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♦ • § ■ .-,.-■ ' msmmmm w wJtm i ANCHOR ' 69 Gardner-Webb I College i Boiling Springs, North Carolina Volume 35 l ' J Z£-0 . Anchor Staff Editor Arena Dunn Copy Jane Fite Nancy Fortune Wanda Willis Features Elaine Bolynn Academics and Faculty Gloria Poston Sports Mitchell Coggins Phil Hopkins Activities Linda Anthony Ron Goodfellow Classes Betsy Arthur Jackie Bridges Index and Lay-outs Clay Breeland Typists Marilyn Newton Lela Ward Photography Tricia Green Photographers Ed Brown Bill Hines Larry Watson Cover Design and Art Work Cathy Smith Advisor Mr. Alex Vaughn TABLE OF CONTENTS Features . Academics Faculty . Athletics . Activities Classes . . Faculty Index Student Index . 18 . 34 . 52 . 78 . 112 . 138 .204 .205 Construction Reflects Expansion Of b: Needs With Larger Faculty As the campus of Gardner-Webb is experiencing a building explosion, the faculty is experiencing a population explo- sion. Endeavoring to meet the requirements of a senior college, Gardner-Webb is currently employing twelve additional pro- fessors. It should be desired that the faculty and the students develop and maintain a meaningful relationship. As students, we realize that change is the inevitable cause of growth. Growth is the factor which enables an institution such as Gardner-Webb to benefit not only those who reside on campus as students, but also those who reside in the surrounding communities as citizens. Just as the new professors are symbolic of our growth, the returning faculty members symbolize the basic beliefs upon which Gardner-Webb was founded. They have worked hard as teachers and as people for the progress of our college. With a seasoning of the new and co-operation from all, Gardner-Webb will be able to travel the road and successfully move forward. I I r 3L, 4 -«A . U 4 « : - , IT 13 Viet Nam, Rioting, Morals Shape Youth ' s Perspectives We are living in a world of today which has far surpassed that of yesterday. The college student sees and hears of riots, hippies, war, new morality, and must choose whether to conform or rebel. Why is there war, hatred, starvation, and mass confusion? Why is that dear friend or loved one fighting and dying in Viet Nam- what is he fighting for-our world? The riots-the destruction-is this the world of today? How does one feel walking down a street at night? Does he feel fear and distress? The hippie is searching for a world of his own! When that world cannot be found, he creates situations that seem far fetched to many. The new morality seems appealing; yet, the results unwanted! Though the world at times seems bad, it is constantly improving. The love that is felt and exchanged by many overwhelms the hatred. To wake up each morning to a free country is priceless yet, taken for granted. Many times the world may seem gloomy and useless; but there is always tomorrow, yet, more important always hope. W . v I ) 15 " Our answer is to rely on youth-not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease. The cruelties and obstacles of this swiftly changing planet will not yield to obsolete dogmas and outworn slogans. They cannot be moved by those who cling to a present that is already dying, who prefer the illusion of security to the excitement and danger that come with even the most peaceful progress. It is a revolutionary world, we live in; and this generation at home and around the world, has had thrust upon it a greater burden of responsibility than any generation that has ever lived ... " ' " Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change ... " " " Like it or not, we live in times of danger and uncertainty " Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not. ' Tribute to Senator Robert F. Kennedy By Senator Edward M. Kennedy 17 18 BBS 19 GW Students Enjoyed Deep South May Day " May Day Way Down South " was the theme for the 1 968 GWC May Day celebra- tion. Lovely sophomore Regina Owens of North Wilkesboro, N.C. was crowned May Queen by the President of the Student Body. Entertainment for the May Queen and her court was supplied by the three girls ' dorms, the day students, the men ' s en- semble, and finally a maypole dance by the Physical Education classes. It all added up to be a glorious day for everyone present. Stroup Dormitory ' s rendition of " My Own True Love " and " Sweet Georgia Brown " won the trophy for best entertainment at May Day. • V Carolyn Kenan Maid of Honor Regina Owens Queen HSSBBBBai Tlie girls from Nanney dorm dis- play their many talents. GWC ' s day students add a little spice to May Day festivities. LHJIIUJIILL Those " cotton-pickin " girls from HAPY dorm. Several girls from P.E. class perform the May pole dance. The attendants and their escorts add beauty and splendor to the 1968 May Day celebration. V t ► VI ? " i T£1 H| i May Day Attendants and Escorts were: Libby Bebber and Maxie Krause, Vickie Jackson and Barry Maney, Rebecca Owens and Philip Hamilton, Linda Bell and Dennis Martin, Martha Gibson and Al Timmons, Dedee Pabst and Miles Aldridge, Susie Hutcher- son and Fred Gilbert, Paulette Smith and Randy Eskridge. 21 Kay Anthony Reigned At Homecoming On November 2, 1968, during the half-time activities of the Gardner-Webb vs. East Tennessee Freshman football game, Dr. Eugene Poston crowned Kay Anthony of Greensboro, North Carolina GWs 1968 Homecoming Queen. The delighted sophomore beauty was then presented with a bouquet of chrysanthemums along with a kiss from Dr. Poston. The queen and her four attendants rode in an afternoon Homecoming parade. •-5V T- -- ' Kay mirrors the qualities that make a queen. Kay Anthony Queen 22 Mm Hi Kathy Edwards Attendant Vickie Jackson Attendant Jan Johnson Attendant Carolyn Stone Attendant Sponsors and players from left to right are: Sherry McGee, Sid Bryson; Bonnie Green, George Spencer; Gay Osten, Ted Luckadoo; Penny Smith, Donald Stiles; Cindy Rupp. David Gibbons; Sandy Shaver, James Queen; Carol Galinat, Billy Scott; Linda Barnes, Pete Lindh; Linda Poolella, Ray Miller; Celia Robinson, Ryan Henley. Sharon Ingram, Al Jacobs; Lynn Grigg, Jerry Nanney; Susan Arlington, James Seacord; Barbara Wallwork, Richard Peeler; Sue Laponnick, James Washburn; Nora Oeland, Randy Rushton; Annette Phillips, Tommy Tate; Melody Bennick, Carole McBrayer, Ed Holman; Beth Poston, Larry Sechrist. 23 GW Students Were Honored With Titles During the Christmas Season the student body chose Kelly Sanders of Cherokee, N. C. as GWC ' s Holiday Tournament Queen. Her two attendants were Cathy Edwards of Waynes- ville, N. C. and Carolyn Stone of Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. McGraw, Vice-President of Gradner-Webb, crowned Kelly Queen during the half-time activities of the DeKalb game. Another election by the student body came at homecoming with the selection of Joe College and Cathy Co-Ed who were Jerry Ruppe of Rutherfordton, N. C, and Dedee Pabst of Greenville, S. C, respectively. Jerry Ruppe Joe College Dedee Pabst Kathy Co-Ed Kelly Saunders Holiday Tournament Queen Cathy Edwards Carolyn Stone Attendants Ti...T.r-nw ma Jill Sanders Reigned At Sweetheart Ball On February 13, 1968 Gardner-Webb students, who attend- ed the annual Sweetheart Ball, chose Jill Sanders of Durham, North Carolina as Sweetheart Queen. Her attendants were Susan Arrington of Charlotte, N. C, Jane Fite of Belmont, N. C, Marjorie Glenn of Boiling Springs, N. C, Vickie Jackson of Charlotte, N. C, and Shelia Warlick of Fallston, N. C. Another Gardner-Webb beauty chosen was the Rotoract Queen. The members of the Gardner-Webb Rotoract Club chose Miss Linda Raney of Morganton, N. C. to represent their organization. Linda Raney Rotaract Queen Jill Sanders Sweetheart Queen The attendants for Sweetheart Queen were: Shelia Warlick, Vickie Jackson, Susan Arlington, Majorie Glenn, and Jane Fite. 25 Renowned Pearl Buck Spoke at At GW The Distinguished Artist Series complements the cultural and academic phases of college life by providing music, drama, lectures, and creative arts. During these years of formal education, the G.W. student is encouraged to appreciate the values of the fine arts. The performance of Pearl S. Buck on November 19 was an unforgettable experience shared by all Gardner-Webb students. Miss Buck told of the tragic situation in Asia which captured the deep concern of her audience. In the area of music, the Series presented Dr. Gordon Myers, a baritone composer and Christopher Giles, a featured pianist from Wake Forest University. A one-man art show was presented by Dr. Calvin T. Smith, a physician-sculpturer from Greenville, S.C. The Drama Department presented an outstanding selection of plays this year. These include the comedy hit Barefoot in the Park, a moving one-act play entitled The Long Christmas Dinner, psychological drama, The Innocents, and a brilliant warm comedy. The Subject Was Roses. Dr. Poston applauds as Miss Pearl Buck concludes her speech to the GW student body. 26 iafc ' did . otuc The Distinguished Artist Series brochure, designed by Kay Anthoney, exemplifies the artistic ability of Gardner-Webb students. (Jordan Myers, renowned baritone-composer, sang the solo part of his own work GOD ' S TROMBONES while accompanied by the GW choir. Christopher Giles, distinguished pianist performed before an attentive audience of GW students. 27 The GW players present " The Long Christmas Dinner " in chapel just before Christmas vacation. - 1 1 The comedy " Barefoot In the Park " was presented to the student body of GW and was hailed as a true success. 28 •asmammmmsmmmmBmaami ■■■■■■■■■■■MEnMm 7 This sure isn ' t any way to get ahead. A modest display of Pearl Buck ' s many literary works. 29 Chuck Jackson Entertained GW Students The beginning . . close of summer . . professors . . . rules . carnival . . . Chuck new faces, old friends . . . laughter ... the . Brian Carney . . . classes again . . . new . . a luau ... a campus transformed into a Jackson . . . " soul " sounds . . . autumn nights . . . Yvonne Fair . . . music ... a crowded gym . . . mid- terms . . . Donnery and Rudd . . . excitement . . . hard work . . . more planning . . . floats . . . the barn . the leaving of autumn . . . The Dickens . . . dorm decorations ... a concert . soul becomes king . . . Homecoming . . ... a victory . . . winter comes quietly . . . Christmas spirit Ryder . . . vacation The Towncriers . . . music . . . The Tarns . winter . . . waits for . . last-minute worries The Impressions . . . a queen ... a trophy . . the agony of finals . . Basketball . . . more victories . . . Mitch . . return to GWC . . . new outlooks . . . tournaments . . . spring at last . . . soft . . sunshine . . . lasting friendships . . . The Lettermen . . . graduation . . . the end ... We begin again Yvonne Fair silhouettes the poise and talent of a truly great entertainer. Brian Carney livens up GWC campus with his performance. 30 mammm Chuck Jackson displayed real " soul " as he performed before G.W. students. 31 The Impressions sing, " It ' s all right. " " Okay, who unplugged the microphone? " Dancing was prohibited at GWC until Yvonne Fair took over that night. 32 Students ' reception of The Tarns was so overwhelming that the SGA asked them back for a repeat performance. Glen Yarbrough was the second attraction of the new year at Gardner-Webb. Gardner Webb students thoroughly enjoyed the Lettermen ' s fabulous performance. The Dickens made working on Homecoming floats even more enjoyable. 33 7 V -_• 34 KflMB 35 Baptist Convention Unanimously Approved In 1961 the Trustees of Gardner-Webb adopted a Decade of Advance Program. Many goals were set forth including the graduation of the first Bachelor ' s Degree class in 1971. Before the senior college status could become a reality, the Baptist State Convention had to approve it. The Trustees appealed to the Council on Christian Higher Education of the Baptist State Convention to appoint a committee to visit Gardner-Webb to ascertain whether or not the college was ready to enter into a four-year program. The Council approved it and recommended it to the General Board, and the General Board in turn recommended it to the Convention. The request for Gardner-Webb senior college status was presented to the Convention on November 23, 1968. After much affirmative discussion, the Convention gave an enthusias- tic approval. A new era began at Gardner-Webb College. Many GW students add their support. Gloria and Steve display our new light tower. 36 Gardner- Webb For Four Year Status " V " for victory! Much excitement and hard work was combined in preparation for the convention. Rev. John Lawrence presents Gardner-Webb to the convention. 37 38 m Dr. Poston Served Actively As President In his eighth year of office. Dr. E. Eugene Poston, President of Gardner-Webb, watched his once " dreamed of goal become a reality with the advancement of the college to a four-year institution. During the 1968-69 school year the college ad- vanced not only in academic expansion, but in the aspect of Christian atmosphere on campus. The advancements were largely due to the efforts put forth by Dr. Poston. Responsible for the organization and administration of Gardner-Webb, Dr. Poston sought out and brought to the campus many new faculty members, who helped uphold the status of G. W. C. Always holding the students alongside the standards of Gardner-Webb, Dr. Poston endeavored to become involved, in as personal a way as possible, with the students. Dr. Poston ' s secretary, Mrs. Griffin, takes a few minutes of her busy day Dr. Poston and a friend admire dormitory room doors at Christmas, to relax. Dr. and Mrs. Poston are proud of their new home. 39 Trustees Helped Beautify GWC Campus The trustees of Gardner-Webb College have had a tremen- dous responsibility and this constantly increases. Officiating as Chairman is Mr. R. Patrick Spangler. Availing as Vice-Chairman is Mr. Lloyd C. Bost. Possessing other offices are: Mr. Boyce Grindstaff. Mr. C.P. Nanney, Miss Charlene Stamey, and Mr. H. Max Craig. New trustees are: Mr. Charles I. Dover, Mr. Thomas Causby, Rev. Dillard Myratt, Mr. T.R. Hendrix, Sr., and Mr. T. Ray Helms. Respected members of the board are: Mr. Arthur C. Garrison, Mr. Earl T. Groves, Mr. Garrie L. Kendrick, Mr. Fores C. Roberts. Sr.. Mr. Robert B. Scruggs. Mr. J.T. Oliver Daves. Mr. Ralph W. Gardner, Mr. John Gibson, Mr. J.L. Nichols, Jr., Mr. D.A. Rawley, Sr.. Mr. Hobart C. Smith, Reverend Henry B. Stokes, Mr. James Beason. Dr. Reed Gaskin, Mr. Brodie F. Griffith, Reverend W.T. Hendrix, Mr. A.T. Withrow, Mr. H. Paul Bridges, Mrs. O Max Gardner, Sr., Mrs. Rush Stroup, and Mr. J.L. Suttle. Jr. Officers of the Board of Trustees are: T. Max Craig, C.P. Nanney, Lloyd C. Bost, R. Patrick Spangler. and Boyce Grindstaff. 40 k m Mrs. Hicks helped relieve Mr. McGraw of many duties. Mr. Tom McGraw Worked To Advance GW Goals Chief assistant to the President of G. W. C. is our most able Thomas McGraw. His duties range from fund raiser to presiding over the Public Relations Committee. His overwhelming per- sonality makes him popular with young and old alike. Vice-President McGraw sets an example in religious affairs along with his other respected positions. He is the organizer and promoter of Christian Education Day. This is a day set aside where each Baptist Church in North Carolina gives a special offering directly to the support of the college. Mr. McGraw makes the office of Vice-President have a true meaning. Mr. McGraw worked hard to help achieve four year status. During the 1968 Commencement exercises Mr. McGraw was honored. Dr. Carothers Planned The Alumni Program l Dr. Carothers, editor of " The Web, " handled alumni affairs with efficiency and success. " Now how did that paper get in there, " wonders Mrs, Duncan. Serving as coordinator and director of the Student Personnel and Student Activities Division of the college, Dr. R. E. Carothers endeavored to improve Gardner-Webb through the Department of Development. Dr. Carothers directed alumni work for the college with great enthusiasm and forceful leadership. Along with the encouragement for a larger Alumni Associa- tion, Mr. Carothers organized and published The Web, a monthly publication for GWC alumni. Assisting the president whenever there was need, Dr. Caro- thers also worked with the business manager in organizing and supervising the physical plant personnel. The job of Dr. Carothers certainly required more than the title of the office implied, and he fulfilled all his duties with dedication and " a whole-hearted effort of betterment for Gardner-Webb. Mrs. Clyde Downs, secretary to Dr. Carothers, found her many duties to be time-consuming. 42 i Mr. Abrams Admitted Mrs. Hamrick Directed As Registrar of Gardner-Webb College, Mrs. Hamrick deals with students admissions, registration, and keeping of records such as grades, attendance, and personal data. She also prepares reports on students for college and university transfer and on scholastic acluevement. Above all, Mrs. Hamrick carries out her duties with great patience and heartfelt interest. Mr. Abrams, Director of Admissions, surveys hundreds of applications each year in search of the type of students Gardner-Webb desires. He organizes and directs visits to high schools to a cquaint students with the curriculum and purpose of our college. The idea of Christian education is whole heartedly supported by Mr. Abrams. Mrs. Poston, Mi. Abrams ' secretary, is a great source of help in the Admissions Office. US Mrs. Packard works diligently as Mrs. Hamrick ' s secretary. Mr. Abrams is always busy with applications from next year ' s students. The responsibility of the Registrar is never ending. Deans Lewis, Holland, Sanford, Sorrells Dr. J. Thurman Lewis, Dean of Instruction, offers services which are always entailed. His chief concern is the educational phase of the college, but he also interprets the functions and purposes of the college. The Dean of Students, Thomas J. Holland, prepares a sound Christian organization of student activities including religious, social, cultural, and recreational programs. As Dean of Women, Dean Sorrells raises the standards of all Gardner-Webb students by promoting spiritual and social grace among the women students. She has successfully maintained a personal and friendly relationship with each student. Ken Sanford besides assuming coaching duties admirably fills the position of Dean of Men. By assisting in providing proper supervision of the campus at night as well as inspection of dormitories. It is not unusual to find Coach Sanford in the men ' s dorm late at night rendering his services as referee. " That ' s right! I ' m putting in an order for three extra hours in a day. ' " No Roger - I told you that ' s undue familiarity! " Come on in, fellas - always ready to help. ' Were Helpful To Students ' Like 1 said - No comment. " " I don ' t care how much you offer me, I will not erase your chapel cuts. " " We are all for one and one for all. ' Aw, it can ' t be all that bad Dean Sorrells. 45 Mr. Vaughn, Mr. McManus, Promoted G. W. C. Director of Promotion is the respected Mr. Alex Vaughn. He is responsible for all printed communication directed towards the students, faculty, administration, trustees, alumni, and friends of Gardner-Webb. He is the advisor of the ANCHOR, THE PILOT, and the catalogue. Mr. Vaughn is a man of many qualities. Encouragement and tact in frustrating situations are two of his outstanding qualities. Mr. U. A. McManus serves in the area of development at Gardner-Webb College. His responsibilities are concerned with a deferred giving program and an annual student-giving program. Wayne Epley adds a little humor to the Promotion ' s office. ' All right. Bill, where are those pictures? " Mrs. Rita Horton ' s jobs range from distributing ID ' s to news releases. Mr. U. A. McManus. Jr., who handles part of the development program for Gardner Webb, is shown accepting a financial gift. 46 Business Office Regulated Finances One very important aspect of the survival of a growing college is financed affairs. Mr. Charles E. Mack is head of these affairs. Mr. Mack has direct and indirect contact with the students. He aids in assignment of scholarship, office work, and trouble-shooter of the campus. Being the business manager requires honesty, integrity, patience, and unmentionable respon- sibility. Mr. Mack is an example of these virtues and sets an example for all the students. The Business Office handles all financial affairs and contri- butes greatly to the operation of the college. Mrs. Mamie Condrey and Mrs. Louise Jolly remain cheerful as they balance the books. i m Mrs. Lefler is a great source of help to students since she cashes checks. There ' s something about money that makes everyone happy - right Mr. Mack? 47 Rev. Freeman Guided Mrs. Faulkner Counselec Rev. Buddy Freeman, college minister, served the Gardner- Webb family efficiently during the school term. Always with the personal, spiritual aspect of the student in mind, Rev. Freeman became a friend with whom all could share their problems. Rev. Freeman worked closely with FOCUS, B.S.U., and the Ministerial Association. Buddy Freeman became an inspiration to many G. W. C. students. Mrs. Kenneth Faulkner, Guidance Counselor, worked to help students solve counseling problems and, through testing, tell students some of their aptitudes for careers. She also helped the student to become an individual and enabled the students to be that individual. Mrs. Betty Hester announcing without the intercom. Mrs. Faulkner tnes to counsel Seacord and Gibbons. Reverand Freeman works hard to bring us interesting and inspirational messages in Chapel. Library Brought Us Through Term Papers Striving to meet the needs of every student, the Dover Memorial Library offers books for entertainment and reference. Periodicals for past, present, and future information are available to the public. The cooperative attitude of the librarians makes the use of the library a pleasure instead of a chore. As Gardner-Webb becomes a senior college, the library strives to meet the demands of our new status. Miss Rebecca Sebastian tries to keep books in order. Dr. Stanley Benson is trying to meet the library ' s requirements for a four-year approval. Mrs. Washburn, Mrs. McGraw, and Miss Withrow work hard to get new books out to students. 49 Administrative Assistants Served Faculty The administrative assistants of the college became well-known to students on campus for their untiring efforts of service. Mr. Whitley, Director of Housing, made pos- sible the utilization of the buildings on campus. Mr. Scruggs, Superintendent of the Mainte- nance Department, supervised the beautification of the campus grounds and helped keep the buildings in good condition. Mrs. Shirley Washburn, switchboard operator, had the busy task of handling the communications for the college. Mr. Reed, Head of Cafeteria Maintenance, provided students with well-balanced diets. Mr. Bryan Washburn and Mr. Wyan Washburn, college physicians, served the students adequately during the year. Mrs. Shirley Washburn, switchboard operator, proceed her efficiency again this year. s Mi. Allen ruled the bookstore with an iron hand. Even his busy schedule doesn ' t change Mr. Reid ' s friendly attitude. Mr. Horace Scruggs helps keep things in good order around GWC. Director of Housing, Mr. Calvin Whitley, kept tales on all work hours and parking fines. 50 Inspiration was spread throughout the Grady Wilson Crusade. Wilson Crusade Headed Chapel Programs This year the chapel program at Gardner-Webb has amply supplied the spiritial needs of its students. During revival, the Grady Wilson Crusade presented a series of sermons to the students, faculty, and surrounding communities. The musical program, which was most inspiring, included a choir consisting of Gardner-Webb students. The Long Christmas Dinner was presented by the Drama Club preceding exams and the Christmas holidays. Among the many chapel speakers were various ministers from Boiling Springs and neighboring communities. Also, Dr. Poston spoke several times on the purposes of Gardner-Webb and the prospect of becoming a senior college. Ethyl Waters contributed a lot to the Crusade. Various plays were presented during the year in chapel. 51 52 53 Communications Are Keys Of Success Although the English Department is busily plan- ning for our four-year status, there have been no new curriculum changes made as yet. Many new professors were brought to Gardner-Webb to help guide the college in this direction. Dr. Betty S. Cox, Chairman of the Department and three new professors have shifted the emphasis from mechanics and literary form to individual ideas. Hopefully, this will develop the student ' s interest and self expression. Mr. Ernest M. Blankenship Dr. Betty Cox, Chairman Mrs. Laura W. Gentry Mrs. Gladys D. Morris Mr. Thirlen D. Osborne Mr. Charley L. Sandifer Mr. Osborne prepares the lecture for his 8:00 class. Mr. Wilkie is glad to give personal assistance to his students. 54 % p " Maybe I shouldn ' t have let him report on Fanny Hill . . . " Mr. Paul M. Sorrells Mr. James K. Taylor Mr. Fred A. Wilkie Mr. Taylor discovers the kind of imagination college students possess. 55 Mr. McBride explains logarithms to his 8:00 class. Mathematic Designs Are Future Realities Providing courses for math majors and those working toward liberal arts degrees, the Mathematics Department offers several different classes for students. For the in- dividual who must take non-credit courses, basic math- ematics and geometry classes are taught. There are also courses in modern algebra, trigonometry, analytic geom- etry, and integral calculus. Designed for students with different backgrounds and goals, the department, which is headed by Mr. Hubert C. Dixon, will project the current program to meet the needs of a senior college status. Dr. Smith aids a student with his math problems. " Is she really the new math instructor? " 56 Mr. Hubert C. Dixon Chairman Mr. W. Ray McBride Dr. Paul K. Smith Mr. Dixon inspires the Mathematics Department as well as his students. 