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 - Class of 1978

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Garey High School - Saga Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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rf vying ' 1. . .1 AYq ' .. ig! My Ar' 4' .d-If if u ' Q ,, . 4' 1 'M F Q ,gi I A fs- A 11 v jwgi : I K I ,pl H, ',.'. lil! C-?". 1 :gh 1-1 'I -4-IM -A lt lr-w ' lu V. '5,'4 .Jw Q T ,4! .- A, , W, 5-,-7143" 1513 ravi- E-,fl JI 92-" sz i K . in V T1 4' 315916 .. fl , 'ay . 3 fi 1? :v ..v ,. ' N ? " If Q 'fi'- A , Q 5' 40 vifif' 1' I v 1 1 4 W J Q-21""'i -, r,, 4.1-k E . x I I N I' lu W Q -,N ash , 5 - f + f.Uww,, ,.f.f awmwwWQM f1QQ1X H ' f2TEE?3'E7 Qi ffgmf2gf2+ fm- w uv , f ijuwm 1 1 , U I I 1 wing m J J f wx ' Q 3 N' rw ' ' -J ' J f-f I wr fM "!w 1 'V ,' fx M, -' it A 1 1, rwb NJ 1 , Q 1.4 ,J P-J fu! 2 A 1.14, 455' ' V " ,gi.,f-11'-,,NJu,-ff Y y pit ff K ,Sr-7 V AL if FQ' 'LQKQQQ g 1, Q - 'Lf D:-Jw I-:k 7 ' fg- " "2 -1 -,L ' 'f 3 v g ,K f if-f' ' V' ,J Sf E'f'7f,?5' ff" ,J " - AX -11" Lv 'Q iff' T ,3 -743534-i H-Alf' -7 A W r-- -1 '- fi lj" 'NL L? A A , +?f '- ' ' H-,,-42f'fi1 """f-V75-, fc 'IQ' ' X -,rf 'ka N, V x if- rg :tr 1--:7- lfgkl " ' ' H " -P, ,W X Ni- f ,fs T3jitV5'7' ' U mv 1 'ML'l'Qj?'f -I Vi' hy! if-,.,,,Y .L - ici fflvifz xx-,,,-,y -if' , ,. -xx? 4 ,WV YL i J' .213 ' ff" 'P' 3 3 :-YL-,-ff' ft 'Ls-5 1 -,,1,i. Q W X' ' ,. ,-112' 'ff Y L , yi,-Ji" f TTY ' ifrff - .R ink V in M K fi 1 lx mf ' ' ff:-"7 " "" ' f M' 1:--. .- . "K f :dir .ll is W 3 Q -f-fi' J F K 'V if, --.,,, ,-fv- nf 7 123 Q QQ QA M v ' . 1 'AW if YJ Xl? 4 J tx 3 'q, qLA. ' 1 N LW 'U ft' Cb 'Q Q' WCS- ,y yv WW Q Q9 ' A 'Q fx XP kv UQ if O5 N 43 GQ 5 7 mb y '5f f1 W'4"1 WW .Z K 'J' if , gf? V gi?" Ax , 7U 9 QQ 5 C9590 .- WJ? Qtfzf ff' C. ,Z XM-C0153 Cbcbiyb Qxibxgobwifliwf? 3.005 1,016 C15 UMLYXQ CMJ 1 fi AL. " G' X . N, ..- - -5 ,- r Q ,- .. iv:-itat, 'ffl rim--EK . W ' SAGA 1978 jfhe 1978 Saga was published by the Student Body got' Garey High School. . Editor-in-chief: Robert Cummings Ggfey SCh00l 'ikdviserz Lawrence M. Fischbach W L - A PhoPographer: Wayne Book Studio est exlngton Venue Pri ter: Jostcns American Yearbook Co. Pomona Calif0rnia M1 Doug Gibson ' W ff""'f 'W' 19 'R i ly"t!'!'Qpl J if-Q. intel A RESPONSIBLE FREE PRESS WE PROUDLY DEDICATE THE 1978 SAGA TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND TO ALL FREE NEWSPAPERS AND PUBLICATIONS Free government and socxety CXISI only where there IS a free press to mform Our rlght to be mformed IS guar anteed by the Flrst Amendment of the Constltutlon The Flrst Amendment of the U S Constltutron guar antees that "Congress shall make no law abrrdg mg the freedom of the press " The 1978 Saga honors all men and women who work for the press from newspaper carrlers to wrlters and edltors We at Garey are proud to have two great publl catlons the VIKING VENTURER AND the SAGA The students who work dlllgently for these publ1 catlons are contrxbutlng to the Amerlcan ldeals of a responslble, free press and Informed students and cltlzens The l978 SAGA dlsplays a deslgn format rn keepmg Wlth our dedlcatlon to newspapers and other publl catlons , I -vi, WT' V A-Q Yzivnlm VL-Y,,.,..1,,,,..,,3,:,i.., ,,..e::,,:,..EA-,.--,V ,I .qu .. ' ' . V .ala X V Ui ,E- , , .A .jp- . J I fg. . 'U' - 1 - I aff' lq Mr' ., , I X U 'lf ,rr ' Q 1, ,, . - :Q-MTML , , H ., W, ,,,. . . A. E., AW ' 4 '1' Q' ,A " 1 1 iff". - . - Q, Aflfe, ' ' - 1 Q V! 1 ml: lip '- I I- 'R -' V 1 . I , +- I My F' 3' Ki Will' lv ir. 113. , of ' I ' P1 Q- :ffl ' 1? A ' "' "" l - 'P .. ' fl H' ' fi. 2 5- - 2' ' ff , I V- , if - ff ' QW - " I It A ,1 I l - th gi' '. , I d Q' 'lf' Y- I. ,J N 14,7- V., , ru .1 3 pk: if ,L , 9? 'nr Q, ' rl. Lf. ,nr 1- Q' :Lv , ww -1,251 , " ' 'A A :-'Z I X ' H., " ,T fr nr -lu -li , , 1 -NL, I l-.-. , nf,-V I 4 P 1 L- A- T 3 A., ,.. ... E ,.," I, I X - ll, m-44.4-.ngii-T 1 Ar' 1 .E , f Ivy' -. 'A 2 f' . 1. . , QM ' , , gl . ,mr ... I 1 Us it Ng! N! ,-.-....--, .1 IMD. 1 3 I L1 1- r H rw I .. Q.-.' ,ru-: IQ- yr IV! my Q V - i--...,-...,...,..,., -.- I Q -J -Y ' '4 II - V- 'Y 2 'A-'v-Mg-Y M-Ad, -1. "' ' 9 , . 'I We T i 1 t Ia M 1 72 Progress I 1 t ' 'I u e 111 gf - K I I , , A TABLE OF CONTENTS 5:- Daklanh-miqffibuli Theme: The Times Of Gur Lives ........ 4 nhl " Mfg .I if Student Body .,..................... 10 H1 I ' I ' Academics ................,......... 64 ' ' Sports ..............,......,........ 70 Q I Activities ........,.........,....... I I8 E I Faculty Times ..................... 140 , Advertisements .................... 158 Q ' Epilogue .............,............ 168 Z A IIB 12125 Gi1'l1l35 LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE WEST, 1,020,987 DAILY, 1,309,677 SUNDAY x ff :if AY 1 1 K-,K My AW ji 22,155 EJ .Q if-,f53L?i wg, 1 3, X sw fi T fl W -m,.'11':-1 ' tw if .- -, L1 .1 QQ wk xi, Pg N . 3 k -'IL ' I P ,Af .. I ' ypsia 'fx f iw lix, W QF? I 'U-, iffwi s ,. . 'unu- jf 6190533 I y r. .uv lwollf rlluuulwif flllilllill' 1' l l 1 . "' by .f H, 44 I ' JF 4-Y-I' "- V ' f,,,, g',..-.gk 1 1 .-A 1 'vm v. 1 s3Qi:w1:5 . I 'iff 3135 Q Q55 1 '2T" 9-J ' 'N -4 K I V' YIJVL Mfr- ill "A . I I eff? ,M - HE TIME f N xl . -k 1 'a .. - . - ,,,i.v .,- fi?-'S' -3 OF CUR LIVES N Homecomi Court Rul1 Over "Magic N'ig ruled the Homecoming Oucen Denisc HoIlie1 Nov. 3-4, I977. Her IO' E 3 ,, L- K w . Q, In "5 S . " X, F' , '73-ci-wg" 'l : ' f Q, 'f ai?" J'. - cesscs are, I. to r., Leon 'Q onado, Pam Bohnsak, riguez, and Martha Salazz these nightswereimagicuforGarey. 5-Hzq WW " "A . Q L31 ' 'F f . 6 'Q tp. 4 -'G 1 1 imP . 3, .14 1 L . 5 5,9 4 ui Wi JVM. -but is fo if --pea i , 3' 1 9 1 u L41 4 Q ,-YGAUQQDS 4 1 N 7' f w v gr-fir .s-vj 1: Lv ,1- S-11, Q 1 6-.f-.4 , X u w Rai: , V Q A Y, H- . 5 -p,. A Q 4 ,. -. U, ' ' , N., - A f:"1xi,L '-':cf'- A ,L - v. ,jg 4, V' I sv: ' ' I K - 9 , - -. A w r 1 rj 1 H1 I N r V, l W t w E H A 1 ' 1 l f-541' 5 ,,1Me'1,g QP 2 K ? . . 'Lfw'rwu,'g jj ' uigigf.-,T 5:1 'L-ym .gl mf Hug ,s t-:,f' L f E35-.4-vg.-J!'1 ,Muw',Ug,.J. .'1'pg5H1r -. fa " ' . hulnn vii' ' --Ji? -4-f' W ' ,gm 1-f.rff ,, W 1-"'- 1 R. 'L 'HLHQ1 '- Hmhqv fu' QlqHd qv. -'f?'e-5-7,1 "" 'J Qf1."l'2aI my I, J1:4p,,4: ,QI wJ5l4mw'n:m jfty 11' .Inv-I' ,-. :T 1 vS:1T'.HJ,,.l 4155" Wm - ' A , Q-w ,'lw.wmi 2 l1q't,jl germ . ,lf,,Q,Q x 1'w:I.i'5" 'JF MH IL-.l.0 R3 ffl. M' l:l2M,.Qb4:a P J?"..'f+1.f" ' K' g- , A, .3 '.' yfqll rn vw ,, fl -W -.1 ,. LW? F . w Wi 11 wyl",:',' fx l"' u, -A 1. ..n v-x QwMHk Mar filu :ZZ il Q' fiifmgseif W .W-:,' :J . 'A n:'+ N P 'MEi'aB.i,4' ,IF v 1 lx-1 1' ra.-.fjlfk ' , T., , ,nw 4, A iJMpX fwv I Q J: L-419' ' lv rv 1, I TM.. ., ,,',.'g,:sm5 -,,.gQ.1 Y 4-li :Mira My 1"1',T".Qgi- w ff! 'L 'W .1'1G5'1G'f5', ff Xu f l ,.. .ilu TWA' - If-:LW 1" ' 'f,1a..y,.-1 ,xlrfyu 1 . 191 1.. 7 U ,july 1 HK ,I, v H I - .lm , l1, 1' L, kww I 'uf , wl :Inq ' 1 lei' mx 'M' 1 ul. 1. I . "fWHHHlMH iQQUm'11f ' '4'v- ' En qfjlfl H' '.'.r W- '11 J-1 , , . N F lb-fs' fm, M f,-11, V: V 4 F' V LL f H- ' .:'fil:j,1 M qfH,UJQH 1-.-.. E Q1 lv '-gl "HQ gf Vhilu j ll L.- ffwmfdl-gd ,ff My " Q!!-. 4 ' .ggy ,n-' 'a'yi.gA ar-5'11,'N '-ff, 4 MC-'151-'I :pu D W, K, Lg.-Qi' ju uf QF-TQ 1:13251 new f' 'N Ji.. H 'W 'Ei1T'?-M :sw- mfr'11 -, sq - '-.ii ,pw -n,,a1f'4', JK. J qw- -...ff g2LIivJ,lf.' . Um , '1"'H"u ' a rM,.J. ,I -i V H15 ?,f'i' ,, -fl-x , IN'54JgLwn y Qh? ij lr '21 Ni yf.-I4 I KN' Q 4 Ai.-LfQ..,i -'M ' N I I , , , ... , yul-4. .. ..,,,-,L 11- A . W ,I,,3 " I K,-' TI", JI' .. ' AM 1. "1 5' '1 , WN ' J 5', ux , ,152 mm -- fav if,Mf!f'?E4i " I 'V' 1,1 u - ' 1, J". 'fx 1 A x . a 13" 1'i,U',-N1. - guy .w -ffq- qwwf 'y 'li .?kA,"u,:A, 55,31 , - " " M 1r.wx'Lff'-4 ,,, 7 W 111.1 ,jq 2:--1' 'f' . 'f'H' I ' w. I-I" : ji- ! u 1,31 . 5. L7-WWE? ' t 1 'Q' 'y'v A IA X . 4 L ""' ' - H W-r -' --'-H -V fqiv v... .. TY 1 - . 1 -- ,Q--- ..- -npr- J .v -ivfa--z.q,..s.-M 1 5'-4141 A -, ,af - I g"'!':f 'T -'E -AEE- n Jxl- v ,f ' 2 - 'F -f ?',,, n-lv C f ,gg .mL -- f-. "WN ,A fl H' '?':r- if 111:22 I X ' ' 'mf 1 ' N135 1 ' "' "1 A ' 1 1, 1 1, 1 "Q M 1 1 1 1 ,iff iff. 1Q'I1'1""111 ' V11-Q55-. 1 1 1 1 .V 11.1 1 W 1 1 .1'- V "f'1,'f3T1jifZ-1 ,'f5i1j1fQ 1 '1'Q, fL71!J'1-iq 1'i'.f11f"'g- f 1 1 1 1 11 1 r 111' ':,na'j: " -11 7151 . I x. 1 ' r' 1. 1 .ASA f ,,,, .,. , .n . .L J , 7 ,fn -1.,.- -1 L '-Y at 1- 1 Ji -91. ' '-if! S ,elf 'ff' -'. 1 1 L.I11 ' 1 1 1 1" 11',,. - ' 1 1 .,1 f u 11 - Af-.. - 41 1 I. 121 1 1 4 1 .1 1 1 A, . 1 f 11 , X, I Q11 ' -1 J? 1 A ' .1 ,, V Jx - f' ' X V , x ' l Y Rf Q i M I ' I 1. V Us I A, xl 1 LVD ' , 1 1 i,YlX,.15N?J DA. unify ,XS U L' ,X Dr-L V x ' 1 fi -Y W I U 'Q 'A D W Lb UDENT Q we sf. I A , 'D I ,lf , . i -X," ' rl COUNCIL r X ' I .' P Q ' l U' 4V vita: Y,L:k,'e' X- xx., LIS-LXR' I XA lf., r X Q June Durian A.S.B. Vice President ' f 'QL an-if-if Anna Gonzalez Linda Smith Marcia Holmes A.S.B. Secretary A.S.B. Treasurer Publicity Chairman 'YH li -A W' K 3' fr ,,, -,,,41, 7 E- : -N' """' ' ic i 1:--D . YA I - -in .., - --..,' S-ff: T ff' ti S' ' s, , . fi Y Student Council Planned Events For New Multi- Media Center Among the Student Council members who planned events in the new theatre ol' the Multi-Media Center ure, top. I. to r., MONICA HAIRE, lnterelub Council President: MARIE MOLINA, Social Chairman: VERONICA BELL, Involvement Commissioner: SHARON DELEHAND. Communications Commissioner: mid- dle. I. to r., ELMER GIBSON. Senior Cluss President: MARILYN RAMZY, Junior Class President: BENNIE BUGGS, Sophomore Class President: MARGIE LOPEZ. Freshman Cluss President: bottom, I. to r.. DENISE HOLLIER. Rzilly Commissioner: JAMES MOORE, Athletic Commissioner. NOT PICTURED: MARTHA SALAZAR, historian. "I Enjoyed My Four Years V It stems Iifkg on'ljy' ycstendaiy when 6hg'Class:of '7'87wc-fe the as -fjmstl Fne5hm'en 'Lo ggmiei 'tg ' Qarey High Snhiomwe were g si '21 4...V -- gizuvolvexiu Wiph fo,riezifa.t'i6n -and aidfnhb ,hglfdx Qlhmgs that f1?es hmKfin1g0 , ABM The ,Class bf '78 W0ul d3i'i't lem these littlb things, gffl them dbwn. We pefsovcfed' ihrdufgh: OM sqphomofel gafnfd jpfniior yuafs, and now 'ifs time Uplgo on in: lifdmag the Class Qf '78 g,n21dAuaAtc5s Tmn1'lG21GCW High- Q .3 , , Now- i'1j5s -ti'mg t0 stop lqcikingf back in lifcUand to s!HPI' tQ'1ob'k a1hewadF iiJ1og th,e future. I enjoyed my mfQu3r yeaQfS here! at 'Gfarbyg amd wish' ihelllass' QT '78 -allTtH1ke,lubka.ii1 fh.e world, W I H ETQMERQ GU3S0N 1 SfE1i1'0R CLPiSS'P9R'ES lTD1ENT A wg W '.. 4 'I R W N W 1 Q A P .Huw W L , y- . L-4 ' . . 1 A ,5'fE33?T!'E? - .- .iifgf V t'T:. 1 ,. ,fff"'-1 . N75 ' ' Q., Z m 'if A . - A I ji ii,,wjwf155 .LLL 1 lj.. g . if W -1 . , HN g'fff"""1 wx ' q Q , f Jian. ,,. . f 1 lv L vt-W 3 'I .4f1"32l3-':'4 I ' 1 1 Q W X W U 1' ' N ' w I - - V a iw .5 ' ' 2 '- ,' if . 45:1 'if f 1 'gd' QQ? MN if Qi -ff rw 1 'ffl' .. 1flgf'1 .F 'fa f . Q, if , r'-'L f f , 15:11 145 31:3 . , rg ' X Q, 3' . . I 6, iffy" -+.-.-1 .,-Aga Ja Q: 5 S -N 16 L , if .12 A ii I! L if-2 ft in "QE" 4 'Inv -Q -v-Ah 1' Yi' J. 'k .ff I W xD r'! .bi 4 J' 'fin' .11 4 ...,u,Q .ln -L eq, -FE ,I J 5, kg, JQ '53 Qi A 5..- r AQ: "fm" V 3 , Q N1 9. 7 fe W r 1 fa ff' H if 'I '!!- iw Q . . if ,W 'LDL lvl,-1 J 'Fir Li Qqvi, -.T E "A HI k 5 ' ,JI '4 f ' ,I .94 - I 1, 35 ' li 5 X i v Lf ,.Qf,, ,ww f'3' fa Nil' 'ha 1 yumumwfinir W' ' . '92 I f 'Y' .1 Q' K wr . .I 1 H, .vu AL . , 4. N U' ' ' W-If ff, ,U ,, if 3 1 ,ZF TI. .,, -A ,fn ,, 1. Nag- :ig 1 . 3, w J p ' Qksex 1 ,'vkV,- ,Y f VV' V K'j W3V ,A I K -1' X - . ' A 3 A ' ' - ' ' , 5 Vg', ' ' rf- X -' 1 A ull. -N i 1 H!! vv Qiv- mx, r rip v V 4 N 1 , 'A .W AV' , W i' 1 s.- N -I", -f A img? me 1 5 ' L31 XX if ' J f,3gf 5 4 - L ' lf: A ."l 1 1 A X f m A Q , 5 L-J 9 af , -. 1 .5 m ' ' 1' ,Q b Q 4 1: Fr 'Q Q 315: V- ei 'M Av ' if ,V Y . v,,.-fgi ' " f I ' -1- ' 5? 5 ff 'i nk ' W, , gi N A C tr' I isbn ' 4' 1 TTN! ' ' 'W 12' ,bv f 4" , ,+ . 'G -- W 3' ' ' Q 3' HM 3 V -as if .-r . .,,f . in g,. iff". .. "BH ,Q ,J A 1, - ig pm, A , .., 4 5 gg rf- F Q! ,- VX. X.. 1 A- im' A 1. UE A..- , x 3 Q. .gr 1 in , pr . 1 1 'SL 1,4 x :- F 'l....-"' , , in Q ' M 'Z 5 .9 " ,S 1 K LJ 4? lg , K J. V it .5 'Q -- ' L 3, 'Q' UK 1-ww . if . , Qi 'af ,. ' ff ww . gjjgiililw I I rf at , '-H, a ENN A N V - I3 I E -...,, 'oe ie-f. f--1e----- xx, ., 414 fl , . . :if Y I: I yi -dlp f vw 2-mv' ,- b A ,Q 1 1 -M li G, W. li' b-rr if ,df -' 1 . ,"'. . -it W: Y. -an --ir, ,V , X1 3 E KW P s -5 www w 1 ,mm A ai .z.. 1 'V Q . A 5 , A U' r Ya .Ya 1 w eh- Qii ,him 1 A ,.. 4 , f ,K Lv' .1 HR. M1 T A f 5,-.4 . .,' ff A .-Q" ws ., fi 'V' AZ E ' x A QT, ' I , , :J H ""' fi U S- if ' r .1 ,:- -fb, Pr' it 11 4,3 I ui A 17 . ,J 1: ' ,,, CWA 1 1 . U f il "Z: r ' .J ,- 3 :ff - ,., ' 'if-ig, 1 av ' 1 Q3 U W aww? - 'F' Lrjii. l I fggvk' il s, .- 'v hw, ,,,,, ,. -- .,,q A 4. ,xl . 41 mfg? -- - X 5331. W' , LA l Cr V., gr, fL w -nl 1' E. A 'K .Q !.. ...lui 2' ws-,ex 4. 1' A . U. ,., ' A V! A J -Hag' afzag. I ails 5 x M AM ,QA ," -fi! .3 '-gre q Q, X W Vjiwff .- 1 ,4 .X 4 v'1 '. E' -I is ,s"'! ,Ji anal ,ix I Q FI , l u 'f' f ' "' Q, 4' U Q, Si v 4 , , -0 ,- -3 V, Ji' 3 !-A M, l' -.v .,,. A , qi. C r.9' ,rl 1 -1551 .,, x 4, 6 l . ,V I I .lflgxxw U JA -,wiv R 18 , x lf .U-, A-.N ,Y-si '. .xg I iq -r .f. M4 ,I ,. A. 5-,x. . ig . I 5-1. 's . 'QQ 'H 4' 4 , 1 ' O 1 I 1 -W1 U W WAV1' L WI by ,A 5' Ir I- 4 ,P...l A, .U - ' ,, J F i we 5 W K 'Pi 1' 'O YAJ' 4, 4 . . Y N ,f 1: 5' 'wi 1 mu. ,' -' . 1 L FA Q1 M I r., 1 M! -'- n, we X 1 r T. . K 41 L ff, 4 J. " I I M 7 q . ,. :gag I av A QM W1 5':?'? 4 1- L H f riff 'f-I wh el? w ., ,V "1 if . . 4 -1. ,nd N , L " J no ,-K . 'V , 'E I ' 'Elf' of Y r -L Y 'ffl' 5 -NE' 151, y. K .. Q . w., we w y A ' Iii nh i' 4 W L a. ' ,, ., '1 ' . .' -. 5 U f k3i,,"k?k5K appz 6 f v TL I , I M Q xli- W My sy r " 4 7 v ata 'x rv .nz f 4. , x L4 L Q1 1 J , , , 1 1 . 