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ANCHOR 1 ' f m.v- «s- »i ' j»mi.-AJ iJOv iBr».u tt lUH.Yt iZ6t ' ' ifil VH ' . ■wtfrii - «i iA Gardner-Webb College Boiling Springs, North Carolina 28017 ANCHOR ' 72 Volume 38 Administration 18 Academics 32 Student Life 68 Athletics 104 Organizations 138 Records 154 ANCHOR ' 72 i Volume 38 2 Introduction A ' T} ?v! V7 VK M Introduction 3 Introduction 5 6 Inlroduclion ■-ift -- Introduction 7 8 Introduction Introduction 9 m 10 Introduction I I Introduction 11 12 Introduction V %- ' » ' - ' ■ Introduction 15 ss 16 Introduction r ' ;r ' 2 t ' (r.i ' ' jr iy ' 7f- y:.-%iii7iifim Administration mi President Poston Comments : Do you feel that college students should have the right to vote in local college town elections? " This should, I think, be determined by the town itself. I feel that in such towns as Boiling Springs where the students outnumber the residents, this should not be allowed. The stu- dents could vote for things they will not have to live with, its that simple. I think you would have to make a study of the town or city and the college before this is considered. It is hard to make a blanket statement on something like that. " Students are concerned as to exactly what percent of Gardner-Webb ' s budget is used for beautification. " That is a difficult question for me to answer because most of the money used for beautification is donated by individuals definitely for that purpose. There is very little money in the actual budget; most beautification projects are gifts from individuals who are interested in the college. " What do you consider the ideal en- rollment for Gardner-Webb? " We had thought at first around 1,800 was a good round figure for the number of students, but it looks like we won ' t be able to meet that with the dwindling enrollment of private colleges. We might drop off to 1,200 or 1,000. Predictions are that private colleges will continue to dwindle in their enrollment. Ivlaybe the perfect number is enough to keep the college in operation. " As President of the college, what college functions do you enjoy the most and why? " I don ' t really have a favorite event. I enjoy all of them; I don ' t know of any functions I don ' t enjoy attend- ing. I think the most impressive function is graduation. You get to see students who have worked hard receive their degrees. You see fac- ulty smiling because certain ones got through, that they wondered would ever make it. The faculty is proud of all the students regardless of grades as long as they graduated. It is a happy group, I think it is the most enjoyed time of the year. " Gardner-Webb, in this day and time, seems to grow stronger as a private college. Why is Gardner-Webb an exception to the trend? " I think the one reason Gardner- Webb is growing stronger, not nec- essarily in number, is the fact that we have a purpose, it makes us dif- ferent and it makes us stronger. I think that if any institution sticks with its purpose whether good or bad. it will make a success. I don ' t fear for the future of Gardner-Webb unless we depart from our purpose or do not pay any attention to it. " Gardner-Webb has begun to change its rules pertaining to campus life. Do you feel they will continue to change? " These changes have been brought about by the students themselves. These rules are stricter in some areas and this is due to the fact that the students are handling most of their own discipline. We are growing up as a senior college, especially now that the students have taken a mature leading role that the entire college family will gain by now and in the future years. " 20 Adminislralion TOP, Dr Poslon takes great joy in welcoming guests and students to home ballgames- ABOVE. Sorting the morning mail is just one of the many duties that Dr. Poston meets daily. Administration 21 Vice President McGraw Comments TOP, Mr. McGraWs good humor is irjvaluable to his relationship with G- W students. ABOVE, G-W ' s Vice Pres- ident shows intense concentration on the last home game. As Academic Dean what are the most common problems you en- counter? " I feel that my . . . most commom problem is trying to build a quality education into a prescribed length of time. This is really the hardest job I have to do; getting the faculty and students to complete their edu- cational program within this certain time. All this has to be done accord- ing to standards set up by the ac- crediting agency. " Do you feel that students should be made to take final exams if they have an average of B or better for the semester ' s work? The policy here is that for every course taken, there is a final exam given. Since I took my position here I have always felt that this should be left up to the professor. I think there is a certain amount of discip- line involved in your freshman and sophomores that I think they should undergo. I feel that after a student has reached his major concentration as an upper classman, there could be some merit in this matter. " Now that Gardner-Webb is a four year college will the admission re- quirements change? " The requirements for admission have not changed ... 1 do not be- lieve that we will raise our cut off point for admission. The reason is that Gardner-Webb is here to serve this area, the Piedmont, and the majority of our students are from this area. We will continue to serve this area, I think we should, I think this is our real reason for being here. I cansaythatGardner-Webbwill keep her standards of admission because this doesn ' t necessarily make a stu- dent more able to perform. What college event do you enjoy at- tending the most? " My favorite is the time of the year when students return to the campus. When they see people they haven ' t seen for a long while, there is a communication that takes place that can ' t be duplicated any other time of the year. To me this is exciting, I look up and see cars loaded down with luggage and see the excitement in the feelings of the students as they once again meet for another long year. This to be honest with you is what I enjoy most of all. " 22 Administration Directors ( m " ' " ' •jf- A j f-- - .£F7, Mr- Robert Abrams. Director of Admissions. ABOVE, Mrs. Dorothy Edwards. Registrar. Administration 23 Directors ABOVE, Dr. Dan Proctor. Director of Counseling. ABOVE RIGHT, Mr. Tom Poston, Associate Coordinator of Student Personnel Services. RIGHT, Mr. Bill Boyd, Director of Public Re- lations and Publications Advisor. 24 Administration or I LEFT. Miss Ruth Kiser. Director of Women ' s Services. BELOW. Mr. Martin Banner, Director of Men ' s Services. Administration 25 Hi Directors ABOVE. Mr. Charles Mack. Business Manager. RIGHT. Mr. John Beam. Director of Development. 26 Administration Administration 27 r r ' H mpr 1 " Wf ' ■ " " ■ «4 Bi ' M j TOP RIGHT. Mr. Hubert Dixon. Chairman. Division of Math and Natural Sciences. ABOVE. Dr. Daniel Hosier, Chair- man. Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. RIGHT, Dr. Robert Blackburn. Chairman. Division of Education. 28 Administration r ' :.l ' .-:zxin j 7j:iy ABOVE, Dr. Thurmand Lewis. Chair- man, Division of Humanities. RIGHT, Mr. Deck Andrews, Chairman, Divi- sion of General Business. Administration 29 Board of Trustees Henderson Belk Howard Biggers, Jr. Paul Bridges J. Wayne Burris Thomas R. Causby Max Craig J. Toliver Davis G. Wayne DeHart Marshall Digh Charles I. Dover J. D. Fitz Mrs. L. P. Frans Rev. Z. Miller Freeman Ralph W. Gardner Arthur C. Garrison John Gibson Joe Gilley James Gilley Mrs. J. C. Hames Dr. C. H. Harrill T. Ray Helms T. R. Hendrix, Sr. Woodrov W. Jones Garrie L. Kendrick Thomas Knowles Rev. Dillard Mynatt C. P. Nanney Dr. E. E. Poston Forest C. Roberts, Sr. J. Roy Robinson Arthur Smith HobartC. Smith Ralph Spangler R. Patrick Spangler Mrs. Charline Stamey Mrs. May Cllne Stroup J. L. Suttle William A. Wallace Fred West D. Grady Wilson 30 Administration 1-I2xinu r}f yriy m F.nMU rnmvrii «Mr ' ■■ Campaign For all its recent accomplishments, Gardner-Webb still faces a rigorous timetable in its drive for senior col- lege status. Simply put, thie move to a four-year program means more students on campus, a more exten- sive curriculum, and the academic facilities and housing to support them. Of nine major needs, the first four, together with additional endow- ments, are necessary to meet the immediate enrollment increase and the initial accreditation require- ments. The first four are: a new li- brary, remodel Dover Library for classrooms, addition to Webb Ad- ministration Building, and a new dormitory. In view of these needs, the Board of Trustees has voted to launch a capital fund-raising effort to climax G-W ' s Decade of Advance. The countdown has begun, but with the kind of spirit and leadership we have mustered before, the Decade of Advance can conclude on a note of triumph — a note to herald a new era of service to Christian young people. msmti , TOP, Arthur Smith, well-known country and weste rn musician and good friend of the college, favors the Victory Dinner crowd with a selection on the guitar. ABOVE, Dr. E. Eugene Poston. President of the college: R. Patrick Spangler, Campaign Officer: Robert Scott, Governor of North Carolina: and Lloyd C. Bost, Chair- man, Board of Trustees. m •.. ' rM Administration 31 I " " mi K. t -« » ■ h If i ♦- ' i H 4 ' -. ' ' t mmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I Academics m .« «m ..v - » -- - ••: m Ancient Languages ABOVE. Robert Livingston is a Classical Languages student who works as an office assistant for Dr. Lewis. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Dean Proctor, a Greek student, sfiows intense concentration upon his subject. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. A professor ' s view of the classroom at rest. 34 Academics In the Ancient Languages and Lit- erature Department the students are provided with a better under- standing of the languages, litera- ture, and culture of the classical and ancient periods on which our culture depends. Courses on Roman, Greek, and Jewish Civilization are now struc- tured for and count in a History major. The objective of this change is to make these Humanity courses available to more students. These courses are good for supportive studies, complementary electives and free electives in many majors. The Biblical Languages Major in- cluding Aramic, Greek, and He- brew in a single major at Gardner- Webb is unique among colleges affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Academics 35 Biology and Chemistry LEFT, Mr. Slacy takes joy in discussing a fine point of attendance witti Billy Ellis. ABOVE. Francine Walters shows intense concentration upon her biology. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Dr. Godfrey assists one of his students in lab technique. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Mr. Fife is happy to answer his students ' questions. 36 Academics B " r The major concern of the Biology Department is to help students de- velop a better understanding of liv- ing things and their properties. Environmental Science, Cytology, and Histology are new courses which are being offered this year. Environmental Science, dealing with the relationship of man and nature is being taught by Dr. Mike Harrelson. Dr. Les Brown is teach- ing Cytology and Histology. This course deals with the anatomy and physiology of cells and tissues. Mr. Richard Chalcraft returned to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to receive his Ph.D. Upper level courses in Zoology are experimenting with the Animal House for the purpose of studying animal nutrition, anatomy, physiol- ogy, and ecology. This year in all the classes the Phase Contrast Microscope is being used to study the structure of living cells. Stu- dents majoring in this department are being prepared for graduate study, for teaching, and for profes- sional study. Academics 37 Business Administration The primary objective of the De- partment of Business Administra- tion is the education of students through a blend of cultural knowl- edge, economic literacy, and basic business principles. A new course. Free Enterprise Economics is be- ing offered and is taught by Mrs. Edna Eddin, Dr. Roland Eutsler, Mrs. Helyn Lowery, Mr. William Waddle and Mr. Everette Warren joined the staff at the beginning of the 1970-71 school year. Dr. Eutsler came to us from the University of Florida, Mrs. Lowery from Isother- mal Community College, Mr. Wad- dle from Morehead State Universi- ty, and Mr. Warren from Gaston Community College. 38 Academics R - OPPOSITE PAGE. Dr. Golden coun- sels a hopeful graduate. TOP, Alfred Poston cf)ecks the schedule of one of his professors. LEFT, Mr. Waddle, a new professor at G-W this year, ex- plains the use of business machines. Academics 39 Data Processing The two major purposes of the Data Processing Department are to offer instruction to the student and to the faculty in the use of computer facil- ities and to assist them with re- search activities involving compu- tations and data processing. A new course is being taught by Mr. F. Keith Griggs in order to acquaint the students with a new program- ming language. New staff members added to the department are Edwin Y. Camp, Business Manager who is a graduate of Gardner Webb and Sylvia Daves, Secretary to the De- partment. The Data Processing Department is using new and dif- ferent teaching equipment this year. The 1130 Computer and the 1710 UNIVAC are being used in all the programming classes for vari- ous administration jobs and to ac- quaint the students with modern data processing to operate all EDP equipment thus giving firsthand experience. In the accomplishment of its objectives, the Data Proces- sing Department will help prepare the students for the challenges that computer and automation will de- mand in the future. NO ' D. DRINKS R Smoking N IS AREA 40 Academics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Charles Ringer looks over the IBM keyboard. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. Mr. Griggs counsels one of his Data Proc- essing majors. LEFT. Willie Jones prepares to collect and sort IBM punch cards. BELOW. Mr. Griggs goes over a problem with Vardaman Banks and George Leiser. Academics 41 Education and Library Science In the Department of Education and Library Science prepares the stu- dents for qualification for a North Carolina Class A Certificate in Early Childhood, Intermediate and Secondary Education. In prepara- tion for public school teaching the following things are emphasized: understanding human growth and behavior, the promotion of profes- sional and moral development, a growing recognition of the duties and responsibilities of teaching, and preparing the student to be- come an active part of his com- munity. A new course, Teaching In The Kindergarten was added to the curriculum and is being taught by Mrs. Barbara Cribb. Dr. Larry Sale came from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He holds degrees from both Appalachian University and Indiana University. A fiimstrip projector and a casette tape player are being used with the audio-visual aids this year. TOP, Sherry Robinson, an Education major seeks information in Dr. Carothers ' office. BOTTOtvl, Sharon Gregory, a Library Science student, prepares her lesson on resources. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Running a li- brary has its headaches. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. Dr. Carothers ex- plains roll book procedure to the Education Block class. 42 Academics ■ I Academics 43 English To produce, within tlie Christian liberal arts tradition, a student articulate in speech and in writing with a knowledge in language and literature, is the purpose of the English department. Miss Anna Wooten came as a one- year replacement for Mr. William B. Stowe, who is on doctoral leave to the University of South Carolina. Miss Wooten is a native of Kinston, N. C. and holds degrees from both the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Hollins College. A Seminar in English Literature was offered in the spring semester with emphasis on English metrical and stanzaic forms since Chaucer. Dr. Betty Cox, chairman of the depart- ment is teaching the new course. Mrs. Gladys Morris is using a fresh approach to writing in a new seg- regated section. Dr. Cox says she " is still hoping to get her freshman classes in the woods, the only place that Walden can decently be appreciated! — and maybe we shall work it out! " 44 Academics w LEFT, Freshman English must be tolerated. BELOW, Bulletin board art work informs students of a new course. mMB WRniNG CR-EATil lTy r ' Academics 45 Fine Arts The Department of Fine Arts offers courses in art, music, theatre arts and speech. The objectives of the Department are to stimulate a greater interest and understanding of these areas, to provide oppor- tunities to engage in these areas and to offer courses of interest for all students and the specialization for the major courses in church music for both the music major and the general student are being insti- tuted. Two new courses, Hymnolo- gy and Church Music Methods are being offered to instill an appreci- ation of and to develop skills in church music. To join the depart- ment is Mr. Robert Reynolds from the University of Kentucky. Mrs. Jerry Hill returned from a leave of absence. Mr. Hill returned second semester after completing course and residence requirements for the doctorate at the University of Ok- lahoma. Programmed text material in a few classes is being used to accom- plish more variety. •iJ 46 Academics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Mr Hayes looks over a script while adorned in a costume headpiece- OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. Mr. Decker vigor- ously, as usual, conducts the pep band. LEFT, Keys Pendleton puts the finishing touches on his art project. ABOVE. Debbie Burns awaits instruc- tion from t r. Reynolds. Academics 47 Modern Languages Developing an awareness of the relation of our own language and culture to tfiose of anotfner country is the main objective of the Modern Language Department, in accom- plishing this objective, an under- standing of the culture, civilization, and literature of another people is gained. New courses have been added in the Spanish Department, Spanish Literature in Translation and Latin American Civilization. Plans are being made for foreign study groups in the summer. Next summer Dr. Benito Gonzalez- Queuedo plans to take a group to Mexico. Dr. Gonzalez-Queuedo has a Ph.D. in Spanish and came to us from U.N.C. at Chapel Hill. 48 Academics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Mr. Setzer seems to be in doubt about his class discussion. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. Dr. Morgan assists one of his students in lab. TOP. Dr. Ghis- letti is known for his subtle humor and he never hesitates to employ it in the classroom. BOTTOM, Doug Byers seems very involved in his language lab lesson. Academics 49 Hi Health and Physical Education ABOVE, Mrs. Dan Proctor lectures her class on tennis and badminton. TOP, Mrs. Holbrook has doubts about her rhythm and movement class. BOTTOM, The Applachian wrestling team demonstrates a hold. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, One of the Western Carolina gymnasts performs a vault over the parallel bars. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Mike Anthony and Dr. Ellenburg discuss Mike ' s Spring schedule of courses. 50 Academics The Department of Physical Edu- cation offers a program to promote the total fitness of all students. The physical mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth of each indi- visual is stressed. The major pur- poses of the department are to prepare the students for careers in Health and Physical Education, to provide an activity program vk hich contributes to liberal education. Recreational and professional op- portunities for the students, faculty and staff are also offered. The P.E. curriculum is now being re-eval- uated. A new course, Drug Educa- tion, is being taught by Dr. Robert Blackburn. The course deals with the basic concepts of drug use and abuse. Through the cooperation of the PEM club and the Physical Educa- tion faculty G-W was once again honored with the presence of the Western Carolina Gymnastic Team. Also, a visit was paid by the Wres- tling Team and coach from Appa- lachian State. I Academics 51 History The History Department provides the students with an opportunity for examination of the social, political, and economic ideas and institu- tions in which we are involved. In- cluded in this is a historical survey of our Western and American heri- tage. There is one new course be- ing offered. History of the Soviet Union and it is being taught by Mr. Blackburn. James Orville Terrell, dean of instruction at Gardner- Webb College for 17 years, retired effective May 16. 1971. He closed out a total of 26 years on the faculty of the college. Dean and Mrs. Terrell were hon- ored by the faculty and staff at a testimonial dinner. They were given various gifts and faculty members, former students, and college ad- ministrators gave tribute to the veteran history professor. %- I 52 Academics I f OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Dr. Allen and Steve Fink go over several courses which Steve is interested in for the Spring semester. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Dr. Eastman strikes one of his usual poses. TOP, Mr. Terrell re- ceives a gift from Dr. Poston at the testimonial dinner. BOTTOM, Mr. Hambright watches his students closely as he lectures. Academics 53 Library 54 Academics The purpose of the Gardner-Webb Library is to serve the students by obtaining the necessary books and other materials needed. The Li- brary contains over 57,000 vol- umes, with a record collection numbering approximately 750 rec- ords and a microfilm collection of over 1,600 reels. At the present time the Library subscribes to ap- proximately 500 periodicals. Started one year ago and in con- junction with the Education Depart- ment, the Library offers one eight- hour credit Library Science pro- gram to train and certify librarians for public schools. The Library is also developing a Teaching Materi- als Center which is set up to show prospective teachers examples of textbooks and audio-visual equip- ment to be encountered in future work. The new Library building will be planned for approximately 45,000 square feet of floor space on three levels. The seating capac- ity will be 450 students and 150,000 books. The new building will be fully carpeted and air conditioned. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT, Donna Turner finds the library a good place to prepare out of class work. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT, Richard Crenshaw attempts to find ref- erence material suitable for a term paper. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, The card catalogue is probably the most useful item in the library. ABOVE, Joe Brookins thumbs through the table of contents hoping to find a suitable topic. Academics 55 Math and Physics ABOVE, Mrs. Banner corrects papers during a lest. RIGHT, The Science Building Bulletin Board tells of graduate op- portunities in mathematics. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Mr. MacBride explains the working of chemistry problems. OP- POSITE PAGE BOTTOM. The Math 101 class concentrates during a break in the lecture. Mathematics! ,,jmg T 56 Academics The main objective of the Mathe- matics and Physics Department is to help students think, to reach logical and valid conclusions. By offering sufficient courses, the students are prepared for teaching mathematics in science in either the elementary or secondary schools, and others for further study in mathematical or technical fields. Mr. Philip Tse, a former pro- fessor, is at the University of Cali- fornia for graduate study. Dr. Rob- ert Morgan returned from the Uni- versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is teaching one section of Math 103. In order to speed up calculations and challenge the students to develop new formulas, the Wang Electronic Calculator is being used in many of the Math and Physics classes. The Mathematics Department has invited a consul- tant from the Mathematical Asso- ciation of America to study its cur- riculum for the year. Academics 57 Nursing I TOP. Janet Camplield seems to be more interested in ac- tivities outside the classroom. LEFT, Sharon Gwyn and Sandra Baiies assist a patient in traction. ABOVE, Jane Castevens prepares a medication with the aid of a G-W graduate. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Cindy Russell and Debbie Dysart present Mrs. Sam Miller, wife of a G-W student, with her first born. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE, Nursing 201 holds an informal class in Mrs. Bradley ' s office. OP- POSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Barbara Beam and Brenda Mea- cham check a patient ' s chart at the Nurses ' station. 