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20 2-ag-f Xxx Q I 33 'Q : sew, S Ts. ii -we I - I lf- IH lg"!4 H i V AS' 3 1-.. ,s--, . . ., M . . ,x. .,. gi EX LIBRIS Yfia, f ' -n is . f F fx by l fi I, ' , V' f' .1 ix Y ,AMX f S xr T H 3: ARR W EffXi -ig,h6Q Ee Q Q E 1-Seaiigggf WY2'Ng:'Qi'Ee isis .E.X,e -li'-S45 5 --4 FOREWORD WE, of Garfield, seemingly conform to the custom of the ancient skilled archers in choosing our subjects and activities. The archers chose bows fitted to themselves and recreations by which they benefited. We likewise select subjects and activities which fit our abilities and ambitions. DISDICATION THE class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-five proudly dedicates its Arrow to the student body of Garfield High School, which carries out the motto of the ancient archers, "Aim high and strike true." Tom Elliott Peggy Arneson AsuslanlEd1tor Editor ui-Chief n Appreciation HE Arrow Staff of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-five joins with the student body in expressing its admiration for the excellent work of the Nineteen Thirty-four Staff in turning out a yearbook which, for the first time in the his- tory of the school, won the All-American Honor Rating. Since comparatively few schools have this honor accorded them, the earning of this record is a signal achievement. We are proud of the fact that we can publish in this year's volume such an acknowledgment. Natinnal Srhnlaatir 1Hrvaa Aaanriatinn 1954 ALLAMERICAN YEARBOOK CRITICAL SERVICE Y - dfesxklx, , .r' K , , 4:1 f, "Z V.. : R: ,,L,"?:: t '5 1 ' v 'x x' ,F ,. -:g.iii7x,A Ki vp' 'KL' o She :Arrow L. fm-ying.. .gf ff.. ,mia t. ..m.mI,.l Q11 Slmzritan honor Rating in :Lf lirunffr-:lf National Ym-L.,..L Crlviml Sarnia gf :ln Mnriunalsi-L1nln1lir PN.. .Ln .1., U....,..., .,f D.,..,.m.... .,f j...,..1,.m, :lm lim Jay gf N'-nmlm-, 1954. A Mx "N N X , .,,:::.:"'-z.. ' +544 UMW :::::. "lr www '::':. "zu J.. i Warren Philbrick Miss Alethn Business Manager Thompson Adviser Holt Graham Augusta Davis Assistant Editor Editor-in-Chief Bob Holland Miss Marie Saeman Business Manager Adviser 1955 Arrow Staff Editor.-in-Chief ........ ......,... A ugusta Davis Assistant Editor ...... Business Manager ...... ......... , . ........Holt Graham ...,.....Bob Holland Assistant Business Manager .......... Bob Pinkerton Advertising Manager ..,.......... .,..,.,... ,l ohn Curtiss Circulation Manager .. Art Editor ....,,.............. Assistant Art Editor ....,,, .,......l0hn Marontate .....,,.Bill Hubbach ........Irwin Caplan Personnel Editor .............................. Perry Scudder Assistant Personnel Editor ........,.,... Mavis Cowley Organizations Editor ............ Productions Editor ..,....... Boys' Athletics Editor Girls' Athletics Editor .......,.... Feature Editor ......,....... Snapshot Editors... Jeannette Horowitz ............Helen Wilson .....,.......Bill Garlick ....Phyllis Markham .......,.,.Paula Barton SMartin Manhoff ""1Louie Lazoff Z gm? Ill? gul f f K q-D .gg e 2 TH E ancient men with arrows swift Oft hunted bear and deer, And valiant English yeomen fought With strong crossbow and spear. X :F K 54 , . I lk ? X -f is -wx. 2 A Q ,X 2 . s -A Q K S . K LT F 3 Q J -5 i .xg - i Q X. fi 3,59 .fm Q t'3 Y V-' XT L- X Um mm mm THE redskins with their sturdy bows Sent arrows true to aim, While sportsmen now, with arrows bright, Enjoy a thrilling game. 13:8 Yi f tf I 5 Q fm: zfjisgl- A bg 1 Q W x , X, 9 Released with studied skill, With barbs of wit, with feathers gay, Its purpose to fulfill. f E -Arlene Osthoff, '37 l ,Q x I if 5 X I QUR ARROW, too, again takes flight, C-5 'T 5 9 EEE gg Ci iii? HE ancient archers, under the tutelage of their elders, learned the various steps necessary to become skilled marksmen. They learned to make arrows, to stand correctly, to aim, and finally, to shoot. In quite the same manner today, the freshmen acquire a working knowledge, the sophomores, correct methods, the juniors, a clearer insight toward a definite goal, and finally, the seniors, the joy of achievement. FEES C, rlqjiiii' 4-5 haw S, 'Af w , L ix.. lk "' ' 23V-:sw l HE imagination has vinlmwtl tht- arrow Hur own Arrow 4-nllwut-vs all the-sv itlcas. with so many th-lightfnl qnulitic-s that It govs straight to tht- ht-nrt of our school it llztslwvollu-the-syinholol'zihnost4'o1n1t- lift-. It points tht- way in which wi' are lc-ss zu-tions. It is the- instrnmvnt ol' lvge-nal going. 'l'ln-rv is at gre-at thrill in looking illltl ilt'lll1lllly. NX 1- shonltl not rvvogiiizt- tht- through tht- fourtm-n Y0lllIllt'S that now von- littlt- lovt'-gotl without his how :tml arrow: stitntc tht- history of fiill'l.ll'lll. tho story of wiilliznn 'lk-ll is of absorbing in- This fiftvvlllll :lrrow is truv to thc' trauli- tvrvstg in prawtivztl affairs. thc- arrow always tions ol' tht- st-hool and re-p1'vsviits the' art- points tht- wily. istry for whit-It stncla-nts untl lt'ilt'llt'l'S strivv. Zhfwuzl, If! 6 lap l'.Xlll',ll5llll' ol hairln-lil lligli Svliool lb J plan---tl in tln- linnnlw ol Nlr. Porta-r. our prin- lllbill. :intl Xlr. llilllivllllilll. our VIV1'-lll'lIl1'lllRll. IIN-x ure- tht- gguuling lorw- ol lrotli tln- fan-n v sl tln- ftnele-nt luosly ol' tht- s1'liool.tln' primary lunt-tion ol' ulliq-li iF Ilia- prope-r 4-slllvaitiolml ti lllllllmll ol' 1-an-li llllllVllllI1llt'lll'lbll4'll Ll5ilSlll4l1'lll In trill'lIt'l4l. ll:-Nnla-s tlns lllllHll'lilIll 1-x1-1'iltlvu'l'n-- Illlll'llPllllN.lll1'X giw- nnmx' lionr- ol' tln-ir linu- In iniliviilnall ftnuln-nts or purvnt- in un 1-l'l'ort to provinln-llvlpllll 1lllYl1'l'1lll1lllSlIl''1'lhililllt pupil - progruin ol NlllllI1'K. lns lutnre- plains. unnl ln- nnnn-almlv llIllI1'lIllIl'S. Nlr. l'ort4-r. an 'trim-ilml. lm, lln- gre-nl rnwpon- lilits ol' flip:-rxisillg tht- wvliooll lllllAlll1'4'S. at I tNIlIlllllUl'Nlll1'lllll'll1l- IH'UNI'llllllll't'll.l'lllll'!'If wortliy. an llnrfia-lil. nnlilu- :nanny otln-r liigli i1'lllNtlS. lists ln-4-n liort-1-nl to 1lli4'1llllillll1' none- ol' its l'llSl1lIllill'X Sflllblll uvtixitiu-w lN'1'illlFl' ol' ltl'4'5l'Ill 1-onelitions. ln aulelition to lui- many routine- lllllll'S. llr. l'ortn-r almost RIINJIFF linnla tuna- to 1-ntvr into tlln- rom-itll an-tivitie-5 ol' tht- -4-lnool. llr. llaum-lnmn. as vim--prim-ipul. lm- tln- pur- tivnlur elnty ol' re-glllaitillgg tht- 4liwiplin1- ol' tht- illIlll'lllS. wliivll ln- aloe-N in NIH'll il 4'tlIlllll'll'lll lllillllll'l' an to 4'0IllIll.lllll tln- l't'HlN'1'l anal Aulinlrsl- tion ol' l'Yt'l'y stneli-nt. llt- all-o llllll1lll'N llllH'll ol' tln- routine- ulnty ol' -in-li tluily lllilll1'l" au- alv- -vinw-F. 1-girly 4llPlIllNNillP. unsl vlmngv- ol' vlan-1--. llr. llorte-r unil Xlr. llun-Q-lnmn lmu- intl:-4-nl from-sl lIlt'llI't'lN4" ttltlt- 4in4l progrt---nr le-:ull-I'-4 tlaronggliont tln- ye-urs ol' 4Qan'l'it-l1l'- t'Xl4ll'll4'l'. . to llli ol'l'i1'e- is truly tho- ln-art of Garfivld. a fart which may re-adily bo provvd by a short, obsorvatory visit to this svvm' of vonstant activ- ity. It is hc-ra' that studvnts. toavlwrs. and out- sidt-rs go for information convn-rning all such mattvrs as tht- school mail. phono Calls. student 1-nrollmvnt. programs, grade-s. 1-lassvs. dom:-rits, 1-rc-dils. 4-arly dismissals. lata- arrivals. and daily attvndanvo. llvrv daily abs:-nvv lists and bulli-tins of stud:-ntsi notii-os are- mimoographvd and distrib- utvd to tht- various rooms. Thi- lost and found dvpartmvnt is loc-ata-d in tht- office-. and thi- finan- vial ri-turns from all of tlw st-hoolls avtivitios are- safvguardvd In-rv. All mail is brought to thc- offivo and distributod by nn-ans of a miniature- post olifim- whivh in- clude-s a mail box for oavh llloilllwl' ol' tht- fat'- ulty. Garlic-ld's vxtonsivo tvlvphonv vxchange- sys- K ta-m has provvd a vt-ry Miss Hyde valuable' aid in tht- man- ' agvnu-nt ol' tht- school. 'Flu-rv is a phono in eve-ry room of thc' building, c-ach of whit-h is voiuiodc-d with the' otha-rs and with tht- outside' world by a switchboard located in tht- office-. The switchboard is oporatvd by the student officv vlcrks. Miss Hydv, as hvad vlvrk, and Miss Brown, hor assistant. are- busy throughout tho day with thc' many and varivd tasks conne'vtc-d with the avr-ragn' school day. Thi-y art- assistvd vavh pvriod of tht- day by one- or mort- girl studvnts who art as assistant vlvrlxs. Tlwse- girls managi' tht- switvh- board and vllvvk on absvnvvs, 1-arly dismissals. and 1-hangv of class:-s. Tha-y distribute- the' svhool's mail. run various 4-rrands. and in nu- mvrous othvr ways assist Wliss Ilyth- and Miss Brown. This at-tivity provides valuablv oxpvr- iviwv to girls who inlvnd to lllillil' omre- work thc-ir voc-ation. and. inde-1-d. to any girl, Wlll'lllt'l' or not this may bc' he-r future- ambition. , Trulv. tht- oflive- is thi' Mrss Ilrmvn ' N A , uuvlt-us of lyarflolal high P' svhool. ETHEL WAY ANDERSON Hinlnry Dfpnrlma-nl KIRK S. BAXTER Hislory Dr-pnrlninnl HOWARD M. RRIIZR Iinglisli Du-pnrlmc-nl LEON H. BRICHAM History and Physical limlm-alion llrpurlnu-nh JEAN BURNS Hnmr Eronnmirs ll:-parlinv-nl JOSEPHA BURNS X Foreign Language De-parlmrv ,ff yf,,, , . PARKER E. some NX X Music lleparlnu-nl A HARRY R.l1llNNlNGHANl Inrluulrial Arls lla-purlmrlil MARY lf. l"lIiI,D Malllvllinlirs lla-pairlnu-nl DOROTHY GIIKIION Fnglinll Drpnrlnu-nl MARY L. CROYES Foreign Language D1-purlinml! LAURA H0l.l.lNGSlllCAD Fnrrigll Lsngnngv- D1-purllm-nl RUTH F. ISAACS English Dqinrlllivlll HAROLD B. JRFI-'RRY Mnlhr-malics Dr-pnrlnicnl MARTHA JOHNSON Science Department EVA JURGENSOHN Scinnce and Physirnl Frllwallimi Drpnrlmrnls ufo-'V' HERMIN A IHHA Ari Dvpxirlnu-ut FHWA H. RIRID ihnunnrrviail Us-pzirlim-li! A N1 Y BROWN Arl llc-pairlnu-nl CATHERINE lll'1XKl.I'IY M:illu-nmliv- Dvparhnr-lil S. IQUITH 1IANil'Blil.l. Hmm' I-In-onmuics Depnrhnrnr IDA R. CHARRUIN Xlatlimllaiirs D1-pnrlnirlil l'1l,lZAHF'l'll llli A R HORN Hnglieh IH-parlmrnl MARY I-f. DIXOY lingligh lh-parlim-nl x IRGINIX H. Gnu I-1..gla.l. lm.-, Kill,-K RLICS A. GRI-Ili R lmluxlriqil Arte ll:-pzirlim-nl fli'1R'fRl'llli 12. H0l'l'0liK Hislury Il:-pnrlim-nl JEAN lil VI' llnnn- Ffrnninll 'r D1-par! ru Nun: iz.. Nlas na.i..f, 1.-, 5 vi l.lCSl.lH R. JOHNSON Srirurr Drparlllirlll ROY D. Kl'fl.l.0C lnduslrial Arla De-pnrlinenl l.ll1ll.l.E KINKADIC Lihrary MII.I"0IIIl K. I'iING5IIl'RY Sq-ie-urn uinl Mmir Ih-pnrliiieiih M I'II.III'1N A K N I'I'I'TI.I'I I'1nglinIi Ilfpnrlmrnl MARTHA LAW Iliulury llrpurlnu-nl I'1IlI'I'II A. MfIN'l'0SII I-fnglisll llrpurlllwlil I.llTIIICIl MORE Physirnl Iimluruliun Ih-lurlnu-nt I-'I.0RA I.. NAI!!-IAU Ifomnn-rrial Ilrpurlnu-nl II. W. I'0IIT lfonimrrrinl Ili-purlmenl ANNE lf. PUCH Iinglish Ih-purllln-nl JUIIN IIIWSIIING Scirllrn- und Mnllu-nmlirs Ih-parllm-nlx MAIIIH lf. SAIQMAN Iiliglisll IM-purlmr-nl IfIIAIII.I'1S I.. SIIIIIIIUNS Imluuiriul Arla Il:-purlvlwlil YERNIHZ l'. SKINNHR linglinh mul Hialnry In-pnrlm.-nu S Al.I+I'l'll.-I 'rum Hsiiw f Iinglinh De-paYI mil MARION vs. 'rummsox s.-a.-...-.- lm.-,....1....-ni 42. H. WIIITE Cnnunn-rcinl Dm-purimrnl I'I'1AIII,H II. WIIITSIORI-I Physical Iimliinilioui Ileparlmenl 'IIARY I"f. KNIIJIIT Ilislury Ilepalrlllwlll MARIE I". I.AI'I'I-INBUSCH liummi-rciul Ilepurlmenl S. I.. MFRRIAM Mullin-matics De-parlmenl Rl'TH MOORE linmmerriul Deparlmenl lfAI'IUI.YN OCD!-IN Foreign Language Daplrllon! HENRY W. PETERS H islnry Deparlmenl l.0l'lSE K. PUGH English Drparlmenl MAY IIAINDAIL Hnglifh ID:-parlmv-nl A. I.. SIIHMAI.I.I'I Sri:-ure Drpurlmrnl IiI.IZAI'II'I'I'I'I SIIHOHPPEL History Ilepurlmrnl 1Zl.lI'TON T. SMITH tlunnne-rrial und Mulhennlioa Deparlnivms .IUIIANN A STHATI-I I-Inglish Il:-purlmenl MARY If. WAI.'I'I'1HS Ifnglish Drparlnlrnl I"I.0III'1NIlI'I WICLTS Hixlury Drllarlmrnl I-IARI. T. WHITSON Cummerriul Department GICORCIC S. WII.SON Srivlwe Depurlmenl Enghsh l'lRUl'CH the- stusly of lil4-raturv and 1'0llllNlSlll0ll. tht- English Da-partnn-nt instructs stmlvnts in thx- upprvviation anal IISZIQIQ' of the-ir own lilllgllilgllk Aftvr stufle-nts have- ln-4-n tlrillvil suffix-it-ntly in tht- invchun- its of C'0llllNlSlll0Il, the-y :Irv allowvil to follow tha- typo of 1-omposition in which they are most inte-re-ste-il. An atlmnpt is nlzulv also to givv stnslvnls at mort' thorough apprm'iation of tht- lpvtlvr English nove-lists. poets, clrznn- atist s. :intl vssuy ists. X Wgaihemaiics LUNG with tht- usual snhjc-cts ol' gon- 1-ral nmtln-matic-s. ulgvhru. :intl ILKUOIII- 1-try. which go to nmlu- up a :lc-partym-nt of lllillllt'lIlklllI'!3. voursc-s in highc-r Illillllt'lll2llll'S arm- offvrocl. 'flu-sv inc-lnclv ulgvhru lll untl IV, solinl gooim-try. anal lI'lgl0ll0lllt'll'y. snh- jvcts that are necessary for the person who plans to 1-nts-r any Q'llglIN'l'!'lllg school. .-X gon- 1-ml liIl0M'li'llgf' of lxmtlwllmtivs will provv to hc. to any stmle-nt. of przu-tn-al vulnn- in lute-r lift-. fu f History ISTORY is one' of the most popular sub- jects offered in the high school course. Both Ilillflllll' rim and economics. int:-resting and usvful snhjvc-ts to all, are addvd to the rm-gular study of world history., Anwrivan history, and vivics. 'llln' study of history imparts a use-ful kiunvlm-dgv of the past which aids thc- studvnt in intvrprcting prvsvnt world cvvnts and planning for tht- fntnrv. Ssiesece LL of the bf-st known si-it-m1-s of today are taught in the Scienre Department. H1-ro, studvnts dc-lvo into tht- inystorius of 4-lu-niistry, acquire ln-adachvs solving tantal- izing prohlmns in physics, lvarn about ani- nial habits in zoology, study plant life- in botany. and top off tht- s1'ivm'vs with physi- ology. No onv is likely to study them all, but probably thvrv arv fc-w who will not attvlnpt at lvast onv. 23 foreign Eangasage UREIGN languages are constantly be- coming more popular with the students since they realize their practical value. French. German, and Spanish are the mofl- ern languagcs offcreul., while Latin is the only ancient one. Students are encouraged to read current magazines or newspapers written in the foreign languages, that they may better unflerstand the foreign viewpoint whilc they are learning to speak and read the languages. 5ommerciaE HE Commercial Department affonls ample opportunity for stuflents to learn typing, shorthand, commercial law. anal the funclamcntals of bookkeeping anal office training. lnvaluable experience can be gained by students of ollice training by work- ing in the school office. Commercial subjects are the most practical subjects found ill the high school curriculum, for they furnish a basic unilerslanding of mosh-rn business. s i 1 Ari RT is one of the courses in which stu- dents are encouraged to be originalg to express their own iflcas rather than to copy the work of others. Although only a few of those who study art in high school ever at- tain famc in this linc of work. yet each one profits hy the course. for he receives an appreciation ancl an unclerstaniling of its basic principles. There have hcen occasions also, where Garfield students have taken high positions in the art worlil. Music HE Music Department provides numer- ous entertainments for the school and other organizations through the orchestra, the hand. the chorus, the nouette. and the glee clubs. Each year the efforts of all are combined to produce a musical comedy. Students may receive their musical training through these mediums, whilc they acquire au unclerstantling of music and a knowl- etlge of the great composers in the general music course. Home Economics INCE most students will some day have homes of their own, it is fitting that a praetieal course in home economics he of- fered. A hasic knowledge of home-making is taught in the cooking and sewing classes. Girls and boys alike are instructed in the art of planning and cooking meals, and those who are interested in sewing are taught the neatest and most efficient methods of mak- ing clothes. Endusirial Arts VERY Student. while he is still in high school, should he working dir:-4-tly to- ward some goal or vocation. ln order to aid mechanically minded students who wish to train themselves for a vocation which will aid them in earning a living, the lndustrial Arts Department operates, teaehing large numbers of students daily to work with tools, to operate machines, and to make useful articles with their hands. I ?hysia:al Education 0'l'll clivisions ol' tlw Pliysivzil l'l1l1n'a- tion l,l'lHll'llllt'Ill. tht- boys' ainil tht- girls'. strivv to lbnilil up the- lroilivs and minds of tht- pupils nnulvr tln-ir iiiflumwv. 'l'lw boys lmvv 1-lusse-s for tninlnling. apparatus, and QIRIIIIUH.. us wvll as tln' rvgular ziftvi'-svlnml turnonts for tht- compvtitivv group sports. 'flu' girls lilwwisv have- classvs for ilanving. lmnliling. and gaune-s. along with tht- intvr- 1-lass l'0llllN'lill0llS. Eibsary IVR lligll r4t'llU0l lillrury oflii-rs il gooal vlioive- ol' prose-. povtry. vssay. and clrznna vollvvtions. llolli olil and now. as we-ll as nmny rc-liulrlv. lip-to-clatv l'0l.1'l't'Il1'1' books :intl lN'I'l0lllt'2llS. Stnclvnts may visit tlu' li- brary any tilnv :luring ilu' clay. or may spt-ml whole' pa-rioils of stully tln-rv. 'lille-y final al- wziys that tln- librarian and lwr assistants ara- rvauly unil willing to ln-lp tln-in in tlwir prolrlc-ins. 9 r SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Otis Lamson, Serretnryg Paula Barton, President, Second Senws ferg Miss Ilollirzgslwad, Aflvisvrg Eileen Brandt. Trensurerg Miss Bird, Adviser: .Allzsmnlvv Geoffrey Hvnlh, President, First Sernvster 28 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS--'Frou' Row: Dorothea Kirsten, Jeannette Horozulz qetond Row: Melvin Oserun, Holt Graham. Third Row: Augusta Davis. Art Bateman lg 6 EMBERS of the class of 1935 approach graduation with sincere regret that their last year at Garfield is drawing to a close. During the years since their entrance as freshmen the members of the Senior Class have benefited greatly by partlclpa lion in the activities and traditions that are distinctly character istic of Garfield. Friendship, cooperation, and the sympathetic guidance of Miss Bird and Miss Hollingshead, class advisers. made these years happy ones. With the rank of seniors came the responsibilities of leader ship, which the class assumed with ease and efliciencyg for lts members had previously entered into all of the numerous school activities to an exceptional degree, thereby gaining the experience and spirit desirable for their duties as seniors. Un the athletu teams. on the staffs of the literary productions, in the easts of the school dramatic presentations, in the offices of student leadership in the Boys' and Girls' Clubs, the seniors have this year led the school to success. Scholastically, too, the class has a fine record, many of its members having worn Honor Society pins since their sophomore year. The class has left its mark on many phases of school life the Parent-Teacher Association dances have become popular and ale fulfilling the purpose for which they were introduced: the Bull dog Ski Club has this year, under the leadership of seniors, made skiing an important school sport and desirable social activity Individually, the members of the class have had a keen reall zation of their good fortune in spending four such important and beneficial years of their lives at Garfield. 29 AMELIA ADRIAN---Trnnisg Arhievrmrnl Clulrg Sprnlner-' Club ANNE ALHAIH-il"F-Christmas Night: Senior Night: Honor So- vlrtyg Honor Roll DORK .KXTI-Il.l. Sp:-akrrx' tllulv CNRMFN BALDWIN-A'Honoi Soeielyg Holl Hrprrzu-lltntivo-1 Fralurr Editor, Nlnwsrllgrr: flirl-' lilnln linhinrl ARTHI ll ll K'l'l'iWlAlN Honor Son-ic-ly: Sport- I-idilor. Arrow: Nrrow lfontriluutorg Hoya' lilulu Prtsirla-Ill: Haavlnlll: Haslu-llnallg lfrr-hlluul Foolluall and Haskel- hnll: Alhlrtir lloininillz-nf: l"un- frstg Holl Hepr4'-zvnlativn-I Ml- tawy lxwrft: n..,s llluli mu.. inrl: S1-rontl Train lhtslu-tlnull .HM HELL Sport- Ealitor. N14--W ne-np-rg lin-lu-tlmllg Pliilanthrop- ir lfolntnillr-rg Sp:-rial lioluntil- tu: Roll Rr-pr:-srntativr l-'Il -KN K lll'1NIClH-I'I'Tl Jklllx lll'I'NJNMlN f Stump tilulni Honor Hull: Aviation lllulug Tourh Foollnallg Sri:-:wr lflulr: l.unrhrooni Colulnittrfl Trnrkg Fxtrrnporf Slut-akiug Conte--t: Ski tflulr 'lIINll Ill-1R'NllfklNl 'l'rt-at-urn-r. Girl-' Clulig lhulialln- Roll: Ml- vi-nry Hoarslg Calninn-lg Soph- omore Fish-r lionuniltf-eg Make-- up Colnlniltrr: Tennis: Fnitilt--I: Rull llc-pre-wnlutivn-1 Arrow l"v-u- lurr Stuff: Ski Cluln LEE IHCIKNHR -lfunfr-I YIRGINIK lll,U1Ixl"0lilD lihuirinnn. Health ilomiuitln-rg Chairman. lixtn-n-ion lionuuit- ta-r: llhnirluan, lint:-rlainnu-ut lfoniluillrr: Honor Sovirtyg l -her: Roll lic-pri--4-litattiw Rl SSICI. lll,XlN Nl-NRE HUlll.l'iN llig "G" lllulug Roll Rrprrv-ntutiu-1 lillrishnaw Night: Srltior Niglllg Ftlllfenl: Aft:-r Srltool Sporlxg Mlv nory llourtl A l.lll'1'YA 'IHDITANO Kthlrl iw: Hull Rfpr.--1-ummv 'ill 'NIARIAN ALLEN--lihorllng Roll Heprrsrnlllivrg Oper-ng Ffiqml. ship Committee: Spenknrs' Clubg Srnior Nighl IIIUKIRH Al'PEl.GATl'f --A Aslvin- ory Board: Cnhinelg Fuofmlg Senior Night: Chairman, l'. T, -L llancn lionnnillrng l"rif-nthhlp Kfolntnillre 'NINHY HANGHAHT Anhirva- ment lflnlvg Srnior Si-:trr Coin- Illlllrr I'Kl'I, K ll QKHTUN '-Anlvl-tory Hoartl: Aswiutalnl Htlilor, Mr-e-u-lr ,iufrz Fvalurf Editor, Arrowg Ratlianrr Roll: Honor Suriv-ly: Funfa-sl: Prvsinlrnl, Sz-nior Ching Serrrtnry Ski Clubg Roll Repre- wulativr: Girls' Cluh Ute-nalunt RIl.l.X HHLI. -Moth:-r :nml Duughle-r Tran lIl.Allll'i lil-INAROYA -lfrnrutll ship lfotnmiltvrg Funfrttg Soulir Night: Malte'-up Colnlnittt-rg l-'all Nlutinrr li Kllllllfl. Hl'lNSll55l'iN lfreuh- man Yr-ll King: llflnrrit lilerkg lihairulnn Dvtnrril llolnnnttrrg Stannp iilulug Ort-he--tru: Huutl lll. KNCIHE Ill-ZNYON NIXIHH l!I'IN'l'l-1l.l.l Hug "G" Clulug Chairman, Full Matin:-rg Spank:-rx' Club: Slmka-qu-nrun Conte-st: Hou-ln-y Nlunuin-rg V, T. N. llonnuitlva-1 Garfu-lil Ilay Klonh-st V.Kl,l.AlIl'1 lll1IKl'1'I' Mlirrtiv ing Vlunagrr, Maw-n-ngu-r l.l'lIll.l,l"i Hl..fXKl'i Honor Sovi- t'lyQ Sf-uior Nipthtg llutlnhngg Cotlllllillvvl Sufllll Sorvtrv lfoni- mnm: 1:l.faqu..t.. Night NlAl Rlllli lll.0Tll Roll Hep- rt--:-umtiwg N11-Q-u-uw-r Mtv.---11-v ing Stull' ,Kl.Hl'1HT H0l,l'iX Hulldiug lionnnillra-1 Spmtlu-rs' tilulig Full Ylulinvvg Spring Multum- THID HOWIHQN' Yr-ll l.t-mlrrg 'l'rar-kg Roll Rrprn--rululivr Vululirity Coruinittr-eg Vive-Pre. iuln-nl. Xlrltvrt' lllulig Dooruuu it f ' R XJ? fl ,ll , ' I 'rf I ,ff l'fll.l'1lifN IIHA. IYI' l'n--iilent, l"rv-iluntni Auxiliary: Serretary- 'l'rrn-nri-r, Sopliouiorr tllii-sg lilxiworx llonrnlg 'l'rrxi-urrr, Sril- ior tllup.-1 tfllnirnuin, Slamlunlx lfonniiiltrfz Srnior Niglitg l"im- n'.-.ig own.: xmtm.-1 tzlmafltm--. K--u-mlvlx tfoinmittf-eg llnll ltrp- rr-o-nlutiu-: l"e-nturr lhlitor. NIM- -.-ngn-rg llonnr lloll SKU llllliN'Nl'fll l"rr-.liinnn l"ootlmllL lfrrxlliiiilll 'l'nl1'lk L lnl lrnmunil l-'ootlnnlli l.utm tlluls tLItlIlt'l' n'tx'lutl.lNl sm.- si......,..-fg n..m......f..l I-'...,n, lm.-.......f..u nn..-r...ilg vi...t..,t- .-t.,.n., rl..l.1 s.-...M arf.-I..-.nm KNNI-I tl-ll'lfl.0'l'0 lfrmlnnim- Wopliomon- llorlu-y 'l'a-nm: l"r4--li- num-Sopliouion llai-rlnill: lfrmli- num Itnik--llmllg 'l't-nnhg Girl-' tiluh .