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I HH HHSl HB Hn BMM Editor Rita Andrews Associate Ed. Paul Washburn We were only here for a little while, but we were a part of Gardner- Webb 1966-67. We studied, we ex- isted and sometimes we found time to live. It was a year of hectic regis- tration, books, friendships, loneli- ness, and growth — a total experi- ence. ANCHOR ' 67 is a book not merely of formal pictures and facts but of an experience — a total ex- perience. Academics People Activities 1966-67 a total experience Confusing days became routine Vourc in r id Haw K fV What appeared to be utter chaos to us was, they tell us, a form of the organized confusion known as college orientation. From the pink registration slip to the time that our new schedules became the old routine, it was a tiring, weary pro- cess — but so very necessary. We felt ourselves being fully sucked into a new life. From the Guidance Department tests, to the ID card photos, to trying to prove we needed a parking permit, we learned to stand in line patiently, but never how to avoid writer ' s cramp from filling out forms. The opening of schoool brought the faculty-student reception where we were expected to converse in- telligently with the profs. There were frightened freshmen worrying about their attire for the evening, and more sophisticated sophomores seek- ing out old friends and teachers. The chaos was ending. Ideas emerged in the The minds ' meeting place was in classrooms. New thoughts brought out caused us to ponder, and the experiments in laboratory with our own personal frog exposed marvels of life. Sometimes sleepy, occasionally bored, often day-dreaming, students also found class a place of copious note-taking in slurred long hand with the faint hope that they could be deciphered after class. Cramping hands were not unusual occurances — but slowly the mind began to open ... We saw, we questioned, and sometimes we con- cluded. JLA classroom Strangers became acquaintances acquaintances became friends . . In the doorway, on the library steps, in the dorm . . . anyplace was a forum in which views were ex- changed . . . sometimes heatedly, but always with enthusiasm and in- terest. We grew close as we talked about things ... our worlds broad- ened as the personalities of friends became a part of us. JS I KMK Closer relationships evolved It is not a loud happening. Relationships begin in subtle forms like a quiet walk to class, a dis- cussion in the doorway, or a brief moment by the fountain. But also, friendship provides a timeout for fun — a break from the studied groove. 10 M is V 11 Students crowded the new campus center The opening of the Charles I. Dover Campus Center marked an- other step forward in the progress of Gardner-Webb. The lounge with the quiet musical background gave the students a place to relax with friends, and the ping pong tables and pool tables gave the students a place they could relax through recreation. With its many and im- proved facilities, the canpus center became a favorite spot on campus. «»•- creative expression An outlet for expression of self is important. It is through painting, mosiacs, music, writing, drama, and crafts that we tested our individual growth and outlooks. Against the canvas we hurled our frustrations, from the keyboard were drawn our desires, and with ink against paper our thoughts were made visible for others to grasp or reject. B 15 The Bulldogs gained a stadium Homecoming on October 22-23 was a return for many, but it was also more — a crammed weekend with the dedication of the new E. W. Spangler Stadium and V. F. Hamrick Fieldhouse. Charlie Justice and Gov- ernor Dan Moore were star person- alities who added much to the week- end. The fog did little to dampen the spirits of the capacity crowd when the football was kicked off for the game between Gardner-Webb and Ferrum. Presentation of the Home- coming Queen and her court was a highlight of the evening. Homecoming was the mark of one more year in the progress of Gardner- Webb College. • ■ ■» Spirit came alive Bulldogs we were and proud of it! Our separate high school loya ties merged into one big happy fam- ily as we enthusiastically supported our team. Laryngitis was the after- effect of many a ballgame, but it was not too great a price to pay for the Bulldogs. 19 Study demanded self-discipline As assignments increased, the world of study became more im- portant—more demanding. Time be- came more precious as we sought a retreat in the library or a quiet mo- ment in the dorm. Studying, also, was cramming for a pop test amid dishes and catsup bottles. There was time to concentrate by our- selves or time to share thoughts with a classmate. Tension mounted over all the work that was to be done in such a short time — a frantic time, a quiet time, a time of growth. 20 21 Minds expanded with new thoughts Alone. In the midst of college life, in the rush and tension, time was still found to be alone— time for new thoughts, for making many de- cisions, and for remembering those back home. It was a time to just be still, and know. — 23 Values developed and the future acquired 24 meaning . . . Gardner-Webb College 1966- ' 67 . . . We were a part of it this year, but now it has become a part of us . . . an experience a total experience — for us to reflect upon. We were here only a short time, but it was long enough to learn . . . long enough to taste of a new and different life— a life of independence, a life of new people, a life of warm joys, a life of bitter disappointments. We grew, but just how much can never be measured . . . some of us took tremendous steps toward maturity, others of us still stumbled cau- tiously trying to find ourselves. We met new people . . . some individuals earned our love and respect, many others will blur into being just one of the 1200 who chose the same college we did. Our lives became a time of sharing with those newly-found friends . . . exchanging ideas, voicing fears, solving problems, ending crises. We learned that we were not alone at Gardner-Webb . . . that there were other young peo- ple who had our problems or shared our fears; that there were faculty members who were willing to listen to us. In our books, on the campus walks, within the confines of a late after- noon class, over our meals, and with- in the dorm rooms . . . we communicated with a bright new world, a little of which came from each of us. We were growing and our college was growing with us . . . carpeted surroundings, quiet music, the colors of the splashing foun- tain. Gardner-Webb 1966- ' 67 took on a newness of destiny . . . we were a part of it . . . and now it has become a part of us. 25 1 Dedicated professors and personnel enabled the Administration to expand and reinforce several programs, not- ably the curricul um and chapel. Communication between students and faculty improved — a strong con- tribution to a total experience. Academics ' 67 President E. Eugene Poston PRESIDENT The Decade of Advance The 1966-67 year marked the sixth year of Dr. E. Eugene Poston ' s service to Gardner-Webb College as its president. Last year Dr. Poston was away from the campus — actively in- volved in the Decade of Advance program, but this year the program is in a different phase, so he has had more time to be with the stu- dents. His contact with students has increased even more this year, since he has worked with a counseling group and met monthly with stu- dent government officers. Mrs. Eugene Poston organized a Campus Beautification Committee composed of the wives of the trus- tees, advisors, and college admin- istration. The committee met with Architect Robert Rucker of the Un- iversity of Oklahoma to co-ordinate their project. Dr. and Mrs. Poston talk with friends after a ball game. Dr. Poston believes Gardner-Webb has made many advances. The strength of the faculty and the in- creased physical facilities this year make the goal of quality Christian education seem much closer to a reality than ever before. Dr. Poston believes the first half of the decade has been the " greatest era of ac- ademic growth and spiritual in- fluence of the college. " The physi- cal plant is now worth four million dollars, and there is one and one- half million dollars in endowment. But more than material things, he points to Gardner-Webb College ' s spirit — one that lives in the minds and hearts of the people who love her and one that he believes will continue to thrive because of this love. nancy Griffin, A. A., secretary to the Presi- dent, remained cheerful through her hectic hours of work. entered a new phase Dr. Poston enjoys talking with students. TRUSTEES Spangler elected chairman R. Patrick Spangler was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a one-year term. In 1965-1966 the trustees approved the building of the Charles I. Dover Campus Center, the Ernest W. Spangler Stadium, and the V. F. Hamrick Field House. Also, for the beautif ication of the campus, the old bookstore and grocery store were removed; and the 0. Max Gardner building was re- modeled. Thr trustees feel that there is a spirit prevailing on the Gardner- Webb campus that has never exist- ed before; not only among them- selves, but also among students, faculty, administration, and the local people. They feel that all of these are a part of a fast-moving, closely knit force that will leave its mark for future generations on behalf of Christian Education. Gardner-Webb College has that certain attribute that is destined for greatness, " Humbleness and dedi- cation to a goal. " FIRST ROW: Mr. Claude S. Hinson. Mr. A. T. Withrow, Mr. Garrie L. Kendrick, Mrs. Rush Stroup, Mrs. 0. Max Gardner, Sr., Miss Charlie Stamey, Mr. G. Wayne DeHart, Mr. M. Leonard Lowe. SECOND ROW: Mr. H. Max Craig, Jr., Mr. Forest C. Roberts, Sr., Mr. Lloyd C. Bost, Mr. J. L. Nichols, Mr. M. 0. Owens, Jr., Mr. Toliver Davis, Dr. J. Roy Robinson, Mr. H. Paul Bridges, Mr. R. B. Scruggs. Mr. R. Patrick Spangler, Mr. A.C. Garrison, Mr. Ralph Gardner, Mr. Wade Short, Mr. Hobart Smith. NOT PICTURED: Mr. T. W. Estes, Mr. G. B. Harrill, Mr. Vance Huggins, Mr. C. P. Nan- ney, Mr. Charles I. Dover, Mr. T. Ray Helms, Mr. T. R. Hendrix, Mr. Herbert Miller, Mr. ' Earl T. Groves. 30 OFFICERS OF THE TRUSTEES: Miss Char- A. T. Withrow, Mr. R. Patrick Spangler, Mrs. line Stamey, Mrs. 0. Max Gardner, Sr., Mr. Rush Stroup, Mr. M. Leonard Lowe. ■a VICE PRESIDENT dedicated to progress " Realizing that Gardner-Webb has a definite place in the educational emphasis of this area and that it renders a good service now, but that the success of advance progress en- ables the school to do a better job in teaching the students " was the motto which motivated Vice-Presi- dent Thomas McGraw as he worked a 12 to 15 hour day. Mr. McGraw ' s unquestionable suc- cess as one of the prime fund raisers for Gardner-Webb was illustrated best by a total grant of approximately $2,520,00 given by various areas, organizations, and individuals dur- ing the past two years. His friendli- ness and genuine concern for the growth of an individual into a hap- py, mature being acclaim his success in working with the students, as well as faculty, of Gardner-Webb. Previous experience as a teacher, coach, and principal adds to the characterization of a man dedicated to the cause of Gardner-Webb and zealous in fulfilling that cause. Phi Theta Kappa inducted him as an hon- orary member. " These two new dorms will soon be going up. " Janelle H. Hicks coordinates the work of the Vice-President ' s office. DEANS This year the students of Gardner- Webb saw two major advances in the administration. First, a new Dean of Instruction was appointed from the ranks of the faculty— Dr. J. Thurman Lewis. Dean Lewis has proven his interest in the academic life of Gardner-Webb students, and he has shown his capabilities in keep- ing the quality of education at a high standard. Second, the position of Dean of Students was created this year, and Mr. Tommy Holland was called on to fill it. Dean Holland has taken an active interest in the everyday life J. Thurman Lewis, Th.D., (1964), brought new life to Gardner-Webb ' s academic com- munity. Thomas Holland, B.A., (1966), Dean of Stu- dents, worked to improve student life. " Mom " Goodwin, (1957), chief housemother, serves as a substitute mom for 700 boys and girls. of Gardner-Webb students, with improvements such as helping to extend the curfews for sophomore girls on weekends. He has tried to make the community life of the college as rewarding as the academic life. Both of these men have worked hard and long toward the growth of Gardner-Webb. 32 i Polly Wylie. secretary to the Dean, has ex- tended a courteous helping hand to the students. ■a OFFICE OF PROMOTION, REGISTRAR personal interest in students Shirley Culbreth worked as secretary to the Director of Promotion. Relating the image of G-W through the news media was Alex Vaughn ' s (1964), B.A. primary responsibility as sole manager of the Promotion Office. He was an effective link be- tween the students and administra- tion as he attended ballgames, ban- quets, and administrative meetings. When something happened, he was there to catch the spirit and facts, enabling him to pass them on to various newspapers. Picture taking, after which many long hours were spent in the dark room, copy proof- ing, and letter writing were all a part of his on-the-side work with the sponsorship of the ANCHOR and the PILOT. His office was the relief sta- tion for complaints ranging from dripping pipes to out-of-order P.A. systems. Through his genuine inter- est in and direct association with students, each of us profited. Each day for Mrs. Dorothy W. Ham rick (1946), A.B was a new one, bringing parent and student inter- views, permanent records of every student, and meetings of the social committee and alumni committee. She is one of the few people on campus who could work her way though each day ' s mountain of red tape in only twelve or thirteen hours. Students could inevitably find her in her office behind stacks of social records, draft board forms, and sta- tistical reports to the HEW and the Baptist State Convention. She as- sisted confused students with prob- lems of entrance and registration. Yet, Mrs. Hamrick maintained enough organization to keep the min- utes for the executive and the cur- riculum committees. Waiting to photograph the Governor. 33 BUSINESS OFFICE New business manager appointed Charles Mack, B.A. (1966), a valuable new- comer to Gardner-Webb. The Business Office is the chan- nel through which the financial life bloodof Gardner-Webb Collegeflows. This year under the leadership of a new manager, Mr. Charles E. Mack, Jr., it has made the progress that is characteristic of the decade of ad- vance. The business office allocates money to the maintenance depart- ment to keep the Gardner-Webb campus in good physical shape. It also is responsible for finding jobs — both on the campus and off the cam- pus — for students, and it pays the wages of those working on campus. The 1966-67 school year also saw the opening of a new student bank— a great asset to the financial life of the students. The business office handles the loans and scholarships of students — a very important part of Gardner-Webb ' s idea that quality education can be had by those who want it, regardless of their econom- ic status. Correspondence with the business office is a common occurence. Antionne Wesson, secretary to Mrs. Ham- rick, adds efficiency to the registrar ' s office. Nita Lefler, (1955), serves as assistant busi- ness manager and works patiently with students on financial matters. HI OFFICE OF ADMISSION over three thousand applications The Office of Admissions, under the direction of Robert W. Abrams (1962), B.D. reviewed over 3,000 ap- plications during the 1966-67 school term. Working personally with many incoming students, he made sug- gestions for their educational plans. He also worked with the Academic Scholarship Committee and commu- nity housing for boarding students. Mr. Abrams ' steady personality and Christian influence represented Gard- ner-Webb effectivly as he visited over 135 high schools in the fall and early spring. " I have a few more files to go through, dear, and then I ' ll be home. " Mildred Poston, A.A., kept the office in order while Mr. Abrams was traveling. 35 GUIDANCE solving problems through self -analysis The counseling office is more than a departmental title. It is a place where a student becomes an indi- vidual with the sincere help of Worth Bridges and T. Max Linnens. Through the battery of tests issued each freshman, they learn, besides how to punch a piece of cardboard with a pin, some of their aptitudes and interests. Joyce Dees, secretary of the guidance de- partment, discusses an aptitude test. T. Max Linnens, college chaplain, chal- lenges cliches of campus life. Worth Bridges, director of counseling, ex- plains results of tests to students. 36 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS essential to campus living " Good afternoon, Gardner-Webb College, ' says Shirley Washburn. I ' • ■ a i KM Horace Scruggs was promoted to head of the maintenance department. Edison Crowe, director of housing, has made himself a friend to all students through his concern for them. Dr. Gene Washburn and Dr. Wyan Wash- burn are the college physicians. 37 38 After chapel students shared their impres- sions of the program. •: »a ■ CHAPEL, CHRISTIAN FOCUS WEEK Special music was by students and faculty. sex, dope, and alcohol " " We gather together . . . " Rev. Fink jokes about show business. We all make mistakes, son, but . . . Chapel began at 10 o ' clock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Although attendance was required, this year credit was given for the first time. The theme was modern living for both fall and spring Religious Em- phasis Week. The fall speaker was a former UNC football player, Rev. Doug Farmer. Rev. Jerry R. Brown presented the music. In the spring, the topic was ' Tell it like it is-sex, dope, and alcohol. " Rev. John Fink, founder of the At- lanta Rescue Mission, presented his mechanical man act and spoke frankly of his life on skid row. Three movies were shown at the flick which illustrated the theme. Afterwards, students challenged a panel of teachers and students by favoring the new morality. 39 LIBRARY Due to an increase in enrollment, library rules were changed so that regular books were to be kept for a seven instead of a fourteen-day period. New student identification cards, instead of a library card, were also required for checking out books. In 1966-67 there was an ex- pansion in the general staff, and a new librarian and assistant librarian were added. A Xerox copying machine was added to the library to aid stu- dents and faculty. Over 3, 000 volumes were added, bringing the total to over 24,000 books. Royce Ellis became Acting Head Librarian. LaLene Washburn and Linda Wease, Li- brary Assistants. 40 CURRICULUM SPECIAL RECOGNITION Anchor staff honors Professor Osborne He is without doubt a true master of the academic and a man as ex- acting on himself as on those he teaches. He is a sincere, thoughtful man of learning who has applied his capabilities to help create a fresh intensity and vividness in the realm of literature. And to further Gardner- Webb ' s academic growth he works tirelessly preparing his lively, vibrant, living lectures. As a member of the advisory Library Committee, he has given of his time to better this vital organ of learning. Since 1957, he has held close to heart the purpose . . . the reason for Gardner-Webb College. In his spare time, a collec- tion of old clocks hold his interest and attention. He is also quite inter- ested in and enthusiastic about the arts. In the movie about Gardner- Webb, " Extra Dimension, " he work- ed many exhausting hours posing for a demanding photographer. For countless contributions to Gardner- Webb and for sincere devotion, the 1967 ANCHOR is proud to honor Professor Thirlen Osborne. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES appreciation of classical civilizations CLINE New visual aid materials provid- ed by the Encyclopedia Britannica were added to give the students a clearer picture of classical civiliza- tions. Plans for the future include the addition of classes in third year Latin and, eventually in Hebrew. Through the present studies of Greek and Latin, the classical lan- guage student is walking with the living remains of two of the world ' s greatest civilizations. DOGGETT P. A. CLINE JR. (1966), M.A. Associate Professor of Classical Languages MARY LIDE DOGGETT (1962), A.B. Instructor of Latin. Mrs. Doggett smiled even when a photog- rapher interrupted her class. 43 ENGLISH Osborne Blankenship THIRLEN OSBORNE (1957), M.A. Chairman of English Department Professor of English ERNEST MONROE BLANKENSHIP (1965). M.A. Assistant Prof essor of English interpretation of life Brown Jolley Fenner Montague JOYCE COMPTON BROWN (1965), M.A. Instructor of English CHARLIE W. FENNER (1966). M.R.E., M.Ed. Instructor of English COTHENIA JONES JOLLEY (1963). M.A.. Ed.S. Instructor of English JOANNE MONTAGUE (1966). M.A., Assistant Professor of English Disagreement over interpretation. through literature " ■ Textbooks of the freshman En- glish courses changed to Interpret- ing Literature because of its wider selection of reading materials and much better biography section. In addition to this, a separate hand- book on grammar was adopted as a supplement for reviewing funda- mentals of grammar and the me- chanical aspects of writing, which make up the study during first se- mester. The following semester com- bines composition, literary studies, and a research paper. The sophomores, as usual, were guided to develop a keen and criti- cal enjoyment and appreciation of English literature from Beowulf to modern writings. Stowe Taylor WILLIAM B. STOWE (1965), MA. Instructor of English JAMES KANIPE TAYLOR (1964), M.A. Instructor of English New office with no heat. 45 MODERN LANGUAGE Minds entered another culture The modern language department continued its program of guiding students to a better understanding of other nations and their cultures through the study of their lan- guages. French 103 and Spanish 103 class es received a new text book this year. Advanced French classes prac- ticed conversation and composition. They studied Sartre, Camus, and Spanish students descended into the depths of Don Quixote. WILLIAM ROY PHELPS (1966), M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish MANUEL ALLEN SETZER (1965), MAT. Associate Professor of Spanish Master control. SCIENCE " Put yourself in the other man ' s shoes . WILLIAM WORTH BRIDGES, JR. (1964), M.Ed. Director of Counseling Instructor of Psychology LESLIE MORRIS BROWN (1966), M.A. Instructor of Biology BETTY McCLURE CARPENTER (1965), M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology and Speech CLYDE SAMUEL CASH (1966), M.A.T. Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry Bridges Carpenter Brown Cash The Science Department uses up- to-date equipment and programs to prepare science majors for transfer to universities. Classes were crowd- ed; many students had to take the night lecture and lab. The department is well-known for its colorful faculty. The philosoph- ical spirit of Mr. Stacy offers inspi- ration to all. Professor Mosley and his motor machine are often heard at one campus spot or another. " Sublabel: Sketch of a bilateral cross-sec- tion of a carpellate cone megasporophyll leaflet, mature, in relation to the axis, showing internal structure. " " It proves what I ' ve said, you can ' t get nothing from nothing but nothing. " 48 JAMES WALTER FITE (1964), M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology M. A. MOSELEY, JR. (1950), M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry THOMAS CAMPBELL PERKINS (1964), M.S. Associate Professor of Bible and Physics PAUL JOHN STACY (1964), B.S. Assistant Professor of Biology Fite Perkins MATHEMATICS the language of the sciences There were no major changes in the mathematics department in 1966- 67. Students continued to look for the unknown and charted on the x- axis until theirfingers were cramped. But more importantly, they con- tinued to learn the basis for logical thinking as taught through the num- ber system. The many hours of studying, however, were balanced by Professor Dixon ' s occasional dry humor. Contemplation before explanation. Five minutes between classes. HUBERT CONRAD DIXON (1935), MA Chairman of the Department of Natura Science and Mathematics Professor of Mathematics CHIT-FU CHANG (1966), M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics SOCIAL STUDIES understanding in a complex world Mr. Jesse Taylor, Professor of economics and history, received a National Science Grant which en- abled him to study economics in the summer of 1966 at the Universi- ty of Missouri. Expansion was the keynote in the Social Science Department this year. Jolley Eastman Benton Jones MARION LANSFORD JOLLEY (1957). M.A., Ed.S. Chairman of Social Science Department Professor of Social Science RUSSELL EARL BENTON (1966), M.A. " Assistant Professor of Social Studies DORIS JONES (1956), M.R.E. Associate Professor of Sociology, and Bible ANTHONY FINLEY EASTMAN (1966), M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Science A new course. Marriage and Family, was offered to all students. The department also made greater use of visual aids, and guest speakers such as Rev. T. Max Linnens, which added interest to the curriculum. Text changes included economics and geography. The pause that refreshes. Comparing notes. Hi Professor Jones on her way to class after Matthews Reed a hair-raising ride in her Volkswagen. Taylor Terrell RICHARD IRA MATTHEWS (1966), M.S. Assistant Professor of Social Studies DONALD E. REED (1966), M.A. Instructor of Geography JESSE LEE TAYLOR (1965), M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography JAMES ORVILLE TERRELL (1945), M.A. Professor of Social Science Professor Eastman encourages student to exercise academic freedon. RELIGION development of a Christian philosophy This year the basic course in Bible was supplemented by a different and much more liberal text, " Under- standing the Old Testament " by Bern- hard W. Anderson. The first semester required a book analysis rather than a term paper. The religion courses at Gardner-Webb covered not only theology, but also history, geogra- phy, philosophy, and education. The department also has courses in the history of Religious Educa- tion, and Leadership and Administra- tion in the Church. L 7W Allen Lamb Ballard Trexler Dr. Allen discusses Altizer ' s theology with Professor Setzer. GARLAND H. ALLEN (1961), Th.D. Professor of Bible and History THOMAS JEFFERSON BALLARD (1965) B.D. Assistant Professor of German and Bible ROBERT L. LAMB (1962), D.R.E. Professor of Bible and Religious Education Dr. Lamb pauses to remember a modern illustration of the Pharisee and the Pub- lican. ROBERT LEE TREXLER (1964), M.A. Assistant Professor of Bible and Social Studies Wilder Wilder EVELYN C. WILDER (1966), M.R.E. Instructor of Speech JAMES M. WILDER (1962), Th.M. Instructor of Bible ' . . . then Ashurbanapal completely ob- iterated the Northern Kingdom. " Research for the second semester tern paper. 55 JERRY RANDOLPH HILL (1963), M.A. Chairman of Fine Arts Department Assistant Professor of Music NETTIE RAYLE GIDNEY (1953), M.A. Assistant Professor of Voice Hill Gidney " Let ' s try that No-Na scale again. ' O. Max Gardner Building became the Fine Professor Jones tried to improve the facili- ties. Hill Jones Rash Snyder ELIZABETH EGGERS HILL (1963), B.S. Instructor of Organ C. ROBERT JONES (1966), M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Drama and Speech 56 JAMES HUBERT RASH (1965), M.Ed. Associate Professor of Art JAMES W. SNYDER (1965), M.C.M. Assistant Professor of Music The Fine Arts Department experi- enced several important changes this year. The loss of the debate team was regretful, but otherwise prospects looked good. The old stu- dent center, the 0. Max Gardner building, was converted into a fine arts center, thus giving the depart- ment a great advantage of physical expansion. C. Robert Jones became director of dramatics. Mr. Jones is the au- thor and composer of three full- length musicals and was full time resident director at the Little Theatre of Savannah in Georgia. Successful play productions and the Distinguished Artist series made 1966-67 a very good year for the Fine Arts Department. Beauty in a drainage pipe COLLEGE CHOIR hours of practice Captivated was the audience on December 4, 1966, at Boiling Springs Baptist Church when the Gardner- Webb College Choir presented varied Christmas carols. This was one of the numerous services in which the choir participated. Though the choir consisted of on- ly thirty-two members, somewhat smaller than previous years, the voices of the various sections blend- ed smoothly, thus producing a bal- anced and pleasing effect. Voices were not trained, how- ever, without considerable amount of practice, as any member of the college choir could well relate. He allowed two hours for regular prac- tice each week in his schedule, as well as additional drilling with his vocal section. Through mutual work, play, anx- iety, and accomplishment, a spirit of unity encompassed the group known as the Gardner-Webb College Choir. Professor Nettie R. Gidney directed the college choir through another successful season. The director commands the attention of the choir. i If A DIRECTOR: Professor Nettie R. Gidney. PIANIST: Mr. James Snyder. FIRST ROW: Ivy Miller. Becky Padgett, Susan Grant, Nancy Wade, Mary Ann Smart, Jean Dixon, Sandra Kilough, Frances Turn- er. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Boshe, Carolyn Duncan, Tawana Casstevens, Linda Love- lace, Gail Pearson, Cynthia Dalcher. Judy Alley. THIRD ROW: Joe Mellwood, Marty Phillips, Bobby Dodd, Clem Faircloth, Gerald Stanley, Howard Watson, Lester Murphy, Bob Davis. FOURTH ROW: Dan Johnson, Jerry Elmore, Robert Sparks, Carl Hudson. Tom Stafford, Steve Hegen- bart. Jerry Walker. Jk r1 ENSEMBLE competed for the trip to Canada A romantic evening of " Music Un- der the Stars " was presented in the spring by the ensemble. Per- formances this year included ap- pearances at the meeting of trus- tees of North Carolina Baptist col- leges and a spring concert in eas- tern North Carolina and various other organizations. This group preferred more modern version of hymns and chose Robert Shaw ' s arrangements. Other parts of the programs were Broadway show tunes. The ensenble received acceptance of a Canadian singing engagement in late Spring. This compact group of twenty were singing ambassadors of the college in 1966-67. Professor Jerry Hill has worked to build the outstanding reputation of the ensemble. FIRST ROW: Lui Greene, Steve Putman. SECOND ROW: Linda Roberts, Sarah New- ton, Renna Bowen, Jane Newton, Jane But- ler, Judy Buchannan, " Happy " Fountain, 59 PEP BAND Refrains of " Dixie " drifted across the gridiron, basketball court, and campus this year— rousing spirit and becoming the unofficial theme of the pep band. This organization has doubled its size in only two years of existence and is the first of its kind in the WNCJCA Conference. Its vibrant spirit warmed fans on cold football evenings and kept stu- dents cheering throughout basket- ball season. . . boosting school spirit V! " Go, go get ' urn, get ' urn . The Pep Band rehearses before performance. LEFT SECTION: David Scoggin, Basil Bul- lard, Carl Burns. MIDDLE SECTION: FIRST ROW: John Balantine, Jim Robinson, RoSs Craig, Kay Gilley, Barbara Harvey, Joe Pierce. Keith Pyrtie, Betty Jo Bettis. " Happy " Fountain, Faye Sawyer. SECOND ROW: Keith Pickelsimer, Fred Hoyle. Bax ter Harrill, Betty Barksdale. Tony John son, Jim Flowers, Daryl Bowers. STAND- ING: Alan Gray, Bill Neely. RIGHT SEC- TION: Mike Hawkins, Jan Edwards. Con stance Jordan. " We are the Bulldogs. 60 BUSINESS business leaders of the future In 1966-67 the latest type of short- hand was added to the curriculum, and more and better equipment was purchased. The Department of Business re- alizes that responsible individuals are the backbone of our nation ' s free enterprise system. Therefore, this department teaches general business principlesand skills, strives to furnish local industries with nec- essary material through properly trained graduates, and attempts to develop proper business personali- ties. Mastery of the calculator. Andrews Harris Logan DECK W. ANDREWS (1962), M.S.B.A. Chairman Department of Business Education Professor of Business Education JANE HORN HARRIS (1962), B.S. Instructor of Business Education BETTY HOYLE LOGAN (1957), MA. Assistant Professor of Business Education Professor Andrews in his unofficial coffee shoppe for faculty. 61 PHI BETA LAM DA Club offered scholarship Phi Beta Lamda was organized in 1966-67 for business students. The new club ' s first meeting was a din- ner to install the officers. Other meetings included lectures by speak- ers from the local industries. Leaders in the club helped make it an active, unified organization: a scholarship was given to a rising sophomore in the business depart- ment; a delegate represented the club at the state convention in the spring. Phi Beta Lamda has begun one of the most useful career or- ganizations on campus. FIRST ROW: Ronald Callahan, Ray Crowe. SECOND ROW: Mr. Deck Andrews, Sharon Scruggs, Linda Cutshaw, Ellen Farmer, Gloria Wright, Ramona Roark. THIRD ROW: Nancy Justice, Mrs. Betty Logan, Cheryl Hilton, Eugenia Roten, Diane Lowman, Toll ie Moose, Ann Wise, Phyllis Martin. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Welch, Robert Willey, Philip Warlick, Don Beason, Joe Pearce, Mrs. Jane Harris. Officers planned programs. 62 DATA PROCESSING new location for Data Processing Carpenter Griggs WALLACE REID CARPENTER (1964), M.A.; Director of Data Processing; Associate Professor of Data Processing. FRANKLIN KEITH GRIGGS (1965), M.A.; Instructor of Data Processing. This year the students received a great deal of practical experience by recording grades, tallying quality point ratios for both the school and the draft board, and working during registration. The Data Processing department has the responsibility of training students for the task of keeping an account of a fast-paced world. The steadily increasing enroll- ment made the already bad problem of lack of space even worse, but by the second semester the depart- ment moved into new and larger facilities in the E. B. Hamrick Build- ing. Plans for the very near future hold the possibility of purchasing the machines presently used and other machines from IBM. Mr. Carpenter has directed expansion of Data Processing for three years. For the past two years registration has been done by the Data Processing De- partment. 63 NURSING The rush from classroom to hospital. Lee Nursing Department earned state accreditation This was the second year for the Department of Nursing at Gardner- Webb, and it was the first year of operation under full accreditation from the North Carolina Board of Nursing. The department has reach- ed the highest goal attainable in this length of time. There is reason- able assurance of national accred- itation for the coming year. Gardner-Webb ' s nursing students must prepare themselves for ser- vice and for sacrifice. Within one month following enrollment, they were working in a hospital. They worked at Cleveland Memorial Hos- pital and at Rutherfordton Hospit- al. Freshmen will receive their sum- mer training at Broughton Hospital. Students are not just admitted into the Nursing Department — they are selected on a personal basis as well as an academic basis. The Class of 1967 included the school ' s first graduates with an Associate of Arts degree in Nursing. ■i h ON THE FLOOR: Debbie Gingell. Tina Us- sery, Mary Lu Price. FIRST ROW: Alice Merritt, Joan Jensen, Marsha Reed, Carol McAbee, Cynthia Tessnear, Linda Laven- der, Linda Gibson, Jane Burch, Jo Ann Shields, Katherine Williams, Judy Hardin, Charlene Lovelace, Sandra Newland, Dorothy Ramsey, Helen Beaver. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Weir, Judy Hamrick, Elizabeth Cor- rell, Lois Clay, Gay Helms, Wanda Tess- near, Linda Hodge, Emily Ogburn. GRACE CRAIG LEE (1965), M.S. Director of Nursing Mrs. Robert Trexler does the secretarial work for the department. 64 Students and teachers donated one hun- dred and ninety pints of blood to the blood- mobile. HAZEL WYATT MCNEELY (1966), B.S. Instructor of Nursing SHIRLEY PUTMAN TONEY (1965), B.S. Instru ctor of Nursing This little fellow weighed in at 11 pounds 1 ounce. PFYSICAL EDUCATION soundness of body The addition of four faculty mem- bers aided the drive for diversifi- cation in the Physical Education Department. Girls practiced exercise routines to the sound of " Peter Gunn. " Fresh- men emphasized team sports while sophomores concentrated on devel- opment of skills in individual sports. New programs for sophomore girls were swimming and badminton. The faculty began the pace which will be needed in their department for Gardner-Webb ' s expansion to four year status. Coach Daves watches his swimmers for signs of improvement. Holbrook Sanford EDWIN CHARLES HOLBROOK (1964), M.S. Instructor of Physical Education Head Basketball Coach Bryson Griggs Daves Holbrook JERRY ZEB BRYSON (1966), M.A. Assistant Professor — Physical Education and Health, Baseball Coach KENNETH RAY DAVES (1966), B.S. Instructor of Physical Education NELL SELF GRIGGS (1965), B.S. Instructor of Physical Education for Women BARBARA WALKER HOLBROOK (1964), B.A. Instructor of Physical Education for Women, Health 66 J. KENNETH SANFORD (1966), B.S. Instructor of Physical Education Dean of Men essential to soundness of mind Harris NORMAN AUTHUR HARRIS (1949), M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Chairman Department of Physical Education and Health Athletic Director Head Football Coach Girls tried to keep pace with the beat of " Java. " Coach Harris co-ordinated a diversified program. The inverted breast stroke at eight o ' clock in the morning. 67 NIGHT SCHOOL classes continued into the night Evening College became a reality for many students as they attended classes this year. The original pur- pose and principal reason for offer- ing night classes was to enable people from the neighboring com- munities to build and strengthen their skills in connection with their occupations. However, with the ex- pansion of the college and the ever increasing number of students came the demand for additional night classes. Also serving as a vital unit in the evening college was the Dover Mem- orial Library. Questions? Two hours of credit for twelve hours of work. Night school goes on during bonfires, ball games, and banquets. POLLY FITE (1965). B.A. nstructor of Business HENRY B. WINTER, JR. (1964), B.S. Instructor of Engineering Drawing Fife Winter A winter evening. im a fas KtOlCAl The Gardner-Webb influence was felt by all types of people— intel- lectuals, draft dodgers, people with problems, people with answers, ev- eryone felt changed somehow — the important part of a total experience. PEOPLE ' 67 SOPHOMORES like Hawkins, President Janis Griffin, Secretary Drew Bridges, Vice-President 72 fond memories and hopes for the future Harley J. Abercombie Steven D. Allen Edward D. Arnette Jack W. Abercombie Judith A. Alley Diana E. Arrowood J. W. Aberhathy, III William D. Anderson Ted D. Aslund Richard W. Addis L. Rita Andrews Linda 0. Avery Kay L. Allen Irvin F. Anthony Steve M. Bailey 73 SOPHOMORES lots of concerts but no dances John C. Balentine Lewis A. Barrett H. Dale Beason Terry W. Ball Gerald-F. Bartholomew Linda H. Beaver James Balloch, III M. Dawne Batchler Phyllis A. Beckham E. Eugene Barkley C. F. Beal M. Janice Benner Betty R. Barksdale Donald A. Beason Stanley W. Berkshire 74 Sandra D. Berrier Betty Jo Bettis Jerry S. Biggerstaff The Cordovas and the Wake Forest Madri- gals kicked off the Homecoming weekend. 75 76 bonfires, and Dixie James L. Boyter Barbara S. Bridges Mildred B. Brown Ray A. Bradley E. Drew Bridges Randal l C. Bryant Nick E. Brafford Jeffrey G. Brooks Judith E. Buchanan Mitchell R. Brasington M. Elizabeth Brooks Michael L Buford Ronald E. Bray Charles E. Brown Basil W. Bullard, Jr. Jane L. Burch Ronald L. Callahan R. Jane Butler Nancy J. Callender Edward L. Cabaniss Kenneth W. Calton 78 H frustration over hidden answers Walter L Campbell Janet E. Carter Sylvia K. Childers James A. Cannon Tony F. Carver Barbara G. Chilton Michael L Cantrell Janet L Carroll Richard S. Carson Timothy G. Cates Roger L Cat hey Virginia R. Chalk Gary R. Christensen Dolan W Church Margaret L Church SOPHOMORES long distance calls, financial problems Barbara L. Clark Lois E. Clay Thomas L. Copeland Brenda L Clark Sarah L. Clontz Elizabeth C. Correll Rhonda R. Clark James G. Collier, III Terry L Coyle David E. Clarkson Charles 0. Connor Bingham M. Creasy Edward W. Clay, Jr. Louis E. Cook J. Wayne Cross 80 Lloyd W. Cuthbertson Linda G. Cutshaw Max C. Daves, Jr. SOPHOMORES Some learned a little; some a lot James 0. Davis Barbara J. Deese Billy I. Dillon Robert T. Davis Nelson L Dellinger Larry W. Dillon Thomas R. Davis Ronald C. Denton Gary R. Dobbins Charles H. Dawson Joseph R. Dezern Robert V. Dodd Dorothy A. Dedmon Douglas S. Dickerson Joseph A. Dodge 82 Rodney E. Dodson Kay E. Douglas Floyd C. Drum Ralph 0. Dulany Carolyn L Duncan David F. Dunlap Professor Stacy says if you can get through chemistry and biology and keep your re- ligion you ' ve got it made. SOPHOMORES Roommates share ideas and emotions Dale M. Dunn Harlan N. Edwards Margaret A. Ellis Robert P. Dutton M. Janet Edwards Sheila L England HollisG. Earley Robert G. Elkins Judy A. Enscore Gary G. Earp Nicholas S. Elliott Jerry D. Eskew Bergin W. Edwards Jack D. Ellis Barry D. Evans James E. Fitch 85 SOPHOMORES Sleep is sweet to the laboring man " —John Bunyan Bill L. Ford H. Steve Fraser Gerald C. Gardner Eleanor J. Fountain Jane G. Fredrickson Russell C. Garmon Daniel E. Fox David L. Freeman D. Wayne Gettys Roger W. Fox S. Ann Frye James S. Gibbs Raymond E. Francis Charles L. Gabriel Linda S. Gibson 86 Rachel E. Gidney Deborah A. Gingell Patricia A. Glavich B. Kay Gil ley William R. Gladden, Jr. Linda A. Goforth Nathan K. Gilstrap Allan Glaser C. Larry Goins 87 SOPHOMORES 750 an hour Susan G. Grant A. Mildred Greene Jo A. Groce John E. Gravatt Sh aron A. Gregg Pickney H. Guerard Barry D. Gray Janis R. Griffin Sandra 0. Guffey Lui Greene Johnny K. Grigg Jean C. Gurganus Michael G. Green Larry G. Grigg Allen B. Hairfield 88 Delmer R. Hall Patricia A. Hall Sandra L Hall SOPHOMORES S. Carlton Hamrick, Jr. Judy C. Hardin Gregg H. Harding lighted dorm windows in the night Peggy J. Harris Kenneth L. Haywood Michael L. Hendrix James D. Hartman, Jr. J. Milton Head Ronald M. Hendrix June D. Hawkins G. David Heatherly Kathrine L. Henry Michael E. Hawkins Gay L. Helms Charlotte E. Herald John M. Hay, III James D. Henderson Ronald D. Hewitt 91 SOPHOMORES and then there was the cafeteria Larry L Hicks Cheryl W. Hilton Larry A. Hogan K. Rodney Hicks Tewy D. Hines Don R. Holder Ellerbe Hightower, III James H. Hix, Jr. Michael G. Holland Rita G. Hildebran Linda L. Hodge Brenda S. Hollifield John G. Hill James L. Hodges, Jr. Michael E. Holmes 92 Eugene B. Holtzclaw Reba C. Hull Martha T. Horn John M. Hulse Linda K. Horton Gary R. Humphries Clyde E. Hoyle Grover D. Humphries tz SOPHOMORES eight o ' clock classes, 94 Doris E. Hunt Ronald A. Hyder Joan K. Jensen m scribbled notes, long lunch lines B. Fern Johnson Kathy L Jones H. Dean Kanipe Hazel L. Jolley Marguerite E. Jones Martha C. Kelly Nellie S. Jolley Paul Jones Ray T. Keyes Hilda L Jones Constance R. Jordan Sandra G. Killough Jennifer Jones Nancy D. Justice Bobby J. King 95 SOPHOMORES Chapel is one hour long-one long hour Steven C. Kiser David B. Laughter Lawrence N. Ledbetter Benny E. Lail Lincla K. Lavender Fred T. Leigh Gene F. Lamb Richard D. Lawrence Sylvia S. Leigh Patricia L. Lambert Fred R. Laws Eugene F. Lentz William F. Lane Judy F. Ledbetter D. Lou Lineberger MUul Wanda L. Lingafelt Duwayne N. Littlejohn John F. Logan, Jr. Glenn H. London Donald R. Longest Charline T. Lovelace Linda K. Lovelace Jimmy D. Lowe J. Diane Lowman Checkers will turn in to me the names of students caught sleeping in chapel. This will be counted as an absence, which must be made up. And furthermore . . . 97 starched caps, The first sight of blood , Biology lab— the first step. Peggy S. Lowman Gail J. Luckadoo M. Karen Lyles Sandra C. Lucas Nancy A. Lyda Steve W. Lyman 98 tight schedules, and Volkswagen buses C. Thomas Martin Tony M. Mauldin Rickey S. McCollum J. Douglas Martin James E. Maynor Alan G. McCracken Phyllis A. Martin Carol A. McAbee Alton G. McCraw C. Wayne Math is Hugh D. McAbee James R. McDaniel, Jr. W. Cecil Mathis Thomas E. McCartha Judy D. McDaniel 99 SOPHOMORES solitude, concentration Johnny D. McGee Arnold G. Melton Ivy A. Miller Joel W. McKinney Alicg C. Merritt William N. Miller, III Foster B. McLane, III Jerry L. Michael James I. Milliken Paul V. McManus, Jr. Earl B. Mikell, Jr. L. S. Misenheimer, Jr. Billy P. McSwain Andrew J. Miller Kathryn E. Mitchem 100 Joseph C. Monteith Joel T. Moore Walter B. Moore 101 SOPHOMORES " Greetings, your friends and neighbors have chosen YOU ... " P 1 J Patricia A. Morris Archie W. Morton Venita A. Morton Milford G. Mounce Lester 1. Murphy James M. Neal James L. Neighbors Roger D. Nelson Sandra K. Newland Linda S. Newman Glenda J. Newton Sara J. Newton S. Jane Newton Theresa A. Newton James L. Nichols, II 102 Judy E. Nichols Richard G. Nicholson David C. Nixon, Jr. M. Ray Nixon Mavis M. Norville Stephen H. O ' Shields The title is " Baron ' s How to Prepare for the Student Draft Deferment Test. " Seven- ty boys were classified 1-A in 1966-67. Some were called by Uncle Sam; others were just waiting. " 1-A! " 103 ' I " l-S r. Charles E. Ownes GilmoreS. Owens Tommy L. Owens Charles E. Oxford Becky W. Padgett Jeffrey S. Padgett ■I Happiness is a letter James A. Parker Joe G. Pearce, Jr. James J. Phelps Mary S. Parsons S. Gail Pearson R. Joe Philbeck Samuel E. Parsons Stephen H. Peeler F. Terry Phillips Dennis C. Patterson George H. Pennell, Jr. Jackie R. Phillips Mary P. Patterson Donald B. Peterson Terry K. Phillips 105 SOPHOMORES forty-nine cent specials at the Snack Shop William M. Phillips Roger L Pittman William S. Pressly 0. Keith Pickelsimer James W. Porter, Jr. Wayne C. Price ■H rfM f " • m mp f-T uB HI i H ) tfk Doris Pigg Sandra G. Pilgrim Terry W. Pinnix Joseph E. Porter George H. Poston Carolyn M. Poteet James R. Priester M. Elaine Pritchard Larry D. Proctor | Ronnie J. Randall Marsha A. Reed John H. Rankin, III Frederic W. Rees Cleveland A. Rayfield Rudy C. Reeves Brenda S. Reece Yvonne G. Reid shared laughter Jesse F. Rhodes, Jr. Nancy A. Rietdorf L. Christine Robertson Myron T. Rhyne Jack E. Rippy Nancy C. Robertson Betty A. Richardson Ramona Roark Gary N. Robinette Arnold C. Rickman Linda L Roberts Ellis J. Robinson Ralph R. Ridgeway Moultrie Q. Roberts James E. Robinson 109 SOPHOMORES no Wayne G. Rock J. Kay Rogers Donald H. Ross Gary D. Ross Daniel G. Rostan Eugenia A. Roten J V Conversation runs from the Baptist State Convention to the Mamas and the Papas. Cramming six weeks work into a night. confusion John J. Russell Mary M. Sciacca David R. Seay William A. Russell, Jr. Ada R. Seism Horace M. Shaw Stephen K. Sarratt David Q. Scoggins W. Thomas Sherer, III Timothy Saunders Alan R. Scott Jo Ann Shields Edward L Schoon maker Sharon R. Scruggs Alfred D. Shires 111 SOPHOMORES quiet weekends Jackie A. Short Jerald G. Skomsky G. Edward Smith Carroll W. Shouse Mary A. Smart Larry R. Sneed Joyce L. Shronce Danny A. Smith Frank Sossamon, III Thomas C. Shuman David H. Smith Linda M. Southards Patricia A. Sigmon Donald G. Smith Warren D. Soverign m Robert B. Spain Randolph F. Spainhour W. Craig Spangler I " The Sound of Music " 113 For some, playing pool wasn ' t quite as much fun after they cracked down on catching the balls. Paul M. Stanley Donald R. Stokes, II Barbara J. Straughn Arthur L Stewart, Jr. Phillip B. Storm Elton L. Strickland a time to work, a time to relax Wayne A. Stroud Steve M. Summey Michael J. Tennis Dan M. Stroup Michael A. Swafford D. Censythia Tessnear Fred L. Styles William C. Swain Wanda J. Tessnear Douglas C. Suddreth Jerry D. Taylor Charles E. Thomas James A. Summey John Z. Taylor Shea W. Thomas 115 SOPHOMORES individuality Lee E. Thomason, Jr. Leroy W. Tilt Frances M. Turner Larry J. Thompson Charles M. Tolley G. Jane Turner Roy D. Thompson Linda J. Toms Ronald J. Turner Selwyn R. Thompson Jimmy C. Trull Carolyn S. Upton Michael H. Thornton Bern W. Tryon Tina A. Ussery 116 Lynda L. Walker Ollie L. Wall Edith C. Wallace Theresa D. Walker Samuel J. Wall Brenda A. Walsh 118 the necessity of precision Philip C. Warlick Sylvia L Way Mary L. Whisnant Paul V. Washburn J. Carolyn Webb Larry White Terry M. Washburn Jerry L Welch Joan C. Whitefield Howard R. Watson James F. Whalen James M. Wilkinson Janice K. Watts Steven L. Whisenhunt James C. Williamson SOPHOMORES Strangers became close friends Robert G. Willey, Jr. C. Lee Willis Bobby J. Winn Katherine E. Williams Donald P. Wilson F. Ann Wise Pamela N. Williams Judy L. Wilson C. William Witherow. Jr. Patricia A. Williams Ronald F. Wilson H. Faye Withrow William C.Williams, III Samuel W. Wimberly Donna P. Wood 120 Larry V. Wood Herschel L. Wright Charles C. Yopp S. Anna Wood M. Jeanette Wyatt Wayne S. York Sharon M. Wood Linda K. Wyatt Rickey N. Young James T. Woods Sallie H. Wylie Ronald R. Young Gloria J. Wright Barry D. Yelton Robert R. Zrolka Closed study in Hapy Dorm. OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES Students engaged in extra responsibilities BOB SPAIN Bob Spain has certainly proven his worth to the life at Gardner-Webb. As president of the student body, Bob has been called upon to act as the mediator between the admin- istration and the students. He has successfully filled this position in trying to improve the campus life. The Student Union fee and the idea of a Bulldog Room in the Student ' Center are just two examples of Bob ' s hard work. Outside of his duties as president, Bob has also served Gardner-Webb as a valuable member of the foot- ball team. His future plans are to attend UNC at Chapel Hill and per- haps major in business. Bob Spain ' s character and his ability to lead have made him a respected young man on the campus. 