57 Sciences Provided An Insight To Nature Dr. Godfrey, who comes to Gardner-Webb new this year, is head of the Science Department. The main objective of the Science Department is to inform and teach the students more about the science of planets, animals, and man in order to enable them to efficiently contribute t o the fields of education, health, agriculture, and industry. • I Mr. M.A. Moseley Dr. William H. Mowry Mr. Paul J. Stacy Mr. Clyde S. Cash Mr. James W. Fite Dr. Albert B. Godfrey, Chairman Mr. Michael A. Harrelson 58 Mr. Cash becomes engrossed in a physical science experiment. Mr. Fite always takes his students as seriously as he does his biology. " If that ' s a Paramecium you ' re drawing, you must erase the hands and feet! " 59 Dr. Garland H. Allen Mr. Gilmer W. Blackburn Mr. M. Lansford Jolley Chairman Miss Doris Jones Dr. Aksel E. Nielson Mr. Donald E. Reed As well as financial aid advisor, Jesse Taylor is one of our outstanding history- professors. 60 Mr. Richard M. Sykes Social Sciences Strive To Relate Civilization ; ' For Friday, students, please prepare a short resume . . . The Social Studies Department of G.W.C. studies the social environment in which the student lives, in an attempt to understand, and hopefully, improve the relationship within human society. As a visual aid, in order to make class instruction more meaningful, an overhead projector and tapes are used. Debates and panel discussions are also methods of encouraging class participation. Mr. Lansford Jolly, chairman of the de- partment, is assisted by one new faculty member, Mr. Richard Matthews from Pensacola Junior College, in Pensacola, Florida. Mr. Allen says, " No checks over $10.00. ' ' Apprehend nothing but ' Jolleyty. ' 61 Man ' s Awareness Is The Necessity O f Languages To assist the student in gaining an understanding of the culture, civilization, and literature of another people, the Modem Language Department offers an up-to-date method of study in French, Spanish, and German. The department, headed by Mr. Charles Andrews, offers the student forty-five perspective hours of laboratory help a week. Campus-Coverage radio is also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The department added three new professors this year and will offer advanced courses in French and Spanish for the junior and senior years of the college. Dr. Mario A. Suarez Mr. M. Allen Setzer Mr. Robert E. Morgan Mrs. Dorothy K. Henson Mr. Charles S. Andrews Chairman Mr. Andrews uses the overhead projector in explaining French verbs. L 62 ' ' Maintenant, fermez les Uvres ... " Dr. Suarez uses his native language to teach at GWC Mr. Morgan experiments with French word equations. Mr. Setzer meditates over his Spanish class. 63 Classical Language Represents The Past The Classical Language Department, which is headed by Mr. P. H. Cline, teaches the background and heritage of the Greek and Roman civilizations. Each student is encouraged to explore the writings of Greek and Latin authors after acquiring a mastery of the grammar. As Gardner- Webb develops into a senior college, additional courses will be added. These include the third year of Latin and Greek. Mr. Paul A. Cline Chairman Mr. Cline provides interesting and thought-provoking lectures for his classes. The library aids students in preparing research papers and provides for many sources of readings. 64 The Mind Challenges Students In Education The Department of Education strives to provide professional training and experience for prospective te- achers in elementary and secondary schools. It is important that these students are aware and appreciative of their strategic role in all concerns of the community. Therefore, this Department hopes to instill in each student the spiritual and social attributes needed for successful living through college as well as life. Dr. James P. Henson Chairman I guess I flunked another Chemistry exam. Dr. Henson believes that education is a rewarding career. 65 Mr. Thomas J. Ballard Dr. Robert L. Lamb Dr. Thomas F. Hewitt Dr. Murrell carries responsibility well as Chairman of the Religion Department. Dr. M. Vann Murrell Chairman Mr. Robert L. Trexler Mr. James M. Wilder tmemm Religion Broadens Our Spiritual Horizon . The respected Religion Department of Gardner- Webb is headed by Dr. M. Vann Murrell. Students who participate in religion are privileged to re-think their relationship with God. With G.W. ' s acquired four-year status the Religion Department is expan- ding their curriculum for religion majors. The Religion Department is also working with the Business Department in establishing a Church Secre- tary major. The Religion Department remains enthu- siastic and is always willing to render Christian advice. Dr. Hewitt, an added doctorate to the Religion Department, instilled in students a Biblical conception of life. To Dr. Lamb, grading papers is serious business. 67 ■ Mrs. Bettye M. Carpenter Dr. Charles W. Cox Dr. Kenneth W. Falkner Mis. Carpenter questions the subject matter of the last speech. 68 Mrs. Elizabeth E. Hill Mrs. Nettie R. Gidney Mr. Jerry R. Hill Mr. C. Robert Jones Mr. James H. Rash Mrs. Evelyn C. Wilder Artistic Ideas Express Student ' s Emotion The Fine Arts Department consists of objectives concerned with music, art, speech, and dramatics. The department strives to deepen appreciation of the cultural values of music and art. Those interested in reciving adequate training for a future in professional music are given the opportunity. The Fine Arts Department also strives to supply the student with the desire to raise the cultural standards in his community. Demonstrations of speaking and acting are presented to promote interest in students of all fields. " You ' re supposed to sew it, not crochet it!! ' Art gives one the feeling of m otion. 69 ■ Physical Fitness Builds You Up Not Out The Physical Education and Health Department established a program to help the individual student to become more physically fit and to become more aware of the importance of physical fitness in today ' s society. The department, headed by Mr. Norman Harris, offers all sports from physical fitness, volley- ball, basketball, football, and softball to courses in swimming, tennis and soccer. The department also offers courses in Health to better acquaint students with methods of gaining and maintaining a healthy body. Mr. Jerry Z. Bryson Mr. Ken R. Daves Mrs. Nell S. Griggs Mrs. Barbara W. Holbrook Mr. Edwin C. Holbrook Mr. J. Ken Sanford Besides stressing physical fitness, Mrs. Holbrook has a big hand in many special events on campus. " 2,892 . . . 2,893 . . . 2,894 . 70 $♦ r, " What a sweet group of boys I have. " Coach Harris seems pleased with his new list of football recruits. Mr. Norman A. Harris Chairman 71 Mrs. Donna W. Hewitt Mrs. Grace C. Lee, Chairma I Mrs. Shirley P. Toney Mrs. Harriett E. Whitley Mrs. Hewitt seems pleased with a student ' s progress. (| f|f fS ffy . ; ; 9 n ( fci ia ■ ' " «» ft w ? " 1! ' ' f .. Freshmen and sophomores are as follows: Terry Fox, Patricia Fox, Jane Hamrick, Linda Paollela, Louise Wellton, Patricia Jones, Jolene Crawford, Patricia Mintz, Ann Joyce, Teresa Renn, Colleen Horton, Alice Whisnant. Second Row: Sandra Thompson, Gayle Lacivita, Anita Embler, Joy Holland, Tamala, Logan, Pam Hydecker. Kathy Rhinehart, Kathie Gibson, Jackie Maxwell. Third Row: Bonnie Heffner, Linda Jenkins, Nancy Putnam. Carolyn Powers. Kathy Mahood, Cathy Wehunt. Diane Lutz, Wanda Scruggs, Francis Reynolds. Fourth Row: Dianne Daniels, Vickie Hull, Jane Richard, Karen Wright, Lewana Whitlatch, Jane Fite, Dottie Willis, Lynda Crowder. Fifth Row: Flizabeth Howard, Edith Earley. Cathy Wvrich, Edith Crabtree, Betty Martin. Nursing Is Expanding Field Of Medicine The main objective of the Nursing Department is to offer a program which will enable students to think and to reason, and to equip them to grow throughout their lives in professional service as nurses. New objectives have been incorporated to provide additional assistance to the less qualified student through individual planning and guidance. Mrs. Grace Lee, Chairman of the Nursing Depart- ment, and her associates are proud of their students. Is all this really necessary? " Joy practices her duties cheerfully. Anne Joyce, Miss Student Nurse, pauses for a picture. 73 m Xk . never ending or beginning Mr. Deck W. Andrews. Chairman Mrs. Jane H. Harris Mrs. Betty H. Logan Mrs. Diane H. Packard Mrs. Harris listens to a suggestion from one of her students. 74 Two Year Business A. A. Aided Students The Business Department strives to prepare stu- dents to meet the challenges of the business world. The students are encouraged to work together as Christian individuals. Many students in this field are working for the A. A. Degree. The Department plans to offer a degree in Business Administration and one in Secretarial Science. Mr. Deck Andrews, Chairman of the Department, has a very co-operative attitude and is willing to help any student. Mrs. Logan busies herself by checking papers. Mr. Andrews shows extreme dedication to the Business Department. 75 Students Learned Computer, IBM Concepts The Data Processing Department, headed by Mr. Wallace Carpenter, teaches students such techniques as keypunch, sorting, wiring, and advanced courses of computer concepts. Mr. Keith Griggs works closely with Mr. Carpenter in the department. Both supervise much of the administrative work concerning such things as registra- tion and chapel attendance. In preparation for the senior college status a full program of study in data processing is being prepared. Mr. Wallace R. Carpenter Chairman " Wait a number, Boyce! You ' ve wired my finger to number 31! " Sometimes Data Processing becomes too complicated for just one person. Mr. Griggs informal manner adds a light touch to classroom dis- cussions. Night Classes Helped Working Students The night school at G.W.C. provides an oppor- tunity for those who work to obtain an education. Many adults are given the opportunity to continue their education from previous years. The school is filled with willingness and desire to help all involved. u m Mr. McMiUian and a student find time for a little humor. Mrs. Fite teaches the correct typing technique. 77 ■ 78 79 1968 Bulldog Coaching Staff is: Head Coach, Norman Harris, Coach Ken Daves, Joe Broughton, and Coach Ken Sanford. Last Jr. College Season Was A Success 1968 Bulldog Football Record Gardner-Webb 28 Western Carolina J.V. ' s 6 Gardner-Webb 43 Furman Freshmen 6 Gardner-Webb 14 Lees-McRae 14 Gardner-Webb 21 Chowan Gardner-Webb Newport News Apprentice Gardner-Webb 17 Ferrum 21 Gardner-Webb Lees-McRae 21 Gardner-Webb 69 East Tennessee State Frosh Gardner-Webb 21 Appalachian Freshmen Gardner-Webb 41 Hargrave Military 7 ■Mm Sid Bryson spots his open receiver despite the rush of oncoming linemen. Bulldog student coaches and managers are, left to right: Phil Hamilton, Buddy Taylor, Danny Coates, Terry Weavil, and Bill Chandler. First Row, left to right: David Gibbons, Tommy McSwain, Jack Leard, Ricky Walker, Gary Gist, David Hart. Terry Purvis, Duke Burdette, Bruce Harris, Charles Eakes, Lenwood Bonaparte, James Queen. Second Row, left to right: Ray Hannon, Jimmy Rogers, Len Matthews, Walter Homesley, Billy Scott, Ted Luckadoo, Miles Aldridge, Sid Bryson, George Spencer, Don Stiles. Third Row, left to right: Jim Seacord, Jerry Nanney, Ryan Hendley, Spencer Brunson, Tim Scully, Tim Green, Gary Blackwell, Steve Phillips, Al Jacobs, Howard Hill, Andy Scott, Danny Hostetler. Fourth Row, left to right: Randy Rushton, Ed Holman, John Wright, Richard Peeler, Howard Price, James Washburn, Gary Wortman, Millard Jackson, Gene Reinhait, Bill Smith, Ray Miller. Fifth Row, left to right: Alton White, Hardin Davis, Tommy Tate, Tommy Philbeck, Meredith Scruggs, Ed Lawrence, Larry Seachrist, Gary Phillips, Richard Sherrill, Coaches- Norman Harris, Ken Daves, Ken Sanford. 81 First Win Gave Evidence Of Dominance There must be something about David Gibbon ' s personality that has caused six Ferrum players to line up to meet him Western Carolina J.V. ' s The Gardner-Webb College Bulldogs opened the 1968 edition of the football season with an impressive 28-6 victory over the Western Carolina Freshmen. The Bulldogs were very impressive in their season opener. The offense looked brilliant and the defense proved to be tough, yielding only six points to their guests. The ground attack provided the scoring punch with the help of halfback Lynn Matthews, who scored two of the G-W touchdowns. Charley Eakes also ran a touchdown for the Bulldogs and David Gibbons scored on a pass from Sid Bryson. Bruce Harris kicked the four extra points. A Chowan Brave finds that it ' s not as easy to scalp a Bulldog as he thought. 82 Furman Freshmen The Gardner-Webb Bulldogs scored their second straight victory of the season with a 43-6 win over the Furman University Frosh. The defense was very impressive as they held Furman to just six points and intercepted four passes. Miles Aldridge was the ace for the defensive unit as he pulled in two of the pass interceptions, one for a touchdown. Gene Rinehart also scored a touchdown with an intercepted pass. The offense was led by halfback Lynn Matthews who scored two touchdowns. Ted Luckadoo and David Gib- bons each scored a T.D. Bruce Harris booted five of the six extra points. Lynn Mathews looks for dayb ' ght as he starts up the field. % . 2. .3 . . GO!! Lees-McRae The Gardner-Webb Bulldogs and Lees-McRae Bobcats battled in a hard fought effort at Spangler Stadium to a 14-14 tie. It looked bad for the Bulldogs as Lees-McRae took the opening kick-off and then scored on the first play from scrimmage. The T.D. gave the Bobcats a 7-0 lead, but Ted Luckadoo ' s touchdown for G.W. and the extra point by Bruce Harris brought the game to a 7-7 tie. Late in the third quarter, Sid Bryson scored on a run to give the Bulldogs a 14-7 lead, but Lees-McRae ' s fourth quarter score brought the contest to a grueling 14-14 tie. 83 Chowan Coach Norman Harris ' Bulldogs disposed of the Braves of Chowan, 21-0. giving the Bulldogs their third victory of the season against one tie and No defeats. G.W. was in command all the way as Ted Luckadoo scored in the first quarter to give the " Dogs " the only points they needed for a victory. For good measure. David Gibbons and Lynn Matthews scored to give the ferocious Bulldogs a final 21 point margin. G.W. ' s de- fensive unit held the Braves offensive unit in the palms of their hands the entire game. The effort gave G.W. a foothold in the national rankings. Sid Bryson starts around end behind good blocking Newport News Apprentice Although favored over Newport News Ap- prentice, the Bulldogs were held to a 0-0 tie on the Apprentice ' s home field. Nothing seemed to go right for the " Dogs " as penalty after penalty was assessed. The defensive unit, fighting hard to keep G.W. among the unbeaten ranks, shut- out the Apprentice ' s the entire game to preserve the tie. Determination shows as David Gibbons strains to receive the pass. Ferrum Disaster struck for the first time on October 19. The Bulldogs were defeated by Ferrum Junior College, 21-17. The " Dogs " fought hard as David Gibbons and Charlie Eakes each scored one touchdown. Bill Harris split the uprights three times, two extra points and one field goal. Ted Luckadoo had a fine night carrying the ball for sixty-two yards in fifteen carries. Tom Tate and Duke Burnette each had good nights on defense for the Bulldogs. BUI Scott moves in for the kill. c vvi c A 1 ■ ■ pv3 W Lynn Matthews scores as three other Bulldogs come to his aide. Lees-McRae Gardner-Webb ' s Bulldogs found the going rough against the Bobcats of Lees-McRae at Banner Elk as they lost 21-0. Freezing weather added to the ills of the " Dogs " . The usually potent offense could not get moving and the defense could not stop the Bobcats explosive offense. 85 Ray Miller and Duke Bumette show how tough it is to run against the Bulldoes East Tennessee State Frosh The Bulldogs took the field determined to win for Coach Harris his 100 victory as a college coach. When the dust cleared the " Dogs ' " had scored ten touchdowns and nine extra points to defeat ETSU 69-0. The outcome of the game was never in doubt as the Bulldogs scored the first time they had the ball. Jimmy Rodgers led the scoring with three touchdowns, followed by Charles Eakes and Lynn Mathews with two apiece, and Kon Stiles. Ed Lawrence, and Bill Howell with one each. Steve Harris kicked nine often extra point attempts. The defense played brilliantly as Gary Gist intercepted two passes. Miles Aldridge. Ed Holman, and Terry Purvis each intercepted one each. Tim Greene recovered the only Buccaneer fumble. Sid Bryson completed 4 out of 9 passes for 3 touchdowns. Miles Aldridge hit on 2 of 3 for 59 yards. • ---aEeS m±- t ' dH Inspired effort by the Bulldog defense resulted in this fine play. C harles Eakes " beats " his man for a sizeable sain. 86 -I Coach Harris and Mrs. Harris are all smiles as they celebrate their 100th win. Jimmy Rogers loose for extra finds the going rough but still manages to break yardage. Appalachian Freshmen The cold weather seemed to stimulate the Bulldogs to one of their better games of the season against Appalachian State. For the second game in a row the " Dogs " defense held their opponent in check by refusing to yield a single point. The defense scored when Larry Sechrist recovered a blocked ASTU punt to score a touchdown. Charles Eakes was the big ground gainer on offense as he gained a total of 97 yards in 17 carries and one touchdown. Sid Bryson added the other Bulldog TD. Bill Harris was perfect from the extra point tee all three times. The offensive unit gained a total of 169 yards while the Mountaineers were held to only 21 yards on the ground. Hargrave Military The " Dogs " ended the 1968 season the way they started it — with a BANG. Scoring at will on Hargrave, the Chargers of Coach Harris chalked up their sixth win to give themselves a fine 6-2-2 record in their last season as a junior college power. Ted Luckadoo, back in the lineup after an injury earlier in the season, was the workhorse for the Bulldogs, gaining 86 yards and scoring one touchdown. Lynn Mathews scored the other ground tally of the night. The passing was the best the " Dogs " experienced all season as Sid Bryson connected on 7 out of 14 passes and one touchdown. George Spenser had a perfect night completing 3 out of 3 passes for 2 TD ' s. Larry Sechrist, Cha rles Eakes, and Tommy Tate were on the receiving end of the TD aerials. The defense also got into the scoring act when Bill Scott blocked a Hargrave punt and covered the loose ball in the end zone. 87 Opposing Teams Wondered If There 1968-69 Bulldogs, first row: Joe Brookins, Kevin Cantwell. Gerry Vaillancourt, Steve Kebeck, Jack McGill, Alan Land. Second Row: Meridith Scruggs, George Adams, Willie Rogers, Artis Gilmore, Ernie Fleming. Tony Spagnolo. GW 118 GW 113 GW 102 GW 115 GW 89 GW 118 GW 99 GW 93 GW 105 GW 85 GW 109 GW 89 GW 93 GW 97 1968-69 BULLDOG BASKETBALL Friendship 34 GW 91 Wingate 72 GW 125 Spartanburg 69 GW 114 Warren Wilson ... . 71 GW 89 Wake Forest Frosh 62 GW 113 Clemson Frosh ... 67 GW 72 Anderson 42 GW 122 UNC Frosh 80 GW 118 DeKalb 79 GW 125 Brandywine 79 GW 108 Indian River 136 GW 113 Miami Dade 88 GW 132 Abraham Baldwin . 77 GW 105 Clemson Freshmen 59 GW 99 GW 71 RECORD North Greenville . . 76 Emanual 82 Mercer 68 Spartanburg 72 Wingate 72 Brevard 89 Kings 76 Lees-McRae 80 Gaston 105 Anderson 86 Lees-McRae 74 Kings 62 North Greenville . . 74 Brevard 70 Wake Forest Frosh 78 Everyone looked forward to the basketball season. Because it was our last season as a junior college squad each student had a desire for the team to be the conference champions. The opening game of the season was against Friendship College. After the game there was no doubt that ' 68- ' 69 was the year of the Bulldogs. With five sophomores on the squad. Coach Holbrook had to find out how much of a load they could carry until the freshmen had a chance to learn the Bulldog style of play. The freshmen started making bids for starting assignments early in the season. Was Hope Before the Christmas holidays, the " Dogs " had won notible victories over three ACC freshmen squads, Wake Forest, Clemson, and the University of North Carolina. The Carolina game was the highlight of the regular season. Even though UNC ' s freshmen were considered the best in the land, they just could not stop the Bulldog ' s power offense. Final score: GW 93 - UNC 80. During Christmas GW hosted the Gardner- Webb Holiday Tournament. The team won the event easily over Brandywine and DeKalb. This championship enabled the " Dogs " to remain un- defeated in the three year history of the tour- nament. After Christmas victories were highlighted by wins over Wingate, Brevard, Clemson, and Mercer. The regular season ended with the " Dogs " being best in the conference and holding a 30-3 record. Kevin draws the defense to htm as Steve anticipates the pass 89 Jack tries to get the team going despite the interference. GW ' s first loss came in Florida on the southern tour. Indian River Junior College, the nation ' s highest scoring team, handed out the loss. The " Dogs " next loss was suffered at Brevard. This was only the second WCJCC loss in two years. However, this loss was avenged in the second meeting of the two clubs. The third and final loss of the regular season was administered by Wake For- est. The Deacon squad was vastly im- proved over the squad that the Bulldogs had defeated earlier in the season. Ernie Fleming shows his strength on the back- boards as he reaches for the ball. 90 In the conference tour- nament the squad drew a bye on the opening round because of the regular season championship. In the semi-final round of play, the Bulldogs had to thaw a freeze to beat Lees-McRae and advance into the finals. In the championship game the tempo was GW ' s own as the " Dogs " scored a hundred points for the eighteenth time of the year to win the conference tournament and advance to the regionals. Tournament Scores GW Holiday Tournament Gardner-Webb 105 DeKalb 79 Gardner-Webb 85 Brandywine 79 Conference Tourament Gardner-Webb 52 Lees-McRae 36 Gardner-Webb 100 Spartanburg 75 Regional Tourament Gardner-Webb 100 Ferrum 95 Gardner-Webb 142 Louisburg 85 Jack McGiU and Ernie Fleming stand proud as co-captians of the ' 68- ' 69 basketball team. 91 Mr. DeHart confers with Coach Holbrook and Coach Hooper. Chalk up two more for Artis. George Adams shows UNC how easy it is done. Coach Eddie Holbrook and Assistant Coach Ron Hooper talk over plays for upcoming basketball games The Gardner-Webb basketball team has one of the finest coaching staffs in the country. This staff is composed of head coach, Eddie Holbrook; assistants, Ron Hooper and Ken Daves. Coach Holbrook, the " main-stay " of the coaching staff has been at Gardner-Webb for four years and since that time has built the basketball team into a national power. Coach Holbrook, who had a fine collegiate career at Lenoir Rhyne, works the team real hard; but the results seem to make all that hard work worth- while. The assistant coaches help the team tremendously with their poise and youthful outlook on the game. Coach Hooper, in his first year at Gardner-Webb, has won the respect and confidence of the team. Coach Daves, who is in his third year as assistant coach, offers the players wise helpful hints that are a result of many years of experience. Larry Thomas and David Crisp kept both the players and the equipment in shape. 93 w George Adams pulls in the rebound as Artis Gilmore and Ernie Fleming look on against Wake Forest. Wingate just didn ' t have it against the Bulldogs. Emie shoots against Lees-McRae. 94 Players listen as Coach Holbrook maps final minute strategy. Alan Land brings the ball up the court to the ' Dogs ' . Willie Rogers moves toward the basketball. G.W. ' s quarterback (?), Steve Kebeck keeps the defense honest. GWC Was The Best In Region Ten Coach Holbrook captures the victory net with the assistance of manager, player, and fan. For the second consecutive year, the Bulldogs gathered in a coveted Region 10 title and a shot at the National Junior College Basketball crown. The Bulldogs slipped by the semifinals with a 100-95 win over Ferrum of Virginia but came back like champions in the finals to pound Louisburg College 142-85. Demonstrating almost unbelievable defensive and offensive power, the " Dogs " literally had the game won in the first five minutes hitting on 14 of 15 shots from the floor and keeping the Louisburg squad off balance with a pressing defense. It was with a blaze of glory that the G V lads climaxed their Region 10 history. Now its time to journey to Hutchinson, Kansas, and that dream-a national title. As all hands show, we were the best in Region 10! 96 MlNKUWlWB« .Uyr. The Bulldogs make their way to Hutchinson, Kansas, for the Natinal Junior College Championships. National Standings Ranked GWC Tenth Losers were the toast of Hutchinson, Kansas, at the National Junior College Championship after demonstrating every attribute of courage, skill and stamina which real basketball fans come out to see. The Gardner-Webb College Bulldogs, down by 22 points at midway of the first half, came pounding back to make the nations number two junior college team go three overtimes for a victory. Phoenix of Arizona won the game but the Bulldogs had the thousands of fans ' hearts as they drew a standing round of applause in acceptance of the trophy as the country ' s number ten junior college squad. The first loss to Robert Morris of Pittsburgh, Pa., by a score of 88-83 only brought about another pep rally. The " Dogs " , not letting their new found friends down, roared back to whip Brevard of Florida 107-93. This brought them to an historic clash. After a hard fought game Phoenix came out ahead by a score of 108-106. Losing is no fun to this group, use to the warmth of victory but when the Bulldogs pulled back into the front of the Baker Hotel there were the cheerleaders again-on the street, and chanting their cheers and pride in this club and in the school. " We back the Bulldogs, we back the BEST! " George and Ernie show fine teamwork in their effort to capture a rebound. The cheerleaders and pep band exhibit their high spirits dunng a pep rally in the streets. 