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¥ gEOSmWUBUJILUn.VULlMI.IJLllUIJIJBIUU.JMt J.IMAISSSnK Gardner-We Boiling Introduction 1 wiKHnmammmmammimmimssimsasBmiim t- " TSTSSffl B ' " Contents Introduction 2 Administration 18 Academics 32 Student Life 68 Athletics 106 Records 139 Introduction 1 mmi f " fW f PWfiwww .I " mmi. m »-= WW.. 5 ■ . Is S ' ' V ' Mi »K ' - «y V;.) Introduction 7 10 Introduction s I I ■,t A H 12 Introduction ,4, Introduction 13 14 Introduction Introduction 15 i 16 Introduction Introduction 17 IT " «!TOlRfW.JCT!liaiTO» TillSlW«!W ■« fWL m %i . K ■%? V ; ii:l.%: Trustees Above, starting at left: J. L. Suttle, R. Patrick Spangler, Forest C. Roberts, Sr.. C. P. Nanney, Ttiomas Knowles. Paul Bridges, Max Craig, Dr. E. Eugene Poston, A. Thomas Withrow. Mrs. May Cline Stroup, Miss Charline Stamey, James Toliver Davis, Lloyd C. Bost. Additional members of the Board of Trustees are: James Beason. Henderson Bellt, J. Wayne Burris, Thomas R. Causby, G. Wayne DeHart, Marshall Digh, Charles I. Dover. J. D. Fitz, Mrs. L. P. Frans, Rev. Z. Miller Freeman, Ralph W. Gardner, Dr. Reed Gaskin, John Gibson, James Gilley, Joe Gilley, Royce Grindstaff, Mrs. J. C. Names, Dr. C. H. Harrill, T. Ray Helms. T. R. Hendrix, Sr., Rev. W. T. Hendrix, Garrie L. Kendrick, Rev. Dillard Mynatt, J. Roy Robinson, Arthur Smith, Hobart C. Smith, Ralph Spangler, Dr. Grady Wilson and Tom C. Wilson. 20 Administration Campaign In mid-April of 1970, a business and industrial leaders dinner was held on the campus to kick-off a $1,500,000 capital funds campaign to build a new library, a men ' s dor- mitory, an addition to the Webb Building, conversion of the present library into a classroom building, and to add to the college ' s endow- ment fund. During most of the school year areas about the college were solicited for funds for these badly needed facilities. The Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors, led by national Chairman, R. Pat- rick Spangler, pledged a major share, $880,000, toward the goal. The faculty and staff, even the dish- washers in the cafeteria, pledged almost $90,000. This spurred on the effort and as Spring came into bloom it was announced that the goal was in sight and a victory din- ner was set in mid-May with Gov- ernor Robert Scott as the speaker. Ground has already been broken for a new chapel, which was planned and funds raised in the 1965 cam- paign. Plans are on the drawing boards for the new library and men ' s dormitory. Both should be under construction in mid-summer. So a dream is being fulfilled as badly needed buildings will soon no longer be dreams, but realities. Above Mr. Jack Schweppe presents P.P.G. ' s $20,000 contribution to Mr. Pat Spangler and Dr. Cribb. Top Dr. Poston explains archi- tect ' s drawings of the proposed chapel to Mrs. Jacl Vincent, Mr. John R. Dover III, and Mrs. John R. Dover, Jr. 21 Administration Dr. Poston Comments: m - 4|r ™ 22 Administration NUMBER OF STUDENTS We are working toward a student body of 1800. Of course, we want to make sure we have faculty to provide the best instruction and the physical plant to provide the needs of such a student body. ATTRACTING STUDENTS Our main assets include low faculty to student ratio, a dedicated facul- ty, and a guarantee that students will have a chance to get an edu- cation. STUDENT OPINION The student is the only factual source of student opinion. We urge our faculty to continually associate with the students, and to stay alert to the opinions of the students. I have personally found that I can learn much by talking with stu- dents. PROPOSED STRUCTURES We are in the process of planning and building a new chapel. We hope to start work in early 1971 on the new library and also the con- version of the present library into a classroom building. The Webb Administration Building will be doubled in size sometime in late 1971 and early 1972. A new men ' s dormitory will be constructed in 1972. STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES The students have voting privileges on committees. We need and solicit the ideas of students in committee work. We feel that this will give our students a chance to learn the problems and functions of a col- lege. No students are on the Board of Trustees, but we hope to have some in the future. SOCIAL LIFE There is not a doubt in my mind that it needs improving. There is too little social life and students will have to carry a major share of the responsibility in providing this needed improvement. ROLE IN THE COMMUNITY Every college should upgrade the educational, cultural, social and spiritual level of the community in which it is located. This should be even more so in the case of a Christian college. The entire col- lege family should keep its eyes open to opportunities to make con- tributions to the advancement of the community. ECOLOGY I do not feel that any of us are aware enough of the problems which face the world community. However, I believe there will be an increasing concern in all areas as the student body matures. RESPONSIBILITIES AND GOALS I must never lose sight of the fact that Gardner Webb is a Christian college dedicated to providing a Christian education. As President I feel that I must continually impress upon our entire college family the importance and responsibility of serving the churches of the area and even more important, serving our Lord. My main goal is to see a distinct Christian atmosphere permeate the whole life of the col- lege. Administration 23 Academic Dean Comments. Thomas J. McGraw ACCREDITATION In October Dr. Poston, Mr. Mack and I appeared before a committee to talk about the committee ' s visit in the spring of 1970. It was our job to relate to them what accomplish- ments had been made during the summer and fall of 1970. A good many of the suggestions made by the committee have been accom- plished, but there are many of them which can ' t be accomplished over- night. I believe that the quantitative demands can be met; such as the number of books in the library, the teacher - student ratio, and the number of seating spaces in the classrooms, in the library, and for assembly purposes. The main dif- ficulty is to convince the committee that what we are doing has educa- - fi ,gLTOOIIASi.»« MI tional value. This will be done by presenting a total picture and not just one specific facet of school life. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS I feel that we are getting a higher quality of students but that the ac- ademic requirements have not been raised. I hope we will always be willing to take students who might not meet the requirements of college preparation and give them a chance, especially those in this community. ACADEMIC OPPORTUNITIES As far as receiving a liberal arts education, a student has ample opportunity here as at any other liberal arts institution. After all, a student can make what he wants to out of Gardner - Webb. Students here receive in direct proportion to what they put out. ACADEMIC STRUCTURE We ' ll go through a period of finding out what we are and what we can do for ourselves. The academic structure will remain liberal arts. We will continue to have a heavy emphasis on business and teacher certification. I believe a liberal arts institution is more in keeping with a Christian institution than any other type of institution. This does not mean that we will not use new innovations. We will innovate when and where we have to, to give the students the best possible educa- tion. 24 Administration I x Top Mrs. Dorothy Edwards, Registrar Left Mr. Robert Abrams, Director of Admissions Administration 25 26 Administration 1 ii Opposite page far left Mr. Hubert Dixon, Division of Matfi and Natu- ral Science Opposite page top Dr. Daniel Hosier, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences Opposite page left Dr. Thurmand Lewis, Division of Humanities Above Mr. Deck Andrews, Division of General Business Above right Dr. Robert Blackburn, Division of Education Administration 27 Opposite page top Mr. Jerry Walker, Director of Alumni Activities Opposite page bottom Mr. John Beam, Director of Development Right f r. Jesse Taylor, Director of Financial Aid and Placement Above Mr. Charles Mack, Business Manager 28 Administration I Administration 29 30 Administration Opposite page lop Dr. Dan Proctor, Director of Guidance and Counseling Opposite page tar left Mr. TInomas Poston, Director of Student Affairs Opposite page bottom Mr. William Boyd, Direc- tor of Promotions Top left Mr. Luther Banner, Director of Mens Affairs Lett Miss Ruth Kiser, Director of Womens Affairs Administration 31 % , " ,n I . ! ' ' F ' " ; ) ' Business Administration " 34 Academics To educate students thirough a blend of cultural knowledge, eco- nomics literacy, and basic business principles with emphasis on ethical and spiritual values as an impor- tant element in a successful career in business is the overall objective of the Business Administration curriculum. They propose to prepare men and women who have a preference for business or office vocations. It is imperative that the student recog- nize the contribution business ful- fills in attaining an adequate eco- nomic efficiency. Top: Mr. Andrews assists students in Accounting Lab. Above: Digital Calculator. Academics 35 Education and Library Science The Department of Education and Library Science plays an influenc- ing role on the education of each student. The department, within the framework of the liberal arts and sciences, offers programs in early childhood, intermediate, and sec- ondary education. The department is conceived as a cooperative en- terprise of the entire faculty. An outstanding job is being done by this department in emphasizing the understanding of moral growth and development of our fellow man. It bestows in the student an aware- ness of duties and responsibilities of teaching and prepares him to become an integral part of his com- munity. I li 36 Academics Far left Cindy Lemmons gives and receives an experience in learning. L eft Art is required for Religious Education majors. Below Elementary Education majors construct a lesson plan. Academics 37 Health and Physical Education In order to achieve professional sta- tus the Department of Health and Physical Education is striving to develop physically, mentally, and socially stable individuals. This ser- vice to the college and community is vital in the automated society prevalent today. Offering classroom and gym instruction, providing a " top notch " curriculum, develop- ing qualified teachers, coaches, and recreational directors, and stimulating student interest through intramurals enables the depart- ment to meet its desired goals. The department boasts of expand- ing their program through the addi- tions of gymnastic and every feasi- ble type of equipment. The utilization of modern audio- visual aids enhances the teaching methods and provides for one of the strongest departments on cam- pus. 38 Academics Top Class listens intently to Dr. Blackburn ' s Health lecture. Far left Ed Lawrence and Buzzy Simms perfect tfieir form in badminton class. Top right Gymnastics requires the skill of tumbling. Above Proficiency on the trampoline is difficult to attain. Academics 39 Ancient Languages Gardner-Webb is the only Baptist College in the Southern Baptist Convention that offers a major in the three Biblical languages of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. This year marks the beginning of the Aramaic and advanced Hebrew courses. All of these courses aid in prepar- ing students to translate and under- stand classical and Biblical texts in their original languages. Accord- ing to Dr. Carl Bates, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, " a major such as this is long over- due in our Baptist Colleges " . 40 Academics ' " ' fe r Above David Champion finds informal discussion with Professor Cline helpful. Top Mr. Lutz goes over reference material with students. Opposite page Mr. Lutz adds color to his classes by their informal atmosphere. Academics 41 English The English division of Gardner- Webb College is establishing a curriculum that is flexible and eas- ily manageable. Certainly it meets the best descriptions printed of a modern program. Writing and thinking with maturity, expression and appreciation is the main goal. Each student is also en- couraged to integrate his studies with world thought to comprehend and shape the contemporary scene. As a result of this literary experience society can enjoy life culturally and aesthetically in the future. Once the students are con- fronted with modern and ancient literature, they can appreciably comprehend the heritage of which they are a part. This is basic to the survival of a learned civilization. 42 Academics Opposite page left; " World Poetry " is a drawing card for English majors. Opposite page top: Mr. Stowe lectures his 1:30 fresh- man English class. Left: f rs. Brown leads class in discussion. Academics 43 Fine Arts During the past year more students have taken interest in the fine arts than at any other time in the history of the college. The positive attitude of the student body has strength- ened and expanded this program at a surprising rate. The music and arts sections help the student to communicate his most intimate thoughts. They provide the individ- ual with opportunity to engage in creative activity as either spectator or participant. Students in this field provide man w ith images of the world today, yesterday, and to- morrow. The drama section pro- motes an individual ' s effective oral communication of his ideas, atti- tudes, and concepts towards to- day ' s complex social structure. ' i 44 Academics 1 Opposite page top Mr. Jones tries to impress his students witti the importance of correct staging. Opposite page bottom Ceramics, one of the most popular art courses, allows the artist to use his creative abilities. Left Steven Ray finds that sculpture is a highly creative form of art. Below Long hours are spent pre- paring for recitals. Foreign Languages I Above: Susan Anderson recites to Mr- Setzer. Top Right: Linda Mingoia concentrates on Spanish dialogue. Right: Frank Thornton checks Spanish assignment. 46 Academics Foreign language training assists students in gaining an understand- ing of the culture, civilization, and literature of another people. The awareness of another culture en- ables students to more fully ap- preciate their own surroundings. The modern foreign language al- lows the individual to intellibly translate the understand the natu- ral languages of countries, both far and near. With modern devices available, the students learn at their own capacity level. Stress is placed upon speaking fluently the language in labs and lectures. The linguists at Gardner-Webb focus on French, German, and Spanish. These foreign courses enable stu- dents to develop a broader scope of education. Academics 47 Library The Dover Memorial Library is un- dergoing a period of transition. The library staff must meet the needs of the faculty and student body as well as transpose all library books and equipment to a new building. They are striving to place additional books, magazines, and reference material on the shelves. To help in meeting the needs of students and faculty the periodicals librarian is in the process of re- building the periodicals lab and making sure professional maga- zines are at the student ' s disposal. To increase service to the college community a new library is planned which will cover 50,000 square feet and house 125,000 volumes. This will exceed the present 10,000 per year intake. The library must achieve it ' s goals to supply the College with an efficient, informa- tive, and spacious atmosphere in order that accreditation standards are met. 48 Academics Academic s 49 Religion The Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy presents the Christian way of life to the stu- dent by introducing the teachings of the Bible and guiding him in studying the beliefs of the Christian Faith. The major schools of thought and the principal problems which confront human existance are stressed in the instructional meth- ods of the department. The rewards of the department will be witnessed as men and women go out into their vocational work or into seminaries and graduate schools. V so Academics Academics 51 Biology and Chemistry 52 Academics Students entering Gardner-Webb are exposed to the biological divi- sion before graduation. The de- partment supplies the best instruc- tors and lab facilities. This, in turn, gives them a broad comprehension of the physical world around them. The biological sciences enhance the students ' awareness of living things, their properties, and the chemical composition of the ma- terial world. Students majoring in this area are being prepared for graduate study, teaching, and pro- fessional study in medicine, dent- istry, pharmacy, optometry, medi- cal technology, nursing, physical therapy, agriculture, and industry. Top Lett: Jim Nolan and Dubbie Moore dissect a rat in Anatomy lab. Far Lett: Mr. Ctialcraft explains to a student the composition of a rock. Left: Student. in Science Education spend their time in labs. Above: Chemistry students are in the beginning stages of an experiment. Academics S3 TL Professor Carpenter explains print positions on the IBM 402. Left Charles Potter calls Computer Triangle Research Park. TR Bob Taylor and Boyce Hensley analyze a computer output. LR Professor Griggs lectures a R.P.G. language class. 54 Academics Data Processing The Department of Data Process- ing plays an important role on campus by offering to the students and faculty the use of a computer facility and assists them with activ- ities involving complex computa- tions and involved data processing. In the accomplishments of its ob- jectives the Data Processing De- partment acquaints the students with one of the newest instruments of science and industry, the elec- tronic computer. A long range dream came true this year in the department, with the addition of the I.B.M. 1130 computer. With this new equipment the department has reached a fully independent state of operation and can now offer a new programming language, For- tran. Everyday the department proves its value as an instrument of higher learning and as an aid in the growth of the college. Academics 55 Math and Physics Teaching students to think, through the use of mathematics and phy- sics, is a task undertaken by one phase of our college curriculum. New courses are available to ac- quaint the prospective teacher with the latest materials and methods. The department has also added upper level courses to complete the major program. Due to the ad- vanced technical and scientific age in which our society exists, it is imperative that fundamental and complex mathematical situations be stressed. In order to accomplish the demands instigated by our generation, new computers and programming mechanisms are being installed. 56 Academics Far left: Freshman math requires digging deep into the bacl of one ' s mind. Left: Kathy Phillips seems to express attention, comprehension, and yet, a touch of con- fusion. Academics 57 Social Science To maintain the pace Instigated by todays society it is Imperative that the college equip her students with a comprehension of the social environment. The Associated So- cial Science Department Is attempt- ing this feat. It provides no pan- acea, only acquainting knowledge which will hopefully improve the relationships within the human so- ciety. The objectives contained within the expanding curriculum of senior sta- tus are basically to train compe- tent teachers and social workers and Interested citizens to perform the roles relevant In today ' s society. The department is accepting the challenge and the student must con- cur. The nation is soon to belong in our hands, and with the understand- ing of our society we shall have a fruitful future. 58 Academics Top left Mr. Lanstord Jolley collects class survey. Bottom left Miss Doris Jones lectures a Social Problems class. Above Tom Parker spends many hours reading sociology. Academics 59 History History provides individuals with an intellectual adventure into life. Students can share in the conquest of the Normans, the victories of Napoleon, ortheagony of the United States Civil War. By establishing a new teaching phenomenon called team teaching, each professor lec- tures on a subject to which he has done extensive research. This is a unique attempt to initiate a closer student-teacher relationship. Through an intensive study of the world ' s heritage, the arising prob- lems of the future become more evident. Therefore, history is deter- mined by today ' s students. 