58 Academics • " " ' " " " ■ " ■tta 1 t % a i hK. •-i The Department of Nursing func- tions within the framework and phi- losophy of Gardner-Webb College. The nursing program is offered in cooperation with the Rutherford Hospital in Rutherfordton and Cleveland Memorial Hospital in Shelby, North Carolina. The depart- ment wishes to prepare the student for first level positions in nursing. Upon completion of the course the nurse is eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse. Mrs. Margaret Post joined the faculty in the fall. Mrs. Post, a Registered Nurse, ob- tained her B-S Degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Mrs. Dona Hewitt is pres- ently at the University of South Carolina at Columbia doing grad- uate study. Audio-tutorial instruc- tion has been expanded in all of the nursing courses in order to provide opportunities for the stu- dent to examine and understand the use of selected medical aids. A special effort has been incorpo- rated into the curriculum this year to meet the needs of the culturally and educationally disadvantaged student in this area. Academics 59 Psychology The aim of the Department of Psy- chology is to develop within the participants an understanding of human behavior, a knowledge of scientific methods of studying be- havior and an appreciation of the dignity and complexity of man. Dr. James B. Hughey, who holds de- grees from Towsen State College, the University of Montana and the University of Northern Colorado came to our campus in the fall of 1971. New courses to be offered in the spring are Social Science Psy- chology, Business and Industrial Psychology, Psychology of the Ex- ceptional Child and Psychological Measurement and Appraisal. Mr. Lansford Jolley will be teaching Social Psychology, Mrs. Lowery, Business and Industrial, Mrs. Car- penter, Exceptional Child, and Dr. Hensen, Measurement and Ap- praisal. 60 Academics ' ¥.u ' OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Mrs Carpenter discusses a course with one of tier students. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. Rob- ert Davis talks with Dr Henson about a psychology prob- lem. TOP. The Developmental class studies the periods of life. ABOVE. The Child class struggles with a test. Academics 61 Religion p TOP. Bill Grubbs ponders a copy of the New Testament in the Religion office. ABOVE. Dr. Lamb includes a little humor in his lecture. RIGHT, Dr. Ballard relates informa- tion about the New Testament. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Dr. Murrell gives several dates pertinent to the Old Testament. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. The Religion 101 class con- centrates on the lecture. 62 Academics This department intends to present the Christian tradition and back- ground to every student who earns a degree at Gardner-Webb Col- lege. In addition, the department seeks to train those who plan to enter church-related vocations. The department is very fortunate in having six faculty members who teach in this area. Five of the six men have earned doctorates and each have a different area of spe- cialization. New courses offered this year are Biblical Backgrounds, Christian Preaching, and Pastoral Ministries. New courses that will be added to the curriculum next year are History of Modern Philosophi- cal Thought, History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophical Thought and An Introduction to Logic. Academics 63 F 64 Academics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Miss Jones lectures her Crimmolooy Class. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT, Mike Shook reports to his Anthropology Class. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT, Mr. Wilhrow questions his Geography 102 Class. TOP, Contemporary social comment adorns a student ' s VW. ABOVE, Miss Jones seems in doubt about her class. 1 f4 5 Academics 65 u Social Science TOP, Mr. Trexler instructs his Sociology class. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Vietnam, in the mind of every American. OP- POSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Dr. Nuhrah and Dr. Eddin enjoy their sidewalk debates. 66 Academics In the Department of Social Sci- ence the main objective is to gain greater insight into the problem of improved human relations, through the study of social, political and economic ideas and institutions. The student is provided with a general, historical survey of our world heritage and an opportunity for a more intensive study of our American heritage. Being incorporated into the depart- ment this year is an attempt to work with Cleveland County Community Action, the Human Relations Coun- cil of Cleveland County and other agencies. The aim of this type tech- nique is to give the student an op- portunity to acquaint themselves directly with race problems rather than just read about them. Academics 67 i I I student Life 70 Student Life OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT, Mr. Chalcraft assists a student in registration. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT. Mr. Decker sup- ports the Dogs by directing the Pep Band during rain or shine. LEFT, Dubby Moore settles back ready to begin the Fall semester. BELOW, Past SGA President Fagg Nowlan installs the ■71-72 SGA officers: Jeff Cranford President: Karen Hardin, Vice President: Shirley Young Secretary: Steve Wilson, Treasurer, and Dickie Sherrill ' . Chief Justice. Student Life 71 ] September Students register for classes to begin the new year 1971-72. Fresh- men get acquainted with faculty members at the Student-Faculty Reception. School spirit was shown at the pep rally preceding our first football game of the season. Dr. Cal Guy was the guest speaker during Revival Week. Mr. Paul Jol- ley directed the music which ranged from rock, folk, and soul. Entertainment for the month was supplied by Pilgrim 20 and the Trinidad Steel Band. Internationally known country and western singer, Johnny Cash was the highlight of the month as he ar- rived on campus to present a con- cert with his troupe. A luncheon was given in honor of him and later at the afternoon convocation he received his honorary Doctor of Humanities Degree. This award was given on the basis of his work with drug problems, alcohol prob- lems and prison reforms. ABOVE. John Carter Cash is recognized at a luncheon held on Johnny Cash Day OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Work on the Dover Memorial Chapel really gets underway. OP- POSITE PAGE BOTTOM. PILOT Editor Kathy Daves and her assistant Samata High prepare copy for the lirsl edi- tion- OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT. Dr. Poston greets Mr. and Mrs. Cash as they leave the platform after their concert. 72 Student Life student Life 73 74 StudenI Life OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Dr. Poston crowns and congratu- lates Jill Sanders. 1971-72 Homecoming Queen. OPPO- SITE PAGE BOTTOM, Football season continues competi- tion ttiis month with Eton. Guilford. Samford. and others. LEFT, Bill Sanders hesitantly accepts his Halloween dinner from witch Judy Middleton. BELOW. Homecoming decora- tion winner for ' 71 was HAPY Dorm with our popular Bull- dog. BOTTOM. G-W cheerleaders adorn a Homecoming Parade float bearing the ' 71 theme " Getting Together " Student Life 75 m October The Theatre Arts department presented " The Importance of Be- ing Ernest " . This comedy was suc- cessfully acted in-the-round. A lot of interest was shown in in- tramural football this year. The Distinguished Artist Series preformed Hedda Gabler and The Merchant of Venice for G.W. stu- dents. Students displayed enthusiasm as they took part in the " Let ' s Keep It Clean " project. Dorms were judged and everyone seemed to take pride in his campus. Founder ' s Day started off Home- coming weekend. " Getting It All Together " was the theme used for the festivities. Friday night, before the big Saturday game, everyone enjoyed a coke party in the CID. The Homecoming parade featured Miss Jill Sanders 1971-72 Home- coming Queen, and her court. The football game against Carson- Newman was exciting despite rainy weather. The Box Tops and the Honey Cones appeared in concert to cap off the big weekend. 76 Student Life OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Martha Godwin and Stan Napier portray two characters of " The Importance of Being Ern- est. " OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, The Honeycone provided entertainment for Homecoming weekend. LEFT, Halloween was featured with a picnic including cotton candy, candied apples, ghosts, and goblins. ABOVE, The Box Tops also entertained G-W students for Homecoming. Student Life 77 m November Parents Day found interested par- ents visiting our campus. Planned entertainment and guided tours heiglitened enthusiasm for G.W. Tfie B.S.U. met in Higfi Point for the annual fall convention. After last year ' s success, the Spurrlovi s returned to present another dynamic concert on our campus. As football season faded, basket- ball began with a tough home game against Piedmont. G.W. v as the site of the filming of one of the Arthur Smith Shows. The Ensemble was included in the spe- cial television broadcast. Mack Davis presented a one man concert of popular ballads and songs for G.W. students. Everyone enjoyed a buffet dinner before the Thanksgiving holidays. A local band entertained in the cafeteria while students enjoyed turkey and trimmings. During the holidays, the basketball team played in the Asheville Tip- Off Tournament. The Anchor staff worked hard to meet its first copy deadline. 78 Student Lite OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Tony Spag- nola and Richard Thomas accept the trophy the Bulldogs won in their vic- tories at the Asheville Tip-Ofi Tour- nament. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Mr. Jim Horn, Shelby Juvenile Pro- bation Ofiicer, speaks to G-W in chapel. LEFT, Several G-W men con- verse with a quite pretty member of the Spurrlows. BELOW, The Spurr- lows provided entertainment for G-W in the month of November. Student Life 79 3 November i 80 Student Life {: OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. The Bulldog netters warm up lor another home game. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Lord Caradon, a United Nationals of- licial. was leatured in chapel. LEFT, G-W remembers its nationality at the beginning of every ballgame. BE- LOW, Dr. Jolley discusses the up- coming exams with one ol his stu- dents. i student Lite 81 m 82 Student Life Students donated blood for the American Red Cross. The Distinguished Artist Series presented Amah! and the Night Visitors to our campus. Students listened to the Choir and Brass Ensemble ' s Christmas con- cert that was performed in chapel. G. W. students found themselves snowed in the first weekend in De- cember as an unusually early snow hit campus. Also, December was the month for the announcement that G. W. was accredited by the Southern Asso- ciation of Colleges and Universities as a senior college. This came as a fulfillment to the hopes and dreams Dr. Poston had for G W C. Following the big Lenoir Rhyne basketball game, Mouse and the Boys presented G. W. students with a concert. Everyone studied diligently for first semester exams. Then it ' s time to pack up and go home for Christmas holidays. While others rested, the basketball team worked hard in the Holiday Tournament, with Miss Cathy Logan reigning queen over the festivities. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT. Due to the efforts of Mrs. Tom McGraw, the Webb Building Is decorated for the holidays. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Confusion results from the rush of donors in the Bloodmobile regis- tration line. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOH I, Mr. Blackburn and Dr. Hosier await their opportunity to donate while being checked by a G-W student nurse. Birdie Smith. LEFT. Several G-W men create their own fun in decorating the college Christmas tree. Student Lite 83 84 Student Lite f ?-- - Ji OPPOSITE PAGE TOP AND BOTTOM, The joy of receiving accreditation for G-W is evident on ttte faces of Mr. McGraw and Dr. and Mrs. Poston as they are greeted on their arrival in Charlotte from Miami. ABOVE, A group of G-W men seem lo be stalking their prey in the season ' s first snow. LEFT, The snowbound student body gathers In the CID for an unusual Friday night. Student Life 85 January As another year began, students came back to school, only to en- counter the confusion of registra- tion. There was the usual hassel of unsigned yellow cards, hair cuts, impatient shuffling of feet, and breaking in line. Then classes re- sumed and everyone settled back down for another semester of study and hard work. January proved to be a relatively quiet month for activities. G. W. students did enjoy one concert given by The 8th Day and a local group, The Caravells. Later in the month, G. W. had movie night, and also had cartoons one Saturday for brunch. Basketball was the main attraction this month, both with intramural and conference games. The sched- ule was a hectic one for the team as they met competition in several away games and started a hopeful- ly victorious season. Through a bill passed in the Stu- dent Senate, women ' s hours un- derwent major revisions. 86 Student Life I OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, G-W students cheer the Dogs in a winning season. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. A new semester means eighteen more weeks of classes. LEFT, Tony Spag- nola puts up a shot while Kirby Thurston looks on. BELOW, G-W starts the year with a fully equipped game room in the CID, including two Football games. Student Life 87 January 88 Student Life OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Mr. Hayes coaches two students in preparation of a Theatre Arts production. OPPOSITE PAGE BOT- TOM, The Dover Memorial Chapel is Hear- ing completion. BELOW, Coach Holbrook gives the team a time-out talk. LEFT, The Main Street side of campus Is begin- ning to take on a new look. Student Lite 89 i February February brought the traditional Religious Emphasis Week. The guest speaker was Dr. John Clay- pool, an outstanding Southern Baptist pastor. Then the basketball team set off for the University of Mexico where a tournament was played. They capped off the season with a final game at Charlotte Coli- seum. The Bulldogs finished with an excellent season for G. W. fans, and with hopes of going to the Na- tionals in Kansas City. One of the highlights of the month was the Sweetheart Banquet and the crowning of the new Sweet- heart Queen, Miss Susie Bahakel by last year ' s queen, Miss Lanita Wright. 90 Student Lite OPPOSITE PAGE. One of the bands fea- tured in February was WARful. ABOVE. Ttie BSU Choir provided some of the music for Religious Emphasis Week. LEFT. Dr. John Claypool was guest speaker for Religious Emphasis Week. Student Life 91 92 Student Life dlkJ OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT. Ray Hannon struggles with the rings during the Gymnastics meet. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT. Also included in the Gymnastics meet was work on the parallel bars. TOP. The G-W Basketball team. Bull- dog Club and friends board their flight for Mexico where the Dogs will play Guadalajara. Monterrey Tech. and the University of Mexico. ABOVE, Reigning Sweetheart Queen Lanita Wright crowns the new Queen. Suzie Bahakel. Student Lite 93 ■Kff- nrt;t v;3firs. jzz zS ' r May Day if V.,. -v-i-ir.r ■■• %•, f ) }. 94 Student Lite OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. May Queen Jadine Sellars is sur- rounded by her flower bearers, Lana Jolley and Nichole Holbrook, crown bearer, Gregory Griggs: and train bearer, Pat Litton. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT, Don Quixote slays the windmills, thus making the impossible dream possible. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT, May Pole dancers wind the pole with colored ribbons. LEFT, The May Court dances in celebration of the G-W dream accomplishment. BELOW, Don Quixote and pal Pancho lead the way into the Land of Impossible Dreams. Student Life 95 ' ■ ' V b ' its May Day ' A kj ' u ..sK ' i.. «,.._ 96 Student Life -.-Jr I lis. . - May Day activities field on campus surrounded the theme " To Fulfill the Impossible Dream " . Jadine Sellars reigned as May Day Queen, with May Barton acting as Maid of Honor. The queen ' s court consisted of two representatives from each class. These girls and their escorts danced the May Day Dance. Don Quixote was featured as he gal- loped around the windmills on horseback. Many girls participated in the en- tertainment during the May Day program. Nanney dorm was awarded the trophy for the best performance. They danced a rou- tine to the music " Don ' t be Afraid to Love " . Students and visitors en- joyed the festivities of the day and expressed their approval with a hardy round of applause. Students and guests were enter- tained by the New York Rock En- semble and Aaron and Freddie, a ventriloquist act. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, May Day program winner Nanney Dorm sings and dances lo the tune ol " Don ' t Be Afraid to Love. " OP- POSITE PAGE BOTTOM, The May Court watches the festivities. TOP, HAPY Dorm presents their skit lor the May Day crowd. LEFT, Against a backdrop of windmills, the New york Flock Ensemble performs in the gym. Student Life 97 98 Student Life Spring holidays were a welcome break from mid-term exams. The annual Talent Show, sponsored by the Business Club, was presented March 16. Also, the N. C. Little Symphony performed a concert in the gym. The Distinguished Artist Series presented " Luther " , and later brought Francisco Epinasa, a talented guitarist for chapel. Dr. Charles Cox and the Theatre Arts Department presented a produc- tion of " Blithe Spirit " in March. The play was well received as us- ual. Many students were given recogni- tion for their achievements on Honors and Awards Day. Then, upper classmen attended their an- nual Junior-Senior Banquet. The College Choir went for a two day tour to surrounding high schools to present some of G. W. ' s fine talent. G. W. had their first Spring Jubilee in the latter part of April. Several concerts provided students with a weekend of music and activity. Spring sports finds G. W. in excel- lent shape in baseball and golf and still building a competitive team in track. The Bulldogs show even greater spirit and potential in all these areas in 72. Then, it ' s final exams for under classmen, and for seniors a time to look ahead. They have worked hard and have come a long way in four years. G. W. ' s second senior col- lege graduation marks the end of a long road and the beginning of an even longer one. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Janice Mabe is happy to close out the semester ' s courses. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, The Baseball team prepares lor the seasor s games. LEFT, Tommy Helms erjjoys a game ol pool while awaiting the semester ' s end. i It h m student Life 99 100 student Lite OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT. It certainly is a joy to pack up tor Spring Break. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT. Spring exams must be tolerated. ABOVE, Spring is when young people ' s fancy turns to other things. LEFT, The Bull- dog gridders work in the Spring in anticipation of victory in the Fall. I ' K Student Life 101 Campus Queens Jill Sanders Homecoming Queen Cathy Logan Holiday Tournament Queen 102 student Lite Jadine Sellars May Queen Suzanne Bahakel Sweetheart Queen r student Life 103 - w -- ■J Y - i if %= ' ' .i- i s- M t .r • 1 . " St liS, -«?,-—»- i.xv ' — ,— -iravi-rT ' wnv - — m f. SSSft A FTiT ' -Sfj i. ■■ " » ' Athletics mtm SCORE P 1971 BASEBALL BASKETBALL FOOTBALL G-W G-W G-W 01 Baptist College 3 137 Piedmont College 41 24 Lenoir-Rhyne College 6 10 Elon College 1 149 Voorhees College 83 Newberry College 20 9 Allen University 3 99 UNC-A 88 14 Elon College 33 11 Georgia Southern Tech 3 112 St. Augustine College 97 42 Guilford College 14 17 Georgia Southern Tech 6 118 Barber-Scotia College 102 7 Samford University 9 6 Atlantic Baptist College 5 109 Lenoir-Rhyne College 87 14 Carson-Newman College 16 4 Atlantic Baptist College 2 136 Coppin State College 99 13 Mars Hill College 27 15 Winston-Salem 4 103 UNC-A 99 10 Presbyterian College 35 14 California State College, Pa. 4 112 Mars Hill College 81 34 Georgetown College 13 10 California State College, Pa. 4 112 Cumberland College 97 13 Maryville College 21 19 Piedmont College 1 79 Lenoir-Rhyne College 83 Won 3 Lost 7 6 Georgia Southern Tech 7 64 Lenoir-Rhyne College 58 19 Oavis-Elkins 103 Allen University 79 7 Catawba College 105 Barber-Scotia College 110 17 Emory and Henry 3 75 Mars Hill College 58 15 Emory and Henry 1 123 Piedmont College 73 B High Point College 1 101 Baptist College of Charleston 80 2 Guilford College 12 2 Florida Memorial College 11 Lincoln Memorial 147 Voorhees College 94 9 Milligan College 6 144 Barber-Scotia College 90 10 Catawba College 1 97 UNC-A 65 11 Lincoln Memorial 4 84 Guilford College 100 6 Guilford College 7 5 High Point College 14 Final games pending at time of publica- Won 19 Lost 5 ' Forfeit by Florida Memorial. BOARD 1971 GOLF 1971 TENNIS 1971 TRACK G-W G-W G-W 91 2 Clemson University IIV2 2 High Point College 7 26 Catawba College 51 10 Ersl(ine College 11 5 Wotford College 1 57 Wofford College 87 2V2 Furman University I8V2 4 High Point College 5 61 Elon College 83 51 2 Wolford College 15V2 2 Lenoir-Rhyne College 7 461 2 Presbyterian College 951 2 4V2 Austin-Fay College 161 2 6 Milligan College 1 Wofford Invitational 17 18 1 2 UNC-Charlotte Lenoir-Rhyne College 7 51 2 7 UNC-A 6 G-W 29 Mars Hill Wofford 52 Presbyterian 45 1 Emory and Henry 57 19V2 Catawba College 41 2 Emory and Henry 7 201 2 Presbyterian College 3V2 3 Wofford College 4 20 1 2 Lenoir-Rhyne College 31 2 4 IMars Hill College 3 20 V2 Lander College V2 2 Elon College 5 19V2 Catawba College 4V2 8 Milligan College 1 22 Guilford College 2 7 UNC-A 201 2 Presbyterian College 3V2 5 Catawba College 2 21 Guilford College 3 2 Catawba College 5 181 2 Guilford College 51 2 4 Lenoir-Rhyne College 3 9 ' 2 Lenoir-Rhyne College 141 2 Won 7 Lost 9 181 2 NAIAD Pfeiffer College strict Tourney-lsl. Place 51 2 NAIAN ational Tourney-5th. Place Won 14 Lost 6 m Baseball .-• .■v,- ; -i jsa . ' 108 Athletics OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT. First baseman Joe Brown stretches tor the peg OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT. Johnny Phillips heaves a blue darter. LEFT. Larry Lecroy hits the dirt. BELOW. Roger McSwain just beats the ball to second. ' T ■ r .r -.tit . m . ' - w » (:o= Athletics 109 is Baseball Five players batting over .300 povi ered the G-W baseballers to a season record of 22-7 and a district play-off berth. The Bulldogs hit weW and broke the NAIA homerun rec- ord by slamming 60 homers in the regular season play. Senior Joe Stepp led the G-W bat- ting attack with a blistering .439 average. Close behind was home run leader and now Chicago White Sox Roger McSwain who batted .405 and put 13 pitches out of the park. Larry Lecroy compiled a .381 average and shortstop Mike McDaniel hit .362. The fifth Bulldog batter to hit .300-(- was junior Mike Anthony who hit .357 and also was the national leader for the number of homers for the number of times at bat. The team total batting aver- age was a fine .324. Coach Jerry Bryson ' s ' 71 Dogs were a powerful hitting team but had depth problems on the mound. Two juniors and a sophomore car- ried the load of the pitching staff. Buddy Starnes pitched 6-0 on the regular season and Bob Lail was undefeated with a 5-0 mark on regular season play. Johnny Phil- lips tallied 5 wins and 3 losses with 3 saves. The Bulldogs finished the season with a 22-7 slate giving Coach Bryson a 112-22 six season record at G-W. 110 Athletics i. N N V N N OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Roger McSwain takes his .405 batting av- erage stance. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Larry Lecroy hooks sec- ond. ABOVE. Joe Brown swings lor the fence. LEFT. Joe Brown waits for pick-off pilch. Athletics 111 B ,1 Basketball ABOVE, All-American George Adams goes up for two points. TOP, Al Graves fights for the rebound. RIGHT. Freshman Billy Ellis attempts a shot from underneath. OPPOSITE PAGE, Steady player Richard Thomas goes up to clear the boards. 112 Athletics Gardner-Webb ' s Bulldogs finished a great 71-72 basketball season with a fourth place finish in the NAIA tournament at Kansas City, Mo. The cagers clicked off nine victories and two tournament titles before being upset by Lenoir- Rhyne 83-79. The Bulldogs had scored wins in the Asheville Tip-off Tournament and the Kings Ivloun- tain Invitational early in the season. After the Christmas break, the Dogs avenged Lenoir-Rhyne 64-58 but were later edged by Barber- Scotia 110-105. The next seven wins in mid January and early Feb- ruary were G-W ' s finest offensive showings. These wins included a 147-94 romp over Voorhees and a smashing of Barber-Scotia 144-90. Coach Holbrook then took the Dogs south of the border for a rough physical tournament under inter- national rules. Here, G-W beat the best that Mexico had to offer in a three game round robin affair. After returning to North Carolina, the Dogs beat UNC-A 97-65 but were beaten in Greensboro by Guilford 100-84. G-W then got it together again for a 109-85 win over West- ern Carolina finishing the regular season play with a fine 20-3 tally plus the three wins in Mexico City and a benefit victory over Livings- ton. Coach Holbrook then looked to- ward the District 26 tournament which pitted G-W against Carolinas Conference champs Elon in the first game. Lenoir-Rhyne and Bar- ber-Scotia met in the other bracket, both having defeated the Dogs in regular season play. G-W out classed Tommy Cole and the Elon Christians 91-72 and then traveled to High Point to meet tough Lenoir- Rhyne for the third time of the sea- son. L-R ' s buzzer shot wouldn ' t fall and the Dogs gained a trip to the Nationals by edging L-R 77-76. Pro prospect George Adams was the big man for the Dogs in his final season at G-W. AM-American Adams poured in 812 points for a 33.8 season average and pulled down 337 rebounds. Seniors Rich- ard Thomas and Tony Spagnola also averaged in double figures with 15.3 and 13.3 respectively. The remaining senior for the Dogs, Denny DeSanctis, played a key role !if| Athletics 113 t 3Z. . ' yr?