-llti-lulimtg Sa-nior Niglilg ml.f..t...... Night: mix.-...,. tio...- innllrr: lil:-r tflnhg Vlmrln: Op:-rn k l'l'ltlZltlNtf tfkl KNAI till t..i.i....i n.......-.. x1......,..-r, Sli--N-ings-i': lihoru-: tllirntinu- Night: s.-.-...r Nunn, m:i.-.- cn.:-Q llmln--up liommittc-rg tlpf-rn: s,..-nl..-f.' til-tl. lllllillluli tIlllNllll'1ItI.lN llonor Sorirtvq ill-lilly Orrli- .wtrng fliniriiiaili, lluilnlilig Com- mtn.-.-: s.-1.-H.-P lIlnlrg up.-mg l.zitm tflull: Flint:--IL Flu lflulul ra.-...or mum: o.-.-I..-.mia m'i.r..t. umw Night 1.lllltI.0'l'l'li tItNDI,lC S1-nlor Nighty tllirislinn- Ntghig Kit:-r S-fhool Fporlx ll.l"llFll Vlllllltlll Si-nior Night: l-'nuts-Nt: Up.-rn: Stump tfommilti-rg lloy' lloululn- Quar- l4'l lNlllll'N l.lll l-'lllfll tfnluinrlz I'. 'I', vt. timmmii.-1-5 Mtv-.on Ilonril: l-'rin-nilsliip tfonunilte-1-1 I-in.-muon tiommiin-1-1 Itolt llvp- re--e-utaitiu': loruliomil liommit- u---1 M-tin-it-in--ni llonnnntivi- .IUIIN til lt'I'lSS Ski tllutug ln- Irumurnl lhiikvlt-nllg lh-nn-rut 4:.,....-.-img st.-...-W.-r stun: Stump tit-mmitn-1-1 No.-titiomtt t'.........n.---: i.l..-fu.-a..,L un... .igi-r, .-ti-ww, ltnuilg ltoll llvprv- ..-nnnit.- ll til S'l' K ll ll IS liilitor-nv Chi.-l. Arrow: nn.-..fy li..,.f.lQ tI.iInm-tg llonor Sorn-ug S--mor Nighlg llhiurmnn. Flint:--t flom- mni.-.-g ttoll It.fpr.-N-niniu.-g SL. Linh Il tl Ill Ili- tltll Ituilitmg lion: mill.-1-1 lm-ti.f.img Ifunh-.I tLl'0lttll'I"ltrf units u....... sn.-t.-in s,..-tn..-f.' uint.: u....... llolll hurl- Lluln Kltvmlnxitz liln-1 lltHlIiIt'l' IltlNOIIl If lnlrgl. mur.ll Sport- ..l ANI-f lllll IHS HM AN Honor Snrirtyg Arr ow Pit allg Senior Night: Trnni-Q: llolfg llelltli Cnnlniitlrrz Sorinl Srn irr Cum- niitlre HOWARD lll RKH Srvrrlary- Trrasllrrr. lloyd' Clllll: lflllir- mall. Program tfoinniittffg .-la-iatnllt Fraturr liililor, Mrs- iengrri Advisory lloarnlg Fun- fr-tl Sophomore' lluske-tlulllg S1-rolul Team Ill-rliullg 'l'irKfl tfonnnittvrg Stump tfonilnillerg Intramural Sport, l'fl.Wll'fll tIAJtI.S0'N Sriibllql Train Fuotlnillg Fira! Tram lfonllrall Slllxlfl' liAlt'l'l-flt Prfwialflll, llallin lllulig llnll llrprrxarnll- tin-S Stage- l-Ili-rtrlrialig Arrnw tIonlriluutor tIKll0l,YN tI0l.llX Srrrrtary, lllrls' lfllllri Urnrln-atral lliulinnrr Hull: llllorusg Ski tilulrg Full' ft-og Arrow tiomrilnnorg Anlvin- ory llounl: lloll Rrprru-iitutixrg sm..l..r.i. 1:........m.-.-1 op.-rt. ll0lll"fll'l' tI0l.ltlTNS Yi1'r-l'rrw- Mimi, s.-af...-.i t:1..l.g rl...a..,, rapliy lilllll 'HAY IS tItlWl.l'Il lloll llrprr- wnlzilin-5 Honor Sofia-tyg llx- tvmporz' Spa-ulnlngg tlonlrr-tg Arrow Stuff: Mlvi-ory liourilg lfrrslnnau Si-trr tfommillf-rl s..l.l..,.....f.- sm.-f ri..--mmu.-.-1 llonor lloll: Spriikrr-' tflulng Full Ylxtim-vg Slnmlanl- Coin- lnitlri- Jllll-IS CRKNIC tlliairman Pliilalltliropia' tlninlnitln-rg lloll Rfpf.-,H.i..iitfg nn S.,-mtg Se-mor llay tloinxnilta-rg l-'iinlfwlg lflita-rtuilillivllt lfoinniitte-i-1 I'. 'I'. L llallvs- liolltllllllrvl lzllairlllnll. I'. 'I'. ,L lionimitle-af: .lunior l'rom tfoinxniltvo-1 tlliziirluan, Sz-nior l'roni tfomniittrvg Door- num: Ski 'l'a-mn. .l VXXIFS Ilfll-'l"ll0N Ill 'l'll ll Klll.t2lll'1N tlhri-tinaa Night: Sophomore llap l'arlvg Punt:-it ll lllllil lla' 'Nlll.l.Y llig "G" tflulr: lilirialmas 'Nipglitg Senior Night: l"unl'n--tg Aftrr School Sport. IlUl.I.X Ili- SKNTU tlirlv' Sport. NHHJINIK DUI tll.,lS llonor Sorts-ly: N in--I'n-wuli-nl ll ig "G" tflullz tlirlx' Sport-5 Sflnor N igzlilg tlllrhtinas Night: Opera lltlm Kllll lll lll"l Slaigi' llrrw Stamp lflnlr BlAlttlAltliT EARI.liS-Yic1'- l'r1-aisle-nt, Frrshnlan Class: Roll ltr-pn-sn-ntativr: Chairman, Oprn Home Committrr: Ski Club: Spralwrs' Club: Make--up Com- mittrr lil,lZABli'l'H EGCERT - Snuior Night: lfuufostg Opera: Ski tftuh: Choru- JOYCI-I l'IMl'NSO'N 'tIhriituia. Night: Story-T1-Iling tionuniitw- Xl Fltltli PIIIDRICH -lutraiuurnl Sports I.l.EWl,l.YN EVANS flfn-.lunau Football: Frm-hnian Hanks-ttraltz Freshman Track: Sophomore linskrlhall: Sr-cond Team Foot- lvall: Puhlirity Comniiltt-r: Pult- lir ltr-lations Coiumitta-v NITA EVANS- Chri-luuu Night: l.ihr1lry Cululnitlrt- RUE' l"lil.l,0W'F -lflllt-rt-tl trout Broadway l'l'iAHl, lfl-IRGUSON - Honor So- nrtyl Honor Hull: Ch-r Clulr: Charm: Oprra: St-uiur Night RlAlt'l'HA l"l.l'1'l'tIlt If It - Co-- tuluv Mislrvss: Golf: Roll ltvp- rr-u'utntivz-: Altt-r Srhool Sport- KATIIEIKINI-I FORCE - - Limit'- mnn. Stnurlnrtls Columitta-1-1 Frrslilnziti Auxiliary: Christuiats Night: Sr-uior Night: lfuufr-I: Chnirlutln. Srrziphook Commit- lv-rz 'Fa-nni: DONALD I-'ltlllfll Shiga- Cr:-tt MYHUN l-'RICYIJ LURNIZ GARDEN'-Arnnv Con- lrillutor WILLIAM CARLIIIK f-- Xrrott Contributor: Roll lh-pr:--rntzv livr: Srrrz-tary-Tr:-n-ur:-r. Junior Class: Ya-ll King: Fuufr-st: First Tram Trnrk: Senior Day: Prn- grltu. Eritortninment, Stamp, Junior-Srnior Prom Committees: Ski Team: Sports Editor, Arrow: Advisory Board S NIARY l'iCCl'fRT AFtlnl't'at: Hull Rcpresvntative: Fvalilrv litlitor. Me-xengrrg Glrr Cluh: fllulxevup Couuuittrc JACK ELLIS JANTI-IY FSKENAZI- Roll lirp- rese-ntutivc: Honor Son-it-I3: lGhrr2 Honor Hull l,lI,l.lAN FSKENAZY -A Athlrt- its: Friendship Cnnuuittrv: Fun- fut: Christmas Night: Svuinr Night? Arlxievelnolit Cluh I-'RANK IVAHEY W- Mt-sarngrr Staff: Speaks-rs' Cluh: Latin Cluh: Philatelists' Cluh: Ur-htttr ISADORH FEINHERG litm- Cluh: Chorus: Building Commit- tee: Opera: Srnior Night: Honor Holi: Honor Sm-ir-ty I'EtLtlY Fl'iRlNCl'iR - Mxlkvvl p Comvuitter: Spf-aka-r-z' Club: So- vial Sr-rvirc Cnmmiltrrl Roll Hfprrsrutativv: I-'nll Matin:-rg l"uufvst: S:-nior Night: Frivml- ship Committee: Opera l'fl'Gf'f'Vl'f FISCHFIRA-CIM' Cluhg Chorus: Opt-rai Svniur Night: Chris Clltlil Tvllnis ANN I-'ORMAN -v l"tttll'1-all Christmas Night: 51-uior Night: Fvuturr Editor, Mt-ssc-ugvr: Ita- tliaurr- Roll: Chairman, A--1-ut, lily Cnmmittrr: Girls' Cluh Presiale-ul: Spvulu-rs' Cluh: ltoll liz-pri-st-lltativr IHIKUTHY t"ltA'W10 -g hrvslt- man Auxiliary: I'1uta-rtniuuu-ut Columillrv: l"rit'u1lrhip Commit- te-:-: Stamlurtls Conuuitlve: Calm' im-t: Chuirlunn. Art Committrrl Au:-mhly tlommittf-0: Freshman Athlrtirs: Funfa-st: S4-uior Night: Spt-ak:-rs' Cluli: Arhirxr- un-ul Club KlY05l Kli l1'UJl0KA - - llui-' Give- Cluh: 'I'rxu'k: l'uhlir It:-luv tions Committt-1-: Chorus: Up- e-rzi: Honor Soni:-ty HI-il.l'1NI'I CAlH'il.'-Huuor Sori- vtyg Honor Roll: Arrow Contrib- utor: Editor. Sign l'oeit: Writers' Chili: Photograpliy Cluh: Fun- ft-st: loralioual Committee CHAHl,l-15 tllil'iR-f-l'l1iuanthrop- ir Committrle: Spralufrs' Cluh Illtill Gll.lll'1RT'- Roll Rrpre- srntativr: Freshman null Soph- omorr Trark: Ticlu-l Committrf: Up:-ra: lntraluural llaslnrtlnill 4-Klll.I Nl" 1LIl.l.l-lSl'll'1 lloll ll:-pre-Nu-lllulnrz l"lllllvwlg Sprink- rr-' Club: Surinl 51-rvnrv Cum- nnllve-Q l'Imirmun, A1-luia-xrmrnl s..,.l.......-r.- sm.-r innnmlla-1-1 Nrrnu tlunlrilmlor ,IUIIN 1Lll.Nl0l'll lloll lh-prnw u-nlnlnr: Slum- Cn-wg lfnnfvalz Up:-ral: l'ln'lslnnu 'Niglllg lilmrn- Vklll-l. ICON XII:-r Svlnml N,..,n. will lllllll- 'X ll0l'l' Illllll-XXI Xml-lalul lznlllnr. Arrnvg lfluulrlnull. Flllvr- lnmlnrllt l'u1nmlllu-1-L ifllnlrlnaul. lfunhwl l'umlnill1-1-: l'n-sill:-ul, I.nlnn illnlng llnnor Sm-in-ly: Honor llnllg llull li1'1rr1-u-lllav 1...-Q nm... n..,.l.- 1:..r,..L 1-...,m..... ln.-....-rn. znnl lx..u.1...g 1 llllllllllllww .lKN1l'S HIKNYFS NIAICTIIN ,INNIC lJIlI'NlSRl'D Girls' Hull Mn-mlnnl IPWIS lllll5WUl,ll lln-lmlu' 'l'c-um: l"innn1'1- 1funllnilIa'4'1 lll- lrnmnrnl lln-4-lrnll: Spe-xllxvrf lilulug llull lh'lu1'n-llIuliu'L Hull- ur Sm-wh: Slallup lflulrg Sn-nun' 'Nlulul Nl In llNl.l"0N llunur Sm-in-Ip: llnnor llnllg S4-ia-m-v Club: Alle-r N-lnml Sporls: Cllrialnm- Ninlll: .hflnc-u-vm-In lilulvi S1-ninr Sul:-r I nllllllllllrl' I IHX ,lllll llNI,l, JOHN IIARRAII llonor Surn- rlx: l-nnhwlg Cum- mnn-.-1 Iwngrmn limmuinn-1-z n.....lQ,.....f.- cum. rtmw- lzunnu-ul Cumlniln-r MAXINIJ llNlllllS0'N Op:-ral: llnnur Formvhl l"nlll'1-ull So-nmr rxqllni non lc.-,.r.-,.-..u..m.-Q -mv n-Iorx lhuu-nl: Num-Ill' llklll' lllllklll-T l"lllll'4-di 'Nur-r sllwmlnlll: llunnr Sou:-ly ll0lll-Ill'l' ll0l.I.'KfNIl llmnm-.. Mnunuvr. Nrrnml llirrnluliml Hnlmgrr. Arrnwg llnlmr Soon-Ixg llnnur lloll: Cllnirlnlln. l.un1'l1- ruoln lfululllillvl-1 Grulllul- Izum- mllla-1': Su-nmr Niglll: l"uul1--I: llln-lnmx Nxglulg lloll llvprv- ff-nlulna-: 'l'r-nm-5 jm1i0r.S.-mor l'l0lll flulllllllllrl' IHDSIC Ill. ANTI Inv: Ulu-ru: Svninr Nighlg Girl:- Qillrimml- Night SOI.l.ll-I G0l'l,ll llamlg Up- "rH: l"unh'-I: Svninr Nighl- lilurixlmu- 'Niglnlg Chairman, Ill-- mvril mul llruumls lfnlnlxlilh-aw -Nl.I4Il-' um:-' fairly spun.: HI: ull" I-llllil Roll lc.-llr.-Q.-.MA nn.-1 -x.l....,r,' n..4.f.l1 uma' Lluln Mlvlulaml UNK Ill llll l'll'fl.l'lY Trlllllxg lflunirmzull. I'llllunlllropir Cmn- milh-1-L llllnirman, Vnrnlionnl lfnlmnillm-4-1 llulmr Snrivlyz Fun- ln-xlg Sn-nmr 'Niglllg Null llvprr- -rlllalllxv 'll Y ll -K llll l5l'Q'N l'lll'fl.ll llull llvprvw-nlnllu': llnnnr lhullg s,..-l.L..-rc lflulv GLEN IlR0'l'll 'IH-uni-: Fun- ff-.lg llunluling lluunnnlu-1-5 llmmr S...-i.-ny: .h-nm tin-nr-I-un-r -XXX lil Rl'fXl'l'1fll Spa-ulu-rn' Clulu: llnnnr Sm-irlw: Wrilrrn' cunt.: Ninn.-...,. 4:.....mauf.g llnuur Null Kl.lll'fll'l' ll 'K 'Y KN 'Nh--n'llIl"" Slnlfg Stamp lhnunxillvrl lfirul 'l'vzun lla-lu-llmllg Honor Suri- .-l31 lluxlqling Kfnmmillevl Arruw lfonlrilmlnrz Hull lhprf--1-nmnivr ,I 'K N I-I'l' ll A ll Ill-TN 'llnlu-Aup mlmmim-.-Q lfu--l'.x.l IS-Klllil, HAYVKINS l'rnwl1lrlll. Girls' lfllllr: Cirla' Calvin:-ll Girh' Nslwiaun llnarmll Hu-ullll tfnnuluillvo-1 lllg "G" Club: llaulizulrr- Roll: llull llvprvsrll- mm.-1 Sk, ailuh 1ll'f0l7l"lll'll lll'lA'l'll lla-1-lmll: lfnmllmllz lla-lu-llmll: Y ire--l'r1wi- nh-nl lluy' Clulr: l'rminlvlll. 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Svuior Urrlin--trol Sp:-:ilu-r-' Club: Yirv-l'ru--uli-ut, l"rn--luuou Auxlllnry .I-it Nl-1 LA M l'lNtl -Cnbim-I: l"uul:-st: S4-uior Night: Ilouor Socivly: Ilull Il:-pi'4--n-itlzlliiv 0'l'IS l.fUllHlIN S4'1'rA'l1lry. Sou- ior Clow: l'rn--ull-ut. Iluuor Sorivlyl I'rv-inlvlll. Ski Clulil x.n.,...-,- lim..-.lg 'I'--H.-I. DUN l..-KIISUN l"ir-t 'I'a-um 'I'riu-L: Ilouor Son-in-ti Q l.ilnnu-i Couuuitlm- l.0l?lI'I I.,-tlltl-'l-' Suzipslmt Fil- itor. Arrow: Pliotopgrnpliy Club: Spa-nlxvrs' Club: lulrnmurnl Sports: llv-1-ull-ri-tl from Suu I"rnu1'iwo INIll0'l'IlY l.I'fY Y - Ilouor Sori- vty: Ilonor Roll: Mols:--up Com- luitln-vg Ilmln-r l'.l.lLtIll'.lll Llzlllh l'uul1-sl: l.ilnrury lfomiuilla-u-1 Girls' Club with-unlnul: Story' 'l'u-ll4-rs Wll,l,lANl LINIISI-1l.Ir I-'ir-t 'l'viuu 'l'rm'lx: l'ulvlin'ity Couuult- tn-1-1 Cliuirumll. l"imiu4'inl Cout- luittu-vz Clmlruinu, Stump Coul- lullln-a-: :idx i-ur! Ilonrel: X ivo- I'r1'si4l1-nl, lloys' Club: Sn-mor Night: l"uul'n-sl: X ive'-l'r4-eialrlit, l.utlu Club Mfiibllf I.lIlfKI'l 'illvl' Srliool Sports: lloll Ih-pr:-sa-iitiltiiv NIIHLINIA KI'lTClIAbffr'ROII lt:-prvsentalive: Senior Night: Xrvlirry: Messenger Stuff: PIII!- lirily Committee Mll.DRI'III KETTIIFIMAN- Spa-:ilu-rs' Club: Study Hell Al.- Im-lnlant - I THEA KI RSTEN - Roll 1-pre-sz-ntative: Honor Society: Hrsllli Committee: Senior N ight: Advisory Board: Arrow Coutribul ' Funlest o mittee: ww- P .STHICR KIAER- ' ol grlpliy Club? Arliievement CI b Cluir- man, Girls' Club A ndiultsg Honor Society: Stamp .lub NIASAHARU KUROIWA - In- tramural Sports II tl. I,ACI'IYfSpeeieI Commit- lffi Baseball: Funfest: Intro- murul Sports: Glee Club: Roll Rr-pn-seulutive l'fIII'I'II I.ANIIl'IK--Honor Soci- o-Iy: Ilonor Roll: Roll Represen- tutiir: Srin-nee Club: I'. T. A. Committee: Iluilding Committee: Chairman, Frienllsliip Commit- tvr: Acbievemenl Club V ll.l.l 'KM LARSICN--Roll Ilep- re--:-utativf: One Hundred Mile Llub WILSON LEE--Building Coln- mittve: 0ne Hundred Mile Club: Roll Ilrprrsentalive: Intramural Sports: Sn-nior Night IQIAOISE LEVANDOSKI I.l15'I'I-Ill LEWIS -f Messenger Stall: Writers' Club: Inlrl- mural Ilaslu-tball: Philalitbropil: lfommitlru: Publicity Committee 4 tllll-1 IAIGIITICR- -Athletics: Itig "C" Club: Speakers' Club: trliii-in-im-ul Committee Al'0l.0NIO LOPEZ -- Filipino Club President: Speakers' Club: Garfield Ilay Oratoricel Contest: S, A. It. Contest: Debate Team JOIISN l.0ltD Ill-LTTY l.l'tfAS Girl, Nthlvl- in: Chorus: Hm-levy: Sophomore- Sistrrg Arhif-vi-ma-nl Cluhg Sri:- lor Nighlg Ilhriatlnas Night: Funlestg Chairman, Ar-I-A-inhly Commillrr: Noll Krpri-M-ntativv: Honor Roll: Honor Sox-if-lyg Girls' lflnll lfalxiln-I DUNALD l.l CAF lfnnli--ll Up- rrl: Senior Night: Svnior Urrll- rslrag Fra--lnnan and Sophomore' Trarlt: lfre--hnizm l-ioollulll: Slang:- lin-wg llrnln null llngls' Corps: llanal IMI! Nl-UIIKI 'llfnni-1 hiution XlNt1l-INT WlNl.lN llunor Fori- rly: Sri:-lin-v l'luln 'llNll'l'l'N NlNNlI0l"l4' Syrah- rn' lilnln Olfivvrz l'r1-s-imlr-nl. Plmlogrnpliy Clulvg Mr--1-llgvr Slail: lornlional tlolnlnillvvz I'rournni lloinniillvv: Stump Llnlll Urnloriral llonlr-I: lfnll Malinm-g Nlnlu--np lfomnlilla-1-1 Lnnrhrooni tlolnnlills-1-2 linlvr- lalnlnt-nt tlonnnillvvg Roll llrp- ra--1-ntuliu-: Intramural Bmw- lmll: Sluip-liot lfalilor, Arrow Fl'fll'f'Yl'f XIANPS Advisory lioanl: Turks-I llolnlniltvvg Foot- ball: 'frarla ANNA NIASS.-K-V-Clioriu: Senior Night: Op:-rug Clirisllnar. Night I-'l,URl-INCH Nl ATSON 'ff Honor Sorivlgz Unlirr: Sopliomorr Anx- llnry: lfulifa-st: tihrixlinae 'Night HOU N11-Cl llllf l"r1'slnnan anal ioplwlnon- llnsluflluzlllg linac-- luallg Intramural llnakrllnall: Cronmls and l"ini-mrial llmnniit- lu-51 Roll R.-pri--1-riruliw ACNICS 'Nlm'KlNl,.'lY rf Arliivvv- ment lflnlr: Sorinl Sc-rxiro Coni- millrl-1 Lilurnryl Girls' Kilnlu Al- trmlnntg Photography Illuln: Cirlr' Fporli IA Wlfll Xllfl,TON 'tllirisllnata Night: lfunh-rl: 0...-.. nm...- l'rngrnnlK: l'holoyraphy lllnli Alll-fl,lNl-I Nl Iilll IN Honor Suriv-ty GRACE NlIl.l,lf'll Sou-itil Svrx- ire ifommilla-1-1 Sr-nior Night: Christmas Niphtg Gulf: Tn-uni, IRVINKI Nlll,l.lfK lfnlrrlain- mrnl liolnlnillrt-1 lfnnlvsl: Up. rn: Senior Night: Gln- illnlvz llhornsz Dunn :incl linglc- tfurpag Fall Hatixirv- l.lI, U1 l.l Xl lil RLAN ll l.l N ll Srivncr lilnlrz Kaitlin tilulul l"n-allmun Track: Sophomore Trm-ki Ski Chili: Ski Tvuln JACK Xl,'ll.'l'El!Nlill llaulnrl- lrall Nlnlmpe-rg lntrannnrul Spnrhi Spanish Clnlv: l'fnl4-rn-nl from Hoon-vf-lt Yl'Nlfl"fN'l' Xl.-XNILINI lloll llrprr:-vlllalliuq llook llooxn: l.llnrll llooln: lfirsl Tvuln lfoot- lmll: lnlraunurztl Sporlt l'IlYl,lilS Nl.-K lllillk Nl S4-nioi Orrllmtruz llig "C" lflnlig Son- ior N ighlg lfnnlt-sl: l ivr-I'rt-s- iilvnl. Girls' tflnlrg Anlxixorx llounlg Arrow Sl-rlion Ihlilnr CIIARLOTTI-1 MAll0'l"l"t llhristnnns Nighl: Upvrnz Full Nlalinz-0: Fnnfa-st: Roll llvpre- wntnlirn-: Senior Night: l'. T. A. llanrr llolnrnillm-1-g Wluke--np liolnxnitts-eg Nona-llr l"lARUl.ll M.fK'l'Tlll'1V5 Sri:-Ina lilulvq Roll llc-pr:-su-liluliva-3 llunor Rollg Library liolnlnitlva- MARY JANE lVl4'll0lN,ll.ll Sp:-alxvrb' Clnlm: Clirnlinas Night: Senior Night: l'. T. A. lfunlnlillvv: Flllllvslg Shi lillllrg Girls' lllnli Atlentlnnlg Aw-.u-rnhly Colnlniltf-1' HAY N1rl.lil.l.AN Sings- tin-ss ROBERT Nllfflill 'UN GLEN NllllUl,F'l'0N JEANIF NllllIJl.l'ITON Rig "G" lflulng Roll lh'pra'xrlltulivz-1 Girls' .Nlhlvtirwl Gym lil:-rlnl Sports Nlnnngvr llllltllllxl NIIYULKV X lloll ixf,.f.-tf.m.m.- I:UIKll'1 Nl0'llUl lnlrzunnrul Foolhztllz lnlralmnrnl llnslwtlinllg Svrrrlary. Scif-nrv lflnlr: l.nnrh- r-mm 1:.,.m--au.-fz l'l-tn..,m.,.l-y lilulug llunor Suriv-lv: Honor Roll IIHTTY lNl0lFGll'l'lN tllrlx' .-Ktlllvtitsz llnvlnryg l"nnt'n--K: .Ml- vlsory llunrtlg Assn-rubly Cmn- luitlrr: Fri:-lulship Cnuulniltvr: llnnor Hullg Soplmnmrr Sul:-r llllTSl'K0 MIIRAKQKNII- llunur Snrirty lll'Il.l'IN Nl-Il.S0lN Knll Rf-pn-A an-ututivvg Surinl Sa-rxirv and l"ria'lulnlrip Culumiltn-1-wg Trnuis: lfntrrrnl from ll:-lruuufl. lawn l.l-ftl NICWMAN Tl-fll ll. N l5lllNll1R -K Rall Ru-pn-sr-lllntive-1 lntrauuurnl Sparta: Pllulngraplny Club: Sri- vnw- Clubg lflltc-rvnl lrnlu Frank- lun INIHOTIIY NURTUN llallvr llruluug Fllnfestg M'llio-ve'uwllt Club KARL OLSON llunor Rnllg Fllnfre-tg Plmtugrrapluy Club: Hn- nlin Clubg Extelupun- Speaking Contest ICHNA MAY OSIHTN Cluninuuu, Su-iul Service Cammittu-: Sen- ior Nightg Honor Sur-is-ly: l'.-T. .-L llunrr fnnlnlittafrz Girl-' Club llubinvl HHV l'Altl'ZN'l' l"ra-wlnnun Trurlnl tlnlt MARY PARK Asaistuut linlilur. Menselurfrg Surinl Servivr Cum- luitlrrg Hull ll:-pr:-nrlltulivv: l.i- brurinn: llunur Suri:-ty: llnnur Hull: l'fllIf'rrnl lrunl llooiru-ll 5-KM l'l'1lll'1H l'llotupLrnplly Club: l"unl'f-Nl: Full Maul inm-3 S--u mr Orrlwnlrn nnnl lluunlg lfrrsluuuu nnnl Snpllunmrv 'l'rnrlt1 lntrnulurnl Sports ltlI,l. l'l-Ilt It Y lltlll l'lTNKl-1lt'l'tlN M-ittnnl lluaim-N Muuuge-r, Arruwg Stump lflubg l,ibrury Coluluittn-r LUN l'1'l"l' A l'l5NK5l YN Christ- luas Night: Sn-niur Niglllg l"uu- lt-nz Make-Up timumim-1-1 Su-,tv l"urn-: lloll Itvpnwrnlulnu- ll.-Kllll llll1SKK'l'l'1l,l. Intra- mural Spnrlag 0pm-mg Srnwr Night: Chairman. lh-nu-ril and l'.-'l'. A. llunrv Cmuluittrrw NOSHIYI-I NAk,nu - Glfr Club: Hunur Surivty X ltlI.l-21' Nl-IWSILXWI YUSHINO Nllill llpvrag tllrlf' Clrr Club: l"lnlt'v-I ALICIC UCDICTN Snwinl Svrvn-r Curnmiltfeg P.-T. A. Culumlttrn-3 S1-uiur Cmumitter: Srn-nw Clubg Fri:-nrlhbip Cmnxuitlrv KIMIKO QKAZAKI Kftrr Srlmul Sports MELVIN OSERAN Intramural llaslnetbullg Spnukrrh' Clubg Honor Sm-intyg Mrnnelugrr Stuff RUHERT PAl.MQl5lS'l" - Frnb- man Traclng Chev. Club JERRY l'AT'I'l'1RSOY tllfo Clubg Chorus Bl-ICKY l'EH-l Funfr-t: Roll Representative: Cbristluas Night: Speakers' Club: Fall Matin:-eg llsberg Fri:-mlsllip Coluxuittn-fp Calllflfli Hnnnr ltnllz Honor 50- rin-ty. Jl'fNl'I l'l-I'l'l'1ltSON llnnur Susi- vty: Soplnuuorr Sikh-r Commit- lfr: Funh-nz Senior Nigbtg Chrialnuu Night: Make-l'p Com- mittee: Ihlwr- Cnnuuiltrn-1 Su- vial Se-rxirr Cunuuitlre-5 lla-lute Club fKYl'l'l0'XY l'll'f'l'llUNl0N M20 -A Supllolunra- llunlu-lbnllg Intru- lunral Sports: Hunur Suvivtyg Honor llnll: Vlxilnntlurnpim' Cum- nlittn-:-: lfunfn--tl 'l'ulubling Te-mug Roll Ile-prt-M-rltntlxr lf0'NS'l'ANCl'f l'l'l"l'l'Ill S4-ulur Night: l"unf1-,tgCbriatmns Night: Ulm- Club: Sp:-aku-rf Clubg lhg "tl" Club: Spring unnl l-'ull Mat- in:-es: Sllnlsrsprrlun Cont:-st: Gurfirlxl Day Cnntr-t: lllulu--l'p Ctunmitten- CHARLI-IS l'0Wl-IRS--f'l'radn: Pulnlic' Helntlulla Cnuunlitlu-5 Rall Rrprvn-nlaliw: Su-lmol Mrs- wlurrr RUTH PRUZAN--Sprukvlm' Clubg After School Sports WAYNE RAGSDALE - Frcbli- mln Footlzallg Freshman and Sophomore Track: Operag Sen- ior Night: Funfestg Roll Repre- sentative: Arrow Contributorg Chlirmln, Ticket Coinniittz-eg Advisory Rolrd DOROTHY REETZfHouor So- ciety: Roll Representative: l'.-T. A. Commitleeg Friendship tiona- lnittee - BYRON RENTFRO-Finance Committee I-ILIZAIIICTH R0'l'llliNllOl-Zlfl-YR f-Senior Nighlg Nurse Attclulantg llhorus NANCY RUl'l'fRT--Honor Sori- elyg Roll Representative: Mos- sengrr Staff: Arrow Contributor: Art Editor, Marlsrrg Fuuirstg Funfrst Colnmillre l'HYl.l.lS SAVAClC4Noiu-Ha-: l'.fT. A. Dance Comniittz-rg Fun- frst: Up!-rag Senior Nightg Ar- row lfontrihlltor DON StfHAl'fl"liRfScc'olul 'frznn Football: l-'uniestg 'l'uinbling Trung lfillullrr- llolnlnilterg Roll Rrprcwiitaliu- ROSE MARIE SCHONWALD PERRY SCUDDER - Arroo Stllfg Roll Represenlativcg Girl! Cabinet F R A N K S H ICI. D l'INf-llasc-ball: Honor Rollg Honor Society PHYLLIS SHIICLDS- -Friend- lhip, P.-T. A., Social S1-rvico, and Anhicvcma-nl Commiltcns: Roll Represenlativi-5 Senior Sis- ter MAX SIGEI. IOAN SlNNOTfRoll Rrpresfn- tltiveg Funfcslg Chairman, Sophomore Auxililryg Senior Night: Christmas Nightg Cabin- et: Anemhly Committee MYRA RANKO 'Ops-rn: Give Cluhg Chorus: l"unl'1-st: Non- etteg Senior Night: llhrislnuis Night MARTHA RAllTl0 Girls' Club lfabinrt: lfunfc-st: Opt-rn: Choir- inan. P.-T. A. Dnnre Coiuinitlz-1-1 Soc-inl Service Cornmitter: Sou- ior Night: Spring Mutiiu-e HAROLD REUHI. First Tn-xuu lfootball and Rasa-bull. Frm-slunan Football: Roll Reprc-sz-ntalivt-Q l'n-side-nt. Sophomorn- tilnssg Ail- visory lluarmlg Chnirnuui, Ath- letic- Conunitlr-1-5 lint:-rtniunn-nt Coluniittcr: Grounds Coinmiltcrg Svnior Day Coluniittd-rg l'rolu Conmiittc-cg Dnnrnuing Honor So- vivty JACK RUTH- Honor Sofirly: Rumi: Srnior 0rr'lu'strai: Junior Orrlu-strn: lfuuli-stg lllu-ru Clulxg Clirislulns Night: Svnior Night CATHERINE RYAN Spa-aikrr! tlluhg tlhorubg Sz-uior Night .llXl SATHHR l"ro-aliuion lfoot- ball: l'rz-slumln Trurk: l'ubli4' Relations Iioininiltvvg l"ootluill fllanugn-rg Tram-ls Munugn-rg Bur- ke-tball Mnlmgvr: 'l'rau'kg I'hilnu- lhropic tioininittz-1: All IN Sl1HNl'Illll'IR lfuuin-sl: Honor Sorirtyg Roll Rrprvruuitai- livi-1 l.unrhrooui Committee DOROTHY 5CH0l-1Nl"l'll.D-Su- riail Srrvivlv Coiiilliiltvvg Girls' Club Cnhilwtg Nic-ost-img:-r Stott' Ul'1R'l'Rl lili SEARS - - liniploy- un-ut Coimuittvn-3 Sm-uior Night l1l.l'1ANOR Slllillll.-KN Advis- ory llourilg Me-ssvllgvr Stuff: Ar- row Contributor: Honor Sofie-ty: Roll R4'prc's4-ntut ivrg lslllllvstq Svnior Pin Colnlnittm-og Make-lip Coiniuiltm-1 Uslu-r: Ski Club: Class Day tlonluiitlf-1-2 llhnir- man. Girls' Cluh Attendants lll'Il.VlN SllllCl.l, Sp:-okrrn' Club: l-'all Nlntiiu-4-1 Honor Roll: Honor Soriz-tyg llusiiufas Mun- agvr. Mt-asviigvrg Roll lh'pro':wii- talive: I-Imployuu-nt tlonimittorg Stauip Club: lntrannurail lhisltrt- hall l.lfSTl-ill Sll'lGl'fl. Honor Sori- rlyg Honor Rollg Roll ltvprmcn- laitivrg Head llooruniug Lunch- rooni. Make-Up, Tick:-t, xinal lirouurls Connuittn-esg Science, Latin, and Glce lfluhsg Chorus: Senior Night: lfuufcstg Uperu: lfliristlnas Night WALTER SINTON -A Senior Nightg Copy Editor, Messe-nge-rg lfunivst nnal Public Relations Uoiniriittevsg Honor Suciutyg Chairman, liinpluynn-nt Conuuil- lvcg Roll Rrprcscntoliveg Science Club CAMERON SMITH' 'Si-vond Train Football: Honor Soi-in-tyg Roll Rrprrsrnlaliva- 1fATl'll-'lllNl'1 SMl'l'll l"nnfval' Ulu-rn: Clmrus: l'.-T. A. Ilalnn' lfmuniilll-rg Sopholnori- Sislrr llllllllllf SMITH Srrolul T1-inn Fonllnill: lluilding Commillvm- SAM S'l'l'fKN Grounnlw Comnlil- lm-1 Honor llollg S4-nior Orrhmw- Ira: Drum und llogln- Corp-L lloul Club: Cha--n Club: Spvuli- rr-' Club: llnumlq Ski Club lllYlNll S'l'lCIlN0l"l" -Honor Som-in-ly: lloll lh-pri-sl-iilulivvz Sopliouion- llankrllrull: lnlra- murnl llxislmllriillg Sri:-nrv Club: rips-nl.:-rs' ,Cluhg lluyh' Doubli- Quurli-lg llunll: Uri-ln-slral: Clmruw: l-'null--I: Svnior Nighl: Full Mulino:- JACK STRAIZ I-'rm-whlnun lin- lrrlnimnvul liununillm-1-3 Orch- malru S'l'l'illl.l'N1l S'l'lllfl,l.NAUl'ill - Iloys' Glu- Clubg Chorus: Op- vrn: S1-ninr Nighl JANE SW l'lll'll Se-niur Nighlg Story T4-lling Cmnunilh-me lllilflilli A. 'l'Al"'l"".lunior Claws l'ra-sizlvnl: Sn-vnml Ta-um Basr- hall: Spfriall. Tirln-I. Assembly, 1fo:mm-nfl-lm-nl, l'.-T. A. Dum-v. Pllilalllliropir. unil lffnlvrluin- mx-nl Coinmillrm-sg Chuirmun. Grounds nml Sn-nior Pin Commit- lersz Honor llollg Honor Sori- rlpg lloll Ili-pn-sn-iilnlivz-5 Ail- visory llonnlg Mi-ssi-ing:-r Shall. lll'1A'l'lllCl'1 'I'A'l' -Spm-ukn-rs' Club: An-ihlunl Cosllunv Mia- lnwsl Coll: llull llvprm-solllilIiu'1 Honla-nn, Mollxvr-llullglllrr 'l'1'Ll: Frivllilsliip null Music Commil- Irvs llliNl'IYllCYl-I THOMPSON-- Girlp' Alhle-lic-sg lloll Reprvsrn- lnlix 1-1 l-'unll--I NICK 'l'Sl"I'Sl fill I4'rn-slnnnn lfmlllnlll lfS'l'l'ill UCHlMl'KA Honor So- rivlyg lirirndsllip Culnmillccg Girls' Club Alla-mlunl: Ualn-r: lihri-Inms Nighlg Funfl-al I-f5Tlllill NARUN-Alu-r School Sporhig Glu-e Club MORGAN YAIHIN -Advisory Board: Roll llrprl-senhilivi-5 l'ub- lic llelnliom-. limploymenl, und Grounds Cmninillm-sg Dnornmn NlAlllfl, SMITH- -'Snphoinore Sir-In-rg Ulm' Club: Chnirnlnu, Acliicu-nwnl Club Pmgriun Cum- milli-vg Ninn-llge-r Stuff: Svnior Nighl M A RCA ll I-f'l' SPOWANT Wll.l.l.