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, WraR rnir M. • a, I ' i ' l- -.A IS Gardner-Webb College II 1964 f ADMINISTRATION AND CURRICULUM CLASSES FEATURES ACTIVITIES 18 34 80 98 -1 7 shall detain ijou no longer in the demonstration of what we should not do, but straight con- duct ye to a hillside, where I ivill point ije out the right path of a virtuous and noble education; la- borious indeed at the first ascent, but else so smooth, so green, so fidl of goodly prospect and melodi- ous sounds on every side that the harp of Orpheus was not more charming. Milton r- ALMA MATER At the foot of the mountains Is our College; proud she stands. Serving all who want her service. Blessing all with outstretched hands. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, We sing our love to thee; We pledge our hearts in deep devotion Our love, our faith, eternally. In our hearts we enthrone thee Pay thee homage far and wide. Offer sacrificial service To thee, our hope, our joy, our pride. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, We sing our love to thee; We pledge our hearts in deep devotion Our love, our faith, eternally. 1 5. .... • . dcT ■ — 1 HI kt: i ir a This is how it all begins . Dave, do amoebae eat paramecia? K atnered in ciaASroomA and VUe students have Pound an noble education. Gee, that was easy. Okay, wliat ' s the longitude and latitude for this island? Why Miss Hurff, I was studying! %boundlna in intellectual curiositi y opportunitu for a virtuouA and Carol, could you tell us about Byron ' s Don Juan. What did she say about figuring cost plus? HiRiiiRiiiHBnaBmi t »c» t fislmlm Have you ever noticed the " Anchor? " " Growing every year " — the New Dorm. ( reen and full of aoodlu prospect, our campud id con ductve to itudi r Witliin til eie winiome wa lis and aiona these windina patni KJiad nopeS and niafi aspirations are born and nursed toward fruition. lA no would find tne narp of LyrpfieuS more cnarmin i Ljrowina everu uear, our colleae uet holds her ri ht path. lAJisdont has she aiuen uS; our aratitude we retu laS She aiven uS; our Qraiitude we return. i •mi " L H : ' Springtime ' s Harmonies " Through the arch we ' ve walked togetlier " — Over the years the entrance to the campus changed. This year the arch was moved to make the stanza in the graduation song true. .j ift «. V.i A ' ii ■• mm (■ iSoSs ii ft i=. — V|f| w J a Ss i! iri LjLvina nrimaru emnn adiS UU ell-roundeci w ' ictor goes after " heap big bra e. ' Second Floor Stroup about to score to the spiritual and intellectual, our ima ivlat alio AeeKA to develop students tnroucin a balanced er ' ' All My Sons curricu A Dress-Up Dinner turn. cam an ZIL purpose of Qardner-WeU CoiL e is to deveLp tfualit ipus is worthy and tfuite apparent. £( uali wortli , tliou k Lis d noble purpose that we students pa triLute in tlie 1964 nclior. conscientious professors, monf sucli, we find one liere at Qardner- outstanding. Oo Lnor W. . WoSeL , j .. is to Lnor tk thought at Kjardner- lAJebb. le em- Mr. Moseley is a well-rounded man who enjoys living. All of his family are accom- plished musicians, and he is quite at home at the piano or with the ukulele. Here is one of those happy moments around tlic piano with his wife, Emily, and son Artliur 16 By his actions, words, and deeds, one can tell that Mr. Moseley loves students. He is ever ready to help a student with his problems as well as to cheer him on at a football game. We students will never forget the friendly smile and happy " hello " from the chemistry professor who traveled around the campus on his bicvcle. Ckristian itudenb wko tliinL for tliemieiveS. Zjke Chriitian emphaiis on our apparent, ii tke devJopment of independent tkinkeri. St ii to tliii part of our ZJlie acliiet ement of thii phaSe of our purpose ii dependent upon capable lA eoo u no nai been nhasii on inaependent 17 Cu t ticuCum . . . wilt point ue out point ut p- Our President . . . Dr. Poston is always ready to give individual help and advice to students. DR. E. EUGENE POSTON, TH.D., TH.M., B.D., B.A. Dr. Poston has certainly proven to be a " guid- ing light, " helping in the development and growth of Gardner-Webb College. His many duties as chief executive have carried him to many places advertising and gaining helpful ideas which would further the progress of Gard- ner-Webb College. His genial and outgoing per- sonality shines about him in such a way as to inspire those with whom he comes in contact. He is certainly one of Gardner-Webb ' s prime assets in the school ' s progressing era. Here Dr. Poston and his family enjoy old ai FIRST ROW: OFFICERS, ] C. Homes, Secretary; Toliver Davis, Chairman; Clifford Hamrick. Vice Chairman; Mrs. O. Max Gard- ner, Treasurer; Richard Williams. SECOND ROW: J. L. Nichols, jr • J. D. Fitz; Rev. W. T. Hendrix; Claude Hinson; Dr. A. Le ' roy Parker; Mrs. Rush Stroup; Miss Charlinc Slamey. THIRD ROW: Rev. Herbert Miller; Rev. M. O. Owens, Jr.; Lloyd C. Bost- T Ray Helms: Wayne DeHart; Woodrow Jones; Arnold W. kincaid. FOURTH ROW: A. T. Withrow; Joe T. Moore. T R Hendrix- Rev. Robert P. Hamby; I. A. McLam; Leonard Lowe- W C. Hennessee; Max Crais; Rev. Emory Tramham. ABSENT WERE: Rev. Wilson W. Padgett; D. A. Rawley, Sr.; Mrs. Hattie P. Self; J. L. Suttle, Jr.; Charles Dover. Board of Trustees Dean ROBERT B. ISNER, M.A., B.S. Dean of Instruction Dean of Students Dean Isner has certainly been faithful to the task of " pointing the way. " Serving as both Dean of Instruc- tion and Dean of Men, his work has not always been easy, especially when we students provided those " extra- curricular activities " for him to inspect. We will always remember him as a sturdy guidepost along our path to- ward education. " Now boys, these cars must be registered! " Office of the Dean Included in this office are the Dean of Shidents the Dean of Women, the Registrar, and the Head Li- brarian. Dean Isner super ' ises the conduct of all stu- dents. He is responsible for the Facult --Student Go -em- ment . ssociation. House Councils, and Dav Student Organization. Dean Riser is responsible for the women boarding students. She plans and directs a sound Chris- tian program of student activities. Mrs. Hamrick directs and super ises student admissions, registrations, and the keeping of records. Miss Hurff supervises and directs the operation of the librar ' . -MRS DOROTHY W. H.AMRICK. . B. Registrar RUTH C. KISER. M.R.E., M.A. Dean of Women 1RM. H. HURFF. M.. . Head Librarian Butch and Faye find that Mrs. Hamrick is always ready to help with sched- 22 Miss Kiser. that is t vo call-downs— well, since it ' s Christmas . . . Office of Cultural and Creative Activities Each year Mr. Dedmond plans and carries out a program of lyceums, " dress-up " dinners, debates, and other activities. A very busy man, Mr. Ded- mond attends conferences and programs for the purpose of gaining information and securing per- sonahties to increase the effectiveness of the cultural program of the college. Very important is Mr. Dedmond ' s position as a link between the administration and the student body as far as entertainment is concerned. Mr. Harris and Mr. Dedmond discuss plans for All My Sons. FRANCIS B. DEDMOND Director MR . MAGGIE " MOM " GOODWIN Counselor MRS. EMILY D. MOSELEY Secretary to the Guidance Director DONALD D. MOORE Director Office of Guidance and Counseling This office is responsible for aptitude and vocational tests given to