-J ►► ' »OW »IWiff. ' ;trf 5 J as point man and playmaker de- spite an ankle injury which slowed him down considerably. All the players saw much action as Coach Holbrook used his bench through- out the season to back his starters. Freshmen Alvin Jones and Kirby Thurston took inside pressure off of George late in the season. Billy Ellis, Will Moore, Ken Napier and Len Dugger gave speed to the Dog attack. Adams led in all statistics with a 65.0 field goal percentage and 144-199 made from the free throw line. He also scored the most points in a single game with 57 against Voorhees. The Kansas City tournament saw the nation ' s best 32 NAIA clubs in a six day marathon. The Dogs were seeded fourth in the tournament and the program featured none other than Big George on the cov- er. The Bulldogs pulled a minor surprise by going further than any other team in their first appearance in the tourney. G-W knocked off Eastern tVlontana 109-94, Pittsburg State of Kansas 91-87, and Western Washington State 81-75 to gain the semi-finals. Adams led the G-W scoring with 114 in the three games. Al Graves, who wasn ' t a regular starter until Kansas City, played great basketball and tallied 54 in the three victories. Cool Den- ny DeSantis became hero by mak- ing his last second one ' n one con- versions against Pittsburg and Western Washington. The Dogs then fell victim to top seeded Eau Claire in the semi-finals and lost a heartbreaker to Stephen F. Austin in the consolation game. Adams was named to the NAIA all tour- nament team and Al Graves was awarded the Unsung Hero award. Adams was second highest scorer in the tourney with 184 points and leaving the Dogs with Fourth Place out of 560 NAIA teams. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. The Asheville Bulldogs battle the G-W Bulldogs for con- trol of the boards. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT. Timeout means a strategy session. OPPO- SITE PAGE BOTTOM. Richard Thomas at- tempts a block. TOP. Coach Holbrook seems displeased with that last call. LEFT, Tony Spagnola and Richard Thomas grate- fully accept the team ' s trophy after their victories at the Kings Mountain tourna- ment. Athletics 115 -- ' WWMMWiWJrJliyrt 116 Athletics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Adams takes a shot from outside. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Spagnola puts the ball up tor two points. ABOVE. Adams struggles against a block and a shove. LEFT, The Bulldog bench concentrates on the action. Athletics 117 T A- ' TZ , ' N ' ' ' ' ' " " fJTa»BFJ ' a CT«l2«fflB Football RIGHT, Eric Caldweld clears out for Ray Hannon. BELOW, Caldweld runs the daylight. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Line- backer Alan Milam applies pressure to Georgetown passer. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Mike Cherry steps in lor scrambling Ray Hannon. 118 , Athletics ' tiS J ' Athletics 119 ._ i _ _ ■■ —■yt, " mi - jy :nt JV ' g«SlSP1 .vf)ia| 120 Athletics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Eric Caldweld reels oft yardage OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. Punt returner John Malloy strains for an extra yard. LEFT, Detensive tackle Mike Godfrey watches the offense. ABOVE. Eric Caldweld moves out a Georgetown tackle. Athletics 121 P Football In an emotional game with the stands full of spectators, the Bull- dog gridders ripped highly re- spected Lenoir-Rhyne 24-6 in the season opener. This set the pace for an exciting and heart breaking season for G-W. Playing a schedule which included the Carolinas Con- ference champion, two small col- lege bowl winners, and the strong- est team ever at Presbyterian, the Dogs had a demanding season. The season record of 3-7 and the scores do not reflect the closeness of the contests. Net yards gained for the season showed an advant- age of 8 yards for the Bulldogs and a plus factor of 256 yards passing. The defensive effort, anchored by middle linebacker and pro pros- pect Lee Thompson, contributed to the close span of the statistics. Coach Richard May, a former George Litton assistant, was added to the staff as the defensive coord- inator with Ken Sanford handling the defensive backs. Woody Fish and Arnold Smith, defensive ends, showed well throughout the sea- son. Hardin Davis and injured Cole- man Hunt made inside runn ing tough with a heads up defense. The secondary, which stole 22 of the opponents passes, was headed by Tommy Way, Tommy Kirk, and Richard Wofford. Coach Litton readily admits that the 122 Athletics loss of Ken Reid, who had a nine touchdown sophomore year, dealt a great blow to the offensive. Ken was injured in the season opener and required knee surgery. These injuries and the lack of depth were problems the entire season ac- cording to Coach Litton. He was not entirely disappointed with the sea- son, however, and he said " We upset two teams last season, this year we beat three. " In his second year at G-W, he feels the building program is progressing well. A look at the opponents shows that Coach Litton certainly is not looking for patsys to play. Filling in is for Reid and doing an excellent job was Jody Anthony and Terry Wilder. Anthony caught 14 passes for 283 yards and 4 touchdowns. Wilder caught 15 tosses for 244 yards. End Gene Cooley pulled down 18 passes for 280 yards and Meredith Scruggs caught 9 for 118 yards. Tossing these bombs was Junior Ray Hannon, who compiled 1203 yards through the airways and rushed for 272 yards and 2 TD ' s. Freshman Dennis Dukes was one of the pleasant surprises of the season. The Spindale, N.C. running back first saw action in the New- berry game and came on strong. He finished the season with 5.7 yards per carry and 607 yards rushing to lead the ground attack. Eric Caldweld was the workhorse for Hannon as he carried the ball 125 times for 356 yards, 5 TD ' s, and the second leading rusher. Open- ing holes for the running backs were Steve Phillips and Mike Cherry. The G-W kicking game produced the scoring leader in place kicker Bernie Sanders. Bernie was 21-22 in the extra point department and added 4 field goals for 33 total points. Johnny Phillips, a baseball pitcher in the Spring, punted 65 times for a 36.6 point average. The ' 71 season was an improve- ment over the last and things are on the move in the G-W football program. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Ray Hannon looks down field. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Ray Hannon sets up. TOP, Coaches Litton and May watch the muddy gridiron with de- fensive unit. LEFT, Defensive Coach May makes a point with Alan Milam. Athletics 123 -- — : ' ; ' - ;- ' ' yT- ' ' ; iJnri .r, ' THiy.V--Toya j Golf F£. : ijkt f- v; " .- .■ ' ' . ' 124 Athletics OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT. Coach Allen watche s with a criti- cal eye- OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT, John Kyle swings for the green. LEFT, John Henderson practices his putting. BOTTOM LEFT, Mike Stewart checks out Lenoir-Rhyne. BELOW, Atl-American Terry Florence, center, receives honors at the Nationals. Athletics 125 " f-v civiHrtinij wwirv ' -u Golf Coach Garland Allen ' s golfers got off to a rugged start, but a late sea- son surge upped the final record to 15-6. The team began the season with tough losses to Clemson and Erskine by three strokes total play. After a disappointing day in Green- ville, S.C, the linksmen began to play up to their potential. At the District 26 Tournament in Salis- bury, the Bulldog linksmen scored a narrow victory over Lenoir-Rhyne which won them a trip to the NAIA Nationals. Terry Florence and Bob Mines paced the G-W team play, and the Bulldogs finished fifth in the nation. Terry, a senior from Charlotte, fin- ished third in individual play and became G-W ' s second All Ameri- can. Rounding out the first six for Coach Allen were Mike Stewart, Gary Dobbins, Greg Gault, and John Kyle. Jack Moore, Benjy Ad- ams, and Vardaman Banks top out the golf squad. 126 Athletics OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Benjy Adams concentrates on his putt. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM. John Kyle watches the moves of his partner TOP, Benjy Adams selects an iron tor his next shot. LEFT, Bobby Mines observes an oppon- ent ' s stroke. ABOVE, Terry Florence and Mike Stewart compare score cards. Athletics 127 Tennis Three seniors, one sophomore and a freshman composed Coach Jim Taylor ' s 1971 netters. Coach Taylor had great expectations until the loss of two players early in the year. This gave the G-W team only five singles positions and these same players were required to play the doubles matches. The loss def- initely hurt the strength of the bull- dog netters but they still compiled a respectable 8-9 record. The steady play of most valuable player Billy Walters and the sharp serves of Tommy Bell were the highlights of the 1971 season. Tommy Bell, a senior, received the most wins award with a fine record of 13-3. Number two ranked Larry Smith also played above 500 tennis with a 10-7 record. Richard Granger and Charles Nixon worked hard for Coach Taylor and gained much valuable experience. Granger, a sophomore, and Nixon, a freshman, will be the foundations of Coach Taylor ' s building program. With the loss of three seniors, these men will be counted upon heavily in the fu- ture. TOP. Richard Granger drives a forehand ABOVE, Charlie Nixon meets the ball with a two-handed backhand. 128 Athletics 1 •- VW ' ■ ' ' L ..• .» » 1 s .•I y vii % = r ' ? .i?=;-€:-=;rL- -r:r£H ' ' VI|i3iiirSvr ■■ ■ ' -r ri? TOP LEFT. Richard Granger watches his return. ABOVE, Bill Walters aligns backhand. LEFT, Tommy Bell positions his forehand. «as Track Coach Cole Proctor ' s ironclads competed in four dual meets and one quad meet during the past year. The track team, in their first senior college season, showed well at Elon compiling 61 points. Coach Proctor noted that track is not a glamor sport and that the partici- pants ' only reward is personal ac- complishment and self pride. Track, one of the more taxing sports, demands much sacrifice, sweat, and devotion. Consistent runners for Coach Proctor were Woody Fish, George Surratt, and Jody Anthony. Ken Reid was strong in the broad jump and Ken Long placed well in the shot put events. Coleman Hunt was also a strong sprinter, and Denny Collins placed well in distance events. . ....-■ ' -f. - i 130 Athletics i OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, George Surratt is quick out of the blocks. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Steady point getter Ken Long lakes pride in heaving the shot. TOP LEFT, Ken Reid jumped a consistent 22 ' 0 " . TOP RIGHT, Up and over gives Terry Wilder a sense of accomplishment. ABOVE, Woody Fish and Coleman Hunt pump hard for the finish. Athtetics 131 Intramurals 132 Athletics fc h. " • t " ' : ' . OPPOSITE PAGE TOP, Larry Sechrist blitzes Myers ' quarterback. OPPO- SITE PAGE BOTTOM. Brenda Walker attempts to break-up a Libby Nixon reception. LEFT, Bob Nabors rushes Bobby Jacobs. BELOW, Kathy Foster, Libby Nixon, and Debbie Walker move in on Mary Jo Byrd. H Athletics 133 » ' ivw iv ] ' fr;,vn| Intramurals New ideas and innovations are the l ey words for the Intramural De- partment under the supervision of Mrs. Dan Proctor and Dr. Joe Ellen- burg. Events range from team sports to individual competition covering a wide spectrum of inter- ests. Men and women team sports in the fall consist of football and volleyball. For the racket fan, elim- ination tournaments in mixed bad- minton and tennis doubles round out the fall. The spring semester and warm weather offer league play for men and women in basket- ball, track, Softball, and a three man basketball elimination tour- nament. The individual sports for the spring give something for ev- eryone, scheduling tournaments in tennis, bowling, ping-pong, bil- liards, racketball, archery, free throws, and a hole in one contest. The student assistants to Mrs. Proctor are Carolyn Powers and Mary Jo Byrd. Hal Elliot assists Dr Ellenburg. TOP. Carolyn Powers crowns Powder-Puff Queen Randy Frady. ABOVE, Mikki Carpenter returns serve. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Powder-Pulf beauty entries line up. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, Nanney and Stroup volley for point. OP- POSITE PAGE RIGHT, Brenda Walker watches spike. 134 Athletics Athletics 135 Cheerleaders " Rain, rain, go away " seemed to be the most appropriate cheer for the G-W cheerleaders early in the year, for the weather was hardly excel- lent at most of the season ' s football games. Dressed in new outfits, the squad, headed by Ann Cline, hooped and hollered through the year ' s athletic events. Mrs. Eddie Holbrook sponsored the squad who consisted of girls from all four classes and from five states. Ann Cline and co-head Carolyn Vinson worked with the girls in daily prac- tices and added many new cheers and routines, all in hoping to en- hance the spirit of competition at this young senior college. Eddie Sparks aided the squad by serving as the bulldog for the ' 71 - ' 72 sea- son. Also, the idea of male cheer- leaders became a reality at least on a temporary basis. TOP, Bain dampened the cheerleaders but not their spirit, during the wet lootball season. ABOVE, Eddie Sparks, G- W ' s Bulldog of the year. 136 Athletics Kay Abrams Debbie Burns Carolyn Powers Linda Albright Ann Cline, Head Carolyn Vinson, Co-Head Myra Bctts Patti Epiey Gail Wasznicky Athletics 137 . ir e j, ■ J H . 9£ ?v?ir ' nSiS!rl - 1 HJIinA 1 :l jI -, ,; ; ,,, .:. w i ■w- f jSmm M jj j ,„ . . " B I HIiwr nP! iSslc HS 1 ' i ' ow Lji HBiyp-faBgtfe ' . ' ' " oh - ' ' " ' fc ■I h HhK s ' ' ) ' . 1 Ji BHIfej A ' rs » " - ' 1fi«lr HPw§ 1 -« W ' " " ' p ' j 6, m l fe " - " ' ' ■ ' ' - 1 KJ iiH HtaH K H lf a .J " H. ■v.-„ ' (w«;ff8H ' W ' . " ■ :j».; ■:«.-!«. .J«P ' Organizations Executive Committee, O — J — i S.G.A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTeE. FRONT ROW, Shirley Young, Secretary. Karen Hardin, Vice President. SECOND ROW, Dicky Sherrill, Chief Justice. Jeff Cranford, President. Steve Wilson, Treasurer. STUDENT SENATE. FRONT ROW, Jim Aaron, Nancy Barlowe, Judy Smith, Mary Suttle, Candy Cline. SECOND ROW, Tommy Helms, Dick Stuart, John Byrd, Phil Hopkins, Bob Decker, David Mull, John Chandler, Robert Thompson, Steve Riddle, William Moore, Darryl Corley. THIRD ROW, Jody Anthony, Robert Cribb, Terry Knight, Henry Allen. 140 Organizations Baseball, Basketball, Golf kW .m M " }| li-« ' ' " ' l jy ' ' J ' jt.jit ' lJl BASEBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW, John Lipe, Mike Anthony, Ron Noe, David Heffner, Larry Sisk, Gary Mull, Terry Brewer, Larry Lecroy, Gary Wiley, Phil Gold, Manager. SECOND ROW, Coach Jerry Bryson, Joe Stepp, Bobby Lail, David Williams, Johnny Phillips, Mike McDaniels, Joe Brovi n, Roger McSwain, Ron Lacy, Joel Jen- kins, Trainer, Danny Caldwell, Man- ager, Joe Ellenberg, Asst. Coach. ■% . GOLF TEAM FRONT ROW, Mike Stewart, Gary Dobbins, Terry Flor- ence. SECOND ROW, Dr. Garland Allen, Coach, Boddy Hives, Greg Gavit, John Kyle. Organizations 141 Football, Pep Club FOOTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW, Ray Hannon. Tommy Way, Lee Thompson. SECOND ROW, Dec Davis, Bernie Sanders. Johnny Phillips, Steve Carswell, Alton White, Jody Anthony, Dickie Sherrill, Scott Hunt, John Mallery, Richard Wofford, Tommy Kirk. THIRD ROW, Terry Wilder, Dennis Dukes, Eric Caldwell, Bill Howell, George Gilliam, Darryl Corley, Tony Mauldin, Eddie Hunt, Alan Milam, Mike Missbach, Gary Blackwell, Dickie Brown. FOURTH ROW, Bill Stubbs, Malcolm Singleton, Heath Livington, Tim Livingston, Buzz Sims, Vance Ferchetti, Danny Hudson, Mike Godfrey, Hardin Davis, George Foster, John Wright, Jeaquin, Arce. FIFTH ROW, Coleman Hunt, Steve Phillips, Mike Cherry, Greg Taylor, Woody Fish, Arnold Smith, Meredith Scruggs, Rick Chapman, Gene Cooley, Billy Warnock, Bob Williams. SIXTH ROW, Coaching Staff; Richard May, Ken Sanford, Cole Proctor, Head Coach George Litton. PEP CLUB. FRONT ROW, Debbie Burns, Myra Botts, Carolyn Vinson, Pattie Epiey, Linda Albright, Gail Wasznicky. SECOND ROW, Kay Abrams, Marcia Abernathy, Ann Cline, Carolyn Powers, Clarence Ash, Richard Suttle. THIRD ROW, Susanne Conner, Beth Bolic, Eddie Sparks, Doug Byers, Stan Napier, Bob Decker. 142 Organizations PEM, Monogram, Delta Psi Omega - JC PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB. FIRST ROW. Steve Moffitt, Phyllis Littlefield, Andrea Season, Clarence Ash, Sharon Crawford, Amy Howell, Bill Howell, Cathy Washburn. SECOND ROW, Jeff Boggs, Donna Swope, Jimmy Walker, Louie Smith, Ann Cline, Melissa McClure. THIRD ROW, Phil Hopkins, Woody Fish, Len Dugger, Vernon Bonner, Gloria Washburn, Gary Moore, Ella Harrison, Hal Elliott, Carolyn Powers, John Hawkins, Bob Shell. MONOGRAM CLUB. FRONT ROW, Ovid White, Tommy Way, Steve Phillips, Tim Livingston, Tommy Kirk, Charlie Nixon. SECOND ROW, Buzz Sims, Mike Stephens, Denny Collins, Dennis DeSanctis, Woody Fish, Heath Livingston, Cole Proctor, Advisor. THIRD ROW, Lee Thompson, Richard Thomas, Bernie Sanders, Gene Cooley FOURTH ROW, Len Dugger, Al Graves, Jody Anthony, George Adams. t .V " 1 DELTA PSI OMEGA. FRONT ROW, Reid Come, Scottie Thomas, Ron Zedick. SECOND ROW, Ed Solomon, Stan Napier. Sharon Capps, Suzie Connor. THIRD ROW, Terry Hayes, Wanda Haynes, Charlsie Griffin. Organizations 143 Chorus, Ensemble COLLEGE CHORUS. FRONT ROW. Marie Self, Beverly Cash, David Gantt, Jerry Green, David Padgett, John Elliott Candy Cline Vickie Cook. Jean Evester, Gloria Revis, Hope Hathcock. SECOND ROW, Marie Shehan, Hope Garrett, Brenda Jones, Teresa Chandler, Joann Fovider, Ron Waldrup, Charles Reep, Lora Harrison, Shirley Tennyson, Kathy Cartee, Teresa Jackson, Jane McGee. THIRD ROW, Lucy Hobeika, Diane Cox, Eddie Johnson, Johnny Earnhardt, Rocky Taylor, Jack Cole, Kenneth Brooks, Leiand Kerr, Nancy Magil, Marcia Wilkerson, Ann Causby, Beth Bolick. FOURTH ROW, Lav anna Cooper, Suedel Wagoner, Beverly Chance, Steve Tower, Fred Adkin, Bill Grubbs, Bill Sanders, Brad Fulk, David Laws, Richard Motetz, Larry Guy, Rick Carter, Willie Gilfillan, Paul MeMannus, Doug Byers r % 9 I u ri s;: a.t •?,.. T " 144 Organizations ENSEMBLE, FRONT ROW, Dr. Cribb, Lynda Mingoia. Mike Matheny, Sharon Quick, Ed Solomon, Debbie Burns, Johnny Cook, Dayle Gibson, Ronnie Sams, Melanie Johnson. SECOND ROW. Debbie Gaskill, Robert Cribb, Beverly Allen, Bill Kislley, Ram McCall, Bert Smith, Geneal Wade, Frank Page, Beth Martin, Larry Rollins. THIRD ROW, Brooks Walker, Dean Brittain, Steve Wilson, Kay Abrams, Lee Young. Liz Sapp, Ralph Glenn, Libby Robinson, Robert Decker, Margo Jolley. Rotaract, College Republicans ROTERACT CLUB. Mike Ramsey, Don Hartsoe. Robert Thompson, William Moore, Kemp Savage, Bob Grant, Tom Parker, Steve Wilson. COLLEGE REPUBLICANS. Jeff Cranford, David Gantt. John Haw kins, John Chandler, Hal Elliott, Ronnie Amick, Leslie Costner, James Dickey, Malcolm Vaughn. Organizations 145 Modem Foreign, Classical Languages MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES CLUB. FRONT ROW, Mike Sisk. Carmen Poteat. Martha Wright, Sylvia Hann, Diane Cooper. SECOND ROW. Dr. Ghisletti, Sharon Capps, Marcia Abernathy, Karen Hardin, Susan Byers, Lora Harrison, Brenda Jones, Beth Honeycutt, Shirley Tennyson, Jane McGee. THIRD ROW, Dr. Robert Morgan, Dan Greer, Larry Riley. Allen Setzer, Charles Andrews, Gary Shields, Gary Conner. David Aiken. Dr. Suarez. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES CLUB. Dr. Thurman Lewis, Advisor, Mike Minnix. Donald Willis, Michael Remy, Robert Livingston, Jeff Cranford, Sheron Davis. Clayton Jones, Joe Forbes, Melvin Lutz, Sponsor. 146 Organizations BSU, CIRUNA BSAJ. FIRST ROW. Carmen Poteat, Lucy Hobeika, Carol Byerly. SECOND ROW, Judy Jenkins. Sharon Quick. Jean Pridgen. Lawana THipn o w " f ' ■, °o ? ' ° " ? ' " " ' ' " " " ' " " " ' ' ' ° " Batson. Beverly Chance, Wanda Seattle. Cindy Lemmons. THIRD ROW. Larry Riley. Sylvia Johns, Mary Wells, Donna Pressley, Bob Thomas, Marcia Wilkerson, Bob Raynor, Dan Deviney Charles Reep, Shir ey Tennyson Nancy Magill, Judy Greene. FOURTH ROW, John Barnhardt, Jane McGee, Brenda Tucker, Judy Scott Bill w»hh QivTM u w °n r-r Roberts Rick Josey, Lora Harrison, Richard Sutlle, Leiand Kerr. FIFTH ROW, Ed Middleton, Kenneth WMson Stan Na ' BobGrlm Hutchins. David Ford. Ed Sansbury. Carroll Garret. Mike Branscome. David Wilson, Charles CIRUNA. Ken Jarvis. Kemp Savage. Donna Swope. Charles Welch, Mr. Withrow, Ad- visor. Organizations 147 Ministerial Conference, BYW CHARLES 1. DOVER CAMPUS CENTER sssss MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE. FRONT ROW, Susan Smith, Debbie Batson. Judy Scott, Lucy Hobeika, Ctierry Gaffney, Mary Jo Byrd, Judy Jenkins, Belinda Thompson. SECOND ROW, Billy Grubbs, Louis Michel Remy, Clayton Jones, David Ford, Lawana Higdon, Donna Pressley, Marcia Wilkerson, Jean Pridgen, Stan Skipper. THIRD ROW, Donald Willis, Bob Thomas, Richard Suttle, Richard Walker, Bob Grant, Leiand Kerr, Dean Proctor, Charles Wilson, Larry Nunn, Tommy Wingler. FOURTH ROW, Larry Turner, Mike Jamison, Patsy Bumgarder, Ann Grimmer, Steve Fink, Richard Guyer, Danny Deviney, Charles Dyke, Charles Reep, Paul White. Preston Grimsley. Rev. Buddy Freeman, Ray Craig. FIFTH ROW, Larry Riley, Liberty Koontz, John Hall, Rick Cocerham, Mike Branscome, Burton Skinner, Richard Morty, Joel Jenkins, Carroll Garrett, Ed Middleton, Gene Roberts, Ronnie Sams, Jessie Yarborough. SIXTH ROW, Vance Johnson. Roby Linebarger, Roger Bright, Larry Robertson. Steve Tower, Rick Josey, Charles Hutchins, Joe Forbes, John Barnhardt. Dennis White. Glenn Walker. Lawrence Combs, Jeff Cranford. Phil Baley. Ed Sansbury. Mike Shook. SEVENTH ROW. David Troutman, Robert Livingston. BAPTIST YOUNG WOMEN. FRONT ROW, Carmen Poteat, Cindy Lemmons, Judy Jenkins, Linda Jackson, Gay Greene, Vickie Barrett. Mrs. Banner, Advisor. SEC- OND ROW, Susan Smith, Wanda Beattie, Debbie Batson. Jane Shelter, Sylvia Johns, Teresa Jackson. 148 Organizations FOCUS, PILOT FOCUS. FIRST ROW, Judy Greene. Beverly Chance, Carmen Poteat, Susan Smith. Lucy Hobeika, Donna Pressley. Brenda Tucker, Lawana Higdon, Lou Clontz, Cindy Lemmons, Sylvia Johns, Gloria Revis. Mary Wells, Judy Jenkins. Sharon Quick Dan Deviney Bob Grant. Mike Shook, Charles Lee Hutchins. SECOND ROW, Charles Reep, Richard Walker, Richard Suttle, Nancy Magill Lora Harrison Shirley Tennyson, Wanda Beattie, Charry Gaffney, Debbie Batson, Bob Raynor. Judy Scott, Jane McGee, Jean Pridgen Kenneth Webb ' Johnny Barnhardt, Leiand Kerr. THIRD ROW, Carol Garret, David Ford, Bob Thomas, Mike Jameson, Rick Josey, David Wilson Charles Wilson, Ed Sansbury, Gene Roberts. Bill Grubbs, Larry Riley, Larry Turner, Stan Nappier, David Troutman, Mike Branscome, Ed Middleton BACK RlnZZ J J ' , n ' ' Sigmon Samala High, Kathy Daves. Editor, Wanda McClure. Becky Henley, Mike Darby BACK, Ronnie Sams, Patsy Bumgarner, Burt Skinner, Richard Granger, Johnny Hoey. Organizations 149 Business, Psychology BUSINESS CLUB. FRONT ROW, Joann Long, Debby Moore, Melanie Campbell, John Taylor, Benny Waddell, Allen Mayhew, Oscar Lard. Cecil Vandike. SECOND ROW, Terry Knight, Ronny Brown, Jerry Dobbins, Robert Gill, THIRD ROW, Mr. Allen, Advisor, Kenneth Webb, Walter Barber, Larry Clark, Larry Guy, Zac Philliphs. FOURTH ROW, Willie Maddox, Jerry Lewis, Austin Waley, Mickey Joy. FIFTH ROW, Tom Frye, David Withrow, Jay Kittridge. SIXTH ROW, Paul Biggerstaff, Mike Stamey, Steve Walker, Berney Sanders, Randy Cirby, John Stafford, Rodger Bower. PSYCHOLOGY Joe Jenkins, Mike Darby, Libby Elliot, Donna Turner, Becky Abornathy, Kathy Daves, Gary Boyles, Gene Ramsey, David Pugh, Henry Binginham, Dion Rankin, Ed Brown, Heath Livingston, Frank Page, Phil Graham, Dr. Hughey, Charles Page, Sam Ogburn. 