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,,'7fze pionem,, afQfwfwMJlefqha,41z9A5c!w0J Published By The Class of June, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-two une, 194.2 : GRADUATES OF JUNE 1942: To you the closing of this school year has special significance. I welcome this opportunity to convey my personal greetings and to congratulate you on this occasion. For most of you, Garfield Heights High School has been a school-home for the past four or six years. For a few of you the time spent here has been brief and we have been more limited in our acquaintance. lt is my sincere hope that all of you have enjoyed and profited by your associa- tions. If you have been friendly and have made an effort to become a part of our school, you in turn have felt its friendliness. If you have contributed in some measure to the program of the school, you will speak with pride of its success. During the past year on more than one occasion I have directed your attention to the fact that We Americans have taken for granted many of the privileges and opportunities which We now enjoy. We have failed to remem- ber that our free schools, our religious freedom, our right to voice an opinion, our acceptance of equal opportunity for all people -N were purchased at a price and assured for us by our forefathers. This American Way of Life has made possible an education for every boy and girl in the community. You are the products of this educational system that is peculiar to the United States alone. To you and the thousands of other graduates in l942 - we must entrust the perpetuation of this democratic ideal and the possibilities of its further development. You need courage, confidence and patience to face your duty in this time of War and in the period of adjustment for peace that will follow. We place our faith in you. Mary H. Kerr '7!w Alma Maja Hark! The sound of martial feet Breaks upon the air today. Sons and daughters of old Garfield March along to Win the fray. Hand in heart and voice 'united As we gaily swing along. And the answering heavens echo To their battle song: Fight for Garfield, Win for Garfield Raise her colors old. Onward pressing, ever onward For the Blue and Gold. With a voice of mighty thunder Mounting to the sky, Hail! To thee, our Alma Mater, Hail! Old Garfield High. l l l 1 T 41 Glau Spanftcwi fjlrillia Zzlawm Zaaoduf .L'. Wahl fune 194.2 Muze Spzwi - ,Q-wav AA 3--an 5 Kw P-eff xggwfvf-AM, . 1, vw F ag if N ' X was v.Wwg,gQs ' 'Q K ' 01---, : - '. ,W ,xt 1' XA Q M . fr Katherine Arpasi Kate Intramurals G.A.A. Leaders Club Choral Emily Atalla Pepper Friendship Club Cecilia M. Bacha f Cen g ' Friendship Club li I. Commercial Club "" fy Hostess Club Homeroom Officer A at egg 1 Helen Balasz Pee W'ee G.A.A. Publicity Manager Student Court Friendship Club Whirlo Club Home Room Officer Shorthand Award "G" Letter Bernice Basta Bea Patrol Student Council Intramurals Prom Committee Typing Award Shorthand Award Pioneer Class Night Homeroom Officer ...e?5Q2ffi 1 5 Dorothy Beck Becky G.A.A. Intramurals Class Night Typing Award Shorthand Award National Honor Society John Belko Shorty Shop Club Richard E. Benaszek Two-gun Hi-Y Football Basketball lntramuhals Paul E. Bender Buck Shop Club Wrestling Track Bowling Intramurals English Assembly Play Donald Berteau Don Hi-Y Intramurals Home Room Officer Track Student Council Rollond A. Bonnell Barney Patrol Choral Club Wrestling Intramurals Ethel Linda Bowles Butch Leaders Club Intramurals Choir Latin Club Patrol Richard Branto Dick Intramurals Outstanding Citizen