Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA)

 - Class of 1941

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Garfield High School - Arrow Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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,U rj fl!! J y A H,- xxx ,N ' 4, X -...M '- 'Lx' nl ,. W X M W W " V412 ,K "-.-' ' ,T 'N ' v l I N 1 fy 'X 4 Oh! I x L' I f V ,J Y - X L71 1 I I I m- I, Q90 ' Q YL gf 5 5 , f x,,' H, if-IJ f is 1 fp .1 MJE 5 L, M A ju: ji kj 151 V j Q 'J V v A' iixxx fl' 'J," . f'f- ' V J X yi' v .1 V Y 1941 1 2 5 4 i I E E ? I E I , z' f . J' . ,q ,Qi ' g-1,6141-75 -Md ,- , 9 3 1- M 5 ..N, 1 ----JJ' , rv , ' If ff V -exft . V .f The . L + .1 ' A xx My 1941 XV fl K-1 X! KJV, , ' llxf 'Qi w " 'I' .J - ' -r ,.f, r,.,,.. N , K M54 " XMVN l h XLK3 R I ' f f' n " ,h,,xlf"" ' I I ' X , . IA' ' ' ' Q1 ,- 'k'ka ,V ,L ,.!" Y-1 " yx,.- 4 1 cAnrn:Ln man scnool. sr:A1"r1.r:, wnsnmcron 1 D ,, f ' , f 4 ,X " Y .j,,.,qLW ,Q Afsfv, - !1.,f,Qf,, ,,9,.,,. J M -Wh ,Q ' 1 ,"7 1 ,I 2' N , X uf 41, 4- M J , 1 W If J K X , . 'rv . I, fl , ' ff ' Lax!-V ,. I Avi. I yr. f . ""' g A lv ' , rf xl! ',,, rf -f V4 'YA ' f y v 1 LA '- .AAf" n the spirit of true American- ism, boys and girls throughout the country gather frequently in as- semblies and proudly pledge their allegiance of peace and freedom to the United States. They are bonded together hy a common purpose, fused with the determination to up- hold, further, and plant firmly and forever the growing seed of democ- racy. iv-., 0- , s"' . 1 3 4 -1 I ,4 4 1 1 X J ,1 S1 ln thu Revolutionary days, l'l'iUllIlg :tml writ- ing flourished beneath the school 1I13Sl0l'nH stick. It was then that our forefatllvrs visionod il more pcrmanc-tit spirit ol' ilf3I1lOCI'LlCY i11 the public school systenl. Since that timc, educators have gone lar in promoting that 1111531111 by developing .Allll"l'll'ilHS schools into ll1llll2llllI'0 communities where students plan, work, play, and zwhiove together in friendly hartnony. Rocorrlml in this ARROW? is at yPar's activity at Garfield, Where the cosmopolitan student, body practir-1-s tolorancu as its password, happiness as its aim. Ilf'lIlOf'l'3ffy as its spirit. f-, JET if f o j 2? X X 4 g f t f l 2 g ,4- ,.i ,.-4' .,.f- 6 , I -1 if Q, By stantling on the front steps and looking upward. we can svv, carvml in stonv. the nann- of our Sl'l100l+',lillIlPS A. Garficlrl. This nann- reprcsvnts a man who possessed courage and sincerity. and hon- a fri:-wily feeling toward all IIICII. .Nloreovc-r. ht- was gre-atly COIlt't'l'l1Ctl with Mlucation. He fc-lt that it wasnit the- brick or the stonc that llliltllx the school, hut rather the tc-acllors and thx' stuilentsg their attitudf-s and aspirations. To this great man, who fostcrt-il the ith-als which wt-, the student hotly hearing his name-, reflect in all our viltcrprisvs, we rt-spectfully tic-flicatv this 19-H ARRUNY. In a democracy, knowledge is free. Literature is un- censored, and individuals have an opportunity to study both sides of current problems. Garfield's library was designed to accommodate the intellectual pursuits of its students. If only they will find the necessary time, there is no limitation to the progress and development available to them through reading. U. yi X Q .X X ll '- hawk BJQXQNX J-bk vs- LANN Qww,-ox bm. Nxh M v , N ' ' YA ' . S Q, , Gx xJ it-jt,1?.1X X laik' x xg, 533, 5-yr.. ' 5 i . Y-PLA Ulm J 'Jipw lfaitllful, loyal, znul trustworthy, the Junior Safety Patrol maintains var:-ful WV2llI'll each tlay to insure anql protect the lives of 2,100 Uarfielil sluflents. M0lIll,P1V1'S of this group daily assume the responsibility of loaal- ing liusses and guarding intersections. Theirs is an un- remunerative and tiresome job, but they fulfill their duties willingly and uncomplainingly. r N 'faiwitvagg H i in v. In i ' . J' ' ' , J , f .ff 1 ,f 4 ,f , , t " if W,-fifiwsfdff il! A F I4 'n,Y.Lffq,:b,f ..,,ff1f"4gA, w lv- v , 'P-F ,, ,A . , f " , :fi Z of vw ,sf f ' W X, f f ' XM, Wi,fA,v,l if lr A, jc, kr J, . , ,J If N f ' ' A f ' V " L V 'X' f4"'l"?! -V ,-ffvzi .JI l ' it 5f4ii'f5'f 'e 5-fig ff -f'2f.Zf:f"' ffm- 4.-eff' X' ff.w.f' ,J ,Af i , , . V - , in , ,y '4 Q 7 fxytf-7 ..k X L ,y -I xg 1 iqilkllll 1 Q a 7 rf 1 ' , ' 1 ' , l i i Wccnqgfo L, ,,eMgf,.f -5 ,4.f,a.,4,LA .1 , lt. is the natural desire of everyone to he ratecl worth while, anfl, fortunately for us, tlemocraey champions this philosophy. At Garfielfl, which in reality is just one of demoeraey's many testing grounds, we all may realize this common aspira- tion. Each one of us, no matter what our abili- ties or interests, is eonsitlt-roll vital to the sehool. , , . . lake away one type ol personality anal tht- Whole is flainagecl proporlionatelyg for at Gar- field, as throughout Anieriea, intlivifluality is in great measure the very esst-nee of our sueeess ancl happiness. -H U ' vw" t Y A W" . 1-5-f?E.1fl I SSS? it .1f-' 1 1 '-'Jaw 54312 i- sms, is ,X gg., - V' 31 4.vQ.". v- w , 33.-4. 1, 'E-'sm' i . 13,p.?g31'3 'Q : QQ- J: .. w a 3 R-U .L 11 grft-,--.fwme-5 5.1, A by-.:,2gw 441 - s 5. - 4l"fi5i.55.2'1fli'4'1f:. -G3 '??'W. '?1Tf'...E,51" W i'-an 7, . fi' 1 , lkllilkm' .mr ,lfQ'1'r.1w-'f- .-lsgivgii' 'fi '5- ,,,.5w,7pgyf'2'.gQ,':!-.jf ,Q . 3. 1' i J' A. :,,--'Egiyiwt ff me ."-2 .HH , . .' .:f -5 ,, , vw' 14 1 is ffff-.qw i f' ,sis-i ...I -ix X My i gf f w t :if f A. 57 mfr - 1 t is." sfgbf' 6,45 5- , , ,1" ,,551iKtJ -5x2- n:2'?f'iQi ,.5 , x A-.501 , . sp-V N- . W 1 l-. -".,:. "t.':5'.:-',-'g:E'f,j if jg 1', 'vg'-'fa-Qui' ff. ""51"' .f ggi ggi ' 'L " '3f:':'i' - QA ' lift, W ' 1- N-'rig-'.', 1, ,, H .V .I .y ,553- ,.,...-.ffgfgwggixgmw ,.wJQ,W,f' -, ,ms "s'fw,.,:, l .- -,1,Qf'.'-'H ,. ,,,,Q4 .. AN' 1 'A aw - H -my , nv ' ' ., Ny- .V, .35 1. 5 'VZ -Koa? 1 .v a, 4 V. .e 3 7 'Vi . sup, Y-A: V' ' ' H- :a-1m:2.- .f .V L .,i:I.::g:Ni, , , ., V . WV f l fi ' .V ' . ' 'TV fe-r k Q' . . if . N . Ag . , gk ,V. V .LF 'l ., A: H f. ' gg,qyV,'e-u-.,g.. Q. . -fy ...- ' fir., eiipsigxaczin -V 1235:-'5M..:44:3. , fvgg 1-145' : F1552 5' ?igJ1:i5:f?- sf ,Q- : w I. . .-. I ' L 0 iii' - I.,Nm,i -ew' V . - f .?..'f-fa::e5'1en' ' ' M , .'-Nag., 1 ,V -.. . IV .1 . .qw-5 .w.,v ,s es. - V 1 9-9:1 ' zzz:-y..-' . 'L4 , fgfL31f3'f? . 8 . ,Vgfqisflft gif ' ' W1 ii- , s ig? . 93' V f. .1 .2 ' -J' , '- ucxew K T3-. . .,. in ,R ek .-ew' ..,. ,Vv iiffaff 1 u '. qwi .dai-if..-. . S V,-V f V. --'-fr. :va .:..: " . 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Sf1'EiLfFSK73?iClg1fhf'.,,'gj13, "V - ' ' A 4 , V 1. .Q . a..u.- ' ' 'M :K"'- ,. 1 551' . ,555 , L rr, . I. r u , 32,9 , - ., gs' 'Vi Y ' its V V g ., V ff: '? Jud N732 QM Ln. .4 .Sf ,QW 1 .,.., ..,, ,M A,,. , . I A - 1 N x,'k'r!" Q'vw'?9-5211-Q-,i'w'-E V ' .. ., , .33-'laik ae-as V f N-if ' u' !:.f1'wV5FH' V - V .V ,umilff 'weaw ' 'H XA W? Qlftigdfffh- ' f fl . J. EIL W I kt. iw - 'Y-Wfiizi 3,3 "W,-'ZW 'zu f-levi-PQV 1E3V:V2". V , . . , 'Law' 1, ..Z E .55 ' ,' ku! ".2'f?i?'5 MR. HANSELM -KN. XwICli'PllI'Nt1ll',Xl. As an outstanding representative of il democratic institution, Mr. Hanselman en- deavors to advise students and to direct their interests toward higher and more worthwhile ideals. His is the job of enforc- ing school regulations, and great responsi- bility rcsts upon his judgment. His ability to promote an honorary system of self-gow ernment among the students and to main- t prejudice tain discipline fairlv and Withou has won for him the Whole-hearted respect of Garfield boys and girls. As vice-principal, illr. Hanselman offi- ciates efficiently in the absence of Mr. Por- ter, and both teachers and students appre- ciate his interesl and sincere efforts in help- ing to solve their individual problems. A straightforward and alert niannerchar- acterize this man. who has grown to he an integral part of Garfield. 12 lt is especially fitting at this time that the dominating thought of the Arrow should be concerned with the spirit and life of the democratic way. Subtly and surely those who would dc- stroy our mode of political life are attempt- ing to raise doubts about the convictions wc have held concerning individual freedom for three hundred years. This is one step in an attempt to destroy all that we cherish. A second stcp after the doubt has been raised is to make us feel that it does not matter much anyway. The third step is to make us unwilling to struggle against these forces that would take away our liberties. 1 believe the Arrow in picture and story proves that our way of life is the hcst. Madam ,K Yi., 1,f MR. PORTER. I'inNt:lP.u The nucleus of Garfield is the office. Over tho counter in tl1is room, we daily meet the office force, Whose various duties in elude operating the switchboard, and the filing of programs, ered its and all other student infor- mation. Miss Hyde and Miss Brown, assisted by Miss Johnson, and student helpers, hy manag- ing these duties so 4-apahly make up one of the finest office per- sonnels in the city. W Jl NIUR Gl ll! XNKIIC XII 1, lhn KH,l.m.u. HDI! IDX n-.11 in Buns Klux linnxxx .ffvsisluul Iflvllr Nllw Ilxm-' Ilvml llffiw 1'IvrL' IS IDA Hvrv at Ginfit-ld we art- per- nnittvcl to plan our own pro- gl'lllllS and cllonsa- our own leach- vrs. ,Killing ns un- the fivv coun- se-lors, who arc always ready to suggt-sl suitable subjects and to solvv prohlenis. Through this helpful g'L1idilIll'l', we are often led into more ht-nvficial courses than we might have chosen, and in auhiitioll, wa- are vnubled to establish lllOl't' frivmtly rc-lations with the far-lilly. au.-L--.hw kv FACULTY AARON, JEAN ,.,,.,.,,.,.,,, ,, , ,,,,,, English ANDERSON, ETHEL WM' , ,..Science Bunzn, KIRK S .,,,,,,,,,., ,, ,,Hislory Bum, EM MA M ...,... , , ,.C0fl'llll0l'Ci1ll Bo1.1Nc:, RUTI'l H. , Blilldli, H0wAlm M.. Bnlrarmm, LEON H., ,, Bums N, A Mx' M .,,,, ,, lEuc1u.m', CAT!!!-IIKINIC, BURNS, JEAN ..,..,, ,,,,,,, BURNS, JOSI-JPHL., CIHRROIN. Im, ,, Com, M,kRSDPIN,.. Come, PARKER E. ,....,, ,. CUNNINGHAM, ll umm IL, IJ14:,um0RN, EI.lZXBld'l'll,,, ,English .,,,...EllgliSll ,,,Hisl0ry -l ,Al ,,,..,,..M8lll0ll1Llli1'S Home Evonomivs. ,,,.....,,L:mgunge ,,N11lIllPl'l1fllil'S ,Lilnralry ,..,,,,,,,,,.,,..MllSlI7 ,wllldllstriall Arts , ,,,,,,, ,..En,f1,lisl1 lf: LTY lhxmw. Mun IC'rm:r. , Englihh I"n1l.n, Mun Exim ,, INlmhe1m1tivf GIBIKUN. DOIi0'l'll1,,, ,, History Gun. N1m:1x1.x ll., Englifh v. '-f NF. . Q K ll ln Llurwm. 'Vinum HI-QNSIAQI.. Euun, l., Hovrmzk, fLIiIi'I'lKl Illin ,, .ll glhlgl Girl! .-Xdvisur ,,Hismry Ilm'l'. ll0Nu.n R. Ill NT. ,lr:,xN,, Isxuzs, Rwrll , ,lril-run. llumln li. Jullwsux. ENIIIA ll. Jolmnom. Nl KIQTII x R. Jnllxsox, IJ-lhIAllC XY. ,IIIHJI-IfNS0ll'Y,l'1X x FI. IT , ,,,Mufi4- Hmm' l":l'0ll0Illi4'r ..,Engliflx Nlallllvmul iw llllfSil'iIl lC1lll1'alliml Sl'it'Ill'l' S1'i0Il1't' , l'l1y sivall lfhl. QR FACULTY Kl':1,L0cr:, Roy D. ,,,,, KINIQSBURY, MlLlf0RD KNIl2l'l1', HOMER T ........,,.. KNIilll'l', MJARX' ,, Kun-QNKE, 0. K.. ,,,,....,,, , LAPP1-:NBUscH, MAu1l-1 J.,, LAVV, MARTHA .,..,.,.,.. LOUr:1n:An, ELEAN on ,,,,, .,,,, Industrial Arts .....Sciem:e ,,,,..,,,,Hist0ry ,.,.,.,l'Iismry 1Heaflb .. ....... Science ,, , ,, .Commercial .,,.,.....Hist0ry .,..C0mmerciul u- Mrilrvrosll, Enrrlx A. MILI,Pjll, MYRA ,,,,,,, MlQlillI.'NNT, S. L ..,.., ,, IWUORI-I, Rurn B., Moms, l1l."l'l1lill.,, .. Ofamzw, CXROLYN ,,,,,, , 01.Ms'rlsAn, XIIRGIIXIA OWEN, ROBERTA A.,,A., ,, PlfIl,'l'0N, ANNA MAY, Prgwlzs, H1-LNM '.... Pucn, ANNE C ...., Puuu, LOUISE K .,,,,.. ,. ..,... English .....,,...,,,,..Lommercml IvIilIh0lIl1llil'5 1He:lrU ....,.Commercial ,,,Pl1ysi4-ul Edllvzltioll .. .Language ,,,,,,,,.L:111guz1ge ,,,,,,Homc Economics .,.,,L:unguagc ,,,,,..Hist01'y .,.....English .......English lf! R051-JNQUIST,WII.LAIm. ,,,. , RUSHING, Jomw R.. Sxml I N, Mum: C .,,,, f'f11lIMkl.l,l'I, A. II. ,. SCHOHPPISL, EI.Iz'mla'rn M.. SCIIWARTZ, BIKRGARI-Tl' ll. Surgvrow, HICl.l4IN E .,.,, SIMMONS, Cu urugs I.. Sm l'I'll, Cl.IF'l'U N T., S'l'K.Yl'I'l. JUH X N 'N .. 'I'ImMs0N. MXIKION. TIMIIQNUK. Rox H. II NlJlf.IKllIl.l., XX . 5. ,, WfKI.'I'PlRS, Mun ., YV UIIIILN, JICSSIIQ A., , xvI'II,'I'S, FI.mIlaN11li,, , WlIl'l'l1Q, lvlmcum XVIIITSON, EMU .,,, ., ,. . . ,....., ,,,,, f Xrl ,, ,Muthenlulius I ,,,El1f1Ii!4ll ,,,,Sl'i0Il4'C Hllislory , . ,C0lllIllCl'l'iil1 , . ,,A. English , Industrial Art MZllll6lll1lli1'S ,,,,,,EIIglislI , ,MSI-ienve ,,.,lllfl0I'y . CIIIIIIIII-I'I'iaIl lfllglish fllvalqlj ...,,,HiSIfPl'f' History , ,. ,I,C0IIllllCl'Ciill COIllllll'I'l'iIll lliealdl VVILLIS, ELIMIIIIJTII B., , ,,,,,,,,,,,, English XYIIISON, fllifllllilim, ..5L'Il'lll'B lllq-mlb F CULTY i x I 24 'x l I X , 1 f ' f 1 x K L N. x i A l h COMMERCIAL -The Field of lzllSlll?SS. FOREIGN I. A N G U A GE-- 1'8lll1'FfR0' matnve of thts Countries il 'ln Marionette. - l n our sr-liolastic routine, we engage in niztny constructive :intl interesting projects that 1-nulile us tu learn our Sllllj4HIlS nmrc quickly. For instance pup- pulry helps us lourn our lfrcttvli, just as lllllll1lllll'0 solids :intl wnti-solids ht-lp to clarify our trigononietry. Current nmgn- zines keep us lIlf0l'l1lCd Concern- ing llllfifllillltlllill events. Wliatt would cllelnislry lie without the IlllL'l'0SCODU to uid us in rc- M-nrvli? These glimpses of Gur- fit-I4l's clnssroonts portray vivid- ly llie IIIHYIIICI' in which il motl- crn class is conduvtctl. lt is lmpvtl that the scenes will ln' in- l'0l'lllilllYC to rlllfll'ElllS who nrc nnfznniliut' with work other lllilll tln-ir own. IIISTO Keeping Up with the wlorld. CLASSROOM awww 30 SCENES 0- CY 1'1" , , ji I +V, yr! rf--1 1-.J X!!! 'f , Nm.. ,J ,A.., ' U H1-f . , --.ff yi. r "Ln: ,f5 I:- I V fl MATHEMA T- ICS ' 1' ulure Bridge Makers. l'1IXSIlI,NI. ED- VCNTION Ex- crvising: Sports- lllZlllSllill LIBRARY- -On the XVuy to ffrcu FSH. K x,'f X-t , 1 , J f , 5 . 0 A Vi! 1 " X ,J V N ,Q K N X ENULISII -Wo, tho People, Spvuk. ,N RT- l" 0 1' the Sznkc ol' Beauty. IN IJUSTRIA L ARTS--Tomon ruw's Handi- man. 5lllHNCE---Ccn- ter--Behind the YVl1eels of Pro- gn-ss. MUSIC-- The lntcrllnlionzll Lamguage. H O M E ECON- OMICS--Knit Ono. Purl OIIU. U' 1 : , X N5 J A XY F' 3 wb 'W J xx . xkly mkftj N ' f X' X P V X XPY YN X W iw C 1 ' f' . A f D We We sn Ions Rf' ty 'fc if X XXX? Q N J rs. A X 'jf N . A75 V F - . xy wNJ " F V X' + N Another ear cre t lr , and then it was our tllrll to ,I L t Y P Y LY give the senior play! It was Worth four years of hard A AVN i Work to be able to set the standards of the school and V JJ to experience the joy of accomplishment. We feel that Q A X 'Q there is no worthier goal for a school to set than that of active participation in as many activities for as many students as possihle. We appreciated our experience as memhers of the Advisory Board and as officers and committeemen of Boysi and Girls? Clubs, for this taught us true-principles of democracy. And now that We are ready to leave Garfield, for Work or for further study, it is with happy and con- structive ideas toward successful living. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Miss Boling, Miss Azlron,Advisorsg Madeleim Olson, Secretaryg Win Case Vice-Presidentg Wright Arnold, President. Zfl am it sw L f + n,W ,,.?'? MW- Fw ABOLOFIA, SAM-Roll and Vocational Officers. ABRAMS, ALICE-Mesenger, Arrow Staffsg Honor Roll, Honor Socielyg Usher, Big "G" Club, After-School Sports, Hostess Committee. ABRAMS, MERYIN-Photography Club, Track. ADMAN, ELLEN-After-School Sports, Ilig "G" Club, Fashion Sltou. AHRE, PHYLLIS'-Transferred from Broadway High School, Roll Oflicer. AKIYAMA, TAK-First Team Baseballg Advisory Boardg Head Manager, Baseballg Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Football Manager. ALFARONE, TERESASHostess Committeeg Honor Roll, Honor Society, Funfestg Operag Senior Night: 3Iid'Winter Concert, Service Honor Roll. ALLEN, CA'I'HERlNEfAdvi5ory Board: Cabinet: P. Q., Standards, Health Committeesg Roll Otlicerg Funfestg Ski Clubg Sophomore Commission: Service Honor Roll, Assistant Editor, Messenger Staff. AMIRA, YIC'I'OR7Intramural Basketball. ANDREWS JOIE-After-School Sports, Assembly Committee, I-'unfestg Fall Matinee, Senior Night. ANDREWVS, FRED-'Honor Society, Honor Roll: Opera, Senior Night, Fun- festg Mid-Winter Concert, Roll and Vocational Oflicers. ANGEL, ROSIE--Banker, Commercial Clubg Hostess Committecg Roll and Vocational Oflicers. Tommy Nash, Carol Nicholson, Joe Lane A NOSE FOR NEWS ARASE, HANAKO -Honor Society: Honor Roll: Messenger Staff, Library Committee, Latin, Commercial Clubs, Japanese Girl Reserves. KRLANDER, LARRY-Football, S. A. R., American Legion Oratorical Con- tests, Chorus. ARNOLD, VVRICHT--Advisory Board, President, Senior Classg Arrow Staffg Senior Night, Chairman, Demerit Committeeg Senior Prom, Funfest Com- mitteesg Roll and Vocational Orlieersg Ski Club. NRONSON, LEONARD -Vocational Oflitterg Stamp, Debate Clubs. ASKREN, TONIff Ski Club, Honor Soeietyg Basketball, Library, Traflie, Building, Otlire Workers Committeesg Roll and Yoeational Oflicers. ATTEBERY, ED - Pen, Arrow Staffs, Roll and Vocational Officers, Honor Society, Basketballg Honor Roll. AUGUST, ALICE --Vf Service Honor Rollg Hostess, Health, Make-Up Commit- tees, Sophomore Commissiong Usherg Drzunalic Club, Senior Night: Funfestg Fashion Show. BAER, ,IOE--Manager, Track: Vocational, Ollie-e Workers Committees: Chair- man, Dclnerit Committee. BAIN, BILL-Ski, Roller. Photography Clubsg Roll Officer, Funfest. HAJIIS, BILL-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Safety Committeeg Mountaineer ' Club, Banker. IIARASH, BE'l'TE7Transferred from Holy Names Academy, Building, Social Service, Make-Up Committees, Funfestg Roll Officer, Ski Club. IIARDE, TED -Stamp, Ski Clubs, Banker, Vocational Officer. BARNES, DICK-Roll Officer, Funfesl Committee, Ski, Science, Photog- raphy Clubs, Track. BARNETT, I3ERNARDfAmeriean Legion, S. A. R.. Garfield Day Oratorical Contests, Honor Roll, Debateg Public Relations Committecg Opera: Funfestg Tennis. BAROH, LILLIAN-Mixer, Standard Committees: Sophomore Commissiong Freshman Auxiliary: Commercial Club, Drmn Majorette. BARON, MAYER-Bleavher Committee, Roll Officer, Latin Cluhg Doormang Garfield Day Oratorinal Contestg Intramural Basketball, Golf. BARTO, TOM-Roll Officer: Chairman. Lunehroom Committee: Service Honor Roll: Intramural Sports. BATES, BARBARA-Roll anal You-ational Officers: Funfest: Stage Crew: Study Hall Clerk. HAYNE, W'ALI.ACE-Roll Officer: Stump, Philanthropic Committees. BEACH, BARRARA-After-School Sports: Girl Reserve: Science Clulr: Roll Officer: Luncliroom, Safety Committees: l'-her: Honor Roll. Bl-IAN, VIRGINIA--Transferred from Franklin High School: After-School Sports. BEIHCI-I. RAY-f-Mid-Winter Concert: Track: Ski Club: Honor Roll: Chairman, Traffic, Employment Committees: Illeacher Committee: Vocational Ollicer. BECKI-IR, AN'YAllELLEf-Service Honor Roll: llanker: Friendship, Health Committees. BEBEE, I.ACOSTAfHost4-ss, Traffic. .lunior Safely, liunchroom Committees: llsherg Cabinet: ldunfa-st1 Honor Roll: Honor Socirty. BEHAR, JULllifl"ashion Show: After-School Sports: Costume Room At- te-ndant. BELLAMY, INANIAE-lfrcslnnan Council: Advisory Board: Ski, Big "G" Club: After-School Sports: Mid-Winter Concert: Roll Officer: Service Honor Roll. BENDER, HARRIET-Health, Standards, Social Serivce Committees: Sopho- more Commission: Senior Night: .