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vJ ' , , , ■ ' W ' ■- ;» ? Growing in Present . . . Great in Future INTRODUCTION. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY HOMECOMING SPORTS. CLUBS CLASSES. DIRECTORY. EVANS WHITAKER, Editor Early in the fall come rare moments of spare time- Many old and new Gardner Webb students can be found spending these moments sharpenmg athletic skills, or spending their hard earned money in the bookstore. mi Also in the early fall, golden horns and music return to campus as band members prepare for marchii ng season Diane Moore— Is that you? What is this? Debbie Masters in blue jeans! I bet she ' s looking ud " HOS " . What Are You Doing Tonight? Looks like Jim s playing post-office again. JUST FOR FUN ■ ' Let ' s cut ' em off at the pass. ' Our Biggest Brottier That ' s wfiat I call service! " That ' s it? Where ' s the COOKIES? " NOBLE IN THE PAST m The Hamrick Building is truly an example of Gardner-Webb ' s noble past and holds many touching as well as historical memories for many people. Hamrick Hall was built as a memorial to the men who died in World War I. Construction began in the spring of 1 920 and completion was in 1925. In 1937, the building burned. With walls left standing, renovation began in 1 940 and was completed in 1 942. At this time it was dedicated and named the E.B. Hamrick Hall. It served as a housing for administration and a meeting place for chapel as well as various classes. Governor Gardner became interested in the college and had the building painted white. Later the brick walls were sand-blasted and restored to the original natural color. Here the Hamrick Building stands in only one of the many winters it has endured. Hopefully, it will continue to stand noble and proud. • . f 1 Ell Peace and Serenity A builder builded a temple He wrought with care and skill; Pillar and groins and arches Were fashioned to meet his will And men said when they saw its beauty: " It shall never know decay. Great is thy skill, O Builder, Thy fame shall endure for aye. " A teacher builded a temple; He wrought with skill and care; Forming each pillar with patience. Laying each stone with prayer. None saw the unceasing effort; None knew of the marvelous plan; For the temple the teacher builded Was unseen by the eyes of man. Gone Is the builders temple; Crumbled into the dust. Pillar and groin and arches Food for consuming rust; But the temple the teacher builded Shall endure while the ages roll; For the beautiful unseen temple Was a student ' s immortal soul. Britt Mills Appears Ex- hausted From Studying. Gardner-Webb is proud to host the Special Olympic games each year. Handicapped children from all over Cleveland County come to participate. The excitement of the day is not only tor the kids; above, the coaches are excited awiaiting the arrival of the olympians, along with the launching of the TV 13 balloon. This Is what Special Olympics is all about. 13 m 14 Time for leisure and time for study. 15 GROWING IN THE PRESENT Construction ot Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center GREAT IN THE FUTURE LUTZ-YELTON CONVOCATION CENTER The Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center will include the Paul B. Porter Arena with a seating capacity of 4,500. The gym will be one of the most sophisticated facilities of its kind in the region. In addition to the arena, the center will feature the Wayne Dehart Arcade, classes for the physical education department, the Kathleen Dover Fine Arts Theater with a seating capacity of 600, a human performance laboratory and other facilities. Laxton Construction Company of Charlotte, N.C. is the contractor and Murphy Martin and Associates of Shelby are the architects. " The completion of this building will fill a major void in the life of this campus. Our musicians have no stage on which to perform. The completion of this building will fix that. Our Health and Physical Education majors have no laboratory and activity areas. The completion of this building will fix that. Our basketball team has no arena appropriate for their skills. The completion of this building will fix that. Our 1500 students have no recreational area for free play. The completi on of this building will fix that. " — Williams 17 Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Paris Yelton DEDICATION 18 Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Porter LUTZ-YELTON FOUNDATION, INC. The Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center is named in honor of the Lutz-Yelton Foundation. J. Ray Lutz and Paris Yelton were two of the founding fathers of the Lutz-Yelton companies. Both have been friends of the College for many years. A substantial donation was given to the College during a $1,125,000 campaign. From the Lutz-Yelton companies generous action, the Lutz-Yelton Dormitory was completed in 1963 and houses 100 male students. Paris Yelton was chairman of the successful 1959 fund drive which netted $560,000. During a Gardner-Webb Convocation program, he was given a Citizens Citation for outstanding work in church, civic and educational fields. He was Bulldog of the Year in 1980 and has been a member of the Board of Advisors. His wife, the former Donnis Gold, attended Gardner-Webb College and has been a trustee of the College. She was " Alumna of the Year " in 1959. The Yeltons have two sons, Robert William and Don Leiand. J. Ray Lutz is married to the former Lillie Hoyle of Cleveland County. They have one daughter, Betty, who is married to Dr. R.F. Bowling of Shelby. The Lutz family also includes four sons, Robert, William D., Ray Webb and Jack Lutz. PAUL B. PORTER Paul B. Porter is President of Porter Bros., Inc. in Shelby, N.C. He and his company have consistently supported the Gardner-Webb College Bulldog Club and contributed to the Endowment Fund. He has taken a personal interest in Gardner-Webb College students and has employed many graduates of the College. Porter Brothers are faithful advertisers in the football program for Gardner-Webb. In October 1978, Porter issued a $100,000 challenge to the citizens of Shelby to support the Gardner-Webb College Convocation Center Campaign. Porter challenged Shelbians by pledging to give $1 for every $4 given or pledged to the Convocation Center. In 1980, Lloyd C. Bost, chairman of the Shelby campaign, was delighted to announce that the $1 million goal had been met. By October 1980, Paul B. Porter had surpassed his initial challenge with a total gift of $300,000 for the 65,000 square-foot structure. With this in mind, the Convocation Center will open with a Paul B. Porter Arena housed within. Paul is married to the former Margaret Alexander of Cleveland County. They have one daughter, Ellen, who is married to Gary Warlick of Shelby. For their constant support and interest in Gardner-Webb, the College proudly dedicates the 1981 WEB to these three families. 19 . IX Adi . ' ;,,_jaj.iv " :w»!i IINISTRATION AND FACULTY WEBB 3UILI ri4Q ■IQESm 30 f rarn in ■ DR. CRAVEN EDWARD WILLIAMS PRESIDENT President ' s Message to the Students Love without criticism brings stagnation. Criticism without love bring distruction. I urge you to remember that people must be discriminating appraisers of society, knowing wholy and precisely the things that thwart them and thus need modification. But at the same time, you must be discriminating protectors of society, preserving those features that nourish and strengthen people and which make them free. If you have to choose between being the fatalist Sancho Panza or the idealist Don Quixote, by all means choose Don Quixote. 21 X -:m! ' j . ' Mmt THE ACADEMIC CABINET Dr. Paul Jolley, Dr. Robert Lamb, Dr. Craven Williams. Dr. Charles Andrews, and Dr George Gribb " It takes a lot of planning, thinking, and directing to keep an educational institution ' s policies coherent, viable, and stable. The responsibilities must be meted out in order to handle current and future programs and problems. Dr. George Cribb has the responsibility of handling all academic correspondence and presiding as chief academic officer at all academic ceremonies. Dr. Paul Jolley has been given charge of long range planning and the overseeing of the academic eligibility of athletes. Dr. Robert Lamb meets w ith students on matters of academic eligibility, progress, etc. He also vi orks with the library director in an advisory capacity. Dr. Charles Andrews works with faculty on academic matters via the department chairpersons. The college president acts in a coordinating fashion for all administrative functions of the entire academic program. " 22 ■ " Camera Hams ' Mr. Robert W. Abrams, Director of Churcti Relations Mr. Randy Alexander. Sports Information Dierctor Dr. Garland H. Allen. Professor. Religion and History Mrs. Miriam Ash-Jones. Media Librarian Mrs. Ethel M. Barker, Maintenance Mr. Craig L. Barry. Instructor. Business Mrs. Martha Baskin. Assistant Professor. Nursing Ms. Carolyn Billings. Assistant Professor, Music Dr. Gilmer Blackburn. Associate Professor. History Dr. Robert Blackburn. Chairman. Dept. Of Physical Education Mrs. Beverly Blackwell. Secretary. Alumni And Placement Mr. Ernest Blankenship. Chairman. Associate Professor. English Dept. Mrs. Novella Blanton. Assistant Business Manager Mrs. Lois B. Bradley, Instructor of Nursing Dr. Ernice Bookout. Assistant Professor. Education Ms. Pat Brinkley, Interpreter. Degree Program For the Deaf 23 yl r?v m m gtmmm ' fffm Dr. Joyce C. Brown, Associate Professor, English Ms. Stephanie Brown, Coordinator. Degree Program for the Deaf PMP ' ' IV Mr. Bruce Byars, Maintenance Dr, Barbara Burkett, Professor, Biology; Director of Graduate Studies Mrs- Louise Byars. Maintenance Mrs. Sue Camp. Assistant Professor, Business Mr. Wallace Carpenter, Associate Professor. Data Processing, Business Mrs. Lynn Carpenter-Keeter, Circulation Supervisor. Library Mr. Broderick Chapman, Assistant Director of Food Services Mrs. Loretta Clemmons, Maintenance Mr. P. A. Cline, Associate Professor, Biblical Languages. Literature Mrs, Wendy Clontz, Instructor of Nursing Mrs. Barbara J Cribb, Associate Professor, Education and Art Ed. Dr. George R. Cribb, Chairman, Professor, Dept. of Fine Arts Mrs- Glenda Crotts, Secretary. Development House Dr, Alice Cullinan, Assistant Professor, Religion Ms. Jackie Curtis. Machines Room Operator Dr. David DeGraaf, Assistant Professor, Science Education Dr, John Drayer, Associate Professor, Religion Ms. Phyllis Eaker, Admissions Secretary 24 Dr, Anthony F. Eastman, Professor, History Mrs. Joetta Eastman, Secretary, Financial Aid Mrs. Dorothy Edwards, Registrar Mr. Mike England, Assistant Director of Admissions Mrs. Margaret M. Farfour, Instructor of Nursing Mr. Terry Fern, Assoc. Professor, Music Mrs. Clara Freeman, Maintenance Ms, Judith Friedel Dr. Roger Gaddis, Chairman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology Dr. David Gardner, Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education Mrs. Sharon Garfield, Information Services Mrs. Anne Graham, Periodicals Librarian Dr. John D. Graham, Director, Counseling Services; Assistant Professor, Psychology Mr. F. Keith Griggs, Assistant Professor, Business a nd Data Processing Ms. Nell S. Griggs, Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education Mr. Willie Hall, Director, Support Services Mr. Barry E. Hambright, Associate Professor, History, Political Science Mrs. Patricia B. Harrelson, Assistant Professor, Voice Dr. Michael Harrelson, Chairman, Professor, Dept. of Natural Sciences Mrs. Nellie J. Hav»kins, Secretary, Physical Plant 25 . ' ■„ J]: ' !!lIl ' : :;!Sffl SB!i!i??!f5!SSi ' " ' M ' k I Mr Barry Hartis. Vice President for Business and Finance Dr. James P. Henson, Professor, Psychology Mrs, Janelie Hicks. Office Manager, Development House Mr, Rick Hoibrook, Assistant to The Vice President for Enrollment Planning Mrs, Beth Houser, Assistant Bookstore Manager Mr, Julius Hoyle. Maintenance Mrs, Carolyn Hunt, Processing Assistant, Library Dr. Delores Hunt, Associate Professor, Health and Physical Education Ms Wanda Hutchins. Food Service Mr Zander Ingram, Jr , Maintenance Mrs Betty H, Logan, Associate Professor. Business Mr. Clifford Ledford, Physical Plant Mr. James Ledbetter, Maintenance Dr. Robert L. Lamb, Professor, Religion. Religious Education Ms. Shirley Lail. Secretary. Office of the President Ms Ruth Kiser. Director of Women ' s Services Dr, John Krampitz, Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education Ms. Margaret King. Secretary, Student Services Mr, Randy Kilby. Assistant Director of Admissions Ms Shirley Jones, Secretary. Financial Aid Mrs. Mary B. Jones. Cataloging Assistant, Library Ms Doris Jones, Associate Professor. Sociology Dr, Paul W. Jolley, Chairman. Professor, Dept. of Mathematical Science Mr. Mitchell Jolley. Comptroller 26 Mr. Lansford Jolley, Chairman, Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences fwlr. C,J, Jolley, f aintenance fulrs. Catherine Jolley, Bookstore fvlanager f rs. Pauline Johnson, Maintenance Miracle Farm Day 27 X ! " 3HW .imm ' II Mrs. Joann W. Lutz. Secretary. Business Office Mr. Melvin Lutz, Dean of Students Mrs. Sheila Mann, Adjunct Instructor, Music Mr. Jimmy T. Martin. Director, Physical Plant Marie Martin, Director, Financial Assistance Ms Marcia McDonald, Assistant Professor. Nursing Mrs. Brenda McBride. Instructor of Nursing Mr. Richard McBride, College Minister 28 29 ■■T ivwwaPiaiit BinnMq il9RS!i?9IR9 ' Dr. Van Murrell. Chairman. Professor- Dept of Religious Studies and Philosophy Mrs. Kathryn C Musselwhite. Adjunct Instructor, Music Dr. Michael M, Ndurumo, Assistant Professor. Degree Program for the Deaf Dr. Arthur G Nuhrah, Professor. History Mr Julian E. O ' Neal. Assistant Professor. Business Mr, Thirien Osborne. Professor. English Ms, Ellen Palmer. Secretary. Alumni and Placement Dr Phil Perrin. Professor. Music Dr Dan Proctor. Director of Records and Research Dr Launita Proctor. Associate Professor. Health and Physical Education Mrs, Debbie B Putnam, Director of Information Services Mrs. Shirley Pyron. Secretary. Business Office Dr, J- Allen Queen, Chairman, Dept, of Education Mrs, Patsy Queen, Instructor of f ursing Mrs, Jane Raduly, Secretary. Business Office Dr. F.E. Richards, Chairman. Associate Professor. Dept, of Business Mr M. Allen Setzer, Associate Professor, Spanish; Manager WGWG Mr. Bob Shepherd, Vice President For Development Dr. Larry Sale, Dean of Continuing Education and Summer School Mrs. Joy Sandifer, Reference Librarian Ms. Nancy Sarazen, Director of Alumni and Placement Mrs. Pamela C. Scruggs, Secretary to Athletic BASIC Director Mrs. Freddie R. Sisk, Lead Development Secretary, Admissions Mr Larry Smith, Director (Fall), Food Service Mr. John Snyder. Assistant Professor, Business Mr. Ted Stanley, Instructor of Music Dr. William B. Stowe, Associate Professor, English Mrs. Joyce Summers, Secretary, Dean of Continuing Education Mr. C. Oland Summers. Assistant Professor, Music Dr. James K. Taylor. Professor. English, Men ' s Tennis Coach Dr. Jesse L. Taylor. Assistant Professor. Social Science Mrs. Bernice Trexler, Secretary, Nursing Dept. |IIW. " I " I(I.L«I ,aiiiiuii!iiiji.a|,-yjpii. |ii II Mrs. Shirley P. Toney, Director, Nursing Program Ms. Susan B, VanDyke. Government Documents Ms. Glenda Vinesett, Secretary to the College Minister Mrs. Sherry Waddell, Bookkeeper Mrs. Vickie S. Walker. Library Mr. Gordon Washburn, Director Of Security Mrs. Shirley Washburn, Switchboard Operator Mrs. Vickie S. Webb, Secretary, Student Services :2r -i- Miss Anna Wells, Adjunct Instructor, Piano Mrs. Gloria Wesson, Assistant to Director of Records and Research Dr Gerald White, Director of Men ' s Services; Assistant Professor, Psychology Mr. Phillip Williams, Maintenance Mrs. Alma Wilson, Maintenance Mr. Ben Wilson, Maintenance Mr. William Withrow, Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Geography Ms Jeanette Woodard, Library Director f r ■ ? : 32 HOMECOMING CHEERLEADERS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL W. BASKETBALL CROSS COUNTRY GOLF VOLLEYBALL BASEBALL MEN ' S TENNIS WOMEN ' S TENNIS 33 --■I imi m mmmi giKffmmiimir mmm ' - ' Y] HOMECOMING 1981 Another Candidate? 35 HOMECOMING QUEEN RISA PLESS ms Senior attendant Kay Vinson, Frank Streeter, Escort Junior attendant Karen Sells, Alan Bunch, Escort Sophomore attendant Lisa Gilmore. Brad Riddle. Escort Freshman attendant Kim Randolph, Kelvin Mosely, Escort Donnie Carnes. Eddie Johnson. Mark Oliver. Kirby Johnson, Joey Keever, Bets. R:;e-5 e ' esa Gardner. Charlotte Johnson. Rita Vinson. Laura Price. Captain. 38 ,.dBS5 o m m J3 m D m 39 I ■ I 14 I r Row 1: Tim Davis, Lanky Williams, Chris Conner. Stan Kearney, Bobby Hopkins. Danny Allen, Marc Fried. James Austin. Robbie Barnes. Curtis Odom. Randy Rappe, Ctiip Stuart, Carlisle Koonts. Bobby Humptiries Row 2: Clay Alexander. Rosey Kirby. Marty Ctiilders. Ike Jotinson. Levon Sumpter, Mike Gregory. Todd Medlin. Ctiarlie Harbison. Randy Bennett. Randy Settles. Greg Hamrick. Ctiuck Dickinson, David Godbold. Fred Woodsen. Gary Dixon. Row 3: Carrol McCray. Jeff Seaver, Vic Kendall. Rufus Holmes. Greg Hunter. Rory Jotinson. Ralph Wrathen. Ricky Goodman. Chris Norman. Ricky Burkhalter. Jeff Carlson. Duane Foster. Craig Harris. Paul Bolt. Row 4: Scott Gasque. Kevin Greene. Cecil Faile. Rick Harward. Billy Estridge. Todd Brantley. Greg Handsel, Gregg Watt, Doug Bonner. Tony Rev- els, Darius Davis, Jeff Studley. Jerry Godbold, Avery Smith, Johnny Baker. Row 5: Duncan Hamilton. Mike Weatherford. Doug Biggs. Roger Green, David Cooper, Chris Bowan, Dan Flood, Paul Hayes, Jeff Richards, Rick Goode. Paul Orofino. Cameron Brooks. Rick Leonard. Robert Simmons. Thai Tisdale. Row 6: Keith Hoffman. Tim Swilley. Brian Farmer. _::t_ -T i MMiJaMt riii aaMMHnrM tutmrnan I 1977 197 Row 1: Quinton Macon. Jr.. Gary Miller. Dennis Smart. Mark Buff, Dean Jolin son. Buck Lanfiam. Allan Lewis. Tom Clark. Randy Greene Row 2: Tommy Gailfier. Rocky Morris, Don Cox. Frank Sfrealer. Robert McGuire. Eric Goo- den. Eddie Wilkins, Bill Meyler. Norris Bell. Willie McCray. Jim Wiles. Head Coach. 42 9 1 w w- ) ... V sis " r 43 I. HERE COME THE Row 1 Mary EMen Burch J,ll ClotJfelter. Viay Sam. Sylvia While. Melinda Campbell Baronda Samuel. Denise Thurman Lyn Ivey Row 2 Nancy Abernathy. Cathy Foister Carolyn Dewberry. Brenda Bradshaw. Maria Vickers Den,se Greene, Susan Bnggs Beth Blakley Renee Blanton Salhe Black Coach !_ ••■• " ■•■ncBiivHmMiP d.rKnapr ' ' " ' ' " " ' ' " " ' ' - ' " ' ' e " " - David Row 2: Dav,d, Mark Shore, Randy Prunty. Barron Scarbough, Ed- 46 Jeff Carswell, Ronald Webb, Sammy Smith. David Jones, flurry White, Roger Mack, Bryan Burgess. (Coach Gar- land Allen Not Pictured) 47 Row 1 Juslyn Obata, Baronda Samuel, Debb.e Greene, Lyn Ivey, Melinda Campbell, Mary Lee Cudd. Gay Sam. Row 2: Dr. Dee Hunt-Coach Renee Blanlon-Mgr , Jill Clodfeller, Mary Ellen Burch. Cathy Foister. Pam Baker, Beth Blakley. Nancy Abernathy. Trainer. 48 !l t t lb! t f ffffti t Bill Gibson, Randy Rappe, Ozzie McFarland, Robbie Watkins, Ken Harris, Tommy Wease, Clay Alexander, Neil Moore, Barry Queen, Bill Gee, Chuck Dickinson, Dan Smith, Jim Whitehead, Jeft Chunn, Paul Goodson, Dan Langmade, Anthony Holland, Chris Conner, Rick Leonard, Keith Duncan, Bob Hughes, Coach Jim Raley, Assistant Coach James Allen. 49 L. ■•»i III !«■■ " i ■! — pw i iM iwwimipmiiiwi ■ Tim Davis, Charlie Littlejohn, Steve Brinton, Benji Carpenter, Craig Barry, Assistant Coacti, Jeff Davis, Bil Parker, Irving Sistrunk, Mitch Harris, Jim Taylor, Coach. smm ami Donna Christenbury, Kim Randolph, Denise Jones, Lisa Pettus, Kim Edwards, Susan Briggs, Janet Bates. (Maria Wilson, not pictured) Two are better than one: because ttiey have a good reward for their labojr. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he fallefh; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him: and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. I SGA EXECUTIVE BRANCH The SGA represents the opinions and ideas of the student and interprets the standards and ideals of the college. Student Government is a very active organization on campus. SGA is a three branched group consisting of Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The Executive Branch consists of the Executive Officers and the Executive Council, while the Legislative and Judicial consists of the Student Senate and College Judicial Council respectively. The Executive Branch at Gardner-Webb consists of the above officers: Seated is Connie Hicks, Secretary and Lynne Becker, President. Standing is Jim Royals, Treasurer; Robin Yarbrough, Student Center Board Chairman; and Ralph Smith, Vice President. The Executive Branch serves as the directing and coordinating branch of the SGA. .mmmmm.miF ' SENATE Robin Yarbrough, Jim Royals, Connie Hicks, Ralph Smith, Lynne Becker, Dr. Bob Morgan, Advisor, Dr, Arthur G. Nuhrah, Parliamentarian, Dr. Joseph Hughey, Advisor, Mr. Melvin Lutz, Jr., Advisor. Row 2: Terri L. Higgins, Sherrie Allen, Gail Burch, Myra Kistler, Teresa Gardner, Jami McNeely, Brad Riddle, Keith Flippin, Denise Jones, Gustav Koch. Row 3: Vance Midget, Denise Rich, Willie Rash, Craig Meadows, Tim Braisher, R. Tracey Tucker, Row 4: Billy Jack Martin, Max Pettyjohn, Larry Bodie, Tim Martin, Keith Hoffman, Scott Jenkins. DC o CO DC LU LU O LU Q CO Terry Young, Donnie Carnes, Thanya Lowery, Kirby Johnson, Toni Frazier, Mike Lauter, Wyatt Coltrain, Robin Yarbrough, Kevin Rockett, (Not Pictured: Pam Davis, Danny Jenkins, Melvin Lutz, Jr.) 54 -ssaaxsatagm PILOT STAFF Julie Jones, Randy Waters, Debbie Drayer, Editor, Edward Williams, John Mark Adams, Photographer. Not Pictured: Donna Harvey. Jonathan Scott, Lori Petit, Elaine Connally, Mrs. Sharon Garfield, Advisor. Debbie Drayer, Randy Waters, Editor, Teresa Yingling, Amy J. Wilson, Krista Colle. Not Pictured: Jerry Burleson, Lee Eller, Edwin Blankenship, Donna Poulsen. DO m -n m o O z 03 -n TI 55 .MM.UVM-iP B THE WEB STAFF Evans Whitaker. Editor Shern DIehl, Feature Editor Dana Wong, Class Editor Debbie Putnam, Advisor Steve Russell. Sports Editor, Photograptiy Kent Stairley. Sports Editor, Photography Wally Ainsworth, Associate Editor, Art Jim Wood. Associate Editor, Club Editor Tim Doss, Copy Editor i 56 ;-. CHAMBER CHORUS Patricia Hallman, Mary Lynn Turner, Deborah James, Chris Winans, Don W. Gibson, Michael Ennis, Nelson Merritt, Robert Louis Wrenn, Bill Anderson, George Rodgers, Donna Graves, Sue Greene. Row 2: Trina Beach, LaCole Fender, Patricia Chapman, Teresa Yingling, Randall Coleman, Barry Whitfield, Bruce B. Wilson, Tim Wilkins, Michael W. Capps, Ricky Hill, Beverly A. Sanford, Jane Searcy, Sandra McCraw , Pam Thrasher 57 y ■J 11 . iiiait ,ff- n BAND Randall Coleman, Angela Corry, Barry Whitfield. Joy Patterson, Cindy Patterson. Sara Snelling, Michael Thompson, Bonnell Young. Susan Wallace. Row 2: C. Oland Summers. Ronald Carter, Angela Clayton, Eric Hammond, Sherri Lutz, Mary Ann Garrett, Jean Summers, Katherine Keisler, Kent Harrelson. Row 3: Mickey House, Bobby Walker, Joey Hopper, James Jones, Bruce Wilson, Edward Williams, Brent Suddreth. Wendy Figgatt. Majorette Bonnell Young. Drum Major Mr Oland Summers, Director 58 ORCHESTRA M.E.N.C. Susan Wallace, Cathy Jackson, Leanne Smith, Connie Hicks, Jean Summers, Michelle Withers, Teresa Yingling. Row 2: Randall Coleman, Barry Whitfield, Bonnell Young, Mickey House, Michael Thompson, Sue Greene. 59 r- »rt-K --■ - . . - ■- .j, AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS Terry Forsyth, TamI Ruckman, Sandra McCraw, LeAnne Smith, Susan Wallace, Michael W. Capps, Connie Hodge, Jim Wood, Katherine Keisler, Elizabeth Bennett, Billy Summers (Not Pictured) COLLEGE CHORUS Row 1: Mary Ruth Zanon, Risa Pless, Cindy Bridges, Lyn Hacnby, Susan Wallace, Rheba Simpson. Pat Ludecke, Joy Patterson, Connie Lanni ng, Eva Whittington, Phil Perrin. Row 2: Carolyn McCarter, Frances McDaniel, Melissa Elmore, Lynda Hytchcock, Anne Marie Longshore, Susan Poston, Renia Baker, Catherine A, Eller, Angel Carpenter, Kaylynn Watts, Kim Robbins, Lynn Mauney- Row 3: Deborah Brogdon, Sharon Godsmark, Janet Marshall, Cathy Jackson, Vickie Adcock, Angela Corry, Beth Padgett, Katherine Keisler, J, Michelle Witheng. Row 4: Susie Bunch, Celia Devinney, Camilla Loomis, Amy Wilson, Paul Phillips, Bobby Walker, Terry Jordan, Joe Saylor, Jonathan Scott, Jim Woodlief, Billy Summers, Krista Colle, Rachael Schlafer, Row 5: Robin Bryan, Elizabeth Jones, Susan Hall, Susan Jones, Richard Chapman, Carroll Tesseriar, Billy Smith, Terry Forsyth, Brad Riddle, Denise Bowman Row 6: Janet R. Stroud, Tenia Powers, Carol Johnson, Janie Camp, Sara Snelling, Bobby Burston, Britt Mills, David Hutchins, Stan Foster, David Turner, Ricky Harward, Tami Ruckman, Donna Harvey 60 vtiii»ii k«eBsa AMERICAN CHORAL DIRECTORS ASSOC. Dr. Phil D. Perrin, Patricia Hallman, Elaine Roten, Rachel Schlafer. Bill Anderson, member-at-large, Mike Ennis, Vice President, Dwight Loomis, President, Not pictured: David Hutchins, President (Fall), Janet Stroud, Connie Hodge, Secretary, Mary Ruth Zanon, Sherrie Allen, Billy Summers, Bonnell Young, Teresa Yingling, Michael Capps, Susan Wallace, Tami Ruckman. CHORAL ENSEMBLE Susan Moore, Keith Flippin, Terri Effler, Jeff Pender, Terri Prunty, Danny Jenkins, Angela Clayton, Hampton Drum, Dr. George Cribb. Row 2: Myra Martin, Joey Grain, Connie Hicks, John Taylor, Connie Hodge, Scott Farrell, Carmen Diaz, Dean White, Sherri Lutz. Row 3: William McSwain, Dana Bucher, Ken Atkinson, Karen Smith, Stan Foster, Katherine Fagan, Kent Harrelson, Patricia Burnett. Row 4: Ricky Goodman, LeAnne Smith, Larry Bodie, Robert Headly, Joy Morehead, Mickey House, Sherrie Allen, Keith Smith. 61 Jmm " PHI BETA LAMDA Dr. F,E. Richards, Cindy Lattimore, Treasurer, Peter R. Feix, Vice President. Denise Jones. Secretary. Jim Royals. President. Dana Wong. Chaplain. Julian E. O ' Neal. Advisor. Row 2: Doug Walker. Mark Lewis, Kerri Bolick, Lisa Gilmore, Thanya Lowery, Sheila McClure. Rhonda Sprinkle, Linda Garrison. Row 3: Gary Lattimore. Phil Rabb. B.J. Greer. Jim Wood. Stan Foster. Craig Meadows, Reginald Hoyle. Anthony N. Strange. ALPHA CHI Dr. Gilmer Blackburn, advisor. Randy Waters, Anne Feagin, Denise Jones. Dana Wong, Karen Clark, Julia Johnson, Teresa Ymgling, Winnie Schutt, Susan Poston, Lynne Becker. Jane Seay, Dr. Les Brown, sponsor. Row 2; Dwight Loomis, Brad Riddle, Beth Phillips, Kenny Overcash, Timothy Homan, Mary Abrams, Charlotte Bailey, Connie Hicks. 62 tEssSS SIGMA TAU DELTA ■■ Randy D. Waters, Lynne Becker, Debbie ■■ Drayer, Ellen Fitzgerald, Diane Smith, 5JJ Ernest Blankenship, advisor. SCIENCE CLUB Canoe: Eddie Lee Bratton, Terry Gouge, John Turner, Tom Jones, sponsor, Lynn Prewitt, Wyatt Coltrain, Kathy Gentle, Teresa Hipps. Row 2: Charlotte Bailey, James Claud Jones, Timmy Davis, Dr. Mike Harrelson, Paul Phillips, Beth Phillips, Bill Livingston, Donna Christenbury, Mary Lee Cudd, Martha Hovis. MATH CLUB Linda Mills. Dr. Ken Abernethy, Rhonda Hunter, Dawn Hartline, Dr. Robert E. Morris, Tim Ledford, Tim Davis, Malinda Dunlap, Ohtani Kazunori 63 X „.!.J ' .y " !:.!5!5SnRiBS55!PWW FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Dr, Charles Andrews, Karen E. Childers, Veronique Vidal, P. A. Cline, Jr., Dr. Bob Morgan, Janet Sneed, Scott Deese, Linda Lee, Vice President, Kin Howard, Angela Clayton. OQ Z) _l o CO y- z LU Q I- CO —I z o z DC LU Paul Phillips, Jachi Rwokuda, John Muforza, David Nocera, Peter Feix, Beth Phillips, Michael M. Ndurumo, Bill Parker, Carmen Diaz, Charles Andrews, Debbie Greene, Manasses Yunmbam. 64 Vies INTERCLUB COUNCIL Sealed: Sherry Williams, Irvin Sistrunk, Paula Mills, Julie Jones, Neil Elird, Julia Johnson. Standing; Sherry Congleton. Carmen Diaz, Mary Lee Cudd, Debbie Little, Myra Troutman, Robin Yarbrough, Maria Vollmer, Peter Feix, Wyatt Coltrain, Craig Meadows, Tim Vanderburg, Rhonda Hunter, Melvin Lutz, Jr. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS Row 1: Ruth Kiser, Joy Patterson, President, Kim Lunsford, Vice President, Melody Cook, Secretary, Lisa Butler, Beth Phillips, Robin Crumpton, Anne Mills, Denise Rich, Jo Ann Riley HUBB T H CRAIG hEMOMAL S.N.E.A. Row 1: Marsha Hollifield, Jacqueline Harlman, Lisa Butler, Becky Bridwell, Linda Mills, Sandra Jiter, Louanne McDaniel. Row 2: Mrs. Barbara Cribb, Advisor, Catherine Chambers, Joyce Sellers, Sonya Gray, Lisa Smith, Linda Robbins, Sandra McDonald, Pam Couch, Marcelle Hamrick, Shelva Wilson, Lynn Hoyle. Row 3: Susie Bridges, Julia Johnson, Lisa F. Jucker, Melinda German, Shelia Yelton, Melanie Hutchins. Row 4: Charlie Tipton, Mary E. Blanton, Linda Mauney, Chris Johnson, Dwight Loomis, Milse Mohaffey, Tom McLaughlin, Donna Ivester, Martha Gamble, Harold F. Allen, Jr., Charlotte-Anne Brewer 65 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES Row 1: Craig Harris, Jeff Studley, Eva Whittington, Elizabeth Jones, Linda Greene, Kim Randolph, Karen Smith, Janet Bates, Sherry Love. Row 2: Kelvin Moseley. Bobby Humphries, Kay Lynn Watts, Brad Riddle, Mary Lee Cudd, LaCole Fender, Anna Bodenheimer, Gary Dixon, Angel Carpenter, Lisa Vanderburg, Sherrie Morris, Cathy Eller, Dawn Hartline. Row 3; Rick Harwood, Jay Mauney, Brian Farmer, Charlie Reynolds, Todd Brantley, Tommy Ashley. BAPTIST YOUNG WOMEN Row 1: Jane Searcy, Sherry Congleton, Linda Mills, Tami Ruckman, Dianne Whitaker. Sherri Williams, LeAnne Smith, Patricia Burnett, Ann Putnam, Jean Summers, Carmen Hood, Deborah Ritchey, Michelle Withers. Row 2: Carmen Diaz, Karen Kistler, Trina Whitley, Tammy Everhart, Pam Couch, Terri Kirby, Tammy Stroup, Tanya Little, Sherree Morris, Cheryl Kinlaw, Jackie Pickett, Margaret King, Kim Wilson. Row 3: Amy J. Wilson, Mary Hicks, Robin Bryan, Lynn Mauney, Lora Passmore, Denise G. Coggins, Susan Thompson, Loresa Pinyan, Beth Stewart, Debbie Little, Winnie Schutt. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Row 1: Vickey Hardin, Charlene Scott, Denise Medlin, Kim Lunsford, Malinda Dunlap, Sherri Williams, Diane Moore, lan Poole, Sandi Self, Row 2: Jane Seay, Max Pettyjohn, Charlie Littlejohn, Craig Harris, Beth Brittain, Kelvin Moseley. 66 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLUB Dr. Alice Cullinan, chairman, Sherri Diehl, Vice President, Anne Feagin, Tommy Ziegler, Paula Mills, Surada Hogue, Project Chairman, Melody Cook, Jane Seay, President, Row 2: Diane Moore, Andrea Reese, Vickie Adcock, Billy Jack Martin, Rick Harwell MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Row 1: Robert Abrams, Billy Jack Martin, Winnie Schutt, Carmen Diaz, Darryl Kensinger, Renee Toni, David Leath, Deanna McGaha. Row 2: Tim Atkinson, Max Pettyjohn, David Turner, Susan Davis, Brude Rudd, Gary Rayfield, Melinda Dunlap, Ryan Cannon, Paul Phillip, Harry Gregory, Vickie Adcock, Carolyn McCarter. Row 3: Jim Wood, Raymond Johns, Ray Webb, Daniel La Grange, Randy Johnson, Dean White, Donald Newton, Bob Dockery, Doug Irvin, Jonathon Scott. MISSION FELLOWSHIP Billy Strickland, Debbie Little, Tim Davis, Vickie Adcock, Karen Clark, Sherri Diehl, Malinda Dunlap. 67 Lii-iuiLu jiqwBtwiiffwig w HS CAMPUS HOUSE HOUSE COUNCIL Virginia Bray, Lori McGrath, Deb Flowers, Robin Crumpton. Not Pictured: Cathy Foister, Beth Blakley, Jean Nation, Lynn Thomas. DECKER HOUSE COUNCIL Kelli Mitchell, Suzanne Monroe, Jami McNeely, Krista Colle, Karen Isley. Row 2: Jo Ann Riley, George Rodgers, Lisa Hames, Kim Robbis, Lisa Scronce. Debbie Greene, Row 3: Mrs. Feldsburg, Jill Glodfelter, Tracey Tucker, Tania Powers, Ginni Otto. H.A.P.Y. HOUSE COUNCIL Malinda Dunlap, Rhonda Hunter, President, Donna Graves, Renee Boughman, Debbie Little, Dana Wong, Treasurer, Sherri Allen, Beth Phillips, Janet Cureton, Kay Vinson. 68 1 1 1 r NANNEY HOUSE COUNCIL Brenda Bradshaw, Karen Brown, Mary Ruth Zanon, Risa Pless, Jewel Goodwin, Dorothy Hodge, Debbie McSwain, Kim Stout. Not Pictured: Ram Hefner, Terri Higgins, Diane West, Jennifer Kiser. ' s m STROUP HOUSE BU.J-- COUNCIL Gi Gi Robinson, Senator, Lisa Butler, President, Mary Lee Gudd, Vice President, Suranda Hogue, Secretary, Sherri Diehl, Chaplin, Cindy Lattimore, Treasurer, Andrea Reese, Mrs. Cole, (Denise Greene, Not Pictured) POTTER HOUSE HOUSE COUNCIL Anne Mills, Terry Putnam, Denise Rich, (Not Pictured, Beth Brittian) 69 SS aKBH Lutz-Yelton House Council Row 1: Jim Wood, President. Dean Helton, Keith Nance, Todd Medlin, Vice President, Greg Whitner, Treasurer. Row 2: Bill Barber, Peter Felx, Steve Brinton, Jotin Smith, Mike Gurley. Row 3: Wally AInsworth, Mickey Hutchlns, Joe Kelly, Kirk Ward, Gerald White, Director of Men ' s Services Mauney House Council Row 1: Scott Farrell, Vice President, Jim Manuel, President, Doug Irvin, Treasurer, Jeff Otey, Secretary, David Turne, Brian McCulloch, Stan Foster, Jim Duncan (Not Pictured) Myers House Council Row 1: Jim Royals, Tim Justice, Dennis Smart, Greg Dillard. Row 2: Gerald White, Gary Latimer. Row 3: Buford Fox, Jim Loftis. Not Pictured: Brad Riddle. Jeff Clark 70 PORTABLE HOUSING Michael Houston, Melvin Irby, Gregory Edwards, Charles Harbison, Keith Hoffman. ROYSTER Tim Vanderburg, V.P., Keith Flippin, Resident Director, Billy Summers, Ricky Lancaster, President, Tim Crawford, Secretary-Treasurer, James Smith, R.A. ■ SPANGLER David Godbold, Carroll McCraw 71 u,]i i.m jjtmmim fggiffmm Quick, Put the lid back on. Dr Hunt!!! You should have seen their faces before they got their food! The WEB Staff goes to THE White Horse Restaurant with their Herff Jones Representative. Sandra Smith. " Sandra is the little one in the left corner. 72 ' j Max Pettyjohn, well known ' . around campus, takes a little nap after a hard day in school. f! Whatever you do. don ' t mess around with this guy. Forgotten your way home? 73 r- -4 ; U.I .La|..._i.L.i«i««pi!«Pa|i« 9npa - ' - ' - - - ■ Senior Class OHicers: Andrew Neal Efird, Jr . Treasurer, Beth Gray Bnttam, Secretary, Audrey A Awtrey Vice President Timothy C. Honnan. President. Nancy E- Abernathy Mary Louise Abrams Vickie Jo Adcock Harold F. Allen. Jr. James Daniel Allen Pam D. Allen Donna C. Appling Theodore Armstrong, Jr, Parvin Asachi James Austin Audrey A. Awtrey Charlotte Baily Randy Glenn Bailey Stephen M. Bare Cheryl Ann Barnett John Terry Season X ' . Lynne Becker Brian Earl Biggers Karen Renee Blanlon Larry Odell Bodie Samuel S. Bolinger Martin T. Brashier Micheal Dean Bridges Ricky Neil Burkhalter Carolyn B. Burroughs Eddie Lee Bratton Peggy S. Bridges Rebecca C. Bridwell Susan Bolt Briggs Beth Gray Brittain Robin Regina Bryan Melinda Campbell Michael Wm Capps Daniel Worth Carson Catherine W.Chambers Patricia Ann Chapman Karen E. Childers Jeff Gregg Chunn Robin Ogburn Chunn Paul Jeffery Clark Robert Neil Clary Sherry Angela Clayton Denise Geraldine Coggins Randall Lee Coleman Roger W. Collins Dety Hernandey Conner Emily Gay Coor Pamela Jane Couch 1 Timothy Lee Crawford Charles Richard Crotts Kay Kiser Crotts Danny Paul Crouse Jan Elice Cureton Gene Evan Davis Williann D. Day John D, Devine Sherri R. Diehl Doris Ann Driskill Susan L. Dill J.R. Duncan Judy Dorsey Malinda Dunlap Debbie E. Orayer Angela Kaye Dunn L ' ' .Aj W A w ] 4 ' P Xi .v Pamela Denise Duyck Jane Harper Echerd Terry R Edwards Beverly Terrence Effler Andrew Neal Efird Michael Howard Ennis Tricia A- Evans Tammy Denise Everhart Benny M.Fagan Anne Hodges Feagin Mary Ellen Fitzgerald Alan Keith Flippin Deborah Annette Flowers Terry M. Forsyth Antonette M. Frazier Michael Gary Frazier F. Robin D Freeman ; Marc J- Fried Jill Ouinn Gardner Melinda B. German Sharon Kay Godsmarit Susan Gail Goforth Damaris Gonzales Terry Samuel Gouge Donna Lynn Graves Sonya Jean Gray Lisa Shows Greene Mary Kathryn Griffith Debbie Aline Hall Patricia Ann Hallman Douglas Gale Halsey Paul Ray Hamilton Randolph Scott Hammett Jacqueline C.Hartman Dwanda Lee Haynes Jack Donald Haynes Ernie Lee Helms Phillip Dean Helton June Carol Henril Connie E. Hicks Joyce Lee Hill Caria E. Hill Ricky Elton Hill Stanley Douglas Hilton Dorothy Lavada Hodge Vickie Lynn Hoyte Marsha Hoyle Hollitield Timothy C Homan Mark Thomas Hoots Andrea D. Howell William Douglas Huntsinger Tina Lyn Ivey Bobby Leroy Hopkins Reginald Eugene Hoyle Mickey Gray Hutchens Cathy Lynn Jackson Joe Hugh Hopper. Jr. Roger Dean Hoyle David Ray Hutchins Anthony Allen Jenkins Robert Wesley Hough Rhonda C. Hunter Melanie Smart Hutchins Sharon Kay Johns Charlotte Jotinson Ctiris Ladell Jotinson Karen Denise Jones Stanley C. Kearney Joseph Finch Keever Robert W. Kirby Patricia Anne Knox Connie Hughes Lackey Lori Micheale Lancaster Ricky D. Lancaster Gary Keith Latimer Cynthia Renee Lattimore Rita Denise Lawrence Tim W. Ledtord Deborah Lynette Lee Audrey Kay Leonhardt Anita Kay Lewis James Loftis Kathy Mane Mabe Richard Vance Matthews _aura Ann Lillard Cannilla A. Loomis Sheila Amanda Maddox Linda Hagans Mauney Charles Nelson Lineberger Dwight Allen Loomis Michael Scott Mahatfey Andrea Lynette May Douglas Livingston Frances K. Lunsford Billy Jack Martin Betty Sue McBrayer V 4:: v i t ' k--Via!»- • Willie McCray Robin Sherry McCurry Nina McCurry Sandra Elizabeth McDonald Buddie T. McLaughlin Stephen Alan McKee Lester Reid McKenzie Deborah Anne McSwain Chris Todd Medlin Denise C. Medlin Teresa Wallace Melton William J. Meyler Robert Anthony Miller Linda A. Mills Manley Britt Mills Carol Diane Moore Kelvin Agusta Moseley Sherri Lynn Murray Keith J. Nance Kevin Thaddeus Oates Odis L. Kuykendall Curtis Eugene Odom Kenneth Delang Overcash John Duncan Owens Randy Nelson Page Donna Lewis Parris Gregory Kyle Partin Joy Patterson Max S Pettyjohn Beth Phillips Lilliane Phillips Risa Ann Pless Piper Pless Poteat Randy Edward Prunty Kathy Dixon Ramsey Rictiard Clark Roark Gerry Lynn Prewitt Teri S. Prunly John Randolpti Rappe Linda McGatia Robbins .aura E E. Price Ronald Lamar Putnam Zane K Revis Carole S. Sain Paul Paylon Price Patricia Alice Queen Brad Scott Riddle William Barron Scarborough Rachel E. Schlaler Winnie Kay Schutt Sandra Kay Self Joyce Ford Sellers rving Bogley Sistrunk Belly Roberts Skorman Judy M. Smith Mark Myers Shore Dennis Allen Smart Lisa Darlene Smith David Eugene Shuford James Clyde Smith, Jr. Samuel Jesse Smith Wayne C. Sinnpson John R. Smith Rhonda D. Sprinkle Teresa A, Stewart Gayle Elaine Stikeleather Janet Marie Stroud Billy Wayne Summers Carroll D Tesseniar Lynn Ttiomas Pecora Thompson Monty Renn Thornburg Charles Stephen Tipton Karen Cheryl Troutman Lisa Foster Tucker Ken Jack Turbyfill John Andrew Turner Donna Carolyn Upton Mary S Vance Tim Warren Vanderburg n I ' T- ' ♦ ' Kay Frances Vinson Stanley David Waters Lydia T. Weaver Raymond Frank White Deborah Lynn Waters Mike D. Watkins Kevin D. Whisnant Gregory Steven Whitener Larry Chester Waters David Farrell Wease . Jessie 1 . White Angela Jill Wiles landy Dean Waters Thomas Allen Wease Murray Meader White Norman D. Williams Timothy Jerome Wilkins Michael Claude Wood James Roger Wood, Jr. Joe Wayne Wood David Wesley Wright Robin Alan Yarbrough Shelia Carolyn Yelton Teresa L, Yingling Terry Wayne Young Manasses Kasse Yunmbam Mary Ruth Zanon Thomas F.Zeigler 92 Junior Class Officers: Paula Mills, Vice President; Craig Harris, President; Wally Ainswortfi, Treasurer; Gi Gi Robinson, Secretary aliintnrfi 94 Robert Todd Achberger Timothy Allen Addis Barbara S Aiken Walter Joseph Ainsworth, Jr. Melissa Jane Alexander Rodney Brian Allison Bill Anderson Holly Sharon Anderson Helen Parker Anthony Timothy H. Atkinson James T. Baker Staria E. Banner Michael Landis Banther Carl Willis Barber Steve L. Barnes Bobby Gene Barson. Jr, Linda D. Barton Trina Diane Beach H. Scott Beard Felicia G. Bell Morris Bell Randy Bennett Elizabeth Susan Blakely Areshia Blaenenship Mary Etta Blanton William Craig Blanton Eileen Martha Blume Karri Dawn Bolick Renee Boughman Frank O- Bowling 95 Brenda Marie Bradshaw Diane King Branch Victor K. Branton Cindy Fay Bridges Lisa Kay Bridges Melissa Bridges Melissa Kay Brogdon Janice Yvonne Bruce Dana Elizabeth Bucher Lloyd Allen Bunch Brenda Gail Burch Bobby Gene Burson Lisa Karen Butler Bettina Byers Janice M, Camp A. Ryan Caiinon Donald Lloyd Carnes Karen E. Carswell Jennie Sue Casseil Pauletta Chapman Donna Gail Christenburg Lena Ednetta Clark Kathy Ann Cline Tom Patrick Clark William O, Cline Dennis Wilson Connell Melody Ann Cook Robin Ann Cooley Kay E Cooper Don E. Cox % ' StM . 