-lll STICYH .ll r Ur- vllrilra: Svivllri- Club: Tirlu-I xunl Library Cn Hers IN llY S'l'llAlil-Ill ' lu- ri- Sialor: Hnnn . ncinly: Sp:-ak:-rn' Club: e-Up and l'.-" . . C nmillsea-sg Fall . ali L Y r- rrsizlvnl, l'holn- phy Clubg liurfii-ld Day Cun- I1--I: Sn-niur Urvl 1- , -ninr magna: ln.-r ' . 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W'Al.Kl'ill- Milling- vr, l'ublir Achlrrss Sysh-ing Vive- l'rz'sislvul, llalilio Club: 'llumblillg 'l'z'aun: Honor Sorirly llllll W'Al.'l'l'1ll -Roll llvprcsoll- lativrg Frcslumul uml Sopllomore 'l'rau'lx: Tumbling :mil Apparanlun 'lirnmg Funfz--I s. 6 -4 , ,V ' fi HHIK W'Al,'l'l'ili Honor Sori- rly: Honor Roll: l'rc--ith-nt. Writ:-rn' Cluln: Yin--l'r1-girl:-nt, Ski Club: llliairnxan, Program and Sophornon- lfnlortninlnont tfnmlnilta-mg lloll Roprrewntu- tive: Building and Finance Coin- lnilten-:-: Ext:-mpurc Spanking tionlvxtg lloornlan: 'l'rn1-L: l"nn- ff-I: Latin tilull I-'RICH WAY MlI,'li0X W'l'fl5 liull liltprrsrll- tutiu-1 l'nlvlir livlutions llolnnlit- Iva- lLl,AlH S WEIAIH NlAlttSAlilH1'l' XKll.I,SON l1'n-'.h- man Auxiliary: Cabinet! H0007 Noll: l'.-'l'. A. tlonnmiltu-g Roll lh-pn-v.:-ntntiu-3 Avluin-iz-mr-nt liolnlnillrr ll l'fl.l'iN V'l'l,SON llrlnalvt Spa-nlwrh' llluluz Arrow Stuff: Allxianrv lloarnlz lfnnfnll lfrvsll- ,- nmn Aiixiliarpz Sunior Night: Honor Sort:-ty: Honor Roll M A n Y x' A M .fx M my it A H...-..f S...-a.-my HARRY YANAGIMAKIHI-H l"r1-nhmun. Sn-folui Tvuni, and Final T1-am Football: lfreplnnan ltuslu-lbull: Trnrkg Intramural ir! lixnlu-thllll: Advisory Hourxl, Src- rftnry-Treusnrer. Honor Society: Senior Pin tlolnlnittc-rg Athla-lie' llumlnitlvc MORRIS ZICTIYN A-sialnnt Ad vw-rl is ing Manugvr, Mn-H srllgvr L Snnior Night Honor Sorin-ly: lllnu- ploylnrnt Comm it I1-eg Spf-akors' lllnln Q. SENIOR PIN COMMITTEE--Top Row: Otis Lam- son, Buckie Taft. Bottom Row: Eileen Brandt, Paula Barton, Eleanor Shvehrm, Hurry Yalmgima- chi, Absentee. XIRUINIX WEEKS tlirlw' tlluln l'z-lpn-r Colnlnitte-r HUHHIS wl'flYHl'fHG rwvillnrr, Gnrfirlal Day Urntnrirul Cont:-wig Sons of the Arne-riran Rrvolution ifontvsti Glu' Clullg Pllulography tflulr: Splunk:-ra' liluh GICURGIC W'll-K'I'XlOltl'f Honor Soi-if-ty: Honor llollq l'rl--iflont, Srielwr lllnlxg llznlio lilnlng ln- trznnnral lfootluallq Puhliv Hel.:- lion- and lfiiltvrtaillllu-lit lfnmnnt- ll't'S l.ll.l.lAY WIICNI-IK Honor So- rirly: Spvallu-rx' tiluhp llirl-' Atlllvtirsg Sovial S4-rvivr llolnl lnitlrvg Ulm- Cluh: News-lug:-r Staff: Sn-nior Night: llig "IL" lilnh: Honor ltoll SALLY WlNIlxtlI"l" Study Hull Att:-mlant JEAN WUUIHN Sa-nior 0rrlu--- tra: Honor Roll: l-'all Nlntinu-4-, Svnior Night: Sprukrrs' tflnhg Arrow tlonlrilnnlurg lluilulmg lfununitto-r NLKS,-H80 YOSIIUX .XM K HOSEMARY YOHITA-Funfeul: After Srhoul Sports 9 AARON ZIEGMAX 4, V-Intramural Haskel- lmllg Roll Rrprnrll- Iallvr ANNE ZIONCHI-Itik fnkrrnw Contrilnn- - lor: Roll Hrprrwn- , talive: llostl-wx, y Nlother - llunghtn-r 'rm 1 ff: Q 3, 5 40 S G JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Miss Buckley, Adviserg Bill Hill, Vice-Presidentg Miss Dixon shlziser Whitney Miller, President: Laurie Heath, Secretary-Treasurer MUST successful year for the Class of 1936 has been com- pleted. Witli the encouragement of their advisers, the jun- iors have indeed shown their merit athletically, scholastically, and socially. Besides having many of its members in the Honor Society and on the Honor Roll, the class had the great distinction of having one of its members chosen as editor-in-chief of the Mes- senger for the first semester. The juniors also did their part for the athletic prowess of Garfield, since four members were chosen for all-city football teams, and a junior won the city-wide cross- country ski championship. ln basketball, too, they supported their school traditions. Many Boys' and Girls' Club duties were ably performed by willing juniors who delighted in the tasks they had chosen. The stage crew and the lunch room committee, too. had numerous recruits from this class. The juniors con- tributed mueh to the social side of school life by helping to arrange some very successful junior-senior proms. Then, too, the juniors were well represented in Garfield's yearly frolic, the Fllllf0Sl. This record undoubtedly points to an active and capable senior class for the coming year. 41 III-I'l'TY AIJAMSON AIA EISA ALLISON I-'R ANCES AROLD ICLAINE BAER IKIl.L IIICACH I-.DWI N IIEINCKICRT W5 ROR IIORDEN III-IIJCN A IIORKLANII IIOII BOWEN RICHARD RR ACKI-ITT IIEDI-'ORD BROWN M AXINE IIUIDIII-IN GLEN CALLENDIER EARL CA M I'IIEI.L OTHEN CA RLOS DORIS CARLTON WAYNE COCHRAN I-ILXIER AN DERSON MARGUERITE ARNOLD CLYDE BA RN ARD FRI-TD RASSETTI .ELIZAIIETH IIENDER RRLNO III-INDETTI MILDRED BOUCKAI-IRT JACK BOWEN WINII-'Rl-ID BREWER BETTY RROUILLETTE GENE BI LLIINGTON DONALD RURGI-ISS EYELYN CAMPBELL A L CA PLAN RESSIE CARTER CAROLYN CARTER BOB COE FRANTZ COE 5Il'IIIIII, IIOHHN YIIITOR KIOIII-IN AI.IIiIC IIOII IITNI-IY IEI.l,I-IN CROSBY .II XII IIIISHINIZ lllil-'NI-'AI.I. D'II.lII.I-I lZE'I"I'X D1-FLON IIIIID DI-f'I'W Il.I-III JOIAQ DI NIVOIID fIII'NOI.D DI II-II.I. IIIVIIXIIII-I I-IIIIIIKSOX I I.IZAIIIC'I'II I'fSIIO'II I.Ol'IS FORD FR ANIIICS I"OWl.OW 'IIAIIII-1 GAIIOSS X IRGIINIA GAl'DY A NNI-I GOODWIN NIA RY GOODWIN ISII I'IIX I.I,IS COOK I.I 1.3 IIORNI-II.l. MARY JANE IIIIOTIIIIIIS DICK IIRIIIGIIR I IIIIJINIA DAYTON Nl.-II-IIIIII.I.I-I DeIIRITZ .IIIIA DONLAY lSII,I. DOWNING IIAIIIIIS I-ININIOXS II H'I"I'Y ITIIIIKICXIIIIAIIK IIONGIC I-'ALIIONIS IXGIKID I-'I,AIxSTAD ,X I-ITIIICI. FRYI-III XI A RY CAI 'NI-IS X IRGINIA CEMNIII. DAX Ii COODGLICK SI-ZRGI-I GORNY I.ll.l.lAN 1D0l'l.ll l"l.0Rl'ZN4Ili GRAVI' MARY l.0l ISI-I CRIAISRI. ll CLEATA GUN Y All ARSHALI. HATCH LAl'RIE HEA'l'H PEGGY HILHN BILL HOLM AN J.-Ullx HUIIRHQAN HUB HOSOKAWA MIYO INOICYH l'l,l-15 LEE IRWIN 'SIAHII-T JACOB! 1211! ADA INA .IAKOSKI J MLK JON!-15 MAX KATZ MISAO KIINOMOTO M H if ll AYNIOND GRI-Il-INK Rl TH GRE!-1Nl"Il'1l,D SARA I.0l'lSl-I HARRUI I-ILEANOR HART Kll,l HI-Il.I.E X mimix Huzlm A ,Y . 7 1. I , A ,l'AT'l'Y HORN W P , n,omE5:10noxu1'z WINTHRUP HOV EY Nl A RCA RET HOYT MILDHED IV!-IS GORDON JACKHIVY HUM JUHNSUN LARRY JOHNSON YDKIKO HAWAKAXII AIARY KAW,-KMl'R K DONALD KIRBY Rl'TlI KLEIN I2FRAI.Dl?NI-T ROYNI-1 IIARRY LARSIIN 'SIARIIAIIIVI' IAIISON I h'I'IIIfR LOSK I'AI'IA I.OIIII-1 MARII-I MACK DORIS lisa:-KICTNZIIE JOHN MA RON'I'A'I'IfI IlII.I. NI ATSON JI-WI-ZI. M1-4IAII'I'IIX .IOSIFTIIITXIHZ Mn-IIOLI, ROSICMARX Nh-I,AlllIII.lN l!IT'I"I'Y McMlVRRAY ANNA MITICBAIN I IOI.A MI-INT RICHARD Mll,I.I'lR NIARG ARI-IT KIIETCHNIAR LORRAINE LARRIMORI-I ORPHIIC LAIWRITSON FR ANIIIES I.I-IOPOLD N OOD LYDA I.OR R AINI-I LYONS HI. ANIIIII-I MARIS!-j'1' DOROTHI-IA MARION SIWIIO M ATSU MOTO I-ILIEANOR McAI,I'IN IIIIARLI-IS McCOY .I UNH NHKIPIRNAN , " X1 ' DOROTHY McMURRAY HARRY MEANS EDITH MI-ISHI-IR Ill GII MII.I.IiR ROBERT MILLER RL"I'H MINKOX E ROBERT NIITCIHJ-.I.I, KA'l'llRYN NEIINICR JOHN Nlfll FERT DON OSEN OWEN OWEN PAUL PEARSON BOF! PECK HI-IRMAN Pl-IRLMAN l'A'l'Rl4fl 'K I'Hll.l.ll'S ERNEST PROSSER I.ESl.ll-1 REIN JOHN Rl'l"l'ER AENID ROGERS J l'XE ROSE Rl'TH ROSENBERO JOHY SHAW Rl"l'H NIOISI-IS JEAN NIOSLER J A NE OTLRADY MARGARET OSBORX MILDRED l'.-KLM ER M A RCIJERITE I' KQl'l-ITTE NI.-KRY ADELLE l'I-fllll JANE PERKINS MAVRINE POWERS HOWARD PRIKII-f SAM RI-IINA Al'DRl-IY RENTIVRO l'HIl, ROONEY HOB ROOT Xl KRION SAYI' l.Ol'lSIi S4IHl'Nl.KKER ROI! SHIELDS 'I'0M SIIII'II.IlS WINIIVRI-ID SHORT H AROLD SMITII JOHN SMITH ULIB ICR STOUT PI-1'I'RENIiI.I.A STRINFI- SAMMY TANIGUIIII MARY TAYLOR IlI'IA'I'RIIII'I TOIIIN MINORU 'l'0G.-KS -KKI CERALII WALTI-IRS VALDA WICIGI-IL IIARRIICT WI-ZNHANI VIRGINIA WIIAIIIY IIA II III'1l.I. W0I.I1'H .I HSSIH WIIIIIIII' PAIILINIC ll D0 AR ROBERT SII-IG BERNICE SIGEL XI .KRY SMITH LILLIAN SPANGLER 111111.16 5 0 TA I ' CSHIROGI THOMAS P W' SHIGFO URAKAWA GLORIA YICSI-IHOI-'I-' FLORI-INCE WHIAIH JOYCE WELCH SANDRA WI-IITING ,IA IIIFS WILLIAMS YOSHIKO YANO DOROTHY ZIDO wwf E656 EEQEHESEEES . . , ,Q 1 IA ZY PEOPLE PNN X4 A . .lark Jones 'Iliff' Kolllyk Hub Howard Harrix Emmons Franlz Cue ! A RIDE Colin Holman Hill Linrlsvll Dirk Walters Frank Garrvlson Hob Holland Harris Emmons Frantz Coe Bill Hublrach SPRING! Hill Limlsell Bob Holland Dave Greeley FOUR REDHEADS loan Sinnott Pauline Zido Elizabeth Sinrmll Phyllis Savage 18 POI ' AT THE PROM ,luniors lIlll1Sf'lll0l'S SPE CIAL COMING Inv Dunfarrl Batty Hrauillvllv Pvggy Ililvn Wllilnpy Miller lflizalu-'th Sinnull Harman Carrvtsvn S EE E' S N0l'll0MORE CLASS OFFICERS: Hull tll'll'Gl'l1fll, Vice-I'rvxirIvl1!g .Uiss Srluwppvl, Ad: nor Hub H4 Nunn, Sc'c'rf'lury'-Treasurerg Ar! Tnylnr, Prvsidvnlg AIISUIIIPP, Miss t'l1l'Ill1llSh. Advisor w gz4,C2, 24 -Q0 UPHUMURESZ At tlu' ganws, in tlu' library. on tlu' stagvf in tlu' gylllIlZlSllllllS. on tlu' "spvvial". in tho clubs. and in tlu- llouor Sovie-ty. this yvar has hm-u at busy zuul a gay mu- for tluf t'lllllllSlilSlll' Class of 1937. Cluwring zuul singing. tlu- sophonmrvs lulvc' j0lllt'4l tlu' vrowlls ut tlu' vontvsts, lwlpiug to inspirc thc play:-rs on tlu' fivlcl. Nlillly of tlu- aftvr-sclurol ganu-s of tlu' class luavv lu-vu just as vvvntful us tlu- first tt-aut gaunws. 'flux class nu-mlu-rs llilVt' t'llj0yt'1l tlu' uvtivity vlull nu'1-tiugs N'lll'l'l' various luvlrlmivs lulvv lwvn vxprvsst-cl ulul Sllill'1'4l mul lmvv -i0lll1'1l tlu- t'0llllllllll'1'S of tlu' S0llll0lll0l'4' zulxiliury us we-ll. 'l'lu' class luls sluwl llll'0lIf.'fll tlu' yvur. talking: stuclit-s zuul pustiuu-s as tlu-y 4-:mu-. lu tlu- gt-ouu-try 1-lussvs. tlu- suplumuxrvs llilYQ' foluul llIt'lllS1'lVl'S in at uvw worlml. ulul in tlu' wurltl llisturb' vlussvs. tlu-y llilYt' 2UlV0llllll't'll with llill'Sill'. llllill'lt'Illllg1ll4'. Klt'lliIl'4l. mul lfolumlrus. Nluny llilV4' alttzlilu-ul tlu- Qlistilu pn 'of lu-cunning nu-mlu-rs of tlux Hmun' Hull mul tlu- llmun Nu-it-V lluule-tl by irltt-lu-sta-al zulvisvrs mul lll0lllllt'l'S fr' t-l 4-I 1-las lu- S0lPlIUlll0l't'F lulvv livml u joyful mul Sllt'4'1'SSl'lll Xxfwl f, XX , 'lilllllll ROW l'Iug1u-lu- Aaron. llzivlul Alrrzuna, lmu- Annlrrxuli, .ln-:in Ag- nvw, Mnrlnwv Alliwnn, ,lunu-N Anmlvr- Mm Q I . 4, ,V f ,i ' in f., K ' 1-I und., A, If .,- , , v X K I I A H K I , , l n 4 - f Tlllllll ROV' llnlmrl llvllumy, Neil llnllnrrl, Maxim- Ilnsv, liflilli lloise, Aniln llc-rg, llnlu-rl lilnckwc-Il, .lacolx llvliur. FOURTH ROW"--Marcus llxilvnuill, llzilpll llvll, Yvillinm llval, l-id lllnrln .2 Q , 1111 If A I 'Xl' '1 1 1 I ,lf .. L7 'llllllll ROV llolr lluwde-ii. Irwin' Caplan. Irving Chvrliirk, ,lilunicv llnrlon, lllzulpa Cnplnn, Marvin llrown. Mnrinn llnlnw . l"0UllTll NUW- llill ffnllaliun, l'nl Czillzilizm V O v X N 'l'lllRll ROW- liz-My llcxnir. lillis lfmls-r, lhll Cowley, Roller! Cl:-ilu-lil, I.:-nmv Dahl Saphamases 50 l'illUN'l' llllll Wlnrv Allnvlrll, l.:l l'rv:1l Aslziiiu, ll:-lly Arlnslrnng, lm- nora Angel, l.uni-4' Amon, llliiyn Ainlln. 5l"il1UNll llllwl Film Allu- lwl. lmuix .Krvlisln-ryi. lluli Annlrr- wun, Nlnrgzirn-l Arai-nr, lllizirlnllr Allr- uni, Nlvlu-rmi Amlrn-ne, llurry .Klml l"lHlN'l' ROW lln-v lh-nnrnyn. Gram- llmlla-y, Nzulina- lln-rkrr, .lark llallnnl. llirlizirnl llurnl, llc-Mir llvairul-Ivy. llairluirxi llzinnirk. SFC- UND NNW lfllvvn llnllzrr, llulrv Ile-rglnufl. In-ny ix.-na..-r, l,...n..- mfg, xarmsg. lx.,...'L..-fn l"llUN'l' ROW llon llrnzivr. lion Cnnlr-3. Virginia llnwmnn. Agni-fa Chain, llm-My Chinn, ll:-Hy Cnlvn, lian lirnrln-s. Sl'ilfUNll ROW,-'Dun Hows-ll. Jann:-s llnrnn-ll, l.:-un llrig- lizun Jr., l...m.a...- Kiln-4-ly, rmmnhy lfzilduvll. lane lfzirl-nn, lfvrlyn lfairl- NUII FRONT HOW' Hu-ln-li Colr, ll:-ln-n Culirli, Alu' llc-l,1-mi. linrnllly llrolll- ere, Nnnry lfrinrnn. Rnsinr Colum- lxrn. llulll Cli1il0lx'fASl'iC0ND Howl' A Elwood llvlwila-r. Frml llehlingcr, llussrll lfrnil. Kay llowlry, Ruse llovarli, lflarr Corkrry 1 A fl,f .4 11' l"llUN'l' llllw Loi- lfznro. .ln-W-l Drum, lillrn Hug, lla-In-n llru-Inn. lla-My Collrn, lfllla-l lfvilllu-rg. .-hnlu-l IC-:ln-lulmi, llunrl Hug-l. SIHIUNII NOW Wuylu' Drokvr, ll:-rnirv lforlwn, Allmrlina lfwing. Yin' lfrr- ru-rn. Tony lfxllroxlio, l"lm'1-lwv Ihnuv, .Krl lfrivluou l"ll0NT ROW- 'Hrlvn Fiwlu-r. Jvzln- nn- Fi-ln-r, T:-ruku lfnllui, Sum n....r.., n11.f,u.r.-1 rl.-u, lu...1a...A Frunro, Elinor Flinl. llulv l"rim-shnnn. 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Tlllllll HOV' llallpll Crzlllll, will lla-pm-r, Mark Crm-1-nfield, Herman Gulll I Tlilllll ROW L1-u linkkinen, Mar- gm-rilr Hall. .Ie-an Houlahln, Sim IN. llasson, Sinn A. Hanson TIIIIIII IIIIW'-W'esIry .Il-lv-in. Ilon Halle, .Inn .Icnprrsrn .v 4 H - I Y THIRD ROW'-Iiirhi Kuiwai, War' ren Kiripalrick, llnln Krirgrr, Hyrn Kinnrar, Margarz-I Kennedy 1 Nb , A , K If - y fi w gi -ay ff I w TIIIIIII IIOV' IIrnjzunin Lulu. Wari- Iynn Lunde, lam:-fa Mar, Louim- I.:n- inlhal, Laura Maki, Anloinvllr- Lin- ger, Iilizaluelh I,auI1srIu'r. I"0UII'I'I'I ROW'-Ilill Maronlnlc-. Ile-rn M4-Call, lack Kinkade, .Irrry Imsllgnlul, Alvin Lobh, Beal 'ce Lilliru, Glulp Man- hofl v 1 Xa V, I' N TIIIRD ROW' Nm-mam Xlu-In-I. Hull Maxfirlrl, ,Innms Mullm-I, Xlillnrel Malsun. Iiilr-1-n Mill:-v'. Il:-II5 Nr- Ilnnnld. I-'oulrrn now Jnom N1.-, l:..l.l.a.-, lloln num.-. lm..-L xml-4-y. Iinlu-rl Mallhis FX X Sophsmsres 52 I"RUY'I' IIUYY Irwin Ixaalr-nm, Al- 1-rI juffr, lla-ruldilw IIunl. Myrna Hummel. flvrahluu- I-:mr-un. SICK- ONIY IIUW' NIH' .Iarolu-, I'fIiznlIu'lIx Jeeps-rse-n. Rulh Ihlnlnon, Mary Louise lnhn-on I"IIO'VI' INN! Toahin Knrirnurn. IIaruIub Kozu. I-Iulpznr K1-rrihnrd, Gloria Kaylrina-r. l'h3lli-4 Ka-mp, IIf-lrn Kay. SHIIUNII IIUW'-'-Irving Knnnrrk. Virginia Kirk. I-'z-rn Klalz- kvr, Marjorie Knox. IInr0ImI Kelley, Albert Iarafl V-- f " XX I' 1 I. X X X X X K, FRONT ROW' 'Rm' Vnlling. fflrrr I.i4-hh-nln-r:!, .Inv I,u Cana. .lurk Lynx-Il. Ilnry I.nn, Xlnln-I'Iu-. Slrf- nllvlln l.nnl1nlIv::. SINIUNID KONI Surah Lipmznn. I.4nn- 'uloH'. Sul WI:nilnnn. Iflllh II:u'Ml:nu, rlly I.:-n-, .ll'l1ni1' Ilaulglni. II:--xiv I,iIuxn . I"IION'I' IHIII Ihvuurnl IInlIl4'lly, ,Iuhll XIPIYQ-rnloll. IIIIII Mrilrulh, Ifwrlyn Nlrxzlv. Ilrlly YIilrIu'II, Ky- nkn NI:ulllI:l. Gvlrrurvr Mnlwlwxlkn. SIIIIIINII IIUWV I':lI NIiIIrr. I'ilInll Nl:-nl. Gvrdn Nlunu-ll, .Immun-f. Nh'- Ilnwe-Il. Ruth Xlrllullurh. Knu- Xlvyrr. Knllwrim' 'IHN1 illalll . I A". 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Mnrgaru-I Robbins THIRD IIDW'-Tadnshi Salam, Phyllil Sinlnn, Jin: Sroll, Ilnlv Snively, Hi- ll:-n Sniki, Yutaka Shimnharl F0l'RTH ROW'-Alice Schmidl, liens- Shnpark, Milton Seidenverg, lid Sandi-Il, Ge-no Sam, Slnnrl Sel- Ivnrn 1 HIRD ll Louis Sladler. Bob Qvylllfglj Sapkomsees mf I Slevenmn, Harold Sprinkle, Thomas Snrilno K X gl NMR fyxx Q u Tlllllll ROW' Urnrgn' Ullzvlman, Arl 'l'r1-nl, Aaron Turnrr, Jenn Tllnlllluiinll, lfraulk 'l'xlll4'rsnll V ,nf Mi A' ,fx lil X xi J, A' fl 1 xf' 1 X 1 -. M XX , X XXX ANJ 5 ik! X X x l ww Q Ml Tllllllb nov 'r.,... qlillianu-, my Yulpmu-. .lnunl zu Vivk- l"re4l Vuron, Hnrrr Ynrnn. Ulf' ':lr1l, Marian ' , ,ff ' 1 vim. l'0llll'l'H 031 Lenny wm- rnlu-rg. llxll Wnylnanl. .lamvl WH-al, K..-lm.. sum.- ,.f nfl 9 , , A . f 'l'llllKll ROW-'A Villnvnl Wormsrr, lflmrlr- Wfiglxl. llirnelli Yzlmmln, Sul Winlkuff. Frnnk Ymmgimnchi, Prggx Wil-on. Tr-cl Zaloudck KN . A5 Z 1-. x 5,2 - ,Q 4' Q! lwwl l- N 01 ' C7 Q 1612, M l , , FRONT ROW'---Cnlhfrinr Slnrk, Jane Stuart, W irginin Sunllln-rg, Mnry Tall, Margun-l Sh-rling, Willie Ta- lmra. SECOND ROW---Beverly Slev- vns, Laurruu- Swulrey, lilizulu-th SI!-wart, Kcnllrlll Spnnglrr. .lurk Sul- . MWWKJWF PM 1 ,f " 1 FRONT RUN' 'Ken Tvrllunr, llill Talluoll. lilluel Thorp, Hmiko Urlli- mura, l.urillr 'l'0v1-n. Sl-ICON!! ROW' ' zlnhn Tilnw. Arllnlr Tnylor. lfrnnk l'y1-nn. Haul Turnrr, Sh-lla Uni:-I FRONT ROV' -Nlorrh VF-ig:-l, lmnn- arrl Vhzny. Eva-lyn We-is, Whllnrr Wagnrr, Durollxy Ynn Wyrk, lflli- zuko W'z1l:nlalln'. livlly W'einrr. Hur- lmra Whlkllli. 5l'llfUND HOW' Min- nie W'nx. llvlly W'1'slr'llln-rg, Mnr, jnrie Wnrxlml. lh-hy Weinberg, llurie W'4'sl. lfraulxm-Q Wnllizunson, Lurillr W'illi:nn1 V, 1 l 'fl o xl' J lf l FRONT HOW' lfslllrr Viet, Nnlsu- ko Yanngurlui, lluznkn Ynluuynmn. Tsunrko Yurilu, Lilly Ynrozn, 'l'm.l1i Yoslliuln. T1-rnku Yosluinlal. Sl-KIONID ROW'--Cllnrliz' W'inslnn, lfnwlrr Wrrn, Farlinr Wall:-. Dolnrrn Will- man, Mary' lam York, llezlvn livlin- ski is FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Mrs. Edwards, Advisorg Bobbie Weiner, Secretary-Treavurer Mies Johnson, .-lrlvisorg Georgia Macfldam, Vice-President, Barbara Ellis, President. LREADY, the Freshman Class has spent one happy year at Garfield. Throughout this year, its members have carried the colors of Garfield gallantly and have tried sincerely to lay a foundation which will endure for the three remaining years. Advancing from grammar school to high school, they have caught the undying spirit that prevails around Garfield. The class offi- cers have served faithfully, and the class advisors, Mrs. Edwards and Miss Johnson, have given the greatly needed advice with which to start four years of work. In the numerous clubs, which have been organized in Garfield, the freshmen have been enthusi- astic members, discovering their interests and abilities. Sports. one of the outstanding activities at Garfield, have been taken up vigorously by the freshmen, and several likely prospects for future teams have been discovered. In the Seattle High School Freshman Football League, the Garfield Pups took all-city honors. and in basketball they fared well, upholding the records of previous freshman teams. At the close of the first year, the freshmen have proved them- selves efficiently equipped to carry on their work as sophomores, and gain as much enjoyment from it as they did as freshmen. 55 THIRD ROW'-Murillyn Amlrrmn. lla-ll, llnla-N, S4-wall Amy-5. Alb.-ru Armstrong, Douglas Bullurfl. .l"l'l'Y Adams. l"0l?ll'l'H K W'--.l1lllil'P Hurd'-hur, ,luv Arvnu. lman llar- nh, llylniv lhulrrlnnl K Q wg x K, w ! - x Q, aw Q N' in X Mm lhlrgq-rl, ,I1-un llrnn llflnwvr, ' ll:-lly llrown, Mnrgalrvl llrrnnnn. Ylull lirnwn. l"0l'll'l'll I W 'Nar- hn Ile-rg:-n. Xie-lor 111411 ron. lhul ' x 'mum Row lxumul., nl.. why llauuln. .lr-ss linmn if X, X x A V xx Tlllllll IKUV' llnlpll Cullen, .laliv ilaullxurn, l'nlly Coder, Hehfiella limnpllrll. lhlan llnrlisa, Paul Dun- lrls. l"0Ull'l'll ROW--llrrl llngg, llc-rba-rl llanz, Ken Conm-lly. Earl lla-llnr, V'allu'r Crnwforal Tlllllll HOW' Kai Yvull linll. lmnnre llylu-lnaln, lirryl lfllianll. llarlll llr- 4Iln-mvnl-, llnrhura Fallon, Maurice- lfmunmn. l"0l?R'l'H ll0WA-.Inv Dulu-, Kr-n lfagan. lfrzmk l"arl1-3. ilrrulrlinf- lh-san. l.m'ils- llrulu-. Major l'flf1'mlalll H' sh 'ln BR Y 56 ii 4 l'lHlN'l' Hill! Srllnxl llalrllrll, l,ulln Mmm, 'lb-I-ik.. Imlm. Nun.-5 Ihr If-nfiu-Isl. Sophiv lhnrnll, lla-ily Hurl- linz. llrl .Mull-rsull. ifurli- -lla-xanulrr SECOND HOW :huns llaronxky, Sr-min Aarclal. Sol Allnlwl, .luamilzn .lla-xznnlvr. Nlnrybrth llnrkla-3, .Inf Xlumni, lie-rlmnl Xlnrzun. l"lUlN'l' HOW 1lrr:ll1llIlv llorlnlnl, .lllliu fIn0lu'pv'rl, llvrllivr- lllzllu-, ,lark llrnun. Sllirlvy ll:-rline-r, lfllgrxu' lla- Hlvqlul. Urvillv ll:-llzllny, lllll Huw- Qlvn. SIHCUNII ROW' llulll llnllorls, ll:-rn lla-nlgisnff. Don liigvlnw, llavr lin-mu-r. illlarlvs Iirrnns-r. Philip llrun l'RUN'lA ROV' Nora llzni-. lfw-Iyn Crnie. Bruce Dm-krr. Bah filinlwnrlh. Fllinrl Canwron, Slanlcy llnlxlgrrn. Hob Day. Philip Cullen. SHCUNID Row-fmfy Clark, mf, 4:..,.lf,, rum, Mvrlr 4:.,r1.m', mf, lfluulwifls, llrnolu' Davis, Km:-llr Iflurixlun-rn. .lnlln llr Sannlo l"lHlN'l' ROW .lvnn lfnnln. 5l:ll'jnrlr I-'rinln-rg, Xlurn- l'kk1-lwn, llvrlhau Faux. x11.rj.,ra.- nm.-f.'.- lf...- kvlxll-ill. Rnlu-rl lfrirkxull. SICCUND ROW' lfliir llrlll-rll. Sully lf-lu'n:l1i lnrruun- lfi-1-n, lin-lip linux-, lhl lhnmnnl I-'HUNT ROY'-'Siglnulnl lfialwr, Y ir- giuiu l"rr4'nmll, Hsllwr Gluulx, Shir- lvy Gluzvr, josvpliim- Fray. .lurqui-A lyn Gnomlnll. Dorothy Guskill. Tln-lma l"islu'r. SECOND ROW' '-fillrslvr lloldslvln, l.uYun l"n-I-man. Tom Plalgg, Rulllln-rn l"n'lln-ui, Dolorrw lfmln. V4-riun Gulf l"RON'l' RON! Durolliy Harris. Rer- m-irv Gr:-uuur-r. lcln llnuulin. Shir- lry Crrshnm, llnrluarn Hnrrislul. I.:-ounrml llolm-vu-. Clair ll-ullia-lil. Morris Goonllie-la, l"rnm-rx Crm-1-in-. SECOND ROY' Cn-rn-lin ll:-iuli-in, Rose- Crm-nlu-rg, Ruin-iw llailfli. lloli llnrl, Rulu-rl Hnwaou, Roli llvluimll, Dirk lirxllllllu. llvorpu' Hxlynlulwa ,lf , l , .,,' V 1 , 'J .r -W V! J ,' FRONT ROWV'-Rolwrl lvfi. .lzllllfh llolluud, Jun Hxlsnull, W1-lls llupaou. Morris lsruvl, Murllln lmxuln, lfliiyo- ko Hnriurlli, George .lxlroliln'ri. SHC- OND ROW-fYosiuuu llikirla, Mary Jann- Hulrliiusou, Murllui luouyr. Lillian Huriuchi, Juyrc- Jn-nkiu-, Ailv-ru .lnl'olmuu, lllir Ili-in-hun. liliarlrs Hernlwl l"RON'l' RUR Nlnlsolo kanvuiuural, loyozi Knlsliunlua. lwuu Knwuluuui. Frnvu-is Nnvnk, llo-v Ke--4-Loff. Mil- nlrwl Ring. Mary Rnmizuwxl. I.:-om: Ko-lxi. SIHIOND RUN' Roy Ko. lil.-v4-lzunl N-ilu-ry. Nluwnlm Kimura, fllurgalre-I ku-lla, Rzllln-riur Rn-lrluuu. Maniilm Kounlo, lllnry Rnwaigiwlii S THIRD ROW-flhvr Fisse, Joe Fu- yii, Hr-len Gaston, George Cojir, Ralph Funrs. FOURTH Row- Hddie Crren, Harry Corlz, Tr-il Car- liarl, Dirk Gr-orgr 'l'lllllD RUR' -l"rallu'e-s Hur, live-lyn Gray. Slzmlvy Ham, Riclnr Gjollnr, Hill Griffin. Cliurrliill Criffilln, ,Ion- llaln-sa. FUI HTH ROW' 'wllrrvn llalllgrvll. Tllonlus Illllialayas, Hunl- ln-3 Conlon. .lziflx llallfull. Myvr llruwliiu. Mnlrullu llrinurlsl, John llulrlwr. llyluir Harris 'l'HlllD ROV Iron Frallro. Jalurr- John-lou, Min Kuminoff, Carolyn Huyl, ,lnur Joinrr. llnb He-nalluw, Ralph Hoglulul. FOURTH ROW' V Gr-nrpu' llalwy, Axrl Joluimn, Doris Hllln-r, Slnrlc-3 Hnolu-r, l-ill Jallln. ll:-rnarnl Jaffe, Slaulr lunie THIRD ROV'-Allplllsl Krialofn-rsoll, Tzulaji Kurnuialii, Kipp:-rl Krum- un-rlk. H1-len Ring, Rolirri Rulumer, Alive- Krirgvr. FOURTH ROWfrMil- lun Km-llc, l-fu-lyu Ruiglll, William l,1irsoll. Jarquvs Klaipisrll Tllllill IIOV7 -Iigil Ma-iflt. Imo- Lrwis, Marlin I.ivc-rmnn, Milan' Whis- xl. Art Lunilm, Hull: I.uluI. I"0l7R'I'II IIUY' Ralph Lnlikforil. Iloln-rl le-, David Marlin. Mnrjurim- Mullin--. llarlnurzi Lznnping TIIIIID ROV Klyolo Nlurllizuki, lolm Ugi-himu. II:-n N111-mi, ,Iimmio Murphy, Knlllryu Hnrrigzul. Il1'4rrg,:ia llnrknlmu. l"0I'Ii'I'I'I HOV' Ilill Lrwn-. Sam Mm-nlfvr. .lark Nvslur, Sam Murri, Ilolu-rl Sloniu-5. ,Iann- Mlln--. Jun-I. XI:-yvrs THIIIID ROW Hub IH-arcv. .li-rry l'rlrn-. I.nwn-nrr l'ur:uI, Hurry Ral- v-lun, Marin Muzzulu-. Yu-rnitn Mm'- llrv, Hdilh I':-mlwrlnn. I"0I7Ii'I'II ROV'---III:-almr IH-rry. Sum Vurlu-r, Irxiug Ilnnlz. llvnry Mulnl. Iilurn-lirv Poll-, Huy Nivnaiu I'IIIIiD HOW II4-nry lhmkvl. .I4-r- mm- Hyun, Huh 0'I.n-ary. 