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IflC V «« ' 1 ' • «! 4 I ' 1 » ►i M ' «ft| mS ' ■r V i -t l l THE CLASSICS . . . GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE BOILING SPRINGS, NC THE 1986 WEB iU NEW (n y oo) adj. 1. un- accustomed 2. begun afresh 3. refreshed; re- juvenated Looking for fresh beginnings? Try late August and early September at GWC! The annual return to campus after summer holidays is always sure to bring new tasks and challenges, as well as plenty of new relationships. For many, there is also an encounter with new technology, as Gardner- Webb keeps up with the information age. The 1985-86 school year adds the extra fresh touches of a new place to grab a snack and new selections in the bookstore. Don ' t worry, though; not everything is changing. The same old " classic " post office boxes will always be frustratingly difficult to open! i F NEW (cont) 4. dif- ferent and distinct from what was be- fore. " Progressive is another one of those words that fits Gardner-Webb to a " T. " Whether it ' s the BSU making the most of a weekend at Ridgecrest, the Outdoor Explorers club daring to go " where no man has gone before, " or the Davis School of Nursing crossing frontiers in the field of health care, GWC is not about to be left behind! -iL NEW (con ' t) 5. a. not old; recent b. used for the first time 6. recently become known College is definitely not all serious business! Somehow there ' s always time for a favorite TV show, some high calorie treats, or just plain " clownln ' around. " The experiences, the ex- citement, the priceless moments . . . they are always new. Of course, the " first time " encounter with inflation In the bookstore isn ' t exactly thrilling, but even the rougher parts of campus life become special when shared with those new friends, " recently dis- covered " folks with that special quality that says, " I ' ll be here for you . . . with you . . . forever. " It me ' . ' akv T - CLAS • SIC (klas ' ik) adj. 1. of the highest rank Excellence, on the playing field as well as In the classroom, Is a long-standing tradition at Gardner- Webb. Athletics mean more than skill, effort, and scoring, though: that indefinable Bulldog spirit counts for so much. Those who work on the sidelines, giving their best to keep that spirit alive, deserve recognition as leaders In that pursuit of ex- cellence which sets Gardner-Webb apart as " always classic. " v A-r -it CLAS • SIC (con ' t) 2. serving as a model of its kind Model . . . standard . . . image . . . inspiration — the ideas run together. Seasons of change leave their mark on the major symbols of Gardner-Webb ' s herit age — the Light Tower, Dover Chapel, the Boiling Spring, and the Webb Administration Build- ing, among others — yet something of a rich past, an inspiring tradition in which the Gardner-Webb of today is solidly anchored, seems ever present. Amid the change and progress, a silent voice whispers, " Classic. " M f aV 13 TABLE OF CONTENTS Activities 18 Sports 34 Organizations 60 Faculty 76 People 96 14 Classic . . . New im. mr. ' ' kt .-. ' . 15 w " 4 k, m M m ' r:M ■Ml ' virJ ' mv ««- . ' • " " III. •• ' • : ' ; vtntciiciJ.i- ■-; icctlllltllllllll — ' " lie itaiiiiii ' II i ai» " ■ - •• i 11 IJi ' SllI.f,,, Jll.itllll,,,, 17 tun «-v w« . ' ' 19 20 Utt « ' - m. .- . . rt hO ' T o A 22 and so it continues. im mf ' ' m x4 B -i ' ' i The week of Homecoming 1985 was filled with numerous activities including spint contests, dress-up days, and nightly socials. The week ended with a Homecoming dance sponsored by the social committee. The Homecoming theme " Just for a moment . . . Back in time " carried through every occasion and made Homecoming ' 85 one of the best ever! 23 HOMECOMING 1985 The QUEEN and her court ' ST Freshman Attendant Sfiaron Nichols Sophomore Attendant Rebekah Powell The Students of Gardner-Webb College elected Mary Willoughby as Homecoming Queen ' 85. During the year, Mary served her fellow students as Vice-President of SGA, President of SNEA, and Big Sister in the G-W Orientation Program. Junior Attndant Lynn Wentz Senior Attendant Kaylynn Watts 25 iW FALL Drama . . . NO EXIT The Cast of " No Exit " : Amanda Oliver as Estelle: Karen Shafer as Inez; Steven Hamrick as Cradeau; Greg Threatt as Bellboy. 26 lg - -. SPRING DRAMA AT GARDNER-WEBB The first theatre production in the spring was THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND by British playwright Tom Stoppard. The production, directed by Dr. JeffElwell, is a broad — based farce which involves two theatre critics in a murder — mystery play that they are reviewing. Several Gardner-Webb students were cast in the play including Amanda Oliver as Felicity, Steven Hamrick as Simon, Chuck Haynes as Magnus, and Kim Harris as Mrs. Drudge. Also in the play are staff members Karen Shafer as Lady Cynthia Muldoon and Thomas Brown as the critic Moon. Dr. Tim Cherry had the role of the corpse. THE REAL IN- SPECTOR HOUND ran February 13 - 16. The second Spring theatre production was a Gilbert and Sullivan revue entitled, AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY MINUTES. The production was directed by Thomas Brown and designed and conceived by Dr. Jeff Elwell and Barry Whitfield. AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY MINUTES was performed April 1 1 and April 12. The final Spring theatre production was a public perfor- mance by the Acting Fundamentals class. The perfor- mance consisted of a variety of short scenes performed by one or more of the class members. The actors were: Angela Ayers, Shellie Hamrick, Grady Martin, Amanda Oliver, Henry Doo, Lisa Stephens and Karen Shafer. The production dates were April 28 and 29. The perfor- mances were directed by Dr. Elwell. v n J ' . Hw- ' - ' I ■ r i i GARDNER-WEBB DORM LIFE 28 m . u 30 O say can you see; by the dawn ' s early light, What so proudly we hailed, at the twilight ' s last gleaming. Whose broad strips and bright stars, thro ' the perilous fight, O ' er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets ' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro ' the night that our flag was still there. O say, does that Star-spangled Banner yet wave. O ' er the land of the free and the home of the brave? - Frances Scott Key 31 i 32 r: 1985-1986 GARDNER WEBB Sept. Oct. Nov. FOOTBALL 14 Davidson 21 Newberry 28 Georgia Southwestern 5 Livingstone 12 Lenoir Rhyne 19 Catawba 26 Carson-Newman 2 Elon 9 Presbyterian 16 Mars Hil 23 Wofford f T S. y 1 MEN ' S BASKETBALL Nov. Dec. Jan. 15 18-19 22-26 29-30 2 5 7 13 14 4 9 11 13 16 18 20 23 25 30 1 4 6 8 13 15 17 19 22 24 Mount Olive Rotary Dixie Classic WBTV Carolina Classic Hickory Rotary Classic Elon Barber-Scotia Catawba Trevecca Nazarene North Carolina Central North Carolina Central Voorhees Lenoir Rhyne Johnson C. Smith Limestone Belmont Abbey High Point Elon Wingate Mars Hill Mount Olive Catawba Belmont Abbey Mars Hill Barber-Scotia Lenoir Rhyne East Coast Bible High Point Wingate Limestone WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Nov. Dec. Feb. 19 21 26 30 3 5 7 9 11 13 16 18 23 25 28 30 1 4 6 8 10 13 15 Central-Wesleyan Wofford Sacred Heart Campbell Pfeiffer Barber-Scotia Catawba Campbell Lenoir Rhyne Mars Hill Wofford Belmont Abbey Warren Wilson Pfeiffer USG-Spartanburg Mars Hill Warren Wilson Catawba Belmont Abbey Sacred Heart Central-Wesleyan Barber-Scotia Lenoir Rhyne BULLDOGS ATHLETIC SCHEDULE Mar. Apr. WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL 11 14 15 18 20 21 22 25 3 5 7 10 -12 Campbell Catawba Tournament Mars Hill Pfeiffer N.C. A T Pembroke Appalachian Wingate Guilford Atlantic Christian Catawba Lenoir Rhyne District Tournament TRACK Pfeiffer Lenoir Rhyne Pfeiffer Voorhees Francis Marion Invitational Davidson Relays District Meet Bulldog Invitational MEN ' S BASEBALL MEN ' S TENNIS 27 Winthrop Feb. 18 Belmont Abbey 3 Central-Wesleyan 21 Mars Hill 4 Erskine 22 Pfeiffer 5 Newberry 25 Wake Forest 6 USC-Spartanburg 26 Pfeiffer 13 Catawba Mar. 10 UNC-Asheville 19 High Point 11 Wofford 21 Wingate 13 Washington College 22 Wofford 14 Lenoir Rhyne 24 Pfeiffer 17 North Greenville 26 St. Vincent 18 Lenoir Rhyne 27 Davidson 19 Newberry 29 Guilford 21 North Greenville 3 UNC-Asheville 22 Wingate 5 Mars Hill 25 Belmont Abbey 8 Winthrop Apr. 3 Mars Hill 9 High Point 4 Wofford 11 Pfeiffer 5 Belmont Abbey 12 USC-Spartanburg 7 UNC-Asheville 14 Furman 9 Wingate 16 Catawba 10 Davidson 18 Duke 14 UNC-Greenville 19 Atlantic Christian 16 Wake Forest 23 Elon 18-19 District Tournament 24 Wake Forest 26 Lenoir Rhyne 28 Wofford 1 Wake Forest CROSS COUNTRY Sept. 13 Warren WilsonAVofford 21 USC-Spartanburg Invitational 28 Winthrop Invitational Oct. 5 District Meet ■ 35 ii(.l r The GWC Cheerleaders . . k The 1985-86 Cheerleaders (left to right) are; Celina Faulker, Eddie Rhodes, Julie Burton, Chuck Stephens, Risa Pless (sponsor), Mike Rousseaux (The Bulldog), Amy Tucker (co- captain) Lyman Jones (co-captain), Kim Austin, Milton Chapman, Ryan Gerhardt, Danny Bush The squad started off their 1985-86 cheering season by attending a cheerleading camp at Memphis State University the first week of August. They came back to GWC with 6 awards: 1 white ribbon ( " Outstanding " ), 2 red ribbons ( " Excellent " ), 2 blue ribbons ( " Superior " ), and 1 spirit stick. Their sincere efforts came together to produce the best cheerleading squad GWC has seen in some time! The Spirit of the Season iV., 38 m " Get ' em Bulldogs! " 1 ► ► 1 1 iO 1985 — 86 Gardner-Webb Numerical Football Roster No Name 1 Frady, Jeff 2 Richardson, Kelvin 3 Greenlee, Mark 5 Early, JImbo 6 Crutchfleld, Mike 7 Twitty, Tim 8 Walker, Pete 9 Campbell, Tony 10 Bianco, Al 11 Spikes, Leroy 12 Ward, Mike 13 Kimel, Mark 14 Benson, Bruce 15 James, Jesse 16 Cunningham, Frank 17 Childress, Tim 18 Jiles, Joe 19 Walraven, Kenny 21 Morgan, Mack 22 Stewart, Wayne 23 Fowler, Gene 24 Brown, Chris 25 Tate, Ken 26 Sexton, Mike 27 Rhinehardt, Wade 28 Carter, Tony 29 Golden, Leigh 30 Eaves, Teddy 31 Lewis, Terry 32 Knight, Todd 34 Phillips, Tony 35 Williams III, John 36 Strong, Mike 37 McKenzie, Tim 38 Smith, James 40 Gilliard, Willie 41 Roberts, Jeff 42 Pressley, Curt 43 Hardnett, Walter 44 Brewton, Eric 45 Bowens, Perry 46 Thomopson, Kelly 47 Keese, Tim Pos. 48 Tinsley, Sterling QB 51 Creel, Scott WR 52 James, Norman DB 53 Bolin, Joe RB 54 Perry, Darryl RB 55 Wood, Brian RB 56 Hill, Wes K 57 Peebles, Butch