97 Dogs Were The diamondmen experienced another fine season in 1968. For the second straight year the " Dogs " captured the conference championship. With only five returnees on the squad, freshmen had to step in and learn the GW style of play in a short time. All-conference selection proved that the freshmen did the job. Big wins of the season came over Wingate, Brevard, and Flint, Michigan Community Col- lege. Coach Bryson was always ready to take a few swings. Third Best In East 1968 Baseball Team, First Row: Harvey Jones, Mitchell Coggins, Steve Grier, John Yuresko, Doug Lunsford, Joe Nigro. Second Row: Ray Miller, Ron Lacy, Joe Brown, Mark Sink, Joe Stepp, Paul Detorge, John Hamrick. Third Row: Scotty Thomas, Manager, Warren Garrett. Lou Flores, Charlie Spiridopoulos, David Wagner, Ken Wagner, Ron Peeler, Mike McDaniel, Coach Jerry Bryson. 99 m 7 " ?» Teammates congratulated David Wagner after grand slam home run. 1968 Baseball Schedule Gardner-Webb North Greenville Gardner-Webb Southwood Gardner-Webb Southwood Gardner-Webb Anderson Gardner-Webb Gaston College Gardner-Webb Brevard Gardner-Webb Spartanburg Gardner-Webb Flint, Mich. Gardner-Webb Brevard Gardner-Webb South Georgia Gardner-Webb Abraham-Baldwin Gardner-Webb Abraham-Baldwin Gardner-Webb Brewton-Parker Gardner- Webb Brewton-Parker Gardner-Webb Wingate Gardner-Webb Spartanburg Gardner-Webb Anderson Gardner-Webb North Greenville Gardner-Webb Gaston College Gardner-Webb Wingate t. " 5 " ... Double trouble for opposing teams. Every team has to play some defense. - 1968 Moundmen, right to left: Mitchell Coggins, Ron Lacy, Paul DeForge, Ron Peeler, Charlie Spiridopoulos, and Warren Garrett. Joe Brown scores another GW run. 101 tm Cindermen Found Track Rough " I have to remember to keep the point in the air. ' M J Kevin goes up and over. Tommy Tate seems to be in flight. The G.W. track team also ex- perienced a rebuilding in 1968. The team ' s nucleus was composed of mostly inexperienced freshmen. The cindermen worked hard and just barely missed a winning season by only one meet, finishing the season with a 2-3 record. In the conference tournament the team made a strong bid for the champ- ionship, but bad brakes caused them to have to settle for the runner-up spot. Pretty good jump Kevin. Skipper tenses for the gun. Sports are a definite asset when it comes to Coach Sandford. 103 ■F The 1968 Golf Team is: Dr. S. H. Alien, Joe Steele, Pete Townsley, Steve Summey, Greg Gault, Jim Mason, Bob Hines, John Henderson Charles Serrell Phil Lohr. The golfers went through the season only losing two games while winning ten. This record was good enough for second place in the conference and a seed in the regional tournament. At the tournament the " Dog " golfers really turned it on to finish runner-up in the region. Heading for the nineteenth hole. 104 Golf Team Impressed Their Opponents 1 ffrS y j j £ i Y f rJj — . - -: al - E Greg wonders if he should use a seven iron on the approach. l I thought I ' d gotten rid of that slice. ' So that ' s how it feels to sink a 40 foot putt, Bob. Form is important for a consistant game. 105 • ■F GW Netmen Showed Big Improvement Leigh Derby makes it look so easy. The tennis team experienced a rebuilding year in " 68. " Hard luck seemed to be the story as the team dropped several close matches with conference teams. Freshmen had to learn the secrets of fast college calibre play. Tim Glenham, Larry Smith, and John Jordan gave evidence that Gardner-Webb would be tough in " 69. " 106 Larry Smith prepares to return a Lees-McRae smash. Why did I ever accept this job anyway? Long practices helped as the season wore on. 107 " You mean we are going to have to ride in this bus to the ballgame? " " Football season brought tears, cheers, and frozen gestures by cheerleader Donna Powell. ' 108 High Spirits Boosted By GWC Squad Brenda Albea expresses pride for G-W ' s Bulldogs. School spirit for 1968-69 saw an early start last spring by practicing, choosing, and training two additional sophomores to the squad. Promotion of spirit was continued in the fall when three freshmen were chosen. Every night at six o ' clock the squad can be heard and seen working out in the gym. The cheerleaders set an atmosphere of spirit and encouragement to crowd, team, and school. They show their enthusiasm by aiding in athletic events and parades. Absence is no respector of organizations. When this occurs on the cheering squad, alternates are ready, willing, and able to fulfill the responsibility. The squad is advised by the able Mrs. Eddie Holbrook. Alternate cheerleaders are: first row: Dedee Pabst, Terry Turtle; second row: Vicki Jackson, Linda Klutz, and Sandy Carpenter. " Come on cheer everybody! 109 Intramurals Helped Everyone Stay Fit Intramurals played an important part in the activities of the students at G.W. Under the direction of Mrs. Griggs and Coach Bryson, they bacame a means of intra-school competition. During October each of the girls dorms competed against each other in football intramural games. The teams were coached by several different players of the college football team. Beginning in January the girls participated in the bas- ketball tournament. Both intramural championships were won by the girls of Stroup Dormitory. The men of the college participated in intramural football and basketball also. Football had never been played in quite the manner the G.W. boys exhibited. The men of the second floor of Myers Annex proved that football was their game by literally running away with the title. Basketball was a double elimination affair with all the boy ' s dorms competing in the championship games. " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . " A fight to the finish . . . and Jones goes up for a lay-up shot. " 110 In tram urals football champions are: first row, Terry Almond, Warren Taylor, Gary Swain, Ralph Boney; second row, Phil Hopkins, Bert Weathers, Danny Mathis, and Toney Levan. Grace is natural to these beauties. 111 112 Phi Theta Kappa Honored Members Phi Theta Kappa is Gardner-Webb ' s honor society. Membership in this organization is the highest honor attainable by students. The pur- pose of the society is to develop characters, to promote scholarship, and to cultivate fellowship among the students. Phi Theta Kappa Stresses its monthly pro- grams which are of interest to all the members. Membership is based on scholastic standing, leadership, character, and service. Members are inducted at a tapping ceremony in chapel. They serve as ushers at various public functions, and marshals at graduation. ft uV 1 1 II " ' n 1 Larry Thomas, President, welcomes new member, Gloria Poston, into the Phi Theta Kappa. Mr. James Taylor, sponsor of Phi Theta Kappa, worked with members to provide an impressive tapping ceremony. " I ' ve just got one question to ask, Betty . . . how did you ever get into Phi Theta Kappa? Members of the Delta Psi Omega are: Janet Whisnant, Ed Solomon, Alice Pike, Scotty Thomas, Sue Ann Sandifer, Thomas Greene, Marjorie Glenn, Mark Austin, Brenda Crosby, Doug Benson, and Rick Sweeny. Drama And Speech Were Main Emphasis Delta Psi Omega, The Drama Society at Gard- ner-Webb, stimulates interest in the drama pro- gram. It is a fraternal organization with member- ship based on stage performing and crew work. The society exposes its members to various situa- tions in the fields of drama and speech. C. Robert Jones is the sponsor and advisor of Delta Psi Omega. Mr. Jones works earnestly and efficiently with the actors and crew members in the painting of sets and designing of costumes to produce more outstanding plays. " Did you see Laugh-In last week? " As President of Delta Psi Omega, Janet Whisanant has worn the masks of many lives. 115 I Members of Sigma Pi Alpha are: Betty Lefler, Sandy Carpenter, Suzanne Gold. Linda Hunt, Sue Ann Sandifler. Joey Arrowood. Manlyn Green. Law anda Walters. Foreign Language Gave Understanding Sigma Pi Alpha is the Honorary Language Fraternity at Gardner-Webb, and is composed of students who have had two years or more of a modern foreign language. Students in the fraternity must have maintained a high academic standing in French, Spanish or German during their course of study. Striving to create a better understanding between students in foreign and domestic countries, Sigma Pi Alpha is an active part of campus affairs. Serving as president of Sigma Pi Alpha. Betty Lefler. and Mr. Charles Andrews, advisor, worked to promote interest and new ideas concerning methods of teaching and preparation of students who plan to major in a foreign language. Paul DeForge shows that studying is the best policy. 116 Alpha Nu Omega United The Clubs Alpha Nu Omega is Garnder-Webb ' s inter-club organization. It unites all clubs and organizations on campus for the benefit of the student body. It promotes cooperation between clubs and provides the various campus organizations with the oppor- tunity to exchange ideas f or growth. The society helped in planning the social activities of Orientation Week. The Campus Carnival was a tremendous success this year because of the cooperation between campus organization. By unifying the organizations, the students can more ef- ficiently participate in college activities. Richard Peeler, Chairman of Alpha Nu Omega, officiates at the Homecoming Concert featunng The Impressions. The members of Alpha Nu Omega aie: first row: Dottis Ramsey, David Gregory, Kay Anthony; second row: Rick Blakeley, Charlie Morris, Reg Alexander; third row: Carolyn Long, Arena Dunn; fourth row: Jerry Ruppe, Randy Eskridge, Jerry Simpson, David Webb, Skipper Queen, Janet Whisnant, and Richard Peeler. 117 w The Sigma Delta Psi Intruded On Nature Science Club members are: Otis Meacham, Terry Coble, Ricaxdo Mogna, Charlie Roberts, Dennis Roberts, Sam Blanton, Harold Brown, Larry Quinn, Joe Southards, and Jimmy Forrest. Striving to develop new and deeper interests in the scientific field, Sigma Delta Psi is composed of students who are planning to major in scientific research. The club members may be from any field of scientific study and must maintain high scholastic standing in a science course at Gardner-Webb. In order for members to develop a wider range of individual interests, the club uses lectures, films, panel discussions, and takes a trip each year to stimulate scientific knowledge. Mr. Clyde Cash, physics professor, is the advisor for the club. A normal reaction to an exposed worm. A helping hand in the Science Club is the advisor, Mr. Cash. 118 Members of the International Relations Club are: First Row, Terry Coble, Perry Dover, Norris Webb; Second Row, Rick Justice, David Gregory, Marion Nichols, Winnie Kong, Rick Blakely, and Elias Azeez. World Problems Viewed The International Relations Club seeks to build better international relations through an understanding of other cultures problems. It is a discussion group which shares various ideas on problems and affairs of the United States as well as other countries. The club is composed of many American students and also a number of foreign students. It gives knowledge into con- temporary world affairs and their relation to America. The club mainly strives to promote world peace through better understanding of countries. Freddy ' s presence at Gardner-Webb has greatly strengthened the tie between the United States and its southern neighbor Bolivia. The International Relations Club tries to promote understanding between students here and abroad. The officers of the International Relations Club look over applications of exchange stu- dents. 119 Phi Beta Lambda Developed Incentive Dottie Ramsey works hard as President of Phi Beta Lambda. Phi Beta Lambda, Honorary Business Fraternity at Gardner- -Webb, is for students majoring in business. The organization strives to improve scholarship and develop qualities that will enable students to participate effectively in business, pro- fessional, and community life. Its purpose is to acquire econo- mic understanding, to develop outstanding leadership in busi- ness, and to prepare students for useful citizenship. For membership in Phi Beta Lambda, students must have a quality point ration of 2.0. Members participate in individual and group projects of a business nature. The organization prepares students for better business careers. Mr. Deck Andrews leads the group ' s activities as advisor. Phi Beta Lambda members are as follows: Marilyn Newton, Delores Barber, Martha Kiser, Dottie Ramsey, Carolyn Spangler. Becky Padgett, Lyn Raper, Diane Philbeck, Jan Cole, Teresa Young, Peggy Eaker, Bonnie Rivenbark, Gail Whisnant, Arena Dunn, Creola Anderson, Joyce Self, Terry Varner, Judy Craig. Danny Bolick, Richard Jackson. Randy Waddell. Van Edmonson, Mike Terry. 120 Pep Club members are, Top: Robert Cox, Dedee Pabst, Terry Coble, Terry Turtle, Terry Knight, Linda Kluttz, Richard Hance, Ephraim Earley. Bottom: Lynn Spangler, Saundra Howell, Donna Powell, Brenda AJbea, Kelly Sanders, Nancy Simpson, Sandy Carpenter, May Barton, Marty Slemp, Susan Arrington. Pep Club, Band Promoted School Spirit The Pep Club ' s main objective is to promote school spirit. The purpose was fulfilled by advertising numerous contests, attending all athletic contests, chartering buses for games played away from campus, and most of all by supporting the band and the teams. Members also parti- cipate in all Homecoming and other athletic events. The Pep Band has become a very large and active part of the sports activities at Gardner-Webb. Its enthusiastic spirit warmed fans on cold football evenings and kept students cheering vigorously throughout the basketball season. The band ' s fight songs and cheers added a lively touch to all activities. Pep Band members are: First Row: Ellen Wallen, Rick Williams, Bob Taylor, Diane James. Second Row, Buddy Hornaday, Danny Vaughn, Rufus Wallace, Juanita Carpenter, Myra ware. Third Row, Ralph Shank, Michael Hensley, Jerry Allen, Steve Wilson. Fourth Row, Tommy Crouse, Sherry Bell, Ronald Zedick, James Mason. 121 The College Choir represents Gaidner-Webb at many functions. . H " Oh!! Give me a home where the buffalo roam! " Choir, Ensemble Exemplified, Unfolded m c a slcivi » r i £ n A J ELV . ' ■41 ' A ) The College Choir members are: first row: Dons Smith. Carolyn Thomas. Cathy Ramsey. Sandy Shaver. Cathy Goforth. Janet Dellinger, Ellen Wallen. Debbie Rogers. Margaret Bridges: second row: Denise Collins. Terry Bauchanan, Carol Bryant. Teresa Jackson. Connie Elliott. Diane Carpenter. Betty Toney. Mary Jane Forsythe. Rebecca Jamerson, Lela Humphries: third row: Gayle Childers. Judy Gordon. Janet Halhwill. Marjone Glenn. Susan Allen. Cindy Ware. Sheila Queen. Lydia Weaver. Joyce Self. Dawn Spainhour. Kathy Reid, Yvonne Lemasters: fourth row: Seldon Satterfield. Steve Wilson. Lenwood Bonaport. Bert Smith. Steve Workman. Bill Grubbs. Barry Dobson, James Chow: fifth row: Mike Jones. David Webb. Mike Hance. Ronnie Sams, Charlie Stutts. Willie Gilfillan. Alton White. Larry Guy. Law ton Neely. and Tom Greene 122 Members of the Gardner-Webb Choral Ensemble are: First Row: Bill Harrill, Laura Day, Jean Whitaker, Ed Solomon. Second Row: Carolyn Landrum, Susan Wilson, Kay Gibson, Terry Turtle, Patti Owens, Gloria Poston, Sharon Mingoia, Jackie Bridges, Nancy Linnens. Third Row: Danny Wilkins, Jerry Goforth, Rusty Simmons, Mike Dysant, Jerry Simpson, Jerry Jones, Steve Adams. Musical Variations The Gardner-Webb College Choir is made up of students chosen each year by the director. They learn various pieces of music which they present to different community churches and organizations throughout the year. Programs include both religious and secular music. The Choir also appears before the student body on certain occasions to present a program of definite interest. The Gradner-Webb Ensemble is composed of a small group of outstanding students selected to represent the college away from the campus. Under the direction of Jerry Hill, the group presents programs at numerous churches and schools through- out the country. The versatility of the group is shown in its selections which include secular and sacred music. " Ah. . h . . . h . . . " 123 SGA Were Representatives of Students ' Richard Peeler proves there is more work for the Vice-President than meets the eye. Steve Phillips, as President of Student Government Association, represented the student body in planning campus activities. Even before Wanda ' s 1968-69 term as Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Government Association, she worked diligently for Gardner-Webb. 124 Life and Activities The Student Government Association strives to serve the student body. It formulates policies, rules, and regulations which are necessary for the government. It also deals with all cases of discipline and sets the tone for the entire student body. With the help of the Association, all organizations on campus have become more effective. The Association helped sponsor such entertainment as The Impressions and the Brian Carney Coffeehouse. It also actively participated in all social activities of Orientation Week, the Campus Carnival, and all Homecoming activities. Dean Holland, sponsor of SGA, works diligently to provide the best for students. The SGA members, Jerry Ruppe, Cathy Edwards, David Webb, Carolyn Long, Dean Holland, Kay Anthony, Max Hamilton, Gail Alexander, Sam Miller, all contributed greaUy to GWC. ■ 7 m Student Government Representatives are from left to right, Elliott Abernathy, Ricaido Mogna, Bill Chandler, Anita Embler, Nancy Fortune. Sheila Warlick, and Carolyn Stone. The SGA supplied the float for the Homecoming attendants. 125 WAB, MAC Disciplined With Leadership Dealing with the campus life of women students, the Women ' s Affairs Board establishes and regulates rules for maintaining the standards of GWC students. Working closely with women on campus, WAB strives to promote unity and understanding bet- ween students and administration; yet allows capable leaders to set rules and govern themselves effectively. The Women ' s Affairs Board is made up of six young women elected by female students on campus. The Men ' s Affairs Council is the chief means of communica- tion among the male students. The organization is devoted to maintaining harmony. Its main purpose is to govern the male dormitory students. MAC is responsible for informing the stu- dents of the administration ' s messages and decisions. It estab- lishes responsibility with the students in each dormitory. The students who belong to MAC have excellent qualifications. The individuals must first be approved by the Dean of Students, and then voted on by the male students themselves. Dean Sorrells worked closely and very efficiently with WAB to guide students. WAB members are: Carolyn Long, Kathy Gibson, Cathy Edwards, Kay Anthony, Gale Alexander, Jane Fite. 126 Housemothers are: Miss Dawn Batchler, Mrs. Maggie Goodwin, and Mrs. Jewel Goodwin. MAC members are, sitting: Max Hamilton, Sam Miller, Randy Eskridge. Standing: Al Jacobs, Ryan Hendley. Ryan Hendley, President of MAC, along with Cathy Edwards and Gary Phillips, greet students at the Faculty-Student Reception. 127 Housecouncil Ruled Dorms ■■■ Boy ' s Housecouncils are, First Row: Randy Eskridge, Bill Scott, Sam Miller. Second Row: Ricardo Mogna, Richard Hance, Danny Wilkins, George Morris, Max Hamilton. Each dormitory submitted an entry in Gardner-Webb ' s first Home- coming Parade. Girl ' s Housecouncils are, Seated: Lela Ward, Vickie Tilly, Cathy Edwards, Kay Anthony, Jan Johnson, Carolyn Long, Sandy Carpenter. Standing: Paulette Smith, Susan Pigford. 128 Brush and Scroll members are from left to right, David Gregory, Reg Alexander, and Rick Blakley. Dedication To Expression Was The Basic Theme Adding an important part to Gardner-Webb College, the day students took an active role in campus life. The day students became involved with boarding students and quickly became a welcomed addition to GWC. Day stu- dents had a voice in the student government of the college through the election of several representatives. David Webb, president of the day students, initiated many ideas and suggestions toward a better relationship between the day students and on-campus students of G.W. The Brush and Scroll is an organization which chal- lenges students to academic opportunity in the arts outside class. Students express themselves through paint- ing, sculpture, poetry, essays, drama, and other forms of art. Usually a theme is set early in the college year. Students are requested to express the chosen theme in their own expressive art forms. Day stud ents showed their initiative by making a victorious float for the homecoming parade. Day students officers are: David Webb, Debbie Botts, and Dennis Davis. 129 w Christ Was Supreme In Every Day Life The Baptist Student Union is an organization whose purpose is to promote Christian growth and leadership on the college campus and in the surrounding communities. The B.S.U. strives to enlist every student in Christian work and service for Christ by means of the Y.W.A., FOCUS, Ministerial Conference, Sunday School, and Training Union. The organization sponsors many worthwhile projects to benefit the student body as well as the community. Members of the B.S.U. possess enthusiasm and a willingness to work. The Baptist Student Union Choir is one of the most en- thusiastic groups on campus. It gives performances in chapel and appears at various churches throughout the state. The Choir also participates in numerous week-end revivals at out-of-state churches. Under the student direction of Bill Harrill, the B.S.U. Choir has become an outstanding group and will continue to expand. Q 1 B.S.U. members are: Teresa Jackson, Sandra Humphrey, Francis Demby, Kay Cline, Patsy Bumgardner, Carol Neese, Nancy McGill, Carole Hendrick, Tamara Lane, Patsy Humphries. Second Row: Lynn Raper, Susan Broadway, Linda Johnson, Gail Lucus, Donna Lavender, Alice Pike, Linda Benfield, Jill Sanders, Chailsie Griffin. Third Row: Reg Alexander, Freddie Parker, Dan Snyder, Mel Campos, Mike Hensley, David Ford, Jerry Sanders, Bill Harrill, David Grinsted. Fourth Row: Jerry Simpson, Max Hamilton, Lawton Neely, William Stevenson, Larry Guy, Danny Vaughn, Bill Scruggs, Mike Beckwith, Steve Gregory, Mike Shook. BSU members take in some serious thoughts. 130 The FOCUS members are First Row: Linda Johnson, Teresa Jackson, Sandra Humphrey, Carol Neese, Patsy Humpries, Charlie Griffin, Tamara Lane, Jill Sanders. Second Row: Francis Demby, Kay Cline, Susan Broadway, Linda Stanton, Linda Benfield, Carole Hendrick, Patsy Bumgardner, Nancy McGill. Third Row: Larry Guy, William Stevenson, Lynn Raper, Gail Lucus., Donna Lavender, Alice Pike, Danny Vaughn, Bill Scruggs Fourth Row: Max Hamilton, Mike Hensley, Lawton Neely, Mel Compos, Mike Beckwith, Steve Gregory, Jerry Simpson, Jerry Sanders. Fifth Row: Freddie Parker Dan Snyder, David Gnmsted, Bill HarriU, Reg Alexander, David Ford, Mike Shook. YWA, Focus Instilled Christian Courage FOCUS or the Fellowship of Christians United in Service is a fellowship organization which strives to promote the idea of education in a Christian atmosphere. The group travels to various churches where it takes charge of the worship services, the choir, recreation, and enjoys fellowship with other Christians. FOCUS also conducts special services such as youth revivals. The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary strives to involve all young women in missions and to help discover the procedure of the world mission task. It seeks to educate women in missionary work by the study of various mission programs. Members contribute to missions by service, prayer, and financial aid. The young women express Christian character and leadership in all phases of their personal and social life. The YWA members were: Dawne Batchler, sponsor, Tamara Lane, Teresa Jackson, Susan Broadway, Jill Sanders, Linda Johnson, Elizabeth Laughrum, Kay Cline, Shirley Young. 131 Meditation; Fellowship Were Better Ideas The Ministerial Conference offers fellowship, inspiration, information, and counseling for the prospective minister or church worker. The group meets bi-weekly for a period of fellowship and meditation. The students supply as pastors in various churches and help with other activities. Members also acted as counselors in the Grady Wilson Crusade. The Methodist Student Union is a club com- posed of students of the Methodist denomi- nation, and students who work to uphold the standards of their beliefs. Working in close con- tact with activities of the Methodist Church in Boiling Springs, the Methodist students strive to make their college education religious as well as intellectual. Methodist Student Union officers are: Terry Purvis and Charlsie Griffin. Ministerial Conference members are, left to right: First Row: Clayton Jones, Charles Morrison. Mike Hensley. Mike Shook. Gordan Ball. David Ford. Freddie Parker. Bobby Campbell. Second Row: Tony Jackson, Mel Campos, Lonme Hoyle, David Grinsted, Louis Painter. Lany Snyder. Bruce Harris. Third Row: William Crowe. Max Hamilton, Steve Gregory, Wade Dellinger, Mike Valentine. Philip Annas. Rev. Charles Freeman. Fourth Row : Mike Minnix. Jerry Simpson. Danny Vaughn. Holcombe Martin. Robert Livingston, Donald Willis. Ronnie Sams. 132 If we ever did anything that clumsy on the football field. Coach Harris would have " Fuzzy ' 1 after us. High spirits lead to victory. Rotoract, FCA Stressed High Standards The Rotoract Club was established under the advice and sponsor-ship of the Boiling Springs Area Rotary Club. Working to stimulate amoung its mem- bers acceptance of high ethical stan- dards in all occupation, the club pro- motes development of leadership and responsible citizenship through service to the community and campus. Mem- bership in the Rotoract Club is open to men up to the age of 25, who endeavor to acheive international understanding and peace. A non-denominational orgainzation, the Fellowship of Christain Athletes is composed of athletes of Gardner-Webb, who realize that religion is an important and vital part of college life. Proving that athletes are not " all-brawn, " the FCA promotes high scholastic achieve- ment, and discuss problems and ideas concerning sports activities at the col- lege. Rotoract Club membeis are: Tim Glenham, Skip Queen.Second Row: Jerry Ruppe. Terry Coble, Gary Phillips, Ed Wilson. Third Row: Freddy Rodriguez, Jim Chapel, Mitchell Coggins. Fourth Row: Ed Blakeley. David Ellison, David Randall, John Uresko. 