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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1940 volume:

- -.Vv -A J , y ■ tr r. u Qn n r R 1 ui , 1 %PM t I -« " rT rr. T " ! f ' ri : p, a 1ltf Seattle, iva5kinaion 1940 GRRFIEliD DEDICHTIOn TWENTY years ago, Mr. Porter, a group of twelve teachers, and two hundred eighty -two freshmen met in a wooden building called East High School. The pride and traditions of our present school have grown out of their courage to begin and to develop a new institution of learning. To those pioneers whose hopes and ideals were deeply rooted in the very foundations of Garfield High School, we respectfully dedicate this, the Nineteen Hundred and Forty Arrow. _!.. .ysKbi-i ■.■.,:;;aMfaaa Ji i» L ' g ' »». ' j ;V: .v-ns ■ s ' i«v; ' -v- v. TUUEni ETH 4[j|Mi|j|| --jst " .!;: ' - ' -• -VSv»i " Vf. llSfWJW-l SCHO FOREIUORD TWENTY years! Years of progress and spirited growth that have developed a young, but idealistic school into a modern, democratic institution. The Arrow of nineteen hundred and forty is representative of these years, calling to mind early beginnings and ideals. In con- trasting yesterday with today, we reveal the link between — twenty years of courage and determination. 5. ' - nnivERSHRy The friendly spirit of Garfield n.cLun cs students uhu enter these duurs t X A- SiJent silhouettes pause to x■iex ■ the icorJd from QarpehVs main hall The greenhouse offers pleasant diversion from routine work A lull on the sunny landing is refreshing ■J a t " t ? ) ' ' o t. V ,l» r- YESTERDAY. . . a dozen men and women met with less than three hundred boys and girls for a common purpose — to found a new school. They were the creators. They formulated tradi- tions and laid the cornerstone of a mighty structure. TODAY . . . a greatly increased personnel has expanded far beyond the limited ho- rizon of its creators, for their faith and sincerity have inspired present- day Garfieldites in the perpetuation of high ideals. 4 0 E. E. HANSELMAN. VICE-PRINCIPAL During the past twenty years. I have been interested in follow- ing the part played by the boys and girls of Garfield in the work of the school. Under the leadership of the principal and the Boys ' and Girls ' Advisors, the students have developed a program which plays a major role in school activities. Through the Boys ' and Girls ' Clubs, students have learned to think honestly and to judge fairly. They have been encouraged also to plan a part of their own work and to assume many of their own responsibilities. This has contrib- uted much, not only to the school, but also to the community as a whole. I feel that Garfield ' s program not only makes possible character development, but also tends to correlate the various departments of the school. i V T 3. N. PORTER. PRINCIPAL The Arrow of 1940 is the twentieth volume of Garfield his- tory. A comparison of the first volume with the twentieth is inter- esting. " Crude. " someone would say. looking at that first volume. Judged by certain standards, the evaluation is true. But I see in that first volume the spirit that makes the twentieth volume the beauti- ful book that it is. Those Freshmen of 1920 wanted to do things. They were proud of their school, and they recognized no obstacles too big to surmount: and there were many obstacles in the way of producing that first volume. Each succeeding generation of students has attacked its problems with this same spirit of courage. I salute the staff and advisor in this crowning effort — the great volume of 1940. MISS BROWN ASSISTANT CLERK Twenty years have seen many changes in the office. The first one was very small anci limited in facilities compared with modern standards. Its meager equip- ment included a typewriter, an old-style mimeograph, and a very small portable safe. With the new school came a modern mimeograph, a new calculator, several typewriters, and other equipment. Office procedure has made even greater progress. Until 1925, absentees were presented pink slips which had to be signed by all their teachers and returned to the office where they were matched with the originals. This plan necessarily required much time and effort on the part of all concerned. Today absentees simply register their written excuses with the clerk. Class enrollments were formerly handled in the office: now, students sign themselves into classes. Though Garfield has grown into a large and complex school. Miss Brown and Miss Hyde, our competent office clerks, perform their countless tasks with accuracy and a minimum of confusion. BETTY GOODS EFFICIENCY IS AN ASSET TO THE OFFICE GUIDANCE MISS JOSEPHA BURNS JUNIOR GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Members of the faculty who serve as coun- selors advise individual students on the prob- lems of choosing suitable courses, selecting sub- jects, and completing the necessary requirements. Counselors act as a contact between pupils and their teachers and are also eager to help stu- dents with any questions which confront them. MISS LOUISE PUGH SFNIOR GUIDANCE MR. ROY KliLLOGG SOPIIOMORF r,UIDA . ' ' ' r MR. LESLIE JOHNSON MISS HELEN SHELTON FRESHMAN GUIDANCE Aaron, Jean English Anderson, [-thcl Way Science Baxter, Kirk S History Bird, Emma M Commercial Boling. Ruth English Brier, Howard M English Brigham. Leon H History Brown. Amy Art FACULTY Buckley, Catherine Mathematics Burns, Josepha Language Charroin, Ida Mathematics Cook, Parker E Music Cunningham, Harry B . . Industrial Arts Dearborn. Elizabeth English Dixon. Mary Ethel English Field, Mary Ellen Mathematics Gibbon, Dorothy History Gibb, Minnie Home Economics Gray, Virginia H English Greer. Charles A Industrial Arts 14 Groves. Mary Language Hiersch. Frederick A Mathematics Hoppock, Gertrude History Hoyt, Donald R Music Hunt. Jean Home Economics Isaacs, Ruth English Jeffcry, Harold B Mathematics Johnson. Emily H . Physical Education FACULTY CORNERED Johnson. Leslie W Science Johnson. Martha R Science Jurgensohn. Eva E. . . Physical Education Kellogg. Roy D Industrial Arts Kingsbury. Milford K Science Kinkade, Lucille Librarian Knight. Homer T History Knight, Mary History (Head) Kricnkc. O. K Science Lappenbusch. Marie J Commercial Loughead. Eleanore M Commercial Loughlin, May English 15 Mcintosh. Edith A English Mehlhorn. Harriet Commercial, S. 1 Mathematics (Head) Moore. Ruih B Commercial More. Euther .... Physical Education Ogdcn. Carolyn Language Olmsted. Virginia B Language Owen, Roberta R. . . . Home Economics FACULTY Pclton. Anna M Language Peters, Henry W History Port. H. W Commercial Pugh. Anne C English Pugh. Louise K English Roscnquist. V Art Rushing. John R Mathematics Saeman. Marie C English 16 Schmallc, A. L Science Schocppel, Elizabeth M History Schwartz, Margaret Commercial Shclton. Helen E Language Simmons. Charles ... Industrial Arts Skinner, Verne P English Smith, Clifton T. . , , . Mathematics Strate, Johanna English FACULTY CAUGHT IN THE ACT Thomson. Marion W Science Tichnor. Roy H History V arren. Jessie A History Welts. Florence History White. Marian Commercial Whitson, Earl T. . . Commercial (Head) Willis, Elizabeth B Art Wilson, George S Science (Head) 17 m ' lA CLASS SCENES MATHEMATICS SLIDE-RULE SLEUTHS SCIENCE . . • PROTOZOA PAR D ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS . ALLURING APPRENTICESHIP rvcn .--s ' f ' or S " ' ' " r they served . , ,n " " ' ' : s boo ' " " ° nd su8S« ' -° " v, s code s u Presented W " thought con „{ tW . to Me. ' rt aoV ° manmiaumssitfrmm ' LW WIBII I ' L l| W »W» . m i " . i| " H I ' W M ' ! W ' ,,K 0K1H« " - " " ,UM ' ' " ' ' ' % H.-- " ' PHIII I ■■-• " " a.BNH " - KDVISCT «,Vt,iSSIl Petite MRS. OLMSTED, senior co- advisor, is always ready to " iron out the wrinkles " for the troubled senior, MRS. ANDERSON ' S understanding, sympathetic nature has made her a friend of everyone. ■ H!iiMtjdl " i ADAMS. BETTY E. Vocational Otticcr: bcnior Night: Health. Service Committees; Opera; Girl Reserves. ADELSON. SOL — Football; Roller Club: Soccer: Home Track Meet. ALHADEFF. AMELIA — Freshman Auxiliary; Photography. Commercial Clubs; After-School Sports. ALHADEFF. COLLEEN — Debate. Open Forum Clubs: Roll Officers Social Service Committee; Honor Society: Honor Roll; Service Honor Roll. ALHADEFF. DAVID A. — Honor Society: Avocational. Traffic Committees: Garfield Day and Extempore Speaking Contests: President, Commercial Club; RoM Officer; Vocational Of cer; Senior Night: Mid -Winter Concert. Valed ' Ctorian. ALLEN. BARBARA LOU — Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer; Senior Night: Banker: Hostess. ALLEN. JACK W. — Football: Roll Officer. ALTARAS, LOUISE— Senior Night; Mid-Winter Concert; Oper.i; Roll Offi- cer; Honor Society; Service Honor Roll; After-School Sports. AMSBERRY. VERLA RAE Health and Hostess Committees. AM YES. LUCY — Fun ' est: Ski, Dramatic Clubs: Standards, Funfest Com- mittees; Cabinet; Roll Officer: Sophomore Commission; Freshmar. Auxiliary; Fall Matinee. Chairman, ANDERSON. EVELYN — Girls ' Gazette Staff: Vocational Officer: Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert. ANDERSON. BARBAR. ' l JANE — Mid-Winter Concert: Sj-mphony, Service Co-nmittees; Service Honor Roll. ANGEL. JEANNE — Honor Roll: Photography Club: Service Honor Roll: Hostess. ANGEL. KATHERINE — Big ' G " Club: After-School Sports: Funfest: Com- mercial Club. AN2AI. TSUGIO— Intramural Basketball. AQUINO. ANTONIO — Baseball Announcer: Radio. Roller Clubs: Roll Offi- cer: Safety Committee. ARNBERG. YUELA Friendship. Make-Up. Traffic Committees: Opera; Chess. Photography Clubs: Messenger Staff: Senior Night. BAHLKOW. ALFRED — Traffic Committee. BAKER. JOANNE — Roll Officer: Service Honor Roll: Ski. Dramatic Clubs: Funfest: Standards, Freshman Auxiliary. Friendship Committees: Senior Pin Committee. BALDWIN. DONALD B. NNICK. BILL — Stamp Committee: Service Honor Roll: Intramural Sports ' Messenger Staff: Track. BARLIA. .MARY — Banker. BARNETT. BERNARD — Funfest: Opera: Roll Officer: Service Honor Roll: President. Stamp Club: Debate Team: S.. .R. Oratorical Contest: Tennis: Soccer: Intramural Sports. BARRAT. EDDIE — Stage Crew. FLORA CAMPBELL— A highlight of Senior Night BOB ■ DLKl. .MATSON— Dyn,imic quart.rb.ick 24 ,si. 1 HI Kl . n -SI. 1 ' N McLEAN — Cleans up on track honn BARRAT. SOL — Roll Officer; Chairman. Vocational Committee: Employ- ment. Doormen Committees: Ski Club. BARRON. JACK — Track: Yell King: Vocational and Roll Officers; Honor Society: Arrow Staff: Chairman, Traffic Committee: Senior Pin Com- mittee: S.A.R. Contest: Ski Club. BARTO .JOE — Ski Club: Funfest: Advisory Board. BATES. BILL — Roll Officer: First Team Baseball: Latin and Photography Clubs: Honor Roll. BEAX. BETTIE — Funfest Hostess Committee: Service Honor Roll. BEBEE. RAY — Traffic Committee: Track: Ski Club. BECKER. ANN JANETT M.— Advisory Board: Cabinet: Chairman. Stand- ards. Lunchroom Committees: Radiance Roll: Roll Officer: Messenger Staff; Honor Society: Senior Night; Funfest. BEHAR. ELAZAR— Vocational Officer: Funfest: Service Honor Roll: Pho- tography Club. BELKNAP. ETTA FRANCES — Advertising .Manager. Messenger: Quill and Scroll: Big " G " Club: After-School Sports; President. Aviation. Roller Clubs: Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer: Chairman. Thrift Committee. BELL. HELEN- — Messenger Staff: Funfest: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Girls ' Gazette: Building Committee; Usherette: Roll Officer: Open Forum Club. BELL. ROBERT — Chairman. Election and Vocational Committees: Roll Officer: Football: Honor Society: Opera. BELLAMY. INAMAE — Advisory Board: After-School Sports: Big " G " Club: Mid-Wjntet Concert: Freshman Coancil: Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer- BENEZRA. JOSEPH N. — Layout Technician. Arrow: Fall Matinee: Honor Society; Quill and Scroll: Debate. Science, and Open Fornm Clubs: Doorman. BENSUSEN. TOM — Intramural Basketball: Funfest: Election Committee. BENVENISTE. RAY — Freshman Auxiliary: Sophomore Commission: Favors Committee: Funfest: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Usherette: Big " G " Club. After-School Sports. BERG, DON E. — Chairman. Vocational Committee: Lunchroom Committee. BERGLIN. JAMES F. — Track: Football: Manager. Football and Basketball. BERGLUND. MARGARET Business Manager. Messenger: Photography Club: Vocational and Roll Officers: Funfest. BERLINER. NANCY — Building, Standards Committees; Senior Night: Ski Club. BERMAN. FANNIE — Opera: Funfest. BERNBAUM. PHYLLIS J. — Cabinet; Vocational Officer: Chairman. Social Service Committee; Friendshio. Safety, Senior Entertainment Commit- tees: Fall .Matinee: Funfest: Ski Club: Roll Officer. BERTOLIN. PRUDENCE Honor Society: Honor Roll: Opera: Messenger Staff: P.T.A. Committee: Usherette. BIGELOW. DICK — Ski Club: First Team Track: Vocational Officer: Serv- ice Honor Roil; Washington Jubilee. Extempore, Toasimaster ' s Con- tests; Funfest. BITEMAN. KEN — Safety Committee: Photography and Radio Clubs. DICK DAMEYER Searchlight of the Messenger V JL ' LIE BOONOV — Taps her way lo slage fame IE " HA HA " OHISHI The acme of friendliness 25 f l c BOEHME. ROBERT— ( lub. Roll Office. BOITANO. JOHN — P.esidcni. Junior Class; Hrst Footb.ill: Track. BOOKER. GRAVETTA — Mixer. Friendship Committees: Funfcst. BOONOV, JULIE- — Cab. net: Chairman. Building Committee; Vocationjl Committee; Big " G " Club; Roll Officer: Advertising Manager. Messen- ger; Funfcst: Mid-Winter Concirl , 1 all M.ilincc: Service Honor Roll. BOTHWELL BOB — Eirst Te.ini Icoiball; First Team Baskciball: Library C ' ommittec; t hairman. Stamp and Blcachcrs Committees: Tr.itk: Roll Officer. Vocational Officer. BOULLS. NORMA R.— Amigos Club. BOWDEN. BOB — Vice-President. Ski Club: Program and Office Committees: Bleacher, Stamp. Ticket, and Traffic Commiltees; Ski Team. BOWEN. HARRIETTS — Quill and Scroll; Business Manager. Arrow; Business Manager. Messenger; Funfest; Study Hall Cilcrk; Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer; Banker: Hostess Committee. BOWLING. MARJORIE — Co-Editor Arrow; Quill and Scroll: Secretary- Treasurer. Senior Class; Chairman. Junior Prom. Fine Arts Committees; Assembly Commitlee: Cab. net; Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll; Radi- ance Roll. BOWMAN, MILDRED B. — Transferred from West Seattle High School. Roll Officer BOYLE, ED— Baseball, Basketball; Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll; Stamp Clerk. BRADFORD. BILL — Honor Society; Honor Roll: Vocational Officer: Sci- ence Club; Chairman. Senior Night Program Committee; Vocational Committee. BRAZIER, MARJORIE Pcn Staff; Messenger Staff; Honor Society: Honor Roll; S ' rrvicc Honor Roll; Vocational and Roll Officers: Funfest: Girls ' Gazette, Hostess Committees. BRENNER, YETTA — Speakers " . Friendship Committees: After-School Sports; Little " G " Club: Banker. BRIGHAM. JEANNE — Advisory Board: Cabinet: Chairman. Friendship ( " ommittee ; Junior Prom Com mil tee; Ski Club; Service Honor Roll ; Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll; Editor. Messenger; Funfcst. BRINKLEY. BILL — Roll and Vocational Officers: Secrctary-TreasuS-er. Junior Class; Honor Society: Library. Ticket. F " inance Committees. BRINSFIELD, SHIRLEY — Vocational Officer; Honor Roll; Intramural Sports; Open Forum (ilub. BRUCE. JIM — Advisory Board; Co-Sports Editor. Arrow; Sports Editor. Messenger: First Team Baseball: Honor Society; Chairman. Athletic Board; Co-Chairman, Senior Prom Committee: Ski Club; Vice-President. Senior Class. BURLEIGH. BETSY — Standards. Make-Up. Hostess Committees; Honor Roll; Honor Society; Fall Matinee; After-School Sports. CAHILL. BOB — Library, Traffic Committees; Track; Honor Society. TALLAHAN. RITA Funfest: Roll and Vocational Officers: Latin Club: Co -Chairman. Friendship Committee ; Ski Club: Safely. Election Com- mittees. (.AMPBELL. ELORA Senior Nighi; lunfest: Copy Editor. Messenger; Assembly. Gazette Commiltees; Roll and Vocational Officers: Honor Society; Usherette; Ski Club. CAPELOTO. ELEANOR — Roll and Vocational Officers: Mixer Committee: Roller, Photography Clubs; Funfcst. CARACO. ALBERT — Committee Chairman; Special, Demerit. Avocattonal. Publicity. Program Committees: Sports Editor. Messenger: Intramural Sports; Funfest: Mountaineering Club. ANNA CLAIRE HILL — Turchligbt of many committees •TLAINI IHF. FAIR " BECKER—Brtghi spot of Senior Night 26 i (Ml JOHNNY ■ nil KINSCIN Sklppor " of Ilic Messenger umiWWWWIi II I I l .M. ' ii BI ' ■H»HB " HH CARLSON. HELEN — Vice-President. Girls ' Club; Honor Roll: Honor Soci- ety; Big " G " Club: Cabinet: Advisory Board; Vocational Officer; Ush- erette: Radiance Roll: Election Committee, CARLSTEDT. KEN — Harmonica Club: Lunchroom. Traffic Committees: Advertising Manager. Messenger: Doorman. CASADY. EDWARD — Advisory Board: Vocational Officer: Basketball; Foot- ball. CEDER. EVELYN Freshman Frolics: Dramatic. Debate Clubs: Make-Up Committee: Mid-U ' inier Concert: Roll Officer: Study Hall CIctk; Fashion Show. CHAN. WARREN — Chairman. Bleachers Committee: Publicity Committee: Honor Roll: Honor Society: Cathay Club: Intramural Basketball. CHERNICK. HARRY — Honor Society: Science Club. CHERNOVE. BOB — Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer: Intramural Sports: Funfcst: Opera: Senior Night: Fall Matinee; Mid-Wintcr Concert. COCKLIN. BETTIE— Transferred to Queen Anne High School. CODER. CHARLES— Stage Crew; Philanthropic. Traffic, Election. Grounds, and Bleachers Committees: Track. COFFER. PHILLIP — Funfest. Grounds. Traffic Committees: Track: Foot- ball: Intramural Sports. COFFIN. WILLIAM R. — Special, Employment, and Building Committees: Ski Club. COGDILL. LORRAINE — Traffic. Building Committees; Opera: Funfest: Senior Night. Mid-Winter Concert: Nonette: Vocational Officer; Banker. COHEN. BILLIE — Roll Officer: Freshman Auxiliary. Sophomore Commis- sion: Friendship Committee; Commercial, Dramatic Clubs: Vocational Officer; Funfest. COHEN. LOUISE — Honor Society: Freshman Frolics: Funfest: Minute Men; Dramatic Club; Fashion Show. COHN. BEN — First Team Tennis: Intramural Sports. COLKETT. EVA — Vocational Officer: Safely. Building. Program Commit- tees; Study Hall Clerk: Funfest: Ski Club. COLUCCIO. BOB- — Chairman. Program Committee: Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class; Football: Baseball: Funfest; Roll Officer. COLUMBRO. ESTHER — Funfest Committee: Funfest; Dad and Daughter Night: Roll Officer: Banker: After-School Sports; Big ■ ' G " Club: Art Committee: Costume Mistress: Sophomore Commission. CONDIOTTY. VICTOR — Photographer. Arrow; Messenger Staff; Q x ' il and Scroll: Roll Officer; Philanthropic. Program. Vocational Committees: Service Honor Roll; Funfest. COOPER. MAX— Roll and Vocational Officers; Track: Baseball and Track Manager: Vocational Committee: Service Honor Roll: Roller Club. COPLEY. JEAN CORNELL. JAMES I. — Opera: Funfest; Mid-Wintcr Concert: Roll Officer: Vocational Committee. CREIGHTON. BUD — Advisory Board: Football: Track: Roll Officer; Grounds. Bleachers. Library, and Traffic Committees. CROSBY. JIM — Public Relations. Publicity. Philanthropic, and Sophomore Prom Committees; Senior Night; Funfest; Roll Officer: Messenger Staff; Garfield Pen Staff; Honor Roll. . e- ' V 41 f f •%r i: JOHN YOSHIDA — Adds lighrning to bjsketbjll HELRN DANZ— Debater delus,- JEANNE " BRIG " BRIGHAM — Friend or the frei hnien 27 Seattle Preparatory, ansferred from Eugene. Football: Bai ker. Oregon. Roll and bnthropic. Election Committees: Roll ihqc Roll; Science Club; Doorman. man. Publicity Committee: Library Corn- Staff; 100 Mile Club: Piton Pounders: Honor Roll: Service Honor Roll: Chair- ?TT.. . Committee: Cabinet: Safety Committee; Girls ' Club Debate Club: Roll Officer; Messenger Staff. [! ' ' AROB l V ' " I VI AN— Transferred from Queen Anne. Banker. DATV. NENRY Vice-President. Boys ' Club; Vice-President. Freshman. Junior Classes; .Advisory Board: Chairman. Stamp Committee: First Team Baskelbill; Football: Arrow Contributor; Honor Society. DAVAN20. ANNA MARIE — Roll Officer; Social Service. Art Committees: Aviation. Roller, Photography Clubs; Funfest; Costume Mistress. DAVIS. BRUCE W. — Roller. Photography Clubs: Grounds. Doorman, Ticket Committees: Banker. Dramatic Club: Ski Club: Roll and Library Committee: Funfest; Opera: DAVIS. PAT— Cabinet: President. Vocatioral Officers; Chairman, Fail Mtainee: Senior Night. DEAN. DOROTHY — Roll Officer: Hostess Committee: Opera; Funfest : Mid-Winter Concert; Senior Night. DE BLASIO. LARRY DE BRITZ. HOWARD — Traffic Committee: Football: Track. DE CHENNE. RAYANNE — Honor Society; Honor Roll: Roll Officer: Ski Club: Standards. Friendship. Traffic Commilices: Funfest: Usherette; Messenger Staff. DENNIS. EARL — Honor Society: Harmonica Club. DICKINSON. JOHN— Managing Editor. Messenger: Chairman. Ticket Com- mittee: Quill and Scroll: Roll Officer; Sailing Team: Ski, Mountain- eering Clubs; Honor Society; Honor Roll. DIESENHAUS. ALTHEA— Roll Officer; Fine Arts, Social Service Commit- tees; Funfest: Senior Night: Dramatic. Debate Clubs. DOME. ARTHUR — Traffic Committee: Photography. Stamp. Piton Pound- ers ' Clubs: Service Honor Roll. DORIS. ESTHER — Honor Society: Honor Roll; Debate. Open Forum Clubs: Building Committee. DORIS. ROSLYN — Health. Building Committees: Minute Men. Open Forum. Dramatic Clubs; Vocational Officer. DOUGLAS. JUDltHE— Honor Society; Treasurer. Girls ' Club: Advisory Board: Cabinet: Garfield Pen Staff; Funfest Committee: Roll Officer: Radiance Roll; Ski Club; Funfest. DOWNS. BILL — Roll Officer: Messenger Staff: Quill and Scroll: Service. Philanthropic. Public Relations Committees; Service Honor Roll; Funfest. DOYLE. DOROTHY — Senior Night; Opera: Mid-Winter Concert; Spring Fashion Show: Tyoing Committee; Nurse ' s Attendant; Banker; Honor Roll: Service Honor Roll. AUDREY GERTH — Firelight in her hair BILL ' SWEET WILLIAM: ' BRINKLEY— On the brink of success 28 LOUIE JACOBUCCI — Slap-happy yell duke W»IW«i«P!W|i.ll.i,! " !« IJ.I.iiMB! " ? ' ' " " " " f pons; Football. -Vocational Officer; Senior Night: P.T.A. En- Open Fo:um, Debate Clubs. Club. Buildiny ommittccs; Track. ELLIS. HANK- PFbiball: Track. ENG. DAIS Funfcst; Cathav +li After-School Sports. ENGELSjI D. DOROTHi ' G " Club; After-School Sports: Funfest. ERICKSON. BOB — Aviation. Photography Clubs. ESKENAZI. AL- — Stamp Club: Traffic Committee; Honor Society. ESKENAZL LEO ETKIN, DALE- — Tennis Tournament: Commercial Club: Honor Roll. FALCONIO. MARY ANx ' — Senio: Opera; Hostess Committee. FAULKNER. JACK — Football: Funfest Committees; Ski Club. FENTON. BOB — Senior Night: Fall Matinee Messenger Staff; Avocational Chairman. FERINGER. BILL RoU OfBcer; Track. Night: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfest: Grounds, Publicity, and Bleachers Funfest; Freshman Party: FISHER, ANNETTE — Usherette: Honor Roll: Honor Society; Roll Officer: Vocational Officer: Social Service Committee. FISSE. ESTHER S. — After-School Sports: Big " G " , Commercial Clubs; Freshman Frolics: Honor Roll: Funfest. FITZGERALD, BRUCE Library. Lunchroom Committees; Funfest: Roll Officer: After-School Sports; Messenger Staff. FLACK. JEAN Ski Team: Big " •G " Club: Service Honor Roll: Senior Night: Senior Counselor; Science, Mountaineering Clubs; Friendship. Hostess Committees; Sophomore Commission, FLEETWOOD. SHIRLEY — Opera: Funfest: Senior Night: Assistant Editor. Messenger: Ski Team : Senior Prom, Make -Up Committees; Chairman. Dad and Daughter Night. Senior Counselor; Freshman Auxiliary, FLETCHER. DON H. — Roll and Vocational Officers; Doorman; Ticket Committee: Opera: Roller Club: Service Honor Roll; Funfest, FLETCHER. VIRGINIA — Service Honor Roll: Roll and Vocational Officers: Fine Arts Committee: After-School Sports; Funfest. FLOE, LOIS— Honor Society; Honor Roll; Banker; Funfest: After-School Sports: Usherette Latin Club. JIMMY CROSBY — arbor light of Mercer DELL HANDIN — Proves that " The ' Pen ' is mightier than the sword " BETTY GRAHAM — A feature of the Girls ' Club and Advisory Be 29 1 f% , I (IRHMAN. HOBIN Roll Officer. Slandardi. Vocalionjl. Make-Up ( om- miltccs. Messenger Staff: Funfest; Latin Club; Girls ' Club Attendant; Service Honor Roll; Senior Council. lours. BETTY— Roll Officer; Dramatic. Debate Clubs. IR.ANCO. SAM J — Soccer Team; Intramural Sports; Traffic Committee; Open Forum. Photography Clubs. Funfest. IRFliMAN. MARIAN — Friendship. Traffic Committees. Sophomore CJom- mission; Gazette; Messenger Staff; Roll and Vocational Officers; Honor Roll. FRlhDMAN. JAY- Ski Club, Avocational, Traffic, Public Relations. Pub- lic, tv Committees; Roll Officer. FROST. JOHNNY ' — Stamp. Radio Clubs: Service Honor Roll. FUJII. FUJIKO Messenger Staff; Honor Society: Honor Roll; Big ' G " Club; After-School Sports; Roll Officer; Japanese Ciirl Reserves. IL ' JIKADO. YUTAK A— Manager. Track; Head Manager. Football. I UKUHARA. RUTH FUNIS. STELLA GAI. HENRY- -Honor Society GATES. BEVERLEY — Service Jipanesc Girl Reserves. Roll Officer; Honor Roll; Ifono Roller - Roll. Club, Vocational Officer, GERMAN, MARYANN — Roll Officer; Funfest; Co-Chaitman. Senior Pin Committee; F:iendship, Standards, Philanthropic Committees; Senior Counselo.-; Nurse ' s Attendant: Ski Club; Messenger Staff. GERTH, AUDREY ' — Cabinet; Friendship. Standards. Gazette Committees; Senior Counseior; Roll Officer. Garfield Pen Staff; Honor Society: Fun- fest; Girls ' Club Attendant, GIBBES, CHARLOTTE — Roll Officer; Honor Roll; Senior Night; Opera: iM J v,nter Conce.t: Sen. or Counselor; Social Service. Friendship Com- mittees, GIBSON, BETTY ' LOU — Club; Health Committee. GLOCKNER. RUSSEL GOLD. HOWARD - Clubs: Gaifield Day Oratorical and S.A.R Roll: Golf and Tennis Tournaments GOLDBERG. BUD GOLLUBSKE. NORENE -Roll Officer: Poster Committee: Baseball Manager. Publicity. Bleachers Committees; Speakers ' , Latin Contests; Service Honor Intramural Basketball. GOODRICH. HELEN L. — Freshman Auxiliary: Roll and Vocational Officers. Girls ' Club Attendant; Service Honor Roll; Typing, Hostess Committees, GRAHAM, BETTY — Advisory Board; Messenger Staff: Roll and Vocational Officers: Co-Chairman, Senior Pin Committee, Friendship Committee. Usherette; Girl s ' Club Attendant; Funfest: Honor Society. GRANTHAM. DICK — Baseball; Stage Committee. GRAVES. KENNETH — Advisory Board: Quill and Scroll: Ski Club: Chair- man. Stamp Committee: Safety and Bleachers Committees: Honor Roll: Senior Night; Arrow Contributor. JOEL WATKINS — FlaMighl of the ski tc. LUCY AMYES -She Amyes " to please 30 BARBARA SIEG— Garfield ' s glamour girl . .„«„. .»..».. T„ . ■MI I» I M II I I» ! ll W HWt!l W I I i »i « l»« ' i»» » ii |« l! W ! lH I IIHI. I iH i|! !, II W i " " .l ' . i " l ' ' i l ' " ' GRAY. PLORENCE Roll Oflicor: U.inkcr; Ushcrcdc: Science Club; Hcjllh Committee: Girl Reserves. GREER. JOSEPH E.. JR. — Transfcrtcd from Broadway. Vocational Officer: Messenger Staff: Senior Night: Ski. Latin Clubs: l-unfest: Chairman, Public Relations Committee: Publicity. Building Committees. GREGORY. LILLIAN MARGARET — Lunchroom. Hostess Committees. Service Honor Roll: Funfcst: Opera: Senior Night; Fashion Show. GREGORY. LOREaXE ENID — Funfcst: Hostess Committee. GREIG. ISABELLE — Roll OfBcer. GRIFFIN. BERT E. — Vocational Officer: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Serv- ice Honor Roll: Football: Intramural Sports: Mountaineering. Ski Clubs. GRUND. JACK — Intramural Sports: Manager. Track. GUNN. DOROTHY MARGARET GUSTAV. ROBERT J. — Basketball: (.Ipera: Senior Night. Fall Matinee: Intramural Sports: Library Committee: President. Photography Club: Washington Golden Jubilee, and D.A.R. Oratorical Contests: Funfcst. HAIGHT, JIM — Messenger Staff, . rrow Contributor: Chairman. Safety Committee: Philanthropic, Funfest, and Ticket Committees: Honor Roll: Ski Club: Funfest. HALVERSON. SHIRLEY ' Fall Matinee: Mid-Winter Concert. Opera: Senior Niglit: Service Honor Roll. HAMILTON, JOHN— Transferred from Houston. Texas. Honor Roll: Roll Officer: Service Senior N ' lght: Editor. Pen. Mcs- HANDIN. DELL G. — Honor Society: Honor Roll: Funfest: Fall Matinee senger Staff: Quill and Scroll. HANLON. PATRIC IA M. — Messenger Staff: Make-Up. Friendship Com- mittees: Ski. Writers ' Clubs: Vocational Officer: Funfest. HANSEN. RICHARD — Track. HARA. MARIE M. — Honor Society, After-School Sports: Japanese Girl Reserves: Make-Up Committee. HARRINGTON. JOE Safety Committee. Vocational Officer: Football: Honor Roll. HARRIS, DAVID — Publicity. Avocational. Program Committees: Doorman; Roll Officer; Track; Ski Club, HARRISON, DICK — First Team Football, Grounds, Public Relations Com- mittees: Ski Club, HARTT, ALLAN HASSON. LUCY I. — Honor Society: Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer: Big " Q " Club: Mid-Winter Concert; Opera: Senior Night. Honor Roll. HASSON. LUCY L. — .Vlake-Up. Hostess. Social Service Committees. HASSON. REUBEN — Photography Club: Football; Intramural Sports. HATANAKA. FRANK-Radio Club. I? P € f BETTY JANE REYNOLDS — In her element behind the footlights ..L SSEN — Headed for ' ■grij i.t broke his leg DICK HARRISON — Conversion king 31 HATFIELD, VKRN C. — Roll Officer; Manager, Stage Crew; Chairman. Stage Co.Timittec: Messenger Staff. i. ' WKINS. GENE — Aviation Club; Track; Funfcst; Handball: Soccer: Service Honor Roll. IIATHCOTE. GI,EN — President. Senior Class; First Team Football: Base- ball; Roll Officer: Advisory Board; Athletic Board: Philanthropic Com- mittee: Ski t;iub. IIEDLUND. THELMA — Cabinet: Health. Social Service Committees; Roll OfTlccr; Senior Night; Girl Reserves; Honor Roll. IIEIMAN, THELMA B. — Senior Night: Opera: Mid-Wintcr Concert; Service Honor Roll; Stamp. Writers ' Clubs. HELLSTROM. BOB — Track: Banker; Roll Ofiicer; Messenger Staff. Intra- mural Basketball; Stamp Clerk. HEPLER. NORMAN — Football: Building Committee; Roller Club. HERLINVEAUX. LA VERNE — Fashion Show: Hostess Committee: Roller Club: Vocational Officer. HIDAKA, TSUNr.O — Basketball; Bleacher. Library Committees. HILDEBRAND. MERRILYN — Funfcst; Mid-Wintcr Concert: Service Honor Roll; Mixer, P.T.A. Committees. HILL. ANNA-CLAIRE — Cabinet; Honor Society; Chairman. Standards Com- mittee; Friendship, Mixer Comm;ttees; Messengei Ski Club: Funfcst. HINO, RURIKO LILLIAN — Banker. Staff; Roll Officer; HOGE BARBARA — Messenger Staff; Arrow Contributor; Ski Club; Senior Counselor; Funfest: Usherette: Girls ' Club Attendant: Library. Stand- ards. Social Service Committees. HOLEVAS. KATHERINE — Honor Roll; Roll Officer: Service Honor Roll: Senior Night: Funfcst: Opera: Latin, Big " G " Clubs; Health. Building Committees. HOLLAND, HARRISON — Senior Pin Committee; S,A.R. and Garfield Day Oratorical Contests: Tennis; Senior Night; Funfcst; Yell King; Society: Ski Club. HOLLISCHER. MINNIE Honor HOLMES. BARBARA — Managing Editor. Messenger; Quill and Scroll; Honor Society: Vocational .Gazette Committees: Senior Counselor; Usherette; Roll Officer: Latin Club; Service Honor Roll. HOPPER. JIM — Transferred from Queen Anne. Football; Golf. HORIUCHI. STELLA Honor Society; Honor Roll; Service Honor Roll; Commercial Club; Japanese Girl Reserves. HOSHINO. TERUKO HOULAHAN. DICK C. — Honor Society: Funfcst: Opera; Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert; Roller Club. HOWARD CHRISSIE — Roll Officer: Open Forum Club: After-School Sports: Senior Night; Funfest; Service Honor Roll; Fashion Show: Safety Com- mittee; Sophomore Commission. HOYT. BILL — First Team Football; Track: Stage Crew: Advisory Board; Athletic Committee; Vocational Officer. HUDSON. JESSIE NANCY KERR— GKu m light of oratory .VF IjJlRTO- GarliclJ finally landed one of those skiing Bartos 32 BUD MILLER — Portland ' s loss is our gain IKEDA, ROBERT— Honor Society. Honor Roll; Roll Officer. lORNS. PHYLLIS — Arrow Contributor: Cabinet; Chairman, Lunchroom Committccr Friendship. F- ' ine Arts. Standards Committees: Ski Club; Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll: Funfcst. ISRAEL, BECKY E.— Dramatic. Commercial Clubs; Honor Society: Hostess Committee: Honor Roll; Service Honor Roll; Usherette. ISRAEL. MENACHE I. — Vocational Officer: Service Honor Roll. ISRAEL. ROBERT— Football: Track. Opera: Funfest: Roll Officer. JACKSON. AMOR MARIAH — After-School Sports; Big " G " Club; Service Honor Roll JACKSON. DOROTHY ALICE — Roll Officer: Funfest: Mid-Winter Con- cert; Senior Night: Freshman Council: Girls ' Club Attendant; Service Honor Roll. JACOBUCCI. LOUIS — Track; Stamp. Financial. Program. Lunchroom Com- mittees; Funfest; Yell Team; Roll and Vocational Officers. JAFFE. MORRIS — Vocational Officer; Track; Basketball: Safety. Grounds Committees, JAFFE. SARA— Fashion Show. JAMIESON. TED Fooiball; Soccer; Traffic. Bleachers Committees: S.A.R, Contest. JODRELL. SHIRLEY— Roll Officer: Honor Society: Honor Roll; Big ■G " Club: Art. Building Committees: After-School Sports; Banker; Service Honor Roll. JOHNSON. LLOYD R. JOHNSON. LOIS —Librarian. Buildmg Committee: Roll Officer: Service Honor Roll. JOZWIK. JOE Fooiball: Radio Club: Service Honor Roll: Track. KADANER. ARTHUR — Safety. Philanthropic. Lunchroom Committees. Service Honor Roll: Photography. Ski Clubs: Roll and Vocational Offi ccrs; Funfest. KALINA. MARCELLA — Standards. Lunchroom Committees: Honor Society: Roll Officer; Ski Club: Funfest. KAMIKAWA, HANAKO Art Committee: Banker. KAPLAN. PAUL G. First Team Track: Safely. Funfest Committees: Vo- cational Officer; Senior Night. KATO, lUSAYE — Honor Roll: Opera; Senior Night; Mid-Winter ConcerL KATSMAN. ALVIN — Funfest. Opera. Doorman: Roll Officer. Honor Soci- ety; Bleachers Committee. KATSUYAMA. MINORU F.