Award Ag nes V. Caranci Aggie Friendship Club Tea Room Club Homeroom Officer lntramurals Red Cross William Cardamone Willy Wrestling lntramurals Homeroom Officer lan Cipperley Cipp Chorus Intramurals Latin Club Science Club Vice Pres. Drama Club Treasurer Bowling Patrol Sara Costanzo Sqzfirt Hostess Club Secretary and Treasurer National Honor Society Shorthand Award Kenneth E. Davidson Ken National Honor Society Cobweb Collectors Vice Pres Editor of Pyramid Kent Tests Track Intramurals Esther Denlinger Dillinger Patrol Chief Student Court Hostess Club Usher G.A.A. Homeroom Officer lntramurals Yola Di Egidio Yo G.A.A. Spotlight Club Leaders Chorus lntramurals Broadcasting Prom Committee L l Mary Catherine Dougher M. C. National Honor Society Intramurals Patrol Usher Safety Club Estelle Dee Patrol G.A.A. Ushers Club Latin Club Friendship Club Spotlight Club Prom Committee Austin Estabrook Aust Golf Captain Intramurals Hi-Y Homeroom Officer Wayne J. Evans Speedy Home Room Officer Student Patrol Science Club ' Track Frances Fortenbaugh Shorty G.A.A. Patrol Whirlo Club Hostess Club Ushers Intramurals Alice Jean Fott Scotty Patrol Choral Club Home Room Officer Robert A. Fowle Bob Choral Club Wrestling Intramurals Prom Committee Patrol Leonard J. Gapinski Leu Hi-Y G Club Baseball Football Basketball Cqpfqin Intramurals Class Officer Robert Garbarini Garb Hi-Y Intramurals Loretta R. Gargula Loree G.A.A. Usher Order of Business Efficiency Helen Margaret Golombe Squeeky G.A.A. Choral Club Intramurals Patrol Homeroom Officer Ted R. Grochowski Topper Football lntramurals Home Room Officer Jean Marie Hannan Commercial Club Safety Club Patrol Shorthand Typing National Honor Society Geraldine Hebler Gerry Choral Club Margaret Jane Hoban Shorthand Award Intramurals Nw , Betty Hotelzer Kenneth Holligan Ken Golf Wrestling Track Intramurals Kent Test Hi-Y National Honor Society Student Council Science Club Home Room Officer Band Mike Hoychuk Bashfui Choral Club Radio Club Good News Radio Amateur WBWSE "'. Jeanne Hru by f .... Ruby ' Latin Club ..,.. Friendship Club ",13:,2f?:5Q ' Science C lub G.A.A. 'ik' f Q-Q " -gzgvfji-"' Intramural s 5 if x -. MRM Doris A. Jacobsen Jake G.A.A. Spotlight Club Leaders Club Broadcasting Prom Committee Choral Jennie N. Jaczkowski J ane Hostess Secretary Secretary ot Order ot Bus. Efficiency Kent Test Student Council Student Court Student Patrol Typing Award Ushers Club National Honor Society Irene Jasinski I Qeyej Intramurals Student Council Typing Awards Shorthand Awards Homeroom Librarian Richard Thaddeus Jazz Intramurals Homeroom Officer Harold Johnston Ralston Intramurals Jasinski Order of Business Efficiency Home Room Officer Football Dorothy Ferne Jones Red Friendship Club Patrol Drivers Club Intramurals Homeroom Officer Mirror at LQ A Lillian Jones Lillie Patrol Student Council Commercial Club Whirlo Club Ruth L. Jones Sally Friendship Club Intramurals Student Council Ben S. Kaczynski Ben gun Bowling Intramurals Student Council Prom Committee Shop Club Ruth Kalal Rufus Latin Club Intramurals Science Club Patrol Chief Home Room Officer Typing Awards Head Technician Broadcasting Mabel Kiplinger Kippy Commercial Club Friendship Club Hostess Club Shorthand Awards Bob Knight Nightie Track Intramurals Homeroom Officer Prom Committee Latin Club Science Club President Movie Attendant Hi-Y National Honor Society Da n Kn iola Digger Prom Committee Science Club Movie Attendant Photography Pioneer Intramurals Home Room Officer Ralph Komarek Bud Intramurals Photography Club Elaine Kozinski E G.A.A. Commercial Club Homeroom Officer Norbert Kozloski Nor Stage Guild Vice Pres. and Chief Electrician Intramurals Patrol Q: .