150 Orgai izalions Science, Alpha Nu Omega, Honor Society SCIENCE CLUB. FRONT ROW, Eddie Bishop, Mike Earley, Mr. Mosley, Advisor, Mike Sisk. Dan Greer, Mr. McBride, Advisor, Carmen Poteat, Rebecca Thompson, Mrs. Banner, Margret Chang. SECOND ROW, Mr. Stacy, Mr. Dixon, David Jackson, Reggie Summey, Edv»ard McCurry, Dr. Godfrey. THIRD ROW, Sidney Hendren. Dr. Jolley, Arthur Grindstaff, Terry Hamrick. ALPHA NU OMEGA. FRONT, Gary Cloer, Shirley Wilson, Gail Turner, Kathy Daves, Sharon Capps, Karen Hardin, Richard Granger, Kemp Savage, Bob Kershaw, Charles Kale. BACK, Clayton Jones, Ron Zedick, Parnell Campbell, Jetf McNeal, John Taylor, Phil Hopkins, Walter Barbare! Tom Parker, Jeff Cranford. HONOR SOCIETY. FRONT, Debbie Gaskill, Sharon Quick, Debra Webb, Karen Hardin! Janet Elliot, Becky Henley, Nancy Magill, Cathy Logan. BACK. Kathy Daves, Cathy Washburn, Dr. Hewitt, Advisor, Jeff Cran- ford, Marion Williams, Steve Riddle. Broa- dus Hocutt, Marcia Abernathy, Clayton Jones. Organizations 151 Class Officers, MAC, Dorm Counselors CLASS OFFICERS. Raymond Davis, Senior Class President; Ella Harrison, Junior Class Secretary; Gloria Washburn, Junior Class Treasurer; Jeff McNeal, Sopfiomore Class President; Jane Sperling, Soptiomore Class Vice President; Jotin Wrigfit, Senior Class Vice President; Marcia Wilkerson, Fresfiman Class Treasurer; Ken Reid, Junior Class Vice President; LaNlta Wrlgfit, Sopfiomore Class Treasurer; Terry Wilder, Sophomore Class Secretary; Lucy Hobelka, Freshman Class President; Richard Granger, Junior Class President; Vicky Jenkins, Senior Class Secretary; Ken Jarvis, Freshman Class Vice President. MEN ' S AFFAIRS COUNCIL. FRONT, Gary Cloer, Jay Johnson, Butch Reynolds, Bob Kershaw, Randy KIrby. BACK, Louie Smith. DORM COUNSELORS, Stan Napier, Raymond Davis, John Chandler, Bert Smith, Hal Elliot, Tony Mauldin. .0 ff 152 Organizations Who ' s Who, Judicial Board, WAB WHO S WHO. FRONT ROW, Charlsie Griffin, Cindy Lemmons, Judy Smith, Debra Webb, Kathy Daves, Jill Sanders Carolyn Santanella. SECOND ROW, Fagg Nowlan, Suzi Conner, Patsy Bumgarner, Nancy Magill, Karen Hardin, Shirley Young, Teresa Jackson. THIRD ROW, Mel Campos, Joel Jenkins, Jike Shook Charles Wilson, Dickie Sherrill Jeff Cranford, Phil Swanson. JUDICIAL BOARD. Burton Skinner, Dr. fvlorgan. Donna Ellington, Becky Abernathy, Richard Granger Mike Stuart Larry Guy, Robert Livingston, Joel Jenkins, Dicky Sherrill. ■ " oiuaii, WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS BOARD. Carolyn Powers, Vickie Barrett, Gail Turner, Debbie Walker, Gloria Holt. Organizations 153 s m H ■ m m „ ;it ' tli- ' ,Qifja mmm . :..... ! i Records mmmmm Faculty 156 Records Mrs. Margery F, Adams, MA.. Instructor, Nursing. Dr. Garland H. Allen, Th D , Professor, His- tory and Religion. Mr. Joe C. Allen, M.A.. Associate Professor, Business- Mr. Charles S. Andrews, MA., Professor, French, Chairman, Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature. Dr. Thomas J. Ballard, Th.D., Associate Professor, Religion. Mrs. Doris Vance Banner, M.S., Instructor, Mathematics. Mr. Gilmer W. Blacltburn, M.A., Assistant Professor, History, Mr. Ernest M. Blanltenship, M.A., Associate Professor, English. Mrs. Lois Bull Bradley, B.S., Instructor Nursing. Dr. Joyce Compton Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, English. Dr. Leslie Morris Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biology. Mr. Jerry Zeb Bryson, MA., Assistant Pro- fessor, Health Education, Physical Educa- tion, Head Baseball Coach. Records 157 Faculty Dr. R. E. Carothers. Ed.D.. Professor, Edu- cation, Chairman, Department of Education and Library Science. Mrs. Bettye McClure Carpenter. I .A.. As- sociate Professor, Psycfiology. Mr. Wallace R. Carpenter, (VIA., Associate Professor, Business, Data Processing, Chairman, Department of Data Processing. Mr. Clyde S. Cash, M.A.T., Assistant Profes- sor, Biology, Chemistry. Richard G. Chalcraft, M.S., Instructor, Geology, Geography. Mr. Chit-Fu Chang, M.S., Assistant Profes- sor, Mathematics. Mr. P. A. Cline, Jr., M.A., Associate Profes- sor, Ancient Languages and Literature. Dr. Betty Smith Cox, Ph.D., Professor, En- glish, Chairman, Department of English Language. Dr. Charles W. Cox, Ph.D., Professor, Thea- tre Arts, Speech. Mrs. Barbara Jenson Cribb, M.Ed., Assistant Professor, Education, Art. Dr. George R. Cribb, Ed.D., Professor, Mu- sic, Chairman, Department of Fine Arts. Mr. Kenneth Ray Daves, M.A., Assistant Professor, Physical Education, Health Education, Assistant to the Athletic Direc- tor. 158 Records Mr. Robert Lee Decker, M R E., Instructor, Music. Dr. Anthony F. Eastman, Pti.D., Assistant Professor, History. Mrs. Edna Wright Eddin, M.A., Instructor, Business. Dr. Shehab Eddin, Ph.D., Professor, Politi- cal Science, Economics. Dr. Joe K. Ellenburg, Ed.D., Professor, Physical Education, Health Education. Dr. Roland B. Eutsler, Ph.D., Professor, Business. Mr. W. Lyman Ferrell, B.D., Assistant Pro- fessor, Psychology, College Counselor. Mr. James Walter File, N I.A., Associate Professor, Biology. Dr. Louis V. Ghislelte, PhD , Professor, Modern Foreign Languages and Literature. Mrs. Nettie Rayle Qidney, M.A., Assistant Professor, Voice. Dr. Albert B. Godfrey, Ph.D., Professor, Bi- ology, Chairman, Department of Biology, Chemistry and Geology. Dr. Howard E. Golden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Economics. n Records 159 Faculty Dr. Benito R. Gonzalez-Qonzalea, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish. Mr. F. Keith Griggs, M.A.. Assistant Profes- sor, Data Processing, Business. Mrs. Nell Self Griggs, M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor, Physical Education. Mr. Barry E. Hambright, M.A., Assistant Professor, History. Dr, Michael A. Harrelson, Ph D , Associate Professor, Biology. Mr. Terry R. Hayes, M.A., Instructor, Thea- tre Arts, Speech. Dr. James P. Henson, Ed.D., Professor, Psychology, Chairman, Department of Psychology. Dr. Thomas Furman Hewitt, Th D., Associ- ate Professor, Religion. Mrs. Elizabeth Eggers Hill, M.A., Assistant Professor, Music. Mr. Jerry Randolph Hill, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Music. Mrs. Barbara Walker Holbrook, M.A., As- sistant Professor, Health Education, Phys- ical Education. Mr. Eddie Holbrook, M.A., Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach. 160 Records Mr. Ron Dale Hooper, MA, Assistant Basketball Coach. Dr. James B. Hughey, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology. Mr. M. Lansford Jolley, MA. Ed S.. Pro- fessor. Social Sciences, Chairman. Depart- ment of Associated Social Sciences. Dr. Paul Wiseman Jolley, M.A.. M.A.T., As- sociate Professor. Mathematics. Miss Doris Jones, MAT., Associate Pro- fessor, Sociology. Dr. Robert L. Lamb, D.R.E.. Professor. Re- ligion. Mrs. Grace Craig Lee, M.N A., Director, Nursing. Mr. L. George Litton, Fr., M.A., Associate Professor, Physical Education, Head Foot- ball Coach. Mrs. Betty Hoyle Logan, M.A., Assistant Professor, Business. Mrs. Helyn Goode Lowery, MA, Assistant Professor. Business. Mr. Melvin R. Lutz, MA, Instructor, An- cient Languages. Mr. Wilbur Ray McBride, M.Ed., Associate Professor, Mathematics, Physics. Records 161 Faculty Mr. Alton H. Malone, MS L S . Library Di- rector. Mr. J. Rictiard May. MA.. Assistant Foot- ball Coach. Dr. Robert Earle Morgan, M.Ed., Associate Professor, Frencti, Mattnematics. Mrs. Gladys DeJournetle Morris, M.A., As- sistant Professor English. Mr. M. A. Mosely, Jr., M.S., Professor, Chemistry. Dr. William Harvey Mowry, Ed.D., Profes- sor, Psychology. Dr. M. Vann Murrell, Ph.D., Chairman, De- partment of Religious Studies and Philos- ophy; Professor, Religion. Dr. Arthur G. Nuhrah, Ph D , Professor, History; Administrative Assistant. Dr. C. Sherman Parrish, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry- Miss Dorothy Ann Pearce, M.N , Instructor, Nursing. Dr. Phil D. Perrin, DMA., Professor, Mu- sic. Mrs. Margaret T. Post, Instructor, Nursing. 162 Records Mr. Cole Andrew Proctor, M.A., Assistant Professor, Physical Education; Assistant Football Coach. Mrs. Launila Eye Proctor, M R.E , M Ed , Assistant Professor. Health, Physical Edu- cation, Mr. James Hubert Rash, t .Ed.. Associate Professor, Art. Mr. Robert Lee Reynolds, Instructor, Mu- sic. Dr. Larry L. Sale, Ed.D., Professor. Educa- tion. Mr. Charley L. Sandifer, Th., M.S., M.A., Associate Professor, English. Mrs. Joy Young Sandifer, MLS, Assistant Librarian. Mr. J. Kenneth Sanford, M.A.. Graduate Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Edu- cation; Assistant Football Coach. Miss Rebeca Ann Sebastian, M.A., Assist- ant Librarian. Mr. Manuel Allen Setzer, MAT,, Associate Professor. Spanish. Mr. Paul Mitchell Sorrells, M.A., Assistant Professor, English. Mr. Paul John Stacy, B.S . Assistant Pro- fessor, Biology. Records 163 Faculty Dr. Mario A. Suarez, Ph.D.. Assistant Pro- fessor, Spanish. Mr. James Kanipe Taylor, MA.. Assistant Professor, Englisti. Mr. Jesse Lee Taylor, lil.A., Assistant Pro- fessor, Social Science. Mrs. Shirley Putnam Toney, B.S., instruc- tor. Nursing. Mr. Robert Lee Trexler, M.A., M.Div., As- sistant Professor, Religion, Social Science. Mr. Phillip (Pink-Kwan) Tse, M.A., Instruc- tor, Physics. Mr. William R. Waddle, Assistant Professor, Business. Mr. Everetle N. Warren, Assistant Profes- sor, Business. Mr. William H. Withrow, Sr., B S , Assistant Professor, Geography. Miss Anna Wooten, M.A., Instructor, En ghsh. Mr. Randolph Wright, Instructor, l usic. 164 Records staff 4 . I ' J A Mr. Leonard A. Allen Mr. Roger D. Banks Mrs. Daphney Randolph Bridges Mr. Edwin Yates Camp, Jr. Mrs. Betty Houser Cromer Mrs. Anna Schronce Downs Mr. J. Wayne Epiey Mrs. Jewel C. Goodwin Mrs. Maggie M. Goodwin Mr, Jack Greene Mrs. Peggy Greene Mrs. Nancy Anthony Griffin Mrs. Isabel B. Harkins Mrs. Grace C. Harmon Mr. Troy S. Harmon Mr. Bob Hayes Mrs. Janelle Hamrick Hicks Mrs. Donna Home Jenkins Mrs, Frances Johnson Mrs, Louise Jones Jolley Miss Nellie Sue Jolley Mrs. Mary Brackett Jones Mrs. Nita Benton Lefler Mrs. Joann Lutz Mrs. Betty Falls McGraw Mrs. Marie Brittain Martin Mrs. Diane Hicks Packard Mrs. Beverly Edwards Ponder Mrs. Mildred Bridges Poston Mrs. Mary Dan Price Mrs. Martha Young Proctor Mrs. Pat Chaney Proctor Mrs. Brenda Moore Rankin Mrs. Margaret Sanford Mr. James Horace Scruggs Mrs. Freddie R. Sisk Mrs. Mary Ford Smith Mrs. Gail A, Styers Mrs, Bernice H. Trexler Mr. Gordon Washburn Mrs. Lalene H. Washburn Mrs. Shirley H. Washburn Mrs. Joan V. Way Mrs. Antionne L. Wesson Miss Janet M. Whisnant Mrs. Marilyn W. Withrow Mrs. Polly Wyhe Mr. Clyde E. Beasley Records 165 166 Records Elizabeth Abernathy Fred Aiken, Jr. Linda Neal Albright Nancy Rebecca Alexander William Joseph Allen Denise Reaves Allison Lydia Jane Anthony Joaquin Arce Ronald Arndt Suzanne Bahakel Connie Bailey William Barklery Bennett Thompson Balentine John Curtis Balentme Nancy Tuttle Barlow Johnny Barnhardt Stewart Gordon Barnhill Michael Barrett Keith Norman Bartee Debbie Lynn Batson Nancy Yvonne Baxter Zeb Egland Beam Charles Wayne Season Elizabeth Ann Beck Albert Bennett Mary Biggers Eddie Bishop David Murchison Blake Cynthia Jane Blanton Kathy Rosemary Blanton Julia Elizabeth Bolick Raymond Mitchell Boling. Jr Janet Nira Bolin Judy Ann Bowen Joseph Bowler Gilbert Bowman Eugene McGee Breazeale Robert Thomas Brew, Jr, Jacob Brittain Donald Wilson Brown Jo Ann Brown Rodney Bumgardner Grady Butler Bumgarner William Steve Burch Mary Burnett Deborah Dianne Burns Dale Burton Connie Elise Butler Records 167 Freshmen Theodore Douglas Byers Mary Jo Byrd Frances Campfleld Janet C. Campfleld Timothy Carnes Randolph Erwin Carothers Wallace Reld Carpenter Kathy Cartee Rick Earl Cassldy Gary Catron Dorothy Ann Causby Margaret Chang David Chaplin Nancy Chapman Talmedge Russell Chapman Lee Ramsey Clayton Willis Keith Cobb Charles Cockerham Ronald Virgil Cockerham Donald Collins Frederick Neal Collins Sara Susan Conner Amanda Joan Cook Vickie Lynn Cook Larrie Diane Cooper Lawana Elaine Cooper Patsy Lynn Cornwell Jennifer Anne Cowan Robert Lee Couch Ray Hill Craig Mark Cranford Robert Cribb Gene Thomas Crisp Larry Dale Crowell Alan Blaine Curtis Paul D ' Albora Mark Wilson Dalker Raymond Davenport Julian Crocker Davis Eddie Franklin Day Robert Lee Decker. Jr. Donald McCoy Denton James Howard Destaffno Danny Franklin Deviney Nancy Elaine Doan David Dodd John Dolan Steve Odell Douglas n T 1 y 1 68 Records Dennis Charles Dukes Richard Page Dulany George Earnest Dunn Valerie Jeanne DuPont Andrew Layne Duquette Charles Edward Dyke Jennie Cooper Easterling Carl Edward Eaton Fred Edwards Billy Elder Donald Elliot John David Elliott James William Ellis Shelton English Edwin Lewis Erwin Brenda Kaye Evans Mike Hope Evans Karen Suzanne Faires Thomas Larry Fasterling Mark Carter Fields Kenneth Terry Flinchum Robert Thomas Florence Vance Alfred Forchetti Robert Leigh Ford Tana Fowler LaVonda Kay Fox Robert Freeman Larry Bradford Fulk Dewayne Neal Fulton Larry Clark Gaddy Cherry Lynn Gaff ney Robert George Gallo Jimmy William Galloway Charlotte Ann Gamble Daniel Gamble Richard Arthur Gardner Emily Hope Garrett Mary Sue Gentry Dale Carolyn Gibson Charles Fredrick Gilbertson George Gillian Ralph Palmer Glenn Martha Ann Godwin David Phillip Gold James Adam Goudelock John Hardy Greene Timothy Charles Grace Truett fvlichael Gray Records 169 Freshmen Marvin Green Terry Greene Dan Fredrick Greer Deborah Anita Griffin Carson IVIatties Griggs Jofin Grimsiey Issa Mikael Hachem Jofinny Ray Hall Mary Hall James Ricliard Hamilton Cfiaries Hamrick Lorene Hamrick Ricfiard Hams Emalee Susan Hanna Joyce Elizabetfi Harmon Jofin Wade Harmon Joseph Harvey Harrill Lora Frances Harrison Virginia Hope Hathcock Anna Shepherd Hawkins Keith Eugene Hayes Rachel Virginia Hedrick Lawana Lenore Higdon Elizabeth Jane High Ludia Hobeika Linda Kay Hodge Mary Ella Hodges Jim Armstrong Hoffmann Walter Conrad Hoffman John Ralph Hoke Otis Lea Hollar Benjamin Lester Holland Patricia Lynn Hood George Russell Home Sheila Diane Home Douglas Hopper Loretta Jean Hopper Sherry Anita Horn Leonard Stewart Houston Margaret Jane Howard Robert Hoyt Ida Lee Hudson William Daniel Hudson William Franklin Hulcher Judy Lynn Hullett Renee Willis Huphries Beth Honeycutt Margaret Jane Howard 170 Records James Walker Hunsuck Linda Sue Hunsucker Charles Edward Hunt Scott Glen Hunt Janice Tencia Huntley Jimmy Huskey Charles Uee Hutchens David Allen Irby Dorothy Jean Ivester Godfrey lula Mark Jackson Robert Ambrose Jackson Ken Boyd Jarvis Steven Hal Jefteries William Jenkins Sylvia Smith Johns Jane Thomas Johnson Richard Cohen Johnson Vicky Dianne Johnson Melanie Yvonne Johnston Mara Margo Jolley Max Nyle Jolley Melissa Annette Jolley Alvin Jones Bobby Jones Brenda Sue Jones Debra Lynn Jones Randall Lee Jones Robert Jones Ralph Justice Martha Ann Keller Kathy Leigh Kelley Charles Stephen Kemp Jack Douglas King Joseph Michael King Roger Von King Maryetta Fannie Kiser Edward Knight Lillian Irene KwetkowskI Jimmy Ray Lail Edie Low Lamb Jerry Steven Laughter Alvin Yat-kay Law Martha Lawrence David Lewis Laws Brenda Lawter Mary Leazer Larry Dean Ledford Records 171 Freshmen Calvin Stuart LIndsey Roby LInebarger Isaac Lovelace, Jr. James Lynch Linda Sue Lynes James William Lynn Janice Leigh Mabe Craig Thomas Maddox Enola Gay Maddox John David Mallory Angela Diane Martin Fred Martin Philip Alan Martin William Martin Marcus Mauney Clyde Kenneth Mayes Sarah Janice McCarter Debra McClure Tony Lee McCombs Murphy McConnaughey Polly McCoy David Keith McCuen Albert Sidney McDonald Norma Jane McGee Arthur Frank McGinnis, Jr. Joy Annette McManus Michael Gregory McMillian Edwin McRae Peggy Messick James Alan Milam Billy Joe Millikan Kenneth Eugene Mills Linda Joy Mills Michael Charles Missbach Samuel Moore Will Moore, Jr. Evelyn Morehead Frank Morehead Judith Lynne Morgan David Carl Morrow Mehrshid Ansari Nazmi Claire Anne Newton Roger Eugene Nix Phyllis Jean Noland Augusta Norris Larry Nunn Samuel Hunter Ogburn Glenn Edward Oliver, Jr. 172 Records David Shook Padgett Elizabeth Paige Perrin Eugene Parker Stephen Parker Van Clark P arketon John Parrish Katherine Ann Plemmons Thomas Michael Poole Carmen Cail Poteat Marc Vincent Preston Larry Dawson Price Mary Jean Pridgen Robert Wayne Putnam Brian Everet Queen Gary Colubus Rader Michael Gleen Radford Peggy Ann Ray Dallas Reed Renninger Gloria Ann Revis Debra Victor Rhea Larry Alvin Riley Mary Michael Riley Elsie Robbins Francis Robbins Larry Gene Roberts Gary Robinson John Alan Roemer Dana Wayne Ross John Adam Ryder William Marshall Sanders Edwin Fisher Sansbury Elizabeth Ann Sapp Patricia Sarratt Judy Evelyn Scott Elfreida Scruggs Mary Karen Seale Marie Diane Self Isabell Setzer Joe Anthony Severino Lillie Marie Shehan Jane Gregg Shooter Michael Eugene Shope Laura Susan Shrum Steve Harold Shuford Ken Wayne Simpson Doris Ann Singleton Michael Eugene Sisk Susan Elaine Skidmore Records 1 73 Freshmen Thomas Anthony Smiley Bertie Smith Dicy Ann Smith Dwight Smith Sam Whitley Smith Payl Staley Glenda Faye Stephens Robert David Stone Dariene Streater Bright Williamson Stubbs, Jr. Harry Lyie Sturgis Marsha Elizabeth Summitt William Douglas Surrat Mary Jane Suttle Richard Allen Suttle June Ellen Tallent Lucinda Taylor Robert Morgan Taylor Reubert Gregory Taylor Steve Curry Taylor Susan Panella Taylor Donald Raymond Teague David Ray Tenery Sammy Ryan Tenery Shirley Mae Tennyson Roger Glenn Tessneer Lewis Ray Thomas Anna Rebecca Thompson George Scott Thompson Jan Carolyn Thompson Dorma Lee Thome Rodney Threan Kirby Sylvester Thurston Davina Denise Townsend William Trimnal David Troutman Br ' enda Kay Tucker Eugene Vickery Micael Martin Wagner Suedel Stoneman Wagoner Ronald Carson Waldrep Brenda Gail Walker Charles Edwin Walker Jill Walker John Thomas Walker Lanny Brooks Walker Mark Walker Richard Francis Walters 174 Records « v wL M ® q «= ; , , Gerrie Ward Billy Warnock Michael Kim Washburn Brian Waters Vicky Ann Watkins Karen Alisa Wease Mary Cecile Wells William David Wessinger Jim Westmoreland Karen Elizabeth Whisnant Mary Whitaker Deborah Jane White Paul James White Elbert Whitfield Mercia Ann Wilkerson David Alton Williams Martha Jane Williams Richard Norman Williams Marilyn Howie Williamson Barbara Ann Wilson Brenda Sue Wilson Deborah Wilson Jacqueline Dianne Wilson Lillian Wilson Kathy Suzanne Winfield Thomas Elijah Wingler Myron Melton Wise Vickie Witherspoon Richard Elmore Wofford Shirley Ann Wolfe Terry Francis Womick Shelia Rena Wray Martha Page Wright William Bradford Wright Thomas Wylie Diana Young Records 1 75 Sophomores ( Mi m f jH fcfet»; 1 , 1 76 Records ) B o e Donna Kay Abrams Fred Kline Adklns, Jr. Beverly Jean Allen Pam McKee Allen Robert Kent Allen James Ford Anderson Kenneth Wayne Arnold Beverly Ann Bahakel Philip Dewey Bailey Dixie Joyce Banning Frank Ray Barger Randy Forrest Basinger Andrea H. Season Sherry Jean Season Wanda Leigh Seattle Raymond H. Selew, Jr. Joseph Eddie Bennett Hugh Kenneth Beveridge, Jr. Kathy Starr Biddy Dale D. Sivins Fernese Inita Black Lewis Edward Bobb, Jr. Charles Timothy Bovender Philip James Bouchard John Thomas Bray Lindsey Franklin Brewer, Jr. Joyce M. Briggs Timothy Bernard Brittain Kenneth E. Brooks Joey Julian Broome Roger Alan Brown Richard Paul Brown Ricky James Bullin Carl Ralford Burch Jerry C. Burleson Dale Holden Burton Mike Wayne Byars Carol Jane Byerly Millard Carroll Caldwell Clyde Stevenson Carswell Rick Alan Carter Deborah Zandra Caster Carol Elizabeth Cathey Elizabeth Kay Causby Oliver Kent Cecil, Jr. Timothy Bruce Champion Beverly Sue Chance Teresa Ann Chandler Records 1 77 Sophomores Steven Timothy Cherry Mary Elizabeth Chiles David Barton Clark Candy Laird Cline Louise Carol Clontz Garry Michael Cloer Vicki C. Cobb Daniel Edward Cody Gary Raymond Conner Joe David Cooke John William Cook, Jr. Elmer Gene Cooley William B. Cooley John Durant Crov der Vickie Deck Dameron Betty Lou Daves Michael Ray Davis Richard Brooks Davis Jann Hope Deal James Floyd Deaton III James Franklin Dietz Larry Joe Diaz Oscar Dodson, Jr. David Scott Dover Dene LaRue Eller Betty Joe Hardin Ellis Patti Marcielle Epiey Neil Alexander Ervin Marion Debra Falls Sanford Henry Fishel Jo Ann Fowler John Arthur Fowler, Jr. Julian Brockington Fowler George Marvin Foster Stephen Max Foster Randall Dean Frady James L. Frye Gary Lynch Frazier Carlton Edward Gallimore Stewart V. Morgan Charles Henry Gaskins Clarence Michael Godfrey Homer Lee Gowan Robert Fred Grant Martha Louise Gragg John Lee Gray Barbara Ann Bridges Greene Grace White Greene 178 Records I DQ Judy Lynne Greene Billy Grubbs Ella Catherine Hall Leroy A. Hamilton Janice Moss Hamrick Kay C. Hamnck Lou Ann Hamrick Maxwell BIy Hamrick, Jr. Patricia Biddy Hamrick Debbie W. Harris John Grayson Harris Henry Long Harrison Sarah E. Harrison Charles Thomas Helms Jesse Hal Hendrix. Jr. Phillip Bowen Herndon Jeff Lynn Hester Samala Annette High Henry Thomas Hill Vicki Diane Hinson Ronny Hicks Holland Judy Lynn Hopper Rebecca B. Hoyle Jesse Wade Hurley Gail Elois Hutchins Noah Lee Hyde Charles M. Ingram Rubard Norman Ivey Linda Ann Jackson Novella Gail Jackson Robert Durene Jacobs, Jr. Michael Howard Jamison Joyce Elame Jenkins Judy Raelene Jenkins Sharon Neal Jenkins Charles Edward Johnson, Jr. Douglas Ray Jolley Winona Marion Jolley Lowell Edward Jones Lynne Marie Jones Teresa Ann Jones Ricky Howard Josey Robert K. Justice Samuel Blair Keeney Keith Robin Keller William Arnet Kelley Gregory Taylor Killian John Stephen Kirkham Records 1 7 Sophomores David Wilson Knox Timothy Ray Laney Jerry Patterson Ledford John Meredith Lee. Jr. George Timothy Livingston Carol Joan Long Kenneth Ray Long Jerry Wayne Looper Benny Bronson Lopps. Jr. Gwendolyn Annette Lovelace Caroll M- Lowder James S. Lowery Thomas Lee Lowery Robert Randall Mace Ricky John Mansour Sidney A. Martin Cecil Edward Mason, Jr. Michael Edwin Matheny Teresa Helen Matkins William Lawrence Mauney, Jr. Jan Claudette McAlister Patricia Ann McCraw Edward Norris McCurry David Timothy Mcintosh Deborah Ann McMillan Jeffrey Phillip McNeill Ronald Wood McSwam Barry Gene Medley Glenda Bradley Melton Isaac Daniel Messer Patricia Elizabeth Mickel Deborah Gail Moore Jack Gather Moore Gary Thomas Mull George Furman Magill Kenneth E. Napier Randy McCraven Nash Michael Grady Neas Edna Kathy Nicholas Carl Kester Nisbet Charles Lynn Nixon Frank John Norton Gary Norman Ogle Franklin Stuart Page James Crawford Painter Benny W. Parrish Ronald Allen Patterson Sandra Lynn Payne 180 Records ■■Ik . ' v ' iB fa£S ShIL i y ik Ronald E. Pennington Carmen Rene Peirce Alfred Eason Poston Donna Sue Pressley Bruce DeLane Putman James Edward Putman Harold Keith Queen Jane Ora Ratchford John Charles Reep Alex Richard Rhyne Danny Ross Richardson James Larry Robbins Lawrence Edward Robertson Susan Beth Rodgers Martha Raye Sarratt Lee Warren Settle Bobby Allen Shelton Langston Jesse Shelton III Henry Preston Shiflet Rebecca Gail Sigmon Michael Russel Simmons John D- Sipe Raymond Deith Sisk Stanley Sullivan Skipper Arnold Dean Smith Nickey Joe Smith Sandra Darlene Smith Susan Lee Smith Carolyn Jane Sperling Robert Daniel Spillman Sharon Lynn Stafford Judy J. Stamey Michael Smith Stephens David Michael Stevenson Richard Patterson Stewart Billy Wade Styers Dakyns B. Stover III Sidney C- Sommey Claude Phillip Suttlemyre Ricky Stephen Swain James Arthur Swayney Donna Alane Swope Gary Leon Taylor Bobby Lane Thomas Janice Leigh Thomas Greg Michael Thorton David Michael Tompkins John Franklin Tompkins Records 181 Sophomores Earl Trent Tucker Larry Stephen Turner Michael Richard Turner Glenn Reid Walker Richard Wayne Walker Vickie Darlene Walker Ricky Stephen Warlick Francine Kay Walter Edward Leslie Warren Carol Ann Weatherly Jerry Coleman White Milinda Patricia White Steven Jay White Willard Dennis White Terry Gene Wilder Ginny Willis Debbie Jean Wilson Fred David Wilson Larry Bynum Wilson Bonnie Ferguson Winburn Richard Dale Winn Jack Petty Wren John David Wright Mary Lanita Wright Jesse Thomas Yarbrough Beverly Marsh Yount 1 182 Records Juniors James Preston Aaron Marcia Patrice Abernathy Peggy Rebecca Abernathy Robert Christopher Abernathy Denzil Adams Tony Allen Aldreth Judith Carol Allen Marilyn Inez Alexander Ronnie Heyward Amick Ray N. Anderson Susan Ann Anderson Stephanie E. Angelo Joseph Leon Anthony Clarence E, Ash Peggy Ann Atkinson Levonne T. Baker Brenda Faye Barrett Ricki Jean Barker Karen Annice Bentley Henry Bingham, Jr. William Bruce Bingham Grady Ronald Blackwell Billy Eugene Blanton Charles D- Blanton James E. Blanton Jeff W. Boggs Lawrence Rawling Boggs Myra Lillian Botts James Boyd Michael Wayne Branscome Patricia A. Brazile Roger P, Bright Mary D. Brittain Joe Nathan Brookins Peggy Dixon Brown Ronnie Louis Brown Lester Duke Burnett Nita K. Cagle Harold Franklin Caldwell Kenneth W. Calton Jesse Parnell Campbell Melanie Elizabeth Campbell Sharon D. Capps Wayne Russell Caraturo Daniel Brooks Carter Randy M. Carter Beverly Sue Cash Gettys E. Cash Records 183 Juniors Paul W. Chang Michael D. Cherry Linda Childers C. William Clamp John C. Clark Larry Edward Clark Rickey J. Cockerham Jackie Taylor Cole Lawrence Combs Shirley D, Cox John Jean Dahbour Doris E. Dameron Danny Daniel Arthur Harold Davis, Jr. Nancy Gail Davis Gary Dobbins Darryl L. Dobson Len T. Dugger Clara Ann Eggleston Donna Ellington John Wesler Elliott Martha Zmk English Jerry Collins Evans Marion B. Fant John Eugene Fincher James Franklin Finger Larry William Fleming Joe Ed Forbes Timothy Joseph Frazer Thomas A. Fridy III David J. Gantt Harold Wayne Gallman Benjamin E. Garrett Deborah Leigh Gaskill Lois Virginia Gee William Michael Goudelock Richard Lanning Granger Alphonso Marion Graves Frances P. Gray Steve Long Gray Sharon Gregory Ronald E. Greene Steven L. Greene Anne S. Grimmer Billy Lee Grubbs Wanda J. Gullet Richard Walton Guyer Robert Glen Hames 184 Records Terry J. Hamrick James M. Hance Jerry Lynne Harbinson Roger Dale Harmon Martha Jane Harrington Ella Marie Harrison Donald Monroe Hartsoe Hugh Allen Hawkins John T. Hawkins Judy Glenda Haynes Wanda Louise Haynes R obert