students. Mr. Moore organizes and directs a program of orientation to campus life for all students. He plans and promotes special weeks of spiritual emphasis in the fall and spring of each year. Most important is the program of counseling, which provides a counselor for every Gardner-Webb student. They seek to make the path less laborious even at the first ascent. T. MAX LINNENS, B.D. Pastor 23 mmmsmsi Office of Development MRS. JANELLE H. HICKS Secretary to the Director of Development This department is responsible for establishing and maintaining an adequate Public Relations program. Mr. McGraw organizes and directs a program of fund raising. He co-operates in in- terpretation of the college to the comniimity by planning and promoting special events during the year. One other important chity Mr. McGra ' has is that of laying future plans for the college. THOMAS J. McGRAW, M.A. Director of Development J. THOMAS CILLESPIE, TH.M. Director of Church-Community Development Office of Promotion In helping to promote Gardner-Webb Col- lege, Mr, Abrams organizes and directs visits to high schools for the purpose of acquainting stu- dents with our educational program. Mr. Abrams organizes and directs a program of publicity and he also supervises the publications of the college. ROBERT W. ABRAMS, B.D. Director of Promotion MRS, WAYNE HOUSER Sr .irtar to tile Director of Promotion CARL C. SAVAGE, SR., M.R.E. Department Assistant Assistant Professor— Speech Office of the Business Manager " All riKht now, Joyce, what is your money problem? " M. W. GORDON, JR., A.B. Business Manager This office is responsible for all business and finan- cial affairs of the college. Mr. Gordon is responsible for preparing the budget and operating within it during the year. All purchasing done by the college is under the direction of Mr. Gordon. The business manager serves as chairman of the Financial and Scholarship Committee which approves or disapproves all scholarships and stu- dent loans. Mr. Gordon co-operates with both faculty and students in making Gardner-Webb College a better place in which to work and study. MRS. NITA B. LEFLER Secretary to the Business Manager LEONARD A. ALLEN Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ROBERT E. HOLCOMBE Cafeteria Manager qi fflHiliSSi • " Administrative Assistants MRS. KANCY A. GRIFFIN-Secretary to the President MRS. POLLY R. ' YXIE-Secretary to the Dean MISS M.ARY E. P. RSLEY- Secretarial Assistant MRS. LUCILE J. DDCOX- Secretary to Registrar H-AL B. GREENE .A- D J. HOR. CE SCRUGGS-Maintenance MRS ANN H ELLIOTT-Aisistant Librarian MRS. BETn " ETrMeGRAVV— Assistant in the Libiar. MRS. LINDA C. CHILDREZ- Seeretan to Director of Promotion MRS. CATHERINE HICKS-Secretarial Assistant I --3 ,». DR. SAM J. CR. XEY, JR.; DR. H. GENE WASHBURN; .ind DR. W. T. .N WASHBUN-College Phy.sicians HUBERT C. DIXON, M.A. Chairman, Department of Science and Math Professor— Mathematics Department of Science and Math The Department of Science and Math seeks to acquaint the student with the basic laws of the phxsical uni ' erse. It also encourages the student to develop an understanding of and an apprecia- tion for life, the chemical composition of the material world, the operative laws of physics, and lastly an appreciation of mathematics both as a tool for calculation and as a type of thinking necessary for reaching logical conclusions. PAUL W. JOLLEY, M.A. Associate Professor Mathematics and Physics " Them bones, them bones, them dry bones! ' PAUL J. STACY, B.S. Assistant Professor— Biology DONALD D. MOORE, B.D. Instructor— P.sychology M. A. MOSELEY, JR., M.S. Associate Professor— Chemistry JAMES W. GLENN, JR., M.A. Assistant Professor— Biology HOWARD M. BENNETT, B.S. Instructor— Engineering Drawing V 27 PPlP!fHP!iffB Department of English FR. XCIS B. DEDMOND, M.A. Head of the English Department Professor— English The Department of English has four principle ser- vices; it enables the student, with due regard for the fundamentals of good English usage, to wxite on a mature readable le " el; it stimulates the student ' s think- ing through a reading program, and it increases his vocab- ular -; it acquaints the student widi the best that has been written in English and American hteratuxe. THIRLE.V OSBORNE, . 1.A. Professor— English K. ' THR ' i ' X COPELAND, MA. Professor— English THOM.AS M. HARRIS. MAT. Instructor— English and E ramatics " Wait ' til the president hears this! " MARY LIDE DOGCETT, A.B. Instructor— English : Ma»« » i .Dift v i.. NETTIE RAYLE GIDNEV. B Assistant Professor— Music ELIZABETH E. HILL, B.S. Instructor— Piano and Theory What ' s so h a r d about Geneal? Bach tujiuc. JERRY R. HILL, M.A. Chairman-Fine Arts Department Assistant Professor— Music Department of Fine Arts The courses in this Department help to instill into the student a deeper appreciation of the cultural values of music, to provide adequate training for those who wish to pursue the study of music as a profession, to en- able the student to prepare and make speeches, to im- prove his poise, interpretation, and speaking voice, and to acquaint the student with the theory of play produc- tion. ROBERT J. SHEPHERD, B.A. Instuctor— Art RUTH HOWIE PLASTER, B.M. Instructor— Music .11 That ' s good art work, Betty. 29 ' W? Department of Languages The Language Department provides studies in French, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. The objectives of language training are to assist the student in gaining an understanding of the culture, civilization, and literature of other people and to speak and to write the language in a manner acceptable and intelligible to native speak- ers. This year to supplement their classroom and lab ex- perience, the French classes attended the play L ' AIcniette. CHARLES S. ANDREWS. M.A. Chairman— Language Department Professor— French JOAN KATHERINE GOFORTH, M.A.T Instructor— J. T. GILLESPIE, TH. M. Professor— Greek What ' s the passe compose of aller? No hay probeta an este laboratorio, eh Carol PRINCA GAINES MOORE, A.B. Instructor— Latin ELMA HARPER POLLOCK, M.A. Professor— .Modem Languages 30 Department of Religion The objectives in tlie covirsos in the Religion De- partment are to introduce the student to the background of the Cliristian religion through a study of the Old Testament, to lead tlie student into a deeper under- standing of the Christian religion through a study of the New Testament, and to lead the full-time Christian vol- miteers to a greater understanding of the program and value of an advanced Christian Educational Program. GARLAND H. ALLEN, TH.D. Acting Chairman— Religion Department Professor— Bible and History ROBERT L. LAMB, D.R.E. Associate Professor- Bible and Religious Education DORIS JONES, M.R.E. As.sociate Professor— Bible and Sociology " glabrous-hmmmm, word! " Department of Physical Education The Physical Education Department endeavors to help to prepare each individual to be physically fit and to live a healthy life in our modem society; to help develop neuromuscular skills; to help develop an inter- est in activities for worthy use of leisure time; to help develop an ethical character; and also to help develop and maintain a healthy body. NORMAN HARRIS, M.S. Chairman— Physical Education Department Assistant Professor— Physical Education JOHN S. SPENCER, M.A. Instnictor— Physical Education BARBARA S. PITTMAN, M.S. Instructor— Physical Education 31 F STl Department