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1970 ANCHOR Gardner-Webb College Boiling Springs, N.C. Vol. 36 lll ' BIIIHiM ' lii ' i ' Biiit ' «ii nr ||3 c- ii :„ || ' ' ' 1: f, ' ' " , ' I I Elaine Bolynn - Editor Nancy Forture - Assistant Editor Myra Ware - Copy Editor Gale Alexander ■ Academics Editor Debbie Gantt - Class Editors Kaye Gibson Cathy Foster - Organizations Editor Betsy Arthur - Photography Editor Ed Rumfelt - Photographer ' ' Vr :„ iliUiiiiiiiiiiiliiiilliiiiM ■l J. ll. Anchor 1970 Introduction Academics Administration Faculty Classes Student Life Features Organizations Sports Index Epilogue Page 2 16 17 28 49 135 136 150 172 r ! J: iff iJIE ' iH ' ill us i I ' I II ll ' IlL I ' ™ ' ll x: ' ;;:to: S ' " ' ■■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' Jill. " ' K • ' Gardner-Webb College Boiling Springs, North Carolina ■,;(:, , ' «i III ' 111 ,1 .. " ' ■ I ' l " II I " I I III ' - " I li ' ill ' kill nil ' Jilil ' ' ' ' :l|l»lt ' fll lllll Wm- ' iininaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiBiiiiiiii 1969-1970 was an " Inbetween " year. It was the end of a decade characterized by the conquering of space with man walking on the moon, hippies, the winning the baseball, rioting, drugs, and strikes of all kinds. It was also the begin- ning of a decade characterized by hope for betterment of man ' s life through scientific knowledge, hope for freedom for both black and white, hope for understanding be- tween all people, and hope for eventual world peace. The " inbetween " year struck at Gardner-Webb College, too. In re- flection of the past year, 1969-70, the administration, faculty, and students had fought for four years status and finally achieved it. By ___ZTr . Ba H H HMB fi. V H HBM B B B HI B H B ■ _— M WBO — 11 — Be L X. MMQt am MH 2 22 £f d« j . T!?- " " - " " T " ' ' ' ' • ■■ ■ j jK T ■■■ BM ■■■ " - V , B rnKV j B 1 ' ' «iib » — i!- " ! next year, 1970-71, there would be a graduating class, ttiereby giving Gardner-Webb the full pledged title of a Senior college. However, the 1969-70 year was somewhat of an enigma, especially to the students at Gardner-Webb. Their main con- cern, at least for those who planned to stay the full four years, was whether the college would meet accreditation standards or not. In addition, this ■inbetween " year of 1970 gave rise to other puzzling issues, such as what conference the sport teams belonged in, and how baffled, bewildered students, of the institution could refer to themselves . . . Junior college stu- dents or Senior college students. There were not very many three year schools around. Gardner- Webb seemed to be the only one of it ' s kind — rather like a new species! " What In the world am I doing here? " " Where on earth am I going after I leave? " Two questions, uni- versal to all college students, were a part of the enigma on the Gard- ner-Webb campus. The whole scene was like a crazy, almost im- possible jigsaw puzzle. Some of the pieces didn ' t seem to fit no matter how much effort and strug- gling went into finding the solution. It seemed that professors became more confusing by the day and the assignments they gave were tasks meant for some genius with an IQ of 150 — not you whose IQ was slightly above average. Dorm life wasn ' t a simple matter either. Get- ting along with a roommate was a struggle to the end! And what about being compatible with other people around campus? Some- times praying — praying for a way out of this maze was a last resort. Maybe it should have been first? Well, what d ' ya know! Finally what that professor ' s been lectur- mg about suddenly clear and un- derstandable. The assignments got easier, too. Yeah ... all it took was a little more effort. The problems of dorm life seemed much less try- ing, in fact it was really a lot of fun — the water fights, the door salutes, the golf tournaments in the hall . . . The roommate situation re- solved, too, and resulted in a last- ing friendship and if not that at least a valuable lesson. Odd . . . the puzzle pieces began to fall into place and the picture was com- pleted. The picture depicted clear- ly now the answer to those two universal questions. Yes . . . now it ' s clear. " I know why I ' m here, and yes, I know, or at least I ' ve got some idea, where I ' m going. ' " ' ' ' - ' --■■ ■■ ' ■»3 - " " — " Go, Dogs, go! " " We ' re number one ' ! " " Let ' s hear Dixie, Mr. Hill! " High spirits were a constant force at Gardner-Webb. Though few students knew what conference we were in, everyone still screamed till their throats were sore for the " Dogs " . The " inbetween year " left it ' s mark on G-W sports, making it hard for us to win a conference. Though there were few, if any, titles to win, the coaches of all the sports teams still strived to make their teams the best, looking forward to next year when Senior status would apply at the Webb, and also re- flecting upon the greatness of pre- vious years. Blanket concerts, off-campus dances, and a newly formed Re- ligious Education club were some of tfie new editions of tfie 1969-70 year. Gardner-Webb students, aided greatly by the efficient work of two new Directors of Student Af- fairs, enjoyed a more liberalized campus life. Witfi tfie changing views of the world, Gardner-Webb began to change too. The admini- strators and faculty fought to give students better concerts featuring such artists as the Classics IV, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Del- phonics. In addition, the distin- guished artist series brought such names as Sander Vanocur and Frederick the Great. Of course, the biggest event of the year was per- haps the off-campus dances which the Junior class sponsored. An- other big event at the Webb was the premier opening of the Opera House in which the Drama Club presented several plays. The enigma of the " inbetween year " played no great role in the features of student life at Gardner Webb. However, the constant work of everyone brought about many needed changes and gave us help in gaining our long sought after accreditation. mi rw i -K s » -- Tf J, .? ■■ 1 vo.„ -wCi r-- 13 TRUSTEES In the words of our President, Dr. E. Eugene Poston " our trustees are priceless assets to our school. " The trustees of Gardner-Webb Col- lege strive to maintain and pre- serve the purpose upon which Gardner-Webb was founded — to educate quality Christian students who think for themselves and who will dedicate themselves to the Christian way of life in the vocation of their choice. " Lloyd C. Bost serves as Chairman of the Trust- ees, H. Max Craig serves as Vice Chairman, Mrs. Rush Stroup is Secretary, R. Patrick Spangler serves as Treasurer, and Forest C. Roberts serves as Assistant Trea- surer. The other Trustees are James L. Beason, Paul Bridges, Thomas R. Causby, H. Max Craig, Jr., James Toliver Davis, G. Wayne DeHart. Charles I. Dover, Z. Miller Freeman, Ralph W. Gardner, E. Reed Gaskin, John Gibson, James R. Gilley, Boyce Grindstaff, T. Ray Helms, T. R. Hendrixs, Sr,, W. J. Hendrix, Thomas W. Knowles, Dill- ard Mynatt, C. P. Nanney, J. L. Nichols, Jr., D. C. Rawley, Sr., For- est C. Roberts, Jr., J. Roy Robin- son, Hobart C. Smith, R. Patrick Spangler, Miss Charline Stamey. Henry B. Stokes, Mrs. Mae Cline Stroup, J. L. Shuttle, Jr.. and A. Thomas Withrow. Trustee Offices: Mrs. Rush Stroup. Secre- tary; Mr. Lloyd C. Bost. Chairman; H. Max Craig. Vice Chairman. Top Right: Lloyd C. Bost. Right: Lloyd Bost. Chairman of Board of Trustees. Arthur Smith. Charlotte busi- nessman and television personality, mem- ber of the Board of Advisors. President E. Eugene Poston and (back row) John (Buck) Fraley Chairman of the Board of Advisors. •• 1« Above: President of Gardner-Webb, Dr. Eugene Poston strives to encourage quality Christian students. Right: Dr. Poston has an endless job as president of the college, even to such trivial matters as having his picture taken. Below: Nancy Griffin, Dr. Poston ' s secretary, says " But Dr. Poston, may I please have just a five minute break? " PRESIDENT Realizing that change is an inevit- able factor in the development of both a student and an institution, Dr. E. Eugene Poston ' s dedicated enthusiasm, wisdom, and a firm insight into student feeling pro- motes the development and ad- vancement of a greater Gardner- Webb College. Serving actively as President, Dr. Poston initiated and evaluated the outcome of revised rules, p rivileges, and policies which would meet the ever-In- creasing demands of a four-year Institution. With the goal of accred- itation always in mind Dr. Poston sought to improve all aspects of the college curriculum. Although shouldering the tremendous task of chief administrator, Dr. Poston en- deavored to keep the Christian purpose of the college, and his personal involvement with the stu- dents as individuals above per- sonal gain or recognition. sVV y 17 ■I VICE-PRESIDENT Always seeking to know the stu- dents on their own level, Mr. Tom McGraw chief assistant to the pres- ident worked long hours toward the establishment of a well-rounded institution. Whether the duties handed to Mr. McGraw included fund-raising or a religious aspect of the curriculum, he fulfilled the duties with competence and a firm dedication. Also presiding over many committees at the college, Mr. McGraw became not only an administrator in the eyes of the students, but a friend as well. With capability unlimited and personali- ty unmatched, Mr. Thomas McGraw gave the office of vice-president an aura of respect and dignity. L Top Right: Mr. Tom McGraw, Vice-Presi- dent of Gardner-Webb deals with the stu- dents as one of his friends. Above: Mr. McGraw njeets students at Student-Faculty Reception. Right: Mrs. Diane Packard has many endless jobs as Tom UcGraw ' s sec- retary. DEANS Serving capably as Director of Student Affairs, IVlr. Tom Poston ' s duties seemed endless. In a sin- cere effort to become better ad- quainted with students and their needs and preference Mr. Poston decides all issues which concerned student events. Helpful in the initi- ation of change in student rules and privileges, Mr. Poston endeav- ored to establish a personal rela- tionship with the students and to meet them on their own level. Serv- ing jointly as assistant to the Direc- tor of Student Affairs. Miss Ruth Kiser and Mr. Kenneth Sanford dealt with the enforcement of stu- dent rules and regulations. Mr. Sanford also advised the operation of the Men ' s Affairs Council, while Miss Kiser served as advisor to the Women ' s Affairs Board. Above: Mr. Tom Poston, Director of Stu- dent Affairs, is field in higfi regard on campus. Below, fi iss Kiser, as Dean of Women, attempts to induce a Christian spirit in the young ladies at Gardner-Webb. Above: Chapel cuts keep f rs. Polly Wylie ' on the ball. PROMOTION, REGISTRAR Responsible for all communication concerned with students, faculty, trustees, alumni, and administra- tion. Mr. Bill Boyd served efficiently as the Director of Promotion. Work- ing closely with the news media of surrounding areas. Mr. Boyd also served as advisor to the Pilot, the student newspaper, and the An- chor, the yearbook. Endeavoring to make his first year at the college a meaningful one. Mr. Boyd is as- sisted by Mrs. Cole Proctor, secre- tary. Adhering to the idea of better- ment for the college. Mr. John Beam served actively as the Direc- tor of Development. His main re- sponsibilities found their founda- tion in the deferred-giving program and the student-giving program. Always interested in student wel- fare and expressing a deep con- cern for the student as an individ- ual. Mr. Beam worked diligently to help develop a well-rounded pro- gram of development of the col- lege. Serving actively as Registrar. Mrs. Dorothy Edwards dealt with registration and the keeping of student records, grades, attend- ance and personal data. Also in- cluded in the duties of registration was the revision of college tran- scripts for transfer of students, and the records for student admission. With sincere concern for the stu- dents of the college. Mrs. Edwards carried out administrative duties with great capability. Left: Mrs. Edwards, registrar, aids in spring registration. Right: Mrs. Edwards tall s with a student concerning college transcripts for a transfer. Top: Mr. Bill Boyd, adviser to the yearbook staff, pleads But. Elaine, your deadline was two months ago! ' BUSINESS OFFICE The job of handling all financial af- fairs is the role of Mr. Charles E. Mack. Directing the operation of a successful business office, Mr. Mack, as business manager, aided in the assignment of scholarships, office work, and other aspects of operation. The regulation of finan- cial affairs required many " after- hours " sessions with students and administration to insure better re- lationships and methods of solving financial problems arising during the year. Exemplifying the ele- ments of patience, honesty, and capability, Mr. Charles Mack por- trays the virtues for which the col- lege strives to maintain. Above: Mrs. Lefler aided Mr. Mack m the smooth rurjr)ing of the busiriess office. Be- low: Mrs. Hauss, a new addition to the business office, is of great service to the school. f Above: Mr. Mack as business manager keeps money matters well in hand.Belovt " I ' m very sorry, but our records show that you still owe the college a total of $ ' . " MA .flfei 21 ADMISSIONS AND GUIDANCE A friend, an advisor, and an inspi- ration to college students. Rever- end Buddy Freeman served tire- lessly as college minister. The spiritual and personal aspects of students were always foremost in the eyes of Reverend Freeman, and he aided many students in the so- lution of seemingly insurmountable problems. Handling of the respon- sibility of the advisor to the F.O.C.U.S.. B.S.U., and Ministerial conference. Reverend Freeman was an active participant in cam- pus activities. He stood firm as an inspiration and a guide for the stu- dents, faculty and administration. Working to help students solve counseling problems. Dr. Dan Proctor endeavored to aid students in all problems concerning stu- dents hours and subjects. Through summer and semester testing. Dr. Proctor helped decide related careers for students according to their interests and abilities. Handling all incoming applications Mr. R. W. Abrams. Director of Ad- missions, was continuously search- ing for students with an interest in a Christian educational system. Organizing and directing visits to area high schools Mr. Abrams ' du- ties extend beyond his office hours. In an effort to better acquaint stu- dents with the college and its pur- pose. Mr. Abrams stressed the quality of higher Christian educa- tion. Above: Reverend Buddy Freeman serves as Gardner-Webb ' s campus minister and is available to any student. Below: Dan Proc- ter, guidance counselor, listens to all stu- dents problems from " I can ' t get along vfith my roommate " to " Help! I ' m flunking out! " Above: Mr. Abrams has many difficult decisions as Dean of Admissions 22 LIBRARY Above: Charles Dover presents the Gardner-Webb Library with its 50,000th book. Below: Alton Malone works hard getting his library ready for accreditation. k H ' - F ' A In a sincere effort to meet the needs of on-coming accreditation, tlie Dover Memorial Library effi- ciently served students with their academic needs. Sources for in- formation concerning past, pre- sent, and future events were pro- vided for students from the college and surrounding areas. Presiding over the administration of the li- brary is Mr. Alton Malone, head li- brarian. He is assisted by Miss Anne Sebastian. Other library workers include Mrs. Chatham, Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. McGraw, and Mrs. Washburn. Pro- viding reference material, critical presentations, periodicals, and in- formation of personal interest, the library was in operation from 8:00 A.M. until 9:30 P.M. for student use. A new addition to the library and its services was the development of a curriculum laboratory. The labo- ratory is used as an aid in develop- ing skill for elementary education majors. The library also provides audio-visual equipment to be used for parallel assignments. Above: Aiding in maintaining a well-orga- nized library, Mrs. Sandifer served as a librarian. Left: li iss Sebastian checks out a book for a student-one of h er many du- ties as librarian. 23 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Many inconspicuious jobs at Gard- ner-Webb are vital to the proper running of the school. Most stu- dents take for granted the duties of Mr. Leonard Allen, the bookstore manager. It ' s unlikely that much studying would take place if Mr. Allen didn ' t sell text books and other school supplies. In addition Mr. Horace Scruggs maintains the grounds of the campus and makes sure the " keep off grass " signs are up. The two doctors at Gardner- Webb, Gene Washburn and Wyan Washburn truly benefit the students through their medical services. Also Mrs. Shirley Washburn takes care of all phone calls to the cam- pus and Mr. Wayne Epiey aided in the enforcement of traffic viola- tions. M s atj ;, ' ' ' ' H Above: " Sorry, no refunds, no exchanges. " says Mr. Allen, GW bookstore manager Below: " I ' m sorry, I can ' t seem to locate Dr. Poston right now, says Mrs. Washburn, GWs switchboard operator. Top Left: Mr. Scruggs helps to maintain a beautiful campus at Gardner-Webb. Above: Mr. Wayne EpIey acts as one of the maintenance assistants by enforcing parking regulations. Below: Dr. Gene Washburn and Dr. Wyan Washburn fought cold and flu epidemics giving students a healthier year. 24 CHAPEL Above: Reverend Buddy Freeman supervises all chapel programs and diligently seeks to make each one more interesting. The chapel program of the college is under the supervision of Rev. Charles Freeman, campus minister. Endeavoring to provide spiritual and factual information and to in- form the students concerning aca- demics, and extra-curricular events, the chapel programs were held each week in the Bost Physi- cal Educational Building. Among those who delivered talks during the year were Dr. Poston, Sander Vanocur, and Mr. Arthur Smith. The Joyful Noise, the college choir and ensemble, and other students con- cerned with campus affairs also presided over programs. Special programs were set aside in order to better acquaint students with the upcoming accreditation plan for the four year program. ( Above: Reverend Freeman offers morning devotions in chapel. Right: The Joyful Noise which is composed of several tal- ented Gardner-Webb students, performs in chapel. 25 ARTS AND CRAFTS Whether drawing stick figures, giv- ing a ten minute speech on air pol- lution, or making pottery, the arts and crafts student at Gardner- Webb is well-prepared. Numerous exciting events took place as a re- sult of this well-organized depart- ment which is headed by Mr. James Rash. C. Robert Jones, the drama coach, had the idea of turn- ing the old Boiling Springs Baptist Church into an Opera House, which led to the tremendous success of Gardner-Webbs first play of the season. Summer and Smoke. Barabra Cribb Dr. Charles Cox f: Top: Dr. Cox serves efficiently as Director of Fine Arts. Above: Kay Buchannan mod- els for a portrait. Left: Mr. C. Robert Jones Above: Linda Rainey poses for Joe Whis- nant as he models a bust from clay. Above: An art student paints a basket of fruit in a new way. Below: t lrs. Cribb, works witti oils, wtiich is one of her favor- ite hobbies. conducts a rehearsal of Summer and Smoke. 27 BUSINESS Business law, typing, communica- tions-are just several of the busi- ness courses offered at Gardner- Webb. As a two year school the Webb had an excellent business program, therefore, in preparation for Senior status all the professors of the department strived to make the program even better. Students have been offered a more selected group of courses. Mr, Deck An- drews, chairman of the department, has served efficiently in making sure that the Business program will be up to Senior college standards. Above: Mr- Deck Andrews, head of the business Oepartmenl keeps his pleasant attitude at all tinges. Right: Students learn the fundamentals of typing in their business courses- 28 Above: Mrs. Logan, a business education professor, maintains a cheerful disposition throughout her worl ing day. Below: Vicki Jackson works in different areas of business for practice. Joe Allen Deck Andrews Edna Eddin Polly Fife R ector Hardin Jane Harris Betty Logan Aksei Neilson CLASSICAL LANGUAGES Some say that Latin is a dead lan- guage, but it ' s not so according to Dr. J. Thurmon Lewis, head of An- cient Languages and Literature Department. He and Mr. Cline. also a professor of Latin, aid students in exploring Roman and Greek background and civilization as well as the language. Those students majoring in nursing and pre-med- icine find this course in Latin ex- tremely valuable. Additional courses in classical languages will be added next year as Gardner- Webb meets full Senior status. Above: Dr. J. Thurman Lewis, professor of Biblical languages offers tiis services to all students. Wf p. A. Cline Melvin Lutz Above: A classical language is in many cases a required course for graduation with an A. A. degree. 4 lk i 4 Above. " It ' s Greek to me! " muses Miss Kiser. DATA PROCESSING Wallace Carpenter Under the direction of Mr. Wallace Carpenter, the Data Processing Department at Gardner-Webb has advanced greatly in the last year. In preparation for next year ' s Sen- ior Status, Mr. Keith Griggs and Mr. Carpenter made certain that the data processing department was ready to meet the requirements. The data processing department is responsible for chapel seat assign- ments through the use of IBM cards. Several data processing stu- dents are in charge of the IBM chapel seat arrangement. I Left: Keith Griggs prepares students for worif with IBM computers. Above: Checl - ing over an IBM card, Wallace Carpenter grades a students v ork. ENGLISH The newly developed shift from emphasis on mechanics and liter- at7, structural f orm to the ideas re- lated by the individual student has been the guideline for the English Department. Hopefully, the new approach will develop the student ' s interest and self expression. Sev- eral other ideas have been intro- duced into the English Department. A writing seminar has been offered by the department under the guid- ance of Mr. Fred Wilkie. Striving to encourage the creative talents of each individual, the seminar is a welcomed addition. Along with the seminar, a reading laboratory was also added to the English curricu- lum this year. It is meant to be an aid to students who have difficulty in reading and comprehension. The English Department, headed by Dr. Betty S. Cox has successfully coped with the shift to the four year program at the college. Continuous innovations are underway in the English curriculum. Top Right: Detailed research through the use of library facilities is a ryecessity for a good term paper, as Andrea Maddox has discovered. Above: Periodicals and news- papers are beneficial to the English stu- dent-no matter where he reads. Right: Mrs. Betty Cox, chairman of the English Depart- ment, after a long day of teaching Shake- speare and English Literature. 32 mm Above: Mr. Sorrells and Mr. Blankenship register another student for English. 33 MATHEMATICS The Department of Mathematics endeavored to mold designs for fu- ture realities. Courses were pro- vided to aid math majors and those who were working toward a liberal arts degree. Basic mathematics and a course in the basic funda- mentals of geometry were offered in the non-credit courses. These courses enabled a student to gain a firmer foundation on which to study more advanced math courses. Trigonometry, modern algebra, analytic geometry and calculus, along with business-ori- ent ed to the students, in an effort to better the education- al background of all students, Mr. H. C. Dixon, chairman of the Math- ematics Department, inspired pro- fessors, teachers and students with his dedicated interest in the col- lege. He endeavored to uphold the ideals of the college as well as to encourage the mental alertness of all with whom he came into contact. Hubert C. Dixon Wiseman Jolly Above: Mr. McBride, professor of malfiematics, strives to give students a better under- standing of algebra and trigonometry. Above: Becky Jamerson struggles with several algebraic expressions during a math test. Left: After a quick Coke and now to tf)e dorm for some note studying before ttiat next class. MODERN LANGUAGE " Comment allez-vous? " , " como esta ud? " Both are familiar phrases to first year foreign lan- guage students. However, the sim- plicity of the first fews words learned gives way to the complexi- ty of learning and understanding verb conjugations, pronouns, nouns, and vocabulary. Those who major in courses such as advanced literature and composition. Charles Andrews, head of the Department of Foreign Language, strives to promote in the department a more acute awareness of French, Ger- man, and Spanish. Three new pro- fessors were added to the depart- ment this year, Mr. Eladio Bolanos. Dr. Louis Ghisletti, and Mrs. Ulla Mohrmann, in order to prepare for the Senior year. In addition, a cam- pus radio broadcast of foreign lan- guages was available throughout the year. Charles Andrews Eladio Bolanos Louis Ghisletti Ulla Mohrmann fkA Allen Setzer Mario Suarez . . bove Left: Mr. Setzer, a Sparjish professor, explains the pronunciation of vowels in the Spanish language. Above Right: Dr. Ghisletti. a new addition to the faculty, lectures to one of his French classes. Right: " Should I use " tu " or " vous " here? " ponders one of Mr. Andrews ' language students. 36 x Marsha Abernathy finds that hstening through the head phor)es isr) ' t the easiest way to understar)d French. Below: Profes- sor Andrews, head of the modern language department, assists students in saying their lab sheets. i 37 MUSIC When passing the OMG building, students may hear some rather strange sounds penetrating the walls. There is a logical explana- tion for the noise, however, be- cause the O. Max Gardner building is the music center on campus. Voice and piano majors use the available practice rooms to sing and play and do their theory home- work. The music department is headed by Dr. George Cribb. Dr. Phil Perrin Director of the college choir, along with Mr. Jerry R. Hill, director of the choral ensemble, have presented many fine pro- grams during the year. } ,.,■:■- " Dr. George Cribb Nettie Gidney Elizabeth Hill Jerry Hill Above: Susan Wilson and Tommy Latlimore sing a score of music for their voice class. Below: Bob Taylor and another student rush to Pep band practice. Left: Ella Harri- son and Becky Jamerson know that prac- tice is the key (o a good college choir. NURSING Margery Adams Reba Austin Grace Lee Lois Bradley Ann Pearce Shirley Toney Six-thirty comes awfully early in the morning, yet the nursing students suffered through getting up and it still being dark outside. They also suffered the constant studying which they had to do and their ev- ery day trips to the hospital. How- ever, under the guidance of Mrs. Grace Lee they were inspired to do their best in their struggle to be- come R.N. ' s. Those who survived the treacherous courses and terri- ble hours truly deserved the title of " nurse " . Above Left: " This is worse than a Dracula movie " cries this helpless victim. Left: " Does it hurt to have a temperature taken? " Above: The " patient " before giving a pint of blood. 