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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1932 volume:

Um V l"H"l I In ,X -f 1' A--gf' "' 1 E 'LIBRI 1 R N f . ' , -13 XXX, x-fx NN Xi FX fl D5 r-I U fs B f LJ l 3 , N F Lf ,A 'fb -if f 7'Z,z, ,f,, , , jf ,f, , V -k 4411 L' f J 4 K , -I f. . N W, ,g , J VR' Jl,V, Y " I I I I ' GARI1' IELD ., V ' 7F?'jFl':?f" Z 72 V ?gl,i i J .J ' 55 Fifi? -1 ff ' if X MS ' I 3 S f SQCJHIQ WGSHHQTQV ' "Kg-fw' ,, F 1 ' ,gf L J X, I t I 'JIFAL7 'K W , f . A J ,f , HV . 1 -6 , WJ , XX Q wsff . Q5 J ' , , Q9 W . -x J ' 1 + 'fu-H - N:-I LY? , 1 ,4 V. 4 WN I 4. I x X I if 5 JP F Cx I X y. I N x- ' X . 1: 1,-J Q1 '4 N 'x X3 -4 x J.- f X X .xx T ,- 15 I S- if 'Q ug ,..f-xl I f ,iv 7 . X, ' I X W4 in 2 Aww X N 'A Q if V A 1 R 5 KJ "Wisdom crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in of the doors: 'Unto you, O men, I caI1,' and my voice is to the sons of manf " "Through wisdom is an house buildedg and by understanding is it establishedg And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches." gl All are archiTecTs oT FaTe, Working in These walls oT Timeg Some wi+h massive deeds and greaT, Some wiTh ornamenTs or rhyme. NoThing useless is, or lowg Each Thing in iTs place is besTq And whaT seems buT idle show STrengThens and supporTs The resT. For The sTrucTure ThaT we raise, Time is wiTh maTerials Tilledg Our Todays and yesTerdays Are The bloclcs wiTh which we build. -LonqTellow Driolcf-xrlom -l-o 'rhal spiril of cooperalion, wilhoul which no builders can 'rruly fashion any permanenl slruclure and which was so vifal a force in Jrhe supporf of every sludenl ac- livily during lhe memorable year jusf passed, Jrhe I932 Arrow is oleol- icaled. Foiarxyoiao SixTeen hundred hands liTTed in supporToT The whole sphere oT Garifield acTiyiTiesl SixTeen hundred sTu- denTs upholding The school's program by Tinancial con- TribuTions and earnesT world This uniTy and helpTul spiriT resulTed Trom The sTamp plan inauguraTed This year Through The eTTorTs oT Mr. PorTer and our sTudenT leaders. Every acTiviTy was Tinancially dependenT upon a common Tund rnainTained by The weekly purchase oT sTan1ps by a uniTed sTudenT body ThaT pledged iTs help. AThleTics, DebaTe, Senior lNlighT, The l:unTesT, The QpereTTa, The Messenger, and The Arrow-every school acTiviTy has beneTiTed Trom This sysTemq and every conTribuTion has aided Them all. The spiriT oT supporT and cooperaTion inspired by The sTamp plan is, ThereTore, a TiTTing Theme Tor The I932 Arrow. -4 fc' I f 1 J , j ' Q .fl 'Wk Acrnowrroommr -l-he spiril of mulual helpfulness has indeed been rnanilesl in The prooluclion of The Arrow. Our lhanlcs are clue +o all who helped in any way lo make lhe book a suc- cess, and especially lo lvlr. Ralslon, our pholoqrapherg Mr. l-larrison, of lhe Weslern Engraving ancl Colorlype Company, and Mr. Lighlner, of Jrhe Lurnbermen's Prinling Company, for lheir guicl- ance and assislance. It Q 'X x .. ' f 1 'V+ rf J f ,ff -fyl A 'V' l 1 ' 1 i yx,QJ,lvk,-fv,fX ..,vff'J. ,J J if V x J A . , , - Jrfz, I. n I X g., -Z A, . f' ' - --yyffwgfgbg f ffi M rf? .0 ., .. f,. ,,. 1- kk, CQNTENTS PERSONNEL Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen QRCANIZATIGNS PRODUCTIGNS ATHLETICS FEATURES ' V ,V z N P' .nf rf" 1 v As an arch with its spreading arms upholds the mass of building which rests upon it, so the faculty and students of Garfield have upheld the hnancial weight of our school activities and have lent to each the strength of their active participation. J PERSONNEL As we have ascended the steps in our high school life, it has been our teachers, friends and advisers, who, in our class work and in our activities, have guided and directed our progress and inspired us with the vision of a higher goal. Facut f 1 . J ' 'LTA L-1"""' ' NN-.- lvl ore sTudenTs will possess The Arrow This year Than in any oTher year in The hisTory oT The school. AlThough depression and gloom have borne heavily upon The world, sTudenTs and Teachers in GarTield high school have creaTed an aTmosphere of cheerTulness and hope. More sTudenTs have Their names on The honor roll Than in any previous year. The honor socie-Ty was never so large. These TacTs indicaTe +ha+ sTudenTs, inspired by Their Teachers, have given Themselves To serious sTudy. STudenT acTiviTies have Tlourished. More sTu- denTs have parTicipaTed in school aTTairs Than ever beTore. These happy condiTions are The resulT oT muTual helpTulness and sympaTheTic undersTanding. This is GarTield's greaTesT year in social and scholasTic F51 achievemenT. G. N. PORTER. FACULTY The Qffice y GEORGE N. PORTER.,Principal if T V Zip .ffbf IVV Every day ihe office may be seen humming wifh acfivily, a long line of siudenls and ieachers being quickly served by an efficienf, cooperafinq slaif. Early and lafe ihe clerks are on duly checking excuses, keeping in order delailed records and involved finance. Mr. Porfer and Mr. Hanselman, sfrong forces in mainlaining The morale of The school. busy as lhey are wilh execufive responsibiliiies, are always willing fo advise sfudenls. The office is fhe connecling link belween all deparimenls- iruly The pulsafing cenler of The school. M. WW E. E. HANSELMAN, Vice-Principal GRACE MOODY RUTH HYDE l X T I9 ff .ef 4.. 1 fi 4f1Pff'fi' xl ' Yywe ENGLISH Mary E. Wallers, Head Howard M. Brier Elizaloelh Dearborn Mary EIl1el Dixlqgylf W2 ' A , I, fx ,dxf .1652-Jil-Q Dorollvy, lbbon Marqarlel Hall Rulli F, Isaacs Melcena Knellle Edirh Mclnfosh Anne Pugh Louise K.Pugl1 May Ra dall t NIA l" Marie Saeman Alelhalhompson ll lax: MATHEMATICS S. L. Merriam, Head l Qalherine Buckley Ida R. Charroin A 4 Mary Ellen Field Harold B. Jeffery Cliflon T. Smilh COMMERCIAL Ernesl While, Head Marqarel Aeils Emma Bird Marierla Edwards Marie Lappenbusch Rullw Moore Flora L. Nadeau Earl T. Whilson MUSIC Milford K. Kingsbury Parker E. Cook ART Am Brown Hermina Biba :U Jjf. nl. ., X 'x o .D M I r V? ,, X H lit? I I l 1 ,r , Lllffnf I ,sf ,J YJ .J ff ,, Q. I x .ai HISTORY Mary E, Knighf, Head Efhel Way Anderson L. E. Bashore Kirk Baxfer Leon H, Brigham G-erfrude Hoppock Nancy E, Jones Marfha Law Henry Pefers Ferne Thomas Florence Welis LANGUAGE Josepha Burns Mary Groves Laura Hoiiingshead Caroline Ogden Anna Peiion SCIENCE George S. Wiison, Head Leslie Johnson ' Mariha Johnson P K D A. L. Schmalim D 1 ig Sarah Siegel Marion Thomson COMMERCIAL ART H. B. Cunningham Charles Greer Charies Simmons HOME ECONOMICS Jean Burns Susan E. Campbell Jean Hunt PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lufher B. More Eva Jurgensohn Peari Whifmore LIBRARIAN Luciiie Kinkade X From the highest step of high school life the Sen- iors survey that new and larger world which will soon test their worth. I V I Seniors SENIORS ANDREW I-IILEN PresidenT WILLIAM MILLINGTON SecreTary MISS WELTS Adviser I 4 1 . - N.'JV. , , , T"""i' The Senior Class MAX KROM Vice-Presidenf JOE ISRAEL Treasurer MISS THOMAS Adviser A new diary is opening. The old is Tilled wiTh pIeasanT school memories: iTs closing paragraph rings wiTh a TriumphanT noTe. In various ways The Senior class has played a'greaT parT in 24 keeping The ball oT enThusiasm and acTiviTy rolling along srnooThIy. The mosT imporTanT achievemenT oT This year, The STamp Plan, was launched by Mr. PorTer and successTuIIy carried ouT wiTh The help oT Senior leaders. Senior represenTaTion in The I-Ionor SocieTy was greaTer Than ever IoeTore. Senior NighT heads The IisT oT coIorTuI and sparkling perTormances. The FunTesT and The Opera were oTher rnaior producTions in which The class was ouTsTanding. Miss Thomas and Miss Welfs careTuIIy guided The way up The sTairway oT achievement They and Mr. PorTer were insTrumenTaI in inspiring The class To gain The Top sTep in a commendable man- ner. I'IearTiesT Thanks are exTended To Them. The class oT '32 moves on To malce room Tor successors. In leav- ing, The Seniors hope ThaT Their Tollowers Tind ThaT sTep as enioy- able and proTiTabIe as They have. s ,oral ji .,. SENIORS qigvfk l BYFORD STOUT Valediclorian MM IRENE OLSEN ANDREW HILEN Se Ellis Asl-I Emil Barish Belle Berch Glenn Bills Belly Boone Kalherine Brown Kenyon Bush Jack Capelolo Belly Carey Marlin Chamberlain Gerald Cone Marion Conyers Masala Cosgrave Frances Faurol Shoii Fukui Leon Franco Belly E. Fullerlon Rulh Genss COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS IRVIN PRUZAN Salulalorian BILL USDAN E K i DORIS PINNEY nior l-lonor Roll Sadie Glickman Anna Green Millon Grimes Rosalin Grinspan l-lelen Gross Grace Grolh Florence Guslanoll Phyllis l-laburl Dan Hage Louie Handlin Charlolle Harrah Violel Heiia Helge Helle Andrew Hilen Roberl Hilperl Francis Holman William Hosokawa ' Naomi lmpson Winilred lngram Laura lnnis Mabel lnouye Margarel Klalzlcer Max Krom Mildred Lalo Clarissa Lincleke Louise Luley Joe McClelland Mary McReavy Slephen McReavy Bill Millinglon Jeanelle Milslein Jean Musson Alberl Nienau Chizuko Okazaki Irene Olsen Jean Osen Dorolhy Osen Harry Pass Doris Pinney Kennelh Prince Irvin Pruzan Mary K. Rohrer Mary Roberls Samuel Rubinslein Josephine Snow Byford Sloul Esllier Slulsman Earl Trolsky Bill Usdane Rose Usclane Jack Vrooman Marlha Weinberg Marian Weiner James Weler George Yanagamachi x X 25 K rx Xa' Qi SENIORS RAYE ABRAMOWITZ Social Service Comm., Honor Sociely Horoscope March ll-The gods have formed a second Carrie Narion DAVE JACK ALHADEFF Frosh Foolball, Soph Baskelball Horoscope, July I3-Aguarians musf be Toleranl of rhose who do nor appreciate their sugges- lions ELSA ANDERSON Senior Nighl, Opera, Roll Rep! resenrafive, Big G Club, Girls Alhlelics Horoscope, March 4-Beware of passing fancies BERTRAM ARENSBERG Building Comm. Horoscope, Aug I2-Aries makes people Q ual, affable, and wise M J N TR ' Service mm., Slory ers roscope, July Z5-Marry a man born under Pisces, but warch him closely ELLIS ASH Roll Rep., Building Comm., En- Terlainmenl Comm., Junior -.Class Pres., Vice-Pres., Pres. Honor Socie'ry,Pres.Boys' Club, Arrow, Honor Socie+y,Speakers' Club Vice4Pres., Debare, Fun- fesf, Senior Nighl Horoscope, Mar. 3O- Polifics ill be your downfall S JOSEPHINE BAKER Wrilers' Club, Orcheslra, Ten- nis, Senior Luncheon Comm., Program Comm. Horoscope, July 22-You and lhe Prince of Wales were born under Scorpio 26 CARL ADMAN Senior Orcheslra Horoscope, July I5-The slars advise you 'lo live by The SEB BILLY ANDERSON Roll Rep., Funfesr, Junior Comm., Program Comm. Horoscope, July I-lf you're misundersrood don'r be discour- aged-you're probgably great I . w N 1 A-L-meek , , f' r -f ' EN sonll k ' gy VV A' .. l ll, Lunchro Com I, pe JS Children of Li g a . - ace lovers ' , ' I. LIBBY ARINE Girls' Glee Club, Tennis Horoscope, July 26-Those born benealh your star love solilude MARIE ARNESS Enlered from Norlh Kilsap Union High School, Norfh Kifsap, Washington Horoscope, March ll -Guard your insaliable curiosily D R , A Y Heal Co m., Senior Sisler, Publi ly A rn., Funfesl' FQAIQXM, Foe, 1 ec. 6- Cullivale desi? EMIL ZOLA BARlSH Radio Club, Chess Club, Fun- fesr, Orcheslra Horoscope, May B-You will become an aufhorily on astrol- OQY V li, i' rl I l MA ' BARTON i I li lirchers, Glee Club, Messe g r, Arrow, Chrrnn. Slandards Comm. Horoscope, Ocl. b4Librans have uncanny good iudgmenl FREDERICK BENNETT Building Comm. Horoscope, Aug. IO-Leo': chile dren have friendly nalures ANNA BERG Hon or Sociely l-1oroscope,Dec. IO-Sagilarians never lead dull lives A 7, Yi" EDWARD BLACK Track, Yell Leader ,, Horoscope, Oci. llvLibr3Qs " f enioy music and SARA BLASHKO Opera, Glee Club Horoscope, July 20 - Slrong home lies show ihemselves in your slars GRETCHEN BONNE Opera,Glee CIub,Senior Night Horoscope, Sept. B-Virgoans like lo render praclical service BERNICE BOYLE Coslume Mislress, Girls' Club Cabinet, Girls' Alhlelics fkloros e,fJune I9-Gernini 'pea are 'blessed wilh clever was 'J X if J SENIORS LUIGINA BENEDETTI Senior Nighf, Girls' Alhlelics Horoscope, Feb. 6-Aquarians like lo serve lheir fellowmen ica,-zwzx BELLE BERCH Honor Sociely, Slamp Club President, Advisory Board, Sec. Big G Club, Messenger, Arrow Horoscope, Dec. 26-The stars bring you ioy in your work HAROLD BERNOW Entered from Sl. John Technical High School, Maniloba,Canada Horoscope, Ocl, 3leVarie1y is your brealh of life ROLAND BLACKWELL lnlrarnural Baslcelball, Slage Crew, Slage Elecrrician, Funfesl Horoscope, Nov. 3-You lwill succeed if you pull fhe righl swilches 's NAOMI RUTH BLYE Ocrelle, Funfesl, Operaffvlay Fesrival, Senior Nighf, Senior Orcheslra Horoscope, Ocl. 2l!LibranS appreciate music and arf BETTY BOONE Roll Rep., Funfesl, Honor So- ciely, Enlerlainmenl Comm. Horoscope, June 284Beware4of doing irnporlanl business while Uranus rides the sky JANE BRAZIER Finance Cornrn. Chrmn., Girls' Club Cabinel Horoscope, Nov. l6fScorpio's children rrusr guard Their emorions 27 SENIORS KENNETH BRICE Baskefball, Senior Nighf, Frosh Foofball, Track, Messenger Horoscope, Sepf. I8-The Fafes have made you a loyal friend RICHARD BROOKBANK Speakers' Club, Sfamp Club, Wrifers' Club, Glee Club, Lunchroom Comm., Funfesf Horoscope, March 26- Hifch your wagon fo a sfar, louf don'f forge? 'ro fie fhe rope DOROTHY BROWN Refreshmenf Comm., Advisory Board, Girls' Club Cabinef, Funfesf Horoscope, March I4-Mafa Hari was born beneafh your sfar BILL BROWNING Track Horoscope, May I7-You should find a successful fufure for yourself in iournalism KATH RYN MAY BURTON Girls' Club Rooms Comm., Opera, Senior Nighf, Vocal Producfion Horoscope, Sepf. 2-Virgoans are vifally inferesfed in money maffers JACK CAPELOTO Honor Sociefy Horoscope, June 27-Sad sfories find syrnpafhefic lisfeners in Cancernans VIOLA CARLSON Girls' Afhlefics, Honor Sociefy, Nimble Sfifchers, Lunchroom Comm. Horoscope, Jan.v7-Capricorn- :ans have magnefic personalifies 28 NX W- KATH RYN BRONS Enferecl from Holy Names Academy, Seaffle Horoscope, March 20- Friday is fhe luckiesf day for nafives of your sign MARGIE BROUILLETTE Hosfess Comm., Enferfainmenf Comm., Funfesf Horoscope, June I6-Gemini people are ambitious and acfnve L. 7 LI I ...Vx , LUCILLE BROWN 'V Girls' Club Rooms Comm. ' Horoscope, Sepf. I6-The Fafes will reward persisfence ' JANE BUCHANAN Roll Rep., Funfesf, House Comm., Alumnae Comm., Enferfainmenf Comm. Horoscope, July 9-The sfars declare you fo be sympafhefic and domesfic KENYON TAYLOR BUSH Honor Sociefy, Speakers' Club, Special Comm., Publicify Comm., Arrow Horoscope, May 2I-Your sfar gives you power To dominafe people BETTIE MAE CAREY Honor Sociefy,Girls' Club Cab- inef, Program Comm., Funfesf, Roll Rep. Horoscope, Nov. 29-You are under The influence of Nepfune, The plane? of pracfical dreamers JOHN CARTER Honor Sociefy, Advisory Board, Track Horoscope, Sepf. 7r-M urice Chevalier was als or nder Virgo , Kg Y u 1 MARY ELIZABETH CASE Roll Rep., Girls' Club Cabinet, Funfest, Girls' Club Secretary, Advisory Board Horoscope, Feb.23-Pisces-born will weep over fairy tales MARION CHESHIRE Funtest Horoscope, May I5-Taurus- born are guardians ot the home tires SOPHIE COH EN Hockey, Basketball, Archery Horoscope, Dec. 2I-Scorpions love to travel CHARLOTTE COLE Advisory Board, Cabinet, Fun- test, Roll Rep., Vice-Pres. ot Freshman Class, Girls' Club Pres. Horoscope, May I8-Taurians are skillful in applying ideas RICHARD CONWAY Roll Rep., Messenger, Intra- mural Sports, Vocational Comm., Building Comm., Baseball Horoscope, Sept. B-Virgoans are skilled in handling details EDDIE COOPER Frosh Football, Track Horoscope, June 20-Leoeborn are good mathematicians "Q ,J J MASALA COSGRAVE Funfest, Good Cheer Comm., Senior Night Horoscope, May I3-Your star makes your personality both artistic and practical SENIORS MARTIN CHAMBERLAIN Library Comm., Publicity Comm., Editor Messenger Horoscope, Aug. 9-Leo-born are natural leaders in politics RUBEN COHEN Frosh Football, Glee Club, Senior Orchestra, Senior Night Horoscope, March 30-Swash- buckling Mars governs your sign VIOLET COHEN Senior Night, Vocal Production Horoscope, July 9-Cancerians are gifted with the ability to keep secrets GERALD CON E Honor Society, Fu nfest Horoscope, June 2-Gernini- born possess the gitt ot oratory MARION CONYERS Girls' Athletics, Glee Club, Opera, Honor Society, Story Tellers Horoscope, Aug. I6-Norma Shearer is also a child of Leo TOM CORDOVA Opera, Funtest, Glee Club Horoscope, Nov. 9-lmps and angels are born under Scorpio RENA COX Glee Club, Speakers' Club, Writers' Club Horoscope, Sept. I5-Daughters of your planet are cheerful gardeners 29 SENIORS LOIS CUMMINGS Writers' Club, Girls' Athletics Horoscope, March 20- Pisces- Ioorn are often guided by inspiration THELMA DAVICK Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, Aug. 3-Leo de- velops strong personalities BLA A N red Cle Elum High c ool e Elum, Washington O ope, CCI. 4-Follow your ood iudqment SAM DeJULlO Baseball, Intramural Sports, Frosh Football, Frosh Track, Soph Basketball Horoscope, Sept. 27-Versatile Librans become super-salesmen EVILO DOUGLAS Freshman Hostess Comm., Glee Club, Vocal Production, Girls' Athletics Horoscope, Jan. 6-Capricorn- born are skillful organizers VERNON DRYE Horoscope, Jan. l2-Capricorn- ians appreciate the material values of science MARGARET ECK Roll Rep., Senior Night, Opera, Writers' Club, Nonette, Glee Club, Funfest Horoscope, March l0- Nep- tune's daughters delight in song .J A! f' Rug, ,lfdfo 7 ,- Q uf ,- 1-- f 7 " -f 30 ' JK 'AIXVK I ry ., . Iv 1 '.-1 .- . J JJ- EVA MARIE CURTISS Girls' Athletics, Senior Sister, Girls' Club Cabinet, Advisory Board Horoscope, Dec, Z3-Capricorru :ans are often interested in pub- lic service . Y MARGARET DAVID Entered from Roosevelt High School, Seattle Horoscope, Dec. 25-Children of Capricorn appreciate trui: values wt iii ,fe RICHARD H. DeCOU Funfest, Roll Rep., Building Comm., Finance Comm. Horoscope, May 20-Civil enqi- neers and farmers are guided by Taurus GLADYS DORIS Basketball, Baseball Horoscope, Jan. I-Capricorn- :ans are skilled in mastering difficult situations CLEDA F. DROSKIE Basketball, Soccer-Hockey, Roll Rep. Horoscope, Nov. 7-Scorpio's children love adventure KATH RYN ECK Girls' Athletics, Fu ntest Horoscope, Feb. 2OAYour slar dominates the movies HELEN ELLIS Senior Sister, Girls' Athletics, Opera, Senior Night, Girls' Club Cabinet Horoscope, Oct. 29-Natives of your star, alas, are subiect to temptations MAX ENGLESBERG Intramural Sports Horoscope, March II-Your tu- ture lies in the trenches W if fl j'i'w-J!,L.7j6 JJFRANCES FAuRoT Tennis, Speakers' Club, Social Service Comm., Class Comm. J V, Horoscope, May 2O-Deterrnina- tion will win you success ELOISE FERGUSON Alumnae Comm. Horoscope, Dec. 8-You have strong domestic tendencies CIQJOE FISHER . ,. ,Antramural Basketball, Track, Building Comm. Horoscope, April 9-Aries chil- dren must use their heads to succeed LOUISE FITCH Girls' Athletics, Big G Club, Achievement Comm, Horoscope, Dec. I0-Sagittarius will guide your arrow to the bull's eye J EAN FOWLER Messenger, Speakers' Club, Writers' Club, Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, Aug. 7-Leo-born have a sense ot showmanship ROBERT FRANCO Messenger, Arrow, Boys' Club Vice-President, Advisory Board, Athletic Manager, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Stamp Comm. Chrmn., Roll Rep. Horoscope, April I7-Aries chil- dren hate to sleep tor tear they'll miss something Ivwwv-f5"Wu'93'3X SENIORS MARIAN ESTEP Publicity Comm., Baseball, Tennis, Hockey Horoscope, Oct. 3-Libra otters you a career in art NATHAN FEINBERG Frosh Track, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Baseball Horoscope, July 25-You were born under the same lucky star as Winnie Lightner and Clara Bow IRVING FISHER Basketball, Messenger, Intra- mural Sports, Boys' Club Comm. Horoscope, Feb. Z-Clever col- umnists are often serious people MAE FISHER f , Freshman Auxiliary Chrmn.