4 -Q ,j 9 l A Mgv qs , -'iw , -2- X 5 gr V-E' '13, f'f4x 'X 5 X 4 . .pai-., Tiax 1 iii fr -H- " '-ov ly 4 1 21. 45 fn 1 A4 -' ,r uv , ,' au, ,, - Q '11 L "il iq Ky , ' ?' v , f r. ,Q x L JW fl 131' ,QWTZ f.. J' gif. 'a 5 , 'Y 11 Ibn KX v L, ' ' 1' 3 ,.. ff 4 Name Page GALE ABBOTT I8 ANTHONY AGUAYO I8 Virgo 9, I0, Il. I2- Mecha MARIA AGUILAR IB Libra DEBRA ALANIZ I8 Scorpio RUBEN ALCALA IB Aquarius SALVADOR ALCALA IE Sagittarius KAREN ALEXANDER I8 Capricorn JOE ALFARO I8 Virgo GENE ANDRUSCO I3 9- Marching Band. Studio Band. Film Club. CSF IO- Studio Band. Assistant Director "Godspcll". Drama Club. CSF. ll- ICC President. Film Club President. Voyagers Accom- pztntsl. Studio Band CSF, NHS. IZ- ASB President. School Board Representative, Studio Bnnd. NHS JOANNE BARNES I8 Virgo DOUG BARTLETI' I8 Capricorn PAN1Iil.A BASE 18 Capricorn IJISMETRIC BATIIESTE I8 Scorpio 9- Class Representative French Club, Badminton Team. IU' french Club. Badminton Coaches' Award, Tennis Must Improved Award. ll' AFS. French Club. IFS. Tennis Team Coaches' Award. Badminton. Senior Class. I:ARVlN HIENDER I8 Sagittarius Sl,-I: ANN BENNETT 18 Capricorn 9- Drill Team. AFS. AXAS lil, Banner Girl. AFS. AXAS Sophomore Class Rep. II- Varsity Iflagleader. Nnrdirs. Campus Ltle IZ- Varsity Flagleadcr Captain, Campus Ltlc, Seniur Class Rep TUM BIDWITLI. III Iltnccr IJIANA HISIIOP IX Aquarius 9- JV Volleyball. JV Basketball, Var Softball. WAC, Pep Club, I0- Var, Volleyball. JV. Basketball. Var. Badminton. WAC. Science Club. Hiking Vikings ll- Var. Cheerleader. Sports Editor. Junior Class Person- alny, IZ- Var, Cheerleader. Vuiee of The Vikings. Senior CI. Rep. ANTHONY BLYTHE IS Arms ll- Varsity Ftwlball. Varsity Track. BSU. IZ- Varsity Football. Varsity Track IJIZNISIS BOCK I8 Leu 9- CSF. Women's Track. WAC, IU- CSF, Women's Tennis, Science Club lla CSF. Nordic. MGM Il- MGM PAM BOIINSAK III HRFNDA BRILEY I9 Capricorn COI.l.liEN BRILEY I9 Vxrgu ADIELLA BRISENO 19 Aquarius VALENTINA BRISSETTE I9 Aquarius IKENDRA BROWN I9 Virgo IJIELORES CABRERA I9 Sagittarius KATHERINE CARPENTER 19 C:tnt:t:r RANDY cantutsco I9 Aries 312155 QEJT 1978 senior iunex Name Page ANNIE CARRUTHERS I9 YVONNE CARTER I9 Aquarius , 9- Class Representative. MGM Honors. Volleyball. Bad- minton. l0- MGM Honors. Volleyball. Badminton ll- MGM Honors. Volleyball, Badminton. Nordic, Junior Class Officer VICTORIA CASAREZ I9 Virgo DOLORES CASTILLO l9 Pisces 9- CSF, Art Club l0A CSF ll- CSF. MGM, Nordic IZ- MGM KATHY CASTRO I9 Scorpio ll- MAYA, Business Club ll- MAYA. Drill Team, Business Club. FRANK CHARLES I9 Leu 9- Football IO' Varsity Football. J.V. Baseball Best Offensive Performance. Batting Title ll- Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball IZ- Varsity Football Captain, Varsity Baseball. MICHAEL CHARLES I9 I.tbr:t 9- Football Ill- Football, .I,V. Baseball II- Varsity Football IZ- Varsity Football MARIA CIIAVEZ I9 Leo l.A VERNE CHESTER I9 Pisces MARLA CIIRISTMAN I9 Capricorn 94 FIS Cheerleader. Lctttzrpersun, Varsity Softball. I0- Varsity Tennis. Lclterperson. ll- NHS, Nordic ll- NHS, WSU ANTHONY CLINTON I9 Capricorn 9- Football, Basketball IO- Fuatbull, Basketball Il- Varsity Football, Basketball IZ- Varsity Football. Basketball, LYNN COBBS I9 Capricorn BRIDGETTIE JOAN COFIELD 20 Virgo Of Pep Club. Y-Teens, BSU. French Club. FHS, Freshman Representative. IO- BSU, Drama, French Club. WAC, BTE. Soplmntorc Class Represcntzttive, ll- BSU. Language Club. Drama. Junior Class Representa- tlvc IZ- BSU. Drama. Senior Class Representative. Senior Personality-Ideal Girl. ANTHONY COLE Z0 Gemini 9- Drama 10- Voyagcrs. Acapclln Choir. Drama 2. ll- Vuyagers, Acapella Choir. Varsity Tennis. Newspaper Photographer. Wumen's Varsity Tennis Manager. 12- Vttyagcrs. Acapella Chair. Varsity Tennis. JUDY CRANSTON Z0 Aries MARICELA CRUZ 20 Sagittarius ROBERT E. L, CUMMINGS 20 Taurus 9- CSF, MGM Honors. Medical Conference Representative. Track, Football. Basketball. l0- MGM Honors, Track, Football. J.V. Basketball. ll- MGM I-lonors. Nordic. Medical Explorers. Yearbook Editor-In-Chief. Varsity Track. IZ- CSF. MGM Honors, Math Tournament, Yearbook Editor-ln-Chief, Senate. Senior Class Representative. Senior Class Treasurer. Interclub Council, Art Club President. Runners Club, Varsity Track, CARRIE NATASHA DARRINGTON 20 Capricorn 9- Annual Home Economies-Fashion Design Show. BSU. Softball. WAC I0- BSU, Annual Home Economics-Fashion Design Show. Varsity Tennis. WAC. II- FHA. BSU, Drama Club, Annual Home Economicsa Fashion Design Show IZ- Drama Club. Mid-Term Graduate Name P1124 ELMIRA DAVIS 20 Libra HILARIO DE LA CRUZ 20 Capricorn GRETA DEAN Z0 Aries 9- BSU IO- Flagleader. Sophomore Class Vice President, BSU. I I- Flagleader Captain RAYMOND DE LA PENA Z0 EDWARD DELGADILLO 20 SHARON DELEHANT 20 Gemini 9- Drama Club. "You Cnn't Take It With You". Stage Crew for "Fantastit:lts" Ill- Drama Club. Treasurer. Film Club "South Pacific" "God- spcll", ChiIdren's Theater. ll' Drama Club Secretary. Film Club, "Out Ol' The Frying Pan".Tl'tespinn Historian. Props for "Barefoot In the Park". IZ- Drama Club. Thespians. Communications Commissioner for Student Council. JOANNE DE STEFANO 20 Gemini 9- Mecha DEBRA DEXTER 10 Cancer MANUEL DIAZ 20 Cancer MIKE DICKERSON 20 Libra VALERIE DIXON Z0 Gemini 9- Varsity Track. WAC Capt. Powder Puff III- Varsity Track, WAC. BSU I2- Varsity Track, WAC REBECCA DOMINGUIAIZ 20 Capricorn CIIARLENE DUKES 20 Cancer IU4 Softball. WAC ll- Basketball. WAC IZ' Basketball. Softball, WAC ANNA DURAN Z0 Taurus 9- MECHA IU- MECHA, CSF. Christmas Court. Yearbook. MGM ll- MIECHA, FAD. Yearbook 11- Yearbook CARLA DURAN Z0 Cancer 9- CSF, Ilnnnr Roll IO- IFS, Honor Roll ll- Il-'S Secretary, Business Club. Junior Rep, Nordic Honor Roll II- Honor Roll, IFS. Senior Rep. JUNE DURIAN ll Cancer 9- Student Body Secretary, Glee Club, Track Team, Asian American Asso. 10- IFS. AFS. Il- Student Gavernmcnt-Communications Commissioner. IFS. Ind Place in Spelling Bee Contest IZ- ASB Vice President. Varsity Cheerleader. Vcyagers IFS. Senate President TILBERT DURIAN Zl Virgo CRYSTAL ESCALANTIE Zl Pisces MARCELLA ESCANUELAS Zl Capricorn KRISTINA ESQUIVEL 2I Capricorn WAVVA FIRKEL ZI Scorpio 9- CSF. MGM IO- CSF. NHS. MGM ll- Yearbook Activities Editor. CSF. NHS, IFS, Nordic. MGM IZ- CSF. NHS, MGM ROSALVA FLORES 21 Gemini LEROY FORD Zl Aquarius IO- Soph. Basketball Newspaper DAVID FORTE 2l Aquarius 9- Frosh Basketball. Football, Track Name Page I0- Sophomore Basketball, Track, Varsity Football, BSU Letterman Club Il- Vanity Football. Varsity Track. Varsity Basketball. BSU. Letterman Club. IZ- Varsity Football. Traclt. BSU, FAD. Letterman Club CURRY FOSTER ZI JAVIER FRANCO ZI Pisces RITA FRANKLIN 2I Sagittarius MARILYN FRIENDLY 21 Aries ELIZABETH GALLEGOS ZI Leo CIIRIS GARCIA 2I Sagittarius ll- Varsity Baseball Manager I2- Varsity Football Manager IGNACIO GARCIA 2I Len JOSEPHA GARCIA Zl LISA GARCIA 21 Pisces ll- Business Club Member I2' Business Club President MANUEL F. GARCIA ZI Sagittarius MANUEL M- GARICA 22 Scurpio MARIA GARCIA ZI Cancer STIEVE GARCIA Z2 Sagittarius LINDA CEARRETI' Z2 Virgo PAMELA GARRETT 22 Virgo 9- BSU I0- BSU. Baseball. WAC ll' BSU, Track, WAC IZ- BSU. FAD ROCIIIZLLE GAYLES 22 Libra liI.MIfR GIBSON 22 Leu 9- BSU. Basketball Manager 10- BSU. Football. Voyagers. Basketball Manager ll- Junior Class President. BSU President. Varsity Football, Vuyagers. lntcrclub Council. Dynamic People IZ- Senior Class President. BSU President. President. Varsity Football. Track. Basketball Manager, Voyagers FA D. Lettermcns Club, lnlerclub Council. Dynamic People. Senior Personality-Class Leader. IEIMERINA GIBSON 22 MONICA GLOVER Z2 Pisces Us Drill Team. Science Club IO- Banner Girl, Science Club. Varsity Tennis Team. Varsity Badminton Team. WAC. Hiking Vikings. Sophomore Class Representative. Il- Varsity Flag Leader, Junior Class Representative. WAC. Campus Life, Honor Roll. I2- Varsity Flag Leader, Campus Life. Honor Roll, Senior Class Representative. Senior Personality-Shy But Likable. SHERRY GOBERT 22 Capricorn II- BSU IZ- Varsity Cheerleader. BSU. Rally Representative. Christmas Queen. FRANK GOMEZ 22 PATRICIA GOMEZ 22 Libra ANNA GONZALES 22 Taurus I I- Newspaper Staff I2- ASB Secretary-Student Council. Mid Term Graduate DIANE GONZALES 22 Aries GEORGE GONZALES Z2 Scorpio .IUANA GONZALES 22 Virgo tn. tt... nqswonttttat-a illnttex Name MARY L. GONZALES Cancer 10- Mecha Secretary Il- Mecha Secretary Page Z2 IZ- Mecha Secretary, IFS. FAD. Senior Class. Business Club. VVUNNE GOVIZA 9- CSF. Honors English ltl- CSF Treasurer. IFS. 12 Honors English. ll- CSF. IFS. NHS. Honors English. Junior Class Repre- sentativt: IZ- CSF. IFS. NHS, IFS President, Senior IATIIAM GRAHAM Capricorn ll- Frtrshrnan Track lnterelub Council. llonors English. Class Representative. 12 ltl- Sophomore Football CtJaCh's Award. Varsity Track ll- Varsity Track. Nordic IZ- Lettermens Club. Varsity Track ANTHONY GROSS Virgo l'l-I IHCIA GROSS Seorpto NIONICA HAIRI: Aquarius lk. BSC. CSI". Interclub va 11 IJ Counetl. Y-Teens. Vtlm Club Itl-l'tlnt Club. IIAS. BSU. IZTIE. Varsity Songleader. Christmas Court ll- .Iunior Class Secretary. BTE. BSU. Basltclhall Statistician ll- BSU. CSF. BTE. lnterelub Council President-Sttnlent Coundl. Chmtntas Court. Senior Class l'ersonaltty-Best Personality llRl,-VN IIALL 23 Aquartus ROIIIYN IIANSOIN I3 Taurus V- l' Class Representative ll- Tall Flag with Band lil l IINDA HARRIS IJ I tbra 'l- ,IV Basketball, WAC ltl- Varsity B.tsltetb.tll. WAC. Varsity Trael. ll- li.tsltetb.xll. WAC. Drill Team VNTOINI-TTI: I -VY IIHNDERSON Z3 V treo tl- BSL . lltmor Roll ltr. Voyagers Cootpetttton-Tlurtl Place. llonor Roll rt- list . BTI-, ttetpea orgoofe ltrsl lll.telt tttstoo Slioocase, Junior C lass Rcpresetttattve. llooor Roll. II- Vttyagers. BSI.. IITIi Vice President. Varsttt llag. Setttor L lass Representative. Rally L lub IURI IIINDRICKS 23 Ptsees tt- I reshtoan Cheerleader Ill- .IV Cheerleader ll- Nordic IRIIND-tlll-RN.-tNlJl17 lt 'l.turu. ll- Business l lub Xlember lj- Llustnets C lub Presttleol I INIJX lll-,RNANDIJ lt tietotnt Nllt Ill-I I,l' HIZRNANDIEI 21 Scttrpto ROY lllERNANDI:Z Ptsees C .ooera Shy tAROl YN lIlNI1S 13 sosrpnt DOI!-'V IIOIGCIN Il Pisces Il- liatlnitnton ltl- W NC ll- Itlm Club. Drama Club-Dottie Coburn tn "Out UI Tlte Irytng Pan". Assistant Dtrcetor tn. "Barefoot In The Park" tl- Ilraota Club llI1NlSI',NI2CIl: IIOLLIIER Il Artes ltl- BSI... Irench Club tl- llSlt. JV Cheerleader ll- Rally Cltatrpcrstin. Senior I'erxon.tltty-llest Loolttnp. llonteeomtng Queen NIARCIA IlOl.MI:S 23 virgo U- Ireshman C,'hct:rleatIt:r. Varsity Httsketbttll. Varsity Softball. WAC Ill- Vanity Bittketball, Varstty Softball. WAC ll- Varstty' Volleyball. Varstty Ilatsketbtlll. Varsity Softball. ist pace ottteybatt trophy. IZ- Varsity llasltetball, Student Council-Publicity Cltatrman. Voyagers. patches lor 2. J. 4 years Varsity Partttzipant 34 1255 QBJJ' 1978 Nana: Page CYNTHIA IIORMANN 23 lientini TONY l.ORlN HUBBARD IJ Taurus 9- Freshman Track. Honor Roll ltl- Sophomore Football. BSU. Sophomore Class. Honor Roll. ll- BSU. Voyugers. Dynamic People. Junior Class Repre- sentative. Varsity Track ll- BSU. Vayagers. Dynamic People. Senior Class. Varxity Track. SVLVIA IILIGIIIES 23 Arles 0- .IV Basketball. WAC ltl- JV Ilaskctball. Varsity Song. WAC ll- JV Tennis. WAC. Varsity Basketball. BSU. Softball DUROTIIV llUl..SIE 23 I eo fl- Iladotinton. WAC. CSF. Film Club. llonor Roll ltl- Tennis. WAC. CSF. Ftlrn Club. lltmor Roll. Science Club, lliglt Ilenors Roll. ll- Songlearler. Nordic. MUNI. Honor Roll IZ- Sortglcarler. MGN1. llonor Roll Ml-LONISIS JACKSON Z3 Aquarius Il- BSI? ltl- BSI ll- IISII. IITIE, FIIA President. Nordic. Interelub Council. ll- BSII. IJ'I'Ii. IIARIIARA JITTLI Z3 'lttttrus ARI IiIiN R, .IUIINSON 23 Vtrgo U- ll S ltl- IIS. BTI: ll- IIS. BTI? ll- ll"S, Viet: Presitlenl. ICC. Student Senate MARTY JOHNSON Z-1 N'll'l ANlIt JOHNSON Z-1 l'isees II- Tall Ilag .lOl- .IOlINtVl:l.l l'tsees t .totem Shy IJINII-,TRII S JONITS 2-J Ueouttt I I ROY .IUNI-S I4 t .tprtcorn I lNll-'V ,IONIS 24 rsaetttartus l'Xl I A JUNPS I-I ,'Vflt:s Itl- ll S ll- IIS. .luntor Class. Business Club ll- IIS .-tlltll.Pll.llIARl17 2-t Artes ll- lsleclta ltl- Meelttt ll- Senior Personality-Class l-ltrt lll'l'1Y K.-NVANALIGII 2-I Sagtttarlus ltl- Varsity Tennis tt. varsity 'reruns MII I ll- lil-YS '-t 'Vqttttrlus 'l- Ilrtll Team. Drama Club. HTF ltl- llr.ttna Club. ltlnt Club I I- llr.tnt.t C lub. l'iltn Club. Nation Thesptan Society IJ- 'I all Ilag. Drama Club. NTS IIIOMAS C. RINCADI' 2-I t .tpoeorn tl- Varsity SAI. Championship Team. Letteruians Club. llSIi ll- Vanity lotrtball. Letterntens Club. BSII. IAD. Varsity Track, I'A'I Il lxNliRll1N 2-I I tbrtt 'l- I reshman Cheerleader ltt- .IV Cheerleader ll- Class Representative ttitmtyt KNOX 24 I .IIICCI -I tmp cm. usu ta. voor, station: ll- Mecha IZ- Mecha I l'.RNANDO LARIZX 2-I l thru ll- Ilasehall Name Page ltl- lfttotbull. JV Baseball. MVP for JV Baseball ll- Varsity Baseball, Nordic. Mecha. All SAI. Baseball Team IZ- Vanity Baseball. Lettermcns Club. Varsity Football ROOSIZVHLT LISTT 'l- FISII, Baseball ltl- BSU. Baseball ll- BSLI. Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball l2- BSU, Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. Camera Shy VICTOR LIZAMA 24 Scorpio TIII1RliSA l.0I"'l'ON Z4 lientini tl- .IV Volleyball. Varsity Track. Coaches' Astard for Track. BSU. WAC ltl- Vanity Track. Most Valuable Player for Track. BSU. WAC ll- Varsity Track. Most Valuable Player for Track. BSU. WAC. Three Year Varsity Track Award. IJ- Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Track. Most Improved Award for Volleyball. lrour Year Varsity Track Award, BSU. WAC. I AD. Senior Personality-Most Athletic Woman VOI UNDA I Oiitili 2-I I eo lf- BSU ltJlS LONG Cancer IZ- Seliool Activities. Camera Slty' MARTHA l.0NltiO 24 MARC I l.llI2DI2Kli Z4 I eo RAIIIN MAGIETTIJ Z-I tieoiiut 'IA .IV Ilasltelball, Most Valuable Player for Basltetball. WAC Ill- .IV Ilasltetllztll. Moist lnsplratittnztl Player Ittr Basketball. VVAC tIlRlS'l'lNIi MALANA 2-l I eo I I-ONUR h-IAIDONADO 15 Aqtutrius ll- V.trstlySttlill1:tll ll- Newspaper Stall. llottiecotoing Court-Princess t XRI US NIANIO Z5 S.ieot.trtus .ltJSI- MARCONI 15 tieattttt '1- lreslttttztn Class Treasurer. Iootbull ltr lootliall ll- Varsity 'Iennts If- Varsity Tcnnts Vlllxl- NIARINU 25 Virgo RAIAIIY NlARONlt Us tim., 'l- Pep Club. Class Representative. Name 9- BSU, French Club ID- Varsity Song Leader. ll- BSU IZ- I'AD. BSU DUN NA MCWIllRTIiR Sagittarius Il- Newspaper. Ol'I'ice Studies BSU. Track Ill- Ilruina. Tennis. Cooking Club ll- Newspaper. Drama. Tennis. Ilumcntalting l2- Newspaper. Drama. Secretarial Studies I'RIiDDIIE BIEAR MIENDIVII. .IURtili MISNDOZA Aquarius .IOl:l.I.A MINCKS Pisces NIARII: MOLINA Virgo 'l- Vilteltcs. Drama Club ltl- Varsity Iilag. Voytagers, Drama Club, Track Page I5 15 Z5 15 s lt- Vanity Song Co-Captain. Voyager-t, Baseball lnterclub Counetl. MGM Honors II- Varsity Song Captain. Student Council-Social Voyagers. Inter-Club Council. Chrtstutas Court. Varsity Traelt Statistician. Senior Personality-l lass Flirt MARIA MONTHS I eo .IA All-S MUORIE Capricorn In s ll- Student Senate. I-otttball. llasltetliall. Track ltl- Varsity Iioolball. .IV Basketball. Track. Student Senate. IISII tl- Vanity Football. Jv llatketball. Vanity Track Captain. Number One Superstar Winner ll- Varsity loothall Captain. Varsity Traek. lettertnent Club. Student Cottnt:il-Atltlctic Contnossmrter JOSI' MURAI IES tlIAR LIES MOR I' N0 tietntnt I AVIIKA MORRIS Pisces ll- lreshutan Class Vice I'restt.lettl, ,IV Soltbttll. IlSl Itl- Varsity 'I'r.telt. VV-VL. llSl tt- nst , utt- tt ' s In Its .- Sttl'tb.tlI. litrls lI.tsltetb.tll Manager. Drill leant. tluh. BTI: I -VD. Senior t lass Persortalrty-I outlest mutt to sol so-fp... Io tl- Meelta Iltstortan. JV Basltetball ltl- Mecha Sargent ol' Arms. .IV Il.isketb.tII ll- Mecha Vtee President. Varsity B.tsl.ctb.tll. Vanity Baseball l2- Mecha Vice Presitlcnt. I'.-VD, Varsity Ii.tsltctb.tll, Varsity ll- IIS. Nortltc ll- Senior Class 'I IVI MARTIN . Class Reprcsent.ttit'e S.tptttartus I SPI RANYA MAR IINI-7 Seorpto I lit AS NIARTINI-Z I'ts-:es 'I- tlasebitll. Nleclta ltl- Varsity Ilaseball. Sopltontore Iootball. Mecha ll- Varsity Ilaseball. Mecha. l.et1ernteus Club l'ootb:tll. Varsity Baseball. Iettermclts Club. iz- t'.o.ay Xleelta XIV R I it Xt MARTI N E57 .-'tttuartus II- AIS, Language Club l-VRRY MAYI Il5I.IJ Artes Band 25 25 'is fs Vs 'L Xlarelttttg Iland. l'.trenxs' Club. Pep ltl- slarelttng Ilantl. Parcnts' Club. Pep Band. Asstslztrtt Drum Nlaytor ll- lorctgn I,angu.tgc Club President. Marching Band. Assist- .tnt Drum Nlator. lnterclub Council. Pep Band lf- lwiretgn Lattguxtge Club I'resit.leot. Marching Band. Assist- .ml Ilrunt Mayor. lnterclub Council. AIS, Pep Band, Voyagers. ,st cement.. IsI'N!.-tl MCCIIRRV I tbra NIARG.-VRITA MCDOWl1l.I Pisces ll- Business Club Member ll- Business Club Treasurer .IAK lsll' MCMlll,I.I:N Aquarius 25 25 25 Ilastfbttll CARIOS MIIRIIIO In Pisees .lACt,ltlI'l,lN NAGIAY It. t .tueer ll.VNlf'l"I'l- NI-Al It. t :meer Sentor Class Secretary DAVID NIEWTON 21. t .ttteer llltNti Ntil VI-.N Zts Virgo ltl- Ping-Pong School Champion ll- Vl.tth Contest Winner at Pooton.t lltplt Tourn.tutent I.-VN NICIIOI SON jfs IIIINNA Ofil I'SIIY I'tsecs 'l- Ntkeltes. V-'leens. Stutleot Sen.tte. Iresltntan Class Repre- strtltllltt ll- Varsitj. Clteerleatler. Student Senate. RSI II- llhl .llttl O'TO0l I' 'rs t trgo -2- llaseball ltl- loolhall. Wrestling ll- .IV llaseball, Most lntprotetl Avtard lor b.tsels.tll IZ- Varsity llaseball V1 A RIO Ol MOS 'rt -Vt.tu.trtus VINCI-NT OROYCO In Seorpto lllttitl ORTI-KIA Jo I'lsCes .llll Ili PACIIFCII In Taurus Name Page DAVID PADILLA 26 Cancer KATHY PADILLA 26 Aquarius IO- Varsity Song IZ- Varsity Sung CARMEN PARIDES 26 DEVI PARKS Z6 Taurus 9- Basketball, Football. Track lil- Basketball. Football, Track Il- Varsity Basketball. Varsity Football. Track, Nordic 12- Varsity Baskctball, Varsity Football. Varsity Track. Senior Personality-Best Personality ESPIE PARSHA 26 Gemini CELIA PARTIDA 26 SAMUEL PIZDRAZA 27 Arles I-STELLA PEREZ Z7 Anna HELIX PEREZ Z7 l.lbr.t INIIEIDA PEREZ Z7 Arias IU- Varsity Badminton. WAC ll- Vanity Badminton. WAC. Nordic ll' Vanity Tennis, WAC RIJI LY PERKINS 27 9- Ifuutbttll. Wrestling Ill- lfontbztll, Wrestling II- Vtimtp Football. Wrestling ll- Varsity I-oorball. Wrcstling. Senior Permnulity-Inuduxt ARNIANDO PESOUERA 27 Taurus RICHARD PINK 27 Cuncvu STI:VI:N PINK 17 iltnccr 9- Basketball, ESAA Club, Varsity Truck Manager IU- Binlnctball, Varsity Track Manager I I- Tr.n:k IZ- Track SYIIII, PINK Z7 Sagittarius 9- Ncmpuper. Student Senate, ICC, Drama. BSU. FIIA IU- BTIE. FHA. BSU. ICC. Student Senate ll- Newspaper. Drama, BTE, BSU. FHA. ll- BSU. CSF. FHA, NHS. BTE. FAD. Drama. Seniur Class Rcprcacntativi: JIM PRICI: 27 Virgo VVIl,l.IiE PUCKETT 27 Capricorn 9' Iuutball. Basketball, Band IU- Football. Basketball. Band II- Vanity Football, Sing: Band IZ- Vnrstty Football. Stage Band GARY RAMIREZ 27 Gemini JOSE RAMIREZ 17 Leu ROSARIO RANGEL 27 JAMES REEKES 27 I.lbrxt PATTY REIER 27 I,n:i.n RUBEN REVELIS 27 Tuurm CHRISTINA REYBS Z7 Cancer LARRY REYES 27 Virgo 9- Baseball. Freshman Class Rcprcsentative IU- Varsity Football. and Baseball. Sophomore Class Repr:- scntativc. I l- Varsity Football, Baseball Captain. Jumor Class Representa- tive. IZ' Varsity Football Captain. Varsity Baseball Captain. Senior Class Rcprcscnlalivs, Lcttcrmens Club ORLANDO REYES 27 Capricorn CARMEN REYNOS0 28 Libru 54533 Num: Pngg GLADYS RICO 28 Leo AUXILIO RIOS Z8 Cuncer DARNELL ROBINSON 28 THOMAS RODRIGUEZ 28 Aquarius ZINA RODRIGUEZ Z8 DANlEl.J.RUlZ Z8 Cancer MARTY RUPP 28 Pisces 0- CSF 10- CSF ll- CSF, Science Club 12- CSF. NHS. lntcrclub Council. School Student Corrcs- pondcnt l.0IDA RUZ Cancer Camera Shy BILL SAIGE ZS Virgin 9- Wrestling. not wmumg, II- Vurxity Wrestling IZ- Varsity Wrestling MARTHA SALAZAR 18 Gemini IELOISA SALCEDO 28 Taurus BLIRNETTA SAMPSON ZX Sngtttxtrlux HL Snphumorc Class Representative Il- NHS. Student Council. Nordic. Junior Clam Rcprcmcntu- tive, II- NHS. Simiur Clash Vice Frcaidcnt I Iil,IL'IA SAMPSON 28 l,i:n ILLVIRA SANCHEZ 28 Lancer RAMONA SANCHEZ 18 Scnrpm YVONNE SANDERS ZX Aquttrtun 9- Freshman Class Representative IU' Vnllcyball JV Team, WAC. Black Theatre Ensemble ll- National Honor Society. Californian Scholastic Fuduratiim. Juniur Class Rcprcscntntlvc. RICHARD SANDOVAI. 28 I.tbr:t Senior Personality-Best Looking BERTIIA SANTOY0 Z8 Gemini II' Mecha IZ- Mecha. Business Club, IFS, Senior Clans, FAD DIELTA SAUCEDO 28 Libra DAWN SAVILLE 39 DIQBBIIE SCHNEIDER 29 Scurptu II- Nordic NORMAN SCOTT Z9 Cxtnccr TONY SHROPSHIRE 29 Pucci DAVID SHY 29 JOHNNY SIMILTON 29 Taurus 9- Football ltr Football ll- Varsity Football IZ' Varsity Football TYRONE SIMS Z9 Artcx Ilv Varsity Football, Track ROBERT SINKFIELD 29 Sagittarius ANN SKVAREK Z9 Libra BARBARA SMITH 29 Scurpio l.INDA SMITH Z9 Virgo SKS Name Page 9- Drama. Voyagcrs. Acapclla. lnterclub Council-Treasurer. Student Senate IO- Varsity Track Most Improved Runner. Varsity Flag Leader. Honors English, Student Senate, Drama Club President. Interclub Council, Vuyagcrs. Acapella Il- Varsity Tennis. Honors English. Basketball Stat. Drama Club Secretary, Voyagers, Acapclla IZ- Varsity Softball, Varsity Song. Honors English, Drama Club Treasurer. Voyagers. Acapclla, ASB Treasurer MELODY SMITH 29 Aries 9- Art Club, Vikcttcs ltl- CSF. Hiking Vikings ll- JV Softball. Varsity Flztg, CSF. WAC. Junior Class Representative IZ- Marching Band, Tull Flag, Softball SHIRLEY SMITH Z9 Aria SHARI STEELE 29 Aquarius LORI STEELE Taurus Camera Shy IELIJEN STRAUSS 29 Sagittarius 9- Yffccn IO- Snphnmorc Class Representative. BTE ll- BTIE. Varsity Chczrlczidcr. IFS. Intcrclub Council. BSL' GREGORY SWIMLEY Z9 Aquarium ANTONIO I.. TAYLOR Libr.: 9- Iremltnun Football Ill- Summer Basketball Il- JV Basketball IZ- Varsity Btnkctbull. Cantcra Shy SIIIRLIEY TAYLOR 19 I:I IAS TIEMPLOS 29 Ltpriwrn DEBRA THOMAS 29 Aquatnux HJ- Ycnrbuuk Il- BTIS. FHA. BSU ll- HTH. BSU. Senior Class KIEVIN TIIOMAS 29 I cti ll- JV Tennis. and Letter Il' Vatmly Tennis RIEGINALD THOMAS 30 Scorpio 9- lfuotbull IU- Football CllARl.O'I'I'E BETH TIMS 30 Virgo Chrixtnus Court Princess. Senior Class Personality LADON NA LYNN TRAISTIER 30 tltpricurn 9- Varsity Truck. WAC. Most Valuable Runner, I0- Varsity Vnllcybztll. WAC. Art Club, Varsity Track, Il- Varsity Volleyball. Varsity Badminton. WAC. Fim Place in Volleyball Tournament lf- Vzltiity VoIIcyb.tII. All SAI. Volleyball Team. M051 Valu- .tblc Vollcybztll Player. WAC. Voyngcrs, KIENYON TRIMBLE 30 Virgo PATRICIA TROY JO Gemini IO- Student Sonata. BSU. Badminton I I- Student Scnalc. BSU Il- Vullcyball, BSU, Art Club, Student Senate ELIZABETH TRUJILLO JO Virgo MARY TUCKER 30 Sagittarius 0- Freshman Class Rcprcsrntalivc ll' Junior Class Representative IZ- Senior Class Representative ISLIJAH TURNER 30 Capricorn 'I' Football. Baseball. Basketball, BSU I0- Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. JV Basketball. BSU. Lcttermzns Club Il' varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. BSU. Lettermens Club. Third Place in Superstar Competition. IZ- FAD. BSU. Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. Lcltcrmens Club, Senior Personality-Most Spintcd TERRY TURNER 10 Aries MICHAEL VALDEZ 30 Taurus N.imu Page ANA VALENZUELA 30 Gemini RUDY VASQUEZ 30 Tnurux EVA VEGA 30 Leo RAYMOND VILLA 30 DANIEL VILLALOBOS Scorpio Camera Shy LLOYD VINSON 30 LISA WAINRIGHT Virgo 77: 94 Freshman Class Rcprcscntative. Varsity Badminton Most Improved Player, WAC 10- Varsity Songlcader Captain. Sophomore Class Treasurer. BTE, BSU, Varsity Badminton. WAC, Suphomorc Class Representative ii- vumiy aadmmitm. wfic, BTE. BSU. voyagm, Drill Team STEPHANIE WALKER 30 Aries KAREN WALSH 30 Sagttluriux ROBERT WALTERS 30 Sagittariua II- JV Buxcball IZ' Varsity Baseball IORI WANDS 30 Aquatrlua 0- Vtmity Basketball. Vurstty Softball IU- JV Softball. WAC I I- Ycttrbuok Staff DENNIS WASHINGTON JI Aquatriux la. Wrestling IO- Baskctball Must lmpruvcd Il' JV Elatskctbttll Mint Inspirational. .ind Promoted to Vanity ll- Vamly Basketball. Scnmr Personality-ldcul Guy SUI: WEBSTER JI KIENNETII WESTERN JI Pieces TINA WHITE 31 PEGGY WIJUM JI Pincu- IiIiVlN WILLIAMS 3I Libra Q. Wrcalltng Ill- Hanlictball II- JV Basketball IZ- Varsity Basketball LONNIE B. WILLIAMS 31 Aquttrim 9- ESAA Club II- Garcp High Duncan IZ- Track, The Untouchablcs. Dance Concert MARY WILLIAMS 3I Sagittarius DEBRA WILMORE JI Luo DENISE YARBROUGH 31 Libra SUE ANN YODER ll Taurus SUN YOO YOUNG Jl 35 , I'?11,AiL lf .if-nl T'-av +1 'm5W4'il7l'5L FV Viafifwil' wr-fun . wif 'lil !.J" EJ,-5.1 .gi'..4-'5 .: fQV"f ga yy,-a""'.3,.lC'.lfj'M QME 'gr,1,.fg1f-' lil ' 1, ll .' "M ' - -.1 -- ',.'Lfbs-.:,...' 'T,, ,, 21.1, r,,,,l ,:, 'g 'fr '."11F'ia.' 'gntfi 'TFEV ".-11? 3 5 ' lim' ?',f,J!'n ' 1p1I"l:Ef lF5'f7"-my al-l'l',,'-jf'-,3 lib fi' flglju' 4' 5 in ,QR J ' J '-bln! 'J"Mk"1w v,-"UL-f., 1' ww VW ',1'F'u:P?fiHrlV.',4f: 84 'NL -' 1 . -' -"EQ--I j. If ' Nl. n,W,,Qfr? 1-"Egfr-k' q-mug?-.3-rv ip--g , lv Q 1 Q' ' ug, ,V l ,r-r W.. .-1. rv. Jaw., .rf"'H'l, 'v-',g','Mlf. f"1'.,'r-fer ' UF 5' SPH. . . 'lf' 1-" "9 11,rgQllUi,1.lQ-fkf' 1 ff -1.i:l?'12,lf 1 ,,,l41?l1l,1l9llwin"f-in Heli-l.M2rl?ll'1,T11l1 ml- FP .,s l l ' 'M ill W Fzllg lsfvfl' ?3'.',flQifl l l .D -wr-.Trl itribigmiiff' PTE' DME! .K-ibii, , V -fa U, . .--- .. --'- - . Y W -M UQH15, vu ml. Y rilivl I ' ' Jw ff1:11 l.'1ll I ,fm Jr' ' wwf , ' "'l' ff will 4 '-'11--'L' . ' ', -P-.Vg -- flfm rrf .'g:4f:1l.r. I ,I W, ,Lg annular "S Q 3 lb .14 nw ll l ll ll ' ll ll 1 l Yr, W ,v "rl my ll 'M' " wr. WM 1 L ,I w- ll 1- K , . ,.,.. l.. ,, U x r 1 l 1 l"w,'f .,a.,- . l P I l. E, V l '- " - ,.,. , l an - ' ,-.. nz ., Ma 1 W , , , H ll - ' ' mlm l,1t'nglEQr"' lr K 3,if"j.g X rw K X ,N 'f I ll .l,,,, 1, mmf, , l , W ' ,ml ' ,. bl . 1 l ,1 lu., qw , ' " ll., fa., ww l. , ' l ll, 1, ,V ll MT. - 1, 'M lm 1. .J , l. l J I I The Junior Class Officers are, left to right, Marilyn Ramzy, Presr dentg Lisa Dakey, Yvonne Carter, and Stacey Davenport i-.3' Q P' - W 'R X Vw- , ,, s' 1 4, , '- . 4 A 5 f- x 'N ' 4 u i X , 1. W. -,.-- .. 'L 1 at , ffl ll! f il r AL. it iQ. 'x -fi ' ,qua l.. TS?