of Business Education The Business Education Department is concerned with the development of skills, attitudes and understand- ing of business principles necessary for successful business a nd economic life. The newest addition to the Business Education Department is three IBM data processing machines and several new courses in this field. DECK V. ANDREWS. M.S.B.A. Chairman— Business Education Department Professor— Business Education m% 1 Brenda, can ' o i multiply 4.39.00821 b 5989.3.376840.3, Or;- Department of Social Science BETTY H. LOGAN, M.A. Assistant Professor— Business Education JANE H. HARRIS, B.S. Instructor— Business Education The Social Science Department seeks to provide an intellectual adventiu ' e into life and to share in the crea- tion of mature, thinking individuals, who are ready to face life with a spirit of adventure and purpose. It seeks to provide an opportvmity for a further examination of the social, political, and economic ideas and institutions in which we are involved. M. LANSFORD JOLLEY, ED.S. Chairman— Social Studies Department Professor— Social Science JAMES O. TERRELL, M.A. Professor—Social Science DESMOND R. HARGIS, M.A. Instnictor— History and Georgraphy 32 In Memoriam Hoic strange it seems that the youngest member of our faculty has slipped away first of all to that stiller town. Lynn Smither teas with us only a year. She came to us just after she graduated from the University of South Carolina. Slie left us unexpectedly on May 18, with Commencement approaching on May 26. She brought with her to Gardner-Wehb the gift of youthful enthusiasm and the willingness to work hard to achieve her goal. She left us bright memories, climaxed by a lovely May Day Festival. And now like the Happy Wanderer she has travel- ed a little ahead of us to a fairer land than .iunny Italy, romantic Spain, merry England or America the beautifid. l|«f! ??9S Bp!fHIS!(5 • C flgges .... tne riant patit of a virtuoui and noble education . . Jimmy Few-PRESIDENT Larry Clark-TREASURER, Ann Wilson-SECRETARY Richard Savage-VICE-PRESIDENT Sophomore Class Officers M. A. Moseley, Jr.-SPONSOR 36 BHWBUM DOROTHY JANET ALLRED Gastonia, N.C. SYLVIA DIANNE ANDERSON Jacksonville, N.C. THOMAS KEITH ANTHONY Kings Mountain, N.C. JERRY MARTIN ALMON Charlotte, N.C. SOPHOMORES HETTY JO ALSPAUGH Taylorsville, N.C. GARY FLOYD BALL Lexington, N.C. HERBERT MARSHALL BAKER, JR. Denton, N.C. 37 BREM)A LEE BELCHER Gaffney, S.C. I L i . FRANKLLN JOE BIGGERSTAFF Elon College, N.C. 3B CAROLYN MORGAN BENTLEY Asheville, N.C. SOPHOMORES JAMES HAROLD BISHOP Gaffney, S.C. J THAD MAURICE BEVIS Union, S.C. ELIZABETH EMMA BLACK Casar, N.C. BILLY LEE BLACKBURN State Road, N.C. vmmiM i 1 I f ™ n ' •V t t f BRENDA FAYE BOGER Mocksville, N.C. CLASS OF 1964 JOYCE DIANE BRIDGES Mooresboro, N.C. MYRA GAIL BOWEN Mooresboro, N.C. NANCY LOUISE BROWN Valdese, N.C. WILLIAM PAIGE BROTHERTON, JR. Maiden, N.C. 39 mwBMjmMiL g mmmmBM W m J. V. BUCHANAN Mor anton, N.C. V CLYDE VAN BUCKNER Gaffney, S.C. SOPHOMORES DONALD YOUNG BUTLER Clover, S.C. f A SANDRA GAIL CALLAHAN Asheville, N.C. KAREN LEE BUSIC Sparta, N.C. ♦- V J, ,% t. . ' r ' ' ' . ' ■ ■ MYRTIS ELLEN CAPPS Tuxedo, N.C. LARRY VICTOR CLARK Pendleton, S.C. 0 rif 1 SANDRA LEJEUNE CLARK Jacksonville, N.C. y THESA DELORES COLE Rutherfordton, N.C. PAUL LINDON CONNER Hickory, N.C. BOHHY DEAN CLARY Shelby, N.C. CLASS OF 1964 BARRY THOMAS COOK Mt. Airy, N.C. HUBERT WAYNE CLAYTON Greenville, S.C. JIMMY CALVIN COOKE Hudson, N.C. ' ' " ' ' ?« ' f ' w ' 5?? ' ' ? ' 5???9!?5aSSHIMHHl ' PEGGY JANET COOPER ' aldese, .C. A ARLAR C.ARTHEL CROUT. JR. Green ' ille, S.C. MLAL LEON CR.AIG Rutherfcffdton, X.C. SOPHOMORES PATSY ELIZABETH CRO T)ER Lattimore, N.C. y WILLIAM EDWARD CRAWTORD McConneUs, S.C GAYLE EILEEN DABNEY Tampa, Florida TIMOTHY- MONHOE DAMS Mocksxille. N.C. 42 -y MARY RACHEL DEVINEY Spindale, N.C. RICHARD WAYLAND DUNCAN Pageland, S.C. WYATT PEELER EDWARDS Lawndale, N.C. ROGER HOOD DIXON Clover, S.C. CLASS OF 1964 HENRY EDWARD DRANE Winston-Salem, N.C. HAROLD DEAN ELLIS Kings Mountain, N.C. MRS. SARA C. EISENMAN Shelbv, N. C. 43 i SHERRILL ANN ESKEW Spartanburg, S.C. f- a JIMMY EUGENE FEW Greer, S.C. CHARLES EARLY EVANS, lU Winston-Salem, N.C. SOPHOMORES JAMES CALDWELL FISHER Tryon, N.C. DANIEL JOHNSON FETZER Shelby, N.C. ROBERT DAVID FISHER Salisbury, N.C. KAY FRANCES FOWLER Cherryville, N. C. SAMNtY EARL FRANCIS Forest City, N.C. ALFRED GEORGE FREEMAN Bostic, N.C. CLASS OF 1964 PATRICIA ANN FREEMAN Urbana, Illinois DANNY CLAY GABRIEL Sherrill ' s Ford, N.C, HENRY JACKSON FREEMAN Thomasville, N.C. JOSEPH SEABORN GLYMPH Asheville, N.C. STUART GORDON GILMER Taylors, S.C. 45 T ' ' !? ' T?W " P!?l? ' S5S5?WB5!ffii !SB »a -A ' RONNIE THOMAS GR.4NT Cramerton. N ' . C. CARRIE ELIZABETH HALL Drexel, N.C. LYNORA JANE GREENE Glade Valley, N.C. SOPHOMORES t BARBAR. JANE GRIFFITHS Pepper Pike, Ohio MARSHA LYNNE HA.MRICK Homestead, Florida JAMES LEMASTER HARMON Forest City, N.C. CHARLES KIRBY HAMMOND, Jr. Greenville, S.C. MAX DEAN HARRILL Shelby, N. C. MARGARET VERNICE HAYES Rock- Hill. S.C. SYLVIA ANN HAYMAKER Shelby, N.C. IRA JAMES HARRIS, III Lowell, N.C. CLASS OF 1964 SYLVIA ANN HARRIS Morfianton, N.C. DANA SUE HEDRICK Boiling Springs. N.C. DENNIS MARSHALL HEATH Win.ston-Salem, N.C. 47 ROBERT PRESTON HENDERSON Chesnee, S.C. WALLACE MARTIN HOLLAND Westminster, S.C. 48 NORVEL DENNIS HICKS Wadesboro, N.C. SOPHOMORES SHIRLEY ANN HOUSTON Franklin, N.C. " X BOBBY NEIL HOLDEN Hudson, N.C. BETTE LOU HOWELL Waynesville, N.C. AMELIA FRANCES HUDGINS Statesville, N.C. MARVEL KAY HUDGINS Forest City, N.C. f y • » FLOYD WnJLIFORD HURT Charlotte, N.C. ALONZO SHAIRD JACKSON, JR. Union, S.C. DOROTHY SUE HUMPHRIES Cliffside, N.C. CLASS OF 1964 JAMES MASON JAMES Gastonia, N.C. SANDRA KAY HUMPHRIES Cliffside, N.C. GLORIA WILLENE JOHNSON Sumter, S.C. GWENDOLYN CAROL JOHNSON Asheville, N.C. A JAMES RICHARD JOIXEY Mooresboro, N.C. GRAYSON EUGENE JOHNSTON, JR. Forest City, N.C. SOPHOMORES LINDA SUZANNE JOLLEY Rutlierfordton, N.C. ■h ALICIA GAY JOLLEY Kings Mountain, N.C. MARIAN RACHEL JOLLEY Mooresboro, N.C. JOHNNY LEWIS JONES Kings Mountain, N.C. 50 DAN JESSE KINGSMORE Buffalo, S.C. RICHARD EARL KELLER Gaffney, S.C. CLASS OF 1964 DON EDWARD KINGSMORE Buffalo, S.C. DAVID FREDERICK KINZER, JR. Culpeper, Virginia ANNIE KATHERINE KIRKMAN Mt. Airy, N.C. BOBBY RUSSELL KIRBY Lenoir, N.C. 51 ■ " ' i s m RICHARD WARD LeGRAND Shelby, N.C. JANICE ROSE LEWIS Spindale, N.C. SOPHOMORES 1 DUNNE JOYCE LOCKLIEAR St. Stephens, S.C. RICHARD ROLLING LLNERERRY Galax, Virginia STEPHEN RAY LONG Cramerton, N.C. OSCAR J.WfES LYDA, HI Gastonia, N.C. RONALD LEE McABEE Cliffside, N.C. VIOLET CAMILLE McCAULEY Greenville, S.C. CLASS OF 1964 SANDRA MARILDA McCLELLAN Charlotte, N.C. JAMES ROGER McKINNEY Canton, Ohio MARY LINDA MeSWAIN Shelby, N.C. DONALD RAY McCLAIN Ga.stonia, N.C. JOYCE ANN MARTIN Rutherfordton, N.C. 53 • JANICE ANN MAST Morganton, N.C. MARY SALLY MAUNEY Stanley, N.C. SOPHOMORES SAM HERBERT MINTZ Gaffney, S.C. KENNETH LEGRAND MORROW Paviline, S.C. LARRY JOSEPH MOTSINGER Winston-Salem, N.C. 54 SARAH ELIZABETH MOORE Gastonia, N.C. THOMAS FRANK GATES, III Rutherfordton, N.C. PAUL ALLEN PACE Saluda, N.C. 55 wm KUWiMmMWMB RUBEN STEPHEN PACE Saluda, N.C. w ' w GEORGIA CORNELIA FEELE Salisbury, N.C. SOPHOMORES CaRRELL pruette Vale, N.C. Y DOROTHY ANNETTE PENNINGTON Blacksburg, S.C. ADA CAROLYN PRUITT Fayetteville, N.C. RICHARD JOEL PUTNAM Shelby, N.C. r «? « T , -: BEN WILSON QUEEN, JR. Bostic, N.C. LINDA SUE QUERY Concord, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 THOMAS TILMAN RAGLAND HoUy Springs, N.C. RONALD BRUCE RAMSEY Mooresboro, N.C. f} CHARLES ARTHUR REDDEN Asheville, N.C. WILLIAM BRUCE RABON Lugoff, S. C. RICHARD DARNELL REYNOLDS Charlotte, N.C. 57 i TT :v ' 7 ? ]r7T c !?N ' T : :5 BOBBY JOE RICE High Shoals, N.C. WILLIAM CLAITON RODGERS, JR. Apex, N, C. JOHN FREDERICK RICH. RDSO , JR. W ' lnston-Salem, .C. SOPHOMORES RONAIX) ROGERS Union, S.C. ■ MALINDA MAE ROBERTS Boone, X. C. CRAIG MONROE ROSEMAN Kannapolis, N.C. LARRY FRANXLIN RUNYAN Shelby, N.C. 58 RANDY BRUCE SANDERS Clinton, S.C. CLASS OF 1964 GEORGE COLEMAN SCRUGGS Spencer, N.C. SANDRA LAQUETA SIMMONS Morganton, N.C. WINIFRED RAE SINCLAIR Washington, D.C. RICIL RD ALLEN SAVAGE Gastonia, N.C. KENNETH TRAIN SLATER Wilmington, Mass. 59 " ' ■ " " " f ' . v ' ' ?ts ' ' . ' wyjysiH WILLIAM SMITH Greer. S.C. BENNY JOE S V AFFORD Franklin, N.C. I ALPHA ANNE SPURLIN Cliffside, N.C. SOPHOMORES RUSSELL CARR SWICEGOOD Lorain, Ohio DARRELL KEITH STEWART Clinton, S.C. RUSSELL GENE SWLNK Connelly Springs, N.C. CAROL . - N TESSENEER Boiling Springs, N. C. 60 BETSY JEAN THOMPSON Stanley, N.C. JOEL RANDALL THRIFT Long Creek, S. C. OUIDA DLiNE TOOLE Cheraw, S.C. JAMES PATTON TOWERY Sumter, S.C. 61 r „- .T ' T . - " T X; - • :. M MRS. REBECCA BROOKS WALLACE Boiling Springs, X.C. DAVID BRUCE WASHBURN Boiling Springs, N.C. WAYLAN TYREE WASHBURN, JR. Shelby. N.C. WILLIAM EARL WATERS Union Mills, N.C. LLOYD JAMES WATSON Lenoir, N. C. NANCY EDGERTON WATERS Rutherfordton, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 JESSE DAVID WEBSTER, JR. Haw River, N.C. LOUWANDA SUE WATSON Forest City, N.C. WWRf PHILLIP PAUL WHITE Forest City, N. C. SOPHOMORES SAMUEL WALKER WTLLIFORD Union, S. C. I i ' 4»R -»»l - -r I SHIRLEY JE. .N WHITE Mooresville, N.C. CLAUDE THOMAS WILSON Shelby, N.C. KEITH ARNOLD WILSON Spindale, N-C. PEGGY LYNN WILUS Bakers Tlle, X.C. 1- PATRICIA ANN WILSON Shelby, N.C. LINDA PEABL WOOD Advance, N.C. ZANE GARY WRIGHT Avondale, N.C. 65 DtR? Jim Ballard-PRESIDENT Shirley Clownev-SECRETARY, Wallv Harris-TREASURER Bert Langlev-VICE-PRESIDENT Freshman Class Officers t- Miss Doris Jones-SPONSOR 66 Laura Owens Adair Johnny Blaine Adams Norman James Adams Nancy Patricia Adler Patricia Marie Allen Paul Ralph Allison Patricia Ann Anderson Neil Jerome Armstronfi, Jr. Doris Elaine Arrowood Kathryn Yvonne Ashe Donald Keith Bajrwell Donna Fay Bailey RoKer Edwin Bailey James Clay Ballard Walter Edward Banks Sue Ellen Barnes Robert Campbell Bamett, Jr. George Gordon Barrett, Jr. Hazel Delores Barrow John Nelson Bartos Brenda Jane Beam Ruth Carolyn Beaman William Boyce Bean Sandra Sue Beasley David Max Bell Nancy Jannine Bell Iris Jeanette Benfield Pamela Robinson Bennet Marvin Lee Bishop Freshmen, Class of 1965 Dale Delbert Bivins AtW 67 ■KR Any instructions tur tiK- Freshmen, Randy? David Larry Blanton Lewis Campbell Boyd, Jr Norma Lee Brannon Ronald Walter Blackburn Bett - Faye Blalock James Arnold Blalock Coda Rebecca Blanton Charles Blackburn Brawley, Jr. Richard Jolly Bridges William T mage Brock Miriam Lana Brooks Larry George Brown Virginia Bonette Brown Charles Lee Br ant, Jr. Willis Ree Burkett, Jr. Jerr - Bumette Robert Otway Bums, Jr. William Terry Butler Ronald William Callalian Charles Ben Camp Mary Sue Canada Jimraie Lewis Cantrell, Jr. John Wellford Cantrell, Jr. Angela Merilyn Capell Daniel Wayne Carlton Ernest ' oodrow Carothers. Jr. Meredith L ' nn Carr Donna Rose Carter Paul Loving Carter William Terry Carter Kline ' ilson Cash Johnn Kent Chaffin m uiUimi 68 Erwin Wilson Champion, Jr. Brenda Kay Childers Harold Van Childers Robert Hugh Choate Ax Rebecca Diane Church Joseph Meachum Clarke Shirley Louise Clowney November 22, 1963 James Hoyle Conner Marvin Kensley Conrad Christeen Cook George Warren Cook Judy Elaine Cooke Hugh Edgar Cooper, Jr. Stephen Earl Cope James Vinson Covington, Jr. Samuel Russell Covington Mickey Charles Craft James Earl Cribb Charles Onree Crocker Gladys Lucile Cross William Ray Crow Lynn Broadus Culbertson, Jr. Charles Vaughn Dagenhart Tony Lee Darnell Mrs. Clara Ruth Davis Donald Reid Davis Thomas Larry Davis Candace Dianne Dearth Judith Elaine Dellinger James Denis Deviney, Jr. Dianne Dickinson William Howard Dotson I 69 • Co ' Jefferson Dot -, Jr. Charles Roger Downs Brenda Lorrain Dula Darlene Elizabeth Duncan Sandra Jane Dunlap Susan Durst Charles Horace Edwards, Jr. Robert Cooper Elkins, Jr. James Cecil Emmett Da id Kirk Ewart James Edward FerreU Frederick William Fisher, III Karen Bea Fite Kenneth ' a ' ne Fortune Sam Curtis Franklin Barbara Antoinette Freeman Peggy Jean Freeman Oren Moore Frye, Jr. Jackie Farrell Furr James David Gardner David Wayne Gamer Madge Corrine Gibbs Ulyss Ansel Gilliam Donald Lee Gillispie, Jr. Allen Everett Gleaton Pep rally— free bubblegum! David Mitchell Greene Jane Greene 70 Leonard Larry Greene Margaret Elizabeth Greene Mar ' Ellen Grcg()r - George Killian ( ritfin Tony Alan Griffin Bryan Franklin Gmver Helen Joyee Hiunb) Gerald Lee Hamilton Harry Steplien Hamilton Janith Carol Hamriek Joseph Elam Hamriek, Jr. Theresa Dianne Hamriek John Victor Hannon Carole Sue Harmon Johnny Tschaikavsky Harper William Howard Harper. Jr. John Michael Harrill James W illace Harris Robert Gladden Hartness Joseph Harry Hawk James Roger Hawkins Donna Lee Heame Carrie Jane Hefner Linda Diane Hendrick Judith Lynn Hendrix I i ibiw Clota Martina Henson Carl David Hill, Jr. Reginald Henry Arthur Hill Daniel Edward Hilton Deborah Jane Hodges William Roger Holland Thomas Dean Hope, Jr. 71 BOV Brenda Faye Hord Donald Robert Home Rosemary Ann Howard Joseph Lanier Howell Jay Edwin Hudgins John Elmore Huggin Claude Daniel Hughes Edward Eugene Hunsinger Michael Lee Hunter Larry Inman James Frank Ir -in, Jr. Ronald Mitchell I ie David Phillip Jackson Irma Lee Jackson Jerry Lee Jenkins John Howard Jenkins Yates Richard Jensen Paul Hamilton Jeter, TTT Da -id Eugene Jones Marie Elizabeth Jones Fresh Miller Tramel Jones, Jr. Cletus Va Tie Kennedy Gregon- John KiUalea James Harris Kinise ' Danny Keith Kirkland Jesse LawTence Lackey Charles Drue - Lambert Paul Ray Lancaster Larr - Martin Land men Da id Ralph Landing William BtTt LanKley William Claude Langley Martha Warlick Lattimore Wayne Franklin Laughter Rachel Frances Leatherman Barbara Dianne Ledford Douglas Avery Ledford Patricia Ann Lee John Albert Lentz, III Charles Arnold Lewis Robert Gardner Lewis Jane Erehart Lincoln Nathan Ores Lipscomb Kathryn Elaine Livingston James Gilmer Lloyd James Coleman Logan Roger Harold Logan Barbara Ann Long Michael Austin Long Timothy Franklin Long I I ikisiki iii. Pamela Antionne Lovelace Charles Price Loveland Elizabeth Geneal Lowrance Hubert Reid Lowery Charles Dewitt Lowry Melvin Roscoe Lutz, Jr. Carol Elaine McAbee Barry Roger McCoig Ellis MacDonald McCorkle Class of 1965 Herbert Hill McCoy 73 I tmnf We Freshmen helped decorate for Homecoming . . . Roxie Jane McMahon Linda Lenora McSwain PatH Elaine McSwain Rachel Ja Tie McSwain Virginia Joyce McSwain Clarence Wygal Mabe Robert Larrv Mabe John Roland Mabry- Hugh Herbert Martin John Douglas Martin William Sidney Martin Billx Carroll Matthews Harr ' Jenkins Mauney Martha Gave Mayhew Gwendolyn Kay Maynard John Thomas Melton Karen Blaine Melton Shirle ' . nn Melton Lance Monroe Middleton John Sherriel Miller Raymond Geary Miller Donald