-hocational Chairman: Banker: Funfest: Girls' Cluh Attendant: Usher. ll F NSUSSEN, ll lC'l"l'Y--Luna-hroom. Katherine Wnrmscr, Jayne Courtney, Mary Stuchcll W'ILL YOU BUY .4 . . . BENTZEN, ESTELLE-Transferred from Holy Names Academy: Funfest. BENVEXISTE. BOB+Aviation Club: Service Honor Roll: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Garfield Day, S. A. R. Oratorical Contests. BERCLIN, JIM--Track: Football: Athletic Manager: Senior Night: Voca- tional Officer. BERLINER, ZINDELL-Freshman Auxiliary: Sophomore Commission: Mid- Winter Concert: Honor Society: Honor Roll. BEISCHLEIN. ALICE-Adxisory Board: Cabinet: Chairman, Art Committee: Quill and Scroll: Messenger Staff: Honor Society: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Usher: Ski Club. BEVAN, JACK'--Traffic Committee: Vocational Officer: Track, Ski, Aviation Clubs. BILDSOE, MOGENSiChairman, Grounds Committee: Funfest: Mid-V'inter Concert: Ski Club: Public Relation, Stamp Committees: Roll and Voca- tional Officers. HISHOP, LEOY-Honor Roll. BLACKWELL. CHARLESfOpera: Funfcst: Senior Night: Micl-Winter Con- t'Pl'!. BLAL'STEIN, BERNERD-Football: Ski, Stamp Clubs. BOGYCII. PHIL-Honor Society: Service Honor Roll: Head Manager, Base- luall: Photography Club: Doorman: Senior Night: Fall Matinee: Messen- ger Staff: Intramural llaskethall: Banker. BOLOTIN. EAGl.l'i-Funfe-st: Open Forum, Ski Clubs: Debate. BOTHWELL, BOB-Chairman, Library Committee: Grounds. Stamp, Bleach- ers Committees: Vocational Roll Officers: Track: Football: Basketball. RRAKIKEN. JIM -Mid-Winter Concert: Office Workers Committee: Ski Clulu. RRACKICR, VIOLFT -Roll Officer: llanker: After-School Sports, BRAIJSIIAWQ llIl.l.fChairman, Building Committee: Ski Club: Vocational, Roll Officers: Chairman, Stamp Committee. 27 BRAICKS. HERBYROII anil Yorational Officers, Honor Roll, Service Honor Roll, Junior Prom, llleaeln-rs Committees: S. A. R. Contest, Photography, Ski Clubs. BRAUNN, JAMES-Stage Crew, Banker, llelralc Club. BRAZIER, MARJORIIC-f-Co-Editor, Arrow, Assistant Erlilor, Nlessonger Staff, Pen Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Senior Night, Funfest, Standards Comniittee: Ilslicrz Roll Officer. I i BREWAER, BETTY-Vocational Officer, Big "G" Club, Manager, Volleyball. f 5 J f - f. I V A L 4 1 1 U .,,.. 1' -f. .lf-A' or , BRIEF, SYLVIA-Honor Society, Stamlzirils Committee, Messenger St'ff. 1 BROADI"00'I', DOROTHY '--' Cabinet, Chairman, Assembly Coininiltcc, Sign- durcls, P. Q., Safely. Senior Prom Committees, Roll and Vocational Officers, Messenger Staff, Ski Club. BRODERICK, ROSE ANN 'Honor Roll: Honor Society, Writers', Open Forum Clubs, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Opera. BROWN, EVELYN4Honor Society, Honor Roll, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Opera, Usher, Freshman Auxiliary, Sophomore Commission. BRYANT, MII.LIiRfQuill and Scroll, Messenger and Arrow Staffs, Roll Officer, Ski Club, Honor Roll, Election, lfunfest, Philanthropic, Building Committees. BURLEICH, BETSYY Honor Society, Honor lloll, Art, Mako-Up, Stanllarils Committees, Banker: l"all Matinee, After-School Sports. BURTON, JlMfTraffir Connnitlec, Vocational and Roll Officers, Assistant Fililor, Arrow Staff: Krlsisory lloaril: Honowl Society: llonor Roll, Quill and Scroll. BLSH, IN A -Junior l'rom. I.ilnrary Cuininittccs. CAHILL, IiOBfTransferrcrl from Kirkland High School, Chairman, Library, Election Committees, Traffic Committee, Track, Service Honor Roll, Roll Officer. CANII'l5El.l., ANXEfCllairinz-in, Health Committee, P. Q., Friendship Coln- mittees, Vocational and Roll Officers, Cabinet, Funfest, Ski Club. CARMODY, JOHN-Transferred from Seattle Prep, Safely, Track, Stamp Committees, Micl-Winter Concert, Vocational and Roll Officers. CARTER, YlRGINIAfAfter-School Sports. Bob Scalzo, Clint Sloclrlcy, Shirley Eulrslcin LETS SIT TIIIS ONE OUT CARTON, RICHARD CASADY, BOBfViee Presiilent, Freshman, Sophomore Classes, Basketball, Advisory Board. CASADY, ED-Advisory lloaril, Vocational Officer, Basketball, Football, Manager, Track. CASE, W'INTHROPf-Yiee President, Senior Class, Chairman, Senior Prom, Philanthropic, Grounds Committees, Senior Night, Publicity Committees, Roll Officer, Ski Club, Track. CASEY, W'ALT-Business Manager, Arrow Staff: Quill and Scroll, Advisory Board, Yell King, Honor Society, Service Honor Roll, Chairman, Fun- fest, Senior Pin Committees, S. A. R. Oratorical Contest, Roll Officer. CASHAR, BERTHA-Roll Officer, Make-lfp Committee, Lnnnhroom Vi'orker, Funfcst. CASTORIANO, PEARLfOperag Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Banker. CHIN, TOM-Transferred from Cleveland High School, Intramural Sports, Honor Society. CLAVVSON, ,lEANNEfCaliinet, Standards, Friendship, Social Service Com- mittees, Honor Society: Ski, Dramatic Clubs, Senior Night, Funfest, Messenger Staff. CLAY, BICTTE-Messenger Staff, Health, Social Service, Frienrlship Com- mittees, Roll Officer, Banker, Funfest. CLEIN, LARRY-Football, Roll anrl Vocational Offirers, Service Honor Roll, Arrow Staff, Traffic Committee, Sailing. COBB, BETTY-Roller Club. 28 ff I ull-l"I.0N. I.0liRAlfNl'l Social Si-rxivo llomunilll-4-g Ilorlvfr Comm IJLITSIIH. Ill-ILFN ll DICKINSON, FRIEND Ski cvrlg Yia-me Pr:-riilf-nl, Junior Cluvg Arrow Slnlfg Rauliznwo Roll. COHFN. l'illl'l'Il-'0p1-rug Svnior Yiglllg Mill-Winn-r Coxwc-rl: Upon llornm, Lulin Clnlxxg l.ilxrury. Soviul 5:-rxin-o lfonnnllle-nw: llonor Sovif-ly: llonol Roll. lIOHliY, XllfllTON ' lloll Ullilrf-r': Xlila-1'-Svllool Sporl-1 Honor lloll: llonol Sovirlyg Mr--1-xngvx' Shall: lfommu-rviul lilvlr. COLASURDO,llU'lllNllI Stump llommillvf-g llnwlnallg Iimkvllmllg Kluw- sl-llgu-r Slaffg Roll annul Xorulionul 0l'l'ir1-r-. ff0l.l'iMAN, Al,lfIl'f lnilllivwlg lllinl-Villlrr Kfollvn-rl: Svnior Niglllg "Aa-Vllh Snr--ll" Club. COLLINS. lll'fl.l'1N Uprru: Mill-Vllnln-r lfnllre-rl: 54-nior Niglnlz llllnfn--l. C0l.XlCll.1f.XR0l,1X lioll 0l'li4'a'r: llonor Sofia-ly: Honor Roll: Fvrxiu Honor lioll: l"nlll'1--Ig Art Klornlnille-1-1 llrznnulir Clnlr: l-llvr. 1i0Nl.l'lY, PAT--Al'llologralplly. HOUR, ,ll'll -Kznlio lfllllr: Xoruliollzll Olfirvri Safely ConllnilIOP. COOK, .IUHN -Sul:-ly, Trzlffir, lllvurlln-rs, Avorzlliollal liolrlxllilhwsg Yura- lionall Ufficnrg lloorlnung S. A. lf.. Cilrliolsl lluy Urulorirnl fiollll-:Img Inlrumnral Truvlrg Golf. COOPER, NlAXrfS1-nior Niglxlg Nl:-N1-rigor Stull: Ill-all Malling:-r. liaskellnullz Trurk Manager: S. A. K., Curlwlml Day Uralorlral Collin-Nlag Yoralionul Commilln-eg Roll nnnl Nornlionznl Officeri. CURBAl,l.Y, JACK- Mzmaging lillilor, llleswllgvr: Quill zlnnl Srrollg Honor Sovivlyg S1-rvicv Honor Rollg llunluslz Mirl-W'inlPr llollra-l'lg Roll Offi- cer, lllmirxnan. Yovnlional annul Office--W'ork ffornlnillr-on Pulvlirily Cornlnillur-. COULS, l'llIl. -llonor Horirly: l'4'loIl Volllnln-nw :uul lllll-Milo lllullw. COURTNRY, JAXNH Hvullll,'llroo1n. l"ln4' Krli, Fri:-lnlfllip lfonnnil- iemg l'-hr-rg Sopl1omorP liommiwion: Ski lflnln: Srrxire- Honor llollg M1-srvllgor Staffq lioll Offirvr. CIQLBERSON, BETTY l.0l7Honor Souictyg Norzxlional Uffirvrg Sopllolnorn Cumxniwinng Safvlg Cornlnillvvq l'4-n Slaflg Slagv Crew. HUMMER, Il0W'lF' Up:-rag Fllrlfa-sl: Cllairnlan, l'nl1lic R1-lzlliona Conxmilloe-L Doormau Commilh-1-1 'Xrncrirull l.:-gion Oraloriral Conlfwlg Roll Officvrz Honor Society. A ,ll lfulh Young, Ellen Allman, Rachel I.:-ry Sl'lflNG FEVER CLJRRAN, TONI- lloormun. IIATY, MAY Honor So:-ia-ly: Honor lloll: Slumlunlx, Nlulu--l lr. Lilnurw liom nnllvvxz Nice Pre--ixlm-nl, ,lalmm-No Girl lh-wuwn--: Kfonum-rriul lflullg Sopho- more- Commission. IISXIS. ELAINE- lfunfn-al: Aflvr-Su-luool Sporh: Banker: Ilvanllln, Hugh-N Connnilh--'sg Sr-niro Honor Roll: Ulillce Xlnrkvr. DAVVSUN, YllKIS"'l"rxrll'i-sl: Op:-ra: Alle-r-Srllool Sporlsg Svnior Niglllg Wlinl- W ml:-r Loncerl. IJUHLASIO, LARRY Slump llommillm-. Il.-CHI-IWNIC. RAYANNIC lf:-ulnrv lflililor, Mfromg llonor Som-in-Is: Roll Offi- ce-r: l'nnlf'Ql: f.llun'ln1nl. l'. lfomrnillfog Slzlnnlurrls. Sovlul Sn-rwivr lfom- nrillm-e: Cllllillvl: Ylrwmlgzvr Slallifi Quill annul Svroll: Kzl4li:un'1- Roll. alll-0: Op:-ru lJF'lll'Sl'IY, MPIRILYN Sonior Publi:-ily, Finn- M-ls, Frii-mlsluip, and Slan- dnrrls Lolnlnllln-va: lflulirm ln. llmlllanlrglllrr Niglllg lllllllio-sl: lioll Offlr-or 1 Y :lnlu-rl Svnior Niglll: Yorulional Ofliirrlt Xin? l'l'4-N inlvnl. slump Clnlug Sophomorn- Kfommiwion. llowln-as Kfolnlnilh-n-1 Su-rxiu Honor lloll: Fzhllion Show. IYEYQH. H'KlllONA Sluge- Crvw: Sopllomorv Colnnxieaiong Honor llollg Yon-a lmnnl Ullirvrz Iloxlv--. Saff-I5 lfonuniltm-N: liominvrrial lilulm. DlAXl0NlJ.l'IllYY'-Klill Yorutional Offim-1': All-lfilv Delraln- Te-4 ' Hon - rm, or Roll: H1-rxiro Honor Roll: l.ilnr:lry lfommilh-1-3 llvlnaiv filulbg S. A. K. Uralorifall, Carlin-lil lluy Spf-zlking lfunlowlsz lloormznl. Kflllln: Nli1l4V'inlor lfonrvrlz S:-nior Night: Trurk: lfnnfe-sl. .29 COE, S'l'l"l'lI.-XXII-l llonor Soi-ivlyg Roll Ullwr-r: l'rswimlonl. Girla' Club: Aslwisory Board: Nlalko-fp, lfris-rnlsllip llornrnitleesg 'Nliul4W'inlvr Con- J DJEAN, BETTY-Roll Officer: Commercial Club: Service Honor Roll. DOLAN, DUANE-Traffic, Stamp Committees: Doorman: Bookroom:: Track: Opera: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest. DOME, BARBARA -f-- Roll Officer: Social Service. Standards, Art, Friendship. Make-Up, Hostess, School Beautifications Committees: Service Honor Roll. DOUCETTE, MARCIA---Transferred from Marblehead High School: Funfc-st: Dramatics. Frank Curnmer, Duane Dolan, Dale Lander TAKE YOUR CHOICE DOUGLAS, TOM-Honor Roll: Vocational Officer: Mid-Winter Concert: Mes- senger Staff: Quill and Scroll: Chairman. Lunchroom Committee: Safety, Traffic, Public Relations Committees: Study Hall Clerk. ECKSTEIN, SHIRLI-lY4Friendship, Hostess Committees: Cabinet: Big UC" Club: Funfest: Senior Night: Usher, Roll, and Vocational Officers: Honor Society: Valedictorian. EDMUND, SHIRLEY-After-School Sports. EELS, ANN--P. Q., Traffic Committees. 'ti . . ef .J ELYN, MARIKN-fbibrary Committee: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Service Honor Roll: Usher. up ENIBREE, EVERLY- a sferred from Roosmelt High School-Secretary, Girls'n nb: Drum jorette: Safety, Mid-Winter Concert Committees: sp. giltlatineg y mo, F C-Tre .raw from Franklin High School: Cathay cial.. ENC, HELENfCathny Club: Hostgss Committee: Funfest. , b .v Y .. ,f I 'ny' 'sf ig ,. ENGLY , ?nOBL8yairinal2J offiaa vmrkm, 'riakae Stamp, Public Relations -. Co n'tecs: Seniorlyprom Committees: lnter-High School Council: Ski, R K Clubs: Roll and Vocational Officers. ESFE , ' R-Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Messenger Staff: ly. iendship, Social Service, Standards Committees. ESKEN Zkr,lACK!gSlainp, Ski, Aviation Clubs: Roll Officer. ESKENA , IEO?4Yell Duke: Vocational, Roll Officers: Mesenger Stuff: Christ s, unt Committees: Funfest. FAIRBURN, BETTY-Cabinet: Editor, Messenger Staff: Quill and Serolll Honor Society: Service Honor Roll: Sophomore Commission: Funfest: Roll Officer: Chairman, Usher Committee: Ski Club. FECKER, NORMA--P. Q.. Usher Committees: Nonette: Senior Night: Funfest: Mid-Winter Concert: Opera: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Ski Club. FICK, VVILBERT'-Bleachers, Traffic Committees: Baseball: Roll Officer. FINN, HARRYfBlcachers, Building Committees: Stamp Club: Intramural Basketball: Baseball: Track. FIS, VIDA-Honor Society: Service Honor Roll: Honor Roll: Hostess Com- mittee: Sophomore Representative: Opera: Senior Nights: Mid-Winter Concert: Fashion Show. FISSE, BECKY+Commercial Club: After-School Sports: Sophomore Com- mission: Service Honor Roll: Vocational Officer. FLETCHER, JACK FLOE, LOlSfHonor Society: Senior Night: Funfest: Roll and Vocational Of- ficers: After-school Sports: Usher: Hostess Committee: Latin, Science Clubs: Banker. FOSS, VERA-Opera: Funfest: Fashion Show: Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert: Fall Matinee: Girl Reserves: After-School Sports: Dramatic Club. FREEMAN, HELEN-aRoll Officer: Social Service Committee: Sophomore Commission: Honor Society: Usher: Honor Roll: After-school Sports. FREEMAN, MARIAN-iittlvisory Board: Messenger Staff: Personnel Editor, Arrow: Roll and Vocational Officers: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Sophomore Commission: Friendship, Traffic Committees. FRIEDLAND, RIQDOLPH--Honor Society: Roll Officer: Honor Roll: Debate, Stamp, Science Clubs: Employment Committee. 30 FRUMKIN, PERRYiFootball Manager: Photography, Science Clubs: In- tramural Sports: Doorman. FUJIKADO, KATSUKO--Japanese Girl Reserves: Honor Society: Honor Roll. CAI, ROSE MARYfFreshnian Representative: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Vocational and Roll Officers. GALANTI, BETTY+Girls' Club Attendant: Commercial Club: Roll and Vocational Officers: Honor Roll: Chairman, Building Committee: Lost and Found. Jim Bracken, Bob Casarly, Bob Sears THE RIGHT IVAY TU D0 IT GALANTI, KATHERINI-IffSerxice Honor Roll: Mid-Winter Concert: Usher. CALES, MADELlNEfOpera: Senior Chorus: Commercial Club: Banker: Mid-Vfinter Concert. GERANIOS,ANN-Roll and Vocational Officers: Social Service, Mixer. Social Service Committees: Dramatic Club: Funfest. GLOYER, MlfRIELfLum-broom Committee: Big "G" Club: After-School Sports: Manager, After-School Sports: Hostess. GORDON, Bll.l.fStagc Crew. GORDON, ESTHFIR-Social Service, Vocational Committees: Honor Roll: Business Manager, Pen and Messenger Staffs: Service Honor Roll: Girls' Club Attendant. GORDON, STAN-Transferred from Queen Anne High School: Track: Yo- cational Officer. GORLICK, HAROLD'-Doorman: Fnnfest: 1011-Mile, Roller Clubs: Honor Roll: Track: Garfield Day, S. A. R. Oratorical Contests: Honor Society. 4 GOSS, BOBfCo-I-lditor, Arrow: Advisory Board: Quill and Scroll: Sports Editor, Messenger: Football: Senior Night: Roll Officer: Philanthropic, Senior Prom Comniittccsg Funfest. GOSSLEE, BOB' -Football: Track: Bleachers, Traffic Committees: Funfest. GRAHAM, GEORGE'-Roll and Vocational Officers: .Safety, Special, Traf- fic Committees: Chairman, Publicity Committee: Ski Club: Messenger Staff: Doorman. GRAHAM, ,IACKW-Stamp, Debate Clubs: Roll and Vocational Officers: Banker. GRAXICS, NANCYfllid-Willter Concert: Senior Night: Opera: Nonelte: Advisory Board: Cabinet: President, Sophomore Commission: P. T. A. Committee: Vocational Officer: Inter-High School Council. GREENFIELD, JERRYf-AOpen Forum Club: Constitution Quizz: Tumbling: Pen Staff. GRIFFIX, LII.LlANfRolI Officer: Honor Society: Social Service, Friendship, P. Q. Committees: Ski Club: Funfest: Senior Night: Girls' Club At- tendant. GRIFFITH, FRED-Basketball: Football: Intramural Basketball: Roll Of- ficer: Bleachers Committee. GUBATAYAO, MAX-Roll and Vocational Officers: Honor Societv: Honor Roll: Stamp Club: Business Manager, Pen: Quill and Scroll: Commence- ment Speaker: Salutatorian. CUCLER, HEINZ -Science Club. GIULIAN, LIICILLE-Honor Society: Honor Roll: Service Honor Roll: Study Hall Clerk: Roll Officer: Usher: P. T. A. Committee: Commercial Club: Office Attendant. HAMMOND, MARY-Senior Night: Funfest: Honor Society: Roll and Voca- tional Officers: Safely, P. Q. Committees: Arrow Staff: Girls' Club Attendant. HANUA, MICHIHIKO -Publicity Committee. HANKS, DOROTHY-Vocational Officer: Junior Representative. HANSON, SIAIAIOLNI-Vocational ami Roll Officers: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Traffic Committee: Mid-Winter Convert. HANSON, YIVIAN-Roller Club. 31 HARTNETT, BETTY7Honor Societyg llliuirlnzin. Safety tlonnnittm-eg Cabinet: Sophomore Cnmmissiung Mid-Winter Concert: Senior Niglitg Operag Roll and Vocational Offirvrsq Service Honor Roll. HASEGAWA, ANDY'-Roll Offirerg Honor Roll: Honor Sofia-ty: lntrnmnrul Sportsg Messenger Staff. HASSELO, VIRGINIA-'Senior Night: Nlid-W'illtvr Conf:-rt: Opera: Safvly, Art Committees: Ski, Scif-noe. Stamp lllnhsl Frrslunzm .-Xuxilinryl Sopho- more Commission. HASSON, JENNIE-Honor Roll: Honor Soriotyg Senior- Honor liollg Fuehion Showg Roll Office-r. HASSON, KATHERINEK-After-School Sportsg Big "C" lIlnh: Mid-W'intor Conrcrtg Opera. HATA, MIYE--Honor Society: Standard, Committee: Nom-ttf-: Horror Roll: l-'nnfestg Operag Roll Officer. HAYAKAWHA, AKlKO7Bankerg Stamp Club: japanese Girl ileaerxew. HAYNES, BOB-Stamp, As-acinhly, Philanthropic Cominilti-1-sg Chairman, lleinvrit fiommitteog Roll Offiverg Servirm- Honor Roll: Ski ifluh. HEARST, SUSA-fTransferrml from Leonzirul School for girls. HEIMAN, THELMA-Messenger Staff: Stamp, Writers' ffluhsg Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concerlg Operag Service Honor Rollg Finv Arts Committee-g Pi-n Staffg Roll Officer. HENEHAN. SCHIfYLERf -Office, 8 O'CloL:k Study' Coininiltresg Stamp Cluh. HERMAN, FRED7F0othallg Trackg Bankerg Radio Clnh. HERRIGEI., HOW'ARD-Honor Rollg Honor Societyg You-ational Oificorg Mid-Winter Concertg Senior Nightg Funfostg Opera, HICKHY, JIM-Roll Olfivrr: Senior Night: Safe-ty Coniinittrm-: Ski. Debut:- llluhw. HIDAKA. AMYfHonor Socielyg Honor Kollg After-School Sportsg Extension Committeeg Bankerg Senior Nightg Funfostg Operag Mint-Winter Concertg Fashion Show. HIDAKA, TSUNEO-Manager, Footballg Busehallg Bleachers, Lihrary Com- mittef-sg Baskethallg Intramural Sportsg Latin Cluhq Funf:-sl. HINCH, KENNETH-Stagr Ci-ewg Pen Stuffg Track. HOFRIKIHTER, DOROTHYfSki Club: Make-Up Committoe: Chairman Heautifii-ation Connnitta-4-3 Roll Offirs-rg Hamkerg Cabinet. HOLBFRG, RUTHfTransferred from Eutonville High Srhool. HOPPPIR. Fl.OlSF+'l'ramfr-rrr-d from Lincoln High Schoulg Messenger Staff, Mogens Bildsoe, Tommy Askren, Hugh Klopfvnsteili WHATT.4 CAIUE! HOROWITZ, NORMAN-Foothallg Track: Tllmhlingg 100-Mile Clnhg Athletic Managzerg Vocational Offirerg Traffic Committeeg Funfn-st. HOYT, BETTY-After-School Sportsg Big "C" Clubg Officvg Roll Oifir-or, Lunehroomg Manager, Specdball. HURLEY, BOB-Golf T4-am: Publirity, Fimfest Committees: Intramural Sports. HURWITZ, CAIL-Lunchroom, Friendship Committees: Sophomore Commis- sion: Roll Officerg Ski Cluh. HUSBY, CONSTANCE-Commercial Chili. HUSBY, JEANETTF-Connnercial Clnh. IKEDA, BEN IMAI, RICHARD-Opcraq Senior Nightg Honor Societyg Stamp and Ticket Committees. 32 INOUYE, MAR Y --Bankvr. ISAACSON. Hl'flYKYfHonor Sooivlyg Honor Kollg Garfivlml Play Daly Oralori- ml Cnnlr-st: Public R4-lations Committee: Te-nnisg Intramural Banks-llmall: llvlzale and Opvn lforum Clulh: lloll Offirvr. ISHIIJX. INUlil'KOfHonor Sorin-ly: Honor llollg Yorulional Olfivvrz Mr-- svllgrr Stuff: Japaiiu-so Girl Rrn-x'vrs. lSllAl'll., RACIIICL- Sophomore vial Clull. Commission: Frmlxlnf-ll Auxiliary: ffonnnnr- lSIlfKl'Il,, SARAH Carfia-l4l Day, S. A. R. Orzlloriral ffonlz-sis: Honor Roll: Svryire Honor Roll: lfu-llion Fllowg lklwr. JNCKSUN, Al.'llA- -l"unfraI. JACOBS, MlRlA'Vl-Y-Sn-rvivo Honor Rollg Honor Sovivly: Garlic-lnl Iluy Or- :iloricul Ifoulr-fl: llvlrulc fllullg flulninvtg Clmirmzm, l"ri1-mlslxip Coinlniltvvg l"nnl'Psl3 Nlinl-W'inl1-r Concerlg Svuiur Niglll: Senior Prom Committee. J,llfl"l'f, NIAKIVXN -Preuiclvxxt, Sophomore Cla-s: Adyisory Board: l'r1-willenl. I-'rm-slnnun Auxiliaryg 1Ihairmun, Soplmmorc Cummissiong Caluim-lg Honor Soriotyg Vornlional zlncl liull Uffircrsg Svrviro Honor Rollg Carfivlrl Day Oraloricul Conlz-al. JAMICS, BOB-f"1'ransfcrr4-sl from Beverly Hills High Sclmolg Grounds, Lunch- room, Trul'l'ir', Prograln, Philaxllllropic flommiltcesg Fnnfcslg Ski Clullg Roll Officvr. I.-UIIESON, NANCY--Full llalinef-1 Vocational and Roll Olfirersg Junior llvpresxenluliveg Safrly liolnmilh-0: Usher:-Hog Freslxman Auxiliary: Soph- omore Commission. JAMIHSON, 'l'liDfFoullzall: Traffic Cninrnillm-4 Slirl-Winter Concertg Ski Cluhg Hasehallg Roll Officcrg Intramural Sports, Socvrr: S. A. R. Contest! JENKINS, MYliTLl'f-I"unf1-,lg Slanrlurmls Commitleeg After-School Sports. JOHNSON, Al.l.liN--Srrvire Honor Roll. JOHNSTON, lSARBARAf Snrial Svrvire Commiltceg P. Q. Coimnillceg Ski Clnbg Messenger Slaffg Sophomore Commiswiong Fnnfeslq Fall Matineeg Banker. JOHNSTON, BARNETTA-After-Srliool Spurlsg Advisory Board. JONES, EMILY--Honor Sorrietyg Honor Roll. ll'DY, ANN Jl'iAYl'iTTE -Roll and Nocationzil Officf-rs' Hake-Ifv Slundarcls w If lionnnillees. KAflllKAV'A, AlKOfRoll and Yovulional Offiwfrsi Honor Rollg Honor Society. KAN.-KZAWUK, HENRY-Honor Roll: Honor Soric-lyq M1-swllgvr Stull: lnlrzl- mural Baskrllrall. KANICMOTO, KOSOfTr1msl'crrPd from Roosoyoll Higll Srlioolg Travk. Holly Fflirlzurlz, fllnry Hamnmml, Lillian flriffin, Ifvllef Clay LUST: NVE FIIUTH.-lllll U,-IQWIH KANOCAWUK, SHIK0f-If'r1-hlonzm Anxilialryg Sopliomorv lIomlni4sion: Honor Solficlyg Svryirc Honor Roll: l"l'i1'llnlsllip, Hrallll llonlnlillrvsg Big HC" Clulmg Jupzun'-c Girl lin--1-:WP-1 Xlinl-Vfinlvr Convert: Sn-nior Niglif. KAW',fKl"l'XE, l.l CY' Honor Roll: llonor Sovivlyi Sn-ryirl' Honor Roll: Banker: Jnpuln-se Iizrl lim-wru-wg l"ria-lulsliip ilommillo-rg lfomnu-rrial Clnll. KAWVKKAMI. TOSHIO liuml. KNW'Afl'llR.N. JlfNlFf 'l'rau'k: lnirumnrul Sports: Roll Olfim-r: Ski lfluh. KAN. lHi'l"l'l-'li Roll Ofllrn-i'g l"unl'l-Nl: Mill-Winlvr Com-1-rl: liuilnling, Ho-L 0-N Conuuilla-vs: Sopllomorv Commission: Sa-rviro Honor Roll. KICIIN. SYl.l I X -l"rie-mlfliip Klonmiilla-1-1 l-'null-xl: lllrssc-rigor Staff. Klflll RA, KAI lntrumurul liankrllxalll. KING, l-QSTHHII l'liolog1rzipliy. 