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n( 6lpj2if 2iA ' ' i ,, ,„r. .Vocb Universrty Sowing Springs. N.C. 280r, »..- « fli r -V tmtM THE WED— 1983 GARDNER- VEDD COLLEGE BOILING SPRINGS, N.C 28017 KEN HOLCOMDE— EDITOR yyf( |.r. . . ,-:...=,... -». .— .- -- -,», , 5 ia « ' . . ' •: ' . ;Xi TABLE OF CONTENTS SPORTS STUDENT LIFE.. CLUBS FACULTY STUDENTS DIRECTORY EPILOGUE 1 iriiTMnniinrwrnniiTnM TODAY IS OURS . . . " Oh soy con you see by rhe down ' s eorlylighr. " Fronds Scorr Key probobly hod lirrle insighr os ro rhe offea itwse inspiring words would hove wirhin rhe realms of our norionol hisrory The suns glisrening roys hove downed and ser counriess rimes since Key penned these unforgerroble lines, bur wiih rhe down of eoch day we musr be remirxted rhor TODAY IS OURS! Each rwenry-four hours rhor o person lives s o gifr So oft fexJenrs ger so coughr up in papers, exonns and prqjecrs ihor rhe resr of life seems to rush by in o blur. Siudenrs need rime to stop ond interoa wirh the world oround tfiem TODAY IS OURS ond we should mo ie rfie qnpsr of every r ■ orxB rhe day is over, ir is gone for- If rime could be soved, would the reminiscence be os fii collegiote years generate memories rhot will lost cHife living? Probobly not! However, rhe Memories ore o lot like old foded blue jeons— you weor r bur somehow you con nor find it in your heorr lo do o y ore okrxxr completely worn our, Memories ore good becouse of whot they represent . bur so more than o file of fond memories r college with nothing Ir hos obo been soid rhor memories ore renr)embered swocret thrin the v t rhcnoek ploce If oil of rhe todoys gre filled with memories of yesterday . rheo.whot will we corry through oil of the ronnorrows? ToTT rrow— the sfudenr ' s grtl6tew hope is for tomorrow If- only rorworrov would hurry ondgerjgre " Studerits spend daylight hours wishing for weekends, rhis yeor.6 spent looKing forwqjd to l unril tinolly woitinn for groduorioni , _ . - " ' ' e ' » ' - - ' ::{ ' t y -f ' ?, ;vv. - ■ . .. With Gro uoiion comes the great xpe irSrlc Jf lolfnfhirig iiSfo o ' c ' dreer Only o couple yeors into jhe _ ' COteer world ond rhe rfioughts df retiremenr begin rdyir g m ihp carorombs of the rnind Tomorro j =Jv olwoys o doy owoyi ' , j . ' . v {•• ' " •% ' • ' ' v ' ! YESTERDAY. TODAY AND TOMORROW, OUT ONLY TODAY IS OURS! Today iS ours, bur wfiot do wedovifllhir ' Whor r, ifrtiy onywoy ' TrxJoy r,fjriew tjf ■ginning, o yjcceed in yesterdoy ' s dreom Ir is a cfiorice lo rnol-.c n if -rr if nc-, lo corry mro romortf jw Dur mo ' A. .-f ' . ; . ' .v - ' . ' . A TIME TO MAKE FRI .r V, ' ' -Vf ' ■ ' : % ' ' : ; ' - 7: ' M . ,;::% ■i ' .i . ' i Ori C ? . u - -A ' . . ■? A V Friend, 5o often 1 forger ro rell you jusr how much being colled " your friend " meons ro me I consider rhe greoresr " exrro " rhor col- lege has afforded me is rhe chonce ro moke friends; friends like you. No omounr of money could re- place rhe grear rimes we shored. Do yoO remember ori- enr orion wee k? ! wos so lonely jWrsr day ort campus. I didn ' r hove onyone ro idenrify with. Then you comeond sor down or rhe dinner " roble. Isn ' r ir funny how ir rook ren mihures before eirher one of us spoke? Then ' ofrer rolking we discovered rhor even rhough we lived miles Qporr we shored some of rfie some friends! Foorboll season— rhor was some j elebrarion ofrer rhor firsr win. Whor obour oil rhe " oll- nighrers " we pulled srudying for resrs? Moybe ir was rhe pres- sure, maybe ir was rhe lock of sleep, moybe ir was Jusr ro kill rime — bur ir seemed as rhough we olwoys ended up in a deep philosophical discussioni Thanksgiving ond Chrisrmos hotidoys were greor, bur I was onxious ro ger bock ond hear all rhe " news " . Snow, ' — " " ■■ srowi t wendej jjje ever reollzed rhe shorroge of rroys during rhe snow? If we only hod food rroys insreod of sleds OS children, Ir would hove been rwice rhe fun growing up! After mid-reiTTB everyrftng be- gon ro-fly by. Spring break, the hoy-ride ' Ond bbnfkel dp; rhe river— Spring Jubilee! now groduorlon. Fun yeor wosn ' r ir? I guess I soid oil of rhor to soy rhis . , . Moving you os o friend mode oil of rhe evenrs— fun! Ir ' s nice ro know rhor rhere ore people wirh whom I con be myself. Thonks for being rhere ro listen and for caring. Thonks for confiding in me; shoring Thonk you for being my friend! Wirh Love, Your Friend .-.. ♦S.- . ». -S hf :lm .iSj I A Time To Learn •e orr. ' Zi ' ' r e averse eofs ond comorooer- ■;--■-; rt?ge ' e. ' here musf be c !T e for srody A rrme for en- ridTmeiir A rtme in which rt e srudenr not orjy futfBs rhe re- quirements of his major, bur olso explores rhe fulfitnenr of hs inner being The curriculum is o vosr summory of rhese woys of learning, bur rhere s more ro srudy rhcn Ote) Tesromenr ond English Co. oosirion 101. The cur- : roHege srudenr srsc: „ . - ,eors of educo- rion, bur olso on inrroducrion ro furure career Ir s posr knowl- edge roughr m rhe presenr ro be used in rhe furure SPORTS DOING IT RIGHT THIS TIME! One of rhe besr foorboll reoms in oli GVC ' s hisrory emerged rhis year. The goal of rhe reom wos ro be rhe chompions of rhe NAIA division. The 1982 seoson looked greor for The Dulldogs. Afrer six srroighr wins rhe reoms wos on its ways. They were ronked in rhe rop ren reoms of rheir division in rhe norion. Tom Moore hos now fulfilled rhe promises he hod mode four years ogo, when he sold he wos going ro moke o greor foorboll reon for GWC- The ployers were very supp c " -: ; r while rhe fans only sow rhe reom c " " e " e ; once o week, rhe ployers were our rhere olmosr everdoy preparing for rhe nexr gome. The cooches spent many hours weekly preporing rhe srroregy for rhe nexr gome. The supporr of rhe fons ond d eer- leoders helped keep rhe spirit and morale of rhe ployers from going down. The disipline ond spjrir rhor has gone inro rhis year ' s foor- boll reom hos mode rhe GWC bulldogs dTompions. L-R. firsr row Chp SruQTT. Corfsle Kooni5. Jome Pope. V. - e " : row Siocey EkirrerT. Corrol McOoy, Gory Dixon. Poui [ :■ 1 : " _ _ :._ -.:___ , . 1, ■_ Thrd row Todd Gfeeoe, Onon Boyd. Anthony Hotortd, Ooy AJexonder. Dorry Johnson. Rjd Singleror. Osrel DorneiT. Danny Qoiey Fourrh row Doug Bonner. Dorxjs Dovis. Chip Osborne. (Xid Former. Adnon D od . Johnny DoKer, Jim O ' Sheo. Dojg Diggs. oger Greene F rh row. My Cosh. Dryon Tyler, Dryor. Scruggs. Don Mayo, Doryi Srrong . Greg Samuels. Comeron Drooiss. Woyne IXoberrs. Tom Perrwoy, Pou! Shorpe Sixih row Mi« Hegory, Dwighr Coler, Ale Drdges, Goig Dori er, Ai Donco, Sreve Oodier, John SorvB, Corrol Dowkins, Us e Benson, Poirick Currence. Joy WoUs Sevenrh row Lurher (Xeomes. Romie Kinord. Dqv j Myers. Ken Tore. Travis Fosrer. Rondy Turtwvics. Donny Chovis. Tm Twirry. Kenny Fosrxxhr Doug Hayr es. Greg Jod«xi. Tm Hogler Dghrh row Tm Hordie. Alen Dsig. Floyd Archie. rVichord Nelson Jrn Srepp. Frank Sconrtng, Dorryl Pefry. Mark Muinox, Phi Drown, Trenr Lee, Danny Mier, Colvin httan. IR 1st Row Corlisle Koonrs, Mike Gregory, Stocey Dorretr, Chip Sruort, Duone Foster 2nd Row Cooch Tom Moote, Gory Dixon, Jotnie Pope, Dnon Former, Chuck Dickinson, Mike Houston, Poui Doit, Corroil McCroy, Ricl y Dorkholrer Senior ployers. rhe backbone of rhe Gordner- Webb football reom, ore among rhe many people who hove remained dedicored ro rhe Bulldogs rhrough rheir yeors of reviralizing rhe Bulldog ream. The senior players hove worked hard from yeor ro year, while other players rronsfered because rhey were nor pleosed wirh rhe season, this oursronding group of guys sruck wirh ir unril ir poid off These senior players hove shown an expression of dedi- carion which will srick wirh rhe ream for many yeors ro come. They hove srood by rhe ream during rhe good and bad rimes which produced rhe firsr winning season since 1977 1 Wirh O ' Sheo, Dixon ond Walls poised, rhe Bulldog Defensive line IS reody for ocrion 2 VoHs ottives o little iote os Gory Dixon hos olteody mode the rockle 13 The Tension mounrs. The seconds rick off rhe dock. The blaring lighrs of rhe scoreboard read Lenoir-Rhyne — 24, Gardner-Webb — 21, Hun- dreds of Bulldog fons sir on rhe edge of rheir sears Fourrh down — Gordner-Vebb hos rhe boll The Quorrerbock rhrusrs rhe boll — inro rhe Qir — rhe pass is good — A rouchdown! Splashes of red ser rhe sradium on fire. The dull hum of human voices inaeoses ro a sreody roar as rhe boil fiys rhrough rhe posrs. Fans rise ro rheir feer shouring, cheering, and clapping. This is spirir This mokes rhe poin worrhwhile. 1. Chip Sruorr fronncoHy scons rtie field for o wide receiver 2. AJ Dtonco hortds-off ro Jomie Pope ro mol e o first down 3. Ir Totses more rtxan one ro rodsJe o mjgliry Dulidog 4 Ddkjogs ore our ond running for onorher viaory 5 Cheerleaders point out that the Bulldogs ore 1 6 Croig Dorlser gives hs fellow reommores heorrfelr support 7. Duone Foster corches rhe poss end mokes o bee-line for c rouchdown 8 The Bulldogs ore leading 04-0. bur rhe Wesr Vo Vesleyon Lx ns ore brearfi tng down Chip Sruorr ' s neck. BULLDOG POWER STRIKES AGAIN 15 BEWARE OF THE DOGS! iMBJBfc HOMECOMING " 1982 " TO GOOD TO TURN BACK NOW Srudenrs rurned our in surprising numbers for Homecom- ing rhis year The onriciponon of o rough gome was evidenr Dy holf-nnne rhe Bulldogs were in rhe lead. Exaremenr mounred as rhe homecoming orrendanrs and queen were presenred Afrer o fired-up pep rolk in rhe locKer room, rhe ream rerurned ro rhe field They gave ir rheir besr shor ond we were proud of rhem. We love yo. Bulldogs! Firsr row, L-fX ore; Jerry HuDOord. Tim Voughn. Morr Gbson, Vnce Drown, Terry Comp. Deon Johnson, V Nr Srevens, Den Dovis, Pon Greene. Tol Groce. Cooch Jim Wiles. Normon en, Jeff Onss, fXobefT SoJorrxxx:. Vincenr Jodsson, EdcSe Vakns. Eddie Jordon. Ron Horgrove, Rick Kinney, Kevn Atomn, Coodi Tommy Garher -n BULLDOGS, THAT AWESOME FORCE The 1982-1963 Dulldog bosKerboll reom has mode rheir mark in GWC hisrory The reom gave oil rheir streogrh in making rhis year a winning seoson The reom olso made o greor snde in winning rhe 1982 VDTV Coroltno Clossic Head coach Jim Wiles ond coach Tommy Gairher worked hord m producing one of rhe besr boslierboll reams Gordner- Webb hos ever seen. The reom and cooches pur numerous hours of hord work inro moking rhis year a season The players were unired in o spinr of good sporrsmonship, brorh- erhood, and pride Wirh rhese quoliries rhe ream made rhe 82-80 season o greor year The gleom for vicrory ond foir ploy wos seen in every player ' s eyes as well os in rheir ocrions on rhe courr The ream nor only played o wonderful season bur rhey olso gor ro make rhe firsr season of bosker- boll m rhe new Paul Porrer Areno a season ro remember, 1 Fon of rhe Year 2 Terry Camp mokes onorher rorionol move Eddie Vilkins goes in for o loy-up. 4 The crowd becomes disturbed os rhe referees debore on wherher ro come ro rhe gome ■•sj ; - v% V DOGS TAKE CLASSIC FOR THE 5TH TIME VDTV CAROLINA CLASSIC The Gordoer-Webb boskertxill ream has proven rheir superkxiry in rhe WDTV Corofino Classic The Rghhn ' DuUdogs defeored Dofber-Scorio, Johnson C Smirh. Pferffer College, and fhen defeated Lmesrone College ro win rhe rournamenr chompKxship Eddie Wilkins wos nomed rhe nxjsr voluable ployer of rhe rourrximenr ond Terry Camp wos named All Tournomenr, borh of rhese awards were well deserved They proved ro many fons rhe mighr of rhe GVC boskerboil ream The OKJe of rhe mony dieermg Dulldog fans ortd rhe super sdxx)l spmr also helped in rhe winning of rhe fifth hrle os rhe WDTV Corolirxi Oosstc ChompoTS i « .t)v %9J Den Davis gers o good hand in on rhe ocnon Dovis curs his opponenr off, forcing rhe boil our of bounds. Vhor do I do now? The rulebooi- didn ' r soy onyrhing obour rhisi Wirh jusr seconds lefr, Eddie Vilkins bloci- o shor rhor helps GWC win rhe gome Vincenr Jocl ' on goes for 2 ro rie rhe score wirh Dorber-Scono. mmammmmmm GVC SPECIAL NEWSDREAK Due ro Lock of Inreresr . . . EXAMS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED! (Thor ' H Be rhe Day!) 22 LOOK OUT FOR THE LADY BULLDOGS Seared Arriondo Genrry, Lisa Harris, Sylvia Vhire.GtendoPenningron, Melissa Tyson Srand ing Solly OlocK, Frorios Lmdsey, Tammy Vr ire, Dir o Smirh, Pom Gregory, Sandra Tore, Dobby Mirchell, Deuford Justice Women ' s DoskerbQli The 1982-1980 women ' s baskerboii reom ployed on- orher greor season. They mer rheir opponents and challenged rhem all, ro o greor game of baskerboii. This year will always be re- membered OS good year in women ' s baskerboii. And when rhe word baskerboii is menrioned or GWC one will never forger rhe greor women ' s boskerball ream. 23 wm m m D A S E D A L L 5 T R K E 5 A G A 1 A lirrle higher please. I don ' r ploy golf! 2 Heoded home! 3 Anorher line drive jusr over rhe pircher ' s head 4 Whor 6 this grounder doy or somerhir g? N 24 25 26 % % (, 77 MEN ' S TENNIS GETS INTO ACTION ,f ! f ., ' m y Rondy Alexonder (.cooch), Sreve Drirron, Sron Low, Roy Hordie. Al Dionco, Mirch Horrs, Tony Veils. Keirh Feorher, 5ron Sherhll. 28 GOLF TEES OFF AT GWC Golf The gotf reom of Gardner-Webb has always been an oursrondng and com- penrive ream. The reom, led by Coach Allen has in rhe pasr won rwo norionol chompionships ond rhe MAIN disrricr rirle six rimes. Coach Allen and rhe golf ream hove worked very hord m making rhis season grear. The ream ' s greor enrhusi- Qsm and srrengrh hos mode rhem on oursronding reom. The golf ream has shown rheir GVC pnde ond spirir in ev- ery gome rhey ployed 1. LP. Lane Poce, Dewey Oxner, Cooch Allen, John Vaughn, Drion Burgess, Jimmy Dusker, Wesley MurdocK. 30 THE PACK IS OFF AND RUNNING The Gardner-Webb cross counrry reom was oursrand- ing in rhe 82-83 season. The ream endured much pain end hord work in purring rogerher o greor ream for GVC The reoni worhed hard and in rhe end, rhey were rewarded wirh much success Gordner-Webb is very proud of rhe cross counrry ream and rhe efforrs rhey pur forrh ro win. Summoning oil of his srrengrh, Dovid Frazier surges ahead in rhe finol seconds ro win. Charles Bracken purs his besr foor forword Jimmy Lancosrer gives a word of encourogemenr ro Paul Phillips OS he makes rhe lasr lop Ir ' s jusr obour rime ro leove oil rhis behind Johnny Morris soy ' s ir ' s as easy os 1, 2, 3 IB RI RH a VOLLEYBALL TAKES IT TO THE TOP Sronding; Solly Block. Deouford Jusnce, Sherri Roby, Deboroh Toney, Pom OoMer, Metonie Messer, Oebro ArtcAbee. Jill Clodfetrer, Tommy Whrre. Mike Greene. Liso Horns Kneeling: Dobby Mitchell. Undo Cudd, Debbie Greene, Goy Drockerr 32 f ow 1 Ray Hordee, Milron Chapman. Tony Morron, Bobby Mclnryre, Riro Vinson Row 2 Donno Sorrort, Teresa Gordner, Janice Zilcker, Kim Dormore. Top Leno Oori- . «. Kl t tit AAi. -iii- . ' u i . ' l UX- I: 3 5 • n .- %■ ' . ■ V ' ■y- ' , ' - " TU D t — N P _J • ' - l. .r - if r- er ' ' " ' ' ' i ' Pv- ' ; A • .-tn? ' ; -. ■...:r- SriHiifa COMMENCEMENT ' 82: CommefKemenr exercises were espe- dolly " speciol " for rtie groduoring doss of 1982, rhe firsr srudenrs ro groduore in rhe deof program received rheir degrees- There wQs rumor rhor rhis mighr be rhe losr doss ro groduore on rhe lown, due ro the opening of rhe Lurz-Yelron Convoco- lion Cenrer, bur rhis will nor be necessary excepr in evenr of roin. 36 A RED LETTER DAY 37 FINALLY OFF TO COLLEGE Freshnxin ond rronsfer srudenrs exper- ienced o vigorous week of orienrorion during the losr week of Augusr. Howev- er, ofrer rolking wirti o br of rhe new srudenrs rhey feir rhor ir helped rhem od- jusr ro rhe new ornnosphere, college ond mosr of oil ro eoch orher. Dy rhe end of orienrorion rhe srudenrs could hardly woir for dosses ro begin. 38 L • ' J . ' ■ ' ki • ■J B Kr U ' ' tt k Li k E V • « - ■ m RICK BOWLES IN CONCERT 40 " TOO GOOD TO TURN BACK " :!» it. ssass H HOMECOMING— 1982 m - " j 1 ' — A — -V 42 S B EVA WHITTINGTON— HOMECOMING QUEEN i S C D PRESENTS . . . NORTH TOWER 45 FALL DRAMA 4- 1 Kv V 9 • ' X Ik. I 1 ' " Ti i ' " SEE HOW THEY RUN " 47 CHRISTMAS IN BOILING SPRINGS 48 SPRING JUBILEE- A TIME OF JUBILATION THE FANTASTIC SHAKERS IN CONCERT ■e The collegiore yeors should provide o well rounded educorion ourside of the dossroom OS well OS wlrhin rhe dossroom. One field rhor srudenrs may gain experience in is leodership. Enrronce inro these dubs may be by srudenr elecrion or oppoinrmenr. The SGA OFFICERS ond Senote hove rhe owesome responsibiliry of co-ordinoring srudenr by-lows ond policies. The vice presidenrs of eoch dub which serve os members of rhe Inter-Club Council hove jusr os difficuir underroking in correloring diverse orgonizorionol functions Members of rhe Studenf Center Board leorned o new meaning for rhe word " responsibiliry " . Trying ro keep srudenrs acrive and on rhe move proved ro be olmosr impossible. The Association of Women Students and rhe Ambassadors ore service orgonizo- rions in oddirion ro being chonces for srudenrs ro learn leodership. SGA Officers JfW l (L ro K) Croig Meodows CPres ) Jerome Creoch (V-Pres ), Dionne Vhiroker Jreos ). Morry Gombill (SCO Choirmon;, Dophne Warner (Sec ) 52 Inter-Club Council Row 1 Kim Dorchers, Kim Rondolph, Goye Whirener, Wendy Dill, Leno Clark, Teresa Gardner, Tiro Vinson, Par LudecKe, Jomi McNeely, Loreso Pmyan, Amy D Wilson. P.OW 2 Mr Melvin Lurz (advisor), Jerome Creech, Charlie Reynolds, Hunrer Hoy, Ray Hardee, Vince Heffner, Chris Winons, Tim Hogler, Beverly Dodgerr, Jerry Burleson, Andreo Corrigon. Student Center Board Row 1: Marry Gombill, Hunrer Hoy, Norhon Frank, Chorlie Reynolds, Chip Wood Row 2 Mr Melvin Lurz (sponsor). Amy D Wilson, Terry Ann Purnom, Thonyo Lowery, JImi Ray, Jonorhon Scorr, 53 msBBBom Governor ' s Aides Lefr ro R,ghr. Jolie Rooerrs, Jonorhon Scorr, Jomt McNeely, Hunref Hoy. Kim [Randolph. Sron Fosrer, Leoo Gorhs, Jerome Creoch A. W . . Left to l ghi Corherine Morshburn (Sec ), Celio Devmney, Oooo Ducher ipres ), DecKy Hicks, Jomi McNeey (V Pres ), Mcs Kser Codvi SGA Senators Row 1 Oophney Vomer (Sec ), Morry Gombill (Student Centet Doord chairman), Croig Meodows (Pres ), Jerome Creach (V Pres ), Dionne Whitaket (Tteos ), Mr Rick Wilson (odvisor) Row 2 Edno Romseur, Maria Volmer, Doug Walker, Maureen Dovis, Carmen Hood, Undo Mariell, Louro Dosserr, Oerh Persons, Sherry Minnix, Pot Ludeedw, Pom Helms, Scott Deol Row 3: Hunt- et Hoy, Jim Decider, Karen Suddreth, Jimmy Loncaster, Scott Jenkins, Ttoy Todd, Keirh Smith, Batry James, P A Cline (advisor), Peter Feix, Rick Horwell, Tommy Justus, Dottie Bridges, Croig Warsan 55 There ore several clubs which srudenrs moy join in order ro enhance rheir learning, parnculorly wirhin rheir major field These clubs ore rhe Student Nurses Associotion, French Club, Moth Club, Student National Educational Associotion, Physical Education Majors and Phi Beta Lambda, rhe Business Adminisrrarion Club There