39 wssBaBseaBSiaBmssKm PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Physical Education and Health Department has attained its highest peak this year. In todays society emphasis on physical fitness is very high, not only for the body but the mind and spirit. The addition of new equipment and dedicated in- structors has increased the stabili- ty and value of this program. The P. E. Department aims to educate the total person and prepare ma- jors to coach and teach. The de- partment also offers courses in Health to better acquaint students with methods of gaining and main- taining a healthy body. This depart- ment is headed by Dr. Robert Blackburn. •I Far Right: Gary Wylie becomes a skilled bowler Above: Two physical education stu- dents jog around the gym before a closed circuit TV camera. f% Robert Blackburn Jerry Bryson Kenneth Daves Nell Griggs Norman Harris Barbara Holbrook Eddie Holbrook George Litton Cole Proctor Launita Proctor Judy Hoyle assists in entertaining a group of girl scouts who visited the campus. A RELIGION The search for meaning in life is the main reason Gardner-Webb or any other college exists. During a time - our time - when so much un- rest and disorder occurs and the existentialist ideas of the absurdity of life prevails throughout the world, the small inconspicuous in- dividual struggles to find some pur- pose in life. Within the Religion Department at Gardner-Webb, the Above: Dr. Hewitt lectures to his 102 reli- gion class. Right: " You don ' t know who Abraham was. Bill? " asks an awed Dr. Ballard. professors strive to give students a purpose for everything through a personal faith in God. Those stu- dents majoring in Religious Educa- tion find a solid, well-organized program at Gardner-Webb. Dr. Vann Murrell. head of the depart- ment, promotes an attitude of un- derstanding between the profes- sors and students. 42 Garland Allen Thomas Ballard Furman T. Hewitt Robert Lamb Vann Murrell Robert Trexler Top Left: " Hmmm . . . Another religion course " , thinks Dr. Lamb. Top Right: Head of the Religion Department, Dr. Vann Mur- rell seeks to give students a better under- standing of the Bible. Left: f r. Trexler and Dr. Murrell discuss their religion classes in the hall of the Lindsey building. 43 SCIENCE The Science Department Is a field of new discovery and insigfit into human life. In a sincere effort to better acquaint the student with life around him, the science curriculum included courses in general biolo- gy, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, nursing oriented courses, advanced general biolo- gy, geology, and science education for elementary teachers. The basic aim of the Science Department is to inform students on the existence of living and non-living organisms, and in the fields of education, health, agriculture, weather, and industry. Dr. Albert B. Godfrey served as chairman of the Science Department. He actively instilled the importance of awareness to both students and teachers through his dedication to life of all forms and its development. Clyde Cash James File Albert Godfrey Michael Harrelson M. A. Mosley Paul Stacey Philip Tse Right: Becky Jamerson peruses a glass slide of a stem in biology lab. Left: Dr. Godfrey, fooking over the materiat in a text book, prepares to give an anatomy lecture. Below Left: A biology student raises his hand for the professor to check his Paramecium. Below Center: " Hmm . that ' s a strange looking amoeba! " Muses this biology student. Below Right: Stopping from his busy schedule of chemistry lec- ture, Mr. Mosley asks ii anyone has seen his collie, " Champ " . Above: Following the formula, accurately. Rex McCall holds his breath praying that the chemicals don ' t explode. 45 SOCIAL SCIENCE In an attempt to better acquaint the student wltti the social environment in which he lives, the Department of Social Sciences enabled the stu- dent to successfully recognize and develop his role in society ' s human structure. Utilizing such methods as panel discussions, classroom debates, and parallel reading assignments, the Social Science Department aided the stu- dent in taking an active part in to- day ' s world. Serving as chairman of the department. Dr. Daniel Hos- ier encouraged student awareness in the field of social civilization, both past and present. Included in the social science curriculum were courses in Sociology, History, Psychology, and Geography. Open to all students, the Social Science Department brought a keener in- sight to the problems of our world today. Gilmer Blackburn Bettye Carpenter Anthony Eastman Shehab Eddm Lyman Ferrell Barry Hambright James Henson Lansford Jolly Doris Jones William Mowry Jesse Taylor James Terrell Above: Jesse Taylor ponders over some papers in preparation for his days work. Above: Mr. Jolly talks with David Webb after a test in Social Psychology. Below Left: Gestures prove to be a great part of hJIr. Blackburns teaching practices. Below Right: Dr. Henson, professor of psycholoav offers his services to any student. w. Of cifTs IN moi OF Rt IL Zf A GOAL OF t J,E)00,000 50,000 25,000 0,000 5, 000 TOTAL ' 250,000 300,000 200,000 200.000 150.000 125,000 orms DECKER From The Attic To The Basement " Big Decker ' s " Dorm Spirit Helps Initiate Guys To Campus Rumor has it that Decker Dorm is the noisest at Gardner-Webb; that while some of the residents are quiet and studious, most seem to enjoy distrubing the peace. There is no " typical " Decker guy, for they come in all shapes, sizes, and volumes as Woody Fish, president of the dorm, has readily dis- covered. Make no mistake how- ever, the over one hundred and fifty residents of Decker are also known on campus for their overwhelming school spirit, their willingness to Above Right: Some Decker residents stage a shaving cream fight outside the dorm. Right: Always striving to keep noise and disturbance at a minimum, Woody Fish serves well as president of Decker. work at making Gardner-Webb the best four year school around, and for their popularity with their fellow students. Decker has been out- standing in its a bility to come up with attractive, as well as original decorations for school events, es- pecially Homecoming, for which they won honors for their hugh Bulldog. Decker residents have found that they do have " a lot to live " and many have found that Gardner-Webb does have a lot to give! I 50 DECKER 51 DECKER Henry Aiken James Anderson Paul Atkinson Joe Babb James Bagwell Dennis Bailey Walter Barbare Johnny Blair Lawrence Boggs Thomas Bradish Terry Brewer Robert Brindle Gary Brooks Stanley Brown James Burgess Jesse Campbell Wayne Carature David Cass Larry Clark Jerry Clough Dennis Collins Bill Cooley Leslie Costner Rodney Cranford Danny Crocker Bruce Grouse Arthur Davis Forrest Davis Eric Dean Joe Deaton Decker ' s Bulldog Captures First Place Homecoming Honors itk 52 i DECKER :4jyi.. Decker ' s Bulldog won the nineteen-seventy Homecoming prize tor best decoration. Bill Dolan Larry l]oub Tony Eldreth Neil Eroin Steve Everidge Mike Fairchild Marion Fant John Fincher James Finger Stephen Finley Woody Fish Robert Ford Dan Garber John Graham Richard Granger John Harper Ronnie Grant Horace Hammond Lemar Harberson Jerry Harper 53 DECKER Hugh Hawkins James Hawkins Steve Hawkins Sam Hopkins Roy Huttstetler Howard James Dirk Jessen Jack Jones Danny Justice Charlie Kale These freshmen boys find meeting the faculty at the Student-Faculty Reception almost enjoyable. Lloyd Kanipe John Kay David Kessel Philip Kirkland David Knox Larry Lawhorne Jack Leard Bradford Ligon Heath Livingston Robert Livingston 54 DECKER Guys Enter Into All Phases of Of Life With Enthusiasm, Vigor James Lowery Gary McCoy John McElheny George McGhee Thomas McLaughin Lanny Mabry Robert Madaris Oubby Moore Richard Moretz Stanley Napier James Nash Samuel Ostwalt Ken Ogrodnick Mike Parker Phil Pearson Charles Pergler Mike Pittman Frank Pleasants Robert Price Joseph Props! Kenneth Reid Louis Remy Stephen Rice Henry Ridge Wayne Roberts Mike Rogers Melvin Ross Tassanai Ruangtrakool Angress Scott Don Shockley 55 DECKER Pool, Sports, " River " , Capture Student Priority Over Classes Edgar Sims James Sims Douglas Smith Larry Spencer Scott Stevenson Willie Strickland Robert Struthers James Swaney John Taylor Steven Taylor Michael Teague Michael Vandertord Oscar Walters Norris Webb Steve Wicker Gary Wiley Alan Wilson David Withrovn Aii4% i Harold York Harry Zafool K m fc kdl DECKER SJ Above: " Come on guys, dig in . . . the food looks actually edible! Lower right: These boys seem to have found something worth looking at. Below: Students take a few minutes out from a busy day to sit and relax. DECKER A Gardner-Webb ' s mascot exemplifies the spirit which each student on campus and ofl campus possesses. 59 HAPY Hapy Is Hit Hard During Exam Week Shouts of ' We ' re number one " can be heard ringing across campus after any big ball game. The source of this uncontrollable spirit is HAPY Dorm. The oldest and largest girls dormitory on campus, HAPY Is the scene of some of the biggest " go- ings-on " at Gardner-Webb. The girls, many of them Freshmen, partici- pate in all extracurricular activities at the Webb and they ' re known by the other students as active co-eds In all student affairs. It ' s rumored that the HAPY attic competes with another boys dorm In the noise department, however. It ' s evident that their exuberance and high spirits are a determining factor in the soaring spirits found around the campus. Juanlta Carpenter pre- sides over the dorm and assists Mom Walker in maintaining high standards for HAPY residents to follow. Gardner-Webb would never be the same without those vivaci- ous HAPY co-eds! I) Lower left: Mom Walker, a new housemother at Gardner-Webb this year, has become a favorite with the Hapy girls- Above: With authority and leadership, Carolyn Long, president, endeavors to maintain the standards of Hapy dorm. Below: An active partici- pant in campus events. Hapy dorm displays their homecoming decorations. 60 HAPY lilt,- ' ' V -ij .V ' 7 " Upper Left: With qualities representative of a good dorm officer, l ary Beth James serves as Secretary-Treasurer of HAPY Dorm. Above: As Vice-President of HAPY Dorm. Carolyn Thomas endeavors to evoke control and cooperation from HAPY residents. r 61 HAPY Above: Hapy dorm, the oldest girls dormitory on campus, houses a majority of the Freshmen girls at the Webb. Beverly Bayne Tanna Boone Susan Broadway Jane Butler Nancy Byrd Juanita Carpenter Dealiena Easter Judith Hannan Carolyn Long Loraine McKinney Neal Ann Webb Merrye Babcock Patsy Bumgardner Katy Duffey Cilia Fox Mary Freeze Charlsie Griftin Patty Hamrick Ctiris Holland Eiizabetti Howard 62 HAPY Hapy Spirit Proves Number One Throughout The School Year Patricia Howington Teresa Jacl son Marybeth James Linda Johnson Sandra Johnson Marilyn Lutz Aundra Madox Jackie Maxwell Sharon MIngola Veronica Moraoka Mary Rice Carolyn Thomas Belinda Thompson Gall Turner Terry Varner Lewana Whitlatch Karen Wright Catherine Wylick Peggy Abernathy Marilyn Alexander Judith Allen Stephanie Angelo Peggy Atkinson Brenda Barrett Mary Brittain Sharon Buchanan Nita Cagle Chris Campbell Sharon Capps Beverly Chance 63 HAPY Hapy Girls Work Diligently Thru Nineteen-Seventy Kanchana Chiamyigitra Ginger Crawford Connie Crook Carol Cunningham Doris Dameron Shirley Dearybury Nancy Doan Rhonda Earls Rachel Eggers Clara Eggleston Donna Ellington Linda Falls Judith Goodrum Wanda Gullet Gloria Haire Patricia Hamrick Martha Harrinton Connie Hastings Nina Hendley Teresa Helms Ethel Hobson Marian Hohumn Betty Hunicutt Janet Jenkins Emily Johnson Joy Jolley Patricia Kramer Sars Lemmons Mary Lentz Donna Lewis HAPY Linda Long Meloney McCall Rhonda McCall Ann McFadden Mary Martin Rebecca Mesimer Catherine Millikan Lynda Mingoia Glenda Montgomery Cecilia Neale Melinda Nedine Nancy Oakes Teresa Oney Mary Pigg Sharon Quick Shirley Ramsey Barbara Rayner Margaret Ringer Nancy Reavis Oebra Roberts 65 HAPY Bubbles Tries To Maintain Absolute Peace In The Crowded Attic Patricia Smart Nancy Smith Sandra Swift Barbara Thompson Donna Turner Cathy Washburn Gloria Washburn Andrea Whitener Lynn Whittlemore Freda Willis Right: Students must walk through all sorts of weather and around all sorts of obsta- cles to reach their destinations. tf6 Upper Left: Carolyn Long serves refreshments to boys at the dorm rush held in the fall. Above: Hapy dorm displays it ' s appropriate Christmas decorations. 67 LUTZ-YELTON Waiting And Watching For Girl Tennis Classes Keep L-Y Boys Happy Through Winter Months Above: Fulfilling the duties of Secretary- Treasurer, John Byrd takes an active part in the episodes that are common place in Lutz-Yelton. Right: The responsibility of maintaining " law and order " in Lutz-Yelton falls on the shoulder of Terry Florence, vice-president. The spirit of Gardner-Webb has really infiltrated the halls of Lutz- Yelton dorm during the 1969-70 year. One reason for such happen- ing could be that many of the ath- letes at Gardner-Webb reside here. Although they usually manage to " cut the noise " and dive for a room before Pinkerton grabs their I.D. cards, the Lutz-Yelton boys are by no means reserved and quiet. With a determined air about them, the guys strive to make the most of their contribution to the history of Gardner-Webb. In addition, Lutz- Yelton always come through v ith interesting(?) dorm decorations, especially around Homecoming season, and the boys take pride in maintaining a good name for their dorm. Very few uncomplimentary statements are made concerning the dorm, but don ' t get the idea that the Lutz-Yelton guys are out of things. It seems that many a good water or shaving cream fight has been known to erupt there, as well as other certain episodes that are best left unmentioned. LUTZ-YELTON Above: Striving to maintain an aspect of control, and relative calm in Lutz-Yelton, Jerry Ruppe serves efficiently as the dorm ' s Head Resident. Right: Representative of life in Lutz-Yelton, Joe Boyd is an active, capable President. Below: ' ' But you said you didn ' t have a roommate yet . . . " pleads David Wilhrow, when Ivlarilyn Wilson seems disgusted at his generous offer of companionship. 69 m Lutz-Yelton Boys Take Active Part In Intramural Sports Robert Abernat . Mike Anthor.j Jerry Beatty Ronnie Barnes Richard Benfield Sid Biesecker Gary Blackwell Jeff Boggs Joe Boyd Sonny Branch John Brady Jim Bryant Larry Burris John Byrd Danny Caldwell Robert Campbell Kevin Cantwell Teddy Carnes Richard Carroll Alfred Cherry Lewis Clayton John Corner Tip Curlee Kim Cowan Steve Eliedge Ed Ellenbu ' g Mike Epps Randy Eskridge Terry Rorence Steve Fuller i A tk Above: Not liking Mike Overcashs last remark. Wayne McCauley and Ronnie Noe prepare to escort him to the shower. Right: James Estes contemplates a tricky move to check his opponent ' s king. W W 1 % Rick Funderburke Emery Garrett Willie Gilfillan Ronald Greene Steve Gregory Pinckney Guerard Max Hamilton Ray Hannon David Hart Donald Hartsoe Buddy Henderson Bennett Hendricks Everett Hendricks Danny Henry Mike Hensley Charles Hines Broadus Hocutt Steve Howard Donald Hull Josh Johnson Wayne McCauley Ronnie McGuirt Ray Miller Lonny Nelson Steve Moffitt Rickey Newsom Ronnie Noe Mike Overcash E. G. Parks John Pettus John Phillips Zack Phillips Howard Plemens Barry Pope Max Pope Lutz-Yelton Residents Seek To Find Worthwhile Activities At G-W Tony Potts Larry Quinn William Ramsey Ben Reavis Steve Riddle Ronald Rudisill Jerry Ruppe Gabe Santanella Steve Sheline Dickie Sherrill Edward Shrum Larry Sisk Michael Stamey Michael Strums Frank Tapp Lenny Turberville Wayne Weatherman Terry Weavil Robert Weir Lee Whaley 73 MAUNEY Above: David Pugh successfully presides over the residents of Mauney dormitory. Below: Maur)ey resider]ts get ready to leave for home for the weekend. Mauney Acquires Zealous Appetite For Competition It ' s Inevitable! Anytime the word Mauney is mentioned, the girls at Gardner-Webb pay close attention to what Is being said. The Mauney residents are outstanding exam- ples of great lool ing, cool acting, and good time guys. All the stu- dents on campus have noticed that Mauney boys have that certain something that It takes to make it big at the Webb. Their sometimes rowdy and uncontrollable spirit sets the administration to worrying, however nothing can spoil their fun or put a halt to their real living. Tops in many Intramural sports, the guys have a zealous appetite for stiff competition and they always put up a good fight whether they win or lose. The typical Mauney resident finds life at Gardner-Webb Interesting and worthwhile and anyone of the fellows would be an asset to any campus — anywhere! 74 MAUNEY Above: Regular class attendance and note taking are important phases of college aca- demics. Below: Hal Bryant strives as Secretary of tvlauney to promote sctiool spirit among the residents. Uncontrollable Spirit Infiltrates Halls Of Mauney Dorm George Adams Jimmy Alexander Joe Anthony Clarence Ash Frank Averhamer Ricky Ayers Ray Beam William Benfleld William Bingham Kenneth Bishop L. W. Bonaparte William Boyette Kim Bradshaw Charlie Bragg Joe Brookins Ron Brown Hal Bryant Dennis Carter Jackie Clevenger Stephen Colvard Robert Cox William Cranford Pat Danaher Michael Darby John Elliot Peter Pickling Robert Fleener Ernest Fleener Thomas Frye Lee Gardner Left: Two unidentified guys fiold a best looking legs contest in the CID. Robert Gill Frank Gladden Guy Graham Gary Graham Al Graves ' Alk Roger Haas Roger Harmon Ralph Hartis Wayne Harvell Danny Haynes Charles Hemphill Wendell Henke Jerry Hollifield Coy Huffman Coleman Hunt Jeff Jackson Peter Jannace Leiand Kerr Edward Kessling Terry Knight 77 Above: Getting to know one another is a big part of the student life at Gardner-Webb. Tom Kenerd Jackie Ledford Samuel Lennon John Lipe Charles Lemmick Joe MacMillan William McAllister Rex McCall Claude McDowell James McLean Danny Mansour Marshall Matthews Roger Mayfield Richard Milsap Larry Moody Thomas Moore Thomas Moore Charles Morris Norman Morris Wesley Morris il4.;kKk 78 m Typical Mauney Resident Finds Life At G-W Interesting Joe Neill Carl Newland Steve Orlich James Perry James Phesant David Pugh Danny Richardson Paul Rigsbee Charles Rioger Richard Rose David Russell Ronnie Sams Bert Smith Hobart Smith Tony Spagnola Raymond Sparks Joe Speight William Stedman Gary Stroud Claude Settlemyre Charlie Teague Steve Tedder Franz Teeter James Thomas Steve Tower Gerry Vaillancourt Michael Valentine Benny Waddell Woodrow Waddell Lorin Weaver 79 Above: Leaving the CID this couple seems to have enjoyed whatever they were doing inside. Lower right: A hardworking " Pilot " staffer and Mauney resident. Danny Wood aids " Pilot " editor Wanda Suddreth in writing copy. Charles Weeks Rick Williams Charles Wilson William Wilson Danny Wood A hj Above: Rick Williams, a Mauney Resident reacts seriously to the job of giving a campaign speech. Right: Lee Teete. Coco Whitner, Duke Burnett and Brenda Albea " groove " at Gardner-Webb ' s first dance. SI MOBILE UNITS Boys Retreat To Mobile Units For More Privacy Gardner-Webb ' s growth and ex- pansion to a four year school has led to the Installation of several new alr-condltloned mobile homes to equip the rising population of men residents. Sid Bryson, Head Resident, successfully maintains order and a little peace and quiet. Many of the seventy guys are former dorm residents who have retreated to the trailers for a little extra privacy (?). Being small in number, the mobile home residents don ' t always participate in certain campus activities such as decorat- ing for Homecoming and May Day, however some of Gardner-Webb ' s best athletes can be found residing here. Perhaps the Mobile Home resident searches harder for some identity on the Gardner-Webb campus than residents of other dorms and for this reason, many have aspired to higher levels of learning and achievement. It is easy to say that any of the guys in the mobile homes is truly a fine example of a hard working Gard- ner-Webb student. Upper Left: Freshmen were invited to attend the Student-Faculty Reception m the Fall. Above: Students learn that Chapel atlendence is part of life at Gardner- Webb. Right: Lines, lines, and more lines during registration at the Webb. MOBILE UNITS 3 Top: Sid Bryson, Head Resident of the Mobile Units, prepares to run a play during football practice. Middle: Playing pool is one very popular way to spend free time at the Webb. Bottom: Students tile into Chapel every Tuesday morning — some half asleep, some wide awake, most enjoy it. MOBILE UNITS Frank Armitage Willie Averett Ronnie Ayers Perry Beck Ronald Belue Roger Bower James Boyd Richie Boyd MJke Branscome Sid Bryson Above: Boys enjoy meeting new girls and free refreshments at the dorm rush. J Jkz- ' J m. ill k i k Chester Bullin Mike Callison Mack Cantrell Jerry Carpenter William Cash X Patrick Cathey William Chase David Cleveland George Clemmer Rick Cornatzer t ix MOBILE UNITS M-U Residents Strive To Discover Some Identity At G-W Henry Cowart Chip Crisp William Cunningham Michael Dean David Furcrow ik IT. Neil Gagnon Steve Garner Thomas Gowan Steve Graves John Gravett Mike Greenway Robert Hames Steve Hunter Liberty Koontz Steve Lael Bill Lindler Dick Lindler Jerry Livingston Steve Meador Joseph Miller Hugh Myrick Milton Odom Steven Wray William Wells Rodney Wegner Roger Webb Ken Webb Billy Wallace Stan Walker Steven Stojanovic 85 MOBILE UNITS Above: Students sprawl along the grass in front of the student center to enjoy a picnic. Don Pantalone Richard Pearsall Donald Phillips Mike Plemmons William Poole Brian Prater George Quick James Fleese Don Repec Danny Runion Kemp Savage James Schinder Andy Scott Darryl Shope Ralph Shank Steve Simpson Mike Sipe David Stone Earl Stanfield 86 MOBILE UNITS Above: Students get in the swing of tilings in assembiy every weel . Below: These boys really believe in togetherness. MYERS Coach Banks And Wife Keep Order In Myers B.M.O.C. ' s, star athletes and stu- dent leaders all come from Albert Myers Sr. Hall. One of the newer men ' s dorms, Myers houses sixty- four active guys with Terry Purvis performing presidential duties and with Coach Banks maintaining order and discipline. Myers resi- dents are known about campus, by the girls especially, for their good looks and winning personalities. Of course, the boys take part in all social and recreational functions at the Webb, as well as holding their own social and recreational func- tions inside the dorm. The Myers resident is accustomed to midnight jogging, bicycle races in the halls, golf tournaments, after ballgame " replay sessions " , and general " bullshooting " . . . The noise is deafening, the spirits high, and studying at a minimum. Yet, the boys of Myers Hall strive for excel- lence in all that they undertake and they enjoy the art of living. In con- clusion, they are searching for something to believe in at Gardner- Webb. Above: Terry Purvis, as President, strives to maintain a good name tor Myers Dorm. Right: Wayne Folk serves efficiently as Secretary-Treasurer of Myers Dorm. 88 Al L Byr ScHoas ? Upper Left: Students are proud of the fact that Gardner-Webb is a three year school — (he only one of its kind. Above: Outdoor eating seems to be agreeable with these students. Left: Myers ' Homecoming decoration displays real school spirit as it indicates " death " to Bluefield State. 89 Room Inspection And Janitor Service Means Sleepless Mornings Ted Askins David All red Steve Baity James Boney David Bumgardner Dul e Burnett Hiram Casebolt Bill Chandler Gary Chandler Mike Cherry Donald Cline Steve Coldron David Crisp Allen Early Joseph Folk Arch Fowler Dan Frye Tommy Grand Billy Grubbs Terry Guthrie Bill Harrill Douglas Hawley James Henderson Mills Hicks John Hoik M2 ▲f 47 Forney Happoldt James Hopkins James Jacks Joseph Kirby Rodney Kitchens ■I Left: Going to class is definitely one of the essentials of college life. Above: louche Chandler, a Myers resident, coaches the girls powder-puff football game. Thomas Lattimore Alan Mayhew Jim Maness William Mauney Charles Miles William Patton Creighton Phillips Early Powers Donald Pressley Cloyd Propst i £h Terry Purvis Mike Rayfield Ken Robertson Steve Shifflette Jerry Simpson Myers Annex Residents Had Exciting Moments This Year Dan Snyder Donald Stokes Joe Spires Bob Taylor Robert Thompson Larry Ttiomas Walt Thompson William Whisnant Richard Ward Stephen Wilson John Winston Alan Wolf John Wood Greg Young James Young Right: These boys enjoy the delicious meals in the Gardner-Webb cafeteria. ■i M|« l Above: Fagg Nolan, a Myers Annex resident, rests between classes. Right: Dan Snyder dresses appropriately for Gardner-Webb ' s Halloween supper. Below: Another Myers An- nex resident. Duke Burnett, stuffs down a hotdog before his next class. 93 MYERS ANNEX Above: Jerry Caldwell. Secretary-Treasurer of Myers Ar)nex is of great service m keeping the residents in order. Right: Joey Cabiness lakes a brief rest from his many duties as President of flayers Annex. Midnight Jogging, Frisbee Matches, Golf , And Football Become Commonplace At Myers Annex " Move it, guys ... get rid of the fire extinguishers. Tell the janitor to cool it with the " Trashcan Musi- cal " , I ' m tryin ' to sleep! . . . Room inspection tomorrow — well, work hours coming up . . . All familiar words to Myers Annex residents. It ' s difficult to explain all the hap- penings at the new men ' s resident hall, especially the frisbee con- tests, the golf tournaments {in the hall), broken glass all over the carpet, and demolished door vents. Myers residents have found a way to get into their locked rooms . . . without benefit of a key. Other strange occurrences have been re- ported over the campus concerning Myers Annex. It seems some of the fellows sit around at night and make up strange dances (?) like the " Roach " . The Myers Annex boys are the swingers at the Webb. They know how to live and they have discovered that Gardner- Webb has a lot to give — even though they would never admit it. Above: Jim Robinson, Bill Hibbard, James Washburn, and Joey Cabiness, all Myers Annex residents, display their true school spirit for homecoming. Below: Boys enjoy outdoor eating during warm weather. Right: " Boy, did I blow that one! " Bill Hibbard seems to be thinking. 