-,v Funtest, Senior Night, Girls' N4 Athletics, Girls' Club Cabinet I Horoscope, Nov. l-YYourtuture lies on a country farm ALFRED FLETT Frosh Basketball, First Team Basketball, Building Comm., Intramural Sports Horoscope, April 23-Taurus is the sign ot cherubs LAURA FOWLER Opera, Senior Night, Funtest, Junior, Senior Orchestra, Glee Club Horoscope, Sept. 30-Librans are otten gitted with musical talent I e , J' . . A JEAN FRANK 'fl 'j,,,.f7tA- Sta C ubglgcjence Cw, i A etics ,QM scope, Jajffbf-Aquarian il ren haze, high ideals fn, ,f 5 V. L, I I .gl gg 1 3I SENIORS ETHEL FRUMKIN A . EVELYN FRYE eirls'A+hlenc5 ,m. Girls' Alhlelics Horoscope, July 29-Beware of , f., V K W ,Eg Horoscope, Dec. 23-You will airplane flighfs over The waler f rf ' is occupy a posirion of aulhorily A ii fr llf --1- ERIC FRYER . , YosHlo EUDETANI gg G J - N - is . Funfesl K ,, I fa X-iw lnlramural Sports Horoscope. Jon. 25-Ronald ' , Ajfxiil. a Horoscope, Oar, 8-Children of Colman is also an Aquarian 'Rio " your planef love The sea E 2 SHOJ' FUKU' ,is y w A ' lg sHizuYo EUKUTANI Elylgfelrural Spollsi Honor + ,lik 6lee'CIulo, Opera, Funfesl, Roll V U - - -V, ,x X gi Rep., Senior Night Horoscope. June 20fE5efrEini Horoscope' Jan. 3-Your dar ESOP 9 '3"e C ever Wll elf 3 ' gives you a generous disposilion ands f-l' 'kio is ,ffl , i 'S Jer., I f :Gy 7' ' if BETTY ELLEN FULLERTON A ff MARY GASTON Honor Society, Arrow, Roll fi "ff - . Rep., Bulletin Board Comm., 'K Q lgglfaenlmg Sl!sgEg,g.H5E1lg? Girls Club Cabinef, Hostess . Wmers. Club: Funfes, Comm. Chrmn. .R 1 , H J I 30-Leo-born L I n 5,1 Horoscope, Dec, ll-If Jupirer orosqope' 'llf . K as g 7 is wilh you no man can loe have high deshnies lo fulfill -ggi? , ,, agamsf You L. K 'X V .JJ K RUTHABELL eENss 7 E ,N ,T A T BERT Cf5zfn5:r,...1ef , , . rr , as . f Ck- H ,gee , . ,'-' ., I Q r e, . - r s ar Hosroscopie, Ja-ni: Zi-AQUASQTQS Coolrofss clieerfuoryess as ,oglur gfiuseasfivenisii' O Omgm ' Y rrf- 'Ji ,, sfa Slrongosf wel SADIE e-LICKMAN ,, Q VLNURED GORDON U Honor Sociely, Arrow Y Q A -, . M 1l,2,aiRied from Cleveland High, l-lorffcqpe' OC'f-+21-dllnlalllng r.f- Q' . i 'V oroscope, April ll-Concen- 272' Y ls on ou 5 or 'ng ra' ,, , A rale on doing each 'Thing you o corplons ,, f 5 underrake well gi M5-x I' H 9" i ' . aail Szqpgg IRENE RosA GRAVES ,V HERMAN L' GRAY . ."' 1 , . T. Firsl Team Foolball, First Team Enlifd from Broadway H'9h- f .TQ , l" Baskelball, Firsl Team Track, ea e - if K- ' Messenger, Advisory Board lglorospope' IQNOV, 9-Nflgvesf of i Aj 'i Horoscope, Jan,20-Many greal Cgfplo me 6 P 555511 OC OTS I---4:2 'T public speakers were born an nurses ' 'far " , under your sign -r.. ' 'rif e 32 - lx, xx X ,M 'yr' L , i'k"k"lx,f 5-'mee-Y-7 T- 4 ! N f X-h,l'J,3d.L, .,f X ' . -1 or HENRY GREELEY Writers' Club, Stamp Club Officer, Orchestra,-Band, Arrow Horoscope, May 24-Gemini people talk fast but think taster ALBERT GREENE Building Comm., Oratorical Contest, Funtest Horoscope, Oct. I9-There are very few Libra bachelors MILTON GRIMES Entered from Cheney High School, Cheney, Kansas Horoscope, March I-Pisces people often have mysterious personalities HELEN GROSS Senior Night, Honor Society, Roll Rep., lrreshman Auxiliary Horoscope, Nov. I8-The moon governs your romantic personality ELINOR GRUBB Girls' Club Cabinet, Glee Club, Funtest, Opera, Publicity Comm., Advisory Board Horoscope, Aug. 8-Virgoans are happiest in orderly sur- roundingss L25 ct ,wuat-'yy' , xjaaftl -' f' - , of ' J -sf Pl-IYLLIS l-IABURT Social Service Comm., Roll Rep., Honor Society Horoscope, Sept. I6- People born under Virgo are noted for their fascinating eyes DANIEL SIGU RD HAGE Funtest, Arrow, Tumbling Team Horoscope, Aug. 5-Napoleon, too, was born under Leo. SENIORS ANNA GREEN Girls' Athletics, Honor Society, Funtest Horoscope, May 8-Taurians should transmit their ideas into actions DONALD GREENWOOD Intramural Basketball, Yell Leader Horoscope, June I7-Gemini people are often born with dual natures ROSALIN GRINSPAN., Xlklonor Society, Messenger, Science Club, Archery Horoscope, Jan. 23-Marriage is a stern teacher to all Aquarians rg, ' GRACE GROTH Girls' Athletics, Funfest, Honor Society, Nonette Horoscope, Feb. Il-Aquarians are often humanitarian and prophetic FLORENCE GUSTANOFF President Freshman Class, Big G Club, Girls' Athletics, Arrow, Bulletin Board Comm., Honor Society, Usher Comm., Hostess Comm. Horoscope, May 2-Taurus-born are destined to serve humanity with their artistic t le ts CHARLOTTEl eirisg le ub I 's ro pe, F . quarians h W the is ' Xtmllook ahead an seek tu results of their actions WILLIAM HAGEN Funfest Horoscope, Aug. IO-The Leo- born understand the value of their dollars 33 SENIORS LOUIE HANDLIN Messenger Staff Horoscope, Sept. 30-Children ot Libra appreciate ' prosperity LENIS MARIE HANDY Girls' Athletics Horoscope, Dec. I5--Sagittan ians make good cooks RUTH HANSON Girls'CIub Rooms Comm. Horoscope, June 25-Cancerians are often very secretive MARGARET HARRIS Big G Club, Social Service Comm.,Senior Night,RoIl Rep., Girls' Athletics, Messenger Horoscope, Dec. 27-Your prac- tical mind will take you tar in civic service FRANCES HASSON Senior Night Horoscope, July I4-Your star will bring you wealth VIOLET HEIJA Violin Octet, Honor Society, Librarian Horoscope, Sept, I8 - Virgoans are sutticient unto themselves DAVID HERALD Roll Rep., Ticket Comm., Science Club, Entertainment Comm. Horoscope, Sept. I3-Virgoans love to dissect things and see what makes them run 34 ' J .lf , V7 I ii. . ,F ,J of SARAH HANDLIN Assembly Pianist Horoscope, Nov. I0-Many sur- prnses await you in the store- house of your future RACHELE HANSON Girls' Club Cabinet, Happiness Comm. Chrmn. Horoscope J ne 25 'Phe rn rules yoyr persona ity ARLOTTE HARRAH Chrrnn. Funtest Comm., Chrmn. Senior Tea Comm., Chrmn. En- tertainment Comm. Horoscope, Nov. 4-Keep shy of the stock markets ELIZABETH HARROP Girls' Athletics Horoscope, Aug. 274Richard Arlen is also a child of Virgo VIRGINIA HATHAWAY Roll Rep., Messenger, Voca- tional Comm. Horoscope, May 25-Gemini's children have logical and ob- serving minds HELGE J. HELLE Honor Society, Building Comm., Publicity Comm., Stamp Comm. Horoscope, Feb. 2I-Pisces-born have active imaginations ANDREW R. HILEN First Team Track, Funtest, Senior Night, Honor Society Secretary, President Senior Class, Advisory Board, Debate, Frosh, Soph Track, Arrow, Commencement Speaker Horoscope, Oct. I2--Mahatma Ghandi was born under Libra, too I . X SENIQRS nf 'IX Y' ROBERT HILL Roll Rep., Program Comm., Science Club Horoscope, March 3-Pisces- born are offen endowed with psychic powers wwf.,-,J -for Oli., . .lf ROBERT C. HILPERT U Funfesl, Arrow, Honor Society Horoscope, April I-Aries chil- dren are pioneers, planners, and Thinkers . 1 fir'-1 4" ff . 3-5--42' YONEO HIRADE Opera, Senior Night Horoscope, April 28 f Taurians are quiel, eI'Iicien? workers L,,- .F n x,- w-+LL HOLLOWELL lrlouse Comm., Hosless Comm., Publicily Comm., Senior Sisler, Funfesl Horoscope, Dec. I44SagiHar- ians are iolly good fellows MARGARET HOOPLE Girls' Arhlelics Horoscope, May I6-Derermina lion is your besl gualily VIOLET HUFF Senior Niqhl, Opera, Glee Club, Chorus, Social Service Comm. Horoscope, April I7-Aries peof ple have greaf slores of en- lhusiasm VIRGINIA RUTH ILES Achievemenl Comm., Glee Club, Wrifers' Club, Opera, FunfesT, Senior Nighl, Sfage Decorafion Comm. Horoscope, May 4-The arrisfic side of lhe Tauruseborn is never far below Ihe surface . Q xx! ' c Y ,iq . .iff H 3, ,fi f .fir I ,F an 'fi gi num Rig . sg f-e. -. 1 if in s W J, Q, I W we CZ ax Q3 A .r 6 'N ' y -ff Afnf f - I- is 4' also i 5 A I ,SK I 'fo' 'T' . C IIQI ' -- M r , - mi: -I . .me cs -,-- an I sf. f xl I 1 b-.X BETTY JANE HILLS Advisory Board, Slage Design Sfarl, Program Comm. Horoscope, Nov. 24-Sagillav ians have a greal desire To in- crease their supply of knowl- edge KIYO HIRADE Chorus, Glee Club Horoscope, June 28-Cancer- born are dufiful children SAMUEL HOKARI lnframural Baseball, Inlramural Baskelball Horoscope, March ll - Pisces makes you inclined Io acl upon hunches FRANCIS HOLMAN Speakers' Club, Honor Sociely, Stamp Club, Glee Club, Band, Arrow, Roll Rep. Horoscope, Sepl, l34All Vir- goans are unusual I- . Li' , -4 HARRY HOROWITZ Funfesl Horoscope, July I3- Many weallhy financiers were born under your sign ALEXANDER HUTCHISON Frosh Foolball, Golf Team, Special Comm., Vocafional Comm., Library Comm., Messenger Horoscope, July 64Keep on digging-you'll be Iarrous some day ,,-ogy, NAOMI IMPSON 'T -vc earns' Aniieiiesg Big e ciu'5E Funfesl Comm. Horoscope, Feb. IB-Aquarians appreciale opporluniries for serving lheir fellowmen 35 gi ,ll T, ,il NX l' .. ru Nr SENIORS WINIFRED INGRAM Chorus, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Funtest Horoscope, Dec. I5 - Sagittar- ians are inclined to speculate on stocks and psychology . il .1 MABEL I UYO INOUYE H no ociety, Girls' Athletics Ho cope,'May l3-Taurus- bjfn are often skillful enter- t iners YETTA JAFFE Make-up Comrn.,Freshman Aux- iliary Comm., Senior Night Horoscope, Dec. 3-Those born under your star enioy long lives JOY LYNDA JENKINS Messenger, Senior Night, Good Fellowship Comm. Horoscope, Sept. 7-You are blessed with personal satisfac- tion in doing right IDA JOHNSON Girls' Athletics Horoscope, Sept. 29- Librans are natural mediators ACK JONES 'Football Manager, Philanthropic Comm., Ticket Comm., Glee Club, Chorus Horoscope, Sept. 9-Mercurians have an eye for business and beauty Q MARY ALlCE KIRKPATRICK Glee Club, Social Service Comm., Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, Oct. 28-Your quick Scorpion logic will save you trom many difficult situations 36 LAURA INNIS Honor Society, Vocational Comm,, Nimble Stitchers, Writers' Club Vice-President, Arrow Horoscope, April I9-Take it easy-don't try to do the work of more than six ordinary mortals JOSEPH l. ISRAEL Special Comm.,Library Comm., Lunchroom Comm., First Team Football, Advisory Board, Mes- senger Horoscope, June 4-Your Gemini nature has pertect bal- ance and grace Y JAN T ARRELL ' Girisiylkthgetxrcs Horoscope, S . I6-Sagittar- iaof-age dire and to the point EDNA JOHANSON Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, March 24-You have an excellent memory and an in- satiable curiosity CECIL JOHNSTON Furitest, Senior Night Horoscope, July 4- Daughters ot Luna are Daughters ot Destiny YOSHITO KIHARA Lunchroom Comm, Horoscope, June I9-People born under your sign make excellent salesmen MARGARET KLATZKER Honor Society, Stamp Club, Science Club, Senior Night Horoscope, March 7-Pisces- born are happy mortals WILLIAM E. KLAUNIG lnlramural Sporls Horoscope, April 5-Yours is a philosophical nalure RUTH AYAKO KOU RA Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, Nov. I-Scorpio naiures are sympalhelic and kind MAX KROM Frosh Foofball, Baskefball, Track, Roll Rep., First Team Foofball, Track, Building Comm., Honor Sociefy, Arrow Horoscope, Aug. I9-Leo, fhe sign of the Lion, rules the hu- man hear? MILDRED VILMA LATO Ope-ra, Honor Sociefy, Funfeslg Advisory Boa-rd, Enlerrainmenf Comm., Senior Nighf, Usher Comm. Horoscope, Aug. 26-Mercury, your sfvar, is Ihe plane? of youfh and wif. WILLIAM LEVANDOSKI lnlramural Sporfs Horoscope, Nov. I-Scorpio children have great possibililies for s ccess JOHN LINCOLN Y ' Opera, Funfesl Horoscope, April 7-Your life will lead you info many far lands CLARISSA LINDEKE Glee Club, Opera, Girls' Alh- lefics, Usher Comm., Senior Nighl Horoscope, Feb. I9-Your greal- esf danger is Irusling loo much in human nafure do I sEN14bRs'l'V J SYDN EY KOSSEN Sfamp Club, Glee Club, Messenger Horoscope, Ocl. 24-Beware of complexes bolh inferior and superior MISA KOZU Girls' Alhlelics, Senior Nighl Horoscope, May -I2-Your fen- aciry of purpose is greaf FRANK LARSEN Roll Rep., Frosh Foofball, Soph Track, Messenger, Opera Horoscope, Nov. 2-Your fulure career will be in higher alfiludes SALLY LAW Roll Rep., Messenger Horoscope, May 30-Gemini people make good Teachers and leclrurers JACK LEVY lnlramural Baskefball, Track, Employmenf Comm. Horoscope, Sept 2-According Io Virgo, you're Talented com- mercially lLC.LL,'1 "iL,x.::-"1-A.N-'. 'QQ . rye.,-1, ,L C. ...,...1C - J 'CNA --"L" L LT- , ,QA ,. .JL-Q-Cf.. N L WR. f ' W ' A X L g -, THELMA E. LIND 'l .. Girls' Afhlelics, Senior Nighf Horoscope, Jan. I-You were born under Capricorn, an exec- ulive and praclical sign PEGGY LOBDELL Sfandards Comm., Funfesl, Se- nior Luncheon Comm., Senior Tea Comm., Advisory Board, Roll Rep. Horoscope, June 28-Cancerians I, ,V A make fine defeclives I. f , f' wx, xv Y c I ,J ffrdy .JW s , ffzf ' f 410' "V i 37 . :Uv Ii, V Q ' , F I V'-I . il, .1 .Pill r W-.hA',,,s.ks.. C I seniors ,5'.7,fQ2,'ff Q 3 1 L 'Y NA GLADYS LORENTZEN Senior Nighl, Girls' Alhlelicsg Chrislmas Pageanf Horoscope, April 4-Pisces-born find il hard To make definile decisions LOUISE LUTEY Wrijers' Club Presidenl, Honor SOCIETY: Senior Tea Comm., lraveling Players, Girls' Club Cabinel Horoscope, Aug. I7-Leo-born enloy working wilh children ALICE MacDONALD Girls' Alhlelics, Senior Niqhl' Horoscope, 'Dec. 26 - Children of fhe Capricorn are inslinclive- ly apprecialive of Things Tha? are done for lhem ROSE MAIORANO Girls' Afhlelics, Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, Dec. I7-Love is mosf imporlanr for Saqillarians FRANCES M. MATSON Social Service Comm., Girls' Club Cabinel, Senior Night, Opera, Enlerfainmenl Comm., Achievemenl Comm. Horoscope, Ocl. 24-Do noi lel disappoinlmenls hold you back DOUGLAS MAVOR Roll Rep., Special Comm., Yell Leader, Firsf Team Tennis Horoscope, June I6-A fulure awails you in lhe mines JUNE ALICE MAYO Glee Club, Senior Nighl, Baskelball Horoscope, March IS-Many famous musicians have received inspiralion from your slar QLZQDYS E. LOWDON Senior Sisler, Freshman Auxil- ia-ry Chrmn., Girls' Arhlelics, Girls' Club Rooms Comm., Girls' Club Cabinel, Funfesr Horoscope, May 2l -Gemini's children are skillful operalors of Lypewrilers, pens, and aulomo- i es ALLEN MacCLELLAN Roll Rep., Glee Club, Opera, Senior Nighl, Employmenl Comm., Funfesl Horoscope, Sepf. 8-"Mind over ma+l'er" is your key To success LEONARD MACHLIS Track Manager, Eunfesl' Horoscope, April I3-Success will be yours in any commer- cial line IRENE MASON Senior Night Horoscope, Ocl. 29-Children of Scorpio make successful al- forneys WINIFRED MAUZY Speakers' Club, Writers' Club, Traveling Players, Messenger, Honor Sociely Horoscope, July Z-Cancerians love a cheerful home x, I FRED L. MAWER , . V. Membership Comm., Buggling Comm.,Track Mana er' B., ketf ball Manager, Headwk Maem ll Q Q ager, Head Basebal ala r' Horoscope, June I0-Nev rl be sarisfied with surface indic lions i i .J JOSEPH J. MCCLELLAND Science Club, Roll Rep., Tickel Comm., Funfesl' Horoscope, June I9-Your smile is your iorlune . Q X as 'g il ' l ,pe 's ' s JOHN A. McCRORY Building Comm., Track Horoscope, Feb. 5-Aquarians offen expecl' loo much of lheir wives in P , ,. -. xl fl l Jgyiffien iuLleEAvY Frosh Foolballg Soph Track, Firsl' Team Track, Roll Rep., Building Comm., Enlerlainmenl Comm., Honor Sociely, Advis- ory Board, Arrow Horoscope, May IO-You are deslined lo be masler in your own home MAXINE FAY MILLER Funfesl, Hosless Comm., Healfh Comm., Girls' Athletics Horoscope, Jan. I4-Do nol' be afraid of being unapprecialed EVELYN MOLDUF Girls' Club Rooms Comm., As- sembly Comm. Horoscope, July 29fYour slar shows you lo be a warm friend LEONA MULFORD f Enle dfrom u nne igh, S af le ' Hebns pp, O ou emo- lions Warimp lan? parl in your li e N ly , .gli . ,LV QJEAN MAGNIER MUSSON Girls' Alhlelics, Big G Club: Funfesl, Senior Nighl, Honor Socieiy, Girls' Club Cabinet, Fellowship Comm. Chrmn., Usher Comm., Makeup Comm., Arrow Horoscope, March I7-Don'l mix marriage wilh gold digging ELLEVERA NELSON Girls' Alhleficsg Vocalional Comm., Achievemenl Comm., Chorus Horoscope, Aug. 8-Too much Yraveling by Train is dangerous for you SENIORS MARY McREAVY Edilor Messenger, Arrow, Class Secrelary, Honor Sociefy, Senior Sisler, Roll Rep., Wrilers' Club, Usher Comm. Horoscope, July 24-You bee lieve in living your own life and raking The consequences EILEEN MICKELSON Funfeslg Vice-President Big G Club, Advisory Board, Girls' Alhlelics, Presidenl Big G Clubi Senior Pin Comm. Horoscope, April 24-Children of Taurus have very discrimin- aling fasle WILLIAM MILLINGTON Track, Tennis, Science Club Of- ficer, Lunchroom Comm., Phil- anlhropic Comm., Building Comm., Funfesf, Honor Sociely Officer, Roll Rep., Special Comm. x- X5 Horoscope, Aug. 28-Virqoans musl' beware of being loo 1 ' I' i' f--X ff ma eria is ic .NXA Ex, CAROLYN prove ps, W ilers' l , Honoheciely, rg? rs, Rau Reb.2fG,iris' - lu inel, Funfesl, A visory Board, Senior Sister, Senior Tea Comm., Arrow Horoscope, Aug. 5-Children of Leo are capable organizers 7 A uRsuLA MURPHY JQQ4, .7 L" f Funfesl, Advisory Board, Social -4- Service Comm., Senior Sister, Girls' Club Cabinei h Horoscope, Sepl. I4-Virgoans ' have keen analytical minds J ' f' 'ff '4 I Lfx. KARL NASSTROM .1 I Lunchroom Comm., Funfesl Horoscope, Dec. Z9-Caprico-rn- ians have a deep appreciahon of The value of science HOWARD W. NEUNER Tumbling Team, Funfesf Horoscope, April 23- People born under your sfar should be inleresled in engineering ff 'ilu T '39 i n SENIORS AGNES NICHOLSON Roll Rep., Girls' Club Rooms Comm., Senior Sisler, Speakers' Club, lnsfallalion Comm. Horoscope, May 5-Taurians are peaceful, .eflicienf workers if fheir emolions are nol aroused MARY O'GRADY Enfered from lmmaculale Con- cepfion, Seallle Horoscope, Sepl. I6-Yellow is your lucky color KAY OLIVER Enlered from Girls' Collegiale School, California Horoscope, Nov. 4-You are YTIISIFSSS of your moods DOROTHY OSEN Honor Sociefy, Library Comm. Horoscope, Sepf. 8-Those born underuyour sign are sensilive To orderliness ISAAC OVADIA Roll Rep., I-rosh Foolball, Soph Baskelball, Program Comm., Employmenl Comml, Advisory Board, Speakers' Senior Nigh1,0pera,iGIeei lub Horoscope, gblov. I - Neplune hiasfiblesseii you wilh a sense of humor ' HARRY PASS Officer Speakers' Club, Chess and Checker Club Horoscope, Dec..25-Beware of making rash decisions VERLE PEARSON Enlered from King George High, Vancouver, B. C. Horoscope, Feb. 24-Nalives of your sign seldom wander far from home 40 O ALBERT NIENAU Lunchroom Comm. Horoscope, May I5 -Taurians are skillful in handling Ihe finan- cial affairs of olhers CHIZUKO OKAZAKI Enlered from Broadway High, SeaHIe Horoscope, Dec. 2I-Subiecls of your plane? are ollen very versalile DON EDEN IRENE OLSEN Girls' Alhlelics, Big G Club, Senior Sisler, Vocafional Comm. Chrmn., Girls' Club Cabinel, Messenger, Arrow, Honor So- ciery, Senior Night, ,Commence- menl Speaker Horoscope, Feb, 22-The inde- pendence of Pisces will make you a good execulive JEAN OSEN Library Comm. Horoscope, June I9--The occu- palion you choose should nol be one of dull rouline JACK PARK' I ' Foolball, Special Comm., MEI?