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L? y l 3, vi I , . . 1? , 1 f '..w"1 fa. W W fl li Hlvll l ' 3 'hw ',-A 4 'I 4 Q, ,se N.: . if , Q - 'Qmrq . ,I x 'E -mg.e45'LJ. -fs i 5 I 'Wm- V W Q f. "A,fA 1 Q 4.1, 'nm if". R, ' u. . Q Qfi - " A . , N, ,M 5. 5, Lim My 1 A A ' ' ' " 'QJQJY' f- ' , sv. ,wvdi tm it . 'Z' Q. "fa N... U ,im W , + ' A VM 1 yn, ,ff xfff - '-Au .. . Ng 1 , -4--H ., jf . 41. ,. . . V- . 4 ' ' I 4 1 I A n '4 , I ',., n , - - U -mf' 5 .:.,. .2 ,,, ,!' rq,vq . -4' JM 14"-, ' L24 '- Y ' Ji' 'Fhirysgxj X ,rw I m . I ..,4:..-V, , .- ,5 ,gf r g , '. Pr 1 my -'Wm v', ,V 1 .1 , , The .-Lg Q. 114 T it -3 7' In .-u.: it .- J, , l jfs! M M J -n Y-.. i 5 a- 'Z-. , , ggi-ik' 2 ,Ai S." v,.- - . - 4 14 1' 4 Q '.n. gg 'E .- , 4 fl' Qsnuunr 1 4 ii 1 41+ ! 1 xhlsln van ' ., , '--Q--. -. I'qgf1i"H' V ,lf .. 41 v. f L .- f I ML- 119, H+- -ll f 'ee A it-Lf ' ' 5-4 1,9 -V I it --f' g gl. I ', In J Q , I , 5, ,' s 4 1' 'yn-JI' W 95 f as ' 'KJ' xi 1 .I V, -433 5 3 I ' 'All-,.,, il bm A- ., ' Q li.,l.k 1 4 p '55 , 'U' A f H , "' P' 6 ' 2' ' .n ff. ' :- 15, H - -5 - in 1 'F' EUS- u es ' ,, 5-1- .S - 'T P ' iq, 5 L -m , - 'IIQN -fi! 2'-.f ZK 1. it 1 W me if ,gy 51 Qu .,. U, ,-,,. 'XA Aa' ,.gv I' -.,f Qs - i.. LN-, ZT"lIf-. fs-. i ,"""" . Lg Qi 0 A 5' .,. K :VT - J . E., , . 1 X 5 RQ LT..." ?- i -L 1 4 .3 r 5 ir M,-. I .1 I xxncl QE- QJ 0 J' W QVX Q- O-islvxoo L00 b X HX NYU oo QP wigxwv JP wiicpf 3 Nb N if iii? N F N ' 5355 f, M gg? F1955 5' N? a 5 ycfngclo' X Q? 521922 Q2 Yugi xxx . lg' NY' ,f SEER ' ,Eff ' I ij: W f Q! M '7 4 Ca , 'D, A Q ' ,iff ff'?' ff' f!,,f'f,ff 2 is wffmffmiffzfff A X Cifffn lW,Qj'fff"i1?,ffJV'jL,J31 -b ,Wd QW! MQW -6 'f 'W AWMWLFW7' JW M -fir! 52 fjCffj3fQf1f'fgfWQVfwfi,f3 If W I . Q X ' ' qiffffdfffyffuf 'ffl fiyesfibfgqj ' 5- ,Sim W0 f"!fWYf' fff'7ff,W!'fff'Jf0f9 ,J ' , 'JM I 5. 'au WWW I I . I,z I Y 1 , , . . . - -1-, , , I: ,I 'Haul' - V, ,lx .Ley M' .fm ' v "'- L L' I" I , ' 'i,5,Nv".- I 'uf II w . ' . X251 1 f n-' A 1 . - ., . , . , ,.- ' .1 I - r 3 w ' . A' . ' ' , , . ,W ,I , rpg 1 I 3 ff LL L... .-.1-fn' , . Jw - I U -.. . . . .. , I .--v -IM, .THQIL -Ng. ' "JJ", ,14 ,.,, . , L fr I. A r, VV ,N , L 'X I .I ' I. .I nrf' , ,N 1: . ' -..-'.,", 'hx' ' f - Wulf", I r-' V, -J fe-I-V Z-fe I v ,,4, - 5.1 GARE Y HIGH SCHOOL POM ON A CALIFORNIA WILLIAM GODSMARK E Extraordinary c Photographer. . . 5 Person 1947-1.976 His artistry is engraved in the SAGAS. . .brave and beautiful spirit is engraved in the minds and hearts. . . - rlddff 0 ON 'iii 5ft?Stv?t3e MW sw' of ,Q KJ 5 dy iifsfsi as to 5? 2 sl' as 3 The 1976 SAGA is dedicated to the memory of William Godsmark who photographed the first years of Garey in the 1963 and 1964 SAGAS. After graduating in Garey's first senior class of 1964, he studied photography in college and opened his own studio. Bill returned to Garey after gradu- ation to take creative photographs for the SAGAS. His artistry is engraved in the SAGAS, and his brave and beau- tiful spirit is engraved in the minds and hearts of all who remember him. x NX -1? fi IN MEMORIAM Rick Figueras 1960-1976 Ray Sanchez 1959-1976 'lbhf'-2' lfl W Were co fs,-li ,....eQ. J...E6 , ll' Si i,lalem A'11 H , 1 H , , 26 O ,.., , g , 'W Lwpldisl nVu.nm. .Wedge 146611511 .1154 W, , 7?-J Atdwfff.1-im , fob The 1976 SAGA was published by the Student Body of Garey High School and was prepared by the SAGA staff. Adviser: Lawrence M. Fischbach, Editor-in-Chief: Cindy Oldham, Printer: American Yearbook Co., Photographer: Wayne Book Studio. Photographs on page 3 taken by William Godsmark, courtesy of Mrs. William Godsmark. 36-26-36 HIKE COMING THROUGH GAREYS NO 61 6 1 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 I , 6 6 6 6 664.4 6 41 v,-Mflidi. TH WA Y WERE 4 V57 , l, K-.., rl-L-,avi-Q.-4 54' . 1. .sd ! i 5 . ,, .LJ ,. hu Y, .f.1-if-'E Y M .,1,7," A' N 1 WMM' ' ff v , . A . ' M2 ,W -Ll .14 I . QEJ' El. nj' HOMECOMING COURT REIGNS OVER MYSTIC MOMENTS REGAL CHARM AND POISE epitomize the 1976 Homecoming Court. QUEEN NIDIA and her four princesses read recorded introductions at the half-time celebration at MSAC stadium. These outstanding young ladies Were chosen by the senior men to reign over the 1976 homecoming festivities called MYSTIC MOMENTS. QUEEN NIDIA ESPARZA LISA M CKENZIE LET Y SALAZAR CARLETT CADOR LILIA RUIZ lr fs ,va , 5 ,JE .let ' :- 'Q-'v 'ui 'ii , 1 1 I I I Y f r 8 L 1 F B 4 1 I I 5 L I ,K .J F i V lf'.4 ' Vfra Vs. 1 Q . J 1 1 7: 'Q s,"J,":, Az I , pffiyf'iPl , If I il' ' 'rl .VJ n Q . 9 If ,hi 4 gi y V.. ' 1 . Jr. ,Q A wk ming!" -A a.,, -I . , 3 'T I v MyI1'v',v'xv .J.':. ffg.-, ,, , I ' fJ.Hxw :Hf Hx.: . 1 X, fl , ,.-rm , ' "f,' , -I V, .,, , .-,g?5s,., HY, X cf, W, 14 ' wi" llffgf Q ,, ,,'.1.x , , ,, If, .T.,j,', .Q-M I 1' 5,3 L' MV, 1 ,1 yf 1 'W f"f": HH. H1 ,M r,-vp: Ji.. 7 . H . 5'5z N 'V xx , fi. 1 xv," . I MN wi if 'EQIP'-:?A.'X' .'I'fl.'j'5"fl'1 wif-'!,"V.' I 12,5 xw'u..l:lf.fJ.1jY, ,Ky ',Elq17'?, ,lg ,JIM . 'i-,-,,.1,, ii.: W'-Mfg,-, ,1,,,,, .-...ww 1v1,r'v, 1: ,1.1f,-'A WA 5 gg' my -,f'1I',A,'fR,',' "' "W-"ull" fm1'1"'4 Fw' -ffm Fi V737 7175 ,,, 5,, ,I-f uf, 1,,1,,Y,,., 1. ,I M my ggwJ4,..f- uf, x,x,'.'1P'1f"rAf-'V' ,1i,W,,'.11 .Mx ,LJ-,nf 11 --:.,,l,ff,p,:g 1,13-eg C' O UN SELORS A df :rf A A A MR. CALVIN MCDONALD MRS. EUGENIA GREGOIRE MR. FRED CASTR0 MR. PAUL D'ALESSIO A a we ,'..mf3'rA! 'V Y X A f f . X Av-. - A TM? MRS. WILMA ROSS MRS. TINA COLLINS REGISTRAR PRINCIPAL'S SECRETARY MRS. GRACE WAYLAND ATTENDANCE MRS. JENA DAY SECRETARY VICE-PRINCIPAL'S SECRETARY MRS. LENA SMITH ATTENDANCE MRS. JUANNA ASSISTANT MOMBERG ATTENDANCE SECRETARY UFFI CE STAFF HL! tag X f Mrs. Gloria Roque Student Store Manager Mr. Irv Clark Proctor NOT SHOWN: Mr. Ricky Robinson Proctor is hn- L c. xx "v f gf pl :W Mrs. Dorothy Clinton Proctor Mrs. Marilyn Lance N urse Mrs. Alice Gomez Clerk Typist Mrs. Donna Hawthorne Guidance Secretary Steven Bailey Proctor Mrs. Josette Petrocelli Health Clerk H 'X N-uid all Mrs. Bobby Keever W.P.E, Attendant 1 iii- ZS! "L V,."'5 1 '. , . .I I' hi ....-4 CAFETERI A Cafeteria Staff. L TO R3 Blanche Campos, Mary Lynch, Emily Armann, Anna Minton, Mavis Linng jean Mc Connell, NOT PICTURED. may y Coach Richard Riley M.P.E. Attendant in cancer Fall 75 V' Custodiansz L TO R5 Mr. joe LaCroix Mr. Don Hirokane Mr, Monty Gharem Mrs, Sharon Mhocn Library Assistant K.. s F CULTY MRS. ALBERTINE ARAO E.S. A.A. Counselor MRS . SYLVIA BANKS Aide MR. WILLIE BOSTON Man's many faces, Afro history MRS. EIMA BRIONES E. S. L. Aide MR. LAWSON BUSH Men's P.E. MR. RICHARD CADARETTE Typing 1, Careers, Accounting MRS. BLANCI-IE CALIENES Women's P.E. MR. FERNANDO CANEDO E.S.L. Spanish 3,4 MR. LOUIS CASTRUITA Gen. Math, MexlAm. Culture MR. DOUGIAS CHAN Drafting MRS. SANDRA CLARK Eng. 9, Comp. 1, Amer. Lit. MR. GERALD D'ARCANGELO Special Ed. MR. RICHARD DENNIS Band, Chorus, Music, Art 1. MR. MIKE DESHANE Crafts MRS. BETTY DIOSI Math lab .at is . ri' 4 f' MISS DONNA DOUTY Reading Development MRS. THERESA DURAN E. S.A.A. MR. MARK ECHEVERRI History, Revolution MR. MONSE ESTRADA Men's P.E. MR. JOHN FINCH Art MR. LAWRENCE FISCHBACH World History, Yearbook MRS. GINGER FRIEDMAN Honors, Comp. 2, Dir. Study MRS . GLORIA GE RSHUN Librari an MR. MURRAY GILKENSON Bil. science, E.s.A.A. Math MR. JOHN GONDEK Senior math, Alg. 1, Pre-Alg. MISS MARGARET GOVAER French 1,2G3, Spanish 1 MS. CLAUDIA GRIGSBY English 9 MRS. ELSIE HARBER Eng. 9, Amer. Lit. , Lit. for youth MR. JAMES I-IARNER Physical Sci., Ecology, Eng. 9 MRS. LILLIE HARVEY Typing 182, Bus. Practice MR. DON I-IAVENS Psychology, Amer. Gov. MR. PHIL HERRERA Construction Tech, Wood MR. JACK HILGENDORF Physics, Ecology, Chemistry MR. ROYCE HUNT Auto Tech. , Crafts 1 MR. LYNN IESSOP Spanish MR. TOM KEATING Work Experience Program MRS. MAUREEN KEESE Women's P.E. MRS. JEAN KIDO E.S.A.A. MRS. AURA KRUGER Drama 1, Shakespeare 1 S 2 Eng. 9 MR. GEORGE KULAK Pre-alg., Gen. Math, Alg. 1 MRS. MARIAN LINGENFELTER Eng. for living, Contemp. Lit., Amer. MRS. MARTHA LOPEZ E.S.A.A. MR. JOHN MARTI Geometry, Consumer Math, Gen. Math MR. JAMES MELTON Welding, Drafting, Metal MR. WEBSTER MILLER Science, Geology 'Qs 'L 'f,,xxxxmXX?x 19' MR. RAY MOORE American Gov. , World History MR. WILLIAM MURPHY World Lit. , Science MR. ROGER NORGREN Biology, Physiology MR. GERALD OMLID Biology, Science MRS. SUSIE PERALES E.S,A.A. Aide MRS. GOLDIE PITRE Pre-Alg. , Gen. Math MR. NORMAN POULOS World History MR. ERNEST PRENTICE Eng. 9, Pre-Comp. , Reading for enjoy- ment MISS CAROLYN PRIMUS Sewing MR. JAMES REES 20th. Century, Asian History MRS. JANET REGNER Women's P.E. MR. DON RIZZI Ref. typing, Gen. Bus., Recordkeeping MRS. ANGEL ROBERTS Women's P.E. MR. DARRELL RUPPELL Reading lab MR. JOHN RYAN Trig. fFunctions, Algebra 182 F CULTY MR. RICHARD TALLEY English 9, American Literature, News- paper MR. JULIUS TEGLAS Special Education MRS. GWEN TI-IARPE Shorthand, Typing, Business Education MR. SIMON TOLBERT Physical Education MR. MIKE TOWELL ESSA Math Lab MR. MIKE WELLS Physical Education, Basketball, Drivers' Education MR. JOEL WIESE Health Science, Life Science MR. RAY WOODS Marching Band, Voyagers, Music Appreci- ation, Acappella, Studio Band MISS GAIL YOTHERS Creative Cooking , Advanced Cooking . . , . , V . . .... -.....c-..,. -i ,,. MR. THOMAS YOUNG Physical Education Mr Kulak "Gee aren'tI cute Mr M111er helps student 1n sc1ence class 1 lx HI ,- I E -, Ar . 4 . A i 1- x . , f ,,1 .57 I r x , I x u Elf Mr Fmch caught red handed with the spray can Ms Gmgsby smlles for the Saga photographer ?uu-1,,.. gat' irf..?'45 AM -, .JW-,. fs 5 .i........A ..-. :94""' LJQEQFS .. 'Vs F 'f Nu Q '..,un'. , '1 '14 I x .QM Ps lv W . s. 1. V A! x 1 7" 3 fi .14 R Q s I R",.Jf' 'fl v. .E i',Tf1'.4- s", -, -f -Q nw! fx. C v-Q., .rf iv .. f'9,'S.. 2-Q. "fwfr,-.,, Q:-1. lj f L - ,WD in Q 5 ,nr 'QQ I 2 5 2 :f":"'.'.Tf lv, I . YaigifEfv'aeQvfQ1fsfKf -Q' g efjia-5? .g2f':',"i.Ffk1-.-1:- ' -- '31, 'I-3. 5 .- Q'!l5L,n' 5-Ah'-'Q L-.aj , ,,,.MF,.Ux . M ,Q AJ" : 1... 1x-4 Y, nv -'u, sv , , A . 3 . , - . X - "f' A' I .. '1 ' - A .." ' .. . A . 4 Y , . ,,, -45? n -J gn- 1,- - , vb . r .l . Y S7 L may L, .wap Q-- I .. A 1 .--Q KP 1,---.yum-. . '-, 5? -PI ., . me n--f -"'- R r . ,' v Q 'x ., ', ,, 4 ,N - xg.,-,, JM , ,MA .',' ' l", '-' .. 0 1- O ,A 3' iif:3": 'I 1 4' ' -- ' 1 'X R . , o g X irL':.L.: 12.bQ.-:- O - fi K. 4Q ' ' ,, V X - gg ,lf-. Kgs ' - f., , " . ' 4-af. - - -4 . . . x 2. ,O L 'f' I . ff. ,j U5-jg' 11,25 Q, - ' ' ,.. Q ' - - A U4 ' I 3 ' , ' ff , 5' - Photo by Crazg .gif A, .3 -'rm .,I, Swanson A r-.wth -ig . 'f-. ,- , ,. 4 , ONTARIO DAILY . , A s , Ax A REPORT Oct. 29, 76' . .bg X A 4 - fu -.1-x .-nu, ..,s..a -. 4.1. --..- L. - .,-..-' .-...-..'- ,fn . . -.' w'. Q. . '.,,s.1- . - . K , - .' ' Q u ' ...xx-' -- M. . f,.,f lr . . ',..- ', '. x' . 'ur -.7. x 1 A A 1'. 191: UI. W ,',':J llfnfxgl ' "r Irs' nz 1 ,,'ln.. H 'Tx ,JL In U .I LQQU .gif -22+ r' H" ECA l- F' 4 r 1 'I 1' 1 r , L ' P, -'I Hurt.: 9. ' I' ' ,v,-, , A.'g,!'f 43155. ,II f- '2,'.'LfJJ' '-'Viv X Tlx,-3 Hfgiw :vw 5.A,,i1 igu' mm- p. 'Ig :W , ' I, 'I '-JL: :':": L- , ' '-+,:- , bf., I, :L '.:,.,MAV X .Th lilkr.-F ..,. 1 if '.-.4:" . -mf. , , ,vi yt' "'-.-' ' N-,JH VF-H7--... , fn' .ul ' url, 'J' . fl' -s 1 1 5 i I L , r N 0 I w ,. 1 rr' A 'ECP' "MGH PRINCIPAL GEORGE H. BLOCH - This has been an exciting time for Garey High School. The cooperation and spirit exhibitedi by the student body is the highlight of our bicentennial 1976-1977 school year. While reviewing it scenes flash before me at an accelerated rate. Assemblies, dances, athletic events, and many varied activities were symbolic of student and faculty par- ticipation. Our student council Worked hard and coordinated a program that included our entire student body. Without a doubt it is you, the student, that these memories focus on. Your role in the school year working together in a cooperative spirit was always the foundation which certainly made it a success. My best wishes for the future to our Seniors. You have contributed significantly to Garey High School. We hope that other classes will follow your example. To our juniors sophomores, and freshmen we're ready for more exciting years ahead.- - . 