RB 58 Sawyer, Kevan QB 60 Griffin, Darryl DE 61 Poole, Charlie QB 62 Medford, Chris RB 63 Pitts, Grant QB 65 Strong, Darryl QB 66 Wright, Ozzie WR 67 Greene, Mark WR 68 Tomblin, Brian DB 69 Hardie, Tim QB 71 Hailstock, Anthony LB 72 Gilchrist, Dennis DB 73 Muller, Mark WR 74 Mitchell, Tony DB 75 Smith, Marty DB 76 Chappell, Jimmy DB 77 Loftis, Dale WR 78 Quinerly, Andre RB 79 Hugh, Delmonte WR 80 Riddleberger, David DB 81 Pondo, Mike DB 82 Chester. Wes DE 83 Loy, Steve RB 84 Archie, Floyd RB 85 Simpson, Tony RB 86 Wilson, Ricky LB 87 Franklin, Jody DE 88 Harbaugh, Tim LB 89 Brown, Phil K 90 Arline, Cornell RB 92 Mahaley, Chris RB 94 Greason, Bobby DB 95 Lyall, Ken LB 96 Talley, Joe RB 97 Mullinax, Mark DE 99 Hall, Wayne DB OL DL OL LB OL TE DL LB DL OL OL OL OL LB K OL DL DL DL OL LB OL OL DL OL DL DE TE TE K DL WR TE TE WR TE DL LB OL OL OL DL Back row: (left to right) COACHES: Tony Holland, Rick Scott, Al Manning, Buddy Bridges, Greg Taylor, Woody Fish (Head Coach), David Dowd, Joe Hunter, David Franks, Dewey Lusks. I 41 -5 •? -•• ' •■ a.r x 42 £i u -:-- rui 3 H 0 1 ' Zl ' W ' i 43 u m " -T B A S G M K W E E c N ' T S B A L L 10 Matt Gibson 40 Joey Renfroe 11 Aaron Patterson 42 Roger Norris 12 Chris Brown 54 Randy Grayson 14 Brad Smith Tyrone McCowan 20 Grady Martin Eddie Johnson 23 Jamie Johnson Tim Vaughan (Manager) 24 Duvall McCloskey Richard Bowman (Trainer) 30 Ben Davis Tal Groce (Video-tape Operator) 31 Stan Easterling John Raskins (Assistant Coach) 32 Sam Tyson 34 Tom Bridges Jim Wiles (Head Coach) £m iU. 46 0C ' 47 • ■ «¥ mf — " ■» ' ' i .. The Lady Bulldogs Below: The JV Cheerleaders are: {left to right) Kimberly Petty, Teesha Price, Jill Sutphin: (standing) Brad Lowder. ' 1 ' - " KHi L 1 B teJ 1 J a 1 ¥1 H Tll mr.M 1 w JMC if fc r Y f rii i k ' ' - . S r4 . .r j 48 ■I B A W S G O K W M E GET N ' B S A L L 20 22 23 24 25 30 31 32 33 34 35 40 42 44 Michelle Hamilton Jenny Riddle Becky Thurman Sandra Tate Donna Hendrix Laura Martin Gloria Campbell Lolita Rowe Kim Haywood Madonna Way Amy Dellinger Angie Black Rhonda Edwards Lisa Sabbarth Ricky Fortner (Manager) Sally Christman (Assistant Coach) Sally Black (Head Coach) 49 i , G W C V O L L Y 2 Medlin Shaum 7 Jenny Riddle 8 Pam Hager 9 Donna Robertson 10 Kim Haywood 11 Lisa Stewart 12 Lara Sellers 13 Angle Black 14 Donna Hendicks 15 Rhonda Edwards Coach Janet Dickson Manager Jack Moore A L L 50 mm GWC Women ' s Softball ack row: Sarah Gettys, Mechelle Radford, Michelle Hamilton, Donna Hendrix, Laura Martin Donna Roberson Kim Havwonri Rhnnrta 51 i .. GWC GOLF 1986 THE 1986 GWC GOLF TEAM: Dr. Garland Allen (sponsor), Dewayne Branch, Cote BIythe, Tracy Connor, David Helton, Jay ' ■ ' - .,. Hughes, Darryl Leonhardt, and s,j». 2fc-sv Kevin Parsons. " T I ' , If " Baseball . . . u . the Classic 53 il.. 54 « Bulldog Baseball 1 Mike Cheek 2 Robbie Sparks 3 IVIonte Whitener 4 Ozzie McFarland (Coach) 5 Joey Moss 6 Tim Daniels 7 Brett Bridges 8 Jeff Spargo 9 Bobby Avery 11 Jeff Smith 12 Jeff Allred 13 Dave Smithey 14 Tim Daves 15 Clint Wiles 16 Kirk Dotson 17 Gary Cox 20 Jack Moore 21- Dan Elliot 22 Brian Feree (asst. coach) 23 Dave MacDonald (asst. coach) 24 Rick Wilson (Coach) 25 Richard Ivey 27 Mark Ellis 29 Keith Bridges 55 GW Women ' s Tennis 56 II Left to right: Gary Patterson, Richard Hardy, Grant Smisor, Mark Sanders, Charlie Reynolds (Coach), Kenny Wilson, Shaun Ingram, Rob Land, Gordon Honeyctt, GW Men ' s Tennis 57 • - - -r f .- 58 ' J ' HAPY HOUSE COUNCIL: (left to right) Beth tobinson (President), Lynn Wentz (Vice- ' resident), Faith Lowe (chaplain) Amanda Sentry (Treasurer), Vickie Melton (Hall ' rector), Lynn Hamrick (Hall Proctor), Pam ills (Hall Proctor). Not Pictured; Isabel Harkins (Residence director), June Taylor Secretary), Beth Parsons (Fire Marshall), (im Saine (Senator), Mindy James (In- ramural representative), Alisa Mantysari Intramural representative), Debbie teadman and Debbie Tutterow (Hall rooters). NANNEY DORM OFFICERS: Rebecca Hilliard (President), Kaylynn Watts (Vice- president), Mrs. Cole (Director), Gale Dent (Dorm Chaplain), Julie Schlagenhauf (Dorm Senator), Mitzi Season (Intramural director). fTROUP DORM OFFICERS: Susan Curti, ran Page, Kathy Hagler, Jan Page, Julie urton. (2nd row) Bonita Roberts, Penny ' arker, Linda Cloninger, Andi Morris. 59 4V, ORGANIZATIONS D! It ?f Je Se II ' Je Nar Cfc: «■«■ JECKER HOUSE COUNCIL: (1st row) Carolyn Turner (President), Lisa Whitener (Vice- bresident), Shelley Ploeg (secretary treasurer), Jennifer Trylor (chaplain). Ram Hager (Dorm Senator). (2nd row) Lesley Hardison, Lynn Johnson, Christie Swaine, Ms. Street (Residence Jirector). Not Pictured: Lisa Parker (Fire v larshall), Mydonna Way (Intramural director), 3ecky Thurman, Jennifer Haynes. CAMPUS HOUSE OFFICERS: (front) Lolita Rowe (president), (second row) IVIitzi McGraw (senator). Joyce Christian (vice- president), (back) Kathy Jo Hooks (secretary treasurer). PHYSICAL PLANT PERSONNEL: (front row) left :o right Jimmy Martin, Nellie Hawkins, Julius Hoyle. (second row) Clifford Ledford, Langdon Hamrick, David Jones, (back row) Leon Martin, Charles Greene, Charles Gamble, Charles Bridges. 61 S !? RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLUB: (First row) j Left to right: Lisa Heafner, Cindy Robinson, Tim Emery, Dr. Alice Cullinan (advisor). (Second Row) Doug Main, Cindy Strickland, Jamie Johnson, David Benton. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: (Rows 1 2) Appalachian State University Puppet and Clown team. (3rd row) Monk Ashley, Brad Lowder, Cindy Robinson, Elton Williams, Renee Reed, Julie Bollck. (4th row) Stephen Summers, Butch Dillingham. Marie Turner, Jennifer Traylor. Angle Moss, Jeanne Hawkins, Cindy Hinson, Bonnie Burgess. Vickie Melton, Petual Harns. (5th row) Beth Parsons, Elaine Brady, David Benton, Pam Warrick, Beth Yandle, Amy Cawood, Sara Blevins, Jenny Frady, Susan Welch, Paticia Layman, Janet Ballard. (6th row) Eric Barnes, Cindy Woodyard, Jeff Moore, Mickey Sharpe, Troy Smart, Wendy Guthrie, Rusty Morrison, Daniel Dye, Roy Brinkley, Phillip Townsend. 3 1 - - J . -JB K i ' i fiTr r ijSii i l ffi gspn mT. I " farjia wxr A Pl i fcj J BAPTIST YOUNG WOMEN: Left to nght June Taylor, Anne Watkins, Janet Curry, ■ Rhonda Clingan, Pam Warrick, Jennifer Walters, Cheri Tamlin, Pam Jarret, Marlene i . Johnson, Susan Welch. Ruth Kiser I (advisor). l) 62 £ l;iltsW( ltt ALPHA CHI: (Front row) Left to right Rachel McKee, Mary Willoughty, Sharon Duncan, Mary Church, Donna L. Hayes, Jana A. Mathis, Rose M. Mathis, Karen C. Fulcher, Melanie S. Lynch, Caroline E. Metcalf, Susan E. Robinson, Dr. Les Brown. (Second row) Phillip Poston, Steve Starnes, Linda B. Eaker, Barbara K. Caldwell, Brenda C. Jonas, Barbara C. Faw, Phyllis Barbour, Jamie Johnson, Nancy V. Lovelace, Susan E. Curti, Anita L. Thomason, C. Andrews (advisor), Laura Bassett, Richard F. Wilson (advisor). (Third row) Dwayne Duncan, Chris Roberts, Michael Wilkie, Eric Costley, David Bencor, Gerald E. Thon ias, Charles G. Ledf ord, Richard D. Davis, Jamie Johnson, Randy Rogers, Bobby Watson. I ETA BETA BETA: Dr. Tom Jones, Robin ichardson, Vicki Robertson, Angie urcham, Dr. Barbara Burkette, Anna homasson. Dr. Les Brown. OUTDOOR EXPLORERS CLUB: Top to botton (1st row) Gordon Honeycutt, Liz Potter, Phyllis Washburn. (2nd row) Jeff Thomasson, David Delafield, Joy Lail. (3rd row) Susan Curti, Shirley Connor, Dr. Les Brown. (4th row) Angie Burcham, Anna Thomasson, Dr. Tom Jones. 63 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION COUNCIL OFFICERS: Tim Hagler (Chairman of Student Center Board), Beth Whitley (Secretary). David Roach (Treasurer). Mary Willoughby (Vice- President). John Singleton (President). STUDENT GOVERNMENT: (1st row) M PA. Cline. Dr. Ernice Bookout, Beth Whitle ' David Roach. Tim Hagler. Mary Wiiloughb John Singleton. Melvin Lutz. Dr. Anthor, Eastman. (2nd row) Brent Winslow. Grai Smisor. Dwayne Duncan. Kim Saine. Mit! McGraw. Abbigail Stevens. Fran Pag Linda Cloniger. Terri Lampkin. Sever Bradshaw. (3rd row) Bobby Watson, Ranq Rogers, Judy Schlagenhauff. Dell Morgai Teresa Cannon. Butch Dillingham, Davi VanHoy. (4th row) Danny Reece. Dou Armstrong, Christie Swam, Isaac Mwas Shane Jordan, Pam Hager, Angle Mills, Arri Cawood, Tracy Jessup. Yvetta Barnei Kevin Soto, William Boyce. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: (1st row) Tim Hagler. Beth Whitley. David Roach. Mary Willoughby, John Singleton. (2nd row) Melvin Lutz, Teresa Spicer, Kevin Parsons, Lynn Wentz, Rita Turner. 64 J ICC OFFICERS: (left to right) Lynn Wentz, Amy Tucker, Mr. Melvin Lutz, (advisor), Julie Burlon, Dan Elliot. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS: (1 st row) Kathy Jo Hooks (Campus House (Secretary), Doreen Payne (AWS Secretary), Marlene Johnson (AWS VHc president) Te sa Spicer (AWS President), Carolyn Turner (Decker President), Ruth Kiser (Advisor). STUDENT CENTER BOARD: (1st row) Tim Hagler. (2nd row) Glenda Byrd, David Keim, Teresa Cannon, Daniel Dye, Eric Lueck, Cara Barker. (3rd row) Mr. Melvin Lutz (advisor), Carol iDawson, Rhonda Vaughn, Jimmy Ray, Willene Blalock. (top) Randy Rogers. 65 GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGIATE GOSPEL CHOIR OFFICERS: (left to right) William Boyce. Lois Brown, Joyce Christian. Elton Williams. SIGNS INCORPORATED: Linda Dodd. Angie Ayers. Sharon Hardy. Tonya Evans. Trudy Melton. Tamara Wood. Sandl Hjelms. John Vaughn. Abby Babson. Penny Stanton. Michelle Durso GARDNER-WEBB CHORALE: (1st row) Lois Brown, Sharon Nichols. Amy Jones. Lisa Chllders, Ellen Fortenberry, Kim Emory. Tammy Wright. Sandi Lee. Laurie Haigler. Kim Harris. Susan Hawkins, Trudy Melton. Sandl Helm. Esther Greene. Melissa Henslee. Tanna Webster. Pam Greene (accompalnlst). (2nd row) Edwina Bradley. Anne Watklns. Kim Porter, Carol Ann Smith. Jennifer Richards, Katy Winkler, Judy Samples, Beth Maloney, Wendy Guthne, Donna Howell, Debbie Steadman, Jill Stuphin, Susan Clark, Cindy Robinson, Marsha Poteat, Beth Thomburg, Robin Adams. (3rd row) Rhonda Slagle, Abblgall Stephens, GIna McWhlrter, Angle Moss, Michael Rugg, Rodney Miller Craig Alexander, Carl Stokes, Jon McNeil, Dale Wallace, Mike Crutchfleld, Brad Lowder, Roy Brinkley, Katrtna Lall, Lori Blalock, Lara Sellers, Wendy Dill. (4th row) Jennifer Haynes, Tina Bean, Susan Welch, Daniel Black, Donald Duncan (assistant conductor), Jim Harns. Curt Dean. Steve Howell, Bill Lynn. Gordon Honeycutt, Duane Smith, Donald Ball, Cindy Woodyard, Stephanie Richards, Jeanne Hawkins. (Not pictured: Dr. Phil Perrtn. conductor). 