60 Academics Top left Dr. Eddin lectures his Political Theory class. Left A his- tory lecture by Mr. Eastman is never boring when a controversial issue is discussed. Above Dr. Hosier explains the tradition of the " Old South " . Academics 61 Psychology The Department endeavors to de- velop an understanding of the fun- damentals of human behavior, a functional knowledge of scientific methods of studying behavior, and an appreciation of the dignity and complexity of man. The department is furthering it ' s expansion this year, with a new course and lab in ex- perimental psychology. The lab aids In actually letting its students per- form their own experiments to broaden views concerning human behavior. The Department of Psy- chology IS striving, through its strong curriculum, to become the best department on campus. 62 Academics Far left After class, John Dellinger and Scott Good seek further information from Mrs. Carpenter. Below Counseling gives Psychology majors helpful information on assisting others with their problems. !,;V: Academics 63 Nursing With the demand for nurses across the country, we must educate and train individuals to meet the re- quirements of a first rate medical profession. The National League for Nursing recognizes that the nursing program has met the standards of a qualified program. The unique aspect of the nursing program is the use of the Audio-tu- torial Instruction mechanism. With the untilization of off-campus re- source persons for conferences and lectures, it exemplifies the expansion of an accredited system. Students can question important issues of which they are unsure. These techniological advances provide a well rounded curriculum, and an answer to the quest for needed medical assistants. Above: Temperature, Pulse and Respiration are checked by Ginny Mabry. Opposite page top: Sandra Bailes practices inter- personal technique. Opposite page bot- tom: Nancy Rockett. Jane Casstevens and Sidney Martin position the patient in a chair and provide good body alignment. 64 Academics Academics 65 [f: t Opposite page top: Debbie Dysart and Phyllis Bateman prepare medications for the floor. Opposite page bottom: Gail Hawk refreshes Rufus Wallace after he gives blood. Above right: Margaret Splawn pre- pares for an injection. Above: Cindy Rus- sell administers an injection to Beverly Chance. Right: Beth Wright. Sandra Bailes. Mrs. Adams and Libby Dixon work together to position a patient in bed. 66 Academics k ' i ' fl Academics 67 ' wm ' -t- 4 ' ' m u-s-.r lf ' ' n-r- ' i-T ' i - m r - : : [;f- ;s P5M 4 4 September The month of two fold meanings. For the freshman the first few hours were alone and uneasy. For the upper classmen there was the comfort of old acquaintances and familiar surroundings. Registration lines and class requirements in- creased anxieties. Relaxation was found in the more pleasant social activities of concerts, pep rallies, and receptions. Football season began and the student body held high hopes for success. V 70 Student Life mm £i0ffy 1 w Jfl 1 1 - - " — -« i ' - TL SGA President Fagg Nowlan and Dr. Poston greet students at faculty reception. Lett George Surratt and Ron Noe make final course selections. Top Ttie Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band composed a master- piece of percussion. Above The Spurrlows brougfit their message through song. Right Marlena Shaw brought her night club style to the campus. Student Life 71 72 Student Life Far Left Rev. Ian Walker ' s warm personality and radiant smile was an inspiration to the students. BL Jim Beatty talks with Terry Weavil and Dickie Sherrill prior to his talk on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. TL George Spencer presents the school spirit trophy, The Presidents Cup, to Dr. Poston. Top The Freshmen pa- rade to the stadium with beanies and noise makers to demonstrate their new school spirit. Right Pep rallies and bon fires are sure signs of school spirit. Above Rip-um up, tear - um up, go dogs go! Student Life 73 October 1. Mik l . igti- Opposite Page Top Kenny Rogers led the dynamic First Edition. Opposite Page bottom Nanney, Stroup and Hapy combined their talents to produce a winning float. Above: Dr. Poston crowns the new Homecoming Queen. Linda Tolbert. 74 Student Life October was a busy month. Among the activities and entertainment for this month was a production of a satirical spoof on nineteenth cen- tury melodrama, " Pure as the Driv- en Snow " by Paul Loomis presented by the Drama Department. Then there was Homecoming. Dur- ing the weeks of preparation, school spirits were lifted high. The parade, sponsored by t h e merchants of Shelby, displayed the time consum- ing work put forth by the students. The determination and spirit of the Bulldogs was not dampened by the steady rain which fell during the Homecoming football game as Gardner-Webb defeated the Mars Hill Lions. Among the highlights of this week-end was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, Miss Linda Tolbert, during the halftime activi- ties, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition provided the week-end en- tertainment. These top entertainers added the finishing touches to a successful Homecoming. Student Life 75 wi Top right Sue Sandifier was caught in the middle of Bill Murphy and Richard Dedmon In " Pure as the Driven Snow " . Right Rickey Bullin was a new face in Gardner-Webb drama. Top Tim Frazier Is pressured by the Mauney pass rush. Above Sheila Queen moves Into position to stop a HAPY runner. 76 Student Lile :S | Student Life 77 78 student Lite Student Life 79 November Once again It was time to settle down and do some serious study- ing. The Library, classrooms, dor- mitory rooms and teachers offices were the action spots for this month. Before leaving for Thanks- glvlng Holidays, everyone crammed for tests, wrote term- papers and had " little discussions " with their teachers concerning grades. As the football season fi- nally ended, the experience gained from their first competitive year against other senior colleges, should prepare them for a future winning season. Basketball season began with a victory over Barber-Scotia. Right: Falling leaves a sure sign of Thanksgiving. Above: Marine Corps recruiters offer a promising future to many students. 1 80 Student Life student Life 81 t 82 Student Life Below: Charlie Kale listens intently to the fine points of Economics. Be- low Right: Anchor Staff works toward its first deadline. Student Lite 83 December December was a change of pace. Basketball was the key word. The Bulldogs provided a winning at- mosphere on campus as they ex- celled In the tournaments during this month. Herb Reed and his Gang presented a blanket concert which was a great success among the students. With the holidays in mind students found it difficult to concentrate on studying, but hope- fully everyone passed and will re- turn next semester. Above: Herb Reed brought back memories with the great hits of The Platters. Top Right: The Ensemble presented their tradi- tional Christmas program. Right: The Bulldogs prepare to break for another vic- tory. I 84 Student Lite student Life 85 86 Student Life Opposite top left: Taking notes is essen- tial in preparing for final exams. Opposite page far left: Students can always be counted on to give blood. Opposite page left: Nanny Dormitory brigtitens up the Christmas of a needy family. Right: Ricky Bullin, Neal Ann Watson, Mike Stubbs, Excitement to the play. Summer and Smoke. Below: Brenda Crosby, Sue Ann Sandifier, and Jim Robinson had the leading roles in Summer and Smoke. Student Life 87 January The new year began. Once again It was time to nnake resolutions. Better study habits, wealth, love. peace, you name It. It was resolved. Registration faced the students. Lines were as long and hectic as usual. The placement office pro- vided advice, information, and aid for many prospective graduates. Art work ranging from Paul Changs Op Art to Hal Bryant ' s realism was exhibited by students. The National Players, a highly ac- claimed international touring rep- ertory company, presented a tow- ering Greek tragedy. Oedipus Rex. for the public. Week-ends were quiet except for home basketball games. As January came to an end, the basketball team left for their long awaited trip to the Virgin Islands. 88 Student Life r??Tl l.waiy.j5! Left: The National Players present a performance of Oedipus Rex. Left: Students diligently prepare their schedules for the Spring semester. Student Life 89 Opposite page top right: Mr. Taylor ' s purpose is to heip students in finding financial aid and job placement. Opposite page riglit: Donald Farrows pop art painting. Atwve Right: Students can find information on jobs at the placement office. Right: Team boards plane lor the Virgin Islands. 90 Student Life student Lile 91 February February brought many profound speakers to the campus of Gardner- Webb. For a change of pace, the students were given an opportunity to voice their own opinions and religious beliefs. Gardner-Webb was honored with the presence of two well-known evangelists. The standing ovation given to Bob Har- rington, the Chaplin o f B o u r b o n Street, is in itself evidence of an inspired audience. With the dedica- tion service of Spangler Hall we were fortunate to have Dr. Billy Graham as our guest speaker. Once again the Student Government as- sociation presented the Classics IV in concert. Featuring Dennis Yost the Classics IV have their own dis- tinctive style and identity. Saturday night ' s concert, introduced by Allen and Freddies ' ventriloquist act was an added attraction to the perform- ance of the Friends of Distinction. The dynamic vocal group " grooved it on out " . Overlapping basketball is baseball. Spring practice began and the team goals are high for the forthcoming season. 92 Student Life Opposite page top Encounter groups help- ed students to self-realization. Opposite page bottom Mr. and Mrs. Pat Spangler re- ceive congratulations after d eidication of Spangler Hall from Dr. Billy Graham. Above Dr. Billy Graham, an inspiration to all. Left Bob Harrington talks with students after his uniquely enlightening experience. Student Life 93 94 Student Life Opposite page Chip Harding demonstrates a back layout. Lett With enduring strength and concentration, Hugh Hawl ins attempts a hand stand. Below Dr. Poston presents game ball to senior, Jack McGill. Student Life 95 Opposite page far right Once again the Classics IV express deep feeling in their second performance at Gardner-Webb- Op- posite page right Allen and Freddie relax the audience with a bit of humor. Opposite page bottom right The Friends of Dis- tinction, highly professional entertainers, gyrate at Bost Gym. Top right Stan Napier. Alice Pike. and " Sue Anne Sandifer play leading roles in the tragedy ' Lithuana " . Above and right Essen- tial characters in the comedy, " The Worthy Farce of Pierre Ratlin ' " , were Linda Voncannon and Bill f urphy. Also starring in this production were Ricky Bullin, Ron Zedick, Danny Still- man, and Bill Murphy. 96 Student Life student Lite 97 May Day Balloons, elephants, baby dolls. poker cards created this Disney on Parade. May Queen, Vicki Jackson, reigned and was accompanied by her Maid of Honor. Rebbecca Jamerson, and surrounded by her attendants Claudia Houser. May Barton, Susan Arrington, Melody Bennick, Stephanie Angelo and Susan Arisen, The festivities closed with a concert by the Brooklyn Bridge. The standing ovation given the performers by the students ex- pressed their feelings for May Day. 98 Mayday ' ■f» " ' ■ L Mickey Mouse lead Disney on Parade. BL The Stroup dolls won 1st place in the May Day competition. TR The waltz of the May court. BR May Day closed with a per- formance by the Brooklyn Bridge. Above Truly a Cinderella, Vicki Jackson. (Mayday 99 Spring i Warm weather arrived at last. Exams were close but the spring weather was irresistable. Time was found to elect new S.G.A. officers who would carry out the hopes and expectations of the student body. Graduation is the goal of these ex- pectations. IVIany have waited for this day, now that it has arrived the graduate realizes that college days are over and it is now time to put his education to use. 100 student Life i Opposite Page Left: Students vote for SGA officers. Opposite Page Far Left: Warm weatfier gave students a cfiance to relax and enjoy outdoor activitis. Above: Tfie traditional marcti from C.I.D. to tiie Bost Gym. Left: Dr. Poston and tvlr. McGraw award diplomas. Student Life 101 yH ,rr V ,• - i ' 4L!Sk. Un6a Tolbert Holiday Tournament Queen I %. ' ' " m w % l. , ' ■■ ' ■■ ,;j m 104 student Life Vickie Jackson 1970 May Queen LaNita Wright Sweetheart Queen Vickie Jenkins Roteract Sweetheart student Life 105 ' ' ' ' iWHri ?TrtBgwwi«» w BHiiwwi»|i!i»»T!giw«w? » iPif q»Tf: ' ;i X V •?¥ V -v.. ' kL k-ja ° " ' ' ' ' ' " — ' V : vV, : K " v-.. ' M - -v m iX " ) ' ■ ' ¥. ' te i !-. .•• ' ■ mi ■■ ' ■ " ■--■ ' --- - ' - ' " - .f?l -I .1. . FOOTBALL 14 LENIOR RHYNE 3 NEWBERRY 12 MILLSAPS 7 GUILFORD 28 SAMFORD 19 BLUEFIELD STATE 18 MARS HILL 20 PRESBYTERIAN 6 GEORGETOWN 12 ELON Won 2 Lost 8 27 21 35 56 21 13 44 19 30 GWC 36 84 65 98 103 94 S3 84 120 59 73 100 106 113 95 127 131 153 128 105 103 120 85 90 BASKETBALL Barber-Scotia Pembroke State UNC-AsheviPe Fayetteville Slate High Point Tusculum Shorter Univ. of West Florida Belmont Western Carolina Campbell High Pomt Point Park Southern Tech, VMI St. Augustine dtnonl 6di Paine Colli Guilford 1 Allen University UNC-Asheville Barber-Scotia District 26 Tournament Guilford Won 20 Lost 4 77 80 74 84 52 73 62 118 60 66 66 78 94 72 98 92 109 70 104 6 7 4 15 15 10 11 14 16 8 15 20 2 6 13 6 Broyhill Chiefs Broyhill Chiefs Won 16 i-BasebafI Elon 2 Akron University 11 California State College. Pa. 1 California State College. Pa Davis-EIkins. W.; Va. 5 Albany State Univereity Albany State University 9 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Western Carolina 6 Piedmont 2 Piedmont 7 Shaw University 1 Broyhill Chiefs 4 Milligan College 3 Broyhill Chiefs 9 7 4 Lost 2 I GWC 8 UNC-Asheville 7 Mars Hill 2 Guilford 2 Eton 9 UNC-Asheville Wofford Pfieffer Pfietfer 6 Mars Hill 3 Elon Wofford 1 Guilford Won 4 Lost 8 1 2 7 7 9 9 9 3 4 7 8 GWC 14 20 22 i7yj 23V2 23y2 24 i5y2 14 ' a ir a 20 10 201 ? Catawba Guilford High Point Presbyterian Newberry Lenoir Rhyne Newberry Mars Hill Lander Presbyterian Erskine Clemson Lenoir Rhyne WonlT-v ■ « i» z. Golf The Gardner-Webb golfers re- corded wins in 12 of 14 matches in match play and won 12, lost 1, and tied 1 in stroke play. Victories in both categories came over High Point, Guilford, Newber- ry, Lenoir - Rhyne, Mars Hill, Lander, and Erskine. Probably the top event of the year was a four - way match with Pres- byterian, Erskine, and Clemson in Clinton, S.C. In match play the Bull- dogs lost a hard fought battle to Clemson and were barely edged by Presbyterian. The Bulldogs were stronger in stroke play however, tieing Clem- son and beating both Presbyterian and Erskine. Terry Florence of Charlotte was the low individual scorer of the year with an average round of 73 for 20 rounds. Other leaders were Mike Stewart with a seasons average of 74 and Bob Hines with a 75 average. 110 Athletics I « TL Terry Florence lines up birdie putt. TR Mike Stewart blasts from the trap. LR Bobby Mines waits tiis ctiance at the cup. Athletics 111 112 Athletics TL John Henderson chips out of the rough. LL Benjy Adams checks the lay of the green. TR John Kyle putts for eagle. LR Coach Allen walks to the green. Tennis Gardner - Webb ' s tennis team fin- ished strong by soundly defeating arch rival Mars Hill and taking two from the new UNC-A. Hustle and that never give up atti- tude prevailed on the courts as the Bulldogs entered into fulltime sen- ior college athletics. While the record posted was 4-8, the Bulldog netters showed vast improvement over past years and gave promise of an even better fu- ture. Coached by Mr. Jim Taylor and paced by Barry Maney, Larry Smith and Billy Walters, the tennis team worked, and sacrificed for that which is foremost — Victory! 114 Athletics • . -,; «18 TL Billy Walters connects with a forehand. BL Lee Eskridge recovers with a forehand. TR Barry Maney shows the poise which won him the K lost Valuable Player Award. BR Larry Smith approaches with a confident forehand. Athletics 115 Baseball The Bulldog nine finished the 1970 season with 19 wins and 2 losses. Enthusiasm was displayed by the team as they faced senior college competition. Sophomore John Hamrick and Junior Joe Stepp lead the batting category as both hit above the 400 percentile mark. Bobby Lail lead the pitching de- partment with seven wins and no loses. With all the players returning from this team, Coach Jerry Bryson feels confident that his team will be ready to face even steeper compe- tition in the coming year. 116 Athletics tvftWfr " - fmw4mmw TL Joe Brown shows the thrill of another home run. BL Team - mates enthusiasm receives Joe Brown at home plate. Above Gary Willey slides into second. Athletics 117 T ' : ' .-.- ' ■■ 1 ' 11B Athleiics TL Mike Anthony levels off toward right field. BL Roger McSwain beats the throw to third. TR Gary Wllley catches clean throw out at first. Above Joe Stepp scoops ball for out at third. Athletics 119 Football 120 Athletics Top left Scrambling Ray Hannon rolls left and cocks his power- ful rigfit arm. Left The gridiron men jog toward the bench as emotions grow high awaiting the kickoff. Above The crowd comes to its feet as Lanny Mabry looks for the opening in the interior line. Athletics 121 The 1970 football season at Gard- ner-Webb saw the Bulldogs taking on established foes in their first senior status effort. Coach George Litton, in his premier season at Gardner-Webb faced the difficult task of molding freshman, junior college transfers and seniors into a competitive team. During the season the Bulldogs faced such Carolina Conference powers as Lenoir Rhyne, Guilford and Presby- terian. Highlighted by Ray Hannon ' s passing and hampered by injuries to key personnel the Bulldogs fin- ished with a 2-8 record. The sopho- more quarter back averaged 144 yards passing with Ken Reid and tVleredith Scruggs being the prime receivers. The wide open passing game was new to Gardner-Webb followers and made every moment interesting. The season was highlighted by a Homecoming victory over rival Mars Hill 18-13. This win was made pos- sible by a last minute goal l ine stand with Gardner-Webb repelling the Lions four plays from inside the one yard line. Thoughts have already turned to- ward next season and hopes are high that the Bulldogs will acquire fewer injuries and more victories. 122 Athletics ; Far left The Bulldog defense collapses on the Newberry quarter- back. Bottom left In the Newberry game, Colennan Hunt spent most of his night in the offensive backfield. Lett All eyes focus on the south end of the field as the coaches wait for the big defensive play. Below David Gibbons shifts his weight down- field looking for the opening. Athletics 123 - Top left The defense reacts quickly but Reid cradles another pass. Middle left Tommy Way shows why he wears a helmet lined with sculls and bones. Bottom left The defense quickly decreases the running room of the powerful single-wing. Left Steve Carswell breaks up another intended pass. Below left Woody Fish stuns the Presby- terian All-Conference quarterback with a blindside tackle. Below Running back, Daryl Corley, lowers his head and prepares to meet resistance. Athletics 125 Basketball It is a great injustice to try to relate the feats of the Gardner-Webb cag- ers in words. At this printing Coach Eddie Holbrook is preparing his team for District 26 Tourney play in Winston-Salem. After much confu- sion and the refusal of the berth by the district committee, the central office of the NAIA at Kansas City deemed GW eligible for a seeding in the playoffs. The Bulldogs were awarded this position on their 20-3 season record and their 7th place ranking in the NAIA college poll. The Bulldogs were paced this sea- son by All-American candidate George Adams. The 6 ' 5 " eager from Kings Mountain, N. C. averaged 28.2 points a game while also lead- ing the team in rebounds averag- ing 15.1 per game. George in his junior year, set four school records. Three of these came at the expense of UNC at Asheville in the 120-97 revenge win February 20. Against UNC-A he scored the most points, 47, the most field goals. 