-'li '1L..lqH.?i'i UNIOR CLASS OF 1979 Maria Aguilar James Aguilera Sandy Aguilera Virginia Alfaro Victor Almendarez Aurelio Alvarez Manuel Alvarez Martin Alvarez Angeles Amancio Ray Andrzejewski Daniel Arambula Sylvia Armenta Nancy Arquer Ralph Asebedo Martin Avina Adam Baca Clarence Banks Henry Barber Joe Barela Wayne Barker Ken Beanblossom Hugo Bahrens Veronica Bell Darrel Bennett Ed Bennett Victoria Bennett Rosa Belmudez Karla Bias Ron Bishop Tammy Blades Robert Boggini Richard Boisclair James Booker Amanda Borjas Valentina Brissette Melody Brooks Dave Bruhn Yolanda Bueno Carol Buggs Ann Burnett Alice Cabrera Valerie Cabrera Christina Calderon Manuel Camacho Debbie Capps Nina Carpentieri Johnny Carrasco Mark Carrasco Henry Carrilo Jerry Carr Yvonne Carter Becky Casarez David Cazarez Patty Castaneda Trini Castillas Ray Castro Laudencio Chavez Sylvia Chavez Vickie Cholico Raymond Cleitt Dana Clark Kenny Clark Paul Clark Roy Collins Ramona Connard Vicky Contreras Temo Contreras Aurelio Coronado Roberto Cortez Cariton Crayton usd? s. . ,41 xi, . All H Q eu Ig., vf' . .1 EEE .l A 'QL J.. lilly l V , L ik? I-. "l',E1 'l W' . JU IGRS Debbie Crivelle Noemi Cruz Bob Cunningham Lisa Dakey Cynthia Daniel .lerilyn Daniels Richard Dauber Stacey Davenport Crystal Davis Helen DeAngelo Tim Dejoria Rosa De La Cruz Martice De La Rosa Trini De Leon Tavy De Los Rios Christine Destefano Rufus Devers Ralph Diaz Steve Dickerson Cheryll Dominguez Daniel Dominguez Jesse Dominguez Steve Dorough Rhonda Downs Jesus Duenas Kiv Duong Anna Duran Kathy Duran Lamarr Durham Judy Edmond Bill Eldrige Rachel Escajeda Valerie Escalante Anwar Fakhoury Munir Fakhoury Loyd Falgout James Farmer Betty Fernandez Sue Ellen Fitch Connie Ford Velma Forte John Foster Rita Franklin Marcy Frias Lisa Friendly Lisa Fuentez David Fuller Brian Gallentine Conception Garcia Dennis Garcia Marie Garcia Max Garcia Marian Gardner Jeff Garland Carmen Garrett Cynthia Gibson Mark Godfrey Charles Goede Alice Gomez Gloria Gomez Pedro Gomez Teresa Gomez Christina Gonzalez Kenny Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Phillip Gonzalez Steve Gonzalez Mark Gordon Tina Granado Sylvia Granado X. , lo. UNIGR Darryl Grice James Griffith John Guevara Evelyn Gutierrez Jeannie Gutierrez Margaret Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Chris Hager Debra Hamshar Sherrie Hardee Lecie Harper Belinda Harris Bonnie Harris Nate Harris Jimmy Hendricks Antonio Hernandez Felix Herrera Kim Hinton Carolyn Hollie Nathan Hollie Gayla Hope Tod Hopkins Sylvia Hughes DeLonna Hurdle Duong Hy Karen lmbriani Colleen Jamison Jackie Jenkins J.B. Jennings Raquel Jimenez Adrian Johnson Don Johnson Miriam Johnson Ronald Johnson T.J. Johnson Barbara Jones Demetrias Jones Randy Jones Reana Jones Tcrrie Jones Betty Kavanaugh Cynthia Keller Julie Kennedy Wathana Knoun Shon Kincade Evrrett Kleen Lillian Landin Larry Lane Tammy Lane Rebecca Lara Irene Larson Michelle Laskey Conrado Lepe Darryl Lewis Sue Liberty Debra Linchon Kirby Lofton Linda Lonian Antonio Lopez Jesus Lopez Maria E. Lopez Sarah Lopez Pedro Lopez Perla Lopez Tina Lorigo Robert Loya Javier Lozano Brenda Lukehart Dioscoro Macias Karen Magette 2 l if-nf X If , SQ, - A, Mx: .ji CLASS OF 1979 Gilbert Maldonado Mario Maldonado Gerardo Mancinas Ana Marquez Judy Marquez Nohemi Marquiz Armando Martinez Caroline Martinez Connie Martinez Joe Martinez Lourdes Martinez Tim McBeth Lori McClure Patricia McDuflle Jim McKenzie Donna McKinley Mike McKinney Alberto Medina Debbie Mendoza Jose Mendoza Rita Mendoza Debbie Mindiola Irene Miranda Tammy Mitchell Dawna Molles Kathy Monette Freddie Montenegro Richard Moore Renaldo Moreno Richard Mullman Juanita Murgura Ricky Murillo Raymond Muro Antonia Narvaez Alvaro Nava Robert Navarrete Robert Navarro Crystal Naylon Vin Newborn Thanh Nguyen Patty Ochoa Don Oglesby Lourdes Oliva Sheila Ollie Paul O'Neal Blanca Ornelas Martha Orozco Olga Orosco Helen Ortega Rosie Osornia Michael Owens Tonya Palmer Diana Patz Westfall Pearson Chandra Penderland Pamela Peodies Jesus Perez Timmie Phillips Steve Pink Roxann Pippin Allan Pompa Marina Pence Danny Prendiz Vickie Proctor Abel Quebedo Angelica Quezada Rogelio Quezada Isai Ramirez Isaias Ramirez Jeanette Ramos -ew .Ve . lk fl IA' LLL, ., , I.. 1 ' CLASS OF 1979 Irma Ramos Marilyn Ramzy Marylou Razo Joseph Reedy Crisanta Requena Arturo Reyes Danny Reyes John Reyes Rosalva Reyes Carmen Reza Vicki Richards Bruce Richardson Bill Rice Tony Richie Martha Ridley Christina Rios Leticia Rios Anna Rivera Lupe Rivera Lilly Robles Jim Rocha Angelina Rodriguez Irene Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez Lorenzo Rodriguez Debbie Romero Kim Romine Yvonne Ruiz Pam Russell Guy Ryan Robert Sabin David Sadler Patti Saige Richard Samson Corinne Sanchez Dave Sanchez Yvonne Sanders Donnie Sarenana Sandra Saucedo Don Schenkel Tina Sepulveda Stephanie Serna Timothy Shaw Mohsen Shirkayand Angelina Sierra Lucretia Sims Debra Simpson Donald Sinkfield Phu Slu Danny Smith Shirley Smith Hortencia Solis Anthony Stalling Mary Stein Dwayne Stevens Greg Stevens Ellen Strauss Jackie Studivant Linda Sullivan Scott Sundin Mark Tafua Marcus Tate Dennis Taylor Wanda Taylor Yolanda Telphy Maggie Templos Gerardo Terrazas Graig Thomas Ken Thompson Ellis Titsworth , ,gr x K lr Lf UNIOR ff! ., 1, at . J t-V ' x J ,ji Y v X V- ! x.. l . . i l l 1 l U if 1 Nl. IJ CLASS OF 1979 Debbie Torres Ruth Torres Margaret Torres David Trockel Leilani Tuitau Chuck Ulrich Robert Valdez Ana Valenzuela Guillermo Vasquez Irene Vega Johnny Vidana Sandra Villalpando Lupe Villanueva Julian Villegas Lisa Wainrigl- Kenneth 1 Sherry V 1' 5 Jerome A Michea- Michez-. -' Meli - .- Core N Reb: - - Dean, ' 2 Dar?-' ' Miclv. 4 Rob?" Dua-V m Willh ' Willf, A Kii 1 Bilzt' '- Lai ' M2 ' M121 ' Acosta, Willie Aguire, Liza Alfaro, Glen Allala, Albert Allen, Jon Alvarez, Leticia Alvarez, Luis Annett, Cindy Aragon, Beverly Arenas, Peggy Arenas, Val Arensdorff, Frances Armijo, Sharon Ascencio, David Asevedo, Sally Athey, Ronald Avalos, Victor Avila, Patty Ayres, Robert Baeza, Marie Baker, Eric Banks, Angela Barton, Lori Battieste, Lametric Bautista, John Beecham, Beth Bell, Shelley Belmudes, Virginia Beltran, Debbie Bender, Yolanda Bennett, Billy Ventura, Jesus Berlin, Sandra Berry, Falice Bough, Bryan Bradford, Evett Bradford, Mona Brewer, Roy Brown Karen Brown, Kathy Bryant, Sandra Buenrostro, Marta Buggs, Bennie Burdine, Byron Burnap, Robert Burns, Anthony Burton, Lorraine Byrd, Tommy Cabrera, Cheryl Cabrera, Diane Cabrera, Eddie Cador, Windel Caldera, Robert Calderon, Cathy Calderon, Devon Campos, Arthur Campos, Ruben Capps, Cindy Capuchino, Sonya Carlberg, Jerald Carr, Tillie Carrasco, Isabell Carranza, Ruth Carrera, Gilbert Case, Leslie Castro, David Casillas, Christina Castaneda, Chryl Castaneda, Shirley Castillo, Mike Class Of 1980 Carter, Robert Cerda, Maria Cisneros, Abraham Cisneros, Antonio Clara, Guillermo Clark, Will Clawson, Kim Clem, Melissa Clinton, Cynthia Clouser, Jan Colantuono, Maryb Coleman, Leland Connard, David Copeland, Terri Codero, Yvonne Cordova, Valerie Cola, Bulmaro Covarrubias, Dora Craig, Paul Cruz, Tony Curling, Kimberly Cullins, Tracie Christian, .lim Czimbal, Joe Dang, Thieu Davis, Richard Davis, Terry Davis, William Dean, Gwen Delarco, Gigi DeLaRosa, Jacob DeLeon, Joe DeLosRios, Sady Dexter, Roberta Diaz, Carlos Diaz, Melchor Diaz, Socorro Dominquez, Tony Duran, Mel English, Berry Espinoza, Berlinda Evans, Don Everett, David Fabella, Richard Fakhoury, Monie Farris, Randy Felton, Janet Flanders, Connie Fitz, Sandra Flores, Celia Flores, Lorraine Flores, Marcella Flores, Vicky Franco, Santos Fritz, Jeff Funk,lrenc Gallegos, Carol Garcia, Bernice Garcia, Michelle Garcia, Mike Gardner, Alvin Garrison, Robyn Gaskin, Cindy Gaunt, Leroy Genung, Robert Gerwing, Richard Giatroudakis, .Ion Gibson, Andrew Gill, Stephanie Gomez, Christina ell OPHO ORES m ' -'1 l -c ll , , 1 is l S .l n+mizs.s ..- ly' f i , sf Atl ,ill 91 1 K V l .ylill ' av' in M 13 il v i V I. ' I , ,.: 'L A ,1 In ,V-I fi 3, -v- A .,:, , If l QQ' I . - . lk- f ,kin , 1 1 " ' " W Y s 1 ly I r . I ' W 1, K f :i :Lx tt i ' l ,. , li S 4 ,ra r r 1 1- f- 1 v .1 , 1 L A , : -frtuwx '. .9-ju 2-:sf ' ' R 55 hx lil itri lil - Et a , ' xr i f 'Z .' rj, .fav-if ' 'tg'c3:f!" rl i", fi 4 . . . I L -v. 'n. pf. -1 1 I " l - 2: ii 1 r f i t L A S it hu I - ' 15. 'W li! N' ,P A 4- . . ie hll i L Eggil X . H eat I I5 i x J' 1.55 yn., of Gomez, Da vid Gomez, Greg Gomez, Mario Gonzales, Cathy . Govea, Yvette Granados, Jesse Graham, Liz Graves, Pam Griffith, Darrell Gross, Karen Guadarama, Marie Guajardo, Maria Guerrero, Sammy Guevara, Yvonne Guillen, Leticia Gutierrez, Esquiel Gutierrez, Maria Guzman, V incent Hacker, Mike Haire, Darrell Hancock, Tammy Haro, Joann Harris, Pam Henderson, Chris Henderson, LaDonna Hernandez, Mike Hernandez, Rosa Hernandez, Teresa Hernandez, Terry Herrera, Maria Hicks, Donna Hines, Darlene Hite, Randy Hite, Teresa Hoang, Bounsu Hochberg, Sal Holliday, Lorenzo Hollis, Cassandra Hoover, Do I1 Hope, Beverle Hoyos, Ray Hubbard, Rorlin Hudson, La mar Huess, Yvonne Hughey, Herbert Hulse, Debbie Hurtado, Veroncia Huston, Rhonda Hutcherson, Kim Imbriani, K Iris, Ralph enny Iverson, Donald Jackson, Vincent Jacobs, Blanca Jauregui, Maria Jenkins, Cheryl Jennings, Eva Jimenez, Anna Jimenez, Herman Jittu, Lawrence Johnson, Angela Johnson, Brent Johnson, Ci J ohnwell, C ndy hris Jones, Inace Jones, Karriem Jones, Michelle Kato, Bob Kefalas, Jim Kennedy, T heresa Class Of 1980 Marquez Killen, Shephard Kincade, Terele LaBonte, Ray Lackey, Julie Lamp, N ina Larez, Ricky Large, Lorie Larry, Anthony Lasley, Rebecca Lasley, Robert Lavigne, Monica Le, Thay Leatherwood, Sonja Lee, Maria Lee, Mike Lepe, Marcella Linton, Greg Lobretto, Lopez, A Lopez, A Lopez, K Albert nthony raceli im Lopez, Maria Luevano, Luna, Le Javier onard Lupian, Jose Madera, Rufino Madrigal, Antonio Maldonado, Alex Maldonado, Susan Malone, Darryl Mancinas, Cecilia Mann, Ray Manzana res, Steve Marino, Paul Martinez Martinez , Carmen , Gilbert Martinez, Henry Martinez, lleana Martinez, Lety Martinez, Luis Norma Masters, ,Kelly Mayfield, Roy Medel, Nacho Mendoza, Josephine Meza, Fausto Mier, Fausto Mindiola, Barbara Miranda, Virginia McCartney, Tom McClure, Donna McClure, Robin McFadden, William McKenzie, Jody McKinley, Steve McKinney, Debbie McKinney, Rhonda McWilliams, Sandra Morales, Martha Morgan, Clark Moore, Aaron Moore, Karen Mukai, Jill Munoz, Hector Munoz, Robert Mullins, Letresha Mullman, Tracy Murillo, Ivan Murrillo, Lizzie Murray, Robyn SOPHOMORES in ws:- i r ix -H lf x l .9-' -LL Wall f N it -i f i 1 iilztgtt... f M-,v 1 'F' Y-ft 'S ,. 501 isis l , , ' 't-4. ??'f':"Q il, ,- Irv X-ln,v.'i..':'. ,A i G I L-L . . i. I ., .X 1 J A u x V1 5- . . 'A K 'a l I' L-i- 55.12 Ei l 'I' - ..- if rl if ' lily' kX"s OI I Nava, Elvia Navarrete, Yolanda Navarrette, Theresa Navarro, Sylvia Neal, Juanice Negrete, Anna Newton, Woody Nguyen, Canai Ogle, Donna Oglesby, Gretchen Olmos, Martha Opie, Don Orozco, Orozco, Ortega, Osborn, Osornia, Osornia, Padilla, Parada, Paramo, Partida, Partida, Javier Stella Alice Juanita Julio Yolanda Jeanette Ruben Elvira Joann Leticia Paul, Penny Pedroza, Lourdes Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Dennis Lisa Melinda Norma Raymond Richard Perrin, Phyllis Perry, Pink, Denise Darryl Pippin, Michael Pleasant, Rhonda Ponce, Anna Pratt, Alan FJ, ,iq L. Prentice, Doug Ramirez, Julieta Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramzy, Rangel, Razo, G , Loretta , Martel , Venancio Arthur Freddie ilbert Reier, Karen Renfro, Rhonda Reyes, Abel Reyes, Alfonso Reyes, Yolanda Reynosa, Luis Reza, Robert Rico, Virginia Rios, Jim Roberts, Pernell Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez, George Rodriguez, Johnny Rodriguez, Phillip Rollins, Pat Romo, Danny Rosas, Ruben Rowland, Teresa Ruiz, Carmen Ruiz, Cecilia Ruiz, Rosie Russell, Greg Ruz, Maria Salazar, Sandra Class Of 1980 Salcedo, Sara Salgado, Kellie Sanchez, Silvano Sanders, Carra Sandoval, Isaac Sandoval, Liz Sarratt, Randy Satterfield, Katha Sawvell, Mark Schneider, Deanna Schreiber, Shelley Scott, Elaine Serna, Larua Shadbot, Roxann Shepard, Carey Shepard, Dean Silva, Juan Silva, Ray Smith, Caroleyanna Smart, David Smith Daryl Smith Enoch Smith Maxine Smith Paul Smith Victor Stancyk, Tom Stockwell, Rick Stone, Rhonda Stone, Vonda Studivant, Jackie Swaggerty, Pat Sweeting, Willie Swimley, Natalie Tate, Sharon Taylor, Craig Taylor, Russell Terrazas, Beatrice Thomas, Andrea Thomas, Julie Thomas, Keith Thomas, Troy Thompson, Bob Thompson, Robin Torres, Elena Torres, Tim Tolentino, Rey Trimble, Kevin Trimble, Willie Tuitau, Duncan Turner, Ted Utesch, Sharon Valadez, Robert Valdez, Mario Valizan, Betty Vallera, Antionette Vandermeyden, Sharlyn Vargas, Agustin Vargas, Reggie Vasquez, Ruben Vaughn, Giselle Velasquez, Richard Velasquez, Sandra Vessel, Linda Viayra, Blanca Villalpando, Isabell Villanueva, Francisca Vindola, Dan Walker, Cherrie Warren, Dwain, Washington, Ramona SOPHOMORES x , 5, -V Webb, Anthus Western, David White, Valerie Wiegner, Tammy Williams, Bret Williams, Helena Williams, Winston Williamson, Ron Woodside, Leslie Yazell, Kenneth Yazell, Shirely Yo, Jim Yoder, Jeff Yon, Jeff Young, Kathy Young, Michael Zimmerman, Tony E, l E -1 , if 5 U Q rl' Sophomores Show Spirit At Rallies! Abbott, Ivan Abernathy, Jeff Acero, Jorge Acevedo, Adrian Acosta, Albert Acosta, Alice Acothley, Freddie Aguilar, Robert Alcala, Agustin Allala, Sandra Allen, Paul Aliaga, Fran Alvarez, Carlos Alvarez, Domy Alvarez, Jorge Anderson, Shelli Andrusco, Lisa Andrewin, Sherilyn Angulo, Julie Arambula, Orlando Arenas, Cathy Arvizu, Debbie Asebedo, Sylvia Athey, Tina Atterberry, Latricia Ayres, Marty Baldez, Tony Banales, Eddie Banks, James Bartlet, Danny Base, Gary Bell, Robin Bell, Roger Beltran, Rudy Bender, La Sonia Bergmann, Linda Berizko, Szyman Bible, Lorrie Birge, Brenda Bishop, Robert Blythe, Thomas Boggini, Jim Bojorquez, Jose Bosze, Dave Bowerson, James Bracey, Guy Bradford, Paul Braxton, Lisa Briseno, Joe Brown, Clidette Brown, Douglas Browne, Ed Burnap, Richard Burroughs, Dean Burton, Stacy Byrd, La Vonne Cabrera, Vicki Cain, Glenn Caldwell, John Calzada, Alfonso Camacho, Danny Camacho, Ruben Campos, Roberta Capuchino, Emma Cardona, Noemi Cardoza, Mario Carlberg, Milton Carranza, Hector Carrasco, Tina Casas, Raul Class Of 1981 Case, Starrla Castaneda, Sonia Cerda, Brenda Chavez, Eugenio Chaves, Jaime Chavez, Teresa Chavez, Val Chester, Ghana Clark, Dave Cleveland, Tawnette Clinton, Nina Cobos, Danny Colbert, Darryl Collins, Roy Contreras, Sergio Cooper, Michelle Corbitt, Lori Corona, Mancial Cortez, Dan Cothren, Jahn Cothren, Kim Cox, Ralph Craig, Randall Cruz, Bobby Cruz, Ray Cullins, Joel Curry, Dale Dang, Lan Anh Dardon, Carlos Darrington, Gayle Davis, Cindy Davis Rheba Dawson, Decia DeLaCruz, Guillermo DeLaPena, Anthony DeLaPena, Robert Delaplain, Debbra DeLaRosa, Vito Dennis, Rhonda DeWitt, Jimmy Dexter, Donnie Diaz, Edgar Diaz, Maria Dickerson, Ron Diguardi, Vincent DiOssi, Gina Dixon, Cecil Dominguez, Judy Duckett, Allen Duong, Qua Hoa Duong, Muisan Duran, Chris Duran, Yvonne Dutchover, Jamie Dynes, Anthony Edmonds, Dawn English, Brenda Epler, Brant Epps, Keith Escalante, Javier Escobar, Monica Esparza, Tonya Figueroa, John Figueras, Rita Fitz, Teresa Fleming, Robin Flores, Alex Flores, Mary Ford, Darrell Ford, Marvin FRESHME F .A-i n ' i ,ln . , i w . 