7 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. DON REDMAN . if , XA' -4-rf' fi BOARD UF EDUCATION ,fr V , N - Members of the Pomona Board of Education ARE SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT, Mr. Ken Pine, Mr. Allen Braswell, Dr. Mary Montes, Mr. Don Donelly, and Mr. Gene Whitlock. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Sidney Moses, Associate Superintendentg Dr. Charles Carpenter, Superintendentg Mr. Lynn Rountree, Assistant Superintendent. Z Q I? QW PRESlDENT'S MESSAGE Well, the year has come to an end, and it's time to look back over our many accomplishments. I feel that during this school year we've started many new activities and trends that I am sure will be carried on for many more years. An example of this is our new radio station Kll2. 0, better known as "6-funk, the best in Viking sounds." I'm hoping some- day Garey will be able to accomo- date the station with it's own head- quarters. More lunch activities have been put on this year. We've had carnivals, club competitions, bands, and many other fun things going on during ltmch hour. One of the biggest improvements we 've had at Garey is our Spirit. It has grown 10021 One of the reasons for this is because Garey has been very fortunate this year. Our foot- ball team came out as co-champions in SAL League, and our basketball team also did well. The rallies and assemblies have been terrific. We have had more at- tendance and more cooperation and that helps. Another thing that as- sists is the Spirit Stick Competition. It gets every one involved, which is good for promoting spirit. All in all, Garey has really proved to be an exciting and promising school. I have enjoyed all my years here, and l'll always remember the wonderful times We've had here at Garey, for there are many. For the students teachers, and administra- tors at Garey High School will always hold a special place in my heart. At this time, l thank you, Garey High School, for letting me repre- sent you and letting me be a part of this wonderful school. LEANNE CASTRO U 954 1 F , . Q51 1:1 ' Mr. Neil Romero Director of Activities Armentha Wilson Clerk-Typist Mike Lopez A. S.B. Treasurer Cedrick Carter A, S.B. Vice-President Gene Andrusco Interclub Council President Loretta Garcia A.S.B. Secretary Tony Shropshire Athletic Commissioner STUDENT COUNCIL Z 3 gif! s I .,f",3 AL pspvg june Durian C ommunications C ommissioner M arcella M arquez Rally Chairman Elmer Gibson Junior Class President Alvin "Vegee" Hollier Involvement Commissioner Lety Salazar Social Chairman Karla Bias Sophomore Class President K Burnetta Sampson Publicity Chairman David Tynes Senior Class President Bennie Buggs Freshman Class President ' ' " ":' E-' X 'i-" "'-5' i The Senior Class Representatives are, BACK ROW, L TO R, Mr. Wiese, Advisory Marla Wilson, Mike Sundin, Darleen Schmitz, Philip Lee, David Tynesg FRONT ROW, L TO R, Loretta Garcia, Theresa Skvarek, Karen Rich, Ken I-Iefflin, Lisa Farris, Eleanor Winfrey. SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ENIOR 13-2 il E F! ig, ,V -BX 4- f g 1- .2 1? l 1 3 .435 -4+ ,Mmm Ja YI 'gf' 4? af' ' 3 I A U ' ' I A eff' A "' f 3 " ' ' . "' " 4 W f , ,I ,fs-'1f.fY ff! U I ,flax WU. ,J ' .N h V I F U f X 'V 1 r ' L 1 ,- rg Q , ,V , , ,X V. , ...4 1, " 'L :Se f ff' uf -6 22, - I 1 ar .Ik Q e. ps Y S.. , 'via' 1 Oni. -'N wa 'Q fix, 1 'J A, 59515 w 1 11" 51? 5. 44 1 fy 4. 45: I wi 51, Lt Q l I -1 SKK 7 F 1' 9' ,R e ,, 'r 5 if in 1 i M. A- ,. ,Q O! 1' it A 'W . 4153 ,. 13 O , M , '. 1' A L v ? 'Z 1 f an , , 4. 'B' , 1 .- - 1 . V. w L' I M," , -1- 5' . Q.. if ss A 1 . fu- ,ff : 1 -L7 ', , n if u , u aj-1 if 4 V 15,427 N M M. ' 1 a' , 4 xr kid 1 5 .e x IQ ' 1 A A w I W if -1 f..4 Q .,, uf - 5' S bw Q4- 1- in . 1 Wy- X' MTS' Q7 'F i ik. I K p R , . 4 4 ,,,L I I 5 VA N A ls 'v 8 .1 I so 0 in w ,f EYE' 1 .6 ' n"" i 1: X 4- 5 W S f .- , 'Il' Tl'i:-,- , v yi .4 R ff! 4 M . ,--,fx Q' Q- 1 f' f Q x tm aj .. jx .-'FJ' -, -J' ,-X 'W W E 5, it .- W , If V 1' 'A V, 1, l. 14 4' Z1 if A ' t 5 I + A . 411 Q J 'W n XX 1' ie L ig fifi' Vt 0 wiv" 95' VW... - Lv' V, V1 4 cgi ,V sg., F pi L Q un. 1' ,,... - U il ' V E ... , if 'L ri If' Y E' 1 JL , , 4 . .,, 4 I 1 n RI U fx L I O.. ' , 1' V V ,. ri b ,. ww- wi 444 " lf' 4, , 5 S" - Y Q 1 X. 1 Jig Q if l 4 .. .s . i' .rv A. 1 Am W "' ,W ,n K fl! 3 Q I Q if -f-1 - 1 Q.. QL - ,Hp f X, Mr Q4 f A! ' 21 X 'CP i , A , mf , n, " 3' B M' if K '25 I I 1- :li 1 I . Xu mv. if kg 8, ii an I lv' V NX ,f 1 1 A'-xv' fl!! K A LQ ' a 5 5 l ii 3 ,F f ' V' 72 g nr Q ps- Wf1+g1?'p' 1, ww qv- P 'Wi A . 1, -9 , .hi A 'f " F ,. mi '-L. M A '37 ' ..' Y gg if 1 av -4 , ,JM -jfiylfl Q I vi Wm' J 'X' , P 1 7 'z ff--'hi 3 .,. I ' vs..-4 f ' . 5 - -1 gg,-If ye Q p. -U' wa U 2 31, fi. Q U , xx nv" L ,K ,, U, 1 if- 9 4 - L LQ-, NVQ.. .ii 1 in V f' 'L 'f' v Tiff' s f I I 3-I A' , , 4 V' 'I 1 , Q Q I O 5 I .l X4 M524 4 4 " 'Fl .. 13, My !!" fi? A ,WW ,ann 'U Q if -18 nf ' '41 1. I :- 1 l if -:Ei in 1 7, A I -M A 52 Q if , JH' 'I , XP-B , L 'f , f LJ -14 PM Wir :VI -L. A A A an 1 , ir' Q' " L- V Y AW jg: :. hi- J! ' ., -'F A -M1 9 x.- 5 V 2 r- f r . X, ' KT' A A , E ,A .J it 1. v ix BYRON WILSON ELEANOR WINFREY MARLA WINS TON DEBRA YA RBROUGH ROBERT YBARRA J Y. "I .. 3 V A . if , A Jn :Q , 011 .N ,Q - 1'-IT.. AGUILERA, DIEGO AGUIRRE, ROSE ALANIZ, ALFRED ALANIZ, STEVE ALBERGA, ANGELA ALLALA, RUBEN ALVAREZ, FRANCES ALVAREZ, RONAIDO AMAYA, HENRY ANGELI, MARIA ARENSDORFF, RICHARD Camera Shy ARQUER, JUDY ARZAGA, MARIA ATKINSON, CHERRY Camera Shy AVILA, ARTHUR 10-j.V. Baseball 11-V. Baseball 12-V. Baseball AVILES, HENRY 10-LV. Baseball, MECI-IA AYALA, PAUL 11 -MIIII-IA 12 -Mtcx-IA AYALA, RACHEL AYRES, DANA 10-V. Manager Wrestling, French Club, 11-LV. Wrestling BALDWIN, MARK 11 -j'.V. 'Basketball 12 -V. Basketball BANKS HERBERT 10-Soph. Football, Soph. Basketballg 11 -V. Basketball, Letter- men's Club BAUMAN, DAWN BEARD, TERESA BELMUDES, LORI BELTRAN, DAVID Camera Shy BIAS, KIM 9-Honors English, CSF, JV Basketball, V. Tennis 12-CSF A BIAS, MICHELLE 10-Keywanettes 11-French Club, Nordics BIRDSONG, ANNIE BLICKENSTAFF, CHARLES 11 -V . Tennis 12-V. Tennis BOCANEGRA, Jos Bocx, RAYMOND BOHNSAK, DONAID BOLLERMAN, SANDRA 10-Drill Team 11 -Banner Girl 12 -Flag Twirler BOUGH, LORRIE BOWEN, ROBERT BOWLES, MICHAEL BRADLEY, NANCY BRISENO, ROSIE Camera Shy BROWN, DENNIS Camera Shy BRUCE, NANCY BRYANT, VAUGI-IN BURROUGI-IS, LENA CABRERA, IRASEMA Camera Shy CABRERA, RAUL CADOR, CARLETT 10-Vikettes, BSU, Y-Teens, 11-Song Leader, BSU, Inter- Club Council 12 -Homecoming Court. BSU CAIN, LORETTA CALDERA, RICHARD Camera Shy CALLAI-IAN, ROBERT CAMACHO, MARY ANN CAMPOS, CATHY 11 -Student Senate ' 12 -Business Club CAPUCI-IINO, GABINO Camera Shy CARDENAS, TI-IERESA CARTER, CHDRICK 10-Drama, Marching Band, Interclub Council 11 -Drama, Marching Band, Voyagers - Q 12-Voyagers, Drum Major, Drama, ASB V-President, 'Thespian Honor Society CASTRO, DANNY CASTRO, LEANNE 10-V. Tennis, JV Basketball WAC, Vikettes, March- ing Band, Soph. Secre- taryg 1 11-Drama, WAC, Interclub, Marching Band, jr. Class V-President, Voyagers 12-A.S.B. President, MGM, WAC, Rally, Voyagers, Thespian Honor Society CERDA, LOUIE Camera Shy CLAY, AL CLOUSER, RONALD COLEMAN, DENNISE Camera Shy COLE, ROGER 10-Art Club 11-Nordics, MGM, Film Club Art Club, Cross Cotmtry 12-Band, MGM, Film Club Cross Country Track COMRIED, KITTIE 10-Marching Band, Concert Band, 11-Marching, Concert, and Stage Bands, AFS SENIOR INDEX 12 -Marching and Concert Bands CONNARD, SUSAN CONTRERAS, GABRIEL 10-M.E.C.H.A . 11 -M.E .C .H.A . 12-M.E.C.I-I.A. CORNWELL, ROBERT COVARRUBIAS, RICHARDO Camera Shy COX, ALANA Camera Shy CRAVENS, WENDELL CRUZ, ROGER 10-MECI-IA 11 -MECI-IA 12 -MECI-IA CULLEN, IULIETTE DAVENPORT, KAREN DAVIS, BRENDA DAVIS, CHRIS DAVIS, LILLIE 11-V. Track DAWSON, LORETTA DAY, DONNA DE LA CRUZ, ISABEL DE LEON, PAUL 10-CIF 11 -CIF DE LOS RIOS, HUNEBERTO 11 -V. Wrestling DLAZ, BEATRICE Camera Shy DIOSSI, DIANNA DISMUKES, BRIAN DIXON, RALPH 10-V. Football, V. Track, Soph. Basketball 11-V. Football, V. Track IV Basketball 12 -V. Football, V. Track DOMINGUEZ, ALFRED DOROUGI-I, BELINDA DOWNING, GREGORY Camera Shy DUKES, MARILYN Camera Shy DUNN, DEBBIE DURAN, NORBERT 11-JV Wrestling, V. Football, Letter- men's Club 12-V. Football, Letter- mens Club DURIAN, IANUARIUS DURIAN, ROMULO EASLEY, MARVA 10-CSF, Drama Club, Voy- agers, Acappella 11-Drama, Voyagers, Ir. Class Rep. , Nordics 12 -BSU EDWARDS, RUTH ANN EKLUND, MARK SENIOR INDEX ERVING, SUSAN 12-v. Volleyball ESPARZA, NIDLA EVANS, LAURA FARMER, JERRY FARRIS, LISA 10-CSF, V. Softball, JV Basket- Ball, WAC 11-CSF, JR . Class President, JV Volleyball, V. Basket- ball, V. Soft- ball, WAC, NHS 12-CSF, AFS, Nl-IS, WAC, MGM Sr. Class Vice-President, V. Volleyball, V. Basketball, V. Softball FARRIS, LORI FARRIS, SI-IELLY 10-JV Cheer, Science Club 11-Jr. Rep. 12 -V. Cheer FAUSTO, ARMANDO Camera Shy FERGUSON, KAREN FERREIRO, MAGARITA FLETCHER, TOBY 9-Pep Club, Keywanetts FIERRO, DANNY Camera Shy FIGUREAS, ROBIN Camera Shy FLORES, ANTONIO FLORES, DAVID FLORES, PETE FOSTER, TAMMY FRIENDLY, MARTHA FUENTES, ARTHUR FUENTES, ROBERTA FULTZ, MARIE GARAY, DOLORES GARCIA, ALBERT GARCIA, MOLLY 10-MECHA 11-MECHA 12 -MECHA GARCIA, JOANNA GARCLA, LORETTA 10-V. Tennis, Softball Stat. JV Basketball, WAC Vikettes 11-Jr. Class Rep. , Yearbook, Science Club, IFS, WAC, V. Tennis, Softball Stat. Banner Girl 5 12-ASB Secretary, WAC, Sr. Class Rep., Voyagers, Flag Girl, V. Tennis, Softball stat., Track Stat., GARDNER, EDWARD Camera Shy GARDNER, WINIFRED 10-BSU 11-BSU, Jr. Class Rep. 12-BSU, GAUNT, TED GAYLES, LYNETTE Camera Shy GONZALES, ERNEST GONZALES, FRANK GONZALES, LUPE 10-V. Tennis 11-Nordics GONZALEZ, TINO GONZALEZ, KAREN 11-Art, MECI-IA 12 -MECI-IA GONZALEZ, LUCINDA 11 -Nordics 12 -MECI-IA GONZALEZ, MARY Camera Shy GONZALEZ, TERESA GONZALEZ, VICTOR GRAYS, BRIDGETTE GREEN, DEVELL GRIZZEL, CI-IERYL Camera Shy GUEVARA, JEANETTE GUEVARA, SHARON GUTIERREZ, ANTONIO GUTIERREZ, CONCEPCION GUTIERREZ, ERIC GUTIERREZ, TONIA Camera Shy HAGER, TOMMY I-IANDY, CREGG 10-Soph. Basketball, V. Baseball 11-Yearbook, V. Baseball 12-Yearbook, V. Baseball HARRIS, ALSONYA HARRIS, JOE HARRISON, CHARLES I-IAWKINS, JOHN HEFLIN, KENNY 10-AFS, CSF, IFS, French, Tennis, JV. Tennis 11-AFS, CSF, IFS, Tennis Club, French, Nozdics V. Tennis 12-CSF, AFS, NI-IS, IFS, Tennis , lnterclub Council, V. Tennis. HENO, TERRY I-IERNANDEZ, BARBARA 11-Class Rep. HERNANDEZ, JOI-IN HERNANDEZ, JOSEFINA I-IERNANDEZ, RITA Cam era Shy I-IEUSS, KARL I-IOBART, CATHY 9-1,2,3, Speech Contest, Drama, CSF 10-2nd Pl. S eech Math Tour- P nament, CSF, Shakespeare Festival Essay Contest, Student Senate, 11-Yearbook, CSF, Maiix Tourna- ment. HOFFMAN, DAVID 10-A Band, Stage Band 11-A Band, Stage 'Band HOLLAND, JOI-IN HOLLAND, ROSETTA HOLLIDAY, ADOLPHUS 12 -Art, Science Club, Track I-IOLLIE, LEONA 11 -BSU 12-BSU HOLLIER, ALVIN 10-BSU, French Club, JV. Baseball, Soph. Rep., Soph. Basketball, 11 -V. Baseball, BSU 12-V. Baseball, BSU, ASB Involvement Commissioner HURTADO, GLORIA HURTADO, MARIE 10-MECI-IA 11-MECI-IA 12-MECI-IA, Voyagers, Newspaper HUTCI-IERSON, FRANCEL Camera Shy IMBRLANI, CINDY IMBERI, TERRYSA 10-Marching G Concert Bands 11-Marching, Concert S Stage Bands, Nordics, AFS 12-Marching, Concertil Stage Bands, Yearbook JACAS, STEVE JAMISON, THOMAS JARA, RENEE JENKINS, CAROLYN JENNINGS, JOHNNY JIMENEZ, JUDY JIMENEZ, RAYO JIMENEZ, YOLANDA JOHNSON, KIM 10-BSU, Soph. Cheer, Rep. 11-ESU, V. Cheer, Rep. 12 -BSU, Christmas Court, Sr. Personality JOHNSON, TAMMY JONES, JULIE JUAREZ, CECELIA 10-Newspaper 11 -Newspaper 12 -MECI-IA KEANE, VICKIE Camera Shy KEYS, ELTON Camera Shy KEYS, ELTON Camera Shy KOSTECKI, STEVE LAIZ, CARLOS 10-JV, Soccer 11-Nordics 12-CSF LANDIN, RAY OJ KD UJUJLD LOIOKO U3 YO U00-7 XOXO 88 888888888 888 88 40 LANDIN, SANDY 10-MECHA 11 -MECHA 12 -MECI-IA LANE, WILLIAM LARRY, BRENDA LEE, ERIC LEE, PHILIP 11-IFS, CSF, AFS, French Science Club, Interclub Council, V. Tennis 12-NHS, CSF, AFS, Science Interclub Council, Sr. Class Rep. V. Tennis LENNEAR, JOAN LEWIS, ALMERNETT LINTON, JAMES LEscANo, MIKE IDSEY, BRENDA LOFTON, JAMES Camera Shy 10-JV. Basketball 11-V. Basketball LONIAN, LEONA LOPEZ, REY LOPEZ, MIKE 10-Drama, French Club, Acappella, Voygers 11 -Drama, Film, Voygers Acappella 12 -ASB. Treasurer, Film, Drama, Thespian, Honor Society Voyagers, Acappella LUKEHART, DEBBIE 10-Keywanettes, Pep Club MACIAS, SOCORRA 41 MALDONAID, ANNETTE MALONEY, SHERRI 10-Keywanetts MANZANARES, DONNA MARIN, MAYELA MARQUEZ, MARCELLA 10-MKII-IA, Soph. Rep. 11-MECHA, V. Flag, V. Baseball Stat, 12-MECI-IA, ASB. Rally Chairman, V. Cheer, Christxnas Queen, V. Baseball Stat. , MASTERS, JOEY MATHEWS, ANDREW 10-BSU., JV. Cheer, Y-Teen, French 11-V. Cheer, French, Art, AFS, BSU. 12-BSU, AFS, French Club, V. Basketball Stat, Sr. Personality MC CLURE, DALE MC DIVETT, DAVID MC DONALD, CINDY MC DONALD, JAMES MC KENZIE, LISA MENDOZA, DENISE MILLER, KAREN MOLLES, DARLEEN MONELL, LISA 10-Pep Club, Kewanettes, Acappella 11 -Acappella 12 -Newspaper, Yearbook MONSON, MARK MONTERROSO, LOIDA MOORE, YVETTE MORA, ALICIA 12-JV. Volleyball, WAC. MORENO, ESTHER MORGAN, DEBBIE MORSE, HEATHER 10-Keywanettes 11 -French Club 12 -Princess Christmas Court MUKAI, AMY 10-CSF. , Tennis Club JV. Tennis 11-AFS,. CSF, IFS, NHS, Science, French, Interclub Council, Jr. Rep. 12-Nl-lA. , CFS., AFS. , Language Club NASH, LORI NAVARRO, JOSE Camera Shy NEGRETE, SY LVIA NEWTON, JOHN NGUYGEN, KHANH KIM TI-I1 11-CIF., IFS. 12-CIF. , IFS. , NHS. Language Club NGUYEN, PHooNc Camera Shy NGUYEN, TRI NOWDEN, ROBERT NUNNELLY, HOPE OCEAN, RANDY O'NEAL, PEGGY OLDI-IAM, CYNTHIA 10-Keywanetts 11 -JV. Cheerleader, Freshman Baseball Stat. V. Badminton, Yearbook, Ast. Editor. 