20, and compiled 29 rebounds. He also made 10 free throws against Point Park for the fourth team record. Second semester saw inside play greatly improved with the eligibility of 6 ' 1 1 " freshman Henry Boyd. Hen- ry, in the fourteen games he played, averaged 19.2 points and 11 re- bounds. Two more Bulldog cagers averaged in double figures. JuniorTony Spag- nola and Sophomore Al Graves poured in 11.4 and 15.5 points re- spectively per game. Tony ' s hustle helped the team in many tight situa- tions and the outside bombing of Graves kept inside pressure off of the big men. Richard Thomas, the 6 ' 2 " Junior from Chicago Heights, III. sparkled with exciting ball hawking and fast breaks. He, being perhaps the quickest Bulldog, averaged 13.1 points per outing. Playmaker Jack McGill is the only Senior on the squad and is a valu- able team player. Denny DeSanctis gained fame with the winning bas- ket in the waning seconds of the Guilford game, giving GW a 105- 104 victory over the Carolina Con- ference power. The Bulldog squad is rounded off by Len Dugger, Doug Jolly, Richard Jesson, and Ken Long. The reserves saw a lot of ac- tion as nine players played consist- ently for Coach Holbrook giving the team strength and bench power. The ninth man averaged nine min- utes giving fresh players to the fast offense of the Bulldogs. This 1970-71 squad has already out played all expectations and even though it is the first year in senior college competition, it will always be considered one of the best in the history of the college. y w i tl • - O " Opposite page Jack McGill leads the Bulldogs to another vic- tory. Above All American George Adams pulls down another big rebound. Athletics 127 128 Athletics Opposite page Henry Boyd jumps center against University of the Virgin Islands. Lett Tony Spagnola drives the lane for the lay-up. Below left Len Dugger takes the pass on the fast break. Below Doug Jol- ly drives the offensive board. wasi _ Athletics 129 -I ' i- ' f ' . ' m 130 Athletics Athletics 131 J . ' Intramurals The Intramural Program was one of expansion and variety. Dr. Joe El- lenburg and Mrs. Launita Proctor supervised the broadest program ever offered. Fall sports included flag football for the women and touch for the men. Fall team sports were rounded out with competition in men ' s and women ' s volleyball leagues. Individual and dual fall sports saw entries in men ' s tennis singles, mixed doubles, ping pong and billiard tournaments. Interest in intramural basketball was great as fourteen men ' s teams and six wom- en ' s teams played round-robin schedules with tournament compe- tition concluding the season. Dur- ing the spring men ' s and women ' s Softball leagues, tennis doubles, golf, badminton tournaments, swim- ming and track meets are planned. r I H. w 132 Athletics Opposite page far left Andy Kanipe is on hand for the intercep- tion. Opposite page Erinie Ensley turns lose a gainer. Top Connie Crool s waits as Pat McMillian tries to get outside. Above Ella Harris turns her momentum upfield. Atriletics 133 134 Athletics Top left Cathy Washburn strokes the ball high over her head. Left Linda Childres goes in for the easy lay-up. Above Randy Eskridge strokes high for the return. Above right Danny Mathis pulls a powerful rebound. Athletics 135 Cheerleaders I Cheerleaders First row I to r: Debbie Rob- erts, head, Amy Freeman. Second row I to r: Carolyn Vinson, Ann Cline, Kay Abrams, Cassandra Thomas, Gale Alexander, Mar- cia Abernathy, Melody Bennick. 136 Athletics i Athletics 137 miw mm ammmim immmmmmmmmifr MmiB IE " K rX " ' - ' " s«.. S g -!fV., ' ■J-. ' - ' t ' iif ' , f .i « " ' J !?H if ' ' y f v-) • ' ' ' . fe .v . - ' •e ; ■i- ' m W J? f-i; .; . V tJh %vi " m Freshmen Robert Abernathy Kay Abrams Beverly Allen Henry Allen Pam Allen Margaret Angelo Kenneth Arnold Russell Ashmore Fred Atkins Lewis Babb Dixie Banning Sandra Bailes Philip Bailey Salli Bailey Robert Barkely Dale Barton Randy Basinger Phyllis Bateman Bobbie Beam Andrea Beason Sherry Beason James Becks Fred Bell Raymond Belew Joseph Bennett Nancy Bennett Gary Bentley Hugh Beveridge Kathy Biddy Fernese Black James Blackwelder Philip Bouchard Rebecca Bouchelle Charles Bouton Charles Bovender Linda Bowen Glenda Bradley Gene Breazeale John Bray Lindsey Brewer Sylvia Bridges Kenneth Brooks Richard Brown Roger Brown Ricky Bullin Ethel Bumgardner Grady Bumgarner Jerry Burleson 140 Records Carol Byerly Steve Caldwell Clyde Carswell James Cartee Ricky Carter Jane Casstevens Carol Cathey Kay Causby Timothy Champion Teresa Chandler Steven Cherry Kenneth Childress James Clary David Clark Candy Cline Garry Cloer Louise Clontz Daniel Cody Edward Coker J. C. Cole Thomas Compton Gary Conner Laura Conner Patricia Conyers John Cook Joe Cooke Eugene Cooley Phillip Corrado Teresa Corayson Lee Craig Ray Craig Susan Cranford John Crowder Mary Cushman Betty Daves Michael Davis Richard Davis Sami Daygel Bryan Dellinger Larry Diaz Ethel Dixon Oscar Dodson Darlene Donahue Charles Dorsett David Dover Stephanie Dover Patricia Doyle Patricia Driscoll Records 141 Freshmen Debra Dysart James Eidson Dene Eller Neil Ervin Micky Evans Thomas Fahey Marion Falls John Filliben Le Gare Filton Steven Foster Jo Ann Fowler Richard French Ronnie Friedell James Frye Carlton Gallimore Cecil Garrett David Garwood Barry Gaskey Charles Gaskins Gary Gilbert Clarence Godfrey Grace Greene Lee Groome Sharon Gv n David Greene Stan Goodill Barry Goodpasture Tommy Gordon Homer Gowen Martha Gragg Robert Grant William Hair John Hall Ella Hall Phillip Hall Ann Ham rick Patricia Hamrick Wanda Hamrick William Hamrick William Hardin Grayson Harris Elizabeth Harrison Henry Harrison Jeffrey Hart Jim Hatchell Randy Hawkins Wayne Hawkins Benjamin Heath 142 Records I David Heffner John Hemstock Barbara Henderson Jesse Hendrix Jeffrey Hester James Hicks Samafia High Henry Hill Deborah Hilton Vicki Hinson Jerry Hix John Hoke Ronald Holland Lynn Hopper Deborah Hoyle Rebecca Hoyle Thomas Frostman Thomas Humphries James Hunsuck Horace Hunter James Hunter Lee Hyde Charles Ingram Norman Ivey Linda Jackson Mark Jackson Robert Jacobs Patricia Jay Judy Jenkins Joy Jenkins Richard Jobbagy Harold Johnson Douglas Jolley Bobby Jones Lowell Jones Lynn Jones Teresa Jones Carmen Jordan John Jordan Samuel Keeney Joseph Kendrick Gregory Killian Ruby Kincaid David Knox Konrad Koch Kathy Lancaster Timothy Laney Jimmy Lanford Records 143 Freshmen Robert Lange John Lee John Link George Livingston Carol Long Jerry Looper Carroll Lewder Thomas Lowery Danny Lung Kenneth Lung Reginald Lyie James Lynn Virginia Mabry Robert Mace Gary Mall Richard Mansour Lynn March Curtis Marks Sidney Martin Cecil Mason Ginger Martin Michael Matheney Harriet Mauney Sarapol Mayaia Robert Maybin Karen Maynor Jan McAlister Patricia McCraw Edward McCurry John McDuncan Ronald McFadden Jane McGee William McGowan Deborah McMillan Jeffrey McNeill Barry Medley Patricia Mickel Sammy Moony Deborah Moore Jack Moore Jerome Moore Stewart Morgan Mary Morris David Morrow Richard Morton Janice Moss Patricia Murphy John Myers 144 Records P O Randy Nash Shara Neal Michael Neas Claire Newton Edna Nichols Stephen Nicks Carl Nisbit Charles Nixon Francis Norton Robert Norton Edwin Odon Gary Ogle Franklin Page Mark Painter Van Parketon Benjamin Parrish Bruce Patnam Sandra Payne James Pearson Tony Peeler Pamela Perry Thomas Peterson Michael Philbeck Carmen Pierce Alfred Porter Alfred Poston Charles Potter Kenneth Potter Margie Preslar Donna Pressley Naomi Pryor Harold Queen Johnny Ramsey John Ray Jerry Redford John Reep John Rhodes Alex Rhyne James Robbins Ritchie Robbs Lawrence Robertson Maxwell Robinson Susan Rodgers Dallas Ronninger Donald Ross Martha Sarratt Jacqueline Sasser Rebecca Segmon Records 145 Freshmen Lawrence Shaw Bobby Shelton Robert Sherrlll Ricky Stephen Henry Shiflet Grady Shoe Larry Sholar Charles Shope Michael Simmons Ronnie Simpson Raymond Sisk Roberto Sivit Arnold Smith Joe Smith Claude Smith Kathleen Smith Owen Smith Sandra Smith Susan Smith Jane Sperling Robert Spillman Margaret Splawn James Stafford Sharon Stafford Judy Stamey John Stanley Michael Stephens David Stevenson Robert Stewart Daniel Stovall Dakyns Stover Phillip Strickland Billy Styers Donna Swope Benny Tapp William Taylor Bobby Thomas Cassandra Thomas David Thomas John Thomas Chip Thompson Gregory Thornton David Tompkins John Tompkins Joseph Towery Julian Towlis Earl Trent Larry Turner 146 Records Michael Turner Lee Vann Julia Walker Richard Walker Steven Walker Clifton Wallace Francine Walter Charles Walters Robert Wasznicky Brian Waters Teresa Watkins Carol Weatherly Susan Weaver Davis Webster Robert Webster James Westmoreland Charles Whetstone Thomas Whisnant Barbara White Pamela White Paul White Steve White Willard White Terry Wilder David Williams Martha Williams Michael Williams Barbara Wilson Deborah Wilson Fred Wilson Richard Winn Ronald McNair Ricky Warlick Anthony Worthy Jack Wren Beth Wright Johannus Wright Mary Wright Jesse Yarbfough Diana Young Beverly Yount Records 147 Sophomores James Aaron Armen Agajlan Marcia Abernathy Peggy Abernathy Clyde Acker Robert Adams James Alexander Marilyn Alexander Judith Allen Ronnie Amick Ray Anderson Susan Anderson Stephanie Angelo Jody Anthony Sandra Anthony Tommy Anthony Frank Armitage Clarence Ash Peggy Atkinson Frank Aull Charles Ayers Joe Babb James Bagwell Barbara Banner Ricki Barker Brenda Barrett Dianne Barron Barbara Beam Perry Beck Henry Bingham William Bingham James Blanton Roy Blanton Lawrence Boggs Stephen Borders Myra Botts Roger Bower Justin Bowie James Boyd Thomas Bradish Boyce Bradhsaw Michael Branscome Diane Brantley Patricia Braizle Carol Bridges Robert Bridges Roger Bright Mary Brittian 148 Records Gary Brooks Ronald Brown Amanda Bryant Carol Bryant James Bryant Stiaron Buchanan Sidney Buslcker Merle Bumgarner William Burter Mike Byars Kay Cagle Jesse Campbell Melanie Campbell Steptien Campbell Sharon Capps Wayne Caraturo Jerry Carpenter Randall Carter Terrell Carter Hiram Cosebolt Beverly Cash Ray Ctiampion Beverly Chance John Chandler Cindy Chaney Paul Chang Mike Cherry Betsy Chiles Larry Clark Page Cline Rickey Cockerham DennisCollins Lawrence Combs Bob Cooley Gloria Copeland Rickey Cornatzel Leslie Costner Henry Cowart Barbara Craig Gary Craig Patricia Cramer Rodney Cranford Margaret Crawford William Crawford Connie Crook Carol Cunningham John Dahbour Doris Dameron Records 149 Sophomores Arthur Davis Gayle Davis Nancy Davis Sheron Davis Spencer Davis Jann Deal James Dickey Peggy Dixon Gary Dobbins Daryl Dobson Katharine Duffey Len Dugger Janis Durnit Allen Edwards Rachel Eggers Clara Eggleston Donna Ellington John Elliot Tony Eldreth Steven Everidge Marion Fant John Fincher James Finger Steve Finley Robert Fleener Joe Furkes Robert Ford Timothy Frazer Jacob Gamble Elaine Garrett Deborah Gaskill William Gettys Susan Giles William Goudelock Thomas Gowan Richard Granger Alphanso Graves Steven Gray Ronald Greene Sharon Gregory Marie Grigg Wanda Gullet Richard Guyer Harriet Hannicutt Sue Hannicutt Robert Hames Jack Hamrick Patricia Hamrick 150 Records I W crW •■-, ' ' ■ ' - fM Bp° K Mike Handerford James Hanse Lynne Harblnson Roger Harman Jerry Harper Martha Harrington Jackie Harris Ella Harrison Donald Hartsoe Earlene Hatcher Janet Haughn Gail Hawk Deborah Hawkins Hugh Hawkins Stephen Hawkins James Hayes Judy Haynes Wanda Haynes Bonnie Hefner Charles Hamphill Robert Hendrick Rebecca Henley Danny Henry James Hickman Doug Hollingsworth Thomas Hogan Gloria Holt Ethel Hobson Cynthia Holmer Marion Holton Doug Honeycutt Patricia Hooper Sam Hopkins Donna Home Bobby Houser Steve Howard James Howell Roy Huffstetler Rodney Hughes Lala Humphries Lee Hunt Robert Hunt Carl Huttman Harold James Janet Jenkins Thomas Johnson Carolyn Jolly Joy Jolly Records 151 Sophomores Sherry Jones Johnny Kay Jerry Keller Benny Keesee Jerry Keller William Kelly Theodore Kennedy Leiand Kerr Robert Kershaw David Kessell Walter Kistler Liberty Koontz John Kyle Joyce Lanier Thomas Lattimore Larry Lawhorne Edward Ledford Jack Ledford Linda Ledford George Leiser Cindy Lemmons Samuel Lennon Judith Lentz Renee Leonard Donna Lewis Bradford Ligon Robert Lindley William Lineberger John Lipe Heath Livingston Jerry Livingston Catherine Logan Tamala Logan David Loggins Gwen Lovelace James Lowry Cynthia Lucas Joyce Lynch William McAllister Jane McArthur Pamela McCall Eletha McClung Melisa t cClure Wanda McClure Gary McCoy Larry McCracken Melvin McCurry John McElbeny 152 Records Ann McFadden George McGhee Butch McKee Thomas McKittnick Thomas McLaughIm James McLean Joseph McMillan Pat McMiliian Karen McRae Cynthia McSwain Mict i McSwain Lanny Mabry Robert Madaris Barbara Marsh Beth Martin Shafford Martin Charles Mathis Roger Mayfield Brenda Meacham Harry Middletan Joseph Miller Robert Michen Catherine Millikan Lynda Mingoia Glenda Montgomery Thomas Moore Richard Moretz Charles Morris Wesely Morris Judith Morrison Watson Morse Lynn Moss David Mull Stanley Napier Cecilia Neale Lonnie Nelson Libby Nixon Nancy Nolan Thomas Pace Dan Packard Wayne Pacl ard James Painter Michael Parker Elaine Parker Gary Pearson Keys Pendleton Mary Pigg Philip Piscitelli Records 153 Sophomores Steven Plemens Joseph Powers Ronald Price Gordon Putman James Putman Sharon Quick Shirley Ramsey Barbara Raynor Dorothy Reed Kenneth Reid Sarah Reid Lester Reynolds Laura Richard Danny Richardson Steven Riddle Paul Rigsbee Marjorie Bitter Thomas Ritter Beverly Robbins Debra Roberts John Roberts Wayne Roberts Debbie Robinson Elizabeth Robinson Charles Rodgers Larry Rollins Richard Rose Luther Ross Dianne Rufty Cynthia Ruppe David Russell Harry Russell Cynthia Russell Debby Rutledge Roger Sailors Kemp Savage Walter Scott Robert Shelton Gary Shielch Gaynell Shouse Darryl Shepe Alan Simmerson William Simmons Carolyn Simmons Everett Sims Marie Sims Fred Sisk Burton Skinner Sl 154 Records Kenneth Sloan Victor Sloan Sandra Small Rachelle Smathers Jerry Smatt-iers Douglas Smith George Smith Linda Smith John Southerlin Thomas Sparks Joseph Speight Charles Spertine Harlo Spiles Kay Squires Bruce Stamey Scott Stevenson Michael Stewart Clark Strickland Gary Stroud Molly Sturne Michael Surrett Phil Suttlemyre Sandy Swift Frank Tapp John Taylor Steve Taylor Robert Teeter Richard Terren Katherine Thomas Ronnie Thomas Barbara Thompson Sandra Thompson Steele Tower Donna Turner Sophia Turner Malcom Vaughn Carolyn Vinson Benny Waddell Elwood Wadsworth Rodney Wagoner Debbie Walker Vicki Walker Catherine Washburn Gloria Washburn Lorin Weaver Roger Webb Gary Welsh Clyde Wesson Records 155 Ronnie Whisnant Kenneth Whitaker Jerry White Andrea Whitner Freda Willis Ivan Vi ilson Mary Wilson Phillip Wilson Spencer Wilson David Withrow John Wortman Steven Wray 156 Records Juniors Timothy Abercrombie Steve Adams James Adams George Adams Stanley Albright Michael Anthony Phillip Annas Allene Aughtry Vardaman Banks Virginia Banks Hermon Banner Walter Barbare Vickie Barrett Joseph Beam Jerry Bear d Joe Beckwith Ronald Belue Melody Bennick Carl Biggerstatf Michael Biggerstatf Gary Blackwell Rodger Blanchard Ervin Bohlen Pamela Booker Thomas Bouknight Jerome Boyce Eileen Brabson Terry Brewer Michael Bridges Joe Brookins Edmund Brown Henry Bryant James Buchanan Kay Buchanan Kent Bullard David Bumgardner Patsy Bumgarner David Burke Duke Burnett James Burns Larry Burris Elaine Butler Lavonne Butler Susan Byers John Byrd Melvin Campos Ronald Canipe Sandra Cannon Records 157 Juniors Raymond Carroll Thomas Carmel Gary Chandler Alfred Cherry Gayie Childers Vicki Childers William Clamp Edward Clay Betty Clayton Lewis Clayton Ann Cline George Cline James Cline Patsy Clyburn Stephen Colvard Suzanne Conner John Conner Sebastian Cooke Darryl Corley Janet Costner Owen Cox William Cranford Sharon Crawford Richard Crenshaw Allen Craven David Crisp Michael Darby Katherine Daves Hardin Davis Raymond Davis William Davis Janet Dellinger Lynn Dellinger Fay Denning Dennis Desanctis Douglas Dickerson Steven Dickson Barry Dodson Betty Downing Robert Dutton Michael Earley Edward Ellenburg Connie Elliot Frances Elliot Hal Elliot Margaret Ellis Steven Fink Harry Fish 158 Records Wayne Folk David Ford Cathy Foster Priscilla Fox Amanda Freeman Mary Freeze Wayne Gallman Deborah Gantt Arevia Gardner Carroll Garrett Samuel Gault Willie Gilfillan Robert Gill Rita Glenn John Godfrey Scott Good Vicki Gordon Gary Graham Phillip Graham Carlton Greene Lui Greene Thomas Greene Charlsie Griffin Arthur Grindstaff Samuel Guffey Larry Guy Carl Hamm William Hamrick Ray Hannon Forney Happoldt Karen Hardin Bruce Harris David Hart Thomas Hatfield Marsha Hayes Martha Haynes Charles Heavner Sidney Hendren Michael Hendrick Robert Hendrix Bryan Hensley James Hester Sherry High Broadus Hocutt Edwin Holman William Honeycutt Phillip Hopkins Danny Hostether Records 159 William Howell Paul Huff Teresa Jackson Marybetfi James Joel Jenkins Vicky Jenkins Linda Johnson John Johnson Sandra Johnson Isaac Johnson Brenda Jones Henry Jones Jack Jones William Jones Gladys Jones Charles Kale Donald Kierce Marianna King Joseph Kirby Thomas Kirk Philip Kirkland Terry Knight Bobby Lail Oscar Lard Charlie LeCroy Yvonne Lemaster Ronald Lisenby Robert Livingston Joan Lloyd James Logan Katheleen Loveland Richard Lowe C. Lufler Richard Lyerly Andrea Maddox Willie Maddox Nancy Magill Freddie Mallinax Donald Marshal James Martin Elizabeth Mathis Alan Mayhew Chester Melton Caria Middleton Samuel Miller Sharon Mingoia James Minnix Roscoe Mize 160 Records Larry Moody Gary Moore Marshall Moore William Moore Victor Morris James Morrison Veronica Muraoka Samuel Murphy Dale McKain Joel McKinney Jacquline McSwain Roger McSwain Janice McWhirter Robert Nabors W illiam Neal Ronald Noe James Nolan Fagg Nowlan Johnny Parker Thomas Parker Everett Parks Michael Patterson Thomas Peek James Carlton Cleighton Phillips John Phillips Steven Phillips Zack Phillips Daniel Piletrie Welbert Pope Brenda Powell Joseph Powell Carolyn Powers David Pugh Clifford Ramsey William Ramsey Linda Rany Sue Rash Benjam in Reavis Barbara Rhodes Dennis Rickman Charles Ringer James Rogers Ronald Rudisill Sandra Russ Neha Sain Ronnie Sams Bernard Sanders r CW T Records 161 Juniors Jill Sanders Carolyn Santanella Richard Schultz Meredith Scruggs Daniel Seme Bonnie Sharps Robert Shell Richard Sherrill Carson Shook Malcom Singleton Larry SIsk Bert Smith Jamerica Smith Judy Smith Martha Smith Michael Smith Thomas Smith Dawn Spainhour Lynn Spangler Raymond Sparks Anthony Spagnola Wingate Spivey Mike Stamey Alan Stephens William Suther Phillip Swanson Thomas Summey Gerge Surratt Robert Teal Lee Teeter Richard Thomas Shea Thomas Belinda Thompson Lee Thompson Robert Thompson Lonny Turbeville Gail Turner James Turner Martha Turner Sandra Turner Michael Tysinger Gerry Vailancount Cecil Vandyke Terry Varner Jimmy Walker Monty Walker Barbara Wallwork Earl Waters 162 Records Barry Washburn William Watson Thomas Way Terry Weavil Debra Webb Glenn Watkins Kenneth Webb Cathy Wehunt Joel Wesson Austin Whaley Jean Whitaker Ovid White Gary Wiley Kenneth Williams Marion Williams Charles Wilson Douglas Wilson Stephen Wilson Susan Wilson Darry Wood Alan Woods Danny Woods Gary Wortman John Wright Wilson Wright Shirley Young John Yurecsko Simmie Yonce Benny Yarborough Frank Zedick Records 163 Seniors Julius Abernathy Business Administration Terry Abernathy Elementary Education William Abrams Religious Education Miles Aldridge Physical Education Barbara Alexander Elementary Education Reginald Alexander Psychology Harold Arledge Social Science Betsy Arthur Elementary Education Sue Austin Social Science Floyd Baker Data Processing Kevin Balling Psychology May Barton Data Processing Dawne Batchler Religious Education Jerry Beatty Data Processing William Bell Social Science Linda Benfield Social Science Richard Benfield Data Processing Charles Benson Mathematics Richard Benton Physical Education Jane Best Psychology 164 Records Jerr Biggerstaff Data Processing Frances Bishop Physical Education Kenneth Bishop History James Bland Business Administration Kenneth Blanton Business Administration Samuel Blanton Mathematics Ray Bolick Business Administration James Boney Business Administration Tanna Boone Elementary Education Toney Boone English James Bost Business Administration Joseph Boyd History Ricky Boyette History Ruby Bowen Elementary Education Boyce Bradshaw Religion Nick Brafford Soci al Science Trilby Brafford Education Susan Broadway Elementary Education Ken Brock Biblical Language Joseph Brown Physical Education Records 165 Seniors Richard Brown Religion Martha Bryan Psychology Sidney Bryson Physical Education Chester Bullin Business Administration Nancy Byrd Elementary Education Joseph Cabaniss. Jr. Business Administration Danny Caldwell Business Administration Jerry Caldwell Data Processing Edwin Camp. Jr. Data Processing Robert Campbell Religious Education Pride Canady Social Science Teddy Games Psychology Robert Carpenter Business Administration Vera Carpenter Business Administration Richard Carson Social Science Beverly Cash French William Cash Biology Mary Causby Religious Education John Causey Sociology David Champion Biblical Language iii 166 Records William Chandler Data Processing Linda Chrisman Elementary Education Douglas Clark Social Science George Clemmer Social Science Prentiss Coggins Biology Mary Coles Education Jackie Conner Education Carolyn Cooke Elementary Education Cattierine Coon Elementary Education Thomas Copeland Social Science Mark Crawford Social Science James Crumer Business Administration Brenda Crosby Theatre Arts David Crouch Data Processing William Crowe Relgion Franklin Davis Business Robert Davis Psychology Charles Dellinger Biblical Language Collette DeViney Elementary Education Ben Dorman Physical Education