66 GWC PEP BAND: {1st row) E. Pogo Costley, Tina Bean, Carol Chaney, Scott Lawler, CO. Summers (director), Susan Tiddy, David Whitesides. (2nd row) Jennifer Haynes, Mary Beth Searcy, Susan Cotterell, Kim Porter. Lori Blaiocl , Doug Armstrong, Angie Miller, Bill Totty, Marl Thomas. (3rd row) Steve Hamrick. Annetta Roark, Jamie Touchton Katrina Shambaugh, Roy Brinkley, Daryl Pearson (...iilMei Wt bl. Culli ' ij. Choir THE CONCERT CHOIR: (1st row) Lisa Finley, Doreen Payne, Mary Myers, Debbie Tutterow, Michelle Joyner, Denise Martin, Robin Hawkins, Karen Williams, Lisa Mathis, Sherri Lieurance. (2nd row) Ella Wilkey, Rebekah Powell, Janet Ballard, Cheryl Dillard, Tammy Cask, Amy Cawood, Lisa Dellinger, Yvonne Johnson, Mindy James, Anna Sanders, Mana McKinney, Ronnie Burgess. (3rd row) Eddie Andrews, Eric Costley, Todd Sherer, Mike Loftis, David Murray, Micah Saylor, Tracy Jessup, Kelly Childers, Dale Wallace, Daniel Dye. (4th row) Mark Thomas, Daniel Mornson, Bobby Beale, Steve Hamnck, Rusty Mornson, James Byrd, Chns Roberts (assistant conductor), David Dingus, Dell Morgan, Dr. Phil Perrin (conductor). AMERICAN CHORAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIA- TION: (left to right) Edwina Bradley, Sandra Lee (secretary treasurer), Anne Watkins, Robin Hawkins, Debbie Tutterow, Doreen Payne, Dr. Phil Perrin (advisor), Chris Roberts (president). Donald Duncan (vice-president), James Byrd. Tracy Jessup. 67 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB: (1st row) Lisa Buckner (Program Coordinator), Abbigail Stephens (Program Coordinator). Amy Tucker (Vice-president). Lynn Hamrick (secretary). (2nd row) Dr. Freida Brown (advisor), Lois Brown, Melinda Wall. Vickie Melton. Angle Ayers. Rita Turner. Maria Mott. Brenda Jonas. Pam Jarrett. Kathy Cobb, Linda Cloninger. Cathy St. Charles. Cindy Hollifield, Dr. Bonnie Wnght (advisor). PHI BETA LAMBDA: (First row) left to nght David Bramlett. Phillip Poston. Jeff Thomasson. Kevin Lail. Bobby Watson. Adam Higgms. David F. Koch. Isaac M. Mwase. James Harris. Rob Land. (Second row) Van Nguyen. Fran Page. Sharon Ducan. Pam Jarrett. Caroline Metcalf. Amy Cawood. Pam Pruitt. Cindy Speer. Julie Hammett. Charles Helms (advisor). Russell Hardin (advisor). Dina Rubendall. Willene Blalock. Jeannie Butler. Melanie Harris. Debbie Slansky. Chen Tomlin. Susan Welch, Melissa Lanford. NEA STUDENT PROGRAMS: (1st row) left to right Melissa Keener. Cindy McKiney. Belinda Gilbert, Mary Willoughby, Julie Bolick. (2nd row) Shelley Thornton. Bobby Hammond, Pam Canipe, Diane Wrenn. Pam Greene, Jennifer Mincey. Robyn Gamble, Sally Owens, (3d row) Dr. Ernice Bookout. Dr. David DeGraaf. (Not pictured: Penny Morrow). 68 SPANISH CLUB: (1st row) Alex Palazvelos, Pam Sharts, Mindy James, Lori Blalock, Melissa Hensley, Rhonda Clingan, Mike Nieves. (2nd row) Teri Jo Hernandez, Pam Mills, Desiree A. Jackson, Wendy Jones, Pam Jarrett, Myra Wilfong, Linda Whitener, Lynn Hamrick, Ginny Romano, Kim Harris, Lisa Whitener, D. David VanHoy, Viola C. Perez. (3rd row) Terry Dugger, Starr Dugger, Malcoln Allen, James T. Harris, Tim Hagler, Rusty Johnson, Danny Reece. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATH- LETES: (front row) left to right Janet Curry, Richard Hardy, Stan Andrews (sponsor), Jeff Smith (President), Coy Blair. (2nd row) Linda Whitener, Regina Whitaker, Elton Williams, Lisa Heafner, Michelle Rinehart, Mike Morris, Penny Stanton, Ginny Romano. (3rd row) Alisa Mantysaari, Mary Rodgerson, Karen Roberts, Pam Warrick, Abbigail Stephens, Julie Ward, Brooks Nash, Doug Main, Ronnie Warrick. FRENCH CLUB: (1st row) left to right Isabelle Chollet, Teri Hernandez (vice- president), Teena Justice. (2nd row) Carol ' Chaney (act. chrm.), Charles Vaughan (President), Abbigail Stephens (social :hrm.), Amy Tucker, Rita Turner. (3rd row) Van Nguyen, Scott White, Mike Wilkie (seer. ,treas.), Susan Welch, Joy King. (4th row) Dr. v ' Bob Morgan, Dr. Charles Andrews. 1986 WEBB STAFF: (back row) Dell Morgan, Angela Freeman, Joyce Christian, Donna Howell, Steve Howell, Dr. Bill Stowe (advisor), Yvetta Barnes (editor), Julie Burton, Phillip Townson, Adam Higgins, Lois Brown, Sue Wilhelm, Lesley Hardison, Sherri Kepley, Judy Lutz, Charlene Gould, Terri Lampkin, Liz Potter, Pam Sharts, Teena Justice, Janet Curry, (not pictured: Olivia Osborne). REFLECTIONS STAFF: (left to right) Teddy Eaves, Lynn Wentz, Mr. Thirlene Osborne (advisor), Melanle Lynch, D. David VanHoy. PILOT STAFF: (1 st row) left to right: Brooks Nash (sports editor), Roberta Borden (editor in chief). Bill Lang, Melanie Lynch, Janet Curry (photographer), David Kaylor. (2nd row) Steve Blackwell (advertising editor), Ronnie Warrick, Jimmy Byrd, Dr. Jeff Elwell (advisor), Donald Ball, Jeff Melton, (Not pictured: Dr. Bill Stowe, advisor). 70 GOVERNOR ' S AIDES: (1st row) Tim Hagler, Mitzi McGraw, Abbigail Stevens, Rhonda Vaughn, Todd Kitchen. (2nd row) Randy Rogers, Beth Whitley, Michael Rousseaux, Teresa Cannon, Chris Roberts. (Not pictured: Greg Threatt and John Wirt). SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: (left) Andi Morris, president, (center) Scott Carter, Vice-president, (right) Marlene Johnson, secretary treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: (left) Holly Parrish. (center) Mike Rouseaux, President, (right) Teresa Cannon. 71 It i? 1 X fTk 72 .1- Executive Officers Ask Dr. Craven E. Williams what makes Gardner-Webb College such a distinctive institution, and he will point out its " classic philosophy. " Reflecting upon the rich history of the college and the influence which that heritage has exerted throughout his administration, the retiring President labels " symbolic " the decision made in 1903 by the congregation of Boiling Springs Baptist Church to donate their old church house and two acres of land for the establishment of a church- related school. The gift of land, says Dr. Williams, has pointed the way to- ward excellence in academics as the campus has grown to more than one hundred times that original size. In similar fashion, the church house donation has established a deep commitment to the church and a tradition of Christian service which continue to the present. Shifting his focus from past to fu- ture, the person who has done so much to chart the course of Gardner-Webb for a decade foresees a continuing trend toward the establishment and development of special programs in response to needs not currently met by the academic community at large, such as ever-expanding educational offerings at Gardner-Webb for students who are hearing imparled or visually handicapped. According to Dr. Williams, the combination of academic excellence and commit- ment to Christian service which shaped Gardner-Webb from its in- ception continues to be the guiding force in even its newest advances. 76 )i Dr. John Drayer Academics Hank Garrity Development Barry Hartis Business Melvin Lutz Student Services 77 lU BROYHILL SCHOOL The Broyhill School of Management is a relative newcomer to the Gardner-Webb campus, created by an endowment from the Broyhill Foundation from the Broyhill Foundation of Lenoir, NC, in 1981. However, it claims classic roots in the older Depart- ment of Business Administration and a classic distinction at Gardner- Webb ' s first endowed school. Bach- elor of Science degrees are offered in accounting, administrative management, business administra- 78 tion, industrial management, and management information systems. Continuously responding to trends in the world of business, the school has de-emphasized secretarial training and is now im- proving offerings in the area of in- dustrial management, a field of rapidly increasing opportunities for qualified graduates. Recent tech- nological advances within the department include the addition of an IBM 34 mainframe computer and several new microcomputers. Daryl Guffey Russell Hardin Jim Hartman Charles Helms Don Kamerait Dr. Mario Perez Dr. Jerry Slice Vickie Spangler-Walker John Whiteheart il-k Davis School of Nursing Classic? You bet! Gardner-Webb has offered an Associate Degree in Nursing since 1965, wlien a need was expressed by community health agencies for such a training program in this area. New? For sure! Only two years ago, the program became the Davis School of Nursing and added on upper level in which students may pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. But unique? Prestigious? Absolutely!! Among 36 programs which offer associate degrees in North Carolina. Gardner-Webb has one of only five which are accredited by the National League for Nursing. Also, it is the only associate degree program in North Carolina located in a private liberal arts senior college. Two divisions of the Davis School of Nursing, located in both Boiling Springs and Statesville, permit both students who have graduated from Gardner-Webb ' s associate degree program and registered nurses trained at other schools to con- tinue their training toward the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. During Fall Semester, 1 985, the school occupied the well-equipped Elliot Hall following a $300,000 renovation, the old made new. Martha Baskin Dr. Janie M. Carlton Rita Dianne Conner B. Anne Donovan Dr. Emice Bookout Barbara J. Cribb Dr. Kenneth F. England Johnnie C. Hamrick Dr. L. Wray Nolting Dr. Ralph Schoolcraft Education Today as always, the Department of Education has as its primary responsibility the preparation of excellent teachers and administrators for schools throughout North Carolina and across the nation. With public opinion stressing " the three R ' s " so heavily, much of the teacher training program is traditional, classical; basics are still basics. In the true spirit of Gardner-Webb and Christian higher education, a special emphasis is placed upon basic Christian values in the education of those who will later educate children and youth during some of the most impressionable years of life. A special focus on the fundamentals, however, does not signal a static approach to education. Members of the education faculty consistently strive to keep pace with the rapid changes in America ' s public school systems, frequently leaving campus to participate in conferences and workshops alongside teachers and school administrators. With the installation of Dr. Kenneth England, a man with 33 years of experience within the public schoo ls, as department chairman, keeping a finger on the pulse of public education has become an even higher priority. In a time when quality of instruction is of greater concern than perhaps ever before, as merit pay scales and career development ladders are rapidly being implemented, thte Department of Education strives to give graduates the advantage of training which is in touch with the times, marketable skills which will enable them to advance professionally wherever they choose to serve. 