133 Monogram Was GW ' s Bulldogs Success " Button up your overcoat . The Monogram Club of GWC is composed of students, who participate in sports activities, and cheerleaders. Striving to support the idea that " the world is left to those fit enough to live it, " the club maintains a high standard of physical fitness in both men and women on campus. In addition to up-holding sportsman-like attitudes at all times, the Monogram Club has various other duties on campus. The members serve as ushers at athletic events and are in charge of concessions at the games. The club ' s goal is outstanding sportsmanship and leadership on campus. • .__ " etifipv 4 " k.Rat.v Monogram club members are First Row: Donna Powell. Gail W ' asnicke, Marty Slemp, Brenda Albea, Randy Rushton. Saundra Howell, Tommy Tate, Kelly Saunders. Cindy Rupp, Susan Arlington, Nancy Simpson. Second Row: Miles Aldndge. Gary Blackwell, Charlie Eakes, Ed Holman, Don Stiles. Pete Lihnd. Bill Scott. George Spencer. Sid Bryson. Third Row: Ed Lawrence, Gary ' Philhps. James Washburn. Mitchell Coggins. Tim Glenham. Richard Sherill Ted Luckadoo. Terry Weavil, Gary Gist. Fourth Row: Jack Leard v Larry Sechrist, Ryan Hendley. John Wrieht. Bill Howell, Richard Peeler Jerrv Nanney Tim Scully. Precise, Interesting Matter Was Presented 3 u fW The Pilot is Gardner-Webb ' s student newspaper. Its main purpose is to provide accurate coverage of campus life in an interesting and organized manner. The staff works consistently to relate the special events of campus life to the student body. The Pilot acts as a news reporter and also gives various views on certain topics of interest. Its sports section covers intramural games and inter -collegiate activities. The social column programs and presentations by the student body. The Pilot worked for the student interest in politics. IS — 4 PILOT Staff members are: Steve Simpson, Reg Alexander, Editor, David Gregory, Perry Dover, and Rick Blakely. 135 ' 69 Staff Captured Year To Remember As editor, Arena Dunn ' s leadership, organization, and haid work inspired the members of the Anchor to do then- best. 1968-69 was a year of change for Gardner- Webb College, yet, in the midst of the confusion which accompanies change, the staff of the ' 69 ANCHOR endeavored to capture the life of an active student body. In an effort to do justice to the students and their activities, the staff worked many long hours preparing lay-outs, captioning pictures, and writing headlines and copy. The ' 69 ANCHOR staff endeavored to be serious when seriousness was justified; comical when it was necessary. Although the staff sought to preserve the traditions of GWC, they also emphasized the importance of openmindedness in a modern society. The 1969 ANCHOR is an account of an unforgettable year, and a hope for future reflection. Mr. Alex Vaughn, advisor of the Anchor, displays desire and determination. Originality and accuracy were displayed by copywriters Nancy Fortune Wanda WilUs, and Jane Fite. Linda Anthony and Ron Goodfellow gave you who ' s what at Gardner-Webb. 136 Larry Watson, Edmund Brown, and Bill Hines gave you the photography. Tricia Green showed imagination in organizing the photography. Clay Breeland, layouts and student directory. Lela Ward and Marilyn Newton, typists, added the feminine touch. Jackie Bridges and Betsy Arthur spent many long hours preparing the class section. Elaine Bolynn and Gloria Poston gave you pop-artist and faculty. Phil Hopkins and Mitchell Coggins gave the yard to yard and dribble to dribble in sports. 137 m 138 139 With Rekindled Spirit And Enthusiasm, Sophomores Began Shaping GWC ' 68- ' 69 Sophomore Class officers were: President Jerry Rupp, middle; Vice-president Gary Phillips, right; and Secretary-treasurer Lala Humphries, left. Abrams, Bill Aldridge, Miles Alexander, Gale Alexander, John Alexander. Reginald Allen, Michael Allen, Randy Allison, Paul Allied, David Almond, Terry Anderson, Creola Andrews, Evelyn Anthony, Irvin Anthony, Kay Anthony, Linda Arrowood, Joey Arthur, Betsy Austin, Mark Austin, Sue Autry, Samuel Ayers, Susan Baker, Bill Baker, Danny Balling, Kevin Barker, Delores 141 Confusion Barnes, James Baynard, Judy Barnett, Campbell Beatty, Jerry Barton, May Benl ' ield, Linda Bates, Vic Benfield, Richard Presenting the Chuck Jackson Sh ow mmiMMLi— u iwnimwMJWim i Of Registration Marked A New Start Benson, Charles Bishop, Kenneth Blanton, AJyce Boney, James Boone, Toney Bost, James Benton, Richard Black, James Blanton, Roy Boney, RaJph Boozer, Kay Bouknight, Thomas Bert, Glenn Blakley, Rickey Blanton, Samuel Bonner, Vernon Bingham, Jan Bland, James Bolick, Danny Boone, Tanna 143 Classes Helped Instill Maturity And Goals The agony of study. nzr Bowles, Reginald Boyd, Joe Boyette. Ricky Bradey, George Bradshaw, Boyce Now where is the E? Brat lord. Trilby Breeland, Clay Bridges, Harold Bridges, Janis Bridges. Margaret Broadway, Susan Brock, William Brockman, Wayne Brown, Harold Brown, Joseph illllllimiHl IIHHI1IIIHI I 1 Brush, Walton Byers, Martin Caldwell, Danny Campbell, Robert Carnwright, George Bryan, Martha Byrd, Nancy Caldwell, Jerry Cantrell, Geraldine Carpenter, Juanita Bryson, Sid Cabaniss, Joey Caldwell, John Cantwell, Kevin Carpenter, Robert Burleson, Roger Cadwallader, Kenneth Caldwell, Sandra Cailand, Max Carpenter, Sandy Bums, James Cahill, Cynthia Camp, Edwin Cames, Ted Carver, Larry 145 Ma WB?ffil Cash. Beverly Cathey, Donnalyn Causby, Elizabeth Causby, Mary Chaffin, Romie Chalden. William Chandler, Celinda Chapman, Rickey Chappell, James Christie, Robert Coates. Daniel Coble, Terry Coggins, Mitchell Coldron, Steve Coleman, Charles Condrey. Joe Cooke, Carolyn Coon, Catherine Cooper, Harry Copeland, Thomas Corell, Mary Anne Coyle, Jimmy Crabtree. Edith Craig, Judy Crawford. Jolene 146 Sophomore Status Became A Reality Rain slows the pace of students. Crawford, Mark Crompton, Marsha Dalton, John Creasman, Albert Crosby, Brenda Daniel, Barbara Creswell, Albert Crouse, Alice Darnell, Thomas Crisp, Charles Culbertson, Lynn Davenport, David Cromer, James Cunningham, Neal Davis, Dennis Creativity is one of Gardner-Webb ' s specialities. -w.vmmmnm.. Bulldog Country Welcomed Football And i Davis, William Deaton, James DeForge, Paul Delapp, Cliff Dellinger, Charles Dover, Perry Dutton, Bob Eaker, Peggy Dobson, Barry Downs, Clyde Duvall, Maurice Easter, Dealiena Dorsey, Mary Dunn, Arena Dyer, Roger Edwards, Cathy Dover, Paul Dunnagun, Alan Dysart, James Edwards, Michael 148 G-W Spirit Ellington, Danny Elmore, Erick Elliott, John Emory, Sandra Ellis, Margaret Epps, Michael Ellison, David Eskridge, Randy A student flies with the greatest of ease MfflMIMMff™™™™ Cool it, Bingham! ■momQ First Holidays Came With Thanksgiving Our campus has much splendor. Estes, James Fisher, Susan Fleming, Steve Everett, Lynda Fite, Jane Florence, Terry Ewing, Price Fleenor, Earnest Folk, Joseph Falls, Eugene Fleming, Danny Folk, Milton Fielding, Peter Fleming, Ernest Ford, Bill Concentrate. 5 mil A ft Ford, Judy Francis, Sandra Foster, Andy Frogge, John Fowler, Tommy Galinat, Carol Fox, Patricia Garner, Wayne Fox, Terrese Garriga, Frank Gault, Gregory Gerwig, Richard Gibbons, David Gibson, Angie Gibson, Kathie Gilchrist, James Gilmore, Artis Gjelhaug, John Glenham, Tim Godfrey, John Goforth, Dennis Gold, Suzanne Goodfellow, Ron Goolsby, Samuel Green, Terry Gold, Robert 151 ■—— " m™ Greene, Marilyn Greene, Timothy Greer, Steven Gregory, David Gregory, Stephen Grigg, Gerald Hall, Barry Hall, Janice Gcri becomes involved in deep thought. Fighting For Honor, Glory, Victory Hamilton, Max Hamilton, Phil Hamrick, Billy Hamxick, Jane Hamrick, John Hand, Stephanie Hannah, Judy Harp, Frank Harper, Johnny William, Harrill Harris, Sheila Harris, Gene Harvell, Thurmond Harvell, Wayne Hasty, Robert Hearin, Willard ■ ■■ Heavner, Hilda Hedrick, James Heffner, Mary Henderson, Edward 153 Henderson, Buddy Hendrix, Steve Hibbard, Bill Hollander, Sandra Hopkins, Phillip Henderson, John Henley, Boyce Hicks, Jerry Hollifield, Jerry Horn, Ralph Henderson, Steve Hensley, Boyce Hines, Bill Holman, Ed Hornaday, John Hendley, Ryan Hensley, James Hines, Bobby Homesley, Walter Horton, Mary Hcndrick, Carole Herndon, Phil Hofsess, Jay Hooten, Steve Hostetler, Dan Campus Was Quiet — Final Exams Hit Hard The lights search out the dark corners of the campus. Howell, Saundra Huffman, Randy Humphrey, Sandra Hoyle, Fred Huffstetler, Ricky Hunt, Linda Hubbard, Pam Hughes, Michael Hyatt, Joseph Hudgins, Amelia Humphries, Lala Hydecker, Pam Hudgins, Esther Humphries, Patsy Jacks, James Biology lab engulfs the student G-W ' s Christmas Brought Close To The Jackson, Henry Jacobs, Albert James, Dianne Jester, Rickey Jones, Joe Joyce, Ann Jackson, Vickie Jamerson, Rebecca James, Lloyd Johnson, Hugh Jones, David Justice, Rebecca Janell, Thomas Johnson, Jan Jones, Patricia Kale, Eddie Jenkins, Larry Jolley, Leonard Jordan, John Kanipe, Lloyd 156 Kebeck, Steve Kessling, Edward Kelly, Michael Killiam, William Kerley, Alvin Kimbrell, Wayne Kershaw, Robert Kincaid, Carolyn Good news, Jerry? Students ' Movement Resumed Pace " Hold on. . . I ' m coming. " King, Carolyn Lackey, Stephen Lavender, Donna Kiser, Martha Lacy, Ron Lawrence, Ed Knox, John Lamprinakos, Jam es LeCroy, Judy Koon, Randy Lane, Jerry Ledford, Karen Kynerd, Tom Lane, Tamara Lee, Jerry Oh no! Now it ' s snowing! " Lefler, Betty Lindh, Peter Lovin, Joe Maness, James Martin, Betty Lentz, Kenneth Lindler, Benjamin Lowe, Stephen Maney, Barry Martin, Steve Levan, Anthony Linnens, Nancy Lucckese, Linda Marion, William Martin, Thomas Leventis, George Long, Carolyn Luckadoo, Ted Marshall, Donald Mason, James Lewis, Wayne Love, James Lutz, Michael Martin, Allen Mathis, James 159 OaSBB Toboggans, Mathews, Lynn McCoy, Fonda Mayfield, Randy McDaniel, Billy McCall, Lewis McDaniel, Mike McClendon, James McEtreath, Mike And they say boy ' s football is rough! Hot Chocolate Accompanied Winter McGalliard, Linda McKinney, Debbie McSwain, Larry Miles, Charles Monroe, Teddy Morris, Vic McGill, Daniel McKinney, Loraine Meacham, Otis Miller, Joey Moore, Thomas Morrison, Charles McGill, Jack McKinney, Ruby Meador, Steve Miller, Ray McGimpsey, McRae, Robert Mickey, Joseph Mintz, Patricia Edward 161 Mullis, Myra Neese, Carol Nigro, Joseph Pabst, Dedee Paolella, Linda Murr, William Neighbors, Howard Norman, Gary Pace, Mike Paquin, Peter Nabors, Robert Newton, Marilyn Ouzts, Rodney Padgett, Becky Parker, Robert Nanney, Jerry Newton, Michael Owens, Patti Padgett, Dean Parsons, Camelia Neely, Lawton Nichols, Marion Owens, Rachel Pannell, Ronnie Peeler, Richard 162 ■■moon March 6-7, Thursday, Friday - Mid-Terms! College life produces a time for thinking. Pendley, James Pigford, Susan Porter, Ronald Pettus, John Pike, Alice Poston, Gloria Philbeck, Ruby Pinto, David Poteat, Charles Phillips, Gary Plummer, James Potts, Tony Phillips, Stephen Porter, Charles Powell, Donna Ann listens intently while attempting to understand. Spring Break . . . Was It Horseshoe, O. D. Prater, Phillip Purvis, Terry Queen, Sheila Ramsey, Kathy Reavis, Mike Rhinehart, Kathy Price, Howard Queen, James Quinn, Larry Randall, John Reel, Lois Rhodes, Glenn Radford, Joan Rash. Harvey Renn, Teresa Richards, David Ramsey, Dottie Rayfield, Mike Reynolds, Francis Riehey, Randy Daytona? Riddle, Carolyn Rivenbark, Bonnie Riddle, John Rivers, Tony Riggs, Paula Roberts, Dennis Riley, Daniel Roemer, Jimmy Boys tend to be comfortable while playing ping pong. " Thank goodness tomorrow ' s Friday. " Coffeehouse Circuit Added A Dimension Brian Carney gave students an unforgettable performance. Rogers, James Rumfelt, Kenneth Sandifer. Sue Ann Rogers, Judy Rupp, Cindy Santanella, Gabriel Rollins. Carol Ruppe, Jerry Scott, BUly Rose, Jack Rushton, Randy Seacord, James Rue, Sara Russell, Sara Sechnst, Larry Marsha and Joe find coziness even in the rain. Shank, Ralph Simmons, Rusty Simpson, Steve Smith, Larry Smith, Thomas Shaw, John Simpkins, Gary Slemp, Marty Smith, Linda Smith, William Sherrill, Martha Simpson, Jerry Smith, Cathy Smith, Mike Smyre, Joel Shinn, Glenn Simpson, Larry Smith, Doris Smith, Paulette Snyder, Dan Shumate, Harvey Simpson, Nancy Smith, Jerry Smith, Sandra Solomon, Ed 167 BMHISBiCaua Ear-muffs. Solomon, Theodore Spangler, James Sorrell, Ronald Spangler, Lynn Southards, Joseph Spence, Annette Spangler, Carolyn Spencer, George Practice makes perfect, Paulette. Mittens Were Ousted By Spring Fever Spurting, Thomas Staley, AJan Stepp, Joe Stewart, Larry Stewart, Mabel Stiles, Donald Stojanovic, Stephan Stokes, Donald Stone, Carolyn Stone, Thurman Stowe, Ricky Strictland, Elton m Stroud, Michael Stutts, Charles Suddreth, Tom Suddreth, Wanda Surratt Swaim, George Gary Swanson, Ronald Swanson. Stanley -„ ., u.., u.m Sweezy, Robert Taylor, Robert Terry, John Thornton, Michael Upchurch, Mike Swinkey, Gary Taylor, Walter Tevepaugh, Phyllis Tilley, Vicki Valentine, Michael Szymborski, Paul Taylor, Warren Thomas, Larry Tilt, Kenny Vassey, Charles Tate, Tommy Teal, Robert Thomas, Scottie Tolbert, Linda Vaughn, Lewis Taylor, Camilla Teeter, Lee Thorne, Sandra Tyner, William WaddeU, Randall Wall, Ronald Wallace, Joseph Wallace, Richard Wallace, Rufus Wallen, Ellen Warlick, Sheila Walter, William Walters, LaWanda Warren, John Ward, Lela Ward, William Ware, Cynthia Washburn, James Wasznicky, Gail Weathers, George GWC ' s Spring Spirit Revived Dog ' s Bark I thought Decker used to be over there! " Dear John, There ' s this boy in my English class ... " i it!- 1 ' Ji j - At Year ' s End, Friendships Deepened . . . Weaver, Lydia Webb, David Webster, Sandy Whisnant, William White, James Wilkins, Richard Weaver, Ginger Webb, Eddie Welton, Elenor White, Charles Whitley, Brenda Wilkinson, Michael West, Daniel White, David Wiggins, Eileen Wilkinson, Stephen Whisnant, Janet White, Gary Wilkins, Danny Williams, Peggy 172 And Grew Williams, Randolph Willis, Dorothy Williams, Rick Willis, Wanda Williams, Robert Wills, Ginny Williamson, David Wilson, Harvey It has to be right, Steve. Computers never lie. That far-away look of love strikes everyone. Graduation Was A New Step In Life Worthy, Judy Wright, Larry Wright, Theresa Yarbrough, Ralph Young, Patricia Wright, James Wright, Recil Wright, Wilson Yelton, William Yurecsko, John Wilson, Marilyn Wilson, Shermon Wood, John 174 J With final exams finished and summer ahead, the faces of students portray theii feelings. Realizing that this part of their lives has come to an end. Sophomores ' emotions become intermingled somewhere between sadness and joy, 175 ' joBBBBsaaa Freshmen Arrived With Uncertain Goals And Eager Anticipation Of College Life Officers of the Freshman Class were: Sam Miller, president; Laura Day, vice-president; and Vicki Greene, secretary-treasurer. 176 mammas Aaron, James Abercrombie, Timothy Abernathy, EUiott Adams, George Adams, James Adams, Robert Adams, Steven Aiken, John Albea, Brenda Albright, Mike Alexander, Sally Allen, Jerry Allen, Linda Allen, Marsha Allen, Susan Allison, Doyne Annas, Phillip Annas, Robert Anthony, Michael Armstrong, Brenda Arlington, Susan Askins, Frederick Ayers, Rickey Babcock, Merrye Baity, Stephen Baker, Robert Ball, Gordon Banks, Vardaman Barber, Hilda Barger, Dane Barnes, Ronnie Barnes, Uva Barnett, Roger Baucom, Belinda Beam, Dennis Beam, Ray 177 Beard, James Beard, Jerry Beck, Albert Beck, Sally Beckwith, Joe Bell, Sharon Belue, Ronald Benfield, William Bennick, Melody Black, John Black, Russell Blackburn, Doug Blackwell, Gary Blackwell, William Blackwood, Harold Blanton, Neil Boggs, Debbie Boggs, Jeffery Bohlen, Erwin Bolynn, Elaine Bonaparte, Lenwood Borders, Timothy Botts, Gary Bowden, Richard Freshmen Got The Student Center provided a place to talk with newly acquired friends. Boyctt, William Brabson, Eileen Bradford, James Bradshaw, Danny Bradshaw, Frank Brannon, Max Brannon, Stephen Branyon, John Brawley, John Brennan, Robert Brewer, Terry Bridges, Danny Bridges, Jackie Bridges, Robert Brookins, Joe Brotherton, Thomas Acquainted At " Howdy " Mixer. The Luau was enjoyed by everyone. Freshmen begin to realize the happiness of a letter. 179 Freshmen Enjoyed Dorm £ WL , ,- Rush And Hawaiian Luau rc t • after. ' and they all lived happily ever W " We ' re Number One! " Next time you ' ll know to go to bed early, Susan. The hula really gets to you. 180 I A ma Brown, Buchanan, Burnett, Edmund Gloria Lester Brown, Buchanan, Burris, Jackson Terry Larry Brown, Bumgardner, Butler. Madeline David Lavonne Brown, Bumgardner, Butler, Walter Patsy Walter Brunson, Bunce, Byers, Spencer James Kenneth Bryant, Burford, Byers, Henry Rodney Susan I j 1 mk ml 1 ■ , ' Art H r " Byrd, Campos, Caroson, Chandler, Childers, Clarke, Cline John Melvin Carolyn Edward Gayle Patterson Caldwell, Caidwell, Carter, Chandler, Childers, Cline Donnald Carole Daniel Gary Joe Kay Coffey, Caldwell, Carpenter, Carter, Chapman, Childers, Clayton, John Dianna Michael Constance Vicki Callahan, Carpenter, Cash, Cheimvichitt, Chrisman, Clements, Sheila James Roger Anant Edward Janice Campbell, Camgan, Causby, Cherry, Chutiyasantayanonta, Cline, Collins, James Jerry Brenda Alfred Surachai Ann Campbell, Carroll, Chamberlain, Chiamvigitra, Clark, Cline, Colvard Wanda Ray Phillip Kanchana David David Stephen Conner, John Cooke, Judy Cooke, Sarah Cooper, Yvonne " Dear Mother. All that you said about boys is true. " OJJft Costner, Janet Couch, Michael Cox, Larue Cox, Robert Crawford, Sharon Crisp, David Crosby, Bill Crouse, Tommy Crowe, William Daniels, Melinda Darby, Michael Darnell, Judy Registration Brought Frustration " Hey fellas, listen to this 182 a •». ' Darnell, Nickie Davenport, Michael Daves, Ted Davis, George Davis, Hardin Davis, Janice Davis, Raymond Day, Laura Deaton, Donna Dellinger, Janet Demby, Francie Derby, Harry Dickson, Steven Dixon, Charles Downing, Betty Duffey, Katherine Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Wayman Durham, Stephen Eakes, Charles Eakins, Trudy Eailey, Edith Early, Michael Edmondson, Van Upon Freshmen " Wonder if I could substitute Speech 101 for Health 101? " MM1M.IM.M Edwards, Eliott, Fitchpatrick, Fortune, Freeman, Fuller, Carlton Frances William Nancy Amy Steve Edward Elam, Elmore, Fleming, Foster, Freeman, Gallman, Garrett, Richard Jack Marilyn Cathy Karen Aaron Kenneth EUedge, Elmore, Flynn, Fowler, Freeze, Gantt, Garrett, Stephen Kathy Gregory Arch John Deborah Patricia Ellenburg, Embler, Flynn, Fowler, Freeze, Gardner, Gibson, Ed Anita Mary Daniel Mary Arevia Kay Elliott, Emmons, Ford, Fox, French, Gardner, Gilchrist, Connie Barbara David Cilia Margaret Roger Neil Elliott, Epps, Forrest, Frady, Frye, Garlington, Gilfillan, Edward Kenneth Jimmy Pink Thomas Sherry Willie llm Mil Gill, Gloyne, Graham, Robert Judy Gary Gilstrap, Goforth, Graham, John Jerry Philip Gist, Goforth, Grant. Gary Kathy Thomas Gleen, Good, Graves, Rita Scott Pete Glenn, Goodman, Green, Marjorie John June Glossbrenner, Gordon, Green, Florence Vickie Patricia Warnings, Work Hours Were The " Hard Way " " And I could be watching T. V. right now. " ' Hail! Hail! The gang ' s all here. " " I know 1 need a haircut Diane, but this is ridiculous. " 185 Greene, Barbara Greene, Howard Greene, Thomas Greene, Vicky Grieb, Gary Griffin, Chailsie Grigg, Linda Grinds taff, Arthur Grinstead, David Grubbs, David Guffey, Samuel Gunn, Billie Jo Guthrie, Terry Guy, Graham Haene, Glenn Hall, Maiy Halliuill, Janet HaJiiwill, John Hamilton, John Hamley, Robert Hamrick, Donald Hamrick, Patricia Hamrick, William Hance, Michael r c ft ifttifclilit f ) 4 ' iiii P. E. And Chapel A typical day before chapel Hannon, Ray Happoldt, Forney Harbcrson, Lamar Hardin, Karen Harrington, Paul Harris, Bruce Harris, Dale Harris, Edward Harrison, Samuel Hart, Bobby Hart, David Hatcher, Thomas Hatfield, Thomas Hatley, Kay Haviland, Richard Hawley, Douglas Brought " Required " Problems T «V? " . J T-ai • ,;■.■ . C , - Oil! In front of the CID? GWC ' s version of Ben Hur! 187 m Meeting People Caused Feelings of Uneasiness Hurry! The carnival started two hours ago - we ' re a little late. I ■ » -• A lot of preparation went into the campus Carnival. To the right gang! " Oh, cut it out! ' ' 4 Hayes, Helms, Hendren, Jimmie Charles Sidney Haynes, Helms, Hendrick, Charlene Rachael Michael Haynes, Hembree, Hendricks Martha Linda Bennett Heatherly, Hemphill, Hendricks Belinda Ray Everett Heavner, Hemphill, Hendrix, Charles Kathy Greg Heffner, Henderso n, Herman, Bonnie Michael Jill Herman, Steve Hester, J.W. Hicks, Douglas Higgins, Dennis Hill, Dannie Hill, Howard Hill, Joyce Hines, Michael Hipp, Kathleen Hocutt, Bioadus Hoey, Johnny Holcombe, Richard Holland, Brent Holland Christina Holland, Joy Hollifield, Wanda Holt, Richard Honeycutt, Fredrick Honeycutt, Vicki Honeycutt, William Hooper, Gerald Hopkins, James Hord, Dennis Howard, Elizabeth Howard, Kathryn Howard, Michael HoweU, Luther Howell, William Howington, Patricia Hoyle, Lonnie Huitt, Teresa Hull, Vickie Humphries, Leila Hunsucker, Timothy Hunt, Robert Hutchins, Carroll Jackson, Eugene Jackson, Jeffrey Jackson, Judy Jackson, Teresa Jackson, Tony Jackson, William -100 Jf La ,- Stroup dormitory ' s acknowledgement at Homecoming to Coach Norman Harris. James, Mary be th Jenkins, Benjamin Jenkins, Joel Jenkins, Linda Jenkins, Susan Johnson, Gail Johnson, Graylon Johnson, Isaac Johnson, Jem- Johnson, John Johnson, Josh Johnson, Linda Johnson, Randall Johnson, Ronald Johnston, John Jones, Brenda Beanies Initiated Frosh Into " Wake me up when we reach 200. " 190 Wmm ' MHHUlWfi ' lfflMHMIfflnWI B f-ftef m n a Ki4l Bulldog Spirit Our Mighty Bulldog. Jones, Charles Jones, Claude Jones, Henry Jones, Jack Jones, Michael Jones, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, William Jordan, Deborah Jordan, Dianne Justice, Sherry Kale, Charlie Kelly, Thomas Kincaid, Freddie Kincaid, Joseph Kirkland, Philip Kitchens, Rodney Kluttz, Linda Knight, Terry Kong, Winnie Lacivita, Gayle Lail, Bobby Lail, Edgar Lambeth, Alan ilk Lambeth, Donny Land. Charles Landrum, Carolyn Lane, James Lanier, Joyce Laid, Oscar Laughrun, Elizabeth Leard, Jack Lecroy, Larry Ledbetter, Larry Ledford, Edward Ledford, Michael Letter, Andy Lem aster, Yvonne Lentz, Wayne Leonard, Victoria Linville, Edwin Little, Janice Livingston, Robert Logan, Tamala Loggins. Charles Lominick, Charles Long, James Long, Michael Love, Jane Lovelace, Stephen Lovette, John Lowe, Frances Lowery, Mary Lutz, Marilyn Lytle, Donald Lytle, Ronald Mace, Galen Maddox. Aundra Maddox, Willie Magill, Nancy Mahood, Kath ie Mains, Sandra M alloy, Duncan Malone, BryBe Mann, Sandra Marhamontri, Punlope ■u « j Martin, McCauley, McKain, Don Robert Dale Martin, McCombs, McLeod, James Peggy John Martin, McCraw, McMasters Shuffoid Roger Gary Mauney, McDaniel, McSwain, William Kenneth Roger Maxwell, McDonald, McSwain, Jackie Martha Thomas Mayhew, McGuirt, McSwain, Alan Ronnie Vickie Freshmen Realized That ll 7:30 Meant Closed Study Another Saturday night. W|£ tiff 3 Good study habits are hard to come by, but students soon learn. " Oh look. See Spot run! " u- rl One of the few places on campus left to study. 193 Melton, Bruce Melton, Rodger Merrill, Nellie Middleton, Carla Mikota, Bruce Miller, Amy Miller, Kathryn Miller, Samuel Millman, John Milsap, Richard Mingoia, Sharon Minnix, James Misa, Chester Mitchell, David Moffitt, Steve Mogna, Richardo Monjaitrakul, Prasiddhi Moody, Jacqueline Moody, Larry Moore, Daniel Moore, David Moore, William Morgan, Katherine Morris, George Liberalization Of - £ m l : They told me if I was out after 12:00, I ' d be in the dog house. " Morns, Robert Morris, Roger Morrison, Blaine Morse, Watson Mull, David Mullikin, Russell Mullis, Elizabeth Mullis, James Muraoka, Veronica Nance, Dewitt Neal, Paul Neal, William Newsom, Rickey Noe, Ronnie Nolan, Nancy Nowlan, Fagg Rules Was Enjoyed By Coeds M ,,J. ; . JI |l .. , 1 • " I ' ll never accept another blind date - The first day girls didn ' t have to wear raincoats, it rained! 