Records 167 Seniors Paul Dover Social Science Clyde Downs Business Education Carolyn Duncan French James Dysart Biology Peggy Eaker Business Education Carl Edgerton Science Linda Edgerton Elementary Education John Edwards Religion Margaret Edwards Physical Education Danny Ellington Psychology Ernest Ensley Physical Education Michael Epps Psychology James Estes Science Price Ewing Business Administration Ernest Eskridge Business Administration Eugene Falls Business Administration Andrew Fant Political Science Edward Farmer Social Science Peter Fickling Business Administratior William Finucan Business Administratioi JflL c3 «. w w jL ' V :J f 9lt ' ' kL gl l . ' ' jJM % - umik « Hj Bs " mH 168 Records Thomas Fishburne Physical Education Dennis Fisher Business Adnninistration Terry Florane Sociology Joseph Folk Computer Science Milton Folk Data Processing William Ford Biblical Language Sandra Francis Physical Education Phillip Frazier Business Administration Gregory Gault Business Administration David Gibbons Physical Education James Gilchrist Data Processing John Gjelhaug Biology Benjamin Gladden Psychology Mary Gold Elementary Education Robert Gold Social Science Ronnie Grant Psychology June Greene Social Science Stephen Gregory Religious Education Gerald Grigg Social Science Pinkney Guerard Physical Education Records 169 Seniors Andy Gwynn Psychology Dennis Hames Business Administration Gerald Hamilton English Horace Hammond Biology John Hamrick Physical Education Judith Hannah Religion Troy Harmon Social Science Religion Johnny Harper Psychology William Harrill Religious Education Henry Harris Business Administration Sheila Harris Elementary Education Ralph Hartis Business Administration Lewis Hayes Religion Harold Heorne Biology Hilda Heavner Elementary Education James Hendrick Physical Education James Henderson Social Science John Henderson Spanish Ryan Hendley Physical Education Cartle Hendrick Education 1 70 Records Linda Hendrick Elementary Education Boyce Henley Business Administration Boyce Hensley Data Processing James Hensley Religious Education John Herold Religion William Hibbard Business Administration James Hill Business Administration Robert Hines Data Processing William Hines Business Administration Jerry Hollifield Physical Education Walter Heneslay, Jr. Data Processing Claudia Houser Business Education Saundra Howell Physical Education Judith Hoyle Physical Education Wayne Howell Data Processing Mary Hudgins French Michael Houghes Business Administration Donald Hull Biology John Hornaday, Jr. Biology Lala Humphries Elementary Education Records 171 Seniors James Jacks, Jr. Social Science Henry Jackson Business Administration Joyce Jackson Elementary Education Judy Jackson French James Jenkins Social Science Marlon Jester Elementary Education Ricky Jester Social Science Janet Johnson Elementary Education Robert Jolley Social Science John Jordon Data Processing Rita Justice Religious Education Lloyd Kanipe Physical Education Alvin Kerley Business Administration Edward Kessling History Norma King History Steven Kirby Music Education Randy Koon Social Science Tommy Kynerd Data Processing Ronald Lacy Physical Education Joyce Lail Elementary Education 1 72 Records James Lamprinakos Social Science Judy LeCroy Elementary Education Vernon Leary Data Processing Kennetti Lentz Biology Robert Lewis Psychology Benjamin Lindler Social Science Richard Lindler Business Administration Nancy Linnens Elementary Education Marcus Logan Business Administration Stephen Lowe Social Science Michael Lutz Business Administration Linda Mace Elementary Education James Maness Business Administration Barry Maney Psychology Richard Martin Religion Steve Martin Psychology Thomas Martin Psychology Harold Mason James Mathis Physical Education Jackie McClung Religion Records 173 Seniors Michael McDaniel Physical Education Daniel McGill Data Processing Jack McGill Physical Education Edward McGimpsey Business Pamela McGimsey Biology Ruby McKinney Elementary Education Steve Meador Biology Joseph Mickey Biology Charles Miles Business William Miller Data Processing Teddy Monroe Mathematics Thomas Moore Religion Walter Moore Social Science David Morris Business Administration Charles Morrison Psychology Tillman Moss Political Science William Murphy Theater Arts William Murr Data Processing Haynsworth Neely Music Education Wanda Neely Religious Education 1 74 Records William Neely Religion Carol Neese Sociology Howard Neighbors Business Administration Michael Newton Business Paul Nipper Business Administration Davey Norris Psychology James Oehler Sociology James Owens Business Administration Ronald Pannell Biology Donald Pantalone Biology , David Pento Science John Piettoes Social Science Alice Pike Theater Arts James Plummer Science Janice Poston Elementary Education Tony Potts Data Processing Bonnie Price English Terry Purvis Physical Education Sheila Queen Physical Education Katherine Ramsey Elementary Education l Records 175 Seniors Harvey Rash Biology Donald Ray Business Administration Lonnle Ray Psychology Michael Rayfield Psychology Lois Reed Music Education Donald Repec Social Science Thomas Ritter Social Science Dennis Roberts Mathematics Jim Robinson Bus iness Administration James Roemer English Jack Rose Data Processing Jerry Ruppe English Sarah Russell Elementary Education Sue Ann Sandifer Theater Arts Gabriel Santanella Biology James Seacord Physical Education Larry Sechrist Physical Education Jadine Sellers English Donald Shehan Business Administration Alfred Shires Physical Education 1 76 Records BUWi. Edward Shrum English Margaret Shaford Education Wilbur Sinnmons Data Processing George Simipkins Social Science Jerry Simpson Psychology Nancy Simpson Elementary Education Steve Simpson Chemistry Edgar Sims Data Processing Mary Slagle Social Science Larry Smith Data Processing Joseph Smith Social Science Michael Smith Psychology Dan Snyder Religious Education Michael Sorgee Business Administration June Sorrels Elementary Education Joseph Southand Mathematics Dawn Spainhour Elementary Education Annette Spence Elementary Education George Spencer Physical Education Thomas Spurling Biology Records 1 77 Seniors Mike Starnes Science David Stone Business Donald Stokes Data Processing Donald Stokes Data Processing Rickey Stowe Data Processing Elton Strickland Religion Michael Stroud Business Administration Gary Swinkey Social Science Don Sweezy Physical Education Paul Szyborski Social Science Camilla Taylor Elementary Education Robert Taylor Data Processing Thomas Taylor English Walter Taylor Business Warren Taylor Biology Stanley Thorton Social Science William Timller Linda Tolbert Elementary Education Bern Tryon Biology Henry Turner Physical Education 1 7B Records eK ' tA Carolyn Upton Music Education Mictiael Valentine Religious Education Tamara Valentine Education Linda VonCannon Theater Arts Rufus Wallace Business Administration William Wallace Social Science Ellen Wallen Data Processing William Walters Mathematics James Washburn Physical Education Gail Wasznicky Elementary Education Jack Waters John Watson Computer Science Neal Watson Data Processing George Weathers Social Science Lydia Weaver English David Webb Psychology Sandra Webster Elementary Education Brenda Whisnant Elementary Education Janet Whisnant English William Whisnant Biology Records 179 Seniors Gary White Physical Education Brenda Whitley Education Michael Will inson Business Randolph Williams Social Science Richard Williams Biology Hiram Willis Science Ronnie Willmann Harvey Wilson Sociology Marilyn Wilson Sociology Sherman Wilson Social Science Sam Wimberly Business Administration John Wood Social Science Christopher Worrocl( Physical Education Judith Worthy English James Wright English 180 Records Senior Directory Abernethy, Julius W. Ill, Boiling Springs, N.C. Abernethy, Terry C. Boiling Springs. N.C. Abrams William G., Jr., Henrietta, N.C: Ministers Conference 1234 Aelher, James F., Kannapolis, N.C. Aldridge, Miles M., Greenville, S.C; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club, Physical Education Club Alexander, Barbara G., Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2, Anchor Staff 3, Future Teachers Club 2, 3, 4, S.G.A. 2, Judicial Committee 3, Entertainment Committee 3 Alexander, Reginald K., Kings Mountain, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2, 4, B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, Brush and Scroll 2, FOCUS 1, 2, 3, 4, Pilot Staff 2, 4, Religious Education Club Arledge, Harold F., Shelby, N.C; Methodist Student Movement 1, 2 Arthur, Betsy J., Cherryville. N.C; Anchor Staff 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 3, 4 Austin, U. Sue, Lenoir, N.C; Dorm Officer 3, Pep Club 2 Baker, Floyd W., Cramerlon, N.C. Balling, Kevin M., Queens Village, N.Y. Barton, May M., Greenville, S.C. Batchler, M. Dawn, Blacksburg, S.C; B.S.U. 3, F0CUS2, Y.W.A. ' s3 Beatty, Jerry Y., Sherrills Ford, N.C. Bell, William T., Suffolk, Virginia; S.G.A. 1,2,4 Benfield, Linda C, Lawndale, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, B.S.U. 2, 3, 4, FO- CUS 2, 3, 4, Minister Conference 3, W.A.B. 3 Benfield, Richard A., New ton, N.C. Benson, Charles D., Shelby, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3, College Choir 1, 3, Delta Psi Omega 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Benton, Richard W., Greensboro, N.C. Best, Jane A., Shelby, N.C; College Choir 3, 4, FOCUS 3, Literary Magazine 4 Biggerstaff, Jerry S., Maiden, N.C; Pep Club 3 Bishop, Frances M„ Franklin, N.C; Physi- cal Education Club 3, 4 Bishop, Kenneth W., Chesnee, S.C Bland, James S., Spindale, N.C. Blanton, Samuel R., Kings Mountain, N.C; Science Club 2, 3, 4 Bolick, Ray D., Hickory, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2 Boney, James C, Jr., Spartanburg, B.C.; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4 Boone, Tanna F., Waynesville, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4. House Council 2 Boone, Toney S., Shelby, N.C. Bost, James T., Burlington, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4, Track 1 Boyd, Joseph E., Charleston, S.C. Boyette, Ricky T., Clayton, N.C. BovKen, Ruby C, Union Mills, N.C Bradshaw, Boyce L., Boiling Springs, N.C. Brafford, Nick E., Lowell, N.C. Brafford, Trilby M., Lowell, N.C. Broadway, N. Susan, Charlotte, N.C; B.S.U. 4, Dorm Officer 4, FOCUS 4. Future Teachers Club 4, Y.W.A. 4 Brock, W. Kenneth, Forest City, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 4, Ministers Conference 4 Brown, Joseph I., Shelby, N.C; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Physi- cal Education Club 3, 4 Brown, Richard A. Bryan, Martha R., Boone, N.C; Dorm Offi- cer 1 Bryson, Sid O., Boiling Springs, N.C; Mon- ogram Club 4, Physical Education Club 2 Bullin, Chester V., Winston Salem, N.C. Byrd, Nancy A., Asheboro, N.C; Future Teachers Club 2, 3, 4 Cabaniss, Joe E., Shelby, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 4, S.G.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Caldwell, Danny A., Maiden, N.C; Baseball 3, 4, FCA 3, 4 Caldwell, Jerry W., Canton N.C; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Camp, Edwin Y., Shelby, N.C; B.S.U. 4, College Choir 3, 4, FOCUS 4, Science Club 2 Campbell, Robert W., Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 1, B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, College Choir 1, 2, FOCUS 1, 2, 3, 4, Ministers Conference 1, 2, 3, 4, Pilot Staff 1, Reli- gious Education Club 3, 4 Canady, Pride T., Mill Spring, N.C; Minis- ters Conference 3, 4, Religious Education Club 3 Carnes, Teddy M., Greenville, S.C. Carpenter, Robert C, Shelby, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4 Carpenter, Vera J., Connelly Springs, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3, Dorm Officer 3, Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3,4 Carson, Richard S., Greenville, S.C. Cash, Beverly R., Chesnee, S.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 4, Sigma Pi Alpha 2 Cash, William B., Morganton, N.C Causby, Mary I., Dallas, N.C; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, FOCUS 1, 2, Religious Education Club 4. Y.W.A. ' sl Causey, John H., Jr., Rutherford College, N.C. Chandler, William E., Alpha Nu Omega 3, Football 2, M.A.C 2, Pep Club 2 Chrisman, Linda G., Forest City, N.C. Clark, Douglas R., Forest City, N.C. Clemmer, George M., Gastonia, N.C. Coggins, Prentiss M., Mooresville, N.C; Anchor Staff 2, Baseball 1, Roteract 1, 2, 3 Coles, Mary H., Shelby, N.C. Cook, Carolyn D., Vale, N.C; Future Teach- ers Club 4 Coon, Catherine M., Lincolnton, N.C; Fu- ture Teachers Club 4 Copeland, Thomas L., Clinton, S.C. Crawford, Mark D., Aiken, S.C; Golf 1, 2, 3,4 Crumer, James H., Jr., Winston-Salem, N.C. Crosby, Brenda A., Shelby, N.C; Delta Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 Crouch. David S., Newton, N.C; Delta Psi Omega 1, 2, Phi Beta Lambda 2 Crowe, William 0., Boiling Springs, N.C. Davis, Franklin A., Grover, N.C. Davis, Robert T., Columbia, S.C; Delta Psi Omega 1. 2. 3, 4 Dellinger, Charles W.. Cheeryville. N.C; Ministers Conference 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 2. Religious Education Club 3 DeViney. Collete W.. Casar. N.C. Dorman, Ben H.. Spartanburg, S.C. Dover. Paul A.. Kings Mountain, N.C. Downs, Clyde H., Boiling Springs, N.C. Duncan, Carolyn L., Boiling Springs, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3. 4, Religious Education Club 3, 4, Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3,4 Dysart. James M., Lincolnton, N.C; En- semble 2, 3 Edgerton, Linda D., Forest City, N.C; Fu- ture Teachers Club 3. 4 Edwards, John T., Shelby, N.C. Edwards, Margaret H., Shelby, N.C Ellington, Danny 0., Belmont, N.C; Alpha Records 181 Nu Omega 4, President ot Senior Class 4 Ensley, Ernest G., Gastonia, N.G.; Baseball 3, F.C.A. 3, Monogram Club 3, Physical Education Club 3 Epps. Mike H.. Newberry. S.C. Ewing. Price M. III. Gastonia. N.C.: Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4 Eskridge. Ernest R.. Cheraw. S.C. Falls, Eugene D.. Jr.. Charlotte. N.C. Pant, Andrew P.. Easley. S.C; Roteract 2 Pickling. Peter E.. Hickory. N.C. Finnucan. William T.. Union. S.C. Fishbuine, Thomas H.. Sumter. S.C. Fisher. Dennis G., Forest City, N C. Florenc e. Q. Terry. Charlotte. N.C; Golf 2. 3, 4, Monogram Club 3. 4 Folk. Joseph W.. Boiling Springs. N.C. Folk. Milton H.. Newberry. S.C Ford, Bill L.. Shelby. N.C; Ministers Con- ference 1. 2. 3. 4. Honor Society 3. 4 Francis, Sandra M.. Shelby, N.C; B.S.U. 2. 3. 4. FOCUS 2, 3. 4. Pep Club 3. 4. Physical Education Club 3. 4 Frazier. Philip C. Black Mountain, N.C Gault, Greg A., Greenville, S.C; Golf 1, 2,3,4 Gibbons, David A.. Charlotte, N.C.; Football 1. 2. 3. 4. Monogram Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Physi- cal Education Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Gilchrist. Tim W.. Greenville. S.C. Glelhaug. Joha H.. Boiling Springs, N.C. Gladden. Benjamin P.. High Point, N.C. Gold. Mary S., Shelby. N.C. Gold. Robert S.. Shelby. N.C. Grant. Ronnie T,. Dallas. N.C. Green. June J.. Shelby. N.C; Honor Socie- ty 3 Gregory. Stephen A.. Rutherfordton. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3. B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, Minis ' - ters Conference 1, 2, 3, 4, Pilot Staff 4, Religious Education Club 3, 4 Grigg, Gerald H., Cherryville, NC; Delta Psi Omega 1, Future Teachers Club 1 Guerard, Pinckney H.. Jr.. Dorchester. S.C; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 2. 4. Physical Education Club 3. 4 Gwynn, Andrew K., Greenville, S.C. Hames, Dennis W., Cliffside. N.C. Hamilton. Gerald L., Boiling Springs, N.C; B S.U. 1, 2, College Choir 1, 2 Hammond. Horace P., Jr.. Spartanburg. S.C Hamrick. John E.. Mooresboro. N.C; Base- ball 1. 2. 3, 4. FCA 3, 4, Physical Education Club 3, 4 Hannah, Judy E., Waynesville. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4, Dorm Officer 4. WAB 4. YWA ' s 4 Harmon. Troy S.. Elkin, N.C; BSU 1. 2. 3. 4. FOCUS 1, 2. 3. 4. Ministers Confer- ence 1. 2. 3. 4. Head Resident 4. Curricu- lum Committee 3. Harper. Johnny T.. Blacksburg. S.C. Harrill. William B. III. Durham. N.C.; B.S.U. 1. 2, 3, 4, FOCUS 1, 2. 3, Religious Educa- tion Club 3. Ensemble 1, 2. 3 Harris. Henry V., Cowpens. S.C. Harris. Sheila A.. Winston-Salem, N.C; Dorm Officer 4, Future Teachers Club 3. 4, WAB 4 Hayes, Lewis J.. Spartanburg, S.C. Hearne. Harold C. Gastonia. N.C. Heavner. Hilda S.. Vale. N.C. Hedrick, James D. Lawndale. N.C. Henderson. James D.. Greer. S.C Henderson. John E.. Jr.. Shelby. N.C; Golf Hendley. Ryan D.. Greenville. S.C; Football 1. 2, 3, 4, MAC 2, Judicial Board, Student Government Constitution Committee Hendrick, Carole A.. Shelby. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3, BSU 1, 2, 3, 4, FOCUS 1, 2. 3. 4. Future Teachers Club 2. SGA 3 Hendrick. Linda P.. Shelby. N.C Henley. Boyce I., II.. Shelby. N.C. Hensley. Boyce B.. Alpha Delta Sigma 1. 2,3, 4 Hensley, James M., Fayefteville, N.C; B.S.U. 1. 2. 3. 4. FOCUS 1. 2, 3, 4, Ministers Conference 2, 3, Religious Education Club 3. 4, Roteract 3. 4 Herold. John W.. Forest City. N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 3. 4. Methodist Student Move- ment 3. 4. Religious Education Club 3. 4 Hibbard. William F.. Shelby, N.C. Hill. James A,. Jr.. Gastonia. N.C Hines. Robert E.. Greenville. S.C; Golf 1. 2. 3. 4. Monogram Club 1. 2. 3, 4 Hines, William M., Hendersonville, N.C; Anchor Staff 1. 2. Ciruna Club 3, Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4. Pilot Staff 1, 2. Tennis 3. 4 Hollifield, Jerry W., Marion, N.C; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, Track 1 . 2 Houser, Claudia L., Jacksonville. Florida; Future Teachers Club 4. Honor Society 2, 3,4 Howell, Saundra M.. Greer, S.C; Mono- gram Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Club 3. 4. Cheer- leader 1. 2. 3. 4 Hoyle. Judy M.. Shelby. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3. 4. FCA 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Physical Education Club 3, 4. Homecoming Committee 4. Pep Club 3. 4 Hudgins, Mary E., Gastonia, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4, Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4, Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Hughes, Dan M.. Shelby. N.C Hull. Donald R.. Gastonia. N.C. Hornaday. John W.. Boiling Springs. N.C Humphries. Lala J.. Cliffside, N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4. Alpha Nu Omega 3. Future Teachers Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Secretary Sophomore Class 2 Jacks, James R.. Jr.. Clinton. S.C Jackson. Henry R.. Clover. S.C; Phi Beta Lambda 1. 2. 3. 4 Jackson. Joyce M.. Mill Spring. N.C Jackson. Judy A.. Gaffney. S.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 2. 3. 4. Alpha Nu Omega 3, Future Teachers Club 2, 3. 4. Sigma Pi Alpha 3. 4 Jenkins. James L.. Wallace. N.C. Jester. Marion N.. Boiling Springs. N.C; Ciruna Club 1. 2. 3. Pep Club 1. Honor Society 1, 2, 3 Jester. Rickey H.. Boiling Springs, N.C; Ciruna Club 1. 2. 3. Pep Club 1 Johnson. Janet L.. Canton, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3. Dorm Officer 2, 3. Future Teacher Club 1, Pep Club 1, WAB3 Jolley, Robert L., Cliffside, N.C; College Choir 2 Jordan. John A.. Spartanburg, S.C; Tennis 1.2 Justice. Rita v.. Rutherfordton. N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4. B.S.U. 3, 4. FOCUS 3. 4. Ministers Conference 3. Religious Educa- tion Club 3. 4. YWA ' s 3. 4. YWAs Presi- dent, Religious Education Club Vice-Pres- ident Kanipe. Lloyd A., Conover. N.C; Future Teachers Club 4, Physical Education Club 3.4 Kerley. Alvin W.. Maiden, N.C Kessling. Edward A.. Manhasset. New York; CirunaClub 3. 4 King. Norma C. Kings Mountain, N.C Kirby. Stephen H.. Newton. N.C; Ministers Conference 3. 4. Ensemble 3. 