is also rhe Alpho Chi orgonizanon, an Honor Sociery for srudenrs who have excelled academically French Club Row 1. Koren Kisrier, Van Nguyen, Drendo Horris (Sec -Treas ), Olivia Osborne, Kornna Shombough, Wendy Dill, Karhie Landers P-ow 2 Tony Morfon. Alvjn Porhom, Dobby Hammond, Phil Powell, Jeff Hud- gins, Liso Abemerhy, Perer Feix, Syl- vie Delobre. Decky Hict-a, P.oy Hor dee (V Pres ). Lisa Piercy, Row 3 Rondy Rogers, Sreven Helron, Jim- my Bowman, Jim Srapp, Sran Dloir (Pres), Rurh Gilberr, Dale Wallace, Carl Former, Lydio Posron. I Math Club f ow 1 Dr Morns Codvisor), Gory Dixon, Chuck Ondwell, Dorry Bridges Row 2 Kim Dormore, Kim Ournerre, Joanne Davis, Sharon Kel- ley, Kelli Mirchell r ,ow 3 Norns Mo- sl Qll, Edvin While, Moris Seogroves Row 4 Phil Powell, Chorles Ledford, Jerry Durlson, Mrs Libby Corswell (odvisor) Row 5 Dr Poul Jolley, Dr Jeffrey Choing (advisor) 5 «»wpsai|B|pfr 56 Outdoor Explorers Row 1 Gino Smtrh, Melissa Loil (Sec -Treos ), Lynn Mouney, Amy D Wilson, Mary Hicte, Lyndo Hitchcock, Gory McDnde (V Pres ) Row 2 Paul Hoyes, Lori McGrorh, Drendo Orirr, Mary Procror, Dorlene Gosperson (Pres ), Donno McDoniel, Korhy Genrle, Jute Keodle, Randy Serrle Row 3 Dr Horrelson (sponsor), Jimmy Jones P.E. Mojors Standing Erwin Drown, Paul Hoyes, Sylvia Whire (pres ), Gole Srovall, Allen Dunch Sirring Leno Qork, Pomelo Gellord, Sue Walker, Tammy Toylor (Sec ), Charlie Reynolds (V Pres ). Mirch Horns, Liso Horris, David Frozier, Debbie Greene (Treos ), Karrino Shombough, Deborah Toney 57 P.B.L Row 1: Juto ftuerr. Sylvia Coor, Toro Trormon. Kim Randolph, T ri Kirby, Shelley Ruling, Dale Riffle. Mory Gabolo. Row 2 Jeon Summers. Angelo Poms. Thonyo Low y, Shala Poinrer, Edno Ramseur, Tereso Houser. Dnjce Bridges, Tony Price. Oiip Srorr. Qoire Lod oby, Deverty Crowford Row 3: Evans Vhiraher (V Pres), Pe- rer Feix (Pres ), Doug Volker (Treos ), Renee Foxx (Sec ) Row 4 Charles Helms Codvisor). Julian O ' Neoi (odvisor), Gregory Edwards. Denjy Carpenrer. Tim Brooks, Ed- die Johnson. Jim Ded er. Pom Gregory. John Mari Adorns, Dili Snyder- S.N.E.A. Row 1 A- ' c r .: .. w :, E w . e Connolty, Deborah Seogroves, Suzonne Dovt. Susan Weover Row 2 Diane Hamrick, Porrido Hollmon. LisoLedford, Jennifer Mills. On- dy Dridges, Julio Johnson, Mike Oonrher Row 3: Dr Ernice Doc our. Oorboro Lavery , Riro Horns. VicKi Ford. Sondy Ledberrer, Sherree Morris. Oorboro Diockburn, Ko- ren Corswell, Jufse Keodle. AArs Mockie Price Row 4 Chorlene Frozior. Lynn Peorson. Joner Morsholl. Susan Thompson, Roxonne Kilporrick, Rick Som. 58 Alpha Chi |; ' f ' S fl Row1 CroigMeodows, Alan Poole, Carolyn McCarrer.AniroToney.CorhenneMorshborn.SusonneD Dovs Row 2 Dr Gilmer Dtackburn, Dr Barry Hombrighr, Tom Porker, Vicki 5 Wolker, Rachel L Dover, Dr Les Drown S.N.A. Row 1; (lefr ro righr) Deboroh Mongum, Sherri Hasnngs, Korhy ElmoreCV Pres ), Pom Kister, Erhel Joon Ourns, Cindy Shepherd, Liso Webb, Angle Mangum. Row 2: Foye Wilson, Soroh Doney(Pres ), Robyn Alrrey, Wendy Clonrz(advisor), Leslie Dorrholomew, Linda McLuckie, Tereso Spicer, Lisa Perrus, Toni Oliver 59 " Music is rhe Universal Language - - " Gardner- Webb srudenrs hove opporruniries ro perform and porricipare in musical acriviries even if rfiey are nor music mojors rhrougfi various musicol organizarions on campus The Ensemble, rhe college ' s official rouring choir, and The Chamber Chorus are open ro rhe srudenr body through oudirion ond give concerts and rour eoch year The College Chorus is open to any student interested in music ond gives a limited number of concerts eoch year The American Choral Directors Association ond Music Educator ' s Notional Conference are two orgonizotions open to music mojors who wont to gain additional experience in their major and meet other students who share their musical interests. Bulldog Bond ifilimrfiTfrnif " l ow 1 Wendy Hozelworrh, Phylls WJson, Jane Seorcy, Beth Persons. Brendo Cooke. Konrino Shombough. Greg Threorr, Mono Houghion, Beverly Dodgerr. Enc Hommond Row 2 Leslie Homlerte. Terri Reid. Sue Woliier. Todd Stour. Korherine Keisler. Riro Bridges, Debbe Whire, Bobby Hommond. Dennis Benroo, Lso Abernettiy, Ron Correr. Steven Homnck AAike Thompson, Kent Horrelson, Sreplien Summers, Don Duncon. Suson Welch, Bessie Jordan. Sherrie Cums. Dino Ded er, BonneH Young (Daim Mqjor). «) Choral Ensemble Row 1 Susan Moore, Joe Soylor, Sherrie Allen, Milron Chompmon, Sherri Lieuronce, Liso Abernethy, Drenr Hayes, Michelle Withers, Emonuel Horns, Porricio Durnerr (Pionisr), Dr Cribb (Conducror) Row 2 William McSwoin, Karen Home, Sreve McDonold, Dono Ducher, Dean Goddls, Angelo Toney, Mork Folk, Susan Holl, Terry Sims, Mono McKinney Row 3 Robin Garrison, Ken Arkinson, Sheri Folk, Curns McWhorrer, Undo Greene, Rids Horword, Deon White, Tino Deon, Keith Smith, Devetly Dodgert, Chris Roberts, Lisa Robertson (Organist) Chamber Chorus Row 1 Phyllis Wilson, Rita Dtidges, Carolyn McCorter, Lynn Edwords, Todd Stout, Rondy Rogets, Don Hatton, Doug Irvin, Jim Woodlief, Jane Seorcy, Dedsy Wolfe, Julie Porrish, Dr Perrin (directot) Row 2 Carmen Hood, Amy J Wilson, Debro Jomes, Chris Winons. Mark King, Steve Homrick, Nelson Merritt, Jerry Cloninger, Rusty Motrison, Thomos Gibbs, Aliso Mothews, Pom Wolket, Kot Keislet M.E.N.C Row 1 Beverly Dodgert, Derh Heffner, Leonne Smith, Sherri Curns Row 2 Sreve Homrick, Dono Ductier, Mike Thompson, Kor Keisler, Todd Sroui. A.C.D.A. Row 1 Sreve Homnd , Chris Winons, Keirh Smirh, Robbie Vonce, Donald Duncon, Derh Heffner, Dr Phil Pernn (odvisor). Row 2 Todd Srour, Kor Keisler (Sec ), Deborah Jomes, Jone Searcy (Pres ), Porrioo Durnerr (V.Pres.). Phoebe Clark (Sec). 62 GWC Chorus (L to K) Evo Vhirringron, Teresa Green, Morlene Johnson, Melindo Jolie, Pom Hurr, Sondro McCrow, Judy Allen, Vid y Erhndge, Drendo Denfield, Leonne Sounders, Druce Wilson, Mike Con- ner, Donnie Woshom, Darry Whitfield, Terry Hosch, Mr Robert Decker (director), Tim Emery, Phillip McGoho, Som Doniel, Dole Wolloce, Leonne Smith, Deth Podgett, June Toylor, Tomi Ruck- mon, Melissa Elmore, Mory Lynn Turner, Phoebe Qork, Jeanne Annmons, Derh Heffner 60 Alrhough rhis is o Doprisr College, many srudenrs feel rhe need ro ger more involved In religious ocriviries on campus and mosr hove no problem in finding o ploce ro fir in. The opporruniries ore many, induding rhe vorious orgonizorions under rhe guidance of rhe Baptist Student Union. There is rhe Baptist Young Women end Mission Fellov ship ■ ' cr r " ose inreresred n missions ond mission worK, as well os " " e Fellowship of Christlon Athletes wirh borh irs orhleric ond non-orhleric me De i ee- " z. ' c c ;c„i; c ' C e ' cou ' cge eoch orher in Chrisrion growrh. Dorh rhe Religious Education Club ond Ministeriol Alliance provide informorion ond supporr for rhose inreresred in o career in church worK These dubs allow eoch srudenr ro use wherever rolenr rhey mighr have, however rhe Lord leads rhem Baptist Student Union Howl- HoO MudengoJochi. fXer ee3 r.-. -■. . K.-T-,, Trcce T c er, l-co Jordon. Korer, i ey. Jv- Ecv.a-ds Row 2. Ar.-xi ScuxJers. Ko-hy Trex-er. Morcc Pe- v : - ' z ' e Oouse. Koylynn Worrs, Uso Seronce. Det)t e fftornburg, 5uzonne Davis, Ken Tore, Ondy Robinson, Loreso Pknyon. Bene Aingef . MidToel Cook. Luonne Vnecof je " Z ' - - ' • : ■-. 2 Rev. Ridxyd McDnde, Andy Horrter, Kefvn SmjTh. Debb© Lyrvi, Susan Veteh, Arnold Gosnel. PN Powel. Doroitiy Re)cf)erT, Do Gtenn, SNrtey Conner, Perry hBdre- ' . e - zz . z- ' ze. Andy Robbins, Por Ludecte. Jotvi Cox. Jeff Hudgins. Oervi Crurr on. David Jubon Mission Fellowship Row 1 Arrhur O. Younr, Mormon Hunr, MiKe Crump. Dryon Tripp, Vince Hefrier (pres). Row 2 Joy M Horrell, Donold A Newrori (V Pres). Roymond C. Johns Jr., Jonorhon Scorr (Sec-Treos), John Rosr (odvisor) Baptist Young Women Row 1 Drendo Denfield, Ruth Kiser (odvisor), Tom Ruckmon, Por Ludecke. Selino Robinson Row 2 Mory Porrerson, Sherry Congleron, Porndo Durnerre, Morlene Johnson, Row 3; Tommy Hoyle, Susan Welch, Porrioo Loymon, Eloine Gibson, Dorboro Lovery 65 s mmammmmm R. E. Majors Row 1 Arnold Gosnell, Wck Horwell, Trocey Tucker (wirh Gabriel), Angela Gill, Vicky Erheridge Row 2 Kim Hendnck, Andy Robbns, Nancy Perry, Dr Alic Cullinon (odvisor), Dr Roberr Lamb Codvsor), Tim Abernorhy, Perry Hildrerh (V Pres ), Loreso Pinyan (Treas ), Keren Lopez Ministerial Alliance Row 1 Phillip Townsend, Norman Hum, John Hunsucker, Dryon Hobgood, Roberr W Abroms (advisor), Vince Hefner V Pres ), Dryan Tnpp Row 2 Mil e Crump, Foye Mirchell (Sec ), Gerord Marchise (Pres ) Row 3 Trocey Tud er, Joey Horrell, Lorry Kmghr, Kelvin Smirh, Bruce Drown, Doug Irvm. Norhon King, Glenn Porker Fellowship of Christian Athletes Row 1 Tereso Gordner, Sherree Moms, Keno Smirh, Sherry Lievronce, Decky McLoughlin, Terri Lompkin, Derh Miller, Moureen Davis, Joner Bores, Cindy Robinson, Noncy Decry, Sheiio Point- er Row 2 Cheryle Curler, Korlo Kendrid Lisa Jo Roberrson, Kim Wode Row 3 Dilly Gibson, Noncy Perry, Tern Kerby, Kim Rondolph, Jennifer Mills, Bobby Corhron, Koren Dill. Jon Page. Berh Hoffmon. Kim Kendrid , Robin Richordson, Undo Cudd Row 4 John Mark Adams, Evo Whirnngron, Jim Decker. Krisro Colle, Allen Bunch. Corroll Dowkms Row 5 Dovid Myers. Bruce Brown, Bill Snyder. Frank Sconrling. Andy Honner. Kelvin Smirh. Joe Graff. Pom Gregory. Roy Hordee. Billy Wrighr Row 6 Chorlie Reynolds, Hunrer Hoy. Drenr Crenshaw 67 One of rhe righrs guoronreed by our consrirurion is Freedom of rhe Press, srudenrs hove opporruni- ries ro ossisr i(-i producit g rhree publicorions — The Pilot, Keflections and The Web. Jusr reorga- nized this year. The Pilot, aims ro keep srudenrs informed of currenr evenrs on campus. This newspaper proves ro be a viral asser ro rhe Srudenr body Reflections, edired by Amy J Wilson al- lows writer ' s on campus and in rhe communiry ro have rheir work published, rhe righr srorr for a lit- erory career. Lefr ro r ighr Derek Walker, Down Cotron, Sherry Mirinix, Dovid Dromlerr. Sron DlQtr, Eric Dlankenship The Pilot I Reflecrions ow 1 Lou Ann Posron, Amy J Wilson (ediror), Vonce Midgerr Row 2 Sherry Mtnnix, Knsro Colle, Eric Dionkenship. Sron Dloir 66 To mosr rhis book holds memories of school days or GVC To rhe yeorbook staffer ir brings memories of rhis and much more, Ir brings memories of socrified srudy hours and free rime, fragile nerves and frenzied deadlines Much more rhon rhis. we remember rhe feeling of sarisficorion upon finishing on ossignmenr, working rogerher and helping each orher and rhe dose friendship bonds rhor have developed, We remember going ro Godfarher ' s Pizzo ro celebrore our firsr deadline We remember singing carols around rhe piono ar our Christmas porry We remember when we oil mer or our firsr meeting . ond we look or how close we ' ve grown since then The Web ' 5 Left Suson Holl, Alvm Parham, Tim Emery, Durcti Diiiingliom, Sheila Poinrer, Tern Lomplsin Stonding Kim Durler. Doug Wlido, Scorr Corter, Som Doniei, Ken Holcombe (editor) Riglir Dili IXo- soco, Mory Porrerson, Porncio Layman, Tom Dula, Sue Willnelm, r enee Worsen 69 mmimamn mm FACULTY ■ . . 1 ' ■ " - Dmo i H 1 § m PRESIDENT CRAVEN E. WILLIAMS Dr. Craven Edward Villioms. Here is a mon wirh o greor deol of responsibiltry, yer he srill mainroins his sense of humor This man Touches rhe lives of every person here To Or Williams, rhis is on ulrimare challenge ro everyday be rhe besr he can be, ond by touching our lives, help us become rhe best we con become To Dr Willioms, o mom objecrive of being here wirh us is ro serve us through his leadership of rhe college His doors are olways open to students, odminisrrarion and faculty He dedicates himself to toistng standards in every ospecr of college life, not only by the physical improvements that hove toHen place on compus, but by the academic and spiritual uplifring he brings to us He is rhe subsronce holding everything together in rhis place, ond the hond rhot reaches out to pick us up if we falter Dr Craven E Williams is nor just " The President " , but o friendly, cor- ing, smiling man who is involved in this college, and cored for grearly 72 VICE-PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS JOHN R. DRAYER Vice-Presidenr for Acodemic AHatrs is rhe rirle given ro John R, Droyer, buf in his official copoory, he is usually coiled rhe " Deon " Dr Droyer came ro Gord- ner-Webb in 1973 becouse he believes he owes Doprjsrs o grear debr for his educonon In his position os Vtce-Presi- denr, Droyer is responsible for rhe deve- lopmenr of educorionol policies, rhe od- mimsrronon of rhe ocodemic program, rhe coordjnonon and implemenronon of rhe curriculum ond insrrucnonol pro- groms. Besides being rhe Vice-Presi- denr, he is olso on Associore Professor of Religion He chose educorion os o ca- reer becouse he found fulfillmenr in school OS o srudenr, ond he olwoys ad- mired his reochers. VICE-PRESIDENT FOR BUSINESS AND FINANCE BARRY HARTIS Dorry Morris is rhe mon responsible for all fiscal ond business monogemenr ossoci- ored v irh rhe college The rirle of Vice- President for Business and Finance firs him very well because Mr Horns has olwoys hod o norurol inreresr in oc- counting He olwoys wonted ro work in occounring and m o college-rype atmo- sphere, so he hoppily accepted rhe job or Gordner-Vebb when it wos offered ro him He would like rhe srudenrs of Gordner-Webb ro perceive him os o friend He feels this is very important for oil odmmistrarors so rhor they may per- form rhe best job possible In conclusion, Mr Harris says, " Deing colled o friend by rhe srudenrs is rhe higbesr compliment on odminisrraror con be poid " 73 STAFF Mi Robert w Abfoms Mrs UbbyC AAr Rondoll " e ■ : - re ' Mrs Boine Ashley AArs Miriam Ash-Jones Registror Alexortder Asssronr ro Direaor of Arh- Secrerory. Heolrh Educo- Medio bbrorion Seaeroiv Receprionist, De- lerics; Spons hformonon Di- non, Physicol Educorion De- velopmenr House reaor porrmenr Ms Biioberh Dennerr Ms Novello DIonion oyne Drunnid AAr Droderid-t Chopnnon Mrs llo Cole Ac na Insrrxjaor. Rono. er- Assisronr Business Morxager- Dusiriess Monoger Food Services Direaor Reside™ Direaor. Nonney gon Accounring Dorm Mrs Gleooo Gorrs Seaerory. Office of Devel- opmenr Dr wiiitom Croucn. Jr Devebpmenr Assodore Mrs Jockie Curtis Secrerory, Deporrmenr of Nursing As Dorry Horns ' seaerory. Mrs Noveilo Dtonron c busy working or her job STAFF Mrs Barbara Divjs Secrerory, Office of Infor- monon Services Ms Pom Do VIS Developmenrol Assisronr Mrs Mory Kurh Dixon Secrerory Coshier Business Office Mrs Phyllis Doker Secrerory, Admissions Of- fice Mrs Dororhy Edv ords Assisronr to rhe Deon of Ad- missions Mrs Joerro Eosrmon Secrerory, Finonool Aid Of- fice Mrs Eiizoberh Felsberg n,esidenr Direcror Decker Dorm Ms Judirh Fnedel Direcror of Development Mr Thomos K Goirher, Jr Associore Boslierboll Coach Mrs Non F Gregg Adjuncr Insrrucror, Voice Shirley Woddell concenrrares on rhe business or hand As Ac- counrs Poyoble Bookkeeper, she musr keep o record of v hor Gardner- Webb owes f Mr Charles A. Griff m Assisronr Foorboll Coach Mr. F. Keirh Griggs Assisronr Deon of Special Srudies Mr Wlltie D Holl Direcror of Support Services Q rroined mind in rhe service of rhe Lord con be for more effecrive rhon one wirhour rroining " —Dororhy Ed words 73 STAFF i ' :f Mrs Isobel Hartvis Mrs. Nefe J Howtans Mrs Jcnete HicKs A Ri Hobrook Mrs Koitiy Hobrook Resident Direcror Hopy Secrerory, PhysJcol Ptonr AdrnirMsn-orive Assisronr ro Deon of Admissions orxj Erv Secretory, Educorion De Dorm Direaor of Developmeor rolmenr Planning ponmeni Mrs Derti Houser Mr. Julius Hoyle AVs. Corotyn Hunr Mrs Corfienne Joley Mrs Mory Jones Asasronr ro rtie Booteofe Assisronr in Physicol Plonr TechTBCd Processing Assis- Srudenr Worts Coordriator. Corologing Assisronr. Ubrory Monoger Operations ronr Librory SupeniTSor of Housekeeping M- Dec J_-c- Mr. fkndy KSby Ate. Morgorer King Ms. Rurh K ser ShirteyLoi DSUAssocxire Assooare Direaor of Adms Secrerory ro Deon of Sru- Direaor of Women ' s Ser- Seaerory ro the Presidenr sions denrs, Direaor of Counsel- vices rig Services ■■Everynme 1 pur my besJ foor forword, 1 usuoBy step r somerhing! " — Kortiy Hotorook 76 STAFF Mrs Dionne V Ledberrer Developmenr Associore Mr Jomes Ledberrer Assisronr in Physical Plonr Operarions Mr. Clifford Ledford Assisronr in Physical Planr Operanons Dr Chorles Lowery Direcror of Counseling Ser- vices Mrs Joonn V Lurz Monoger of Accounrs Re- ceivable and Srudenr Ac- counrs Mr Melvin Lurz Vice- President for Srudenrs Services Mrs Sheilo Mann Adjunct Insrrucror, Music Mr Jimmy T Mornn Supennrendenr of Buildings and Grounds Mrs Karen Marnn Mochines Room Operaror Mrs Mone Marnn Direcror of Financiol Aid Mr Richord McDride College Minister . U- Mrs Darboro Merrirr Secretary, Registrar ' s Office Rondy Kilby on the telephone — talking os usuol. Mr Don V Moore, Jr Athletic Director, Direcror of rhe Droyhil l Acodemy for the Study of Independent Concepts 77 ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF dTM Mr Tom Moore Head Foorboll Coach Mr Jomes Mouw Library Direcror Mrs Korhryn C Musseiwhire Adjuncr Insrrucror, Piano Mrs Mildred Posrori Admimsrrarive Assisronr ro rhe Vjce-presidenr for Aca- demic Affairs A s Laura Price Admissions Counselor Dr Dan W Procror Mrs Shirley Pyron Mrs Jane Roduly Ms Mildred Kigney Ms Par Robbins Direcror of fXecords and f e- Secrerory Coshier Business Doorkeeper, Finonciol Aid Assisronr Direcror of Admis- Assisronr Direcror of Admis seorch Office Deporrmenr of Business Of- fice sions sions Mr Dave Roberrson Ediror Monoger, Foothills Views; Direcror of Informo- non Services Dr Larry Sole Assisronr Academic Vice- Presidenr for Special Srudies Mrs. Joy Sondifer Reference Librarian The secrercries or GWC ore kepr busy, Donno Graham is shov n proofreading onorher lerrer 78 ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF €1 Mrs Pomelo C Scruggs Miss Lynn Shernll Mrs Joyce Summers Ms Suson D Von Dylie Mrs Giendo Vineserr Secrerory ro Arhlenc Direc- n.esidenr Direcror, Srroup Secrerory of Special Studies Periodicals Libronon Secrerory ro rhe College ror. DA5IC Direcror Dorm Minisrer Mrs Sherry Woddell Accounrs Poyoble Book- keeper Mrs Viclsi S Walker Circulorion Libronon Mr Gordon Washburn Direcror of Securiry and Sofery Mrs Shirley Woshburn Swirchboord Operoror Mrs Vickie S Webb Secrerory, Srudenr Services Miss Anno Wells Adjuncr Insrrucror, Piono Dr Gerold L Whire Direcror of Men ' s Services Mr Jim A Wiles Head Ooskerball Cooch The Business Office is quire busy during rhe semester JoAnn Lurz double checlis on occounr. 79 THE BROYHILL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT © n ..