- senger, Baseball, Tennis, Go , Baseball Manager Horoscope, July 22- Leo-born are slrong and spirilual indi- viduals HELEN EVELYN PEARCE Opera, Funfesl, Senior Nighl, Wrifers' Club, Achievemenl Comm., Speakers' Club, Nonelle, Good Cheer Comm. Horoscope, Sepf. Z-Gemini has given you iniliafive for blazing new 'trails WI LIAM SCOTT PEASE olball Manager, Funfesl, Junior and Senior Orchesrra, Rand, Funfesl Comm., Slage Crew Horoscope, April 20-Money is imporlanf in The lives of Taurians EULA V, PEEPLES Roll Rep.: Make-up Comm.: Funfest: Social Service Comm.: Employment Comm.: Advisory Board: Girls' Club Rooms Comm. Horoscope, Nov. 6-Scorpio says your sunny personality is your greatest asset SIDNEY PINCH Roll Rep.: Ticket Comm. Horoscope, June 23fSubiects ot your planet are apt to have generous appetites HOWARD PLACHY Stage Crew Horoscope, July I2-Real estate has a definite appeal tor Virgoans IRVIN PRUZAN Roll Rep.: Honor Society: Salutatorian Horoscope, Feb. 22-Children ot your star possess driving ambition ' N BARBARA ROBBINS Senior Sister: Advisory Board: Funtest Horoscope, Jan. I-Libra lik given you a warm heart N. MARY FRANCES ROBERTS Retreshment Comm.: Roll Rep.: Senior Sister Comm.: Personal Efficiency Comm.: Girls' Club Cabinet: Funtest Horoscope, July 6-The stars have given you a loyous delight in living CHARLES ROSE Soph Basketball: Second Team Basketball Horoscope, Oct. ZOfLibrans DOSSSSS an intense delight in traveling rf? SENIORS DOROTHY PETERSON Social Service Comm.: Story lellers: Toy Tinkers Horoscope, Nov. 22-Yours is a star that demands constant action DORIS PINNEY Girls' Club Cabinet: Girls' Ath- letics: Biq G Club: Honor So- ciety: Commencement Speaker Horoscope, Nov. 4-You are blessed with stick-to-it-iveness KENNETH J. PRINCE Funtest: Building Comm.: Spe- cial Comm. Chrmn. Horoscope, June lb- Neptune has given you wisdom in making decisions JANET MARION RENTON Girls' Athletics: Dad and Daughter Niqht: Big G Club Horoscope, Sept. 2l-Your star gives you a deep appr clation of friendship mv! llc ,pd 1 DOROTHY ROBERTS Vocational Comm.: Girls' Club Rooms Comm. TT ,1 C, ,Q , Horoscope, Aug. 3lf ou W ' i t' lid t in Q lV9S you BI eauti I NANCY RONALD RollRep.: Make-up Comm.: Girls' Athletics: Achievement Comm. Horoscope, April I9-Your tu- ture happiness depends on hard work SAM RUBINSTEIN Chess Club: Intramural Basket' ball Horoscope, Sept. l7AYou are apt to become an object of rumor 4l aff! r!l4,4!'JI"5l'! sEn1oRs If ' JULIA RUDISELL Glee Club, Speakers' Club H-oroscope, Dec. I5-SaTurn has given you unusual powers of concenTraTlon MAURICE RUTLEDGE Band, Radio Club, Junior Or- chesTra, Senior OrchesTra I-I-oroscope, SepT. 23-Libra has given you valuable seIf-conTi- dence CLAU DE SANT FunTesT, Glee Club Horoscope, Dec. II-Don'T IeT supersTiTion geT The besT of you AN N SATH ER Freshman Playglvlake-up Comm., FunfesT, Girls' Club CabineT, Messenger Horoscope, Nov. 25-VersaTiIiTy is your sTrengTh and your weakness HELEN SCHENK Roll Rep., Big G Club, Girls' AThIeTics Horoscope, April 29-Taurus, your sign, is pracTicaI and deTiniTe ELISE SCI-IONWALD Good Cheer Comm. Horoscope, Nov. 24-Your sTar makes your personaIiTy boTh pracTicaI and arTisTic MAXINE SCHWARTZ Senior Nighl' Horoscope, July 6-Cancerians will find mosT pIeasanT homes in warmer cI1maTes 42 REVA RUBIN AchievemenT Comm., Personal Efficiency Comm. Horoscope, June 26-You have a conTagious laugh DOROTHY SAN DERS Opera, Senior NighT, Senior SisTer, Personal Efficiency Comm., Messenger Horoscope, Dec. 23-SaTurn promises you a monumenT in a Town square . I NL . ' w AN ERMANQEA,N.i,A:L1lfX4. A A we-f Funfesf, :A Lk ' 4, 'rf-T" Horoscope, March gh-l3ueTs are in your line-your marriage should be successful VOVOLINE SCHACH ERL Glee Club, Girls' AThIeTics Horoscope, March 26-You work well wiTh oTher people JULIUS SCHMID ' Lunchroom Comm. Horoscope, March 24-Aries children musl beware of over- exerring Themselves FRED SCHUETT Junior OrchesTra Horoscope, Aug. I7-Mars has given you pIenTy of slrenglh and energy ELIZABETH CLAIRE SEARS EnTerecl from WenaTchee High, WenaTchee, WashingTon Horoscope, May 30-Gemini is The sign oT Those who gaTher TacTs BARNEY SHAIN Writers' Club, Speakers' Club, Funtest, Science Club, Radio Club, Roll Rep., Chess Club, Senior Night Horoscope, Oct, 25-Your work in the world is to give pleasure MILDRED SHERMAN Girls' Athletics, Speakers' Club, Writers' Club, Social Service Comm., Opera, Senior Night Horoscope, March I5-Beware ot complexes 'Yvyx L 7- JOSEPH s.sHuEY ' " Roll Rep., Intramural Basket- 'f ball, Inter-class Basketball, Baseball, Intramural Football Horoscope, Nov, 24-You would make a good tourist guide- you love to travel HANS M. SKOV Intramural Basketball, Philan- thropic Comm., Tennis, Opera, Senior Night Horoscope, April 30-Taurians are skilled in applying the ideas of others JOSEPHINE M. SNOW Honor Society, Girls' Club Cab- inet, Roll Rep. Horoscope, Sept. I6-Don't marry a sentimental man V rf ELEANOR sPRAeUE fXLilorary Comm., Girls 'Athleticsg LV Big e ciubgesfis' Club Cabana V Horoscope, Aug. 3l-You are J an efficient manager of under- I, takirggs in which you are inter- ! M este I RICHARD STAVIG Baseball ' Horoscope, Oct. 8-Librans are successful estimators ot the i sales possibilities in the goods they handle R jg ,ki X X ,-. I x wi QQ' SENIORS WILLIAM L. SHANNON Building Comm., Entertainment Comm., Speakers' Club, Junior Class Prom Comm. Horoscope, Oct. 24-The sym- bol of Scorpio is the Serpent of Wisdom muon sl-HNDELL IN Intramural Sports, Tennis I Horoscope, April 28-Children ot your star make successful contractors and road engineers gi HAROLD slEeEL KJ Intramural Sports X Horoscope, Jan. 8-Do not be influenced too much by he opinion ot others IDA SLOY Speakers' Club, Girls' Athletics Horoscope, Dec. 6-You are in- clined to love scenes more than persons HERMAN Frosh Footbially yihtest, Honor Society ' l,.,,j-f! 2 Horoscop , I ceans are apt to r more than once , . 'WARN ER F. STARKS I ' . ff 1 Speakers, Club. , . - f Horosq6pe,A,ug. 5- 50's chil- drerrfshovuld bewar ot, belit- tlhsgftheir Qlenfs- " J . JACK STEINBERG Debate, Song Leader, Speakers' Club President, Arrow Horoscope, Jan. 6-Libra is the sign ot theiudge 3 , N , 3-'f . f'ff':!'v 'ZJMQ V-fi-gf' 43 SENIORS RUTH STOCKS Girls' Afnlefics, Big 6 Club Horoscope, Sepf. 2-Do nof be discouraged if your achieve- menls are nof always fully recognized LUCI LLE STRELLNAU R Enfered from Franklin High, Seaffle Horoscope, Sepl. 20-Your slar assures you success in your voca- fional fufure L, fa RTHA ,JAN STUTSMAN Wi ,+V E. VlC6xQBQlS1'd6DiGIFlS' Qaluggkar- field .Day Oraforicalpl onrlesf Winne5r,OHousefgdcf2ji,rn., Eierlior Ni hf, er ,, nesl, onor Scigiefy fax ax . Horoscope, Jan. 6-Capricorn- ians musf beware of fhinkinq lhey are nof undersfood by Their fellowmen ' -u. kxib-,ul-Jim, . N X' Jfx RUSSELL TAT Messenger Sfaff, lnframural Bas- ketball, Speakers' Club Horoscope, Sepf. 29- Librans rnusf heed The voice of caulion FREDERICK THIEME Track, Science Club Presidenf, Program Comm., Special Comm., Lunchroorn Comm., Stamp Finance Comm., Honor Sociefy Horoscope, Feb. 20-Your sfar shines on mountain peaks TlLLlE THOMAS Horoscope, July 6 Cancerians ag-Y devoled fo fhezhi Big G Club, Speakers' Club - es music J lm RICHARD TURNER Philanfhropic Comm., Program Comm., Lunchroom Comm., Science Club' Sfam Club' . D . , Honor Sociefy,RoIl Rep.,Tennis, Team, Messenger Horoscope, Dec. I9-Sagiffarius advises you fo be more confi- denf of your prophefic powers 44 BYFORD STOUT Foofball, Baseball, Advisory Board, Messenger, Ernploymenf Comm., Building Comm., Science Club, Speakers' Club, Roll Rep., Valedicforian Horoscope, July I5-Many suc- cessful arfisfs and carloonisls have worked under your sfar ESTH ER STUTSMAN Honor Sociefy, Fall Oraforical Confesf Winner, Big G Club, Girls' Afhlefics Horoscope, June 8- Exfensive fraveling is dangerous for you FREDERICO SUMAOANG Enfered from Broadway High, Seaffle Horoscope, Aug. I-Children of your sfar love advenlure slories ROY K. TYLOR Roll Rep., Track Horoscope, July 7-Cancer says your congenial nafure will win you friends PETER THOMAS Messenger Horoscope, Dec. 24-You and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., were born under fhe same slar LINUS EARL TRUDEAU Enfered from Lincoln High, Sealfle Horoscope, Sepf. 23-Libians musl beware of self-indulgence STELLA U LLESTAD Enfered from Whafcom High, Bellingham, Washinglon Horoscope, March 20-Pisceans are skilful in expressing Their fhoughfs and feelings 5 ELOISE CLAlRE UPPER Social Service Comm., Library Comm., Siege Comm., Wriiers' Club, P. T. A. Comm. Horoscope, Sepr. 7-You enioy workinq eyen if The rewards are unceriain 4-441 . K R SE USDANE Speakers' Club, Honor Sociely, Declamaiory Conlesi, Senior Niqhl Horoscope, Ocf. l-Libra prom- ises you unusual Thrills in your life I s g,, 1 4 -is S' ar JAMES VILLATA lnlrarnural Sporrs Horoscope, July 26-Beware of Those who would rob you of your Talenrs VELMA WALLACE Ealher and Dauqhrer Banqueig Girls' Alhlelics Horoscope, Feb. I8-Aouarius says Tha? your ouiel friendliness will win ,you Tfjrhful compan- ions ' YTD' ALS ' Ai if .f . T, Ml L rli 'M GAIL B. WARD Roll Rep., Ticket Comm., Treas- urer Junior Class, Arrow Horoscope, March 29 - Libra's sons are brillianl and flirlalious ELLSWORTH WEBSTER Frosh Fooflaall, Special Comm., Roll Rep., Firsr Team Baseball, Firsl Team Fooiball ' W H ,. is -wo age? ' ' 5 QW' , f'i3':E 54, fiiifi fi - is gl, S . Ak is I , 21 fs: - 3 , 35 3. of -f-i 'TI' ' . L glen E- ...ass L .3 ,S nw X B. YT? .J V -' , - 'Q i 3A . . .L .N 1 I' fi Y -r i 'er' - ' if .sy , may 1 n .T 7 -ff- . .. .,,, . ii " 2 S V' Z0 - wi mf i EQ am' Qi.. 5 f.. ' Q . si F. i ,N W ,, A 'K i i E i. I J, fi Q9 .1 . 3, s ,gf Horoscope, Jan. 22AAquarians oflen wrire inspired poefry , 1 MARTHA WEINBERG J . earns' Arhlefics, Roll Rep., e-iris' 'S 'es 5. . Club Rooms Comm., Funiesl -I Comm. ' :VRD .,", J I Horoscope, Jan. 30-The dark 1-I holds rerrors for January born i children , K - - x N 2 V ' fs' X s P V 6 x, X SENIORS BILL USDANE Track, Arrow, Honor Socieiy, Opera, Funfesl, Senior Nighl, Finance Comm. Chrmn, Speak- ers' Club, Senior Night Comm., Commencement Speaker Horoscope, July 29-You, loo, may become famous ARTHUR VILLATA lnlramural Sporfs Horoscope, July 26-Your dram- atic abiliry will soon score- walch our, Barrymores JACK VROOMAN Honor Socieiyg Class Officer, Ticker Comm., Arrow Horoscope, Nov. I7-Gene Tun- ney, loo, was born in This month DAVID M. WARD Radio Club Officer, Science Club Horoscope, July I7-The Fuller Brush man made a name for himself, Too HAROLD WARNER Intramural Sporfs Horoscope, July 5-Cancer prophesies The life of an cxpiorer for you JAMES M. WEBSTER Radio Club President, Buildino Comm., Enierlainmenl Comm, Horoscope, Ocr. lfYour sfar may lead you To buried Treasure MARIAN WEINER Honor Sociely, Girls' Arhlelics, Roll Rep. Horoscope, March Z9-Aries- born cannol keep secrels 1, JV" 45 5 'A ff li , a i C T fy ' 1 ' i 'V wif 'J pi? rf' SENIQRS 4 I L I! ' I J . 'f J , 1, -5 ,' I f NONA WELCH JLI C. WESTER Girls' AThleTics EnT ed from Broadway High, Horoscope, June l4-Gemini people can ofTen do Two Things aT once , 5 cK'w wooo Enfere rom V uver High, rf. Va ver, W Ton ' os e, M 9-Genfleman o noT ew of blondes LUCILE WETTRICK Alumnae Comm., Program Comm., Typing Comm. Horoscope, April 26-Don'T kill your impujes-masTer Them . Y-J , i ill! ' ' gil fy I 1 C-"4,,w ROBERT C. WHITE Presidenf Radio Club, Band, OrchesTra Horoscope, March 22-Aries acl- vises, "Be diplomaTic" MOLLY WEI NER Messenger, Girls' AThleTics, Library Comm. Horoscope, July I0-Cheerful colors and iolly friends will bring you happiness . - ,Ll RUTH WILSON Senior NighT, OrchesTra Horoscope, March 2-As a child of Aries, iT is dangerous for you To over-exerT yourself 46 SeaTTIe Horoscope, Nov. 22-SagiTTar- ians wanT acTion in Their lives JAMES B. WETER Speakers' Club SecreTary, De- baTe, Senior NighT, FunTesT, Vice-Presidenl' WriTers' Club, Honor SocieTy, Club Edilor Arrow, EdiTor Arrow Horoscope, Feb. l-Your sign is consTrucTive buT uncomTorT- able JOSEPHINE WHALEY Music Comm., Girls' Club Cab- ineT, Opera, Senior Nighf, Hi Jinx Horoscope, Jan. 9-Capricorn says you will sing your way To fame FAY WHITEH EAD Senior Nighf, STage Design, Girls' AThleTics Horoscope, April 8-You have abiIiTy-use iT MARY STUART Wl LMOT Chrmn. HealTh Comm., Girls' Club Comm., Messenger Horoscope, Dec. l-SagiTTarius bids you use your conscience as your guide BERNICE ELVA WINSOR SecreTary WriTers' Club, Speak- ers' Club, Social Service Comm., VocaTional Comm., Messenger, Honor SocieTy, Senior NighT, Good Fellowship Comm., Science Club Horoscope, Feb. I5-You will become a women's righls de- Tender JANICE WOLGEMUTH EnTered from Annie WrighT Seminary, Tacoma, WashingTon Horoscope, June 20-Gemini people are greal' social suc- cesses Camera,,Sh,y ' K all ,Q X ly kf ROBERT WONN Slage Crew, Opera, Senior Nighlg Roll Rep. Horoscope, Ocl. lb-The wheels ol your mind are conslanlly lurnlng DO ROTH EA YOUNG Funfesl Horoscope, March 9-Pisces sees your name in brighl Iighls on lhe Greal While Way JULIA ZIONCHECK Social Service Comm., Achieve- menl Comm. Horoscope, Jan. 2-To lrusl in your fellowmen is commendable bul donl' overdo il l If KW l lj l Dan Aaron Bill Ackley Sarah Almoslino Jack Allaras Barbara Bacin xl Charles Bangharl DeLores Barber Clarissa Barish .l N Y Forluna Barlia Morris Baroh s Glenn Bills Lucie Bonlemps Lillian Brell Clara Brellhauer Kalhryn Brown B l - '- Lois Chrisliancy Bess ldell Cohen Morris Cohen Helen Courlrighl Phillip Fink Bob Chappel xh MM, SENIORS TAMIKO YOKAYAMA Girls' Alhlelics Horoscope, Nov. I7-Masler yourself and make your dreams come lrue GEORGE ZALOUDEK Science Club Horoscope, Jan. 8-Allack each new lask as a new opporlunily 1212 iwwfi "J l F Lois Flynn Leon Franco Harry Genauer Eugene Glaser Roberl Goddard Al Grailf Edna Gray Virginia Grillilh Max Gurevilch william Hardman Theoclora Hedgecock Dorcas Hoffman Garlh Hoffman Irving Hirsh Tom Hulchison George Jaffe Reino Jarvimaki Ben Kadaner Irving Kalz Alvin Kerles Mildred King? Sarah Klassel- I Jul Nick Kobylk John Kobylk Hyman Kuloll Bob Lamson Al Larsen Earl Malhews Marlha Mayers Ben Meyer Belly Miller John Miller Jeanelle Milslein Winslon Mock Pierre Mozzone Lyle Neuss Merry Newlon Dorolhea Norman Scoll Osborn Viola Owmsby Burris Penninglon Willis Rand Helga Rebel Harry Rolfe Belly Roraba Ernesl Rose Wilberl Sands Lucy Sharhon John Shaw Wilmer Shaw Bill Sherman Morris Sholf Thorwald Smilh John Slewarl Florence Tanner Ray Troller Earl Trolsky Alice Venard Berlha Viess Gail Ward Eslher Wax Dorolhy Whiling Charles Whilon George Yanagamachi lf QQXTTNY W Mary Kalhe R vg4LJf6L,us l , f l flu 47 Under the shadow of the topmost step the juniors busy themselves with quiet plans for the future. N L M H guniors -vw . , I I I 1' , Iv-fi' V X X' s VJ ' A cVg,.f""' 1 I XII ,Y fl a V 1 V LVV" iiii : A A I STAN LEY G-OU LTER "rf 7 5 K Presidenl ii A Q A,Q , ..e... VIA W ,K Q1 MARY coLE "' ,- Secrefarv-Treasurer i ' ' i kj S 2 A ss ll fl . gg L 57 -yM if: is MISS AEILS Adviser The Junior'Class JUNIORS ALBERT FRANCO Vice-Presidenf e MISS LAW Adviser The Junior class has proved ifself worlhy of faking lhe Sen- iors' place as Garfield leaders. Their accomplishmenfs have been blazed in fhe annals of Garfield Through progressive leadership and cooperalion. An elaborale commiffee syslem was worlced our lo carry on fhe aclivilies eflicienfly, and 'ro give as many Juniors as possible an opporlunily fo pariicipare in class worlc. The mosl' aclive ones were lhose of Publicify, Correspondence. and Tinfoil. The Tinfoil Drive, sponsored by ihe class, was one of lhe oufsfanding lighls in lhe Juniors' brillianf show. This all-school drive, which was responded To irnmedialely, was lor fhe benefil of fhe children of fhe Orfhopedic l-lospifal. The Juniors ieamed wifh lhe Seniors in presenling a series of proms, which were proclaimed lhe rnosf clever enlerfain- menfs given al The school. l-lere's 'ro The Juniors. Their boldness in plunging inlo new lines of endeavor has earned lhem a repulafion of which lo be proud. V fx v L L xl F1 l X tl fe 4,1 .M . 9 L v lvl 4, f 4,1 fr. l l fl 'Qu' UW kc V1 V fl My 1 JUNIORS 52 V l l Jennie Adatlo Dave Alhadeif David Alhadeff Roberl Allen Don Amick Roberl Amick Eslher Anderson Herndon Anderson Leona Anderson Doroihy Averill Edith Bacon Enna Bacon Alvin Bailey Dorofhy Bailey Lois Baldwin Douglas Ball Mary Bannick Mary Lee Barnes Ferne Base May Bell Frances Benedelfo Mariorie Bense Sanford Bernbaum Bill Bickel Ray Binkley Raymond Boddy Frederick Bowmar Louisa Brower Lowell Brown Sally Brown Eloise Calhoun Jean Canlalini Eslher Carlson Annie Chalfers ElizabelhCl1eell1arn Edward Charlesworlh Eslher Clninn lnez Clwouinard Palricia Chrislenson Doreen Clark Mary Cole Gurney Conyers 4 , Alys Cook I Frank Cowell Rose Curli Ariel Dalilquisf Lillian Daniels Verne Dexler Jack Doclor Doris Donough Mildred Dreyer Arlhur Dulch Ann Duley Jane? England Elmer Erickson Jane Esllom ern Falkner ' ' Virginia Farnsworlh Herman Feinberg Jim Fenlon Valleio Ferguson I .f ZJQI? f If X V 7 if l ,fl pf, i all MV JUNIORS 'NAND 0 I 53 J , xp X' N, l JUNIORS,-' A, .Mb H9 54 lv yr, l Maxine Flelshrnan Dorolhy Flelcher June Flick Rulh Ford Allaerl Franco Alyce Freeman Shirley Freeman Dora Freer Helen Fuller Anne Galbrailh John Gallup George Galehouse Leah Gerhard? Richard Goodall Jack Gordon Slanley Gollslein Douglas Gould Stanley Gouller Dorolhy Greene 'JL f '. 