4 Koon, Randy R.. Properity, S.C; Dorm Of- ficer 4 Kynerd, Tom R., Shelby, N.C. 182 Records Lail, Joyce T., Boiling Springs, N.C.; B.S.U. 1,2, YWAs1, 2 Lamprlnakos, James G., Morrlstown, Tenn. LeCroy, Judy G., Shelby, N.C.; College Choir 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Student Edu- cation Association 3, 4 Lentz, Kenneth J., Spruce Pine, N.C. Lewis, Robert G., Shelby, N.C. LIndler, Ben F., Columbia, S.C. Lindler, Richard S., Rembert, S.C. LIndler, William E., Rembert, S.C. Linnens, Nancy A., Boiling Springs, N.C; B.S.U. 1,2, Ensemble 1,2, 3 Logan, Marcus W., Shelby, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4 Lowe, Stephen D., Caroleen, N.C. Mace, Linda M., Boiling Springs, N.C; Fu- ture Teachers Club 3, 4 Maness, James N., Bryson City, N.C; Track 1 Maney, Barry G., Asheville, N.C; Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4 Martin, Richard V., Jr., Hickory, N.C. Martin, Steve A., Salisbury, N.C. Martin, Thomas A., Blacksburg, S.C Mason, Harold J., Jr., Gaffney, S.C; Golf 2, Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4, Band 1,2,3 Mathis, James D., Cycle, N.C. McClung, Jackie H., Boiling Springs, N.C; Ministers Conference 3, 4 McGIII, Daniel H., Statesville, N.C. McGIII, Jack E., Jr., Florence, Kentucky; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Club 3, 4 McGjmpsey, Edward R., Lenoir, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4 McGlmsey, Pamela S., Forest City, N.C; Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4 McKlnney, Ruby C, Mooresboro, N.C; Fu- ture Teachers Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 1,2,3,4 Meador, Steve E., Greensboro, N.C. Mickey, Joseph H., Winston-Salem, N.C. Miles, Charles T., Taylors, S.C. Miller, William R., Boiling Springs, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3, Baseball 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, MAC 3, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3,4 Monroe, Teddy R., Gastonia, N.C. Moore, Thomas C, Carlisle, S.C; Ministers Conference 1, 2, 3, 4 Moore, Walter B., Shelby, N.C. Morris, D. Norman, McAdenville, N.C. Morrison, Charles P., Statesville, N.C; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, FOCUS 1, 2, 3, 4, Ministers Conference 1, 2, 3, 4, Roteract 3, 4, Track 3, 4 Moss, Tillman K., Jr., Forest City, N.C; Golf 4 Murphy, William S., Davidsen, N.C; Delta Psi Omega 3, 4 Murr, William R., Spartanburg, S.C. Neely, H. Lawton, Spartanburg, S.C; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, College Choir 2, 3, 4, Dorm Officer 3, FOCUS 1 , 2, 3, 4, Band 1 , 2 Neely, Wanda S., Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2, 3, B.S.U. 1, 2, FOCUS 1,2, Future Teachers Club 4, Pilot Staff 3, SGA 2, WAB 3, Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Neely, William K., Spartanburg, S.C; B.S.U. 1, 2, Delta Psi Omega 3, 4, FOCUS 1, 2, Pep Club 1, Pilot Staff 3 Neese, Carol F., West Columbia, S.C; B.S.U. 2, 3, College Choir 4, FOCUS 2, 3, 4, Literary Magazine 3 Neighbors, Howard S., Charlotte, N.C. Nipper, Paul W. Ill, Boiling Springs, N.C. Norris, Davey B., Alexis, N.C. Owen, James D., Rutherfordton, N.C. Pannell, Ronald W., Ellenboro, N.C. Pantalone, Donald C, Stirling, New Jersey Pettus, John F., Gastonia, N.C. Pike, Alice L., Greensboro, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3, B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, College Choir 1, Delta Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, FOCUS 1, 2, 3, 4, Pilot Staff 3 Plummer, James R., Shelby, N.C; Science Club 4 Poston, Janice H., Boiling Springs, N.C. Potts, Tony G., Statesville, N.C; Football 1 Price, Bonnie R., Boiling Springs, N.C; B.S.U. 1, 2, College Choir 1, 2, YWA ' s 1, 2 Purvis, Terry N., Gastonia, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Dorm Officer 3, FCA 3, Football 1, 2, 3, MAC 3, Physical Education Club 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Queen, Sheila, Pfafftown, N.C; Anchor Staff 1, College Choir 2, Physical Educa- tion Club 3, 4, Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 Ramsey, Katherine L., Gaffney, S.C; B.S.U. 2, College Choir 1. 2, FOCUS 2 Rash, Harvey L., Raleigh, N.C. Ray, Donald F., Shelby, N.C. Ray, Lonnie C, Forest City, N.C. Rayfield, Mike W., Kings Mountain, N.C. Reel, Lois E., Denver, N.C; College Choir 2,3,4 Repec, Don F., Myrtle Beach, S.C. Ritter, Thomas A., Ellenboro, N.C. Roberts, Dennis C, Shelby N.C; Alpha Delta Sigma 2, 3, 4, Alpha Nu Omega 3, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Robinson, James E., Winston-Salem, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Delta Psi Omega 4, MAC 4, Dorm President 4 Roemer, James W., Shelby, N.C; Roteract 4 Rose, Jack D., Whitmire, S.C. Ruppe, Jerry C, Rutherfordton, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 1, 2 Dorm Officer 2, 3, 4, MAC 1, 2, Roteract 1, 2, 3, 4, SGA 1, 2, Head Resident 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee 2, 3,4 Russell, Sara E., Charlotte, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 4, Pilot Staff 3, 4, SGA 4 Sandifer, Sue A., Boiling Springs, N.C; Delta Psi Omega 2, 3, 4 Santanella, Gabriel J., Boiling Springs, N.C; Brush and Scroll 2, 3, Ciruna Club 2, Pep Club 1, Pilot Staff 3 Seacord, James E., Charlotte, N.C; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Club 3, 4 Sechrist, Larry B., Miami, Florida; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Physi- cal Education Club 3, 4, Track 1 , 2 Sellers, Jadine, Cherryville, N.C. Shehan, Donald D., Rutherfordton, N.C. Shires, Alfred D., Forest City, N.C; Football 1,2 Shrum, Edward, Lincolnton, N.C; Future Teachers Club 1 Shuford, Margaret A., Shelby, N.C; Future Teachers Club 2, 4 Sommons, Wilbur B., Jr., Boiling Springs, N.C; Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 1,2,3 Simpkins, George G., Rock Hill, S.C; Col- lege Choir 1, Monogram Club 1, 2, Track 1,2 Simpson, Nancy R., Spencer, N.C; Future Teachers Club 2, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Pilot Staff 3, WAB 4, House Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2,3 Simpson, Steve M., Greensboro, N.C; Sci- ence Club 2, 3, 4 Sims, Edgar C, Jr., Winnsboro, S.C; Golf 4 Smith, Larry L., Denmark, S.C; Monogram Club2, 3, 4, Tennis 1,2,3,4 Smith, Joseph P., Jr., Gastonia, N.C Smith, Michael D., Shelby, N.C. Records 183 Snyder, Dan E., Hickory. N.C: BSU 1, 2. 3, 4, FOCUS 1, 2, 3. 4, Pilot Staff 2, 3, 4 Sorgee, Micfiael C, Caroleen, N.C. Sorreiis. June B., YWAs 1. 2 Soutfiards, Josepfi M., Lav;ndale, N.C; Sci- ence Club 1, 2. 3 Spainfiour. Jane D., Lenoir, N.C; BSU 1, 2, 3, Brush and Scroll 1, College Cfioir 1, FutureTeacfiers Club 3, Pilot Staff 3 Spence, Annette C, Eden. N.C; Dorm Of- ficer 4, Future Teachers Club 2. 3 Spencer, George W., Jr., Finksburg, Mary- land; Alpha Nu Omega 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Ed- uation Club 2, 3 Spurling, Thomas W., Lawndale, N.C. Stone, David A., Landrum, S.C; Track 3, 4 Stokes, Donald R. II, Greer, S.C. Stowe, Ricky L., Gastonia, N.C. Strickland, Elton L.. Henrietta, N.C. Strums, Mike R., Winston-Salem, N.C Stroud, Michael J., Asheville, N.C; Dorm Officer 4 Swinkey, Gary L., Union Mills, N.C. Sweezy, Robert D., Lawndale, N.C. Taylor, Camilla B., Granite Falls, N.C; Fu- ture Teachers Club 3, 4 Taylor, Robert M., Boiling Springs, N.C; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Taylor, Thomas W., Gaffney, S.C. Taylor, Warren L., Lexington, N.C. Thornton, Stanley M., Bostic, N.C Tolbert, Linda S., Lenoir, N.C Tryon, Bern W., Rutherfordton, N.C. Upton, Carolyn S., Lawndale, N.C; College Choir1,2, 3, 4, YWA ' sl Valentine, Michael D., Shelby, N.C; BSU 3, Ministers Conference 1, 2. 3, 4, Pep Club 2 Valentine, Tamara L., Shelby, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2, BSU 1, 2, 3, College Choir 1, FOCUS 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 1,2, 3, YWA ' s2 Voncannon, Linda F., Greensboro. N.C; BSU 1, 2, Delta PsI Omega 3. 4, FOCUS 1, 2, Ministers Conference 3, Pep Club 2 Religious Club 3, 4, YWA ' s 1 Wallace, Rufus M., Jr., York, S.C; Band 1,2,3,4 Wallace, William P., Wallace, S.C. Wallen, Ellen G., Charlotte, N.C; College Choir 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Majorette 1, 2, Pep Band 1, 2 Walters, William R., Shelby, N.C ; Tennis 3,4 Washburn, James W., Shelby, N.C; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Club 3, 4 WasznJcky, Linda G., Richmond, Virginia; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 Watson, John R., Shelby, N.C. Watson, Neal A., Sanford, N.C; Majorette 2, 3, Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Weathers, George A., Greenville, S.C. Weaver, Lydia T., Shelby, N.C; BSU 1, 2, College Choir 1, 2, FOCUS 1, 2, Future Teachers Club 2 Webster, Sandra L., Norfolk, Virginia; Alpha Nu Omega 3, 4, Future Teachers Club 2, 4, Pep Club 3, Pilot Staff 3, 4, SGA 3, 4, WAB President 4 Whisnant, Brenda W., Union Mills, N.C. Whisnant, Janet M., Asheboro, N.C; Alpha Nu Omega 2, Delta Psi Omega 4, WAB President 3 Whisnant, William C., Morganton, N.C. White, Gary C, Cherryville, N.C; Physical Education Club 3 Whitley. Brenda J., Shelby, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4 Wilkinson, Michael S., Greensboro, N.C. Williams, Richard N., Newport News, Vir- ginia; Judicial Committee 3 Willis, Hiram B., Taylors, S.C. Willman. Ronnie, Charlotte, N.C. Wilson, Harvy E.. Charlotte, N.C; Roteract 1,2 Wilson, Marilyn, Charlotte, N.C. Wilson, Sherman E., Roxboro, N.C; Tennis 2,3 Wimberly, Samuel W., Spartanburg, S.C. Wood, John W., Greensboro, N.C. Worrock, Chris L., Spartanburg, S.C; Phys- ical Education Club 3, 4 Woathy, Judy Mc, Shelby, N.C; Future Teachers Club 4, Honor Society 3, 4 Wright, James R., Shelby, N.C; Students Education Association 3, 4, Honor Society 3,4 184 Records Faculty Margery F. Adams, M.S., Instructor, A. A. Degree Nursing Program. Conley R. Ad- dington, D.C.S., Assistant Professor, Busi- ness. Garland H. Allen, Th.D , Professor, Bible, History. Joe C. Allen, M.A., Associate Professor, Business. Charles S. Andrews, M.A., Chair- man, Department of IWIodern Foreign Lan- guages and Literature: Professor Frencfi. Deck W. Andrews, M.S.B.A., Department of Business Administration; Professor, Busi- ness. Thomas J. Ballard, Th.D., Associate Pro- fessor, Religion. Doris V. Banner, M.A., Instructor, Mathematics. Gilmer W. Black- burn, M.A., Assistant Professor, Social Sci- ence. Robert R. Blackburn, Ed.D., Chairman, Di- vision of Education; Chairman, Department of Health Education and Physical Educa- tion; Professor. Health, Physical Educa- tion. Ernest M. Blankenship, M.A., Asso- ciate Professor, English. Lois B. Bradley, B.S., Instructor, A.A. Degree Nursing Pro- gram. Records 185 Faculty Jerry Z. Bryson, M.A., Assistant Professor. Health. Physical Education: Head Baseball Coach. Randolph E. Carothers. Ed.D.. Chair- man. Department of Education and Library Science: Professor. Education. Bettye M. Carpenter, M.A., Associate Professor. Psy- chology. Speech. Wallace R. Carpenter, M.A., Chairman. De- partment of Data Processing; Associate Professor. Business. Clyde S. Cash, M.A.T.. Assistant Professor. Biology, Chemistry. Richard G. Chalcratt, M.S.. Instructor. Geol- ogy, Geography. Gale T. Champion, MA. Instructor. Busi- ness. Chit-Fu Chang, M.S.. Assistant Pro- fessor. Mathematics. Pervy A. Cline, Jr., M.A.. Associate Professor, Classical Lan- guages. Betty S. Cox, Ph.D.. Chairman. Department of English Language and Literature: Pro- fessor, English. Charles W. Cox, Ph.D.. Professor. Theatre Arts. Speech, Barbara J. Cribb, M.Ed., Instructor, Education, Art. " ■J ' t m 186 Records George R. Cribb, Ed.D., Chairman, Depart- ment of Fine Arts; Professor, Music. Ken- neth R . Daves, M.A., Assistant Professor, Healtfi, Pfiysical Education; Swimming Coacfi; Assistant Football Coacfi. Robert L. Decker. M.R.E., Instructor, Ivlusic. Hubert C. Dixon, M.A., Chairman, Division of t athematics and Natural Sciences; Chairman, Department of fvlathematics and Physics; Professor, Mathematics. Antliony F. Eastman, M.A., Assistant Professor, So- cial Science. Edna W. Eddin, M.A., Instruc- tor, Business. Shehab Eddin, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science, Economics. Joe K. Ellenburg, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Health, Physi- cal Education. James R. EIrod, B.D. Ad- ministrative Assistant. W. Lyman Ferrell, B.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology; Counselor. James W. Fite, M.A., Associate Professor, Biology. Louis V. Ghisletti, Ph.D., Professor, Modern For- eign Languages and Literature. Records 187 Faculty Nettie R. Gidney, MA.. Assistant Professor. Voice. Albert B. Godlrey, Ph.D.. Chairman, Department of Biology. Chemistry and Ge- ology; Professor. Biology. Howard E. Gold- en, Ph.D.. Professor, Economics. Franklin K. Griggs. M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor, Business. Data Processing. Nell S. Griggs, M.A., Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education. Barry E. Hambright, M.A., Assistant Professor, History. •Hector R. Hardin, Ph.D., Chairman, Divi- sion of General Business; Professor, Busi- ness. Michael A. Harrelson, Ph.D., Asso- ciate Professor, Biology. Terry R. Hayes, fvl.A.. Instructor, Theatre Arts, Speech. James P. Henson, Ed.D., Chairman, De- partment of Psychology; Professor. Psy- chology. Donna W. Hewitt, B.S., Instructor, A. A. Degree Nursing Program. Thomas Fur- man Hewitt, Th.D., Associate Professor, Religion. •Deceased August 28, 1970. 188 Records Barbara W. Holbrook, M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor, Health, Physical Education. Edwin C. Holbrook, M.A., Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education; Athletic Direc- tor; Head Basketball Coach. Ron D. Hoop- er, B.S., Assistant Basketball Coach; Exe- cutive Secretary, Bulldog Club. Daniel H. Hosier, Ph.D., Chairman, Divi- sion of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Chairman, Department of History; Profes- sor, History. Sandra W. Jarrell, M.C.M., Instructor, Music. Marion L. Jolley, M.A., Ed.S., Professor, Social Science; Chair- man, Department of Associated Social Sci- ences. Paul W. Jolley, M.A., M.A.T., Associate Professor, IVIathematics. C. Robert Jones, M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts, Speech. Doris Jones, (VI.A.T., Associate Professor, Sociology, Religion. Robert L. Lamb, D.R.E., Professor, Reli- gious Education, Religion. Grace C. Lee, M.N. A., Director, A. A. Degree Nursing Pro- gram. John T. Lewis, Th.D., Chairman. Division of Humanities; Chairman, Depart- ment of Ancient Languages and Literature; Professor, Ancient Languages and Litera- ture. Records, ' 189 Faculty Leonard G. Litlon, Fr.. M.A.. Head Football Coach; Associate Professor. Health, Physi- cal Education. Betty H. Logan. M.A.. As- sistant Professor. Business. Melvin R. Luiz, Jr., M.A., Instructor, Ancient Languages and Literature. Wilbur R. McBride, I .Ed., Associate Pro- fessor. Physics, Mathematics. Alton H. Malone, M.S.L.S., Library Director. Robert E. Morgan. I .Ed.. Associate Professor. French. Mathematics. Gladys D. Morris, M.A.. Assistant Professor. English. Martin A. Moseley, Jr., M.S.. Pro- fessor, Chemistry. William H. Mowry, Ed.D., Professor, Psychology. Marlon V. Murrell, Ph.D., Chairman, De- partment of Religious Studies and Philoso- phy; Professor, Religion. Arthur G. Nuhrah, Ph.D., Professor. History; Administrative As- sistant Diane H. Packard, B.A.. Secretary and Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 190 Records Clarence S. Parrish, Ph.D., Associate Pro- fessor, Chemistry. Dorothy A. Pearce, M.N., Instructor, A.A. Degree Nursing Program. Phil D. Perrin, D.M.A., Professor, Music. Cole A. Proctor, M.A., Assistant Professor, Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach. Launlta E. Proctor, M.R.E., I .Ed., Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Edu- cation. James H. Rash, M.Ed., Associate Professor, Art. Charles H. Rhue, Instructor, Business. Charley L. Sandifer, Th, M.S.M.A., Asso- ciate Professor, English. Joy Y. Sandifer, M.L.S., Assistant Librarian. John K. Sanlord, M.A., Graduate Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education; As- sistant Football Coach. Rebecca A. Sebas- tian, M.A., Assistant Librarian. Manuel A. Selzer, M.A.T., Associate Professor, Span- ish. Records 191 Faculty Mary F. Smith, Periodicals Librarian. Paul M. Sorrells, M.A., Assistant Professor, Eng- lish. Paul J. Stacy, B.S.. Assistant Profes- sor, Biology. William B. Stowe, M.A., Assistant Professor, English. Mario A. Suarez. Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish. James K. Taylor, M.A., Assistant Professor, English. James O. Terrell, M.A., Professor, Social Science. Shirley P. Toney, B.S., Instructor, A.A. Degree Nursing Program. Robert L. Trexler, M.A., M. Div., Assistant Professor, Religion, Social Science. PIng-Kwan Tse. M.A., Instructor, Physics. William H. Withrow, Sr., B.S., Assistant Professor, Political Science, Geography. 192 Records Alpha Nu Omega first row left to rigfit: Judy Hoyle, Cathey Wefiunt, Linda Voncannon, Sfieila Harris, Sandy Webster, Sara Russell second row: Danny Ellington, James Bost, Judy Hannafi, Rita Justice, Reg Alexander, Troy Harmon, Fagg Nowlan third row: Jeff Cranford, Ricky Carter, Wayne Packard, George Spencer SGA first row: Nancy Simpson, Brenda Jones, Cathey Wehunt, Judy Hannah, Sara Russell, Coco Whitener second row: Sheila Harris, Stephanie Angelo, Sandy Webster, Fagg Nowlan third row: Ricky Carter, Wayne Packard Danny Ellington, Delta Psi Omega first row: Wanda Haynes. Linda Voncannon, Charlsie Griffin, Clara Eggleston, Janet Whisnant second row: Doug Benson, Sharon Capps, Sherry Jones, Neal Ann Watson, Terry Hayes — co- sponsor third row: Brud Phillips, Mike Stubbs, Ron Zed ick Records 193 h. m. % A ii » J i Choir first row left to right: Carol Byerly, Carol Cathey, Marian Holten. Gloria Holt, Beverly Cash, Mary Causby, Gay Greene. Carolyn Up- ton, Candy Cline, Jane McGee second row: Jane Best, Teresa Jones, Sharon Quick, Teresa Matkins, Judy Allen, Doris Dameron, Janet Jenkins, Sharon Kincaid, Teresa Chandler, Brenda Barrett, Pat Conyers third row: Judy Morrison, Fred Adkins, Kenneth Brooks, Tommy Huddleston, Steve Wray, Mike Matheny, Lawton Neely, Roscoe Mize, Carroll Garrett, Carol Neese fourth row: Steve Kirby, Franklin Page, Luther Ross, Ed Camp, Evan Myers, Eddie Morrison, Larry Guy, Ronnie Willman Honor Society first row: Cathy Washburn, Lynn Bridges, Judy LeCroy, Kathy Daves, Debra Webb, Pam McGimsey, Janet Costner, Gayle Childers second row: Sherry Jones, Wanda Haynes, Jackie McSwain, Cathy Logan, Vada Haynes, Linda Benfield third row: Sharon Capps, Deborah Hawkins, Becky Henley, Barbara Wallwork, Carol Hendrick, Lynn Moss fourth row: Ronnie Wright, David Webb, Wayne Roberts, Teddy Monroe, Broadus Hocutt, Marion Williams fifth row: Bill Ford, Ken Brock, Dennis Roberts, Clayton Jones, Armea Abajian ■ 194 Records Ministerial Conference first row left to right: Thomas Wingler, Jerry Simpson, Terry Weavil, Tommy Huddleston, Clayton Jones, Steve Fink, Carrol Garrett, Mike Goudelock, Jimmy Goudelock, Rev. Buddy Freeman — Advisor second rovic Larry Turner, Bob Grant, David Ford, Louis Remy, Mike Jamison, Dale Webb, Stanley Olah, Charles Reep, Richard Walker third row: Larry Fleming, Robert Livingston, Richard Moretz, Leiand Kerr, Jessie Yorborough, Ed Middleton, Charles Wilson, Bob Thomas, Jerry Burleson, Reg Alexander fourth row: Donald Willis, Gene Frady, Scott Good, Liberty Koontz, Dennis White, Oscar Dodson, Larry Robertson, Mike Minnix, Charles Morrison fifth row: Vance Johnson, Jeff Cranford, Wade Deilinger, Mike Branscom, Joe Forbes, Boyce Bradshaw, Eugene Ridley, Troy Harmon Focus first row: Jane McGee, Frances Slagle, Judy Jenkins, Sue Smith, Cindy Lemmons, Sharon Gregeory, Donna Pressley, Reg Alexander second row: Patsy Clyburn, Belinda Thompson, Dianne Copeland, Rita Justice, Dawn Spainhour, Nancy Magill, Mike Shook third row: Lawton Neely, Ed Middleton, Jessie Yorborough, David Ford, Leiand Kerr, Bob Thomas fourth row: Fred Adkins, Dan Synder, Richard Walk- er, Tommy Huddleston, Charles Reep Classical Languages Club first row: Mel Campos, Louis Remy, Clayton Jones, Roger Bright, Robert Livingston second row: Dr. Lewis-Advisor, Mike Minnix, Don- ald Willis, Jeff Cranford, Joe Forbes Records 195 Pilot staff First row I to r: Patsy Bumgarner, Dianne Copeland, Dawn Spainhour, Melanie Campbell. Donna Turner, Mingoia. Second row I to r: Jeff Cranford, Robert Hunt, Bill McCurrie. Jerry Keller, Reg Alexander, Terry Knigtit. Sue Austin, Lynda Roleract First row I to r: Stan Napier, Mike Matheny, Mil e Hensley, Charles Morrison, Steve Gregory, John Yureckso, Edward McGimpsey. Second row I to r: Jerry Simpson, Gerald Hamilton, Steve Wilson, Richard Granger, Kemp Savage, Robert Thompson. Jerrv Ruppe. Wayne Packard. Ptiysical Education Majors Club First row I to r; Lavonne Butler. Amy Freeman, Carolyn Powers, Judy Hoyle, Sherrie Jones, Sharon Craw- ford, Sheila Queen, Saundra Howell. Second row I to r: Rusty Cox, Phil Hopkins, Billy Howell. Gary White. Raymond Davis. Andy Kanipe, Jerry Hollifield, George Spencer. Third row I to r: Allen Shelton, Tim Livingston, John Hamrick. 