Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA)

 - Class of 1942

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Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1942 volume:

A f Ql2m1!?ll2ln ff A s:s:v,a5isg2.f :ff:ax, 9 if 554 ' " "' PXTSRQRIE ' 1 D 1 g 'Cl-vwfuohv. Jw 1 IDX Q . x 3 , X ,j f , a- .YY EW My af' fm 9 'eff nffy ' fsjfy fb 53 f 2, ff W B E ab, fQffjif1f wsqijff E353 JE! ff ff b . .i......M......H..a....... A GARHELD HIGH SCHOOL Pnonucnou snnls, wAsHlNG1oN I ' ' ' T 7 , rvvvf df' ff U glib . f Q,f,'4-NNE . if fffg 2 5 fi as .. ,my A4 ,V aff? u , X. ,,,, X I K N V xg X -DX .K A I an 1 1 V , , 4 Y! 5 A its X . if -A - f , 1 f , . , 2 .4 V I. ., 'xii ,, 'A my . ,sw W., b If ,www Mgjjm , fy: 1 Q' ' 2921, 3 7, K' , h Qu, if W . 1. ' vf 5, , X -5 ' ,N .K ' .. . New 'am-' ' Y -mi" i'17 1 F 55 k if f. f 1 Wag mix ? gf 47 1 , . ' 'ffm ' ' .M Niffwfff' 4 1 ,1 ,. Q ,W lf-ir, ,JL 'L ' " K '. 5. ffzfw X .1 'i I? QM , ,Ik ' Kim Y - Q 3 Qflr 1' V E ya", iff f gd it ht iff lj' . . 754 Q' 9 , ' f' fig? T ff ff, gw x 1,4 f. C. Qs 2 .. 4' 1'l""?Q: "wifi:-ff 'f 31 . 7,252 5: . 2 Q, if i . lf' TICKET , HRV' ,vxfik v , . , i Q23 f Q, ffl., w ' , , ,, , 'I K Af Li dw. ., 1 bi., f nfl, - , ,ff A iff? Q .. nj J Vi 42S 3 f 1, . W' 1 , X 53 ,gf 1 i f . ' X51 F. S til? , , Y , 'HL ,MW f 2 .V Q W,-.QQ ' -2, 1 Q" GET youu 'rlcnew 'pu 41 A +f I W 1-W . " A 3.-w w-, - K 'wif " N-' W . E, 3 NVWN ei W' - ' 3 5" ' 195 ' ' x "ff . 4 . .r K . Ji' fr" V 2 L ,Q -K LQ I 315 , my W 'kr '32 13341555 M,,,f.,- Q V 5 R, X. fx 1 fa. 1- .,, Ii' A if-,H ,V If 1 xv 1 K XA. ,.-A ,. , t , ,LM ,.f,. .., X J ! , QA' ,Ky 4' .. 65-5' W' X905 4 Q x5 'f- 'Y Q -Mu ,W 4, ix . ::f.,w , ,-3 ,A ,riff -ff ,WW M :E -V . -E 11 M '11, 4 Az f A - w5f5M7 +iT?r ?f2 . e " ' ,gi 213 1 fi 5 .. ' YEL! ' 1 -- S-1' ' . 'R RA, H.. .Eff . E - WE, H, EM, , Sw-Rv uid . AEE ' E bww . 11. I SA . ,X :jf f Q., , fx - ' ' REAR .A WM, .R I 3 R, " QS . rf ' -- X 5 , . - E .,- ,. ' , 54155 3 I W A , 5' 55455 'iizif K , 5, N f f 3 Wx gb X M, E Q 1 A .ff R xii? if 4, 3. 'gh -5 ' QE, 3 '?'f9"'?f' .7 . ,Q Rei - Ev 'E A ,RL ,z D R Q ,. .M aw R ' 54:12 ' E Sri? L 51? 'Q' ' R1 .1 R gg 'V QE, MRM- ggi, - ,VWQ Q . 3 ww ?'5 J 4 RR if 'JSP 1 . fr -Rf -, , '15 rs Q. y, 3555? :V if M, is , H ,gs 35 E, 2 E ' :R fi: fb P! R . 14-Va 336'-f? ff?- 7 Tfyfi Y -135 1, t 7-Et I 1323 7 f iw fo, Eg : f K . 'R W' fi xr ' 52 - I3 h aw RS-5' , fr? Ev S5 s'wR7k.x,,,,MW I' '5 , 'Q ,R X , 5' M5 ' 1 ' yw r q ' -'ff 'rpm Y E, ' 52 x 9? E -: if S 51 K? n R .4 N X .Af WN? R Qi' ,ME 2 'x 5 Qi! 5 , ,-.. z A 4" W, f"': Qin' , 3 F' A325541-4' , . , R -Ei" -' ,, 5, V F N ,f f 1 'ff E x x Q ,Y Q I A E I ,..,,,.: ,,, if E, , , ., ,J wi, 'f,,if'Qi.i iz' , , gf 1 xy, E :N i w ,1 , DEDICATION 4, To GEORGE N. PORTER, ea.-fields former j principal, we fondly dedicafe fhis Arrow. ' 59 ,f if - "W' Rggyg i vp- , wif: F K' fag L M R. -:i Q -T 'BSR Q 23 xy. ff Y: Z if 1 R ,ff .... E ..,..,,, ,E Q ' af .M X mt f f s 5 W I L , ,YY , nn Z' How do you clo, Mr. Firsf Nighfer. This is fhe premier of fhe Garfield proclucfion "Big Time" af fhe A l'l' ow Theafer. The loges have been reserved for our guesfs. Advance publicify forecasfs a life-like pic- fure of Garfield High School. The sfory re- volves 'arouncl a huge casf of I90O sfucl-enfs who have worked on fhis film over nine monfhs. You will see many new ideas in pho- fography and filming. Firsf we offer "CAST," fhe direcfory of I9OO acfors. Then comes "BIG TIME," Garfielcl's hit of l942, in which we feafure our school acfivifies and producfions. Each player is a "big +ime" in fhese accomplishmenfs and proud of his parf in fhe filming. The HGARFIELD SPORTSREELH is a complefe shorf confaining headlines in fhe I94I- 42 sporfs parade. To fop off 'rhe bill, fhe carfoon "HOCUS- FOCUS" will be presenfed. Here fhe camera's eye is 'rrained on 'rhe players oufside fhe Garfield sfudio, and we cafch behind-fhe-scene shofs of fhem ai' play. Buf le+'s delve info 'rhe plof of 'rhe pic- 'rure . . . Oh, 'rhere's fhe sfarfing buzzer . . . Lighfs I I Music I I Curfain I I I I dffffwwqewcw M X K ,....- , -1 X gfgpnopwgzlfn F X f ,fl- X' Le'r's shake hands wifh Mr. Han- selman, +he producer of +his movie. H"s been a mighly hard lask 'I'o film "Big Time," buf he accomplished il' successfully. To manage a huge casi and fo keep +he cameras gl'inding smoofhly is a iob only a capable producer such as he could underfake. E. E. HANSELMAN, Principal For many years, he served as associafe-proclucer before ven+ur- ing ouf on his own. Wilh lhe help of his Technicians and cameramen, his 'firsl' movie looks like a smash hif. We're cer+ainly glad fo have had a pari' in 'lhis piclure wifh you, Mr. Hanselman. S cf",,Mf iff 1 A L-Z. -3 Ji' .,-f- Af! :Zu 'wr g fl' l lf- -S .l X, ,ff ,fi ,ff HOWARD M. BRIER, Vice-Principal Associaie- producer Mr. Brier siepped in+o his new pos'r ihis year like a veferan. He is no newcomer +o 'rhe piciure business, for he worked many years on 'rhe direci- ing s+aff previous +o becoming +he second big boss of 'rhe Garfield Company. He has helped io make "Big Time" a greai piciure wi+h his cap- able leadership acquired 'through his years of experience. His advice is a viial 'Fac'l'or in helping +o de- fermine Garfield's policies. ln his du+ies concerning a'Henclance, pro- grams, and discipline, he is in con- iaci wifh all fhe pupils, and his fair and unpreiudiced iudgmeni has made him a favorife. CFFICE The props are 'rhe office girls in charge of 'the equipmenl' needed lo film Jrhe movie. Their duly is +o assisl The producers and direc+ors by handling +he fechnical de+ails. They daily check +he cas+, handle office work, and, in general, are vi+al cogs in 1'he Garfield Company. MARGARET BROWN, Head Clerk JEAN JOHNSON, Assisfan+ Clerk l i PHYLLIS RAYMOND, Guidance Clerk 2 1 N- ""'- 152252 we 'Fix feifikir, FEZIPQI. I ef- I fI?:?b?:s 5155 W5 Q72 2 in- I 2 .1 L n y Choosing 'rhe righi roles for Ihe s+ars is The cIuI'y of Ihe casI'ing clireciors. They advise 'Ihe players I I ii Io arrange schedules and +o plan fu+ure casiings. Our five counselors ably fill I'his posi+ion by guiding M' us wifh programs and helping us +o meei' o+her problems. MISS MYRA MILLER, MISS MARTHA JOHNSON Freshman Guidance MR. LESLIE JOE IIISON Sophomore Guidance AY MR. JOHN SPEER QPIIIOI' Gniclflnrl- ,- .,-, new w i e. 9 CWI. BIRD HENRY PETERS ANNE C. PUGH LOUISE K. PUGH JOHN R. RUSHING ,Rial Hisfory English English Mcufhemufics WILLARD ROSENQUIST MARIE C. SAEMAN A. L. SCHMALLE ELIZABETH M. SCHOEPPEL -m:Ig:iZs Nl Ar+ EngIisI1 Science Hisiory E COOK MARGARET D. SCHWARTZ HELEN E. SHELTON CHARLES L. SIMMONS CLIFTON T. SMITH I- 'Sgr Commercic:I EngIisI'n IncIus+riaI Arfs MaII1emu'rlcs JOHN SPEAR JOHANNA STRATE MARION THOMSON MARY E. WALTERS lndusfriol Arfs English Science Heocl, English JESSIE A. WARREN FLORENCE WELTS EARL WHITSON ELIZABETH B. WILLIS Hisfory Hisfory Head, Commercial ' Ari' WIEBER WYNSTRA MORNING MAIL Hislory C A S fnfsuman supunmonf JUHIUH sfnm sfsnmnn suPHnmuHf JUHIUH simon I , . A 6' l X X . ZW of ' i53S'52f'1 s I Affer a fhree-year fryouf, when fhe Senior fakes his place as a leader af Garfield, he finds fhe sfarring roles exfended fo him. The responsibilify of having fhe lead does nof cause him any anxiefy, for affer fhree years on loca- fion, he knows fhe fechnique of fhe clirecfors, fhe aim of fhe producer, and fhe plof of fhe sfory. He is familiar wifh fhe sound of fhe reels and fhe work of fhe camera men. When he af lasf leaves fhe lof, if is wifh a feeling of fondness for his sfudio. 1 BOB CRAIG BILL YANAGAMACHI WALTER PRESCOTT Presiden+ Vice-Presiden+ Secrefory HARRIET MELHORN MARY GROVES Senior Advisors 4 2I 4 'A - f 'si ABEL, MARION-Social Service Commiffee, Ski Club, Affer-School Sporfs, Big "G" Club. AGOADO, BECKY-Roll Banker, Friendship, Social Service Commif- fees, Freshman Auxiliary. AGOR, BEN-Honor Roll, Senior Nighf, Affer-School Sporfs. AKIYAMA, TAK-Boys' Advisory Board, Afhlefic Commiffee, Service Honor Roll, Firsf Team Baskefball, lnframural Baskefball, Head Foolball Manager, Head Baskefball Manager. ALHADEFF, ANNE-Affer-School Sporls, Girls' Ensemble. ALHADEFF, BERNICE M.-Roll Presidenr and Secrefary, Vocafional Presidenf and Secrefary, Roll Banker, Service Honor Roll, Funfesf. ALHADEFF, MARY-Roll Presiclenf, Vocafional Presidenf, Roll Banker, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Secrefary, Open Forum, Opereffa. ALHADEFF, MARY A.-Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, S. A. R. Conlesf, Garfield Day Oraforical Confesf, AMlCARELLl, MARIANNA AMON, JEAN-Roll Banker. AMON, LEO-Roll Presidenf, Doorman. AMUNDSEN, ARNOLD-Sfage Crew. ANDERSON, EUGENE ANDERSON, MONA-Roll Secretary, Vocafional Presidenl, Senior Rep- Eefenfafive, Mixer Commirfee, Social Service, Lafin Club, Big "G," ub. ARLANDER, LARRY-Roll Presidenf, Vocafional Presidenf, Honor Roll, Debafe Club, Second and Third Team Foofball, Opera, Winner of Garfield's S. A. R. and American Legion Oraforical Confesfs. ARMSTRONG, CLYDE-Funfesl Commiffee, Funfesf, Mid-Winfer Con- cerf, Sfage Crew, ASABA, YAYEKO-Roll Represenfafive, Roll Banker, Service Roll, Japanese Girl Reserves, Big "G" Club, Affer-School Sporfs. AZOSE, PEARL-Roll Presidenf, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Sophomore Commission, Funfesf, Affer-School Sporfs. BABA, MARGARET-Roll Banker, Usher, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Japanese Girls' Reserve. BAER, JOE-Roll Presidenfj Vocafional Presidenf, Office Worker, Vo- cafional, Noon Program Commiffees, Chairman, Demerif Com- miffee, Honor Roll. BAJUS, JACK-Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll. V BAJUS, WILLIAM-Safefy, Traffic, Publicify, Tickef Commiffees, Honor Roll, Honor Sociefyg Funfesf. BARASH, BETTE-Roll Officer, P. Q., Social Service, Building Com- miffees, Ski Club, Funfesf. A BARASH, DAN-Roll Banker, Bleacher Commiffee, Chairman, Demer- if Commiffee, Honor Roll, Honor Sociefy, Funfesf. SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON DICK BEACH .lUANlTA MARSHALL A Peach of o Princess The Thlnkern We Thrill "W'on" Nifo Sings BARNES, DICK-Roll President, Funfeest Committee, Mid-Winter Con- cert, Ski, Science, Photography Club, Track. BAROH, LOUIE-Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Honor So- ciety, Honor Roll. BARUCH, ISAAC-Roll President, Roll Banker, Doorman, Library Com- mittees, Service Honor Roll. BASSETT, JACK-Vocational Secretary, Football, Baseball. BAYNE, WALLY-Roll President, Philanthropic, Hall, Stamp, Com- mittees, Chairman, Building Committee, Noon Proiect. BEACH, DICK-Boys' Advisory Board, Circulation Manager, Arrow Staff, Chairman, Noon Program, Special, Vocational Committees, Funtest, Roll President. BEARDSLEY, DORIS-Roll President, Advisory Board, Friendship Com- Eiittee, Ski Club, Opera, Funfest, Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore ass. BECKER, EVELYN-Friendship, Social Service, Funfest, Sophomore Prom Committees, Honor Roll, Secretary, Sophomore Commission. BENSUSSEN, BETTY-Thrift, Art Committees, Honor Society, Library Assistant. EENSUSSEN, ED-Roll President, Vocational President, Library Com- mittee Chairman, Doorman Committee, Debate Club, Football. BEVAN, JACK-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Grounds, Ticket Committees, Ski, Aviation Clubs, Funtest. BINGHAM, DOREEN-Vocational President, Roll Banker, Health Com- mittee, Ski, Big "G" Clubs, Messenger Staff, Funfest. BOITANO, LOUIS-Track. BONATH, PATTY-Roll Secretary, Vocational President, Ski Club, Usher, Senior Representative. i HOOKER, QUENTIN-Athletic Committee, Funtest, Track, Football. BOWDEN, ROSEMARY-Vocational Secretary, Girls' Cabinet, Co-V Chairman, Building Committee, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Editor, Friday Messenger, Quill and Scroll. I f Y K N BOYNTON, PETER-Roll President, Senior Night, Radio Club, Opera, ' Arrow Staff. S BRAUER, NELL-Vocational President, Social Service Committee, 1 Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Pen Staff, Funfest, Senior Night. BREWER, HARRY K BROWN, BETTY JO-Transfer from Roosevelt High, Roller Club, R I Secretary. Q BROWN, MARILYN-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Roll Bank- er, Ski Club, Opera, Funfest. BRYANT, BEVERLY-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Friendship Committee, Radience Roll, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Messenger Staff. BUCHSER, CALVIN-Roll President, Vocational President, Doorman, Baseball, Funfest. BULLOCK, DAVID-Roll President, Vocational President, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Honor Roll. BERT WALTERS VIRGINIA WAUGH ARTHUR WONG "Uncle" Wolters-in the doghouse Ever see a dI'9CVTl.V'lUUgl'1-king? Noihlnfl Wrong Wm' WUUQ BURNETT, BILL-Roll Secretary, Senior Prom, Junior Prom, Noon Pro- grams, Lunch Room Committees, Ski Club, Funfest. CARPENTER, MAXINE CARTER, CONRAD-Roll President, Boys' Advisory Board, Ski Team, gecolnd Team Football, Managing Editor, Messenger, Quill and cro . CASADY, ROBERT CASHAR, CELIA-Vocational President, Funtest. CASPERSON, GLORIA CATLOW, MARY-Roll Secretary, Banker, Avocational, Gaiette Com- mittees, Service Honor Roll, Ski Club, Senior Night. CAVENDER, HOWARD-Transferred from Brent School, Baguii, Philip- pine Islands, Senior Representative. CEPHAS, CHARLENIA-Standard, Usher Committees, Service Honor Roll, Big "G" Club, After-School Sports, Funtest, Mid-Winter Con- cert. CHADWICK, STEVE-Advisory Board, Honor Roll, President, Honor Society, Vice-President, Junior Class, Co-Editor, The Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Tennis Team. CHAPMAN, JOE-Roll President, Funfest, Safety Patrol. CHIOCCHIO, GUY-Doorman. CHITWOOD, MARY JANE-After-School Sports. CHRISTIE, GENEVIEVE-Vocational Secretary, Social Service Com- mittee. COHEN, DAVID-Football Team, Funtest, Athletic and Philanthropic Committees. COHN, MARILYN-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Roll Secretary, Voca- tional President, Cabinet, Chairman, Sophomore Commission, P. T. A. Committees. COLEMAN, DONALD-Vocational President, Advisory Board, Athletic Committee, Sports Editor, Messenger, First Team Baseball, First and Second Team Football, Freshman and Sophomore Basketball. COLLINS, BOB-Roll Banker, Bleacher Committee, Freshman and Sophomore Basketball. CONNER, JOHN-Roll Secretary, Vocational President and Secretary, Banker, Stamp, Ski Clubs, Funfest. COOK, PAT-Social Service, Gazette, Big "G" Club. COWELI, BILL-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Banker, Lunch- room Committee, Science Club. CRAIG, BOB-Roll President, Advisory Board, President, Senior Class, Philanthropic Committee, Honor Roll, President, Ski Club, Ski Team. CRAIG, EVELYN-Transfer from Fairbanks, Alaska, Usher, Mid-Winter Concert, Funtest. CRAMER, BILL-Avocational Committee, Radio, Roller Clubs. WALTER PRESCOTT BEVERLY BRYANT TAK AKIYAMA Little Superman Wont a Ilne7 Call Biyont 709 Has plenty ot what it tolns CRAWFORD, CRAIG-Vocational President, Senior, Junior Roll Rep- resentative, Stamp Club, Vocational Committee, Service Honor Roll. CRAWFORD, JACKIE-Vocational President, Art, Junior Decorations, Junior Publicity Committees, Chairman, Movie Committee, Opera. CU LBERSON, BETTY-Messenger, Funfest, Stage Crew, Pen, Vocational Committee, Honor Society, Roll Secretary. DALGLEISH, MYRTIS-Vocational President, Honor Society, Roller Club, Funfesl. DATY, CAROL-Roll Banker, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Japanese Girl Reserves, Funfest. DAVANZO, ANGELINE-Honor Roll, Vocational, Make-Up, Usher Committees, Sophomore Commission, Funtest. DAVIS, BETTY-Mistress, Costume Room, Senior Night, Mid-Winter Concert. DAVIS, RUTH DEAS, HELEN-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Service Honor Roll, Gazelle, After-School Sports, Senior Night. DEBLIEUX, ROY-Junior Safely Patrol, Junior Representative, Voca- tional Secretary. DE FREECE, AUSTIN-Vocational Secretary, Noon Movie Committee. DE SANTO, EMILY-Friendship, Lunchroom, Usher Committees, Mid- Winter Concert, After-School Sports. DEYOE, RAMONA-Vocational President, Vocational Committee, Honor Roll, Editor, Pen, Funtest, Stage Crew, Quill and Scroll. DOBB, BRTLEY-Roll President, Vocational President, Vice-President, gays' Club, Honor Society, Advisory Board, President, Junior Class, all Track. ' DOUGLAS, BOB-Avocational and Vocational Committees, Ski Club, Funfest, Senior Night. DOUGLAS, JACK-Roll President, Vocational President, Vocational Committee, Ski Club, Track. DOUGLAS, STUART-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Banker, Lunchroom Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Tennis Team. DUBSON, SAM-Roll Secretary, Doorman, Publicity Committee, Ten- nis, Freshman Track, Intermural Sports. EDDY, BETTY ANN-Roll Secretary. EGAN, JACOUELINE ELLIOTT, ALVIN-Roll Banker, Soccer Team, Football Team, I00-Mile Club. ELLIOTT, VIRGINIA-Roll Secretary, Vocational President, Banker, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Opera. ELLIS, FRANCIS-Aviation Club. ELY, MARY ANN-Banker, Science Club, Freshman Auxiliary, Lunch- room, Mother-Daughter Tea Committees. SHIRLEY STOCKER DON MCDONALD LAEL LATIMER Put your stock In Stocker Boshful Moc, center of attraction Little Eskimo pie ENDO, WILLIAM-Bleacher, Election Committees, Football Manager, Honor Society, Roll President, Vocational President. ENG, ALBERT-Stamp Committee, Cathay Club. ENG, EMMA-Roll Representative, Vocational Secretary, Make-Up Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Cathay Club, Funfest. ENG, HOMER-Honor Society, Honor Roll. EPPERSON, DAN-Roll President, Vocational President and Secretary, Ticket, Stamp Committees. EVANS, BOB-Roll President, Vocational President, Roll Banker, Pub- licity Committee, Ski Club, Arrow Photographer, Funfest. EVANS, ROBERT FALCONI, JENNIE-Vocational Secretary, Vocational, Make-Up, Funfest, Committees, Sophomore Commission, President, Big "G" Club, Funtest. FARQUHAR, PHYLLIS A.