- 1 Mr Donold Kemeroir AAs. Kennedy Cobell Ms Sue C Can p Mr Wolloce Corpenrer Mr. Chorles Helms Assisronr Professor Man- " ° " Insrruaor, Inrernorionol Dusj- Assisront Professor. Business Associore Professor, Dusi- Assisronr Professor. Business Qqemenr Informorion Sys- ' O ' ' Professor, Busi- ness ness, Dora Processing f Mr Julian O ' Neal Dr F E (Ace) P ichards Mr. John Snyder Mr Evon Thompson Mr John D Whireheorr Assisronr Professor, Business Deporrmenr Chairmon; As- Assisronr Professor, Business Assisronr Professor, Man- Assisronr Professor, Business sociore Professor, Business ogemenr DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE P A Clme reaches becouse " I hove a desire ro rry ro repay some of rhe debr I feel ro my college and semmory professors Dr. Charles Andrews Mr P A Cline Deporrmenr Choirmon, Pro- Assooore Professor, Dibicol fessor. French, Spanish Longuoges ond Lirerorure - % Mr Clme says ir ' s all GreeK fo him ' " Dr Robert E Morgan Mr. M Allen Serzer Professor. French, Morh- Associore Professor, Span- emoncs ish, Monoger, WGWG Slyvie Oelobre French Lob Assisronr 80 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Dr Ernice DooKout Mrs. Oorbaro J. Chbb Dr. L Wroy Nolnng Df J Allen Queen Dr. Ralph Schoolcrofr Dr Jesse L. Taylor Assisronr Professor, Educo- Associore Professor, Educo- Assisronr. Professor, Educo- Deporrmenr Chairman, As- Professor Educorion, Direc- Associore Professor, Educo non rion ond Arr Educorion rion sisronr Professor, Educorion ror, Developmenral Pro- gram rjon The " korore insrrucror " . orherwise Known os Dr Queen, pracrices his " orr " To mosr people korore, meoning empry hands, isjusr o word bur ro Dr Allen Queen ir is o way of life To mosr srudenrs, he is rhe head of rhe educorion deporrmenr. bur ro some, he hos become known os " rhe korore insrrucror " Dr Queen began raking korore in rhe ninrh grode ond conrinued Through high school He orrended college or Wesrern Corolino where he conrinued roking lessons ond ofrer rhree and holf years, become korore insrrucror rhere He hos been reaching korore since 1972, bur didn ' r begin reochmg here unril 1978 To mosr people, korore is a form of self-defense, bur ro rhe korore reocher ond srudenrs, ir is on orr " The common mon only uses rwenry ro rhirry percenr of his power in self-defense, " soys Dr. Queen. " Bur in korore o srudenr is roughr ro use one hundered percenr of his power " This mdudes leorning ro conrrol your physicol body, breorhing, ond mind Dr Queen soys, " Taking korore in order rojusr learn self-defense wirhour raking odvonroge of rhe menrol or breorhing ospecrs is like roking poinnng dosses ro leorn ro hold rhe brush wirhour ever learning ro poinr " Alrhough Dr Queen is nor reaching korore now, he srill worteour every morning ond evening. Dr Queen does nor see korore os on orr rhar reaches self-discipline, bur as on orr rhor reoches " discipline of self " DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY " Psychology is undersrcnding how you became so normol ond how your roommore become so weird " — Charles Lowery " Would you like ro be psycho-onolyzed? " Dr, Derrye Corpenrer Associate Professor, Psy- chology Dr. f oger G, Goddis Deporrmenr Chairman, As- sociore Professor. Psycholo- gy Dr Jomes Henson Professor, Psychology DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Mr. Ernes: Bia " . ' r -.ip Aoing DeoorrnTenr Choir- mon-. Ai:: . . - - " lior. Engfish Dr Joyce C Drown Professor, English M - Johmje C Hcmrick InsTTuaor, DeveioprT enrQl P-eociing Mr Derinti Qunn Dr. Vilfom D. Srowe Dr. Jor es K. To lor Insmjaor. EnglKi Professor, Englsn Professor Enofsh " during his breoKs, Mr Osborne con be ' ound reodsno _ The Conferbury Tales. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH EDUCATION AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ms Solfte Dkxk Insrruaor. Phyacol Educo- in The Hedrh and P E. DepQ T -»eo educorion for rhe body is sressed jua os impononrty os eduo non for rhe mhd Dr Dee I-Iutt diose reodiing os o pectfessjon " ro leocti folte ro rhirJ — nor whof to rHnk; reoch how lo vdue — nor esroMsh vdues for rhem, be fotc undewcxxj rher-t- setves. " ! P-oberr Dioc- Du " DeporrmenT Choirrrxin, Pro- fessor. Hecrirti orvd f yscol Eouccnon Mrs Neil Giiggs Asasronr Professor. Hec Educoiion ond Physical Edu- conon 82 Dr Detores Hunr D John Krompirz AssoocM e Professor. Heath Asasroni Professor. Hedrh EdLXorion orvj Physicd Edu- orxj Physcol Educonon Dr. Lour o FVooor Dr Je Tjbts Professor. Heotrh Educorion Asstsorj FVofessor, Physicd Physicd Edixdjon Educorion I DEPARTMENT OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES AND PHILOSOPHY Dr R Logon Corson Associore Professor. Reli- gion Dr. Alice Cullinon Associore Professor, Reli- gious Educorion, Religion ' 31 " ' l t i c P it y Dr Roberr L Lomb Professor, Religion and Reli- gious Educorion Dr. Vonn Murrell Deporrmenr Chairman Pro- fessor, Religion Dr John Rosr Assisronf Professor, Religion Mr Richard F Wilson Insrrucror. Religion Work doesn ' r hove ro be drudgery, or leosr ir isn for Dr Alice Cullinon. professor of Religion ond Religious Educo- rion Dr Cullinon enjoys her job of reoching rodoy os much OS she did when she firsr starred She has found reoching ro be her " lirrle niche " in life and olwoys gives her full efforrs ro seeing rhor her srudenrs learn She roKes on inreresr in rhe individuot srudenr for beyond rhe classroom In her eyes, she has nor succeeded in her job if srudenrs only leorn conceprs, she wonrs ro give rhem Knowledge rhor witi be beneficial ro rhem in rheir furure endeavors, as well os helpful for rheir personol lives rodoy. As o result, she ofren offers her services os o counselor ro help srudenrs deol wirh problems. Her ad- vice ro srudenrs is ro " hove a well-bolanced life now — spiriruolly, scciolly, ond ocodemicolly You will be whor you ore becoming now " In her spore rime. Dr Cullinon likes ro do garden work, ploy rhe piono, lisren ro music, ond ploy rennis Whether on or off rhe job, her sincenry and compassion reveal a person worrh gerring ro know Dr Carson prepores ro " preach " his doss DEGREE PROGRAM FOR THE DEAF :■ 4 m i ( K 9 Lj The Degree Program for rhe Deaf provides hearing-impaired srudenrs, like Angie Ayers, wirh inrerprerers. rurors, ond norerokers ro moke rheir college degree more occessible hAs Potficio Hawkins Inrerprerer Mrs Teresa Collins Inrerprerer AAs Cheryl K Jeniss Inrerprerer 83 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES " Ler ' s col itie person our of rhe dusr bn in order tc quesnon he motives, " soys O Glmer DfcxWxjm Ths sroreinerff probob y doesn ' r meon onyTting ro you un- less you hove been forrunore enough to hove Dr. DlocH btrn OS Q hisrory professor who rvroduced you ro " rhe cfiologue " " This s on orrempf ro involve rhe sruderr vrth herory " , soys Dr. DkxWxm This rechrwque c ' reochif is rhe rest of o kx of decs ond a gerxjine concern ro moke herory inferesring. Dr. DtocWxr- hopes ro grve rhe srudems o dxrce ro see how hvsror reoiy occixred For rh6 recson. Dr_ Dtockburn mes re picK snxJenfs who ore ror orty wSng ro parTidpore be Qbo wi snjcJy rhe moreod provided for rhem in order tc presenr o rrue drorno ro rhe doss. Dr DkxWxjrn cs nc- obove plodng ogirarors in doss in order ro " hear up rhe oaion_ Agirorors ore used ro rebuke orgumenrs tc help ve the snxienrs o sense of oaooiry. For o smc rime, rhe srudenr porncpcsirtg is rhe irisrruaor, ralflr c rhe resporsbiry ro rrform rhe doss on o cerroin rype c siruorion To sum ir up in o quore. Sreve Sain said, " As c srudenr end porriapofv, hisrory conges otve, becouse rhey Csi xtervs) hove o eody inreroaed. couwTg 7 - e ' ro see hisrory os f probobty happened. " Dr Gimer Dlo bum Oreoor of Groduore Srud- tes. Professor. Hsrory 7 Dr. Bar, rviTiCfignr Professor, Hsrory, Poidcd SoerKze Dr_ Dlodstxjrr isrens shorpy ro a sruden: doog c colog, , o ' wQfs ro dx3Benge her knowledge of rhe suttee Mr Lonsfcrd c y Mrs Doris Jones Deporrmenr Gxrrr on Pro- Assooore Professor. Sodoto- essor, SoOQl Science gy " Of course youT hove onofher quiz in ' Morrioge ond Forrv " Tl banish you boch ro rhe dusr bn Dr Arrhur Nuhroh Professor. Hsrory Dr Srontey Srrtedtey Asssronr Professor. 5000 0- gy a4 DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS Ms Carolyn Dillings Mr Timorhy Y Cherry Mr George Cnbb Mr iKooen i Mr Terry Fern Mrs, Porricio Horrelson Assisronr Professor, Music Assisronr Professor, Arr Deporrmenr Choirmon Pro- Assisronr Professor, Music Associore Professor, Music Assisronr Professor, Voice fessor Music Dr Phil Pernn Mr Ted ronley Mr Olond Summers Professor, Music Insrructor, Music Assisronr Professor, Music Four honds ore berrer rhon one DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES Mrs Libby Corsweil Insrrucror, Morh Dr Jeffrey Chir-Fu Chang Assoaare Professor, Morh- emorics Dr Poul V Jolley Dr f oberr E Morns Deporrmenr Chairmen Pro- Associate Professor, Morh- fessor, Morhemorics emorics and Physics Dr Perer (Jou-shyong) 5hiue (Al-Tze) Associate Professor, Moth Computer Science " You meon no one knows the answer ro rhis problem " 65 DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL SCIENCES - ' - : : " coy ' s professors or Gordner-Wetib. ttiere rs perticps " ; " : - " e so enrtxjsKsric os Assisrorff FVofessor of Doiogy. Dr_ S-epnen PrueiT In he reoching. Dr Pruerr shows corrpefence. as wel CE exuberonce. ond desres ro give he snxienrs en oppre- dcrion of science ro cofry wiiti rtiem rhe resr of rtieir Ives- TNs nreresr in people, saxlenrs espedoty. led h»m ro reoching rentier rtxn working wiih rhe expenmenrd ospea of sdence In foa. he wos c -own ro Gardner- Webb rhe year because of rhe emphosE on irxivjduol studems and The inreresi n giving rhem o wetfounded educorion He considers hsjob here as n occorrv pfehmenr and erjoys ir ro rhe ftJesr Ourside of doss. O Pruerr kes wc«ersl ig, compng, phorogrophy. ond playing wsh his new home compurer Nc-r-?- .. ' :--e ' 5doing.rtisdevOTed. young man rockires a cc - i - .fe seen n very few ofhers. Or DeGfOOf preco-ei " ces ' :;- c " for his Geology doss For me ro Ive is ro leorn, orxJ ro dxre sofnerting I ' ve learned b rremeodousfy exdring. Teocrtng olows me ro be professiorx]! srudenr ' — Dortxrc Durisen Dr C Shermon Pornsh Professor. Oemisrry [ hlarrefson scons his txxM ro firxJ rrxxe cfwlenging ques- TOTS for rhe nexr Dioiogy resr 66 DEPARTMENT OF NURSING Mrs Jeonerre Glodden Insrrucror, Nursing Mrs. Drenda McDnde Insrrucror, Nursing Mrs Porsy Queen Insrrucror, Nursing Mrs Shirley P Toney Direcror, Nursing Program Assisronr Professor, Nursing The Nursing Deporrmenr offers irs services ro " ■porienrs " like Dryon Grody or onnuol DIoodmobile visirs GWC " Where else is rhere " — Wendy Clonrz MAINTENANCE wr n Mrs Erhel Moe Dorker Mr Druce Dyers Mrs Louise Dyers Mrs Lorerro Clemmons Mrs Clara Freeman Mr Zander Ingrom, Jr Mr Chorles Junior Jolley Mrs Almo Wilson a? s ■ ■f 4 ii mKK ' m STUDENTS The Class of ' 83 I was rhe senior who wos so dose ro rhor diploma and yer so for from achieving my gools I always said ro myself ofrer groducrion life begins Dur I om living now nor merely exisring or surviving Dur ocrually llving. Where did oil rhe rime go ' Jusr yesrerdoy I was o freshmon on rhis compus Now in jusr a few shorr monrhs I will leave rhis place Always changing — norhing ever remains rhe some Whor comes nexr ' Groduare school, seminary, marriage, coreer I ' m sronding or rhe crossroads Wishing someone would poinr me in rhe righr direcrlon The odulr in me boldly laughs or feor, I om ready for rhis new life The child in me whispers sofrly I don ' r wonr ro leave — con ' r I sray ' And yer I realize I ' ve spenr these posr four yeors in rrolning In preparorion of my coming voyage Efforr hos nor been wosred I hove learned- I have grown. I have touched ond been rouched. I hove enjoyed rhe day, for ir IS mine Senior Class Officers- Teresa Gardner Vice-Presidenr, Por Ludecke Presidenr, Sherrle Morris Sec-Treos. Lefr: Dili McEnrire, Perer Feix, and Jeff DIack discuss rhe high- lighrs of rheir doy Delow: " Where is rhor darn sleeve ' " says Mike Mirchell 90 Timorhy Dole Abernorhy Religion Louro Joyce Addis Educorion Timorhy Allen Addis Physicol Educorion Judy Lee Allen Morh Sherrie Denise Allen Socred Music Michael Londis Donrher Morh Timorhy Fronklin Dronrley Monogemenr Vicror Anrhony Arrowood Religion Kennon Allan ArKinson Biology Joner Mac Dares Monogemenr Lori Ann Diggers Educorion CynrhiQ Foy Bridges Educorion Srephen Elliorr Dnnron Psychology THE CLASS OF ' 83 Renio Doker Religion Cheryl Heorherly Dillings Humon Services Jerry Woyne Drooks Religion mms ammm m Ruiti Am Brunson Sodol Sciences Ricky Neil BurWiolTer Physical Educorion Jonie Morie Cc. .; MofVDgemenr WiUiom Drodley Corson ReSgiori Robin Lynn Dryon Music Educorion Dono Bizoberh Ducher Music Oirisrino Hope Burleson Religion Porrioo Jean Durnerr Soaed Muse Sr.erry Annerre Conipe Educorion Jersey Eric Corlso ' Chemisrry Jeffrey Red Corsweil Monogemenr Keren Ei.zcDern Ccrsv Educorion Uoyd Allen Bunch Physicol Educorion Jomes Kevin Byers Religion Jecr ' ce Suzanne Corrol Physical Educorion ?: - zz Ann Choprrxin Busness Adminisnrorion 92 Trocey Allen Chopmon Rveiigion Morry Keirh Childers Religion Phoebe Clerk Music Piondoll Lee Coleman Music Educorion Sherry Lynn Congleron Religion Porrie Yvonne Crowford Sociology Dilly Gene Doves Monogemenr Judirh Elaine Connolly Educorion Roberr McKinley Crumpler Religion Porncio Korhleen Davidson Educorion Robin Ann Cooley Physicol Educorion Sherri Lurz Curris Music Educorion Jocqueline Sue Dovis Religion David Drion Cox HIsrory Glodys Hunr Dovenporr Monogemenr Susonne D- Cordwell Dovis Accounring 93 Suzanne Davis EducQrion Donna Lynn Day EduCQrion Iris Dotoris Dennison Heolrh Oxjrles Todd Didunson Morh Gory Lynn Dixon Moth Jomes Howard Doollrrle Accounting Gregory Robert Edwords Manogement Kimberly Down Edwards Monogement Mory MelissQ Dmore Music Education Karhy Srroin Evans Business Angeto Denise Foile Psychology Perer Roiono Fe Monogement Henry Sioon Former Jr. Morxagemenr Sronley Chories Foster Monogement Orion Keith Farmer IXelgion „cerh Renee Foxx Monogement Chorlene McMohon Frozier Morh Melissa Lynne Frozier Monogemenr Mory Riley Friend Educorion Mory Helen Gobola Monogemenr Richard Dole Goddis Religion Eloine Corherine Gibson Religion Teresa Goyle Gardner Educorion Rurh Eugenic Gilberr Social Sciences Korhy Dorlene Genrle Diology Angelo Koy Gill Religion Sheilo Koy Glover Educorion Deboroh Rurh Greene Physical Educorion Korhryn Teresa Greene Accounring Dovid Edword Gibson Religion Jomes Thomas Geinn Psychology Horry Jomes Gregory Religion 95 AAorgorer Lynn Griggs EckxQriori Porsy P Guffey Accounring Porricio Arm Hdlmon Music Educorioo VicW Lyn Hon by Educorion Morrho Ltso Homes (Xetgion Wence c ' e;:-. -o " " ' ick Monogemenr Roy McKoy Hordee Sodol Sdences MiChQel Kenr Horrelson Music PomelQ Koy Horris Educorion P»G " Grc Deon Hcrwei, Religon Linda Rurh Hawkins Monogemenr rG i OurrrOiT, Hoyes Physicol Educorion UQvc Pomc Hoyf e i Monogemenr Eizoberh Sor mers He " SoCTed MusiC lio ' e ' ce ' c Joyce Hence ' M ' Monogemenr i eoeHon Porrerson Merio " English 96 Kimberly Elizoberh Herndon Social Sciences Kennerh G Holcombe Religion Sreven Maxwell Johns Monogemenr Jon Lou Jones Monogemenr Norman Curris Hey word Jr. Monogemenr Debro Fullo Howell Accounring Julio Ann Johnson Educorion Morcio Cecile Hicks Religion ® i John Sruorr Hunsinger Monogemenr Charles Eric Jones Monogemenr Susan Caroline Jones Psychology Denise Lorraine Jordon Accounring Morniro Amondo Hoey Accounring Nancy Rich Hunrer Educorion Jomes Cloude Jones Biology Timorhy Scorr Jordan Religion Kortiefine Angelo Keislef Soaed Music Doniel Lee LoGronge [ etgion LiSQ Koye Ledfofd Business Shoron Koy Ketley Morh Sondro Roxonn KiTporrick Education Druce Wayne King Monogemenr Daniel Jon Longmode Monogemenr Aboyomi Eniron LowGi Religion Oetxjrafi Jone Lawrence Physical Educorion Richard Uoyd Leorxird Physicol Education Sorya Mono Lirrle|Ohn Soda! Sdences i .r oerly Joon Lo " iy Psychology V y vn 1 vVo ' ioe) Goylon Long Religion Kcer. E ' ZGCern Lopez Religion inerry Cn orrene Love Monogen-ient Oscar Thomos Lowe Religion 98 Thonyo Elizoberh Lowery Monogemenr Porncio Ann Ludecke Socio! Sciences John Gregory Lurz Monogemenr Joner Lynn Marshall Educorion Corherine Diane Morshburn Monogemenr Drion Talbor McCulloch Sociol Sciences Chonrol N McFodden French Pomelo Luckodoo McCraw Educorion Nina Loverrno McCurry Hisrory Franklin Craig Meodows Accounnng Sondro Lynne McCrow Music Educorion Joner Berber McDoniel Biology Nelson Thomas Mernrr Accounring Henry Corro ' l McCroy II Hisrory Dill McEnnre Religion Vance Llewellyn Midgerr Religion 99 Donno Kelli Mirchell Compurer Science Foye T Mircheli Religion tfe Michoel Mirchell Business Perry Oneil Moore Jr Physicol Educorion Suson Elaine Moore Music Sherree Lynn Morris Educorion Joy Kimberly Mullis Nursing Tereso Ann Norris Monogemenr Deverly Ann Oores Business Kevin Thodoeus Oores Accounring MlCl oel Lee Ogle Monogemenr Hillory Elizoberh Podgerr Music Educorion Beor Poge Undecided Edward Douglos Poge Religion Timorhy Glen Porker Religion Angelo Foye Poms Monogemenr 100 LoreSQ Annerre Pinyon Religion George Alan Poole Social Sciences Mary Joan Procror Dusiness ThesQ Cole Procror Educorion Roberr Timorhy Quorrleboum Physicol Educorion Terry Lee P iddle Religion Dorry Lynn Queen Pieligion Edno Idello Ronseur Monogemenr Roberr Dole Riffle Monogemenr Jeonne Dyon Roberrs Physical Educorion Liso Lolli Reovis Educorion Elizoberh Voughon Romney Dusiness Tomi Dennerr Ruckmon Socred Music Cynrhio Porrer Rudd Psychology Shelley Jeonne Rushing Monogemenr Joe Henry Soylor Pre-Low 101 -:. ' . 