196 Records Ciruna first row left to right: Mr. Hambright — advisor, Wayne Roberts, Carol Cathey, Donna Swope, Shirley Ramsey, Ed Kessling, Issa Yachou second row: James Bost, Kemp Savage, Broadus Hocutt, Jim Lowrey Sigma Pi Alpha first row: Bonnie Price, Susan Byers, Karen Hardin, Donna Turner, Donna Swope. Lanita Wright, Melody Bennick, Marcia Abernathy, Mr. Setzer — advisor second row: Jim Martin, John Henderson, Harold Arledge, Gary Pearson, Paul Huff, Randy Nash, Allen Craven, Bill Cooley, Mike Matheny Business Club first row: Cecil VanDyke, Don Ray, Elaine Butler, Sharon Hobson, Debbie Pigg, Joy Jolley, Sandy Swift, Jim Maness, Edward McGimpsey, Mr. Deck Andrews — advisor second row: Walter Barbare, James Bost, Tom Frye, Steve Wilson, Bill Neil, Randy Kirby, Greg Gault, Joe Powell, Larry Guy, Ken Webb. Records 197 il 1 ' Outing Club first row left to right: Mr. Chalcraft — Advisor, Gerald Griggs. Bo Cash, Pam McGimsey, Dale Burton, Michael Parker, Don Hull. Tim Bovender, Von Ballin second row: Dr. Harrelson — Advisor, Ken Lentz, Joe Mickey, Donald Pantalone, Jerry Whisnant, Steve Meador, Eddie Jones, Mike Sturns Religious Education Club first row left to right: Teresa Jackson, Sandra Thompson, Frances Slagle, Sharon Gregory, Rita Justice, Donna Pressley, Mary Causby second row: Jerry Simpson, Steve Gregory. Dan Snyder, Carrol Garrett, Jeff Cranford. Bill Honeycutt, Liberty Koontz. Mike Hensley BSU Council first row left to right: Sharon Gregory, Teresa Jackson. Jill Sanders, Rita Justice, Dianne Copeland second row: Leiand Kerr, Charles Wilson, Jeft Cran- ford, Reg Alexander 198 Records Ensemble First row I to r: John Elliott, Lynda Mingoia, Mike Matheny, Jean Abrams Whitaker, Bill Harrill, Beth Martin, Dr. George R. Cribb. Second row I to r: Beverly Allen, Robert Grant, Dian Brittain, Lui Green, Geneal Wade, Dennis Collins, Pam McCall, Mike Bridges. Third row I to r: Ronnie Sams, Lou Ann Hamrick, Bill Kelley, Kay Abrams, Tom Lattimore, Libby Robinson, Larry Rollins, Susan Wilson, Gerald Hamilton. i m. Vili ( f . 9 ( f V Nursing Graduates First row I to r: Beverly Reid, Sandra Thompson, Joyce Lynch, Sharon Buchanan, Debbie Roberts, Janice Durnil, Alivia Young, Deborah Hawkins. Second row I to r: Patricia Hamrick, Betty Manning, Diane Barron, Linda Smith, Tamala Logan, Dottie Reed. Third row I to r: Kay Swuires, Eileen Hatcher, Barbara Craig, Bonnie Heffner, Elaine Garrett, Jane Richards. Fourth row I to r; Mennett Simmons, Elaine Waters, Ray Champion, Carolyn Jolly, Wayne Adams. Records 199 Basketball Team sitting left to right; Eddie Holbrook — Head Coach. Jack McGill, Len Dugger, Richard Jessen. Richard Thomas, Dennis DeSanctis. Robert Stewart — manager. Mike Bridges — manager standmg: David Crisp — manager, Roger Banks — asst. coach. Tony Spagnola. George Adams. Ken Long, Doug Jolley, A! Graves, Ron Hooper — asst. coach, Benny Kessee — manager Football Team first row left to right: Barry Goodpasture, Ray Hannon, Bernie Sanders second row: Sid Bryson, Steve Carswell, Alton White, Mike Stephens. Joe Speight. Jody Anthony_j Terry Wilder. Jim Lynn. Gary Welch. Rick Laurley. Dickie Sherill, Bill Howell third row: Malcolm Singleton. Ron Belue. Tommy Kirk. Dickie Brown. Tommy Way. Gar7 Moore. Jim Edison. Tommy Johey, Jim Rodgers. David Gibbons. Pinckney Guerrard, Daryl Corley fourth row; Wayne Roberts — trainer. Jeff Hester. Danny Long. Lanny Mabry. Danny Stowall, Wayne Packard, Steve Phillips. Woody Fish. Gary Blackwell. Ray Miller. Ryan Hendley. Jerry Caldwell. Sammy Mooney fifth row: Carroll Lowder trainer. Heath Livingston, Tim Livingston. Buzzy Sims. Claude Smith, Jim Seacord, Frank Nonon. Miles Aldridge, Robert Webster, Bert Smith. Mike Godfrey, Steve Godfrey, Steve Garner, Lee Thompson sixth row: Hardm Davis. Danny Stovall. Terrell Carter, John Wright. James Washburn, Gary Wortman, Coleman Hunt, Ronnie Woodle, Ed Lawrence, Jim Becks, Ron Fridell, Tom McLaughlin. John Byrd — trainer seventh row: Harold Davis, Dan Seme, Rusty Porter, Larry Shaw. Duke Burnett. Meredith Scruggs. Steve Foster, Stan Stokes. Mike Cherry. Gene Cooley. Ken Reid, Larry Sechrist, Alfred Shires — Student Assistant Coach. Terry Weavil — Trainer 200 Records m imj. liliiiiiiiiiiliiii ' iiiiiHi ' First row I to r- Joe Stepp, Larry Sisk, Ron Lacy, John Hamrick, Terry Brewer, Tony Bowie, Gary Willie, Larry LeCroy, Joel Jenkins. Second row I to r: Danny Caldwell, Bobby Lail, Johnny Phillips, Mike McDaniel, Buddy Starnes, John Lipe, Roger McSwain, Ron Noe, Joe Brown, Mike Anthony. First row I to r: Jack Moore, Tim Moss, Greg Gault, Gary Dobbins, Mike Stewart. Second row I to r; Bobby Mines, Terry Florence, Vardaman Banks, Benjy Adams, Johnny Kyle. if f ' ;( ;i]dg. ' First row 1 to r: Richard Granger, Tommy Bell, Billy Walters, Joe Mickey. Second row I to r; Barry Maney, Janet Vaughn, Debbie Wilson, Larry Smith, James Tay- lor, coach. Records 201 Monogram Club first row left to right: Wayne Roberts, Danny Caldweld. David Gibbons, Larry LeCroy, Joel Jenkins, John Hamrick second row; Hal Davis, Buz Sims, Sid Bryson, Mike Cherry, Wayne Packard third row: Steve Phillips, Miles Aldridge, James Washburn, Jim Sea- cord, John Wright Pep Club first row left to right: Carolyn Vinson, All Cline, Kay Abrams, Cassandra Thomas, Debbie Roberts, Amy Freeman, Gale Alexander. Marcia Abernathy, Melody Bennick second row: Stan Napier, Carolyn Powers, Ella Harrison, Judy Hoyle, Lavonne Butler, Clarence Ash Fellowship of Christian Athletes first row left to right: Terry Weavil, Clarence Ash, Carolyn Powers, Mike Stephens, Dicky Sherrill second row: Harold Davis, Danny Caldweld, Wayne Roberts, Terry Wilder Lutz-Yelton B Football and Basketball first row left to rigtit; Andy Kanipe, Steve Rus- sell, John Byrd, Raymond Davis, Gary Bent- ley, Mike Hensley second row: Terry Flor- ence, Joe Boyd, Bobby Sherrill, Tony Potts, Randy Eskridge. Lee Whalry, George User Lutz-Yelton A Volleyball first row; David Hart, Ed Ellenburg, Tommy Humptiries, Danny Caldwell second row; Eddie Jones, Sanford Fishel, Ronnie Noe, fvlike Anthony Hapy first row; Connie Croks, Dene Eller second row; Dixie Banning, Barbara White, Clara Eggleston Not pictured: Brenda Walk- er, Pat Conyers, Linda Mongola, Susan Smith, Susan Anderson, Cathy Hall Records 203 staff Roger Banks Daphne Bridges Cleon Crymes Betty Cromer Beverly Edwards Wayne Epiey Jewel Goodwin Maggie Goodwin Jack Greene Peggy Greene Nancy Griffin Nancy Hibbard Janelie Hicks Grace Harmon Betty Hester Susan Jenkins Frances Johnson Nellie Jolly Nita Lefler Debbie Logan Joann Lutz Paul Magill Marie Martin Betty McGraw Mildred Poston Martha Proctor Horace Scruggs Freddie Sisk Gail Styers Bernice Trexler Estelle Walker Gordon Washburn LaLene Washburn Shirley Washburn Antionne Wesson Polly Wylie 204 Records Who ' s Who I to r: Troy Harmon, Judy LeCroy, Jerry Ruppe, David Webb, Janet Whisnant, Esther Hendricks, Bill Harrill, Lala Humphries. Outstanding Seniors First row: Jan Johnson, Claudia Houser second row: Sandy Webster, Janet Whisn- ant, Troy harmon third row: Danny Elling- ton, David Webb, Ray Miller, Jerry Ruppe, Charlie Morrison Records 205 Student Directory James Preston Aaron 705 Sunny Street Shelby. N.C. Fred K. Adkins. Jr. 1110 Decatur Street West Columbia. S.C Armenag N. Abajian No 1142 Armenian General Benvoleni Camp Marach Arax Str. Union Bid BourieHamoud Lebanon Marcia P Abemathy 111 Hillbrook Drive Spartanburg, SO. Peggy R. Abernathy Rt " l,8ox211 New London. NO. Robert C Abernethy 806 S. College Ava Newton. NO. Donna Kay Abrams Sox 823 Boiling Springs. N.C. Sami Emil Abudayyeh P O. Box 19105 Jerusalem. Israel DonaJd S. Adams 6th Ave, S.W. Conover, N.C. George Adams Route 2. Box 170 Kings Mountain. N.C. James S. Adams. Jr. 245 Piney Mt. Road Greenville. S.C. Robert Wayne Adams 639 West Main Forrest City. N C Stanley V Albright 7 W. MainBlvd Timonium Maryland Miles Aldridge 250 Balfer Drive Greenville. S.C James Ralph Alexander I Chanticleer Drive Greenville, S.C Marilyn I. Alexander Rt. 2 Stony Poini, N C Beverly Jean Allen Box 773 Boiling Springs. N.C. Judith C. Alien 310 S- Church Street Gastonia. N.C. Roben Kent Allen 4 Buena Vista Dr. Canton. N.C. Pam McKee Allen Rt 8. Box 199 Shelby. NC. Wm. Henry Allen Box 801 Boiling Springs, N.C. Yvonne J. Ammons Route 2. Box 246 Horse Shoe. N.C. Ray Ne i Anderson, ll 106 Forest Hills Dr- ForestCity. N.C. SuBan Ann Anderson 33 Normandy Road Greenville. S.C. Stephanie E, Angelo I I Toy St Greenville. S.C. Phillip Ray Annas Box 474 Boiling Springs. N.C. Joseph Leon Anthony P.O. Box 813 EiMn. N.C. Michael A. Anthony Route 1 Buffalo, S.C. Sandra E. Anthony 4915MontibelloDr. Charlotte. N.C- Tommy L, Anthony Route 1 Buffalo. S-C. Richard Allen Ard Grier Circle Thomason. Ga. Frank W Armitage 506 Cherokee Drive Greenville. S.C Kenneth W, Arnold Route 5. Tallent T. Cn. Shelby. N.C. Clarence E. Ash Route 1. Box 95 Kings Mtn, N.C Russetl C. Ashmore tit 18 Wood Creek Drive Taylors, S C. Peggy Ann Atkinson Route 2 Fiarmont. N.C. Allene E. Aughtry 127 Morse Street Whilmire, S C. Charles R. Ayers 12 Sequoia Dr, Greenville, SC. Joe R Babb Route 1 Moore. S.C. James M Bagwell 17 Horseshoe Circle Greenville, S.C. Sandra Ann Bailes Route 1 Fon Mill. SC Philip D Bailey Route 2 Ellenboro. N.C. William Keith Ballew 418 S-E. Main St. Simpsonville. SC. Virginia Banks Boiling Springs Vardaman w. Banks 9922 Pinehurst Ave. Fairfax. Va. Barbara L. Banner 3011 Hampton Ave. Charlotte. N.C. Dixie J. Banning Route 1 Hendersonville. N.C. Walter L- Barbara Jr. Route 4 Travelers Rest, S.C. Ricka J. Barker Route 1 Union Grove, N.C. Robert T Barkley 630Modena Ext. Gastonia. NC. Brenda F. Barrett Route 1. Box 490 Roanoke Rapids. N.C. Vickie Lee Barrett Route 1 Seaboard. N.C. Dianne S. Barron 418 Antrum SI. Shelby. N,C Randy F Basinger Route 2. Box 847 Salisbury. N.C. Phyllis C. Bateman Routes Gattney. S.C. Barbara Beam Route 1. Box 317 Forest City. N.C. Joseph Jackson Beam Route 6, Box 193 Shelby. NC Bobbie Lu Beam Box 862 Boiling Springs, N.C. Jerry T. Beard R(. 3. Box 64 Huntersville. N.C. Mrs. Ronald H. Season 821 N Piedmont Ave. Kings Mountain. N.C. Sherry Jean Beason Wall Ave. Box 141 Boiling Springs. N,C, Miss Elizabeth Beck 820 Dale Street Hendersonville. N.C. Perry Beck Box 262 Yadkinville. N.C James A. Becks. Jr. 627 B. Street Staunton, Va. Joe Michael Beckwith Mr, JoeN. Beckwith 34 Clemson Drive Warren R. Bedford Rt. 1. Box 270 A Blacksburg. S C Raymond H. Belew. Jr. P.O. Box 243 Henriena. NC. Joseph Eddie Bennett Route 1 Westfield. N.C- Nancy N. Bennett Route 4 Greenville. S.C. Melody BennicK 661 Ouarterstaff Winston Salem. N.C. George G. Bentley 156 Wid Wood Road Lenoir. N.C. Richard Wayne Benton 2710Tillbrook Place Greensboro, N.C Hugh K. Beveridge 1903 Westbrook Circle Gastonia. N.C. Sidney A. Biesecker 319 Idlewood Or. Lewngton, N.C- Kattiy Starr Biddy Route 3. Box 102A Taytorsville, N.C, Michael E. Biggerstaff Route l.Box472A Forest City. N C. Henry Bingham, Jr Route 2 Lawndale, N C. William B. Bingham Route 4. Box 873 Morganton. N.C. Femesel. Black Route 1 . Box 68 Shelby. N.C. James S. Biackwelder Route 1 Mockavllle. N.C. Gary Lee Btackweil RiverRd. Rl-2. BoxlOl Greer, S C. Roger C. Blanchard. Jr. 502 Fiorham Drrve James Blanton, Jr. Rou1e2.Box227A Shelby. N.C. Roy Roger Blanton, Sr. mOSpann Street Shelby, N C. Lewis Edward Bobb 1 308 Ebenezer Newberry, S.C. Lawrence Boggs Route 1, Box 631 Bumpass, Virginia Erwin Bohlen. Jr. 22 Charlotte St. Charleston. S C Vernon E. Bonner Rt. 2. Box 475 Sumter, SC Pamela T. Booker 804 Hawthorne Street Cherryvitle, N.C. Mr. Pins Boozer P.O. Box 444 LeasvJIIe. S.C. Stephen S- Borders 1601 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby. N.C- Myra L- Botis Routes Shelby, NC. Philip J. Bouchard 514 Rosewood Drive Lexington. N.C. Rebecca E. Bouchelle Route 2 North Wil kesboro. N.C. Thomas E. Bouknight North Lee Leesville. S.C. Charles L. Bouton 108 Crescent Ave Greenville, S C Charles T Bovender 2565 Country Club Rd. Winston Salem.N.C. Mr. Gilbert Bowman 3l3Grice Street Shelby. N.C. Roger Bower 300 Roberta Dr. Greenville, S.C. Justin Bowie 208 Elizabeth Ave Greenwood. S.C. Jerome R. Boyce Route 4. Box 82 Inman, S.C Henry Boyd Routes. Box 76 C Winsboro. S.C- James W. Boyd 109 Pine Needle Road Union. S.C. Eileen Ann Brabson Monmouth Dr. Monmouth Junction, N.J. Thomas G. Bradish, Jr. Appalachian Hall Asheville. N.C. Glenda Anne Bradley Route 1, Box 30 Forest City, N,C- Trilby M. Brafford 919 West First Street Lowell. NC. Michael W. Branscome 1482 W. Ciemmonvllle Winston Salem. N.C. Diane M. Brantley 1012HardinDr. Shelby, NC John Thomas Bray III lOO Eastbourne Rd. Greenville. S.C. Patricia Ann Brazite Route 1, Box 24dA Forest City, N.C. Eugene M. Breazeale 133 E. Parkins Mill Rd. Greenville. S.C. Lindsey F Brewer. Jr 841 Ouckview Court Winston Salem. N.C Terry V. Brewer 3727 Gtenville Ave. Charlotte. N.C Carol Bridges Rt 4, Box 260 Shelby, N C Michael Ray Bridges Route 2, Box 505 Ellenboro. N C. Roben W Bridges 1206 W Dixon Blvd Shelby. N C Sylvia E- Bridges Apt. A 2 College Road Shelby, N.C. Roger P Bright Rt. 8. Box 461 Gaffney. S C Mary 0- Britlain 310 Carbon City Road Morganton. N.C. Gary D. Brooks Rt.2 Lansing, N.C. Kenneth Eugene Brooks 0.0. Box 155 Ellenboro. N.C. Edmund Milnor Brown 249 Sandhurst Road Columbia. S.C Richard P Brown Rt. 7, Box 2600 Lakeland, Florida Roger Alan Brown 407 East A_ Ave Easley. S C Ronald L- Brown 3611 Woodleaf Road Charlotte. NC Amanda K. Bryant 1 107 Cumberland Ave. Gastonia. N.C. Henry P Bryant. Jr. 10 Balentine Dr. Greenville. S.C. James D Bryant Rt 1 , Box 396 Andrews. NC Gloria K Buchanan 337 Green St, Ruthertordton, N.C. James W Buchanan 965 23rd Ave N.E. Hickory. NC Sharon Gail Buchanan Route 4. Box 111 Bakersville, N.C. Stephen G Butfktn 307 Shelley Street Tabor City, NC, Ricky James Bullin 38 N, Chapel Drive Lexington. N.C. Oavid Q. Bumgardnor Route 1. Box 395 Gastonia. N.C. Ethel S. Bungardner Box 156 Polkvllle. N,C. Grady B, Bumgarner Hudson, N.C. Patsy Ann Bumgarner Route 1. Box 47 Kannapolis, N.C. Carl Ralford Burch 329 17th Ave- N.E. Hickory. N.C, 206 Jerry C Burleson P.O Box 44 Cf03snore, N C Lester Duke Burnett 107 Grace Terrace Greenwood. S.C James Thomas Burns, Jr 222 Cannon Street Georgetown. S.C Larry Wm. Burrls Route 2 Newton. N.C Dale Holder Burton 760 WHshireRd Winston Salem, N.C. William L Burton 907 Elizabeth Road Shelby, N C Janet E Butler Route 1. Box 225 Travelers Rest, S C Jo Lavonne Butler Route 1 Box 442 Forest City. NC Harold T Butts Route 1 Lining. N.C, Michael W Byars Route 4, Box 39 Gallney, S.C. Carol Jane Byerly Route 4, Box 350 Lexington, N.C. Susan MarguIRa Byers Route 1 Forest City. N.C. John W. Byrd 516 Belmont Rd. Belmont. NC. NitaKay Cagle Route 1 Asheboro, NC. Millard Caldwell 2937 Lake Dr Shelby. N.C- Steve W. Caldwell Route 1 Lincolnton, N.C. Sue C Camp 908 Parkwood Road Shelby. N.C- Jesse P. Campbell P.O. Box 413 Boiling Springs. N.C Melanie E. Campbell Box 314 Conover. N.C. Stephen C, Campbell Route 7, Box 252 Greer. S.C Melvin Campos Post OHice, Box 344 Waimea Kauai. Hawaii Ronald G Canipe Routes. River Road Shelby, N C Sandra Gay Cannon Routes Greer, S.C. Sharon D. Capps RI. 3. Box 125 Travelers Rest. S.C. Wayne R Caraturo 108 E HenderliteSI, Salisbury. N.C- Jerry L. Carpenter Route 1 Dillard, Georgia Raymond H. Carroll, Jr. Route 1 Providence, N.C. Ctyde S. Carswell Route 2, Box 368 Morganton. N C. Daniel Brooks Carter 1 1 2 Tanglewood Drive Greenville. S.C. Leon Terrell Carter Route 1 Marlon, SC. Randall M Carter 1200 Edwards Road Greenville, S C Richard Marion Carter Rt. 4, Box 312 Gattney. SC. Hiram J Casebolt, Jr. 107 Longview Lake Dr Raleigh. N.C Beverly Sue Cash Route 1 Shelby. N.C- Carol E Cathey Box 5 Fallslon. N.C. Jane Gray Casstevens Route 1, Box 67 Jonesville, N C Deborah Zandra Caster 414 Orange Street Shelby, N.C. Elizabeth Kay Causby 426 S. Ridge Street Dallas, N.C. Mrs, Ray W. Champion Route 5 Shelby, N.C. Timothy B Champion Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. Beverly Sue Chance 100 W. Markham Ave. Durham, N.C. Gary M. Chandler Route 3 Simpsonville. S.C. Teresa Ann Chandler 240 Hillside St. AshevlUe, N C John Chandler Rt. 1 Hickory Grove, S.C. Paul W, Chang P 0. Box 307 Boiling Springs, N.C. William Irvm Chason Route 2 Shron, S.C. Alfred Jerome Cherry Route 1 Stanley, N C. Michael D Cherry 1240 Westbrook Circle Gastonia, N C. Steven T. Cherry Box 269 Gastonia. N.C. Joyce G. Childers Rt. 5, Box 328 Taylorsville, N C. Linda R Childers Route 2, Box 126 Kings Mtn,. N.C- Vicki K, Childers Rt, 1 , Box 46 Gallney, S.C Kenneth L. Childress Rt. 9, Tamarack Trail Greenville, SC Mary E. Chiles 30 Brookside Circle Greenville, S C. Charles W. Clamp 1 1 Tulane Ave, Greenville, S.C. David Barton Clark 427 Kathleen St. Akron, Ohio Larry E Clark Rt I.Box 10 Semora. N.C. James E Clary 4009 Forrestdale Dr. Durham, N.C. Edward W. Clay, Jr. 3 Marshall Street Greenville. S C Ann H, CUne Route 2. Box 43 Lincolnton, N.C. Candy Laird Cline Box 275 Fallston, N.C. George G Cllno 19Gllley Ave. Big Stone Gap, Va. James Lamar Cline, Jr. Route 1 Cherryville, N.C. Garry M. Cloer 801 North Main St. Salisbury, N.C Louise C, Clontz 503 Franklin Ave Shelby, N.C. Patsy E Clyburn Route 5. Box 1 Rutherfordton. N.C. Jacqueline Cockerham P.O. Box 371 Boiling Springs, N.C. Rickey J CockGrh£im 641 Pleasant Dr. Elkin. NC Daniel E Cody 102 5th Ave. S W. Lenoir, NO. Edward F. Coker Route 1 Bostic, N C J. C. Cole 302 LIneberger St. Shelby. NC. Dennis Howard Collins 2608 North Augusta Staunton. Virginia Stephen E. Colvard 2705 Fairlawn Dr. Durham, N.C. Lawrence Combs Route 4, Box 103 Franklin, N.C William L. Comer, Jr, 702 Carpenter Ave. Mooresvllle, N.C. Steven Reid Cone Box 171 Earl. NC Gary Raymond Conner 10 Polk Drive Wilmington, Delaware John D Conner 10 Polk Drive Wilmington, Delaware Laura Beth Connor 916 Parkwood Rd, Shelby, N.C. Suzanne Connor 916 Parkwood Rd. Shelby, N.C Patricia L. Conyers 108 Bon Air Street Mauldin. S.C. Amanda Joan Cook Route 3 Clover, SC. John Wm. Cook, Jr. 202 Mimosa Dr. Galfney, S.C. Joe David Cooke 1205Lackey St.. Ext. Shelby, N.C. Sebastian T. Cooke Route 9, Box 130 Salisbury. N.C- Elmer Eugene Cooley 11 Morris Drive Honea Path, S C William B. Cool ey Jackson, N.C. Edward J. Copleand III 302 Garrett St. Fountain inn. S.C. Gloria D. Copeland 237 Suburban Drive Suffolk, Virginia Rickey F Cornatzor Route 2 Advance. N.C Darryl E Corley 1713Cotton Grove Rd. Lexington, N.C. Leslie E Costner Route 1 York, S.C. Richard Edward Couch 33 Simmons Ave, Greenville, S.C. Henry H. Cowart, Jr. 221 St. Michael Ave. Great Falls, S.C Barbara K. Craig Thompson Road Rutherfordton, N C. Hay Hill Craig Rt. 2, Box 445 Hudson, N.C Susan G. Crantord 1038 E- Perry Rd. Greenville, S.C. William J. Crantord 2015 Woodtop Court Charlotte. NC Allen K. Craven 213 Ravine Circle Concord. N C Margaret J. Crawford 202 S. Watterson St Kings Mt, N.C. Sharon L, Crawford 6846 Newhall Rd. Charlotte, N.C. W. L. Crawford Route 2 Kings Mtn., NC Richard C. Crenshaw 411McCallDr. Forest City, N.C. Stanton T Crews 429 Corvair Lane Shelby. N.C. Connie L Crook Box 255 Polkville. N.C John D. Crowder III 90S Parkwood Rd. Shelby. NC Carol L, Cunningham 326 Richmond Road Salisbury, N.C. Mary C. Cushman 106BrookdaleRd. Shelby. N.C. Hanna S. Dahbour Park Lane Hotel Able Street Ras Beirut. Lebanon Robrt Datton Box 3895 Gastonia, N C. Doris Elolse Dameron Box 175 Fallston, N C. Michael J. Darby 401 West Davidson Ave. Gastonia, N C Betty Lou Daves Box 244 Boiling Springs, N.C. Katharine Ann Daves 1609 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby, N.C Arthur H. Davis, Jr. P.O Box 502, Emma Lane Robbins, N.C. GayleGray Davis 601 Caroleen Road Forest City, N.C. Hardin Lurney Davis Route 2, Box20lA Cherryville. NC. Michael Ray Davis 2428 Toddville Rd Charlotte, N C. Nancy Gall Davis Longwood Dr., Rt 3 Shely, N.C. Rae Jean Ditch Davis 503 West Robinson St. Gaffney, S C Raymond Lester Davis Routes, Box 171 Lansing, N.C. Richard B Davis Routes, Box 15B Matthews, NC Sheron Mark Davis 505 W. Robinson St. Gaffney, S.C. Spencer W. Davis Route 2 Forest City, N.C Jann Hope Deal 710 N.Ellis St Salisbury. N.C. Janet Lee Dellinger Route 2, Box 177A Shelby, NC. John Robert Dellinger 311 Peach SI Shelby. NO Sarah B Dellinger Route 1 Cherryville, N.C. Mrs. Faye B, Denning Route 5 Rutherfordton, N.C. Larry Htcks Denton Route 1 Tryon. N.C. Dennis Desanctis 40 Kino Blvd. Trenton, New Jersey Larry Joe Diaz 194eKempsvlll9 Rd. Virginia Beach. Va. Douglas S Dickerson 133Rockwood Dr. Greenville. S.C. James Roy Dickey 415Phi(er Rd Kings Mtn., NC. Steven McGraw Dickson 32 John Street Gaffney. S.C Donald Lee Dillingham Route 4. Box 506 Marion, NC. Ethel Elizabeth Dixon 508 Central Ave. Mauldin. S.C. Peggy K. Dixon Route 7 Shelby, N.C. Gary Raymond Dobbins Box 187 Boiling Springs, N.C. Darryl L. Dobson 227 E Avondale Drive Greenville, S.C. Oscar Junior Dobson 3 Poplar Street Alexander Mills Forest City, NC. Charles H. Dorsett P.O. Box 145 Mount GMead, N.C. Mary Ann Dorsey Highway 18 Fallston, N.C David S Dover Box 187 Lattimore, N.C. Ed Collins Doyle, Jr, 805 Henri Rd. Richmond, Va. 207 Siephanie Sue Dover 103 Oellinger Rd Shelby, N C Betr Sue Downing S06 Legare Road Aiken, S.C. Patricia E. Driscoll Bo« 93. WhitehtMJse Ave. Whitehouse Station New Jersey LenvitleT Dugger. Jf. Route 1 Hampton. Tenn. Katharine I Duftey 2732 Dogwood Rd. Durham, N.c. John M. Duncan Sharon Orrve N, Wilitesboro. N.C. Thomas Carme ' Duncan P Box 432 Boiling Springs. N.C. Janis Mane Dumil 1608 Spindale St SpJndale, N.C Dsbra Ar n Dysari BokSW Boiiing Spnngs. N C. Danny M Eariey Route 3, Box IX RutherfOfdIon. N.C. Rhonda Denise Earls Route 1, Box 195 Blacksburg. S C Carroll Fred Etfwards 1609 Granite Hill Rd Cayce. S C Roger Allan Edwards 4638 Mioden Va!ley Rd Charlotte. N.C Racnei I Eggers 2218 Cheltenham Blvd. Gfeenstwro, N.C. C ' ara Ann Eggleston 3913 Longleat Dfve Richmond. Virginia Tony Allen Eldreth Route 1 Lansing. N.Q. Edward H Ellenburg, Jr 110 Holly St. Winnsboro, SC. Dene Larue EHer 