122 An outstanding sophomore is not one who is merely most intellec- tual, best looking, or most athletic. He is one who has made contribu- tions to many phases of college life. The administration and fac- ulty chose these eight students. LINDA NEWMAN A person who is willing to work for the students themselves is Linda Newman. As secretary of the student government, Linda worked for the Student Union fee and for getting the Bulldog Room. She supported the spiritual life on the campus as vice-president of the B.S.U. and worked in the Christian Volunteer Band. Linda will attend UNC-Char- lotte and major in sociology. Her friendliness to all students made a great contribution to the life of Gardner-Webb. JEAN GURGANUS Enthusiastic, well-rounded— these are synonymous with Jean Gurganus. Jean, has made a spot for herself in life at Gardner-Webb. She has taken part in the B.S.U., B.S.U. Choir, Phi Theta Kappa, CVB, and several dra- ma productions. She has shown tre- mendous talent on the stage and an even greater persona I ity off the stage. Her warm greetings and her interest in other people have made her a very popular person on campus. In the fall of ' 67 Jean plans to go to either Atlantic Christian or East Car- olina to major in drama and educa- tion. With Christian character as her forte, Jean is a prime candidate for being successful in her life ' s work. PAUL WASHBURN A student of versatility is Paul Washburn. He has been a day stu- dent who participated in campus ac- tivities and truly became a part of the school. He was a member of the B.S.U. Choir and Phi Theta Kap- pa. He spent many hours in prepar- ation for his part in The Miracle Worker. Also Paul worked diligently as assistant editor of the Anchor drawing layouts and writing copy. He will attend Wake Forest College and major in psychology. Paul con- tributed to the total life of Gardner- Webb through his personality and participation. JAMS GRIFFIN Working on school spirit has been the primary aim of Janis Griffin in her two years at Gardner-Webb. She was a cheerleader her freshman year and was elected co-captain her sophomore year. Her personality has gained her much popularity on the campus. Janis was chosen as a May Day attendant, secretary of the sophomore class, and Homecoming Queen. Her diversity of talent was demonstrated as she was selected to sing in the college ensemble. Janis plans to transfer to Western Carolina next year, but she is unde- cided on her future vocation. Janis Griffin, as she symbolizes school spirit at Gardner-Webb, has certain- ly played an important part in the campus life. RACHEL GIDNEY One individual who has gained deep respect from the faculty and the students is Rachel Gidney. She is an honor student who is vice-president of Phi Theta Kappa and who has consistently made the honor roll and dean ' s list. As a freshman Rachel received a Spanish award and a mathematics award for achievement in these two areas. She has worked as a teacher ' s assistant and has coached junior varsity bas- ketball at a high school for the past two years. She also served as class editor of the Anchor this year. Her plans for next year are to attend UNC at Chapel Hill and major in mathematics. Her easy going nature and ability to do a job exceptionally well are outstanding. 124 i RITA ANDREWS Because of her willingness to work, Rita Andrews is one of the busiest people on campus. She is characterized by her determination to do well whatever she undertakes. She has been active on the debate team and as secretary of Phi Theta Kappa. Rita has been a member of the International Relations Club and the BSU Choir. She also works part time at Royster Memorial Hospital. As editor of the Anchor Rita man- aged to keep everyone on the staff working until each one made his best effort. Rita plans to go to Wake Forest College and major in history. Her outgoing personality has made Rita Andrews a well-known person on the campus. DREW BRIDGES An athlete in the honor society is a rarity, but Drew Bridges has coupled academics with athletics and has excelled at both. Co-captain of the basketball team, a participant in track, a member of the Monogram Club and Pep Club, he ended the first semester in top shape academically— a 4.0 quality point ratio. But even before this achievement, students had shown their respect for Drew by electing him vice-president of the sophomore class. In the fall of ' 67 he plans to attend either UNC at Chapel Hill or Lenoir Rhyne College and major in English and psychology. Drew Bridges ' easy going manner and his ability to excel in everything makes him a truly outstanding student. FRESHMEN Gardner-Webb is no longer just pictures in a catalogue Kenny Wagner, President Monty Saunders, Vice-President Anne Abbott, Secretary-Treasurer 126 Freshmen discovered that there were two boys for every girl at Gardner-Webb. W5P Stephen R. Allen James R. Allison Terry L. Allison Anna M. Anderson Deborah J. Andrews Steven D. Arndt Richard C. Arnett Betsy J. Arthur Ronald M. Asbill James E. Ashburn Thomas W. Ashburn Rodney P. Atkins Donald A. Atnip N. Jan Austell Hallie M. Austin Abdulmassih A. Aziz Stanley W. Baker Carolyn I. Ball 127 FRESHMEN ' No rest for the wicked and the righteous David M. Barbee Bill V. Barger Rebecca D. Bartles Strib S. Barton Terry T. Bayne Edwin H. Beam Gay B. Beam Elizabeth P. Bebber Wilbur E. Beddingfield Danny H. Beheler Harold L. Bell Judy P. Biggerstaff John T. Bird Marvin L. Bishop Linda K. Black Janice F. Blackwell Eddie R. Bland Marcia A. Blanton Martha B. Blanton Sara A. Boggs Katrinka L Borders Cheryl D. Boshe Kenneth A. Bostic Phyllis K. Bouldin Cathy E. Bowen Renna F. Bowen Daryl M. Bowers R. Bruce Bowers Gilbert Bowman Richard A. Boyce IP F 128 don ' t need any " —Mr. Stacy Cynthia V. Boyd Candi M. Boyles Walter M. Boy lston Trudy E. Bradley Linda E. Bradshaw Dewitt M. Brandon Nancy J. Branks Robert L. Brannon D. Max Bray David A. Bridgers Alicia D. Bridges Barbara A. Bridges Eddie W. Bridges Harold L. Bridges Michael W. Bridges Rubye E. Bridges Charles C. Brinkley F. Scott Brittain John R. Brock, Jr. William M. Brock JoAnn B. Brooks 129 FRESHMEN Freshmen made many new adjustments David G. Brown James E. Brown Janice E. Brown Johnny L. Brown Richard A. Brown Richard P. Brown Sidney 0. Bryson Darrell H. Bumgarner Edward K. Bumgarner Betty R. Burgess David E. Burgess Larry H. Burgess M. Jane Burnett Sebron L. Burnett, Jr. Carl L. Burns Duncan T. Burt Daniel E. Butler J. Kenneth Cadwallader. Jr. James K. Cain William R. Cain Brendan K. Camp B. Christine Campbell Richard K. Cannon Ronald J. Carr ■». »- , Sl ■ ■ Phillip D. Carter Wayne E. Carter William G. Carter Sharon L. Case Tawana L. Casstevens Phillip V. Cates Mary I. Causby Larry C. Cauthen W. Craig Cavin B. Gail Champion Betty B. Chapman M. Christina Chatham Sally C. Childers Jane Christopher M. Cathy Christopher Lonnie A. Ciocchetti 131 FRESHMEN parking tickets, keep-off signs, and Frank D. Clary Joe B. Clary Judy D. Clary Daniel H. Coates Jerry L. Coates Thomas E. Coates Larry J. Cockerel Charles M. Coffey Samuel E. Cole Richard E. Conley James D. Connor Thomas R. Connor Susan R. Cook Teresa E. Cooke Donald A. Cooper Bonni S. Copp Sherron H. Comelison McRay Cottle William M. Cox Johnny W. Coyle Ross A. Craig Vernon A. Crawford, Jr. Judith E. Creighton W. Donald Crooks Paul B. Crotts David S. Crouch David B. Curlee Cynthia Dalcher David E. Davenport Norris W. Daves Laurence T. Davis Thomas R. Davis A. Dale Deaton Randy E. Deaton Donald G. Dedmon Linda D. Dedmon Margaret A. Dedmon Ann C. Dellinger Barbara L. Denton Carmen M. Dibiase Henry V. Dickens Diane L. Dixon 132 » ■ 7- - P. Dawn Edwards Wanda K. Edwards Carol J. Einhart Harold C. Elliot R. Steven Ellis Jerry F. Elmore Stephens P. Enos Jesse W. Epley John W. Eskridge James A. Estes William L Estes June K. Evans Cathy L. Everhart Clem 0. Faircloth Blair P. Fairley Bettina K. Falls Gloria J. Falls Elizabeth D. Faulkenbury thirteen But my number must be on there! Steven G. Fleming Luis N. Flores lames D. Flowers Linda D. Floyd Robert L. Ford Elizabeth L. Foster J. Ricky Foster John M. Fox Terrese L. Fox Dennis E. Fredell Joseph C. Freeman Ted W. Frye Rhonda V. Gamble Frank Garraga Robert W. Garvin John H. Geanes David W. Gentry Wesley M. Gentry E. Saad Ghaowi Brilla A. Gibson Martha H. Gibson Fred A. Gilbert Fons H. Giles Ronald 0. Gilleland B. John Givens «. « - - hundred people you ' ve never seen before John H. Gjelhaug Benjamin F. Gladden Albert L Green Rebecca J. Glover M. Jolet Gobble Wayne C. Goble Merwyn D. Godfrey William N. Goff, Jr. Dennis G. Goforth Dan C. Goolsby Sharon K. Gordon Ester Grady Alan L Graf Delane Graham William S. Gray Hilda K. Greene David A. Greene John A. Greene Nicholas M. Greene Donald C. Grubbs Lucille G. Guffey Ernest H. Gurley, Jr. Roger D. Haas Steven A. Hagenbart Frankie D. Hall 135 FRESHMEN New campus center opened P. Thomas Hamilton Kenneth C. Hamrick Richard E. Hamrick Ronald L. Hamrick Rabern S. Hancock Millard M. Hardee, Jr. Donna L. Hardes Betty J. Hardin Grady A. Hardin, Jr. Gene R. Harkey Troy S. Harmon James T. Harris Kenny T. Harris Tena G. Harris Barbara A. Harvey Billy G. Hastings John M. Hauser Beverly L Hawkins Rita J. Hawkins Joe R. Haynes. Jr. John B. Haynes. Jr. C. Richard Hedrick Joseph M. Hendricks Joan 0. Henson Danny L. Hepler Ann M. Herring Charles A. Hicks Harriet M. Hilton J. B. Hines, III N. Wilma Hodge William A. Hodges Donald L. Hodgin Larry C. Hoeflick Mildred N. Holden Hilda J. Holland James W. Holland Michael L. Honeycutt Sharyn N. Hoover Ralph F. Horn Charles R. Home Nancy L. House Claudia L. Houser 136 « - r- Gwendolyn L. Inman Judy E. Jackson Deborah C. Jenkins Vivian E. Jenkins Gary D. Jensen 137 FRESHMEN Freshmen learn the virtue of patience Anthony L Johnson Donald E. Johnson. Jr. Judy E. Johnson Laurence R. Johnson David E. Jones Max D. Jones Richard E. Jones W. Edward Jones Wayburn H. Jones Ronald D. Joyce Judy W. Justice Phillip H. Kays Robin K. Keller Rhea M. Kelly Susan M. Kelly Carolyn A. Kenan Perry W. Kimbrell, Jr. Mar .H. Kirkman W. Albert Kirksey Wanda S. Kiser Richard J. Klein Judy E. Knighton Maxie Krause Philip I. Lackey Ralph A. Lail TFtil ■i ■»-» •. Sandra P. Lindsay Karen G. Lipscomb S. Yvonne Lisk Al E. Lizza A. Yates Long Ronald M. Long Patricia E. Love Ann E. Lowry Douglas R. Lunsford Maxine C. Lyda 139 FRESHMEN more than books W. Terry McArthur Judson B. McCarter Carl A. McClure Lloyd B. McConnell Jimmy L. McElreath Pamela S. McGimsey William D. McGuinn Martin L. McKinney Gayle J. McLaurin Stephen H. McLean Michael W. McManus L. Forrest McPherson Roger J. McPherson Marsha L. McSwain Stephen P. McSwain Sandra L. McWhirter Steven N. Mabry Steve R. Mackie Sandra M. Madison Michael L. Madon Perry F. Marbert James E. Marchand Evelyn L. Martin Mike H. Martin Thomas A. Martin Robert J. Masiello R. Sue Massey Margaret A. Mauldin Betty M. Mauney S. Jean Mauser Johnny L. Mayse Richard J. Mazoyer Katrina A. Mellon Roger K. Melton Camilla B. Miller Charles F. Miller Charles D. Mills Floyd N. Millsaps JoeT. Millwood Cynthia D. Mintz Betty M. Mitchell Donald L. Mode m r- " Wanda J. Mode Phillip M. Monk Jimmy E. Moody Charlene A. Moore Jerry P. Morgan Willard S. Morley David N. Morris Adela G. Morrow G. Richard Morrow, Jr. James R. Morrow Sandra P. Morton Charles E. Moss M. Scott Moss Lew E. Mullinax A. Frances Murray David L. Myers David P. Nard Steve U. Navy Freddie D. Needham William K. Neely Karl M. Neilson Lanny R. Newton D. Ann Noblitt Beverly G. Norman Howard M. Norris satisfaction through creative expression. 141 FRESHMEN Donna C. Odell Linda F. Olive Charles S. Oliver Pamela L Oliver James D. Oman Billy W. Osborne Jane E. Oswald James D. Owens Rebecca J. Owens Regina A. Owens Kathy J. Owensby Freeman L Owle Edward L. Packard Margaret D. Page Paula M. Palmer Donald G. Pantalove Elizabeth A. Parker Betty R. Parker Dianne J. Parker Danny E. Parris Powell J. Payne Samuel D. Payne Ronald E. Pennington Edward A. Perez Elizabeth J. Perrov Richard W. Perry Linda L Petty George W. Pierson Betty A. Pinson William B. Poindexter, Jr. Harriette A. Ponder Richard H. Pons Barry D. Poteat Richard L. Powell Otha H. Price, Jr. Jacquelin R. Priester Alma K. Puckett Stephen J. Putnam Larry F. Pyle Keith A. Pyrtle Koehler S. Queen Martha A. Quinn anticipation 142 David F. Raby Wanda D. Ragan Stephen W. Randall Toby A. Rawls Michael V. Reavis Reeves K. Reeves Pamela K. Reid Stuart L. Reid Stephen A. Reynolds Gerald A. Rhinehardt William E. Rhymer Michael D. Rice Ricky J. Richard Cecil A. Richards William H. Riley Mary E. Riverbark Phillip L Robbins Barbara A. Roberts Linda S. Rodgermund Joyce L. Rogers Julian S. Rogers Richard S. Rohrbaugh James D. Roland llene C. Roller Carolyn E. Ropp wonder if she ' d go with me . If only he would ask me . 143 FRESHMEN Edward G. Rosar Raymond J. Roseberry Eleanor P. Ross Steven W. Rowe David N. Rudisill Connie J. Ruff Floyd R. Rummage Abigail Ruppe Reginald K. Rushton Eugene C. Rygg Glenda K. Sain John G. Saintsing Linda M. Samworth Johnny L. Sarratt Ronald C. Satterwhite William L. Saunders Faye Sawyer AllervN. Schoeder Mona L. Schronce Linda F. Seism William C. Scott Wilma J. Self Richard H. Setzer Richard C. Sharp N. Dana Shipley 4j J I Micheal A. Shires Margaret G. Shuford Theresa J. Shull Iva M. Shumate Barbara L Sickels Eleanor H. Sikes Patricia E. Silver Michael B. Simmons Michael H. Simpson Marcus B. Sink W. Dwayne Sipe Tommy G. Sisk Brenda S. Smith Eugene R. Smith George S. Smith Linda D. Smith Michael L Smith Richard P. Smith, Jr. Ronald L. Smith Joel C. Smyre Ed D. Sossamon Charles G. Sparks Robert G. Spruill Tommy A. Stafford James E. Stanton 145 FRESHMEN not enough time for everything R. Dale Stevenson Richard A. Stoltz Richard M. Stratton Michael R. Sturms Thomas M. Sumner Anna Swaim Willa B. Swift Thomas F. Tapp Sandra G. Teague Willie D. Teague Catherine T. Tedder Sandra L. Thomas Scottie B. Thomas Stanley M. Thornton Janice D. Tisdale Kenneth A. Tisdale Peter A. Townsley James B. Trapp Joyce A. Trexler Thomas E. Tucker Michael Turbeville Bernie 0. Turner Sue E. Turnmyre Patricia A. Vance J. Charles Vaughn Marcia L. Vickers David S. Wagner Kenneth F. Wagner Gayla C. Waldrop Jerry W. Walker Joseph D. Wallace Lela 0. Ward Cynthia K. Ware Stephen T. Ware P. Yvonne Washburn Medhi Watanasiriroch Dennis E. Waters John R. Watson Rose M. Weaver Ken F. Webb Myra J. Webb Neal A. Webb 146 A rush to get the hair up before lights out. Norman B. West Woodrow W. Whisnant, Jr. R. Earl White Rebecca E. White Linda L. Whitehead L. Karen Whitener James A. Whitesell L.J. Whitmire, III J. William Wiggins Howard R. Wilkinson Ronnie K. Williams Terry J. Williams James R. Willis Jim H. Wilmoth Beverly S. Wilson Douglas M. Wilson Barry C. Withers Barbara A. Womick Edward D. Wooten William C. Worthy William J. Wright Judith E. Yelton Sybil J. Yelton Susan D. Young Walter D. Zimmerman U7 HOMECOMING QUEEN Homecoming week reached its peak as we saw each gracious con- testant for the title of Homecoming Queen take her place on the foot- ball field and as we heard the an- nouncer exclaim, " Ladies and gen- tlemen, your 1966-67 Homecoming Queen is Miss Janis Griffin. " Nominations had been presented, eliminations made, and the student body had made its choice. Now they proudly watched as the " stunned " Queen was awarded the football from the homecoming game, congratu- lated by Dr. Eugene Poston, and given an admiring kiss by her es- cort. Janis reigned as our Homecom- ing Queen with vivaciousness, poise, and loveliness. MAY QUEEN The May Day festivities were heightened by the beauty of the chosen theme of " Outer Space. " Lovely Barbara Straughn was named May Day Queen, with Tollie Moose as Maid of Honor. a May Day in outer space Tollie Moose was the student body ' s choice for Maid of Honor. Queen Barbara was chosen in February. On the go with little time to spare, we tied Ferrum, presented The Miracle Worker, played pool, and competed in May Day. The new pace was quite an experience, a total experience including club meetings, ball games, bull sessions, and un- forgettable weekends. ACTIVITIES ' 67 DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS SERIES successful season completed As a result of the most extensive and star-studded Fine Arts Festival in the history of Gardner-Webb Col- lege, the student was offered a pleasant, rewarding break from studies. He could enjoy such per- formances as the one given by The- odore Ullman, a $50,000 Smith Johnson Award winner for his superior music achievements. For those students who enjoyed folk music, the Town Criers with their rousing numbers were a source of genuine entertainment, along with Jeff Espina and his Spanish guitar. The crowd resounded with a cry of joy when Mr. Russ Burgess pre- dicted in his E.S.P. demonstration that Kansas City awaited the G-W Bulldogs. This was an example of the many high spots in entertainment provided for the culturally minded on campus. A talk given by Alexander Gab- riel, dean of United Nations cor- respondents, gave us a penetrating view of international diplomacy and a look at our complex world. A Poetry- Jazz Concert proved to be a vivacious, witty, and moving program as the Loonis McGlohon Jazz Trio set the stage for various readings by Mrs. Charleen Whisnant. Also active in the distinguished artist series were distinguished and capable members of the Gardner- Webb faculty. Worthy of acclaim were such presentations as Mr. James Snyder in his faculty con- cert and Mr. Robert Jones ' direction of the Playcrafters in " The Miracle Worker. " This year ' s distinguished artist series was directed by Mr. Jerry Hill. His success could well be measured by the warm acceptance of the various artists and by its influence on the college community. An intense audience. , V THEODORE ULLMAN 152 THE THEATER OF CONCERN 153 -« — « • PHI THETA KAPPA attending a concert by PP M Variety was the keynote in Phi Theta Kappa activities for 1966-67, under the new leadership of James Taylor of the English department. The purpose of the organization is to recognize outstanding scholars as well as to stimulate intellectual interests outside the classroom. They studied Salinger ' s Catcher in the Rye and members were invited to take part in an informal discussion of thoughts related to the book. Mr. Roy Phelps, former member of the C.I. A., gave a talk on his work with that organization, and drama direc- tor Robert Jones discussed his ex- periences with the production of ' The Sound of Music " at the Little Theater in Savannah. Accompanied by their sponsor, a number of the group attended the Peter, Paul and Mary concert in Charlotte. Members were expected to marshal at all Fine Arts Series programs. FIRST ROW: Mr. James Taylor. Jerry McSwain, Barry Yelton. Milton Head, Phillip Storm. SEC- OND ROW: Anne Wise. Kay Allen, JoAnn Groce. Jean Gurganus, Linda Lavender, Rachel Gidney. Diana Arrowood, Eugenia Roten. THIRD ROW: Randy Spainhour, Paul Washburn, Ken Haywood, Lou Line- burger, Wanda Lingafelt, Peggy Lowman, Carolyn Duncan, Rita Andrews. 154 SWEETHEART BANQUET " Lady of Spain, I adore you. " A quiet moment by candlelight. taking time out for romance " Moon River " was the theme chosen by the Y.W.A. as they spon- sored the annual Sweetheart Ban- quet. The small cafeteria in C.I.D. campus center was arrayed in its loveliest on February 16 as Sandy Lucas was crowned Sweetheart Queen by Dr. Eugene Poston. Those in attendance enjoyed steaks, rous- ing monologues on the " first date " and on " sailors " presented by Brenda Walsh, and songs of yesteryear crooned by a faculty quartet. The 1967 Sweetheart Queen— Miss Sandra Lucas. " Here ' s to young lovers! " MAY DAY presenting " Babes in Toyland " S6 u ' - Pv i H E c " Presenting the Maid of Honor, Miss Betty Austin. " May Day 1966 was the result of many hours of hard work, sweat, and lost tempers. But all this was forgotten when Queen Kaye began her reign oyer the " Babes in Toy- land. " The theme was carried out in various ways: HAPY dorm paraded as toy animals and lollipops, Stroup dorm dressed as toy soldiers and toy blocks, the Day Students be- came Jack-in-the-boxes, and a group of girls danced around the tradition- al May Pole. Special music was by a group of children and their teach- er, Mrs. Edwin Peeler. A reception concluded the May Day activities. The May Pole dance wound up perfectly. w . They honestly didn ' t think all the glue and paper would stick together. Barbara Toney, Janis Griffin, Irene Vaughn, Linda Moore, Betty Austin, Queen Kay Martin, Myra Yow, Vivian Bridges. Sandy Lucas, Cheryl Walker. J? " " II. V II ' II III III III liU I - Ali£ft«; ■ rr Queen Kaye Martin. The attendants and their escorts danced a May Day minuet. 