81 English Language, Literature, and Communications The English Major is a standard at liberal arts colleges generally and at Gardner- Webb specifically. Classics of literature, folklore, contemporary music, and poetry animate the curriculum. Tradition must be honored, but that does not mean that creativity has to be denied. Reflections, the literary magazine which is a tradition in itself, continues to encourage creative expression among Gardner-Webb students. Recently, the department has launched an innovative Communication Studies Program. The program is grounded in the phnciples of classical rhetoric, but it fully represents contemporary media ex- i periences. Presently, courses in drama, radio, print journalism, and speech are i among the areas covered. Film courses and instruction in television will follow next year. 82 Dr. Carolyn Billings Dr. George R. Cribb Dr. Robert L. Decker Terry Fern Patricia B. Harrelson Dr. Phil D. Perrin Ted Stanley Anna W. Wells Fine Arts " Intrinsically classical " is a fitting designation for tfie Fine Arts, and the Department of Fine Arts at Gardner- Webb stands firmly in its accreditation by tfie highly prestigious National Associa- tion of Schools of Music (NASM), an honor which professionals In the fiel d take very seriously. The college tradition of service continues In the Department of Fine Arts as performing groups make numerous appearances before churches, schools, and civic organizations. " Student Day at the Opera " allows public school students to experience the rehearsal and performance of an opera each year, and faculty members share their gifts and abilities through frequent recitals on campus. Of a full-time faculty of eight, seven assist local churches through voluntary and or compensated service within their music programs. Academically, a new program which combines Church Recreation and Sacred Music is in place for the first year, and the Sacred Music major has received recent approval from NASM. Six of the eight faculty members have completed or are completing doctoral programs. Perfor- mance opportunities have been refined through a reorganization of choral groups (1984-85), and a student conducting the orchestra during a public performance. This honor Is complemented by the pre- professlonal status accorded to the orchestra this year. The music scho- larship program has undergone tremendous expansion in recent years, while a student placement program has successfully arranged a church position for every student desiring part-time em- ployment while In school. 83 i m fl 1 (UllBfll E 11 _ ■♦ ■ g- " 1 MT " i 1 III PBH9! C5 r - . SJ L B a BIS Foreign Language and Literature Classical languages, although perhaps the most obvious, are not the only classic elements in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. No. this is a department with history behind it. From the earliest days of Gardner-Webb, foreign language requirements were an integral part of the core curri- culum. Then, several years ago. the requirements were dropped from several degree programs, and the department experienced some lean years. Hard times, however, bred creative thinking, and the department is now witnessing a revival of interest in foreign language in response to attractive new offerings. In- tensive Oral programs are offered in French and Spanish, allowing students with six hour requirements to fulfill them in a single semester while mastering the spoken language through a variety of learning experiences. Teaching assistants from abroad regularly spend a year of residence at Gardner-Webb, each providing high quality in- struction for students studying the native language of the assis- tant. Both summer and winter travel programs allow students who show a high degree of inter- est and competence in French to visit Quebec, lodge with French- speaking families, and grow in their command of the language. Excellent scholarship availability aids in making this foreign study possible. 84 Stanley C. Andrews Elaine P. Ashley Health and Physical Education The age-old image of Physical Education which equates it with demanding athletic activity is not totally outdated by any means. Majoring in Physical Education is still a rigorous endeavor, and probably always will be. That ' s classic. So is the commitment to achievement and the discipline which underlies the Physical Education program. The Department of Health Education and Physical Education visibly carries on the Gardner- Webb tradition of service, offering facilities, equipment, instruction, and structured tournaments to the entire college community. Fully committed to the liberal arts education, the department attempts to promote healthy and well-rounded lifestyles among students through the in- troductory courses required of all students. The classic image alone may be misleading, however. There ' s more to be found in this department than competition, endurance, and sweat. Flexible degree programs make it possible for majors to earn the Bachelor of Science Degree in either Health Education or Physical Education. Both degrees offer the option of preparation for teacher certification, and a track in Church Recreation is a new op- tion within the Physical Education major. The modern, well- equipped facilities of the Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center house the program. New technology, including computers and a treadmill, continues to aid in its advancement. And, for those who still like to " sweat it out, " the Wells Fargo Fitness Trail, in use for only a few years now, offers innovative, self-paced approach to physical fit- ness. Although new structures are used, the best of the classic approach is retained throughout this department, assuring the con- tinuance of a tradition well worth maintaining. Sallie Black Dr. Robert Blackburn Nell S. Griggs Dr. Dee Hunt Dr. Launita J. Proctor Dr. Jeff Tubbs 85 iUl Mathematical Sciences The most classical element of the De- partment of Mathematical Science may well be the fact that it still deals in abso- lutes. Course offerings reflect a basic commitment to teaching the fun- damentals of higher mathematics and logic, classic disciplines in themselves. Three Bachelor of Science degrees are offered, with majors in Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics Education, and Computer Science. A Dual-Degree Prog- ram in Engineering, a cooperative effort of Gardner-Webb and Auburn University, offers a five-year plan for students in- terested in earning both a liberal arts de- gree and an engineering degree. With the advent of the Information Age, Computer Science has become a much more attractive field, and an emphasis on mathematics in North Carolina high schools has also touched the department. Due at least in part to these develop- ments, the Department of Mathematical Science is now the fastest growing de- partment on campus. Responding to such rapid expansion, the department has chosen academic year 1985-86 for the acquisition of new office space, new equipment, and a new professor, Dr. Ted Monroe. A. Melton Blacl Libby Carswell Dr. Jeffrey Chit-Fu Chang Dr. Robert Detjen Dr. Paul W. Jolley Dr. Ted R. Monroe Natural Sciences Members of the Natural Sciences faculty are understandably proud of several classic aspects of their depart- ment. First and foremost, they point out an undaunted commitment to strict aca- demic standards. These professors crack a slight smile upon hearing that the Department of Natural Sciences is one of the toughest from which to earn a degree, for they continually aim to provide an education in science which is second to none among four-year science programs in the United States. They also describe with pride thet sense of camaraderie and high level of morale which characterizes both instructors and students, as well as the degree of personal attention in their teaching relationship. Discovery never ceases, or even slows its pace, within the field of scientific in- vestigation, so changes too numerous to mention within the Department of Natural Sciences are largely designed to keep pace with new developments in the field of study. Academic degree innovations in- clude the Physician ' s Assistant Program (in cooperation with the Bowman Gray School of Ivledicine) and the Medical Technology Program (in cooperation with the Soman Gray School of Medicine and Charlotte Memorial Hospital). . Dr. Andrew N. Ash Dr. Leslie M. Brown Dr. Tom Jones Dr. C. Sherman Parrish 87 TT3 I i Bettye M. Carpenter Dr- Roger E. Gaddis Dr. Bonnie M. Wnght Dr. Gilmer Blackburn Dr. Anthony F. Eastman Dr. Barry E. Hambright Lansford Jolley Doris Jones Dr. Stanley Smedley Psychology Social Sciences The Department of Psychology sets forth its purpose in classical terms; faculty members attempt to give students an academic appreciation of human behavior accentuated by an appreciation of the dignity of persons. New developments include a variety of seminars, such as the Psychology of Aging and the Psychology of Women, plus the addition of a computer system which should provide significant assistance to students in- volved in research. Although the majority of psychology graduates undertake graduate study, the program connects several fields and provides strong preparation for employment in a wide range of positions. A separate department, Social Sciences, is classic in its unique perspective of time and events. Concentrations are available in history, sociology, and political science. These tradi- tional academic groupings, dropped by several major universities in recent years, are once again becoming standard, a testi- mony to their classic status. The department is proud of its Criminal Justice and Human Services Programs, offered as a part of the GOAL Program. This evening outreach of the college allows the already employed a chance to complete their