'Norma Ulnnn. Cvralalinn- lion-Ili. Susin' Uzivl, Row Iloiimno. l'0lYI!'I'Il NOW' Ime- Irr Ililrliir. Julm Ihvluilwon. Nnrlnznl Ihrlxlrs. Knlhryn Ilifv, Ilrlly Iiillnul, Ahhh- II:-lnln-rg, Maury Opp:-rmzm H' SEE 'N A E322 58 FRONT ROW William Mnkino, Ilan- In-xy, Iflizalln-th Marlin, Kru- nrlh I.:1WIarn-, Ruth Imsdn-r, Frrn Imopulnl, Mnlly K. Iaran-I, I-'zmnir Var, Inmlu Lum. SECOND R013 - Jay Mille-r, Harold l.uuri1-, Isaac lf"vr'. :Knnn Lamff. Nlnrgnn-I Lmwh, Lila Imnn. Ruby I,orIu-r I-'ROYI' IHIVQ' Phylln- Nhlla-r, War- ra-n Ihlklvy. Rudy Xa-uuvr. lil-la' Wann-r, Opal Nlnr-Iiull, Ilulry' Maur, Te-ruku Ogu-aiwurzl. I"amnin- Mnrvri. Nllyo Niiyngamu. SICCONID ROW 'Un-x Nl:-I.:-nnull. Ku-nur-lh I.nuu-. Ile-urgv Ukznlurn. Ya-rnilzi Mnrplly. Xiolrl Inrkliari. ICI:-:unum Nas-i fm' f'!.ff', f fr J I M, V0 Nffi iff, if 537 ii' "K FRUYT ROV ua'-lvw I'r:lrl, Ilon- alml I'n'l1'rsnn, Us-orpu' I'Alrlu-r, Lvon I'rllal, Iflorn-lin' I'nranI. Iirafnw I'allnu'r, .Illnr NIOMI. Hrlrll Wlrxzlv, Yrlinfl Pnrkrr. SECOND ROW-Roy Nich- nls, Ilolwrl Us-G4-r, John Myxlskr, Pall Mrflrzilli. Nalnfy 5Iullu-ii, ,lulnl IH-rku. Wlnrjoru- I'iN4-r, II:-lrn I'aml- ine FRONT ROW fall Ilnrlllll. Ilrnrgv D-ava. Snlnru Uunmlrrn, .Xznria Srlinrun. Illro-lui Nnkzlluural. KM! Umurzi. ,Incl Ii:-:lush-ui, ,I1-rry I'iInn, Ifalllvr Sakai. SI-IIIONIJ ROW "" -l1ll1ll'- lv- llrynnlds. I.m'y Ilmuzino. .Mln-lv Rr:-fl. II:-Hy .If-am R1-ynulnlK. Mnrmu Rnllrrl-, Nnnlnif' llvynnllls, Vlnrjnrir Rollrrla, Gloria Ursin, Nlulildn Ui- lilui FIIONI' ROW Slnnla-x Sup-I, Xlulnrx illumuln. Nauru- Slrjnnl, Sun- Snulh. lvnn N-rnnglnnr, Marilyn Srnll, llnr- nlhy Slm-ldn. I-'nlukn 54-Li. 'llnluku 94-mln. Sl-HIYUND ROW Jnnw- Rr:-ll lh-1-Ly Sm-1h-, lfunuluu Slulaumn-. lin-- Iyn Slulu-r. l'nlr-V Snnln-r. llnrnlhx Slmrl. Mn'uun Slnmm, Mau-llm Shnrl FRUNI' IKUXN lilrhn- Sl:-nu-, Sna- 'I'-nlguml, ll:-ulnll 'I'nrn'.n, ka-nm-Il.: 'l'hu.umln, l.:nn'rnn Slnfk, Nuln-rln Snglnm. llnrll Srhnlll. 424-urgv Ikuln' mmm. SICQIUNID ROW llznnkn 'll'- Iugurlu, Marx 'l'n-rn:-x. Shlrln-x 'l'l......,...,.., Shurln-5 s.......:.... 4:....-.- sn. nn...-. Slnulm-x s..l........ 14.-...W 'l'un.nL.u, .lu-'L I'lmmpmu N V W. I-KONI' INN! Gu- XX .1-Innglnn. Esl- xm XX.nx, 1hnnkn 'llngn-.nku, lxnnunA nlu l--hnln. Mako lu-nn, Smulvx Tulum, 'I':nl:m I'unuln. Slfl UNI! IKUXX ,lurk XNanlulu-, Kos lknrnvr. r.l.,.... s..,4....'1.. 1'l1..'4. xxm..-.', lxf.-Lx rm-I. .lf-an Xhnlx, IL1-arg--luv Wall--ll I-MUNI' mm nun. L.-nn. xml... Y.,-..-,..,,.., 1vl...-.-...-.- x...l..n..L.-. I-'llnlh x..,...,:. rum- Nh-nglul. xx.l..... xml. l........ I-..4.n. xw.x...n. lun..-.V xx,.u.-.-- SI-IIUXIV lcnxx X...-ml.. x.....-......... xx.ll.,.... xo...-g. non. xx.llH....., n.-.. ....-.- xx.ll...,........ I-,W-...V n.........-... I.muum- Won, Nlnlwl Yun-r I.. l'llllCD IXUS! Il.n'lunrn Sluank, lh-lla Sul:-, Annan ,I4-am Smnh, Wnlnrn' Slnlnaluural. W illianu Sing. lfunnie Shaw. lhuly Sprung. I-'UI HTH ROW Patty lhle-3. M-rnnn Sin-gm-r, lhlnlu Smith, Mm Snulh, Knllu S4-ull-lv u-rg. Kam- Fo-nnln. lh-My janv Hvad 'lxlllllll ROW 'Nl-nun Sh-uulwvg, Hn- dn Stu--rr. l-'-I1-Ilv Slu-1-, Glndyn Slim-, llnlph Svlnnnl. Warn-n Schu- mnkrr, Juv Swu-1-num. Huh Sur-n. I"0I'R'l'll RUN! Clay S1-ml1lvr,l..-- 'mrv 'l'mnnn-4-Iv.. llrlly 'I'r:uo-na, linll fic-ga-nlllzulvr. Haylnnnd Sh-u-ns, I-'rank smwf, 1n..,:l.n Smith, 12l,f1.f lluylnr 'Hlllill ROW hnlrvy Yun Un'Knnl, .ln-an Warn-n, Xnnry Ann Win-, Char- lr- Viv. 'l'nrLll Wlrlxlulnl, Hobby Wwlwr. Fnnlx Vllllnn. lf0lrR'l'll ROW Until' 'l'l'Ill-nn, UAH Xvllrd, Ihuul Yhllv, ll-wnld Walfh, Jerry xull.-.-I., KI x..,..n, 1-..fg.- 'lm-g...-, tul Xhnnm if 'lklllllll mm ,1.-.-......- 1.-..x...1..,, lx...-...ln xx,u...... 1f.n.., ww, zum. 1.-...,..-I. w.f..... xx.l1.a....N.,.., mf,- .l.-1... xx....m.1.f.1. I-'uln'rn now V 'Unrx xx.,..z..-., nn.. mn..-. x1...',.,.-..- xx.1l.i....-, nm... xx....1...x xl MW yy - . WM' A N important factor in an archer's success was the type of bow he used. He, therefore, experimented with bows of different sizes, shapes, and weights until he found the one best suited to him. The students of Garfield, like 'K the ancient archers, select extra-curricular activities to suit X, their abilities in order that they may develop them to a greater degree of perfection. GEQEEEEEEEGES EAN Boys' Advisor GEEES' Advisor llft'l' wa' will ln' tonmrruw. wt' uri' lw- N attaining tln- mlignity unsl grawvs ol' .1 running totlzty tllrougll our i'Xpt'rit'ln'1's wvll-pruportinnml lil'e'. we' strive' to lN'lll'l.ll ul. lift- ztntl ways of living. 'llln' Buys' lllulb from tht- llt'l'll2l:lt' ul' our 'mst whit-It vunus flI'iY1'H hr give' 1'Yt'lAf' lmy 1liV1'I'H4' illltl W0l'lll- to ns llirnugli tht' ilVt'lllll'S ul' nrt. lita'rnture N'lllll'l'YlN'I'lt'll1't'Silllll1'UIllil1'lF 'not us at IHTIP- :mtl lllllSlt'Z lllftlllglll our l'm'm'l'attln'rs- e'xannplt's ilfilllllll for lift-. lull us at may ol' living. lluys' nl' pzttim'ln't'. Iuyulty. llUlll'5ly. :mtl l.0l'lN'AlI'tlIlt'l' tflnln zu'tiviti4's tire' rvul lift- situations lim' tht- lllI'0llf.Ill 2lSSUt'litllUIlH xsitli our lk-Ilmt slntlvnts lIl1llYllllI2ll mlm xsatnts to nntlu' tht- nmst ol' luis and thrungli tht- 1'lllllYilllUll ul' our spiritual 0lIINll'llllllllt'H. lligli st-lnml lift- is rirli alntl full S,-ly-4.5. XX ,. ,N-lx gh,-,v gl,-an-,-, tt ill, IIN- qlmugln in tht- pmt-tit-til. t-tliit-nl. ainml spiritual l'im'l4ls than ln. Um. HW., Nl. ,Huy IN. ut nl' lllllllilllllilrltlll l'll4l1'3lYlll'F. It is lry nur nv- gl-4.uh.,. M.,-vii... l,,1,lt,,.,-S. l'UllllPllSlllllt'lllS. in tln' atnulx sis nl' our aissovi- V, N , , , , , ' Iht- tylrls l.lllllh1'l'lxhl0Sllllllllillt'llllI'l'1'Sl In atlvs. tllalt wa' nrt' lllt'1lSlll't'tl nn':isnrn'1l au'1'or1l- , h . , - . U 1 tln'sn' ilY4'Illlt'S ul lt'lll'IllIlg1. to prmnutt' lrn'n4l ing l00lll'lllHlIlY lUSt't'1llll'tDAl1't'l llll'0ll1!Qll1lllll , . I D . ' l 1 Slllll. atn4l to t'lllllllilSlZt' Slilfllllill Ylllllt'S so tu1'0lllrlllllIe' to lln' ll1llblblllt'SS annl wvll living I , , lu In H tliut vuvli girl nmy aittzun at xwll-prulmrtmmwl 0 our 4- ms nn-n. H , , . lllt' ul tllgllllly1lll1lt'llill'lll. V X ' ,- T f 5 . f . , -1041 , wwf fi v 'ffzff' ,,.f.'.':.?z '1.Lf-1' , A.f r Qf ,. ,f 1- 'L fill V BOYS' CI.liB OFFICERS---'Hill Lindsell, Vice-Presidmit: Arthur Bateman. Presi- rlvnl: Howard llurlfa, Secretary-Treasurer. 395739 T is thc' mr mst- nf tht- Bovs' Club to I I J wr-atv an inta-rm-st in extra-curricular activitivs among tht- boys of Garfia-ld and to proviih- the opportunitic-s for boys to Iuka part in tlwsv activities. The success of thc- 1-huh in marrying out this purposv is 55355 shown in tht- rt-suits of za survvy take-n Qf the boys in thu- graduating class of 1935. Thi' rvport showvfl that the-rv wt-ru hut 4-lvvvn who haul not tukvn part in sonic form of Boys' Club activity during their four yvars at Carfivlll. BOYS' ADVISORY BOARD Front Row: Houfarrl lflirlrv. Harold Rvulil, Hzwkia- Tnfl, Hub IIYISIIIWIIFII, Hill Garlivlr, Frvrf Travis. SCPOIIII Row: Hill EIIUSUII, frvlll' Mantis, HUIIYIII' Rrzgsflrilv, Arl IMIIHIIIIIII, lam IiI'l7ilIf'. Third Row: Otis l.amsnn, Hill Limlsull, .wurgrui Varna, IIVIIUIIPQ' Millar. 61 BOYS' COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-f-Front Row: John Iacobucci, ,lim Crane, Holt Graham, lim Odom, Hob Coe, Cordon Jackson. Second Row: Howard Burke, lVay'ne Ragsdale, Harold Reuhl, Melvin Kehn, Wvalter Sinton, Art Bateman. Third Row: Bud Drnxman, Bob Holland, Ellis Coder, lim Lewis, David Muskalell, Doug Chamberlin. Fourth Row: Dave Greeley, Frantz Coe, Don Larson, Jeff Keating, Hill Lindsell. N ordcr to carry out a purposc that af- fccts such a large pcrccntage of the boys of Garficld, thc functions of thc Boys' Club arc ncccssarily nuincrous. Onc particularly cngrossing task of thc Boys' as wcll as of thc Girls' Club is to aid and support all activitics of Garficld. bc tllcy athletics, productions. or publications. Anothcr inl- portant function is to carc for Garficld's financial systcnl. tht- Stamp Plan. To pro- vidc boys with vocational and avocational guidance is the particular problem of thc Vocational Connnittcc. Philanthropic work, which is also on the club program, is cn- trustcd to a connnittcc bcaring that nainc. Probably thc Advisory Board is the most important branch of Boys' Club activity in that it aids in scouring thc obscrvancc of school rcgulations and forms an advisory council. BOYS' BlTll.lllNG COMMITTEE-V-l"ront Row: Gerald Walters, Bob Clintworth, Nicky Pizzello, Larry Johnson. Second Row: ,lack Meyers, Don Mchaughlin, Wilson Loc, Doug Chamberlin, Chairman. wtf? X . gm?" 6 T? if 1' GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS ---A Seated: Ann Forman. President, First Semest V l 71 Isabel Hawkins, President, Second Semester. Standing: Mimi Bernbaum, Tr fur l Phyllis Markham, Vice-President, Second Semesterg Carolyn Colby, Ser a A Y ? H 555655 55355 ZW X if HILE the main objective of Girls' Clubs every year is to inspire every girl to become a "fine and worthy womanf' the particular aim this year has been to promote friendship among all girls. Mixers, "eosies," and various elub meetings have all tended toward furthering tihis aim. Each girl in school has been welcomed by the friendly spirit of Mrs. Anderson, the Club adviser, the Club officers, Cabinet and Ad- visory Board. Thus, a very friendly feeling has pervaded among all the girls. GIRLS' ADVISORY BOARD V-Front Row: Helen Wilson, Betty Moughtin, Phyllis Markham, Isabel Hawkins. Carolyn Colby, Mimi ff9l'lI'IH1llll. Dorothy Taft. Seeond Row: Mavis Cowley, Peggy Hilen, Mildred lves, Paula Barton, Eleanor Sheehan, fiudrey Rentfro, Therese Kirehner. Third Row: Mary Bodley, Marjorie King, Augusta Davis, Claire Applegate, Dorian Crueger. .Wlaxine Harrison. Dorothea Kirsten, Ali:-v Cove, absentee. L H ' GIRLS' CABINET Front Row: Jvllllllvllf' Horowitz, Ilclcn lfiilson. Carolyn lfollzy, Dorothy l"runco. Cnrlmm Gillespie-, Holly Lucas, Ifilvcn Hrumll. .wlllfillll Ruutio 54-cond Row: lfcclfy Pclm, Mimi Ifcrnbruun, Murgarct Willson. Dorothy Schovn- fclil. .Wargurct Keller. ,lane Pcrkins, Phyllis Markham. Third Rows: Pcrry Sl'lllldl'l', Dorian lfrucgcr. Claire ,-ippclgalv, Tina Kumrlron, Edna Oslmn, Hefty Ifrouillette. Fourth Ron: Ixulwl Huwlfirts, Marguvrilc Arnold, Jayne' Lunzping. Ifloinv Hncr Fully Horn. ,loan Sinnolt. ollscntcc. lvifflillill Blackford, ulhscntcc. URING thc past ycar. thc Girlsi llluh has spousorcil lllillly activitics which llavc provcal hoth cntcrtaining aml intcrcst- ing. l'4-rhaps thc most important social functions wcrc thc Nlothcr anal Daughtcr 'l'ca. Dail aml Daughtcr Night. autl thc tca honoring .-Kun Forman. thc forlncr prcsi- alcnt. whcn shc lcft for thc South. 'l'hc Soph- omorc Conuuissiou.among otllcr things.1li4l sonic highly conuncutlalrlc work through- out thc ycar for a uccily family. 'lihc Social Scrvicc Connnittcc sponsorctl a tinfoil con- tcst which brought in a graml total of two humlrcil pounils. 'l'hc Stautlarcls Commit- tcc cinphasizccl corrcct ilrcss anal social ctiqucttc at vocational ae-scnlhlics illlll "1-osicsf' 'l'hcsc arc only a fcw of thc activi- tics that we-rc carricil on. hut all in all. this was a IIIOSI succcssful ycar for thc Girls' Cluh at Carficlal. H-Kl7lAKNl1l'f ROLL Isulml Hawkins. Carolyn lfollry. l'uulu Horton. Uimi Ifcrn- lmum. .-lun lformun, l1lPSl'lIil'4'. FIRST SEMESTER ROLL PRESIDENTS-Front Row: Fred Varon, Bill Matson, Gordon Jackson, Charles Reynolds, Jeanie Middleton, ,lim Odom, Pat Sheehan, Eileen Brandt. Second Row: Sam Hassan, Gerald. Whitehead, ,lack Donlan, Dane Senescu, Ted Kaufman, Elizabeth Jespersen, Brooke Davis, Marion Buloie, ,lean Houlahan. Third Row: lim Honey, Laurence Swalrey, John Robinson, Irwin Cap- lan, Wayne Ragsdale, John Gilmour, Ruth Moises, Georgia Haley, Pat Freed, Robert Bellamy, Ruth Klein. Fourth Row: Dick Hraclfett, Harold Reuhl. Ted Snoddy, Dick Phillzrick, Bolt Gallup, Bill Garlick, Ted Howden, lim Crane, Elaine Baer, Becky Peha, Bill Hulzlrarh. Fifth Row: Huntley Gordon, John Curtiss. 2955 Qepseeseseiaiives Oli Representatives play an important ed in each roll room every semester. These part in Garfield school life. Two stu- officers sell the activity stamps and bring dentq a president and at seeretary, are elect- various activities to the notice of elassmates. FIRST SEMESTER ROLL SECRETARIES Front Row: Louise Hamlzy, .Winnie Wax, Kathleen Finn. Phyllis Kemp, Cleata Gunn, Eleanor Sheehan, Jayne Lanipingz. Martha Fletcher, Opal llflarshal. Sem-ond Row: Dorothy Reetz, Phyllis tllarlfham, Arlene Uslhoff, Edith Reid, Myrna Hummel, Doris Markenzie, Ella Hill, Virginia Leighty. Elinor Flint. Third Row: Hill Marontate, Marguerite Arnold, Irving Petite, Don Gaulev. Lloyd Seoren, Douglas Ballard, Hud MCGrath, Lois Eisen. Fourth Mary Woolsey. , V! . A 1- fl sea ' fA"V 68 Row: John Mellermoll. W'hitney .Miller. Ed Tremper, Wayne Ragsdale, Andy Lindsell. Mary Louise Harler. Dolores Willman. Bobby Weiner. .loan Sinnott. . ,ti V 9521 QQ' xiii in vt JJ, -A 'D Y? ,st v SECOND SEMESTER ROLL PRESIDENTS---Front Row: Jerry Adams, Robert llellamy, llarold llallhews. lrving Petite, lion Gauley, Hob Kummer, Helen Kay, Shirley llerliner. Seeond Row: Virginia Gaudy, llarlxara Lamping, Slade lnnis, ,leanie Middleton, Rath Moises, Anita lfskenazi, ,lean lloulahan, Larrayne Eisen. Third Row: Jlillll lfurtiss. lrwin Caplan, Ted llowzlen, Don Holke, Steve Slfeel, filrena Allison, Gloria Gaines, nlili Helle, Sewall Aymes. Fourth Row: Bill Matson, Ted Zaloudelr, Roy Tyler, llurritt Niehols, Georgia Haley, Martha Rantio, Pal Freed, Georgia .llae-ldam, Bob Coe. Fifth Row: Whitney Miller, John Robinson, llill llill. Wayne Ragsdale, Morgan Varon, ,lim Crane, lane Miller. HPR the Rell Cross have eharge of the l+ISl'IN'I'.-K'l'lYliS who eolleet for Thanksgiving baskets and the jatn and jelly drives. purehase gifts for ueecly ehilclren during the Christmas season. antl take eare ol' any other roll business. The purpose of this plan is not only to luring important matters more foreefully In-fore the attention of stutleuts, hut also to prepare them for future citizenship by developing in them a sense of responsibil- ity. Sinee every student in the roll has a voiee in this student government plan, he is receiving a training that will prepare him for the all-important task of later tlireeting the course of his government when he is ealletl upon to aet in that ca- paeity. SECOND SEMESTER ROLL SECRET.-XRIES Front Rom :Mayme l.oel.'e, Marjorie Feinberg, Fannie Horowitz., Adele Reid. Agnes Cllllll, Boll llosolfawa, Keinltolfl Pearson, llenry Runlrel. Seeond Row: Patricia Murphy, Marion Roberts. Margie Dwyer, lflsie Hauer. Selma Kramer, Paula Barton, Phyllis Savage. llelty l,ueas, llelen llarlrin. Third Row: Norma Plzinney, Margaret Kelis, Phyllis Simon, Sylvia lluax. .sldele Urnlrerg, Delores Willman, Elaine Baer. lflizallelll Bender, ,lane Per- kins. Fourth Row: .llary lroolsey, Charlotte Marolla. Bill Maronlate, ,less Kennedy, lfill lleaelt, .llarrin lles, Louis .-lreaslrerg, Riellard Russell. L 60 HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS '-" Mr. Smith, Advisor: Otis Lamwon. Prvsirlent: Huh llosolratra, l'4l'I'l'-Pl'9SidPl1l1 Harry Yanagamarhi, Serrnlary. absentee. Honor Sosioiy ENIBERSHIP in tht- Honor Sooic-ty is hast-rl not only on scholarship, but also on all school activi- livs. 'llln' Sovivty is ably arlvisotl by M r. Smith antl lwzulml by Otis Lamson, pn-sitlont, Bob Hosokawa. viva-- prositlvnt. aml Harry Nwi:lll2lf.I8lllH4'l"ll. Sf-vrvtary. GOLD SEAL MEMBERS, SEPTEMBER. 1933 - FEBRUAR1. 1934 Front Row: Lurille lflalw, Margaret Keller. Therese Kirchner, Edith Rubin. Jeannette Horo- witz, Helen Wilson. Second Row: Ted Kaufman, Dorothea Kirsten, .Wirhilfo Shiga, Jayne Lamping, Dorothy Slraker, Jackie Momoi. Third Row: Jim Honey, Bob Hollanrl. Art Bateman, Cameron Smith, George Whatmore. Fourth Row: John Hurrah, Melvin Oseran. Frank Shelden. Augusta Davis. , vs, 70 llUl.ll SFU. MlflllllERS. SEl'TEMllER. will Front Ross: .llary Dadosio. Helly lam- lfrothvrs, Paula Barton, Margery' Yamamura, Sm' Halfon, Sarah lsflanv. Pvarl l"vrguson, .-lllvlillv .llc-rrin, A-llllf'-Y Rapvrl. S1-cond Rom : Mary Tahara, Mary lfodlvy. l"lon-mu' Watson, Hvssiv Katz, Edith Landvr, Salma Kranwr. .'llar,uavritv flrnold. Mavis lfowlvy, Holt Graham. Third Row: Inna Paterson, lfsthvr lwvhimnra, Virginia Douglas, .tili Halle-, Phyllis lllllfklllllll, Edna May Uslrnn, Dorothy Rvvlz. Tina Kamdron. l'i1'tor Sharhon. Fourth Row: Hiiclfiv Taft, Yvivlii Koza, Hill Richard- son, :ll lfoopvr. Glen Groth. sllvrlv Cohn. .'illH'I'l Hanan. Don Larson, Fri-11 'l'rai'is. Franlf FIIDPX. U Iln' sc-niors who llilVl' Q'kll'llQ'll St'Vl'llly-Ulglll points in six sm-lin-ste-rs go tln- honor of wvaring u gold soul pin. If lry tlu' lllllt' tlwy ure- gI'illlll2lll'4l. the-sv svniors llllVt' lllllllt' one llllll1ll'1'll and 4-ight points. ilu-y will lu- vntitlvd to lDt'l'IllillIf'lll possvssion of ilu' pins. Four points uri- give-n for un .-X. llll't't' for u B. two for za C. om- for za D. two for an major se-l'vi4'a-. and one- for za minor svrvii-4-. GOLD SEN. MEMBERS. SEl'Tl'llVlllFlR. 1931 - l"EllRlf.'KRY. l935 From Rom: Margarvl Krvtvhnmr, Yoshiye Nakano, l"umiko Kashino. Jane lil'idgPllIl1ll, Bvlty l,m'as, Esther Losk, Antony Pivtromonavo, Walter Sinton, Morris Zvtin. A-llrin Svhrwidvr. Se-voml Row: Colin Holman, Dau' Grewlvy. Dorothy Levy, Knan Uno- dvra, l'inw'nt llalin, Hvrlwrt lslzin, Hart Krlyv, Otis Lamson. Third Row: Mari:- lfvrtig, lmsliv Rein, ,lavlf A-illaras, lflizalzvth lfshom, Mary Kawamnra, Hvssiv lfartvr. Marial lfohvn. Ingrid Flakstad. Sarah lfvrnslvin, Gvorgefttv Dines. lfourtll Ross: Gordon Jackson, Harry flloisvs. Mark Parlf. Rosemary Mi'l,aughlin. l"ranr'Ps Arold, ,lantvy Eslwrmzi. lflizalwth lfvmle-r. lflainv Baer, Yulfilro Kawakami, Edith Erdrirk, Mitsuko Jlnralfami. Fifth Row: Douglas Cluunlwrlin. Douglas Sarrill, Irving Stvrn- off, Hill Holman, lfiinlhrop Horvy. ,lane Pvrkins, Boll Sivg. firginia Candy. llvlww llalwl. Helen .-ironin. 'Il TVUO-BAR MEMBERS, SEPTEMBER, 1934 Front Row: Rnlh Moises. Ruth Klein, 1il'f'h'j' Peha. Patty Horn. Mary Taylor, Margarel Dahl. Mary Takigurhi. Ischiko Toxhirogi. Marion Nalfamura, lfharlotie Fllllfhi. Sevond Row: Wayne fforhran, Rila Israel, ,lnne Rose, Roberta Henry, Marie Gaross. Marie Javkson, Anllrey Rentfro, Peggy jenkins, lfealrire Tobin. Third Row: Peggy llilen. Virginia Whaley, flvnid Rogers, Mary Smith, Joyce Welch, Helly Seidle, Sarah Kramer, Josephine Mcllall, Rulh, f:f'f?Pllfi4'llI. Fourth Row: George lfatlan. Roll Coe, Minoru Togaxalfi, Norman Sarvhin, Lee Larson, Harold Smilh, Isarlore Feinberg, Don Osen. Fifth Row: Ererl lfassrflii, Max Katz, Donald Kirby, ,lim Lewis, Herman f:flf'l'l'lSOYl. Tom Sing. Bill Reafh. NY junior who has gained fifty points in four sf-nn-sters may wc-ar a two-har pin. These- pins are awardvcl each scniestor at an Honor Society assembly at which pins are given both to new IIl9IlllN'I'S and to all fornwr members who have now attained a higher rank. If at the emi of the specified rlllIIlbf'l" of SPlllt'Sit'l'S. a pnpil has not rect-ivc-li enough points to retain his pin. he must forfeit it. TW'0-BAR MEMBERS, FEBRUARY, 1935 'Front Row: Franees Stern, Belle Reartlsley, Herlha Roffe, Becky Cohen, Fannie Hvrowilz, Mary lnouye, Lilly Yor' uzu. Emiko llchimura. Ethel Feinberg. Sem-ond Row: Ella IIiII. Florem-e Grant, ,Harjoriv Lee. Edith Reid, Doris Mackenzie, Retty Hughes, Leslie Honey. May Sing, Robert Prince. Third Row: Sol Maimon, Bill Geiserl. Ernie Rnnolfson, Viv Ferrera. Yoshilo Knrimnra, Gladys Caplan, Serge Gorny, Anne Hiatt, Mary Louise Harier. Fourth Row: Robert Dudley. Richard Hoshi, Russell Craig. Harry Renton. Bill Yeomnns. Frank llirlaha, Rill Flick, Leon Israel, Neil Ballard. 72 x ONE-BAR MEMBERS. SEPTEMBER. 1934-V--Front Row: La l'real Adams. Fern Klatzlrer, Helen Fisher, Genevive Matsusalfa, Fannie Horowitz. Dora Gurevitch. Helen Koslri, Helen Geldard, Mariana Moyer, Myrtle Roberts. Elinor Flint. Sci-ond Row: Eileen Baltzer, Cecily Forbes, .lean Hvulaltan, Marilfo fllulrai. Betsy Wein- berg. Ruth Sakai, Lois Eisen, Helen Cole. Betty Jamex, ,leanne Fisher. l"ranees llwilliamson. Third Row: Antoinette Linger, Mary Hage, Gladys Manlzoll, Margaret Arase. Mary Ellen Myers, Margaret Flett, Janet Rose, Marian linal, Arlene Ostlioff, Dorothea Quan. Fourth Row: Virginia Legaz. Phyllis Sinton, Gladys Caplan, Evelyn Carlson. Laura Maki. Melba Reid, Georgia Streeter. l'il'lllIl ,'Velso:r. IIE one-har-lnelnber group is eoinposetl of those sophomores who have made twenty-four points in two semesters. thus maintaining at least a B average. This group. having a lneinbership of eighty-nine niein- hers. is elosely followetl by the two-har lneinhers. the seniors leading with one huntlreil fifteen lnelnhers. inali- ing an approximate total of two huntlreil ninety-two for the organization. The Honor Soeiety has always heen a very progressive organization at Garfield. ONE-B.-KR MEMBERS. FEBRUARY. 1935- f-'- Front Row: Harry lxessler. Harulfo Kozu, lluster Horn, Edgar Kerriliard, Agnes Chan, Leon Israel. Kazulfo Sllimezu, Don Brazier. Irving Petite. Bill Hathaway. Seeonil Hou: lrring Kanarelr. Stella Uziel, Betty Chinn, Toslii Yoshida, Terulm Fulfui, John McDermott, Virginia Sandberg. Roy Tyler, lloris llmest. Dorothy Crotherx. Third Roxy : Harold Fawthrop, Chizulro llwatanabe, Benjamin Lum, Marjorie llwarshal. Patricia Eyres, llerniee, Farley. George l'nzelman, Bill Jones, ,laeob lfelinr, Iiruee Hannay. Fourth Row: llajime llalnano, Toslxio Kurirnura, Margaret Stgrling, Melrerna .4ndreu's. Grave Downie, Lloyd Osen, Robert Mathis, David Romey. Fifth Row: Ted Zaloudelf, ,lolm .'lleRobbie. Eielii Koiteanii, Sailro Fujii. Alvin Loblr, Ernest, Runolfson. .lim llubuar, Ellis Coder. 73 ff if f Af ff 15, ' I,-,nfl I I fuel! 4, 1 , 1 r f A I'-,',, R.: ' 1 X s SPEAKERS' CLUB OFFICERS-Front Row: Mrs. Strate, Advisorg Jeannette Horo- witz, Second Semester Secretaryg Miss Gray, Advisorg Esther Walters. Sergeant-ah arms. Second Row: Wayne Droker, Vice-President: Dave Goodglick, President: Bessie Katz, First Semester Secretary: Gladys Manhoff, Sergeant-at-arms. Speakeasy iiub HE Speakers' Club aims to train the and social worlfl and contributes to the student to speak correctly and to think enjoyment of life both materially and clearly. It teaches effective delivery through iflealistically. The student striving to attain informal presentations at the meetings. this goal can receive aid from the Speakers The ability to speak with ease and convic- Clubg for from it comes the advice and in- tion is an invaluable asset in the business struction of experienccfl speakers. SPEAKERS' CLUB MEMBERS--Front Row: Jeannette Horowitz, Roberta Henry, Josephine Fray, Esther Losk, Betty Cohen, Helen Geldard, Molly Israel, Selma Baruch. Second Row: Jean Houlahan, Mary Lou York, Margaret Kells, Esther Walters, Marjorie Williams, Birdie Sanft, Chiyoko Horiuchi, Wayne Droker. Third Row: Robert Dudley, Jeanette Jensen, Leo Haroh, Apolonio Lopez, Morris Wein- berg, Norman Harish, Margaret Kretchmar, Ruth Greenfield, Henrietta Campbell. Fourth Row: Bob Kummer, Morris Greenblat, Dave Goodglick, Patricia Eyres, Jeanne W'oodin, Gladys Manhoff. Ethel Jaffe. Helen Durlrin, Bessie Katz. Tl lll'IllfX'l'l'i TEAM Frou! Row: Iru-in Caplan, lmslif- Rvin. ,liuw l'4'lvrson. SPVIIIIII Rom: Tvd Kuufnmn, ,lvirvl Illll'f:I1l'IlH'j' .'1lll'iS0l', Louis Urislrolcl. CTN' l'l'll'iS of thi' Spvaluws' Cluh llllly ln- 1-lussifin-il unch-r tlnu-v "D's": Dm-- lunmlion. Drannutivs. unnl De-lmlv. A Slll1lt'lll gains lunnvlvilgv :intl prawtivo hy pzirtivi- puling in lhv following vonln-sls sponsorml hy thi- ilvvlzllllzilioll ilivision: Sons of thc- 'xlllt'l'il'illl Rm-volution. lvnivn-rsily of Wrash- inglon Ext4-mporunn-ous. Carlin-lel Daly Ura- lorival. and Sliulwspourizni. whim-h ilivluilm-s se-rious. humorous. alnil Sllaikvspvurizlil se-le-clions. This group also ini-luilvs thi- Spvulwrs' l!lll't'illl. whivh ohtains wvll-in- lION'I'l'IS'I' WINNERS: Ruth Ruxvnlwr Hvlvn Wilson. Thirel Ron: Hr. Kvllngg. fornu-al spvalxvrs who sllara- the-ir vxpvri- 1-in-vs with the- stiulvnts. 