1 Pal Groves 1 f A JJ, Roberl Hage Peggy Hallum Norma Harnillon Marlha May Hammer Julla Hanan Frances Hansen Doreen Hardy Mary E. l-larlzell Dorolhy Haskell Becky Hasson Rachel Hasson f 9-f"',f,u ' -fun f r ll' Ned Hewell l-lerberl Hewilf Sfeward Hibbs Helen Cecile Hill Tom Hill Ronald Hitchcock Kalherine Hoffman Evelyn Holler Jeanette Hoople .lim Hulelle floyd Hulchison Margie James Gerfrude Jarvi June Jenkins Edward Johnson Sian Jozwik Taiii Kashino Margarel Kenislon Marie Kerres Helen Kirk Rulh Knauf Eslher Kosokoil Laura Krems Emil Kruse Maxine Kyle Helen Laing Rolzerl Laney Bill Langslead Bob Lankford Charles Lawrence Francis Leo N b .1 il 4 .rf ,ww Junioias l 55 JUNIORS 56 Q Lillian Leopold Evelyn Lind Mildred Lindy Florence Linger Archie Lippman Revella Lippman Marlha Lively Helen Long Efhel Lude Mary Lyons --. - ,I .John MacAdam Fy MacDonald Donald Maine Byron Manfz Evelyn Markham Don Maxwell Roy Maxwell Ada McBurney Genevieve McCreary Audrey McDaniel Rulh McDonald Donald McDonald Norman Mefcalfe Rose Mervin Mae Miles Leo Miller James Moceri Jimmie Mornoi Lorene Monfagne Kennelh Mueller Karl Nakamura Nl L ll r I Y , ,, ,rv it JP'-' X. U wi Flx"'1 N rv NU, U Mavis Neuss Mary Noel Hilrna Odden rf?efgafe1 Odell X Ray Odom Irene O'Grady Mary Okarrura Raymond O!son Gladys Owen Bill Owens Audrey Peierson Robert Pe+ry Elizabeth PhiIHps Hefen Priil HiNda Prusen Mice Rebman Bob Renfro Jack Resch Irene Richardson Gerfre Ringoid 9' Erm ne obertj VL 2,0 Perry Roberis Marian Rooney Vicfor Roseillni Beffy Rupp Rufh Saul Edward Schumacher Jack Scnwenson Mary Sedis Leona Servls Mary Shannon glfxylflryx JUNIORS Y 5 a. fe L jg! T? 3 'Fu' N., . 5 - ue-VQQS. ff: - 4- ff" X fix 57 X ' Q1 Y If e , J Y, XX 3'YV,L,kx,-.,--f5'Jx. J J - W 1 Q xx' Xlll ,J 'A I so -' if' N Sl Q l'. I. r- 1 'ff 'iz .Avril- jgx Xl 58 Mary Shaw Margarel Shelden Leona Sherman Winona Siemon Dororhy Sloan Joan Smilh Eleanore Spear Karl Spilz Lucia Sfarr Ariel Sloul Sylvia Summerland Dorolhy Surry Edmund Taake Mary Jane Tait Mariko Takayoshi Virginia Thompson Joe Tinker Leola Troiler Alice Truax Georgiana Trudeau Bellie May Tyson Alma Ullesfad Ralph Varon Mary Walker Dick Wallhew Jimmie Waits Nafhan Weifzman Elizabelh Welch Marguerile Wenck Harold Whafmore Beffe Lou Williams Donald Williams Lyle Williams Norma Willson Virginia Wilson ' 1 LQIQW ,J A JUNIORS ff !w fe' fi Joh Woodward l eorge Wright F Roy York ,X ff! l X . ,.- Alice Young I ' Louie Zetin V, A 've- r-3 - .I N. a., I N llj. , fy n " ' l . '-'ic , U' ' " 4 lli ala ' ,J ,-' ,vi A ,jfs I AJ' , sly, xifll. 1, Henry Allen Irene Andrews Tsuya Ariizumi Mildred Artis arah Ashcanase Dave Asplund Thelma Atkinson Clayton Atwood Margaret Balfour Lawrence Bar Dick Barden Fred Bekins Fortuna Benezra Joe Bitterman Andrew Black Paul Blowers Marie Boitano Camera Shy,LCfi Eddie Cooper Lydia Craig Frances Davis Joe DeBlasio Ted DeBritz Irving Deeny David Dodds AI Duncan Wendell Duncan George Early Mildred Epps Leonard Epstein Louie Epstein Floyd Espey Breta Ewing Ernest Ewing Tony Falcone Dorothy Hembrook Mary Hodges Roy Holmertz Viola Horton Thelma Howard Frank Hummer Florence Isbin Isaac Israel Milly Israel Celia Jaffe George Jefferson Nathan Jensen Don Johnson Edna Johnson Paul Johnson Victor Jones Minoru Kanazawa Kameyosh Matsumoto Jack Maynard May McCosh John McDonald Bert McNae Anna Meacham Mildred Melberg Bob Merbach Ed Mickelson Jim Middleton Billie Miller Harry Miller Clyde Monnett Frank Mutal Yoshi Nakano Nena Nardelli Clifford Sant Louie Sarro Mike Sarro Robert Schmid Fred Schneiderwind Roy Scordan Marion Seaborn Milton Shindell Marion Shrock Frank Sloan Moreton Smith Joe Stalin Max Stalin Bud Stebbins Lucille Steen ff Anne Ste rnoff I Andrew Strak 33., w Wil n M I I fl ' LeAnne Boschert Virginia Farnsworth Ruby Kanoff Sydney Nelson Fabion Sull' l I l ff L William Bowers Jim Fenton Bill Kates Bob Neupert Marylilliili Sullivan ' l 'T Y ' Billy Brett Valleio Ferguson Douglas Keat'n3 Carolyn Newman Surm-o Tal Z lf! f I j Lorne Brett Anne Field Phyllis Kerfl islzlorence Oialvo Hel hal l Simon Broches Maxine Fleishman Robert Kie urtz 'Louise Panzino Y ' an Thomsen ' James Buckley Leona Fletcher Ara Belle King Verle Pearson geborg Tillisch ' I ,fbi Letha Buckner Lois Fletcher Anne Klein Adaline Pease Billy Topolovitz y l ' E Marion Burton Irving Fournier Frederick Klein Ernest Peterson Joe Touriel N I I 5 J Victor Calderon Rosaline Freeman Phil Klukas John Peterson Jennie Traverso xx I , I. Barbara Calhoun Elwood Fryer Joe Kraft George Pfister John Tsuchlya Q' 'I Charles Calley Robert Fullerton Joy Lackey Norman Piggott John Twohig ' ' Bonita Campbell Joe Funes Mary Lavinthal Evelyn Powell LiJ?y Uchimura f , .W I Laurence Cassidy Frank Gallant Bernard Leebhoff Frank Powers ,fm I Vale fi ! Y I lx . Yvonne Chatters Albert Garnett Hortense Levy Lester Powers QQ X Robert. l .L-4 LP-Qfiyxj kj, Albert Chrisholm Sam Gold Alice Lewis Ted Rand .b!EI'91'Wa on - " Robert Christiansen Gordon Grant Annie Little Harry Rempher Johanna Weibel Thomas Cliney John Grant Keith Livermore Rosalie Revie Dessie Weigel . Bill Clintworth Lawrence Grant Kermit Livermore Henry Ricci Alfred Weinstein I Aaron Cohn Harry Greenblat Qra-ge.Livin tone Nadine Ring Bud Whitehead - I Roberta Colby Henry Guth da m Zella Riser Rosalind Wicklund .fl Robert Collins Frances Hanchin o nes Nell Robertson Charlotte Wilson Rose Condiotty Dave Harrah 1- hilip Long Henry Rudisell William Yorozu L, . Anna May Cook George Hasegaw Gerald Mandell Syd Russak Bob Young 0 I I ff 'Jane Cooke Charles Hasson Ada Mason Bill Russell Margaret Young ' , V ' 1 Theresa Coole Floyd Hathaway Frank Matson John Ryan Mary Zarella 1 P, K J W fx A . ' Eugene Zielinski XXL! fs if ' I' ' 'J ,f f - 59 - W H 3 X604 df!-ig-v,jl' 4 ,gl . N A , I . x V ' -.fck-rr-s,"s-s.s.v-ef-' , , W K ,f Jf -1 U' , , I Q 'Q f X wf' Y,QX The Sophomores have hnished the Hrst and hardest half of their high school careers. In the next two years it will be their task to preserve the school traditions they learned while serving this appren- ticeship. 'il r I "" VW M., 1 r V . 1 fn ly Soplwomores RALEIGH TAYLOR Presldem' MORRIS ALHADEFF Vice Presidenf x . . 5- J -.Yi , soPHoMoREs l71ffw -I I ,A 'I V 1 ,. . , i .1 Miss LAPPENBUSCH ' llxi Adviser The Sophomore Class Well polished by iTs year of apprenTiceship, The class ol: l934 enTered iTs Sophomore acTiviTies wiTh much conTidence and ambiTion. Mrs. Moore and Miss Lappenbusch cheerfully and compe- TenTly helped mainTain ThaT confidence and direcT ThaT ambi- Tion. The class officers have had marked success in direcTing The class's parTicipaTion in Garfield acTiviTies. The Sophomores enioyed a Halloween parTy which was very cleverly arranged and presenTed. TwenTy-Tive dollars had been seT aside To purchase reTreshmenTs Tor parTies. The class voTed unanimously, however, To donaTe This sum To a Tund To be used Tor The purchase of an arTiTicial respiraTion machine Tor The Children's OrThopedic Hospifal. Members of The class ably represenTed iT in The many Gar- Tield clubs. Splendid Sophomore TurnouTs provided much good maTerial Tor GarTield's aThleTic Teams. ' WiTh heads up, The class of '34 goes marching on To The second half oT iTs high school career. PEGGY ARN ESON SecreTary MRS. MOORE Adviser llX x Q 'ld vlll wl N " X , ,,' X lv" , ,lf . x l . 1 i ,pf ' 1 . '. ro' f V 1.-f SOPHOMORES D ' .1 Q fly' K 'Y s. V J l ii , ,pr J J if I I ' FX 0 K, ! W9 V X X U J 1 sf GK4 s. fp Adalro, Aornan, Ahroni, l.Alhaoerf, M. Alhaderl, Allen, A. Anderson, Arneson, C. Anderson, Anqell, Applegale, Archarnbaulf, Arena Aronin, Aronson, Aaron, Beneoello, Baccanelli, Bain, C. Baker, D. Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Banks, Basom, Beecher J. Brownell, Benezra, l. Berch, J. Berch, Berry, Blackwell, Bloch, Block, Boise, Borkland, Boslian, Brenner, Broorn D. Brownell, Bryanl, Brown, Buqarin, Bulcher, Camozzi, Casey, Cashar Chiprul, Chrisl, Cnrisliancy, Church, Burnharn, Benvenisle, Chikusa Clawson, Cobb, Coghlan, Cohen, Daqliesh, C. Colby, V. Colby, Colkell, Cornell, Cooper, Corolola, Crown, Crueger, Curlis Danz, Dargilz, Davis, Dernpsey, Doyle, Durnas, Dunslan, Dwyer, Eck,Eicl1enwald, Eskelsen, B. EllIo+r, T. Ellioll, Frisrnan Eslep, J, Evans, L. Evans, M. Evans, Fagan, Faursl, Erickson, Fink, Fisher, Flelcher, B. Frary, C. Frary Frick, E. Fuller, F. Fuller, J.' unis, J. Funis, Fuxon, B. Gepner, ' t M. 6epner,Qerbetr,,Gibson:ri+ ff H. osibef+pf'e-iibe1+f oierfisr, Gleason, Glickrnan, Goldberg, M. Son, C. Son, Dobb IF. G-ranf, Greene, Hay, Griffin, Grinnsrud, l-lasson, B. Harris, H. l-larris, F. Harrison, M. Harrison, Harker Healh, Hendley, Hersh, Hills, l-lirsh, lnnis, l-lock, Holland, Horn, l-lorowilz Horan, Howard, l-loyl, Hughes, Hulberl, Hunl, Hunfoon, lnqslad E. Israel, M. Israel, S. Israel, lwamolo, Jacobson, Johnson, Johanson, Jones, Jordan Kahn, Karninohl, Kanazawa, Jackson, Kells, Kennedy, Kessler, Kelcharn, Killrnan E. Kessler, King, Killerman, Kinomolo, Klassel, Klalzker, Tacher -I , :Aki , , , .ff . ..iv , 'J' M ,if sfzf ,U , 1 I ,ri 'HSS fl Uv frai- W, 'S ,161 libs Jenkins, Cooper, Kobayashi, Koike, Kollach, Kosaka, Konra, Kronfield, Kuroda, Larsen, Lafham, Lederman Lev Marolla Ledn Manlz Kuloff, V. . . . Levin, Lewis, Lindell, Lynch, MacDonald, Madsen, Maki, Manhoff Mar, Mar Hing, Marlin, Mathews, Maison, McDerrnoH, McKinney, McKinley, McVeeTy, Mercer, Merrifield, Middlelon H. Miller, V. Miller, Mirnon, Miichell, Moeglinq, Mochizuki, Monfonye, Moore Moran, Morse, Mukai, Murphy, Music, Brenner, McQuaker Newell, Newly, Neuner, Naylor, Niirni, Nicol, Norrnan, O'Connor, O'Meara, Ola, Ourland, Paduano, Panzino, Parkin Peeples, Perroll, Perry, Pelerson, Pierce, Nakano, B. Porler, B. Porler Polfs, Prilchard, Rebman, Rickles A. Robinson, Roloerlson, B. Robinson, Rock, Roppo, Romano Romey, E. Rose, J. Rose, F. Ross, N. Ross Sanders, Ruperr, Sanr, Sarin, E. Salher, J. Safher, Ruopoli, Sparks, Schueff, Sandell, Kurnrner, Meyes Schaefer, Shields, Shorlhill, Sheehy Shiga, Shaw, Smith, Spowarf, Legas, Schaffer Sypher, Starr, Slewarf, Sfeyh, Sundberg, Tai, Tornilo, R. Taylor, T. Taylor, Teshirogi, Slanley, Thomaier, Thoreen, Tollefson , Torisi, Tribou, Turfle, Usdane, Ug.hip1ura,Valpone, Vernon, Viess, Voss, Walsh M. Warren, N. Warren, Weeks, Weiner, Wren, Wilber, Williams, Wilson, Wise, Thomas Wheal, Whileman, E. Wood, G. Wood, Woron, Yanaqarnachi C. Yamaura, M. Yamaura M. Yayoshi, M. Yayoshi, Yorozu, Yoshifaki, L. Zielinski, M. Zielinski, Zlolnick . s i ,lv SOPHOMORES ,IVV 'T ff' Q A . ,il I ,. ss '.. , 4- jrlwtf' A - . -if 156, Nr. Nix! l"Lp 6 uxfng ol !',y3ii J -4' . Q x iff, fi. With a great stride the Freshmen mount the first step. The way leads on invitingly. MM HAROLD KALMANS Presideni' SELMA KRAM ER Ser:reTary-Treasurer .V l T! fir' FRESI-IMEN MARGARET EARLES Vice-PresidenT MISS BIRD Adviser ' The Freshman Class Like a well Trained boaT crew, The Freshman class sped away Trom iTs TirsT Training posT, The grammar school, and headed inTo The sTream QT high school life. Under The skillful guidance oT The class advisers, Miss Bird and Miss l-lollingshead, The sTurdy craTT '36 is well on iTs way To The quarTer-disTance posT. During This shorT Time, The Freshmen have achieved much. They have placed high boih in baskeTball and Track and have won a TooTball championship. The Freshman girls have been especially ouTsTanding in aThleTics. They capTured The hockey championship, much To The chagrin oT The upper-classmen. Their brilliancy is noT conTined To The hockey Tieldq hence They are considered a serious ThreaT in every sporT. The group has also been much in evidence in clubs and presenTaTions. Judging by pasT performances, Garfield may safely rely on The Freshman class To sTand behind school acTiviTies wiTh loyalTy and spiriT. ho,-XX . ,w 5 VX J-l ix A if Q3 ,Jah , ,vi U U dfv my .11 ,,, rid. BM I-wiv iv' Y l V-. ri E, ui X 'ix' 1 l K . ,Def .,l L , .. 11 FRESI-IMEN 70 .lf if X l X Abell, Adams, Alexander, Alhadeff, Almoslino, Anderson, Anlhony, Applegale, Arnold, Au, Babcock, Baker, Ballard, Banks, Barkley, Baleman, Corkery Bendicksen, Benezra, Benjamin, Bensusson, Berg, Bernbaum, Berner, Berlelli, Binkley, Blain, Blake, M. Blolh, G. Blolh, Bodley Boilano, Bonaker, Bouckaerl, Bowman, Braid, Brandon, Brandi, Brenner, Bridgeman, Broches, Brown, Bryanl Burke, Bulferworlh, C. Calderon, J. Calderon, Campbell, Capelolo, Carlson, Carler, Casloriano, Calhcarl' Chamberlain, Chandler, Chase, Chalman, Chikalo, Chinn, Clark, F. Cohen L. Cohen, Coluccio, Cooper, Corbel, Cordova, Cosner, Cowley Crane, Crolhers, Crueger, Crueger, Curliss, Dadosio, Dalfron, A. Dahl, V. Dahl, N. Dahlgren, R. Dahlgren, E. Davis S. Davis, DeBlasio, DeBrilz, DeNully, Derby, DeSan'ro, Devine, Dines, Dohse, Donlan, Donohue Drake, Earles, Eidemiller, Elsoe, Elwell, Emunson, E. Epslein, G. Epsfein, E. Erdrich, M. Erdrich, Eshorn, A. Eskenazi L. Eskenazi, J. Eskenazi, Eslep, Evereli, Fahey, Ferguson, Feringer, Flelcher, Flinl, Force, Ford Forrisler, Fowler, Franco, Franson, Freeman, Fryer, H. Fuiioka, K. Fulioka, Gaudy Geer, Gillespie, J. Genauer, M. Genauer, Geyer, Gibson, Gilmour, B. Gleason, R. Gleason, B Graham H Graham Greeley Green Greenblaf Greenfield Grlmsrud Grinsrein Griswold Gross Hadfield Halfon Hall Holman Hanan, Hanchin, Hardin, Goetz, Harris, Harrison, Harizell, Hawkins, Hasson L. Goldberg, N. Goldberg, Gove, welle, B. Herrnan, H. Herman, Hiail, Higgenboiham, Hirade Holden, Holland, Hooker, Hovey, Howard S-Johnson, Hoyl, Hubbach, Judah, N . . . . Hudgens Hyland Ikeda Iles lnouye, Irwin, J. Israel, R. lsrael lshihara, Jackson, O. Jacobsen, P. Jacobsen, Jaffe, Jakoski, Jarrell, Jenkins, G. Johnson, J. Johnson, H. Kahn, M. Kahn Kamdron, Kando, Kano, Kaplan, Kaplow, Kashino, Kalz, Kaufman, Kaye, Keeler Keller, Kercl-len, Kerchner, Keflleman, King, Klemmer, Klouck, Cohn, Hallner, Baker Kosugi, Kramer, Krelchmar, Kudo, Kunagai, Kuroiwa, LaBerlew, Lamson, H. Larsen, W. Larsen, D. Larsen, P, Larsen, Lawler, Lazoff LeDonne, Lee, Leighly, Levandoski, Levin, Leyy, Lighler, Lindell Linville, Lippmann, Lisr, Lifrle B. Lucas, D. Lucas, Locke, Lum, Lund, G. Lylle, R. Lylle, MacDonald, Mack, Macliinlosh, Macri, Mainnon, Maiorano Mangini, Malin, Manning, Manlik, E. Manus, S. Manus, Markham, Massa, Matson, Malsuda, Malsurnalo Malsushila, Maurer, L. McDonald, M. McDonald, McKnight, McLaughlin, Means, Meehan, Mellon Mervin, Meyer, Mielzner, Miller, Minkove, Miyagawa, Leonard, Kody Moises, Momoi, Moore, Morheim, Mosler, Mouqhlin, Murakami, Murray, Murphy, Muslcalell, Nakagawa, Nakamura, Nergaard Newell, Newman, Newsham, Nicholas, Nunan, O'Connor, Ogden, Okazaki, Olson, Onodera, Opperrnan, Osben, Oseran Oziel, l. Palmer, M. Palmer, Palmquisl, Panzino, Parenl, Park, Pafferson, Pearson, Peck Pegg, Peha, Peizer, Perry, Pelerson, Phillips, Pinkerlon, Pinney, Piller, Pizello, Pruzan, Power Pielrornonaco, Quan, Raalz, Ragsdale, Ranko, Ryan, Reina, Reilz, Reuhl, J. Richardson, Robbins B. Richardson, Robinson, Ronney, Rosenberg, Rolh, Rousso, Rubenslein, Rubin, Ruperl, Russak, Sallee Sadis, Saran, Sasaki, Scarsella, Schneider, Schonwald, Schweilzer, Scudder, Seaborn, Seldle lSears, Senescu, Serrill, Shaw, "Sheehan, L. Shemaria, S. Shemaria, Sherman, Shields, Sidell, Sides, Siegel, Shields, Shiga, Sinnol, C. Smilh Sinlon, C. Smilh, E. Smilh, J. Smith, M. Srnilh, P. Srnilh, Snyder, Solomon, Slern, Slernolf, Srone, Slradder, Slraker, Slrazz, Slrellnauer, Slromberg Sundberg, Survell, B. Tafl, M. Talr, Tahara, Tarica, Taylor, Thomas, A. Thompson, G. Thompson, A. Thornquisl, E. Thornguisr, Tighe Togasaki, Tapper, Travis, Uchirnura, Usdane, Varon, Vowles, Walker, B. Walrer, D. Waller, Wallon, Welch Weslad, Whalmore, Wiener, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Winikolf Wong, Woodin, Worlhy, Wright Yan'1arnura,Yorila,Yoshirnura, B, Zarella, R. Zarella, Zechman, Zionchek, Zelin, Zolarisl' FRESI-IMEN Bali Q 72 . me mes ' 7l 5 . Pa The exchange of ideas is a vital element of cooper- ation. At the round table of club life there has been an interchange of thought, and mutual inspiration. ORGANIZATIONS T ' ROLL REPRESENTATIVES ROLL OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Roll Representatives Though WebsTer may noT have given roll presidenTs and secreTaries a deTiniTion in his imrnorTaI rnasTerpiece, These are irnporTanT people To school IITe. OTTiciaIIy They carry mes- sages Trom The adminisTraTion To The sTudenTs durlng The special roll periods. ThroughouT The enTire semesTer They conTinued Their duTies, TaiThTulIy supervislng The sale oT sTamps and oTTen producing holiday programs. IT was Their enThusiasm which, coupled wiTh The cooperaTIon OT The sTudenT body as a whole, made iT possible To deliver generous boxes oT Tood To The needy aT Thanksgiving, To play SanTa Claus aT YuIeTide, and To lead The school in proiecTs Tor The besT inTeresTs oT all. ROLL OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Q71 ,Wa X. wx' XA N .li ui ri A ii es i xi t 1 F QBX. ' KJ K3 si XX Xli .fx ,NX I I J- HONOR SOCIETY William Millington, Vice-President, Ellis Ash, President, Andrew l-lilen, Secretary, Mr. Smith, Adviser The l-lonor Society l-low gratifying it is to know that along with her athletic championships Gartield can rightfully boast ot outstanding scholarship. The l-lonor Society is ever a stimulus to the industry and intellectual activity of all students, and members ot this organization are representative personitications ot school spirit. ONE BAR MEMBERS Row one. Aaron, Ahroni,'A. Anderson, Angell, Aronin, Aronson, Baldwin, l. Berch, J. Berch, G. Block, l, Block, Boise, Borkland, Bronnell, Casey. Row two. Cohen, Cooper, Crueger, Dagleish, Dunstan, Elliott, Evans, Eaurot, Frary, Erick, Goldberg, Harrison, Horn, Hughes, Holland. Row three. Horowitz, S. Israel, Huntoon, Johnson, Kelis, Koch, Kummer, Koura, L. Krems, A. Krems, Y. Kozu, Larsen, Lewis, Kuroda, Lindell. Row tour, MacDonald, Madsen, Makie, Manhotf, Mar, Matson, Mimon, Mitchell, Mochizuki, Montonye, Mukai, Nakano, Neuner, Ota, Paduano. Row tive. M. Pearl, G. Pearl, Pritchard, Rebman, Reddekopp, Rickles, Roppo, Rose, Ross, Sarin, Schuett, Stanley, Sheehy, B. Starr. Row six. Taylor, Tuttle, Thomaier, Tomita, M. Usdane, Warren, Warner, Watts, Weiner, Yanagamachi, Yayoski, Yorozu, Zielinslci, Zlotnick. Qi' 76 XS .5 . L5 it ff X f I ,f 'sf ' HONOR SOCIETY .