12 -Yearbook Editor, Sr. Class Representative, ASB. SocialComrnit:tee, Men's Baseball Stat. ONKEN, ELIZABETH 10-V. Track, WAC. , Film Club 11 -Nordics, WAC . , V. Track, JV Volleyball 12-WAC., Yearbook, V. Track OROSCO, RAY OROZCO, JUAN oRozco, ROSE ORR, JIMMY S SENIOR INDEX Camera Shy 10-Soph. Football, V. Track 11 -V. Cross Country, V. Track 12-V. Cross Country, V. Track OSORNIA, JOI-IN PADILLA, CHERYL 11-Junior Club, JV. Baseball Stat PARTIDA, CLAY PARTIDA, RUDY PATZ, EVELYN PEREZ, IRENE PHIPPS, PERRY Camera Shy PHIPPS, 'TAMMY PIERSON, TERESA PIPPIN, GLORIA POSEY, CAROL PRENDIZ, CORA 10-MECHA 11-MECI-IA 12-MECHA PROCTOR, MARIO QUIROGA, BERNIE QUIROGA, TIMMY RAMIREZ, GABRIEL RAMIREZ, JOSEPH RAMIREZ, PAUL RAMOS, LOUIS REQUINA, TONY REYES, ARCADIO 10-Cross Country, VJ. Soccer 11 -V . Soccer 12-V. Football, V. Soccer RICE, ROBERT 10-V. Football 11 -V. Football 12 -V. Football RICH, KAREN 10-Science Club, V. Softball, V. Basketball, Class R ep. 11-CSF. , NHS., Class Rep. V. Basketball, V. Volleybal V . Softball , Nordics . l 12-CSF. , NHS. , Science Clu V. Volleyball, V. Basketball Sr. Class Secretary Rios, DAISY RIOS, MERCEDES 10 -MBC HA ROBERTS, CANDRA C amera Shy ROBERTS, JEFF ROBLES, PATRICK 10-CSF. 11 -Nordics ROCI-IA, ERLINDA RODRIGUEZ, JUANA 10-Class Treasure, Drill Team, 1 1 -Nordics bo SENIOR INDEX RODRIGUEZ, JUANITA 44 RODRIGUEZ, RODNEY 44 ROMERO, LINDA 45 ROSALES, JOSEPH Camera Shy ROSALES, JUAN Camera Shy RUBADCAVA, DIANE 45 10-Keywanettes, Pep Club Office Aide 11-Office Aide 12 -Office Aide RUIZ, LILIA 45 10-Senate, MECHA 11-V. Cheer, V. Baseball Stat, MECI-IA 12-V. Cheer, Voyagexs, Class Rep. V. Baseball Stat, Homecoming Court, MECHA RUSSELL, KENT 45 SALAZAR BOBBY Camera Shy SAIAZAR, LETY 45 10-Soph. Class Rep. IV, Girls Softball 11 -Voyagers, V. Baseball Stat, Class Rep. Drama 12-Voyagers, V. Cheer, ASB. Social Chairman V. Baseball Stat., Home- coming Court SALCE, MANUEL 45 SANCI-IEZ, GEORGE 45 SANCI-IEZ, KATHY 45 10-V. Tennis Womans Sports, JV Baseketball V. Softball, MECHA, WAC, 11 -Womens Sports, V. Softball, V. Tennis, V. Volleyball Manager WAC . 12 -V. Volleyball Manager, WAC SANDOVAL, C OLUMBA 45 1 O -M EC I-IA SANTANA, ES TER 45 SASTRE, ARMANDO Camera Shy SAVILLE, RICHARD 45 SCHMIDT, DARLEEN 45 10-CSF., Science, Class Rep. 11 -SCF. , Class Rep. 12-CSF. , AFS., Nl-IS., Class Rep . Washington D .C . Trip SCOTT, KATHERINE SEGOOL, KIM 45 10-Keywanettes, Newspaper, Class Rep. 11-Nordic, V. Song, French, Yearbook, Class Rep. 12 -Voice of Viking SKVAREK, TERESA 45 10-CSF. , Science Club 11-CSF. , Class Rep. 12-CSF., NHS., AFS., Class Rep. Washington D C. Trip SNYDER, CRAIG 45 11-BSU. , V. Basketball 12 -BSU. , V. Basketball STEDRONSKY, JIM 45 STOUT, CINDY 45 SULLIVAN, JANE 45 10-Voyagers, Film Club 11-Voyagers, Senate, Film Club, Drama, Class Rep. Inter- Club Council 12-Voyagers, Drama, Film Club, IFS., Thespians, Acappella SUNDIN, MIKE 46 10-Tennis Club, AFS., CSF. , V. Tennis, Soph. Football 11-AFS., CFS .M IFS, NI-IS. 12-AFS., CFS., Nl-IS., V. Tennis TAFOYA, FRED 46 TAFUA, RANDOLPH 46 TATE, SYVIL 46 10-JV. Basketball, V. Softball 11-V. Basketball, V. Softball 12 -V. Tennis THOMAS, NANCY 46 THOMAS, RENEE 46 THOMPSON, KIM Camera Shy TORRES, MARISELA 46 TOWNSEND, MARK 46 10-Football, Track 11-V. Track, Class Rep. 12-V. Track, Film Club TRAN, YEN TU Camera Shy TROCKEL, SANDY 46 TROY, CHERRY 46 TRUJILLO, DAVID 46 TURNER, JANILLE 46 TURNER, VICKIE 46 10-Business Club TYNES, DAVID 46 10-Soph. Football, Soph. Basketball, Marching Band, BSU., Concert Band, Stage, Band 11-ASB.Athletic Committee, Student Cotumcil, BSU. , 12-Class Rep. BSU. , Interclub, Senate, Student Council URSUA, STELLA 46 URUETA, ESPERANZA 46 VALADEZ, PAUL 47 10-Stage Band 11 -Stage Band 12 -Stage Band VARELA, JAMIE Camera Shy VARGAS, ARMANDO 47 VARGAS, ROSA 47 VAUGI-IN, BRYANT 47 10-Soph Football VELASOUEZ, CYNTHIA 47 VELEZ, OSWALDO 47 VERDURZCO, ELIAS 47 VILLANUEVA, DARREN 47 10-Soph . Football 11 -V . Football 12 -V. Football, Lettermen's Club Wrestling I. WALTERS, DAVID 47 WALTERS, JIMMIE 47 WATTERS, MARLEEN 47 10-Pep Club, Keywarmettes WEI-ILMANN, PERRY 47 WILLHITE, RAYMOND 47 10-CSF. , MGM. , 11-CSF., MGM., Nordics, JV. Baseball 12 -CSF. , MGM. , Class Brain. Correspondent for Progress Bulletin WILLIAMS, NINA 47 10-BSU., Y-Teen 11-BSU., WAC., V. JV, Baseball, Basketball Manager 12 -BSU. , BTE. , WAC . WILLIAMS, ROBERTA WILLIAMS, WILLA 10-Y-Teens, BSU., ESAA 11-BTE., Y-Teens, Soph Rep. 12 -BTE. , FHA., BSU., Class Rep. w11MoRE, 1UAN1TA 47 WILSON, BRYON 48 WINFREY, ELEANOR 48 10-V. Track, Vikettes 11 -Honor Roll 13-V. Flag, Class Rep. WINSTON, MARLA 48 10-Soph. Class Rep. , Marching Band, Newspaper, V. BadmintonWA 11-Class Rep. V. Badminton, Wac. , Norclics 12 -Class Rep. V. Badminton, WAC. , Nl-IS.M CSF.M YARBAROUGI-I, DEBRA 48 YBARRA, ROBERT 48 C MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST PERSONALITY PHILLIP LEE, AMY M UKAI DA VID T YNES, SHELL Y FARRI S ,. Ll . f FQ SH Y BUT LIKEABLE CLASS FLIRT LUPE GONZALES, CORA PRENDIZ, TIMM Y QUIROGA RUDNEY RODRIGUEZ flip' A fx'-3.3935 '. "A ...Ag SXQ 19 A A af. . . , gd? , -H --- . CLASS BRAIN MOST TALENTED AMY M UKAI, LEANNE CASTRO, RAY WILLHITE MIKE LOPEZ -' ,..,' -- 1 - Q MOST ATHLETIC KAREN RICH, CHRIS DA VIS CLASS WIT LISA FARRIS, JAMES LOFTON LO UDEST HERBIE BANKS, ANDREA MATHEWS NOT PICTURED BEST LOOKING AL CLAYQ LET Y SALAZAR lx I. Ln .' 'fe lil X s r fm. , .1T?,7,.,45.?V.- R , V 5 , I M -K - X i , W Q..i,.b.1'E"- Q.. f..,L. Y V 8 Q f4!"- ' CLASS LEADERS IDEAL GIRL AND GUY CEDRICK CARTER TINO GONZALES LEANNE CASTRO ROSIE BRISENO "" I I vi I I ' 'sei Q MOST SPIRITED RALPH DIXON LILIA RUIZ IDEAL GIRL AND GUY SANDY TROCKEL X"Q'33 JIM WALTERS B V ' -.'Q",i' ' 1-Z1 131' ,, ,.v ' f- ' ,, . 1,-73 iii-'f '4 5 4 ff: A' L. 1-N .'-. .fr ':-22+-fs, L.-:Emi 55" '35 "iQ' T: ' ' V'-f":v,:-Q, a 'g'f-igffi " iVf'i"ff5 4 'GLC 1 Q75 QTQZQCJ '....s.' Nh. B - "Q-ad? 1 x A . -J, I I I I X,.f' 'iii .l JUNIOR OFFICERS: TOP, Treasurer, David Newton, President, Elmer Gibson. BOTTOM, Secretary, Monica Haireg Vice Pres1dent Shirley Taylor. JU IUR i 1 i ! 51 Q I JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES ADVISOR: MR. MILLER :- l x Alaniz, Debbie Alcala, Ruben Alcala, Salvador Alexander, Karen Alfaro, Joe Anderson, Clinton Andrews, Margaret Andrfusco, Gene Archuletta, Bobby Ashby, Karen K - x l Avila, Stella Ayala, Rachel Ayala, Sally Barnes, Joanne Bartholomew, Jim Bartlett, Doug Beard, Michelle Bell, Angie Bell, Veronica Bender, Earvin Bennett, Sue Bias, Wanda Bidwell, Tom Bishop, Diane Bock, Denise Brian, Chris Briley, Colleen Brissette, Douglas Brown, Darrell Brown, Kendra Buhl, Cindy Cabrera, Dolores Cain, Loretta Campbell, Vivienne Campos, Aurelio Capps, John Carlberg, LaDenna Carpenter, Katherine Carrasco, Randy Casarez, Victoria Casas, Sergio Casillas, Marco Castillo, Dolores Castro, Kathy Cejudo, Aracely Charles, Frank Charles, Mike Chavez, Maria Chavez, Olivia Chester, LaVeme Christman, Marla Clark, Lois Clough, Bill Cofield, Bridgette Cole, Tony Dakey, Tim Darrington, Natasha Cruz, Hernando Cruz, Vicky Czimbal, jim Davis, Gary Dean, Greta Delehant, Sharon Delgadillo, Edward Dennis, Laura Devers, Rufus Diaz, Manuel Dickerson, Mike Dominguez, Becky Duarte, Louis Duran, Carla Durian, June Escalante, Crystal Escanuelas, Marcella Esquivel, Kristina Felix, Debra Fernandez, Nati Fiel, Gabriel Firkel, Wayva Fletcher, Tobiann Flores, Pete Flores, Rosie Franco, Javier Franklin, Darlene Friendly, Marilyn Galle gos, Lisa Garcia, Chris Garcia, Josie Garcia, Lisa Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Maria Garcia, Nacho Garcia, Steve Garrett, Linda Garrett, Pam Gayles, Rochelle Gendreau, Ken Gibson, Elmer Gibson, Tina Glover, Monica Glynn, Dolores Goble, Mary Gomez, Frank Gomez, Patricia 1978 A ' J' .f , W , .RK 7 1 - w .se f' - 1.--X , JU IOR Gonzales, Diane Gonzales, jerry Gonzales, Mary Gosnell, jim Govea, Yvonne Graham, Latham Graves, Gayland Grays, Bridgette Gregory, Bridget Gross, Anthony Guzman, Ricardo Haire, Monica Hall, Brian Hanson, Robin Harris, Phillip Henderson, Antoinette Hendricks, Lori Hendrix, Babe Heno, Sandy Henson, Everett Hernandez, Linda Hernandez, Lupe Hernandez, Michelle Hernandez, Roy Herrera, Josephine Hobart, Cathy Holguin, Dora I-Iollier, Denise Holmes, Marcia I-Iormann, Cindy Hubbard, Tony Hulse, Dorothy Hurtado, Angie Hutchinson, Sandra Jackson, John jackson, Melonie Jankiewicz, Bell Jennings, Johnny Jimenez, Martha jittu, Barbara Johnson Jr., Curtis Johnson, Melanie johnson, Terrance Johnson, Wille johnwell, joe Jones, julie jones, Leroy Jones, Linda jones, Paula Jones, Sandra Juarez, Adolph Keese, Debby Keys, Millie Kiser, Donald Knerien, Patti Knox, Danita Landry, Valerie Larez, Ferny Larry, Carol Lee, Richard Lett, Roosevelt Logue, Yolanda Lorigo, Martha Love, Theresa Luedel-ce, Marci Madrigal, Arturo Magee, Patsy Magee, Terrence Maldonado, Leonor Mancinas, Fernando Manzo, Carlos Marconi, jose Marino, Mike Marone, Kathy Martin, Tim Martinez, Esperanza Martinez, Lucas Martinez, Sal Mayabb, Pam Mayfield, Larry McCurry, Kenzal McDowell, Margarita McElhany, Keith McFadden, William McMullen, Jackie Mendivil, Bear Mendoza, George Minks, Joella Mindiola, Tim Molina, Marie Molina, Roberto Montalvo, David Montez, Maria Moore, james Moreno, Charles Morris, Tamika Mullin, Julie Mumford, Pat Murrillo, Carlos Nagey, Jacqueline Navarro, Cortez Navarro, juanna Neal, Danette Newton, Dave Nguyen, Dung Nicholson, Ian Oglesby, Donna Olmos, Mario O'Nea1, Neal Orozco, Vincent Ortega, Hugo Ortiz, Albert O'Too1e, Tim Padilla, David Parker, Rex Parks, Devi Parsha, Espie Pearson, Mark Pedraza, Sam Pena, Vicky Perez, Fstela Perez, Felix Perez, Gilbert Perez, Imelda Perkins, Kelly Perry, Don Pesquira, Arman Pesquira, Oscar Pham, Minh Pink, Elisa Pink, Richard Ponce, Enedina Posadas, Mario Prentice, Carey Proctor, Vickie Puckett, Willie Ramirez, Jose Ramirez, Marie do Ramos, Margarito Rangel, Rosario JU IOR Ez- f 'J'- Reedy, Joseph Reekes, Jim Reier, Pat Reveles, Ruben Reyes, Christina Reyes, Larry Reyes, Orlando Reynoso, Carmen Rico, Gladys Rios, Auxilio Roberts, Condra Rocha, Jose Rock, Chris Rodriguez, Alex Rodriguez, Sally Rodriguez, Tom Rodriguez, Zina Romo, Josie Rondero, David Royston, Kennedy Ruescher, Steve Ruiz, Debbie Ruiz, Joe Ruiz, Steve Rupp, Marty Saige, Bill Salas, Elias Salazar, Martha Salcedo, Eloisa Sampson, Burnetta Sampson, Felicia Sanchez, Anthony Sanchez, Elvira Sanchez, Ramona Sandoval, Richard Saville, Dawn Saucedo, Delia Schneider, Debbie Sims, Tyrone Sinlcfield, Robert Skvarek, Ann Smith, Barbara Smith, Lynda Smith, Melody Solis, Susana Staton, Joyce Stephens, Kathy Stratton, Pam Swimley, Bret Taylor, Antonio Taylor, Shirley Templos, Elias Thomas, Kevin Thomas, Michele Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Reginald Tillman, Eric Tims, Beth Traister, Donna Tran, Yen Trimble, Kenny Troy, Lormie Troy, Patricia Trujillo, Joyce Trujillo, Liz Trujillo, Lourdes Tucker, Mary Uteesh, Charlotte Valdez, Michael Vasquez, Rudy JU IOR L- A or- . iv if H. Williams, Robert Yarbrough, Denise Cummings, Robert Villalobos, Danny Vinsoh, Lloyd Walker, Stephanie Walsh, Karen Walters, Robbie Wands, Lori Washington, D enni Washington, Debb Webster, Sue Western, Kenneth Wikum, Peggy Williams, Kevin Williams, Lee Williams, Mary Williams, Nina i ,gf 1 H ,, , . 