1 e Sc .rorxe Eoucorion ve ' Q Jcne iecc Music Wchord Jomes Scoit Physicol EducQrion Srephen Mork Seogroves Compurer Science Jomes Randall Serrle Religion Coro Belle Shade Sodol Sciences CynttijQ Juaniro Seorcy Monogemenr Jocquelme Leonne Srri AAuac Educorion ;. ' ,cr,e Sneed English A ' rnoiy Neo ' SrrGnge Manogemenr S ' even Dote Srilwell Accounring Pcmeio Foye Srricklond EdLxioricxi Denns ScoiT Srinchcomb Accounring Lymon tori ximme- Monogemenr Kimoer.ey Ar,r, Religion S ' o " W m 1 -1 jec ' Sec- 102 Leslie Carol Swonn Monogemenr Terry Don league Religion Michael Richard Thompson Music Educarion Susan Renee Thompson Religion Denis Francis Thurmon Jr. Monogemenr Linda Dush Upron Educorion Sue Davis Walker Physical Educorion Aniro Gail Toney Spanish Mary Lynn Turner Music Educorion Robbie Dole Vance Sacred Music Widiom Archie Vonhoy Monogemenr William Douglas Wolker Monogemenr Sidney KirK Word Monogemenr Drendo Elice Turnmire Monogemenr Riro Annerre Vinson Social Science Dean Ervin Welch Monogemenr 103 Evans Porl er Whirolier Monogemenr Plorre Dean Whire Religion EvQ Morlene Whirnngron Music Educorion Corhy Ann Wilkerson Social Sciences Amy Denise Wilson Monogemenr Bruce Doird Wilson Music Educorion LuAnne Winecoff Educorion Jimmie Frank Wood Jr Social Sciences Clorence Donnell Young Music Educorion Arrhur Orland Younr P,eligion Ar rhe foor of rhe mounrains Is our ' College, proud she sronds, Serving all who wonr her service, Blessing oil wirh oursrrerched hands In our heorrs we enrhrone rhee, Pay rhee homage for end wide, Offer socnficial service To rhee, our hope, our joy, our pride. Wirh our hands we will serve rhee, Gordner-Vebb, our college fair,- In our love we will uphold rhee; Our weolrh we ' ll gladly shore (chorus) Alma Morer, Almo Merer, We sing our love ro rhee. We pledge our heorrs in deep devorion Our love, our foirh, erernolly 105 AJ i JM THE CLASS OF ' 84 I wQS rhe Junior who began rhe year wirh o whole new perspecrive Ar losr I am really delving inro my major My furure seems tangible — almosr wirhin my grosp I hove become a hobirue of rhis place Looking bock I can see how much I hove morured Looking oheod I can see rhe distance yer ro go. Dur whar of rodoy ' Today is for me for my enrichment, for my progress, for my enlightenment Today is in pteporotion for tomorrow But why must I olwoys look ahead ' My worries of yesterday seem ridiculous. My concerns of today — ittelevant, Whot of mattioge — o family — o career Sometimes I think it is to lough I put those thoughts out of my mind — I must remoin sone And yer they sit on my mind-shelf for me ro toy around with on toiny days I ponder — I have become quite philospher — This time, this yeor ... is supposed to be my toughest Yet I om overcoming and I am confident — sometimes bur rhis school this is home where I love ond om loved I om occepted How will I function when I am totolly independent — on my own? Vill I moke It ' Oh, enjoy todoy — for only it is mine Junior Class Officers Vice-President, Kim Rondolph, President, Scorr Deal, Sec - Treos., Amy J Wilson Left. Term Paper ' What retm paper? Susan Hall tries to ovoid the painful trurh Above; Joh- norhan Scott lets his fingers do the walk- ing 106 ! John Mark Adorns Dryon Scorr Deol Joner Lynn DIonron Dorry Srowe Bridges Dono Renee Briscoe Wolrer Normon Ail«;en, Jr Jeffrey Keirh Benfield Paul Hell Bolr David Woyne Bridges Tinnorhy Buford Drool s Kimberly Ann Bol-ser Lynda Michelle Benson Douglas Leon Bonner Dons Evelyn Bridges Koren Suzanne Brown Pamela Denise Boker Jeffrey Lone Block Kinnberly Kay Borchers Marvin Charles Bndv ell P.henoe Idno Bunning Kimberlyn Jeonerre Bormoore Edv in R,oy Blankenship Goy Sain Brockerr Tino Morie Brinkley Mary Ellen Burch 107 Drion Andrew Durgess Sondro Annerre Durgess Angela Goil Durleson jerry Glenn Durleson Olin Sreele Dyrum III Terry Camp Mark Chopmon Andrea Michelle Ronold Willionn Correr Rufus Arledge Cosries III Sreven Roy Cousby Corpenrer Corrigon Sondra Roberson Cole Krisra Lynne Colle Connie Foye Cook Jill Elaine Clodfelrer Roberta Jane Clyde Beverly Joy Crawford Jeronne Fredrick Creech Drenr Allan Crenshow Roxonne Cox Doyce Glenn Crunnpron Dorboro Ann Croig Karen Annerre Dovidson Jocqueline Sue Davis James Fredrick Decker 108 A3 Celio Renee DeVinney Dorothy Alice Foris David Alan Frozier William Corl Gibson Lisa MilsQps Greene Koren Dione Dill Piicky Dorrell Felrs Morshall Deon Goddis Ann Morie Glinski Kennerh Dole Gulledge Willord Lamar Donald, Jr John William Folk Marrin Neil Gombill Fronklin Gore Susan A. Hall Wendy Doriene Elvingron Ricky Lee Former Mary Ann Gorrerr Pomelo Francine Grandy Eric Murray Hammond Jerry Poul Epring Duford Durron Fox Angelo Doriene Gosperson Linda Corel Greene Miclii Lynn Hamricl 109 mmsfaanm Sharon Elizoberh Joey Morrin Horrell Jock Mirchell Horris, Jr fXicky Lee Horword Teri Aliso Hossell Homrick Druce Hugh Hawkins Sherry Lynn Howkins Vincenr Dwoyne Hefner Pamela Lynn Helms Gory Melvin Houser P,ebeccQ Ann Hicks Thomas Perry Hildrerh III Lyndo Neeld Hirchcock Sondro Lynn Hodge Mary Derh Hicks Jeon Sandifer Holland Carmen Lynn Hood Chrisropher Glenn Henry Franklin Hoyle, Jr Anrhony Lomor Holland Julie Teresa Huggins John Edward Hunt Howell Pomelo Thrasher Hurr Jeffrey Clork Hudgins Norman IXoy Hunr 110 mA Douglas Franklin Irvin Ernesr Lawrence Johnson ParnciQ Julie Keodle Von Hugh Lankford Tanya Down Lirrle ins Rwokudo Mudengo Jochi Shirley Jill Johnson Jomes Norhon King Cindy Rurh Ledford Ronald Joe Lyrle, Sr. Francis Scorr Jenkins Julie Derh Jones Terri Lynn Kirby Jarha Key Lee Jomes Lee Manuel Robbie Dean Jenkins Bessie Sondre Jordan Karen Jo Kisrier Cynrhio Florence Lever Linda Key Morrei Raymond Cloyron Johns Terry Froncis Jordon Doyle Gene Lakey, Jr. Frances Mornerre Lindsay Parricia Lynn Mouney 111 Joy Annerre Maxwell Jomi Lynne McNeely Debro Alexis Monrgomery Jane Olive Moynord Gory William Miller Hildo Naomi Moore Carolyn Elaine McCorrer Gino Lynn Miller Ivo Mih Ngho Mork Raymond Norron ' r When you ' re srudying ro become o nurse, rhe doy never seems ro end ' Tommy Morris McDoniel Morrho Anno Miller Liso Sue Nichols Sondro Jean O ' Sheilds Shelio Rebecco Pointer Decnno Jane McGoho Orion Scorr Moneyhom John Chrisropher Normon Charles Emory Osborne III Dawn Yverre Porker --otIl A T Tomoro Lee Porker Loro Frances Possmore Lisa Goy Perrus Tony Woyne Price Julio Ann Pruerr Koren Wilson Pruerre Walter Stephen Putnam Thomas Eugene Robon, Cynrhio Ann R,ailey Johnnie Dole P.oach jr Chorles Bernard P,udisill Stephen Eric Soin Kimberly Lee Robbins Lisa Ann Scronce Jonothon Edward Scorr Poul Lowell Phillips Anrhony Jeoli Putnam Kimberly Lorene Rondolph James Dovld Ruff Debro Jeon Seogroves Lou Ann Posron Tern Purnom Charles Edmond Reynolds Piobin Annerre Rumfeir Sondro Koy Sells John Dyron Shelron Gregg Edward Sides Thomas Whirson Sidey Angelo Dee Smirh Donald Duane Smirh, Jr Donald Keirh Smirh Gino Roe Smirh William Thomas Smirh William P,oberr Snyder Eric Velron Sromey Mark Eugene Sreele Marrha Denise Sreworr Paul Timorhy Gale Joseph Srovoll Jeffrey Linnell Srudley Jeonno Fisher Srurrs Leslie Karen Suddrerh Srikeleorher Jomes Edward Taylor Tamora Jone Taylor Joy Angelio Tessenior Charles Edwin Thomas, Jr. Chrisropher Allen Tallenr Debro Lee Thornburg Alvin Ray Toney Rosilind Trocey Tucker h f Douglas Olin Turner Dophney Dare Warner Drendo Key- Welborn Trino Jane Whirley Klmberly Janee Winecoff Warren Elmon Turner Carlo Jeon Worren Dione Marrha Whiroker Kimberly Denise Willis Joon Michelle Wirhers Mono Delores Vollmer Koy Lynn Worrs Edwin Webb White Amy Jean Wilson Jomes Thonnos Woodlief Chrisrine Estelle Walker Ravon Surron Webb Sylvia Arlene Whire Kevin Anrhony Wilson Madison M Wrighr John Chnsropher Worlick PiOberr Dorry Websrer Dorry Todd Whirfield Edward Lee Winchesrer Williom Howard Wnghr 115 Riro Denise Young Detow: Juniors ger ir togerher or rtie librory. Debw left: " Now where is rhe answer ro rhot quesrion? " Delow righr " Hey, don ' r coll me — I ' ll coll you " THE CLASS OF ' 85 Sophomore Closs Officers Vice-President Goye Whirener, President, Nancy Petty, Sec -Tteos Foster Righr Friends enjoy o spore moment oftet o long bard day of dosses Detow " Pleose don ' t start without me ' " Rito Dtidges lool so enthused I wos the Sophomore who rerurned to school from summer break os one returns ro reoliry from o misty dream summer activities dim ond shorter a new choprer of my life unfolds, I reolize how much I ' ve missed rhis ploce, this school. This home, I seorch among rhe faces for rhe comrades of lost year I om comforted by rhe fomilioriry No surprises I know the routines well Feelings of sorisfacrion overwhelm me I om o sophomore I hove survived Oh the joy of on upperclossmon dorm! Embrocing my roommate, the gossip, rhe new year. Oh ecsrosy of Life! And yer rhe studies — I hod forgorren rhe srruggle of learning Long nighrs in rhe library, rerm popers ' And OS if ro inflicr more rorrure upon myself I decide ro change my mojor. I om so confused — Will I ever know whor field I should enrer ' Whor if rhis new major is wrong ' ' Am I running our of rime? or perhaps I ' mjusr running, Responsibiliries weigh heavy on my heorr Why do I srruggle ro live in tomorrow when only rodoy is mine? 117 Liso Carol Abernerhy Judy Porrer Allen Jeone Worson Ammons Corherine Morie Anderson Lewis Scorr Anderson t t. Malcolm Gregory Arnold Rebecca LuAnn Arringron Beverly Donese Dodgerr Kimberly Evelyn Ballard Nancy Leonora Beory i ' Felicio Gennine Dell Drendo Jean Denfield James Michael Denrley Linda Ann Digelovv ' Jeffery Brion Dimms Rebecca Suzanne Blackburn Sranley Scorr Blair Sarah Ann Boney David Brian Boyd Deborah Jean Brackerr David Eugene Bromlerr Donno Susan Breen Bruce Edv ord Bridges Rira Eloine Bridges Morrhew Lewis Brinron Brendo Lee Drirr James Rolpy Brooks Korhy Jo Brooks Bruce Alon Brown Erhel Joon Burns 116 « Cheryle Lynn Durler Lena Rebecco Copps Curris Alon Carmine Denjy Roy Corpenrer John Kevin Carroll Dilly Aaron Cash Kevin Scorr Coudill Moude Wells Coviness Milron Charles Chapmen Kennerh Douglas Clork Melvin Lewis Clork Sondro Joan ClorU Jerry Lone Cloninger Jr. Thomas P.ay Compron Michael Karsren Cook Sylvio Dionne Coor Angelo Mono Corry Joharhon Morcus Cox Cynthia Jane Croig Mory Eleonor Croig Linda Foye Cudd Debro P. Curlee Lisa Goye Doves Anrhony Jeffrey Dovis Maureen Ellen Dovis Lowell Lynn Edwords Veronico Erheridge Judy Trorrer Eubonks Michoel Herman Evans PiOberr Cecil Foile Jr 119 Dc " e PcrriCk Rood - : ; ; nr Flynn J ;_ Ann Fosrer Robbin Koy GosKey " - : := Lee GiDbs Pomelo A ;- ; c Grody Dryon AAcDowell Todd Edward Greene Pometo Koy Gregory Tmorhy Don Guesr Michoel Deon Gwinn MidToel London Holl Drendo Koy Horris Liso Ann Horris Roberro Suxin Horris Ron B. HofTselle Shenri Lynn Hosrings AAorio Lyrm Houghron Wendy Suzanne Hozelwor Susan Lynne Heilig Mekxiy Renee Herman John Thurmon Hidebrond Tony Lee Hobbs Dondd Roy HoBfield Terry Lyrm Hosch Tefeso Wynne Houser Rhondo Louizo Howell Jerry Daniel Hubbord George Lee Huffnnon Koren Jean Isley CynrhlQ Gail Jackson Joy Leon Jackson Drendo Koy Jomison Melindo Jane Jobe Engodine S. Johnson Belinda Dill Jolley Jeffrey Derr Jones Lisa Goyle Jones P,achel Eiizoberh Jones Cynrhio Morie Jordan i % ® Indio Denise Jordon 5haron Veronica Jordan Jomes P-oberr Jowers KorJQ Morie Kendnck Kimberly Down Kendrick Romon AAork King Edward Kevin Kirl-( Melissa Rhea Loil Jomes Porrick Lancosrer Wondo Drunson Lone Dovid Keirh Longfirr Dobby Glenn Lonning PorriciQ Koy Layman Magnolia Edwinia Lewis Marion C. Lewis Jr. Dorbaro Morie Lloyd Claire Lynerre Lockaby Jomes Cleveland Long Thomas Dovid Lucl odoo Deboroh Sue Lynn 121 Ellen Elizoberh MocPherson Angela Lynn Mongum Gerard Marchese Sylvia Mae Marchese Gino Renee Merlin Melody Elise Morr Daniel R,oy Moshburn Alisa Lynne Marhews William Fisher McDroyer Gary McDride Haniey Foirh McCullough Donna Lee McDoniel Sreven Douglas McDonald Kevin Mornn McElyeo Lori Anne McGorrh Kimberly Down McNeilly Kimberly Ann McSwoin William Andrew McSwoin Jr Oh rhe agonies of college life! " soys Debbie Lynn 122 Villiom Christopher McSwoin Colin Perry McWhirrer Vincenr Leonder Means Myro Jo Melron Melonie Morlene Messer Ernesr Druce Meurer Elizoberh Foirh Muller Jennifer Lee Mills Beverly Marie Moose Kevin Corl Morgon Tomo Doudreoux Morris Liso Goyle Nance Donald Alvin Nev ron Olivia Nella Osborne Jeffrey Dean Orey Alisa Nadine Poinrer Mark Clinron Palmer Glenn Odell Porker Jr Julie Morie Parrish Mary Elizoberh Porrerson Nancy Ellen Perry Timorhy Evans Porrer Roger William P,Qndall Robin Louise Richardson Tois Ann Roach Beverly Dorlene Robbins Srephcnie Dover Roberts Lisa Jo Robertson Rodric Von Robinson Selino Goy Robinson Sherri Lynn [Xoby Sherri Rene IXudisill Mirzi Renn Ruff Kelly Delone Sole Donno Lynn Sorror Sronley Thomos Sherrill Timorhy Broy Signnon Terry Len Sims Richard Sreworr Singleron Paul Eugene Sizemore Dino Lynne Smirh Jo Ann Smirh James Marvin Srorr Jr. Whirford Thayer Srevens Sidney James Srokes Lourie Ann Srroughan Tamora Key Srroup Anno Marie Summerlin 124 5rephen Charles Summers Dorian Roe Swift Charles Christopher Taylor Aido Tedlo Teshome Lorry Dean Thompson Toro L Rognes Trormon Maude Marie Turner Susan Mane Tyndoll Mellissa Ann Voughon isimberly Anne Wode Pomelo Jo Walker Marcus Jomes Worrick Sherry Lynnice Workins Lisa Carol Weaver John Frederick Weekley Joner Webb Wellmon Debbie Jeon White Goye Suzerte Whitener Elizabeth Jonelle Whitlock Carol Ann Whirmire Connie Aliso Wiggins Sidney Oloke Wilkey Eddie Lee Wilkins Hornet Homrick Willioms Cloudio Foye Wilson Phyllis Anne Wilson Rebecco P.enee Wolf Dorboro Ann Wyatt rXebecca Jane Yandle Janice Elaine Zilker 125 The Class of ' 86 I was rhe Freshmon who rimidly enrered rhe dorm os o child enrers rhe world Full of onridporion ond smodied inro reoliry The inirial shod-; over, my eyes widened in wonder or rhe vibronr commotion orouno me. The collage of human life Voices raised as one cheering os rhe boll crossed rhe line Scoreboord lighrs: Home — 7 Visiror — My very firsr college foorboll game. My eors srroined ro hear rhe blaring bear of dondng couples The hollow echoes of gloss shorrering obove rhe dm of dinner conversorion The genrle flowing signs of rhe deaf. My heorr reoched our in losr loneliness ro my family bock home, in kindred spirir ro my fellow freshman, in ospiring owe ro rhe Agape love of my Farher. And jusr when I rhoughr I could comprehend, I could conrend wirh rhis new life I wQs rhrown inro chaos — my firsr week of doss There were pieces ro be, schedules — rimes — ossignmenrs — deodlines — srudy! Somewhere m-berween rhere musr be resr, sleep, peace, blessed free rime. Jokes of " freshmon burnour " become reoliry I am sinking in a whirlpool of moss confusion. Yer in rhe midsr of oil insoniry I find comforr in my independence A sense of belonging floods my inner being There is so much ro live for So much I hove yer ro discover Time moves quickly Bur for now — rhe doy is mine. Top Freshmen doss officers — Tim Hogler, Vice- Prestdenr, Mar Willoughby, Presidenr, Molindo Jus- rice. Secrerory-Treosurer Righir: Von end Fran lisref tnrenrly os Dueford relis onorher big fish srory. Above Troy Todd pleods wirh Julie Groome, " Could you do rhar ogoin, bur slower? " 126 Gerald Robert Abernorhy Jr. Desiree Sheffield Adorns Michoel Olubunmi Anio Aniro Koy Allen llene Suzanne Allinger Tino Maurice Allison Floyd Daniel Archie Cheryl Renoe Ashley Kimberly Ann Ausrin Pvobyn Dole Aurrey Angelo Mario Ayers Jeonerre E Conner m Leslie Day Dorrholomew ' Louro Anne Dosserr Gregory Lee Doucom James die Deon Jr. Tino Renee Deon Dino Leigh Decker Leslie Renord Denson Horry Dennis Denron Alberr G Dionco Allen Wiliiom Disig Drendo Morie DIockburn Srephen Lee DIockwell Soroh Willene DIolock Eric Srephen DIankenship Dyron Rudosill Dlonron Sondro Morie Dosric James Shelron Bowman Williom Charles Drocken 127 Christopher Drendel Myro Jeon Bridges Lori Ann Drirroin Phillip Carl Drown Shelley Mane Dryonr Angelo Dirsren Durchom Kimberly Evon Durnerre James Deane Dusker Jeonnie Sue Durler Kim Sharon Durler William Randal Dyrd Lizberh Down Colron Angela Renee Comp Richie Gory Conipe Jeffery Scorr Carrer Henrierra Thomas Casrles Jonice Roberra Corolsrer Nerrisio Gloyd Chambers Dorboro Alison Champion Richard Hal Champion Dovid Cecil Chosroin Jane Marie Chovis Deverly Joyce Chrisrion Timothy Vroy Clork Angela Leigh Cloninger Undo Carole Cloninger Robert Anson Coffey Dwighr Collier Mory Dridget Condie Shirley Rurh Conner 128 Michael Lynn Conner Drendo Sue Coolie Liso Down Copper Angelo Derh Cox Gory Poul Cox Angela Goil Crawford Luco Polomenghi Crispl Koren Denise Crouse Truerre Michael Crump Porrick Wiley Currence Samuel Williom Daniel Jr. Timorhy Allen Danyels Timorhy Shoun Dovis Liso Korhryn Devlin Wendy Louise Dill Leonord Arrhur Dillinghom III Thomos " Polo " Collis Dulo Jr Donald Dwighr Duncan Joner Whirener Duncan Deboroh Ayscue Dye Corhy Lynn Edwards Julio Ann Edwards Paul Edwin Dwayne Mark Ellis Korhy Elizoberh Elmore -i-f.4 Timorhy Paul Emery Carl D Farmer James Alvoh Forrhing I Keirh Fleming Fearher Tereso Drorron Flod-; V AHilH 129 mm Mork Curris Fok Shen Woffck Folk Noncy Elen ForTenbery Travis Anrhony Fosrer Donrw Lucie Fronhtn Uso Morie Frcshier Amy Robyn Gomble Ooude Dryon Gamble Robin Lynn Garrison Orion Dennis GosWn Arrxndo Elzobefh Genrry Detncio Jone GiberT Viaor Quinn Gies Wdrer McKenny Goodcle Jr Arnolcl Porks GosneD Joseph Gorlond Grogg AAichoel Joe Greene Jutonn Correr Groome AAireyo Alejandro Guerrero Tinnorhy Duff Hogler Leslie Levon HomleiTe Jule Arm HommetT Roberr Hugh Hommond Teresa Ann Homnnond Richord Harrvid Sreven Gene HonruKk Donno Lee Honks Roberr Anderson Honner Ronold Keirh Horgrove Srocey Arxtoro Harrison 130 Pomelo Denise Horris Doniel Morrln Horron Drenr Taylor Hoyes P,oberr Kevin Hoys Sreven George Helron Paul Dennerr Hill Lisa Denise Hines Joseph Dryon Hobgood Roselyn Jeonerre Hoey Kornclo Derh Hoffman Korhryn Evons Holbrook Donno Lynn Hollobough Karen Jill Home Eddie Glen Howard Rondy Devoughn Howie Tommy Denise Hoyle John Marvin Hunsucker Evererr Rush Hylron II Shern Lynn Jackson Dorry Scorr James Cloyron Ernesr Jomes Deboroh R.ochel Jomes Elizoberh Marlene Johnson Robin Lynn Johnson Alice Lee Jones Eduordo Bernard Jordon Jeffrey Ross Julion Malindo Denise Jusrice Thomos Clyde Jusrus Melliso Annerre Keener 131 ftoxonne Vicki Keese Dovkj fXoy Ke " Carolyn Wer -: -: [Xichord Dov ; " e,. UsQ Joy Loil Te " " A — Lo ' Dkin WHljom Long Joy Hzoberh Losorer Sronley Lisron Low Karen Ledberrer Chortes Grayson Ledford Chrisropher Air Leonord Glodys Dionne Lever I I mSm 1 Shoron Louise Lieuronce Koren Emzonner Upscomb Paulo Jone Urrte Wolrer Ross Lirrle Thomas Dole Livingsron Tony Edword Lud adoo Kenneth AAoynord Lyndi Rodiel Qoy Mogness Joy Wade Morsholl Kevin Wheless Morrin AAichelle Green Morivi Detxo Lynn McAbee Deirdre Ann McConn Tommy Lynn McQelton Philip Edword McGoho mmmm . v 111 ( 132 (Xoberr Druce Mclnryre Time ro srudy connor be found very ofren, so Jennifer Mincey and Anno Saunders roKe odvonrage of rheir leisure rime ro prepore for o resr Denjomin [ " .on McKee Mario Ann McKinney I r Becky Ann McLaughlin Linda Ellen McLuckie Jimmy Dean McMahan Lydio Rebekoh McSwain John Curris McWhorrer John Kennedy Melron Donno Morie Merzler Jennifer Lynne Mincey Sherry Gay Minnix Bobbie Michelle Mirchell Gil Courrney Moody Elizoberh Ann Moore Andrea Jonine Morris Jonarhon Sherman Morris Claude Russell Morrison Jr 130 mamss m Michoel Anrhony Morron Clifron Madison Mullis Hal Wesley Murdock William Dovid Myers Edwin Droote Nash Jr Donna Elizaberh Nelson Richord Hoiley Nelson Van Thiboch Nguyen Mary Esrher Nicholson Annerre Morgorer Nuhroh Donald Gene O ' Dell Toni Lynne Oliver Robert Eorl Ormond Jr. Srephen Voughon Orringer Sruorr Hoi! Owen Fronces Ann Poge Joner Clare Page Alvin Carl Porhom