education. In the regular day school program, a newly developed and expanding internship program allows department majors to prepare more effectively and completely for future careers before leaving the academic setting. T Dr. Garland Allen Dr. Alice Cullinan Dr. Vann Murrell Dr. Jack Partain Religious Studies and Philosopliy Members of the Religion and Philosophy faculty find strength in a healthy diversity both of backgrounds and opinions, a long- standing tradition at Gardner-Webb. Within the faculty, graduates of four of the six Southern Baptist seminaries as well as of non- Southern Baptist schools work together in an atmosphere of cooperativeness modelling for students an alternative to the frac- tionalism which so often plagues religious groups. A democratic style of leadership which accepts and respects differences has led to quality, stability, and strength. The size of the department allows representation of a variety of specializations, a distinction rare among small Baptist colleges. While basi- cally conservative and in touch with the mainstream of Southern Baptist life, the Department of Religion and Philosophy prides itself in serving students from the wide range of backgrounds and positions found within the Gardner-Webb student body. The Religion major, with three available concentrations, continues the classic Gardner-Webb tradition of provid- ing essential and practical equipment for ministry in an atmosphere of academic challenge and spiritual stimulation. Recent happenings within the Depart- ment of Religion and Philosophy include a major space reorganization which has made available a private seminar room as well as making possible the location of all faculty offices on one floor. Looking for- ward, the department is developing plans Hl for programs which will better serve those ■ A with prior ministerial training who desire to i Vf complete a four-year, college-level de- gree, and several offerings in Philosophy are being added to the course roster. At the same time, dialogue is continuing with -il l Southern Baptist seminaries in hope of i V H obtaining more recognition and credit for B A H graduates of Gardner-Webb and their Dr. Richard Wilson Dr. Robert L. Lamb 89 teiL Program For the Hearing Imparled Don ' t be surprised if you see a lot of " hand waving " around the Gardner-Webb Campus. It ' s only because of the newly developed Program for the Hearing Im- paired. There are currently 26 students who are enrolled from states as far away as Florida and New Jersey. Also, because of the Interpreter Program, there are several classes offered about deafness, basic theory, interpret- ing, and especially sign language, which is the hearing impaired person ' s way of communicating. Whether you are a hearing or hearing impaired student, you may participate in Signs, Inc., a sign language choir which performs at campus activi- ties, churches, and other organi- zations. The deaf program has recently moved from the Sign Post to the Potter House. There, Acting Director Cheryl Potter coordi- nates, with six other staff persons, the tutorial and notetaker services. They also provide equipment such as Telecommunication Devices for Deaf (TDD ' s), PORTATEL, and tape recorders. Also, most classrooms contain an inductive loop system. In the dorms there are visual door bells and fire alarms. For entertainment, there is a captioned television located in the lobby of the Potter House. Connie King directs an Inter- preter Training Program, an Associate of Arts degree which consists of a 35 hour curriculum. There are about eight students who are currently working to be- come professional interpreters. 90 Patricia Hawl ins Cheryl Potter Program for the Visually Imfjaired Service has been a tradition at Gardner-Webb, and now the Program for the Visually Impaired has become a new reality here. Recently the program ' s offices were moved to the Sign Post building, where Nell Kilpatrick is director and coordina- tor. Since the program was established in August, 1983, the enrollment has increased from one to nine students, coming from a variety of locations all over the southeast. Students are allowed to pursue a degree in any program offered at Gardner-Webb College. This is possible because of the sup- port the administration and the development office have given. Even more important is the generous three-year grant given by the Kate B. Reynolds Health Care Trust Fund, which has provided the many varied services and equipment. Services include reader and or tutor services and job placement. Equipment ranges from the braille textbooks and supplies, tapes, versabraille, a Cranmer modified Perkins brailler, to the latest Apple lie computer and an extensive library resource room. With the fine academic curriculum, the outstanding faculty, and the family-like atmosphere at Gardner-Webb College, the student will be prepared to meet challenges in careers and in life after college. 91 l L Administrative Staff Miriam Ash-Jones Media Librarian Monroe Ashley College Minister Dr. Gilmer Blacl bum Dir. of Grad. Studies Novella Blanton Asst. to V.P -Bus. Bud Christman Assoc. Dir. of Admissions ■-T : ' f ' K i . i. V- : : (■«■•■« ■■••££; ■ ■ , _rA»y-T»,t j _— -wr Jii? KSL , »jfr ' -.v ftrafe-l-.. • j-3ei — ■ ft r- r Frieda Collins Bookstore Manager Glenda Crotts Administrative Asst. 0 Al [ M m % , 1 v., V.- f 1 Catherine Day Admissions Counselor Kitty Edes Sec. to the Pres. 92 Krista Gibson Info. Serv. Writer Pat Hamnck Sec, Student Services Lynn Harand Asst. To the Pres. Garland Hendricks Dir. BE. Morris. Academy Randy KIlby DIr. of Admission Nell Kllpatrick DIr., Prog., Vis. Impaired Margaret King Sec, Spec. Studies: Fine Arts Rutfi KIser Dir. of Women ' s Services Dianne Ledbetter Dev. Assoc, Annual College Fund Betty Logan Transcript Eval. Officer Joann Lutz Assts. to V.P. for Bus. Marie Martin DIr. of Fin. Aid 93 m Carolyn McKjnney Sec. Adm. Office Barbara Merritt Sec.. Ed. Dept. Max Padgett Development Assoc. Roberta Pams Staff Accountant Valerie Perry Public Services Librarian Risa Pless Admissions Counselor Lou Ann Poston Asst. to Registrar Mildred Poston Asst, To V.P.. Acad. Affairs Dr. Dan Proctor Asst. Acad. V.P. for Admin. Shiriey Pyron Sec. Cashier. Bus Office Jane Raduly Financial Aid Bookkeeper Dw igfit Reid Director of Graphics 94 iU:. EEQRLB giaIc people gwc people gwc people gwc people gwc people guc people C PEOPLE GUIC people GUiC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEClPCFTHT i-i uruc k. :OPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC LE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC PEOPLE GWC oLM u. ,|.. .,t Vji -l . . ■■.. 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Its members have accumulated enough cred- its to graduate. But, more has been accomplished. This class is soon to be CLASSIC — remembered for its achievements here, acknowledged for its fu- ture marks in the four cor- ners of the universe. Your funny clothes, stan- ces, hair cuts, and antics will be in another Webb, Se- niors, perhaps sooner than you think. 98 Michael Olubunmi Aina Accounting James Oliver Allen, Jr. Roiy Todd Allran Accounting Randolph Anderson Social Sciences i « James Olen Angel Management Angela Maria Ayers Psychology CherrI Thompson Arnett Nursing Wanda Jayne Arrowood Education 6-9 Johnny Leon Baker Social Sciences Bobby Ray Avery Physical Education Candy Lynn Ballard Nursing Thomas Allan Barlow Religion f ■ iiv. ' ■:!:•;;: ' Laura Anne Bassett Nursing BSN Tina Renee Bean Music Education MItzl Byers Season Computer Science William David Bedsaul Social Sciences 99 (ffl:.Hl William David Benton Religion Carol James Bert Physical Education Rebecca Suzanne Blackburn Physical Education Stephen Lee Blackwell Religion John Mark Biggers Religion Sarah Willene Blalock Julie Ann Bolick Education K-4 Ronnie Dale Bowen Management James Shelton Bowman Computer Science ( ,if f Angela Denise Black Education 6-9 i Enc Stephen Blankenship History Vernon Willam Bradshaw, Jr. Religion David Eugene Bramlett Management Information Systems Ernie Harold Bndges Physical Education Howard Cameron Brooks Physical Education James Ralph Brooks Physical Education 100 Frank C. Brown Psychology Phillip Carl Brown Management Most Dedicated to Christian Service (1st row) Jan Page, Kaylynn Watts, Tarina Webster Kim Butler (2nd row) Julie Bolick, Karen Grouse, And! Morris Rhonda Vaughn, Beth Robinson (3rd row) Allen Roberts, Jeff Smith Jeff Moore, Tim Emery, Tim Hagler (4th row: winners) Cindy Robinson, Phillip Townsend (Not Pictured) Stephen Summers, Nancy Land, Charlotte High Tony Louis Campbell Physical Education 1-,- Steve Ashley Canipe Political Science Phillip L, Capell Religion Bobby Lee Garner Accounting Jeffery Scott Carter Computer Science S k 1 Most Academically Natured (1st row) Laura Bassett. Donna Nelson (2ncl row) Karen Gamble, Van Ngugen, Cindy Robinson, Beth Robinson (3rd row) Tim Davis, Tim Emery, Chuck Ledford, Cindy Woodyard (4th row) Gary Cox, Chris Roberts, Randy Rogers, David Roach (5th row winners) Tern Lampkin, Phillip Townsend (Not Pictured) Allison Champion, Robyn Gamble. Charlotte High, Nancy Land, Patricia Layman, Rita Turner, Bobby Watson Lisa Mines Cash Management Information Systems Tammy Lamb Cash Music Education Barbara Alison Champion General Business Milton Charles Chapman Biology David Cecil Chastain Business Administration Cheryl Ann Chavies 102 JC Timothy Wray Clark Social Sciences Linda Carole Cloninger Psychology Elizabeth Comesana Nursing Shirley Ruth Conner Medical Technology James Allen Cook Religion Gary Paul Cox Computer Science Karen Denise Crouse Religion John Douglas Cullop Religion Patsy Wright Dalton Education K-4 Timothy Allen Danyels Physical Education Karen Dee Daughtrey Social Science Benjamin Franklin Davis Business Administration Jif k Timothy Shaun Davis Chemistry Cynthia Gale Dent Religion Wendy Louise Dill Leonard Arthur Dillingham I Management 103 Willard Lamar Donald , Jr. Management Information Systems Donald Dwight Duncan Music Sharon Michele Duncan Administrative Management Gregory Allen Eller Management Daniel David Elliott. Jr. Management Phyllis Ann C- Freeman Education K-4 Amy Robyn Gamble Education K-4 Karen Undenwood Gamble Accounting James Keith Garns Religion 104 Belinda Jane Gilbert Education K-4 Bridget A. Turnmire Goodw Administrative Managemer Arnold Parks Gosnell Religion Pamela Dawn