95 MYERS ANNEX ■« Above: Joel Smyre. a Myers Annex Resident, lakes a moment out from his many duties at the Webb. Tim Abercrombie Benjy Adams Donald Adams Randy Allen Francis Aull Vardaman Barks Jerry Beard Richard Benton Ralph Boney Ed Brown Joey Cabaniss Jerry Caldwell Daniel Carter Ed Chandler Mitch Coggms Thomas Copeland Mike Creswell David Crouch Raymond Davis Allen Dover 96 Progress Created Mud And Dust For Myers Annex Robert Dutton John Eddy Danny Ellington Martin Ewing Andrew Fant Daniel Fowke Michael Farmer Steve Freeman Roger Gardner Gary Gist John Goodman Gerald Grigg Sterling Hall John Halliwil Troy Harmon Thomas Hatfield Gil Health Edward Henderson Mike Henderson Ryan Hendley Bill Hibbard Bill Hones Bill Howell Millard Jackson Graylon Johnson John Jordan Bob Kershaw Jimmy Lane Ed Lawrence George Leventis 97 M-A Guys Experience Despair And Hope During Exams Bendamin Lindler Edward McGlmpsey Gary McMasters Barry Maney Steve Martin Joseph Mickey John Millman David Mitchell Charles Morrison William Murr Monty Myers Tony Parsons Gary Phillips Steve Phillips Thomas Pruitt Harvey Rash Rick Riegg David Richards Jim Robinson Jack Rose Tim Scully Larry Sechrist Jerry Smith Johnny Smith Larry Smith Michael Smith Robert Smith Joel Smyre George Spencer Joe Stepp 98 Above: Allen Dover complains, " They ran out of room in the cafeteria " Michael Stoud J , - Michael Surett . ' ' Warren Taylor Lee Teeter James Trantham Harvey Wilson Sherman Wilson John Wright Tim Wright Ernest Upchurch Joe Vestal Rufus Wallace James Washburn George Weather 99 NANNEY Below: Sue Austin. Secretary-Treasurer of Nanney Hall, takes a break irorr) her studies. Rjght: Jan Johnson. President of Nanney, presides over class as she does in monthly dorm meetings. Lower Right: Mike Rogers urges Mae Barton, Kathy Thomas, and Anita Embler, " I ' ve told you girls that there is no way you can get caught! " 100 i Officers Of Nanney Strive To Promote Dorm Spirit And To Excel In All Campus Activities NANNEY " Alright girls, who pulled the fire alarm?! " " Roomcheck at two A.M. ... for what? Somebody opened the back door after seven-thirty P.M. Who? Somebody on second floor, of course! " The campus looks beautiful by starlight . . . from the roof, that is. " They ' ve barred all the windows on the back hall of first floor again . . . What ' d you throw out anyway? " Nanney girls . . . sixty-four " jet-setters " kept in or- der by Mrs. Jewel Goodwin, the resident director of the dorm. All residents of Nanney are enthusias- tic, high spirited co-eds with a purpose in life and goals to fulfill at the Webb. Each girl resident of Nanney represents a way of life at Gardner-Webb, and as a whole, the group of Nanney girls is a forceful influence on the campus. Though small in number, the Nanney girls are particularly good in intramural sports, as is evident by the fact that they won the intramural football trophy. In addition, many of the co- eds who reside here are members of student government. Above: Mom Goodwin, resident director of Nanney, says, " Oh, no ... I linew those second floor girls were up to something. " Right: A room in Nanney ... a castle for some, a dungeon for a tew, but a home away from home for many. 101 NANNEY Nanney Hall Proudly Displays It ' s Intramural Football Trophy JUNIORS Sue Austin May Barton Saundra Howell Sheila Harris Dianne James Jan Johnson Donna Lavender Alice Pike Shelia Queen Sara Russel Annette Spence Nancy Simpson Wanda Suddreth Camilla Taylor Linda Tolbert Sandy Webster SOPHOMORES Brenda Albea Marsha Allen Elaine Bolynn Eileen Brabson Terry Buchanan Sharon Crawford Laura Day Anita Embler Cathy Foster Debbie Gantt Kaye Gibson Joy Holland Kathy Howard Teresa Hum I B NANNEY Ik. Left: Nanney dorm exemplifies scliool spirit in it ' s liomecoming decorations. Above: Trigger Huitt. Calfiy Tf)omas. Linda Moody. Sue Arison. and Cathy Foster, all residents of Nanney, intently watch a talent show. Linda Kluttz Gayle Lacivita Carolyn Landrum Tamala Logan Jackie Moody Linda Raney Nancy Spangler Myra Ware FRESHMEN Marcia Abernathy Sandra Anthony Sue Arison Barbara Banner Amanda Bryant Donice Burgess Mary Ctiiles Jane Crawford Gayle Davis Patty Driscoll Susan Giles Lynne Harbinson 103 NANNEY Vickie Hill Gloria Holt Ginger Jeffries Lynn Kuensell Wanda McClure Nanney Loves Extracurricular Sports; Especially GW Boys Lynda Moody Janice Moore Libby Nixon Wanda Payne Janice Thomas Kathy Thomas Sue Walker Vickie Walker % 1 1 1 ( T Above; Nancy Simpson and Shelia Queen enjoy Gardner-Webb ' s first dance at Cedar Park Recreation Center. Right: Donna Lavender and Vickie Walker being observed by a fellow goon at ttie Halloween Banquet, seem to be enjoying themselves. 104 f NANNEY Above: Sandra Howell pets Nanney ' s homecoming Bulldog. Right: Mom Goodwin warns Libby Nixon, " I ' ve told you second floor girls a hundred times . . . " ■s [ Stroup Remains A Forceful Campus Influence; Co-ed Become A Major Part Of GWC Spirit stroup . . . one-hundred and three exuberant co-eds . . . laughter . . . warnings, reprimands, work hours . . . " Man on the hall " . . . cuts, classes, and closed study . . . " Did we have room check? " . . . Our mom is a " darling " . . . " No, stupid! Call on third! " . . . contagi- ous excitement . . . " Pooling war- rants a reprimand, girls! " , . . What ya got in the cup, B.B. " . . . " It ' s tor first floor again! " . , , " Lets watch the river roll over the rocks " . . . " We back the Bulldogs, we back the best " . . . " Anybody got any green stamps left? " . , , " What kind of corps is that on second? " . . . friendships and Stroup spirit — inseparable . . . " Chicken Legs ' . . , finals, failures, four-letter words . , , No. 1 . . . Its The Real Thing . . . Stroup. I Left: Presiding over Stroup Dorm, Linda Benfield aids in maintaining excellence tn all dorm activities. Above: Kathie Mahoods indefatigable efforts as Vice-President assist in making Stroup one of ttie besl run dorms on campus. Upper Rigfit: Stroup Dorm stands tall and proud among tfie other buildings on Ifie Gardner-Webb campus. 106 m f " . r iw- - Above: " Now, Darlin ' .you know that coming in late is against Gardner- Webb policies " , says Mom Goodwin, Resident Director of Stroup. Lett: Cathy Wehunt serves proficiently as Secretary- Treasurer of Stroup Dorm. 107 i Above: Stroups Christmas tree stands amid toys and other gifts for their needy family. Right: Girls either find it difficult to sleep or very difficult to stay awake. JUNIORS Gale Alexander Betsy Arthur Linda Benfield Martha Bryan Beverly Cash Mary Causby Catherine Coin Suzanne Gold Stephanie Hand Carole Hendrick Claudia Houser Judith Hoyle Ester Hudgins Patsy Humphries Becky Jamerson Vickie Jackson Tamara Lane Carol Neese Lois Reel Linda Voncannon 108 ■HH Stroup Co-eds Actively Participate In Extracurricular Events Gail Wasznicky Janet Whisnant Brenda Whitley Marilyn Wilson SOPHOMORES Susan Arrington Debbie Boggs Kay Buchannan Dianne Carpenter Joyce Childers Janice Clements Ann Cline Sarah Cooke Janet Costner Melinda Daniels Katherine Daves Donna Deaton Francie Demby Betty Downing Frances Elliot Nancy Fortune Amy Freeman Sherry Carlington Rita Gleen Tricia Green Janet Hallowill Charlene Haynes Bonnie Heffner Brenda Jones Winnie Kong Yvonne Lemaster 109 Girls At Stroup Boast That Their Mom Is A Real " Darling " Joan Lloyd Kathie Mahood Carla MIddleton Elizabeth Mullis Nancy Nolan Martha Pence Carolyn Powers Kathy Reid Jill Sanders Carleen Scrugg Marie Sims Barbara Sito Carol Ann Smith Judy Gail Smith Sherry Smith Dawn Spainhour Sandra Thompson Terry Turtle Sandra Turner Barbara Wallwork Cathy Wehunt Alice Whisnant Shielry Young FRESHMEN Kathryn Alfred Ricki Barber Melanie Campen Doris Cline Carolyn Cooke Dianne Copeland Jeane IDedmond I 110 Left: Sandy Thompson and several other Siroup girls all monopolize the window for a little fresh air. Nancy DeHart Sharon Gregory Ella Harrison Debbie Hoopaugh Donna Home Glenda Leonard Jane McArthur Melisa McClure Patricia McMillan Susan Parker Sherry Payseur Patricia Phillips Debbie Robinson Phylis Rutty Cynthia Ruppe Debra Rutledge Karen Sawyer Gaynell Shouse Gayle Spargo Carolyn Vinson 111 Left: Sarah Cooke, a Stroup resident, shows her disgust with the yearbook photographer. Above: Stroup ' s unique homecoming decorations were an attraction getter. Below: " Don ' t take that! " screams a shocked and surprized Gate Alexander. Debbie Walker Mary Wilson 112 ■H Left: The front entrance to Stroup is the scene of real action, especially after dark Above: The lobby of Stroup dorm is decorated with Santa and his elves with his reindeer during the Christmas season. Bel ow: Ann Cline, Amy Freeman, and Brenda Jones get together to talk in one of the many rooms in Stroup dorm. «- 113 David Webb Leads Day Students And Strives To Promote School Spirit Unique is the word which best fits the day student at Gardner-Webb. A large number of day students live in neighboring towns of Boiling Springs, while others live off cam- pus in apartments or with local families. Though technically " off campus " , the day students are still an important part of the college. They follow the same campus rules that dorm students follow, except possibly for girls curfew hour, and they take part in all school activi- ties. They are a unique group in that each student is a complete in- dividual. Some are married with children. Others are students who would rather live of f campus to find privacy that is seldom found in a dormitory. The day students are led by David Webb who is their presi- dent. Many of the off campus stu- dents participate in student gov- ernment, athletics and other ex- tracurricular activities. In con- clusion, Gardner-Webb College could never be the school it is without the aid of the day students. Upper Left: Being President pf the Day Students is not an easy job. as David Webb has discovered. Left: Bill Brock, a vice-president s wprk is never done- Above: Jackie Bridges. Secretary of the Day Students, strives to bring about new and betlei vi ays of attaining good student-teacher relationships. Above: The O. Max Gardner building serves as a recreational building as well as a classroom building on campus. Lower Left: Skipper Queen, a day student enjoys riding through the streets of Boiling Springs In the Homecoming parade. Lower Right: Students wait In more and longer lines to register. 115 G. W. Students Eventually Surmount The Years Problems Bill Abram Robert Adams John Aiken Stanley Albright Miles Aldridge Reg Alexander Terry Allen Paul Allison Ronnie Arnick Phillip Annas Tommy Anthony Richard Ard Harold Arledge Bill Baker Ben Balentine Kevin Balling James Barnes Al Beck Joe Beckwith Warren Bedford Tom Beeson Charles Benson Homer Biddy Jerry Biggerstaff James Bland James Blanton Ray Blanton Roy Blanton Steve Boaders Ervin Bohlin 116 Above: Buddy Homaday, a day student, tells a corny joke that breaks up the whole class. Toney Boone James Bost Rickey Boyette Justin Bowie James Bradford Boyce Bradshaw Nicl Brafford John Branyon Mike Bridges Roger Bright Y-i William Brock Bob Brooks James Brown Joe Brown Ralph Brown Richard Brown William Brown Merle Bumgardner James Burns Mike Byars 117 Above: John Aiken, a " Pilot " staffer, releases his frustrations newspaper just tears him up! typing for the school John Caldwell Ricky Camp Mel Campos Thomas Canady Richard Cannon Stanley Gape Robert Carpenter Richard Carson Randy Carter Roger Cash John Causey Phil Chamberlain David Champion John Chandler Paul Chang John Charles George Chatham Anant Cheimvichitt David Clark Doug Clark 4 4t i 118 Insoluble Problems Few And Far Between At The Webb. James Cline Daniel Coates Ricky Cockerham Lucky Cothran Gary Craig Douglas Cranford Stokes Graver William Grawford Joseph Creamer James Cribb James Cromer William Crowe David Davenport Franklin Davis Howard Davis Hardin Davis Mark Davis William Davis Charles Dellinger James Dickey Steve Dickson Darryl Dobson Barry Dodson Ben Dorman Clyde Downs Thomas Duncan John Dyhbour Mike Dysarl Danny Earley Garry Ellis 119 Many Lasting Relationships Are Formed During Year Of Seventy Clyde Erwin James Estes Lee Eskridge Eugene Falls Edward Farmer Steven Fink William Finucan Tom Tishburne Hayne Folk Joe Forbes Bill Ford David Ford Philip Frazier Timothy Frau John Frogge Wayne Gallman Ardy Gwynn Richard Guyer Sam Guffey Arthur Grindstatf Gary Grieb Thomas Greene Howard Greene Carlton Greene Scott Good Robert Gold Jerry Goforth John Godfrey John Gjelhaug Jim Gilehrist T ii Above: Joe Whisenant, a very talented day student, displays some of his art work. Gary Gantf Ken Garmon Wayne Garner Greg Gault David Gibbons John Jamrick Marion Hamrick Robert Hamrick Bruce Harris James Hayes Lewis Hayes Charles Heavner John Henderson James Hendrick Michael Hendrick Robert Hendrick Robert Hendrix Bryce Henley Sidney Hendron Boyce Hensley 121 Above: Rick Herring acts as Gardner-Webb ' s Bulldog during the Homecoming Parade. Bryan Hensley John Herold Rick Herring James Hester James Hester Fred High Bobby Hines J Debbis Hames Gerald Hamilton Johnny Hamilton Carl Hamm William Hamrick Jack Hamrick Mames Hance Johnny Hoey Kenneth Holcombe Doug Hollingsworth Walter Homesley Earl Honeycutt William Honeycutt 122 i« Co-ed Endure " Short skirt " Rules And Benefit By Them. Buddy Hornaday Danny Hosteller Bobby Houser Joe Houser Michael Howard Dan Hutchins Robert Hunt Robert Hunt Michael Hughes Michael Hughes Lonnie Hoyle James Howell Henry Jackson Tony Jackson Bruce Jannes Gary Jaynes James Jenkins Joel Jenkins Rick Jester Jay Johnson Tom Johnson Isaac Johnson Mike Johnson Joseph Jolly Leonard Jolly Charles Jones David Jones Henry Jones Michael Jones Roger Jones 123 Above: Don Stokes. Jim Gilherist, Mike Martin, Tommy Burns, all day students, take lime from their backyard football game. William Jones Wayne Kerley Benny Keese Jerry Keller Bill Kllhan Stephen Kirby Walter Kistler John Knox Ponglerd Kooaroon John Kyle Willie Maddox Danald Marshall Haywood Martin James Martin Richard Martin Shufford Martin Thomas Martm Harold Mason Rodger Melton Harry Middleton I Hi Students Crowd Into G-W Gym To Hear The Classics IV. Robert Middleton Bruce Mikota Sam Miller James Minnix Ricardo Mogna Teddy Monroe David Moore Robert Moore James Morrison Samuel Murphy David Mull Bobby McAlister Jackie McClung Larry McCradden Jimmie McCraw Melvin McCurry Dan McGill Dak McKain Clyde McKee John McNeely Steve McSwain Roger McSwain Robert Nabors Ben Nance Bill Neely Haynesworth Neely Howard Neighbors Michael Newton Charles Nicholson Paul Nipper 125 Homecoming Parade Is A Big Hit With G-W Students. James Oehler Richard Overstreet Julius Packard James Painter Ronald Pannell Johnny Parker William Parker Cecil Patrick Mike Patterson Ronnie Patterson Sam Payne Greg Payseur Gary Pearson James Phillips David Pinto James Plummer Verlon Pampey Aphiram Poshakrishna Mitchell Powell Joe Powell Joe Powers Skipper Queen Eugene Ramsey David Randall Don Ray Mark Rector Lester Reynolds Forest Ridney Thomas Ritter Steve Robards I2« Above: A student performs at a talent show held In the OMG building. Joseph Robbins Charlie Roberts Dennis Roberts John Roberts Jimmy Roener Michael Robinson Laury Rollins Luther Ross James Rostan Ed Rumfelt Roger Sailors Jerry Saunders Billy Scott Edwin Scott Anthony Scioth Meredith Scruggs Jim Seacord Robert Shelton Gary Shields Alfred Shires 127 ' Backyard " Football Seizes Guys Attention After Long Classes. I Carson Shook Alan Simmerson W. C. Simmons Kenneth Sloan Richard Stewart Gary Smith Gary Smith George Smith Joseph Smith Steve Smith Thomas Smith John Southerim Joseph Southards Tommy Sparks Alan Stephens Mike Stewart Elton Strickland Donald Stokew Gary Stokes Rick Stowe Dumont Strickland William Stubbs Billy Styers Thomas Summey Tom Sutherland Robert Sweezy Gary Swmkey John Tate Thomas Taylor Walter Taylor h£i £i 128 Above: Students find that rushing from class to class is a part of the college scene. Elwood Wadworth Jimmy Walker Monty Walker Glen Walker Jack Walters Ken Warlick Barry Washburn William Watson David Webb Clyde Wesson Joel Wesson Roger Wheat Ronnie Whisnant Joe Whisnant David White Jerry White John Whitten Ovid White Richard Wilkin Danny Wilkin Steve Wilkinson Ronnie William Marion Williams Cecil Van Dyke Owen Vaughn James Wright Ed Wray John Worlman Gary Wortman Randolph Williams Benjy Willingham Donald Willis Hiram Willis Gary Wilson Ivan Wilson Sam Wimbely Barry Withers Larry Wood Larry Woodard Alan Woods Chris Worrock Robert Teal David Thomas Mike Thornton Harvey Thurmond David Thompson Billy Transou James Turner Michael Tysinger Roger Wade 130 Above Left: " But sir, can ' t there be one more person In this class? " Above right: Kathie Loveland hurries to complete her registration forms. Susan Allen Ruby Bowen Alyce Blanton Frances Bishop Jane Best Mary Batch ler Linda Chrisman Brenda Crosby Faye Denning Collete Deviney Mary Dorsey Peggy Eaker Linda Edgerton Margaret Edwards Sandra Francis Hilda Heavner Lala Humphries Joyce Jackson Judy Jackson Marion Jester 131 Norma King Patricia Lambert Judy LeCroy Nancy Linnens Pamela McGimsey Ruby McKinney Linda McSwam Jane Moore Bonnie Price Janice Poston Laura Richard June Sorrels Frances Slagle Sue Sandifer Carolyn Upton Judith Worthy Brenda Whisnant Evelyn West Lydia Weaver SOPHOMORES Virginia Banl s Jackie Bridges Jo Butler Susan Byers Vicki Ghilders Janice Cole Janet Dellinger Lynn Dellinger Arevia Gardner Vickie Gordon Barbara Greene Edith Earley Connie Elliott Mary Faye June Green Nancy Magill At Jt Abo ie: Sandra Anthony reflects the feeling of most GW Students concerning the food — uncertainty! 133 sports HOMECOMING Homecoming 1969 was an event to remember even though the crown- ing of Miss Jan Johnson of Canton, N.C. as Homecoming Queen was threatened by rain. Dr. E. Eugene Poston presented Jan with flowers and a football which symbolized Gardner-Webbs sportsmanship. First runner-up to Jan was Miss Vickie Jackson of Charlotte, N.C. The other attendants were Miss Cathy Foster of North Wilkesboro, N.C, Miss Linda Rainey of Morgan- ton, N.C. and Sherry Garlington, Gastonia, N.C. The homecoming weekend started off with a concert featuring " The Funky Soul Train " on Friday night. The next afternoon, students and parents enjoyed the annual Homecoming parade and finally that same evening specta- tors enjoyed the football game and the crowning of the Queen. Above: Dr. Poston crowns Jan Johnson the 1969 Homecoming Queen at Gardner-Webb Vickie Jackson First Runner-up Jan Johnson, 1969 Homecoming Queen 136 Sherry Garlington, Attendant 137 BEAUTY QUEENS. During the Christmas holidays, Miss Sue Arison was crowned Hol- iday Tournament Bas( etball Queen. She is a Freshman from Alexandria, Va. majoring in busi- ness. Her two attendants were Miss Susan Arrington of Charlotte, N.C. and Miss Coco Whitner of Hickory, N.C. All three girls had the privilege of riding in the Shelby Christmas parade as representatives of Gard- ner-Webb College. Above: Sue ' s radiance is evident as she reigns as Holiday Tournament Queen. In celebration of Valentine Day the students at Gardner-Webb College elected a co-ed whom they be- lieved to exemplify the beauty of any guys favorite sweetheart. Miss Kathie Loveland of Hendersonville, N.C. won that title at the Sweet- heart banquet held February 14, 1970. Miss Sherry Jones of Boiling Springs, N.C. was first runner-up. The theme of the Sweetheart ban- quet was " Put a little love in your heart " . Kathie Loveland Sweetheart Queen 139 MAY DAY May Day 1969 was May Day Under The Big Top. Miss Carolyn Stone of Baltimore, Maryland was crowned May Day Queen with Miss Ginger Weaver as first runner-up. Ginger Weaver Runner-up ' . The Maypole Dance Attendants T ?, T7 ? , 140 Attendants: Donna Powell, Carolyn Stone. Kathy Gibson, Cindy Rupp, Ginger Weaver. Below: The crown bearer k ... Jfl Attendants; Donalyn Cathey, Jan Johnson, Marilyn Newton, Cathy Edwards, Dee Dee 141 ARTIST SERIES The distinguished artist series brought such names as The Colum- bus Boychoir, Frederick the Great, and Sander Vannocur to Gardner- Webb during the 69-70 year. Stu- dents enjoyed the harmony of the Columbus Boychoir and hoped that they will return in the near future. The music department was grati- fied in having such a fine pianist as Frederick the Great to appear here. In addition, the students throughly enjoyed news correspon- dent Sander Vannocur as he spoke in chapel. 1 142 Frederick the Great Janet Whisnant and Sherry Jones play the lead parts in Gardner-Webb ' s production ' V-„ ot Summer and Smoke. 143 BSU, FOCUS The Baptist Student Union is an organization whose purpose is to promote the Christian aspect of life on campus. Christian work and service for Christ benefits the mind, body, and soul. The BSU strives to enlist every student in Christian work and service for Christ by means of the YWA. FOCUS. Minis- terial Conference. Sunday School, and Training Union. The role of the BSU choir is to give performances in chapel and churches throughout the South. Serving as president of the BSU is Carol Hendnck with Charlie Morrison and Rita Justice aiding her as vice-president and secretary, respectively. N Above: Nancy Magill and Reverend Buddy Freeman sort clothes and other material for the Kentucky family project. First row: Cindy Lemons. Beverly Chance. Diane Copeland. Susan Broadway, Carole Hendnck, Linda Johnson. Second row: Linda Benfield, Donna Turner, Sharon Gregory, Frances Slagle Sharon Buccannon, Belinda Thompson. Third row: Rita Justice, Gail Turner, David Ford, Charles Wilson, Steve Fink. Bill Harrill. Fourth row: Teresa Jacl(Son, Lawton Neely, Steve Turner, Jerry Saunders, Reg Alexander. CIRUNA First row: Mr. Gilmer Blaci(burn, Sponsor. Kenny Robinson, Ed Kessling. Larry Moody, Ray Beam. Second row: Wayne Roberts, Wesley Sparks, Broadus Hocut, Patsy Bumgardner, Joe Robbins, Kemp Savage. Third row: John Smiley, Hal Bryant, Bob Cox, David Pugh, Gary Graham, George Smith. Fourth row: Buzzy Sims, Terry Knight, Kenneth Webb, Jeff Cranford. C.I. R.U.N. A. has been the cause of several disturbances on campus due to its difficult pronunciation and because most students have no idea what the organization is. There is a logical explanation for the confusion since the club was called the International Relations Club last year. The students who compose the C.I. R.U.N. A. organi- zation seek to gain a better under- standing of foreign countries through the leadership of Mr. Gil- mer Blackburn, the sponsor. Ed- ward Kessling serves as president while Larry Moody aids him as vice-president. In charge of taking roll and other secretarial duties is Suzanne Connor. The C.I. R.U.N. A. members were fortunate enough to take a trip to the Model United Na- tions in Washington, D.C. in March. Students practice good relations between themselves and Administration at the Student- Faculty Reception. 145 CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders: Linda Kluttz. Gail Wasniky. Saundra Howell, Brenda Albea. Amy Freeman, Vickie Jackson, Ella Harrison, Nancy Simpson. Susan Arrington. louche Chandler (mascot). Saundra Howell-Head Vickie Jackson Nancy Simpson 146 147 CHOIR, ENSEMBLE Under the direction of Dr. Phil Per- rin the Gardner-Webb College Choir presents numerous fine con- certs on campus and at other places in the area. The Choral En- semble, directed by Mr. Jerry R. Hill, is a select group of voices which also presents concerts throughout the South as well as on campus. These two talented, well- organized groups are truly an as- set to Gardner-Webb. Whenever the college choir or ensemble sing in Chapel, the students are asked to join in. f% t ' 4 J Choir Members: First Row: Nancy Williams, Andrea Maddox, Linda Mullis, Debbie Boggs, Shirley Derryberry. Gail Lawson, Lois Reed, Becky Jamerson, Gloria Smith. Second Row: Jean Thompson, Sherry Smith, Jane Best, Deborah Wallace, Teresa Jackson, Carol Moore, Yvonne Lemaster, Becky Jamerson. Third Row: Terry Allen, Gail Turner, Chris Moore, Alice Johnson, Ella Harrison, Judy Graham, Patsy Bumgardner, Susan Parker, Fourth Row: Mike Rogers, John Ford, David Williams, David Ford, Ken Williams, Buddy Lail, Ronnie Williams, John Avery, Wayne Roberts. Fifth Row: Steven Adams, Bill Harrill, John Long, Lawton Neely, Ed Aldridge, Gary Palmer, Jay Johnson, Jim Roberts, Larry Graham, Craig Phillips, Mike Bass, Billy Grubbs. I Ensemble Members: First Row: Mr. Jerry Hill, Bill Harrill, Laura Day, Kathy Loveland, Susan Wilson, Jean Whitaker, Linda Mingoia, Nancy Linnens. Jim Robinson. Second Row: Jerry Goforth, Sharon Mingoia, Kaye Gibson, Vickie Hill, Beth Martin, Carolyn Landrum, Steve Adams. Third Row: Mike Dysart, Lui Greene, Danny Wilkins, Steve Kirby, Jerry Simpson, Bruce Creamer, Tommy Lattimore. 148 CLASS OFFICERS Juniors Steve Coldron: President Bill Chandler: Vice President Sophomores Raymond Davis: President Jack Leard: Vice President Freshmen Jan Johnson: Secretary Class officers are a necessity to any college student government plan. At Gardner-Webb the officers were responsible for the procedure of each class meeting and they took charge of all matters whether electing beauty queens or student officers. Kathy Howiard (not pictured): Secretary Mike Rogers: President Stephanie Angelo: Vice President Vicki Hill: Secretary 149 DELTA PSI OMEGA To stimulate interest in the drama of today tlie Delta Psi Omega p er- forms various plays and sketches throughout the year to interest the student body. Membership is de- cided by the officers according to the students participation in drama productions and crew work. Their fall production, Summer and Smoke initiated the new Opera House Theatre under the direction of C. Robert Jones. These mem- bers spent much of their time put- ting their own impressions into the theatre. Other productions includ- ed Imaginary Invalid, and Loi ' e Is Better Than The Next Best Thing. With the help of Mr. Jones these students had a very successful year. Delta Psi Omega members. Bill Neely, Carolyn Bridges, and Brenda Crosby act in the production Summer and Smoke. Members: First Row: Linda Voncannon, Sue Ann Sandlfer, Doug Benson, Carolyn Bridges. Second Row: Janet Whisnant, Rebecca Jamerson, Bill Neely. Third Row: Brenda Crosby, Alice Pike, Terry Hayes, Bryd Phillips. Fourth Row: Mr. C, Robert Jones; Advisor, Pam McCall, Sharon Capps, Karen Sawyer. Tom Greene, Sherry Jones, Ron Zedick, Bill Murphy. 150 FTA Members are: First Row: Beth Martin, Gall Davis. Debbie Rogers, Gwen Carter, Annette Spence, Shelia Warllck. Second Row: Christy Holland, Carol Hendrick, Camilla Taylor, Shelia Harris, Carol White. Third Row: Judy Jackson, Linda Moody, Gale Alexander. Betsy Arthur. The Future Teachers of America Club was formed in order to give those students who plan to be teachers experience in some of the aspects of the teaching profession before they actually teach. The club at Gardner-Webb has had several guest speakers and other activities concerning education. Above: Gale Alexander and Betsy Arthur, members of the FTA, take an art course required for those students who plan to become elementary teachers. 151 PEP BAND Thanks to the Pep Club and Bull- dog Band, Gardner-Webb ' s spirit has almost, if not reached it ' s high- est peak. Through rain, snow, sleet, or hail, the pep band will show, or so says Mr. Jerry Randolph Hill, their faithful and courageous, " Leader of the Pack " , or some- times band director. They work dil- igently through the sports season and then blow it all out in the end with a spring concert. Also working with the Pep band is the Pep Club which takes care of bus transpor- tation for away games and making the Mums for Homecoming. Presid- ing over the pep club is Judy Hoyle who strives loyally to enhance the spirit on G-W ' s campus. Mr. Jerry Hill directs a scheduled meeting of Pep Band practice. Pep Band Members are: First Row: Juanlta Carpenter, Myra Ware, Cathy Washburn, Donna Lewis. Nancy Smith, Steve Plemens, Meal Ann Webb. Steve Wilson, Max Hamil- ton. Dean Brittain. Second Row: Donice Burgess. Robert Hendrick. Rufus Wallace. Karen Sawyer. Rod Zedick. Danny Richard- son, George Quick, Denny Collin, Jim Robinson. Bob Taylor. Third Row: Cynthia McSwain, George Chatham, Bill Neely. Jim Hickson. Not pictured: Danny Haynes. Mike Hendrick, Mike Plemmons, Ralph Shank. Majorettes: Dianne James. Carolyn Land- rum, Juanita Carpenter, Neal Ann Webb. 152 m PHI BETA LAMBDA Above: Rector Hardin of Phi Beta Lambda discusses an assignment with two students. Mr. Deck Andrews, advisor of Phi Beta Lambda, directs students In learning new and better Ideas con- cerning business affairs. The or- ganization is made up of these stu- dents majoring in some form of business and it enables them to take trips to business firms in the area of Gardner-Webb in order to see how a business Is run. The suc- cessful business education student finds that being a member of Phi Beta Lambda is a great asset to his future career. Members are. First Row: Carol Morns. Jane Williams, Chris Morgan. Terry Wells. Juanita Carpenter. Second Row Pat Wesson J Fte. Myra Boggs, Wayne McCauley. Third Row: Jay Johnson. Billy Grubbs, Wayne Pearson Blandon Pratersteve PhMMps St Wilson. Fourth Row: Mr. Deck Andrews. Dr. Rector Hardin, Carl Yates, Ken Hatfield Ken Ried f hiinps, fat ane Steve 153 PHI THETA KAPPA The purpose of the Phi Theta Kap- pa is to promote intellectual inquiry beyond the classroom situation. The organization is sponsored by Mr. James K. Taylor, and member- ship is based on scholastic stand- ing, leadership, character, and service. Induction into the Phi The- ta Kappa is the highest attainment that a Gardner-Webb student can endeavor to reach. The high intel- lect of our students today makes a pathway for the new generation of tomorrow and to fill up the exist- ing " gap " . Above: Of all these students lined up for registration, only a select few will be eligible for the Phi Theta Kappa. Members are: First Row: June Green. Carole Hendrlck. Linda Benfield, Sheiia Queen, Debbie Rogers, Karen Hardin. Second Row: Claudia Houser. Barbara Wallwork. Ram McGimpsey. Susan Broadway. Clay Jones. Third Row: Judy Jackson, Janet Costner, Wanda Suddreth. Ester Hudgins. Jackie Bridges, David Webb. Fourth Row. Teddy Monroe, Je,ry Saunders, Boyce Hensley, Jerry Goforth, Dennis Roberts. 