157 BSU spearheading religious activities « !i 1 • » » A. w - ' Planning the slave market schedule. More active this year than ever before, the B.S.U. sponsored such movies as " Lilies of the Field " and " Diamond Head. " Also, members were active in helping to maintain a local church nursery along with sponsoring vespers each Monday night, regular weekly B.S.U. Coun- cil meetings, and a morning watch service. Visiting shut-ins was in- cluded on the agenda of a volun- tary group of students from this organization. Through a project known as the " slave market, " the club was able to send funds to support the LISTEN Team. The highlight of the club ' s activi- ties was the running of its president, Jean Gurganus, for the office of sec- retary of the B.S.U. State Convention. Members of this organization got the feel of the road as they attended conventions at Wake Forest in the fall, at Greensboro in the spring, and as a representative of the Social Actions Committee went to New York City. The B.S.U. ' s purpose was to pro- mote Christian growth on the college campus and in the surrounding com- munities. Friday night movies for 25 cents. Little ole movie-maker Milton. FIRST ROW: Ivey Miller, Jean Gurganus, Linda Newman, Susan Grant, Nancy Wade, Tawana Casstevens. SECOND ROW: Ginger Chalk, Diana Arrowood, Susan Young, Ethel Fincher. THIRD ROW: Mike Buford, Ken Haywood, Buddy Wright, David Smith, Ger- ald Stanley, Milton Head, Marty Phillips. They ' ll never forget the trip on Noah ' s Ark to the convention at Wake Forest. Medhi, Jean, Aziz, and Sam Prepare to leave Montreat after the International Stu- dents ' Retreat. ■j l 159 MINISTERS, YWA ' S supporting missions Vespers five nights a week over the radio station, WOHS, was a ma- jor project of the Ministerial Con- ference. They also served in various capacities as needed in the local churches. But just as important as the promotion of activities was the fellowship the conferences provid- ed — fellowship with other young men dedicated to the same cause. p p • m 4Q m p IF ' " ' f 1 ll " God is not dead! " ON FLOOR: Marty Phillips. FIRST ROW: Donald Ross, Gerald Stanley, Ray Rum- mage, Troy Harmon, Ellis Robinson. SEC- The program of the Y.W.A. is discovering the purpose, the people, and the procedure of the world mis- sion task. Christmas was celebrated in its true perspective by the Y.W.A. as the members met nightly during the Week of Prayer. At each monthly organizational meeting, the club ' s principal objective was the study of various mission programs. FIRST ROW: Mary Causby, Nancy Wa ' de, Judy Yelton, Carolyn Upton, June Hawk- ins, Diana Arrowood. SECOND ROW: Linda Avery, Sue Doolittle, Barbara Deese, Nancy House, Ellen Bridges, Tina Falls, Ethel Fincher, Carol Hull. OND ROW: Dean Proctor, Willard Morley, III, Mike Wilkinson, Mike Buford, Profes- sor P. A. Cline, Bobby King, Steve Gray. , - CVB serving local churches They were members with a cause . . . and they pursued it tirelessly. They are the Christian Volunteer Band . . . soon to be known as FOCUS, Fellowship of Christians United in Service. Among their worthy undertakings this year were trips to churches in Fallston, Char- lotte, Lincolnton, Greensboro, Kings Mountain, and Elkin, to take charge of the choir, recreation, and wor- ship services. Members practiced songs that were used to leard church fellowships. Packing the G-W bus for a week-end trip. 181 B. S. U. CHOIR singing with a purpose The newest musical performing group at Gardner-Webb is the B.S.U. Choir. Reorganized last year under the direction of Professor James Snyder, the choir has grown to an enrollment this year of fifty-one members. This year the B.S.U. Choir kept a tight schedule. In addition to per- formances in chapel, special num- bers during the weeks of revival, and appearances at various local churches, the group traveled to Wake Forest College as guest singers. Music selections consisted of se- lections from Alex Hegenbart, Schu- mann Lvossky, G. Schirmer, and others. The beauty of song was highlighted at Christmas when the choir sang " God of Grace and God of Glory " by Paul T. Langston. The choir was one of the most enthusiastic groups on campus, and something of the enthusiasm of this completely volunteer group was felt whenever they performed. FIRST ROW: John Balantine, Nancy Wade, Gayle McLawin, Professor James Snyder, Joy Rogers, Carolyn Upton, Jimmy Holland. SECOND ROW: Buddy Wright, Rita Andrews, Marcia Blanton, Judy Ceighton, Susan Young, June Hawkins, Mary Causby, Jean Gurganus, Linda Newman, Barbara Bridges, Marty Phillips. THIRD ROW: Tina Falls, Linda Olive, Linda Goforth, Anna Ander- son, Jean Dixon, Ivy Miller. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Deese, Gayle Waldrop, Tawana Casstevens, Karen Whitener, Sylvia Chi I- ders. Gail Pearson, Ellen Bridges, Sue Doo- little, Eugenia Roten. FIFTH ROW: Steve Hagenbart, Paul Washburn, David Scog- gins, Carl Burgess, Milton Head, Troy Har- mon, Gerald Stanley, Vernon Leary, Steve Gray. Altos practice their part in " Speak to One Another. " Professor Snyder asks for depth, not mere- ly for a combination of words and music. 162 METHODIST STUDENTS analyzing " The Parable " Minority groups often function to stir up trouble . . . this one functions to stir up interest, enthusiasm, and thought. Composed of the Methodist students, the club meets regularly to discuss topics relevant to our changing times. They made a valu- ON BENCH: Rita Hildebran, Kaye Billiter. AROUND PIANO: Anna Swaim, Milford Mounce, David Wagner, Terry Fox, Kenneth able contribution to the college this year in presenting " The Parable " to the student body, followed by an in-depth discussion. Activities this year also included their attendance at the Methodist Student Union Convention. Wagner, Betty Burgess, Donna Odell, John Balentine, Edward Schoonmaker, Mr. Ray Swafford, Mrs. Ruth Swafford, Judy Alley. Mr. and Mrs. Swofford work closely with the MSM on campus. A Planning meeting in the canteen . 163 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Keith Pickelsirner. Mr. Russell Benton, Eu- gene Barkley, Richard Stokes, Charles Thomas, Delmer Hall. Gerald Stanley. Ron- nie Hyder, Martie Kelly. David Smith. reviewing Asian problems . . . The officers posed for a picture. Under new leadership this year, the International Relations Club carried on meetings with an em- phasis on Asian problems and af- fairs. Professor Lansford Jolley, who organized the club, turned the or- ganization over to Mr. Benton. Guest speakers included Dr. Wyan Wash- burn of Boiling Springs, who spoke on Vietnam and his experiences while serving there for two months; Professor Chit-fu Chang, a native of Taiwan; and Mr. Charles Fenner, who was a missionary to Japan. With subject matter as wide as the world, the club seeks to build better inter- national relations through an under- standing of global problems. Two Lebanese students pause for a chat. DELTA PSI OMEGA building interest in drama Who ' s afraid of hard work? Not the members of Delta Psi Omega, National Honorary Drama Society. With membership based on excel- lence on the performing stage and in backstage crew work, they were formally installed in January, short- ly after the Drama Department ' s successful season opening of the Miracle Worker. Immediately after- wards they set out on a busy pro- gram to augment and foster the drama program of the college. C. Robert Jones, faculty sponsor and co-producer, pioneered the effort to bring live drama to the children in the area by presenting his self-composed children ' s mus- ical, The Clown. The society began to raise funds to purchase new sewing machines and other equipment for the cos- tumes and properties workshops. Actors and crew members got a taste of show business as they shared in the painting of sets, wielding of hammers, and design- ing of costumes. AT PIANO: Bob Davis, Diane Parker. ON PIANO: Bruce Bowers. SITTING: Paul Wash- burn. ON LADDER: David Nard, Sandy Lu- cas, Ronald Young, President, Jean Gur- ganus. ON FLOOR: Charles Thomas, Chip Leslie. IN LINE: Gayle Waldrop, Secretary, David Crouse, " Happy " Fountain, Gary Boyles, Tawana Casstevens, David Hender- son, Carol Hull, Cathy Christopher, Dawn Edwards. The doctor assures the Kellers that Helen ' s condition will improve. 165 MONOGRAM honoring the athletes The core of school spirit was formed by the Monogram Club. Members have earned a letter in one or more of the sports. They were the athletes and cheerleaders who set the pace of sportsmanship. Dur- ing the athletic events, non-partici- pating members acted as hosts and hostesses, sold programs, and worked at the concessions. In the spring a banquet was held which honored the various teams and individuals. The halftime rush. FIRST ROW: Mary Vaughn. Jolette Gobble. Amy Bouchard, Janis Griffin. Pat Hall. Sandy Lucas, Sandra Howell, SueTurnmyre, Betty Foster. SECOND ROW: Phil Hamil- ton, Barry Evans, Bruce Curlee, Drew Bridges, Jim Collier, Marty Phillips, Jerry Eskew, Freddy Leigh. Ray Nixon. THIRD ROW: Mike Simpson, Richard Stokes, Tommy Thomason, Pickney Guerard, Roy Thompson, Kenny Morris, Rick Foster, Freddy Reese, Maxie Krouse. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Hurlocker, Roger Fox, Ronnie Bray, Sid 3ryson. Rod Dulaney, Terry Pin- nix, David Seay. Lee Burnett. FIFTH ROW: Raymond Francis. John Taylor, Tom Gillis. Foster McLane, Wayne Rock, Jack Rippy. Jim Maynor, Lynn Hodges, Rodney Ewing. SIXTH ROW: Robert Dutton, Larry Harrell. Basil Bullard. Paul Stanley. Bob Spain. Fred Styles, Jim Isenhower, John Bird. SEVENTH ROW: Bobby Putnam, Wayne Church. Joel McKinney, Tony Mauldin, Ronnie Hendrix, Bill Pruitt, Kenny Wag- ner, David Wagner. How much is two bits less fifteen cents? 166 PEP CLUB chartering buses for away games Members of the Pep Club could be spotted instantaneously as they attended various athletic events where they appeared immediately behind the pep band. Such activities as sponsoring charter buses for games played away from the Gardner-Webb cam- pus and cleaning the football sta- dium and gym project the club ' s enthusiasm and usefulness. Funds raised through these means went toward the purchase of materials needed in making posters and to the chartering of more buses. The group ' s prime objective was to promote school spirit. It fulfilled its purpose faithfully both by ad- vertising the numerous contests and by being present to support the band, the cheerleaders, and, foremost, the teams. Every litter bit hurts. LEFT ROW: Cathie Tedder, Sue Doolittle Rhea Kelly. MIDDLE ROW: Renee Cooke Marie Mauney, Hallie Austin, Carol Ein hart, Paul McManus, Keith Pickelsimer. RIGHT ROW: Nancy Wade, Mary Causby, Jean Gurganus, Charles Thomas. 167 GOVERNMENT bringing the Lettermen to GW The productive work of the Stu- dent Government gave the campus music, live and canned; a Christmas party; a switch of girl chase boy; a committee to improve the cafe- teria food; and better faculty-student relationships. The new Student Union Commit- tee, a subsidiary of the Student Government, initiated a Student Union fee which brought The Letter- men and Jay and the Americans to the campus. The canned music was the juke box installed in the C.I.D. canteen. A Christmas party and a Sadie Hawkins Week were also sponsored by the Student Government. Ener- getic work with the Homecoming Committee helped to make the week-end successful. The group also initiated the opening of the Bull- dog Room, a student canteen. Three newly formed organizations were added to the Student Govern- ment list: the Food Committee, the Student Union Committee, and the Men ' s Affairs Council. Faculty-student relations were im- proved through the work of the officers and their new sponsor, Dean Holland. Bob Spain, President, found the job of representing the students difficult. MENS ' HOUSE COUNCIL writing a new constitution Jerry Welch, Bill Withrow, Robert Willey, Joe Pearce, Tom Boyter, Basil Billiard. tMWS M $■ A new constitution to form the Men ' s Affairs Board was the main activity of the Men ' s House Council giving male dromitory students the opportunity to govern themselves by handling all minor infractions of rules. A new dean of men, Kenneth Sanford, was added to the staff. Tommy Stafford, Bruce Bowers, John Gjel- hang, Bob Brannon. FIRST ROW: Mark Summey, Barry Gray. SECOND ROW: Eugene Holtzclaw, Mike Hawkins, Larry Dillon, Charles Thomas. 169 WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS BOARD FIRST ROW: Janet Biles, Judy Enscore, Dawn Edwards, Sandy Thomas, Sherry Frances Turner, Nancy Rietodorf, Yvonne Killough, Betty Barksdale, Linda Cutshaw, Reed, Tawana Casstevens. SECOND ROW: Sandy Pilgram, Phyllis Bouldin. Brenda Walsh, Joan Jensen, Linda Phillips, Mrs. Goodwin watched over Elliott Apart ments. The Women ' s Affairs Board coordinated the government affairs for campus women. 170 extending the curfew Service was an added activity of the Women ' s Affairs Board in 1966- 67. A Christmas party for two needy families in the community and articles to people in Viet Nam were major projects. In the area of government the W.A.B. sponsored a general meet- ing of all women students every three months to promote better re- lations and a stronger feeling of unity. Committees were arranged for homecoming activities. For the first time a rotating house council was set up. The W.A.B. also instigated re- visions of the co-etiquette to give girls greater smoking privileges and later curfews. The women on G-W campus became a unified and ef- fective force in service and self- government. Mrs. Stroud became " Mom " of HAPY Dorm. SEATED: Marsha Vickers. STANDING: Bar- bara Harvey, Jay Self, Kay Puckett, Yvonne Lisk. FIRST ROW: Jo Ann Groce, Linda Gibson, Ginger Chalk, Tollie Moose, Diane Low- man. SECOND ROW: Jan Watts, Jane Burch, Ellen Bridges, Lou Lineburger. THIRD ROW: Eugenia Roten, Becky Bart- les, Ivy Miller, Nancy Robertson, Jean Gurganus. 171 ■JBJBJBBBBBBBBBBBl avoiding parking tickets Fine of $1.00 payable at Business Office. Failure to comply with above within 72 hrs. will result in disciplinary action. Out the door, into the car, and down the road ... all performed as a single movement. This is but rou- tine to nearly half the student body ... a group known as Day Students. Six hundred and three strong, they were a part of campus life through the Day Student Organization, which represents them in the Student Gov- ernment Association. They are an ac- tive, hard working group who par- ticipate with enthusiasm in each college function. Living at home while attending college, many work part or full time to help finance their education. Day Student facilities were improved in 1966-67 with the opening of the C.I.D. Campus Center with the lounge and canteen. Phillip Warlick, president, represented the Day Students in Student Government. 172 Jane Turner became the secretary. SCIENCE CLUB touring Oak Ridge Nuclear Research Laboratory . . . Professor Moseley and the 24 mem- bers of the Science Club managed to secure for a short time one Wednes- day night in the month something of that atmosphere where persis- tence, curiosity, and optimism are the virtues. One did not have to have a major in some field of science to belong to the science club but most of its members are stabilized by the more exacting courses at G-W, which are in the Math and Science Department. The club en- couraged these pressured students by showing some of the more glam- orous nooks in the scientific frontier. The program was usually a lecture on the recent advances on a project with a related film. There were pro- grams on Circles, Opti cs, Telstar, DNAand RNA. But this group was not content to sit and listen only; they made astronomical observations, visited the planetarium at Chapel Hill, and took in the science fair at Raleigh. Mr. Perkins helped organize a week- end trip to the Nuclear Research Laboratory at Oak Ridge. This acti- vity maintained for the club its status as the sort of organization which leads in the sophistication of a campus. Aqua regia— 2 parts sulfuric acid, one part nitric acid. Analyzing a solution for the unknown ele- ment. AT LEFT: Bill Pressly, Ken Haywood. FIRST ROW: Barry Evans, Delmer Hall, Jerry Miller, Abdul Massih Aziz, David Dunlap, Richard Stokes, Wayne Goble. SECOND ROW: Rita Hildebran, Debbie Gingell, Anna Swaim, Joyce Shronce, Nancy House, Carol Hull, Saad Najib Ghaowi. THIRD ROW: Donald Wilson, Ron- ald Wilson, Tony Carver, David Smith, David Scoggins, Buddy Wright. 173 ANCHOR STAFF missing every deadline Stumbling out of a normal and obscure past, the ' 67 ANCHOR staff was destined to raise a few eye- brows. They spent many tedious hours trying to meet the deadlines and astronomical standards of the editor, Rita Andrews whose ambi- tions for the ANCHOR included no less than a revolution in photography and copy writing along with a forty page expansion — all in a grand de- sign and turned to a consistency of style worthy of national honors. But as the fall began to disappear any semblance of organization did the same. One photographer went to Viet Nam and another quit school, leaving Bill to catch it from all sides. The picture shortage became so desperate that a professional photographer had to be hired,When Mr. Vaughn noticed a clause in the contract which excluded all eight- point print everyone thought the ANCHOR had truly dropped. But the contract was corrected — on the very morning the ANCHOR was to have met the press. Without meet- ing a single deadline, the staff final- ly managed to end its work. Much gratitude is due the Admin- istration, clubs, and individuals whose patience made our job pos- sible, and to Mr. Alex Vaughn, who worked closely with the staff to pro- duce a somewhat more comprehen- sive view of the college and its pur- pose. The typists succeeded in antagonizing all the professors in the C. I.D. campus center by continually " borrowing " typewriters. " No, Paul, I don ' t like that one. Now don ' t hand it to me again! " Jim added his southern humor to the exacting job of writing copy. Bill learned the hopelessness of following t hree people ' s picture schedules. Class editors finally established order af- ter cutting, labeling, and alphabetizing 1,100 pix. Pam injected personality into the copy through personal interviews, while Charles learned patience from scheduling a pic- ture when everyone showed up — except the photographer. 1,200 cards! Why me? As sponsor of the annual staff, Alex i Vaughn has instilled the ideas of free thought and creativity in the ANCHOR. Rita Andrews, Editor; Paul Washburn, As- sociate Editor; Barry Yelton, Copy Editor; Eugena Roten, Typist; Rachel Gidney, Class Editor; Pam Reid, Copy Writer; Jim Balloch, Copy Editor; Karen Lyles, Typist; Charles Thomas, Photography Editor; Becky Padgett, Class Editor; Kathy Henry, Index Editor; Cheryl Hilton, Typist. 175 ■ iB PILOT STAFF running out of money . . . 1 3 r £1 $ The PILOT staff went down fight- ing after first semester. After the fifth edition, the lack of funds pre- vented the bimonthly newspaper from continuing. The staff sold school pictures to raise money for one additional issue. The PILOT staff first semester added " Around Cam- pus " which was information on in- dividuals and " Cap and Pen " which was a nurses ' activities column. The staff met every deadline first semester and continuted to fight for survival into second semester. Arnold Melton, Mike Shaw, Tina Ussery, Judy Hardin, Libby Brooks, Jean Gurganus, Eddie Owens. " ... wait till she finds out that story has been cancelled . . . " Editor Eddie Owens and reporter Mike Shaw look over their finished product. 176 I I SPORTS FOOTBALL The Bulldogs were packed with power . . . Ccach Harris added another trophy to the case. Gardner-Webb gridders put the college on the map in 1966 with a ninth place national ranking and the placing of Roy Thompson on the All American squad. Coach Norman Harris ' chargers won the Western Carolinas Con- ference title for the third consec- utive season and tied Ferrum College for the Region Ten grid title. A 13-13 tie at Carolina Military was a stunning beginner for the Bulldogs, but they snapped back at Furman to whip that universi- ty ' s frosh 22-6. In the mountains at Lees-McRae, the Bulldogs won 24-6 and came into their spank- ing new Ernest W. Spangler Sta- dium for the season ' s first home game. The road-weary Bulldogs cele- brated by whipping arch-rival Chowan 21-2. Hargrave fell the next week 34-6 at Chatham, Va., setting the stage for Homecom- ing and a game with Ferrum Col- lege ' s unbeaten, top ranked squad. Like a brick wall. A capacity crowd, enveloped in a thick, gray fog saw a ferocious defensive struggle end in a 3-3 tie and a moral victory for the under- dog hometeam. Unbeaten, the Bulldogs pounded Lees-McRae 10-0 and in the final homegame of the season upset a highly rated Davidson Freshman team 25-21. The Bulldogs went to Murfrees- boro and downed Chowan 19-0 before moving to Charleston, S. C, where the fired-up Citadel Freshmen caught the Bulldogs on the losing end of an aerial battle for a 19-7 victory. It was a good year for the G-W staff with a 7-1-2 mark. Gillis is trapped. 179 HHH :i FOOTBALL o ranked ninth in the nation FIRST ROW: Maxie Krouse, Howard Price, Pinckney Guerard, Ronnie Hendrix. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Dutton, Ricky Foster, Tommy Herlocker, John Bird, Larry Cock- eral, Sid Bryson, Tommy Thomason, Wayne Rock, Raymond Francis, Larry Harrell, Roger Fox. THIRD ROW: Sebron Burnett, Rodney Atkins, Joel McKinney, Jerry Eskew, Jim Maynor. FOURTH ROW: Coach Hend- rix, Coach Sanford, Coach Harris, Tommy Gillis, Phil Hamilton, Robert Spain, Bruce Curlee, Kenny Morris, Roy Thompson, Jack Rippey. FIFTH ROW: Foster McLane, Jim Isenhour, David Wagner, Kenny Wagner, Harold Elliot, Richard Stoltz, John Taylor, George Pierson. Another grueling practice session. 1 4 Eskew, you ask Coach if we can have the The managers did vital behind-the-scenes work. - s»- Tne educated toe. 181 BASKETBALL polished with, precision Victory was the continuous by- word for the 1966-67 Gardner- Webb cage team. The defending Western Carolina Junior College Conference champions retained the title with a 22-4 over-all rec- ord and were 11-1 in conference standings. The opening game in Bost Gym resulted in a 99-59 rout of Kings College. The Bulldogs then traveled to Louisburg, N. C. for a Thanksgiving Holiday tourna- ment and walloped arch-rival Wingate 88-60 and defeated Louis- burg 69-58 for the tournament victory. Returning home, G-W , led by Sonny Johnson and fellow raiders staged a wild second-half comeback and defeated Ander- son 75-53 for their first confer- ence victory. An easy win over hapless Danville was followed by a trip to Brevard, where once more the Bulldogs triumphed over big rival number two 74-70 in their closest contest to date. " Lawrence of New York " on the fast break. David Brown sinks another hook-shot for the Bulldogs. Assistant Coach Daves follows the play. The team played host in the first Gardner-Webb Holiday Tournament, which included junior college pow- erhouses Ferrum and Cumberland. G-W once more triumphed as Rudy Reeves and Sonny Johnson made the All-Tournament team. Johnson also received the most valuable play- er award for the tournament. The strain of achievement. Retrieving the ball with elbows and feet. Neilson controls the tap. 183 BASKETBALL decorated with victory Financing the court battles. " Screen him out. ' Gardner-Webb ranked highly in junior college polls when they suf- fered their first defeat at the hands of Davidson ' s freshmen. The Bull- dogs were ruined, 76-70, by a bad first half. Disaster struck again the very next game as G-W lost in over- time to Furman freshmen 87-78. The " Dogs " bounced back and crushed Steed 120-60 and had an- other overtime heartstopper at An- derson before winning, 77-72. An eleventh-hour appearance by Sonny Johnson helped put Gardner- Webb over North Greenville 88-81. The Bulldogs then defeated arch- rival Wingate 93-82. After winning six straight conference victories, the team tasted sweet revenge as they edged Furman freshmen 74-71. The biggest disaster of the season struck as the hot-shooting Lees- McRae Bobcats upset G-W 80-66. But the Bulldogs clinched the con- ference title by whipping Brevard 88-72 and followed up with a home- court rout of Wingate 99-79. Two All-Conference players were Drew Bridges and Rudy Reeves. Coach Holbrook was named Con- ference Coach of the Year for the second straight year. FIRST ROW: Drew Bridges, Dick Maz- oyer, Mike Tolley, Lawrence Johnson. SECOND ROW: Louis Flores, Rudy Reeves, George Poston. THIRD ROW: Karl Neilson, David Brown, Cleve Rayfield, Jim Moody. 