-Vocational Secretary, Banker, Roller Club, P. T. A. Committee. FEINBERG, GLORlA-Roll Banker, Art Committee, Sophomore Com- mission, Honor Roll, Messenger Staff. FERIRNEER, DlCKfRolI President, Roll Banker, Honor Society, Honor O . FIELD, GORDON G.-Traffic Officer. FRANCE, HELEN-Vocational Secretary, Hostess Committee, Service Honor Roll, Fashion Show. FRIEDMAN, MICKEY-Roll President, Philanthropic, Publicity Com- mittees, Honor Roll, Open Forum Club, Football, Stage. FRIEDMAN, STANLEY-Roll President, Vocational President, Honor Roll, Funtest, Senior Night, Mid-Winter Concert, Opera. FUJII, RENKO-Roll Banker, Girl Reserve Secretary. GALANTI, RACHELLE-Roll Banker, Service Honor Roll, Freshman Auxiliary, Sophomore Commission, Funfest, Fashion Show. GARHART, BILL-Vocational Secretary, Vice-President, Ski Club, Stamp, Grounds Committees, Chairman, Noon Movies, Ski Team, Funfest. GARHART, DAN-Chairman, Public Relations Committee, Noon Dance Committee, Ski Team, Roll Otficer, Track Team, Service Honor Roll. GARRETT, CLARINE-Standards Committee, Service Honor Roll, Fun- fest, Opera, Mid-Winter Concert, Band Concert. GAY, HELEN-Girls' Cabinet, Luncheon Committee, Roll Banker, Funtest, Opera, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night. GIBSON, DEAN-Honor Roll, Productions, Dance Committees, Senior Night, Funtest, Mid-Winter Concert, Spring Concert. GIBSON, EDWARD-Roll President, Building, Public Relations, Grounds Committees, Ski Club, Football. GOLDBERG, ANCH-Roll President, Vocational President, Honor Roll, Baseball, Athletic Manager. ANCH GOLDBERG JUNE SAMSON STAN STAMM Garfield Anchel without wings Its olwoys sunny with June oround Model "A" Stan, the delivery man GOLDFARB, LIBBY-Roll Secretary, Building Committee, Freshman Auxiliary, Sophomore Commission, Service Honor Roll, Funtest. GOODSON, DON-Roll President, Vocational President, Lettermans' Award Committee, Fall Track, First Team Track. GORMLEY, SHIRLEY-Banker, Cabinet, Noon Program Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Copy Editor, Messenger, Senior Night. GOSSETT, RETA-Transferred from Custer High School North Dakota, After-School Sports. GRAHAM, ED-Vocational Secretary, Hall, Philanthropic, Program, Bleacher, Committees, Ski Club. GRAPE, ALICE-Transferred from Lake Norden, South Dakota. GRASHIN, ART7Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Publicity Com- mittee, Chairman, Doorman Committee, Debate Club, Open Forum Club, Junior Safety Patrol. GRAVES, NANCY LOUISE-Vocational President, Advisory Board, President, Sophomore Commission, Chairman, Vocational Com- mittee, Honor Society, lnter-High School Council. GRAY, BETTY-Vice-President, Girls' Club, Advisory Board, Honor gcicsty, Big "G" Club, Fall Golf Tournament, Radiance Roll, Ski u . GRAY, MARJORIE-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Banker, Honor Society, Building, Health Committees. GRIFF, MERLE-Roll President, Publicity Committee, Senior Night, gunfest, Football Manager, Second Team Basketball, lntermural ports. GRIFFITHS, ANNE-Secretary, Girls' Club, Messenger, Vacational Secretary, Radiance Roll, Standards Committee, Ski Club, Funfest. GROSSCUP, BEN-Roll President, Vocational President, Vice-President, Honor Society, Service Honor Roll, Athletic Committee, Funfest, First Team Football. GUNN, NANCY-Friendship committee, P. Q. Committee, Ski Club, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert. HAGE, GEORGE-Roll President, Vocational President, Banker, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class. HAGEN, DICK-Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Club, Advisory Board, Honor Roll, Sports Editor, Messenger, First Team Football, Varsity Track, Funfest. HALLGREN, BOB-Roll President, Vocational President, Noon Movie Operator, Chairman, Visual Education Committee, Funtest Com- mittee, Honor Society, President, Science Club. HALPERN, RUTH-Vocational Secretary, Banker, Advisory Board, So- cial Service Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll. HAMANO, MARY-Social Service Committee, Commercial Club, Big "G" Club, After-School Sports. HAMILTON, ROGER-Vocational President, Election Committee, ln- tramural Sports. HANAN, RITA HANDA, Al-Standards, School Beautification, Girls' Club Worker Committee, Honor Roll, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest, Fresh- man Auxiliary. HANSEN, BOB-Vocational President, Ski Club, Golf Team. HANSEN, CHRIS-Football Manager, Ski Club, Vocational Secretary. STUART DOUGLAS NANCY GRAVES BILL YANAGIMACHI Stew-something always brewing Stop and Go Green Eyes Foul stlipes and stoitlll HANSMAN, FRED-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Aviation Club, Vocar- tional President, Banker. HARRAH, WILLIAM-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Banker, Chairman, Tratfic, Publicity, Noon Program Committees, Ski Club. HARTNETT, BETTY-Treasurer, Girls' Club, Advisory Board, Honog Society, Cabinet, Radiance Roll, Pen Staff, Opera. li HATA, JOSHUA-Vocational Secretar, Honor Society,M ral ' 1 P ' - Y Basketball, Basketball. A W WJ 1' ' HATANKA, YURIKO-Honor Society, Holfjr Rafi opere+,4,,fM,,1. Winter Concert, Senior Night. W wif HAWES, MAC-Roll President, Vocati ecrelafy, Si' p Commit: tee Chairman, Public Relation me ommittee, G' , Funfest, Ski it s Club. ,,!f'g.l HAYASHIDA, SAQHlKO+Hono'rJ Roll, Ser,ili:e Honor Roll, Garfield Girl Reserves, Sophwe ommisjygipf Funfest, After-School Sports. ,, fu, L if dy!-1' ,K HEAL, ELIZABETH,-5iVocational Pre lent, Vocational, HealthiQor'n- mittees, SQniofl'lNlightj',,,f' A My ,ffygj 'I' V, of A , :AF HEl1R7ytLfWN--Tireasurqgy Big "G" Club, After-School, rts, Funfest. Www, VERNON?-RbllUSecretary, Vocational? Pryejjjtinlg Funfest. HEWEYT, ypolaeflzall secretary, Baseball, Flwiaifl. Hl'MMehul+AN, Run-l-Rall Presidet- Cabinet, usher, Chairman, Soo omore Commission, Ho! I ciety, Honor foil, Assisjant K Editor Melsenqer. J f -Y 5 ' J' ,, ll i ffl!-if ' , ' it - fl ll 1 . f' ,4 f' , I fi 1 , ,."f' T if 'l li f . f llfwif . " p 2 ' ,elf ,x .fy Q Yr ,f X fy' Q, HlNCH, KENNTH-Roll rejidgnit, Voc tion l ' President, Assembly ' Committee, Pen Staff ,Mage Crfyg, ,fgwgi Night. HOELSCHER, BILL-Roll President, Building cammlllees, Fun- fest, Opera, Mid-Winter Cqnlertg Senior Night. HOFFMAN, EVELYN ,X HOLLAND, RUTH-Vocational Secretary, Social Service, Make-Up Committees, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Business Manager, Messenger, Senior Night. HOOD, MARY-Vocational Secretary, Cabinet, Secretary, Freshman Auxiliary, Honor Society, Messenger Statt, Arrow, Quill and Scroll. HOOEY, NANCY-Roll President, Hostess Committee, Girls' Ga- zette, Funfest. HORIUCHI, EDWIN-Roll Banker, Honor Roll, lntramural Sports. HOWARD, JANETTE-Vocational Secretary, Roll Banker, P. T. A., Make-Up Committees, Funtest. HUNTINGTON, GLORIA-Roll President, Vocational President, Ad- visory Board, Social Service Committee, Honor Society, Ski Club, Feature Editor, Messenger. HURWITZ, ELIHU-Roll Secretary, Honor Society, Sports Editor, Ar- row, Messenger, Senior Night, Quill and Scroll, Athletic Man- ager. INOUYE, HENRY-Roll President, Vocational President, Election, Ticket Committees, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Ski Club. ISRAEL, BECKY R.-After-School Sports, Usher, Dramatic, Debate Clubs, Funfest, Mid4Winter Concert, Senior Night, HELEN GAY MAC HAWES SYLVIA PINCUS Be gay with Goy Ho ho Howes, everybody's pol Worth her weight in "silvo" ISRAEL, JACK'-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Messenger. ISRAEL, JOE-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Honor Roll, Fun- fest, Make-Up, Doorman Committees, Garfield Day Oralorical Contest. ISRAEL, SAM-Banker, Vocational President, Honor Roll, Service Hon- or Roll, Funfest, Senior Night, Publicity Committee. JACKSON, AURA BELLE-Service Honor Roll, Library, Hostess, Ga- zette Committees, Big "G" Club, After-School Sports, Funtest. JACKSON, JANET-Gazette Committee. JAFFE, MARIAN-President, Girls' Club, President, Sophomore Class, Cabinet, Advisory Board, Chairman, All-City Presidents' Council, Radiance Roll. JAMIESON, NANCY-Roll Representative, Vocational Secretary, Banlger, Freshman Auxiliary, Safety Committee, Honor Roll, Senior Nig t. , JANTZ, RALPH-Radio Club, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Opera. JOHNSON, JERRY-Banker. JOHNSTON, BARNETTA-Co-Chairman, Standard Committee, Advis- ory Board, After-School Sports, Mid-Winter Concert. JOHNSTON, BYRON C.-Mid-Winler Concert, Opera, Aviation Club, Doorman, Traftfic, Library Committees. JONES, BARBARA-Roll Secretary, Cabinet, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Messenger, Funfest, Senior Night. JONES, HUGH-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll. JOSEPH, ALICE-Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Nonette Accompanist. KALABIN, ELIZABETH lBettyl-Vocational, Usher, Make-Up Commit- tees, Vice-President, Big "G" Club, After-School Sports. KANOGAWA, YAEKO-Art Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll. KATO, AKIKO-Roll Secretary, Banker, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Debate Club, Mid-Winter Concert. KAWANISHI, IRENE-Banker, Chairman, Thrift Committee, Social Service Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll. KAYNE, ELIZABETH-Freshman Auxiliary, Usher Committee, Ski and Roller Clubs. KERTES, JAY-Stage Crew, Fall Track, President, Aviation Club, Fun- fest, Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Sophomore Represen- tative. KING, GEORGE-Banker, Doorman, Junior Prom Committees, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Junior Representative, Radio Club. KISHIDA, MASAKO-Honor Society, Honor- Roll, Japanese Girls' Re- serves. KNETTLE, NANCY ANN-Transferred from Helen Bush School, Roll Secretary, Honor Society, Senior Night, Funfest. KNIGHT, HOWARD-Vocational President. LYNN BROWN JACK DOUGLAS RAMONA DEYOE Merry-Lynn Jumpin' Jack kmq of tmrln Dyo know Ramona KOBSYASHL ANNA H.-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Commercial ub. KRAECPZSKY, DAVID-Banker, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Open Forum u . KRIEGEL, ELEANOR-Senior Roll Representative, Art, P. O., Junior Decorations Committees, Funfest. ' KRISTOFERSON, AL-Advisory Board, Stamp, Grounds Committees, Ski Club, Ski Team, Track. KULMAN, ARTHUR-Roll President, Banker, Publicity Committee, Sports Editor, Messenger, Baseball, Intramural Sports. KUMAGAI, TERRY-Mid-Winter Concert, Funtest, Intramural Sports, Honor Roll. KUMMER, LUELLA-Roll President, Vocational President, Cabinet, Honor Society, Chairman, Building Committee, Vice-President, Science Club, Messenger. KUROlWA, SADAO-Vocational President, Advisory Board, Intramural Sports, Yell Duke. KUROSE, KAYKO-Extension Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Funfest. LAGEN, BILL-Roll President, Vocational President, Funfest. LAGERQUIST, JUNE-Roll President, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Big "G" Club, Atter-School Sports, Mid-Winter Concert, Opera. LARRGE, BOB-Roll President, Stamp, Building, Program, Avocational Committees, Photography Club, Messenger. LATHROP, CORINNE-Transfer from Spokane, Managinq Editor, Mes- senger, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Arrow Staff, Senior Representative. LATIMER, CORINNE-Senior Representative, Secretary-Treasurer, Ski Club, Cabinet, Honor Society, Chairman, P. Q. Committee, Co- Feature Editor, Messenger, Radiance Roll. LATIMER, LAEL-Roll Secretary, Ski Club, Funtest, Luncheon, Friend- ship, Fine Arts Committees, Chairman, Noon Dance Committee. LEE,DON-Mid-Winter Concert. LEE, EVERARD-Transfer from Chamberlin Hunt Military Academy. LENNON, LORRAINE-Vocational Secretary, Mid-Winter Concert. LEONG, ROSE-Secretary-Treasurer, Cathay Club, Make-Up Commit- tee, Funfest. LERNER, ANN-Vocational President, Vice-President. Debate Club, Office Assistant, Dramatic Club, Gold Medal Winner, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest, S. A. R. Contest, Usher. LERNER, BEN-Roll President, Library Committee, Honor Society, Hon- or Roll, President, Debate Club, President, Open Forum Club, Business Manager, Messenger. LEVY, HELENE-Vocational President, Vocational Secretary, Banker, Service Honor Roll, Big "G" Club, Junior Representative. LEVY, SAMUEL R.-Football, Freshman Track. LEW, THOMAS-Roll Banker, Honor Society, Cathay Club, Honor Roll. NANCY TOMLINSON CORINNE LATIMER BOB CASSADY Lightning in hen teet Shes c C0lklflgll gol "Hoop-o-long" Cossocly rides again LEWlS, MARIE--Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Operetta. LINDEKE, FLORENCE--Roll President, Cabinet, Ski Club, Feature Editor, Messenger and Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Funfest. LINDEMANN, JOSEPH-Intramural Sports, Stamp Clerk. LUCKS, NANCY-Radiance Roll, Advisory Board, Chairman, Friend- ship Committee, Funfest Committee, Honor Roll, Ski Club, As- sistant Editor, Messenger. LUSIER, DOREEN--Freshman Auxiliary, Sophomore Commission, Standards Committees, Funfest, Ski Club. MacDONALD, BONNY-Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Funfest, Lunchroom Committee. MACKEY, MARGARET-Roll Representative, Fashion Show, Com- mencement Usherette. MACQUARRIE, WILLA-Social Service, School Beautification Com- mittees, Science Club, Funfest. MAIER, Gerda-Roll Secretary, Honor Society. MALCOLMSON, CHARLES-Roll President, Roll Secretary, Boys' Ath- letic Committee, Intramural Sports, Basketball, Baseball. MARBET, CLAUDIA-Vocational Officer, Banker, President, Roller Club, Big "G" Club, Honor Society, Funfest, Girls' Baseball Manager. MARK, WING-Roll Representative, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Radio Club, Funfest. MARKOW, JIM-Honor Roll, Messenger, Pen, Opera, Funfest, Senior Night, Senior Representative. MARSHALL, JUANITA-Roll President, Roll Banker, Vocational Com- mittee, Honor Society, Nonette, Opera, Funfest. MARSHALL, NAIDA-Roll Officer, Radiance Roll, Cabinet, Advisory Board, Vice-President, Sophomore Class, Feature Editor, Messen- ger, Secretary-Treasurer, Honor Society. MARSHALL, VAN-Roll Officer, Boys' Club Committees, Honor So- ciety, Honor Roll, Editor, Messenger, Business Manager, Arrow, Quill and Scroll. MARTIN, EMILY-Roll Secretary, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Big "G" Club, After-School Sports, Opera. MARTIN, HOWARD-Transferred from Richmond Hill High, New York, Aviation Club, Messenger Staff. MARTIN, LEATRICE MATTHEWS, BOB-Vocational President, Avocational, Traffic Com- mittees, Messenger Staff, Football, Track, Captain, Golf Team. MAYNE, KENNETH-Vocational President, Vocational Secretary, Voca- tional, Avocational, Traffic Committees, Ski Club, Track. MCCULLOUGH, LORRAlNE-Honor Roll, Cabinet, Copy Editor, Messenger, Assistant Editor, Arrow, Co-Editor, Junior 42-30, Fun- fest, Ouill and Scroll, McDONALD, DON-Advisory Board, Grounds Committee, Honor So' ciety, Sports Editor, Messenger, Baseball, Football, Quill and Scroll. McDONALD, LAUREL-Mid-Winter Concert. ROSEMARY BOWDEN STAN FRIEDMAN EMILY STANTON Bow clown to Bowden Stoge door Ston comedy mon Smoll girl great thoughts MCGOVERN, JACK-lRoIl President, Junior Representative, Junior Ar- rangements, Dance, Decoration Committees, Assistant Feature Editor, Junior 42-30. McLACKLIN, LOUISE MCMILLAN, DORIS-Vocational Secretary, Nurse's, Beautification Committees, Honor Society, Open Forum Club. MELVIN GILBERT-Vocational Secretary, Aviation, Debate, Clubs, Stage Crew. MENDELSOHN, GERTRUDE MILLER, BOE-Public Relations, Traffic, Funtest Committees. MILLER, JEAN-Roll Secretary, Social Service Committee, Honor So- ciety, Service Honor Roll, Biq "C-21' Club, Arrow, Funfest. M LLER, JOSEPHlNEvRoll Pr Sideni,iRoll cretaryv, Usherette 'Com- mittee, Opera, Mid-WintE,C.on,c,, V ,3,5fw.,gf,,f2?'m-C.. I fjgfeu img! ,R i. Q y jx. My ., ,wp QrL,l.,,',, f ,fjiir -I -2 .- MILLER, RICHARD: Roll Presidey-,u,IapeQ2Y, ai?-eeereiy. MILLS, PAUL-H,ehor,,SBTi'I'ety, ,Honor Rol5,RolI President, Quill and Scroll, Assistant ditor, Messenger, P- Staff, Funfest. MITAMURA, Ml-N VIE-Honor? Rolpbg held Girl Reserves. I MITCHELL, Hcilikv-e.4Enk6FT'Hi'? li,er ccfynziisegpsdfo Club. If-, w.-' I, 'V l ffifim Ie f ' , F if I Q-i':ff:.f,.Z2?IZi,es MITCHELL, LI LIAN-Noon Danc Kwhrmittee, Funtest, Building, Art Committees, Vocational Secret r'y, Banker, Pen Staff. MOCHKATEL, MARION-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Dramatic Club. MOORES, KEN-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Boys' Club Pres- ident, Stamp, Philanthropic Committees, Ski Club. MORITA, WILLIAM-Honor Roll, Aviation Club. MUKAI, LILY-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Arrow Statt, Japanese Girl Reserve President, Make-Up, Prom Committees, Senior Class Rep- resentative. MUNDAY, DAVE-Athletic, Avocational Committees, Golf Team. MUNSON, SHIRLEY-Roll Banker, Sophomore, Junior Representative. MURAKAMI, CHESTER-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Intramural Bas- ketball. MURPHY, MIKE MYERS, JEAN-Vocational President, Gazette, Lunchroom, Standards Committees, Ski Club, Freshman Auxiliary, Funfest. NAKANO, JOHN-Honor Roll. NAPP, EDNA-Banker, Mixer, Social Service, Make-Up Committees, Girls' Gazette. BILL BENVENISTE MARYE WING TOM BARTO Spmfs fined Wmgglmggif Boy who cuts his own hair , :,,s.5'.,.