96 - ' STMitA t a wiKf a w : Min a Kt— i ic a Charles Britton Craig Joseph Lynn Crain Robin Crumpton Mary Lee Cudd Laura Catherine Curry Pamela Ann Davis Rodney Charles Davis Suzanne Davis Timothy Alan Davis Peter Lawrence Decker Diane P. Dedmond Carolyn Dewbwrry Tod L. Duggins Rhonda E. Dunkum Donna May Easter Kimberly Edwards Kathy Diane Beds Nancy W. Elmore Michael Darren Emmett Benjamen A. Estioko 97 Craig Fames Amelia J Farmer Wendy Diane Figgatt Tamara M- Floyd John W. Folk Cathy Maria Foister Vickie M Ford Henry S. Fortner Eunice A Foxworth Mary Riley Friend Mary Helen Gabala James Branch Gaskins Don H Gibson Joy Ann Gonzalez Lisa Ann Good Cornefia Home Goode Pamela F. Grandy Virginia Ruth Gray Gloria D. Greene Kathryn Teresa Greene Robert Joel Greer Henry J. Gregory Michael J Gurley Brenda Carol Hamby John David Hamrick Richard Handy Charles Edward Harbison Vickey M. Hardin Kenneth Craig Harris Kenneth Douglas Hams 98 ' ' • ' )w w L " gi w m a iw efg %g Pamela K. Harris Donna Ann Harvey Sherry Lynn Haynes Pamela Dawn Hefner Susan J. Heise William R. Helms Rebecca Helton Bonerceta Joyce Henderson Rachel Hendrick Barbara Ann Hewitt Terri Lynn Higgins Teresa Lynne Hipps Connie Marie Hodge Hartwell Charles Hoey Surada Lynn Hogue David Bruce Norton Martha Jeanne Hovis Debra Fulla Howell Wendy Ann Hoyle Bobby Hughes 99 ■niOTVMVM John Stuart Huntsinger Gregory Harold Hunter Robert Louis Hunter Jeffrey B Ivester Julie Adams Jackson Deborah Rachel James Kimberly Madge Jenkins Daniel C. Johnson Julie Ann Johnson Randy James Johnson Danny Wayne Jones Monica Rene Jones Timothy Ray Justice Victor James Kendall Darryl Eugene Kensinger Roosevelt Kirby Myra Elaine Kistler Edward C Knapp Deborah June Knight Gustav C Koch «y ' v-- w 100 bJ HinravHB Mary E. Koone Robert C. Koone Carole Ann Kunkle William Buck Lanham Debra T Lavender Debra Jane Lawerence Rita A. Lawson Linda Marie Lee Ricl L- Leonard Mark Steven Lewis Caldwell L. Lipsey Debra Lynn Little John Charles Littlejohn Frank Michael Livengood Joe D. Lovelace Roger Derrick Mack John H. Marble Janet L. Marshall Janice Marie Martin Timothy David Martin Deborah Ann Massey Debbie M. Masters Tamara Chrtstene Matney Sheila McClure Robert Miller McDaniel Sara F. McDaniel Frank O. McFarland, III Brian J, McNeely Tim E. McQueen Nelson F. Merritt 101 fl Tony Allen Miller Paula Dawn Mills Thomas Vernon Mode Karen Lee Moniz Edward Gtenn Moore Perry Owen Moore, Jr Kenneth H. Morphis Sherree Lynn Morns Frank O. Murphree Stephen Daniel Natl Jeanne M Nation Tammy M. Nichols Juslyn S. Obata Kazanori Ohtani Mark Edmund Oliver Hillary E. Padgett William Robert Parker Yvonne Louise Parker Debra Lynn Plemmons Susan Denise Poston Phillip Deon Rabb William W Rash Andrea Louise Reese Jeanne Dyan Roberts Gi Gi Dawn Robmson Jane D- Robinson Kevm Conrad Rockett Wanda Elaine Roten James L. Royals Bruce Eugene Rudd 102 f ' A. V H l Beverly Ann Sanford Steven M. Savage Jane K. Seay Karen Renee Sells Susan Shields Edd Shope C. Ralph Smith J. Diane Smith William Randolph Smith Dickie Roger Spargo Donald G. Spargo Carolyn Elizabeth Stewart Scott Stinchcomb Frank Streater William K. Strickland Robert Alan Strom L. Sumpter Timothy William Tannery Donnis Elaine Taylor Paul Grayson Taylor. Jr. 103 immimmmmmmm Susan R. Thompson Mark Anthony Losito Calvin Phillip Trady Karen Cheryl Troutman David R. Turner Max Lee Turner, Jr William Archie Vanhoy Randy V, Vickers Freda Lynn Walker Susan Clara Wallace Martin L. Warren Ralph Warthen Cheryl V Waters Robbie M Walkins Ronald William Webb Marian E. Weeks Dean Ervin Welch David Myles Whitaker Mildred Faye White Keith B. Whitener Dwayne A. Williams Edward Williams Sherri L. Williams William P. Williams Jacqueline K. Wilson Robert Lewis Wrenn Dana M- Wong Frederick Lewis Woodson Debbie Nell Yarbro Clarence Bonnell Young Ruth A. Yu Guess Who? 105 wmmmmmmmmm The graduating nursing class of 1980 decorates the nursing hall to celebrate their achievements. Ah ha! Caught you this time! 106 y H B Hb " The Mikado " was the drama presentation given in the spring ot 1980 Many students from all areas of study participated in this colorful play. The Gardner-Webb Orchestra provided orchestration for the drama The play vi as directed by Mr. David W. Smith and the orchestra was under the direction of Mr, Robert L. Decker, both of the Fine Arts Department, The production was a very big success. PM Magazine comes to Gardner-Webb! The college was honored by their visit. Our beautiful spring campus was featured several times in one of their daily presentations on WBTV television in Charlotte. Below is Gardner- Webb ' s exhibit in the Cleveland County Fair. This historic event happens every fall In Cleveland County and Gardner-Webb is proud to be a part of it. 107 •mm m a ■iwniip Sophomore Class Officers: Criag Meadows, Vice President. Stan Foster, President, Janet Bates. Secretary ([ Pl ([ ii;(fl?i % p 9 ilk ♦ Timothy Abernathy Laura J Addis W, Norman Aiken Judy L. Allen Sherrie D Allen Lawerence Clay Alexander Catherine Marie Anderson Victor A, Arrowood Robert D, Asbury Jane Gay Ashton Ken Atkinson Renia Baker Donna L Baptiste Jeanette Banner Janet Ann Barber Carlton Stacey Barrett Janet Mae Bates Kathy Beam Lori Ann Biggers Jeffery L. Black Barbara R. Blackburn Amy L. Blanton Louis Alexander Blue Anna L. Bodenheimer Ann Corley Bodie Paul Hall Bolt Tim Franklin Brantley Charlotte Anne Brewer Barry Stowe Bridges Veronica Dawn Bright Stephen E. Brinton Jerry Wayne Brooks Karen Suzanne Brown Ruth Ann Brunson Robin L- Bryan Susie Ann Bunch Andrew Brian Burgess Patricia Jean Burnett Cyrstal Cabaniss Tony Cabaniss David Campbell Karen Denise Campbell Jeffery E. Carlson Angelina Carpenter Dennis Keith Carroll Suzanne J. Carroll William Bradley Carson Jeffery Reid Carswell 109 Ronald William Carter David Baxter Cash Tamora Louise Chapman Tracey Allen Chapman Marty Keith Childers Julia L. Childlez Crystal Jacklynn Cohen Mark Lee Cole Autumn Nell Collins Joe Douglas Compton Sherry Lynn Congleton Chris Harold Conner Judith E. Connolly Belinda Denise Cooke Molly Denise Copper Reginald W, Coltrain, Jr David Brian Cox Roxanne Cox Pattie Yvonne Crawford Greg C. Crosby Jacquelyn J, Daris Gladys H, Davenport Donna L Day Dee Gerald Deal Iris Daloris Dennison Carmen Rita Diaz Charles Todd Dickinson Gregory Gerald Dillard Gary L. Dixon Barbara Ann Douglas James K. Echerd Gregory R Edwards Robin Lynn Edwards Catherine Amanda Eller Mary M, Elmore Jerry P Epting, Jr Katherine I. Pagan Anne Elizabeth Farmer Brian Keith Farmer Peter R Feix Lacole Fender Donna Elizabeth Floyd Leigh Carol Foglia Judy Lee Foster Stanley Foster Buford Burton Fox Elizabeth R- Foxx Susan Anette Purr 110 - ■ - ' ' ' ' ' T» ri--.»nMie,ir ts « ' »MMi Ae r® Joseph Allen Freeman Richard D. Gaddis Teresa G, Gardner Gary A. Garner Anita Louise Garrett Linda Faye Garrison Kathy Darlene Gentle Richard D. Gettys David Edward Gibson Ruth E, Gilbert Angela Kay Gill Ruth J. Gilliam Lisa Gllmore Robert Daniel Gladson James Thomas Glenn David C. Godbold Richard Thomas Goodman Franklin Gore Rhonda J. Greene Michael Keith Gregory Debbie Ruth Greene Randall James Greene Sue E. Greene Fredrick Kent Greer Todd Edward Greene William R. Griffith f argaret Griggs Dale E. Grinstead Sharon Leigh Hall " I promise, we ' re just friendsl " 111 . (iwawi " «P«m M«mVM wm mmmm SHINE ON Martha Lisa Hemes Eric Hammond Joey Lyn Hammond Roger Phillips Hammonds Wendell Gregory Hamrick Michael Kent Harrelson Betina Jane Harris Beverly Dawn Hartline Richard D. Harwell Paul Hayes Jacqueline Haynes Robert James Headley Dale Wayne Heffner Don S Heffner Marcie Cecille Hicks Marnita Amanda Hoey Rosemari T, Holland Rufus Holmes Mickey E. House Michael Anthony Houston Dotha Ann Howell Robert Guy Humphries James Hutcherson Dan R. Hutchins Stephanie Louise Inman Grady Lee Jackson Danny R. Jenkins Scott Jenkins D. Marie Jester Steven M Johns © t ' - ' :A • i T c © ,fv 4j 1 ♦ e 1 - £%ii f f ' . i 1 112 £l %3 ,4 Kl Eddie Johnson Kirby D. Johnson Steven L. Johnson Beverly Ann Jones David G. Jones James C. Jones Julie Beth Jones Rebecca Jones San L. Jones Susan Caroline Jones Denise Lorraine Jordan Timothy S. Jordan Mary Margaret Kale Katherine A. Keisier Donald W. Keller Joseph Kelly Sharon K, Kelly Jill P. Kennedy Marcia M. Kennedy S- Roxann Kilpatrick Cheryl Lynn Kinlaw Jennifer Gwen Kiser Linda J. Klein Carlisle Woodson Koonts David Lee LeGrange Dan J, Langmade Michael Lauter Marion Blaine Levels Sonya Marie Littlejohn Anne Marie Longshore Karen Elizabe Lopez Sherry Love Oscar Thomas Lowe. Thanya E. Lowery Pat Ann Ludecke Sherri L. Lutz Quinton Macon Michael Maddox Catherine Marshburn Jerry H. Martin Merri A. Martin Sandra Carol Matthews Sandra L. McCraw Henry Carroll McCray, Jr. Brian T. McCulloch Thomas M. McDaniel Billy Ray McEntire Robert J. McGuire 113 iPMipnip 114 Maria J- McLean Sherry Marie McLean Craig Meadows Diane L. Melton Lynn L. Melton Michael David Melton Marsha A. Metcalf Vance L. Midgett Susan Elaine Moore Joy Lynn Morehead Don M. Morris, Jr. Victoria L. Mraz John F, Muforza Joy K. Mullins Lisa S. Nichols John C. Norman Teresa Ann Norris Beverly Ann Dates Michael Lee Ogle Ernest R. Oliver Cindy Patterson Donnie Ray Peeler Janet Lynne Penley Wendy Marie Philbeck Amy Ann Phillips Jackie Renee Pickett Rhonda Gail Pilkington Loresa Annette Pinyon George Alan Poole Cyndy Sarah Porter Janet M. Portice Margaret Ann Putnam Robert Quattlebaum Barry L, Queen mil II 1 1 1 ii miMMiiiniiiiini ■ 9 p P OO r H f Ni i © f i ft Grady Terry Queen Edna Idella Ramseur Andrea Faye Ramey Gary Gene Rayfield Lisa Anne Reavis N- Denise Rich Thomas Scott Richards Robert Dale Riffle Jo Ann Riley Johnny D. Roach William Roberts Paul Jeffrey Robinson Elizabeth Lake Rogers TamI B. Ruckman Mike L. Russell Gay Sain Teresa Roxanne Sain Joe H, Saylor Kim F. Scronce Jane Searcy Jeffrey Scott Seaver James Randall Settle Cora Shade Linda K. Sharpe Clayton Madison Slatton Angela Dee Smith Donald Keith Smith Leanne J. Smith Janet Marie Sneed Janet L. Snuggs ' .h:::P ' s0 115 Mary N Spanos Michael Frank Splawn Teresa Stanley Mark Eugene Steele Betsy Ann Steinert Steven D. Stilwell Krmberly Ann Stout Anthony N Strange Thomas Watson Stuart Brent Alan Suddreth Bud Summerlin Jean M. Summers Leslie Swann Christopher Tatlent John Kemp Taylor Sandra M. Taylor Dwight F Thomas Susan K. Thomas Michael R. Thompson Debra Lee Thornburg Cynthia Dawn Tipton Anita Gail Toney Terry Charles Triplett Myra Lynne Troutman Marsha Turner Mary Lynn Turner Brenda E Turnmire Veronique Jeane Vidal Rita Annette Vinson William D Walker S. Kirk Ward Marty H. Watson Kay Lynn Watts Kenneth L Weathers Ray Sutton Webb Brenda K. Welborn Diane Elizabeth West Evans P Whitaker Platte Dean White Barry Todd Whitfield Eva M Whittington Laura J Williams Pam Williams Jill Marie Williamson Kimberly Denise Willis Amy Wilson Bruce Baird Wilson Chris E. Winans 116 Jimmie Frank Wood Patsy Ann Wood Madison Maurice Wright Rita Denice Young Arthur Orland Yount " Pose please. ' 117 w ■RP W BSF Horace Hammeft and Lorene Woody were both teaching at Boiling Springs Junior College in 1928 when they decided it was too bad their students didn ' t have a school song. The couple, who were dating at the time, decided to connpose one. Sometimes the couple disagreed with each others efforts on the song. The couple almost broke up over it. Finally, the songwriting team finished their project. The next year they got married. Here, the Hammetts lead the singing of their composition during a special convocation on January 15, 1980 which opened Gardner- Webb College ' s 75th anniversary celebration. MUSIC FILLS THE AIR Bulldog Band cheers the football team as they score another touchdown! 118 2 M K ' » ■ ' svwn ksT«H ' rivnHi) rxHaaH Mr. Ed Allison leads orchestra practice. Allison also is ttie orctiestra instructor at Stielby High School. 119 • ' Alt pi»WWBWWIWWIIi;|pipi|i|||p i i»» Freshman Class Officers: Maria Vollmer. Vice-President; Jerome Creach, President; Tim Lowry, Secretary; Scott Farrell. Treasurer ¥mmmm 120 : -vnvSfr-rnmmf warviWVsavtKts f fx, ff,at fi mF ( n w jft il flf.t tp C : ftf. John Mark Adams Robin L Adams Vanessa Allen V Todd Anthony Mandy Ashley Thomas H, Ashley Rodney A. Atwood Quomitia D, Baird Johnny L Baker Pamela Denise Baker Cynthia Ann Ballard Jeanette K. Barmore Mark Dean Baucom Bryan Scott Beal Anne M. Becker Yvette V. Benjamin Mary Beth Bennett L. Michelle Benson James M. Bentley Doug Ross Biggs Thomas Hugh Blackwell Edwin Blankenship Jan Lynn Blanton Wendy Boggs Douglas Leon Bonner Kim Kay Borchers Penny D. Borders Chris P. Bowen Edward E. Bowen Denise Lynne Bowman Edward Boyle Debbie J. Brackett Patricia Bradford David E. Bramlett Todd F. Brantley Virginia Bray Bruce Bridges Tim B- Brooks Ralph T. Brown Donna S. Breen Tina M. Brinkley Deborah F. Brogdon H- Cameron Brooks Mark Buff Rhenae I. Banning Mary Ellen Burch Beth Burleson Jerry Burleson Olin Steels Byrum Kelly J. Caldwell Gregory A. Camp Sherry A. Canipe Wilgeena G. Carey Worth H. Carier Benjy R. Carpenter Mark Carpenter Jeffrey Alen Cash R. Arledge Castles III Julie Champion Richard E. Chapman Janice V. Cherry William Warren Chesser Jill E. Clodfelter 121 !««MiP ? Hl iF Jill E. Clodfelter Roberta S. Clyde Besty Cocke Krista L. Colle Thomas Ray Compton Richard A. Coode Connie Faye Cook Debra Deanne Cook David Wayne Cooper Angela M. Corry Barbara Ann Crajg Jerome Freder Creach Brent Allan Crenshaw Boyce Glenn Crumpton Karen A, Davidson Chariene Kay Davis Darius Bern Davis Jacqueline S Davis Jeff Davis Ruth C. Davis Susan E Davis B Scott Deese Richard L. Dellinger Denny Dennison Celia Devinney Denise Dixon Robert M. Dockery Hazel W, Duncan Jackson Tim Doss Hampton Drum N. Keith Duncan James Spencer Earle Philip Easterling William B. Estridge R Cecil Faile Sheila L. Faragher Dorothy Alice Faris 122 ■ 11 I ■ III if i| WWd li ' I II ! N i m ill |R W r T mj fs f% f% Janet M. Farmer Sandra Farnelli ScotI D. Farrell Wendy-Rae Farrugia Donnadrez D- Flack Daniel P. Flood Kenny Lloyd Forbes Ricky Lee Fortner Dennis Lee Frady Nathan R. Frank David A, Frazier Martin A, Gambrill James K, Gardner Mary Ann Garrett Robbin Kay Gaskey Darlene Gasperson Jeffrey Scott Gasque Bill Paul Gee Billy Gibson B, Dwayne Gibson Marttia E. Gibson Pamela Gillard Gerald Ttiomas Godbold Tammy D. Goode Tammy R. Godwin Teresa Leigti Good Paul D. Goodson Robin Given Gordon Angela Allyon Gray Kevin J. Green Linda C. Greene Roger A. Greene Glenn Greenv ood Kenneth Grilledge Timottiy Dan Guest Susan Annette Hall V. Lyn Hamby Cindy H. Hamilton Duncan Aaron Hamilton Micki Lynn Hamrick Sharon E. Hamrick Stephanie Lynn Hamrick Greg S. Handsel Everett Hardy Janet Carol Harmon Jack Mitchell Harris Robert Neil Harris Ricky Lee Harward Kelly E. Hastings Mike J. Hawkins David Patrick Haynie 11 Patience Hefner Vincent D. Hefner Pam Helms Jim M- Henderson Donna Joyce Hensley Rebekah Ann Henson Mary Beth Hicks Rebecca A. Hicks Lynda Neeld Hitchcock Sandra Lynn Hodge Ervin Keith Hoffman Anthony L. Holland 123 T SSSBSBBS Jean Ellen Holland Carmen L, Hood Jonathan R, Hord Kim Diane Howard Chris G. Howell Rhonda L, Howell Henry Franklin Hoyle Jeff C. Hudgins Mark Anthony Huffman Julie T. Huggins William B Huneycutt Calvin Leon Hunt Melvin Irby Douglas F Irvin Karen Jean Isley Jay L. Jackson Rwokuda M. Jachi Brenda K. Jamison Barry Scott Johnson Carol Edith Johnson Jill Johnson Mozella W Johnson Rachael B Jolley Rachel Eli zabeth Jones India D Jordan Sharon V Jordon Terry Jordon Sara Jane King Terri Lynn Kirby Karen Jo Kirtler Nancy Denise Lail Scott Eric Lake Connie J. Lanning Jan C. Lassiter David Alan Leath Barbara Ledbetter Cindy Ledford Jeff Lewis Leek Cynthia F Lever Allan Lewis Marion C Lewis Marnette F Lindsay Tanya Dawn Little J Johnson Lloyd John Watkin Love f f hA ft fi 1 f mfl a: kJ fe .A tSii ' £, 4 Greg Lovelace Tim Roy Lowry Klmberly Ann Mack James L. Manuel Gerard Marchese E. Vincent Marley Keith A. Marshall Linda K. Martel Myra J Martin Stephen D. Martin Claude Jay Mauney Patricia L- Mauney Jane Maynard Scott L. McAlister James Steven McAteer Carolyn E- McCarter Lori Beth McDuffie Janice Leigh McGee DeAnna J. McGaha Frank P. McGowan Lori Anne McGrath Cheryl Ann McKimney Jami Lynne McNeely William A, McSwain Colin McWhirter Oscar Xavier Means Lori Mickey Gary William Miller Gina L. Miller Joyce G, Miller Jennifer Millingen Anne Mills D. Kelli Mitchell Deobrah Alexis Montgomery Marsha S, Monroe James Greg Moore Jennifer A. Morrah Rollin A. Mosley Donald Alvin New ton David Mario Nocera Mark R. Norton Paul J. Orofina Jeffrey Dean Otey Mary V. Otto Alisa N. Painter Marilyn Y. Parnell Diane C. Parker Kelly Lynn Parks Lora F. Passmore Jeff L. Pender Cindy K. Pindleton Cherie Reve Perrault Robin C, Perryman Lori Pettit Lisa Gay Pettus Allyson Don Petty Angela D. Phillips Todd Phillips Paul Lowell Phillips Ed M. Pilegard Jr. Terry Bruce Porter Tim Bryan Porter Lou Ann Poston 125 • 1 uiwu " " mmmrnggiigmigiggg Hi Tim E- Potter Donna Poulsen Lora Lee Poulsen Tania Deanne Powers Robert Prescott Julia Ann Pruett Anthony J. Putnam Terry Ann Putnam Walter Steve Putnam Cynthia Ann Railey Kimberly L, Randolph Charles C, Renfro Anthony Earl Revels Charles E. Reynolds Robert Benjamin Rhymer Jeffrey Richards Donald Linn Ritchie Deborah Ann Ritchey Kimberley Lee Robbins Carolyn Roberts George Ann Rodgers Elizabeth V. Romney Louis Langfo Rose Sherryl Lynn Roten Robin Anne Rumfelt Steven Douglas Russell Susan Orvis Russell Baronda L. Samuel Betty 8, Sanderson Robert K. Schaddelee Vicki Lynn Seism Jonathan Scott Pam Ann Scott Lisa A. Scronce Deborah J. Seagroves Roger Glenn Self Sandy Kay Sells Gregg Edward Sides Tim Bray Sigmon Leigh P. Simmons Robert Simmons Rheba Ann Simpson Terry Len Sims Phil D. Sizemore E. Alan Smathers Alan Lane Smith Billy Smith Daniel Thomas Smith Donald Duane Smith Gina Rae Smith Iva Karen Smith Robert Smith Sara J. Snelling Robert D. Solomonic Lisa Sparks Selink Diane Speaks Tracy Kent Stairley Caria E, Stamey Martha Stewart Tammy K. Stroup Jeff L. Studley Karen Suddreth Michael John Sullivan 126 SflMf { Mm fi ' mtM, Timothy B Swilley Anna Michele Taylor Cecilia Elain Taylor James Edward Taylor Kimberly G. Taylor Tamara Jane Taylor Joy A. Tesseniar Paul John Thever Pam G. Thrasher Sharon D. Thurman Thai Ttsdale Linda Renee Toney Neal H. Walls Satchie Tucker Tracy Tucker Susan Marie Tyndall Lisa E. Vanderburg Tedd Harris Vaughan Maria Lee Vickers Maria Vollmer Bobby E. Walker Pamela E. Walker Wade Wallace Sherry D. Wallace Daphney D. Warner Betty Anne Watkins Gregory Keith Watt Mike K. Weatherford Lisa Carol Weaver S. Deland Weaver Janet Lee Wellmon Dianne M. Whitaker Sylvia A. White Jim W. Whitehead Trina J. Whitley Stephanie Wiggins Eddie Wilkins Donald Wilkinson Lisa Denise Willingham Angela Maria Willis Amy J. Wilson Karen Renee Wilson Maria Renee Wilson Matthev McCall Wilson Edward Lee Winchester Joan Michelle Withers James T, Woodlief 127 mi A Philip L Elliott mr ' A play of Cardner-webb college ' s struggle during the 40s and of the instrumental part the lives of Governor 0. Max Gardner and G-W college President Philip L. Elliott played. November 21, 22 8:00 p.m. Hcamrick Auditorium on the Gardner-Webb college Campus The Director . . . Brenda Cro5Bv The Playwright . C. Robert Jones O. Max Gardner 128 THE CAST Terri Prunty. Ruth Ann Brunson, Teresa Yingling, P. A. Cline. Jr., John Taylor, Frank Moore, Keith Flippin, Stephen Ware, Ellen Palmer. Dana Bucher. . - ' L i 129 ' CISSraESJHK? (T . gFUE) m 1980 The initial idea of Spring Jubilee was to serve as a replacement for the old May Day tradition. This was a festive celebration carried on when the college was in its earlier development. Today, Spring Jubilee is thought of as more of a replacement for Homecoming it ' s an excuse for having a celebration in the spring too. Here, students are involved in one-legged races, pie-throwing, and sack races. It ' s a lot of fun and makes a big mess, but then it ' s always " funner " when its messy! Looks like a real celebration, huh? 130 A good game of Volleyball and then Its on to the sack races. In past years the Spring Jubilee celebration has been in the form of carnivals and outdoor parades. Over all, though its just plain good entertainment. The Student Government Association coordinates and sponsors the entire event. Much work and preparation goes into organizing the activities. There ' s even a QueenI Nominations are taken for Spring Jubilee Queen and representatives from each class attend. Last year ' s queen was Miri am Harding, She is pictured on page 133. f iMj. 131 JW, ' ». " ?