4 Q - 1.1ie,ri.x- ' T'1L"' 5,-4' ' 'i f " ' 1 I x . L I . .. H Jr--.V-fl f 7-Hfii '2j'FQ-gg-fig ',-1-Li: V lvfff-Aref' 1 22 - g3'1gS94,,:f4l1-.ati Eifv-,N Q, f Y . ,iv if 1 1 " - V, fi? ' ' 16-51:- a I x 'f:41.f, , . E Hi1 'f'f'l '- 12 "lr ,sl ,, ni .I u frw:-1 L I V ,. '1 Qluli' . 'ff."z.:aw 5,-H-5, - -' '- "JJ . Iwi.. kr- H152 el 1 I 1 NN." , rv- -' 1l5,rr4!zj'I:,. Lf ' A E675 L ' 'f1?r'EEH my K . 1.359 4' D:-F-ei . gli Sl! . Z, 1 g-:si--17-L a-, -. A J fix -fe . 1-31 ' ff..-:ra A. K.-Y 'fu .- Lin . ,Y ,Inf 4 .- U :N '-A -g , , ,apr P ,' ,Ll tgp ." gh 1 X L ' -. ,-1 -u Y' f'2'F f.'l' , . -- 'J saw: -W W '- , 7' 3 1 , .-.y ---CJ A ji- 4 11' A f - 11 .5 .3 A' , .gr Pm-ea 1, F f 'I A I v .,. ,- .rvv - A U "FS1f'w .45 QYTHZ' 4. .i?".i.f- ,. llflg ' V rf lf'- "f.1 il" , . OPPOSITE PAGE: Sophomore Officers, L. TO R. - Karla Bias, Presidentg Lisa Wainright, Treasurerg Ellen Strauss, Secretary. S OPH OM ORES Acuna, Virginia Aguilar, Maria Aguilera, James Aguilera, Sandy Alaniz, Leticia Alfro, Virginia Allen, Donell Allen, Tanya Allison, Annie Almendarez, Victor Alonso, Steve Alvarez, Aurelio Alvarez, Manuel Amanzio, Angeles Andrzejewski, Ray Arambula, Daniel Arenas, Mary Armenta, Sylvia Arquer, Nancy Asebedo, Ralph Baca, Adam Banks, Clarence Barber, Henry Barela, Joseph Barker, John Base, Pam Battieste, Demetric Beanblossom, Kennet Behrens, Hugo Bennett, Darrell Bennett, Ed Bennett, Vickie Bermudez, Rosa Bias, Karla Bishop, Ron Blades, Tammy Boisclair, Richard Booker, james Borjas, Armanda Bowles, Carol Briley, Brenda Briseno, Angelica Brock, Cara Bruhn, Dave Bueno, Yolanda Buggs, Carol Cabrera, Alice Cabrera, Valerie Calderon, Christina Capps, Deborah Carpentieri, Nina Carrillo, Galo Carter, Yvonne Carver, Janie Casarez, David Castaneda, Patty Casiro, Raymond Chaves, Laudencio Chavez, Raymond Chavez, Sylvia Cholico, Vickie Clark, Dana Clark, Paul Contreras, Temo Contreras, Victoria Coronado, Aurelio Cortez, Robert Curry, Robert Curry, Susan Dakey, Lisa Daniel, Cynthia Daniels, Jerilyn Davenport, Stacy Davis, Crystal Davis, Karl Dawson, Chancy Diaz, Rose DeLeon, Trini De La Rosa, Martice De La Loza, Liz De La Cruz, Rosa Dickerson, Steven Dixon, Philnisha Dominguez, Cheryl Dorough, Steve Downs, Rhonda Dukes, Margaret Du.ran, Anna Duran, Kathy Durham, Lamarr Eldridge, Bill Escajeda, Rachel Escalante, Valerie Bparza, John I-lsparza, Yolanda Falgout, Loyd Farmer, james Fernandez, Betty Fitch, Sue-Ellen Flores, Gregory Flores, Marcella Forte, Velma Foster, John Franklin, Rita Fuentes, Lisa Fuller, David Gallentine, Brian Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Gardner , Garland Garret, Gibson, Goede, Gomez, Gomez, Gomez, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Betty D ennis Marie Max Marion , jeff Carmen Cynthia Charles Gloria Pedro Teresa Anna Cristina Juana Kenny Maria Gonzalez, Phillip Gonzalez, Steve Graham, Shelly Granado, Tina Granados, Sylvia Grice, Darryl Griffith, james Guevara, john Gutierrez, Evelyn Gutierrez, Jeannie Gutierrez, Margaret Gutierrez, Maria Hacker, Ricky Hager, Chris I-Iardee, Sherrie Harris, Belinda 1979 Harris, Bonnie Harris, Nate Hayes, Eddie Hendricks, Jimmie Henson, Aaron Hernandez, Antonio Hernandez, Joann Hernandez, Felipe Hinton, Kim Hope, Gayla Hopkins, Todd Hughes, Sylvia Hurdle, De Lonna Imbriani, Karyn Iverson, Yvonne Jackson, Kim James, Jana Jamison, Colleen Jankiewicz, Cheryl Jaramillo, Vincent Jennings, JB Jimenez, Raquel Johns, Patricia Johnson, Adrian Johnson, Arleen Johnson, Donald Johnson, George Johnson, Miriam Jones, Demetrius Jones, Randy Jones, Reana Jones, Terrie Kavanaugh, Betty Keller , Cindy Kennedy, Julie Kimbrough, Cheri Kincade, Shon King, Kenneth Kleen, Everrett La Madrid, David Landin, Lillian Lane, Larry Lane , Tammy Lara, Rebecca Laskey, Michelle Lepe, Conrado Leon, Martha Lewellyn, Kim Lewis, Darryl Lewis, Melody Liberty,Sue Linchon, Debra Linchon, Felecia Lofton, Kirby Logue, Lisa lopez, Jesus Lopez, Perla Lopez, Sara Lorigo, Tin Loya , Robert Lukehart, Brenda Macias, Fred Magette, Karin Maldonado, Mario Mansinas, Gerardo Marques, Ana Marquez, Judy Ma uez Sara ml f . Martinez, Connie Martinez, Joe uh Martinez, Lourdes Martinez, Mona Mc Beth, Tim Mc Clure, Lori Mc Kinley, Donna Medina, Alberto Mendoza, Debbie Mendoza, Jose Mendoza, Rita Millon, john Mindiola, Debbie Mindiola, Laurie Miranda, Irene Molles, Dawna Monette, Kathy Montanez, Neomi Montenegro, Freddie Morales, Sylvia Mullman, Richard Munoz, Grace Murguia, Juanita Murillo, Ricky Murphy, Jim Nargot, Vincent Narvaez, Antonia Naya, Alvaro Navarrete, Robert Navarro, Robert Naylon, Crystal Nelson, Ricky Newborn, Vin Newborn, Lenora O'Neal, . Paul Ochoa, Patty Oglesby, Don Oliva, Lourdes Ollie, Sheila Ornelas, Blanca Orosco, Ogla Orozco, Martha Ortega, Helen Orsonia, Rosalba Padilla, Kathy Palmer, Tonya Parham, Debbie Pam, Dianna Pena, Geri Penderland, Chandra Perez, Benjamin Perez, Jesus Perry, Diana Phillips, Timmie Pink, Steve Pippin, Roxann Pompa, Alan Ponce, Marina Prendiz, Danny Proctor, Vicki Prudholm, Sherri Prudhomme, Laura Pruitt, Tommy Quevedo, Abel Quevedo, Rogelio Ramirez, Isai Ramirez, Martina Ramos, Irma Ramos, ,Ieanette Ramzy, Marilyn Requena, Crisanta Reyes, Arturo S OPH OM ORES Reyes, Danny Reza, Carman Rice, Bill Richards, Vicki Richie, Anthony Ridley, Martha Rios, Christina Rios, Leticia Rios, Raymond Rivera, Anna Rivera, Lupe Roark, Cheryl Roark, Lavando Roberts, Mike Robles, Lilly Rodriguez, Angelina Rodriguez, Irene Rodriguez, Joe Rodriguez, Lorenzo Romero, Debbie Ross, Vickie Ruescher, Wendy Ruiz, Margie Ruiz, Yvonne Ryan, Guy Sabin, Robert Sadler, David Saige, Patricia Sanchez, Corinne Sanchez, David Sanchez, Frederico Sanders, Artina Sanders, Yvonna Saucedo, Sandra Schenkel, Don Serna, Stephanie Sevilla, Steve Shaw, Timothy Sherman, Elizabeth Simpson, Debra Sims, Lucretia Sinkfield, Donald Smith, Danny Smith, Shirley Solis, Hortencia Stallings, Anthony Stevens, Dwayne Stockwell, Bobby Strauss, Ellen Sullivan, linda Sundin, Scott Tardiff, Annette Tate, Marcus Taylor, Wanda Telphy, Yolanda Templos, Maggie Terrazas, Gerardo Thomas, Craig Thomas, Dan Thompson, Kenny Tillman, Sabrina Torres, Debbie Torres, Ruth Torrez, Margaret Trockel, David Tuitau, Leilani Valdez, Robert Valenzuela, Anna Vasquez, Filemon Vasquez, Guillermo , -. , -r- ' '1 Q-A 1 f,L , 4-' ,I ' . ' Q' , 'vb L- 'C' .4- .-4 ,. Wilson, Jill Winston, Kiva Wood, Bill Yon, Margaret Vega, Irene Velasquez, Cathy Vidana, johnny Villalpando, Sandra Villanueva, Lupe Villegas, Julian Wainright, Lisa Washington, Jerome Washington, Michael Weaver, Melissa Weedon, Jack Wells, Corey Western, Rebecca Wikum, Kipp Willhite, Dean Williams, Brenda Williams, Lonnie Williams, Michael Williams, Olivia Williams, Robin Wilson, Duan I ings?- in.. -.g FW? gr' '55 if Ii 1 RAM ,vii . :Qi ' o 1' i .fl lui' V: R I1 IB Ii ly llijql Ezigl I2 I- I1 IB if e, ' - "F, - R I I Q ,S I gggfsg FRESI-IMEN WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL PICTURES. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Kelly Masters, Yolanda Hamilton, Holly Goods, Duane Warren. SECOND ROW, Shirley Yazell, Franco Santos, Robert Gaines, Woody Newton. OPPOSITE PAGE, FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHTg Tammy Wiegner, Vice Presidentg Bennie Buggs, Presidentg Donna McClure, Secretary. CHECKING OUT THE GUYS! CI-IEERS!! vp.---- v- ,. I - I va fi' 'x N. I Lf' ! ,rl rf 49 94 Q. X, I .4' if . F-'fr' ,f 1 1 --v F5 x FRESHM EN Acevedo, Ofelia Acosta, Guillermo Adkins, Tracy Aguayo, Sylvia Aguirre, Lisa Alaniz, Tommy Alatorre, Arturo Alfaro, Glenn Allala, Albert Allen, Ion Alvarado, Sylvia Alvarez, Leticia Alvarez, Luis Aragon, Beverly Arenas, Peggy Arenas, Ray Arenas, Val Arensdorf, Francis Armijo, Sharon Ascencio, Davis Athey, Ronald Augusto, Frank Augusto, Ronnie Avalos, Victor Avila, Timmy Ayala, Vincent Ayres, Robert Baeza, Maria Baker, Barbara Baker, Eric Rollins, Pat Barney, Richard Barreras, Erlene Barton, Lori Batt-ieste, Lametric Bautista, John Beard, Sharon Beauchamp, Tracy Beecham, Elizabeth Belmudes, Virginia Beltran, Debra Bender, Yolanda Benge, Peggy Bennett, Billy Bentura, jesus Berlin, Sandra Berry, Falice Birdsong, Kelvin Bohnsak, Lorri Bojorquez, Manuel Bough, Bryan Bradford, Evett Bradford, Mona Brewer, Roy Brown, Karen Bryant, Sandra Bugg, Bennie Burdine, Byron Burke, Gary Burnap, Robert B1u'ns, Anthony Burton, Lorraine Byrd, Tommie Cabrera, Cheryl Cabrera, Eddie Cador, Windol Caldera, Robert Calderon, Cathy Calderon, Devon Calderon, Minie 1 'V I lx EEE'-.u " !Lva1Me.5f 1 1980 Camacho, Toni Campos, Arthur Campos, Ruben Canas, Delia Capps, Lucinda Capuchino, Alexandria Cardenas, Carla Carlberg, Jerald Carr, Richard Carr, Tilmarie Carranza, Ruth Carrasco, Isabell Case, Lesilie Casillas, Abraham Cassady, Yvonne Castaneda, Cheryl Castillo, Michael Castro, David Cerda, Maria Christian, James Cisneros, Abraham Cisneros, Antonio Clark, Ramona Clark, William Clawson, Kim Clem, Melissa Clinton, Cynthia Clouser, Janice Colantuono, Marybell Connard, David Contreras, Maria Cooney, Nancy Copeland, Terry Cordero, Yvonne Cordova, Valerie Correa, Armando Cousins, Richard Covarrubias, Dora Cruz, Antonio Cullins, Tracie Curling, Kimberly Czimbal, Joseph Davis, Melvin Davis, Richard Davis, William De La Rosa, Jacob De Larco, Gigi De Larco, john De Leon, Joe De Los Rios, Sandy Dean, Gwendolyn Devlin, Ricky Dexter, Roberta Diaz, Carlos Diaz, Guadalupe Diza, Melchor Diaz, Socorro Diguardi, Robin Dominguez, Tony Dman, Angel Duran, Mel English, Barry Espinoza, Berlinda Esquivel, Andy Esquivel, Steve Evans, Donald Everett, David Fabela, Richard Farris, Randy Felton, Janet CLASS OF '80 Fernandez, Gilbert Fiiz, Sandra Flanders, Connie Flores, Celia Flores, Lorraine Flores, Victoria Foster, Cassandra Fritz, Jeffrey Fuentes, Chris Funk, Irene Gallegos, Carol Garcia, Bernice Garcia, Genero Garcia, Jesse Garcia, Lori Garcia, Michael Garcia, Michelle Gardner, Alvin Garner, Nick Garrett, Charles Garrison, Robin Gaskin, Cynthia Gaunt, Leroy Genung, Robert Gerwing, Richard Giatroudakis, Jon Gibson, Andrew Glasco, Michael Glasco, Patrick Gomez, Christina Gomez, Cynthia Gomez, David Gomez, Greg Gomez, Mario Gonzales, Cathy Govea, Yvette Graham, Elizabeth Granados, jesse Graves , Pam Guadarrama, Maria Guerrero, Sammy Guevara, Yvonne Gutierrez, james Guzman, Vincent Hacker, Mike Haro, Joann Harris, Pam Harris, Rosetta Henderson, Henderson, Hernandez, Hernandez, Hernandez, Hernandez, Chris Elva Rosa Teresa Herrera, Deanna Hicks , Donna Hines, Darlene Hite, Randy Hite, Teresa Hochberg, Sal Holley, Carol Hollis, Cassandra Hoover, Donald Hope, Beverle Hoyos, Ray Hubbard, Rolin Hudson, Lamar I-Iughey, Herbert Hulse, Deborah Huston, Rhonda La Donna Micha el FROSH Hutcherson, Kim lmbriani, Kenny Ivexson, Donald Jackson, Vincent Jauregui, Maria Jenkins, Cheryl Jennings, Eva Jeter, Michael Jimenez, Anna Jimenez, Herman Kittu, Lawrence Johnson, Angela Johnson, Brent Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Connie Johnwell, Chris Jones, Bonnye Jones, Inace Jones, Karriem Jones, Tina Karson, Steve Kato, Rob Kavanaugh, Cindy Kefalas, Jim Kennedy, Theresa Kilen, Shepard Kincade, Terele King, Dale Kiser, Karen Klein, Kenny Kogat, Paul Kuns, Debbie La Bonte, Roy Lackey, Julie Lamp, Nina Lara, Letitia Lax-ez, Ricky Large, Lori Lasley, Rebecca Leatherwood, Sonya Lee, Maria Lee, Mike Lee, Taehi leon, Maria Lepe, Maracella Linton, Greg Lira, Antoinette Lonian, Linda Lopez, Anthony Lopez, Aracell Lopez, Henry Lopez, Kimberly Lopez, Maria Lopez, Rene Lucero, Raymond Luevano, Javier Luna, Leonard Lupian, Jose Madera, Rufino Madrigal, Antonio Maldonado, Alex Maldonado, Susan Maleskey, Larry Mann, Ray Marino, Paul Marquez, Norma Martinez, Gilbert Martinez, Ileana Martinez, Letti Martinez, Louis 1980 Mawis, Mark Mayfield, Celestine Mayfield, Roy Mc Cartney, Tom Mc Clure, Donna Clure, Robin Connell, Steve Mc Mc Mc Kenzie, Cheri Mc Kenzie, Jodi Mc Kinney, Debbie Mc Kinney, Rhonda Medel, Nacho Mendivil, Jeannette Mendoza, Josephine Meriwether, Percenda