203 Panerson St China Grove, N C. Donna Leigh Ellington 110 Lakewood Road Cramerton. N.C. ConnJe Gwen Elliott Route 6. Suberbn Acre Shelby. N.C. Frances E Elliott Route 3 Lawndale, N c. Harold C Elliott, jr. 9212 Chapel Hill Rd. Durha-n. N C John Wesley Elliott 9C7 Country Ciub Of- Reidsviiie, N.C Jack Dean Eliis 715 West Meadow St Gaffney. S C Mrs Margaret A Ellis 21 2 Cleveland Avenue Shelby, N C Julia Sherer Ellis 904 Paricwood Road Shelby. NO Patrice M. Epiey 2921 Crytchfieia Rd- Lakeiend. Fia Neil A Erv;n Jr 1428 Meadowbrook Acre Newton, N,C- Steven Everidge 3119 Old Salisbury Rd Winston Salem, N.C 208 Marion D. Falls 2230 Shade Valley Rd Charlotte, N.C Mary Madeline Falls 550 Kirby Avenue Gsstonia. N.C Marion B- Fant. Jr. 101 Culp St. Union. S-C Athony A_ Fedenco, Jr G 31 Limestone Courts Gatlney, S C John F. Filliben 22 Rue Wirth Paguet Luxembourg, Germany John E Fincher 1 1 1 Spencer Street High Point. N.C. James F Finger 217 Forest HilJ St. Morganton. N.C, Steven L, Fink Route 10. Box 136 Salisbury, N.C. Stephen T Finley Arlington Rural Stat Greer, S C Harry W Fish Route 1, Box 217 Canton, NIC Santord H. Fishel Route 4 Winston Salem. N.C. Dennis G Fisher Route 1, Box 242 Forrest City, N.C- Roberl F Fleener 201 Fieerwood Dr Greenville, S.C- Larry William Fleming P Box 135 Clitton. S C Quinton Florence 5OO0 Sentinel Pt. Rd- Charlotte, N.C. Joe Ed Forbes Rl. 1 Mooresboro, N.C David P Ford Route 1 Montlord Cove Parsona Union Mills. N C- Roben Alien Ford 4132 Wiltiams Road Lynchbury, Virginia Mary C Foster WJIkesboro. N.C. Stephen Max Foster 9 Rasor Drive Greenville. S.C. Arch F Fowler. Jr. 209 Tyson Ave. Bennetlsvilte. SC Jo Ann Fowler Route 2. Box 444H Newton, N C Julian B. Fowler 209 Tyson Avenue Bennettsville. S.C- Prtscilla M Fox 510 2nd Ave irw Conover, N C Larry Eugene Frady Route 2 Spartanburg. S.C. Sandra Marie Frar»cis Route 2. Box 249 Shelby, N.C Gary Lynch Frazier Box 279 B Rt 1 Forest City. N C Timothy J Frazer Box 82. Route l Mount Hoily. N C Amanda E Freeman 6201 DeJiah Lane Charione, n c. Mary Beth Freeze 901 Venus St. Kannapolis. N.C. Richard L. French 308 Watson Drive Burlington, N.C. Thomas A. FrieJy. Ill Route 4, Box 203 inman, S C. James Lawrence Frye 26Wilshire Drive Greenville, S C. Thomas R. Frye P O Box 332 Andrews, N.C. Carlton Ed Galhmore Route 2. Box 56 Demon, N.C. Harold WayneGailman 200 Laurel Street Gaffney, S C Jimmy Wm. Galloway 812 N. RansonsT Gaslonia, N.C Deborah Elaine Gantt Mimosia Hills Drive Morganton, N C Steve Garner 28 Wonoerwood Or Greenville, S C. Cecil C. Garrett 2638 Haywood Road Hendersonville, N C, Carrol F. Garretl RL8, HwySl Greenville. S C Mrs. Elaine Garrett Rt. 5 Shelby. N.C. Deborah L Gaskili 15 Poplar Street Forest City. N.C Charles H. Gaskins 19 Pleasant Ridge Ave. Greenville. S C Gary WmGiiben 207 Hampton Heights Lenoir. N C Susan G. Giles Rt 1, Box 571 Lakeland. Florida Willie HGilfillan Route 3 Newberry. S C Robert B Gill 2003 Yost Ave, Salisbury. N.C Linda Gail Gillespie 1 1 3 Pumpkintown Hwy Pickens, SC Rita Jane Glenn Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. Clarence M Godfrey 334ReidSt Forest City. N C John Thomas Godfrey Route 1 Mooresboro. N.C- Randy G Godfrey 421 S Hawtt ome Rd Winston Salem, N c David Phillip Gold 211 Hudson Street Shelby. N C Randall Scott Good PO Box 206 Boiling Springs. N.C. Vickie Lynn Gordon Route 6, Box 93 Shelby, N C James Adam Goudelock Route 5, Sex 419 Gaffney, S C Wm Michael Goudelock Route 5, Box 422 Gatfney. S.C. Homer Lee Gowan Mr Jesse Greene Route 1 Chesnee. S C Martha LouiseGragg 226 Seehorn Place Lenoir, N.C Gary Ray Graham Mr Tommy R. Graham 1030 N Jackson SL Salisbury. N.C John P Graham Rt. l.Box 185 Rockwell, N C. Richard L Granger 2667 Two Notch Road Columbia, SC. Robert Fred Grant. Jr. 112 Paris Mt. Ave. Greenville. SC Alphonso Graves 609 Clyde St Cherryville. N.C John Lee Gray 2139 S Scales SI Reidsvtiie. N C. Steven Long Gray P.O. Box 986 Chapel Hill, N C Teresa Ann Grayson 1200 Spring Dr Shelby, N C Grace White Greene 600 Fenimore St. Winston Salem. N C. David Ray Greene 8 Morgan Blvd. Arden. N.C Lui Ke Greene P.O. Box 1706 Shelby. N C. Ronald Edwin Greene Route 1. Box 162 Forest City, N C Dan Frederick Greer 425 Miles Rd PO Box 1654 Shelby. N.c. Sharon A. Gregory 615 Green Street Rulhertordton. N.C Charlsie Anne Griffin 322 Avalon Road N.W. Winston Salem, N-C. Mrs. Marie H Grigg Route 7. Box 320 Shelby. N C Arthur W GnnOstafl 305 Big Spring Ave Forest City, N C Lee Kilgo Grooms 107 Brittany Dr. Greenville. S C Samuel C Guftey Route 3. Box 387 Forest City. N.C. Wanda J. Gullet Route 4, Box 208 Mocksviile. N c Graham Larry Guy PC Box 572 Walkertown, N.C. Richard Walton Guyer 4861 Baux Mnt. Rd Winston Salem, N.C. Sharon Dawn Gwyn Route 1 King , N.C Issa Mikhael Hach»n Imm Toufik Kalil Rue Ghaiaiteh 55 Ashrafieh Beirut, Lebanon Wm Bates Hair, III Box 39 1309 S York Rd. Gastonia, N C Ella Catherine Hall 6 Confederate Cir. Taylors, SC Johnny Ray Hall Route 6, Box 263A Statesville, N C Robert Glen Hames 7401 Hawkins Drive Hanover. Maryland Leroy A. Hamilton Dalewood Drive Simpsonville, S C Carl William Hamm. jr. 704 Kings Road Shelby. N.C. Jack Hamrick Route 2 Mooresboro, NC. Lou Ann Hamrick Box 755 Boiling Springs. N.C. Marvin S. Hamrick Route 2. Box 10 Shelby, N.C- Maxwei! B Hamrick. Jr. Box 616 Boiling Springs, N.C Patricia B. Hamrick Route 2, Box 145 Shelby. N.C. Patricia M. Hamrick P.O. Box 252 Ellenboro. N C. William K. Hamrick Route 6. Box 471 Shelby. N.C. William M. Hamrick Route 2. Box 303 Shelby, N.C James M Hance Giendaie Road Union, SC Kenneth Harling Hance Dalewood Drrve Simpsonville, S C. Carol H Hannon Mr. C R Hannon 310 Palmer St- Greer. S C Floyd Keith Hannon Ariington Rural Sla. Greer, S C Forney B Happoldt. Jr. 822 Vine Arden Rd Morganton. N.C Jerri L Harbinson 204 North Tenth Ave. Maiden. N.C Ladenia K. Hardin Route 6, Box 542 Shelby, N.C. William C Hardin ll7Stor»e Lake Dr. Greenville. S.C. Roger Dale Harmon Rt. 1 Welllord.SC Jerry Dean Harper 314 HorneSL, Box 358 Clayton. N.C. Martha J Harrington Route 4. Box 150 Taylorsville, N.C. Bruce M Harris RL 3, Box 670 H Shelby, N C John G Harris 3923Robinhood Rd Winston Salem, N C Ella M. Harrison 600 Old Augusta Rd Greenville. S C Henry Long Harrison 22 West Hillcrest Dr. Greenville, SC Sarah E Harrison Route 2, Box 80 Bostic. N C David L. Hari Route 3 Lansing, N.C. Jetlery Lynn Hart 904 Evelyn Avenue Kannapolis. N.C. Donald U Hartsoe Rl 2, Box 349 Granite Falls, N.C. Wayne Clark Harvell P O Box 452 Ramseur, N C. Earlene Hatcher 237 Creatview Street Ruttierlord, N C- Thomas E. Hatfield 6900 Folger Dr. Chaflotte. N.C- John Thomas Hawkins Rt. 3. Box317X Forest CJry. N.C. Wayne C. Hawkins Route 5 Greenville, S.C. Deborah G- Hawkins Route 2. Box 153 Mooresboro. N.C Hugh Allen Hawkins Rl, 5, StatePkRd. Greenville, S.C. Randy N, Hawkins Route 4 Shelby, N.C. Stephen L. Hawkins 210 West Lee St. Zebulon, NO. James Allen Hayes Route 3 Shelby. N.C Marsha Gurley Haynes 200 West Mam St. Cherryville, N,C Judy Glenda Haynes Route 4 S Elbo, N.C. Martha Vada Haynes Box 11 Cliflside. N.C. Wanda Louise Haynes General Delivery Boiling Springs. N.C. Benjamin T. Heath 707 West Barr Lancaster. S.C. Gilbert B. Heath, III 707 W. Barr St. Lancaster. S.C. Charles R. Heavner Route 3. Box 280 Vale, N C, Bonnie Ruth Hetfner Route 1. Box 64 Horse Shoe, N.C- David S, Heflner 210 E- Sumter Shelby, NC Charles R. Hemphill 25 High St- Canton. N.C- John E, Henderson. Jr. 709Alcova Sl- Monroe, Ga. Larrle Dee Henderson Route 4. Box 33 Chesnee. S C. Sidney Hendren Route?. Box 530 G Charlotte, N.C Jesse H Hendrix, Jr. 20ia Charles St. Newberry. S.C. Michael R. Hendrick 717 West Warren St. Shelby. N.C. Robert Hendrick 831 N. Morgan St. Shelby. N.C. Bennett Hendricks, III 601 East A Ave. P 0-60x612 Easley. S.C. Robert G. Hendrix Route 1 Tobaccoville. N.C. Rebecca Ann Henley Rt. 2 Newton. N.C Bryan C Hensley Box 99 Boiling Springs. N.C. James W. Hester 228 Shannonhouse St. Shelby, N.C. Jeffrey L Hester Route 7 Greenville, S.C. James Dennis Hicks Box 573 Valdese. N C James Powers Hickson 1134 Hunt Street Newberry, S.C Samala A. High 6229Northwood Dr. Baltimore. Maryland Sherry Ann High 1506 McCormick Ave. Gastonia, N.C. Henry Thomas Hill Route 1. Box605 Lexington, N.C. Deborah E. Hilton Rt. I.Box 466 Walkertown. N.C. Vicki D- Hinson Route 11, Box 399 Salisbury, N.C. JohnR, Hoke. Ill P.O. Box 59 York, S,C ___ Thomas E. Hogan. Jr. Route 1 Forest City. N.C. Gloria Dawn Holt 2603 Kirk Road Durham, N.C. William Manley Hines P.O. Box 604 Hendersonville, N.C. Ethel Sharon Hobson Route 1 Boonville, N.C. Broadus M Hocutt 201 N. Rowan Ave. Spencer. N.C. Johnny Boyce Hoey Route 4 Shelby. N-C. Kenneth Ed Holcombe 11 Hillside Drive Lexington, N.C. Ronald Hicks Holland Box 327, Route 1 Forest City, N.C Lacey Dwayne Holton 2452 Old Savannah Rd- Augusta, Ga. James Terry Holton 1646 Crystal Lake Dr. Lakeland, Fla, Earl D Honeycutt 1325 Montrose Dr. Shelby. N.C. William M. Honeycutt SCOW. Robinson St. Gaffney. S.C Judy Lynn Hopper Route 2 Moorestioro, N.C. Patricia J. Hooper Hidden Valley Rd. Boiling Springs. N.C. Phillip David Hopkins P.O. Box 274 Pelzer, S.C Samp Craig Hopkins, Jr P.O. Box 1155 Con Rd. Atbermarle. N.C. Donna Lou Home 121 Buena Vista High Point, N.C Cynthia R. Horner 61 14 Rose Valley Dr. Charlotte. N.C. Bobby G. Houser Box 45 Casar, N.C. KathrynE Howard 108 Fernwood Lane Greenville. S.C. James Barney Howell 512 WoodsideDr Shelby. N.C William L. Howell 3225 Kingfisher Dr Decatur. Ga. Deborah Sue Hoyle 315S. MartinStreet Shelby. N.C. Rebecca Bradley Hoyle Poplar Street Forrest City, N.C. CoyL. Huffman. Ill 107 BrooksideWay Greenville, S.C Roy L Huflstetler, Jr. 1108N. Piedmont Ave, Kings Mtn., NC. Michael Rodney Hughes Route 6. Box 142 Seneca, S.C Thomas R. Humphries. Jr. P.O. Box 185 Mayo, S.C. Betty Sue Hunnicutt 103 Richmond Ave. Swannanoa, N.C. James Walker Hunsuck 2230 Orton Street Charlotte, NC. Robert Lee Hunt. Ill Box 175 Lattimore, N.C. Colemon Hunt Ht. 5. Box 35 A Shelby, NC Robert Lee Hunt Route 2, Box 234A Shelby, N C. James E. Hunter 120 19th Ave. N.E, Hickory, N.C. Horace M Hunter P.O.Box 136 Harrisoburg, N C Jimmy Byrnes Huskey 108 Pickens St. Chesnee. S.C. Betty Thompson Huss Rt- a. Box 367 Gaffney, S.C Noah Lee Hyde P.O. Box 126 Pinnacle. N.C. Charles M. Ingram, Jr. Box 591 Cheraw, S.C. Rubard N, Ivey, Jr. Julia Lane Dillon, S.C. Linda Ann Jackson Route 2. Box 1«A Elkin, N.C. Mark Alton Jackson 100 Goodwin Drive Summerville, Ga. Teresa C. Jaclson Route 1 Alexander, N.C. Robert D. Jacobs. Jr. 415 State Road Cheraw, S.C. Harold K, James 414 W. Poinsett St. Greer. S.C. Marybeth James RFD2B0X415A Wallace, N.C. Michael H. Jamison P.O. Box 1 Sylva, NC Patricia Ann Jay 222 Country Club Road Shelby, N.C, Janet Hope Jenkins 112Herltage Court Belmont. N.C. Joel P. Jenkins, Jr. Route 4 Easley. S.C. Joyce Elaine Jenkins Route 1 Gastonia, N C Judy R. Jenkins 429 Brevard SI. Statesi ' iiie, N.C. Vicky Elaine Jenkins Route 1. Box 232 A Dallas. N C Richard Murry Jessen IOC Cedar Lane Mt- Holly, N.C. C. LeGare Jetton Route 1 Columbia, Va Richard D Jobbagy 9 Sylvan Way Wallingford. Conn. Charles V Johnson, Jr. 5035 Kittredge Road Matthews, N.C. Graylon E. Johnson 819 Robbins Circle Chester. S.C Isaac Wade Johnson Route 1, Box 86 Shelby. N.C Linda J. Johnson 611 Gantt Street Kings Mtn. N.C. John B. Johnson 1645 Sterling Dr Charlotte. N C. Sandra Odell Johnson 103 Myers St. Kings Mtn., N.C. Carolyn Morris Jolley 204 Illinois SL Spindale. N.C. Douglas Ray Jolley Rt. 1 Denver. N.C. Joy Ann Jolley 701 W. Kings St. King Mtn,, N.C. Winona Marion Jolley 302 E. Cherokee St. Chesnee, S.C Bobby Kimberal Jones 314 East 5th Street Burlington, N.C, Brenda K, Jones Box 396 Taylors, S.C. Mrs. Gladys J. Jones 302 Fulton Dr. Kings Mountain, N.C. Henry Lee Jones 1603 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby, N.C. Jack Clayton Jones 1612 Pecan Ave. Chartotte, N.C Lowell E. Jones Route 5 Mocksville, N.C. Lynne M. Jones Rt- 8. P.O. Box 231 Shelby, NC Sherry Lynn Jones Box 67 Boiling Springs Teresa Ann Jones Box 398 Taylors, S,C. William A. Jones Route 1 Linwood, N C Carmen S. Jordon 235 Brian Court Spartanburg, S.C- John A. Jordan 235 Brian Court Spartanburg, S.C. Arthur Mills Joy 6 Old Grove Rd Greenville, S.C. Robert K. Justice 232 Boundary Drive Spartanburg, S.C Stephen C. Kale 3413 Sunnybrook Dr Charlotte. N C John Larry Kay 104 Wildwood Drive Greer. SC. Sam B. Kenney 416 Whitney Rd, Spartanburg, S.C. Benny Mac Keesee Box 429 Boiling Springs, N.C. Jerry Eslon Keller 218 Poplar St Gaffney. S.C. Wm Arnet Kelley, Jr 346 Kelley Ave. Lutherville. Md. Joseph Dale Kendrick Box 236 Boiling Springs, N.C. Theodore W, Kennedy Route 3. Box 6700T Shelby, N.C. Leiand A. Kerr 4125 King Charles St. Durham, N C. Robert Lee Kershaw 4919 Virginia Ave. Harrisburg, Penn. David N. Kessell 435 Jenny St. Gastonia, N.C. Gregory T. KilMan 3 Wonderwood Drive Greenville, S.C. Ruby S. Kincaid 120Kmcaid Dr. Lenoir, N.C. Thomas E King 51 1 Ave, O Matamoras. Pa. Joseph R. Kirby, Jr. Route 1 Scranton, S.C, Thomas Joe Kirk 233 Swigert Ave. Lexington, Kentucky Phillip W. KIrkland 2208 Wilson St. Durham. N.C. Terry E. Knlghl 15 Slowest. Lowell, NC. David W Knox Box 68 Carolina Beach, N.C. Liberty V. Koontz Rt. I.Box 204 Linwood, N C. Patricia Ann Kramer 307 E Gertrude St. Fairmont. N.C. John C, Kyle 3420 Sherwood Circle Rock Hill, S.C Ronald D Lacy 9600 Garden Street Manassas. Va. 209 Bobby Marion Lail Route 2. Box 161 Shelby. N.C Kathy D Lancaster 2919 Poplar Street Sfielby. North Carolina Jerry Freefnan Lane Route 2, Box 1128 Charlotte, N.C. Tim Laney Route 1 Catawba. N C Joyce Wray Lanier Route 4 Shelby, N.C- Jimmy N Lanford 305 Seren Oaks Drive Greenville, S Oscar L. Lard 2008 19th Street Parkersburg. W Va. Thomas A Latlimore, Jr P O Box 96 Lattimore, N C Larry W. Lawhorne 1406 Chestnut Ave Buena Vista. Vir Charlie L Lecroy lUColumbia Street Greenwood, S C Edward Victor Ledford 618 Gardner Sireet Shelby, NC Jack R. Ledford P O Box 296 Andrews. N C- Jerry P. Ledtord 344 Grice Streel Shelby. N C Larry 0. Ledtord 406 South Thompson St. Shelby. N.C. Linda Gail Ledford Route 3 Gattney. S.C. John M Lee, Jr 109 Maple Street Woodland, N C George Peler Leiser 3928 Homestead Lane Winston Salem, N C Yvonne V Lemaster 2230 Kern St Charlotte, NO Sara C Lemmons 724 W. Smith St. Gattney, S.C. Donna Uane Lewis P O Box 22 Carlisle. S.C Jerry D Lewis Route 4. Box 76 Easley. S C Bradford G Ligon Route 10, Box 204 Salisbury. N.C. Benjamin F. Lindler 716 Howard St. Columbia. S C Robert E Lindley Route 1. Box 393A Huntersville. NC Wm M. Lmeberge Box 208 Boilmg Springs. N C John Hamrick Link 506 North Franklin Ri Greenville. S C John Michael Lipe P.O. Box 64 Old Fort. N.C Leigh B. Lisenby 406 OH Kimball St. Ksnnapolis, N C Ronald J Lisenby 701 Marie Avenue Kannapotis, N C George T Livingston Rt. 7. Gtenwood Road Easley, SC Jerry K Livingston, Jr Box 42 Nort, S.C Robert B Livingston Route 1. Box 248 Boomer, N C. Vernon H, Livingston Berrgion, Georgia Joan Carol Lloyd 224 North Yadkin Ave, Spencer. N C Catherine W. Logan 502 Eliz Ave. Forest City. N.C. James Hubert Logan PO Boxes Yadkinville. N C Roger Harold Logan Woodbine Apts. 1600 Piatt Spraings R Apartment No. 31 W. Columbia, S.C Temala Mae Logan Route 1 Tabaccoville, N.C. Charles David Loggins 515 South 1st Easley. SC Carol J Long Rt 2, Box 34 Rutherfordton, N C. Dan Long 2032 Taylor Drive Gastonia, N C Kenneth Long Route 1 Elizabethon. Tenn. Jerry W. Loopar Rt. 3 Wake Forest. N.C. Benny Lopp. Jr. 303 Lakewood Dr. Lexington, NC. G Kathaleen Loveland 605 Kanuga St. Hendersonville. N.C Gwendolyn A Lovelace 107 Kenwood Drive Shelby, N.C Carroll M. Lowder 616 Coble Ave. Albemarle. N C Richard Lowe 1310 West Poinsett St. Greer, S C James S. Lowrey 2531 Woodbine Road Winston Salem, N C Thomas Lee Lowery Route 6. Box 497 Shelby. N.C Cynthia Ann Lucas 310 Baker Street Ahoskie, N.C. Grant R Lyie 3341 Blenhiem Place Winston Salem, H.C. Joyce A Lynch Box 214 Spindale, N.C. James Wllltam Lynn 167 E 12 St Hialeah, Florida Lanny H Mabry 604 Coble Ave. Albemarle, N.C. Virginia Mabry 2507 Hillsdale Drive Gaffney, S.C. Wille A Maddox Route 2. Box 300 Shelby. N C Aundra S Maddox Route 2. Box 300 Shelby. N.C. Nancy Lu Magill Box 5 Boiling Springs. N.C. Betty L Manning Rt 2, Box 362 A Shelby, N C Richard J. Mansour 303 Aberdeen Dr Greenville, S C. Barbara March Chebar Rd. Route 1 Ptafftown, N.C Curtis Marks Mockingbird Lane Wake Forest, NC, Barbara L. Marsh Box 46 Clitfside. NC James Martm Box 107 Ruthertordton, N.C. James W Martin. Jr. Box 256 Lattimore, N-C- Mary E Martin Box 154 Fairforest, S.C. Richard V. Martin. Jr Rt 4. Box 376 Hickory. N.C. Shutford H Martin Route 4. Box 28 Rutherfordton. N.C. Cecil Mason, Jr, Box 133 Fair Forest. S.C. Mike Matheny Rt. 2 Ellenboro. N.C. James D Mathis Route 1 Cycle, N.C Charles T Mathis. Jr Route 4 Gaffney. S.C Elizabeth S. Mathis Route 4 Gaffney, SC Teresa Matkins 436 North Green St. Morganton, NC. Tony Merle Mauldin Rt 1. New Hope Road Belmont, NC Harriet Mauney 715 1st Ave P.L.N.E. Conover, NC. William L Mauney, Jr. 704 West Mountain St, Kings Mountain. N.C Roger Ansel Maytield Route 2 Simpsonville, S C. Alan Houston Mayhew PO Box 385 Mooresvllle. N.C. Jan McAllister 608 Bonvtew Ave. Lincolnton, N.C. William R McAllister 27 Walker Springs Rd Taylors, SC. Katharine J McArthur 723 W Marion St Shelby. N C Marion R McBride 661 Arlington Road Greer, S C Meloney P McCall 2719 Allen Rd South Charlotte, NC ElethaN. McClung Box 308 Boiling Springs, N C. Jackie H McClung Box 308 Boiling Springs. N.C. Melisa Ann McClure 16HyVu Drive Canton. N C Wanda K. McClure 7008 Yorktowne Drive Charlotte, NC Pal McGraw 921 E- Marion St Shelby. N.C. Melvin Keith McCurry Box 126 Ciitfside, NC. Larry F. McCracken P O. Box 547 Boiling Springs. N.C. Edward Norris McCurry Route 2 Ellenboro, N C John V McElheny. Jr. 200 Pine Street Black Mtn,, N-C. Ann C. McFadden Rt 1. Catawba Rock Hill, S.C George W McGhee 302 Bullock St. Franklinton, N.C. Norma Jane McGee Box 4 Liberty, S.C William McGowan 111 Circle Dr. Lenoir, N.C. David T Mcintosh 131 Lenore Ave. Greenville, S.C. Dale B McKain 601 S Washington, St. Shelby. N.C. Clyde David McKee 172 Frances St. Chester. S.C. Wm Fletcher McKee 608 South Dekalb St. Shelby. N.C. Joel W McKinney Box 501 Boiling Springs, N C- Thomas B McLaughlin Rt. 3 Mooresvllle. N.C James Ray McLean. Jr, Rt. 3. Box 36 Laurinburg, N C- Deborah McMillan 14 Wilmore Dr Lenoir. N.C Evelyn R McMillan 520 Trinity Way Greenville. S.C Jett McNeill 514 Fulton St. Raetord, N C Micki Lynda McSwam 709 Parkwood Road Shelby. N.C Roger Lee McSwain Route 4 Shelby, N.C. Cynthia D McSwain Boiling Springs, N.C. Janice McWhirter 2023 Wilhelmina Ave. Charlotte, N C Brenda C Meacham 720 Park Ave Shelby, N C Barry Gene Medley Route 4, Sox 26 Gaffney, S C. Chester Lamar Melton Route 3, Box 544 C Forest City, NC. Patricia E. Mickel 198Mellwood Dr Charlotte. NC Carle S Middleton 4728 Amity Place Charlotte, N C Harry E Middleton, Jr. Rt 1, Box 822 Waynesville, N.C, Joseph M. Miller Rt, 3, Box 132 Chester, SC Robert Leath Miller Paris Mtn, State Park Route 5 Greenville, S C Samuel Murphy Miller Box 942 Boiling Springs, N.C. Catherine A Millikan Rt 1, Box 137 Randleman, N C. Lynda Jo Mingoia 25 Roger Road Edison, New Jersey Sharon Lynn Mingoia 25 Roger Road Edison. N.J James Michael Minnix Route 7 Shelby, N.C Robert Edward Mitchem 110 Thomas Street Brevard. N C Roscoe Mize 1 323 4th St. Slatesville. N.C. Glenda J Montgomery Rt, 1 Semora, N.C. Larry F. Moody P.O. Box 394 Ramseur, N.C. Sammy Mooney Rt. 1 Buford, Ga. Deborah Moore Rt. 6, Box 492 Lenoir. N.C- Jack Moore Box 424 Stanley, N.C. Jerome Moore. Jr. 308 2nd Ave. Gaffney, S C. Marshall Dean Moore PO Box 312 Boiling Springs, N.C- Thomas David Moore PO Box 668 Canton. NC William Henry Moore 811 Ashmore Drive Charlotte, n C Richard W Moretz Rt, 5. Box 301 Hickory. N C Stewart V Morgan Box 123 Six Mile, S.C. Charles Martin Morris Rt 4, Laurel Hill Inman, S C. Mary Morris Box 146 Denton, N.C. Wesley, H Morris Box 26 McAdenville. N.C. James Ed Morrison Route 2. Box 55 Forest City, N C Judith H. Morrison Route 2, Box 55 Forest City. NC Richard E Morton Route 9, Hwy 18 South Shelby, N C Janice Lea Moss Route 2. Box 287 Shelby, NC. 210 Lynn G Moss 1405 Wesson Road Shelby, N C David E Uull Route 3. Box 669 A Shelby. N,C Gary Mull RI l.Box 178 Conelly Springs. N C MiKon Mullinax RI 1 Greer. S,C Patricia Ann Murphy 104 Clinton Avenue Clover. SO John Myers Rt, 3 Lexington. N.C. Oscar F Myers Route 1 Mocksville. NC- Robert Nabors 1 23 Henry Street Abbeville, S.C. Stanley I Napier P.O Box 22 New London. N.C. Randy Nash Rt 3. BOX419S Charloite. N.C. William E. Neal, Jr Darrow Rd Route 1 Walkertown. N.C. Cecilia Diane Neale Box 308 Rutherford College North Carolina Mike Neas Rt. 5, Mt, V iew Circle Greenville. S.C. Ronald P. Neilson 146 Webb Cove Road Asheville, N.C. Lonnie R. Nelson FW. 1 Rural Hall. N.C. Ctaire Newton 609 Hanover Dr. Shelby. N.C- Stephen Nicks 1165 WhitakerRd Winston Salem. N C Edna Nichols 1606 JeH Davis Hwy Camden, SC Carl