-me A-eve NARRAMORE, ARCIA-Friendship, Lunchroom, Program Commit- iees, Ski Club, Mid-Winler Concerl, Funfesf. NELSON, CHARLES-Ediior, Messenger, Advisory Board, Slamp Com- mirfee, Roll Presidenl, lnframural Baskefball, Honor Rally Quill and Scroll. ,, ,F X--4' , ,1 NELSON, MARGARET-Rau semfafy, sfandardigQlli1'enashL5f's'ch0al Beaulificafion Commifleesg Girls' Cllu '.OffiCq3'AHendanl, ki Club. NELSON, MARY ELLEN-Enlered lfrql e ill, Wailrfngjon, Usher Commifree. , if ' - V,- L 1 .4 A L rw NELSON, lv1EL-Rollflffeslidenf, vocafiaaal sem 54, L h c 4-1 N rrljffee, lioofb ifklfreshman Track, Golfjllpagn. unc loom Gln l -, L - ' ' '- NEVL55, LUFI LE-Social -Service Comliliflee, Frpiliman Au1riliary,,,- '15 omore Cornmlssion, Service Honor Roll, Funfeslg Drum Mp-L-1 Y. elle. If-' '- i ' , -. at ' NICHOLS,-.iOlrl,N I v NIEDERWTHN-Roll Secretary, Cabinel, Honor Sociefy,4Debafbu I a Sophomoye Representative, Social 6ervnce Cognmrflee ' . , , A i , . 1 , 7 ,,f' ,, i ." .f 1 4 . ' OGASAWARA, YURIKO-Fine Arts cpmmufee. OLSON, DQQALD-Building.and Trafueicammifiees. PAINE, 'ADA MAE-Ai-1 car-immee, Roller Club. PALMER,.lRODNEY4-FoorbFall,fFresl1man' Track, Alhlelic Manager, Fun- fetf., L f A , 3 '. , A if i . - 1 W 1 JL, PALMOUISH, HELEN-Roll Secrelary, Noon Dance Conducf Commif- lee, U ,air CommiHee,v5lri Club. PARKER, PAT-Roll President, Cabinel, Service Honor Roll, Senior Nighl, Opera, Standards Commillee, Chairman, Grounds Com- millee. " PATTEN, BOB-Roll President, Honor Sociefy, Ski Club, Fealure Edi- lor, Messenger, Senior Nighf, Funfesl. PATTERSON, BOB-Roll Presidenl, Honor Sociely, Honor Roll, Pholoq- raphy Club, Opera, Presidenl, Freshman Class, Funfesl. PEARL, SOL-Vocalional Presidenl, Banker, Pholoqraphy Club, Aller- School Sporls. PEARSON, HELEN-Banker, Big "G" Club, Freshman Auxiliary, Aller- School Sporfs. PEIZER, TOM-Secretary, Radio Club, Doorman, Slamp Commiffee, Ski Club, Pholography Club. PERRI, FRANK PERRY, CARROLL-Roll Presidenl and Secrefary, Vocalional Presideni, Healfh Commilfee, Ski Club, Opera, Mid-Winfer Concert. PETERSEN, WARREN-Vocalional Presidenf, Junior Safely Palrol, Grounds Commillee. PIETROMONACO, BEN-Eirsf and Second Team Baseball, lnlramural Sporls, Senior Chorus, Baskefball Manager. PlNCUS, SYLVlA-Roll Officer, Cabinel, Co-Chairman, Social Service Commillee, Honor Roll, Ediror, Girls' Club Gazelie, Senior Rep- resentative, Mid-Winter Concerf. DON SIDELSKY MlMl VAN WATERS BEN GROSSCUP The boy wifh "sox" oppeol She olwoys Winlsl ol skiing Dances o rneon can-con POL, ROSE-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Funfest. POPE, VIRGINIA-Make-Up Committee, After-School Sports, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest. POWELL, CLARENCE-Roll President, Vocational President, Stamp Committee, Ski Club, Funfest, Intramural Basketball, Tumbling Team. POWELL, VlR6INlA-Roll Secretary, Make-Up Committee, Honor So- ciety, Big "G" Club. PRESCOTT, WALTER-Roll President, Vocational President, Chairman, Election Committee, Pen Statt, Messenger, Head Track Man- ager, Secretary, Senior Class. PRICE, STANLEY-Vocational President, Library Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Senior Representative. RAATZ, FRANCES ANN-After-School Sports, Badminton and Basket- ball Manager, Latin, Big "G", P. T. A., Hostess Committees. RADFORD, EVELYN-Roll Banker, Building Committee, Honor So- ciety, Stage Crew, Funtest. REED, ROBERT-Vocational President, Senior Roll Representative, Ot- tice Workers' Committee. REICHERT, ELISE-Roll Secretary, Beautification, Dad and Daughter Night Committees, Chairman, Make-Up Committee, Service Honor Roll, Big "6" Club, Messenger Staff. REITZE, ANN-Advisory Board, Radiance Roll, Honor Roll, Honor Society, Co-Editor, Arrow, Quill and Scroll, Usher. RICHARDSON, RUTH-Roll Representative, Make-Up Committee. RIDDELL, BOB-Chairman Ticket Committee, Avocational, Election Committees, Photography and Science Clubs. ROBBINS, EUGENE-Roll President, Advisory Board, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Arrow Staff, Sports Editor, Messenger, First Team Basketball. ROBERTS, STANLEY-Roll President, Vocational President, Science and Stamp Clubs, Avocational, Vocational, Make-Up Committees. RODDEWIG, FRANCES-Funfest. ROMEREIN, JIM ROSE, JOAN-Roll President, Roll Secretary, Banker, Standards and Social Service Committees, Senior Representative, Sophomore Commission. ROSS, DAN-Athletic Committee, First Team Football, First Team Baseball, Second and Third Team Basketball. RUGGLES, BETSY-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Advisory Board, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Junior Class. SADICK, ARNOLD-Roll President, Vocational President, Banker, Election Committee, Service Honor Roll, Assistant Sports Editor, Messenger, First Team Basketball. SAMSON, JUNE-Banker, Cabinet, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Assist- ant Copy Editor, Messenger, Pen Staff, Funfest. SCHAlN, NORMAN-Doorman, Radio Club. SCHEUER, SHIRLEY-Roll President, Vocational Secretary, Hostess Committee, Service Honor Roll, Senior Representative. LARRY ARLANDER CORlNNE LATHROP BILL TOLLES Goltield s onswei to Potluck Henry Miss ot the Mess" For whom the bell "Tolles" 1 1 SCHMULMAN, EDITH-Roll, Vocafional Officer, Hosfess, Makeup, Social Service Commiffees, As We See If, Lafin Clubs. SCHROEDER, AL-Aviafion, Sfamp, Phofography Clubs. SCHWENNSEN, BOB-Roll Presidenf, Secrefary. SCOTT, W. LENNOX-Transferred from Broadway, Roll Officer, Pub- lic Relafions, Avocafional Commiffees, Honor Roll, lnframural Sporls. SHAIN, RUTH-Roll Presidenf, Secretary, Library, Social Service, Friendship, Arf Commiffees, Service Honor Roll, ViceAPresidenf, Dramafic Club, Girls' Club Gazeffe, Messenger. SHAW, NORMAN-Roll Secrefaryg Program, Traffic, Bleachers, Vo- cafional Cornmiffees, Ski Club, Radio Club. SHELTON, RALPH-Roll Officer, Vocafional Officer, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Arrow Phofographer. SHI ELDS, JEANNE-Vocafional Secrefary. SHIMIZU, TORU-Vocafional Officer, Roll Banker, Bleachers, Office Commiffees, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Intramural Sporfs. SHIMMIN, ROBERT-Roll Secrefary, Vocafional Secrefary, Roll Banker, Traffic Commiffee, Chairman, Building Commiffee, Program Commiffee. SHOJI, ELIZABETH-Movie Ccmrnifiee, Library, Japanese Girls' Re- serve. SHOJI, JOSEPH-Junior Represenfafive, lnframural Baskefball, SHULMAN, BETTY-Roll Banker, Friendship, Social Service, l-ine Arfs Commiffees, Honor Scciery, Honor Roll, Messenger. SIDELSKY, DON-Vocational Presidenf, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Messenger, Funfesf, Senior Nighf, Quill and Scroll. SIMPSON, VlRGlNlA-Lunchroom. SOCOLOFSKY, SONIA-Roll Presidenf, Vocafional Presidenf, Secre- tary, Sophomore Commission, Healfh, Lunchroom, Movie Com- miffees, Service Honor Roll, Ski Club. SODEN, ROBERT-Vocafional Officer, Chairman, Bleachers Commif- fee, Avocafional, Publicify Commiffees, l00 Mile Club, lnframural Baskefball, Freshman and Second Team Track, Funfesf. SOFTKY, JEAN-Honor Roll, Hisforian of Big "G" Club, Affer-School Sporfs, Make'Up Commiffee. SOLOMON, ANNETTE-Junior Represenfafive, Vocafional Presidenf, Roll Banker, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Big "G" Club, Affer-School Sporfs. SORIANO, BERTHA-Vocafional Secrefary, Roll Secrefary, Red Cross Kniffinq, Funfesf. STAMM, STANLEY-Roll Officer, Vocafional Officer, Advisory Board, Honor Sociefy, Messenger, Foofball, Bookroom. STANTON, EMILY-Roll Officer, Cabinef, Girls' Advisory Board, Infer- gchgol Council, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Secrefary, Debafe u . STANTON, LYMAN-Vocafional Presidenf, Honor Sociefy, Honor Roll, Junior Safefy Pafrol. STEEBINS, ROBERT H.-Transferred from Quincy Senior High, Quincy, Cfssflasgachuseffs, Producfions Edifor, Arrow, Ski Team, Funfesf, Ski u . , ,.,,,,, . , , . ,,, , .V ., .. ,, , , ,c . ., .. .,,,,,.. ...Ma g If we 'em we ,4- ro- von, BEN LERNER BETSY RUGGLES Bll..L TREMPER You con leorn ca lor from Lerner Place your befs on Befs The "bod" mon wifh o mighfy "l'ocquef .. . WIV- , A x 1 STERNBERG, QUENTIN-Vocational President, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Pen Staff, Senior Representative. STILLER, MARGARET-After-School Sports. ' STOCKER, SHIRLEY-Roll Secretary, Social Service Committee, Girls' Adgisory Board, Honor Society, Big "G" Club, Senior Night, Fun est. STONER, LEONARD-Roll Secretary, Vocational Committee, Honor Society, Photography, Radio Clubs, Intramural Basketball, Track, STROMMER, ELENORE-Vocational Secretary, Roll Banker, Honor So- ciety, Honor Roll. SUGAWARA, ALBERT-Radio Club, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Senior Chorus. SUYAMA, BETTY SUYAMA, NOBORU-Honor Roll, Bleacher Committee, Intramural Sports. TADA, YOKO-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Japanese Girl Reserves, Messenger Staff. TAKAHASHI, MAKIKO-Advisory Board, Cabinet, Honor Society, Co-Editor, Junior 42-30, Copy Editor, Arrow, Copy Editor, Mes- senger, Quill and Scroll. TAKlZAWA, JOHN-intramural Basketball. - TARICA, JACK-Stamp Clerk, intramural Sports. TAT, BEVERLY-Roll President, Roll Secretary, Building, Friendship, Service Committees, Honor Society, Freshman Auxiliary. TAYLOR, ARLYSS-Make-Up Committee, Big "G" Club, Funfest. TEMPLIN, LEONA-Roll Secretary, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Mid- Winter Concert, Funfest, Senior Night. THAL, BERNICE-Roll President, Roll Banker, Vocational President, Senior Niqhtg Funtest, Art Committee, Ski Club. l THOMAS, WANDA TOMLINSON, NANCY--Roll Secretary, Cabinet, Dance, Senior, Art, Gazette Committees, Funtest. TOURIEL, EMILY TREMPER, BILL-Roll President, Avocational, Election, Public Rela- tions Committees, Honor Society, Service Honor Roll, Ski Club. TRUESDELL, BEVERLY--P, Q. Committee, Funfest, Noon Program. TWEDT, FRED-Bleacher Committee, Intramural Basketball, Junior Representative, Baseball. UCHIYAMA, AIJI-Roll, Vocational Presidents, Avocational, Stamp, Chairman, Dernerit Committees, Honor Society, Layout Technician, Arrow, Quill and Scroll. ULLBERG, WILLIAM-Roll Secretary, Bleacher Committee, Ski, Avia- tion, Clubs, Intramural Basketball, Tennis. . CHARLIE NELSON STEFFIE WOLFFHEIM AL KRISTOFERSON "Big Time Charlie" Stett lsnows her stuff Christie Kris -,. . V S... ..., vw. . VALENTINE, ROBERT E. VAN WATERS, MIRIAM-Chairman, Standards Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Treasurer, Bulldog Ski Club, Messenger Staff, Senior Night, Quill and Scroll. VAN WYCK, MIRIAM-Vocational President, Banker, P. T. A., Make- Up Committees, Service Honor Roll, Funtest. VAR?N,+ SARA-Mid-Winter Concert, Roller Club, After-School por s. VERNON, LOIS-Big "G" Club, Funiest. VILAS, MARY-Vocational Secretary, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Messenger Staff. WALLBERG, KENT-Vocational President, Vocational Secretary, Ath- letic Committee, Captain, Golf Team, Winner, Fall Golf Tourna- ment, Baseball. WALTERS, BERT-Roll President, Roll Banker, Safety, Traffic Commit- tees, Arrow Photographer, Feature Editor, Messenger, Head Foot- ball Manager. WATSON, SALLY-Roll President, Vocational President, Cabinet, Pen Staff, Oratorical Contests, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Play. WATTERS, WALTER-Roll President, Vocational President, Building, Senior Prom Committees, Junior Arrangements Committee, Junior Representative. WAUGH, VIRGINIA-Roll Secretary, Social Service Committee, Cabi- net, Honor Society, Pen Staff, Senior Night, Funfest. WEIS, BLOSSOM-Funfest, Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary. WEST, BILL-Banker, Opera, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night. WHITTAKER, DOTTIE-Roll Secretary, Vocational Secretary, Gazette, Standards Committee, Ski Club, Freshman Auxiliary, Committee airman. WIGODSKY, ALLEN-Vocational President, Aviation Club, First Team Tennis, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. WILLIAMS, MIRIAM-Roll President, Banker, Service Honor Roll, Health Committee, Ski Club, Sophomore Commission, Freshman Auxiliary. WILLIAMSON, SHIRLEY--Vocational President, Banker, Student Pro- duction and Grounds Committees, Ski Club, Arrow Staff, Funtest. WINSHIP, ARTHUR-Vocational President, Banker, Building, Election Committees. WOHLGELERNTER, SAMUEL-Roll Representative, Honor Society, Open Forum Club, Pen Staff, Editor, Pen, Intramural Basketball, Quill and Scroll. WOLFFHEIM, STEFFI-Cabinet, Chairman, Nurses Committee, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Science Club, Usher, Lunchroom Com- mittee. WONG, ARTHUR-Honor Society, Bleacher, Office Workers' Com- mittees, Assistant Sports Editor, Messenger. WONG, KATHERINE-Vocational President, P. T. A. Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll, President, Cathay Club, Funfest, Senior Night. WOOD, CHARLES-Roll Secretary, Roll President, Traffic Committee, Mid-Winter Concert. WYNN, SHIRLEY-Vocational Secretary, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Make-Up Committee. YANAGIMACHI, BILL-Vice-President, Senior Class, Basketball,.Cap- tain, Football Team, Head, Athletic Committee, Roll President, Messenger Staff. YAPLEE, BENJAMIN-Roll President, Honor Society, Building, Ticket Committees, Cathay, Radio Clubs, Funfest. YOROZU, HELEN-Vocational President, P, T. A. Committee, Honor Society, Photography Club, Messenger, Funfest, Mid-Winter Con- cert. ZEMPEL, BEATRICE-Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Opera, Honor Roll. ZOBER, FRANCES-Vocational Secretary, Art Committee, Freshman Auxiliary, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Funfest. .f-......' W.. ,,,n.?.-,..,..f.,y,--3 Cf. in- -1+ 1 -1 i wp- 37 , SEIIIUII CUIIIIIIIIIEES SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Beverly Bryanl, Marian Nieder, Marye Wing, Waller Prescofl. SECOND ROW: Paul Mills, Cor- inne Lalimer, Waller Walfers. THIRD ROW: Dick Hagen, Bill Bur- nell, Bob Craig. Through Ihe roll represen+a+ives, 'Ihe class of I942 succeeded in having a grea- parlicipalion in sludenr aciivilies. , Early in Ihe fall, senior aclivilies in- cluded +I-ie selling of class pins, Ihe pron wilh ifs Thanksgiving Iheme, and Ihe Senior Nighl program. In Ihe spring, a picnic was planned for class day. An enlirely new proiecl wa: developed Ihis year 'for lhe commence- menl' program. Members of Ihe class wrole Ihe malerial andbdirecied lhd gradualion exercises which consisled of o palriolic pageanl inlerspersed wi+h musi- cal seleclions. 