— Intramural Basketball; Roll Officer: Grounds. Building. Special. Pubhcuy Committees. Messenger Staff; Science Club. KAWAFUNE. KENNETH — Roll Officer: Honor Society: Service Honor Roll: Public Finance Committee, Intramural Football. Basketball: Stamp Club. KAWAKAMI. TOSHIO BOB SHEEHAN— Seldom in a log-Ught f 4- p BARNEY OLONNFR Monopoly on gray matter JO ' l ' CE SWART2— The canary of our musical productions 33 KAWANIMII, lOSlllYUKI - Li.iskab.ill ; h.inkcr. KAWASAKI. SALLY — Honor Society: MidAVmtcr Concurt; U]Kr.i, Senior Night. KAY, Bf:TTl;I: G. Building, Hostess Committees; I-unfesl; Soplioniore Commission. KLNNEDY, JIM —Honor Society; Debate. Open Forum. L.uin Clubs; Chair- man, Committee; Voci and Roll Ofliccrs;, Hxtempor.ipi ' ous Contests: KLNNKDY, LLOYD--Bascball: Roll OrTicr. KERR. PRANK W. — Transferred from Brodjway High SthuoL Arrow St.i(T; Editor. Pen; Honor Society: Library Committee; Open lorum .ind L.itin Clubs: Commencement Speaker; Qu ' iU and Scroll. KERR. NANCY - Transferred from Broadway High School. Roll Officer. Chairman. Extension Committee; Health Committee; Cabinet; Garfield Day Oratorical Contest. Honor Society; Commencement Speaker. KETTLEMAN. SYLVIA — Honor Roll; Service Honor Roll, Hostess. Health, Building Committees; Senior Counselor. KETZLACH. REVA -Messenger Staff: Big -G " Club; After-School SpQrts; Honor Society; Service Honor Roll: Roll and Vocational Officers; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Commission. KINNEAR. BLANCHE ANN — Building Committee; Girl Reserves, Roller Club. Vocational Officer. KIRITA JAMES — Honor Roll; Intramural Sports: Photography Club. KLEINBERG, MORTON— -Roll Officer; Vocational Chairman: Ski Club: Doorman , Track, KNETTLE. LEMYRT DIX KOENIG. GLENN Service Honor Roll; Roller Club: Opera: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfcst: Senior Night, Philanthropic Committee: Vocational Officer: Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll. KOON. JEANNE H.— Roll and Vocational Officers; Funfest; Arrow Staff. KORESKI. BETTY Funfcst: Freshman. Sophomore Frolics; Roller Club. KOZU. YOSHIKO — Honor Society: Commercial Club; Usherette. Voca- tional. Social Service Committees: Japanese Girl Reserves; Service Honor Roll. KRAFT, SYLVIA — Assistant Editor. Messenger; Quill and Scroll: Honor Society; Funfest, Social Service Committees; Fall Matinee. KRIEGER, ALICE — After-School Sports; Sophomore Commission. KUROIWA. HARUKO— Roll Officer; Big -G " Club; Senior Counselor; Gar- field Day Oratorical Contest; Girls ' Club Attendant. KUTOFF. SAM LA BOSSIERE. LAURETTE LACEY. VAL LAMB. GERTRUDE B. — Roll Officer; Social Service Commiti, Pounders; Photography Club: Funfest; Opera. JIM KENNEDY ' — Beacon lit hi of the Honor Society A . % BIG " EOB W ' AL ' DO — Circulation is liis business 34 INAMAE BELLAMY — The best things come in sm.ill p.Kk.iges LAMONT. BhTTY ANN — Houor Roll; Photography, Commercial Clubs, Social Service Committee: Service Honor Roll. LAMPING. MARY LYNN — Freshman Auxiliary; Entortainmcnt. Creed. Standards, Safety. Dad and Daughter Night, and Mother and Daughter Tea Committees; Advisory Board; Funfcst; Ski Club. LANE. JOE — Building. Safety. Funfcst Committees; Roll Officer. Ski Club; Service Honor Roll. LANGSTEAD. MARIANNA— Cabinet; Girls ' Club Attendant; Senior Coun- selor; Sophomore Commission ; Standards, Mixer Committees; Fun f est ; Roll and Vocational Officers. LARSEN. FRANK LARSON. MARY JANE— Funfest ; Mid-Winter Concert; Vocational Offiter. LAUCH. DOROTHY PEARL — Vocational Officer; Hostess. Posture Com- mittees; Funfest. LAURIE, HELEN — Friendship Committee; Honor Society; Freshman Frolics. Funfest; Tennis: Commercial Club. Banker. LEE, GEORGIANA — Funfest; After-School Sports: Hostess Commitlci Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll. LEVANDOSKI. JIM — Roller Club; Vocational Committee. LEVY. ED — Roll Officer; Avocational Commiltce; Banker. LEWINSON. ARTHUR LEWIS. DOROTHEE — Vocational Officer; Banke-. Honor Society: Usher cite; Service Honor Roll. LIBERMAN, SIGMUND — Avocational, Vocational. Traffic. Publicity Com- mittees; Service Honor Roll; Track; Ski Clubs; Assistant Editor. Messenger; Quill and Scroll. LINNELL. BETTY — Senior Night; Opera; Mid-Winlcr Concert. LITTLE, DOLORES E. — Arrow Staff: Vocational, Hostess Committees: Service Honor Roll; Funfest; Senior Night; Girl Reserves: After-School Sports. LOBB. CLARENCE — Latin. Radio Clubs. LOSK. SAMUEL — Football; Basketball; First Team Track; Photography C!ub: Bleachers Committee. LUKKA. ARNE — Baseball; Roll Officer; Aviation Club: Opera: Funfest. LUNDY, BETTY JANE — Avocational. Mixer. Social Service. Make-Up Committees: Fall Matinee; Banker; Funfest; Ski Club. MACDELLAR. BEULAH MACDELLAR. MORRIS MACDONALD. JAMES F.— Transferred from Seattle Prep. Messenger StalT. Funfest: Roller Club. MALIN. NATALIE DORIS — Roll Officer; Funfest: Fine Arts Committee, Dramatic Club. r ' £ ik t MUDD " RUI ' P -EUcuu l:gln of the Girls ' Club SHIRLEY •ACE " FLEETWOOD — A •tlicr " on skis MALLORY. JACQUELINE — Transferred from Spokane. Washington. Dramatic Club; Nurse ' s Attendant. .MARBLE, DICK — Chairman. Lanchroom Committee; Senior Pin Commit- tee; Editor, Messenger; Honor Society; Roll Officer; Vocational Officer; Doorman; Quill and Scroll. .MARSHALL. ELEANOR B. — Vocational Officer; Senior Night; Opera; Mid-Wintcr Concert; Funfcst: Ski Club. MARTIN. A.MELIA MATSON. BOB — Advisory Board; First Team Football; Track; Roll Offi- cer; Funfest; Ski Club; Senior Night; Funfcst. Bleachers Committees. MATTHEWS. TOM— Mid-Winter Concert: Senior Night. NL YER. CATHERINE — Secretary, Girls ' Club: Friendship. Standards, Stamp Committees; Cabinet; Honor Society: Pen Staff; Funfcst; Usher- ette; Radiance Roll; Commencement Speaker: Quill and Scroll. MAYNE. ELEANOR — Arrow Staff: Messenger Staff: Roll Officer: Honor Society: Social Service Committee; Usherette: Piton Pounders; Quill and Scroll. McBRIDE. MORGAN — Transferred from Lakeside School. McCORMICK. TOM — Radio. Photography. Spanish Clubs; President. Stamp Club. McFARLAND. BILL — Football: Service Honor Roll: Chairman. Doorman. Ticket Committees; Bleachers Committee: Science Club. McGEL MARY BELLE — President. Big " G " Club: After-School Sports; Honor Roll; Scivicc Honor Roll; Funfest: Roll and Vocational Officers. McKIERNAN. JOHN — Roller. Aviation Clubs: Lunchroom Committee: Stage Crew; Vocational Officer; Service Honor Roll. McLEAN. SUTHERLAND B. — First Team Track; Chairman. Athletic. Philanthropic Committees; Bleachers, Doorman Committees: Ski Club: Vocational Officer: Ser -icc Honor Roll; Winner, Posture Contest: Cap- tain, Home Meet Team, MERCER. DEAN C. — Roll Officer: Funfest; Fall Matinee: Roller. Photog- raphy Clubs; Intramural Basketball. MILLER. RUSSELL BUD — Ski Team; Roll Officer: Stamp Commiitcc. MILLER. HELEN — Big •■G " Club: After-School Sports: Service Honor Roll: Roll and Vocational Officers: Lunchroom, Mixer Committees: Drum Majorcss. MILLER. JEAN — Roll Officer; Standards. Senior Pin Committees: Honor Society; Office Attendant; Funfest. MILLS, GRACE — Roll Officer: Funfcst; Senior Night; Fashion Show; Library Committee; Service Honor Roll. .MOCHI2UKI. AYAO MOISES. JEAN- Funfcst; Roll Officer; Honor Roll; Service Honor Roll: Messenger Staff: P.T.A., Standards. Social Service Committees: Dramatic Club. ♦ MORE. DON — Roll Officer: dleachers and Stamp Committees; Mid-Winter Concert; After-SchcK)l Sports. MORFORD. JANET — Writers ' . Art Clubs; Friendship. Traffic Committees: Pen Staff: Messenger Staff. MORGAN. .MARIAN JEAN — Roll Officer: Health Committee; Commercial Clib. JOHN NARAMORE — In the limelight on general principles RAYAN;NE DcCHENNE — French with a flourish 3 DAVE HARRIS— -Loco " boy makes good MORTENSEN. ARTHUR MOUNCE. ROBERT — Trmsfened from Roosevelt High School. Tennis: Track: Boys ' Club Committees: Vocational Officer. .MOVER. BILL .MUKAI. FRANK — Honor Society: Honor Roll: Intramural Basketball: Mes- senger Staff. MUKAI, VICTOR — Honor Roll: Honor Society. MURAO. MITSUKO — Honor Society: Commercial Club: Honor Roll: Voca- tional Officer: Service Honor Roll: Health. Typing Committees. .VIURDOCH. BILL — Senior N ' ight Committee: Messenger Staff; Vocational Officer. .MURDOCH. DON — President. Boys ' Club: Honor Society Roll Officer: Vocational Officer: Service Honor Roll: and Office J j ' orkersi Committees: Ski Club; Funfesl. o ■ Advisory Board: Chairman, Stamp NAGA.M. ' TS . SUMIO — Golf; RtTiletic. EleJtion. Senior Pin C. %. ' ' ' W- . ;-.i NAHMIAS. ISAAC — Roll and Vocational Officers. NAKAGAWA. KAZUO NAKAMURA. JIM RoU Officer: Mid-Winter Concert; ball; Photography Club: Honor Roll. Intramural Basket- NAKAaMURA, YURIKO Senior Night: Mid-Winicr Concert: Library Com- mittee: After-School Sports; Japanese Girl Reserves; Banker: Honor Society. XAKANO, MARY — Service Honor Roll: Hostess Committee: Japanese Girl Reserves: Commercial Club. NARAMORE, JOHN — Transferred from Roosevelt High School. Public Rela tioas and Grounds Committees; Messenger Staff; Vocational Officer: Roll Officer: Ski Club: Fall Matinee; Senior Night; Funfest. XASH. SHIRLEY — President. Girls Club: Honor Society: Garfield Ora- torical Contest: Standards, Safety Committees: Inter-School Council; President. Speakers ' Club; Funfest: Radiance Roll. N ' ATORI. MASUMI — Honor Society: Roll Officer: Vocational Officer: Com- mercial. Open Forum Clubs; Senior Night; Mid-Winter Concert: Opera; Fuafest: Japanese Girl Reserves. NELSON. BARBARA JEAN — Funfest: Senior Night: Building, Traffic Com- mittees: Honor Roll; Roll and Vocational Officers. NELSON. ELINOR — Chairman. Election Committee; Friendship, Vocational Committees: Sophomore Commission: Nurse ' s Attendant; Ski Club: Honor Roll: Service Honor Roll: Banker. NELSON. MAE — Roll Officer: Debate. Open Forum Clubs: Honor Society: Usherette: Service Honor Roll; Garfield Oratorical Contest: Debate; Honor Ron. JlcX yV ' ,X -ff at CfA " ■ Aviali((h Club: Honor Roll. y 0t «. yOC ROBERT NELSON NEVLER. LEON.ARD Bleachers, Philanthropic Committees: Sports; Basketball Manager; Track: Football Broadcaster; Si Service Honor Roll: Banker. NIELSEN, BOB — Roll and Vocational Officers: Safety Committee Honor Roll; Intramural Basketball: Roller Club. NIKAMI, TAEKO mm o o NANCY NORDHOFF — A moonUght rhapsody .nnr NORDHOFF. NANCY — TransfcrrcJ from lorcst Ridge Convcnl. Cibinvl. Hcal:h and Typing Committees: Messenger; Funfest; Opera. NORTON, ARDATH • NOVAK. ALICE OAKLAND, PALMFR — Roll OITieer; Roller Club: Vocuional rommillee. O ' CONNOR. BERNARD — Advisory Board: Roll Officer: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Ticket, Finance Committees; Chairman. Bleachers Com- mittee: Golden Jubilee Oratorical Contest: Football. OHASHI. FUMIKO — Commercial Club: Service Committee: Honor Roll. Honor Society: Usherette. OHISHL EDWIN — Messenger Staff: Avocational. Program. Senior Pin Com- mittees: Roll Officer: Ski Club: Honor Society; Honor Roll. OQUIST. JOHN Photography. Radio Clubs. ORMSBEE. RALPH — Funfest: Roll Officer: Aviation Club. OSAKA. WALTER — Honor Society: Radio Club. OSWALD. MARGARET R. — Funfest; Opera: Senior N.ght: Mid-Winter Concert: Roll Officer. OWENS. DICK Transferred from Bellevue High School. PEARSON. ARNOLD — Editor. Messenger: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Honor Roll; Roll Officer; Senior Night Committee. PECK. DON — Tennis: Track: Roll Officer: Vocational Officer; Ski, Latin Clubs: S,A,R, Speaking Contest: Service Honor Roll: Athletic, Library Committees. PETERSEN. DOROTHY — P.T.A., Friendship. Vocational Committees: Banker: Service Honor Roll: Commercial Club. PETERSON. JOHN PFISTER. BILL Philanthropic Committee: Hundred Mile Club: Honor Roll. PINCUS. SHIRLEY — Co-Editor. Arrow; Editor. Pen; Quill and Scroll: Winner. Shakespearean Contest: Honor Society: Senior Night: Friend- ship. Social Service Committees: Girls ' Club Attendant; Service Honor Roll. POHSL. JIM — Building Committee: Piton Pounders: Hi-Ho Roller Club. POREL. JOHN — Roll Officer; Ticket. Philanthropic. Athletic, Funfest, Traffic Committees- Senior Night: First Team Football: Track, PROCTOR, SALLY — Entered from Queen Anne: Messenger Staff; Co-Chair- man, Mother-Daughter Tea: Friendship, Standards Committees: Fun- fest: Ski Club; Vocational Officer. PRU2AN. HOWARD — President, Open Forum. Science Clubs. Avocational Committee. Roll Officer: Honor Society: Honor Roll. PYLE, HOWARDINE — Friendship. Vocational Committees: I all Matinee: Senior Night; Funfest: Service Honor Roll: Senior Counselor. QUIMBY. .MYRTLE — Roller. Commercial Clubs: Senior Night. VIOLETTE WOO — Starlight of stage productions BOB COL UCCIO— The ■:Butchcr Boy " of oin pep assemblies 38 BUD CRFIGIITON — Versatile athlete RAUNbK, LAW ' RfcNCE: — First Team Football; Uj keib-iU Manager; Vice- President. Senior Class: Secretary, Honor Society; Roll Officer; Chair- nun, Grounds Committee; Vocational Officer. RALSTON. CHARLES— Track: Football: Roll Officer. RAYMOND. PHYLLIS — Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll; Girl Reserves; 1 yping. Make- Up Committees; Commercial Club. REYNOLDS. BETTY — Advisory Board; Cabinet; Honor Society: Chairman. Assembly Committee: President, Sophomore Commission: Roll Officer; Fun f est : .Senior Night: Senior Counselor; Messenger Staff. REYNOLDS. ERNEST. JR. — Vocational Officer: Ski. Harmonica Clubs; Banker. RICHLEN, JACKIE H. — Roll Officer; Vocational Officer: Banker. RICKLES. FANCHON ELAINE — Health Committee: Service Honor Roll: Funfest: Senior Night. RIDOUT, JACK — Track. RINGOLD, HOWARD — Honor Roll; Honor Society: Avocational Comm.t- tce; Roll Officer: Tennis Team. ROMANO. LUCY — Freshman Frolics: Sophomore Commission: Traffic. Fine Arts. Hostess Committees: After-School Sports; Big " G " Club; Fashion Show; Banker, ROSE. ISABELLE— Funfest; Fall Matinee: Mid-Winter Concert: Honor Soci- ety ; Senior Counselor: Honor Roll ; Nurse ' s Attendant , Sophomore Commission ; Fashion Show. ROSE. KENNY — Fall M.ilinec; Track: Football. Latin riiib: Doorman: Intramural Sports. ROSE. RUTH V. — Messenger Staff; Usherette: Honor Society: Honor Roll: Senior Counselor. ROUSSO. SADIC RUDD. RAYMOND H. — Senior Night: Funfest: Opera; Mid-Winter Con- cert: Fall Matinee: Honor Roll: Doorman. RUPP. MARY — Cabinet; Chairman. Vocational Committee: Service Honor Roll; Funfest: Dramatic, Ski Clubs: Vocational Officer; Advisory Board; Chairman Dad and Daughter Night. RUSSELL. MARY JANE — Noncttc: Opera: Mid-Winter Concert. Senior Night : Funfest; Traffic Committee. RUSSr. HELEN F. — Commercial Club; Senior Night; Chairman. Make-Up Committee; Health Committee; Service Honor Roll. RUSSO. NICK SAIKI. TOMIKO — Honor Society: Freshman Auxiliary; Japanese Girl Re- SANDHOFER. JOE— Roll Officer: Banker: Vocational Committee: Roller Club. SAPERSTEIN. HAROLD SATO. EDDIE SCHAINE. BELLE — Open forum, Debate, Latin Clubs; Building Committee. UA Uk LEN SMITH — In ihe spotlight for his football prowess ■HH S ' O p i AlMl.YN SCHMIDT— Asset to art DAVE ■DASH ' ALHADEFF— Last seen making track 39 SCHMinT. CAROLYN L. — Funfest: Art Cotnmillcc. C.ibincl; Usherette; Serviic Honor Roll; Roll Officer. SCHMULMAN. FRANCES C— Roll Officer; Messenger St.iff; Social Service. Health. BuiMing Committees; Senior Night. SCHONING. ROBERT — Roll and Vocational Officers: Ticket Committee; Football; Hundred Mile Club. SCHONING. WILLIAM — Football; Roll Officer. SCHUMACHER. BOB- -Grounds Committee. SCHWAGER. WILLIAM — President. Freshman. Sophomore Classes; Arrow Staff. Honor Society; Honor Roll. Advisory Board: Roll Officer: Chair- ee: Photography. Ski Clubs; Tennis: Quill and Bleaches Co Scroll SCHWALBACH. MARIE I ' unfest SEABORN. BEATRICE After-School Sports; Big -G " and Roller Clubs. SEARS. BOB — First Team Football. Head Athletic Manager. Advisory Board; Roll and Vocational Officers. SEDIS. BEATRICE SEIFERT. CLAIRE SEKUIMA. HIDEKI — Assistant Editor. Arrow; Messenger Staff; Quill and Scroll: Roll Officer; Honor Society; Service Honor Roll; Intramural Sports. SENAC. JUANITA — Mid-Wintcr Concert: Senior Night: Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll. Commercial Club. SENDA. MIYOKO — Honor Society; Messenger. Arrow Staffs; Japanese Girl Reserves: P.T.A, ( " ommittee. LTsherctte. Sophomore Commission Banker. SHAPIRO. JUNE - I unleit. Fall Matinee; Messenger; Dramatic Club Make-Up Committee, Honor Society; Honor Roll; Roll Officer- SHFEHAN. ROBERT EMMETT — Vice-President. Sophomore Class; Chair man. Philanthropic, Traffic. Senior Night Committees. Bookroom ; Foot ball. Basketball, Track, Funfest. SHEMARYA. SYLVIA — Freshman Auxiliary; Sophomore Commission; Fun- fest; Banker; Commercial. Dramatic Clubs; Service Honor Roll; Voca- tional Officer. SHERMAN. ARBINA — Funfest. Senior Night, After-School Sports. SHIBUKAWA. GEORGE SHIMA. TOSHIO — Transferred from Bellingham. Football, Intramural Bas- ketball; Senior Night; Mid-Wintcr Concert; Ope. a. f-unfesl. SHIMANO, TERRY — Track. SHORE. EDNA — Mid-Winter Concert: Senior Night: Funfest; Opera. Band Concert. Nonette. SIDELL. DAVID M. — Honor Society: Roll Officer: Fall Matinee. Senior Night. Funfest: S.A.R.. Garfield Day Oratorical Contests; Debate Club: Golf. SIEG. BARBARA — Funfest; Fall Matinee: Honor Roll; Messenger Staff; Roll Officer. Honor Society: Ski Club: Social Service. Make-Up. Mixer Committees. " FUDGE " FUJI — Her smile is a floodlight HARRY ■YELL KING " HOLLAND And the crowd roars ' 411 MARIANNE GERMAN An ally to SIEGAL. HELEN — Senior Night; Mid-Winter Concert; Funfcst; Operetta; Open Forum Club; iMother and Daughter Tea; S.A.R.. Garfield Ora- torical, and Washington Golden Jubilee Contests. SIRJORD, ART — Funfcst: Opera; Intramural Sports; Roller Club; Quar- tette; Mid-Winter Concert. SMITH. LEONARD — First Team Football; Intramural Sports; Roll Officer; Chairman, Grounds and Employment Committees; Banker; Opera; Fun- fest. SMITH, MERLE SMITH, PHYLLIS M--Open Forum. Writers " Clubs; Garfield Pen Staff. Usherette; Hostess Committee; Fall Matinee; Senior Night: Honor Society. SONODA. TOMI — Honor Roll; Japanese Girl Reserves; Hostess Committee; Service Honor Roll; Amigos Club; Fashion Show. SPERRY. JACK — Radio. Ski Clubs: Bleachers Committee; Roll Officer: Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert; Funfesi; Opera. SPURGFON. PAULINE STANSBURY. JOAN — Nurses Ariendant: Friendship Committee: Roll Officer; Vocational Officer; Senior Counselor; Funfest: Ski Club; Mid- Winter Coricert. 