Nisbel 3830 Freds Rd Winston Salem. N.C. Charles Nixon 1132Dooley Dr. Charlotte. N.C. Mary E. Nixon 1132 Dooley Dr. Charlotte, N.C. Kenneth Ronald Noe 32 Holmes Drive Greenville, S C James E Nolan Box 475 Boiling Springs. N.C Nancy Kathenne Nolan 102 Alpine Street Bennertsville. S.C. Francis Norton Route 2, Box 568 Brown Summit!. N.C Fagg B Nowlan, Jr, Box 456 Pleasant Garden. N.C, Edwin Odom Box 234 Rockwell, N C James F, Oehler 1004 Central Drive Kannapolis. N.C. Gary Norman Ogle 313Pineburr Ave. S.E. Valdese. N.C. Stanley Martin Olah 1113 Johnston Rd, Chesapeake. Va Michael T Overcash Rt. 1 Statesville. N.C. Thomas Lee Pace Route 8. Box 309 Shelby, NC Julius W Packard Box 37 Mooresboro, N.C. Larry Dean Padgett Box 73 Caroleen, N C Franklin Page 1703 W VandaliaRd. Greensboro, N.C. James C Painter P.O. Box 58 Boiling Springs. N.C Martha Thomas Painter 104 Highland Street Belmont, N.C Johnny D Parker Route 1. Box 190C Connelly Springs, N.C. Michael Ray Parker Rt. 1 Ellenboro, N C Susan E. Parker Box 81 Caroleen, N.C Wm Thomas Parker III 3609 The Plaza Charlotte, N C Van Clark Parketon 26 Normandy Rd. Greenville, S.C. Everett Glenn Parks 2700Charlwood Drive Winston Salem. N.C. Benjamin Parrish 508 NW 14th St. Belle Glade. Fla. Michael E Patterson Route 1. Box 74 Galfney. S C Sandra Payne Rt. l.Box 136A Belmont, N.C. Gary C Pearson Route 2. Box 189 Shelby, N.C. James P Pearson 1014 Rutherford Rd. Greenville, S.C. Thomas L Peek 2428 Hatherly Road Charlotte. N.C Tony Ray Peeler 631 E. Lafayette St. Salisbury, N.C Keys Pendleton Route 1 Lawndale, N.C. James Carlton Perry nSCureton St Greenville, S.C. Pamela Ann Perry 4 River Oaks Dr Greenville, S.C. James Rodney Perry 1046 Vance Ave N,E. Atlanta, Ga. Thomas E Peterson 210 York Road, Box 744 Kings Mtn,. N.C. John Fredrick Pettus 404Oakdale St. Gastonla. N.C Michael Dale Philbeck 1408 Beverly Avenue Shelby, N.C Creighton W Phillips 32 Whitehall Blvd. Garden City, N.Y, John Edwin Phillips Route 4 Taylors, S C Steven P, Phillips 6502 2 Wisteria Drive Charlotte, N.C Zack E, Phillips, Jr. 22CorbinDr, Newport News, Va. Joseph M- Piccolo 310 Avenue G Matamoras. Penn, Carmen R Pierce 2222 Keller Ave Norfolk. Va. Mary D. Pigg P O, Box 211 Morven Wadesbofo. N C Terry W. Pinnix 4290Talcott Ave. Winston Salem, N.C. David Pinto Model Margas Goa. India Phihp A Piscitelli 783 Sedgetield Road Charlotte, N.C Howard S. Plemens Rt. 6 Franklin, N.C Verlon Jay Popey 404 HobbS Ave. Shelby. N.C. Welben Max Pope PC Box 53 Turkey. NC Alfred Welch Porter 458 Lyttleton Dr. Charlotte, N.C. Alfred E. Poston 1730 Sterling Road Charlotte, N.C. Charles Gary Potter 402 E. Cherokee St. Chesnee, S C Kenneth Barry Potter Box 207 Chesnee. S.C Brenda Kay Powell Route 1 Mocksville. N.C. Joseph E. Powell 2400 York Rd- Burlington. N.C. Carolyn J. Powers 172 Wisconsin Ave. Elkin, NC. Joseph C. Powers, Jr. 2918 A St. Marks Dr. Winston Salem, N.C. Margie L- Preslar Route 2. Box 34 Indian Trail, N.C. Donna Sue Pressley 405 East Second Ave. Easley. S.C. Jack Gilmer Price, Jr 612 Honeywood Lane Gastonia. N C Ronald W. Price Rt. 1,Box275 Mooresboro, N.C. Naomi Margaret Pryor Route 2, Box 314 Hendersonville, N.C. Jonathan D Pugh 603 Quaker Lane High Point, N C. Bruce D Putnam Routes, Box 111 Shelby, N.C. Gordon C. Putnam, Jr. Route 8. Box 89 Shelby, N.C. James Edward Putnam Route 6, Box 532 Shelby, N.C. Harold Keith Queen Routes. Box 210A Shelby. N C. Sharon A. Quick Rt. 2. Box 123H Forest City. N C Clifford E Ramsey P.O. Box 411 Boiling Springs. N.C. Johnny Hugh Ramsey Box 772 Boiling Springs. N.C. Shirley J. Ramsey Rt. 6, Box 314 Marshall. N.C. William M Ramsey Box 331 Old Fort, N C. Linda C Raney Rt, 3. Box 659 Morganton, N.C. Richard D Rankin 1804 Courtney Dr N. Augusta. S C Donald F. Ray 610 Gardner St. Shelby. N C Barbara D Raynor Rt. 1 Warsaw, N C Benjamin L. Reavis 812 S. Jackson St, Salisbury, N.C. Dorothy Willis Reed Route 1. Box 109 Taylorsville. N.C. John Charles Reep P.O Box 362 Granite Quarry. N.C. Kenneth 0, Reld 331 2 Cricket eer Dr. Charlotte, N.C. Louis Remy Caxois Lamort Port De Paix, Haiti Dallas R. Renninger Lancashire Apt.. Apt. 7A Neftsville. Pa. Lester J. Reynolds, Jr. 4112CastlewoodRd. Charlotte. N.C. Barbara Hix Rhodes 110 Chandler Drive Gatlney. S.C. Wm Erwin Rhymer 735 South Broadway Forest City. N.C. Alex Richard Rhyne 208 Crest Street Mount Holly, NC. Alan Corbitt Rice Route 1 Highlands, N.C. Danny R. Richardson Rt. 1 Walnut Cove. N.C. Laura J. Richard 408 Mint St. Shelby, N.C. Steven G Riddle 1240 Green Valley Rd. Winston Salem. N.C. Eugene Ridley P.O. Box 702 Marlon, N.C Robert I Rieger 2300 Tyson Street Raleigh, N.C. Paul S- RIgsbee 3137 Dixon Rd. Durham, N.C, Charles R. Ringer Route 2 Pomarla, S.C. Daniel Ritchie 1423 Park Avenue Salisbury. N.C. Margie U. Ritler Route 1. Box 265A Ellenboro, N C, Beverly Ann Robblns 397Collett St. Rutherlordlon. N.C. James Larry Robblns Route 1, Box 56 Cowpens, S.C Debra M. Roberts Asheville, N C 39 North Pershing Rd. John W Roberts. Jr 721 Buffalo St Shelby. N.C. Wayne D. Roberts 106 Trinity Way Greenville, S.C Lawrence E Robertson 822 North Logan St. Gatfney, S.C. Elizabeth A. Robinson 321 Valley St. Marlon, N.C. Maxwell R. Robinson, Jr. Route 1 Union Mills, N.C, Susan Beth Rodgers 3897 Woodview Drive Winston Salem. N.C, Larry E. Rollins Rt. 6, Box 207 Shelby, N.C Richard H Rose CelfibasC.P. Slo Paulo. Brazil Donald Richard Ross 4263 Denbigh Drive Charlotte, NC. Luther Ross 326 Anthony St. Shelby, N.C. Ronald K. Rudisill Route 1 Newton. N.C. Cynthia A Ruppe 337 Grice St Shelby, N.C Sandra Lee Russ Route 6, Box 410 Shelby, N.C David L. Russell 442 Spring Street Albemarle, N.C. Cynthia R Russell 525 High Point St. Randleman, N.C. Harry S. Russell 1203 E. Polo Rd. Winston Salem. N.C. Debra A. Rutledge Rt. 1, River Dale Rd. Plafftown. N C. Roger R Sailors Rt 3 Lawndale. N.C. Nelta Faye Sain Route 2 Vale, N.C. Ronnie B. Sams 616 Piedmont St. Bristol. Va. Jill Reid Sanders 2010 W. Club Blvd. Durham, N C. Carolyn T. Santanella 1911 Liberty Rd. Asheboro, N.C, Martha Raye Sarratt Box 9, Oak Street Boiling Springs, NC. Jacqueline S. Sasser 208 Mitchell Ave. Salisbury, N C Kemp E. Savage 3958 Richardson Road Virginia Beach. Va. i 1 m m i I ll m 211 Richard Ear! Sdtultz Argrass f Scotl. Jf. 241 1 Pennsyvania Ave. Roanoke. Va Kennath Leroy Scru js 409 N. Alabama Ave- Cfiesnee. SC- Veredith J. Scruggs ■•20 Moo res Dr Betmom, N C Larry Soyd SecfinsJ 10307 Sunset Dnve Miami. Ronda Jol n Douglas Shaw 220 Wilson Ave Swannartoa. N C Lawrence C S aw, Ml 242 SL Metmews Lane Spartanburg, S C. Robert E Shell Roole 3. Box 355 Pieomon;. S C. Bobby Allen Shellon 33C3 Turtwood Dr. Greensboro. N.C. Robert K Shelton 2323 Country Club Rd- Winslon Salem. N.C Richard G- Shemll 509 W. Broad Sl. St. Pauls, N.C. Robert Scott Sherrill P Box 35 ParWon ParWon, N.C. Gary Mack Shields Rt 1 FranWin. N.C. Heriry Preston Shtflet 27 Shaliowtord Road Greerrviiie, S C- GraOy jeft ' ey Shoe 437 S Magnolia Moocesviiie. N.C Larry Lee Schola Apt D ChaJei Aprs Chapel Hill. N.C. Carson M Shook Route 1 Union Milts. N.C Darryi L S K pe RL3 Candler. H C Gsyneii Shouee 5430 Winona S(. Winston Salem. N C- Jarw B Shropshire B 10 Georgetown Vil. Spartanburg. S C Mrs Cindy C. Shull 415 SlroupesSl. Kings Mountain. N.C Rebecca Gsii Sigmon Route 2. Box 144 Ma-oen. N C Alan Bn ce Simmerson 904 2nd St- Speocer. N.C. Carolyn L. Simmons 501 BaltfMrin Rd Hicttmon6. Va Micfteal R Simmons Rl 1. Swain Lane Walkertown. N C Wilbur B Simmons. II 4213 E North St. Exl- Greenville. S C wm Cimton Simmons 250 Church Streei Manon. N.C Ronri«e W S npson 1317 Stood SL Rock Hill. S.C. Janes E Sims Box 249 Danville. Ky. Maiie M. Sims Routes Ruth erf ordton. NC- Maicom Lee Sir gleton RiKileS Huther+oroton, NO Maicom Lee Singleton Rome 5 Greer. SO Michael S. Sipe Route 2. Box 227 Kings Mtn . N_C- Fred Wiltard Sisk Rl 2 Mooresboro. N.C Larry Guy Sisk 53 25th Ave.. N.E Hickory. N.C. Mike Euger e Sisk 610 W- Marion SL Shelby. N C Raymond Keith Sisk 815 ArtingtonSL Fores: City. N.C. Roberto P. Sivit 2400 N 16 SL Arlington, Va Burton Lee Skinner 68 HuxJey Place Newport News, Va. Kennetfi E. Sloan PO Box 315 Boiling Springs, N.C. Sandra G Small RL 1. Box 91 Randleman, N.C Jerry C. Smathers RL 4. Box 334, DoL Cove Canton, N.C Michael 1 Smathers Spruce Street Canton, N C Arnold Smith l03Panner SL Fores: City. N.C. Bert Calvin Smith 103 Carpenter Street Kings Mountain, N C Claude K. Smith. Jr. 500 HOI lis Rd. Charlotte. N.C. Douglas D Smith 118 Wood Drive G reer, S C George L- Smith FtL3 Lexington. N.C. jamanca A. Smith Route 9. Box 182 Shelby, N C Judy Gail Smith Route 1. Box 38 Shelby. N.C. Kathleen I Smith 160 Emerson Awe. N, Babylon. N.Y_ Linda Ford Smith 1021 Miller SL Spindale. N C Martha A SmiOi 220 S Johnson SL GsHney, S.C. Nickey Joe Smith RL 2. Box 1130 Conr e: ' y Springs. NC- Sandra Darlene Smtth 308 3rd St S-E Conover, N C- Susan Lee Smith 3432 Farrtitll Rd. Charlotte. N.C. Thomas W. Smith Box 232 CliHstde. N,C- Micnael Clyde Sorgee Box 579 Caroleen. N.C. Linda M Southards 819 Parkwood Road Shelby, N.C. Anthony F Spagnolo 360 East i8th SL Palerson. N.J. Jarw D Spainhour P.O Box 177 Lenoir. NC Nancy Lynn Spangler 926 Elizabeth Road Sh by, NC Thomas E. Sparks 805 Kirby St. Shelby. N.C. Joseph B Speight RL1 Albemarle, NC- George w Spencer. Jr. Finksburg Maryland Carolyn J Seining RL2 Oierryville, NC Mr. Charles C. Sperling 807 Forest Hill Dr Shtfby. NC Rot ert D. Spillman RL1 Walkertown. N.C. Margaret V Sfriewn Rt. 3, Box 496 Forest City. N.C. Wingate B Spivey, Jr. Route 1 . Box 689 AB Columbia. S C- Sta lyn K- Squires Rt. 8. BOX157B Shelby, N.C. John R Stafford 401 Stroud Road Shelby. N C Sharon Lynn Stafford FtL 1 1 , Box 430 Salisbury. NO John William Stanley Route 1 Clemmons. N C Mrs. J udy Stamey 1491 22slS W. Hickory, N C Michael E. Stamey 500 Dutch Cove Rd. Canton. N C Virgle B Stamey. Jr. 1021 A 22nd St, Place North East Hickory, N C Robert P Starnes 2BO0 Aibanrry Lane Charlotte. N C Alan D. Stephens Route 4. Box 312 Hickory, N C Michael S Stephens Route 1 Greer, S C David M Stevenson Box 266 Tayiorsville. N.C. Scott M Stevenson 131 McCord Si Oiartorie. N.C Michati E. Stewart RL 1. Car Club Els Matthews, N C Richard P Stewan Carmei Club Estates Route 1 Matthews, N.C. Robert A Stewart 2711 Livingston SL Allentown. Penn Jacky 6. Stone Country Club Rd Shelby. N C Dumoni C Strickland Rt 1 Chesnee. S.C Gaiy Milton Stroud Box 563 Simpsonville. S.C. Michael J. Stroud 39ReassRo8d Asheville. N.C. William M. Stubbs 1305 Hunt St. Shelby. NC Sturms Molly Bums 5525 Dogwood Or Winston Salem. N.C. Biity Wane Slyers R-F D. 2 Box 37A Shelby. NC. Thomas R. Summey 407 W Matn Street Dallas. N.C. George Cah ' in SurraO Box 768 Boiling Springs. N C. William E Suther 419 West Center Ave. Mooresville. N C Claude P Suttlemyre 560 nth Ave Hickory. NC Ricky S. Swaim 862 Pleasant Hill Dr. Elkm, N.C. Phillip James Swanson 642 Pleasant Hill Dr. Elkm. NC- Stanley T Swanson Route 1, P.O 84 Newton. NC. James Arthur Swayney Box 333 Cramerton. N C Robert Donald Sweezy Box 553 Lawndale. N.C. Sandra A Swift P.O. Box 77 State Road, n.C- Donna Alane Swope 2529 N Edgewater Dr. Fayettevilie. N.C Frank J, Tapp 103 AJrview Ave Greer. S.C- Mrs. Gsynelle 0. Taylor BoxE Cherryville. N.C Johnny A_ Taylor Woodruff. S.C. Rot en M Taylor 16 Chestnut Street Garden Crfy. NY Steven D. Taylor Winnslxjro. SC Thomas Edison Taylor PO Box 495 Boiling Spnngs, N C William E Taylor Mr John H Taylor Box 118 B. Rt 1 Seabrook, S C Roben Frans Teeter Mrs Jamemac Teeter 1618 6th SL N W Hickory, N C James Lee Teeter Mr James Lee Teeter 1618 eih St., N.W. Hickory. N C Bobby Lane Thomas Mrs. William E Thcxnas Rt. 1. Box 54 Stanley N C Cassandra J Thomas 2734 N PleasanttHJrg Greemrille S C John B Thomas ftl. 3. Box 249 T Charlotte. N C Richard Thomas 1317 Center Ave Chicago Heights, in Ronnie Thomas Route 1. Box 94 B Blackburg. S C Barbara J Thompson WaOesboro.N C. Belinda A. Thompson Box 561 Tryon. N C Manon F. Thompson 112 Ridgecresl Drive Greenville, S C Robert Lee Thompson 116 Susan Dr Mabieion, Ga. Robert W Thompson, Jr. 204 Salem Streei Thomasville. NC. Sandra K. Thompson Maple SL Spindale. N.C. Gregory Thornton 711 westwood Street Spindale. N C John David Tiller Route 6. Box 163 A Morganton, N C CharlesT Timmons. Jr 53ETaHulahDr Greenville. S C David Tompkins. Jr. 1410MidwoodDr. Gastonia, NC Jt n F. Tompkins 1410 Midwood Drrve Gastonia, N C Joe Towery 2008 Carey Rd. Kinston. N C. Steven B Tower 3015 Northampton Dr Charlotte. N C John David Townsend 600 Fayettevilie Ave Benf»ettsviiie. S C EloydH.Truesdaie 2114 Ariline Drive Camden. S.C- Eari Tucker RL1 Winston Salem. N.C- Lonny Lynn Turbeville 306 Piedmont Highway Greenville, S C Donna Y Turner BiBCksburg. S C. Gail E Turner Route 1. Box 406 Gastoma. N.C Henry R. Turner Route 9. Melrose Hgts. Shelby. N C James Neisoi Turner Route 7. Box 244 Shelby. N.C Larry Turner State Road North Carolina Martfta Turner RL2 Landfum. S.C. Mike Turner 406E Montgomery St Gaflney. S.C- Sar dra Lee Turrwr 200 Glennview Ext Manon, NO Sophia Wall Turner RL 1. Box 137 Mooresboro. N C. Michael C Tysmger P O Box 227 Boiling Spnngs, N C Gerry E VaiMancount 85 31 120 St Kewr Gardens. NY Michael H. Vanderford RL5 Union. S.C. 212 Ricky Stephen Warlick 908 East Mam Street Maiden. N.C Ed Ma d Leslie Warren 6 A 8tr Street York, SC Barry Philip Washburn Rt 2. Box 265 Ellenboro. NC. Catherine M. Washburn Box 853 Boiling Springs, NC. Gloria J. Washburn 104 Taylor St. Aiken. S.C Earl Stephen Waters Routes. Box 191 Eastey. S C Linda Gail Waaznicky 1426MinefedSt Richardmond. Va. Brian Leighton Waters 3201 W Mark St Greensboro, N C Glenn R. Walkins Route 1 Boslic, NC. William Edward Watson Route 3, Box 270 Forest City, N C James Thomas Way 2418 BaS3 Ave. Ausuta, Ga. Carol Ann Weatherly 4609 Sunny Or Winston Salem, N.C. Susan E. Weaver 9 Haskell Dr. Lancaster, Penn. Cecil Ray Van Dyke 702Grover St. Shelby. N.C. Terry Louise Varner 35 Pounds Ave.. S.W Concord. N,C Janet Lee Vaughn Box 1655, Rt 9 Shelby, N.C. Malcolm Lewis Vaughn Routes Greer. S.C. Richard T. Vernon, Jr. Box 368 Walnut Cove, N.C. Carolyn E. Vinson Route 1. Box 487 Valdese, N.C- Benny A Waddell Rt 5. Gibb Shoals Rd. Greer, S.C General Dare Wade Rt 1, Simpson St. Pfatftown, NO. Elwood L Wadsworth, Jr 1500 Maywood Ave. Baltimore, Md. BrendaG, Walker 332 Mary Ann St. Easley. S.C. Debbie L Walker Rt. 4. Box 237 Taylorsvilie, N C. Jimmy Jack Walker 230 Carolina Ave. Forest City, NC, Julia Walker Rt. 5, State Park Rd. Greenville, S.C. Monty Dean Walker Main Street Box 186 Lattimore. N C Richard W Walker Route 4, Box 523 Charlotte, N C. Steven Lane Walker Shelby. N.C. Vickie D.Walker 121 MooresvilleRd Lincolnton, N.C. William P Wallace P.O. Box 65 Wallace. S.C. Ellen Grant Wallen 332 Cooper Drive Charlotte, N.C. Barbara Gale Wallwork 6201 Springfield Dr. Charlotte, N C. Francine K. Walter 2734Tallu Rd. Charlotte. N.C. Lonn L. Weaver 2810Hwfy64 70S.W Hickory. N C Terry Wayne Weavil 4776 Ader Drive Winston, Salem, N.C. Oebra R Webb Route 8 Shelby. N.C. Kenneth G. Webb P.O Box 584 Denton. N.C. Roger D, Webb 102 Westview Dr. Waynesville. N.C- Davis Lee Webster Box 205, Styers St Lewisville, N.C. Rodney D Wegner P.O. Box 336 Angler. N.C. Cathy Susan Wehuni Route 1 Cherryville, N.C. Clyde W. Wesson Route 2 Shelby, N.C. Joel Ronnie wesson Route 2 Shelby, N.C. James M Westmoreland 219 Boxwood Lane Greenville, S C Austin L. Whaley 41l9Glenster Ter Charlotte. N.C Ronnie C. Whisnant 505 Webber St. Shelby, NC, Mrs. Jean Whltaker Box 726 Boiling Springs. N.C. Kenneth J Whltaker Route 3 Shelby, NO. Barbara Ann White 1211 Laurel Lane Gastoma, N.C. Jerry C White Rt-3 Chesnee, S.C. Ovid Alton White Route 1. Box 91 Shelby. N.C Pamela Jean White Box 5456 Whitnel, N.C. Steven Jay White Brtwood School Rd. Greensboro. N C Willard D. White Rt. 3, Box 667 A Shelby, N.C. Andrea H Whitener 1257 9th St. N.W Hickory, N.C- Charles David Wilcox 618AnsleyCt. No. 11 Atlanta, Ga. Terry Gene Wilder Rt. 2. Box 465 Perry. Fla. Gary Michael Wiley 1408 Bunonwood Cir. Charlotte. N.C. David Alton Williams ig52HinshawSt Winston Salem, N.C. Kennelh L. Williams 222 West Road Greer, S.C. David E. Williams 1124 Parkins Mill Rd. Greenville. S.C. Marion Ed Williams 100 Sumit Drive Greer, S.C. Martha Jane Williams Routes. Box 319 Shelby, N.C. Quay Willilord 907 Hillside Lane Gastoma, N C. Donald Willis Route 2 Bostic, N C. Freda K Willis Rt 2 Rutherlordton, N.C. Barbara Ann Wilson Box 667 Denton, N.C Charles A. Wilson High St .P.O. Box 291 Littleton. N C. Deborah J. Wilson 913Chappell Rd. Charleston, WVa, Fred D. Wilson Route 1 Maiden, N.C. Ivan E. Wilson. Jr. Rt. 1, Box 41 Spartanburg, S.C James Robert Wilson 1507 Fairtield Drive Gastonia, N.C. Phillip Wilson 3937 Penderbrook Dr. Fairfax, Va. Susan J. Wilson Route 5 Shelby, N.C. Van S, Wilson 103 Lafayette St Greenville. S.C. William S Wilson Route 1 Williamston, S.C. Thomas E. Wingler 216 Pleasant Hill Rd. Lenoir. N.C. Richard Dale Winn Box 57 Boiling Springs, N.C. David E Withrow 316 Meadowbrook Rd. Charlotte. N.C. Daniel Earl Wood Route 1 Travelers Rest. S.C. Larry Wayne Wood Rt. 1. Cherryville Rd. Kings Mountain, N.C. Ronald M. Woodle 815 Fugade Ave Charlotte. N.C. Alan Dale Woods Route 8, Box 223 Shelby. N.C. Gary Wray Wortman Timberly Place Rt. 3, Box J 419 Charlotte, N.C. John K. Wonman Rt. 8 Shelby, N.C. Steven L Wray 110 Maple Street Clover, S.C Jack P Wren 608 Carey Dr. Rock Hill. S.C Beth Lynn Wnght Route l,6ox 104 Maiden. N.C. Mrs Dora A. Noblilt 12 Vincent Street Shelby, N.C. John Ervin Wright, Jr. 114 Railroad Ave Chester. S C. Johannus 0. Wright 1713 Fairfield Dr. Gastonia. N.C. Mary Lanlta Wright 606 Fullerton St. Shelby. N.C Samuel J. Wright 391 Delaura Drive Nev port News, Va. Wilson D Wright Box 202 Spindale, N.C. Issa Shamoun Yachou Ibrahim Masse Bid Marilyas St. Mousseitbeh Beirut, Lebanon Benny Dwain Yarbrough P.O. Box 23 Kings Mountain. N.C. Jesse Yarbrough Box 426C, Route 1 Roxboro, N.C. Dorsey S. Younce 736Charlone Ave. Rock Hill. S-C- Oaisy Olivia Young Route 7. Box 34 Gaffney. S.C. Diana Young Route 1 Newton, N.C. Shirley Annette Young Route 3 Mocksvllle, NC. Beverly M- Yount l84Vi eeler St. Lenoir. N.C. John Gregory Yurecsko 22 Walt Street flockaway. N.J. Frank Ronald Zedick 707 E.Washington St. Dillon, S.C- 213 News Of 1970 214 Records Opposite page Linda Tunstead, 19, held old glory at a peace rally at County College of Morris, Randolph, N. J. Above Presi- dent Nixon ' s motorcade passes a group of demonstrators in Rochester, H linn. He was on the campaign trail for GOP can- didates in October. Left The funeral procession of President Gamal Nasser of the United Arab Republic winds across Rames Square in Cairo in October. Records 215 Opposite page top Student Peter Hallerman donned a gas mask in a symbolic gesture to warn of ttie dangers of pollution. Opposite page bottom A sagging economy resulted in grow- ing lines of people waiting to pick up unemployment checks. Above Left to rigfit Astronauts Fred Haise, James Lovell, and Jofin Swigert leave helicopter to step aboard ihe carrier IWO JIMA after the successful recovery of APOLLO 13. Right This view shows the damaged ser- vice module of APOLLO 13, an entire panel was blown away. 216 Records iill ■ill Records 217 218 Records ■A! m Top Lett Palestinian guerrillas celebrate the blowing up of a BOAC airliner at a desert airstrip nortti of Amman, Jordon, in September Left Survivors of a devastating cyclone make tfieir way over ttie landscape of ttie island of l anpura in East Paki Stan. Above Local youttis carried tfie coffin of Charles De Gaulle inside the cemetery at Colombey Les Deux Eglises, France. De Gaulle ' s widow, Yvonne, is in black veil and his son, Philippe, is at right in uniform of French Naval Officer. WIDE WORLD PHOTOS Records 219 220 Records i mAt ' Pi i Records 221 ANCHOR Staff Left to Right: Ed Brown, Cathy Washburn, Lynn Harblnson, Debbie Walker, Sue Giles, Pat f cMlllian, Tom Parker, Carolyn Powers. Lynn Bridges, Raymond Davis. 222 Records ' m The final page has been completed, and with it goes my thanks to Mr. Ron Norman, Keys Printing Corpo- ration representative, to Mr. Bill Boyd, yearbook advisor, for his end- less desire to see that the highest aims of the ANCHOR were met and to the many student and faculty members, who when asked gave unselfishly of their time. My special thanks to my staff who worked the many long hours required to make this ANCHOR a success. ' ' id m m ill Ed Brown — Editor Bill Neely — Administration Fagg Nowlan, Jr. — Academics Lynn Bridges Cathy Washburn Carolyn Powers — Student Life Pat McMillian Debbie Walker Raymond Davis — Athletics Hal Elliott Eileen Brabson — Records Tom Parker Sue Giles Sharon Crawford Lynn Harbinson Records 223 Specifications Published by the ANCHOR Staff of Gardner-Webb College. Type face — Helvetica. Offset lithography process by Keys Printing Company, Greenville, S. C. Cover manufactured by S. K. Smith Co., Chicago. 224 Records mm ill IK m m m m m m i .r uixammssmBsasBmsmimaaiiammsmaxaBiaia ▼ m m

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