll Repreesntative. HANSEN, NEIL-Roll President: Voca- tional Officer: Publicity, Philanthropic, Noon Program Committees: Yell Team: Track. HASSON, L U C Y- Opera: Funfest: Senior Chorus: Honor Roll: Lunchroom Worker. HAYNES, ROY- Vocational Officer: Roll Secretary: Hi-Ho Roller Club. HEAL, ELIZABETH -Vocational Presi- dent: Senior Night: P, Q., Freshman and Sophomore Auxiliary, Vocational Commit- tees: Dramatic Club. HEGGIE, DAVID E. -Stamp Committee. ,W Us-New seems 2 f .1,y1,Z,.,?1 S... A rf. SAM PRATHER DEMARIS THOMPSON ELEANOR BURTON The Man Behind the Stamp Sweetheart of the Big "G's" Lady of "Note" HARRIS, ART 4 Co-Captain, Football Team: Track: Advisory Board: Chairman, Building Committee: Roll Representative. HARTMAYER, BETSY - After-School Sports. HASSELBLAD, A D O R E E - Science Club: Fashion Show: Social Service Com- mittee: Nurse's Attendant. HASSELO. RAY-Advisory Board: Mes- senger Staff: Philanthropic, Noon Pro- gram, Grounds, Election Committees: Roll Officer. 30 JOE BRENNER Quite the "Guard" HEPLER, MARIE- Honor Society: Fash- ion Show: Junior Rep- resentative: Vocational President: C o s t u m e Room, HERMANN, AR- THUR- HERMANN, PHYLLIS-Roll Represen- tative: Office Worker, HERR, BETTY-Funfest: Junior and Pen Representative: P.-T. A. Committee. HILL, NORMA LEE-Personnel Editor. Arrow: Messenger Feature Staff: Girls' Advisory Board: Victory Corps Commit- tee: Honor Society: Funfest: Senior Night. HIMMELMAN, RUTH--Co-Editor, Ar- row: Assistant Editor, Messenger: Girls' Club Cabinet: Chairman, Standards Com- mittee: Sophomore Commission: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll. H U N T I N G TON, GLORIA-Honor So- ciety: Quill and Scroll: Feature Editor. Mes- senger: Advisory Board: Funfest: Chair- m a n, Commencement Decorations Commit- tee: Ski Club. HUSTON, POLLY- President, Freshman Class: President, Freshman Auxiliary: Advisory Board: Cabi- net: Honor Society: Feature Editor, Mes- senger: Roll Officer. F43-4--tow BOB DOOTSON KATE O'CONNOR Charlotte Goodnow JERRY STAVIG Arrow Personell tty Garfield's Drawing Card Idol of the Ivories Intellect with a Smile HOBA, ELENORE!National Emergency Committee. HOGLUND, PAUL-Roll President: Honor Roll: Sophomore and Senior Rep- resentative: Stamp and Building Commit- tees: Vocational Officer. HORAN, JUNE-Messenger Staff: Fun- fest: P. Q. and Standards Committees: Gazette: Big Sister: Roll Secretary. HOWARD, CHARLES - A d vis o r y Board: Senior Pin and Stamp Commit- tees: First Team Football and Track: Roll Officer: Honor Society. HOWARD, JEANETTE - P.-T. A.. Make-Up, Lunchroom Committees: Roll Representative. HOWARD, NANCY - National Emer- gency Committee: Senior Representative: Honor Roll. HUGHES, JAMES H.-Transferred from Roosevelt High School, Port Angeles, Washington: Track: First Class Com- mando. HUMMER, CARL-Roll President: Ra- dio Club. 31 HUTCHINS, H A R- OLD-Radio Club. ISAACSON, MARIE -Funfest: Mid-Win- ter Concert: Roller Club: Roll Represen- tative: Sophomore Commission. ISRAEL, JOSEPH- Honor Society: Fun- fest: Senior Night: Copy Staff, Arrow: Honor Roll: Make-Up Committee: Roll Rep- resentatwe. ISRAEL, MARY- Fashion Show: Banker: Honor Roll. JACOBSON, DOROTHY - National Emergency and Make-Up Committees: Program Chairman, Senior Night: Senior Representative: Roll Banker. JENKINS, ALLENE - Honor Roll: Honor Society: Messenger Staff: Roll President: Junior Representative: Voca- tional and Victory Corps Committees. JOHNSON, ANN-Funfest: Opera: Mid- Winter Concert: Senior Night: Roll Pres- ident: Gazette Committee: Honor Society. JONES, BETSY Y Co-Editor, Arrow: Honor Society: Ski Team: Vice-President, Ski Club: Quill and Scroll: Advisory Board: Roll Representative. JONES, MOXlNE+Girls' Club Cabinet: Messenger Staff: Opera: Ski Club: Honor Society. JONES. RICHARDf KAHN, HANNAH + Junior and Senior Representative: Friendship Committee: Honor Society: Library Assistant: Pen Representative: Funfest. KAPLAN, LEON+Roll and Vocational President: Messenger Staff: Golf: Senior Night Publicity Committee: Intramural Sports: Track. vw... we Q - 4,5 WV' g cs 4. .bk ii.. KIDDER, BILL - Boys' Advisory Board: First Team Football: Roll Officer: Stamp, Building, and Victory Corps Committees: Honor Society. KIRBACH, JIM - Transferred from Sid- ney High School, Sid- ney, Montana : Track. KLEINBERG, BILL - Track: Football: Roll Representative: P h il a n thropic, Grounds, Bleachers, and Stamp Commit- tees. KNIGHT, HOWARD PAUL - Roll Presi- dent: Vocational Pres- idents Roll Banker: Library Committee. DARRELL ANDERSON ELAINE ROSS NEIL HANSEN WILL SANDERS Dynamic Pigskin Delight "Apulsos" by Ross Cheer Leading "Charlie" "Center" of Gridiron Activity KARNOFSKY, MILDRED - Business Manager, Messenger: Pen Staff: Service Honor Roll: Opera: Funfest: Library As- sistant: Senior Representative. KASPER, SONIA-Study Hall Clerk. KESSLER, BOB-Football: Track: Base- ball: Funfest: Vocational President. KETTLEMAN, JOE 3 Track Manager: Roll Banker. 32 3 .-z KOENIG, KATHER- INE-Cabinet Chair- m a n: Assembly. Friendship, Vocational Committees: Roll Of- ficer: Senior Night: Ski Club: Senior Rep- resentative. KOSIN, SYLVIA - Sophomore Commis- sion: Friendship Com- mittee: Roll Secretary: Lunchroom: Fresh- man Auxiliary. KOTKINS, WALTER-Library, Lunch- room, Doorman, Bleachers, Halls Com- mittees: Senior Representative: Roll Secre- tary. KREMS, SIDNEY - Stamp Committee: Roll Officer: Honor Society: Junior Class President: Assistant Editor, Messenger: Tennis: Basketball: Track. KRONQUIST, KENNETH--Funfest. KUMMER, LUELLA-Advisory Board: Layout Technician, Arrow Staff: Quill and Scroll: Cabinet: Chairman, Building Committee: Vice-President, Science Club: Honor Society: Messenger. LEITE, E L L E N FRANCES - Enter- ed from Wrangell. Alaska. LE N N ON , L O R - RAINE - Vocational Secretary: Mid-Winter Concert. JOYCE STERN HELEN JEAN ROGERS LUELLA KUMMER PHIL SULMAN Committee Coordinator Magnetic Modern Dance Really "Lays Them Out" Speedster in the Spotlight KYNELL, LILLIAN 4 Roll President: Roll Secretary: Roll Vocational Officer: Roll Banker: Ski Club: National Emer- gency Committee: Funfest. LANDERS, BILL-Roll President. LANGE, EIVIND - Stamp, Traffic, Lunchroom and Special Committees: Roll Officer: Band: Mid-Winter Concert. LARSEN, MARIAN-Freshman Auxili- ary: Sophomore Commission: Beautifica- tion Committee: Roll President and Secre- tary: Senior Representative. LARSON, JOHN W.-Yell King: Base- ball: First Period Stamp, Building, Noon Programs, and Lunchroom Committees. LAUDON, VERA-Big "G" Club: Roll President: Girl Reserves. LAVENDER, DENIS PETER - Honor Roll: Honor Society: Debate Club. LEE, DON-Band: Orchestra. 33 LEVIN, HERBERT - Honor Society, Honor Roll: Roll Pres- ident: Debate Team: Advertising Manager, Messenger: Philan- thropic Committee. LEVY, LILA- Fun- fest: Mid-Winter Con- cert: Publicity Com- mittee: Fashion Show: Roll Repreesntative. LEWIN, JEAN - Gazette Committee: Art and Health Com- mittees: Funfest: Mid- Winter Concert: Op- era: Ski Club. LINCOLN, VIVIAN - Standards Commit- tee: Sophomore Com- mission. W' ' ff 2' wr, V A .,.,.. , V 1 gs... 1 ,V te' 4 K3 X 1: H su Q' 'K LINDBERG, BEATRICE--Debate? Fun- fest: Operetta: Big Sister: P.T.A. Com- mitteep Mothers' Tea: Roll President. LINDENBERGER, RICHARD - Stamp Club: Chess Club: Advertising Manager, Messenger: Roll Banker: Second Team Basketball: After-School Sports: Bleachers Committee. LOCKE, JOHN-Vocational Officer: Ski Club: Funfest: Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. LORENTZ, BOB - President, Boys' Club: Advisory Board: Roll Representa- tive: Honor Society: Sophomore Track: Funfest: Ski Club. LOWE, JACK - Vice-President, Boys' Club: First Team Basketball: Captain, Tennis Team: Advisory Board: Honor So- ciety: Victory Corps Committee: Vice- President, Junior Class. LUSIER, DOREEN - Vocational Offi- cer: Funfest: Ski Club: Freshman Auxil- iary: Sophomore Commission: Standards Committee. MACQUARRIE, FRANCIS - Usher: Fine Arts Committee: After-School Sports. MAIER, GERDA 4 Honor Society: Commercial Club: Roll Representative. --ws..,..,... w...mL,.,,.,N MARK, WING-Roll Representative: Hon- or Society: H o n o r R 0 ll : Radio Club: Funfest. M A R S H A L L . NAIDA - Treasurer, Girls' Club: Advisory Board: Cabinet: Radi- ance Roll: Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Class: Secretary, Hon- or Society: Feature Editor, Messenger. M A R Y A T T , CHARLES ROBERT - Co-chairman, Phil- anthropic Committee: Dance and Grounds Committees: T w o - Year-Golf Letterman: Athletic Committee. MASIN, ADELINE - Sophomore Com- mission: Social Service: Health, a n d Lunch- room Committees. NORMA LEE HILL BILL McNAE ANN JOHNSON Curly Locks, Our "AB"ill-ity Plus Senior Night "Lily" "Senior Play"-mate '17 MANOLIDES, MARY - Roll Officer: Opera: Gazette: Honor Society: Honor Roll. MANOL1DES,THEO - Honor Society: Honor Roll: Assistant Business Manager. Messenger: Vocational President: Gazette: Dramatic Club. MARBET, ARTHUR- MARBET, CLAUDIA - Vice-President: Big "G" Club: After-School Sports: Vo- cational Officer: Funfest: Opera: Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert. 34 CHUCK MARYATT Divot Digger De Luxe M A S IN, PHYLLIS - Sophomore Com- mission: N u r s i n g R o o m Committee: Banker. MATHIS, JUNE - H o n o r Roll: Pen Staff: Girls' C l u b Cabinet: Roll Presi- dent: Roll Secretary: Funfest: S e n io r Chorus. MATLAND, RUTH -- After-School Sports. MATTHEWS, CARMEN - Transferred from Renton. Building Committee. MAXWELL, HARRIET K.-Transfer red from Illinois. Senior Night: Girls' Club Cabinet: Noon Program Committee: Pen Staff: Honor Roll, McLAUGHLIN, GLORIA - Cabinet: Freshman Auxiliary: Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert: Ski Club: Junior Prom Commit- tee. MOLINE, I R M A- Art Committee: Mes- senger Staff: Roll Of- ficer: Ski Club. MOORE, BARBARA JEAN - Girls' Club Cabinet: Chai-rman, P. T. A. Committee: Friendship Commit- tee: Ski Club: Usher. 3 sf , g I zzz. .- ' f .. ' Q e I : e . t"e.,,:.::,. .,.., I .,, 'Q I .,---: .rr 'H :" " .,- M - -I E5:5::5EC,' -:I -----: z, ::.., --re 31 ' ,.-e' L 1 I., ,,.,,... . , Sy ...:.,.,,, :::E ggi: , ,. :al y M if at ga '-.., 1 Q S - -S' 'i" . MOXENE JONES RALPH SHELTON DOROTHY SMART Messenger "Cub" "Photo-genius" At Work "The Lady Of The Jury" "Riley" MCLEOD, WILL -- Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: President, Stamp Club: Demerits Committee: Fall Track. McMILLAN, DORIS - Senior Night: Cabinet: Grounds, and Beautification Committees: Vocational Officer: Senior Representative. McNAE, BILL-Ticket Committee: Em- ployment Committee: Roll President: Ad- visory Board: Football: Track. MEISNEST, MARY- Managing Editor, Messenger: Arrow: Quill and Scroll: Cab- inet: Assembly Committee: Secretary, Ski Club: Junior Representative. MEYERS, GLORIA ELLEN--Roll Offi- cer: Senior Representative: Vice-President, Debate: Sophomore Commission: Speak- ers' Club: Victory Corps and Vocational Committees. MILLER, BOB - Roll Officer: Funfest: Philanthropic, Public Relation, Commit- tees: Chairman, Demerit Committee: Head Track Manager: First Team Football. MILLER, DICK - Honor Society: Hon- or Roll: Building Committee: Arrow Staff: Roll President. MOHRER, HILDA-Pen Staff: Roll Of- ficer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Health, Beautifications, and Library Committees. 35 JACK RILEY Aimin' For West Point MYOORES, MADI- SON - Chairman, Philanthropic Com- mttee: Second Team Football: Ski Club. MOBRAY, CONNIE -Girls' Club Attend- ant: Roll Banker. MYERS, JEAN - Senior Representative: Lunchroom, Stand- ards, Gazette, and PQ Committees: R o I l Representative: Fun- fest. NELSON, CHARLES J. 1 Philanthropic, Lunchroom, Assembly Committees: Funfest, Senior Night. NEUSS, BETTE LOU - Big "G" Club: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Roll Banker. NEWBY, JACK 7 Transferred f r o m Helena, Montana. NEWSHAM, KENNETH - Vocational President: Roll President. NORRIS, SHIRLEY - Senior Represen- tative: Library: Usher. O'CONNER, KATHLEEN - Art Edi- tor, Arrow: Cabinet: Honor Roll: Senior Night: Messenger Staff: Pen Staff: Chair- man, Art Committee. OLSON, BERT - Roll President: Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball: Roll Secretary: Traffic, and Lunchroom Committees. OSBORN, BOB-Honor Society: Honor Roll Ski Club OSTROM MARGARET Mid Winter Concert Opera Senior Night Roll Bank er Roll Secretary Sophomore Representa tive Vocational Roll Officer x.-. eff, 4 t si' A+ W s sd x A x . as S is wt 1 t. P E H A, ASHER - Doorman Committee: Oratorical Contest: Honor Society. PEHA, CHARLES -- Doorman, and Bleach- ers Committees: Man- ager, Basketball: Ora- torial Contest. PERKINS, BILL - Honor Society: Hon- or Roll: Funfest: Mid- Winter Concert: Voca- tio n al Committee: Messenger Staff. PERRIN DON Co Chairman Election Committee Ski Club Football Manager Track Funfest DON FLOREY Terrific Traffic Captain ,eyes JEWEL WELLS GEORGE HAGE SHIRLEY GORMLEY "Gem" Of The Girls' Club Packs A Punch On Committees Dixieland "Dramactress' OWEN, TOM - Roll President: Presi- A PETERSKY, S A N- dent, Senior Class: Chairman, Grounds, FORD - Honor So- and Noon Program Committees: Junior Prom Committee: First Team Track: Honor Society. OZIEL, SUSIE - Nonette: Funfest: Opera: Mid-Winter Concert: Fashion Show. PARRY, SHIRLEY 4 Roll President: Roll Secretary. PATTEN, BOB - President, Freshman and Sophomore Classes: Senior Night: Funfest: Ticket Committee: Roll Repre- sentatiue: Honor Society. 