315 1 1 'J' -M, My -W nm: ii f vn- fem. KINSELLA, .IIM KIRITA, ROY-Intramural Basketball. KIATZKER, MAE-Sophomore Commission: Stamp Club: Messenger Staff: Senior Night. KI.0I'I7ENSTEIN, HUGH'--Iioll and Vocational Officers: Fall Matinee: Fun- fest: Ski Club: Track: Nlessenger Staff: Pbilaulbropic, Safety, Public Relations Committees. KLOPFER, Il0fNfHonor Society: Chairman, Ticket Colnniitlee: Ski Club. KNETTLE, CEIIKY--Funfi-st: Intramural Sports: Funfest, Bleacluer Com- inittees. KOBA, HARKKO -S. A. Ii., Garfield Day Oratorical Contests: Japane-e Girl RL-serves. KONDO, AI.IlII'ff -Honor Roll: Honor Society: Standards, Friendship, Social Service Committees. KOZU, TATSUK07Honor Society: Ifsbcr: Service Honor Roll: Tlirifl Play Contest. KRAFT, HARIlYfI"unfest: Senior Night: Ifall Matinee: Intramural Sports: Roll Officer: Bleachers Committee: Messenger Staff: Honor Roll. KRENIS, BERNARD+First Team, Basketball: First Team. Tennis: Secretary, Honor Society: Honor Roll: Banker: Messenger Staff. KRIECEL, RICHARDwRoIl Officer: Doormen, Library Committees: Stage Crew: First Team. Tennis. Uill .llunloi-Ii, Amelia .-ilhmlcff, Lilliun lfuroh lT'S THE WEATHER KRIMSKY, MAIlIANfFasbiou Show: Ski. Roller Clubs: After-Srbool Sports: lfslier: Make-Ifp Committee: Girls' Gazette Staff. KROOK, GLEN-Track: 100-Mile, Ski Clubs: I-'uufi-st: Bleachers, Library, Special Committees. KUNIYUKI, HENRY-Aviation Club. KLHIMURA, TAEKO-Sophomore Commission: Service, Sophomore Prom Counmillces: Honor Society: Messenger Staff: Big "C" Club: Japanese Girl Reseru--: Honor Roll: After-Srbool Sports: Arrow Staff. KIIKOSAKA, IIAKIQ--Roll Officer: ,lapum-so Girl Ihfst-ries: Big "G" Club: Sophomore Commission: Funfest: Senior Yiglit: Viiri-Yvinter Concert: Study Hall Clerk: Dance Drama. IAGEN: BII,I.-Advocational Committee: Track: S. A. R. Oratorical Contest. I,ACERQUlS'I', JUNE-Honor Society: Roll Officer: Mill-Wiinter Concert: Senior Nigbt: Opera: After-School Sports. LANCASTER, JlHfHonor Society: Oftice Workers Committee: Intramural Basketball: Roll Officer. IJKXDER, DAI,IffTicket, Grounds Cominitlces: Doorlnan: Mid-Wiinter Con- vert: Ski Club: Track: Intramural Football: S. A. R., Garfield Day Oralorical Contests: Vocational Officer. LANE, JOE--Safe-ty. Building, I-'unfest Committees: lioll Officer: Ifuufest: Service Honor Roll: Ski Club. IAVDAN,EI.lN0RfFr1-slnnau Auxiliary: Art Committee: Senior Night: Opera: Niiil-Wiinter Concert: Funfcst: Open Forum Club: Honor Suc- iety: Roll Officer. LAWSON, IIIW'IN4H0nor Society: Honor Roll: Banker: Hake-Up, Traffic Committees: Messenger Staff: Sciciwc, Commercial Clubs. LICIC. GISORGIEYHSQ-rviee Honor Roll: Roll Officer: Health. Hostess, Friend- Sliip liomxnittecs: After-Scliool Sports: Funfcsl. I.l'II'lVER, EI.IiENfeI"unfi-st: Sophomore tlommissiou: Hi-I-Io Roller Club. Li-GRAND,JEATV-fP.-'1'. A. Committee. LEONARD, GERTRKDE-Transferred from Higiilinv: Safety, Funfcst Com- mittees: Ski Club: Honor Soriety: Quill and Scroll. 34- Ll-ISKIN, HAIIRIET-Poll, Meswligt-r Slaffbg Social Seriice, Building Coin- miltecsg Ili-hate Clubg Honor Roll. l.EXl'IY, SYllll.fMc-vsongt-r Staff: Alter-S1-liool Sports: Big "G" Club: l-'nnlehtg Nlid-Winter Concert: Opera: Senior Night: l"ri4-mlxhip Com- mittee. l,l'1YY, llE'l"l'Y"'H1nt4'wr, Colnnlittt-1-1 Conilntfrcial Cluhg Honor Roll. LEX Y, M.'KTll,llAfYlianlwrg l"unf:--t: llig "G" Club: 'Nlitl-Vl'inln-r Colluvrtl Colnxnerrial Club: ,-Kitt-r-Srliool Sporh. Ll-LYX, RAE --lfnnfuitz lloalt-Qs Committee-. LEW, THOMAS 'Cathay Clubg Honor Sorit-ty. l,l'lW'lS, DOKOTHFE-f-Ilollor Society: Seriirv Honor Roll: Yornlioltol Ol'- lirz-rg Bank:-rg LShrr. LINDBFRC, CORDOIY-fx-aliffvrretl from I-'ranklin High School. ,J ,X 151. I' LINDBERC, JOHN---Presinlcnt, Freshman Clays: Roll :uul Vocational Offi- cers: Yorational, Spvvial Cnmmitteesg Honor Sorietp: Honor Roll: Tenni-. L l N D B E R C, R 0 B F R T-Secretary-Treahura-r, Freshman Claws: Sm-cretar3 - Treasurer, Honor Societyg Advisory Board 3 Arrow Staff: Boys Club Committees. LOCKHART, llERTHAfHostesQ Conunittet-. LOOK. RAl.l'H-Stage Crewg School Boy Patrol. Rirlmrzl Travis Helen Tlxonms Arlrm' Pmiloll THE TIING l'IXI'li'RlE.NCF LUBAN, MARYlNfIIonor Societyg Debate: Open Forum. Coininurvial Clul Garfield Day, S. A. R. Oratorical Contvslsg Sersict- Honor Roll LUNDBERC, l.FNN.-KRT -Office Wlirlters Committee' Ski Club' llanker LUNDY, Lett0Y -Roll untl Yocational Offim-rv Banker' Honor Roll' Seri Honor Rollg Fnnfs-sl: Special, Ticket Committeeeg Ski Club MACHl.lS, JAlIKgH0nor Sorirtyz Chairman, lloormen: Xoraliomil Ofliw Honor Soriotyg Dvliatvg Usb:-rg Arrow Stailg Carlin-lil Dov Uratorirzn Contest: Cubinetg Roll Officer: Senior Night NACHI. STEYl'lfY04'alional and Roll Offirvrsg Football MANHART, ,lIQYYFIl.-fbhotugraphy, Comlnf-rrial Clubs MANNINC, NARYIS-Friendbliip Committee-3 After-School Sportsg Big "G Clubg Opt-n Forum Club. MAH, ALFRl'1lI -Athln-tir, lllearlwr-1 Comiuittvm' Czilhax Club: lntraunurol llaslivtliallg Roll Offirer. MAR, MAY' Cathay Club. MAR HING, l'Illlr-Buskothallg l.n-lh-rman Connnilla-ng Atlviiory Board Honor Rollg Intramural liaskf-lballg Cathay Clnhg Sports Erlilor, Mi-ssengcr Nl.-KRSH,-Xl.l,, JU.-iNI'I'A--Honor Sonia-tyg Noni-lteg Nlisl-Winter Conn-rtg Si-n ior Night: Funniest: Opvrag Free-lunan Auxiliuryg Sophomore Commission Se-rvire Honor Rollg Roll Offirer. MARTIN, EMILY-Ilonor Rollg Honor Society: Stamp, Big "G" Club Operag Mill-Wlintcr Cnncerlg Sonior Nightg Spring Concertq Girls' Fu soluble: Aft:-r-Scliool Sports. MARTINI, MAXIXE Translerrml from Qui-on Anne High School NIARYIX, El.lZAliETH ffComm1-racial Club' llasketrnoni Attendant MATTHEWS. MAHJORIE'-Honor Rollg Roll Officerg lfrinmlsliip, Standards Traffic Connnittem-sg Messenger Staffg Funfestg Service Honor Roll 3 5 up , , , inu- .VI Nl.ftCQL'ARRll-f. MARCAlil-YI'-Chairman. Sufi-tg, Sorial Sorxive Conunittt-i-Ng l 'C MAXWELL, CHARl.OTTEfA1lvisory Bounl, Cabinet, Yiee President, Girls' Club, Roll Officer, Mid-Winter Concert, Funfest, Senior Night, Honor Society: Servivc Honor Roll, Radiance Roll. Nl:-CACG. MARIAY---Funfeslg Opera, Mid-Winter Conv:-rt, Fall Matinee, Roller, Comnn-rriul Clubs: Roll Ofiirer. MvCRAXY, OI,lNl'If Nonelto, Roll null Vorzltiouul Ol'l'i4-1-rs, Freslunun Auxil- iary, lfllnfosl Committee: Klint-Yiintn-r Convert: Senior Night, lnunfest, Opera, Servlet- Honor Roll. llrlfl RDY, CLKRX -llig "li" Club, 'itll-r-Svliool Sports, Senior Night. Mcl"ARl.lX, ill.-Xlifllli'-Ballk1Ai', lfuufesl, After-Srliool Sports. Nlvl'Hlil2, DON-'liankc-r. ilIlLl.l'iR, BOB -'l'r:iflic, liimployment Committees, Ski, Aviation, Science Clubs. lVllLLlCR, JOE7l"oolball, Basketball, Traivkg Swimming Team, Opera, Ath- lvln- Coinlnitli-1-3 lntraxnurol Sports. 3IlLl.PfR, ROBERT C.--Mcsscngi-r Staff, Debate Club, Roll Officer, Sopho- more Representatiie, Truffin: Committee, Honor Society, Honor Roll. MILLER, ROGl11RfSki, Pbotograpliy Clubs, Banker, Roll Officer, Track, 8 O'Clock Study Committee. Mll..l.liR, W'lLMO'l"--Chairmzin, Special Committee, Chairman, Luncliroom Committee, Ski Club, Football, Roll Officer, Manager, Football, Track, liziskcthall. MILLS, BURFORDfPhotography Club, lntramural Baseball. NIIINSKY, REVA-'Y Senior Night, Funniest, lllicl-Vfinter Concert, Opera, Health, liriemlsliip, Hosta--as Coininittcn-s, Drainatir, Cominc-rszial Clubs. MOCHIZUKI, YU,llfHonnr Society. NIOCHKATEL, LEON-Roll Officer, Honor Society, Library Committee, Senior Xiglit, Doorman, Opera, Mid-Winter Concert. MOLIN, l'lLUMA--Transferred from Stadium High Sr-bool, Tacoma, Commer- cial, Science Clubs, Study Hull Clerk. MOORIZS, KEN--'lizinslerrml from I.aki-sill:-, Ski Club, Stamp, Philanthropic Committees, lfunlvstg Roll Officer. Nl0RlTA, W'll..LlANl7H0n0r lioll, Aiialion Club. MORRISON, DAN--Roll and Nocational Officers, Track, Messenger Staff, Photography, H10-Mile Clubs, Sophomore Prom Conunitlee. MLRINICK, CHAKl.liS+Ski Contest W'inu1'r. MURPHY, JEAX-Hike Manager, Entertainment, Friendsliip Committees, After-School Sports, Big "G", Open Forum Clubs, Senior Night. MYERS, LAURAlNE7Building. Make-Up Committees, Roller Club, Vice President, Big UG" Club, Funtcst, Mid-Winter Conv:-rt, Senior Night, Op:-ra, Serxire Honor Roll. NAGAMATSIJ, KlMlKO-Japan:-ee Girl ltvsn-ries. NASH, TOMMY --f- Freshman Track, Roll Oftirer, Honor Society, Intramural linsketliull: Stump, Tirkvt Coinlnittef-sg lloorman, Ski Clull. NASBY, RUTH7Hosless Committee, Lull1'lu'oorn, Girl Reserves, S. A. R. Speaking Contest. NELSON, BONNIE -l'l10l0grupliy. NELSON. CHARLES--Editor, Messenger, Ticket Committee, Basketball. NELSON, ROBERT Traffic Committee, Honnr Roll, President, Aviation Club. 'Ynrric fllunning, Junniln Tullix nm' DREA mm 36 NEWWIAN, RUSS -First Train, Footliall. Ba-lwtlrall, Tracing Vocational Of- ficerg President, ,lnnior Class: Senior l'in tlonunittccg Honor Society: Funfest. NICHOLSON, CAROL-Senior Prom, I'. Q., Safety, Social Service Commit- teesg Funfestg Senior Niglxtg Ski Clulx. NISHIMIQRA. W'll.l,l.-XM' -Honor Rollg lntraninral Basin-tluallg Koi-aliunal Officerg Service Honor Roll. NORTON, ARDATH-Cliairlnan, llolulny Colninittecg tlulrinetg Asst-nllily, Friendship tfonnnitlee-sg Operag Mid-Winn-r tfonccrtg Honor Roll. 0'CONNOR, JEAN'-Vocational anal Roll Officcrsg Friomlsliip tlonnnilluc. OKAWA, HIROSHI OLSON, MADELEINE- -Srcrvtary, Senior Class: Yorationzll, Ns-cniluly, Senior Pin, Prom Colninittcz-sz tillairnlan, Stanclarfls tloinlnittvcg Calvin:-tg Honor Societyg Radiance Roll. ONODERA, FUMIKO' -Big "C" Clnlvg .lapalwsn Girl Rvscrvcs: Senior Niglitg After-School Sportsg lfnnfest. 0'SULLIVAN. PAT-Treasurer, Girls' tllubg Atliisory Boarmlg Cabin:-tg Honor Sorietyg Roll Ofiicerg P. Q. Comniitteeg lfiliilcslg Honor Rollg Ski tllnlrz Radiance Roll. OZIEI., LOUISE Senior Night: Mi4l-Willtcr tfollwrlz Opcraz l-'unl'csI, PANC, JACK-Athletic Manager: lntralnnral liaskvthallg lllcachcr-. l'lllrlicit5 Cummitteesg Yocalional Olficr-rg tiatlmy, Photography tllnlvs. PAULINE, HOWVKRD-Roll and Yorationzxl Utlici rsg l"ootlnallg Traltkg lllcarli- ers Coinlnittvcg Fllllfvst. PARKER, PAT--Operag filill-W'inter Conuertq Ss-niui' Niglitg Safety, Stantlartls, Hostess Coinniitteesg Service Honor Rullg Roll Officer. PATTEN, .l0HNfHonor Society: Honor Roll: 100-Mile, Sri:-nce, P1-Ion Ponntl- ers, Ski Clnlisg Bankcrg Safetyg lfnnfest Coininittee-ag liuukroom. PEMBROOKE, RITA-Transferred from Quven Anne: Arorational, Gazette Committees: Cominerrial, Swimming Clulus. PENOR. VIRGlNlA7Lil1rary Comlnitteeg Service Honor Roll: Roll:-r, Coni- mercial Clnlis. PERKONE, T0lNY--Track: Banlierg Yocational Officer. PETERSON, PETE7Stage Crew. PETERSEN, ESTHERfCostnnie Rooing Roll Oifiverg linnflirooin Workvrg Dad-Daughter Night. PETERSON, JOHN -Roll and Vocational Oiifccrsg Chairman, Yocational. Transportation Coinlnittvcsg Election, Bleachers, Safety Cuinniittci-sg Ski Clulmg lfunfestg Intramural Baskutliall. PIHA, D0R0'l'HY70perzl: Mid-Winter tiollrvrlg l"llnl'1-sl. PIKSA, DORlSfl"reslnnan Auxiliaryg Roller tllnlng Sf-nior Night: liankt-rg Service Honor Roll. PIZOR, BETTY7B:-lnkerg Funfestg Hostess llnlnniittveg Ifasliion Shoop liollcr Clnbg After-School Sports. POPLACK., PERA .lEAN7Frien1lship, Hostess tioinlnittucs: Chairinzin, Lily- 'ary Committeeg Dehatc, "As We Svc lt" Clnbsg Cabin:-tg Honor Societyg Service Honor Rollg Garfield Oratorical Cont:-stg Messenger Staff. PORAD, EYEl.YN4Trafl'ir, Make-fp tiuinlnittl-csg Roll Uiiicvrz llankurg Study Hall Clerk. PRIESTLEY, ,IlMfSki, ltltl-Mile tilnlisg Philantllropic. Grounds lfominittcm-sg Trackg Funfest. PROCTOR, ALllASSki, Latin Cllllr-1 Social Sclwirv, Vocational tioinnuillr-c-: Co-Chairman, Friendship Coxnniittcvg Sophomore Commission. PROCTOR, DAVl'l4Specizil, Avocationzil, Election Colninittcv--3 llclullcl Yo' eational and Roll Officers: First Train. Tennisq Athlctic Boartl, Dorothy lfrondfnol. Hob liogr-rs, ,lemnw l.'Iuu'.v1m INNJEIIS TEl,l.S Il,l. 37 RACE, HARRIET-Roll Officer, Co-Chairman, Student Production Commit- tee, Lunchroom, .lunior Prom, Make-Up Committees, Mother-Daughter Tea, Fall Matinee, Funfest, Senior Night, Gazette Staff. RATIGAN, DORISfBig "G" Club, After-School Sports, Senior Night, Bank- er, Vocational Officer, Sophomore Commission, Freshman Auxiliary. REETZ, DAVIDiLunchrooin. REICHERT, ELISE+Make-Up, Service, Library Committees, Big "G" Club, Roller Club, Roll Officer, Service Honor Roll, After-School Sports, Dad- Daugliter Night. REID, NANCYflfunfest, Opera, Roll Officer. REVELLE, PAUL-Transferred from Bozirdway High School, Opera, Latin, Science Clubs, Bleachers Committee, Intramural Sports, Yell Duke. REYNOLDS, BlLL+Stamps, Special, Traffic, Philanthropic Committees, Banker, Messenger staff, Honor Roll, Stamp, Roller Clubs, School Patrol. ROBINSOX, SAM'-Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Club, Secretary-Treasurer. Jun- ior Class, First Team, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Honor Society, Honor Roll, Senior Pin and Prom Committees, Advisory Board. KODDEWIG, FRANCES-Funfest. ROE, ED-Chairman, Funfest Committee, Roll Officer, Stage Crew, Senior Night, Funfest, Opera, Mid-Winter Concert, Saxaphone Ensemble. ROEDEL, BILL-Roll Officer, Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Opera, Ski Club, Tennis. ROGERS, BOB-Chairman, Employment Committee, Roll and Vocational Ola ficcrs, Football, Ski, Aviation, Radio Clubs, Doorman. ROGERS, GUSTfLunchroom, Public Relations Committees, Funfest, Science Club. ROMEY, SARA-Commercial, Writers' Clubs, Roll and Vocational Officers. ROOD, DOROTHY-Honor Society, Honor Roll, Roll and Vocational Officers, P.-T. A. Committee, Usher. ROSE, KEN-Football, Track, Fall Matinee, Doorman, Ski Club, Intramural Basketball, Publicity, Stamp, Grounds Committees, Latin Club. Herb Oliver, Barrie Vye, Bob Haines, Jim Priestly BLEACHER BLUES P X 1 - if. X ,, 'Q--'vs Q 'X ROSS, BERIYICE-After-Schm Sports, Funfest, Mixer, Standards, Friend- ship Cimittees. ROSSgNlYATHANkQi ' liter Concert, Intramural Sports, Open-Forum Club, 'fest. " L ED H As We See It Club Friendship Lommxttec R -y Iv in.. ,. V - - ,, - Q - . - -v - H 'QU IA-Funfest, Building Committee, Roll and Vocational Of- X fice . , LK ,r-School Sports, Fall Matinee, Banker. RYAN, MARILYN-Roll Officer, Senior Night., Nonette, Service Honor Roll, Opera, Funfest, Mid-Winter Concert, P. Q. Committee, Ski Club. RYAX, SI'IEILAgHonor Society, Debate Club, Roll Officer, Big HG" Club, Funfcst, Usher, Safety, Standards, Building Committees, Ski Club. SAKAI, SAM-Honor Society, Honor Roll. SANDELL, BARBARAfVocational and Roll Officers, Vocational Committee, Lunchroum, Senior Night, Ski Club, Service Honor Roll. S.-KNDHOFER, JOE--Roller Club, Banker, Roll and Vocational Officers. SASAKI, RAY4Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Honor Society. SATO, LOUIE-Mid-Winter Concert, Senior Night, Funfest, Opera, Voca- tional Officer, Honor Society. SAV'ADA, ROSIE+Funf4-st, Japanese Girl Reserves. 38 SCALZO, BOBfTransferrcd from O'Dca High Svhoolg First. Team, Bafcballg Bafkethall: Footballg Honor Sonicty. SCULLY, ROYfHonor Society, Roll Officerg Ifluifcatg Mid-Winter Concert, S1-nior Nightg Opera: Honor Roll. SCHONING, HOB--Firft Team Bas:-ball: Trark: Football, l004Milc Clubg Tivket Committee, Roll and Vocational Offim-rag Banl-tcrg Honor Rollg Intramural Sports. SFABORN, BEATRICE -lfricndship lfolnniitteog Op:-rag Scnior Night: Mid- Winter Concvrt. SEARS, BOB--Captain, Football, Adwirtory Board: Head Athletic Managnrg Roll and Vocational Officers: Mid-Winter Concert. SEELFY, BOB --l'hilanthropii', Traffic ffoinmittecsg Ski Club. SEIFEKT, CLAIRE-Hostess, lfrienllship. Standards Coininittccsg Mn-an-Inger Staff, Gazette Staffg Unherg Funfi-at. SFKUIMA, MIZLTHO-Layout Technician, Arrow: Honor Souix-tyg Pro-idi-ul, Radio Club, Honor Roll, Chairman, A-Mocational Committee. SHENIARYA, JOSH-Aviation, Ski Cluba, After-School Sporh. SHIGA, MAY+Rnll Officf-rg Mixer Committee-g Advisory Boardg Nurses Attendant, Messenger Staff. SHIH-XDA, MITSUY0SHI7H0nor Socictyg Honor Roll: Intramural Baxket- ballg Mesgcnger Staff. SHlMAlY0, SAKAF-Honor Roll, Honor Society. SHITANIAE, MIYOKO-Roll Officer: Meseengcr Staff, Honor Society: Honor Roll, Safety, Friendship Committe-vs: Seriice Honor Roll. SHORTT, RUTH'-Roll Officer, Honor Soeietyg Honor Roll, Mvesenge-r Staff, SHOUCAIR, NIARGARETY' Dramatic, "AS-Wie-Sri'-IIN Clubs. SIDELL, REYEl.L.-if-Honor Society, Honor Rollg Senior Night, Vocational Officer, Funfvstg Standards Cnnnnitlceg Debate Club, Usher, Service Honor Roll: Banker. .lay l"ric'1fmnn. Holy llovs ITHS TIIE DR:fl"T SIDIS, SAM7Banker. sims, VIC-Intramural Basketball. Qi SIMON, HARRY--ifimfesm. SKINNER, DICKfDoorman, Safety Coniniittees: Honor Sorir- ,: Editor, Mesacngz-rg Advibnry Boardg Track: Baseball. SKINNER, KAY-Managing Editor. Messenger, Quill and Scroll, Adxisory Board, Cabinet, Ski Clubg Arrow Staff, Senior Pin Committee, Roll Ot'- ficer, Honor Society: Funfest. SMITH, HARRY' -Funfcft: Opera, Vocational Officer, Quartet, Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert, Captain, Tumbling Team. SMITH, TOM-fRoll and Vocational Officersg Chairman, Ticket, Stamp Com- mitteesg Prnsidcnt, Sophomore Claesg First Team, Basketball, Vice Pres- ident, Honor Society, Adxisory Board, Secretary-Treasurer, Boys' Clubg President, Boya' Club. SX,-XPP, GERALD--Photographer, Arrow Staff: Fnnfest, Building, Lunch- room Committcesg Photography, Ski Clubs, Roll and Vocational Officorf. SOLA M, BECKY-Hostess. STALEY, VVARREN-Aviation, Stamp Clubs, Building, Grounde, Library llom- miltt-es. STEELE, BERNARD-Stage. STEINER, RITVK fHosteSs Comniittcc. 3 9 ,si J Dare Frririrc, Bob Set-ly, John Pelvrson, Tommy Nash W'E ROLL UVR UWUV f w STEHN, MARTIN bln-sscvlgc-r Staff: Funfestg 'llnnclxg lntramural llaskctluill: Doorman. STEW'Ali'l', ARLFA'l'lI.-K 'Big "G" Club. STFWQART, BUD Boys' Club. STFWYA li'l'. ll0N'eRoll Officer. STIMSUIN, KATHLEEN' 'Stamp Club: After-School Sports: Library Commit- tee. STOCKLI-IY, CLlNT7l"ootballg Slxi Club. STONE, ,IAYH--Roll Officer: Sports lfflilnr, Messenger :intl Arrow Staffs: Pres- ident, Honor Society: Football: First Team, Track: Honor Roll: Debate Clubg Commencement Speaker. STORFNO, ANNfUslicr: Make-Up Committee: Roller, Ski Clubs: Funfest. STlIlIHl'iLl.. MARX? l"ri4-mlsliip, lfiuc Arts Coiniuitlcs-sg Opera: Fuufcst: Cab- inet: Messenger Staff: Service Honor Roll: Roll and Vocational Officers: Banker: Chairman, Girls' Club Rooms. SULLIVAN, .IACK7lutramural Basketball, Baseball: Vocational Committee: Dcbaln Club. SUNDlilCliC, CLYDE--lladio Club, Roll and Vocational Officers. SUNDBERC, KARL- -Radio Club. SIITIIERLAND, PATfYice President Boys' Club: Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class: Roll Officer: Chairman. Building, Ticket Committees: Honor Roll: Senior Xiglitg Opera: First Team, Basketball, Track. TADA, KAZIIO-Honor Society: Roll Officer: Messenger Staff: Service Honor Rollg Intramural Basketball: Honor Roll. TAHARA, RUTH-Honor Society: Service Honor Roll. TAKAHASI-Il, MASAKOfHonor Society: Roll Officer, Banker, Freshman Auxiliary: Sophomore Commission: P.