-,- ,Q r 5 X s. xi f lf' - li 'f f - Margaret Anne Kral K' M a 1' g e :I I " V k,.-' EQ Choral Club '- Sewing Club . " Q-ii" ',-, Latin Club " 5 Prom Committee A 1 'Q . .- if Hugh H. Krumhansl Crumb Cobweb Collectors Safety Council Safe Drivers Club Alice Marie Kuzius Alec Commercial Club Secretary, Treasurer Friendship Club Student' Council Secretary Class Night Home Room Officer Shorthand Awards I National Honor Society Prom Committee Helen Longo Howey Commercial Club Patrol G.A.A. Intramurals Shorthand Award Clarence Roy Langshaw Clarie so 'Q Patrol in I Intramurals it H ,,,,:, Crder of Business Efficiency H E z .LQ C o m m e r c i a I C lu b Dolores Laskowski Star Choral Club G.A.A. Spotlight Club Latin Club Patrol Ushers Club Homeroom Officer Prom Committee Pyramid Staff Pioneer Wilbert Leinbacker IfVilly Science Club Prom Committee Pyramid-Cover Movie Attendant George Martin Sleepy Latin Club Homeroom Officer Librarian Olga Matsko Caroline Mauser Carol G.A.A. Intramurals Spotlight Club Cheerleader Choral Club Prom Committee Class Night Chairman John Mauser 'QL ,gy r I p? '31 xv L 4, I 'J' as I Flash, lf if 1 , if - ., it ,gre Q 1f- IK ' "' t,t:. I t,.- f -.iit- 5 - K 2' Margaret Lydia Mielke Zllargc Intramurals Safety Club Patrol Choral Priscilla Mika Pete Friendship Club G.A.A. Intramurals Prom Committee Lillian Mikitta Kitty Red Cross Representative Mae Millburn Gabby Mirror Editor Broadcasting Shorthand Award Typing Award Assistant Patrol Secretary National Honor Society Bonnie Miller Hoiznie Science Club Homeroom Officer Berea Center High Canfield High Richard W. Mitchell fllitch Editor of the Mirror Editor of the Pioneer National Honor Society Track Science Club latin Club Prom Committee Kent Tests Intramurals Noonday Movie Chief Class Night Ralph Mosinski Moose Football Track Intramurals Kent Tests Student Council Hi-Y National Honor Society 'Y -f W "' t i 2:5-:::: 25.1.41 Y 178' ' R' .4 e nf l ., it lfmfi Treasurer Edward Murphy Murph 'W V Intramurals i H Hi-Y I Homeroom Officer 5 Football J he Basketball Patrol .' ' ' Order of Business Efficiency G" Club ' -A A, Baseball Isabella Muttillo v Betty Newness Eugene Niess Herman Ted Nowicki Tadz Wanda Oczchendowski Wendy Jane Addams Home Room Officer Patricia O'Connor Pat Spotlight Club Chorus Glee Club Home Economics Club Homeroom Officer Prom Committee Head Robert Ongert Nicotine Safety Club Intramurals Class President Prom Committee Richard Penrod Rip Band President "G" Club Science Club Basketball Track Captain Intramurals Class Treasurer Homeroom Officer Ursuline Piorkowski Porky Glee Club Patrol Usher G.A.A. Commercial Whirlo Rose Grace Plute Toots Typing Awards Intramurals Outstanding Citizen Award Adore'e Podwoiski Addie G.A.A. Intramurals Spotlight Club Choral Club Prom Committee Class Night M , , X Y Ly as .31 s 1 Q S Q- E 'QP it y , ,.,,.,, :I : sail fi we i ,eegjz E ft A - i 1-z:gg,1:E13zg'E' 3:1 Helen Rezabek Hedge latin Club Consul Safety Club President Cobweb Club Student Council National Honor Society Homeroom Officer Arthur Roman Track Intramurals Charles Schmiel Smuk Track Genevie Ruppelt Genny Latin Club President Patrol Drivers Club Safety Club Cobweb Collectors National Honor Society Intramurals George Schmitt Slinky Intramurals Violet Schrambeck Vi Class Secretary Home Room Officer Choral Club Vice President G.A.A. Science Club Spotlight Club lnt'ramurals Virginia J. Schrambek G.A.A. Usher Order of Business Efficiency Shorthand