--J QQLQ' T ffpgfpffcfiT 'V fe TWO BAR MEMBERS A' X- Row one. L. Anderson, Bailey, Baldwin, Bannick, Brown, Chinn, Condiorfyf Row two. Downie, Eshorn, Feinberg, Flynn, Franco, Galbraith. Row three. Good,Go1lsfein,6royes,Hifchcock, M. lnnis, l. lsrael. Row four. John, Kennedy, Krafl, Lawrence, F. Leo, R. Leo. Row five. Lively, Malsuda, Nakamura, K. Robbins, Sarro, Sedis, Shrock. Row six. Sralin, L. Siarr, Tai, Takoyoshi, Traverao, Trolsky. The change eflecled lhis year in The awarding of poinis made no malerial dilzlerence in fhe final slanding of pupils. Adrnillance lo lhe sociely is siill gained lhrough scholarship and leadership in exlra-curricular acliviiies. Garfield prides herself on The number of her honor sludenls. GOLD SEAL MEMBERS Row one. Ash, Barish, B. Berch, Berg, Bills, Boone, K. Brown, Bush, Capelolo, Carey, Carler, Cham- berlain. Row lwo. Cone, Conyers, Cosgrave, Ewing, Faurol, L. Franco, Fukui, Fullerlon, Genss, Glick- man, Green, Gross, Grolh, Row lhree. Gusranoff, Haburl, R. Hage, D. Hage, Halfon, Hanan, Handlin, C, Harrah, D. Harrah, Heiia, Helle, Hilen. Row four, Hilperf, Holman, Hosokawa, lrnpson lngram, L. lnnis, lnouye, Klalzker, Krorn, Lalo, Lindeke, Luiey, Zielinski. Row five. McClelland McReavy, Milsfein, Millington, Moceri, Momoi, Morford, Musson, Neuperl, Nienau, Odom, Okazaki. Row six. Olsen, D. Osen, Pass, Perry, Piggolf, Finney, Prince, Pruzan, Roberls, Rohrer, Rubinslein. Row seven. Shannon, Smith, Snow, Slout, Sfulsrnan, Touriel, Thierne, W. Usdane, R. Usdane, Weiner, Weler, Yanagamachi. 77 - ,fi I l 1 A-"if Vx HJ l ' 'V' " i xx V A l f ,M Sv 14.1 ' lil yi .rf . I df ,W ff N eiiais' cius Ee- ' X I The Girls' Club r The Girls' Club is The greaT coordinafing influence among The girls of Garfield l-ligh School. lT is The organizafion To which They all belong and in which They all have a share. To The Girls' Club They loolc for good Times, for aids To personal efficiency, for vocafional guidance, and for ideals. During The pasT year The Garfield Girls' Club has amply fulfilled These expecTaTions. lT has minisfered To The school in many ways. EnTerTainmenTs, mixers for The girls, and parfies for The parenfs have provided The fun. Along oTher lines a consisTenT program of educafion has been followed. Lecfures have been given aT assemblies on appropriafe dress and personal hygiene. There have been dernonsTraTions of The proper care of The person. The Voca- Tional Commiffee has planned assemblies and secured spealcers in The differenf fields of work open To women. Through fol- low-up discussion groups, affer These assemblies, Through The vocafional scrap book, ancl Through bullefins published monfhly, The commiffee has helped individual girls To find Themselves. Much emphasis has been placed on The idealisfic side of life. During The early parT of The year friendship was The Theme of The Girls' Club, promoTed by slogans, mixers, and Talks. For one whole day The friendly Indian greeTing, "Klahowya," Tools The place of The proverbial "hello," LaTer a campaign of characfer building was carried ouT. Through discussions in The rolls and posfers in The halls, principles of righf con- ducT in The library, in The sTudy halls, in assemblies, in The lunchroom, and aT aThleTic games have been insTilled. Always The aim has been ThaT The sTudenT grow from wifhin, nof merely have TransiTory ideals forced upon her from wiThouT. Through- ouT The pasT year The Girls' Club has soughf To fosfer a devel- opmenf of The individual characfer, bringing wifh iT a beTTer moral afmosphere in The whole school. Chai-loTTe Cole, Presidenfg Mrs. Anderson, Adviser, Helen Fuller, Treasurer Marfha Jane Sfufsman, Vice-Presidenfg Mary Case, Secrefary X M! 1 l 1 lilly Q ,fi fxyffsv ff' A L!!! J T M Qi I T ' .TT T Gems' CLUB J A' Ellis Ash, PresidenTp Ray Odom, SecreTary-Treasurerg Mr. Cunningham, Adviserg Robert Franco, Vice-PresidenT The boys' Club A Triendly spiriT oT cooperaTion has been The nucleus around which The Garfield Boys' Club has builT iTs program This year. As never beTore, The club has Torged inTo The numerous acTiv- iTies of iTs calendar wiTih pep and vim enough To insure suc- cess Trom The sTarT. Perhaps The mosT laborious Taslc was The weelcly clerical work enfailed in The operaTion oT The sTamp plan. The STamp CommiTTee led in This underTalcing, delivering The records To The rolls each Monday and seeing ThaT accuraTe accounTs were lcepT. The Boys' Club has compeTenTly done iTs parT in helping To bring To an auspicious close This school year, and in uniTing The sTudenT body in enThusiasTic exTra- curricular parTicipaTion. CommiTTees were indusTrious worlcers in boTh The Tall and spring semesTers. Those inTeresTed in philanThropy led The school in The disTribuTion oT The large quanTiTies oT Tood re- ceived Tor The needy aT Thanlcsgiving. Perhaps because The need was greaTer, The response wiTh donaTions was larger Than ever beTore. This was again True aT ChrisTmas. when The leTTers Trom The orphanage were answered. Those who Tound pleasure in searching Tor and presenTing valuable inTormaTion To eager boys sponsored vocaTional assemblies aT which Time ouTsTanding men oT various Trades and proTessions spoke on The oppor- TuniTies in Their respecTive fields QT worlc. The Program Com- miTTee consisTed oT Those whose original ideas led To such pre- senTaTions as The highly enioyable Too+ball assemblies. STill oThers volunTarily assumed responsibiliTy in connecTion wiTh The lunchroom, building, and posTer commiTTees. lT was The leadership of The principal, Boys' Club oTTicers, and adviser ThaT prompTed all commiTTees To do Their besT. The annual Boys' Club picnic closed The program Tor The year. Through The careTul planning oT The Special CommiTTee There was Tun Tor all. 79 s I.. f I Qi GIRLS' CLUB ADVISORY BOARD Murphy Galbrailh D. Brown Lobdell Morford Curlis C. Cole Mickelson M, Slulsman Fuller Peeples Case Robbins Hills Advisory Boarfd and Cabinet 1 ff N The Girls' Club Caloinel and Advisory Board have been imporlanl aids in carrying our 'rhe plans of lhe Girls' Club during Ihe pasl year. The Cabinel, composed of commillee chairmen, mel' lo discuss Ihe Iunclions of lhe Girls' Club. ll was The duly of Ihe Advisory Board lo enforce The rules of Ihe school. Oulside of Iheir meelings, Ihese girls have, by 'rheir example, helped ro promole a beller spiril among lhe girls ol:.Garlield. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN 'Row onef Pearce, Lafo, Whaley, I-larrah, Werfrick, Luley, Groves, D. Bailey, Sprague Row Iwo Wilrnof, Markham, M. Roberls, Brazier, King, Winsor, Ellis, Fisher, Genss. Row three. Surry Flefcher Cosgrave, Pinney, Fullerlon, Olsen, Musson. Row four. Safher, Carlson, Iles, Boyle, M Cole Ross Lowdon, Barron. 80 J BOYS CLUB ADVISORY BOARD Mclleavy GoulTer I-Iilen Chamberlain Thieme STouT Ovadia CarTer Bowers Krorn R. Franco Odom Israel Kobylk Ash Advisory Board and Committees As an imporTanT TacTor in The governrnenT oT The school, The Advisory Board acTs in The capac:iTy of a sTudenT council and disciplinary body. Those sTudenTs who vioIaTe The school requIaTions are deaIT wiTh under The meriT sysTem, so ThaT The oTTender is given demeriTs which he musT work OTT by do- ing some use-Tul work around school. The Board consisTs oT The execuTive board of The Boys' Club, Two members eIecTed by The sTudenT body, and Ten appoinTed by The oTTicers and eIecTed members. COMMITTEE CT-IAIRMEN Neuperf Millingfon Goulfer Usdane Pass DocTer Prince B. Franco Vrooman Rose Shannon A. Franco SPEAKERS' CLUB Tek-l ll.,,ll Q yx Jack STeinberq, President Harry Pass, Vice-President Bernice Winsor, Secrefaryg Jane Eshorn, Serqeanf- aT-Arms, Frieda Fuxon, SergeanT-aT-Arms, Miss WalTers, Miss Hall, Mrs. KneTTIe, Advisers The Speakers' Club STammering, sTaqe-sTruck sTudenTs have conTronTed The Garfield Speakers' Club To make Their TirsT aTTempTs aT decla- mafion. More experienced members have debaTed, enTered oraTorical conTesTs, and sTaqecl a mosT enioyable maTinee. The enTire club has ioined in The rare Tun oT iTs parTies. These acTiviTies, TogeTher wiTh new viewpoinTs Trom ouTside speakers, and acTual drarnaTic experience, have been proTiTable To every member. There remains a high sTandard Tor arnloiTious speakers of The TuTure To sTrive Tor. Row one. Maxwell, Oseran, Pass, Nyvelr, Horan, Sfarks, Moceri, Karnofsky, McDonald, Fagerlie Bernow, Williams, J. Berch. Row Two. Schoenfeld, Thomas, STewarT, Shain, Danz, E. Anderson, Jenkins Mauzy, Linville, Warren, Kramer, Wood, Nicol. Row Three. STinTon, STraker, Coluccia, Palmer, Slein berg, Miss Hall, Johnson, Sanders, Madsen, Baker, Ross, Minon, Lively. Row four. RubinsTein, Howard Eshom, Bend, B. Porfer, MaTson, Ryan, A. Jenkins, Davis, Aronson, Kashino, MacInTosh. Row five Kaminoff, Gerhardl, Winsor, BerTeIli, lmpson, Fuxon, B. PorTer, Neuner, Hill, Kaplan, I. Robbins Keflleman. Row six. I. Berch, Sidell, CorbeTT, CaThcarT, Levy, MelTzer, Levin, Goldberg, STone Horowifz, Hia'rT, Morse, Gleason, N ' ' ' , -5.1, Q- 114 6- s i, sz Q' , . e . tu M . xx' SPEAKERS CLUB Gerald Cone, Barney Shain, Mr. Bashore, Coachg Carl Koch, Jack STeinberg Debate The adage, "All's well ThaT ends well," seems parTicularly applicable To GarT'ield's debaTe record This year. While The TirsT se-mesTer produced only one Triumph, The Tinish oT The season saw Two more vicTories Tor boTh aTTirrnaTive and nega- Tive Teams. Through iTs Training in sTage presence, TorceTul speech, and quick, logical Thinking, The DebaTe DeparTmenT oT The Speakers' Club goes Tar Toward aTTaining The goals oT The organizaTion. Moreover debaTe is greaT Tun and aTTords an ouTleT Tor The excess spiriTs oT The argurnenTaTive. CONTEST WINNERS Jack STeinberg Barney Shain John MacAdam, Allan MacClellan, Morris Alhadeh' A Times Spring DeclamaTion Harry Pass Sol Funes Mary Ann Coluccio DoroThy STralrer Bernice Winsor John Williams Garfield Day DecIamaTion ORGANIZATIONS Miss Randall Greeley Moceri Mauzy Lively Slone Berg Iles G-erhardl Pearce Jenkins L. Innis,Vice-Presidenl Luley, Presidenl Winsor, Secrelary I-Iunloon The Writers' Club There is a place 'lor bolh lhe crealive genius and Ihe hopeful beginner in The Wrirers' Club. They are a friendly group whose goal is 'rhe arl' of sell-expression. Syrnparhy abounds belween These 'fellow aclvenlurers of The pen. Their besl poems, slories, and essays are preserved in The club porl- Iiolio as a record of achievemenl, The Science Club There is abundanl evidence everywhere of a deepening in- leresl in modern science. II cannol' be olherwise when 'rhe magnilude of recenl discoveries is considered, The Science Club, now in ils eighlh year of successful acliviliy, has again carried our a program of highly inslruclive Ieclures. experi- rnenls, and lrips lor sludenls faking a sincere inleresl in The progress of science. Mifchell Spifz McClelland Mr. Schrnalle Sfarks Thierne Winsor Ford York Srewarf M. Smith Ash Krom Berch Fenron Turner, Sec. Woodward, V.-Pres. Millingfon, Pres. Epsfein Herald Robbins Cafhcarf B4 ORGANIZATIONS gs i, i. i E T? Minkove Conyers Barish Uchirnura Klauniq Pelerson Kiel Mr. Wilson While, Presidenf Ward, Vice-Presidenl Websfer, Secrelary The Radio Club y The dols and dashes of lhe code class have become very business lilce. Enfhusiasm for This parficular phase of radio has accomplished rnuch in The pasl year. The new budge? plan has enlarged 'rhe field for experimenlalion. Garfield. fhrough her own sfafion, W7AUO, has been in communicalion wilh several schools besides many oulsicle slalions since The orqanizalion of 'rhe lnlerscholaslic Seaffle l-ligh School Radio League. The Photography Club The Pholoqraphy Club was organized in March of lhis year by four "pholo" fans, and already 'rhe membership has in- creased fo over filileen. By means of inleresling and enlighlen- ing meelings and frequenl' use of lhe darlc-room lhe members are lasl' learning lhe lriclcs ol amaleur pholography. The club, even af lhis early dale in ils hislory, has sponsored a conlesl Thai has proved bolh delighfful and profilable. Minkove Sfarks Barish Kalmans Nakano Tai Slalin, Secrefary-Treasurer Hakari Yorozu Israel Muskalell, Vice-President Gollslein Kanazawa X, 1 ,K 85 s T 23 X X x i ess K-C , .i ORGANIZATIONS Pass Barish Mr. Smifh Schmid STarks Nakamura Droker E. Anderson Koch I. Be ch J Berch I. Block M. SmiTh, Pres. B. Shain, Sec.-Treas. S. RubinsTeln V Pres The Chess and Checker Club Kings, queens, knighTs, and pawns came inTo Their own aT GarTieId This year wiTh The 'founding oT The Chess and Checker Club. The chess Team wiTh iTs sTeady, Thoughfful playing conTronTed iTs opponenTs in a mosT specTacuIar manner, deTeaT- ing all whom iT meT. Wifh no Iess TaIenT The arT oT checker playing was masTered. and a worThy showing was made by The members oT The Checker Team. The Stamp Club The chieT appeal oT The STamp Club is iTs varieTy oT ac- TiviTes. AucTions, besides helping The cIub's finances, enabIe members To procure sTamps They desire. STudenT TaIks are emphasized and alder coIIecTors give beginners heIpTuI sugges- Tions, Oufside speakers enIighTen all members on diT'TerenT phases oT philafely. Wirh prizes as Their goaI, coIIecTors parTicipaTe in conTesTs and enioy compeTiTions, Erisman Shields BaIIard Beniarnin Graves Frank Manhoff Warren La BerTew Force GerhardT Lively Miss PeITon Merrifield Hibbs CorbeTT I-I. MiIIer Griswold Kaufman Griffin H Greeley Pres. E. Minsk, V.-Pres. M. Innis, Sec.-Treas. Sidell STone B Berch ORGANIZATIONS ForresT A. STouT KanTer Frank Impson Ford Berch, SecreTary-Treasurer Larsen, PresidenT Fukui The Aeronautical Society SwiTch onl SwiTch onl ConTacTI The good ship, GarTieId AeronauTical SocieTy. was suddenly whisked inTo space. She puT her nose down and pulled Towards her goal-air associa- Tions. The Trip has been bumpy, buT The ship has sTood iT gal- lanTIy. A model air plane conTesT and air minded speakers have helped malce This year's TlighT a worTh while and pleas- anT one. Inter Nos To whaT lenqTh, QuiriTes, will you allow us To abuse your paTience? IT has been decreed by The ediTors ThaT we seT TorTh The weighTy maTTers ThaT have Talcen place in our councils. lTaque, QuiriTesg recall These weelcly meeTinqs oT our LaTin Club. Inspired by The spiriT oT Marcus Tullius Cicero, maTTers oT grave imporTance Trom supersTiTions To archiTecTure and Trom Caesar To Nero were TreaTed. WaTTon, Consul Minor PeTry, Consul Maior CarTer STeinberg, QuaesTor Miss Groves MaTson Rohrer, Scriba Mauzy A Cohen HarTzelI Graves Berg TopoloviTz Schumacher ,. ,ir '- Backstage thrills for many students, full houses for every school pe1'formance,and wider circulation for school publications -all these were part of GarfieId's most successful production year. PRODUCTIONS N f O RCl-l EST RAS ml SENIOR ORCHESTRA Usdane, Kirchner, Osbun, Mr. Kingsbury, Direcfor Ricci, While, Monlanye, Williams, Sullivan Maxwell, Vrooman Fowler, Klaunig, Adman, Barish, Bangharl, Holland Lucas, Sfarr, York, Bailey Kramer, Peha, Johnson, Zielinski Chin, Vogler, Sfraker, Feinberg, Durfy, Roppo, DeCou Greeley, Kruse, Sanders, Mufal, Sedis Senior and Junior Qrchestras The Senior and Junior Orchesiras, 'rhose organizalions of "merry fiddlers" and "horn-blowers," are doing greai Things for The school by developing music apprecialion among Gar- fieldifes. The Junior Orcheslra, direcled by Mr. Cook, prepares lhe less experienced players for 'the Senior Ocheslra. The laller, conducled by Mr. Kingsbury, povides music for The Operefla. Senior Night Funiesf. and many assemblies. . Many accomplished musicians have received elemenlar lraining in a Garfield orcheslra. E were THE JUNIOR ORCHESTR, Rolla, lrazz, Richardson, Slarr Palmer, Markham, Mr. Cook, Direclor Curliss, Bakovich Smi , Maas, Sreyh, Calderon, Sullivan Cohn, Bensussen, Prilchard, Green, Hovey, Greenwood Chamberlain, Sfernoff, Colby Shernaria, Fuda, Lozoff, Seyborn 9I ,, sl N , s .lux i f Nil, If? f, .Ji 4 Aj Music T ,fre I y Fi., sms' AND BoYs1eLlFjQ,ilfLuBs ' U l U4 T' CHg2JC1ubs This year The boys' and girls' glee classes were filled wilh enfhusiasric songslers. These groups cooperaled wifh fhe ofher branches of lhe Music Deparlmenf by helping pu? on Hs shows. Band A bands slirring music has Q1 rnanyla vicrory on 'rhe bafllefield and gridiron, The Ga ieldl direcled by Mr. Cook, splendidly provided musi durin' The halves, and ac- companied ihe sludenfs in 'rh ' son X i N .X W' ,' X Mr. Cook Cohn j Sfarr Bensussen Roth Monfanye Welch X Warner Kronfield Holman Muskafell While il , !"Minkove Wolfe Shinn with ,L-1 Q sz .Q , T MUSIC FIRST SEMESTER VOCAL PRODUCTION CLASS 2 '-U' , ,, vom, ,C -. ff' , . Vocal Production As Ihe bafon came down on Ihe opening nofes of Ihe year I93I-I932, GarfieId's chorus was "green" buf wiIIing. The orqanizarion showed if had rnusicaI abiIiIy by making a snappy aHacIc upon Ihe Iask before if-'ro produce a chorus worihy of appearing before The capaci+y audiences insured by Ihe sramp pIan. Such a Iask proved easy when everyone "laid Io," g','II' , creafing harmonicaIIy pleasing choral work in splendid sI'yIe ' M X for Ihe Opereffa and Senior Night 99 I J SECOND SEMESTER VOCAL PRODUCTION CLASS K' ' 93 Y, 5, -1 r. ,M r '7' SENIOR NIGI-IT Saturday Night Cast Friday Night Cast "HIS FIRST DRESS SUlT" Senior Night "There is no more argument, l'm going!" This quotation from the realistic drama, "Subrnerged," which was one ot the plays presented by the Senior Oral Expression Classes tor this year's production, expressed the exact sentiment ot over a thousand people when it came to attending Senior Night. En- thusiastic crowds filled the auditorium both nights and were well satisfied with the successfully varied program. The over- ture, entitled "The Poet and Peasant," was exceptionally well played by the Senior Orchestra, which also played other selec- "SUBMERGED" Friday Night Cast Saturday Night Cast 94 SENIOR NIGHT "LES PRELUDESH A "THE QUEST" lions during The evening. Following fhis, a concerfized version of "Carmen" was presenfed in a commendable way by The Vocal Produclion Class. Affer "Subrnerged," a lense drama ralcing place in a wrecked submarine, "Les Preludesf' a Dance Drama, was presented by The Nalural Dancing Classes. The Theme for lhis series of dances was The aspirafions, sfruggles, failures, and Triumphs of rnan 'rhroughour his life. The performance closed wifh a delighlliully enacled cornedy, "I-lis Firsf Dress Suirf' There were some carefully presenfed characlerizalions