36 ciety: Photographer and Layout Techni- cian, Arrow: R o l l President: Chairman, Bleachers Committee: Quill and Scroll: Vice- President, Open Forum Club: Debate Team. PETERSON, L E N - ORE-Roll President: Office Worker: Bank- er: Building Commit- tee: Junior Representa- tive: Honor Roll. PETERSON, NANCY - Transferred from Palo Alto, California: Art Commit- tee. PITNEY, ARLENE - Transferred from Franklin High School. PORCELLO, CARMEN 4 Vocational Secretary: Vocational President: Usher Committee: Lunchroom, POWELL VIRGINIA f Roll Secretary' Make Up Committee Honor Society Big G Club RICHTER, WALT -- Vice-President. Senior Class: Chair- man, Ticket Commit- tee: Roll Representa- tive: Track : Football: Honor Society. RILEY, JOHN J. - Advisory Board: Noon Program, T i c k e t, Bleachers Committees Foobtall Roll Repre sentatrve Ski Club RAY HASSELO MARJORIE GRAY MERLE GRIFF ART HARRIS "Ray"-diating A. B.-er Mainstay Of Committee Activities "Mayme" Attraction Of Giant Grid Game Star Senior Night POWERS, JAMES- PRATHER, SAM - Roll Officer: Junior and Senior Representative: First Period Stamp Committee: Noon Programs Com- mittee: Chairman. Noon Stamp Commit- tee: Honor Roll. PRIESTLEY. MARGARET - Big Sis- ter: Opera: Fashion Show: Banker: Roll Secretary: Senior Representative. PRINCE, JOHN W. - Co-Editor Pro- ductions, Arrow: Roll Representative: Honor Society: Boys' Club Committees: Vocational Officer: Debate Club. RAYMUNDO, ROSINA - Transferred to Franklin High School, Seattle. RENDA, WILLIAM - Transferred from Montana, RICHARDSON, RUTH - Make-Up Committee: Sophomore Representative RICKLES, ARNOLD - Messenger: Vo- cational Officer. 37 RIVKIN, MARIAN - R o l l Secretary: lunior Representative: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Freshman Auxiliary. ROGERS, H E L E N JEANNE - Big Sis- ter: Social Service: War Emergency Com- mittee: Funfest: Oper- etta: Roll President: Roll Secretary. ROLL, DOREEN - Lunchroom Commit- tee. ROMANOFF, LILA - As We See It Club: Roll President: Roll Secretary: Vocational Officer: Roll Banker. ROSENTHAL, DOROTHY-Girls' Club Cabinet: Chairman, Gazette: Copy Edi- tor, Messenger: Honor Society: Senior Night: Funfest: Opera: Roll Representa- tive. ROSS. ELAINE - Vice-President, Fresh- man Class: Feature Editor, Messenger: Pen Staff: Cabinet: Quill and Scroll: Ra- diance Roll: Honor Roll. ROUSSO, LILY-Roll Secretary: Fun- fest: Mid-Winter Concert: Sophomore Representative. ROUSSO, MARIE-Funfest: Mid-Win- ter Concert: Usher: Freshman Auxiliary: Sophomore Commission: Fashion Show. RUBICAM, BEN - Chairman, Noon Movie Committee: Screen Production Com- mittee: Ski Club: Roll Representative: Vo- cational Officer: Funfest: Opera. RUNKEL, PHIL7Roll President: Senior Representative: Messenger Staff: Vocation- al Representative: Stamp Committee: Operetta: Funfest. RUOFF. JIM - First Team Football: First Team Track: Messenger Staff: Quill and Scroll: Athletic Committee: Roll Rep- resentative: Banker. RUSSELL, ART - Band: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Banker. -xr-' CHUCK NELSON ELIZABETH HEAL SANFORD PETERSKY Artistic Charley Mirth and Murder Demon of the Darkroom In Senior Night SAD1CK,CORRlNE f Honor Roll: Honor Society: Mid-Winter Concert: Mother-Daughter Tea: Freshman Auxil- iary: Sophomore Commission: Senior Rep- resentative. SADIS, RACHEL -- Roll Banker: Social Service: Mid-Winter Concert. SANDERS, WILL 7 Co-Captain, Foot- ball Team: First Team Track: Advisory Board: Chairman, Athletic Committee: Senior Pin, and Stamp Committees: Roll Officer. SAVELSON, EDDIE A Roll Banker: Vocational Officer: Roll Officer: Building Committee. 38 sms- fs- --W fm, .xl SCHARHON, RA- CHEL - Banker: Vocational Secretary: Honor Society: Mid- Winter Concert. SHAIN, IRVING - Roll President: Roll Secretary: Chairman. Ticket Committee: Honor Society: Mid- Winter Concert: Senior Night: Debate Team. SCHUUR, DICK- Roll and Vocational Officer: Co-Chairman, Demerit Committee: Funfest: First Team Football: Ski Club. SHANNON. PATRI- CIA-Nonette: Girls' Club Cabinet: Chair- man, National Emer- gency Committee: Honor Society: Secre- tary -Treasurer. Fresh- man Auxiliary: Opera: Radiance Roll. CLAUDIA MARBET Sure "BET" of the Big "G's" SHELTON, RALPH -Sports and Photog- raphy: Editor, Arrow: Quill and Scroll: Hon- or Society: Ski Club: Tennis Team. SHYMAN. CARL! Honor Society: Honor Roll: Roll President: Roll Banker. SMALL, FRANCES 7 Roll Banker: As- sistant Librarian. SMART, DOROTHY JEAN - Senior Night: Dramatic Club: Freshman Auxil- iary: Vocational Committee: Messenger Staff: Honor Society. SMITH, DOROTHY ARLENE - Stage Crew: Usher: Senior Representative: After-School Sports: Vocational President: Garfield Day Oratorical Contest: Art Com- mittee. SMITH, CONSTANCE DOUGLAS - Messenger Staff: Roll Officer: Lunchroom and Standards Committees: Sophomore Commission: Productions Committee. X 1 6 5 .f 9 SPAULDING, JAC- QUELEN- Vora- tional Officer. STAEHNKE, AUD- REY - Transferred from Britton, South Dakota. ELEAVOR ARNBERG BILL TEUFEL CLAIRE BOONOV BOB BANNICK Big G Attraction Minx of the Links C. B. of the A. B. Backfield Beamer SMITH, PAMELA Q Entered from Queen Anne: Roll Secretary: Standards Committee. SMITH, SHIRLEY-Big "G" Club. SNYDER, PRISCILLA - Assembly. Noon Programs, Senior Pin Committees: Ski Club: Messenger Staff: Senior Night: Funfest. SNYDER, WALLACE M.-Transferred from San Antonio, Texas. SODEN, DALE--Bleachers and Athletic Committees: Funfest: Senior Night: First Team Football and Basketball: Senior Representative. SOFTKY. SHELDON-Stamp Commit- tee: Chairman Boys' Program, Boys' Off- ice Workers and War Service Activities Committees: Roll Officer: Funfest: Senior Night. SOFTKY, SHIRLEY - Usher Commit- tee: Treasurer, Big "G" Club: Roll Rep- resentative: Roll Banker: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Pen Staff. SORENSEN, JOHN-Stamp Committee: Track. 39 We 1 I STANTON. EMILY -Pen Staff: Advis- ory Board: All-City Debate Team: Chair- man, Health Commit- tee: Honor Society: Inter-school Council. STAVIG. JERRY - Messenger: Pen: Busi- ness Manager, Arrow: President. Honor So- ciety: Senior Night: Track :Quilland Scroll. S T E I N B E R G . ADELE IRENE - Senior Night: Friend- ship Committee. S T E I N B E R G . ERNEST D. - Vice- President, Debate Club: S.A.R. Extem- pore Speaking Con- test: Garfield Day Ora- torial Contest: Tennis Team. STEINER. EDITH - Roll Officer: Usher: Funfest. STEINER. RUTH 1 Senior Representa- tive. STERN, JOYCE - Assistant Copy Edi- tor, Messenger: Vocational President: Roll Secretary: Opera: Mid-Winter Concert: PQ, and Social Service Committees. STEWART, DUGALD -- Inter-High- School Council: Roll Officer: Chairman, Philantropic Committee: Noon Movie. Stage, and Productions Committees. STOCKLAND, NORMAN - Baseball: Basketball: Roll President: Vocational Officer: Roll Secretary: Ticket Commit- tee. STOCKLEY, BARBARA-Art, Gazette. Program Committees: Senior Roll Repre- sentative: Chairman, Stage Design Com- mittee. STRICKLAND, GERALD - Transfer- red from Arlington, Washington: Editor. Pen: Senior Night: Quill and Scroll. SULMAN, PHIL - Assistant Sport Edi- tor, Messenger: First Team Track: Soph- omore Track: Roll President: Roll Bank- er. TILTON, JOHN 4 Football: Ski Club: Stamp Committee. TIPP, MITZI -Sec- retary, Girls' Club: Assistant Feature Edi- tor, Messenger: Cabi- net: Advisory Board: Senior Play: Radiance Roll. TRAUTMAN, BEV- ERLY - Gazette: Make-Up Committee: Library Helper: Fresh- man Auxiliary: Voca- tional Officer. TURNER, MURIEL - "Big G" Club: After-School Sports. - fr' i DOROTHY ROSENTHAL PHIL RUNKEL JIM RUOFF JUNE MATHIS HDR." Of Senior Night Crooner Colossal Inspirational '4Roo" Keeper Of The G. C. O. SUTHERLAND, BARBARA - Assist- ant Editor, Messenger: Friendship and So- cial Service Committees: Cabinet: Honor Society: Vocational Officer: Senior Repre- sentative. TEUFEL, G. WILLIAM-Captain, Golf Team: Football: Roll President: Roll Sec- retary: Chairman, Noon Program Commit- tee: Senior Representative: Ski Club. THOMAS, MARY 1 Cabinet: Advisory Board: President Girls' Club: Ski Club: Radiance Roll: Messenger: Honor Roll. THOMPSON, DEMARIS - Honor So- ciety: Banker: Sophomore Commission: Chairman, Health Committee: Cabinet: Big "G" Club: After-School Sports. 40 UPTON, LEILA M. - Editor, Pen Staff: Art Committee: Bank- er: Junior Representa- tive: Quill and Scroll. VAN METER, PA- TRICIA - Transfer- red f r o m Kodiak Dance Drama. Alaska. Building Com- mittee: Roll Officer: VAN WYCK, MIRIAM-Senior Night: Vocational President: Banker: PTA and Make-up Committees: Service Honor Roll: Funfest. VARON, SAM - Mid-Winter Concert: Opera: Funfest. VIGUS. IRIS-Mid-Winter Concert: Senior Night: Band Concert: Secretary, Big "G" Club: After-School Sports: Hon- or Society: Vocational Secretary. VIGUS, SPRAGUE - Traffic Commit- tee: Chairman, Lunchroom and Employ- ment Committees: Roll Officer: Ski Club. WESTLAKE, BOB- Honor Society: Mes- senger Staff: Basket- ball Manager: Track Squad: Intramural Sports. WEYMOUTH. GEORGE- DICK BOTHWELL RUTH HIMMELMAN JOHN LARSON SUSAN HAWKES Boys' Club "Both"-elnech Miss Arrow, 1943 "King" John Journalism, her Pur-"sue"-t 'Cf' is LM WACHTIN, ROBERT- WALKER, MARIAN ESTELLE-Mid- Winter Concert: Opera: Senior Represen- tative. WALLING, JOHN - Aviation Club: Roll Secretary: Track. WATKINS, MARY - Ski Club: Fine Arts, Health and Make-up Committees: Gazette. WEIGEL, CLIFFORD- Football: Base- ball. WELCH, ALBERT- WELLS, GLORIA JEWEL - Advisory Board: Funfest: Mid-Winter Contest: Spring Concert: Lunchroom: Fine Arts Committee: After-School Sports. WENKERT, ERNEST-Roll Secretary: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Arrow Staff: Pen Staff: Chess Club. 41 WHITE, LILLIAN- Transferred f r o m Omaha, Nebraska. W H I T T A K E R, DOROTHY- Senior Representative: Voca- tional Secretary: Freshman Auxiliary: Ski Club: Standards Committee: Gazette. WICKLUND, FLOR- ENCE - Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Roll Secretary. WICKL UND, MAY -Honor Roll: Roll Representative: Sopho- m o r e Representative: After - School Sports: Senior Night: Fun- fest: Lunchroom Com- mittee. resentative. WILSON, MELVILLE - Debate Club: Honor Society. WINGETT. BYRON -- Managing Edi- tor, Messenger: Quill and Scroll: Fresh- man Track: Funfesl: Bleachers Commit- tee: Honor Society. WINKLER, DOROTHY- WOLFSTONE, STANLEY - Roll Rep- resentative: Senior Representative: Honor Society: Funfest: Track: Ski Club. WORONIECKI, JACK A.-Open Forum Club: Ticket Committee. 3 WILLNER. RICHARD-Office Workers' Committee: Open Forum Club: Roll Rep- YAPLEE, ALLEN S. - Honor Society: Chairman, Bleachers Committee: T i c k et Committee: S a f e t y Committee: Funfest: Senior Night : Mid- Winter Concert. Y U E N , M A R - GARET -Vice-Prev dent, Girls' Club: Ad- visory Board: Honor Society: Athletic Man- ager, Big "G" Club: Chairman, U s h e r Committee: Radiance Roll: Girls' Club Cab- inet. Z WINGENBERG. WILLIAM - Foot- ball: Track: Ski Club: Ski Team: Bleachers Committee: Roll Pres- ident. JUNE HORAN LOUIE BAROH PERCY SNIDER MARY MEISNEST Feature" Of The "Mess" All-Around Atlas "Copy Cutie" "Miss', Of The "Mess" ,....rl-3 J, SENIOR REP- RESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: Bur- ton, Eleanor: Boonov. C l a i r e : Jacobson. Dorothy: Karnofsky. Mildred: Berliner, Zyndell: Wolfstone. Stanley. S E C O N D ROW: Druxman, Cal: Smith, Arlene: Kot- kins, Walter: Parry. Shirley: Koenig, Kath- erine: Stavig, Jerry. THIRD ROW: Ban- nick, Bob: B r a d y. John: Stockley. Bar- bara: Beach. Bonnie: Eskenazi, Al. FOURTH R O W : Soden, Dale: Dootson. Bob: Casserd, Fred: Teufel, Bill: Dreyer, Dick. The Senior committees do the work that accompanies the many activities of every high school's Senior class. Acting as representatives of their classmates, they undertake the task of making their last year at Garfield one which is happy and unforgettable. A ll I Q XX' SENIOR NIGHT COMMITTEE FRONT R O W: Ju- cobson, Dottie. S E C - OND ROW: Schuur, Dick: Meisnest. Mary: Stockley, Barbara. THIRD ROW: Drux- man, Calvin: Dootson. Bob. SENIOR PIN COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Mar- shall, Naida. SECOND ROW: Lowe. Jack: Snyder. Percy. THIRD ROW: San- ders. Will: Howard, Charlie. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Mc- Laughlin, Glo r i a I Himmelman, R u t h J Hasselo. R a y. SEC- OND ROW: Sanders. Will: Bannick, Bob: Riley. Jack: Druxman. Cal: Stavig, Jerry. CAROL LUCKS SID KREMS MARY RANDOLPH Secretary-Treasurer President Vice-President 44 1' MISS ELIZABETH SCHOEPPEL MR, DONALD HOYT Advisors The juniors are concerned with a two-fold purposeg first, to make a permanent place for themselves in an occupation or profession, and second, to give imme- diate aid to the war effort. By enrolling in shop courses, mechanical drawing, aeronautics, domestic science, and mathematics classes, juniors are obtaining knowledge useful in winning the war. In addition to the academic side of their program, many students hold part-time jobs at the shipyards, at Boeings, and in the down-town stores. In this way, they are engaging in democracy while preparing to fight for it. While fulfilling these new responsibilities, the juniors are not neglecting their vocational plans. Al- though the war effort is at present of paramount im- portance, still their ultimate goal is establishing them- selves in society. 