5 J . .-U.. I 51 . 5,4 1. J .uf . ,. 1 ' ' LL.' mini I l Forster, Diane Forte, Angela Fraley, Danny Franco, Frances Frias, Lupe Frisfelds, Susan Frye, Pheobe Gallagher, Theresa Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia . Garcia, Garcia, Carlos Francisco Gabriel Gilbert Josie Ramona Garrett, Lisa Gaskin, Jim Gillardo, Rafael Gin, A Mui Glenn, Joseph Gonzalez, America Gonzalez, Christina Gonzalez, Marie Gonzalez, Michael Gonzales, Mike Gomez, Carol Gomez, John Gomez, Rosa Granados, Tommy Grajeda, Pearl Green Troy Griffin, Pierre Guerrero, Darlene Guevara, Ramon Gutierrez, Alma Gutierrez, Johnny Gutierrez, Lorraine Guzman, Ricky I-Iaire, Anthony Hamman, Debbie Hanson, Mike Harrington, Mark Harris, Gladys Harris, James Henderson, LaVerne Henderson, Timothy Hendrickson, Lisa Heno, Michaele Hentz, John Hernandez, Marcie Hernandez, Sherry Hernandez, Silvia Herrera, Tommy Hoffman, Richard Hollier, Brent Hoang, Muoi Hopkins, Kevin Horton, Tammye Howard, Mosezetta Howard, Patty H oyos, David Hughes, Virginia Hunnel, Tony Hutchison, Kathy Ingram, Lisa Irons, Darrell Ivey, Connie James, Stacey Jarrett, Melanie Jaure, Darla Jeter, Greg Class Of 1981 Jimenez. Jimenez, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnwell, Cindy Silvano ReAnn Althera Michael Yolanda Stephanie Jones, Candy Jones, Joe Jones, LaWeeda Jones, Tina Kanehy, Karyn Kirsch, Ray Knox, Christina Lam, Ai Nhi H. Lamb, Donald Lamb, James Lane, Jennifer LaVigne, Janice Lawrence, Janice Lcatherwood, Cheryl Lee. Eddie Lee, Gladys Lee, Frances Leone, Bruce Lessing, Frank Lester, Chris Lewis, Danny Lewis, Paul Liberty, Dale Linares, Mark Linchon, Shelia Linde. Sheri Lizama. Tony Loc. Siu Minh Lonian, Lorraine Lopez, Elaine Lopez, Jamie Lopez, Tony Loza, Lisa Luu, Mai Luwellyn, Mark Macias, Armando Mack, Shirley Maddox. Kelsey Madrid, Valentino Madrigal, Fernando Madrigal, Rosanne Magana, Trini Marler, Cecilia Maldonado, Elizabeth Maldonado, Jessica Marquez, Robert Marquez, Manual Marquez, Ruben Marquez, Rolando Martinez, Antonio Martinez, Daniel Martinez. David Martinez. Debbie Martinez, Joel Martinez, Martin Martinez, Nancy Martinez, Tony Mayfield, Richard McConnell, Linda McClure, lla McClure, Randy McCoy, Robin McDonald, Lenore FRESHMEN i 1, , l U, . 1-' ty t.- , plies!- li it. f ali' 4+ alll N43 wr' Y Ali- all F L, C l Q. V as 'Y Q . 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V A r Ln V' 1 ,ll . 1 hy x Q . ,fg- ,, X. wx ,, i Q5 af! w -.p gg, 4 ,.,. v , . r ,vi ctw" ' ' v, -"9-bg' mffgi fs 311- -3 As.-Q 1--:. x X , .1. ,,, K - H i: .q' .,-Z, If 1 I W I "' t 1 I . Q , A . A , . 54 , , 3 'lr C, 1 l 2 1 , x A use 4 4 I 'HC g Q. ,., K L4 xr. A A - Q -" li' F 1 -Mfg-mf-'S ' '1 af?-M' 1 . Hi 'vw 6 Q 'F' I I f u N A" 'flliwvagn X 41 ,, L- ,hdgi 1 1' S I LAN UAGE ARTS K M THEMATICS ,g,. , .A .. -'f 1 fu.. ,.j Elf ' ' ' f ' appz 6 I x I'- f' 1:1 gh' fl' . in K 1 , , 6' 'J 4 -ilia- g ,Fifi . + f -.,11'? A ,-,q.,Jv""f'5,f 3. '17 ' ni? ,. ' , 1, ll P ' I' ' ' ' ', ,ol .., ,. A A , ,U ,,. 4 ,, . .. ,. ,, V Vx , I.. 31 W " f -1 .1912 ,. MJ? 'fr Y. A- Y - !1j,'f2ffL v' :g-'. S, -' ' , ' i, - . 'lf---5239 V Q - ,J 1.5 - - fm' i. A ' Nfif-, 'Q' - 7-1 1' - ' V - -.,. ..,.,1L , . - SCIENCES 9 A , 1 gf' "-'12, if L,..f-L H SOCIAL SCIENCE L. . .C.C W1 mn nz F' rg? I ,ui ' 69 W fp vw ff fb 39 f Qf 5 J., 3' g , L J X? JQg9j3,Nji?5,,, gif Q55 jfs Dyer 9 9710531 W, 55:0 Q 3 fjfjj MQ ,jg gf? A wflyx? NWw52sg3Ng M y5f!15'j vig 9 fc9f' kf599X Wfbl WN 5 wygfifb Qqfw Jw , Q 9553 7 Q Qsfwfff 325,-f ' ff d Q! Siwf ZJWW 'W N Q K Q Q 999255 :sex MQ M ia 7 D L 7 3 2 T33 T ' D , 4 ,ff Wig 35 QW 6:5 f 4 S E-1 3 7 fc? CGW' sgyf J :TW 2 Q E5 RQ NJ M 9 "NJ Q 5 Q 9' 3 Q W Q45 U 1 f X 3 ,. cf 5 5 ii-Ti 54635925 ggi? S UQ ff ig Q fig QV NQ ff . 5 N Q , F y H y 3 if-530 , liz gl XS W I The Varsity Football Team are, Top Row CLeft to Rightj Thomas Kincade, Anthony Blythe, Bill Eldridge, Velt Lett, James Moore, Bill Rice, Elijah Turner, Devi Parks. Second Row Cleft to Rightj Coach Monse Estrada, Anthony Clinton, Doug Brissette, John Simil- ton, David Newton, Tim Shaw, Scott Sundin, Frank Charles, Carey Shephard, and Coach DeShane. Third Row CLeft to Rightj Head Coach Lawson Bush, David Shy, David Forte, Jerome Washington, Mike Owens, Sal Martinez, Duncan Tuitau, Ray Muro, Wilbert Winn. Fourth Row CLeft to Rightl Mark Tafua, Woody Newton, Willie Wilson, Laudencio Chavez, Demetrius Jones, Willie Puckett, Larry Reyes, Kelly Perkins, Kirby Lofton, and Manager Carlos Moreno. Bottom Row Cleft to Righty Larry Lane, Ervin Houston, Anthony Stallings, Mike Charles, Mark Carrasco, Lucas Martinez, and Kenneth Walker. The Varsity Football Coaching Staff are, Left to Right, Monse Estrada, The Varsity Football Team Captains areg Left to Right, Frank Head Coach-Lawson Bush, Mike DeShane, and Rick Robinson. Charles, James Moore, and Larry Reyes. The Varsity Football Scoreboard Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey 1977 Royal Fontana Chino Upland Damien Claremont Ganesha Pomona Mountclair 7 14 20 0 29 12 15 12 6 fr - ,ai -WIP! .av - --54.7 an 1 , , Q, ., I-. - A :--'Pi-'asa 2 ""' .0 Y'-JS' 4 1 Vikings Are Fast In Victory Difficult To Down In Defeat N- .. - :..g 1.-of g .Q ,A f '-1' ff-f Q W l, 4 1 r -. , . WX. 1 , '-A - ,-1,3-qi-,a,M W ,. , , , ,iall-L' 7 ' ': A , ',,, Top Right, Fired up Vikings, Middle Left, Doug Brissette runs over defenders. Middle Right, David Forte spins and turns for big yardage. Bottom Right, Morris Cole showing his balance and speed. Bottom Left, Receiver stopped by Garey Defensive back. ..i - -fl-'QT' 5 , 'iw .K , '..,,,, ,- ."'f W . A .4 ...if G.. '- ,..-.f-eff'-i N ,b.v-cvs'1:133"-'-fi-- P M ' ' A4 ANN., -wi.4,-.W -, ..-,fs-1-.U A - .sw - . w , .Ja fggv, if . -. .. F .1-if ,9- fu LF.. -L. .t . , L, .1 .IJg.1QgL'i.-'gfA,i:1,ti,?: QM... - f . ' K --fi-x.ku4ar:.fg,.a,.-.f . . ' -I-Q.-,rf ' f- 'Q BPVQ4, V A mga- 'Y .- -Q , . . ,.,, ,. , .,,a nb . wif., f- - F ra, , wx . ...Q , 4' . 3 .J - - f V .fy K-ejukiy a M. .--an ,'?f'.".' .. 'did . -'A ,va - 'H' ".1. V Sh .i ,,-,. . E ii ' r.spg.,Q.:?f Al.- ki-sl., Top, Elijah Turner streaks for a big gain. Middle Left, Roosevelt Lett gets away from would be tackler. Middle Right, Scott Sundin Down with a broken Leg at Ganesha game. Bottom Left, Elijah's extra effort gets a few yards. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL- FI EST SEASON EVER to The Sophomore Football Team For 1977-1978 Are ROW l-Coach Estrada-Byron Burdin, Glenn Alfaro, Ross Hutton, Tony Cruz, Coach Young. ROW 2-David Gomez, John Bautista, Clark Morgan, Roy Mayfield, Randy Sarrat, George Gonzalez, Winston Wil- liams, Mark Sawvell ROW 3-Rob Kato, Art Ramzy Greg Linton, Russ Taylor, Lamar Hudson, Robert Gaines, Willie Acosta, Sam Guerrero, Ed Walsh, Tony Dominguez ROW 4-Joe Czimble, Esquievel Gutierrez, Enoch Smith, Shepard Kiln, Tony Burns, Mike Young, Julio Orsonia, Albert Ayalla, Rob Thompson, Danny Romo, Alex Maldonado, Carlos Dias f:0,'?e7T7"-'m4:+.,, Y S Y V A X gl, ', ,A in-'.fs -A 5-1, gl 'SVS-B'-',b,gY ,gl 5- S ls., ' .,g-.q, ,' fv ,' I ff- X I -.. Q ' ." nfl X 'x Ina- " ' ii' - 7 it ' - ff' 5 "3 2 L . Q! -, - T -, . nn"-1? .ia y-si. :L- ' f - ' ' ' " ""f??.-1, ,wi SAN ANTONIO LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-BE T IN HI TORY The Freshman Football Team For-1977-1978 are, From Top ROWA I-Darryl Irons, Glen Cain, Carlos Dardon, Perry Griffin, Dale Liberty, James Harris, Gilbert Garcia, Lewis Sierra, John Hentz, Doug Snead, ROW 2-Darryl Titsworth, Angel Torrez, Johnny Gomez, Rudy Beltran, Glenn Nelson, Ron Sabin, Tim Henderson, Eric Mendivil, Tony'Rodriguez, Gary Base Qmanagerj, Brian Turner Qmana- gerj ROW 3-Brent Hollier, Donald Winn, Danny Camacho, Bobby Cruz, Tony Valdez, Keith Epps, Lynwood Owens, Kelsey Maddox, Mark Lewellyn, Dave Clark, Jesus Ruiz. ROW 4-fCoachJ Mark Cunningham, George Martinez fmanagerj, Troy Green fmanagerj, Tony Romero, Jimmy DeWitt, Anthony Dynes, Bobby Padilla, Doug Saige, Darryl Colbert, Anthony Haire, Bob Foisy fCoachJ. ROW 5-Gabe Garcia, Robert Ochoa, Steve McFarland, Darryl Seabrooks, Johnny Gutierrez, Micah Sims, Darryl Ford, Cecil Dixon, Dale Colbert, Thomas Blythe, James Banks, Enselmo Olmos. The sweet taste of victory 5"-:fe ' I -. wa ' ' .lim 1 1 A f"' X i t' A 1 A 1 +- -- w ff-5. i ' . . ' . I' b I .L 5' :Y tv if 1 M Q F1 X 4' 1' fv5"'-If Q? Mft Qwil 'J Y if ff! ' fl r ", L Q L., . ill- W Y 'nl' .M wr "Sly . U M 'U' . 9634 l Q1 5 -if 'Q-S' 1' ML 1 'T if HSS! 3 A .iv at l , , 'law l "' in ,Qi f f 7 l .I 1 I l""Q l- C' it A wry The 1977 Varsity Cross Country Team areg Standing Left to Right, Arturo Madrigal, Carlos Ma and Coach Canedo, Sitting Left to Right, Elias Templos, Phillip Rodriguez, and Martin Avina CROSS COU TRY l ii Mn Jw 1 ill 1 1-' . if pw , -1 nzo, Arnold Perez, Armando Pesquera, Ri in Q ., Q! '-,122-"".',,:i"' U ir LY 22 4 'NT' 1 if i' -r -A 1 ti' "ll Q: SWA .. y-G tin,-M..f,, . .ir H , ffiflgiffjfih Tut :wif 'ffsg " .gi.-,Yay H F2-wx", A-fy f- , 'Y . .H V... 'C' 'Y 7.1 vs -.aj '4 ' it :fn 5,1-,if-,'. ng.. , 1-if -'I fi' l Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey The 1977 Cross Country Season 26 Blair 17 Cajon 24 Chino 24 Upland 27 Damien 32 Claremont 15 Ganesha 22 Pomona 23 Montclair flowest Score Winsj Varsity Team Record 8-1 Frosh Soph Team Record 8-1 Yucaipa Invitational Jose Ramirez First Place Varsity Team Second Place ,fa 7 . CRGSS COUNTRY Thls years 1977 Cross Country Team had a fme season These San Antomo League Champlons beat last years C I F champs Upland to sweeten therr season Next year s team IS expected to do an excel lent Job 1f not better One varslty runner, Jose Ra mrrez, was nommated and won the honor of be coming the Progress Bu11etin's Athlete of the Week. i y was ,N. .. gl. ,M...,",gwN,. -'-' ' -1. ",,. . 5 155,539 U G. l,.,. ". 13.--V 1 w VARSITY B SKETBALL 1978 Garey Earns CIF Berth 7th Straight Time H W nf-.. , The I978 Garey Varsity Basketball Team are, L. to R., Head Coach Mike Wells, Antonio "Monk" Taylor, Antonio Taylor, Donald Kiser, Kevin Williams, Devi Parks, Ellis Titsworlh, Jerome Perrin, Dennis L. Washington, Henry "Pops" Barber, Anthony Clinton, Coach Simon Tolbert. Kneeling, L. to R., Nate Harris, Dean Wilhite, and Marcus Tate. Basketball Season San Antonio League For the seventh stralght year the Garey High School Varsity Basketball team made the CIF playoffs after having a suc cessful season Our Vikings had just one starter from last year Devi Parks Devi did not have much playing time last year but this season he was one of the most dominant players in the San Antonio League In several games Parks went Devi rs graduating on June 15 1978 Marcus Tate a first year varsity player was one of the most consistant players on the team along with Ellis Trtsworth the quick play making guard Henry Barber finished with a fme season in his first varsity season Barber will be back next year to terrorize the league Dennis Washington a graduating semor was one of the quick est players on the team while providing that extra spark at the forward position Don Kiser also a graduating semor saved many games with his extraordinary shooting sprees Other seniors were Antonio Taylor Tony Taylor Anthony Clinton Jerome Perrm and Kevm Williams All these players have seen action and Garey would not have made the play offs without them The same applies to some fme Juniors Dean Wilhite and Nate Harris These players will be back next year for some outstandmg performances The 1978 season was al most identical as last year wlth three teams from SAL in the playoffs and the Viking 9 wm 5 loss record .- , . , . 1 ' 1 , . 1 - 1 1 1 ' - ' a 1 .. n - n 1 s 1 9 - , - 1 League Overall c . Ganesha . . . 1.000 Upland ..... . Claremont . . . Damien ..... . Pomona .... ' . Chmo ...... . Montclair . . . . 1977 1978 Standings W L P t W L 14 0 22 3 10 4 714 19 6 over the 30 point mark and in one game he scored 37 points GAREY -.-. 9 5 .643 15 9 7 7 500 12 11 7 7 500 ll ll 7 7 500 16 9 2 12 143 6 18 0 14 000 1 20 Varsity Scoreboard Garey 80 Gladstone' 42 Garey 64 Pomona? 75 Garey 56 Alta Loma' 54 Garey 60 Claremonti' 75 Garey 68 Hug""" Garey 69 Las Vegas""" Garey 51 Santana' 4' Garey 68 El Modena+ Garey 86 Savanna + Garey 77 Foothill + Garey 71 Chino Garey 64 Pomona Garey 70 Claremont Garey 43 Upland Garey 43 Damien Garey 62 Ganesha Garey 77 Montclair Garey 68 Chino Garey 59 Pomona Garey 71 Claremont Garey 67 Upland Garey 62 Ganesha Garey 70 Damien Garey 91 Montclair 66 C.I.F. Garey 50 Covina 62 "'UplandfMontclair Tournament """Bonanza Invitational at Las Vegas +Orange Tournament Picturedg Top, Left Side, Pops Barber giving the No. 1 signal after sinking two points. Bottom, Left Side, Garey supporters and cheerleaders react to the basket Pops made. Varsity Basketball Continued LA' W5 X THIS PAGE Top, Left to Right, Marcus Tate, Dennis Washington, Henry Bar- ber. Middle, Devi Parks, Dean Wilhite, Coach Wells. Bottom, Before Game team Locker Room scene. J .V. BASKETBALL SAL CHAMPIONS . 11 ' 'writ . 'l :ei:,.,.t4.?'Hif'wg- +frrf , ,. 