6TEVEMSON. GAVIN — Honor Society. STOCKLAND. BE RGL I O T - Honor Society; Health Committee: Mid- Winter Concert; Usherette; Roll Officer STONE, JAY — Messenger and Arrow Staffs; Roll Officer; Quill and Scroll: Honor Society; First Team Track; Football. STRASBURGER. RODDY STRATINER, PHILIP — Honor Roll. Honor Society: Roll Officer: Funfest, Infar ural Basteibjll. STRECKER. PATRICIA — Roll Officer: Service Honor Roll: Senior Night. Funfest; Friendship, Safety, Health. P.T.A., Lunchroom Committees. Ski Club. STRETT " ON. LOIS — Ski Club: Roll Officer; Messenger Staff: Funfest Kad-Tice Roll; Fine Arts. Safety. Standards Committees. SUNDBERG. ASTA-LYNN — Advisory Board; Messenger Staff: Honor Soci- ety. Fall Matinee: Ski Club; Roll. Vocational Officers: Usherette: Friendship. Standards Committees. SW.ARTZ. JOYCE — Social Service. Standards. Senior Prom Committees; Roil Officer; Girls ' Club Attendant; Nonette, Opera: Funfest; Senior Night; Fall Matinee. SWEDMAN, DOROTHEE — Advisory Board; Cabinet: Chairman. Standards Committee: Friendship. Stamp Committees: Ski Club; Vocational Officer. Honor Society; Honor Roll: Usherette. TACHER. COLLEEN M. — Vocational Officer; Big ' G ' Club; After-School Sports; Freshman Frolics; Funfest; Honor Roll; Amigos Club. TAFT. ELLEN- — Vocational Office.-; Honor Society; Messenger Staff; Fun- fest : Ski Club; Chairman. Lunchroom Committee; Standards, Building. Friendship Committees; UsheiCtte. TAKIZAWA. AI — Typing. Social Service Committees; Commercial Club, Japanese Girl Reserves; Honor Roll; Honor Society. TANAKA. WARREN WUINCY — Vocational Officer: Demerit. Vocational. Avocational Committees, Photography. Science. Mountaineering Clubs; Track: Service Honor Roll. TASHIRO. GOJI — Messenger Staff: Honor Society: Garfield Oratorical Contest; Photography Club; Honor Roll. SHIRO KASmSO- -Guunl-liuhi of the gridiron MARY MILLER- Swimmer, golfer. artiU — superb PHYLLIS BERNBAUM — The ■■ ' with the yigyl. 41 n jf% r e. TAYLOR. HliXRY — Stage Crew. TAZU.MA. NOBORU— Service Honor Roll. TEMPLIN. ROBERT — Roll Officer: Honor Society; Honor Roll; Photog- r.iphy. L.itin. Science Clubs. TERRY. WAYNE — Roll Officer; Senior N.ghi; Track; Roller Club; Mul- W ' inter Concert. TERRY. WILLIAM J. — Funfcst; Stamp. Grounds Committees; Roll Officer; Photography. Ski. 100 Mile Clubs; Track. THO.VIPSON. EDWIN Program. Funfesl. Ticket Committees; Funfest; Roll Officer; Intramural Basketball; Banker; Vocational Officer. THO.VIPSO.N. HARRY A. — Roll Officer; Intramural Basketball: Aviation. Roller Clubs. THORNQUIST. MELVIN— Mountain Lore Club: Honor Roll. TOLLENAAR. GLEN — Photography. Radio. Roller Clubs; Intramural Bas- ketball; Badminton: Ping Pong. TR- L ' TMAN. JEAN — Safety Committee; Chairman. Funfesl Committee; Funfest: Senior Night; Ski Club: Senior Counselor: Mid-Winter Con- cert: Honor Society: Roll Officer: Vocational Officer. TROTTER. GUY — Transferred from Seattle Preparatory. Opera: S.A.R Oratorical Contest: Winner. Garfield Day Oratorical Contest: Funfest: Honor Roll; Honor Society: Service Honor Roll; Quartette. TUTTLE. LLOYD — Bleachers. Safety Committees; Photography. Science Clubs: Roll Officer. UPPER. WARREN PEARCE Yell Team: Intramural Basketball: Lunch- room Committee: Roll Officer; Ski Club. VALLEY. CARL — Roll Officer; Track: Funfest; Building Committee. VAi DOREN. JOAN Freshman Auxiliary: Roll Officer; Service Honor Roll; Health Committee: Funfest; Senior Night; Opera: Senior Coun- selor. VARON. EMMA — Freshman Auxiliary; Library Committee; Service Honor Roll; Senior Night; Opera; Mid-Winter Concert: Vocational Officer. VARON. HARRY B. — Honor Society: Science. Stamp Clubs. WALDO. ROBERT G. — Messenger Staff: Funfest; Vocational Officer: Fresh- man Football; 100 Mile. Ski Clubs; Chairman. Publicity Committee: Grounds. Building, and Junior Prom Committees. WALLACE. MILDRED — After-School Sports. WALSKE. CARL — Transferred from John Marshall: Honor Society; Chair- man. Doormen Committee: Commencement Speaker. WALTER. BRUCE — Honor Roll. Special. Vocational. Publicity Committees: Roll Officer; Open Forum. Latin, Science Clubs; Service Honor Roll: Track. WATKINS. JOEL — Roll Officer: Chairman. Public Relations. Building. Employment Committees: Senior Night; Track; Ski Team: Service Honor Roll; Senior Prom Committee: Funfest.- WATSON. GLORIA ANNETTE— Senior Prom Committee; Funfest; Service Honor Roll: Roll Officer; Ski Club. WEIGEL. NETTIE L. — Funfest; Roll Officer: Vocational Officer; Mid- Winter Concert; After-School Sports; Big " G " Club. AUSTIE SUNDBERG — Her personality radiates sunlight BILL STROMBERG— Hardy halfback .lACK FAULKNOR — Another of the Island boy (2 WHALEN. DOROTHY — Open Horum. Debate Clubs: Fall Matinee. W ' HALEN. HELEN — Debate. Open Forum Clubs. WHITAKER. RUTH Transferred from Manila. P.I. WHITE. FRANK — Safety. Philanthropic. Bk-achcrs Committees: Officer: Roll Officer: Science. Roller Clubs. Service Honor Roll. W ' HYTE. DAVID — Bleachers Committee: Aviation. Science, Radio Clubs: Basketball. WILLIAMS. BARBARA — Messenger Staff: Science. Photography Clubs: He J 1th. P.T.A. Committees; Sophomore Commission ; Freshman Auxil- iary; Roll Officer. WILSON. EDWARD WITTLER, JEAN M. — Social Service Committee: Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert: Funfcst; Opera. WOO. VIOLETTE— Funfesi: Roll Officer; PrcMdcni. Night: Friendship Committee; Honor Society; Fashion Show: Mother-Daughter Tea. VAGI. MITSUKO— Honor Society: Messenger Staff: mercial Clubs; Girl Reserves: Usherette. Banker YAPLEE. SOONG ROSE — Cathay Club; Honor Roll; Funfesi; After-School Sports; Service Committee. YASUNAGA, GEORGE — Honor Society; Senior Honoi Sports; Vocational Officer: Bleachers Committee. Cathay Club; Senior Service Honor Roll; Open Forum, Com- Mid-Winter Concert: Roll; Intramural YATAGAI, LUCY — Honor Society; Japanese Girl Reserves; Typing Com- mittee; Honor Roll; Usherette; Commercial Club. YOKOYAMA. KAY — Honor Society: Honor Roll; Opera; Senior Night: Mid-Winter Concert: Art Committee. YOSHIDA. JOHN TAKAO— Basketball; Roll Officer; Chairman. Finance Committee; Intramural Sports, YOUNG, BETTE — Honor Society: Honor Roll; Roll Officer: Banker; Stand- ards. Friendship Committees: Senior Counselor; Usherette: Messenger Staff: Ski Club. YOUNGER. PAT — Chairman. Vocational Committee: Standards. Friendship Committees: Service Honor Roll; Roll Officer; Vocational Officer; Fun- fest; Ski, Dramatic Clubs: Dad and Daughter Night. ZEIDMAN. SHIRLEY .MAE ZISKO. DAVID — Honor Society: Science Club. ZOBRIST. BETTE — Honor Society; Honor Roll: Service Honor Roll. Roll Offirer: Hostess Committee: Funfest, Mid-Wmier Concert. Mia iClk wl JUa : yy W uCr:tMJ aX ,r ■ n LSLAJUL MIKE OV ADIA — Running light to spott.-fans l ' .OR ISRAEL- -Walt Disney had belter look to his laurels MARY YARBRA — Mainstay of the art committc. SENIOR ■;■, Jo-innc ojrron. STJ " ;, " " y HnTp " ' " " ' ' -i».er £NlOR NJGHT COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS At™ F-RONT ROW! Cithcrinc Mayct, Nancy Kerr. Cirl Wjlskc. SECOND ROW; Jim Kennedy — Salutatorian. Dave Alhadeff — Valedictorian, frank Kerr, COMMITTEE Gloru Watson. SI Hidck. ScKy j „„3 cu CLASS DAY SEATED: Harnetic Bowcn. Judithc Douglas. Mary Barton. Louie Jacobucci. STANDING: Lcn Smith. Phyllis Bernbaum, Jim Crosby. W-vUove ' ctv P ' " " - .eink ° ' ' , o them = " , q S-TEPl ' ' ' ' " Board- ...PRBSIDB .. _ v , EPH t « °! „..„. =« » ' ;« « ° " - rOC " ( the au " - ■ " pdvtot o ciIRE - ;,; courts ,c tcatute tdr . BKS " , tenors o MISS o ,XDVV ' MISS AARON, herself a product of Garfield, is now passing on her friendli- ness and helpfulness to those who arc to follow. MISS BOLING ' S conscientious guidance has helped the Junior Class to greater achievement. ABRAMS, ALICE ABRAMS, MERVIN ALDRtpCgi rHOMAS C. ALFAF WE, TERESA . ARNOLD. WRIGHT ASKREN, TOM BABA. MARGARET BAER. JOSEPH BALLARD. JEAN BARDE. TED BARON, MAYER BARTO. TOM BEACH. BARBARA BEACH. ED BEHAR. JULIE BENDER.- HARRIET . 48 ADMAN. ELLEN AKIYAMA. TAKASHI ALLEN. CATHERINE ANDREW. JOIE ARLANDER. LARRY ARMSTRONG. CLYDE ATTEBERY, EDGAR AUGUST. ALICE BAIN. BILL BAJUS. BILL BARNES. DICK BAROH. LILLIAN BASH. CORRINE BAYNE. WALLACE BECKER. ANNABELLE BEEBE. LaCOSTA BENEDICT, DON BENVENISTE. ROBERT BENVENISTE. WILLIAM BERLINER, ZINDELL BILDSOE, MOGENS BLAUSTEIN, BERNARD BRACKEN. JIM BRACKER, VIOLET BRAUNN. JIM BREWER. BETTY BRODERICK, ROSE ANN BROWN. EVELYN CAMPBELL. ANNE CAPELOTO. JEANNE BEUSCHLEIN. ALK BEVAN, JACK BOGUCH. PHIL BOLOTIN. EAGLE CARTON. RICHARD CASADY. BOB CASHAR. BERI HA CHIPRUT. NELL CLAY, BETTY CLEIN. LARRY BRADSHAW, BILL BRAICKS. HERB BRIEF, SYLVIA BROADFOOT, DOROTHY BRYANT, MILLER BURTON, JIM CARMODY, JOHN CARTER, VIRGINIA CASE, WINTHROP CASEY, WALTER CLARKE. JEAN CLAWSON, JEANNE COE. CAMPBELL COE. STEPHANIE 49 COHEN, EDITH COHEN. MERTON CORE ALLY, JACK COURTNEY, JAYNE CURRAN, TOM DAVANZO, DOMINIC DeFLON, LORRAINE DEMPSEY, MERILYN DIAMOND, ED DICKINSON, FRIEND DOUGLAS, TOM ECKSTEIN, SHIRLEY ELYN, MARIAN ENDO. WILLIAM ESFELD, ELEANOR ESKENAZI. JACK PICK, WILBERT FLETCHER, JACK 50 COOK, JIM COOK, JOHN CULBERSON. BETTY LOU CUMMER. FRANK DAVIS, BETTY DAVIS, ELAINE DEUTSCH. HELEN DFYOE. RAMONA DOLAN. BILL DOME, BARBARA EGER, MARIAN EIDEMILLER, CLIFFORD ENG, FONG ENGLE, BOB ESKENAZI. SARA FAIRBURN, BETTY ' - . - FOSS. VERA FREEMAN, HELEN FRIELE, BUD FRIEDLAND, RUDY GAI, ROSEMARY GALANTI, BETTE GASPERETTI.FIORENZO W nt 1 GERANIOS, ANN GIULIAN. LUCILLE GLANTZ. MARY GORDON. ESTHER GORDON, WILLIAM GOSSLEE. BOB GRAHAM. GEORGE GRAY. ALTHEA JANE GREENFIELD. JERRY GROVER, LYNN GUBATAYAO. MAX HAMANO, GEORGE HAMMOND, ' MARY FRUMKIN, PERRY FUJIKADO. KATSUKO GALANTI. KATHERINE GARRETT. CLARINE GETTMAN. LEO GIBSON, DEAN GLASCOCK, WALTER GLOVER. MURIEL GORLICK. HAROLD GOSS, BOB % GRAHAM. JACK ■ GRAX ' ES. NANCY L. GRIFFIN. LILLIAN GRIFFIN. FRED .kfJk GUGLER. HEINZ HAGIMORI. JIM HANAN, SAM HANKS. DOROTHY ■CT Bi. _aH 51 HANSON, VIVIAN HARDIE. LAVON HARTNETT. BETTY HASEGAWA. ANDREW HAWKES. DAVID HAY. WALTER HENEHAN, SCHUYLER HERMAN, FRED HICKEY, JAMES HIDAKA, AMY HOLLAND. RUTH HOPPER, ELOISE HOYT, BETTY HUGHES. CECIL HURWITZ, GAIL HUSBY. CONSTANCE IKEDA, BEN IMAI, RICHARD 32 I HARRAH. HUGH HARRISON. PAT MASSELO. VIRGI.NIIA HATA. MIYE IIAYNES. BOB HEBENSTREir. ,JOHN HERRIGEL, HOWARD HEVLY. PETE HILL. PAT HOFRICHTER, DOROTH Ps HORowrrz. norman HOWE. DAVE HURLEY. BOB HURWITZ. ELIHU HUSBY. JEANNETTE IGUCHI. AMY INOUYE. MARY ISAACSON. HENRY ISRAEL, RACHEL E. JACKSON, AURA BELLE JAMES, BOB JAMIESON, NANCY JOHNSON, ALLEN JOHNSTON, BARBARA JUDD, WALLACE KAMIKAWA, AIKOB. KAWAFUNE, LUCIE KAWAMURA, JUNIE KIRITA, ROY KIRMER, ART KNITTLE, GERRY KOBA. HARUKO KRAFT, HARRY KRIEGEL, RICHARD JACOBS, MIRIAM JAFFE, MARIAN JENKINS, MYRTLE JENSEN, DIXIE JOHNSTON, BARNETTA JONES, EMILY KANAZAWA. HENRY KANOGAWA, SEIKO M,- KAWANISHI, IRENE KEHN, SYLVIA KLATZKER, MAE KLOPFER, DON KURIMURA, TAEKO KUROGOCHI, MASAHIDE I KONDO, ALICE KOZU, TATSUKO j KRIMSKY, MARIAN KROOK, GLEN KUROSAKA, HARU LAGEN, BILL 53 LAGERQUIST, JUNE LANCASTER. JIM LAUDAN, ELINOR LAWSON, IRWIN LESKIN. HARRIET LEVINSKI. ALBERT LEVY, BETTY LINDEMAN. AUDREY LUNDBERG, LENNERT LUNDY. LE ROY MacQUARRIE, MARGARET MANHART, JEWELL MARVIN, ELIZABETH MATTHEWS, MARJORIE McAllister, bill McCAGG, MARIAN McCURDY, CLARA McFARLIN. MARGIE S4 LANDER, DALE LARGE, BOB LEEVER, ELLEN LeGRAND, JEAN LEVINSKI, HENRY LEVEY, SYBIL LOCKHART, BERTHA LUBAN. MARVIN MACHLIS, JACK MACKEY. CHARLES E. MAR HING. PHILIP MARSHALL, JUANITA MAXWELL, CHARLOTTE MAYBERRY, GERALDINE McCLELLAN, KENNETH McCRAY, OLIVE McGOWAN. KATHLEEN McI.EOD, JEAN McPHEE. DON MILLER. BOB C. MILLER. ROGER MILLER. WILMOT MITCHELL, LILLIAN MONK. ISABEL MOSSAFER, BERNICE MURAKAMI, CHESTER MYDSKE. THELMA MYERS. LAURAINE NASH, TOM NELSON. BONNIE NICHOLSON. CAROL NISHIMURA. WILLIAM OGLE. CLARK OKAWA. HIROSHI OLSON, MADELEINE OLSON. RUBY MILLER, JOE MILLER. ROBERT G. .MILLS. BURFORD MINSKY, REVA MORITA, WILLIAM MORRISON, DAN MURDOCH. CHARLES MURPHY, JEAN NAGAMATSU. KIMIKO NASBY. RUTH NELSON. CHARLES NEWMAN, RUSS NUKUTO. TADASHI O ' CONNOR. JEAN it A OLIVER. HERB OLSON. HERB O ' NEILL. DAWN O ' SULLIVAN. PAT 55 OZIEL. LOUISE PANG. JACK PAULINE, HOWARD PENOR. VIRGINIA PETERSON, ESTHER PIHA, DOROTHY POPLACK, PERA JEAN PORAD, EVELYN PROCTOR. ALMA PROCTOR, DAVE REETZ, DAVE REICHERT. ELISE REYNOLDS. BILL ROBINSON. SAM PARKER, PAT PATTEN, JOHN PERRONE, TONY PETERSEN. PETE PIKSA, DORIS PIZOR, BETTY PRIESTLY, JIM PRINGLL. MAC RACE. HARRIET RATIGAN. DORIS MAE REID. NANCY REVELLE. PAUL ROE. ED ROEDEL. BILL ROOD. DOROTHY ROSS, NATHAN RUOPOl I, GLORIA lO ' AN, MARILYN RYAN, SHEILA SANDELL, BARBARA SCALZO, BOB SCULLY, ROY, E lMOUR, SHIMAHARA, NOBU SHIMANO. SAKAi; fe T- n SATO. LOUIE SAWADA. ROSE SLLLEY, BOB SliKIJIMA, MIZUHO SHIGA. MAY SHIMADA. MITSUYOSHI SHOUCAIR, MARGARET SIDELL, REVELLA SKINNER, KAY SKINNER. RICHARD SMITH. JEAN SMITH, JUNE SOCOLOFSKY, SONIA SOLAM, BECKY STEWART. BUD STEWART. DONALD SHIMIZU, YOSHIKO SHITAMAE, MIYOKO SIDIS. VICTOR SIMON, HARRY SMELSER, BARBARA SMITH. HARRY C. .SMLFH, TOM SNAPP, GERALD STEINER, RITA STERN, MARTIN STIMSON, KATHLEEN STOCKLEY, CLINT Xr Wi 57 STORENO, ANN STUCHELL, MARY WHI 1 S SUTHERLAND. PAT TADA, KAZUO TAGGARD. AL TAHARA. RUTH vP 0.Qf TAKAHASHI. MASAKO TARICA. MORRIS TARICA, LORRAINE TARTAGLIA. ELEANOR TASHIRO. KIYOKO TAYLOR. BESSIE THOMAS, HELEN THOMAS, MAXINE TOLLENAAR, IRVING TOBIN. MADELENE THOMPSON. DAVE THONI, LISALI TOMITA. MARIAN TRA ' 1S, RICHARD TRITES. VERA TSUJI. HIDEO 0. C% f TURNER. BOB R. UCHIYAMA. AIJI TUCKER. JIM rURNBULL. WARD VANDERBILT. IRGIN1A VENA. GIOVANNA X VINIKOW. CHARLES VYE. BARRIE 58 UZIEL. MANUEL VALLEY. MARIAN VERNON. MARILYN ' 1NAL. CYNTHIA VALLSTROi L Mil DRID WATSON. SALLY 0 a» e orv- r«- - i WATTS, KATHERINE , VEIGLE, ADELLA WHITTAKLR, HOWARD • WILLIAMS. MARIAN ;b- ' WONG. HOWARD WONG. KATHERINE YANAGIMACHI. BILL YANO, NORIKO YOSHIDA. SADAKO YOSHIMOTO. RUTH WENZLER, CAROLYN WHITING. BOB WILSON, BILL WONG, DAISY WORMSER, CATHERINE YAMAGISHI, MIYE YATAGAI. ROS E YOKOYAMA. YOSHIKO YOSHIOKA, ALICE YOUNG, RUTH JUNIOR SAFETY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW- Dick Skinner. Mary Hammond. Dorothy Broadfoot. Merilyn Dcmpsey. .Margaret MacQuarrie (girls ' chair- man). Sheila Ryan. John Patten. Betty Fairburn. SECOND ROW: Tom Douglas. Eleanor Esfeld. LaCosta Beebe. Barbara Beach. Bill Bajus. THIRD ROW: David Hawkes (boys ' chairman). Ben Grosscnp. 59 be history of cotn ' " ' ° ' - lopic ac ' t ctvtcttav " V.c otvg ' v,ct scbooV Oass- v v ,-ot c- ani du " n6 DORIS »- , AW ' ' uss -«° " Sophomore activities as well as Cssar come to life under the skillful guidance of MISS GROVES. MISS MELHORN is sincere in her school work: at the same time, she enjoys all types of outdoor sports. FRONT ROW: Cbarlonc Mac Anderson. Jean Amon. Loric Andrew. iMariana Amicarclli. Mary Alhadcff. Yacko Asaba. SECOND ROW: Mona Anderson. Mary Alhadcff. Becky Agoado. Marian Abel. Anne Alhadcff. Bcmicc . Ihadeff. Gabriel Amira. THIRD ROW: Robert Anderson. William Anderson. Arnold Amund- sen. Merle Arbucklc. Eagcnc Ander- son. Joe Adatto- FRONT ROW: Pearl Azosc. Betty BensQSscn, Bern ice Bcrch. Beverley Barbe. Mildred Blonder. Evelyn Becker. Doris Bcardsley. SECOND ROW: Louie Baroh. Isaac Baroch. Ed BcnsDsscn. Jack Bassctt. George Beicr. Betty Bergsma. Dorecn Bingham. Bertha Bensossen. THIRD ROW: Bill Benedict. Gor- don Bigclow. Jack Bajus. Dick Beach. Dan Barash. FRONT ROW: Arlycnnc Brandt. Ne: Braner. Joe Brenner. Mickey Brasher. David Bollock. Jeanne Borgendalc Eleanor Ba: con. SECOND ROW: A-thor Brashacr Rosemary Bowdcn. Beverly Bryant Carol Brooks. Peter Boynton. Alfre- Butter. THIRD ROW: Delbcrt Brown. Ca Bocbser. Qoentio Booker. Bill Bur DetT. Lonie Boitano. FRONT ROW: Leslie Chan. Mar Jane Chiiwood. Mary Catlow, Dor- othy Capeloto, Celia Cashar, Qnectir. Chan. SECOND ROW: Dan Caner. Pearl Castoriano. Genevieve Christie. Ann Cavin. Goldie Chiprui, Slcpbcr Chadwick. THIRD ROW: BiU Calderhcad. Go% Cbiocchio. Conrad Carter. Charle-. Bozzard. C h a r 1 c n i a Cephas. Gler, Chinn 62 FRONT ROVX Edith Cohen. Mari- lyn Cohn. Myrtis Dalglcisb. Carol Daty, Helen Deas. Angeline Darac- zo. Carolyn Colvcr. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Craw- ford, Pac Cook. Roy DeBIieux. David Cohen. Arlenc Day, Wayne Crawford, THIRD ROW: Craig Crawford. Bob Collins, John Conner, Bob Craig. Bill Cramer, Don Coleman. FRONT ROW: Emma Eng. Virgir.:j Elliott. Emily DcSanto, Rath Ellis, Marguerite Dong. Mary Ann Ely. SECOND ROW: Homer Eng. Jack Douglas, Janet Dowd, Stuart Doug- las, Jane Ellison. Jeanne Diltz, Bob Douglas. THIRD ROW: Betty Ann Eddy. Bartlcy Dobb. Tom Elliott. Bob Evans. Alvin Elliott, Austin De- Freece. Francis Ellis, Sam Dubson. FRONT ROW: Helen France. Jennie Falcone. Rcnko Fnjii. Betty Fink- Frieda Finkclstcin. SECOND ROW: Mickey Friedman. rctty Forrester, Dan Epperson, Vida rissr. Jane Fisher, Rose Grinspan. Phyllis Farqohar. THIRD ROW: Stan Friedman. Bob Art Grasbin. Merle Griff. FRONT ROW: Nancy Graves. Patri- : ' .2 Griffee. Helen Gay. Mujorie -_:ray. Rachelle Galanii. Shirley ormley. Nancy Gnnn. SECOND ROW: Libby Goldfarb. Betty Gray, Charlotte Groff. Nadinc Gimmestad. Anne Griffith, Doris Gibson, Ed Graham. THIRD ROW: Charles Graf fell. . ncbcl Goldberg. Ben Grosscup. Ed Gibson, Bill Garbart. Dan Gaihart. I RONT ROW: Yunko l[.inn.ik.i, Mary Grace Hartt. Kita Hanan. Ruth Halpern, Mary Hamano. Roger ilamilton. SECOND ROW; Joshua Hala. Jun flayakawa. George Hachiya. Earl Hansen, Bob Hallgren. Betty Harri- son. Evelyn Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Ai Handa. Robert llardie, Chris H.inscn. Mac Hawcs, l ilt Harrah. George Hagc. Art Hams. I RONT ROW. Sachiko Hayashida. I hyllis Hively. Pat Hedington. Ruth Himmclman, Smith Hayami. Tom Hidaka. SECOND ROW: Gloria Huntington. Bob Hodridgc. June Isaacson, Eliz- ibeth Kcal. Henry Inouye, Janette Howard. Nancy Hooey. THIRD ROW: Preston Howard. Stanley Hume. Jean H c r r, Mary Hood, Edwin Horiuchi. IRUNT ROW; Violet Israel. Sam Israel. Betsy Jones, Elsie Killman Betty Kalabin. Catherine Israel, Aki ko Kato, Esther Israel. SECOND ROW: Frank Jenkins. Leon Israel. Jack Israel. Joe Israel. Helen Johnson. Frances Izan, Yacko Kanogawa. THIRD ROW: Byron Johnston. Eugene Kenyon. Ralph Jantz, Jcrrv Johnson. Jay Kcrtes. Hugh Jones, FRONT ROW: Bill Landers. Marie Laurie. Gloria Knicrim. Kayko Ku- rose. Lael Latimer. Masako Kishid.i SECOND ROW: Shirlce Kutz. Cor innc Latimer. Eleanor Kricgcl. Luell.i K u m m e r. Ed Komarniski. Arthur Kulman, Elizabeth Kognc. THIRD ROW: Paul Mills. AI Kris toferson. George King, David Krak ovsky, Howard Knight. Bob Kornci 64 THIRD ROW: Sjm Levy. Robert Mackcy, Bob Lorenlz. Joseph Lindc- mann. Ben Lerner, Camillo Ljtorrc. Florence Lindckc. FRONT ROW: Shirley Munson, Jcjn Myers. Lorraine McCullough, V ' iviennc Moore. Betty Monla. SECOND ROW: Don McDonald, Bob McCurdy. Paul Mills. Jack Mc- Govcrn. Charles Malcomson. FRONT ROW: Leatrice Martin. Naida Marshall, Phyllis Masin, Don- ald Mayer. SECOND ROW: Van Marshall. Bob Matthews, Kenneth Maync. Bill Mayer, Gilbert Melvin. Emily Mar- FRONT ROW: Edna Miyazawa. Marion .Mochkatel, June Morris. Josephine Miller. Marcia Naramorc. Lucille Nevler, Marion Niedcr. Edith Miyazawa. SECOND ROW: John Nakano. Yu- riko Ogasawara. Margie Nahmias. Marian Oakland. Jean Miller. Max- inc Olson, Margaret Nelson, Shirley O ' Brien. Lily Mukai. THIRD ROW: George Nelson. Hen- ry Nathanson. Harris Ong Poy: Hcr.ry Mitchell. Dave Munday. Mel- vin Nelson. Don Olson, Edna Napp. 65 } RONT ROW; Sylvia Pincus. Rose Pol. Virgini.1 Powell. Helen Pcirson. dj Mae Paine. Walter Prescott. SF.COND ROW: Tom Pcizcr. Lila Tctcison. Virginia Pope. Frances Ann K.iatz. Willis Pierce. Bob Patten, Warren Petersen IHIRD ROW: Bob Patterson. I larcnce Powell, Stanley Price. Sol I ' earl. Rod Palmer. Bob Peterson. lohn Pantano, RONT ROW: Charlotte Rowe. m m a Romano. Frances Roddcwig, vclyn Radford. SECOND ROW; ugeno Robbins, Betsy Ruggles. Ann euzc. Beatrice Rick. Ruth Richard- IHIRD ROW George Reynolds. l ,in Ross. Robert Reed. Bob Riddell. Manley Roberts, Joan Rose. FRONT ROW: Kay Sato. AI Schroe dcr. Ruth Sheltren. Lots Schille, Elizabeth Shoji. SECOND ROW: Shirley Scheue- Arnold Sadick. June Samson, Ann- ette Salomon, Jeanne Shields. Tomi- ko Sato. Ruth Shatn. THIRD ROW; Ralph Shelton. Sam Savidge. Bob Shimmin. Norman Shaw. Norman Scha.n. Joseph Shoji, FRONT ROW: Jack Spcnger. Nan Shore. Bertha Soreano. Emily Stan ton. SECOND ROW: Robert Sparling, Bob Sodcn. Betty Shulman. Jean Sofiky. Don Sidelsky, THIRD ROW: Milton Simons. Stan ley Stamm. Lennox Scott, Lyman Stanton. Isaac Solam. 6 6 all .!!■ ' ««- 11 I FRONT ROW: Quentin Sternberg. Noboru Suy.ima. Ethel Stearns. Mak- iko Taknhashi. SECOND ROW: Albert Sugawara. Jack Swartz. Elenorc Strommcr. Shirley Stocker. Margaret Stiller. Yoko Tada. THIRD ROW: Leonard Stoner. Tom Sullivan. Bcrnerd Steele. Bob StoII. FRONT ROW: Raymond Tutllc. I, Bertha Thomas. Leona Templin. Ar- K« lyss Taylor. Yukiko Takahashi. 5. Emily Touriel. SECOND ROW: Bill Tremper. Mary ' Thomas. Beverley Truesdell. Muriel Turner. Shirley Thome. John Taki- zawa. — THIRD ROW: Nancy Tomlinson. Bill Tolles. Fred Twcdt. Dave Teu- " " fcl. Beverly Tat. FRONT ROW: Sara Varon. VuginiJ Waugh. Dorothy Whittaket. Miriam Van Wyck. Bertha Ward. Blossom Weis. SECOND ROW: Allen Wigodsky. Mary Vilas. Joyce Vance. Bill West, Bill Ullberg. THIRD ROW; George Weymouth. Roy Vigus. Bert Walters. Kent Wall- bcrg. Frank Wtst. Jim Weir. FRONT ROW: Norma Williamson. Shirley Wynn. Helen Yorozu, Shizu- ko Yoshioka. Dorothy Yorita. SECOND ROW: Henry Wilander. Frances Zober, Shirley Williamson. Beatrice Zemplc. Mary Ann Wolpin. THIRD ROW: Samuel Woblgelern- tcr, Charles Wood. Art Winship. Fred Yee, Susan Wiman. 67 Ptesbw " " " „,V,ip and ' tnontWV e? CF.OBC ' F- S - " ° ' ats at Garfteld. .t BKS BK ,,, ,o be- - " " ' rv H G£. s " ' ' ; study e.---; ; ,..suUs. GEORGE Hi ,es to s ,, otb. - " T MUSK MRS. vaUS ADVISORS MRS. WILLIS, with her stimulating personality and wide scope of experience, has charmed many a freshman. MISS SCHWARTZ is regarded by fac- ulty and students alike as one of the most cooperative members of the faculty. FRONT ROW Eleanor Angd. Lucy Almcleh. Leon Angel. Aivin Alberts. Albert Alhadeff. Solly Allaras. SECOND ROW: Frances Agoado. Violet Arasc, Nancv AmNbary. Raye Alhadeff. Darrell Anderson. Donald Alexander. Bill Amsbary. THIRD ROW: Betty Aoki. Ruth Angcvine. Edi Alfaronc. Takao Aoki, Victor Alhadcff. Vincent Ancone- tani. ■1 ■1 S 1 i fl ' H ' W s. l " - » Mi ujj - g .4- r. mA FRONT ROW: Clai Boone. Mark Barron Alan Bones. Harr Bonne. SECOND ROW; Francis Bloom. Mar Brunner, Eleanor Be nett, Gladys Butler. THIRD ROW; Art Bertolin. Dick Both field. Charles Benoi ham, Eugene Blonder, FRONT ROW; Lillian Charney, Jane Cavender, Dorothy Carlson, Irene Chinn, Jean Calvo. Sid Cohn. SECOND ROW: Laurence Clark, Levernc Coleman, Lucius Burwcll Fred Casserd, Peter Colman. THIRD ROW: Charles f;eder. Ken- neth Chinii, Robert Collins, Robert Chrislensen. William Chinn, Nessc Cohen. Ralph Colagrossi, 70 I■e ■ !■ « » Wl FRONT ROW: M.iry Jane Coonc Margaret Columbro. Tina Cassi.i Margaret Coonc. Mary Lou Davi_i ' irginia Doyle. Barbara Cowley. SECOND ROW; William Curtis. A: phonsus deLeuw, Lois Darch. Nanc Downs. Helen Crcighton. Anne Do:is John Crook. THIRD ROW: David Cahill. Bob Cook. Stanley Coovert. Homer C_ j ven. Bob Dootson. Joshua Curiel. Keith FRONT ROW: Bob Edelson. Merle Elwell, Ted Field. Jacqueline Egan. Fred Fisher. SECOND ROW: Richard Drcycr, Cal Druxman. Robert Edmonds. Irv- ing Feinberg. Nancy Ellingsworth. etty Erickson. Bill Fisher. HIRD ROW: Bud Englestad, har!es Eeils. Harold Dupar. Rjv Downs. Joe Eskcnazi. Ruth Erick son. Amberetta Elliott. Al Eskcnaz KlMnSu FRONT ROW: Oliver Foss. Isabclle Genss. Mary Jo Forsell. Dickie Gcr- anios, Lillian Funakubo. Gordie Flowers, Bob Gerth. SECOND ROW: George Francis. Kei Fujikado. Nancy Gibbes, Rita Gins- berg. Florence Garner. Maxine Gaf- ford. Rachel Fcrrcra. Charlotte Good now. THIRD ROW: Franklin Gollubske. Irwin Goldberg, Jim Ge-anios. George Gatchet. Don Florey. Al Ga- lanti, Tom Bushnell. Sam Fisse. S -- FRONT ROW: Eddie Gorlick. W anda Grimes. Phyllis Gordon, Es- ther Halfon. Sally Gilroy. Eleanor Hartt. Gloria Gunn. SECOND ROW; Jacqueline Gorrie. Walter H a r d i e . Toshio Hamada. Billic Jean Graham. Helen Harper. Florence Hale. Pat Greenwood. THIRD ROW: Bob Harris, John Hansen, Lawrence Graf. John Gosse, Jack Gourman. Neil Hansen, Burke G.bson. 71 THIRD ROW: more Hassclo, Hcggic. T H.isi ' g.iw.i. FRONT ROW; Bobby Hino. Hiro- ko Hjyakaw.!. Susan Hawkcs. Jewel Herhnveaux. Laura Habernal, Flea- norc Hoba, Lily llirahara. SECOND ROW: Howard Hofrichlcr blad, Betty Herr. Phyllis Hermann, Lucy Hasson. Adorce Hasscl- Romaine Hinch. Honnie Hollings- Jcannc Herrott Afilae- Ned Hayrve MDjii W IT FRONT ROW: Roy Haynes. Mary IsracL Nancy Howard. Polly Huston, Marie Isaacson. Fuki Inouyc. Rose Ichihara. SECOND ROW: Sam Huniu. MaL vcrn Hudson, i-orctta I loopcs. Vic- tor Ingram. Rita Moran. Ilia Hoglc. Bill Hoelscher. THIRD ROW: Joe Israel. Burt lorns, Tom Horrobin. Carl Hum- mer. Paul Hoglund. Charles How- aid. Kohei Ikcda. H fd M PI FRONT ROW: Allcne Jenkins. Marie Kawamura. Maxene Jones. Mildred Karnofsky. SECOND ROW: Elise Kellchcr, Pauline Korhel, Alfred Joseph, Gene Jacquith. Burt Johnson, Masaru Kanazawa. Anna Johnson. THIRD ROW: Bob Kanten, Rich- ard Jones, Joe Kettleman, Leon Kap- lan, Ira Johnson, Bob Kessler. FRONT ROW: Billy Kuhn. Sidney Krems. Lillian Kynell. Molo Kita mura. Alice Kono, Walter Koikins, SECOND ROW: Eddie Kurimura, Masao Kobay a shi , Sylvia Kosin, Gloria Kraulc, Sally Ka waba ta , Phillip Ko. THIRD ROW: Elmer Knislcy, Eu gene Ko. Bill Kkinbcrg, Bill Kid dcr. Kenneth Kronquisr, K.Ttherinc Kocnig. 72 FRONT ROW: Dorothy Lcvan ski. Sonya Learn. Lila Levy. Evelyn Lightfoot, Marian Larscn, FrciJj Lander. Sue Levy. SECOND ROW: Peter Lavender. Jean Lew in, Eivind Langc, Ken- neth Levin. Edward Locke. Richard Lindenberger. John Locke. THIRD ROW Ver.i Laudan. P. trice Lindberg. Bill Lightfoot, li. THIRD ROW: Gladys Nelson. Kithleen O ' Connor. Carl Ostrom. T ' m Owen. Bud Owings. Ken- ih Ncwsham. Richard Noble. Lcrt Olson. 1 RONT ROW: Earl Pejbody. Bud Patterson. Heme Peters, Lois Pierce. Julia Pagano. Ashcr Pcha, SECOND ROW: Clinton Pl.:tlcr. Sam Prather. Donna Pearson. Dick Peterson. Georgette Pulvcr. Lenorc ' iterson. Susie Ozicl. I HIRD ROW: Bill Pratt. Donald San ford Pe ters ky . Ward St. Eugene Pease. John Pe- Bob Paul. Bill Perkins. ' jU flJv ,j r ' f : I RONT ROW: John Pnnce. Doreen Roll, Marian Rinkin. Dan Rccchio, Helen Rogers. SECOND ROW: Milion Richards, Colleen Romey. Virginia Roddewig, Margaret Priestley, Lila Romanoff. J.m Roe. THIRD ROW: Walter Rex, John Roselli, Walter Richter. Gordon Reynolds. Jack Riley. Albert mano. Robert Reese. FRONT ROW: John Rottlcr. Coi- inne Sadick. Elaine Ro s. Rachel Scharhon, Dorothy Rosenthal. Betty Russell. Art Russell. SECOND ROW; Ed Sasaki. Rachel Sadis. Tommy Shulrz, Marie Rous- so. Mary Ryan. Lilly Rousso. Ralph Samuelson. THIRD ROW: Phihp Runkel. Jim Ruoff. Wilbur Sanders. Don Sav- age. Irving Shain. Eddie Savelson. Ben Rubicon. FRONT ROW: Sam Shoji. Violet Sevy. Etsuko Scki. Tokiko Scnda. Amy Shaw, Kei Shigihara. SECOND ROW: Shoichi Shioyama. Constance Smith. Shirley Simmons. Edna Seltz. Sarah Sevy. Kathleen Sharp, Pal Shannon. Haruto Seki- jima, THIRD ROW: Philip Shank. Doro- thy Jean Smart. Carl Shy man. Charles Shull, Dick Schuur. Arlene Smith, Lorctta Sirignano. Angus Smith. 74 FRONT ROW: Russell Smith Edith Stciner, Rulh Stciner, Shirley Smith. Joyce Stern, Richard Smith. SECOND ROW: Ernest Steinberg. Shirley Softky. John Sorcnscn. Nor- man Stockland. Prise ilia Snider. Evamae Stimpson, Sheldon Sofiky. THIRD ROW: Dan Steen. Dale Soden, Jerry Siavig. Marvle Smith. Dugald Stewart. Frank S t a n s e M . Ba bara Stockley. FRONT ROW: Taka Tanaka Dante Tabara. Helen Thompson. Evelyn Swan. Pauline Swayze. Kath- crine Sugawara. SECOND ROW: Phil Sulman. Bar bara Sutherland. Ruth Thompson, Virginia Taylor. Charlotte Svcnd- soy. Demaris Thompson, Grace Uchimura. THIRD ROW: Dick Thome. Roy Suzuki, Bill Teufel. Gordon Tern pleton, Clemmins Turner. Henr-. Twaits, Mils Takahashi, Ganj. Tanaka. I ' r M -SkJ i iT - - fe . FRONT ROW: Kerry Yasunobu. Michiko Yoda, Jane Yamashita, AdcUa Zallocco, May Wicklund, Florence Wicklund, Richard Yar- brough. SECOND ROW; Hiroshi Yoshida. Margaret Yuen. Phyllis Williams. Evelyn Warklan. Dick Wiggins. Allen Yaplee. Stanley Wolfstone. THIRD ROW: Gordon Yamaora. Clifford Weigel. Byron Wingett. Bill Zwingenberg. Jim Wood, Rich- ard Winter. c T E R D A in rain and sun and wind, on the streets and back lots, Bulldog ath- letes labored with football plays, learned tennis technique, and prac- ticed dashes. Traditions were made through the struggles and the over- powering enthusiasm of these first champions. TODAY,.. the thrill of action, the glory of victory, the tragedy of defeat lives on. Bulldogs fight! They cannot fail; for they and their successors must perpetuate the spirit of fair, clean sportsmanship. 77 D » - " s COACH ' LEON BRIGHAM CAPTAIN LAURIE RADNER Fall came, and Coach Leon Brigham hopped into his eleven-cylinder purple-and-white auto, and zoomed off on his yearly jaunt to Cham- pionship City. Hardly had he started, when a loud bang warned the carefree coach that a tire had blown, so he pulled to a painful halt in front of the Quaker service station. The green- clad attendant was very efficient, but Brigham -as six dollars poorer when he again set off (Franklin 6 — Garfield 0). A detour along Tiger Boulevard cost him seven minutes, but he quickly sped over twenty-one miles of smooth pavement (Garfield 21 — Broadway 7). He stopped to hunt in Queen Anne forest, and bagged a big Grizzlie with nine well-directed shots (Garfield 9 — Queen Anne 0). [ ' 1. K i;l ' ' i I DICK HARRISON DAN ROSS WEST SEATTLE Almost Awav FRANKLIN A Qu.iker Mjkes Yardage 70 Determined to make up for lost time, the canny Brigham applied his sole to the acceler- ator and seemed on his way at last. However, when rounding a curve, he came too close to a big red truck from the " Eagle Transfer Com- pany, " and suddenly found himself indignantly dunked in an irrigation ditch. After some diffi- culty he gained the pavement, but was fit to be tied I Garfield 13 — Cleveland 13). A bit vexed but still determined, he sped right through a sign labeled " Danger — Blasting. " and es- caped a big explosion by a bare six seconds (Garfield 6 — Ballard 0). A band of eighteen Indians scurried from the road as he roared by (Garfield 18 — West Seattle 0). BILL Y.W. GLMACHl GLEN HEATHCOTE BOB MATSON SHIRO KASHINO QUEEN ANNE Radncr Heads for Paydirt CLEVELAND No Gain for Eagles 80 ■ By this time, dark clouds wtre gathering in the distance, and a fine drizzle was beginning to fall. Suddenly there was a roar of thunder, and great cleavers of lightning split the sky. Rain and snow tore at the windshield, and Brigham hardly saw the sign that read, " RoAD CLOSED — Bridge Washout Ahead. " Leaping from his car, he pushed through the gale on foot, but soon came to the smashed structure. Dark wa- ters of the swollen river foamed over jagged rocks, and the " fox " knew that it was useless to go on. With heavy heart, he drove the long road home, already laying plans for his journey the next year (Charity Game. Roosevelt 16 — Garfield 8). Juh Mill I K ART HARRIS bub siAKs RUSS NEWMAN ROOSEVELT — CHARITY GAME Trouble Ahcid iia»id» ' .:, Mii -.i;.Tal. SS ' ? J Lg U ' f i J 3g " : rfiat g L Jl.