in lhis farce which lelr lhe audience wilh laughable rernernbrances of a well spenf evening, "LES PRELUDESU f "JUDGMENT" 2' 95 FUNFEST Announcers "The Discord Boys" "Jungle Capers" "The Toy Shop" The Funfest Tuneful seleclions from "My Maryland" successfully opened Garfield's mosl brillian? assemblage of lalenl, 'lhe Funfesi. Liferally 'Falling info The favor of +he audience came an original apparafus act "Jungle Capers." The "Discord Boys" belied lheir 'lille wifh harmonious saxa- phone versions of old favorifes. In 'rhe "Toy Shop." an imagi- nary bil of realism, 'rhe audience glimpsed graceful doll dances. Cleopaira again displayed her wiles, loul in a very virile form in "Cleo and Pal." modernislically porlrayed. Wilh busfles and long slcirls, "Memories" brought harmonious re- minders ol days no+ so long ago. a --"' b lay . I' "Memories" - 'tr' "Cleo and Pai" "Professor LariaHo" 96 . l A 'X -- ww iiwiill M,si-fU FUNPEST ine LOST :ievaror Are mesa vur unem quyvq U- me ..o....N... ...aa l lin? fuban Fiesla" y I ix-fir' "The Trombone Head," a 'from' curfain slcif, was laugh- ingly received. Color and spiril wielded a prominenl hand in "A Cuban Fieslaf' a vivacious sample ol: life in lhe Soulh. The audience enjoyed a surprise wail in "The Los? Eleva+or," where a clever cas? had been for+una+ely slranded. Afler an ingenious panlomime, "Are These Our Unemployed?", "The Muscovifesn afforded icy glimpses of Russian Lile, wiih warmlh in fhe characier dances. A 'Trip To lhe "woolly" Wes? was done in "lasso" slyle by "Professor LariaH'o." The versalilily of radio announcers a+ fheir probable anlics provoked sleady merrimenl' in "Two For Filileenf' A glowing array of personalily in "A Rexford Rally." done in collegiale almosphere, leff all wilh vivid impressions of clever rhylhms. "Rexford Revue" "Two for Fif1een" "The Muscoviiesu 97 la i l .i 4 7 i",'1W ,,! .UP is N 'U' :E 63,1 UDV i GPERETTA - 'gf' mf fp" T' Aff' A CHORUS GROUP ll ll y The Duke ol Volendam Again GarTield's annual operella, This year a Two-acl ro- manfic musical comedy, "The Duke of Volendamf' proved lhal drama and voice can be successfully blended by our vocal pro- duclion sludenls. The orcheslra, direcled by lvlr. Kingsbury, played The ac- companimenfs in True operalic slyle, and The qualify of The overlure was oufsfanding. The opening curlain revealed realis- lic windmills and clilces cleverly designed and execuled by slage arlisls under 'rhe guidance of Miss Brown. The Typically Dulch coslumes wilh baggy panls, Turned-up caps. and wooden shoes. MTNNA AND THE DUTCH CLEANSER CHORUS 98 ' l 5- OPERETTA PRINCIPALS showed The slcill oT Miss Burns' handiworlcers. The sTory oT The opera Tells cT The advenTures OT a rich American and his sisTer in The ciTy oT Volenclam, l-Tolland. Here They Tind a burgornasTer, his indusTrious wiTe, an inn- lceeper, an oyer-ambiTious army oTTicer, and The village "niT- wiT," The Dulce. l-low This rioTously Tunny characTer rediscovers a losT Treasure Torms The basis Tor all The ploT acTion. Each soloisT was careTully coached by Mr, Cook: and The comedy acTion was ably handled by Bill Usdane as The Dulce who seemed To live his lunaTic parT To realiTy, The worlc OT Miss l-lall's malce-up commiTTee and The dance direcTion oT Miss Adams and her assisTanT, Mildred l.aTo, also conTribuTed To The final success OT The producTion. .'7 - 31 2' BEBE AND HER Pizimns .g, I X 54.45 1 -,Z X Y-, K . K N J A NJJ. if . 2 jj .4 Vg ,YO 5 X11 I 9-2 4 PRODUCTIONS Wilbur Mr. Peters Jones Tyler Pinch Vrooman Gallup Ticket Committee Crowds clamored long ancl lustily at the ticlcet ottice, tor, due to the stamp plan, attendance at productions increased two-told. Consequently, new members were chosen and utmost service was tendered at all times. Ushers The girls ushering during maior pertormances are members ot the l-lonor Society. ln order to give a variety ot students an opportunity to serve, ditlerent girls are selected tor each performance. Franco Krom Usdane Hilen Anderson Chamberlain Rose Ash Arneson Warner Mclleavy Fullerton Shroclc Prince Millington Thieme mpson Gustanotf Gliclcrnan Robbins J. Osen D. Osen Cosqrave Bannick Pearce Berch Green Mclleavy Weiner Genss lnnis Angell Hanan E.Stutsman Faurot I00 , PRQDUCTIONS Q Casey Cosgrave Gaston Mauzy Ball MissHall 'Amon Early Sternoft Jaffe Minsk Horowitz Aronin Perrott Pearce Aronson Cl-iristiancy Berch Make-up Committee Presenting a good face is usually halt the battle won. This year's Make-up Committee, chosen from the Oral Expression Two class, showed that they well knew the value of this tested maxim. The Stage Crew Members ot the stage crew seldom rate a place in the X spotlight, but their skill with the hammer and the saw, and their ut etticient scene shitting are important contributions to every- t Lv school production. .x . L -, ,Y v., f 1 I ,gf f I ! "X ' H t Daniels Newell inlfelylvhd Siant, Funtest Mgr. Jones' Straker, Opera Mgr, Lukas R. Bfackwell, Senior Night Mgr. Schneiderwind Stalin McDonald R. Sant L. Sant A. Blackwell Catalini Kaplan King ' -Q Aff 1, 4 fgdskllklf sic" 'Ol t f7"il " f 1 Ls t X 5 x ae '3 X xcj Y it X J. to XJ MESSENGER Douglas Keating Bytord Stout Sally Law Mary McReavy Business Manager Sports Editor Advertising Manager Editor Mr. Brier Virginia Hathaway Belle Berch Adviser Make-Up Editor Assistant Editor The Garfield Messenger A circulation greater than that ot any other Seattle high school newspaper, editorials winning the recognition ot ref publication in student news sheets ot three states, a tirst semester editor elected to honorary ottice in the Washington l-ligh School Press Association-these were highlights in the enviable record ot the Gartield Messenger tor l932. Primarily a practical means ot teaching iournalisrn, the Messenger is also an invaluable organ in Garfield lite. Its tunction is to draw together the ditterent tactions ot the school FIRST SEMESTER STAFF Mr. Brier Stout Keating Brice Tat Smith Winsor Maury Hathaway Law Harris Jenkins Mctleavy Berch IOZ XJ!! if if M" Q'-fy X I- ,if ri? fyfrlf X Vi 'll Messeneeiz X. N Jack Rirchie John Gran? Joe lisrael Sporls Edilor Circulalion Manager Business Manager Marlin Chamberlain Rulh Genss Dorolhy Sanders Belly Miller Editor Assislanr Edilor Make-Up Ediror Adverlising Manager by creafing common inleresrs and common enlhusiasrns, by providing inlorrnarion relalive ro curricular and exlra cur- ricular acrivifies, and by promolinq a healrhy school spiril. Bolh The edilorial and business cleparlmenls of The Mes- senger were handled by members ol rhe News Wririnq One and Two classes under The guidance of l-l, M. Brier. Borh slahfs were allowed lull responsibiliry for rhe publicalion of The sheer. ll was lheir newspaper, prinfed lhrouqh 'rheir ellorls and cooperarion. Their "copy," rheir "heads," lheir ideas as ro news values and newspaper make-up, all were incorporared so rhal The Messenger rnighl achieve i'rs purpose. SECOND SEMESTER STAFF Conway, Granl, Grey, Chamberlain, Brown, israel, Hutchinson Rirchie, Asplund, Karnofsky, Franco, Handlin, Kossen, Thornas Tyson, Barnes, Rupp, Genss, Conyers, Miller, Haugen, Salher, Sanders IO3 ARROW J F ,W .W lin,- CHIEF EDITORS The Arrow The same spirir of cooperafion ro which fhe I932 Arrow is dedicaled inspired ifs slaff and made ifs producfion possible. Conrrary +o lhe widely accepfed belief of many sludenrs. +he Arrow is nor compiled in a few weeks. Siarrinq early lasi' fall, ihe srafi devofed many weeks 'ro preparing derailed premilinary plans before beginning The acrual work of wriring 'rhe book. No one who has visiled The Arrow headquariers and seen The edifors and division edirors cuiling, pasiing, and naming pho+ographs, or discussing copy wi+h 'rhe ediforial adviser could 'Fail fo realize 'rhar many differenl' individuals have made imporranl' conlrriburions fo rhe book. Under The division edi- DIVISION EDITORS IO4 ARROW BUSINESS STAFF Tors was a large sTaTT oT conTribuTors who described The individual acTiviTy wiTh which They were mosT Tamiliar. The arT deparTmenT added beauTy To The book wiTh The waTer color skeTches ThaT were used Tor The TirsT Time in a Garfield annual. CarToonisTs and leTTerers also served on The arT sTaTT. AlThough The sTamp plan removed much oT The diTTiculTy in selling The Arrow To The sTudenTs, leTTing conTracTs, soliciT- ing adverTising. and disTribuTing The books presenTed many problems Tor The Business STaTT To solve. This deparTmenT was largely responsible for The Tinancial success oT The year- book. I ' ii'5f"r'! Ml' 5 - T ARROW CONTRIBUTORS Shaun Moceri, Pass, Barish, PenningTon, Chamberlain, Thieme, MiIIingTon, Broolcbank Larsen, Miller, CaLTer, Musson, Holman, Conway, Krom, Ash, Danz Pinney, Luiey, Hilperf, Glickman, Gross, Rohrer, Ovadia, STouT, Franco HunToon, Harrison, Berch, McReavy, BarTon, Harris, Ronald, HaThaway, ll SS I gal' l05 Football, baseball, basketball, and track-the pass- ing seasons called out more loyal supporters and more enthusiastic teams than ever before-both inspired by the traditional spirit of Bulldog teams and their followers. ATHLETICS FGOTBALL SCCDRES Lincoln O - Roosevelf 6 Wesf Seaffl Ballard 6 - Franlclin 7 - Cleveland O G Garfield 26 Garfield O Garfield O Garfield O Garfield 6 Garfield 39 "Even when our luck is gone, We'II always carry on, For Garield High." FOOTBALL Leon Brigham Coach Football There were no glamorous vicTories or lasT minuTe heroics To mark The work oT lasT season's eleven: only deTeaT, regular, ineviTable deTeaT, despiTe a powerTul Team, TighTing and press- ing, always ThreaTening Till The Tinal gun. There were no run- away games, no Trouncings, To mar The Bulldog record, only narrow margined losses resulTing Trom blocked kicks, cosfly Tumbles, unscuccessTul Try-Tor-poinTs, and similar unTorTunaTe breaks. IT was a well balanced TooTball Team ThaT sTarTed The season againsT Lincoln, and, aTTer The humiliaTion oT The "RailspliT- Ters" by The remarkably smoooTh Bulldog aggregaTion, iT was Treely predicTed ThaT here was anoTher championship squad equal or superior To Those immorTal elevens oT '28 and '29. The TirsT blow To GarTield's hopes was The loss oT a close Tussle To The championship RoosevelT eleven. Then, in quick succession, came The TorTeiT oT The Lincoln game and dis- hearTening losses To Ballard, Franklin, and WesT SeaTTle. A dazed annd badly shaken Bulldog suddenly Tound himselT Tallen Trom The SeaTs oT The rnighTy and TighTing Tor his very ex- isTence. The ouTlook was gloomy indeed as The Time approached when The long quieTed Purple Tornado would be called upon To do baTTle wiTh The Cleveland Eagles, cellar occupanT Tor The lasT Three years. Their opponenTs conceded an even chance Tor vicTory. Coach Brigham called upon his boys To give him one noTch in The win column. They responded wiTh a will. BeTore a packed grandsTand assembled To wiTness The Tinal humiliaTion oT The once mighTy Bulldog, The Pups, play- ing inspired ball, gave The TighTing "Highlanders" The worsT beaTing oT The season. So ended The mosT disasTrous TooTball season in Gar- Tield's hisTory, buT The sTudenT body and The coaching sTaTT, having gained sTrengTh in deTeaT, are conTidenT ThaT GarTield's royal purple will soon reTurn To iTs accusTomed place in TooT- ball's hall oT Tame. FOOTBALL By Sfouf Halfback. A real de- fensive back. His was The Thankless fask of clearing The way for fhe ball carrier. Bob Anderson Fullback. A good kicker, flashy ball packer, and bullet passer. He used his size and power fo good advanfage. Bob Chappel End. A veleran wing mang quick fo gef down under punfsg sure af pass receiving and blocking. Larry Renfon Lineman. Af home in eifher guard or end posifionsg slighf in slafure, buf a lrue fighler. Il0 , Joe Israel Guard. Al his besl when The going was fougheslg every inch a fighfer. He made fhe second leam, All Cily. Danny Allen Halfback. Fasfesf man on fhe squadg a will o' fhe wisp in The open fieldg a pofen- lial Garfield "great" Harry Rempher Halfback. A quick kick arfisf, skillful af passing and ball pack- ing. He should see plenfy of service nexf year. Max Krom Halfback.Fasf,heady, and elusive: a "nal- ural" capable of fill- ing any backfield po- sifion. Oulguessing opponenfs was his specially. Capfain Pele Gray Tackle. A greaT in- Terfering and defen- sive forwardg an in- spiring leaderg a ver- saTile foofballerg The besT of The ciTy's line- rnen. ffl i All , l LB, , l wi John Miller Lineman. An able guard or Tackle. He jaw liTTle acfion due To severe leg iniuries, buf was a valuable reserve. Hank GuTh CenTer. A reserve wifh firsT Team pofen- fialifies. He showed himself To be a bear on defense, and a vicious Tackler. Q Kill Ernie lgse arTerloack. The di- Tor of a powerful buT ill-faTed eleven: a proficient passer and an excellenT safe- Ty man. FOOTBALL Gene Glaser Cenfer. A depend- able pivot man, one of The ciTy's besfg an effecfive roving cena Ter, quick To infer- cepf passes. lf b John Grant Guard. AdepT aT knif- ing Through The line To Throw enemy ball carriers in Their Tracks: lighT bul' pow- erful. Homer Harris End. A savage Tack- ler and a skilled pass receiver: Ta I I, fasT, and a human screen against forward passes, Babe Websfer Tackle. A Three-year veferan, skilled aT Taking ouf an enemy Tackle or crashing Through To nail op- posing backs. BASKETBALL SCCDRES I:ranIcIin I9 - - Garfied 34 WesI SeaIIIe 6 - - - Garfie d 45 Lincoln I6 - - - Garfie OI 30 Broadway I6 ---- Garfie CI 27 Queen Anne I5 - - - Garfied 23 Ballard 32 ----- Garfied 36 Franklin 3I - - - GarIied22 WesI Sea+IIe I2 - - - Garfiecl 47 Limlnzn - - - - 6arIied24 Broadway 27 - - - earned 35 Cnueenfanne as - - - earned I9 Ballard 22- - - -earned 36 "Hearty are the men, Who Wear the purple and the white." BASKETBALL Leon Brigham Coach Basketball Champions! Affer five long, lean years of working and sfriving, fhe Garfield baskefeers are once more fhe proud possessors of fhis impressive fifle. According fo pre-season dope fhis year's hoop quinfef was a dark-horse enfry, an unfried quanfify which had an ouf- side chance of success. Once fhe race was under way, how- ever, fhere was liffle doubf fhaf fhe defermined Bulldogs were headed for vicfory and fhe pennanf. The smoofh floor work. accurafe shoofing. and all around proficiency of Fefe Gray and his mafes broughf back poignanf memories of Hank Swanson and fhe ofher super sfars of fhaf immorfal "wonder feam" which wrofe baskefball hisfory for Garfield in I927. Copping fhe firsf fhree games handily, fhe Pups assumed fhe undispufed leadership of fhe league. They fhen proceeded fo bowl over Broadway, Queen Anne, and Ballard, finishing fhe firsf round of play wifhouf a defeaf, Then, when prospecfs for a perfecf season looked brighfesf, came fhe only blof on Garfield's ofherwise immaculafe record. Cafching fhem momenfarily off sfride, Franklin adminisfered our wearied cagers a sfinging 31-22 defeaf. Fighfing mad af being forced fo fake fhis biffer pill, fhe Bulldogs came back fo overwhelm a hopelessly oufclassed Wesf Seaffle quinfef 47 fo IZ. Lincoln and Broadway were fhe nexf vicfims ofa defermined onslaughf which cinched fhe pennanf for fhe purple and whife. Wifh fwo games remaining and fhe championship safely won, our vicforious hoopsfers proved fhemselves fo be a fruly greaf feam, for, insfead of leffing down as a lesser group mighf have done, fhey fook a close decision over Queen Anne and fhen wound up fhe season in a blaze of glory by soundly frouncing fhe sfrong Ballard quinfef. The Champions of '32 are now disbanded, buf fheir mem- ory remains fo inspire fufure Garfield feams fo scale fhe heighfs in search of furfher laurels, BASKETBALL 5 Gerald Mandell Forward. Considered The cleveresl player on lhe squad. His smoofh floor-work and clever passing were oulsfanding. Edmund Shupack Forward. A sopho- more. His uncanny abilily fo hi? The bas- kel' will make him a real lhreaf in 'fufure years. l . -" ,ly X 'J f' J II4 Al Franco Forward. Allhough small and inexperi- enced, his exceplional speed and shoofing abilily marked him as firsl Team timber. 1 li' ll , 1 .I I Israel Halfon - .ff Guard and F A former "sups" who blossomed info a firsl feam slar. His scor- ing spree in the Bal- lard game was a sensalion. Vic Calderon Guard and Forward. Tall, fasl, and ag- gressive. He excelled in every deparlmenf of lhe game. His close checking baffled opposing forwards. ,lef X Al Flefi Guard. The smallest player in the league, and one of fhe besf. He leaves a vacancy hard lo fill. BASKETBALL Ezra Rose Guard. Speedy, col- orful, and a good shof. Anofher sopho- more who succeeded in breaking info The "big-lime." Captain Pele Gray Center. A leader of champions: ace of the cil'y's hoopsfers. He holds 'the record for poinfs scored in one game. IIS BASEBALL SCGRES I932 Season U0 May 31 Bfoadwayun .-.. earfaed o Cleveland 4 .... ea,-fied I7 Lincoln IO- - - - earned I5 Roosevelf I2 ...Q Garfied 5 weS+sea++le6 - - -earned 4 lKH6I6,S to dear old Garfield High, Her fighting spirit cannot die." BASEBALL Kirk Baxfer Coach Baseball I-Iaving won buf fwo games and losl' fhree, The Garfield feam seems fo be ouf of fhe championship running as fhe "Arrow" goes fo press. However, fhe fwo vicfories have encouraged The diamond-men and fhey are defermined fo finish af Ieasf in fhe upper division of fhe pennanf race. Broadway's champions, aided and abeffed by fhe superb pifching of Louie Budnick, shuf ouf our purple-clad warriors II fo O, allowing buf five hifs. Enfering fhe Cleveland game as underdogs, fhe Garfield nine found ifs Hbaffing eye" and overwhelmed fhe sfarfled Eagles I7 fo 4. Websfer and Kolsylk led fhe offensive affack, gafhering seven hifs be- lween fhem. Alfhough fhey were frailing 7 fo O af one fime in The Lincoln melee, fhe fighfing Bulldogs came back fo win fhe fracas I5 fo IO, due fo fhe efforfs of I-Ieafh, Ferries, and Goddard, who performed yeoman service wifh fheir sficks. In fhe Roosevelf encounfer, fwenfy base hifs by The Teds spelled defeal' for Garfield. The final score was I2 fo 5, Wesl' Sea++Ie eked ouf a 6 fo 4 vicfory over fhe Pups in fhe fiffh fray, which proved fo be an excifing one in spife of careless fielding by bofh feams. The feam has displayed real falenf al' fimes, buf fheir failure fo produce hifs when needed has proved fhe undoing of fhe Bulldog Ioafsmen, The ouffield combinafion has faken good care of ifs ferrifory, and fhe infield has furned in some firsf class work af fimes, sfopping several affempfed rallies wifh fasf double plays. Our hopes of landing in fhe upper division depend upon fhe fufure showings of Dick Conway and George Yanagamachi, pifchersq Harry Rempher, I-Iarold Reuhl, and Frank Gallanf, cafchersg Babe Websfer, By Sfouf, Chic Ferries, Mike Koloylk, and Tom Cliney, infieldersg and Jeff I-Ieafh, Bob Goddard, and Ari Balernan, ouffielders. BASEBALL Frank Vogler FirsT Base. An up-and- coming firshsackerg a husTler who performed alTernaTely al' 'lirsT base and pifcherg one of The league's hard- esf hiTTers. Jim Mar Hing OuTfielder, Did a good iob of paTrol- ing The field. His bunTing was a valu- able asseT To The Team. Brennan King UTiliTy. Full'of pep and 'fighTg could fill in aT any posiTiong has Two more years of play. By STouT Second Base. An ef- ficienT keysTone man, on his Toes every in- ningg playing his final season for Garfield. Il8 Tom Cliney Third Base. His abil- iTy To knock down line drives and his sure pegs To Tirsf irn- pressed The fans. Harry Rempher CaTcher. A veTerang held up The backsfop posiTion in snappy fashiong a reliable baTsmang has one more year. Richard Conway PiTcher. A cool, sTeady Tosser wiTh plenTy of sTuff on The ballg sTruck ouT many a hard hiTTing baTTer. Bob Goddard Oulfielder. CompIeT- ing his fourfh year of firsT Team ball: an excellenT Tly-Chaser and a whiz on The bases. Harold Reuhl Cafcher. A menace fo opposing base- runnersg a slugger and a boy who knows the game: fhree more years of baseball. Capfain Babe Websfer Firsf Base. A four- year lefferman: per- formed alfernafely af first base and pifch- erg one of fhe league's hardesf hif- fers. Geoffrey Heafh Ouffielder. A sure- fire hiffer and one of the cify's besl field- ersg back for fwo more years. 