Award Typing Frank Silipigni Curley Track Football Homeroom Officer Intramurals Grace Mae Sladek Curley Latin Club Safety Club Intramurals Choral Club Cobweb Collectors National Honor Society Pyramid George O. Smith Smitty Wrestling Captain City 135-pound champion Football Baseball Intramurals Roy J. Smolik Smallpox Stage Guild President Student Court Student Council Patrol June Solinsky Nana Science Club Movie Attendant Prom Committee Andrew Stadnik Duke Hi-Y President Intramurals Track Bob Soukup Bull Moose Football Track Baseball Wrestling Homeroom Officer Hi-Y Vice President Intramurals Alice Stec Stets G.A.A. Vice President Class Secretary Home Room Officer Shorthand Award Typing Award Patrol Martha Steila Illert Alveda Stevens Li Al G.A.A. Prom Committee Spotlight Club Student Court lntramurals llian Stoieck Lee G.A,A. Friendship Club Shorthand Awards Lo retta Tepper Tep Latin Club Science Club National Honor Society Student Court Judge Homeroom Officer Student Council Pioneer James A. Toth .Iamo Shop Club Science Club Hi-Y Intramurals Assembly Play Prom Committee Movie Operator Patrol ,fa F2235 . we -- pin if , , Q at E 5 -.e,e,.l, I ' x-5, 4 .et-. rw ff: e ' A 1 'EE S' Q ,,t,,t,, t,t,:E.2i.?,.21, i , .:,, I .,i.:,.i,h. I L . fe , 55 Sylvia Turkovich 1110 Friendship Class Officer Commercial Club Emily Vaclevek Em Hostess Club Vice President Order ot Business Efficiency Ruth Veidovec Vicie G.A.A. Prom Committee Commercial Club Friendship Club Leonard Vargo Sig Stage Guild Track Hcmeroom Officer Harriett Vones Vones Cheerleader Usher G.A.A. Leaders Club Friendship Club Spotlight Club President Choral Secretary Prom Committee Typing Award Ray Vorisek Bone Crusher Band Vice President Audubon Club Track Baseball Wrestling Intramurals LaVerne Wachuta Wahoo G.A.A. President Intramurals Friendship Club Patrol Band Dance Band Student Council Mirror Staff Band Otficer Richard E. Ward R. E. Band Treasurer Orchestra Mirror Advertising Manager 2nd Solo Trombone Cleveland I94I Joan Weber Pewee Cheerleader G.A.A. Patrol Spotlight Club Vice Leaders Club Red Cross Class Night Shorthand Awards Typing Awards Intramurals Robert Weber Bob Intramurals Chorus Football Home Room Office Y President 1 -it A , 1-:.: , f-.. Hilda Weichman Hilly Hostess Club Science Club Prom Committee Hameroom Officer Movie Attendant Intramurals Pyramid Class Night Red Crass Pioneer Geraldine Wise Gerry Mirror Editor Audubon Club President Friendship Club G.A.A. Student Council President Student Court National Honor Society Latin Club President Elsbeth L. Wollman G.A.A. Intramurals Leroy Worcester Farmer Football Baseball Intramurals Bob Zawada Sleepy Intramurals Bowling Kent Test Movie Attendant Science Club Treasurer Cullen Lucas Luke Dick Pyramid Kenl Tesls Studenf Court Richard Miller 'F x 'J' I if AVAI V William Manley I, Bm M Q 4 3 ' t W: if - H 'QI5 81644 UMAW14 Bob Ongert, President Richard Penrod, Treasurer Violet Schrambeck, Secretary lf' Spzwbi ,,,,,, fm Men Gnlff Basketball-With three members of the senior class, the basketball team, al- though not up to its usual high standard, provided the fans with fast exciting games that were bitterly fought to the tooth and nail. High spot of the season was the thrilling over-time defeat of Maple Heights which deprived the visitors of a tie for the Eastern Conference Championship and gave the undisputed title to Euclid Shore. Len Gapinski, Richard Penrod, and Richard Benaszek were the receivers of letters awarded for play on the varsity squad. : Intramurals-A program of intramurals was again sponsored by the athletic department. Miss Wahl's senior homeroom won the basketball championship handily as the squad of Dan Kniola, Bob Weber, Austin Estabrook, and Ralph Mosinski easily conquered their opponents. Coming through by beating Miss Spiess' 12A's in two straight games, Miss Wahl's homeroom also took the volleyball championship. A softball league was also in operation in the spring. 