Meza, Fausto Mier, Fausto Mindiola, Barbara Miranda, Virginia Montgomery, Gary Moore, Aaron Moore, Karen Moore, Lamont Morales, Marta Morgan, Clark Mukai, Jill Mullman, Tracy Munoz, Hector Murdock , Steve Murillo, Ivan Murillo, Lizzie Murray, Robyn Nava, Elvia Navarrette, Theresa Navarrete, Yolanda Navarro, Silvia Neal, Juanice Negrete, Anna Newton, Woody Nguyen, Can Ai Nguyen, Tri North, Michelle Ogly, Donna Oglesby, Gretchen Olmos, Martha Orozco, Javier Orozco, Stella Orozco, Yolanda Osborn, Juanita Osornia, Julio Osornia, Yolanda Padilla, Jeanette Pampalos, Cora Parada, Ruben Parrilla, Alicia Parrilla, Maria Parrish, Wayne Partida, Joann Partida, Leticia Paul, Penny Pedroza, Lourdes Peevler, David Pena, Barbara Pereda, Rogelio Perez, Carlos Perez, Carlos Perez, Dennis Perez, Elisa Perez, Melinda Perez, Norma I. 1 x I A i' 1:1 'Z ln ,X A ,, six 5 - -AY -I x Vx' W W F f Perez, Raymond Perez, Richard Perrin, Phyllis Perry, Denise Pink, Darryl Pratt, Alan Prentice, Doug Rafus, Fred Ragau, Jose Ramirez, julieta Ramirez, Martel Ramirez, Vennancio Ramzy, Arthur Rangel, Freddie Reel, Robert Renfro, Rhonda Reyes, Abel Reyes, Alfonso Reyes, Yolanda Reynoso, Luis Reza, Robert Rios, Jim Roarlc, Sherry Roberts, Pernell Rodriguez, Alex Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez, George Rodriguez, johnny Rodriguez, Phillip Romero, Joseph Romo, Danny Rosas, Ruben Rowland, Terry Ruescher, Mike Ruiz, Cecilia Ruiz, Felix Ruiz, Rosie Russell, Greg Salazar, Sandra Salcedo, Sara Salgado, Kelly Sanchez, Bertha Sanchez, Dion Sanders, Carra Sandoval, Elizabeth Santana, Mosca Sarratt, Randy Satterfield, Kathy Schneider, Deanna Schreiber, Shelley Scott, Candy K Scott, Elaine Serna, Laura Shadbolt, Roxann Shephard, Carey Shepard, Dean Silva, juan Silva, Ray Simpson, Erick Smith, Caroleyanna Smith, Daryl Smith, Enoch Smith, Jim Smith, Paul Stancyk, Tom Sterra, Andrew Strange, Lom'i Stockwell, Ricky Stone, Ronda Stone, Vonda FRESHM EN Swaggerty, Patrick Swenson, Rhonda Swimley, Natalie Tate, Sharon Taylor, Craig Taylor, Dennis Taylor, Russell Terrazas, Beatrice Terry, Sherri Thaxton, Cheryl Thomas, Andrea Thomas, Julie Thomas, Keith Thomas, Paul Thomas, Troy Thompson, Robin Thompson, Ron Toleniino, Mary Tolentino, Ray Torres, Elena Torres, Frances Torrez, Tim Trimble, Kevin Trules, Rogelio Tuitau, Duncan Turner, Ted Urban, Glen Utesch, Sharon Valadez, Robert Valdez, David Valenzuela, Peter Valizan, Betty Vargus, Augusto Vargus, Reggie Vasquez, Danny Vasquez, Ruben Velasquez, Richard Velasquez, Sandra Venture, Jesse Villanueva , Francisca Viayra , Blanca Vindiola , Danny Vo, jim Walker, Cherrie Walsh, Ed Warren Patricia 7 Washington, Ramona Weaver, Tami Webb, Anthus Western, David White, Valerie Wiegner, Tammy William, DD William, John Williams, Delores Williams, Helena Williams, Ivy Williams, Patty Williams, Winston Williamson, Donald Williamson, Ronald Wilson, Julie Yoder, JeH Yon, Jeff Young, Kathy Young, Mike Yu, Hoe Zimmerman, Tony 1 J' ..n 1 ga.. :AI 1 V , 11 J. all lx f 'V "Scattered Pictures of the Smiles We Left Behind. . .D THE WAY WE WERE fx USMILES WE GAVE T0 ONE ANUTHER ' -'-L .r 1- V 1' W" q?gT5:2:,Cr,J,. v . J,,e?- 'gfsa 1, I , '54 1.7 -.":. 1.-,e,,.. ,A . J , Q' . Lin 1 Lena: 1- vig: ' 4 -'-' " '- ,pq f-fu HU ll k"gllpv 13 LlplcLr1d '3 Damseh D remoh its 1 l-A I FUR, THE WAY WE WERE N A I .1 x f 1 YIM Y lf ,M A a v 3 1 -':, 'J I Q '-'rf f 3 ansiff. .1 1 'Wi' , F f 4 r' . W 39 17 . . . 3 if ?f'1j 57, SQ v ,.' .:,u,1fvg . Nj ' if .iff5fF3' 'G' ' N 'W' Q-571 f A ' 1 I , yr - Q 1, iw, Qif..-...., .,..'..- . Y J SAN ANTONIO LEAGUE CHAMPIONS . B I2 -,.,.zw,,.- .1 , ,- W-- , 4 ,Y,A,..,,:,. ,l ,,.,.A A1 A , ,,i,,'r,,!gg ,N gl Fi -i.44.'......' igtigi- rs "'-:L 'Rafe-'el . A .ji -. ,9AT'.'g?L':'. 3-'.f'ae5gn1v4fgg,f,:-4,..n, Q TOP: David Forte runs for Ctayiight. BOTTOM: ' Chris Davis throws a good block. For the first time ever, Garey High School has captured the San Antonio League football crown. However, the honor must be shared with Damien since both teams went unde- feated and tied for first place. In what could be called the most exciting game of the year, our Vikings outplayed the Spartans to no avail as the game was halted, because of excessive rain, and a power failure. When the game was stopped, the Vikings were leading 12-10 in the fourth quarter with possession of the ball on the Spartan 40 yard line. The Garey Defense proved to be the second best in the Valley, and the BEST in SAL. They allowed only 6 points per game. Garey placed 7 players in the first team selections of ALL S.A. L. teams. Those players are: Al Clay, Chris Davis, Ralph Dixon CAll defensive playerj, Eric Gutierrez, james Moore, Richard Saville, and Jim Stedronsky. .,. THE VIKING SCOREBOARD CAREY 26 ROYAL 207 GAREY 6 LA SIERRA 6 GAREY 19 MONTC LAIR 0 GAREY 14 CI-IINO 7 GAREY 1 3 UPLAND 6 MGAREY 12 DAMIEN 10 GAREY 20 C LAREMONT 6 GAREY 1 2 GANESI-IA 6 CAREY 1 9 POMONA 1 3 XQGAREY 6 E L MODENA 14 'i' First Round of C. I. F. 'M' Score when game was halted THE MIGHTY VIKING TEAM starting hom TOP QLEFT TO RIGHTj: Robert Sabin, Doug Brissette, Bill Rice, Al Clay, Lewie Cerda, David Montalvo, David Forte, Ian Nicholson, Richard Saville, Thomas Kincade, and james Moore. SECOND ROW QLEFT TO RIGHT Q: Danny Fierro, Kirby Lofton, Tino Gonzales, Elijah Turner, Anthony Stallings, Larry Lane, Robert Rice, Trini Castillo, Norbert Duran, Erving Houston, Raymond Muro, Robert Ybarra, Tommy Rodrigues, David Newton, john Orsonia, jerry Farmer. 'THIRD ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Coach Mike Deshane, Coach Don Rizzi, Demetrius Jones, Larry Reyes, Anthony Blyth, jim Stedronsky, Elton Keys, Mike Charles, Vito DiOssi, Elmer Gibson, Felix Perez, Ken Gendreau, Jerome Washington, and Coach Lawson Bush. BOTTOM ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Danny Arambula, Tyrone Sims, Sal Martinez, Ken Thompson, Velt Lett, Darin Villanueva, Armondo Vargas, Frank Charles, Kelly Perkins, Oswaldo Velez, Tim Shaw, Mike Morman, Randy Carrasco, and Coach Ricky Robinson. QC, . 4 ..,, v ,, .-.. W . - L., VAR ITY FOOTBALL TAKES S.A.L. CROW DIXON LEADS THE WA Y . rv-w - 'W- - - . -, . - . - . v . . . . ,. , , , L-r'1 .' -'34 1 7 N-. :-.L -. , '1'i . - ...4-. Y X, ,..A,. -, ., gg, .H- ,. - , Y A., T, - , A- - .. .- ,veg . .-' ,,.-, - -..,' .ae f-, :gfM-,Q-aa...-, .-+1 W. .V - ' -H.: ,,,. --f ,iv-HA" .-W, .Q -up A if " . ':: 1 'lfsf ' YL-F' ' " -"+' fig- Jw ' xSC'??LT4.sf'-Q'--LI ..3"ff'v :T J- A L bkilyd, L ff,.fJ,',- ' :1ani:.:'f:-- -nie' TOP: Ralph Dixon carries the ball against Ganesha. MIDDLE LEFT: David Forte runs around end for yardage. MIDDLE RIGHT: Ralph Dixon goes high for a pass. BOTTOM LEFT: Carey and Damien players drenched during game halted by showers. BOT TOM RIGHT: Ralph Dixon being dragged down by three defenders. .-r r ,6 19 Q' F J? ,H ,vngi-if 'T' fn fy, qf' 5: L33 O' 35' FRESHM AN FOOTBALL QTOP ROW: LEFT TO RIGHTQ: Bob Kato, Rob Thompson, Enoch Smith, julio Orsonia, Darrel l-laire, Windol Cador, Dean Shepherd. QSECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Q: Shepherd, joe Czimbal, Woody Newton, Robert Gaines, jim Salce Ray Mann, Greg Linton. QTI-HRD ROW: LEFT TO RIGHTQ: Ray To1entino,Robert Carter, John Bautista, Duncan Tuitau, Winston Williams, Ruben Rosas, QFOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHTj: Coach Tony Estrada, Tom McCarthy, Chris Henderson, Randy Farris, Arthur Ramzy, Barry English, Assistant Coach Bob Fosey. QFIFTI-I ROW: LEFT TO RIGI-ITQ: Russell Taylor, Alex Maldonado, Sal I-Iothberg, Ed Walsh, Willie Acosta, Mike Castillo, and Tony Dominguez. FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD Qi i ' GAREY 12 ROYAL A GAREY O LA SIERRA GAREY O MONTC LAIR GAREY 0 DON LUGO GAREY 8 UPLAND GAREY O DAMIEN GAREY 0 C LARE MONT GAREY l4 GANES I-IA GAREY l-4 POMONA .-. 1 CRQSS COUNTRY M A VARSITY SCOREBOARD CAREY 20 MONTCLAIR 37 CAREY 50 CHINO 1 5 CAREY 48 UPLAND 15 CAREY 34 C LAREMONT 22 CAREY 31 DAMIEN 24 CAREY l 5 CANESHA 50 CAREY 23 POMONA 32 J. V. SCOREBOARD CAREY 1 5 MONTCLAIR 50 CAREY 25 CI-IINO 32 CAREY 50 UPLAND 1 5 CAREY 36 C LAREMONT 21 CAREY 1 5 DAMIEN 50 CARE Y 1 7 CANESHA 40 CAREY 23 POMONA 32 fLoWer Score Winsj Highlighting the 1976 Season were Jose Ramirez's second place fmiishes at the Yucalpa and MSAC PICTURED ARE VARSITY AND J.V. TEAMS lnvitationals . TOP ROW: QLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Coach Canedo, Elias Temples, Armando Pesquera, Jim Orr, Carlos Manzo, BOTTOM ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Juan Palacios, Arturo Madrigal, Jose Ramirez, Carlos Navarro. Varsity's 4 wins and 3 losses placed them 4th in SAL, and LV. 'S 5 Wins and 2 losses placed them 3rd in the league. 1 -Q ,- Km . , .. P1 CTURED ARE THE FROSH AND SOPH TEAMS TOP ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Coach Canedo, Conrado Lepe, Ramon Chavez, FROSHXSOPH SCOREBOARD GAREY MONTC LAIR 42 GAREY CHINO 50 GAREY UP LAND 50 GAREY C LARE MONT 1 9 GAREY DAMIEN 24 GAREY GANESI-IA 40 GAREY POMONA 25 CLower Score Wins! Alfonso Reyes, Philip Rodriguez, Melchor Diaz. BOTTOM ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTQ: The UUSTANDING RUNNER, Tony Cruz, Ruben Parada, Doug Prentice, David Asencio, jose Lapian. and COAC1-I'S AWARD trophies The Frosh and Soph teams combined to take a 4th place standing were given to hilip Rodriguez in SAL with 3 wins and 4 losses. and Melchor Diaz. GAREY GUE TO C.I.F. VIKINGS TAKE THIRD IN SAL U' P' The Varsity Basketball Team are L. TO R., Asst. Coach Anderson, Manager joe Harris, A1 Clay, Ken Ottrix, Mark Baldwin, Devi Parks, james Lofton, Robert Nowden, Herbi Banks, Greg Snyder, Mario Proctor, Chris Davis, and Coach Mike Wells. K' 'Nii- B 4' S.A.L. STANDINGS League Overall L Pct. L Ganesha 1 . 929 4 Damien 4 . 714 10 CAREY 5 . 643 9 Upland 7 . 500 10 Chino 8 . 429 15 Montclair 9 . 357 15 Claremont 10 . 286 13 Pomona 12 . 143 4 18 VARSI T Y SCOREBOARD Garey Muir 72 Garey Azusa 62 Garey Alta Loma 43 Garey Nogales 73 Garey Montclair 62 Garey Brentwood 50 Garey La Sierra 54 Carey Indio 61 Garey E1 Modena 70 Garey Foothill 80 Garey Chino 84 Garey Pomona 63 Carey Claremont 42 Garey Upland 40 Garey Ganesha 78 Garey Damien 68 Garey Montclair 56 Garey Chino 51 Garey Pomona 84 Garey Claremont 53 Garey Upland 66 Garey Ganesha 73 Garey Damien 62 Garey Montclair 55 C. I. F . Garey La Habra 72 Fl if-13-1111-lil I " Q 'YSQSMHI nl 1 -w 9 I J MJ' ,,, w s Q 1' 'off f ' K f " , - Q . A Q .. j, 5 -1:.L-J J.-,.iEj., ' '- .1 -, -:Il Q, , ,Q -1 ta--.-v,,L .,,.,::.,,N, , . 'OOO 3 on an " wry,-xg ,rf -, " ,-1 Y ' I-'I' '.' YV- ', J, -. .. lA- -JY-Ti'-K 1- ' '.