45 BEHAR, ISAAC BEN. DAN BENDER, LORRAINE BENEZRA, LELLY BENVENISTE. LUCY BENVENISTE. RACHEL BERGER, JULES BERGMAN, ELIHU BIGGAR. DONNA LEE BINKLEY, JOYCE BLAGER, MORTON BLANCHARD, CHARLOTTE BODHAINE. AUTUMN BONHAM, BRUCE BORIES, ALAN BOWDEN, BARBARA BRAUNN, MARIAN BRIDGES, JIM ,K-, 'Qwf in ALKANA, IKE ALLAN, NORINE ALTABET, JAUNTIE ALTSHULER, EUGENE ANDERSON. LOIS ARMICARELLA. FRANK ARMSTRONG, SHEILA AURENHEIMER, FRED AZOSE, SOLOMON BAKER. GEORGE BALDWIN, LENORA BARASH, JERRY BARDE, JACKIE BARRON. RICHARD BARTLING, JEANNE BASSETT, ROZANNE BAXTER, BARBARA BECKER, MARY BELLE .dn 'bf Z. an S' 1:9 BRIDGHAM. NATALIE BURKE, MARY JANE BURKE, VIRGINIA BUSCHMANN, HELEN BUTCHART, ROBERT CALDWELL, LEE ELLEN CAMPBELL, DICK CARLSTEDT, DORIS CARR, MABEL CARRASCO, FRANK CARSON, DOROTHY CASE. SYLVIA CHIPRUT, SARAH CHRISTIE, GERALDINE CLARKE. DICK CLEMENT. PHYLLIS COCHRANE, KATHLEEN COHEN, SYLVIA COHN, EDDY CONE, JAMIA CORBALLY, EUGENE CORDOVA, ALBERT CORDOVA, ZALIE COWAN, TED COWLEY, BARBARA CROTHERS, PHYLLIS DANIEL, MARY DANZ, SYLVIA DAVIES. TAD DeCHENNE, ALLAN DECKER, CALVIN DE LEON, REGINA DEUTSCH, ALLAN DICKINSON, MARTHA DIGNAN. DAWN DILLON, MARY FRANKLIN, BARBARA FULLER, MARGARET FUNG, NORMA GALANTI. JACK GALLIETT. MARIE GATCHET, CORA JANE GEISERT, FRED GERBER, ANTOINETTE GERTH. BOB GIBBONS, BETTY LEA GIBSON, BURKE GIESCHE. EVELYN GINSBERG, LILLIAN GLASS, ROSEMARY GOLD, BERNARD GOON, GLADYS GORIN, JERRY GORTAN, PHYLLIS .4 DOW, JANET DUBSON, LILLIAN DUNNETT, DORIS DURHAM, ELLEN ELYN, IRWIN ENG, FAY ENG, PAULINE EPSTEIN, MAURICE ESKENAZI, RALPH EXLEY, ROBERTA FERGUSON, BETTY FIELDS, ROBERT FINN, JOHN FITE, MARY FLANDERS. PHYLLIS FLEETWOOD, KAY FLETCHER, BOB FRANCIS, JOHN HERRETT. JEANNE HERRIGEL, WALTER HILL. JOHN HITCHINGS, LEE HOFRICHTER, HOWARD HOLBERG, BOB HOUGH, BETH HOULAHAN, JACK HOWARD, CARMEN HYLAND, HELEN IRELAND, BILL ISRAEL, LEON ISRAEL, MIKE ISRAEL, MORRY ISRAEL, SOLLY IVARSSON, ARNIE JACQUITH, GENE JAFFE, STANLEY 5. GRAVES, ELEANOR GRAY. HAROLD GREENE, DICK GREENWOOD. PATTY GRIFFIN, LAURIE GRINSTEIN, STANLEY HAGE, SIVER HAGEN, BOB HALLOCK. BUD HALPERN. JERRY HAM, DAISY HARLOW. NORMA HARRIS, BOB HASSON, GLORIA HASSON, LAURA HATHAWAY. ANN HAWKES. SUSAN HENSTONE, MARY .3 he 441 N.. iifx Ifxw ,mi JANSSEN. SHIRLEY ANN JOHNSON, CAL JOHNSTON, MARY JONES, ANN JONES, MARGARET JOSEPH, JUANITA KALMANS, BONNIE KAUFFMAN, DOROTHY KELLEHER, ELISE KELLY, BILL KERNS, WILMA KERSHNER, WILLIAM KETTLEMAN, RUTH KINDREGAN, BETTY KINSEY, BETTY KO, EUGENE KOCH. ELIZABETH KOCH, FLORENCE 48 KRUSE, HARWOOD KUHN, KARL KULSETH, MADLYNE KULZER, JANET KURUS, LUCILLE KWAN, JOYCE LAND, MARGUERITE LANDER, SHIRLEY LANE, CHARIS LANEY, GERTRUDE LARSEN, ANNA MAE LASKEY, DON LATIMER, BILL LATIMER. TAD LEADER, TED LEE, GLORIA LEON, MARY LEOPOLD, JOE ,pw-. W' A I 1-:: " F , ,.,,, 2 id A -E-Ei I A T ww, sm -' 2 ,FEM .4 ,I McDONALD DIXON MEHLMAN CHARLES MEISTER SHIRLEY A, W., I MERCER BARBARA MENDELSOHN, ARTHUR A ,,,,, MILLER ARNOLD MILLER, BARBARA MILLER, FRANCES MILLET, DENISE MITCHELL, PAT MONSEN. ANDREW MUCK, BILL MULLER, BERNICE MUTCHLER. GOLDIE NELSON, MARJORIE NELSON, MARY NELSON, RENA PEARL, LEON L.. Q' R, I "' -4 La r 1 S. , W I , .,.,.,., 2 ..,. W zzllb ,..., , J 49 I ,,,,,., .I I vf, ,.. LeVEQUE, WESLEY LEWIS, IRVING LIMBECK, SHIRLEY LINDROTH, ROBERTA LITTLE, MARGARET LOEB, ERICA LOSKE, SHERWIN LUCKS, CAROL LUNDOUIST, ELON MACFARLANE, ANN MACRI, BETTIE MAR, GLADYS MAR, LESLIE MARK, DICK MARIOTT, RITA MARYATT, ALLAN MASKOWITZ, EVELYN MAXFIELD, BILL I w es 556 mg, 1' , E ' Al. I , ,F if 512 1 5 I . -Q. LY- W- - I i f , ,lf,1i:sf,g , A A REDINGTON, MORGAN REYNOLDS, JIM RIESS, HERBERT ROBBINS, ARNOLD ROSS, ELIZABETH ROTTLER, DON ROTTLER, JOHN SANTO, JOE SADICK, LAWRENCE SCHAIN, SYLVIA SCHWIDDER, LUCILLE SCHULTZ. FRANK SEIDEMAN, HANS SHAW, JEAN SHAW, MARY LOU SHERMAN, JACK SIDELL, MERLE SIDELL, ROSALIE hi 00 U , Y? uk 2 , 'wh f' "' 5 .,... in YP . x, A IAII A PECK, DICK PEHA, ISAAC PERKINS, MARCIA PETERSEN, PAUL PETERSON. FLOYD PETERSON, MARILYN PHILLIPS, HERB PIKE. CALLA PINCUS, MELVIN PINKMAN, ALICE POLLITZ, GERD PORAD, BERNARD PRATT, BILL PRENTICE, GORDON PROBERT, SHIRLEY PROCTOR, NORMAN QUIRCONI, JEANNE RANDOLPH, MARY 81.15 :aa nv' Ek kd 1, . A ,, 3. i- i 1.3-Jr M gif X 50 we N SIDIS, MATHEW SIGEL, MARILLYN SIMMONS, SHIRLEY SKOW, LYMAN SMITH, BARBARA SMITH, SCOTT SNAPP, LIN SNYDER, GEORGE SPAULDING, SHIRLEY STANLEY, HENRY STANTON. ANTOINETTE STARK, MARILYN STEINBERG, SHELDON STENBERG, RALPH STEVENSON, EVALEIGH STOLTZ, MARIAN STOMBERG, DAVE STOVER, MARY PAT SUDDOCK, MARGARET SUNDSTED, EIGIL TARICA, SAM TATE, HAROLD TATT, NATALIE THOMSEN, BOB TOBIEN, JACK TWAITES, HENRY TWEDT, RAIDER UZIEL, LEON VAN DE KANT, PEGGY VAN WATERS. NANCY VARON. BETTY VARON. JACK WAAGE, ANN WALLS. JOHN WARD, PAMELA WATERS, VERA LEE Q ,, ,., JUNIOR COMMITTEES- Front row: Decorations Com- mittee: Greene, Dick: Griffin. Laurie: Hawkes. Susan: Ran- dolph, Mary: Jones, Anne: Nel- son, Mary. Second row: Enter- tainment Committee: Eells, Charles: Latimer, Bill: Shaw, Jean: Baxter, Barbara: Fire, Mary: Huston, Polly. Third row: Publicity: Kulzer, Janet: Dow. Janet. Fourth row: Senior Decoration Committee: Bonham, Bruce: Iuarsson. Arnie: Gorin, Jerry: Miller. Barbara: Loeb, Erica: Biggar, Donna Lee. 51 Y fl 1 7' M .V,. my C' WATSON, BILL WEBB, PAT WESTON, TOM WHEELER, JOHN WINN, DONNA WISSLER. JIM WOHLGELERNTER. HADASSAH WOLD. PETER WOLPIN, MELVIN WOO, DON WOOLSEY, ALFRED YAPLEE, JAMES YORMARK, BEN ZALLACCO, ELEANOR ZWINGENBERG, AL HENRY STANLEY PHYLIS CROTHERS ELIZABETH ROSS Vice-President Presidenl Secretary-Treasurer 52 MISS RUTH BOLING Advisor The sophomores are in the midst of a busy life. They must make choices this year that may well serve as sign-posts to their ultimate destination. In addition to selecting the courses that will be most helpful in preparing them for their vocation or profession, they must make their necessary contributions to the war effort. They have Victory Corps requirements to meet, armed service requirements to satisfy, and hundreds of other war-time obligations to fulfill. But, like everyone else, the deeper concern of the sophomores is not with the war, but with the peace- ful and prosperous world to come. They have to make every minute count today, that tomorrow's life will have firm and intelligent foundations. They have a sacred trust to perform in the future world, and they will execute that trust like true Americans. 53 FRONT ROW: Barnetl, Dorothy: Beard, Selma: Barclay. Evelyn: Baron. Rena: Bannick, Kris. SECOND ROW. Barron, Lee: Baron, Dave: Baur. Bob: Bell, Remi: Barokas, Morgan. me FRONT ROW: Boop, Emily: Bridge Dolores: Brown, Mary Anne: Brum- ble, Jacqueline: Bower, Clytie. SEC- OND ROW: Branks. Louise: Brewer, Jack: Brauer, Gordon: Burke. Jack THIRD ROW: Brechtel, Hugh: Brien Ted: Bruce, Bob. 54 1. 4 1- 1 in 711' :-Sf, - I if :"., FRONT ROW: Anderson, Vernon: Adatto, Ralph: Amira, Rose: Angel, Bea: August, Marian. S E C O N D R O W : Andrews, Dick: Anderson, Dick: Almeleh, Dave: Adler, Irwin: Alhadeff, Leon. THIRD ROW: Adam- son, Bernard: August, Irving. QW, .gif FRONT ROW: Benueniste, Josephine : Benveniste, Dina: Bensusen, Julia: Bianchi. Betty: Blumberg, Arlene: Ben- sal, Virginia, SECOND ROW: Ben- nett, Henry: Bilsten, George: Bianchi, Bob: Beuschlein, Warren: Block, Don. THIRD ROW: Bloom, Allyn: Blair. Faris. w l FRONT ROW: Chinn. Helen: Chinn, Bertha: Caston, Zelma: Caluo. Rae: Christensen. June: Chan, Frances. S E C O N D ROW: Cady. Norman: Chaplan. Thelma: Catlett. Lois: Carl- stedt. Doris: Carlisle. Shirley. THIRD R O W : Christenxen. Bob: Copple. Dave: Collins, Dan: Christiansen, John. 3 Q- .x ,QB FRONT ROW: Dreitzler. Marilyn Edwards, Gladys: Dohm, Barbara Eskenazi, Marcelle. SECOND ROW. Exley. Bob: Deming, Bill: Dreilzler, Ralph: Elbert, Cliff. THIRD ROW Eskenazi, Jack: Duletshy. Joe. Q' ss! 0 C ch l z 1 ,m .,.. , or FRONT ROW:Conners, Shirley: Dale. Lola: Cummack, Rosemary: Danz. Geraldine: Conneuey, Madge: Cross, Marjorie. SECOND ROW: Davanzo. John: Davis. Jim: Cook. Bill: Cous- ins, Marian: Coleman, Clint. THIRD ROW: Cohn, John: Becker. Stanton: Cohn, Jerry. i FRONT ROW: Flowers. LeEtta: Fitz- gerald, Sharon: Fink, Celia: Funex. Vfvian: Funk, Marie. SECOND ROW: Flanley, Shirley: Fisher. Joanne: Faulkner, Jeanne: Flynn. Patricia. THIRD ROW: Fraser. Norma: Free- man. Janice: Farrell. Bill: Galanti. Dick. 55 Y-...QQQM FRONT ROW: Hartt, John: Hasson. Rachel: Hand, Arlene: Ham, Lilly: Guy, Doris. SECOND ROW: Harris. Marian: Hale. Lloyd: Hagemann. Ar- dith: Grinolds. Gene. THIRD ROW: Hartnett, Tom: Hagen, Jane: Gron- nerud, Henry: Hanan. Solly. WV we W FRONT ROW: Krimsky. Donna: Kully. Molly: Katz, Gerda: Jung, Lil- lian: Knight. Ethel: Ketchum. Joan, SECOND ROW: Kerns, Jack: Jones. Eva May: Kohn, Susie: Kingsbury, Charline E.: Krause, Dorothy. THIRD ROW: Knettle, Harvey: Johnson, Larry: Krakovsky, Charles: Kulseth. Donald: Johnson. Robert. 56 .z FRONT ROW: Galliett, Geraldine Galliett, Genevieve: Greengard, Merle Greenborg, Rita: Ginsberg, Revella SECOND ROW: Gottschalk, Herbert Gold, Stan: Goodge, Bill: Gayton Guela. THIRD ROW: Greene. Joe, Gordon, Tullis: Glazer, Howard. FRONT ROW: Israel, Katherine: Ja- cobson, Barbara: Johnson. Esther: Hudgins, Louise. SECOND ROW: Jerusalami, Seb: Johnson, George: Ja- cobsen, John: Horn, Joyce. . W uf ,812 ',v.' harm, Q FRONT ROW: Luban. Joan: Levy, Mildred: Losk, Ramona: Larsen, Dal ma: Ledwidye, Joan. SECOND ROW. Liberman, Fay Jean: Levy, Jennie Lovejoy, Jane: Lepsoe. Ingrid: Louns bury, Jo Ann. THIRD ROW: Lar son, Charles: Lienesch, John: Lander Harold. 1 FRONT ROW Miller Ruth McDon ald Lorraine Goodnou, Merrillyn Miller Caroline McGall1ard .Sarah Jane: Moody, Phyllis. SECOND ROW: Moskowitz, Evelyn: Misun- adze. Julia: Horton, Ann: Mitchell. Joan: Moore, Warren, THIRD ROW: Carleton. Stan: McDaniel. William: Mills, Louie. Mai' JO FRONT ROW: Lundberg, Harriet: Madding. Leona: Lum, Landes: Mar- garinsky, Galena: Ginsberg, Evelyn: Bumstead, Barbara. SECOND ROW: Lundy, Raymond: Eny, Donald: Lum, Abe: Caluo, Vivian: Marble, Mary: Goodwin, Lillian. THIRD ROW: Lung, Winston: August, Irving: Malk, Bill : Malkow, Gilbert: Manning, Don. FRONT ROW: Nagler, David: O'Neil, Irene: Osborn, Jane: Opperman, Mar- tha: Morris. Winifred: Ortega, Mary. SECOND ROW: Nelson, Wilbert: Ny- quist, Roger: Hagen, Jerry: Nutt. Mary Lou. THIRD ROW: Deming, Bill: Olsen. Dick: Nelson, Pat. 57 FRONT ROW: Reid, Violet: Rea Shirley: Potter, Pat: Remmert, Jean SECOND ROW: Raab, George: Race. George: Quigley. Billy: Redmond Howard. THIRD ROW: Robinson Charles: Potter, Gene: Poplack, Ken- neth: Handley, Leo. FRONT R O W : Schmulman, Sara Sinkewik, Lois: Schooley. Jo: Seward Margie: Sfhunzacher. Marilyn. SEC- OND ROW: Shiffman, Regina: Srhwarz, Geraldine: Shearer, Sandra Scharhon. Mary: Schwartz. Lou THIRD ROW: Srheelar. Jim: Shank Dave: Schnaidt, John. 58 FRONT ROW: Pearl, Diane: Philips, Mattie: Philips, Dee: Palmer, James: Parry,Muriel. SECOND ROW: Paul, Phil: Peha, Joe: Peters, Sheldon: Pe- terson, Jackie. THIRD ROW: Pearl, Lawrence: Palmer, Ralph: Parker, Jerry: Petersky. Millard. Cl' FRONT ROW: Robinson, Doris: Rin- kin, Jeanette: Rixon, Jack: Romano, Dave A.: Sadis, Julia. S E CO N D ROW: Sarkowsky, Fred: Rosenthal, Roy Jr.: Ross, Gladys: Rogers, Jean: Rousso, Louie. THIRD ROW: Ro- mano, Dave: Roundy. Gordon: Ross, Arnold: Rock. Ronald: Rirhlen, Charles. FRONT ROW: Steiner. Sylvia: Speer, Corrine: Stevenson, Betty: Solam, Jean: Saura, Constance. S EC ON D ROW: Stewart. Glynn: Stowell, Helen Lee: Smelt, Geraldine: Stork, Eric. THIRD ROW: Short, Edward: Stein- brecher, Kurt: Stinson, William: Stern- berg, Emanuel. Q5 x, Y FRONT ROW: Wells, Larry: Varri ano, Carl: Weatherston, Jane: Wilson Brian. SECOND ROW: White, Lois Weber, Eva: Wilson, Helen: Wick- lund, Harry, THIRD ROW: Wil liams, Pat: VonTobel, Robert: White, Ernie. Qs f , ll FRONT ROW: Thompson, Gail: Tremper, Harriet: Talbot, Nancy: Tover, Beverly: Tallman, Ellen. SEC- OND ROW: Tolliver. Marge: Thomas, Virginia: Tilton, Mary: Tremper. Jack. THIRD ROW: Thompson, Jack: Strohecker, Jim: Streak. Milan: Thompson, Richard. . 33:1 rrrf 'il ll 1 FRONT ROW: Zueff, Lela: Zober, Sonia: Zido, Dolores: Yee, Mable. SECOND ROW: Wiviolt, Leonard: Young, Lucie Mae: Wittler, Muriel: Yaplee, Ed. THIRD ROW: Wright, Allen: Young, Ann. 59 N'1"'GQ'0', JACK BURKE BILL COOK JOAN LUBAN Secretary-Treasurer President Vice-President 60 MRS. VIRGINIA OLMSTED Advisor The freshmen are just beginning. They have be- fore them four years of experiences that will probably prove to be the most pleasant ones of their entire youth. In Garfield, these students will receive valuable instruction not only in the scholastic subjects of their choice, but also in sportsmanship and team-work, the essence of our athletic and national program. Happy days, good friends, school spirit--all these will inject themselves into four unforgettable years. But this year's freshmen have other, more im- portant obligations and responsibilities to fulfill. Their lives are crowded with additional work stem- ming from a nation at war. The freshmen will accept these changes with good grace. They will realize the importance of participation in the government of a school fully conscious of its war-time duties. They will stride ahead, confidently, to their ultimate des- tinations and victory. 