154 YWA, RE CLUB Above: Religious Education Club members assist in the Kentucky Family Project. Members of R. E. Club are: First Row: Sandra Johnson, Dianne Copeland, Mary Causby, Frances Slagle, Dr. Robert Lamb Second u ' bertyTKoontz " ' ' " " ' " ' " ' " " - ' " " ° " ' " Alexander, Jerry Simpson, Bill Abrams, Jeff Cran?ord Members of YWAs are: First Row: Belinda Thompson, Linda Johnson, Cindy Lemmons and Sharon Buchanan. Second row: Rita Justice, Beverly Chance, Dianne Copeland and Susan Broadway. Third row: Donna Turner, Teresa Jackson, Sharon Gregory and Frances Slagle. 155 SIGMA DELTA PSI If someday the A. T. Withrow Sci- ence Building should explode into a million pieces, the reason might be found in the Sigma Delta Psi crcganization. It seems that some of the members of the science club have been experimenting with atomic bombs lately. Actually, though, the Sigma Delta Psi is an organization which gives those students who are interested in the Sciences an opportunity to visit sci- ence laboratories and to experi- ment in the lab. Above: Mr. Tse. a physics professor explains the solution to a problem in the physics lab. Members of Sigma Delta Psi are: Teddy Monroe, John Whilten, Paul Sclello, Dennis Roberts, Gary Graham, 156 SIGMA PI ALPHA Above: Mr. Charles Andrews serves as advisor to the Sigma Pi Alpha. The Honorary Language Fraternity at Gardner-Webb is the Sigma Pi Alpha which is composed of stu- dents who have had two years or more of a modern foreign lan- guage. These students have main- tained a high academic standing in French, Spanish or German. What would the world be like if there were no knowledge of languages in foreign countries? Poor Mr. Charles Andrews, sponsor of the Sigma Pi Alpha, would be out of work. With the co-operation of the advisor and its members, new ideas concerning methods of teaching help to prepare the stu- dents who plan to major in a for- eign language. Members of the Sigma Pi Alpha are: First Row: Karen Hardin, Susan Byers, Debby Rutledge. Beverly Cash. Second Row Jerrv Saunders Judy Jackson, Gay Shouse, Esther Hudgins. Third Row: Benny Waddell, John Taylor saunaers, 157 SGA Liberalization of rules in general and more privileges for upper- classmen were among several is- sues which the Student Govern- ment Association dealt with dur- ing the 69-70 year. Larry Thomas acted as president while Bill Hib- bard and Sandy Webster served as vice-president and secretary re- spectively. The officers were ex- ceptional leaders and hard work- ers. They helped to bring about many changes to Gardner-Webb. Mr. Tom Poston, the Student Gov- ernment Association advisor aided the students greatly. Mr. Tom Poston is the advisor to the Stu- dent Government Association. Officer of tfie SGA are: Larry Tfiomas. president: Bill Hibbard. vice-president: Sandy Webster, secretary. 158 Members of tfie Entertainment Committee are: First Row (Front to Bacl ): Cattiy Foster, Gale Alexander, Sandy Webster. Bill Hubbard. Second Row: Alice Pike. Amy Freeman. Donna Turner. Linda Benfield. Steve Coldron, ALPHA NU OMEGA Above: Bill Hibbard, Chairman of Alpha Nu Omega, keeps things in order. Alpha Nu Omega is composed of all presidents of the clubs and or- ganizations on campus for the benefit of the student body. Alpha Nu ' s purpose is to facilitate and communicate with club heads in order to plan the campus activities. They reviewed and discussed the liberation of rules. Changes aren ' t made overnight, however a begin- ning is necessary and this was a beginning. Consequently, Co-Eds were able to enjoy many privileges they had long awaited. With the unification of various organizations, cooperation and participation in student activities have been greatly extended. Membere of Alpha Nu Omega are: First Row: Wanda Suddreth R„u. , H , : o 2 ' ' ' " " ' " ° " - " ' Suddreth, Linda Johnson, Alice Pike, Elaine Bolynn Sandy Webster Second IZjrZ ' tlT. f: . L ' } ' L ' - - - ' ' C-° ' e H- -k. Steve Coldron. ThirS Row: slLe ' tegoryXg Benson, David Webb, Dennis Roberts, Bill Hibbard, Mike Rogers. 159 MAC Dealing with all major offenses concerning men resident students, thie Men ' s Affairs Council decides the course of action for broken pules. Advised by Mr. Kenneth Sanford, the MAC held regular meetings in the student govern- ment room to listen to and pass judgement on cases brought before the meeting. Presiding over the MAC Is Ray Miller, president and Joey Cabiness, secretary. Closely associated vi ' ith the MAC are the house councils for the men ' s resi- dence halls. Headed by the presi- dent of each dormitory, the house council strives to maintain calm and order in the male population. Above: " No comment " replies Woody Fish in response to someone ' s question concerning a student who has gone before the MAC board. Members of the MAC are: Joe Boyd, Joey Cabiness, Woody Fish. Ray Miller, David Pugh, Terry Purvis, Raymond Davis. 1«0 ■H WAB " Dear Mr. and Mrs. Doe, Your daughter the Womens Affairs Board. begins Miss Ruth Kiser, advisor to To meet with cases that involve resident women students and to make the necessary jurisdictions is the purpose of the Womens Affairs Board. Meeting every first and third Tuesday of each month. W.A.B. also discusses rules and rule re- visions for women students. The W.A.B. is sponsored by Miss Ruth Kiser and Is presided over by Janet Whisnant, President; Wanda Sud- dreth, Vice President; Vickl Jack- son, Secretary. Working closely with the W.A.B. are the House Councils of the three women ' s res- idence halls. The House Councils handle all minor offenses and de- cide the necessary course of action for the offense. Members of the WAB are: Wanda Suddreth, Jan Johnson, Linda Benfield, Janet Whisnant (center), Juanita Carpenter, Vickie Jackson. 161 THE PILOT ■■Hmmmm. I dont believe we can use these shots " says Mr. Bill Boyd, advisor to The Anchor and The Pilot. Members of the Pilot Staff are: Sandy Webster, Jeff Cranford, Bill Wallace. Alice Pike. Carolyn Thomas. Gabe Santenella Donna Turner Wanda Suddreth, and BIN Neely. Wanda Suddreth. Donna Lavender, Alice Pike, and John Aiken worked stead- fastly in order to meet The Pilot ' s next deadline. 162 THE ANCHOR Myra Ware and Brenda Albea Debbie Gant and Kaye Gfbson Classes Gale Alexander Academics -JMSk i ' . t . ' -.j- il : ..,. f -« «iw« -ett»»i««t- -- a BULLDOG FOOTBALL SQUAD — Left to right, First Row: Terry Purvis. Alton White, Blandon Prater, Skipper Queen. David Hart, Bill Howell, Heath Livingston, Clarence Ashe, Ricky Ard, Jimmy Thompson, Ray Ross, Angress Scott, Lanny Mabry, Ronald Belue, David Gibbons, Row Two: Gary Blackwell. Jerry Caldwell. Ryan Hendley, Glenn Wells, Gary Gist, Bill Brown, Craig Reese. Hardin Davis, Bradford Ligon. Dicky Sherril, Tom Kirk. Duke Burnett. Ray Miller, Wendell Henke, George Clemmer. Row Three: Coach Norman Harris. ' Coach Ken Daves. Forest Davis. Ray Hannon. Sid Bryson. Steve Phillips, Charles Teague, John Wright. James Washburn. Coleman Hunt. Thomas McLaughlin. Mike Cherry. Everett Sims. Ken Reid. Terry Weevil. Coach Cole Proctor. Row Four: Stanley Napier, Ronnie Greene, Steve Garner, Bert Smith, George Spencer, James Hawkins, Dicky Sherril, Charlie Roberts, Arthur Davis, Mac Bundle, Sterling Hall, Buddy Cunningham. Coach Ken Sanford. Row Five: Alfred Shires. Billy Scott. Ed Lawrence, Larry Sechrist, Jim Seacord. Miles Aldridge. Mack Cantrell. Meredith Scruggs. Gary Phillips. Jackie Clevinger. Lucky Cothran, Wayne Packard, Wayne Roberts, Lynn Matthews, Pinkney Guerard. .M- ? M EMBs v- r B TROPHY WINNERS — Ray Han- non, Sid Btyson, and Jim Seacord, left to right, were voted most out- standing gridders. 164 BULLDOG GRID COACHES — Coach Norman Harris stands over the men who helped him direct the 1969 Bulldogs. Left to right, kneel- ing, Ken Daves, Ken Sanford, and Cole Proctor, FOOTBALL MANAGERS — Foot- ball managers are vital to any team. These men were such a part of the Bulldog grid team. Left to right, Terry Weavil, Wandell Henke, Wayne Roberts and George Clem- mer, Ken Reid Goes All The Way Hardin Davis Goes For A Fumble Thompson Follows The Pack Co-Captains Sid Bryson and Jim Seacord Ji Star Ball Carriers — David Gibbons and Lanny Mabry Ul 165 Football Is One Rough Game em:. " Watch It Fellows " Queen Moves Along G-W Line Holds Spencer Decides to Run G-W Line Makes A Charge 166 Heath Livingston Student Coaches — Pinkney Guerard, Alfred Shires, Lynn Matthews 1969 FOOTBALL RESULTS Gardner-Webb 14 Gardner-Webb 15 Gardner-Webb 15 Gardner-Webb 6 Gardner-Webb 21 Gardner-Webb 18 Gardner-Webb 14 Gardner-Webb 2 Gardner-Webb 36 Gardner-Webb 21 K, Gardner-Webb 7 S3 t v ' . ..rf . -M. V.-. V, ' ' ' M A. i Chowan 16 Newberry 27 Davidson JV ' s 42 Guilford 28 Newport News 7 Ferrum 34 Bluefield State 35 Mars Hill 27 Furman JVs 6 Gordon Military College 13 Elon 63 Coleman Hunt Bulldog Basketball Squad Left to right, Front Row: Jack McGill, Sam Guffey, Gerry Vallaincourt. Allan Land. Back Row: Richard Thomas Tony Spagnola Al Graves, Wayne Weatherman, George Adams, Norrls Webb. Dennis Carter, Kevin Cantwell, Joe Brookins. 1969-70 BASKETBALL RESULTS G-W 99 Berry 78 G-W 87 Cumberland 92 G-W 87 U.N.C.-Asheville 86 G-W 122 Piedmont 100 G-W 94 Mars Hill 104 G-W 78 Carson-Newman 75 G-W 95 Mars Hill 82 G-W 94 Campbell 98 G-W 95 Hampton-Sydney 75 G-W 70 Louisiana College 77 G-W 116 Wofford 83 G-W 76 U.N.C.-Ashevllle 68 G-W 88 Pfeiffer 72 G-W 106 Mars Hill 101 G-W 95 Pfeiffer 79 G-W 109 Warren Wilson 57 G-W 89 U.N.C.-Asheville 88 G-W 81 Carson-Newman 105 G-W 90 Lander 78 G-W 122 Warren Wilson 55 G-W 77 Mars Hill 82 G-W 94 Campbell 76 G-W 95 Piedmont 99 G-W 88 Lander 68 Record: 18-7 BASKETBALL COACHES: Asst. Tommy Burton, Head Coach Eddie Holbrook. Asst. Roger Banks 168 Thomas Rips Cords Five Bulldogs — Kevin Cantwell, George Adams, Jack McGill and " friends " mm " Hey. Ret. Where ' s your license to steal? " Tliis fella was no match for Big George. Dennis Carter, hits his favorite shot. 170 Richard Thomas George Adams Al Graves " Grab it, Spag. ' 172 Land lays one in. Brookins Goes Up and Over m G-W Baseball Record 1 . 1. 1 i 7 ' irn ' i Left to right, seated, first row: Gary Wiley, Charlotte, N.C.; Terry Brewer, Student Coach; Terry Purvis, Fernandina Beach Fla Tony Bowie, Greenwood, S.C; Henry Jones, Shelby, N.C.; Larry Lecroy, Greenwood, S.C; John Hamrick, Boiling Springs NC- Left to right Kneeling, second row: Joe Brown, Salisbury, N.C; Roger McSwain, Boiling Springs, N.C.; Ronnie Noe Greenville SC- Mike Anthony, Union, S.C; Joe Stepp, Hickory, N.C. Left to right, standing, third row: Coach Jerry Bryson, Larry Sisk, Hickory, N.C: ' Ernie Ensley, Gastonia, N.C; Jim Schindale, Quantico, Va.: Bob Lail, Boiling Springs, N.C; Wayne McCauley, Old Fort NC ■ Jo hnny Phillips Greenville, S.C; Mike McDaniel, Shelby, N.C; Far right, standing: Joel Jenkins, Manager. Gardner-Webb baseball hit its highest interest and quality in history as Coach Jerry Bryson ' s men won 24 games and lost only two earning themselves a trip to the National Tournament in Grand Junction, Colo, It was truly a banner year for the Bulldog baseballers. Coach Bryson did a fine job with some out- standing talent. He had big Bob Lail who won seven games and did not taste defeat all sea- son. Ron Lacy also went into the record books with a perfect recording winning five games. Johnny Phillips won six without a loss. Wayne McCauley won five and lost two. In the hitting department the Bulldogs had some of the finest with Roger McSwain hitting and even .400 and playing the outfield. Mike Anthony hit .414, Joe Stepp hit .369, and Ronnie Noe hit .360. The team had two men who made the All- American team. They were Roger McSwain and Joe Brown. Both men were back this year and great baseball futures seem assured for them. Coach Bryson closed out the 1969 season with a 48-2 lifetime record in the western Caro- lina Conference. Coach Jerry Bryson 173 Outfielders Roger McSwain. Ronnie Noe and Larry Sisk Catchers - i ' l- j i ' John HamricK and Mike Anthony 174 Ik wmsam Infielders " " i ' ' ' ' 1 ! :7T. . ;: : vA- Mike McDaniel, Joe Stepp, Gary Wiley, Larry Lecroy, Henry Jones and Joe Brown. Pitchers Wayne McCauley, Johnny Phillips, Bob Lail and Joe Stepp 175 ' MV3;:c :H j; Bg p« Coach Jim Taylor Barry Maney G-W TENNIS TEAM — Kneeling, left to right. Richard Granger. David Mitchell. Billy Walters, Barry Maney, Larry Smith and Richard Jessen. Back row. Coach Jim Taylor, Woody Gardner. Chris Werreck. Sherman Wilson, Bill Hines. Lee Eskridge, and Tommy Bell, student assistant. 176 Larry Smith Tennis Record Coach Jim Taylor ' s Bulldog tennis team was young and inexperienced, but still came through with three wins and 13 losses in 1969. The team scored wins over Brevard, twice and DSC at Florence. Team losses were to Wingate, Anderson, Lees-McRae, Wofford, Mitchell, and Montreat-Anderson. Larry Smith was named the team ' s most valuable player. 177 Golf Has Winning Record Our Bulldog golf team scored an impressive record of twelve wins and two defeats for 1969. The linl s- men beat Wingate, Montreat-An- derson, Anderson, West Piedmont, Spartanburg, Brevard and Lees- McRae. Johnny Henderson was the teams most valuable player. Coach Garland Allen did a fine job with the Bulldog golfers and greater things are expected of them in the coming years. Members of the team included Mark Crawford, Bob Mines, Joe Patton, Johnny Hender- son and Greg Gault. Coach Garland Allen Perfect Form " Have a good round, men " 178 Faculty and Staff Directory ROBERT WHITE ABRAMS, B.D., Director of Admissions, A.A., Gardner-Webb Coilege; A.B.. Wake Forest University; B.D., Southern Baptist Ttieologicai Seminary. MARGERY FUNK ADAMS. M.S.. Instructor, A.A. Degree Nursing Program, Juanlata College; R.N., Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing; B.S., Johns Hopkins University; M.S., Emory Univer- sity. GARLAND H. ALLEN. Th.D., Director, Division of Religious Studies; Professor, Bible, History, B.A., Ouachita Baptist College; B.D., Th.M., Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Memphis State University; Additional Study, Memphis State University. JOE CLEAMON ALLEN, M.A., Associate Professor, Business, A.A., Wingate Junior College; B.S., Pfeiffer College; M.A., Ap- palachian State University; Additional Study, West Virginia Uni- versity. CHARLES S. ANDREWS, M.A., Director, Division of Languages and Literature; Chairman, Department of Modern Foreign Lan- guages and Literature; Professor, French, A.B., Wofford College; M.A., Emory University; Additional Study, Appalachian State University; Sorbonne, University of Paris; Clemson University. DECK W. ANDREWS, M.S.B.A., Chairman, Department of Busi- ness; Professor, Business. A. A., Lees-McRae College; A.B., Wof- ford College; M.S.B.A., University of Georgia; Additional Study, Appalachian State University, Western Carolina University. REBA EARLEY AUSTIN, B.S., Instructor, A.A. Degree Nursing Program R.N., B.S., Berea College. THOMAS JEFFERSON BALLARD, Th.D., Associate Professor, German, Religion, A. A., Mississippi Delta Junior College; B.A., Mississippi College; B.D., Midwestern Baptist Theological Sem- inary; Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; Addi- tional Study, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. JOHN B. BEAM, M.A., Director of Development B.S., Western Carolina University; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Study University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. GILMER WARREN BLACKBURN, M.A., Instructor, Social Sci- ence, A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., M.A., Wake Forest Uni- versity; Additional Study, University of North Carolina. ROBERT REID BLACKBURN, Ed.D., Director, Division of Health and Physical Education; Chairman, Department of Health and Physical Education; Professor, Health, Physical Education, A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Erskine College; M.A., Ed.D., George Peabody College for Teachers. ERNEST MONROE BLANKENSHIP, M.A., Associate Professor, English, B.S., Western Carolina University; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Appalachian State University; Addi- tional Study, Appalachian State University. ELADIO BOLANOS, B. A, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Catholic University of Peru, Ohio Wesleyan University; B.A., Cedarville College; B.D., Bethol Theological Seminary; Additional Study, Moody Bible Institute, University of North Carolina — Chapei Hill, University of North Carolina — Charlotte, University of Minnesota. WILLIAM E. BOYD, B.S.J. , Director, Office of Promotion B.S.J., University of Florida; B.D., Southern Baptist Seminary; Additional Study, University of Tennessee. LOIS BULL BRADLEY, B.S., Instructor, A.A. Degree Nursing Program, R.N., B.S., Lenoir-Rhyne College — Grace Hospital School of Nursing. JOYCE COMPTON BROWN, M.A., Instructor, English, B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; Additional Study, University of Southern Mississippi. LESLIE MORRIS BROWN, M.A., Instructor, Biology, B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; Additional Study, University of Southern Mississippi. JERRY ZEB BRYSON, M.A., Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education; Head Baseball Coach, University of North Carolina; B.S., Pfeiffer College; M.A.. Appalachian State University RANDOLPH ERWIN CAROTHERS, Ed.D., Chairman, Department of Education; Professor, Education, B.S., Presbyterian College; M.A., University of South Carolina; Ed.D., Florida State Universi- ty; Additional Study, Appalachian State University, University of North Carolina — Oiapel Hill, North Carolina State University Winthrop College. BETTYE McCLURE CARPENTER, M.A., Associate Professor, Psychology, Speech, A.A., Gardner-Webb College; A.B., Meredith College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Additional Study, Appalachian State University, North Carolina State University, Western Carolina University, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. WALLACE REID CARPENTER, M.A., Chairman, Department of Data Processing; Associate Professor, Business, B.S., M.A., Ap- palachian State University; Additional Study, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. JOHN E. CARTER, JR., M.A.T., Instructor, Biology, Religion, B.S.. Wake Forest University; M.A.T., University of North Carolina; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; Additional Study. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. CLYDE S. CASH, M.A.T., Assistant Professor, Biology. Chemistry, B.S., Clemson University; M.A.T., Converse College; Additional Study, University of South Carolina, Clemson University. RICHARD GEORGE CHALCRAFT, M.S., Instructor, Geology, Geography, B.A., University of Buffalo; M.S., University of North Carolina; Additional Study, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. CHIT-FU CHANG, M.S., Assistant Professor, Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Western Illinois University; Additional Study, University of Georgia. PERVY AUGUSTUS CLINE, JR., M.A., Associate Professor, Classical Languages, B.A., Wake Forest University; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill; Additional Study, Duke University, Uni- versity of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. BETTY SMITH COX, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of English; Professor, English, Averett College; Ph.B., Northwestern Univer- sity; M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; Additional Study, Northwestern University. CHARLES WRIGHT COX, Ph.D., Director, Division of Fine Arts; Chairman, Department of Speech; Professor, Theatre Arts, Speech, B.A., Roanoke College; M.A., Cornell University; Ph.D., Northwestern University; Additional Study, School of Radio Technique, The Television Workshop, New York City. GEORGE ROBERT CRIBB, Ed.D., Acting Chairman, Department of Music; Professor, Music, B.A., Wake Forest University; M.A., Teachers College, College, Columbia University; Ed.D., North Texas State University; Additional Study, University of Southern Mississippi, Union Theological Seminary. BARBARA JENSEN CRIBB, Instructor, Art Education William Carey College; University of Southern Mississippi, B.S., Missis- sippi College; M.Ed., North Texas State; Additional Study. Wes- 179 tern Kentucky University. Campbellsviile College. KENNETH RAY DAVES. M.A.. Assistant Professor. Health. Physi- cal Eduation: Swimming Coach; Assistant Football Coach, B.S., M.A.. Appalachian State University. HUBERT CONRAD DIXON, M.A.. Chairman. Department of Mathematics: Professor. Mathematics. A.A.. Gardner-Webb Col- lege: B.A.. Wake Forest University: M.A.. University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill: Additional Study. Clemson University. Florida State University. Vanderbilt University. ANTHONY FINLEY EASTMAN. M.A., Assistant Professor. Social Science. B.A.. Union University: M.A., Memphis State University: Additional Study, University of Georgia, University of Southern Mississippi. MARY EDNA EDDIN. M.A.. Instructor. Business. B.A.. Berea Col- lege: M.A.. American University, SHEHAB EDDIN, Ph.D.. Associate Professor. Political Science, History, B.A.. University of Cairo (U.A.R.): M.A., Ph.D.. American University: Additional Study. University of Damascus. MRS- DOROTHY W. H. EDWARDS, A.B.. Registrar A.A.. Gardner- Webb College: A.B.. Meredith College. JAMES RANDOLPH ELROD, B.D., Director of Alumni Activities. Administrative Assistant. A.A.. Gardner-Webb College: B.A.. Wake Forest University: B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: Additional Study, North Carolina Baptist School of Hospital Care. W. LYMAN FERRELL. B.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Counselor B.A.. Wake Forest University: B.D.. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: Additional Study. North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Pastoral Care. JAMES WALTER FITE. M.A.. Assistant Professor, Biology, B.S., M.A.. Appalachian State University: Additional Study. Indiana University. University of South Carolina. POLLY LEE FITE. B.S.. Instructor. Business Education A. A.. Wingate College: B.S.. Appalachian State University. CHARLES WILLIAM (BUDDY) FREEMAN. B.D.. College Minister. A. A., Gardner-Webb College: B.A.. Carson-Newman College: B.D.. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. L URA WHELCHEL GEf RY. M.A.. M.R.E.. Instnjctor. English. A.B.. Limestone College: M.A.. Duke University: M.R.E.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Additional Study. Appalachian State University. Lenoir-Rhyne College. LOUIS V. GHISLETTI. Ph.D.. Professor. Modern Foreign Lan- guages and Literature. BA.. College de Geneve (Switzerland): M.A.. Universite de Geneve (Switzerland): Ph.D.. Sorbonne. Uni- versity de Pans: Ph.D.. P. Universidad C. Javeriana (Columbia). NETTIE RAYLE GIDNEY. M.A.. Assistant Professor. Voice Guil- ford College: B.M.. Westminster Choir College: M.A.. Appalachi- an State University: Additional Study. Wesleyan College, Private Voice Study (eight years), Ernest Brown. ALBERT B. GODFREY. Ph.D.. Chairman. Department of Biology, Chemistry and Geology: Professor. Biology, B.S.. Clemson Col- lege: M.S.. Ph.D.. University of Maryland. FRANKLIN KEITH GRIGGS. M.A.. Assistant Professor. Business, Data Processing. B.S.. M.A.. Appalachian State Universi ty. NELL SELF GRIGGS. M.A.. Instructor. Health. Physical Educa- tion. B.S.. Lenoir Rhyne College: M.A.. Appalachian State Uni- versity. BARRY EDMOND HAMBRIGHT, M.A.. Assistant Professor. His- tory, A.A.. Gardner-Webb College: B.A.. Carson-Newman College: M.A.. University of Massachusetts. RECTOR R. HARDIN, Ph,D., Director. Division of General Busi- 180 ness: Professor, Business, B.A.. Berea College: M.A., Ph,D-, Duke University Additional Study. Harvard University. American In- stitute of Management, American College of Life Underwriters. MICHAEL A. HARRELSON. Ph.D.. Associate Professor. Biology A.A.. Gardner-Webb College: B.S.. M.A.. Appalachian State Uni- versity: Ph.D.. University of Georgia. JANE HORN HARRIS. M.A.. Assistant Professor, Business High Point College. Gardner-Webb College: B.S.. Limestone College: M.A.. University of North Carolina — Greensboro Additional Study. Appalachian State University. NORMAN ARTHUR HARRIS. M.S.. Assistant Professor. Health, Physical Education: Head Football Coach; Athletic Director, Duke University: B.S.. High Point College: M.S.. George Peabody College for Teachers: Additional Study. University of North Carolina — Greensboro. TERRY RICHARD HAYES. M.A.. Instructor. Theatre Arts, Speech, A. A.. San Antonio College: B.A.. New Mexico State Unrversity: M.A.. University of Denver. DOROTHY KNOWLING HENSON. M.A.. Instructor. Modern For- eign Languages. Eastern Montana College of Education; B.A.. M.A-. Indiana University. JAMES P. HENSON. Ed.D.. Director. Division of Education and Psychology: Chairman. Department of Psychology; Professor. Psychology. A.A.. Warren Wilson Junior College: B.S.. M.A.! Appalachian State University; B.D.. Southeastern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary; Ed.D.. Indiana University DONNA WILLIAMS HEWITT. B.S.. Instructor. A.A. Degree Nurs- ing Program. R.N.. B.S.. University of South Carolina: Additional Study. Furman University. Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary. THOMAS FURMAN HEWITT, Th.D.. Associate Professor, Religion, BA,, Furman University: B.D.. Th.M.. Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Additional Study. Lutheran Theological Seminary. ELIZABETH EGGERS HILL. B.S.. Instructor. Organ. Piano. B.S.. Appalachian State University: Additional Study. Appalachian State University. JERRY RANDOLPH HILL. M.A., Associate Professor, Music: As- sistant in Cultural Arts Program, B,S., M.A.. Appalachian State University: Additional Study. Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary. Flonda State University. BARBARA WALKER HOLBROOK. M.A.. Assistant Professor. Health. Physical Education. B.A.. Lenoir Rhyne College: M.A.. Appalachian State University. EDWIN CHARLES HOLBROOK, M.A.. Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education: Head Basketball Coach: Director, Bulldog Club, Wake Forest University: A.B., Lenoir Rhyne College: M.A.. Appalachian State University; Additional Study. Furman Univer- sity. RON DALE HOOPER, B,S., Counselor to Men; Assistant Basket- ball Coach, B.S., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill: Additional Study. Wake Forest University, Appalachian State University. DANIEL HUMMEL HOSLER. Ph.D., Director. Division of Social Science: Chairman. Department of History; Professor. History. B.Sc.Ed.. Ohio State University: M.A., Ph.D.. University of Wis- consin. MARION LANSFORD JOLLEY. M.A.. Ed.S.. Professor. Social Science A. A.. Gardner-Webb College: B.A.. Wake Forest Universj- ty; M.A-. Ed.S.. George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Study. George Peabody College for Teachers, University of North Carolina, Florida Stale University. PAUL WISEMAN JOLLEY, M.A.. M.AT., Associate Professor, Mathematics, B.S.. M.A., Appalactiian Stale University; M.A.T., University of Nortti Carolina: Additional Study, North Carolina State University, Appalachian State University. University of North Carolina, Florida State University. ROBERT JONES, M.F.A., Chairman, Department of Theatre Arts: Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts, Speech, A. 8., A.B.Ed., Univer- sity of South Carolina: M.F.A., Catholic University of America; Additional Study, University of Dijon (France), University of South Carolina. DORIS JONES, M.R.E., M.A.T.. Associate Professor, Sociology, Religion, B.A., Furman University: M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: M.A.T., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill; Additional Study, University of Colorado, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. RUTH C. KISER, M.A., M.R.E., Dean of Wom en; Director of B.S.U., A. A., Wingate College; B.S., Carson-Newman College; M.R.E.. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Ap- palachian State University. ROBERT L. LAMB, D.R.E., Chairman, Department of Religious Education; Professor, Religious Education. Religion, B.A., Step- hen F. Austin State College: M.R.E., D.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Additional Study, Westminster Choir Col- lege; Baylor University, University of Houston, Texas Christian University. GRACE CRAIG LEE, M.S., Director, A.A. Degree Nursing Pro- gram, R.N., Rutherford Hospital School of Nursing: B.S.N. Ed., Florida State University; M.S., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill; Additional Study, The Margaret Hogue Maternity Hospital. JOHN THURMAN LEWIS, Th.D., Chairman, Department of An- cient Languages and Literature; Professor, Ancient Languages and Literature, B.A., Mississippi College; B.D.. Th.D.. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Additional Study. Baltimore Hebrew College. LEONARD GEORGE LITTON, M.A., Associate Professor, Health, Physical Education; Head Football Coach; University of Chat- tanooga; B.S., East Tennessee State University: M.A., East Ten- nessee State University. BETTY HOYLE LOGAN, M.A., Assistant Professor, Business B.S.S.A., University of North Carolina — Greensboro: M.A., Ap- palachian State University. MELVIN ROSCOE LUTZ, JR., M.A.. Instructor. Ancient Lan- guages and Literature, A.A., Gardner-Webb College: B.A., Mars Hill College: M.A., Florida State University; Additional Study, Florida State University. WILBUR RAY (vlcBRIDE, M.Ed., Associate Professor, Physics, Mathematics, A.B., Wofford College: M.Ed., University of North Carolina: Additional Study, Wofford College. Converse College. University of Arkansas. University of Michigan, University of Kansas. New Mexico State University. THOMAS JEFFERSON McGRAW. M.A., Vice President of Aca- demic Affairs, Gardner-Webb College; B.S.. Wake Forest Uni- versity; M.A.. Appalachian State University: Additional Study. Duke University. CHARLES ERNEST MACK. JR.. A.B.. Business Manager. A.A., Gardner-Webb College; A.B.. Catawba College: Additional Study! Stetson University. ALTON H. MALONE. M.S.L.S.. Head Librarian B.A. Carson- Newman College: M.S.L.S.. University of Illinois. PATRICIA GOFF MAUL. B.S.. Instructor. A.A. Degree Nursing Program, R.N.. B.S.. Medical College of Georgia. ROLAND PAUL MOHRMANN. M.A., Assistant Professor. German. English, M.A.. University des Saarlandes (Germany), Additional Study, University College Swansea, University of Wales. ULLA MOHRMANN, M.A., Instructor, French B.A., M.A., Universi- ty des Saarlandes. ROBERT EARLE MORGAN, M.Ed., Associate Professor. French, Mathematics. A.B.. Lenoir Rhyne College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill; Additional Study. University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. GLADYS DeJOURNETTE MORRIS. M.A.. Assistant Professor. English. LaGrange College: A.B., Woman ' s College of Georgia; M.A., Vanderbilt University: Additional Study. University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. University of North Carolina — Greens- boro, Western Carolina University, North Carolina State Univer- sity. MARTIN ARTHUR MOSELEY, JR., M.S.. Professor. Chemistry. B.S., Wofford College; M.S., North Carolina State University- Additional Study, University of North Carolina, Duke University, University of Wyoming. North Carolina Sta te University WILLIAM HARVEY MOWRY. Ed.D.. Professor. Psychology. Ph.B.. Dickinson College; M.S.. Ed.D.. The Pennsylvania State Univer- sity. IvIARION VANN MURRELL. Ph.D.. Chairman, Department of Re- ligion; Professor, Religion, A.B.. Wake Forest University; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Scotland); Additional Study, Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. Duke University, University of Heidelberg (West Germany). AKSEL EVALD NIELSEN. Ph.D., Professor. Economics. B.A., University of Northern Iowa; M.A.. Ph.D.. Columbia University ARTHUR GEORGE NUHRAH. Ph.D.. Professor. History. B.A., M.A.. PhD.. The Tulane University of Louisiana; Additional Study, ' University of Texas. Duke University. THIRLEN OSBORNE. M.A.. Professor. English, A.B., Kentucky Wesleyan College: M.A., University of Kentucky: Additional Study, University of Kentucky. University of North Carolina DIANE HICKS PACKARD. B.A.. Graduate Assistant Business; Assistant to the Registrar. A.A., Gardner-Webb College: B.A., Limestone College. DOROTHY ANN PEARCE, M.N.. Instructor. A.A. Degree Nursing Program. Furman University; R.N.. B.S.N. . M.N.. Emory University School of Nursing. PHIL DANIEL PERRIN. D.M.A.. Professor, Music, B.S., University of Tennessee; M.C.M., D.M.A.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. ERNEST EUGENE POSTON, Th.D.. President of the College. A.A.. Gardner-Webb College: B.A.. Wake Forest University: B.D.. Th.M., Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional ' Study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. THOMAS CLINTON POSTON, M.A.. Director of Student Affairs, A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Limestone College; M.A.; Ap- palachian State University: Additional Study, Furman Uni- versity, Mercer University. COLE ANDREW PROCTOR, M.A.. Assistant Professor. Physical Education; Assistant Football Coach; State College of Iowa; A.B.. M.A.. Morehead State University; Additional Study. Univer- sity of South Carolina. DAN W. PROCTOR. Th.D.. Director of Guidance and Counseling, A. A., Southwest Baptist College; B.A.. Howard Payne College; B.D.. Th.D.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Addi- tional Study. Central Baptist Theological Seminary. LAUNITA EYE PROCTOR. M.R.Ed.. M.Ed., Assistant Professor. Health, Physical Education. A.A.. Kansas City Junior College: B.S.. Oklahoma Baptist University; M.R.Ed.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: M.Ed., Texas Christian University. JAMES HUBERT RASH. M.Ed.. Chairman. Department of Art: Associate Professor, Art. A.A.. Wingate Junior College: B.A., Columbia College: M.Ed.. Clemson University: Additional Study, Winthrop College, University of South Carolina, Furman Univer- sity. Appalachian State University, Tennessee State University; Private Study, Portland Museum Art School. J. L. Settlemeyer. Dayrell Kortheurer. DONALD EDWARD REED. M.A.. Instructor. Geography, A.A.. Thornton Junior College: 8. A.. Augustana College: M.A.. Univer- sity of Iowa; Additional Study. Michigan State University. CHARLEY L. SANDIFER. M.A.. Th.M.. Associate Professor, En- glish, Copish Lincoln Junior College: A.B.. Mississippi College: Th.M.. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A.. Univer- sity of Mississippi: Additional Study. University of Mississippi JOY YOUNG SANDIFER. M.L.S.. Assistant Librarian. Hillman College; B.A., Mississippi College; M.L.S., University of Missis- sippi: Additional Study, Mississippi College; New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary . Appalachian State University. JOHN KENNETH SANFORD. B.S.. Graduate Assistant. Health, Physical Education; Dean of Men; Assistant Football Coach. A.A.. Gardner-Webb College; B.S.. Western Carolina University; Additional Study. Western Carolina University. REBECCA ANN SEBASTIAN. M.A.. Assistant Libranan. B.S.. M.A.. Appalachian State University. MANUEL ALLEN SETZER. M.A.T.. Associate Professor. Spanish. B.A.. Lenoir Rhyne College; M.A.T.. University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill: Additional Study. University of New Mexico. La Universidad Interamericana (Mexico). PAUL KIMBRELL SMITH. Ph.D.. Professor. Mathematics. B.S.. M.S.. University of South Carolina: M.S.. University of Chicago: Ph.D.. University of Illinois: Additional Study, University of Texas PAUL MITCHELL SORRELLS, M.A.. Assistant Professor. English, Gardner-Webb College, Carson-Newman College; B.A.. Lenoir Rhyne College; M.A.. Western Carolina University; B.D.. South- eastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Study. Univer- sity of North Carolina — Chapel Hill. PAUL JOHN STACY, B.S.. Assistant Professor. Biology, B.S.. Duke University; Additional Study. Duke Medical School. WILLIAM B. STOWE, M.A.. Assistant Professor. English. B.A.. St. Andrews Presbytenan College; M.A.. Appalachian State Uni- versity. MARIO A. SUAREZ. Ph.D.. Assistant Professor. Spanish. B.A.. Carlos de la Torre; B.S.. Instltuto de Santa Clara; Ph.D.. Havana University; Additional Study, Havana University. JAMES KANIPE TAYLOR. M.A.. Assistant Professor, English. Mars Hill College; B.A.. Carson-Newman College; M.A.. Appala- chian State University; Additional Study, Appalachian State Uni- versity. JESSE LEE TAYLOR, M.A.. Assistant Professor. Social Science; Financial Aid Officer. B.A.. M.A., Appalachian State University; Additional Study, University of North Carolina, University of Missouri. JAMES ORVILLE TERRELL. M.A.. Professor. Social Science. B.S.. Western Carolina University; M.A.. George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Study. George Peabody College for Teachers. University of North Carolina. SHIRLEY PUTMAN TONEY. B.S.. Instructor. A.A. Degree Nursing Program, R.N.. North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nurs- ing: B.S.. Wake Forest University: Additional Study. South- western Baptist Theological Seminary. ROBERT LEE TREXLER. M.A.. Assistant Professor. Religion, Social Science, Gardner-Webb College: B.A.. Wake Forest Uni- versity; B.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: M.A.. Ap- palachian State University; Additional Study, Appalachian State University. PHILIP TSE. M.A.. Instructor. Physics B.S., M.A., Wake Forest University. FREDERIC AUSTIN WILKIE. JR.. M.A., Instructor, English. A.B., University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill; M.A., University of Iowa; Additional Study, Purdue University. WILLIAM HARRILL WITHROW. SR.. Ph.D.. Assistant Professor, Political Science, Geography, Wake Forest University; B.S., U.S. Naval Academy; Ph.D.. University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill; Additional Study. Old Dominion College. 182 Student Directory Armenag N. Abajian No. 1142 Armenian General Benevolent Camp Marach Arax Str. Bourje Hamoud Union Bid. Lebanon Timothy D. Abercrombie Box 1 72 Wellford, S.C. 29385 Marcia P. Abernathy 111 Hillbrook Drive Spartanburg. S.C. 29302 Peggy R. Abernathy Rt. 1, Box 211 New London, N. C. 28127 Julius Abernethy III Box 820 Newton, N. C. 28658 Robert C. Abernethy 806 S. College Ave. Newton. N.C. 25868 Mrs. Terry C. Abernethy 219Pinehurst Lane Newton, N.C. 28658 William Glenn Abrams Box 104 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Donald S. Adams 6th Ave. S.W. Conover, N.C. 28613 George Adams Route 2, Box 170 Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 James B. Adams, Jr. 245 Piney Mt. Road Greenville, S.C. 29609 Robert Wayne Adams Route 3, Box 60 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Pinkney Adams Route 1, Box 131 Dallas. NO. 28034 Henry R. Aiken Route 3, W. Georgia Rd. Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 John Michael Aiken Rt. 4 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Ekpedeme J. E. Akanetuk Ukat Nsit Uyo South Eastern, Nigeria Brenda C. Albea 1611 Dixie Lane Hendersonville, N.C. 28239 Stanley V . Albright 7 W. Main Blvd. Timonium, Maryland 21093 Miles Aldridge 250 Baiter Drive Greenville, S.C. 29601 Barbara G. Alexander 4728 Grasset Avenue Charlotte, N.C. 28213 James Ralph Alexander 1 Chanticleer Drive Greenville, S.C. 29605 Marilyn I. Alexander Rt. 2 Stony Point. N.C. 28678 Reginald K. Alexander 111 Country Club Dr. Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 Jerry C. Allen Route 3 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Judith C. Allen 310 S. Church Street Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Marsha G. Allen Rt. 7, Box 269C Greensboro, N.C. 27400 Laura Susan Allen Box 801 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Randy Lynn Allen 1638 Woodlawn Avenue Shelby, N.C. 28150 Paul Ralph Allison 319Clegg St. N. Apt. Shelby, N.C. 28150 David Boyd All red 356 East Salisbury St. Asheboro, N.C. 27203 Kathryn Ann Allred 1315 Robinhood Road High Point, N.C. 27260 Ronald L. Almond Box 37 Norwood, N.C. 28128 Ronnie Amick Route 2 Prosperity, S.C. 29127 Susan Ann Anderson 33 Normandy Road Greenville, S.C. 29601 James Ford Anderson 11 Selwyne Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29607 Stephanie E. Angelo 1 1 Toy St. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Phillip Ray Annas Route 2, Box 110 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Robert Michael Annas 5139 Lansing Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28211 Joseph Leon Anthony P.O. Box 613 Elkin, N.C. 28621 Michael A. Anthony Route 1 Buffalo, S.C. 29321 Sandra E. Anthony 531 Glenham Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28210 Tommy L. Anthony Route 1 Buffalo, S.C. 29321 Rickey Ard Grier Circle Thomson, Ga. 30824 Susan Janeal Arisen 8625 Plymouth Road Alexandria, Virginia. 22308 Harold F. Arledge, Jr. 818Parkwood Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Frank W. Armitage 506 Cherokee Drive Greenville, S.C. 29607 Susan Arrington 3412Selwyn Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Betsy J. Arthur Route 1, Box 240 Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Clarence E. Ash Route 1, Box 95 Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 Frederick D. Askins 124 Blanding Street Lake City, N.C. Paul S. Atkinson 551 West Main St. Elkin, N.C. 28621 Peggy Ann Atkinson Route 2 Fairmont, N.C. 28340 Willie C. Auerett, Jr. Box 427, Rt. 1 Chester, Virginia 2383 Francis M. Aull, Jr. 301 Lake Drive Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Linda Sue Austin Rt. 2, Box 490 Lenoir, N.C. 28645 Frank H. Auerhamer P.O. Box 509 Mauldin, S.C. 29662 Allene E. Aughtry 127 Morse Street Whitmire.S.C. 29178 Charles R. Ayers 12 Sequoia Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29605 Ricky G. Ayers 103 Chipley Lane Greenville. S.C. 29605 Joe R. Babb Route 1 Moore, S.C. 29369 Merrye C. Babcock 295 West Prospect Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 15205 James M. Bagwell 17 Horseshoe Circle Greenville, S.C. 29605 Dennis R. Bailey 213 Fox Street Morganton, N.C. 28655 Stephen Clay Baity 4746 North Cherry St. Winston Salem, N.C. 27105 Floyd W, Baker, Jr. Lowell Bethesda Rd. Crameron, N.C. 28326 Bennett T. Balentine 27 WestTallulah Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29605 Kevin Michael Balling 9212 216th St. Queens Village, N.Y. Roger Banks Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Virginia Banks Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Vardaman W. Banks 9922 Pinehurst Ave. Fairfax, Va. 22030 Barbara L. Banner 3011 Hampton Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28207 Walter L. Barbara, Jr. Route 4 Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690 Ricka J. Barker Route 1 Union Grove, N.C. 28689 James S. Barnes P.O. Box 86 Lexington, N.C. 29292 Ronnie Jay Barnes 307 W. Dixon Ave. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Brenda F. Barrett Route 1, Box 490 Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 27870 Dianne S. Barron 801A Buffalo St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mary Madison Barton 50 West Avondale Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29601 183 Mary D. Batchler Rt. 1, Box 223 Blacksburg, S.C. 29702 Beverly Jo Bayne 105 E. Lockman St. Fort Mill. S.C. 29715 Robert Michael Batson 25 E. Hillcrest Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29609 Barbara Beam Route 1, Box 317 Forest City. N.C. 28043 Ray P. Beam Route 2, Box 460A Concord. N.C. 28025 Jerry T. Beard Rt. 3. Box 64 Huntersville. N.C. 28078 Jerry Y. Beatty Route 1 Stierrills Ford, N.C. 28670 Albert Lee Beck, III 820 Dale Street Hendersonville. N.C. 28739 Perry Beck Box 262 Yadkinville, N.C. 27055 Joe Michael Beckwith 34 Clemson Drive Aiken, S.C. 29801 Thomas F. Beeson Route 2 Kerversville, N.C. 27284 Warren R. Bedford Rt. 1, Box 270 A Blacksburg, S.C. 29702 Wm. Thomas Bell 631 West Constanee Suffolk, Va. 23434 Ronald Orin Belue Route 1 Union, S.C. 29379 Linda Benfield Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Richard Benfield Route 2, Box 160 Newton, N.C. 28658 William C. Benfield 11 Rosewood Ave. Asheville, N.C. 28801 Melody Bennick 661 Quarterstaff Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Charles D. Benson Route 4 Shelby, N,C. 28150 Richard Wayne Benton 271 Tillbrook Place Greensboro, N.C. 27408 Jane Ann Best 611 Forest Hill Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 184 Homer L. Biddy 724 W. Warren St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Sidney A. Biesecker 319 Idlewood Dr. Lexington, N.C. 27292 Jerry S. Biggerstaff Route 2 Maiden, N.C. 28650 Michael E. Biggerstaff Route 1, Box 472A Forest City, N.C. 28043 Henry Bingham, Jr. Route 2 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 William B. Bingham Route 4, Box 873 Morganton, N.C. 28655 Mrs. Frances McBishop P.O.Box 124 Franklin, N.C. 28734 Kenneth Wayne Bishop Route 2 Chesnee, S.C. 29323 Gary Lee Blackwell River Rd. Rt. 2, Box 101 Greer, S.C. 29651 Willard R. Blackwood 109 Broad St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Johnny B. Blair Rt. 1 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Roger C. Blanchard, Jr. 502 Florham Drive High Point, N.C. 27260 James Stanley Bland 1509 Holling Street Spindale, N.C. 28160 Robert Lee Blanks, III Route 3 Chester, S.C. 29706 Alyce Greene Blanton Box 256 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 James Blanton, Jr. Route 2. Box 227A Shelby, N.C. 28150 Kenneth H. Blanton, Jr. Box 128 Lattimore, N.C. 28089 Roy Roger Blanton, Jr. Ill Spann Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Samuel Ray Blanton Box 133 Henrietta. N.C. 28076 Deborah C. Boggs Box 291 Fallston, N.C. 28042 Jeffery William Boggs 1507 Brantley Rd. Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Lawerence Boggs Route 1. Box 631 Bumpass. Virginia Erwin Bohlen, Jr. 22 Charlotte St. Charleston, S.C. 29403 Ray Daniel Bolick, Jr. Route 5 Hickory, N.C. 28601 Martha E. Bolyn 4421 Freedom Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Lenwood W. Bonaparte 100 Morris St. Charleston, S.C. 29403 James Cassels Boney 406 Springwood Dr. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Ralph Edward Boney 406 Springwood Drive Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Pamela T. Booker 804 Hawthorne Street Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Tanna Francis Boone Route 3, Box 509 Waynesville, N.C. 28786 Toney Boone 319 Martin St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mrs. Kay Boozer Route 9, Box 33B Shelby. N.C. 28150 Stephen S. Borders 1601 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby. N.C. 28150 James T. Bost. Jr. 405 Foster Street Burlington. N.C. 27215 Buford Botts Rt. 1. Box 155 Casar. N.C. 28020 Ernest G. Botts Route 1. Box 113 Batesburg, S.C. 29006 Myra L. Botts Route 5 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Thomas Ed Bouknight North Lee Leesville. S.C. 29070 Mrs. Ann Jones Bowen 35 Park Sumter Ter. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Ruby Caison Bowen Rt. 1 Union Mills. N.C. 28167 Roger Bower 300 Roberta Dr. Greenville. S.C. 29607 Justin Bowie 208 Elizabeth Ave. Greenwood, S.C. 29646 :) Jerome R. Boyce Route 4, Box 82 Inman, S.C. 29349 Gordon R. Boyd Rt. 2, Box 387 Simpsonville. S.C. 29681 Henry Boyd Route 3, Box 76C Winnsboro, S.C. James W. Boyd 109 Pine Needle Road Union, S.C. 29379 Joseph Elmore Boyd 13 Poplar Street Charleston, S.C. 29403 Rickey Trent Boyette Route 2, Box 579 Clayton, N.C. 27520 William E. Boyett, Jr. 113Marlin Dr. Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Eileen Ann Brabson Monmouth Dr. Monmouth Junction, N.J. 08852 James D. Bradford Box 542 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 i Thomas G. Bradish, Jr. Appalachian Hall Asheville, N.C. 28803 Mrs. Lois B. Bradley Box 47 Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Boyce L. Bradshaw P.O. Box 159 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Frank K. Bradshaw, Jr. 1714 Friar Tuck Rd. Greensboro, N.C. 27408 Nick E. Brafford 919 Wist St. Box 115 Lowell, N.C. 28098 Charles W. Bragg 7232 Everett Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28214 Williard H. Branch, Jr. Route 5, Box 304 Morganton, N.C. 28655 Michael W. Branscome 1482 W. Clemmonville Winston Salem, N.C. 27107 Linda D. Brantle 1012 Hardin Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 John B. Branyon, Jr. 639 Guilford Road Rock Hill, S.C. 29730 John Thomas Bray 100 Eastbourne Rd. Greenville, S.C. 29611 Patricia Ann Brazile Route 1 , Box 248A Forest City, N.C. 28043 Terry V. Brewer 3727Glenville Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28205 Aurelia C. Bridges Box 23 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Billie A. Bridges Rt. 5, Box 281 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Carol Bridges Rt. 4, Box 260 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jacqueline M. Bridges Route 2, Box 58 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Janice Bridges Rt. 5, Box 281 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Joyce A. Bridges Route 2, Box 265 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Lynn Bridges Rt. 5, Box 281 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Michael Ray Bridges Route 2, Box 505 Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Myra Bridges Rt. 5, Box 281 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Robert W. Bridges 1206 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Roger P. Bright Rt. 8, Box 461 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Robert MackBrindle Route 3 York, S.C. 29745 Mary D. Brittain 310 Carbon City Road Morganton, N.C. 28655 Nancy Susan Broadway 590 Plaza Road Charlotte, N.C. 28200 William Kenneth Brock Route 3 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Patsy Brooks Route 4, Box 296 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Joe Nathan Brookins 1032 Lake Street Dothan, Ala. 36301 Brenda G. Brooks P.O. Box 26 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gary D. Brooks Rt. 2 Lansing, N.C. 28643 Patsy Brooks Rt. 4, Box 296A Shelby, N.C. 28150 Robert M. Brooks 1703 Wheeler St. Newberry, S.C. 29208 Edmund Milnor Brown 249 Sandhurst Road Columbia, S.C. 29210 James W. Brown 1 Winder Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Joseph Ivirn Brown 500 North Morgan St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Ralph M. Brown 620 Atwater Street Burlington, N.C. 27215 Richard A. Brown 1619 Blackwood St. Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Ronald L. Brown 3611 Woodleaf Road Charlotte, N.C. 28205 Stanley R. Brown 906 Henry Street Kings Mt., N.C. 28086 William R. Brown 3810 Osborne Road Greensboro, N.C. 27407 Martha Ruth Bryan Route 2, Box 202 Boone, N.C. 28607 Amanda K. Bryant 1 107 Cumberland Ave. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Henry P. Bryant, Jr. 10 Balentine Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29605 James D. Bryant Rt. 1, Box 396 Andrews, N.C. 28901 Sidney Bryson 102Glenwood Rd. Morganton, N.C. 28655 Gloria K. Buchanan 337 Green St. Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 James W. Buchanan 965 23rd Ave. N.E. Hickory, N.C. 28601 Sharon Gail Buchanan Route 4, Box 111 Bakersville, N.C. 28705 Terry Ann Buchanan Rt. 4, Golf Course Rd. Piedmont, S.C. 29763 Chester Von Bullin 4201 Orvil Lane Winston Salem, N.C. 27107 David Q. Bumgardner Route 1, Box 395 Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Ethel S. Bumgardner Box 156 Polkville, N.C. 28136 185 Meale L. Bumgarner Route 2 Whitmire, S.C. 29178 Patsy Ann Bumgarner Route 1 , Box 47 Kannapolis. N.C. 28081 James A. Bunce Montauk Dr.. Rt. 3 Vernon. Conn. 06086 Donice C. Burgess 717 Caroleen Road Forest City. N.C. 28043 James S. Burgess P.O. Box 798 E-Main St. Roseboro, N.C. 28382 Lester Duke Burnett 107 Grace Terrace Greenwood. S.C. 29646 James Thomas Burns, Jr. 222 Cannon Street Georgetown. S.C. 29440 Larry Wm. Burns Route 2 Newton. N.C. 28658 William L. Burton 907 Elizabeth Road Shelby. N.C. 28150 Jo Lavonne Butler Route 1. Box 442 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Rebecca June Butler 119 Falls St. Morganton, N.C. 28655 Michael W. Byars Route 4. Box 85 Gaffney. B.C. 29340 Susan Marguitta Byers Route 1 Forest City, N,C. 28043 John W. Byrd 516 Belmont Rd. Belmont. N.C. 28012 Nancy Ann Byrd Route 4. Box 109 Asheboro. N.C. 27203 Joseph Ed Cabaniss. Jr. 814 Parkwood Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mrs. Nancy G. Cagle Route 2. Box 25 Sylva, N.C. 28779 Nita Kay Cagle Route 1 Asheboro. N.C. 27203 Danny Allen Caldwell Route 1 Maiden. N.C. 28650 John V. Caldwell 5522Closeburn Rd. Charlotte. N,C, 28210 Millard Caldwell 2937 Lake Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 W. Jerry Caldwell Route 3. Box 40 Canton. N.C. 28716 Michael Guy Callison 2629 Fairlawn Drive Winston Salem. N.C. 27106 Mrs. A. Moore Camp Route 6. Box 338 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Edwin Yates Camp. Jr. 6 E. Warren Street Shelby. N.C. 28150 Rickey Dean Camp Rt. 3. Box 260 A Kings Mountain. N.C. 28086 Bertha C. Campbell P.O. Box 614. Hwy 150 E Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Christine R. Campbell 9 Peter Lynas Court Tenafly, N.J. 07673 Jesse P. Campbell P.O. Box 413 Boiling Spnngs. N.C. 28017 Melanie E. Campbell Box 314 Conover. N.C. 28613 Robert W. Campbell 140 Meadow Lane Charlotte. N.C. 28205 Melvin Campos Post Oftice. Box 344 Waimea Kauai. Hawaii Pride Thomas Canady Route 8, Box 350 A Shelby. N.C. 28150 Ronald G. Canipe Route 3. River Road Shelby. N.C. 28150 Richard K. Cannon P.O. Box 101 Boiling Spnngs. N.C. 28017 Mack M. Cantrell 601 Poplar Drive Greer. S.C. 29651 Kevin W. Cantwell 90 03 214th Street Queens Village. N.Y. Stanley L. Cape 22 Alfred Rd. Easley. S.C. 29640 Sharon D. Capps Rt. 3. Box 125 Travelers Rest. S.C. 29690 Wayne R. Caraturo 108 E. HenderliteSt. Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Daniel W. Carlton Box 126 Yanceyville. N.C. 27379 Teddy Morgan Carnes 28 Friartuck Rd. Greenville. S.C. 29601 Dianna K. Carpenter Route 1 Iron Station. N.C. 28081 Jerry L. Carpenter Route 1 Dillard. Georgia 30537 Robert C. Carpenter Route 7. Box 254 Shelby. N.C. 28150 V. Juanita Carpenter Route 2. Box 1032 Connellys Springs. N.C. 28612 Raymond H. Carroll, Jr. Route 1 Providence. N.C. 27315 Richard S. Carson 305 Rice St. Greenville. S.C. 29605 Daniel Brooks Carter 112 Tanglewood Drive Greenville. S.C. 29601 Dennis Carter 716 E. 105 St. Brooklyn. 36. N.Y. 11200 Randall M. Carter 120 Edwards Road Greenville. S.C. 29607 Richard Marion Carter Rt. 4, Box 209 Gaffney. S.C. 29340 Hiram J. Casebolt, Jr. 107 Longview Lake Dr. Raleigh. N.C. 27610 Beverly Ruth Cash P.O. Box 181 Chesnee. S.C. 29323 Beverly Sue Cash Route 1 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Clyde Cash Route 7. Box 546 Gaffney. S.C. 29340 Roger Wiley Cash 804 Kings Road Shelby, N.C. 28105 William Boggan Cash 605 N. Terrace Place Morganton. N.C. 28655 David W. Cass 104 Williamsburg Dr. Greenville. S.C. 29605 Patrick Cathey 439Hollis Rd. Charlotte. N.C. 28200 Mary I. Causby 426 3. Ridge St. Dallas. N.C- 28034 John H. Causey. Jr. P.O. Box 57 Rutherford Coll.. N.C. 28671 Phillip B. Chamberlain Route 5. Box 22 Shelby. N.C. 28150 David Wm. Champion 1l13EarleSt. Shelby. N.C. 28150 18« Mrs. Ray W. Champion Route 5 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Timothy B. Champion Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Beverly Sue Chance 100 W. Markham Ave. Durham, N.C. 27701 Edward L. Chandler 3324 Avalon Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Gary M. Chandler Route 3 Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 Pat Chandler P.O. Box 408 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28150 William E. Chandler P.O. Box 504 Greenwood, S.C. 29646 John Chandler 210Oakwood Ave. York, S,C. Paul W. Chang 395 S. Pope St. Athens, Ga. 30601 John Owen Charles 410 S. Ridgecrest Ave. Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 William Irvin Chason Route 2 Sharon, S.C. 29742 George Moody Chatham Route 3, Box 420 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Arthorn Cheimvichitt 10511 Sol Tonson Plernchit Bangkok, Thailand Alfred Jerome Cherry Route 1 Stanley, N.C. 28164 Michael D. Cherry 124 Westbrook Circle Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Kanchana Chiamvigitra 105 1 Lungsuan Lane Pleanchit Road Bangkok, Thailand BillieW. Childers Rt. 1 , Box 38C Forest City, N.C. 28043 Joyce G. Childers Rt. 5, Box 328 Taylorsville, N.C. 28681 Linda R. Childers Route 2, Box 126 Kings Mt., N.C. 28086 Vicki K. Childers Rt. 1 , Box 302 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Mary E. Chiles 30Brookside Circle Greenville, S.C. 29609 Carmen Christopher Rt. 9, Melrose Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Linda Chrisman Rt. 3 Forest City, N.C. 28043 David V. Clark Route 5 Greenville, S.C. 29601 Douglas R. Clark, Jr. Rt. 3, Box 75 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Larry E. Clark Rt. 1, Box 10 Semora, N.C. 27343 Edward W. Clay, Jr. 3 Marshall Street Greenville, S.C. 29601 Lewis W. Clayton 101 Camden Drive Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Janice F. Clements 607 Brookwood Spindale, N.C. 28160 George M. Clemmer 315 E. Third Ave. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 David P. Cleveland 106 Hawthorne Lane Greenville, S.C. 29605 Jackie Lee Clevenger Route 1 Piedmont, S.C. 29673 Ann H. Cline Route 2, Box 43 Lincolnton, N.C. 28092 Donald Raye Cline Route 1 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Doris Mae Cline Route 2 Lincolnton, N.C. 28092 George G. Cline 19GilleyAve. Big Stone Gap, Va. 24219 James Lamar Cline, Jr. Rout e 1 Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Danul H. Coates 216 Baird Cove Rd. Franklin, N.C. 28734 Janice D. Cole 1003 W.Sumter St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jerry Allen Clough Route 7, Box 168 Lenoir, N.C. 28645 Rickey J. Cockerham 641 Pleasant Dr. Elkin, N.C. 28621 Prentiss M, Coggms 726 Carpenter Avenue Mooresville, N.C. 28115 Steve Walton Coldron 2922 Isaacs Place Greensboro, N.C. 27408 Mary Hancock Coles Route 3 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Dennis Howard Collins 2608 North Augusta Staunton, Virginia 24401 Stephen E. Colvard 2705 Fairlawn Dr. Durham, N.C. 27705 P. Thomas Compton 67 Woodvale Ave. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Caroline Connor 410 Beaumnd Shelby, N.C. 28150 John D. Conner 10 Polk Drive Wilmington, N.C. 19809 Mrs. Jackie B. Connor Route 1, Box 191 Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Suzanne Connor 916 Parkwood Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Carolyn Dianne Cooke Route 3, Box 167 Vale, N.C. 28168 Sarah E. Cooke Box 1885 Gastonia, N.C. 28052 William B. Cooley Jackson, N.C. 27845 M. Catherine Coon Route 2 Lincolnton, N.C. 28092 Gloria D. Copeland 237 Suburban Drive Suffolk, Virginia 23434 Thomas L. Copeland 515 Musgrove St. Clinton, S.C. 29325 Rickey F. Cornatzer Route 2 Advance, N.C. 27006 Darryl E. Corley 305 College St. Morganton, N.C. 28655 Janet Faye Costner Rt. 3, Box 154 Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 Leslie E. Costner Route 1 York, S.C. 29745 Donald Lee Cothran Route 6, Box 36 Greenwood, S.C. 29646 Kimsey S. Cowan 17 First Ave. Sylva, N.C. 28779 Henry H. Cowart, Jr. 221 St. Michael Ave. Great Falls, S.C. 29055 Robert B. Cox 5913 Whittingham Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28205 Barbara K. Craig Thompson Road Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Gary Steve Craig Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Karen E. Craig 1104 Stanton Drive Shelby, N.C. 28150 Rodney H. Cranford P.O. Box 92 Denton, N.C. 27239 William J. Cranford 2015 Woodtop Court Charlotte, N.C. 28214 Stokes Michael Craver Route 10 Lexington. N.C. 27292 Margaret J. Crawford 202 S. Watterson St. Kings Mt., N.C. 28086 Mark D. Crawford 848 Boardman Road Aiken, S.C. 29801 Sharon L. Crawford 6848 Newhall Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28211 Virginia D. Crawford 316 D Street North Wilkesboro, N.C. 28659 W. L. Crawford Route 2 Kings Mt., N.C. 28086 Joseph B. Creamer 121 BellviewDr. Taylors, S.C. 29687 Richard C. Crenshaw 411 McCall Dr. Forrest City, N.C. 28043 Albert P. Creasman, Jr. 128 S Whitted Street Hendersonville, N.C. 28739 Albert Creswell 401 Oakwood Drive Greenwood, S.C. 29646 James Earl Cribb 8 Chapman Street Cheraw, S.C. 29520 David E. Crisp Route 1 Whittier, N.C. 28789 Fred C. Crisp Box 484 Dallas, N.C. 28034 187 Danny S. Crocker 118 Chandler Drive Gaffney. S.C. 29340 James H. Cromer, Jr. 616 Kapp Street Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Connie L. Crook Box 255 Polkville, N.C. 28136 Brenda Ann Crosby Route 4 Shelby, N.C. 28150 William B. Crosby. Jr. Route 4 Shelby. N.C. 28150 James Wayne Cross Box 334 Yanceyville. N.C. 27379 David S. Crouch 200 W. 8th St. Newton, N.C. 28658 Bruce Alan Crouse Route 1. Box 162 Snow Camp, N.C. 27349 William O. Crowe Box 95 Boiling Springs. N.C. Carol L. Cunningham 326 Richmond Road Salisbury. N.C. 28144 Wilburn P. Cunnmgham 1715 New Hope Road Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Harvie T. Curiee P.O. Box 935 Stanwy. N.C. 28164 Hanna S. Dahbour Park Lane Hotel Abia Street Ras Beirut Lebanon Robert Dalton Box 3895 Gastonia. N.C 28052 Doris Eloise Dameron Box 1 75 Fallston. N.C. 28042 Patrick J. Danaher 8411 Morey Lane Alexandria. Virginia. 22308 Melinda Jo Daniels Route 5, Box 101 Taylorsville. N.C. 28681 Michael Jonnathan Darby 401 West Davidson Ave. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 David E. Davenport 100 Tomassee Ave. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Katherine Ann Daves 1609 W.Dixon Blvd. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Arthur H. Davis. Jr. P.O. Box 502 Emma Lane Bobbins. N.C. 27325 Forrest Levon Davis Route 2. Box 61 New London. N.C. 28127 Franklin A. Davis Box 292 Grover. N.C. 28073 Gayle Gray Davis 601 Caroleen Road Forest City. N.C. 28043 Hardin Lurney Davis Route 2. Box 201 A Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Raymond Lester Davis Route 3. Box 161 Lansing. N.C. 28643 Robert Thomas Davis 192 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte. N.C. 28201 Sheron Mark Davis 505 W. Robinson St. Gaffney. S.C. 29340 William Osmand Davis 19 Sirrine Drive Greenville. S.C. 29606 Laura Kathryn Day 315 Coffey Avenue North Wilkesboro. N.C. 28659 Jann Hope Deal 710 N. Ellis St. Salisbury. N.C. 28144 Eric C. Dean 170Patton Rd. Raleigh. N.C. 27608 Michael R. Dean 1622 Kimberly Drive Gastonia. N.C 28052 Donna Kay Deaton 733 Walnut Avenue Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Joe S. Deaton 3806 Springway Dr. Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Shirley Ann Dearybury Box 8 Cowpens. S.C. 29330 Matilda Jeane Dedmond Route 2 Lawndale. N.C. 28090 Tancey M. Dehart Mills Home Thomasville. N.C. 27306 Charles W. Deilinger Route 1 Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Janet Lee Deilinger Route 2. Box 177A Shelby. N.C. 28150 John Robert Deilinger 311 Peach St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Sarah B. Deilinger Route 1 Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Francie Alan Demby 2325 Cartwright Place Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Mrs. Faye B. Denning Route 5 Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Collette W. Deviney Route 1 Casar. N.C. 28020 James Roy Dickey 415 Phifer Rd. Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 Steven McGraw Dickson 32 John Street Gaffney. S.C. 29340 Beverly L. Dixon 1002 Toms Street Shelby. N.C. 28150 Peggy K. Dixon Route 7 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Nancy Elaine Doan 117 W.Augusta PI. Greenville. S.C. 29605 Darryl L. Dobson 227 E. Avondale Drive Greenville. S.C. 29609 Darry Allen Dobsori 3 Poplar St. Alexa Forest City. N.C. 28043 Oscar Junior Dobson 3 Poplar St. Forest City. N.C. 28043 William Dolan 230 Oak Leaf Drive Wilmington. N.C. 28401 Ben Harvey Dorman Fa irforest. S.C. 29336 Mary Ann Dorsey Hwy 18 Fallston. N.C. 28042 Larry Allen Doub Route 2 East Bend. N.C- 27018 Mrs. Jack Dover III Fairway Drive Shelby. N.C. 28150 Paul Allen Dover 106S Oriental Ave. Kings Mountain. N.C. 28086 Betty Sue Downing 806 Legare Road Aiken. S.C. 29801 Anna Schronce Downs P O. Box 421 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Clyde H. Downs P.O Box 421 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Patricia E. Driscoll Box 93. Whitehouse Ave. Whitehouse Station New Jersey 08889 Katharine I. Duffey 2732 Dogwood Rd. Durham. N.C. 27705 Carolyne L. Duncan Box 432 Boiling Springs 28017 Thomas Carmel Duncan P.O. Box 432 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Janis Marie Durnil 1808 Spindale St. Spindale. N.C. 28160 Robert Parris Dutton 2104 6th St.. NW Hickory. N.C. 28601 Debra Ann Dysart PC. Bo x 504 Boiling Spnngs. N.C. 28017 James Michael Dysart RFD4 Lmcolnton. N.C. 28092 Peggy Shytle Eaker Route 1 Lawndale. N.C. 28090 Danny M. Earley Route 3. Box 10C Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Edith V. Earley Rt. 2 Ellenboro. N.C. 28040 Michael Allen Early 1519 Spring Garden St. Greensboro. N.C. 27403 Rhonda D. Earls Route 1. Box 195 Blacksburg. S.C. 29702 Dealiena Mae Easter Route 5. Box 133 Mt. Airy. N.C. 27030 John H. Eddy 2435 Fulmer Ave. Newberry. S.C. 29108 John T. Edwards Route 5. Box 504 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Margaret H. Edwards Rt. 8 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Carl M. Edgerton Route 2 Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Linda Dianne Edgerton Route 2 Forest City. N.C. 28043 Rachel I. Eggers 2218 Cheltenham Blvd. Greensboro. N.C. 27407 Clara Ann Eggleston 3913 Longleaf Drive Richmond. Virginia 23229 Tony Allen Eldreth Route 1 Lansing, N.C. 28643 Joe S. Elledge 171 Sparta Road North Wilkesboro, N.C. Edward H. Ellenburg, Jr. 110 Holly St. Winnsboro, S.C. 29180 Danny O. Ellington Route 1, Box 125 Belmont, N.C. 28012 Donna Leigh Ellington 110 Lakewood Road Cramerton, N.C. 28032 Connie Gwen Elliott Route 6, Suburban Acre Shelby, N.C. 28150 Frances E. Elliott Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Harold C. Elliott, Jr. 9312 Chapel Hill Rd. Durham, N.C. 27707 John Wesley Elliott 907 Country Club Dr. Reidsville, N.C. 27320 Sharah Elliott Route 2 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gary Daniel Ellis 505 West Dixon Blvd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mrs. Margaret A. Ellis 212 Cleveland Avenue 28695 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Anita Louise Embler 52 Salem Avenue Asheville, N.C. 28804 Rebecca B. Emerson Route 1 , Box 84 North Wilkesboro, N.C. 28659 Ernest G. Ensley, Jr. 507 Carl Street Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Jesse Wayne Epiey P.O. Box 911 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Michael H. Epps RF D1 Newberry, S.C. 29108 Neil A. Ervin, Jr. 1428 Meadowbrook Acre Newton, N.C. 28658 Clyde Erwin, Jr. 707A West Main St. Bennettsville, S.C. 29512 Ernet R. Eskridge, Jr. 709 Kershaw St. Cheraw, S.C. 29520 Robert L. Eskridge, Jr. 207 Worthington St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 James Alexander Estes 1149 Revere Point Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23450 John S. Evatt 7127 Maple St. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Steven D. Everidge Rt. 10, Ol Salisbury Rd. Winston Salem, N.C. 27107 Price M. Ewing III 381 Springway Drive Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Michael T. Fairchild 608 6th St. SW Conover, N.C. 26813 Eugene D. Falls, Jr. 7401 Redfern Circle Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Linda S. Falls 607 Jackson St. Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 Andrew Preston Fant 203 Parkway Dr. Easley, S.C. 29640 Marion B. Fant, Jr. 101 Gulp St. Union, S.C. 29379 Edward Nelson Farmer 904 Newbern Avenue Statesville. N.C. 28677 Michael Scott Farmer 2714 Beechnut Road Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Peter E. Fickling 120 31st Ave. NE Hickory, N.C. 28601 John E. Fincher 111 Spencer Street High Point, N.C. 27260 James F. Finger 217 Forest Hill St. Morganton, N.C. 28655 Steven L. Fink Route 10, Box 136 Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Stephen T. Finely Arlington Rural Stat Greer, S.C. 29651 William T. Finucan Box 615, N. Church St. Union, S.C. 29379 Harry W. Fish Route 1, Box 217 Canton, N.C. 28716 Thomas H. Fishburne 35 Loring Place Sumter, S.C. 29150 189 Dennis G. Fisher Route 1 , Box 242 Forrest City. N.C. 28043 Robert F. Fleener 201 Fleetwood Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29605 Ernest B. Fleenor 130 Wilderness Lane Greenville, S.C. 29605 Quinton Florence 500 Sentinel Post Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Marie N. Floyd Rt. 8 Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Joseph Wayne Folk 1321 Kate Street Newberry, S.C. 29108 Milton Hayne Folk 1321 Kate Street Newberry, S.C. 29108 Joe Ed Forbes ffl. 1 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 David P. Ford Route 1 Montford Cove Parsona Union Mills, N.C. 28167 Robert Allen Ford 4132 Williams Road Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 Bill Ford Routes, Box 128 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Nancy L. Fortune 103 Callahan Ave. Greenville, S.C. 029609 Brenda J. Foster P.O. Box 1403 Rocky Mont, N.C. Mary C. Foster Wilkesboro, N.C. 27801 28697 Arch F. Fowler, Jr. 209 Tyson Ave. Bennettsville, S.C. 29512 Daniel B. Fowler Rt. 2, Box 30 Denton, N.C. 27239 Priscilla M. Fox 510 2nd Ave., NW Conover, N.C. 28613 Sandra Marie Francis Route 2, Box 249 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Timothy J. Frazer Box 82, Route 1 Mount Holly, N.C. 28120 Philip C. Frazier 219 Pine St. Black Mtn., N.C. 28711 Amanda E. Freeman 6201 Deliah Lane Charlotte, N.C. 28212 Karen M. Freeman 105 Brookhill Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Stephan Cole Freeman 26 Henderson Ave. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Mary Beth Freeze 901 Venus St. Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 John Marvin Frogge 1009 Leander Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jerry Dan Frye 1.019 Temple Q. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Mary E. Frye 1555 Hilltop St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Thomas R. Frye P.O. Box 332 Andrews, N.C. 28901 Steve B. Fuller Route 1 Pfafftown, N.C. 27040 Rick B. Funderburke 6939 Lakeland Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28200 David C. Furcron 212 Blue Ridge Drive Greenville, S.C. 29609 Neil Thomas Gagnon 186 William Ave. Westminster, Maryland 21157 Harold Wayne Gallman 200 Laurel Street Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Deborah Elaine Gantt Mimosia Hills Drive Morganton, N.C. 28655 Gary M. Gantt 88 Acme Road Belmont, N.C. 28012 Dan Garber 30E. HilkreslDr. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Arevia Audrey Gardner Post Office Box 362 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Fleetwood L. Gardner 3808 Shannon Road Portsmouth, Virginia 23703 Roger Lee Gardner Box 451 Black Mountain, N.C. 28711 Kenneth Blane Garmon 214 N Church St. Whitmire, S.C. 29178 Steve Garner 28 Wonderwood Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Sherry Ann Garlington 500 Derby Court Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Stanley Wayne Garner 2714 De Loach Ave. Newberry. S.C. 29108 Mrs. Elaine Garrett Rt. 5 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Emery E. Garrett 2514 Dare Street Burlington, N.C. 27215 Deborah L. Gaskill 15 Poplar Street Forest City, N.C. 28043 Gregory Alan Gault 148 Seven Oaks Drive Greenville. S.C. 29000 Joyce German P.O. Box 1619 Shelby, N.C. 28150 William E. Gettys N. Lafayette St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 David Alan Gibbons 3614 Stonehaven Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28205 Frances Kaye Gibson 5925 Woodbridge Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28212 James W. Gilchrist 25 Hiawatha Drive Greenville, S.C. 29607 Susan G. Giles Rt. 1, Box 571 Lakeland, Florida 33803 Willie H. Gilfillan Route 3 Newberry, S.C. 29108 Robert Blalock Gill 2003 Yost Ave. Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Gary Mordeca Gist Box 9, Finksburg Rt. 1 Finksburg, Maryland 21048 John H, Gjelhaug Box 1148, Wesson Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Benjamin F. Gladden 405 OldThomasville Rd. High Point, N.C. 27260 Rita Jane Glenn Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 John Thomas Godfrey Route 1 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Jerry Wayne Goforth P.O. Box 236 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Mary Suzanne Gold 818 Hampton Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Robert S. Gold Route 5 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Randall Scott Good P.O. Box 4005, Longview Hickory, North Carolina 28601 John W. Goodman 116 Cedar Street Mooresville, N.C. 28115 Judith E. Goodrum Route 2, Box 612 Huntersville, N.C. 28078 Samuel L. Goolsby 1012 Fredrick St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Vickie Lynn Gordon Route 6, Box 93 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Thomas E. Gowan, Jr. 113 ParkHgts. Union, S.C. 29379 Gary Ray Graham 103 North Jackson St. Salisbury, N.C. 28144 John P. Graham Rt. 1, Box 185 Rockwell, N.C. 28138 Richard L. Granger 2667 Two Notch Road Columbia, S.C. 29204 Ronnie Thomas Grant Route 1, Box 212 Dallas, N.C. 28034 Thomas John Grant P.O. Box 193 Mtn. Home, N.C. 28758 John E. Gravatt 280 Glendale Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Alphonso Graves 609 Clyde St. Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Steven C. Graves Rt. 2, Columbia Hwy Newberry. S.C. 29108 Steven Long Gray P.O. Box 986 Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 Barbara Aileen Greene Route 4, Box 322 Shelby, N.C. 28150 June Joiner Green 121 Spring Drive Shelby, N.C. 28150 Patricia Diane Green 1 Harkins Cove Road Canton, N.C. 28716 Barbara Ann B Greene Box 263 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Carlton W. Greene 1011 S. Main St. Greer, S.C. 29651 David A. Greene 766 Broad Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 190 Howard Dean Greene 216 Maple Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Lui Ke Greene 121 N. PostonSt. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Nancy L. Greene Box 169 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Ronald Edwin Greene Route 1, Box 175 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Thomas S. Greene Rt.2 Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Michael L. Greenway 4980 Q.Hunt Club Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27104 Edward C. Gregory 15 102 Caroline Ave. Forest City, N.C. 28043 Sharon A. Gregory 615 Green Street Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Stephen A. Gregory 615 Green Street Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Gary F. Grieb Cornwallis Drive Winnsboro, S.C. 29180 Charlsie Anne Griffin 322 Avalon Road, NW Winston Salem, N.C. 27104 Gerald Herbert Grigg Route 2 Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Arthur W. Grindstaff 305 Big Spring Ave. Forest City, N.C. 28043 Billy Lee Grubbs 570 Rural Hall Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27105 Pinckney H. Guerard, Jr. Box 42 Dorchester, S.C. 29437 Samuel C. Guffey Route 3, Box 387 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Wanda J. Gullet Route 4, Box 208 Mocksville, N.C. 27028 Terry Alan Guthrie 244 Springs Road Hickory, N.C. 28601 Graham Larry Guy P.O. Box 572 Walkertown, N.C. 27051 Richard Walton Guyer 4861 Baux Mnt. Rd. Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Andy K. Gwynn 7 Monterey Lane Greenvile, S.C. 43750 Gloria J. Haire 1B Eaton Crest Drive Eatontown, New Jersey 07724 Sterling A. Hall 616 East Clay St. Thomasville, Ga. 31792 Janet L. Halliwell 2900 East Pratt St. Baltimore, Maryland 21224 John M. Halliwell 2900 E. Pratt St. Baltimore, Maryland 21224 Robert Glen Names 7401 Hawkins Drive Hanover, Maryland 21076 Mrs. Edith M. Hamilton 316 Tremont Place Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gerald L. Hamilton 1406 Todd St. Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Janet Hamilton Valley River Ave. Murphy, N.C. 28906 Max Hamilton, Jr. Route 11, 4300 Sunset Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Carl William Hamm, Jr, 505 E. Suttle St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Horace Perley Hammond 212 Winfield Drive Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Jack Hamrick Route 2 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 John E. Hamrick Route 1 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Marvin S. Hamrick Route 2, Box 10 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Patricia M. Hamrick P.O. Box 252 Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Patricia Sue Hamrick Route 1 , Box 1 76 Wadesboro, N.C. 28170 Robert Y. Hamrick, Jr. Box 86 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 William M. Hamrick Route 2, Box 303 Shelby, N.C. 28150 James M. Hance Glendale Road Union, S.C. 29379 Marian S. Hand Box 762 Stanley, N.C. 28164 Judith Elaine Hannah 820 Chestnut Park Dr. Waynesville, N.C. 28786 Carol R. Hannon 310 Palmer St. Greer, S.C. 29651 Forney B. Happoldt, Jr. 822 Vine Arden Rd. Morganton, N.C. 28655 Lamar Cecil Harberson 510 Lake Drive Hendersonville, N.C. 28739 Jerri L. Harbinson 204 North Tenth Ave. Maiden, N.C. 28650 Ladenia K. Hardin Route 6, Box 542 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Peggy M. Harmon P.O. Box 503 Hudson, N.C. 28638 Roger Dale Harmon Rt. 1 Wellford, S.C. 29358 Troy Scales Harmon Rt. 1, Box 301 Elkin, N.C. 28621 Jerry Dean Harper 314 Home St., Box 358 Clayton, N.C. 27520 Johnny Harper Box 703 Blacksburg, S.C. 29702 William B. Harrill, III 420 Idlewood Street Durham, N.C. 27703 Martha J. Harrington Route 4, Box 150 Taylorsville, N.C. 28681 Bruce M. Harris 206 Hiawassee Ave. Black Mtn., N.C. 28711 Henry V. Harris Rt. 1, Box 319 Cowpens, S.C. 29330 Jacquelyn Van Harris 249 McCoy Road Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Sheila Ann Harris 3923 Robinhood Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27106 Ella M. Harrison 600 Old Augusta Rd. Greenville, S.C. 29605 David L. Hart Route 3 Lansing, N.C. 28643 R. Eugene Hartis Route 2 Bethune, S.C. 29009 Donald M. Hartsoe Rt. 2, Box 349 Granite Falls, N.C. 28630 Thurmond A. Harvell, Jr. 311 EastK. SL Newton, N.C. 28658 Wayne Clark Harvell P.O. Box 452 Ramseur, N.C. 27316 Roger David Haas 201 East St. Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Connie E. Hastings 220 2nd Ave. NE Lenoir, N.C. 28645 Jim Hatchell 179 Springfield Ave. Columbia, S.C. 29200 Earlene Hatcher 237 Crestview Street Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Thomas E. Hatfield 690 Folger Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28211 Kay Moose Hatley Route 1 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Deborah G. Hawkins Route 2, Box 153 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Fred Hawkins, Jr. Route 1, Box 703 Lincolnton, N.C. 28092 Hugh Allen Hawkins Rt. 5, State Pk. Rd. Greenville, S.C. 29609 James T. Hawkins 124 S Main St. Greer, S.C. 29651 Stephen L. Hawkins 210 West Lee St. Zebulon, N.C. 27597 Douglas E. Haw ley 707 Carver St. Durham, N.C. 27704 James Allen Hayes Route 3 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jimmie Karen Hayes Emory St. North Wilkesboro, N.C. 28659 Lewis James Hayes Route 5 Spartanburg, S.C. 28139 Charlene Haynes Route 9, Box 187 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Danny E. Haynes Box 624 Mocksville, N.C. 27028 Judy Glenda Haynes Route 4 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Martha Vada Haynes Box 11 Cliffside, N.C. 28024 Wanda Louise Haynes Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 191 Nina Anne Headley Route 2 Mocksville, N.C. 27028 Harold C. Hearne. II 2501 Club Dr. Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Gilbert B. Heath, III 707 W. Barr St. Lancaster. S.C. 29720 Charles R Heavner Route 3. Box 280 Vale, N.C. 28168 Mrs. Charles Heavner P.O. Box 307 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 James Dwyre Hedrick Box 15 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Bonnie Ruth Heffner Route 1. Box 64 Horse Shoe, N.C. 28742 Teresa Sue Helms P.O. Box 22 Fallston, N.C. 28042 Charles R. Hemphill 25 High St Canton, N.C. 28716 Edward C. Henderson, Jr. 109 Midland Street Greenville, S.C. 29601 John Ear! Henderson 709 Alcova St. Monroe. Ga. 30655 James D. Henderson 106 Vaughn Street Greer, S.C. 29651 John C. Henderson, III P.O. Box 43 Mauldin, S.C. 29662 John M. Henderson 1612 College Street Newberry, S.C. 29108 Michael T. Henderson 109 Midland St. Greenville, S.C, 29607 Ryan D. Hendley 9 Acalea Ct. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Sidney Hendren Route 7, Box 530 G Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Carole Ann Hendrick Route 5 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Ellen Hendrick Route 1, Box 344 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Linda Peeler Hendrick Route 3 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Michael R. Hendrick 917 West Warren St. Shelby, N.C 28150 Bennett Lee Hendricks 601 East A Ave. Easley, S.C. 29640 Everett W. Hendricks 621 E. Mam St. Chesterfield, S.C, 29709 Robert G. Hendrix Route 1 Tobaccoville, N.C. 27050 Robert Hendrick 831 N. Morgan St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Robert Hendrick Routes, Box 238B Shelby, N.C. 28150 Wendel C. Henke 3913 Avera Ave. Winston Salem, N.C. 27106 Boyce I. Henley II Route 1, Box 321 Maiden, N.C. 28650 Rebecca Ann Hendley Rt. 2 Nevrton, N.C. 28658 Danny J. Henry 105 Ashley Ave. Mount Holly, N.C, 28120 Boyce B. Hensley Route 2 Union Mills, N.C. 28167 Bryan C. Hensley 85 W. Warren St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Diane P. Hensley 850 West Warren St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 James M. Hensley 2706 Dartmouth Dr. Fayetteville. N.C. 28301 Janith C. Hensley Box 275 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 John W. Herold Rt. 2 Mt. Hebron Parsonage Forest City, N.C, 28043 Richard L. Herring Box 278 Valdese, N.C. 28690 James Leroy Hester 241 KE. Mam St. Lmcolnton, N.C. 28092 James W, Hester 228 ShannonHouse St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 William F, Hibbard 3113 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, N.C, 28205 Mills D, Hicks 130 North Canton Rd. Canton, N.C, 28716 James Powers Hickson 1134 Hunt Street Newberry, S,C. 29108 Fred A. High Route 4, Box 46 Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Douglas Hollingsworth 108 Oakwood Street High Point, N.C, 27260 Gloria Dawn Holt 2603 Kirk Road Durham, N.C, 27705 John R. Holt Earl St. Brookneal, Va. 24528 Joyce Ann Hill Rt. 4, Box 78 Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Vickie Cheryl Hill 532 Milford Road Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Charles M. Hines 126 Graham St, Elkin, N,C. 28621 Robert Edward Hines 503 Summit Drive Greenville, S.C. 29609 William Manley Hines P.O. Box 604 Hendersonville, N.C. 28739 Jerry Wilson Hix Ridge Road Lyman, S.C. 29365 Ethel Sharon Hobson Route 1 Boonville, N.C. 27011 Broadus M. Hocutt 113 Charles St. Spencer, N.C. 28159 Johnny Boyce Hoey Route 4 Shelby, N.C. 28150 O.T. Hoffman 515 Mauney Lane Shelby, N.C. 28150 Kenneth Holcombe 11 Hillside Dr. Lexington, N.C. 27292 Chnstina Holland 9312 W. Parkhill Dr. Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Joyce Elaine Holland Route 2 Canton, N.C. 28716 Jerry W. Hollifield 25 Hunt Street Marion, N.C. 28752 Marian S. Holton Route 7, Box 183 Statesville, N.C, 28677 Edwin Holman 6016 Cedar Ridge Dr. Columbia, S.C. 29206 Walter Hugh Homesley Box 25 Pinehurst Ranch Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Earl D. Honeycutt 1325 Montrose Drive Shelby, N.C. 28150 William M. Honeycutt 500 W. Robinson St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Debra Gail Hoopaugh 4917 Lochlain Drive Charlotte. N.C, 28210 James A. Hopkins Route 3, Box 173 Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Phillip David Hopkins P.O. Box 274 Pelzer, S.C. 29669 Samp Craig Hopkins, Jr. P.O. Box, 1155 Con. Rd. Albermarle, N.C. 28001 John W. Hornaday, Jr. 327 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, Virginia 24541 Donna Lou Home 121 Buena Vista High Point. N.C. 27260 Timothy R. Horton 4024 Foxcroft Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28204 Danny L. Hostether 1223 Alice Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Bobby G, Houser Box 45 Casar. N.C. 28020 Claudia Lee Houser 7196 Lucky Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32208 Joe Yates Houser Route 1, Box 267 Mooresboro. N.C. 28114 Elizabeth Snow Howard Box 597 Carthage. N.C, 28327 Michael Jay Howard Route 1, Box 270 Gaffney, S C. 29340 Stephen Howard 859 Cleveland St. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Kathryn E. Howard 108 Fernwood Lane Greenville, S.C 29607 James Barney Howell Rt. 1, Box 556 TV, Rd. Florence, S.C, 29501 Saundra M, Howell P,0, Box 311 Greer, SC, 29651 William L, Howell 3225 Kingfisher Dr. Decatur. Ga. 30030 Patricia Howington Route 1, Box 372A Grover, N.C. 28073 192 Judith M. Hoyle 315 S. Marlon SI. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Lonnle C. Hoyle Routes, Box 667 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Rebecca Bradley Hoyle Poplar St. Forest City. N.C. 28043 Mary Esther Huggins 1705 Rhyne Carter Rd. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Coy L. Huffman III 107 Brookside Way Greenville, S.C. 29605 Roy L. Huffstetler, Jr. 1108 N. Piedmont Ave. Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 Dan Michael Hughes Box 1831 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Michael Rodney Hughes Rt. 4, Box 154 Seneca, S.C. 29678 Teresa Ann Huitt Route 1, Box 253 Mount Holly, N.C. 28120 Donald R.Hull 312 Imperial Dr. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Lala June Humphries Box 535 Cliffside, N.C. 28027 Patsy J. Humphries Route 4, Box 459 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Betty Sue Hunnicutt 103 Richmond Ave. Swannanoa, N.C. 28778 Robert Lee Hunt III Box 176 Lattimore, N.C. 28089 Colemon Hunt Rt. 5, Box 35 A Shelby, N.C. 28150 Doris Elaine Hunt Route 4, Box 202 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mary Bingham Hunt Box 176 Lattimore. N.C. 28089 Robert Lee Hunt P.O. Box 412 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Steven E. Hunter 713 Abbey Drive Virginia Beach. Va. 23455 Dan Rhyne Hutchins 213Quait Dr. Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Lav»rence E. Ingold. Jr. Box 13 Mt. Gilead, N.C. 27306 James R. Jacks. Jr. Route 1 Clinton. S.C. 29325 Henry Jackson 210 Calhoun Street Clover. S.C. 29710 Hilda Sue Jackson 513 Wood row Ave. High Point, N.C. 27262 Jeffrey W. Jackson 410 Tennessee Avenue Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Joyce Mae Jackson Rt. 2, Box 161 Mill Spring, N.C. 28756 Judy Ann Jackso ' Box 306 Cliffside, N.C. 28024 Teresa C. Jackson Route 1 Alexander. N.C. 28701 Toney Lamar Jackson 2526 Old Steel Ck. Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Vickie S. Jackson 233 Enwood Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28214 William M. Jackson 2299 Shamrock Drive Decatur, Georgia 30032 Rebecca Jamerson Route 4, Box 154 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Carol Dianne James Route 4 Piedmont, S.C. 29673 Harold K. James 414 W. Poinsett St. Greer, S.C. 29651 Marybeth James R.F.D. 2, Box415A Wallace. N.C. 28466 Peter Joseph Jannace 70 32 7th St. Glendale New York. New York 11227 Gary Phillip Jaynes Route 6, Box 43 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Ginger D. Jeffries 460 Flynt Valley Dr. Winston Salem 27104 James Larry Jenkins 326 N. Raleigh Street Wallace. N.C. 28466 Janet Hope Jenkins 112 Heritage Court Belmont, N.C. 28012 Joel P. Jenkins. Jr. Route 4 Easley.S.C. 29640 Linda Pearson Jenkins 602 E. Church Street Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Vicky Elaine Jenkins Route 1, Box 232 A Dallas, N.C. 28034 Richard Murry Jessen 100 Cedar Lane Mt. Holly, N.C. 28150 Marion N. Jester Box 544 Boiling Springs. N.C. Rickey Harman Jester 211 Robin Road Mount Airy. N.C. 27030 Graylon E. Johnson 819Robbins Circle Chester, S.C. 29706 Isaac Wade Johnson Route 1 . Box 86 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Janet Lynn Johnson 11 Johnson Drive Canton, N.C. 28716 Linda J. Johnson 611 Gantt Street Kings Mtn.. N.C. 28086 John B. Johnson 1645 Sterling Dr. Charlotte, N.C. Josh 8. Johnson. Jr. Route 10, Box 801 Greensboro, N.C. 27406 Sandra Odell Johnson 103 Myers St. Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 Ronald Johnson 157 04 Meyer Ave. Jamarin, 34. N.Y. Thomas Albert Johnson 1506 Briar Creek Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Emily M. Johnston 276 Harris Ave. Elkin, N.C. 28621 193 John M. Johnston Route 10, Mauldin Rd. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Carolyn Morris Jolley 204 Illinois St. Splndale, N.C. 28160 Joy Ann Jolley 701 W. Kings St, King Mtn., N,C, 28086 Robert Leonard Jolley 24 Reservoir Street Cliffslde, N.C, 28024 Brenda K. Jones Routes Taylors. S.C, 29687 Charles E. Jones. Jr. Route 3, Box 339 Shelby, N,C. 28150 Claude Gerald Jones 201 Stewart Street Greenville, S.C. 29605 David S. Jones Rt. 3, Box 339 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Roger Gene Jones 1005 N. Lafayette St. Shelby, N.C, 28150 Henry Lee Jones 1603 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jack Clayton Jones 1612 Pecan Ave. Charlotte, N,C. 28200 Michael Lee Jones 512 Webber St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Sherry Lynn Jones Box 67 Boiling Springs 28017 William A. Jones Route 1 Linwood, N,C. 27299 John A. Jordan 235 Brien Court Spartanburg. S.C. 29303 Daniel R. Justice 2505 Netherwood Dr. Greensboro, N,C, 27408 Rita V, Justice Route 3 Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Stephen C. Kale 3413 Sunnybrook Dr. Charlotte. N.C. 28210 Lloyd A. Kanipe Route 2 Conover, N.C. 28613 John Larry Kay 104 Wildwood Drive Greer, S,C. 29651 Benny Mac Keesee Box 429 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Jerry Eston Keller 218 Poplar St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Alvin Wayne Kerley Route 1 Maiden, N.C. 28650 Leiand A. Kerr 4125 King Charles St. Durham, N,C. 27707 Robert Lee Kershavn 4919 Virginia Ave, Harrisburg, Penn, 17101 David N, Kessell 435 Jenny St, Gastonia. N,C, 28052 Ed. Arthur Kessling 57 Vanderlyn Drive Manhasset, N,Y, 11030 Donald Kierce 110 Westfield Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Wm. Michael Killian 2742 Springs Rd. Hickory. N.C. 28601 Thomas E. King 511 Ave. O Matamoras, Pa, 18336 Norma C. King 909 N. Piedmont Ave. Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 Joseph R. Kirby. Jr. Route 1 Scranton, S.C. 29591 Thomas Joe Kirk 233Swigert Ave. Lexington, Kentucky 40505 Stephen Kirby Box 507 Newton, N.C. 28658 Phillip W. Kirkland 2208 Wilson St. Durham, N.C. 27705 Walter A. Kistler Box 65, Catawba Hts. Belmont, N.C. 28062 Rodney M, Kitchens 605 Scott Street Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas 66027 Linda Sue Kluttz 935 Churchill Dr, Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Terry E. Knight 15 Slowest. Lowell, N C. 28098 David W. Knox Box 68 Carolina Beach, N.C. 28428 John Knox, Jr. 614 S, Washington St. Shelby, N.C. 28017 Winnie C. Kong 8 Comfort Terrace North Point, Hong Kong Ponglerd Kooargoon 70 74 Sol Suan Mali Suape Road Bangkok, Thialand Randy Robert Koon R F D No, 2 Prosperity, S,C, 29127 Liberty V. Koontz Rt. 1, Box 204 Linwood, N.C. 27299 Patricia Ann Kramer 307 E. Gertrude St. Fairmont, N.C. 28340 Lynn Clare Kuensell P.O. Box 451 829 Bnarwood Road Bryn Mar, Pa. 19010 194 John C. Kyle 3425 Sherwood Circle Rock Hill, S.C. 29730 Tommy Ray Kynerd Route 6, Box 226 Salisbury, N.C. 281400 Gayle Ann Lacivita 301 Pendleton Drive Greensboro, N.C. 27400 Ronald D. Lacy 346 Garden St. Manassas, Va. 22110 Everett S. Lael Rt. 3, Box 285 Vale, N.C. 28168 Bobby Marion Lail Route 2, Box 161 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Phillip A. Lail Route 3 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 James G. Lamprinakos 9 Woodley Avenue Asheville, N.C. 28804 Charles A. Land Rt. 1 , Box 430 Lenoir, N.C. 28645 Carolyn J. Landrum 501 Baldwin Rd. Richmond, Virginia 23229 James D. Lane Route 2, Box 83 Siler City, N.C. 27344 Patricia Alice Lane 805 Katherine Ave. Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 Tamara Ann Lane 915 Earl Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Joyce Wray Lanier Route 4 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Oscar L. Lard 1114S. Boundary, S.E. Aiken, S.C. 29801 Thomas A. Lattimore, Jr. P.O. Box 96 Lattimore, N.C. 28089 James M. Laughridge Box 544 Marion, N.C. 28752 Donna C. Lavender NewZion, S.C. 29111 Larry W. Lawhorne 1 406 Chestnut Ave. Buena Vista, Va. 24416 Edward Lee Lawrence Route 10, Box 277 Lexington, N.C. 27092 Jack A. Leard, Jr. 303 Popular Dr. Washington, Ga. 30673 Vernon Leary Box 11, Carol C. Court Wilmington, N.C. 28401 Charlie L. Lecroy 114 Columbia Street Greenwood, S.C. 29646 Mrs. Judy G. Lecroy 212 Ware Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Larry Dean Ledbetter Route 2, Box 104 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Edward Victor Ledford 618 Gardner Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jack David Ledford 618 Gardner Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jack R. Ledford P.O. Box 296 Andrews, N.C. 28901 Linda Gail Ledford Route 3 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Rhonda Ledford Roy Eaker Rd. Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Berry Anderson Lefler 911 W. Sumter .__ Shelby, N.C. 28150 George Peter Leiser 3928 Homestead Lane Winston Salem, N.C. 27106 Yvonne V. Lemaster 223 Kern St. Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Sara C. Lemmons 724 W. Smith St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Samuel L. Lennon 506 Hermitage Court Charlotte, N.C. 2821 1 Kenneth John Lentz 431 Summit Ave. Spruce Pine, N.C. 28777 Mary J. Lentz Box 292 Granite Quarry, N.C. 28072 Glenna R. Leonard Route 2 Clyde, N.C. 28721 George A. Leventis 3 Stonelake Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Donna Marie Lewis P.O. Box 22 Carlisle, S.C. 29031 Robert Lewis 429 Leander St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Bradford G. Ligon Route 10, Box 204 Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Benjamin F. Lindler 2921 Kennedy St. Columbia, S.C. 29200 Richard S. Lindler Rt.2 Rembert, S.C. 29128 William E. Lindler Rt.2 Rembert, S.C, 29128 Wm. M. Lineberger, III Box 208 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Nancy Anne Linnens P.O. Box 161 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 John Michael Lipe P.O. Box 84 Old Fori, N.C. 28762 Jerry K. Livingston, Jr. Box 42 North, S.C. 29112 Robert B. Livingston Route 1 , Box 248 Boomer, N.C. 28606 Veron H. Livingston Easley, S.C. 29640 Joan Carol Lloyd 224 North Yadkin Ave. Spencer, N.C. 28159 Catherine W. Logan 502 Eliz Ave. Forest City, N.C. 28043 James Hubert Logan P.O. Box 85 Yadkinville, N.C. 27055 Marcus W. Logan Box 27 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Tamala Mae Logan Route 1 Tobaccoville, N.C. 27105 Charles David Loggins 515 South 1st Easley, S.C. 29640 Charles A. Lominick Route 1 Pomaria, S.C. 29126 Carolyn C. Long 307 W. Delafield Ave. Durham, N.C. 27700 Steven D. Lovelace Route 1 , Box 1 7 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 G. Kathaleen Loveland 605 Kanuga St. Hendersonville, N.C. 28739 James Wendell Long Route 2, Box 184 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Linda L. Long 3108 Moores Lake Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28214 Michael Long Route 3 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gwendolyn A. Lovelace 107 Kenwood Drive Shelby, N.C. 28150 John F. Lovett Sr. 7323 Charlotte St. Springfield. Va. 22100 Joel Clyde Lovin 417 Efrid Street Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Stephen Daryl Lowe Box 157 Caroleen, N.C. 28019 James S. Lowrey 2531 Woodbine Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27104 Marilyn Diane Lutz Route 1 Kings Mountain, N.C. 28052 Mike Dean Lutz 219 Cedar Lane Mt. Holly, N.C. 28120 Toby Alfred Lutz Box 233 Bessemer City, N.C. 28016 Richard F. Lyerly 10 Prairie Lane Lindenhurst, N.Y. 11757 Joyce A. Lynch Box 21 4 Spindale, N.C. 28160 Barbara K. Lynn 800 Broad St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Richard B. Lynn, Jr. 1307 Kings Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Ronald Joe Lytle North Main Street Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Lanny H. Mabry 604 Coble Ave. Albemarle, N.C. 28001 Mrs. Linda L. Mace Box 213 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Roger Mack Box 882 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Charles Mack Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Joseph Mac Millan 319FoxhailSt. Raleigh, N.C. 27600 Robert C. Madaris 407 North Fifth St. Albermarle, N.C. 28001 Craig Maddox 313 Sumter Shelby, N.C. 28150 195 Wille A. Maddox Route 2, Box 300 Shelby, N.C. 28150 AundraS. Maddox Route 2. Box 300 Shelby, N.C- 28150 Nancy Lu Maglll Box 5 Boiling Springs, NX. 28017 Kathie Glenn Mahood P.O. Box 572. Routes Kernersville, N.C. 27284 James Nelll Maness BoxC Bryson City, N.C. 28713 Barry Gilbert Maney 56 Clarendon Road Asheville, N.C. 28806 Betty L. Manning Rt. 2, Box 362A Shelby, N.C. 28150 Danny Joseph Mansour 303 Aberdeen Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Donald Allen Marshall Route 1, Box 310 Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 James W. Martin, Jr. Box 256 Lattimore, N.C. 28089 Mary E. Martin Box 154 Fairforest, S.C. 29336 Michael H. Martin Forest Park Newton, NC. 28658 Richard V. Martin, Jr. Rt. 4, Box 376 Hickory, N.C, 28601 Shufford H. Martin Rt. Box 28 Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Stephen Asbury Martin 1411 Arbor Drive Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Thomas A. Martin 406 102 Chester St. Blacksburg. S.C. 29702 Harold James Mason, Jr. 1502 Central Drive Kannaspolis, N.C 28081 Charles T. Mathis, Jr. Route 4 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 James D. Mathis Route 1 Cycle, N.C. 27015 Marshall L. Matthews 209 4th St. Hickam Air Force Base Honolulu, Hawaii 96553 Wm. Thomas Mauney 22 Royal Pines Drive Arden, N.C. 28704 196 Jackie Maxwell Box 42 Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Gail P. Maybin Box 313 Lawndale. N.C. 28090 Roger Ansel Mayfield Route 2 Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 Alan Houston Mayhew P.O. Box 385 MooresviMe, N.C. 28115 Bobby Dean McAlister Box 1619 Shelby, N.C. 28150 William R. McAllister 131 Cleveirvine Ave. Greenville, S.C. 29607 KathenneJ. McArthur 723 W. Marion St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Meloney P. McCall 2719 Allen Road South Charlotte, N.C. 28213 Rex Tony McCall 110 Auten Road Charlotte, N.C. 28214 Rhonda Kay McCall Route 1 , Box 4578 Morganton, N.C. 28655 Robert W. McCauley Box 303 Old Fort, N.C. 28762 Eletha N. McClung Box 308 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Jackie H. McClung Box 308 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Melisa Ann McClure 16 Hy Vu. Drive Canton, N.C. 28716 Wanda K. McClure 7008 Yorktowne Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28211 Gary W. McCoy 1105 Lexington Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28203 Melvin Keith McCurry Box 126 Cliffside, N.C. 28024 LarryF. McCracken 52 White Pine Drive Asheville, N.C. 28805 James Alfred McCraw 4 E. Randolph Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Karen Watts McCray Route 1, Box 426 Taylorsville, N.C. 28681 Michael S. McDaniel 804 Hampton St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Claude E. McDowell 4 Clark Road Inman, S.C. 29349 John V. McElheny, Jr. 200 Pine Street Black Mtn., N.C. 28711 Ann C. McFadden Rt. 1 , Catawba Rock Hill, S.C. 29730 George W. McGhee 302 Bullock St. Franklinton, N.C. 27525 Daniel Harris McGill 515 Berkshire Dr. Statesville, N.C. 28677 Jack E. McGill. Jr. 515 Berkshire Drive Statesville, N.C. 28677 Edward R. McGimpsey, Jr. 99Hillcrest Ave. Lenoir, N.C. 28645 Pamela S. McGimsey Box 306 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Ronnie B. McGuirt 205 Skipper Ave. Fortmill, S.C. 29715 DaleB. McKain 601 S.Washington St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Clyde David McKee 172 Frances St. Chester, S.C. 29706 Wm. Fletcher McKee 608 South euekalb St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Joel W. McKinney Route 2 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Ruby Cash McKinney Route 2 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Virginia L. McKinney Route 1 Chesnee, S.C. 29323 Thomas B. McLaughlin Rt. 3 MooresviMe, N.C. 28115 James Ray McLean, Jr. Rt. 3, Box 36 Laurinburg, N.C. 28352 Robert L. McLendon RD1 Knox, Pa. 16232 Gary Lynn McMasters 141 1 Seminole Drive Greensboro, N.C. 27400 Evelyn P. McMillan 520 Trinity Way Greenville, S.C. 29609 John Stephen McNeely Route 6, Box 94 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Micki Lynda McSwain 709 Parkwood Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Roger Lee McSwain Route 4 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Cynthia D. McSwain Boiling Springs. N.C. 28150 Steven E. McSwain 1202 Wesson Road Shelby. N.C. 28150 Brenda C. Meacham 720 Park Ave. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Stephen E. Meador Route 2, Box246B Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Roger Keith Melton 231 Railroad Avenue Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Rebecca L. Mesimer 131 Price Ave. Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Joseph H. Mickey, Jr. 623 Barnsdale Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Caria S. Middleton 4728 Amity Place Charlotte, N.C. 28212 Harry E. Middleton, Jr. Rt. 1, Box 822 Waynesville, N.C. 28789 Robert M. Middleton 205 Pine St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Bruce Douglas Milota 202 Forest Lane Drive Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Charles Thomas Miles Route 3 Taylors, S.C. 29687 Joseph M. Miller Rt. 3, Box 132 Chester, S.C, 29706 Samuel Murphy Miller 320 Richmond Street Lynchburg, Va. 24501 William Ray Miller Rou te 6. Box 673 Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Catherine A. Millikan Rt. 1, Box 137 Randleman, N.C. 28317 John Sydnor Millman Box 673 Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Richard E. Milsap 7 Edgewood Drive Greenville, S.C. 29601 Lynda Jo Mingoia 25 Roger Road Edison, New Jersey 08817 Sharon Lynn Mingoia 25 Roger Road Edison, N.J. 08817 James Michael Minnix Route 7 Shelby. N.C. 28150 David Thomas Mitchell Route 2, Box 378 Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 Steven Rake Moffitt 56 Hillside St. Asheville. N.C. 28800 Ricardo Mogna Policlinica Pto Lacruz Av. 5 Julio Pto La Cruz Edo Anzoatequi. Venezuela Teddy Richard Monroe 240 Cherokee Ave. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Glenda J. Montgomery Rt. 1 Semora, N.C. 27343 Carol Lynda Moody Rt. 3, Box 141 W. Geo. Rd. Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 Jacqueline L. Moody Routes. Box 141 Simpsonville. S.C. 29681 Larry F. Moody P.O. Box 394 Ramseur, N.C. 27316 Daniel S. Moore. Jr. 943 N. Bridge St. Elkin, N.C. 28621 David E. Moore 4111 Hough Road Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Jane Fite Moore 405 Belmont Rd. Belmont, N.C. 28012 Janice L. Moore 5012 Murrayhill Road Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Thomas Calvin Moore P.O. Box 127 Carlisle, S.C. 29031 Thomas David Moore P.O. Box 668 Canton, N.C. 28716 Walter Bruce Moore 1 4 B Terrace Apts. Greenville. S.C. 29601 William Henry Moore 811 Ashmore Drive Charlotte, N.C. 28212 Sarah M. Morehead P.O. Box 541 Spindale, N.C. 28043 Richard W. Moretz Rt. 5, Box 301 Hickory, N.C. 28601 Hazel K. Morgan 1119 N. Lafayette St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Charles Martin Morris Rt. 4. Laurel Hill Inman, S.C. 29349 David N. Morris, II Box 26 McAdenville. N.C. 28101 John V. Morris 205Christenbury Rd. Charlotte. N.C. 28200 Wesley H. Morris Box 26 McAdenville, N.C. 28101 Charles P. Morrison Route 8, Box 422 Statesville. N.C. 28677 James Ed Morrison Rt. 2. Box 67 Forest City. N.C. 28043 Judith H. Morrison Route 2, Box 55 Forest City. N.C. 28043 Everett W. Morse. Jr. 134 McAlway Rd. Charlotte. N.C. 28211 Lynn G. Moss 1405 Wesson Road Shelby. N.C. 28150 David E. Mull Route 3, Box 669 A Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gregory F. Mull 301 Blue Ridge St. Easley. S.C. 29640 Elizabeth Ann Mullis 8 Rose Avenue Concord. N.C. 28025 Hal David Mumford 1108 Raynor St. Durham. N.C. 27703 Veronica T. Muraoka P.O. Box 409 Hanapepe Kauai Hawaii 96716 Amue H. Murphy 507 W. Gaines St. Central. S.C. 29630 Wm. Strother Murphy DogvKOOd Lane Davidson. N.C. 28036 William Robert Murr 308 Fernwood Dr. Spartanburg. S.C. 29301 Monty C. Myers 209 Avondale Drive Lexington. N.C. 27292 Hugh Frodham Myrick 1106 Buckingham Rd. Greensboro. N.C. 27408 Robert Nabors 123 Henry Street Abbeville. S.C. 29620 Dewitt B. Nance 3118Pinehurst Place Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Stanley I. Napier P.O. Box 22 New London. N.C. 28127 James D. Nash 109 Harris St. Union. S.C, 29379 William E. Neal. Jr. Darrow Rd., Route 1 Walkertown, N.C. 27051 Cecilia Diane Neale Box 308 Rutherford College North Carolina 28671 Haynsworth L. Neely 525 Lucerne Dr. Spartanburg. S.C. 29302 William Kres Neely 525 Lucerne Dr. Spartanburg. S.C. 29302 Carol Frances Neese P.O. Box 527 West Columbia. S.C. 29169 Joe Benny Neill Rt. 2 Cherryville, N.C. Howard S. Neighbors 302 Countryside Dr. Forest City, N.C. 28043 Lonnie R. Nelson Rt. 1 Rural Hall. N.C. 27045 Carl Gary Newland 404 Hebron St. Hendersonville, N.C. 28739 Rickey Lyie Newson Route 3. Box 337 D Charlotte. N.C. 28200 Michael E. Newton Box 451 Blacksburg, S.C. 29702 Charles Nicholson, Jr. 37 Spartanburg Rd. Lyman, S.C. 29365 Paul W. Nipper III Box 197 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Mary E. Nixon 1132 Dooley Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28212 Melinda J. Nodine Rt. 1. Boxl Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Kenneth Ronald Noe 32 Holmes Drive Greenville. S.C. 29601 James E. Nolan 102 Alpine St. Bennettsville, S.C. 29512 Nancy Kalherine Nolan 102 Alpine Street Bennettsville. S.C. 29512 Davey Boyce Norris Box 613 Alexis. N.C. 28006 Fagg B. Nowlan, Jr. Box 458 Pleasant Garden. N.C. 27313 Nancy D. Oakes Rt.6 Reidsville, N.C. 27320 Gregory Early O ' Bryan Box 77 Stoneville. N.C. 27048 Milton Z. Odom 1108 Dorchester St. Rock Hill. S.C. 29730 James F. Oehler 1004 Dentral Drive Kannapolis. N.C. 28081 Kenneth M. Ogrodnick 805 Ave. H Matamoras, Pa. 18336 Teresa A. Oney Rt. 2 Yadkinville, N.C. 27055 Stephen M. Orlich 2105 W. Hampton Blvd. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Samuel O. Ostwalt Box 117, North Ave. Troutman. N.C. 28166 Michael T. Overcash Rt. 1 Statesville, N.C. 28677 Richard A. Overstreet 209 E. Hunter Sumter, S.C. 29150 James David Owens Route 3 Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Thomas Lee Pace Route 2 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Julius W. Packard Box 37 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Brenda J. Padgett Short St.. Box 144 Ellenboro. N.C. 28040 Paula Ann Padgett 1012 Buffalo Shelby. N.C. 28150 James C. Painter P.O. Box 58 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Ronald Wayne Pannell Route 2 Ellenboro. N.C. 28040 Donald Pantalone 30 Porter Place New Providence, N.J. 07974 197 mmsBBBBi Johnny M. Parker Rt. 7. Box 552 Gaffney, S C 29340 Michael Ray Parker Rt. 1 Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Susan E. Parker Box 81 Caroleen, N.C. 28019 William Doug Parker 302 Hawthorne Road Raleigh. N.C. 27600 Wm. Thomas Parker, III 3609 The Plaza Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Everett Glenn Parks 270 Charlwood Drive Winston Salem, N.C. 27107 Alton Eugene Parsons 205 Crescent Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Cecil C. Patrick III Route Union, S.C. 29379 Mrs. Beverly Patterson 1002 Toms Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Michael E. Patterson Route 1, Box 74 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Ronald A. Patterson 101 Forest St. Clinton, S.C. 29325 William J. Patton, Jr. 51 1 Riverside Drive Morganton, N.C. 28655 Samuel D. Payne Box 209 Belmont, N.C. 28012 Wanda S. Payne 1706 W. Davidson Ave. Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Gregory Lynn Payseur Requa St., Box 592 Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Sherry L. Payseur 202 North Inman Ave. Bessemer City, N.C. 28016 Richard A. Pearsall 500Bartling Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Gary C. Pearson Route 2, Box 189 Shelby, N.C. 28150 James P. Pearson 1014 Rutherford Rd. Greenville, S.C. 29601 Judy Beth Pearson 718 Park Ave. Shelby. N.C, 28150 Martha Susan Pence 10012 Greenock Road Silver Spring Maryland 20901 Keys Pendleton Route 1 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Charles C. Pergler 8506 Cyrus Place Alexandria Vir. 22308 James Carlton Perry 115 Cureton St. Greenville. S.C. 29605 John Fredrick Pettus 404 Oakdale St. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 James Thomas Pheasant 1806 Metcerott Rd. Adclphi. Maryland 20783 Creighton W. Phillips 32 Whitehall Blvd. Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Donald R. Phillips Rt. 4, Ikes Rd. Taylors, S.C. 29687 Gary Lee Phillips 3423 Meredith Avenue Charlotte, N.C. 2820 0 James H. Phillips, III 2807 Haven Road Raleigh. N.C. 27600 John Edwin Phillips Route 4 Taylors, S.C. 29687 Steven P. Phillips 4022 Flat Shoals Rd. Decatur. Ga. 30032 Zack E. Phillips Jr. 22Gorbin Dr. Newport News. Va. 23606 Patricia D. Phillips 308 Mimos Dr. Gaffney. S.C. 29340 Mary D. Pigg P.O. Box 211, Morven Rd. Wadesboro, N.C. 28170 Alice Lee Pike 2715 Pinedale Road Greensboro, N.C. 27400 David Pinto Model Margas Goa, India Michael G. Pittman 556 Eastwood Dr. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Frank D. Pleasants, Jr. Route 8, Kenneth Dr. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Howard S. Plemens Rt. 6 Franklin, N.C. 28734 Everett M. Plemmons 20 Looking Glass Lane Asheville, N.C, 28805 James R. Plummer Rt. 9 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Verlon Pompey 404 Hobbs Ave. Shelby, N.C. 28150 William M. Poole Canterbury Road Union, S.C. 29379 Barry S. Pope P.O. Box 428 Welcome, N.C. 27374 Welbert Max Pope P.O. Box 53 Turkey, N.C. 28393 Aphiram Poshakrisha 6901 Sukhumvit8901 Bangkok. Thailand Janice Harrill Poston Box 306 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Charles Gary Potter 402 E. Cherokee St. Chesnee, S.C. 29323 Tony Graham Potts 331 Oakland Avenue Statesville, N.C. 28677 Joseph E. Powell 240 York Rd. Burlington, N.C. 27215 Carolyn J. Powers 172 Wisconsin Ave. Elkin. N.C. 28621 Ephraim E. Powers 702 S. King St. Windsor, N.C. 27983 Joseph C, Powers, Jr. 2918 A. Saint Marks Dr. Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Brian Blandon Prater Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 Donald R. Pressley Route 1. Laurel Dr. Canton, N.C. 28716 Bonnie R. Price P.O. Box 103 Chimney Rock Rd. Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Robert Lee Price 142 Southwall Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Ronald W. Price Rt. 1, Box 275 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Cloyd H. Propst, Jr. 303 1st Ave. North Conover, N.C. 28613 Joseph E. Propst 2342 Springs Rd. Hickory, N.C. 28601 Thomas P. PruitI, III 560 1st Street N.W. Hickory, N.C, 28601 Jonathan D. Pugh 603 Quaker Lane High Point, N.C. 27262 Terry Neal Purvis 101 South 17th St. Fernadena Beach, Fla. 32034 James Edward Putnam Route 6. Box 532 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Nancy K. Putnam 804 S. Dekalb St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 James H. Queen, Jr. 306 Alabama Ave. Marion, N.C. 28752 Sheila Elaine Queen Route 1, Box 539 Pfafftown, N.C. 27040 George W. Quick Rt. 1, Box 39 Dillon, S.C. 29536 Sharon A. Quick Rt.2, Box123H Forest City, N.C. 28043 Larry Robert Quinn Route 1 Zirconia, N.C. 28790 William C. Ragsdale 583 Brookway Drive Winston Salem, N.C. 27105 Clifford E. Ramsey Route 2 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Shirley J. Ramsey Rt. 6, Box 31 4 Marshall. N.C. 28753 William M. Ramsey Box 331 Old Fort, N.C. 28762 John D. Randall, Jr. 306 North Houser Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Linda C. Raney Rt. 3, Box 659 Morganton. N.C. 28655 John Houston Rankin 123 N. Poston St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Harvey Lee Rash 1504 N. Hope Church Rd. Raleigh. N.C. 27609 Mrs. Sue Rash Box 323 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Donald F. Ray 610 Gardner St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Lonnie Carroll Ray Box 168. Rt. 1 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Michael W. Rayfield Route 1. Box 45 Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 Nancy R. Rayfield Route 1, Box 16 Kings Mtn., N.C. 28086 198 Barbara D. Raynor R. 1 Warsaw, N.C. 28398 Benjamin L. Reavis 812 S. Jackson St. Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Nancy E. Reavis Route 3 Yadkinville, N.C. 27055 Mark W. Rector 150 E. Marion St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Dorothy Willis Reed Route 1,Box 109 Taylorsville, N.C. 28681 Lois Elaine Reel Route 1 Denver, N.C. 28037 James C. Reese 120LlanfairRd. Ardmore, Pa. 19003 Kenneth O. Reid 3312 Cricketeer Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28214 Richard E. Reigg 108 Balsam Dr. P.O. Box 771 Waynesville, N.C. 28786 Sarah C. Reid Route 5, Box 156 Marshall, N.C. 28753 Forrest W. Ridings 1012 Railroad Ave. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Paul S. Rigsbee 3137 Dixon Rd. Durham, N.C. 27707 Charles R. Ringer Route 2 Pomaria, S.C. 29120 Margaret E. Ringer 339 Westview Dr. Fayetteville, N.C. 28301 Daniel Ritchie 1423 Park Avenue Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Mrs. Rose M. Ritchie Shelby, N.C. 28150 Margie U. Ritter Route 1, Box 265 A Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Thomas A. Ritter Route 1, Box 265A Ellenboro, N.C. 28040 Stephen G. Robards 2401 Woodruff Ave. High Point, N.C. 27260 Beverly Ann Robbins 397CollettSt. Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139 Joseph G. Robbins, Jr. Route 3, Box 561 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Arthur Lee Roberts 2157 Wilkins Detroit, Michigan 48200 Charles H. Roberts Route 3 Piedmont, S.C. 29673 Debra M. Roberts 39 North Pershing Rd. Asheville, N.C. 28800 Dennis C. Roberts 600 Corvair Lane Shelby, N.C. 28150 John W. Roberts, Jr. 721 Buffalo St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Wayne D. Roberts 106 Trinity Way Greenville, S.C. 29601 Kenneth D. Robertson Box 206 Lovingston, Va. 22949 Debbie L. Robinson 245 Tyler Heights Marion, N.C. 28752 Elizabeth A. Robinson 321 Valley St. Marion, N.C. 28752 James E. Robinson 1819 Mansfield St. Winston Salem, N.C. 27107 Michael H. Robinson Route 3 Union, S.C. 29379 Charles M. Rodgers 127 Rasor Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29609 Debra A. Rogers Route 4, Box 123B Shelby, N.C. 28150 James Webb Roemer 100 Hillside Driye Shelby, N.C. 28150 Larry E. Rollins Rt. 6, Box 207 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jack Dean Rose 111 Nance Street Whitmire, S.C. 29178 Richard H. Rose Celflbras C P 30798 Sao Paulo, Brasil Luther Ross 326 Anthony St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Melvin Ray Ross Route 1, Box 57 Iron Station, N.C. 28080 Louis Remy Caxois Lamort Port De Paix, Haiti Donald Floyd Repec 500 18th Avenue Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 Lester J. Reynolds, Jr. 4112Castlewood Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Mt3. Frances Reynolds 1215Broodwood Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mary V. Rice Route 1 Highlands, N.C. 28741 Stephen G. Rice Rt. 2, Box 168 Clyde, N.C. 28721 Danny R. Richardson Rt. 1 Walnut Cove, N.C. 27052 Laura J. Richard 408 Mint St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 David W. Richards 255 Hilok Avenue Hampstead, Md. 21074 Steven G. Riddle 124 Green Valley Rd. Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Henry W. Ridge, Jr. 911 North Main St. Mocksville, N.C. 27028 199 James B. Rostan Box 400 Valdese. N.C. 28690 Tassanai Ruangtrakool 391 Soi WatTaksin Rd. Dhonburi, Thailand Ronald K. Rudisill Route 1 Newton. N.C. 28658 Phyllis D. Rufty Rt. 8. Box 2 Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Donald Ed Rumfelt P.O. Box 352 Mt. Holly. N.C. 28120 Danny Lee Runion 1116 East Lee Road Taylors. S.C. 29687 Cynthia A. Ruppe 337 GnceSt. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Jerry Carver Ruppe Route 4, Box 149 Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 David L. Russell 442 Spring Street Albemarle. N.C. 28001 Cynthia R. Russell 525 High Point St. Randleman. N.C. 27317 Harry S. Russell 1203 E- Polo Rd. Winston Salem, N.C. 27100 Sara Ellen Russell 2201 Cumberlmd Ave. Charlotte. N.C. 28200 Debra A. Rutledge Rt. 1. River Dale Rd. Pfafftown, N.C. 27040 Roger R. Sailors Rt. 3 Lawndale. N.C. 28090 Ronnie B. Sams 616 Piedmont St. Bnstol. Va. 24201 Bernard Parks Sanders 3627 Lanewood Dr.. S W Roanoke. Virginia 24018 Jill R. Sanders 201 W. Club Boulevard Durham. N.C. 27705 Marvin Sandifer 1550Spangler Drive Shelby. N.C. 28150 Sue Anne Sandifer Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 Gabriel J. Santanella 29 Franklin Street Thompsonville. Conn. 06082 Mrs. Joe P. Sarazen 214 Fairway Drive Shelby. N.C. 28150 200 Jerry J. Saunders Route 3, Box 137 Newton, N.C. 28658 Kemp E. Savage 3958 Richardson Road Virginia Beach, Va. 23450 Karen F. Sawyer 1809 Rivershore Road Elizabeth City. N.C. 27909 James R. Schindele 3310 Woodburn Vil. Dr Apt. 22 Annadale. Va. 22003 Paul A. Sciotto. Jr. Rt. 2, Box 4, Pump Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 Angress F. Scott. Jr. 2411 Pennsy Ave.. N W Roanoke. Va. 24017 Edwin James Scott 415 Idlewood Dr. Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Walter A. Scott 1730 Lumpkin Circle Rock Hill, S.C. 29730 William Counts Scott 230EastCreswellAve. Greenwood, S.C. 29646 Carleen E. Scruggs Route 2 Laundrum. S.C. 29356 Meredith J. Scruggs 120 Moores Dr. Belmont. N.C- 28012 Wanda J. Scruggs Route 2 Mooresboro. N.C. 28114 Timothy M. Scully 467 S. Esplanade Dr. Miami Springs. Flonda 33166 James Seacord. Ill 4013 Hough Road Charlotte. N.C. 28200 Ann Sebastian Route 2 North Wilkesboro. N.C. 28659 Larry Boyd Sechrist 1037 Sunset Drive Miami, Rorida 33143 Joyce A. Self Box ri8 Boiling Springs. N.C- 28017 Jadine Sellers Route 2, Box 504 Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Daniel Seme 682 Mantoloking Road Brick Town. NJ. 08723 Ruby Estes Setzer 116 Realty St. Lenoir. N.C. 28645 Ralph Edwin Shank. Jr. 1507 Whittle Road Martinsville, Va. 24112 Donald Phillip Shehan Route 4. Box 220 B Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Rodney S. Sheline Rt. 8. Box 352K Charlotte. N.C. 28205 Robert K. Shelton 2323 Country Club Rd. Winston Salem. N.C. 27100 Richard G. Sherrill 509 W. Broad St. St. Pauls. N.C. 28384 Gary Mack Shields Rt. 1 Franklin, N.C. 28734 Stephen G. Shifflette 100 Fourth St. Chnstiansburg, Vir. 24073 Alfred D. Shires Rt. 3. Box 306 Forest City, N.C. 28043 Donald L. Shockley PC. Box 252 Greer. S.C. 29651 Carson M. Shook Route 1 Union Mills. N.C. 28167 Darryl L. Shope Rt. 3 Candler, N.C. 28715 Gaynell Shouse 543 Winona St. Winston Salem. N.C. 29100 Mrs. Marg Ann Shuford 301 Clinton St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Edward Wilson Shrum Route 3 Lincolnton. N C 28092 Jimmy Ray Sigmon Route 4. Box 396 Hickory. N.C. 28601 Alan Bruce Simmerson 904 2nd St. Spencer, N.C. 28159 Wm. Clinton Simmons 250 Church Street Marion, N.C. 28752 George Gary Simpkins 680 Rabun Circle York, S.C. 29745 Jerry Lee Simpson 2029 Walker Ave. Greensboro. N.C. 27403 Nancy R. Simpson 914 S. Rowan Avenue Spencer. N.C. 28159 Steve M. Simpson 1308 Spry Street Greensboro. N.C 27200 Edgar Colvin Sims, Jr. Rt. 4, Marion Ave. Winnsboro. S.C. 29180 James E. Sims Box 249 Danville. Kentucky 40422 Marie M. Sims Route 3 Ftutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Malcom Lee Singleton Route 5 Greer. S.C. 29651 Michael S. Sipe 806 1st Street Kings IVltn.,N.C. 28086 Larry Guy Sisk 53 26th Ave.. N E Hickory. N.C. 28601 Barbara Ann Sito 2018 Delworth Road w Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Mary F. Slagle 220 Wayah St. Franklin, N.C. 28734 Kenneth E. Sloan P.O. Box 315 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Victor Eugene Sloan 103 Ridge Spring Dr. Taylors. S.C. 29687 Sandra G. Small Rt. 1. Box 91 Randleman, N.C. 27317 Patricia J. Smart 128 North Mam St. Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Jerry C. Smathers Rt. 4, Box 334. Dut Cove Canton. N.C. 28716 Michael L. Smathers Spruce Street Canton, N.C. 28716 Bert Calvin Smith 103 Carpenter Street Kings Mountain. N.C. 28086 Carol Ann Smith 392 Carmel Acres Charlotte. N.C. 28200 Doris Elizat eth Smith 1112 Fallston Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Douglas D. Smith 118 Wood Drive Greer. S.C. 29651 Gary Frank Smith S. Elm St. Marshville. N.C. 28103 Gary Wayne Smith Rt. 2. Box 130 Shelby, N.C. 28150 George L. Smith Rt. 3 Lexington. N.C. 27292 Hobart C. Smith, Jr. P.O. Box 93 Newell, N.C. 28126 Jamarica A. Smith Route 9, Box 182 Shelby, N.C, 28150 Jerry A. Smith 24 Lake Forest Drive Greenville, S.C. 29601 John Morris Smith 25 Williamsburg Manor Greenville, S.C. 29607 Joseph P. Smith, Jr. 935 Paramount Circle Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Judy Gail Smith Route 1, Box 38 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Larry L. Smith 220 Byrnes Street Denmark, S.C. 29042 Linda Ford Smith 1021 Miller St. Spindale, N.C. 28160 Marilyn Y. Smith 522 Ingle St. Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Martha A. Smith 220 S.Johnson St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Michael David Smith 29 N. Garden Circle Greenville, S.C. 29601 Michael G. Smith P.O. Box 212 302 Ridgeland Dr. Smithfield Vir. 23430 Nancy L. Smith Box 188 Bluff City, Tennessee 37618 Paul H. Smith Rt. 2, SardisRd. Union, S.C. 29379 Philip Smith 520 Crestside Dr., S E Concord, N.C. Robert C. Smith, Jr. 1920 Harper Street Newberry, S.C. 29108 Sherry D.Smith Rt. 1 , Box 1 38 State Road, N.C. 28676 Stephen Russell Smith 139 Spring St. Woodbury, N.J. 08096 Thomas W. Smith Box 232 Cliffside, N.C. 28024 William Smith, Jr. Route 2, Box 133 Seneca, S.C. 29678 Joel Craig Smyre 747 S. Brady Ave. Newton, N.C. 28658 Dan Edward Snyder Routes, Box 308 Hickory, N.C. 28601 Michael Clyde Sorgee Box 579 Caroleen, N.C. 28019 June Sorrels Box 352 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Joseph M. Southards Route 2 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 John G. Southerlin, Jr. Rt. 4, Box 353 Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690 Anthony F. Spagnolo 360 East 18th St. Paterson, N.J. 07524 Jane D. Spainhour P.O. Box 177 Lenoir, N.C. 28645 Nancy Lynn Spagler 926 Elizabeth Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Anita G. Spargo 1 7 Spencer Mtn. Road Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Raymond W. Sparks 20 Augusta Court Greenville, S.C. 29605 Thomas E. Sparks 805 Kirby St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Joseph B. Speight Rt. 1 Albemarle, N.C. 28001 Annette C. Spence 637 Valley Drove Eden, N.C. 27288 George W. Spencer, Jr. Finksburg, Maryland 21048 Larry Charles Spencer 1502 23rd St., NE Hickory, N.C. 28601 Rebecca Spencer Box 458 Caroleen, N.C. 28019 Harlo H. Spires 560 Oak St. Winnsboro, S.C. 29180 William C. Stedman 3702 Kirby Drive Greensboro, N.C. 27403 Thomas W. Spurling Route 3 Lawndale,-N.C. 28090 Starlyn Day Squires 133 S. Lafayette St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mrs. Judy Slamey 1491 22st.,SW Hickory, N.C. 28601 Michael E. Stamey 500 Dutch Gove Rd. Canton, N.C. 28716 Earl M. Stanfield, Jr. Rt. 2 Reidsville, N.C. 27320 Robert P. Starnes 280 Albanny Lane Charlotte, N.C. Alan D. Stephens Route 4, Box 312 Hickory, N.C. 28601 Herbert Joe Stepp 1691 South Center St. Hickory, N.C. 28601 Scott M. Stevenson 131 McCordSt. Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Michael E. Stewart Rt. 1, Car Club Estates Matthews, N.C. 28105 Richard P. Stewart Carmel Club Estates Matthews, N.C. 28105 Stephen Stojanovic Box 218 Cowpens, S.C. 29330 Donald Lament Stokes Route 3 Taylors, S.C. 29687 Donald R. Stokes, II 501 W. Arlington Ave. Greer, S.C. 29651 Gary Michael Stokes Rt. 2, Box 26 Indian Trail, N.C. 28079 David A. Stone Box 504 Landrum, S.C. 2956 Mrs. Jacqueline Stone Country Club Rd. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Rickey Lamar Stowe 2326 E. Branch St. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Elton Strickland P.O. Box 357 Henrietta, N.C. 28076 Dumont C. Strickland Rt. 1 Chesnee, S.C. 29323 Willis E. Strickland 555 N. Leah Street Southern Pines, N.C. 28387 Gary Milton Stroud Box 563 Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 Michael J. Stroud 39 Reese Road Asheville, N.C. 28805 Robert B. Struthers 206 Ave. K Matamoras, Pa. 18336 William M. Stubbs 1305 Hunt St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Michael Robert Sturms 5125 Davis Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27105 Billy Wade Styers R.F.D. 2, Box37A Shelby, N.C. 28150 Wanda E. Suddreth 6901 Old Mt. Holly Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28214 Thomas R. Summey 407 W. Main Street Dallas, N.C. 28034 George Calvin Surratt P.O. Box 368 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Mi chael D. R Surett 16 Rollingreen Road Greenville, S.C. 29607 George A. Surles 611 Pine Creek Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29601 William E. Suther 419 West Center Ave. Mooresville, N.C. 28115 Tom Sutherland 803 Vale St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Claude P. Suttlemyre 560 11th Ave. Hickory, N.C. 28601 Stanley T. Swanson Route 1 Newton, N.C. 28658 James A. Swayney Box 393 Cramerton, N.C. 28032 Robert Donald Sweezy Box 553 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Sandra A. Swift P.O. Box 77 State Road. N.C. 28676 Gary L. Swinkey Route 1 Union Mills, N.C. 28689 Paul E. Szymborski, Jr. 815 McGowan Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Frank J. Tapp 103 Airview Ave. Greer, S.C. 29651 John Edward Tate P.O. Box 233 Mooresboro, N.C. 28114 Camilla Belle Taylor Route 1, Box240A Granite Falls, N.C. 28630 201 Mis. Gaynelle D. Taylor BoxE Cherryvrlle, N.C. 28021 Johnny A. Taylor Woodruff, S.C. 29388 Ftobert M. Taylor 16 Cfiestnut Street Garden City. NY. 11530 Steven D. Taylor Winnsboro. S.C- 29180 Thomas Edison Taylor Route 3, Box 267 Charlotte. N.C. 28210 Thomas W. Taylor 301 Poplar St. Gatfney, S.C. 29340 Walter C. Taylor. Jr. Box 355 Boiling Spnngs. N.C. 28017 Warren Lee Taylor 719 Greenway Drive Lexington. N.C. 27292 Charles L. Teague Rl. 2. Box 422 Taylorsville. N.C. 28681 Michael B. Teague Rt. 1. Box 232 Gaffney. S.C. 29340 Robert E. Teal Route 1 Cheraw. S.C. 29520 Steve W. Tedder Rt. 1 King. N.C. 27021 Robert Frans Teeter 1618 6th St.. NW Hickory. N.C. 28601 James Lee Teeter 1618 6th St.. NW Hickory. N.C. 28601 Carolyn Lois Thomas 1911 Liberty Rd. Asheboro. N.C. 27203 David L. Thomas Rt. 1 . Box 382 Grover. N.C 28073 James W. Thomas. Jr. 13 Friartuck Rd. Greenville. S.C. 29601 Janice L. Thomas Rt. 4. Box 603 Salisbury. N.C. 28144 Katherine R. Thomas 1531 Butternut Dr. Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Larry Joe Thomas Route 3. Box 100 Wake Forest. N.C. 27587 Richard Thomas 1317 Center Ave. Chicago Heights, III. 6041 1 Ronnie Thomas Blacksburg, S.C. 29702 Barbara J. Thompson Wadesboro. N.C. 28170 Belinda A. Thompson Box 561 Tryon. N.C. 28782 David A. Thompson Lynn. N.C. 28750 Robert Lee Thompson 166 Susan Dr. Mableton. Georgia 30059 Robert W. Thompson. Jr. 204 Salem Street Thomasville, N.C 27360 Sandra K. Thompson Maple St. Spindale. N.C. 28160 Walter J. Thompson 253 6th Ave. Ct.. SW Hickory. N.C. 28601 Michael H. Thornton 204 Ransom Rd. Winston Salem. N.C. 27106 Patrick Timsley Route 6 Spartanburg. S C. 29301 Linda Susan Tolbert 201 Spainhour Ave. Lenoir. N.C. 28645 Betty Lou Toney Route 1, Box 266 Forest City. N.C. 28043 Steven B. Tower 3015 Northampton Dr. Charlotte. N.C. 28200 John David Townsend 600 Fayetteville Ave. Bennettsville. S.C. 29512 William S. Transon 2429 Inverness Rd. Charlotte. N.C. 28209 Henry Stephen Transou Route 2. Box 183 A Gaffney. S.C. 29340 James C. Trantham Box 427 Naples. N.C. 28760 Lonny Lynn Turbeville 306 Piedmont Highway Greenville. S.C. 29605 Terry L. Turtle 57 John St. Westminster. Md. 21157 Donna Y. Turner Blacksburg. S.C 29702 Gail E. Turner Route 1. Box 406 Gastonia, N C. 28052 James Nelson Turner Route 7. Box 244 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Sandra Lee Turner 200 Glennview Ext. Marion, N.C. 28752 Sophia Wall Turner Rt. 1. Box 137 Mooresboro. N.C. 28114 William Ed Turner. Ill 2022 Mower Street Newberry. S.C. 29108 Michael C. Tysinger 610 East Mam Street Thomasville. N.C. 27360 Ernest E. Upchurch 4202 Laurel Hills Rd. Raleigh, N.C, 27605 Carolyn Sue Upton Route 2 Lawndale, N.C, 28090 Ronald Eugene Uren 1821 Auten Road Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Gerry E. Vaillancount 85 31 140 St. Kew Gardens. NY. 11415 Michael D. Valentine Routes. Box 103E Charlotte. N.C. 28205 Michael H. Vanderford Rt.5 Union, S.C, 29379 Cecil Ray Van Dyke 702 Grover St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Terry Louise Varner 35 Pounds Ave., SW Concord. N.C. 28025 Owen Daniel Vaughn 1405 Larson St. Greensboro. N.C. 27407 Joseph Calvin Vestal Route 1. Box 246 Jonesville. N.C. 28642 Carolyn E. Vinson Route 1. Box 487 Valdese. N.C. 28690 Linda F. Voncannon 1312 Victory St. Greensboro, N,C. 27407 Benny A. Waddell Rt. 5. Gibb Shoals Rd. Greer. S.C. 29651 Elwood L. Wadsworth. Jr. 150 May wood Ave. Baltimore. MD. 21204 Debbie L Walker Rt. 4, Box 237 Taylorsville. N.C, 28681 Glenn Reid Walker PC. Box 213 Polkville. N.C. 28136 Jimmy Jack Walker 4 Liberty Street Forest City. N.C 28043 Mrs. Joseph E. Walker 136 Westfield Rd. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Mary Susan Walker RFD1. Box 182 D Glen Allen, Va, 23060 Monty Dean Walker Main Street. Box 186 Lattimore, N.C. 28089 Stan S. Walker 54 Wesley Drive McAdenville. N.C. 28101 Vickie D. Walker 121 Mooresville Rd. Lincolnton. N.C. 28092 Joseph D. Wallace Route 3 Rutherfordton. N.C, 28043 Rufus M. Wallace, Jr. 124 North Congress St. York, S.C- 29745 William P. Wallace P.O. Box 65 Wallace, SO. 29596 Ellen Grant Wallen 332 Cooper Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28210 Barbara Gale Wallwork 6201 Springfield Dr. Charlotte. N.C. 28212 Oscar D. Walters 122 Day St. Elkin, N.C. 28621 William Rhyne Walters 125 Country Club Rd. Shelby. N.C. 28150 William Richard Ward 56 Oakmont Drive Canton. N.C. 28716 Cindy Ware 610 Meadowbrook Kings Mtn.. N.C. 28086 Myra Katherine Ware 600 Meadowbrook Road Kings Mountain. N.C. 28086 Eural K. Warlick 322 Woodside Dr. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Barry Philip Washburn P.O. Box 843 Ellenboro, N,C. 28040 Catherine M. Washburn Box 853 Boiling Spnngs, N.C. 28017 Gloria J. Washburn 104 Taylor St. Aiken. S.C 29801 James W. Washburn 122 Brookhill Road Shelby. N.C, 28150 Linda Gail Wasznicky 1426 Minefee Street Richmond, Virginia 23200 202 tmem Jack Waters 205 Arden Drive Shelby, N.C, 28150 William Edward Watson Route 3, Box 270 Forest City. N.C. 28043 John Robert Waston Route 2 Sanford. N.C. 27330 James Thomas Way 2418 Bass Ave. Augusta, Georgia 30906 Wayne G. Weatherman 4910 W. Market St. Greensboro. N.C. 27400 G. Albert Weathers. Jr. 114W. Tallulah Drive Greenville, S.C. 29605 Lorin L. Weaver 2810 Hvi y 64 70 SW Hickory. N.C. 28601 Lydia T. Weaver Route 2. Box 66 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Terry Wayne Weavil 4776 Adier Drive Winston Salem. N.C. 27105 David Vernon Webb Rt. 8 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Kenneth G. Webb P.O. Box 584 Denton, N.C. 27239 Neal Ann Webb 125 Allen ' s Creek Rd. Waynesville, N.C. 28786 Norris Waverstone Webb Chorrillo27 St., West House 8 266, Room 12 Panama, Panama Roger D. Webb 102 Westview Dr. Waynesville. N.C. 28786 Sandra Lea Webster 280 Old Cherry Pt. Rd. New Bern. N.C. 28560 Charles H. Weeks 1800 Princeton Ave. Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Rodney D. Wegner P.O. Box 336 Angler, N.C. 27501 Cathy Susan Wehunt Route 1 Cherryville. N.C. 28021 Robert Hugh Weir Route 1 Duncan. S.C. 29334 William G. Wells 2123 New Hope Road Gastonia, N. C. 28052 Clyde W. Esson Route 2 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Joel Ronnie Wesson Route 2 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mrs. Evelyn B. West 121 Hillside Dr. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Austin L. Whaley 4119 Glenster Terrace Charlotte, N.C. 28205 Rober B. Wheat Mo I Vale St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Alice L. Whisnant Route 1 Lawndale, N.C. 28090 Ronnie C. Whisnant 505 Webber St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Janet Mae Whisnant 1022 Macon Street Asheboro, N.C. 27203 William G. Whisnant 419 North Green St. Morganton, N.C. 28655 Brenda W. Whisnant Alexander Schools Union Mills, N.C. 28167 Joe Lane Whisnant, Jr. 420 Stroud Road Shelby, N.C. 28150 Mrs. Jean Whitaker Box 726 Boiling Springs. N.C. 28017 David Miles White 79 Sparta Road North Wilkesboro, N.C. David Walton White 805 Forest Hill Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gary Cadell White Route 2, Box 78E Cherryville, N.C. 28021 Jerry C. White Rt. 3 Chesnee, S.C. 29323 Ovid Alton White Route 1, Box 91 Shelby, N.C. 28150 Andrea H. Whitener 1257 9th St.. NW Hickory, N.C. 28601 Marilyn E. Whitlemore Box 660 Whittimore Rd. Graham, N.C. 27253 Lewana Sue Whitlatch 122 Acadia Avenue Winston Salem, N.C. 27107 Brenda Joyce Whitley Route 3 Shelby. N.C. 28150 John P. Whitten 212 Jones Circle Thomasville. N.C. 27360 Alan T. Wilson Rt. 1. Box 507 Forest City. N.C. 28043 Steve Calvin Wicker Rt. 1 Pomaria. S.C. 29126 Gary Michael Wiley 1408 Burtonwood Circle Charlotte. N.C. 28212 Michael S. Wilkinson 3412 Wilshire Drive Greensboro. N.C. 27408 Stephen B. Wilkinson 3412 Wilshire Drive Gi ,ensboro, N.C. 27408 Danny G. Wilkins 2820 W. Polo Rd. Winston Salem. N.C. 27100 Richard D. Wilkins 904 Florence Street Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Joe Thomas Willard, Jr. Springdale Drive Union, S.C. 29379 Randolph C. Williams Box 431 Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017 Richard N. Williams 71 Arden Drive Newport News, Virginia 23600 Kenneth Williams 1309 Hattock Avenue Albemarle, N.C. 28001 Marion Ed Williams lOOSumit Drive Greer, S.C. 29651 Kenneth Williams 1309 Hattock Avenue Albemarle, N.C. 28001 Marion Ed Williams lOOSumit Drive Greer. S.C. 29651 Quay D. Williford 907 Hillside Lane Gastonia, N.C. 28052 Benjamin E. Willingham 2 BIythewood Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29607 Donald Willis Route 1 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Freda K. Willis R. 2 Rutherfordton. N.C. 28139 Hiram Bedell Willis Route 2 Taylors, S.C. 29687 Kenneth Wayne Willis 1505 Woodlawn Avenue Shelby, N.C. 28150 Ronald H. Willmann 1319 Queens Rd., W Charlotte, N.C. 28200 Charles A. Wilson High St.. P.O. Box 291 Littleton, N.C. 27850 Gary M. Wilson 504 Woodside Dr. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Harvey E. Wilson. Jr. 2621 Idlewood Circle Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Ivan E. Wilson, Jr. Rt. 1. Box 41 Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Marilyn Wilson 2621 Idlewood Circle Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Mary Evelyn Wilson Ftt. 3. Box 376 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Priscilla Ann Wilson 411 Kate Street Shelby, N.C. 28150 Sherman E. Wilson. Jr. 113 Ridge Road Rosboro, N.C. 27573 Susan J. Wilson Route 5 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Van S. Wilson 103 Lafayette St. Greenville, S.C. 29601 William S. Wilson Route 1 Williamston, S.C. 29797 Samuel W. Wimberly 411 Springwood Dr. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 David E. Withrow 316 Meadowbrook Rd Lula Grace Winestock Rt. 4, Box 572 Interstate 85 Greenville, S.C. 29605 John Merritt Winstead Route 2 Woodsdale, N.C. 27595 Barry C. Withers Airport Ave. Newton, N.C. 28658 David E. Withrow 316 Meadowbrook Rd. Charlotte, N. C. 28211 Alan E. Wolf 902 Caswell Dr. Greensboro. N.C. 27400 Daniel Earl Wood Route 1 Travelers Rest, S C 29690 Gloria E. Wood 215Legrand Blvd. Greenville, S.C. 29601 203 John Wesley Wood Rt. 1 1 , Box 560 Greensboro. N.C. 27400 Larry Wayne Wood Rt. 1, Cherryvrlle Road Kings Mountain. N.C. 28086 Alan Dale Woods Route 8. Box 223 Stielby. N.C. 28150 Christopher L. Worrock 8465 Will ard Road Spartanburg. S.C. 29301 Mrs. Judith Worthy 113 Fullside Drive Shelby. N.C. 28150 Gary Wray Wort man Timberly Place Rt. 3. Box J 419 Charlotte, N.C. 28210 John K. Wortman Rt. 8 Shelby. N.C. 28150 Edmund J. Wray 400 Forest Hill Dr. Shelby. N.C. 28150 Steven L. Wray 110 Maple Street Clover. S.C. 29710 Ann Noblitt Wright 12 Vincent St. Shelby. N.C. 28150 James Ronald Wright 710 3rd Street Shelby. N.C. 28150 John Ervin Wright. Jr. 1 14 Railroad Ave. Chester. S.C. 29706 Karen Cecilia Wright Box 06 Fallston. N.C. 28042 Larry Wade Wright 1303 Winfield Dr. Winston Salem. N.C. 27105 Timothy Neal Wright 4765 Randall Ave. Winston Salem. N.C. 27100 Joyce Elaine Wylie Route 3. Box 188 B Rock Hill. S.C. 29730 Jesse Yarb rough Box 426C. Route 1 Roxboro. N.C- 27573 Dorsey S. Younce 738 Charlotte Ave. Rock Hill. S.C. 29730 Harold S.York 105 Morris Ave. Mount Holly. N.C. 28120 Daisy Olivia Young Routes. Box 8 Gaffney.S.C. 29340 Catherine J. Wyrick 1415 Nineteenths!. Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Issa Shamoun Yachou Ibrahim Masse Bid. Marilyas St. Mousseitbeh Beirut, Lebanon Benny Dvnain Yarbrough P.O. Box 23 Kings Mountain, N.C. 28086 Carlos L. Young, Jr, 922 W.Sumter St. Shelby, N.C. 28150 Gregory Alex Young Rt. 7, Club Knoll Road Winston Salem, N.C. 27105 James Mason Young Sunset Blvd Bon Aires Clinton, S-C. 29325 Shirley Annette Young Route 3 Mocksville, N.C. 27028 John Gregory Yurecsko 22 Wall Street Rockaway. NJ. 07866 Harry M. Zafoot 3515 D. Beacon Hill Dr. Winston Salem. N.C. 27106 Frank Ronald Zedick 707 E. Washington St. Dillon, S.C. 29536 204 The 1969 year at Gardner-Webb was truly an " inbetween " year. Most every facet of college life was confusing and enigmatic at first. However, as students gained a better understanding of college and their purpose for being there, the confusion and enigma gave way to enlightenment. The purpose of the 1970 Anchor was to capture the most memorable moments of that year. Many long hours of work went into producing the yearbook. The frustrations of failing to meet deadlines and the disappointment of having a late yearbook were only two of the bad times. However, the book could not have been com- pleted without the constant support of Mr. Bill Boyd, the Anchor advisor who singlehandly produced the sports section. In addition, Mr. Ron Norman of Keys Printing Company was of great service to the Anchor staff. Special thanks to Keys Print- ing Company for holding their yearbook workshop last summer. It was here that the 1970 Anchor be- gan to take shape. The 1969-70 year at Gardner- Webb may not have been the most outstanding In the history of the school, however, it was an impor- tant step — a final prerequisite be- fore establishing a four year institu- tion. The " inbetweeness " meant something ... it meant success. Elaine Bolynn Editor-in-chief 1970 Anchor 205

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