'l'lw ilraniativ division sponsors thi- Full anal Spring xlilllIll'1'S. which vonsists of Iwo plays annul s4'v4'l'zil skits. Thi- llc-hah' ilivision is lDl'iil'lll'2llly ai vluh in ilsi-lf. lvmlvr tho capable' clirvvtion ol' Hr. Kvllogg. it is rapidly sh-vi-loping into an vffvctivv group. Although thi- vivtorivs won hy thi- ml:-hat:-rs who parlii-ipatml halve- In-vu fvw. tha- Q-xln'l'imn-Q' rom-ivvil has lu-on invaluahlv. g, GARFIELII DAY CONTEST ,Harris Wvirilwrg, G.-1RFll'fl,lI IIA-H' CONTEST, S..l.R. CONTEST Maris ffoivlvy. EX- TEi'llPf,R.-lixlilfflvs Sl'l2'i-IIKINC CUNTEST llonuld Kirby, G.-lRFIEI,lI Dsl Y CONTEST llvrlwrl Isbin, 'l'U,1S'l'MflS'I'lfRS' Cl.l'If CONTEST Muriel lfulwn, rihsvrllvv. 'l'0.-lST.lI.1S'l'ERS' Cl,lf'II CONTEST Rilu Grunt, nbsvlltew, G.AlRl"lEl,l1 ll.-H' lIlM"l'lfS'l' Gvruldirw Rnsvlli, 1 ibserrivv, GflRFllfl.lI IIA-H' CUNTHST .luvlf lluglws, JITISPIIIPP, Gf1RFIEl,lI Di-H' CUNTEST. I SKI CLUB- Front Row: Jim Hovey. Dave Greeley, Ridar Gjolme, Otis Lamson, Whitney Miller, Jim Crane, Bill Carlick, Bill Lindsell. Second Row: Wallace Cath- rarl, Arthur Taylor, Harold Laurie, Hill Hulrbach, Roland Parker. Dick Garrett. Hill Marontate. Third Row: Lester Lewis, Winthrop Hovey. Joe Dunford. Bob Coe, ,lim Lewis, George Wlzatmore, Wvood Lyda, Holi Gallup. Fourth Row: Dick Hraclrelt, Iohn Marontale, lay Krom. Harold Smith, lack Harris. Hola Pease, lim Wilson, Doug Chamberlin, Fred Bassetli. Fifth Row: ,less Kennedy, Dick Philllrick, John lfurtiss, Andy Lindsell, ,lark Benjamin, Bill Holman, John Harrah. Ski Qhsh HE Bulldog Ski Club has had a very successful ycar. both socially and com- pctitivcly. It has Sponsored two trips to the summit of Snoqualmie Pass. Un Feh- ruary seventeenth, thc club won thc Seattle lligh School All-City Ski Meet and was awarded thc "Hans Otto Giese Trophy," which was presented to the team with the highest average in the combined slalom and cross-country races. Much credit for thc success of the trips as well as the com- pctition is due to the timc and cffort spout hy the officers. No greatcr coordination or tucntal and physical alertness is required in any sport than in Skiing-in the "running" of a trcc- studdcd hill or slalom course, or in cross- eountry racing. As one can see, the encour- ageinent of skiing has not only furnished many with entertainment, hut also devel- oped its participants physically and mcu- tally. SKI CLUB- From Rowzlfarolyn Colby, Ruth Huntoon. Mimi Bernbauln, Eileen Brandt, Maizie Myers, ,lane Perkins, Mary Eggert. Second Row: Virginia Candy. 'Haryhell Provine, Cecily Forbes, Marguerite Arnold. Dorothy Taft, Ruth Jenkins. Eleanor Mcfilpin, Helena Borkland. Third Row: Betty Brouillette, Virginia Whaley. Isabel Hawkins, Paula Barton. Eleanor Sheehan. Ingrid Flakstad. Helen Durkin. Mary Jane McDonald, Elizabeth Eggert. Fourth Row: Myrn Kinnear. Bobby Weiner. Jane Miles, Mary Woolsey, Brooke Davis, Mary ,lane Woodward, Mildred Ives, Mario Mack, Augusta Davis. STAMP CLUB---Front Row: Philip Bean, Ted Kaufman, William Malvina, Frances Greene, Saehilfo Teshirogi, Masako lnonye, Richard Boral, ,loel Reibstein, Bob Kumrner. Second Row: Elsie Deutsch, Ruth Bullock, Betty lane Read, Lawrence Swabey, Bruce Hannay, John Titus, Benjamin Lum, Sewall Amyes, Carroll Dubnar, ,lack Ballard. Third Row: Bill Kerr, Neil Ballard, Bob Stevenson. Frank Farley, James Mathies, Paige Tongue, Myer Grashin, Harry Goetz. Fourth Row: Ed Gervais, Al Varon, Marshall Hatch, Al Drebin, Herman Gold, Glenn Callender, Galen Traes- rlell, Alvin Lobb, Earl Campbell, Miss Pelton, Advisor, absentee. Stamp C5u5o EATURED by auctions, exhibits, and contests of all kinds, the Garfield Phil- atelic Society, commonly called the Stamp Club, climaxed one of its most successful years. A large turnout at each meeting con- tributed to the success in the activity. Often at the meetings. interesting talks were given by members and by outside speakers. Gar- field was honored by winning first and third-grade prizes in the city-wide high school exhibit held in February. Weitere' 551150 HE Writers' Club is a friendly group of word-lovers bound together by one com- mon aim-to increase their power of self- expression by writing. In their mutual in- terest, these fellow writers find sympathetic understanding and genuine appreciation for their literary efforts. Original selec- tions of various forms of composition are read at each meeting. Helpful criticism and personal opinions are freely exchanged and gratefully received by each aspiring writer. L f WRITERS' CLUB--Front Row: Howard Matheny, Eleanor MeAlpin, Marvbell . ,B 1. Provine, Ruth Huntoon, Esther Loslc, Ruth Greenfield, Maizie Myers. Second Row: , Irving Petite, Helene Gabel, Virginia Whaley, Norma Phinney, Arlene Osthoff, Ruth Pearce, Lester Lewis, Miss Isaacs, Advisor. ..... ,,.. .. p N X 5' I 1 ,- ' 5 Q 1 J f , x V if T 5 I . tv 3 bl L bfi CMJ 9, Aft"7f,fl'f- .1244 H .1 JM, .LS 5 ,MVN L. f , 4 V, - . . in :fray A A----I L --.fef+-fi-V -.., -eff 9512 -we ' 77 t P of-ff-4 7445.-ff' ' I SCIENCE Cl,UBf---Frollt Row: Jack Allaras, Eileen Brandt, Edith Lander, Mary 'l'alriguchi, Gertrude Scars, Mavis ffoicley, Dorothy Reetz. Second Row: Iarlfie Momoi, Ted Nishimura. Isaac Israel, Marjwrie King, Phyllis Markham, Mr. Svhmalle, Advisor. Third Row: Roy Macri, Harold fllalthews. George Whatmore, Vincent Malin, Wood Lyda, Wesley Wilbur. Fourth Ron: Bill Steyh, Jack Benjamin. Frank Sheldon, Bill Holman, Dong Chamberlin. Science HE Science Cluh of Garfield was organ- ized in order that the students might keep in touch with recent developments and wonders of science. Every Student can enjoy the henefits of well-informed speak- ers and educational trips to various points of scientific interest. This fascinating sub- ject tremendously affects the life of every person of the present day, and those who have joined the Science Club will he better zihle to understand developments in sciouec. Radio HE Radio Cluh was organized for the promotion of interest in amateur radio comuumication and experimentation. The cluh sponsors technical talks. theory and code classes, and other activities which will aid uon-licensed members in earning an Amateur Ups-rator's License. Every year. Mr. Greer, the advisor. expects to add new equipment which will Hoon enable the cluh to have the full power output allowed am- ateurs. RADIO CLUB Front Row: Mr. Greer, Advisorg Jack Tacher. Isaac lmvy, Ed Dimond, Ralph Hoglund, George lacobucci. Second Row: Harry Means, Ray Walker, ,lohn Shaw, Paul Pearson. Duncan Stewart. Third Row: Hugh Hiller, Hill P t N Geisert, Sidney Carter, AI Varon, Bill Ward. CHESS CLUB-Hlfront Row: Jerome Zeidman, Ted Kaufman, Isaac Levy. Jack Thompson, Bruce Decker. Ralph Schmid. Second Row: ,lack Roth, Allzert Israel, Hob Pearce. Ridar Gjalme, Mr. Smith, Advisor, Gordon Martin, Hob Palmquist. Third Row: Victor Oradia, Harry Renton. Lawrence Swabey, Vincent Wormser, Utway Pardee, Esther Truesdell, Bruce Hannay, Eugene Fischer. Chess Club HECKMATE! So ends another inter- esting year so far as the Garfield Chess Club is concerned. However. although the interest of the players ran high, the loss of three veterans seriously handicapped the team. As a result.. it met with little success. A tie with West Seattle and four losses made up the complete schedule. With four of the members of this yearis team return- ing. greater success in next year.:-1 matches is expected. Cathay Club HE most recently formed club, which is the first of its kind organized at Garfield, is the Cathay Club. It consists of all the Chinese students in school. lts mem- bers., under the advisorship of Miss Marion Thomson, hope to make the club a worth- while and popular organization. The par- ticular aim of its members is to participate in different activities of the school and to create better friendship among their fel- low students. CATllAY Clilill Front Row: Fannie Mar, Betty Chin, Agnes Chan, llalrel Locke, Mildred King. Lilac Lum. May Lum. Second Row: Mayme Loclfe. .llacel Yuen, Frances Ham, Lorraine lfoo, Ellen Eng, Linda Lum. Third Row: Stanley Ham, Paul Louie. Kennetli Louie, Kai Walt Eng, Ben Lum, Miss Tltomson, Arlrisor. alr- SPIIICP. 79 EVCIENT archers liked to lay aside their bows and sing a rollicking ballad or laugh at a well-told tale. This selfsame love of music and literature pervades the halls of Garfield, where students lay aside their workaday problems to en joy and take part in the productions of the year. ?QG55I5EE5E3 5 HW FACULTY PRODFCTION ADVISORS Front Row: Mrs. Anderson, Miss Burns. Miss Gray, Hr. Cook. St'1'0lll' Row: Mrs. Krwtliv, Miss Hiim, Mr. Cllllllillglhlllll, Hr. Port. ?H'oducEEon Headers and Advisoss ILIGENT work of thc' ublv favultv advisors and student loaders was wvll rtwlaralocl by thc- trnmwmlolls Slll'I't'SSOS of all Garfivlcl produc- tions this ya-ur. lt is due to the lllilllLlg0l'S who spvnt so many vxtra hours on tha- grvat task of planning. iIlSll'lll'fiIlfJ,', and advising that thc- pro- aluvtions wt-rv lll't'St'tllt'1l in pe-rf:-ct stylv. STUDENT l'R0lJlTlITl0N LEAIJERS Front Row: Iloil Gruluun. Murllm Ifivl- rlu-r, .-Iilwrt fiflllllliilli. Second Row: Ruth Rosvnbvrg, Marjorie King, Ingrid lflizkxlzzrf. Sm: .EF M- I S! 36' fr Z, I r,...,.' I 71,-.gxki - T -1 '- an--r . ul if-f'QlSgi,T:::1:::a151',,,,,:,5,,l - :1afx::::', ,..qH5I2?'L-5?,.:'sd. -nw- : mmf -1:4--v--:.'1?5: 'e4:..:: 'g7':-'.f"' 2 Tiff-1f1:!':f5"z1:'1:.1. at -11554511 azevz:fa511!f41z,1,1:. Qi?ais2su-3:2Qs2!i2?fe.ga4e,simian. L. ,5x:1UiI?::-Wir! :::?1:::u:gr,:::g:xjg:L 1: 35-'YY.urn-zz-pfzzrrigiv-1T431Ez1il1'uz4::. - . ,-rIf:g',,,:4,L1,:-q4..::u, .-'--I--55 - L-.. .. -Q-A 'rrmsrfezxy-:r:a.-.. ., ,:::v1r1...-,,'1- , -rits...-L.,-...x.u-,.,., S., '4?E?GfU5E:::H GE: ::g:5h5.3.?g5Q215652.,'Qg1 ' 'E-41" 1-Wi-g.TEiI-57f:5'.:m.:r::3f'-zqpsr z24?3?4z:.e5f:-,m+:3fz,wrssi:2.Eziam: 1-gg QQ Senior EEQEEE lllf SENIOR CLASS of 1935 presentecl the first major performance of the year through the eomhineal efforts of the elasses in oral expression, art, design, music, costum- ing. physieal etlueation, and stage craft. Overture! The senior orchestra presented the first movement of Sehuherfs Mllnfinisherl Symphony." Also it eooperatecl with the tlanee tlrama group. enabling its memhers to pre- sent "Peer Gym" so creclitably. The ehorus thrilled us with selections from Verfli's "ll Trovatoref' Alnong its many notahle features was the solo hy Irving Sternoff. Then action! Stage erew, property mis- tresses, aet clireetors. east. house lights, anel-H Curtain- tit . ... 1. l'll alrannzitn- tllYISl0Il Pl't'St'lllt'll "hos N our Ultl 'xlllltlllt'.-I in which appvalrt-ll thc- "otha-r XVOIIILIII.-. llnt pvauw' was rvstorf-tl. anal llllSlHllltl and wifi- rontinnvtl to run thu-ir nntit na- sho r in llltlflltll bliss. 'l'ln- lllilI'lt'tl vou- l ple- l'll'lllily night was lxziy llyun alnnl lloh llol- lalntl: on Silllll'lllIY. jilllt' Sv wht-r alnnl Al lioo wr. , . l llow two l'aitln'rsc-l'l't'1'tivt-ly solvml tht- proh- It'lll0l-lliIVlllf1lllt'lI't'lliltlI't'Il nlzirry 1-au-ll othvr was tlt'lll0llill'1lll'tl in "'l'ht- ll0lll1llll'l'l'S.u 'l'ht- lovvrs on lfritluy we-rv Claire' llvlmroyu antl lluw- tim-1-It-5: on Fzitnrcluy. ,lc-unmfttv lloro- ,..ti ll..,l witz zlnul Alu' Kolluvlx. 'l'hn- elznwv alrznnzl. nlIllllI't'SSltlIlS from l'e-1-r Cyntf' was hast-nl on tht- play hy lhewn. lla-1-r. pluyt-it hy Dorothy Norton untl Virginian xvlI1llt'y. was ai IIQFKPI'-tl0-Wt'll. Ilis nnvonvvn- tionulity It-it him into an znlvn-ntnrv with troll folk. llis niothe-r. Asv. playa-1l hy xllll':Lill'l'l K1-ll:-r. znnl Solvvigr. pluyt-at hy Wiltlu l"zig4-rliv znnl H1-le-n Vliilson. we-rv tht' only onvs who lovvtl hiln. ASUS df-ntli :intl Solvvigls lovv uronsvtl Pvt-rls lllillllltltltl. :intl hu- fonncl pe-an-v ut lust at Solvvilfs sith-. , x 4 l Ll ffi , ..,.f .1. f.'.V,-4 E526 515535625 WH writm-rs illllllillgl for il song - Wfill ilu-1' fincl lhvir inspiration ill Garfim-l1l's l'illlli.1'Sl ? .-Ks 0vurl111'1v. ilu' 0l'0lll'Hil'il presf-nts "Apple Blossonisfi Thus, as ill fi prolugual, we ,arc lH'l'lDZll'1'li for ilu- f0l'lil00lllilllU,' lll'0f!,'l'8I'l'l.i C0llil'ilI'y to public opinion. h'Nl01i1-r11 N Ulliil-A p1'0v1':-1 I0 us that boys and giYlS vnjoy rising 1-urly. singing. loving. and 1111111-ing off to sjchool. J-'iKsMt'l01iil' Nlo01is" prvsvnts thc- 110111-Hr. q11a1't1'tt0S. trios. iIlSII'lllllf'lllbll S0lt'1'ii0llS. Zlllll. for variety, a tap dance. History rvlivc-sf Dl'2lIll2l! Hvfl H111 Hiding: Hood M01-is Whlf i11 Wboflsl Hllllli'l' Ili-ro of Day! Save-s lLl'lllllllIlil and Littlv R1-il Cup. 1 1:1 66 TAR DUST'-soft lights, singing, danc- ing in ehoruses and specialties comprise the first dance act. How a group of girls put to shame a lnan who has shamed them is demonstrated in "VVholesale Proposals... A tnodern treatment of an old lllt'Ill0--Cllb derella finds her prinee and happiness in a eaharet. The two song-seekers turn to the "Barbers of Sevillei' with hope of finding their inspira- tion, lrut again they are foiled. The scene is laid in Japan. An adaptation of "Madame Butterflyi' is aptly presented by the Japanese. Acrohaties and dancing are not impossible on roller skates, as is proved in "Flying Feetf, Keeping an audience laughing for twelve minutes is not an easy task, yet it is accom- plished hy the "Stugents." The inspiration is found in a maiden from Mars. Dancing, singing, unique scenery, all make "Mars Scandals" a lavish speetaele, a finale for the Funfest. 87 56EEs'eEEy'9 NDICR Hr. Cookis ilira-4-tion. tin' Nillsif' lJt'IHlI'illlt'lli lll't'St'llit'ti its most spot-tzwilizlr lll'hi4'Vl'llll'lli of the- svhoiustic- your wiht- lnnsit-all voim-ily. Siirpussvcl arc' ull prvvious rm-orfls, not only of this your but of ull prvvious yours. in tin- proiiuction of Rudolf Fl'illllAS "Fil'n-fly." Tin' title' role' was portrayvcl by Niargarvt Bvnvzrzi on Friday night. and Maxine Harrison on Saturday night. A professor in svarclx of at voim- finds at prodigy in an girl lmisqllc-1'u1iing as at boy. Sm-h at situation t'l'0llit'S 1'0lllt'tly and i'Xl'ii1'lllI'IliZ arid thi- singing. tlanving. vostunn-s. and onv has at sunnnziry of cLilI'fi4'ltI-S lllllSil'ill t'0lllCtiyAf-llll urtistiv ilIl'l'l'SS. 88 fall Matinee Chsisimas ?Eay 0N0l,1Nll'liS. plays. Illilgj,l1'. .IKIIHIIIUSP clumw-rs. an jug lmml. fast lap routiuvs. sighs, solns, auul lilllglllvl'l'0llSllllllt'1l ilu' lll'0f.'fl'illll for ilu' Fall NlilllllK'Q'. Na-vor llus vnrim-ly lam-u ill'llll'V1'll so 4-l'l'v4-lin-ly. Nliss Gray. ilu' lll2lll1lx!Il'l'. llals l'lllSl'll ilu' lfull Nluilm-v from il pe-riml of illPlll'4'lllll'l'Sllll? lo an 1llll1'l'llU0lI nl' lligll vnlvr- lllllllllt'lll. .'Xlll"ll'll,ll'S ll1ir4l llllI'lHlIll1lS play was pru- se-ulvsl 4'l1ivl'ly by Ille- l'll'1'Hlllll1lIl auul Soph- 0lll0I'l' vlussvs. umlvr ilu- ulrle- 1lll'4'4'llllll of Miss wllllllll0l'Q'. lls tln-mv was Hillll'lSllllilH in 'llvrrie lqllfllllllll.-. am original as wm-ll as vnlllvuliollal ll'l'illlllt'lll of tlle- usual lllll'lHllllilS olns4'rvauu'1'. for allllllvlllivully l'e-pn-sr-llle-1l ilu' lraulilimmal fus- tivall ul' tllu! Iwrioll. UIHIIIICSTRA lfrulll Hem: lffnilw lim-r, Svlnm Krrurwr. l"1mIly llurmrilz. Doug: Clmmlwrlin. lflllrvnre' Hnulrri, Ilf-rf-r V SI Vvnx, lfurrufl llulrunr, llv-lam' llrllwf, Fvrn l,f-nlmlvl, Ili-li-rw Cvlrlunl. Polly -lun Roy. fflliynku llorillrlri, llnnnfvl fufly. llrlinn llvrlifrlvlti. Svfnlul Rum: Ur. lfnnk, llurhnru Hnrriwnn, Unrifmnu Huw-V, llvlly -lrrnslrnrlg. lfmiku ffurllimnru, Dnrnlhy Slrnkvr, Hliiofl lfumvrnmn. lim lluhnur, lfhnrlvs Ifnfyllofllx, Txunli-lro lorilu, llvrky lfolwn, Hel ,-lrlvlvrxrrn, Rnmn .-Illrlrvlr, Thu-rf-sw Kirrhnvr. Uuxim- Hurri- mn. 'l'hir-I Ion: ll iltium lfitlmnlstm, lark Ruth. lin lt:-rl I-'rw-r, -11Iv.'v lh-ml. .fllfn-rl Nurgnnrtl, Louise Ilru lr Sing. lllifllllrl lmlrsnrl, lan Tvwr. lfvrn Wrlfflfl, thy. lfofnml Pnrkvr. Fourth Huw: llorarv lflnrkv, 1 Noni funn Smilll, Ivrry' firllllns, Upnf Marshall, Sam Pvizvr, Mi-rlv Snhn, T1-tl Snmlvlv, Fnulk login-r, Sum Sl:-rn, Om-nhl llufrlx. lfiflh Rum: llnlnrvs Willmun, llyluml llulnmr, line H'nsl:inglnn, Karl Spitz, Phyllis - t 1 QEEEESSHEG Hltl l,l'1'llI'!'1ll'H, 4lir01'tc'il by Mr. Cook, is essential to the success of Garfieltfs protlllctions. Vllo ara' imlcbtf-il to it not only for its svlvctiolls at assi-nnlrlivs :mil prorluc- tions. but also for its vntirv support in tllc Dam-v Drama mul lIlllSll7ill 0OIllC1ly. Pnl .111-Grullx, Ch:-slvr Golrlefi-in. Hill Eirlf-mill:-r, Jlnrklmm, Durulln' Marlon. Band ARFIELD pep baml has vontrilmtq-il greatly in making our football gillll0S za slim-css. It mailc' a particularly brilliant showing at the Garlic-lil-l.involn ganw: as ll rvsult, it was rvgarclf-il by lvzuling news- papvrs as ilu- fine-st lmnil on the' fix-lil. HAND lfrnnl Kim: Mr. lfvulc, lfflgur Kvrrihnrfl, William Larson. Ima' Lnrxnn, Holm ll.-nxluui, lurk Ruth, wuz tlmtltl. s.-.-...un nm.: rum r:...1.'f, mfr., Calm, Num rp.: ,Qn.,.1.1,', Jam, fruffm, ox..-.,.1 .11..,,m, llpn rf. IJ..-4.5, 1.1.x u ...t1m.,t..m, rm r:.. ...1.,.,,, 11.-mg uixzpf. l'i-izvr, Frank lyvnn, Nlunim Nuflllun. Third Hun: wr. .lurk -Lmrux. Ifnurth Rim: lhfrn Uflfull. Dun 5 S S KR SX S QQ W3 Q Ng 90 V CHORVSW Frou! Row: Mr. Cook, Stella Orarlia, Lillian Gould, Helen Fisher, Pearl Ferguson, Kiln Grant, lfonge l"u.'1-one, Leon Israel, Hob Frieflrnan. Sm-und Row: Glen liallerson, Anne Capelolo. Virginia Doug us, fum. Golf, lilanrhe Henyon. Carolyn Cofhy, Margarel Earles, Marian .-lllen. Palriria Eyres, Viale! Dahl. Third Row: Kay lfaranaugh, Mary Kay Day, Mary Goodwin, Muriel Flelrher, Evelyn Winslun, Lily Uenyon, Grace Downie, Isuar Levy, .ferry Pallerson. Fourth Row: Muriel Fullerlon, Peggy Feringer, Eliznbelh Eggs-rl, Dare Goodglirk, ,lark lfrairl, Fifth Row: Kiosulre Fnjioke, ,lark Hranllon, Ulmlys lfelrh, Leo Iflashko, Joe In-ing Slernoff. .Hex lfilliamson, Clan.-nee Gooden. Qiaerese ITH its able director, Mr. Cook, the ch in its ur nual mu orus has always been successful ltlt'l'iHlClI'lgS, especially in the an- sical comedy. This year it gave a fine presentation of selections from 11 Trov- atore on voices a Senior Night. Garficld's finest re represented in this organiza- Cohen, ,-Il lforrlora, Marion john lliimour, Leslie Item. Iespersen, Doug Chamberlin. tion where each member has an opportun- ity to show his ability. The Boys' Double Quartette and Girls, Nonette are both chosen from the Chorus. The Quartette was organized this yearg but in spite of being formed so recently, it has already gained popularity in Garfield. tIHORl'Sff-I-'rout Row: Therese Kirrhner, Maxine Harrison, Pat Sheehan, Marie Jo:-ohm-ri, Mary Low, Heeky Pehn, Edith Romano, Sally' Romano, Sally ltahmias, Helen lioslri, Jliyo lnonye, Doris lllrlrrnan. Sfeoml Rnw: Mary Ellen Ks-ohen, Anna Massa, Sarah Usrlane, In-ae Sy, .-lenivl Rogers, Ruth Pear:-e, .-lnne Levy, Hsiilh Peterson. Rachel Zeehman. Third How: U1-Ili Rolheniloefer, Kay Ryan, Louise llarrop. lean Ruddirk, Louise Srhumarker, Verona Raalz, Betsy Feinberg, lfharlolle Jlarolla, Phyliis Savage. lfourlh Row: Howard Hiller, Hal Larey, Morris Morlmirne, Louis ll ise. Georgia Haley. Lee!-fr Siegel. Louis Hreh- arflson, Slllnley Rerlmanal, Ernie Reinolfson. Fifth Hon: Irving Miller, ,loo jesllersen. Hnlgelle l"isrher, Curl Spilz, Gene Saul, .-Ii Meyers, Herman l'4-rilnan, l'.'rnie Prosser, I-'rank Hussey, Tom Shieals. ...,.,,....ii-........-- . . --'M'---of Q jp NONETTE 'Front Row: Maxine llarrison, Eileen Brandt, Thervxe Kirclumr. ,Har- garef Bcnezra, Phyllis Savage. Second Row: Mary Kay Day, Muriel Cohan, Hr. Cook, lean Roddick, Charlotte Maroltu. Noneiie HIC girls' Nom-tlc has stcadily gained such prcstigc that it is now considered onc of thc hcst of its kind in thc musical field of Seattle high schools. lt has fre- quently hvcn calls-ll upon to pcrform at rccognizcti cluhs and ovcr the rzulio. Fisk cis NKNUWN to many. the Tickvt Com- mittcv has sf-ve-ral ciutics. sonic of which arc marking. arranging. and sclling tickets for school productions. To the Tick- ct Cotmuittcc hclongs grrcat crm-dit for thc cfficic-nt handling of this important work. TICKET COMMITTEE lfronl Row: lmxlvr Siegel, Rolwrl Bellarny. Twl Kaufman. lfill Slvylt, ,lorry Pollvrsnn. Ticvotui Rim: fifllll' WIIIIHIS, lfiztyllc' Rll4!.Wl1lllf'. llarrvll Wolfv, Winthrop llovcy, Jlr. Peters STAGE CREYV-Front Row: George Jacolmcci, Loretta Pinkman, Mary Hanchin, Ethel Fryer, Martha Fletcher, Al Cantalini. Second Row: Don Bowen, Ioe Dadosio, Hugh Miller, Ed Benckert, Warren Kirkpatrick, Ruel Powell, Mr. Port, Adviser. Third Row: Bill Geisert, Roy Hirsh, Ray McLellan, Gene Sant, Henry Jorgensen, Ray Walker Stage Crew HE action behind the scenes-thus may the Stage Crew he termed. Due to their skill in carpentry and electrical work and also to their very expert scene shifting, these hoys help to make the many school productions run very smoothly. Costume Q Make-up LTHOUGH the Make-up Staff works behind the scenes, their work is evi- dent on the stage, for they give the char- acters spotlight glamour. The Costume Committee keeps in order the many cos- tumes required for major productions. THE MAKE-lil' AND COSTUME COMMITTEES- Front Row: Loretta Pinkman, .-lnne lfapeloto, Irene Jleltzer, Ruth Rosenberg, Catherine Cavanaugh, Ruth Min- kore, ,-ltlele Reed, Myrna Hummel, Lillian Hrorhes. Second Row: Ethel Fryer, Martha Fletcher, Dorothy Levy, Frances Leopold, Ruth Pearce, Dorothy Straker, Rose Meyer. Third Row: Miss Burns, Miss Gray, Claire Benaroya, Sylvia Tobin, Helen Koslfi. lferniee Sigel, Helen Durkin. Fourth Row: Dorothy Hamlin, Sally l'ynne. Marion Fullerton. Tuppy Lillico, Ruth Kralrovslfy, Dorothy Norton . EB.. 11 6 ll I K as 5'f"!'ll I I Q USIIERS l"ront Row: Dora Curevitch. Ruth Klein, Edith Rubin, Jeanette Horo- witz, Eflith Errlrieh, Charlotte Flaks. Second Row: Patty Horn, June Peterson, Georgette Hines, Betty ,lane Crothers, Sarah Bernstein, Sarah Usclane, Beatrice Tobin. Third Row: Ruth Moises, Joyce Wvelch, Beth Rothenhoefer, Tina Kamdron, lfessie Katz. Mrs. Anrlerson. Ushers lHl,S ushering at Carfield's perform- anccs are members of the Honor So- ciety. As many different groups as possible are used for cach performance, thereby af- fording more girls opportunity to take part in productions. Audiences arc seated cor- rectly and quickly through their efficiency. Eoormen UURMEN, or those hoys who receive the tickets and watch the doors, are active participants at every production. They make sure that everyone who enters the auditorium is entitled to do so, either by presenting his activity stamp hook or hy paying his admission. UOORMEN Front Row: Harry Abel, ,taron lihernove, Tad Kaufman, Lester Seigel, lfuelfie Taft, liranh' littrcham. Hceoml Row: Ho1t"1"rl lltwlte, Tell liotwlen, Ross Cook, Henry Mittal, Hill Garlieh. ,lack Nicholson. Third Row: Ellis Coder. John Shaw, Morgon Varon, George Gross. Wilson Lee. Wesley Wwllntr. Fourth Row: Ray Stevens, John Marontate, Dick Braekett, Bill Young. Hill tllatsm, Mr. Peters. .