61 pr FRONT ROW: Bensal. David: Bar- nett, Helen: Arshon, Morris: Bengtson, Sally: Barto, Dick. SECOND ROW: Bender, Stanley: Attebery, Bob: Barr. Shirley: Attebery, Eliot: Barohas. Es- ther. THIRD ROW: Behur. Jack: Azose. Solomon: Becker. Raymond: Bell, Fred: Bard, Alvin. FRONT ROW: Clampitt, Clayton: Chiprut, Becky: Chinn, May: Chinn, Edith: Chin, Norma. SECOND ROW: Chernick, Eugene: Clark, Clara: Chip- rut, Fannie, Clise, Ann. TH I R D ROW: Cohn. Don: Chinn, Fred: Chrislianson, John: Chase, James. OZ FRONT ROW: Anderson, Ruth: Al- meleh, Dave: Adair, Mickey: Amon. Dorothy: Alhadeff, Rachel. SECOND ROW: Alfarone, Jean: Alexander. Jac- queline: Andrews, Jean: Angel, Lily: Andersen, Edna. THIRD ROW: An- gel, Sam: Agoado, Myer: Adams, Bill: Alhadell, Tillie: Adair, Fred. 4 .5 - 6 Z Y"' FRONT ROW: Brewer, LaBertus: Berry. Harold: Benueniste, Mollie: Chaikin. Norman. SECOND ROW: Brewer. Lorraine: Carlo. Gloria: Cal- Uo, Pearl: Cady, Gordon: Berard, Jim. THIRD ROW: Bradley, Don: Bunch, Frances: Capeloto. Joe: Boynton, Wayne: Bothwell, Janet. FOURTH ROW: Bulterfield, Ralph: Calderhead, Jim: Califf, Scott: Bowles, Albert: Bertolin, Bill. FRONT ROW: Cordova, Jack: Davis, Dorolhy: Cutler, Sylvia: Danielson, Doris: Couden, Patricia. S E C ON D ROW: Devine, Lauris: Davis, Bar- bara: Colvin. Robert: Cone, Nat: Coon, Gloria. THIRD ROW: Cum- ins, Carla: Conway, Janet: Devin, Vir- ginia: Cousins, Geraldine. FOURTH ROW: Crossley, Frank: Davis, Dick: Darch, Al: Cowell, Pat. 1 FRONT ROW: Eskenazi, Joyce: Eng. Mary Jane: Eng, Fannie: Eklund, Dick: Eng, Kermit. SECOND ROW: Elmbery, Jean: Dorsett, Gloria: Dorn- ing, Barbara: Erdrich, Alvin: Ding- wall, Richard: Erickson, Gale. THIRD ROW: Elliot, Pearl: Edwards, Jay: Doyon, Jean: Erickson, Warner: Dyas, Francis. FOURTH ROW: Duff, Tom: Dow, Dale: Eddy. Bill: Dyson, Louis. FRONT ROW: Fine, Rozelle: Flow- ers, Emily: Fleming, Delaine: Farqu- har, Winifred: Foss, Albert. SECOND ROW: Fortney. Ruth: Fisher, Robert: Franklin, David: Fouts, Pauline: Forbes, Dale. THIRD ROW: Flieder. Bill: Franco, Ike: Eskenazi, Solomon: Faulkner, Duke. ,. I l' 4 Filiillil :....,...., FRONT ROW: Gettman, Marion: Goldman, Alan: Graham, Phyllis: Fri- dell, Stanley: Fumes, Rachel. SECOND ROW: Gray, Bob: Geyer, Dale: Gold- berg. Bernice: Glass, Wanda, THIRD ROW: Freed, Dorothy: Gibson, Betty: Grashin, George: Gillie, Paul: Graff. Fred. 63 'K FRONT ROW: Hatch, Helen: Gute- Uitch, Clarice: Halpern, Jerry: Gunn, Joanne. SECOND ROW: Grimes, Jewel: Gunby, Paula: Gregor. Wesley. THIRD ROW: Hartford, Charles: Hamish, Alan: Hasson, Victor: Hanan, Leatrice. FRONT ROW: Israel, David: Hinton. Donna: Horowitz, Rose: Huey. Ruby: Hunt, Mary Elaine. SECOND ROW: Holm, Dolores: Heal, Jack: Israel. Ike: Hauighorst, Joan. THIRD ROW: Hong, Bok: Honeychurch, Pearl: Hill. Jean: Glena, Herman. FOURTH ROW: Howland, Dolores: Holmes. Joe: Howie. John: Henderson, Bobby. FRONT ROW: Lauendar, Elizabeth: Kimball, Dolores: Kleinberg, Joey: Lasky. Nadine: Kliev, Betty. SECOND ROW: Koch. Alice: Killian, Mary: King, George: Krause, Wilma. THIRD ROW: Larsen, Howie: Kosin, Allen: Lane, Marion.: Killam, Tom: Lager- stedt, Phil. 64 FRONT ROW: Kiang, Nelson: John- son, Henry: Kiang, Grace: Johnson. Lois: Johnson, Betty. S E C O N D ROW: Kastriner, Rita: Kappler, Bar- bara: Keeff, Allan: Jeffries. Dale: Ivarsson, Solueig. THIRD ROW: Is- rael, Lazzar: Kidder, Jack: Johnson. Ray: Katsman, Auve: Johnson, Craig. 1 5, 3. ave! sf 1- FRONT ROW: Little. Gloria: Le Grande. Ilene: Lindenberger, Herbert: Leopold, Florelei: Lawson, Allan. SECOND ROW: Lathrop. Lew: Lewis. Bill: Long, Cornelius: Lew. Dip: Lee, Jane. THIRD ROW: Lit' tell, Bob: Lescher, Bob: Lowe. Dick: Lightfoot, Harry: Lipshitz, Kenneth. FRONT ROW: Mizrahi. Morris: Mil ler, Jack: Mohrer, Irene: Mezistrano, Anne. SECOND ROW: Meaney, Jean: Minsk. Bernie: Mitchell. Bernie: Mooney, Bob. THIRD ROW: Mullen Chuck: Meade. Vivian: McLean, Lu- ther, .1-: ' 5 Q0 5 ll ' an nlmt FRONT ROW: Marshall, Grant: Lyon, Virginia: Luse. Juanita: Mar, Donald, SECOND ROW: Matheus. Gale: Mar. Roy: Mar, Edwin: Mahler, Barbara: Mar, Calvin. THIRD ROW: Lycette. Jack: Mathews, Donna: Lus- ley, Wayne: Marcus, Melvin. Y ,. W- .W A v FRONT ROW : Myers, Lorraine: Oquist, Wilma: Nichleson, Rose Anne: Andrews, Jean. SECOND ROW: Neal- lie, Elaine: Oakland. Illah: Olson. Mar- shall: Olson, Barbara: Nelson. Doro- thy. THIRD ROW: Ora. Edith: Mix- on, Edwin: Ormbreck. Shirley: Opper- man, Alma. FOURTH ROW: Nielson, Tom: Odell, Jim: Munson, Gill: Ol- son, Bill. 65 FRONT ROW: Richardson. John: Ray, Pat: Rey, Charlotte: Powers, Margaret: Shaw, Mary Jane. SECOND ROW: Reichert, Bill: Randall. Earl: Redmon, Reba: Redington, Ramona: Proctor, Priscilla: Race, Helen. THIRD ROW: Printz, Pete: Reibman, Dave: Raphael, Roy: Rameau, Chuck: Pratt, Sandy. FRONT ROW: Seidenverg, Evelyn: Shortt, Alberta: Seideman, Michael: Seltz, Virginia: Searles, Charleen. SECOND ROW: Schlenker, Bill : Sho- shin, Victoria: Schumacher, John: Scott, Barbara. THIRD ROW: Shay Alban: Howes, Bobbie: Schroeder, Jerry: Shaw. Consuelo, 66 FRONT ROW: Pohsl, Fred: Poplack. Rhoda: Perry, Genevieve: Perkins, Col- leen: Payne, Lulu. SECOND ROW: Peoples, Derrick: Peha, Mary: Perry, Barbara: Peterson, Mollie. THIRD ROW: Osborne, Bob: Oziel, Jake: Peha, Mike: Pass, Bert: Partlow, Bill. FRONT ROW: Rogers, Ann: Santo, Genevieve: Ryan, Terry: Ross, Ron: Rogers, Barbara. SECOND ROW: Rubicam, Denise: Routley. Betty Anne: Rose, Morton: Root, Dorothy. T H I R D R O W: Robinson, Don: Rousso, Sam: Saunders, Eris: Rome- rein, Jean: Rumberger, George, n eps.. FRONT R O W : Skinner, Thelma: Stoeckert, Frances: Strange, Vanetta: Solomon, Joan: Stewart, Dorothy. SECOND ROW: Sugenthaler, Phyllis: Strickland, Lois: Spreckels, Barbara: Sorensen, Harris: Sidis, Joe. THIRD ROW: Stevens, John: Smith, Bill: Strickler, Bette: Strom, Wilma: Strom- mer, Tom. FOURTH ROW: Siegel, George: Stan, Anita: Salomon, Jer- ome: Softky, Doreen. FRONT ROW: Wayde, Coleen: Ward, Joe: Watson,Jean: Volotin, Charlotte: Wiggers. Gloria. SECOND R O W : Widegeon, Bill: Van Meter, Dorene: Van Meter. Dolores: Wheeler, Phyllis: Van Horn, Anne. THIRD R O W : Walker, Dorothy: Wagner, Jack: Wi- borg, Eddie: Wicks. Mary. FOURTH ROW: Webb, Cecil: Williams, George: Whipple, Farnces: Whipple, Charles: Wicks, Phyllis. A v Mil? 'li 1 - :Sth 1:4 in . - 9, W ll, .WR Jie f -v 4 - . sa? s FRONT ROW: Tat, Jerry: Vance Bruce. SECOND R O W .' Valbush H a z el : Taylor, Dick: Syuerson Dorothie. FRONT ROW: Wohlgelernter, Elo- zer: Wolpin, Hyman: Woolfe, Iris. SECOND R O W : Woeck, Juanita, Wicks, Phyllis: Workman. Lee: Wolfe. Joanne. THIRD ROW: Wood, Ted, Yarbrough, Bill. 67 -. 4 .wzrfzjgqgf U AE w w fm . 3 A .i kg:k3gWg13g55iIL!qiw 1 :L P 1.,: -h my - 7z"Tf,5e2f W'v15f5'ELif1Sv1i33Sr5f'?QJi' , f L,-' " .QQ Af We Qfiff?L25-52:?f,?,VEigE51mV As ' " 1'-:fri A , "QV: '. 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A. , , ' 'f ' -1 1 K, ,, ..,. .,,-- qi k ,ga provement and greater service to Gar- -'YF X FQ? f if 'V The Radiance Roll typifies the finest in Garfield girls. lt is composed of twelve members chosen by the girls of the stu- dent body, This year's group constitutes our twentieth Radiance Roll, carrying out an old tradition. Membership in this group is consid- ered one of the highest honors given to a girl while at Garfield. Knowing and working with these girls serves as an in- centive to others to strive for self-im- field. First Column BURKE, VIRGINIA FITE. MARY GUNN, NANCY RANDOLPH, MARY SHANNON, PAT TIPP, MITZI Second Column DOW, JANET GREENWOOD, PAT MARSHALL, NAIDA ROSS, ELAINE THOMAS, MARY YUEN, MARGARET 4,11 Wa, The Girls' Club officers are the back-bone of the Girls' Club. Their wise leadership is respon- sible for the steady progress and co-operation of its members. It is the task of the officers to make a place in school for every girl. Freshmen find the officers invaluable in aiding them to get acquainted with Garfield. Sophomores are led to feel their first active interest in leadership, while the upperclass- men are already deep in the work of committees and community service. Through their united efforts, each girl is guided in finding a niche suitable to her interests and abilities, thus enabling her to spend four happy years at Garfield. MARY THOMAS President MISS EMILIE HENSEL Advisor NAIDA MARSHALL MITZI TIPP MARGARET YUEN Treasurer Secretary Vice-President 0 '74 Q game! The Girls' Advisory Board is a vital part of the democratic government of our Garfield community. Its members, either elected or appointed, try to show by their own example and judgment, how the girls should conduct themselves at all times in order to make our com- munity a happy one in which to live. While serving on the Advisory Board, the members are learning not only to become better women themselves, but also to suggest and advise others in their own self-improvement. This early train- ing composes a strong foundation for the important decisions and problems that will arise in the future. First Column Second Column BOONOV, CLAIRE BURKE, VIRGINIA DOW, JANET ELLIOTT, VIRGINIA HILL, NORMA LEE HUSTON, POLLY KUMMER, LUELLA NELSON, MARJORIE RANDOLPH, MARY WELLS. JEWEL One of the key notes of the Girls' Club is service: this is the mainstay of the Girls' cabi- net. On the Social Service, Friendship, Stand- ards, P. Q., and National Emergency Commit- tees. in addition to many others, the girls are busily engaged in executing their individual, scholastic, and national obligations. Every chairman on the cabinet guides her fellow workers in beneficial and intelligent projects. She is both learning and teaching principles of leadership, ro-operation, and faithfulness. First Column Second Column Third Column ELEANOR BURTON DOLORES BRUNNER JAMIA CONE NANCY DOWNS MARY FITE CHARLOTTE GOODNOW SHIRLEY GORMLEY GLORIA GUNN JANE HAGEN SUSAN HAWKES RUTH HIMMELMAN MARGARET JONES JANET KULZER MOXENE JONES KATHERINE KOENIG DORIS MfMILLAN EWCA LOEB JUNE MATHIS KATHLEEN BARBARA MILLER BARBARA MOORE O CONNOR BARBARA EMILY STANTON MARY PAT STOVER SUTHERLAND DOROTHY ELAINE PAT ROSENTHAL ROSS SHANNON ,.: M -55-Aj.35.eziii'w K- W. , ' ,Q .'wz-MH K + Zf my 9 M x ,T K 35" 5 R kg S W 13, ,M WH .fl X is Q, 9 -P i' U x 1 Y 4 4 r gigs www f 1 vm '91 Eg. fiiisifm k in j 1.,.: I, 5-wi my my , r-'L 'SVN IF-W :fax-'exif ati m, 'fi1,1f,','1'ff51w'f ,. ,..,,. W ' -.V:,H?w:s ,WNV If -. , f ww: vice Flag. Map Making. Morse Code, and Sextant and Latitude are taught, ln weekly classes, teachers and students are working together in these various activities which serve as a background for essential peace- time occupations and professions. The work of the Victory Corps is a typi- cal example of the determination of the citi- zens of tomorrow to preserve and uphold democracy. 7, Aerial Photography and Camouflage -Air. 8. Salesmanship V-e-Production. 9. Knots, Splicing and Braiding Sea, lll. Plotting Prohlemsfflir. ll. Celestial ObservationfAir. lJ.Faculty Victory Corps Committee: Luther More. Sea: Gertrude Hoppock. Land: Harold Jeffery. Air: Charles Greer. Production. li. Record and Sheet Music Collecting. Community Service Division--Land. l4.Sludent Victory Corps Committee: Sitting: Janet Dow. Norma Lee Hill, Claire Boonou: Standing: Bill Kidder, Jack Lowe. Mickey Erickson. Q I s K . wc, 5 Q 9 uw, ZGQG74 ' 'gamcl Serving in the roll of law execu- tors for the Boys' Club are the elected and chosen members of the Advisory Board. On their shoulders rest decisions to be made over countless controversies and problems that continually face the Boys' Club and its personnel. At regu- lar intervals the Advisory Board meets' to pass judgment and advice on all issues, important and incidental. Upon the clear and sensible thought and decision of the Board depends the working suc- cess of the Boys' Club. First Column: ANDERSON, DARRELL CHINN, WILL GIBSON, BURKE HOWARD, CHARLES LEVEQUE, WES RILEY, JACK Second Column: BRENNER, JOE ERICKSON, MICKEY HASSELO, RAY KIDDER, BILL MCNAE, BILL SANDERS, WILL l The purpose of the Boys' Club is to cre- ate a bond of friendship, understanding, and co-operation among its members. It is with complete consciousness of this purpose that the Boys' Club officers work. They execute the responsibilities of their offices with care and judgment. and use wise, con- siderate action in daily contacts. These officers have gained the confidence BOB LORENTZ President and trust of their fellow Boys' Club work- ers. They have been elected to their respec- tive positions because they are thought worthy. Through their efforts and achieve- ments they are not only promoting a closer relationship between freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors, but also prepar- ing themselves for places of responsibility and leadership in the world of tomorrow. CHARLES BRIGHAM JACK LOWE MR. H. B. CUNNINGHAM Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Advisor gm The first lieutenants of the Boys' Club ad- ministration are the committee chairmen. In their hands lie great responsibilities as super- visors of the jobs set forth by the executive committee. There are twenty-five chairmen, each acting as foreman over one phase of the activities. The addition of two new committees stresses inevitably the relationship between the war and the Garfield Boys' Club. These are the War Service Activities and Victory Corps, the latter being affiliated with the Girls' Club. The formulation of such commit- tees bears witness of a war-conscious student body. First Column JULES BERGER BOB DOOTSON Second Column RALPH BERTOLIN CAL DRUXMAN Third Column BILL CALDERHEAD FRED FISHER DON FLQREY STAN FRIEDMAN GEORGE HAGE BOB HALLGREN ART HARRIS CHARLES BOB MILLER MADISON MOORES MARYATT SANFORD TOM OWEN BOB PATTEN PETERSKY sAM PRATHER WALT RICHTER DICK SCHUUR DALE SODEN sIIELDoN DUGALD JOHN ALAN SOFTKY STEWART WALLS YAPLEE Www ' The Honor Society is an organization of merit in Garfield. On the basis of four points for an three points for a two points for a and one point for a those students who have satisfied the requirements automatic- ally become members and receive symbolic pins for each year of membership. In addition to re- ceiving points for their respective grades, students may also receive points for the services they rene der to Garfield, MR. CLIFTON T. SMITH VIRGINIA BURKE Advisor Secretary JERRY STAVIG President , 1 ZYNDELL BERLINER Vice-President GOLD SEAL, FEBRUARY 1942 Front row: Naida Marshall, Virginia Elliott. Zyndell Berliner. Emily Stan- ton. Shirley Gormley, Betsy Jones. Second row: Melville Wilson, Jerry Stavig, Bob Patten, Luella Kummer, Third row: Ralph Shelton, Joe Bren- wer. Jack Lowe, Ralph Berlolin. 