D. Hendrick Rebecca Ann Henley Ronald David Hewitt Howard Benjamin Hogan Thomas Eugene Hogan Gloria Dawn Holt Betty Sue Honnicutt Samp Craig Hopkins Bobby Gene Houser Coy Lester Huffman Micheal Rodney Hughes Betty Thompson Huss David P. Jackson Janet E. James George C, Jefferis Janet Jenkins Richard Jessen Charles V. Johnson Mickey Mills Joy Benny Mac Keesee Leiand Andrew Kerr Robert Lee Kershaw David Nelson Kessell Shirley J. Kessling Elaine Annette Kiser Liberty V. Koontz Patricia Kramer John Kyle Jerry F. Lane William S. Laughter Larry Wayne Lawhorne Joyce Ann Laye Edward Ledford Craig Ledford Jack Ledford Linda G, Ledford Donna M. Lewis Records 1S5 Juniors Jerry D. Lewis Bradford Gene Ligon Phyllis Littlefield Vernon Heath Livingston Catherine W. Logan Barbara Lynn Marsh Mary E. Martin Tony Merle Mauldin Eletha Novella McClung Larry Francis McCracken Melissa Ann McClure Wanda Kay McClure Ann McFadden George W. McGhee Ronnie 8. MGuirt C. David McKee William F. McKee Roger Lee McSwain Caria Sue Middleton Harry Edwin Middleton Donald T. Miller Joseph Micheal Miller Catherine A. Millikan Muriel D. Mills Lynda J. Mingoia Robert Edward Mitchem Roscoe Stewart Mize Glenda Montgomery Richard William Moretz Charlie M. Morris Lynn Moss David Eugene Mull Stanley Ivan Napier Lonnie Raymond Nelson Mary E. Nixon Amelia M. Padgett Micheal R. Parker Gary C. Pearson Frank D. Pleasants Steven Plemens Verlon J. Pompey Kay Spangler Poole Brenda Kay Powell Joseph C. Powers Ronnie W. Price Stephen Jerry Price Larry Dean Proctor Gordon Clifford Putnam, Jr. 186 Records A Renee Pulman Sharon Ann Quick Barbara Dale Raynor Ken O. Reid Louis Michael Remy Lester J. Reynolds Steve G. Riddle Anne C, Robbins Bruce Wayne Roberson Clyde Roberson John W. Roberts Carolyn Lee Robinson Elizabeth A. Robinson Sherry Jean Robinson Larry Edward Rollins Richard Rose Reginald R. Rushton Harry Stephen Russell Roger R. Sailors Kemp E. Savage III Robert Edw ard Shell Gary Shields Darryl Lee Shope Gaynell Shouse Laura S. Shrum James E. Sims William Clinton Simmons Michael S. Sipe Fred W. Sisk Burton L. Skinner Susan Marie Slate George L. Smith Linda M- Southards John R. Stafford Anthony F. Spagnolo Thomas E. Sparks James Alan Staley Virgle Bruce Stamey Scott M. Stevenson Michael E. Stewart Dumont Strickland Thomas Reginald Summey Sandra Ann Swift Frank J. Tapp John A. Taylor Andrea Whitener Teeter Robert Frans Teeter Ronnie Lewis Thomas Records 187 Juniors Scottie A, Thomas Barbara Jean Thompson Raymond William Thompson John Tiller Steven Bruce Tower Donna Y. Turner Edna Turner Sophia W. Turner Malcolm Louis Vaughn Carolyn E. Vinson Benny Allen Waddell Woody L. Wadsworth Roby H. Wagoner Joseph D. Wallace Debbie Walker Steve Walker Barry Philip Washburn Catherine McNeill Washburn Gloria Jean Washburn Clyde W. Wesson Mary Evelyn Wilson Carolyn A. Williams Freda Kay Willis David E, Withrow Patricia G. Wood William Timothy Wood John Kevin Wortman Issa C. Yachov James Mason Young 188 Records Nursing Graduates Grayson, Teresa Gwyn, Sharon Hilton, Debbie Mabry, Ginny Martin, Sidney Meacham, Brenda Rockett, Nancy Russell, Cindy Smith. Jamarica Smith, Kathy Splawn, Margaret Wright, Beth Records 189 Seniors 190 Records Donald Steve Adams English George Adams Physical Education James Benjamin Adams Data Processmg David Frazier Aiken History Stanley Albright General Science Phillip Ray Annas Religion Michael Aaron Anthony Physical Education Richard Allen Ard Physical Education Eugenia Aughtry Elementary Education Vardaman Wilson Banks Data Processing Walter Lawrence Barbare Business Administration Vickie Lee Barrett Religion Joseph Jackson Beam Social Science Joe Beckwfith Data Processing Warren Bedford Physical Education Carl Lee Biggerstaff Psychology Michael Biggerstaff Business Administration Gary Lee Blackwell Physical Education Roger Blanchard Physical Education Robert Blanks Intermediate Education Records 191 Seniors Alyce Greene Blanton Social Science En«ln Bohlen. Jr. Physical Education Terry Varner Boney Dafa Processing Thomas Bouknight Physical Education Roger Bower Business Administration Robert Gary Boyles Psychology Eileen Brabson Psychology Terry Brewer Physical Education Michael Ray Bridges History Edmund Milnor Brown Psychology Marsha Brown Elementary Education Henry Perry Bryant. Jr. Sociology James Buchanan History David Quinn Bumgardner History Patsy Anne Bumgarner Religious Education Charles Burnham Biology James Burns Business Administration Larry William Burris Physical Education Janet Elaine Butler Business Administration Jo Lavonne Butler Physical Education 192 Records Harold Taylor Butts, Jr. Business Administration LaVerne Polk Butts Business Susan Marquitta Byers French John William Byrd Business Administration Eric Andrew Caldwell Business Administration Sue Camp Business Education Stephen Campbell Social Science Mel Campos Biblical Languages Ronald Canipe Business Administration Sandra Gaye Cannon Education Raymond Henderson Carroll. Jr. Social Science David William Champion English Gary McGill Chandler Data Processing John Chandler Business Administration William Irvin Chason Business Administration Joyce Childers Elementary Education Vicki Kaye Childers Elementary Education Betty Elaine Clayton English Lewis Warren Clayton History Ann Cline Physical Education Records 193 Seniors James Lamar Cllne. Jr. Psychology Patsy Eloise Clyburn Elementary Education Stephen Edward Colvard History Steven Reid Cone Theater Arts John Douglas Conner History Linnie Suzanne Connor Theater Arts Sebastian Cooke Data Processing Darryl Edward Corley Biology William Jefferson Cranford Biblical Languages Sharon Lee Crawford Physical Education Richard Crenshaw Business Administration Robert Frank Dalton Biology lyiicheal Johnathan Darby Psychology Katherine Ann Daves Psychology Hardin Davis Physical Education Raymond Lester Davis Physical Education Sheron Davis Biblical Languages Spencer Wayne Davis Psychology Janet Lee Dellinger Education Sarah Lynn Dellinger History 194 Records Faye B. Denning English Dennis John DeSanctis Physical Education Douglas S. Dickerson Social Science Steven McCraw Dickson Business Administration Barry A. Dodson Music Leon D. Poster Business Administration Carolyn Lewis Duncan French Danny M. Earley Mathematics Margaret P. Edwards Elementary Education Edward H. Ellenburg History Frances Elizabeth Elliott Psychology Harold Carlton Elliott, Jr. Physical Education Janet Costner Elliott Data Processing Julia S. Ellis Business Education Margaret Alice Ellis Intermediate Education Steven L. Fink Religion Harry Woodrow Fish Physical Education Dennis Grayson Fisher Physical Education Mary Cathryn Foster Elementary Education Arch Forrest Fowler Business Administration Records 195 Seniors Cilia M. Fox Elementary Education Henry Jackson Freeman Business Administration Mary Beth Freeze Elementary Education John M. Frogge Business Administration Thomas Ray Frye Business Administration Debbie Elaine Gantt Biology Carrol F. Garrett Religion David W. Gettys Business Administration Willie HigginsGilfillan Liberal Arts Robert B. Gill Business Administration Linda Gail Gillespie Social Science Rita Jane Glenn Social Science John Thomas Godfrey Religion Merwin D. Godfrey Physical Education Vickie Lynn Gordon English Gary Ray Graham Social Science John Phillip Graham Psychology Charlsie Anne Griffin English - Religion Arthur Wade Grindstaff General Science Edwina K. Grossman Elementary Education 196 Records Samuel C. Guffey English Graham Larry Guy Business Dennis Wayne Hames Business Administration Carl W. Hamm Business Administration William Michael Hamrick Business Administration Carol Ray Hannon Physical Education Forney B. Happoldt History Karen L. Hardin English Bruce M. Harris Physical Education David Lester Hart Physical Education Thomas Edward Hatfield History Marsha Gurley Hayes English Martha Vada Haynes Education Charles Ray Heauner Physical Education Gall Pearson Henderson Elementary Education Michael R. Hendrick General Science Robert G. Hendrix Business Administration Bryan Carroll Hensley Business Administration James Michael Hensley Religious Education Sherry Ann High Elementary Education Records 197 Seniors Broadus Manly Hocutt Mathematics Johnny B. Hoey English Walter Hugh Homesley Data Processing William Marion Honeycutt Religion Patricia J. Hooper Intermediate Education Phillip David Hopkins Physical Education Cynthia R. Horner Intermediate Education Kathryn Elaine Howard Elementary Education Amanda Freeman Howell Physical Education William Leroy Howell Physical Education Paul Ernest Huff, Jr. Spanish Robert L. Hunt Data Processing Teresa C. Jackson Early Childhood Education Joel Perritte Jenkins Psychology Vicky Elaine Jenkins Education Isaac Wade Johnson Business Administration Jay B. Johnson Sociology Linda Jean Johnson Sociology Brenda Kay Jones Psychology Claude Gerald Jones Biology 198 Records Gladys Jones Jones Earley Childhood Education Henry Lee Jones Physical Education Jack Clayton Jones Religion - Biblical Languages Willie Anderson Jones Data Processing John A. Jordon Data Processing Stephen Charles Kale Business Administration Joseph R. Kirby Business Administration Thomas J. Kirk Physical Education Phillip W. Kirkland Social Science Terry Eugene Knight Business Administration David Allen Kuykendall Social Science Stephen Lackey Social Science Patricia Lee Lambert Elementary Education Oscar Lejune Lard Business Administration Charlie Larry LeCroy Physical Education Barbara Virginia Ledford Elementary Education Yvonne Vera Lemaster Biology Sara Cynthia Lemmons Earley Childhood Education James David Lindsey Religion Robert Bryant Livingston Religion - Biblical Languages Records 199 Seniors Joan C, Lloyd Mathematics James Hubert Logan Physical Education Roger Harold Logan Business Administration Charles David Loggins Physical Education Richard D. Lowe Social Science Aundra S. Maddox Liberal Arts Willie Adophus Maddox Business Nancy L. MaGIII Religious Education James B. Martin Physical Education Health James Wyatt Martin History Richard V. Martin Religion Elizabeth S. Mathis Education James Daniel Mathis Physical Education Alan H. Mayhew Business Administration James Buerl McCraw Physical Education James MacDonald Social Science Joel W. McKinney Business Administration Paul Vernon McManus Music Education Jacqueline Margaret McSwain English Janice Lynn McWhirter Psychology 200 Records Samuel M. Miller Psychology Sharon Lynn Mingoia Elementary Education James Michael Minnix Physical Education Steven Flake Moffit Physical Education Larry Franklin Moody Data Processing William Henry Moore General Science John Victor Morris Religious Education James Edward Morrison Business Administration Judith H. Morrison Music Education Milton Fredrick Mullinx History William S. Murphy Theater Arts Oscar F. Myers Religion Robert Harold Nabors Business Administration William Edwin Neal, Jr. Business Administration Chester Lamar Melton Mathematics Kenneth R. Noe Physical Education Fagg B. Nowlan, Jr. Psychology James David Owens Business Administration Charles Norman Page Psychology Johnny David Parker History Records 201 Seniors William Thomas Parlter III Social Science Everett Glenn Parks Social Science Michael Eugene Patterson Data Processing Thomas Ladson Peek Business Administration Keys S. Pendleton Psychology James Carlton Perry II Business Administration John Fredrick Pettus History Sarah Louis Petty English John Edwin Phillips Business Steven Perry Phillips Biology Zack E. Phillips Business David Pinto Chemistry Welbert M. Pope Social Science Joseph Eugene Powell Business Management Carolyn Jean Powers Physical Education Bonnie Roberts Price English Jonathan David Pugh Psychology Clifford E- Ramsey Psychology Katharine Louise Ramsey Intermediate Education William M. Ramsey History 202 Records Linda Carol Raney Education Richard Dion Rankin Psychology Sue H. Rash Intermediate Education Barbara Hlx Rhodes Intermediate Education William Erwin Rhymer History Dennis Rene Rickman Data Processing Charles Raymond Ringer Data Processing Daniel Edward Ritchie Business Administration Margie Ussery RItter Intermediate Education Luther Ross Business Administration Ronald Kelly Rudlslll Physical Education Marybeth J. Ruppe Elementary Education Sandra Lee Russ Education Nelta F. Sain History Ronnie Brack Sams Religion Bernle P. Sanders Business Administration Jill Reld Sanders Sociology Carolyn T. Santanella English Richard E. Schultz Business Meredith Joe Scruggs Physical Education Records 203 Seniors Larry Boyd Sechrlst Physical Education Richard Garland Sherrill Physical Education Carson Michael Shook Religion Cindy Ghaney Shull Elementary Education Mary Ann Sims Biology Malcom Lee Singleton Physical Education Larry Guy Sisk Bert Calvin Smith Social Science Judy Smith Elementary Education Martha Anne Smith Social Studies Michael Steven Smith History Thomas Wayne Smith Psychology Nancy Lynn Spangler Elementary Education Wingate Bryar Spivey Social Science Michael Eugene Stamey Business Administration Alan Dale Stephens Physical Education George Calvin Surratt Business Administration Phillip James Swanson History Gaynell Taylor Intermediate Education Lee Teeter Business 204 Records Richard Thomas Physical Education Belinda Ann Thompson Music Eloise Fagan Thompson Elementary Education G. Kaye Thompson Psychology Robert Lee Thompson Physical Education Robert William Thompson Social Science John D. Townsend Business Administration Lonny L. Turbeville Physical Education Gail Elizabeth Turner Sociology James Nelson Turner Psychology Martha Ann Turner Education Michael Charles Tysinger Psychology Gerry J. Vaillancourt Physical Education Cecil Ray VanDyke Business Geneal D. Wade Elementary Education Hugh L. Walker Business Administration Jimmy Jack Walker Physical Education Monty Dean Walker History Danny Mitchell Wall Data Processing Barbara G. Wallwork Intermediate Education Records 205 Seniors William Richard Ward English Earl Waters Social Science Glenn Roger Watkins Mathematics William Watson History James Thomas Way Physical Education Terry Wayne Weavil History Debra Rogers Webb Elementary Education Kenneth Gerald Webb Business Administration Joel Wesson Business Austin Whaley Business Admmistration Mary Amanda Whitaker Physical Education Ovid Alton White Data Processing Gary Michael Wiley Physical Education Richard Douglas Wilkins Education Kenneth Lee Williams Business Marion Edward Williams Data Processing Quay Williford Social Science Donald Willis Biblical Language Ronnie Willman Psychology Charles Wilson Mathematics 206 Records James Robert Wilson Psychology Philip Regan Wilson Data Processing Steve Wilson Business Administration Susan Josephine Wilson Music Education Samuel Wells Wimberly Business Administration Daniel Earl Wood Physical Education Larry Wayne Wood Psychology Alan Dale Woods Biology Gary Wray Wortman History John Wright Physical Education Benny Yarbrough Psychology Dorsey Yonce Business Administration Shirley Annette Young Religious Education John Yurecsko Business Administration Ron Zedick Theatre Arts Records 207 Senior Directory Adams, Donald S., 806 6th Ave. S.W., Conover, N.C.; Ensemble 1.2. Adams, Jr., James B., 245 Piney Mtn. Rd.. Greenville, S.C; Golf 1.2,3,4. Aiken, David F., 503 Tuttlewood Drive. Kannapolis. N.C. Albright. Jr., Stanley V., 7 W. Main Blvd.. Timonium, Maryland. Annas, Phillip R., Grandview St., Granite Falls, S.C; Ministers Conf. 1,2,3,4. Aughtry, A. Eugenia. Morse St., Whitmire, S.C. Barbare, Walter L., Rt, 4, Travelers Rest, S.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3,4, Pres. Day Stu- dents 4. Barrett. Vickie L., Rt. 1, Box 105, Sea- board, N.C: BSU 4; Dorm Officer 1; FOCUS 2; WAB 1; YWA ' s 2. Beam, Joseph J.. Rt. 6, Box 193, Shelby N.C. Beckwith, Joe M.. 34 Clemson Dr., Aiken, S.C: BSU 1.2,3; FOCUS 1,2,3. Bedford, Warren R., 102 E. Jefferies St.. Gaffney, S.C: Future Teachers Club 4; Physical Ed. Club 4. Blanchard, Roger C, 502 Florham Dr., High Point, N.C. Blackwell, Gary L., Rt. 2, Box 101; Football 1,2,3,4; Physical Ed Club 3,4. Blanton, Alyce G., Box 256, Boiling Springs, N.C; Phi Theta Kappa 3. Bohlen, Jr., Erwin. 22 Charlotte Street, Charleston, S.C: Physical Ed. Club 3.4; Science Club 1. Brabson, Eileen A.. Box 1, Monmouth Junc- tion, New Jersey; Anchor Staff 3,4. Brown. Edmund M., 249 Sandhurst Rd., Columbia, S.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3; Anchor Staff 1,3; Pilot Staff 2,3; Anchor Editor 3. Bryant, Henry P., 10 Balentine Drive, Greenville, S..C.; Brush Scroll 2,3; Ciruna Club 2; Dorm Officer 2. Buchanan, James W.. 965 23rd Ave.. N.E., Hickory. N.C. Bumgardner, David 0., Rt. 1, Fairview Dr., Gastonia, N.C Bumgarner, Patsy A., Rt. 1, Box 47, Kan- napolis, N.C; B.SU. 1. Ciruna Club 2, Col- lege Choir 1,2,3, FOCUS 1,2. Pilot Staff 3.4, Religious Ed. Club Burns. Jr., James T., 222 Cannon St., Georgetown, S.C Butler, Janet E,, Rt. 1, Box 225, Travelers Rest, S.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3. Butler, Jo L., Rt. 1 Box 442. Forest City, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4, Physical Ed. Club 2,3,4. Butts, Jr., Harold T., Rt. 1, Lillington. N.C Butts. LaVerne P., P.O. Box 266. Boiling Springs. N.C. Byers, Susan M., Rt. 1 Box 495, Forest City, N.C; Sigma Pi Alpha 2.3,4, Byrd, John W., 516 Belmont Rd., Belmont, N.C; Dorm Officer 2,3, F.C.A. 3.4. Football 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, S.G.A. 2.3. Caldwell. Eric A., 826 South College Ave.. Newton. N.C.; Football 3.4. Campbell. Stephen C, Rt. 7, Greer, S.C; Track 3. Cannon, Sandra G., Rt. 3 Box 353, Greer, S.C. Carroll, Jr., Raymond H.. Rt. 1, Providence, N.C. Causby. Mary I., 426 S. Ridge St., Dallas. N.C; B.SU. 4, College Choir 2, FOCUS 2. Pep Club 1, Religious Education Club 2, YWA ' s2. Chandler. Gary M., Rt. 3 Box 138. Simpson- ville, S.C Chandler, John B., Rt. 1, Hickory Grove, S.C; MAC 3,4, SGA 3,4, Head Resident 3,4, Executive Committee 4. Chason, William I., Rt. 2, Sharon, S.C Childers, Joyce G., 164 11th St., N.E.. Tay- lorsville. N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1.2,3,4, College Choir 1, Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4. Childers, Vicki K., Rt. 1, Box 46. Gaffney, S.C; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4, Clayton, Betty E., Route 6, Greer, S.C. Cline, Ann H.. Route 2, Box 43, Lincolnton, N.C; Pep Club 2.3.4. Physical Ed. Club 3.4. Cheerleader 3,4. Clyburn, Patsy E., Rt. 5, Box 1, Rutherford- ton, N.C Colvard. Stephen E.. 2705 Fairlawn Dr., Durham, N.C. Cone. S. Reid, 511 Loander St., Shelby, N.C; Delta Psi Omega 1,2, Alpha Psi Omega 3,4. Conner, John D., 1318 Riverside Dr. Apts.. Wilmington, Dela.; Future Teachers 2. Connor, Suzanne L., 916 Parkwood, Shelby. N.C; Ciruna 2,3, Delta Psi Omega 3,4, Lit- erary Magazine 2. Cooke, Sebastian T., Route 9, Box 130. Salisbury, N.C; Dean ' s List 3. Corley, Darryl E.. 35 Wilfred Dr.. Lexington, N.C; Football 3,4. Cox, Jr., Owen L., 783 First Ave.. Box KK, Saltville. Va.; P.E. Club 3,4. Cranford, William J., 2015 Woodtop Ct., Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2,3,4. B.SU. 1,2,3, Ciruna 2, Classical Lang. 3,4, FOCUS 2,3, Ministers Conf. 1,2,3,4, Reli- gious Ed. Club 2,3,4, S.G.A. 4. Crawford, Sharon L.. 2715 Landon Dr., Chalfonte, Wilmington, Dela.; ANCHOR 3,4, F.T.A. 4. P.E. Club 3,4. Dalton, Robert E., 510 N. Myrtle Sch. Rd., Apt. 15, Gastonia, N.C. Darby. Michael J.. 401 W. Davidson, Gas- tonia, N.C; B.S.U. 4, FOCUS 4, Minister ' s Conf. 2. Daves, Katherine A., 1609 W. Dixon Blvd., Shelby. N.C, Alpha Delta Sigma 2,3,4, Al- pha Nu Omega 4, Dorm Officer 3,4, Pilot Staff 4. Davis, Hardin, Rt. 2, Box 201-A. Cherryville, N.C; College Choir 1. Football 1,2,3, Phys- ical Ed. Club 1,2,3. Davis, Raymond L., Rt. 3, Box 171, Lansing, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2.3. Anchor Staff 3, Basketball 2,3, Dorm Officer 4, Football 2,3, Future Teachers Club 4, M.A.C 2, Physical Ed. Club 3,4. Davis, Sheron M,, Rt. 5, Box 680-B, Gaff- ney, S.C; Classical Lang. 1. Ministers Conf. 1. Dellinger, Janet L., Rt. 2, Box 177-A, Shel- by, N.C; College Choir 1, Future Teachers Club 1 ,2,3,4, Methodist Stdt. Mvt, 1 . Dellinger, Sarah L., 804 Littlejohn St., Gastonia, N.C Denning. Faye B,. Rt. 5, Rutherfordton. N.C; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4. Desanctis, Dennis J., 40 Kivo Blvd.. Tren- ton, N.J.; Basketball 3,4, Physical Ed. Club 3,4. Dickerson, Douglas S., 133 Rockwood Dr., Greenville, S.C Dickerson, Steven M., 32 John Street, Gaff- ney, S.C; Phi Beta Lambda 2,4. Doster. Leon D.. 1818 Euclid Ave., Char- lotte. N.C. Earley. Danny M.. Rt, 3, Box 10-C, Ruther- fordton, N.C. Ellenburg, Ed H., 110 Holly St., Winnsboro, S.C; Baseball 2, Football 1. Elliot, Frances E., Rt. 3. Lawndale, N.C. Elliot, Harold C, 4312 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N.C; Anchor Staff 3,4, F.C.A. 1, M.A.C. 1.2, Monogram Club 1,2, Physical Ed. Club 3,4, Football 1,2. Findley, James D.. 2428 Shaw Ave.. Gas- tonia, N.C. Fink. Steven L., Rt. 10, Box 136, Salisbury. N.C; B.SU. 2,3,4, College Choir 2,3,4, FOCUS 2,3,4, Methodist Stdt. Mvt. 2,3,4, Religious Ed. Club 3,4. Fish, Jr., Harry W., Rt. 1, Box 85. Canton, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2. Dorm Officer 2. Football 1,2,3,4, M.A.C 2, Physical Ed. Club 1,2,3,4, Track 3,4. 208 Records Foster, Mary C. Rt. 1. Wilkesboro. N.C.; Anchor Staff 2, Future Teacfiers Club 4. Fowler, Arcti F., 209 Tyson Ave., Bennetts- ville, S.C; Pill Beta Lambda 2. Freeman, Henry J., Rt. 4, Box 368, Greens- boro, N.C. Frogge, Jotin M., 1009 Leander St., Shelby, N.C; Science Club 1. Gailman, Harold W., 200 Laurel St., Gaff- ney, S.C. Gantt, Deborah E., (vlimosa Hills Drive, Morganton, N.C; Anchor Staff 1,2. Gettys, David W., Route 1. Ellenboro, N.C. Gilfillan, Willie H,, Box 386, Boiling Springs, N.C; College Choir 1,3,4. Gill, Robert B.. 2003 Yost Ave., Salisbury, N.C. Gillespie, Linda G., 113 Pumpkintown Hwy., Pickens, S.C; Anchor Staff 4. Glenn. Rita J., Route 3, Lawndale. N.C Gordon, Vickie L., Route 6, Box 93, Shelby, N.C; B.S.U. 4, College Choir 1, Sigma Tau Delta 3,4. Graham, Gary R., 1030 North Jackson St., Salisbury, N.C.; Ciruna Club 2,3, Dorm Of- ficer 3. Graham, John P., Rt. 1, Box 185, Rockwell, N.C. Greene, Lui K., 313 Hart St., Union, S.C; College Choir 4. Griffin, Charlsie A., 322 Avalon Rd. N.W., Winston-Salem, N.C; Brush Scroll 2,3, Delta Psi Omega 3.4, tvlethodist Std. tvlft. Sigma Tau Delta 4. Grindstaff, Authur W., 305 Big Springs Ave., Forest City, N.C; Science Club 1.4. Guffey. Samuel C, Rt. 3, Box 387, Forest City, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 2, Alpha Nu Omega 3, Basketball 2, Future Teachers Club 4, t .A.C 3, Track 1, Gurratt, George C, P.O. Box 368, Boiling Springs, N.C; tvlonogram Club 2, Track 4. Guy, Grahan L., Box 572, Walkertown, N.C; College Choir 1.2.3,4, FOCUS Business Club 3,4. Hamrick, Jack T., Rt. 2. ftflooresboro. N.C.; Science Club 1.2. Hamrick. William fvl., Rt. 2, Box 302-B, Shelby. N.C Hannon, Carol R.. 310 Palmer St.. Greer. S.C; Football; tvlonogram Club 1.2.3,4; Physical Ed. Club 1,2,3,4. Happolt, Forney B., 822 Vine Arden, Mor- ganton, N.C. Hardin, L. K., Rt. 6, Box 542, Shelby, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1,2,3,4; Alpha Nu Omega 4; Literary Magazine 3,4; Vice President S.G.A. 4; Editor Literary Maga- zine 3; Secretary Modern Language Club Harris. Bruce M.. Route 3. Box 670-H. Shelby. N.C: Football 1,2; Physical Ed. Club 1,2,3,4. Hatfield, Thomas E., 6900 Folger Drive, Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3; Dorm Officer 3; Track 3. Hayes. Marsha G., 200 West Main St., Cherryviile, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4. Haynes, Martha V., Box 11, Cliffside, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 2,3,4; S.E.A. 2,3,4. Heavner, Charles R., Rt. 3, Box 280, Vale N.C; Physical Ed. Club 3,4. Hendrick, Michael R.. 428 E. Suttle St., Shelby , N.C; Science Club 4; Band 1,2. Hendrix, Robert G., Rt. 1, Tobaccoville, N.C; Dorm Officer 3; Business 3,4. Hensley, Bryan C. Post Office Box 99, Boiling Springs, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. Hensley, James M., 3605 Colonial Lane, Rocky Mount, N.C; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Religious Ed. Club 3,4; Roteract 4. Hendren, Sidney, Rt. 7, Box 530-G, Char- lotte, N.C High, Sherry A., 1506 McCormick Ave., Gastonia, N.C Hocutt, Broadus M., 201 N. Rowan Ave., Spencer, N.C.; Alpha Delta Sigma 3, 4; Ciruna Club 2,3,4. Hoey, Johnny B., Rt. 4, Shelby, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4; Literary Magazine 3,4; Pilot Staff 4. Honeycutt, William M.. 500 W. Robinson St.. Gaffney, S.C; Ministers Conf. 3,4. Hopkins, Phillip D., 20 Lebby St., Pelzer, S.C; Anchor Staff 2; Physical Ed. Club 3,4; Roteract 1,2. Horner, Cynthia R., 6114 Rose Valley Dr., Charlotte, N.C.; Future Teachers Club 2; Pep Club 1,2. Howard, Kathy E., 108 Fernwood Lane, Greenville, S.C. Howell, Amanda F., 6201 Deliah Lane, Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 1; F.C.A. 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Physical Ed. Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3. Howell, William L., 3225 Kingfisher Dr., Decatur, Ga.; F.C.A. 2.3; Football; Monogram Club; Physical Ed. Club 3.4; Track 1.2. Huff. Jr.. Paul E., 423 Miles Rd.. Shelby. N.C; Future Teachers Club 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 3.4. Hunt. Robert L.. Route 2. Box 234-A. Shel- by. N.C; Pilot Staff 3. Jackson, Teresa C, Route 1, Alexander, N.C; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4; College Choir 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 1,2,3,4; Ministers Conf. 1,2,3,4; Religious Ed. Club 3,4; BYW, President, 1,2,3.4. Jenkins, Jr., Joel P., Box 557, Boiling Springs, N.C; Baseball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Pilot Staff 2. Jenkins, Vicky E., Route 1, Box 232-A, Dallas, N.C Jones, Brenda Kay, P.O. Box 398, Taylors. S.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 4; WAB 3,4. Sec- retary, President. Jones, Claude G., 201 Stewart St., Green- ville, S.C Jones, Gladys J., 302 Fulton Drive, Kings Mountain, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4. Jones, Jack C, 1612 Pecan Ave., Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1,2,3,4; Alpha Nu Omega 4; B.S.U. 1.2,3,4; Classical Lang. 4; Ministers Conf. 1,2,3,4. Johnson, Jay B., 1645 Sterling Rd., Char- lotte, N.C. Johnson, Linda J., 611 Gantt St., Kings Mountain, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Y.W.A. ' s 1,2,3,4. Jones. Willie A.. Box 318. Boiling Springs, N.C; Football 1; Pep Club Jordan. John A., 235 Brian St., Spartan- burg, S.C; Tennis 1,2. Kale, Stephen C, P.O. Box 521, Boiling Springs, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4; Day Students, V. P. Kershaw, Robert L., 4904 Virginia Ave.. Harrisburg. Pa.; Business Club 4. Kirby. Jr.. Joseph R.. Rt. 1. Scranton. S.C: Phi Beta Lambda 3.4. Kirk. Thomas J.. 2734 Stetson Lane. Lex- ington. Kentucky; Football 3.4; Monogram Club 3.4; Physical Ed. Club 3.4; Track 3.4. Kirkland. Phillip W.. 2208 Wilson St.. Dur- ham, N.C Kittredge, Zay J.. 505 W. Warren St., Apt. 1-A, Shelby, N.C Knight, Terry E., 15 Stowe St., Lowell, N.C; Ciruna Club 2,3.4; Dorm Officer 1; Pep Club 2.3; Phi Beta Lambda 4; Pilot Staff Kuykendall, David A.; P.O. Box 1006, Hen- dersonville, N.C. Lambert, Patricia L., P.O. Box 408, Boiling Springs, N.C; College Choir 1. Lecroy, Larry C, 114 Columbia Street, Greenwood, S.C; Baseball 4, Monogram Club 2; Physical Ed. Club 2. Ledford. Barbara V., Rt. 2, Box 151, Hayes- ville, N.C.; Brush Scroll 4; Future Teach- ers Club 4. Lemaster, Yvonne V., 2230 Kern Street, Charlotte, N.C; College Choir 2. Lemmons, Sara C, 724 W. Smith Street, Gaffney, S.C; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 4; B.Y.W. 1,2,3,4. Records 209 I Livingston, Robert B., Rt. 1. Box 248, Boomer, N.C.; B.S.U. 3,4, Classical Lang. 4; FOCUS 3.4; Ministers Conf. 1,2,3,4; S.G.A. 4. Lloyd, Hoan C 224 North Yadkin Ave., Spencer, N.C. Logan, Jim H., Rt. 3, Box 670-F, Stielby, N.C; Physical Ed. Club 4. Logan, Roger H., P.O. Box 367, Boiling Springs, N.C. Loggins, Charles D., 515 South First, Eas- ley, S.C: Physical Ed. Club 3,4. Lowe, Richard D., 1310 E. Poinsett St., Greer, S.C. McGraw, James B., Rt. 2, Gaffney, S.C: Physical Ed. Club 4. McSwain, Jacqueline M., Rt. 3, Apt. P Shelby, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1,2,3,4 Anchor Staff 1; Future Teachers Club 4 Sigma Tau Delta 3,4. McWhirtey, Janice L., 2023 Wilhelmina Ave., Charlotte, N.C. Maddox, Aundra S., Rt. 2, Box 300, Shelby, N.C. Maddox, Willie A., Rt. 2. Box 300, Shelby, N.C. Magill, Nancy L., Box 5, Boiling Springs, N.C; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4; College Choir 2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Religious Ed. Club 1,2,3,4. Martin, James B., Box 107, Rutherfordton, N.C Martin, James W., P.O. Box 56, Lattimore, N.C; Sigma Pi Alpha 3,4. Mathis, Elizabeth S., Rt. 4, Gaffney, S.C. Mathis, James D., Rt. 1, Cycle, N.C; Future Teachers Club 2,3,4; Physical Ed. Club 4. Mayhew, Alan H., P.O. Box 385, Moores- ville, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. Melton, Chester L., Rt. 1; Box 264-N, Forest City, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4; Roter- act 3,4. Miller. Sam M., P.O. Box 942, Boiling Springs, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 1; Dorm Officer 1; S.G.A. 1,2; Head Resident 1; Pres. Freshman Class 1 . Mingoia. Sharon L., 25 Roger Rd.. Edison. N.J.; College Choir 1.2. Minnix. James M., Rt. 1, Shelby. N.C; Al- pha Nu Omega 4; Classical Lang. 3.4; Ministers Conf. Mize. Roscoe S.. 1323 4th Street. States- ville. N.C; College Choir 1. Moffitt. Steven F.. 1 Oak Street. Boiling Springs. N.C; Future Teachers Club 4; Gymnastics 4. Moore, Jr.. William H.. 1618 Lumarka Drive. Charlotte, N.C; Roteract 1. Moss, Lynn G., 1405 Wesson Road, Shelby, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 4. 210 Records Mullinay, Milton F,, Rt. 1, Greer, S.C. Murphy, William S., 112 Blowing Rock Road, Boone, N.C; Delta Psi Omega 3.4, Nabors. Robert H., 123 Henry St.. Abbe- ville. S.C Neal, Jr.. William E., Rt. 1. Darrow Rd.. Walkertown. N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3.4. Noe. Kenneth R., 32 Holmes Drive. Green- ville. S.C; Baseball 1,2,3.4; Anchor Staff 2; Classical Language 4; College Choir 1; Dorm Officer 1; Monogram Club; Physical Ed, Club, Nowlan. Jr.. Fagg B.. Box 458. Pleasant Garden. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3.4; Anchor Staff 3.4; Methodist Student Mvt. 1; SGA President 3.4; Alpha Nu Omega President 3.4; SGA 3.4. Pace. Tommy L,, Rt. 8. Box 359. Shelby. N.C; Physical Ed. Club 4. Page. Charles N.. 211 Maple Apt. 301-A. Rutherfordton. N.C Parker. Johnny D.. Route 1. Connelly Springs. N.C. Parker. (Mrs.) Margaret P., Route 1. Box 459-J, Marion. N.C Parker. Ill, William T., 3609 The Plaza, Charlotte. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4; Anchor Staff Editor 3.4; Roteract 4. Patterson, Michael E., Rt, 8, Box 491, Gaff- ney, S.C. Pendleton, Keys S., Route 2, Shelby, N.C; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4. Perry, James C, 115 Cureton St., Green- ville, S.C; Dorm Officer 2. Pettus, John F., 404 Oakdale St., Gastonia, N.C; FOCUS 3; Future Teachers Club 4. Petty, Sarah L., Rt. 4, Chesnee, S.C; Future Teachers Club 4. Phillips, Zack E., 22 Corbin Dr., Newport News, Va. Pinto. David. P.O. Box 321, Boiling Springs. N.C Pope. Welbert M., P.O. Box 53, Turkey, N.C.; Future Teachers Club 4, Powell, Joseph E., 2400 York Rd., Burling- ton, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 2,3,4. Powers, Carolyn J., 172 Wisconsin Ave., Elkin, N.C; Anchor Staff 3.4; F.CA. 2.3.4; Pep Club; Physical Ed. Club 2.3.4. Price. Bonnie R., P.O. Box 556, Boiling Springs, N.C; Sigma Phi Alpha 3,4; Y.W.A ' s 1,2. Pugh, Jonathan D., P.O. Box 218, Anson- ville. N.C; Dorm Officer 2,3; M.A.C 2,3; Science Club 2; Track 1. Raney, Linda C, Rt. 9, Box 423, Morgan- ton, N.C; Dorm Officer 1; Future Teachers Club 4; Pep Club 2. Ramsey, Katherine L,, Rt. 2, Box 103, Gaff- ney. S.C; B.S.U. 2; College Choir 1.2; FOCUS 2; Future Teachers Club 4. Ramsey. William M.. Box 331. Old Fort. N.C; Future Teachers Club 4; Track 1. Rhodes. Barbara H„ 110 Chandler, Gaffney, S.C; Future Teachers Club 4. Rhymer, Willia m E., 735 South Broadway, Forest City, N.C; Golf 4. Rickman, Dennis R., Rt. 3, Fairmont Road, Candler. N.C, Ringer. Charles R.. Rt. 2. Pomaria, S.C. Ritchie, Daniel E., 1423 Park Ave., Salis- bury. N.C; Ciruna Club 1; Football 1; Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. Russ, Sandra L., 5111 Circle Dr., Suburban Acres, Shelby, N.C; Pep Club 1, Sain, Nelta F., Route 2, Vale, N.C, Sams, Ronnie B., 616 Piedmont St.. Bristol. Va.; B.S.U. 4; College Choir 1; FOCUS 3; Ministers Conf. 4; Pilot Staff 2. Sanders. Jill R.. 2010 W. Club Blvd.. Dur- ham. N.C; B.S.U. 1,2.3,4; Dorm Officer 3, FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Y.W.A. ' s 1,2,3. Santanella, Carolyn T., P.O. Box 138. Boil- ing Springs. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4 Brush and Scroll 2.3; College Choir 1 Dorm Officer 2; Literary Magazine Pep Club 2; Pilot Staff 2; Editor Literary Magazine 3,4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4. Sechrist, Larry B., 12799 S.W. 16th St., Miami, Fla.; Football 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Physical Education Club 3,4; Track 2. Sherrill, Richard G., P.O. Box 35, Parkton N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4 F.CA. 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4 Future Teachers Club 4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Physical Education Club 3,4; S.G.A. 4. Shook, Micheal C, Route 1, Box 85, Union Mills, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3,4; B.S.U. 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; Ministers Conf. 1,2,3,4; Religious Ed. Club 4. Shull, Cindy C, 417 Gardner Street, Shel- by, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4. Sims, Mary A., Hwy. 18, Fallston, N.C; Ciruna Club 1 ; Future Teachers Club 4, Singleton, Malcom L., 930 Harvey Rd., Greer, S.C; Football 4, Future Teachers Club 4; Monogram Club 4; Physical Ed. Club 4; Tennis 4. Smith. Bert C, 24 Chesterfield Court, Kings Mt., N.C; College Choir 1,2,3; Football 1.2,3; Peace Singer 1.2,3,4, Smith, Judy G., Route 1, Box 38, Shelby, N.C; College Choir 1.2.3; Future Teachers Club 4; Literary Magazine 3; Pilot Staff 3; Peace Singer 1.2.3,4. Smith. Martha A.. 220 S. Johnson St.. Gaff- ney. S.C; Y.W.A. ' s 1, Smith. Wayne T.. Box 232. Cliffside. N.C; Pep Club 1.2; Pep Band 1.2. t 1 Spivey. Jr.. Wingate B.. Route 1, Box 689, A.B., Columbia. S.C Swanson. Phillip J., 708 W. Warren, Shel- by, N.C; FOCUS 3,4; Ministers Conf, 3.4; Pilot Staff 3.4. Teeter. Lee J.. 1618 6th St. N.W.. Hickory. N.C. Thompson. Belinda A.. PC. Box 561. Tryon. N.C; B.S.U. 3; FOCUS 3; Y.W.A. 3. Pep Band 3. Thompson. Eloise F.. Box 635. Henrietta. N.C. Thompson. Robert L.. 116 Susan Dr., N la- bleton. Ga.; Football 3.4. Thompson. Robert W.. 204 Salem St.. Thomasville. N.C; Anchor Staff 4; Roteract 3.4. Turner. Gail E.. Rt. 1. Box 406. Gastonia. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4; B.S.U. 1.2.3,4; FOCUS 1,2,3,4; W.A.B. 4; Y.W.A. 1.2.3. Turner, twiartha A.. Rt. 2. Landrum. S.C; Future Teachers Club 2. Wallwork. Barbara G.. 6201 Springfield Dr.. Charlotte. N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma; Future Teachers Club 4; Homecoming Sponsor 1. Ward, William R.. 56 Oakmont Dr.. Canton. N.C; College Choir 1. Walker. Jimmy J.. 230 Caroling Ave.. Forest City. N.C; Physical Ed. Club 2.3.4, Walker, tulonty D.. Box 186. Lattimore. N C. Watkins. Glenn R.. Rt, 1. Bostic. N.C; Fu- ture Teachers Club 4. Watson. William E.. Rt. 3. Box 270. Forest City. N.C; Future Teachers Club 4. Way. James T,. P.O. Box 327. Boiling Springs. N.C; Football 3.4; Physical Ed. Club3.4;S.G.A. 3.4. Webb. Debra R., Rt. 8. Shelby. N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma; College Choir 1; Fu- ture Teachers Club 2.3.4. Webb. Kenneth G., Rt. 1. Box 548, New London. N.C; B.S.U. 1,2.3.4; Ciruna Club 2; College Choir 2; Phi Beta Lambda 2.3.4. Wesson. Joel R.. Rt. 2. Shelby. N.C Whaley, Austin L.. 4119 Glenstar Terrace. Charlotte. N.C White. Ovid A.. Rt. 1, Box 91. Shelby. N.C; College Choir 4; Football 4; Track 3. Williams. Kenneth L.. 222 West Rd.. Greer. S.C Williams. Ivlarion E.. 100 Summit Dr.. Greer. S.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 2.3.4, Wilkins. Richard D.. 904 Florence St.. Gaff- ney. S.C; Future Teachers Club 1. Willis. Donald. Route 2. Bostic. N.C; Minis- ters Conf. Wilson. Susan J.. Rt. 5. Box 71. Shelby. N.C.; College Choir 4; Ensemble 1.2,3. Wilson, Van S.. 103 Lafayette St.. Green- ville. S.C; College Choir 1.2.3; Phi Beta Lambda; Roteract 3.4; Ensemble 4; S.G.A, 4, Wood. Larry W.. Rt. 1. Box 85. Kings Mtn.. N.C; B.S.U, 1,2, Woods. Alan D.. Rt. 8. Box 223. Shelby. N.C; Science Club 1.2. Wortman. Gary W.. Rt. 3. Box J419. Char- lotte. N.C; College Choir 1.2. Yurecsko. John G., Box 237. Boiling Springs. N.C; Football 1. Roteract Yarbrough. Dwain B.. P.O. Box 23. Kings Mtn,, N.C; B.S.U., Young, Shirley A., Rt. 3, Mocksville. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4; B.S.U. 1.2; FOCUS 1.2.3; t inisters Conf. 2.3; Religious Ed. Club 2.3.4; S.G.A. 4; W.A.B. 4, Zedick, Ron F.. 707 E. Washington St., Dil- lon. S.C; Alpha Nu Omega 1; Delta Psi Omega 1.2.3. Records 211 Student Directory James Preston Aaron 705 Sunny Street Shelby, N C 28150 Armenag N Abajian PO Box 5176 Beirut, Lebanon Elizabeth M Abernathy Lowell McAdenville Road McAdenville, N. C 28101 Marcia P. Abernathy 111 Hillbrook Drive Spartanburg, S C 29302 Peggy R Abernathy Route 1. Box 211 New London, N C 28127 Robert C Abernethy 806 S. College Avenue Newton, N C. 25868 Elva Mae Abrams Box 823 Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Donna Kay Abrams Box 823 Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Denzil Adams Route 1, Box 214 Nebo, N.C. 28761 Martha L. Adams Route 1, Box 307 Shelby, N C 28150 Thornton D Adams Route 3 Shelby, N C 28150 Rodger Lee Adams Route 3 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Fred K Adkms. Jr 1110 Decatur Street West Columbia, S. C 29169 Fred E. AJken, Jr 400 Longview Terrace Greenville. S C 29605 Linda N Albright 7 West Mam Blvd. Timonuim, Maryland 21093 Marilyn I, Alexander Route 2 Stony Point. N C 28678 Nancy R. Alexander 454 S. Myrtle School Road Gaslonia. N. C. 28052 Beverly Jean Allen Box 773 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Henry Allen Box 801 Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Judith C. Allen 310 S. Church Street Gastonia. N. C. 28052 Susan Ann Anderson 33 Normandy Road Greenville. S C. 29601 Stephanie E, Angelo 11 Toy Street Greenville. S C 29601 Joseph Leon Anthony PO Box 613 Elkin, N. C. 28621 Lydia J. Anthony 611 Hillside Drive Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Joaquin A Arce 242 W. 37th Street Hialeah, Florida 33012 Ronald D Arndt Route 2, Box 310-M Newton, N C 28658 Kenneth W. Arnold Route 5. Tallent T. Crt Shelby, N C 28150 Clarence E. Ash Route 1. Box 95 Kings Mtn. N. C. 28086 Peggy Ann Atkinson Route 2 Fairmont, N. C. 28340 Beverly A. Bahakel Route 2, Box 387-B Matthews. N C 28105 Suzanne Bahakel Route 2. Box 387-B Matthews. N. C- 28105 Sandra Ann Bailes Route 1 Fort Mill, S, C- 29715 Connie Bailey 612 Lowndes Hill Road Greenville. S. C 29607 Philip D. Bailey Route 2 Ellenboro, N C 28040 Bennett T Balenline 27 West Tallalah Drive Greenville, S. C 29605 John C Balentine Box 41. Route 5 Waynesville N C. 28786 Dixie J, Banning Route 1 Hendersonville, N C 28739 Frank R Barger, Jr 606 12th Avenue N.E. Hickory, N C 28601 Levonne T, Baker 209 Ledbetter Road Spindale. N. C 28160 Ricka J. Barker Route 1 Union Grove, N C 28689 Randy F Basinger Route 2, Box 847 Salisbury, N- C. 28144 Deborah L. Batson Box 315. Route 5 Easiey, S. C. 29640 Nancy Y Baxter Route 1, Box 106 Cherryville. N C. 28021 Barbara Beam Route 1. Box 317 Forest City, N C. 28043 Zeb Egland Beam III 408 Leander Street Shelby, N C 28150 Jerry T, Beard Route 3. Box 64 Huntersville. N, C- 28078 Andrea S Season Box 446 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Charles W Season Route 3. Box 358-A Shelby, N C 28150 Sherry Jean Season Wall Avenue, Box 141 Soiling Springs, N C. 28017 Wanda L Bealtie Route 8, Box 292 Gaffney, S, C. 29340 Miss Elizabeth Beck 820 Dale Street Hendersonville, N C. 28739 Raymond H. Belew, Jr. P.O Box 243 Henrietta. N, C. 28076 Sami Emil Abudayyeh P.O Box 19105 Jerusalem. Israel Albert D. Bennett III 3109 Cornwall Road Columbia. S. C. 29204 Joseph Eddie Bennett Route 1 Westfield. N. C. 27053 Karen A. Benlley 110 Thackston Street Fountain Inn, S. C. 29644 Hugh K, Beveridge 1903 Weslbrook Circle Gastonia, N C 28052 Kathy Starr Biddy Route 3, Box 102-A Taylorsville, N C 28681 Mary G Siggers Route 1 Grover N. C. 28073 Henry Bingha m, Jr Route 2 Lawndale. N C 28090 Billy E. Blanton Route 5 Shelby, N. C 28150 Charles D, Blanton, Jr C o Cinema Theatre Rockingham, N C 28379 Cynthia Blanton 125 Brookhill Road Shelby, N C 28150 Danny R Blanton 310 North Raleigh Street Wallace, N C 28466 Deborah K. Blanton Route 4, Box 37 Gatfney. S. C 29340 James Blanton, Jr Route 2, Box 227-A Shelby, N C 28150 Kathy R. Blanton 811 W. Smith Street Gaffney, S C. 29340 Tena H, Blanton P O Box 61 Lattimore, N. C. 28089 Virginia L. Blanton Route 4 Shelby, N. C 28150 Lewis Edward Bobb 1308 Ebenezer Newberry, S C. 29108 Jeff Wm Boggs 1507 Brantley Road Kannapohs, N. C 28081 Lawerence Boggs Route 1, Box 631 Bumpass. Virginia 23024 Julia E. Bolick 312 3rd Street S-E. Conover. N C 28613 Raymond M Bolmg, Jr. 9 Wildwood Road Greenville, S. C. 29607 Janet N Bolm 1106 North Piedmont Kings Mountain, N C. 28086 Vernon E Bonner Route 2, Box 475 Sumter, S C 29150 Myra L. Bolts Route 5 Shelby. N C 28150 Philip J Bouchard 514 Rosewood Drive Lexington, N C 27292 Rebecca E. Bouchelle Route 2 North Wilkesboro, N C 2865 Charles T Bovender 2565 Country Club Road Winston Salem, N C. 27104 Pam McKee Allen Route 8, Box 199 Shelby, N C. 28150 Robert Kent Allen 4 Buena Vista Drive Canton, N C 28716 William J. Allen 319 Wesi Mam Street Brevard. N. C- 28712 Oenise R Allison 1804 V2 Cherokee Avenue Gaffney, S C 29340 Ronnie Amick Route 2 Prosperity, S, C. 29127 James Ford Anderson 11 Selwyn Drive Greenville, S, C 29607 Ray Neil Anderson II 106 Forest Hills Drive Forest City, N C 28043 212 Records William S Barkley, Jf 264 3rd Avenue N.E Hickory, N C 28601 Mr. Marshall Barlowe Nancy T Barlowe 131 Eastover Drive Lenoir, N C, 28645 Johnny E Bernhardt 802 Louise Avenue Kannapohs, N C 28081 Stewart G. Barnhill 817 South Jackson Street Gastonia. N, C 28052 Brenda F Barrett Route 1. Box 490 Roanoke Rapids, N. C 2- Michael J Barrett Route 1, Box 490 Roanoke Rapids, N C 2i Keith N Bartee Route 3, Box 323 Gaffney, S C 29340 William B Bingham Route 4, Box 873 Morganlon, N C 28655 Edward Neely Bishop 233 Maxine Street Spartanburg, S C 29301 Dale Delbert Bivms Box 127 Lawndale, N C . 28090 Fernese I Black Route 1, Box 68 Shelby, N C 28150 Grady R. Blackwell 1015 West Elm Street Shelby. N C 28150 Winfield S. Blackwood Box 136 Farrmglon Road Chapel Hill, N C 27514 David M Blake, Jr 515 E Souiherland Street Wallace. N C 28466 Mrs Ann Jones Bowen 35 Park Sumter Ter. Shelby, N C 28150 Judy Ann Bowen Routes, Box 291 Shelby, N C 28150 Joseph Bowler III 2 Danen Way Greenville, S. C 29607 Reginald L Bowles 1001 ' ! Chalmers Street Martinsville, Virginia 24112 Mr. Gilbert Bowman 313 Grice Street Shelby, N C 28150 Henry Body Route 3, Box 76 C Wmsboro, S C 29180 James W Boyd 109 Pine Needle Road Union. S. C- 29379 Larry Bracket! 501 Suttle Street Shelby, N C 28150 Michael W Branscome 1482 W Clemmonville Winston Salem, N C 27107 John Thomas Bray III 100 Eastbourne Road Greenv.lle, S C 29611 Palncia Ann Brazde Route 1, Box 248A Forest City, N C. 28043 Eugene M. Breazeale 133 E Parkins Mill Road Greenville. S C 29061 Robert T Brew. Jr 219 Chippewa Trail Medtord Lakes, N J 08055 Lindsey F Brewer, Jr 841 Duckview Court Winslon Salem, N C 27106 Barbara W Bridges P O Box 242 Polkville, N C 28136 Billie Ann Bridges Rouie 5, Box 281 Shelby, N C 28150 Cynlhia A Bridges P O Box 72 Lattimore, N C 28089 Lynn E. Bridges Route 5, Box 281 Shelby, N C 28150 Myra Dawn Bridges Route 5, Box 281 Shelby, N C 28150 Robert W Bridges 1206 W Dixon Blvd Shelby, N C 28150 Sylvia E Bridges Apt A, 2 College Road Ap Shelby. N C 28150 Joyce M Bnggs 925 Lake Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Roger P Bright Route 8, Box 461 Gaftney, S C 29340 Timothy B Bnttain 806 Sycamore Lane Rockingham, N C 28379 Mary D Brillam 310 Carbon City Road Morganlon, N C 28655 Jacob M Britiam, Jr. Hillcresl Drive McAdenville. N. C 28101 Joe N Brookins PO Box 159 Midland City. Alabama 36350 Kenneth Eugene Brooks P Box 155 Ellenboro, N C 28040 Penny Brooks Route 4, Box 296-A Shelby, N C 28150 Donald W Brown 605 Suttle Street Shelby, N. C 28150 Jo An Brown 1011 S Limestone Street Gaftney, S C 29340 Peggy Dixon Brown Route 7 Shelby, N C 28150 Richard P Brown Route 7, Box 2600 Lakeland, Florida 33801 Roger Alan Brown 407 East A Avenue Easley, S C 29640 Ronald L. Brown 3611 Woodleaf Road Charlotte. N C 28205 Ricky James Bullin 38 N Chapel Drive Lexington. N C. 27292 Ethel S. Bumgardner Box 156 Polkville. N C 28136 Grady B, Bumgarner Route 2. Box 447 Hudson. N C. 28638 Rodney L Bumgardner Route 2, Box 549 Gastonia, N. C 28052 Carl Raltord Burch 329 17ih Avenue N E Hickory. N C 28601 William S. Burch 1107 Maynard Street Pageland. S C 29728 Jerry C Burleson PO Box 44 Crossnore. N C 28616 Lester Duke Burnett 107 Grace Terrace Greenwood, S C 29646 Mary B Burnett Box 168 GWC Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Charles E. Burnham, Jr 312 Broadway Road Lulherville, Maryland 21093 Deborah D Burns 309 Wilson Terrace Kings Mountain. N C. 28086 Dale Holder Burton 760 Wilshire Road Winston Salem, N C. 27100 Connie E Butler Route 1 Ellenboro, N C 28040 Michael W Byars Route 4. Box 39 Gaftney, S C 29340 Carol Jane Byerly Route 4, Box 350 Lexington. N C 27292 Theodore D Byers Route 3. Box 57 Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Mary J Byrd 909 9th Street Lillington, N C 27546 Nita Kay Cagle Route 1 Asheboro, N C 27203 Harold F Caldwell 519 Carolina Avenue Maiden, N C. 28650 Millard Caldwell 2937 Lake Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Mr. Kenneth W Gallon Route 2. Box 224 Forest City, N C- 28043 Frances S Campbell P.O. Box 1146 Gaffney. S, C 29340 Jesse P. Campbell P O Box 413 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Melanie E Campbell Box 314 Conover. N C 28613 Janet C Campfield Route 2 Ellenboro, N C 28040 Blanche E Cantrelt 203 Sunset Drive Blacksburg, S C. 29702 Sharon D Capps Route 3, Box 125 Travelers Rest, S C 29690 Wayne R Caraturo 108 E Henderhle Street Salisbury, N C 28144 Timothy C Carnes 128 Robert Drive Moniicello, Georgia 31064 Randolph E Carothers Box 436, Gordon Avenue Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Wallace R Carpenter , Jr 2 Squirrel Den Road P O Box 669 Rulhertordton, N C 28139 Clyde S- Carswell Route 2, Box 368 Morganton, N C. 28655 Kathy L Carlee Route 1, Box 379 Durham. N. C 27705 Daniel Brooks Carter 112 Tanglewood Drive Greenville, S C. 29601 Randall M Carter 1200 Edwards Road Greenville, S C 29607 Rick Alan Carter Route 3 Granite Falls, N C 28630 Beverly S Cash 716 Ridgeview Drive Shelby. N. C 28150 Gettys E Cash 204 Overbrook Drive Gatfney, S C 29340 Ricky E Cassidy Route 1 Providence, N C 27315 Jane Gray Cassievens Route 1, Box 67 Jonesville. N. C 28642 Deborah Zandra Caster 414 Orange Street Shelby . N. C 28150 Carol E. Cathey Box 5 Fallston, N C 28042 Gary W Catron Box 180 Rural Retreat, Virginia 24268 Dorothy A Causby 426 S Ridge Street Dallas. N C. 28034 Elizabeth Kay Causby 426 8, Ridge Street Dallas, N C 28034 Oliver K Cecil, Jr 1036 Woodbuen Road Spartanburg, S C 29302 David Wm. Champion 1113 Earle Street Shelby. N C 28150 Timothy B Champion Route 3 Lawndale. N C 28090 Beverly Sue Chance 100 W Markham Avenue Durham, N C 27701 Teresa Ann Chandler 240 Hillside Street Asheville. N. C 28801 Margaret J- Chang P O. Box 307 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Paul W Chang P O. Box 307 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 David Lee Chaplm 306 College Ave Hartsville. S C 29550 Nancy H Chapman Route 9. Box 136 -A Shelby. N C 28150 Talmedge R Chapman. Jr. Route 1, Box 23 Forest City. N C 28043 Michael D Cherry 1240 Westbrook Circle Gasionia. N C 28052 Steven T Cherry Box 269 Gasionia, N C 28052 Linda R Childers Route 2, Box 126 Kings Mounlam, N C 28036 Mary E Chiles 30 Brookside Circle Greenville, S C 29609 Carmen Christopher Route 9. Melrose Drive Shelby, N. C 28150 Charles W. Clamp 11 Tulane Avenue Greenville. S C 29601 David Barton Clark 427 Kathleen Street Akron, Ohio 44303 John C Clark Box 87 Earl, N C 28130 Larry E Clark Route 1, Box 10 Semora. N C 27343 Lee R Clayton 108 Lee Drive Belmont. N C 28012 Candy Laird Clme Box 275 Fallston, N C 28042 Garry M Cloer 801 North Mam Street Salisbury. N. C. 28144 Louise C Clontz 503 Franklin Avenue Shelby, N C. 28150 Frances Cole Cobb Route 1. Box 274 Forest City. N C 28043 Willis K. Cobb Route 1. Box 237 Fountain, N C 27829 Charles H Cockerham 310 Mathis Street Jonesville. N. C 28642 Rickey J. Cockerham 641 Pleasant Drive Elkin, N C 28621 Ronald V Cockerham 4037 36th Street San Diego. California 92104 Daniel E Cody 102 5th Avenue S W Lenoir. N C 28645 J C Cole 302 Lineberger Street Shelby. N C 28150 Jackie T, Cole Route 2, Box 388 Campobeilo. S C 29322 Dennis Howard Collins 2608 North Augusta Staunton, Virginia 24401 Donald E Collins 106 Augusta Street Greenville, S C 29603 Frederick N Collins Marshville. N. C. 28103 Lawrence Combs Route 4. Box 103 Franklin. N C 28734 Records 213 Gary Raymond Conner 10 Polk Drive Wilmington. Delaware 19809 Sara S, Conner 119 Carl Lane Shelby, N C 28150 Amanda Joan Cook Route 3 Clover. S C 29710 John Wm. Cook. Jr, 202 Mimosa Drive Galtney, S C 29340 Vickie L Cook Roule 1 Pacoiel, S C. 29372 Joe David Cooke 1205 Lackey Street, Ext. Shelby. N C 28150 Elmer Eugene Cooley 11 Morns Drive Honea Palh,-S C 29654 William B. Cooley Jackson, N C. 27845 Larne D. Cooper P O Box 123 Union Mills, N C 28167 Lawana E Cooper Shady Lane Molel Cherokee, N C 28719 Patsy L. CornweM Roule 2, Box 510 Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Leslie E Coslner Route 1 York, S C. 29745 Robert L Couch Route 8. Langhorne Drive Winston Salem. N C. 27106 Jennifer A Cowan 17 Broadview Avenue Madison, N J. 97940 Shirley D Cox Route 8 Spartanburg, S C 29303 Ray Hill Craig Route 2, Box 445 Hudson. N- C. 28638 Mark J. Crantord 2106 Hialt Street Greensboro, N C 27403 Michael