-XRRUW ST.-tl-'I-' S1'1lll'llC 1,llIl1ll 1f11r11111. Maris f1lHl'1Pj', 1011111111110 l111r1111'itz, 11011111 Uuilxmz, Phyllis .1111rlrl111111. Stnmling: 111111 1'i11kvrt1111, 1,1111i1' 1,11:11ff, 1111111 M11ro11111lv, 11111 f1lll'111'1i', 101111 lfurtiss, 1r11'i11 lilllllllll. Bill 111111I1111'11. Perry S1'111111vr. E529 EEHQW NDICR mln- 1-0111111-tn-lit I1-zitlcrsllipoftliv illill'l' svvm-1'ul wvvks of 1l1'tz1il1'1l planning Arrowis aulvisvr. this ye'ar's annual thc' actual work was startvtl. This lIll'lll1lt'l stuff has ainlvtl to l7l'0lllll't' 11 hook that will thv lilklllg of svvvral hunclrml picture-s. th1 ln- lN'I'lllilll0lllly trvasllrml hy vva-ry stutlc-nt se-lling of aulvn-rtising, thv typing of copy in Carlin-lil. thc' mounting of Illl0l0gII'llllllS. and the- final To zu-hivvv this 1-ml. tht- l'0lllIlllilli0ll of 1vl101'ki1ig1. All tht-sv prom-1-saws finally hlvnil- ixmtvrial was ln-gun 1-urly in S1-pta-llllwr. and ml. so that tht- Arrow llt'4'illll1' at rvulity. 1-is 1' KA of Xxx 'X 1 o , NHROXY CONTRIISUTORS Front Row: I'l1y11is S111'11g1-, lf11rI1'111- 121111-spir-. Arlmw Ostlmff, 1101111111 flulrvl. 111110 1fri11y1'1111111, Durulliy Tuff, 'llimi I1l'I'lI1lllllIlI. S1-vmnl Kms: N011 11111111r11. llorrlnrl ,1111'1fsn11, .'l111riv1 lfo11v11. C11r111y11 lfnllry, 1'f11'111111r Sluw- I11111. T1-11 K1111f1111111, 111111 l10SIDklIH'll. Third Row: 1111111110 lf'11u11i11. 1I11r11l111'11 lxirslvn. Holly 11l'llll111!'11l'. liirginia 1211111133 Bvtly Ilrmlfvr, Bvsxif' Katz. Pvggy 11i11'11, .'1rl l1ll1l'llIllll. lfourth Ram: llivlr 11l'IH'1i'f'11, 1I11ri1111 f1l'1ll'4L!0l', R111111111 S1f'll'lll'1, Georgv uh1lll1llI0l'l', joe' 1J1111for11, Jay Kroni, Slade' 11111is, f,:1l'll Grnlli. 95 EEse Ffgessessgea' Above Editor ,lov lhmforflg Assistant Editor l'an1Ia Barton. .M Right Staff Eileen Brandt, Fred Travis. Waller Sinlon, Mvlrin Sizieii, Ted Kaufman. lGHl4lST national honors granted by the Quill and Scroll, lnter- - national Honorary Society for High School Journalists, at North- western University, were awarded this year to the Garfield Messenger. Nine hundred and ten points out of a possible thousand were scored. Due to the Stamp Plan, the Messenger has not met with the financial difficulties of some other publications, but has the largest circulation of any school paper in the state of Washington. The first semester staff, by taking advantage of extra Christmas advertising, was able to publish an eight-page issue before the holidays, including separate pages for girls' and lloys' interests, features, sports, gift suggestions, and news. Uur school paper has proved to be a vital organ of school life. The paper is edited by the newswriting Il class for the purpose of presenting students events of interest and accurate information in regard, to school activities. At Right --- Reporters' -Seated' fa Wlillace Calheart, Huckie Taft, Catherine lfavanaugh, Marjorie King, Dorian Krueger, Art Hate- man, Tina Kamdron, Cordon Jackson. Virginia Uyeeks, .lack Israel. Standing-Leo Levine Frank Fahey, Irma Quan, Ruth Greenfield, Eleanor Sheehan, Morris Zetin, Lester Lewis. Be- low-Vf Adviser-Mr. Brier. FIRST SEMESTER 96 EEHQ Ffgessessges X Above: Assistant Editor Mary Parkg Editor---lfltarles Keeler. At Left: Staff f Mnlzlon Taft, Melvin Oseran, Melvin Kehn, Mary Eggert, Wallace Rickett, Rosemary lllldfllllflllllll. Virginia Ketclmm. Rlipfl' strides have been made in ways of improving the paper. By attending the University of Wasllillgtoxl High School Leaders' and Journalists' Conference, the editor and the assistant editor have received many helpful suggestions for the betterment of the Messenger. Because of the fine record the Messenger has established., it has been invited to enter the National Scholastic Press Association contest and also the con- test sponsored by Wlllllllall College. The invitations have been accepted with hopes of winning high awards. In April, an eight-week advertising: eontest for students was sponsored by the paper. The desired results were obtained hy the increase in the number of advertisers. ' The Messenger exchanges one hundred and twenty-five papers wil f-QNX schools throughout the country. and is one of the few ll l'llll gy subseribing to a professional feature service. N The Nlessenger is truly "A Paper with a Purposef G O36-bj QW' .JXNXJ At Left: REPORTERS V Seated: Ruth Klein. Virginia Ketchum Dorothy Sclmenfelrl. Mary Kawa- mura, ll-Vlllill Moeliizttlri, Georgia llnley, Malilon Taft, ,laclf Calderon, Myron Freyrl. Standing: Mary Eg- gert, Dorothy Sclleiflerielt. Rose- mary luflillllgllllll. Melvin Uxeran, Hen llarris. Martin Sorenson, llow- arrl Ilnrlfe, .Welrin Kelzn. John Cur- tiss, llwallace lfiekett. will A33 S0011 If . Jnxrmaliamll linmnrarp Sorinq tm' 'High Srhnnl Jnlrvullnu .Wa S.-aa . ......- ..- 7 ,l Em: 5.1 if iclll t1lllc.v.'m.1:z Lv. .t.,.......... ills.-W...,... J.-L.,-... J., Q W Jllffflldllllll-ll 1llTl'lIYTAllllll'll Y w X .L. u.......ttsi,.,... ,,.. ,.,... ...L 1-., .Ti s...-It s.-..,:. mt.. J.. S E C 0 N D S In M lv S T P1 R "'ff':d'L74E1liifJ5'f1!1:t':::f:.t,'4EF:::'ll:'.r:.g,ffL:"W' N L.-'41 . L1 3:1 me ' ? f4:.,nx.c4 97 .M ,Y ,-. lg,-3 1 YY.,Y , ,,:, , We n. 'EHE archer was always eager to engage his fellows in a contest of markmanshipg for he knew that besides the enjoyment he received, he was improving his stance, per- fecting his aim, and strengthening his body. Likewise, the students of Garfield challenge the other schools of the city, having as their goal not only the thrill of successful com- petition, but also the development of their own ability. EEEEEEEEQS fyl, X ,, 0 0 XKUKN CXWLHN. 1: Z. ,- V, -Aw, 'Q L . WH- M ,, . X U, ff, - ' 1 Ik ,346 1? vivazas-jf, I V, 3 - 'Q . , 1 'ix ff' H05 S' CU UIIHCS Cnavli Uuhilxun. lfuuclz Marv. 13011111 lffighlllll. Courli lfuxlvr. lfnurh Rushing Babys' Qoaches and Managers N l'l'l'il'it'lll 1-oavlling staff avvouuis for the- lam that Carlin-ld's atllla-tic wln-4-ls whirl with suvh iIll00lllIlt'SS. Coach Brigham. a l'lllVl'l'Slly of lowa ll'lll'l'lllilll. has lwvn a Bulldog for fourlvvn yvars. voavhing foothall. haslwthall. and track. li0ill'll Baxle-r. a graduah- ol' the- lfni- v4-rsily ol' washington. Pillllt' lo Carfivld as has:-hall voavh in 1923. lfoavh wvhilson is anolhe-r "old-liuu'r." having ln-on golf voavh for fiftu-on yvars. Coach Rushingz. a lloward Colle-go. ,-Klahalua., graulualv, has lwvn tunnis voavh Sinn- l932. Mr. Xlorv. tha- lilu-ahlv QIPIIIIPIIHIII in the' :1ylllllilSllllll. has ln-vu the train:-r of young lads of intra- mural valihrv for lift:-011 yvars. Garlic-ld is proud of hs-r vm-lvrans. Uarfia-ld's manage-rs arm- tha' lads who t'Xl'l'llll' the' vozivllvs' ordvrs: m.u'h vrvdit is dun- the-in. BOYS' Nl KN USERS Ifrout Row: Frantz Hanson, H11 flvriwiis. Svvoml Ron: .Harris f:llIll1llH', ,Un-for Iivlfvlllllllll. fivorgv Invo- Iuu'4'i, Slunlvy Sulmun, Roland SH'll'lll'I. Third Ross: l'fugvnv .-lurnn, Ifvn lfullvn- lc'4'idvI'. l,41l:rf'm'4' SH'4llN'f', flurry plfwl. SH'N'I1l'f Svulmrn lfuv. .-llrin Sulnmn. Gvrald U' ullvrs, Sum X xg: 5: s 1 I4bmI mmOm0 41b0 Z!-vw mOC2m F X9 S H A L ,F CB IA Tc K EQQESQEE ' I ED LOCKER 420 4,12 9-Q 64' 9x58 ALL-CITY TACKLE 'fo EULLDUG footballers have again brought glory to Garfield. Through the utmost efforts of these eighteen fellows and the uneeasing work of Coach Leon H. Brigham, the three-way tie with Lincoln and West Seattle for the championship became a reality. Since the eompetition for the prep title was exceptionally keen this year, Garfield is unusually proud of her football squad, which fought doggedly to place the sehool at the top of the league. The brawny Bulldogs opened the season by clipping the wings of the Cleveland Eagles 29-0 in a one-sided battle, which saw Carfield's fast-charging line and powerful baekfield eoordi- nate effectively. ln the game that followed with West Seattle, Car- lield suffered defeat forthe first time L in two years, by losing 7-12 to the C Indians in an exciting game which K was featured by a brilliant Xvest lg Seattle passing attack. A last-minute touchdown and conversion against t ueen Anne ffave Garfield 7-0, 0 99 FULLBACK 6? 2 Y 5,--s ..., eff eo A HAROLD REUHL E E 102 Z0w4mxmb0 Xzbxm J? 54: ? . in 'mx - , " ii k Q 919 YK. 'ff' ESE!! 'l'lX'l', Carficld with lu-r wholc linc and the cn- Iirc hackficld lDl'l'f0I'IlllllgI in harmony, hunlhlcd the Frank- lin Quakcrs H--0 by power plays. which workcd smooth- ly in spitc of a vcry muddy lie-ld. Thc hungry Bulldogs now saw visions of a city championship, and with a lllilll'lll4'SS display of running. blocking. and tackling, thcy dcfcatcd thc Ballard Bcavcrs in a dccisivc l5-0 victory. lt was on thc grccnsward of thc llnivcrsity of W'ashington HARRY YANAGIMACHI ALL-CITY CENTER Stadium. howcvcr. that thc Garficld Bulldogs rosc to the-ir suprcmc hciglit. 'llhcrc tho stout-hcartcd Bulldogs ovcrpowcrcd thc valiant l,in- coln tcam 19-12. rllhc spark- ling runs of llrucc and Russcll and thc consistcntly finc hlocking und playing of Yana- f.ZlIlliU'lll and l.ockcr. as wcll as thc work of cvcry othcr nlan on that inspircd tcanl. wcrc thc fcaturcs of a Tllanlxs- giving long to hc rcnlcnlbcrcd in Scattlc. 103 of wr' N ul" c. B I L L M A T S O N A P T E K O B L Y K B R Y A N T E I T A R O cibxbz LN v SECOND TEAM FOOTBAI,l.fFronl Row: BNI Beach, Burl McGrath. Elwood Delrmler, Joe llunforrl, Bob Hoxokawn, Tom Richardson. Second If T , Row: Coarh Dave Riser, Hurry Renton, Art Louie, lim Smith, Harr yr" Rirh, Llewellyn Evans, Conrll Lr-on Brigham. Third Row: Roger e Clamenls, Uob More, John lhsnperl, Art Trent X g i. lf ' , I FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Front Row: Ulir Hennihan, Andy Shiga, Lloyd Sproul, Charles Brunner, Dare Muml, Sam Mossofer. Second Row: Harry Fink, Mike llirnhara, Hymia Harris, Dave Brenner, James Brooks, Doug- lnx Hnrrh. Third Row: Lenine Dahl, Dare Abramx. Leon Brigham, Jr., I' 01l C -h B M"hl K' . F th R :F d V mv om, mn axler, u e :mum our ow re aron, Lloyd Tvrnplemn. Ray Niemm, Clyde Taylor, Max Sailor, Robert Mathis Second Team football ARFIELITS '5Shock Troopers" have earned a triple tie for fifth place in the second team league by win- ning two games, losing two, and tying one. These first team reserves have done fairly well in their own league, but it was in the development of the cham- pionship first team that they were most valuable. It was they who provided scrimmage for the regulars and took many hard knocks. Perhaps these gritty fellows did not possess the physical abil- ity of lettermen, but they displayed the true Garfield spirit. Ereshman Eooiball HEAVY, hard-charging line cou- pled with a fast, shifty backfield formed a combination which won the Freshman League championship for the Garfield yearlings. In their first game. the Bulldog Frosh defeated Queen 20-0. but in their next game, the Frosh were held to a 7-7 tie by the Franklin fresh- men. The championship game with Broadway was won by the Pups, who scored thirteen points, meanwhile hold- ing the Tigers scoreless. The high calibre of this year's freshman team gives prom- ise of capable Garfield teams in the future. B 104 Yell Squad 66 All! Rah: Rah! 'l'van1!" W'hvn yvlls such as this roar ovvr the gridiron, fvw studvnts rvalizv that thvy are thi- rvsult of vonsistvntly hard prac- tice- on thi- part of tha' yvll squad. This your, Garfim-ld had ont' of the grvatvst ya-ll lt'lllllS in tht' history of thc- school. Yi-ll King llill Garlivk. and Ye-ll Dukvs ,lint Cranv, T4-il Bowdvn. ,lim Lvwis, and Bob l"rivdman fornwd a combination whivh introducvd a ve-ry spirited and off:-1-tivo style- of loading. Nluvh vrc-dit for an intvrvsting and Sllt't't'SHl-Ill sports soa- son is duo thc-so follows. Handball U official handball tournann-nt was lu-ld this ye-ar ln-vausv thosv intvrvstvd failvd to sign up promptly. llowm-ve-r, activity in this sport was not 4-ntirm-ly lacking. Svvt-ral follows around sc-hool who for diva-rs re-asons did not sign up for the tournanivut. niauagvd to find llllltf in tht-ir study periods to gt-t Mr. Mora-'s pt'l'llllSSl0ll and go out to tht- vourts for a fvw lll0lllt'IllS of strc-nuous hut vnjoyahlv t'0llllH'llll0ll. Thx' gann- itse-lf is vc-ry fast and requirvs nimble'- ncss, timing, and 1-ffvvtivv voordinution of the parts of the body while- in rapid motion. YFIJ. DUKE5 Hub Fri:-drnnn, Jim ffrnnv. YICLI. KING Ilill Carlirk, YICLI, DUKES---.Iirn 1,1-iris, Tvrl Hou-4-n. A alfa HANDBALI. f-411ml Slmrlhill, Ray Taylor, 4:.-..fg.- timhrmx. l!'lmlmunf, Holt 105 B E N H A R R I S ZZPI flnmcnr-7 ZIP 36353655655 1 CHARLES RUSSELL , 14 GUARD A RF l E LD'S baskvthall loam has well illuslratvcl '31 "JG" Uzb2zOn Uzbixon . . N Nl' thc- favt that a team st scorvhook is ,fx x not always an avcurato yarllstivk with whit-h to uivasurt- its stu-1-oss. for although it won but four out of twelve ganu-s, still from tht- standpoint of tvam flcvclopnwnt, sportsmanship. and infliviclual vffort, the season was highly satisfavtory. Bvcausc- of tho invxpvri- vncv of his playvrs, Coach Brigham could not oxpc-vt llIlll'll in the way of victorivs: hut hc- can antivipzltc- with pleasurv tht- pre-svm-4' nf six young hut now cixpcfrivlicvcl ls-ttc-rim-u on his 1936 sqnaul. for only four of this yvafs playvrs will be graduated. The Bulldogs' hoop season opvnvfl at Ballard with a 21-4-3 fleff-at in a game which Flllltllkl- sizvcl many weaknesses. Thv nc-xl UzrCQ gaunv, with C11-vvlanil, wont into a thrilling OVCl"l1lll0 with tht' score- 21- .5 21, when with just one- uiinuto lvft. Batt-man, with thf' full assistance of the tc-am, sank thv winning basket. GUARD 4.-tl Q JAMES BROOKS IM 1.3 K! C E N T E R Deir-1011 UD X V. I B935 NOTHER thriller was the Roosevelt game. With hut two minutes of play re- maining and the score 29-29, Kessler sank a foul shot which, with BRICIIIEIIIQS 'gcrippleu in the last twenty seconds, de- cided thc contest. Following this, thc cool Franklin Quak- ers won 31-20. Next Garfield's defense allowed the Wf'st Sc- attlc team a victory of 32-18g however, in competition with Lincoln, the school's arch- rival, Garfield played good hall, though she lost 31-20. CAPT ART BATEMAN l....,,. FORWARD The second round commenced with another loss to Ballard and another win from Cleve- land. Garfield then was rc- pcllcd by Roosevelt, and a week later by Franklin: but the Bulldogs, however, really were great as they turned geek the championship hopes ofthe leading West Seattle fivefand won 4-0-25. In thc last game of the seasoll, the Lin- coln Lynx showed its power by playing championship hall and winning 36-23 from the fighting Bulldog team. N7 6 U A R D OmrCG J 2 , N J, ra Vs I' Q fu I 14 W I Y ,. TN. 1, ..s....4q SECOND TEAM llASKETBAI.l.fFront Row: Morzlo Barliu, Morris Wise, Bah Hosolmwa, Bill llcnrh. Second Row: Bah Johnson, Cnarh Brigham, Bob Murphy, Hill Hill. Third Row: Hubert Chvxsher, Art Louie, Assistant Com-h Alu' Knllnrk. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL-Front Row: Bob Anderson, Sol Maimon, Tug: Riser, Robert Bellamy. Second Row: Robert More, Aaron Turner, Hob Gallup, Dave Cook. Third Row: Conch Baxter, Bill Young, Frank Massey, Ellis Coder, Steve Skeel. Second 'Eeam Basketball UR school may not have won a second team basketball champion- ship: she may not even have finished higher than seventh place, but her loyal sons who fought for her under the title of second team showed some of the best sportsmanship, some of the finest teamwork, and some of the keenest fight and hustle that any Garfield super team has shown in a long while. Although out- weighed, outreached, and outjumped by most of their opponents, the Team mem- bers were never outfought, and their fine teamwork helped considerably in over- coming their physical handicaps. Sophomore Baskeib all ITH the nucleus of last year,s title- bound squad on the first team, Coach Baxter had to rebuild his prize team. Playing fair ball, they split their series. Among the losses were an unusual 26-25 score in four overtimes with Broad- way and a 17-16 heart-breaking tilt with West Seattle. The team, although power- ful offensively, was weak defensively. Their speed and fight could not make up for their handicap of inexperience and lack of size. Promising material is seen in Jerry Leshgold, Aaron Turner, and Frank Massey. X 108 Ereshman Basketball AliFll'lLlTS 1935 freshman basket- hall team had a mediocre season in comparison with traditional squads. Coach Baxtc-r's quintette played off-and- on ball, finishing with three victories in eight contests. After making an impres- sive 14--6 score over West Seattle in the opcning game, the Pups lost both to Ballard and to Broadway. They came back to defeat Queen Anne 29-11 with Blackwell caging fourteen counters. Los- ing to Lincoln, they followed with a vic- tory over Roosevelt, then dropped an overtime affair to Franklin. Blackwell and Fink were outstanding. Eniramural Basketball INGPIN of Garfield intralnural sports, fall basketball, enjoyed a successful season under the coaching of Mr. More, physical education instructor. The championship of the circuit was captured by Leo Levineis all-around squad which won seven tilts and re- mained undefeated. Coupled with con- sistent. offensive power was a brilliant defense that permitted an average of but eight points a contest. Levine eaptained a team which con- sisted of Mendel Genaner, George Tay- lor, Yeichi Kozu, Morris W'ise.. and Al- hert Hanan. G ii 35T'lgQy,Rl IVRESHMAN BASKl'f'I'llAl,l.-- Front Huw: Lloyd Templeton, Robert Blackwell, Harry Fink, Max Sailor, Fred Vnron. S4-fond Row: Clurenre Polls, Bob Busan, Jlike Hiruhara, Robert Wlillialus, Leon Brigham, Il., Cum-h Hnxnfr . i fi if ri X Q A -:5Xg..,.,, :, .: Q 1 , u ga t ' fi S 'f ' s fx E- li 5.35: - L h K xi . - , if 5 Q sf ' wil: ffl- ii ..s, 121 - -' re f-- . . A? X . 1. 2 4 1 t 323 1 QA! t' 5 . A :Er . ' 2 1' ' f fa ,aku li F Q at .7 it mx, INTRAMURAI. BASKHTBAIJ. 'Front Row: Mnrrix Wise, George' Taylor, Yeiehi Kozu. Sex-ond Row: Len Imvine, .41 Hamm 109 Q? Os S Basebai ED BENCKERT '90 Center Fueld R lex QF' DR star-studded 1934 baseball nine lost to Queen Anne in the championship stretch. Dave Williailis pitched brilliant ball to win more than his share of the contests, but his over-worked arm gave out in the finial drive a loss for which even the greatly feared batting power of Heath Ferries, Bruce, Koblyk, and others could not compensate. As the Arrow goes to press, the 1935 nine is out of champion- ship consideration, having lost four out of five games. ln tho opener Wiest Seattle nosed out a bclatedly rallying Garfield team 7 to 6 and in the second Pitcher Bill Pate of Lincoln won his own contest 3 to 2 with a homer. Then thc Broadway Bengals, S considered the hardest hitting e team in the league, caught on to C Bateman's slants after hc had Z pitched good ball for seven innings 4 and took home the long end of a B 9 to 6 score. 0 s E ef Pifchel , f 18' 6:74, t , it 59' X f 'PJ-lgqilfp , ,X rr 0090 N M 3 Mme HIRAKARA 110 .ts E955 66 CKl'I"' WILLIAMS pitchcd airtight hall against Ballard until thc last two innings, when cnough hits wcrc gathcrcd to ovcr- comc a six-run handicap. Dc- tcrmincd to climb thc comc- back trail, tht- scrapping Bull- dogs routcd the Clcvcland horschidcrs with a 7 to 0 scorc. Batcman allowcd but CAPT. HAROLD REUHL bio Catcher thrcc hits and was backs-rl by a hcads-up dcfcnsc. Undcr thc lcadcrship of Harold Rcuhl and Art Batc- man. who arc climaxing four ycars of scrvicc, thc tcam will undoubtcdly be a stumbling block to many rivals. The squad, rcturning almost in- tact next year, should be in the thick of the pennant struggle. 111 it R C H A R L I E R U S S E L L D U K E H A N K I N S O N T O M GTZ-vw XOJPL CD-217001 Z5 SECOND TEAM--Front Row: Bill Matson, Tadaji Kurnnishi, Dave Brenner, Mnrdo Harliu, Steve Skeel. Second Row: Manager Vincent lfurrnsvr, Frank Potts, Frank Dfuisey, Frell Vnrnn, James Hrooks r V , ng., x b INTKAMURAL BASEBALL-l"ranh Rinz, Sam Brenner, Toslliyuki Nishi- muru, Henry Kunkel, Robert Mitrllell, Charles Wright, Leu Frnnrhini Second Feam Baseball ROMISING underclassmen make up the second team of the baseball squad, who are kept together on the squad for the full season. Several games with other high school utility nines are scheduled, and experience is employed as the real coach. The fundamentals picked up by the players should help them to develop into varsity material. From last year's young squad, several have blossomed into the starting lineup of the first team. This policy of retain- ing the potential material has become a fixed one in Garfield. Eniramural Baseball REVISION has been made in the spring soft-ball league and inter- class battles are no more. lnstead. the circuit has been patterned after the basketball loop and is made up of inde- pendent teams, the members of which play for the love of the game. The sea- son runs from latter April to early June, and all play is supervised by Mr. More, boys' physical education teacher. The large number in the after school games have displayed enthusiasm, cooperation, and sportsmanship to make the season a success. 112 Tennis lflllltlllllll tlivrv art- still two matt-lu-s to ln- plays-d. Garfit-ld's lt'lllllS tc-am. dt-ft-ruling tht- champion- ship won last yt-ar.. has gone- through tln' zu-ason so far with no dvfvats. How- 1-vvr, tlu- tvam has jumpvd its two hard- 4-st lllll'tllt'S by boating Broadway and l"runklin. fivv lnatvhvs to four. Coavll Rushing and the tt-am lllt'llllN'1'S havi- notivvd that vnthusiasm for high school tvnnis has rapidly inc-rc-asc-d in tho past two yt-ars. 'llhvy hope' that this spirit which has inspirvd the 1935 Garfield tunnis te-am will vontinuv throughout thc' yvars to conu-. Gof UACII Wlll'l'SUN and his divot- tliggvrs did not fare- quite- so wt-ll this your as in prvvious golfing wars. 