Weaver Moore Eugene Hardie Moore Walter Bruce Moor . HI Velva Dean Morgan Alton Gerald McCraw Burton Foster McDanieL Jr. MW 74 Man ' Louise Morkn ' Thomas Wilson Morrow and Christmas, too! James Ernest Nolan lesse Havries Oates Kennetli Gene Oliver Diane Hicks Packard Barry Chivous Padgett Margaret Kinfisland Parker Wanda Lee Parker Jo Ann Paskewich Charlotte Dianne Patrick Charles Craig Penley Patricia Ann Pennington William Aubrey Pemell, III Linda Laura Persons Thomas Gray Petree Janice Roberta Pike Margaret Marie Ponder Cher l Dianne Poston Mickev Franklin Poteat Mary Lu Price Milev Anne Price Larry Dean Proctor James Cleveland Pruett Kenneth Wayne Putman Jacquelyn Ann Putnam Lionel William Putnam • WMm! Bk Blk Bobby Gene Pyron Lam- Eugene Ranldn Charles Robert Ray, Jr. Samuel Groyer Rector George Albert Reece Billie Arm Reese Jud ' KaN ' Revis Daniel Thomas Reynolds Jerry Lee Rh ' Tie Carole Catherine Rideout Sandra Jane Robinson Wanda Paulette Rollins Robert Kenneth Roof Donald Lee Roper James Timoth - Ruff William Trotter Sams Gordon Graham Satterfield Nila Dianne Saunders Katy Carol Sayles Peggy Anne Schofield Vicki Jo Scoffgins Freda Sharon Scruggs Janice Carolyn Seagle Thomas Farrow Seehom ' il]iam Atkinson Seel, Ir. Let ' s haye a hootenanny! 76 Joyce Lee Shronce Charles Thomas Simon Alva Marshall Slauiihter Mieharl lames Small Mary Ami Sniitli Donald Gilbert Smith Harold Dean Smith Rosalind Joy Smith Robert Lee Snipes Sandra Yvonne Sorrow John Stephen Soutliard Hershal Eugene Spanpler Roger Earl Spell Jenny Lynn Spencer Patricia Jane Spraker Gary Brant Springer Linda Lee Sprousc Ronald Raymond Stacey Martha Sue Stanle Billy Joe Stewart James Franklin Streaker Stephen Thomas Suddreth Joe Michael Summerlin Jerry Wayne Taylor Robert Laine Taylor iLiLd Claude Stephen Tolbert Violet Martina Tolbert r- Lillimi Elizabetli Tollesoii John William Toms Gail Louise Tone David Charles Tramhani Murray Richard Triblxtl Albert Henr ' Turner, Jr. Donald 1 6 Turner Sonia Lee Turner Donald Wayne Turtle Ronda Jean Upton Mary Carohoi VanZee Joseph Johnson Vaughn Robert Clayton Vincent, Jr. Patricia Ann Vinesett Deborah Jane Wacker David Henry Wade Stephen Thomas Wagoner John Broadus Waldrop Lillian Louise Waldrop Amanda Lou Wall Freshmen , Class of 1965 Andrea Amanda Wallace Kay Frances Wallace Frances Revels Ward Milton Clay Warf Harold Dean Warlick Robert Kent Warl irk John Franklin Warn ii Sara Dianne Washburn Johnnie JoAnn Waters Joyce Dianne Watkin 78 Hii h Jcronif Watson, jr. VVonona Fem Watson Donald Cecil Waimh Walter BeMon Weatherly Carol Roxanna Weaver I misi i ' m eatu tG8 : iiHi [ mm I •H . me hart} of- yrph.eu6 wai not more cnc L arming. .... ' 9 _l 1 Homecoming-1963 Miss Gloria Johnson HOMECOMISG QUEEN 82 Miss Janet Cooper C Miss Linda Query Sophomore Attendants Miss Carolyn Pruitt ' 1 Miss Betsy Thompson •I, V, ■ ' •. ••, Bets ' arrives with Marshall the chauffevir. 1 little. 2 little, 3 little . . . Indians? Homecoming Activities The festi ' ities of Homecoming commenced witli tlie decoration of the girls ' dormitories, which reached their climax on Founder ' s Day, October 26. Friday evening closed with a big pep rally around a bonfire. Saturday . Homecoming Day itself, arrived. Students spent the morning cleaning their rooms in the dormitories prepar- ing for the open house which was to follow later in the day. That afternoon -isitors and students toured the arious dorms and greeted old friends and returning alumni. The long-awaited game against Chowan, our traditional ri al. began with the Idckoff at 8:00 p.m. Af- ter an exciting first half, the half-time festi ities began with the presentation of the fourteen sponsors and the fi e contestants for queen. Following their presentation. President Poston announced the queen. Miss Gloria Johnson, crowned her. and presented her with a bouquet of loveK- red roses. With the court ' s departure, the game resumed. The Bulldogs fought ahantly. but were over- powered by Chowan. However, e en though G-W did not win the football game, the Homecoming of 1963 was one of the best ever. Happy Hapy welcome E.xtra cheerleader " Is this streamer ri t? ' " Dean Isner wonders if this really will look like a gridiron. i East Wing enthusiasm I May Day Festivities 1963 MAY QUEEN Miss Brenda Moore MAY KING Mr. Dion Rankin CROWN BEARER Mr. Jeffrey Wylie t-= MAID OF HONOR Miss Janice Lewis and Mr. Thomas Watson 85 Miss Beclcy- Jo Harris Mr. Clyde IJuckner Miss Sandy Rideout Mr. David Washburn Miss Becky Riser Mr. Reggie High The 1963 Miss Janet Cooper Mr. Larry Clark L Miss Betsy Thompson Mr. Ronnie Robinson Miss Gloria Johnson Mr. Danny Gabriel HOXOR GUARD: Mr. Tony Bridges Mr. Ralph Cox. Mr. George Ferrell. Miss Sandra Powell Mr. Mike Pearson Miss Brenda Porter Mr. Roger Dixon Miss Elizabeth Reese Mr. Wayne Barnwell May Court On a beautiful, bright Saturday afternoon. May Day festivities of 1963 were held on the campus in front of the O. Max Gardner Memorial Student Center. The weather was a perfect setting for the theme of the program, " The Happv Wanderer " which featured Miss Nancy Self as the Happy ' anderer.The College Choir and Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Robert Gidney, sang " The Happy Wanderer, " " This Is My Country, " and " Lady of Spain. " The program followed the Happy Wanderer as she traveled over the world visiting Spain, England, Brazil, Italy, Morocco, and America. " The Happy Wanderer " and Miss Harriette Mc- Lester, " Tlie Lady of Spain " . Miss Carol Bentley Mr. Richard Dimcan Miss Ann Wilson Mr. Clayton Chriswell r- Sophomore heie iludenti who Louwanda Watson Wallij Tyser MOST INTELLECTUAL Nancy Waters Larry Clark MOST ATHLETIC Superlatives Itaue revealed a liiah dearee of. . . Betsy Thompson O. T. Hoffman BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Suzanne JoUey Harold Bishop FRIENDLIEST Linda Bowman Clyde Buckner MOST TALENTED .In their i arioui activitiei id autlei. am Sarah Moore Jim Lyda MOST DEPENDABLE . . .tnrouqnout the uear. Nancy Brown Jerry Waldrop BEST ALL AROUND Carol Youngman Richard Duncan UNSUNG HERO AND HEROINE . .are recoantzed for Ineie Cfualltied. . Dottie Pennington David Washburn MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Hra tog iam in ik Jkkk The Program in the Arts embodies Gardner-Webb College ' s cultural and creative emphasis. We feel tliat the cultural life of the Gardner-Webb student should not be neglected during his years of formal education and that the cul- tural and academic phases of college life should complement and supplement one another, producing ideally the student sound in scholarship, at ease in situa- tions involving gracious living, and appreciative of the values in the fine arts. The Program in the Arts features music, drama, lectures by distinguished authors, lecturers, and travelers, forensics, the creative arts, and an emphasis on manners and grace through receptions and a " dressed-up " dinners program. In The World Around Us series Dr. Forbes Tay- lor presented a very colorful film and informative lecture, " There Will Always Be An England. " The noted scholar of ballads. Dr. Crati.s Williams, delighted the student body with his program of folk music and folklore. At the end of the program the students joined him in a hootenanny. Stephen Kovacs, the renowned Hungar- ian concert pianist, gave two concerts at Gardner- Webb. Students enjoyed talking to Mr. Kovacs at the reception following the evening concert. 