Greene Math Education Most Athletic (1st row: winners) Phil Brown, Lolitta Rowe (2nd row) Angie Black, Anna Thompson, Angle Ayers, Andi Morris, Gary Cox, Ben Davis, Jeff Smith, Ijuana Watkins (Not Pictured) Cameron Brooks, Rick Kinney, Sandra Tate, Tim Twitty, Tim Vaughn Timothy Buff Hagler Business Administration Wayne Darryl Hall Accounting Julie Ann Hammett Management Information Systems Robert Hugh Hammond Education 4-9 105 a 1 I " Jp % v Danila R- Hutchins Hamnck Education K-3 Richard Lee Hamnck Religion Steven Gene Hamnck Music Education Donna Lee Hanks Education K-4 Most Sc hool Spirited (1st row: winners) Tim Hagler, June Taylor (2nd row) Lydia Poston. Kaylynn Watts, Linda Cloninger, Julie Ward (3rd row) Beth Parsons, Andi Morris, Milton Chaptnan, Scott Carter, Tim Emery (Not Pictured) Butch Dillingham, Donald Duncan, Nancy Land, Debbie Maltba, John Singleton, Sandra Tate, Tim Vaughn, Mary Willoughby Robert Anderson Hanner Religion, Psychology Stephen Charles Harding Accounting Mike Wilbur Hardin Business Administration Bnan Keith Harper Management Thomas Charles Hartman Charles Anthony Haynes Religion Psychology, Communication Studies i| fc 106 Robert Thomas Holeman Management Anne Byron Hord Education K-4 Karen Jill Home Education K-4 Tammy Denlse Hoyle Hubbard Math Education ft James Paul Hugglns Management Information Systems Vance Hunt Religion Myra Ardlth Huskey Accounting Shern Lynn Jackson Administrative Management 107 ' I Barry Scott James Religion Belinda Jolley r Sean Angel Kelly Business Administration Clayton Ernest James Computer Science Glenda Ann Johnson Nursing James H. Johnson Religion Brenda Carol Jones Psychology Stephan Maurice Jones Management Mellisa Annette Keener Education K-4 " iM Richard David Kinney Management Bryan Clay Kiser Education 6-9 Linda Susan Lackey Education K-4 Kevin Ray Lail Accounting Lisa Joy Lail Elementary Education Minam Elizabeth Lamb Kelley Rose Lambert French Tern Ann Lampkin Mathematics Nancy Faye Land Psychology William Lang Religion Joy Elizabeth Lasater Psychology Patricia Kay Layman Education K-4 Sandra Diane Lee Music Walter Ross Little Management Charles Grayson Ledford Mathematics, Computer Science Sharon Louise Lieurance Music Education Nancy Rebecca Lovelace Education K-4 Most Talented (1st row: winners) Jimi Ray, Beth Parsons (2ncl row) Shierry Lieurance, Lisa Buchner, June Taylor (3rcl row) Ctiris Roberts Rusty Mornson, Thorn Hartman, David Roach, Tina Bean (Not Pictured) Tammy Cash. Jamie Johnson, Anna Saunders 109 lU ' . Most Humorous (1st row) Renee Toney, Bruce Meurer, Kaylynn Watts, Chuck Ledford, Brooks Nash (2nd row) Dale Wallace, Rusty Morrison, Deborah Price, June Taylor, Gale Dent, Andi Morris, Phillip MaGaha, Scott Carter, Andy Manner, Randy Rogers (3rd row winners) Randolph Anderson, Linda Cloninger (Not Pictured) Chris Brown, Butch Dillingham, Jamie Johnson, Nancy Land, Bill Lang, Jack Moore, Rusty Setzer, John Singleton Melanle Shawn Lynch English Deborah Lorraine Maltba Business Administration Gary Lynn Marshall Religion Joe Douglas Main Religion James Herman Mann I Religion Elizabeth T. McDanie! Nursing BSN Susan Lynn Brooks McDaniel Education K-4 Allen Jeffrey McDuffie Management Philip Edward McGaha Religion Benjamin Ron McKee Management 110 Lucenda Mapp McKinney Education K-4 Jeffrey Keith Melton Communication Studies Caroline E. Metcalf Business Administration Ernest Bruce Meurer Religion Jennifer Lynne Mincey Education K-4 Elizabeth Ann Moore Health Education Jeffrey Michael Moore Business Administration Ottie Jackson Moore, Jr. History Van Thibach Nguyen Business Administration, French 111 k . Miguel Antonio Nieves Business Administration Jill Petty Nolen Education K-4 Jack Edward Norman Business Administration Roger Dale Norris Accounting Olivia Nella Osborne Computer Science Frances Ann Page Accounting Janet Clare Page Management Information Systems Bruce Elliot Pait Accounting Elizabeth Dawn Parsons Music Education, Flute Performance Steven Joel Peeler Management Tiffany Renea Pendleton Psycfiology Albert Odell Perkins Business Administration Alicia Ann Peters Maltiematics Cfiarlotte H Porter Religion Lydia Von Poston Education K-4 112 Deborah Adams Price Pamela Kay Pruitt Management Information Systems Management Information Systems Cyrus McKillop Purser Religion James W. Ray, Jr. Religion Most Likely to Succeed (1st row) Julie Bolick, Tern Lampkin, Linda Cloninger, Willene Blavlock, Jan Page, Olivia Osborne (2nd row) Andi Morris, Beth Parsons, Kaylynn Watts, Pam Greene, Fran Page, Cindy Robinson (3rd row) Ctiuck Ledford, Brian Harper, Brooks Nash, Chns Roberts, Tim Hagler, Stephen Summers, Scott Carter (4tti row) Gary Cox, David Roach, Phil Brown, Randy Rogers (5th row: winners) Teresa Spicer, Philip Townsend (Not Pictured) Tim Danyals, Rebecca Hillard, Nancy Land, Patricia Layman, Cindy McKinney, John Singleton Jotinny Darrell Revels Religion Brien Richardson Physical Education ikkmm Robin Louise Richardson Biology David Wayne Riddleberger Administrative Management Ronald Dale Ritchie Religion David Howard Roach Management Information Systems 113 Anna Maria Saunders Music James Chnstopher Schofield Wanda Smith Scruggs Health Education Russell Edward Setzer Religion 114 Terry Len Sims Physical Education Joiin Lee Singleton Education 4-9 Jeffery Scott Smith Religion Kena Mane Smith Education K-4 if 1 N - (- Kevin Duane Smith Linda Jean Smith Education K-4 Janet Marie Sneed English Timothy Lee Spencer Religion Daryl Marshall Strong Social Sciences James Todd Strutton Social Sciences Joy Stuart Stephen Charles Summers Religion 115 Sandra Teresa Tate Education K-4 Ctien Leigh Tomlin Accounting June Leigh Taylor Religion Linda Renee Toney Religion ' Anna Susan Thomasson Biology Phillip Aubrey Townsend Religion Charles Arthur Timbes III Business Administration Kathy Ann Trexler Business Administration Maude Marie Turner Education K-4 Rita Annette Turner Psychology Timothy Xavier Twitty Management Information Systems James Clitton Vaughan, Jr. Accounting Timothy Earl Vaughan Physical Education Rhonda Michelle Vaughn Religion Timoty Eugene Vinesette Biology 116 Karen Marie Walker Education 6-9, Language Arts 1 Sharon Melinda Wall Psychology Dale Frederick Wallace Julie Anne Ward French Ijuana Lee Walkins Management Information Systems Bobby Franklin Watson Accounting Kay Lynn Watts James Ronald Weaver Gary Thomas Webb Physical Education Management Information Systems Tarina Dare Webster Psychology Ella Lavena Wilkey Music Education Susan Ellen Welch Timmy Park Wells Management Information Systems Management Information Systems Richard Anthony Williamson Chemistry Barry Todd Whitfield Music Mary Elizabeth Willoughby Melvin Dwayne Wilson Education K-9 Management Information Systems 117 James Thomas Woodllef Health Education Cynthia Dru Woodyard Math Education sM 2 ' M JUINJOKO JUINl h ' i J ' JI-ltlji JUiMiOrio OUlSlUKb JUNlUKb JUINiUK JUINiUKS JUINIUKO Cr.i, JbiNiUKo JiJNlUKS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUCPfBW W Wf WT :CKS JU! ;iJr.i. joi iiUKb jUWlOKb JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUj r.Ii.w JUWiono JuNiuKS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS ■JM.j;;;. 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Jr. Lillian Lois Brown Sondra Lynne Brown 120 John Christopher Bryan Kevin Shawn Bumgardner Glenda Kay Byrd William Randal Byrd Lorah Beam Cabaniss Pamela Susan Canipe Teresa Lynn Cannon Julia Rachel Canter Janice Roberta Catolster Lee Page Caviness Beverly Joyce Christian Melissa Ann Clodfeller Angela Leigh Cloninger Kip Von Cloninger Dwight Collier Charlotte Anne Conner Deborah Lynn Cooke Molly Denise Cooper Enc Alan Costley Lee Vernon Coyle John Allen Creech Janet Kay Curry Susan Elizabeth Curti Susan Lynne Davis 121 David Jason Delafield Lisa Kay Dellinger Michael Edward Desmond Wendy Louise Dili Kirl Daniel Dotson Starr HursI Dugger Dwayne Clark Duncan Teddy Eugene Eaves Anna Michal Edwards Peter David Edwards Mark Dwayne Ellis John William Folk Jennifer Darlene Frady David Scott Franks Angela Denise Freeman Amanda Elizabeth Gentry Sarah Ann Gettys Lucynda Jeanette Gibbs Matthew Eugene Gibson Henry Walter Gray Thomas Woodrow Grayson, Jr. 122 Harold Taylor Grace Katherine Louise Hagler Samuel Craig Halford Mark Brian Hamby Timothy Darnell Hardie Audrey Camp Harris James Trent Harns Philip DeThaniel Harns Martha Ann Hartzog Linda Rae Hatchett Carol Lynn Hawk Susan Jeanetle Hawkins Lisa Ann Heafner William Thomas Heilig Donna Renee Hendnx Raymond Scott Henson Susan Carol Henson Carolyn Ingram Hicks Adam Doby Higgins Katncia Beth Hoffman Kathy Jo Hooks 123 Douglas Blame Hooper Donna Williams Howell William Charles Hoylw Ben Beam Huffstetler Michael Devon Hunt Shaun Eugene Ingram Desiree Adams Jackson Melinda James Pamela P Jarrett Elizabeth Mariene Johnson Sarah Elizabeth Jones Mark Allyn Jordan David Brent Keim Sherri Kay Kepley Ellen Louise Kirby Margaret Kirk Merita M Lail Robert Lee Land Jimmy Hobert Ledbetter Tamula Dawn Liner Brad Jamison Lowder Yeung Sing Luk Judith Elaine Lutz Jackie Elenore Malone 124 Alisa Ann Manlysaari Lisa Darlene Mathis Quint Hanes McCoy. Jr Karen Elizabeth McCroan Mitzi Victoria McGraw Rachel Georgia McKee Maria Ann McKinney Jetfery Marion McWatters Laura Lynn McWhirter Derek Rouel Melhuish John Kennedy Melton Vickie Dare Melton Fredenk Wade Miller Jane Matheny Moore Richard Sidell Morgan Penny Lee Morrow Charles J. Moss Mana Francesca Mott Susan Davidson Neeley Jannes Gibson Nolen Sally Kaye Owens Ronetta Ann Owensby Paul Joel Parker Penny Leigh Parker 125 Holley Jo Parnsh Kevin Stewart Parsons Hubert Kenneth Peebles Darryl J Perry Phillip Wallace Poston Elizabeth Ann Potter Perry Preston Pnce Tammy Lynn Pruitt Jo Ann Quillen Richard Eugene Quillen Michele Gunter Radford Patty Jean Redman Donna Lynne Robertson Michael John Rousseaux Julie Lynn Schlagenhauf Katrina Renee Shambaugh Mickey Banks Sharpe Robert Hugh Shaw, Jr Deborah Lynn Slansky •y ffe4.i ' ,i ; Crystal Jeanetle Smith David Forrest Smithey t I 126 HAMRICK HALL Dennis Scott Snellings Mary Noel Spanos Allen Ray Sparks Janet Leigh Spnnkle Penelope Lou Stanton Steven Dale Starnes Deborah Leigh Steadman Abbigail Joan Stephens Kathryn Elisabeth Stewart Scott Pearson Stewart Wayne Desmond Stewart m M t Edward Clyde Stilley Johnsie Katrina Sumner Randall Fox Swartz Kenneth West Tate Geraid Emory Thomas. Jr. Robin Leigh