--,.a.zi'LaaJ..e EI ' 'I'I2l M . Q fi-,L 'f ESQ T 5 BASKETBALL SEASON '7 7 The Garey High Varsity Basketball Team had a third place finish in San Antonio League competition. The S. A. L. was one of the strongest leagues in the 3A division of C. 1. F. sending THREE teams this year, Ganesha, Damien, and Garey. Our Mighty Vikings had a fine game against the Number One rated team in the 3A division, La Habra. At half time Garey was leading La I-Iabra 37 to 33, but in the third quarter they rallied back on the Vikings with 28 points to Garey's 16 to make it 53 to 67 at the end of the period. Then in a valiant effort Garey outscored La Habra 14 to 11 in the fourth, but it Was not enough to pull out the victory. james Lofton led the Vikings with 19 points, and Herbi Banks was a close second with 14. PIC TURED BELOW, team Work on the boards, BOTTOM RIGHT, Greg Snyder goes for two, BOTTOM LEFT, Garey's Scoreboard. GAREY'S 1977 wwf x,,,, D SLAM DUNKIN G TOP QL. TO R. J, Lofton about to slam, james slamming, Nowdon slamming. MIDDLE QL, TO R4 Banks, Proctor, and Snyder demonstrate the dunk. BOTTOM IEFT QL. TO R. jBanks, Lofton, and Snyder working for position, BOTTOM RIGHT: Clay getting fouled after the shot. BA KETBALL TAR 'i 4 w s.: 7 Ls- Q3 VIKINGS IN ACTION TOP QL. TO RJ, Devi Parks, A1C1ay, and Ken Ottrix show fine shots. MID- DLE QL. TO R. J, Snyder goes up for ' two, Banks shows poise, Davis lays in two. BOTTOM, QLEFTJ, Chris takes jump shot over defender, while Lofton muscles for position. GAREYKS' J. V. C0-CHAMPIONS Our Junior Varsity Basketball team captured the SAL title With an overall record of 17 victories and only 7 defeats. The Vikings beat several outstanding teams such as Compton and Riverside High, while losing to such powers as Muir and Mater Dei. Highlights of Gareys season were victories over Compton 67 to 64 fin which David Porte scored a season high of 29 pointsj. In a dramatic 43 to 41 victory over Riverside Poly Eric Sasser hit a Twenty Five foot jump shot at the buzzer to give the Consolation Championship to Garey at the North Tournament. ln other pre-season games our Vikings took 3rd and 2nd places in the Brea and Pomona Tournaments. David Forte and Henry Barber led in overall scoring. And Forte made the All Tournament selections in both tournaments. A key to the success of the team Was a strong defensive concept, aggressiveness, hustle, and brilliant coaching by Coach Simon Tolbert. Many of the J. V. players will play Varsity ball in '78. The LV. Basketball team fl.. TO R. J TOP, David Forte, Dennis Washington, Marcus Tate, Dean Wilhite, Nate Harris, Antonio fMonky ' Taylor, and Coach Simon Tolbert. BOTTOM, QL. TO R. jHenry Barber, Kevin Williams, Rufus Devers, Jerome Perrin, and Don Kaiser. Action Pictures TOP RIGHT, David Forte goes for two on fast break, and MIDDLE RIGHT, Marcus Tate plays good defense. S OPH OM ORE BASKETBALL Scoreboard Garey 34 Muir Carey 42 Duarte Carey 56 North fRiV. Carey 47 Perris Carey 44 Muir Carey 45 Pacific Carey 45 North QRiv. Carey 64 Riv. Poly Carey 39 Chino Carey 50 Pomona Garey 49 Claremont Carey 44 Upland Carey 48 Ganes ha Carey 36 Damien Carey 47 Montclair Carey 39 Chino Carey 58 Pomona Carey 40 Claremont Carey 67 Upland Carey 48 Ganesha The Sophomore Basketball Team are, TOP QL. TO R. JCoach Rizzi, Donald Garey 57 Damlen . Sinkfield, Clarence fFuzzJBanks, Darryl Lewis, Darrel Bennett, Dwayne Garey 61 Montclalr Stevens, BOTTOM fL. TO R. Him McKenzie, Michael Washington, Steve Pink, Darnel Allen, and Jerome Washington. FRESHM AN BASKETBALL Scoreboard Carey 64 Muir Carey 99 Duarte Carey 53 Muir Carey 53 Perris fSophJ Carey 75 Blair Carey 64 Don Lugo Carey 57 Pomona Carey 58 Claremont Garey 59 Upland Carey 79 Ganesha Carey 77 Damien Carey 76 Montclair Carey 61 Don Lugo Carey 71 Pomona Carey 51 Claremont Carey 58 Upland Carey 63 Ganesha Garey 76 Damien Garey 51 Montclair The Freshman Basketball Team are, TOP U.. TO R. J Shepherd Killen, Robert Gaines, Kan-iem jones, William Davis, and Carey Shepherd. BOTTOM QL. TO R. ,Woody Newton, Barry English, and Darrell Smith. OCCER GOE TO C.I.F. '--4 xx. For the first time in the history of Carey High School, our Soccer Team went to the C. I. F . Playoffs after a excellent 2nd place finish in San Antonio League Competition. The Vikings tied Claremont With 22 points total. And Damien won the title by a Very small one point margin. San Antonio League Final Standings Damien ll 2 l 23 32 12 Ga1'eY 10 2 2 22 32 20 Claremont 9 1 4 22 22 9 Upland 5 6 3 13 is 28 Ganesha 5 7 2 12 13 14 Returning the ball is jose Trejo. iiMontclair 4 3 2 10 25 42 Pomona 3 9 2 8 12 26 Banquet Awards: "cChil10 1 13 0 2 23 12 Most Valuable Player Dioscoro "' Forfeited prior Win over Pomona due to Macias use of ineligible player. M Forfeited prior games to last game of Most Inspirational jose Trejo season because of an ineligible player. Coaches Award Tri Nguyen The Mighty Vikings are QL TO Rl STANDlNGg Coach Sandhu, Javier Franco, Armando Pesqueira, Arturo Reyes, Dioscoro Macias, Tri Nguyen, Roberto Cortez, Abel Quevedo, and Manager Rafael Moralez. QL TO RJ SITTINGg jose Trejo, Jose Ramires, Arcadio Reyes, Roberto Navarrete, Jesus Lopez, Santos Franco, and Ben Perez. Q -. U., '.1',1! -val ,- Q l ME, - ag .QI .- 1-, -.-. -'1 J f ld LW , JU IOR VAR ITY SOCCER TEAM QL TO Rl STANDINGg Coach Sandhu, Richard Velaquez, jesus Perez, Pete Flores, Federico Sanchez, Antonio Madrigal, Luis Reynoso, Alfonso Reyes , Coach Castruita. QL TO RJ SITTINGg Franco's little friend, Gerardo Mancinas, Carlos Palacios, Jose Carlos Navarro, Arturo Madrigal, Jose Rocha, Fernan Mancinas, Conrado Lepe, and Manager Rafael Morales. -L :K rf ., ..f'l"' 'TF do J GAREY WRE TLER GO T0 C.I.F. The Wrestling Team was led by its two junior captains Mario Olmos and Victor Lizama. Mario finished the season with a fine 22-7 record, and was league champion at 123 lbs. Victor had a 19-11-1 record on the season, placed 2nd in league, at 115 lbs. , and quali- fied for the CIF finals after Winning three rounds in the prelims. The overall team record of 5-12 was not good, but the team did manage a 4th place finish in the San Antonio League. The LV. team had a 4-1-1 record and finished SECOND in the league. Captains of the Garey Wrestling Team were: Mario Olmos Victor Lizama Victor Gonzalez Banquet Awards: Varsity Most Valuable- -Mario Olmos Outstanding Wrestler-Victor Lizama Most Improved-Kelly Perkins -Bill Saige junior Varsity Most Valuable-Hugo Behrens Coaches Award-Joe De Leon PICTURED AT TOP is Mario Olmos pinning opponent. AT BOTTOM is Victor Lizama on his way to 2nd in SAL finals. Kelly Perkins working for a pin. QAT LEFT, 2-,Vw O . Q, KN 4 "C X4 QSM is XS? QQ- , ' Qi Ng. gs. of -if X if Sv xffcvx 'if X459 Doe f - V 65 RA, NX Q? Lg Av Qing! Q? aft QR? W RJ NX F Q? Q? iisfxw .. rf? 1 5 qifllk ' 'TK The Mighty Vikings QTOP L. TO R. Q, Sergio Contrerasgmanagerjjoe De Leon, Jair Baker, john Reyes, Victor Gonzales, Bill Saige, Paul Clark, Kelly Perkins, Bill Rice, Rex Parker, julian Villegas, Will Clark, Russell Taylor, Arthur Fuentes, and Winston Williams. KNEELING ZND ROW QL TO RJ Steve Perry fAsst. Coachj, Mario Olmos, Victor Lizama, Sal Hochberg, Hugo Berhxens, Tony Cruz, Allan Pompa, Tom Stancyk, Sammy Rendell, Mike DeShane fAsst. Coachj. KNEELING, FRONT L. TO R. , Terno Contreras, Ken Gonzales, and Danny Perez. NOT PICTURED, Coach John Marti. VIKINGS SCURI G PUINTS 32"- FIGHTI G FOR A PI Pfmful 2-qwml dam on MLC 6gv,u!i7,aAvv1w1fzfua51QC fyfhgfjfloi new WH M-Q gag' dw VIMJ f 40129 MAMUAQ Qfdfj UJVVI mfT4vfwi flwfjlj , CCWM JMU ,3.4Q,WQQ cam, Cm gdifflgw -4fgMi'7g.:z,fL CD14-7 My cyan, ,fyuwfff WMA fam cf VIIXAPV 4 RQWSLWV Jax? ' f youve -f'W'7ayQ3 VIKINGS RECEIGING AWAEDS IND KISSES Q f "'Px:'i':' MARIO OLM OS FIRST PLACE E a Q f f VICTOR LIZAJWA 4 SECOND PLACE 7- KELLY PERKINS THIRD PLACE 110 TENNIS TEAM '76- '7 7 mv t ef? 6.2 ff Garey's Tennis Team TOP ROW QL. TO R. jManager1i11 Mukai, Robert Carter, Paul Valadez, Mike Sundin, Scott Sundin, Everett Kleen, and Coach Regner. MIDDLE ROW QL. TO R. jDon Shinkel, Ed Delgadillo, Steve Gonzales, Kevin Thomas, Philip Lee, Coach Halsey. BOTTOM ROW QL. TO R. J Alvaro Nava, Ruben Allala, jose Marconi, Amy Mukai, Ken Heflin, and Lorenzo Rodrigues. NOT PICTURED Ton Cole Keith Thomas oe Tre'o oe Martinez and Mario Posodas. ,, ' -' V 1 ' J ' ' A , . -..- ---iffy' ra 4 V T ' his v,,-Q bI'f"' T . .1 .. 'fr .:v:,LM,D I 1-Y. -. -,w . ' - ,', V-v',' - fy, ... -ig, YM A Y' W "aff---:-' - Eb? r.f,::.' ' ' 5 -s ' W Y "- '-,.,. ,M-wg 5 , . - QM, 5 I..4l,.-in - M -- -f-- --A ' J . 'ov 1 1 7 - 3+-V --xv .J-- . T - 1 .4 '- 1 , ...L ,. ' ' , , V I ' ' ':3'f-- L-Q TN F-I-Jr: - 'N 4 W , i i I i ' 'Ox g?-Na A4 1. gf ' 1 ,.--..ui:a+T 'if ?'L'I'If? .a- Leif- QA A- E . 5 f , R., if T -O as -. ,, :pm g ,X if: H T M 'f' .1 V E . V , L. 3' Av 3 K, 1 A 'Q , .V .', . 'f-.-',., T ' ' J F N34-D A A '5",' HT"- ' n vmqdvnguvmuf' ' 1 gp , ' 'QQ' 53' - s q-qw :':'Qa-Tflilflff' 'A ' "' M ' ' .--L ' A x -, , 5 k. ua.. V,-, ,R Av .- I ML.: A, Yve-few 4 ,I - -R Q' 1 .wwff f A -, . f as-,Lg 1:21-W . ' I , , -- rf ' V W N- "4 " ' ' 'TW ' I 1 X I ,. u V , fa v 1 ' ,. 5, , ..' f-J: I,QJI: L41 - 1. 4 .4 ..,f,-,in '-:':-' Q: 154' -f -' '1 L if' :' . 'A ' ' ,icuii 4 A MV Y ,...r' -.,,-,...-...,. 1.1.-4, if I ..:.-.:-, ,F: ,' .,,4 , , ... -f :'.,..f,:,f ,. 1, f , I .jnf"" '-'!k'f'f 'ffif' f 1 gf. ,,, ,:1n,!., ,V ,IA-r,J5W 'ff.fffV!1f 1 Jfff: 1 .1 Q. GAREY VAR ITY TRACK ,76-'77 QE "."T"1rpv Q-. Pl, 1.-luqrkle 1:59-g'5f,-7553 if 7 F 4 ll E i i - I- X ""' , ,S 2 ,in uf!-it Q I, ae. A 'V-. ". L' S'-r Q' v 'A 5 w in The Mighty Vikings Varsity Track Team STANDING QI.. TO R. I Coach Prentice, Mario Proctor, Anthony Blythe, Ken Ottrix, Craig Snyder, Robert Nowden, Coach Robinson. MIDDLE QL. TO R. jMark Townsend, Latham Graham, jim Orr, Ralph Dixon, james Moore, and Robert Cummings. SITTING QI.. TO R. JATUITO Madrigal, Tony Hubbard, Roger Cole, Tony Shropshire, Joe Ramirez, Armando Pesqueira, and Richard Mullman. PICTURED BELOW LEFT Ralph Dixon long jumping. MIDDLE Richard Mullman pole vaulting. RIGHT Latham Graham shot putting. Asif THE SEASON This year Garey I-Iigh had a fine track team. Last year our Vikings placed in the top 10 in C.I.F. , while win- ning the prestigious Open Division of the 47th Annual Chaffey Invitational track meet. To win that meet Garey beat powerful teams like Compton High, Pomona High the defending 3-A C. I. F. team, and Newport Harbor. Also our Vikings were invited to Long Beach, Sunkist, Huntington Beach Dual Meets, Chino, and MSAC Relays in which they brought back several medals and awards. Again this year the tracksters received many awards in these invitational meets. Garey lost a few key runners last year Morris Cole transfered to Las Vegas, and Stanley Webster gradu- ated in '76. Yet our small but strong and spirited track team won many awards and medals this season. THE DUAL MEET -IL l:'t TOP Tony Shropshire gets good height in long jump. MIDDLE LEFT Carey Fans give support MIDDLE RIGHT Vikings shows good form while high jumping. BOTTOM RIGHT Anthony Blythe, and Robert Nowden running 120 Low Hurdles. -' -U' , 113. Xi!! M Q X X 7-1i1'?'m.zi: MT W VAR ITY TRACK TAR --1 1' ' , 5 .--., .R 531 ,-,.- :-.-"'-i-2-:W uw' MIGHTY VIKINGS I-P if -ei .fy-A ,L 1- ,- Mfr- 4, 1 ', O. -H A- -- ,..- ,Y .f .,,, TOP LEFT, Tony Shropshire runs first leg. TOP RIGHT, David Forte runs anchor leg tobring in the win. MIDDLE LEFT, james Moore takes first while Robert Cummings sn-ides in second. MIDDLE RIGHT, Robert Nowden runs in first, and Mario Proctor takes second in 330 Low Hurdles. BOTTOM LEFT, Anthony Blythe, and Ken Ottrix hit hurdles but take 1st and 2nd, ,L 'ef in V 1 V' . n ' --1 v vw. 1 .s , . ' ' . -P ... v 1 . .L A .. ,- '. . J. . -. ,5 " A 1,274-5. .g.,,g.L K, --rvwqxsuw- f ,, - -. -,Q-1,--q.,.v. f rp - -' ' -x ., -A ,, I - Q' - f-"nf:rf?sa a sa ei, ,QQ -L T 3 Vw- -' -5'-1'-, I-'L . ' - ', .,- .-'-..,f, , 1' ,, . Q A A ' T-5"m'Et'i Fiber' " . I1-rf. ' w ifi- ,Sw fa '- --. , , 4 , ., -, 1 Jw i- : 5 J--,.'g-Y:4'z 3'-1 fediu--,..,'hc'1-lyk, -A ,.-0,4 . F ,film '1 1' " i A- .." 1- 'ir -- :, ' '- H: 9 ,. ' " i n vQ'.C,O,4f!':,4. -.ii-1.g?rj'F-v.,.47.' 1,-71113. -' ,--1. V ' ' ,-.Q , . "' " " ' -' :H f'7io+-- ', f'C1':.,jk,.- .-f, , ' 1--iw"-I' - -'clk-IPM. ..'-,T frfwfun ," .. 'J - - A1--sf-ffsa AL 'ma-fl., , ,, .-' ' 1. -'T-1-' "UT--air' 3 ."'v.'f'r' -uh . -xi' ' I :-- :fn . 'F-J' -...,.- -:.--.N -1-ll .X rf--,J , ggngglqgg I L- .Ja A " -,M -..-4-ag nf '..!'v.-5'.3r-.A-A-r"fnif1-J:-yrr. ,.r.,-iq 1-.,,,21g. - 4 , - ,wi .54 - .-lkivqff-"V 4Lf':'.. ,..2.y,. 'Rug .!v:-,.f..a,--,5Q:i1'31.p"'lm,. .. , ,'e.+g,5agg ..'s,'g,f:,:'4'f-,,d.'P..4r,-v2f' '-- ,lv-Q1-.-' ., V .. . , :-. Q' :-Law -.' Q ' -". ' .1:,Q.f-'-f- wr , 'Gb " -ir ., Z. cf' '--':11.-wmhf-ni' x.31rf 'ff'-ya 'gi ' .psy iff- . . ..:.a.. I.-gr , 1... . ,- .,..f, ..-..-get X W -lv, :Q gg A -lj ,, gi ,,,5,i ., :pigg-jgff'-4LE,, -3f1:J:: ,lN4'EE?::.g,g,.j5Lii.i,:T. FRE HMEN-SOPHOMORE TRACK TEAM Garey 's Frosh-Soph Track Team TOP ROW QL. TO R. J Coach Prentice, Byron Burdine, Danny Romo, Robert Sabin, Demetruis jones, Duncan Tuitau, Mike Washington, Kirby Lofton, Enoch Smith, Gerardao Terrazas, Tim Shaw, Frederico Sanchez, and Coach Canedo. MIDDLE ROW QL. TO R. JRobert Burnap, Gerardo Mancinas, jose Rocha, Martin Avina, Jesus Lopez, David Asencio, Ricky Stockwell, Randy Sarratt, and Randy I-lite. BOTTOM ROW QL. TO R. JAsst. Coach Robinson, Tony Zimmerman, Vincent Guzman, Doug Prentice, Melchor Diaz, Jose Lupian, Carlos Navarro, Philip Rodriguez, Ignacio Medel, and Sal Houchberg. -i 2 .I A gt Q I 'L ', L , . I ' I L 10 J V I ' s ' 'J ' ' l V 5 , r I, l It I M1 b., , - ,T .IL 1. -I A. I usa '71 .QZX x"?'1ll7'El in ' f 'jf +1-'li I I A "' .,,.qf'.-r - " I fl L YOUNG VIKINGS IN ACTION TOP LEFT, Lofton, and Jones take the 100 yd. dash. TOP LEFT, 120 high hurdlers. BOT- TOM LEFT, 1st leg of relay. BOTTOM RIGHT, Last leg of relay in first place. 