1 Coaches-Fiery "Red" Wilson again was the driving spirit for the Bulldog football and basketball squads as they went out to win for our alma mater. Assisting him was the ever-popular Harris Gillespie. Wrestling as usual was guided by S. R. CKnute Rocknel Bobenmyer as the grapplers slapped their opponents down in the best manner. Coach Walter Williams of last year's track squad deserves a hand for the excellent program of intrarnurals. Along with the coaches, Lewis Black will also be remembered as one of the boy's best friends, for his name has been entwined with athletics as long as he has been at Garfield Heights. Speak ,,,,,, fem Men 00119 Football-On the gridiron last fall, the Bulldogs were an on-and-off team as they ended the season with an Eastern Conference record of four wins and three losses, plus losses to Holy Name and Berea. It was the story of a techni- cally good team that failed to click on the playing field. Outstanding member of the team was Bob Soukup who was selected as All-Conference tackle. Soukup's smashing type of play usually had the other team providing two men to take him out, but that didn't stop him in any of the games. Bob Weber, Richard Benaszek, George Smith, and Bob Soukup were the seniors who received letters at the annual gridiron banquet. Wrestling-Again the grapplers of Garfield Heights High came through with a highly satisfactory season. George Smith, senior, was captain of the squad. High spot of the year, probably as far as sports is concerned, is the under- dog Bulldogs' trip to Detroit, Michigan, where they wrestled East High School, the Michigan State Champions for the last two years. Much to the surprise and dismay of the Detroit fans, the Bulldogs had rolled up sixteen points be- fore the Michigan champs were able to gather one. The final score was twenty-two to eighteen in favor of the Garfield Heights grapplers. All the eastern Cleveland teams again were at Garfield Heights for the elimination tournament for the District Wrestling Finals. With six Bulldogs qualified in the finals, the team came through with a first place, three second places, a third, and one fourth. In the state finals at Kent, Nuncio Scebbi was second, Ken Holligan, fourth: and Otto Zeman, third. Seniors awarded letters at the annual spaghetti dinner were Ken Holligan, Ray Vorisek, George Smith, Willy Cardemone and Rolland Bonnell. s I 2 E 5 I 4 Z . ff wi , wrwmmmm New an fm 1 w a V f- wwfmwmww ,mmm-Q , mumawmmsmmwwmwuuwwwmmwmwm-1 Wm mmm ,ww wen-ifuwwummmwxf 'mm www Q www f . MQ Jwfr Wh Kathryn Arpasi-Woman Bouncer Emily Atalla-Tiny, Timid five and dime clerk Cecilia Bacha-On our list of "Near future" housewives Helen Balasz-Paints the future American Masterpieces Bernice Basta--A charming secretary Dorothy Beck-Another Noel Coward Iohn Belko--Digs ditches twelve hours a day Richard Benaszek-Still loafing around Paul Bender-Sells Furniture Donald Berteau-Master of Ceremonies on quiz bee Holland Bonnell-A man of the soil Ethel Bowles-Another "Near future" housewife Richard Branto-Actor De Lux Agnes Caranci-Always a bridesmaid but never a bride William Cardamone-Another "Casey Iones" lan Cipperley-Still trying for that 300 b Sara Costanzo-Waitress Supreme Kenneth Davidson-Professor of History at O.S.U. Esther Denlinger-Policewoman Yola Di Egidio-Artists Model . . . . 