'l'lu- fact that tlu' majority of thu squad was invxpvrivnvvd rvsultvd in a grvat lumdicap to tlu- lt'illll-S championship aspirations: hut with svvvn lvttvrnwn hack as a nut-le-us for nvxt yt-ar, wt- may look forward to a tc-am that will finish well up in tlu' contending raw. The golf- ors, as tht- Arrow goes to prvss. havt' hut one match lt-ft and are- tivd with Qucvn Anna' for sa-ve-nth plavv. with two wins und fivv lossvs. TENNIS Front Row: Hill Tullmll, Nvil lfullanl, Ilrn Harris, lil:-n limlh, Dara fires-Ivy. Hurry Knsslvr. Serunnl Row: Assixllml lfonrh lfunl lh-1-fha-r, lm-k Ballmrl, Harold Smith, Don Suw-nsmn, Jan-k Malta-rmfr, Cum-h Rushing GOLF--I-'rant Rnw: Sf-rgv Horny, Laurie Hr-alh, Bob Murphy, Bill K1-rr, Mills Hay. Cnrlrll lrllitxon, Second Row: Slmlr lnnix, Dirk Dfillvr, En' Pnrvnl. Ellis Coder l 113 ZOm:vJr- ZOO 7""""f'-I -4mZ-4-If S' wo I Erask W ART TA 'D- K '99 I00 and 220 Dash: Relay 5. S 'fo 6 f O Q Qfofgboqf Q 8, 93 O! R u n H u r. d 9 2 1 'S' 'ir "0 AO vi N the first hr-at of the 1934 ol i season, the Garfield cindcr- L Y men out-performed Queen Anne and We-st Seattle to win 58 to 28 to 27. Wvcathcr conditions cant-clled the- Lincoln-Garfield meet: hut a week later the Bulldogs won from discus record. Setting new records in the low and high hurdle rc-lays Franklin and Broadway 55 to 35 to 22 as Harris hrokc tht- All-City and the shot put relay, the Garfield thin-clads "took" tht- Rf-lay Carnival with 28 points against Lincoln's 22 and Franklin's 13. ln this contest, Harris smashed the city shot put record. ln tht- final dual meet Garfield defeated Roosevelt 60 to 53, and then came the final lest, the All- City. ln this contest Homer Harris clilnaxed a great high school athletic career hy setting a A h new record in the low hurdle as Car- field took 26W points to place sccond. J From a nucleus of eight letter- ,ll mcn, Coach Brigham has again P molded a balanced track team. Mule Run FRED DETWILER 1 14 -Wx. in 'Q' E955 4 HILE the opportunities for winning the All- City Meet are not exception- ally favorable, the outlook has been considerably bright- ened by the fine showing of the team to date. In the very first meet, a dual one with rather weak Cleveland team, Garfield showed her balanced power by winning 93 to 20 as she took sweeps in the 100 and 220 yard dashes and the CAPT. FRED TRAVIS Mile Run low and high hurdles. A week later, these scrappy Bulldogs defeated West Seattle by a 90Va to 2036 count. The next meet with Queen Anne and Ballard was another vietory for Garfield as she won 5616 to 40'As and 16116. Although the winning of the Relay Car- nival and the All-City Meet is not a certainty, there isn't a doubt that the Bulldogs' track team will be extending itself to the utmost for Garfield. 115 5 Z G E N E M A Nt U, S B 1' Q: It L B E A C H B I L L L I N D S E L L H E N R Y M c B E E Mmm J !,,,,4 Wfga I-'Rl-ISHMAN-SOPHOMORE TRACKfFrnnl Row: Andy Shiga, Hob Wil- liams, George Minor, Bumps Blackwell, Ed Green, Stanley Sulman. Sn-fond Row: Walaru Shimuharn, George Okamura, Sam Mnssufer, Rudy Spring, Wallam Wagner, Max Knminof, Harry Abel, Holi Bellamy, Isaac Morhaime. Third Raw: Morris Emunson, Iimmy Murphy, Ronald Gar- retson, lim Brinkley, Douglas llrnwn, Dirk Graham, Myer Grashin, Mark Greenfield. Fourth Row: Leon Brigham, Jr., Albert Armstrong, Jr., Jim S1-all, Tom Cubatayn, Henry Mulal, Max Sailor, Ray Stevens. Fifth Row: lflmrlrfs Brenner, llill Cowley, Oswald Walsh, Milt Seidenrerg, Dirk Nelson, Ed Faulks, James Milrhell 100-MILE CLUB--Wallare Wagner, Roland Stewart, Stuart Seabnrn, Oswald Waleh, Al Caplan, Kuan Onodera ' M1 ErosEs9Soph Track ll,L the Garfield track team of the next few years uphold the traditions established hy former Bull- dog cinder men? That question will he partly answered at the Frosh-Soph All- City Nlect. which, at this writing, has not as yet been held. This meet is the one of the year for the lower classmen and therefore it is the climax of the strenuous training period. ln it, the future Bulldog track stars are discovered, and on the display of their ability rests the possibility of winning more laurels for Garfield. EGG P5559 Ciub UACHED hy Mr. More, physical education instructor, Garfieldis Hundred Mile Club provides the intra- mural sport for those interested in track. The participants run their laps every day at the track field, increasing the length with each turnout. When the runner has reached a total of one hun- dred miles, he is given a silver award. The activity commences when school starts in the fall. This phase of Garfield athletics in- sures its continuance as a regular form of intramural activity. .l W 116 Horseshoes S in thc case of handball. no horse- shoe tournament was held this year because of lack of numhersg hut there are several "lrarnyard golfers" around school who spent some of their recrea- tional tilne in leisurely competition at the pits. Many timcs after school and in thc mornings one could hear the ring of thc shoes against the stake as two or four fellows matched their skill. Although thc game is easy and slow, the swinging motion is excellent exereise for those who do not care for more strenuous forms. Pingfpong PUNSURHD hy the Boys' Physical Education Department. the annual Garfield ping-pong tournament was held during the week of February ll. After a series of elimination play in which thirty-five hoys took part. .lim Holland, Phil Sussman, and Harry Renton were declared the winners in the order given. Although ping-pong doesn't require physical adaptness, it does call for speed of eye and limb, as well as perfect eo- ordination of mind and arm. Besides this, it teaches good sportsmanship and other character traits which are so nee- essary for one's sueeess in life. xmas! 1 'f -,:.a........, .. 4. Nm. '- X ,. V HORSl'lSHOESffJirn Crnnr, Hill Gnrlirk, Jim Sulhvr, John Im-olnn-ei 5 i i PING-PUNG-Jarnes Ilnlllmzl, Philip Susnnnn ,tx 117 ,js- C0.-XCHES' -Miss lurgensohn, Miss Whilrnnrv Big "G" Shih EIVIBERS of the Big HG" Club arc girls who havv won five humlrc-cl points in athletics. This your thc- girls rc- cvivvel flistinctivv now swcvatvrs. Also, small mnhlc-uns in the shape of a bulldog head wc-ro presented to those girls who were avtivc- mc-mhf-rs. Qoaches ff managers UACHRS and lIl1lIlHflf'l'S bvnt thi- how se-mlilig thc- arrow of 1935 girls' alth- le-tics to an Slll'I'f'SSflll finish. Although tht' coaches ra-1-vivm-il no mate-rial vmnpvnsa- tion, thvy worlu-fl 1-onstantly in ch-vvloping the hvalth uml 1-harzu-tc-r of tht- girls. Tha- managcrs hm-lp:-fl tn-nimulously hy the-ir clepemlahility and initiativv. BIC "fl" CLUB Front Row:Mnsuko lrmuyv, Anne lmry, Audrey Rvntfro, Isabel Hawkins, Miyo Inouye. Scroml Row: Virginia Douglas, Audrey UeNully, Evelyn filllllllbffll, Mrmlwllv Delirilz, Phyllis Markham. Third Row: Aili Hvlle, Mary Holl- Ivy, Anllnlmlle McArthur, Maurine Powvrs, ,l9l1lli9 Middleton. Fourth Row: Sfulir' Lighter, Jessie Wright, Muriel Flvicher, Vnldu Weigel. 1 i 3 GIRLS' MANAGERS Front Row: Mnxrlko lnouye, Anne Imry, ,4llfIl'l'j' Rvntfro Miyo Innuye. Second Row: Jvssiv Wright, Maelwllo Dvlirilz, Ruth Mclfulloclr .Uuurine Poxwfrs N... 119 , -. JJ. fl IL! 'Jil lj' 'V 1 df lf Y x If 1j 9 s . I , . 1 , f 110' bw jf 'S , .2 .L , 1, l N K f 1 lj ,J ,f 57 if f ., A ffffw VJ , frfhjji ffwfix 20 First Teams ,lunior-Senior Hockey E-EOCKEY. a game which requires co- operation plus skill, is the favorite sport of many junior and senior girls. Be- cause of their former experience, both classes had fine teams. although neither one won the championship. FIRST TEAMS .IUNIOIIASICNIUII I'IOIiKI'iY Front Row: Lillian Uneinvr, ,Hiya Inouye, Esther Lusk, .Vary lleSanto, Sallie Lighter. Serond Row: Isabel Ilaurkins, Lillian Cohen, llexxie Katz, Margaret Kretehmar, .Ahulrey lientfro, Phyllis Harkllanl. Third Row: Jeanie Jliilallv- Inn, Helly Hnnker, Muriel Flelrher, Maurine Powers, Vallla Weigel, Aili Helle, Evelyn Campbell, Maelrelle Delhitz. First Teams F rosli-Soph Hockey SOPHOMORES were given the privilege of inserihing their nantes on the new hockey sticks hecause they won the cham- pionship from the seniors, who have held it for three years. The freshmen also showed much skill. FIRST TEAMS FRIISIINIAN-SOPHONIORE IIOIIKICYM- I-'rout Row: Virginia Freeman, Wilma Williams, Clara Walker, Franrex Greene. Marv Tierney. S:-rand How: Lilly Ynrozu. L41 Lon Freenlarl, Kallterine Harrigan, Ruth M1-Cullorh, Ruth Bullm-li. Third Ilowz Evelyn Knight, Lenarn .-Inge-l, Evelyn Carlson, Marion Vinal, llarbara Fallon, Grave Hadley. Fourth How: Ruby Berg- lunfl, Lenore Timmreck, Georgia Slreeler, :Ilary Louise lnhnson, Knzuka Ynkoynnm, ,Ilarguerile llingee. Fifth How: Deny Hales, Violet Lnelrharl, Laura Maki, Helen Kashi, Peggy lfilxon, lilayils Celilarzl, Georgia lilac.-Iilam. First Teams ,lunior-Senior Baskeib all 'E'HE seniors almost had their champion- ship hopes quelled hy the juniors, who were victorious in the first game. But the determined seniors came hack to defeat their sophomore sisters and to tie with them for the championship. FIRST TF.-IBIS JUNIOR-Sl-INIOR IlASKI'I'I'IiAl.l. - Front Row: .-lili llelle, Hcelyn lfnmpln-Il, Maurine Powers, 'Jeanie Wiflfllvtan, Phyllis fllnrklxain, .Vaelielle lla-lirilz, .-lnnalzelle ,We.fIrllxur. S1-rand IIow: Uuriel l"leIrlufr, Ilayme l,m'liv, I'ailln Ifivgel, .Ilargarvl Krelclllrlrlr, Cells'- riere lilntlt, Iessie Irrighl, Third Row: U4-Hy llanlrer, Helene Iirivrly, ,llarguerilo llingee. First Teams Fresh-Sopli Baskeib QEE RESHMEN showed unusual ability this year for inexperienced players. They dc- feated their superiors. the juniors. in their second game. Cannes with the sophomores. who certainly could shoot. kept their oppo- nents on their toes. FIRST TICANIS I"IlI'iSIrIXIAN-SUPIIONIOIII-I IlASKI'1'I'- Il.fKI,I. I'-'ront Ilow: lfiirna lfilliams, lfuxv Henarava. Grave Hadley, Knzuka Yokaynma, Txumelm Yorila, Clara Il"a.lfer. Serond Row: .Vary Tierney, Susie Uziel, Helen lioski, ,Vary Copley, Kalhryn Harrigan, Viale! Lockhart. Third Row: Georgia lllarflilanl, Helly Hales, Georgia Slreeler, llealrire Nefxon. Fourth Row: Lenore Timm- reek. Evelyn Knighl, lean Grass. ,Iunior-Senior lfelleyball INCE the volleyball season was very short this year, the girls who made the first teams worked hard to gain the coveted positions. After many breath-taking games the juniors showed their superiority to the seniors. t1'lNs'l' 'rlcams JUNIOR-SENIOR v0I,l.l-Tvlmt.I.-Fmm Row: Muyme l.m'ln', l'll'e'ly'n lfnlnplnell, .Yluriel Flelrlmr, Bllnurine l'nu'ers, Vnldu Wiegel, Jeanie Middleton, Jessie Wriglil, .-lnne Levy. Si-roud Huw: Helene llrierly, Mur- guerite llingee, Helly Hooker. Genei'ie1'e lllolh, Audrey Renllro, .-irlrina Jalmslri, Markaret Kretehmar. Third How: .-lili llelle, Phyllis Markham, .llnebelle Delfritz, Mary' llodley. Fresh-S0 ph Volleyball AGAIN the sophomores displayed their versatility by taking the honors of the ehampionship in volleyball. The freshmen. not knowing the game so well, were defeated many times, but they showed excellent sports- manship in all the games. t-'tus-'l' TEAMS FIIHSIIMAN -s0t'1i0MORl-I XOLLEY- llAl.l. Frou! Row: Mabel Loelre, .Mildred King, Edilll Younll. Wilma lfillinrns, Rom' llenaroya, Tsnnelco Ynriln, Marjorie l"einInerg. Second Row: Crave Hadley. Susie Uziel, llvlen Koslri, Ruth llliifullorll, Lenora Angel, Ka- :ulm Yolroyama. Third Row: Marjorie Piller, Bealrire N.-nm., 1.4mm Maki. H.-1.-n Fisher, Evelyn Carlson. Fourth Row: Violet Lnrkllart. Helly Bares. Evelyn Knight. Kathryn llorrigtm. ,I un ior-Senior baseball RIENDLY rivalry between the seniors and juniors was keen this year despite the fart that fewer seniors turned out. Both teams hard and unarringly lor vittory l'llfNl TIN KM5 Jl 'NIOR 'Nl'Nl0ll ll XNl'BKll l'rnnt in L1 I' ranu 1 l olu n l 1 nn I le I lllolh Unrx Hof Q w ludn v D4 'Vullv Ni :ond Row l alila ll 1 :gd Roberta lla nrv 'lluuni lfnilzlevn l' slhi r lovh 'Uno lnoun ri 1' "i ianlx, enrivlls' liexr le. lird ow: I' I'looko'r. .fludrev Rent ro, .llunrine l rivers. li I - I' mon, .-Iili llelle, l'hyIlix Markham, Hrely 'ourlh How: exxie Wrigil, 'e 'e Mizflrlhur, Marguerilm' llil we. sl 4' ' .lfwlwlle lie- lfrilz, .-ldrina .lalroxlri, J iell 't er, were out to win the ehalupionship and fought law.: 1.'..,.'i.- iinlftl.-'1..,., .i1.iQ,:..m Kari.-lQ,..'.,ff A.'Uny'nn' I. ' 7 -, if ,, 5 lI',', ll ll ll ll 1 I Tl R rf It I '1 l' l- .l l ll l l 1 l"roshjSo ph X baseball EIRESIIMEN and sophomores held their own against the juniors and seniors this year in baseball. Their ability to hit and run was skillfully demonstrated and they proved to be serious opponents for the upper- elassmen. X X l"lllS'l' 'l'l'fAMS l"lll'lSllMAN-S0l'll0MOKl'f llA5l'1llAl.l, Front Row: lflairie Hnvilrx, lfililll lining, Hlizahelll Marlin, ll"ilrnu lluilliamx, Mildred King, Ruby' Berglnnd, Pllyllix Miller, Slvlln liziel, lllirli Srhullz, Rose' Henn- roya. Eileen lfultzer, Marian l'e'Iers1'lI, Jlarjorii' Fein- berg. Seeond How: Fanny lllnr, .-irlene' Jlar, lflnra Walker, .flnn Keohn, Ruth Melfullorh, Grave Ilodley, .Vahel Lnrke, Niulcv :Inn u'ixa', llerlry Uziel, lllnrjorie Ralwrls. Evelyn Cnrlxon, Txunelro Yorila, Kazuko l'okny'amn. Third Row: lferelia lleinlein, lllurllla lnouye, Shirley' lllnzer, .iillven Iarolrxen, Susie' Uziel, Helen Koslri, Kathryn Harrigan, Hzlilh l'n'rnlnerlorl, llelen Kay. Adele Reed, Marjorie Piller, ,luanila fllexnmler, lllary Il. Tierney. Fourth Row: Norma Olson, l,nl'on Freeman, Mary' Copley, Laura Maki, Ceorpzin Slreeler, ,-llrbie Rehherg, Violet Lock- llurt, Mary Louise Jnluuon, llelty Hates, Georgia Mar- .-lilarn. Fiflh Row: .-flirt' Srhrniilf, llenorn -lngel. Lenon' Timmrerk, ,-lnrlrey Van de Kamp, Jenn Grass. Hrelvn Knight, llealriee Nelson, Ruth Lund. A . . Qs A 6 ,Iunior-Svnior Freak UNIORS and svniors throw lllt'tllSt'lY1'S wholvheartvdly into tht- task of making thvnlselves good trarkstvrs. l'lspt'1'ially al dis- tanvc- throwing tht- girls showed dc-linilc' pro- fivimu-y. while at pitvhing and running tht-y were almost as good. ll'fNl0R-Sl"Nl0ll THNCIK lfront llow: l,m'llln' llulllionm. Mrlyrru' I,u1'kv. Hvlhrr Lusk, J'-sein lf rlglll. Uury ltmllvy, :Uurivl l"I4't4'hr'f, l"rlul1'1'v ffohvll. .Uiyo lrtozivv. .'Unl'ini' lhnldvn. Srronal Row: ,Unrgurvl Knftrlunur, .Hnrglwritv lmtg.-.f, .-luflrvy lcvnfym, V.,1.1a lnigfl, :mn Ilunkt-r, Hrvlyll Cnrnplwll, Hvrlrivllr' lQi1's1'h4'. 'llhinl llow: .lili llvllv, .fllulrvy Dvxltlly, ,-lllrlrlfwllv ,lfuz-lrlhur, llvfkv' nll- mnslino, .-ivlrinn Illkuski, Hvlvrl lfrivrlv. lfuurth How: Phyllis Jfnrkhlun, Jvnniv .llizlrllv-Inn, Vnnrim' l'nu'vrx. xlnnr' Imry. .Wnvlwllv llvllrilz. Frosh-Soph EEQQEQ NllERCl,ASSMEN display-d unusual skill in running. pil:-hing. throwing the lraslwt- hall. and distance throwing. The-ir vvrsatility was well dc-monstratvd throughout the trark se-ason and vvvry girl ft-It lu-rst-lf to ln' lllllfll improv:-d at the' vnd of the- season. l"Hl'1SHlllAN-S0l'll0Xl0Rl'f Tllilfli lsroul How: lfnlwl l,orkf', Ruby lfvrglunll. lfilmu llillifivrls, Crmw- Ifnallvy, Kathryn Hnrriglm. Ifrlilh Vvnnlwrlnrr, Fill-on llullzvr, Kn- :nko Ynkoynnln. Hou' livnnrovrl, Sa-roml Row: flfilrlrvvl King. Slvlln I'zil'I. Ruth ,Wrlfullm'h. fflnru uulkvr. fllrmifa .'il1'r11nrlvr. ,Vnrjnriv l'illvr, ll:-Inn Kncki. Third Row: lmnorn uingvl. Lmurl Huki. lfulll Lund. 'lillvvll fnrolrsvrl, Ivan Cross. 'Univ lfnplvv. lfourtll lion: flvor- gin Mn1'.'l1l11l1l. Vinlvl Lorkhnrl. -Iln-4' Srhminlf, lmnurt Tilnmrvrlf. :lhhir lfvhhvrll. lflwflyrl Knight. Eennis ANY fl'!'Slllllt'll appz-arm-d this ya-ar in thv tc-nnis turnout to lvarn lhv art of ravquel wivlding. lievallsv of the many hours of instruvtiou whirh tha- girls rcrt-ive-il lu-fore going on the 1-ourts. sonu- su-ll-play:-cl nlatvlu-s resulted. TENNIS-Alfirst Row: llntilaln Iljulru, lfalllll Young, lf1'f'ilt'u Hvinlrlin, fllury Louise johnson, firmw llmllvy, Ivsxiv lfripzhl, Eilvvn lh1ll:vr, lluriun l'1'lvrxvn, Hvlvu Koski, Kozuko Yokoyurrvll. Sm-ond Row: Polly lnn Ilur- gvrl, .Vary Copley, Knlhryn llnrrlgrm. Hdilln Pvrnlmrlon, Mnrjoriv Pillar, Ilmnifu silvvinlle-r, .Alili Ha-lla-. 'l'hlrnl Row: Alrlniv R:-hhvrp, ,Wnrgnrvt Pm-k. fum' Smurl, Vir- zinia Fnfvmrm. Jrrm Cross. Frrlyn Knight, .Varalu-rilv Dingew, llurinl Flvlrhvr. Fourth Huw: Frnnrr-Q Urfmn, lane Crolherx, nvlly' Uutvx, Ivuniv Hivlullvloll, Mavlwlla' lhfllrilz. ,-fmmhvllff th'-trfhur, nm., lmw, vtmtrim- l'ou'vrs. Badminton EANIE MlllDl,ETON and Maurinv l'ow- -- ers. two fast-stepping lnadmiutou players, were vivtorious in the badminton douhlvs tournament. But they did not win without competition. for the other girls we-rv ahh- to step almost as fast. nAtntlN1'0N--t-'mm Rom: Unrgm-rirv lungtt.-, .Huurinv l'un'vre, ,Wnry Ifndlvy. pllirlrvy lla-YUIIY. 11-uiv lfright, lienvrivre Illurh. 54-fond Row: .llnnulwllv Sim-.-irlllur, lvnniv Hivlrllrlon. .Vnvlwllv llvlfrilz, -lnnv lmry. Ping-f?ong SINCE badminton is an npperclass sport only, the freshmen and sophomores had the largest turnout for ping-pong. Many lad- der tournaments were held and the girls demonstrated their proficiency in the sport of tahle tennis. PING-l'0NG -'Front Row: Fannie Mar, Mabel Locke, Edith Yolulg, Wilma lI"illiams, Mildred King, Nancy .-l, Wisc, Marjorie Feinberg, Graco liofllcy, Kaznko Yoko- yanm. Srrontl Row: Martha lnouyc. .-lrlcne Mar, Vir- ginia Freenlan, Susie llzicl. Edith Pembcrlon, Ella Hill, Ruth Mcllulloch, Marion Nakamura, Clara Walk:-r. Third Row: Violet Lockhart, Mary Copley, Laura Maki. Halen Koski, Kathryn Harrigan, Marjorie Pirler. Fourth Row: Mary L. Johnson, Alulrcy Van dc Kamp, Aili Ilellc, .loan Cross, lllargucritc llingcv, .-innc Levy. Hiking ANY girls have taken the opportunity this year of spending their greatly an- ticipated week-ends in the great outdoors. In hiking they have won many new friends and have developed a better sense of sportsman- ship. l'llKlNll"l"ront Row: lrilrna lfilliamx, Clara Walker, Crocs- Bofllry, Alice Krieger. St-cond Row: Jeanie Miri- tllelon, J.-,sis Wright, Ruth nt.-tiallm-li, Llmm Maki, Knlhryn Harrigan. Viola: Lorkhan. Third Row: Munr- inc Polcrrs, Batty Bates, Mary Hadley, Anrlrvy DeNulIy, Wayne Cochran. Archery RCHERY turnout this ycar was held only for one month. Since the turnout was quite small, many of the girls became good marksmen under the excellent instruc- tion of their coach, Miss Jurgensohn. ARlIlll'1llYf Front Row: Phyllis Markham, Sallie Light- vr, Manrinc Powers, Ucrlry .-llmoslino, Mary lftlrmly, ,lvanie Mialulluton, Muriel Flelcher, Ceraltli-ne Kayne, Mosako Inonyc. Eolk Sensing ALTIIOUGH there are many girls par- ticipating in the gymnasium activities, thc folk dancing classes draw forth the most enthusiasm. The freshmen and sophomores particularly enjoy these classes in place of the regular sports program. FOLK DANCING Front Row: .llilsuko Huralrami, Mary llmttmv. txt..-k ltaw: llarlmra Fallon, Rolwrla Lili, Mar- ian Vinal, Ma-llm R1-itl, Glmlys Caplan, Muriel Ralston, lfarlim' lfolfc, Dorothy Wilson, Iuanila Davis. "E'HE ancient archer had his moments of humor and fun, although most of the time he was occupied in serious pursuits. Likewise the students of Garfield devote them- selves to light and humorous pastimes in their moments of leisure. EEE? in 5 X . 4, . JMU -. 3 5 .v A 1 ..,1. m rg. -if 'H Wiz X X 3 ,, , A , ,iff-' X, X ,. ,. ,. ,, K F wmiwifk,-lg Xiwi X. ,V im g N MX N-. 1 Q, BWV .K ,CA XX ,Xy :X ,T , ,a,n,r., 1v,, -X5 : fy AL '- - NU! MX ,ai I- MX-f.,,'.,l A -, 5-X,,:+ fg i A w g mw , X , K. ,, . A M k LT, , Vw! 1 X .fx 4, , ramp. ., IKM, , V X,-5 ,Mn -X. .-.-1,.,,.,,4 , H N A, A WH: ,,.,v,,,1,X V Y H A 'X F-X . X ff' .X ?' 13' ,. fu' 77, , QM X-H iii' X 1 X jg, 14 -4 l""' 'TW " fu l g?1+ , '. was 'S3 V 'v ff"'1,75 if np. ' ,gm ' 1,3 ' X ff!!! A NAU' F-uni: 3, ix. 'M Q! Q -wg-1 ,X ,-Q-'g,,grq,ggLg.p, 5 X'XX'g,'i1g,,.2' pzjma ' ,,XX,,:g:1gQ-f '4zXX-1 1. X2PX-i'fQmg3?51?g'9a:,-QX X' - if-ggi, .Xi .. X mf 5,5 7"4H-"fda 5 vi nf-,fi-f.1g3,'3X-rm ..1 Y 4' g ,5A.XfQf. 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M K ENCHSH f- 80006011 mr v-- 1661: lv -- Am Hem, ta -if 1 Q0 4 ' f gy" SQ, . N' ,aff z -me .wccmc spain, .- ESE? ui M .MQ WW if EIN, IPR ,Q , xmn 'gigg- fk i In , - pu L Qs ff f' LA.. ., W L QTFNQWT -Qsr 7 an 'W' 4 curnf7E'iib24'1. lg" P PWM ww Xxfbl. Kiki, gfzs N ,G kj KWGBX V , ,YK Q S K v mim i! XX V Tv ' ' 1 ' -5' :Sq ,X A -- 'f ,WL M 1 A ,552 I V V :mmf qs W x-.1 W, --u-- a D f- - 8 9 AN' r V 'mf " ensvrev am ,u-"Wir N g V L "' I 111' ' " - N as -q 'f !S41Q,,,.,- I X . M437 xx X ,4 - -- :gf X , gif '.1V,4 f ' V jt U we . ' 1. 'j ' ::, Q 0 H ,. N X ' W 4'-9 F N . ' ' .CVE STUDY H0145 Stvhlir- QEGHISZLV. 1 FROM un.-aaa' my GWLGJMCH IZH S E E P 5? E S EQ a E Q H' S an ' Q .mx fs V , ' W Rail S I' ,Q ' Q y V' skntvrs ,Q :LT- 5 5 1 ' E E d E Q as H' Q S 'flu' vml of Ilw Thafs right! Snow-lmfulvfl laflf Iraif is always 11's the best Cross your fingvrsf llw lmr11vsI.' foot f0l'Il'll7'l1.' Q Singin, ' QI: flu' snow! 'l'lwrv are smiles and .sn11lf1s.' lik! Ea J E fs yi, M i-.S ., sf' . Jas 'l'lw High Sc-llool Slalom Fresh, powdery snow Iwvlfons the slfivr on, always on. fflmmp -- Up in the llil' swflrirzg something now. till ho lirvs mul sils mul rvsls. abou! sonwthing. , W.. x F . 4 I A Q s A os , in s , , , I N... x X ' ,A X gn, 'L .6- ' A . X o 54. f 'FW' 4 ,. .'?"P uxiif . is ls Q a, 1 no f F ' tu?-1 . 6 QA . ' 5 1 . ' t 'uk M3555 U 1 ab U' ba x' Y - ' . 'T 7 -. u ' fQ,g, H6 Jus! o "Ulu-is1y" gona Wiltvrf? Youad Im that way The vivo-prvsiflffnt shows wrong! too, after a week of skiing! 'em how! ,. NX Thirty slrivrsf Count '0m. The Bulldog ski spvviol Yfoursv, the mounluins stops ul North Bond to rvf'u1wra!P from the fll'!'llql llm only slri rollirlring riolvrs. utIrm'Iion.' lfill U 3559235 tErativ1h Pm1'n'5lur 22175135 Number 1 Volume 1 JUNE, 1935 Tacoma Police Cunningham Gives Lowdown Arrest Skiersg On How To "Hold That Man" Hold For Bail llrafield Studs-nts apprehended for Speeding While Climbing Big Taeoma Hill OTIS LAMSON .IAILEIJ Irule Offiecr Books Youths at Fifty one Miles Per I'Iour In Model "T" Ford lhisregarding the faet that they were tampering' with Gra- fleld potentates, the 'I'aeoma poliee apprehended a group oi' skiers from this sehool on their way to Mt. Rainier for exeeed- im.: the speed limit in that city last winter. 