1 i J Dick Sfavig Ouffielder. A fasf, rangy player who could cover a lof of ferriforyg playing his lasf year af fhe Bull- dog insfifufion. BASEBALL Ar? Bafeman Ouffielder. A hard- working freshman wifh an unusually high baf- fing average. He covered fhe "pas- fures" in fine sfyle. Chic Ferries Shorfsfop. A sophg poled ouf a home run and a friple in fhe Lynx game: a fine fielder and ac- curafe fhrower. l i . al-j Q L1 f Ge r anigiwiachi ' ei ad Man rol plenly of mgx, valuable ufi 'fy n wifh lols elf owel' af fhe plafe. l Mike Kobylk Third Base, A fresh- man who filled fhe "hof corner" with alerfness and abilify, His sfick work was above average. II9 TR Garlie Garlie Garlie Garlie Gvarlie ACK SCORES l93l Season c 55lf2 ---- Ballard 42 Wesl Seallle I5lf2 c 66 ---- Franklin 47 c 55lf2 - - Roosevelr 39lf2 Broadway I8 C 68 ---- Lincoln 45 c28lf4 - - - Franklin28V4 lfxllcilyl l932 Season llo April 303 Garlie Garlle ld 55lf3 - - - Lincoln44 Broadway I3 IX3 ld 6l - - - - Franklin 43 "They sprint down the track and they put on the steam- The Garfield Bulldogs and the Garfield team." l T I YW TRACK Farsi Leon Brigham Coach ' Track EighT years oT compeTiTion in dual and Triangular meeTs wiThouT a deT'eaTl This is The unparalleled record hung up by GarTield's super cinder men. LasT year's TracksTers added To The long lisT oT vicTories by copping Tour preliminary meeTs and Tying Tor The All-CiTy championship. In The TirsT conTesT of The season, a Triangular mix wiTh Ballard and WesT SeaTTle, The Bulldogs proved Their superioriTy by emerging wiTh 55lf2 poinTs To 43 Tor Ballard and l5lf2 Tor WesT SeaTTle. Then, on successive SaTurdays, They downed Franklin, Roosevelt Broadf way, and Lincoln, and again achieved The disTincTion oT being The only school in The ciTy To weaTher The early season compeTi- Tion wiThouT a deTeaT. The All-CiTy, a nip and Tuck aTTair marked by The sensaTional performances oT PeTe Gray in The discus, Johnny Shaw in The quarTer, and Doremus, Shaw, Usdane, and Arshon in The relay, Tound Franklin Tied wiTh Garfield, largely Through The eTTorTs of Hanson, who placed in Three evenTs. Over one hundred aspiring Track sTars answered Coach Brigham's call To arms This spring, a Tair indicaTion ThaT Garfield will conTinue To be supreme in The Thin-clad sporT. The annual home meeT resulTed in a vicTory Tor The Sopho- mores, who garnered 49 poinTs. The Seniors were second wiTh 47 markers, while The Juniors Trailed wiTh 34. The Freshmen enjoyed a special evenT of Their own in which gold medals were given To The winners. The TirsT meeT QT The currenT season Tound Garfield, led by Shaw, Krom, l-lilen, Gray, Harris, and Usdane, TriumphanT in a Triangular baTTle wiTh Lincoln and Broadway. The second conTesT, a duel wiTh Franklin, became anoTher Bulldog Tield day when The squad showed marked improvemenT over The preceding week's eTTorTs. ConTidenT Tl'1aT This Team has The abiliTy and TighT, The sTudenT-body Teels cerTain ThaT iTs rep- resenTaTives on The Track will again give a crediTable accounT oT Themselves in All-CiTy compeTiTion. l2l TRACK John CarTer Formerly a sprinTer: now a credifable half-miler: Took an upsel' vicTory In The high-hurdles in The Home MeeT. Bob Lankford Second only To Krom in The hurdles, he is a sfeady poinT win- ner 'for The Bulldogs: back nexT year. K 1 WW Bill'Usda A reliab da man: can be W ed upon To i up a few ar in The relay en needed. Raleigh Taylor A sophomore wilh greaf poTenTialiTies: specializes in The hundred buT can ac- quif himself crediT- ably in The 220 and relay. l22 Andrew Hilen An ouTsTandinq high- sTick man and a pole- vauITer of abiliTy: a consTanT poinl-winner in boTh evenTs. Jack Colman UndersTudy To Cap- Tain Shaw in The quarTer: shows possi- biliTies of becoming a real middle-dis- Tance man. STeve Mckeavy A leTTerman high- iumper whose griT a n d deTerminaTion made him a valuable member of The squad: in his lasT year aT Garfield. Bill Browning Turned ouT for The Tirsf Time in his sen- ior year: a capable half-miler and a con- sTanT scoring ThreaT. Reino Jarvimaki The Team's besT miler and a sTeady poinT- winner: his firsT year aT Track and a mosl successful one. Pefe Gray The league's premier discus fhrower, vaulf- er, and shof-puffer: sfarring for fhe lasf fime on a Garfield feam. Bill Bowers Small buf powerful: a sfeady weighf fosser and a consfanf fhreaf fo opposing "sfrong men": back nexf year. Jack Docfer Anofher reason why Garfield was so sfrong in 'lhe broad-lump fhis year: should shine even brighfer nexf 566500 . fl TT .- gulf ll: Qi' i V' Bill Millingfon Sef back by an un- forlunafe accidenf in which he was spiked by a Team-mafe, buf a sleady miler. Danny Allen Garfield's ace sprinf- er: garnered many a poinf in fhe IOO, 220, and relay: has fwo more years of com- pefifion. will TRACK X Capfain Johnny Shaw Won fhe quarfer in the All-Cify lasf year: performs in fhe relay and dashes as well. ,Z Men, ' John Harrop Only a sophomore, buf found a ready place on fhe feam. T h e d a s h e s a nd broad-iumping are his forfe. Roy Tyler A consfanf fhreaf in fhe half-mile. His in- domifable spirif was an inspirafion fo his males. Max Krom His broad-iumping is The besf in The league: enfers fhe dashes when neces- sary: is a hurdler of real merif. Homer Harris A sophomore find: performed sensafion- ally in fhe shol, dis- cus, hurdles, and hiqh-iump: should be even beffer nexf year. I23 Z l A TJ FooTsALL Q, SECON D TEAM FOOTBALL Neuperl, Eden, Twohig, Kealing, Gulh, Rernpher, Bowers, Hosakawa Rudisell, Ferris, Odom, McNae, Tacher, Halfon Seconcl -Feam Football Allhough lhe "supers" of I93I did mol enjoy The success of lheir immediale predecessors, lhey were able lo win Three games and lie one in six conlesls, earning sixlh place. Freshman Football The Freshmen gridders won lhe championship of lheir division. Winning four games our of as many slarls, lhe firsl year lads proved 'Themselves lo be The "class" of The league. FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM Daniels, Evans, Voqler, Keene, Coach Baxler, Nakamura, Salher, Herman, Sharp Lamson, Reuhl, Baleman, Berg, Kobylk, Jacquilh, Williams, Yanagamachi Tulsumi, Ragsdale, Brenner, Israel, Lucas, Redmond, lnouye, Taft , .. , wwf? .1ois 4aEm I24 T by , 1 av Aff' T of I. T. BASKETBALL 1, lu SECON D TEAM BASKETBALL Ryan, Bowers, Harris, Trudeau Kobylk, Zeigrnan, Brice Rose, Mar Hing, PeTerscn Second Team Basketball ATTer sTarTing The season poorly by losing The TirsT Three ouT OT Tour games, The G,-arTield second Team came back sTrong, winding up in second place, close behind The champions. Sophomore Basketball The Sophomores were less successTul Than Their younger broThers, The Frosh. The Soph aqgreqaTion Tinished in Third place. The high spoT in Their season was an overwhelming 36-7 vicTory over The Cleveland second year men. SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM Coach BaxTer, FauroT, Rickles, Bowman, Glickman, Alhacleff Benozra, ChipruT, Tacher, Gove, DargiTz I25 X BASKETBALL AND TRACK FROST-l BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Baxier, Yonagamachi, Evans, l-leafh, Kobylk Israel, Genauer, Harris, Bafeman, Levine Freshman Basketball The Freshman hoop quinlei cornpleled The season in sec- ond place. Allhouqh The learn was noi as slrong as mosl of Baxle-r's Frosh qroups, il showed real abilily. N Freshman-Sophomore Track J The Erosh, led by Lucas, Palmquisl, Williams, and Manus. J carried on Garfield lradilion by winning lheir All-Cily wilh S 34lf4 poinis. The unlorlunafe Sophs only earned 3 poinls in J 'rheir eveni. , FROSH-SOPH TRACK TURNOUT xl Lucas, Palmquisf, Lund, McQuaker, Salher, Peizer, Seidle, Herman, Manlz, Marlin Redmond, Eickenwald, Hefner, Ragsdale, Waller, Lamson, Williams, Sherman L Chriesf, Zobrisf, Waller, Powers, Herman, Travis, Murphy, Gilberf l I . -Z.,,J1L I26 MANAGERS FOOTBALL MANAGERS BASKETBALL MANAGERS John Gallup, Scott Pease Russell Tal, Louis Zefin Jackie King, Al Larsen Dave Alhadeff, Harold Siegel Athletic Managers Super coaching plus good managemenl yields alhlelic supremacy. ln lhal equaliori lies The secrel of lhe Bulldogs' successes on field. diamond, and courl. The alhlelic man- agers are a group of fellows who, for lhe sole love of lhe sport offer lheir services as helpers in lhe difficull laslc of moulding real leams. Managers' cups, which signify service as a Head Manager, were awarded lhis year lo Scoil Pease, Foolballg Louis Zelin, Baslcelloallg and Russell Tai, Spring Sporls. BASEBALL MANAGERS TRACK MANAGERS Marcus Perry, Ernie Gove Louis Zefin, Russell Tat Jackie King, Don Greenwood l Y. V IZ7 Y- " ' 8 MINOR SPORTS C . LuTher More, Coach T fi fi" 'r J- lntramural Sports The Boys' lnTramural sporTs program gives Those Tellows who are disinclined or unable To parTicipaTe in inTerAschool aThleTics an opporTuniTy To enioy The Thrill oT cor'npeTiTion. Fall acTiviTies include baslceTball, horseshoes, and Tennis. The winTer season Tinds baslceTball and ping-pong sharing The spoTlighT, while in The spring Tennis and baseball hold sway. AlThough They receive liTTle publiciTy, These acTiviTies are an increasingly irnporTanT TacTor in school liTe, due To The exTensive program insTiTuTed by Mr. More. NJ v'i1','2 - YELL LEADERS Don Greenwooddi ln,Berch, John Harrop, Morris Alhadefzf, Doug Mayor Jack STeinberg, Song Leader fl l 'K 128 jzwfllwi- 6 -LJ-fu MA, X. "1 "XZ ,. 4 N MINOR SPGRTS y . r , Y 1 . , I . K' , TENNIS TEAM John Rushing, Coach Galiup, Mavor, Giickrnan, Beecher, Peferson, Greeiey Mifchell, Rickles, Turner, Bush, Shindeli Tennis Wifh six leffermen on his Team, Coach Rushing is mos? opiimisfic concerning 'rhe ensuing season. An overwhelming vicfory in ifs firsf mafch indicafes The squads de+ermina+oin +o live up io expecfefions. Golf In Jrhe iirsi' monih of play, Garfield's divof-diggers mei wi+h a He and Two defeafs. Undeferred by These reverses. however, ihey came back io hand Wes? Seaffle a severe drubbing. GOLF TEAM Parenf, Hay, Hummer, Conway, Shindell, Hagen, Bekins, CIin+wor1h, Boddy Hufchison, G. Granf, J. Granf Ear! Whifson, Coach IZ? X' lain! K' fc 1, GIRLS' CHAMPICDNS l-loclcey - - Baslcelball - - Volleyball - - Fall Tennis - EallBadn'1in+on - - - Ereslimen - - Seniors - - Seniors - - Ariel Sloul Eileen Michelson All Slar l-loclcey Team Eolilli Berglin Belle Bercli Beclcy l-lasson Eleanore Eslep Tlwresa Mae Coole Willa Mae l-lowarcl Rullw Sloclcs Isabelle l-lawlcins Jean Eranlc lvlabel lnouye Eileen lvliclfielson Ariel Sroul Belly Erary Peggy Wenclq Ruby Kaminoll Grace Grolli Eileen Brandl GIRLS' ATHLETICS Miss Jurgensohn, Coach Miss WhiTrnore Coach Ciirls' Athletics ConTaining Ten widely varied acTiviTies, The Girls' AThleTic calendar gives every girl in school ample opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in aT leasT one sporT. The iniTial evenT on The program is hockey, which makes iTs appearance in The Tall. As iT is a game ThaT requires a greaT deal of Teamwork, The girls devoTe mosT of Their Time To The pracTice oT Team plays. This highly scienTiTic sporT is Tollowed by baskeTball and, aTTer The ChrisTmas holidays, by volleyball. Hiking is rapidly gaining in populariTy as an all-year- round acTiviTy, and annual excursions To snow-bound l-lyak, To cornroasTs, TooTball games, The UniversiTy of WashingTon Play Day exhibiT, and hikes in search oT ChrisTmas Greens make up an imporTanT parT of The year's acTiviTies. A new and Thrilling game in which The girls have shown an excep- tional inTeresT is BadminTon. lT is TaughT in regular classes as well as being TeaTured in aTTer-school TournamenTs organized by The girls Themselves. Spring abounds in aThleTic acTiviTy. Besides The regular class TurnouTs in baseball, which are TeaTured by a series of games To deTermine The school champions, There is an exciTing aTTer-school TournamenT Tor Those inTeresTed in archery. Sep- araTe awards are oTTered Tor beginners and Tor The more advanced performers. The beginners and advanced Tennis TournamenTs are also in progress aT This Time. STill anoTher evenT on The spring program is golf, maTches being played on any OT The ciTys' links. The Tinal and, wiTh many girls, The mosT popular sporT of The school year is Track. A varieTy oT Track and Tield evenTs is run OTT, giving The winners poinTs Towards Their numerals. The ulTimaTe obiecTive OT every girl parTicipaTing in These acTiviTies is To earn a membership in The Big G Club, The Girls' honorary aThleTic associaTion. 'H 0 ff r4,y',,':1j d,fi.W X X r . i . .J IJ SJ, ,1 GIRLS' ATHLETICS QI? is 'mAx fl I I GIRLS' BIG G CLUB Olsen, Guslanoff, Musson, Cooper, I-lanchin, Berglin, Finney, Vice-Pres. Hanan, Weiner, Eck, Zlolnick, Ellis, Fisher, Green Milslein, Rose, Harris, Sprague, Sfocks, Sarin, Frary, Weigel Jaffe, Slouf, Fi'rch, Impson, Michelson, Pres., Berch, Sec., Frank, Tulfle lig CiC1ub The Big G Club is an organizalion Io which all girls earning five hundred poinls in alhlelics belong. The club aims Io prornole beller sporlsmanship, a grealer inleresl in alhlelics, and closer cooperalion wilh school alhlelic programs. AAanagem The success oi This year's 'rurnouls was chiefly due Io The leadership and sporlsmanship of The alhlelic managers, who were eleclecl by Ihe girls Ihemselves and who were responsible for choosing all 'lirsl Ieams. GIRLS' ATHLETIC MANAGERS Hanchin, Welch, Warner, Berglin Viess, Hawkins, Jaffe, B. Frary, C. Frary, Rose, Israel Slocks, Curliss, Filch, Eshorn, Frank, Sfoui, Berch l32 ' . 'C tk I K X I 'eff GIRLS' ATHLETICS JUNIOR AND SENIOR HOCKEY TEAMS Thomas, Cohen, Whifehead, Grolh, Michelson, Ellis Sloclcs, Brown, Guslanolf, Filch, Mgr., lmpson, Frank, Green, Berch, Coole, Mgr., Carlson, lnouye Jaffe, Walker, I-lanchin, Kenlslon, Leopold, Brown, Wenck, Weigel, Welch, Sherman, Hasson, Prusen Hockey Allhough I-loclcey Is a rnosl dilqiculf sporl, requiring more Ieam worlc Than any olher game, Ihis year has seen Ihe largesl Iurnouls and Ihe besl playing in Ihe hislory of Ihe school. Several weeks were spenl in Inlerclass preliminaries and 'then Iurnouls were singled clown Io Ihe besl players, who 'look f' perl in Ihe finals. The Freshmen, under Ihe clirecfion of Miss ' nf Jurqensohn, were viclorious. Sixly-five girls received numerals 1 al Ihe firsl combined girls' and boys' alhlelic assembly, U , FROSH AND SOPH HOCKEY TEAMS Tullle, Kaminofi, Sfouf, Berglin, Flynn, Slaler, Frary, Mgrg Maison Geyer, Howard, Zlofnick, Cooper, Force, LI-rely, McKinney, Gearhardl, Fuxon, Rose, Epslein A Hasson, Mgr., Gove, Monfonye, Linville, Akrish, Brandl, Kalze, Hawkins, Moughlen, Bodley, Kirshn I33 GIRLS' ATHLETICS s JUNIOR AND SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAMS Welch, Wenck, Jaffe, Walker, Hanchin - Fifch, Brown, Impson, Douglas "... GusTanoTI, Green, Berch, Michelson Basketball EnThusiasm Tor baskeTIoaII among The girls oT Garfield was shown by The Tad ThaT over one hundred girls Turned ouT. The Seniors, wiTh Tour seasons ol: pracTice, easily won The championship in The Tinai pIayoTT. Every girl ThaT Turned ouT was allowed To play on a preliminary Team. Miss Lappenbusch was The Junior and Senior coach, while Miss WhiTmore Took charge oT The Freshmen and Sophomores. EorTy players received numerals aT a parTy held Tor girls new To Garfield. FROSI-I AND SOPI-I BASKETBALL TEAMS Fuller, STouT, Berglin, Eisse, SIaTer, McKinney, Cooper Markham, EsTep, Hasson, EIeTcher, Flynn Geyer, Cohen, Gove, Rose y M " S' I I I ,4 5- -Lf'f"l -4-Q 7 f f' M -Lf 5 - x . Aix, g af I 4444. GIRLS' ATHLETICS I I " . If I JUNIOR AND SENIOR BASEBALL TURNOUTS M44 1 I Brown, GusTanoTT, Weigel, Frank, Berch, STouT My Prgn, FiTch, Green, Michelson, Flynn ,Impson, Sherman, STocks fi- Jaffe, I-lanchin, Ross, Welch, Berqliri, Douglas, Knauf, HamiITon .ir ' I Baseball Our feminine Tly-chasers owe a deI3T oT graTiTude To Three diamond enThusiasTs, who gave willingly oT Their Time and experience ThaT The season mighT be a success. IT was Through The eTTorTs of These Three, Miss Jenkins, Miss Samuel' son, and Miss Lappenbusch, ThaT The girls became well grounded in The fine poinTs oT The game. ATTer weeks oT pracTice, Teams were Tormed and prelim- inary games played. A Tinal pIayoTT oT TirsT Teams decided The class champions. FROSH AND SOPH BASEBALL TURNOUTS Maurer, Esrep, Bendicksen, Gibson, McKinney, MiddIeTon, Warner, Aaron, CoIlceTT ,TuTTIe, Bodley, Angevine, Euxon, Erary, CapeloTo, Rose, Viess Geyer, McDonald, Palmer, De Nully, Helle, Eskenazi, Israel, Cohen Rubin, I-lalfon, I-lawlrins, La BerTew, Charnbard, Franco, Eslcenazi I35 I xl GIRLS ATI-lLETlCS 'iviifil K sf' K M VOLLEYBALL AND BADMINTON TURNOUTS Frary, Halion, Goye, Perroff, Sparks, Slulsman, Middleron, Fisse, Walker, Jaffe Cohen, lnouye, Zlofnick, Lyons, Hasson, Ross, Welch, Green, l-larnillon Prusrzn, Berch, Krems, Carlson, Hanchin, Aaron, Slernoff, Weigel, Fifch Hawkins, Schacherl, Markham, Esfep, Almoslino, Rose, Bodley, Fuxon, Maison Barlia, Alrnoslino, Gusfanorf, lurrle, Michelson, Slouf XfoHeybaH and Badnnnton Besides lhe regular classwork in Badrninlon, a ladder lournamenl in lhis new sporl' was conducled ailer school. Al lhe same lime, volleyball preliminaries and finals were played fo delermine class champions. Tennh So many girls rurned our for Tennis This year ihal lhree separare rournamenls had io be organized. Beginners learned lo play lhe game under lhe direclion of Miss Jenkins, a cader from The Universily oi Washinglon. - r , 5' fr IJ ' - v YV4 L 1 -v , ,ul ,.L,,,,i-Weisinis rumour ,fs 1 1 I36 1 GIRLS' ATI-ILETICS GOLF TU RNOUTS Eshorn, Sfernohl, Sfulsman, Pelerson, Hansen, Michelson Irnpson, Fuller, Gerhardf, Frank, Hallurn Green, Jaffe, Newman, Brown Hanan, Berch, Grinspan Golf This year, under rhe direclion ol Mr. Porler, qoll: has seen a larger lournoul lhan in any previous year. The girls rnade splendid progress and were soon able lo play on The greens. Archery Garlieldls girl archers are rapidly becoming prolicienl in lhe peslirne popularized by Robin l-lood. Tournarnenls were held bolh for beginners and advanced sludenls and The winner ol each conlesl was awarded a numeral. ARCHERY TURNOUTS nding: Slernoff, Berch, Fullerlon, Newman, Brown, Ardis, Knauf, Weigel, Tulfle, Curliss, Bonfernps, Yokayarna Kneeling: Frank, Sloul, Sears, Sherrnan I37 ,, 4, Mock 1 W , How many times last year we chuckled over school jokes that resulted from the problems our new stamp plan raised! Even our humor was closely linked with our new financial policy. FEATURES INQ ..