Howord Wesley Parker Penny Leig Parker Marcus Dole Porris Elizoberh Down Parsons Donald P,Qy Peeler Steven Joel Peeler Thomas Allen Peevy Sondro Jean Pendleron Glendo Mae Pennington Mono Louro Perez Korherine Carol Peretson Thomas O ' Neil Pettwoy W 134 MorciQ Lynn Perryjohn Lisa Anne Plercy Lydio Von Posron Phillip Seon Powell Moe Frances P,Qmseur i . ' ill James William Way Jr Donald Erskine Pveo Dororhy Margorer Reicherr Johnny Dorrell P.evels Vicky Lynn Reynolds Donald Marshall P,hode5 Srephen Carroll Richardson Debro Elizaberh Robbs Kevin Todd Roberson Charles Allen Roberrs Jr. Christopher Shermon P,oberr5 Julie Elizaberh Pioberrs Clyde Daniel Piobinson III Cynrhio Marie Robinson Suson Elizaberh Robinson Tracy Lynne Robinson Rondoll Wallace Rogers Melody Joy Roper William 5, Rosasco Lolira Denerre Rowe Dina Mane Rubendall Anno Mario Sounders Lee Ann Saunders Kimberly Gornerr Scorr Dorboro A. Sell 105 mm Korrino Renee Shombough Derr Arnold Shonkle Robert Hugh Show Jr. Korherlne Lorerro Shelron CynrhJQ Gwyn Shepherd Jeffrey Scorr Shumore Tero Aleose Simmons John Lee Singleron SoniQ Dione Slomo Marvin Eorl Sloughrer Robert Cloir Slippey Caroline Virginia Smirh Deonno Lynne Smirh Jeffery Scorr Smirh Kelvin Mox Smirh Keno Marie Smirh Dovid Forrest Smirhey Dennis Scorr Snellings Tommy Sue Somers Tereso Carol Spicer Jomes Lee Srepp Jr. D, Lonnerre Srev orr Jochy Leeonne Srone Cindy Louise Srricklond Doryl Marshall Srrong Jomes Todd Srrurron Pomelo June Sullivon Deverlie Christine Surron Eleno Srockron Swofford Kennerh Dole Tore ■ J 9 it I 136 Kimberly Ann Tote jnodro Tereso Tore June Leigh Taylor Anne-Morie Templeron Anno Susan Thomosson Shebro Ruloine Thompson Gregory Lehew Threorr P,ichard Derner Tingle Mary Therese Tinserh Edward Clark Todd Troy Kevin Todd Chen Leigh Tomlin Angela Renee Toney Deborah Jean Toney Phillip Aubrey Townsend Anrhony Todd Troynhom Morrho Jo Troywick Sherry Denise Trenr Korhy Ann Trexler Charles Dryan Tripp Jr Morcio Denise Turner Dndger Annerre Turnmire Kevin Scorr Turrle Timorhy Xovier Tvi irry Evelyn Melisso Tyson James Clifron Vaughan Jr Timorhy Eorl Vaughan John Clark Vaughn Rhonda Michelle Vaughn Timorhy Eugene Vineserr 137 1 William Sreven Wogner Deborah Lynn Vaiker Derek Lamor Walker Teddie Ann Wolker Dole Frederick Wolloce K 4 - Amy Mono Walsh Diono Graves Warren William Donald Washom luono Lee Workins Cynrhio Renee Worsen Thomas Croig Worsen I James Ronald Weaver Gory Thomos Webb Lisa Roe Webb Torino Dore Websrer Susan Ellen Welch Anrhony Adorns Wells Timmy Pork Wells 1- ' V Afrer o long hord doy. we oil deserve o nop 138 ' ' ■ • " ' Theodore Gormon Wesrmorelond III Joseph Kevin Wheeler Tommy Marie Whire WHSitti Douglas Dryon Wildo Sue Ellen Wiihelm Jomes Douglas Villioms Video-monio sml-ses GWC Drendo Diocl- burn srnves ro be o champion or Ms Poc Man 139 Mory Elizoberh Willoughby Melvin Dwoyne Wilson Angeo Jm Yorofo Amy Morgor Yordis Km Ausrrt — " You ' re t«JcSng! Thor wasn ' t o Touchdown ' STUDENT DIRECTORY Gerald Robeii Abeinothy Jr 207 Notih lOih Sf Moiden NC 26650 Moltolm Gregory Arnold P,0 Box 911 Coiling Spgs. NC 28017 Jonei Moe Doles 123 Bowling Ave, Union SC 29379 Allen William Disig 4660 56ih Avenue Vero Deoch FL 32960 Deboroh Jeon Orocketi 1615 N Ook Dt Shelby NC 26150 Timoihy Dole Abeiooihy 99 McAdenville Rd Oelmoni NC 2dOl2 Rebecco Luonn Arrlngfon 123 Suiion Loop Woynesville NC 26766 Gregory Lee Doucom Ri 2 box 168 Monroe NC 26110 Charles Adrlon DIock 903 W Louisiana Ave. Oessemer City NC 26016 Goy Soln Otockett Rr. 3, Dox 364 Moiden NC 26650 Liio Caiol Abernelhy P O Box 3 CliHside NC 26024 Victor Anthony Aitowood Ri 9 Box 1082 Asheville NC 26603 Ernest Dorryl Baxter 317 Horseshoe Drive Shelby NC 26150 Jeffrey Lone DIock 6204 Sioiesville Rd. Chorloiie NC 28213 Louro Leo Drocketr 819 Waters Si Shelby NC 26150 Desiiee Sheffield Adams 3540 Nicklous Drive Tituiville FL 32760 Cheryl Renoe Ashley Ri 2. Box 14 Honeo Poth SC 29654 Regeno Roino Doynord Rr 2 Box 331 Cheiryville NC 26021 Corboro Rose Dlockburn P O Box 872 Doiling Sprgs NC 28017 Dovid Eugene Bromleti 1415 Diiorclitf Rood Shelby NC 28150 Jofin Mork Adorns ft 13 Do« 211A Sportonburg SC 29303 Kennon Allon Alkinson Ri. 2, Box 136-L Whiltier, NC 28769 Dryon Scott Beol 6101 Big Horn Circle Chorloiie. NC 28214 Drendo Marie Blockburn Do« 672 Edgewood Dr Doiling Sprgs NC 26017 Tinr oihy Fronklin Bronlley 413 Trolley Line Rd Groniieville SC 29829 Deon Alexortdet Adcoch 1103 Oirch Konnopolis NC 26061 Klmberly Ann Austin 1l54Dtooklyn Avenue Hendersonville NC 26739 James Eddre Dean Jr. 1220 Drodley Dr. Winsion-Solem. NC 27107 Rebecco Suionne Dlockburn Box 672 Ooiling Sprgs NC 28017 Vitginio Louise Broy Rl 2. Box 419-A Pelhom. NC 27311 Louro Joyce Addis 203Lovonne Ave Easley SC 29640 Robyn Dole Autrey 67 Hickory Tree Rd Asheville NC 28605 Tino Renee Dean 316 Union Giove Rd, Lenoii NC 28645 Stephen Lee Dlockwell Rr 9 Box 576 Hendersonville NC 26739 Donno Suson Dreen 9 Christine PI. Dox 653 McAfee NJ 07428 Timothy Allen Addis 203 Lovonne Ave Eosley. SC 29640 Angela Morio Ayers 925 Arnold Mill Rd. Woodslock GA 30188 Noncy Leonoio Deoty 2120 Lombordy Circle Chorloiie NC 28203 Donno Lynn Blockwood P O. Dox 633 Ellenboro. NC 26040 Chtistopher Brendel 1537 Berkshire Ave. Pittsburgh. PA 15226 Woliei Normon Aiker. It 209 Illinois St Spiftdole. NC 28160 Beverly Donese Bodgell Rf 7 Box 252-C Ml Airy NC 27030 Dino Leigh Decker 6956 Mouldin Lone Jacksonville. FL 32244 Stanley Scon Dloit 5 Howkins Lone Willingboro. NJ 06046 Breni Robert Bnon 36 Coostline Dtive Inmon SC 29349 Michoel Olybunmi Aioo Compus Box 5, GWC Boiling Springs. NC 26017 Donny Lee Doiley Ri. 1 Box 332.A Forest Ciiy NC 26043 Deborah Ann Bell Ri 4 Dox 193 Shelby NC 26150 Soroh Willene Dlolock 3220 Windrow Lone Moiihews. NC 28105 Allie Dridges Jr Cresiview Villa F-31 Goffney SC 29340 Lowfence Cloy Alexonder 201 Efvin Or. Cherryville NC 26021 Johnny Leon Boker 5972A Terrel Court Columbio. SC 29206 Felicia Gennine Dell 1615 South Ave Shelby NC 28150 Edwin Roy Blonkenship 4619 Polkville Rd. Doiling Sprgs NC 26017 Dorry Srowe Dridges Box 977 Boiling Sprgs NC 28017 An to Koy Allen Box 112 Boiling Sptgs NC 26017 Kimberly Ann Baker 603 Texos Ttoils Dollos. NC 26034 Dtendo Jean Denfield Rr, 4, Box 520 Granite Foils NC 26630 Eric Slephen DIonkenship Delwood Drive D ing Springs. NC 26017 Bruce Edword Dridges Dox 91 Mooresboro NC 26114 Oello Voshti Allen 103 Linwood Chorloiie NC 28208 Pomelo Dennise Doker 271 Wotson Ave Taylorsville NC 28681 JeHrey Keiih Denfield P Dox 354 Lowndole NC 28090 Dyron Rudosill DIonton 814 Hill Street Shelby NC 26150 Cynlhio Foy Dridges 1143 Dridges Sr Shelby. NC 26150 Judy Lee Allen Ri. 9, Box 37.D Apil-D Shelby NC 26150 ReniQ Doker 7119 Neol Rd. Chottoite. NC 28213 Leslie Renoid Denson Rt. 3. Dox 774 Mocksville NC 27026 Jonet Lynn DIonton R. 5 Dox 703 Shelby. NC 26150 Dovid Wayne Dridges Route 1 Ellenboro NC 28040 Judy Poftet Allen 305 Edgewood Rood Shelby, NC 26130 Kimberly Evelyn Bollord Rt 1 Dox 220 Dol.vio. NC 28422 lyndo Michelle Benson 1411 Tyonek Di Durham. NC 27703 Poul Hall Doll Rt 5. Dox 503.D Shelby NC 28150 Dons Evelyn Dridges 2700 High Ridge Rood Matthews. NC 26105 Sheirle Denise Allen Ri. 3. Box 126 Homptonvjlle. NC 27020 Jeoneite E. Donner 411 Ctowford Street Shelby. NC 26150 Jomes Michoel Dentley P,0 Dox 304 Jonesville SC 29353 Soioh Ann Boney Ri 3. Box 35 Dlythewood SC 29016 Myro Jeon Dridges 2002 Ookhurst Avenue Shelby NC 26150 llene Sozonne Allinger 4760 Lexingion Rood Athens, Go 30605 Michoel Londis Boniher Ri. 1 Box 301 Lake Toxoway NC 28747 Horry Dennis Demon 2649 Dorchesrer Ploce Chorloiie. NC 28209 Douglos Leon Donnet Ri. 1 Box 416 GoHney. SC 29340 Rito Eloine Dridges 2170 Woshingion Rd Sporronburg, SC 29302 John Michoel Allison Route 2 Box 2075 Columbus. NC 28722 Cioig Anthony Oorker P O Box 743 Toylorsville. NC 26661 Liso Corol Desseche 810 Scott Street Goldsboio NC 27530 Kimbeily Koy Botchers Rt 2 Trench Rd Bridgeton. NJ 06302 Morvin Charles Dridwell 26 Low fence St. Lyman, SC 29365 TIno Maurice Allison 47 9lh Street Sholimor, FL 32579 Kimberlyn Jeoneite Bormore 204 Prospect PI Drooklyn NY 11238 Albert G. Dianco 2407 Donyon Drive Doyion OH 45431 Maty Victono Bostic Route 6, Box 220 Foirview, NC 26730 Janice Joyce Drrghr Route 6 Dox 204 Goffney SC 29340 Jeone Wotson Ammons Rl 1, Oox 99 Union Mills. NC 26167 Orsiell Lomor Domett 402 Robinwood Rd. Gosionio, NC 26052 Lindo Ann Digelow Route 2 Box 229 Granite Foils. NC 28630 Sondto Motle Dosiic Ri 1 Box 61 B-2 Lowndole. NC 28090 Tino Morie Diinkley Rl 2. Dox 401 Creedmoor NC 27522 Coiherine Morie Anderson 1716 Terrell Ml. Rd. Q-16 Morietto. GA 30067 Coilton Siocey Borretl 1307 S. Post Rood Shelby, NC 26150 Lori Ann Diggers Ri. 1, Box 413 Grover. NC 20073 Jomes Shelion Dowmon 201 Mitchell Stieet Loutens. SC 29360 Molthew Lewis Brinlon Route 7 Box 93 Mootesville. NC 28115 Lewis Scoil Anderson 301 W Virginio Ave. Bessemei City. NC 26016 Leslie Koy Bottholomew 2 Ashley Circle Asheville. NC 28805 Douglas Ross Biggs 5711 Dude Ranch Rd. Durham NC 27704 David Brion Boyd 1500 Fords Woy Muscle Shoals AL 35660 Stephen Elliott Brinion Rt 7 Dox 93 Mooresville NC 26115 Floyd Donlel Archie 912 Ellis Street Foyerieville NC 28305 Louro Anne Bosseti P O Box 61 foirview NC 28730 Jeffery Dtion Binns 537 Normon St Washington GA 30673 Williom Charles Orocken 252 E Stotesville Ave Mooresville NC 28115 Dono Renee Driscoe 606 Drookwood Drive Spindole NC 28160 mem Orendo Lee Driri 131 Wilchestef Lone Ketneisville. NC 27264 Ricky Neil Duikhaller 402 Rushing Sneer Glennville. GA 30427 Cunis Alon Cormrne 2800 Dexley Ci Wilmington. DE 19606 Trocey Alien Chapman Rt. 2 Dox 27A Snow Comp HC 27349 Moiy Dridger Condie 310 Delvedere Ave Shetby, NC 26150 Lori Ann Diiriain P.O. Box 361 Hildebron. NC 26637 Angela Goil Durleson P O Oox 97 Worrensville NC 26693 Benjy Roy Corpenler 104 Gould Si Bessemer Ciiy NC 26016 David Cecil Chosroin 203 Delmorc Diive Sporionbutg. SC 29301 Sherry Lynn Congteton Rr 6, box 612-E Cho 1oite NC 2S206 Howoid Comeion Oiooks 111 Colter Heights GoHney SC 29340 Chrisiino Hope Durleson 122 Morris Slieei Ml. Holly, NC 28120 Motk Chopmon Coipeniet P O Box 166 Rutheflordtor; NC 28109 Debio Ho ' ris Choihom Ri. 3. Oox 502 Rutherfordioft. NC 28139 Shirley Ruih Conner Rr 3 Dox 548 Rulhertotdton. NC 26139 iomes Rolph Diooks P.O. Oox 1122 N. Wilkesboro. NC 28659 Jerry Glenn Durleson Dox 97 Worrensv.lle NC 28693 Andreo Michelle Corrigon 606 Dfookgreen Drive Dotlas NC 28034 Jone Morie Chovis 1101 Dorwin Dr. Foyeiievllle. NC 28304 Judith Elaine Connolly 6724 Wolkers Ferry Rd. Choilorte NC 26214 ieiiy Woyne Drooks P.O. Dox 324 Doiling Spigs. NC 26017 Porricio Jean Duinett Ri, 1 Oox 39 Duncon. SC 29334 Jeonoe Suzanne Carroll Ri 3, Riverbend Acres Shelby, NC 28i50 Many Keith Childers P.O. Dox 93 Hitdebion. NC 26637 Michael Lynn Connor 1304 Kymon Ave. Hendersonville, NC 28739 Kofhy Jo Drooks Dox 16311 Ashev.lle, NC 28606 Kimberly Evon Ournette Rr 4. Dox 334 Canton NC 26716 John Kevin Corroll 219 Pleosoni Ridge Shelby NC 26150 Deverly Joyce Christion AID Morsholl Ave. Newporl News, VA 23605 Connie Foye Cook Rr 1 Drosstown, NC 26902 Timothy Diiford Drooks Rt. 3, Oox 469 Shelby, NC 26150 Eihet Joan Durns Rt 2 Ellenboto NC 28040 Wllliom Drodley Cofson 7660 S.W 141 St. Miami. FL 33156 Kenneth Douglos Clork 1546 Anderson Si Gosionio NC 28052 Michael Koisten Cook 640 Universily Circle Arhens. GA 30605 Druce Alon Drown Rt 1 Dox 167 Stoley NC 27355 Jomes Keone Dusker 5215 Glenbrier Drive Charloiie, NC 26212 Jeffrey Reid Carswell 112 Case St. Morganton. HC 28655 Leno Edneiio Clork 620 Chovis Dr. Cherryville. NC 26021 Dcendo Sue Cooke 7420 S.W. 36 Sireet Miami, FL 33155 Ervin Gidney Oiown 91 Dtoad Street Asheville. NC 28601 Cheiyle Lynn Duller Ri. 2 Dox 326 Oxtoid, NC 27565 Katen Elizaberh Corswell Ri. 11, Dox 477-D Morgonion. NC 26655 Mefvin Lewis Clark Route 3, Dox 201-A Lowndole. NC 28090 Robin Ann Cooley 4154 Troui River DIvd. Jocksonville. FL 32206 Karen Ledbenei Drown 2470 Drovo Rd. Shelby NC 26150 Jeonnie Sue Dutler Rl Z Box 326 Oxford. NC 27565 JeHery Scon Cotier 2503 Edgewood Drive Goffney. SC 29340 Phoebe Clork P.O. Oox 245 Valley Head, AL 35969 Sylvia Oionne Coor 1708 E Lourel St. Gotdsboro NC 27530 Karen Suzanne Drown Arlingin Si. Foresi Cily NC 28043 Kim Sharon Outlet 5449 Milhaven Lone Chorlorie. NC 28213 Ronold William Carter 2856 Meade Ave Gosionio NC 26032 Sondro Joon Qork P.O. Oox 52 Eorl. NC 26036 Liso Down Copper 1636 Caldwell Rd. S. Daylono. FL 32019 Phillip Corl Drown Rt- 2 Oox 69-A Coiowba, NC 28609 James Kevin Dyers Rl, 2. Dox 157.D Mill Spring, NC 28756 Oilly Aofon Cosh Ri 1 Box 171 Mooresboro. NC 26114 Timothy Wioy Clark 1222 Donno Dt, Shelby, NC 28150 Angelo Maria Carry 602 S. Logon Si. Goffney SC 29340 Vincent Edwin Drown 5310 Pnnce Charles Or. Kernetsville. HC 27284 Williom Randal Oyrd 81 South White Concord NC 26025 Henrierro Thomos Costles P.O. Oox 72 Doiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Jill Elaine Clodfelter 7010 Oelews CteeK Rd. Delews Creek. NC 27009 Angelo Derh Cox 322 Wimerlocken Dr. Sonford NC 27330 Ruih Ann Drunson Rt. 5, Dox 163 Rocky Mount, NC 27601 Olin Steele Dyrum III P O Dox 1066 Delmoni NC 26012 Rufus Arledge Castles III P.O. Box 72 Boiling Spgs., NC 26017 Angela Leigh Clonmger Rt. 1. Dox 199-A Dallas NC 26034 David Drian Cox Rt 4 Dox 339-D Danville VA 24541 Robin Lynn Dryan Rt, 8 Coslner Rd. SpononbufQ. SC 29303 Shelley Marie Oiyani 4019 Huntington Foresr Jocksonville FL 32217 Lizbeih Down Collon Newrown School Woierlofd. IR 00000 Aleio Moore Comp P O Ooji 552 Shelby NC 28150 Janice Roberto Coiolsier P O Dox 542 Cherokee NC 26719 Kevin Scoie Caudill Rl I. Oox 116 Stole Rood NC 28676 Jerry Lane Cloninger Jr. 606 Dorimourh Drive Gosionio NC 28052 Linda Carole Clonmger P.O. Dox 66 Dollos. NC 26034 Gory Paul Cox Rr. 4, Dox 339-D Oonville. VA 24541 Johothon Morcus Cox 2822 Fleming Rood Greensboro NC 27410 Dono Elizabeth Ducher 912 Eogtewood Ave Chorlorie NC 28212 Angelo Renee Corrtp P O Box 193 Cliffside. NC 26024 Steven Roy Causby Route 1, Oox 217 Linwood. NC 27299 Robeno Jone Clyde 120 Stacy Dr GoHney SC 29340 Roxonne Cox Rt. 1 Dox 139.H New London NC 28127 Kevin Shown Dumgordner P O Dox 922 Kings Mountoin NC 26066 Janie Marie Camp Rt 9 Dox 262 Shelby NC 28150 Maude Wells Coviness Route 4 Box 497 Forest City NC 28043 Robert Anson Coftey Rt 6 Dox 646 Mooiesville NC 28115 Dorbaia Ann Ooig 1149 Holes Dr. Ml. Holly. NC 28120 Uoyd Allen Dunch 213 S- Ookum Edenton, NC 27932 Michael Camp P,0 Oox 347 Rulhetfordton, NC 26139 Donjel Otown Chambers Rt. 4, Box 165 SiotesviUe NC 28677 Ellen Elizabeth Coggins 517 Broughton Street Troy NC 27371 Cynihlo Jone Ctoig Rt. 1. Box 43 Blowing Rock NC 28605 Rhenne lono Dunning 400 Norihside Dr. Lexinton, NC 27292 Teity Camp Dox 1153 Rulhetfordton. NC 26139 Nerrisio Floyd Chambers 514 Sunle St Shelby NC 26150 Sandra Roberson Cole 600 Eosr Morn Street Forest City NC 28043 Guyonne Smith Croig Rt. 5. Box 105 Ruiherfordion. NC 28139 Mory Ellen Dutch 2232 Highlown Dr. Choilone. HC 26212 Richie Gory Canipe 707 Moyo Siieei Shelby. Nr26l50 Barbara Alison Champion P.O. Box 626 Kings Mountoin. NC 26066 Rondoll Lee Coleman Rl 11 Box 419 Shelby. NC 26150 Mary Eieanoi Croig Oox 296 Sionley NC 28164 Angelo Kirsien Buichom Rt. 9 Oox 152 Ml Ally NC 27030 Sherry Annette Canipe 6112 S. Posi Rd Shelby NC 26150 Richard Hoi Chompion 2936 College Rd. Shelby NC 26150 Krista Lynne Colle 1603 Wall Dr Tiiusville FL 32760 Angelo Goil Crawford x 14 Von Wyck, SC 29744 Dr.on Andrew Burgess P.O. Box 1464 Moigortion. NC 28655 Leno Rebecco Capps 1226 N. Lafayette St. Shelby. NC 28150 Milton Chorles Chopmoi 9000 Albemarle Rd. Chorlorie NC 28212 Dwight Colliei 306 Thompson Siieet Cedortown. GA Xl25 Beverly Joy Crawford Rl, 11, Dox 391 Shelby NC 26150 Sondro Anneiie Ourgess Rl 6 Box 33 Ruiherfordion NC 28139 JeHiey Eric Coilson 105 H. Sequoia Ct. Sreiling. VA 22170 Patricio Ann Chopmon 2710 Moores Pork Dt Charlotte, NC 28214 Thomos Roy Compton 1614 Kenmoie Dr Sioiesville, NC 26677 Pome Yvonne Ciowlord P.O. Dox 69 CoHeld, NC 27922 142 Jerome Frederick Creoch bXb Spriog Lane Shelby NC 28150 Jacqueline Joonne Dov i 601 Coroleen Rd ForeM City NC 28043 Deborah Ay«ue Dye P O Oox 584 inq Sprlngi NC 28017 Orion Keith Farmer 175 E 58rh St Hialeah FL 33013 Duford Durton Fox 104 Highlond Poih Lone Doone. NC 28607 Oreni Allon Cret show Henderson Circle Harriiburg NC 28075 Luco Polomenghi Ctispi 7006 Deloware Street Chevy Chase MD 20fll5 Robert Thomos CtocKer 10 Highlond Cr Don 455 Liberty SC 29657 Steven Scott Crocket Ri. 8 Alberta Ave Sporlonbuig SC 29303 Koren Denlse Crouse 302 Creslview Dr Durham. NC 27712 Ttuette MIchoel Crump P.O. Dox 401 Dolling Spgs.. NC 26017 Robert McKinley Crumptet 1216 Durtingion Dr. Colonial Hl5. VA 23834 Doyce Glenn Ctumpion Rt, 2. Oox 487 Pelhom. NC 27311 Lindo Foye Cudd 5523 Capito St. Roanohe, VA 24019 Debio P. Cuflee Rr. 8. Dox 398 Sollsbuty NC 26144 Patrick Wiley Currence 426 West 9rh Chorloiie NC 28202 Sheid Lull Curtis P.O. Dox 161 Ellenbofo NC 26040 Moriy Angelo Corhberrson 6527 Moniieth Dr. Chorloire NC 262i3 Somuel Williom Doniel Jt. 414 Valley Drive Durhom, NC 27704 Timothy Allen Donyels Ri 1, Do« 665 Mooresville NC 26115 Glodys Hunt Dovenpott 1331 N Lofotette St. Shelby NC 26150 only Gene Doves P O OOK 244 Ooiling Sprgs NC 28017 Liso Gaye Daves Woodhilt Drive Dolling Sprgs . NC 26017 Koren Annette Davidson Ri 1 Dox 222 Stony Point, NC 28678 Potricio Kothleen Dovidson Rl. 6. Oox 235.A Stotesvllle. NC 28677 Anthony Jeffrey Dovis 106 W Corolino Ave Oessemer City NC 26016 Jacqueline Sue Dovis 1305 Helen Ave New Dern. NC 28560 Moureen Ellen Davis 32 Sunset Drive Swonnonoo NC 28778 Susonne Cordwell Dovis 212 Sunrise Circle Shelby NC 28150 Suzanne Dovis 123 Holidoy Dr Lexinton, NC 27292 Timothy Shoun Dovis 728 Glenn St. Gosionlo. NC 28052 Carroll Orooks Dowkins 126 Osoge Drive Goflney, SC 29340 Donno Lynn Doy 104 Dalehurst Di Foiesi City. NC 26043 Jomes Frederick Decker 115 Hanlon Dtive Odessa, NY 14669 Michael Scott Denning Rt 3. Dox 30 Ruiherfordton. NC 26139 Iris Doloris Dennison 20 Robinson Ave. Asheville NC 28603 Celia Renee Devinney Ri 4, Dox 752 Morion NC 26752 Lisa Koihryn Devlin Rt 5, Dox 550 Conton, NC 28716 Chorles Todd Dickinson Rt. 2. Oox 171 Keystone Hgts., FL 02656 Rr 2, Dox 311-A Londrum SC 29356 Wendy Louise Dill 274 Doytield Loop Foyelieville NC 26304 Leonord Afihur Dillingham 4829 Lebonon Dnve Chotlorte. NC 26210 Gory Lynn Dixon 206 Whitley Rd. Morgonton NC 26655 Roben Michael Dockery P O Dox 166 Doiling Spgs.. NC 26017 Willord Lomor Donold Jr. 709 Cliff Rood Montgomery. AL 36109 Jomes Howord Doolittle 13209 Holdtidge Rd Wheoton MD 20902 Thomas Collis Dulo Jr. Rt. 4. Oox 47 Gronite Foils. NC 26630 Ooiry Wayne Eogle 6376 Monlego Drive Chorloite NC 26215 Scon Anthony Eostmon P O Dox 446 Doiling Sppgs NC 26017 rds Coihy Lynn £d 1190 Scenic Dtive Shelby, NC 26150 Giegory Robert Edwords 302 Toble Rock Rd Lenoir. NC 28645 Jomes Durion Edwards 1056 Windjammer Drive Hampton VA 23669 Julio Ann Edwords 639 Coulwood Drive Charlotte, NC 26214 Kimberly Down Edwards 2401 Driorgtove Dr. Chorlotte, NC 28215 Lowell Lynn Edwords P O Dox 1157 Woynesville NC 28766 Gregory Allen Ellei Route 1. Ookmont Drive Sionley. NC 28164 Daniel Dovid Elliott Jr 1175 41st Avenue Veto Deoch. FL 32960 Motk Dwoyne Ellis Route 1. Oox 346A-3 Dohama. NC 27503 Kothy Elizabeth Elmore Rt. 4, Dox 174 Stotesville, NC 26677 Mary Melisso Elmore 206 Mimoso Gaffney. SC 29340 Wendy Dorlene Elvingron 209 Douglos Dr. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Timothy Paul Emery 0131 Grohomwood Drive Richmond. VA 23234 Jerry Paul Epiing 1436 Logon Circle Marietta, GA 30062 Veronica Eiheridge 10370 lloh Rd. Jocksonville. FL 32217 Judy Trotter Eubonks 103 Huntington Dr. GoHney, SC 29340 Kothy Strom Evons Ri 2, Dox 150 Ruthettordion, NC 28139 Michoel Hermon Evans i0l Coscode Street Morgonton. NC 28655 Angelo Denise Foile Ri 1. Dox 188 Chester SC 29706 Coil D Former 526 5th Street Chester, SC 29706 Jomes Alvoh Fotthlng ill Route 1 Mooresville. NC 28115 Kenneth Monn Fosnochi 1693 Dorsey Court Oionge Poik. FL 32073 MIchoel Dwight Faulknei P-O Dox 652 Doiling Spgs., NC 26016 Tetrl Wilson Faulkner Rt. 5. Dox 248 Clover, SC 29710 Keith Fleming Feothet 630 S Mognolio St Mooresville. NC 26115 Pelei Roland Feix 131 Cork Ave. Greer, SC 29651 Ricky Doiiell Fells Rt, 11, Dox 375 Slaresville. NC 26677 Teresa Oration Flack P.O. Dox 659 Doiling Sprgs., NC 26017 Christopher Dennis Charles Flood 22 Fiizwoteitown Rood Willow Grove, PA 19090 Doniel Potrick Flood C3-22 Filzwotertown Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Mork T. Flood 22 Flizwoteriown Rd. C-3 Willow Giove. PA 19090 PoliJcta Ann Flynn 641 Dtoodionch Di Port Chorloite, FL 33952 John William Folk P.O. Dox 432 Doiling Spgs.. NC 26017 Mork Curtis Folk P O, Dox 676 Doiling Spgs., NC 26017 Shell Worlick Folk P.O. Dox 676 Doiling Spgs.. NC 26017 Noncy Ellen Fortenbeiry 1414 Lackey Street Shelby NC 26150 Henry Sloon Fortner Jr 526 Duncombe St Woodruff SC 29366 Ricky Lee Former 526 Duncombe Si WoodruH SC 29368 Duone Foster 1525 Florido Ave, Woodbridge VA 22101 Jill Luonn Fosier 266 0okgrove Rd, W.nston.Solem, NC 27107 Elizabeth Renee Foxx 333 Providence Rd Goffney SC 29340 Noihon Reid Fionk 407 Montlleu Ave High Point. NC 27060 Donno Lucille Fionklin Rt. 3. Dox 74 Moisholl, NC 26753 Lisa Marie Froshier Rt 5, Dox 365 Forest Cliy, NC 26043 Choilene McMohon Fiozier At. 3, Dox 705.A Shelby, NC 28150 Dovid Alan Frozier Ri. 4. Oox 177 Asheboto, NC 27203 Melissa Lyr ne Frozier X35 Chorles Rd. Shelby, NC 28150 Mary Riley Friend 1006 Cumberland Dr Shelby, NC 28150 William Fionklin Futreol Rt. 2, Oox 117.M WorsQw. NC 28398 Mary Helen Gobolo 14 Convetse St. Gieenville SC 29607 Marshall Dean Goddis Rt. 3, Dox 261 Gosionio. NC 26052 Rlchoid Dole Gaddls P,0 Cox 368 Dallas. NC 28034 Mortin Neil Gombill 938 N, Dildge St. Elkin. NC 26621 Amy Robyn Gamble 706 Coiolino Avenue Gosionio. NC 26052 Cloude Oryon Gomble 912 Surrey Drive Shelby NC 28150 Teieso Goyle Gordner 6601 Glenmooi Dr Chorlotte NC 28214 Mory Ann Gorreit Hickory St. Muiphy. NC 26906 Robin Lynn Goiiison P O. Dox 13526 Odondo FL 32612 Robbin Koy Goskey 1506 W Woiren St Shelby NC 26150 Orion Dennis Goskin 409 Fort Woshlngton Ave. Ft. Washington. PA 19034 James Dionch Goskins Jr. 677 Kingswood Ave, Oionge Pork. FL 32073 Denjomin Franklin Dovis Route 1. Oox 260 Clio. SC 29525 Donald Dwighi Duncon 155 Enwood Drive Charlotte, NC 26214 Roben Cecil Foile Jr. P.O Dox 1171 Loncosier SC 29720 Sionley Chorles Foster 6600 Long Meadow Rd, Chorloite. NC 26210 Angelo Dorlene Gosperson Ri. 1. Dox 151.D Horse Shoe, NC 26742 Darius Dernaid Davis 6424 Hoiiison Rd. Moiihews. NC 26105 Jonet Whiiener Duncon 100 Jomes Dr Delmonl. NC 26012 Dorothy Alice Foris 5016 Noniuckei Rd College Pork, MD 20740 Trovis Anthony Foster Rl 1 Oox 440 Foiesi City. NC 26040 Kothy Dorlene Gentle Rt 1 Dox 103 MocksvJile NC 27026 143 Amaf do Elizoberh Geniry P-O. ftoi 212 JeHerson, NC 26640 Liio Millsops G ' ene 2 Kenwoll Village Shelby. NC 26150 Mortho Liso Homes 2244 Njnrh Ave. N.E. Hickory NC 28601 Jomes Dwoyne Horns Dox 394 Cliffside. NC 28024 Robei ' Kevin Hoys Rouie 2 265-C Fletcher, NC 28732 Thomos Lee Gibbs 435 Hilk.esr Sr. Chorlorie NC 26206 Merrill Drer do 0. Greene 212 Poplo( St Foresi Cily NC 26043 Ino Jeorf Homiel P-O- Box 441 Ellenboro. NC 26040 Liso Ann Horns Roure 3. Dox 338 Woynesville NC 26766 Wendy Suzonne Hozelworih 2044 Kings Crossir g W.nrer Koven. FL 33660 Dovid Edwoid Gibson P.O Box 675 Doiling Spgs. NC 26017 Etoine Corheririe Gibson 2106 N Modeno Sr Gostonio NC 28052 Michael Edword Greene Box 93 DIowing Rock. NC 26605 Pomelo Down Green 13360 Sordis Rd Asheville NC 26606 Leslie Levon Homletle Rr 1 Dox 190 Phenis. Va 23959 Julie Ann Hommeil 102 Duffers Dr- Goffney. 5C 29340 Pomelo Koy Horris 416 Miles Rd. Shelby NC 26150 Roberto Siuori Horris 607 Highview Ave. Foresi Oiy. NC 26043 Elizabeth Surr mets Heffner 6924 DoKet Dr. «A.18 Shelby NC 28150 Vincent Dwoyne Hefner Rt. 1 Mill Spring NC 26756 Motthew Eogene Gibson 215 DIueridge Dr Greer SC 29651 Rhoodo Jeon Greene Ri. 10. Dox 322 Shelby. NC 28150 Eric Mutry Hommond P.O Box 636 Forest City NC 28043 Siocey Andoro Horrison Rt 3 Highwoy 14 Greenville- SC 29607 Joseph Michoel Hegorly 7 Shody Ook Ttoil Chorlotie. NC 26210 Williom Cot! Gibson 414 S Mogno io Mooiesvilie NC 26115 Roger Alor Greene Rt 5 Dox 64 Forest City NC 26043 Robert Hugh Hommond 5136 Morgorei Wallace Motlhews. NC 28105 Dionne Sides Hottis PC Dox 701 Doiling Sprgs NC 26017 Suson Lynne Heilig 3219 Pine Needles Rd- High Poini NC 27260 Belinda Jone Gtlben Rl. 3. Hwy_ 221 Chesnee SC 29323 Ronold Cline Greene 606 Honover Drive Shelby. NC 28150 Teteso Ann Hammond P.O Dox 636 Forest City NC 26043 Pomelo Denise Hortis P O Dox 701 Doiling Sprgs NC 28017 Pomelo Lynn Helms PO Dox 566 Paw Creek. NC 28130 Ruth Eugenia Gilbert Rt 1. Dox 31 Mill Spring NC 28756 Victor Quino Giles Rt- 9. Dox 409 Lexington, NC 27292 Angela Koy Gill 506 Doffin Lone Gosionio. NC 26052 Todd Edword Greene 414 E Concord Si Motgomon NC 26655 Horry Jomes Gregory 6404 D Plozo Rd Charlotte NC 26215 Michoel Keith Gregory P O Dox 776 Andrews NC 28901 Janice Wore Homtick Rr 6. Dox 276.12 Shelby NC 26150 Micki Lynn Homrick 606 Falcon Circle Shelby NC 28l50 Richoid Lee Homrick Rr. 4. Dox 250 Shelby NC 26150 Ron D. Hortsetle 635 Hillcresi Ave. Gostonio NC 26052 Ricky Lee Hofword 1504 Ook Si- Chotloite- NC 26213 Richord Dean Horwell Rt 4 Dox 106 Deoiy 1 Gostonio NC 26052 Steven Geroge Helton P-O Dox 101 Ellenboro NC 26040 Donercerc Joyce Henderson 1131 Log Cobin Rd- Chorloire NC 26213 Rebekoh Potieison Henson P O Box 163 EotI NC 26036 Pomelo Ann GiUord 3501 Griffith St Chorlotte NC 26203 Pomelo Koy Gregory Rt- 3. Dox 176 Woynesville NC 28786 Shoron Elizobeth Homrick Rt 2 Dox 160-A Shelby NC 26150 Ten Aliso Hassell 213 Meioire Lone Modison AL 35756 Melody Renee Herman Rt. 1, Dox 529 Dallas. NC 26034 Jomes Thomas Glenn Rt 3 Dox 246 Spruce Pine NC 26777 Morgorei Lynn Gnggs P-O- Dox 311 Cherryville. NC 26021 Steven Gene Homrick P O Dox 25 Doiling Springs NC 26107 Sherri Lynn Hostings P O Dox 667 Boiling Sprgs NC 26017 Kimberly Elizobeth Herndon Rt 2 Dox 470 Kings Mountoin NC 26066 Ann Morie Gllnski 1220 Donno Dr Shelby NC 26150 Hoiotd Toy lot Groce Route 10, Deny Drive Greenville SC 29607 Wendell Gregory Hoi P O- Box 703 Doiling Spgs NC 26017 ICk Doniel Martin Hotton 4310 23rd Poikwoy Court Hillcrest Hgts MD 20746 Motilyn Ann Hettell Route 1 Box 47 Dokeisvilte NC 26705 Sheito Koy Glover Route 1 Dox 40-C Ellenboro NC 26040 Julionn Corte ' Gtoome 500 Dorado High Point NC 27260 Donno Lee Honks 1304 Bridge woy Place Lenoir NC 26645 Motio Lynn Houghion Rt 2 Dox 235 Troutmon NC 26166 Normon Curtis Heywotd Ji. Rt 2 Dox 136 McDonough GA 30253 Walter McKenny Goodole I Rt 3. Dox 222 Chesterfield. SC 29709 Miieyo Alejondro Guerrero Dox 345 GWC Doilmg Spgs NC 260l7 Robert Anderson Manner 7631 Elwood Diive Charlotte NC 28212 Gory Melvin Houser 3130 Rhett Court Charlotte NC 26210 Hortell Edword Hioit 1506 Deouciest Rood High Point NC 27260 Melody Thompson Goode Rl 2 Dox 459 Mooresboro NC 26114 Timothy Don Guest PO Box 171 Cowpens SC 29930 Roy McKay Hotdee 144 Scottsmoot Drive Chorloire NC 28214 Amy Hendtick Howkins 1656 E Motion St Shelby NC 26150 Morcio Cecile Hicks 726 Brookside Dr Gostonio NC 26052 Fronklin Gore Rl. 2. Dox 479 Supply- NC 26462 Porsy P Gufley 50i N Moigon St. Shelby, NC 28150 Timothy Dornell Hordie Route 2 Dox 150 Chodbourn NC 26431 Dtuce Hugh Howkins Jr. Rt 2. Dox 546-E Mt Holly NC 26120 Mary Deth Hicks 60 Sulphur Sprgs Rd. Asheville NC 28601 Arnold Porks Gosnell 7l0 Dogwood Lone Delmoni NC 28012 Kenneth Dale Gulledge 305 N Cloudmon St Chorlotte NC 26216 Ronald Keith Hoigtove 5 Wren Drive Lexington NC 27292 Lindo Ruth Howkins PO Box 97 Ellenboro NC 26040 Rebecco Ann Hicks Dox 1226 Rice Sr. Homlet NC 26345 Dryon McDowell Grady Rt 9 Dox 436 Motgomon NC 28655 Michael Deon Gwinn Moin St- Drowet D Convetse. SC 29329 Jonei Carol Mormon Rl- 3, Dox 266 Drevord. NC 26712 Sherry Lynn Howkins Route 2. Dox 170-D Seneca. SC 29678 John Thurmon Hlldebrond 2044 Eokle Drive Rock Hill SC 29730 Joseph Gotland Giogg P O Dox 327 Londis NC 26066 Timothy Cuff Hogler 2241 Rocky River Rd Concord NC 28025 Joey Moriin Horrell P.O. Dox 226 Doiling Spgs.. NC 26017 Williom Hunter Hoy V. 8614 Norhonoel Greene Chorloete NC 26212 Thomos Perry Hildreth III PO Dox 721 Wodesi oio NC 26170 Pomelo Fioncine Grondy 1305 lllh Avenue SE- Hiekory NC 26601 Michoel London Holl 9l7 Suriey Or. ShelbT NC 26i50 Michael Kent Honelson Dox 631 Doiling Spigs. NC 26017 Dtent Toylor Hoyes Rt- 6. Dox 130 Lenoir. NC 26645 Poul Dennett Hill Rl. 2. Dox 79.A Rockinghom NC 28379 Debotoh Ruth Greene Box 93 Blowing Rock NC 26605 Suson Annette Holl 4461 Nolond Drive Wilmington NC 26405 Drendo Koy Horns P O Dox 645 Coroleen NC 28019 Poul Durhom Hoyes 117 Notrhview St Lymon SC 29365 Cotvin Hiltion Jr 60 Hushins Drive WinstonSolem NC 27105 Koihryn Teieso Greene Rr 1. Locust Si. Columbus. HC 26722 Poitioo Ann Mollmon 106 Myro Lone Lincolnion- NC 26092 Emonuel Lee Hotiis Rt 2 Dox 2284 Columbus NC 28722 Douglas Leioy Hoynes 503 Wolnut Circle Hendersonville. NC 26739 Liso Demse Mines Rt. 3 Dox 42 Chesnee SC 29323 Lincto Carol Greene Rt 2 Dox 451 Dollos NC 28034 Vicki Lyn Homby 3109 Suffolk Dr Shelby NC 26150 Jock Mitchell Hortis Jr. 110 E. Ruilecfge Ave Goffney SC 29340 Dovid Poiiick Hoynie II P O Dox 980 GWC D ing Springs NC 26017 llo Sermons Hipps 725 W Sumptei Si. Shelby NC 28150 Lyndo Neeld HtrchcocK 4660 Woodbrlor D. Syrocuie NY I32l5 Tony Lee Hobbj 2401 Comei Dr Roleigh NC 27604 Joseph Dtyon Hobgood 416 Mytfoy Hill Rd Foyerfevllle NC 26300 Sondro Lynn Hodge Mainiio Amondo Hoey Rr. 10. Do« 111 Shelby. NC 28150 Roselyn Jeoneiie Hoey 738 Vale Streef Shelby. NC 26150 Korticio Oeth Hotlmon At 4. DOK 39 Gostanlo. NC 26052 Kothfyn Evons Holbrook 1220 Wood HIM Diive Shelby. NC 28150 Kennelh Guy Holcombe 11 Oeiirand Terroce Greenville. SC 29611 Donno Lynn Hollobough 3012 Logon Slreei Foiesrville. MD 20747 Anthony Lomor Hollond P O Box 903 Seneca, SC 29678 Jeon Sondlfet Hollond Do I 52 Doilinq Sprgs . NC 26017 Donald Roy Hollifield Rt 3. Oox 297 Ruthertofdion, NC 28139 Angela Glenn Homesley 035 South Pink St. Cheiryvllle, NC 26021 Coimen Lynn Hood 602 S. Moln St. Wohe Fo est. NC 27567 ShQun Vesley Horn Holion Ploce 1590 ChQfleston, SC 29407 Koren Jill Home Rt. 3. Dox 666 GoHney. SC 29340 Terry Lynn Hosch 1111 James Love Rd. Shelby, NC 26150 Ronold Lomount Hoskins 421 Olanton Shelby. NC 28150 Teresa Wynne Houser Rr. 14. Dox 533 Choflorre, NC 28208 Michoel Anthony Houston Route 1. Dox 34 Odessa. FL 33556 Eddie Glen Howord Comelot Diive Delton. SC 29627 Chiistophet Glenn Howell 3540 Drookbonk Dr PfQtftown NC 27040 Debro Fuiia Howell Rt. 2. Dox 173 Cher.yville NC 26021 Meritll Tyrone Howell Rt. 2, DoK 173 Chettyvllle, NC 26021 Rhondo Loulia Howell Rl 2 Oox 173 Chetryvllle, NC 28021 Rondy Devoughn Howie 208 Apt. 2 Tyvolo Drive Chotlotte, NC 28210 Henty Franklin Hoyle Jr P O Dox 589 Doiling Spgs.. NC 28017 Tomnr y Denlse Hoyle Rl. 4. Dox 341 Vole, NC 28166 Jerry Daniel Hubbord 416 Clegg Sr. Shelby. NC 26150 Jeffrey Clark Hudglns Rt, 2, Dox 290 Ringgold. VA 24586 George Lee Hutfmon P O. Oox 623 Hlldebran, NC 26637 Denjomin Oeom HuHsierler Route 3 Cherryv.lle. NC 28021 James Pool Huggins Pinecrest— Dox 115 Dolling Springs. NC 26017 Julie Teresa Huggins P.O. Dox 115 Doiling Sprgs.. NC 26017 Roberl Guy Humphries 312 Donnlyn Or. Oronge Park, FL 32073 John Stuori Hunsinger Rt 5, Dox 105-1 Shelby NC 26150 John Marvin Honsucker 209 Wesley Dr. Gasionia. NC 26052 John Edward Hunt Dox 236 Oing Springs, NC 26017 Michael Devon Hunt 751 Vole Street Shelby. NC 26150 Mormon Roy Hunt PO Qox 647 Spgs . NC 26017 Nancy Denise Rich Hunier P.O. Dox 69 Dolling Spgs.. NC 28017 Pomelo Thrasher Hurl Rt 4, Dox 346 Lincolnton. NC 28092 Doniro ftoxanne Hutchins 1213 Wesiwood Drive Shelby. NC 26150 Everett Rush Hylton II Rt. 7, Dox 632-K Chorloite, NC 28213 Douglas Franklin Irvin 6406 Elmwood Circle Charlolie. NC 28214 Karen Jean Isley 1509 Lorimer Rd. Roleigh. NC 27606 Rwokuda Mudenga Jochl GWC Oox 449 Doiling Spgs.. NC 26017 lorry R Jackmon 9521 Lomond Drive Manassas VA 22110 Cynlhio Gall Jockson Rt, 2, Dox 90 Mill Spring, NC 26756 Grody lee Jochson Jr. 3009 Oolsy Ci Gostonio. NC 28052 Gregory Dernard Jackson Rr. 1. Dox 100-H Grifton. NC 26530 Joy Leon Jackson 614 Kingsbury St Shelby. NC 26150 Sherri Lynn Jackson 601 W. Elm St. Shelby, NC 26150 Vincent Michoel Jackson 78 Loitlngtown Rood Locust Valley. NY 11560 Oorry Scott James 2 Chelseo Circle Greenville. SC 29605 Clayton Ernest James 110 Hidden Hill Rood Sporionburg. SC 29301 Deborah Rochel Jomes 7602 Lycoming Road Richomond. VA 23229 Drendo Kay Jomison 329 Drinton Ave. Trenton, NJ 06616 Froncis Scott Jenkins 3032 Mayfleld Ave. Charlotte. NC 26209 Robbie Deon Jenkins Rt 2. Dox 455 Ellenboro, NC 28040 Mellndo Jane Jobe 3344 Indlon Tioll Rd. Matthews, NC 26105 Roymond Clayton Johns Jr. Rt. 2. Dox 229 Shelby, NC 26150 Steven Maxwell Johns P O- Dox 664 Doiling Spgs., NC 26017 Barry Scott Johnson 3036 Klein Rd. Wilmingron. NC 28405 Elizabeth Marlene Johnson 510 Twin Oak Court High Paint, NC 27260 Engodlne S. Johnson 15 Meehon St. Sumter, SC 29150 Ernest Lawrence Johnson 106 Oxford Dr. Jocksonvllle, NC 26540 Julia Ann Johnson Rr. 12. Dox 35 Motgonton. NC 26655 Robin Lynn Johnson 221 Darber Street Asheboro. NC 27203 Shirley Jill Johnson Rt, 14. Dox 314 StQtesvllle, NC 26677 Dellnda Dill Jolley Rl. 11. Dogwood Ave. Sporronburg. SC 29302 Catherine Drooks Jolley P O Dox 764 Doiling Sprngs,. NC 26017 Alice lee Jones Rt. 1, Dox 256 Wesi Jefferson. NC 28694 Chorles Eric Jones 1121 W Cotowbo Ave Ml. Holly. NC 26120 Jomes Cloude Jones 906 Earl Rd. Shelby, NC 28150 Jon Lou Jones 2450 Wolloce Ave. Sportanburg. SC 29302 Jeffrey Dert Jones PO. Dox 7 Agona. GU 96910 Julie Deth Jones GWC Oox 490 Doiling Sprgs.. NC 26017 Lisa Goyte Jones Rt 1. Oox 273 Mooresboro. NC 28114 Rochel Elizobeth Jones Dox 124 Doiling Sprgs.. NC 28017 Suson Caroline Jones 107 Edgewood Dr. Forest Clly, NC 28043 Wayne D. Jones Jr. 1009 Leonder Street Shelby. NC 26150 Bessie Sondre Jotdon 10 Coopei Street Greenville, SC 29611 Cynthio Marie Jordan 167 33rd St. N.W. Hickory, NC 28601 Denise Lorraine Jordon 6820 N.W 26th Place Goinesville. FL 32601 Eduordo Dernord Jordon 1305 Don Ave. Winsion-Solem, NC 27105 India Denise Jordon Rt. 3, Oox 84-A W, JeHeison. NC 26694 Shofon Veronico Jordon Rt 4. Dox 165-A Shelby, NC 26150 Tetry Froncis Jordon 255 Foltway Dt Southern Pines. NC 26367 Timothy Scott Jordon 104 S Gofoith St. Kings Min.. NC 26066 Jomes Robert Jowers 2016 Virginia Dr, Camden. SC 29020 Jeffrey Ross Julian 621 North Fulton Salisbury, NC 28144 Malindo Denise Justice 177 Mountoin Sr. Rutherfordton. NC 26139 Thomos Clyde Justus Rr 6, Dox 144 Hendersonvllle, NC 28739 Patricio Julie Keodle Rl. 6, Oox 158 Inmon, SC 29349 Melllsa Annette Keener Rl. 2, Oox 253 Iron Stotlon, NC 28080 Roxonne Vickl Keese Rl. 1, Dox 70 Pendleton, SC 29670 Koiherine Angela Kelslei Rl 4 Dox 217 Union, SC 29379 Sharon Kay Kelley 710 I3ih Ave. N. Surf side Dch.. SC 29577 Korlo Marie Kendilch 412 8ih Ave. S Surfslde Oeach SC 29577 Kimberly Down Kendrick 2030 Pleasant Hill Ch. Rd. Shelby. NC 26150 Dovid Roy Ketr P O. Dox 192 Dono, NC 28724 Sondro Roxonn Kilpolrick P.O. Dox 91 Kenonsville. NC 28349 Carolyn West Kimbrell 391 Collel Sr. Rutherfordron. NC 28139 Ronnie KInoid Jr. 416 Woodvole Ploce Charloire, NC 28208 Druce Woyne King 909 N. Piedmont Ave. Kings Mountain. NC 26086 James Noihon King Rl V Dox 26 Deoi Creek, NC 27207 Romon Mork King Rl. 7. Dox 793 Mooiesville, NC 26115 Richord Dovid Kinney 2950 S Cobb Dr. 1-4 Smyrna, G A 30080 Terri Lynn Kirby 301 Meodowbrook Dr. Seneca, SC 29678 Edward Kevin Kirk Rl 1. Oox 212 Rockingham, NC 28379 Koten Jo Kisiler Rl 1. Dox 376 Mooresville. NC 28115 Edward Campbell Knapp 4792 Moser Lone Durlingion, NC 27215 Larry Jefferson Knight 245 Wv.ville Hwy.. Lot 9 Asheville. NC 28804 Nancy Davenpotr Knight Rl. 9. Oox 70A Treet Rd. Shelby. NC 26150 Corlisle Woodson Koonts P O Oox 163 Due West. SC 29609 Donlel Lee Logronge 2109 Woodfleld Dr. Columbio, SC 29206 Lisa Joy Loil Rt 1. Oox 220-F Rutherfordton. NC 28139 Melissa Rheo Loll P.O. Dox 561 Dolling Sprgs.. NC 28017 145 Doyle Gene lakey Jr. 8616 Volhers Ferry RcL Charlone NC 20214 Terri Ann Lonipkin Ri. 1. Box 4i5-C King, NC 27021 iomes Porricfc Loocosier 6907 Spelmon Dnve Springfietd. VA 22153 NofKy Foye Lood 4333 Kopp Drive Doyron. OH 45424 Korttie Moe Landers Rt. 2. box 114 Olenboro NC 040 WondQ Drunson Lone 1409 Loekey St- Shelby HC 26150 VilRom Lor g PSCBox694 lonnq A.F.B.. ME 04751 David Keith Longmi 601 Voverly Lone Moirforvd fl 32751 Doniel Joo Loognxxte 3CX)1 N.L 41st Ft. Louderdole. FL 3330S RtdKitd Uoyd Leonotd 20 brrte St_ LyiTKjn SC 29365 JofT es Hfckmon Lester P.O- Don 665 fioOing Spgs- NC 280i7 Cynfhio FlorerKe Lever Rt. 3. Box ea-A Vinmtoom. SC 29 60 Glodys Dionrte Level Ri 3, Box 83-A Vinrttboro. SC 29160 Mognolio Edwinki Lewis P O. Box 116 Koroiw, SC 29062 Morion C Lewis h. 3250 Ce(or ese Rock Ha. SC 29760 Motlie Coldwell Ley 602 Whisnoni Si. Shelby NC 28150 Shoron Louise LjeuTonce 9 Ivy Drive Rorherfordton, NC 28139 Louro Ann Liflord P.O. Box 864 High Sprir gs. FL 32643 JofTves Gregory Loveloce P.O. Do. 372 Ellen boro NC 28040 Oko ' Thonyis Lowe III 14 N. Hotbor Dr. Greenville SC 29611 Thonyo E]izobeth Lowery Box 64 Konrtopolis. NC 26061 Kimberly Howrord Lowry P.O. Box 523 Boilir g Spgs . NC 28017 