35 .1, -' 3 q v ! .. UM. . . I -Vtz flr ,, 7133. ' fn, .v Athi C j.. --7, A131 , X In ,WM--:q "" -N ' " lb qv P, fm -Ji --- 1 ' , . if ' -' 3- r A ' I in I -. , 'V IV gt-www, Y:-7:7 I I , b 1' 'rm' 'J , Y ' 7 'lf ...Ug if ,.-4 ' 1 L ' 115 GAREY HEAD FUR LEAGUE CROW Eval .3 l M3 'ff b Oh' M N1-.",.', "T,-1'f1',x ,f ' ' '- - .L :- ' - - r. 4..,...a..-',,.g,,4 . - -..,. . .1-A---xfw. :,.q,.,,,,gfig? ,r If The Garey Varsity Baseball Team started out the 1977 season with a perfect 5-0 record. Montclair, Citrus, Upland, Claremont, and Ganesha lost to the Vikings in their best record for early season play. TOP, LEFT, Roosevelt Lett eludes runner at third. TOP, RIGHT, Chris Davis scores on Reyes' ' home run against Claremont. ABOVE, Ferny Larez scores. RIGHT, Coach Estrada talks strategy with pitcher Cregg Handy and catcher Larry Reyes. ' Agwq. , 4 gt vy- - f.5l.:l-,v,J-g, l... QA' T ' 43:21. ,M ,- .- RL'-"I T' 5 ' Huis- A- , ."'f:,fL-If-. '- 4+ , - ,, 'f,g,:1,?A The Garey VHFSIW Baseball Team are, TOP ROW, L. TO R , Coach Tony Estrada, Fex-me Larez, Alvln Holller, Roosevelt Lett, Cregg Handy, Elzjah Turner, Frank Charles, Tim Quiroga, 11m Stedronsky FRONT ROW, L TO R , Terry Davls, manager, Aurelxo Coronado, Mando Vargas, Chns Davls, Waldo Velez, Lucas Martmez, Art Av1la, Larry Reyes, Ruben Rodmguez, joe Barela, J. V. BASEBALL TEAM STARTS SEASON WITH EIGHT VICTORIES lc 3 rw ' f gf- N -' 1- ' .. .V . .... - ,- , E . ,V ,Fw rr 'iM -L,.-t',f'f3-12ar'Q'-Jv4-,- Y J V I h Sy The LV. Baseball Team are, TOP ROW, L. TO R. , Ray Andrezewsld, Loyd Falgout, Gary Ryan, Sal Martinez, Rob Walters, Rick Murillo, Robert Thompson, Coach Rini, FRONT ROW, L. TO R. , Jim O'too1e, Dean Willhite, Fred Macias, Felix Perez, Danny A1-ambula, jemain Hendrix, Bill Eldridge. NOT PICTURED, Coach Bob Fosey. Y' ' ' lx Q- 1 If : QV if 34 7, -L ' 1 f IF! ff , A gg., " -- " ,. ' -- 'arf' ' , 'gpgvs-H V :-q"'T""' .l.17 Q ' 5 if 1 -, li W H L .4 - " tl i ' Kid , I. Y! 56,51 V ,i 'QQ .,. 2 W ' " Fig. -Q.-v " 'i"'f'3, '- Qf2ff"':ljl' 1 41 - M Y "fini 15'-if 15:53-a-af! 'f 3 Eff fJf.?'7-Ffh" -V ' -- 'V "1--T55-' ' f:"'Y"T if -' 1"' 'U . . ' , V '-fff '3"-"M 'T' :,' " 4 'q'-fe- 'j-T?..1.:1f..4Eafal4 f55llE :..ii,1.fT'Ae" ,595 W , I' FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAJW START '76-'77 SEASON I MV I - ., 1. .. ws' , 1 ,H yy P RI., , LIT' J . ,nu " - 53' 'Use - Q W-.,.,aa, h' 1' xy ...-5 " ,... .. II 4 x-., W ' Ili, ew-, . , I, in ., , -,, . ,.4L.:1...:'.uL:l123- .. 4 . I' , I S rr' li 'f 7" , Q F'-1'--1. Z, ' . Il 4 .5 I. I , t a u - gf' . Y IJ , ' ii. A 1 2 ,F YI . W, e- - R A ' V "3 1 A' " V. F---ff-ff' --'frrfi-:fy 1 if ' ,.,5f?ff'f ' ' - - -A 15511. A I-vt-P :Q VJ ...:.-e.,.-A---'-if . .9---.I r-Fsnff' ,Ima ' , 1 --1 a...- his Fr- , Q :rf-rv 2 xv" "TNQ-Q 1'igfr-Mglqniiv f X , -1'-:vf"::',Q -..if.f-fQ:::l11'?3'm.,,,,,i.pftL-2:2 . , I . 1.4 v.f., '-' - 1' -'H-'-12 ' A -"...'-..f.f:.'era- ,f-J---,1.+ .- , 'rl , I Q f "'w.1'-7-fnfh fJ,..- .4 . dw ' AIIILHXP,-. . ,D I - I1a If,Ei, . I I .xiii I ,. ,- ' 13,7-af, 1-,X Z,3':.:5j - "W 5.4 gi- .' ,. . QIII me ra4q ,- . fflfffff 'ill ,,'jQ1f5,.'fEfi 'M-'X'-522, if ., iEiv b-':- ZIESE' af1E?D':LL'5iQ!ffTF v l . ,'!.."-S' age...- -1,-- " "Qian 1,15 A .. N a 'ffsvfl:'?1 b-w .?" fr:-P T .AQ-Al . t ff:---.J-L::M.4 -- .mf .-.-. -fv- - -T N - , . .---sv. - ,.,. vi-"..s.-.,-1-R . ,gf -- e.-f . .-4 , . ., , .g,,g.II tILIIA,III4II:III?:II,TII.gIrgDEI! . .,, . ,II ,. ' - - -U ' " e-wil ' ' ' "T 't.'lV..' -i:'.- -. . - KJ: f-' ' J" ' .: 1'iE1,-ff ' -T71 '-7 ' fa? 3i'5.Q,25e-gglgi-,jL.Mfef?1g,,5s, Girw'--H he . . . ..-,.,,. , ...,, ,, ., -iw .' ew ' -if --as ,., 10F"f's4', f .aPa-..4.- w.+w.fwfn' " 1,-" M -1, I. Jn, H47-ys,,"'X1Q1i '-4"-1 35' , :Jn -1 9j1.v.'cff1,I ' L'K'5r,yI ,fix 1f:f2Qf.',314'wa,f,-.gk 4? f 1' 5' veiR?ef1fv 9 , Q Y 9 . v ', ' xi 1. ' N - ffl 5. 1 'Q - Y ,' x , 1 ,. ' ,, . -if' , nf A f , fs-.W .. . ..,, z y-My ,r Vt' .1 ' K r,..III -A1..'-,,ff"5-I 1... - A ., -.- ' -. -- - L-:?"7:t'v'i"'-"-:r:-f-::- .- 1 '-- II., . . ,: as O . ',-gj.g'gr,g -fi ' v!5'9!21'Q':?:"ifaE-we-'Qf:":: -+ T- I A- -Q' an ,M-vr'H'L'iMff2v"' X ' O ' N- fin ff: 1 K I ,er NT-1 ting-4. V- -,,l :ary-XSS, .rd In ' s?':Q-x he X -ntwqqp SGI affix?-'lv 1 N- , L Wwu A my WWI' I 4 nag, 53'a.1'-T., 1 - W A "V- Mila -1 4 ' LH' r' ' P i, 01 Ig Y aq-1 JTBQT 4" :Q ggi Q :W 'A sia'-grit, -kit' u :Jiri LQISXAA7' if II V" "V ziigyz , N xg, 7"lm'm1"- S1 J L v ' ff ' 1 1'-life skwvd' M44 3J1Q,2grfC,M' were 'A A KX 4 u r. 4 C:--f . e- . n , - . .',. v t. 'V' "' ' ""'-1' I " !:1'J' ,:-:ff -, N gag I -1 -..--5-f ,.- fn:-2 K 1. . - --Q - f., :A , - r Q ' - H . ' - '-1T',,A "q A"-' " '--71 1' . f' 'L' - ln- ' 5' FM," 3 ""t"': '43 if." Q .S T - 'f""t4If"', A W' Y Y'-LY 'git' lf. SS' ' .., . is ..,4.'l.1 1-I..-I :I I : - .I ge. .I Ik- 1' ,, ',.I :,,..:.5' 4..'.b - - - ,f.m.'.1-.- ,. "4,+- g " " ff' 'Z -. 'M A-we -, - V A wp 2 ' ' - -- -M W , A gQ.'QfC1 2, 4 , II:-l1v5k,.IIL. dl 'Surg III:-.V I ' I.f:.-:L sf . -wr.-r.:':: -.. e"r"'i".i'.,17 - Taker -K. ,yew -f-- --,5 ., N. . n , . A. ... -,- 3 f f+ 15:-'nw . A '- 'af " "ZA-:..1 ' 'f'if'.g'?' -' 1 '21 Y -1 A .Vg "QV, ,-ap L .- +II,,I.f4 Q - 'I f. 1--' Y ra.. f. ' "1 ' ', 1' 2 A'3'i+:+,,-xii: ..-P, A 1.1 F pe- - R. f - A . - . . "L-:"..m T , 2" .v '- .fr-4 -' 4 9-1'-.13 7 -1 4 if -V 1'4. 'fr - f -we -,...g,' ' 111 . ,- ,-wr-. 1.1, -.-.-,, .g ,Lf-7,,,h -gm, va ,J Q.-5 T, , -,.,r'f,l,I,, .--114 ,,,f, 5 .I.,,,.L2- ,I -. 'f...."Q ' - , 92+ p-. J?.9',P?: "Fil:x'-'g"v"I"'l1-:gif 913 fa.: 1 '- 1 M ' U1 'f':1. .- '-':-L.: W- -- :- .f . A " M' f. 1, '14 V 145. "-. -'-'v.:,- v 4. " "g.A,Y 4. - - 1' pn' , ,.-,?- ., .f ' I . I 'HP The Freshman Baseball Team are TOP ROW, L. TO R. , Julian Villegas, manager, Mario Valdez, julio Orsonia, Tom Stancyk, Carrie Shepherd, Rob Kato, jim Czimbal, Richard Davis, Coach Deshaneg FRONT ROW, L. TO R. , Mike Castillo, Ruben Parada, Thomas, Joe De Leon, Alex Maldonado, Gabriel Rodriguez, Ray Tolentlno, johnny Rodriguez. 'w r A E -Q iislb r bf -. A V tg: '4 ik? ,:"?u 1'...AI 1! Ln' ,4 iq K 'A Q 'Tia 'Mi " V "' , 5 III,I s'i'I:' 'f ... - I ' 'TM :K qv 35 ' ' Q if ' 4 ' - ' x A' 5 '4 ,' . I II , I I W 5 fl, l wills K . 'I I, I , " 'i1'SQnrff- . . V., , 1 if'-2: L rm n-. ' 2' Qarugx.. . I 1. ,.1 - - 'EW as ,- m lv WOMEN 'S TENN S . 3 911' ,' . ,ff-7 f if ' 1.5, nj LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Smith, T. Cole, J. Guevara, P. Gomez, R. Flores, K. Satterfield, S. Tate, D. Battieste, B Kavanaugh, J. McKenzie, Coach Keese. BOTTOM ROW: L. Garcia, L. Battieste, T. Palmer. BELOW LEFT: Sybil Tate, Voted "Most Valuable Player". AT RIGHT: Rosie Flores, Voted "Most Improved". LY r L K- ,r- n . 5, -. .41 1. M ry ' '. . ' 'LM4-, ' -1 .1 r 'y-'V " , ,--V r ., 1A ,. My .f. ' A WOM EN 'S VOLLEYBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: JUNIOR VARSITY: L. Dennis, K. Monette, M. Templos, T. Hite. VARSITY: L. Tuitau, M. Holmes, S. Ervin, D. Traister, Coach Roberts, K. Rich, L. Farris, D. Dexter. JUNIOR VARSITY: L. Oliva, Y. Sanders, E. Perez, Y. Carter. ABOVE: Betty Kavanaugh returns volley. SPORTS QUEENS AND KINGS 4.4. 1: gm.. ..- -v ,ff .xiii Q . --JW . TOP VOLLEYBALL King Tony Gutierrez BOTTOM BADMINTON King Mario Proctor xi! f . I , ,. V lf A I , . Al a. ' nl BASEBALL FOOTBALL Queen, Beatrice Diaz Queen, Andrea Mathews TRACK BASKETBALL Queen, Teresa Skuarek Queen, Kim Thompson ""!"il' I. . , ,- -1.15. Ar, my f I -Ian". J' f " - 1 ,rf P' I I v' ' I 'L 'A I I F ' Q ' ' '05 . H I . I-W E Q N? ' , 1 511.1 1 Pm J. A ,J .AM Rf Y-riff" .J A KX , ip' af ga- .k H yr 'F I 'gs -I4 nf' S ' Q, . ' W7 I ,! 1' , - I ii a H f . - If iqffgf ,x 1..N - Y . E ,,,.,.,. .4 ., , -4 .. I TENNIS Queen, Amy Mukai CROSS COUNTRY Queen, Rosa Vargas WOMEN 'S BADMIN TON '7 7 v gli -, 2 ' . -. .A . Y " llwfirf ia! , " L1 .Y TSW: Q! TOP: Marla Winston, Lisa Wainright, Nellie Tuitau, Donna Traister, Rosie Flores, Yvonne Carter. MIDDLE: Kathy Monette, Coach Angel Roberts, Debbie Hulse, Demetric Battieste, Maxine Smith, Lemetric Battieste, Kiva Winston. BOTTOM: Beverly Hope, Manager Roberta Dexter, Tonya Palmer, Estela Perez, Imelda Perez, Magdalena Templos, Kay Sanchez. Qia- g ' gs" ' ' LEFT: Magdalena Templos-Singles Player. ABOVE: Estela Perez- Singles Player. L.-- B The Badminton Season started with promise. Being ' last year's champs the team had a good chance to ' take the SAL crown again. , A . ., .A .E-lg 1 Q ...J . -J, --'WN-..u -.:- - r P ff rr-. WOM EN 'S BASKETBALL The Varsity Basketball Team are TOP ROW, L. TO R. , Coach Keese, T. Kincade, B. Harris, D. Traister, S. Tate, Y. Telphy, and Coach Tolbert. FRONT ROW, L. TO R. , M. Holmes, J. Jenkins, D. Dexter, L. Dawson, and K. Rich. BELOW, Telphy scores two with Holmes ready for tfhe rebound. '--N 1 "' F- 1- lf 1 1 S 1 NN- INIFKV 'XX fs I Q V, I L II. C T .ew - ' ' 3, --04-kv ., J X 'slr' Y . ,E X, W X .Ni ,I , A R- 13 , R" I f Lf U 'l-U ,,, , , -4 'vm 2 , ll 3: ' . -gd .Lg ii L ,,., -?TL4ff'f ,,l -7' 1 , The J.V. Basketball Team are TOP ROW, L. TO R. , Coach Keese, S. Hughes, D. Lincoln, V. Proctor, K. Magette, and Coach Tolbert. FRONT ROW, L. TO R. , G. Munoz, A. Thomas, V. Forte, C. Hollis. 124 T b WOMEN 'S TRACK TEAM COMPETED AT DUAL MEETS 13:3 . . , 4 ' .r -, , MA vs T . The Women's Track Team are, L. TO R., P. Harris, L. Onken, B. Western, T. Lofton, V. Bell, voted Athlete of the Weekg C. Johnson, H. Williams, I. Jones, S. Fitz. FRONT, C. Casillas. Y N I 9 N ABOVE AND RIGHT, Theresa Lofton is out of the " , - V - V Sa ', if? blocks and over the hurdles. 'T bw is :bid ,,' 6.01 J -fl xy, .- ,-,a'-1' ' '- ' --QS' " T255- .---Q-, .5"","u-m-, ,4 ri A X tr X :ir-sf X: 1 ..Y..,.', I I vu Y- , .-a,.-4 lb I , 31.00 f 'Yam fl H-. 44-' 4 - .15 My N 5 - 1'-dai-'Zz' .. .. '- .A . -.,'4.4v5-.,. W- ' l'."x ,.,l l . x'xY L" 3 s S 50-fffkf-rfwr, A ay - ew . L ,. IN -,v v,. . H. ,. 1.5 , X 5. W. . , 4. .:.1'1':7T'+ V 1:-+'A""':I,' . v --, ' ' .,vi,1,115!,! ' ..'.- ,T TLLQU 4f???51'A5fL . 1 'r N. 1. l 1 ' w- , . Varsity Cheerleaders are , OPPOSITE PAGE5 TOP LEFT, TOP TO BOTTOMg Marcella Marquez, Diana Bishop, Shelly Farris, Co-Captaing Donna Oglesby, Lilia Ruiz, Lety Salazar, Captaing TOP RIGI-ITg Lew Salazar, Captain. BOTTOM RIGHT, Diana Bishop. THIS PAGE TOP TO BOTTOMg Marcella Marquez, Donna Oglesby, Lilia Ruiz. 'Q CJ 'N4 U1 -bg qv B' W , ' x 1' L -A 'AQ--ll VARSITY CHEERLEADER Shelly Farris, Varsity Co-Captam. N QE' WHSKVE 5-Q v ff ,.. Q Ji, nv , .. Kr DCI gp- El.. N if P Q '. , 'I' , vu -,pf -ng, Us -1 2' V 1 1 sm -g. no , . vt' 'f Q' 1 - I , ." I f 'r. ! 1. . .p,' 1 1'. . A r, , S af" 3 x,. ..- fy ."" ei , T45 ei w 44' Aa, . pf 4' 9 :,A-' me . 4"v N . P I RS RSI YSO GL ES- Sylvia Hugh Dorothy Holguin, RIGHT, TO LEFT TTOM Kathy Padilla. BO ' ght ain Molina, Lisa W ie Ma: RIGHT, TO FT LE P TO Varsity Songleaders are, A 'Q l'4. 6 f1"'24 ' KA -: I 1' A X, . ,ef wi 1 Sandy Bollerman, Eleanor Winfred, Loretta Garcia, oM, L To R, TT Smith. BO Melody DDLE, L T0 R, Sue Bennett, UNH Glove TOP , Monica Varsity Flag leaders are, .fR'lf::,34-tn v . 1 4 'nu f 5'l,.:5-l9"."V- If 1 ' :..v-1.yT4' ' ' . ' A A ' Lriifsffa ,. .5 . A. ,, nm '3"a4,44T"Y'7"1... 'IAA' 552 f ., I 4 'AX .f cf-..,-p-'S -5- -E V Y. 1.4.0, ,M -I, -, . , -, .1 4, -,. Q ' 'w v-','. ' V " .'. " ,, R L -.: . . " .f'.",,5 ".- . eq., A 1 'N' . :xv ',-'Q ' -. - 1. , . -. 1. Q -.1-.Q-1 .s -, - . , -. . - -4.4. . .,..rZ.'. ,-1-Ravi .' 'f 1' L. 1 . - ' -- - Q Y - FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Freshman Cheerleaders are, TOP, Tillie Carr. BOTTOM, L TO R, Jody McKenzie, Gretchen Oglesby. DRILL TEAM Drill Team Members are, TOP L TO R, Panda Malana, Patty Castaneda, Rosie Osornia, Liz Graham, Sandra Fritz, Ronda Stone, Vonda Stone, Sonya Capuchino, Donna McClureg MIDDLE ROW L TO R, Cheryl Castaneda, Annette Ybarra, Star Cordova, Tammy Weigner, Yolanda Reyes, Donna Hicks, Susan Curry, BOTTOM L TO R, Yolanda Bender, Kim Curling, Debbie Alaniz, Captain, Ramona Washington. A. .V - F' QL',"'-ffw-----, " '.-QQ-A' . '4 13f-Gi. F'-'-'ff5'f57 '77 .Eff ' Y 'YL , . ' ' V . , W ,. Alas'-' ,, ,, , '.-'. , fry..-. , -i N-wav , L , -1- I , , ' ' 1 , haf .-Q51-4 K-F. ,gre . 7 - , ' -"-1.--.K 41.1-. f A- -pi - , - , . - ' 1- .' -1.0 g5'-,- Q V, . - ,.f:. 1..' ' - F" L. me . 1' en.,-r,-12+.- , R--W K' ' wb' 3' f'1', ,aux U.-we ,'ZM'4 'P 6' git.