« ; t ' n J I » ,aa,-, i BASKET CAPTAIN MIKt OVADIA MIKE OVADIA FIRST ROUND GARFIELD 3 2 ROOSEVELT 5 3 GARFIELD 23 FRANKLIN }0 GARFIELD 30 WESTSHATTLE 24 GARFIELD 27 LINCOLN 21 GARFIELD 22 BROADWAY I 5 GARFIELD 2 3 QUEEN ANNE 3 4 .f?l AL MAR BILL YANAGIMACHI With a scream of grating steel and the shrill blast of a whistle, the " Bulldog Flier. " speedy stream- liner, pulled smoothly out of the Garfield station and glided up the track. Engineer Brigham at the throttle was well satisfied. The locomotive had shown well in practice runs and was primed for a fast trip. All went well until the coach ' s keen eyes suddenly picked up two distant figures on the track ahead. Could these be the two notorious train-robbers, the mysterious " men in green " . ' ' They fled as he approached, but not before the " fox " had noted that one was riding a spirited Bronco and that the other was dressed as a Quaker. Suddenly. Brigham yanked at the air brake, and the train came to a grinding halt. The men had removed a section from the track! ITS A PASS The coach leaped from the cab and immediately began to repair the damage. He asked a passerby for help and was delighted to find that the fellow was a former Railsplit- ter. Finally the Flier again sped off, and Brigham eased the throttle wide open. He waved merrily as he passed an Indian hitchhiker. His pace increased as he sped through the town of Broadwayvilie. The rails chanted faster and faster as the coach, hoping against hope that he could complete his journey without further mishap, pushed the train to its fastest. But this wish was soon thwarted. A big truck, marked " Kuay. " refused to stop at a grade crossing and. with a crash. Brig- ham found himself sitting on the ground, surveying the ruins of his Flier. Wearily the coach started back on foot, vowing to build a train next year that no force could stop. JU.VIP BALL BERNARD KREMS -- W. TAKE A SHOT IM. RUSS NEWMAN COACH KIRK BAXTER TAK AKIYAMA GLEN HEATHCOTE ».DOS ° BASE The 19 39 journcyings of the Bulldog Steamboat, with Cap- tain Baxter at the helm were somewhat of a failure. Count- less mishaps left the hull bat- tered and torn, and finally the boat was forced to put into port after a furious storm. About the only consolation of the trip was the upsetting of the classy " Franklin " speedboat, which was left swirling in the wake of the purple sternwheeler. Once in drydock. Captain Baxter immediately began to re- pair the battered hull, and, early in 1 940, he an- nounced that the craft was sound. With five men back from his ' 39 crew, and sundry hefty young- sters waiting to be train- ed, the Captain has sworn, this year, to re- gain his long-gone title of " King of the River. " BALL The purple sternwheeler took to the water just in time to enter the prime River boat Regatta, which was to be a test of su- premacy among rival river craft. At the starting whistle, Captain Baxter broke away to a fine start. The speedy " Lincoln " was quickly overtaken, and the Bull- dogs took an early lead. This lasted only momentarily how- ever, as the powerful " Queen Anne " pulled slowly past. But the Baxterites were not to be daunted, and they passed the " Cleveland " and the " West Seattle " in quick succession. At this recording, the purple steamer is pounding along in second place, ever watching for a chance to take the lead, doggedly determined never to slacken speed until the victory gates are entered. BILL SCHONING BOB SCALZO CAPTAIN WILL POTTS OO.V TRACK : K ° t ' o . ' .V: A sV - t - to SeS 2X S _!f S :;1. ;c a o ' o ' -? 86 1940 -rs : . J ' o iVi« " d. ! e f , 1 ' v fvc ,IJ " 87 GOLF STANDING. Kent Wjlbcrg, Bob Miller, Milkr Rryant. S.ividgc. IV.b Tcufel. KNEELING: Bob Hurley. D.ive SidcU, M,iycr B.iron. D.iv,- Mowo. .l.iy ABSENTEE: Captain Mac Pringlc. 1 ho record of the ' 40 golf team is none too im- pressive at this writing. The octet, with only one more match to play, has been defeated five times and boasts of only two victories. However, with many underclassmen in their ranks, the turf-trodders look forward to fatter seasons in the next years. ,l;l. WIIITSON lAc p J T " l i-.V ' tt . ,v.nT 1 TENNIS i RUN I KOW: Stuart Douglas, bcrnard Krems. Dave Proctor, Jack Lowe, Mark Barron. Alex Krems. Stephen Chadwick. Dick Kricgel. SECOND ROW: Bob Lintiberg, Don Peck. Bob Mounce, W ' right .Arnold, Frank White. Sam Robinson Bill Schwagcr. John Lindbcrg. Coach Rushing anci his booming nctmcn seem to be the Bulldog ' s strongest threat for a championship this year. To date, the racquctcers have overwhehn- ingly stifled Ba llard, Queen Anne. Lincoln. West Seattle, and Franklin, and. judging from present ap pearances, should swing through to the title. Bill Schwager, who captains the team, is aided by a nu- cleus of five lettermen. COACH JOHN Rl;SIIING .tcH FOOTBALL RESERVES SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL Riding high the waves of their 1939 schedule, the Pup Seconds led their league by virtue of a quintet of victories and only one tie. The Scrubs were aided by frequent appear- ances of First Team players in their lineups, and several of their number were graduated to the varsitv ranks. SECOND TEAM FOOTB. ' LL I RONT ROW: Ben Grosscup. Ted Jamlcson. Bob Goss. Bud Creighton. Dave Franco. SECOND ROW: Ron Robinson. Don Cole- man. Jay Stone. Bob Rogers, Bill Schoning. THIRD ROW: John Croston. Bob Scalzo. John Porcl. Bill Bates. THIRD TEAM FOOTBALL Booming through the sea- son with four wins, a loss, and a tie, the Pup Third Stringers also took their championship. although they suffered their first setback in their three-year history. Three of their band worked up to earn First String letters, and several rose to bolster the ranks of the Sec- ond Stringers. THIRD TEAM FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Larry Clcin. Chuck Howard Norman Horowitz. David Cohen. Bob Miller SECOND ROW: Don McDonald. Herb Olson Howard Pauline. Wilbur Sanders. Bill Miller, THIRD ROW: Bob Schoning. Jack B.issett Fred Herman. Bud Engelstead. FOURTH ROW: Charles Ralston. Rod Pal er. Herb Timmereck. 90 ASKETBALL RESERVES SECOND TEAM The Garfield Second Team canoe hit rough water in its league, and fin- ished the season in a tie for fourth place. In spite of their amazing dexterity, the reserves seemed to be lacking in the height neces- sary to stifle the opposition, and lost out in many close battles. .SECOND TEAM SEATED: Bill Bonvenistc. Tom AsKrcn. Howard Wong, Bob Casady. STANDING: Coach Btigham. Pat Suth- erland. Dave Whyte. Sam Robinson. Coach Baxter. THIRD TEAM The Third Stringers finished in a slightly sour lie for sixth place in their race, losing seven games and winning only five. However, the thirders were composed of freshmen and sophomores, many of whom will develop into first team players in the next years. THIRD TEAM SEATED: Don McDonald. Charles Brigham. Dale Soden. Norman Stockland. Jack Lowe. Eugene Robbins. Bob Ban- nick, i STANDING: Coach Bcigham, Arnold Sadick. Ai Bensussen. Bob Cotter. Bob Craig. Don Coleman. Charles Malcomson. William Chinn, Coach Baxter. IMiT •|rilMBf " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' aiaBiirmin iuaBnnwwj; »iT«TT ,nTn.i- gn ANAGER Probably one of the most important groups functioning in the school today is the Managerial Staff. Receiving no glory or compensation for their work, they are content to remain in the background and support their team by their constant work. Any praise they receive is well de- served. FRONT ROW: Leon Angel. Albert Romano, Walter Prescott. Albert Alhadeff. SECOND ROW. Yutaka Fujikado, Chris Hansen. Ed Bensussen. Arnold Sadick, Jackf Pang, Norman Horowitz. THIRD ROW: Bert Walters. Ma Rod Palmer. Louis Boptano. Cliffy KeDlIeman. ELL TEAM Present at athletic contests and students ' functions, the Yell Team is a group that represents the true Garfield in- terest and spirit. Chosen be- cause of their ability to inject enthusiasm into any crowd, these boys are truly a necessity in school life. FRONT ROW: Leo Eskcnizi. Harry Hol- land, Louie Jacobucci. SECOND ROW: Warren Upper, Walt Casey, 92 CINDER MEN FROSH-SOPH TRACK Predoped to be the great- est band of first -yearlings ever to wear the purple and white, the 1940 fresh track team copped everything in sight at the Freshman-Sopho- more All-City Meet. The sophs also won their divi- sion, but less spectacularly than their younger brothers. FRO.NT ROW: Charley Howatd. Richard Varbrough, Jim Rnoff. Sanford Moscr, Bob Edelson, Haruo Matsumoto, Al Eskenazi. Walter Hardie. Bud Engelstad. SECOND ROW: Jack Douglas. Will Sanders. Lyndcn Donaldson, Chuck Brigham, Bob Bannick. Tom Owen. Walt Richtcr, Leon Israel, Bob Lorentz. THIRD ROW: John Murphy, Preston Howard. Al Kristofctson. Stanley Stamm. Dan Garhart. Leonard Stoncr. Jack Bassctt, Milton Jones, Mclvin Nelson. Coach Brigham. j 100-MILE CLUB Introduced five years ago to aid aspiring young track- men with preliminary train- ing, the 100-Mile Club has grown tremendously in size and importance. By running two miles each evening dur- ing the fall and winter months the boys are able to report for spring track in top physical condition. FRONT ROW: Wright Arnold, Fred Sing, Suds McLean, Glen Krook. SECOND ROW: Bob Stoll, Dan Morrison, Bob Mounce. Charles Coder, John Carmody. ■ ■ m mW ' I GIRLS ' SPORTS MISS JOHNSON MISS JUKChNSUlliN HELEN MILLER JEAN FLACK LSI HER LOLUMBRO MARYBELLE McGEE GIRLS ' MANAGERS Attendance records, scores, equipment, and other details of athletic ac- tivities are handled by the managers. Each of these girls assume the countless responsibilities of one of the after-school sports. FRONT ROW: InamaE Bellamy. Katherine Holcvas. Lois Burton. Jean Murphy. Jewel Hcrlin- veaux. Claudia Marbet. SEC- OND ROW: Miss Johnson. Es- ther Columbro. Lee Vinal. Don- na Pearson. Rac Bcnvcnistc. Helen Carlson. Alice A b r a m s. THIRD ROW; Muriel Glover. Virginia Spraguc, Shirley Eck- stein. Katherinc Hasson. Muriel Turner. Jean Flack. Sheila Ryan. 9-4 BIKE HIKERS BIG ' G ' CLUB Good times and clean sportsmanship typily the spirit of the Big " G " Club. Girls who earn five hundred points in one year by turning out for after-school athletics merit a Big ■ " G. " Club activities include monthly meetings, hikes, parties, and social gatherings with big letter girls from other high schools. FRONT ROW: Laatainc Myers. Tacko Kurimura. Gloria Ruopoli, Rae Benveniste, Marie Schwalbach, Inamac Bellamy. Sybil Levey, Julie Boonov. SECOND ROW: Corrine Bash. June Smith, Esther Columbro, Katberine Holevas. ElCa Belknap, Helen Carlson, Lucy Romano, Colleen Tacher, Esther Fissc. THIRD ROW: Shiela Ryan. Minnie Yuen, May Kanogawa. Clara McCurdy, Reva Ketzlach. Muriel Glover. Alice Abranis. Lee Vinal, FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Englcstcd. Mary Belle McGec. Bettv Brewer. Katherine Hasson. Amor Jackson. Shirley Eckstein. Jean Flack. FIFTH ROW: Bessie Taylor. Ellen Adman. Helen .Miller. Miss Johirion, Doris Ratlgan, Wir: Alkana. Lucy Hasson. k l UL 5 ir -RUNT ROW: Frieda Lander. Mary Jo Forscll. Nancy Ams- b;rry. Margaret Yuen, Jewell Hcrlinveaux. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Coone. Dorothy Smart. Shirley Softky. Margaret Coone, Rayc Alhadcff. V-- SPEEDBALL Speedball. a comparatively new athletic activity, attracted forty-five freshmen who ushered in the fall sports program. Keen competition made the turnout vigorous and exciting. By practising speedball teachniquc, freshman girls mas- tered the basic principles of basketball. ARCHERY Dan Cupid will have keen competition with the skilled archers of the past year. Increased popularity has proclaimed archery a year-round sports activity. Enthusiasts were divided into two distinct groups: beginners and advanced, and were placed under the supervision of Miss Johnson and Miss Jurgensohn re- spectively. LlilT TO RIGHT; J.icqucLn ' Mjllorv. J.ine I-ishcr. Bl.inchc Kinnc.if. P.iulinc Spurgcon. Ann.i ■l .im.ul.i. BADMINTON I-RONT ROW; Minnie Yuen. Julie Boonov. B, Narvis Manning. Gloria Ruopoli, Kathcrinc Holevas. SECOND ROW: Ray Bcnvcnistc. Helen Carlson. M-iry Belle McGee. Reva Kctzlach, Alice Abrams. Shirley Eckstein. BADMINTON Since approximately one hundred girls participated in badminton, both fall and spring turnouts were necessary. Partners were classified on a ladder scale according to their playing ability. By challenging each other, the players enjoyed more games against girls of equal skill. HOCKEY The thrills and spills of one of the first major fall sports drew the largest turnout in years. Eight teams composed of ninety hockey enthusiasts played several times a week. In the championship game, the hardy seniors proved them- selves superior to the juniors by winning a three to two victory. HOCKEY FRONT ROW: Inamac Bellamy, Vlary Belle McGce, Reva Ketz- lach. Mildred Wallace. 5EC0ND ROW: Esther Colum- bro, Jean Flack. Helen Miller, Ray Benvcniste, Julie Boonov. ■,« BASKETBALL Ever-popular basketball at- tracted one of the largest turn- outs of the season. Excellent technique was displayed through- out the year, with the players alert in passing and shooting for baskets. The well-matched class teams made competition keen and added to the excitement of this fast sport. After three tense games, the senior " sharp shoot- ers " won the championship. FRONT ROW: Julie Boonov. Gloria Ruopoli. SECOND ROW: Minnie Yuen. Jean Flack. Mary Belle McGec. Helen Miller, Reva Ketzlach. Xarvis Manning. Esther Columb.o. BASEBALL Among spring sports, the baseball turnout, consisting of eight class teams, was the most outstanding. Every game was the scene of thrilling runs, curv- ing balls, and swift pitching. FRONT ROW: Tacko Kurimnra. Marie Schwalbach. Esther Columbro. Lois Bur- ton, Marion Abel. Jewel Herlinveaux. Claudia Macbet. SECOND ROW: Mil- dred Wallace. Julie Boonov. Dona Pear- son. Rae Benveniste. Jean Murphy. Clara Mae McCurdy. Lee Vinal. THIRD ROW: Mary Vilas, Jean Flack. Mary Belle McGee. Shirley Stocker. Muriel Turner, Betty Gray. TRACK Track completed the sport ' s program. Baseball pitching, throwing, and batting, basket- ball shots, soccer throws, and a fifty-foot dash tested the girls ' athletic ability. FRONT ROW: Margaratc Columbro. June Smith, Marie Schwalbach. Rae Benveniste, Marion Abel. SECOND ROW: Arbina Sherman, Donna Pear- son. Helen Carlson. Lee Vinal. Clara Mac McCurdy. THIRD ROW: Jean Murphy. Helen Miller. Mildred Wallace. Charlenia Cephas, Jean Flack, Sheila Ryan. 98 XOLLEYBALL The unexpected victory of the wonder " fresh team over the seniors climaxed the 1940 vol- leyball season. The freshmen ' s precision in passing won them praise from upperclassmen. GIRLS ' t HAMPIONSHIP VOLLEYBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: May WUklund. Iris Vigus. Dorothy Smart, Lois Vallec. Muriel Turner. TENNIS New courts at Garfield in- creased the interest in this year ' s tennis tournaments. Contestants challenged each other on a lad- der scale so that defeated players were eliminated. The popularity of the fall turnout made it nec- essary to accept only experienced players in the spring tourna- ment. FRONT ROW: Marian Abel, Inamac Bellamy. Julie Boonov. Betty Pouts. Marie Laurie. SECOND ROW: Kather- ine Holevas. Helen Laurie, Barbara Holmes. Eleanor Mayne, Frances Zober. ■I I S J Ml IN TUMBLING Pretzels may well represent the antics of the tumbling team under the able supervision of .Mr. Moore and Miss Johnson. .Acrobatic ability, steady foot- ing, and constant team work are noted characteristics of each member. GOLF The golf class, which met sixth period under the supervi- sion of Mr, Whitson. taught its members the rudiments of the game and developed correct golf technique. TOP TO BOTTO.M: Mildred Bowman. Betty Hartnett. Barbara Allen. Sheila Ryan. 9 ) t t- o V A3 C o YESTERDAY... the desire for self-expression, for creation, and for interpretation of individual ability, was born in East High. Eager stage and literary aspirants, though hampered by in- adequate facilities, co-operated to perfect those first productions. TODAY.,. modern performances, carefully- planned and executed, and well- known publications, developed by the ability and efforts of their youth- ful creators, comprise Garfield pro- ductions. These are not parrot-like repetitions, for each year has contrib- uted its share of originality, variety, and progress. 101 N V7r V-r- r ' itrnrriffflftitmi " ft- ■ fT ' r JTfl ffiJTrairSrt BAND V , : y :. 2S TROMBONES: Jjsk Sperry. Richard Bjtnes. Jack Swartz. Glen Kocnig. BARITONES: Phil Sulman. Fred Andrews. SAXOPHONES: Don Sidel- sky. Maxine Oiscr. George Ogata, Nathan Ross. Dorothy Little. Susan Wiman. Bill Burnett. Claudia Marbet. Arthur Sirjord. BASSES: Howard Herrigal. Ray Bcbee. Clyde Armstrong. CORNETS: Margaret Klingspiegcl, Jack Corbally. Bergliot Stockland. Dick Houlahan, Gertrude Lamb, iiriam Jacobs. Mark Barron. Billy Hoelscher. Dean Gibson. Ralph Ormsbce, Dan Carney. Lois Burton. Toshio Kawikami. FLUTES: Charlotte Gibbes. Gloria Huntington. Mary Jo Forselt. OBOE: Ed Roc. BASSOON: Marjorie Gray. BELLS: Eyelyn Andersen. FRENCH HORN: Yoneko Tajitsu. Dale Sodcn. Roy Scully. CLARINETS: Harold Saperstcin. Friend Dickenson. Barbara Nelson. Malcolm Hanson. Barbara Anderson. LeRoy Lundy. Lcmyrt Kncttle. Pat Harrison, Betty Zobrist. Evelyn Seymour. Peter Bush. Etta Belknap. Bob Johnson. Charlotte Maxwell (alto clarinet). Mary Glaniz (bass clarinet). Austin DcFreecc (bass clarinet). DRUMS: Lilah Peterson. Charlie Blackwell. Jim Bracken. Jimmic Nakamura. 