- " A ' IWJR im . k. I H9 B T .tA XF B B H m Ik i H B i IH Hp ' : v :: ' - ' B • ■ H H i " . 1 1 ■ L-ri F v » .jj, , 1 1 IliilllH HHI H f ' Wm 1 H B. - Fv v P || HB ' ? . . B Hki . H I SPRING JUBILEE QUEEN MIRIAM HARDING AND ESCORT EDDIE KNAPP 133 BBS Welcome to BULLDOG BASKETBALL mmmmmmm 135 i-,i[. iiLjijiii.i.i.iLuiiiiy mini|g B B m- CO LU CO O CO LU X LU Q DC O O 00 a 136 Sir John King talks with " Skipper Bowles " and Craven Williams in front of the Webb Building. w, ' Vs: ' : . ? ' l: Hundreds of people gathered to watch as 207 baccalaureate and associate degrees were conferred Saturday (f ay 10. 1980) upon Gardner-Webb College graduates. Dr. Craven E. Williams conferred the honorary Doctor of Humanities degree upon Sir John King, chairman of the board for Babcock International, Limited. After Sir John ' s acceptance, he offered a commencement address presenting his concept of success. Dr. Hargrove " Skipper " Bowles, Jr. and Dr. R. Patrick Spangler issued a response. Williams conferred degrees upon more than 200 students and reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul, " ' For though everything belongs to you . . . the world, life, and death, the present and the future, all of them belong to you — yet, you belong to Christ, and Christ to God. ' " 137 «Hi WHO ' S WHO Mary Abrams, Lynne Becker, Anne Feagin, Randy D. Waters, Ellen Fitzgerald, Connie Hicks, Cindy Lattimore. Beth Brittain, Camilla Loomis, Denise Medlin, Debbie Fray Drayer, Dwight Loomis, Todd Medlin, Tim Homan, Brad Riddle, Kelvin Moseley. NOT PICTURED: Teresa Yingling, Keith Flippin, Beth Phillips, Rachel Schlafer, Mary Ruth Zanon, Phillip Helton, Melinda German, Worth Carson, Melinda Campbell. Cathy Jackson, Frances K. Lunsford, Winnie Schutt, Lillian E, Phillips. Each year at commencement exercises across the country, a select group of students are called forward to accept one of the most prestigious awards the academic community can bestow — being selected to WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. This exclusive honor is conferred by more than 1,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and symbolized by the presentation of an award certificate. After 46 years of serving higher education, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES exists as one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honor programs in the nation, having earned the overwhelming respect of college faculties and administrations. And for the students — the outstanding campus leaders of the year — national recognition by the Who ' s Who program marks a pinnacle of scholastic achievement. The procedure of nomination serves to highlight the individual and diverse tallents of America ' s most prominent students. For through their contributions and service to community and school, these are the young adults who enhance the positive image of American youth. 138 ' ' ' mmrnimmmmm _jj= 1 P l rja JF k H n jffjp B HH THEY LOVE TO HAVE THEIR PICTURE TAKEN. 139 y MWWUj!«W!ip " PliimiWPPl " P«i!RW!l mi 1 1 1 i® 1 V Education means involvement in ideas, in campus life, in service, in commitment, in career, preparation, in becoming the best. Involvement means . . . 140 -mm mmmifmmm W i3 ' l ' H ' ' ' ■■«?. iSI . HBrl fml Gardner -Wfebb GJkge 141 WW5! BWPPIIWP JAMES H. RASH: TEACHER, SERVANT, LEADER Gardner-Webb lost a valuable teacher in 1980. Jim Rash was the victim of cancer. Many of us still love and miss him. Below is a tribute written by a true and close friend of Jim ' s, Ernest Blankenship. Blankenship is chairman of the English department at Gardner-Webb. James " Jim " Rash spent the last sixteen years of his life in the service of fellowmen and his denomination at Gardner-Webb College. As a teacher Jim was innovative, creative, demanding and compassionate. To the beauty of art he added love. Students everywhere testify to his effectiveness as a teacher. Jim ' s sense of humor, especially when he was in good health, enriched the quality of life among his colleagues; and unlike those who come on strong in the beginning and then fade away, Jim was a man whose value over the years perceptively and appreciatively increased in the minds of those who knew him best. Jim was a faithful husband and a devoted father. For his family he was willing to make any sacrifice, and life itself was not more dear to him than the welfare of his family. The Church occupied much of Jim ' s thought and energies. He saw the Church as an institution through which social concern and help for the poor and oppressed should be channeled. His vision and his example continue to challenge the social conscience of the Church and serve as living monuments to his spirit and his service. First, he set up a fund to establish a home for the aged and the infirm. The suggested possibilities offer inspiration to the members of Boiling Springs Baptist Church and should be a challenge to churches everywhere. Second, Jim involved the Boiling Springs Baptist Church and a great portion of the Boiling Springs community in t he Broughton Ministries. This program of service won Jim the esteem of the citizens of Boiling Springs, the gratitude of the patients and staff of Broughton Hospital, and on two occasions the commendation of the Governor of the State. The recognition Jim received was small in comparison to the service he rendered. Very few people, if any, fully appreciated or knew the extent of his work. Jim spent most of his " leisure " hours in the art lab devising new glazes or in some inconspicious place planning more effective ways to broaden the service ministries of his school and Church to the patients of Broughton Hospital, to those in need in his own community, or to those in need in some other community. Unobtrusively, but persistently, he went about doing good deeds. The result of his spirit and work remains and constantly reminds us of the quality that we would like to find in the true Servant- Leader. Jim resisted being placed in the conventional mold that his world held for him with judgmental rigidity. His generosity forbade his laying up treasures for himself, and his " individualistic " manner forbade that he conform to the conventional patterns. Of the roads before him, he chose the one " least travelled by, " and that made a difference in Jim ' s life and in the life of his community. 142 t l,-yy_jL Pf X - ' - Oe o- L-:0 mmmma mmm TRIBUTE TO THE LATE ROBERT L. TREXLER Dr. Robert L. Trexler passed away April 25, 1980, after experiencing heart difficulties at a faculty meeting. On April 29, 1980, a memorial service was held with Keith Dixon, Associate College Minister, presenting this tribute. Many clearly endorsed this tribute saying, " Yes, that ' s the way we knew him. " We believe you will appreciate this sincere remembrance. Today we have assembled here as a college family to honor Robert L. Trexler. This is a very special time for all of us because of our deep love and appreciation for Mr. Trexler. I feel that many of my experiences with him were like the experiences many of you have had with him because of his genuine concern not only for his students but for every student on the campus of Gardner-Webb College, as well as his colleagues. Mr. Trexler ' s concerns touched all areas of life in this college community. He demanded academic excellence in the subjects he taught. Any student of Mr. Trexler ' s can testify that to take a test in his class, one had better know names, dates, places, the obvious, as well as the background materials. " God gave us a mind to develop and use " came from his lips many times in conversation. But, Robert Trexler ' s concerns did not stop at the classroom door. His dedication to his sense of Christian Missions developed into the Missions Fellowship Organization on our campus. He wanted people to be aware of the missions both on campus and in the churches. He was an avid supporter of the Christian Service Organization to help those students who had answered God ' s call into ministries of all sorts. At any time, you could find Mr. Trexler at a Bulldog Basketball game. He wasn ' t just a spectator; he was a participant. Just this year, he had to leave a game that was close because the tension was too much for him, and he feared what happened this past Friday afternoon. So he walked outside the gym and waited on the sidewalk the final 3 or 4 minutes to hear the final score. He was there not so much in support athletics, but more so in support of the athletes. On the lighter side, those who knew Mr. Trexler best probably found out that he was quite a hand at matchmaking! He had me matched with every secretary he had from 1975 to just a few weeks ago! But underneath the laughter and fun was a concern that his students and friends find a fine Christian helpmate because he knew how important that part of life was and often expressed his thankfulness for his wife who was so dear to him. In retrospect, I ' ve only touched on a few areas of the life of a great man of God. Robert Trexler was a man who followed the two greatest commandments of the Almighty God. He loved the Lord God with all his heart and all his mind and loved His neighbor as himself! Often I heard the words, " Keith, come by if you have a problem you need help with, or if you just want to blow off some steam, or just relax and talk ... " I had heard those words from many people, but somehow a genuineness in the warm voice of Robert Trexler rolled out the welcome mat after the words had subsided. This openess was not just to me but to everyone! Life was dear to Robert Trexler. He loved life and lived it to its fullest. There was no secret about where his joy of living came from. He knew the Giver of life, and he wanted everyone to know and experience the new and abundant life in Christ. Robert Trexler loved and was loved; he cared and was cared for; and his life was so precious to us because in it we can see that truly life is worth the living because He (Jesus the Christ) lives! 143 ■ ■ PWPI ■■i Evans Whitaker, Editor THE YEAR IN REVIEW — that ' s what these 160 pages are all about. They bring to mind memories that have accompanied this great school year and serve as a history book tor Gardner-Webb ' s 76th year of success. Gardner-Webb ' s noble foundation supports its growing present and points to a great future for the college. I have found through research of the college ' s history that Gardner-Webb has experienced many cold and trying times. It has also seen many good and prosperous times as well. Gardner-Webb has grown in many ways this year. The student population increased, new building was constant, programs increased and diversified, and academic excellence continued to rise. All this points to a GREAT FUTURE for Gardner-Webb. This is our theme for the 1980-81 edition of the WEB, It fits us well. The annual has taken on new characteristics this year. Unlike past volumes, the 1981 WEB contains more color than any before it. It also looks at life at Gardner-Webb with a lighter view — how it really is you might say. We ' ve shared the happy, the sad, and the " in-betweens " and hopefully the WEB has captured some of all. The staff ' s primary goal is to present an overall idea of what Gardner-Webb is all about. In doing this, I sincerely hope that we have captured at least one time that is special to you. The WEB involves many people to whom credit goes unrecognized, although their contributions were essential in the making of this book. My appreciation is extended to Mrs. Debbie Putnam for her constant efforts In overseeing the total publication. Mrs. Sharon Garfield also took a special interest in the WEB and has contributed much in its development. I would like to thank Lem Lynch and Garland Davis for their photographic work and their interest in the yearbook. A special thanks goes to Sandra Smith of Herff Jones Yearbooks. She was an excellent representative and a wonderful person. The WEB staff including Wally Ainsworth, Sherri Diehl, Tim Doss, Steve Russell, Kent Stairley, Dana Wong, and Jim Wood, are to be commended for their full-time work on the annual. Most of the work was done by them and each one has contributed individual ideas in the making of the WEB, Finally, I would ' like to thank the students of Gardner-Webb for whom the book was made. Without them, it wouldn ' t have been possible! It has been an extreme honor and pleasure to be the editor of the 1981 WEB. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you. Evans Whitaker 144 STUOEI jirx il v » r. -i i ' 1 tf A m SI 1 tU m- 1 C Tt jN ufl Bbffig l m| 1 p1 1 V i % ' N. . ;., ' .■ -y J-, 1 AC emathy Nancy Elizabeth Rl 1 . Box 33-B Ml Gitead, NC 27306 Anderson Jjiius Wilbur Rt 1 . Box 49 valley Head, AL 35985 Baker Johnny Leon 5972-A Ten-ell Court Columbia, SC 29206 Beard. Hoyle Scon 608 Whisnant Si Shelby, NC 28150 AOemathy. Timothy Date 99 McAdermlle Rd Belmont. NC 28012 Anthony, Anne Carpenter Rt- 4 Uncolnton. NC 28092 Baker, Pamela Denntse 271 Watson Ave. Taytorsville. NC 28681 Beason, John Terry Box 142 Boiling Sprgs., NC 28017 Abrams, Mary Louise P O Box 823 Boiling Springs, NC 28017 Anthony. Efczabeth Camp Rt. 4. Box 72 Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Baker. Renia 7119 Neal Rd. Chariotte. NC 28213 Becker. Anne Mane 603 Henderson Dr Jacksonville. NC 28540 Achberger, Robert Todd 204 Weber Ave North Canton, OH 44720 Anttiony. Helen Partcer Rt 5, Box 27-B Taytorsville. NC 28681 Ballard. Cindy Ann 21 54 Greencrest Dr. Atlanta. GA 30345 Becker Lynne Diane 603 Henderson Dr Jacksonville, NC 28540 Adams, John Martt 1025 MekxJy Lane Spartanburg. SC 29303 Anthony, Vincent Todd 3006 E Long Ave. Gastonia. NC 28062 Banner. Jeanette 41 1 Crawford St Shelby. NC 28150 Behms, Anita Mane Rt 1 , Box 39 -A Bosbc. NC 28018 Adams. Robin Linn Rt 8. Box 497 Salisbury, NC 28144 Appling, Donna Cathenne Pnce St Box 25 Caroleen. NC 28019 Banner. Starla Elizabeth 716 Gaywood Df Chariotte, NC 28210 Bell, Felicia Gennine 1615 South Ave Shelby. NC 28150 Adcock. Vtckie Jo 207 E, Pigg SL Pageland. SC 29728 Armstrong T heodore 1 732 Bradford St Gastonia, NC 28052 Banther. Michael Landis Rt 1 , Box 301 Lake Toxaway, NC 28747 Bell, Karen Padgett Rt 1 1 5024 Pecan Or. Shelby. NC 28150 Atkfis. Uuna Joyce 203 Lavonne Ave. Easley, SC 29640 Arrovwood, Nancy Ketler 1102 Mark Dr- Shelby. NC 281 SO Baptiste, Donna Lee Devon ire 4 Berrruxla Bell. Norris 459Northside Or =197 AOanta. GA 30318 Addis. Timothy Allen 203 Lavonne Ave Easley. SC 29640 Anowood. Victor Anthony Rt 9, Box 1082 Asheville. NC 28803 Bart)er. Cari Willis Rl 2, Box 392-B Havana, a 32333 Benjamin, Yvette Vida 845 Yori( Si Camden NJ 08102 Ajken, Bartjara Stames Rl 2. Box 122-M Forest City. NC 28043 Asachi. Paruin = 2 Charbagh Bala istahan, Iran Barber. Janet Anne 308 Fayetteville St Aberdeen. NC 2B315 Bennett Mary Beth 426 Forest Dr Graham. NC 27253 Aiken. Wafter Norman 209 Illinois SI Spindale, NC 28160 Asbury, Robert Dale 1608 Summey Ave Chariotte, NC 28205 Bare. Stephen Mark P.O. Box 541 N. Witkesboro. NC 28659 Benoy, Kari Weston General Delrvery Lake Lure, NC 28706 Ainsworth, Waller Joseph 1218 Castlerock Df Fayetleville, NC 2S304 Ashley. Amanda Kay Rt 1. Blanton St Columbus. NC 28722 Barkley, Jacqueline Cnsp 409 E Tenn Ave. Bessemer City. NC 28016 Benson. Lynda Michelle 1411 Tyonek Dr Ourt am. NC 27703 Aldndge, Dennis Randolph P Box 2228 Shelby. NC 28150 Ashley. Thomas Hugh Rl 6, Box 526 Durham, NC 27703 Barmore, Kimbwtyn Jeanette Rt. 5. Box 335 Belton. SC 29627 Bentley, James Mk;haet PO Box 304 Jonesville, SC 29353 Alexander Lawrence Clay 201 Ervin Or Cherryville. NC 2S021 Ashton. Jane Gay 2566 S.W. 14th Or Gainesville, FL 32608 Barnes. Robert Lee PC Box 755 Wilkesboro, NC 28697 Benttey, Michael LkDyd Rt 7. Box 397 H«;kory. NC 28601 Alexarxler. Melissa Jar e S04 De new Rd. CherryviUe. NC 28021 Atchley. Meiinda Wall 19 Vance St Forest City. NC 28043 Barnes. Steve Lunstord 34 Chimney Rock Rd Rutheffordton, NC 28139 Biggers, Bnan Eari 6301 Theto Dr. Chariotte. NC 28212 Allen Harold Fre Jenck Rt 3. Box 126 Hamptonville, NC 27020 Atkinson. Kenr an Allan Rt 2. Box 138-L Whittjer. NC 28789 Bametl. Cheryl Ann Rt 2. Box 19-B Gastonia. NC 28052 Biggers, Lori Arvi Rt 1, Box 413 G rover NC 28073 Alien James Daniel Rt 2, Box 195-C Mocksvilte, NC 27028 Atkirtson, Timothy Huntley 3245 Wicklow Pl- Charlotte, NC 28205 Barrett. Bonrta Gail Rt 3. Box 230-A Lawndale. NC 28090 Biggs. Douglas Ross 5711 Dude Ranch Rd- Durham. NC 27704 Allen, Jennifer Alexander Rt 1 Box 297 Mooresboro, NC 28114 Atwood, Rodney Allan Rt 2. Box 330 State Road. NC 28676 Barrett Cartton Slacey Rt 6 Shelby. NC 28150 Black. Jeffrey Lane 6204 Statesville Rd. Chariotte. NC 28213 Allen. jLKly Lee 1153 E- 14 St Stuart. R. 33494 Austell. Anita Blanton P O. Box 99 Earl. NC28D38 Ban-eti. Robert Laurerice 2205 Chanticleer Dr Rock Hill, SC 29670 Blackburn. Bartiara Rose P Box 872 BoiSng Sprgs-, NC 28017 Allen. Pamela D Box 1209 Forest City, NC 28043 Austin, James Patrokles Rt 1. Box 7 Cades. SC 29518 Barrier. Dc Mehrin 102-C Ross St Morganlon. NC 28655 Blackemon. Betty H 5109 Circle Dr. Shett)y. NC 28150 Allen. Sheme Denise Rt 3. Box 126 Hamptonville NC 27020 Awtrey. Audrey Ann Rt 3, Box 263-A Siler Crty, NC 27344 Barton, Linda Diane 1110 Blair St Thomasville. NC 27360 Biackweli Thomas Hugh Rl 5. Box 424 Hendersonville. NC 28739 Allen. Vanessa Rae Rl 3. Box 138 Spruce Pine. NC 28777 Bailey. Charlotte Lorraine Rd 3. Box 252-C China Grove. NC 28023 Bates, Janet Mae 123 Bowling Ave Unkjn. SC 29379 Bla( wood, Angela Chnstme P Box 633 EnenbofO. NC 28040 Alltson. Rodney Brian 2 Meadowbrook Or Durham, NC 27712 Bailey, Rar tfy Glenn Rt 3. Box 671.F Shelby. NC 28150 Baucom, Mark Dean 7619 Neweil Hickory Rd Chariotte NC 282i2 Blackwood, Donna Lynn Box 633 EDenboro. NC 28040 Ailred, Susan Gail 3039 Gardner Parte Dr. Gastoniai NC 28052 Bailey. Rosa Dalphme PC Box 627 Caroteen, NC 28019 Beach, Tnna Diane 248 Sharon Ave N W. Lenoir. NC 28645 Blakety. Elizabeth Susan Rt- 3. Box 11 Leicester- NC 28748 Anderson. Cathenne Marie 1716 TerreU Mill Rd. Manetia GA 30067 Baird. Quomilia Deatta 105 Woodrow Ave Asheville. NC 28801 Be . Bryan Scott 6101 Big Horn Circle Chartone, NC 28214 Blankenship. Areshia Ann Rt- 5. Box 82-A Shelby, NC 28150 Anderson, Holly Sharon 167 Nahma Trail Medlord Lakes nj 08055 Baker, James Timothy PC Box 642 Dallas NC 2S034 Beam, Sara Kathryn 810 BJackspnngs Dr Gastonia NC 28052 Blankenship. Edwin Roy Box 852 Botling Sprgs NC 28017 J I.W,W J Slanton. Amy Laura Rt. 2, Box 245-B Lawndale, NC 28090 Boyd. Valerie Roxieann 211 W King St Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Bndwell, Rebecca Carnell Rl 2. Box 210 Welltord, SC 29385 Bunch. Lloyd Allen 213 S Oakum Edenton, NC 27932 Blanton. Janet Lynn Rt. 3. Box 703 Shelby. NC 28150 Boykm, Carlisle Fletcher 609 Leander St Shelby, NC 28150 Brlggs. Susan Boll Rl 5, Oakwood Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Bunch, Pamela Payne 118 Greenbrlar St Forest City. NC 28043 Blanton. Karen Honee Rt. 2. Box 164 Shelby. NC 26150 Boyle, Edward 91 Emerald Ave Westmont. NJ 08108 Bright, Pamela McGimsey PC Box 306 Forest City, NC 28043 Bunch, Susie Ann 2615 Wedgedale Ave Durham, NC 27703 Blanton, Mary Etta Rt. 2, Box 19-A Lawndale. NC 28090 Brackett, Deborah Jean 1615 N Oak Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Bright, Veronica Dawn Rt 3 Shelby. NC 28150 Bunning, Rhenne lona 400 Northslde Dr Lexington, NC 27292 Blanton. Rhonda Vanessa P.O. Box 355 FallSton. NC 28042 Brackett, Rebecca Ann 101 Bopenview Dr Lincolnton. NC 28092 Brinkley. Tina Marie Rt, 2. Box 401 Creedmoor, NC 27522 Burch, Brenda Gail P.O. Box 96 Clyde. NC 28721 Blanton. William Craig 619 Leander St Shelby. NC 28150 Bradford, Patricia Gall 7109 Summerlin Place Matthews, NC 28105 Brinlon, Stephen Elliott Rt. 7, Box 93 Mooresville. NC 28115 Burch, Mary Eflen 2232 Highlawn Dr Charlotte, NC 28212 Bliss. Robert Eugene P.O. Box 502 Icard, NC 26666 Bradshaw, Brenda Marie 1331 Plumcrest Dr Charlotte. NC 28216 Brittain. Beth Gray 108 Eagle Rd Belmont. NC 28012 Burgess, Brian Andrew PO Box 1464 Morganlon, NC 