'I'he unfortnnates, Ilick Wal- ter, Otis Lamson, llill Lindsell, Ilurland Lund, and XVhitney Miller were "mushlng on to Rainier" in llic'k's famous Hoot- Nanuy Speeial on a sunny Fri- day afternoon when the irate policeman overtook them at the summit ot' the his 'l'li1'Um1l hill- "I'ull over there!" said the offieer as he pumped alongside the exhausted but bravely struggling Model T. "You were doing ut least sixty that time," he added, eyeing: the skis with cold contempt. "Boy, I didn't think the old girl had lt in her!" yodeled Dirk. "1Doomnooooooohh2" Utis and Whitney fainted, hut revived immediately when the officer mentioned a little matter of a S50 bail. Whit leaned over and whis- pered to Otis, eyeing the cop euriously at the same time, "Ile must he a leetle tetehed in the hald!" "Y-y-y-you s-see," stuttered lkill, wrenehing off a door han- dle nervously, "we were juSI 80- ing for a little trip to Mt. Rain --er-that is-I mean-Mt. Ta- eoma. Yeah-Aheh, heh-that's lt!" "XYell, l'ln hooking.: you for fifty-one miles an hour and trying to evade an officer of the law when I tried to over- take you, and l'm letting you otf easy at that," growled the guardian of the peace. "That eharge is seientifically impossible!" bellowed Whit in a manner that would have done credit to his seienee and public speaking tea:-hers. "ln the first place, this old wheelbarrow 0nll't go over fifteen miles an hour: in the seeond, we were just ready to shift into second to make the hill: and third, there is--" "lzzat so?" snorted lliek, swinging around and nearly alnputatim.: the steering wheel from its shaft with his elbow. "l'll have you to know-! Uh, oh, there goes a tire! Now, how'll we get the old girl to the Mountain?" "You won't need to worry!" ehortled the hlue-coated arm of the law, who must have been a Canadian Mountie at heart, "Climb out ul' that howlegged I-to-earr and 1-ollle along' with ine!" By ART BATEMAN They have done it! Sent into our ranks a sc-out who wriggled the information to make them irresistible from under our very noses! Men, we must hand to- gether or our eause is lost, and we shall be putty in the hands ot' every damsel because she knows just what a, fellow's ideal femme is, It happened like this: Our worthy lioys' Adviser took some hundred of us into his eonfidence and found out what ii, girl should be, and then at a. gals' assembly he tells'em what they've got to do to hook their man. He careful, boys, they know their stuff now. llrim.: out your strong and masterful resistance, and hold that line! NVQ-'re on the defense now. PICNICS ABANDONED Because the Boys' Club Vie- nies have het-ome sueh dignified, tranquil, boring, half-hearted affairs, the Boys' Cluh has de- cided to abandon them entirely. An amendment will he made at the next meeting to make the matter Constitutional. At the last picnic-, huge piles of food re- mained untouched, and although the boys expressed regret at see- ing it wasted, they eould not be indueed even to taste it. Mr, Cunningham, Boys' Club Adviser, suggested that a formal tea be substituted with folk dances executed by the football and track squads. All laddies at- tending will be required to wear liuster Brown suits trimmed with pink laee. "Got a can-opener?" asked Otis, flourishing a can of pine- apple. "XVhat do you want it for- to pry your way out of that tin cracker-box?" "No, I want to kill this van ot' pineapple juice." "Stow it in the cooler." "Yeah, but I want to have it with nie." "Well, we're putting you in the eooler too, old boy, so don't fret." The afternoon found Otis see- ing Taeoma through a grating in the c-ity jail and wondering why he hadn't studied llillin- ger's methods a little more closely when he had the chance. Whitney was out raking up bail with the most remarkable in- dustry, while Hill whiled away the hours looking through the phone book for a likely name. lle's trying to run competition with Art Hate-man by having a :ral in every eity. lburland was out buying some good steel saws as a present for Otis, and Iliek Walter was occupied in giving his limousine its daily overhaul and rebuild, Evening found Whitney gal- loping in with the ransom money, a.nd the lads were res- eued from the steely clutches ol' the Taeoma police force. Still later, Wu find the skiers "lnushing on" lu Rainier. By PAULA BARTON "You Made Me XYhat I Am- and l hope you're satisfied!" was the 1-omehaek suggested hy Mr. H, ll. Cunningham, Boys' Club Adviser, in an assembly for junior and senior girls XVed- nesday afternoon. Speaking on "Qualities in Girls that Iloys Admiref' Cun- ningham discussed a question- naire distributed among a hun- dred hoys. Apparently the boys want a, girl "intellectually their superior," which ought not to he diffieult, She must he feminine and aut naturally, Their dream girls must not UITIIII-In nor gold- dig them, nor indulge in foot- hall or soeeer, nor vling, nor roug'hneek. If a girl can drag a heavy line and keep .loliimy amused. he will reciprocate with not much over fifty eents' worth of entertainment for the evening: otherwise llumb llora must kiss him goodnight in payment. None of the gentlemen like extremes in make-up or dress. Une youngster said he would rather have an outlandish lflas- ter egg than over-eolorful girl. l'nnningham was emphatic- ally opposed to "steadies." Four- teen of twenty-eight boys going steady remarked that they were doing so only "until an excuse comes to break up." Pupils Protest Porter's Plang Picket Posted Two thousand students re- volted today at Grafield High School, Mri Porter, the princi- pal, got a severe ease of spring fever and decided to dismiss classes for a week, The two thousand students, under the leadership of .lam-k Jones, stormed into the main office and demanded justice! Picket men were stationed at each school room entrance by Mr. Porter to prevent pupils from going to class, but this method proved inemcient as the pickets were mobhed and towed under by the stamping feet of the many boys and girls eager to get into elasses on time. Mr. Porter, after seeing de- feat in all his efforts to 1-lose the school for a week, compro- mised with the students in a treaty signed by our principal and our student representative. The treaty provided that the students should remain at sehool and that Mr. Porter should go on his vacation any- way. Mr. Porter will appoint a student print-ipal for his week's absence, He will make his ehoiee from one of the follow- ing boys and girls whom he be- lieves are best deserving of the position: Bob Howard Jane XVells Jack Jones I'eg'g'y Glaser .lim llivine lVlari.:'aret lflarles l'eg'g'3' Pride Anna lkleelian Mary 'l'uthill etr. Prize Awarded In Ad Contestg Winner Dazed Flood of Last-Minute Entries Causes Delay In Seleelion of Prize-Winning Ad PUBLICATION INSULTEII Contestants Disqualified for Listing Misspelled Words Not In Advertisements llue to a delay eaused by a tremendous number of last- minute entries the winner of the Grafleld Mess'n'slur Adver- tising Uontest has not heen an- nouneed until this issue. Large numbers ot' contest- ants were declared lnellglble because they turned ln more than the intended twenty-flve misspelled words on the baek page. This is eonsldered a dl- reet insult to the integrity ot' this paper. NVQ-e do not mizspell wurds exsept on purpose. The prize-winning ad was really very lousy, but it was the most inexpensive ot' the lot and thatfs all we eare about. The winner will reeelve 36.00 in trade at the Uuttnure Store, where he may purchase any- thing from a swimming suit, a pair of skis, flattie or Star-boat, to a school hiekey or a tax token. In the seleetion ot' the ad, to make sure that we would ph-la the best and show no partiality. we numbered eaeh entry and iemoved the name. Taking the serial number of our advlser's Studebaker motor, we divided it ny the number ot' eontest en- tries and the resulting figure was squared and again dlvlded, this time hy the number of hard round eartwheels that it takes to print this rag. We then added the date ot' the thin dime in the editor's pocket. subtract- ed the winning nunlher ot' the last Irish Sweepstakes, and found the contest entry with the number eorrespondinu to the total resulting.: figure. We then announeed the eontest winner to be "Ye Adviser" and called it at day. Some of you might be inter- ested in knowing: the WIlIIlt'I"S name. Uontrary to all expecta- tions, Ilob llosokawa failed to annex the bacon hut took a nifty third plan-e. Ellen Crosby came ses-ond with a doggy ad about XVire-Haired Terriers, but, of course, we couldn't print that: we mean the ad. If we had more time we might tell you about the winner but it's deadline, so-I SHOPS CUT DOLLS Due to the lack of interest in maehine shop and wood working classes, Mr. Greer and Mr. Sim- mons have proposed that these rooms be eonverted into play- rooms where the fellows may spend their idle hours euttlnl: out paper dolls, niakim: mud pies, playing' liide-ainl-seek, and other kiddies' gaines. Page Two ttrativlh !lllI2an'n'alur J unc, 1935 Ulhe lllIwa'n'nlur Staff Editor-ln-Cheese. Paula Barton I - - in I llead l'enell Sharpener, v . , .. llorothy 'Paft Assistant l'encll Sharpener .. . .Joe uti'ol'tl 0 . 1. K:Lli..'.T.'3'.-.,.,at.,-,',l'.fl'.llli2ltli!lII Brlgham WIHS Recipe Contest Gareoln Takes ,lfjl-JLge:lffnffgenmgjslfgfiygfn "Kiss Me Quick" Entry Chosen Linfield In Bor- lo lirlnt and as much ot' the rest that we can. All news printed lu this paper is done so wlth no malice to- wards persons concerned and we ulpport our statement by the in- tegrity ol' the stall' listed above. EDITORIALS 'Phe Mess'n'slur wishes to make the following' recommen- dutions: 'Phat all football champion- ships he automatically conceded to tlrafleld because slit-'ll win them anyway: 'Phat sound deadeulnf.: appar- atus he installed ln Illti so that more students will attend the opera.: 'Phat study hall attendance be non-compulsory3 'Phat a swimming pool he in- stalled at tlrafleld llli.:'h School. REMEMBER WHEN- Iuveryhody skled on llroadmoor tlolf Uourse? ll. ll. t'unnini.:ham fined all boys one penny per dance for stagging at the .lunlor-Senior l'rovn'? l'eg'g'y I"erini.:er and Glen tlroth annexed the sausages at the saine 'Prom l'or winning thc pr ze 1 ance? tliaflcld beat Lincoln at the llnlverslty Stadium on 'Pnanksgivlng' Iiay? 'Phe Ilulldop: Ski t'lub brought home the bacon from the lllah School Ski meet? 'Phe Messenger cultic through with an cl1.:'ht-paire paper? lfrank tlarretsou, llill tlarlick, ltlileen Ilrandt, .lolin llarrah, .loe liunford and Ifllcanor Sheehan sported nifty sets of skiing blisters? lflverybody had a chain letter? tllrls were dumb enough to go steat y ? Whit Miller was discovered car- rylin: a powder puff? Vandalism struck tlrafield and let't the entrances painted red? 'Phe Spokane press arbitrarily promoted a prominent faculty member to the tank ol' "ln: Mllt'ord K. Kln1:sbui'y, l'rlnci- pal ol' tlrafleld High St-hool"? Somebody's lonesome chariot started hleatlnp: for lts master outside room EI3? .liln Lewis ale one dozen sun- daes at one sitting? V .. . WL LL NEVER FORGET . llclena Ilorkland's dimples. ... Eleanor Shechan's absent- mlndedness. .. Miss Thonison's frankness. 'l. llolt Graham's skits. 5. Phyllis Kemp's and l'hyllis Savant-'s hair. ti. 'Phe Boys' Club picnic. T. 'Phe lilt-:Nest rook of the ycar-no l"unfest programs. 8. llarold Smlth's lisping. ll. Sally Vynne's sneezes. 'Phe Z's Scavenger llnnt. . 'Phe T. K. Tolo. lil. Mars Scandals' "Live and Love Tonight" l"luale. t?lnderellu's l'rlnce t'harm- i -I 'i l0. ll 13. lnir. 14. Mr. Schmallt-'s chemistry tests. IG. Mr. llaxtt-r's study hall. 16. 'Phe bell in 208 study hall. IT. Patricia l'hillips' enthusi- asm. By Dizzv List-4 Coach Leon llrigham won first place in the tlrafield Lunchroom llecipe Contest which ended last week with his "Kiss Me Quick" dessert. According: to Mrs. Smith, con- test jutlgie, the entry was the most original aml tasty that has been turned in so far this year. 'Phe recipe will be served to all football men during.: the Fall tor preceding the fallli. Mr. t'ook, musical director ot' tlrafield, placed second with his delightful "Warble Salad" the cooked up something.: good, therel. According' to Mr. Cook, the salad may be varied by con- coctini: it with different times or songs such as "Asc's Death," "Serenade to a Wealthy Widow," or "'l'he Ibeath of Iianprerous Iran McGrew." Mr. Hanselman took a poor third with a "Blue Slip 'Purn- over," which will be served to students at periodic intervals. lle sutrgests varying' the dish with "llemerit Sauce," but due to cost, it will be eaten without relish. 'Phe winner will receive a two- pound box tl' tin biscuits which will be awarded to his athletes 'nt his discretion for "feels" of valor. Second prize, which goes to Mr. Cook, will he a hii.:'h pres- sure "eooker" so there will be no need to roast the "l"irel'Iy." Mr. Hanselman will receive third prize,' which is a combination plush-bottom swivel chair and couch with an electric swivel motor This will take the place of his office fan in hot weather. 'Phe prize winning' recipes were as follows: Kiss Me Quick Dessert .ine sack lining' lime Une bottle "Mash Muscle Lini- ment" tine roll "t'liin:im.: Vine" adhes- ive tape tictober and November tyon'll find outi .Xmmoniated Spirits Yeast tor Westi Pour lime out on clean cenn-nt floor, add water until it t'orms a sticky paste, and then shovel into cement mixer lor Sopho- more mlxeri so that environ- ment will not be clutngred. Add adhesive tape for consistency. and stir until paste hardens. A yardage marker will make a 5-Cootl stirring' stiek if mixer motor fails to work. Add October and November for seasoning and nearly all of lininient. lf paste fails to loosen up use rest of lin- iment, rubbing well while ap- plying. Now add ammoniated spirits and immediately dump in yeast to ialse the spirits. ltoll mixer into lunchroom, attach plug. and leave on vacation. -Leon ll. Brigham, Warble Salad tlne pound One quart beanless striugrs tvio- lin or cello preferred! 'Pwo drumstieks twhite meat preferredi ,ine pickle-0? Line octave sour notes 'Pwo beats Place pound on piano and re- move lid from kettle drum. l'our in sour notes well tied together with beanless Sll"lllH'S. l'2ll'0 should he taken that notes do not curtlle if salad is mixed near the sea HW, SPV? Sl- Altllll' drumsticks to mixture viirorrnis- ly and lioltl heats. Serve with tuning' forks and pickle on side of plate. You'll be in pickle, too, after this, V --Parker lil. Cook Blue Slip Turnover Five blue slips twell :1'l'Ullll1lk"ll tlne bottle ''Forget-me-not" po- tion lnk from one stamp pad tl 'ink one will doi Une quart Mexican Jumping Beans 'Phree cans of ton1.:'ue fl4iLSllllli.2'i Filter 1.:'rounded blue slips into ink bottle, liunk stamp pad into mixture three times and relnove. Whip well with toni.:'ue and save cans. lio not forget the "Forget- me-not" potion and follow ln- structions well. Add jumping.: beans to assure a successful turnover and serve as well as you can. 4'l'hat's why you saved the cans.i 'Phis turnover is de- licious served with dcmei it sauce lull is never eaten with relish. --- lil. IG. llanschnan I PERSUNALITIES Art llatemani has definitely annexed the title of "Wandering Nomad" this year, having a girl in every high school, Art's mot- to is: "An iron in the fire never hurt anybody!" lsabel Hawkins may have the best interests of Grafield at heart but they have to move over for llarold +---- who hails from Franklin. You may all have seen Gra- field's great skier, Otis Lamson, in action but did you ever notice that lipstick on his ski jacket? lil. .lim llolmes' business-like manner. lil. llill Murphy's bashfulness. 20. Jayne Lamping's aloofness, il. Margaret Ilenezra's voice. 22. Mr. l'lrier's tact. 23. Frances Arold's efficiency 24. Carolyn t'olby's complexion. Mr. Kini.:'sbury's sense of huinor. 26. Dave Greek-y's haircut. 25. Faculty Makes New Ruling Students who are fl'USlllllt'll and sophomores now will be re- quired to attend an additional year at tlraficld lligh School, so that they will bc ready to conquer the world with the vast amount of knowledge gained from the threshold which has sheltered and shaped their des- tinies for so long, etc. The senior class of 150525 is responsible for this new rule. 'Phe facility was so broken- hearted upon losing the seniors that they decided to keep the sweet little innocent fresliies and sophies an extra year. 'Phe rulc is not being.: applied to jun- iors because the teachers feel that they can not stand them any longer than absolutely nec- essary. ing Undertime By RASP LARYNX ln a boring undertime contest which saw the Garcoln backfield and the Linfield line coordinate lovingly, the former team out- courtesied the latter to trip away on the top side ot' a WM to 3M score. or maybe that's their shoe size ratio, l don't know. VVell, anyway, it was a perfect day for a dashing' bit ot' rug-lun: or foolby or something' like that. 'Phe tain was drizzllng' down lu half-inch drops at the rate of two inches per minute, which made the flcld just the right consistency, that ls, the consis- tency of an underdone spou1.:'c cake. VVhich reminds me of the delightful luncheon l had at .loe's Slop Jernt. But to get back to the game, Garcoln kicked off to Linfield from their own fifty- yard line, and some V0l'y rude individual dashed t'orward with lt to the forty-five and one-half yard line, a gain of three Inches. 'Phe referee, who was dressed ln a perfectly ducky ensemble ot' lavender duck feathers, promptly dashed forth ln his own inimita- hle style and wiped off his face. Suddenly a most unexpected thing happened. A very plump little animal with very little hair and to whom my breakfast was related waddled sorrowfully out onto the flatlron---er, l mean :ridiron-and began to rub noses with the ball. After this l fell asleep and dldn't wake up untll the last quarter,butlyou wouldn't be interested in what happened while 1 was sweetly sluniberhnr. anyway. llut the last quarter was just too, too divine. Cuth- bert Brlglan of Garcolu took the hall from the hands of some ln- verted individual in the Linfield line and, mounting' a. broom. swept gracefully around end for a magnificent gain of three points over yesterday's quota- tion. 'I'hen, being near the ghoul -er, pardon me tl've been read- ing' Poet l lucan goal--the llar- coln quarterwit devised a. bril- llant scheme for gcttlin.: the ball across. 'Phe team lined up quiet- ly in two parallel lll'lt'H while Linfield was still ln the huddle. 'Phey then picked up NVltless lflourmaker and tossed him over the posts with the ball clutched in his tender embrace. and meanwhile sang' "'Phe Man on the Flying' Trapeze." 'Plms ended this lovely lawn party and every- one went happily holneward. Can You Imagine- ltob llolland a woman hater? 'Phe secoml semester Mt!SSl'l1l-2'l'l' without a contest? Peggy l"erini.rer bald? llick Walter and Frank tlarrct- son driving V-I6 Uatlillacs to school? springtime and less than ten people lying on the lawns? The lunchroom without Mr. Schmallc? Miss 1'ugh's literature class without .lohn Harrah? Any less than three cars in front of Betty Lucas' house? llick Miller not annoying the girls? llorothea Kirsten getting' any- thing but "A's"? ' -well, we can't! E? . W 'PQ' 59+ fi W iiff 5- ii . .Q Kfmliiigxg' 715 rm 4 lx if ' "'ii,,,T',m' Q- i-ef, y-- Zf i 136 555259555 Keeping track H urlrlled heads . ' xx, N . g . Xt 11 M . kj j Q . 5, ,vi W ,1 , I . QL 1 Xa f .4 r f Q . w . , - ' 1: za . .. . ' ' T515 in M I 'ki J' .X S A .. - . 1 . S x N., xii W1 "' K f , - Wg, Q- :0 k -5. L . X - V LL Q-.. K Slmvvlvrs all! I fgh! Rulfing in Hold that line if f 137 A bunfs-vyv 'vimv 'SH M -N Batter up! You-hoof iesaieei Ewarie c-we A r 1 Irwin Caplan won a place in the Pictorial Arts Division of the Eighth Annual National High School Art Exhibit to be held in the Fine Arts Galleries of the Carnegie Institute. Virginia Ketcham, Irwin Caplan, and Akiko Hino had the honor of having their pictures exhibited in the Seattle Art Museum. Morris Greenblat was awarded an art scholarship for his excellent work. Helena Borkland and Akiko Hino were rewarded with the publishing of their drawings in the School Arts Magazine, and Irwin Caplan in the Scholastic Magazine. At the Puyallup Fair, Marvin Iles and Lorne Garden won prizes for their drawings, and Victor Allison for his boat model. Fujii Rinko won second place at a state-wide art conference held at the Uni- versity of Washington, Irwin Caplan was awarded second prize for a soap carv- ing at the same conference. Nancy Rupert and Bob Shields were awarded first prize for a joint exhibit in interior decoration, also at the University. M u s i c Margaret Benezra was awarded a scholarship for vocal training at the Cornish School for the summer of 1934. literature Helene Gabel has had her essay on Technocracy copyrighted and printed in newspapers all over the United States. Philaiely In the Washington State Philatelic Societies Exhibit for High Schools, Mar- shall Hatch was awarded the first grand prize and first prize in the Newfoundland division, Elsie Deutsch won third grand prize and first place in the United States division. S Bs i in g The Seattle High School Ski Club Tournament was won by the Bulldog Ski Team, with Dick Walter taking first place in the slalom race, and in the cross- country race, Whitney Miller taking first place, and Teed Gjolme second place. Otis Lamson won third place in the entire United States in the National Slalom Race, and in the Rainier National Park Slalom Championship he won second place. S a il i n g Otis Lamson represented the Puget Sound Star Fleet in the International Star Boat Races in San Francisco in September, 1934. H e a l 1 h Grace Adele Downie and Arthur Taylor were judged the healthiest girl and boy in Garfield. Oratory In the Shakespearean Contest, Esther Walters won first place in the Shakes- pearean division, and Peggy Hilen in the Serious division. 138 En Eckaewiedgmenf The 1935 Arrow Staff takes this opportunity to express its appreciation for the advice and cooperation of the representatives of the firms which have made this book possible. P R H N T H N G Mr. Floyd Flint, Lowman 8: Hanford Company li N G R A V I N G Mr. Fred Wiman, Western Engraving and Colortype Company P H 0 'E' 0 G R A P H Y Mr. Earl Kennell, Kennell-Ellis Studios Mr. Dudley Randall, Hart Studio Mr. Richard W. Erickson ..... , smm mzmz: l 139 Autographs ,, -.-.Y ,,A, A ,gl .vAv, .r.,., .,.v.,.,.Y .v,,, Y.,., 7 ,.,.Y., .,A,.,.,.,,,. ,,,A,.,. , - , A ,.,,,.,.v.,A,. , , , .,,,, iffy UW wi,5:12'?QC'5L AN WM QW li fwffff' WEED'S PHARMACY M. A. Weed. Ph.. G. 260l Jackson S+. Tolu-Turpin for Coughs and Colds LAKEVIEW GROCERY 8: MARKET John Maison, Owner EAs'I' 05l2 34Ih and E. Cherry E. MADISON LUMBER COMPANY EAs+ 8080 202I E. Madison We deliver everyihing Io build or repair your home LOU HERRON CLEANERS AND DYERS I9Ih No. and E. Prospecf GAYLAND'S RIDING ACADEMIES ROYCROFT MADRONA E. 92nd and Vic'I'ory Way THEATRE THEATRE Seohle I9Ih and Roy 29I'h and E. Cherry EA. 3566 EA. 4533 GARFIELD GROCERY H. B. Dickinson, Prop. 500 23rd and Easi Jefferson W e know we must please you to gain your patronage. W e therefore strive to please. TRUCK EQUIPMENT COMPANY "The Sign of The Truck" I70I Fourfh Ave. Soufh L. STAVIG Fancy Groceries - Meafs I-Iourly Delivery Service I002-04 Twenfy-I'hircI Nor+h ENGRAVERS TO TI-IE i935 G-RADUATING CLASS TO WI-IOM WE EXTEND SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS 0147172602 6 3f6UZf0l'J GO. For Over Fifiy Years-Qualify I5 I 5 Second Avenue 9 I 2 Second Avenue 80 Woshingron Sfreef Telephone EL. 8870 SeoHIe, Washingfon 141 1 2 WESTERN ENGBAVING wnjCOLOBTYPE U 2030-Fifth Avenue - Seattle - Washington- SEATTLE ENGRAVING CUBIPANY 11-Z g1f1,1f1,e!!:6!l1,5, ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHERS SEATTLE, WASHINGTON SI8 CRARY BUILDING PHONE SEnecO 0080 PHOTOGRAPHERS for +he GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL OGIIVEVOTU l935 143 nnouncement to 4 1 Phone El ssvo today fora Lowman a Q Itanford salesman to exnlain to you our new PRINT-0-lttlt Process for cluiclc more econolnical nrintine of many kinds. Renroduction of colnnticated forms is made simnle by this process, and you need not order Iaree Quantities to obtain a tow rate. By eliminatine "cuts", the nrocess effects much savine in the reproduction of cataloe naees, circulars and illustrated advertisine nieces. You can afford lnore conious use ef ntctures, diaerams, mans than ever before. owman fc Hanford o. 1515 SECOND , PRINTING efzsecono ' ' so wasnmoron '55 ARROW - like thc' All-4471ll'fil'llll u'inning 1934 ARROW printvd and bound in thc' filll' plant of Lmrnmn and H f 11 Cn. Thr' two-valor inscfrfs in this Iumlr zrvrv prrulu 011 th Print-0-Lifh mvthorl. 114 mm.- , . . .L.. , x.,. A, I mesnmycaa...-M. f ' ggv..-.W 4

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