195 Tuesday And Thursday Brought 5:30 Classes Champ is exempt from state laws. The conquest of knowledge is a high Pray for a blank check, goal. " Students are asked to refrain from passing other students. " till H 1 f V 4% r T rn " 1 lUfti I 196 Oliphaut, Randall Ostwalt, Samuel Page, Mary Painter, Louis Palassis, Ernest Parker, Winston Parks, Everett Parris, Becky Parsons, Alton Parsons, Robert Passailaigue, Cathy Patterson, Betsy Patterson, Michael Patton, William Pearson, Judy Peeler, Ronnie Pegram, Rick Pence, Martha pi iTTO f A I All r f p Pendleton, Keys Perkins, Mitchell Perry, James Peters, Brad Philbeck, Diane Philbeck, Thomas Phillips, Creighton Phillips, Edward Phillips, James Phillips, Jane Phillips, John Phillips, Steve Phillips, Susan Pierce, Rob Piscitelli, Phillip Pleasants, Frank Plemmons, Sharon Pompey, Verlon Pope, Welbert Potter, Charles Powell, Dan Powers, Carolyn Powers, Ephraim Pressley, Donald Propst, Todd Pruitt, Camille Pugh, Jonathan Putnam, George Putnam, Nancy Quinn, Thomas Rachels, Milton Ramsey, Clifford Ramsey, William Randall, Dessie Randolph, Martha Raney, Linda Rankin, James Raper, Lynn Ray, Don Ray, Myron Rayfield, Nancy Reavis, Benjamin I Reed, Darlene Reid, Sarah Reinhardt, Gene Rice, Alzie Rice, James Rice, Mary Richard, Laura Riegg, Richard Ringer, Charles Ritchie, Daniel Roberts, Billy Roberts, Charles Robertson, Kenneth Rodriguez, Freddy Rogers, Debra Rogers, William Dormitory Rooms Were Filled Christmas is full of surprises, Linda. " I ' ll never believe the weatherman again! " 198 Rohde, Robert Royston, Dennis Rudisill, Ronald Runion, Danny Sams, Ronnie Sanders, Faren Sanders, Jill Satterfield, Louis Sawnders, Jerry Scott, Joel Scott, Walter Scruggs, Carleen Scruggs, Meredith Scruggs, Wanda Scully, Timothy Self, Joyce Sellers, Jadine Shaver, Sandra Shelinger, Steven Shelton, Curtis Shepherd, Marilyn Sherrill, Richard Shook, Carson Sims, Marie With Laughter Gale, Wendy, and . . . Touche. i i 41 titt 4 -Ik fcl TMI Sink, Smith, Smith. Sparks, Stewart, Tesh, Clyde Carol Skip Raymond Nancy Samuel Sisk, Smith, Snider, Spikes, Sutherland, Thomas, Larry Jamarica Larry Harlo Tom Carolyn Sito, Smith, Sorrell, Stafford, Sweeny, Toney, Betty Barbara John Steven Linda Richard Troy Sloan, Smith, Spagnolo, Stamey, Swicegood, Thompson, Toregas, Kenneth Judy Anthony Michael Marsha Belinda Sloan, Smith, Spainhour, Stephens, Tate, Thompson, Transou, Victor Martha Dawn Alan John Robert William Smith, Smith, Spangler, Stevenson, Teague, Thompson, Trantham Bert Sherry Janet William Charles Sandra James Wfi likt Tray lor, Benjamin Turbeville, Lonny Turtle, Terry Turner, Danny Turner, Gail Turner, James Turner, Roger Turner, Sandra Upchurch, Ernest Uren, Ronald Vaillancourt, Gerry Van Dyke, Cecil Vamer, Terry Vaughan, Martha Vaughan, Owen Vaughn, Belinda Vaughn, Linda Vaughn, Malcolm Weekend Fun Hit Hard Early Monday Mornings " Why me? " Anant receives a letter from a far-away place. The placing of new books is an endless job. 201 Vestal, Joseph Wagner, Martha Walker, Bruce Walker, Jimmy Walker, Monty Walker, Ricky Walhvork, Barbara Walton, James Ware, Myra Warren, Margie Washburn, Barry Watson, Ralph Watson, William Watts, Cathy Weaver, Thomas Weavil, Terry Wehunt, Cathy Weir, Robert Welch, Ann Wells, Charles Wesson, Joel Westmoreland, Philip Whaley, Austin Whisnant, Alice IVLl Familiar Sight Wazie watches ETSU Frosh go up in flames. Whisanant, Gail Whisnant, Joe Whitaker, Dianna Whitaker, Jean White, David White, Larry White, Ovid Whiten, Lana Whitlach, Lewana Whitten, John Wiley, Gary Wilkinson, Beverly Williams, Ann Williams, Marion Williamson, Pamela Willis, Donald Was Couples Around Campus Linda and Ray find 7:30 comes early. Some people find campus life crippling, don ' t they Linda? 203 Fun Of Freshman Year Gone, But Still Recalled Ping Pong, one of the most popular passtimes at G. W. C. Not bad - for a boy ' s room. Now, that wasn ' t so bad, was it? " Okay, fellas, which one of you let the air out of the basketball? " ta ' t 204 r P P m 4 k A WkkM BlI Wfllis, Wilson, Wood, Kenneth Van Larr ' Wilson, Wine stock, Woodruff, Adrian Grace Tommie Ann Wilson, Winne, Woods, Charles Wendy Alan Wilson, Winstead. Worrell, Kathy John Elaine Wilson, Womick, Wortman, Rand Charles Gary Wilson, Wood, Wrav, Susan Daniel Edmund a lUlJBIM—UMU IIMHI rcn — Young, Olivia Young, Shirley Young, Teresa Zedick, Frank Wright, John Wright, Karen Wright, Timothy 205 Faculty Directory Roberl V. Abrams. B.D., Director of Admissions A. A., Gardner-Webb Col- lege : A.B. Wake Forest University ; B.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminar. . Margery Funk Adams, B.S.. Instructor- A.A. Degree Nursing Program; Jua- niata College; R.N.. Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing; B.S., Johns Hopkins University. Garland H. AJIen. Th.D., Professor- - Bible, History ; B.S.. Ouachita Bapnst College: B.D.. Th.M.. Th. D., Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary: M.A. Memphis State University; Additional Study, Memphis State Uni- versity . Charles S. Andrews, M.A., Professor- French; Chairman. Department of Languages; A.B., Wofford College; MA.. Emory University; Additional Study. Appalachian State University, Sorbonne, University of Paris. Deck W. Andrews, M.S.B.A.. Professor- Business Education; Chairman. De- partment of Business Education; A.B.. Wofford College; M.S.B.A., University of Georgia; Additional Study. Wof- ford, Western Carolina University, Appalachian State University. Thomas Jefferson Ballard, B.D.. Assis- tant Professor-German. Bible; A. A.. Mississippi Delta Junior College; B. A., Mississippi College; B.D.. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Addi- tional Study. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill. Stanley. Hugh Benson. Th.D . MLS., Head Librarian, Professor; B.S.. Southern Illinois University; M.R.E., Th.D., Southwestern Baptist Theolog- ical Seminary; M.L.S.. The University of Texas. Gilmer Warren Blackburn. M.A.. Instruc- tor-History, A. A.. Gardner-Webb College; B.A., M.A., Wake Forest Uni- versity; Additional Study. University Study, University of North Carolina. Emest Monroe Blankenship. M.A.. Assis- tant Professor-English; B.S.. Western Carolina University: B.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Appalachian State Universtiy: Addit- ional Study, Appalachian Stale Uni- versity. Lois Bull Bradley, B.S., Instructor- A. A. Degree Nursing Program; R.N., B.S., Lenoir-Rhyne College-Grace Hospital School of Nursing. Joyce Compton Brown, M.A., Instruc- tor-English. B.S.. M.A.. Appalachian State University. Leslie Morris Brown, M.A.. Instructor- Biology ; B.S.. M.A.. Appalachian State University. Jerry Zeb Bryson. M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor-Physical Education, Health; Head Baseball Coach; University of North Carolina; B.S., Pfeiffer College: M.A.. Appalachian State University Bettye McClure Carpenter, M.A.. Assoc- iate Professor- Psychology. Speech; A.A.. Gardner-Webb College; A.B., Meredith College; M.A.. University of North Carolina; Additional Study, Appalachian State University. North Carolina State Uruveisjt) . Western Carolina University . University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Wallace Reid Carpenter, M.A., Director- Data Processing School; Associate Professor- Business Education; B.S.. M.A., Appalachian Stale University; Additional Study, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. John E. Carter, Jr., M.A.T.. Instructor- Biology, Religion; B.S., Wake Forest University; M.A.T., University of North Carolina; B.D., Union Theo- logical Seminary; Additional Study, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Clyde S. Cash, M.A.T., Assistant Profes- sor-Chemistry, General Science; B.S., Clemson University; M.A.T.. Converse College; Additional Study, Clemson University, University of Georgia. Pervy Augustus Cline, Jr.. M.A., Assoc- iate Professor-Classical Languages; Advisor, Ministerial Conference B.A., Wake Forest University; B.D.. South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill; Additional Study. Duke Divinity Graduate School, University of -North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Betty Smith Cox. Ph.D.. Professor- English; Director of the Program of English in the Department of English, Theatre Arts, and Speech; Averett College, Westhampton College; Ph.B.. Northwestern University; M. A.. Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. Charles Wright Cox. Ph.D., Coordinator of the Department of English, Theatre Arts, and Speech; Professor-Theatres Arts, Speech; B.A., Roanoke College: MA. Cornell University ; Ph.D., North- western University; Additional Study, School of Radio Technique, The Tele- vision Workshop, New York City. Kenneth Ray Daves. M.A., Assistant Professor-Physical Education; Swim- ming Coach, B.S.. M.A., Appalachian State University. Hubert Conrad Dixon. M.A., Professor- Mathematics; Chairman. Department of Natural Science and Mathematics; A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A.. Wake Forest University; M.A. . Univer- sity of North Carolina; Additional Study, Clemson University. Florida State University, Vanderbilt Univer- sity. Anthony Finley Eastman, M.A.. Assis- tant Professor- Social Science; B.A., M.A.. Appalachian State University; Additional Study, Indiana University, University of Southern Mississippi. J Wayne Epley. Assistant in the Division of Promotion, Gardner-Webb College. Kenneth W. Falkner. Ph.D.. Professor- Music: B.M.Ed., Westminster College: M.A, Universtiy of Connecticut; Ph.D., University of Iowa. Melinda B. Falkner, Guidance Counselor: Assistant Professor-French. A.B., Westminster College; M.S. State University of New York at Oswego; Additional graduate study. University for Foreigners at Perugia. Italy and in Grenoble, France. James Walter File. M.A., Assistant Professor- Biology B.S., M.A- Appalachian State University; Addit- ional Study. Indiana University. University of South Carolina. Charles W. (Buddy) Freeman, B.D., College Minister A. A.. Gardner-Webb College; B.A.. Carson- Newman Col- lege; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Laura Whelchel Gentry. M.A.. M.R.E., Instructor-English. A.B., Limestone College; M.A.. Duke Universtiy; M.R.E.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Study. Appal- achian State University. Lenoir Rhyne College. Nettie Rayle Gidney, M.A., Assistant Professor- Voice; Guilford College; B.A.. Westminster Choir College: M.A. .Appalachian Slate University- Additional Study. Wesley an College, Private Voice Study (eight years). Emest Brown- Albert B. Godfrey. Ph.D.. Professor- Biology; Chairman, Department of Biology; B.S., Clemson University: M.S.. Ph.D., Maryland University. Franklin Keith Griggs, M.A., Assistant Director-Data Processing School; Assistant Professor-Business Educa- tion; B.S., M.A.. Appalachian State University. Nell Self Griggs. B.S.. Instructor- Physical Education for Women, Health, B.S.. Lenoir Rhyne College. Dorothy Washburn Hamnck, A.B.. Registrar. A.A., Gardner-Webb Col- lege; A.B.. Meredith College. Michael A. Harrelson. M.A.. Associate Professor- Biology; A. A., Gardner- Webb College: B.S.. M.A , Appalachian State University: Addi- tional study. University of Georgia. Jane Horn Hams, M.A., Instructor- Business Education High Point Col- lege, Gardner-Webb College; B.S.. Limestone College; M.A., University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Addi- tional Study, Appalachian Slate University. Norman Arthur Harris, M.S., Assistant Professor-Physical Education: Chair- man. Department of Physical Educa- tion and Health; Athletic Director; Head Football Coach; Duke Univer- sity; B.S., High Point College; M.S.. George Peabody College for Teachers: Additional Study. University of North Carolina. Dorothy Knowling Henson, M.A, Instructor-Spanish; Eastern Montana College; A.B., M.A., Indiana Univer- sity. James P. Henson, Ed.D.. Professor- Education; Warren Wilson Junior College; B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University; B.D.. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ed.D., Indiana University. Donna Williams Hewitt, B.S.. Instruc- tor -A. A. Degree Nursing Program; R.N., B.S.. University of South Caro- lina; Additional Study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Thomas Furman Hewitt. Th.D.. Assis- tant Professor - Religion ; B. A., Fur- man University; B.D., Th.M.. Th.D-. Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary. Elizabeth Eggers Hill. B.S., Instructor- Organ; B.S., Appalachian State University; Additional Study. South- em Baptist Theological Seminary. Jerry Randolph Hill. M.A.. Associate Professor-Music; B.S.. M.A.. Appala- chian State University ; Additional Study. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Florida State University. Barbara Walker Holbrook, M.A.. Instructor-Physical Education for Women, Health; B.A.. Lenou Rhyne College: M.A.. Appalachian State University . Edwin Charles Holbrook, M.A.. Assistant Professor-Physical Education; Head Basketball Coach Wake Forest Univer- sity; A.B.. Lenoir Rhyne; M.A., Appalachian State University; Addi- tional Study, Furman University. Thomas Franklin Holland, B-S., Dean of Students; B.S., Appalachian State University; Additional Study, Appala- chian Slate University. Marion Lansford Jolley, M.A., Ed.S., Professor- Social Science; Chairman, Department of Social Science; A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A.. Wake Forest University; M.A. , Ed.S., George Peabody College for Teachers: Addi- tional Study, George Peabody College for Teachers, University of North Carolina. Florida State University. Paul Wiseman Jolley , M.A.. M.A.T., Associate Professor- Mathematics, Physics; B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University . MAT. University of North Carolina; Additional Study. North Carolina State University . Appalachian State I niversity . Univer- sity of North Carolina. Florida State University. C. Robert Jones, M.F.A., Assistant Professor -Drama. Speech: A.B.. A.B.Ed.. University of South Carolina: M.F.A.. Catholic University of America. Additional Study. University of Dijon (France). Doris Jones. M.R.E., Associate Profes- sor-Bible Sociology; B.A.. Furman University; M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Addi- tional Study. Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Univer- sity of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, University of Colorado. Brenda Sain King. B.S.. Instructor- A. A. Degree Nursing Program; R.N.. B.S.. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Robert L. Lamb. D.R.E., Professor- Bible, Religious Education; B.S., Stephen F. Austin State College; M.R.E., D.R.E.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ; Additional Study. Westminster Choir College, Baylor University. University of Hous- ton, Texas Christian University. Grace Craig Lee, M.S.. Director-A.A. Degree Nursing Program: R.N.. Rutherford Hospital School of Nursing; B.S., Florida Slate Univer- sity: M.S.. University of North Caro- lina; Additional Study, Teacher ' s Col- lege. Columbia University; the Mar- garet Hogue Maternity Hospital. John Thurman Lewis, Th.D., Dean of Instruction, B.A.. Mississippi College; B.D.. Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary: M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Additional Study. Baltimore Hebrew College- Belly Hoyle Logan, M.A.. Assistant Professor -Business Education, B.S.. University of North Carolina-Greens- boro; M.A., Appalachian Stale Univer- sity . Wilbur Ray McBnde, M.Ed., Associate Professor -Physics and Mathematics; A.B. Wofford College; M.Ed., Univer- 206 sity of North Carolina, Additional Study, Wofford College. Converse Col- lege, University of Arkansas, Univer- sity of Michigan. University of Kansas, Thomas Jefferson McGraw, M.A.. Vice President Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Wake Forest University; M.A., Appa- lachian State University ; Additional Study, Duke University. Uriah Alonzo McManus, Jr., B.D., Direc- tor of Development; B.S., University of South Carolina, B.D.. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. John Archibald McMillan, B.A.Sc, Assis- tant Instructor-Lngineenng Drawing. B.A.Sc, University of Toronto (Cana- da). Charles E. Mack. Jr., A.B., Business Manager, A. A., Gardner-Webb College, A.B., Catawba College; Additional Study, Stetson University. Richard Ira Matthews, M.A., Assistant Professor- Social Science, B.S., The University of Tampa; M.A., North- western State College of Louisiana; Additional Study, Florida State University, University of Alabama. Robert Earle Morgan, M.Ed., Associate Professor- French, Mathematics; A.B., Lenoir Rhyne College; M.Ed., Univer- sity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Gladys DeJoumctte Morris, M.A., Assis- tant Professor English; A.B., Woman ' s College of Georgia; M.A., VanderbUt University; Additional Study, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, Western Carolina Univer- sity, University of North Carolina- Green sboro. Martin Arthur Moseley, Jr., M.S.. Pro- fessor-Chemistry; B.S., Wofford Col- lege; M.S. North Carolina State Univer sity; Additional Study, University of North Carolina, Clemson University, Duke University, North Carolina State University, University of Wy- oming. William Harvey Mowry, Ed.D., Profes- sor-Psychology; Ph.D., Dickinson College; M.S., Ed.D., Pie Pennsyl- vania State University. Marion Vann Murrell. Ph.D., Professor- Bible; Chairman, Department of Re- ligion; A.B., Wake Forest University; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary; Ph.D., University of E dinburgh ( Scotland) ; Additional Study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of Heidelberg (West Germany). Aksel Evald Nielson, Ph.D., Professor- Economics; B.A.. University of North- ern Iowa; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University. Thirlen Osborn, M.A., Professor- English, A.B., Kentucky Wesleyan College; M.A., University of Ken- tucky; Additional Study. University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina. Diane Hicks Packard, B.A., Assistant Instructor-Business Education; A. A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Lime- stone College. Walter Raleigh Parker, Jr.. Ph.D.-Direc- tor of Guidance and Counseling; B.S., Wake Forest University; M.A., East Carolina University; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Dorothy A nn Pearce, M.N., Instructor- A. A. Degree Nursing Program; Fur- man University; R.N., B.S.N. , M.N., Emory University School of Nursing. William Roy Phelps, M.A Assistant Professor Spanish; B.S., M.A., Fast Carolina University ; Additional Study, Appalachian State University. Univer- sity of Arizona (Guadalajara, Mexico), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Ernest Eugene Poston, Th.D President of the College; A.A. Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Th.M. Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ; Additional Study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. James Hubert Rash, M.Ed., Associate Professor- Art, Assistant in the Pro- gram in the Arts, Art Portland Museum Art School, A.A. Wingate Junior College; A.B., Columbia Col- lege; M.Ed., Clemson University; Additional Study, Winthrop College, University of South Carolina, Furman University, Appalachian State Univer- sity, Private Art Study, J. L. Settle- meyer, Dayrell Kortheurer. Donald Edward Reed, M.A., Instruc- tor-Geography; A. A., Thornton Junior College, B.A., Augustana Col- lege; M.A., University of Iowa. Charley L. Sandifer, M.A., Th.M., Asso- ciate Professor- English, Copiah Lincoln Junior College, A.B. Missis- sippi College, Th.M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ; M.A., University of Mississippi; Additional Study, University of Mississippi. Joy Young Sandifer, M.L.S., Assistant Librarian; B.A., Mississippi College; M.L.S., University of Mississippi; Additional Study. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Appa- lachian State University. J. Kenneth Sanford, B.S., Instructor- Physical Education; Dean of Men, A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Western Carolina University; Addi- tional Study, Western Carolina Uni- versity. Mamuel Allen Setzer, M.A.T., Associate Professor-Spanish, B.A., Lenoir Rhyne College; M.A.T., University of North Carolina; Additional Study, University of New Mexico, La Uni- versidad Intcramericana (Mexico). Paul Kimbrell Smith, Ph.D., Professor- Mathematics, B.S., M.A., University of South Carolina, M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Illinois. James W. Snyder, M.C.M., Assistant Professor-Music, B.A., Wake Forest University; B.C.M., M.C.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Addi- tional Study Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. Nancy Kaye Sorrells, B.A.. Dean of Women; Director of Religious Activ- ities. A A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Carson-Newman College, Ad- ditional Study, Wake Forest Univer- sity, Western Carolina University. Paul Mitchell SorTells, M.A., Assistant Professor- English, Gardner- Webb Col- lege; B.A., Carson-Newman College; M.A., Western Carolina University; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary; Additional Study, University of North Carolina. Paul John Stacy, B.S., Assistant Pro- fessor-Biology, B.S., Duke Univer- sity; Additional Study, Duke Univer- sity. William B. Stowe, M.A., Instructor- English, Charlotte College; B.A., St. Andrews Presbyterian College; M.A., Appalachian Slate University. Mario A. Suarez, Ph.D., Assistant Pro- fessor Spanish, B.A., Instituto de Segunda Enscnanza; Ph.D., Havana University. Richard Nesbit Sykes, M.A., Assistant Professor- Social Science, Reading, A.B., Central Wesleyan College; M.A.. Appalachian State University. James Kanipe Taylor, M.A., Assistant Professor-English, Mars Hill College; B.A., Carson-Newman College; M.A., Appalachian State University; Addi- tional Study, Appalachian State Uni- versity. Jesse Lee Taylor, M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor-Social Science, Financial Aid Officer; B.S., Westcrm Carolina Uni- versity; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Study, George Peabody College For Teachers, University of North Carolina. James Orville Terrell, M.A., Professor- Social Science, B.S., Western Carolina University ; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Study, George Peabody College for Teachers, University of North Caro- lina. Shirley Putman Toney, B.S., Instruc- tor-A.A., Degree Nursing Program; R.N., North Carolina Baptist School of Nursing; B.S., Wake Forest Univer- sity; Additional Study. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Robert Lee Trexler, M.A., Assistant Professor Bible. Social Science; Gardner- Webb College; B.A., Wake Forest University; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Appalachian State University. Additional Study, Appalachian State University. Alex Harries Vaughn, B.A., Director of Promotion, Assistant in the Arts Pro- gram; Mars Hill College, Belmont Abbey College; B.A., Furman Univer- sity. Harnett Elliott Whitley, M.S.N., Instructor -A.A. Degree Nursing Program; R.N., Mercy Hospital School of Nursing; A.A.S., Sacred Heart Junior College; B.S., Queens College; M.S.N. , Emory University; Additional Study. Duke University. Evelyn Collins Wilder, M.R.E.. Instruc- tor-Speech, A.B., Florida State Uni- versity; M.R.E., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Study, Appalachian State University. James M. Wilder, Th.M., Instructor- Bible, B.A., Wake Forest University; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Additional Study, Emory University, Appalachian State Univer- sity. Frederic Austin Wilkie, Jr., A.B.. Instruc- tor-English; A.B., University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill; Addi- tional Study, Purdue University, University of Iowa. MRS. O. MAX GARDNER, SR. 1885-1969 Mrs. O. Max Gardner, Sr., (right), wife of the late O. Max Gardner, Governor of North Carolina (1929-32) and one of the college ' s staunchest supporters, died January 16. The college was named in honor of the Gardner and Webb families in 1943 and numerous buildings on campus bear the Gardner and Webb names. She is shown with her son, Ralph Webb Gardner and his wife. 207 Student Directory James Preston Aaron (177) Route 7, Box 169 Shelby, N. C. Elliot Lee Abernathy (177) 71S 2nd Ave. N.E. Conover, N. C. Timothy D- Abercrombie (177) Box 172 Wellford, S. C. William Glenn Abrams (141) Box 104 Boiling Springs, N. C. Donald S. Adams (177) 6ih Ave. S.W. Conover, N. C. George Adams (177) Route 2, Box 170 Kings Mountain. N. C. Robert Wayne Adams (177) Route 3, Box 60 Forest City, N. C. James B. Adams, Jr. (177) 245 Piney Mt. Road Greenville. S. C. John M. Aiken (177) 305 Oakenwald Dr. Marin, S. C. Stephen Lee Adcox 414 Miles Road Shelby. N. C. Brenda C. Albea (177) 161 1 Dixie Lane Hendersonville. N. C. Mike Albright (177) Stanley V. Albright (177) 7 W. Main Blvd. Timonium. Maryland Miles Aldridge (141) 4960 Westfield Road Columbia, S. C. Barbara G. Alexander (141) 4728 Grasset Avenue Charlotte, N. C. John M. Alexander (141) 31 15 Burkeshore Rd. Winston Salem. N. C. Reginald K. Alexander (141) II 1 Country Club Dr. Kings Mountain. N. C. Sally Odom Alexander (177) 1809 Virginia Rd. Winston Salem, N. C. Jerry C. Allen (177) Route 3 Shelby. N. C. Linda Lynn Allen (177) Rt 7, Box 269B Greensboro, N. C. Marsha G. Allen (177) Rl 7. Box 269C Greensboro, N. C. Michael Barry Allen (141) 51 1 Whisnant Street Shelby. N. C. Randy Lynn Allen (141) 1638 Woodlawn Avenue Shelby. N. C. Laura Susan Allen (177) Box 801 Boiling Springs. N. C. Doyne R. Allison (177) Route 2, Box 88 Gaffney. S. C. Paul Ralph Allison (14 1) Route 1 Draper, Va. David Boyd Allred (141) 356 East Salisbury St. Asheboro, N. C. Terry Wayne Almond (141) Route 3, Box 648 Albemarle, N. C. E. Creola Anderson (14 1) 1820 Kings Road Shelby, N. C. Evelyn C. Andrews (141) 1102 Church Street Forest City, N. C. Phillip Ray Annas (177) Route 2, Box 1 10 Granite Falls. N. C. Robert Michael Annas (177) 5 139 Lansing Drive Charlotte. N. C. Irvin F. Anthony (141) Route 5 Shelby, N. C. Katherine Anthony (141) Route 2, Box 250 Greensboro, N. C. Linda K. Anthony (141) Route 2, Box 155 Shelby, N. C. Michael A. Anthony (177) Route 1 Buffalo. S. C. Brenda L- Armstrong (177) 1009 Union Street Maiden, N. C. Susan Arrington (177) 3412 Selwvn Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Joseph Arrowood (14 1) Route 3 Forest City, N. C. Betsy J. Arthur (I4i Route 1, Box 240 Cherryville. N. C. Frederick D. Askins (177) 124 Blanding Street Lake City, N. C. Samuel Aichley Rt 3, Butler Road Forest City, N. C. Linda Sue Austin (131) Route 2, Box I91E Lenoir. N. C. Mark Jonathan Austin (141) 115 Green Valley Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Samuel G. Autry. Jr. (141) 2812 Icflewood Circle Charlotte, N. C. Ricky G. Ayers (177) 103 Chipley Lane Greenville. S. C. Susan W. Ayers (14 1) 214 Perkins Street Havefock. N. C. Merrye C- Babcock (177) 295 West Prospect Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Stephen Clay Baity (177) 4746 North Cherry St Winston Salem. N. C Danny Wesley Baker (141) Route 2, Box 1 131P Charlotte. N. C. Floyd W. Baker. Jr. (141) Lowell Bethesda Rd. Cramerton, N. C. Robert Earl Baker (177) 953 Poindexter Drive Charlotte, N. C. Marsha J. Baldwin Route 3 Shelby. N. C. Gordon A. Ball (177) Route 3 Weaverville, N. C. Kevin Micheal Balling (141) 92012 216th St. Queens Village, N. Y. Vardaman W. Banks (177) 9922 Pinehurst Ave. Fairfax, Va. Hilda J. Barber (177) Route 8 Shelby. N. C. Timothy D. Barger (177) Box 75. Main St Faith, N. C. Delores E. Barker (141) Route 2, Box 306A Pilot Mountain. N. C. Ronnie Jay Barnes (177) 307 W. Dixon Ave Gastonia. N. C. Uva Louise Barnes (177) 192S Old West Lane Gastonia, N. C. Roger McKaja Barnett (177) 501 Iowa Street Spindale, N. C. Thomas C. Barnett. HI (142) Route 1 Clover, S. C. James S. Barnes P. O. Box 86 Lexington, N. C. May Madison Barton (142) 50 West Avondale Dr. Greenville, S. C. Thomas V. Bates (142) 121 La Salle Ct. Spartanburg, S. C. Belinda B. Baucom (177) P. O. Box 27572 Gastonia, N. C. Judy B. Baynard (142) Route 4 Union Mills, N. C. Dennis A. Beam (177) 109 Sussex Ave. Cherryville. N. C. Ray P. Beam (177) 1208 Clarendon St. Durham. N. C. James E. Beard (178) 907 S. Spencer Ave. Spencer. N. C. Jerry T. Beard (178) Rt. 2. Box 433A Hunterville, N. C. Jerry Y. Beatty (142) Route 1 Shernlls Ford. N. C. Albert Lee Beck, HI (178) 820 Dale Street Hendersonville, N. C. Sally E. Beck (178) Mills Home Thomasville. N. C. Joe Michael Beckwith (178) 34 Clemson Drive Aiken. S. C. Paula S. Bell (178) Route 3, Box 258 Kings Mountain, N. C. Ronald Onn Belue (178) Route 1 Union. S. C. Linda Benfield (142) Route 3 Lawndale. N. C. Richard Benfield (142) Route 2, Box 160 Newton, N. C. William C Benfield (178) 1 1 Rosewood Ave. Ashville. N. C. Melody D. Bennick (178) 661 Quarterstaff Rd. Winston Salem, N. C. Charles D. Benson (143) Route 4 Shelby, N. C. Richard Wayne Benton (143) 27 10 Tillbrook Place Greensboro, N. C. Glenn William Bert (143) 409 Cherokee Drive Greenville, S. C. Ronnie Mitchell Bigge Route 6, Box 188 Shelby, N. C. Janis E. Bingham (143) 9923 Lawyers Road Charlotte, N. C. Kenneth Wayne Bishop (143) Route 2 Chesnee. S. C. Who ' s Who Betty Lefler, Larry Thomas, AI Jacobs, and Lala Humphries. 