- ' L, f I L L 5X42' K' TRIPLE TOWER . tl Q 5 3 Q W 5. if U K W E V7 ir, Q f rt Nf, Qair if ' if I Q Q ' XR, HI 4j?ALWr33 gf, 1 ., A' my ,,, hi' J 3 jaii I -...... B 5 0- More Cunning Hams Just Friends Greer Norrhern Ride 'Em, Schoolboys Longmire On Your Marks! Fanny Dear! Monrrake 77- Madrona 2 Italia, She's O. K. Smilin' Thru Surrender of Madrona Twinkleroes I42 --Q -...J f 3 I 1 J. Y? Trapper Hyak Camp I 31 K ,ff ja ids 85,-uf M N Jlii H 37 Hands Down. Please! Gossip Wash Dey Sfreef Scene Eck of a Time Ski Whiz Don'T Feed fhe Animais Siep-sons End Runl Here's Milk in Your Eye I43 TH .YTMP gf 1 s f '. ff fm , , , , - X A - V c ,,, f ,I , , , ,I 4 ,I ,f,r I 'Wu' '1 ' ' 7 I I, ,f f f ' 'f fwfx f 'ff X, Q , , . iyynffff f if f ,X f X Ten cents a dtme, each dame a stamp, f ff Q fff 'f 7 pf 74, X ,X To earn one IS a grind, X ff X 'X ff I ,f X, f '4 ff ,f X ,ff ,I X X , he e- ff!! X X X,XX!X fff!4yg, f ,XX I count each dime unto the end, and t r f , ' ffffffff f - X fff X ,ffjf ff A stamp I hnd, 4 1 1 I I v f I , , I 1 1 ff X 9' . LW 77 , fp A 'ff WWI QQ Oh, Inttle stamp, so by yourself, 4 , f Y ,W X, f I. X 'f f "f,Xfff,,,fX ffffi So lonesome and so blue, 1 I Vfff , 4 ff, 'I , , , Xf I 7A I jf ff' ' 'ff I I ktss each dtme and try to hnd I X, X I 9. .ff f ,f f . ,ff , ,I .4 I I . X X ,I IVV, X, Another pa or you ff f X ff ' ' f ' 98 IV , f r f I ,f f y, f WJ A ff fff I f I f pf ff 4323 .I ve. , . f I 'iff fm , ,M muff ffX4W5'iIfffff -fag? 6 -e I fo QQOJQ ' 'I .cf , I . , " N' - f ' si' 3, I ' I I " I I 'Q wdvx ' P , -rs S21 I-I B Cunningham to the Roll Presidents 'vi 1 ' V IVV' 'Q I I 'I I -- , .3 It IIXII I, wee' Q X ,Q ,QQ 5:34 I X, I I It I . nffn.-,uh ,I - .0 r. Aga r VX, ,, -, -gXr,.,.,. I 3 Speak your speech, I pray you, as I if I X IX, I ' , 1 J ,q , . . ,, I I I ' , - X I X 5 mumble ltto you, sllpplngly on the tongue, gg , Xi I X X , X Q, and II you chew lt, as many of you do, I I X Xnfaff-f f-'XIXX XI f IC s II 11 ' Q X3.-Q15 4:42, ,I '.,i,?-5655,-y X z I I. would rather Used Cars Usdane sg' XI X ' XXX X XX C 45' , blahed my line. Oh, it gripes me to my I 1 II I I ,'I II ' 4 - , p ' If 4'C'g,',',:f5V'1 V' Igv' A Q wooden Ieg to see a roII president stamp Q, '27 Itfqgfag lf' f A -5- a speech to pieces, It out-Porters Porter, 'QQ '-,Q ?'X,: 2 I ,, 3.1.4. I-.-, .u, ,: f f L , I I A N d P I-14 72- 1 VW." EM? kfr,'f,Zl - 2 I, r I Q pease can lt. ow scram get you rea y. 4, we , X was ,,, 14 a,I,,,Ip,, . J., F, , ' 'p o .- vt--if I, , If ef -f, . - . rf XXfIgJ,g,l j',,',1 If -91,1 1 QQ:-:Q f- , ..v-Wm 1.43m fvaav, 'Q 1' ' ' I ' 'J 2 I' N uma I- Aw '-'- 1'.---evZ0,'-"-2-m.'-.yn fra- 'rQZ:"oQ'Qi .-1-I-Waves , ww- ' -aI In "'025 , -1 f90v4Q8's2"-3-QQ?"-95 5 Nwyvwdo 1 S' f' ' I . '- ' ,W'of0s44Wo9.99h'Q4 Xo0'v"I4' .49 .QV Q 4' he 'fs s,n,t,+ww,-ewwib, sew? if .g pi 4 gp 04:92 '!o'6QQoO.YI?iQg'4 ., -'E "Who 'W o' v'f'Qg2v Sl -5 E T A .F ff' "'- 1 QQ 'sfzgisfsfig '. 'Sl ' rapper 5 - 51i'QK 'lxqe Ms--II, Tip . . E: "s:Q2gR , A ' gm ggi Odom tsn't here, Irpnst awau for I' i" ' ,, ,, fr' 9.641 perod. Typudt must beeon vacashun: . fb, ,W-, I' sv . : it I, ,X-X,5 52 Wglle fhse darn keys plsy Nuber of ' Q fgg 1.-3 I, G? lil 5? stamps sold: ffng, bSSg hude and sect. Il '!i"X,f'E 0 - 1' E. I In I-Xg,, Pai? Nuble ot stamps on hend: Oy, breng ' '- P 5.-9 xi' I - j Xgaii, boxk Iatlng bgck. Number ol lost 1 Lgagfff .js Q45r.:. I, ,Q ," I 4 . . . I- iggg QI books: bgoras, I6I,999I:e Inloeo ntx " fi'7"ff2 "1??34:4W33X' re -fftw .M " Af XHQ-4. 094. - A 1, 4 9 '1 'Q' aw neffsl 4, 232: Mg, e 'f gs. I5 ' '-- -f ' uf'-' 1 xr-' -is' - .am , ISHE' If: 3 L, F :Siu ,L-'a-sw, .gains-:egwxy 3 'ag we O Vanco Q 5 -Ilgl Igfii' .Ev 'Qw A M fg ., ,., Xa Xwwa M: df.fihhliwai!3335352H2555555-Yb4i!5is!5aEEi.1555!15BZEYi55'BHi- '55 5 4 ' v ' - 'f:.-rf ' :aov:.S+W" " 'f'23 WW I44 CT O I952 sk Oo I9 6771 .3 N f 0 SHORT STORY Henry uRosebud" Greeley cowered in his seat. His mind was a torrent of troubles, and pools of perspiration clung to his worried brow. Shivering in despair, he implored the towering monster, but the demon beckoned with relentless hand. Instinctively uRosebud" reached lor his poclcet- book. uSix stamps behind, buddy." lt was then that he tainted away. ybvv 1 V, pp ' ' 1" ? Fee-no s we Are you restless when in roll? Are you subiect to the dole? Do you hate to pay the toll? It s stampitis. Have you stamps before your eyes? Has your purse decreased in size? Do you shudder at the tithes? lt's stampitis. IN MElvlORlAM Sacred to the memory ol L, H. Brigham L. E. Bashore S. L Merriam Who liclced their last stamp for Garfield in the year ol 1932 after contracting the hool and mouth disease in their roll rooms. Let their souls rest in peace. Death hath its stamp upon them. a,-wh N swf" y. 66 ' -.12-.f .- ' X ' - Ni XY, W. ,i w 4. I t Y i it v Yi U .B IF LOST RETURN TOI i 1 ,471 ,ik ,N - 'ns ' fiofhfs' wrmCsQa' " M , , fs sllflfi l45 GOSSIP O F TODAY Hi ho and whaTnoT everybody! This is your Garfield cor- respondenT broadcasTing, oTherwise known as The man who poi- sons The air wiTh The persons who make Garfield Garfield. All names appear wiThouT The permission of The copyrighf owners. Did you know ThaT Mr. Whife sees WhiTe every Time he spies a piece of paper on The floor? The habiT of collecTing wasfe paper has so developed in his soul ThaT he is now known as Garfield's leading "WhiTe Wing." .... Mr. Rushing, "The Grand Old Man of 23O," is Too busy Rushing To and fro in The sTudy hall To form The paper habiT. Rush on Mr. Rushing ..., Miss Burns, The clofhing Teacher, can sTill Tie French knofs as fasT as Miss Burns, The French Teacher. And when one of her pupils makes a mess ouT of a pair of beach paiamas, iT iusf burns her up .... Miss Hall, The leader of The Royal Family of Garfield, drives To school in a fire engine every morning, which all goes To prove Thaf There is more Than one way of geTTing yourself in The Hall of Fame ..... Miss Law of Room 3l9 sTands for Law and order in her classes. On Top of ThaT she lays down The Law To Sfan GoulTer, Junior Class Presidenf .... sway in The land of blobs and sploTches. IT any enTerprising young arTisT Tries To geT away wiTh one of These modernisTic masferpieces, Miss Biba goes afTer him wiTh a Biba gun ..... Parker Cook,Gar- field's only eligible bachelor, has To Cook his own meals. l guess Too many Cooks spoil The soup ..... Away up in no man's land Miss Bird, who Teaches The hunT and peck sysTem, has a Bird's eye view of The campus of many sTeps. Any bird who Tries To puT anyThing over on Miss Bird will have quiTe a burden. . . . LuTher More, exponenf of The dum- bell sysTem, has More renown as a builder of men Than Professor Whosis himself. More power To you, Mr. More. . . . . Miss Pelfon, German Teacher, does nof sympafhize wiTh The radio crooner who moans "Auf Wiedersehenf' lf he should happen inTo her class room she would sTarT Pelfon erasers aT him, Kamarad! Kamaradl .. . . Miss Hyde plays Hyde and seek wiTh The ol'lice files. Hyde noT your misdemeanors, sTudenTs, or Miss Hyde will geT you if you don'T Hyde ouT ..... A Three minuTe speech is noT very long buT if you are noT prepared Mrs. KneTTle will sTing you ..... And Then, of course There is Mrs, SmiTh's liTTle boy, Mr. SmiTh, who never cafches a cough because he uses his broTher's cough drops ..,.. And ThaT, Mr. and Mrs. Garfield, is The end oT ThaT, which is cerfainly noT very much, Your favorife announcer is now signing off unTil Such Time as you work up enough courage To read on. l46 Up on The Third floor Miss Biba holds NEWS OF TOMORROW Elinor Grubb will geT fed up on Grubb and seek a Grubb sfaker ..... Dick Wells will dig Wells for The Madrona disTricT. Well, well, Wells ..... Anna iSvenskal Green and sisfer AugusTa will be busy raising Green Things in Green- houses ..... Barney Shain will make a pilgrimage To The Blarney STone. Shain on you, Barney .,... Fred Danz, The prince of panfomime, will Danz his way To fame in "Danzing in The Dark." . . . . Jean Musson will guiT Musson up The local dancing circles and become a poliTical scalawag. Musson do ThaT, Jean ..... BeTTy Boone will effecl' a boom on Wall Sfreef, and prove a Boone To sociefy ..,,. Eddie Black will don The Black face and Tour The sTage in "Black as NighT." .... Your corre- spondenf will hole up and leT his pasT be his own. Whaf There is of iT ..... This is A Rube signing off. All is noT well. NEWS FLASHES Following his greaT Tri- umph in The Funfesl, il is rumored ThaT Leon "TwinkleToes" Brigham, The old dancing masTer, is abouT To enler a dance maraThon. The old gigalo is now scouTing for a suiTable parlner. . . LaTesT re- porls from Room 2l7 sTaTe ThaT Max Krom will sue for bandages aTTer a knifing TeTe-a-TeTe wiTh The Boys' Adviser. . .A special news dispalch confirms The re- porT lhaT The Monllake DramaTic Slock Company will disband. Following The huge box office recelpls of "Dracula-Svengali- FrankensTein" and "CleopaTra of The STillaguamish," The playboys are being urged inTo a very much desired reTiremenT. V0lCE SNONSENSE Mr. PorTer To The assem- ' bly-"Are ya lisTenin'?" . . . The Roll PresidenT's Address- "TwenTy slamps, no more, no less." . . . Mr. Hanselman To The naughTy sTude--"Here is The announce- menT you've .been wailing for." . . . Kingsbury To The Opera Slars -"l'se regusTed."...STeve Mc- Reavy To Fred Thieme-"MonT- lake can sTill kill germs in Ten seconds." . . . Trapper Ash To Carolyn M orfo rd - "Carolina moon, keep shining." . . . Parker Cook To The Glee Club-"Don'T' rasp your Throaf wiTh harsh irri- Tanlsf' . . . Third lunch-"The pause ThaT refleshesf' . . . Jack STeinberg, GarTield's fiery boy ora- Tor-"Awa, awa, awe." SPOTLIG REVUE Will ScoTT Pease, TraT'fic cop, ever become a police- man? He has quile a line, especially wiTh The weaker sex. . .6irl's Tennis is noThing buT a rackeT. Ariel STouT con- Trols all The championships. . . Sun makes The weeds grow in The BoTany hoT house. Rain Turns The Girl's Locker Room inlo a sTor- age planT for umbrellas .... The Boys' Club Office iS an open forum for all persons who Waflf To STFIQ. BVQUS. OV roll on The Tloor. The Monflake- Madrona war was de- clared here .... SomeTirne The lad who dreamily converses wilh his Tair companion while leaning againsT The radiaTor in The fronT hall, is going To burn his Trousers .... The Third floor arT display has degeneraTed inTo a rogues' gallery,whaT wiTh The arTisTs insisT- 600D NIGHT ALl.l This chaTTer has come To you Through The discour- Tesy of The l932 Arrow. IT is now exacTly quiTTing Time, W-I-L-S-O-N,WilsonwaTch Time. This is Rube Hilen speaking . . . Good N ig hi A l I. ng upon skelching our sTudenTs. , . The Teachers' roorn on The second floor is now an amaTeur bowling class wiTh Mr. WhiTson The besT pofen- Tial bowler. . . E-arfield's AuTo Row is growing rapidly.Ash's limousine is aT The head of The parade- Humph! . . . Useless Usdane is worTh his weighT in lead. And noT onlyThaT buT- I47 ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES Lileralure I Cornposilion I Lileralure II Composilion II Lileralure III Composilion III Public Speaking Shorl Slory Wriling Crealive VVri+ing Lileralure IV Lileralure V Connposilion IV Oral Expression I Oral Expression II Senior Oral Expression Newswriling I Newswriling II HISTORY DEPARTMENT Communily Civics World I-Iislory I World I-Iislory II Uniled S+a+es I-Iislory I Uniled S'I'aIes I-Iislory II Economics Pacific Rim I-Iislory FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Lalin I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII French I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII VIII I II III IV V VI VII VIII Spanish I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII German , , , , , , MUSIC DEPARTMENT Music I, II, III, IV, V, VI Junior Orchesfra Senior Orcheslra Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club Chorus Band ART DEPARTMENT Arl I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII Design I, II, III, IV LeI+er and Design I i Lehrer and Design II Coslurne Design Eigure Coslume Design II Inlerior Decoraling INDUSTRIAL ARTS Elemenlary Mechanical Drawing Machine Drawing I Machine Drawing II Advanced Machine Drawing III Archileclural Drawing I, II, III I48 Machine Wood-Working I, Wood Turning I, II, III Cabinel Malcing I, II, III, IV Machine Shop General Melal Eleclricily ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES General Science I General Science II Bolany I Bolany II Zoology I Zoology II SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Physics I Physics II Physics III Chemislry I Chemislry II Physiology MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT General Malhemalics I General Malhemafics II Geomelry II Algebra III Algebra I Geomelry III Algebra II Trigonomelry Geomelry I Algebra IV COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Penmanship and Spelling Commercial Law Junior Business Training Typing I, II, III, IV Commercial Arilhmelic I, II Slenography I, II, III, IV Commercial Geography Bookkeeping I, II, III, IV Office Training HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Clorhing I, II, III, IV Foods II Coslume Making Foods III Foods I Senior Foods PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Girls Alhlelics I, II, III, IV, V, VI Aller School Sporls Tumbling I, II Hockey Badminlon Baskelball Archery I, II Baseball Nulrilion Volleyball Poslure Traning Tennis Nalural Dancing I, II, III, IV, V Golf Folk Dancing I, II Archery Dance Drama Badminlon Clogging I, II, III, IV Track Boys Physical Educalion I, II Tumbling I, II Apparalus I, II Games ALSTON PHOTOG RAPHER For All of Us Photographer For l932 Arrow NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING Second at Spring PRESCRIPTIONS, DRUGS AND SUNDRIES Students' Supplies, Athletic Goods or Cool Refreshments This Summer Post Office Station 24 . . . Public Library MADRONA PHARMACY PRospect l805 34th and E. Union H. C. BENSON SAM HILL Fountain Lunch PLUMBER Phone: Leschi Park Electrolux Refrigeration EAst 5890 S attle, Wash. PR. 2760 3403 E, Cherry PR. 3227 It has been rumored that Ellis Ash is planning to dress up in baby clothes so that someone can leave him on the Morfords' door step. Disillusionment: Mr. Hanselman was once seen reading "BaIIyhoo." IWitness: Laura lnnis, Margery Myers,l 2' '1':'1': lrfff. ..A.. .. rl S P E C I A L AU- HALF SOLES I Q Ladies' Lifts E ,. ., A'-50 ff'-. Ifiiiiifif5ffEfEQE5ESESEfE5. ffff 2-Efi"f..e25S?EeE?Ei?E5iEs,f5 5ffifi5?f?Eiiiififff: l s B. PIHA ECLIPSE SHOE REPAIR IO4 Pike St. MA. 2855 BROWN'S PHARMACY ' John F. Bastys, Proprietor PRESCRIPTIONS, DRUGS AND SUNDRIES "Step Inside While Waiting For Your Car" 2311 E. Madison Seattle, Wash. Phone: PRospect 3477 Established 1895 ELiof 5234 C. W. CHAMBERLAIN C""'P'i"'e"'5 5' Co" Inc' Winter Garden Theatre Wholesale Fruit and Produce of All Kinds - . searrie, wash. 1101 wesrem Ave. 3'd af PM MAH" 9425 It is said that when Bob Anderson was born he was so surprised that he Couldn't talk for a year and a half. Mr, Schmalle: Name the three kinds of salts. Sanford Bernbaum: Bath salts, Epsom salts, and Pepper-n-salts. I I G. 6- B. STEAK SHGPS, lnc. "WHERE ouAEiTY RULES" GOLTZ AN D BAU MAN Prompt Delivery 34th and E, Union PR. 5200 Queen Anne at Republican GA. 3966 L, STAVIC Fancy Groceries Meats Hourly Delivery Service l002-04 Twenty-third N. Tel. ELiot 8755 Res. CApitol 2907 SUPPLY MEAT COMPANY Pavlix I: Mueller Proprietors Dealers in First Class Meat i924 Pike Place Seattle, Wash. CROWN BAKERY MADRONA GROCERY Finest Qualify Large Assortment Fancy and Staple Groceries Our Prices Are Reasonable D. W4 SCOTT' Owner 2310 E. Union PRospect O5l 9 34th and E. Union PRospect l3OO Verle Nelson: You know l ought to study more about Russia. Al Flett: Why Russia? Verle Nelson: My high school course is developing into a Five-Year Plan. You Wouldn't Throw Your Diploma Into the Waste Basket Would You? But it's almost as bad to put it into some drawer where it will be crushed and spoiled. A BEAUTIFUL COVER Costs only 51.00 Made of Suede Leather, Satin Lined, Stamped in Gold: lust Fits the Diploma . . . Carried in Stock in Garfield! Colors. CLINT W. LEE COMPANY Engravers for I-he Class of 1932 708 Fourth Avenue lNear Cherry St.i l Linotype, Ludlow Compliments ot l MADRONA A ROYCROFT 'Z y THEATRE THEATRE 29th at E, Cherry EA. 4533 A l9th at E. Roy EA. 3566 i Always a Good Show T Lakeview Grocery and Market J. MATSON, Owner E l 34th and East Cherry I EAst O5l2 l Ward's Bindery High School and College Annuals Phone: 320 Spring St. lVlAin 6395 Seattle, Washl Your Head Attracts 1 More Attention Than Your Feet l So Let the Art Hair Cutting Parlor 1129 54th Avenue Improve Your Appearance! Adams School of Music Where You May Acquire A Real Musical Education SIO Virginia St. EL. 5981 Ermagene Roberts: Virginia Hathaway received a valentine yester day which she says is like a river. , Gail Ward: Why? l Ermagene Roberts: lt's so full of sediment. W. L. COOPER C. E. ROBERTS l SEATTLE TYPESETTING CG. cobb Building Mmm 1509 T Ad Setting Latest Type Faces Make-up and Elrod Composition nr 1 X 1

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