184 ' We ' ll have to play man to man. ' ' ?.v-TL G-W 99 Kings 59 G-W 88 Wingate 60 G-W 69 Louisburg 58 G-W 75 Anderson 53 G-W 106 Danville 58 G-W 74 Brevard 70 G-W 79 Spartanburg 65 G-W 99 Hargrave 30 G-W 79 Brewton-Parker 71 G-W 88 Cumberland 70 G-W 76 Southwood 75 G-W 99 Hargrave 54 G-W 70 Davidson 76 G-W 76 Furman Frosh 81 G-W 120 Steed College 60 G-W 77 Anderson 72 G-W 88 North Greenville 81 G-W 81 Lees-McRae 64 G-W 93 Wingate 82 G-W 61 Spartanburg 55 G-W 105 North Greenville 82 G-W 74 Furman Frosh 71 G-W 66 Lees-McRae 80 G-W 88 Brevard 72 G-W 99 Wingate 79 G-W 73 Wake Forest 88 Conference Tournament G-W 79 Lees McRae 67 G-W 80 North Greenville 76 CHEERLEADERS sparked with spirit . . . School spirit was their game. A game that carried such ground rules as practice every day ex- cept game nights, maintain a 2.0 QP average, and being present and ready to cheer at all athletic events with the exception of one cut. Active members of the Pep Club, the cheerleaders made signs, cheered tirelessly, deco- rated for the Athletic Banquet, and acted as hostesses for other banquets. Cheerleading was not merely the setting of a vocal pace for the fans to follow; rather a practiced art which required a great deal of skill, co-ordination, and physical stamina. Not to be forgotten was the importance of the strength of the individual per- sonality and its role in encour- aging school spirit. Under the guidance of Mrs. Barbara Holbrook, the Gardner- Webb cheerleaders presented a fine example and proved them- selves worthy of Gardner-Webb ' s 1966-67 athletic teams. Mary Vaughn leaps high at the Home- coming bonfire. CHARGE!!!. Head cheerleader Pat Hall— happy with a usual Gardner-Webb victory. " In this case . . . O.K. " 1 wf ' nB ' -4 ' f ■ ' .■•: Wa H yS. ' ?f -. UUE Uj- i r o ' Waiting tensely for a free throw. " Tell it like it is " . n n na TENNIS armed with agility . . . After finishing the regular sea- son with a record of 5-5, the Bulldog netters finished a strong second in the 1966 Conference Tournament at Gardner-Webb. Coach Jim Taylor ' s Bulldogs went " down to the wire " before they were edged by Lees-McRae. Gardner-Webb won two titles in the tournament, however, with Arnold Phillips taking the num- ber two singles title and Ed Mad- sen and Roddy Dulany coping number two doubles honors. Dur- ing the regular season the num- ber one spot was held down by Tommy Bell; post season honors went to Arnold Phillips, AII-WCJ- CAC, and Henry Brooks, Gardner- Webb ' s Most Valuable Player. The outcome of the 1967 season rests largely on the lone returning play- er, Roddy Dulany— a good bet for the number one position. A crop of freshmen rounded out the 1967 squad. Dean shows a powerful forehand. Tom Martin, Dean Kanipe, Roger Cathey, Jimmy Lowe, Rod Dulaney. Wayne Price, Andrew Parker. GOLF control . . . Golf is a game which demands skill, practice, concentration, and steadiness under pressure. Coach Garland Allen ' s team met these de- mands with a regular season record of 7-4. A second place finish in the conference tournament was played onFurmanUniversity ' srain-drenched course. The event had been won by the Bulldogs the two previous years. Fred Rees placed third in individual tournament standings as the Bull- dogs ' most accurate driver. As a re- sult of the returning sophomores and several skillful freshmen, com- petition in the ' 66- ' 67 season was strong for G-W playing berths. Sand . YEECK!!! Gary Dobbins lines up a putt. " FORE! " Teeing off . 189 BASEBALL . . . gloved with sureness The winning tradition of Gardner- Webb athletic teams was continued by the baseballers when the Bull- dogs finished as co-champions of the Western Carolinas Junior Coll- ege Athletic Conference with a con- ference record of 7-2. After beating Ferrum in the Region 10 playoffs, G-W was knocked out of the double elimination affair with losses to Wingate and Ferrum. Three of Coach Norman Harris ' s players received post-season honors, with Rodney Ewing, Wayne Church, and Rick Weir making All WCJCAC and All Region 10. Coach Harris directed the Bulldogs to an impressive over- all record of 13-5. An equally fine season for 1967 was expected by the return of experienced Bulldogs and the addition of some promising new players. Coach Bryson began his first year with the G-W nine. Rodney Ewing received honorable men tion All-American honors. Two strikes, three balls, two men on base . . . BASEBALL SCOREBOARD Dunlap shows his stuff. March 24 GW March 25 GW March 28 GW March 30 GW April 2 GW Apr il 4 GW April 8 GW April 15 GW April 16 GW April 19 GW April 20 GW April 23 GW April 25 GW May 3 GW May 5 GW Region May 12 GW May 13 GW May 13 GW 3 Baldwin-Wallace 15 Furman Frosh 1 9 Kings 4 5 Anderson 4 3 North Greenville 4 4 North Greenville 1 6 Wingate 4 7 Spartanburg 2 6 S.C. Frosh 8 3 Anderson 3 Kings 8 Brevard 9 Davidson Frosh 4 Wingate 1 8 Spartanburg 2 10 Tournament 5 Ferrum 2 3 Wingate 5 6 Ferrum 14 f 190 Shuman winds up. Bob dares him to try a steal. FIRST ROW: Ronnie Hendrix, Tommy Pruit, Jerry Eskew, David Dunlap, Jim Bovender. SECOND ROW: Sam Vance, Roger Fox, Gary Abernathy, Freddie Leigh, Wayne Church, Charles Peeler. THIRD ROW: Kenny Beam, " Now if you ' re not going to give it all you ' ve got, you ' ve got no business being out here. " Joel Carol, Gerald Gardner, Ray Nixon, Tom Shuman, Frank Jamison. FOURTH ROW: Coach Norman Harris, Rodney Ew- ing, Rick Weir, Bobby Putnam, Steve Pos- ton, Ed Humphries. " Clear out of sight. ' 191 ■ H TRACK tested with competition For the cindermen of Gardner- Webb spring means the necessity to get in shape. Track is a grueling sport that requires a well-conditioned body and a determination to win. The Bulldogs met these standards by finishing a strong second in the conference meet at Brevard. Jim Nolan ' s9.8sec. 100yd. dashand21.8 sec. 220 were good for conference records, as were Harold Holbrook ' s 49 ' 11 " shot put and his discus toss of 140 ' . Holbrook, who never lost the shot even as a Bulldog, received national recognition as a freshman, and his sophomore showing earned him a full scholarship to the Uni- versity of Alabama. New school re- lay marks were set by Nolan, Tom Gillis, Paul Stanley, and John Taylor as a 440 yd. relay team, and by Noland, Gillis, Stanley, and Bill Flour- noy as a mile relay team. In addi- tion, Bill Holton bettered the old G-W records for the 880 yd run. Speed. " I think I can? " 192 FIRST ROW: Terry Pennix, Jim Nolan, Tom- come Singleton. Drew Bridges, Harold Hol- my Gillis, John Taylor, Marty Phillips, Bill brook, James Collier, Bill Flourney, Steve Holden. SECOND ROW: Paul Stanley, Mai- Kiser. Control of the discus. I j " Z INTRAMURALS filled with energy coming Powder-Puff game be- tween the Freshmen and Sophomore girls. The Sophomores triumphed with the winning score and one broken ankle. Even with freezing temperatures outside swimming was the number one individual sport. A cute little halfback sweeps end for the sophs. Sophomore Directory ABERNETHY, JULIUS W. Ill Newton, N.C. Catawba College; Liberal Arts ALLEN, KAY Shelby, N. C. UNC-Greensboro; Language Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Homecoming atten- dant, 2, Honor roll. ALLEN, STEVEN D. Greensboro, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Liberal Arts. ANDERSON, W. DAVID Hopkinsville, Ky. High Point College; Oceanography. ANDREWS, L. RITA Boiling Springs, N. C. Wake Forest College; History Debate Team, 1; International Relations Club, Secretary, 1; B.S.U. choir, 1,2; Honor roll, 1.2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Secretary; Editor, ANCHOR, 2; Outstanding Sopho- more, 2. ARNETTE, EDWARD D. Woodleaf, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Pharmacy ARROWOOD, DIANE E. Charlotte, N. C. UNC-Charlotte; Teaching B.S.U. , 1,2; C.V.B., 1,2; Y.W.A., 1,2; B.S.U. , Council, 2. AVERY, LINDA 0. Crouse, N.C. Meredith College; Home Economics or Religious Education B.S.U., 1,2; C.V.B., 1,2; Treasurer; Y.W.A., 1,2. BAILEY, STEVEN M. Mayodan, N. C. Univ.of Mississippi; History Golf, 2. GALL, TERRY W. Lexington, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Liberal Arts. BALLOCH, JAMES III Greenville, S.C. Univ. of Kentucky or Univ. of Tennes- see; Journalism Debate Team, 1; Pep Club, 2; ANCHOR staff, 2. BARRETT, LEWIS A. Shelby, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Business Education. BARTHOLOMEW, GERALD F. Hickory, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Mathematics. BEAM, E. HUGH Shelby, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Psychology. BEASON, DONALD A. Mooresboro, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business Phi Beta Lambda, 2. BEASON, H. DALE Shelby, N. C. Georgia Southern College or Weestern Carolina College; Business. BEAVER, LINDA H. Rutherfordton, N. C. Hospital work; Nursing. BERRIER, D. SANDRA Winston-Salem, N. C. Undecided; Elementary Education. BIGGERSTAFF, JERRY S. Maiden, N. C. Western Carolina College; Undecided Westfield, N. J. Undecided; Physical Education. BLACKWELL, G. RONALD Shelby, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Art. BLAND, EDDIE R. Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest College; History and Pre- Law. BONEY, JAMES C. Spartanburg, S. C. Spartanburg Technical Education Cen- ter; Data Processing. BOST, C. DANIEL Marion, N. C. Mercer Univ.; Dentistry. BOWMAN, PHILLIP C. Taylorsville, N. C. Undecided; Psychology or Botany Intramural sports, 1,2. BOYLES, R. GARY Vale, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Psychology Playcrafters, 1; Delta Psi Omega, 2. 194 BROOKS, M. ELIZABETH Dillsboro, N. C. Western Carolina College; Elementary Education Y.W.A., 1; Pilot Staff, 2. BROWN, MILDRED B. Gaffney, S. C. Winthrop College; English or Specialized Education B.S.U., 1,2; C.V.B., 2. BRADLEY, RAY A. Forest City, N. C. Isothermal Community College; Commer- cial Art or Syndicated Cartoonist International Relations Club, 1; Art as- sistant, 1,2; Pilot Staff, 1. BRAY, RONALD E. Jonesville, N. C. Pembroke State College; Physical Ed- ucation Basketball, 1,2; Football Trainer, 2. BRIDGES, BARBARAS. Boiling Springs, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; History. BRIDGES, E. DREW Hildebran, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill or Lenoir-Rhyne Col- lege; English and Psychology Basketball, 1,2; Track, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; Outstanding Sopho- more, 2; Sophomore Class Vice-President, 2; Dean ' s list, 2. BUFORD, MICHAEL L. Eau Gallie, Fla. Carson-Newman College; English Freshman Class President, 1; B.S.U., 1,2; Council, 2; C.V.B., 1,2; Program Chairman, 2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2; President 2. BULLARD, W. BASIL, JR. Greensboro, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Physical Education International Relations Club, 1,2; Mono- gram Club, 1,2; Baseball, 1,2. BURCH, CARL R. Granite Falls, N. C. Undecided; Liberal Arts. BUTLER, R. JANE Morganton, N.. C. United Airlines; Liberal Arts M.Y.F., 1; Ensemble, 2; Homecoming Cand- idate, 2. CALTON, K. WAYNE Forest City, N. C. East Carolina College; Elementary Ed- ucation. CANNON, JAMES A., Ill Travelers Rest, S. C. Univ. of Mississippi; Business Admini- stration. CARROLL, JANET L. Grover, N. C. Hospital work; Business. CARSON, RICHARDS. Greenville, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Sociology. CARSON, RICHARDS. Greenville, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Sociology. CARTER, JANET E. Winston-Salem, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; English. CARVER, TONY F. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Mathematics Science Club, 2. CASH, TERRY M. Gaffney, S. C. Univ. of Georgia; History. CATES, TIMOTHY G. Graham, N. C. Elon College; Chemistry. CATHEY, ROGER L. Charlotte, N. C. Univ. of Georgia; Psychology Tennis, 2. CAUSEY, JOHN H., JR. Rutherford College, N. C. Undecided; Journalism. CHATHAM, M. CHRISTINA Memphis, Tenn. Univ. of Tennessee; Psychology. CHILDERS, SYLVIA K. Gaffney, S. C. Work; Business B.S.U., 1,2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; Pep Club, 1; PILOT Staff, 1; ANCHOR Staff, 2. CHILTON, BARBARA G. Pilot Mountain, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Elementary Education. CHURCH, D.WAYNE Hamptonville, N. C. Pembroke State College; Physical Ed- ucation Baseball, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1, 2; CLARK, BARBARA L. Clemmons, N. C. Western Carolina College; Elementary Education. CLARK, BRENDA L. Lenoir, N. C. Winthrop College; Sociology. CLARKSON, DAVID E. Cowpens, S. C. Erskine College; Business Administration. « CLAY, EDWARD W„ JR. Greenville, S. C. Undecided Tennis, 1,2. COLLIER, JAMES G.. Ill Greenville. S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Business Ad- ministration or Liberal Arts Track, 1,2. COPELAND, THOMAS L Clinton, S.C. Undecided. COYLE, TERRY L. Gaffney. S. C. Undecided; Business. CROWE, J. RAY Boiling Springs, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business Administration Phi Beta Lambda, 2. CROWE, JAMES W. Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Mathematics. CUTHBERTSON, LLOYD W., JR. Nebo, N. C. Western Carolina; Liberal Arts. CUTSHAW, LINDA G. Waynesville, N. C. Work; Accounting and Data Processing May Day, 1; Phi Beta Lambda, 2; Home- coming Sponsor, 2; House Council, 2; Sec- retary of HAPY Dormitory, 2. DAVES, MAX C, JR. Shelby, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business In- ternational Relations Club, 1,2. DAWSON, CHARLIE H. Rustburg, Va. East Tennessee State College; Business Administration. DEESE, BARBARA J. Charlotte, N. C. Western Carolina College; Special Education B.S.U., 2; B.S.U. Choir, 2; Y.W.A., 2; CVS. 2. DELLINGER, NELSON L. Cherryville, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; History. DEZERN, JOSEPH R. Cycle, N. C. Campbell College; Social Studies. DILLION, BILL I. Madison, N. C. Univ. of Mississippi; Social Science Elliot House Council, 1. DILLON, LARRY W. Winston-Salem, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Political Science Hall Proctor, 1,2. DODGE, JOSEPH A. Col. Heights, Va. Undecided; Data Processing. DRUM, FLOYD C, JR. Maiden, N. C. East Tennessee State College; History. DULANY, RALPH 0., II Charlotte, N. C. East Carolina College; Business Tennis, 1; Head Resident of Decker, 2; Bulldog Club, 2. DUNLAP, DAVID F. Columbia, S. C. Wake Forest; Pre-Med or Pre-Denistry. EARLEY, HOLLISG., JR. Morganton, N. C. Undecided; Business Administration. EDWARDS, HARLAN H., JR. Shelby, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Elementary Education. ELKINS. ROBERT C, JR. Rock Hill. S. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Physical Education and Health. ELLIS, JACK D. Gaffney, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Biology Ensemble, 1,2. ENGLAND, SHEILA L. Morganton, N. C. UNC-Charlotte; Elementary Education. ESKEW JERRY D. Greenville, S. C. Clemson Univ.; Industrial Management Football, 1,2; Baseball. 1. EVANS, BARRY D. Virginia Beach, Va. Univ. of Tennessee; Secondary Education Golf, 1,2; Science Club, 2; Monogram Club, 2. EVERHAR, STEPHEN L. Lexington, N. C. Undecided. EWING, RODNEY P. Maiden, N. C. Undecided; History Baseball, 1,2. FARMER, ELLEN M. Morganton, N. C. 196 Work; Secretary Women ' s Affairs Board, 2; Secretary-Trea- surer, 2; Phi Beta Lambda, 2. FERGUSON, RONALD K. Lenoir, N. C. Western Carolina College; Liberal Arts. FINCHER, ETHEL D. High Point, N. C. Wake Forest College; Mathematics C.V.B., 1,2; B.S.U., 1,2; Y.W.A., 1,2. FITCH, JAMES E., JR. Kings Mountain, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers Col lege; Mathematics or History. FOUNTAIN, ELEANOR J. High Point, N. C. School of Arts; Music or Drama Band, 1,2; Playcrafters, 1,2; Ensemble, 2; Delta Psi Omega, 2. FOX, ROGER W. Hickory, N. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Business Ad- ministration Football, 1,2. FRANCIS, RAYMOND E. Greenville, N. C. East Carolina College; Undecided Football, 1,2. FRASER, HOYT S. Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Engineering. FREDERICKSEN, JANE G. Gaffney, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Zoology. FRYE, S. ANN Asheboro, N. C. Western Carolina College; Sociology B.S.U., 1,2; Y.W.A., 1. GABRIEL, CHARLES L Hickory, N. C. Western Carolina College; Liberal Arts Hall Proctor, 1. GARDNER, GERALD C. Hamptonville, N. C. Campbell College; Physical Education Basketball, 1. GARMON, RUSSELL C. Leaksville, N. C. Campbell College; Business. GARRISON, JOHN M. Valdese, N. C. Wake Forest College; History. GETTYS, DAVID W. Ellenboro, N. C. Undecided. GIBBS, J. STEVE Greenville, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Pharmacy Intramural sports, 1,2. GIBSON, LINDAS. Canton, N. C. Hospital work House Council, 2; Student Nursing As- sociation, 2; Treasurer, 2; M.S.M., 2; Sec- retary, 2. GIDNEY, RACHEL E. Shelby, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Mathematics Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Vice-President, 2; Honor roll, 1; Dean ' s list, 1,2; ANCHOR Staff, 2; Outstanding Sophomore, 2. GILLEY, B. KAYE Mooresville, N. C. Undecided; Business Pep Band 1,2. GILLIS, THOMAS W. Salisbury, N. C. Catawba College; Physical Education Football, 1,2; Track, 1. GLASER, ALLAN Shelby, N. C. Undecided. GLAVICH, PATRICIA A. Waynesville, N. C. Western Carolina College; Elementary Education. GODFREY, M. DALE Chesnee, S. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Undecided. GOFORTH, LINDA A. Mooresboro, N. C. Mars Hill College; Undecided B.S.U. Choir, 1,2. GOINS, LARRY C. High Point, N. C. East Carolina College; Business Ad- ministration. GRANT, SUSAN G. Durham, N. C. 197 UNC-Chapel Hill; Secondary Education B.S.U., 1,2; Y.W.A., 1,2; President, 2; B.S.U. Council, 2; House Council, 2. GREEN, MICHAEL G. Shelby, N. C. Limestone; Liberal Arts. GREGG. SHARI A. Shelby, N. C. Univ. of Alabama; Sociology. GRIFFIN, JANIS R. Spartanburg, S. C. Western Carolina College; Undecided Cheerleader, 1,2; Ensemble, 1,2; May Day Attendant; Homecoming Queen, 2; Sopho- more Class Secretary, 2; Homecoming Sponsor, 1; Outstanding Sophomore, 2. GRIGG, JOHNNY K. Cowpens. S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Business. GROCE, JO ANN Matthew, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Elementary Ed- ucation Pep Club, 1; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; House Council, 2. GUERARD, PINCKNEY H. JR. Dorchester, S. C. Western Carolina College; Physical Ed- ucation Football, 1,2. GURGANUS, JEAN C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Atlantic Christian College; Drama and Education B.S.U. , 1.2; President 2; State B.S.U. Of- fice2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; C.V.B., 1.2; PepClub. 1.2; Treasurer 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Re- porter 2; Playcrafters, 1,2; House Council 1,2; Y.W.A., 1; PILOT Staff; Outstanding Sophomore, 2. HAIRFIELD, ALLEN B. Morganton, N. C. Campbell College; Math. HALL, DELMER R. Pilot Mountain, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Mathematics B.S.U., 2; International Relation Club, 2; Science Club, 2. HALL, SANDRA L. Winston-Salem, N. C. Gardner-Webb College; Nursing. HAMPTON, MICHAEL LEE Winston-Salem, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Liberal Arts Student Government, 1. HAMRICK, M. WAYNE Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Education. HAMRICK, RONALD E. Shelby. N. C. Limestone College: Business Administra- tion. HARDES. DONNA L. Kings Mountain. N. C. Undecided; Elementary Education. HARDIN, JUDY C. Gastonia. N. C. East Carolina College; Nursing PILOT Staff. 1,2; Student Nursing As- sociation, 1,2; Homecoming Sponsor. HARRELL, LARRY D. Capron, Va. Gardner-Webb College; Spanish Football, 1,2; Baseball 2. HARRILL. R. BAXTER. JR. Gastonia, N. C. Wake Forest College; Business Asmin- istration Pep Band, 1,2. HARRIS, GEORGE W. Giendale, S. C. Baylor Univ.; Bible Ministerial Conference, 1,2. HARRIS, HEAMEN S. Greensboro, N. C. Univ. of Georgia; Forestry. « HARTMAN, JAMES D.. JR. Winston-Salem. N. C Undecided; Psychology. HAWKINS. JUNE D. Nebo, N. C. Secretarial Work Y.W.A.. 1,2; Secretary 2. HAWKINS. MICHAEL E. Greer, S. C. Univ. of Georgia; Liberal Arts Band, 1,2; Sophomore Class President, 2. HAYWOOD, KENNETH L. Denton, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Electrical Engineering Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Science Club, 1.2; President, 2; B.S.U. Council. 2. HEAD, J. MILTON Winston-Salem, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Biology B.S.U., 1,2; C.V.B., 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa. 2. HEATHERLY, G. DAVID Lake Lure, N. C. Western Carolina College; Psychology. HENDRIX. MICHAEL L. Greenville, S. C. Undecided; Industrial Management. HENRY, KATHERINE L. White Plains, N. Y. IBM Work ANCHOR Staff, 2; Day Student Association, 1,2. HERALD, CHARLOTTE E. Gaffney. S. C. Gardner- Webb College; Business Ad- ministration. ■ HEWITT, RONALD D. Newton, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business Administration. HIGHTOWER, ELLERBE, III Denmark, S. C. Western Carolina College; History. HILDEBRAN, RITAG. Sherrills Ford, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Math M.S.M., 1,2; B.S.U. Choir; Y.W.A., 1; Science Club, 2. HILTON, CHERYL W. Pineville, N. C. UNC-Greensboro; Business Administra- tion ANCHOR Staff, 1,2; Homecoming Candi- date, 2; Phi Beta Lambda, 2; May Day Activities, 1. HODGES, JAMES L, JR. Chesnee, S. C. Wofford College; Undecided Monogram Club, 1,2; Golf Team, 1,2. HOGAN, LARRY A. Marion, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Social Science Pep Club, 2; W.S.I. , 1,2. HOLLAND, MICHAEL G. Saluda, N. C. Western Carolina College; History. HOLLIFIELD, BRENDA Caroleen, N. C. Mars Hill College; English. HORN, MARTHA T. Forest City, N. C. Limestone College; Elementary Educa- tion Choir, 1. HORTON, LINDA K. Blacksburg, S. C. Limestone College; Sociology. HUDSON, GLENN E. Gastonia, N. C. Belmont Abbey College; Business Administration. HULL, CAROL R. Casar, N. C. UNC-Greensboro; Science. HULSE, JOHN M. Charlotte, N. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Undecided. HUMPHRIES, GARY R. Clover, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Physical Education. HUMPHRIES, GROVER D. Gaffney, S. C. Limestone College; Mathematics. HUMPHRIES, RAYMOND, JR. Cowpens, S. C. College of Charleston; Pharmacy. HUNT, DORIS E. Shelby, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business Administration May Day Activities, 1. HUTCHINS, JOE D. Winston-Salem, N. C. Wake Forest College; Accounting. HUTTER, CARY A., JR. Lynchburg, Va. Lynchburg College; History. HYDER, RON A. Hendersonville, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business Administration International Relations Club, 1,2. ISENHOWER, HAROLD J. Salisbury, N. C UNC-Charlotte; Biology Football, 2. 199 JOBE, H. CRAWFORD, JR. Durham, N. C UNC-Chapel Hill; Physical Education House Council, 1; Intramurals, 1. JOHNSON, BRENDA F. Hickory, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Elementary Ed- ucation. JOHNSON, DANNY E. Boiling Springs, N. C Western Carolina College, Business Administration Choir, 1,2; B.S.U.,2. JONES, MARGUERITE E. Rhodhiss, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Undecided. JONES, PAULA Charlotte, N. C. Work; Secretarial. JORDAN, CONSTANCE Portsmouth, Va. Work; Secretarial Pep Band, 1,2. JUSTICE, NANCY D. Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Data Processing and Sec- retarial Phi Beta Lambda, 2. KANIPE, HAROLD D. Marion, N. C. Western Carolina College; Industrial Management Tennis Team, 1; Pep Club, 1. KELLY, MARTHA C. Charlotte, N. C. Lenoir Rhyne College; English Pep Club, 1,2; Secretary 2; International Relations 2; Secretary 2. KILLOUGH, SANDRA G. Marion, N. C. Mars Hill College; Elementary Education Y.W.A., 1; B.S.U., 1,2; House Counsel, 2; Choir, 2. KING, BOBBY J. Asheboro, N. C. Elon College; Religion Intramurals, 1,2; B.S.U., 1,2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2. LAIL, BENNY E. Connelly Springs, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Health and Phys- cal Education. LANE, WILLIAM F. Winston-Salem, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Mechanical Engineering. LAVENDER, LINDA K. Marion, N. C. Work; Nursing. Student Nursing Association, 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Miss Student Nurse, 2; Dean ' s list, 1. LAWRENCE, RICHARD D. Belmont, N. C. UNC-Charlotte, Physical Education. LEDBETTER, JUDY F. Shelby, N. C. Undecided Day Student Association, 1,2; News Paper Staff, 2. LEIGH, FREDT. Shelby, N. C. Gardner-Webb College; Business Baseball Team, 1,2. LEIGH, SYLVIAS. Morganton, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; French May Day Activities, 1. LESLIE, PAULC. Greensboro, N. C. Guilford College; Biology Delta Psi Omega, 2; Ensemble, 2. LINEBERGER, D. LOU Connelly Springs, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Elementary 200 Education Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; House Council, 1, 2; Women ' s Affairs Board, 2; Vice-President, 2; Y.W.A., 1; B.S.U., 1. LOGAN, JOHN F., JR. Chesnee, S. C. Limestone College; Undecided. LONDON, GLENN H. Blacksburg, S. C. Univ. of Mississippi; Business Admini- stration. LONGEST, DONALD Burlington, N. C. Univ. of Georgia; Physical Therapist. LOVELACE, LINDA K. Shelby, N. C. Western Carolina College; History May Day Activities, 1; Choir, 2. LOWE, JIMMY D. Lawndale, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Health and Physical Education Tennis Team, 2. LOWMAN, PEGGY S. Hickory, N. C. Western Carolina College; Elementary Education Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; B.S.U., 1,2; Y.W.A., 1,2. LUCKADOO, GAIL J. Mooresboro, N. C. Work; Business Day Student Association, 1,2. LYLES, M. KAREN Rutherfordton, N. C. UNC-Greensboro; Interior Design ANCHOR Staff, 1,2; May Day Activities 1. McABEE, CAROL A. Mill Spring, N. C. Work; Nursing Student Nurses Association, 1,2. McDANIEL, JAMES R. Caroleen, N. C. Work; IBM McGEE, JOHNNY D. Chester, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Liberal Arts Intramurals, 1. McSWAIN, BILLY P. York, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Sociology. McSWAIN, JERRY W. Shelby, N. C. Limestone, College; Undecided. MARTIN, JOHN D. Greenville, S. C. Mars Hill College; Business Administra- tion. MARTIN, PHYLLIS A. Richfield, N. C. Catawba College; Business Administra- tion Dramatics, 1; Phi Beta Lamba, 2; B.S.U., 2. MATHIS, C.WAYNE Gaffney, S. C. Univ. of Georgia; Business. MATHIS, WINSTON C. Gaffney, S. C. Campbell College; Biology. MAULDIN.TONYM. Belmont, N. C. East Carolina College; Commercial Art or Liberal Arts Football, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1, 2. MAYNOR, JAMES E. Spindale, N. C. Univ, of Georgia; Business Adminis- tration Football, 2; Monogram Club, 2. McABEE, CAROL A. Mill Spring, N. C. Work; Nursing Student Nurses Association, 1,2. McDANIEL, JAMES R. Caroleen, N. C. Work; IBM. McGEE, JOHNNY D. Chester, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Liberal Arts Intramurals, 1. McSWAIN, BILLY P. York, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Sociology. McSWAIN, JERRY W. Shelby, N. C. Limestone, College; Undecided. MELTON, ARNOLD G. Forest City, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Industrial Psychology PILOT Staff, 2. MERRITT, ALICE C. Rose Hill, N. C. Work; Nursing Student Nursing Association, 1,2. MILLER, ANDREW J. Morganton, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Biology and Chemistry. Science Club, 1,2. MILLER, IVY A. Boger City, N. C. Mars Hill College; Religious Education B.S.U., 1,2; B.S.U. Council, 1,2; Choir, 1,2; Pep Club, 2; C.V.B., 1. MILLER, WILLIAM N. Greenville, S. C. Univ, of South Carolina; Business Education . MONK, PHILLIP M. Tozewell, Va. Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Business. 201 MOORE, JOEL T. Henrietta, N. C. Undecided; Education MOOSE, TOLLIET. Newton, N. C. Work; Data Processing House Council, 2; Secretary, 2; Phi Beta Lambda, 2; Homecoming Attendant, 2. MORRIS, KENNETH L. Morganton, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Engineering Design Football, 1,2. MORRIS, PATRICIA A. Morganton, N. C. Undecided; Elementary Education. MORTON, ARCHIE W. Shelby, N. C. Catawba College; History or Physical Education. MOUNCE, MILFORDG. Kernersville, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Wildlife Biology. MURPHEY, LESTER I. Old Fort, N. C. Mars Hill College; Dramatics and Religion Ministerial Conference, 1,2; C.V.B., 1; Playcrafters, 1. NEAL, JAMES M. Reidsville, N. C. Elon College; History Band, 1,2. NELSON, ROGER D. Yanceyville, N. C. Mississippi State College; Physical Education Football, 1; Monogram Club, 1,2. NEWMAN, LINDAS. Charlotte, N. C. UNC-Charlotte; Sociology B.S.U., 1,2; Vice-President, 2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; C.V.B., 1,2; Vice-President, 1; Student Government Association, 2; Secretary, 2; Outstanding Sophomore, 2. NEWTON, GLENDA J. Shelby, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; English. NEWTON, SARA J. Raleigh, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Psychology Ensemble, 1,2. NEWTON, THERESA A. Gastonia, N. C. Undecided; Piano. NICHOLS, JAMES L, III Wallace, N. C. Univ, of South Carolina; Liberal Arts Golf Team, 1; Science Club, 1; International Relations Club, 2. NICHOLS, JUDY E. Greensboro, N. C. Western Carolina College; Psychology College Choir, 1,2. NICHOLSON, RICHARD G. Newton, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Pharmacy. NIXON, DAVID C, JR. Charlotte, N. C. Carson-Newman College; Undecided Student Government, 1; B.S.U., 1. NORVILLE, MAVIS M. Cliffside, N. C. Western Carolina College; Physical Education or Sociology. OWENS, CHARLES E. Forest City, N. C. Work; Journalism PILOT Staff, 1,2; Editor, 2. PADGETT, J. SCOTT Forest City, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Elementary Education. PADGETT, REBECCA W. Shelby, N.C. Western Carolina College; Education or Psychology Choir, 2; ANCHOR Staff, 2. PARKER, J. ANDREW Marion, N.C. North Carolina State Univ.; Forestry. PARSONS, MARY S. Winston-Salem, N.C. Winston-Salem Business College; Undecided. PARSONS, SAMUEL E. Winston-Salem, N.C. Undecided; Business. PATTERSON, Dennis C. Kings Mountain, N.C. Lenior-Rhyne College; Biology or Chem- istry. Science Club, 1,2; Vice-President, 1. PATTERSON, MARY P. Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Elementary Education. PEARSON, SGAIL Shelby, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Education B.S.U. Choir, 2; College Choir, 2. PEELER, STEPHEN H. Lincolnton, N. C. Undecided; Business. PENNELL, G. HUGH, JR. Greenville, S. C. Florida State Univ., Crimonology or Sociology. PETERSON, DONALD B. Bryson City, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Medicine Golf Team, 1. PFAFF, SANDRA L. Charlotte, N. C. High Point College; Elementary Education Church Choir, 2. PHELPS, JAMES J. Greenville, S. C. Univ, of South Carolina; Business. PHILLIPS, F.TERRY Cowpens, S. C. Undecided; Liberal Arts. PHILLIPS, JACQUELINE R. SHELBY, N. C. Airline Reservationist; Undecided Day Student Secretary, 1. PHILLIPS, TERRY K. Gaffney, S. C. Univ, of Miami; Business Administration. PICKELSIMER, 0. KEITH Greenville, S. C. Undecided; Business Pep Band, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2; International Relations Club, 2. PIGG, DORIS Huntersville, N. C. Univ, of Georgia; Music Choir, 1; Band, 1,2; May Day Activities, 1; Cheerleader, 2; Pep Club, 2. PITTMAN, ROGER L. Spruce Pine, N. C. Undecided; Agriculture. PORTER, JAMES W., II Pittsburgh, Pa. Univ, of Mississippi; Accounting and Business Administration 202 International Relations Club, 1; Golf Team, 2. POSTON, GEORGE H. Canton, N. C. Univ, of Mississippi; Health and Physical Education Basketball, 1,2. POTEET, CAROLYN M. Morganton, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Psychology or Sociology. PRITCHARD, M. ELAINE Valdese, N. C. Mars Hill College; Liberal Arts Stroup House Council, 2. PROCTOR, LARRY D. Boiling Springs, N. C. Work; Ministry Minsterial Conference, 1,2. PRUETT, THOMAS R. Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Physical Education Baseball, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2. PUTNAM, ROBERT D. Lawndale, N. C. Undecided; Health and Physical Education Baseball, 1; Intramural Basketball Intramural Football, 2. RAMSEY, DOROTHY W. Gaffney, S. C. Undecided; Nursing Student Nurses Association, 1,2. RANDALL, RONNIE J. Charlotte, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business International Relations Club, 1. RANKIN, JOHN H., Ill Shelby, N. C. Limestone College; Liberal Arts. RAYFIELD, CLEVELAND A. Stanley, N. C. Undecided; Education or Sociology Basketball, 1,2; Student Government Association, 2. REES, FREDERIC W., JR. Charlotte, N. C. Univ, of Georgia; Liberal Arts Golf Team, 1,2. REID, G.YVONNE Landis, N. C. East Carolina College; History HAPY House Council, 2. RHODES, J. FRANKLIN, JR. Pine Hall, N. C. Elon College; Social Science. RHYNE, MYRON Ellenboro, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Engineering. RIETDORF, NANCY A. Arden, N. C. East Carolina College; Psychology Pep Club, 1; House Council, 2. ROBERTS, LINDA L. Kings Mountain, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Elementary Education Ensemble, 2; ANCHOR Staff, 2. ROBERTS, MOULTRIE, III Newberry, S. C. Univ. of South Carolina; Law Intramural football, 1. ROBINETTE, GARY N. Pacolet, S.C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Liberal Arts. ROCK, WAYNE G. Boykins, Va. Undecided; Physical Education Football, 1. ROGERS, JULIA K. Statesville, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Social Science. ROSS, DONALD H. Belmont, N. C. UNC-Charlotte; Political Science Ministerial Association, 1,2. ROSTAN, DANIEL G. Valdese, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Business Administration. ROTEN, EUGENIA A. Grayson, N. C. Work; Secretarial and Data Processing Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; C.V.B., 2; House Council, 2; ANCHOR Staff, 2; Phi Beta Lambda, 2. RUSSELL, WILLIAM A., JR. Alexandria, Va. Univ, of Virginia; Political Science. SARRATT, STEPHEN K. Earl, N. C. Undecided; Business Administration. SAUNDERS, TIMOTHY C. Charlotte, N. C. Florida State Univ.; Political Science. SCHOONMAKER, EDWARD L. Patterson, N. J. Syracuse College; Forestry. SCISM, ADAR. Shelby, N.C. Limestone College; Home Economics Day Student Association, 1,2. SCOGGINS, DAVID Q. Rutherfordton, N. C. Undecided; Medicine Pep Club, 1,2; Pep Band, 1,2; B.S.U. , 2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; College Choir, 2; Science Club, 2. SCOTT, ALAN R. Pfafftown, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; History. SCRUGGS, SHARON R. Brevard, N. C. Work; Business and Data Procesing B.S.U., 1; Phi Beta Lambda, 2; Secretary, 2. SEAY, DAVID R. Bryson City, N. C. Western Carolina College; Physical Education Pep Club, 1; Golf Team, 1,2. SHAW, MICHAEL H. Whiteville, N. C. Writer; Liberal Arts PILOT Staff, 2. SHERER, WILLIAM T., Ill Sharon, S. C. Gardner-Webb College; History. SHIRES, ALFRED D. Forest City, N. C. Mars Hill College; Physical Education Football, 1,2. SHORT, JACKIE A. Casar, N. C. Western Carolina College; Special Education. SHRONCE, JOYCE L. Iron Station, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Biology B.S.U., 1; C.V.B., 1,2; Science Club, 2. SHUMAN, THOMAS C. Glenside, Pa. Wake Forest College; Business Administration Baseball, 1,2. SIGMON, PATRICIA A. Cherryville, N. C. Western Carolina College; Elementary Education. SKOMSKY, JERALDG. Barwick, Pa. Univ, of South Carolina; Physical Education Golf Team, 1,2. SMITH, DANNY A. Cowpens, S. C. Georgia Southern College; Psychology. SMITH, DAVID H. King, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Social Studies B.S.U., 1; B.S.U. Council, 2; Science Club, 2; International Relations Club, 2. 203 ■ . SMITH, GEORGE E. Lenoir, N. C. UNC-Charlotte; Data Processing. SOSSAMON, FRANK, III Gaffney, S. C. Undecided; Business Administration. SOVEREIGN, WARREN Raleigh, N. C. Undecided; History. SPAIN, ROBERT B. Charlotte, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Undecided Football, 1,2; Student Government, 1,2; Outstanding Sophomore, 2. SPAINHOUR, RANDOLPH F. Lenoir, N. C. Wake Forest College; Biology Ensemble. 1; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2. SPANGLER, DON Shelby, N. C. Limestone College; Sociology. SPANGLER, WILLIAM C. Shelby, N. C. Southern College of Optometry; Science. SPARKS, ROBERT G. Rutherfordton, N. C. Mars Hill College; Music Vice-President of Day Students. STANLEY, GERALD L. Greensboro, N. C. Campbell College; History B.S.U., 1,2; B.S.U., Choir, 1,2; College Choir, 2; C.V.B., 1,2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2; International Relations Club, 2; B.S.U. Council, 2. STANLEY, PAUL M. Rock Hill, S. C. Presbyterian College; Physical Education Track, 1; Basketball, 2. STEWART, ARTHUR L„ JR. Morganton, N. C. Western Carolina College; Industrial Arts Intramural Football, 1,2. STOKES, DONALD R., II Greer, S. C. Furman Univ.; Biology Science Club, 1,2; International Relations Club, 2. STORM, PHILLIP B. Wilmington, Del. Undecided Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; President, 2. STROUD, WAYNE A. High Point, N. C. Undecided; Business. STROUP, DAN M. Gastonia, N. C. Wake Forest College; Business Administration. STYLES, FRED L High Point, N. C. Campbell College; Physical Education Baseball, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; Head Resident of Dorm, 1,2. SWOFFORD, MICHAEL A. Gaffney, S. C. Limestone College; Business. TAYLOR, JERRY D. Winston-Salem, N. C. Forsyth Technical Institute; Business Education Intramural Football, 2; International Relations Club, 2. TAYLORS, JOHN Z. Franklin, N. C. Western Carolina College; Physical Education Football, 1,2; Track, 1,2. THOMAS, CHARLES E. Zirconia, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; French and Drama Playcrafters, 1; Delta Psi Omega, 2; ANCHOR Staff, 2; International Relations Club, 2; Pep Club, 2. THOMAS, SHEA W., JR. Spartanburg, S. Clemson Univ.; Band, 1. THOMASON, LEE E., JR. Taylors, S. C. Undecided; Liberal Arts Football. 1,2. THOMPSON, MATTHEW U. Jacksonville, Fla. George Washington Univ.; Chemistry. THOMPSON, ROY D., JR. Mooresville, N. C. Western Carolina College; Physical Education and History Football, 1,2. THOMPSON, SELWYN R., JR. Barnwell, S. C. Shorter College; Education. TOLLEY, C. MICHAEL Greensboro, N. C. Undecided; Physical Education Basketball, 1,2; Monogram Club. 2. TOMS, LINDA J. Lattimore, N. C. Western Carolina College; English and Elementary Education May Day, 1; Day Student Association, 1,2. TRULL, JIMMY C. Albemarle, N. C. Catawba College; History. TRYON, BERN W. Rutherfordton, N. C. Undecided; Zoology Day Student Association. 1; Vice- President, 1. TURNER, FRANCES M. Mount Airy, N. C. Wake Forest College; English B.S.U., 1,2; B.S.U. Choir. 1,2; Y.W.A., 1; College Choir, 1,2; HAPY House Council. 1.2. TURNER, G.JANE Gaffney, S. C. Appalachian State Teachers College; Elementary Education Day Student Association, 1,2; Secretary, 2. UPTON, CAROLYN S. Lawndale, N. C. Teach private music lessons; Music Y.W.A., 1,2; Secretary, 1; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; College Choir, 1. VAN DYKE, RACHEL L. Shelby, N. C. Undecided; Business Administration. VAUGHN, MARY B. Greenville, S. C. Univ, of Georgia; Business Playcrafters. 1; May Day. 1; Cheerleading, 2; Pep Club, 2; Monogram Club, 2. VAUGHAN, TERRY W. Shelby, N. C. Western Carolina College; Business. VAUGHN, WADE A., JR. Shelby, N. C. East Carolina College; Medical Technology. WADE, NANCY I. Cowpens, S. C. Mars Hill College; Elementary Education B.S.U., 1.2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; C.V.B., 1,2; Y.W.A., 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2; College Choir, 1.2. WALKER, GARY K. Marion, N. C. North Carolina State Univ.; Industrial Engineering. WALKER, LYNDA L. Spindale, N. C. East Carolina College; Home Economics B.S.U., 1. WALKER, THERESA D. Rutherfordton, N. C. Undecided; Day Student Association, 1. WALL, OLLIEM. Boiling Springs, N. C. Limestone College; Elementary Education. WALLACE, EDITH C. Miami, Fla. Winthrop College; Art and 204 Homecoming, 1,2; Dormitory Chairman 2; May Day, 1. WALSH, BRENDA A. Asheville, N. C. East Carolina College; History Vespers Chairman, 1; Women ' s Affairs Board, 2; President, 2; HAPY House Council, 2; Student Government Association, 2; Y.W.A., 2; Social Chairman, 2. WASHBURN, PAUL V. Boiling Springs, N. C. Wake Forest College; Psychology B.S.U. Choir, 1; B.S.U. Council, 2; Interna- tional Relations Club, 1; Assistant Editor, ANCHOR, 2; Outstanding Sophomore; Delta Psi Omega, 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Dean ' s list, 2. WASHBURN, TERRY M. Lattimore, N.C. Kings College; Business. WATSON, HOWARD R. Burlington, N. C. Undecided Choir, 1; Intramural Football, 1,2. WAY, SYLVIA L. Burlington, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Sociology. WELCH, JERRY L. Marion, N. C. Catawba Col lege; Business Administration and Accounting Phi Beta Lambda, 2; Assistant Manager of Basketball, 2. WHALEN, JAMES F., Ill Charlotte, N. C. East Carolina College; Marine Biology Intramural Football, 1,2. WHITE, LARRY Whiteville, N. C. Air Force; Electrical Engineering. WILKINSON, JAMES M. Mooresville, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne College; Sociology Ministerial Conference, 1,2; C.V.B., 1. WILLEY, ROBERT G., JR. State Road, N. C. Catawba College; Accounting Phi Beta Lambda, 2. WILLIAMS, PAMELA N. Lancaster, S. C. Coker College; Physical Education Band, 2. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA A. Kinston, N. C. Univ, of Hawaii; Dental Hygiene May Day, 1; Dormitory Chairman, 1. WILSON, DONALD P. Shelby, N. C. Pfeiffer College; Medicine Science Club, 2; Vice-President, 2. WILSON, RONALD F. Shelby, N. C. Univ, of North Carolina; Pharmacy Science Club, 2. WIMBERLY, SAMUEL W. Spartanburg, S. C. Spartanburg Technical School; Data Processing. WISE, F. ANNE Cherryville, N. C. Undecided; Secretarial Phi Beta Lambda, 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 2. WITHEROW, C. WILLIAM, JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Business. WITHROW, H. FAYE Shelby, N. C. UNC-Greensboro; Psychology Science Club, 1; Day Student Association, 1,2. WOOD, S. ANNA Greensboro, N. C. Wake Forest College; Political Science Choir, 1; Debate Team, 1. WOOD, DONNA P. Annandale, Va. Meredith College; English and Elementary Education. WORTH, W. CHRIS Shelby, N. C. UNC-Chapel Hill; Biology. WRIGHT, HERSCHEL L " BUDDY " Kings Mountain, N. C. Furman Univ.; English or Bible Ministerial Conference, 1,2; C.V.B., 1,2; B.S.U. Choir, 1,2; Science Club, 2. WYATT, LINDA K. Concord, N. C. Mars Hill College; Physical Education ANCHOR Staff, 1; Pep Club, 1; May Day, 1; Homecoming Activities, 2. WYATT, M. JEANETTE Shelby, N. C. Work; Business ANCHOR Staff, 2. YELTON, BARRY D. Forest City, N. C. UNC-Charlotte; Political Science Phi Theta Kappa, 2; ANCHOR Staff, 2. YOPP, C. CHRISTOPHER Rutherfordton, N. C. East Tennessee State College; Political Science and English PILOT Staff, 1; Day Student Association, 1,2; President, 1; Student Government Association, 2. YORK, WAYNE S. Ellenboro, N. C. Limestone College; Business Administration. YOUNG, RICKEY Winston-Salem, N. C. Undecided; Business Administration. 205 Gentleness ... in expression ... in outlook and in appearance overshadow our memories of Mrs. Lucille J. Dixon. We cannot know her full influence over a quacter-of-a-century, nor would we attempt to judge. March 14, 1912 - January 17, 1967 1rs. Lucille J. Dixon 206 Women ' s Student Index Abbott, Anne L, Winston-Salem, N. C, 126, 127 Aldridge, Linda C, Bostic, N. C, 127 Allen, Kay, Shelby, N. C, 73, 154 Allen, Linda A., Kings Mountain, N. C. 127 Alley, Judity A., Peekskill, N. Y., 58, 73 Anderson, Anna M., Wallace, N. C, 127, 162 Andrews, Deborah J., Rockville, Md. 127 Andrews, L Rita, Boiling Springs, N. C, 73, 123, 162, 154, 155, 174, 175 Arrowood, Diana E., Charlotte, N. C. 73, 154, 159, 160, 161 Arthur, Betsy J., Cherryville, N. C, 127 Austell, N. Jan, Hendersonville, N. C, 127 Austin, Hallie M., Greensboro, N. C, 127, 167 Avery, Linda 0., Crouse, N. C, 73, 161 Ball, Carolyn J., Asheville, N. C, 127 Barksdale, Betty R., Mayodan, N. C, 60, 74 Bartles, Rebecca D., Union Mills, N. C, 128, 173 Batchler, M. Dawne, Blacksburg, S. C, 74 Bayne, Terry T., Charlotte, N. C, 128 Beam, Gay B., Cherryville, N. C, 128 Beaver, L. Helen, Rutherfordton, N. C, 74 Bebber, Elizabeth P., Taylorsville, N. C, 128 Beckham, Phyllis A., Statesville, N. C, 74 Benner, M. Janice, Charlotte, N. C, 74 Berrier, D. Sandra, Winston-Salem, N. C, 75 Bettis, Betty J., Greenville, S. C, 60, 75 Biggerstaff, Judy P., Forest City, N. C, 128 Biles, Janet E., New London, N. C, 75 Billeter, Kaye E., Westfield, N. J, 75 Black, Linda K., Cherryville, N. C, 128 Blackwell, Janice F., Chesnee, S. C, 128 Blanton, Marcia A., Bakersville, N. C, 128, 162 Blanton, Martha B., Lattimore, N. C, 128 Boggs, Sara A., High Point, N. C, 128 Borders, Katrinka L, Shelby, N. C, 128 Boshe, Cheryl D., Mahopac, N. Y., 58, 128, 139 Bouchard, Amy E., Lexington, N. C. 76, 166 Bouldin, Phyllis K., Trinity, N. C, 128 Bowen, Cathy E., Shelby, N. C, 128 Bowen, Renna F., Boiling Springs, N. C, 129 Boyd, Cynthia V., Pineville, N. C, 129 Boyles, Candi M., Huntersville, N. C, 129 Bradley, Trudy E., Forest City, N. C, 129 Bradshaw, Linda E., Lenoir, N. C, 129 Branks, Nancy J., Weaverville, N. C, 129 Bridges, Alicia D., Lawndale, N. C, 129 Bridges, Barbara, A., Shelby, N. C, 129, 162 Bridges, Barbara S., Boiling Springs, N. C, 77 Bridges, Rubye E., High Springs, Fla., 160, 161, 162, 173 Brooks, M. Eli zabeth, Dillsboro, N. C, 77, 176 Brooks, Joanne B., Mooresboro, N. C, 129 Brown, Janice E., Huntersville, N. C, 130 Brown Mildred B., Gaffney, S. C, 77 Buchanan, Judith E., Brevard, N. C, 77 Burch, Jane L., Hickory, N. C, 78, 173 Burgess, Betty R., New Zion, S. C, 130 Burnett, M. Jane, Marion, N. C, 130 Burns, Carol 60 Butler, R. Jane, Morganton, N, C, 78 Callahan, Willis B., Rutherfordton, N. C, Callender, Nancy J., Montclair, N. J., 78 Camp, Brendan K., Shelby, N. C, 130 Campbell, B. Christene, Cherryville, N. C, 130 Carroll, Janet L., Grover, N. C, 79 Carter, Janet E„ Winston-Salem, N. C, 64, 79 Case, Sharon L., Landrum, S. C, 131 Casstevens, Tawana L, High Point, N. C, 58, 131, 159, 162, 165 Causby, Elizabeth D., Shelby, N. C, 160 Causby, Mary I., Dallas, N. C, 131, 161, 167 Causby, Mary L, Shelby, N. C, 162 Chalk, Virginia R., Union, S. C, 79, 159, 173 Champion, B. Gail, Forest City, N. C, 131 Chapman, Betty B., Piedmont, S. C, 131 Chatham, M. Christina, Memphis, Tenn., 131 Childers, Sally C, Huntersville, N. C, 131 Childers, Sylvia K., Gaffney, S. C, 79, 162 Chilton, Barbara G., Pilot Mountain, N. C, 79 Christopher, Jane, Landrum, S. C, 131 Christopher, M. Cathey, Shelby, N. C, 131, 165 Church, Margaret L., Hickory, N. C, 79 Clark, Barbara L., Clemmons, N. C, 80 Clark, Brenda L., Lenoir, N. C, 80 Clark, Rhonda K., Shelby, N. C, 80 Clary, Judy D., Gaffney, S. C, 132 Clay, Lois E., Horseshoe, N. C, 64, 89 Clontz, Sarah L., Morganton, N. C, 80 Cook, Susan R., Clover, S. C, 132 Cooke, Teresa E., Charlotte, N. C, 132 Copp, Bonni S., Trenton, N. J., 132 Cornelison, Sherron H., High Point, N. C, 132 Correll, Elizabeth C, Marion, N. C. 80 Creighton, Judith E., Charlotte, N. C, 132, 162 Cutshaw, Linda G., Waynesville, N. C, 81 Dalcher, Cynthia, Charlotte, N. C, 58, 132 Deaton, A. Dale, Shelby, N. C, 132 Dedmon, Linda D., Forest City, N. C, 132 Dedmon, Margaret A., Shelby, N. C, 132 Demon, Dorthy A., Shelby, N. C, 82 Deese, Barbara J., Charlotte, N. C, 82, 161, 162 Dellinger, Ann C, Cherryville, N. C, 132 Denton, Barbara L., Grover, N. C, 132 Dibarmen M., Morganton, N. C, 132 Dixon, Christelia, Kings Mountain, N. C. Dixon, Diane L, Charlotte, N. C, 132, 144 Dixon, F. Jean, Boiling Springs, N. C.,58, 133, 162 Doolittle, Susan, Richmond Hill, N. Y., 133, 155, 160, 161, 162 167 Douglas, Kay E., Clover, S. C, 83 Duncan, Carolyn Lewis, Boiling Springs, N. C, 58, 83, 154, 172 Dunevant, Aileen, Reidsville, N. C, 133 Dunn, M.. Dale, Roxboro, N. C, 84 Eades, Ellen F., Shelby, N. C, 133 Edgerton, Linda D., Forest City, N. C, 133 Edwards, M. Janet, Chester, S. C, 60, 84 Edwards, P. Dawn, Winston-Salem, N. C, 133, 160, 165 Edwards, Wanda K., Shelby, N. C, 133 Einhart, Carol J., Charlotte, N. C, 133, 167 Ellis, Margaret A., Shelby, N. C, 84 England, Shelia L., Morganton, N. C, 84 Enscore, Judy Ann, Winston-Salem, N. C, 84 Evans, June K., Lexington, N. C, 133 Everhart, Cathy L., Lexington, N. C, 133 Fariley, Blair P., Salisbury, N. C, 133 Falls, Bettina K., Kings Mountain, N. C, 133 Falls, Gloria J., Kings Mountain, N. C, 133 Falls, Tina, 160, 161, 162 Farmer, Ellen M., Morganton, N. C, 85 Faulkenbury, Elizabeth D., Blacksburg, S. C, 133 Fincher, Ethel D., High Point, N. C, 85, 159, 161 Floyd, Linda D., Trinity, N. C, 134 Foster, Elizabeth T., Granite Falls, N. C, 134, 166, 186, 187 Fountain, Eleanor J., High Point, N. C, 39, 60, 76, 86, 165 Fox, Terrese L., Lumberton, N. C, 134 Frederickson, Jane G., Gaffney, S. C, 86 Frye, S. Ann, Asheboro, N. C, 86 Gamble, Rohonda V., Shelby, N. C, 134 Gibson, Brilla A., Charlotte, N. C, 134 Gibson, Linda S., Canton, N. C, 64, 86, 173 Gibson, Martha H., Campobello, S. C, 207 Gidney. Rachel E., Shelby, N. C. 87, 125. 