'DI rags, SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES FRONT ROW: Marian Nieder, Marilyn Cohn, Pal Bonalh, SIeffiWoIff- heim, Emma Eng, Hel- en Yorozy,Nancy Jamie- son, Sylvia Pincus, Jackie Crawford. SEC- OND ROW: Corinne Larimer, Waller Pres- cofl, Marian Jaffe, Pat Parker, Doris McMillan, Shirley Scheuer, Don Sidelsky, Beverly Bry- anl. THIRD ROW: Bill Wesf, Ben Lerner, Paul Mills, Eugene Robbins, Samuel Wohlgelernier, Howard -Cavender, CraigCrawford. FOURTH ROW: Beri Waliers, Larry Arlan- der, Bob Korner, Dick Beach, Sian Slamm. ED ATTEBERY DORIS BEARDSLEY CORKY KUROIWA Ed 'Ihe Ed R for "Do" A "Duke" of Garfield SEIII UH CU IITIIII I I I ES 21.3 SENIOR PRODUCTION COMMITTEE SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE ROW: Makiko Takahashi, Nancy Graves, June Morris, Nancy Ann KneHle, Sally Lorraine McCullough, Sfeve Chadwick, Bob Marian Jaffe, Marian Nieder. SECOND ROW: Bob Korner, Nell Brauer, Jean Craig, WaIIer Prescofl. Doris McMillan, Rufh Shain, Ann Reilze. THIRD ROW: Howard Cavender, Paul Friend Dickinson, Samuel WohIgeIern+er, Ed Affebery, Bob Sfebbins. SENIOR PICNIC COMMITTEE SENIOR PIN COMMITTEE NT ROW: Bari' Dobb, Evelyn Radford, Nancy Jamieson, Pa+ Parker, Helen Yorozu, FRONT ROW: Sylvia Pincus, Virginia ia Feinberg. SECOND ROW: Friend Dickinson, Dan Barash, Conrad Carler, Corinne Waugh, Pa? Parker. SECOND ROW: Ben lner, Jean Herr, Doreen Bingham. Lerner, Paul Mills, Eugene Robbins, Sian Slarnm. EMMA ENG DON COLEMAN NANCY LUCKS Emma in a dilemma A "Ducky" fellow Ski Queen de "Iucks" 77-Tv - V. ,. W ,v ln his ihird year of apprenficeship, 'lhe Junior receives good bil paris in ihe work of fhe various clubs, con+ac+s +he direcfors, and shares glories wi+h +he sfars on 'lhe spor+'s field. While he is seldom given +he lead, all fhese supporf- ing par+s make him a valuable irouper. The Junior is sfill an ingenue in fype as he has noi' The mafurify necessary +o play +he leading characfer roles which 'feafure fhe Senior. He is given a brief clirecforial job ai fhe end of fhe year when he plans +he Senior's gradualion show. .LM , ,pd f ..,.,-, ,-,-,V-N-qw, m af x, "" L' ff 'S ,MLA i CHARLES BRIGHAM BOB BANNICK JACK LOWE Secrefary Presidenf Vice-Presidenf MISS ELIZABETH M. WILLIS MISS MARGARET SCHWARTZ Advisors ffl fg, I 4 , , Q1-.J RJ-R , ' ,SN 3 x . N, HJ --1 vm-- AGNEW, PAT ALHADEFF, ALBERT ALEXANDER, DONALD ALHADEFF, RAYE ALFARONE, EDI ALHADEFF, VICTOR ALMELCH. LUCIE AMSBARY, NANCY ANGEL, ELEANOR AOKI, MATSUYE ARASE, VIOLET BAER, ANNE BAKER, JEANNE BALKEMA, MITZI QSQI ANDERSON, I L ANDERSON, DARREEF ARNBERG, ELEANOR ASABA, YOSHI X u BANNICK, BORI17 BARREA, , I I . , IJICI I Y' , R ix 'I' X 'A I 1 , W BATES, PEOO IBEIIBE. JIM: E BEACH, BONNIE BERLJNEIQ ZWQNIQLL BECKER, JEROME ,JI x, ,I BERTOLIN, RALPH BOONE, JERRY XV BLANES, ELWOOD BOONOV, CLAIRE BOGUCH, HARRY BORIES, ALAN BRADY. JOHN BOTHWELL, DICK BOWMAN, DONALD BRIGHAM, CHARLES BRINSFIELD, BILL BRUNNER, DOLORES BUSHNELL, TOM CALDERHEAD, BILL CALVO, JEAN BRAUNN, MARILYN BURKE, VIRGINIA BURTON, ELEANOR CARLSON, DOROTHY CASSERD, FRED CAVENDER, JANE CHANDLER, ADELIA CLARK, CHARLES COHEN, NESSO COONE, MARY JANE COWLEY, BARBARA CURTIS, BILL DARCH, LOIS DOUGLAS, KEITH DOWD, JANET EDELSON, BOB EELLS, CHARLES ESKENAZI, JOE EVANS, DAVID FISHER, FRED FLOREY, DON FUJIKADO, KAY FUNAKUBO, LILLIAN CHARNEY. LILLIAN CHARROIN, JIM CHINN, WILLIAM COLUMBRO. MARGARET COOK, BOB COONE, MARGARET CREIGHTON, HELEN CROOK, JOHN CROSSLEY, BERNICE DAVIS, MARGARET DeLAYE, CLIFFORD DOOTSON, BOB DOWNS, NANCY DREYER, RICHARD DRUXMAN, CAL ERICKSON, KEITH ERNSTROM, DICK ESKENAZI, AL FEINBERG, IRVING FERRERA, RACHEL FISHER, BILL FORSELL, MARY JO FOSS, OLIVER FOWLER, BETTY GATCHET, GEORGE GENSS, ISABELLE GERANIOS, DIKI 9.15 '. -,I ru- A K N .x-YY ' , ' R I 4, , I . X. ' I V I I' ' I , E . I, I f , . I N . I I, GERANIOS, JIM GERTH, BOB GIBSON, BURKE GOLDBERG, IRWIN GOODNOW, CHARLOTTE GOODRICH, RALPH GORRIE, JACOUELINE GOSSE, JOHN HABERNAL, LAURA HALE, FLORENCE HANES, PAT HARRELL, MARGARET HARTT, ELEANOR HASEGAWA, WARREN HASSON, LUCY HAWKES, SUSAN HAYAKAWA, HI RO KO HERMANN, ARTHUR HERR, BETTY HERRETT, JEANNE HOWARD, CHARLES HOWARD, NANCY I HUSTON, POLLY ISAACSON, MARIE ISRAEL, MARY IZAN, FRANCES GILROY, SALLY GINSBERG. RITA GORDON, PHYLLIS GORLICK, EDDIE GRINSPAN, ROSE GUNN, GLORIA GRAHAM, BILLY JEAN C HANSEN, NEIL HARPER, HELEN HASSELBLAD, ADO REE HASSELO, RAE HAYNES, NED HERLINVEAUX. JEWEL HILL, NORMA LEE HORAN, JUNE ICHIHARA, ROSE INOUYE, ELLEN JEFFERIES, WARREN JENKINS, ALLENE . JOHNSON, ANN JOHNSON, BERT JONES, RICHARD JOSEPH, ALFRED KARNOFSKY, MILDRED KAWAMURA, MARIE KITAMURA, MOTO KLEINBERG, BILL KOSIN, SYLVIA KOTKINS, WALTER LANDER, SHIRLEY LANDERS, BILL ,Aff LAUDAN, VERA LAVENDER, DENIS LEVY, LILA LEWIN, JEAN LOCKE, JOHN LORENTZ, BOB V JONES, ANN JONES, BETSY JONES, MOXENE KAHN, HANNAH KANAZAWA, MASARU KAPLAN, LEON KELLEHER, ELISE KETTLEMAN, JOE KIDDER, BILL KO, PHILIP KOBAYASHI, MASAO KOENIG, KATHERINE KREMS, SIDNEY KRONOUIST, KEN KYNELL, LILLIAN LANG-E, EVIND LARSEN, MARIAN LARSON, JOHN if Y ff "'l, M ,Q ' f'5' sf LEvAN,D1OS1ZI,fo6T' LEVIN, HERBERT LEVIN, KENNETH LIGHTFOOT, EVELYN LINDBERG, BEATRICE LINDENBERGER, RICHARD LOWE, JACK Mc1cDONALD,MARG-IE MUCQUARRIE, FRANCES .W--.., x 4 A 4 ..1,..J. I I I 4 4 I I I I I Rgx - - I I I - I I X. IV 3 I. I I I I I I Q Lf:-., A .I MANOLIDES, MARY ARYATT, CHARLES MANOLIDES, I ASIN, ADELINE TEIEoDosIA MARVIN, JOYCE MAsIN, PI-IYLLIs MATSUMOTO, HARUO MATI-IIs, JUNE MAYENO, JAMES MATLAND, RUTH X6 I ,X rl MELAUGI-ILIN, MELSON BETTY GLORM MEYERS, GLORIA McLEOD, WILL QI bg MEIsNEsT, MAR X L MILLER, Bos 3 M CI-IEW, sos MILLER, DICK X MIY AWA, SUMIKO MILLER, JACK ,I 1 MDHRER, HILDA MOORE, BARBARA MoLINE, IRMA MooREs, MADISON MOONEY, MOLLY MOSSAFER, JOE MOWBRAY, CONNIE MURPHY, JOHN NELSON, MAY NEUSS, BETTE LOU O'CONNOR. KATHLEEN OWEN, TOM OWINGS, BUD OZAWA, HAMAKO PEASE, EUGENE NAKAGAWA, GEORGE NELSON, CHARLES OSBORN, BOB OSTROM, MARGARET OZIEL, SUSIE PARRY, SHIRLEY PERKINS, BILL PEHA, ASHER ,PERRIN DO PEI-IA, cI-IARLE5.,-fb 4 7165 Z6 VR' XI f,1f3 Xl Qld 5 A-11120. A' ,C4-wf4"""L ,5gsLQ,'sANF D me E, LOIS PETERSON, VIRGINIA 7 -HDQELLO, CARMEN POWERS, JAMES PRATHER, SAM REYNOLDS, GORDON RICHTER, WALTER RIVKIN, MARIAN ROE, JIM ROSELLI, JOHN ROSENTHAL. DOROTHY RUNKEL, PHILLIP RUOFF, JIM SADIS, RACHEL SANDERS, WILL SEKIJIMA, HARUTO SENDA, TOKIKO SHOJI, SAM SHYMAN, CARL PRATT, BILL PRIESTLEY, MARGARET PRINCE, JOHN RICKLES, ARNOLD RILEY, JACK RITTER, JACK ROGERS, HELEN JEANNE ROMANO, ALBERT ROMANOFF, LILA ROSS, ELAINE ROUSSO, MARIE RUBICAM, BEN RUSSELL, ART RUSSELL, BETTY SADICK, CORINNE SASAKI, EDWIN SAVELSON, EDDIE SCHURR, DICK SHAIN, IRVING SHANNON, PAT SHIOYAMA, SHOICHI SIMMONS, SHIRLEY SIRIGNANO, LORETTA SMART, DOROTHY ' Q ,J M X N.,,Vt.. SMITH, ANGUS ARLENE SMITH, SMITH, CONSTANCE SMITH, RUSSELL SMITH, SHIRLEY SNIDER, PRISCILLA SOFTKY, SHIRLEY STAVIG, JERRY STEINBERG, ERNST STERN, JOYCE STERNBERGH. JOHN STEWART, DUGALD STRICKLAND, GERALD SUGAWARA, KATHERI N E SULMAN, PHIL TAHARA, DANTE TAKAHASHI, MITS TANAKA, GANJI THOMPSON. DEMARIS TIPP, MITZI TOKUNAGA, TOSHIO UCHIMURA, GRACE VAN HOTER, BARBARA VIGUS, IRIS WATKINS, MARY WEBSTER, MARJORI E WEIGEL, CLIFFORD SMITH, MARVLE SMITH, RICHARD SODEN, DALE SOFTKY, SHELDON STEINER, EDITH STEINER, RUTH STOCKLAND, . NORMAN STOCKLEY, BARBARA SUTHERLAND, BARBARA SUZUKI, ROY TAN AKA, TAKA THOMAS, MARY TRAUTMAN, BEVERLY TURNER, MURIEL WACHTIN, ROBERT WALLING, JOHN WENKERT, ERNST WHEELER, ADA LOU WICKLUND, WILSON, MELVILLE FLORENCE W K UND, MAY lc L WINK 0 Y, 'I WINGETT, BYRON LER, CLIFFORD WINKLER, DOROTHY YAMASHITA- JANE qw WOLFSTONEI YAPLEE, ALLEN im' STANLEY YASUNOBU, KERRY YODA MICHIKO YUEN, MARGARET JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Barbara Suilnerland, Claire Boonov, Margaref Yuen, Jean Myers. SECOND ROW: Bob Bannick, Jerry SIavig, Kafhleen O'Connor, Cal Druxman. THIRD ROW: Charles Brigham, Tom Owen, Will Sanders, lrei If JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Naida Marshall, Gloria Gunn, Elaine Ross, Gloria Hunfingfon, Jean Myers. SECOND ROW: Will San- ders, Bob Bannick, Col Druxman, Jerry Sfavig. THIRD ROW: Charles Briglwam, Bud Owings, Tom Owen. 49 YOSHIDAI HIROSHI ZALLOCCO, ADELLA ZWINGENBERG, BILL - --mf z , - JOHN WALLS MARY FITE JANET DOW Presidenl Vice'Presidenl Secrelary MR. DONALD HOYT MISS ELIZABETH SCHOEPPE Advisors During his second year on +he lo+, fhe Sophomore shows none of 'lhe nervousness +ha+ marked him in +he Freshman year as an exlra player. ln facr, he knows his way around so well by 'lhis fime, +ha+ he feels sufficienlly compe+en'I' io direcl' +he direc+ors. He s+all4s +he seis boldly, condescending a+ 'rimes +o favor 'rhe casr wiih his advice. Bul his bravado spiril does nor lasl long, for he learns 'lhal rhere are many scriprs 'lo be mas+erecl before he can 'rake his place among l'he slars. som-ramona W ' l I s - venues- f f W-W' fi IRWIN ADLER JEAN BARTLING IRVING ROBINSON Presideni Vice-Presidenf Secre+ary MISS RUTH BOLIN6 Q Advisor On Iocafion-'rhe Freshman en+ers, a Ii++Ie nervous and awed, buf anxious +o make good in his new role. He meers aII Iypes of experiences, as he explores +he se+s. Knowing he is iusi' an ex+ra, iol-1es+ers sell him eIeva'I'or +icI4e+s for 'rhe swimming pool on 'the roof. However, +he Freshman regal'ds fhis as iusf cmoiher experimeni' in 'Ihe changing Iigh+s and shadows facing Ihe appIican'I' for a screen 1res+. Even'ruaIIy, he finds his piace on Ihe righf sei and Iearns 'rhe fricks of 'rhe Irade so well +ha+ his posifion on +he Iof is assured. 5. FRESHMEN JS. FRONT ROW: Case, Sylvia: Co- hen, Sylvia: Carlisle, Lorraine Bullock, Lillian: Crolhers, Phyllis Chipruf, Sarah: Carr, Mabel. SECOND ROW: Cohn, Eddy Chinn, Leslie: Cordova, Jalie: Cor dova, Alberl: Cone, Jamia: Clem enl, Phyllis: Day, Maxene. THIRD ROW: Danielson, Laurence Deulsch, Allan: Decker, Calvin DeChenne, Allan: Cowan, Ted Carson, Dorolhy: Chrislie, Geral- dine. Eze Wyse: ici FRONT ROW: Alhadefl, Charles: Allison, Dorolhy: Arase, Telsuo: Allabel, Jaunlie: Angel, Bella: Anderson, Lois. SECOND ROW: Barash, Jerry: Adams, Jeannelle: Allan, Norine: Aardal, Velma: Andrews, Belly Jean: Andrews, Arlhur: Barde, Jackie. THIRD ROW: Baldwin, Lenore: Alkana, Ike: Baker, George: Azose, Solomon: Amicarella, Frank: Auernheimer, Fred: Allshuler, Eu- gene. FRONT ROW: Bergman, Elihu: Benvenisle, Lucy: Barfling, Jeanne: Bacler, Barbara: Benvenisle, Ra- chel: Benezra, Marion: Behar, Isaac. SECOND ROW: Becker, Mary Belle: Barr, Frank: Bender, Lor- raine: Ben, Daniel: Benezra, Lelly: Bergasel, Dolores. THIRD ROW: Becker, Bill: Baird, Don: Berger, Jules: Beier, Earle: Bain, Roberl: Barron, Richard. FRONT ROW: Bowden, Barbara: Blanchard, Charlolle: Bridgham, Nalalie: Burk, Belly: Brillon, Ger- aldine: Bodhaine, Aulumn: Cald- well, Lee Ellen. Buschmann, Helen: Brown, Glen Birch, Lois: Binkley, Joyce: Big- gar, Donna Lee. THIRD ROW: Bulcharl, Roberl Bonham, Bruce: Blager, Marlon Braunn, Marian: Bingham, Bill Bond, Maynard. SECOND ROW: Bridges, Jim: FRONT ROW: Elyn, Irwin: Eng Pauline: Ealy, Eileene: DeLeon Regina: Dubson, Lillian: Dow Janef. SECOND ROW: Eskenazi, Ralph Durham, Jim: Daniels, Mary Jayne Exley, Roberla: Erickson, Dean. THIRD ROW: Davies, Tecl: Dennis Don: Dunn, Hugh: Ferguson, Bel ly: Epstein, Maurice. FRONT ROW: Gold, Bernard Gayer, Carm: Fleefwood, Kay Giesche, Evelyn: Gerber, Anloin elle: Fung, Norma: Gibbons, Bel lylea. SECOND ROW: File, Mary: Gor in, Jerry: Flanders, Phyllis: Fisken Maxine: Fridell, Alfred: Forlney Richard. THIRD ROW: Francis, Johnny Fields, Roberf: Flelcher, Bob: Fu quay, Don: Galchel, Cora Jane Feier, Earle: Gourman, Jack. FRONT ROW: Halpern, Jerry Gorlon, Phyllis: Grinslein, Slanley Hola, Seiii: Ham, Daisy: Hasson, Sara: Goon, Gladys: Harlow, Norma Calherine. SECOND ROW: Goldberg, Mor ris: Gray, Harold: Glass, Rose mary: Harker, John: Hallock, Bud Grifliin, Laurie: Graves, Eleanor THIRD ROW: Hagen, Bob Greene, Dick: Hoge, Siver: Has son, Forluna: Houlahan, Jack: Ga lanli, Dick. FRONT ROW: Horiuchi, Arlhur Hickman, Vera: Hayashida, Hid eko: Horila, Yoko: Hoffman, Hel en: Hilchings, Lea. SECOND ROW: Henslone, Mary Harfje, Evelyn: Hyland, Helen Hough, Belh: Hazelhursl, Ella. THIRD ROW: Herrigel, Waller Hill, Josephine: Howard, Carmen Hoyf, Don: Holmslrom, Yvonne Hildifch, Doug. .ram FIRST ROW: Mar, Dan: Mark, Richard: Mar, Lip: Mulchlel', Gol die: MacFarlane, Anne: Millel' Barbara: Meisler, Shirley. SECOND ROW: Monsen, Andrew Morlord, Fred: Mercur, Barbara Munay, Jean: Morgan, Mary Macri, Bellie: Milchell, Pal. THIRD ROW: Mendelsohn, Arlh ur: McDonald, Dixon: McFadden Brian: Mark, Carmelila: McCarn Marlha: Millel, Dennis. FIRST ROW: Kwan, Joyce: John slon, Mary: Jones, Margarel: Kel lleman, Rulh: Kalmons, Bonnie Jilodai, Kinuye: Israel, V. Violel SECOND ROW: Kerchen, Anne Israel, Mike: Israel, Morry: Kane milsu, Saburo: Joseph, Juanila Kalsuyama, Tom. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Calvin: ls rael, Leon: lvarsson, Arnie: lre land, Bill: Iorns, Burl: Jolie, Slan- ley: Harris, Bob. FIRST ROW: Land, Marguerile Kurimura, Kazue: Kumalo, Kilnue Kikuchi, Miye: Kinsey, Belly: Kuhn Karl. SECOND ROW: Kumasalsa, Ka- zuo: Lavender, Rosalie: Kindre- gan, Belly: Kurus, Lucille: Kom- arniski, Clemenline: Losky, Don: Koslsi, Helen. THIRD ROW: Laudan, Phillip: La ney, Bob: Kruse, Harwood: Lar kin, Charles: Leader, Ted: Kozu George: Kimura, Joe. FIRST ROW: Leong, Jimmie: Leo- pold, Joe: Lasson, Laura: Loeb Erica: Lindrolh, Roberla: Luclss Carol. SECOND ROW: Lalimer, Bill Losls, Sherwin: Lund, Waller: Lew is, Irving: Levy, Kalherine: Lee Gloria. THIRD ROW: LeVeque, Wesley Lalimer, Tad: Leon, Mary: Lim beck, Shirley: Lundquisl, Elon Lewis, Harlan. Kosal-ia, Violelle: Kirila, Toshi: FIRST ROW: Proberl, Shirley Osaka, Nancy: Oqasawara, Mary Nelson, Mary: Oquisl, Gerlrude Peferson, Marilyn: Naqai, Takako. SECOND ROW: Peoples, Margar ef: Piggolf, Douglas: Naqanawa Hideo: Nelson, Rena: Pelerson Paul: Ozawa, Marie: Nelson, Mar iorie. THIRD ROW: Peck, Dick: Pefer son, Floyd: Odell, Bob: Morifa Jim: Nielsen, Don: Miller, Arnold FIRST ROW: Pike, Calla Bee: Pol lifz, Gerd: Quiriconi, Jeanne Pinkman, Alice: Perkins, Marcia Norlhrop, Joycelee: Pincus, Mel vin. SECOND ROW: Lean, Pearl: Phil lips, Ted: Poplacl-1, Ken: Phillips Herberl: Piha, Ike: Proclor, Nor- IT1dI'1. THIRD ROW: Price, Millon: Por- ad, Bernard: Price, Rocky: Pigford Maior. FIR ST ROW: Robinson, Lois Phanco, Shirley: Roe, Pal: wada, Yuri: Robinson, Irving: Ross Elizabe+h: Randolph, Mary. SECOND ROW: Sadick, Law- rence: Robinson, Bill: Sanlo, Joe: Reynolds, Jim: Rohde, Clarence: Rolfler, Don. THIRD ROW: Rainold, Sieve: Robbins, Arnold: Savage, Don: Riess, Herberlg Tillon, John. ,W 5,-61" if 45 51:15 5354555 Sirk FIRST ROW: Schulfz, Frank: Shi- muzu, Okira: Schein, Sylvia: Spaulding, Shirley: Shaw, Mary Lou: Slnow, Lyman. SECOND ROW: Shaw, Clarise: Shaw, Jean: Siqel, Marillyn: Schwarfz, Frances: Sidell, Rosalie: Sherman, Jack: Smilh, Scoff. THIRD ROW: Sellz, Ruben: Snapp, Lin: Sollsover, Monfe: Sawyer, Joan: Rose, Sam. FRONT ROW: Angel, Bea, Aoki Yoshio: Amiro, Rose: Barron, Lee Anderson, Dicln: All-zana, Sarah Bannicln, Krisline. SECOND ROW: Almeleh, Dove Baroh, Dave: Anderson, Vernon Abraham Irene' Au usl Marian, 1 v g 1 Adallo, Ralph: Baron, Rena. THIRD ROW: Barol-was, Morgan Abrams, Sydney: Alder, Irwin Averill, Dorolhy: Anderson, Paul Alhodell, Leon: Augusl, Irving. FIRST ROW: Slanley, Henry: Tai, Henry: Taiilsu, Ulalno: Suddacln, Margarel: Slevenson, Evaleigh: Slanlon, Anlionelle: Slark, Mari- lyn. SECOND ROW: Twedl, Raider: Thompson, Roberl: Tada, Takeshi: Slollze, Marion: Sundsled, Eigil: Tripp, Barbara. THIRD ROW: Tidman, Donald: Slomberg, Dave: Thomsen, Bob: Tale, Harold: Slover, Mary Pal: Smilh, Barbara: Slice, Bruce. FIRST ROW: Tall, Nalalie: Wei- gell, Bernard: Tobien, Jack: Wohl- gelernler, Hadassah: Ward, Pam- ela. SECOND ROW: Webb, Jusline: Webb, Pal: Weir, Jim: Tarica, Samuel: Voron, Belly: Van de Konl, Peggy. THIRD ROW: Varon, Sam: Wool- sey, Allred: Uziel, Leon: Walls, John: Todd, Jack: Varon, Jacli. FIRST ROW: Walson, Bill: Wol- pin, Melvin: Yolnoyama, Takelno: Yoshida, Sachil-io: Zallocco, El- eanor: Waage, Ann. SECOND ROW: Woo, Dan: Zwin- qenberg, Al: Yuplee, James: Wold, Peler: While, Gladys: Wynn, Donna, THIRD ROW: Waller, Jim: Yor- mark, Ben: While, Ernie: While, Doug: Wheeler, John. FRESHMEN 'wwf-0' ' . fl . , .A mjkf --y 510, r V "' FRONT ROW: Caplan, Thelma Carlsiedl, Doris: Calvo, Rae: Cas- lon, Zelma: Burke, Jack: Bruce, Harold. SECOND ROW: Bufler, Richard Boop, Alberla: Ca+IeH, Lois: Byx- bee, Vivian: Burch, Maurice. THIRD ROW: Burneif, Eugene Bryani, Donald: Carlelon, Sian. FRONT ROW: Boofh, BeH'y: Blum- berg, Arlene: Brooks, Noel: Brauer, Gordon: Bridge, Dolores: Brom- selh, Shirley. SECOND ROW: Brenl, Charles: Brown, Phyllis: Brewer, Jack Brown, Allen: Brown, Mary Anne Brooks, Louise, THIRD ROW: Brien, Ted: Blair Faris: Bloom, Allyn: Brechfel, Hugh: Bololin, Max: Black, Don. FRONT ROW: Bear, Selma: Barry Mary: Benvenisle, Dina: Bianchi Belly: Bensal, Virginia. SECOND ROW: Benvenisfe, Jose phine: Berman, Gloria: Bilslen George: Bigelow, Earl: Bensusen, Julia: Beuschlein, Warren. THIRD ROW: Buyly, Ned: Bell Reni: Baur, Bob: Becker, Slanfon Benckerf, Waller: Bianchi, Bob. Calderon, Viv: Cady, Norman' FRONT ROW: Dale, Lola: Chinn Helen: Chinn, Beriha: Chan, Fran cis: Cohn, Rhoda Mae: Cummings David. SECOND ROW: Colagrossi, Mary: Conners, Shirley: Crum- mack, Rosemary: Coon, Kelly: Cousins, Marian: Cook, Bill. THIRD ROW: Cave, Jack: Cohn Johnny: Colman, Jack: Collens Dan: Coleman, Clinf: Hom, Sen. ww FRONT ROW: Hain, Gilberlg Hand, Arlene, Gubalayao, Ros- eHa, Hagen, Jerry, Harlf, John, Ham, Lilly, Hasson, Rae, Guy, Doris. SECOND ROW: Hale, Lloyd, Hanan Soll' Hasson Rachel' 1 Yi 1 v Hayakawa, Joe, Hassan, Emily, Hewell, Barbara, Hillborg, Palri- cia. THIRD ROW: Hal'l'is, Marian, Ha- gen, Jone, Gruol, Dolores, Hage- mann, Ardilh, Hasson, Goldie, Harlnell, Tom. FRONT ROW: Daly, Anne, Ellis Harry, Dorning, Jeanne, Diaen, Lu- cille, Donq, Vincenl, Danz, Ger- aldine, Eskenazi, Marcelle. SECOND ROW: Deming, Bill Dreilzler, Marilyn, Donaldson Roma, Dishmore, Versa Lee, Ed mund, Audrey, Davanzo, John. THIRD ROW: Dreilzler, Ralph De Laye, Belly Jean, Elberl Cliff, Esleenazi, Jack, Doyle, Earl Dulefsl-ny, Joe, Eng, Ronald. FRONT ROW: Fouls, Cecil, Ex- ley, Bob, Fagq, Barbara, Favro Elinor, Funes, Vivian, Fuiii, Kinko SECOND ROW: Fung, Tom Fuiilnado, Lane, Foy, Ella, Fisher Joanne, Gaylon, Guela, Faull-1 ner, Jeanne. THIRD ROW: Frederick, Kenny Gage, Roy, Farrell, Bill, Galanli Dick, Flynn, Pafricia, Freeman Jane, FRONT ROW: Goodqe, William Goodnow, Merrillyn, Greengard Merle, Greenborg, Rilo, Green field, Jim, Gronnerud, Henry. SECOND ROW: Geiserl, Fred Gold, Slanley, Gilroy, Barbara Ginsberg, Evelyn, Gallagher, Jim Ginsberg, Revella. THIRD ROW: Goldburg, Bernard Greene, Joe, Goodwin, Lillian Glaze:-, Howard, Gordon, Fred. FRONT ROW: Ishibashi, Waiaru Herman, Glenn, Israel, Kalherine, Jacobson, Barbara, Horfon, Ann. SECOND ROW: Horn, Joyce Jifodia, Teruo, Ikeda, William Ike, Joe, Jerusalami, Seb. THIRD ROW: Henry, Harold Jacobsen, John, Israel, Solly, Hol den, Frederick. FRONT ROW: Johnson, Lloyd KneHle, Harvey, Kahn, Susie Kafz, Genda, KiH'y, Gerfrude Kingsbury, C ha rline, Kobayashi, Terulno, Kalayama, Kanelnc, Jung Lillian. SECOND ROW: Jones, Eva May Medcalf, Eugene, Kerns, Jack Koslsi, Leona, Jensen, Mar+ha, Ki kuchi, Reyeko, Judkins, Bob. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Larry Johnson, Roberi, Johnson, MiI+on Karch, John, Johnson, Esfher Krause, Dorofhy, Kralnovski Charles. FRONT ROW: Krimsky, Donna, Larsen, Dalma, Losk, Ramona, Luban, Joan, Kumafa, Shuso, Kully, Molly, Levy, Mildred, Lander, Harold. SECOND ROW: Lamborn, Morrie, Lepsoe, Ingrid, Levy, Jennie, Leg- horn, Richard, Liberman, Fay Jean, Lum, Abe, Lindemann, Georqe. THIRD ROW: Loveioy, Jane, Lea, Gladys, Lawlon, Jean, Lounsbury, Ja Ann, Laney, Gerirude, Lalhrop, Herberl. FRONT ROW: Mayeno, Arfhur Malchelf, George, Madding, Le ona, Mafsui, Teruyo, McDonald Lorraine, Lundberg, Harrief, Mc Daniel, William. SECOND ROW: Lung, Winsfon McCormick, Doris, Marshall, Jean Magarinsky, Galena, Lund, Ray mond, Maclsaac, Nadine, Marble Mary. THIRD ROW: Malls, Bill, Mailand Conrad, Lung, Leslie, Markow, Gil berf, Manning, Don, Mccurdy Kline. FRONT ROW: Rivkin, Jeaneife: Rosenfhal, Roy: Raab, George: Johnson, Larry: Rousso. Louie. SECOND ROW: Siernberg, Eman- uel: Rae, Shirley Jean: Ross, Gladys: Race, George: Redmond, Howard. THIRD ROW: Remarf, Jean: Rolo inson, Doris: Rogers, Jean, Reid, Violef. ,sawn FRONT ROW: Mills, Sally: Miller, Irene: Nagler, David: Morris, Don- ald: Nagai, Chiharu: Miller, Rufh: McGaIIiard, Sarah Jane: Moody, Phyllis. SECOND ROW: Milchell, Joan: Minsky, Roberf: Moshcalel, Jack: McGhan, Terry: Misuradze, Julia: Nelson, Pai: Miller, Caroline. THIRD ROW: Murray, Thomas: Morhaime, Leo: Nash, Gerald: Nelson, Rodger: Mills, Louis. FRONT ROW: Ozima, Kazuko: Onishi, Sally: Oiye, lkuko: Paul, Philip: Palmer, James: Ogami, Teruko: Parry, Muriel. SECOND ROW: Nyquisf, Roger: Osborn, Jane: Nyberq, Wanda: Onishi, Takal-zo: Payne, Belly: Ogala, Yoshiko: PaH'erson, Faye. THIRD ROW: NuI+, Mary Lou: Ol- sen, Dick: Parker, Jerry: Palmer, Ralph: Opperman, Moriha: Nish- imura, George: Pearl, Lawrence FRONT ROW: Peferson, Jackie Peferson, Shirley: Profias, Arlene Peha, Joe: Pefers, Sheldon: Philips Marlie. SECOND ROW: Pielromonaco Mike: Plas+ino, Sally: Pesek, Shir- ley: Poffer, Pal: Philips, Cordelia THIRD ROW: Price, Eileen: Pearl Virginia: Proflas, Sol: Quimby Don Lee: Poifer, Gene: Pefersky Millard. FRONT ROW: Scheelar, Jimmy, Sinclair, Nora, Sugawara, Dorolhy, Schencls, Naomi, Sailo, Keigo, Sharp, Jay, Trover, Beverly Shigi- hara, Nobi, Shimada, Kazumi, Slrohecl-ser, Jim. SECOND ROW: Shorl, Edward, Shoji, Bob, Sinclair, Marqarel, Slorl-Q, Eric, Sarlsowslny, Fred, Shal- ler, Roberl, Schwarlz, Lou. THIRD ROW: Slimson, William, Scriven, Dale, Shore, Powel, Shin- oda, Ted, Sangrey, Leona, Slein- brecher, Kurl, Schnaidl, John, Slewarl, Glynn. FRONT ROW: Shillman, Reqina, Thompson, Gail, Tada, Lilly, Slein- er, Sylvia, Smilh, Hazel, Schooley, Jo, Tanaka, Arl, Tada, Shigeru. SECOND ROW: Senlniriln, Lois, Slevenson, Belly, Slanilord, Eun- ice, Sidis, Rachel, Shellren, Mary Jane, Swezea, Palli, Schmulman, Sarah, Schmilz, Barbara. THIRD ROW: Slrecln, Milan, Saura, Conslance, Solam, Jean, Smilh, Lorraine, Schumacher, Mari- lyn, Scharhon, Mary, Schwarz, Geraldine. FRONT ROW: Tremper, Harriel, Yulani, Masalno, Wong, Helen, Wivioll, Leonard, Zido, Dolores, Wiclalund, Harry, Wells, Larry, Wilson, Brian. SECOND ROW: Triplell, Palricia, Tremper, Jack, Varner, Beverly, Wilson, Helen, Wealherslon, Jane, Von Tobel, Roberl, Thompson, Jacln. THIRD ROW: Williams, Polly, Wayde, Jo Ann, Young, Lucie Mae, Weber, Eva, Whilller, Mur- iel, Voinol, Paul, Varon, Mier. Q FRONT ROW: Younq, Don Ella, Yaplee, Edward, Yoshiolna, Lucy, Yamagishi, Kimi, Yoshida, Ma- salso, Yoneyama, Isamu, Yamaura, Margarel, Yee, Mabel. SECOND ROW: Wrighl, Allen, Tallman, Ellen, Tclbol, Nancy, Zuefl, Lela, Wyman, Ronald, Temiraell, Ola, Websler, Belly, Yorozu, Arlhur, THIRD ROW: Zellinslsy, Fred, Wal- lon, La Marr, Woo, James, Van Walers, Nancy, Younq, Ann, Yor- ila, George, Tillon, Mary. G 1, T ' . - f , 1 - . wnvmfs PRUDUCTIUHS acnvmfs Pnunucm Hcnvmfs Pnnnumlllns Hcnvmfs Pauuucn My . . . - . . . , ,. ..r . , ., , Q., I 4 ,,..4. ,.,,.,,.,, ,.',, A I H -gs r 5+1' Q3:q. 4 :' ,- - sz... 2.1. .4 -g- ., ' 1.1, ,-r . ug. .1 -4, ,.- "il NW w M " 3" : " Q W F X, WW: PJ.-.:e ,Qwze ww: 2-:,:x.-M :Wagz::J'f...w-,f-s2.'42i,Q -vsgffgfffya-ifTfrzhsr.fgBFdg4w+f?'J1qf5iw1gg,,.,. :Mg awr y , M., f 1 1 , W ,nl 1 wx ,, si... ,qv .. . L ,y,545J.v, ,L ,, . , 3, K ,, K .4 J Ii. ,1 N, A, , ,L Im. 4.kL.,,.:wg .U,,,,g,V.,, i ND now, here comes +he main fealure, "Big Time" il'self.V l'l"s a four-slar show packed wi+h laughs, lhrills, and pafhos. The busy cas'l' playing Hs parl' in acfiviiies and produclions follows lhrough fhe reel. In The opening acl, we see fhe Boys' and Girls' Clubs performing various func+ions. Their jelly and cookie drives, Thanksgiving baskels, s+amp sales, pe+i'l'ions, and eleclions all add up +o +he making of "Big Time." Besides 'lhese 'l'wo.clubs, 'lhere are many ofhers 'lhal' emphasize 'lheir hobbies and oufside in+eres+s, and we see lhem on 'lhe film wilh cameras, sfamp albums or roller skales. Some express 'lheir crea'l'ive +alen+s in lhe Messenger, 'lhe Arrow, and +he Pen, while 'lhe musically gified s+uden+s assume roles in lhe band, 'l'he orcheslra, and +he chorus, in addilion 'lo par'I'icipa+ing in +he Funfesl' and HH' Parade. There are no limilafions +o "Big Time'L-i'r encompasses everyone andeveryihing. Bu+, now, le'I"s hurry +o +he firsl' scene and see 'for ourselves. ' . Sui, 1 ,H h ., , ' , J U-' H, . I , ij, fm sf . 3. v , , X l,7',,lT-1. -f 14' -' Q' M , iii , L W1rf 'x's.',.g rzgmi. .f-r?',2,ggq,n1s5:,1v W 'wry Wm vga, 'J ff rf- vm' W Y , 2-f - gs ' " - Lg: g ,rj 193,-,.1,fn. iwvM,3' ',7"u!,,zl1, Jgaff,-2 -7 :gg-, :.J ,.:3, 4I,gpg gg, Iuygggg :1r.5.2'.g-'53 . gig.,-1 i' '1"",,1.1-Al"vg:!"f' C". iv fu 'pw rd! Ba an ' Y 9.1 , 1, Q 'Y fu T 7 'I' 1. IHE EXIIIII IIUIIIIIIIUIUIII JAM AND JELLY DIRVE CHRISTMAS FOR THE NEEDY aw, A wggggqig TICKET COMMITTEE GROUNDS COMMITTEE COOK!E DRIVE ELECTIONSQ I H. B. CUNNINGHAM' KEN MOORES, BART DOBB DICK HAGEN Advisor M ' Presidenf Vice-Presideni' Secrefcry-Tl'ecsure1 BUUS CLUB X +15 BOYS, ADVISORY BOARD FRONT ROW: Sfeve Chad- wick, Sadao Kuroiwa, Al Krisfoferson. SECOND ROW: Bob Bannick, Don McDonald, Ari Harris, Ken Moores, Stan Sfamm. THIRD ROW: Dick Hagen, Will Sanders, Conrad Car- ter, Bob Craig. FOURTH ROW: Dick Beach, Don Coleman, Charles Brigham. BOYS' COM MITTEE CHAIRM EN Bofh Semesfers FRONT ROW: Sheldon Soffky, Walter Prescoff, Sam Shoii, Bill Latimer. SECOND ROW: Don Mc- Donald, Bob Large, Cal Druxman, Lennarf Lund- berg. STANDING: Dick Beach, John Kennedy, Sprague Vigus, Dan Gar- harf, Dan Florey, Dugald Sfewarf, Oliver Foss. Tire shorfages and gas resfricfions have had no noficeable effecf on fhe Boys' Club journey down Highway l942. Despife Presidenl' Moore's skillful driving, his aides have nof come along iusf "for fhe ride." Able Barfley Dobb has clone an oufsfanding job of hand- ling fhe sfamp sysfem and fhe myriad dufies connecfed wifh fhe vice-presiclency, while Dick Hagen, secrefary-freasurer, arranged club correspondence and finances. "H. B." aided fhe crew from fhe back-seaf, by serving largely in an advisory capacify. Members of fhe Advisory Board and commiffeemen gained valuable experience in bofh leadership and inifiafive by advising and direcfing fhe boys, and cooperafing wifh fhe officers. One of fhe main funcfions of fhe Boys' Club is fhe handling of fhe weekly sfamps. Affer opening a new office in room lOl, +heyi-eolized increased soles. Helping fo promofe fhe new budgef, fhey carried fhrough fhe noon programs, by serving on fhe movie and dance commiffees, running films, and managing affendance. Now, fhe Boys' Club coupe glides fo a smoofh sfop. Behind fhem sfrefches a year of hard driving, and 'fhey pause fo refuel before facing new and perhaps rougher roads. GIRLS' ADVISORY BOARD FRONT ROW' Naida Marshall Makiko Takahashi, Ruth Halpern, Gloria Huntington, Betsy Jones, Marian Jaffe, Eleanor Burton. Emily Stanton, Yoneko Taiitsul SECOND ROW: Anne Griffiths, THIRD ROW: Betsy Ruggles, Anne Reitze, Shirley Stocker, Betty C. Hartnett, Betty Gray. Six vesfal maidens in 'Flowing robes are sitting around their goddess before an altar. The stately goddess rises. "l am Vesta, goddess of the hearth ..... " Then the Spirit of Modern Girlhood approaches. "Vesta, the ideals which your maidens honored are as real and living today as they were in the days of the Roman Eagle .... Our Girls' Club is the hearth of our school, and from fhis hearth musf radiate the warmfh of love, of loyalty, and of friend- ship: the brighf flames of fruth and faifh, the gracious light of courtesy, and fhe pure white rays of sincerity." The inspirafion from this Installation carries over throughout fhe year. It is vitalized by the vari- ous commitfees. The Social Service Committee. sponsoring Thanksgiving and Chrisfmas cheer, symbolizes "the warmth of love", the Friendship Committee, featuring a program of closer har- mony, represents "the warmth of friendship", and the Sfandards Committee, by stressing fhe creed, also emphasizes many of the ideals set forth by fhe Spirit of Modern Girlhood. In fact, every com- mit"I'ee of the Girls' Club reflects inspiration gained from the Spirit of Modern Girlhood. Truly, fhis yearly lnstallafion actuates fhe Girls' Club to an impetus fhat steadily increases as the year advances. GIRLS' CABINET FRONT ROW: Marian Nieder, Marian Jaffe, Margaret Yuen, Mary Graves, THIRD ROW: Ruth Himmelman, Polly Huston, Barbara Meisnest, Steffi Wolffheim, Shirley Gormley, Marily Cohn. SEC- Jones, Janet Dowd, Nancy Lucks, Sylvia Pincus, Virginia Waugh. OND ROW: Jamia Cone, Lorraine McCullough, Corinne Latimer, STANDING: Betty Hartnett, June Samson, Miriam Van Waters, Betty Gray, Mary Thomas, Sally Watson, Pat Parker, Nancy Anne Griffiths, Florence Lindeke. 68 GIRLS' CLUB 'mul RADIANCE ROLL MARIAN JAFFE Presiden+ FRONT ROW: Marian Jaffe, Be++y Gray, Mi+zi Tipp, Noida Mor- shall, Nancy Lucks, Gloria Gunn. SECOND ROW: Beverly Bryant Corinne La+imer, Ann Reifze, Anne Griffiihs, BeHy HorfneH. BETTY HARTN ETT Treasurer ANNE GRIFFITHS Secre+ory BETTY G RAY Vice-Presideni 69 MISS EMILIE HENSEL Advisor --4-ru. CLUBS DEBATE CLUB Fulure Dernosfhenesses meel fo furlher lheir lalenls. They learn Io analyze, solve, and evaluale problems of lhe lime, The gavel pounders pracfice lhe laws of oralory and lhe fundarnenfals of eloquence by eighl all-cily debales eacl' year OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Gloria Myers, Ben Lerner, Emily Sfanfon. SCIENCE CLUB The would-be Newlons and Galileos, under lhe experl guidy ance of Mr. Schmalle, dabble in "Lab" work. The sludy ol chemislry, physics, bolany, biology and zoology hold lheir in' leresl' as 'Ihey review 'Their experimenls. Who knows? They may smash +he alom. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Halgren, Paul Mills, Luella Kummer, Mr. Schmalle. SKI CLUB Almosl every Garfield skier, from Ihe inexperienced silz marker lo lhe experl iumper, is a member of Ihe Ski Club This year our Ieam schussed ils way Io viclory, wilh ils mem bers playing lhe s'I'arring roles in inlerschool cornpelilion. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Craig, Bill Garharl, Mimrni Van Walers, Mari I Meisnesl. l SPEAKERS' CLUB Winners of Ihe Garfield Day Oralorical and inlerscholaslii conlesls form Ihe nucleus of lhe Speakers' Club. They repre senl 'fhe besl' in our speech deparlmenl, and se+ a slandarc in organizalion, presenlalion, and delivery of speeches for Ihr s+uclen+ body. FIRST ROW-Lefl Io righf: Gerd Polifz, Sam Israel, Mirian Nieder Gloria E. Meyers, Sally Waison, Emily Sfanlon, Mary Alhadeff. SEC OND ROW: Ben Yormark, Dennis Lavender, Irwin Elyn, Joe Israel THIRD ROW: Ben Lerner, Irving Lewis, Sanford Pelersky, Melvill Wilson, Takao Aoki, Larry Arlander. DRAMATIC CLUB Quips by Maudie and Davy-"Tobacco Alley" Jargon- Wifh skils like lhese l'he members of Ihe Dramalic Club, oi ganized by Rulh Shain, pursue Iheir hobby. The inlegral pul pose of lhis club is lhal' of pleasure and Ihe developmenl a laleni. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Rufh Shain, Presidenl Iabsenfeelg Doug White, Ren Nelson, Jeanne Baker. 70 CATHAY CLUB "We jusl organized our club lo gel logelher and help lround school," Emma Eng, presidenl, modeslly slaled, and o, lhe school has benefiled by lheir Chinese display in 'rhe 'brary and llie annual book which lhey donafe. A banquel limaxed lhe year. OFFICERS ITTING: Rose Leong, Miss Thompson, Daniel Woo. TANDING: Emma Eng. RADIO CLUB Slalion XYZ calling Garfield High .... Wirh radio layouls nd code work, members of lhe club sludy lhe laws of radio 'ansmission. They probe inlo +he mysleries of lhe wireless nd learn fo decipher messages by means of dofs and dashes. ITTING: Wing Mark, Roberl McCurdy, Kennefh Chinn. TANDINGQ Bill Cowell, Lee Barron, Norman Shain. OPEN FORUM CLUB Acfivily on our lol is nol enlirely cenfered around immediale :hool a'F'fairsg for, as in any produclion, lhe happeninqs of lhe orld oulside profoundly alifecl condilions wifhin. The Open orum Club discusses currenf problems and lheir relalion lo :hool life. . omceizs , , ,VL ' EFT TO RIGHT: Ben Lerner, lrwin Elyn, Mary Alba ' f fy J' jj KV a " ' ,U J' f','f"f . JJ ff", , 1 lj iff! f J if ' 'ROLLER CLUB A flying skale emblem idenlifies members of lhe Roller Club ho always live up lo lheir cheery "Hi-Ho." By pracficing rcle walfzes, collegiales, and grapevines al lheir many par- es, lhey have won anolher slar for lheir accomplishmenls. RST ROW-Lefl fo righl: Arfhur Killman, Floyd Pelerson, Roy Eynes, Claudia Marbel, Floyd Mathews, Fred Malhews. SECOND W: Lloyd Hale, Andrew Munson, Evelyn Craig, Florence Hale, :rofhy Glandon. THIRD ROW: Clemenfine Karmofsky, Pal Webb, rrolhy Carlson, Rila Bennick, Lois Anderson. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Wi+l1 blinding flash bulbs and clicking lenses, candid camera ands haunl lhe halls. ln fhe darkroom, lhey galher lheir yeasures and advance lheir knowledge of amaleur pholcg- phy by praclicing how lo cul films, enlarge prinls, and mix lulion DK l5. l OFFICERS FT TO RIGHT: Bob Riddell, Bob Pafferson, Berl Wallers. l 7 l HONOR SQCIET Mr. Smilh, advisor, Noida Marshall, secrelaryg Ben Grosscup, vice-presidenl, Sieve Chadwick, presidenl. There's cerlainly no lack of gray mailer here al Garfield! Take loll, and you'II find lhe Senior class leading, and I'he Junior and Sophomore classes 'Following closely neclr. 'lo neck. Bul il' isn'+ iusl gray maHer l'ha+ dislinguishes lhese sludenls. Mosl' of 'rhern are brimlul of enlhusiasrn and school spiril-anolher reason why we're proud of lhem. And, speaking of coloring mailer, lhese "brainy" 'Friends of ours have plenly of +ha'r red color denoling life, viI'aIiI'y, and lalenl. This is evidenced by our arlisls, dancers, singers, musicians, and alhleles. As you've no doubl' concluded, lhese sluclenls have succeeded, 'lor 'I'hey have accom- plished lheir assigned paris, +ha'I' of acquiring inlelligence and have had fun doing il: GOLD SEAL, FEBRUARY, l94l I FRONT ROW: June Samson, Juanila Marshall, Makiko Takahashi, Lucie Kawafune, Margarely Baba, Irene Kawanishi, Alice Kondo. SECOND ROW: Nancy Lucks, Barbara Jones, Aiii Uchiyarna, Toru Shimizu, Belly Lou Culberson, Elihu Hurwirz THIRD ROW: Bill Baius, Sieve Chadwick, Elenore Sfrommer, Bob Korner, Ed Bensussen, Dan Barash GOLD SEAL, SEPTEMBER, l94l FRONT ROW: Shirley Wynn, Marian Nieder, Vir ginia Waugh, Emma Eng, Yuriko Haianaka, Helen Yorozu, Nancy Graves. SECOND ROW: Shirle' Slacker, Anne Grilfilhs, June Lagerquisl, Leon, Templin, Rulh Himmelman, Yoko Tada, Lily Mukai Belly Shulrnan, Nancy Ann Kneifle. THIRD ROW Corinne Lafhrop, Eleanor Burlon, Jack Israel Miriam Van Walers, Mary Vilas, Belly Gray, Bells Ruggles, Ann Reifze, Mary Alhadeff. FOURT ROW: Van Marshall, Don McDonald, Bob Palfe son, Bob Lorenlz, Beniamin Yaplee, Ouenlin Sler berg. FIFTH ROW: Hugh Jones, Ben Grasscu Paul Mills, Sian Sfamm, Eugene Robbins, Bo Palfen, David Krakovsky, Sluarl Douglas, Ba Lerner. 72 GOLD SEAL, FEBRUARY, I942 FRONT ROW: Belly Bensussen, Jane Yamashila, Masako Kishida, Yoneko Taiifsu, Beisy Jones, Emily Slanfon. SECOND ROW: Luella Kummer, Zyndell Berliner, Virginia Ellioff, Gloria Hunlinglon, Naida Marshall, Shirley Gormley. THIRD ROW: Ralph Berfolin, Wing Mark, Raloh Shelton, Jerry Sravig, Jane? Dowd, Mimi Van Walers, Sheldon Soffky, TWO-BAR, SEPTEMBER, I 94 I FRONT ROW: Claire Boonov, Dorolhv Smarl, Nancy Howard, Allen Yaplee, Bill Hoelscher, SEC- OND ROW: Alfred Joseph, Melville Wilson, John Prin'e, Shirley Soflky, Belly Fowler, Will Mclend. THIRD ROW: Slanford Pefersky, Richard Miller, Herberl Levin, Shell Soffkv, Charlie Howard, Jack Lowe, Bill Perkins. FOURTH ROW: George Gal- chel, Bill Kidder, Waller Richler, Tom Owen, Bill Brinsfield. TWO-BAR, SEPTEMBER, I 94l FRONT ROW: Allene Jenkins, Margarel Yuen, Theo Manolides, Dorothy Rosenthal, Yoshi Asaba, Mary Alhadeff, SECOND ROW: Mariorie Gray, Hannah Kahn, Charlofle Goodnow, Jane Yamashi- la, Pal Shannon, Masao Kobayashi. THIRD ROW: Ralph Berlolin, Mary Jo Forsell, Claudia Marbel, Hamako Ozawa, Milzi Tipp, Ann Johnson, Virginia Burke. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Lighffool, Violel Arase, Tahara Danle, Barbara Sulherland, Norma Lee Hill, Molly Mooney. TWO-BAR, FEBRUARY, I942 FRONT ROW: Marian Rivkin, Iris Vigus, Eslher Halfon, Susan Hawkes. SECOND ROW: Eugene Cnrbally, Bob Osborn, Moxene Jones. THIRD ROW: Alhadeff, Harulo Sekiiima, Bill Curfis. TWO-BAR, FEBRUARY, i942 FRONT ROW: Akira Shimizu. Rachel Scharhon, Hilda Mohrer, Corinne Sadick, Hannah Kahn. SECOND ROW: Helen Harper, Eddie Sasaki, Polly Husfon, Barbara Cowley. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Carlson, Fred Fisher, Fred Casserd, Elise Kelleher. 73 5uf,5,c.f511w, .,.. L If Q 1.. 54 wwe-wise-Q f-nfs: Q 'ff Q L Q L , . 4 . ,. 