28655 Blue. Louis Alexander P.O. Box 262 Vass. NC 2S394 Bramlett. David Eugene 1415 Bharclifl Rd Shelby, NC 28150 Brogdon. Deborah Faye 51 7 Lucerne Dr Spartanburg. SC 29302 Burkhalter, Ricky Neal 402 S Rushing St, Glennvllle, GA 30427 Bkjme, Eileen Rockaway Valley Rd. Boonton. NJ 07005 Branch. Kathy King P 0. Box 294 FallSton, NC 28042 Brogdon. Melissa Kay 517 Lucerne Dr Spartanburg, SC 29302 Burleson, Jerry Glenn Box 97 Warrensville, NC 28693 Bodenheimer. Anna Lyn 6728 Broken Arrow TrI Lakeland, FL 33803 Brantley. Timothy Franklin 413 Trolley Line Rd. Graniteville, SC 29829 Brooks, Elease Rl. 1 . Box 564 Shelby, NC 28150 Burleson, Mary Elizabeth 122 Morris St- Mt Holly. NC 28120 Bodie. Ann Corley Rt. 4. Box 373 , AHcen, SC 29B01 Brantley, Todd Farrell 413 Trolley Line Rd. Graniteville. SC 29829 Brooks, Howard Cameron 1 1 1 Carter Heights Gaffney. SC 29340 Burnett, Patricia Jean Rt 1 , Box 39 Duncan, SC 29334 Bodie, Larry Odeli m. 4. Box 353 Aiken, SC 29801 Branton. James Victor 715 Ridgeview Dr. Shelby. NC 28150 Brooks. Jerry Wayne Rt- 12, Box 108F Salisbury. NC 28159 Burril, Leslie Aaron 91 New St, Marion. NC 28752 Burroughs, Carolyn Bowlln Rt, 1 , Box 70-8 Conover, NC 28613 Boggs. Wendy Lea 810 Pine Spnngs Rd Cola. SC 29210 Brashier. Martin Timothy Rt 9 Greenville. SC 29611 Brooks, Timothy Buford Rt 3. Box 489 Shelby, NC 28150 Bolick, Kern Dawn Bl. 2. Box 216-C Claremont. NC 28610 Bratton, Edward Lee 128 Stacy Dr Gatfney. SC 29340 Brown, Janice Barkley Rl- 1 , Box 448-D Valdese. NC 28690 Burson. Bobby Gene 504 Suttle St Shelby, NC 28150 Bolinger, Debra Pierson P 0, Box 301 Marion, NC 28752 Bray. Virginia Louise Rt 4. Box 330 Danville, VA 24541 Brown, Karen Suzanne 704 Broadway Apt 202 Forest City. NC 28043 Butler. Lisa Karen 5449 Mllhaven Lane Charlotte. NC 28213 Boimger. Samuel Shannon 5 N Kensington Asheville, NC 28804 Breen, Donna Susan 9 Chnstine PI Box 853 McAlee. NJ 07428 Brown, Ralph Thaddeus 511 Hunter St Seneca, SC 29678 Butler, Pamela Cheryl , Morningside Heights Newton. NC 28656 Boil. Paul Hall Rt. 5, Box 503-D Shelby, NC 28150 Brewer, Charlotte Ann P 0. Box 672 Norwood, NC 28128 Brown. Robert McDowell Rt 1. Box 448-D Valdese, NC 26690 Byers, Wanda Bettlna Rt 1 , Box 489 Forest City. NC 28043 Bonner, Douglas Leon Rt 1. Box 418 GaHney, SC 29340 Bridges, Barry Stowe 1206 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby, NC 28150 Bruce, Janice Yvonne Rt 1 , Box 25 Roebuck. SC 29376 Byrum, Olln Steele P.O. Box 1066 Belmont, NC 28012 Bookout, Rebecca Susan P Box 501 Boiling Sprgs . NC 28017 Bridges, Bruce Edward Box 91 Mooresboro, NC 26114 Brunson. Ruth Ann Rt. 5, Box 163 Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Cabaniss, Crystal Rt, 2, Box 34-E Shelby, NC 28150 Borchers, Kimberly Kay Rt 2. Trench Rd. Bndgeton, NJ 08302 Bridges. Cynthia Fay 1143 Bridges St. Shelby. NC 28150 Bryan. Robin Lynn P 0. Box 1885 Salisbury. SC 28144 Cabaniss, Garry Marshall 704 Kingsbury St Shelby. NC 28150 Borders, Penny Denise R1 6, Box 463 Shelby, NC 28150 Bridges, Gary Wayne PC Box 1177 Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Bryan, Robin Regina 14 Spicewood Lane Salisbury. NC 28144 Cabaniss, Tony Durham Rl. 10, Box 353 Shelby, NC 28150 Boughman, Nola Renee 202 Davison St Belmont, NC 28012 Bridges, Lisa Kay P.O, Box 957 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Bryant, Archie Clyde 1311 Forest Hills Park Lenoir, NC 28645 Caldwell, Kelly Jean 3008 Brandywine Court Gaslonia, NC 28052 Bowen, Christopher Patrick 609 63rd Ave. N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Bowen, Edward Eubanks Rt 2. Box 44 Westminster, SC 29693 Bridges. Melissa Ann Rl 3, Box 505 Ellenboro, NC 28040 Bridges, Michael Dean 1121 N Lafayette St. Shelby. NC 28150 Bryant, Terry Douglas 821 Parkwood Rd- Shelby, NC 26150 Bucher. Dana Elizabeth 912 Eaglewood Ave Charlotte, NC 28212 Camp, Aleta M, Camp, Gregory Alan 6518 Silver Fox Rd Matthews, NC 28105 Camp, Janie Marie Bowling, Francis OHara Rt 9, Box 31 Shelby, NC 28150 Bowman. Denise Lynne 78 Braddock Way Asheville. NC 28803 Bridges, Nora June PC Box 62 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Bridges, Peggy Susann 706 Branton Dr Shetby. NC 28150 Buff, Mark Lee PC Box 186 Nebo. NC 28761 Bumgarner, Olin Louis Rt. 3, Box 259 Grouse, NC 28033 Rt. 9. Box 282 Shelby, NC 28150 Campt el), David 53 Grandvlew Dr N Haledon, NJ 07508 147 ■ P P WII Campbell. Karen Oenisa Cassell, Jennie Sue Clark, Tom Patrick Connor, Dely Hernandez RL 1 , Box 279 Hwy 11 1418 Taylor St Rt 2, Box 567 Dallas. NC 28034 Sunset SC 29685 Joliet, IL 60435 Hunlersville. NC 28078 Campbell. Melinda Boone Castles. Rufus Arledge Clary, Robert Neil Conr or, Ronald Dean Rt 3, Box 544 336 Galbra St Rt 8, Box 216 604 aiz }eth Ave Waynesville, NC 28786 Columbia. SC 29209 Shelby. NC 28150 Forest City, NC 28043 CancfO. Blaise flolano Cauble, Jimmy Vem Clayton, Carolyn Camailla Coode, Richard Alan 6 Inman St Apt_ 8 Rt 1 , Box 80-A Rt 5, Box 276-C 5809 ldtebn ok Dr Lawrence, MA 01843 Dallas. NC 28034 Forest City, NC 28043 Charlotte. NC 28212 Canipe, Sherry Annette Causby, Steven Ray Clayton, Sherry Angela Cook, Connie Faye 2008 Robyn Ave 606 Wesley Dr Box 3247 Rt 1 Shelby, NC 28150 Salisbury, NC 28144 Roxboro. NC 27573 Brasstow , NC 28902 Cannon. Archie Ryan Chambers, Catherine Williams Cline, Kathy Ann Cook. Debra Deanne Rt 3, Box 236 Rt 3, Box 842 Rt 1 , Box 58 810 Hampton St Jacksonville, NC 28540 Uncolnton, NC 28092 Maiden. NC 28650 Shelby, NC 28150 Capps, Mchael William Champion, Julie Elizabeth Cline, Kenneth Frank Cook, Kimberty Spangler PO Box 511 770 Eastview St Box 506 211 Weatherstone Dr E. Flat Rock, NC 28726 Shelby. NC 28150 Icard, NC 28666 Forest Crty, NC 28043 Carey. Wilgeena Glavette Chapman, Dwanda Lee Cline, William Otho Cook, Melody Ann P Box 532 Rt 3, Box 198 Box 13-A Chimney Rk Rd. Rt 1 , Box 407 Sumter, SC 29150 Lawndale, NC 28090 Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Alexander, NC 28701 Carlson, Jeffrey Eric Chapman Michael Eugene Clodfelter Jill Elame Cooke. Belinda Denise 105 N Sequoia Ct Rt 1 , Box 496-A 7010 Belews Creek Rd 3012 Salem Dr Sterling. VA 22170 Hayden, AL 35079 Belews Creek, NC 27009 Gastonia, NC 28052 Games. Donald Uoyd Chapman. Pamela Thomas Clyde, Roberta Jane Cooley, Robin Ann CMrs 4419 A 1125 N Main St 120 Stacy Dr, 423 Sth Ave. Dr. N.W. Quantico. VA 22134 Ruthertordton. NC 28139 Gaffney. SC 29340 Hickory. NC 28601 Carothers. Randy Biggers Chapman. Patricia Ann Cocke, Cynthia Elizabeth Cooper. David Wayne Rt 1 Box 350 2710 Moores Park Dr PO Box 336 1044 Choyce Ave Gfover, NC 28073 Charlotte, NC 28214 Jackson, NC 27645 Charlotte, NC 28210 Carpenter, Angelina Denise Chapman. Paulette Ann Coggins Denise Geraldine Cooper, Emily E lOia Robmhood Lane 633 Timberlake Dr. 161 Phillips Rd KannapoUs, NC 2S081 Danville, VA 24541 Spartanburg, SC 29302 Cooper Giida Whrtatter 2002 Eaves Rd Carpenter, Benjy Ray Chapman, Richard Ediey Cohen, Crystal Jackfynn Shelby, NC 28150 1 04 Gould St Rt 4. Box 122 34 Lawndale Ave S E Bessemer Crty, NC 28016 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Concord, NC 28025 Cooper, Kay Elizabeth 807 Adams a. Carpenler, Caro yn Caye Chapman Tamara Louise Coker Carol Wrthrow Gastonia. NC 28052 P O Box 361 Rt 2, Box 27 A P Box 875 Bosbc, NC 28018 Snow Camp, NC 27349 Forest Crty, NC 28043 Cooper, Molly Denise Rt 6. Box 67 Carpenter, Mark Chapman P Box 166 Chapman, Tracey Allen Box 76 Cole. Martt Lee 1129 Hardin Rd. Gaffney. SC 29340 Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Cleveland NC 27013 Forest City. NC 28043 Coor, Emily Gay 1708 E. Laurel St Carpenter, Stephani Alice Chappell, Carey Russell Coleman Randall Lee Goldsboro, NC 27530 603 Sherwood Ave Rt 11, Box 419 Carpef, Lisa Ramirez Goldsboro, NC 27530 Shelby, NC 28150 Comv ell, Linda Denton 3003 Downing Si Rt 1 . Box 359-F Shelby NC 28i50 Cherry, Janice Virginia Colle, Knsta Lynne Shelby, NC 28150 61 7 Grandin Rd 1603 Wall Dr Carroll, Dennis Keith Chariotte. NC 28208 Tftusville. FL 32780 Corry. Angela Mana P Box 56 602 S. Loga i St Valdese. NC 28690 Chesser, William Warren Collins. Autumn Nell Gaffney, SC 29340 251 W Dekalb Pike 8-516 714 Davis Rd. Carroll, Jeanae Suzanne Kg of Prussia. PA 19406 Shelby. NC 28150 Couch, Pamela Jane HI 3, flivert end Acres P Box 607 Shelby, NC 28i50 Childers, Karen Edwards Collis. Roger Wayne Welcome, NC 27374 Rt 3, Box 532 5921 Bush Rd Cherryville, NC 28021 Brovm Summit, NC 27214 Carson, Daniel Worth Cox, David Bnan 786 SW 141 St. Rt 4. Box 339-D Miami, FL 33156 Childers, Marty Keith Cottrain, Reginald Wyatt Danville. VA 24541 P Box 93 Rt 1 , Box B06 Hildebran, NC 28637 Williamston, NC 27892 Carson, William Bradtey Cox. Don Eugene 7880 S W 141 SL 6641 E. Hampton Miami, FL 33158 Childrez, Julia Lynn Compton Joe Douglas Indianapolis. IN 46226 818 Hill St 1226 10th St NW Carsweif. Jeffrey Reid Shelby. NC 28150 Hickory, NC 28601 Cox, Gene C 1 1 2 Case St 1272 Duck Pond Rd Morganton. NC 28655 Christenbury. Donna Gal Compton, Thomas Ray Shelby. NC 28150 9030 Walker Fer ry Rd. 1614 Kenrrwre Dr Carswell, Karen Elizabeth Chariotte, NC 28214 Statesville, NC 28677 Cox, Roxanne Rt. 11 Box 147-6 ' - Rt 1, Box 139-H Morganton. NC 28655 Christian Earle Dean Condrey, Robert Lewis New London, NC 28127 3923 Windwood Dr. Rt 1, Box 142-K Carter, RonaW William Gastonia. NC 28052 Ruthertordton NC 28139 Craig, Barbara Ann 2856 Meade Ave 1 1 49 Noles Dr Gastonia, NC 28052 Chunn, Jeflery Gregg Congleton, Sherry Lynn Mr Holly, NC 28120 5916 Germanton fld Rt 6. Box 812-E Carter. Worth Hams Winston Salem, NC 27105 Charlotte, NC 2S208 Craig. Charles Bntlon 805 Hazeiwood Lane 2425 Wilmont Dr Martinsville, VA 24112 Chunn, Robin Ogbum Connell, Dennis Wilson Gastonia. NC 28052 Box 242 Rt 1, Box 159-L Cash, David Baxter King. NC 27021 Belmont NC 28012 Grain, Joseph Lynn 224 Windsor Dr 216 James Rd. Shelby NC 28150 Clark Lena Ednetta Conner, Chnstopher Harold Greer, SC 29651 620 Chavis Dr 914 Fairwood Ave Cash. Jeffrey Alan Cherryville, NC 28021 N Augusta. SC 29841 Cravirtord. Unwood Dowrts P Box 378 Rt 4, Box 203-A Mayo, SC 29368 Clarit, Paul Jeffrey Connolly, Judith Elaine Shelby, NC 28150 5121 Kenwood Rd 8724 Walkers Fen-y Rd Durham, NC 27712 Charlotte, NC 28214 148 1 1 Crawford. Pattle Yvonne 1 PO Box 69 Cotleld. NC 27922 Davis, Peggy Lynn Carpenter 601 Caroleen Rd. Forest City. NC 28043 Dixon, Karen Denise 3010 Poplar Circle Shelby, NC 28150 Earie. James Spencer Rl 5. Box 256 Seneca, SC 29678 Cfawtord. Timothy Lee Stat Route, Box 4 Chalham, VA 24531 Davis, Rodney Charles Rt. 2 Peachland, NC 26133 Dockery, Robert Michael Rt 3, Box 299 Reldsviile, NC 27320 Easter, Donna May 6415 Candlewood Dr Charlotte, NC 28210 C reach. Jerome Frederick 5305 Spring Lane Shelby, NC 28150 Davis, Ruth Celeste Rt 1 Ellenboro, NC 26040 Dodge. Robert David 314 Somerset Dr. Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Easterling, William Phillip 15 Stone Dr Spartanburg, SC 29302 Crenshaw, Brent Allan Henderson Circle Harrisburg, NC 28075 Davis, Susan Elizabeth 329 22 Ave PI N.E. Hickory, NC 28601 Doggett, Betty Lou Brown P.O. Box 1016 Ruthertordton, NC 28139 Echerd, James Keith PO Box 292 Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 Crosby, Dennis Clyde 1617 Rolling Meadow Ln. Gastonia, NC 28052 Davis. Suzanne 123 Holiday Dr. Lexington. NC 27292 Dorsey, Judy 2816 Baker St. Baltimore, MD 21216 Echerd, Jane Harper 944 N. Sharon Amity Rd. Charlotte. NC 2821 1 ! Crosby, Gregory Cornelius Rt. 1 , Box 462 Hawthorne, FL 32640 Davis, Timothy Alan 1284 Fudge Dr Xenia, OH 45365 Doss, Franklin Timothy Rt 1. Box 31 Rustburg. VA 24588 Edwards, Diane Causby Rt 2, Box 273-8 Mooresboro, NC 28114 Crotts, Charles Richard P Box 243 Lattimore, NC 280B9 Day, Donna Lynn 104 Dalehurst Dr. Forest City. NC 28043 Douglas, Barbara Ann 2506 Atlanta SI. Greensboro, NC 27406 Edwards, Gregory Robert 302 Table Rock Rd Lenoir, NC 28645 Crotts. Kay Klser Rt 7, Richard Dr. Shelby. NC 28150 Day, William Daniel 315 Coffey Ave. N Wilkesboro, NC 28659 Draeger, Martin Jackson 108 Alden Dr. Ft. Walton Bch, FL 32548 Edwards, Kimberly Dawn 2401 Bnargrove Dr Charlotte, NC 28215 Crouse, Danny Paul Rt 3. Box 718-R Lincolnton, NC 28092 Deal, Dee Gerald 144 Victoria Rd. Spartanburg, SC 29301 Drake, Nancy Cox 3054 Ml Vernon Dr. Gastonia, NC 28052 Edwards. Robin Lynn Rt. 1, Box 213-C Mt, Holly, NC 28120 Crumpton, Boyce Glenn Rt 4 Box 339 Danville, VA 24541 Decker, Peter Lawrence Rt. 3 Shelby. NC 28150 Drayer, Deborah Ellzabotti 806 Waters SI. Shelby, NC 28150 Edwards, Terry Richard Rt. 1 , Box 97-B Mill Spring, NC 28756 Crumpton, Robin Claudine . Rt 4. Box 339 Danville, VA 24541 Cudd, Mary Lee 5523 CapitO St. N.E- Roanoke. VA 24019 CumtDeriander, Hester Ann 517 Monroe St, , Shelby. NC 28150 Cureton, Janet Elice ■ 2226 English Dr. Charlotte. NC 28216 Dedmond, Dianne Pannell Oeese. Boyce Scott 709 Harrington Thomasville. NC 27360 Dellinger. Richard Lee Drayer, Evelyn Smith 806 Waters St. Shelby, NC 28150 Drayer. James Daniel 806 Waters SI. Shelby, NC 28150 Eeds, Kathy Diane 620 Kingsbury St, Shelby, NC 28150 Eftler, Beverly Terrence 119 Northview Dr. Lyman, SC 29365 Eflrd, Andrew Neal 1933 Edgewater Dr Charlotte, NC 28210 Filer, Catherine Amanda Qtrs G, Bainbrldge Rd Newport, Rl 02840 Spruce Pine. NC 28777 Dennison, Iris Daloris 20 Robinson Ave. Asheville. NC 28803 Dennison. Theron Biaine Drlskill, Doha Ann 631 noral Ave. Colonial Hgts., VA 23834 Drum, Dwight Alfred Rt. 4. Box 984 Lincolnton, NC 28092 Curry, Laura Catherine 438 Pine Island Dr. Charlotte, NC 28208 P.O. Box 5M Clitlslde. NC 28024 Detter. Carta Renee Drum, Hampton Lee Rt. 2. Box 143-A Bennett, NC 27208 Elliott, Robyn Blake Box 66, Walker St, Bostic, NC 28018 Curtis, Thomas Lee ' PO Box 965 Newton, NC 28658 Rt. 6. Box 62 Lincolnton. NC 28092 Devine, John Douglas Drum. Michael Wayne Rt. 1 , Box 492-D Claremont, NC 28610 Elmore, Danny Clyde 1046-K Fern Forest Dr. Gastonia, NC 28052 Daniel. Steven Miller 300 Roberson Rd, Forest City. NC 28043 Rt. 1, Box 155 Cherryville. NC 26021 Devinney. Celia Renee Duggins, Tod Leonard 5540 Elslnore Place Charlotte, NC 2821 1 Elmore, Mary Melissa 206 Mimosa Galtney. SC 29340 Davenport. Gladys Hunt Rt- 10, Box 343 Shelby. NC 28150 Rt. 4. Box 752 Marlon, NC 28752 Dewtierry, Carolyn AnneHe Duncan, Hazel Woolen Rt. 2, Box 472 Ellenboro, NC 28040 Elmore, Nancy Withers 54 0 Eastwood Dr. Gastonia, NC 28052 Davidson, Karen Annette Rt. 1, Box 222 Stony Point, NC 26678 Box 551 Henrietta. NC 28076 Dia2. Carmen Rita Duncan, Jimmie Randolph 14329 BIrchdale Ave. Woodbridge, VA 22193 Emmett, Michael Darren P.O. Box 386 Ml. Holly, NC 28210 Da rts, Anthony Jeffrey 106 W. Carolina Ave. Bessemer City. NC 28016 Fr. 23 Felipe Arana San Juan. PR 00632 Dickinson, Charles Todd Duncan, Mary Elizabeth 510 Beaumonde Ave. Shelby. NC 28150 Ennis, Michael Howard 1101 Hardin Rd. Forest City, NC 28043 Davis, Charlene Kay 100 N. Charleston St. Blacksburg. SO 29702 Rt. 2. Box 171 Keystone Hgts., FL 32656 Diehl, Sharon Renee Duncan, Nathan Keith 4538 S.E. Founh Place Ocala, FL 32670 Epiing. Jerry Paul 1438 Logan Circle Manella, GA 30062 Davis. Darius Bernard 6424 Harrison Rd. Matthews. NC 28105 3770 Parkview Way Napiss, FL 33940 Dill. Susan Lorraine Duncan, Thomas Carmel 3009 RIverbend Rd. Shelby. NC 28150 Estioko, Benjamin Abenoja 115 Carl Lane Shelby, NC 28150 Davis. Gene Evan Rt 2. Box 215 Seagrove. NC 27341 Davis. Jacqueline Joanne 601 Caroleen Rd. Forest City, NC 28043 Box 337 Caroleen, NC 28019 Dlllard, Gregory Gerald 1202 Carriage House La. Gastonia. NC 28052 DlllaitJ, Michael Emmitl Dunkum, Rhonda Elaine 5900 94111 Ave N. Pinellas Park, FL 33565 Dunlap, Malinda Kaye P.O. Box 396 Walnut Cove, NC 27052 Estrldge, William Banks 4528 Monllbello Dr Charlotte, NC 2821 1 Evans. Tricia Annette 104 Curlee SL Morganton. NC 28655 ' Davis. Jacqueline Sue 1305 Helen Ave. New Bern, NC 28560 Rt 2, Box 87-A Newland, NC 28657 Dixon. Gary Lynn Dunn, Angela Kaye 3 14 Thaxlon Hd, Roxboro, NC 27573 Everhart, Tammy Denise 133 Easter Rd. Lexington, NC 27292 Davis. Pamela Ann : Rt. 10. Box 355 Shelby. NC 28150 206 Whitley Rd. Morganton, NC 28655 Duyck, Pamela Denise 197 Brucemont Circle Asheville, NC 28806 Fagan, Benny Mossburg 31 1 W, Cherokee SI, Chesnee, SC 29323 149 pp MP Fagan. Katharine Ida 311 W Cherokee St Chesnee, SC 29323 Floyd, Tamara Michele Rt 13, Box 483 Lexington. NC 27292 Freeman. Joseph Allen Rt 2, Box 642 Morganton, NC 28655 German. Melinda Barlowe P Box 382 Hudson. NC 28638 Faile, Robert Cecil PO, Box 1171 Lancaster. SC 29720 Flynn, Ronald Eugene 1001 Riverbend Acres Shelby, NC 28150 Freeman. Nancy Bridges Box 832 Boiling Sprgs. NC 28017 Gettys. Richard Darrell Box 56 Potkville. NC 28136 Faragher. Sheila Lynne 440 Wortley Rd London, Ont , ON Foglia, Leigh C P Box U Remsenburg, NY 11960 Freeman. Robin Darcynthia 502 Burton St Fuquay Varina. NC 27526 Gibson, Boyce Dwayne 4413 Farmbrook Dr Gastonia, NC 28052 Farias, Craig Anthony Tanglewood Est Paget W. Burmuda Foister, Cathy Maria Rt. 4, Box 225 Asheville, NC 28806 Fried, Marc Jonathan 17990 S Glades Dr N Miami Beach, FL 33162 Gibson, David Edward Rt, 4. Box 65 Lincolnton, NC 28092 Fans, Dorothy Alice 5018 Nantucket Rd College Park. MD 20740 Follk. John William Rt 3, Box 952 Shelby, NC 28150 Friend. Mary Riely 1008 Cumberland Dr Shelby. NC 26150 Gibson, Don Han ey 205 Cambridge Dr. Clemson, SC 29631 Farmer, Amelia Jane 255 Farmdale Rd Lexington. SC 29072 Forbes, Kenneth Lloyd Box 173 Biilllck. NC 27507 Furr, Susan Annette Rt 1 , Box 326-A Oakboro, NC 28129 Gibson. Martha Elizabeth Rt 7, Box 245 Shelby. NC 28150 Farmer. Anne Elizabeth 8204 Treebrooke Lane Alexandria. VA 22308 Ford, Vicki Marshall 105 Terrace Dr Cherryville. NC 28021 Gabala. Mary Helen 14 Converse St- Greenville, SC 29607 Gibson. William Carl 414 S. Magnolia Mooresville, NC 28115 Farmer. Brian Keith 175 E. 58th St Hialeah, FL 33013 Forney, Robert Lee 430 N Green St. Morganton, NC 28655 Gaddis. Richard Dale PO Box 388 Dallas. NC 28034 Gilben. Carolyn Byers Rt, 1 Lincolnton, NC 28092 Farmer. Janet Marie 33 Elizabeth St Ashevllle, NC 28801 Forsyth. Terry Michael P Box 462 Beatty, NV 89003 Gambill, Martin Neil 938 N. Bridge St Elkin. NC 28621 Gilbert, Deborah Gilbert Rt 2, Box 128 Lincolnton, NC 28092 Farnelli, Sandra Lee 234 N. Main St Williamstown, NJ 08094 Fortner, Henry Sloan 528 Buncombe St WoodruH. SC 29388 Gamble. Dariene Lucille Rt 8, Forest Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Gilbert, Ruth Eugenia Rt 1 , Box 31 Mill Spring. NC 26756 Farrell. Scott Douglas Springwater Dr Matthews. NC 28105 Fortner, Ricky Lee 528 Buncombe St WoodruH, SC 29388 Gamble. Martha Gurley 512 Price St Forest City, NC 28043 Gill. Angela Kay 506 Doffin Lane Gastonia, NC 28052 Farrugia, Wendy Rae 8525 Longbnar Dr Charlotle. NC 28212 Foster, Duane 1525 Flonda Ave Woodbridge. VA 22191 Gantt, Honda Josey PO Box 237 G rover. NC 28073 Gillard. Pamela Ann 3501 Griffith St Charlotte. NC 28203 Feagin, Anne Hodges P O Box 967 Hendersonvllle, NC 28739 Foster, Judy Lee 114 Merrywood Dr Lenoir, NC 28645 Gardner, James Kevin 803 Airport Rd Rockingham, NC 26379 Gilliam. Ruth Jacqueline 5001 Westgate Dr Shelby. NC 26150 Feix, Peter Roland 131 Clark Ave Greer, SC 29651 Foster, Stanley Charies 6630 Long Meadow Rd Charlotte, NO 28210 Gardner, Jill Quinn 114 Felter St. Shelby, NC 28150 Gilmore, Lisa Christine 6900 Valley Haven Dr. Charlotte, NC 2621 1 Femisler, Thomas Ray Rt 1 , Box 568 Troutman, NC 28166 Fox, Buford Burton 104 Highland Park Lane Boone, NC 28607 Gardner, Teresa Gayle 6801 Glenmoor Dr Charlotte, NC 28214 Gist, Mickey Dean 1005 N Pinckney Union, SC 29379 Fender, Frances Beachboard PO Box 1537 Marion, NC 28752 Foxworlh. Eunice Ann 550 S Third St. Camden, NJ 08103 Garner. Gary Adrian 321 Delane Dr Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Gladson, Robert Daniel 104 W Parker St. Graham. NC 27253 Fender. Tonya Lacole Rt 6, Box 407 N. Wllkesboro. NC 26659 Foxx, Elizabeth Renee 333 Providence Rd Gatfney, SC 29340 Garrett, Anita Louise 2200 S- Chapman St Greensboro, NC 27403 Glenn, James Thomas Rt 3, Box 248 Spruce Pine, NC 28777 Figgatt, Wendy Diane Rt. 1, Box 125 Crozet, VA 22932 Frady. Calvin Phillip Rt 2. Box 190 Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 Garrett. Mary Ann Hickory St Murphy, NC 28906 Godbold, David Clyde P Box 462-0 Fori