4' 1 s.. - , , , , l r My H 1' i ue Pl"M-Eff i 5' 'uv i X41 4 The Junior Varsity Basketball Team are, Standing QL. to RJ Darrell Irons, Carey Shepherd, Darrell Haire, Michael Williams Kar riem Jones, Adrian Johnson, Shepherd Killen, Jim McKensie, Clarence "Fuzz'i Banks. Kneeling LL. to RJ Darrell Lewis Darrell 'SPearl" Smith, and Robert Gaines. Basketball S63SOI1 Scofebgafd 1977 1978 The Junior Varsity Basketball team had another merciless dominating and awesome season Wlth 22 wlns and 1 less record Garey must be setting J V records all over Southern Calrforma Thls restablrshes our Vikings basketball program as one of the best ln the state with Coach Mike Wells Warsityj and Coach Simon Tolbert CJ VJ Next year after a fine preparation on the Junior Varsity squad most of these young men will excel on the varsity level next season - 9 5 .., 1 7 7 .-. , 7 Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Anaheim Brea Troy Mt. View Upland Pomona Riverside N. Riverside Arlington Chino Pomona Claremont Upland Damien Ganesha Montclair Chino Pomona Claremont Ganesha Damien Montclair ""'Record"t 52 64 78 66 64 78 60 57 30 Garey 79 Upland 58 65 79 Ik 22 wins 1 loss SGPHCMORE BASKETBALL .M 'if Lyibliemjbamw , UQ Q26 PM in ,v -LQ " , ? 1 ir ur A ii i 1 'UI 1 C49 E The Sophomore Basketball Team are, Standing QL. to RJ Dwayne Warren, Arthur Ram- zy, Julio Orsonia, William Davis, Bryon Burdine, Woody Newton, and Barry English. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL I , I , u,:,,f':fll'nLf.77a'2.f.i'fs'1 Smflira u e Qtr: E The Freshman Basketball Team are, standing fl. to r,J Coach Rizzi, Glenn Cain, James Harris, Kris Crawford, Micah Sims, Paul Bradford, Robert Ochoa, Darrell Seabrooks, Darrel Ford, Jimmy Dewitt, and Keith Epps. Sitting fl. to r.J Bryon Turner and Brent Hollier. Scoreboard Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Palm Springs Muir W Alta Loma El Segundo Alta Loma Chino - Pomona Claremont Upland Damien Ganesha Montclair Chino Pomona Claremont Upland Garey Ganesha Garey Montclair Record Wins 7 Losses ll Scoreboard Garey Rubldoux Garey Muir Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Arlington Ramona Muir Chino Pomona Claremont Upland Damien Ganesha Montclair Chino Pomona Claremont Upland Ganesha Damien Montclair 64 50 68 60 58 61 56 60 69 41 31 62 43 62 ' 49 ' 47 ' Garey 56 La Sierra 59 43 ' 84 ' 63 67 90 49 ' 48 89 ' 67 ' 52 72 67 51 60 ' SAN ANTONIO LEAGUE SOCCER CHAMPIONS First Time In Garey's History Sitting from left to right front row: Jose Ramirez, Abel Quevedo, Robert Cortez, Jose Rocha, Armando Macias, Dioscoro Macias, Fer- nando Macias. Standing from left to right, Back row: Coach-Joe Sandhu, Javier Orozco, Guillermo Vasquez, Alfonso Reyes, Ben Perez Jesus Lopez, Robert Navarette, Jesus Perez, Aurelio Alvarez, Arturo Reyez SAL,S Most Valuable ,Player - Dioscoro Macias Soccer Season 1978 Thls was the most successful season ln Garey s hlstory Fot the flrst time the San Antonlo League Crown was won and a total of seven players made ALL SAL Team selectlons The V1k1ng s finest game of the season was probably agamst Claremont whlch was completely dom mated by them Garey scored 5 goals and Clare mont scored 1 Thus decldrng the champronshrp between the two powers Dloscoro Macras scored two goals 1n thls vltal confrontation Next year Dlocoro w1ll be back and hopefully Garey w1ll defend lt s crown Our Vrkmgs ended therr season ln the second round of the playoffs All SAL Soccer Teams Frrst Team Droscoro Maclas Armando Maclas Jesus Lopez Abel Quevedo Second Team Robert Navarrette SAL League Standmgs Garey Chmo Damien Claremont Upland Pomona Montclalr Ganesha Pt Gf Honorable Mentron Jose Ramnrez Ben Perez 9 4 VARSITY WRESTLING CHAMPIONS 1978 I I V .ru T 1ml1..ft Q 1 YQ The Junior Varsity Wrestlers are, Kneeling CL. to RJ Robert Bishop, Winston Williams, Anselmo Olmos, Sal Hochberg, Sergio Con- treras, Danny Perez, Donny Dexter, and Ken Gonzalez. Standing QL. to RJ Coach Marti, Steve McFarland, Doug Snead, Julian Villegas, Doug Saige, Troy Thomas, Tom Stancyk, Phillip Gonzalez, Guy Bracey, and Coach De Shane. Wrestllng Season Varsity Scoreboard Four seniors provided the leadership and experience to guide one of the strongest teams in Garey s history to the league championship Victor Ltzama a two time league champion led with a record setting 29 wins and 3 losses Victor won four tournaments La Sierra Quartz Hill MSAC and Victor Valley and placed third at Bell flower Mario Olmos also won 29 matches while losing only 6 He placed first at Bellflower and La Sierra and third at MSAC and Victor Valley Mario was also league champion for the second straight year Kelly Per kms was league champion by pinning several opponents 1n the league finals He went on to place fifth in the CIF Sectionals and qualified as an alternate for the CIF flower and MSAC Kelly finished with a 19 win 7 Loss mark for the season B111 Sarge a league champion also passed the magic 20 wins mark as he won 23 while losing only 9 He placed third at La Sierra second at MSAC and first at Victor Valley All four seniors were voted to the third team on the All San Gabriel Pomona Valley Team selections The junior class was well represented by Mark Car rasco a league champion Raymond Muro second in league and Paul Clark second in league Temo Con treras placed high in tournaments during the season as he won 15 matches Randy Farris was the only sopho more to win the league championship as he took first at 98 lbs Randy also took second at the MSAC tourney The Freshman class was represented by Tony Llzama Tony placed rn every tournament during the season and was second in league as he finished with a fantastic 26 wins and 8 loss record ' -"1 Finals. He placed first at La Sierra, and second at Bell- Second Place-La Sierra Tourney Garey 28 San Bernardino 34 Garey 31 La Sierra 28 Garey 47 Colton 23 Garey 46 Corona 24 Sixth Place-Quartz Hill Tourney Garey 30 La Sierra 40 Garey 37 Burroughs 33 Garey 29 Chino 30 Garey 47 Rubidoux 21 Garey 27 Quartz Hill 44 Garey 22 Barstow 38 Garey 48 Eisenhower 21 Third Place-Bellflower Tourney Garey 47 Valencia 26 Garey 26 Cajon 32 Third Place-MSAC Tourney Garey 38 Chino 29 Sixth Place at Victor Valley Tournament Garey 38 Montclair 25 Garey 54 Claremont I4 Garey 25 Upland' 38 'Upland luter forfeited because of an ineligible wrestler. Season record Wins Losses ll 6 League record LSA LJ 4 0 AREY S J V WRESTLING CO-CHAMPIONS The 1978 Varsity Wrestling Team are Sitting CL to RJ Temo Contreras, Randy Farris, Tony Lizama, Victor Lizama Kelly Perkms J V Scoreboard Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Garey Season Record League Record Valencia Cajon Chino Montclair Claremont Mark Keppel South Hills 4252 Los Altos South Hills 431 Upland wins losses 6 3 l Top, left, Temo Contreras pinning a tough opponent Middle, left, Bill Saige struggling for points Bottom left, Victor Lizama trying to pin both of his opponent s shoulders for the match. Marlo Olmos and Hugo Behrens Standing CL to RJ Coach Marti Paul Clark, Duncan Tuitau, Raymond Muro Mark Carrasco 23 ' 47 ' 24 ' 48 ' 54 24 42 ' Garey Wrestlers Continued IEE!" r . SSX l 2.Ipf . sf' J.. , ,.,- " V ---bas! ",.a.+ V' 4- 4' -ab -1- - ' li V5-2 , . A la mr M..-a .4 1-Yuegu. ,Q I ' . , - , 1:1 GAREY VARSITY TRACK , 'D ,f yn 'f 'f2'fUl"i' ., ...Aww The Varsity Track Team are, Standing Kleft to rightj Manager Kelly Perkins, Tim Shaw, Antonio Taylor, David Forte, Anthony Blythe, Tony Hubbard, James Moore, and Manager Elmer Gibson. Kneeling Cleft to rightj, Jose Ramirez, Jerome Washington, Kirby Lofton, Demetrius Jones, Kenny Walker, Arturo Madrigal, Willie Wilson, and Duncan Tuitau. Garey Favored To Win SAL Vikings Eye State Title I J 1 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMGRE TRACK TEAM rw Qgeg VARSITY BASEBALL TE M . . BASEB LL TEAM 2 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM VARSITY ROSTER Ray Andrzejewski Frank Charles Aurelio Coronado Bill Eldridge Nate Harris Fernando Larez Roosevelt Lett Lucas Martinez Ricky Murillo Jim O'Toole Lary Reyes Gabriel Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez Robbie Thompson Elijah Turner Dean Wilhite Bennie Richie JUNIOR VARSITY ROSTER Danny Arambula Devon Calderson Mike Castillo Joe Czimbal Richard Davis Sammy Guerrero Rob Kato Ruben Parada Carey Shepard Tom Stancyk Troy Thomas Ray Tolentino Shane Turner Ralph Valdez Johnny Rodriguez Guy Ryan FRESH MAN ROSTER Leon Bracey Dan Camacho David Clark Edgar Diaz Carlos Garcia Gabriel Garcia John Hentz Anthony Lopez Eric Mendevil Richard Moreno Joe Ortega Robert Padilla Jesus Ruiz Steve Shobert Dan Trujillo Brent Hollier Robert Ochoa Tony Rodriguez MEN'S VARSITY TENNIS TEAM 'N I I- NNNHY I xy WSJ ,A 1IfV5SbQj , IDG 7 A 5 5" A 6 '53 - UM3 Xfc-vbpuy' up I 'L MEN'S JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS TEAM ff WOMEN'S BADMINTON TEAM fig E Y iffy 1 f X f' ,JJ ,ff 0, HJ!-Q grfbwjdx fy V5 5-YJ elf X 'Pj ff H3 Y Jx, A . jj-J fo WL. - 5 - V . y AQQNNX Aqmgkjt Qi rg gfgyf M, as 51 ,fri F gf H ff Q1 7 l Women s Basketball Basketball philosophers theorize that it's tougher each year to keep winning, but the Garey High wo- men's basketball coaches make it look easy. For the mentors of the Vikings have never felt the irony of a losing season in four years. Coaches Simon Tolbert and Mau- reen Keese are fortunate enough to have a broad knowledge of the game, an ability to communicate with their players, administrators, and supporters. Coaches Tol- bert and Keese have fashioned a highly successful womenis basket- ball program, avoiding big errors that lose games such as major penalties, interceptions, and court presses. They also try to create a given number of turnovers by de- fense, maintaining possession of the ball on offense and taking pride in other defense, and controling the game. Getting consistent per- formance is critical in putting together a team that will win on a regular basis, and now that they have it, they are putting it to great use. , oth 51 5251 it ,s Us as F g,' X Q 5 4, 37 ,Q - ' D 9 N Q 3' Q X" 'PW of J 97 "J X' X- V BJ qv-' xp ,ge if .gp .TQ T492 , XAQE jg! C95 56 271-9' ' ,J 7 . x, JJ N' .X 102 The Mighty Viking Women's Varsity Basketball team are, standing fLeft to Rightj Coach Simon Tolbert, Sylvia Hughes, Terele Kincade, Belinda Harris, Yolanda Telphy, Coach Mau- reen Keeseg Kneeling fLeft to Rightj Charlene Dukes, Velma Forte, Kitty Newton, and Debbie Dexter. w....., -, The Women's spirited Junior Varsity Basketball Team are fLeft to Rightj Linda Yarbrough, Ga e Darrin ton Pat Parks Jane Nowden Rheba Davis Cassandra Hollis Coach Keese, Y g , , , , Q Gigi Trockle, Sandy De Los Rios, Nancy Ross, Stephanie Johnwell, Virginia Hughes. 'mf ., ,0- .-.Odin l ,v - fx. . EBM fffltfv'-N, Iixm. The Women's Softball Team are, top row, l. to r., Frances Gallegos, Vivian Pedraza, Ena Rodriguez, Anna Galegos, Maxine Perryman, Kelly Masters, Cathy Calderon, and Coach Young, bototm row, l. to r., Vai Tuitau, Lois Long, Jeanette Ramos, captain, Alice Cabrera, captain, Patty Castaneda, captain, Mickie Garcia, Cheryl Castaneda, and Christine Knox. WOMEN'S TRACK TEAM .fTi 'rr' The Women's Track Team are, top row, l. to r., Becky Western, Cindy Johnson, Helena Williams, Veronica Bell, Teresa Lofton, and Eva Zunigag bottom row, Yolanda Johnson, Ghana Chester, Alisa Vargas, Elena Casillas, La Weeda Jones, and Theresa Fitz. W P 1-In lmwurngry 1.1 ' if - ,.,1 -H 'w -F-lil Y ' Q' -Jn if J' " -.s:..V-- WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM The 1977 Womenls Tennis team was the best in Garey's history. At the conclusion of their season they were ranked third in the San Antonio League. The success of these young ladies was due to team work and ex- traordinary individual efforts. Play- ers honored were Cheryl Jenkins for Most Valuable Player. Demetric Bat- tieste and Jill Mukai for Best Doub- les Team. Kathy Calderon for Most Improved. il 1 . 33? if ., .ag . .. i 'fo ll ' 1 411 ...' ' .ii The Women's Tennis Team are fLeft to Righty Robert Carter-fManagerJ, Connie Flanders, Lametric Battieste, Cheryl Jenkins, Demetric Battieste, Sharon Tate, Jody McKensie, Sylvia Hughes, and Coach Kecse. Bottom QLeft to Rightj Jose Marconi, Tammie Wiegner, Teresa Garcia, Teresa Navarrete, .lill Mukai, Anna Perez, Kathy Calderon, and Betty Kavanaugh. WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM gg-.A - . L ly 51 l. .g gj,d,.!X4Aj f 4 .4 'V J The Women's Volleyball' Team are from fLeft to Rightj top row, M. Flores, T. Lofton, V. Tuitau, V. Bell, D. Dexter, Y. Carter, D. Traister Bottom row, fLeft to Rightj, Manager- Yvette Govea, T. Hite, Coach Roberts, K. Monette, N. Tuitau, Manager-Martha Morales. The Women's 1977 Volleyball team were great competitors against their SAL opponents. These young ladies handled each game with sportsman- ship. They gained the needed experi- ence this year, for this was a young team. Next year, they should be an excellent contender for first place in the San Antonio League. IJ 2 imes 119i Qgllf lines N 1 1 9 -4' ' as-' its 'ff-425 231 . 'I g-. E1 '-iid gg.- ii HY 1- . ,. - if 314- " , N mat., -,Ia 1 5 .,4----' Q. filsdfff-v g 'T X. AL e vnu mx:- in ' 1 pl-43 5' ' P3122 'A' f' Ciba Ulimes QEE Q9u1f iiitnzs 5, sa -ff 'V -rf F ff... Qgfiqa M , fi fg if 81, -.1 4 . - an , .-...i 7 I . 'Hi '4 i 1 -- I Y I Q 1 rf ' "' g .45 mf, Kixg, ng +G r iff. ww-Q 19 ,dmv ' i X I ' l mm. F' .r - r UMR V' f""v f 5 1 ., -,- . Q4 3 ..- S11 ..- ...- rl! ...- .- IZ! ..- fn: ..- ...- ISI ...- ,....- 1 ...- ..- il E121 ,x N 11-1 G 551-nc'-1 '-.ff 'li V e ,XT- hr41"v'7E125. . K . - - I -H' 'D , 1 mm V 1 K , . . 1 Ai H xx., Q ., iq Hg:-iTf1z1:'f-'ix ' 1 9 I! Vi' if 5' an 4., L- mw- ' ff rj . N N. , V mm- f 4 if 'V .- ,..'