5 fs-- ,-, M. rw, , .,, ,,,,...r,.,, .Y,,-, ,f -r-,Tu 1 J 1,55-"S, in I, , L+' ! ', fr HONOR SOCIETY 5 V . if l, , 5 , iv 4 , ,Ll ONE-BAR, SEPTEMBER, l94I FRONT ROW: Marilyn Peferson, Anne MacFarlan, Janef Dow, Mary Nelson, Mary Oqasawara, Elea- nor Zallocco, Virginia Kopplow. SECOND ROW: Jane? Kulzer, Hilda Mohrer, Sylvia Schain, Aulumn Bodhaine, Helen Hyland, Lee Ellen Caldwell. THIRD ROW: Carol Lucks, Barbara Miller, Roberla Exley, Sara Hasson, Frances Schwartz, Dororhy Carson, Paf Webb. FOURTH ROW: Sara Hasson, Frances Schwarlz, Dorofhy Carson, Pal' Webb. FOURTH ROW: Mary Randolph, Zalie Cordova, Cora Jane Gafchef, Shirley Limbeck, Mariorie Nelf son, Geraldine Chrisfie. ONE-BAR, SEPTEMBER, I 94 I FRONT ROW: Seiii Hala Bruce Bonham, Eugene Corbally, Richard Mark, Kikue Kumafa, Kinuye Ji- Iodai, Violelle Kosaka. SECOND ROW: Jerry Ba- rash, Kazuo Kumasaka, Akira Shimizu, Rena Nel. son, Barbara Bowden, Rosalie Sidell. THIRD ROW: Ben Yormark, Mary Fife, Charles Larkin, Arthur Andrews, Hans Seideman, Anna Mae Larsen. FOURTH ROW: Dick Campbell, Marlha McCarn, wdleo Naganawa, John Harker: Jamie Cone, John a s. ONE-BAR, FEBRUARY, I942 FRONT ROW: Joyce Kwan, Takeo Yakoyama, Ufako Taiifsu, Anfoineffe Slanlon. SECOND ROW: Tefsuo Arase, Isaac Behar, Arfhur Horiuchi, lrwin Elyn. THIRD ROW: George Kozu, Arnold Robbins, Richard Campbell ONE-BAR, FEBRUARY, l942 FRONT ROW: Nafalie Tall, Melvin Wolnin, Sylvia Case, Phyllis Crolhers. SECOND ROW: Belly Jean Andrews, Jerry Halpern, Marion Benezra, Mary Pal Slover, Waller Lind. THIRD ROW: Herberl Riess, Henry Sfanley, Hans Seideman, Calvin Decker. 74 ROLL OFFICERS For each of ils mony cleparfmenfs, our movie lol' has fhree officers who are responsible for counfless imporlonl clelails. They and lheir ossisfanls musl be financiers, diplomafs, orafors, aufhors, arfisfs, publicify men, and efficiency experfs, who assume greaf responsibilifies during fhe firsf period of each day. Always working behind Ihe scenes, fhey are fhe men and women who see lhal fhe show will always go on. FIRST SEMESTER ROLL PRESIDENTS FIRST ROW: Jean Lawlon, Jackie Peterson, Kaihryn Fleefwood, Jose- phine Miller, Anne Daly, Roy Rasenlhal, Bob Baur, Jerry Halpern, Paul Voinol, SECOND ROW: Lin Snapp, Fred Fisher, Mickey Fried- man, Lawrence Sadick, Geraldine Denz, Emily Slanlon, Margarel Suddock, Juanila Marshall, Keilh Erickson. THIRD ROW: Bob Doolson, Sfanley Gold, Larry Arlander, Anchel Goldberg, Mariorie Gray, Nellie Benoun, Belsv Jones, Nancy Hooey, Marian Jaffe, Ben Rubicam. FOURTH ROW: Bill Tremper, Joe Baer, Dan McDonald, Kennelh 5' Hinch, Florence Lindeke, Marion Benezra, Anne Doris, Doris Beards- ley, Ralph Eskenazi. FIFTH ROW: Dick Barnes, Friend Dickinson, Sam Prafher, Joe Chapman, Peter Boynton, Waller Walfers, Sanford Peler- sky, Shirley Payne, Miriam Williams, Bill Anderson. SIXTH ROW: David Cahill, Bob Bannick, Tom Weslon, Georcle Hage, Bill Hilfbarq, Ari Grashin, Eugene Robbins, Madeleine Gales, Joan Rose, Vera Laudan. F 7 . ,. V... ,W-V M f-..,. 4' FIRST SEMESTER ROLL SECRETARIES FIRST ROW: Virginia Waugh, Paf Larkin, Teruko Ogami, Mary Mano- lides, Barbara Baxter, Elizabelh Ross, Mary Nelson, Rena Baron, Mifzi Tiop, SECOND ROW: Shirley J. Rea, Mona Anderson, Rachel Sidis, Pearl Casforiano, Virginia Elliolt, Lucille Kurus, Mary Belle Becker, Marqaref Suddock, Bob Whife, THIRD ROW: Makiko Taka- hashi, Mary Caflow, Rose Pol, Rulh Shain, Lael Larimer, Virginia Burke, Carol Lucks, Margaref Mackey, Melvin Pincus. FOURTH ROW: 75 Allen Yaplee, Belly Pizor. Donna L. Biqoar, Georae Race, Marilyn Brown, Leon Israel, Ted Shinoda, Kay Fuiikado. FIFTH ROW: Leona Te-rnplin, Leslie Chinn, Belle L. Neuss. Conslance Smirh, Roberl Minsky, Anne Griffilhs, Miriam Van Walers, Irving Shain, Preslon Howard. Tom Hidaka. SIXTH ROW: Dale Soden, Emily Marlin, Sylvia Kosin, Belly Harfneff, Charles Brigham, Ed Allebery, Dick Peck, Bob Shimmin, Joe Israel. ROLL OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER ROLL SECRETARIES FRONT ROW: Verlene Johnson, Harrier Tremper, Phyllis Crolhers, Har- rief Lundberg, Barbara Baffey, Lillian Dubson, Charloffe Blanchard, Pam Smlfh, Lillian Kynell, SECOND ROW: Barbara Bowden, Makiko Takahashi, June Mafhis, Beflylea Gibbons, Leona Templin, Nancy Ann Kneffle, Elizabelh Ross, Lila Romanoff. THIRD ROW: Bill Robin- son, Bill Hoelscher, Walfer Prescofi, Luella Kummer, Mary Randolph, ,lime Lanerouisf, Louise Brnnks,Helen Deas,Helen PaIrnquisf.FOURTH ROW: Walfer Lind, John Harker, Larry Johnson, Oliver Foss, Geral- dine Schwarz, Rosemary Bowden, Helen Harper, Dolores Brunner. FIFTH ROW: Jim Ruoff, Bob Schwennsen, Ed Affebery, Don Dennis, Ray Hasselo, Jerry Sfavig, Clarence Powell. SIXTH ROW: Don Cole- man, Ted Gibson, Ted Brien, Bob Shirnmin, Bill Harrah, John Tilfon. SECOND SEMESTER ROLL PRESIDENTS FRONT ROW: Henry Incuye, Kerry Yasunobu, Eugene Corbally, Vio- Iefre Kosaka, Rufh Himmelman, Helen Chinn, Paf Pofrer, Joanne Fisher, Rena Baron. SECOND ROW: Clemenline Komarniski, Irwin Adler, Dan Mar, John Davanzo, Sally Wafson, Shirley Scheuer, Bar' bara Jacobson, Befsy Jones, Rufh Shain. THIRD ROW: Eugene Ander- son, BeHy Lou Neuss, George Snyder, Marilyn Braunn, Jackie Barde, Ed Alfarone, Carol Lucks, Gloria McLaughlin, Mariorie Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Beverly Bryanf, Arnold Sadick, Del Brown, Bob Paf- ferson, Cliff Winkler, Virginia Burke. FIFTH ROW: Sianley Roberis, Cliff DeLaye, Vicfor Alhadeff, Ben Lerner, Sanford Pelersky, Remi Bell, Sfanley Friedman. SIXTH ROW: Carl Shyman, Dick Beach, Tad Latimer, Bob Laney, George Hage, Irwin Elyn, Clarence Powell. SEVENTH ROW: Friend Dickinson, Dick Hagen, Paul Mills, Sfuarl Douglas, Ben Grosscup, Bill Garharf, Bob Shimmin, Keiih Douglas, Ted Gibson. 76 RCLL BANKERS "Banking Today" announce red and while cards every Tuesday morning in 'Ihe l'olls. The bankers, ex- perl dealers in receipls, handle and check all saving deposils and enclose lhe whi+e slips in Ihe large envel- opes for lhe bank. Their job is noi' only Io bank bul' also 'lo encourage class members Io form lhe one,-hundred-per-cen'l lhrifl habil in every roll. FIRST ROW: Claire Boonov, Irene Kawanishi, Yayeko Asaba, Virginia Bensal, Rulhie Halpern, Gerlrude Oquisl, Charles Alhadeff, Masako Yoshida, Telsuo Arase, Rachel Scharhon, Harriel Lundberg. SECOND ROW: Solly Alfaras, Sam Israel, Doris Fredericksen, Violei Arase, Sylvia Case, Marian Nieder, Nancy Jamieson, Virginia Kopplow, Mar- garel Suddock, Elinor Fisher. THIRD ROW: Jerry Berool, Gloria Feinberg, Shirley Pesek, Elaine Ross, Lenore Pelerson, Belle Clay, Mary Alhadeff, Rosella Gubalayao, Bernice Alhadelf, Bruce Bonham. FOURTH ROW: Cal Druxman, Irwin Goldberg, June Samson, Margarel Sliller, Janelle Howard, George Caenepeel, Laura Habernal, Claudia Marbef, Phyllis, Farquhar, Ben Yormark. FIFTH ROW: Jack Lowe, Ben Lerner, Ronald Donarl, Edna Napp, Kafhleen O'Connor, Warren Hasegawa, Mary L. Nuff, Phyllis Brown, Demarls Thompson, Dolores Burnner. SIXTH ROW: Jack Todd, Oliver Foss, Sonny Booker, Alberi Halela, Howard Glazer, George King, Clin? Slockley, Molly Mooney, David Krakovsky. ...,.,.........,......-,..,.....,...n.... fe I . , X FRONT ROW: Morris Israel, Dick Takahashi, Telsuo Arase, Lee Hilch- ins, Evelyn Radford, Shirley Meisler, Ikuko Oiye, Mary Ogasuwara, Margaret Baba. SECOND ROW: Mary Daniels, Rulh Halpern, Rachelle Galanle, Rachel Scharhon, Frances Agoado, Kristine Bannick, Mary Nelson, Shirley Gormley, Rachel Sadis. THIRD ROW: John Miyahara, Cliff Winkler Jr., Leo Morhaime, Sidney Krerns, Polly I-louslon, Shir- ley Pesek, Verlene Johnson, Caroline Miller. FOURTH ROW: Edna 77 Sellz, Eddie Gorlick, Elenore Sfrcmmer, Bernice Thal, Demaris Thomp- son, Doris Fredricksen, Phyllis Brown, Lenore Pelerson. FIFTH ROW: Ben Yormark, Takao Aoki, Bill Anderson, Kalhleen O'Conner, Gloria Feinberg, Lillian Goodwin, Peggy Van de Kanl, Norman Proclor. SIXTH ROW: Jack Eskenazi, Joe Keflleman, Irving Shain, I-Iarold Tale, Molly Mooney, Bob Hagen, Alvin Elliolf, Bill Brinsfield. CLASSROOM HISTORY STUDENTS STUDY THE GLOBE A COMPOSITION IS READ FOR ENGLISH A TECHNICAL STITCHING DESIGN IS EXPLAINED IN SEWING MACHINE SHOP PROVIDES USEFUL TOOLS FOR BUILDING EXPLAINING THE MARVELS OF SCIENCE T' I SCENES TYPING CLASS IS IN FULL SWING PARENTS WATCH T STUDENTS AT WORK ALGEBRA PERPLEXES MATHEMATICS STUDENTS E I 5 ' S. V fe I 1 5' 1 A V A b.,, , f 4 , A' . -,-- 4 -Q' Y 'IQII W S- I 11 W. I A Sh' j LANGUAGE CLASS womcs OUT A TRANSLATION GARFIELD IS PROUD OF ITS BAND ANN REITZE, STEVE CHADWICK, Co-Edilors Wi+l1 +l'1e new, some slips are inevifoble, bul 'rhis year's sfoff offers l'l1e I942 Arrow for wl'1o'r il believes +o be on more original and viloll bool-1. LORRAINE MCCULLOUC-BH Assislonl Eclilor VAN MARSHALL Business Manager mai 5 MARIE C. SAEMAN Adviser MARY HOOD Personnel BOB STEBBI NS Produc+ions Edifo MARY MEISNEST Produciions AIJI UCHIYAMA Layou+ Technician DICK BEACH Circuiciion Manager RALPH SHELTON Edifor of Phofogrcphy BETSY JON ES Prociucfions MAKIKO TAKAHASHI, JEAN MILLER Copy EdI+ors BOB EVANS, BERT WALTERS, ALLEN DEUTSCH FLORENCE LINDEKE, SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON PI1oIogrc1pI'1y . Fecfures ELIHU HURWITZ LILY MUKAI "ODGE" ROBBINS Fall Sporfs Girls' Spor+s Spring Sporfs 82 as 'h', ,df will 4v"""N., s.. ARROW STAFF AT WORK QUILL AND SCROLL FRONT ROW: Aiji Uchiyama, Ru+h Himmelman, Befsy Siebbins, Sieve Chadwick, Mary Hood, Don Sidelslny Jones, Gloria Hunfinglon, Makiko Takahashi, Mary Meis- Conrad Carfer. FOURTH ROW: Ed Affebery, Don Mc- nesf. SECOND ROW: Mimi Van Wafers, Rosemary Bow- Donald, Samuel Wohlgelernfer, Paul Mills, ABSENTEES den, Corinne Lafhrop, Barbara Jones, Lorraine McCul- Charlie Nelson, Lily Mukai, Florence Lindelne, Van Mar- lough, Ann Reifle. THIRD ROW: Ralph Shellon, Bob shall, Elihu Hurwifz. 83 CORRINE LATHROP Managing Edifor FIRST SEMESTER MESSENGER STAFF IFRIDAY STAFFI SITTING: June Samson, Mimi Van Wafers, Corinne Lalimer, Gloria Feins berg, Rulh Shain. STANDING: Anne Griffiths, Bob Paffen, Don Sidelsky, Jack Israel. ABSENTEES: Don McDon- ald, Bob Craig, Mary Hood. GARFIELD Exfra! Exfral Read all abouf il' in fhe Garfield Messenger, fhe only six-column, semi-weekly high school paper in fhe Unifed Sfafes. News and personal ifems share fhe limelighf in fhis, fhe official publicify agenf for our sfuclenf "movie." The sfudenfs of Garfield are proud of fheir unique paper and follow fhe news wifh inferesf. Every Tuesday and Friday, fhe halls are filled wifh pupils reading fhe Messenger. Behind fhe dors of 209, fhe life of fhe press is found. As FIRST SEMESTER MESSENGER STAFF KTUESDAY STAFFI SITTING: Beffy Lou Culberson, Marye Wing, Naida Marshall, Beffy Shulman, Marilyn Cohen. SECOND ROW: Yoko Tada, Elise Reichert, Mary Vilas, Bev- erly Bryanl. STANDING: Don Coleman, Arnie Sadick, Ben Agor. SECOND SEMESTER MESSENGER STAFF UUESDAY STAFFI FRONT ROW: Mary Thomas, Luella Kummer, Shirley Gormley, Befsy Jones, Gloria Hunfinglon. SECOND ROW: Kafherine Lundy, Bob Mafhews, Arf Kulman, Tom Barfo, Waller Prescolf, Ben Lerner, Virginia Elliott. MESSENGER repor+ers, ad men, and edi+ors, pupils publishing +he paper gain wide experience in pracfical business. Amid 'I'he hurry of meeling deadlines +wice a week, +he cla'Her of loud +ype- wri+ers, and visi'I's 'I'o +he prinfers, "pu++ing 'rhe paper +o bed" becomes familiar 'ro +he s+aff. The Garfield Mesenger has improved in each of Hs rwenfy- 'rwo years so 1'ha+ we can proudly wri+e "+hir+y" a+ +he end of fhis year's volume. S D E 2 CON RAD CARTER, Eclifor - ,..- MR. WARREN HAZZARD Advisor NANCY LUCKS, Assisiani Edi+or TUESDAY PAPER FRIDAY PAPER ROSEMARY BOWDEN Edi+or PAU L M l LLS Assisfanf Edi+or . , , W-W, MFrr:'Hfi+'M Y' 5 G.. -SM, -' A H f ' A 4 fx A +1 A Q W !, W ,,3,,, f lll l ll ll T " l l New Faces Shine All-STRTE STIRTSTQBAY on. l 013011 POSiti0l1S Yofwg Skim from all wer the'fby Generm. Mime a ynwg mazfs fam jgrith pounding gms, lim?-i1Sg20l1I'i3S P+ W white pellet stew sporiiixg seasor iovelorx the yeziiffur t how an 3 Q ffgr , sprii-ig weathea: within a pcm iglspend some ogg, year at fl'?m5.X15 flkv 1 25' gk 35-R boys are 6 time Of the year Qing for 2, team pomi i the first teal ,agff-EQ ' ' if we husky 5. 5, as hs? ihfches ' Yikst Seals. WiSh6S 'Q ami Baxter , , mwah his nasrne lsmte are fga,t11e:risz.g'at,Mt. Baker ' in eager maticipazion of the Wg aitxeadl ef them. The 'lhe third amz-rgl A11- sksmmg am! is fed fkdslyesrdfby the ,le carb amz the Beu- soxsmcil, A,4iQt,iture we young but f3M,gg51 sash Seattle' skiers as l '-MLB0b Brambach 81151 vexrggigiiei- me Lo! you will eompete. Sew ithe csnly town 3131? ilthoughg Yalwna xanga and Omar Norganii resented by the hair, Eclllorz lv'lcu'y Melsneslg Asslslcnl Edllor: Bob Lorenlz F 11: 3325.31 axial of Carter, waaiq Tommy lluxqxhyg, Beliiag the host. is placing her 1203 Jim Bobiter, Bs tbizr way W1 With such a seededlfiekdx can ba an faVorif,g,teaaa1,,bq3i. at Gmfieixi it appears our bays WUI be in the thaw iight or tragnfit ugeifzes- mx d, ence aiiher way., - - The team erm gym rvpreew Pups wil! be practically theff ones that carried Gamfield tt All-city ehavmpkozmifup. Bill hart. Harb Btehbinsg Conrad 4152 ami .Ai l'f43rade A," vggmopsi 1 tofersfm are Gaxffiews en Dan Garharf. ami-F'riend Di son are lost to the team pai to Garfield atlnetics im' they both turning out for track. ' A f51!fQlIh6YSQ Tacoma i A ls E NEW 9" Head Man .......-+........,..-.- Bill ireland, Gaxiield sopixc-1 Viimdafy has been named head spring Ski l letic manager by Coach Qifglals Qmef aaawwnm in, ms J' gland track are Don Sideisisy mengef 5 hefty Bpb Maller, respectively ., l Mmcmg Sideisky with "1iff1iSl'basehan squad are Jerry 1 3-e'vDO1'L Dennis, Jack Colemsrij L'5'5klP!'OCi8S, Chuck Krakovslgy, 9.1 lg old, and Dale Scriven. - 'll Bah Milievks assistants ark iiidixxg 13313. the.!BlI'UX!l!8!1, Ray Hasselo, Janis ns al and Jim Charroin. Pl -R ypgr agolggmiller said- there is mon Y? Is QQ' 110135153 in iX'f'TF?i.Ql other !?1QI'K8fg'61"S DI Em.fK'eQ"g 3110 ogplgjn. 4 fwllliilffl, AHS' billy XVBO YS 665528 i he jggny inter, C-ki'U5ZXlZ1?'Ba. rrgigsageg shin: . A 4, .mm XVI 1 e er -can 4 ggfxge' if Uonfzlx Baxter as soon az 'Abe was bei' buught C1 :QW 1 Stfaighfi 81341. FFUNT ROVV: Mary Thomas. Luellc Kummer, Slflirley Gm-mley, W- 'A ' I " V K ' 1 Belsy Jones: Gloria l-lunfinglon gmer1Fef 5457135 hfitwd the FUI? basdmn PSQCOPID llOVw': l'ZC5'l'lf1Cil'lI'!Q Lundy, Bob Mallhews, Ar? Kulman, la v ' A 179 2 Seem- Hmwlllmf Jfwk Tom Borlo, Vwkzlfrel' Prescoll, Ben Lerner, Virginia Ellie? E8kkf8f8t barn . . . BRPOM Gray Rs mer-l ' mteer, deieating two veterans 'wer-A www . . . What da yan say, champ play the faculty ei: , Bi!! Knudsen finds that vw ln: Dan Coleman ought to in wiffrfumxisxg . . . Jack Gorman, t Sze diamond squad, is probably P 311-sr in the league . . .The iIl'f7l'8l!li.Q:f for the successful way they hs: 1 iiatramuml program. DIGGERS IHQPHINIIPE? QQFRANKLIN Slinvf Casi YT? is-'llzfml Tzmsnxan, died isttack last Tuesday. dz. MANAGING - Q "The intramural bask, I ,Althnugh quiet, he wgg . 5115 WU' first W0 language .wming mug ml ,zzkefg by we mama, Umm the identical scores ofgthe boys show piegxty of anim... ldiveciion, the Baiiard paper E, the Bulldng gggfeysliwanzy' said Luther Mere, Garfieidfiroducfed a modernized feat yfmmgm Quakers at gym instrxxcwr, Thxsrscmy. passe. The Talisman hasxvgmx, Q., wk Saxumay. Sw farm Gm scoring department eral nationai khomra " 'fm h. 2 'bam - t -4 4 ., lm 8 fawly evenly 3.1 warg? biifseillame will was 'f :ix 'hm 'fish twgmxd Marie Griff for, top fl1O11Q!iS.5 'W' Sm, mi lxmmv Q80-:ian has :as mmm wwe? , , , I 113151: , , I Q' s 144 with Spring vamti Bit. Conrad Cullen- k K.-H' xxmmlf by Q., A- , M L T Smmr 1-'Ski Svhwl .. -...ANr...,. l .1-M4438 Iwsmlled frwarwiv 3 7 ' A MW f Publzlekpd Tuesday and Friday of Each Week A A GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, SEATTLE, WASH., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1942 K , Q 9 IBSJQ itors fC0fxni I1g Next ' Y V 4 5 I Y 5 Q ! 4 I The News As a new feature 'of the.GarfieId Tuesday staff will xnraiutaiv A- in theknameplato ff day paper of ' Enter Hn hi nelmam-5 with rush 1 -M Og fChosen.3 Honey Frei A any fiim 1 , giants E the country td Mon Qi, 5e,,,0,,g,,,-',,g the University j' mi are axmmmeed Others af? ' 'S WVLWMT .rd,o4dvisfsr for Reitz Mirror of E rehabi- sclsx nosm. . , QM. mom! Chm1,1ndtheu 91 s meg-ar Am, U HA 9' ' mmm mes rlliiant wmxsef-M"'4W fhA, M-A W-M at num, VU, , WGN hmmd?Mn Da Stars '- A 2 Y ea res xt students FD Lcwmz and af college' enter rw-isis t mil- . A . , , mn W Edifor: Ed Afkbwyg Assodorv? frdsfor: Ruflfu Hxfwrnmmffln ,ad for hos' Ga ihe staff aref N1 4 ' Um me uma' Bm , .. vi!! be ' Weffks' NME Samuvlwob g' Ingrn li'suY?i,fu:g2jciety membf 551015, Rosa ' A member of nd Sew- Plum in the sgm'isiim1ntefi ms: WPEWL Y: KHLWMI and t ,Inge msuff Wifi: Em Keir a.SSiSi'2!.I1'.3S'Et51e1 Dix m-sig Dan Won? for! as :Q g Lloyd editiamb :ex-3 Nm M H kms, 4 WT, F Gnu fshaqages wsu Z Lam mnestmfs frm- 5 me Mr Viva im-ka Hunting- , f A has hm, QUUH iiiyfeatizre mi- W it Z fl Emu: My of Bet' um, san- n bam ra Janes this- Swmbmg, 0 Joan 3 M5510 we nieatefs z SKY, 26136, suffix Ziigsegyofi asm ke iX6f8sM'm1:1 Jams Sm, man, 51. 14 the managin gum-,3 X vm wygingfi 'for such an la, K Ivww in gy, Mi' 56555355 Bah SCHWSWT 35' 01+ FRONT ROW: Luoilc Kummer, Barbara Jones, Mini TSpp, New gms przwmeu in me study - UIZZIIYJVT Mcmo!idos, Dorofhy Rosenfhul, Doreen BIHQHUH1 4 mst VVGJIIYZSQHY far the stun g Q, x ,As uf every , , f , - 7?9W9ELH'ffh-ter lm, Z SECOND ROW: Howard Marian, Ar? Wong, lqor Sloofsky, initio fl? 