154, 175 Gilley, B. Kay, Mooresville. N. C, 60. 87 Gingell, Deborah A., Wilmington, Del.. 64, 87, 173 Glavich, Patricia A., Waynesville, N. C, 87 Glover. Rebecca J., Shelby. N. C., 135 Gobble, M. Jolet. Salisbury, N. C, 135, 166, 187 Goforth, Linda A., Mooresboro, N. C, 87, 162 Gordon. Sharon K., Pfafftown, N. C., 135 Grady. Esther F.. Chapel Hill, N. C., 135 Graham, K. Delane, Charlotte, N. C, 135 Grant. Susan G., Durham, N. C, 58, 88, 113, 159 Green, Hilda K., Shelby, N. C, 135 Green, A. Mildred. Boiling Springs. N. C, 88 Gregg, Sharon A., Shelby, N. C, 88 Griffin, Janis R.. Spartanburg, S. C, 72, 88, 110. 124, 148 Grace, Jo Ann, Matthews. N. C, 154 Gross, Jo Ann 173 Guffey. Lucille G., Spindale, N. C, 135 Guffey, Sandra 0., Shelby, N. C, 88 Gurganus, Jean C, Rocky Mount. N. C, 88 123 154 159 160 162, 165. 167. 173, 176 ' Hall, Patricia A., Hickory, N. C, 89, 166, 187 Hall, Sandra L, Winston-Salem. N. C, 89, 98 Hamrick, Judy P., Shelby. N. C, 64 Hardes. Donna. Kings Mountain, N. C, 136 Hardin, Betty J., Graver, N. C, 136 Hardin, Judy C. Gastonia, N. C, 64, 90. 176 Harris. Peggy J., Mooresboro, N. C, 91 Harris, Tena G.. Boiling Springs, N. C. 136 Harvey, Barbara A., Clover, S. C, 60, 136 Hawkins, Beverly L., Avondale, N. C. 136 Hawkins, June D., Nebo, N. C, 91, 161, 162 Hawkins. Rita J., Shelby, N. C, 136 Helms, Gay L, Shelby, N. C. 64. 91 Henry, Katherine L., White Plains. N. Y., 91, 175 Henson. Joan 0., Greenville. S. C, 136 Herald, Charlotte E., Gaffney, S. C, 91 Herring, Ann M., Wallace, N. C, 136 Hildebran, Rita G., Sherrills Ford, N. C, 92, 173 Hilton. Cheryl W., Pineville. N. C, 92, 174 Hilton, Harriet M., Rock Hill, S. C, 136 Hodge, Linda L., Rutherfordton. N. C, 64, 92, 166 Hodge, N. Wilma, Rutherfordton, N. C, 136 Holden. Mildred N., Inman. S. C, 136 Holland, Hilda J., Shelby, N. C, 136 Hollifield, Brenda S.. Caroleen, N. C, 92 Hoover, Sharyn N., Lawndale. N. C, 136 Horn, Martha T., Forest City, N. C, 93 Home, Marion S., Forest City, N. C, 93 Horton. Beverly H., Shelby, N. C, Horton, Linda K„ Blacksburg, S. C, 93 House, Nancy L, Spartanburg. S. C, 55, 136. 161. 173 Houser, Claudia L.. Jacksonville, Fla., 136, 160 Howell, Sandra M., Greer, S. C, 137. 166 Hubbard, Pamella J.. Asheboro. N. C, 137 Hudson. Joan B.. Casar. N. C, 137 Hudson, Julia C, Gaffney, S. C. 137 Hull. R. Carol, Casar, N. C, 93, 161. 165, 173 Hunt, Doris E., Shelby, N. C, 94 Huntley, Jamie C, Rutherfordton, N. C, 137 Huskey, Barbara G., Cliffside, N. C, 137 Hutcherson, Margaret S., Winston- Salem, N. C, 137 Inman, Gwendolyn L., Waynesville, N. C, 137 Jackson. Judy E., Cliffside, N. C, 50. 5l! 137, 174 Jamison, Rebecca. Shelby, N. C. Jenkins. Deborah C. Shelby, N. C, 107, 137 Jenkins, Vivian E., Blacksburg, S. C, 137 Jensen. Joan K., Asheville, N. C, 64, 94 Johnson, B. Fern, Hickory, N. C, 95 Johnson, Judy E., Granite Falls, N. C, 138 Jolley, Hazel L., Mooresboro , N. C, 95 Jolley, Nellie S., Mooresboro, N. C, 95 Jones, Hilda L., Hamlet, N. C, 95 Jones. Jennifer, Lake Lure, N. C, 95 208 Jones, Kathy L., Valdese, N. C, 95 Jones, Marguerite E., Rhodhiss, N. C. 95 Jones, Paula. Charlotte, N. C, 95 Jordan, Constance R., Portsmouth. Va.. 60, 90, 95 Justice, Judy W., Union Mills, N. C, 138 Justice, Nancy D., Shelby, N. C, 95 Kelly, Martha C, Charlotte, N. C, 95, 164 Kelly, Rhea M., Charlotte, N. C, 138, 167 Kelly, Susan M., Cherryville. N. C. 138 Kenan, Carolyn A., Wallace, N. C, 138 Killough, Sandra G., Marion, N. C, 58. 95 Kirkman, Mary H., Asheboro, N. C, 138 Kiser, Wanda S., Concord, N. C, 138 Knighton, Judy E., Union, S. C, 138 Lambert, Patricia L.. Columbia, S. C, 96 Landis, Carolyn A., Forest City, N. C, 139 Lavender, Donna C, New Zion, S. C, 139 Lavender, Linda K.. Marion, N. C, 96, 154 Ledbetter, Judy F., Shelby, N. C, 96 ' Leigh. Sylvia S., Morganton, N. C, 96 Leslie, Glana L., Virginia Beach, Va., 139 Lindsay, Sandra P.. Rutherfordton, N. C, 139 Lineburger, D. Lou, Connelly Springs, N. C, 96, 154 Lingafelt. Wanda L, Morganton, N. C, 97, 154 Lipscomb, Karen G., Mooresboro. N. C, 139 Lisk, S. Yvonne, Norwood, N. C, 139 Love. Patricia E., Mt. Airy, N. C, 139 Lovelace, Charline T„ Shelby. N. C, 64, 97, 98 Lovelace, Linda K., Shelby. N. C, 59, 97 Lowman, J. Diane. Valdese, N. C, 97, 173 Lowman, Peggy S., Hickory, N. C, 90. 98, 154 Lowry. Ann E., Alexandria. Va., 139 Lucas, Sandra C, Lincolnton, N. C, 98, 155, 165, 166 Luckadoo, Gail J., Mooresboro. N. C, 98 Lyda, Maxine C, Brevajd, N. C, 139, 160 Lyda, Nancy A., Gastonia. N. C, 98 Lyles, M. Karen, Rutherfordton, N. C, 98 McAbee, Carol A., Mill Springs, N. C, 64, 99 McGimsey, Pamela S., Forest City, N. C, 140 McLuarin. Gayle J., Fuguay Varina, N. C, 140, 162 McSwain, Marsha L., Shelby, N. C, 140 McWhirter. Sandra L.. Shelby, N. C, 140 Madison, Sandra M., 140 Martin, Evelyn L., Spindale, N. C, 140 Martin, Phyllis A., Richfield, N. C, 99 Massey. R. Sue, Lexington, N. C, 140 Mauldin, Margaret A., Norwood, N. C, 140 Mauney, Betty M„ Stanley, N. C, 140, 167 Mauser, S. Jean, Newton, N. C, 140 Mellon, Katrina A., Shelby, N. C, 140 Merritt, Alice C, Rose Hill, N. C, 64, 100 Miller. Camilla B., Shelby, N. C, 140 Miller. Ivy A., Boger City, N. C, 58, 100, 155, 159, 162 173 Mintz, Cynthia D., Blacksburg, S. C, 140 Mitchell. Betty M., Dobson. N. C, 140 Mitchum, Kathryn E., Vale. N. C, 100 Mode, Wanda J., Shelby, N. C, 141 Moore, Charlene A., Shelby, N. C. 141 Moose, Tollie Y.. Newton. N. C, 101. 173 Morris, Patricia A., Morganton, N. C, 102 Morrow, Adele G., Forest City, N. C, 141 Morton. Sandra P., Charlotte, N. C, 141 Morton, Venita A., Hickory, N. C, 102 Murray, A. Frances, Bostic, N. C, 141 Newland, Sandra K., Hendersonville, N. C, 64, 102 Newman, Linda S.. Charlotte, N. C.,81, 102 122 155 159 160 162, 168 Newton, Glenda J.. Shelby. N. C, 102 Newton. Sara J., Raleigh, N. C, 102 Newton, Teresa A., Gastonia, N. C, 102 Nichols, Judy E., Greensboro, N. C, 103 Nobbitt, D. Ann, Shelby, N. C, 141 Odell. Donna C. Mill Springs. N. C, 142 Ogburn. Emily C, Hickory, N. C, 64 Olive, Linda F., Fuguay Varina, N. C, 85, 142, 162 Oliver, Pamela L, Newport News, Va.,142 Oswald, Jane E., Miramar, Puerto Rico 142 Owens, Rebecca J., McGrady, N. C, 142 Owens, Regina A., McGrady, N. C, 142 Owensby, Kathy J., Newton, N. C, 142 Padgett, Becky W., Shelby, N. C, 58, 104, 175 Padgett, Fern P., Cliffside, N. C, Page, Margaret D., Greenville, S. C, 142 Palmer, Paula M., Brevard, N. C, 142 Parker, Betty R., Blacksburg, S. C, 142 Parker, Elizabeth A., Shelby, N. C, 142 Parker, Dianne J., Charlotte, N. C, 142, 165 Parsons, Mary S., Winston-Salem, N. C, 105 Patterson, Mary P., Shelby, N. C, 105 Pearson, S. Gail, Shelby, N. C, 58, 105, 162 Perrov, Elizabeth J., Valdese, N. C, 142 Petty, Linda L, Gaffney, S. C, 142 Pfaff, Sandra L, Charlotte, N. C, Phillips, Jackie R., Shelby, N. C, 105 Pigg, Doris, Huntersville, N. C, 106, 108 Pilgrim, Sandra G., Forest City, N. C, 106 Pinson, Betty A., Gulesburg, III., 142 Ponder, Harriette A., Cowpens, S. C, 142 Poteet, Carolyn M., Morganton, N. C, 106 Price, Mary Lou, Fort Pierce, Fla., 64 Priester, Jacquelin R., Wilkesboro, N. C, 142 Pritchard, M. Elaine, Valdese, N. C, 106 Puckett, Alma K., Charlotte, N. C, 142 Quinn, Martha A., Cherryville, N. C, 142 Ragan, Wanda D., Landrum, S. C, 143 Ramsey, Dorothy W., Gaffney, S. C, 64, 107 Rawls, Toby A., 143 Reece, Brenda S., Winston-Salem, N. C, 108 Reed, Marsha A., Cliffside, N. C, 64, 108 Reid, Pamela K., Winston-Salem, N. C, 143, 175 Reid, Yvonne G., Landis, N. C, 108 Richardson, B. Annette, Asheboro, N. C, 109 Rietdorf, Nancy A., Arden, N. C, 109 Rivenbark, Mary E., Wallace, N. C, 143 Roark, Ramona, Monument Beach, Mass., 109 Roberts, Barbara A., Shelby, N. C, 143 Roberts, Linda L., Kings Mountain, N. C, 109, 133 Robertson, L. Christene, Rutherfordton, N. C, 109 Robertson, Nancy C, Swannanoa, N. C, 109, 173 Rodermund, Linda S., Asheville, N. C, 143 Rogers, Joye L, Taylorsville, N. C, 160, 162 Rogers, J. Kay, Statesville, N. C, 85, 110 Rogers, Julian S., Shelby, N. C, 143 Ropp, Carolyn E., Shelby, N. C, 143 Ross, Doris, Boiling Springs, N. C, Roten, Eugenia A., Grayson, N. C, 110, 160, 162, 154, 174, 175 Ruff, Connie J., Mill Springs, N. C, 144 Ruppe, Abigail, Rutherfordton, N. C, 144 Sain, Glenda K., Vale, N. C, 144 Samworth, Linda M., Wilmington, Del., 144 Sawyer, Faye M., Zebulon, N. C, 60, 144 Schronce, Mona L, Maiden, N. C, 144 Sciacca, Mary C, Arlington, Va., Ill Seism, Ada R., Shelby, N. C, 111 Seism, Linda F., Kings Mountain, N. C, 144 Scruggs, Sharon R., Brevard, N. C.,62, 111, 155 Self, Wilma J., Gaffney, S. C, 144 Shields, Jo Ann, Shelby, N. C„ 64, 111 Shipley, N. Dana, Winston-Salem, N. C, 144 Short, Jackie A., Casar, N. C, 112 Shronce, Joyce L., Iron Station, N. C, 60, 112, 160 Shuford, Margaret G., Shelby, N. C, 145 Shull, Theresa J., Shelby, N. C, 145 Shumate, Iva M., North Wilkesboro, N. C, 145 Sickels, Barbara L., Trenton, N. J., 145 Sigmon, Patricia A., Cherryville, N. C, 112 Sikes, Eleanor H., Shelby, N. C, 117, 145 Silver Patricia E., Newell, N. C, 145 Smart, Mary A., Rutherfordton, N. C, 58, 112 Smith, Brenda S., Cherryville, N. C, 145 Smith, Linda D., Chesnee, S. C, 145 Southards, Linda M., Shelby, N. C, 112 Straughn, Barbara J., Greensboro, N. C, 114 Swaim, Anna L., Kernersville, N. C, 60, 146 Swift, Willa B., Salisbury, N. C, 146 Teague, Sandra G., Hickory, N. C, 146 Teague, Willie D., Granite Falls, N. C, 146 Tedder, Catherine T., Ellenboro, N. C, 146, 167 Tessnear, D. Censythia, Henrietta, N. C, 64, 115 Tessnear, Wanda J., Forest City, N. C, 64, 115 Thomas, Sandra L., Charlotte, N. C, 146 Tisdale, Janice D., Spartanburg, S. C, 146 Toms, Linda J., Lattimore, N. C, 116 Trexler, Joyce A., Boiling Springs, N. C, 143, 146 Turner, Frances M., Mt. Airy, N. C, 58, 116 Turner, G. Jane, Gaffney, S. C, 60, 116 Turnmyre, Sue E., Granite Falls, N. C, 60, 108, 146, 186, 187 Upton, Carolyn S., Lawndale, N. C, 116, 161, 162 Ussery, Tina A., Lexington, N. C, 64, 90, 116, 176 Van Dyke, Rachel L, Shelby, N. C, 117 Vance, Patricia A., Spruce Pine, N. C, 146 Vaughn, Mary B., Greenville, S. C, 60, 117 Vickers, Marcia L., Lexington, N. C, 146 Wade, Nancy I., Cowpens, S. C, 58, 117, 159, 161, 162, 167 Waldrop, Gayla C, Rock Hill, S. C, 146, 162, 165 Walker, Lynda L., Spindale, N. C, 118 Walker, Theresa D., Rutherfordton, N. C, 118 Wall, Ollie L., Boiling Springs, N. C, 118 Wallace, Edith C, Miami, Fla., 118 Walsh, Brenda A., Asheville, N. C, 118 Ward, Lela 0., Rose Hill, N. C, 146 Ware, Cynthia K., Kings Mountain, N. C, 146 Washburn, P. Yvonne, Aiken, S. C, 146 Washburn, Terry M., Lattimore, N. C, 119 Watts, Janice K., Charlotte, N. C, 119, 173 Way, Sylvia L., Burlington, N. C, 119 Weaver, Rose M., Charlotte, N. C, 146 Webb, J. Carolyn, Ellenboro, N. C, 119 Webb, Myra J., Mooresboro, N. C, 146 Webb, Neal A., Waynesville, N.C., 146 Weir, Barbara A., Winston-Salem, N.C., 64 Wells, Harriet B., South Hill, Va., 147 Whatley, Beulah, Shelby, N. C, Whisnant, Mary L., Lawndale, N.C., 119 White, Rebecca E., Granite Falls, N.C., 147 Whitefield, Joan C, Chapel Hill, N.C., 119 Whitehead, Linda L., Norfolk, Va., 147 Whitener, L. Karen, Lenoir, N.C., 147, 162 Williams, Katherine E., Fallston, N.C., 64, 120 Williams, Pamela N., Lancaster, S.C., 120 Williams, Patricia A., Kingston, N.C., 120 Wilson, Beverly S., Shelby, N.C., 147 Wilson, Judy L., Lake Lure, N.C., 120 Wise, F. Ann, Cherryville, N.C., 120, 154 Withrow, H. Faye, Shelby, N.C., 120 Womick, Barbara A., Forest City, N.C., 147 Wood, Donna P., Annandale, Va., 120 VF? Wood, S. Anna. Greensboro, N.C., 121 Wood, Sharon M„ Charlotte, N.C.. 121 Wirght, Gloria J., Shelby, N.C.. 121 Wyatt. Linda K.. Concord, N.C., 121 Wyatt, M. Jeanette, Shelby, N.C., 121, 174 Wylie, Sally H., Shelby, N.C.. 121 Yelton, Judith E., Bostic, N.C., 147, 161 Yelton, Sybil J., Shelby, N.C., 147 Young, Susan D., Boone, N.C., 147, 159, 160, 162 Men ' s Student Index Abee, David H., Valdese, N.C., 127 Abercrombie, Harley J., Shelby, N.C., 73 Abercrombie, Jack W., Williamsburg, Va. 73 Abernathy, Gary, 190 Abernathy, Julius W„ III, Newton, N.C., 73 Addis, Richard W„ Shelby, N.C., 73 Alexander, Alec 0., Salisbury, N.C., 127 Alexander, Richard L, Mooresboro, N.C., 50, 51, 127 Allen. Steven D., Greensboro, N.C., 73 Allen, Stephen R., Shelby, N.C., 127 Allison, James R., Cherokee, N.C., 127 Allison, Terry L., Cherokee, N.C., 127 Anderson, William D., Hopkinsville, Ky., 73 Anthony, Irvin F., Shelby, N.C., 73 Arndt, Steven D., Newton. N.C.. 127 Arnette. Edward D., Woodleaf, N. C, 73 Arnett, Richard C, Charlotte, N.C., 127 Ashill, Ronald M., Columbia, S.C., 127 Ashburn, James E., Raleigh, N.C., 127 Ashburn, Thomas W., Mt. Airy, N.C., 127 Aslund, Ted D., Lowrys, S.C., 73 Atkins, Rodney P., Spartanburg, S.C., 127, 179 Atnip, Donald A., Charlotte, N.C., 127 Aziz, Abdulmassih, Beirut, Lebanon, 127, 161, 173 Bailey, Steven M., Mayodan, N.C., 73 Baker, Stanley W., Newberry, S.C., 127 Balentine, John C, Waynesville, N.C., 60, 74, 162 Ball, Terry W., Lexington, N.C., 74 Balloch, James, III, Greenville, S.C., 74, 187, 174, 175 Barbee, David M., Kanapolis, N.C., 128, 144 Barger, William V., Cherryville, N.C., 128 Barkley, E. Eugene, Statesville, N.C., 74, 164 Barrett, Lewis A., Shelby, N.C., 74 Bartholomew, Gerald F., Hickory, N.C., 74 Barton, Strib S„ Greenville, S.C., 128 Beal, B. C, Jr., Lincolnton, N.C., 74 Beam, Edwin H., Shelby, N.C., 128 Beason, Dale, Shelby, N.C., 74 Beason, Donald A., Mooresboro, N.C., 74 Beddingf ield, Wilbur E., Greenville, N.C., Beheler, Danny H., Aiken, S.C., 128 Bell, Harold L., Williamston, S.C., 128 Berkshire, Stanley W., Salisbury, N.C., 74 Biggerstaff, Jerry S., Maiden, N.C., 75 ' Bird, John T., Bakersville, N.C., 128, 166, Bishop, Marvin L., Blacksburg, S.C., 128 Blackwell, Danny H., Greer, S.C., 75 Blackwell, Ronald G., Shelby, N.C., 75, 94 Bland. Eddie R., Shelby, N.C., 107, 128 Blanton, Kenneth H., Jr., Lattimore, N.C., 75 Blanton, Ronald K., Shelby, N.C., 75 Boners, Daryl, 60 Boney, James C, Jr., Spartanburg, S.C., 76 Bost, Daniel C, Marion, N.C., 76, 87 Bostic, Kenneth A., Rutherfordton, N.C., 128 Bowers, Daryl M., Charlotte, N.C., 129 128 179 Bowers, R. Bruce, North Wilkesboro, N.C., 129, 165, 169 Bowman, Gilbert F., Jr., Mt. Airy, N.C., 129 Bowman, Phillip £, Taylorsville, N. C, 76 Boyce. Richard A., Columbia, S.C., 129 Boyd, Leon F., Greenville, S.C., 76 Boyles, Robert G., Vale, N.C., 76, 165 Boylston, Walter M., Charlotte, N.C., 129 Boyter, James L., Greenville, S.C., 77 Boyter, Tom, 169 Bradley, Ray A., Forest City, N.C., 77 Barfford, Nick E., Lowell, N.C., 77 Brandon, Dewitt M., Asheville, N.C., 129 Brannon, Robert L., Greer, S.C., 129, 169 Brasington, Mitchell R., Union, S.C., 77 Bray, D. Max, Thomasville, N.C., 129 Bray, Ronald E., Jonesville, N.C., 77, 166 Bridgers, David A., Wilmington, N.C., 129 Bridges, E. Drew, Hildebran, N.C., 72, 77, 123, 166, 183, 184, 192 Bridges, Eddie W., Morresboro. N.C., 129 Bridges, Harold L, Shelby, N.C., 129 Bridges, Michael W., Blacksburg, S.C., 129 Brinkley, Charles C, Columbia, S.C., 129 Brittain, F. Scott, Salisbury, N.C., 129 Brock, John R., Jr., Shelby, N.C., 129 Brock, William M., Tryon, N.C., 129 Brooks, Jeffrey G., Shelby, N.C., 38, 77 Brown, Charles E., Lenoir, N.C., 77, 101 Brown, David G., Purlear, N.C., 130, 183, 184 Brown, James E., Wilmington, N.C., 130 Brown, Johnny L., Conover, N.C., 130 Brown, Richard A., Bessemer City, N.C., 130 Brown, Richard P., Avondale, Pa., 130 Bryant, Randall C, Mullisn, S.C., 77 Bryson, Sidney 0., Morganton, N.C., 130, 166, 179 Buford, Michael L, Eau Gallie. Fla.. 77, 159, 160, 161 Bullard, Basil W., Jr., Greensboro, N.C., 60, 76, 77, 166, 169 Bumgarner, Darrell H., Spindale, N.C., 130 Bumgarner, Edward K., Valdese, N.C., 130 Burch, Carl R., Granite Falls, N.C., 78 Burgess, Carl, 162 Burgess, David E., Bostic, N.C., 130 Burgess. Larry H., Forest City, N.C., 130 Burnett, Sebron L., Jr.. Camilla. Ga., 130, 166, 179 Burns, Carl L., Morgonton, N.C., 130 Burt, Duncan T., Winston-Salem, N.C., 130 Butler, Daniel E., Forest City, N.C., 130 Cabaniss, Edward L., Shelby, N.C., 78 Cadwallader. J. Kenneth, Jr., Cherryville, N.C., 130 Cain, James K., Boiling Springs, N.C., 68, 130 Cain, William R., Fountain Inn, S. C, 130 Caldwell, H. Franklin, Maiden, N.C., 78 Callahan, Ronald L, Cliffside, N.C., 78 Calton, Kenneth W., Forest City, N.C., 78 Campbell, Walter L., Elizabethtown, N.C., 79 Cannon, James A., Travelers Rest, S.C., 79, 187 Cannon, Richard K., Boiling Springs, N.C., 130 210 Cantrell, Michael L, Greer, S.C., 79 Carr, Ronald J., Asheville, N.C., 130 Carson, Richard S., Greenville, S.C., 79 Carter, Phillip D., Granite Falls, N.C., 131, 175 Carter, Wayne E., Danville, Va., 131 Carter, William G., Mt. Airy, N.C., 131 Carver, Tony T., North Wilkesboro, N.C., 79 Cates, Phillip V., Burlington, N.C., 131 Cates, Timothy G., Graham, N.C., 79 Cathey, Roger L, Charlotte, N.C., 79, 188 Cauthen, Larry C, Newton, N.C., 131 Cavin, W. Craig, Hickory, N.C., 131 Christensen, Gary R., Aiken, S.C., 79 Chruch, D. Wayne, Hamptonville, N.C., 79, 166, 190 Ciocchetti, Lonnie, Aruanda, Col., 131 Clarkson, David E., Cowpens, S.C., 80 Clary, Joe B., Gaffney, S.C., 132 Clay, Edward W., Jr., Greenville, S.C., 80 Coates, Daniel H., Franklin, N.C., 132 Coates, Jerry L, Davidson, N.C., 132 Coates, Thomas E., Virginia Beach, Va., 132 Cockerel, Jerry L, Clinton, S.C., 132, 179 Coffey, Charles M. Hickory, N.C., 132 Cole, Samuel E., Asheville, N.C., 132 Collier, James G., Ill, Greenville, S.C., 80, 166, 192 Conley, Richard E., Caroleen, N.C., 132 Connor, Charles 0., Shelby, N.C., 80 Connor, James D., Dillon, S.C., 132 Connor, Thomas R„ Shelby, N.C., 132 Cook, Louis E., Grover, N.C., 80 Cooper, Donald A., Lattimore, N.C., 132 Copeland, Thomas L., Clinton, S.C., 80 Cottle, McRay, Teachey, N.C., 132 Cox, William M., Reidsville, N.C., 132 Coyle, Johnny W., Gaffney, S.C., 80 Coyle, Terry L., Gaffney, S.C., 80 Craig, Ross A., Lenoir, N.C., 60, 132 Crawford, Vernon A., Jr., Newton, N.C., 132 Creasy, Bingham M., Winston-Salem, N. C, 80 Crooks, W. Donald, Hamlet, N.C., 132 Cross, J. Wayne, Yanceyville, N.C., 80 Crotts, Paul B., Graham, N.C., 132 Crouch, David S., Newton, N.C., 132 Crowe, J. Ray, Boiling Springs, N.C., 81 Crowe, James W., Shelby, N.C., 81 Crown, John R., Ill, Lynchburg, Va., 81, 127 Curlee, David B., Maiden, N.C., 132, 166, 179 Cuthbertson, Lloyd W., Nebo, N.C., 81 Davenport, David E., Greenville, S.C., 132 Daves, Max C, Jr., Shelby, N.C., 81 Daves, Norris W., Shelby, N.C., 132 Davis, James 0., Ill, Shelby, N.C., 82, 101 David, Laurence T., Forest City, N.C., 132 Davis, Robert T., Columbia, S.C., 58, 82, 165 Davis, Thomas R., Fayetteville, N.C., 82, 132 Dawson, Charlie H., Rutsburg, Va., 82 Deaton, Randy E., Shelby, N.C., 132 Dedmon, Donald G., Shelby, N.C., 132 Dellinger, Nelson L., Cherryville, N.C., 82 Denton, Ronald C, Shelby, N.C., 82 Dezern, Joseph R., Cycle, N.C., 82 Dickens, Henry V., Morganton, N.C., 132 Dickerson, Douglas S., Greenville, S.C., 82 Dillon, Billy I., Madison, N.C., 82 Dillon, Larry W., Winston-Salem, N.C., 82, 103, 114, 169 Dobbins, Gary R., Trinity, N.C., 82 Dodd, Robert V., Shelby, N.C., 58, 82 Dodge, Joseph A., Col. Heights, Va., 82 Dodson, Rodney E., Shelby, N.C., 83 Drum, Floyd C, Jr., Maiden, N.C., 83 Dulany, Ralph 0., II, Charlotte, N.C., 83, 166, 188 Dunlap, David F., Columbia, S.C., 83, 173, 190 Dutton, Robert P., Hickory, N.C., 84, 166, 179 Dwyer, Larry A., Whiteville, N.C., 133 Earley, Hollis G., Morganton, N.C., 84 Earp, Gary G., Lenoir, N.C., 84 Edwards, Bergin W., Jr., Bryson City, N.C., 84 Edwards, Harlan N„ Jr., Shelby, N.C., 84 Elkins, Robert C, Jr., Rock Hill, S.C., 84 Elliott, Harold C, Durham, N.C., 133, 179 Elliott, Nicholas S., Shelby, N.C., 84 Ellis, Jack D., Gaffney, S.C., 84 Ellis, Steven R., Grover, N.C., 133 Elmore, Jerry F„ Cliffside, N.C., 58, 133 Enos, Stephen P., Charlotte, N.C., 133 Epley, Jesse W., Forest City, N.C., 133 Eskew, Jerry D., Greenville, S.C., 84, 108, 166, 179, 192 Eskridge, John W., Cheraw, S.C., 133 Estes, James A., Sunnyvale, Calif., 133 Estes, William L., Maiden, N.C., 133 Evans, Barry D., Virginia Beach, Va., 84, 166, 173 Everhart, Stephen L., Lexington, N.C., 85 Ewing, Rodney P., Maiden, N.C., 85, 166, 190 Faircloth, Clem 0., Rose Hill, N.C., 58, 133 Fergerson, Ronald K., Lenoir, N.C., 85 Fitch, James E., Kings Mountain, N.C., 85 Fleming, Steven G., Hickory, N.C., 134 Flores, Luis N., Brookland, N.Y., 134, 184 Flourney, Bill, 192 Flowers, James D., Charlotte, N.C., 134 Ford, Bill L, Boiling Springs, N. C, 86 Ford, Robert L, Hickory, N.C., 134 Foster, J. Rickey, Lexington, N.C., 134, 166, 179 Fox, Daniel E., Hickory, N.C., 86 Fox, John M., China Grove, N.C., 134 Fox, Roger W., Hickory, N.C., 86, 166, 179, 190 Francis, Raymond E., Greenville, N.C., 86, 166, 179 Fraser, H. Steve, Shelby, N.C., 86 Fredell, Dennis E., Cherryville, N.C., 134 Freeman, David L., Bostic, N.C., 86 Freeman, Joseph C, Forest City, N.C., 134 Frye, Ted W., Conover, N.C., 134 Gabriel, Charles L., Hickory, N.C., 86 Gardner, Gerald C, Hamptonville, N.C., 86, 190 Garmon, C. Russell, Leaksville, N.C., 86 Garriga, Frank, Hickory, N.C., 134 Garvin, Robert W., Gaffney, S.C., 134 Geanes, John H., Charlotte, N. C, 134 Gentry, David W„ Shelby, N.C., 134 Gettys, D. Wayne, Ellenboro, N.C., 86 Ghaowi, E. Saad N., Beirut, Lebanon, 118, 134, 161, 173 Gibbs, J. Steven, Greenville, S.C., 86 Gilbert, Fred A., Charlotte, N.C., 134 Giles, Fons H., Morganton, N.C., 134 Gilleland, Ronald 0., Maiden, N.C., 134 Gi II is, Thomas W., Salisbury, N.C., 166, 179, 192 Gilstrap, Nathan K., Clinton, S.C., 87 Givens, B. John, Bostic, N.C., 134 Gjelhang, John H., Shelby, N.C., 135, 169 Gladden, Benjamin F., High Point, N.C., 135 Gladden, Jr., W. Ross, Chester, S.C., 87 Glaser, Allan, Shelby, N.C., 87 Glenn, Albert L., Boiling Springs, N.C., 135 Goble, Wayne C, Maiden, N.C., 97, 135, 173 Godfrey, Merwyn D., Chesnee, S.C., 135 Goff, Jr., William N., Charlotte, N.C., 135 Goforth, Dennis G., Shelby, N.C., 135 Goins, C. Larry, High Point, N.C., 87 Goalsby, Dan C, Columbia, S.C., 135 Graf, Alan L„ Westfield, N. J., 135 Gravatt, John E., Ill, Charlotte, N.C., 88 Gray, Allan, 60 Gray, Barry D., Clemmons, N.C., 88, 169 Gray, William S., High Point, N.C., 135, 161 Green, David A., Shelby, N.C., 135 Greene, John A., Gaffney, S.C., 135 Greene, Lui K., Shelby, N.C., 88 Greene, Michael C, Shelby, N.C., 88 _ Greene, Nicholas M., Shelby. N.C., 135 Grigg, Johnny K., Cowpens. S.C., 88 Grigg. Larry G., Morganton, N.C., 88 Grubbs, Donald C. Winston- Salem. N.C., 135 Guerard Jr., Pickney H., Dorchester. S.C., 88, 166. 