Ttm Roy Lowry Gurt St. Pogetortd. SC 29728 Thomos David Luckodoo 210 Veotherstone Drive Foresi Ory NC 28043 Tony Edword LucKodoo Ri 1 Box 255 Rutherfordion NC 26139 PoiTibo Artfl Ludecke 1505 Indkifvo Ave. Polm Hofbor a 33563 iohn Gregory Lutz 2806-301 Avt. Feny Rd. Roteigh NC 27606 Myron Norris Morsholl Rt. 4 Do 343.D Forest Oiy NC 26043 Cotherine Oione Morshburn Ri. 1 Boi 159.A Borgow NC 26425 Kmdo Koy Monel Evergieen Dr. Deihel CT O66O1 Kevin Vheiess Motrin 1051 South Boulevoid Lakelood. FL 33003 Doniel Roy Moshburn 5954 7rh Avenue Vest Biondenion a 33529 Aliso Lynr e Morhews 3601 Eoglebiook Dr. Gastonki. NC 26052 Michelle Green Monvi 1003 N Mom Rurhertordfon, NC 00139 Rtchord Iro Motthews 7413 Akifio Ridge Rood Riverview. FL 33569 Potrioo Lynn Mouney Rt. 2 Ellenboto. NC 26040 Donna Lee Md oniel Rt, 2 Box 374 Kings Mountain NC 28066 ionei Barber Md aniel 107 Cedor Srreei Motgonton NC 26655 Tommy Morris McDoniel 11 VofKins Dt, Morgonioo NC 28655 Steven Douglas McDonokJ 1644 St. Catherine Drive Dur edirL FL 33528 AUen Jeffrey McDirffie 1716 Auten Rd. Gostonio. NC 23052 Kevin Mamn McDyeo PSC 244. Box R APO, NY 09697 Billy Roy McEnrite Rt. 3. Box 451 Rurhertoidton. NC 26i39 Chonrol N. Mcfodden Ri. 2 Oox 291 Forest Cty. HC 20CM3 Deanf o ione McGaho Rt. 1 Hillview Di Conton NC 26716 Von Hugh Lonktord Rt. 1. Box 43-A N. Vilkesboro. HC 26659 Bobby Glenn Lannir g P.O. Sox 545 Oyde NC 26721 Joy Eltzobeth Losoier 2506 Richwood Rd- Duihom, NC 27705 Frances Mornene Lindsoy Ri. 1. Box 341 Lonoosier. K 29720 Karen Emzonr er Lipscomb 105 Carver Sr Goflney SC 29340 Porrtelo Gtoy Lbler 1007 Coldwell Crde Shelby. NC 26150 Kenrverh Moynord Lynch P.O. Box 489 Oermoot, NC 28610 Deboroh Sue Lynn 3206-4 Sionesihrow Lone Dufhom, NC 277l3 Ronold ioe Lyrte Sr. Route Z Box 105£ Shelby. NC 28150 ioy Annene Maxwell P.O. Box 364 Olenboro- NC 26040 ione Olive Moyrtord P O Box 6056 Roleigh NC 27628 Donny Freeman Moyo P.O. Box 464 Aurara- HC 27606 Phnip Edwotd McGoha 647 7rh Ave. Pt. S.E. Hickory NC 28601 Myra Deborah McGinnis 705 Oescent Orde Kings Mounioin NC 2606 Lori Anne McGrofh Box 549 Ooiemont NC 28610 Borboro Lynr Lovery Ri. 1. Box 573 Cherryvaie. MC 28021 Stanley Liston Low 2937 Borony Si Ovorlone NC 25216 Aboyomi Eniion Lowol P-O, Box 631 Spgs. NC 28017 Deboioh ior e Lowrence 1591 Eton Way Oohon. MD 21114 Potiido Kay Layrrxjn Route 5, Box 66 Sfuon, VA 24171 Jimmy Hoben Ledberier P.O. Box 425 Ellenboro NC 28040 Chorfes Groysoo Ledford Rt. 1. Box S04 Elusion. VA 24087 Ondy Ruth Ledlofd Rt. 4. Box 79 BakeisvAe. HC 26705 LtSQ Kaye Ledfotd I2l4 Brook wood Rd SheFby NC 26l50 Anthony Trenton Lee P-O. Box 1631 Loke Oty SC 29560 Jorho Koy Lee P O. Bex 233 Lowndote. HC 26090 Qtfisiopher An Leonofd Ri. 6. Box 5 Lexington. HC 27292 pQuto Jane Little 1503 Gfove Si, Vilson NC 27893 Tonya Down Lirtte Rt. 1. Box 467 Cloremont. NC 26610 Vohei Ross Little Ti. 1. Box 467 Ooremoni. HC 28610 Sonyo Morio Litt1e)ohn 3124 Salem Dr. Gosiooio NC 28052 Thon os Dole Livtr 9sfDn Ri. 1. Box 735 Boomer NC 26606 Borboro Moiie Uoyd 804 Viliow Run Dr. Raleigh NC 27609 Ooire Lynene Lockoby PC Box 1717 Hertdersonville, NC 26793 James OevelorKJ Lor g 2400 Foirview Rd. Roie h. HC 27606 Kimberly Joon Lor P O. Box 993 Lincolnton. HC 26092 Micttoel Go y Ion Long 2706 V. Dovidson Ave. Gosionta HC 26052 Koren Dizoberh Lopez P O Box 606 High Springs, FL 32643 Sherry Chorler e Love 4620 Somerdole Lane Chorterte NC 26205 Ellen Elizoberh MocPherson P O Box 669 Botlir g Sprgs- NC 28017 Rochel Ooy Mogness P O. Box 865 Shelby. HC 26150 Angelo Lynn Mongum 906 Oescent Ave. Shelby NC 26150 Deboroh Ann Mongum 906 Oesceni Ave. Shelby NC 26150 James Lee Monuel 4010 Yellow Ml. Rd. Roonoke Va 24014 Gerard Morchese P-O Box 521 Boiling gs. NC 26017 Sylvia Moe Morchese P O. Box 521 Boiling Sprgs. HC 28017 mo Renee Morlin 4632-B Bon Roe Dr. Morrhews, NC 28i05 Melody Elbe Man 515 Belvedere Orcte Kmgs Mounioin. NC 26066 Betty VillB Morsholl Rt 4. Box 343-0 Forest Cry NC 28043 Jonei Lynn Morsholl Rt 8 Box 664 Ml. Airy. HC 27030 Joy Vode Morsholl P-O- Box 321 Sdet Cny. NC 27344 Debfo Lynn McAbee a02 Tioui St. Foresi Oty, NC 26040 Villiom Tisher McDroyei 1112 N Washington Rulherfoidion, NC 28139 Gory Lyn McBride 1026 CumberlQod Dr Shelby NC 26i50 Deirdre Ann McConn 225 Argonne Dr, Durhom HC 27704 Corolyn Elaine McCorrei P.O. Box 72 Oyde. HC 26721 Tommy Lyrui McOeRon Ri. 3. Box 725 Spiwce Pine HC 28777 Pomelo Luckodoo McOow Ri. 1. Box 309 Mooreboio. SC 28li4 SoryJra Lynne McCraw Ri 2 Box 33 Btockrfwig SC 29702 Heruy Coirell McOoy II • 7324 Wo« Pond Rd. Monroe, NC MIIO Brion Tolboi McCulloch 1901 Sumrrverhtil Dr, Chortone NC 282i2 Honiey Foith McCullough P-O Box 362 Grover HC 20073 Hir o LovenrK) McCurty 6337 Oowley Rood Shelby NC 26150 Robert Bn ce Mdniyte P.O. Box 216 Etowah NC 28729 Benjamin Ron McKee Rouie 1 Shelby. NC 26150 Morio Ann McKinney Rt 1, Box 566 Nebo, NC 26761 Becky Ann McLoughfirt 8636 Mop e Crest McKeon PA 16426 Linda Olen McLudue 112 Mobry Drrve Sportonburg, SC 29302 Jimmy Oeon McMohon 415 RokirKl Rood Swonnonoo NC 28776 Jomi Lynne McNeely 7 Surtdertond Di. Greenville SC 29611 Kimberly Down McNeiHy P O Box 45 Cosor NC 28020 Kimberly Ann McSwoin P.O. Bex 2254 Shelby HC 26150 Lydk Rebekoh McSwoin 6607 Mor derley Dr. Chortone HC 28214 Teresa Ivtsrei McSwom 1007 W Worren Si. Exi Shelby NC 28150 Williom Ar diew McSwoin Ji Rt 6 Box 115 Kings Mountoin NC 26066 Willlom Chfliropher McSwaIn 3525 MacDonold Rd Vq Deoch VA 23464 Drlon ScDtr Moneyhom Route 4 Don 455 Ashevdie NC 28806 Liso Goyle Nanc« 118 Cherokee Lane Indlon Tfoll. NC 26079 Choilei Emery Osboine III Rr 1 Box 561 Pleoiont Grdn NC 27313 Morcui Dole Porrlt Ri 3 Oo 566 GoHney SC 29340 Colin Perry McWhiriei 1201 S Loloyeite St. Shelby NC 26150 Debofoh Aleili Monigomery P.O. Oox 2573 Asheville. NC 26602 Edwin Droohi Nosh Jr. 6900 HeotherfOfd Oi. Chorloire, NC 26211 Olivlo Nello Oiborne 1125 Condy Dt Storesville NC 26677 Julie Marie Potrlsh fti 9 DoK 734 H.ckory NC 26601 John Curt.i McWhoiiei 102 Richordi Drive Henderjonvllle NC 26739 Wonda Anita Monrgomery P.O Oox 2212 Shelby, NC 26150 Dor na Elizabeth Nelson 950 Rodnor Rood Moiyville. TN 37601 Jof«es Patrick OSheo 1712 Croiby Ave Piliiburgh PA 15216 Ellzoberh Down Porsons P O Dox 96 Ruby SC 29741 FronKlin Craig Meodows 205 Atllngion St Mt Al.y, NC 27030 Gil Courtney Moody 1600 Sodlets Wells Dilve He.ndon, VA 22070 Jomes Steven Nelson Rl 4. Dox 4 20-0 Donvllle, VA 24541 Jeffrey Oeon Otey 0039 Gotden City Olvd Roonoke. VA 24014 Lo ' o Fionces Possmore Rt 1 Oox 43-C Mooresboto, NC 26114 Vincent Leander Meons 7-0 Hall St Greenville SC 29607 Elizobeih Ann Mooie 220 S W 62 Court Mlonr l FL 33144 Richoid Hailey Nelson 1606 Meodowbtook Lokelond. FL 30803 Alan Douglas Ouien Route 6. Dox 437-A Monroe NC 26110 Mary Elizabeth Patterson Oox 106 Vetnon. VT 05354 John Kennedy Melton 715 Hoiden Street Che.ow SC 29520 Hildo Neorrii Mooie Rt. 1, Dox 215 Oostic. NC 26018 Donold Alvln Newton lOlO Poiomount Circle GostoniQ. NC 28052 Stuati Holl Owen Rt 1, Dox 264 Oloits, VA 24527 Edwin Conrod Poul 2136 Hostlngs Odve Chotlotte. NC 26207 Myro Jo Mellon Route 1 Coior NC 26020 Petry ONell Moore Jr. 1060 Silver Run M. Foir Mill SC 29715 Ivo Mih Ngho Dox 470 6WC Dolling Sprgs.. NC 26017 Lindo C Owensby 125 Leslie Drive Shelby, NC 26150 Lynn Ptewlti Peotson 632 Poplar Diive Shelby NC 26150 Nelson Thomos Metriti 3016 Arnold Dr Shelby- NC 26150 Susan Eloine Moore 902 Coidinol Dr. Wilson. NC 27693 Von Thiboch Nguyen 610 Orange Lown Dr Volrico, FL 00594 George Dewey Oxnet 10 Porkins Loke Rood Greenville, SC 29607 Donald Roy Peeler Rt 1 Dox 424 Mooresboro. NC 26114 Melonie Moriene Messei 420 Doisy Ave Woynesv.lle NC 28766 Oeverly Marie Moose P O. Dox 276 Stony, NC 26676 Liso Sue Nichols Rt 3 Oox 024 £ost Dend. NC 37016 Joseph Lone Poce 117 Red Oak Couit Simpsonville, SC 29681 Steven Joel Peeler Rt. 2. Oox 521 Goffney SC 29040 Donno Morie Metzler 0400 N W 43rd. Avenue Ft Loudeidole. FL 00019 Kevin Corl Morgon Rr 1 Oox 026 Pisgoh Forest, NC 28768 Moty Esthei Nicholson 625 Miller St, Winston-Solem. NC 27103 Hillory Elizobeth Padgett 026 Citcleview Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Thomos Allen Peevy Route 1. Dox 51-A Deoring GA 00606 Ernest Oruce Meurer 406 Oluebird Lone Delroy Deoch, FL 33445 Andteo Jonine Mortis 205 Christenbury Rd. Chotlotte. NC 28213 Jock Edward Normon Dox 486 Cliffside, NC 26024 Edword Douglos Poge 1700 W Vondolio Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406 Sondio Jeon Pendleton P O Oox 214 Polkvilte, NC 26106 Vance Llewellyn Midgei 2110 Piincess Ploce Dr Wilmington. NC 26405 Jonaihon Shetmon Morris 6700 Tetry Lone Charlotte, NC 26215 John Christopher Notman 602 Gold St. Shelby, NC 26150 Frances Ann Poge I2l0 Gieenwood Diive Donville. VA 24540 Glendo Moe Pennington P O. Dox 96 Oonner Elk. NC 26604 Doniel Lee Miller 1426 Lincoln Street New Bern, NC 28560 Lorry Michoel Mortis 12 Pilly Street Honeo Poth. SC 29654 Teteso Ann Noiris 1040 Volley St. Stoiesville, NC 26677 Janet Clare Page 1210 Greenwood Or Danville, VA 24540 Moria louro Peiez 3722 N. Kensington Court Decoiut. GA 00032 Elizobeth Foirh Millet 0949 Johnson St. High Point, NC 27260 Sheriee Lynn Morris Rt 9 Dox 525 Morgonton, NC 28655 Moik Roymond Norton 6001 Kerrybrook Circle Chofloite, NC 26214 AtisQ Nadine Poiniet Rt. 0. Oox 166 Roxboro. NC 27573 Esther Noel Perrin P O Oox 528 Dolling Sprgs- NC 26017 Goiy Williom Millet 0647 Columbine Circle Charlotte, NC 26211 Tomy ' Q Ooudteoux Morns Rt. 3. Dox 296 GoHney, SC 29040 Annette Morgoret Nuhioh 715 Oufotd St Shelby, NC 26150 Sheila Rebecca Pom Rr, 1, Dox 41 Tryon, NC 26762 Dorryi J. Periy 049 Kershow Street NE Aiken SC 29601 Gino Lynn Miller Rt. 4 Oox 576 Mooresville NC 26115 Cloude Russell Morrison Ji. P.O. Oox 62 Grovet, NC 26073 Donold Gene O Dell Rl. 1. Oox 8A Hutdle Mills, NC 27541 Mark Clinton Palmer 7600 Lokeville Hwy, Petaluma. CA 94952 Kotherine Carol Peterson 1013 Amherst Lone Virginia Deoch VA 20464 Morrho Anno Millet 2145 Konsos Ave. Kenner LA 70062 Michoel Anthony Motton 652 S Horbor Pi Rd. Cherryvllle, NC 28021 Sondro Jean O Shields Rt. 1 Dox 542 Moore. SC 29369 Alvin CatI Pofham Rl. 0. Oox 166 Konnopolis. NC 26061 Lisa Gov Peiius P.O. Dox 21 Drakes Otonch, VA 20937 Jennifer Lee Mills 153 Hetltoge Ploce Mooresville. NC 28115 Johnny Foncho Mulotzo GWC Oox 640 Ooiling Sprgs.. NC 28017 Oeveily Ann Ootes Rt. 4. Oox 4 Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Down Yeveite Parker 002 Elm Of Mouldin. SC 29662 Thonr os Oneil Petlwoy 4001 Crestridge Dr Chorlotre NC 26210 Jennifer Lynne Mincey 1426 Midwood Drive Gostonio. NC 26052 Mark Eugene Mulllnox 2209 Woodlown Konnopolis. NC 26061 Kevin Thoddeus Ootes Rl. 1 Shelby. NC 26150 Glenn Odell Parker Jr. P.O, Dox 60 Loltimore, NC 26069 Noncy Ellen Pelly 7350 New House Rd, Shelby. NC 26150 202 N. Jacob St Cheityville. NC 26021 Clifton Madison MulMs 501 Highlond Forest Dr. Motihews. NC 26105 Vonchon Ingemor Ootes Rt. 1. Dox 216 Shelby, NC 26150 Howard Wesley Porker %Gersco 1501 R noke Did. Salem. VA 24153 MorciQ Lynn Pettyjohn 1617 Foresi Ot Comden, SC 29020 Dobbie Michelle Mitchell F Route 2. Dox 560 Mooresboto, NC 26114 Joy Kimberly Mullis Rt. 1, Oox 564 Indian Troll, NC 26079 Michoel Lee Ogle Rr. 2, Dox 157 Dryson Ciry, NC 26710 Penny Leig Parker 504 Eosrcliff Woy Greenville, SC 29611 Kirby Todd Phillips 8806 Drigodlei Lone Charlotte NC 26212 Donno Kelli Mitchell Rt. 1, Twin Lakes Moo.e. SC 29369 Hoi Wesley Murdock Rt 1. Dox 602 Touiman NC 26166 Toni Lynne Oliver 2716 Forbes Drive Grennsboro. NC 27047 Tomoro Lee Porker P O box 255 Lottimote, NC 26069 Poul Lowell Phillips 910 W. Florida Si. Gteensboto. NC 27400 Foye T Mitchell 0742 Sudbuty Rd. Chotlotte NC 26205 Richord Eorl Muitoy St. 404 Wesley Dr, Gosion.o NC 26052 Rob il Eod Ormond Ji S Peok, P. O, Oox 475 Columbus NC 26722 Timothy Glen Parker 41 Linesiowe Dr Oelmon. NC 28012 Liso Anne Pietcy P O Dox 751 Doiling Sprgs., NC 26017 Michoel Lee Mitchell Rt- 0. Oox 471-0 Aiken. SC 29601 Williom Dovid Myers P.O Oox 762 Swonnonoo. NC 26778 Stephen Vaughon Orilngei Rl 3, Oox 692 Cloyton. NC 27520 Angela Foye Potris 15 Oritton Si. Dioyton. SC 29000 Loteso Annette Pinyon 606 Mitchell St. Chino Giove. NC 26023 147 George A ton Poote Ri 1 DoK 613 Lomor SC 29069 Kimberly Lorene Rondolph 315 Dogwood Dr Ml. Holly. NC 2S120 Kevin Todd Robetson R( 3 54 Holly Lone Ashev.lle NC 26306 herri Rene Rudisill 1730 Charles Rd Shelby NC 26150 Woyne Seol 1S31 Lennoid Rood Pt St, Luc ie. FL 33452 Jomes Colveri Pope PO Do« 371 Doiling Spgi.. NC 26017 Jomes William Roy Jt. P O- Dox 244 T.oy. NC 27311 Dorrion Woyne Roberts P.O. Box 14 Dolling Spgs. NC 26017 Jomes Dovid RuH 405 Ookdole Sireer Gostonio, NC 28052 Cyftthio Juaniio Seo ' cy Route 1. Dox 319 Union Mills. HC 26167 Lou Ann Poston Dox35 Doiling Spigs.. NC 26017 Lydio Von Posron Dox05 Doiling Sprgs NC 26017 Donold Erskine Reo 5014 Stotesvijle Ave. Choiloite NC 26213 Luther MocKe Reomes Jr P.O. Dox 70576 Charleston, SC 29405 Choiles Allen Roberts Ji. 4 Grace Terroce Drive Granite Foils, NC 26630 Christopher Shermon Roberts 25 Lynwood Circle Asheville. NC 26606 Mitzi Renn Ruft Ri 6 Dox 276 Rutherfoidron. NC 26139 Robin Annette Rumfelt 14 West Hawkins St Shelby. NC 26150 Vero Jone Searcy 1106 Willow Si Hendersonville NC 26739 Dorbora A Sell Rt. 3, Do« 4000 W.nston-Solem, NC 27105 Phillip Wollace Poston P O Dox 306 D ing Springs. NC 28017 Timothy Evens Pottei 107 Pleasont Grove Rd. Thomosville NC 27360 Lisa Lolli Reo vis 221 Holly Dr Sporlanbuig, SC 29301 Doioihy Margaret Reichei 2501 Horgill Dr Oilondo, FL 32606 Jeonne Dyon Roberts P O Dox 646 Dorling Spigs NC 26017 Julie Elizabeth Roberts 106 Trinity Woy Greenville. SC 29609 Shelley Jeonne Rushing Ri 3 Dox 345-A Foiesi City NC 26043 Ricky Etwin Soift Rt- 4. Dox 178.D Vole. NC 28166 Sandra Kay Sells fti 6, Box 226 High Point. NC 27260 Jomes Randall Settle Rr. 4, Box 350 Inmon SC 29349 Phillip Seon Powell 9401 Calrot Lane Ft Woshington MO 20744 Geioge Woyne Reid A.P.O. Dox 5257 New York. NY 09266 Siephonie Dover Roberts 1534 Rhyne Street Shelby NC 28150 Stephen Eric Sam Rt 2. Dox 276 Vale NC 28166 Cota Belle Shode P O Box 142 Follston NC 26042 Tony Wayne Price 106 Gteenbiior Di Foiesi City, NC 26043 Tern Dtonson Reid 205 Hoyes St. Waynesville. NC 26726 Liso Jo Robertson Rt, 7. Dox 38 Mootesville NC 28115 Trocy Lee Sain Route 2, Dox 314 Vale, NC 26168 Kaiiina Renee Shombaugh P.O. Dox 404 Columbus, NC 28722 Daniel Boyd Proctor 3031 Longwood Dr. Shelby NC 26150 Mory Joon Proctoi Ri. 3, Longwood Oi, Shelby, NC 26150 Johnny Darrell Revels Rt 3 Box 564 Chesnee SC 29323 Charles Edmond Reynolds GWC Box 716 Boiling Spgs NC 28017 Clyde Doniel Robinson III Route 6 Lokewood Dr Loufinburg, NC 28352 Cynthia Moiie Robinson 1900 Toylot Dt Gostonio, NC 26052 Kelly Delane Sale P O Box 663 Doiling Sptgs., NC 28017 Williom Gregory Somuels 605 W 25th Siieet Winston.Solem NC 27105 Den Arnold Shankle 650 Atwood Ave N. St Peieisbuig, FL 33702 Paul Edword Shorpe 4925 Grond Blvd Lokeland FL 33600 Thesa Cole Proctor Rt 1 Dox 150-C Rutherfoidlon. NC 26139 Julio Ann Ptueit Rt. 1. Dox 333 Cosor. NC 28020 Koren Wilson Proeite Dox 369 Ellenboro NC 28040 Vicky Lynn Reynolds fti 4 Dox 357 Conton. NC 26716 Donold Morsholl Rhodes 2105-6 Contetwood Drive Chailotie. NC 28213 Phillip R. Rice P O Dox 698 Doiling Sprgs., NC 26017 Rodric Van Robinson PO Box 511 Cherokee NC 26719 Selino Goy Robinson 503 W. Henry Sl. Belmoni, NC 26012 Susan Elizobeth Robin; 200 W Henry Sr Belmont, NC 28012 Donno Lynn Soiioti P.O. Box 344 Doiling Spgrgs.. NC 26017 John Eric Sotvij 761 NE 8th Street Pompono Deoch FL 33060 Anno MoflQ Sounders Ri. 1. Dox 500 Dievotd. NC 26712 Robert Hugh Shov Jr. 6514 Elmwood Circle Chorlotte, NC 28214 John Dyron Shelton 914 Stonion Drive N Augusta, SC 29641 Kotheiine Loretio Shelton Route 3. Dox 287 Morsholl. NC 26753 Anthony Jeoji Point Rt- 1. Dox 262 Gtovet, NC 28073 Thomas Scott Richords X5 Mt Heimon Heights Hudson. NC 26636 Trocy Lynne Robinson 602 Westlond Foim Mt. Holly, NC 28120 Lee Ann Saunders 604 East 23rd Street Newton, NC 26656 Cynthia Gwyn Shephetd Rt, 3, Dox 36 Clover SC 29710 Terry Ann Potnom 2926 Poinsetta Di. Winslon Solem. NC 27107 Robin Louise Richordson P.O. Dox 6343 Cleoiwoter. FL 33516 Shetti Lynn Roby 6016 Lynntield Dtive Alexondria. VA 22306 Joe Henty Soylot 328 N. Front Sr. Elkin. NC 28621 Stonley Thomos Shetrill 218 W. Interstate Bismorck NO 56501 Wolter Stephen Putnam 1406 Kings Rd. Shelby, NC 28150 Stephen Corroll Richordson 136 Dresden Ave Lumbeiion, NC 26056 Rondoll Wallace Rogers 214 Grondview Circle Woynesvjlle, NC 28786 Ftank Nothon Sconiling Jt. 9601 Doymeadows Rood Yox, FL 32216 Jefliey Scott Shumate R( 6 Dox 205 Ml Airy NC 27030 Robert Timothy Ouattleboui Rt- 2 Box 102 Hortsville. SC 29550 Terry Lee Riddle 1106 Woodside Avenue Greenville. SC 29611 Elizobeth Voughon Romney PO. Box 633 Ellenboro, NC 26040 Kothy Ann Cline Schtonce Ri. 1. Dox 264 Vole. NC 28168 Giegg Edwotd Sides 921 Candy Dr, Siotesville NC 26677 Dorty Lynn Queen P-O Dox 18 Connelly Spgs NC 26612 Robert Dole Riffle 217 Weorheistone Dr. Foiest City, NC 28043 Melody Joy Roper Route 1. Dox 309 Horseshoe, NC 28742 Jonathan Edward Scott 5900 S W, 62nd Ploce Miami, FL 30143 Thomos Whitson Sidey 230 Centtol Avenue Ftedonia, NY 14060 Thomas Eugene Robon Ji. 602 Surtey Di. Shelby. NC 28150 Johnnie Dole Rooch Rt. 1. Box 265.G Forest City, NC 28043 Williom S. Rosasco 102 Pinettee Gulf Dreeze FL 32561 Kimberly Gotneii Scott Rt. 5. Dox 1102 Lincolnton, NC 28092 John Gregory Sigmon 7400 Monroe Rd, Chorlotte. NC 26212 Cynthio Ann Roiley 101 Elm St. Lowell. NC 28098 Suson Eloline Roines Ri. 1. Dox 370 Roinelle, WV 25962 Edna Idello Romseur Rt, 10, Dox 76 Shelby. NC 26150 Tois Ann Rooch Rt 1. Dox 341 Mootesboro. NC 26114 Devetly Doilene Robbins Rt 1 Box 142-R RuiherfordtQn NC 26139 Kimbetly Lee Robbins Rr 2 Dox 663 Connelly Spgs. NC 26612 Lolito Denetie Rowe Route 4, Box 8 Toylotsville NC 26661 Dion Moiie Rubendall 515 Leonder Street Shelby NC 28150 Tami Bennett Ruckmon Rt 4 Dox 456 Candler NC 26715 RIchord James Scott 3 Wildwood Rd- Greenville SC 29615 Liso Ann Science Rt. 2. Dox 664 Connelly Spgs NC 28612 Dtyan Kent Scruggs Rt Dox 704 Conovet NC 28610 Timothy Dioy Sigmon 1902 Cotolino Ave, Konnopolls, NC 26061 Tero Alease Simmons 6160 Windowver Woy Tirusville FL 32760 Anthony Will Simpson 14947 SW 171 Avenue Indianlown, FL 30456 Moe Fionces Romseur Rt. 10. Dox 072-AA Shelby NC 26150 Willie Andrew Robbins Jt. 019 W Eleventh St. Scotlond N eck. NC 27874 Cynihio Potter Rudd P O- Dox 677 Boiling Spgs,, NC 26017 Deboioh Jeon Seogtoves 2000 Lane St Konnopolis, NC 26081 Terry Len Sims P O Box 130 Ruiherfotd Col. NC 28671 Roger Williom Rondoll Ri. 2- Dox 756 Nebo. NC 26761 Debto Elizobeth Robbs Rt. 2. Box 343 Goffney SC 29340 Chorles Dernord