Thomas Anita Lynn Thomason Michelle Lynn Thornton Gregory Lehew Threatt Deborah Lynn Tolbert 127 Amy Bngetta Tucker Dwight David Van Hoy Willette Vance John Clark Vaughn Perry Lawrence Wallace Phyllis Ann Warren William Donald Warren Stuart Todd Watson Thomas Craig Watson III Kathy Lynn Wentz Robert David White Damn Paul Whitener Roseanna Elizabeth Whitley James Russell Wiley Sue Ellen Wilhelm Michael Wayne Wilkie Elton Levinston Williams James Douglas Williams Linda Darlene Wilson Jonathan Allen Wirt Charles Bnan Wood Tamara Grace Wood Nathan Charles Wnston 128 •■■ ' fa !Ji-l-iJi iUKi:.a aui-riuiiUKt-o iiur i-iopioKts ijuri-iuciUKts surnui ' iUKts aurnui-iurctB 3urnui ' iuKt SOPHGI ' kJKto auPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMW B WWWI«IBWWJi PHOKiORES 5arHul ' l,J Eb bUPHu|v|Ukbb bUPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOriOKtS SOPHU MOPCES oUPHOhlUKto SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOR E£ 30r HOMOIiLS buKHUl ' Iuhto iuPhuMUKtb SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOFHOMURLb oo(-HUMuktb SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES DP HQMCRLS OOf (..j; ibkcb ouHHUMuKtij SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES S HOM GRES 3aPHU !0Ktb SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOP MORE S SCPHCMGKEb oUPHUriOkLb bUPHUMUKtb bOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOiTORES S OFMOtlCAtb oOrHUi ' UJKES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOM ES SOPH Or-XIRLS bOr Kui ' iui l:.b bUI-riOHuKtb bOPHUMURES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOIIORJ SOPHOMO RES SGi ' iiOJiUKfc.4 oUPHUMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES OPHOMORES EOPllCiJORLS bLit HoIIuKlS out- HuHURLb bUPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES aOPHOMORES SO P:;U:I0KE3 SOPHOf-iUKcb sophomores SOPHOI RES sophomores SOPHOMORES SOJ OMORES SOPHO KOF.Ei SOFHOMJKLb bLiI- HOIlOKEo bUhHuMUKES bOPHOMORES SOPHOrvUDRES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOR ES SCFHoKGKtc ouPriUMURES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOM0RES SOPHOMORES 3;!F ' H0t;:;KEi bOI HuliUKtb ooPHuI ' luRtb bOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOj S SOPHOMORES SOP HOnOIXb SOf hOMUKEb bOPHOt-UDRES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOR T SOPHOMORES SOPHOM OKEL SCFH. 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Beaty Leigh Haynes Beheler Harry Dennis Benton Daniel Leroy Black Mary John Blanchard Margie E Boney John Wesley Bonner Jacques Pierre Boone Scott Gold Boyer Joyce Elaine Brady Jerold Dewayne Branch Tammy Lynn Braswell Eric Brewton David Alan Bridges Keith Ray Bridges Jacqueline D- Bridges Susan Jane Bronowicz Chnstopher Lee Brown Pamela Gail Brown 130 Bonnie Ann Burgess Leslie Roxie Burgess Julie Suzelle Burton Dan Carl Bush James Parker Byrd James Preston Byrd Michael David Caldwell Gloria Jean Campbell Tamala Ann Campbell Richard F Carbaugh Larry Dean Carpenter Anthony Nile Carter Jamie Suzanne Carter Robert Earl Carter Amy Belinda Cawood William Henry Champion Carol Joyce Chaney James Edward Chappell Michael William Cheek Robert Wes Chester Kelly Ryan Childers 131 Bette Gaye Clayton Catherine Ann Cline Rhonda Sue Clingan Leslie Renee Cloninger Linda Pannebaker Cobaugh Kathie Ann Cobb Denize Vickie Coker Marshana Rene Cole Elijah Darryl Collier Alice Browning Connelly Cynthia Denise Connor James Lules Cooper Susan Elaine Cottrell Elizabeth Ann Couch Raymond Scott Creel Anna Michelle Crow Michael Leon Crutchfield Franklin L Cunningham Davis Bnan Keith Holly Mane David 132 Cafol King Dawson Bobby A Deal Linda M Dodd Denise Madelyn Dow Terry C Dugger Charles Venyon Dupree Michelle Anne Durso Daniel Lee Dye Ralph Andrew Earle James A. Earley Rodney Keith Eller Amy Jeannine Elmore Kara Lindsay England Julie Iva Fain Celina Denise Faulkner Joseph Edward Fender Melissa Franzone Greg Hulton Gaddis Randy William Gambrell Ryan Elizabeth Gerhardt Kenneth Dale Gilleland Louis Walter Goodbrod Mark C Greene Tonya Michelle Greene Carolyn W Griffin Darryl Ray Griffin Jill Christine Grimshaw Mechelle Hamilton Carol Lynn Hamrick Cnstal Dawn Hamrick 133 Harvey Blye Hamrick Jean Leigh Hamnck Shellie N Hamrick Timothy Harbaugh Richard English Hardee Walter Hardnett Michael W Harmon James Dwayne Harns Melanie Blan Harris Petual Harns Karen E. Hay William Heath Sheila Gail Helmontoler Lisa Kim Helms Teresita J. Hemandez Kimberly Dawn High Lisa Jama Hill Michael Allen Hillard Cynthia E Hinson Victor Dean Hinson ' ▲ill 134 Laura Louise Holcombe Cynthia Lynn Hollifield William Owen Howard James Steven Howell Delmonte Hugh Gordon E, Huneycutt Mary Badger Hutohins Robin Jill Isley Richard Willis Ivey Jesse Lee James Joseph Elliott Jiles Renea W- Johnson Russell Dale Johnson Lyman Allen Jones Teena Mathon Justice John Hwan Kim Mary Beth Kirk Todd Knight Weldon Gene Lancaster Melissa Ann Lanford Darryl Wayne LeonhardI Teresa Jan Lewis Rebecca Littleiohn Faith Madelene Lowe Enc C. Lueck Lisa Jonelte McAlister Laurie Ann McDaniel Timothy M, McKenzie Eva Y. McKinney Lisa Gail McNeilly 135 l« - l Sarah E Maloney Grady Louis Martin Karen Denise Massie Krista Joan Mathews Chnstopher S Medford Paul G Mills Mack Craig Morgan Ronald Edward Moss Daniel Joseph Mornson Daniel Newton Moxley Benjamin Vincent Mull P rj d iki m A - David Bruce Murray Isaac Mwase Mary Leonard Myers Mark Darren Nance Mark Wade Nelson Joan E- Nethercutt Natalie Lynn Nickerson Rebecca A Niketas Gilbert L Noetzel Karen Denize Ogilvie 136 Michael A Owen Craig Andrews Owen Alexander Palazuelos Aaron Clyde Patterson Gary Dean Patterson Edwin C Paul Doreen Carol Payne Chrisloptier Grant Pitts Charles Aaron Poole Marsha Virginia Poteat Rebekah Ann Powell Jody Dwayne Pnce Robert Lee Putnam Danny Len Reece Renee L. Reed Joseph Duran Renfro Rhonda Michelle Rhinehart Edward Thomas Rhodes Stephanie Hope Richards Melissa Kay Richardson Sheila Jo Robinson Laura Regina Rogers Alan Grant Roland Virginia Anne Romano Cathenne St Charles Kimberly Fay Saine Julia Elizabeth Samples Marion E Sandifer Melody Elaine Sargent Kevan Randall Sawyer 137 William Micah Saylor Richard Jurgen Smidt James Lee Setzer John Derek Setzer Pamella June Sharts Alexander E Sheek Donald Ray Shives John Russell Siers Anthony Will Simpson Rachel Renee Sisk A A ' M ■ Stephanie L Skroban Rhonda Charlene Slagle Troy Daren Smart Grant Wooten Smisor Bradley Smith Carol Ann Smith Carolyn Smith Jeffery Scott Spargo Robert Graham Sparks Cindy Darlene Speer Sharon E Stott Laura Shell Strange Regina Diana Swink Mark Scott Thomas Jeffery Bryan Thomasson Jeffrey Mark Thomasson Constance E Thornburg Susan A Tiddy Brian Vincent Tomblin Angela Mane Toney 138 Lisa Carol Tucker Carolyn Sue Turner Tommy Scott Turner Deborati Kay Tutterow Charles Ttiomas Vaughan Pamela Alford Vaughan Rachel E Wakefield Jennifer Leigh Walters Michael Lynn Ward Pamela J. Warnck Phyllis Robinson Washburn Johnny N Waters Elizabeth Anne Watkins Wendy Gale Webber Jennifer Carol Whisnant Gerald Scott White Linda Leigh Whilener Lisa Ann Whitener Monte Allen Whitener Shayna Lynn Whilder Deborah Lynn Williams Karen Leigh Williams Beverly K Wilson Brent Emmitte Winslow Tamara Lynn Woods James Andrew Wright Melissa Sigmon Wright Elizabeth Anne Yandle Gregory S Young Larry Ray Zaky 139 ■ " T A Special Sophomore We have all been amazed at the speed with which Doug Armstrong moves about the campus. He ' s a man in a hurry, and his blindness has never slowed him down, not now, not in the past. Born 19 years ago in McGehee, Arkansas, James Douglas Armstrong be- came a five-time Arkansas State wrestling champion. He is also an excellent runner who competes for the Bulldog cross country team. In addition, he is the president of the college band and the math club. Last year he was elected Freshman-class president. Doug is also a Presidential Scholar whose QPR hovers above 3.5. In high school he ranked second in his class. At Gardner-Webb, Doug is majoring in both political science and computer science and hopes to attend law school following graduation As Nell Kilpatrick, director of the program for the blind and visually hand- icapped students, says, " His parents never let him get away with anything " And, according to his mother, Dorothy Flemings, it seems as though Doug never let anything get away from him. " When he was little, " says Mrs Flemings, " he had to do whatever the other children did. He was always determined not to let his blindness hold him back. " As one of five children, Doug was con- stantly being tested. " I can remember, " says Doug, " when the kids in the neigh- borhood used to play tag and I was always it. They ' d run right at a tree and then veer away at the last second. Boom, I ' d run into the tree. " Doug soon became wiser, however, anticipating their veers and beat them at their own game. When the kids started rid- ing bicycles, Doug had to do it, even though he fell off several times before finally succeeding. Life in the neighborhood wasn ' t all fun and games, however. The kids in his neighborhood, including those in his fami- ly, used to tease him about his handicap, calling him " no eyes. " It wouldn ' t end there. " If I ' d say that I wanted to watch television, they would say, ' don ' t you mean listen ' ? ' " But, Doug has overcome these in- sensitivities, and he now generates respect among his peers. According to Doug, his mother was the one who kept him on the ball when he started feeling sorry for himself. " She would tell me that I had to help myself. That I had to make things happen, not just sit around and wait for things to happen. " Another important person and motivator in Doug ' s lite was Ray Stewart, his coach since the third grade. " Ray knew when to give me a pat on the back or a kick in the rear, " says Doug. ' He ' s like a second father to me. I would bring my problems to him and he would help me solve them. " Another strong influence in Doug ' s life is religion. " I joined the church (Methodist) and was baptised when I was ten, " he says. " There ' s a purpose to my blindness. People are always telling me that I inspire them to do better. God is using my hand- icap to help other people. " This way of thinking was demonstrated when a woman memt)er of Doug ' s church (St. Peter ' s in McGehee) commented on his blindness and prayed for him to regain his sight. According to his