. . X- -. N , X L N.: - 4 as H. ., .I 1 S y . , X 'r x' Hi , A-' gg, 3 . yr' Qin ' , .sn I 9 ts 3 H b .1 . 1. . -.-. ,. x .J ' A !1 1 1 .V. CHEERLEADERS nr'-, ,"' T Q. b The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders areg Top, Felice Berry. Left to Right, Co-Captain Ronda Stone, Vonda Stone, Captain Kim Curling, and Melinda Perez. Center, Tilly Carr. FRGSH.- OPH. CHEERLEADERS YX f Ciil .af..l'vf4l12i7L' "' The Freshman and Sophomore Cheerleaders areg Top, Leticia Torrez, Middle Left to Right, Captain-Michelle Molina, Lydia Tarin, lla McClure, Bottom, Judy Dominguez. 'i - n Mis: 1-K' N DRILL TEAM v I .'nr 4' W: ... 'Ju- Qs, nd ,M -lm.: f xx on Tm A . J Q My my 0? X, sf Xfgwwf Q3 dfvvfgf J HEL, as X , ' A H, ij -2: ge , , ff , ffxt e , 'Lf V' 'A v A wmrmf " Jkg I r r Qrtxhltnes I 1 1 , , , J L w ,L L ,z I If X, If Rn, Y 1 1 V K WMV!!! C ' it Lkf LL! J 1 X, , f,. r .- ,' ' -' - ' - L . - V . , , f , ,ff L f 4 2 1 "Lf 'ffff , I 'A 4 4, gf. 1 ,,f,,, . ,,,-,. V,-w r " L' ,f c ' . I xg GAREY'S 1977-1978 MARCHI G BAN saiiimi fbi' The Marching Band Members are, Top Row, QL. to RJ Tonya Palmer, Patti Castaneda, Melonee Johnson, Millie Keyes, Melody Smith, Robyn Hanson, Gwen Dean, and Tammy Weigner. Second Row from Top, QL. to RJ Vincent Jackson, Robert Ochoa, Vin New- born, Nancy Ross, Dan Romo, Tony Hunnel, Jimmie Dewitt, Dan Cortez, Angela Banks, Michael Hall, and Robert Burnap. Third Row from Top, CL. to RJ Ray Montenegro, LeWeeda Hones, Jalynn Price, Sharon Tate, Rhonda Renfro, Sheila Ollie, Ran Gillardo, Connie Flanders, Anselmo Olmos, and George Rodriguez. Fourth Row from Top, CL. to RJ Sheri Linde, Ricky Larez, Sherry Hernan- dez, Roger Bell, Ray Perez, Teresa Gomez, Mike Gonzales, Ruben Marquez, Cathy Gonzalez, and Rene Steward. Fifth Row from Top, QL. to RJ Michael Washington fDrum Majorj Robert Bishop, Betty Valizan, Cecilia Valenzuela, Lori Corbitt, La Karen Walker, Richard Mayfield, Greg Russell, Melisa Jones, lla McClure, Mandy Roa, Roberta Campos, Julia Curiel fMajorettej. Bottom Row, QL. to RJ Ralph Cox, Ronald Johnson, Arnold Perez, John Metters, Mike Castillo, Donny Sarenana, Shelli Anderson, Ray Cliett, Bobby Padilla, and Jimmy Hendricks. During The Year Many Activities Had A Memorable Musical Tone In, "The Times Of Our Lives" NACKHUNHUUNDN MECHA Qiluhs LANGUAGE A.F.S BUSINESS MAYA ' DRAMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY L 31 FILM 1,5 ,- fu . .3 -5- ' 'I . M V -A D ' QM V V . .-F in ,4 V' A i 'T ,,-,HQ l if - ii Q ,I , F' I , Q-Y V 4 - my I, V Tip'-.Mgr V, ., I, -, . .1--1 - -r' ., N 1. . A! 'i 5'V.,,ffL,' i i- - h 1 M13 1' ' 5251!-f 4. q .Z HY. 'fr Y 'I J l vf -tl V 1 . 1 ' r ' - - I 4 l ,Q 'fQi'i?"Qi1,,vIR : 'i , w I ff " . ,,'1."i'.f : 1 -' 1 ' v ' ,Q . 4'-'GH-I--ua . -- 2' x, ' , , 5i.,g,f." 1 E , Q J Q-,fm A . CALIFGRNIA SCHQLASTIC FEDERATION CHRISTMAS XX-...X QUEEN SHERRY GGBERT Christmas Court and Queen Sherry Gobert gFLISi.1gg3g,1lbg,O?3try Reigned Over "Evening of Enchantment" 1977 ' Senior Princess Senior Princess Senior Princess Beth Tims Monlca Ha1re Marie Molina + w Junior Princess Sophomore Princess Freshman Princess Sylvia Armenta Vonda Stone Angie Powell sPoRTs QUEENS Baseball Queen Wrestling Queen Basketball Queen June Durian Linda Smith Marcia Holmes Tennis Queen Soccer Queen Cross Country Queen Pamela Base Marcia Holmes Imelda Perez in gum King Richard Sandoval Prince Prince Devi Parks Mario Olmos BACKWARDS COURT The Backward Day activities were some of the most enjoyable in "The Times Of Our Livesn at Garey. Superstars competition, the Dating Game, Dress-up days, Best Legs contest, Carnivals, a Powder Puff Football Game, and the Gong Show all took place during the noon activities between March 6-17. The Backwards Court that reigned over the two weeks were King Richard Sandoval, and Princes Roosevelt Lett, Devi Parks, Mario Olmos, and Frank Charles. 11 f I j 1 V - L V X , Q "I il Prince Prince Roosevelt Lett Frank Charles PROM COURT I a,-1 .3 Senior Princess Burnetta Sampson Senior Princess Linda Hernandez 'WRYP' Senior Princess Kathy Padilla i rr STN Junior Princess Shirley Smith GAREY'S PROM EMBARKS ON THE QUEEN MARY The Junior Class sponsored this year's Prom for the Seniors on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California The Senior Princesses were Burnetta Sampson, Kathy Padilla, and Linda Hernandez. The Junior Princesses were Marilyn Ramzy, Shirley Smith, and Lillian Landin. Junior Princess Marilyn Ramzy glam, ' 1 f iix' ll Junior Princess Lillian Landin Senior SHY BUT LIKABLE BEST PERSONALITY LOUDEST MARIO OLMOS MONICA HAIRE TAMIKA MORRIS MONICA GLOVER DEVI PARKS KELLY PERKINS I CLASS LEADERS IDEAL GIRL AND GUY MOST ATHLETIC JUNE DURIAN BRIDGETTE COFIELD THERESA LOFTON ELMER GIBSON DENNIS WASHINGTON DAVID FORTE Eersunulities CLASS FLIRTS I CLASS WITS MARIE MOLINA MARILYN FRIENDLY ADOLPH JUAREZ JAMES MORRE CLASS BRAIN MARTY RUPP I fo BEST LOOKING NECIE HOLLIER BETH TIMS RICHARD SANDOVAL fNot Picturedj DOLORES CASTILLO fNot Picturedj CNot Picturedj MOST TALENTED fNot Picturedj LINDA SMITH LEROY JONES MOST SPIRITED ELIJAH TURNER MARCIA HOLMES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED GENE ANDRUSCO ANN SKVAREK fNot Picturedj PHOTOS TAKEN BY Wayne Book Studio Photographer BLACK HISTORY WEEK During February 6 through 10, one of the most enjoy- able Black History Week celebrations in Garey's history had taken place. Kindling the spirit that never let down throughout the week, was Monday. On this day an as- sembly took place in the gymnasium, which featured three plays, "The Wiz", "Raisin in the Sun", and scenes from Alex Haley's novel "Roots". Opening, were Princi- pal George Bloch, and Mr. Willie Boston. Narration, was by Tillie Carr. Recitation, of the "Negro Mother", by Langston Hughes, was by Andrea Thomas. The An- nouncer, for Sister Soul, CCarolyn Hinesj, was Greg Lin- ton. Highlighting that afternoon, was Miss Hines, a fine vocalist. 0n Tuesday, a delicious soul food sale took place, in which greens, chicken, corn bread, potato and other salads, and ect. were sold. Wednesday, a lunch dance was held in the gymnasium. Thursday, was a Fashion Show. Concluding, Friday, the B. S. U. Court had its beautiful presentation, in which four couples, represented their classes. ' ' f l -5 1 .Al ' a . ll Z A nl' Monday, February 6, 1978 r A Scene From "Roots', "Ra1sin In The Sun" "The Wiz" rift 'Z Z H Black History Week Thursday, February 9, 1978 T all The Little Theatre Poses As Garey's "Fashion Arenan Friday, February 10, 1978 C B.S.U. Court Black Student Union KING 8a QUEEN James Moore and Danette Neal COURT Middle left, Darlene Hines and Darrel I-laire Middle right, Marilyn Ramzy and Vito DiOssi Bottom left, Sonya Leatherwood and Roosevelt Lett Bottom right, Donald Hendricks and Gina DiOssi ACAPPELLA CHGIR VGYAGERS Ld gif iiiiill if vis. 'Fu l Q . A X 7 fl M- X . .X - if f fvQwQXQ?xg,Xw,yffXmf2X 3 7 ., f r, ,Q X X , f' X Y' Q56 X BJ Qyk-'-NNN XX -fxyx f ix g MX I .lxyffikl -. f' - X. L,-QJX 'f'?', ' , X H 1 K 0X, T,X kxkll kgxky IQ' gig, ,X X fi ' V1ilw50fY 4 Tf1L?Xf'f4g 4'f2'JJ9gL P3 .X N, XEJQ ' ESQ cw wX4X X XX-MX X 'X XQXQXU1 599 V X J XX , I XX x X XXTLLWL X .W Ayjlv X735 AJ xii' X PM XE iffif , i X x fy XX lm XMLXX XXV "XX,f' 1 xXW1 D QCX J' F' YI xx RX XX V7 5-I 4 -X ,ln ix!-' K MX ' lf X nf -6 , NY N XXJWJX-L-LL: wif XQ,X,XXQbfwXQ , X. - ,A W 1 ix f XV, X. X X 3 X V 4Xi,RjQQN QQ Egqxf XX XJLXM XX 'X 551317. lp N X -X T' M' XT- "K-A'-- ' fi" , fx F1 Xi Wm Q X X,wt5f4.,X X Xwf Q X XX3 jg X' Kg' Q25 X-LQ Q Mggfa y KXQTQN X1-'QL X X f Xgmfj' QA CX ' FN "v, 1-ff! ,f X xx X' MXKMLAI 4--L - Fix Y X fiwxgf-6, l I ,Ci CO ' Tjxjyf Q N X I , , - X X ' '- 'X -XQyqiXQfg, X HQQXQ. 'C' fy-'X . U wx mg-Q5 A - C 9X 3 xg' hYj.j !' sLypA'Z JQLT, . ',f 'Sf 'f X 7-3 V- r , X 'Q X X-XA qxf-X ,-: , 1 IIDLQQQ Egi'xjYfXQ1fYX, X Xp, ,xv -X X X-1, ,X ' '1 ,X f f' XsJJQfLa XiQf1 X Nl-xf XXXX XJ L X X4 4 A-fx '-X, Q! ,. 2- fy. xi'ffX" NAA-7-7 X, U X' A' H1-J JM Xl f 'I Nl! Nl-f "-' Xjfiivfy xx J XL4 2,14 'X-11 , ,. Vx X wif X XX X :J VUQQ XX Q 5 Q T X- T ,X 'ff QXLQZ, X. X " -- ,X X X X ' X , X qfi'LwJf gi ., . M Ai , LA XX hr 'TYNQ YM: F6331 -X, 5 X AH Xi Xfgg' XCXAQQ-fwfr 1 .V JYH lf ll It AXXf 0XX1 N pw XifXQQNXHxxLLfLxx X f l . ,fxf X Q X D, C X My I gf X,X,ugy3 Kiss, OI mm e 5 R X X ' ' X ,f MX X l X Q L yt L, Laxb 1' . 5 -,R X , K K 1 fx Y - 141 ,X!,XX .,kb, X lik I J. f.-qgk xv -1 1' s ., 1 H As " 4: I U 1 ,x, gm .1 AX A, ,,,- an J,- ..'vjVvs-. A--...uf Principal Bloch Bids Farewell To First Four-Year Graduates MY CONGRATULATIONS AND FAREWELL TO THE CLASS OF 1978. YOU ARE A SPECIAL GROUP, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE FIRST OF THE FOUR-YEAR GRADUATES. YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUMENTAL IN LAYING THE GROUNDWORK FOR THE FUTURE CLASSES. WE WILL MISS YOU AND HOPE THAT YOU WILL FIND YOUR FUTURE BRIGHT. I KNOW THAT THE CLASS OF 1978 WILL BE SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE OF THE ATTITUDE AND SPIRIT OF COOPERATION WHICH YOU HAVE SHOWN YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS AND THE STAFF. WHEREVER YOU GO, I KNOW THAT THE SPIRIT OF THIS COOPERATION WILL BE SHOWN BY YOUR ACTIONS. Below, Mr. George Bloch, Garey Principal, welcomes back, from left, Mr. Lynn Rountree, Garey's first principal and Edel Nielsen, Gzirey's first foreign exchange student and now a lawyer in Copen- 6 hagen, Denmark. Looking on, center, are Miss Margaret Govaer, adviser of Garey's foreign exchange student program, and Myriam Martinez, I977-1978 foreign exchange student from Bogota, Colom- bia. All in a spirit of cooperation and fun, Mr. Bloch receives a pie in the face from Felix Perez, Class of 1978, bottom pictures. A new vice principal plays an important role in, The Times Gf Our Lives" MQF' JA as A x 44 .RQ6 ASSISTANT PRINCIPA MR. RICHARD BENITE Dean Of Instruction Dean Of Students Mr. Stacy Hertsche Mr. Frank Sowin Jak. MT Director Of Student Work Experience Teacher Activities Mr. Joe Haber Mr. Neil Romero P -'-. P .ig -- , ' '. 1" " , .. ' -- Wil - -. is-55 ' i ,, ' : si. i . , .. ,i a , .. .wg 5. 'brains' 1 ' 1. nz.-nf ' , . - . -,j.f'l l,o.'. ' '-'. v ' "'-,- un ,- ,l s . ' ' nu. ' . .3 . l"u""'.' .'-'-'- "f, -, 'v, o ','v. . 1 . . -Ju., n," 1'.'.'- ' 'p ". ' ,,, .I u, l"fn'o 'u -- ,I 4.1, u. , r 'A . . .. 5?-Z'--.: ' l',l . ,'.o..n -4-.,,n,'u,' ,up'." .....'-' .WV v '.'- 4 . . ' '.'."',". "- 1 u,'.',4', .o.' nn' 1, Q. M, ',a4"u' 'a" 'n "M '1,,,n., ,.-4.30, ln ,4unaa,a', .-.,',",, .' ,-'."i'E"E'g " ','. ' ".',-56:3 '. l'- 0 ' ' 'I si 'P" 'I .'. a, 1.'.-,gfgiil J Counselors Welcomed New Guidance Center And New Psychologist. Bottom right, Mr. Paul D'Alessio seems stunned at the new guidance center. Right, Dr. David Hirschman, Garey's new psy- chologist. Upper right, Mr. Fred Castro counsels student, apparently unaffected by his new office. Top, Mr. Cal McDonald and Mrs. Jean Gregoire seem pleased with their new office. tl 95 , ' , .,,,,,....,......- Q., X W 'B '5- 5 We 4 0 1 ,PA Y .ln-A . . My egg Front office staff keeps the . . rl' L 'vih W-rf-' -A keyboards hot. Z .qt ' GUESS WHO REALLY RUNS THE SCHOOL? Behind every great school there's a Above, behind keyboards and amidst files or pointing the way, are, top left, Mrs. Tina Collins, Princi- pal's Sccrctaryg top left, Mrs. Wilma Ross, Registrar, who recently moved from her front office to the new guidance centerg middle left, Mrs. Donna Hawthorne, Dean of Instruction Secretary: middle right, Mrs. Jena Day, Vice Principal's Secretary: and lower left, Mrs. Alice Gomez, front office Typist Clerk. STAFF The Garey staff' serving students and other staff are. right, Mrs. Gloria Roque, Student Store Managerg below, top row, left to right, Mrs. Sharon Mhoon. Media Specialist: Mrs. Grace Wayland, Attendance Typist Clerkg Mrs. Mabel Boyd, Health Clerkg bottom row, left to rightg Mrs. Lena Smith, Guidance Typist Clerk, Mrs. Armentha Wilson, Student Activities Typist Clerk. f Ll tl, Garey Staff serving students and other staff are, top row, left to right, Ms. Bobbie Keever, Womens' Locker Room Attendant, Mr Richard Riley, Mens' Locker Room Attendant, Mr. James Taylor, Custodiang Mrs. Dorothy Clinton, Proctor, bottom row, left to right, Mr. Mike Akridge, Proctor: Mr. Steve Bailey, PFOCIOFL Mr. Rickey Robinson, Proctor, below, left to right, are the cafeteria staff, Mrs. Jean McConnell, Mrs. Emily Armann, Mrs. Mary Lynch, Mrs. Marvis Linn, Mrs. Anna Minton, Managerg and Mrs. Blanche Campos. Q' 'R .,k.. : ' f"' ., my r. in - . 8 er r -fi fy X---ff ka, ' ti ' " .1 1 :P -j k V, r .lf- , Y ,YV ir-1 I I: 2 V -K V ,.. .34 C5,-.rllr 5,5 .. t 4 f 12 53121, I- 14 'z ' ', . e .Q ww .. . , '- ,lily 5 A . 