179 Gurley. Earnest H., Jr., Charlotte, N.C.. 135 Haas. Roger D.. High Point. N.C., 135 Hagenbart, Steven. 162 Hairfield. Allen B., Morganton. N.C., 88 Hall, Delmer P.., Pilot Mt„ N.C., 87. 164. 173 Hall. Frankie D., Marion. S.C., 135 Hall, Shannon D., Galax, Va., 88 Hamilton, P. Thomas, Bristol. Va„ 136. 166, 179 Hammock. Burl T., Winston-Salem, N.C., 89. 97 Hampton, Michael L., Winston-Salem, N.C., 89 Hamrick, Kenneth C, Kings Mt.. N.C., 136 Hamrick, Maxwell B., Boiling Springs, N.C., 89 Hamrick, Marion R., Boiling Springs. N.C.. Hamrick, M. Wayne. Shelby, N.C., 89 Hamrick, Richard E., Shelby, N.C., 136 Hamrick, Ronald E., Shelby, N.C., 89 Hamrick, Ronald L., Gaffney, S.C., 136 Hamrick, Jr.. S. Carleton, Shelby. N.C., 90 Hancock. Rabern S., High Point, N.C., 136 Hardee, Jr.. Millard M., Cary, N.C., 136 Hardin, Jr., Grady A., Rutherfordton, N.C.. 136 Harding, Gregg H., Morganton, N.C., 90 Harkey. Gene R.. Hendersonville, N.C., 136 Harmon. Troy S., Elkin, N.C., 136, 160, 161. 162 Harrell, Larry D., Capron, Va.. 90, 166. 179 Harrill, Jr., Ray B., Gastonia. N.C., 60, 90 Harris. George W.. Glendale, S.C., 38 Harris. Herman S.. Greensboro. S.C., 90 Harris. James R., Charlotte, N.C., 136 Harris, Kenny R., Boiling Springs, N.C., 136 Hartman, Jr., James D., Winston-Salem. N.C., 91 Hastings. Billy G.. Shelby, N.C., 136 Hauser. John M., Spartanburg, S.C., 136 Hawkins. Michael E., Greer, S.C., 60. 72. 91. 169 Hay, II, John M., Hickory. N.C.. 91 Haynes, Jr.. Joe R.. Belmont. N.C.. 136 Haynes, John B., Jr., Mt. Airy, N.C., 136 Haywood. Kenneth L., Denton. N.C., 91, 154, 159, 173 Head, J. Milton, Winston-Salem, N.C.. 91, 154. 155. 159, 162 Heatherly, G. David, Lake Lure. N.C.. 91 Hegenbart, Steven A.. Charlotte, N.C., 58, 135 Hedrick, C. Richard. Lexington, N.C., 136 Henderson, James D.. Grier. N.C., 91, 165 Hendricks. Joseph M., Chesterfield, S.C., 136 rlendrix, Michael Lynn, Greenville, S.C., 91 Hendrix, Ronald M., Glikey, N.C., 91, 166, 179, 190 Hepler. Danny L.. Monroe. N.C., 136 Hervers, Jim, 60 Hewitt, Ronald D., Newton, N.C., 91 Hicks. Charles A., Mooresboro. N.C., 136 Hicks. K. Rodney, Bryson City, N.C..92 Hicks, Larry L., Forest City, N.C.. 92 Hightower, III, Ellerbe. Denmark, S.C.. 92 Hill, J. Gary, Rutherfordton, N.C., 92 Hines, J. B. III. Chesnee. S.C., 136 Hines, Terry D„ Spindale, N.C., 92 Hix, James H., Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., 92 Hodgen, James L., Jr., Chesnee. N.C.. 92 Hodges. William A., Yanceyville. N.C., 136 Hodgin, Donald L., Greensboro. N.C., 136 Hoeflick, Larry C, Charlotte, N.C., 136 Hogan. Larry A., Marlon, N.C., 92 Holbrook. Harold, 192 Holder. D. Ramsey. Grier, S.C., 78, 92 Holland. James W., Boiling Springs. N.C., 136, 162 Holland. Michael G., Saluda. N.C., 92 Holmes. Michael E., Forest City, N.C., 92 Holtzclaw. Eugene 8., Grier. S.C., 93, 169 Honeycutt, Michael L., Gaffney, S.C., 136 Horn, Ralph F., Gaffney. S.C.. 136 Home. Charles R.. Swannanon, N.C., 136 Hoyle. Fred J., Shelby, N.C., 137 Hoyle. Jerry D.. Shelby. N.C., 137 Hudson. Carl L., Wilkesboro, N.C., 58, 137 Hudson, Glenn E.. Gastonia, N.C., 137 Hudson. Ronald A., Connelly Springs, N.C., 137 Huffman, Tony A., Hickory. N.C., 137 Huffstickler, William M., Shelby, N.C., 137 Hughes. Garland L., Gaffney, S.C., 137 Hulse, John M., Charlotte, N.C., 93 Humphries, Gary R., Clover, S.C., 93 Humphries. Grover D., Gaffney, S.C., 93 Hurlocker. Thomas R., Winston-Salem, N.C., 137, 166. 179 Hutchins, Guy E., Jr., Cowpens, S.C, 137 Hutchins, Joe D., Winston-Salem, N.C., 94 Hutson, Daivd W., Durham, N.C., 137 Hutter, Cary A., Jr., Lynchburg, Va.. 94 Hyder. John W., Denver, Col., 137 Hyder, Ronald A., Hendersonville, N.C., 94, 164 Houser, John, 50 Hoyle, Fred, 60 Impinna, Frank, Jr.. Shelby. N.C., 137 Isenhower, Harold J., Salisbury, N.C., 166, 179 Jamison, Frank N., Franklin, N.C.. 94, 190 Jensen, Gary D., Asheville. N.C., 137 Jobe. H. Crawford, Jr., Durham, N.C., 94 Johnson. Anthony L., Charlotte, N.C., 138 Johnson, Danny E., Boiling Springs. N.C.. 94. 58 Johnson. Donald, Jr., North Augusta, S.C, 138 Johnson, Lawrence R.. New York, N.Y., 138, 182, 183, 184 Johnson. Tony, 60 Jones, David E., Pfafftown, N.C.. 138 Jones. Max D., Shelby, N.C., 138 Jones, Richard E.. Shelby. N.C., 138 Jones. W. Edward. Madison, N.C., 138 Jones, Wayburn H., Valdese, N.C., 138 Joyce, Ronald D., Mayodan. N.C., 138 Kanipe. H. Dean. Marion. S.C, 95, 188 Kays, Phillip H., North Augusta, S.C, 138 Keller, Robin, K., Shelby, N.C, 138 Keyes, Ray T., Lenoir, N.C, 95 Kimbrell, Perry W., Jr., Maiden. N.C, 138 King, Bobby J., Asheboro, N.C, 36, 95, 161, 187 Kirksey, W. Albert. Morganton, N.C, 138 Kiser, Stephen C, Kannapolis, N.C, 96 Klein, Richard J.. New York, N.Y., 138 Krause. Maxie, Greer. S.C, 138. 166, 179 Lackey. Philip. I., Shelby, N.C, 138 Lail, Benny E., Connelly Springs, N.C. 96 Lail, Ralph A., Shelby, N.C, 138 Lamb. Gene F., Cowpens, S.C, 96 Lamb, Joseph C, Forest City, N. C, 139 Lane, William F., Winston-Salem, N.C, 96 Lange, Donald L, Sea Cliff, N.Y., 139 Lanier, C, Thomas, Wilmington, N.C., 139 Lankford. Jerry M., Greenville, S.C, 139 Laughter. David B., Hickory, N.C, 96 Lawing, Gerry D., Charlotte, N.C, 139 Lawing, Michael B., Spindale, N.C, 139 Lawrence, Richard D., Belmont, N.C, 96 Laws, Fred R., Claremont, N.C, 96 Lay. James P., Seneca, S.C, 139 Leary, Vernon M.. Wallace, N. C. 139. 161, 162 Ledbetter, Lawrence N., Shelby, N.C, 96 Leigh. Fred T., Shelby, N.C, 96. 166, 190 Lemmon ' s, John H., Jr., Charlotte, N.C, 139 Lentz . eneF., Hickory, N.C, 96, 139 Leslie, Paul C, Greensboro. N.C, 75, 139. 165 Lewis, Leland L., Clover, S.C, 139 Littlejoh n, Dewayne H., Spartanburg, S.C, 97 Lizza, Alia E„ Long Island. N.C, 139. 185 Logan, John F„ Jr., Chesnee. S.C, 97 London, Glenn H., Blacksburg, S.C, 97 212 Long, A. Yates, Rutherfordton, N.C., 139 Long, Ronald M., Greenville, S.C., 139 Longest, Donald R., Burlington, N.C., 97 Love, William T., Winston-Salem, N.C., Lowe, Jimmie D., Lawndale, N.C., 97, 188 Lunsford, Douglas R., Greenville, S.C., 139 Lutz, John F., Shelby N.C., Lyman, Steve W., Columbia, S.C., 139 McAbee, Hugh D., CI iff side, N.C., 99 McArthur, W. Terry, Forest City, N.C., 140 McCarter, Judson B., Crozet, Va., 140 McCartha, Thomas E., Columbia, S.C., 99 McClure, Carl A., Clyde, N.C., 140 McCallum, Rickey S., Yadkinville, N.C., 99 McCraw, Alton G., Gaffney, S.C., 99 McDaniel, James R., Jr., Caroleen, N.C., 99 McElreath, Jimmy L., Denton, N.C., 140 McGee, Johnny D„ Chester, S.C.. 100 McGuinn, William D., Wahiawa, Ha., 140 McKinney, Joel W., Mooresboro, N.C., 100, 157, 166, 179 McKinney, Martin L., Cliffside, N.C., 140 McLane, Foster B., Ill, Abbeville, S.C., 100, 166, 179 McLean, Stephen H., Stanley, N.C., 140 McManus, Michael W., Smyrna, Ga., 140, 167 McManus, Paul V., Jr., Gastonia, N.C., 100 McPherson, L. Forrest, Gaffney, N.C., 140 McPherson, Roger J., Gaffney, N.C., 53, 140 McSwain, Billy P., York, S.C., 100 McSwain, Jerry W„ Shelby, N.C., 154 McSwain, Stephen P., Charlotte, N.C., 140 Mabry, Steven N., China Grove, N.C., 140 Mack, Charles E., Boiling Springs, N.C., Mackie, Steve R., Yadkinville, N.C., 140 Marbert, Perry F., Greensboro, N.C., 140 Marchand, James E., Charlotte, N.C., 140 Martin, C. Thomas, Greensboro, N.C., 99, 188 Martin, J. Douglas, Greenville, S.C., 99 Martin, Mike H., Newton, N.C., 140 Martin, Thomas A., Blacksburg, S.C., 140 Masiello, Robert J., Matawan, N.J., 140 Mathis, C. Wayne, Gaffney, S.C., 99 Mathis, W. Cecil, Gaffney, S.C., 99 Mauldin, Tony M., Belmont, N.C., 99, 166 Maynor, James E„ Spindale, N.C., 99, 166, 179 Mayse, Johnny L, Forest City, N.C., 140 Mazoyer, Richard J., Huntington, N.Y., 140, 182, 184, Melton, Arnold G., Forest City, N.C., 100, 176 Melton, Rodger K., Rutherfordton, N.C., 140 Michael, Jerry L., Wilkesboro, N.C., 100 Mikell, Earl B., Jr., Columbia, S.C., 100 Miller, Andrew J., Morganton, N.C., 100, 173 Miller, Charles T., Trinity, N.C., 140 Miller, William N., Ill, Greenville, S.C., 100 Milliken, James T„ Columbia, S.C., 100 Mills, Charles D., Rutherfordton, N.C., 140 Millspas, Floyd N., Charlotte, N.C., 140 Millwood, Joe T., Cherryville, N.C., 58, 140 Misenheimer, L. Sanfrod, Jr., Taylors, S.C., 100 Mode, Donald L, Shelby, N.C., 140 Monk, Phillip M., Tozewell, Va., 141 Monteith, Joseph C, Gilkey, N.C., 101 Moody, Jimmy E., Nebo, N.C., 141, 184 Moore, Joel T., Hentietta, N.C., 101 Moore, Walter B., Greenville, S.C., 101 Morgan, Jerry P., Shelby, N.C., 141 Moreley, Willard S., Hendersonville, N.C., Morris, David N., Burgaw, N.C., 141 Morris, James E., Asheboro, N.C., 101 Morris, Kenneth L., Morganton, N.C., 56, Morrow, G. Richard, Jr., Forest City, N.C., Morrow, James R., Charlotte, N.C., 141 Morton, Archie W., Shelby, N.C., 102 Moss, Charles E., Gaffney, N.C., 141 Moss, M. Scott, Rutherfordton, N.C., 141 141, 161 101, 166, 141 179 Mounce, Milford G., Kernersville, N.C., 102 Mullinaz, Lew E., Charlotte, N.C., 141 Murphey, Lester T., Old Fort, N.C., 58, 102 Myers, David L., Yadkinville, N.C., 141 Nard, David P., Greensboro, N.C., 75, 141, 165 Navy, Steve U., Biscoe, N.C., 141 Neal, James M., Reidsville, N.C., 102 Needham, Freddie D., Pilot Mountain, N.C., 141 Neely, William K., Spartanburg, S.C., 60, 141, 160 Neighbors, James L., Ruffin, N.C., 102 Neilson, Karl M., Miami Springs, Fla., 141 182, 184 Nelson, Roger D., Yanceyville, N.C., 102 Newton, Lanny R., Shelby, N.C., 141 Nichols, James L, III, Wallace, N.C., 102 Nicholson, Richard G., Newton, N.C., 102 Nixon, Daivd C, Jr., Charlotte, N.C., 103 Nixon, M. Ray, Yadkinville, N.C., 103, 166, 190 Nolan, Jim, 192 Norris, Howard M., Clinton, S.C., 141 Norville, Mavis M., Cliffside, N.C., 103 Oliver, Charles S., Forest City, N.C., 142 Oman, James D., Lexington, N.C., 142 Osborne, Billy W„ Gaffney, S.C., 142 O ' Shields, Stephen H., Shelby, N.C., 103 Owens, Charles E., Forest City, N.C., 104, 176 Owens, Gilmore S., Blackville, S.C., 104 Owens, James D., Rutherfordton, N.C., 142 Owens, Tommy L., Faggney, N.C., 104 Owle, Freeman L, Cherokee, N.C., 142 Oxford, Charles E., Blacksburg, S.C., 104 Packard, Edward L., Shelby, N.C., 142 Padgett, Jeffrey S., Forest City, N.C., 104 Pantalove, Donald G., New Providence, N.J., 142 Parker, James A., Marion, N.C., 105 Parker, W. Clayton, Courtland, Va., 188 Parris, Danny E., Gaffney, S.C., 142 Parsons, Samuel E., Winston-Salem, N.C., 105 Patterson, Dennis C, Kings Mountain, N.C., 105 Payne, Powell J., Greenville, S.C., 142 Pearce, Joe G., Jr., Roxboro, N.C., 60, 105, 169 Peeler, Charles, 190 Peeler, Stephen H., Lincolnton, N.C., 105 Pennell, George H., Jr., Greenville, S.C., 105 Pennington, Ronald E., Gaffney, S.C., 142 Perez, Edward A., Miami, Fla., 142 Perry, Richard W., Newberry, S.C., 142 Peterson, Donald B., Bryson City, N.C., 105, 129 Phelps, James J., Greenville, S. C, 105 Philbeck, R. Joe, Shelby, N.C., 105 Phillips, T. Terry, Cowpens, S.C., 105 Phillips, Terry K., Gaffney, S.C., 105 Phillips, William M., Hickory, N.C., 58, 106, 114, 159, 161, 162, 166, 192 Pickelsimer, 0. Keith, Greenville, S.C., 60, 106, 164, 167 Pierson, George W., Clarington, Ohio, 142, 179 Pinnix, Terry W., Winston-Salem, N.C., 106, 166, 192 Pittman, Roger L., Spruce Pine, N.C., 106 Poindexter, William, Jr., Pfafftown, N.C., 106 Pons, Richard H., Valdese, N.C., 142 Porter, James W., Pittsburg, Pa., 106 Porter, Joseph E„ Nashville, N.C., 106 Poston, George H., Canton, N.C., 106, 184, 185 Poteat, Barry D., Providence, N.C., 142 Powell, Richard L., Valdese, N.C., 142 Pressly, William S., Greenville, S.C., 106, 173 Price, Otha H., Jr., Charlotte, N.C., 142, 179 Price, Wayne C, Casar, N.C., 106, 188 Priester, James R., Wilkesboro, N.C., 106 Proctor, Larry D., Boiling Springs, N.C., 106, 161 Pruett, Thomas R., Shelby, N.C., 107, 166, 190 Putnam, Robert D., Lawndale, N.C., 107, 166, 190 Putnam, Stephen J., Mooresboro, N.C., 142 Pyle, Larry T., Greenville, S.C., 142 Pyrtle, Keith A., Madison, N.C., 60, 142 213 Queen, Clyde M., Shelby, N.C., 107 Queen, Jerry L, Bostic, N.C., 107 Queen, Koehler S., Bostic, N.C, 142 Ruby, David F., Winston-Salem, N.C., 143 Ragsdale, William C, Winston-Salem, N.C., 107 Randall, Ronnie J., Charlotte, N.C., 108 Randall, Stephen W., Mooresboro, N.C., 143 Rankin, John H., Ill, Shelby, N.C., 108 Rayfield, Cleveland A., Stanley, N.C., 108, 168, 184 Reavis, Michael V., Salisbury, N.C., 143 Rees, Fredric W., Charlotte, N.C., 108, 127, 157, 166 Reeves, Reeves, Boiling Springs, N.C., 143 Reeves, RudyC, Canton, N.C., 108, 127, 157, 166, 183, 184 Reid. Stuart L, Landis, N.C., 143 Reynolds, Stephen A., Shelby, N.C., 143 Rhinehardt, Stephen A., Charlotte, N.C., 143 Rhodes, Jr., Jesse F„ Pine Hall, N.C., 109 Rhymer, William E., Forest City, N.C., 143 Rhyne, Myron T., Ellenboro, N.C., 109 Rice, Michael D., Newberry, S.C., 143 Richard, Rickey J., Stanley, N.C., 143 Richards, Cecil A., Shelby, N.C., 143 Rickman, Arnold C, Bryson City, N.C, 109 Ridgeway, Ralph R., Greenville, S.C., 109 Riley, William H., Cherryhill, N.J., 143 Rippy, Jack E„ Columbia, S.C., 109, 166, 179 Robbins, Phillip L, Granite Quarry, N.C., 143 Roberts, Moultrie Q., Newberry, S.C., 109 Robinette, Gary N., Pacolet, S.C., 109 Robinson, Ellis J., Atlantic, N.C., 109, 161, 172 Ronbison, James E., Winston-Salem, N.C., 60, 109 Rock, Wayne G., Boykins, Va., 110, 166, 179 Rohrbaugh, Richard S., Charlotte, N.C., 143 Rosar, Edward G., Matawan, N.J., 144 Roseberry, Raymond J., Taylors, S.C., 144 Ross, Donald H., Belmont, N.C., 110, 161 Ross, Gary D., Saluda, N.C., 110 Rostan, Daniel G., Valdese, N.C., 110 Rowe, Steven W., Newberry, S.C., 144 Rudisill, David N., Forest City, N.C., 144 Rummage, Floyd R., Albemarle, N.C., 144, 161 Rushton, Reginald K., Jo Anna, S.C., 144 Russell, John J., Greenville, S.C., 111 Rygg, Eugene C, Greenville, S.C., 144 Saintsing, John G., Thomasville, N.C., 144 Sarratt, Johnny L, Gaffney, S.C., 144 Sarratt, Stephen K., Earl, N.C., 111 Satterwhite, Ronald C, Granite Falls, N.C., 144 Saunders, Timothy C, Charlotte, N.C., 111 Saunders, William L, Culpepper, Va., 144 Schoeder, Allen L, Austell, Ga., 144 Schoonmaker, Edward C, Paterson, N.J., 111 Scoggins, David 0., Rutherfordton, N.C., 60, 76, 111, 162, 173 Scott, Alan R., Pfafftown, N.C., 111 Scott, William C, Greenwood, S.C., 144 Seay, David R., Bryson City, N.C., 111, 166 Setzer, Richard H., Newton, N.C., 144 Sharp, Richard C, Clinton, Tenn., 144 Shaw, Horace M., Whiteville, N.C., 111, 176 Sherer, III, W., Thomas, Sharon, N.C., 111 Shires, Alfred D., Forest City, N.C., 111 Shires, Michael A., Mooresboro, N.C., 145 Shoose, Carroll W., Winston-Salem, N.C. Shuman, Thomas C, Glenside, Pa., 112, 190 Simmons, Michael B., Granite Falls, N.C, 145 Simpson, Michael H., Charlotte, N.C, 145, 166 Sink, Marcus B., Asheboro, N.C, 145 Sipe, W., Dwayne, Maiden, N.C, 145 Sisk, Tommy C, Winston-Salem, N.C, 145 Skomsky, Jerald G., Berwick, Pa., 112 Smith, Danny D., Cowpens, S.C, 112 Smith, David H., King, N.C, 112, 159, 164, 173 Smith, Donald C, Mooresboro, N.C, 112 Smith, G. Edward, Whitnell, N.C, 112 Smith, Eugene R., Walnut Cove, N.C, 145 Smith, George S., Hamlet, N.C, 145, 185 Smith, Michael L, Conover, N.C, 145 Smith, Richard P., Jr., Raleigh, N.C, 145 Smith, Ronald L., Columbus, N.C, 145 Smyre, Joel C, Newton, N.C, 145 Sneed, Larry R., Salemburg, N.C, 112 Sossamon, Ed D., Gaffney, S.C, 145 Sossamon, Frank, III, Gaffney, S.C, 112 Spain, Robert B., Charlotte, N.C, 113, 122, 166, 168, 179 Spainhour, Randolph T., Lenoir, N.C, 113, 154 Spangler, W. Craig, Shelby, N.C, 113 Sparks, Charles C, Gaffney, S.C, 145 Sparks, Robert G., Rutherfordton, N.C, 58, 113, 172 Spruill, Robert G., Hickory, N.C, 145 Stafford, Jr., Tommy A., Charlotte, N.C, 58, 145, 169 Stamey, Jr., Virgle B., Hickory, N.C, 113 Stanley, Gerald L., Greensboro, N.C, 58, 104, 113, 159, 161 162 164 Stanley, Paul M., Rock Hill, S.C, 114, 166, 182, 185, 192 Stanton, James E., Hopkins, S.C, 145 Stevenson, R. Dale, Randleman, N.C, 146 Stweart, Jr., Arthur L., Morganton, N.C, 114 Stokes, II, Donald R., Greer, S.C, 114, 164, 166, 173 Stoltz, Richard A., Miami Springs, Fla., 146, 179 Storm, Phillip B., Wilmington, Del., 114, 154 Stratton, Richard M., Charlotte, N.C, 146 Strickland, Elton L., Casar, N.C, 114 Stroud, Wayne A., High Point, N.C, 115 Stroup, Dan M., Gastonia, N.C, 115 Sturms, Michael R., Winston-Salem, N.C, 146 Styles, Fr ed L, High Point, N.C, 115, 166 Suddreth, Douglas C, Lenoir, N.C, 115 Summey, James A., Grier, S.C, 115 Summey, Steven M., High Point, N.C, 115, 169 Sumner, Thomas M., Buffalo, S.C, 146 Swain, William C, Lexington, N.C, 115 Swofford, Michael A., Gaffney, S.C, 115 Tapp, Thomas T., Grier, S.C, 146 Taylor, Jerry D., Winston-Salem, N.C, 115 Taylor, John Z„ Franklin, N.C, 115, 166, 179, 192 Tennis, Michael J., Grier, S.C, 115 Thomas, Charles E., Hendersonville, N.C, 115, 147, 164, 165, 167, 169, 175 Thomas, Shea W., Spartanburgh, S.C, 115 Thomason, Jr., Lee E., Taylors, S.C, 116 Thomason, Tom, 166, 179 Thompson, Larry, Saluda, N.C, 116 Thompson, Matthew V., Jacksonville, Fla., 55 Thompson, Roy D., Mooreville, N.C, 116, 166, 179 Thompson, Selwyn R., Barnwell, S.C, 116 Thornton, Michael H., Winston-Salem, N.C, 116 Thornton, Stanley M., Bostic, N.C, 116 Tilt, Leroy W., Shelby, N.C, 116 Tisdale, Kenneth A., Ellenboro, N.C, 146 Tolley, Charles M., Greensboro, N.C, 116, 184 Townsley, Peter A., Charlotte, N.C, 146 Trapp, James B., Conover, N.C, 146 Trull, Jimmy C, Albemarle, N.C, 116 Tryon, Bern W., Rutherfordton, N.C, 116 Tucker, Thomas E., Washington, D.C., 146 Turbeville, D. Michael, Greenville, S.C, 146 Turner, Bernie 0., Buffalo, S.C, 146 Turner, Ronald J., Gaffney, S.C, 116 Vaughn, J. Charles, Boiling Springs, N.C, 146 Vaughn, Terry W., Shelby, N.C, 117 Vaughn, Jr., Wade A., Shelby, N.C, 117, 127 Wagner, David S., Lexington, N.C, 85, 146, 166, 179 Wagner, Kenneth F., Lexington, N.C, 126, 146, 166, 179 Walker, Jerry W., Yadkenville, N. C, 117 Walker, Gary K., Marion, N.C, 117 Wall, Samue J., High Point, N.C, 118 Wallace, Joseph D., Charlotte, N.C, 146 Ware, Stephen T., Shelby, N.C, 146 214 Warlick, Philip C, Shelby, N.C., 62, 119, 155, 172 Washburn, Paul V., Boiling Springs, N.C., 119, 123, 154, 157, 162, 165, 174, 175 Watanasiriroch, Medhi, Bangkok, Thiland, 146, 161 Waters, Dennis E., Granite Falls, N.C., 146 Watson, Howard R., Burlington, N.C., 58, 119 Watson, John R., Sanford, N.C., 146 Webb, Ken T., Charlotte, N.C., 146 Webster, Michael T., Madison, N.C., 147 Welborn, Gary A., High Point, N.C., 147 Welch, Jerry L, Marion, N.C., 119, 169 West, Norman B., Greer, S.C., 147 Whalen, James T., Charlotte, N.C., 1 19 Whisenhunt, Steven L, Hartsville, S.C., 119, 127 Whisnat, Woodrow W., Jr., Lawndale, N.C., 147 White, Larry, Whiteville, N.C., 119 White, R. Earl, Shelby, N.C., 147 Whitesell, James A., Gibsonville, N.C., 147 Whitmire, L. J., Ill, Claremont, N.C., 147 Wiggins, J. William, Charlotte, N.C., 147 Wilkinson, Howard R., Shelby, N.C., 147 Wilkinson, James M., Mooresville, N.C., 120, 161 Willey, Robert G., Jr., State Rd., N.C., 1 20, 169 Williams, Ronnie K., Maiden, N.C., 147 Williams, Terry J., Shelby, N.C., 147 Williams, William C, III, Charlotte, N.C., 120 Williamson, James C, Fort Mill, S.C., 119 Willis, C. Lee, Shelby, N.C., 120 Willis, James R., Ware Shoals, S.C., 147 Wilmoth, Jim H., Dobson, N.C., 147, 185 Wilson, Donald P., Shelby, N.C., 120, 173 Wilson, Douglas M., Greenville, S.C., 147 Wilson, Ronald T., Shelby, N.C., 120 Wimberly, Samuel W., Spartanburg, S.C., 120 Winn, Bobby J., Boiling Springs, N.C., 120 Withers, Barry C, Newton, N.C., 147 Witherow, C. William, Jr., Winston-Salem, N.C., 120, 169 Wood, Larry V., Grover, N.C., 121 Woods, James T., Ferguson, N.C., 121 Wooten, Edward D., Clover, S.C., 147 Worthy, William C, Shelby, N.C., 147 Wright, Herschel, S., Kings Mountain, N.C., 38, 121, 159, 160, 162, 173 Wright, William J., Chattanooga, Tenn., 147 Yelton, Barry D., Forest City, N.C., 121, 154 Yopp, Charles C, Rutherfordton, N.C., 121 York, Wayne S., Ellenboro, N.C., 121 Young, Rickey N., Winston-Salem, N.C., 121 Young, Ronald R., Concord, N.C., 121, 165 Zimmerman, Walter D., New York, N.Y., 147 Zrolka, Robert R., Charlotte, N.C., 121 Index Admissions 35 Annual 174 Band 60 Baseball 190 Basketball 182 BSU 160 BSU Choir 162 Business 61 Business Club 62 Business Manager 34 Chapel 38 Cheerleaders 186 Choir 58 Classical Language 43 CVB 159 Data Processing 63 Day Students 172 Deans 32 Delta Psi Omega 165 Distinguished Artist Series .... 152 English 44 Ensemble 59 Epilogue 216 FineArts 56 Football 178 Freshmen 126 Golf 189 Government 168 Guidance 36 Homecoming Queen 148 Index 215 International Relations Club . . : 164 Intramurals 93 Introduction 2 Library 40 Mathematics 50 Mayday 156 May Queen 149 Men ' s House Council 169 Men ' s Index 210 Methodist Students 63 Ministerial Conference, YWA .158 Modern Language 46 Monogram Club 166 Newspaper 176 Night School 68 Nursing 64 Outstanding Sophomores 122 Pep Club 167 Phi Theta Kappa 154 Physical Education 66 President 28 Registrar and Promotions 33 Religion 54 Science 48 Science Club 173 Social Studies 52 Sophomores 72 Sophomore Directory 194 Special Recognition 42 Sweetheart Banquet 155 Tennis 188 Tract 192 Trustees 30 Vice President 31 Women ' s Affairs Board 170 Women ' s Index 207 ANCHOR 67 was lithographed in Greenville, South Carolina, by Keys Printing Incorporated in the quantity of 1,400 containing 216 pages. The first 24 pages of the book are of 70 pound beige Sun- ray Vellum. The remainder of the book consists of Patina 80 pound white stock. Photographs were reproduced with 133-line halftone screen. Text and composition were set in Linotype 8 and 10 point Trade Gothic Light. Head- lines were photo-set in 18 point Craw Modern. Covers were made by Smithcraft Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois. The base material is Boston Book Cloth with one color applied in burnt orange to an embossed bead line. The help of Alex Vaughn, spon- sor and Philip Simmons of Keys was invaluable to the staff. Spe- cial credit goes to William Carter, student photographer, who did the major portion of photography and photographic processing. Professional photography for class pictures was done by Curry ' s Studio of Gaffney, South Carolina. Some portions of other photographic work were by Peter Julian of Winston-Salem. 215 We were a part of G-W 1966-67. We laughed a little, despaired a little, lived a little and learned a lot. But now we see the year only as a passing experience, not yet valued. Perhaps it is only in look- ing back that we can fully ap- preciate a fleeting time of life, and we know that look back we must. For it is in yesterdays that we find understanding for tomor- rows. In smiling at pictures in the 1934 edition of the ANCHOR, we realize the changing styles and trends of man and come to know how different the setting will be in decades to come for those who follow us here. The ANCHOR is obviously Gard- ner-Webb from the spring of 1966 to the spring of 1967. But more than this, it is you in 1966-67. We have tried to preserve in words and pictures that time, that spirit which was our total ex- perience. Within these pages we hope each of you have found something distinct, real, and true. The Staff 216 ■-! ' :;: HH

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