'giixdskii 'jitfrggtrf 39,3 lam . Y: www ' , x U - ' K A I ,ammg 0 x ' rss 1 1 K , monrjwt se' .gr am nmmumy mm Joe Bsenng., Siem SfOl'T'Il'T1, Don Sidelsky, Bed Woliols V. Wrposo nf these question' 5314211 nwmbegmm first stuff rm-ating iso ax ABSENTEES: Duck Hagen, Helen Yorozu, Jerry Sfuvzg ..m1'f15 was to 'plan efiectiveiy an Begg gg, xg-wx QW-int myself Wlih fha Wiex . 'advertising idea for the Messenger ' ' bers." Qxivlmfvwfl T . k V k, k d H ' d ' 1+ V lifivmm would tie up the wvemsex-'s :ZS ummm swf-1 'iffft 1f.'LUT11Itd nf WCG C' Wee 1 'fm W9 GY5. an UWS59. 'GPO' 9'5 WP' prin!.v1'L copy with that of a. local 0 ,rhwfmanoi N. R fo beef 1410+ deodhne. By making up dummaes ond covermg xi by mzmy mdk, Station' me 5-our, beads, Hwy learn We makings of Hwir K 7' ffXC0I1EiffWf3I 'fm program yanking fourth in ' V5:x?if?et wma papuiarity among the students Gill iw t W 'fy wen' was the 'Tux Radio Theater" pref P , A 'm?:'unc'M Efgirziscntezi Mfvrrday evwiug. "FibberI rf img , 5 wmml ec McGee and Molly" ranked fifth.tF01 ....4........ xi ,U bm 3 followed by the "Aldrich Family." hum, xiglmtzg Hr L0-fe A Mystery," Guam, Mu- Gm 9 in Q ' A ' Ehlr, :md Eddv- Cantor, in ulespecmive mg 1 356362 Ii .miiL, Spaix1,"m::i.'t K f Q mestf f Barcelona E1 programs eatmmng vom' Luth form of ' XS Camewmyvvciy' and popular muah: have the of nm youxve r f 17 hc, Wagsgreatc-sm pczpniamity with the stuwiod ,h mpimd uw VL mnoml Aftke,,5dvnt.a was evident from students' dum ffigflt Wi' Nr he am? tvfanpnvem. Very few quiz programs anew 5, althcmk Ham his pam, were Iisbmd ma favorites, although advw to he-sv g thmugh Mayan Mhxfornmtion Please" refcived fav-, An arable cormuent, Few serial pm' ,meme B3 gms' 4 A my hands sgtgvanxs created great interest. asm' 2 lwfshf Q Ljmwm, mm.. 8nidtNvm'iy half the smaenw vepued tim 4 mgmg waters win gn tuiiififi if HBV ' ' bmfmlx pinnisi, explaining the Iongfumt they 1fmff1w1'w0fdw Wm' Mid Ziighghmm the tg ,w,the!-1 53421 da fi?-'UFG 9-3 YVQH 39 t35fmf"' Ifwurs of practice which have ,g,'1v-iphgny Pmgmms 'WW the ima, nw-mn . x f 'W A . .niggas Gemma! cuumuxan of the party iagshg 'L M N in ffffnmmnfi g"i93fkl-hand? their imjlizfi MAMWM A ' 'T RQ,-non '31 ,x ff? , O DeY0e The Garfield Pen foiled off We press Huis year for ihe fenfh Mme since ifs beginning. Five years--ien issues, each beffer fhon Hae one before. info 'Hue liffie box ouiside 'the Pen office goes many cz hopeful wriiefs lmanuscripf, represen1'ing hours of eure- fui work and siudy. The besi are seiec- +ed, and 'rhe resuli is a Wfex-any mogu- -zine which is unique in fhe Paeifin Nodhwesf. fd l ,Que ' elf l ffl' iff' yy if Iffrj A X E WP' ' 37 g A P, l jo gnwanwqgi an saw away' fi i 4 Ralph Adallo, Irwin Adler, Clyde Armslrong, Donald Alexander, Jerry Barash, Dick Barnes, Earle Beier, Quenlin Booker, Dick Campbell, Dan Carney, Bob Chrislensen, Auslin DeFreece, Ralph Dreilzler, John Finn, Mary Jo Forsell, Fred Geiserl, Bud Hallock, Doug Hildilch, Byron Johnslon, Lloyd Emil Johnson, Jack Kerns, Marguerile Land, Eivind Lange, Charles Larkin, Don Lee, Marie Lewis, Evelyn Lighllool, Waller Lind, Raymond Lundy, Don Man- ning, Leslie Mar, Claudia Marbel, Marvle Smilh, Sally Mills, Roger Nelson, Teruko Ogami, Rose Osowa, Margarel Peoples, Jackie Pelerson, Virginia Pope, Sol Prollas, Arnold Robbins, Don Rorller, Roy Rosenlhal, Jimmy Scheelar, Sam Shoii, Phil Sulman, Yoneko Taiilsu, Billy Tolles, Jack Tremper, Belly Websler, Larry Wells, Doug While, Allen Yaplee, Lucy Yoshioka, Helen Yorozu. Mr. Hoyl, in his smarl band unilorm, laces lhe lilly-one bandslers, raises his balon, and lhe "band plays on." 89 Enlhusiaslic loolball Acrowds, lighling leams, apprecialive concerl-goers-lhe band plays lor all alike wilh greal versa- lilily. Al loolball games and pep assemblies, il pulls lrom ils reperloire lriumphanl ballle songs such as lhe "Washinglon and Lee Swing," and al lhe Mid-Winler Concell, smoolh melodies like lhe "Panorama Overlure" casl us inlo dreamy moods. We iusl nalurally lhrill wilh pride, whalever lhe occa- sion, when our royal purple and while bandslers swing along, headed by lheir snappy maiorelle. NONETTE: DORIS BEARDSLEY ELEANOR BURTON JACKIE CRAWFC LELLY BENEZRA ' EVELYN CRAIG PARKER E. COOK Direclor 2 E Music is an essenlial lo living, for wherever lhere's life, lhere's music. Thus il is lhol occasionally hear someone mullering "Hospodi Pomilui" lo himself as he walks lhrough lhe ha or we hear a member of lhe orcheslra humming lhe slrains of a currenl number while he me lales upon a malhemalical problem in sludy hall. ln facl, wherever we go on lhe sel of " Time," we hear snalches of some familiar lune, calling lo mind lhe orcheslra, lhe chorus, Nonelle, or lhe Girls' Ensemble. Many downlown organizalions also depend upon lhese groups, all clirecled by Mr. Co as a slirring means of beginning or ending lheir programs. MEMBERS OF CHORUS: Pal Agnew, Francis Agoada, Mary Alhadeff, Doris Beardsley, Bill Becker, Lolly Benezra, Dolores Brunner, Eleanor Burlon, Jackie Crawford, Sylvia Danz, Belly Davis, Bob Douglas, Cliff Eidemiller, Larry Arlander, Jeanne Ba Dorolhy Carlson, Evelyn Cr, Belle Erickson, Dick Ernsir Belly Fink, Clarine Garrell, Helen Gay, Carmelia Gever, Nancy Graves, Florence Hale, Margaret Hari Lucy Hasson, Jeanne Herrell, Waller Herrigel, Helen Hyland, Marion Jaffe, Ralph Janlz, Phil Jeffer: Viclor Johnson, Barnella Johnslon, Byron Johnslon, Moxine Jones, Alice Joseph, Belly Kindrigan, Nancy 1 Knelfle, June Laqerquisl, Pal Larkin, Sonia Learn, Dorolhy Levandoski, Roberla Lindrolh, Bonny MacDon1 Juanila Marshall, Laurel McDonald, Denise Millei, Marcia Naramore, Eslher Nassel, Marion Oakland, L Oakley, Susie Oziel, Ben Pielromonoco, Virginia Plain, Philip Runkel, Frank Sakai, Pal Shannon, Bei Thomas, Marion Valley, Sam Varon, Iris Vigus, Marion Walker, Bill Wesl, May Williamson, Charles Wc 90 ., , . , ' 1 I 4 l I NANCY GRAVES BETTY JEANNE HERRETT ALICE JOSEPH SUSIE OZIEL JUANITA MARSHALL Picnis+ .' K,, muww-.ll SENIOR ORCHESTRA Ahlhur Andrews, Jeanne Baker, Earle Belr, Ralph Berlolln, ick Campbell, Doris Carlsladf, Fred Cassard, Faye Eng, arlko Hafemaka, Yoko l-lorllo, Warren Jeffries, Byron John- lon, Alice Joseph, Juanila Joseph, Aklko Kafo, Jack Kerns, 'erry Kumagal, Anna Mae Larson, Phillip Laudan, Don Man- ing, Claudia Marbef, Par Mitchell, Osawa Osawa, Shirley 'eferson, Maior Pigford, Jean Salam, Louie Sale, Irving lhain, Powel Shore, Dale Soden, Ufako Taiilsu, Leona Temp- ln, Yoneko Taiifsu, Florence Wicklund, May Wicklund, Allen 'aplee, Beatrice Zempel. GI RLS' ENSEMBLE LRONT ROW: Jo Schooley, Charline Kingsbury, Jeanne Baker, Aargarel Davis. SECOND ROW: Anne Alhadeff, Rachelle Balanle, Laura Hasson, Marian Jaffe. THIRD ROW: Pal I Aifchell, Marie Rousso, Leona Templln. 9 I HIT EST ow BM W NNY' ' e CM U00 PHRHDE Songs from "H.M.S. Pinafore-," lovely Viennese wclfzes, ond melo- dious old fovoriles, coupled wi+l1 specioculczr s+c: ge-se++ings,c1nd becu+i'Ful coslumes, comprised l'l1e HH Parade, Q performance new 'ro Garfield ond unique in Hs voriefy of song l1i'ls. l DICK ENSTROM i. A wk N NJ EU i MARSH PLL' E NXT PN 50 'X NANCY GRAVES LUN 92 BEN E19 f 5, . E iw , f'?"QQ,T? Friday nigh? ccsf' Leads--Shirle S - y focker o d B b Poffeng Sheldon Soffky, Sully Wafson, Rufh Hnollorid, ff ' Eff? .. . . Qfmlfl Vvqmm Waugh- Deon 655505. MGVIG Gviff, Elihu Hur- , 1 Q wnfz, Kermefh Hinclw, Nancy KneHle. THE NERX! M1504 , Sczfurdcy mghf ccs'r: Leads-Miriam Vcm Wciel's and Bob Douglas: Don Sideisky, Dorofhy Smurf, Sfanly Fried- man, Nancy Jamieson, Ben Agor, Som israel, Igor Slooi- , Pefer Boyn+on, He-Yen C-Boy. 93 Z N ,- . V 3 b x fsfggaf ziff- X ' "" 2 -- Raj 3 li' 1 if A it EN 4 V3 .:, I ' A V wma .:,..-: 5 .. M is 1-:M M :. 1. I Q Q 5 Q . V. ,.,.: ' .,f::, , 4A,.... E., ..x':- ,Z ' vgw , ' A , ak 1 3 32: ' ' , as R A- , .-M B E W,- QM ,A 5, , N L ,R w . .1 H W k - . Q fs. W- 5 V ' eg aim '- ..--Q 4 Q :E,:,, si , .' ,Q Y 'WWE' 'J fill' A RE Q gg V' f lg Wg 'QQ em Q . Qi, , an . 516 ' il ' as WW W Eg Q. W I gm, 31160 .':I'. Q 'ii- m , Q. -r ff: RR .fi- jxwsix 99 W' gif E ', ITE 9 S I 3 v 295 Q, :. hi ..., 1 FN 'fzxsw ' A W ., sg Q ' Q35 E sf ex , my X affaf W iv g XKw , , . V 5 wg E ll Q K 1 3 A in k J 55 f X ,a J , 1 , gf .M .,f. 7' Qi ' li 5' fag , W " X ii M A AQ ,K ff 52. .Him 1 WW W? if if 4, iijgf ' if? V f , 'N' , . A 2- Q W 45 SE 5 fn N 'J' av W, " if f QW 2 N 4 an Q5 ,gs 5 Q 33355 ' .W ,i .ly M f .--- wg! l H Qi 'Zia' X if 3.-.. 1 :Q , -x Ni: Q F651 2 y VW! wb , W .'-' bg ff Ei F' 'gf ::.',5. if E ,M , -N 'S fsfwg W V- , i 2 5 W .- S ww f ' - 22' qi. 0 wi Mx W 20 1 fbi ' 1 ,- Ss I Ein i i ie I f wlwg. Q X. all 1 U: 1 masiiw K , lmix-f' xx ,gwimaivf Fe M ' 'WN-Q Wm. 4: :apps 3" . , .awww gm S -21 1 .:.'seEn..' . .X , , X 1'-1 . ,..: Q H., M, . 5 xy. ff Yi ak 1 H if .Q 4 2 fa L 41 1 E5 5 K . - M. 3' is M Q Q ' gp A , 15 , Q 1 4 ...LY . . K? h M V 5 iAJ l2H' ---- I f . -' ,-,.,-.- PRODUCTION "The show musl go onI" Wi'l'h lhis slogan ringing in lheir ears, all lhe pariicipanis worl-1 feverishly. lnl'o each show goes hours of work by lhe 'facully and siudenl commillees. Their 'rask is 'lo lolueprinl and direcl' +he performance, coach 'lhe casl, and fill l'he house. FACULTY PRODUCTION COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Mr,Cook, Miss Mil- ler, Mrs. Olmsled, Miss Jean Burns. SECOND ROW: Mr. Merrian, Miss Gray, Miss Hensel, THIRD ROW: Miss Jurgensohn, Mr, Rosenquisl, Mr. Knighf. STUDENT PRODUCTIONS FIRST ROW: Virginia Ellioll, Nancy Lucks, Bill l-loelscher, Eugene Cor- bally. SECOND ROW: Jennie Fal- cone, Bob Hallgren, Clyde Arm- slrong. THIRD ROW: Lillian Milch- ell, Don Coleman. MAKE-UP COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Arlyss Taylor, Lily Mukai, Emma Eng, Angie Davanzo, Anne Daly, Kinko Fuiii, Marillyn Sigel. SECOND ROW: Miss Dear' born, Advisor, Miriam Van Wyck, Shirley Rea, Shirley Wynn, Shirley Scheuer, Jean Sofiky, Sylvia Danz. THIRD ROW: Janice Freeman,Marf tha Opperman, Mary Jean Almos- lino, Jennie Facone, Rulh Richard- son, Virginia Powell, Janelle How- ard. FOURTH ROW: Joe Israel, Genevieve Chrislie, Edna Napp, Virginia Pope, Joyce Binkley. Ab- senfee: Elise Reicherl. I 96 ,vw vw Y .em-,Y--W --.,--A ------. .4 , W---1-,U COMMITTEES Backstage omid the sets are the overall-clad stage crew members culangmg flood lights while the make-up committee dobbles in grease-point to tra nsform students into actors Out front, doormen ond ushere'l"les greet First Nighters cs the music swells into the overture, ond the curtain rises on the co-ordinoled work of the production gi ..',,w Q FRONT ROW: Laurie Griffin, And- rew Monsen, Toshio Tokunaga, Syd- ney Abrams, Sam Dubson, Al Cor- dova, Guy Chiocchio. SECOND ROW: Norman Schain, Bill Lati- mer, Fred Morford, Jerry Gorin, Twemp Conroy, Ben Lerner, Art Grashin, Ed Bensussen, Jack B. Varon. THIRD ROW: Ruben Seltz, Tad Latimer, John Walls, George King, Tom Peizer, Bill Pratt, Dick Peck. Ill USHERS FRONT ROW: Claire Boonov, Pal Bonath, Margaret Yuen, Emily Stanton, Mary Barry, May Wick- lund, Sarah Jean Alkana, Miye Kikuchi, Emma Eng. SECOND ROW: Florence Lindeke, Marilyn Cohn, Garena Magarinsky, Steffi Woffheim, Sally Watson, Bea Angel, Rae Hasson, Angie Davenzo, Viola Workcuff. THIRD ROW: Lu- ella Kummer, Ellen Tallman, Ruth Himmelman, Esther Romey, Betty Jean Andrews, Joyce Kwan, Norma Clark, Ann Reitze. FOURTH ROW: Mary Pal Stover, Helen Palmquist, Pat Parker, Eileen Price, Shirley Softky, Marian Jaffe, Carmelila Mackey, Katherine Levy. STAGE CREW FIRST ROW: Donald Wyman, Louis Mills, Evelyn Radford. SECOND ROW: Bob Hallgren, John Gosse, Manager, Ramona Deyoe, Jay Ker- tes, Arlene Smith, Peggy Bates. THIRD ROW: Eugene Anderson, Mr. Knight, Advisor. ABSENTEES: Betty Lou Culberson, Antoinette Stanton. a 97 'QU DOORMEN ff? Q S ll 0 R 'I' S . 7 ' ' .Y Lf L Q ncnnn Hunan smfnmusmu ncnnn Hum ' - K , W - V . V . , -vu-.ww .' , X I. V cnunuunun STREHGQIH smuncnnn HOHUI w ai 5 1 x 2 5 x Q + ix A-P 1 i s . A X E 'Q ff s 1 Q J ? 2 9 3 QL . 2 K asf ' 1' . 1414 7 5 fri-QQ 5 CHARITY GAME Ailes an absence of one year, Garfield's superbly coached Bulldogs again invaded the glassy feira fnma of llwe Umveisily of Washinglon Sladnum lo do baHle wilh Bollard's Beavers in lhe classic speclocle of lhe high school spoils y or fhe championship charily foolball game. Spailacd on by The wildly waving pom-poms of lhe "ciiy's mos? spiriied roofing sechon fhe Men of Bugham gave 'rheu sugnooiier an ihe colorful fhlong of l2,000 lheir chance 'ro "give-ou?" during ihe second quarrel An arching oelial bomb from AH' Harris 'ro Dick Hagen. slonding in 'Phe end zone wrofe fams fo a syslemalic sixly youd suslanned drive and furnecl oui io be 'the high-pain? of fhe day for Garfieldifes Then ihmgs iulned soul Hams' conversion drive 'ihol fell shorl revived lhe highly-favored Shmgleweaveis To acfion A pass ploy allowed by a placemenl' kick gave Ballard lhe 7-6 hah'-lime edge. Two eel like backs Fosmo and Dobbins, slipped away on 'lhree long enemy gollops e half lo cern nl lh issue for The defending champs, 26-7, while Ballard's secondary was bo'Hling up 'lhe Easisidenfs once baffling aerial game, 'thus rendering ihe versariliiy- dependenl' Garfield affaclf. punchless. H A much-discussed ''council-fable-ruling" elevaied Wesi Seaiile, winner of ihe preliminary iussle with Queen Anne, lo a rifle iie wilh lhe Beavers. A+ fhe seoson's conclusion, special honors were given lo four of lhe plucky Bulldogs. The leagues crushing workhorse, Fullbacls Ari Harris, ball- handling T-forrnalion, quarterback "Sonny" Booker, and demon-defensive guard, Bill Benvenisie, were selecled "All-Cilyf' Four-year le+ler-winner, Caplain Bill Yanagima- chi, besides garnering a second-leom honor berfh, was presenied ihe Chuck Carroll lnspirafional A and by his reamma es ii ii is we as MODEL T OUAKES QUAKERS Opening fhe season wilh a releniless aifack, fhe l94l Garfield gridiron casi' slawled down championship lane al' Franklin's expense. The "piciure play" came early when end Dick Hagen blocked a Quaker punl' which his wingmafe, Dan Ross, plunked off 'lo race 'lhirfy-odd yards and over. The'Brigham T formafion, spear- headed by Junior iolrer Ari Harris, kepf ihe Franklins durnbfoundecl and baffled up ihe resf of The way, eil-er resulling in a second reel score. wwf .?s:"e'EfJ .7114 BENGALS LANCED WIDE OPEN Definile proof 'lhai' "Brig's Easisiders once again had lhe indefinalole "if" came as fhe Bulldogs smashed Through a vaunled Broadway forward wall in a conclusive onslaught The Brigham A.B.C.s' crisp blocking and sure lack- ling culminafed in viciory when Harris 'Twice loffed paydirf aerials 'ro ex- Bengal Hagen, and Fred Grifliih shori-plunged number fhree. Offense cl'irec+or"'Sonny" Booker ihrice added conversions. ln 'rhe dying momenfs, a Tiger-'Touchdown-pass efiorl was JlNX EAGLES WINGED AT LAST Cleveland's defeal, a 'Task noi ac- complished in iive years, seemed a+ leasi anolher season away as 'lhe l94l highly favored Bulldogs iloundered miserably 'Through a scoreless firsi half. Then, obviously inspired by "Brig's" half-lime words, Garfield for- go? her fumbling ways long enough +o push over lhe only Touchdown. Bu+ alas. The Bugaboo sei in when 'rhe line- backing junior, Will Sanders, broke a shoulder which shelved him for +he ,,s.....,m...... ,G ....,s,...,,,,.W.-.. ww. ,. , ,. ,,,,,, N Q. ef.s5xeE,sgylf A ..fA sw, X ,MMR -s,egis,,frM gf ,X , . ,V A , , ,W ,Q i ., , awww I X, ,J . P ,Q , -, est ssewseseeesfefr""r'W'2i"rf'gs,' 1 W'kNi?k gk5S?mgiA?gkia in-f-2 4x+ s s Q E, Y 'K' s- ff? fi ' - , - f QQ A .xr ,fe sswesferefs-Miss f'e'aeff551?fzwlfmssgsiweimess ifii ,offif gm., GARFIELD A BALLARD 07 , MW ,,, H is sz -sofas fx . si ., is wgmsiuyk 9? X GARFIELD noossvm 00 BEAVER DAM BURSTS qu, Affer wearing down iheir ouiweighed iii opponenis wifh slaggering power drives for ihiriy-seven rninuies, Bal- lard's unclefecrled, defending chem- pions changed iacfics dramofically fo cop fhe "big game" wilh one perfeci gg pass ploy. Slunned, Hue Purples re- if covered and olmosi dommed lhe Beavers wiih o soul-searing assaull' in -ihe final fleeiing seconds. As fhe 6,500 siood up, Garfield rushed 'ro a safeiy 'ei' and foughi' back lhirly yards from 0 winning fouchdown when +ime ran oui. BRl6 POWER ROUGH ON RlDERS E An eleven-play procession io pigskilfs ii promised land in lheir iniiial offensive efiorl ogoinsl Rooseveii edged Cap- ff? fain Bill Yanogirnachi's men closer io 'lhe posl-season championship charify confesf. From lhen on, however, 'lhe gg rnud-coined field proved unsuiiuble for fhe lighf, fricl-ny, Model T backs. if The unsung forwards sropped The big- S gesl eleven in 'ihe cify from 'rallying by slashing and aggressive work, pariicu- 5 larly in fhe lalier siages. ' es GARFIELD EEN ANNE "OUEENS" GET ACE CARD lN DRAW A gallop of 87 yards wiih an inier- cepied laierol enabled underdog Queen Anne lo srolemaie Garfield, 5 . . buf if didn? keep a Brigham-coached 'leam from Hs eighih hy in nine years of P.T.A. sponsored filfs. The Kuay'S conversion afiernpl' was wide, and ihe Bulldogs roared back fc kno? 