208 lames I Black, Jr. (143) :i4 Forest Hill St. Morganton, N. C- lohn E. Black (178) I I 1 Kinwood Drive Morganton, N. C. Russell Vaughn Black (178) 337 Riverside Drive Ormona Beach, Florida Douglas Lee Blackburn (178) Rt. 2. Box 311 Durham. N. C. Gary Lee Blackwell (178) River Rd. Rt. 2, Box 101 Greer. S. C. W ' m. Larry Blackwell (178) Rt. 1, Box 200A Cowpens, S. C. Harold M. Blackwood (178) 901 E. Academy Street Cherryville, N. C. Rickey Dale Blaktey Route 10 Ocala Drive Winston Salem. N. C. James Stanley Bland (143) 1509 Holling Street Spindale, N. C. Alyce Greene Blanton (143) Box 2S6 Boiling Springs. N. C. Neil P. Blanton (178) 702 West Sumter Shelby. N. C. Roy Roger Blanton, Sr. (143) 1 1 10 Spann Street Shelby. N. C. Samuel Ray Blanton (143) Box 133 Henrietta. N. C. Deborah C. Boggs (178) Box 291 Fatlston. N. C. Jeffery William Boggs (178) 1507 Brantley Rd. Kannapolis, N. C- Erwin Bohlen, Jr. (178) 22 Charlotte Si- Charleston, S. C. Ray Daniel Bolick. Jr. (143) Route 5 Hickory. N. C. Martha E. Bolyn (178) 4421 freedom Drive Charlotte N. C. Lenwood W. Bonaparte (178) 100 Morris St. Charleston, S. C. James Cassels Boney (143) 406 Springwood Dr. Spartanburg. S. C. Ralph Edward Boney (143) 406 Springwood Drive Spartanburg. S. C. Vernon Earl Bonner (143) Route 2, Box 475 Sumter. S. C. Tanna Francis Boone (143) Route 3. Box S09 Waynesville. N. C. Toney Stewart Boone (143) 319 M3rtin Street Shelby. N. C. Kay Suitts Boozer ( 143) Route 6, Box 172F Shelby, N. C. Timothy Hal Borders (178) P. O. Box 308 Lawndale, N. C. James T. Bost, Jr. (143) 405 Foster Street Burlington. N. C. Buford Botts Route 1 Casar. N. C. Ernest G. Bolts (178) Route I, Box 1 13 Batesburg. S. C. Tho mas E. Bouknight (143) North Lee LeesvUTe, S. C. Richard H. Bowden (178) Route 3. Linville Rd, Kerncrsville. N. C, Reginald L. Bowles (144) 1001 Chalmers St. Martinsville. Va. Joseph Elmore Boyd (144) I 3 Poplar Street Charleston, S. C. William E. Boyett, Jr. (178) I 13 Marhn Dr. Spartanburg, S. C. Rickey Trent Boyette (144) Route 2, Box 579 Clayton, N. C. Eileen Ann Brabson (178) Monmouth Dr. Monmouth Junction, N. J James D. Bradford (179) V. O. Box 19 Gerton, N. C. Trilby M. Brafford (144) 919 West First St. Lowell. N. C. Danial G. Bradshaw (179) 604 Broad Street Bennettsville. S. C. Frank Bradshaw (179) 1714 Friar Tuck Rd. Greensboro, N. C. George M. Bradey (144) 121 Oakleaf Drive Landrum, S. C. Boyce L. Bradshaw (144) Route 2. Box 310A Valdese, N. C. Stephen Henry Brannon (179) 419 Glenwood Dr. Mooresville, N. C. Max E. Brannon (179) Rhett St. Route I Greer, S. C. John B. Branyon, Jr. (179) 639 Guilford Road Rock Hill, S. C. John Dunlap Brawley (179) 1012 Oakland Avenue Rock Hill, S. C. Regis Clay Breeland (144) South Point Road Belmont, N. C. Robert Edward Brennan (179) 153 Bch, 131 Street Belle Harbor, N. Y. Terry V. Brewer (179) 3727 Glenville Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Billie Ann Bridges 3010 Poplar Circle Shelby. N. C. Harold Lee Bridges (144) Route 2 Shelby. N. C. Janice Haynes Bridges (144) Mooresboro Road Cliffside.N.C. Janice Ramona Bridges (144) 3010 Poplar Circle Shelby, N. C. Jacqueline M. Bridges (179) Route 2, Box 58 Shelby, N. C. Kenneth D. Bridges (179) 1 149 N. Layfayette St. Shelby, N. C. Margaret O. Bridges (144) Route 5, Box 281 Shelby, N. C. Who ' s Who Charley Stutts, Carolyn Stone, Carolyn Long, David Webb, and Janet Whisnant. Lynn E. Bridges 3010 Poplar Circle Shelby, N. C. Myra Dawn Bridges 3010 Poplar Circle Shelby. N. C. Robert William Bridges (179) 1206 W. Dixon Blvd. Shelby, N. C. Nancy Susan Broadway (144) 5900 Plaza Road Charlotte. N. C. William Kenneth Brock (144) Route 3 Forest City. N. C. Wayne Keith Brockman (144) 13 Cotlingwood Drive Greenville, S. C. Joe Nathan Brookins (179) 1032 Lake Street Dothan. Ala. Thomas L. Brotherton (179) Box 37 Cornelius, N. C. Edmund Milnor Brown (180) 249 Sandhurst Road Columbia, S. C. Harold L. Brown, Jr. (144) Mockingbird Lane McAdenville. N. C. Jackson A. Brown (180) Post Office Box 235 Troutman, N. C. Joseph Ivirn Brown (144) 1112 N. Jackson Street Salisbury. N. C. Madeline Brown (180) ISO Starnes Cove Rd. Asheville. N. C. Richard John Brown 226 Central Avenue Lynbrook, N. Y. Walter Brown (180) Rt. 2, Box 758 Lawndale, N. C. Scriven S. Brunson, III (ISO) 220 Nash Sumpter, S. C. Walton G- Brush (145) 6 Birch Road Pompton Plains, N. J. Henry P. Bryant, Jr. (180) 10 Balentine Dr. Greenville. S. C. Martha Ruth Bryan (145) Route 2, Box 202 Boone, N. C. Sidney Brvson (145) 102 Glen Wood Rd. Morganton, N. C. Gloria K. Buchanan (180) 337 Green St. Rutherfordton, N. C. Terry Ann Buchanan (180) Rt 4, Golf Coarse Rd Peidmont, S. C. David O. Bumgardner (180) Route I, Box 395 Gastonia, N. C. Patsy Ann Bumgarner (180) Route 1. Box 47 Kannapolis, N. C. James A. Bunce (180) Montauk Dr. Rt. 3 Vernon. Conn. Rodney C. Buford (180) 501 Fugate Road N E Roanoke, Va. Roger Dale Burleson (145) Route 1, Box 435 Spruce Pine, N. C. Lester Duke Burnett (180) 107 Grace Terrace Greenwood, S. C. James Thomas Burns, Jr. (145) 222 Cannon Street Georgetown, S. C. Larry W. Burris (180) Route 2 Newton, N. C. Jo Lavonne Butler (180) Route 1, Box 442 Forest City, N. C. Walter Leslie Butler (180) 3903 Tyler Road Apt. Andrews Air Force Base Washington, D. C. Kenneth Malone Byers (180) 316 Providence Road Gaffney. S. C. Martin Wayne Byers (145) P. O. Box 526 Spindale. N. C. Susan Marguitta Byers (180) Route I Forest City, N. C. John W. Byrd (181) 516 Belmont Rd. Belmont, N. C. Nancy Ann Byrd (145) Route 4, Box 109 Asheboro, N. C. Joseph Ed Cabaniss, Jr. (145) 814 Parkwood Road Shelby. N. C. Kenneth Cadwallder (145) Cynthia Sue Cahill (145) 1514 Church Street Martinsville. Virginia Carole A. Caldwell (181) Anderson Drive Clifton. S. C. Danny Allen Caldwell (145) Route I Maiden. N. C. 209 Who ' s Who Reg Alexander, Mabel Stewart, David Gregory, Gloria Poston, and Larry Mc Swain. Donald D. Caldwell (1811 1 165 Parkins Mill Rd. Greenville, S. C. John V. Caldwell (145) 5522 Closeburn Rd Charlotte, N. C. John R. Caldwell. Jr. (181) Route 1 Mount Ulla. N. C. W. Jerry Caldwell (145) Route 3, Box 40 Canton, N. C. Sandra Price Caldwell (145) 21 Bradley Blvd. Greenville, S. C. Sheila Faye Callahan (181) Polo Road N W Winston Salem, N. C. Edwin Yates Camp, Jr. (145) 6 E. Warren Street Shelby. N. C. James Campbell (181) 1 16 Forest Hill Dr. Forest City, N. C. Robert W. Campbell (145) 1400 Meadow Lane Charlotte, N. C. Wanda Jean Campbell (181) Route 2 Dallas. N. C. Melvm Campos (181) Post Office Box 344 Waimea Kauai, Hawaii Geraldine A. Cantbell (145) 501 Saluda Street Chesnee, S. C. Kevin W. Cantwell (145) 9003 214th Street Queens Village, N. Y. Max Richard Carland (145) 44 Olney Road Asheville. N. C. Teddy Morgan Carnes (145) 28 Friar Tuck Rd. Greenville, S. C. Rev G. Carnwright (145) Route 3, Box 317A Forest City, N. C. Dianna K. Carpenter (181) Route 1 Iron Station, N. C. James Carpenter (!81) 1435 East High St. Charlottesville, Va. Robert C. Carpenter (145) Route 7. Box 254 Shelby. N. C Sandra B. Carpenter (145) 1721 Merry Oaks Road Charlotte. N. C. V. Juantta Carpenter (145) Route 2, Box 1032 Connelly Springs. N. C. Jerry Camgan (181) Route 2 Taylorsville. N. C. Raymond H. Carroll. Jr (181) Route 1 Providence. N. . Carolyn A. Cayson (181) I 39 Hawthorne Elkin. N. C. Daniel Brooks Carter ( 181 ) 112 Tanglewood Drive Greenville, S. C. Michael David Carter (181) 4867 Westmoreland Dr. Winston Salem. N. C, Larry Dean Carver (145) 21 I Pine Street Union. S. C. Beverly Ruth Cash (146) P. O. Box 181 Chesnee, S. C. Roger Wiley Cash (181) 804 Kings Road Shelby, N. C. Donnalyn Hollv Cathey (146) 439 Hollis Rd. Charlotte, N. C. Brenda Lyvone Causby (181) 426 South Ridge St. Dallas, N. C. Elizabeth D. Causby (146) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Mary I. Causby (146) 426 S. Ridge St. Dallas. N. C. Romie Lee Chaffin (146) Route 2 Advance. N. C. William Chalden (146) Phillip B. Chamberlain (181) Route 5, Box 22 Shelby, N. C. Mrs. Ray W. Champion Route 5 Shelby. N. C. Gary M. Chandler (181) Route 3 Simpsonville, S. C. Edward L. Chandler (181) 3324 Avalon Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Sarah C. Chandler (146) Box 329 Andrews. N. C. William E. Chandler (146) Box 504 Billee Street Greenwood. S. C. Constance J. Chapman (181) Box 881 Tryon, N. C. Rickey Oscar Chapman (146) 1334 Whitener Road Newberry. S. C. James H. Chappell (146) 2832 Sheffield Road Columbia, S. C. Anant Cheimvichitt (181) 1051 ISoi Tonson Plernchit Bangkok, Thailand Alfred Jerome Cherry (181) Route 1 Stanley, N. C. Kanchana Chiamvigilra (181) 2061 Park Road N W Washington. D. C. Joe Dean Childers (181) RI. 5. P. O. Box 582 Gaffney, S. C. Joyce G. Childers (181) Rt. 5, Box 328 Taylorsville. N. C. Vicki K. Childers (181) Rt. 1. Box 302 Gaffney, S. C. Edward Ear l Chnsman (181) 5 Meyes Drive Greenvilte, S. C. Robert R. Christie, III (146) 2 1 Selwyn Drive Greenville. S. C. Jane Christopher 122 E. Thrift Circle Landrum, S. C. Surachai Chutiyasanta (181) 200 70 St. Apt. 10F New York, New York David V. Clark (181) Route 5 Greenville. S. C Patterson Clarke, Jr. (181) 108 Thelma Drive Sumter. S. C. Jack A. Clawson (181) 325 Meredith Street Raleigh. N. C. Lewis W. Clayton (181) 101 Camden Drive Spartanburg, S. C. Janice F. Clements (181) 607 Brookwood Spindale, N. C. Ann H. Cline Route 2, Box 43 Lincolnton, N. C. James L3rnar Cline. Jr. (181) Route I Cherryville, N. C. Kay Yvonne Cline (181) Route 1 Kernersville, N. C. Donald R. Cline (181) I Route 1 Shelby, N. C. Daniel H. Coates (146) 216 Baird Cove Rd. Franklin, N. C. Terry Glenn Coble (146) P. O. Box 135 Alamance. N. C. James W. Coffey ( 181 ) 103 Edwards St. Rutherfordton. N. C. Prentiss M. Coggins (146) 726 Carpenter Avenue Mooresville, N. C. Steve Walton Cofdron (146) 2922 Isaacs Place Greensboro. N. C. Charles G. Coleman (146) 1215 Crenshaw Street Newberry. S. C. George M. Coleman (181) Rt. I. Morning Star Rd. Canton, N. C. Leah D. Collins (181) 3301A Rendell St. Morehead City. N. C. Stephen E. Colvard (181) 2705 Fairlawn Dr. Durham, N. C. Joe Marshall Condrey ( 146) 9 Hilltop Drive Cliffside. N. C. John D. Conner (182) 10 Polk Drive Wilmington, N. C. Judy Lee Cooke (182) 472 North Main St. Lenoir, N. C. Sarah E. Cooke (182) Box 1885 Gastonia, N. C. Carolyn Dianne Cooke (146) Route 3, Box 167 Vale, N. C. M. Catherine Coon (146) Route 2 Lincolnton. N. C. Harry Webb Cooper (146) 3506 Normandy Road Greensboro, N. C. Yvonne M. Cooper (182) Rt. 2, Box 155 Candler. N. C Thomas L. Copeland (146) 515 Musgrove St. Clinton, S. C. Mary Anne Corell (146) 1316 Kirk Avenue S E Roanoke, Virginia Janet Faye Costner (182) Rt. 3. Box 154 Kings Mountain, N. C. James M. Couch (182) Route 2 Heath Springs, S. C. Larue B. Cox, Jr. (182) Rt 1. Box 568 Kernersville. N. C. Robert B. Cox (182) 5913 Whittingham Dr. Charlotte, N. C. Jimmy Lee Coyle (146) P. O. Box 42 Great Falls, S. C. Edith C. Crabtree (146) Route 3 Rutherfordton. N. C. Judy Kay Craig (146) 1 24 Westbrook Rd. Lenoir, N. C. Mark D. Crawford (147) 848 Boardman Road Aiken, S. C. Martha J. Crawford (146) Route 1. Box 106 Rutherfordton. N. C. Sharon L. Crawford (182) 6848 Newhall Rd Charlotte, N. C. Albert P. Creasman, Jr. (147) 128 S. Whitted Street Hendersonville, N. C. Albert Creswell (147) 401 Oakwood Drive Greenwood, S. C. Charles David Crisp (147) Route 4, Box 70 Franklin, N. C. David E. Crisp (182) Route 1 Whittier, N. C. Marsha Kay Crompton (147) 17 Maple Crescent Asheville, N. C. James H. Cromer. Jr. (147) 6 16 Kapp Street Winston Salem. N. C. 210 lllllllllllJlllllilllllWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITlffi Brenda Ann Crosby (147) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. William B. Crosby (182) Rl. 4 Shelby, N. C. Tommy V. Crouse (182) 233 Central Dr. Lenoir. N. C. Alice Yvonne Crouse (147) Route I. Box 316 Denver, N. C. William O. Crowe ( 182) Route 1 Denver. N. C. Lynn B. Culbertson. Jr. (147) 14 Rollingreen Road Greenville, S. C. Neal D. Cunningham (147) 114 Ridgewood Drive Lexington, N. C. John Randall Dalton (147) 61 I McArthur Street Chesnee, S. C. Barbara D. Daniel (147) Route 2, Box 52 Forest City, N. C. Melinda Jo Daniels (182) Route S. Box 101 Taylorsville, N. C. Micheal Junthan Darby (181) 401 West Davidson Ave. Gastonia, N. C. Judy Carol Darnell (182) 233 Baird Cove Road Franklin, N. C. Nickie Ann Darnell (183) 22 I McGinnis Ave. Lincolnton, N. C. Thomas Wade Darnell (147) 724 Hudson Street Winston Salem, N. C. Ted Matrin Daves (183) Box 89 Boiling Springs, N. C. David E. Davenport (147) 100 Thomassee Ave Greenville. S. C. Hugh M. Davenport (183) Route 2. Box 396 Chester. Virginia Dennis Hugh Davis (147) Route 4 Shelby, N. C. George Wayne Davis (183) 1918 Shore Drive Edgewater. Md. Hardin Lurney Davis (183) Route 2, Box 201 A Cherryville. N. C. Janice Maria Davis (183) 1003 West Sumter St. Shelby. N. C. Raymond Lester Davis (183) Route 3. Box 161 Lansing, N. C. William Osmand Davis (148) I 9 Sirrine Drive Greenville, S. C. Laura Kathryn Day (183) 3 I S Coffey Avenue North Wilkesboro. N. C. Donna Kay Deaton (183) 733 Walnut Avenue Charlotte, N. C. James F. Deaton, HI (148) Box 595 Liberty. N. C. Matilda Jeane Dedmond Route 2 Lawndale, N. C. Paul De Forge (148) 2421 Tilson Rd. Decatur. Ga. Cliff L. DeLapp. Ill (148) I 16 West 2nd Avenue Lexington, N. C. Charles W. Dellinger (148) Route 1 Cherryville, N. C. Janet Lee Dellinger ( 183) Route 2, Box 177A Shelby. N C. Francie Alan Demby (183) 2325 Cartwright Place Charlotte. N. C. Harry Leigh Derby (183) 4042 Arborway Charlotte, N. C. Steven McGraw Dickson (183) 32 John Street Gaffney, S. C. Charles Wayne Dixon (183) Box 93 Yadkinville, N. C. Deborah Lee Dixon 907 Lackev St. Ext. Shelby. N. C. Barry Allen Dodson (148) 3 Popular Street Forest City, N. C. Junir Oscar Dodson 3 Poplar Street Forest City, N. C. Mary Ann Dorsey (148) Hwy. 18 Fallston, N. C. Paul Allen Dover (148) 106 S. Oriental Ave. Kings Mountain, N. C. Perry Johnathan Dove (148) Route 1 Clover. S. C. Who ' s Who James Queen, Clay Breeland, Gale Alexander, Jerry Ruppe, Arena Dunn and Kay Anthony. Betty Sue Downing (183) 806 Legare Road Aiken, S. C. Clyde Howell Downs (148) Route 4 Franklin. N. C. Katharine I Duffey ( 183) 2732 Dogwood Rd. Durham, N. C. Thomas Carmel Duncan ( I 83) Route I. Box 855 Marion, N. C, Waymon R. Duncan (183) 87 Kimberly Lane Taylors, S. C. Arena Paulette Dunn (148) 9 Skyland Avenue Greenville, S. C. Stephen R. Durham (183) 539 Forest Hill Drive Shelby, N. C. Alan E. Dunnagan (148) 222 Friendship Circle Winston Salem. N. C. Robert Parris Dutton (148) 2104 6th St. NW Hickory, N. C. Maurice C. Duval ( 148) 209 Birdie Lane Shelby, N. C. Roger Lee Dyer (148) 234 Sycamore Ave. Buena Vista, Va. James Michael Dysart (148) RFD 4 Lincolnton, N. C. Charles Devin Eakes (183) Box 1 1 6 Pendleton, S. C. Peggy Shytle Faker (148) Route 1 Lawndale, N. C. Trudy F. Eakins (183) 414 Yadkin Avenue Spencer, N. C. Edith Carolyn Earley (183) Route 2 Ellenboro. N. C. Michael Allen Early (183) 15 19 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N. C. Dealiena Mae Easter (148) Route 5. Box 133 Mt. Airy, N. C. Van Alan Edmondson (183) 4422 Cornell Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Carlton B. Edwards. Ill (184) 2102 Manlyn Rd. Richmond, Virginia Catherine M. Edwards (148) Box 960 Waynesville, N. C. Michael Dean Edwards (148) Route 2. Box 9 Shelby, N. C. Richard Andrew Elam (184) Route 2, Box 620 Cherryville, N. C. Edward H. Fllenburg, Jr. 110 Holly St Winnsboro, S. C. Joe S. Elledge (184) 171 Sparta Road North Wilkesboro. N. C. Connie Gwen Elliott (184) Route 6 Suberban Acre Shelby, N. C. Edward H. Elliott (184) Box 4, Broad St. Denton, N. C. Frances F. Elliott ( I 84) Route 3 Lawndale, N. C. John Thomas Elliott (149) Route 3 Lawndale, N. C, Sara Helen Elliott Route 2 Shelby, N. C. Mrs. Margaret Ellis (149) 212 Cleveland Avenue Shelby, N. C. David Earl Ellison { 149) 434 E. Bufurd Street Gaffney, S. C. Danny O. Ellington (149) Route 1, Box 12S Belmont, N. C. Kathy Lynn Elmore (184) Route 2, Box 144 Bessemer City. N. C. Erick Vaughn Elmore (149) Route 2. Box 215 Newton, N. C. Jack Phillip Elmore (I 84) Box 156 Cliffside, N. C. Anita Louise Embler (184) 52 Salem Avenue Asheville, N. C. Barbara Emmons (184) 145 Rutledge Avenue Concord. N. C. Sandra Kay Emory (149) Route 2 Weaverville, N. C. Kenneth Lee Epps (184) Route 1 Fort Mill. S. C. Michael H. Fpps (149) RFD 1 Newberry, S. C. Ernest R. Fskridge. Jr. (149) 709 Kershaw St. Cheraw, S. C. James Alexander Estes (150) I 149 Revere Point Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. Lynda Crowder Everett (150) 905 Parkwood Road Shelby. N. C. Price M. Ewing, III (I 50) 3810 Springway Drive Gastonia. N. C. Eugene D. Falls, Jr. (1 50) 7401 Redfern Circle Charlotte. N. C. Peter E. Fickling (I 50) 120 31st Ave. N E Hickory, N. C. Susan W. Fisher (150) 1316 West Main Street Forest City. N. C. Wm L. Fitchpatrick. Jr. (184) 4120 Doral Drive Doraville. Georgia Jennifer Jane Fite (150) 405 Belmont Road Belmont. N. C. Ernest Bickey Fleenor(l50) 130 Wilderness Lane Greenville. S. C. Danny F. Fleming (150) 35 Blair Street Greenville. S. C. Ernest F. FTeming (150) I 86 Harbor Terrace Fall River, Mass. Mrs. Marilyn Fleming (184) Box 188 Boiling Springs, N. C. 211 Steven G. Remine (150) 604 25th Si- S W Hickory N. L- Quinlon Florence l50i 43 ISA Colwick Road Chariotte, N C. Terry Rorence (150) 43 15 A Colwick Rd. Charlotte N . Gregory t. Rynn (184) 1549 Cecilia Dr. Gastonia. N C. Mar) A Rynn (184) eciia Dr Gasionia. N. C. Joseph Wayne Folk (ISO) 1321 Kale Street Newberry, S C Milton Hayne Folk (ISO) 1 32 I Kale Street Newberry. S. C. Bill Ford 1 50) Box 372 Boiling Springs. C David P. Ford ( 1 S4 1 524 Lakewood Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Judy K Ford (151) 1115 N. Washington Si. Shelby. N . C. James M Forrest (184) Rt 2. Box 174 Johnsion. S. C. Nancy L. Fortune (184) 103 Callahan Ave Greenville. S. C. Mary C Foster (184) Roule 1 Wilkesboro, N. C Sullivan A. Foster (151) Route 4. Box ; 54 Shelby, N. C. Arch F. Fowler. Jr. (184) 209 Tyson Ave. Bennettsville. S. C. Daniel B. Fowler (184) Rt. 2. Box 30 Denton. N C. William Thomas Fowler (151) 12 Valerie Drive Greenville. S. C- Hilda Patricia Fox (151) Roule 2. Box 236 Mooresboro. N. C. Priscilla M. Fox (184) 510 2nd Ave. NW Conover. N. C. Terrese Lyn Fox (151) 603 West 30th Lumberton. N. C. Pink G. Frady (184) 20 Shadow Lane Taylors. S. C- Sandra Marie Francis i I 5 1 i Route 2. Box 249 Shelby. N. C John Randy Freeze (184) Box 392. Rumple Street Troutman, S _ Amanda E. Freeman (184) 6201 Deliah Lane ChsfkMe. V C. Karen M. Freeman (184) 105 Brookhill Rd. Shelby. N. C. Mary Beth Freeze (184) 901 Venus St. Kannapolis. N. C. Margaret M. French (184) 404 Plaver Dr. High Point. V C John Marvin Frogge (151) 1009 Leander Street Shelby. N C Thomas B- Frye (184) P. O. Box 332 Andrews. N. C. Steve B Fuller (184) Route 1 Pfafftown. N. C. Carol Lynn Galinat (151) 41 South Main St. AJlentown. New Jersey Harold Wayne Gallman (184) 200 Laurel Street Gaffney. S. C. Deborah Elaine Gantt (184) Mimosia Hills Dr Morganton, N. C. Arevia Audrey Gardner Posl Office Box 362 Boiling Springs. N. C. Roeer Lee Gardner (184) Box 45 1 Black Mountain. N. C. Sherry Ann Garlington (184) 500 Derby Court Gasionia. N. C. Sianle Wayne Garner (151) 2714 De Goache Ave. Newberry. S. C. Emery E. Garrett (184) 25 14 Dare Street Burlington. N. C. Kenneth E. Garrett (184) Rt. I. Hillcresl Dr- Enka. N. C. Patricia E. Carre It (184) 165 Hidden Hill Rd. Spartanburg. S. C- Frank Gamga (151) 44 32ih Avenue NW Hickory. N. C. Gregory Alan Gauil (151) 148 Seven Oaks Drive Greenville. S. C. James David Geddes 346 Circle View Dr. Shelby. N. C. Richard Eugene Genvig (151) :; Hiawatha Drue Greenville. S. C. David Alan Gibbons (151) 3614 Stonehaven Drive Charlotte, N. C. Bnlla A. Gibson (151) 5925 Woodbridge Rd. Charlotte. N. C. Frances Kaye Gibson (184) 592S Woodbridge Rd. Charlotte. N. C. Kalhie Elaine Gibson (151) 82 Wesley Street Canton, N. C. Jjmei W Gilchrist (151 ) 25 Hiawatha Drive Greenville. S. C. Neil Dixon Gilchrist (184) Presbyterian Home Black MounlainTN. C. Willie H. Gilfillan (184) Roule 3 Newberry, S. C. Robert Blalock Gill 1 185) 2003 Yost fare Salisbury. N. C. Art is Gilmore (151) Campbellion Ave. Chipley, Rorida John William Gilstrop (ISS) Route I. Motor Boat Rd. Greenville. S. C. Gaey Mordeca Gist (185) Box 9, Finksburg Roul Rnklburg, Maryland John H- Cjelhaug (151) Box 1 148. Wesson Rd. Shelby. N. C. Marsoric Ann Glenn (185) Box 756 Boiling Springs. N. C. Rita Jane Glenn (185) Route 3 Lawndale, N. C. Timothy H. Glenham (151) 2200 floral Avenue Charlolle. N- C. Rorence Glossbrenner (185) 5606 Pioneer Lane Washington, D. C. Judy Kay Gloyne (185) Box 491 Cherokee. N. C. John Thomas Godfrey (151) Route 1 Mooresboro. N. C. Dennis G. Goforth (151) Wilson Farm Road Shelby. N C. Jerry Wayne Goforth (185) P. 6. Box 236 Mooresboro, N. C. Kathy Jo Goforth (185) 104 Maple Drive Gaffney. S. C. Man Suzanne Gold (151) SIS Hampton Street Shelby. N. C. Robert S. Gold (151) Route 5 Shelby. N. C. Randall Scott Good (185) P. O. Box 4005 Longview Hickory. N. C. John W. Goodman (185) 1 16 Cedar Street Mooresville, N. C. Ronald Jay Goodfellow flSl) 3426 Clover Lane New Castle. Pa. Samuel Lewis Goolsby 1151) 1012 Fredrick Street Shelby, N. C- Vickie Lynn Gordon (185) Route 6. Box 93 Shelby. N C Gary Ray Graham (185) 1030 North Jackson St. Salisbury, N. C. John P. Graham (185) Rt 1. Box 185 Rockwell. N. C. Thomas John Granl (185) P. O. Box 1 93 Mtn. Home N. C. AJan P. Graves, Jr. (185) 144 Hillcresl Ave Concord. N C Barbara Aileen Greene (186) Route 4. Box 322 Shelby. N. C. Barbara Bridges Green (186) Route 2. Box 58 Shelby. N. C. John Terrv Green (151) 7033 Slarvalley Dr Charlotte. N C. June Joiner Green (185) I 2 10 Spring Drive Shelby. N. C. Patricia Diane Green (185) 1 Harkins Cove Road Canton. N. C- Thomas S. Greene (186) Rt. 2 Ellenboro. N. C Howard Dean Greene (186) 216 Maple Streel Shelby, N. C. Marilyn Ruth Green (152) 303 Clinton Street Shelby, N. C. Timothy John Greene (152) 348 Plover Avenue Miami Springs. Fla. Yickv Lyn Greene (186) Rt. 2, Box 384 Forest City, N. C. Steven Michael Greer (152) Roule I. Box 244 Lenoir. N. C. David A. Gregory (152) 617 Catawba Road Salisbury, N. C. Stephen A. Gregory (152) Roule 1. Box 320 Smilhfield. N. C Gary F. Grieb (186) Cornwaliis Drive Winnsboro. S. C. Charlsie Anne Griffin (186) 322 Avalon Road Winston Salem, N. C. Gerald Herbert Gngg (152) Route 2 Cherryville. N. C. Linda Lynn Grigg (186) t 108 Harden Dr. Shelby, N. C. David C. Grinstead ( 1 86) Route 2 Snow Camp. N. C. .Arthur W. Grindstaff (186) 305 Big Spring Ave Forest City. N. C. Billy Lee Grubbs (186) 5700 Rural Hall Road Winston Salem, N. C- Samuel C. Guffey (186) Roule 3, Box 387 Forest City. N. C. Billie Jo Gunn (186) 5509 Londonderry Rd. Charlotle. N. C. Terry Alan Guthrie (186) 2440 Springs Road Hickory, N C Graham Larrv Guv (186) P. O. Box 572 Walkerlown. N. C- Barry James Hall (152) Route 2 King. N. C. Janice Kathleen Hall (152) 2403 McLean Avenue Gasionia. N. C. Mary Reid Hall (186) 109 Rollingreen Road Greenville, S. C. John M. Halliwell (186) 2900 F. Pratt St. Baltimore. Maryland Janet L. Halliwell (186) 2900 Easl Pratt St. Baltimore. Maryland Robert Hamley (186) 100 Manor Court Greensboro, N. C. John Hamilton (186) 1727 Mohawk five. Charleston, S. C. Max Hamilton. Jr. (153) Roule 11. 4300 Sunset Charlotle. N. C. Philip T- Hamilton (153) 1007 Russell Streel Bristol. Virginia Billy Fain Hamnck (153) 332 Grice Streel Shetbv, N. C. Donald R. Hamrick (186) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Jane Carroll Hamrick (153) Route 3, Box 431 Shelby. N. C. John E. Hamrick (153) Roule 1 Mooresboro. N. C. Patricia Sue Hamrick (186) Route I. Box 176 Wadesboro, N. C. William M. Hamrick (186) Route 2, Box 303 Shelby. N. C. Richard M. Hance 1813 Stowe Ave. Gasionia. N. C. Marian S. Hand (153) 107 New Road Kendall Park. N. J. Carol R. Hannon (187) 310 Palmer Si Greer. S. C. Judith Elaine Hannah (I S3) 820 Cheslnut Park Dr. waynesville, N. C. harney B. Happoldl. Jr. (187) 822 Vine Arden Rd. Morganton. N. C. Lamar Cecil Harberson (187) 510 Lake Drive Hendersonville, N. C. Andrea Wallace Hardin Rt. 3. Riverbend Acres Shelby, N. C. Ladenia K. Hardin (187) Route 6. Box 542 Shelby. N. C. Frank Woodruff Harp (153) 217 Charlotle Ave Rock Hill. S. C. Johnny Harper (153) Box 703 Blacksburg. S. C. Bruce M. Harris (187) 206 Hiawassee Ave Black Mtn.. N. C. James Edward Harris (187) I IS Ravenscrofl St. Union. S. C. Sheila Ann Harris (153) I-4S West Polo Road Winston Salem. N. C. Shober D. Harris (187) Route 3 Yadkinville, N. C. William B. Harnll. Ill (153) 420 Idlewood Street Durham. N. C. Paul W. Harrington. Jr. (187) Route 4 T3ylorsville. N. C. Samuel E. Harrison (187) 521 Boll Ave Greenwood. S- C- David L. Hart (187) Route 3 Lansing. N. C. Bobby Eugene Hart (187) Route 1, Box 716 Claremont. N. C. K 1 u ene Harris (153) Route 2 Bethune. S. C. Evelvn Sowder Hartle 12 12 Brookwood Road Shelby. N. C. Thurmond A. Harvell. Jr. (153) 31 I East K St. Newton. N. C. Wayne Clark Harvell (153) P. O. Box 452 R3mseur. N C- 212 MMTOSlli ' Robert 8- Hasly { I 53} 37 14 McMillan St. Newberry. S. C. Thomas F. Hatcher (18 " ?) 