79 300502 ' GOLD SEAL FEBRUARY l945 First row Dow Janet Loeb Erica Rlv km Marian Srharnon Rachel Cowley Barbara. Second row: Webb, Pat: Kelle her Elise: Limbeck. Shirley: Sadick, Cor inne: Sidell Rosalie: Mohrer, Hilda. Third row: Israel. Joe: Corbally. Eugene Seideman Hans: Alhadeff, Victor: Hill, Norma Lee: Doris Anne. '59 'll TWO BAR SEPTEMBER I94' First row Schain Sylvia Johnston Mary Zalocco Eleanor Nelson Rena Sidell, Rosalie. Second row: Dubson, Lil- lian: Hyland, Helen: Caldwell, Lee Ellen: Peterson, Marilyn: Bowden, Barbara. Third row: Bonham, Bruce: Nelson. Mar- jorie: Lucks. Carol: Gatchet, Cora Jane: Webb, Pat: Yormark, Ben. . .A r. 'N GOLD SEAL. SEPTEMBER 1942 First row: Rosenthal, Dorothy: Manol- zdes, Mary: Yuen. Margaret: Shannon, Patricia: Boonov, Claire: Goodnow. Charlotte. Second row: Tipp, Mitzi: Yap- lee, Allen S.: Prince. John: Cohn, Sid: Mohrer. Hilda P.: Sutherland, Barbara. Third row: Petersky, Sanford: Lavender, Denis Peter: Wenkert, Ernest: Fisher, Fred: Burke. Virginia. Fourth row: Shain. Irving: Levin, Herb: Casserd, Fred: Brins- field. Bill. TWO-BAR, SEPTEMBER 1942 First row: Hasson, Sara: Nelson, Mary: Dow. Janet: Loeb, Erica. Second row: Mark, Richard: Cone. Jamia: Miller, Bar- bara: Biggar. Donna Lee. Third row: fx e aa... Riess, Herbert: Woolsey, Alfred: Seideman. Hans: Randolph, Mary. f-wa f 2' A... TWO-BAR, FEBRUARY 1943 First row: Stanton, Antoinette: Crothers, Phyllis: Case, Sylvia: Peterson. Jackie. Second row: Woolsey, Alfred: Steinbrech- er, Kurt: Carlstedt. Doris: Stover, Mary Pat. 80 TWO-BAR, FEBRUARY 1945 First row: Bonham, Bruce: Elyn, Irwin Wolpin, Melvin: Hill, John: Bergman Elihu. Second row: Laudan, Phillip: An- drews, Arthur: Berger, Jules: Geisert, Fred. on -IG- ONE-BAR. SEPTEMBER 1942 First row: Brown. Mary Ann: Chinn Bertha: Lum, Landis: Funes, Vivian. Sec ond row: Goodwin. Lillian: Laney, Ger- trude: Carlsledt, Doris: Stover, Mary Pat. Third row: Peterson, Jackie: Geisert, W i Fred: Rousso, Louie: Baur, Bob. ONE-BAR. FEBRUARY 1941 First row: Magarinsky, Galena: Exley Bob: Nagler. David: Kingsbury, E, Char- line. Second row: Bell, Remi: Goodge. Bill: Stevenson, Betty: Wells, Larry Third row: Rogers, Jean : Wittler, Muriel Anderson. Dick: Burke, Jack. 81 Q ONE-BAR. SEPTEMBER 1942 First row: Dohm, Barbara: Bumstead 1 M.. .L-g--Q Barbara: Weatherston, Jane: Baron, Rena, Larsen, Dalma. Second row: Anderson Dick: Davanzo, John: Bilsten, George. Brown, Phyllis: McGalliard, Sarah Jane Third row: Young, Lucie May: Deming Bill: Schwarz. Jerry: Flynn, Patricia. ONE-BAR, FEBRUARY 1943 First row: Luban, Joan: Levy, Mildred Conners. Shirley: Thompson, Gail. Sec- ond row: Caplan, Thelma: Rivkin, Jean- ette: Cook, Bill: Adler, lrwin, Third row Greene, Joe: Schnaidt, John. The roll bankers represent the thrifty side of Garfield Through their weekly effort Garfield students learn to acquire the habit of banking reg- ularly a principle so invaluable in this present uncertain world ln urging others to save these roll bankers are also impressing upon themselves the FIRST SEMESTER BANKERS Front row: Bumstead. Bar- bara: Lindenberger. Herbert: Bodhaine, Autumn: Lund- berg, Harriet: Blumberg, Ar- lene: Dow. Janet: Shannon, Patricia. Second row: Mosh- catel. Jack: Schwartz. Fran- ces: Opperman, Martha: Ex- ley, Roberta: Wohlgelernler, Hadassah: Upton. Leila: Tatt, Natalie: Potter, Patty. Third row: Softky, Shirley: Seideman. H a n s : Bender. Lorraine: Misuradze, Julia: Parker, Jackie: Kappler, Bar- bara: Marble, Mary. Fourth row: Laudan, Phillip: Yor- mark, Ben: Bloom, Allyn: Miller, Bob: Gibson, Burke: Savelson. Eddie. SECOND SEMESTER BANKERS Front row: Exley, Bob: Per- ry, Genevieve: Smith. Hazel: Dizdgbeiger. Herbert: Ja- cobson, Dorothy: Baxter, Barbara: Gurevitch, Clarice: Dow, Janet: Bridge, Dolores. Second row: Boonov. Claire: Havighorst, Joan: Shannon, Patricia: Upton. Leila: Stark, Marilyn: Tatt, Natalie: Vo- lo t i n , Charlotte: Howard, Carmen. Third row: Peter- sen, Paul: Schwartz, Frances: Moshcalel, Jack: Bodhaine, Autumn: Opperman, Mar- tha: Gormley. Shirley: Os- trom, Margaret: Exley. Ro- berta. Fourth row: Tate, Harold: Gorlick, Eddie: Race, George: Marble, Mary: Has- selo, Ray: Miller, Bob: Ha- gen, Bob. 82 . . n is YV Us 1 Q 'T GQ: NA .D V0 . is 12' I 1' 3 . ig . if mia: s A 5 f ' as Q ,Q ,Q as ff 4 51 .4 QV Y.. MU' Q ,M l i W df A 9.-:M -W., I r,-,K A-jm,,,q uttf '01 ur .W 0. A ""'5"'U'WsW ,,-.,.m..a-wa.. MA 4 ' V ."'3 0 ' Q FIRST SEMESTER ROLL PRESIDENTS First row: Martha Dickinson, Naida Mar- shall, Larry Wells, Shirley Rea. Marian Larsen. Shirley Lan- der. Erica Loeb. Jo- anne Gunn. Second row: Frances Dyas. Bernie Minsk, Marilyn Wood, Sam Garira, Mary Fite. Shirley Barry, Antoin- nette Stanton, Marilyn Stark. Jeanette Riifkin. Third row: Irving Feinberg, Jerry Hagen, Clint Coleman. Ted Leader, Jim Charroin, Patricia VanMeter, Marjorie Gray. Betsy Jones, Bob Exley. Fourth row: Larry Johnson. Fred Geisert, John Wheeler. Bill McNae, Kelly Coon. Cal Druxman. Arnold Robbins, Peter Boyn- lon. Fifth row: Bob Ban- nick, Siver Haye. Ber- nard Gold, Stanley Jaffe, Chas. Nelson, John Sternberyh. Cliff Elbert. Sixth row: Howard Knight. Georye Gulch- et. Walt Richter, Bill Teufel. Wes LeVeque. Tom Owen. Bill Kid- der. FIRST SEMESTER ROLL SECRETARIES First row:Roy Haynes. Joan Luban, Arlene Protlas. Dolores Bridge, Landes Lum, Phyllis Crothers. Bar- bara Franklin. Barbara Olsen. Lee Hitchings, Eliot Altebery. Second row: Laurie Griffin. Lucille Kurus. Elizabeth Ross. Betty Stevenson. N a n c y Downs, Barbara Mil- ler, Jean Myers. June Mathis. Jane Weather- ston, Laura Habernal. Third row: Roy Ra- phael. Gilbert Mar- kow, Margaret Priest- ley, Norma Lee Hill. Lillian Goodwin, Pal Webb, Marian Braunn, Dolores Howland. Fourth row: Ernest Wenkert. Katherine K oeniy, William Chinn, Solomon Az- ose. Morton Blayer, Stanley Wolfslone. Don Baird, Joe Esken- azi. Fifth row: Bob Doo!- son. Dick Bolhwell. Lawrence Arnold, Ben Rubicam, John Wall-- ing, Sprague Vigus. GERALD STRICKLAND: Fall Edi- MISS MARY ETHEL DIXON: Ad- LEILA UPTON: Spring Editor. Quiet tor. Ambition personified, versatile visor. The keeper of the keys to the and lovable. First female editor in and dignified. His magazine broke Pen box. Magazine reaches new highs over a year. Climaxed career of con all Pen sales records. Not content each semester with her help. tribution by becoming editor. with being merely remarkable. The Pen is a perfect example of de- mocracy at work in Garfield High School. In this magazine are published the thoughts and feelings of the students. FIRST SEMESTER Sitting: Jean Shaw, Mary Nelson, Donna Lee Biggar. Standing: Ernest Wenkert, Leila Upton. Joe Santo, Har- riet Maxwell, Herb Phillips, Shirley Softky. 605 free from censorship or restriction. Through their creative ability Pen sub- scribers today are enjoying the principles which America is defending. SECOND SEMESTER Sitting: Elaine Ross, Mildred Karnofsky, Cora Jane Ga! Chet. Zyndell Berliner, Hilda Mohrer. Standing: Herb Phillips, Arnold Robbins. Harriet Max well, Joe Santo, . E S Q 5' I 1,3 fx 'fn 'J A f .N K M A X fi: f il ff Az ,, .fa .ik 5 M, " ,R If X ,xg A. il I ,. BETSY JONES - Co-editor. Weath- ered storms of administration 7 also weathered slopes of Mt. Rainier. Put on the final B. J. 4- quiet and efficient. Hmm Everyone will want to re- member and cherish the happen- ings of this gear. Theg will want to keep forever a visible, tangi- ble proof of their accomplish- ments in and aid to the winning of the war. This Arrow will be that proof. LUELLA KUMMER-fLayout leth- nieiun. Queen of the layout staff. Tore hair every time layouts were changed --signed notes "Lulu" was slave driver lo her staff. HOB DOOTSON Person- nel Co-editor. Struggled with class-officer layouts- --"char- lied" it in front of mike. Consrientious. especially about drawing layouts - didn't miss one Tolo. NORMA LEE HILL --- Per- sonnel Co-editor. Wrote reams of lists, then lost them --she's "all through!" Cor- responded with the teachers-- had nightmares over senior features. ALLAN DEUTSCH- Pho- tography Editor. Took the cover picture-also class offi- cers. Nearly froze outside with the freshmen and sopho- mores. Sometimes disappear- ed at picture-taking time. KATIE O'CONNOR- - Art Editor. Finished section in- troductions in a hurry--then "eds" made her draw them over. Queer affinity for Bus iness Manager. JERRY STAVIG 7 Business Man- ager. Thought up sly captions for senior features spent sleepless nights trying to balanee the budget. Will join Mariire Corps after graduation. JN SANFORD PETERSKY - Photography and Layout Staffs. Spent long hours in the dark room! Guarded his drawing board with his life + enlarged a certain senior girl's picturefl DICK MILLER- Layouts. Drew exacting feature layouts. Pall-ed around with the as- sistant editorfsarcastic jokes --in the spring his fancy turned to tennisf ERNEST WENKERT 4 Layouts. Deserted Garfield in January for the University. Valuable help in choosing theme i completed first lay- out 7 affectionately known as Ernie. HADASSAH WOHLGEL- ERNTER -- Girls' Sports Editor. First to recognize Little "G's" in the Arrow- her copy plagued her. Collab- orated with sports editor on photography. ELEANOR BURTON f Copy. Always a week ahead of schedule. contrary to tradi- tion. Collapsed to learn we might not have cover - friends invaded Arrow sanc- tum. JOE ISRAEL-Copy. Fifth period Sphynx - renowned for good-naturedness. Tried to get out of Chem. Worked wonders with the Productions section. MARY RANDOLPH-- Fea- ture Co-editor. Ushered new era into Arrow features 7 sponsored manhunts with a camera - worried sick over no pictures. LAURIE GRIFFIN 4 Fea- ture Co-editor. Man about the Arrow-good for laughs and odd jobs - Quarreled with co-editor about who did the most work! BILL PRATT-Circulation Manager. Burned midnight oil alphabetizing the fresh- man lists. Long consultations with H, Bf- -lived in mortal fear of losing an Arrow. 88 The chief goal of those ary and journalistic fields JAMES WOO-Photographer. Specialized for the feature sec- tion-the man with the flash bulb. Quiet and unassuming. Where did he get all that film? LOUIE BURWELL-Photog- rapher. Played hide-and-seek with the senior feature nega- tives-gained himself a reputa- tion for cheerful cooperation- deserted Arrow in mid-year for "Mess," JOHN ROTTLER-Photog- rapher. What would the Arrow be without Johnnie's Leica? Staff likes his new convertible -wore his fingers to the bone retyping copy. ad!! bershzp in Quill and Scroll. working in the liter- Each year members are elected to this honor at Garfield is mem- ary society by virtue of their outstanding work on the Arrow, the Messenger, and the Pen staffs """'e---nm., FRONT ROW: Mary Meisnest: Janet Dow: Barbara Bowden. SECOND ROW: Mary Fite: Virginia Burke: Ruth Himmelman: Leila Upton: Zyndell Berliner: Betsy Jones. STANDING: Sanford Petersky: Jerry Stauig: Eugene Corbally: Jim Ruoff: Ralph Shelton: Chuck Brigham: Bob Bannick: Gerald Strickland: Allan Deutsch. Absentees Mary Randolph: Luella Kummer: Elaine Ross: Byron Wingett. E L A I N E ROSS, Feature Editor: ELISE KELLEHER. Assistant: First Edition. Famous for "Ross' ApuIsos" and "Elise's Pieces." Novel page make-ups. Filled page with names. POLLY HUSTON, Feature Editor: JUNE HORAN, Assistant: Alter- nate Edition. Gossip-mongers. frenf zied interviewers. Named their col- umns "Just Folly by Polly," and "ln Tune with June." BOB WESTLAKE, Assistant: BOB BANNICK, Sports Editor: First Edition "Behind the Yardstichf' thanks to Bannick. Scintillating stories, thanks to Westlake. This duet got good results. TOM BUSHNELL, Assistant: JIM RUOFF. Sports Editor: Alternate Edition. "The Tip-Off by Ruofff' Heads a chore. but not the coverage of the news. HERB LEVIN, Ad Manager: SHIRA LEY SIMMONS, Assistant. The ads rolled in. Also took some urging. Good urgers. Made their quota and then some. JOYCE STERN. ZYNDELL BER- LINER. CONNIE SMITH, Copy Editors. ln charge of heads. mis- takes, and galleys. Good friends of Bodoni Bold. Took over paper at Christmas. 