-T. A. Committe-eg Mid-Winter Con- cert: Senior Night: Funfestg Opera. TALBOT, ,ll-QRRIE-Senior Prom, P. Q. Committees: Roll Officer: Senior Yiglrtg Fnnfesl: Banker: Ski Club. TANAKA, DUKE-Vocational Officer: Commercial Club: Intramural Sports: Arrow Contributor. TARICA, .lACKglntra1nural Sports. TARICA, MORRIS-Intramural Sports: Messenger Staff. TASHIRO, KIYOKO -Service, Art Committees. TALYOR, BESSIE-After-School Sports: Big "C" Club: Standards Commit- lee. TAYLOR, WILLIAMfCaptain, Junior Safety Patrol: Luncliroom Commits tr-e: Open Forum, Science Clubs: Mid-W'intr-r Concert: Scnior Night. THOMAS, MAXINE'-Library, P. Q., Luncliroom, Social Service Committees: Funfest: Senior Niglitg Opera: Roll Officerg Dramatic Clubg Sophomore Commission. THOMPSON, DAYEfAdvisory Board: Vice President, Honor Society: Honor Roll: Track: Football: Roll Officer: Garfield Day Oratorical Contest: Blcacln-rs Committee: Blid-W'intcr Concert. TIMXIRFCK, HERB -Soccer: First Team, Football: Roll Officer: Bleachers Committee: Intramural Sports. TIMO, D0lVlINICiTransferred from O'Dea Higlig Honor Society: Honor Roll: After-S4-liool Sports. TOBIN, lllADELlNlf7l'cu, Messenger Staffs: Copy Editor, Arrnw Stuff: Roll and Vocational Offirvrsg Honor Society: Social Service, Friemlsliip Com- mittccs: Usher. Bob Engle, Cnnlpbell ffm' Ulff YOU TUUK S0fIlfff TOI.I.IfNA-XR. IRYING -Svrviro Honor Rollg Traffic Comlnillfc. TOMITA, I,0lllE-Bunk:-rg lmraunnral Sporlsg Honor Society. TOMITA, M.'XRl0N7Honor Roll: ,Iapaufwv Girl Rrsvrvesg Dcbateg Op:-n Forum: Svrxicv Honor Roll: I-'ine Arn, Building lfomxnitlcvsg Xlirwfx. Girl-' Club Attendant. TRAXI5, RICHARD Opera: Svnior Niglng Mid-W'inIcr Concorlg Photo- graphy, Axizilion Clubs: Inlrzunural Iiawkv-lball. 'I'RI'I'I"i5. I I'iR Y Honor Sotlelyl Ilralnaliv. Flxilflub-1 flzilellr, Fovlal Svriiev, Cosllnnv ifolnlnillcv-5: Roll, Yovational Uffifvrs. TSVJI. HIIIICO -Honor Socivlyg Inlruniurzxl Huhkellulllg Senior Nighty Opi-rang 'NIi4I-W'inl4-r Concert: Hand. 'I'lCKI'lR, JIYI Roll Offirvrg Flaunp, Radio, Pliologzrzipliy Club-5 Hanks-rg I"nnfPal. 'l'l'l.l,IS..IlANl'1'Af'l'rumfcrr1-fl from Milwnlllxei- High School. 'I'l'RNIiljLI,, WARD Y-Honor Sovim-lyg N11-wwllgwr Slaffg '1'r:-iffiv, Office- Work- :-rx Cuinlnillrvs: Inlrzunurai Ru-kvlballz Latin Club: Quill and Svroll. TW KITES, RICCIFN fn fr! lioinlnillvv: Ifullh-sl. IZIICL. MANI lil. -Inlraunural Rank'-llxall: Roll Uffirvr: Se-rxivr Honor Rollg Doornian, XANI7IfRBII,'l', YIRGINIA-'Spore-l1ul'y. Uirlw' Clubg Sa-nior I'in. Avcxnbly Code. ,Iunior Prom lloxnrnilla-1'-: 3IPf-r'lug:vr. Xrrou Stuffxg Yomuitional Of- fire-rg Honor Suvgivlyg RarIian4'r' Rollg Ski Twain YHN -X, YI, as, Vlnl W intnr Up:-ra: Ski Club: r YINIKOWV. CIIARLF5 I"1':iIllre- I'f4lilor, WI:---n-ngxr X YH, IFARRIIC- N Ucalionul, Roll Uffirerg 'I'l1-kr-l Conunillccg Honor Sorioflg ' Sf' lnlrzunural Buskelbnll. Vl'KI.I.STROXI, NIII,I7RI'fIJf"Honor Worivliz Se-rxirr' Honor Roll: I'-hrr: . N Som-ial S1-rxivv Culnlnilleeg XI4---anger Fluff: Winks'-I'p lionunitlew. : - IX' YIXSUN. SAI,I.Y"fDf'Ir1lln-3 Garfic-lfl Day. Alllvriraxl Imgxiou. S. A. II. Uralorb , '- F . val ffnnls-flu: Mill-W'inlPr flollvrrlg I"ullfe-NIL Sovial Svrvivv lfolnnlillrv: ' . Ilzllvkvrl Xiu- I'I'rwiuI4'llI. "X--W4--SPP-Ili' ffluh. il ' K 1 WKTTS. DIITKY Banlu-r: Yoralionxul Office-r: Iraffir Conunlllvr. Cabinrl: Chairman, Fine Arts Commillu-r-L Fdilor. I'n-n Staff. WEIGICL, ADI'II.I.A- Roll Offirvr: Ilzlnlu-r: II:-ullh Comnuillrv: fifle-r-Srhool Sporlii 51-rwivr Honor Roll: Ifunfewi. WI-IIR, JIMMY' ,vhiallon Club: Trio-lx. YYFNZIAI-QR. CXIIOLYN Nliil-Viola-r Com-1-rl: Sa-nior 'Nigblz Up'-ru: Ifunlc-fl: Iiand f'onrvrl 'iff f WA YI LLI I' N In 0 c-mor Nig.1I lam nunl Pc- n 4 Yorn Honal Ufllu-r Banlur W H XI I- N DOKOTHX o I n .1 funire Open I oruvn DP nn 9. unn ir: on: Iibrdrw V Nl I"N HI I I' N Roll Uifucr 1 mum e- will pan oruln 4 See IL 1 mor Ni 1 IT'I -XKFR HOW XRD f I airm in Blefuhe r 1 o nnllllu 5 unp ru fonunlllu rdrlx oo! 1.1 1 WILSON, IlIil,ENf-P.-'l'. A., Sofia! Sv-rxirs-. P. Q. Cnnnnillrf-Ng Girls' Clnh Ml:-nrlnnl: Meisefngr-r Slzlffg Ski lllllllz Vllnfffsl. WVIMAN, SVSAX-Slxukeepr-ure-ao Conn-Nl: Ifuofz-sl: Nlifl-Winn-r Concert: Son- ior Niglltg Blcsimxgvr Staff: Roll 0I'fire'rg Drarnatir. Ski Cluhsg Honor Sooiulyg Honor Roll. WINIKOIVF, FRAINCI-IS 1mr..,,.anf, c:.,,..,...-I-.Vaal Clulng n.,,1.-..g chrm....w Hank:-I, Chairman. YYONII. IVKISY---Czltllay Clnlr: Junior R1-przwvnlaliu-g Fllllfn-ft. VYUNU, IIUXX KRD Honor Sorivly: Bop! -Mlxi-org Board: Roll Officvr: Uzb- kml-ullz Imra-nm-ul Qpm-14: Dourmam, Hillvr lffymff, Jmvk Cnrlrully. Sylvia If,-iff. muy 1+'nif1,.m. f:o1,l,,-wsr: or Tm: c:,4T's lIR,4lJl.l1' YVONG, K-K'I'HERl3Fl Cathay Clubg l'.3f. A. Colnmillcvq Fznhion Show: Svnior Nighl: Honor Roll: Honor Sorioly. Tom lhnlu, Herb Ofirf-r. joe Baer BRINliI,'Wi 0l'T TIIE APE W' 0 R Nl S li R. C A T H H R I 'N l'f7Calvixu-lg lfhuirxnan. Lnllrllroonl Cnxnxnillvrl I"ri1-mlwhip Cnvnmillm-1 Roll Officvrg Scrvicc Honor Rollg Svninr Niglllg ui.:-wa.-npr rim..-M-ng ska Clulug x1.-m-n,..-.- Smffg Hmm Roll. Bill Ihrlrlxlxtzxv, Dun Klopfvr, ftlvk Pang IYHILDREY MIST PIA Y XAGI, KUUIHI---Xuualiollul and Roll Offioursg Honor Socivlyg Mehscn cr Sluffg lnlrznnural Bnskclball. Tom llongfns, Elilm llurlrilz, .Hiller Bryant, .fndrvw llas:-,uuu'11 Rlfl'0IC'l'lfRS' IIJIY OFF yAx,lAl,A, AN5,.x7H0nm- Socielyg Sorxire- Honor Roll: Honor Rollq Mrs an-l1gol', Arrow Stuffwg Library Connnilllwg Japanese Girl Rrsurves. , -4 2 YAMAGISHI. 'llIYEvHonor Sorielyg Honor Roll. YASUNOBU, HlCTTYfHonor Socivlyg Honor Roll: Servirf- Honor Rollg Lalin Commercial Cluhsg l.il1rury Comlnilleeg Yoralional Oflircrg Jnpanosc Girl Reserves. YATACAI, R0Sl'i7Honor Soviely: japanese Girl Reserves: Sorvire Honor Rollg Slanrlnrds Colninillre: Nurse-'N Allvlulanlg Soplioynorv Colnniiasion Commercial Club. YODA, TETSUYA YOSHl5l0T0, Rl'TH-f-Honor Sorielyg Honor Rollg Roll Offirerg Quill anal Srrollg Mm-ssc-rigor Staff: Servirv, Typing Coinniillf-1--1 l'shr-rg Soplio more Comnlimiong Japanese Girl Reserves. Hill Henfenislr, Ken Rasa, Herb Timmrerk, .Yorrnrm Huron-il RELIEF IFICTAIL YOKOYAMA, YOSHIKO-Honor Society: Honor Rollg Serxice Honor Roll Japanese Cirl Reserve-sg Fashion Showg Fnnfesl. fllnllvline Olson, Winnie C1151-, Durigln .-lrnolrl THE BIG THREE YOSHIOKA, ALICE-Arl Cuinmillceg Japanese Girl Resnrvcsg Stamp Club YOSHIDA, SADAKOiHonnr Sorietyg Friendship Connnillee: Mini-Vinh-r Concert. Roy Sr-ully, Frivrul Di:-kinson. .Im-If lfvrmi SECO YD CHILDHOOD YOUNG, RUTHSRUII and Vocational Officers: Service Honor Roll: Conv mervial Clnhg Friendship Coinmiliee-1 Funfewl. Sarlalio Yoshida, .Uiye llllnugislii YOU'RE BEIN fl FOLLOIVED YUEN, NIlXNll'iflfahinelg Chairnian, Thrift Committee: Honor Soviets: Fluifebl' Roll Officer' Bi "l"' fathav Clubs Vom1lional ilinfl N . . g 1 , . D . ig '. . . 4 ard Coxnlnilleesg Sophomore Commission. SENIOR COMMITTEES SENIOR PIY COM MITTICIC STANDING: Slcplxanio Cnr, Vklll Casey, Kap Skinner, Sam Iiuhin-on, Tom Smlllm SEATED: Mzulclcinc Olson, Runs Nw-mnan, Nirginia Yanderlyill. SENIOR PROM COM MI'l"I'I'Il'1 STANDING: .Ir-rric '1'allmnI, Bnlv flows, Ilnln Engl:-, HIadr'l4-inv Ulfun, Winthrop ffm:- 'Wiriavn ,I:wulw. SITTIXC: Sum IIulvin-nn, ffaxrol Yirlmlaoll. W'rigIlI Xrnold. 3 2 2 r--W UMW """" s Q SIQXIUR .XNNUI NCICNIIVYI' II1lNlNll'l"l'l"l" nrmvr now: xxa....a.- uw, n.-11, 1-L....-1....-H. nfl..-mul. .r..nL...1. um- na.-g. W.-agm A.-...,n.1. X 1,0NlNIlCX4Il'INll-QNIn Sl'l-IXlxI-.IIS Y . 4-3 V , ff' fa M R rn. Sl-fllUNll HUXN: l'lnl FRONT HOV: Max liuhatzcynu -ululnlormnz Shirlw Hrk-I4-in. x..l--.lil-lmi,nx: .luck 120:-halls. HAlIh ROV: Juy itum-, Wall Lube-x, I-,Iinor l,.nulx-nu, No fri' iff., ,lu W If ',.1 v,AlK-.,!'.. . xwyll M, uf'-in mu..-, ' 2 V 'fm JU: f ,W C140 W7 M W J' 2-Psi K5 .N ' Nfl 6 Jumons WWW i hffkcffif if 7A ,4AP 211 if 'M get 'tl ' Already we have bested three mileposts, and now we are abreast a fourth. Strange, how rapidly we have pushed forward! Only yesterday we were the green wave. Then we moved on, and others rushed in. We swelled just a little with pride when we became Juniors -for we had attained that cherished title, uupperclass- menf' Now even our Junior year is in the past. But in this swift progression, we have not been with- out growth. Through extra-curricular activities we have come to realize that books are but the foundation - from which to build. In fact, our whole scope of life has broadened to meet the increased demand for ma- ' X turity made upon us by society. M . Mjigmfjlfab JM 4 ' y. 1 . iff' tj fx H91 ' if If J ,ff . I ' fi il ' 4 ftll f'- I. K 2 sf " jf 'I T f J ., ., 0 . g 1 - 2 f , . , ff -., A U1 ,C - if LEFT T0 RIGHT: steve Chad- wick, Vice-Presidentg B etsy Ruggles, Secretaryg Miss Groves, Advisorg Bart Dobb, President. E? 3 46 -if ibm lk Q V01 ABEL, MIIRIAN ALIlADEI'I". ANNE AI,l'IADEI"l". BERNICFI 'II,I-IADEI"I". MARX I. " AI.IIADEIfI", MARX A. I AMICARELLI,MARIANNA ANIUNDSEN, A NDERSUN .-I NDERSO IX .X N DERSON ,xN1JERsoNf ARNOLD CHARLOTTE ELCENE MONA ROBERT INDREW, LORIE V ,ISI-IBA. IAYEKO AZOSE, PEARL B-LIUS, JACK BARASH, DAN BAROH. LOUIE BARUCH, ISAAC BASSETT. JACK BEACH, RICHARD IIEARDSLEY, DORIS BECKER. EYELYN BENSLSSEN, BERTHA IIENSUSSEN, ED BERCH, BERNICE IIERGSMA. BETTY BINGHAM. DOREEN BLONDER, MILDRED BONATH. PATTY IIOOKER, SONNY IIORGENDALE, .IEANNE BOWDEN. ROSEMARY BRANDT, ARLYENNE BRASHEAR. ART BRASHEIN. MICKEY BRALER. NELI. BREWER, HARRY BROOKS. CAROL BROYVN. LYNN BRYANT. BEVERLY BUCHSER, CAL IIULLOCK. DAVID BITRNETT, BILL BLRTON. ELEANOR IIIERTON. LOIS BUTLER, ALFRED BIIZARD, CHARLES CPILDERIIEIID. BILL CXRNEI . DAN CIIRTER, CONRAD CASHAR. CELIA CATLOW. MARX CEPHAS. CHARLENIA CIIADWICK, STEPIIEN -18 CHAN. LESLIE QIHINN. GLEN lIlIIO11ClllO.lLl'X 11Ill'I'XXOOlJ. NIXRX J IIHRISTIE. HENEX IEX I COHEN. ll KN Ill QIOIIICN. EIDITII KIOIIN. MNRILX N COLEM XN. DON COLLINS. ROR CONNER. JOHN tIOOlx. l'X'l' CONXELL. ISILL CRXHJ. ROI! CRAMER. ISILI. IR,-XXX FORD. CR Xlll l QIRANXVORIJ, .IMIQISELINE CR XXX FORD. W U NE lJ,Xl.1ll.ElSIl. MXRTIS IJATX. CAROL DA YANZO. ANUELIIN E DAY. .-XRLENE IDEAS. HELEN IJEBLIEUX. RON llel"Rl-IEEE. -XLSTIX IJQSTXNTO. EMILX IJILTZ. JEXNNE IDOBR. BARTLEX IIOIYUIAS. ROR IJOI CLAS. JACK IJOULIAS, STI' KRT IJOWIJ, JVXNET IJURSON. SAM EDDX. BETTX XNNE ELLIOTT, XLX IN ELLIOTT, YIRGINIX ELLISON. IRENE ELH. NIXRX ,NNN ENG. EMMA EPPERSON. IJ KN EYXNS. ROR I".-KIAIONE. JENNIE I"AROlI1LX R, PH N LLIS I'EINliERIl. GLORIX FERIMLER. BILL IVIELIJ. GORDON I1'lNlx ELHTEIN. I"RElH FOR R ESTER. R ETTN l"R,XNlIE. HELEN l4'RIEllMfXN. MHIKEN IVUJII. RENKO HXLXNTI. RAE 1lARllfXR'l'. RILL UNRRETT. KILXRINE -I-9 ,1- L QQ, WL its .nm 'bs pr--s 'Q' ,ny GAY, HELEN GIBSON, DEAN GIBSON, TED GOLDBERG, ANCHEL GOLDFARB, LIBBY GONZVXLEZ. MARIE GOODSON, DON GORMLEY, SHIRLEY GRAHAM, ED GRASHIN, ART GRAY, BETTY GRAY, MARJORIE GRIIPF, MERLE GRIFFITHS, ANNE GRINSPAN, ROSE GROFF, CIIARLOTTE GROSSCUP, BEN GUNN, NANCY HAGE, GEORGE HAGEN, DICK HALLGREN, BOB HALPERN, RUTH HAM, MARY I-IAMANO, MARY HAMILTON, ROGER HANAN, RITA HANDA, AI I-IANSEN, CHRIS HANSEN, EARL HARRAH, BILL HARRIS, ART HATA. JOSHUA HATANAKA, YURIKO HAXVES, MAC HAYAMI, SMITH HAYASHIDA. SACHIKO HEAL. ELIZABETH HEARST, KATE HERR, JEAN HEWETT, BOB HIDAKA, TOM HIMMELMAN, RUTH HOIVFMAN, EVELYN HIVELY, PHYLLIS HOLLAND, RUTH HOOD, MARY HOOEY, NANCY HOWIXRD. JANETTE HUME, STANLEY HUNTINGTON, GLORI X HURWITZ. ELIHU ISAACSON, JUNE ISRAEL, BECKY ISRAEL, JACK 50 ISRAEL, JOE ISRAEL, LEON ISRAEL, SAM IZAX, FRANCES JACQI'l'l'lI. SIIIRLEX JANTZ, RALPH JONES, BARBARA JONES. BETSY JONES, 11114311 :JB I K A LA BIN BETTE 14 xN011,.xivA, 13112 1' 0' ' KATO, AKIKO I KERT ', KI L EL. E K , , OR ' 1 K A, QA 'O K E M, ,URL KNI OWARIJ KOYNE, ELIZABETH KRAKOVSKY, IJAVIIJ KRIEGEL. ELEANOR KRISTOFERSON. ALFREIJ KULMAN, ARTIIUR N M K UMMER, LUELLA KEROIWA, SAIJAO KIJROSE, KAYKO LARGE, ROR LATIMER, CORINNE LATIMER, LAEL LeDONNE. ROSE ANN LEONG. ROSE LERNER. BEN LEVY, IIELENE LEVY. SAM LEWIS. MARIE LINDEKE, FLORENCE 1 1 'iv ' 1 LINDEMAN , .IOSEP J LLOYD. C LEEN I LORENT' B03 1 1,0TT, EAI ix L15CK'. NAI 1 ' 111'N19i', KjTIIERINE 1 1 1 J' SVT LUSIER, IJOREEN M114-DONALD, BONNIE MACKEY, MARGARET M111-QIIARRIE, WILLA ' MALCOMSON CHARLES' M.-IRBET. c:1.fx1'111,x Sl MARSIIALL, NAIIJA MARSHALL, VAN MARTIN. HOWARD MARTIN. LEATRICE MASIN, PHYLLIS MATSON, RUTII Sl HB4 K Qu 'UN fb.. lv IM' "Fw, if Y W x ".' Ea Y is V jx fa, g. ,'3f,1'n3 V n. 4 5 Y I s i ,. wx. A I df, X 552, 4-'F S LJ. ,Aq L , , -,,- 4-. ' .gf I I .R , 3 MVXTTHEWS, BOB M.-KYER, BILL MAYER, DONALD MNYIYE, KENNETH M1-CITI,LOI'1lII. LORRAINE M4-DONAI,IJ, DON NIALOYERN. .IXCK M1-MILIAN, DORIS MELX IN, UIRLBERT MILLER. .IEAN MILLS. PAII, MITCHELL. HENRX MITCHELI., LILLIAN MIYXZAWRX. EDITH MI Y AZAW.-X, EDNA MORRIS, JUNE IVIIEKAI, LILY MIINDAY. DVXYE I I, Nfl, f , Mx ERS, JEAN I , IN RXHMIAS. M.-XRGIE N 'X PP, EDNA NARAMORE, MARCIA NELSON, MARGARET NICLSOIY. IIIELYIN v.:-Zft flf"97 af.,--1. Puff. I NICHOLS. JOIIN NIEDER. MARIAIY OG vXSAWAR.'X, YURIKO OLSON, DONALD OLSON., IVIAXINE - wx , N Y ,Q X I., - Q Q, '. . R 1 rx R om: ROY, HARRIS K, PAINE, Am MAE I PMIMER, RODNEY IFIXLMQUIST, HELEN f IPXTTEN. ROR PVXTTERSON. BOB af PEARL, SOI, PEARSON. IIELEN PEIZER, TOM PERRY, CAROLL PETERSEIY, WARREN PIETROINIONACO, REN PIINCITS, SI LYI -X 1-OL. ROSE POPE, YIRILINIX POWELL, v1Rc:1N1,x POWELL, QEIRENQE PRESCOTT. WVXLTER RX.-X'I'Z. I-'RVXNCES ANN R.XDI"ORD. EX ELYN REED, ROBERT REITZE, ANN REYNOLDS, GEORGE RIIII-IARDSON. RIITII xg 27 Bllllx. BI'I'X'I'BIIII'I RIIIIIELL, BOB ROBBINS. El GENE ROBERTS. S'I'MNLEX IIOMANO. EMMX BOSE. .IO KN Bl ILILIIIS. BETSX IIYZEK. M,-NRIAN SXIJIlIIx. XBYOLIJ SXNIPSON. .Il NIC S,-XTO. TOMIKO SQIIININ. NOBM KN SKIIIEIIIB. SIIIBLEX SIIIIILLE. LOIS SIIIIROEIIER, AIX SlIIIWENNfgEN. BOB SCOTT. LH NOX SIIAIN. RLTTII If XJ s.lIJw. M5 'lwu s ,LTorx. Wu I 5 lEI..Tn1+:NL R TTI-I TIIIMMIN. BOB SIIWI. ELIZABETH SH .I1.1.IOSEI'II SI I LLM 'X FN . B E'I"I'Y SIIJELSKX. DON SIMPSON. VIRIJININ SMITH. .ILNE SMITH. RLTII SOCOLOI"SKY. SONI X SOIJEN. BOB SOFTKX. JEAN SOBEANO. BER I'IIfX SPENVEB. JACK STPXMM. STXNLEY SOLOMON. ,XNNETTE I , " W STANTON. EMILY STANTON. LYM KN S'I EELE. BILL STEEN. EDWIN . , , , . A , X sf' 1 STERNBERC. Ol'EN'I'IN S'I'II I FB IXB U' BET STOCKER. SHIIILEX STOLL. BOB STONER. LEONXRIJ STROIVIMEB. ELENOBE STl7XR'I'. I"VLI.ERTON Sl'4lfXWXIi-X. XLBEBT SIIILIYAN. TOM SYPHEB. BRIKIE TVXIJA. I OIQO TAJITSII. YONEKO 'I'.-XKIXII-NSI-II. M XKIIQO T XKAIIVKSHI. N l'RIIiO SSI .nr 9' 'F '5- i I. if ,av-. A-I 401 TAKIZAWA, JOHN TALL, LEONARD TAT, BEVERLY TAYLOR, ARLYSS TEMPLIN, LEONA THALL, BERNICE THOMAS, MARY THOMPSON, JOAN THORNE, SHIRLEY TOLLES, BILL TOMLINSON, NANCY TOURIEL, EMILY TRUESDELL, BEVERLY ULLBERG, BILL VAN WATERS, MIRIAM VAN WYCK, MIRIAM VARON, SARA VILAS, MARY WALLBERG, KENT JUNIOR PUBLICITY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Florence Lin- deke, Makiko Takahashi, Helen Gay, Lilly Mukai, Bar- bara Jones. SECOND ROW: Marian Jaf- fe, Lorraine McCullough, Rosemary Bowden, Shirley Williamson, Carroll Perry. THIRD ROW: Ben Lerner, Jack McGovern. JUNIOR 42-30 STAFF FRONT ROW: Makiko Tak- ahashi, Betty Hartnett, Nancy Tomlinson, Marian Jaffe. SECOND ROW: Jack Mt:- Govern, Lorraine McCul- lough, Don Coleman, Don McDonald fahsenteej, Paul Mills Calisenteol. Ak-if .--jf'-J' 3 1 . f-I,-MC f--titi-V! ' '. wg fc-L --f' ' ' K ' if J JUNIOR ., -D - REPRESENTAHTIYES I fGrfyp'IIl 1, I , 1 1, , V Row ONE: I.i'11y"Muk,i, Maliiko Takahashi, Shirley Munson, Kate Hearst, Helen Yorozu, Alice Kondo. ROW TWO: Leona Templin, Doris McMillan, Nancy Jam- ieson, Jean Myers, Stan Fried- man, Henry Inouye. ROW THREE: Roy Dc- Blieux, Don Mayer, Ben Ler- ner, Lorraine McCullough. Nancy Tomlinson, Shirley Williamson. ROW FOUR: Jack Bassett, Fred Twedt, Leonard Stoner, George King, Elihu Hurwitz. WALTERS. BERT WARD. BERTHA WATTERS, WALTER WAUGH. VIRGINIA WEIS. BLOSSOM WEST, RILL WIIITTAKER. IJOROTIIN WIGOIJSKY. ALLEN WILLIAMS, MIRIAM WILLIAMSON, SIIIRLEX WILLNER. RICIIARIJ WING, MARYE WINSHIP, ARTHUR WOIILCELERNTER, SAMUEL WONG. ARTHLR YORITA, IJOROTIIY YOROZU, HELEN YOSI-IIOKA, SHIZUKO ZEMPEL. BEATRICE ZOBER, FRANCES JUNIOR DECORATION COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Jackie Craw- ford, Helen Gay. Nanry Graves, Leona Tenlplin. SEC- ONIJ ROW: Naida Marshall, Carroll Perry, Marian Jaffe. Virginia Hasselo. Betty Harl- nett, Shirley Willianlsfbtl. THIRD ROW: Ben Lerner. Van Marshall, Bell Crosscupi Eugene Robbins, Bob Patten. JUNIOR ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Marian Noid- er, Mukiko Takahashi, Akiko Kato, Naida Marshall, Leona Templin. ROW' TWO: Lor- raine Mcflullough, Marian Jaffe, Janet Dowd, Betty Hartnett, Nancy Tomlinson. Elihu Hurwitz, Bob Hall- gren. ROW THREE: Stan Friedman, David Prortor. Bob Patten, Kenneth HIll1'll. Rill Calderhead, Paul Mills I4-hairmanJ. ROW FOUR: Bob Evans, ,Iavk IxT4'fiOV1'I'll. Walter Watters. JUNIOR REPPRESENT ATIVES lCr0up II ROW ONE: Annette Salom- on. Louise Moore, Sylvia Pin- 1-uf, Evelyn Becker, Jeanni- Rorgendale. Helene Levy. ROW! TWO: Ren Lerner. Tom Askren, ,Ioan Rose. Betty Hartnett, Pat Parker. Mary Hood. ROW THREE: Ed Steen, Jay Kertes, ,Iavk M1-Govern, W'alter Wfatters, Bob Large. Eugene Robbins. ln .,'L-"VTE, 'fi , , ' f if f wb . 37,4 VJ ,f 'ability Libya? S wig LL'-'aff ' I' ' Er tl X46-SM f SUPHOMURES L Our sophomore year is at an end. Garfield has felt our presence through the Sophomore Commission and through more extensive participation in sports and cluhwork. All these have combined to make this a year of discovery. We have learned the little things such as how lo catch the first trolley and how to navigate the locker room traffic successfully. We have discovered which classes to take, which courses to travel-and what is more, We have contacted the democratic idea upon which Garfield is built. Now that our hardest year is passed, our aim is to fill the vacancy that this year's juniors will leave. X lj V P si 'X X NV I Q Q . S 5 LEFT T0 RIGHT: Naida Mar- ! . shall. Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Will- Y W is, Miss Schwartz, Advisorsg Bob kg: E Banuick, Secreluryg Bob Patten, Eg N President. 3 as 35 3 E 56 M211 uw K . FRONT ROW: Yoshi Asaba, Eleanor Angel, Edi Alfaronc, Raye Alhadeff, Nancy Amshary, Anne Baer, Pat Agnew, Lucie Almeleh. SECOND ROW: Leon Angel, Violet Arase, Frances Agoado. Betty Aoki, Eleanor Bahlkow, Eleanor Arnberg, Ruth Angevine, Shirley Anderson. THIRD ROWH Darrell Anderson, Hal Arnot, Donald Alexander, Takao Aoki, Bill Amshary, Victor Alhadeff, Solly Allaras, Albcrl ff ,t f . .- o 1 .- v Af '1 Alhadeff, Alvin Alberts. '10 5- sh 4 4 FRONT ROW: Jeanne Baker, Mary Bar- rea, Lena Behar, Mitzi Bates, Zynclell Berliner. SECOND ROW: Jerry Bloom, Janet Boone, Louise Behar. THIRD ROW: Harry Blnnder, Bob Banniek, .lim Beebe, Jerome Bc Balkema, Peggy Bonne, Frances Bonnie Beach, Boguch, Eugene Ralph Bertolin, cker. FRONT ROW: Tina Cassia, .lane Caven- der, Marilyn Braunn, Revay Burnett, Claire Boonov, Jean Calvo. SECOND ROW: Fred Cassercl, Dorothy Carlson, Gloria Boyd, Alyse Boulware, Dolores Brunner, Virginia Burke, Alan Bories. THIRD ROW: Tom Bushnell, Regan Brackelt, Dick Rothwell, Charles Brig- ham, Donald Bowman, Bill Brinsfielrl, Chuck Ceder. FRONT ROW: Margaret Columbro, Mar- garet Coone, Lillian Charney, Helen Creighten, Adelia Chandler, Barbara Cowley. SECOND ROW: Sid Cohn, Lawrence Clark, Peter Colman, Bernice Crossley, John Crook, Nesso Cohen. THIRD ROW: Robert Christensen, Fred Cooper, Homer Craven, Joshua Curiel, Will Chinn. 58 5- FRONT ROW': Jacquvlinc Egan, Iiuis Darrh, Nanry lfllilignunrlli. 'lluriunna Donhan, Nlariun Dunn. SECOND ROW': Iioli Iiilulson, Iloualil Donart. Anne lluris. Mary Lou Ilzivinl, Margarvl Danis, liliffuril De Lage. THIRD IIOVH Charles livlls. Rirllarll Dreycr, Iiill Dunham, Calvin Drnxmzln. Keith Douglas, Holy Duulnon, lIau-old Dupar. QMFJZMW, FRONT ROW: Rach:-I Ferrera. Doris Fredrirksen, Lillian Funakubo, Mary Jn Ifursell. Florenrc Garner. Gordic Illuvn-ra SECOND ROW: George Francis, Kei Fujikaulo, Ted lfiolrl, Al Iiskenazi, Irving Feinberg, Fred Fisher. THIRD ROW: Olixer Fon, Bucl lfngvl- slad, K1-ith Erin-kson, Dun Florvy, ,Inn Flskenazi, Sinn Firm, Bill Ifisher. FRONT ROW: Isabelle Gen-S. Dickie Geranius, Phyllis Cnrrlon, Laura Haber- nnl, Charlotte Gmnlnow, Sally Gilroy, Gloria Gunn. SECOND ROW: Billie .lane Graham. Esther Halton. Rita Gimlmrg, Wanda Grines, Flurcnca- Hale, l.ymlir-ann Glick. THIRD ROW: Eddie Gurlick, Irwin Golcllrerlz. .lark Gourmnn, Ralph Gund- rich, ,lulin Cosse, Frank Cnlluhslxv. FRONT ROWY I,ury Hasinn. Belly IIvrr, Jeanne Herr:-H. Iflefzmor Hnrtl, Iilvaimr Haha, Lily Hirahara. SECOND ROW: Toni IIQ-n-Ionv. Boll Harris, Phyllis Hermann, Adore-v Haa- si-lblad, Marie He-pier, Susan Hawk:-5, .lcwel Herlinvvallx. THIRD ROW: Warren Hasvgawa. Waller Hardie. .luhn Hamann. Ye-cl Haym-N, Nvil Hanan-n. Raeninre- Ilan:-'n, Daw- H4-ggie-, 59 IVIIOIYT ROW: Lurella Iloopcs, .Inna Horan, lla Iloglc, Mary Israel, I"nkn lnuuyv, Ilona Ivhiliara. SECOND IIOWH Polly Huston. Mario lwaausun, Nanry Howard, Gene Iamtqllilli, .loc Israel. THIRD IIOYV: Bill Ho4:lmlu'r,CarI Hunl- rnvr, Paul I-Ioglnnfl, Charles Howard, lillrt Iornx. FRONT HOW: Allcno ,I1-nlnins. Muxvm: .lone-Q, Ann Iohnsnll, Elise Kelleher, Erlilh Johnson, Marie Kawalnurzi, MilA nlrnd Karnolkky, Mnlu Kilannnra. SECOND IIOIY: Alfrml Joselph, Ifllnvr Knislcy. Maya:-n Kanazawa, Joe Kelllv- lnan, Dirk .I4mrs, Bob Krsslcr.. THIRD ROYV: Eugene Ku, Iloh Kanlon, Warren ,Il-ffrics, Bill Kloinlyerg, Bill Kislmlcr, L:-on Kaplan. I l r I ' 1 I -4 ff . I' ef' l FRONT IIUNY: Ilurulhy Lcvandoslxi, Sonya Learn, Polly Kurhnl. Frieda Lan- flf-r, Kalhvrinv Koenig, I.iIlian Kyncll. SECOND IIOWH Sylvia Kasin, Marian Kasen, Il:-nifpcler Lavender, Sixlmwy Krems, W'allur Kulkins, Vera Lander. THIRD ROW: Emlalir Knriniura, .lolnn Larson, H4-rlwrl Levin, If Vind Lang:- Hasao Kohuyashi. K fr' Mk , 'ii E FRONT ROW: John Locke, Marguerite Nlas:Dona'al, Frances MacQnarric, Jean I.:-win, Yirian Lincoln, Theo Manolidrs. Mary SECOND Ii0W': Edward Locke, Evelyn Ligzhlfoul, Iicalrice Lintlhcrg, Carnmlita Vlark, Beatrice Marshal, Richard Lin-, , THIRD ROW: Konnx-lh Levin, Shura Nlanfy, Hill Lightfooi. I.:-slic Mar, Nor- man Har. 60 o v I4'R0X'I' Ilovvi Sunni NIIHIZAHMA, MIA' linr mimi., J-me Marxin. lx.