1009 College Drive Gaffney, S. C. Thomas E. Hatfield I 87) 6900 Eolger Dr. Churlotle, N. C. KfiJ Moose Hatley (187) Route I Lawn dale, N. C. Richard G. Haviland (187) 499 Glen Street Glens halls. N. Y. Douglas E. Hawley (167) 707 Carver St. Durham, N. C. Charlene Haynes (188) Route 9, Box 187 Shelby. N. C. Charles Ray Haynes Route I, Box 153 Boslic. N- C. Jjmmie Karen Hayes (188) Highland Park North Wilkesboro. N. C. Martha Vada Haynes (188) Box I I Cliffside, N. C. Marjorie B. Heatherly (188) P. O. Box 452 East Hat Rock. N. C. Willaw Clifton Hearin (153) 1 12 Twinlake Road Greenville. S. C. Charles R. Heavner (188) Route 3, Box 280 Vale. N. C. Hilda Stilwell Heavne (153) General Delivery Boiling Springs, N. C. James Dwyre Hednck (153) Box IS Boiling Springs. N. C. Bonnie Ruth Heffner (188) Route 1. Box 64 Horse Shoe, N. C. Mary Lou Heffner (153) 606 Caroleen Road Forest City. N. C. Charles T. Helms (188) 17 Kendal Green Dr Greenville. S. C. Linda F. Hembree (188) 6 Cartee Ave Greenville, S. C. Charles R. Hemphill (188) 25 High St. Canton. N. C. Kathy C. Hemphill ( I 88) Route I Duncan. S. C. Carole Ann Hendrick (154) Route 5 Shelby. N. C. Everett W. Hendricks (188) 62 1 East Main Chesterfield, S. C. Leonard S. Hendnx (154) 4535 Old Town Drive Winston Salem. N. C. Michael R. Hendrick (188) 717 West Warren St. Shelby. N. C. Robert G Hendrix (188) Route 1 Tobaccoville, N. C. Edward C. Henderson. Jr. (153) 109 Midland Street Greevillle. S. C. John C. Henderson. Ill (154) P. O- Box 43 Mauldin. S. C. John E. Henderson, Jr. (154) 435 Brutton Street Troy. N C. Michael T Henderson (188) 109 Midland St Greenville. S. C. Stephen Lee Henderson (154) Route 4 Easley. S. C Sidney Hendren (188) Route 7. Box 530 G Charlotte. N. C. Bennett Lee Hendricks (188) 601 East A Ave. Easley. S. C. Ryan D. Hendley (154) 9 Acalea Ct. Greenville. S. C. Boyce 1. Henley. 11 (154) Route I, Box 32 1 Maiden. N. C. Boyce B. Hensley (154) Route 2 Union Mills. N. C. James Michael Hensley (154) Route I Blacksburg. S. C. Martha Jill Herman (188) Route 5, Box 66 Taylorsville, N. C. Phillip B. Herndon (I 54) Route 2 Bostic. N. C. James W. Hester (189) 228 Shannonhouse St. Shelby, N. C. William F. Hibbard ( 1 54) 3113 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Mills D. Hicks (189) 130 North Canton Rd Canton. N. C. Jerry William Hicks ( 1 54) Route 1 Morresboro, N. C. Dennis B. Higgins (189) 1266 E. 38th Street Brooklyn. New York Fred A. High Route 4, Box 46 Gastonia. N. C. Dannie C. Hill (189) 321 Stilwell Oaks Charlotte. N. C. Howard A. Hill (189) 408 E. Tennesse Ave Bessmer City. N. C. Joyce A. Hill (189) Route 4. Box 78 Rutherfordton, N. C. Charles M. Hines (189) 126 Graham St. Elkin. N. C. Robert Edward Hines (154) 503 Summit Drive Greenville. S. C. William Manley Hines (154) 395 Balsam Road Hendersonville, N. C. Willa K- Hipp (189) 127 Bradford Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Broadus M. Hocutt (189) 113 Charles St. Spencer, N. C. Johnny Boyce Hoey (189) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Jay Stephen Hofsess (154) 1049 Keystone Court Charlotte. N. C. Richard D. Holcombe (189) Box 5096 Station B Greenville. S. C. Christina Holland ( 189) 9312 W. Parkhill Dr. Bethesda, Maryland Dianne S. Holland Box I 5 I Boiling Springs. N. C. Joyce Elaine Holland (189) Route 2 Canton. N. C Joseph Brent Holland (189) Route 3 North Wilkesboro, N. C. Jerry W. Hollifield (154) 25 Hunt Street Marion, N. C. Wanda E. Hollifield (189) 834 Eorsythe St. Marion. N. C. Sandra Kay Hollander (154) 102 Meadow-view Drive Lenoir. N. C. Edwin West Holman (154) 6016 Cedar Ridge Rd. Columbia. S. C. John R. Holt (189) Eari Su Brookneal, Va. Walter H. Homestey, Jr. (154) 6 10 W. Chu rch Street Cherryville, N. C. Fredrick D. Honeycutt (189) 406 Morgan St. Fori Mill. S. C. William M. Honeycutt (189) 500 W Robinson St. Gaffney. S. C. Jean Ray Honeycutt 1 10 North Thompson St, Shelby. N. C. Vicki E. Honeycutt (189) 2 19 Poplar St. Hazelwood. N. C. Gerald Wayne Hooper (189) I 16 Hanover St. Ashcville, N. C. Stephen Gibson Hooten (154) 329 Sumpter Street Lynchburg, Virginia James A. Hopkins (189) Route 3, Box 173 Salisbury. N. C. Phillip David Hopkins (154) 4 Reed Street Pelzer. S. C. Dennis Craig Hord ( 189) 409 Elizabeth Avenue Shelby, N. C. Ralph r Horn (154) Route 4, Box 435 A Gaffney, S. C. John W. Hornaday, Jr. (154) 327 Piney Forest Rd. Danville. Virginia Mary Colleen Horton (154) I 140 7th Avenue S W Hickory, N. C. Danny L. Hostelher (154) 1223 Alice Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Elizabeth Shaw Howard (189) Box 597 Carthage. N. C. Kathryn E. Howard (189) 108 Eernwood Lane Greenville, S. C. Micheal J3y Howard (189) Route I. Box 270 Gaffney. S. C. Luther Howell, Jr. (189) Route 1, Box 335 Washington. Ca. Saundra M. Howell (155) P. O. Box 3 I I Greer, S. C. William L. Howell (189) 3225 Kingfisher Dr. Decatur. Ga. Patricia HowingtOn ( 189) Route I, Box 372A Grover. N. C I red J Huyle (155) 403 Gold Street Shelby. N C. Lonnie C. Hoyle (189) 1406 Austin Ave. Gastonia, N. C. Pamela J. Hubbard (155) I 17 Frances Dr. Asheboro, N. C. Amelia r Hudgins ( I 55) 843 Stockton Street Statesville, N. C. Mary Esther Huggins (155) 1705 Rhyne Carter Rd. Gastonia. N. C. Fred Randall Huffman (155) 7 lla C ourt Greenville. S. C. Richard D. Huffstetler ( 155) 20 N. Main Street Shelby, N. C. Dan Michael Hughes (155) Box 1831 Shelby. N. C Teresa Ann Huitl (189) Route I. Box 253 Mount Holly. N. C. Vicki Ann Hull (189) Box 63 Lancaster Road Chester. S. C, Leila Anne Humphries (189) Route S. Box 43 Rutherfordton. N. C. Lala June Humphries (155) Box 535 Clirfside, N. C. Patsy J. Humphries (1 55) Route 4, Box 459 Gaffney, S. C. Sandra Kay Humphrey (155) Route I, Box 70A Mount Pleasant. N. C. Timothy I. Hunsucker ( I 89) 1819 Kings Rd. Shelby. N. C. Linda Faye Hunt (1 55) 362 Grice Street Shelby. N. C. Robert Lee Hunt (189) P. O. Box 412 Boiling Springs, N. C. Carroll Hutchings (189) I 100 Fenimore Street Winston Salem. N. C. Joseph M. Hyatt (155) 4 Thompson Ave Canton, N. C. Pamela Jean Hydecker (155) 59 Oak Drive Cedar Grove. N J. Eugene B. Jackson, Jr. (189) 99 Lisk Ave. Concord. N. C. Henry Jackson (156) 210 Calhoun Street Clover. S. C. Jeffrey W. Jackson (189) 4100 Tenessee Avenue Charlotte, N. C. Judy Ann Jackson (189) Box 06 Cliffside. N. C. Henry Jackson 210 Calhoun Street Clover. S. C. Teresa Jackson (189) Route I Alexander. N. C. Toney Lamar Jackson (189) 2 2b Old Steel Creek Charlotte. N. C. William M Jackson (189) 2299 Shamrock Drive Decatur, .cnre.u Vickie S. Jackson (156) 233 Enwood Drive Charlotte. N. C. James R. Jacks, Jr. ( 1 55) Route I Clinton, S. C. Janet Lynn Johnson (156) I 1 Johnson Drive- Canton, N. C. John B. Johnson ( 190) 1645 Sterling Rd. Charlotte. N. C. Albert James Jacobs (156) 703 St. Michaels Lane Gastonia, N. C. Carol Dianne James (156) Route 4 Piedmont. S. C. Lloyd Victor James (156) Route 2 Hardin. N C Mary Beth James ( 190) RFD 2. Box 4I5A Wallace. N. C. Rebecca Jamerson (156) Route 4, Box 1 54 Shelby. N. C. Thomas Jarrell ( 1 56) Ruther Glen Virginia Benjamin E. Jenkins, Jr. (190) 528 N. Matson Street Kershaw, S. C. James Larry Jenkins (156) 316 N. Raleigh Street Wallace, N. C. Joel P. Jenkins, Jr. (190) Box 16 Earl. N. C. Linda Pearson Jenkins (190) 602 AST Church Street Cherryville, N. C. Rickey Harman Jester (156) 2 I 1 Robin Road Mount Airy. N. C. Gail Marie Johnson (190) 339 2nd St. SE Hickory. N. C. Gaylon E. Johnson (190) 819 Robbins Circle Chester, S. C. Hugh Johnson ( 1 56) 505 North Duplin St. Wallace. N. C. Isaac Wade Johnson (190) Route I. Box 86 Shelby, N. C. Jerry Johnson (190) IO-8th St. Greer. S. C. John M. Johnston ( 190) Rt. 13 Mauldin Rd. Greenville. S. C. Josh B. Johnson, Jr. ( 190) Route 10. Box 801 Greensboro, N. C. Linda Jean Johnson (190) 207 Brice Street Kings Mountain. N. C, Randall S. Johnson ( 190) Route 1 Dobson, N. C. Ronald Johnson (190) I 57004 Meyer Avenue Vamoic 34. N. Y. 213 Nellie Sue Jolley Route 2, Box 279 Mooresboro. N. C. Robert Leonard Jolley (156) 24 Reservoir Street Cliffside, N. C. Brenda K. Jones (190) Route 4 Greer, S. C. Burwell J. Jones. Jr (156) 302 Randall St. Greenville, S. C. Charles E. Jones. Jr. (191) Route 3. Box 339 Shelby. N. C. Claude Gerald Jones (191) 201 Stewart Street Greenville, S. C. David Hamilton Jones (156) Route 2 Catawba. N. C. Henry Lee Jones (191) 1605 W. Dixon Blvd Shelby. N. C. Jack Clayton Jones (191) ISIS Nassau Blvd Charlotte, N. C. Michael Lee Jones (191) 512 Webber St. Shelby. N. C. Patricia Ann Jones (156) Route 2 Shelby, N. C. Richard Glenn Jones (LSI) 838 W. Marion Street Shelby. N. C. Robert Austin Jones (191) Route 1 Pinnuche, N. C. William A. Jones (191) Route I Lmwood, N. C. Deborah Sue Jordan ( 1 9 | ) 100 Highview Drive Greenville. S. C. Frances D. Jordan (191) 802 Woodland Blvd. Wilkesboro, N. C. John A. Jordan (156) 731 Asheviile Drive Spartanburg. S. C. Anne Mock Joyce (156) 2327 Lyndhirst Ave. Winston Salem. N. C. Sheryl Justice (191) Route 4 Abingdon, Va. Rebecca Ann Justice (156) Route 5 Shelby, N. C. Eddie Mack Kale (156) P. O. Box 635 Conover, N. C. Stephen C. Kale (191) 3413 Sunnybrook Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Lloyd A. Kanipe (1S6) Route 2 Conover. N. C. Steven Arnold Kebeck (157) 64 50 223 Place Bayside, New York Michael Patrick Kelly (157) 443 Old Stage Road Spotswood. New Jersey Thomas Joseph Kelly (191) 725 Glenforest Road N Atlanta, Georgia Alvin Wayne Kerlev (157) Route 1 Maiden, N. C. Robert Lee Kershaw (157) 4919 Virginia Ave. Harnsburg, Penn. Ed Arthur Kessling (157) 57 Vanderlyn Drive Manhasset, N. Y. Urn. Michael Killian (1S7) 2742 Springs Rd. Hickory, N. C. Wayne Grier Kimbrell (157) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Freddie D. Kincaid (19] ) 203 Ramse St. Morganton, N. C. Lida Carolyn Kincaid (157) Route 3, Box 624 Lenoir. N. C. Carolyn Ann King (158) Route 5. Box 231 Asheboro, N. C. Joseph R. Kirby. Jr. (191) Route 1 Scranton, S. C. Phillip W. Kirkland (191) 2208 Wilson St. Durham. N. C. Martha Adeline Kiser (158) 409 Clegg Street Shelby. N. C. Rodney M. Kitchens ( 1 91 ) 6315 Dana Ave. Springfield, Va. Linda S. Kluttz (191) 935 Churchill Dr. Gastonia, N. C. Terry E. Knight (191) 1 5 Stowe St. Lowell. N. C. John Knox. Jr. (158) Route 3. Box 219 Rock Charlotte. N. C. Winnie C. Kong (191) 2 Ching Wah St. Ground Floor N. Point Hong Kong, China Randy Robert Koon (158) RFD No. 2 Prosperity, S. C. Tommy Ray Kynerd (158) Route 6, Box 226 Salisbury. N. C. Gayle Ann Lacivila (191) 301 Pendleton Drive Greensboro, N. C. Stephen M. Lackey (158) 410 Woodside Drive Shelby. N. C. Ronald Dean Lacy (158) 346 Garden Street Manassas, Virginia Bobby Manon Lail (191) Route 2, Box 161 Shelby, N. C. Edgar A. Lail (191) IS20 E. Marion St. Shelby. N. C. Dean A. Lambeth (191) 4500 Timber Lane Winston Salem. N. C. Donny C. Lambeth (192) 4625 S. Main St. Winston Salem. N. C. James G. Lamprmanos (158) 9 Woodley Avenue Asheviile, N. C. Charles Allan Land (192) Route I, Box 436 Lenoir. N. C. Carolyn J. Landrum (192) 501 Baldwin Rd Richmond, Virginia Jerry Freeman Lane (158) Route 2. Box 1128 Charlotte. J 1 ). C. James D. Lane (192) Route 2. Box 83 Siler City. N. C. Tamara Ann Lane 915 Earl Rd. Shelby. N. C. Joyce Wray Lanier (192) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Oscar L. Lard (192) II 14 S. Boundary S E .Aiken. S. C. Elizabeth Laughrun (192) P. O. Box 72 Sky land, N. C. Donna C. Lavender (158) New Zion, S. C. Edward Lee Lawrence (158) Route 10. Box 277 Lexington. N. C. Jack A Leard. Jr. (192) 303 Popular Dr. Washington, Ga. Charlie Larry Lecroy (192) 1 14 Columbia Street Greenwood, S. C. Judy Lecroy (158) 1619 Mountain I ane Dr. Shelby, N. C. Larry Dean Ledbetter (192) Route 2, Box 104 Shelby. N. C. Edward Victor Ledford (192) 618 Gardner Street Shelby, N. C. Gary M. Ledford (192) Route 6. Box 2670C Rock Hill, S. C. Karen Dianne Ledford (158) General Delivery Cramerton, N. C. Jerry Wayne Lee (158) Route 3, Box 222 Forest City, N. C. Berry Anderson Lefler (192) 91 1 W. Sumter Shelby, N. C. Betty Jane Lefler (159) 91 l West Sumter St. Shelby. N. C. Yvonne V. Lemaster (192) 2230 Kern St. Charlotte. N. C. James Wayne Lentz (192) Box 290. Walnut St. Granite Quarry, N. C. Kenneth John Lentz (159) 431 Summit Ave. Spruce Pine, N. C. Victoria L. Leonard (192) 140 Granby Place Marion, N. C. .Anthony Gray Levan (159) Route 5. Box 515 Mooresville. N. C. George A. Leventis (159) 2 Barrett St. Greenville. S. C. Wayne Eugene Lewis (159) 4808 Morgan Street Charlotte, N. C. Peter Downing Lindh (159) 1 520 Lenape Drive Miami Springs, Florida Benjamin F. Lindler (159) 2921 Kennedy St. Columbia. S. C. Nanc Anne Linnens (159) Box 161 Boiling Springs, N. C. Edwin W. Linville. Jr. (192) 3010 Northbridge Road Winston Salem. N. C. Janice Carol Little (192) 412 2nd Ave. PI. NE Conover, N. C. Robert B. Livingston (192) Route 1. Box 248 Boomer, N. C. Tamala Mae Logan (192) Route 1 Tobaccoville, N. C. Charles David Loggins (192) 515 South 1st Street Easley. S. C. Charles A Lominick (192) Route 1 Pomaria, S. C. James Wendell Long (192) Route 2, Box 184 Shelby, N. C. Carolyn C. Long (159) 307 W. Delafield Ave. Durham. N. C. Micheal Franklin Long (192) 1026 Willow Street Hendersonville. N. C. James Elwood Love, Jr. (159) 301 Maupm Avenue Salisbury, N. C. Rebecca Jane Love (192) 1351 Parkview Circle Salisbury, N. C. Steven D. Lovelace (192) Route 1. Box 17 Morresboro. N. C. J. Fellows Lovett. Jr. (192) 7323 Charlotte Street Springfield, Va. Joel Clyde Lovin (159) 417 Efrid Street Gastonia. N. C. Frances N. Lowe (192) P. O. Box 474 Sylva, N. C. Mary Donna Lowery (192) Route 6. Box 538 Shelby. N. C. Stephen Daryl Lowe (159) Box 157 Caroleen. N. C. Linda Lucckese (159) 5211 Montgomery St. Springfield, Virginia Ted Wayne Luckadoo (159) 101 Richmond Ave. Swannanoa, N. C. Marilyn Diane Lutz (192) Route 1 Kings Mountain, N. C- Mike Dean Lutz (159) 219 Cedar Lane Mt. Holly. N. C. Ronald Joe Lytle (192) North Mam Street Boiling Springs, N. C. Donald Eugene Lytle (192) General Delivery Old Fort, N. C. Galen Jimmy Mace (192) 906 A Baldwin Avenue Marion. N. C. Roger Mack Box 882 Boiling Springs. N. C. Charles E. Mack II Box 882 Boiling Springs. N. C. Aundra S. Maddox Route 2. Box 300 Shelby, N. C. Willie A Maddox (192) Route 2. Box 300 Shelby, N. C. Nancy Lu Magill (192) Route 1, Box 94 Bostic, N. C. Kathie Glenn Mahood (192) t . O. Box 572 Route 5 Kernersville, N. C. Sandra Lee Mains (192) Route 1 Vilas. N. C. Duncan G. Malloy. Ill (192) Scots Woodfarm Lumber Bridge, N. C. Wylie A. Malone (192) 205 Fieldcrest Lane Spartanburg, S. C. James Neill Maness (159) Box C Bryson City. N. C. Barry Gilbert Maney (159) 56 Clarendon Road Asheviile. N. C. Sandra Marian Mann (192) Justice Ridge Rd. Candler, N. C. Punlope Marhamontri (192) 200 W. 70 St. Apt. 10F New York. New York William A. Marion, Jr. (159) 4378 Morningside Dr. Winston Salem, N. C. Donald Alien Marshall (159) Route 1, Box 310 Winston Salem, N. C. Donald Joseph Martin (193) 302 Mimosa Drive Greenville, S. C. Shufford H. Martin (193) 401 Mill Street Spindale. N. C. James W Martin. Jr. (193) Box 256 Lattimore, N. C. Alien Martin (159) Route 1, Box 287 Blaeksburg. S. C. Elizabeth Lee Martin (159) I 8 Montgomery Road Westbrook. Maine Stephen Asbury Martin 14 I l Arbor Drive Salisbury, N. C. Thomas Alton Martin (159) 406 102 Chester Str. Blaeksburg. S. C. Harold James Mason. Jr. (159) 1502 Central Drive Kannapolis, N. C. Charles Mathis Route 4 Gaffney, S. C. James D. Mathis (I 59) Cycle. North Carolina Marshall L. Matthews (160) 7419 Flora Street Springfield, Virginia William Mauney (193) 22 Royal Pines Dr. Arden. N. C. Jackie Maxwell (193) Box 42 Ellenboro. N. C. Harold R. Mayfield (160) 410 Elizabeth Drive Greenville. S. C. Alan Houston Mavhew (193) P. O. Box 385 Mooresville, N. C. Robert Wayne McCauley (193) Box 303. Maunev Avenue Old Fort. N. C. 214 Paul Lewis McCall (160) Route 6. Bux 55 1 Lenoir, N. C. James W. McClendon (160) 70h Cokesbury Road Greenwood. S. C. Peggy B. McCombs (193) P. O. Box 791 Shelby. N. C. r-onda Kay McCoy (IbO) 26 I aiming Drive Shelby, N. C. Roger Dale McCraw (193) Route 2, Box 145 Gaffney, S. C. Billy Gene McDaniel (160) Route 1 Kings Creek, S. C. Kenneth P. McDaniel (193) 6 16 North Ashe Ave. Newton. N. C. Michael S. McDaniel (IbO) 804 Hampton Street Shelby, N. C. Martha Lynn McDonald (193) Route I, Box 30 E Casar, N. C. James M. McElrealh (160) Route I, Box 55 Swannanoa, N. C. Jacob Wilson McGee, II 185 Hahn Place Concord, N. C. Linda S. McGalliard (161) 160 Hillwood Drive Lenoir, N. C. Edward R. McGimpsev, Jr. (161) 99 Hillcrest Ave. Lenoir, N. C. Jack E. McGill. Jr. (161) 5 15 Berkshire Drive Statesville, N. C. Daniel Harris McGill (161) 515 Berkshire Dr. Statesville. N. C. Ronnie B. McGuirt (193) 205 Skipper Ave. Fort Mill. S. C. Deborah Kay McKinney (161) 61 N. Main Street Cliffside, N. C. Ruby Cash McKinney (161) Route 2 Mooresboro. N. C. Virginia L. McKinney (161) Route 1 Chesnee. S. C. John Roland McLeod (193) 8432 Idlewild Road Charlotte. N. C. Gary Lynn McMasters (193) 141 J Seminole Drive Greensboro, N. C. Hubert Land McRae ( 161 ) 107 Abmgton Way Greenville, S. C. Dale Bonum McKain (193) 601 S. Washington St. Shelby, N. C Larry Dean McSwain (161) Boiling Springs, N. C. Roger Lee McSwain (193) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Thomas Edward McSwain (193) Route 9. Box 221 Shelby, N. C. Vickie Lynn McSwain (193) 709 Parkwood Road Shelby. N. C. Otis Mull Meacham (161) Box 139 510 Lee St. Shelby. N. C. Stephen E. Mcador (161) 404 I 1th St. AltaVista, Virginia Bruce Lee Melton ( 194) 223 Grier Street Fori Mill, S. C. Roger Keith Meltun ( 194) Railroad Avenue Rutherfordton. N. C. Nellie Reece Merntt (194) Route 1 Morrisville. N. C. Joseph H. Mickey. Jr ( 16 1 ) 623 Barnsdale Road Winston Salem, N. C. Carta S. Middleton (194) 4728 Amity Place Charlotte, N. C. Bruce Douglas Mikota (194) 202 Forest Lane Drive Gaffney. S. C. Charles Thomas Miles (161) Route 4 Taylors, S. C. John Sydnor Millman (194) 2216 NE 17th Terrace Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Amy Cornelia Miller (194) Route 9. Box 354 Lexington, N. C. Jo Anne Miller (161) 725 Mt. Moro Rd. Villanova, Pa. Kathryn Miller (194) 59 Winfield Road Greenville, S. C, Samuel Murphy Miller (194) 3200 Richmond Street Lynchburg. Virginia William Ray Miller (1611 Route 6. Box 673 Charlotte. N. C. Richard Ernest Milsap (194) 7 Edgewood Drive Greenville, S. C. Sharon Lynn Mingota (194) 25 Roger Road Edison, N. J. James Michael Minnix (194) Route 7 Shelby. N. C. Patricia Ann Mintz (161 ) P. O. Box 384 Grover. N. C. Chester Michael Misa (194) 1 Torlen Court Houppauge, N. Y. David Thomas Mitchell (194) Route 2, Box 378 Kannapolis. N. C. Steven Hake Moffitt (194) 56 Hillside St. Asheville. N. C. Ricardo Mogna ( I 94) National Congress Caracas D. F. Venezuela Prasiddhi Monjaitraku (194) Rammitre Road Bangkok, Thailand Teddy Richard Monroe (161) 2400 Cherokee Ave Gaffney. S. C. Jacqueline L. Moody (194) Route 3, Box 141 Simpsonville, S. C. Larry Franklin Moody (194) P. O. Box 394 Ramseur, N. C. Daniel Stanley Moore (194) 943 N. Bridge St. Etkin, N. C. David Ernest Moore (194) 4111 Hough Road Charlotte, N. C. William H. Moure, Jr. (194) si i Ashmore Drive Charlotte. N. C. Thomas Calvin Moore (161) P O. Box 127 Carlisle. S. C. [Catherine E. Morgan (194) I 15 Flag Road Chesapeake, Virginia George E. Morris, III (194) I 102 Cherokee Court Martinsville. Virginia John Victor Morris (161 ) 205 Christenbury Rd. Charlotte. N. C. Roger Dale Morris (195) Route 6, Box 47 Charlottesville. Va. Robert Wesley Morris (195) P. O. Box 36 Pinewood, S. C. Blame Morrison (195) Box 178 Boiling Springs. N. C. Charles P. Morrison (161) Route 8, Box 422 Statesville. N. C. Everett W. Morse. Jr. (195) 134 McAlway Road Charlotte. N. C. Lynn G. Moss 1546 Hilltop Drive Shelby. N. C. Charles Edward Moss Route 1, Box 53 A Gaffney. S. C. David Mull ( 195) 417 2 5 St. Hickory. N. C. James Bruce Mullis (195) 8 Rose Avenue Concord, N. C. Russell W. Mullikin (195) 104 Maple Blvd. Clemson, S. C. Elizabeth Ann Mullis (195) 8 Rose Avenue Concord. N. C Myra Lynette Mullis ( I 62) 8 Rose Avenue Concord. N. C. Veronica T. Muraoka (195) P. O. Box 409 Hanapepe Kauai, Hawaii Wm. Robert Murr (162) 308 Fernwood Dr. Spartanburg. S. C. Robert Nabors (162) 123 Henry Street Abbeville, S. C. Dewitt B. Nance (195) 31 18 Pinehursl Place Charlotte, N. C. Jerry D. Nanney (162) 14 East Randolph Road Shelby, N. C. Paul B. Neal (195) 752 Cedar St. Rock Hill, S. C. William Edwin Neal, Jr. (195) Darrow Road. Route 1 Walkertown. N. C. Haynsworth L. Neely (162) 525 Lucerne Dr. Spartanburg. S. C. Carol Frances Neese (162) P. O. Box 5 27 West Columbia. S. C. Howard S. Neighbors (162) 308 Blackthorne Lanes Charlotte, N. C. Ricky Lyle Newsom (195) Route 3. Box 337 D Charlotte, N. C, Marilyn Dale Newton (162) 427 Crawford Street Shelby. N. C Michael E. Newton (162) Box 451 Blacksburg. S. C. Marion B. Nichols ( 162) 2010 Liberty Drive Greensboro, N. C. Joseph A Nigro (162) 24 12 McDonald Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Nancy Katherine Nolan (195) 102 Alpine Street Bennettsville, S. C. Kenneth Ronald Noe (195) 32 Holmes Drive Greenville. S. C. Gary T. Norman (162) 1914 Independence Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Fagg B. Nowlan (195) Box 458 Pleasant Garden. N. C. Randall Ed Oliphant ( 196) Route 4, Box 429 Mooresville. N. C. Samuel Obrien Ostwalt (196) Box 1 17, North Ave. Trout man, N. C. Rodney Cook Ouzts (162) P. O. Box 135 Newberry, S. C. Patti Owens (162) 1510 Kendnck Drive Gastonia, N C. Rachel Beth Owens (162) 1605 Spindale Street Spindale, N. C. Dorinda Love Pabst (162) 108 Lullwater Road Greenville, S. C. Michael Calvin Pace (162) Box 74 Columbus. N. C. Dean Griffin Padgett (162) Route 2 Newton. N. C. Rebecca Jane Padgett (162) 825 Churchill Drive Shelby, N. C. Mary Jane Page (196) 3140 Pendleton Avenue Charlotte. N. C. Louis Allan Painter (196) Route I, Box 276 A Cowpens, S. C. Ernest Palassis (196) 1378 Tara Rd. Charleston, S. C. Ronald Wayne Pannell (162) Route 2 Ellenboro, N. C. Linda Maria Paolella (162) I 1 Tower Drive Cedar Grove. N. J. Peter Eugene Paquin (162) 2355 Gardnean Park Montreal. Canada Winston Parker (196) 208 Sunset Dr. Blacksburg. S. C. Everett Glenn Parks (196) 1249 East Sprague Winston Salem. N. C. Freddie Parker Box 91 Blacksburg, S. C. Robert Eugene Parker (162) Route 3 Lincolnton, N C. Rebecca J. Parris ( 196) Route 1. Box 213 C Rutherfordton. N C. Alton Eugene Parsons (196) 205 Crescent Road Winston Salem, N C Camelia Adele Parsons (162) 305 Fielding Road Charlotte, N. C. Robert Leonard Parson (196) 2319 Wellington Rd. Spartanburg, S. C. Cathy L. Passailaigue ( 196) Wood Street Enoree, S. C. William J Patton. Jr. ( 1 96) 5 1 I Riverside Drive Morganton, N. C. Elizabeth J. Patterson (196) 6525 S W 133 Drive Miami. Florida Michael E. Patterson (196) Route 1. Box 74 Gaffney, S. C. Judy Beth Pearson (196) 7 1 8 Park Ave. Shelby, N. C. Clifford B. Peeler (196) 203 Morgan Avenue Greenwood, S. C. Richard M Peeler (162) Route 1, Box 66 Ashburn, Virginia Rick Ryan Pegram (196) 3440 Country Club Rd Winston Salem, N. C. Martha Susan Pence (196) 10012 Greenock Road Silver Spring, Maryland James Wiley Pendley (163) Box 184 Spruce Pine, N. C. Keys Pendleton (197) Route I Lawndale, N C. Mitchell Ira Perkins (197) 1335 Thriftwood Dr. Charlotte, N. C. James Carlton Perry (197) I 15 Cureton St. Greenville, S. C. Bradford A. Peters (197) 41 34 Maple Ave. Fairfax, Va John Fredrick Pettus (163) 404 Oakdale St Gastonia, N. C. Thomas E. Philbeck, Jr. (197) Route I Grover, N. C. Rachele D. Philbeck (197) 850 West Warren St. Shelby. N. C. Ruby Philbeck (163) Route 7 Shelby, N. C. Charles G. Potter (197) 402 E. Cherokee St. Chesnee, S. C. Tony Graham Potts (163) 331 Oakland Avenue Statesville. N. C. Carolyn J. Powers (197) 172 Wisconsin Ave. Elkin, N. C. Ephraim E. Powers I 97) 702 S. King St. Windsor, N. C. Dan M. Powell (197) 660 Propston St. N W Concord, N. C. 215 Donna Powell (163) 405 Montrose Drive Bristol. Va. Alton Eugene Parsons (196) 205 Crescent Road Winston Salem. N. C. 1 ' hillip Allen Prater (164) 401 Wilson Street Batesburg, S. C. Donald R. Pressley (197) Route 1. Laurel Dr. Canton. N. C. OthaH. Price. Jr. (164) 3708 Carlyle Dr. Charlotte, N. C. Cloyd H. Propst. Jr. (197) 303 1st Ave. North Conover, N. C. Camille D. Pruitt (197) P. O. Box 1421 Tryon, N. C. Jonathan D. Pugh (197) 603 Quaker Lane High Point. N. C. Terry Neal Purvis (164) 724 South Elm Jesup. Ga. Nancji K Putnam (197) 804 S. Dekalb St. Shelby. N- C. George Roland Putnam Route 9, Box 275 Shelby, N. C. Creighton W. Phillips (197) I I 8 Hampton Road Garden City. N Y. Deborah Jane Phillips (197) Box 435 Cowpens. S. C. Gary Lee Phillips (163) 3126 Graymont Drive Charlotte. N. C. James H. Phillips. Ill (197) 2807 Haven Road Raleigh. N. C. John Edwin Phillips (197) Route 4 Taylors. S. C. Slephen L. Phillips (163) 4900 Addison Drive Charlotte, N. C. Steven P. Phillips (197) 4022 Flat Shoals Rd. Decatur. Ga. Susan B. Phillips (197) 21 Pennsylvania Ave. Canton, N. C. Zack E. Phillips, Jr. (197) 22 Corbin Dr. Newport News. Va. Robert A Pierce. Jr. (197) 173 Huntly Place Charlolte. N i. Susan Ann Pigford (163) Route I Willard. N. C. Alice Lee Pike (163) 2715 Pinedale Road Greensboro. N. C. David Pinto (163) Model Margas Goa, India Philip A. Piscitelli (197) 783 Sedgefield Rd. Charlotte. N. C trank D. Pleasants, Jr. (197) 4126 Allwood Dr. Charlotte, N C. Sharon R. Plemmons ( 197) Route 4. Box 72 Waynesville. N C. Jjmt " . K Hummer (163) Route 6. Box 165 Shelb . N. C. Verlon Jay Pompey (197) 404 Hohhs Shelby. N C. Wclberl Max Pope (197) P. O. Bo 51 Turkev. N. C. Charles Porter (163) Warren Wilson College Asheville. N. C Ronald Worth Porter (163) Route 2 Bostic. N. C. Gloria Jean Poston (163) Box 792 Boiling Springs. N. C. Charles G. Poteat. Jr. (163) 116 Cascade Street Morganton. N. C. James H. Queen. Jr. ( I 64) 306 Alabama Avenue Marion. N C Sheila Elaine Queen (164) Route I. Box 539 Pfafftown. N. C. Larry Robert Quinn (164) Route I Zircomia. N. C. Thomas Gerard Quinn (197) 442 Third Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Cecil M. Rachels. Jr. (197) 2926 Lake Dr. Shelby. N. C. Joan Harley Radford (164) 709 Annieline Drive Shelby, N.C Clifford E. Ramsey (197) Route 2 L3wndale. N C Dorlhy E. Ramsey (164) 632 Denning Place Charlotte. N. C. Katherine L. Ramsey Route 2. Box 25 Gaffney. S. C. William M. Ramsey (197) Box 331 Old Fort. N. C. Desste R. Randall (197) Route 1. Box 383 Forest City, N. C. John D. Randall. Jr. (164) 306 North Houser Cherryville. N. C. Martha Randolf (197) Route I, Box 529 Gaffney, S. C. Linda C. Raney (197) Rt. 3. Box 659 Morganton, N. C. James T- Rankin. Jr. (197) 505 Clinton Drise Gastonia. N C Willa L. Raper (197) I 109 N. Salisbury Ave Spencer, N. C. " Harvey Lee Rash (164) 1504 N. Hope Church Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Mrs. Sue Rash Wall Avenue Boiling Springs. N. C. Donald F. Ray (197) 610 Gardner St. Shelby. N.C. Mvron D. Rav (197) 223 Franklin Dr. 1-orest City. N. C- Michael W. Rayfield (164) Route I. Box 45 Kings Mountain. N. C. Nancy R. Rayfield (197) Route I, Box 16 Kings Mtn, N.C. Benjamin L. Reavis (197) 812 S.Jackson St. Salisbury. N C. Michael D. Reavis (164) 1420 Glenwood Ave. Salisbury. N. C. Darken Aluah Reed (198) 823 East Main Street Shelby. N.C. Lois Elaine Reel (164) Route 1 Denver. N. C. Sarah C. Reid (198) Route 5. Box 156 Marshall. N. C. Bennie E. Reinhardt (198) 259 E. Belle Isle Rd Atlanta, Ga. Teresa Marie Renn (164) 3818 Rosehaven Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Francis C. Reynolds ( 164) 1215 Brookwood Road Shelby. N. C. Kalhy Lee Rhinehart (164) Route 3. Box 296 Canton. N. C, Harry G. Rhodes, Jr. ( 164) Box 2 7 Prosperit . S. C. Alzie Mae Rice (198) Route 6, Box 236 Marshall. N. C. James Cleon Rice (198) 1 1 Meadow Crest C Greenville. S. C. Mary V. Rice (198) Route 1 Highlands. N. C. Laura J. Richard ( 198) 408 Mint St. Shelby. N. C. Stewart R. Richey (164) Route I, Box 169 Belmont, N. C. David W. Richards (164) 255 Hilok Avenue Hampstead. Md. Carolyn Linda Riddle (165) Route I Spruce Pine. N. C. John Leland Riddle (165) 301 Locust Ave. Spruce Pine, N. C. Richard Elliott Riegg (198) 108 Balsam Drive Box 771 Waynesville. N. C. Paula Gail Riggs (165) 603 Westview Street Lenoir. N. C. Daniel P. Riley (165) 419 Campbell St- Manchester. N. H. Charles R Ringer (198) Route 2 Pomaria. S. C. Daniel E. Ritchie (198) 1423 Park v Salisbury. N. C. Charles A. Rivers (165) 408 Kirk Street China Grove. N. C. Bonnie G. Rivenbark ( 1 65) Route ; Wallace N C Charles H. Roberts (198) Route 3 Piedmont. S. C. Dennis C. Roberts (165) 600 Corvair Lane Shelby. N.C. William F. Roberts (165) 15 14 Mower Street Newberry. S. C. Kenneth D. Robertson (198) Box 206 Lovingston. Va. Alfredo Rodreguez (198) General Acha 4625 Cochabamba. Bolivia James Webb Roemer(165) 100 Hillside Drive Shelby, N.C. Debra A Rogers (198) Route 4. Box 123B Shelby. N. C. James Alvin Rogers (166) 41 [ Wingo Slreel Forest City, N. C. JuJ Ellen Rogers (166) 24 West Randolph Rd. Shelby, N.C. William Edward Rogers (198) 414 Potomac Ave. Greenville. S. C. Robert P. Rohde ( I 99) 1418 Eldorado Rd. Winston Salem. N. C. Carol B. Rollins (166) 4W. Randolph Road Shelby, N.C. Sara Ann Rollins 4 West Randolph Road Shelby. N.C. Jack Dean Rose (166) 1 1 I Nance Street Whitmire. S. C. Dennis M. Royston (199) 507 Wilkerson Blvd. Lowell, N. C. Ronald K. Rudisill (199) Route 1 Newton, N. C. Mrs. Sara Lee Rue ( 1 66) 826 West Elm Street Shelby, N. C. Kenneth L. Rumfelt ( 166) 14 Mellon Road Belmont. N. C. Danny Lee Runion (199) 1116 East Lee Road Taylors. S. C. Jerry Carver Ruppe (166) Route 4. Box 149 Rutherfordlon. N. C. Lucinda Sue Rupp (166) 235 Shannon Heights Verona. Pennsylvania Reginald R. Rushton (166) 502 Pickens St. Joanna. S. C. Sara Ellen Russell (166) 2201 CumberlinJ ve. Charlotte, N. C. Moody R. Rulledge 35 Pine Knoll Drive Greenville. S. C. Ronnie B. Sams (199) 616 Piedmont St. Bristol, Va. Faren K Sanders (199) P. O. Box 353 Cherokee. N. C. Jill R. Sanders (199) 2010 W. Club Boulevard Durham, N. C. Sue Anne Sandifer (166) Boiling Springs. N. C. Gabriel J. Santanella (166) 29 Franklin Street Thompsonville, Conn. Louis S. Satterfield (199) 97 Westervelt Ave. Tenafly, N. J Jerry J. Saunders (199) Route 3, Box 137 Newton, N. C. Joel Scott (199) 402 Welsh St. Kershaw. S. C. William Counts Scott (166) 230 East Creswell Ave. Greenwood. S. C. Walter A. Scott (199) 1730 Lumpkin Circle Rock Hilt. S. C. Carleen E. Scruggs (1 99) Route 2 Landrum. S. C. Meredith J. Scruggs (199) 120 Moores Dr. Belmont. N. C. Wanda J. Scruggs (199) Route 2 Mooresboro, N. C. Timothy M. Scully (199) 467 S. Esplanade Dr. Miami Springs, Florida James E. Seacord. HI (166) 4013 Hough Road Charlotte. N. C- Larry Boyd Sechnst (166) Route I, Box 21 Sykesville. Md. Joyce A. Self (199) Box 1 1 8 Boiling Springs. N. C. Marjorie Wilson Senn Box 1056 Shelby. N. C. Jadine Sellars (199) Route 2. Box 504 Cherryville, N.C. Ralph Edwin Shank, Jr. (16 " ?) 1507 Whittle Road Martinsville, Va. Sandra L. Shaver (199) 4 Jensen Court Chatham, N. J. John Douglas Shaw ( 1 67) 2 20 Wilson Avenue Swannanoa, N. C. Rodney S. Sheline (199) Rt 8. Box 352K Charlotte, N C. Curtis L. Shelion (199) 1510 Russell St. Lynchburg, Va. Martha S. Sherrill (167) 257 Mi ' -cnheimer Drive Concord. N. C. Richard G. Sherrill (199) 509 W Broad St. St. Pauls. N. C. Glenn Cleveland Shinn (167) Route 4 Mooresville. N. C. Randy M. Shipman 401 Tracy Street Sherrill Apis. 5 Shelby. N. C. Carson M. Shook (199) Route 1 Union Mills, N. C. Michael Eugene Shull 3021 Poplar Circle hdh%. N.C. Amon Harvey Shumate (167) 125 Pine Street Clinton, S C W ilbur B. Simmons. II ( ■ 67) 722 Cleveland Street Greenville. S. C. George Gary Simpkins (167) 680 Rabun Circle Rock Hill. S. C. 216 Iilllllll llllll lllllllilJIIHMIIIIlffl " U l IUf l H, l lfllll ' l ' l|li ' lf|l| |||l||M Jerry Lee Simpson ( 167) 2309 Westhaven Drive Greensboro, N. C. L.irr I Simpson ( 167) 207 N. Post Road Shelby, N C, Nancy R. Simpson (167) 914 S. Rowan Avenue Spencer, N. C. Sieve M. Simpson ( 167) 1308 Spry Slreel Greensboro, N. C. Marie M. Sims (19M) Route 3 Rulherfordton, N C. Clyde E. Sink (200) Route 4 Winston Salem. N. C. Larry Guy Sisk (200) 53 26th Ave N E Hickory. N.C. Barbara A. Sito (200) 2018 Dilworth Rd Wesl Charlotte, N. C. Margaret C. Slemp (167) Route 6 Elizabethton, Tenn Kenneth E. Sloan (200) Route 2 Woodruff. S. C. Victor E. Sloan (200) Rt- 4. Ridge Spring Dr. Taylors. S. C. Bert Calvin Smith (200) 103 Carpenter Street Kings Mountain. N. C. Carol Ann Smith (200) 3920 Carmel Acres Charlotte. N. C. Catherine I ' Smith ( 167) 123 Hillside Drive Shelby. N. C. Doris Elizabeth Smith (167) Box 192 Fallston, N. C. Hobart C. Smith. Jr. (200) P. O. Box 93 Newell, N. C. Jamarica A. Smith (200) Route 9. Box 182 Shelby. N. C. Jerry A. Smith (167) 24 Lake Forest Drive Greenville, S. C. John Morris Smith (200) 164 Howell Circle Greenville, S. C. Judy Gail Smith (200) Route I. Box 38 Shelby. N. C. Larry L. Smith ( 167) 220 Byrnes Street Denmark. S. C. Linda Diane Smith (167) Route 3 Chesnee, S. C. Sandra Kay Smith (167) 220 South Johnson St. Gaffney. S. C. Martha A. Smith (200) 220 S. Johnson St Gaffney. S. C. Michael David Smith (167) 29 N. Garden Circle Greenville, S. C. Paulette Elaine Smilh (167) Route 2. Box 177 New London, N. C. Sherry D. Smith (200) Rt. I, Box 138 State Road. N. C. Thomas W. Smith (167) Box 232 Cliff side, N. C. William Smith, Jr. (167) Route 2. Box 133 Seneca. S. C. Joel Craig Smyre ( 167) 747 S. Brady Ave Newton. N C Larry Reid Snider (200) 3916 Northaven Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Dan Edward Snyder (167) Route 5, Box 308 Hickory. N. C. Edward R. Solomon (167) 1221 North Main St. Kannapolis, N. C. Theodore W. Solomon (168) 122 1 N. Main Street Kannapolis, N. C. Steven Colan Sorrel! (200) 3509 Tanyard Road High Point. N. C. Ronald W. Sorrell (168) Route 2, Latta Road Durham. N. C. Joseph M. Southards ( 168) Route 2 Lawndale. N. C. Anthony F. Spagnolo (200) 360 East 18th St. Palerson. N. C. Jane D. Spainhour (200) P. O. Box 177 Lenoir, N C. Carolyn Rave Spangler ( 168) Box 141 Laltimore, N. C. James R. Spangler ( 168) Route I Shelby, N. C. Janet L. Spangler (200) P. O. Box 297 Grover, N. C. Nancy Lynn Spangler ( 168) 926 Elizabeth Road Shelby. N. C. Raymond W Sparks (200) 20 Augusta Court Greenville. S. C. George W. Spencer. Jr. (168) Finksburg, Maryland Annette C. Spence (168) 1000 Greenwich Street Raleigh. N. C. Harlo Henning Spikes (200) 560 Oak Street Winnsboro. S. C. Thomas W. Spurling (169) Route 3 Lawndale. N. C. Linda J. Stafford (200) 401 Hand Circle Lowell. N. C. James Alan Staley (169) Box 417 Paw Creek, N. C. Michael E. Stamey (200) 500 Dutch Cove Rd. Canton, N. C. Alan D. Stephens (200) Route 4, Box 312 Hickory, N. C. Herbert Joe Stepp { 169) 169) South Center St. Hickory. N.C. William N. Stevenson (200) 315 West Main St. Elkin. N. C. Mabel Diane Stewart (169) Route 2. Box 330 Newton, N. C. Nancy P. Stewart (200) 410 S. Chester St. Gaston ia, N. C. Larry J. Stewart (169) I 13 Hinton Street Chester, S. C Donald M. Stiles ( Ib9 Route 1 Murphy. N. C, Stephen Slonjanovic ( 169) Box 218 Cowpens. S. C. Donald Lamont Stokes (169; Route 3 Taylors. S. C. Carolyn Lee Stone (169) 3000 Sparrow Point Rd. Baltimore, Md. Thurman B. Stone. Jr. (169) 144 Scottsmoor Drive Charlotte. N. C. Ricky L. Stowe (169) 2326 E. Branch St. Gastonia, N. C. Elton Leon Strickland (169) P. O. Box 357 Henrietta, N. C. Michael J. Stroud { 169) 39 Reese Road Asheville. N. C. Charlie R. Stutts (169) Route 1. Box 70 Seagrove. N. C. Clyde T. Sudderth. Jr. (169) 103 Howell Place Greensboro, N. C. Wanda E. Suddreth (169) 6901 Old Mt. Holly Rd. Charlotte. N. C. George C. Surratt (169) Box 368 Boiling Springs, N. C. Tom Wayne Sutherland (200) 803 Vale Street Shelby. N. C Gary George Swaim ( I 69) Cycle North Carolina Ronald J. Swanson (169) 5300 Eurman Place Charlotte. N C. Stanley T. Swanson (169) Route I Newton. N. C. Richard B. Sweeney (200) 788 Galloway Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Robert Donald Sweezy ( 1 70 200 Box 553. N. Carver St. Lawndale, N. C. Marsha L. Sw icegood (200) 705 1st Rainbow St. Lexington, N. C. Gary L. Swinkey (170) Route 1 Union Mills. N. C. Paul E. Szymberski. Jr ( 1 70) 815 McGowan Road Shelby, N. C. John Edward Tate (200) P. O. Box 233 Mooresboro, N. C. Kenneth T. Tate. Jr. (170) Box 182, Oak Trail Belmont, N. C. Camilla Belle Taylor (170) Route I, Box 240A Granite Ealls, N. C. Jeanette Ruppe Taylor 707 W. Marion St. Shelby. N. C. Robert M. Taylor (170) 16 Chestnut Street Garden City. N. Y. Warren Lee Taylor (170) 719 Greenway Drive Lexington, N C. Waller C Taylor. Jr. (170) Route 4, Box 69 Iranklin. N. C. Charles L. Teague (200) Rt 2, Box 422 Taylorsville. N. C. Robert E. Teal ( 170) Route 1 Cheraw, S, C. James Lee Teeter (170) 1618 6th Street N.W. Hickory, N. C. John Michael Terry (170) Route S, State Park Rd. Greenville. S. C. Samuel P. Tesh (200) 1 24 Starmount Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Phyllis A. Tevepaugh (170) I 14 Kinderway Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Carolyn Lois Thomas (200) 1 11 Liberty Rd. Ashboro, N. C, Belinda A. Thompson (200) Box S6I Tryon, N. C. Larry Joe Thomas ( 170) Route 3, Box 100 Wake Eorest. N. C. Scottie B. Thomas (170) Route 5. Box 281 Eranklin, N. C. Troy Edward Thomas (200) 2431 Gardner Street Gastonia, N. C. Robert W. Thompson. Jr. (200) 204 Salem Street Thomasville. N. C. Sandra K Thompson (200) Maple SI. Spindale, N. C. Sandra Elaine Thorne (170) 308 Power Street Spindale. N. C. Michael H. Thornton I 70) 204 Randsom Road Winston Salem, N. C. Vicki Kay Tilley (170) 3848 Cash Drive Winston Salem, N. C. Kenneth Michael Tilt (170) 303 South Poston St. Shelby. N. C. Ronald Clifton Timms (200) Route 2. Box 68 Kings Mountain, N. C. Cynthia S. Tisdale (200) 109 West O ' Neal St. Gaffney, S. C. Linda Susan Tolberl (170) 201 Spainhour Ave. Lenoir, N. C. Betty Lou Toney (200) Route 1, Box 266 Eorest City, N. C. William Toregas (200) 902 Ellison St. falls Church, Va. James C. Trantham (200) Box 427 Naples, N. C William S. Transou (200) 2429 Inverness Rd. Charlotte. N C. Benjamin S. Traylor (201) 200 Beam Court Shelbv. N.C. Lonny Lynn Turbeville (201 ) 306 Piedmonl Highway Greenville. S. C lerrv L lurflc (201) S7 John St. Westminister. Md. Donny Joe Turner (201) Route 3. Box 28D Gaffney. S. C. Gail E. Turner (201) Route I. Box 406 Gastonia, N. C. James Nelson Turner (201 ) Route 7. Box 244 Shelby, N.C. Roger L. Turner (2 01) Rt. I, Box 309H Stafford, Va. Sandra Lee Turner (20 I ) 200 Glennview Ext. Marion. N. C. Wm. Lindsay Tyner (170) 179 Gordan Drive Spartanburg, S. C. Ernest E. Upchurch (201 ) 4202 Laurel Hills Rd. Raleigh. N.C. Michael Upchurch (170) 1017 Euclid Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Ronald Eugene Uren 1821 Auten Road Gastonia. N. C. Gerrv E. Vaillancount (201) 8S 31 120 St. Kew Gardens, N. Y. Michael D. Valentine (170) Route 8, Box I03E Charlotte, N. C. Cecil Ray Van Dyke (201) 702 Grover St. Shelby. N.C. Terry Louise Varner (201 ) 35 Pounds Ave S.W. Concord, N. C. Charles M. Vassey (170) Box 241 Shelby, N. C. Belinda Ann Vaughn (201 ) 3019 Poplar Circle Shelby, N. C. Lewis David Vaughn 11(1 70) 371 1 Annlin Avenue Charlotte, N. C. Linda Lee Vaughn (201 ) P. O. Box 152 Woodhill Acres Boiling Springs, N C. Malcolm Louis Vaughn (201 ) Route 3 Greer. S. C. Martha Susan Vaughan (201) West Alia Vista Dr. Liberty S. C. Owen Daniel Vaughn (201) 1405 Larson St. Greensboro. N. C. Joseph Calvin Vestal (202) Route 1, Box 246 Jonesville, N. C. Randall T Waddell (170) 107 Hiawatha Drive Greenville. S. C. Martha A. Wagner (202) 1615 Nassau Blvd. Charlotte. N. C. Bruce Allen Walker (202) 51 3 East Meeting St. Morganton. N. C, Monty Dean Walker (202) Main Street, Box 186 Latlimore, N. C. 217 WHO ' S WHO Tommy Tate. Wanda Suddreth, Steve Phillips. Dotte Ramsey. Richard Peeler, Not pictured: Kathie Gibson. Ricky R- Walker (202) Route 4. Box 146 Taylorsville, N. C. Jimmy Jack Walker (202) 4 Liberty Street Forest City. N. C. Barbara Gale Wallwork (202) 6201 Springfield Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Ronald Hej ward W all (171) 105 W. Marion Street Chesnee. S. C. Rufus M. Wallace. Jr. (171) 124 North Congress St. York. S. C. Joseph Daniel Wallace (I 71) Route 2 Shelby. N. C. Richard T. Wallace (I 71) Box 123 Lawndale. N. C. Ellen C- Wallen (171) 332 Cooper Drive Charlotte. N. C. Willie James Walton (202) P. O. Box 44 Mooresboro. N. C. William D. Waller (171) 2605 Netherwood Dr. Greensboro. N. C. Lawanda W. Walters 418 Arlington Forest City. N. C. William Richard Ward (171) 56 Oakmont Drive Canton. N. C. UlaO- Ward (171) Route 1. Box 277 Rose Hill. N. C. Myra Katherine Ware (202) 600 Meadowbrook Road Kings Mountain. N I Cynthia Kay Ware (171) 6 I Meadow brook Road Kings Mountain. N. C. Stephen Terry Ware Route 8 Shelby. N. C. Mary Ra e Williams Box 431 Boiling Springs. N. C. Sheila Lynn Warlick (171) Route 3 Lawndale, N. C. John Sleven Warren (171) 413 Grover Street Shelby. N. C. Margie Lynne Warren (202) 2149 F3rgo Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Barry Philip Washburn (202) P. O. Box 843 Butner, N. C. James W. Washburn (171) 122 Brookhill Road Shelby. N. C. Linda Gail Wasznicky (171) 1426 Minefee Street Richmond, Virginia Delores Waters Route 2 Rutherfordton. N. C. William Edward Watson (202) Route 3. Box 270 Fores! City. N. C. Ralph Larry Watson (202) 12 Mayo Drive Greenville, S. C. Cathy Doris Watts (202) Route I Ellenboro. N. C. G. Albert Weathers, Jr. (|7I) 1 14 W. Tatlulah Drive Greenville, S. C. Terry Wayne Weavil (202) 4776 Adler Drive Winston Salem. N. C. Thomas Hurry Weaver (202) I I 04 Belvedere Drive Hanalan. S. C. Lydia T. Weaver (172) Route 2. Box 66 Shelby. N. C. Rachel V. Weaver Route I. Box 139D Granite Falls. N. C. David Vernon Webb (172) Route 4 Shelby. N. C. Julius E- Webb. Jr. (172) Route 2. Box 171 Travelers Rest. S. C. Sandra Lea Webster ( 172) 4636 Jeanne Street Virginia Beach. Va. Cathy Susan Wehunt (202) Route 1 Cherryville. N. C. Robert Hugh Weir (202) Route 1 Duncan. S. C Elizabeth Ann Welch (202) 2019 Harris Road Charlotte. N. C. Charles Hudson Wells (202) 708 W Graham Shelby. N. C Eleanor Louise Welton R.D 2 Volant, Pennsylvania Joel Ronnie Wesson (202) Route 2 Shelby. N. C. P. Leon Westmoreland (202) Route 1 Tobbaccoville. N. C. Daniel L. West (172) Route 5. Box 167 Marion. N. C. Austin L. Whaley (202) 4 119 Glenstar Terrace Charlotte. N. C. .Alice L. Whisnant (202) Route 1 LawndaJe, N. C. Katherine G. W hisnant (203) Box 1 14 Polkville, N. C. Joe Lane Whisnant, Jr. (203) 420 Stroud Road Shelby. N. C. Janel Mae Whisnant ( 1 72) 1022 Macon Street Asheboro. N. C. William G. Whisnant (I " 2 I 419 North Green St. Morganton. N. C. Charles M White [172) Merry Oaks Apt. 12 H3rtsville Street Taylors. S. C David Miles White ( 172) 79 Sparta Road North Wilkesboro. N. C Old Alton White (203) Route 1, Box 91 Shelby. N. C. Gary Cadell While (172) Route 2. Box 78-E Cherryville, N e David Allen White (203) King. North Carolina James Ed White. Jr. (172) 1301 Shelby Road Kings Mountain. N. C. Ljrn Ray While (203) Route 1 Mooresboro. N. C. Dianna Lynn Whitaker (203) Route I. Box 203 Horse Shoe. N. C. Mrs. Jean Whitaker (203) Box 823 Boiling Springs. N. C. Mrs. Louise P. Whitaker Route 3 Shelb . N. C. John P. Whitien (203) 212 Jones Circle Thomasville. N. C. Lana Joctte Whilen (203) Route 3. Box 6C Gaffney. S. C. Lewana Sue Whitlatch (203) 122 Acadia Avenue Winston Salem. N. C. Brenda Joyce Whitley (172) Route 3 Shelby. N. C Fileen M. Wiggins (172) Route 2 Bryson City. N. C. Gjr Michael Wiley (203) 1408 Burtonwood Circle Charlotte. N. C. Beverly A Wilkinson (203) 1049 East Main St. Pahokee Fla Stephen B- Wilkinson ( 172) 3412 Wilshire Drive Greensboro, N. C. Dann G WilktnS (172) 2820 W. PolordSt. W inslon Salem. N. C. Michael S. Wilkinson (17 21 3412 Wilshire Drive Greensboro. N. C. Richard D. W.lkms l - 2l 904 Florence Street Gaffney. S. C. 218 Genevieve Wills (173) 1605 Arrowhead Pt. Virginia Beach, Va. Donald Willis (203) Route I Shelby. N. C. Dorothy Willis (173) Route 4, Box 506 Hickory. N. C. Kenneth Wayne Willis (204) 1505 Woodlawn Avenue Shelby. N. C. Wanda Lynn Willis (173) 232 Chestnut Street Shelby. N C Martha Ann Williams (203) 105 Walnut Ave. Mount Holly, N. C. Marion E. Williams 200 Summit Drive Greer, South Carolina Peggy Anita Williams (172) 410 Dover Street Shelby, N. C. Randolph C. Williams (173) 449 Amelia St. Orangeburg. S. C. Richard N. Williams (173) 7 1 Arden Drive Newport News, Virginia Robert T. Williams (173) Route 7, Box 303 Statesville. N. C. David C. Williamson, Jr. (17 3) 1029 Lansdowne Road Charlotte, N. C. Pamela K. Williamson (203) 9811 Central Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Adrian C. Wilson (204) 139 Hillside Dr. Burlington, N. C. Charles A Wilson (204) High St.. P. O. Box 291 Littleton. N. C. Harvey E. Wilson, Jr. (173) 2621 Idlewood Circle Charlotie. N C (Catherine D. Wilson (204) 306 Kord St. Shelby. N. C. Marilyn Wilson (174) 2621 Idlewood Circle Charlotte, N C. Sherman E. Wilson. Jr. (I 74) I 13 Ridge Road Roxboro. N. C Susan J. Wilson (204) Route 5 Shelby. N. C. Van S.Wilson (204) 103 Lafayette St Greenville, S. C. Rond Wilson (204) 113 Forest Dr. Graham, N. C. Lula Grace Winestock (204) Route 4, Box 572 Greenville, S. C. Wendy Edith Winne (204) 38 Fayson Lakes Rd. Kinnelon. N. J. John Merritt Winstead (204) Route 2 Woodsdale, N. C. Charles Womick (204) 166 Hoyle St. Marion. N. C. Tommie Ann Woodruff (204) 673 Bridge Street Elkin, N. C. Alan Dale Woods (204) Route 8, Box 223 Shelby. N. C. Daniel Earl Wood (203) Route I Travelers Rest, S. C. John Wesley Wood ( 174) Route 3, Box 63 Greensboro. N. C. Larry Wayne Wood (204) Rt. I. Cherry ville Road Kings Mountain. N. C. Branda Elaine Worrell (204) 1322 Kings Circle Shelby, N. C. Gary Wray Wortman (204) Rt. 3, Box J 419 Timberly Place Charlotte, N. C. Mrs. Judith Worthy (174) 1 13 Fullside Drive Shelby. N. C. Edmund J. Wray (204) 400 Forest Hill Dr. Shelby, N. C James Ronald Wrighl (174) 710 3rd Street Shelby. N. C. John Ervin Wright, Jr. (205) I 14 tailroad Ave. Chester, S. C. Karen Cecilia Wright (205) Box 06 Fallston. N. C Larry Wade Wright ( 1 74) 1303 Winfield Drive Winston Salem, N. C. Timothy Neal Wright (205) 4765 Randall Ave. Winston Salem. N. C. Recial Hoyle Wright (174) Route I Maiden, N. C. Theresa J A. Wrighl (174) Route I, Box 77 Kings Mountain, N. C. Wilson D. Wrighl (174) 306 Alabama Street Spindale. N. C. William Harry Wyhe (205) 500 Peach Street Shelby, N.C. Catherine J. Wyrick (205) I4IS Nineteenth St. Greensboro, N. C. Benny Dwain Yarbrnugh (205) P. O. Box 23 Kings Mountain. N. C. Dottie H. Yarbrough (205) Iron Station, North Carolina Ralph Yarbrough (174) 3908 Cracemont Dr. Winston Salem. N. C. Buddy Yates (205) 68 Rocky River Rd. Concord, N. C. William F. Yelton. Ill (174) 83S Austin Lane Winston Salem, N. C. Dorsey S. Younce{205) 738 Charlotte Ave. Rock Hill, S. C. Daisy Olivia Young (205) Route 5, Box 8 Gaffney, S. C. Gregory Alex Young (205) Rt. 7 Club Knoll Road Winston Salem, N. C. James Mason Young (205) Sunset Blvd., Bon Aires Clinton. S. C. Patricia A. Young (174) Box 168 Kings Mountain, N ( ' Shirley Annette Young (205) Route 3 Mocksville, N. C. Teresa Dianne Young (205) P. O- Box 772 Marion, N. C. John G. Yurecstio (174) 2 2 Wall Street Rockaway, New Jersey Frank Ronald Zedick (20S) 707 E. Washington St. Dillon. S. C. Delmar Printing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, lithographed the 1969 ANCHOR on coated, embossed enamel paper. The cover was done in 400 original silk screen. Copy and captions were set in 8 and 10 point Times Roman type. Headlines were done in 30 point Times Roman. Mr. Johnnie Briggs was our representative from Delmar. Mr. Briggs, Mr. Vaughn, and many people at the Delmar plant worked with the staff in many different areas. Individual class pictures were done by Curry ' s Studio of Gaffney, South Carolina. Special thanks goes to Gary Putnam who did some of our photographic work. 219 " Hard-workers, " " comedians, " and " Stupendous " are all words which describe the staff of this yearbook. There is no need to mention the long hours of work spent in preparation of the ANCHOR ' 69. Any one who happened to be anywhere near the Student Publications Room on a Monday or Wednesday- afternoon, or any other day we were there, undoubtedly knew we were there. ANCHOR ' 69 actually began to take some shape when I attended a workshop in Brevard. North Carolina. While there 1 learned a gTeat deal about a good yearbook production and alot about the " do ' s and dont ' s " of good journalism. Our cover and division pages were being constructed within Cathy Smith ' s mind during the summer, and through a combi- nation of our ideas and a trip to Charlotte, we finally got exactly when we thought that the general student, faculty member, or anyone else who looked at the book would like. Although everyone on the staff had a particular section to work on, all of us helped in all pans of the book. Whether it was heads, layouts, or just anything that needed to be done, all twenty of us combined our abilities to get it done. Nancy Fortune, Jane Fite and Wanda Willis poured through other yearbooks for ideas, endlessly used a fifty-cent Thesaurus, and always came up with original and informative copy. The feature section is truly a feature of the book. Elaine Bolynn directed the production of the section. Affirming faculty positions and checking final pages were some of Gloria Poston ' s responsibilites as she saw the Academic and Faculty sections finished. A sports section that would appeal to A NCHOR ' 69 ' s reader was the main objective of Mitchell Coggins, and Phil Hopkins, as they captioned action sports shots and wrote copy. Betsy Arthur and Jackie Bridges were relieved when the sixty-eight page class section was sent in to Delmar. Hours were spent double and triple checking and alphabetizing names and pictures. Clay Breeland was always ready to draw lay-outs that needed to be done, and finally got all the names and pages arranged correctly in an IBM list of the student body. Linda Anthony and Ron Goodfellow worked dilligently to finish the Activities section. Linda and Ron coped with such things as captioning group pictures which included a couple of people with names that nobody could remeber, and writing heads for two organizations on one page, when there was not quite enough room for one. Much credit goes to Lela Ward and Marilyn Newton who beat busily on their typewriters during the meetings to get all copy and captions typed onto the final lay-outs. Everyone certainly owes alot to the photpgraphers. Ed Brown tirelessly co-operated with the staff, along with Bill Hines and Larry Watson to take and develop all the pictures for different sections of the book. Either Bill, Ed, or Larry could be seen at all sports events, concerts, classrooms, and anywhere else shooting a little more than everything. Directing this crew of photographers was Tricia Green who scheduled every kind of picture and was always there to arrange the subjects. I would like to take some space here to recognize Carol Neese who helped with the photography staff during our first deadline. Mr. Vaughn, our advisor, was certainly an asset to the success of the ANCHOR. He was always ready to answer questions or help find some bady needed pictures. A final bit of appreciation goes to every one else who in their own way helped make the 1969 ANCHOR a book instead of an idea. Arena Dunn Editor 223 Pages Finished; - ? " " £ %4 220 Now The Party ' s Over! „ 221 m •- HIMMMMMBWIIilll II IL...L JIIJIIUII.U UMIIIII II 1 1 1 iiruMiiwmiHMHiumu wyiaBa: ■i LIBRARY USE ONLY Copy 2 The Anchor 1969

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