102 BAND Stirring music, a trim appearance, and spirited drum majorettes made Garfield ' s band outstanding. Under the direction of Mr. Hoyt. it has grown into a large, enthusiastic group. Its music roused school spirit at football games and assemblies and enlivened numerous out- side gatherings. This year the band ' s active program was highlighted by its concert, which was presented in the school auditorium in March. QUARTETTE LEFT TO RIGHT: Guv Trotu-r. Art Sirjord, Harrv Smith. Charlie Blackwcll. CHORUS In addition to the opera, its major achievement, the Garfield A Cappella chorus contributed selections to several school productions including the Midwinter Concert and Senior Night. This group also sang in " Youth in Review. " a radio program sponsored by the Seattle Public Schools, and led the Christmas Carol Festival held at the Civic Auditorium. The girls ' Nonette and the boys ' quartette, two groups composed entirely of chorus members, assisted in pep as- semblies, and other school entertainments as well as out- side programs and radio engagements. iy ' S- . ! . FRONT ROW: Masine Thomas. Edtia Shore. Sybil Lcrey. Masumi Nalori. Masako Takahashi. Joyce Swanz. Marilyn Ryan. Parker E. Cook. Kay Yokoyama. Fusayc Kato. Juanila Marshall. Nancy Grayes. Carolyn Winslow. Phyllis Hively. SECOND ROW: Ruth Cohen, Esther Chiprut. Miye Hata. ' ida Fisse. Emily .Martin. Sam Levy. Raymond Rudd. Jerrv Dunn. Jennie Falcone. Amy Hidaka. Nancy Lucks. Lorraine Cogdill. THIRD ROW: Arline Watson. Eleanor Marshall. Shirley Halverson. Audrey Post. Paul Patterson. Eleanor Burton. Marilyn Vernon. Sally Kawa- saki, Evon Norton. FOURTH ROW: Maty Jane Russell, Ardath Norton. Vuela Araberg. Rose Ann Broderick. .Albert Sugawara. Malka Agoada. Evelyn .Andersen. Voris Dawson. FIFTH ROW: Doris Beatdsley. Jacqueline Crawford. Helen Gav. Olive McCray. Dick Houlahan. Jim Matkow. Milton Simons. Charley Blackwell. Jean Wittier. Helen Collins. SIXTH ROW: Beverly Brvant. May Williamson. Betty Litmell. Ayao Mochizuki. Hideo Tsuji. Guy Trotter. Bob Coluccio. Harry Smith. Glenn Kocnig. .Art Siriord Rov Vigus SEVENTH ROW: Hugh Jones. Ben Pietromon- aco. Tom Matthews. Pete Boynton. Carl Reynolds. Herb Oliver. Richard Hansen. 103 ■smnMH ilin ijiUiHiiii f, xtmm a mtmm t VIOLIN: Fr.-d Andrews. Lorie Andrews. George Bedgisoff, Ralph Bertotin. Emma Igucht. Waller Koshman. Sylvia Rubin. Louie Sato. Toshio Shima. Helen Sicgel. Leona Templin. Dick Travis. Lois Vernon. Beatrice Zemplc. ' IOLA: Jean McLcod Marilyn Vernon. CELLO: Margaret Kilbourne. Beverly Stevens. BASS: Howard Geringel. FLUTE: Gloria Hunting ton. Charlotte Gibbs. OBOE: Ed Roe. CLARINET: Bob Stem Barbara J. Nelson. FRENCH HORN: Roy Scully. Dale Soden CORNET: Margaret Taylor. Bcrgliot Stockland. TROMBONE: Dick Barnes. Jack Sperry. PERCUSSION: Charlie Blackwell. PIANO: Mary Jane Russell. Pat Battlett. ORCHESTRA Under the able (direction of Mr. Cook, the orches- tra added an effective touch to many productions, in- cluding the Midwinter Concert. Senior Night, the Funfest. the Opera, and the Commencement exer- cises. Through long practice together, the members of the orchestra learned to cooperate and to function smoothly as a unit. 104 SENIOR NIGHT The lights dimmed. The audience settled back in their seats, as the musical strains of " Blossom Time. " played by the Senior Orchestra, heralded the opening of another Senior night. The curtain first rose on the ■ I ,. P Senior Oral Expression Class presentation of " Flying .(jLf } j2- sn - J ' - ' ' ' ' ' ■■■ ' ' for Love. " a romantic comedy. The Senior Chorus " Ti o v - sang popular selections from Wagner ' s immortal " " y ' x y VTannhauser. " Next followed the " American Heritage. " -c X C- -v-. - -- ' --S ' his act was developed and presented by the Dance Drama ' g ( - y . a Class to portray scenes of early American life. The conclud- jy Mm . ing act was " Thank You Doctor. " a comical mystery play. again featuring Miss Gray ' s Senior Oral Expression Class. -THANK YOU. DOCTOR- CAST: Friday — Patricia Davis, Shirley Halvctson. Sbiro Kasbino. Kath- arine Holevas, David Alhadeff. Saturday — Helen Rossi. Phyl- iis Smith. Jim Crosby. Kenneth Graves. Bob Fenton. " FLYING TACKLE FOR LO iz CAST: Friday — Ann Jeanetcc Becker, Chrissie Howard. Betty Jane Rey- nolds. Wayne Terry. John Porel, Frances Schmulman, Joel Watkins. Leonard Drebin. Saiticday — Dell Handin, Shirley Ptncus, Thelma Hedlond, Raymond Rudd, Harrison Holland, Elora Campbell. Bob Cberaove, Glen Koc- nig. 4 f V- fi 2.-, FUN» Bringing to a climax twenty years of progress, and dedicating itself to higher standards of high school pro- ductions, the 1940 Funfest played before full houses on April 26 and 27. The continuity of this year ' s Fun- fest was ably handled by the " Ver- satile Four. " Their first song intro- duced the " Circus. " a tumbling act. The scene then shifted to Hollywood where the freshmen revealed their tal- ent by performing before a critical director in the act " Freshman Fol- lies. " No sooner had the curtain fallen than " Snowflake and the Seven Chumps " came on the stage. This act burlesqued Walt Disney ' s famous production and featured the Lone Ranger. DOLL SHOP l " ? - .-NA " - COURT OF HUM. N RELATIONS sv-fr vo ' ,v:?- Next came the " Court of Human Relations " which portrayed scenes of a south- ern courtroom. The court closed with a torrid swing session. Breath-taking spins and a Virginia Reel on Roller Skates were shown in " Roll- ing Rhythm. " " Vancine. the Magician. " quickly spread a supernatural atmosphere over the audience while he drew rabbits out of thin air and made his assistant and him- self disappear. FEST The spectators were then taken to Hawaii where they were entertained by dark- skinned natives and light-haired maidens in " Moonlight Over Kalua. " Thunder, lightning, and rain soon changed this scene to " Rainy Weather. " Songs and dances relating to the elements were featured in this act. " " Mur- der in the Madhouse " ' was just what the name implies. Every- one from Napoleon to the Sweet Potato Piper took part in the bedl Japanese girls then interpreted some of their native dances in " Japa- nese Doll Shop. " " A burlesque of the old fable " Bluebeard " which was en- acted by some of Garfield ' s mascu- line talent followed. The griefs and glories connected with the rehearsal of a Funfest act composed the plot of " ' When You ' re Seventeen. " In con- clusion, representatives of each act as- sembled on the stage for the presenta- tion of a birthday cake to Mr. Porter. The singing of the school song by the entire house formed the grand finale of Garfield ' s Twentieth Anni- versary Funfest. J OPERA Victor Herberts comic opera, " The Red Mill, " was produced by the music de- partment this year as the an- nual operatic offering. The story, laid in Holland, in- volves a colorful Dutch windmill. Two American ad- venturers furnish the comedy element, and the plot is woven around their esca- pades. The exhilarating mel- odies of " The Red Mill " coupled with unusual stage sets won enthusiastic ap- plause from the audience. CAST Doris Beardslcy Gretchan Joyce Swartz Tina Bob Chernove Kid Guy Trotter Con Art Sirjord Burgomaster DickHoulahan WiUeni Karl Reynolds . Captain von Damn Bernard Barnett Governor Harry Smith Franz Stan Friedman . Pcnncfeather Olive McCray Bertha Mary Jane Russell .... Countess AND A LARGE SUPPORTING CAST ' FACULTY PRODUC- TION COMMITTEE Through the guidance of the Faculty Production Com- mittee in cooperation with the students, Garfield ' s produc- tions have gone off smoothly. The task of checking on stu- dents ' eligibility, choosing the theme and acts for the Fun- fest, and organizing and checking up on details of all productions demand long working hours and much con- sideration from the members of this Committee. SE. TED: Homer Knight. Eva Jurgensohn. W ' illard Roscnquist, Elcinorc Loughead. STANDING: Virginia Olmsted, Virginia Gray, Roberta Owen, May Longhlin. Parker Cook. STUDENT PRODUC- TION COMMITTEE Cooperating with the Fac- ulty Production Committee, these students assisted in making the year ' s stage pro- ductions worthy of Garfield ' s support. Most of their time was devoted to the Funfest, the suitability, continuity, and publicity of which was placed in their hands. The successes of the past two semesters have proved the capabilities of this committee. SEATED: Walter Casey, Co-Chairman: Jean Trautman, Co-Chairman: Gerald Snapp, Syl- via Kraft. STANDING: Lucy Aymcs. Joe Lane, Bob Hurley, Esther Columbro. M . ' - ...rv J( ,.- ■ A ,- , ' ' °n •. r ' ' " ie . MAKE-UP COMMITTEE Young to old. fair to dark. Finnish to Mongo- lian, startling transforma- " ions are pwrformed by the •.veil -trained Make- Up Committee under the intel- ligent sujjervision of Miss Mav Loughlin. Since con- vincing make-up is vital to :he success of school per- formances, these students •pend time and effort in 3rder to jjerfect their tech- nique in its application. : E. TED: Miric Ha». Jmat Slupirc " io SaiDiii- STANDING: HcSca Rst : r Ttbj Cjihir. YscU Arsbcsf. " ' , f , Of ■ f, ( ' . ' o ' ' fv ' : rls- QUILL AND SCROLL High School writers all over the United States aspire to membership in Quill and Scroll, a national honorary society for high school jour- nalists. Students who made outstanding achievements on the .Arroa ' , Messenger, and Pen staffs comprise the Gar- field affiliates. As a special project, some of these mem- bers compiled a complete his- tory of Garfield. FRONT ROW: Esther Gordon, Dell Handin. Eleanor Mayne. Dick Mar- ble. Bob Goss, Sig LibetinaD, John Dickinson. ROW TWO: Kay St.r. ner. Etta Belknap. .Marjoric Brazier. Catherine Mayer. Shirley Pincus Jeanne Brigham. ROW THREE Barbara Holmes. Hideki Sekijima. Jeanne Koon, Mary Barton. Sylvij Kraft. ROW FOUR: .Arnold Pear- son. Frank Kerr. Harriettc Bowen, Ken Graves. Bill Schwager. Mar- jorie Bowling. Vic Condiotty. AB- SENTEES: Joe N. Benezra. Jav ;tont. BARBARA HOLMES riRST SEMESTER MANAGING EDITOR JOHN DICKINSON btCOND StMHSI 1:R MANAGING EDITOR H. M. BRIER. ADVISlik On November 4, 1920, the students of East High School produced their first Messenger, a four-oclumn, bi-weekly publication. Today the Garfield Messenger is a leader among high school papers in the Northwest, the highest- ranking, six-column, semi-weekly publication in the country. The two weekly editions enable the Messenger to give its readers twenty-four hundred column inches more per year than other weekly papers of its size. The first edition in 1920 had half a dozen ads on the back page. Modern issues boast thirty or forty advertisements. To stimulate interest in Messenger advertisers, the spring staff sponsored two contests offering valuable prizes. In the field of journalism, the Garfield Messenger has won honor and ac- claim. Never satisfied with its achievements, it is still advancing, increasing, and improving. FIRST SEMESTER TUESDAY MESSENGER STAEF I IRST SEMESTER FRIDAY MESSENGER STAFF M AlEl): N.incy Nordlioft. Amu CLiirc Hill, J.m Crosby. Minoru K.u suy.ima. STANDING; Prudence Bcrtolin. Ann J-inct Becker. John Nar.nmore. Robin Eddie Ohishi. Bettc Young. Helen Danz. Frank Mukai. SEATED, I IRST ROW: Alex Krem , lif.uke V.isi. Julie Bocnov, 1 iijiko Fujii, Flora Campbell. SECOND ROW; Sam Benoun. Bob Waldo. Dick Damcycr. STANDING; Miyoko Senda. Betty Graham, Maryann German. Jay Stone. FIRST SEMESTER — FRIDAY STAFF ARNOLD PEARSON. EDITOR SYVrA KRAFT. ASSISTANT EDITOR FIRST SEMESTER — TUESDAY STAFF JOHN DICKINSON. ASSISTANT EDITOR .JEAN BRIGHAM. EDITOR SECOND SEMESTER — TUESDAY STAFF SHIRLEY FLEETWOOD. ASSISTANT EDITOR DICK MARBLE. EDITOR SECOND SEMESTER — TUESDAY MESSENGER STAFF SECOND SE.MESTER — FRIDAY STAFF SIG LIBERMAN. ASSISTANT EDITOR KAY SKINNER. EDITOR SECOND SEMESTER— FRIDAY. ' ■ □ o SEATED: Rayanne DeChenne. Thelma Hciman. Marjorie Braziet. Madeline Tobin. Vic Condiotty. Barbara Sicg. Helen Wilson. STAND- ING: Jeanne Clawson. Dell Handin. Yuela Arnberg. Janet Morford, Miyoko Shitamae, Bob Goss, May Shiga, Bill Bannick, Esther Gordon. Larry Forrester, Ken Carlstedt. Jim MacDonald, Jean Moiscs. Roth Rose. Bob Fenton. SEATED: Helen Bell. Barbara H:: " . ir mia Vanderbilt. Bill Ben- veniste. Joe Greer. Betty Reynolds. Pat Hanlon. Ellen Taft, STAND- ING: Leo Eskenazi, Vern Hatfield. George Graham, Al Caraco. Bar- bara Williams. Marian Freeman, Anna Yamada. Hanako Arase, June Shapiro, Nobuko Ishida. a " , " " ..c,o.S ' SS J ■ ' ICTc " ' (ON " " i:- ° ' -d Of i ' ' years sh ' " ' ' " ncy fy-f 5° tCj " ' - brick c ' V P ' -danH ' " ' found ' " ' ' ' e " ■ ' pp. T; . ' " ' o V;,,,- t- o % o % YESTERDAY.,, a spirit of loyalty existed at East High. The student body was small, but co-operation was dominant in all pursuits, whether gay or seri- ous, curricular or extra-curricular. It was one for all — all for one. 116 TODAY.. the same fraternal spirit of twenty years ago still exists in the numerous and unrelated clubs which have since sprung up. These serve to round out each individual to meet the versatile and complex demands of modern life. 117 HENRY DATY VICE-PRESIDENT H. B. CUNNINGHAM ADVISOR The first edition of the Arrow states; " In late September, 1920, all the boys in East High were called together for the purpose of organizing a Boys ' Club. The motion was met with much enthu- siasm, and a temporary organization was begun. " With the boys ' roll representatives assisting the club in promoting athletics, mixers, stunts, and other activities, the Boys ' Club of 1 920 aimed to prepare the students for life after school. Today, with about twelve hundred members, the Boys ' Club of Garfield High School has dedicated itself to the maintenance and improvement of the school ' s standards and the enriched experience and training of each member. Assisted by twenty-four committees and the Advisory Board, the Boys ' Club has managed sales and compiled records of the stamp plan. One of the many constructive achievements is the outstanding vocational guidance program. This organization brings the boys together under a common bond of similarity of purpose. DON MURDOCH PRESIDENT BOYS ' ADVISORY BOARD STANDING: Bill Hoyt. Jim Bruce, Glen Hcalhcote, Bill Schw.iger, Russ Newman, Ken Graves, Phil Mar Hing, Bernard O ' Conner. Mike Ov.i- dia. Joe Barto. SEATED: Bob Casady. Bob Sears, Tom Smith, Henry Daty, Don Mur- doch. 1 18 HELEN CARLSON VICE-PRESIDENT MISS HENSEL ADVISOR GIRLS ' CLUB Girls ' Club activities in 1920 included mixers, receptions, assem- blies, and philanthropic projects. One committee sold purple and white bows to help fill the treasury. At that time, every girl in East High was active in Club work. The chief endeavor of the Girls ' Club this year has been to interest more girls in the participation of its activities: for working together benefits girls by developing the worthy qualities enumerated m the creed. As in 1920, social service work this year has been the most outstanding of Girls ' Club projects. The Jam and Jelly and Tinfoil drives, backed by the fine cooperation of the student body, have been very successful. The most popular social events of the year have been Dad and Daughter Night, the Challenge of Friday, the thirteenth hoodoo, and the Mother and Daughter spring tea. SHIRLEY NASH PRESIDENT GIRLS ' ADVISORY BOARD SEATED: Shirley Nash. Judithc Douglas. Helen Carlson, Catherine Mayer. STANDING: May Shiga. Emily Jones, Inamae Bellamy. Betty Gra- ham, Jean Ballard. Stephanie Coc. Dorothee SwetJman. Mary Rupp. Marilyn Lamping. Austie Sundberg, ABSENTEE: Virginia Vanderbilt. 119 lll ' . ii . ' .MM JillliJllill.HllllllilUIJ BOYS ' COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Reiiabie comminet; chairmen arc necessary ror rhe smooth fanctionuig of the Boys " Club, since many duties vital to the entire school are performed under their direction. Stamp and ticket sales, philanthropic drives, traffic in the halls, and nu- merous other responsibilities rest on the shoulders of these boys. Xhrough their efforts many important projects arc accom- plished. " " " ' f .. GIRLS CABINET Chairmen of the various committees form tbe Girls ' Clnb Cabinet. These girls sboalder tbe responsibility for tbe smooth functioning of ibeir own commirtees. After discussin g their plans with the officers, they direci their groups in carrying out the club program. In this way tbe cabinet members form the ■ - ■ ' : ■ -.veen the leaders and tbe workers. rRONT RO " a ' : Marian Jaffc. Kay Skinncx. Pat I3a- ■■:. ' ■. L ' . ' .i ■?i; ; ' rj:T r.z. Jan- Mariamis Laij Erstcad , H fl rr Zs-Ucn. THIRD ROTT: Mary YarbrE. Anna Qairc Hill, Miriam Jacobs. Audxcv ma Hcdlnnd. IDoTOthce Swedman. Jcamir i ri jani. Margaxd MacQiiasinie. 