Mill. SC 29715 Finger, George Wayne Woodvale Circle Lincolnton. NC 28092 Frady, Dennis Lee Rt 2, Box 190 Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 Garrison. Linda Faye Rt 3, Box 89-B Lincolnton. NC 28092 Godbold. Gerald Thomas Rt. 2, Box 426-0 Fort Mill, SC 29715 Fitzgerald. Mary Ellen PO Box 512 Boiling Sprgs. NC 28017 Francis, Jeanette Webb Box 105 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Gaskey. Robbin Kay 1506 W Warren St. Shelby, NC 28150 GodsmarV, Sharon Kay Rt 3, Box 230 Lake City. FL 32055 Fletcher, Martin Wayne P Box 388 Rutherlord Col, NC 28671 Frank. Nathan Reid 2317 Old Field Rd, Qastonta, NC 28052 Gaskins, James Branch 677 Kingswood Ave Orange Park, FL 32073 Godwin. Tammy Renee PO Box 7 Agana, Guam Flippln, Alan Keith Rt 2, Box 314 Concord, NC 26025 Frazler. Antlonette Marie 228 Spring St Trenton, NJ 08618 Gasperson. Angela Dariene Rt 1, Box 151-B Horse Shoe. NC 28742 Golorth. Susan Gail Rt 1 Bostic, NC 28018 Flood, Daniel Patrick C3-22 Fitzwaterlown Rd Willow Grove, PA 19090 Frazier. Charlene McMahan Rt 3, Box 705-A Shelby, NC 28150 Gasque, Jeffrey Scott P Box 722 Elon, NC 27244 Gold, Carolyn Latham Rt 4, Box 330-C Shelby. NC 26150 Flowers. Deborah Annette Frazier. David Alan Gee. William Paul Gonzalez, Damaris Rt 1, Box 37-D Wadesboro. NC 28170 Rt 4, Box 177 Asheboro. NC 27203 Rt 3 GaKney. SC 29340 31 8 Grier St Elizabeth, NJ 07202 Flowers, Kathy Chaney 2827 E Long Ave Gastonia, NC 28052 Frazier. Michael Gary 3035 Charles Rd Shelby, NC 28150 Gentile. Marianne Kitchens 334 Gold St Shelby, NC 28150 Gonzalez. Joy Ann 318 Grier Ave Elizabeth, NJ 07202 1 Floyd, Donna Elizabeth 1 1506 Northwood Dr 1 Kings Mountam, NC 28086 Frazier, Sherry H, 1102 Pleasant Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Gentle. Kathy Dariene Rt, 1, Box 103 Mocksville, NC 27028 Good, Lisa Ann Box 4005 Longview Sta Hickory. NC 28601 150 Good. Teresa Leigh m 3. Box 152 Taylorsville, NC 28681 Goode, Cornelia Home 703 Ridings St Spindale, NC 28160 Greenwood, Glenn Wright High Si. KIngneld, ME 04947 Greer. Fredrick Kent 326 Arrowood St Lenoir, NC 28645 Hammond, Eric Murry P O Bom 636 Forest City, NC 28043 Hammond. Joey Lyn 384 Fairlane Dr Spartanburg. SC 29302 Harrill, Grover Cleveland 1315 Garland Ave. Gastonla. NC 280S2 Harrill, Mary Hawkins 1315 Garland Ave Gastonla. NC 28052 Goode, Tammy Diane Rt 1 . Box 240-A Horse Shoe. NC 28742 Greer, Rottert Joel Box 10 Etowah, NC 28729 Hammonds, Phillip Roger Rt 1 , Box 54 Vale, NC 28168 Harris, Betina Jane 702 S Broadway Forest City, NC 28043 Gooden. Eric Walton Rt. 1. Box 151 NebO. NC 28761 Gregory. Harry James Rt. 2, Box 379 Iron Station, NC 28080 Hampton. Rotwrt Earl 202 Woodburn Dr Forest City, NC 28043 Harris, Jack Mitchell 110 E Rutledge Ave. Gaffney. SC 29340 Goodman, Richard Thomas 7133 Essington Dr Matthews. NC 26105 Gregory, Michael Keith P O Box 776 Andrews. NC 26901 Hamnck, Barbara McSwain Rt. 4, Box 250 Shelby. NC 26150 Harris, Kennelh Craig 27 Poplar Ave. Shalimar, FL 32579 Goodson. Paul Dwayne Rt. 2. Box 483 Huntersville, NC 28078 Gritlith, Mary Kathryn 3250 Middlebrook Clemmons. NC 27012 Hamrick, Carol Davis 320 Burgin St Spindale, NC 28160 Harris. Kenneth Douglas 504 W. Wilkins St Dallas. NC 26034 Gordon, Robin Gwen 5735 Riviere Dr Charlotte, NC 28211 Griffith. William Riggs 2780 Narcissus Ave Santord, FL 32771 Hamrick, Delores Smith Rt 3 Shelby, NC 26150 Harris, Pamela Kay 418 Miles Rd. Shelby, NC 28150 Gore, Franklin Rt 2, Box 479 Supply, NC 28462 Gouge, Samuel Terry 1204 Sugar Hill Rd Manon, NC 28752 I Grandy, Pamela Francine 375 Farmington Ave New Bnttain. CT 06053 Graves, Donna Lynn P.O. Box 122 Crossnore, NC 2861 6 Gray. Angela Allyn 22 Meandenng Way Granite Falls, NC 28630 Gray, Sonya Jean Rt. 3. Box 342 Iva. SC 29655 Gray, Virginia Ruth 110 Stony Lane N. Kingstown, Rl 76703 Green, Kevin Stuart 8041 Paul Jones Dr Jacksonville, FL 32208 Greene, Detxjrah Ruth Box 93 Blowing Rock, NC 28605 Greene, Gloria Denise 109 Mulberry St Forest City, NC 28043 Greene, Kathryn Teresa Rt. 1 , Locust St Columbus. NC 28722 Greene, Linda Carol Rt 2, Box 451 Dallas, NC 28034 Greene. Lisa Shows 109 Hall St. Forest City. NC 28043 Greene, Martha E. Rt- 1 EHenboro. NC 28040 Greene, Randall James 2455 Sedalia Dr Clemmons, NC 27102 Greene, Rhonda Jean Rt- 10, Box 322 Shelby. NC 28150 Greene, Roger Alan Rt 5, Box 84 Forest City, NC 28043 Greene. Sue Ellen 4322 Lake Rd. Charlotte. NC 28213 Greene. Todd Edward 414 E. Concord St, Morganton. NC 28655 Griggs, Margaret Lynn P.O. Box 31 1 Cherryville. NC 28021 Grinstead. Dale Edward 4401 Jackson SI Hollywood, FL 33021 Guest, Timothy Dan PC Box 171 Cowpens, SC 29930 Gufley. William Steven 104 Sassatras St. Rutherlordton, NC 28139 Gulledge, Kenneth Date 305 N. Cloudman St Charlotte, NC 28216 Gurley, Michael James 6601 Fownee Dr Charlotte. NC 28214 Hale, Grace Bowman Rt 2. Box 451 -C Dallas, NC 26034 Hall, Debra Aline Rt. 2 McBee, SC 29101 Hall, Sharon Leigh 407 Kimmswick Rd- Charlotte. NC 28214 Hal l. Susan Annette 4461 Noland Dr Wilmington. NC 28405 Hallman. Patricia Ann 106 Myra Lane Lincolnton, NC 28092 Hatsey, Douglas Gale 302 North St, Jefferson, NC 28640 Hamby. Brenda Carol Hamby, Vicki Lyn 3109 Suffolk Dr, Shelby, NC 28150 Hames. Martha Lisa 2244 Ninth Ave N.E. Hickory, NC 28601 Hamilton, Cindy Holbrook 337 Wickham Dr Columbus. GA 31907 Hamilton. Duncan Aaron Rt. 1. Box 96-D Graniteville, SC 29829 Hamilton, Paul Ray 103 Tricemont St Aiken, SC 29801 Hammett, Randolph Scott Rt. 2. Box DD-2 Gaffney, SC 29340 Hamrick. John David Rt. 7 Shelby. NC 28150 Hamrick. Johnnie Conner Rt 1, College Farm Rd Mooresboro, NC 28114 Hamnck, Micki Lynn 606 Falcon Circle Shelby, NC 28150 Hamrick. Sharon Elizabeth Rt. 2. Box 180-A Shelby, NC 28150 Hamrick, Stephanie Lynn PO Box 1914 Shelby. NC 28150 Hamrick, Wendell Gregory Rt, 5 Lyons, GA 30436 Handsel, Gregory Scott 13692 Serena Dr Largo, FL 33540 Handy, Clarence Richard P.O. Box 743 Stanley. NC 28164 Harbison, Charles Edward Rt. 9. Box 224-E Shelby. NC 26150 Hardin. Vickey Marlene 406 E. Ohio St Bessemer City. NC 28016 Hardy, Everett Brooks 9-B Southern St. Asheville, NC 28801 Hardy, Katherine Ervin 403 Gantt St. Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Harkey. Bobby Lee Rt, 1. Box 401-A Lincolnton. NC 28092 Harkey, Cecilia Clemmer Rt. 1, Box 401-A Lincolnton, NC 26092 Harkey, James Patrick Rt. 6, Box 122-6 Lincolnton, NC 28092 Harmon, Janet Carol Rt. 3, Box 288 Brevard. NC 28712 Harrell. Nellie Yelton Rt 2, Box 236-A Shelby, NC 28150 Harrretson. Michael Kent Box 831 Boiling Sprgs , NC 28017 Harrelson, Robert Box 831 Boiling Sprgs.. NC 28017 Harris. Rita Hawkins Rt. 2, Box 236 Shelby, NC 28150 Harris, Robert Neil 205-C Spruce Hill Ct Asheville, NC 28805 Harris. Terrell Dean P 0. Box 173 Hudson, NC 28638 Harrison, Mark Anthony 210 Morninglon Ct. Simpsonville. SC 29681 Harrison, Wesley Vaughn Rt, 2. Hw y 14 Greenville, SC 29607 Hartis, Pamela Denise Box 701 Boiling Sprgs.. NC 28017 Hartline. Beverly Dawn 319 S Oak St. Statesville, NC 28677 Hartman. Jaqueline Carpenter 501 S. Grove St- Lincolnton. NC 28092 Harvey, Donna Ann 12 Claudius Dr. Cfozet, VA 22932 Harward. Ricky Lee 1504 Oak St Chartotte. NC 28213 Harwell, Jerry Neal 1213-C 21st Ave, N.E. Hickory, NC 26601 Harwell, Richard Dean Rt 4. Box 106 Beaty Rd Gastonia, NC 28052 Hastings. Kelly Eugene 1107 Shamrock Rd. Shelby. NC 28150 Hawkins, Janet Willis Rt. 2, Thermal Dr Forest City, NC 26043 Hawkins, Michael James 3912 Arbor Way Chartotte. NC 28211 Hawkins, Randy Stuart Rt, 2, Thermal Dr Forest City, NC 28043 Hayes, Paul Durham 117 Northview St Lyman, SC 29365 Haynes. Jack Donald P.O. Box 115 Lawndale. NC 28090 Haynes, Jacqueline Rt 7, Box 417-F Shelby. NC 28150 151 ■ iwimiwi pwiwi mmmmm Haynes, Sherry Lynn 1513 KnOK St Shelby. NC 28150 Hicks. Retvecca Ann Box 1226, Rice SI Hamlet, NC 28345 Hoover. Harry Hauss Rt. 1 Cherryville. NC 28021 Howell, Rhonda Louiza Rt 2. Box 173 Cherryville. NC 28021 Haynie. David Patricic 116 Rice Circle Bellon, SC 29627 Higgins. Tern Lynn Rt. 5. Box 125 Forest City, NC 28043 Hoover. Hoyle Leon 103 Beechnut Rd. Lincolnton. NC 28092 Hoyle, Henry Franklin Rt 2. Box 345 Maiden, NC 28650 Headley. Robert James 5711 Cherrycrest Lane Charlone. NC 28210 Hill. Caria Elizabeth Rt 2. Box 79-A Rockingham, NC 28379 Hopkins. Bobby Leroy Rt 1. Box 315 Lot 9 Ft. Pierce. FL 33450 Hoyle, Janice Ware Rt 4. Box 278-K Shelby, NC 28150 HeHner. Dale Wayne 220 Detlinger Rd. Shelby. NC 28150 Hill. Joyce Lee Rt 3. Box 235 Newport, NC 28570 Hopper. Joe Hugh 308 Edwin Dr. Cherryville. NC 28021 Hoyle. Reginald Eugene 119 W. Harrison Gastonia. NC 28052 Hetfner. Donald Scott 5931 S Second St Arlington. BA 22204 Hill. Ricky Elton Rt. 1. Box 544 Thomasville, NC 27360 Hopper. Nancy Ross 1003 Mark Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Hoyle, Roger Dean Rt 2 Lawndale. NC 28090 Hefner. Pamela Dawn 1021 Aliens Creek Waynesviile. NC 28786 Hilton, Stanley D 648 Acker St N E Washington. DC 20002 Hopper. Oneta B 1907 Taylor Dr Gastonia. NC 28052 Hoyle, Vickie Lynn Rt 1. Box 27-C Ruthertordton. NC 28139 Hefner, Patience Lynn 1021 Aliens Creek Rd. Waynesviile, NC 26786 Hines. Teresa Boyd Box 31, New Hope Ave Ruttiertordton. NC 28739 Hopper, Patricia Hoyle Rt 5. Box 72 Forest Crty, NC 28043 Hoyle, Wendy Ann 618 Morgan St Shelby, NC 28150 Hefner, Vincent Dwayne RI 1 Mill Spring, NC 28756 Hipps, Teresa Lynne Rt 1 , Box 95 Canton. NC 28716 Hord. Elizabeth Ann 422 Casar Dr Lawndale. NC 28090 Hudgins. Jeffrey Clark Rt 2, Box 290 Ringgold. VA 24586 Heise, Susan Jewel Rt 5. Box 310 Candler. NC 28715 Hitchcock, Lynda Neeld 4880 Woodbriar Dr. Syracuse. NY 13215 Hord, Elizabeth Hamrick Rt 5. Box 490-12 Shelby. NC 28150 Huffman, Albert Manley 1005 Hillcrest St. Valdese, NC 28690 Helms. Ernie Lee 2621 Purser Dr. Charlotte, NC 28215 Hodge. Connie Mane 14 Lesesne Dr Sumter. SC 29150 Hord, Ethel P P Box 365 Shelby, NC 28150 Huffman. Mark Anthony 805 Waters St Shelby. NC 28150 Helms. Pamela Lynn P Box 568 Paw Creek. NC 28130 Hodge. Dorothy Lavada 3835 Whitehall Dr Charlotte. NC 28208 Hord, Jonathan Rowland 707 Annieline Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Huggins. Julie Teresa P.O. Box 115 Boiling Sprgs . NC 28017 Helms, William Robert 2121 Kingstree Circle Gastonia, NC 28052 Hodge. Sandra Lynn Rt 1 . Box 282 Horse Shoe, NC 28742 Home. Jean Putnam 908 Mark Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Hughes, Bobby Lee 1130 Tamnglon Ave Charlotte. NC 28205 Helton. Gloria Poston PO Bo» 412 Boiling Sprgs . NC 28017 Hoey, Hartwell Charles 7008 Quail Hollow Or Shelby. NC 28150 Horton. David Bruce Rt. 1. Box 66 Hillsville, VA 24345 Humphnes, Robert Guy 312 Bonnlyn Dr Orange Park. FL 32073 Hetton. Phillip Oean Rt 2, Box 201 -C Shemlls Ford. NC 28673 Hoey, Mamita Amanda Rt. 10. Box 111 Shelby. NC 28150 Horton. Willie Clifton PO Box 1161 Drexel. NC 28619 Huneycutt, William Brady Rt 1 . Box 49 Midland. NC 58107 Helton, Rebecca Viann = 6, River Hill Apt Forest Ctty. NC 28043 Hoflman, Ervm Keith 718 N.W Tenth Ave. Gainesville. FL 32601 Hosch. Larry Dean 1111 James Love Rd Shelby. NC 28150 Hunsinger, John Stuart Rt 5. Box 105-1 Shelby. NC 28150 Hemphill, Gay Long Overlook Dr Tryon, NC 28782 Rogue. Surada Lynn 1500 Huntington Rd. Kannapolis. NC 28081 Hough, Robert Wesley Rt 1. Box 198-E Lumber Bridge, NC 28357 Hunt. Calvin Leon Rt 10. Box 343 Shelby. NC 28150 Hemnc, June Carol Rt 1, Box 149 State Road, NC 28676 Holcomb, Charles Jeffery Rt 5, Box 427-A Shelby, NC 28150 House, Michael Eugene 1637 St Cathenne Dr Dunedin. FL 33528 Hunt Coleman P Box 151 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Henderson, Bonerceta Joyce 1131 Log Cabin Rd Charlotte, NC 28213 Holland. Anthony Lamar P.O. Box 903 Seneca. SC 29678 Houston. Michael Anthony Rt. 1. Box 34 Odessa. FL 33556 Hunter. Gregory Harold Rt 2 Pendleton, SC 29670 Henderson, James Mattison Rt 9, Borders Rd Shelby. NC 28150 Holland. Jean Sandifer Box 52 Boiling Sprgs.. NC 28017 Hovis. James Raymond P Box 625 Dallas, NC 28034 Hunter, Rhonda Carolyn 1128 Prospect Church Rd Shelby, NC 28150 Hendnck, Rachel Van Dyke 511 Woodside Dr. Shelby. NC 28150 Holland, Roseman Toney 107 Pine Ridge Dr Forest City. NC 28043 Hovis, Martha Jeanne Rt. 2. Box 902 Bessemer City, NC 28016 Hunter, Robert Louis Rt 3. Box 186 Wallace, NC 28466 Hensley. Donna Joyce PO Box 317 Boiling Sprgs. NC 28150 Hollifield. Marsha Hoyle Rt, 2. Box 325 Cherryville, NC 28021 Howard. Kimberly Diane Rt 2. Box 42 Oakboro, NC 28129 Huntsinger. William Douglas 645 Cherryville Rd Shelby, NC 28150 Henson. Rebekah Patterson PO Box 1B3 Earl, NC 28038 Holmes, Rutus 26-H Fieldcrest Greenville. SC29607 Howell, Andrea Dclette Rt 2 Cherryville, NC 28021 Hutchens, Mickey Gray Rt 2, Box 227 Yadkinville. NC 27055 Hewrtt. Barbara Ann 401 Allison Courl Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Holmes, Sytvia Lynn 1222 Wales Rd Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Howell, Christopher Glenn 3540 Brookbank Dr, Ptafflown, NC 27040 Hutcherson. James Preston 123 W, Queen St Hillsborough. NC 27278 Hicks, Connie Elizabeth Rt 6, Box 414 Monroe. NC 28110 Homan, Timothy Charles 7 Shenwood Lane Poughkeepsie. NY 12601 Howell. Debra Fulla Rt 2. Box 173 Cherryville. NC 28021 Hutchins. Dan Rhyne 213 Quail Dr Winston Salem, NC 27105 Hicks. Marcia Ceciie 1261 Westbrook Circle Gastonia, NC 26052 Hood, Carmen Lynn Box 832 Bangkok. Thailand Howell, Dotha Ann Rt- 2. Box 171 Cherryville. NC 28021 Hutchins. David Ray 526 Long SI E Spencer, NC 28039 Hicks. Mary Beth 80 Sulphur Sprgs Rd Asheville, NC 2880 ' Hoots. Mark Thomas 420 Summrt St Winston Salem, NC 27101 Howell, Ora Cathenne Rt 2, Box 176 Cherryville. NC 28021 Hutchins, Melame Smart 410-A Hardin St Rutherfordton, NC 28139 __ 152 I ' .ii, ! ' ■ itmj,.,m!, ,Av.u ' tnui Hutchison. Syble Putnam Box 66 Waco. NC 28169 Jeter. Sandra Wright Rt 6. Box 707 Gastonia, NC 28052 Jonea, James Claude 908 Earl Rd Shelby. NC 28150 Kendrick, Betty Barnett 1025 Allendale Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Hyer. Wanda Jane 516 Oakdale St. Gastonia. NC 28052 Johns. Sharon Kay 159 Eighth Ave Cramerton. NC 28032 Jones, Jan Lou 33 Stone Haven Dr Spartanburg. SC 29302 Kendrick, Susan Marshall 120 Greenbhar Dr Forest City, NC 28043 Hyman, Edward Pierce 212 Smtthtield Dr Charlotte, NC 28211 Ingle. Sue Armistead 820 N Ashe Ave Newton. NC 26656 Johns, Steven Maxwell 104 Kennslngton Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Johnson, Barry Scott 2026 Klein Rd Wilmington. NC 28405 Jones. Julie Beth P.O. Box 7 Agana. Guam 96910 Jones. Karen Denise P Box 726 Agana, Guam 96910 Kennedy, Jill Patrice 966 N 2100 West Vernal, UT 84078 Kennedy. Marcia Marie 401 Maple St Gary. NC 2751 1 Inman. Stephanie Louise P.O. Box 57 Shalotte. NC 28459 Johnson, Carol Edith 100 Hubbard St. Belmon:. NC 28012 Jones, Monica Rene Rt. 2, Box 35 Fleetwood. NC 28626 Kensinger, Darryl Eugene 1611 Cardinal Or. Ounedln. PL 33526 trby. Metvin Thomas 1604 Park Ave. Beaufort. SC 29902 Johnson, Charlotte Rachel 2026 Klein Rd Wilmington. NC 26401 Jones. Rachel Ellzabetti Box 124 Boiling Sprgs , NC 28017 Kilpatrlck, Sandra Roxann P O Box 91 Kenansville. NC 26349 Irvin. Douglas Franklin 6406 Elmwood Circle Charlotte, NC 28214 Johnson, Christopher Ladell 207 N Carpenter St Kings Mountain. NC 28066 Jones, Shirley Masters 702 Kingsbury St Shelby. NC 28150 King. Carol Corriher 621 Poplar Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Isenhour. Johnny Arthur Rt 2. Box 48-A Claremonl, NC 28610 Johnson. Daniel Calhoun PC Box 248 Glen Alpine, NC 26628 Jones, Susan Caroline 107 Edgewood Dr Forest City. NC 28043 King, Sara Jane Rt. 6, Box 400 Mt. Airy. NC 27030 Isenhower, Larry Wade Rt 2. Box 153 Nevrton, NC 28668 isley. Karen Jean 1509 Lorimer Rd. Raleigh. NC 27606 ivester. Donna Cobb R1 4. Box 238-S Shelby, NC 26150 Johnson, Engadine S 15 Meehan St. Sumter, SC 29150 Johnson. Ernest Lawrence 106 Oxford Dr. Jacksonville. NC 26540 Johnson, Isaac 1843 Sallie Charleston, SC 28412 Jones, Violet Rebecca Rt. 1. Box 19-C Mooresboro. NC 28114 Jordan. Anita S- Rt. 3, Longwood Dr. Shelby. NC 28150 Jordan, Denise Lorraine 6820 N.W. 26th Place Gainesville, PL 32601 KInlaw. Cheryl Lynn P.O. Box 431 Rutherford Col.. NC 28671 KIrby, Robert Wilkins Rt, 1, Box 165 Gatfney, SC 29340 Kirby, Roosevelt Alexander P.O. Box 105 Clinton, NC 26328 Ivester, Jeffrey Brian 507 Stamford Bndge Rd Columbia, SC 29210 Johnson, Jeffrey Keith 1019 S Buncombe Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Jordan, India Denise Rt. 3, Box 4-A W. Jefferson, NC 28694 KIrby, Terri Lynn 301 Meadowbrook Dr. Seneca, SC 29678 Ivey. Tina Lyn 3522 Melrose Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304 Ivkovich. Nicholas Petar 16 Monmouth Ct. Livingston. NJ 07039 Jachi, Rwokuda Mudenga Triangle. Zimbabwe Rhodesia Jackson, Cathy Lynn 2600 Kendrick Dr Charlotte, NC 28214 Jackson. Grady Lee 3009 Daisy Ci Gastonia, NC 28052 Jackson, Jay Leon 614 Kingsbury St. Shelby. NC 28150 Jackson, Julie Adams 8651 Riverwood Dr Richmond. VA 23229 James, Deborah Rachel P O Box 427 Taipei, Taiwan Jamison. Brenda Kay 329 Brinton Ave Trenton, NJ 08618 Jenkins. Anthony Allen 316 N. Raleigh St. Wallace. NC 26466 Jenkins, Danny Ray 4629 Lebanon Dr Charlotte, NC 28210 Jenkins, Francis Scott 3332 Mayfield Ave Charlotte. NC 26209 Johnson, Julia Ann Rt, 12, Box 35 Morganton. NC 26655 Johnson. Kirby Darryll 19-D Oak Knoll Apts. Asheville, NC 28803 Johnson, Lloyd Junior 2312-6 Farmer St. Charlotte. NC 28208 Johnson, Mozella Wynee P.O Box 1272 Shelby, NC 26150 Johnson, Randy James Rt. 1. Box 226 Roaring River. NC 28669 Johnson, Rory Wayne 200 Can er St. Lake City. SC 29560 Johnson, Shirley Jill Rt. 14, Box 314 Statesville, NC 28677 Johnson, Steven Lloyd Rt. 5, Box 53 N. Wllkesboro. NC 26659 Jolley. Lana Box 935 Boiling Sprgs., NC 28017 Jolley, Rachel Blanton P.O. Box 211 Boiling Sprgs.. NC 26017 Jonas. Rebecca Sigmon Rt. 1. Box 217 Vale. NC 28168 Jones, Beverly Ann Box 726 Agana, Guam Jordan, Sharon Veronica Rt. 4, Box 165-A Shelby. NC 26150 Jordan, Terry Francis P.O. Box 895 Southern Pines. NC 28387 Jordan, Timothy Scott Rt. 3. Box 93 Elkin. NC 28621 Josey, Rebekah Burke Rt. 1 , Box 355 Maiden, NC 26650 Jowers, James Rotjert 2018 Virginia Dr Camden, SC 29020 Justice, Timothy Ray 310 Vine St. Whiteville. NC 28472 Kale, Mary Margaret Rt. 9, Box 206 Hickory. NC 28601 Kearney. Stanley Craig Rt, 3. Box 237 Warrenton. NC 27589 Keever, Joseph Finch 106 Second St Black Mountain. NC 28711 Keisler, Katherjne Angela RL 4. Box 217 Union. SC 29379 Keller, Donald Wayne Rt. 5, Box 680-C Ganney. SC 29340 Kelley, Sharon Kay 710 13th Ave- N. Surtside Bch, SC 29577 Kiser. Jennifer Gwen 611 N. Overbrook Ft, Walton Bch, FL 32548 Kiser, Timothy Duran P-0, Box 532 Shelby, NC 26150 Kistler, Karen Jo Rt. 1, Box 378 Mooresville, NC 26115 Kistler. Myra Elaine Rt, 1 , Box 376 Mooresville, NC 26115 Klein, Linda Jennifer 3517 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte, NC 28208 Knapp, Edward Campbell 4792 Moser Lane Burlington, NC 27215 Knight. Deborah June Rt, 2, Box 638 Lincolnton. NC 28092 Koch, Gustav Charles P O Box 369 Boiling Sprgs , NC 28017 Koone, Mary Ethel Rt. 2 Bostic, NC 28018 Koone. Robert Curtis Rt. 1 Union Mills, NC 26167 Koonts, Cartisle Woodson PO. Box 163 Due West, SC 29639 Kunkle, Carole Ann 2722 E. Broad St. Statesville, NC 26677 Jenkins. Kimberly Madge Box 504 Henrietta. NC 28076 Jones, Danny Wayne Rt. 1 , Box 367 Dallas. NC 28034 Kelly, Joseph E. 210 Sixth Ave Watervllet. NY 12169 Kuykendall, Odis Leo Rt, 2 Marion. NC 28752 Jester. Dara Marie Rt. 1 . Box 337 Yadkinville, NC 27055 Jones. David Garland 110 Green Acres Ml, Holly, NC 28120 Kendall, Victor James P.O. Box 324 Landis. NC 28088 Lackey, Connie Hughes P O Box 14 Shelby. NC 28150 153 i H PPaiM mmmm imm Lagrange, Daniel Lee 2109 Woodfield Dr Columbia. SC 29206 Ledford, Timothy Wayne Rt 2 Mooresboro. NC 28114 Long. Noms Eugene Rt 1, Box 45-R Ritherfordton. NC 28139 Maddox, Michael Angelo Rt n. Box 462A Shelby, NC 28150 Lail, Debbie Paulette Rt 2. Box 506 Concver. NC 28613 Lee, Deborah Lynnette Rt 8. Box 205 Shelby. NC 28150 Longshore, Anne Marie Rt 14. Box 203-B Charlotte, NC 28208 Maddox. Sheila Amanda Rt 1 1 . Box 460-A Shelby. NC 28150 Lail, Nancy Diane Rt 6, Box 71 Shelby, NC 28150 Lee. June Chalmers 407 Gan-ison Dr Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Loomis, Camilla