-ny xx.-1 um, Mary Mfiwxh-.I. II1-la-nv NI4-Ilonzild Hilda Nluhrrr. PIIQCUNIY RUWYZ Dun fIIl'IIrilII'. Ilill XII' Nav. .Illnr Mzilliis. Gloria fIIrI.:iug1llIln Ruth Nlallannl. Irma Nluline-. THIRD ROW: Jam-k Milli-r. Harun Malm- nmlu, Dick Miller, Huh Millvr, Mill Mm-- rill. Will MrI.4'04I, .Ialnn-Q Many:-lm. l"lCON'l' ROW: May N4-Ison. I'al Alon-. MUIIY MUUIIPY. Belle Nm-use, 'Inna Bino- llliflw. Bernarlette Nora:-. SICKIUNII ROW.: Cvnrgv NaIiag::nni, f.I-lurk Nrlsnll. Kallilren 0'lIunnnr. Iinln Nl'I0ll. Jark Newby. THIRD ROVY: Kenny Ns-wflmn. M-I Wlarhvl, Ilolu Moon, Sanford Howl' I"IION'I' IIOWY: Koss' Owawzi, Ilnmziku Ozawa, Margaret Oslrmn. Susii- Ozim-I, Muriel Osborne, I"lurL-mtv Un-rsluy, SHCONII ROW: Takan Ozilnzi, Iiuizu Ukuzaki, Huh Osborn, ffhurlf-A IH-Im, Xxhrr I'z'Ila, Xfilliam Oxaka. Ifzirl I'v1l- Irmly. IIIIKII ROW': Minoru Ugzasauara. Curl Uhlroin, Torn Owvn. Ilml Owing-, Fllgvxn- l'1-aw. If WM I"IIO'N'I' IIOYV: Cal'ln1'lx I'0r1'4-Ilu, I.0is I'ic-rr:-, Virginia Plain, I'urg:i1- I'uIu-r. Margaret Pri:-Siley, Marian Kivkill. SICIIUNIJ ROWII YVaIl0r II1-X, IIoIn'rI IIP1's1', Arn0I4I Rim-klvs. lark IIIIA-y, Ilan Rvrvllin. .IuIin I'rina'a-. TIIIRIP Ilflwvt IIIII I'raH. Ilill I'4'x'IxinN. Sanford I'e!Pnky. Conlon Ilvynnlnlx, Sum I'r:iIh4-r. Walt Rim-hier. bl FRONT ROXV: Elaine Ross, Mary Ryan, Leona Rupp, Corinne Sadick, Doreen Roll, Helen Rogers, Dorothy Rosenthal. SECOIND ROVV: John Rotller, Lila Ro- iuanoff, Rachel Sadis, Lilly Rousso, Phillip Runkel. THIRD ROYV: Jim Ruolf, John Roselli, Allrerl Romano, Art Russel, Ben Rubi- Clllll. FRONT ROW: Edna Scltz, Hilda Schwartz, Rachel Scharhon, Tokiko Sen- da, Kay Shigihara, Etsuko Seki. SECOND ROW: Haruto Sekijima, Sam Shoji, Eddie Sasaki, Pat Shannon, Kath- leen Sharp, Phil Shank, Slloichi Shin- yuma. ' THIRD ROW:W'ill Sanders,Dick Schuur, Irving Shain, Eddie Savelson, Ralph Samuelson. FRONT ROW: Shirley Smith, Shirley Simmons, Shirley Softky, Dorothy Smart, Loretta Sirignano, Arlene Smith. SECOND ROW: Angus Smith, Russell Smith, Priscilla Snider, Tom Shultz, Richard Smith. THIRD ROV': Marvel Smith, .luhn Sor- enson, Frank Stansell, Dale Soden. FRONT ROVV: Ilda Stone, Barbara Slocklcy, Gene Stults, Barlmra Suther- land, Ruth Steiner, Katherine Sugawara. SECOND ROW! Joyce Stern, Dan Steen, Jerry Stavig, Norman Stocklanrl, Edith Steiner. THIRD ROVV: Ernest Steinberg, Roy Su- zuki, Dugald Stewart, John Sternbergh, Phil Sulman. 62 FRONT ROW': Roy Taynes, Dirk Taka- hashi, Pauline Swnyzc, Dante Taliara, Ganji Tanaka. SECOND ROW: Mils Tnkahaflli, Cordon Templeton, Demaris Thompson, Toshio Tokunagn, Hill Tenfel. FRONT ROW: Lois Vernon, Leila Up- ton, Lois Valley, Barbara Vanlloeler, Marian Walker. SECOND ROW: Robert Waclilin, John Vfalling, Grace Uchimura, Beverly Traul- man, Clem Turner, Sprague Vigns. FRONT ROW: May Wickliillal, Mary Watkins, Jewel Wells, Florenre Wick- lund. SECOND ROW: llyron W'ingetl. Melville V'ilson, Clifford Weigel, Munrire V'ehb. Russell Wilsoii. FRONT ROW: Riclianl Yarlrrougli, Micliiko Yoda. Margaret Yuen, .lane Yamasliila, Hiroshi Yoshida. SECOND ROW: Kerry Yasunolni, ,lark W'oroniecki, Evelyn Worklan, Dirk Wig- gins, Stanley W'oll'slone. THIRD ROV! Allen Yaplee, Reber! Wong, Ed Workman, Dirk Wfinh-r. Bill Zwingenherc. 63 FRESI-IME This year we were Freshmen. It was fun getting acquainted. Now that our first year has come to an end, we can laugh with the sophomores who sometimes succeeded in selling us elevator tickets or in sending us on false missions to the office. Yet, We hold no grudgeg for it will he our turn next year. We have tried to lay the groundwork for tl1e years yet to come at Garfield. ln doing this, we have con- tributed our hit to school activities through sports, the Freshmen Auxiliary, and cluhwork. But more imports ant, we have caught the spirit of Garfield, which we shall hold high both in victory and defeat. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Krienke A d v i s 0 rg Polly Huston, Pres: identg Mr. Tichenor, Advisorg Virginia Burke, Vice-President: Keith Douglas. Secretary. 6-1 :Ei FRONT ROW: Charles Alhadeff, Tet- suo Arase, Dorothy Allison, Lois Ander- son, Norinc Allan, Leila Baker. SECOND ROW: Frank Amicarella, Solo- mon Azose, Isaac Alkana, Alfred Fridell, Arthur Andrews. THIRD ROW: Eugene Altshuler, Fred Auernlleimer, George Baker. FRONT ROWI: Barlrara Baxter, Lelly Benezra, Lucy Benveniste, Diana Ben- yon, Mary Belle Becker, Dorothy Bar- uett. SECOND ROW: Isaac Bchar, Dorothy Barnett, Lenore Baldwin, Jaclyn Barde, Lorraine Bender, Frank Barr. THIRD ROW: Richard Bash, Earle Beier, Bill Becker, Jule Berger, Bill Berg, Tony Bcnvenuti, Jerry Barash. FRONT ROW: Autumn Bodhaine, Nata- lie Bridgham, Donna Lee Biggar, Clara Brinkley, Charlotte Blanchard. SECOND ROWI: Elihu Bergman, Gerald Berool, .lim Bridges, Marian Braunn, Blager Morton. THIRD ROW: Maynard Bond, Daniel Ben, John Blake, Wesley Bissell, Buster Boisvcrt, Brure Bonham. FRONT ROW? Belly Burk, Lee Ellen Caldwell, Mary Jane Burke, Dorothy Car- son, Eva Marie Carlsen, Bette Burnett, Sylvia Case. SECOND ROW! Israel Carter, Bobby Catlett, Abc Carter. THIRD ROW? Don Bruno, Dick Camp- hell, Bob Carlisle, Rohert Butchart. 66 FRONI' ROW: ,lamizi Conv, Sarah lfhi- prnl, Phyllis Clement. Sylxia Cohn-n, Sylvia Danz. SECOND HOW: Eugene- llorlmlly, John Chrislizinwr-n, Zalin lfnrilown, G1-ralrlinv Christi:-, liilily llnhn. ,-Xl Corclova. THHKD ROW: l.awrt-m'1- Dania-lion. 'fn-nl Cowan. Jan-k Cohen, Sian Illinrrliill. liva- lie Chinn, Jack Colling. FRONT ROW: Betty Dirk, llargllnrih- Eberharl, Lillian Dnhson. l-'aye Eng, Pauline Eng. SECOND ROW: Harold Egan, Mary Dillon, Doris May Dnnm-ll, llalxin Deck- er, Jiminiv Durham. THIRD ROW? .lack Elwn-ll. Irwin Elin. Allan Da-lllwli. Allan lln-llln-mme, Hugh Dunn, FRONT IIOW: LeENa Flowi-rs, Barlinra Franklin, Kalhryn Fleetwood, Joanne- Friedinzin, Marvelle Ensniinger, Rolwrla Exley. SECOND ROW: Elaie Folheringhnni. Elinor Figlior, Phyllis Flanders. Mary File, Virginia Evans, Dean lirickwon. THIRD ROW: Richard Forlney, Rolwrl Fields, Huh Fletcher, Maurice Epetnin. john l-'inn, Ralph Eels:-nazi. FRONT li0V': Beltylea Cilnlions, Phylliw Corlon, Cora ,lane Galchm-I, Clanlyw Coon, Norma Fung. SECOND ROW: Stanley Grinsh-in. llvr- naril Cold. Eleanor Crain-M G4-orgvlllovlv ni-r, Harold Cray. THIRD ROW: Bob Gail lu 1-rrp. 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THIRD ROWV: Herb Phillips, Ray Oquist, Loon Pearl, Dick Peck, Dougla- Piggolt. FRONT ROW: Shirley Probert, Jeanne Quirironi, Gerd Pollitz, Alice Pinkman. SECOND ROW': Irving Robinson, Ken- neth Poplack, Steve Rainoldi, Mary Lou Roberta. Melvin Pincus. THIRD ROW: Jim Reynolds, Ike Piha, Rocky Rice, Norman Proctor, Herbert Riess, Arnolll Robbins. FRONT ROW': Yuri Sawatla, Sylvia Schain, Blanche Schnoley, Shirley Ro- cbon, Patricia Ryan, Elizabeth Russ, SECOND ROV': Byron Samuelson, Frank Srhnltz, Rowe Cordon, Lois Robinson, Don Rottler, Clarence Rohde. THIRD ROW: Hans Scirlcinnn, Ruben Scltz, Sam Rose, Don Savage, Lawrence Szulick, Juc Santo. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Shaw. Rosalie Sidell, Marillyn Sigel, Barbara Sigel. SECOND ROW: Akira Shimizu, Jean Shaw, Barbara Smith, Scott Smith. THIRD ROW: Lyman Skow, Jack Sher- man, Lin Snapp, Mathew Sidis, Merle Sidell. 70 FRONT ROW: Evuleigh Slevvnsnn. Shir- ley Spaulding, Marilyn Stark, Shirley S!ur:licll, Margaret Suzlclnck. 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L 'P53::5 Q'm :T 4 1 MT" 5 Q- E.-. , .,gg,- .,f.:'.2 4, '3 fav rg 1 ,'1i3'.s5v-.WT-si"-2. ,Pu W. ,fjjX-4.1 5-Csiiwf ' . kmizfjin 'Kazan-' ., . 7.511 Eigiggfpx-.'. X721 .. - M x.'lff"'?:': If XYL. --4 1. f ' .4 T3 .4-'ni FOOTB LL Wilh 1'Cf0l'C11CC to the warring nations in Europe, the fortunes of the Garfield football team could be compared in part to the eourse of a gallant English army regiment battling for Democracy. lt nieets enemies on every side, con- quering some, being battered by othersg but always following the vision of that inspiring banner, the purple and white flag of Garfield High School. COACH LEON BRHZHAH CAPTAIY BOB SEARS IIIQAYERS '1'RANII'I.E Bb IIDOGS BALLARD 6-GARFIELD 0 Defeat in their first encounter with the enemy. A green bunch of rookies were barely beaten by the City Champion Ballard Beavers when an aerial attack eulminated in the firing of a six- poinl shell on the last play of the ganna GA RFI ELD IQRFRANK LIN 0 A Held day for the artillery. With gunners Harris and Newman leading the attack, the Bulldogs were able to out nineteen big notches on their rifle barrels while holding the enemy scoreless. The Quakers were reported coniplete- ly routed. KEN ROSE JOE MILLER IIAPTAIY BOB SICNRS SANI ROBINSON SUNNY IIOOKICII DAVE IVRANCO HILL YANAGIMICHI DICK HAGEN GARFIELD 6fWES'l' SEfX'l'TI,E 0 The ancient war adage that "l'undanu-ntals win 21 close hattlew was proven again! Better hloclsing and tackling by Brighunivs charges, plus thc slashing running of Art Harris, were the telling factors in an otherwise 4-qual contest. CLEVELAND 12-GARFIEIQD 6 Although inflecting heavy llilllliigi' in the Hrs! part of the skirmish, the purples were unable to hold their ground and wore finally forced to yield to the spirited Eagles. A long distance air attack accounted for the scores. HARRIS THROUGH CENTER ,..-.wwmWMWMW,m.w..w'f-w,,w..,f-- -L .,...i-W,.....,MW ,,...W...-..Q.m.W., s-mum, t ,, QUAKER BREAKS THROUGH IIICRR 'l'IN1XIl'1KItIK BICN KLKOSSCUI THD JANIII-1803 KRT HARRIS QUEEN ANNE 67-AGARFIELIJ 0 With thvir ranks ridfilvtl by injurivs, their uve sharpshootcrs 011 tht- casualty list, the- Pups hat- tlcd til'f6I'IllillPdly with thi- I'llfLgt'fi Grizzlies, but were' at last forced to rt-treat he-fore tlw Charge of ch-t4-rllliiwfi rushes of the vm-my. BRUADWA Y 12-GARFIELD 7 Mistakes vhokm-cl the Bulldog hopvs in this X skirmish. With tht-ir stars still hunched, a svc- t ond-string hzwkficlfi failvfl to spot too many long passes, and the Tigers lll2'll'ChCli off with their first victory in years. X HUB RUGICRS IHLI, STROMBERG 3 PHIL MAR H1545 PAT SVTHERI.,-K ND BFRN ARD RRENIN BOB IRUTIIXX EI I A I. M,-'lt R The Garfield cusaba quintet Iiu- ishvfl a highly SllCCCSSl.1ll '40-'41 svuson, second only to Cllilllllllllll Franklin. The Bulldogs wagt-fl 21 lPll2tClOllS illifl-Season battle with tht- f2ll2llxt'l'S for the lvugiue lt-ml, hut wen- unablt- to lu-ml Off the titlc-houml Gfixl'llS. With a small hut dazzling fivv. Coat-h Bflglllllll molrlvtl his attack ktI'0llllll fast- lJI'l'1'llilDg l'0I'VVkll'1lH, hut 1-Vt-ry mvm- lwr of thv tt-am was llll1'2lllIl5' from at "littlv way outfi Captain Al Hur wus clmst-n All-City. Phil Mar Hing followvfl with il st-4-mul tt-ann berth. SA M RURIN SOX TOM SM IT!-I X In . Q:,.A:, l wr . wi ,N " No I4-ann in the lvllglll' was ulrle to lllllllllll' ilu- Bulldogs consist- vnlly. Nligllty Flfillllillll Iurnml llllx trick early in the 1ill4'l'u1'1'.lJ1lI was lll1'lxQ'll lby thf- Pups in tlwir rvlurn l'lll'0ll1lll'l'. Que-cn ,Xnnv was also 1lQ'l.l'Zlll'1l on ilu- Carlin-lfl floor. allot' taking ilu- llc-vision in tlu' Grizzly gym. Bullarfl zuul Clvvvluml look 1'losv1l4f1'isions from the Pups at the vnsl of tlu- sf-ason XYllC'Il it was svcu Illul Franklin haul annvxefl ilu' tillv. Tln- Fvlllilllllllgj four schools 'all lost 1loulJl4- lwattlvs to tlu- hattvr- ingr Bulldogs, R USS NEWM SN HILL 'YANACAMACIIII z 5 HILL BENYENIFGTE wmvwY.,.,W,.,.,fw..m...x.w , , - 4- 'Rs V2 PQQB MLW ,.,. N If 5' F Q W 2 fi '51, Q M .. s:.:a-sv-s-:ev mm wx If Xmtstj .:.V1::.A2 X iilgg XXw'f ix .4 X it x X f 4, Ei? V . 1' ,., ,. . 1 -I ,,, I .,..ggg5gE :ir : ,N .V W i ' Z H 444 ff E ss ' ..A, fagwmw it y i " ' " 5 it ax t r f TAK AKIYAMA DEL BROWN DON COLEMAN , " L "fir wru. PICK ' ' ' Axcn rzounssico J ACK GOURMAN GEORGE HACHIYA 'FSL NEO HIIJAKA ART KLIAIAN ASE it 1 After trouncing pvowerful Lincoln in the season opener, the 1940 Garfield diamond squad began to slide. Unable to niaintain their Winning clip, the Pups lost five of their succeeding ten contests, and finally finished the season tied for fifth place. ln- ahility of the team to hold a lead he-eanle apparent as the Purples blew several close contests in the closing innings. Graduation clainied the services of tive letternlen, including the lCZll1l,S four .300 hitters, Potts, Boyle, Sehoning and Heath- cote. With only Hve regulars returning, and unexperienced hands available, the sky looked hlack for the 1941 Purples. But the WICSLEY l.vYEQUE, Alysenten J iles? Bulldogs are not to he flauntefl. BALL 'l'he success of the 1941 Bulldog nine is :nothing short of sensational. With a tc-sun that was rateel as strictly seeoncl-clivision hy ull, save Garlieltlites, the Pups have won four out of their five games played, and are now tietl with Broadway for first place honors as this copy goes to press. The Pur- ples opened their season hy snuffing out prefavorerl Franklin, Queen Anne, and Roosevelt: then lost a elose battle to Lincoln, after which they rolled hamlily through Ballard and C11-velanml. At this writing, the Pups have finished their first round of play, and gaze forward with the happy prospect of three home games to finish the year. lf they can maintain their present pace, the Gargelfl nine should finish high in the 1941 league stunflings. 22 ' -It . . .5: .: .3 ihjzigiii lllll CK NlAl,CONISON lxlltk S. HAX'I'lCli, Coax-It DUN MAC DONALD ,ww nm Ross ., . ii o..'-" -- e,o1.. 5 pw, s'--'r-'s-. l f tx K 'rr' fi x t Xxx' XX XX ,P X 2 BEN PIICTROMONACO ISDH SCHONING 1 :I fi WEEEZA, W , tm wha , M " 2 K S me F MW M. at w f M E E fy gd ' t X , A x H ll x 1 I . . "' -rf' W ,Y -e :.- if lisa is +L Z Jr , M t , X X g . Q . l D' sv ,414 4 + it E y , 5 xi + P M 5 vt 'if iw, ,, . 3, ...... ,. 4 an T., gif' fix, Lg. if ,:,:L L. Y , ?f?'ffH '- Y A ,.-jf:2': 1 iz, V . , Es, L., . 51,7 W 21, " P2115 : '-'g:-g-- ' V t '-s.: .,':?':I'Z:- 2 :. "'- A L t - f 21f2jsf3sf52,'- 1 ,- "i:g: ..gQifi1'? V ..,r:'Vig 'UI .. Wkfggg JM-:X ,Q LOL IE BOITANO QLEBTIN HOOKER GERALD HRASIIIC KR BILL CATLE'l"l' FRIEND DIIIKIXSON JACK DOITLIAS DOIN GOODSON STAN GORDON BEN CROSSCl P YVALT IINRDIH PAT SUTHERLAND, FRI-ID FAHI-IR. Cn-Captains TRACK The Garfield 1940 Track Team closed its books with an overbal- ance in the debit column. After a valiant mid-season victory over the powerful Queen Anne Grizzlies, the Pups began to slide, and were able to finish only a ragged seventh in the All-City Meet. However, the squad was composed mainly ol' llIlClCI'ClilSSll1Cll, the only graduat- ing point-winners being McLean, Klein berg lquarter-nlilej, Alha- deff ldashesl, and Bigelow ffoot- hall throwll. Preparing for a big '41 season, Coach Brigham organ- ized, for the first time at Garfield. a Fall Track turnout in search for new cinder talent. As a result, new men were not only uncovered, but also old hands were able to report for spring workouts in top shape. 'J 'l.,1fwWlL'1 .' Lffifilklaww A 'ws5C3nw2'fS:SwiH'fiQliaeawwifigxlgahskwwxui Us ' f::2..::' LICUX II. IlHl12llXNI.l.u1n-lu 1 9 4 1 if IJIII-LRN x The 19-ll 1-inmlvr lDlC'lll!'l' is plmas- unlly lJl'llElll. 'l'liv Bulldogs are vugvrly vyuing llu' All-lilly Moot with visions of an upsvl in Illlllfl. 'lilw tozun is illllilllllgly w0ll-ln1l- am-ml, fivo nu-n having siicwmlf-fl in surpassing lll2lI'lxS of fornim' Gur- fivlfl lJPl'l.0l'Il10l'S. Dickinson in the polo-vaull, Boolwr in tln- low hur- fllvs. anrl svnsational Coorlson in tllv inilv llilVP all C1'kl1'li01l school rmforfls. while an 11-:un C0lllp0H'll ol' Fulwr. Slllllt'I'lilllll, anrl Books-r has risvn lo sol ai news city lllilfli in lllk' lligll lllll'1llt'Sq rl-lay evvnl. ln lllvil' warmup nu-1-ts. ilu- Bulldogs liuve wllippml Roosm-ve-lt :mel Franklin. but l1tlVQ' lwivx- boon lalu-n by Broaulwuy. llowvvvr. with a lril of lun-lx and 11 worlfl of fight. the- Pups lmvv a linv Cllillli'0 for All-City honors. GOLF Gzn'fielrl's 19-ll Golf 11031111 finislwrl a 110Ili'-t0O-Sl1Cl7t'SHful Svason hy plum-ing a nietliocrc fourth in Hnul lvuguo stunflings, having lost two IIIZUCIICS and tying ono. The Bulldogs dropped Skirniishf-s with Roost-velt and Lincoln, and hrolu- vvon with the Clovolanfl Eaglvs. Howvvvr, with most of tho if-'kllll l'Pllll'lliI1QQ for nm-Xt season, the Pup pellet-poiimlers hopv for mort- stlcm-1-ssflil seasons in tho fulurv. mom' now: Ke... mini..-,4g, mu 'iw-i.n'.Ai, mm- if.-mn.-. n..i. Hmm.-,, mm- Howl-:, xi.. xxi.nQ...., vourli. nun now: in sip.-... um '1'.-fmp.-.-, uni,,-t..... nm.. u...,.ii.,, 1:01, x1i.un..Au., mn xf1,.,.., Don Klopl'vr. Harold Cray. INSFT: MR. WHITSON, Coach. K TENNIS W'ith half tht- season already behind, the Garfield Tennis Team has seriously llEllltllCZlpIlt'1l hor championship chances by clropping a crucial ulatch to the Qum-n Anno netnwn. Howvvvr, win or lose, the Pup squacl has hfllltffflln its way through a splenclifl season, and has uphold the inspiring traditions of formc-r great tc-anis. Next year shoultl bring forth an c-von finor group ol' lN:'l'f0I'lllPl'S. ivnoivr now: swims c:1.ati,.a.-k, sm...-y umm, I"ru1 lfisluer, sm mlm. SECOND ROW': Sum Dllllson. ,lurk Lowv. llcrnartl Krt-ms, Dave Provlor, All:-li Wigonlfky, THIRD ROW: Holi l.imllrPrg:. Stuart Douglas, Rirlmrtl Kris-gvl, Sum Rohill-ou. I"0l HTH ROW: Nlr. Rushing. rourliz Bill l'Illn-rg. INSICT: MH. RUSHING, Coach. .W-g 3 ,MN vm...-..-f R sf D' 4 .i.. .... ,, QPR W, . . ,gg 2 .ww mm Q ., , 'I .L FOOTBALL RESERVES SEC! IND TEA Nl FOOTBALL Garfield's vengeful see- ond team more than made up for the defeats of their varsity hy handily cropping the title with a minimum of losses. The seruhs occasion- ally contributed players to tl1e first team, and eanle forth with many promising youngsters which will fill tl1e many vaeaneies in next year's ranks. FRONT KOXY: Holi Bannirlx, lllld Engle- .lad. Bill lla-lirellistc, Don 3lrDonaltl, liolm Hewelt, XX ill Sanders, lfri-il Griffiths. SECOND ROVV: Cuaell Brigham, Bill Dlx'- Allister, Dau- Thmnpson, Fi-1-il Herman, Iiil Cihson, Holy Cusslee. Rod l'al1ner. THIRD TEA M F1 IOTBALL Maintaining their amaz- ing record of Winning every olialnpionship in the his- tory of their league, the Pup third team swept un- defeated through their sea- son with only one tie. Not- able in the thirder's ranks were sundry freshmen and sophomores, Who will rein- force varsity positions in the next years. FRONT ROVVZ Louie Baroh, Joe Bren- ner, Billy Tnllvs, Diclx Wvllilinan. Charlie Howard. Yvilliam Chinn, Dave Cohen, .lim Ruoff. Charles Brigham. Sl-IKIOXD ROW.: hurry .-Xrlander, Clint Stovkley, Slain Stalnni, Cliff NVard, Fd livnsnssen, M Kristoferson, Dirk Both- un-II, Alvin lfllioll. .luflfi liassvll. Coarli llrigham. . f fl QV, g , 36 9 Lt. F' iv ' I an sr- V5 1 'T .1 6. .vw S l SECUND TEA M BASKETBALL The ravv for rvservc lion- ors fou11d the Bulldog sec- ond stringvrs lmreasting tht- tapv in a dead heat for thc- ? title-, winning thirteen l QEIIIIPS and losing only l thru-. However, their ranks worn weakened by frvquent 1 contributions to the first team, as all we-rf' capable of playing topfligllt ball. l t ifaowr mme ,if ..., ni smut.