125 OCIETY IT lOM b, U IH VICE-PRESIDENT The Honor Society ' s place in high school life is to stimulate interest in extra-curricular activities as well as scholarship. Catherine Mayer ' s play, which was presented at the Society ' s assembly, is an excellent example of the progress which has been made. Membership in the Society is based on points earned through grades: an " A " counts four points; a " B " three: a " C " two; and a ' D " one. Partici- pation in certain activities determined by the faculty also merits points. If, after two semesters, a student has earned twenty-four, he receives a one-bar pin; if after four semesters he has fifty points, he is presented with a two-bar pin. When six semesters have passed and seventy-eight points have been gained, a gold seal is awarded. The gold seal pin may be retained by the student who has one hundred eight points at the time of graduation. The Honor Society leads students to high scholastic endeavor, which often brings results of great value in later life. HONOR SOCIETY GOLD SEAL FEBRUARY. 1939 FRONT ROW: Hidcki Sckijima, Louise Altaras. Yoshiko Kozu. Ma- sumi Natori. Mitsuko Yagi. Milsuko Murao. Catherine Mayer, Kay Yoko- yama. SECOND ROW; Howard Pruzan. John X. Dickinson. Shirley Pincus. Eleanor Mayne. Barbara Holmes. Reva Ketzlach. Alex Krems. THIRD ROW: David Sidell. Ben Griffin. Howard Ringold, Bill Brad- ford. Jim Kennedy. .loc N. Benezra. Robert Ikeda. .i« ' r GOLD SEAL SEPTEMBER, 1939 FRONT ROW: Ai Takizawa, Fu- miko Ohashi. Helen Carlson, Helen Danz. Helen Bell, Jean Miller. Mi- yoko Senda. SECOND ROW: Asta- Lynn Sundberg. Dorothee Swedman. Elora Campbell. Prudence Bettolin, Shirley Nash, Marcella Kalina. .Mae Nelson. THIRD ROW: Bernard O ' Connor. Lucy Hasson, Lemyrt KnettU. Dick Houlahan, Robert Templin. Warren Chan. fmjfm GOLD SEAL SEPTEMBER, 193 9 1 RONT ROW: Frank Mukai, Min- nie Yuen, Dorothy Dean. Esther Doris. Sylvia Kraft. Bette Young, Annette Fisher. SECOND ROW: Betsy Burleigh. Ann Janctt Becker. Bergliot Stockland. Kay Skinner. Marjoric Brazier. Shirley Eckstein. Betty Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Harry Varon. Harry Checnick. Bill Schwager. Anna-Claire Hill, Jack Barron, Henry Gai. GOLD SEAL FEBRUARY. 1940 FRONT ROW: Emily Jones. Becky Israel, Colleen Alhadcff, Anna Yama- da, Lucy Yatagai. Ruth Yoshimoto. SECOND ROW: Mizuho Sekijima, Hanako Arasc, Betty Yasunobu, Dicky Watts, Sadako Yoshida, Bette Zobrist. THIRD ROW: Bernard Krcms. Howard Herrigcl. John Lind- bcrg. Jack Corbally. Lois Floe. Sam Sakai. GOLD SEAL FEBRUARY. 1940 FRONT ROW: Nobuko Ishida. Alice Beuschlcin. Dell Handin. Char- lotte Maxwell. Violette Woo, Mary Glantz. SECOND ROW: Howard Wong. Virginia Vandcrbilt, Barbara Sieg, Jeanne Clawson, Ruth Rose, .Madeline Tobin, Marian Freeman. THIRD ROW: Andrew Hascgawa. Phil Mar Hing. Bob Lindberg. Ray- anne DeChenne, Phil Stralincr, Ru- dolph Fricdland. TWO-BAR SEPTEMBER. 1939 FRONT ROW: Henry Kanazawa. Pera Jean Poplack, ZindcU Berliner, Sylvia Brief. Rae Benveniste, Lee Vinal, Lillian Griffin, Betty Fair- burn. SECOND ROW: Mitsuyoshi Sbimada, Teresa Alfaronc. Lucille Guilian. Stephanie Coe. Madeline Olson. Pat O ' SuUivan. Vera Trites. Jennie Hasson. THIRD ROW: Dick Skinner. Jack Machlis, Dave Thomp- son, Jim Burton, Wallace Judd, Kazuo Tada, Tom Chinn. ii S ' -l?! 151 TWO-BAR SEPTEMBER. 1939 FRONT ROW: Ruth Tflhara, Mar- garet Baba. Amy Hidaka, Aiko Ka- mikawa. Tacko Kurimura, Tatsuko Kozu. Miyoko Shitamae. SECOND ROW; Harold Gorlick, Alice Abrams, Mildred Wallstrom, LaCos- ta Bccbc, Dorothy Rood, Sheila Ryan, Miriam Jacobs. THIRD ROW ROW: Fred Andrews. Ed Roe. Phil Boguch, Dominic Time, Phil Couls, Don Klopfer, Walt Casey, Frank Cummer. TWO-BAR FEBRUARY, 1940 FRONT ROW: Anna Kobayashi, Irene Kawanishi. May Daty. Maki- ko Takahashi, Yoshiko Yokoyama. SECOND ROW: Alice Kondo. Eve- lyn Brown. Marian Jaffc. Barbara Jones, Benjamin Yaplee, Betty Cul- berson. THIRD ROW: Bob Benven- iste, Marvin Luban, Irwin Lawson, Mac Pringle. Bill B a j u s. Thomas Lew. TWO-BAR FEBRUARY. 1940 FRONT ROW: Merton Cohen. Re- vella SidcU. Vir ginia Waugh, Masa- ko Takahashi. Rose Yatagai. SEC- OND ROW: Torn Shimizu. Leon Mochkatel, Elinor Laudan. Elenore Strommer. William Endo. THIRD ROW: Louie Sato. Edgar . tlebury. Ward Turnbull, Juanita Marshall. ONE-BAR SEPTEMBER. 1939 FRONT ROW: Marian Nieder. Eve- lyn Radford. Marion Mochkatel. Pat Cook, Dorothy Capeloto, Lily Mu- kai, Yuriko Hatanaka. Yuriko Ogas- awara. SECOND ROW: Nancy Lucks. Don Sidelsky. Emily Martin. Betty Shulman, Lcona Templin. Jean Miller. Marilyn Cohn. THIRD ROW: David Bullock. Bob Korner. George King. Lyman Stanton. Vida Fis, Mary Alhadeff. Doris Bcardsley. ONE-BAR SEPTEMBER. 1939 FRONT ROW: Jack Douglas. Em- ma Eng. Ruth Shain. Bill Tremper, Mary Vilas. Carolyn Colver. Are- yenne Brandt. Fred Hansman. SEC- OND ROW: Leonard Stoner. Stew- art Douglas. Betsy Rugglcs, June Samson. Ann Rettzc. Beverly Tat. Shirley Stockcr. Betty Lawton. Ste- phen Chadwick. THIRD ROW: Stanley Price. June Lagorquist, Da- vid Krakovsky. Hugh Jo nes. Ben Grosscup. Dan Barash. Jack Israel. Roy Vigus. ONE-BAR FEBRUARY. 1940 FRONT ROW: Sam Israel, Doro- thy Yorita. Edith Cohen. Pearl Azose. Betty Bensusscn. Emily Stan- ton, Shizuko Yoshioka, Helen Yoro- zu. SECOND ROW: Carol Daty. Yaeko Kanogawa, Virginia Hllioti, Shirley Gormley. Naida Marshall, Raymond Tuttlc. Ruth Himmclman. THIRD ROW: Tom Hidaka. Earl Hansen. Rose Pol. Eleanor Burton. Wing .Mark. Joshua Hata. FOURTH ROW: Yoko Tada. Louie Baroh. Samuel Wohlgelcrntcr. Ralph Shcl- ton, George Hage, Arthur Wong, LL OFFICERS Roll Representatives are convincing speakers as well as efficient leaders. In addition to selling stamps in the rolls, they present school problems, lead Girls ' Club and Boys ' Club drives, and hold discussions on subjects of interest to students. ROLL PRESIDENTS EIRST SEMESTER FRONT ROW: B. Edelson. J. RoscUi. S. Softky. V. Woo. A. Davanzo. P. Azosc. E. i ujii. R- Matson, J. Trautman. P. Younger. B. Sheehan. H. Thompson. R. Olson. SEC- OND ROW; J. Dickinson. B. Bannick. H. Lcvinski. J. Farber. B. Goss. D. Harris. J. Ballard. P. lorns. L. Hardie. L. Eidemillcr. H. M.llcr. THIRD ROW: H. Braicks. D. Marble. B. Brinkley. C. Carter, D, Sidell, G. Graham. J. Yoshida. B. Tat, R. Kriegel, D. More. FOURTH ROW: D. Alhadeff. J. Watkins, H. Holland, A. Kadaner, D, Gar- hart, R, Cunningham. W, Horn, L. Stretton, T. Curkcndall. FIFTH ROW: R. Ormsbec, B. Bothwell. B. Haynes. B, Miller. J. Porcl. . , Pearson. D. Beach. G, Heathcotc. ROLL SECRETARIES FIRST SEMESTER FRONT ROW: J. Prince. H. Sekijima. M- Shiga. E. Kellman. D, Capeloto, M. Thomas. L. Mvers. M. Matthews. J. Miller. M. Ryan. A. Gcrth. SECOND ROW: W. Mark. L. Goldfarb. I. Bellamy, C. Colver. A. Day. L. Johnson. P. Parker. L. Tcmplin. B. Young. S. Jodrell. J. Van Dorcn. THIRD ROW: E. Vk ' eir, M. Mooney. J. Hansen. G. Lee. B. Holmes. E. West. M. Agoada. D. Little. B. A. Eddy. B. Sieg, FOURTH ROW: B. Holdridge. K. Allen. B. Yanagimachi. B. Roedel, R. Cunningham. A. C. Hill. C. Howard. M. Thomas. H. Kraft. E. Boyle. FIFTH ROW: W, Sanders. A. Hascgawa. D, ,V!orri5on, C. Buchser. T. Nash, T, Smith, R. Glockner. ROLL PRESIDENTS SECOND SEMESTER FRONT ROW: K. Tada. M, Bowling, E. Weir. B. Trempcr. B. Edelson. R. Himmel- man, J. Baker. J. Trautman, E, Capeloto. M, Glantz. SECOND ROW: S. Savidge. T. Askrin. D. Goodsen. H. Levin, C, Coe. B. Clav. H. Freeman. .VI. Jaffe. D. Hofrichter. H. Pruzan. THIRD ROW: W. Arnold, B, Calderhead. E. Bensussen. B. Patterson. B. CowcU. E. Porad. V. Tntes. C, Howard. E. Reichert. B. Barbc. FOURTH ROW: V. Al- hadeff, W. Richter. B, Kidder. T, Owen. B. Yanagimachi. F. Griffiths, R. Cunning- ham. H. Harper. P. Bernbaum. R. Callahan. FIFTH ROW: S, McLean. A, Goldberg. B. Lindberg. K. Graves. LaV. Hardie, E. Cedcr. G. .Mills. M. B. McGcc. SIXTH ROW: J. Bruce. R, Schoning. T. Curkcndall. W. Potts. B. Schoning. W. Judd. T. Smith. S. Kashino. J. Porel. J, Barron. G. Hcathcote v. Condiotty. ,r km ROLL SECRETARIES SECOND SEMESTER FRONT ROW: E. Columbro, }. Horan. M. Hata. M. Laurie. A. Fisher. R. Scully, G. Gunn. M. Ryan, E. Stanton. SECOND ROW: H. Thompson. C. Brooks. J. Marshall. G. Huntington. B. Dome. C. Mayer. J. Stans- bury. B. Cowley. THIRD ROW: W. Mines. ,M. Braunn. J. Shapiro. Y. Tada. A. Sund- berg. E. Camcbell. C. Gibbes. B. Jones. M. Kalina. FOURTH ROW: L. Clein. H., LaC. Beebc. N. G.bbs. P. Bernbaum. P. Huston. M. Brazier. FIFTH ROW: W. Up per. B. Benveniste. B. Hartnett. V. Bracket. S. Coe. K. Allen. K. O ' Conner. M. Bowman. R. Boehme. SIXTH ROW: J. Pantano. H. Thompson. P. O ' SulIivan. B. L. Allen. A, Hasekawa. B. Bothwell. K. McClellan. 125 VOCATIONAL OFFICERS Officers arc appointed in the roll rooms to carry out an extensive voca- tional program. These students obtain speakers for their rolls, give talks on various lines of work, report on trips to industrial plants, and interview seniors on their plans after graduation. 1)(:A I lONAl, PRESIDENTS. FIRST SEMESTER I RONT ROW: B. AJhadctf, G. Hunting ion. E. R. Br.ickctt. E. Ross. E. Colkclt, R. Duv.ill. A. Du-scnh.ius. D. H.inks. J. Riioff, S. Ch.idwick. SECOND ROW: E. Ohishi. J. Ki-mp. J. Eliasscn. P. I .ivi.s. 1.. Hcrlinvcciux, R. Dcyoc. M. J.iffc. Y., J. THIRD ROW; G- Sn.ipp, D. Murdoch. C. M.ixwcll. G. Y.isu- n.ig.i, B. B.incn. D. Little. M. Tobin. M. Bt ' fglund. R. C. lOURTH ROW: B. H.irtnclt. C. Howjrd. .1, H.irrington. E. Di.iniond. J. Lowe. P. Bcrnb.ium. D. Swcdmjn. J. St.insbury. J. Blcwitt. l IETH ROW: R. Ormsbcc. E. Reynolds. M. J.iffec. D. Proctor. B, Lerner. B. Chernove. M. H.insos. B. B.irnett, I. SIXTH ROW: J. Crosby, J. ron. T. Owen. J. Kennedy. B. Schoning. B. Griffin. R. B. Grosscup. R VOCATIONAL SECRETARIES, FIRST SEMESTER FRONT ROW: A. Becker. P. Younger, E. Varon. E. Andersen. E. Marshall, M. Ham- mond. J. Swartz. A. Kamikawa. F. Eujii. C. Goodnow. SECOND ROW: C. Craw- ford. W. McLeod. G. Koenig, A. Sundberg. T. Mydske. B. Culberson, C. T.ichcr. B. Kinncar, D. Lauch. H. Miller, K. O ' Connet. THIRD ROW: S. Douglas. B. Lorcntz. M, Brazier, F. Zober. C. Skinner, E. Jones. S. Eckstein, C. Marbct. B. Bryant. FOURTH ROW: T. Douglas. M. Chaffin. M. Yarbra. R. Lund. v. Trites. R. Ginsberg. B Jones, A. Campbell. FIFTH ROW: D. Thompson, R. Robinson, B. Wilson, B. Sheehan, B. Gates. B. Hoyt. D. Broadfoot. SIXTH ROW: B. Englc, B. Koshman, B. Niclson. S. Brinsfield. S. McLean. D. Bigelow. J. Greer. D. Berg. B. Hoyt, VOCATIONAL PRESIDENTS. SECOND SEMESTER FRONT ROW: S. Softky. G. Hamano, H. Kynell. J. Boon, P, Davis, N. Graves. M. Longstead, E. Marshall. E. Hurwitz, J. Stansbury. SECOND ROW: S. Procter. B. Galanti. B. Bannick, G. Hagc, B. Hallgren, C. Howard, A. Uchiyama. L. Hardie. M. McGcc. H. Miller, THIRD ROW: E. Ko. D, Lauch, C. Carter, K. Biteman, B. Alha- dcff, D. Ruoff. B. Lerner, D. Petersen, S. Ryan. FOURTH ROW: W. Casey. A. Salo- mon. J. Peterson. C. Crawford, B. Lorentz. R. Cunningham, B. Bradford. A. Hill. C. Maxwell. B. Barnett. FIFTH HOW: D, Alhadeff, J. Harrington, G. Snapp, J, Nara- more, J. Greer, A. Kadancr, G. Gatchet. SIXTH ROW: T. Douglas, B. Mouncc. J. Burton. J. Lindberg. J, Machlis. D. Fletch- er. S Macri. VdCAFIONAL SECRETARIES. SECOND SEMESTER I RONT ROW: R, Hayncs. B. Johnson. A. lenkins, M. Larson, L. Griffin, R, Halpern, X. Jamieson, S. Wynn. B. Jones. I. Fcin- Incg. SECOND ROW: B. Murdock. W. I anaka. T.Henstonc. E. Anderson. E. Taft. M. Gray. S. Hawkes. V. Fletcher. M. Kcene. L. Cogdill. THIRD ROW: B. Chernove. T. Aldridgc Jr. J. Ruoff, P. Hanlon. M. Murao. H. Deutsch. K. Lundy, A. Camp- bell. D. Lewis. M. Hood. FOURTH ROW: B. Vyc, F. Cummer. V. Sevcrns. D, Hof- richter, D. Broadfoot. B. Sandell. R. Hol- land. A, Hill. B. Adams. B. Bryant, FIFTH ROW: A. Lukka, S. Abolofia, H. Braicks. B. Bothwcll. B. Schwager, L, Ottcscn, J, Crosby, J. Baer, B, Bowden, D, Pinkman, 126 c FIRST SEMESTER STAMP COMMITTEE OLL BANKER: r -4l 1 1 Ife 3 HEi Ai s»„ J . 1 HUNT ROW; Albi-rt Li ' vinski. lilcjnor Hartt. l-ujiko I-u.)m, Sylvi.i Shc- m.iryn, iVl-ikiko Takahnshi. Akiko, Lucy K.iwjfunc. Colleen Alhadcff, Vjvian D.irch. Bertha Thomas. Ruth Ellis, George Cacnepccl. SECOND ROW: Betty Pizor. M.iry B.irlia. Glori.i Kraulc. Betty Levy. Lila Levy. Edith Cohen. Bctte Zobrist. Becky Bcnoun, Amy Hidaka. Rae Azose, Lilly Hino. Dickey Watts. THIRD ROW : Betty 1-ouls. Marilvn Cohn. Demaris Thompson. Miriam SECOND SEMESTER Jacobs, Emm.i, ' 1 : i. John Sternberg, Eleanor Berro. Harriet R.icc, Isaac Barusch, Eiigcni Pe.ise. FOURTH ROW; Dena Mclvcr. Annabelle Becker. Barbara Anderson. Rollm Cunningham. Leroy Lundy. Betty Lundy, Jean Barash. Dolores Little, Jeanne Diltz. FIFTH ROW: Jack Richlen. Len Smith. Bob Craig. Leo Gettmann. Betty Shulman. Lois Moc. Do to thee Lewis, Shirley Manson. FRONT ROW: Fred Fisher. Richard Lindenbergcr. Rcvella Sidcll. Masako Althea Diesenhaus. Helen Gay, Lucy Romano, Amy Hidaka, Pearl Cas- Takahashi, Mary Inouye, Akiko Kato. Violet Israel, Lillian Hino. Maxine toriano. Thomas. Julie Boonov. SECOND ROW: Edward Locke. Thomas Lew. Louise Altaras. Norma Horo- witz, Edith Cohen, Marilyn Cohn, Gordie Flowers, M.Trgaret Yuen, Miyoko Senda, Carol Daty. THIRD ROW: George CacncpccI, Isaac Baruch, Lucy I. Hasson. Bette Young. FOURTH ROW: John Patten. Willis Pierce. LeRoy Lundy. Jean Moises. Marion McCagg. Miriam Jacobs. Elaine Davis. Lillian Gregory. I-IFTH ROW: David Howe, Dorothy Doyle. Lillian Mitchell. Jean Barash, Anabclle Becker, Lila Peterson, Sara Jaffe. Demaris Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Menachc Israel. Rollin P. Cunningham. John Peterson. Betty Reynolds, Mary Thomas. Betty Ncuss. Helen Miller, Mary Belle McGec. ' " ' i-school CO ' P° " ° d f P «enrat„ J ' °n,pa y ' ' ' " - deve op, " ! " ' en " tr -- -. ' ° R ' ghr): f CO,VD ROW .. P i Mills. ■ " ' ■ KrU. " • " Losk. m. invL - -r!!» . ' ' ' Open P of nar.ona and f ' " ' ' " " ' - - The CI " ' ' " ' - SEATED (,.,, planned . ' .crtarnvng skits and °; ' j,d theu tal- SP-- ' I he product-- ° ents toward ti- P a Funfest A-t- Shain. Maty , Mis " " " ' ttvbute to tlie £ Cbvna. , to K 8 ' " ' NVlUia " " -° sifted (Left ' ° , Vong. V ,„ Chan- ' ' Cbin " ' ' . VonS- Howatd PanS ' RADW CLUB £ ., -. T i r e ' " , of tbc Tbrs year ' s i ; cbooV Rad- rladepossrble conrmunrcat on and statron Ma- " " Tbeclubtorn.u transmvtter. . rdrng , A Its constrtu ' - - tvon " f 1 ComnannKatr ° ' " a expects to obtarn a 1 , rs and t y ■ ' " " " of ti,„ Ciub Chy ' ' ' ' ' ' fs part, „■; " - ' fy and A 1 c; " " " " " 1 ?. ' °° S ' - ' .cets tS " ! " ' ' Pafon in f ' on of Que md th e eJe Bow;. " ' ' ' ' ■ ' P fo the Skf " •■ ' ' " . Jn,. D • ' " ' ins. B„. r " °- con::r-j " -ast. - aS ' " ' ° " o n:od- " ' ' fo r;, " ' ' " d runnel ,, ' Row I, I- ' ' Tris n ■ i-t ' On r ■ ' ' " nn-ul: , ° " S Pov , ' ' ' ■ " ■I- Bnl, AKERSCLI a ' ists coj Under fonstitute ewjy " « of rhe,r , . ' :r ' ' ' Smd- " °--- o Sr,? ' ' ' " - f- ndards of r . P kin - SchooJ. G- -fic d H:g,; i RONT ROW C.ith, s, ROW: " " ' KOW n t ■ " " " ■■ " Mayer I ' " , ' ' « ' " He,„„ Ho-v.,,d p,„,,„ " • ' t " ' " ' " ' J kT: " : " ' - ' ' • " " . D. r.scv Si ' -«..i. P ' lyliis SECOND ' ' ' " " ■ ' ' ' -. John SCIENCE CLVJB glass blowing . ,,son iron " - ° ,ons and eX- i,,dcd discussioi students j iTieeungs- SchmaUc. B.U „„„. Robert TcmpUn, Vlotcncc G ' " ' - bavc been succe .ng ° ' intet-scboolde- patuopate. - 3 erete- Jates. Tb«tJ«° b as .U ' IT G-- °° ' t„ M " - " ° " " „ Bart ' ' ' ' " ' The cbKf P ' ° ' {aW - r uiV, were v-u - St P } t orepatauon ot a ,bU and tb f ,,ftt for ; stamp coUecU- .edcbdd. desetvmg. s--P ,,, scudcttts ter " cd.-dso compare ' ' stamps- Don SidcUU. SEATEU- Hatty »°» Mhadcff. ' ' t •t t- YESTERDAY... a single page, perhaps two dozen snaps on a grey background, evenly-placed photos, records of fun and frolic, fads and fancies. impressions of the days of high shoes, knickerbockers, and black stockings . . . this was the feature section twcntv vears ago. r r ' ' .-. % ' ' n: TODAY • laughter, bright faces, gay hilarity will never die. So long as high school students are carefree and exuberant. these feature pages will remain a rec- ord of the happiest moments, the fondest memories of vouth. 133 UMBRELLA MLN BIG HAUL MOUTHPIECE HANG-OVER NGJ JI " MAGINOT LINE VERALL — ING DON ' T LOOK NOW -E— A — TEAM : PROM - ENADERS TROM - OTERS f v ' jffjf ■■ SNOW ' .CAPIM 1) IIP I OR A KING r SURF-RIDERS ■La €xJ2 Twvi on -« ypn t +tft!lV Luinov 0OP lU€ fOUl he spirit of Qarfield concludes its twentieth hapter of helpful guidance In Acknowledgment I o those firms and individuals who have cooperated with the ARROW Staff of 1940: PRINTING: AIr. Floyd Flint Lotvman Hanford Company ENGRAVING: Mr. Leo V. Fallon Superior Engraving Company PHOTOGRAPHY: Mr. Earl Kennell Mr. Landis Dietrich Mr. Fred Dean Mr. Carl Soderburg Kennell-Ellis Studio Victor Condiotty Conclusion Pictures: pages 142. 143 and others. w „ _ 7U i-«_-j G ,.c . - ' ' ,x

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