'Kar HENRY PETERS, Advisor. Fourth advisor to grace 209. Gives each new staff a great send-off. Omniscient on subject of journalism, CLAIRE BOONOV, MILDRED KARNOFSKY, D O R O T H Y SMART, Business Managers. Never lost sight of typewriters or ledgers. People who sent the bills and bal- anced the budget. VIRGINIA BURKE, Editor: SUSAN HAWKES, Assistant Editor: First Edition. Gina concocted "The Burk- ing Pup." Friendly squabbles with the Asst. Ed. A team that really clicked. BY WINGETT. Editor: BARBARA SUTHERLAND, Assistant Editor: Alternate Edition. Super front page layouts and "By-lines" by By. "Suth" was the hard fiqhtin' story assigner. MARY MEISNEST, Managing Edi- tor. The tyrannical "M, E." Lass with streamline ideas about journal- ism. Enjoyed Tuesday nights at the printers. Responsible for Garfield's First Pacemaker. Room 209fwhere Garfield's journal- ists are beginning their careers. Today they are editing our school paper: keeping us in- formed as to our duties in this war, the accom- plishments of our fellow students, and the extra-curricular activities of the school. To- morrow these same people may be serving on a city or country-wide paper. We will still be their readers, but in the capacity of adults- IRMA MOLINE, NANCY DOWNS, partaking directly in the progress of the nation. So witness on these pages the reporters, managers, and editors of the future. They will edit the news events to come: reporting to the United States the happenings on all the far flung continents of the world. These people and their work on the press will serve to bind the nations of tomorrow into a strong. well informed unit. ELEANOR BURTON. Circulation Managers. The real reason you got your Messengers. Circulating was a system. Pet catch-phrase, "Where's your stampbookfv' KATHLEEN O'CONNOR, CHARLOTTE GOODNOW, ALLENE JENKINS. NORMA LEE HILL, ED CORRIGAN, IRWIN GOLDBERG, Reporters. BY WINGETT, Managing Editor. Tall, handsome, first-semester editor makes good. Galley-marker de luxe. Memories of staying till 1:00 a.m. at printers on school nights. SID KREMS, Assistant Editor: MARY FITE, Editor. Mary made make-up and wrote "The Merry Fight." Sid kept tab on news, Both watched for BIG stories. ,brain JACK VARON, PAT MITCHELL, Circulation Managers. Went into ac- tion on publication days. Always behind the bars. Subscriptions were their headaches. Smooth pastemakers. RICHARD LINDENBERGER, Ad Manager: BILL FISHER. DOLO- RES BRUNNER. LEON KAP- LAN. Assistants. Kept their progress on charts. Back page4home of the ads+aluJays well filled. PHIL RUNKEL, Copy Editor: RENA NELSON, PERCY SNYDER, ANNE DORIS, Asistants. Hob-nob- bed with slugs. Head-writing went to their heads. Final court of appeals. BILL PRATT, JOHN ROTTLER, Business Managers. They make sure that bills are paid. Backbone of the whole paper. 209 was their office. Handy with figures, CHARLIE BRIGHAM: Sports Editor, JANET KULZER, RAY HASSELO, ANN JONES: Feature Editor, BAR- PHIL SULMAN, Assistant. LOUIE BOB D007-SON: Femme Reponc BARA COWLEY, Assistant. Re- BURWELL, EUGENE KO, Re- em. nowned for "Bones by Jones" and porters. Featured "The Low-Down "Dabs by Babs." Pet peeve: late by Charlie." Cluttered office with copy. Comedians of the Mess office. signs. Played up track. The Garfield Messenger is one of the most distinguished high school papers in America. Aside from once being the only semi-weekly, eight column paper in the nation, it has been awarded Pacemaker rating for last semester. This publication is one of sixteen in the United States to receive this honor. The Messenger strives not only to maintain high standards, but also contributes in furnishing practical experience along journalistic lines that will always prove valuable regardless of one's future work. MARILYN PETERSON. BILL PERKINS, CARMEN JAMIA CONE, HANS SEIDEMAN, MOXENE JONES. HOWARD, MARCIA PERKINS: Reporters. ALAN BORIES: Reporters. 23 z'vr-4Ff??'H1E 52 1- Z-"' if li'-f 'dn X W- ,7""X Mm rm, NX 11, Ng 4 G 'Wil . I ' 'm 4' iffy' X i .- A 4 0' Second row Wzssler Jim Girt Harry Sorensen. Hans: game! Beginning in September as usual at a brisk, military pace, the Garfield Band furnished considerable inspiration to the grid fans. Leader Donald Hoyt, always on hand with snappy and original arrangements, continued to bolster the band to high standards. Because of prevailing conditions, the Band has not been able to pcrform in as many concerts and extra-curricular functions as in previous years. But, in the future as in the past, we know the Band will continue to uphold the musical prestige of Garfield High. 0 if L e A I1 5' CO wa S . ' as Q an First row Adatto Ralph Forsell Mary Jo: Edwards. Third row: Johnson. Lloyd: Adler, Irwin: Zober. Sonia: Joy Talbot Nancy Flreder Bill Dreztrler, Ralph: Ol- Mfffhell- Puff Bfwf. Eaflef Tfempef- 'lach- Fourth row: Rosenthal. Roy Jr.: Bell. Remi: Campbell. Dick: Bates. Peggy: Partlow, Bill: Henderson, Bobby. Fifth row: Manning. Don: Lescher, Bob: Colagrossi. Land Mafgueffff Lundberg Hafffef Lew' Difkf HH- Ralph: McDaniel. William: Sidell. Merle: Thompson, Richard: Snapp. Lin. 96 , any A comment upon the musical inclination and appreciation of Garfield High School can never be complete without mentioning our "long-haired" group. the orchestra. Each day it comes nearer to the point of perfection as a result of constant practice under Director Parker E. Cook. I n . MR. PARKER Cook This year, unfortunately, except for the Senior Night over- Dimm, ture, the orchestra has not had any real opportunity to demon- strate its talents. This was due to the indefinite postponement of the Mid-Winter Concert and the Funfest, traditional Garfield functions. X ' .- fl. k.:I' ' 164,94 First row: Stults, Larry: Staeckerl, Frances: Maxwell, Har- Jo: Carlstedt, Doris: Bertolin, Bill: Larsen. Anna Mae. riel: Oquist. Milma: Joseph, Juanita: Baker. Jeanne. Third row: Cheney, Fred: Walker, Dorothy: Solam, Jean: Second row: Bensusen. Julia: Hough. Beth: Forsell. Mary Lescher, Bob: Colagrassi. Ralph: Carleton, Stan. 97 1 sws.-v"'Sf JUANITA JOSEPH DENISE MILLET JOAN MITCHELL SUSIE OZIEL PATRICIA SHANNON JEANNE HERRETT DAWN DIGNAN LELLY BENEZRA JEANNE BAKER The Nonette is one of the most popular musical features in Garfield. This group is in constant de- mand for school functions as well as for various organizations in the city. These girls are forming alife-long interest in music and perhaps some of them will number among our future famous musicians. Another musical opportunity which Garfield offers to all its students who enjoy music and sing- ing is the chorus. Interpreting various selections by all types of composers, including Palestrina and Victor Herbert, the members of the chorus show their adaptability to please their many audiences. By their efforts to keep alive their love of music through the war these students will enrich the lives of their associates. Nonette in Action-Left to right: Denise Millet Joan Mitchell Jeanne Baker. Mary Jo Forsell, Dawn Dignan Pat Shannon Juanita Joseph, Susie Oziel. 98 r::'Q:Q0 F0 A' FIRST ROW: Stevenson, Evaleigh: Benezra, Lelly: Cohn, Rhoda Mae: Baker, Jeanne: Joseph Juanita: Agnew, Pat: Cohen, Sylvia. SECOND ROW: Oziel, Suzie: Millet, Denise: Hyland, Helen: Ginsberg, Evelyn: Schooley, Jo Boop, Alberta : Moore, Barbara. THIRD ROW: Carlstedt, Doris: Fink, Celia: Thompson, Gail: Connors. Shirley: Brown Mary Anne: Vigus, Iris: Kershner. Bill: Herrett, Jeanne. FOURTH ROW: Thompson. Demaris: Dignan, Dawn: Van DeKant, Peggy: Mitchell. Joan Shearer, Sandra: Graham, Phyllis: Stover, Mary Pat: Olson, Arlene. FIFTH ROW: Kirbarh, Jim: Perry, Barbara May: Naset, Alvira: Nutt. Mary Lou: Stowell Helen: Gruol, Dolores. SIXTH ROW: Gai, Philip: White, Doug: Herrigel, Walter: Maxfield, Bill: Dreyer. Dick: Hof riehter, Howard: Stark, Pat. FIRST ROW: Dorning, Barbara: Davis. Barbara: Wiley. Victoria: Strange, Vanetta: McGowan Ronald: Gutman, Marion: Benveniste, Mollie: Touer, Beverly. SECOND ROW: Holm. Dolores: Greenborg. Rita: Larson, Lair: Farquhar, Winifred: Ganby Paula: Hinton, Donna: Powers, Margaret .' Little. Gloria. THIRD ROW: Redington, Ramona: Barr, Shirley: Pambreh. Shirley: Peha, Mary: Fraser Norma: Fouts, Pauline: Bengtson, Sally: Pugsley, Georjeen. FOURTH ROW: Howes, Bobbie: Woerlz. Juanita: Jacobson, Marilyn: Peterson, Mollie: Romer ein, Jean: Thorgaard, Flora May: Anyel, Bea: Chaikin, Norman. FIFTH ROW: Hagemann, Elvera: Long. Cornelius: Lane, Marian: Gibson, Betty: Doyon, Jean SIXTH ROW: Collins, Dan: Yarbrough, Bill: Wolfe. Joanne: Williams, Pat: Mills. Louie Oakland. Illah. U., 'Wa I Fd The Garfield Musical Review was the only production of its kind this year. It was a beautifully executed presenta- tion of some of America's most well- known music. Victor Herbert, George Gershwin, Seigmund Romberg, and even some of the old-time favorites like "Daisy" and "Casey" were given by the combined talents of the chorus, the band, and the nonette. In music, harmony and co-operation are essential for pleasing and successful results. In daily life, teamwork and a spirit of determination to succeed are in- valuable for preserving and defending democracy. The deep inspiration and unity of music must penetrate our lives today, in order to attain an enduring peace for the world of tomorrow. JEANNE BAKER LELLY BENEZRA .IEANNE HERRETT 100 I I In front of jury box: Calderhead, Bill: Snyder. Percy: Downs, Nancy: Agnew, Pat: Strickland, Gerald. Front row Jury: Dubson, Sam: O'Conner, Kathleen: Israel, Joe: Dig- nan, Dawn: Griff, Merle: Johnson, Ann: Smart, Dorothy: Heal, Eliza- beth, Second row jury: Friedman, Stan: Van Wych. Miriam: Florey. Don: Stavig. Jerry: Baker, Jeanne: Dootson, Bob: Sternberg, Adele. Cries of "Guilty" and "Not guilty" resounded in the ears of the delighted "witnesses" as they left the auditorium, recalling the hilarious speeches and antics of the gentlemen and "Ladies of the Jury." For a second time, the new, three-act play-scheme for Senior Night triumphed decidedly over the old idea of three, in- dividual one-act plays. "Ladies of the Jury." written by Fred Ballard, was a mirthful mixture of humorous characters and unusual situations depicting the trials and tribulations of a French chorus girl. As each succeeding scene unfolded, the complications in- creased, and with them the laughter of the intrigued audience. Left to right: Griff, Merle: Stavig, Jerry: Doot- son, Bob: Maxwell. Harriet: Van Wyck, Miriam. Left to right: Dubson. Sam: Van Wyck. Miriam: Dignan, Dawn: Baker. Jeanne: McMillan, Doris: O'Conner. Kathleen. lOl DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club has taken on new enthusi- asm in its discussions this year. With the annex- ation of the completely non-competitive debates recently, the debaters have given all attention and effort toward wise analyzation of current and future problems. OFFICERS: Ernest Steinberg, vice-president: Melville Wilson, president: Gerd Pollitz, secretary, SKI CLUB Although ski activities have been curtailed considerably this year due to transportation dif- ficulties, the Ski Club has continued to keep alive the interest of Garfield's ski enthusiasts by sponsoring two trips to the mountains, frequent meetings, and occasional ski films. OFFICERS: Tad Latimer. president: Mickey Erickson. secretary: Darrell Anderson, treasurer: Betsy Jones. vice- president. CATHAY CLUB Composed of Garfield's enthusiastic Chinese students, the Cathay Club is a vital part of the democratic system in Garfield. Besides perform- ing various tasks to help Chinese charities, this club also tends to promote stronger friendships within itself. OFFICERS: Eugene Ko. president: Norma Woo, vice- president: Robert Wong, secretary-treasurer. SPEAKERS' CLUB Reaching the heights of past Garfield orators, the present Speakers' Club has completed a highly successful year. The Club began its ros- ter with the Garfield Day Oratorical Contest at home, followed by excellent showings in its an- nual inter-scholastic contests. OFFICERS: Irving August, president: Kurt Steinbrecher, vice-president: Gerd Pollitz, secretary. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Photography as a hobby is rapidly becoming more and more popular because of its commercial possibilities. The Photography Club endeavors, through its activities. to disclose to its members the opportunities that await the good photog- rapher today and tomorrow. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ralph Shelton and Mary Meisnest. I OZ STUDENT-FACULTY PRODUCTION COMMITTEE In the hands of the Garfield student- faculty Production Committee rests the suc- cess of this year's activities. FRONT ROW: Goodwin, Lillian: Baxter, Barbara: Stauber. Joyce: Smith. Connie. SECOND ROW: Miss Hensel: Miss Dearborn: Miss Loughead: Miss Burns. THIRD ROW: Miss Jurgensohn: Mrs. Olm- sted: Miss Gray: Mrs. Willis. FOURTH ROW: Berger, Jules: Mr. Frey: Mr. Cunningham: Wool- sey, Alfred: Douglas. Keith. ABSENTEES: Mr. Hoyt: Mr. Cook. MAKE-UP COMMITTEE The Make-up Committee has the respon- sibility of "beautifying" the many mem- bers of the casts during the school year. FRONT ROW: Jacobson. Dorothy: Lum, Landes: Redman, Reba: Kurus, Lucille: Hinton, Donna: Meisnest, Mary. SECOND ROW: Miss Dearborn: Mar, Gladys: Strickland, Lois: Stevenson, Betty: Thompson, Gail. THIRD ROW: Gorrie, Jacque- line: Trautman, Beverly: Huston, Polly: Conners. Shirley: Searles. Charleen. FOURTH ROW: Bink- ley, Joyce: Clement, Phyllis: Walker, Dorothy: Watkins. Mary. THE DOORMEN The doormen find another way in which to serve their school by welcoming our parents and friends at each production. FRONT ROW: Peha, Asher: Bridges. Jim: Kot- kins, Walter. SECOND ROW: Fisher, Fred: Cor- bally, Eugene: Woolsey, Al: Abrams, Syd. THIRD ROW: Hagan, Bob: Cohen, Nesso: Alhadeff, Victor. THE USHERS The ushers perform a duty for their school, and also serve to make each per- formance more enjoyable for all those at- tending. FRONT ROW: Himmelman, Ruth: Boonov. Claire: Stanton, Emily: Solomon, Joan: Moore. Barbara. SECOND ROW: Stover, Mary Pat: Thomas, Mary: Cone, Jamia: Burton, Eleanor: Sutherland, Barb: Downs. Nancy. STAGE CREW The Stage Crew paints, builds, polishes, and finally sets up the scenery of every Garfield production. FRONT ROW: Arlene Smith: Antoinette Stanton: Eve May Jones: Peggy Bates, stage manager: Ver- non Anderson. SECOND ROW: Jim Odell: Louis Mills: Alan Hamish: Harold Lander: Mr. Frey, advisor. 