Smith P Box 23 Boiling Sprgs , NC 28017 Mahaffey, Michael Scott Rt 6, Box 405 Gastonia, NC 28052 Lake. Scott Eric 2013 N W nth Ave Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311 Lee, Linda Marie P.O. Box 217 Boonville, NC 27011 Loomis. Dwight Allen P Box 23 Boiling Sprgs . NC 28017 Manuel, James Lee 4010 Yellow Mt Rd Roanoke, VA 24014 Lamb, Mary P Box 797 Boiling Sprgs . NC 28017 Leonard. Richard Lloyd 20 Utile St Lyman, SC 29365 Lopez. Karen Elizabeth PO Box 608 High Spnngs. FL 32643 Marble, John Hamer 1 706 Fifth St Palmetto, FL 33561 Lamb, Robert P Box 797 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Leonhardt. Audrey Kay Rt 10. Box 98 Morganton. NC 28655 Losito, Mark Anthony 108 Bosco Dr Jacksonville, NC 28540 Marchese, Gerard 3927-B Country Club Blvd Cape Coral, FL 33904 Lancaster. Lori Michaele 560 Walter Or Concord. NC 28025 Lever. Cynthia Rorence Rt. 3, Box 83-A Winnsboro, SC 29180 Love. Joe Dean 126 Chandler Dr. GaHney, SC 29340 Marley. Elvin Vincent Box 912 Liberty. NC 27298 Lancaster. Ricky Dean 225 S Boyce St Union, SC 29379 Lewis, Allan Richard 3145 Indian Hills Dr Marietta. GA 30067 Love, John Watkin 6129 Old Coach Rd Charlotte. NC 28215 Marshall. Janet Lynn Rt. 8. Box 664 Mt Airy. NC 27030 Land, Charies David 102 Tuthill Dr Lenior, NC 28645 Lewis, Anita Kay Rt. 2, Box 408 Graham. NC 27253 Love, Sherry Charlene 4620 Somerdale Lane Charlotte, NC 28205 Marshall, Keith Andrei 236 S Cook St. Trenton. NJ 08629 Landers, Julian Miller Rt 5 Box 237-B Morganton. NC 28655 Lewis, Marion Blame Rt 2, Box 408 Graham, NC 27253 Lovelace. James Gregory P O Box 372 Ellenboro. NC 28040 Marshburn, Catherine Diane Rt 1, Box 159-A Burgaw. NC 28425 Lang ley, Charles P 97-2 Edgemont Ave Shelby. NC 28150 Lewis. Marion C 3250 Celanese Rock Hill. SC 29760 Lovelace, Joseph Dean Rt 2. Box 42-C Shelby. NC 28150 Martel, Linda Kay Evergreen Dr Bethel. CT 06801 Langmade, Daniel Jon 3031 N E 41st Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308 Lewis. Mark Steven 192 Leighton Ave Red Bank. NJ 07701 Lowe, Oscar Thomas 14 N Harbor Dr Greenville, SC 29611 Martin, Billy Jack Rt- 1 . Box 22 Thunnond. NC 28683 ■ Lanham, William Thomas 282 Foxcroft Dr Asheville, NC 28806 Lillard. Laura Ann P.O. Box 884 High Spnngs, FL 32643 Lowery, Thanya Elizabeth Box 64 Kannapolis, NC 28081 Martin, Janice Marie 507 Melody Lane Shelby, NC 28150 Lanning. Connie Sue 67 Pinecrest Dr. Concord. NC 28025 Lindsay, Frances Marnette Rt- 1. Box 341 Lancaster. SC 29720 Lowry. Tim Roy Gum St. Pageland. SC 29728 Martin. Jerry Harrell Rt 1 Pageland. SC 29728 Lassiter, Janet Carol Rt 1 . Box 99 Hardeeville. SC 29927 Lineberger, Charles Nelson RI 2, Box 412 Dallas. NC 28034 Luckadoo. Donna Glenn PO Box 157 Lawndale, NC 28090 Martin, Mern Annette Rt 9. Box 859 Hickory, NC 28601 Lahmer, Gary Kerth Rt 4. Box 18 Waynesville, NC 28786 Lipsey, Caldwell Levon Rt. 1. Box 451 Gattney. SC 29340 Ludecke, Patricia Ann 1505 Indiana Ave Palm Harbor, FL 33563 Martin, Myra Jean 101 Robinson St Belmont. NC 28012 Lattimore, Cynthia Rene 2406 Caudle St Germanton, NC 27019 Little. Debra Lynn Rt 1, Box 467 Claremont, NC 28610 Lunsford, Frances Kimberly Rt 1 , Newfound Rd Leicester, NC 28748 Martin, Smith Franklin P Box 23 Ellenboro. NC 28040 Lauter. Michael Keck 385 Toulon Dr Wilmington. NC 28405 Little, Tanya Dawn Rt 1 , Box 467 Claremont, NC 28610 Lutz. Joann Watson PO Box 932 Boiling Sprgs. NC 28017 Martin, Stephen Douglas Rt. 2, Box 303-AA Ellenboro, NC 28040 Lavender. Debra Tumey PO Box 356 Gaffney, SC 29340 Littletield. Gntfin Scott PO Box 8 Taylorsville, NC 28681 Lutz. Sherri Lane 827 E Main St Forest City. NC 28043 Martin. Timothy David P 0. Box 362 Rockingham, NC 28379 Lawrence, Deborah Jane 1591 Eton Way Cfofton. MD 21114 Littlejohn, Arthur Cornelius 307 Seitz Or Forest City. NC 28043 Lyies, Oscar Billy Rt 3. Box 698-A Shelby, NC 28150 Massey, Debrah Ann 452 McNeil St. Gastonia. NC 28052 Lawrence. Rita Denise Rt 1. Box 100 Lawndale. NC 28090 Lrttlejohn. John Charles 118 Brooklain Dr Charlotte. NC 28214 Lynch, Billy Joe Rt 2 McBee, SC 29101 Masters Debra Marie 109 Howell St. Greer, SC 29651 Lawson, Rita Annette Rt 2, Box 128 Ramseur, NC 27316 Littlejohn, Sonya Mana 3124 Salem Dr Gastonia. NC 28052 Mabe. Kathy Mane Rt. 1 Rural Hall. NC 27045 Matney, Tamara Chnstine P Box 789 Grundy, VA 24614 Leath, David Alan P Box 516 Cherryville, NC 28021 Livengood. Frank Michael Rt 7, Box 86 Mocksille, NC 27028 Mack. Kimberly Ann 2636 Folsom Rd Mims. FL 32754 Matthews. Richard Vance Rt 2, Box 152 Nashville. NC 27856 Leatherwood, Dorothy Lanning 403 Beaumonde Shelby, NC 28150 Livingston. Bill Douglas Rt 2, Box 463-C Granite Falls. NC 28636 Mack. Roger Demck PO Box 882 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Matthews. Sandra Carol 400 Fields Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Ledbetter, Barbara Jane ■ 712 Cherryville fid ■ Shelby, NC 28150 Lottis, James David 106 Second Ave Rockingham, NC 28379 Macon, Ouinton Daniel 5213 Cedarwood Dr Raleigh, NC 28609 Mauney. Claude Jay 21 1 Salem Rd Lincolnton. NC 28092 Ledford. Cindy Ruth Rt 4, Box 79 Bakersville. NC 28705 Logan. Michael Junior P O Box 291 Old Fort, NC 28762 Mad lox. Craig Thomas 1351 N Latayette St Shelby, NC 26150 Mauney, Linda Hagans PO Box 587 Boiling Sprgs , NC 28017 154 Jii lUli )W,JA,VHlHuAV?WWWi« Mauney Patricia Lynn Rt 2 EllenbOfO. NC 28040 McEntire, Billy Ray Rt. 3. Box 451 Rulhertordton. NC 28139 Medlln. Ceiia Deniso P Box 40 Surt City. NC 28445 Mottitt. Steven Flake 4210 Ellis Rd. Shelby. NC 28150 May, Andrea Lynette 305 W Virginia Ave Bessemer City. NC 28016 McFarland. Frank Osborne Rt 4 Shelby. NC 28150 Medlin. Chris Todd Rt 1 . Box 28 Catawba. NC 28609 Moneyhun. Lillian LIghtsey 308 Sunnse Circle Shelby. NC 28150 Maynard. Jane Olive P.O Box 6058 Ralelgli. NC 27628 McGaha. Deanna Jane Rt. 1. HDIvlew Dr. Canton. NC 28716 Melton. Diana Lynn 2244 OU Kanuga Rd Hendersonville. NC 28739 Monlz. Karen Lee Devon Hgts Devonshire. Bermuda McAbee. Keith HI 3. Box 401 -C Kings Mountain. NC 28086 McQee. Janice Letth Rl. 6. Box 480 Salisbury. NC 28144 Melton. Lynn Ledbetter Rt. 1. Peninsula Ave Shelby. NC 28150 Monroe. Marsha Suzanne 3908 Leona St Tampa. FL 33609 McAlister. Scott Lindsey 906 S Buncomt}e Bd Greer. SC 28651 McGowan. Franklin Pierce 1723 N Main St. Greenville. SC 29609 Mellon. Teresa Wallace Rt 2. Box 565 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Montgomery. Deborah Alexis P Box 2573 Asheville. NC ;e802 McAteor. James Steven P.O Box 2762 C.R S Rock Hill. SC 29730 McGrath. Lori Ann Box 549 Claremont, NC 28610 Merritt. Nelson Thomas 3016 Arnold Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Moore. Carol Diane Rt 4. Box 303 N Wllkesboro. NC 28659 McBrayer. Betty Sue 351 Gnce St ShelDy. NC 28150 McGuire. Robert J 895 Oakland Lane Conyers. GA 30207 Messer. Michael David 1816 Timber Trail Cleveland. TN 37311 Moore. Edward Glenn 718 George Trask Dr. Wilmington. NC 28405 McCarler, Bartiara Mews 1916 Alpine Lane Gastonia. NC 28052 McKee. Steven Alan 800 Dixon St Shelby. NC 28150 Messick. Patrick Stephen Rt- 4, Box 322 Morganton, NC 28655 Moore, James Gregory Rt. 2. Box 20 Watkinsville, GA 30677 McCarter. Carolyn Elaine P.O. Box 72 Clyde. NC 28721 McKeithan. Joan P 119 S Woodland Forest City. NC 28043 Melcalf. Marsha Anita 103 Pine Dr Waynesvllle. NC 28786 Moore, Norella Thomas 322 Willow SI Stanley, NC 28164 McClure. Sheila Elaine 120 Buchanan Dr Waynesvllle. NC 28786 McKenzie. Lester Held Rt 1. Box 75 Wllkesboro. NC 28697 Metcalfe. Harold Van Rt- 10, Box 27 Shelby, NC 28150 Moore, Perry Oneil Rl 1 , Box 272 Fort Mill, SC 29715 McCrary. Julie Lea Oak Ridge Or Forest City. NC 28043 McKinney. Cheryl Ann Rt. 4, 602 Church Rd Forest C»y. NC 28043 Meyler. William Joseph 2945-B Cottage Place Greenstwro, NC 27405 Moore. Susan Elaine 7025 Foxworth Dr Chariotte. NC 28211 McCraw. John Thomas Rt- 6. Box 174 Shelby. NC 28150 McLaughlin. Buddie Thomas 2004 W Third St. Ext Siler City. NC 27344 Mickey, Lori Ann 5503 Weslo Willow »118 Greensboro, NC 27409 Morehead. Joy Lynn PO, Box 217 Eilenboro, NC 28040 McCraw. Laura Smith Rt 3. Box 379-A Gatlney. SC 29340 McLaughlin. Patricia Cowan Rt. 3. Box 860 Lincolnlon. NC 28092 Midgett, Vance Llewellyn 2110 Princess Place Dr Wilmington, NC 28405 Morphis, Kenneth Hanson 10 Cadolzburger Strasse Zemdorf, W. Ger. McCraw. Sandra Lynne Rt 2. Box 33 Blacksburg. SC 29702 McLean. Maria Jane 202 J E Johnston St. Stanley. NC 28164 Miller, Gary William 3847 Columbine Circle Chariotte, NC 2821 1 Morrah. Jennifer Alice 1 1 4 Mimosa Hills Morganton. NC 28655 McCray. Henry Carroll Rt. 4. Box 505 Monroe. NC 28110 McLean. Sherry Marie 207 Florence St. Graham, NC 27253 Miller, Gina Lynn Rt 4. Box 576 Mooresvllle. NC 28115 Morris. Don Mitton 2B49 Chatsworth Rd. Columbia, SC 29206 McCray. Willie 310 N FIHh SI Wilmington. NC 28401 McNeely. Brian Jackson 7 Sunderland Dr Greenville. SC 2961 1 Miller, Joyce Gale Rt 1 , Box 69-B Robbinsviiie, NC 28771 Morris, Sherree Lynn Rl 9. Box 525 Morganton. NC 28655 McCulloch. Bnan Talbot 1901 Summerhill Dr. Charlotte. NC 28212 McNeely. Jam! Lynne 7 Sunderland Dr. Greenville. SC 2961 1 Miller, Robert Anthony P-O- Box 233 Alexis, NC 28006 Morrison. Kathenne Meade Rl 3 Lawndale, NC 28090 McCurry. Marvin Dennis Rt. 7 North Oak Dr. Shelby. NC 28150 McQueen. Timmy Edward Rt. 3. Box 304-B Concord. NC 28025 Miller, Tony Allen P.O. Box 711 Gastonia. NC 28052 Moseley, Kelvin Ogusta Rt 5, Box 458 Gatlney, SC 29340 McCurry. Nina Lovettna Rl. 3. Box 453-B Shelby. NC 28150 McSwain. Deborah Anne Hq. Del USNCAA APO. New York. NY 091 78 Millingen. Jennifer Marie 6240 Washington SL Hollywood, FL 33023 Mosley, Rollin Arnold Rt 1, Box 231-C Rock Hill, SC 29730 McCurry. Robin Sherrie 104 Seilz Dr. Forest City. NC 28043 McSwaln. William Andrew Rt. 2. Box 574 Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Mills, Josephe Anne Rt. 1, Box 212 Pageland, SC 29728 Moss. Laladge Jolley P Box 261 Earl, NC 28038 McDaniel. Carole Bailey 710Spindale St Splndale. NC 28160 McVey. Basil Lawson 267 Union Grove Rd. Lenoir. NC 28645 Mills, Linda Ann 291 1 Hope Valley Rd Winston Salem, NC 27106 Moss. Mallory Keith 2650 Sherlock Dr Decatur, GA 30034 McDaniel. Robert Miller 1 1 Watklns Dr. Morganlown. NC 28655 McVicker. Timothy Allen General Delivery Shannon. NC 28386 Mills. Manley Britt Rt, 2 Shelby, NC 28150 Moss. Marsha Rowe Rt. 11. Box 422 Shelby. NC 28150 McDaniel. Sarah Francis Rt- 1 Box 265-B Eilenboro. NC 28040 McWhirter. Charles Alan 1201 S. Lafayette St Shelby. NC 28150 Mills, Paula Dawn 1 53 Heritage Place Mooresvllle, NC 281 1 5 Moss, Thomas Lawson 802 Tryon SI Sh elby, NC 28150 McDaniel. Tommy Norris 11 WatkinsDr Morganton. NC 28655 McWhirler. Colin Perry 1201 S Lafayette St Shelby. NC 28150 Mitchell, Donna Kelll Rt- 1 . Twin Lakes Moore, SC 29369 Motsinger, John Herman 1536 Poston Circle Gastonia, NC 28052 McDonald. Sandra Elizabeth 203 Windover Dr Forest City. NC 28043 Meadows. Franklin Craig 205 Ariington St. Mt- Airy. NC 27030 Mizell, Rory Lloyd 1 2 Longvlew Rd. Brockton. MA 02401 Mraz, Victoria Lynne 45 Macormac Place Staten Island, NY 10303 McDuflie. Lon Beth 108 Grandview Ct Morganton. NC 28655 Means. Oscar Xavier 804 Shamrock Lane Anderson. SC 29621 Mode. Thomas Vernon 609 W Elm St Shelby. NC 28150 Mufor a, Johnny Foncha 155 ' ' ' " ■ " !! " qPliliiP!HRIPIP P l " Mullis, Joy Kimberly Oliver, Ernest Raymond Patterson. Joy Lynne Pinyan. Loresa Annette Rt 1 . Box 564 Rt 1 . Box 7 Rt 5, Box 18 608 Mitchell St Indian Trail. NC 28079 Casar. NC 28020 Taylorsville, NC 28681 China Grove, NC 26023 Murphree. Frank Hovie Oliver. Mark Edmund Patterson, Mary Epps Plemmons, Debra Lynn Rt. 3 1469 E Marion St Rt 1. Box 437 P.cker s. SC 29671 Charlotte, NC 28211 Shelby. NC 28150 Alexander. NC 28701 Murray. Emmett C Orders, Danny Thomas Peeter, Donald Ray Pless, Piper Elaine Rl 5. Box 121-A 246 East View St Rt 2, Box 355 Rt 9, Box 529 Rutherfordton. NC 28139 Morganton, NC 28655 Gaffney. SC 29340 Morganton. NC 28655 Murray, Sherri Lynn Orofino. Paul Joseph Pender, Jeffrey Lawrence Pless. Risa Ann 4741 Murray St 51 2 Alcazar Ave. 8500 Willhill Rd Rt 6. Box 246 Charlotte. NC 2821 3 Altamonte Spg , FL 32701 Charlotte. NC 28212 Salisbury. NC 28144 Myers. Hert ert Orlando Oley, Jeffrey Dean Pendleton. Cynthia Kay Poarch. Derek Kevin 331 Rntey Ave N W 3039 Garden Crty Blvd. Rt 1 . Box 282 112 Mount Herman Rd. Lenoir, NC 28645 Roanoke, VA 24014 Lawndale, NC 28090 Lenoir. NC 28645 Nail. Stephen Daniel Otto, Mary Virginia Penley. Janet Lynne Poarch, Fred Royal PO Box 367 Oxford Orphanage Rt. 6. Box 157 Sutfle Rt. 8, Box 539-IA Robbins. NC 27325 Oxford, NC 27565 Morganton. NC 28655 Morganton. NC 28655 Nance Kerth Jackson Overcash, Kenneth Delane Perkins. Danny Ray Poole. George Alan Rt 10, Box 715 Rt 1 , Box 561 Rt 1. Box 312-A Rt 1. Box 613 H.ckory. NC 28601 Troutman. NC 28166 Denver, NC 28037 Umar, SC 29069 Nance. Sheila Mane Overcash. Manam Louise Perkins. V rginia Lee Porter, Cynthia Sarah Rt. 11. Box 470 Rt 2, Box 62 1 1 04 S Lafayette St 2411 Wendy Une Shelby. NC 28150 Conover, NC 28613 Shelby. NC 28150 Gastonia. NC 28052 Nantz. Potty Annette Owerw. John Duncan Perreautt. Cherle Reve Porter, Terry Bruce Rt 4 2712 Roswell Ave. 3564 Woodleaf Rd. Rt 1 , Box 282-A Shelby, NC 28150 Charlotte. NC 28209 Chariotte. NC 28205 Statham, GA 30666 Nation. Jeanne Mane Oweris, Thomas W Renin. Esther Noel Porter, Timothy Bryan 707 E Iowa Ave Box 528 Rt 1, Box 282-A Bessemer Crty. NC 28016 Padgett, Hillary Elizabeth 326 Circleview Dr Boiling Sprgs. NC 28017 Stattiam, GA 30666 Neubauer, Linda Casucci SheJby, NC 28150 Perryman, Robin Cecelia Portice, Janet Mae P 0. Box 952 Rt. 4. Box 543 350 E. Juddville Rd Boilir g Sprgs., NC 28017 Page, Edward Douglas 1703 W Vandalia Rd. Lexington. NC 27292 OWOSSO. Ml 48867 Newton. Donald Atvin Greensboro, NC 27406 Pettit. Lon Anne Poston, Lou Ann 1010 Paramount Circle Rt 2. Wingo Rd Box 35 Gastonia. NC 28052 Page, Handy Nelson Box 391 Roebuck. SC 29376 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Nichols, Lisa Sue Caroteen, NC 28019 Peltus. Lisa Gay Poston, Ronald Douglas Rt 3, Box 324 P Box 21 332 S Post Rd East Bend. NC 27018 Painter, Alice Faye Rt. 5, Box 1049 Drakes Branch, VA 23937 Shelby, NC 28150 Nichols, Tammy Marie Lincolnton, NC 28092 Petty, Allyson Don Poston. Susan Denise P Box 94 Rt 10. Box 227 Boys Camp Road Bryson City. NC 28713 Painter. Alisa Nadine Rt 3. Box 166 Shelby. NC 28150 Lake Lure. NC 28746 Nocera. David Mano Roxboro, NC 27573 Pertyiohn. Max Steven Poteat. Johnny Mac Doral Plaza Apt 8-G 1817 Forest Dr. Rt 1, Box 275 San Juan. PR 00657 Parham. Rodney Allen 901 Holder Dr Camden, SC 29020 Morganton, NC 28655 Norcutt. Richard Calvin Gastonia, NC 28052 Phffer. John Michael Potter. Timothy Evans 106 Heavner Rd. 1507 Farm Rd 107 Pleasant Grove Rd, Lincolnton. NC 28092 Parker, Diane Cooper 803 Anthony St Shelby, NC 28150 Thomasville, NC 27360 Norman, John Chnstopher Gaffney, SC 29340 Philbeck, David Alexander Poulsen, Donna Lynn 602 Gold St Rt 1 , Box 359 13709 Parkland Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Parker. Earl Wayne Rt 7. Box 615 G rover, NC 28073 Rockville, MD 20853 Norns, Teresa Ann Gaffney, SC 29340 Philbeck, Wendy Marie Poulsen. Lora Lee 1040 Valley St Rt 5 13709 Parkland Dr Statesville, NC 28677 Parker, William Robert 2602 Beltview Rd Shelby, NC 28150 Rockville. MD 20853 Norton, Mark Raymond Anderson, SC 29621 Phillips, Amy Ann Powell, Unda Ledford 8001 Kerrybrook Circle 3004 Reldstone Lane Rt 2, Box 408-A Charlotte, NC 28214 Parker, Yvonne Louise Rt 2 Hayesville. NC 28904 Shelby, NC 28150 Gaffney, SC 29340 Oates. Beverly Ann Phillips, Ar gela Dawn Powers, Tania Deanne Rt 4, Box 4 Rt 5, Box 494 6816 Perkins Dr Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Parks, Keih Lynn Station Rd Gastonia, NC 28052 Raleigh, NC 27612 Oates, Kevin Thaddeus Newport NJ 08345 Phillips, Kirby Todd Prescott, Robert Mitch Rt. 1 8836 Bngadier Land PO Box 4165 Shelby, NC 28150 Pamell, Marilyn Yvonne 1012 E- Sevenm St Charlotte, NC 28212 Burton, SC 29902 Obata. Juslyn Sixnako Lumberton. NC 28358 Phtlhps, Ullian Elizabeth Prewifl, Gerry Lynn 1 606 Malm St P Box 63 Tnangle P Box 41 Honolulu. HI 96819 Panis. Donna Lewis P Box 625 Zimbabwe. Rhodesia Lattimore, NC 28089 Odom. Curtis Eugene Blacksburg, SC 29702 Phillips. Paul Lowell Price. Laura Ellen Rt 1. Box 139-D Box 63, Triangle 2409 Kendrick Dr Shemlls Ford. NC 28673 Partin, Gregory Kyle 1466 Momingside Dr Rhodesia Charlone, NC 28214 Ogle. Mtchael Lee Burlington, NC 27215 Pickett, Jacqueline Renee Pnce, Paul Payton Rt 2, Box 157 608 Tenth St Rt 4, Box 685 Bryson City, NC 28713 Passmore, Lora Frances Rt 1. BOX43-C Spencer, NC 28159 Mooresville, NC 28115 Oglesby. Larry Dean Mooresboro, NC 28114 Pilegard, Edward Michael Pruen, Julia Ann 1 700 Longvie Or 5930 First St S Rt 1 , Box 333 Winston Salem, NC 27107 Patterson, Cindy Dee Rt 5, Box 18 Arlington. VA 22204 Casar, NC 28020 Ohtani, Kazunon Taylorsville. NC 28681 Pilklngton, Rhonda Gail Prunty, Randy Edward 4-11 Nakazu 128 E Hilltop Dr PO Box 447 Fukvoka, Japan Gastonia, NC 28052 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 156 JLI Wkl, «»|!,Ull|i Prunty, Ten Smith 7100 Melody Lane Charlotte, NC 28214 Reniro, Charles Christopher Rt 2, Box 1182 Spruce Pine, NC 28777 Robinson, Jane Del Rt, 6. Box 38 Union, SC 29379 Saylor, Joe Henry 328 N Front SI Elkin, NC 28621 Putnam, Anthony Jeoji Rt. 1. Box 262 Gnjvot, NC 28073 Revels. Anthony Eari Rl 1 . Box 731 Cowpens. SC 29330 Robinson. Paul Jeffrey P Box 295 Connelly Spgs., NC 28612 Scarborough, William Barron PO Box 68 Eastover, SC 29044 Putnam, Margaret Ann 3145 Dnttwood Dr Charlone, NC 28205 Reynolds, Charles Edmond 132 Route De Mons Belgium Rockett, Kevin Conrad 414 KImmswIck Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214 Schaddelee, Robert Kent Bl, 2, Box 763 Bryson City, NC 28713 Putnam, Ronald Lamar 414 Freeman St. Hendersonville, NC 28739 Reynolds, Mary Jones Rt. 3, Box 718-AA Shelby. NC 28150 Rodgers, George Anne 31 7 Ellis St Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Schlaler, Rachel Elisabeth 5809 Green Valley Rd Knoxville. TN 3791 4 Putnam, Terry Ann 2926 Poinsetta Dr Winston Salem, NC 27107 Rhoney, James Milton Rt 4, Box 587 Hickory, NC 2B601 Rogers, Elizabeth Lake 1524 Beech Circle Wllkesboro. NC 28697 Schutt, Winnie Kay P Box 772 Zelwood, FL 32798 Putnam, Waller Stephen 1408 Kings Rd Shelby, NC 28150 Rhymer. Robert Benjamin Rt, 1, Box 341 Forest City. NC 28043 Romney, Elizabeth Vaughan Box 833 Ellenboro, NC 28040 Seism, Joyce Blanton Rl 4. Box 173-B Shelby. NC 28150 Quattletjaum, Robert Timothy Rt, 2, Box 102 Hartsville, SC 29550 Rice, Donna Adeline Rt 4, Box 215 Asheville, NC 28806 Rose. Louis Langford 675 Hempstead Place Chartotte, NC 28207 Seism. Vicki Lynn Rl, 4, Box 173-B Shelby, NC 28150 Queen, Barry Lynn P 0. Box 18 Connelly Spgs,, NC 28612 Rich, Nancy Denise Rt, 1 , Box 291 Wallace, NC 28466 Ross, Clyde Nelson P 0, Box 775 Glen Alpine, NC 28628 Scoggins, Mattie Getlys Rt. 2, Box 681 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Queen, Gary Eugene 701 Flowe St. Gaslonia. NC 28052 Richards. Jeffrey Boone Rl. 1 , Box 204-A Hudson. NC 28638 Rolen, Sherryl Lynn Rl. 2, Box 138-A W. Jefferson, NC 28694 Scott, Jonathan Edward 5900 S W. 62nd Place Miami, FL 33143 Queen. Grady Terry 120 Carter Hts Qaffnsy. SC 29340 Richards, Thomas Scott Rt. 1, Box 204-A Hudson. NC 28638 Rolen, Wanda Elaine Rt. 11. Box 388 Stalesvllle. NC 28677 Scott, Pamela Ann 359 Hanrard CI. Ladson, SC 29456 Queen, Patricia Alice P,0. Box 837 Shelby, NC 28150 Riddle. Bradley Scott PC, Box 555 Etowah, NC 28729 Royals, James Lee 2318-D Shadow Valley Rd High Point, NC 27260 Scronce, Kim Franklin P.O Box 133 Hildebran. NC 28637 Quinn, Darlene 426 Belvedere Circle Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Riftle, Robert Dale 21 7 Weatherstone Dr, Forest City, NC 28043 Ruckman, Tami Bennett Rl 4, Box 456 Candler. NC 28715 Scronce, Lisa Ann Rt, 2, Box 664 Connelly Spgs , NC 28612 Rabb, Philip Dean Box 386 Maiden. NC 28650 Riley. Jo Ann P.O. Box 166 Knightsdale, NC 27545 Rudd. Bruce Eugene P.O Box 177 Vanceyville. NC 27379 Seagroves, Deborah Jean 2000 Lane St. Kannapolls, NC 28081 Railey. Cynthia Ann 101 Elm St, Lowell. NC 28098 RItchey. Deborah Ann Star Route