-,Q "fn-:-. , VQQQQ-+V - i,:-may-ns W ,,,1r.r.lQ, 1 fsmppa 'ar - -T ,.-1-1 ". ' -3 .-I . 1.-P. 4-, ,U W9 4' 1 .-1-. 1 fb Qiwfe X L 2 Hg Princess Heather Morse Princess Anna Duran LTV W. N Lynn ,. L, Princess Denise Hollier Princess Micki Garcia Princess Kim Johnson Princess MaryAnn Camacho fh R IIN, I Sqft? 'tl I ,I f s ll 'NIGHT IN WHITE SATIN" CHRISTMAS COURT REIGNS OVER DANCE Q 4 HTH PRINCESSES MI CKI , ANNA, AND KIM, BEING CRO WNED, BY LAST YEARSS' SNOW QUEEN BECK Y GONZALES. """m.., 1 1,1 . em- ff' Advisor - Miss Margaret Govaer President - Mike Sundin A Q! I v . Advisor - Mr. Norman Poulos President - Ken Heflin TERN ATI O AL FRIENDS IP SOCIETY I Advisors - Miss Donna Douty and Mrs. jean Kido President - Karen Davenport xl' I I ,1. w'Wr ' fif-'JE f' K5 T e.aif:ii..4 - sz? , . r 1,1 -1-"'f.-in fi'ff,'1:zf I fi V' 5 'f7iLu" A' I K WMm2HEwEEEBf-fEEEQ A y -hr ' egg , yu any-H. Q . l Lf. YQ rgjsfpid 'oE K if xgwww . .4 .1 . ,L+ . ' I " A ' ' I ' , , , X -A 1 1 A " J L.. A --P' n A f M- ' A Advisor - Mr. joel Wiese Advisor - Ms. Aura Kruger President - David Padilla DRAMA HHHHQL HA D DHA SSH ISDH 'VX 'VN Advisor - Mr. Richard Talley Advisor - Ms. Lillie Harvey President - Stella Cordova Advisor - Mr. Louis Castruita President - Connie Martinez Advisor - M.r. Fernando Canedo President - Victor Gonzales Advisor - Mr. Louis Castruita President - Tony Gutierrez Advisor - Mr. Willie Boston President - David Tynes ri .ELI CCER SO BfHl E-IDVH DNV? NH HH.LrLEI'I DIHHOJ Advisor - Miss Margaret Govaer President - Larry Mayfield Advisor - Miss Carolyn Primus President - Melonee jackson Advisor - Mr. Jack Hilgendorf President - Marty Rupp Advisor - Mrs. Angel Roberts President - Lisa Farris Advisor- Ms. Claudia G1-igsby President - Willa Williams CE E SCI JiC CK BLA THEATER E SEMBLE I I I I 4 Advisor-Mrs. Friedman Pre sident-Phillip Lee FT 'J rx.. Advisor-Ms. Aura Kruger President-Leeanne Castro LJ wx, bi I Q.. 'HV' Advisor-Mrs. Ginger Friedman President-Roger Cole Xwr ' . X Cx Advisor-Mr. Neil Romero President-Gene Andrusco .,,,,,3 ',Qn. f -gg 1' 9 Mx-. , fig, DWL ef? 4' J J I 2 , . -,...fN.,jm .-- 'v "T" .4 if-:M "Wifi 'Na ear f N 'QD nib 'N QQ-M,LL,.v5 ,' v. A Jqnw- is ' 4 it 4' ' 1 1 PROM COURT Q The regal Los Angeles Hilton ballroom was the scene of Garey's first Prom Queen Coro- nation. The Queen and her court reigned over the Junior-Senior Prom dance "The Way We Were", May 28. The Dancers elected the Queen from the court which Was elected by Junior and Senior Men. Senior Princess Senior Princess LETY SALAZAR CARLETT CADOR Q J! Q ,,.QQ, 414 .Q 4-ici: NN' Q A if I "1,: I ."N L -I , . .1 Gfimhxiearv rlillgiffsl 1 In V . 1 ,.. vw' - Senior Princess LILIA RUIZ PFPTYN - hju -N Junior Princess BETH TIMS Junior Princess Junior Princess WANDA BIAS MARTHA SALAZAR BLACK HI TORY WEEK WEEK ACTIVITIES FEBRUARY 7-10 MONDAY 1. Black History Showcase Rally Schedule 11:20-11:50 2. Noon Activities Hot Dogs sold all Week Art show Films - P-11 Music in Quad T UESDA Y 1. Noon Activities Music - Quad African Dance Show Featuring "Roots" play. WEDNESDA Y 1. Noon Activities Music - Quad Band - Stage Talent Show TH U RSDA Y 1. Clabe Haugen - Assembly 11:05-11:50 2. Noon Activities Fashion Show - Quad Music nfhfiylq S.. I' BAREFOOT IN THE PARK The Carey High School Drama Department produced BAREFOOT IN TI-LE PARK. LEFT, jane Sullivan plays Corrie and David Padilla is Mr. Velasco. BELOW, Leanne Castro plays Corrie 'S mother and Michael Lopez appears as Paul Bratter OUT UF THE FRYING PAN BELOW, a scene from OUT OF TI-IE FRYING PAN. L. TO R. , Sharon Delehant fMuriel Fosterl Lynda Smith fMa1-ge Bensonj Leanne Castro fPolice Officerjjane Sullivan fPolice Officerj Cedrick Carter CNox-man Reese, Danny Reyes fTony Dennisonj Michael Lopez fMr. Kennyj Dora Holguin QDotl:ie Coburnj Leroy jones QGeorge Bodellj Mary Goble fMIS. Garnetj Thomas Baca fMr. Coburnyjackie Nagey fKate Aultj. MARCHIN G BAND TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Terry Davis, Ronald Williamson, Terrysa A. Imberi, Vincent Jackson, Adam Baca, Vincent Newborn, Mike Washinton, Robert Burnap, Danny Romo, jim Reeks, Gene Andrusco. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT, john Guevara, Larry Mayfield, Becki Western, Mary Tolentino, Greg Russell, George Rodriguez, Ricky Larez, Raymond Perez, Brian Luman, Richard Mullman, George Bojorquez, Nacho Medel. THIRD ROW, LEF TTO RIGHT, Rhonda Breer, Melissa Clem, Juanita Linton, Sharron Tate, Betty Valizan, Connie Flanders, Kittie Comried, Cathy F. Gonzales, Ed Bennett, Teresa B. Gomez, David Western. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, john Foster, Donny Sarenana, Mike Castillo, Roger K. Cole, Lamar Wilson, jimmy Hendricks. Drum Major: Cedric Carter. Majorette: Melinda Perez. HDVAOA SH fn TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Leroy Jones, Vincent Newborn, Cedric Carter, Tony Hubbard, Lynn Cobbs, Antoinette Henderson. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Martha Salazar, Letty Salazar, Tonia Palmer, Loretta Garcia, Lori Mc Clure, Linda Smith, Lilia Ruiz, Robin Mc Clure, Jane Sullivan. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, David Newton, Elmer Gibson, Tony Cole. ox Ig, ii' bn. P"if? ' QD Z,-gg - f. -K flee. X . vi-In -ix" I - ' s if 'AK , '-V. -. . .f, . ,W ,ii , vi TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Andrusco, Jim Reeks, Rodney Rodriguez, SECOND ROW, L. TO R. : Terrysa A. Imberi, Willie Puckett, Richard Mullman, Danny Romo, Ray Andrejewslcig THIRD ROW, L. TO R.: Russell Tailor, Robert Burnap, Ignacio Medel, John Guevara, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arnie Romero, Teresa B. Gomez, George Rodriguez, Robert Ybarra, David Newton. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Danny Reyes, Jim Reeks, Cedric Carter, Leroy jones, Mike Lopez, Tony Cole. BOTTOM ROW, L. TO R. : jane Sullivan, Jackie Nagey, Susana Solis, Lori McClure, Diane D. Gonzales, Linda Smith, Lynn Cobbs. QI 1- 4' wr' I .,, . 'M'-R.u ,' ' I ,il Q CJ L f IQ Q ,,.u.,,,, ,V v I " 1 'ff-:gm-f--, ,M-'Yr Q . ,, -s-.. I Ir. 4??r' -sry!--. ,.f, yI, ,.' , ., . k,,, , L,-,Cf-9,2 -1 -gf, I, ,aff 4 ,. ,-e-. 4.v1.y.'.,, -1 '.' , :A-, -, 'Y 1-'1"4K4-In f' ,I , ff -- -uf' 'f- BACK WARDS C0 U RT King Alvin "Vegee" Hollier, RIGHT, reigned over the Backwards Court and two weeks of Spirit Days. The climax of these activities was the rally and dance on April l. The first week's activities included a noon dance and dance contest, a class and club competition, game day, a skateboard contest, a dress up day called International Cool Day, and a Carey High Gong Show. The second week's activities, in addition to the rally and dance, were Slave Day, Dress up Days, the '50's and Kiddies, the Dating Game, a Carnival, and a powder puff foot- ball game. Other Backwards Court members, BE LOW, are the princes, L. TO R. , Ruben Allala, Herbert Banks, Chris Davis, and Rodney Rodriguez. 941' It fl ,fi , -F, ,Y-: 3, it If ,N ll "MT I I' A . ' ' n ' 'DQR 'l4l'x:,,.i.Q.-..-421 1i.i ' lil-Cir, Pi rg K . Hyip..-mm-. - mu 4 .I ' - , -1. L- .,.' - up 9 lg, -1273i ii- , 'A 'ww X jx P -i -1 + AGA TAF LEFT, Editor-in-chief Cindy Oldham. RIGHT, C o-Editor-in-Chief, Robert Cummings. H I11 1... ' ,X. ' or T- A 'M' w in V-r -- 111 I11 I 1 1 l I' lil: U - 1 lr I 1- llll I l 11 I 1 -114 .ai i , 5 The Saga staff are, BACK ROW, L. TO R. , Cregg Handy, men's sports editorg Mark Pearson, photographerg Ramona. Sanchez, senior editorg De Lorma Hurdle, sophomore editorg Liz Onken, assistant activities editorg Lori Wands, women's sports editorg FRONT ROW, L. TO R. , Lisa Monell, business manage:-3 Anna Duran, junior editorg Wayva Firkel, activities editor. NOT PICTURED, Dora Lee Holguin. f N f 'R Y n ' 43' LEFT, Cathy Hobart, faculty editorg RIGHT, " , iq Peggy Wikum, advertising manager and Nh' ,X editor. fi X-. xx A -,ffm-rngf-5 1 """-'Q 4 A Tik i 25? MARKET SPOT 5 e. phi1ade1ph'a Kg 4 'swf' A 9' 2 - yr w c. -5 C , 'Lie . I V J, 1 CONGRATULATIONS FROM Pomona Cemetery Association R O I OBERT J. RANCK TEL 1714, 622-2029 soz E. FRANKLIN Ava. CONTRIBUTED BY Posr oFFlcE so MQNA, c . CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1977 CHARTER OF THE INDOOR SPORTS CLUB POM ON A PH YSI CALL Y HANDICAPPED SECRETARY 628 7854 MRS MAVIS CUMMINGS PRESIDENT 981-2229 X91 OF lla' V Z ' Q51 Aly S SAWYER CULLEGE - X A f s sv WW W ww W W AUTWPHS QJEQQKYQWQQQSMWQWXQW Ylwwgwigiwig QflWw WWW' as 05,3 WSW ww NIS? Nw W Www wx WW qw SINCE PORTRAITS ARE A GIFT OF LOVE, WE ARE DONATIN G THIS SPACE FOR YOUR SPECIAL MESSAGES. Nrx! IE mi WaLJwEwL PM I Qi 1375 n. ind' n hill blvd. Clar t I'fornia 91711 17141 626-3543 gps- 17 e I 5 Htl P' LJ! ET O T 145623 14.16.1115 iftgtiligke' HARRIS FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishers since 1927 Friday Evenings 'Til 9:00 p.m. . 590 E. Fourth Street Jack Kelly Pomona, Calif. 91766 C7143 622-4022 fl Block S. of Buffums'J , z4HoURs C D F R D SALES SERVICE PARTS gl LEASING FAIR CITY FORD 7 On Holt Ave In Pomona LARGE SELECTION OF NEW 81 USED CARS St TRUCKS "The Ultimate in Service" Cars Trucks 623-2101 623-2109 611 E. Holt Ave. 222 E. Holt Ave. Pomona ' RA i ONS, THE VALLEY S LEADING DAILY NEWSPAPER P1 ogre Bulletin 7 We Build the World s Largest Car Insurance Company on Low Rates and Good Service John Forbmg or James Thompson 936 E. Mission Street Pomona, Calif. 91766 Phone: 629-0751 622-7318 Like a good Neighbor, State Farm is there. MUSIIC TOWN 2 9237 MATTEL INC. 13060 Temple Avenue City Of Industry Calif 91747 MOND SUN 12 NOON E Risconns TAPES 54 ACCESSORIES "WHERE THE Music BEGINS WILSON S RUTHIE K7 J J , . Social and Commercial EDGAR ROTHROCK PUBLISHING COMPANY 351 S Thomas St Pomona, Calif 91766 Telephone C7145 622-4546 Since 1926 C7147 622 3512 2ZMnmur4. 7am Skokie MEN S FORMAL WEAR 1209 E. HOLT BLVD. WEDDING DINNER - DANCE POMONA CA 91767 C7143 683-1901 C7147 347-2192 . I f 1 LOCA A I RIVER IN G miLL:n'S LANDN .. ,. 6j""'!0' -V .11 P 'fiona veil ' a N370 623-7-A Wes! Gov n 1 QarVeV -61 7 A E' 51131957 CLARK BROTHERS - Pomona 1100 E. HOLT POMC9SN'.ZCcL:1ii?F5 623-2431 IBUICK .Sales - Se uic - Leasing - Rental Casa Del Rey Entertainment and Dancing 1332 S. Garey , Pomona, CA. 91766 Ray 84 Marie C7147 623-3848 Proprietors C7143 623-9044 Q L '17 U U I U Y N .LJCEIH SEVI al . :1 in-5. :- Y TV- . -Q- KD C90 N Q Y:- BIRDS 1 - 1 . K ' l . i 5 , - 11 r 7 C ' I -FRESH SALT TROPICAL FISH- GLUB x 4:1119 - K 'N FOOTHILL AND GAREY POMONA CA PHONE 593-4219 ,Qs J ...,....,.,,..x-:.-..., 'Q .-. 53 f I ,W f . ,. nr . A S r" r N A 'z I w 4 ,infix U I 3 +454 A 4 mt'-A, at ' ww dll" k ,, 7, -,LL Xxpl :Vit f 'x .f N Q L O UJLL YlO'f, Ex Via' ,go 1 Q GLRLEBVJW 7 Pj? F'Z"kfJ 4055 wsflvvww bwk J QXPLEX? GAO WUJS Jams Jfalucg in whim ,Um ,eugksfyw f yew AA mu P, W Jww, lb 60 J I . W f How fwff WM JS 'JM W nu KL Cjn.oJ.LkB AQ J ,N sw ox Jw ib 'UR Wim' OSP gy, hL,,ntufw, f3nwv" U' Q tw flfmfgffbw N9 ff if 5dgfwQjf v QWK ,Wjwf ggi, CSV! fiom Clay? ff Q if 9. fx? Eff? fgpx' W fwfr if KD JY Bggfff Ry. 8167 KJ 799 S-VXQOCO F M Wefw' .., E ' Ve 'D Epifffqig M fm9,Qg2w,1 fifiigliigf mmf' ,f,Q6fxmg,i1 'ESQ "i5N3 'J is x 9,04-x Y 'of ,g N0 I QQ", Y dd W5 'y ,E it S 09 Q gd ,E Q 330' ,QQ 'Q 3.-3.55,-5 -Ebxvu 3 gil Q. 0X.g,bQ'kqWlx?Q ' Sex I W . c mf .- V w , . . ab. ' 4. +A. 1. .nf ,J-1, i I . ,rr ' ' '1' .Fi '. Q . 'I' i-,,,, A', , . -M X -H ., 1 JI V b .gt Ill? ,L x ui ' X' 4:1 'f N' .' "' vw- nw . -' 'uu- 31 -5, J L, ' ' " S.. 'IA-1 ' wx . i . , . "aw 7191. , r 'I H ' ,4. , x . 4 'H .,f, gs ' 'hw ,.J , Fl, - . I . avi. ' I A , - - v ,Q Es' ... f -vw f-:T' -gf' , .4 'lgfqag-'f .G 0. v ' , 1 r. - , ' ,eff K' L, 1 Q ' , ,L if 1. iq f! 9439 J ' J flfil -' ' .f ,L-up '- X "X . K.-3 E HL, 4 .W fi J H ,1 '- iv--1 AURANT 6 I yt X A . , U J' fri. ,AIA ., 'Y 'H It . .- if : -L , M 'f2jT4j g. Ji QQ,i?F?fli an -H . " " L '41 ,lf E ' , f V ,LLM 4 .fx J -' I W L I' iff, ,, 'F In - A 1 v fi me, I , 4 , , .. T"w,, 'N . Xa... 'Ig -wx M.. ' . , -wrh ug... 32451 -.'. 7 . A,.. 'aa-N A1 . , -3, 9 li-. . f 1'-fgtfxjavr . P , . I 2 fy if A It V. Q' o 'Q in V 27121- I. -Q-' 21'-, .ui .-,.,., . k b. , ,-f"N rw -M ,Q R '- Q-I1 af l Am gi?" rx " Q Ev. 'Q-,RH r,, 1 I-if w7l1'Tj , ll I fiu- .-

Suggestions in the Garey High School - Saga Yearbook (Pomona, CA) collection:

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