mother, Doug told the woman, " Right now I don ' t want to see. God is using me just the way I am. " Members of the Gardner-Webb community know just how special he is. Almost everyone who has come into con- tact with Doug can only say good things about him. " He ' s really nice to the other blind students, " says Donald Ball, one of eight other blind or visually impaired students on campus. " He ' s especially good to the new blind students, he helps them adjust to college life. " Carol Ann Smith, a sopho- more Communication Studies major, says, " I really like Doug. He ' s a doll. " Doug is also happy with his social life here at Gardner-Webb. " The students pretty well accept me, " he says proudly " They see me as a student who happens to be blind rather than as a blind student. " Like most other students, Doug worries about his grades. " I ' m hoping for all A ' s this semester. " All A ' s would be some- thing like par for the course for a young man who wants to go to law school. " I ' d like to go to Wake Forest or Duke or maybe the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and study computer law, " he says, " then eventually go into politics and maybe be the first blind and black President. " This drive to succeed places Doug apart from most people. According to Kilpatrick, Doug is " highly motivated from within. He ' s extremely competitive, and the attitude can be seen in both his academic and athletic endeavors. " According to Doug, " Blindness is a great motivator for me. Were I able to see, I might not have been steered toward many of the opportunities that I was. " On tackling the challenges of college and law school and politics, the sopho- more has this to say: " If you have a goal that you think to be almost impossible but you continually strive for that goal, you always end up progressing. " To be fair, this graduate of the Arkansas School for the Blind does possess some residual vision in good days his eyesight is 5 300. In other words, when we see something from five feet away, he sees the same thing as though it were a football field away. " I can see best just after the sun ' s gone down, when it ' s light but there ' s no glare. " This residual vision does not, however, enable Doug to read. His reading gets done either in braille or through listening to recordings. That means he has to spend at least twice as much time on an assignment as a sighted student, yet he maintains an A average. If Doug is a standout among the general population, he is a superstar among the visually-handicapped. While in high school he won two national wrestling and two national track championships in competition for the blind. He also set U.S. records for the blind at 800 meters (2; 16), 1500 meters (4:38) and 5000 meters (16.51) at the International Games for the Disabled. Doug is a special sophomore, and we have a feeling he is going to be special in anybody ' s ranking, anywhere, anytime. Adapted from an onginal article by Dr. Jeff Elwell 141 Tt)cJ. uu cnargyLDr trips to M icrts. C (itiojj d cmrint Faculty, S!)Bsioi bning writing irity niVnfter. 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William Lyndon Benson, Bruce Bernard Blair, Coy Odell Blalock, Lon Bonita Blitch, James Barrett BIythe, Cote Arthur Bolin, Joe Dean Jr. Bowens, Perry Benard Bowman, Richard Linwood Boyce, Glenn William Jr. Bradley, Edwina Crossman Bridges, Blake Dawson Bnnkley, William Roy Brooks, Norlina Brown, Robin Renee Buchanan, Joyce Annette Burleson, Candy Lynn tf tff 1 C 1 1 F l iM i It 1 V » v 144 Bush, Laurie Elizabeth Callahan, Karen Melinda Canipe, Richie Gary Carpenter, Julius Wayne I Carson, Larry Darnell Childers, Cynthia Adele Childers, Lisa Dawn Childers, Tammie Lee Childress, Timothy Eugene Christenbury, Donna Gail . Ciulik, Carol Anne Clark, Randy Eugene Clark, Susan Bernadette Clinard, Amy Elizabeth Coggins, Elisa R. Cohoon, Melvin Leroy Jr. Collins, Mark Helms Conard, Lisa Mae Conner, Tracy B. Cook, Cynthia Lachelle 1 i 145 Cooper. Daniel Scott Comwell. Chnstopher Noel Corry. Angela M- Cox. Ttiomas Emerson II Craig. David Bart Dattllo. Jeanne Fleurette Davis. Mark Andrew DaviS. Michael Allen Deal. Cecelia Richardson Dean. Curtis Anthony Jr. Dellinger. Amy Danette Dlllard. Cheryl Jean Dingus. David Alan Dudley. Lynn Ellen Dugger. Kelley Renee 146 f Earley, Laura Leigh Easlerling, Stanley Edwards, Rhonda Elaine Efird, Tracy Alan Emory, Kimberly Joy Evans, Tonya Marie Finley, Lisa Helen Flinn, Lisa Mane Fowler, Buford Eugene Jr. Frady, Jeffrey Todd Franl lin, Joseph Damon Gaddis, Cynthia Marie Gatewood, Jeb Gather Gilchrist, Samuel Dennis Gilliard, Willie III Goforth, Kimberly Lee Golden, Leigh Courtney Goodman. Richard James Gordon. Charles S. Goss. Tracy Hunter 5 @ 5 m . P, Grabol. Jodi Luck Greene. Esther Robin Greenlee. Mark Anthony Greeson. Robert Franklin Groce. Chad Cline Guthrie. Wendolyn West Hager. Pamela June Haigler, Laune Darlene Hailstock. Anthony Devore Hall, David Woyne 147 Hall, Thomas Brian Hambright, Emmabeth Hammond, Jan Mane Hardlson, Lesley Carol Hardy, Sharon Elizabeth Harmon, Phillip Lamar Harns. Kimberly Diane Hawkins, Jeanne Renee Hawkins. Robin Renee Haynes. Jennifer Michelle Haywood, Kimberly Wayne Helderman, Melanie Elizabeth Henslee, Melissa Ann Hill, Harvey Gene Jr. Hill, Robert E, 148 HInson, Courtney Lynn Hjelm, Sandra Jean Houser, Beth Johnson Houser, Terry Lee II Hyllon, Tamara Ellen Jackson, Michael Lyn James, Norman E. Jr. Jessup. Tracy Craig Johnson, James Edward Johnson, Larry Walker Johnson, Mary Lynn Johnston, Yvonne Elizabeth Jones, Amy Maria Jones, Emily Jennifer Jones, Robert Timothy Jones, Sonja Sue Jones, Wendy Carol Jordan, Joel Shane Joyner, Marian Michelle Justice, Douglas Avery Kahler, David Martin Kangkolo, George Kah Keese, Timothy Jerome Kimel, Mark Preston King, Joy Lynn Kitts, Alicia Faye Koch, Carolyn Sisk Koch, David Frederick Lail, Katrina Beth Laney, Alan Nathaniel i 149 a I ._«,« ' McNeil, Jonathan Lamont Lawlor, Scott Kenneth Leach. Thurman Anthony Lee. Edward Scott Lenox. Bnan Michael Lewis. Terry L. Lipscomb. Mana Morris Little, Chnsline Locilento. Dominic Frank Loftis. Michael Paul Loftis. Roger Dale Long. Bettina Suzanne Loy, Stephen Gupton Lyall. Kenneth Lee Lynch. Charles Lawrence 150 s if A a Lynn, William Frances Mahaley, Christopher Glynn Malone, Paul Creston Martin, Laura Ellen Martin, Virginia Denise McClain, Anette McCowan, Matthew Tyrone McCurry, troy David McKee, Lori Lea McKinney, Joey Edward McSwain, Deborah Suzanne McWhirler, Gina Lynn Medlin, Shawm Marie Melton, Trudy Renee Mllleman, Michael Robert Miller, Richard Byrd Jr. Mills, Angela Renee Mills, Pamela Lynne Mitchell, Anthony Dwight Mooring, Saundra Anita II Morgan, Robbie Anne Moseman, Kimberly Elaine Moss, Angela Dawn Muller, Andy Mark Mullinax, Russell Todd Murray, Jeffrey Todd Neel, Lisa Jo Neisler, Theresa Annzelett Nelson, Stephen Nave II Nichols, Sharon Renea 151 Norman, Kimberly Lee Dates. Peggy Virginia Odom. Donna Michelle Oliver, Amanda Jane Parker, Lisa Dawn f Parrlsh, Timothy Sherman Penner, Grady Eugene Perdue, Colette Anne Petty, Kimberly DeAnne Phifer, Susan Marie Phillips, Tony Chnstopher Ploeg, Shelley Ann Pondo, Michael Thomas Porter, Douglas S. Porter, Kimberly Irene 152 Pressley. Curtis O. Price. Teesha Adair Quinerly. Andrea Bernard Rhinehardt, Wade Dewayne Richards, Jennifer Elizabeth Richardson, Kelvin R. Riddle, Jenny Ann Rikard, Susan Lee Roark, Annette Kay Roberts, Jeffrey Todd Roberts, Karen Elaine Rodgerson, Mary Charlotte Rugg, Michael Earl Russ, Lisa Marie Sabbarth, Lisa Jane Scott, Kenneth Robert Scott, Tyrone William Searcy, Mary Elizabeth Sellers, Lara Grace Sexton, Michael Bruce Sharp, Darin Scott Sherer, Steven Todd Sherrill, Franklin Thomas Jr. Smith, Anthony Derek Smith, Bruce Douglas itolnocl Smith, Eli Fitzgerald Smith, Kevin Lee Smith, Lori Nell Smith, Mario Brian Smith, Preston Browning 153 ll Soto. Kevin Andrew Spessard, Mark Callahan Spikes, Leroy Stephens, Charles Richard Stephens, Lewis Raynard Stephens, Lisa Dawn Stevenson, Heidi Denlse Stokes, Carl Arthur Stokes, Leven Samuel Strickland, Tonni Lynn Strong, Michael Kevin Sullivan. Sherry Yvonne Summey, Barbara Melissa Sun. Carolyn N. Sutphin, Jill Denise Swain, Herbert Lee Swaine, Chnstie Donn Talley, Joseph Kenneth Jr. Templeton, Jeffrey Brooks Terrell, Johnny Arling Jr. Thelen. Terry Clay Thompson. Kelly Thurman. Rebecca Anne Tinsley, Sterling R. Totty, William Coleman Touchton, Jamie Ruthanne Traylor, Jennifer Claire Vickery, Donna Mane Walker, Shelley Renee Wallace, Jimmy Wayne 154 f Warren, Amy L. Warren. Kevin Strickland Walraven, Kenneth Clayton Walsh, Link Fitzgerald Warrick, Ronald Scott Way, MaDonna Dale Whitaker, Nelson Wayne Whitaker, Regina Lynn Whitesides, Glenn David Whitlow, Melissa Carol Wiles, Scott Clint Wilfong, Myra Regina Williams, John Wesley I Willis, Kimberly Ann Willis, Kimberly Denise Willis, Ruth Lynn Wilson, Burt Lee Wilson, Ricky Winkler, Kathleen Marie Wrenn, Diane Stroupe Wright, Mary Jeanette Wright, Tammy Dawn Yancey, Sandra Gail Yarbrough, Belinda Thompson Smith, James Alexander i 155 THE CLASSIC . . . Editor in Chief Yvetta Barnes Advisor Dr. Bill Stowe Layout Staff Teresa Campbell Joyce Christian Angela Freeman Ryan Gerhardt Charlene Gould Lesley Hardison Donna Howell James Howell Sherri Kepley Judy Lutz Grady Martin Philip f cGaha Olivia Osborne Liz Potter Sue Wilhelm Copy Editor Phillip Townsend Photography Staff Adam Higgins Teena Justice Pam Sharts Art Editor Julie Burton Volunteers Lois Beam (Layout) David Keim (Photography) Dell Morgan (Layout) Van Nguyen (Photography) Janet Curry (Photography) Special Thanks To Dwight Reid (Photography) Dr. Elwell (Copy) Karen l assey (Copy) Pro Color (Color Prints) Davis Studios (Student Portraits) Dr. Dan Proctor (Computer Data) Jennifer Walters (Copy) Butch Dillington (Photography) And so another year closes — another year of memories recorcJed at Gardner-Webb . . . We, the staff, share a special thanks with all who have helped us make the 1986 Web possible — espe- cially the much-appreciated volunteers. We hope this edition of The Web will serve as an adequate collection of the events and people who have become Classic memories In our search for new horizons. THE WEB 156 H • Wii-iston-Saiem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • c-t- Caroi -a Darriy Coggtn Asheviae. North Caroina

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