Gerton, NC 28735 Rumfelt, Robin Annette 307 Stadium Rd. Wake Forest. NC 27587 Searcy, Vera Jane 1106 Willow St Hendersonville, NC 28739 Ramey, Andrea Faye 902 Sharon Dr Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Ritchie. Donald Linn 1417 Nottingham Rd. Kannapolls, NC 28081 Russell. Mike Louis 144 Long Leaf Dr Wilmington. NC 28401 Seaver. Jeffrey Scott 525 W John St. Matthews. NC 26105 Ramseur, Edna Idella Rl, 10, Box 76 Shelby. NC 28150 Rivelle, Douglas Dale 725 Forest Dr Gastonia, NC 28052 Russell. Steven Douglas Rl. 1. Box 308 Rockingham. NC 28379 Seay, Jane Karen Rt. 4. Box 245-B Spartanburg, SC 29301 Ramsey, Kathy Dixon 91 1 Lake Or Shelby. NC 28150 Roach, Johnnie Dale Rt. 6. Box 428 Seneca. SC 29678 Russell. Susan Orvis 1780 Jamaica St Titusville. FL 32780 Self, Roger Glenn RL 3. Box 54 Dallas, NC 28034 Randolph, Kimberly Lorene 315 Dogwood Dr Mt, Holly, NC 28120 Roadcap, Robert James 2513 Kings Rd. Shelby, NC 28150 Sain, Carole SImerly Rt. 1, Box 1 Vale, NC 28168 Self. Sandra Kay Rt, 3, Box 327 Inman. SC 29349 Rape, Jill Sweezy Rt 8, Box 105-1 Shelby, NC 28150 Roark, Richard Carl Rt. 1 , Box 23-B Jefferson, NC 28640 Sain, Gay Rt. 2, Box 275 Vale, NC 28168 Self. Scotty Clayton Rt, 2. Box 19 Forest City, NC 28043 Rappe, John Randolph 3024 Plentywood Dr Matthews. NC 28105 Robbins, Kimberly Lee Rt. 2, Box 663 Connelly Spgs., NC 28612 Sain, Karen Marie Rl, 1, Box 314 Vale. NC 28168 Sellers. Joyce Ford Rt 2. Box 476 Cherryville. NC 28021 Rash, William Wilson 1 1 1 Queensgate Lane Charlotte, NC 28214 Robbins, Linda McGaha IIOTrailwood Dr. Forest City. NC 28043 Sain, Teresa Roxanne Rl, 2. Box 276 Vale. NC 28168 Sells, Karen Renee Rt 6. Box 226 High Point, NC 27260 Rayfield, Gary Gene 331 Pine Ave. Cherryville, NC 28021 Roberts, Carolyn F. 1526 Eaves Rd. «K-1 Shelby, NC 281 50 Samuel. Baronda Louise 9 Bell Court Greenville, SC 2961 1 Sells, Sandra Kay Rl 6, Box 226 High Point NC 27260 Reavis, Lisa Lain P.Q Box 388 Wllllston. FL 32696 Roberts, Jeanne Dyan PC Box 131 Murphy, NC 2B506 Sanders, Ramona Bums Rt, 3, High Wedge Rd. Shelby. NC 28150 Settle. James Randall Rl 4, Box 350 Inman, SC 29349 Reavis, Zane Kevin 4111 Hastings Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284 Roberts, William Josh Rt. 9. Box 286 Shelby. NC 28150 Sanderson, Betty Susan 320 E Cavenaugh St, Wallace, NC 28466 Selzer. Isabell ShuKler P.O. Box 803 Boiling Sprgs . NC 28017 Reese, Andrea Louise 112 Shelby St. Spartanburg. SC 29301 Robertson. Wanda Hogue 308 McBrayer SI, Apt, 40 Shelby, NC 28150 Sanford, Beveriy Ann 82 Laurel Hill Rd Brookfield, CT 06804 Shade, Cora Belle PO Box 142 Fallslon, NC 28042 Reid. Julie Robinson. Gigl Dawn Rl. 3, Box 761 Newton, NC 28658 Savage, Stephen MUchell PC. Box 1417 Shelby, NC 28150 Sharpe. Unda Kaye 217 Vorttshlre Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29301 157 " nonpifVFPPPi iiilPMIiPPiPVilP Shans. Brenda Randall RI 11. Box 402 Shelby, NC 28150 Smith, Alan Lane 101 Coleman Court Greenville. SC 29609 Snuggs, Janet Lee 1231 Fern Forest Dr Gastonia. NC 28052 Strange, Anthony Neal Rt 1, Box 41 Saluda. SC 29138 Sheppard, George 110 Delmaf Hd Shelby. NC 28150 Smith, Angela Dee 1096 Sunset Rd Cherryville, NC 28021 Solomonic, Robert David 15 Buena Vista St. Greenville. SC 29607 Streater, Frank Ervin 2-7 Saxon Homes Columbia, SC 29204 Shields, Susan Juanita 924 Milltop Une Eden. NC 27288 Smith. Berlie Watkins Rt. 11. Box 564 Shelby. NC 28150 Somers, Larry Neal Rt 2, Box 459 Vale, NC 28168 Stncklen, William Kyle 4438 Sexton Dallas. TX 75229 Shipman. Paul Reid Rt 2, Box 34 B Shelby, NC 28150 Smith, Collis Ralph Rt. 4, Box 390 Gattney, SC 29340 Southgate, Richard Jeffreys 734 Country Club Rd Mount Airy, NC 27030 Strom, Robert Alan Rt. 4. Box 62 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Shook, Renna Bowen P Box 454 Spring Si Boiling Sprgs., NC 28017 Smith. Daniel Thomas Rt 3. Box 3a0 W Jefferson. NC 28694 Spanos, Mary Noel Rt 1 , Box 346 Blacksburg, SC 29702 Stroud, Janet Ramseur Rt 10, Box 67 Shelby, NC 28150 Shope. Edd Wayne Box 68 OHo. NC 28763 Smith, Donald Duane 1114 Elmwood Dr Colonial Hgts , VA 23834 Spargo. Dickie Roger 1203 East Park Dr Gastonia, NC 28052 Stroud, Nancy Shanklin Box 1086 Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Shore, Mark Myers Box 219 Boonville. NC 27011 Smith, Donald Keith Rt 3. Box 252-Gl China Grove, NC 28023 Spargo, Donald Gibbon 102 Sunset Dr Stanley, NC 28164 Stroup. Tamara Kay Rt 2, Box 338 Fletcher. NC 28732 Shores, Hansom Jerry 2918 Poplar Circle Shelby, NC 28150 Smith, Gina Rae Rt. 8. Box 236 Hickorv, NC 28601 Sparks, Lisa Kay PC Box 486 Spruce Pine, NC 28777 Stroupe, Dolores Ann Rt- 7, Box 51 Lincolnton, NC 28092 Shutord. David Eugene Rt 1 . Box 958 Spruce Pine, NC 28777 Smrth, Iva Karen 8904 Wexford Charlotte. NC 28212 Speaks. Selina Diane 5978 Hill-N-Dale Dr Kernersville, NC 27284 Stuart, Thomas Watson 123-B Virginia Dare Warner Robins. GA 31093 Shuler, Tammy Charlene 817 Pennsylvania Ave Apindale, NC 28160 Smith, Jacqueline Leanne Star Rt Box 31 Longwood. NC 28452 Spencer, Vicki Y Rt 3. Riverbend Acres Shelby, NC 28150 Studley, Jeffrey Linnell 53 Poquito Rd. Shalimar, FL 32579 Sides, Gregg Edward 921 Candy Dr Statesville, NC 28677 Smith. James Clyde Rt 1 . Box 70 Frisco City, AL 36554 Sptawn. Michael Frank Box 793 Boiling Sprgs, NC 26017 Suddreth. Brent Alan 4207 Belvoir Dr Greensboro. NC 27406 Sigmon, Timolhy Bray 1902 Carolina Ave Kannapolis, NC 28081 Smith, John Allen P Box 181 Lattimore, NC 28089 Sprinkle, Rhonda Dare 226 Hazel Mill Rd Asheville, NC 28806 Suddreth, Leslie Karen Rt 1, Box 281 MI Holly, NC 28120 Silver. Colleen Lane P 0. Box 186 Cherryville. NC 23021 Smith, John Robert P.O. Box 212 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Stairley, Tracy Kent 104 Chipley Lane Greenville. SC 29605 Sullivan, Michael John 712 Butler Springs Rd, Greenville. SC 29615 Simmons, Irvin Wayne P Box 36 Boiling Sprgs, NC 28017 Smith, Joyce Diane 704 Fourth St S W Conover, NC 28613 Stamey, Carta Elisabeth P Box 2005 Shelby, NC 28150 Summerlin, Lyman Earl 116 Devine SI Stanley, NC 28164 Simmons, Leigh Pope PO Box 711 Boiling Sprgs,, NC 28017 Smith. Judy Mildred Rt. 6, Box 236 Hendersonvllle, NC 28739 Stanley, Teresa Lynn 1050 Biloxi Dr- Kernersville, NC 27284 Summers, Billy Wayne Rt. 2. Box 392 McLeansville, NC 27301 Simmons, Robert Earl 2845 Usalle St Charlotte, NC 28216 Smith, Linda Ford 515 W Main St Forest City, NC 28043 Steele, Mark Eugene Rt. 2, Box 128 Dallas, NC 28034 Summers. Jean Marie 3106 Suffolk Or Shelby, NC 28150 Simpson, Rheba Ann Rt 1 Indian Trail, NC 28079 Smith, Lisa Darlene 1819 Melvin Dr Gastonia. NC 26052 Steinert, Betsy Ann Rt 3, Box 244 Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Summey, Vickie Lynette Rm 216 Ins BIdg Forest City, NC 28043 Simpson, Wayne Carlton Rt 1, Box 810 Indian Trail, NC 28079 Smith, Robert Avery 201 Thornburg Dr Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Stephens. Alan Dale Rt. 4, Box 312 Hickory. NC 28601 Sumpter, Levon ISOOSprvey SI Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 Sims. Terry Len PO Box 130 Rutherlord Col, NC 28671 Smith, Samuel Jesse 256 Hyton St Mt Airy. NC 27030 Stewart, Carolyn Elizabeth 1127 Lake Ave N Augusta, SC 29841 Surratt, Mary Cathrlne D-5 Holly Oak Apt Shelby. NC 28150 Singleton, Martha Brinkley 1621 Carolina Circle Gastonia. NC 28052 Smith, Wanda Oianne 960-C E- O ' Neal St Gaffney. SC 29340 Stewart, Martha Denise 2826 Luray St. N£ Roanoke. VA 24012 Swann, Leslie Carol 2984 Ormond Dr Winston Salem, NC 27106 Sistrunk, Irving Bagley 2128 Echo Lane Wilmington. NC 28401 Smith, William Christopher Rt 1. Box 112 Hudson, NC 638 Stewart. Teresa Adaline 1312 Maryland Ave Eden, NC 27288 Swayney, Lester Ray Rt 1, Box 160 Whitter. NC 28789 Sizemore, Phillip Dwight 608 Brookwood Splndale, NC 28160 Smith, William Randolph Rt. 3, Box 667-B Shelby, NC 28150 Strkeleather, Gayle Elaine Rt. 8. Box 517 Statesville, NC 28677 Swilley, Timothy Britt 14 Pimlico Rd. Greenville, SC 29607 Skorman, Betty Roberts Rt 4, Seven Acres Shelby, NC 28150 Smith. William Thomas Rt 5, Box 62 Hendersonvllle, NC 28739 Stllwell, Steven Dale Rt 4, Box 780 Hickory, NC 28601 Tallent, Christopher Allen 711 Branton Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Slatton. Clayton Madison 103 Hammen Bridge Rd Greer. SC 29651 Sneed, Janet Mane 517 Cleveland Ave Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Stinchcomb, Dennis Scott 700 W Warren St Shelby, NC 28150 Tannery, Timothy William Rt 4 Westminster, SC 29693 Smart. Dennis Allen ■ Rt 3. Box 854 ■ Connelly Spgs , NC 28612 Snelling, Sara Jennifer 1 Elm St. So, Toms River, NJ 08753 Stout, Kimberley Ann 1200 Pleasant Dale Ave Colonial Hgts . VA 23834 Taylor. Anna MIchele Box 13-A. Mellon Rd. Belmont. NC 28012 1 Smather , Edgar Alan ■ 16 Lee Lane 1 Clyde, NC 28721 Snuggs, Bernice Church 1231 Fern Forest Dr Gastonia, NC 28052 Stovall, Charles Laverne 408 Abner Rd Apt D-16 Spartanburg, SC 29301 Taylor, Cecilia Elaine 835 Belmorrow Dr Charlotte, NC 28214 158 Taylor. Donnis Tessener 301 Sunrise Circle Shelby. NC 28150 Toney, Anita Gall Rt 1 , Box 249 Ellenboro, NC 2804C Vanderburg, Timothy Warren Rt 7, Box 295 Concord, NC 28025 Warner, Daphney Dare 1149 Slalllngs Rd 4 Matthews, NC 28105 Taylor. James Edward Star Rt . Bo 59-A Btyson City. NC 28713 Toney, Linda Renee 4061 Hwy- 70 S-W Hickory, NC 28601 Vanhoy, William Archie PO Box 166 Gold Hill. NC 28071 Warner, Donnadrez Flack 41 7 Carolina Ave Shelby. NC 28150 Taylor. John Kemp P Box 569 Clemmons. NC 27012 Trachtenberg, Kay Medford 213 Crawford St Shelby, NC 28150 Vaughan, Tedd Harris 39 Harris Lane Watkinsville, GA 30677 Warren. Manln Lee 14101 SW 99 Ave Miami. FL 33176 Taylor. Kimberty Grace Rt 3. Box 307 Supply. NC 28462 Travis, Judilee Shea Rt 2, Box 175-G Ellenboro, NC 28040 Vlckers. Maria Lee Rt, 5. Box 471 Forest City. NC 28043 Warlhen. Ralph Rt 1. Box 313 Warthen. GA 31094 Taylor. Paul Grayson Rt 3. Roy Eaker Rd Cherryvilie. NC 28021 Travis, Linda Smyre Rt. 3, Box 84 Newton. NC 28658 Vlckers. Randall Vernon 14904 Fiintstone Lane Silver Spring, MD 20904 Washburn. Richard F 316 Big Springs Ave. Forest City. NC 28043 Taylor. Sandra Margaret Rt 3. Roy Eaker Rd Cherryvilie. NC 28021 Trent. William Robert Rl 5. Box 285 Morganton. NC 28655 Vidal, Veronique Jeanne 3 Chemin des Bassins France Washburn. Waylan Tyree 1112 Ladell Lane Shelby. NC 28150 Taylor. Tamara Jane 707 W. Marion St. Shelby. NC 26150 Triplett. Terry Charles 1120 Brookwood Of. Wilkesboro. NC 28697 Vinson, John Thomas Rt. 2. Box 345-G Lawndale. NC 28090 Waters. Cheryl Virginia P.O. Box 1752 Hartsvllle. SC 29550 Teague. Nancy Oawn Rt. 3. Box 284 Granite Falls, NC 28630 Troutman. Karen Cheryl Rl 3. Box 280 Statesville. NC 28677 Vinson, Kay Frances Rt, 5. Box 321-A Shelby. NC 28150 Waters. Deborah Lynn PO Box 1752 Hartsvllle. SC 29550 Templeton. Johnny Michael 18 W Parker Rd. Greenvllte. SC 2961 1 Troutman. Myra Lynne RL 10. Box 431 Statesville, NC 26677 Vinson, Rita Annette Rt. 2. Box 104 Lawndale. NC 28090 Waters. Larry Chester 104 Briarwood Lane Forest City. NC 28043 Tesseniar. Carroll Dean 1013 Hardin Dr. Shelby. NC 26150 Tucker, Lisa Foster 1304 Nobel St. Alcoa. TN 37701 Vlaservich, Nicholas E 306 W Wllklns St- Dallas, NC 28034 Waters, Randy Dean Rt 3. Box 407 Neviton. NC 28658 Tesseniar. Joy AngeJia 1013 Hardin Or Shelby. NC 28150 Tucker, Martha Salchle 406 S. Pearl St Pageland. SC 29728 Vollmer, Maria Dolores 831 S- Jackson St Gastonia, NC 28052 Waters. Stanley David Rl- 2. Box 28 Bessemer City. NC 28016 Theuer. Paul John 305 RIverbend Rd. Oxon Hill, MD 20022 Tucker. Rosalind Tracey 3061 Sheets Circle Charlotte. NC 28214 Walker, Cheryl Renee Rt. 4, Box 50 Shelby. NC 28150 Watkins. Betty Anne 504 Monroe St. Shelby. NC 28150 Thomas. Dwight Emanuel Box 296 Ramseor. NC 2731 6 Turbytill. Kenneth Jack 408 S, Mulberry St, Cherryvilie. NC 26021 Walker, Freda Lynn PO, Box 56 Casar, NC 28020 Watkins. Danny Michael 103 Pinewood Dr. Greer. SC 29651 Thomas, Lynn Bridges P.O Box 602 Boiling Sprgs.. NC 2801 7 Thomas. Susan Kay 2001 Brooks Rd Durham, NC 27703 Turner, Charles Albert Turner, David McKonley Rt. 12. Box 1336 Charlotte, NC 28212 Turner, Henry Ronald Walker. Lora Faye 1701 Hoffman Rd. Gastonia. NC 28052 Walker. Marline Rose Marie Rt. 1 Lawndale. NC 28090 Watkins. Robbie Marion 3107 Southall Rd. Raleigh. NC 27604 Watson. Marty Heyward 126 Carting Dr Anderson. SC 29621 Thompson. Michael Richard Rt. 1. Box 112 State Road. NC 28676 Rt. 4. Box 730 Union, SC 29379 Turner, John Andrew Walker. Pamela Elizabeth 3024 Hazel Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Watt. Gregory Keith 117 Brittany Galfney. SC 29340 Thompson. Pecora 504 Green Valley Dr Shelby. NC 28150 108 Cornne Dr Greenville, SC 29607 Turner, Marsha ShyrI Walker. Robert Ellwood 6241 Nations Ford Rd. Charlotte. NC 28210 Watts. Kay Lynn 5545 Cralton Place Charlotte, NC 28212 Thompson. Susan Renee Westclifte Apts tt17 i Greenville. SC 2961 1 901 SW Bermuda Ave. Sebastian, FL 32958 Turner, Mary Lynn Walker. Vickl Spangler Rt 8, Box 361 Shelby. NC 26150 Wease, David Farrell Rt 1, Box 15 Lawndale. NC 28090 1 Thomburg. Oebra Lee Rt. 6, Box 607-W Charlotte. NC 28208 Rt, 3, Box 361 Cherryvilie, NC 28021 Turner, Max Lee Walker. William Douglas 919 Lower Creek Dr NE. Lenoir. NC 28645 Wease, Thomas Alan P.O. Box 377 Lawndale. NC 28090 Thomburg. Monty Renn 601 W. King St. Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Rt. 7, Box 96-9 Shelby. NC 28150 Turner, Patsy Woods Wallace. Sherry Dawn 609 Charles Rd. Shelby, NC 28150 Weatherlord. Michael Keith P 0, Box 5054 Florence. SC 29502 Thrasher. Pamela Gale Rt. 4, Box 9 1 Lincolnton, NC 28092 PO. Box 157 Casar. NC 28020 Turnmlre. Brenda Ellce Wallace, Susan Clara Rt- 2. Box 305 Cherryvilie, NC 28021 Weathers. Jeffrey Lee 1285 Spurlln St. Shelby, NC 28150 ' Thurman, Sharon Denise 1327 Lenior Dr Shelby, NC 28150 P.O Box 614 Candor. NC 27229 Tyndall. Susan Marie Wallace, Wade 505 Kings Rd. Shelby. NC 28150 Weathers, Kenneth Wayne 2270 E, Main St Spartanburg. SC 29302 Tillman, Gregory Wyte Rt. 3 Uvyndale, NC 28090 1624 KIrkwood Dr. Durham. NC 27705 Upton. Donna Carolyn Wallace. William Hord ■■ 319 Gillespie St. Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Weaver. Carol Rt. 4 Shelby. NC 28150 Tipton, Charles Stephen 207 Crestview Dr. Lincolnton. NC 28092 Rt- 2. Box 360 Forest City, NC 28043 Vance, Mary Spencer Walls. Neal Hugh 4201 Adrienne Dr. Alexandria. VA 22309 Weaver. Lisa Carol 804 Charles Rd Shelby. NC 28160 Tipton. Cynthia Dawn Rt. 2. Box 108 Bakersville, NC 28705 Box 1251 Rutheitordton. NC 28139 Vanderburg, Lisa Elian Walton. Wayne Rt. 9. Box 247 Shelby, NC 28150 Weaver, Lydia Theresa Rt. 2, Box 66 Shelby, NC 28150 1 Tisdale, Thalmico Dwayne 523 Washington St. Rock Hill, SC 29730 Rt- 7, Box 295 Concord, NC 28025 Ward. Sidney Kirk 416 E- Holly Hill Rd Thomasvllle, NC 27360 Weaver, Samuel Delano Rl 3. P.O Box 307 Chesnee, SC 29323 159 Weaver, Susan Catherme 334 West Court SI Ruthertordton. NC 28139 Whrtener, Keith Bennett 33 Kee Rd Belmont. NC 2801 2 Wilson. Amy Jean 5015 Idlewlld Rd Charlotte. NC 28212 Wyatl. John Franklin Rl 8. Vannessa Dr Spartanburg. SC 29303 Webb. Bavon Sutton 614 L rchmont Dr Wilmington. NC 28403 Whiteside. Cynthia 714 Ledbetter Rd. Spindale. NC 28160 Wilson. Bruce Baird RL 1, Box 214 Stoneville, NC 27048 Wykle. Joseph Thomas RL 1. Box 301-C Dallas. NC 28034 Webb, Ronald William PC Box 223 Cooleemee, NC 27014 Whitfield. Barry Todd Rt- 3. Box 470-D Roxboro. NC 27573 Wilson. Jacqueline Kim 1013 Warren Ave Cary. NC 27511 Wynn. Cynthia Dianne 2 hiamlin Ave Brevard. NC 28712 Weeks, Marian McCauley 912 Crescent Circle Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Whitley. Tnna Jane Rl. 2. Box 277 Oakboro. NC 281 29 Wilson. Karen Renee Rt. 4. Box 267 Lexington. NC 27292 Yarbro. Debbie Nell Rl. 2. Box 272 Vale. NC 28168 Welbom, Brenda Kay Rl. 1. Box 232 Pudear, NC 28665 Whittington. Eva Marlene 21 Unden Ave. Concord. NC 28025 Wilson. Mana Renee Ht 2. Box 90-1 Marion. NC 28752 Yarbrough. Robin Alan 3 Kent Rd. Salisbury. NC 28144 Welcti, Dean Ervin 9607 Sudley Manor Dr Manassas. VA 22110 Wiggins. Stephanie Leigh PO- Box 102 Rabun Gap. GA 30568 Wilson. Matthew McCall 9037 Trailhead Court Charlotte. NC 28212 Yelton. Sheila Carolyn 321 Church St. Spindale. NC 28160 Wellmon. Janet Lee 5023 Bowon Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Wiles. Angela Jull 1221 Westwood Dr Shelby. NC 28150 Wilson. Shelva Jean Rt 4. Box 189 Shelby. NC 28150 Yingling. Teresa Lynn 18530 S.W 91 St SI. Miami. FL 33157 Wesson, Linda SiSk Rl 2. Box 19-A Snelby, NC 28150 Wilkins. Eddie Lee Rt 6 Canersville. GA 30120 Winans. Christopher E. Rt 7. Box 242 Fairview. NC 28730 Yoder. Lisa Milligan HI 1 . Box 348 Morganlon. NC 28665 West, Elizabeth Dianne P Box 565 Andrews, NC 28901 Wilkins. Timothy Jerome 1020 Cloister Dr. Winston Salem. NC 27107 Winchester. Edward Lee Rl. 3, Box 76 Bryson City, NC 2871 3 Young. Clarence Bonnell Rt. 5. Box 9 Galax. VA 24333 Whetstine. Sara Nifong 605 Lark St Shelby, NC 28150 Wilkinson. Donald Arthur Rt 5. Box 17 Mooresville. NC 281 1 5 Withers. Joan Michelle 2001 OW Stage Rd Alexandna. VA 22308 Young. Hita Denise Rt, 1 . Box 405 Fletcher. NC 28732 Whisnant, Brenda Gold Rt. 5. Box 213 Shelby. NC 28150 Williams. Dwayne Anthony P 0. Box 505 Caroleen. NC 28019 Wong. Dana Marie HI 7. Box 307 Statesville. NC 28677 Young, Terry Wayne RL 1. Box 451 Swannanoa. NC 28778 Whsnant, Kevin Douglas HI 5. Box 253 Morganlon. NC 28655 Williams. Laura Jo 373 Providence Sq. Dr. Chartotte. NC 2821 1 Wood. Claude Michael 287 Harrell Dr Spartanburg. SC 29302 Yount. Arthur Oriand HI- 2. Box 147 Claremont. NC 28601 Whitaker, David Myles 701 Kingsbury St Shelby, NC 28150 Williams. Martha Jane fit. 5. Box 319 Shelby. NC 28150 Wood. James Roger 7102 Leona St ForesMlle. MD 20028 Yu. Ruth A 675 Water SI «15-D New York. NY 10002 Whitaker. Dianne Martha Rt. 9. Box 322-A Salisbury, NC 28144 Williams. Norman Dacre Rt 1 Woodruff. SC 29388 Wood. Jimmie Frank 1200 N- Oakwood Dr. Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Yunmbam. Manasses Kasse Bamenda Cameroon Whitaker. Evans Parker Rl 3 Shelby, NC 28150 White. Harold Lewis 504 N Cedaf St Dallas, NC 28034 White, Jessie Michael 201 Willowbrook Dr Morganlon, NC 28655 White, Linda Revels Rt 3, Box 155-A Bessemer City, NC 28016 White. Mildred Faye P O Box 222 G rover, NC 28073 White, Murray Meader 3803 Beverly Hills Dr High Point, NC 27260 White. Platte Dean Rl 2 Shelby, NC 28150 White, Raymond Frank PO Box 1091 N Myrtle Bch , SC 29582 White, Sylvia Arlene Rt 3. Box 476 Cherryville. NC 2B021 White. Tommy Ray 6004 Penndale Dr Shelby, NC 28t50 Whitehead, James Wallace 34 Imperial Court Asheville. NC 28803 Whrtener, Gregory Steven Rt 8. Box 540 Hickory, NC 28601 Williams, Pamela Ann Rt 1 , Box 948 Morganlon, NC 28655 Williams, Shern Lynne 111 Pinehill Rd, Satisburv, NC 28144 Williams, William Edward P.O- Box 117 Chesnee, SC 29323 Williams, William Paul PO. Box 163 Lincolnton. NC 28092 Williamson, Debra Lynn Rt. 4. Box 309 Shelby, NC 28150 Williamson. Jill Marie 6901 Knightswood Dr. Charlotte. NC 28211 Willingham, Lisa Denise Rt- 1 , Box 200 Moncure. NC 27559 Willis, Adrienne Laverne Rt 11, Box 430 Shelby, NC 28150 Willis, Angela Marie 502 Parker St Mooresville. NC 28115 Willis, Kimberly Denise 1611 Mountain Lane Dr Shelby, NC 28150 Willis, Michael Burl Rt 3, Box 113 Uwndale. NC 28090 Wilson. Amy Denise Rt. 5, Box 101 Anderson. SC 29631 Wood, Joe Wayne Rt 3, Box 29 Vale, NC 28166 Wood, Patsy Ann Rt- 3. Box 29 Vale. NC 28168 Woodliet, James Thomas Rt 1, Box 317 Wake Forest. NC 27587 Woodson, Fredenck Lewis Rt 1 , Box 66-A Sremo Bluff, VA 23022 Woody. William Stanley 208 Heather Lane Cherryville. NC 28021 Wortman, Kimberly Dawn Rt 8, Box 219-A Shelby, NC 28150 Wortman, Ted E Rt. 8, Box 219-A Shelby. NC 28150 Wrenn, Rotsert Lewis 142 Sunset Lane Chase City, VA 23924 Wright. David Wesley P Box 22 Bostic, NC 28018 Wright, Frances Patterson Rt. 2, Box 45 Shelby, NC 28150 Wright, Madison Maurice 824 Crawford St Winston Salem, NC 27101 Wright, Teresa Halyburton P Box 792 Shelby, NC 28150 Zanon, Mary Ruth Rt 2, Box 193 Ruthertordton, NC 28139 Zeigler, Thomas Franklin 2608 Slames Rd Charlotte, NC 28214 160 9 - m. -: Noble In Past

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