1 3 rf i .i.j',jig?,7g,!,- 2 4, , -... t , "1.4 -1 fri-iffiar . .' ' ' -H. , ' ' I-as .J -ii . V . E ' ' n ll FACULTY MR. ART ALLEN General Math MRS. ALBERTINE ARAO General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra MRS. SYLVIA BANKS Aide MR. WILLIE BOSTON Afro History, Sociology MRS. ELMA BRIONES E.S.L. Aide MISS MERYL BROWN Reading Development MR. LAWSON BUSH P.E., Head Varsity Football Coach MISS BLANCA CALIENES Rally Adviser, P.E., Modern Dance MR. FERNANDO CANEDO English As A Second Language, Spanish 3 84 4 MRS. DONNA CARPENTER E.S.L. Reading, Reading Development MRS. GWEN CARR Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Typing I, Business Department Chairman MR. MANUEL CASTILLEJOS Drama, Stage Craft, Mexican-American Literature MR. LOUIS CASTRUITA Mexican-American Culture, 20th Century U.S. History MISS BETTY CAVANAUGH Art I, Music Appreciation, Chorus, Shake- speare I MRS. SANDRA CLARK Pre-Comp., Literature For Youth, Reading For Enjoyment K MR. MARK CUNNINGHAM Life Science, Geology MR. GERALD D'ARCANGELO World History, Man's Many Faces Psychology MR. MIKE DESHANE Crafts I, II, III MS. MYRNA DIAZ Reading Lab MRS. BETTY DIOSI Math Lab Aide MRS. THERESA DURAN Aide MR. MARK ECHEVERRI U.S. History- The Revolution, 20th Century U.S. History MR. MONSE ESTRADA Mens' P.E. Department Chairman, Tennis, Advanced Cross Country Assistant Varsity Coach MRS. JEANNE FENELY Typing, Business English MR. JOHN FINCH Art I, II, Art Department Chairman MR. LAWRENCE FISCHBACH World History, Yearbook Adviser MRS. GINGER FRIEDMAN English Department Chairman, Comp, II, Honors l, II, Directed Study, Independent Study MR. ROBERT GARNER Drafting MRS. GLORIA GERSHUN Multi-Media Librarian MR. JOHN GONDEK Math Department Chairman, General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra MISS MARGARET GOVAER French I, II, III, IV MS. CLAUDIA GRIGSBY English 9, Pre-Comp., Comp., Afro Litera- ture MRS. ELSIE HARBER English 9, Comp.I, American Literature MR. JAMES HARNER Physical Science, Ecology MRS. LILLIE HARVEY Typing, Business Practice, Business English MR. DONALD HAVENS Social Studies Department Chairman, Ameri- can government, Psychology MR. PHILLIP HERRERA Woodshop I, II, Construction Technology MR. JACK HILGENDORF Ecology, Chemistry, Physics MR. DEAN HOLCOMB English For Living, Contemporary Litera- ture, Reading For Enjoyment, Literature For Youth MR. ROYCE HUNT Auto Shop I, Auto Technology, Crafts I MR. LYNN JESSOP Foreign Languages Department Chairman, Spanish I, II MRS, MAUREEN KEESE Tennis, Modern Dance MRS. JEAN KIDO Reading Development MS. AURA KRUGER English 9, Speech Power, Shakespeare MR. GEORGE KULAK Inhouse Math Lab ,Z -. I . int, -- FACULTY MRS. MARTHA LOPEZ Aide MR. JOHN MARTI Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra, Advanced Wrestling MR. CHARLES MARTINEZ English As A Second Language II, Spanish I, SpanishfSpeaking MR. JAMES MELTON Industrial Arts Department Chairman, Metal I, Drafting, Welding MR. WEBSTER MILLER Introduction to Physical Science MR. RAY MOORE World History, Bi-Lingual World History MR. WILLIAM MURPHY English 9, English For Living, English Litera- ture, Pre-Comp. MR, ROGER NORGREN Science Department Chairman, Biology, Physiology MR. GERALD OMLID Life Science, Biology MRS. SUSIE PERALES Aide MRS. GOLDIE PITRE General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I MR. NORMAN POULOS World History, Honors English and World History 9 MR. ERNEST PRENTICE English 9, English For Living, World Litera- ture MRS. CAROLYN PRIMUS Homemaking Department Chairman, Sewing Dress Design, Home Furnishing MR. JAMES REES 20th Century U.S. History, Laws FACULTY MRS. JANET REGNER Women's P.E. Department Chairman Gym nastics, P.E. MR. DON RIZZI Typing, Record Keeping, Accounting MRS. ANGEL ROBERTS P.E., Advanced Volleyball MR. JOHN RYAN Programmed Math, Geomet Functions, Trigonometry MR. JOE SAN DHU ry, Algebra II General Math, Algebra I, Advanced Soccer MR. MIKE SCOTT English 9, Reading for Enjoyment MR. DICK TALLEY English 9, English for Living, Newspaper Adviser MR. JOE TEGLAS Special Education MR. SIMON TOLBERT P.E., Advanced Track MR. MIKE TOWELL Inhouse Math Lab MR. MIKE WELLS Driver Education, Volleyball, Beginning Basketball, Badminton, Advanced Basketball Varsity Basketball Coach MR. JOEL WIESE Health Science, Life Science MR. RAY WOODS Music Appreciation, Marchi agers, A Capella, Stage Band MISS GAIL YOTHERS Cooking I, II, Single Survival MR. THOMAS YOUNG P.E. ng Band, Voy 1 F L X55 THE TIMES GF THE MFACULTY' " LIVES .Tig ln the top picture, Mr. John Finch, hand to head, seems greatly sur- prised at the large crowd ol' parents and students who came to visit the new building at Open House, Below left, top, just a little candid ofthe annual staff Christmas Party. Below left, bottom, just another little candid ofthe monthly faculty meeting. Below right, Mr. Don Havens shows a positive attitude by giving his all to Garey. aff" beater Qrts "Places Everyone"! This familiar line is heard regularly at Garey's new Little Theater, as promising actors and actresses rush through their dressing rooms. These impressive young people have been very successful this year. This can be credited to hard work from the participants and co-operation from the audience. The following pictures are from the play, "AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORSM. Eiga 'uf h dn, .L it z.r,J' H., l- .QS f'3l!E?'Fll1l' c Q H- will . W. l Q- lw' N. -1 ,w ,,M.y!.W.I ,mr 1 it Mix.. l i..l it 'qu' iv y . . ' ' -'.l!"w'..:1 f ,. -f W . . , I' , I wi -1 ... I K. .QlniIFr.' gf ,.,, .. . .. ... Qi. 92595 eg Ge. . 551 .,. T l 2 Q. 2 Es? ees Places Everyone"! Eat: 41,5 ,. Q 'f 2 , 47 '. . 5 1 QW , ' I I, ' 'Vi' we "9 I fu "I , n . , A I 1, , 5 Q 3, A Ag . Qf -JW A...-Q.. N fn ,- u-'M--.... '-aiu.. Cast From "Amahl And The Night Visitors" Xxx ART CRAFT w 12 ani . HI' hc i, .5 ,J ' 'ax . Y 4 ff .- . 'il cl- I I'- Q . b 2.1,- : ,.' 'DAQRL . I , S 15 Z-. 1... .5 Si is xx A VN 51 I buggy . Y'- 'eian '- SINCE PORTRAITS ARE A GIFT OF LGVE, WE ARE DGNATING THIS SPACE FOR YCUR SPECIAL MESSAGES. Jbviwujijkoawmvbd Jai xfQjfQ6Qj?X1SQ-QQMXAKLKO GUM wvkagfalllufoxi llonwxomdl xfOUJL WJWSLX MQCQQLOC aJJ.wOvUfEffJkb'5 muwmlmismdmd 619 ufow IQOfxxii JJUWL yan C 'SQQD-JO ww 'YU'Z,LfCfifX QQDQQBQOQQ 3015 Yi? QW Nas! U WaLdnoEoUL 'PHD l l mx! , N KNQ I I V 1 WJL wg ,J Vi I I 9 f W H ' ' . ' il QNVXCD N , . I N , , bo XX 'I IO I ff i SLQLJYN V 1375 n. indian hill blvd, Claremont, california 91711 714 626-354 013 I2 arrwtrr Qvataurani 500 WEST FIFTH AVE POMONA CALIFORNIA Dmzng C ocktazls Banquets Barry SL Maureen Mlles Proprletors NATIONAL 9 7303 SAM F ROTHROCK 'set 43,52 EDGAR ROTI-IROCK PUBLISHING CO 35l S THOMAS ST P O BOX 2328 POMONA CALIF 91786 TELEPHONE I7I4I 522 4545 THE COMPLETE PRINTING FACILITY OFFSET ' ART TYPESETTING LETTERPRESS BINDERY Day Prmtmg Corporation 386 SO THOMAS STREET POMONA CALIFORNIA 91766 I7141629-5221 I2131 625-8295 JANITOR SUPPLY COMPLETE LINE OF SUPPLIES VVAXES Bnooms PAPER ETC T SELL WE REN BUFFERS VACUUMS SHAMPOO MACHINES 2127 S GAREY POMONA CA 91766 47141 527 9339 OPENIOANI TOBPM NIOND Y THR SUN 12NO NTOSPM MUSIC TOWN RECORDS TAPES Bc ACCESSORIES WHERE THE MUSIC BEGINS 1110 S GAREY AVE VVILBON SIMS POMONA CALIF 9237 RUTHIE SIMS I7147 623 PUMUNA FIHEMAN5 I-155111211-IIIUN 590 SOUTH PARK AVENUE CALIFORNIA 91766 And Property mvfs RANCH BAR B Q 1533 So GAREY AVE IBEEF OR POMONA CA 91766 POMONA 17141620 2201 BEEF Pom: LAMB cI-IICKEN mas PORK, LINKS PHONE 629 1319 IBEEF OR PORK? F! R QT Irv Clark Owner 17141623 0504 TROPHY CENTER 1061 East Hol1Avenue Pomona Calnf 91767 TROPHIES PLAQUES MEDALS ENGRAVING For All Occaslons GENE PROULX Owner G' I I W . . U ' A u SAT. ' . o . . . . ' . . . U 9. ' I 9 el' '19, W L, sg, I X. I 8- ,Z SINCE 1926 Prevent F Ires 'S ..:.4- . W o 0 I "So Goor, You TONGUE WILL EE You B AINs u " 17141622 3512 Edlhmmra 7:4114 Skype MEN S FORMAL WEAR 1209 E HOLT BLVD WEDDING DINNER DANCE POMONA CA 91767 L Tl 1714! 6531901 IND C7141 3472192 BALDUCCI S dfalam Qbzlz FINE RESTAURANTS SHOPS ART GALLERY The Indlan H111 ART FAIR SMORGASBORD Bakery THEATER Casa Ramon FANNIES Sandwlch Shop TY AN SALA GNA ,mm TMS ENTERTAINMENT 1677 IN The Boller Room 17141 624 5029 555 West FO0th1ll Blvd MILLER wwenew Claremont Cahf B olfouaz of Beauty 2119 SOUTH GAREY AVINUE OMON C IFORNIA 91766 4714: eze 4914 W Gafev 3 2438 51 Gov na 01 N 57. we 3 UW eV 1 gafv 576 ,MAA E 0133 957 Owner Bob Davls Ln- I ' r . I ' ' I OCA oNs ALSO IN R I - 8: IO - 66 ' ' 39 66 73 , . - EC AL 5 DWICHES. MEATS. CHEESES or DS TALIAN GROC-ERIES - HOMEMADE LASA - - GG ' 73 CLOSED SUNDAY DIAN HILL BLVD. , - POMONA. CA 91766 . , . I 7.. 1 P A. AL . . F- W - . , a R , , I 0 KIZZIAR CONGRATULATIONS TG THE CLEANERS CLASS OF 1978 Drapery Cleaners Carpet Cleamng Speclahsts Free Estrmates ' TROPHIES W1 F B 1 gs y 260 W 3rd Pomona Tel 622 7860 or 623 1316 X sms smvlcs rms s. LEASING CONGRATULATIONS 1 FAIR CITY FORD TO THE LARGE SELECTIUN NEW 8. USED CARS 81 TRUCKS CARS TRUCKS C fe y .14 f 623 2101 I B23 2 611 E HOLT AVE 222 E HOLT AVE POMONA MEDALS - GAVELS - ENG RAv1NG - SIGNS oup 81 Club Trophies For Discounts All Occasions S 'QQ f"'. ' 5'5" 1 11: D BY . Rx H Custom lt ow m uppl Eg . fa E3 . - - -rl M o R R . ' , 714f624-6643 , '- -in ,M X :iff 3 f r 541 1, . 4 X T , 1 L 1 f ' On Holt Ave. In Pomona' i 0010716 "THE umMArs nv SERVICE" me r Mocia ion Tm.. r 714 x . - - 1' J. mwcx soz z. . ANY - M A N AC ll Po Qazley s Supet Qjuafcket 1076 West Phxlhps Boulevard Pomona Cahfornk 91766 JAMES F BAILEY 1714, 629 ms BANQUETS AVAILABLE MEETING R OMS rssmn aml y esfauranf POMONA CAL M N GER EVELYN TECARR OWNERS 17147 529 6412 CLYDE AND NIARK WARREN OFFICI G22 2001 POMONA LAWN MOWER SALES AND SERVICE POWER Q HAND NIOWERS SHARPENED a REFAIRED ALL VVORK GUARANTEED SAW! at SHEARB SERVICID 1135 So GARIY AVI RICH CANTRELL POMONA CALIF TAYLOR MAID DONUT DRIVE I MISSION At Palomares Phone NA 90657 Cbaawdk -f4n find kwa-9 mmap CLARK BROTHERS Pomona .Szncn 1901 1100 E Hom' Pomorm CALW 623 2431 DLDBMOB E BUICK .Sales SEIUIFC leasing Rental K+ fxjuawifx 2 S. I1 N T ow 1 o D c HT LE scrs c OLLSTE ox. ec-cs 714 623 4361 IOOI E FRANKLIN AVE KEN FLA JAGAN PQMONA CALIF 4 9 V f R Z4 MARKET SPOT e. philadelphia CORNER OF TOWNE AND PHILADELPHIA ? l it 3 . , , . Y . 7 'L ' rc AM, ' ' 1: 3 , , . . . . 1 , , - o f - 'R . . . "' ,,Q3"x Ns 'chain X... rrAT1:mNr5 A UNALLV on N ,. hff? J BBB VV' M'S5'oN BLVD- C CHEN AN Turmrv Pun u TS 'I ' ,f . . r, 3 .. . LOW H ,JEL xi U f"'f7S f A A I . . 1 'L f T R . xx 0 ff Q A -, 1- . ,N , -pl ... t X ' I . .Y . .hu , , A va f 5.1, , if-J , . . - - 0 . . I Af""X X- Rros an off thelr new Rf 6 uss Free Funcuonal Sclssor Ha Styles Q U X 17 X ll l Q it L V274 0 5 KD lc, .S'ov.dAobS!' fell Q9 f Lf!!! fill? Ri'- We cut em as we see em lamp cuts fl ger tumble cuts curlmg Iron cuts blower cuts wash towel dry cuts brush n fluff' cuts or slmple wash and wea cuts They re all scxssored take care of yourself styles Perfect for any age any halr We even show you how to re for them step by step so you may never want to set your hair agam' DAILY 810 SAT XSUN 9 5 Fullerton 879 3863 Pomona Mall 622 8542 La Mlrada 943 5l I4 S 5 X V y .,,y I if :pine-" . . d 1 A - ir lx , i Y xp A ylp . . . :Q b ll '9t. ,, ' if 1 ' If , I bl fm aft ll tant X W . Ili yy, llc' ogg r M- , f, f l 1 ff' ,rrcj Ilqy -1 , 05 .9 - 4, fl af' fiwiff , V A GR pf! .lf 1 1?- . f j I , ' ' 1 . . . , ' , , i' ' I O 1 , I , PANADERIA ENSENADA N Fl NIPJCUFQ FYEPCWC-TFIRIA mos GONZALEZ 622'O2El5 1190 E. Mission Phone 622-9368 MINGO'S RESTAURANT Owned by Nlingo Herrera Musician Entertainer The Happiest Little Restaurant in The Great City of Pomona 1978 SAGA YEARBOOK STAFF Neomi Cruz Organization Co-Editor Marcus Tate Saga Sports Correspondent 1 Yearbook Staff members are, I. to r., Becky Casarez, Assistant Copy Editorg Christina Rios, Assistant Copy Editorg Julio Rivera, Business Managerg and Martha Ridley, Business Co- Manager. I . ' ii -' ' X ,sw -X 3 0 , 1 .s ' 7 'Y N H ., ' s 'I B 'i 1 - Y Islflvs SALE r..v--Y' 'X fv,.,,Q , ' f Andrea Thomas-Organization Editor Dan Cortez-Chief Photographer Yearbook Staff On The Move! Top left, Robert Cummings, editor-in-chiefg Martha Ridley, and Christina Rios attend a yearbook conference at San Gabriel High School. Lower right, Andrea Thomas, left, and Lametric Battieste work on copy sheets. Bottom, Robert Cummings, Christina Rios, and Martha Ridley enjoy one of those "three-coke" yearbook business lunches. . .. ,i ,A :eg le-'if-52-v"'L ,.-fr ' 4. iff - - . 'J' " .4 if Li, . ' Y r ' A 44,3 Q A 3-an-fmt A' . Y I If V S575-a' - r '- X X " EDITOR'S EPILOGUE N In June of 1978, at the graduation ceremonies at Bridge's Auditorium in Claremont, will be an important episode in Garey High's history. The Class Of 1978, will be the first four year students to receive diplomas. Our school has been through many changes in these four years. We have had two principals, two vice princi- pals, and two directors of activities. There has also been changes in the appearance of our campus, notably our two million dollar building complex. It was a rare experience being the first freshmen at Garey. We participated in the initial orientation. And we witnessed our school's first C.I.F. basketball crown. In our sophomore year Mr. Bloch became principal, as Mr. Tynes stepped down. Highlighting, our Junior year was a visit from Astronaut James Lovell, and Congressman Jim Lloyd. A few members of the Class of 1978, Lonnie Troy, Gilbert Perez, and Jerry Gonzalez, were not able to graduate with us. But our memories of joyful experi- ences with them will be there with us. I hope we will never forget the friendships that were made each year and the experiences we learned from, as we become adults. I believe the Class of 1978, is one of the best classes to graduate, if not "the Greatest". Personally, I am proud to have attended this school. I know Garey High School is the best senior high in the valley. I will never forget Garey, WWA 2 i Robert Ernest Lee Cummings Editor-In-Chief X Syd' fx 7 'tl f I7 X QF: J! 'X 5, 5WuWA L 05 M W - , www 2 wb . wig WMMW Qmffwww SSWQW f f W WWW fb W WW QW, fgMwd?564MgmWWiw Wffjjfw m W fig? W W We Qwitgf I N F li-mx w . H lv, ,Y A ft S ,f W! lx: "ji ' ,. 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Suggestions in the Garey High School - Saga Yearbook (Pomona, CA) collection:

Garey High School - Saga Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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Garey High School - Saga Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 134

1978, pg 134

Garey High School - Saga Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 9

1978, pg 9

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