941 Mary Catherine Dougher-First Woman President of the Estelle Dziedzicki-Soothing a patient's fevered brow Austin Estabrook-lack Graney's rival Wayne Evans-The wolf of Wall Street Frances Fortenbaugh-Top Sarg' of Ladies Aid Corps Alice lean Fott-Fred Astair's new dancing partner Robert Fowle-Another Mailman Leonard Gapinski-Cleveland Indians' Star Robert Garbarini-Man about town Loretta Gargula-Druggist Alvin Gnuschke-Movie Operator Helen Golornbek-Tizzy Lish ll Iames Goltz-Roaring version of Hamlet Ted Grochowski--Buck Private lean Harman-Another Secretary Geraldine Hebler-The boss' peeve Margaret Hoban-Arr1erica's foremost dress designer Betty Hofelzer-Another "Near future" housewife Kenneth Holligan-King of the Grunt and Groans Dorothy Holtz-Sells antiques Mike Hoychuk-lce man leanne Hruby-Woman about town Ani 'ltlha Doris Iacobsen-Our modern Ann Sheridan lane Iaczkowski-Another Policewoman Irene Iasinski-A Washington secretary Richard Iasinski-A member ot the Air Corps Harold Iohnston-World's largest collector of Model "A's Ferne Iones--Raises flowers in a Wayside Cottage Lillian Iones-Supplies Nation with red headed Wigs Ruth Iones-Stenographer Ben Kaczynski-Bus Driver Ruth Kalal-Woman Radio Technician Mabel Kiplinger-Higbee's treasure Robert Knight-Mechanical Engineer Dan Kniola-School Board member ' Ralph Komarek-Railroad man Elain Kozinski-A Beauty Operator Norbert Kozloski-Radio City's favorite stage hand Margaret Kral-Information Clerk in Terminal Tower Hugh Krumhansil-Walter Winche1l's successor Alice Kuzius-Stenographer Helen Langa-Iail Matron Clarence Langshaw-Still talking Dolores Laskowski-Add her to nurse list o I . . . . H52 Wilber Leinbacher-Cartoonist Cullen Lucas-New professor at Case Bill Manley-Fuller Brush man George Martin--Famous roller skater Alga Matsko-Competent stenographer Caroline Mauser-Another Emily Post Iohn Mauser-A second Wimpy Margaret Mielke-Perfect mother and Wife Priscilla Mika-Little business Woman Lillian Mikitta-A millionaire's Wife Bonnie Miller-Demure little nurse Richard Miller-Peanut seller Mae Millburn-Woman lawyer Richard Mitchell-Newspaper editor Edward Murphy-Owner of a string of hamburger joints Isabella Muttillo-Owner of Sweete Shoppe Ralph Mosinski-Filling Station Operator Betty Newness-Poet Eugene Niess-Factory foreman Ted Nowicki-Still going to school Pat O'Connor-Future Gladys Swarthout Wanda Ochendowski-Sells sox at May's A042040 Robert Ongert-Ideal husband and poppa Richard Penrod-Chemist Ursuline Piorkowski-Fashion Model Irvin Piwarski-Boxer at the Arena Rose Plute-Ice cream Disher-Outer Adarie Podwajski-Sweet Lil Housewife Helen Rezabek-The understanding Latin teacher Arthur Roman-Connected With Arthur Murray Genevie Ruppelt-Famous social worker, a philanthropist George Schmitt-Comedian Charles Schmiel-Court Stenographer Violet Schrambeck-Another nurse for a lucky patient Virginia Schrambek-Shy housewife Frank Silipigni-Sleeping Grace Sladek-Happily married George Smith-Owner of a music store Ray Smolik-Stage Manager lune Solinslry-Owner of Dressmaker shop Robert Soukup-Another Man-Mountain Dean Ceil Stachowiez-Zorina the second Andrew Stadnik-Milkman Alice Stec-Woman Bowling Champ Martha Steila-Mannequin at Saks Alveda Stevens-Nursernaid Lillian Stojek-Farmer's wife Loretta Tepper-Iudge in Probate Court Iames Toth--Airplane pilot n '52 Sylvia Turkovich-President of The Garfield Culture Club Emily