Rudisill 1811 Greenvolley Or. Shelby. NC 28150 Stephen Mark Seogroves PO Dox 579 Doiling Sptgs.. NC 28017 John Lee Singleton Rt. Dox 300 Waynesville- NC 26766 148 Kichoid Sfewod SinQlefon Ri 2 Foxttie Centfol, SC 29630 Paul Eugene Slzemoie P.O Do 415 Dolling Spgs.. NC 26017 Janet Made Sneed 517 Clevelond Ave. Kings Mountain. NC 26086 Dennis ScoiT Snelllngi 1596 MoyesvlMe Rd- Shelby, NC 26150 Joel Todd Sioui 1200 Pleosont Dole Ave. Colonial Hgly. VA 23634 KImbeiley Ann Stout 1200 Pleosonf Dole Ave, Colonlol Hgts VA 23634 Eleno Stockton Swofloid P O. Dox 531 Lottimoie NC 26069 Chilsiophet Allen Tolleni 711 Oionton Di Shelby NC 28150 Richord Derner tingle Ri 1 Dox 330 Mounivllle SC 29370 Mory Therese Tinjerh I6l Mognollo Avenue St Augustine. FL 32064 Detty Roberts Shormon Rt 4 Seven Actes Shelby NC 28150 Sonia Diane Sloma 1406 J Southind Vjsio NE Ailonto GA 30329 WHIIom Robert Snyder P.O Dox 66 Coloto, MD 21917 Robeti Dovld Solomonic 15 Dueno Vlsio St, Greenville. SC 29607 Gole Joseph Siovoll 913 Sorrot Dt Shelby NC 28150 Anthony Neol Sttonge Rt. 1, Oox 41 Soluda, SC 29136 Kenneth Dole Tote Rt 16, Oox 129 Lexington, NC 27292 Kenneth West Tote 3512 Catver Rood Winston-Solem, NC 27105 Edward Clotk Todd Ri 14 Dox 260 Chodotte NC 26206 Ttoy Kevin Todd Rt 5 Do. 380 Wilmington NC 28403 Morvin Eorl Sloughler 610 Stiotton Dr Florence SC 29501 Tammy Sue Somers Ri 3, Oox 51 Hompionville, NC 27020 Laurie Ann Sttoughon 4115 Lo Gionge Dr Greensboro, NC 27406 Kimberly Ann Tote 939 E. ONeol St. GoHney, SC 29340 Cherl Leigh Tomlln Rt. 5, Dox 302-A Sioiesvllle. NC 26677 Robert Cloir Slippey 176 S Drood St Penns Grove NJ 06069 William Marr Sloan Rt 1 Oox 100 C-5 Union Mills NC 28167 Angela Dee Smith 1096 Sunset Rd- Chetryville, NC 26021 Detty Lyneile Smith 226 Chestnut St. Clermont. FL 32711 Caroline Virginio Smith 3400 North Kings Highway Myrtle Oeoch, SC 29577 Deanno Lynne Smith 321 S Columbia St Gosionia. NC 26052 Dino Lynne Smith Ri 2 Dox 1410 Columbus NC 28722 Donold Duone Smith Jr. 1114 Elmwood Dr Coloniol Hgt5. VA 23834 Donold Keith Smith Rl 3 Dox 252-G1 Chino Grove NC 26020 Gino Roe Smith Rl 8 Dox 236 Hickory NC 28601 Jocqueline Leonne Smith Sror Rl. Dox 31 Longwood. NC 28452 Joy Andrew Smith PO Dox 43 Lake Junolusko NC 28745 JeHery Scoti Smith P O Dox 202 Cedor Mountain. NC 28716 Jo Ann Smith 503 Harmon St. Forest Ciiy. NC 28043 Kelvin Mox Smith 6801 Linda Lake Dt. Charlotte. NC 28215 Keno Morie Smith 20 Ferncliff Drive Asheville. NC 26805 Loura Anne Smith 5425 Orockie Srreei Va Deach VA 23464 William Thomas Smiih Rt. 5, Dox 62 Hendersonville, NC 28739 Timothy Lee Spencet P O, Dox 1292 Lincolnton, NC 26092 Tereso Coiol Spicer Rt 1 Dox 370 Forest City NC 28043 Donold Lee Splown Dox 793 Doiling Sprgs NC 26017 Dwoyne A, St, Thomos Rl, 10, Dox 332 Sumter SC 29150 Tommy Wiley SioHord Route 5, Oox 280 Morion, NC 26752 Eric Welton Siomey Ri. 2. Dox 64 Cheiryville. NC 26021 Loii Deonne Starling P O Dox 281 Cheiryville, NC 26021 Jomes Morvin Siorr Jr. Rt 9 Dox 249 Cumming. GA 30130 Stevie Stolen P O Dox 3 Lilesville NC 26091 Mork Eugene Sreele Rt 2. Oox 126 DqIIqs. NC 28034 Jomes Lee Srepp Jr. 14414 Aquo Visro Jacksonville FL 32224 Whirtord Thoyer Srevens 23 Resevoif Coribou ME 04736 D Lannette Siewort Rl 3. Oox 388 Greensboro NC 27410 Martha Denise Stewort 2626 Luroy St, N.E. Roanoke. VA 24012 Poul Timothy Stikeleother Rl 11. Dox 368 Sioiesville. NC 26677 Steven Dole Stilwell Rt. 4, Dox 760 Hickory, NC 28601 Dennis Scon Snnchcomb 700 W. Warren St. Shelby. NC 26150 Sidney James Stokes 5200 Adorns Dr Charlotte NC 26215 Cindy Louise Sitlckiond Rl. 1, Dox 343 Gibsonville. NC 27249 Pamela Foye Slricklond Rt. 2, Ellenboro, NC 26040 Doiyl Motsholl Strong 1601 North Woods Dtlve Kings Mountain. NC 26066 Tomoro Koy Sttoup Rt 2, Dox 336 Fleicher. NC 28732 James Todd Strutton 404 Plono Drive Greenville. SC 29609 Thames Watson Stuort 305 Peochtreet Ci Worner Robins. GA 31093 Jettrey Linnell Studley S3 Poquiio Rd Sholimor, FL 32579 Jeonno Fisher Stuns Rouie 1. Dox 307 Shelby NC 28150 Orenf Alon Suddrefh 4207 Oelvoit Dr Greensboro NC 27406 Leslie Karen Suddreth Rt. 1, Oox 261 Mt Holly, NC 28120 Pomelo June Sullivon 3424 Angus Rd, Duthom. NC 27705 Ann Morie Summerlin 116 Devine St Stonley. NC 26164 Lymon Eoil Summetlin 116 Devine St. Stanley, NC 26164 Jeon Morlo Summers 3106 Suffolk Dt- Shelby, NC 26150 Stephen Chorles Summers 3106 SuHolk Dr Shelby. NC 26150 Nlwen Morte Sun 1448 Oriar Creek Dr Shelby, NC 26150 Oeverlie Christine Sutton 885 New How Creek Rd. Asheville. NC 28805 Leslie Corol Swonn 2964 Ormond Dr. Winston Solem. NC 27106 Sandio Tereso Tote 301 Roper Motgonton. NC 28655 Chorlese Christopher Toylor Rt. 1. Twin Lakes Moore SC 29369 Jomes Edword Toylor Sior Rt, Dox 59-A Dryson City, NC 26713 June Leigh Toylor Rl. 3. Dox 333 Hendersonville. NC 28739 Tomoro Jone Toylor Rl 1, Dox 365 Ellenboro, NC 28040 Terry Don Teogue 3131 Country CI, Dt. Charlorie, Nc 28705 Anne-Mane Templeton P O Oox 96 Doone NC 26607 Aida Tedio Teshome 16:20 Gronodo Cres White Plains NY 10603 Joy Angelia Tessenior 1013 Hordin Dr. Shelby. NC 26150 Chorles Edwin Thomos Jr. Rt 8 Dox 407 Reidsville NC 27320 Anno Suson Thomosson 820 Meioiiie Lone Winslon-Solem. NC 27104 Lorry Dean Thompson 3321 Rockinghom Rd High Point, NC 27260 Michael Richard Thompson Rt, 1. Oox 112 Stole Road. NC 28676 Shebra Ruloine Thompson Rt. 3. Homrick Dr., Dox 153 Gostonio, NC 26052 Susan Renee Thompson WesicliHe Apts 17 Greenville. SC 29611 Debro Lee Thornburg Rt 6. Dox 607.W Charlotte. NC 28206 Timothy Merel Thornton 205 Wilson Rood Shelby. NC 26150 Gregory Lehew Thieofl 1413 lllh St, N.W Hickory, NC 28601 Alvin Roy Toney Rl 2 Dox 886 Dosiic NC 28016 Angelo Renee Toney Rr 2 Dosiic NC 28018 AniiQ Gail Toney Rl 1, Dox 249 Ellenboro, NC 26040 Deboroh Jeon Toney P O Dox 38 Oosiic. NC 26018 Phillip Aubrey Townsend Rt. 4. Dox 336 Lumberion NC 26356 Anthony Todd Traynhom 425 Vothallo Drive Horiisbuig. NC 26075 Mortho Jo Tioywick Rondolph-Mocon Acodem Front Royol. VA 22630 Tyler Scott Treodwoy 2204 Shomrock Diive Choiloite. NC 28205 Sherry Denise Trent Rl 1 Oox 150 Phenix VA 23959 Kothy Ann Trexler Rl 8 Oox 1670 Sohsbuiy NC 28144 Chorles Dryon Tripp Jr. 8505 Pine Thicket Cl. Pineville. NC 26134 Toro L. Rognes Trotmon 7231 Mill Runn Dr. Deiwood MD 20655 Rosalind Trocey Tucker 4106-F Providence Rd. Chorloiie. NC 26211 Rondolph Henry Turkovics 39 Hotcheii Creek Vinice FL 33595 Douglos Olin Turner Rt 1. Oox 256 Chesnee SC 29323 Morcio Denise Turner 203 N Depot Street Claremonl NC 28610 Mory Lynn Turner Rl 3. Dox 361 Cherryv.Ile. NC 26021 Moude Morie Turner Generol Deliveiy Woiiensville, NC 28693 Dovid Forrest Smifhey Rt, 1, Oox 703 Salisbury NC 26144 Jacky Leeonne Stone Couniry Club Rd. Shelby. NC 26150 Doiion Roe Swilt Route 1, Dox 153 Sheitills Ford. NC 26673 Denis Francis Thurman Jr. Dox 906, G.W.C. Doiling Sprgs NC 26017 Woiren Elmon Turner Rt. 1. Dox 256 Chesnee SC 29323 149 Diendo EIke Tutnmire P.O. Oox 614 Condor, NC 27229 Budget Annette Tuinmlfe P.O. Sox 614 Condof. NC 27229 Kevin Scott Tuitle Ri. 1, Oox 72.A Hudson. NC 26608 Timothy Xovier Twjtiy P.O. Dox 922 Dolling Sprngs.. NC 26017 Dryon Alan Tyler 6616 Glenshadow Lone Chotlotte NC 2S212 Suson Mode Tyndoll 516 November Dr. Durhom. NC 27712 Evelyn Mellsso Tyson Rt. 2. Oox 173.D Dohlonego, GA 30533 Lindo Du5h Upton P.O Dox 892 Forest City. NC 26043 Robbie Dole Vonce Rt. 2. Box 2894 Columbus, NC 26722 Willlom Archie Vonhoy P.O Don 166 Gold Hill NC 28071 Jomes Clifton Voughon Jr. Rt. 2. Oox 307 Rougemont NC 27572 Melissa Ann Voughon Rt. 3. Dox 39-D Hillsbotough. NC 27278 Timothy Eorl Vooghon 6302 Ouckhorn Rd Greensboro NC 27410 John Cloih Voughn 1119 Sugortree Dr Lokelond. FL 33603 Rhondo Michelle Vaughn 375 Beech Islond Avenue Deech Island. SC 29841 Timothy Eugene Vineseil Rt 2, Dox 74 Shelby NC 28150 Rito Annette Vinson Rt 2 Dox 104 Lowndole NC 26090 Morio Dolores Vollmei 831 5 Jackson St Gostonio, NC 28052 Kimberly Ann Wode Rt. 9, Apr 2-A Shelby NC 28150 Wllliom Steven Wognei 408 Linden St. NW Lenoir, NC 28645 Deborah Lynn Walker Rt. 7 Oox 9 Oxford, NC 27565 Derek Lomof Wolker 125 Formmgton Rood Columbia SC 29204 JeHiey Scott Wolket Rt 9. Dox 539 Hickory NC 28601 Koren Moiie Walker Rl 1 Lowndole, NC 26090 Pomelo Jo Wolket Route 4, Dox 56 Shelby NC 28150 Sue Dovis Walker P.O. Oox 657 Ooiling Spgs.. NC 28017 Teddle Ann Walker Rt. 9 Oox 539 Hickory. NC 26601 Vicki Spongier Wolker Rl 8. Oox 361 Shelby NC 28150 William Douglas Walker 919 Lower Creek Dr. N,E, Lenoir, NC 26645 Dole Frederick Wolloce Rt 3. Dox 228 Groy Court SC 29645 Kotheiine Thomos Wolloce 3024 Longwood Drive Shelby NC 28150 Roberr Joy Wolls 510 N, Shore Cir. Lynn Haven. FL 32444 Amy Mario Wolsh P.O. Dox 17 Ferguson. NC 26624 Sidney Kirk Word 416 E Holly Hill Rd. Thomosville NC 27360 John Christopher Worlick 1009 W Dixon Olvd. Shelby, NC 26150 Dophney Dare Warner 313 Meodowbrook Or. Matthews, NC 28105 Carlo Jean Warren 1235 Morgon Drive Lokelond, FL 33601 Diono Groves Worten 990 Chickodee Lone Oronge Pork, FL 32073 ick Morcus Jomes Wi Rt, 6, Dox 78-A Chorlotte, NC 28208 Ralph Worihen Rl. 1, Dox 313 Worthen. GA 31094 Williom Donold Woshom Rt, 7. Dox 166 Goldsboro. NC 27530 Dovid McElroy Washington 4025 Wilbui Dr, Columbus, GA 31904 IJuono Lee Wotkins P.O. Oox 964 Foiest City. NC 26043 Sherry Lynnice Wotkins 3515 Seomon Dr, Chorlotie. NC 26210 Cynthia Renee Wotson P.O. Oox 553 Hudson, NC 36 Thomos Craig Wotson III 817 Fotesibrook Dr. Gostonio, NC 26052 Koy Lynn Woits 5545 Giolton Place Chorlotte NC 28212 Jomes Ronold Weover Rt. 2, Oox 183J1 Troy NC 27371 Liso Cotol Weover 804 Chorles Rd. Sherby, NC 26150 S Delono Weover Sr P O. Oox 307 Chesnee. SC 29323 Gory Thomos Webb Rl 6 Dox 377 Shelby, NC 26150 Lisa Roe Webb Rt. 1. Dox 430 Mooresboro, NC 28114 Rovon Sutton Webb Rt 1. Oox 430 Mooresboro. NC 28114 Robert Doriy Webster Rl 6, Dox 27 Kifigs MouniQin NC 26066 Torino Doie Websiei 2813 Ashbiook Lone Giohom, NC 27253 John Fiederick Weekley 4510 Town Country Dt. Chorlotie NC 28211 Morion McCouley Weeks 912 Crescent Circle Kings Mounlain, NC 28086 Dtendo Koy Welboin Rl. 1, Dox 232 Puileai, NC 28665 Deon Ervin Welch 9607 Sudley Monor Dr. Manassas. VA 22110 Suson Ellen Welch 5 Dahei Drive Asheville. NC 28606 Jonet Webb Wellmon 5032 Oowen Di. Shelby. NC 28150 Tammie Pruette Wellmon Route 1 Ellenboro, NC 26040 Anthony Adorns Wells 815 NW 76 Tertoce Plontotion, FL 33334 Timmy Pork Wells 106 Webb Street Roswell. GA 30075 Theodore Goimon Westmoreland II 1009 West Marion Street Shelby, NC 28150 Joseph Kevin Wheeler 500 Kotherine Ave Kings Mounioin, NC 26086 Dionne Moiiho Whitoker Rt. 9, Dox 322-A Salisbury. NC 28144 Evons Porker Whiraker Rt, 3 Shelby, NC 28150 Debbie Jeon While 290 Cousewoy DIvd. Dunedin, FL 33528 Edwin Webb White Rl 2 Dox 77 Shelby, NC 28150 Ploite Oeon While Rl 2, Shelby, NC 26150 Sylvio Arlene While Rt, 3. Oox 476 Cheiryville, NC 28021 Tommy Mode White P O Oox 133 Lymon, SC 29365 Goye Suzette Whiienet Rt. 4, Dox 354 Hickoiy, NC 26601 Keith Dennett Whitenet 33 Kee Rd. Delmont. NC 28012 Doriy Todd Whitfield Rt 3, Oox 470-D Roxboto, NC 27573 Tiino Jane Whitley Rt. 2. Dox 277 Ookboro. NC 28129 Elizabeth Jonelle Whiilock 7800 Plonk Rd, Chorlotte. NC 28216 Carol Ann Whitmire Rt, 2. Dox 252 Millspiing. NC 28756 Eva Moilene Whiltington 21 Linden Ave. Concord, NC 28025 Connie Aliso Wiggins 1416 F Avenue W. Coiumbio, SC 29169 Douglos Dryon Wildo 9006 Prestondole Avenue Richmond VA 23229 Sue Ellen Wilhelm 3612 Cosh Drive Winston-Solem, NC 27117 Cothy Ann Wilkerson P.O Oox 561 Forest City. NC 28043 Sidney DIoKe Wilkey Rl 1 Oox 106 Robbinsville. NC 28771 Eddie Lee Wilkms Rl 6 Coriersville GA 30120 Cotherine Lynne Williams Rt 10. Peoch Volley Dt Sporionburg, SC 29303 James Douglos Willioms 2518 Norfolk Rd. Orlando FL 32803 Adrienne Loverne Willis Rl 11. Oox 430 Shelby. NC 26150 Kimberly Denise Willis 1611 Mountain Lane Or. Shelby NC 26150 Mary Elizobelh Willoughby 1613 N College Ave. Newion NC 26656 Amy Denise Wilson Rt 5 Dox 101 Anderson, SC 29621 Amy Jeon Wilson 5015 Idlewild Rd. Charlolle NC 26212 Druce Ooitd Wilson Rl 1 Oox 214 Sioneville. NC 27046 Cloudio Foye Wilson Rt 2. Oox 106 Foiesi Ciiy. NC 28043 Kevin Anthony Wilson 1822 Kenesow Diive Choiloiie NC 28216 Melvin Dwoyne Wilson Rt 1, Oox 578 Moiden, NC 26650 Phyllis Anne Wilson Rt 1, Dox 214 Sioneville. NC 27048 Christopher E. Winons Rr 7. Box 242 Foirview, NC 26730 Edword Lee Winchester Rt 3. Dox 76 Oryson City. NC 28713 Kimbeily Jonee Winecoff P O Oox 135 Newell. NC 28126 Luonne Winecoff P O Oox 475 on, NC 28166 Joan Michelle Withers 2001 Old Sioge Rd. Alexondiio. VA 22308 Rebecco Renee Wolf 2315 N-E. 45lh St, Ocolo FL 32670 Daniel Benjamin Wood 7102 Leono Siieet Forestville MD 20747 Jimmie Ffonk Wood Jr. 1200 N Ookwood Dr. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Jomes Thomos Woodlief Rl 1. Oox 317 Woke Forest. NC 27587 Deboio Ann Wioy Rl 9 Dox 145-8 Shelby. NC 28150 George Scott Wroy 504 Peoch Sireei Shelby. NC 28150 Modtson M. Wright 824 Crawlord Si. W.nsion-Solem, NC 27101 Williom Howard Wi.ght 4407 Old Cherry Point Rd New Dern NC 28560 Oorboio Ann Wyatt Rl 2. Dox 100 Shelby. NC 26150 Rebecco Jane Yondle 1423 Thritiwood Dr Chorlotte. NC 28208 Angelo Jill Yorbro Route 1. Oox 177 A Shelby NC 28150 Amy Morgoi Yoidis 120 Steelmoo Rood Southern Pines. NC 28367 Chorles Edward Young 604 Kelsey Lone Olocksburg VA 24060 Clorence Bonnell Young Rt. 5. Box 9 Golax, VA 24333 Howord Jomes Young 604 Kelsey Lane Olocksburg. VA 24064 Rito Denise Young Rl, 1 Box 405 Fletcher. NC 26732 Arlhut Orlond Youni P O Dox 32 Ooiling Spg . NC 28017 Jonice Elaine Zilker 117 Denton St Goose Creek. SC 29445 150 ?«-! ¥ Admisr hecric ctass schedules, study sessions, recreofion and " goof-off " rimes, tedious work, " ollnighrers " , trips to " Quii Snock " , end various other ritne- demonding " obligorions " , how does o srudent monoge to f6- cus on someone or something ' ' — ■- ' — " Impossible os it may seem, o time con be found to worship God, even on Q college campus. Vorship op- portunities ore ovoiloble to stu- dents in oil forms of settings. Wednesdoy night Vespers in Dover Chapel ajJK o breok to lead students BbUfting end provoking servi Hlot provide Q boost for the r week. The informality of stu- dents leoding students has proved meoningful on many occasions. College Family Wor- ship combines the rolenrs of foc- ulry, odminisrrorioNv and stu- dents to offer up praise In o close-knit otmo: helps unify the colle X " The Doptist Student Union olso provides voried focets of wor- ship DSU Club meetings serve os aeosrive and fun times thot in- olve porticipotion of oil to shore and testify to their love for Christ. The DSU olso sponsors FCXUS teoms for members to shore th r foith off -campus with churches in revival settings. Stu- dents hove on opporruniry to plan, OS well os actively portici- pote, in these worship services. A more personol form of spiritu- al " boosting " is offered by Disci- pleship groups. One-on-one, students con relote their spiritual knowledge to guide them on their own level. The concern ond encourogemenr students show ro each orher on o day- fo-bosis through all siruotioos ex- emplify their reverence for God. Regardless of the form, worship occurs at any and oil times on Gordner-Vebb com- i day when you need a some rime to srop being ond ro ler yourself q wonr ro do somerhinj enr — somerhing crozy surd which is rorolly normol comprehensic do srudenrs seel sucl- fied behavior? Well, sir ed: ioughrer is rhe b cine ro cure rhe sc Your day began wl olorm wenr off or 75 jusr 5 minures before ; doss. The resr of your i as well OS rhe morij failed a resr, dropped down rhe dumb-w( lod-ied your key in room. In o fir of frusrr scream, " I give u enough ro drop deoc You begin ro feel sorri self and sulkingly. ) yourself ro rhe librory r algebra homework. rerurn ro your room, cover ir hos been rollec paper, your bed shorrsi and your undies hove hung our rhe window. Su _ ly you begin ro lough uncoi , lably. Those wonderful friei , of yours wonred ro cheer yoi up and rhey succeeded. The hiloriry of rhe momenr made you srop feeling sorry for yourself. You feel berrer ofrer rhe laughs and knowing some- one cores enough ro help you rhrough rhe hordships. Todoy you can smile and ler ir carry you rhrough rhe days oheod knowing rhor you will carry rhe Ioughrer in your heorr — ol- TIME TO MEDITATE S said rhor rrxan is in consronr need of spirirud rejuvenorion. One nrRjsr hove q rime of medi- rorion in order ro be fuly owore of one ' s purpose ond posirion in life. The hedihy spirit nrujsr work OS o pendulum: swinging our ro be okxie ond receVe nourish- menr ond srrengrh; swinging in ro shore rhor srrengrh and uf - hokj ottiers. " For ir is only in giv- ing rhor we receive. " Toke rhe rime ro be olone v rh yourself QfxJ feel your sprir breathe o sigh of contentment. Think obour ifaeateagvoround you rmc elof Goo ' s greatness. Recognize the simplidty of o I be renewed. Cry with rhey leave tfie nest, presence " ■-.. Look ro sky ond REACH UP Reoch up for the warmth of the sunshine ond the deansing of rhe roin ' ond smie os _God smies on you. ;..:: f ' S: I HpL--, ' «i i H P , » • " Se - ' - ' ' ' ' ' - hR H E. ' K i mm A TIME FOR THE EDITOR . . . Today Is ours . - This is o rrue sroremenr, bur rhe ediror needs romorrow roo! There hove been rimes rhis yeor when rhe bool-; which you now hold wos only o burden This book Is rhe resuir of problems, orgumenrs, forsoken srudies and o sacrifice of free rime Somehow all rhese bod rimes don ' r seem so awful ofrer oil. The reallry of rhis " hisrory book " seemsd ro have brighrened rhe memory corridors. Now all rhor Is remembered are rhe hilorlous momenrs and rhe new friendships gained Through rhe producrlon of rhis yearbook. Now comes rhe mosr difflculr parr — rhe " rhank you ' s " . I hope rhor no one is lefr our because rhere ore so many, bur here goes: Dave I oberrson, Dor- bora Davis, Koy Sromey, John Mark Adorns, Debbie Lynn, Durch Dillinghom, Sheilo Poinrer and Susan Hall. All of rhese people hove worked direcrly wirh me In carrying our edironol responsibiliries These people rried ro keep me srroighri A very speclol rhonte ro Glenn Cooper ond Garland Dovis forjudging rhe phoro conresr. Also, ro Sondra Smirh for her help and cooperorlon. Ir is my prayer rhar os you look bock rhrough THE WEB — 1983, you will remember wirh fond memories Gordner-Webb College ond rhe God and ideols ir sronds for. Kennerh G Holcombe COLOPHON 9 X 12 Trim 80 lb. Marre Paper 1450 copies 160 Toral Poges 17 pages Full Four Color Process 16 pages Varnish Cover Desigh Moroon Quichou wirh emboss oval die cur of Prayer Tower Serif Gorhic Lighr Type wirh Dold Emphasis Type 160 s t ' ■: 9i$p -- 1

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