-ix. Howit- xy ..t. 1. Mgt -,t.- ic.,hm,.t. nuzix now: rztmh ia.-aglm ..t. mt. num mt..-i... wi. .,,., nun..-it mi .-., ,....,... THIRD TE.-XXI , BASKETBALL By far the most oustand- ing loam in tlwir lt-aguv, Garficld's thirdors pulled far ahead of their tie-ld to cop the scrub title by a wider margin. Grimly wearing down all resistance, thc- Pups were defeated only oncv during tho regular sea- son, by the Broadway Tig- ' vrs. l 3 FRONT Row: Ji..-it 1.0----. wanna... I mzitimt, sad Kr f-tt. 5, TN t,t-ttt an sw.-kit.--ti. 'r tit.. w.-ant., mimi.-S E.-us. mam ROW: n .,.t am ,xifwnit-r, xv.-N. , :ny r,.-wq...-, Klliarlfw llrighn ..., mi.- , sou .-.. . noi, nt ...II mf. i l 1 , ASKETBALL RESERVES MANAGERS Th e s e h a r tl-working Garfieldites receive but a few grains of ereflit. Performing the flis- agreeable task of hanrl- ling all athletic equip- ment, this loyal group lahors quietly and elli- eiently throughout the year, unknown save hy coach and tealll, unre- Warflefl save for a small Clllbltjlll. FRONT ROYV: Mural Flwell, Hiro Fiyimolo, Leslie Mar, Nvalter l'r4-s- cott, Don Sidelsky, Jerry Barnsli, Jack Elwell. SECOND R0 VV: Vllillialn Endo. Perry lfruinpkin, l-Qfilin Hurwitz, Pliil Bogurll. Eugene Ku, Anfli Goltlln-rgz. Tsnneu Hinlzika, Tak Akiyania. YELL TEAM Supplying the inl- petus that turns our slu- flent body into a chaos of cheering, this gallant five can claim niuch of the responsibility for the success of our ath- letic teams. Led hy King Walt Casey, these boys came forth with a snap- py routine that met with unanimous favor from the stands. LEFT T0 RIGHT: lmo Eskenazi, Al Romano, Walt Casey, King, Stan l7rie-flinzin, Paul Revelle. 38 FALL TRACK For tht- first liniv in Gar- lit-ld h istory. 21 rvgulatiou truck turnout was organ- im-tl during tlw fall st-asou. Workouts wvrv comluctvd hy the studs-nts tllmllsolvm. and thru- months of condi- tioning wore- oliuluxvd hy an intvrsquad tiuiv -trial which aided Coavh Brig- ham in uncovering new tulont. FKUNT HOW : Xornlaul Provlor. Hurllo 'Slut-umolo, Raivu Ukqizuki, Shi-rum l,o-IN. Hrnry Ouauxl. S I-I 12 X 0 ll ROW: .NI I-lake-mnzi, lhirtlvy llohh. Wnltvr Hzirdu-. VC alt:-r R ich I 1- r. Hill Nh-Nm-, 'I'IIlRlJ NNW: Nlujor l'igfov-d, l.m-on I-- rzu-I. Roh Finn-. lfri:-nd U51-Lin-on FRESHMAN- SOPHOMORE TRACK The' illIlHZillQI "Class of '-13" track squad did it again. This time it was in the- I'wl'Q'HillllZlll - Sophomorv ,-Ui-City Truvk Mc-ol, that lht-5' skipped off with tht-ir sm-ond i'llHIIllPi0IlSililI in us , . many yvars. Ilia frosh, lt-ss fortunzitv. took a im-diocrv fourth iu thvir division. I-'now nom l..,..a.- muon.. .loam ifim., mm, o.1.t.t.. n..m,, 41.11.-tn. ou.. lf... .,w.,, Huroitl mi.-. Xllan Dixon Mc-Donald. SICIIONIJ ROW : Xml Han-on. Stun Wolf- -tozu-, Norman Prorlor. Xl lf-kemxzi. llmiuld Us-xznmlf-r. Phil Sulmuu. lfhurlia- Howard. Ulu-rt Ihnmmo. THIRD ROW z Com-h Hrighznu. liurl lin- gt-?-tarl. Wulh-r Richie-r, Hill 'N1vNue. .lim ltuoff. Holi Iizmnivk, Sandi No.4-r, Tom Un:-n. Hurkt- Cllr-on. tiliurlv- Brigham 8 9 GIRLS MISS .ll RGEYSOHN, Ol"FIlII-ZRS: Lxrluxr: Muzus, .lt xr. Surrn, lIuuu.oTT1-1 NHSS JOHNSON, .Nmlsurt BI txu rzu.. IIi.r1'x' Bmzui-'11, I.:-'i-: Yun. Amismc FRONT ROW : Mui' Kanogawa, Harll Kurnsnka, Yayeku Asaba, Mary Hamann. SECOND KUWY Helly Hoyt, Nluricl Glow-r, Shirle-y Ffrkstvin. lfllisf- Reitrlu-rt, Jean Murphy. THIRD ROWY Claudia Marin-I. Halen Pvzirsoli. Alice Mrrzuns, Juan llc-rr. Managers are the Hunln-ralded hcroesn in every sport. ln the Big "G" Club those are thv girls who art- active in sports and cluh Work. They are given the responsibility of taking charge of the various details of vach activity such as taking cart' of equipment, keeping attendamvv. and rvcording points varnod hy girls. Capable, cooperative, and friendly are those assistants who arv imlccd an assvt to tho club as well as to the advisors, Nliss ,IlU'gCI'lS0l1ll and Miss Johnson. Our advisors are also to be rm-ognizccl and coniniendvd for tht- liniitlvss hours they have rendered to lllakt' the club what it is. llflainstays of the club arc' the officers who painstakingly guided the Cluh through to a Sllt'Cf'SSl'l1l year. Unst-lfish svrvicff coupled with Clie-1-rl'ul smile-s arv the characteristics of 4-avh offivmf. 90 ATHLETICS . t -' f Q i: Q., Q FRONT ROW: Mig:-livw Ilaxanzo. 'l'm-lm Kuriznuru. Gloria lxni:-rim, l.zuirainu Tip-r-. lushikn Shimizu. Nluriv Svlnfallmvli. Sybil l,n-u-5. Ray Ht-nu-ni-tv. Bc-tty lin-wt-i', juni- Smith. SFIIOND ROW: H1-tlv Kulalwin. Nr-Il Ilrauvr. Ruth Slivltrmi, I.:-v Yinal. fllinnic Yiwu. ftlunu Anile-rson, lilisn Rvivln-rl. Nartis Vlzmning. Nlary llanuzlnu. THIRD ROWY Jellnin- lfulrunv. Hurll Kumsuku, Aura Bc-II rlarkson, Currinv Hash, Luis llurlun, Arlvutlm Stewart. Nlurivl Gluvf-r. IVOLRTH ROW: Alice Abrams. Mar' Kznmgznsa, .Milla-llc Snlonmn, Hvln-no 1,1-vp, Nrlyss Ta5lor, lit-ssiv Taylor. lfranrrs Kun Kzlutz, ,ivan Nlurpliy, Slxirla-5 F4-Rst:-in. l"ll-'TH RUNS: tilmrluth- Nluuu-ll. Hvlvu IN-arson. .le-am Nlillf-r. ,lu-:tu II:-rr. liutluvrim- Ha--un. Klum Nl:-thinly. Dori- Ruligan, lillt-n Xulmzm. Sliirlf-5 Ftnrlmr. ,Ivan Soflky. Warm, brm-1-zy we-ullu-r llSllt'l'l'll in a nm-W year of lestivitics for Big "G" Club girls. Highliglltwl by liikvs. l1llXt'!'F. the all-city lcttvr breakfast. anfl tlu' annual l0ttt'r-uwarfls iiSSf'llllJlY. girls illljllftxfl a Illf'lIl0!'?ll3ll' yvar umlvr the lc-eulf-rsllip of L00 Yinal. Big "G" Club presiclc-lit. 'l'ht-se atlnlt-tically iuvlinetl girls, who llzlve Partwfl their five l'lllUtlI't'll points through participation in tlw various atlllvtic activities offvrc-rl aftvr school. arv truly sytubolif' of goml sportstllzmsllip. No lunge-r ilu wv lmvv the bloomer girls of yvstc-ryear, but in thvir place! arn- tht- lnoclc-rn sports girls of toclay as rc-prvsvntcfl by than mvmbvrs of the Big "G" Club. 91 PONTUON lllilllflli HIKIC F-M . .LX '-A-NN y 'xx K' 1.1 K' X , ARCHERY Fine-asv anfl skill are rc- quisites for those girls who aspire to ht' accurate Shoo!- ers. This sport differs from most othm-rs since it rv- quiros oonsiilcrahle skill. l,Elf'l' T0 lilfilllz Xrlclw Panlrll, Bvrlllal Sur:-ann, Ylilrlrml W'allslrom, Len Yinzll, Shirley Slnwlwr, Ruth Holland, Madeline Calf-5. BASKETBALL The sophomore team again came out victorious. Through fine cooperation and hard playing these girls are constantly meeting with succf-ss in the field of sports. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Margaret Culumluro. Claudia Murliel, Nanny Amsllary, Yvrzl Luuflan, Elvznmr Arnlierg, Shirley Suflkp. 92 ll ,Q ly' ,fly will fill gy je NWN J HOCKEY Although the sport was entirely new to the Sopho- mores, they quickly zulapt- ed themselves to the game, and provetl their ability by defeating the junior and senior teams. FRONT ROWYZ Gene ,l:u'quitll. lri- Yiglw. Mary .lane Counc, Enukn Suki. Clamlin Nlarlvet. SECOND ROW: Muriel Turner. Ucmaris Tllnmpxon, Eleanor Arnlrerg. B:-tty l.0ll in-nas, Yera Lauflan. Nlargaret Yuen. B AD MINTON Attracting more girls than any other one sport was the game of baclmin- ton. Because of the enthus- iasm shown, there was hoth a fall and spring turnout. FRONT HOVV: Gloria Knierim. Minnie Yuen. ,lime Smith, Lauraine Myers, Yo- ahiku Shimizu. Yayeko Asaha. Wlury Ann Faleoniu, Carolyn WX-lizler, SECOND ROVV: Angeline Davauzo. Betty lhewer, Sybil Levey. 'llona Amlerfon, Row Ann Leflunne, Eliv- Reiellerl. Marv Hamann. Corrine Bash. THIRD RUWH Ruth She t- ren, Mae Kanngawa, Haru Kurosrlia. Belle Ka'ahin, Shirlev Erksteill. J'an Sntitlq. F0lfR'l'H ROW: Jennie l"zl'vmw, Helen Pearson. Betty Hoyt, Kathleen Slillwoll, Arlyqs Taylor. FIFTH li0W': Franees Ann Ruzllz. Be-wie Taylor, lidnll .lolmmn. Margaret Stiller, Clara 'th-llurdy. 03 W SPEEDBALL Entering freshmen girls were in- itiated to the field of sports by start- ing off with the thrilling game of speedball. Speedball, which was an innovation not very long ago, has now taken its place as one of the major sport activities. FRONT ROVV: Sonya Learn, Lois Anderson, Claire Buenos. SECOND ROW: Ella Hazelhurst, Sara Has- son, Shirley Limherlt, Mary Ramlolph. VOLLEYBALL The sophomores once again up- held the honor of their class by emerging as victors of the volley- ball tournament. The continual winning of games by the sopho- mores is becoming a traflition with them. l"llOlYT ROWH Lillian Charney, Jewel WH-lls, .lean Jurquilll, Dorothy Mulllollanfl, SECOND ROW: lris Yigzlls, Gran-0 lirllilntlru, Corcliv l",mvr'rs. BASEBALL Closing the girls' sport season this year was the game of baseball. Girls once again thronged to the outdoors and plenty of stiff compe- tition between the various teams was evidenced. FRONT ROWY: Hnru Kllrosalun, Yoshiku Shimizu June Smith. SECOND ROW: Shirley Eeksh-in, Clara Mcffurtly, llelsy Bllrlt-igli, Muriel Clover. 94 TUMBLING Litho and versatile tumhlcrs are taught to perform pyramids, lad- ders and other acrobatic stunts in the advanced tumbling class under the direction of Mr. More. The he- ginners' class, supervised by Miss Johnson, is the foundation for all advanced tumbling. FRONT ROWY: Mary Catlow, Shirley ,Ia i1'1 luith, Rita P a-1u1 brooke, June Morris. SECOND ROW': Shirley Smith. Jewel Herlinu-aut THIRD ROW': Hilda Schwartz. GULF ln contrast to other physical edu- cation classes is the golf class since it is co-educational. Under the direction of Miss ,lurgensohn and Mr. Wliitson, students learned the fundamentals of golf. l.l'fl"T T0 RIGHT: Pal Parlu-r. Uarhara Sands-ll, Ruth Himmelmau, Miriam Yan Wick, Bernice Al- hadcff. TENNIS Participants in the fall and spring tennis tournament, which is one of the minor afterschool sport activities, showed fine precision and skill during their matches. All the girls were experienced players. FRONT ROW': Hari: Kurosalca, Phyllis Gorton, Mur- gur-rite Land, Iris Yigus, lnamac Bellamy. SECOND ROW: Barluara Julie-. Shirley Stovlu-r. Wlarinn Abel, l"ralw"s Zohnr. 95 ,ff sf. gt, 1 at X' 5 W- 111-,iii .:"1fMf es Q, t ,A I ai? Q it K ,A ', Q P t t , w ,,1.,j.w4 , , gp, f' --.K ., -V , 1 t -,.- . , " wf,-Q: -A ' ' W , V . 4Z,?5f5l:pJ' "Iii iv ' f j it I . . we .M- 1 If Kim 5 w X1- at , 4 .fx f r ,vi- L 1 5 u . V575 ' W im 35,5 ...A 1 N F it ,,f.,..,1. f ' ' 4 ,if,'3f5'f5iT ,f -, ,: -411 f- ' '- , M1 V ERDDUCTIONS ' . A" , lg ,aww rig, , V K J Fczi ::' gr: -2' 'ZA -A-,Q ., V- -. , -is K' 1 , 1 "5'l 1i" 211 3. w - s.'.1A pp ' .N ,, 4 ."1- " 'H f' "-'12, of ,- g X' ,fe ,, -, 4-f1gZ,,, v 9, -1 ,, ' ,-'Aw lx- - . W .. ,- -r, , g,,1.jQ.?3v1: ,!"?.',J ., , ' " A .5 '11 fS:zA1fv?u,. neg ' - - Q , a - -nf, , - -iam- f4 ve:1,.. --Q. -w J' 4' ' CPE' F. x 3417? 'iii uf' 7 , -L' ' "11 wL-Ez., ,MH-'.:12g3 -v',m,, , 1 :j.,f.',". ., ,fit .g,,.,j43g: ' , ' 42:01. M, ' 1' I- V, K . ,A , Q- U ., ,e:'.,w , . - I 'RPT' '-' .Fu " V J .. 1 . F-1.4 ,p 2,.R,:. W., N ' Q., ' -V' '1-f'keQ:a:22w'4- H " " ' Ln. Cir -" " N '3!fff't X, L.: 550 -fi .zfaffr is im? ifx-'fs' ,iw , ,A - vi-f,.f,..,.,f -,H :3.y:f,t-A-1 t-. -fi -. ,. 2:19-U 6 ' ' e:1f"ffF ... Hi 2 FSA gi' W 'z1I'f12?' 1""f4?i3frL1' if - 11 'fe fw if -5'-., wwf , ,112-.1 15 Lf'.1 f'. 'g5a. l11,'s, if iff, -Q, ea rs, 1-:, 1' .w r vm 22' ' in v ' gf rv r M: 'H 'w a '- ff ,,-51 iff sw ,Z N41 vi . ,X ,.b M ..f,, rr f 2, wp- '- 1. 'H . 5 ,wh it X., I QF: Ly.: fp - .is w wf-.1 --'fi ., "'gf.-.1 JB 1 , , WW ie- Y' zxifv,-2-.' I N , ' 'if vs- C 5431- " ww-1 fx f' f J it 1 :tw , .5 Qi, lu ., M ' ,X 4 gk w . ,.1-Q, 4 gt 3 it 1 1 f , If elif 'lu 33 43 ii' A if 2 51 -. ft W L 1 4, , vi t -Q , . X, , M L, N g xl I A 'any at ff ,V W. . , Q W .nr l E if ' 7' X 5 ' ft! Q W f A Y V4 f ix as N ' li' if There is something in the Funfest that is native lo Garheld. Vlfc find a similar intangible affinity in Senior Night, the lllessenger, Arrow, Opera and the Pen. Behind each one there are creative inspirations leading towarrl successful produc- tions each vear. These, all tinged with Garfielflls own character, reflect the essence of bigger things. Our earlv American patriots left us classic Writ- ings and speeches. Their group effort presented us with such truly great documents as the Declar- ation of .lrndependence and the Constitution. We hope that some day we too may have the privilege of contributing to this heritage. 1 'T il ,Q W ai 3 in Q : 7 D K ' ,ig iw Q32 3 5gQg 31f sfs 1 1 , as x 1 Q U if gf' " fi" - x QQ, sv vm' f J v t Q SENIOR IGI-IT Cfjlllllllllllg talent from English, l1ll1SlC, art, and athletic classes, Garfic-lills Svnior Night reprcsents the result of four yvars ol' training ancl flcvolopnlvnt. It is supported hy an all- sonior cast and Ill't'SC'lll0il 011 two nights annually as onc of tho sohool's major 1Dl'0fll1Cll0llS. This yt-ar's lll'Og1'illIl featured two light comctlios hy nivntlrers of Miss Grayls oral CX- 1l1'CSSl0I1 classes. The first. uflfilllfllllil Pulls the Strings," was a satire 011 olrl-fashioned ifleas of 1'onian1'v. annl the other play, N.'x1'Cl1l0 Conn-s Homo," rovivctl the onvc inelispensable Mvillainf' The st-nior orvln,-stra anel chorus flll'lllSll9fl iti't'OlIllliillYlllQI anfl inciflvntal musical strlcc- tions. Altfllill-I COMICS HONIPI flfridlly Clzsll Arcliilnalml Arnold Wright Arnold Mary llnrpliy Harriet Race Silas lilarkmorc ,Phil Iloguch .limmiv ,.,Ralpl1 McCnllnngli Sllmrtilla , ..llcvPlla Sitlcll .Knut Kale-, Barbara Sandcll fSnlur1luy Cnstj Arcliilualnl Arnolfl ,Bali Goss Nlary Nlnrpliy. , .lt-rrie Talbot Silas Blat-kmort ,lllax Cooper linnnit' ,Harry Kraft Xlliorlina Lillian Griffin Kun! Katt' llarriPt Bnmlcr GRAYDMA l'l'l.I.S THE STRINGS flfrifluy Cnslj Grandma Susan NYiman Julia... tlarul Nirlmlsnn W illiani Jim Brrglin Ililflegarula- Marilyn Ry an Xlrs. Cummings , .Lois Flor: Nona. .., .lvanne Clawsun fiulnrrllzy Caslj Grandma ,utlliarlutte Maxwell lulia Nlariorie Brazier William Jim Hickey Hilrlegarwlm- , ,Mary Hammond Nlrs. Cummings Xl. NIcQuarrie Nona Dorothy Broadfoul r y ' " ' I 23223: v 5 f X W :W :Mmm ' vwmemfwaw Q 2412-""-fwems 2 + W ww sz ww: N . Www-,zasfa 1 z mwww ww wma.. Q . PROD CTIONST COMMITTEES FACULTY FUNFEST COMMITTEE FRONT ROVU: Miss Gray. Mrs. Olmsted. Miss Miller. SECOIND ROW: Miss .lean Burns, Miss Hansel, Mr. Cook, Mr, Rosenquist. THIRD ROYVZ Mr. Knighl, Mr. Merriam Miss Jergensohn. STUDENT FINFEST COB1llI'I"l'l-Il-l FRONT ROW: Harriet Race, Gertrude Leonard, Shirley W'illiznnson, Dx-an Cib- son. SIQCUND RUNV: LeRoy Lundy, lllynlv Armstrong, Olin: llrlcflitiiy. Fd Roe. MAKE-l.fP COMNll'l'TEl'l Delores Brunner, Bcrlliu Caslinr, l.illian Killarney, May Daly, A n gg i e D e x' u n z o. Marianna Dunham, Jennie Falcone, Slan- ley Friedman, Ruth Holland, Mary Hood. Janelle Howard, Edna Johnson, Holly Kulalmin, M ir i a ln Kr i in s lc y, Lauraine Myers, Evelyn Porad, Elise Reich url. Edith Schulman, Dorothy Smart, Mildred 5 lvallslrom. Seldom does our appreciation for production extend beyond the talent displayed. Amid the hilarity and the drama on the stage, too often the means is forgotten, and only the glamorous end is seen. A real appreciation can come only from a realization of the unlimited effort expended before the curtain rises. Instrumental in the success of roductions are the Facult ' and Student Pro- . . P . 7 . duction Committees. These ffrou s 1n close coo JC1'all1Oll shoulder a huffe ortion . . . . U p 7 I4 7 ,, . U of the responsibility. Also important among the 6 unseen workers 1S the Make-Up Committee whose remarkable transformations prove baffling even to proud mothers. Surely, credit is due all three of these committees. 102 DOORNIICN FRONT ROW: Manuel Uzinel, Sam llulrson, .lark Farber. Rulu-ll Sellz. SECOND ROWH Juv: Israel, Leon Moclikatel, Perry lfruxnkiu, Arthur Kulxnan, liirliard Kriegel. 'l'HlRD HOWY Ben Lerner, Phil Boguch, Art Crasliin, Jack lllachli-s, Ed llensussen. lf5Hl'illS FRONT ROYY: Marianna Amirarelli, Margaret Baba. Tal-auko Kuzu, Mar- ian Nieder, May Dah. SFCUND ROW: Blinnic lim-n. Cal'- men l'orrPlln, Mary Slumtliell. lfrallres Small, Marilyn Colm. Tlll lllrl ROW: Belly l"airl1llrll, Blar- joria- Brazier. Harriet Rav:-, Pat Mole. Xlice llvllsclilvill. lflli .-Kll':n'unc. lf0l HTH KUXY :Anne lfaniplwll. Kay Slxinlln-r, Koruna l"er'ker, Miriam .lav- ..t.., Nlire filmrams. STXGE Kflil'iW Amnmlsen. Krllolrl: Bates, l'eg,gyg llnllwrson, lie-tty Long Deyoe, Ru- mnnzzg Dunham, Billg Callullske, Frankg Gussc, ,lohllg Lnok, Ralph: Melvin, Gilbert: Pcalnnly, Earlg Roe, l-Irlg Radford, Evelyn. There is one side of every production that the public does I1Ot witness. That is the backstage drama. Its participants, laboring in grease-smeared over-alls labeled "Stage Crew," memorize no lines, nor must they undergo the discomfort of make-upg and yet they do have definite parts to fill-unglamorous, yes, but Vital. Plying up and down tl1e aisles or standing patiently, admitting people at the doors, the ushers and doormen have contributed to thc success of every program. Through their policy of courtesy ufirst, last, and alwaysf, these students have earned for themselves and Garfield a notable reputation. l03 BA Mr. Hoyt's fifty-five piece band is once again one of Garfielfl's outstanding organiza- tions, having trinily highlightefl our football games in rain and shine anfl given the success- ful Mid-lvinter Concert. Its stirring martial appearance combined with its known musical ability always produces a moving effect on any audience. This year the banfl played for the Christmas Carol Concert at the Civic Aucl- itorium. ln atldition, it has played at several of the Seattle grade schools. Because of its established reputation, as Well as its size, Gar- field has good reason to he proud of its hand. 1 PV' '- - , -v c -4 - 4'- - ' OND ILNIPI-I ri: H H01 nl l'lR'l FRLN1 garct .lout-s, John Larsen, lilandia llzirln-t, Muriel Osborne, Louie 5110 nu 1 1 ar I DR flldrt lfllvldvlll 111.31 XlOl..lN. .hlhllr .Xn1lxtu,, ,lm.mllt, Baker, Ralph llcrtolln, N1 Ar N Leona 'IH-niplin, Mug X'l'irkl.nnl, l"lorvnr'e Wiuklllml, Beatrice Z1-mu smioxn viomxz -uit-.1 r1..1.-man. imc Eng, Ynriku imtmuka. wr 1 wr- If Rf- 'HHH ' Nh' " Hoelsrlxz-r. Yoko Horita, Anne- Larsen. YlOl..S: Betty l.:'a Cilylyon it 1 I W U' H -U CU' SECOND CLARINIQT: Furl Beires. l"1liS'l' lIl,'XRINFT: John F1 in H I-1 at lrun 'whain rdf? y Sy? X, OPERA CXST Nlurilyn Hyun, Karl R1-ynolnli. Stan Fra-itlnum. Iiornzlrnl Rur- nvtt, .lim Murkow, Philip lhmkwl, Iflmtlmr Lululin, Jtluuitzx Nlursllall. Norum Fcckcr, Hurry Smith, Sum Levy, Nnnry Gran:-s. ,ln-uurw Hvrrvtt. Wlurizm Juffvc. Bolt Pzttterson. Hill Komlell, l.urry Krlztndr-r. This yvuris opera. Mfhe Fortune Tol- lt-rfi lllltllxl' the flirt-otion of Purkor ll. Cook, was a Sl1lilSlllllg sucot-ss. Full ol' vol11plicatt-fl illtriguv, this motlorn Mcom- vfly of l'l'l'0l'Sii offs-rs. in zulflition to thu good music which we havo come to ox- pc,-ct, tht- suspenco of an lli'll0l1-C-ll'EHllil. Supportval hy unusually Zilllll'OIJ1'l1llf' stage st-ttings, ll fine vast :mtl export direction, this profluction provcfl to ho Oxcellcut l'IllQIlZlilllllPl1f. Each nightis porfornumco was VVlll'll1lY Ellllllklllf-lfitl hy the largv and appreciative uutlionco. ,lt was typical in ovvry way of the high standarfl that Garfim-lil has muiutaim-ml throughout he-r rvcorcl of musical ilCl1l6VPlllPlll. 10 STANDING: Iii-tty Lou Cinlln-rsfm, Samuel Wnhlge-lt-ruler, Max ST KNIHXG: Jerry Stzixig, business iuiurlugvrg Curr Gubutayan, business inanuger. SITTING: Dirkiz- Wiulls, editor: Kathleen Oiflnmmr, Kenneth Hineh, Virginia W' Hqrru Thelma H:-imzul. IS:-mia-r. SITTING: Gertrude Leonzirui, editor. -1 I I,1'IgIIlklIl"'lT four yt-urs ago to C'llK'0lll'Elgt' creative writing, the Garfield Pen has niet with heartening success, growing: from a rather awkward sheet to ax polished hook- lot. The credit for this ueeoniplislnnent, however, should not be liniiteti to capable and progressive Pen Staffs, though their achievement is apparent, but rather to the ever increasing: cooperation of the stucient hotly. This faet is significant heeause it reflects the growing realization that tht- Pen is the students' own publication: perhaps even more than is the Arrow or Messenger. since the privilege of contribution is extemieti to the entire student holly. ' 4 QXQQQW RK 4450-1 HUM, H. M. HRIRR. XUX NUR WRST 5EiY1l'lSTl4fli 'I'lifl?'