'the coum' on anoiher loleral pass, Yenogi- mcchi fo Harris. The exlro-poini' kick was blocked, and ihe Pups were con- fenf wi-Ifh a drowl U1zfm3,1:ge.,g eiswfvs we-Mv54 r- ,' 'ef'i1,'sv.i A in f 5,3 - ei .. , . Y, 'i""'i'5.' f7i'7'1""i3Isfcf?i?i12 L ,Kimi 3? is E2 Q -x 5: if f f FE if 5 x ei E is ! , ,J e W, x, mm I fee f, x ,W 1412 5, AQ , , f 1: fffiffsf 'L VM? Q ,, VA I V Mi vm., v,W,. A ,, fm K , - Hlifiwi M sf-ff - 6, -v-1 1 ,-X . wi, - - win .,,.i:ww.s+,f' ,Q -Q y+,,g,f4g,1w it-34 l,,-W,.,,,3,gi Q g V ga 1 A iw, 4 , , ag -F 1 -x M ., NS. A .1 Q o ,U Q, W N, , . ., iq,-4 f O l ' ' A fwgagiw A O X . ,wi YELL TEAMJOP ROW Lefl +0 Right: chuck Kmkowskyg John Larsen, cas O if Tl'll D TEAM FOOTBAU RO T ROW Phl G Jrn B ndqes Lou: 0 BOO KL ll COO n Bax kl ND QOVV. Arnold Mll., Did: Sch , ill Kidder, Gordon Templeton, .lock Riley, auch Briqham. HIRD ROW: Laverne Coleman Keifh Doug- is, Donald Alexander, Benn:-d Proud Burke Nbson. The puppies the New York Yon- ,ees ' of prep alhlelics, caplured 'their liflh conseculive 'lille since lhe Third- ecsm League! formafion in l937. The lcxler-coached, Brigham-supervised lwondef'-eleven," ye+ fo be 'rripped up, has bul 'flu-ee lies againsl' il. W K tk, ..,.i ., , 'QE zz. Buscher. BOTTOM RONN: Dixon McDonald, Busler, Sodao Kuroiwa, A - L O Bill Tolles, Phil Jefferson. Alvin Elliolf, Ed Bensusscm. , xx-.5 , . , xiii! o- , f giw Qifw Q . gs SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Ben Ikeda, Howard Preslon, K Charlie Howard, Bob Hewelt Clifford Weigel. ,il SECOND ROW: cm sfockxeyt sob Bannick, ijQ'f'f THIRD ROW: Jack Bassett Conrad Carler, E Pummeling Cleveland reserves al Q. will, C-3orfield's seconds high-spoiled 'Their season and regislered 40 poinls, 'nl '-2 laps in all compelilion. The frio of close sefbaclss suffered by fhe '4l scrubs was aflribulecl fo lack of sufficienf "sock" when wilhin scoring range. my . :,,4yfm1as4,,, GARFIELD 32 QUEEN ANN 33 GARFIELD SEAT1 GARFIELD FRANKLIN 16 GARFIELD 34 CLEVELAND GARFIELD BROADWAY GARFIELD BALLARD 38 Sioziging vErfuL 'Hfiam Maru? wif aww io iwiftimwfs' MH SADKCZK We 5940-f55 squad, fsiwixiiy cz Ubu imgj' yfwf' 'im' fha psig basl buii ssguzzfii, one pain? 2 back Queen Anne cfm WSH ww Rffsss? ffiefeuigigife ae? SYETEQQQ im Que ?5u?ff3ff:1cg'5. wzisiww zz? H322 ?mm e: Q5 213aff1izef'aW "WEii ihey rzmtafsi fished 5-7s'ur1k3?ni?e2s, cam spis'E'I'sed pups bmiihzwi "kings" an izeffiez' Hamm ev ierrrxs 'EMQL one M 'mm A Tin qum'?fs2'5 mf H1 pcsai-nec? basi- ivcsfi. BLS? fi' didffi' arc: Gaining cm 56 cadvonfcq Brighcxmk 21 pfmyecf 0 het :game Q5 i-:ei HATA BASKET Au. GARFIELD QUEEN ANNE GARFIELD WEST SEATTLE GARFIELD FRANKLIN GARFIELD CLEVELAND BROADWAY GARFIELD BALLARD 38 36 21 35 GARFIELD 30 28 5? S 5 5 Q l Q s E Q E E E Z A? F z F, 9 H. x F v -2 I H' ai K i E EE i Q E a 5 3 as ,S 2 5 S a 15 A Q2 if A 5 E E E ..,,.,.1., b M ,M ,.. M. ,,...M M me .mm w W., ..,,m.W,,...,.i MLM, K Y M f Ll 1293 0 We ART KULMAN Qs. L QFD ,AX W' W X semmn how gone Nw Bulldog Hsckmy Hcznciivrfs mam desffnuivly in lx -rw? Q? Hia, f we A we qc io u Hwy h wp + u Hu! hc-nor of bvirwq We S0512 favors? of Hwi 11 posmorw whfl + fufuf md ui loal-.Q :hm The iosa of Tank: Aklymmu has given ihe Pup' mif fd as sm' ze WH an bovh hafhnq power can Fxelding cxbiliiy wkiie hcwd TwE+'Hng Q-eorgfff H1 3x ffl has be-en upmoi ci from Hn' Unk? Reid gnsiiion, Q r four :Mm f'f1Y1 pmo u 0 some fxfr Jo limory pifching ffifxwi' and HH up We qopsg :rn has snfreld wi-maze so many boils h wa brew xczilunq fhmugh, Gan-Maid ions probably will nm? swf Hue gnumio and whde E umm piunied v xy hugh in Wm fieid, Gurfielffs weakness, upffcx-5 1+ oi n ffm an Hue Md Hx si fhfy lurk lmffw Wiih such z'fJuqqers" os Chwiin Maison- Don MfDormlcl Don Col mam and Dfm Rosa flapping Um bull hard and fm, 'Phe sire-nqfh Huw pfmo has been gmc? 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CFQG We 50 QQ T9 M 'WESTON WES LEVEQUE B 1.aJ4L GOLF FRONT ROW: George Bakery Dick Greeneg Bob Hansen, Harold Gray: Chuck Maryal'+. SECOND ROW: Bill Teufel: Bob Malfhews, Cap+aing Chuck Eellsq Keni' Wallbergg Dove Mundayg Mel Nelson. Three wins and 'Five losses +ell 'lhe s+ory of Gorfieldis golfers 'rhis season. Headed by Caplain Bob MaHhews and boas+ing such men as Kenl' Walberg, Bill Tuefel, and Mel Nelson, +he divo+-diggers were successful over Wes+ SeaHle, Franklin, and Broadway, bu+ failed 'io overcome +he res'r of 'iheir op- ponen+s, 'lhus neH'ing 'lhem a fif'rh in ihe final siandings. There was a change in +he coaching s+cff of +he 'ream when Leslie Johnson look over ihe dulies of Earl Whiison, who was compelled +o leave school because of illness. The squad has many promising youngsiers on i+s ros+er, and Garfield can look +o a brigh+ fuiure when 'rhese boys gain experience. ll2 TENNIS FRONT ROW: Al Wigodsky, Dick L. Peck, Sidney Krems, Sieve Chadwick. BACK ROW: Fred Fisher, Jack Lowe, Sid Cohn, Suffering from fhe loss by graduaiion of such ouisianding men as Robinson, Kriegel and Proc+or, Coach Rushing was 'Forced 'lo 'Form ihe nucleus of fhis year's squad wi'I'h younger men. Up io ihis fime, +heir inexperience has shown up in +he resulfs of +heir fennis maiches. The iirsi +wo of 'ihe season ended wiih losses, firsi +o Queen Anne and fhen io Lincoln, buf fhe ne+men came back wifh an upsei viciory over Broadway. Then, however, Roosevelf swamped +he Pups in iheir four+h engagemen+ in a very con- vincing manner, by 'raking all bui' one ma'rch. Fred Fisher and Jack Lowe have been +he brigh+ligh+s of fhe ieam ihis season. II3 ' 1 ' - e3 SKI TEAM Ranking firsf in fhe all-cify meef, as win- ners of fhe sfafe jumping 'I'i'I'Ie, and second in fhe sfafe compefifion, fhe Bulldog skiers had a very successful season. Four feam members, Conrad Carfer, AI Krisfoferson, Bob Sfebbins, and Dan Garharf, journeyed fo Sun Valley wifh a Seaffle feam which placed fhird in fhe Wesfern Junior Cham- pionship. SKI TEAM FRONT ROW: Dan Garharf, Bob Sfebbins. BACK ROW: AI Krisfoferson, Friend Dickinson, Conrad Carfer, Bill Garharf. JUNIOR AND SENIOR TRACKMEN FRONT ROW: Dick Hagen, Ed Affebery, Leon Israel, Jim Ruoff, Presfon Howard, Charles Howard, Phil Sulman, Al Romano, Bill Curfis, Asher Peha, Vicfor Alhadeff, AI Eskenazi. SECOND ROW: Walf Richfer, Bob Wesflake, Dick Dreyer, Madison Moores, Leon Kaplan, Bob Bannick, Don Goodson, Sonny Booker, Burke Gibson, Will Sanders, Samuel Wohlgelernfer. THIRD ROW: Coach Brigham, John Walling, Mickey Erickson, Charlie Brigham, Phil Jefferson, Friend Dickinson, Ben Grosscup, Major Pigford, Bill Kleinberg, Tom Owen. MANAGERIAL STAFF The managerial sfaff is never in fhe lime- Iighf, buf always on fhe iob. Making neces- sary pre-game arrangemenfs, keeping field and players in good condifion, and running fhe locker room, as well as seeing fhaf players are well faken care of during games, are a few of fheir fasks. They are fhe boys behind fhe scenes. BOYS' ATHLETIC MANAGERS FRONT ROW: Jim Charroin, Track: Roy Rosenfhal, Head Tennis: Sidney Krems, Baskefball: Don Sidel- sky, Head Baseball: Tak Akiyama, Head Foofball and Baskefball. SECOND ROW: Cal Druxman, Track: Jack Varon, Track: Sol Proffas, Baseball: Ike Alkana, Baskefball and Foofball. THIRD ROW: Bill Ireland, Head Spring Manager and Foofball: Ray Hasselo, Track: Chuck Krakovsky, Baseball: Merle Griff, Foofball: Bob Miller, Head Track. II4 SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Faring much be+'I'er Ihan +he Regulars, GarfieId's Second Team ended high in 'rheir division. Thanks largely +o 'rhe effor+s of Dan Ross, Charles Malcomson, Merle Griff, and William Chinn, The Irregulars' only 'Trouble was inconsislency. However, many of I'he younger boys such as Jack Lowe and Bill Kidder were given valuable experience 'For fhe fu+ure. Playing under Coach Brigham's supervision a+ home and Coach Bax+er's menforing when Iraveling, +he Seconds can say Thai' no one 'Ieam beai' +hem more Ihan once. SECOND TEAM FIRST ROW: Coach Brigham, Bill Chinn, Jack Lowe. SECOND ROW: Dan Ross, Merle Griff, Bill Kidder, Charles Malcomson. THIRD TEAM BASKETBALL Coach Bax'I'er's scrappy Ii++Ie Third Team produced more promising maferial +his season in +he form of such po+en+iaI Ie++er- men as Cal Johnson, Glen Brown, and Tom Kozu. AI+hough fhey did noi' win 'rhe cham- pionship, The reserves proved dangerous fo +heir opponenfs fhroughoul The season, and mosl' of 'rheir losses were very close. THIRD TEAM FRONT ROW: Jim Reynolds, Dixon McDonald, George Yorifa, Glen Brown, Ted Shimada, Tom Kafsuyama. STANDING: Coach Bax+er, George Kozu, Ken Fredericks, Cal Johnson, Bill Ireland, Charles Krakovsky, Jack Todd. ABSENTEES: Sidney Krems, Tom Wesion, Charles Eells. SECOND TEAM BASEBALL Coach Baxler chose quife a 'few promis- ing young a'l'hIe'I'es when he picked his second Team baseball squad. Allhough 'rhese lads are unlucky in 'rhe sense +ha+ fhey do noi have a league of Iheir own in which +o par+icipa're, as is 'Ihe case in o+her sporrs, They gel valuable experience in The infer-squad games. SECOND TEAM FIRST ROW: Clinf Coleman, Norman S+ockIund, Cliff Weigel. SECOND ROW: Eugene Coe, Ed Johnson, Joe Brenner, John Larson, Jack Todd. II5 venus' sponrs MISS JURGENSOHN MISS JOHNSON Adviser AC-lVlS9l' JENNY FALCONE BETTE KALABIN JEAN SOFTKY BETTY GRAY JEAN HERR ANG-ELINE DAVANZO Presidenl' Vice-Presidenf Hisforian Afhlefic Manager Treasurer Secrelary A+hle+ic direciors Miss Jurgensohn and Miss Johnson +each +he girls +he heal+hful way +o beaufy. Wiih "Vim for Vic'lory" as +heir year's moH'o, ihe a+hle+ic deparlmeni' urged all girls +o engage in more and be'H'er spor+s. Leading ihe group of "leHerwomen" are fhe 'Five Big "G" officers, who assume +he roles of assis+- am' direc+ors. On +heir slaff is +he large group of managers who coach +he novices and look afiel- all equipmeni. The Li'H'le "G" Club is made up of sophomores who earn a liHle leH'er during 'iheir firs+ year in school. Big "G" members are +he proud wearers of Bulldog emblems. By 'rurning ou+ fai+h'Fully each week, ihey earn 500 poin+s and receive a chevron. ln ihe spring, lhe name of +he mosi inspira+ional girl for The year is engraved on 'lhe Big "G" plaque. MANAGERS FIRST ROW: Claudia Marbe Yayei-so Asaba, Belly Kalabi Muriel Turner. SECOND ROW Mcrgaref Sliller, Doreen Bim ham, Jean Herr, BeHe Lo Neuss, Frances Ann Rach, D maris Thompson. II6 .. A X -sw 3:1 ""' Q f. Q fr. E -- --" -. QW ix' 4' "' ,Q xi S ? YZ. Q22 ,A Q' Wag! aj-,ggi xx si F' fi y-no if . rm ,.,. I : TE: ui :V :A 4, ,D i af M . A ' WW? A-8335, 5 Gffxjww . Q, W4 5 ' GIRLS' DANCE DRAMA Wifh +he lechnique based on +ension and release, dance drama slressed The modern form. Abs+rac+ion, dis+or+ion, and exaggera+ion govern fheir rhylhmic paHern in lheir crealion of design, lime, and space. The dancers exhibifed +heir ar+ al many performances. BASKETBALL Fasl' dribbling and shoo'Hng swished +he iuniors ahead of +he mighly seniors 'l'his year. The baHle forsupremacy of +he "Hoops" was scheduled by Nancy Amsbury. TENNIS "Service," grip 'lhe racquet wham!-and lovegame. Despile 'Poor faulls and nefballs, +he racque+- eers love fheir game and keep The rhree courfs filled. By ioining bo+h 'fall and spring +ournamen+s, +hey perfec'r 'rheir forehand and backhand drives. SPORTS GOLF "Fore!" feeing off, walking on +he green, measured puH's and holeing ou'r. Confinually slriving for 'lhai' evel'-elusive "hole-in-one," even replacing 'lheir divofs, was fun for fhe enlhusiasiic golfers. BASEBALL "Baller up," swinging warm up, 1'hen--crack! Sliding and sfealing, fhey reach home plale for anofher run. Flying balls and bals all add up fo 'lhe mos+ popular spring sporl' of +he Big "G" girls. SPEEDBALL Throw in, kick off, dribbling, and skilled heading fake lhe ball nearer and nearer 'ro lhe goal Fool' co-ordinafion is 'Phe main lechnique fha? 'lhe freshmen learn under Yayeko Asaba. V Psy--K ',jfZVa.xQ?'z, 1,f,4Qfiif-95ff1ie3i?S? - .. - f i s' f 'ff' 1 ,J4:,i55'fi Riff? 'if--2215-' ff:-?2fis'2fsy:ffv L s fn," - ,, 0 WCA :I:: :ts : ::s cu 1 E f"l"1 1 u: c-: :D :cs -l c:: 1 1 ct 1 E f-rx 1 L: 1: :D :cs --I 1 f-'H 'n UICOQI v l1 " ' ' ff-ff' HY'- f , . 'r' n , . 'X ' xx, ' . ' Q ' Jmfnucnmuun CUHIEDUCHHIUUH comin! . - A A 'F .w M Q1 i, Downhill Running 5 eraconnskn nn 35 L x N, , 2 in 324, , 1- H bf' W kj? 5 L 7? 7 E- ? 1 -f-'A V X? n QQ V' wwwi ' , 5 fi Z J iff x g at ,S 3 .,Q,,f.,,Qs 5' S'no W WM You Two of or Su nkisf 1 W Snoxvjoll Sig ' rg Q, A xx? A Wil? QW S Snow . Snfzmcl k Bound Kris-iy Two's c Gorhcn+s Gef Hue Safe .. .,. .H M 'X ZEZ .ZZZ , 4. K K A 1 if I26 Crew Cufs Cui' Drgqm Duff Beaufies, Bleachers, an Double Dae I27 3, s??3 , 4 T-, v 1 Q 1 . I Z E I 2 S X x K :za S V' 94 His 1 in 1 R NK wg Th GET CUT AND GET UNDER n -1 , 4. ., ,.., T' -, " Y? "f:,fi3W75xJf"I ' M A - RLLRL R R225 5 ii 11 in L . V 7:41555 V4 XX I ,, img, kEj5g55:A3Sf Wy, ,. K - I gQ,??m,T, YA I 41 Tgffigw, 1 , fi z gww . A. ,V fwwgi by 73751 5512 ? x ,L uf 44- . 5 A Q.-il 7'5PT2'f'5 , , ..Jf?"'W "QQ" Ely ,X :Z f iw .W W WL' V .a 1 'asf I ig ' ,f:,Q 1?-'g':f,Q,. V at I If 'I 0f?5v4:W Ii ,, ws W We Q A ' '? Y 3' ff' 3 ,f ig J fl I I ,,Ik 'Q,V,, 21 "Wi . gl... T. AIR RAID DRILL STYLE All Q5'W54fQrhM?Ne nnefi f f Ev. TRIBUTES The 'deafh of Miss Edifh Mclnfosh iusf before school opened lasf fall came as a sfunning blow fo sfudenfs and faculfy alike. She was a fhorough English feacher, and fhe high sfandards and scholarship which she encouraged her sfudenfs fo mainfain only enhanced her popularify. Her insfrucfion was flavored wifh infelligence, impar- fialify, and dry wifg she possessed frue generos- ify and sympafhy. She will, be long remembered for all fhese qualifies. jciibifkll . S , fi: m ,J ff l Q 11 'u 'I fly. fy, xf if Yi,-,wg P Qfli ' jf ' -5 if if ir' 1 - ' V nl' .f 1" .f - sig: ,W gh .,,, W 4 i N K. , I I f n'. ,"-F lllxf ies , 5 ,'-, rw ig . .' vii TJ' liz. ,I , : s. riff! pl 2 'Via - ' iii, it This spring deafh came suddenly fo Miss Josepha Burns, long a beloved Garfield feacher of French. Her beaufies of characfer were aug- menfed by her excellence of insfrucfion and spir- ifed animafion. She was loafh fo crificize, buf free in her praise. As a friend, an insfrucfress, and a companion, she has leff an indelible impression X. on fhe Ga 'field 1 r" fi NX '1s l 1 YD Y I any W If A sxm yvhlti 54 YN A fwx, :+Amr.i , If , il A' 5 if ' i I lf i V iVW W Y 7 V Y, YW 'WY Y nl U , IH HCHHUWLEDGMEHT The Arrow S'raff of l942 formally acknowledges i+s apprecia- +ion for +l'1e cooperafion of +l1e 'following persons and firms: PRINTING: MR. FLOYD FLINT Lowman 81 Hanford Company ENGRAVING: MR. LEO W. FALLON Superior Engraving Company PHOTOGRAPHY: MR. EARL KENNELL Kennell-Ellis Sluclio QXXNKM' ES' M 'mf l94l'42 X5 fffassocxw 1 41 j 11 'v A F '1 1 X1 Y.: f A! mf' 1 X w Q w V . I 'W lf" my-n V. my 2 ' A ,M,1,,: . A ,A Q Q . 4' ' 'Q 1 4 ' , was . x- N . Lx' QQ? uv ' ' 5' +5 2. , W ' .7. W 4, oc 1 1 4. Q A 4. X, W -. M. 4 .. .1 Q .,mu,5,, Q I Ma.- U b MQ, -y i , 6 G x' .4 ' ' -1 B' W ,I 4 ., ., . 'T -. Q' , ' .,, , Q 4 V ,Q 7 f ,gsm - ' . ,W - J ' f, .1 , f , ' , fu A 'NW' - A .. fm ' , D. .1 M4 , ,,, Aff., Aj: 0 we Vw ' K , , . e iv is Y ,M Q, 1. . , Sf' 4 - 4. af, 4 Q 1 A ,y M., J. . I , 0 in , , Q W M 1 2 H T f ' ' ' . . 1, Wm, Q, , , , . V ,M FQ' f+"'L".,, .M H. X ,' ,.. 7 ' ' . ' vu , . ,. fha V-1m.,l,,,. E u,f,a-11m . 'fi Ax sm, W. .V ,TIA ,it I -v,ww. R, V, Qwi Q JN I W 'X' f ,, -1 4 4 6 tw ikwfi , K, . - v 4-xv. 1 V., 4 -A , ALM. Q, 'XMI F . 0 ff 41, gy 5. ,WA I ' ' Us ' 1 3 .M 1 1 K W ,, ., f , . ,Q..,.Q . . 4-, I in ,, F, '3 X, FQ 74. ff 'M I Q If 'EA' Y A W' 2 A W W Q. .Q xl . IU 2 ' a nf' 14 , W, , X W , ff , 1 W. , W M . . A . . ,. M. . ff . - ".g,'w'f-, Q 'MB I K Ir., .1 ..f.gQ, ,f Me. ,Nfl my 35 .,. 34,5 5, .Q W V .mr q 4 .. . , . 1 , il Y- 7,11 . '.,,y.ff wwf' - . H 'A - W 5 J-' 'S M. 1 yw vw. nA"wnx, , v"f"Nw X m ,' QA' yf',,'. nf" 5 ' ' 'sg ' . .4 L Y , ,,,,, W "4 . ,b ,M wh , W 'ww W ,wfu it 'Qty ie, - 4,,j9Q ,YS - ' .. , ', ' ' , X , " ,rx M , v" ' -fx Q W we 4 P., 1 , . '1 , .1 , -,Jk.'4,.1.3,?,wq , M, ,ss-AQ R . x,,..N wg-H 'f 1, 1 J. mr. Q . I M AF, ., M ww ,Y ,. I L, Q..-W x . W km QE . Y, junky ,,W' Amfmwyv t Q16 vow 47m vw-,J-,.,,.. .V 6 M 'Q 'dw W ' lf, ' ' ' .An , ,Q " A fm' '.',,' U m ,Q 'f " 'sw Hx, ' f. X' vw, in H - ,, . ,A V ,, 1 . J w -+',M' . X .' V ' . . q wwww mv. ,. 6. af . ' gf' x ,Q .E+ n , v . ,. . , . f V af 'fn Hx J 4 A Y , 53 .W hw. I ,,t,.,- 4 ,Q , f W . M 1, V2 W f, if W . I xv- Urn, ,Q X N. -1' f .. .-,M ..V, 1. ' . fn, f . X Q, W 1 ,gg W M M- 'V ff ff wg ,ww w fww 4. mu, W- sw. ,,. ,swf Y.. -hXWA Hy,-,,f,x,h .4364 A.. W' 4 wr ,,, fx, 'ff vi -A h my . gk ' fy, fy 'W 5 . My an . A IW ,B R M ,M , ,i A ' W .Mm . nf' aff, ' Q M M 4, A w , 'W .Af ww 'fm ,. as ai W .,..,.'5, , H ,ff " M W,,.. .J 1 Mft , ,. Q' X A ,M,,,, . ,, . X A 4 7 Z -X Q . . , f N-. H Y.. . . "' A M 4' . 1 ' ,Q V'SqV,,4.. X ' . . , N wwf, in M, J, avi, f..rp , W f -nf . . v ,. Q. V El+f:,,j ,, B. wif X ,. ' .V ., W 'wwf - 451 Y A W' Q HM, at W. .RMK ,A A .W Q., xqwif, 4 I K t 1 ff., W ., Q , N 52 'mam B1 iff, wg, .Mr 'H A, " ,jx 4,1 R 4 . 1 1 ' 5, , L. .tx dwg 'Nw fi V ff. . ,fb x 4 4 1 f 1 QA, A 4,4 VM . A s V L K , ' , .. v K W . -E ? ' .Y Lu 1. .X 'Q' 1 .. A -1 k f ' ' I . ., . ,, ,. , W I 1 if A' h" .F 4' ' ' iw Q U , Zzif. V Dfw' 'fi we ", ' A 15.1" ,. , K . 1, 5 gNm'2':,..,vj . M, N V . . 4 W f kj. ,A w 695.5 A Q 4, ,lim 3 X7 W 1 . N ' ', Q Y 4. 9 f ww .fm W ,fn-Q.' A .W -f A N. 5 N, Q ,, V 1 - .N .f . , V -ffwlxag .pw vi, 4 V 1 , L. - f A A ' V , '-nw, . .W . . ' -4 gpg, wi, 'W Q .. vw , , A W "' . M ,fijixf we ww Q X , . , . 0 .ww .. ,B .Q ml N , , ,V , I I . W nw , A' A V f - u nfa .,. M,,.Vh, i W4 N, ., A ,M , 2 Y X .-, ' . ,nk .5 -ff 'X ri w z1wi",,e1,.A-. 4 azfffp T3 ffkf. 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Suggestions in the Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) collection:

Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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