Vaclavek-Hard-working bookkeeper Leonard Vargo-Mailman Ruth Vedjdovec-Traveling saleswoman Harriet Vones--Successor of Kirsten Flagstad Ray Vorisek-Technician at Radio City Ioan Voronovich-Librarian at Public Library La Varne Wachuta-Well-liked qyrn instructor Walter Wahl--Clerk in lim Brown's Richard Ward-Trombonist with the Cleveland Orchestra Lucille Warren-Successful business woman Ioan Weber-Hostess in an Army camp Hilda Weichman-Surealist dress designer Geraldine Wise--A newspaper society editor Elsbeth Wollman-Model housewife Leroy Worcester-The ultra-modern farmer Robert Zawada-New owner of Garfield Recreation i - 1 1 '107 f 'ivfg -H!" A .XJ 1 -me aww, Bernice Ashbrook, B.S., M.A. Lewis Black, A.B., M.A. S. R. Bobenmyer, B.S., A.B., M.A. Dorothy Bowe, A.B., B.C. Ann Champion, A.B. Emmett Champion, A.B., M.A. Virginia Davis, B.S., M.A. Leonard Dinan, B.S. Richard Finnegan, B.S., M,A. Phyllis Flower, A.B., M.A. Gaylord Folk, B.S., M.A. George Fortune, A.B. Nellie Giffin, B.S. Harris Gillespie, A.B., M.A. Iames Ginther, A.B. Ios. M. Guthrie, B.S. Marjorie Helman, B.S. Dorothy Hoffstetter, B.S. Ruth Holden, A.B. Amy Jones, B.S., M.A. Floyd Lentz, B.S., M.A. Ruth McElree, B.S. Doris Mandel, A.B. Victoria Mansfield, A.B., B.S. Lucy Marcellette, B.S. Kathryn Mayer, B.S. Anne Meluskey, B.S. Anne Neville, B.S. Marie Okarma, A.B, Lloyd Parratt, A.B., M.A. Richard Sauerbrun, B.S., M.A. lean Seidel, B.A., M.A. Marie Spiess, A.B., M.A. Ruth Stark, A.B. Raymond Stiefel, A.B. Iames Tarr, B.S., M.A. Dorothy L. Wahl, A.B., M.A. Mabel Walker Saner, A.B., M.A Philip B. White, A.B., M.A. Norma Wilker, A.B., M.A. Walter Williams, A.B. lack Wilson, B.S. Herman Woods, A.B., M.A. Ruth Wright, B.S., M.A. We Qaew Walk ll Back in those days when the class of nineteen forty-two was composed of romping freshmen, students of the school had the opportunity to see our High School grow into a new and bigger building. There were plenty of budding engineers supervising the building construction as they gazed out of class windows, while inside, their classmates were laboring under somewhat en- joyable difficulties what with having to compete with the noise made by the riveters and the shouts of the workmen. Many a teacher thought that if he had to go through another day of competition with the constructionists, he would burst, however, both the teach- ers and the students lived through it and today you see the fine results in the new gym, auditorium, music rooms, and manual training shops. TAFI: Editor Editor-Richard Mitchell Photography-Dan Kniola, Richard Mitchell Staff-lane Iaczkowski, Dolores Laskowski, Ferne Iones, Estelle Dee, Ieanne Hruby, Loretta Tepper, Mae Millburn, Hilda Weichman, Alveda Stevens, and Alice Stec. Advisor-Marie Spiess In compiling this, the nineteen hundred and forty-two edition Pioneer, the staff hopes to leave an incentive to future classes in making the Pioneer not only a class project but a school project in which the book will be enlarged and expanded by competent staffs to become the story of school life throughout the year. In attempting to undertake such a project those in charge will find many difficulties: however, any worth-while thing is bound to have obstacles in the Way of attainment. Many thanks to those who did their bit in creating this book and to Miss Spiess for her helpful guidance. We hope that you will keep it handy to refer to in the years to come. In behalf of the staff - Good Luck! Richard Mitchell Podqamxhme vm ' "M"'w 'W ' ' W ' K '1 1 I I Y: I 1 .J

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