103 ,rm I Home A MQW hLi,? z Y W it ., W S' at W, K' 1 4, , ' ,, . K es Qt . ,4,,. 1 , iv e rf-'K' -, '- -s lata 'K ', '11-ez' ' s 1 lafar' VV eh i v.L Q,Yg s, Y 'xw,,gQih . ' 4, g V e QW 'f 1 , ,, ,s,, .1 ,er ,E ,isle of - ., e fs at ' l it , 5 ' ,. ' ,,K, ,ff .r,K A ' K e t Q ,, ,. t ee g ,I egg? :ff A ,fe 3 f 3 ' A ' K I ,L 1 Hi fi fi K ' 5 ' fg f ,,e3i?5?7f gr Q f Y ix W. ,, ,- ,. 1 , ,, M 5 7, A'?' ' fQx 71 jf ..k. J ,V irff,-,,k.,5i:,k,,ws,og '55 Q at 4 e X fj. Sfffil, Qi it ig aaship are two of the essentials that com- ge it 15 cg .Without the complete cooperf 2 Ag ,gi . . 15 3 51 " :I 55 'Q ll nation can function 4 at f J .c , +V Xyj are engaged 2 Q ' 'lity sa A 55-cs ,N Q41 A , Lwzigmrrmm TTSTV1' 00093 KM, df lCd'0s stbi ood spo e dem QFCTWIYW Amer he respotl tually Teamwork and g prise a successful, progressio ation of all the many parts of our go 'neither socially, economically, nor politically. irt a war which they must win, and this task is riot only t of he lCI1d6TS of the war, but also the iob of the me-a who are ac o ing habits of teamwork and sportsmanship. 3 me could be wvat no Bulldog team 2 yers pulled together. Our 5 e them through lx h peace 1 t 'it de elop b ll ga ' s pla t iac ' t e fighting . 'ela, we are ll or Basket a unless all tt robleros tha they will tom l11G01'f1 No liaieballjootba , could ever 'return triumphant, fighters today are also overcoming the p teamwork and sportsmanship, and by this means, of the future. In them, we have every confidence. ' in 'K 'K ' ' f K K A - "'s'ss' N ' 'K' WM I A 2,5j'f:s,,,,:?s xi , in K xiii' 4? s. ' -135 ,411 '.., A ,K K4 PM . s s ss-' r,.' Q W f just LLV, K L',Li-a s,t-ga if 'rti t ls 1: r,',. ,,XVh Ki H f s',i V' V . ,wk ZLA fki, I E s it . 1 KK: 5 wifi "" . ,.,..LI,V .6 aff" lf 7 'sf r"kk K jar ' in L. 2, Y' W ,sfim,,,4 k.-' V 4, ' W A Q , 23. Q3 IL , 'asf 1. V . 5 klflfifecb Rfb' l , gg ,. i . at . figfl X i ,- to trtes it MEA WV W A .ts ilzfzfivrvlilflfg is ,, M, ,, my f -Q I . ff"- nv, ' ff5,r,,:,,5q Y , Ex, I 'L 53 .. .,f"" , 1 W MY: X . 'V . A- 1 s if 1 Tl"f4 V, NJN -L B7J.L,, ,.-5 ,if 2' MW., -WJIQ-,, eg t. . , , 4, .f -- 'SQQIWQ 4, 1 Awtqyy. 5, J . 65,5 Eiga xii if H2 ,T 3 Q W egg V . 's aw. I ' . Q ik' ,V . Y J, f wld' QV yi,-W x V, V A yqf Q . L Q r , W ky -my f 1: " - yi xv Q ,ef A ,WgU,,5.:i 5 22 V ' J -- 'vb 5 ' lf 5- , y y,,. Q T! I ' I J N , w....,,tv f KIRK BAXTER Baseball, Football, Basketball ,qbl l Fa DONALD HOYT LESLIE JOHNSON Tennis Golf an 3? LUTHER MORE Intramurals LEON BRIGHAM Football, Basketball, Track 106 Z This year was significant for the advance of sports at Gar- field. Accepting the nation-wide challenge for physical fitness, many boys took part in the athletic program. Commando gym was inaugurated, in which running, calisthenics, obstacle races, and bodily contact sports were featured. Boys came from these classes not only in better condition, but with a greater desire to serve Garfield in sports. To date the Bulldogs are still in quest of their first title in three years. Both the football and basketball teams accounted for themselves creditably. winning and losing the same number of games, but with the spring sports came the prospect of a cham- pionship team. The track, golf, and tennis squads are all strongly balanced, and 1943 may be the year for Garfield. I FINAL STANDING FINAL STANDING First Team Football First Team Basketball W L T I Queen Anne ,,,.,.,. 7 0 Z Ballard Y,,,,,, ,A.,A- Bdlltlrd ....,,.,,,,,,, 5 2 2 Franklin Y,,v,,, Yvryrl 8 Lif7COlr7 ....... .... 5 3 I Cleveland e,,,,, ,,,,,, 8 Roosevelt ,,,, 4 3 Z Lincoln ,,,,Y ,V 8 GARFIELD ,,,,,, 4 4 0 GARFIELD ..,.c.,,., 6 Franklin .........,.. 3 3 Z Roosevelt ,,,,....,,..., 6 Broadway ....,,,.., 3 4 l West Seattle ..,, ...,. 4 Cleveland ,,,.,,,.s, l 7 0 Queen Anne ,,,....s., 3 WGS! Seattle ,....... 0 6 Z Broadway s,s,, ,,,,,, Z IO Ruoff Receives the Inspirational Trophy Don Bowman Does 1000 Sit-ups PUfPlP and While Hgh'-l 107 Come See The Game fm, X M DICK SCHUUR-Tackle BOB MILLER-Guard Q .,.. 'W Q X f 2 'fr ' " gmwlgr ,M A ,, DALE SODEN-Tackle JOE BRENNER-Guard GARFIELD 19-WEST SEATTLE 13 Coming from behind with a brilliant second half rally, the fighting men of Brigham overcame the Indians 19-13. Louie Baroh's accurate spot passing, Darrell Anderson's receiving, and the line's hard blocking led to victory for the Bulldogs. GARFIELD 13-FRANKLIN 6 The Eastsiders continued to their fourth straight victory over a stubborn Franklin eleven. With the score tied 6-6 at the start of the fourth quarter, Baroh, Booker, Bannick, and Anderson combined to drive the pigskin over. Six more points for Louie' Here comes Baroh I GARFIELD 6-BALLARD 'I3 Two long passes into the hands of Beaver Stan Swanburg ac- counted for Garfield's first loss, but the Bulldogs put up a good fight. The pass combination of Baroh to Anderson accounted for six of eleven Pup completions and set up a score in the first half. GARFIELD 20-BROADWAY 26 In one of the wildest and most freescoring games of the season Baroh, Anderson, and Chinn sparked the Pup offensive with 20 points. Only Lee Stout's passing and a play good for 85 yards late in the game brought the Bengals out on top. ART HARRIS-Fullback LOUIE BAROH-Fullback BERNARD PORAD-Guard PHIL CAI-Center WILL CHINN-Halfback 'N DARRELL ANDERSON-Halfbach BOB BANNICK-Halfbach Bannick slips through Indians! GARFIELD 7-QUEEN ANNE 12 Playing with a will to win, the Pups' fast running backfield drove to an early touchdown over the Kuays. Soon after, how- ever, Darrell Anderson was out of the game with a broken leg. The Grizzlies rallied, and the final count was in their favor. GARFIELD 01I.INCOLN 32 A Lincoln eleven paced by an All-City Bill Bowden ran to victory over the Bulldogs in the season's finale. Undaunted in spirit, but weakened with injuries and unable to get started on the muddy field, the Pups could not match the strong Lynx. Booker takes it over! BILL CHINN-Guard GARFIELD BASKETBALL SCORES 31-I4 Queen Anne 56-36 29-34 Lincoln 34-30 32-28 Roosevelt 24-42 25-30 Cleveland 26-42 26-28 Broadway 43-29 37-36 West Seattle 27-42 390 Totals 391 Upper: LeVeque goes up for the lipoff. Lower: Soden and Lowe take the ball off the backboard. ll2 2? The '43 hoop squad may well be remembered as a fighting. spirited representative of the Purple and White. Only Cleveland was able to humble the Bulldogs twice. the Pups taking a pair from Queen Anne and winning all of their other hom: games. Highlights of the season were the thrilling victories over Roose- velt, Lincoln. and West Seattle. With only a few s:conds left in the Indian fray, Chuck Brigham hit the twine with a free throw for the winning margin. Every man on this year's varsity was essential to its success. Brigham's steady playing, and Baroh's and Soden's aggressive spirit led to several wins, while the deceptive ball handling and accurate shooting of LeVeque, Lowe, and Chinn accounted for many more points. High scoring Dale Soden earned an All-City berth, while Wes LeVeque was placed on the second five. VV 110 LC VCQLJE-'-LBUIQF Lr1A1xLl:S BRIGHAM V-Guard Il? FRONT ROW: Henry Mar, Gale Miller. AI Darch, Hugh Brechtel, Jim Chase. George Rumberger, Ted Wood. Harvey Knettle. Alvin Erdrich. SECOND ROW: .lack Gourman. Bob Kessler, Clint Coleman, Lau'ie Sadick, Cliff Weigel, Bert Olson, Tom Weston, Keith Douglas. THIRD ROW: Johnny Larson, Eugene Ko, Charles Krakovsky, Jack Bassett, Henry Twaites, Wes LeVeque, Cal Johnson, Moe Epstein. ,G :SLU CAL JOHNSON CHUCK KRAKOVSKY Shortstop Oulfield K C ' 5 TOM WATSON KEITH DOUGLAS JOHN LARSON LAURIE SADICK, Outfield Pitcher Outfield Shortstop JACK GOURMAN, Outfield BERT OLSON, Catcher l I4 2? With the season half over, the Garfield baseball team is the lone occupant of the cellar position. The Pups won a hard-fought contest from Ballard 5 to 4. but dropped five decisive tilts to Roosevelt, Lincoln, Cleveland, Franklin, and the league-leading West Seattle Indians. Brightlight of the season has been the hard hitting of Jim Reynolds. Clint Coleman, and Jack Gourman. Signs of good hurling have also been shown by Weston, Bassett, Twaites, and LeVeque. With these boys on hand, plus a bit more consistent defensive play, the Bulldogs will field a team that's hard to beat for the rest of the year. WES LEVEQUE CLINT COLEMAN CLIFF WEIGEL Third Base Catcher First Base BOB KESSLER, Outfield EUGENE KO MOE EPSTEIN JACK BASSETT HENRY TWAITES. Pitcher Catcher First Base Pitcher JIM REYNOLDS, Second Base ll5 Salman breaks the tape. Brigham clears ll ft. 9 in, FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE TRACK FRONT ROW: Lloyd Hale: Joe Holmes: Robert Wong: Bill Adams: Bob Shaffer: Allen Lawson: Dave Almeleh: Joe Peha. SECOND ROW: Coach Brigham: Jerry Cohn: Chuck Mullen: Dick Anderson: Howie Larsen: Jerry Hagen: Mike Peha: Eliot Atlebery. THIRD ROW: Jack Kidder: Bernie Minsk: Alban Shay: Luther Mc' Lean: Harry Lightfoot: Bill Yarbrough: Fred Geisert: Cecil Webb. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Nash: Morgan Barokas: Faris Blair: Milan Slreck: Bill Malk. MICKEY ERICKSON. Captain BUD OWINGS JOHN SORENSON BOB EDELSON HANS SEIDEMAN DIXON MCDONALD BILL MALK TOM OWEN CONRAD MATLAND CHUCK BRIGHAM JIM HUGHES II6 MAJOR PIGFORD JOHN WALLING DICK SCHUUR Once more the purple and white cindermen appear champion- ship bound. To date the Bulldogs have given Lincoln its first decisive setback in twelve years, and have downed Broadway, Franklin, and West Seattle. Strong in all events, Coach Brig- ham's varsity should come through in fine style at the all-import- ant All-City meet. Already the Frosh and Sophs have shown their strength, both placing second in their annual meets. TRAVELING SQUAD FRONT ROW: Burke Gibson: Bob Laney: John Wheeler: Phil Sulman: Al Eskenazi! Dixon McDonald: Keith Erickson: Bob Edelson: Hans Seideman: James Ruoff. SEC- OND ROW: Conrad Matland: Dick Dreyer: Jim Kirbach: Eugene Corbally: Norman Proctor: Bill Pratt: Will Sanders: Tom Owen. THIRD ROW: Arnie Ivarsson: Dick Schuur: Bill Zwingenberg: Bob Thomsen: Bill Ireland: Bud Owings: Bernard Porad: Bob Bannick: Ben Rubicam. FOURTH ROW: John Walling: Leon Kaplan: Jim Hughes: John Sorensen: Charlie Brigham: Bill Malk: Major Pigford. AL ESKENAZI WILL SANDERS JIM RUOFF PHIL SULMAN BERNARD PORAD BOB BANNICK BURKE GIBSON NORMAN PROCTOR 117 Led by Jack Lowe and Fred Fisher, the Garfield tennis team has won seven straight matches to take the champion- ship this year. With team spirit and individual effort at a a high pitch, Coach Hoyt's netmen proved triumphant over the defending Roosevelt squad by a score of 6-3. JACK LOWE Co-Captains FRED FISHER SID KREMS SID COHN DICK PECK SONNY ALTSHULER 'E 1 RALPH SHELTON DICK MILLER RALPH DREITZLER BILL COOK 51 sing-rf 'V 5 g WE Q 43 -ff? FF H' T , A L A A .g3?i'?Qii"ff3?2QEi' ?' hm., ,sf ' E W 5 . Q Q 'H K ,, ,ah W 1 ik, MW KEITH DOUGLAS CHUCK KRAKOVSKY BUD OWINGS NEIL HANSEN JOHN LARSON Leading the crowd at assemblies and sports events. these five are an in- spiration to the men who wear the purple and white. THIRD TEAM BASKETBALL The inexperienced Thirds won three and lost seven, highlighting their season with a convincing win over Broadway. FRONT ROW: Ed Yaplee: Bob Baur: Bill Adams: Stan Gold: Bill Deming. SECOND ROW: Coach Baxter: Jack Kidder: Jim Chase: John Christiansen: Victor Alha- deff-Manager. THIRD ROW: Bill Olson: Chuck Krakov- sky: George Rumberger: Cecil Webb. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Showing promising material, the Seconds took second place behind Roosevelt in the final standings. FRONT ROW: Wayne Jones, Eugene Ko, Sid Krems, Lawrence Sadick. Richard Linden- berger. SECOND ROW: John Walls. Cal Johnson, Bill Ireland, Harold Tale, Merle Griff, Coach Brigham. IRIS VIGUS- -Secretary SHIRLEY SOFTKY---Treasurer SHIRLEY LIMBECK Historian MARGARET YUEN Athletic Manager 'M CLAUDIA MARBET ELEANOR ARNBERG Vice-President President ' I Like the hands of a clock moving to express happiness or sorrow. the extra-curricular activities this year ended very successfully, under the leadership of Eleanor Arnberg, Big "G" President. One of the highlights of this year's activities was the All-City Letter Breakfast held at Garfield on March 27. This is a traditional event held each year at one of the high schools of the city, Elected every spring are the five Big UG" officers who assume full responsibility toward the maintenance of the club. The president conducts the meetings and acts as a rep- resentative of the Garfield Big "G" Club. The secretary takes the minutes and reports them at the following meet- ing. The historian collects articles and materials pertaining to the Big "G" Club. The athletic manager is the vice-presi- dent of the Girls' Club who represents the Big "G" Club at all conventions. She is responsible for the financial status of the club. Each ycar the girls of the Big "G" club elect their most inspirational girl whose name is engraved on a plaque. This year's choice was the Big "G" President, Eleanor Arnberg. ADVISORS MISS EVA JURGENSOHN MISS EMILY JOHNSON Q Q. at QQ First row: Phyllis Gorton, Hadassah Wohlgelernter, Shirley Limbeck, Marian Braumn, Claudia Marhet, Margaret Yuen. Second row: Nancy Amsbary. Marilyn Braumn. DeMaris Thompson. Shirley Softhy. Iris Vigus. Third row: Eleanor Arnbery. Belle Lou Neuss, Vera Luuilen, Emily Johnson, couch. The Big "G" Club is composed of athletically inclined sophomore. junior, and senior girls who turn out for various after-school gym activi- ties. For every sport in which they engage, the members receive one hun- dred points. The Little "G" Club is made up of freshman girls. They earn their small "G's" during their first year at school. Bertha Chinn. Lola Dale. Emily Johnson, coach: Mary Colagrossi, Margaret Sinclair, Shirley Carlisle. IZ? li ' T WE ' f Q5 Y' " 1 we BASEBALL Perhaps the enjoyable spring weather accounted for the large num- ber of ardent baseball fans. The mo- ment the Garfield after-school girls stepped onto the diamond, zooming grounders and high flies were conspic- uous. Claudia Marbet was chosen as general manager for the season's turn- out. LEFT TO RIGHT: lris Vigus, Demaris Thompson. Gladys Mar. Marguerite Land. MANAGERS Chosen for their dependability are the managers whose duties are to take attendance, to record points earned by girls, and to care for equipment. FIRST ROW: Jewell Grimes, Margaret Sinclair. Iris Vigus, Mary Jane Eng, Bertha Chinn. SECOND ROW: Shirley Softky, Demaris Thompson, Mary Colagrossi. Priscilla Proc- tor, Ellen Tallman. I2-4 ms- K. DANCE DRAMA During wartime it is especially important that we do not lose hold of our high cultural standards. Through the medium of creative dancing, the girls gain an appreciation for the higher arts and learn to express themselves in them. Dance Drama coordinates the mind and body by expressing the fine and beauti- ful things of life. FRONT ROW: Mitzi Balkema and Margaret Priestley, SECOND ROW: Allene Jenkins and Ann Young, TENNIS Every Tuesday, this year. almost every period of the day, tennis classes were held. During the fall pro- gram, the girls spent their time practicing indoors. while in the spring program, they enjoyed playing on the courts. Under the supervision of Miss Johnson. the girls have developed the traits of smooth drives and fine serves. Betty Ferguson demonstrates the back-hand drive. BASKETBALL This season's basketball turnout was one of the largest sport activities of the year. The team composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls emerged victorious over the battling freshman team. Phyllis Gorton re- placed Gene Jaquith, organizer of this year's turnout, after the latter moved to California. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gladys Mar, Bertha Chinn. Hadassah Wohlgelernter, Eleanor Arnberg. HOCKEY Under the managership of Demaris Thompson, hockey enthusiasts, sym- bolizing the spirit of hardy sports- manship, this year completed an en- joyable season. The typical scene wit- nessed by passers-by was shin-guarded girls, hockey sticks in hand. and balls rolling on the grass. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gladys Mar, Phyllis Gorton. Shirley Softky, Bertha Chinn. lZ5 PING PONG As in recent years, freshman and sophomore girls entered both the spring and fall ping pong tourna- ments under the managership of Mar- garet Sinclair. Though permanent scores for these games are not record- ed, the following four girls took lead- ing roles. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ramona Losk. Nadine Lasky. Ellen Tallman. Carole Morgan BADMIN TON With shuttle cocks flying through the air and badminton rackets swing- ing, the typical scene of an after-school badminton turnout is witnessed. Jun- ior and senior girls enjoyed the turn- outs held in the fall and spring pro- grams, with Shirley Softky acting as manager. LEI-'T TO RIGHT: Iris Viyus. Gladys Goon. Shirley Limbech. IZO SPEEDBALL Speedball, the rules of which are almost identical with those of soccer. is one of the most invigorating games scheduled for fall program. The turnouts this year, which were opened to all freshmen girls, were under the leadership of Bertha Chinn and Mary Colo- grossi. LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Gorton. Bertha Chinn, Shirley Softky. Marguerite Land. GOLF About eighteen junior and senior golf fans met sixth period during the first semester. They were taught the fundamentals of golf under the supervision of Kathleen O'Conner aided by Miss Jurgensohn. Each girl did her share to accomplish the art of smooth swings, accurate driving, and rhythm, which are the traits a good player must achieve. RIGHT: Kathleen O'Conner completes a long drive. ARCHERY Trying hard to accomplish the art of accurate shooting were many en- thusiasts who were placed under the direction of the advisors in this all- year-around-sports activity. LEFT TO RIGHT: Luella Kummer. Arlene Smith, Phyllis Gorton. VOLLEYBALL The freshman team emerged vic- torious in this season's volleyball pro- gram. The captain of the winning team was Cornelius Long, who led her group to top honors by taking two games of the three played at the final tllfnollt. LEFT TO RIGHT: Paula Gunby, Mollie Peterson. 127 E5 u w as Q ,xp Ar ,. Q - f -4 - ,K I , Q?5if??'3i???f??iii W'3'i'7'?'lf'w ' r .7 A-'K 7 5 "5 N44-.QQR wggzzgil wgk Q fp 3 ,?, , firm , A M5551 1-fs Jftmfil . Ev' 1,-' , ,K 'ic i 5:7-ML, , ms. 4 S i Jw gift!! Ng i , ,, ,. L ,QSM- ,aw 'V' 6 L5 x gfi' 3 21' 2' . ,V LQ. 'Q , K rw . X n ,. v QA 1 ., x .M 'W A M 45 5 K! - ,I ,fig Q 2,5 ' 231 5 'Qin 21 xx ,."""'k I' fi' V' K: , f xx . he Suppfm aid 1? t hd-Sufg hiswfv of 'wiggsfigagwmgtdxf 813:31 A - he , isacw' hoolw 11,105 d . and ln t hd .mpgna legte These afigzmwtu vdzgugutr 412 Lava not 'MS W -ts ww' '11 cf' wwf " ffield . t we , lima, 'xiii thlfliiba ' spnnynanshwggutxtg the ' mesa R' Y of M' I' . ndsmv ,andlew-ns '1'ff',,bu W c uv. MSM' Q, E- T"f,Z.f,'lJff2 2'5f,'Li?g-wwjgf www' 'Las g4,,",Z,.wM 'VM no G 1 he4e""' PM wlfczigvfn mesaiy, Www ww V :A1 .s iiw theiv 9. incl 054 me he sums xazniese swdems, K 'X gedfed' A " N.. L Jn? 3 - mb ,ww vs YW-W ' f 1' 1 I' 5' 'ss .4 5 f ' Q . W , . ,iw fi e xffff , 'w H., WW. X W f f ff' 5 f ' if I 5 7+ 'fag Wg lg 1. y:f1'4'5i:?? 2 I s, ' 3 ,JP x - 3 gf' '. ' -- K f f y ig xy, f gs fi k 5 , M - -. . ' f ,af f 4 , pw J 'L' 'Z 2' 'ffm-qty -V , W I wi , ,T K if 6? K' ,A ' MQ s- Q- ,f f fp , '-,Q:K:T'.: 35 F A ,, Y V , -f, ,ff WLT ,fy Q ,f ff, if-Lf',jflfQ31 i - 1 ' if , 212 f , M GI- ' 1 v " A Aff . Q . gk , f .. Q . f" f A ' f "' f' -' V 32 V ff 5 2- Sa 5597i ' , 42 V. V A ,UI 4, at ig? st. K 53, M, YJ'-55' V, ,fl , 5 45 ' gg."-. 1 , ,g l r 'f . Tug , 1-1 ' xfg M14 -1 : , an :wwf if 2 5 A553 -11.53 ,gk ij., Q- W :Q ig. 1 ' 1 f L2 - AQ, X A' 1- 1 W,,'?f3 I W 3 1? L W ' "nf ' S. - 36 M f V- if' 'ik - S -iff . Q 21 , ff , - A ff -. pg- 5 , + L fy 3 4536 .V .M W . . M4 - , a l 5 3, 11 X X V '- , -- , r f ' 1, 4 f' . ' lm N, A -X . if fl gf , , f '17 Wh' X. if - Wie' V, ,v , J., ,- M ,v,5,. 94 , + J, -QR X Ji A , r, jp ' 9 wi ,xii i -gk f Q, A .. Z- " ' T :tx f- Qffziff' ig I 'mf 'T K an W" 'Q' '12 J Y S' Mr -,- : 9-3 " '35 ff fy ,-Rm : 452, ff ' J ' 'T' QW 5 L' f IW Q. ? : if VV Qi .ff ' 5 .A 'S s 3 mx x 'Eff' Q A 'gi ,Y .A 5 :ff V x 1 1 3 . Ti ' 4' ' 5 Vis. I X, ' A. .va-5 if x ,fuk M 1 .L ' A , - . wx, YL 4355. ff wh if V? ,W X,w,,..4-K ' Y, Q56 ag fm 1" 4 V 7 W ,, M mmL,. f f , Z' ,Br L ' Z.: .C ,V , , I . Mum? A PLAY Swing high, swing low. Ball boys-Don't get shovey. buh! Swing and sway -7- the Gar- field way, Full of digs-gThe Messenger bids four spades. Bones for Buster. Come now, let's not cause a commotion. Three deep + Hey! But sar- Ln dines are rationed. Having a "gui" time! 'A' TIME ir OUQT ee GINVU! And say it fast. A floundering femalefefsitz- marks in the snow of Sno- qualmie. Garfield queens f waitin' at the gate for the guys that UQUEI' COTYIQ. The guys finally came f the Junior's prom was a big success. The Duke takes a fli-ing at ski-ing -ef that wax really made him go. Well, we had to fill up this space somehow. Don't let it throw you or "He Stoops To Conquer." Committee sponsors of "One In Every Locker" campaign-proud chairman and owner, second from the left, Don't let it "Tipp" over! Will help anybody. Her? Come now, don't crowd. fellas! 'A' PEEK- ir Wanna trade? M-- Guess we know who's getting the best of the deal. Charlie chatter -4 Garfield's timers getting the dirt from Downs. Freshman folly -- Direct to fourth floor. Have your tickets ready boys! Five bumps on a stump at the Fall All-City Girls' Club Conference. Record c r o w d thrills as the Gar- field champs score. Wasting away! -we No ration points for this commod- ity. Crackin' the whip Y-or is it Petty pictures. Sheldon? ir 'A' 8. Flatface 4 Don't get nosey, bub+or -+Hard pressed for Kleenex. 9. "Mess" s ta f f hard at work. 10. "Many thanks to the A. B." fsign- ed! Sandy and Herb. ll. We wuz robbed! 12. Weeding, no doubt! - Cabi- net convenes on the campus. 13. "All out for Vic- tory! "- Patrio- tic Garfieldites "share the ride," f or do they? 14. F i r e hydrant, snow, sled, gl 'A' 113 B00 A We 'Sk . 1 ,i?,5?f"5x,:f!5! ' .Ph N'-1 ef' MQ?- N 5 e t, . 'wfm'15w ' mmf' vi wif K., Sf PQ? fu ' 1 N 'fa bi 'f'--:P I Y fm., QB nf A lm , K "'L W: s ,ml ,Q .M P'1+eWi:Lm?5m... , .Q f ww I ef ,,.,,--:,-::. 1 2 f I 1 .MQ mwfjw h U f ' av .. W W? i 'is ... .251- ,a -. Vik? "A I rf' """L 4 A Inspirational Award for Football ...... ...... J im Ruoff Memorial Trophy ...... ......,................................... ...... A r t Harris Pan-American Union Contest, Second Prize for the State of Washington ....................................... ...... A llene Jenkins Garfield Winner of Essay Contest, Sponsored by Women's Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars ............ Gerald Strickland Sons of American Revolution Speaking Contest, Third Prize ...... Vincent Dong Garfield Representative, University Extempore Speaking Contest ....................... ............. ....,, R o berta Exley Garfield Day Oratorical Contest Boys' Division ........ ................... ........ ....... E r w in Elyn Girls' Division .........,..,......................... ...,. J eanne Baker All-City High School Ski-Jumping Contest First Place ............ ................,................................ ....... L a urie Griffin Garfield Winners, "Anthology Annual of High School Poetry" ..................................................................,........... Denise Millet, Jerry Stavig, Sheldon Softky, Patricia Shannon, John Sor- enson, Gloria Lee, Donna Lee Biggar, June Mathis, Pamela Ward, Wayne Jones. Music and Arts Foundation Contest I st Honorable Mention, Poetry and Prose .................................................................... Janet Dow Music and Arts Foundation Contest Znd Honorable Mention, Poetry and Prose ..............................................................., June Mathis Music and Arts Foundation Contest Znd Honorable Mention, Poetry and Prose ................................................................ Melvin Pincus Music and Arts Foundation Contest Honorable Mention ................ Cora Gatchet Senior Honor Students of Garfield First ,,,,.,.,,.........., ,................. ...... Z y ndell Berliner Second ...................................... ................... B ob Lorentz Others- K Al phabeticall y j Victor Alhadeff Irving Shain Emily Stanton Shirley Gormley Sheldon Softky Gerald Stavig Ruth Himmelman Shirley Softky Melville Wilson All City Debate Tournament-Ratings Superior: ........................................ ............... V incent Dong Excellent: .................................... ....... H elen Jeanne Rogers Helen Buschmann Irving August 138 '74,-4 Printing ........................................ Mr. Floyd Flint Lowman and Hanford Company Engraving ................................ Mr. Gene Chandler Sterling Engraving Company Photography ........................ Mr. Earl Kennell and Miss Barbara Frazier-Kennell-Ellis Studio Seattle Post-Intelligencer ....... ..... T wo Opening Section Pictures Boeing Aircraft CO. ...... ....... O ne Opening Section Picture win saab mm 9 M Q "f-iftssoutlws 139 ARROW, 1943, is a symbol-a symbol bright with the promise of a shining future. We firmly believe that this promise will be fulfilled by the schools of today, for from these institu- tions of learning will come the merchants, the scientists, the in- dustrialists, the statesmen and diplomatsgthe leaders of a better tomorrow. The schools of America are training too the office clerks, the welders and machinists, the artists, the dieticians and dressmakers, the soldiers and the sailors - better followers for this land of ours. So we are not afraid, trusting that we shall emerge victoriously, always marching forth ualiantly into the shadow that is tomorrow. 140 '.v'f Q Q-.1 x .nl 4 1.4 1 .Eb qi' , I- '57, ..,, ,.-. . -,.,-L ' in . , .A X X

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Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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