A Crawford 215 Wiley Avenue, Box 35 York, S C 29745 W L Crawford Route 2 Kings Mountain, N. C 28086 Robert E- Cribb Box 913 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Gene T Crisp Box 61, Route 1 Buffalo, S C 29321 John D Crowder 111 905 Parkwood Road Shelby. N C 28150 Larry D CroweM 6100 Coolbrook Court Charlotte, N C 28210 Alan B Curtis 704 Charles Road Shelby. N C 28150 Hanna S Dahbour Park Lane Hotel ABLA Street Ras Beirut. Lebanon Paul C D Albora 108 Beverly Road Cocoa, Florida 32922 Dons Eloise Dameron Box 175 Fallston, N C 28042 214 Records Vickie Deck Dameron Roule 8, Box 164-A Shelby, N C 28150 Robert A Daniel. Jr. Route 1, Lake Lamer Tryon, N. C 28782 Raymond E Davenport 102 River Drive Williamston. S C 29697 Betty Lou Daves Box 244 Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Arthur H Davis, Jr P.O. Box 502, Emma Lane Robbins, N C 27325 Gayle Gray Davis 601 Caroleen Road Forest City, N C 28043 Martha B, Davis Route 1, Box 89 Mooresboro, N. C. 28114 Michael Ray Davis 2428 Toddville Road Charlotte, N. C 28200 Julian C. Davis Route 1, Box 431 St. Cloud, Florida 32769 Nancy Gail Davis Longwood Drive, Route 3 Shelby, N. C 28150 Richard B Davis Route 3, Box 158 Matthews, N C 28105 Eddie Franklin Day 222 Pettyjohn Street Elkin, N. C. 28621 Jann Hope Deal 710 N. Ellis Street Salisbury. N. C 28144 James F Deaton III Box 595 Liberty, N C 27298 Robert L Decker, Jr Route 3 Shelby, N C 28150 Haley C Dedmond Route 2 Lawndale, N C. 28090 Donald M Denton Route 6, Box 771 Morganton, N. C 28655 James H Destaffno 950 N. Logan Slreel Gaffney. S. C. 29340 Danny F Deviney 3822 Craig Avenue Charlotte, N C 28212 Larry Joe Diaz 1948 Kempsville Road Virginia Beach. Virginia 24350 James Roy Dickey 415 Phifer Road Kings Mountain, N C 28086 James F, Dietz III 4908 Chastam Avenue Charlotte. N. C, 28210 Mrs, Marjone P Digh 3001 Poplar Circle Shelby, N C 28150 Nancy E, Doan 117 West Augusta Place Greenville. S. C. 29605 Gary Raymond Dobbins Box 187 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Darryl L Dobson 227 E. Avondale Drive Greenville. S C 29609 David D Dodd Route 3, Box 315 Shelby, N C 28150 Oscar Dodson, Jr 3 Poplar Street Alexander Mills Forest City, N C 28043 John Dolan 1313 W. Magnolia Avenue Sea Girt, N. J. 08750 Steve O, Douglas Route 4, Meadowbrook Inman. S, C. 29349 David S, Dover Box 187 Lattimore, N C 28089 Anna S, Downs P Box 421 Boiling Springs, N C. 28017 Lenville T Dugger, Jr Route 1 Hampton, Tennessee 37658 Dennis C Dukes 109 Grose Street Spindale, N C 28160 Richard P Dulany P 0. Box 7037 Roanoke, Virginia 24019 John M, Duncan Sharon Drive N. Wilkesboro, N C 28659 George E Dunn III 9 Skyland Avenue Greenville, S. C. 29609 Valerie J DuPont 7700 Loch Lane Columbia, S C 29206 Andrew L. Duquette 136 Tanworth Place Danville. Virginia 24541 Charles E Dyke Route 3, Box 77 Gaffney. S C 29340 Debra Ann Dysart Box 504 Boiling Springs, N. C. 28017 Rhonda Demse Earls Route 1. Box 195 Blacksburg, S, C. 29702 Jennie C- Easterlmg Route 5. Box 390 Hartsville, S- C 29550 Thomas L. Easterlmg Route 1, Box 188 Hartsville, S C 29550 Carl E. Eaton III Route 1 Pineville, N. C. 28134 Dr Shehab Eddin Box 934 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Carroll Fred Edwards 2609 Granite Hill Road Cayce, S C 29033 Clara Ann Eggleston 3913 Longleaf Drive Richmond, Virginia 23229 Billy C- Elder, Jr. 700 Phillips Street Shelby, N. C 28150 Tony Allen Eldrettj Route 1 Lansing, N. C. 28643 Dene Larue Eller 203 Patterson Street China Grove, N. C 28023 Donna Leigh Ellington 110 Lakewood Road Cramerton, N C 28032 Donald L. Elliott Route 1, Box 132 Dallas, N C 28034 John D, Elliott Route 3, Box 606 Shelby, N. C 28150 John Wesley Elliott 907 Country Club Drive Reidsville, N C 27320 Sarah H, Elliott Route 2 Shelby. N. C 28150 Betty J Hardin Ellis Route 1, Box 418 Graver, N C, 28073 James Wm. Etlis Barium Springs Home For Children Banum Springs, N. C. 28010 Martha Zink English 515 Elizabeth Avenue Forest Ciiy. N C 28043 Shelton English, Jr. 61 Victory Drive Cheraw, S, C 29520 Patricia M. Epiey 2921 Crutchfield Road Lakeland, Florida 33081 Edwin L Ervin 1225 South Morgan Street Shelby, N. C. 28150 Jesse L. Erwin 1118 Mam Street Wst Poin;, Virginia 23181 Neil A. Ervin, Jr. 1428 Meadowbrook Acre Newton, N, C, 28658 Brenda K Evans P.O Box 196 Hildebran, N. C 28637 Michael Hope Evans 100 Fifth Street Chickasaw. Alabama 36611 Karen S Faires Forest Hills, Route 5 Lincolnton, N C 28092 Marion D Falls 2230 Shade Valley Road Charlotte, N, C- 28200 Marion B Fant. Jr. 101 Culp Street Union. S- C- 29379 Anthony A. Federico, Jr. G 31 Limestone Courts Gaffney. S. C. 29340 Mark C. Fields 7607 Small Drive Clinton, Maryland 20375 John E Fincher 111 Spencer Street High Point, N C. 27260 James F, Finger. 217 Forest Hill Street Morganton. N. C. 28655 Stephen T Fmley Arlington Rural Station Greer, S C 29651 Sanford H. Fishel Route 4 Winston Salem, N C 27100 Larry William Fleming P.O. Box 135 Clifton, S C 29324 Kenneth T Flinchum Route 1. Box 315-A Elkin, N. C 28621 Robert T Florence 5000 Sentinel Post Road Charlotte, N C 28211 Joe Ed Forbes Route 1 Mooresboro, N C 28114 Vance Forchetti 115 Highland Park Drive Levittown, Pennsylvania 190! David P Ford Route 1 Montford Cove Parsona Union Mills, N C. 28167 Robert L Ford 942 First Street N E Hickory, N. C 28601 George Marvin Foster 142V2 Grilfen Street Arcadia. S C 29320 Stephen Max Fosier 9 Rasof Drive Greenville. S C 29609 Jo Ann Fowler Route 2, Box 444-H Newton, N C 28658 John A Fowler. Jr 3046 East Mam Ext Spartanburg, S C 29302 Julian B Fowler 209 Tyson Avenue Bennetlsville. S C. 29512 Tana Jane Fowler 721 W Smith Street GaMney. S C 29340 Lavonda K Fox Route 2, Box 224-A Mooresboro, N C 28114 Randall Dean Frady Route 7, Box 400 Franklin, N C 28734 Carrol F Garrett Route 8. Old Anderson Ro ad Greenville, S G 29611 Emily H Garrett Route 8, Old Anderson Road Greenville. S. C, 29611 Deborah L Gaskill 15 Poplar Street Forest dly, N C 28043 Charles H Gaskins 19 Pleasant Ridge Avenue Greenville. S- C 29605 Lois Virginia Gee 902 Longstreet Street Kingstree. S. C. 29556 Mary Sue Gentry 831 Logan Street Shelby, N C 28150 Dale C. Gibson Sherwood Drive Huntersville, N. C 28078 Charles F. Gilbertson 5861 S W 81h Slreel Plantation, Florida 33313 Susan G Giles Route 1, Box 571 Lakeland, Florida 33803 George R. G Route 1, Box 291 Enoree, S C 29335 Ralph P Glenn Route 2, Box 315-A Shelby. N C 28150 Clarence M Godfrey 334 Reid Slreel Forest Cily. N C 28043 Martha A Godwin 115 Westman Street Lenoir. N C 28645 David Philhp Gold 211 Hudson Street Shelby. N C 28150 James Adam Goudelock Route 5. Box 419 Gaffney, S C 29340 Wm Michael Goudelock Route 5. Box 422 Gaffney. S C 29340 Homer Lee Gowan Route 1 Chesnee. S C 29323 Timothy C Grace 467 Powderhouse Road Aiken. S C 29801 Martha Louise Gragg 226 Seehorn Place Lenoir, N C 28645 Richard L Granger 80X418 Chapin, S. 29036 Robert Fred Gram, Jr 112 Pans Moulain Avenue Greenville, S C 29601 Alphonso Graves 609 Clyde Street Cherryville. N C 28201 Frances P Gray Box 268, Route 9 Shelby, N C 28150 John Lee Gray 2139 S Scales Slreel Reidsville, N C 27320 Steven Long Gray P O Box 986 Chapel Hill. N C 27514 Truett M. Gray Box 846 Andrews. N C 28901 Teresa Ann Grayson 1200 Spring Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Marvin C. Green Route 5. Box 281 Shelby, N C 28150 David Ray Greene 8 Morgan Blvd Arden, N C 28704 Grace B Greene 809 Broad Street Shelby, N C 28150 Grace White Greene 600 Femmore Street Winston Salem, N C 27100 Jerry G Greene Route 1, Box 1 Ronda, N C 28670 John H Greene Route 7, Box 150 Hillside Drive Gaffney. S- C 29340 Judy L Greene 6735 Wild Turkey Lane Charlotte. N C 28214 Ronald Edwin Greene Roule 1. Box 162 Forest City. N C 28043 Steven L. Greene Glenn Box 247 Ellenboro. N C 28040 Dan Fredrick Greer 425 Miles Road P Box 1654 Shelby, N C 28150 Sharon A Gregory 615 Green Street Rulherfordlon, N C 28139 Deborah A Griffm 1014 West C Slreel Kannapolis. N C 28081 Carson M Griggs 319 Mimosa Drive Cheraw, S C. 29520 Anne S. Grimmer 21612 Beverley Street Petersburg. Virginia 23803 John P. Grimsley, Jr. Box 113. 402 Charles Street Lake City. S C 29560 Billy L Grubbs 5700 Old Rural Hall Road Winston Salem. N C 27105 Wanda J Gullet Route 4. Box 208 Mocksville. N C 27028 Richard Walton Guyer 4861 Baux Mountain Road Winston Salem, N. C 27100 Sharon Dawn Gwyn Route 1 King. N C 27021 Issa Mikhael Hachem P O Box 512 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Ella Catherine Hall 6 Confederate Circle Taylors, S C 29687 Johnny Ray Hall Route 6, Box 263A Stalesville, N 28677 Mary Brown Hall 315 Fulton Drive Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Robert Glen Hames 7401 Hawkins Drive Hanover, Maryland 21076 James R Hamilton Dalewood Drive, Route 1 Simpsonville, S C 29681 Leroy A Hamilton Dalewood Drive Simpsonville, S C 29681 Carl William Hamm, Jr 704 Kings Road Shelby. N. C 28150 Charles C. Hamnck. Jr. Route 2. Box 110 Gaffney. S C 29340 Danny R. Hamnck Route 2, Box 272 Gaffney. S C 29340 Jack Hamnck Route 2 Mooresboro, N C 00201 Janice Moss Hamnck Route 2. Box 252-A Shelby, N C 28150 Kay Hamnck Route 4 Shelby, N C 28150 Mrs Lorene H Hamnck 410 Edgewood Road Shelby, N C 28150 Lou Ann Hamnck Box 755 Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Maxwell B Hamnck, Jr Box 816 Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Patricia B Hamnck Route 2, Box 145 Shelby, N C 28017 James M. Hance Glendale Road Union, S, C- 29379 Emalee S. Hanna 918 Sarrati Drive Shelby, N. C 28150 Jerri L Harbinson 204 North Tenth Avenue Maiden, N C 28650 John Wade Harmon Box 761 Boiling Springs, N C. 28017 Joyce E. Harmon 26 Milliken Street Pacolet Mills, S C 29373 Roger Dale Harmon Roule 1 Wellford, S C 29358 Joseph H. Harrill 517 Hawthorne Lane Gastoma, N C 28052 Martha J Harrington Route 4. Box 150 Taylorsville, N C 28681 Deborah W Harris P O Box 747 Shelby. N. C 28150 John G Harris 3923 Robinhood Road Winston Salem, N C 27100 Richard Hams 435 Ransdell Drive Spartanburg, S. C 29302 Ella M Harrison 600 Old Augusta Road Greenville. S C 29605 Henry Long Harrison 22 West Httlcresl Drive Greenville. S C 29609 Lora F, Harrison Route 7, Box 248 Easley. S C, 29640 Sarah E Harrison Roule 2, Box 80 Boslic. N C 28018 David L Hart Route 3 Lansing, N C 28643 Donald M. Harlsoe Route 2. Box 349 Granite Falls. N. C 28630 Virginia H Hathcock Route 10, Box 477 Charlotte, N C 28213 Anna S Hawkins Routes, Box317-X Forest City, N C 28043 Hugh Allen Hawkins Route 5, State Park Road Greenville. S. C 29609 John Thomas Hawkins Roule 3, Box 317-X Forest City, N C 28043 Katherine Hawkins Route 4 Shelby, N. C 28150 James Allen Hayes Route 3 Shelby, N C 28150 Keith E Hayes Route 1 Roebuck, S C 29376 Judy Glenda Haynes Route 4 Shelby, N C 28150 Wanda Louise Haynes General Delivery Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Rachel V Hedrick Box 15 Boiling Springs. N C. 28017 David S, Heflner 210 E, Sumter Shelby, N C 28150 Charles T, Helms 17 Kendel Green Drive Greenville. S. C. 29601 Robert Hendnck 831 N Morgan Street Shelby, N C 28150 Jesse H. Hendrix, Jr 2018 Charles Street Newberry, S. C 29108 Rebecca Ann Henley Route 2 Newton, N C 28658 Philip B Herndon Roule 2, Herndon Bostic, N C 28018 Jeffrey L Hester Route 7 Greenville, S C 29601 Ronald D. Hewitt Route 2, Box 200 Newton, N. C 38658 Lawana L Higdon Route 5, Box 716 Franklin. N C 28734 Records 215 msm m iam: ' . Elizabeth J High 1609 Beaucresl Avenue High Point, N. C. 27260 Samala A. High 6229 Norlhwood Drive Baltimore, Maryland 21200 David L Hill 535 Sooner C, Api. C. University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma 73069 Henry Thomas Hill Route 1. Box 605 Lexington. N C. 27292 Julia E. Hill 535 Sooner C, Apt. C University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma 73069 Deborah E Hilton Route 1, Bo x 466 Walkerlown. N. C 27051 Vicki D- Hinson Route 11. Box 399 Salisbury. N. C 28144 Ludia L, Hobeika 803 E. Jefferson Dillon. S. C. 29536 Broadus M Hocutt 201 N Rowan Avenue Spencer, N C 28159 Linda K Hodge P O Box 605 Rutherfordton, N C, 28139 Mary Ella Hodges 308 Ohio Street Spindale, N C 28160 Jim A Hoffman 216 Riverside Drive Greenville, S C 29605 Walter C, Hoffman. Jr. Box 563 Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Howard B. Hogan Route 1, Box 65 Mount Holly, N. C 28120 Thomas E. Hogan, Jr. Rouie 1 Foresl City, N C 28043 John R- Hoke Mi PO Box 59 York. S C 29745 Benjamin L Holland 180 Easi Wood Slreel Spartanburg, S C 29303 Ronald Hicks Holland Box 327, Route 1 Forest City, N C 28043 Olis L Hollar II 350 North Center Street Hickory, N C. 28601 Edith M Hosier Box 933 Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Gloria Dawn Holl 2603 Kirk ' Road Durham, N. C 27705 Beth C. Honeycutl 916 Parkwood Shelby, N C 28150 Patricia L Hood Route 1. Box 83 Huntersville, N. C 28078 Samp Craig Hopkins, Jr P O Box 1155. Con Road Abermarle, N C 28001 Margaret D Holper Route 6. Box 248 Shelby. N. C. 28150 Douglas T. Hopper 2421 Thornridge Road Charlotte, N C 28211 Judy Lynn Hopper Route 2 Mooresboro. N C 28114 Loretla J. Hopper 2004 10th Street Lane N W. Hickory. N C. 28601 Sherry A. Horn Route 7, Box 601 Gaffney, S C 29340 George R Home. Jr. 409 Elizabeth Avenue Forest City, N. C 28043 Sheha D. Home Route 7, Box 574-A Gaffney, S C 29340 Bobby G Houser Box 45 Casar, N C 28020 Leonard S Houston 2423 HoyI Street Winston Salem, N C 27103 Margaret J. Howard Route 1. Box 65 Union Grove, N C 28689 Rebecca Bradley Hoyle Poplar Slreel Foresl City. N C 28043 Robert Dale Hoyte Route 4, Box 58-N Rutherfordton, N C. 28139 Robert H Hoyt 2 Eastlan Pace Greenville. S. C 29607 Thomas W Huddleston 1604 Florida Avenue Gastonia, N C. 28052 Ida Lee Hudson 511 4th Street S W Hickory, N. C 28601 William D. Hudson 2404 Henderson Road Tucker, Georgia 30084 Coy L Huffman III 107 Brookside Way Greenville. S. C 29605 Michael Rodney Hughes Route 6. Box 142 Seneca, S C 29678 William F Hulcher 208 Cherry Street Wilkesboro, N. C. 28697 Judy L. Hullett Route 3, Box 34, Sparrow Road Gastonia, N. C 28052 Patricia K. Humphries Route 1. Box 526 Gaffney, S C 29340 Renee W Humphries 405 East Marion Street Shelby. N C 28150 Betly Sue Hunnicutt 103 Richmond Avenue Swannanoa, N C 28778 James Walker Hunsuck 2230 Orion Street Charlotte. N. C. 28208 Linda S. Hunsucker 7th Av nue NE. Conover, N C. 28613 Charles E Hunt Route 1, Box 52 Dalewood Drive Simpsonville. S C. 29681 Colemon Hunt Route 5, Box 35-A Shelby. N. C 28150 Glen S. Hunt 331 W Court Street, Apt 25 Rutherfordton. N C 28139 Janice T Huntley P O. Box 34 Bat Cave, N. C- 28710 Jesse W. Hurley. Jr. 501 N. Main Street Troy, N. C 27371 Jimmy Byrnes Huskey 108 Pickens Street Chesnee. S C. 29323 Betty T Huss Route 8, Box 367 Gaffney, S. C 29340 Charles L. Hutchens Route 3. Box 106 High Point, N, C- 27260 Mrs. Gail Hutchms 1126 Scotts Dale Drive Shelby. N. C 28150 Noah Lee Hyde P O Box 126 Pinnacle, N C 27043 Charles M Ingram, Jr. Box 591 Cheraw, S, C. 29520 Vah Alexan Injejikian P.O. Box 2287 Beirut. Lebanon David A. Irby Route 5, Country Club Road Lincolnton, N, C. 28092 Godfrey A lula, Jr 12037 Sewell Road Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19 Dorothy J, Ivester P.O. Box 201 Lawndale. N C 28090 Rubard N. Ivey, Jr Julia Lane Dillon, S. C 29536 David P. Jackson P O Box 842 Boiling Springs. N, C, 28017 Linda Ann Jackson Route 2, Box 149-A Elkin. N. C. 28621 Mark Alton Jackson 100 Goodwin Drive Summerville. Georgia 30747 Novella G Jackson 227 Stoney Mountain Road Hendersonville. N. C 28739 Robert A. Jackson, Jr 4632 Randolph Road Charlotte. N, C 28211 Robert D. Jacobs, Jr 415 State Road Cheraw. S C 29520 Janel E James 604 Spring Lane Santord. N. C. 27330 Harold K James 103 Jackson Street Greer, S. C 29651 Michael H. Jamison P.O. Box 1 Sylva, N.C. 28779 Kenneth B Jarvis llSClegg Street Statesville. N. C. 28677 Steven H. Jefferies 2117 Amboy Court Charlotte, N. C. 28205 George C. Jeffens. Jr. 353 Ridgewood Avenue Charlotte. N C, 8209 Janet Hope Jenkins 112 Heritage Courl Belmonl. N C 28012 Joyce Elaine Jenkins Route 1 Gastonia, N C 28052 Judy R, Jenkins 429 Brevard Street Statesville. N- C. 28677 Sham M Neal Jenkins Route 2 Bessemer City, N C 28016 William S Jenkins 316 N. Raleigh Street Wallace. N. C 28466 Richard Murry Jessen 100 Cedar Lane Mount Holly, N C. 28120 Slyvia S Johns 159 8th Street Cramerton, N C 28032 Charles E, Johnson, Jr 3016 10th Avenue S W Hickory. N.C 28601 Jane Johnson P O. Box 372 Murphy, N C 28906 John B Johnson 1645 Sterling Drive Charlotte. N C 28200 Richard C Johnson Mrs. Rebecca Johnson Chase City. Virginia 23924 Vicki D, Johnson 1506 Briar Creek Drive Shelby, N. C. 28150 Melanie Y Johnston 4340 Firwood Lane Charlotte, N C. 28209 Douglas Ray Jolley Route 1 Denver. N. C. 28037 Mara Margo Jolley Box 111 Clitfside, N C 28024 Max Nyle Jolley Box 237 Mayo. S. C. 29323 fulelissa Annette Jolle Pineland Avenue Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Winona Marion Jolley 302 E, Cherokee Street Chesnee. S. C. 29323 Alvin Jones A-54, Apl 2, NW 15th TE Pompano Beach. Florida 2731 Bobby Kimberal Jones 314 East 5th Street Burlington, N C 27215 Brenda S. Jones Route 4, Box 347 Raleigh. N. C 27606 Claude Gerald Jones 201 Stewart Street Greenville, S C 29605 Debra L Jones Route 3 Shelby. N C. 28150 Lowell E, Jones Route 5 Mocksvllle. N C 27028 Lynne M Jones Route 8, P O Box 231 Shelby, N C 28150 Randall L. Jones 1023 N- Franklin Road Greenville, S C. 29609 Robert N. Jones II Acorn Street Rutherfordton, N C 28139 Teresa Ann Jones Box 398 Taylors. S C 29687 Ricky H. Josey Route 2. Box 258 Newton, N 0, 28658 Arthur Mills Joy 6 Old Grove Road Greenville, S C. 29605 Robert K Justice 232 Boundary Drive Spartanburg. S, C. 29303 Ralph W- Justice. Jr. Route 7, Box 61 Shelby, N C 28150 Sam B Kenney 416 Whitney Road Spartanburg, S C 29303 Benny Mac Keesee Box 429 Boiling Springs, C C 28017 Jerry Eston Keller 218 Poplat Street Gatfney, S, C. 29340 Keith R Keller Route 9 Lexington, N. C 27292 Martha A Keller 1409 Central Drive Kannapohs. N C 28081 Kathy L. Kelley 346 Kelley Avenue Lutherville Timonuim Maryland 21093 Wm Arnel Kelley, Jr 346 Kelley Avenue Lutherville, Maryland 21093 Leiand A Kerr 4125 King Cliarles Street Durham. N. C 27707 Robert Lee Kershaw 4919 Virginia Avenue Harnsburg. Pennsylvania 17101 David N Kessell 435 Jenny Street Gastonia, N C 28052 Shirley R. Kesslmg Route 6, Box 314 Marshall, N C 28753 Gregory T, Killian 3 Wonderwood Drive Greenville. S C 29607 Jack Douglas King 909 N Piedmont Avenue Kings Mountain. N C 28086 Josepti M King 3758 Verona Trail SW Roanoke, Virginia 24018 Roger Von King 99 Rjdge Road Lyman. S. C- 29365 Thomas E King 511 Ave. O. Matamoras, Pennsylvania 18336 John S Kirkham 3018 Dellano Place Shelby, N C 28150 Mary V. Kirby 1211 Brookwood Drive Shelby. N C 28150 Elame A Kiser 1509 Coventry Road High Poinl, N. C 27260 Maryetta F. Kiser 412 Martin Street Shelby, N C. 28150 Edward H Knight. Jr. 117 Church Street Black Mountain. N C 28711 David W Knox Box 68 Carolina Beach, N. C 28428 Liberty V. Koontz Route 1. Box 204 Linwood. N. C 27299 Patricia Ann Kramer 307 E. Gertrude Street Fairmont. N, C 28340 Lillian I Kwetkowski Star Route 1, Box 279 Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801 John C. Kyle 3420 Sherwood Circle Rock Hill, S C. 29730 Stephen M Lackey 5 A College Drive Apt Shelby, N C 28150 Ronald D Lacy 9600 Garden Street Manassas, Virginia 22110 Jimmy Ray Lail Rouie 7, Box 801 Hickory, N C 28601 Ralph A Lail 3019 Chensher Ave Exi Gaffney. S. C 29340 Edith Louisa Lamb 501 College Drive Gaffney. S C 29340 Mrs Rhealene B Lamb Box 794 Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Jerry Freeman Lane Route 2, Box 1128 Charlotte, N C 28210 Tim Laney Route 1 Catawba, N C 28609 Jerry S. Laughter Box 36-A Casar, N C 28020 William S Laughter 102 S Sims Street Kings Mounlain, N C 28086 Alvin Yat Kay Law 116 126 Leighton Road Flat I 9 F Causeway Bay Hong Kong Larry W Lawhorne Box 553 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Martha C Lawrence P O Box 246 Boone, N C 28607 David L Laws 2718 Cammie Sireet Durham, N, 0. 27705 Brenda E. Lawter P,0, Box 171. Route 4 Inman, S C 29349 Joyce Ann Laye 299 13th Street Cramerton. N C 28032 Mary M Leazer Route 2, Box 225 Gaffney, S C 28340 Craig William Ledford Route 2 Mooresboro, N C 28114 Edward Victor Ledford 618 Gardner Street Shelby, N C 28150 Jack R Ledford PC Box 296 Andrews, N C 28901 Jerry P. Ledford 344 Grice Street Shelby. N. C 28150 Larry D Ledford 406 Soutti Thompson Street Shelby, N C 28150 Linda Gail Ledford Route 3 Gaffney, S C 29340 John M Lee, Jr 109 Maple Sireet Woodland, N C 27897 George Peter Leiser 3928 Homestead Lane Winston Salem, N C 27106 Donna Mane Lewis P O Box 22 Carlisle, S C 29031 Jerry D Lewis Box 1211 Shelby, N C. 28150 Robert W. Lewis 1412 Haynsworth Columbia, S C 29205 Bradford G Ligon Route 10, Box 204 Salisbury, N C 28144 Calvin S Lindsey P.O. Box 253 Rural Retreat, Virginia 24368 Roby E, Linebarger Route 7, Box 156 Salisbury. N C 28144 Charles D. Lineberger 907 N. Lafayette Street A Shelby. N C 28150 Phyllis F Littlefield Route 3, Poplar Street Woodruff, S C 29388 George T Livingston Route 7, Glenwood Road Easley, S C 29640 Jerry K Livingston, Jr Box 42 North, S C 29112 Vernon H. Livingston Berrglon, Georgia 30748 Clint Locklear Route 2, Box 175 Fairmont, N C 28340 Catherine W Logan 502 Elizabeth Avenue Forest City, N C 28043 Carol J- Long Route 2, Box 34 Rulherfordlon, N C 28139 Kenneth Long Route 1 Elizabelhlon, Tennessee 37643 Jerry W Looper Route 3 Wake Forest, N C 27587 Benny Lopp, Jr 303 Lakewood Drive Lexington, N C 27292 Gwendolyn A Lovelace 107 Kenwood Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Isaac J Lovelace, Jr Route 2 Shelby. N C 28150 Carroll M Lowder 616 Coble Avenue Albemarle. N C 28001 Robert D Lowe 1310 W Poinsett Street Greer, S. C 29651 James S Lowrey 2531 Woodbine Road Winston Salem, N, C 27014 Thomas Lee Lowery Route 6. Box 497 Shelby, N C 28150 James M Lynch P O Box 274 Lansing, N C 28643 Linda S Lynes 607 South E Street Easley, S C. 29640 James William Lynn 167 E. 12th Street Hialeah. Florida 33010 Janice L Mabe 4011 Leo Street Winston Salem, N C 27105 Virginia Mabry 2507 Hillsdale Drive Gaffney. S C 29340 Robert R Mace 284 Henderson Road Greenville, S C 29607 Roger Mack Box 882 Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Craig T Maddox 313 E Sumler Street Shelby, N C 28150 Aundra S Maddox Route 2, Box 300 Shelby, N C 28150 Enola G Maddox Route 2. Box 300-A Shelby, N C 28150 George F Magili 1202 Harmon Street Forest City, N. C 28043 John David Maliory Achsah, Virginia 22727 Richard J Mansour 303 Aberdeen Drive Greenville. S C 29605 Barbara L Marsh Box 46 Cliffside, N C 28024 Angela P Martin P O Box 561 Boone, N C 28607 Fred M Martm, Jr 1225 Parkins Mill Road Greenville, S C 29607 Mary E- Martin Box 154 Fairforest. S C 29336 Phihp Alan Martin Route 2. Box 1075 Asheville, N C 28805 Sidney Martin, Jr 5 Hampstead Road Asheville, N C 28804 William S Martin Route 1, Box 31 Casar. N C 28020 Cecil Mason, Jr Box 133 Fairforest, S C 29336 Larry M. Mason Box 283, Route 1 Forest City, N C. 28043 Mike Matheny Route 2 Ellenboro. N. C 28040 Teresa Matkins 436 North Green Sireet Morganton. N. C 28655 Samuel T Maltison 912 Sarrati Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Tony Merle Mauldin Route 1. New Hope Road Belmont, N C 28012 Marcus B Mauney Route 5 Shelby. N C 28150 William L- Mauney, Jr, 704 West Mountain Street Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Clyde K. Mayes 202 West I5th Street Salisbury, N C 28144 Jan McAllister 608 Bonview Avenue Lincolnton, N C. 28092 Kalherine J McArthur 723 W Marion Street Shelby, N C 28150 Randall R McBride Box 31 Boiling Springs, N C 28071 Meloney P. McCall 2719 Allen Road South Charlotte, N C 2813 Records 217 Sarah J. McCarter 780 Ragin Lane Rock Hill. S C 29730 Elelha N McClung Box 308 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Debra J McClure 7008 Yorktowne Drive Charlotte, N C 28211 Melisa Ann McClure 16 Hy Vu Drive Canton, N C 28716 Wanda K McClure 7008 Yorktowne Dfve Charlotte, N C 28211 Tony L. McCombs 202 W- Fourth Street Gastoma, N. C- 28052 Murphy A. McConaughey 960 Churchill Drive Gastoma, N, C 28052 Polly A. McCoy Route 1 Cove City, N C 28523 Larry F. McCracken P O Box 547 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Pat McCraw 921 E Marion Street Shelby, N 28150 David Keith McCuen Route 3, Union Road Gastoma, N C 28052 Edward Norns McCurry Route 2 EHenboro. N C 28040 Linda 8 McCurry Route 2, Box 288 Eilenboro, N C 28040 Albert S McDonald P O Box 142, Fagan Road Winnsboro, S. C 92810 John V. McElheny. Jr. 200 Pine Street Black Mountain, N. C 28711 Ann C McFadden Route 1, Catawba Rock Hill, S C- 29730 Norma Jane McGee Box 4 Liberty, S C 29657 George W McGhee 302 Bullock Street Franklinton, N C 28734 Arthur F McGinnis, Jr Route 1. Box 195 Stanley, N C 28164 Ronnie B McGiurt 205 Skipper Avenue For! Mill. S C 29715 David T, Mcintosh 131 Lenore Avenue Greenville, S C 29609 Clyde David McKee 172 Frances Street Chester, S C 29706 Wm Fletcher McKee 608 South Dekalb Street Shelby. N C 28150 Thomas B McLaughlin Route 3 Mooresville, N C 28115 James Ray McLean, Jr Route 3. Box 36 Laurinburg, N C 28352 Joy A McManus Route 3, Box 401 Granite Falls, N C 28630 Deborah McMillan 14 Wilmore Drive Lenoir. N C 28645 218 Records Michael G McMillian 15 Mam Street Buffalo, S C. 29321 Jeff McNeill 514 Fulton Street Raelord. N C. 28376 Edwin McRae 2106 Lincoln Avenue Wall