?UAX NIIi?'9?51iPjGEH, ZTIHX FF A' V ROW? Margie Mzsithcww. Chzxrlvf- Yiniknw, Phil Iiuguffh 055 H1-nry Iiillgiiliikfii. Ha-le-n 'iiii-mr. Eioisff Hopper. Tliyll Yermm. Fflilm Hurwitz. Him- Xlurguuf. THIRD RUYY: Bar- bara johnamn. lil-rxuxrel lxrvm-, hzxmm Tania. Shia Kvhu, rixivizw Hr Q ivf. Hill Lrv Bryant. v . HREF 3-11.?+IES'I'Hi 'fi Iif'4DA'3 !'lUi'l'URti: .fads lurimliy, Ffefitmu Mira Bmw-ixlvin. M:-ismrni 1 MESSENGER We have, in Qur wxni-weekly Me-msvrhxger. a 'A L pllblication of whivh all ilurfiq-ld slmlvntrs may jlxstifiahly bv pf-mul. It hu, the alis.tim'tizm of A having thx" only -ix-1-ulunxu high srhunl nvws- pzqivr in tho- I rxilfwl Fizzle-f primml Ixsiaff' zz wvvvk, and ul tlxif rim- il x'f-Imam-s upproxi- nmtvly 3114 uolumn-ilu-Ima lrmxw'-A nf mfws viwh wvchk jhan any ulhi-r high :whuul xwwe-pzxpvr in thf- l'0llllYFf'. Thi, 54-an' :hex 'Hvsfwrxgm' wvaw the- milf Svultlv high sa-lmu! pups-r lu rvvcfixfr ' "All-.'1XNl!l4'l'i1'Zl ILM ur supvrim' rating frmn N. S. P. ,-X. l:!li',PT thc' fll'f"SfWIf wyslvrsi uf i!l'Q-lliillilllifihli.. fhw Xie-wvazgy-r is plxldislnvcf by lm, fn,-paxratv ftafff., whih- u xmxnuging a-ciiiur uvvr'm-cm the functions of both groups. MA pap:-r with ai pu1'pusv.H tin' NIwe:4m1g,'f'3' is ixftexsvifrd primarily to ta-arfh P-truivnts Nw 4-orrvzxi uw of the Rngfislm langflwgv. 'Hxrmzgh flu-ir' work aw mliturrf ami staff nu-min-r-. hxrjrs :mal girls rmrvivv vaiuablv training my 2t'iN!8l'r and iiusixxmfsnrxfrxx, and the-y ivarn Us 4-urry mat iusfruvlimw qrnizfkiiy ami iii'i'l1f'iifl"iy, Thv funds than www' printing: vx5wxwvs arf' furuisfzmi in part hy ihv Ancient rfiiflllb pfan and purify tfxmugh Wlw-ff-rag:-1' mivc'1'ii:faixxgzy This: yr-ar an all-svhuu! aslvvriisixmgg amntvrit was starlvd as an incvnlivv in mnvunxragf' sxnpw port in NIl'Srif'llQIf'l' asdsw-rtisingf. ll has always fwvn tha' aim uf lhv 'Nfm4swzx- gmr In do "just 11 fiillv num- ihzm utiwr whom! pup:-rs," and this prim-iplv ie1iHustt'ai4'4f by iii graaiua-ll Vhilllgll' from as svvvrx-vulurnn wmzkly with 560,!'0hllllHr-iYlClll'r nf rffacling xnatvria! tu Hu' 55X-l'0xlllIl!l sf-rxxi-ww-kfy wiih 865 veni- llllHl'iIl1'iH'ri thu! was illiHll1LlIT2Hl't! thi- yvur. l"lH?4'l' SEMES'l'EH FHIDAN ?ViFfSZ'9I1fNQIl'1H HTAVP' FRUNT HOW: iinruihy Hruadfuol. Phil Mar Hifxg:.?4l'Ii1UNU KGVNY: Tzleku huriumru, Mildrml Wzxllftrnxn, Mary Pilurdwll, Mitf-upoflli fihirnzuin, Ruth Hoshinmtu. THIRD ROW: Nine klulziwr. R1-ltr Clay. Howard Wmugz. Rae Benxvxnieelc. F01 HTH ROW: Muiww Ham-gzzwza. Tom Ilmlgxlzzx. Hugh Klnpfvm-win. fllzzirf' Seifefri. lx XX ri!xiNNliR. IST SRMELYQ- THR MA N -HANG EDITOR FIRST SEMESTER FRIDAY EDITORS: Seng lidimrg Dirk Skinner, Assismnt Editnr. aww Sw . 3: wwf gi ' LWWEQEZQZQQQW w..,,.m SPGTUGHTIIIG Will! K v f ,, .- . ' ,,, if 5 ,Q ae W., - - ,gov 1 T, f 'ff A , ,an , lr, fb" 4 4 'iw hill If f , f? lu -.,' ,gnu A295 910 J 7 wa' is ff' , , ' Y 'S XX ff 1 I I 1. MV! , SECOND SENIESTER HUD XY EIJITORS: Charles. M N4-elsnn. Editing Ccsfrinc Luthmp. Afssiswm Editor. on l ,,l xl If N 1 N I0 A 'Jh"7w 2 llnxxf K 'Q I' yi, IQ, Q Rl lffifkgi 6 ,Q fifim I 'ff' fig 3?'!f ' fi, fe-,ln I swf ,Q . '-'lub Aww' ' 4 as f . fm lil? jg!iff11f,i!: ! 73?: '2,m1?,g, fix nhl Wfzfy, ,fK'zQ, fp' H f l gif, A hw" V mi . 1 lf +L l , ll l l lf .sf M mil ,,N A R ' 1 - Q .A M . an 'Y' il , -1 Al E f' . H- Q-f 14. T33 f "" 1 .. L.- . SECCINIJ SEMESTER FRIDAY MESSENGER ST.-XFI4' Sl'IfX'I'RU: 4l.f-ft to right P: Harriv! Luskin. Eleanor Elle-lcl, lmrrzxinc MvCulloug:h, Flfvronme Limlelge, Marlin Slvrn. llominir' Colzxe-urdsv. STANIJINII: ll,e-ft lo rightl : Pe-ra .Ivan Pupluvk, Ruth Sham, Jim Murkuw. Ruth llulluml. Ward Turnbull. 511111 Rubismm. Eugcm' Rnhleins Qlllm, Afilj bLR0l.lL FRONT RUYV: Kay Skimn-r. Rnyanme lJeChenns:, Bcity Katherine Allen, Alirfr lieu:-rlxlvin. SECOND ROW: Ma nun. lx'LIt'l1,llIlL' Tolnn. lmrram IIIIHIFGQ, ifwtrude Leonard. ROW: Bull Cass, Miller Bryant. Ruth Yoshimom., FOURTH ROW: Will! Camry. Wzxrcl Tnrnlxull, Van Ilorhully, John Dickin-fun. Hlflli ROW: Charles Nelso Tinikow. .lay Storm, Fred Fuller, .lim BKIPIDII. ria n n, ARROW We Garfielflites are particularly fortunate in being able to work with a principal and faculty that strongly favor student participa- tion in all the sehoolis activities. Suvh a policy instills within us flemocratie ideals that en- dure long after graduation. The 1941 ARRKTW Staff has Gl1fl6Z'lV0l'6fl to show hy means of art work, photographs, and Copy, the great con- trast hetween the Colonial schools with their limitecl faeilitivs and our great puhlic educa- tional systems of today. X1 ARJOHIIC BRAZIICR, BOB CUSS. Covliinrons JAY STONE, TAEKO KlfRI3IL'RA, ALICE ABRABIS, BOB LIXDBERC, MARY HAMMOND, NIARIAX FREEMAN. AYYA Si-urns STM-'i-' Pnonuczrioxs STAFF MARY HOOD, Pl-:RSUYNEL SMH- R MAIN IIN! IOBIIN AWN RE RKY SKIINN .1 I x Smit WALT CASEY, Bisiwxiss MANAGER JIM BURTON, ASSISTANT Iinlrmx STAFF The- pt-rsolltlvl of thv vurlicr schools must have hw-11 csst-ntiztlly the sauna, yt-t thffro is collsitlcruble 1liff4-t'v11ct- in 1-very othvr rcspt-vt. Our organizations, lJI'0dlll'li0IlS, and sports CllllDhHSiZf7 tht- with- bT'l'ill'Il bctwvt-n their ut'- tivitivs and ours. Dt-tltocrzu-y . . . flllll'fi0lliIlQI only lo at liulitt-tl llt'gl'0C thvn. is now the flom- inating lPl'illCiIllt' around which our school rm-- volvvs, since thc- future: ol' our nation tlopt-mls upon tht- spirit of the youth of toslaty. NIISS S KI-IMAX, Knusnx XIJI IIIHIXABIA. Tu-nr NIKRGARET MuQlAKKlI'f. LARRY CLIQIN. SITTIBG. RKYANNE lhtIHI-HBE. W RIGHT ARNOLD IOHN LINIIIHCRC, fIllt4t,l.x'l'xuN Ulttztvznloxs 51'XFF STANIIINC: Y11Ll.FR HKYNNT, J KNICT UOW'Il, , Fl- vrl mls Stu-'F mm--wwwwwwww IDKYIZ HOXXI-1. ,ll-TRRN SN XPP, RUAPII SHICLTOY. I''tn Fun Iilllllli SATU. Mu' l'fln'l'tur NIIZI H0 SlfKl.llXlX. l.not1 Tl-,tllxulxx x: of V z 45: QDRGANIZATIONS i 'W fl" . llfn :?,,,v. . - ,v 11 3: ,.',3'x,a-1'i:, - -gg., M -N Ja l H- N E A ' -'fir-1 ' CSS' 1' 1,5 751"'siF?fiS5' ' X 3 f' as 6? ,... .wM,.-ff- L, Xi' Lit- X. ,Eu V, .--4 N. An .1 'n',1::, T"Q'f35,g.1: Ez,.gf . 4 Q.: -:-QE. A 't' Q f f ' .f ,::-:.L1-ffvapli-'itv Ss, 1. ' ' ' Q f ' a71.'g'.: ,-,-vgsgev . Q-5 L .:ga.1:,:,, - .'Y-43,-,g,:,, ir-. -.p--1, gf, jf.-f51gg..r...-'.w - it L .-'f ' 1 1 vias:-ii.4?,L?'si, , ey., Aw ' If u-if gj'2,f:2f,-, - 4 fr, . " Pia-j:,, - 1154? ,351 J . EJB .. . 'I"' "ii- .if V- 'rw Ai- 4 S-53144 few. . 'wiki 1 fra-A.. 'f' 5:71 , 7 , Q. , f.. 3 K ,i'.'v'-1. ' 'f5aLfj::1 a 3' 3 -1 - - .,..,.ts, Zz iii: ff'--via, '-'I-A, .t -V N,,,,x , A ,,,.. ir. "M-1 N., ,dqkmx Wie well know that no democracy can function without cooperation. Our colonial forefathers realized this, too. Interdcpendence then was so great that a farmer was almost solely dependent upon his neighbors to shuck his corn. Today at Garfield, it is much the same in our organizations. By our participation in them We learn to work with others. Our success is due in a large measure to our adherence to this prin- ciple. Cooperation is essential to the harmony of the school, hut of even more importance, it is fundamental to the happiness of each individual. - ' 1 - ' is A fi 'I Q Q, 9 ,fn r 2 "0 ' If 145-.1I?4:' 5 'K I9-Tiff:-'F' 'S Q Q ks: :ban 'fx 'JL y t Fx i 5 2, -fa ?" 72 W ,.-1' Y ' ffziwf 4 - ' ' ':igif:2.4 ,. 9552 ' . .fi ,ar ',:.1av,::4,-gk Q,-Wx, 5 ff: . ' - 42. - ., .. i E fi ,-X! are 5 ,c T1 1' , 12-. ,,'. ,:' ,.ff',b'1-'1'.:-, :L-g-1'xQ5,-,11:'f1 ,,-,Q-1:A.,.1f1J,.i . . .15 -..f,2- 4vq. ,All .K-Lf, . ..,- NH, 15,6---.:4A.. b-,:.r:g.x:- , V 3,42 14411547-, " W1 -' 1' 1' ' f .. .1 .. 1 . ,--, ,xp - -avqlalir .um -, 3 -.,.,i- - , . . . - Gin. Q ,,,-,l, -. -vp - , . ,rfxg md-' .fix ,r-,yn gf- fu. Q E L, v 'Paul f 4 'SFI 11, , gg . 0 ,.. - f-'ffm my ' is mi? A ,NM 'fri' yer? 'W' Yrzgfg t mf: J H Efggjwilg-Sf 1 t,.i5csgg5:gzs:ff: , iff" ' . Q?g':r3Ai3i'5555i , ' w.Lf2'f1-Traamxu 'Q ' ' 'KWw:.M:i.',-M I :?gg.W,Ax,,pf- l . V- V- ,ygzmmi :yy if gg i , 5. t 5 WSL. f Q V if A 1031 SYIIIII. l'm.5mi-.YT BOYS' ADXISOIKY BOARD FKOXT HOYVZ Dick Skinner, Howard Wong. Holi G0-S. Xvalt Kasey, Tulxasln Xklyzuna. SECOND ROW: Hola Sears, .lim llurlun, W'righl Arnolxl, Rob Cas- aulv THIRD HOYY: Dau: Tlmmpson, Put Fullxerlzunl, Tom Smillx, Sam BOYS' CLUB lt is tlle ultimate aim of every man to attain a prominent place in the ranks of life, and mem- liers of tlle Garfield Boys' Clulr Work deter- minedly toward that goal. The officers are elected liy popular vote, and from tl1e time of the elec- tion, every officer, adviser, and student responds Whole-llearteclly in carrying out his rluties as a necessary Wheel in tlie machinery of a powerful cllaraclcr-lmuilcling inrlustry. STANDING: Sul Romxsox, Sn-4-rw-Iary-'I'r4-:usnrn-r5 Pu' Scrum-.m un. X in-1-.I'n-sirlr-nut. SEATED: H. ll. Crxvx Hui, Adwisor. is M.,'1 X - , , A iii? , H, ,i- wiii ,. at mm GIRLS' CL B gs- Mm With a creed that leads to Worthy womanhood, the Garfield Girls' Club stands for happiness and friendship. It is an organization in which all the girls in Garfield may actively participate, and it shows no partiality. A Wide program has been established by this body in order to provide ac- tivities that will appeal to every girlg and mem- bers of the club receive valuable experience in exercising initiative as leaders and builders of a modern civilization. STANIIING: Nm-,nn N uni-.:uili.1-, Secretary: PAT O'Su.i.n xx, Treasurerg Cinn- i.or'ri-1 Nlxxuui, Nici--l'r1-shln-nl. SEATED: EAHLUJ Hrgmsial., Advisor. fail: .I ,, t..,,, STFPH XYIF KIOIC, l'm.-ml,x1' GIRLS' ADVISORY H0 Hill I" R 0 'Y T R O YY: 5lan'i:ul .lzlllo N u n c y L li c k s, Doris lh-ardslcy Hm'ln-lla! Johnston. Nzniry bran:-s SPVOND ROW: Nlny Slug.: 1IutIu-rinc Allen. Kliri- 151-usa-h 1.-H., Jam-1 Izumi, kay si.,.....--- Varian Free-mam. R11 ROW: sl.-,.i,i...a.f 41...- llliairlolle Wann-ll, Yirgillizl Yun I-rl ill. Pill 0 Sulllxzm, OFFICE WORKERS INN S' lIOXlNll'I"I'l'1Ii lill XIRNIIQN limu Srzxxr-wx-rm I"Ii0Yl' IIUXX: Kvilh Dung- lxn, 'Kiji lrhiuunu, Sprague N igub, Huuzuwl Whitlakn-r, Hal RW. 5l'IlIUNlJ HOW: Miller Iiruml. John llnrnnmly, Del- In-rt In-UNI. nur. law.-r., Du- gnld Sh-nurl. lim lh-hom-. Hob l.urun'. TIIIRID ROV: Sum Ifuhiu-4mu, Huh lfnglv. John I'4-lvr-ml. Hill Xullalgilnaclni. Tum Lkrvn. ,lim Bracken. l"0lR'l'Ii KUNN: .Inv Baer. mg.-... lzilmn.-, wilmum J. Nlillm-r, ,lurk Nlm-hlix, Dirk lhlurlu. KXIHKNUIQ NULL , Nlurizm .luH'v. Sh-phunie Coca! Put U'Sullium, lhnrimu- Lali- I i U ig I, I Q ' A 1 A an vu' S Y I-I0 OR SOCIETY The privilege of Wearing im Honor Society pin helongs to those of us who inerit recognition for scholastic standing and for partici- pation in extra-curricular activities. Eligibility for l11CII1lJCI'Sl1lll is based on thi- nulnher of points earned. An Hill counts as four points, a '4B,'7il1reeg a uC,'7 two, and a HD," one. Major and 111inor service points are given for Boys' and Girls' Club work, to staff nienibers of the three school publications, and to class officers. A student lnust have Won twenty-four points during his first two semesters in order to receive a one-har pin. lf fifty points are earned ill four semesters, a two-har pin is given. Those students who have seventy-eight points at the end of six semesters are presented a gold seal pi11. At graduation time, if o11e hundred eight points have heen earned, the student may keep his gold seal pin. At the semi-annual Honor Society assemblies, inspirational talks are given by prominent speakers, and pins are presented to qualified students. This fall sixty-eight of the Il18l11l36I'S were seniors, fiftv- eight were juniors, and fifty-five were sophomores. l11 Fehruarv, thirty-two seniors, thirty-nine juniors, and thirty-nine sophomores received pins. I.liF'1' TO RIGHT: Iiiilixuin Kinzxis Ss-err-tary, DME Tnoxilfsox, Vico- Pri-sidcntg JAY Sroxic, Pri-siilentg Mix, SMITH, Advisor, GOLD SEAL, FEBRUARY, 1940 IVKOXT KOWVZ Hanako Arun-. Nohnko Ishida, Anna Yu- inznla, linlh Yoshimolo, Shirley lick-le-iii. SECOXD ROW : Sanlziko Yoshida, Marjorie llruzier, lfslher Gordon, Mails-A line 'l'ohin, Lucille Ginlizin, Minnie Yuen. THIRD ROVP: ,ln-aulne Clawson, Betsy Burleigh, Alive Iieuschlein, Lois l"loi-, Kay Skinner, Revella Sidi-ll. l"0LfRTH ROW: Howie Wong, Virginia Vanderbilt, Iii-rnuril Krcxns, ,lay Stone Rziyunm- Dvilhenne. I"II"'l'H HOW: Andrew Iflusvgawa ,lark liorhully, Jim Burton. Phil Nlur Hing, Dominic Timo, John I.indlnr-rg. GOLD SEAL, SEPTEMBER, 19110 I"li0N'l' KURT: Kalsilko Fnjikznlo, Nliye Hala, Rai: Ilen- xenisli-, Alice Abrams, Niasako 'l'uk1ihashi, Talsukn Kozn. SECOND ROWY: Pera jean Popluitk. Szlkae Shimano. .Xiko Kulnikana, Edith Cohen, Nliyoko Shitznnae. Rnlh Tuhuru. 'l'HlRll ROVV: Teresa Alfarone, Mildred W'allslronl. Jennie Hasson, Mae Kanogawu, Miriam Javohs. FOURTII ROW: Norma Fecker, Vera Triles, Elinor Landau, I.n- Cosla Beche, Gertrude Leonarrl, Susan Wlilnan GOLD SEAL, SEPTEMBER, 1940 IVKUNT ROW: Milsuyoshi Sllilnzida, Roy Scully, Merton Cohen, Zyndell Berliner, Tiielxo Knrinmra, Mary Hann- niond. SECOND ROWV: Aiji llvhiyalna, Rivharil Ixnzii, Hidvo Tsuji, Betty Fairlmrn, Ilii-ky Yvalts. Marian Frm-- niun. THIRD ROVV: Howie' Cnnnnvr, Dirk Hkinni-1, Ili-nry Knnazawa, Rose Ann Bi-oils-rii-lx. flladelini- Olson. l"0LR'l'II ROW: Wiull llasf-y. Irwin I.tmsnn, I.i-on Nlorh- l.:iIel, Fred Andrews, Cynthia Xinul. Pat 0'Snlliuin. l"II"'I'H ROVV: Ben Benn-nish-, ,Inu-k Nlarhlis, Don lilop- lier. Ilarrie Yye, Ed Roe, llorolhy Hood. SIXTII IIOWV: lid All:-lu-ry, Phil Cnuls, Sam liolxinson, Phil Iiognvli. Toni Iihin, Iloh Srzilzo, Dave 'l'holnpson. 12 GOLD SE.-Xl., l7EHRl"XRl. lfllxl l"li0N'l' RUXX: liosv Yalagai. Nlurgurn-I llulral, Ylulxiko Tulullluxlli, lllllh Shorll, N:-illry l.u1'lu. SHCUNII RUNN: lla-nry lvzuuwoll. H4-H5 llulln-rson. ,lnzlnilzn Nlnrwhull. ,lum- Sznnxon, llurrii-I l.:-akin. H4-inn Frm- num, liurlruru .lonm--. lllllili HOVY: Nlurwin Lnhun, Rnllolph l"ris-rllanul, Ruth Mahon, lin-lly Hzlrlnf-ll, Evelyn Brown, 514-vv lihznl- wirk, Iilihu Hurwitz. FOIJRTH li0W': Louin- Solo. lmon llishop, lid lie-runner-ll, Bill liajue. TWO-B AR. SEPTEMBER. 191-ll I-'ROYI' RUNX: Carolyn Culver, livlly l,on Ciilln-1-Noll. Nunry Gran-s, Helen Yorozu, Ynrilxo llzllulmkzi, liunnm ling. Sl'ilf0Nll KOVV: Emily Marlin, lin-Hy Cray, l.n-onzi 'I'n-mplin, Nan:-5 Luvles, Lily Mnkui. THIRD ROW: lioh l'alh-rson, Juni- Samson, Yilla Fis. lflnlnzl Romano. Doris livnrslsh-3. FOI KTH RUVV: Be-xc-rly lirpzinl. lh-by Rugglz-Q, Ann Rn-ilzv. Alme Griffilhx. linlh Nlolfon. Jum- l,ng1n-rqniil. TWO-B-XR. SEPTEMBER. WMI l"RUN'l' RUXX: Ilon Sidelsky, Qnn-nlin in-rnln-rg. liill Trvlnln-r, Klan-ilgn Cohn. Xlnriznn Nic-all-r, Nlury Nilnx liar- lmrzi Jon:--, Lucy Kziwafunf-. SECOND ROW: llugh Jon:-3, Hola Korln-r, lun Marshall, Stl-phcn lflunlwirk, llznial llullork, Nlury Alhamlm-ff. THIRD ROW: Lwnzm Slanion, Dia-lx l"n-ring:-r, Arnold Sunlick. lla-n lmrm-r. Sznnlu-l Yvohl- gn-lvrnln-r. Mary Hood. FUI RTII RUXX: Slnnrl Ilonglzl-. Jzwl. lxrzn-l, Conrad llurler. Ilon Nlrllonufll. llzniml Krzllxox- xky. I"ll"'l'II ROW: lien Gm--vnp, I-lil livuxui- vu. Slnnley l'rin-4-, Gvorza- King. Dun liaru-h. l'.n1l Nlillx. TXVO-BAR, FEBRUARY, 191-l l"llUN'l' RUVC: wary Alllaulvlif, lllarjorin' Cray, Yoko 'l'1nl:n. Shirli-y Cormley, Zynclf-Il Hvrlinvr, I-lnuily Slnnlon. SICCUNID ROW: Ralph Shelton, W ing Nlurk, lflu-:mor llur- Ion. Lua-lla Kmnlnrr. ,lPrry Slaxig, Earl Hzlnwn, She-lnlon Sohky. TWO-BAR, FEBRUARY, Iflll IVIHVYI' RUYV: ll:-My Bellsllssen. Yau-ko Kullogxmn, Maw- :zlxo Kishillu, Yllkilul Talialla-shi, Xoll1'ho'l'uiiI-ll. SECOND RUVY: lin-by Jonrs, Carol Daly, lion- l'ol, Xirginia ICI- lioll, Gloria Huntington. Sllizulao Yoshioluu. 'l'lIlliIT KUWV: liulh Hiinlni-llnun. ,lov llrennflr, Jul-k llzlin-. Hola l.or4-nlz. ml. li.-Ing,-.-H. lil ONE-BAR, SEPTEMBER, 1940 FRONT ROW: Claire Boonov, Theodosia Mandolides, Dorothy Rosenthal, Yoshi Asaba, Lily Hirahara, ,lane Yaniashita, Rose Ichihara. SECOND ROW: Ann John- son, Pat Shannon, John Prince, Mary Jo Forsell, Freida Lander, Violet Arnse, Tokiko Sends. THIRD ROW: Dnr- othy Smart, Nancy Ellingsworth, Bill Hoelscher, Mitzi Tipp, Janet Boone, Hamako Ozawa. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Sutherland, Charlotte Goodnow, Shirley Softky, Nancy Howard. FIFTH ROW: Demaris Thompson, Dun Owen, Molly Mooney, George Gatchet, Cordon Reynolds, Bill Kidder. ON E-BAR, SEPTEMBER, 1940 FIRST ROW: Adella Zallocco, Tina Cassia, Margaret Yuen, Zyndell Berliner, Evelyn Lightfoot. SECOND ROVV: Kenichi Kikuchi, Haruto Sekijima, Claudia Marbet, Al- fred Joseph, Sheldon Softky. THIRD ROW: Melville Wil- son, Bill Perkins, Jack Lowe, Sanford Petersky, Jerry Stavig, FOURTH ROW: Richard Miller, Ralph Bertolin, Charles Howard, Walter Richter, Bill Lightfoot, Herbert Levin. ONE-BAR, FEBRUARY, 1941 FRONT ROW: Iris Vigus, Marian Rivkin, Mary Mando- lides, Fred Fisher, Corinne Sarlick, Louise Behar. SEC- OND ROW: Esther Halfon, Anne Doris, Helen Harper, Dorothy Carlson, Marie Hepler, Asher Peha, Sid Cohn. THIRD ROW: Irving Feinberg, William Curtis, Irving Shain, Fred Casserd, Stanley Wolfstone, Rachel Sadis, Masao Kobayashi. ONE-BAR, FEB RUARY, 1941 FRONT ROW: Susan Hawkes, Betty Aoki, Sidney Krems, Rachel Schnrhon, Polly Huston. SECOND ROVV: Edo Sasaki, Dante Tahara, Dolores Brunner, Shirley Simmons, Virginia Burke, Kerry Yasunohu. THIRD ROVV: Alhert Romano, Gloria Boyd, Carl Shyman, Victor Alhadcfl, Elise Kelleher, Norman Mar. 122 Roll representatives are elected by their fellow students to represent them in certain school activities. They are chosen because of their outstanding qualities of personality and leadership, and they are called upon frequently to handle stamp sales or to promote student participation in different drives and cam- paigns. They play an important part in settling the diverse problems that arise during the course of high school life. ROLL PRIiSlDEN'I'S-FIRST Sli M ESTE R FIRST ROW: Aiji Uchiyama, Lawrence Sadirk, Juanita 'MarsI1aII, Naida Marshall, Virginia Burke, Katherine Koenig, Stephanie Coe, Emma Romano, Landes Lum, Seiji Hata, Jimmie Duville. SECOND ROW: Bartley Dobb, Harlan Lewis, Lucille Giulian, June Lagerquist, Beverly Tat, Bernice Thal, Ellen Vest, Emily Jones, Marian Mcllagg. THIRD ROW': Steve Chadwick, Bud Blanes, W'right Arnold, Jack Eskenazi, Charles Olson, Doris Beardsley, Carol Perry, Nancy Reid, Betty Clay. FOURTH ROW: Herb Braicks, Herb Levin, George Graham, Jack Fletcher, Pat O'SuIlivan, Rayanne De- Chenne, Dave Bullock. FIFTH ROW: Daniel Woo, Vic- tor Alhadeff, John Kennedy, Tom Barto, Wlallacc Bayne, Arthur Kulinan. Jerry Stavig, Jack Douglas. SIXTH ROW: Jay Stone, Tom Owen, Dave Thompson, Bob Schoening. .lim Burton, John Peterson, I'at Sutherland, Mogens Bildsoe, Huston Riley, Tom Shultz, Ben Rubin-on. ROLL SECRETARIES-FIRST SI'1MI'1S'I'IiIt FRONT ROW: Norma Harlowe, Betty Djacn, Bn-ttee Kay, Pearl Azose, Jim Duville, Makiko Takahashi, Bar- bara Baxter, Ruth Shortt, Virginia Vi'augh. Beatrice Rick, Helen Koski. SECOND ROW: Helen Creighton. Frieda Lander, Nancy Jamieson, Bette Xi-oss, Ruth Young, Alice Beuschlein, Shirley Limlu-ck, Iflorenre Wicklund, Haru Kurosaka, Jean Miller. THIRD ROW: Anne Baer, Mary Thomas, Lorraine Bender. Sheila Ryan. .lerrie Talbot, Betty Barash, Evelyn Porad, Gloria Gunn. Marilyn Ryan. FOURTH ROVY: Stephanie Coe. l"Iorent':' Lindeke. Gloria McLaughlin, Beverly Bryant, Corinne Latimer, Catherine Allen, Betty Cray, Syliia Pius-us. Miyoko Sliitamae. FIFTH ROW: W'in Case, Barrie Yyv, Bill Yanagimachi, Russ Newman, Art Harris, Walt Casey, Cliff Eidemiller, Lennox Scott, Bill Murdock, Dirk Scheur, Keith Douglas, Bill Ullherg. , ' , Gil f YV ROLL I'RESIDENTSfSECOXD SIi3lI'I5'l'I'TR FRONT ROW: Xlasako Takahashi, Lavon Ilardif-. Clara Brinkley, Arthur Horiuchi, Elise Reichert, Ann John- son, Helen Rogers, Rena Nelson, Byron Samuelson. SEC- OND ROW': May Daly, Violet Bracker, Pat 0'SulIixan, Margaret Stiller, John Harker, Dorothy Hoirirliter, Ma- rian Braunn, Arthur Henaman, Rudolph Friedlanrl. THIRD ROW: Bob Seely, Beverly Emhree. Rayanne DeChenne. Beatrice Lindberg, Margaret MacQuarrie, Eugene Robbins, Wing Mark, Leroy Lundy, Steve Chad- 'wick. FOURTH ROW: Miller Bryant, Dan Epperson, William Chinn, Gerry Knittle, Sanford Petersky. FIFTH ROW': Ken Kromquist, Les Amon, Bob Patterson, Carl Hommer, Bill Anderson, Dominic Colasurdo. SIXTH lROV': Dick Hag:-n, Al Mar, Tosh Tanaka, George Hage. iDavid Proctor, Russ Newman, Fred An:-rheimer, ,lay Kertes, Walt Casey. SEVENTH ROW: Mogens Bildsoe. ,Bob Bothwell, Ben Grosscup, Jerome Becker, Tom Douglas, Bill Kidder, Dick Schuur. Dick Beach, Clint !StockIey. i ROLL SECRE'I'ARlESfSECOND SEMESTER FRONT ROW': Akiko Kato, Margie MacDonald, Carolyn Colver, Mary Meisnest, Mary Stuchell, Marilyn Sigel. Dorothy Rosenthal. SECOND ROW: Seiji Hata. Margie Matthews, Frieda Lander, Carmen Howard, Janet Kul- zet, Jacqueline Corrie, Pat Bartling, Harry Kurusaka, Betty-Jean Andrews, THIRD ROW: Harutn Snkijima. Juanita Marshall, Mary Belle Becker, Betty Fairlnirii, Ruth Angevine, Naney Reid, Pamela Ward, Shirley Stocker, Frances Bloom, Walter Kotkins. FOURTH ROW': Kathleen Sharp, Bartley Dobb, Irving Feinberg, Olive McCrny, Margaret Stiller, Beverly Tat, Virginia Burke, Alberta Offer. FIFTH ROW: Sid Cohn, Kay Kurosaka, Joan Rose, Lorraine McCullough, Eleanor Esfeld, Dorothy Broaclfoot, Solomon Azosc, Rosie Angel. SIXTH ROW: Eagle Bolotin, Dominic Colasardo, Bei- erly Bryant, Charles Brigham, Jeanne Diltz, Charles Blind. Jim Weir, Tum Askren, Samuel Wohlgelernter. John Dickinson. I23 OCATIO AL OFFICERS It is the duty of the two vocational officers in each roll to obtain speakers for their room, to give talks on various lines of Vocation, and to report 011 trips to industrial plants. Many of us gain our first concrete information about the business world through this method. It gives each of us a knowledge of the wide field from which to choose our future. YOCATIUN AL PRESIDENTS FIRST SEMESTER FRONT ROW: Mary Hammond, Dicky Watts, Revella Sidell, Marilyn Cohn, Lena Behar, Kinuye Jitudai, Jean U'Connor, Blanche Schooley, Mona Anderson, Marilyn Sigel. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Duville, Anne Campbell, Lenore Baldwin, Sonia Soculofslky, Joie Andrews, Zyndell Berliner, Luolla Kununer, Ruth Himmelman, Shirley " Evkstein, Madeline Tobin. THIRD ROW: Helen Thomp- son, Susan W'iman, Jack Pang, John Carmody, Bob Goss, Ilaie Proctor., Wlarren Petersen. FOURTH ROW: Albert -Romano, Stan Gordon, Jim Ruoff, Leon Kaplan, Bill Oswald, Henry Inouye, WR-slcy LcVeque. FIFTH ROW: Larry Cloin, Duke Tanaka, John Dickinson, Louie Sato, Phil Runkel, John Peterson, Toru Shimizu, Howard -irlinight. SIXTH ROVV: Bob Bothwell, Russ Newman, Xi Charles Nelson, Toni Douglas, Sam Shoji, Bill Garhart, John Conner, Bob Craig, is-9, ' i N ' YOCATIONAL SECRETARIES Q FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW: Helen W'ilson, Margie Matthews, Dorothy A Whittaker, I-Ilaine Ross, Pat Shannon, Catherine Trenda, Nl Gloria Ruopoli, Wanda Crimes, Helen Jeanne Rogers. SECOND ROW: Lillian Griffin, Kay Skinner, Lorraine Carlisle, Shirley O'Brien, Dorothy Smart, Rose Pol, Shir- ley Simmons, Cynthia Yinal, Jini Duville. THIRD ROW: 5 Helen Thompson, Lynn Brown, Rosemary Bowden, Susan 4 NVimau, Charlotte Graff, Lois Floe, Lillian Mitchell, vi-Zvi-lyn Ci-der, Bernadette Nosak, Ann Geranios, Janet X Dowd. FOIVRTH ROW': Jim McLeod, Bill Bradshaw, ' Jerry Snapp, Stan Churchill, Jack Bevan, Bob Shimmin, NPIUI Shank, Allen Yaplee. FIFTH ROW: Wright Arnold, 1 Dale Lander, Bill Latimer, Russ Newman, Bob Bothwell, Bob Engle, Joshua Hata, Bob Osborn. FIRST SEMESTER BANKERS FIRST ROW: Irving Lewis, Sidney Krems, Fred Fisher, Akiko Hayukawa, Lucy Kawatune, Masako Takahashi, Akiko Kato, Marjorie Gray, Minnie Yuen, Marilyn Peterson. SECOND ROW': Miriam Yan W'aters, Nancy Lux-ks, Bette Gray, Becky Agoado, Mary Barlia, Goldie Chiprut, Sylvia Kelin, Grace Uchimura, Lillian Griffin, Helen Deutsch. THIRD ROW: Tony Perrone, Gabriel Ainira, Sheldon Soltky, Edith Cohen, Phyllis Garton, Rachel Ferrera, Virginia Elliott, Bernice Alhadeff, Anna- belle Becker. FOURTH ROW: Bernard Krems, Dick Feringer, Miriam Jacobs, Sally VVatson, Pat Agnew, Lila Levy, Madeline Olson. FIFTH ROW: Carl Shyman, Dick Peek, Donita Welnln, Madeleine Gales, Mary Stuchell, Violet Bracker, Adella Weigel, Bernice Thal. SIXTH ROW: Bill Harrah, Henry Mitchell, Fred Herman, Ben Lerner, Shirley Williamsoii, Dcmaris Thompson, Peggy Bates, Harriet Bender. SEVENTH ROW: Stuart Douglas, Ralph McCullough, Betsy Burleigh. 124 ANKI Ili-pt-mlaliility and zigglw-ssiw-:less arc two esst-ntial l'lllII'2lt'lt'l'lSllt':4 ol' a good hankcr. Ilis is thu az-asm-iatfss and of Tuesday morning. his is a priceless as lmsilu,-ss world. iowzvriox u, l'lIESIIll'fN'I'5 SEIION Il SICftIIiSTICR FRONT ROW: Nkira Shimizu. Fred Hanflnan. Koruna Harlowo, Xolio Tada, Zyndi-ll II:-rlinvr. Elizabeth Ross, Rarllara Miller. Helen Wilson. SECOND ROW': Douglan iwggon. Harriet mm, Bt-inf oalimn, John Christiansen, Wlill Mr'I.eorl, Syliia l'invus, Harriet Lefkin, Marilyn Cohn, Virginia Elliott, janet Boone. THIRD ROW: Wright Arnold, Quetin Stvrnln-rg, Eleanor Graves, Ar- Iine Ilay, Ed W'orknlan, Dorothy Carson, Carroll Perry, Stephanie Coe, Mary File, FOURTH ROW: Louie Sato, Waller Watters, Dominic Colasurrlo, Fred Casserd, Irv- ing Shnin, Dugalul Stewart, Iilinor Laudan, Russell W'il- son, Roh Hallgrell, Roh Patten, Milton jones. FIFTH ROW': Bull Sears, Roh Hardin, ,lohn Peterson, Boll Rogers, Dave Franvo, Htl Attelrcry, Barrie Yyc, Stanley Churchill, Bill Lag:-n. SIXTH ROW': Stanley Stamnl, Kent Valllrrrg. Wilmot Miller, Sam Rohinson, Ken Moores, Tom Naah, liill Garhart, .loah Curiel, .loc Adatlo. I . YOCATIOX.-XI. SI-QIIRI-1TARIIiS SECOND SI-IMESTER FRONT ROW: Irving Rolninsou, Sidney Kreme, Bruce Bonhaln, Katherine Wong. Mary Lou Shaw, Nlay Vick- lund, Iris Yigus. SECOND ROW: Loia Schille, Elaine Ross, Dale Etkin, .loycc Stern, Ih-tty Yasunoliu, Helen Hyland. THIRD ROW: Takao Nagai, Blizuho Sckijima, Shirley Srlu-ner, Alien Iiuuachlcin, Mary Stuchell, Ann Ceranins, llarhara ,Ionn-Q, Kathleen Sharp. FOURTH ROW': Vlvaltnr I'rvwolt, Daniel Vino, lnalnae Bellamy, Kay Skinner, Annu Griffiths. Dun lilcflritle, .lean Mur- phy, Margaret Slultlook. l"lF'1'H ROW: Dominic Colasur- do, Dorothy Smart, Dick Wiggins, Roy Dchlieux, Cordon Bigelow, Howard Vllxllgg, W'in Case, Betsy Burleigh, Co- rinne Lalimer. SIXTH ROW: Donna Stocklanfl, Tom W'eston, lien Mayor, Iloln Thomsen, Roh Dootsun, Ray Beliec, Elihu Hurwitz, Don McDonald, Neil Hansen, Barth-y Dolmli. ROLL II-KNKI-IRS. SICCOND SEMESTER FRONT ROWV: ,Ivan Amon, Lila Levy, Sidney Krcln Helen Gay, Margaret Yuen, Mary Catlow, Hilda Mohri-r. SECOND ROW: Raehel Sarliw. Edward Lorke, Louie To- mita, Rachel Fi-rrera, Lila Romanoif, Ramona Deyoe. Sylvia Srhain. THIRD ROW: 'foru Shimizu, Ronald Donart, Br-rnire Thal. Laxon Hardie, Janelle Howard, Helen Free-man, Mary Lou Rulicrts, Betty Pizor. FOURTH ROW: Dominic Colafurulo, Gi-orge Caenepccl, Dixon 'tIrDonalrl, Iii-rllard Kroinu, Shirley Vl'illiamson, Lenore I'et1-raon, Mary Thomas, Dcniaris Thompson. FIFTH ROW: .loliu Stvrnlrergli, Nemo Cohen, Aoki Ta- kao, Wayne ,loin-S, Dil-lt IH-ek, Doreen Bingham, Yictor Allxado-If, Arthur Kulinan, Matlvloinc Olson, Nliriam Van YVatt-rs. SIXTH ROIY1 Ralph Bertolin, Bill Bcnvc- hislv, Jack Farln-r. Ren L1-rm-r, Ilill Harrah, ,lorry John- son, Henry 'tlitt-In-Il, Daw Hu-ggiu, Stephanie Coe. IZZS unrc-mum-ralive task of selling tht- thrill hahil to his roll f'lll't'lilllg thi- l'm-cvipts and lllOIll'y flclnosilml with him each ,, . . . .. . .. Ihe t'Xll0l'It'Ilt't' gauietl 111 capahly lillmg a position Sllt'll as sol in propariug one for Ulfllfllxlll participation in tomorrow's CLUBS AS-WE-SEE-lT CLUB The As-We-See-It Club is self-explanatory. It is a new group, organized recently to give Garfield girls an oppor- tunity to air their viewpoints and exchange ideas on sub- jects in which they are par- ticularly interested. Miss Law, Advisorg Pera Jean Poplack, Pres- identg Alice Coleman, Ruth Thompson, Sec- retary-Treasurersg Sally Watson. Vice-Pres- idenl fahsenleel. MEMBERS: Mary Alhad- eff, Jean Brotche, Marian Elyn, Dale Etkin, Hilda Mnhrer, Edith Rudell, Edith Schmul- man, Margaret Shoucair, Eugenia Slooisky, Emily Stanton, Dorothy Whalen, Helen Wha- len, Hadassiah Wohlgelernter, Steffi Wlolff- ha-im. SPEAKERS' GROUP The main objective of the Speakers' Club is to raise the speaking standards of Car- field High School. Its mem- bership is composed of those students who have participat- ed in oratorical contests and have won distinction. FRONT RUVV: Margaret Maconarrie, Bernard Barnett, Miriam Jacohs. SECOND ROWT Henry Isaacson, .lay Stone, Pera .lean Pnplack, Major Baron. 1.-Awards in speaking contestsj DRAMATIC CLUB Through the Dramatic Club, students aspiring to stage careers have an oppor- tunity to develop their talents. A mystery built around the number 'a2l" this year ter- minated in a cleverly planned membership drive for this group. R n th Sh ain, Y ice-President: J erry Stavig, Prcsidcntg Miss Ruling, Advisor: Dorothy Rosenthal, Secretary-Treasurer. MEMBERS: Jeanne Baker, Carolyn Colver, Stan Fried- man, Ralph Goodrich, Norma Harlowe, Phyl- lis Hively, Irving Lewis. Roberta Lindrothe. Mary Manolicles, Theo Manolides, Ben Rubi- cam, Phillip Runkle, Margaret Shoucair, Bar- bara Sigel, Dorothy Smart, Dan Steen, Max- ine Thomas, Steffi Wulffheinl. 126 SKI CLUB Wiith a team that captured si-cond place in thi- all-city competition, Garfield has once again won high honors as an outstanding booster of high school Skiing. A trip to the Bowl was the outstanding event of the year. SKI TEAMS IVIIUYI' ROWH Al Kristnfernon. Corrine l.aIi- nivr. Scrrelary-Trenanrer: Mimi Xzm Wah-iw. Yirginiu Vanderbilt, Bet-y .I our-1. Conrad Carter. SECOND ROWI: Mr. Cllnllillgllnni. lloh Craig. Vive-l'reBiCIellI1 Win Case. IVIUQZI-ns llilllsor. Ilan Garhnrl. Hob Haynes. I'resiiIe-nt: llill Gurhart. AVIATION CLUB rw lhc Aviation Club suffered a great Setback this year with the loss of Mr. Hierseh. advis- or. However, the members, un- daunted by their ill fortune. are continuing the work which will aid them in becoming to- morrow? aeronautical en- gineers and technicians. Ruhr-rt Nelson. X ire-President: .Ing Kertrt, President: Hr. Jarnbson, Adviior: Henry Kuniynki, Secretary-Tr:-asurrr. NI li M ll F R S. G1-urge Beier, Maynard Bond, Kazuo Kumasa- ka, Joe Leopold, Akira Shimizu. Merle Sidell. Ilon Stewart, ,lack Tolxen. Rnln-rl Wnclilin. .lim Weir, Dick W'inter. RADIO CLIIS The Radio Club is striving to obtain an amateur radio station at Garfield. To date, it has been unsuccessful, due to a lack of licensed members: however, it is hoped that this end will be realized next semester. 5l'I"I'I'NG: Milton Rieliurcls. Secretary: Georgi- Gutrliet. Treasurer: Bob Engle, President: K1-nm-Ili Chinn. Vive-President: Mr. Greer, Mlvinor. 'II ICIIIHFRS: Peter Boynton. john Niall-ni, Bolv Nli'Iillr4I3'. NIi7:'ho Srlxiiimil, 121' CLUBS CLUBS OPEN Fl TRU Nl CLU B Members of the Open For- um Club discuss at their meet- ings various international and local problems. Through this informal exchange of ideas, a better understanding of world affairs is gained, and a spirit of friendship is promoted among the students. Mary Xlharlz-ff, Sa-erelary-Treasurer: lil-n l.1-r- nc-r. l'rv--identz Miss Warren. Advisorg Sun- fnrd l'4-lersky. Wie:--Pri-sislenl labs:-nl:-el, umiinsnsf Mar, A. Alina.-ff. vi.-mr ,-xi. imfif-i'r, ni Bsnsms.-.., min. mi..-H, mai. lilwyn, Fong: Eng. .lnek lfzirlier, Art Crushin. .lerrp Urs-enfielfl. Henry Isuzwson, llzlvid Kru- Lmslq, Hn-rhert Lewin, llrizin Mrlfailuleii, l,1-on Aim-limi.-1. om-mm si.-min-rg. Wallis... 'lun- lnr, ltis-lizard W'illnr'r, .lurk Wiorliceln-, .ROLLER CLUB The Roller Club affords ex- eellent opportunities for those students partieularly interest- ed in skating. 'l'ln'ough its zu'- livilies, aspiring stars have a ehanee to gain needed prac- tice, as Well as to enjoy the happiness of lll'VYlY-lllilllli friendships. ifnovr Row: noi, smil-H, x'ice.i'mi.1.-.rig Belly I'izur, Secretary-'Tri-insurer9 Marion Me- llugpz, Vresidenlg Ellen I.:-ever, June Smith, in.-nt imgieisii, rz..1,i,a.- nn.-fi. sigeoxn mm I mn Powell, mu ii.-nioilit, muy win. 1.-r, mi smith, Ilda si.,,..w, ximisrnsi iff.-.i Ainlrvw-, Bernice Crossley, Kenneth Hinrh. ,liln Nlrlflulld, Dori- Pill-Ll. DEBATE CLUB For the last two years, Gur- field debates have been he-lil on a problem-solution basis. This method has been favored over others because it empha- sizes the need for clear, logic-al reasoning rather than inter- school competition. lin-rnur4l llarnell, l'rc-sinh-nlq Mzii'gzui'el Mau'- Qnzirrie. Vice-l'i'esisl1-iilg Wlrs. J. Strut:-. Avl- xisor: Miriam .lur0l1s,l Serrrtzlry-Tri-:islirer NIICNIBIQRS: l.arrw krlznuler. lid li:-iixliwq-il. lid lliunmnd, Rudolph I"rir-zlland. Belly Hurl- ..,.H u,...,.' le.,i,,.,,,., in... 1.,,..,., uw: l.nh:ln, Fmily Stanton. Nlurian Toinitu. Sully vue-iN...., lilll SClI'lNCl41Cl,l'B 'lilll' ilXS'illi1'lllllQ1 ol' sluclm-ms lo ilu' rvzllizulion ol' thi' grvzll part that sm-i4-iwv plays in 1-v4'ry4lziy lilk- is Ilia' purposv of ilu- sciom-v 1-lulr. Discussions, spvuki-rs, uml imluslriul trips all vonlrilmlv l0M'llI'1l NS1't'lllg how llllllg.'fS ure- cloning' Valli Wills. s1'1'r1'lzll'y-Irvalsllif-rg Holi llullgrvll, pr:-sill:-nl: Liu-liz: lxumnn-r. xiru- pr:-sirlvnlg Mr. hrlllnalllr, zulylsnr. 'Nll'iYllil'illS: lflvzlllirr llurloll. Bill fiona-ll, llzirllvy Dulnli, Hull Doul- -vn. Fila-znmr .lzmv Ilinm-s, Norma Harlow:-, Ravlnurv Hussrlo. Xiruinizi Hu-si-lo, Willa yi.-QM.-r,, l..l1.i... yum-l..fll. si.-in ymiffl..-im. CATH.-XX CLUB illllt! Czitlmy Club was orig- inally orgunizval to promote social rvlulionships among the ClliIlf?Sf31itf5ilI'l.l0l1l. Each year lhCIlli'IllbCTH have contributed il book to thi- lilirziry, and this yvar ai Christmas time they 1'vpair01l toys for poor chil- dren. l"RUX'I' RUXN: lxalllirrim- Wong. lfil l.01'lu'. linuna lfngx. F'l7KNllIX!l: llni-y Wong. lili- grnf' Ku, Yliss Tlmivlsoll. zulyisorg Hvlrn Fug. IIUBBIES Soma sluilvnls lwlong to clubs whilv ollwrs 4-ngagc in illtvrc-sting mul 1'1llH'illi0llZll hohllivs Slll'll us thc-so pic- lurml. During our spring hoh- lly fair lu-lfl in lllv auflitor- ium. many liolrlmivs wi-rv vx- llilbiti-il. I.I'fl"l' 'ro im:H'lx ii., K.-ri.-.. L.-.,.. na,1,.,p. igimm- i,i....ii..,. oiiiicic uomsy ls'rs1 Ralph Bi-rlolin :mul Slvplwn illuznluwlx, morln-I mil- .-.mfig sm... .-L..-nm... sim, vq.N,.,, ulollsg Kilim Slovklvy, rznilmlls: lxallsulxu Fuji- lunlo. flown' :lrrnllg,u-nn-msg Kinuyv Jilmlzli, roslulm- ul:-signg Gladys llnmu. vim-nllv puiutg Howurll Wong, prinlillxl .loyvv Johnson, sil- lmin-lln-sg lmo jan-olnsml. fruil lnmlg Mary sm.-I..-ii, , 4:i.1..4l0n.- yum..-li, Lun- liug: Tam- SI.-nlsky. lmn4-rl'Iii-- :mil kniu-N, l29 t 4, g 5 A 2. -un .1 1. I v 5 v. -. t ,,,4.,,f, QL, I ,.. V.,-.En-.,., jr-KV -,J .1 - N G 1'-lf:-11 tw , -.Q , - ' ' :ss rx. .- , vg.,,.-7 s-ae. . .. 7 .. Avy .X s., 1 N f A , X. 4 r ts f fm If t 1 1, , fi ' 51 fy W is 5, 'WL 1, .f 1 I 1 J f Egg ' I .1 1 4 A A is ,GF 25 h tp gif f 1 Q " .4 'W' ,v 'J 133' 'SWL' V J: ii: : .. '- FERT RES Colonial classrooms saw many one-act dramas enacted ill real life. What could be more distress- ing than the humiliation of a boy donning the dunce cap after his malicious designs had been thwarted! We all know the contagious glee of the rascal who has just seen his well-aimed, sling- shot missle hit its mark. The dunce cap and slingshot have seen their day, and we no longer make some SCHIIIID the tar- get of our laughter. Instead, we enjoy fun shared by all. The following pages record the highlights of this year,s good times. K Wx: ug,-il - 1. ,,. rw a ,.- 'if ' iii.- f " -LQ , A ,. , -.f1,'J:ae-:f,,'.f.f:h . ?2?l33"?:E?iQi' ,wg ., 1,. 1- 1-fQ::' ., :5 A tj-waertvlic' ut..-. ,f .,f.:fff. ,-,H ,xy :mane L vs- f-rt A .gg -, ,Tv -N 1 :-, V-3 501,71 r -s 534 R f' t. L "5 , . NVQ'-4'1f ' , Y ,.t , 1 . N :mm-: n , -f . ,- .,s:4ww2:azf1s X f H .- L . Q -, f , 4f,:e..7tf.y.17vp,g,,,.- , ., , no 1 , 4 ,. ,Anzac ' "-' lv-. , .. , , ,. .. r N.-f, .- f N' aafpau , - , ' 14.5-fain' -4' f ' "- .' ', G .- .N.r,,. Q... ta J -,, A L 1 " f t --ag-1.-mf . 155' I. tm f 'wg-,:1n?y'f '. .,4,g5v,,y,' 2 wk- 7 f 1 , 5 -...Mx-N: --aff tt. ry . N . .V-.,.t.zs,,L.. -sq, r x A .f, X vf, - ,-:r.g.s..-Q,n:.,- 'ft--Z--.-,tu .1-:W 53' , ffa fir '-- ,, "iles" ,av, ,,' Murlvng-2-1-E G. gf X of -2 . rf" -175 ., .. if eqam 1, , w.3,5v'.5t-. 59 an in ii ni tw fe Q5 I X 1 Ln.. 1 ,.. H 7 an . i Y 5 at 1 'J Vsiffifvf if t , s f 15 Pa? I 55 ,. 5 WH 3 5-V, JS' 2 f ?,-. 1 ' if- J--A , . , V. .- .4.1,-sA,5,gg,gL,,,,,,, .- ab .- A , L rl' la 5 14 as S 2 1 3 N 1' ' jg 1 3 as , A r -' L 1 1 It 'YB 1 H sf N ' H' A ' as 1' 35 2 , 1 5 9 5 a 7.5 Q L, 'P aim. K-'fe e as 'L Y ' K , ' i 1 1 ,X P L sl fs X - I - 1,11 1 sf-fs? ' -. 1' 1-"S , , - : 1 sg- s ,, sem., . , 4 ,QL e at Y-.' .,,,Q 1 va 'f-., ,. - - ,W 5,,s,f:f.g5fmf3S'?elf.-'fs-gigs?--:. 'rv-f fr ' vp .J w w ,us I-0 ' "" 4. fiitin LQ' , mf.. N - - F11 M--V-f--sf., ' " ' za - , 'H as. S' '----N.. ,MV Y 'N1?E?f','q.:f-. A FPA-1 7? 14111, X521 sm'-: 53551 93' 5? . vi 'fi J' is ,4 i e 'e . tl is .57 13' N'-lcd. 4 4 , ' 'lf . . ,x Q A, ' V P112 fa, f. 1 . - ,114 .-::, f . 3 ' -- 1 ' - 'N-:liiiqf ,.ak2,52.1z4,f,g,- - 1, 5,5 . ,QL - -sg , +1 fa-k1'f,,--me-eggzzxw . - . ' , ...lirgu-, ,lxihgl h ,af I 'A R -.N -V,-c,,m-,-335531 N :ah ' ' ' V 1' J .' Rza--. 1 .., , ' , 3 , , , w.,...-swf-1, '- -va u . -. - -I -.wb " Mag- A ,mini A :1 fff-Misra-2-rfaffE:.r' .f 7 - .fxzanz-"fr V . A ' , uf: "f-.5-.ff , 3 A 2.5- 4:- 45. KING ARROW . x , 'S iw . wg A+' QM' 5: YO YO HUM AND A BOTTLE OF ROOT BEER SUCKER' Y' GOTCI-IAN YY SECOND STORY BRAWL' OH. Gfzlzi OH. BIG "G If FALL STRIP fmuliulmai 132 JRNY TRIO NNY F PERI f REEZY YO SPAR LI il-IVQW + qwvwmwmmwwmmj lT5 E51 Qxgwi ,M PROFHE AVENUE TH ?? Jo Y. SDLONG EVERYBODY' TTLE V 'M 57 , ,W SIX LESSONS , OTAII IM EGT A TCOK EN? W ZW l '5' ,::f?:f UH, MY HAIR' S W 1115 156 X If VD BRI: Ux NHHYS NIP HUYX xl M - -M I f ' WEf3Qii1 A KY2e.XXN yi L5 N5 HT IVRUNI HI!" 151431 H r P E fi l 1 ' Nz X . , iii 1 H24 4 fl E 5! T 'a if 1 5 1 -4 x IRE! L H, TH XT'S G.o.o-D.- AH 1159 MY BES1 PA L XX N Nll4.Ul1A'l ION Lf MK QUT NUNX If HHN IO in DARK X ILTORX ROYALTY' f W WHEN THF IMNCF IS ANUIIIPR mm- 9'i'HIfH IDU XI 141 W I If i NI 'YH R Hlil 41.8 XV! UH if HN? Wx x CONTEST ORATORY: GARFIELII DAY CoN'I'Es'I': Henry Isaacson Pc-ra ,lean Poplacki "" ' llernard Barnett I Margaret lx'liZll'i2ll2ll'l'lL' X Mayer Baron I .Mirizull ,lacoliss """ ADIERICAN LEcIoN AUXILIARY C0N'l'l41S'l'! Bernard Barnett ,III.., ,.I, , Placed first, cityg Sally Vlfatson .,,.,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , SONS or THE A MHRICAN HIcx'oI.I1'I'IoN CovI'I1s'I' AWARDS ,I,,,Gold Medals ,Silver Wlwlulu ,Bronze Medals second, county Placed Second Bc-rilarrl Barnett .,,,, ,,.. , , , ..l,lilt'P1l second, silver lllP1lkll llNlYERSlTY Ex'I'I-:MPORIZ SPEAKING fl0N'1'ES'l'I Margaret lVlH0iQll2ll'I'l0.. ,, I ...,.I. ,. ,tt,t.IItt,,, ,,tt,,t, l Jlat-url first HIGH SI:HooL FISHING IJIQRIIY: Marillyn Sigel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,. , H SCHOLARSHIPS! Tom Douglas ....,,,, .loc Miller t,,.,,, UARFIELII FALL GOLF '1'oIInNAMIaN'I': Edwin Steen First prize ...,,,,Wl1itIIIaII .,,.,.SyracIIsc WOI1 loving cup In Acknowledgment The ARROW STAFF of 1941 formally acknowledges its appreciation for the cooperation of the following persons and firms: PRINTING: MR. FLOYD FLINT LOUUIIHIIIV QQ Hanford Conzpfmy ENGRAVING: MR. FRED WIMAN MR. HARRY BONATH MR. TAL GUPPY MR. KENNETH MILLER PHOTOGRAPHY: MR. EARL KENNEILI. MR. LANDIS DIETRICH Kennell-Ellis Studio SEATTLE TIMES For use of two action football negatives QW' .rf Q55 ' Es1Mi92.f 1940-41 'wfifassotxvxw The Public School. Oh, let its light Shine through our Country's story! 'Here lies her wealth, her strength, her might, Hero lies hor future glory. ---Aullwr Ijlllflllllfll 53. 31 ii

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