Tup, New Jersey 02719 Micki Lynda McSwain 709 Parkwood Road Shelby, N C 28150 Nancy L. McSwain Route 4 Shelby, N C 28150 Roger Lee McSwain Route 4 Shelby, N C 28150 Ronald W. McSwam PO Box 126 Lawndale. N. C 28090 William Tim McSwain Route 2, Box 17 Shelby. N C 28150 Brenda C. Meacham 720 Park Avenue Shelby, N C 28150 Barry Gene Medley Route 4, Box 26 Gatfney, S C 29340 Glenda Bradley Melton Route 1, Box 301 Forest City, N. C 28043 Isaac D Messer 110 Willow Street Clover, S. C. 29710 Peggy C. Messick Route 3. Box 3 Salisbury, N C. 28144 Patricia E Mickel Route 3, Weavtl Road Kernsville, N C 27284 Harry E. Middleion, Jr Route 1, Box 822 Waynesville, N. C 28789 James A Milam 109 Valley Street Forest City, N. C 28043 Donald T. Miller Route 1 North Wilkesboro, N C. 28659 Joseph M. Miller Route 3, Box 132 Chester, S C 29706 Billy Joe Millikan Route 3, Box 17 Asheboro, N C 27203 Catherine A. Millikan Route 1, Box 137 Randleman, N C 27317 Kenneth E. Mills 3701 Besser Drive Charlotte, N. C. 28214 Linda Joy Mills Route r " Sylva, N C. 28779 Lynda Jo Mmgoia 25 Roger Road Edison, New Jersey 08817 Michael C Missbach 12 Benedict Place Huntington, New York 11743 Robert Edward Mitchem 110 Thomas Street Brevard. N- C. 28712 Roscoe Mize 1323 4th Street Slatesville, N C 28677 Ricardo Mogna QTU Ell Mar UEB Pomelos DTTO Sucre Av Principal Caracas, Venezuela Glenda J Montgomery Route 1 Semora, N. C. 27343 Deborah Moore Route 6, Box 492 Lenoir, N C 28645 Gary M. Moore Route 3, Box 906 Shelby, N C 28150 Jack Moore Box 424 Stanley, N C 28164 Samuel G Moore, Jr 1209 Arbor Drive Salisbury, N C 28144 Will Moore, Jr 403 S. Ash Avenue Demopolis, Alabama 36732 Craig M. Morehead 307 Edgewood Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Evelyn S Morehead 307 Edgewood Road Shelby, N. C 28150 Frank O Morehead Route 8, Box 84 Shelby. N. C- 28150 Richard W. Moretz Route 5, Box 301 Hickory, N C 28061 Judith L Morgan 1328 Creslview Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Stewart V Morgan Box 123 Six Mile. S, C. 29682 Charles Martin Morris Route 4, Laurel Hill Inman, S. C 29349 David C. Morrow P.O. Box 223 Earl. N- C. 28038 Lynn G. Moss 1405 Wesson Road Shelby, N. C 25330 David E. Mull Route 3, Box 669-A Shelby. N C 28150 Gary Mull Route 1, Box 178 Conelly Springs, N. C 28612 Kenneth E Napier 401 Church Street Elizabethton. Tennessee 3764 Stanley I. Napier P.O. Box 22 New London, N C 28127 Randy Nash Route 3, BOX419-S Charlotte. N. C. 28210 Tommy G Nash, Jr 790 Union Street S Concord, N C 28025 Mehrshid Ansan Nazmi Apadana Sir Nobakhl A Kuche Haftom No. 4 Teheran, Tran Mike Neas Route 5. Mt. View difcle Greenville, S. C 29609 Lonnie R Nelson Route 1 Rural Hall, N. C 27045 Arevia A Nero P.O. Box 347 Rulherfordton, N C 28139 Claire Newton 609 Hanover Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Edna Nichols 1606 Jefl Davis Hwy Camden, S C 29020 Carl Ntsbel 3830 Freds Road Winston Salem. N. C 27100 Roger E Nix Route 1. Box 712 Hudson, N C 28638 Charles Nixon 1132 Dooley Drive Charlotte, N, C- 28212 Mary E. Nixon 1132 Dooley Drive Charlotte, N C 28212 Phyllis J. Noland Route 1. Box 134 Clyde. N. C. 28721 Augusta G Norns 1002 South Johnson Street Gaffney, S. C. 37643 Francis Norton Route 2, Box 568 Brown Summit, N C 27214 Larry G Nunn P.O. Box 586 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Samuel H Ogburn Route 1, Murray Road Winston Salem. N C 27100 Gary Norman Ogle 313 Pmeburr Avenue SE Valdese. N. C 28690 Ernest R Oliver, Jr. Route 5 Shelby, N C 28150 Glenn E. Oliver, Jr 1003 Bnarwood Road Galfney, S C 29340 Amelia M Padgett Box 132 Bostic. N. C 28018 David S, Padgett Route 4. Box 450 Statesville, N. C 28677 Diane P. Padgett Box 536 Boiling Springs, N. C 28017 Franklin Page 1703 W Vandalia Road Greensboro, N C 27406 Elizabeth B Paige 205 W Academy Street Cherryville. N- C. 28021 James C Painter PO Box 58 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Mrs Margaret E Parker 1003 N Washington Street Rutherfordton, N C 28139 Michael Ray Parker Route 1 Eilenboro, N. C. 28040 Pernn E Parker Route 1, Box 169A Blacksburg, S C 29702 Stephen A Parker 208 Sunset Drive Blacksburg. S C 29702 Van Clark Parketon 26 N. Ormandy Road Greenville. S, C 29607 Everett Glenn Parks 2700 Charlwood Drive Winston Salem, N C. 27107 John M Parrish Duncan Road Langley, S, C 29834 Benjamin Parrish 508 N W 14th Street Belle Glade, Florida 33430 Ronald A Patlerson 101 Forest Street Clinton, S C 29325 Sandra Payne Route 1, Box 136-A Belmont. N.C 28012 Gary C Pearson Route 2, Box 189 Shelby, N C 28150 Ronald E Pennmglon 327 E Butofd Sireel Gattney, S C 29340 Michael Dale Philbeck 1408 Beverly Avenue Shelby, N C 28150 Grace K Phillips Route 3, Box 665 Shelby. N C 28150 Carmen R Pierce 2222 Keller Avenue Norfolk. Virginia 23509 Frank D. Pleasants, Jr Route 8. Kenneth Drive Spartanburg, S C 29303 Howard S Plemens Route 6, Box 1045 Franklin, N C 28734 Kalherine A Plemmons 205 Forest Lane Gaffney, S C 29340 Verlon Jay Pompey 404 Hobbs Avenue Shelby, N. C 28150 Kay S Poole P.O. Box 365. Wilcox Road Ti7on, N. C. 28782 Thomas M Poole 711 Weslwood Drive Foresl City, N C 28043 Alfred E Poston 1730 Sterling Road Charlotte. N C 28209 Lou Ann Poston Box 71 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Carmen G Poteal Box 187 Stanley, N C 28164 Brenda Kay Powell Roule 1 Mocksville. N C 27028 Joseph C Powers. Jr 2918 A Street. Marks Drive Winston Salem, N C 27100 Donna Sue Pressley 405 East Second Avenue Easley, S C 29640 Marc V Preston Route 3, Box 670 Shelby, N C 28150 Larry D. Price P.O. Box 201 Southporl, N. C 28461 Ronald W Price Roule 1, Box 275 Mooresboro, N C 28144 Stephen T Price Route 2, Box 51 Leesville. S. C 29070 Mary J Pndgen Route 1, Box 460 Rocky Mount, N C 27801 Larry D Proctor Box 486 Boiling Springs. N C 28017 Kathy A. Props! 1542 Spangler Drive Shelby. N. C 28150 Ada Renee Putman Route 2 Ellenboro, N C 28040 Bruce D Putnam Route 3, Box 111 Shelby, N C 28150 Gordon C Putnam. Jr Route 8. Box 89 Shelby, N- C, 28150 James Edward Putnam Route 6. Box 532 Shelby, N, C 28150 Robert W Putnam 515 West Sumter Street Shelby, N C 28150 Brian E. Queen 205 Northside Circle Greenville, S C 29609 Harold Keith Queen Roule 6, Box 210-A Shelby. N. C. 28150 Sharon A. Quick Roule 2, Box 123-H Foresl City. N C 28043 Gary C Rader Route 10, Box 458 Lenoir, N C 28645 Michael G Radford Box 28 Caroleen, N C 28019 Richard D Rankin 1804 Courtney Dnve North Augusta, S. C 29841 Harvey Lee Rash 1504 N Hope Church Raleigh, N C 27609 Kathy L. Rash Box 323 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Jane O Ratchford Route 1 Dallas, N C 28034 Peggy A Ray Route 4. Box 297 Nakina, N C 28455 Barbara D Raynor Route 1 Warsaw, N C 28398 John Charles Reep P.O. Box 362 Granite Quarry. N C 28072 Kenneth O. Reid 3312 Cncketeer Dnve Charlotte. N. C 28214 Louis Mike Remy Box 459 Boilings Springs, N C 28017 Dallas R Renmnger Lancashire Apt , Apt 7A Nettsville, Pennsylvania 17556 Gloria A. Revis 5420 Ox Road Fairfax Station. Virgmia 22039 Lester J Reynolds, Jr 4112 Casllewood Road Charlotte. N C 28209 Debra V Rhea 622 Meadowbrook Road Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Alex Richard Rhyne 208 Crest Street Mount Holly. N C 28120 Danny R Richardson Route 1 Walnul Cove, N C 27052 Steven G Riddle 1240 Green Valley Road Winston Salem, N C 27100 Paul S Rigsbee 3137 Dixon Road Durham, N C 27707 Larry A Riley 1824 Cupstid Road Cayce. S. C 29033 Mary M Riley 303 Keener Street Gary, N, C 27511 Elsie Diane Robbms 115 West Lincoln Avenue Gastonia, N C 28052 Francis E Robbms, Jr Roule 1 Clinton. S C 29325 James Larry Robbms Route 1 , Box 56 Cowpens. S C. 29330 Sylvia C Robbms Route 1. Box 415 Forest Cily, N C 28043 Clyde W Roberson 2116 Highland Sireel Charlotte, N C 28208 Betty M Roberts 25 Fanning Drive Shelby, N C 28150 John W Roberts, Jr. 721 Buffalo Street Shelby. N, C 28150 Larry G. Roberts Route 2, Box 32-A Whiteville, N C. 28472 Lawrence E. Robertson 822 North Logan Street Gatfney, S. C 29340 Carolyn L. Robinson 306 Deviney Street Spindale. N C 28160 Elizabeth A Robinson 321 Valley St reet Marion. N. C. 28752 Gary L Robinson 1923 C Eastway Drive Charlotte, N C 28205 Sherry W Robinson Route 4, Box 30 Mooresville, N C. 28115 Nancy L, Rocketl 1445 Lynhurst Drive Gastonia, N C 28052 Susan Beth Rodgers 3897 Woodview Drive Winston Salem, N C 27106 John A. Roemer 1803 North Kings Hwy PO Box 1161 Myrtle Beach, S C 29577 Larry E Rollins Route 6, Box 207 Shelby, N C 28150 Richard H. Rose 4 Howland Drive Jekyll Island, Georgia 30233 Dana Wayne Ross Route 9. Box 193 Shelby, N C 28150 Robert L Runyans 426 Leander Street Shelby, N C 28150 Reginald R Rushlon Box 569 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Cynthia R. Russell 525 High Point Street Randleman, N C 27317 David L Russell 442 Spring Street Albemarle, N C 28001 Harry S Russell 1203 E Polo Road Winston Salem, N C 27100 John A Ryder 40 Dewey Street Huntington. New York 11743 Roger R Sailors Route 3 Lawndale, N C 28090 Bernard Parks Sanders 3627 Lanewood Drive SW Roanoke, Virginia 24018 William M Sanders 1641 Jamesion Drive Charlotte. N C 28209 Edwin F. Sansbury 1808 Sumter Avenue ExI. Hartsville, S. C 29550 Elizabeth A. Sapp 12125 Rencik Lane Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 Patricia D Sarratl Roule 1, Box 461 Gaffney. S C 29340 Kemp E. Savage 3958 Richardson Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450 Judy E Scott Route 1, Box 364 Clemmons, N C 27012 Elfreida Scruggs 105 Hillcrest Avenue Forest City, N C 28043 Meredith J Scruggs 120 Moores Drive Belmont, N. C 28012 Sylvia L Scruggs Route 2, Box 159 Shelby, N C 28150 Mary Karen Seale Route 1. Box 134 Catawba, N C. 28609 Ann Sebastian Box 111 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Mane D Sell 1606 E Avenue SE Hickory, N C 28601 Lee W Settle, Jr. 206 Circle Drive Mebane, N C 27302 Isabell S. Setzer Beason Street, Box 803 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Joseph A Sevenno 13791 Oleander Avenue Juno Beach. Florida 33408 LiMie M. Shehan 206 Creslview Street Rutherfordton, N C 28139 Robert E Shell Route 3, Box 355 Piedmont, S C 29673 Bobby Allen Shelton 3303 Turfwood Drive Greensboro. N C 27410 Langston J, Shelton II 402 South Woodrum Street Pearisburg. Virginia Gary Mack Shields Route 1 Franklin, N C 28734 Henry Preston Shiflel 27 S Hallowford Road Greenville, S. C. 29607 Charles G Shillinglaw 108 Poplar Street York, S. C 29745 Jane G Shooter Box 371 Rowland, N C 28383 Darryl L Shope Route 3 Candler, N C 28715 Michael E Shope 6 Summit Drive Arden, N. C. 28704 Gaynell Shouse 5430 Winona Street Winston Salem. N C 27100 Laura S Shrum Route 5, Box 381-A Lincolnlon, N C 28092 Records 219 Steven H Shuford Route 2. Box 132-A Vale. N. C 28168 Mrs- Cindy C. Shull 415 Stroupes Street Kings Mountain. N. C 28086 Rebecca Gail Sigmon Route 2, Box 144 Maiden. N C 28650 Michael R Simmons Route 1, Swam Lane Walkertown. N C 27051 Wm. Clinton Simmons 250 Church Street Marion, N. C. 28752 Kenneth W. Simpson Route 1. Box 229-B Concord. N- C. 28025 James E Sims Box 249 Danville. Kentucky 40422 Doris A, Singleton 926 Harvey Road Greer, S. C 29651 John D Sipe Route 3 York, S C 29745 Michael S Sipe Route 2. Box 227 Kings Mountam. N C 28066 Fred Willard Sisk Route 2 Mooresboro, N. C 28114 Mike Eugene Sisk 610 W Marion Street Shelby. N. C. 28150 Raymond Keith SiSk 815 Arhnglon Street Forest Cily, N C 28043 Susan E- Skidmore P O Box 127 200 Mountain View Drive Cornelius. N C 28031 Burton Lee Skinner 68 Huxley Place Newport News, Virginia 23606 Stanley S Skipper Route 1 Denver, N C 28037 Susan M Slale Route 1 King, N C 27021 Kennelh E Sloan P O. Box 315 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Jerry C. Smathers Route 4, Box 334, Dut Cove Canton, N C 28716 Thomas A Smiley Route 1. Box 230 Lake City. S. C- 29560 Arnold D Smith 103 Parmer Street Forest City, N C 28043 Bert Calvin Smith 103 Carpenter Street Kings Mountain, N C 28086 Bertie W. Smith Route 2, Box 363 Shelby. N, C 28150 Dicy A Smith Route 4, Box 474 Salisbury. N C 28144 Dwight E Smith 108 Forest Drive North Augusta. S. C. 29841 George L Smith Route 3 Lexington, N C 27292 Guynell E Smith P O Box 151 Galfney. S C 29340 Jamarica A Smith Route 9, Box 182 Shelby. N C. 28150 Kathleen I Smith 160 Emerson Avenue N. Babylon, N Y 11703 Nickey Joe Smith Route 2. Box 1130 Connelly Springs, N C 28612 Sam W. Smith 104 Laurel Road Easley. S. C. 29640 Sandra Darlene Smith 308 3rd Street SE Conover, N C 28613 Susan Lee Smith 3432 Farrhill Road Charlotte. N. C. 28208 Linda M- Southards 819 Parkwood Road Shelby, N. C 28150 Anthony F Spagnolo 360 East 18th Street Palerson, N J 07524 Thomas E, Sparks 805 Kirby Street Shelby, N. C 28150 Carolyn J Sperling Route 2 Cherryville, N C 28021 Robert D Spillman Route 1 Walkertown. N C 27051 Margaret V Splawn Route 3. Box 496 Forest City. N. C. 28043 John R Staltord 401 Stroud Road Shelby. N. C 28150 Sharon Lynn Stafford Route 11. Box 430 Salisbury. N C. 28144 James A. Staley 160 A Millwood Drive Lenoir, N C 28645 Paul M. Staley 809 E. Graham Extension Shelby, N C 28150 Virgle B Stamey. Jr Route 1, Box 34-C Connelly Springs. N. 0. 28612 Judy J- Stamey 5th Avenue NW Hickory. N. C. 28601 Glenda F. Stephens Route 7, Box 130 Hickory. N. C. 28601 Michael S. Stephens Route 1 Greer, S. C 29651 David M Stevenson Box 266 Taylorsville, N C 28681 Scott M Stevenson 131 McCord Street Charlotte, N. C. 28200 Michael E Stewart Roule 1, Car Club Ets. Matthews, N. C 28105 Richard P Stewari Carmel Club Estates Route 1 Matthews. S C 28105 Stanley W Stokes P.O Box 236 Enoree, S C. 29335 Robert D Stone 207 View Street Black Mountain, N C 28711 Dakyns B. Stover III 207 Broughton Drive Greenville, S C 29609 Darlene G Sireater P O Box 236 Lilesville, N C 28091 Dumoni C Strickland Route 1 Chesnee. S, C 29323 Bright W Slubbs. Jr 813 N Marlboro Street Bennettsville, S C 29512 William M Stubbs 1305 Hunt Street Shelby. N C. 28150 Harry L Sturgis, Jr. 3030 Courtland Drive Gastonia. N. C 28052 Billy Wade Styers R F D 2, Box 37-A Shelby, N C 28150 Monica F. Styers Route 2 Shelby, N. C 28150 Thomas R Summey 407 W Mam Street Dallas, N. C. 28034 Sidney C Summey, Jr. Apt. 15. 112 N Erwin Street Cartersville. Georgia 30120 Marsha E. Summitl Route 2. Box 531 Ellenboro. N. C. 28043 Martha Raye Surratt Box 9, Oak Street Boiling Springs, N C 28017 William D Surratt Box 358 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Mary Jane Sultle 1401 Hillwood Court Charlotte, N C 28210 Richard A. Sutile 1401 HiMwood Court Charlotte. N. C. 28210 Claude P. Suttlemyre 560 11th Avenue Hickory, N C. 28601 Ricky S. Swaim 862 Pleasant Hill Drive Elkin. N. C 28621 James Arthur Swayney Box 393 Cramerton, N. C 28012 Sandra A Swifl P 0. Box 77 Stale Road, N C 28676 Donna A Swope 2529 N Edgewaler Drive Fayetteville, N C. 28303 June E Tallenl Route 3 Lawndale, N C 28090 Frank J Tapp 103 Fairview Avenue Greer, S C 29651 Gary L Taylor 607 Summit Avenue Greensboro, N C 27405 Johnny A. Taylor Woodruff, S. C 29388 Lucinda C, Taylor 707 West Marion Street Shelby, H. C 28150 Robert M. Taylor 25 Broad Street Asheville, N. C 28801 Rueben G Taylor , 3427 Sirallord Arms D Chamblee, Georgia 30341 Steve C Taylor 9 Wembley Drive Greenville. S. C 29607 Susan P Taylor 3998 Park Road Charlotte, N C 28209 Donald R Teague. Jr Route 1 Newton. N. C. 28658 Andrea W Teeter 1257 9th Street NW Hickory, N C. 28601 Robert Frans Teeter 1618 6th Street N W Hickory, N C 28601 David R. Tenery 1428 Elk Spur Extension Elkin, N C 28621 Samuel Ryan Tenery 1428 Elkspur Extension Elkin, N C 28621 Shirley M Tennyson 154 Sunset Street Spartanburg, S. C. 29302 Roger G. Tessneer Route 2, Box 217-B Shelby, N. C. 81500 Bobby Lane Thomas Route 1. Box 54 Stanley. N. C. 28164 Janice Leigh Thomas Route 4, Box 603 Salisbury, N C 28144 Lewis R. Thomas Route 4, Box 376 Asheboro, N C 27203 Ronnie Thomas Route 1, Box 94-B Blacksburg, S C 29817 Scottie B. Thomas Route 5. Box 373 Franklin, N. C 28734 Anna R. Thompson Box 635 Henrietta. N C 28076 Barbara J. Thompson Wadesboro, N. C- 28170 George S Thompson 46 Susan Drive Mableton. Georgia 30059 Janice C- Thompson 324 South Mam Street Rutherfordton, N C 28139 Mary V. Thompson 1211 Bfookwood Drive Shelby, N C 28150 Raymond W Thompson Route 3. Box 203 Rock Hill, S- C. 29730 Dorma L, Thorne 308 Power Street Spindale, N C 28160 Gregory Thornton 711 Weslwood Slreei Spindale, H C 28160 Rodney Evan ThreatI Roule 4. Box 407 Monroe. N. C 28110 Kirby S. Thurston 700 NE 18th Street Pompano Beach. Florida 33060 John David Tiller Route 2, Box 472 Ellenboro. N C 28040 Charles T Timmons, Jr 53 E Tallulah Drive Greenville, S C 29605 David Tompkins. Jr 1410 Midwood Drive Gastonia, N, C 28052 John F. Tompkins 1410 Midwood Drive Gaslonia, N C. 28052 Steven B Tower 3015 Northampton Drive Charlotte, N C 28200 Davina D, Townsend Route 1. Box 10-B Connelly Springs, N C 28612 William E. Trimnal 1919 Beechwood Circle Gastonia. N- C. 28052 David R Troutman 1010 Robmhood Lane Kannapolis, N C 28081 Brenda D. Tucker 712 Knighldale Avenue High Point. N C 27263 Earl Tucker Box 203, Pfafflown Route Winston Salem, N, C 27040 Donna Y Turner Blacksburg. S C 29702 Edna M. Turner 806 Kings Road Shelby. N C 28150 Larry Turner State Road North CaroNna 28676 Mike Turner 406-E Montgomery Street Gaflney. S C 29340 Sophia Wall Turner Route 1, Box 137 Mooresboro, N C 28114 Pamela B Upton Route 1, Box 248-A Forest City. N C 28043 Gerry E. VaiHancounl 85 31 120 Street Kew Gardens, N Y 11415 Jane Vanhoy 2923 Francis Court Shelby. N, C- 28150 Malcolm Lewis Vaughn Route 3 Greer. S. C, 29651 Eugene R, Vickery Fox Squirrel Ridge Pickens. S. C 29671 Karen Vincent 209 Beledere Avenue Shelby. N C 28150 Carolyn E Vinson Route 1, Box 487 Valdese, N C 28690 Benny A. Waddell Route 5. Gibb Shoals Road Greer, S C 29651 Geneal Dare Wade Route 1. Simpson Street Pfafftown. N C 27040 Elwood L Wadsworth, Jr 1500 Maywood Avenue Batlimore, Maryland 21204 Michael M Wagner P O Box 532 Wadesboro, N. C 28170 Roby H. Wagoner Route 3. Box 273-A Yadkinville. N. C. 27055 Suedel S Wagoner Route 1, Slyers Ferry Road Clemmons, N C 27012 Ronald C Waldrep 819 Kings Road Shelby, N C 28150 Brenda G Walker 332 Mary Ann Street Easley, S. C. 29640 Charles E Walker 305 South Shelby Street Blacksburg. S. C. 29702 Debbie L. Walker Route 4. Box 237 Taylorsville. N C 28681 Glenn Reid Walker P.O- Box 213 Polkville. N. C 28136 Hugh L Walker, Jr 16 W Randolph Road Shelby, N C 28150 Jill C. Walker 4020 Dover Road Durham, N C 27707 John T. Walker 608 West Mam Street Williamston, S C. 29697 Lanny B Walker 1405 East Harper Avenue Lenoir, N C 28645 Mark W Walker Route 3, Box 225 Asheboro. N C 27203 Richard W Walker Route 4. Box 523 Charlotte, N. C 28208 Stan S Walker 54 Wesley Drive McAdenv.lle. N C 28101 Sleven Lane Walker Route 3 Shelby, N C 28150 Vickie D Walker 121 Mooresville Road Lincolnton, N C 28092 Joseph D Wallace Route 3 Rutherfordton, N C 28139 Francine K. Walter 2734Tallu Road Charlotte. N C 28213 Richard F Walters 3758 Southway Drive SW Roanoke. Virginia 24014 Gerrie A Ward Route 3 Wmston Salem. N C 27105 Ricky Stephen Warlick 908 East Mam Street Maiden. N C 28650 Billy Lay Warnock Route 2. Box 2240 Auburndale, Florida 33823 Edward Leslie Warren 6-A 8th Street York. S C 29795 Barry P, Washburn Route 2, Box 265 Ellenboro, N C 28040 Catherine M. Washburn Box 853 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Gloria J Washburn 104 Taylor Street Aiken, S C 29801 Michael K Washburn P.O Box 796 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Brian Leighton Waters 3201 W Market Street Greensboro, N C 27400 Karen A. Wease 309 West Second Street Cherryvtile, N C 28021 Carol Ann Weatherly 4609 Sunny Drive Winston Salem. N. C 27100 Charles H. Welch Neel Road. Route 6 Salisbury. N C 28144 Mary C. Wells Roule 2 Leicesler, N C. 28748 William D. Wessinger 72 By Pass Chester, S. 29706 Clyde W Wesson Route 2 Shelby, N C 28150 James M Westmoreland 219 Boxwood Lane Greenville, S C 29601 Karen D WhisnanI 419 North Green Street Morganton. N C 28655 Ronnie C WhisnanI 505 Webber Street Shelby, N. C 28150 Mary A Whitaker Route 7, Box 233 Shelby, N C 28150 Deborah J. White 740 C. Sedgefield Road Charlotte. N C 28209 Desiree A. White Box 327 Grover, N 0. 28073 Janice S While Route 1, Box 106 Bostic, N C 28018 Jerry C White Route 3 Chesnee. S C 29323 Milinda Patrick While Route 9. Box 40 Shelby, N C 28150 Paul J. While P O Box 126 Morrisville. N C 27560 Sleven Jay While Brighlwood School Road Greensboro, N. C 27400 Willard D White Route 3. Box 667-A Shelby. N C 28150 Terry Gene Wilder Route 2, Box 465 Perry, Florida 32347 Marcia A. Wilkerson 10311 Malcolm Circle Apt. M Cockeysville, Maryland 21030 Carolyn A Williams P O Box 852 Demopolis. Alabama 36732 David Alton Williams 1952 Hinshaw Street Winston Salem, N C 27100 Kenneth L. Wi lliams 222 West Road Greer, S.C 29651 Leslie Williams Box 128 Mooresboro, N C 28114 Martha Jane Williams Route 5. Box 319 Shelby. N C 28150 Richard N. Williams 2056 Craig Street Winston Salem, N C 27103 Robert Williams 109 Fifth Street Towanda. Pennsylvania 18848 Marilyn H Williamson 4910 Gaynor Road Charlotte, N C 28211 Freda K Willis Route 2 Rutherfordton. N C 28139 Genevieve Wills 1605 Arrowhead Pom! Virginia Beach. Virginia 23455 Barbara Ann Wilson Box 667 Denton. N. C. 27239 Brenda S Wilson P.O Box 667 Denton. N C 27239 Deborah J. Wilson 913 Chappell Road Charleston, West Virginia 25300 Fred D Wilson Route 1 Maiden. N C 28650 Ivan E, Wilson, Jr. Roule 1, Box 41 Spartanburg. S C 29301 Jacqueline D Wilson Roule 2 Landrum, S C 29356 Larry B Wilson High Street. Box 291 Littleton. N C 27850 Lillian La Wren Wilson Lowrys, S. C 29725 Mary Evelyn Wilson Route 3 Shelby, N, C. 28150 Bonnie A, Winburn 6 Varsity Square Boiling Springs. N. C 28017 Kathy S Wmfield Route 3. Box 31AA Forest Cily. N C 28043 Thomas E Wingler 216 Pleasant Hill Road Lenoir, N 28645 Richard Dale Winn Box 57 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 Myron M Wise 806 EasI Boyd Street Maiden, N C 28650 Vickie D Witherspoon Route 2, Box 56 Claremont. N- C. 28610 David E. Withrow 316 Meadowbrook Road Charlotte, N. C 28211 Richard E Wofford 805 Townsend Avenue Gaslonia, N C. 28052 Shirley A Wolfe 927 Crestmere Street Charlotte, N C. 28208 Terry F Womick Roule 1, Box 331-A Forest City. N, C 28043 Patricia G Wood 711 South Broadway Forest Cily, N C 28043 William T Wood 315 West Buford Street Gaffney, S C 29340 John K. Wortman Route 8 Shelby, N C 28150 Shelia R Wray P O Box 182 Lawndale, N C 28090 Jack P Wren 808 Carey Drive Rock Hill. S. C 29730 Beth Lynn Wright Route 1, Box 104 Maiden, N C 28650 Johannus D Wright 1713 Fairfield Drive Gastonia, N C. 28052 Martha P Wnghl 1006 West 47th Street Richmond, Virginia 23225 Mary Lanita Wnghl 608 Fullerton Street Shelby, N C 28150 Wm Bradford Wnghl Route 7 Shelby, N. C. 28150 Thomas E Wylie 3013 New Hanover Drive Greensboro. N C 27408 Robert E Yarbro Route 3 Shelby, N C 28150 Jesse Yarbrough Box426-C, Route 1 Roxboro, N C 27573 Issa C Yachou Mousseitboh Beirul. Lebanon Diana Young Route 1 Newton. N C 28658 Frank Lee Young Route 2, Box 590 Bessemer Cily, N C 28016 James M Young Sunsel Boulevard Bon Aire Acres Clinton, S, C 29235 Joe Robert Young 930 Oaklawn Avenue Winston Salem. N. C. 27104 Beverly M. Youni 184 Wheeler Street Lenoir, N C Records 221 72 ANCHOR Staff TOP. Hal Ellion. Sharon Cra.lor,. De.,,e Wa .e. an.y , V ' o- a. ow a. BOTTOM B. S™.no Stafford, Sue Giles. Eileen Brabson. Debbie Hilton, Sandy Smith. Tom Parker Metisa Mc iure. Betsy Chiles. Susanne Conner. 222 Conclusion The 72 ANCHOR is now a publica- tion rather than a plan. This is true due to the help and cooperation of many people. My thanks go first to Keys Printing Company for their Yearbook Workshop and their coop- eration in distributing information and receiving copy for the book. Their assistance was invaluable. Al- so, many thanks to Mr. Ron Norman, representative for Keys, and to Mr. Bill Boyd, publications advisor, whose spirit of cooperation has been not only terrific, but also a valuable lesson. And, last but not least, thanks to my staff. They worked un- tiringly for many long hours, often under the direction of an irate edi- tor, to ensure the success of AN- CHOR 72. We all hope you, the read- ers, enjoy the 72 ANCHOR as much as we enjoyed providing it for you. Tom Parker — Editor Linda Gillespie - Layout Editor Fagg Nowlan - Administration Melisa McClure Bill Simmons - Academics Betsy Chiles Debbie Walker Sandy Smith - Student Life Debbie Hilton Lee Young Sharon Stafford Hal Elliott -Athletics Robert Thompson - Organizations Lynne Harbinson - Records Libby Nixon Sharon Crawford Eileen Brabson Cindy Taylor - Typist Susanne Conner - Typist Sue Giles - Gopher I ABOVE. Eileen Brabson. a veteran member ol the ANCHOR Staff, is known for tier prowess at the type- writer. Conclusion 223 SPECIFICATIONS Compiled by the ANCHOR Staff of Gardner- Webb College and published by Keys Printing Company of Greenville, S. C. Cover manufac- tured by S. K. Smith Company of Chicago, III. Type face Helvetica, paper 80 pound opaque matte, and printing process Offset Lithogra- phy. Outline 8pt. italics, identificationsSpt. body copy lOpt., and headlines 24pt. italics. Further specifications supplied by writing ANCHOR, Gardner-Webb College, Boiling Springs, N. C. 2801 7. No part of this book may be reproduced without the written permission of the 1972 ANCHOR Staff. 224 Conclusion .li!lHK| I mmtMmmguma i

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