94 t . — ,. — . Dr. Duke McCiiIl, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary presented a very provocative lecture. " God of an Ex- panding Universe. " Besides dressed-iip dinners, the Program in the Arts included a Christmas Door Decoration Contest, open house, and reception. Nancy Brown and Shirley White were chosen as winners. Dr. Frank Laubach, " Apostle to the Illiterates, " called upon students at Gardner-Webb Col- lege to offer tliemselves as summer teaching missionaries to Africa, South America and Asia during a Program in the Arts address March 1. More than 100 signed the list of prospects. The call for volunteers at Gardner-Webb was the first of its kind proposing a pilot project in eradicating illiteracy through student summer missionaries. Dr. Laubach expressed hope to begin the pilot program in cooperation with the Foreign Mission Board. nnra The Gardner-Webb College Playcrafters Present Ui Uy Sons I Joe Keller Tom M. Harris Kate Keller Mar Cook Chris Keller Bill Matthews Ann Dee " er Carol McAbee George Dee er Cecil Emmett Dr. Jim Bayliss Harold Bishop Sue Baxliss Sue Humphries Frank Lubev Ton - Darnell Lvdia Lube - Carol Ti Pniitt Bert Arthur Moselev b Arthur Miller Director Assistant Director Stage Manager Tom M. Harris Debbie ' acker Ga ' Jol]e - The performance was superb and quite a success. There ' s more to a play than acting. The Sweetheart Banquet Sponsored by the Y.W.A. ' s, the annual Sweetheart Ban- quet is a part of the " Dressed-Up " Dinners of the Pro- gram in the Arts. During the week preceding the ban- quet couples are nominated by the various organizations on campus and from the couples the King and Queen of the banquet are chosen by the student body. At the banquet, the winners are announced and crowned. ' I Sweetheart King and Queen, Keith Stewart and Shirley Clowney. One Feature We Almost Forgot . . After twenty-si.x years of devoted service and teaching at Gardner-Webb, " Miss Abbie " married her hometown sweetheart, Mr. Clyde Mitchell, and moved to Texas. We wish her continued happiness. • mmi mimmmmm r (Actii itieg io full Of- aoodlu prospect and melodious sounds on everu side y I«BH FIRST ROW. lanet Cooper, Carol Youiijjman, Linda Bovvman, Mr. Moore Clyde Buckner, Nancy Brown, Miss Riser, Linda Wood, Shirley Hom. Thesa Cole. SECON ' D ROW: Dennis Heath, The Baptist Student Union Council OFFICERS OF THE BSU Nancy BroHn President Clyde Buckner Vice-President Shirley Hom Treasurer J Vf y° " P ' ' Y. W. A. President Sally Mauney C. V. B. President Carol Te.-seneer Listen Chairman Dennis Heath Vespers Chairman Linda Bouman Music Chairman Sylvia Hams Sunday School Representative Harold Bivliop Sunday School Representative Carol onngman Training Union Representative Dlanne Anderson Publicity- Chairman Thesa Cole Chapel Devotions Chairman Lmda Wood Social Chairman Don Butler Ministerial Conference Representative Judy Heirdris Secretar ' Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union gives direction to spirit- ual goals on the Gardner-Webb Campus. It ser ' es as the connecting link between the students and the reli- gious life of the college and the local church. Council members lead in Sunday School, Y.W.A., Vespers, Train- ing Union, and in other religious activities on the cam- pus. Their influence is felt in all areas of student life. 100 Judy Hendri , Sally Mauney, Dianne Anderson, Don Butler Carol Tesseneer, SyKna Harris, Harold Bishop. Miss Ruth Kiser-DIRECTOR. Don Moore-ADVISOR A ' m. ■»i Co-operation behveen faciiltv and shidents in planning the Religious Emphasis Week. One of the acli ities of the B.S.U. was to greet new students. Here i picture of the fun at one of these get-acquainted parties. Christian Growth Through Activities. . . Nancy Brown, Don Butler, Dianne Anderson, Miss Kiser, and Carol Tesseneer prepare for their trip to Wake Forest for the annual missions conference The B.S.U. Choir FIRST ROW: Sylvia Harris, Linda Bowman, Judy Hendrix, Malinda Roberts, Hilda Sanders, Tom Freeman, Rachel Murphy. Judv Cooke, Anna Martin, Lvnda Blackstock Fave Hord Karen Fite, Sally Mauney. SECOND ROW: Ray Yarborongh, Dennis Heath ' Carrell P™ette, Tommy Petree, Jim Ballard, Talmage Brock, Harold Bishop, Mr. Hargis. DIREC- TOR. i ff.Mih M4 II ■ Student Government Association Through the College Government Association of Gardner-Webb College, the students are given the op- portunity- to learn the principles of good government in action. Of greater importance, however, is the function of the College Goxernnient .Association to pro ide for the campus the best possible environment for a full, rich intellectual, spirtual. and social life, constantiv bearing in mind that hfe on a college campus, as well as life an where. requires the full development of responsibility. TliL- Stutlfiit (-io LniiiKiit liclpuci to pl:iii pep i.illiu.s, such a.s this one Officers of the Day Student Association PRESIDENT J. V. Buchanan VICE-PRESIDENT Bud Dates SECRETARY Sonja Turner TREASURER Clyde Buckner STUDENT GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVE FACULTY SPONSOR Suzy Hedrick Dr. Robert Lamb FACULTY SPONSOR Mr. John Spencer The House Council members are elected bs ' their dormitories to govern the resident students. In order to be nominated for the House Council, a student must ha e displa ed good character, scholarship, dependabil- it -, and other qualities of leadership. It is the dutv of these counselors to keep order in their respecti ' e dorm and assist the students in anv situation. Women ' s House Council Carol Voungman— Secretarv- Miss Ruth Kiser— , d isor Myitis Capps— Vice-President Janice Lewis— President SE.ATED: Sandy Simmons, Brenda Boger, Myrtis Capps, Ann Wilson, Carol Youngman, Janice Lewis, Gail Thornton, Pat Free- man, Carol McAbee. STA- DING: Miss Kiser, Sarah Moore Di- anne Anderson. L -nda Blackstock, Carolyn Bently, Ronda Upton, Bets - Thompson, Janet Cooper. SEATED: Jimmie Ouitrell. Wally Harris, Jimmy Nolan. STAND- ING; Tony Adams, Don Butler. Coy Doty, Bobby Mabe. Men ' s House Council LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Kingsmore, Floyd Hurt, Espie Joyce. Dorm Life Leadership FIRST ROW: Larry Clark, David Kinzer, Alonzo Jackson, Tommy Morrow. SECOND ROW: Roger Di. on, Steve Pace, Dannv Gabriel Cliff Tipton. This intense concentration calls for some soothing music. How about the Beatles? ■R (DBK The candleliglit " Tapping Ceremony " Miss Ruth Kiser and Miss Kathryn Copeland, ADVISORS. Lambda Omega Chapter Phi Theta Kappa is the honor society at Gardner- Webb. It is a scholarly fellowship which embraces junior colleges throughout the nation. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, to de ' elop character, and to cultivate fel- lowship among the students. Members are chosen on the basis of high scholastic standing, character, leadership, and service on the campus, and are inducted at an im- pressive " tapping " ceremony in chapel. They serve as ushers at publi c functions and marshals at graduation. This year a special study project for the members was the study of the meaning and promotion of scholarship. FIRST ROW: Sue Humphries, SECRETARY; Diaraie Anderson, TREASURER; Suz - Hedrick, Louwanda Watson, Ronald Leigh ' Roger Di.son. SECOND ROW: Da id Washburn, PRESIDENT; Wally Tyser, VICE-PRESIDENT; Shirley Horn, Myrtis Capps, Alpha Spurlin, Clyde Buckner, Richard Lineberry, REPORTER. Tom Seehom, Mr. Dedmond, Coach, Dottie Pennington, Dick Trihbitt, Dav- id Wiishbum, Bob Price. A Uijical debate in progress: Wally and David debating North Green- ville. Debaters, coach, and Midshipman escort stand below Tecumseh at the Naval Academy. Debate Team Gardner-Webb has perhaps the most active and the most widely known debating team below the Mason- Dixon Line and above the Florida State Line. For ten years, the Gardner-Webb debaters have taken on the big ones and the little ones— Johns Hopkins, Navy, Army, Duke, and Marymount Manhattan, to cite a few exam- ples—and have collected their share of the victories and the spoils. For the past two years, Gardner-Webb has been invited to participate in the Navy Intercollegiate Debate Tournament at Annapolis, the only junior Col- lege so honored. The Navy Tournament, though, was just one of six tournaments from Columbia, S.C, north, that the Gardner- Webb team participated in with pur- pose and result. At the South Atlantic Forensics Tournament Bob was top speaker, and David was fourth. Dottie placed first in the Women ' .s Address Reading. SEATED: N ' anc - Greene, Billy Reese. Sandra Simmons, Judv Hendrix, Janet Cooper, Pat Freeman, Violet McCaulev, Georgia Peele. Diane Hendrick. FIRST ROW: Carol Hernandez. Elaine Arrowood, Jane Greene. Bettv Hall. Shirley Clow-nev, Carol Har- mon. Dianne CInirch, Malinda Roberts. Pennx- VVillis. Sharon Scruggs, Janice Pike, Anne Kirkman, Sally Maunev, Toni Free- man, Rachel Murphy, Faye Hord. Lynda Blackstock. Janice Lewis. SECOND ROW: Diane Dickinson, Yvonne Ashe, Nancy Brown, Linda Winters, Myrtis Capps. Jannine Bell. Judy Del- linger, Elizabeth Black, Amelia Hudgins, Diane Anderson, Bar- bara Westra ' , Tina Tolbert. Young Women ' s Auxiliary FIRST ROW: Ray Yarborough, Jerry Lethco, Wayne Tuttle, Ronald Leigh, Herbert McCoy. SECOND ROW: J. V. Buchanan, Bruce Rabon, Charles Lowry, Melvin Lutz. THIRD ROW: Gene Hun- singer. Cliff Tipton, Mr. Gillespie, Bill White. Ministerial Conference The Ministerial Conference is fi ' iade up of young men who are interested in going into the ministry. Bi-weekly programs are held which are directed toward the needs of the future pastor and his work. Members participate in a daily devotional program on a local radio station, W ' OHS. Other service and training is derived through surveys conducted for churches in the local area. Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie were crowned King and Queen at the Ministerial Con- ference Valentine party. - _x_r This happy group of CVB members is leaving the campus to conduct a service at a nearby church. Christian Volunteer Band The Christian Vokinteer Band is composed of men and women wlio have accepted the call to vocational Christian service. The organization is for those students who want to hear of Christ and how to become better workmen for Him. Service teams visit churches nearly ever) ' week to conduct Sunday School and Worship Ser- vice. Occasionally the Band leads week end revivals in neighboring churches. FIRST ROW: Janice Pike, Jackie Putnam, Nancy Brown, Peggy Willis, Ray Varborough. Sally Mauney, Ann Kirkman, Joyce Martin, Toni Freeman, Rachel Murphy, Faye Hord. SECOND ROW: Malinda Robert.-:, Georgia Peele, Louise Morley, Judy Hendrix, Judy Cooke, Carol Tesseneer, Martina Tolbert, Rachel CVB members prepare many churches they visit. a program which will he used at one of the Leatherman, Joyce Shronce, Miss Doris Jones, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Talmage Brock, Carrell Pruette, Dennis Heath, Jim Bal- lard, Geary Miller, Harold Bishop, Tommy . Petree. r The College Choir MRS. NETTIE R. GIDNEV Director Harold shows tliat chivalr - their tour. not dead as the choir returns from Christmas presents from the choir. The Gardner-Webb College Choir is composed of forty students chosen each year by the director, Mrs. Gidney. Throughout the year thev learn various pieces ot nuisic ' hich they present at churches in the surrounding area. This year their special programs included the presentation of Handel ' s Messiah at Christ- mas, theu- annual spring tour in which they visited various schools and churches throughout the state, and their special performance of the Crucifixion on Easter mormng at Chimney Rock. Also, during the school year, the choir presents various programs to the students of the college. Gardner-Webb is very proud of her rine choir. FIRST ROW: Suzanne JoUey, Elaine Arrowood, Yvonne Sorrow Brenda W yatf, Linda Bowman. Mrs. Cidney, Dennis Heath Pat Freeman, Joyce Martin. SECO.VD ROW: Harold Bishop, Dianne Hendnck, Ann Vilson, Rachel Murphv, Billie Reese, Carol Tes- TmRn RO, ul%l- ' I ' l " ' ° ' - Y™™e Ashe, Barrv- Padgett. THIRD ROW: Phillip Vhite. Harold Ellis, Dianne Washburn Deborah W acker, Amelia Hudgins, Gay Jollev, Ehz.abetli Black Martha Lattmiore Sam- Young. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Hamil- ton, David Tra -n],am, Clay Warf, Ronald Napney, James Gard- ner David Jones, Kent McKinney, Clyde Buck-ner, Douglas L ed- rord, Jerry Armstrong. 4 • I f t» i- A I it %. Mt J I f FIRST ROW: Harold Ellis, Joyce Martin, Carol VanZee, Velva Dean Morgan, Jimmy Cantrell, Dave Bell. SECOND ROW: Don Roper, Richard Lineberry. Tony Darnell, Hack Wall, David Kinzer, Sam Young. Pep Band Since Gardner-Webb does not have an official band, several students under the leadership of Mr. Hill voluntarily organized the Pep Band for the purpose of promoting school spirit during football season. It added a great deal of spirit and pep to several games, but especially to the Homecoming game, and plans are being made to continue this organization next year. Mr. Jerry Hill wa.s in- strumental in organizing the Pep Band and has served as the Director. Steve Wagoner, Gail Toney, Jane Lincoln, and Jim Lloyd attended the Model United Nations Assembly. International Relations Club The main purpose of the International Relations Club is to encourage and to stimulate the student ' s interest in international affairs. The impor- tance of keeping well-informed on recent world happenings and the role of the United States in contemporary issues is stressed. This year Gardner- Webb College sent a delegation representing the Malagasy Republic to the Model United Nations Assembly at Duke Universitv from February 12-15. FIRST ROW: Gail Toney, Carol Hernadez, Joyce Bridges, Roxie McMahon, Dianne Saunders, Jane Greene. Barbara Long, Jane Lincoln, Ray Crow. SECOND: Clay Warf, Howard Kirby, Jack Freeman, David Blanton, Danny Hilton, Ed Cooper, Jim Lloyd. THIRD ROW: Mr. Jolley, Nathan Lipscomb, Richard Jolley, Jim Streaker, Jim Gard- ner, Bill Holland. 1J ' BBS Da id Washbum presenting his interesting program about The Laser. ' Sigma Delta Psi The Science Club represents the natural sciences and mathematics. Its aim is to stimulate an intelligent interest in science. Students who intend to major or minor in the natural sciences and who have outstanding scholastic records are ehgible for membership. Programs of scientific interest are held at regular monthly meetings. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Humphries, Mr. M. A. MoseIev,Jr.. Mr Paul Stacy. Neal Craig, John Olson, Mr. Hubert DKrr. Mr P.i.; ' Jolley, Gale Earley, David Champion. Louwaiida Watson Eueene Moore. ■i mit m . One activih ' of the Monogram Club is to handle dorms. concessions at the ballgames and in the This is one way to win those letters. Monogram Club The Monogram Club is composed of men who earn letters in varsity sports as well as the cheerleaders. The purpose of this organization is to foster good fellowship and good sportsmanship among members and to pro- mote better relations with other schools in the Western Carolinas Junior College Conference. FIRST ROW: Lynn Spencer, Carole Rideout. Linda Wright, Diane Patrick, Janice Mast, Betsy Thompson, Paulette Rollins ' Peggy Schofield. SECOND ROW: Sid Martin, Mike Hunter, Pat Wilkenson. Wally Harris, Donald Rogers. S. W. Williford, David Webster. Jerry Armstrong, Don Bagwell. THIRD ROW: Tim Davis, Craig Roseman, Dennis Hicks, John Lentz, Tyke Fisher, Stan Codfrey, Bill Smith, Carthel Crout. Duke Fisher. FOURTH SSL ROW: Gene Swink, Marshall Slaughter, Edwin Hudgins, Keith Stewart, Bill Seel, Albert Turner, Druev Lambert. Sam Rector, Willis Burkett. FIFTH ROW: George Scruggs, David Gamer, Ronald Yount, Buddv McDaniels, Ronald Rogers, Charles Redden, Roger Dixon, Dannv Gabriel, Larry Clark. SIXTH ROW: Larry Bartlett, Coy Doty. »f " IBK J tlDl The Truth Is Always Good BOH.Ivn «p»lvnc M r BOILING SPRINGS, N. C Volume X ' II THE PILOT 1963-64 1 I, G ' " ' " ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' student paper, the Pi7o , is pub- lished monthly by a student-bod - elected editor business manager, and an appointed staff. The Vilot contains news and editorials which reflect the student ' s various activities and ideas. The ? ]oi seeks to give journalistic experiences to those going into that profession, besides giving enjo TOent to students and facult - members. - ' l ' - Clyde shows some new material for The Pilot to Suz - Hedrick the Business Manager, and to Louwanda Watson die As.sistant Busmess Manager. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol McAbee, Richard Lineberrv. Louwanda Watson, Suzy Hedrick. Wallace Holland. Flo%d Hurt, Harold Bishop, and Don Bagwell. iS •=» Clyde Buck-ner .serves as editor of The Pilot. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Choate. Karen Busic, Shirley Clowney. David Washburn. Sarah Moore, Dottie Pennington, R. W. Abrams, ADVISOR. The Anchor David Washburn and Sarah Moore, EDITORS Dottie Pennington and Karen Busic, BUSINESS MANAGERS Published by the Sophomore Class, the Anchor re- cords the academic year in words and pictures in an at- tempt to make lastingly memorable the fleeting experi- ences which have been most meaningful. The entire staff, from the editor to the typists, Rosemary Howard and Jerry Moss, have worked hard to accomplish this pur- pose. This year the staff has tried to present to the stu- dents, faculty, and friends of Gardner-Webb College, one of the best yearbooks ever. Kenneth " Yank " Slater, PHOTOCIRAPHER. waR (Atretics . . . laborioui indeed at the f-irdt aicent, but etie io imootn Football 1963 1963 FOOTBALL RESULTS Sept. 21 Lees-McRae Sept. 28 Furman Freshmen Oct. .5 Chowan Oct. 10 Guilford J. V. Oct. 19 Lees-McRae Oct. 26 Chowan Nov. 2 Davidson Freshmen Nov. 9 Femim Nov. 16 Gordon Mihtarv This is not a game of chance, but vou do have to flip a coin. FIRST ROW: Ron McKet-. Johnny Cliaffin, Danny Gabriel Tnni- my Morrow, Maurice Be is. Ronald Vount, Tom Barrett, James Ballard, Albert Turner, Mike Hunter, Tommy Voimg. SECOND BOW: James Harmon, Wayne Kennedy, James Streaker, Don Gillespie, Paul Carter, John Warren, White ' Covington, Wally Harri s, Fred Fisher, Roger Spell, Stan Godfrey. THIRD ROW: AJonzo Jackson, Craig Roseman, James Harris, Willis Burkett, Larry Runyan. Jerry Armstrong, Larry Clark, Jimmy Few, John Lentz, Billv Joe Stewart, Coy Doty, Coach Norman Harris. FOURTH ROW: Coach John Spencer, M. C. Guffey, Ned Drane, David Webster, Ronald Turner, Denn ' Hicks, Edwin Hudgins, Bill Seel, Buddy McDaniels, Allen Gleaton, Clyde Dowd. FIFTH ROW: Richard Jenson, Charles Brawley, Sid Martin, David Shehan, Snell Sellers. Cartliel Crout, Tim Davis, Billy Smith, Johnny Harper, Keith Stewart, Pat Wilkinson. Varsity Bulldogs-Conference Championj 1963 Team Managers-RONALD and DONALD ROGERS Are you gonna ' win this one tonight Stewart? 119 CRAIG ROSEMAX Guard FRED FISHER End RICHARD JENSEN Guard ALBERT TURNER Tackle LARRY RUNVAN End ..j t- S JAMES HARMON Linebacker and strong KEITH STEWART Linebacker L on defense DAVID SHEHAN Linebacker WILLIS BURKETT Halfback JIMMY FEW Safety MAURICE BEVIS Halfback Looks like some of the same smiling faces the dressing room has been ble sed with all year. Okay, Few, watch number 32 for a pass. ■R The f ' ' " " - ' .- ' ? ' ? " ' ° " - h niije U,st, Carol RidTOUt, L iin Spencer, D.anne Patrick. Betsy Thomp- Cheerleaders Cindy helps tlie cheerleaders, too. Pat Wilkinson, Coy Doty, Albert Turner, and Ronald Yount sliow a little extra bold, bald enthusiasm for the HomecominE Came. " Tliose Koal posts must lie decorated. LEFT TO RIGHT: Druey Lmiibert, David Webster, S. W. Wil- liford, James Fisher. Roger Di on, GeorHe Semens. David Gamer, Sammy Rector, Coy Doty, Willis Burkett, Larry Clark. 1963-64 Basketball David Gamer and Diikc Fisher battle for rebound as Kings player looks on helplessly. 1963-1964 BASKETBALL RESULTS Fiber Industry Kings Spartanburg Western Carolina J. V. U. S. C. Freshmen Wingate Aslieville-Biltmore Gastonia Y. M. C. A. Kings Anderson Brevard Lees-McRae Old Timers Western Carolina J. V. Davidson Freshmen Wingate Davidson Freshmen North Greenville Anderson Brevard Asheville-Biltmore Spartanburg Furman Freshmen North Greenville REGION 10 PLAYOFF Brevard 86-45 69-59 77-78 71-64 62-101 71-88 65-86 75-101 79-57 63-80 60-62 48-47 54-64 58-71 65-72 61-59 57-73 68-96 61-87 53-78 51-60 71-76 55-72 63-95 55-76 123 S.W. goes in for the lay-up and an easy two points. JAMES FISHER Forward Rocer Dixon pledges his allegiance as the coach instructs. i 124 r DAVID GARNER Forward LARRY CLARK COY DOTY Forward Get out of the way boys, that ball is mine. S. W. WILLIFORD Guard ROGER DIXON Center GEORGE SCRUGGS Center FIRST ROW: Paul Karris, Charles Redden, Max Harrill, Van Morrow, Richard Ledford, Carlton Wallace. SECOND ROW: Tim Davis, Gene Swink, Don McClain, David Brendle, Ronny Freize, Gary Simpkins, Doyt Hoffman. Track 1963 Oh, I wish this hammer wasn ' t quite so heavy. Clearing the high hurdles with tlie greatest of ease, FIRST ROW: Ronald Rogers, Lam ' Clark, Cla%ton Chriswell, LaiT - Brewer, SECOND ROW: Bill Haves, Pat Tate, David Webster, Carthel Crout, Robert Carver. THIRD ROW: Danny Kirkland. Terr ' B Td, Jimm Cook, Jim Watson. Johrm - Wim- berly. Ronald Turner and Ronald Rogers are all set for the big game. Baseball 1963 1963 B. SEB, LL RESULTS Warren Wilson Brevard Davidson Freshmen Spartanburg M ' ingate North Greenville Lees-McRae Anderson Brevard M ' ingate North Greenville Spartanburg U, N. C, Freshmen Anderson Lees-McRae 11-9 6-5 2-4 12-5 5-4 5-6 6-5 6-3 5-6 2-6 8-7 1-11 2-11 12-5 5-3 128 Ronald Turner, Jimmy Cook. Jim Watson Clayton Chriswell, Danny Kirkland, Larrv David Webster. Everybody seems to be swing of thinRs, nfrt R }P v- ■ ' ■J ' ' Spainhour Herm- Strohecker, Kelly Wells, Arthur Crocker. Larr - Bartlett, Ben Harding, Frank Biggerstaff. George Ferrell, Coach. Tennis Team 1963 Golf 1964 Bartlett ser ' es a fast one. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Rice, Jim Lyda, BUI Blackburn. Dr. .Allen. Steve L -man. Iikc Small. P.iul Conner. Date-, .- thos Rostan. Joseph Clxnipli TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jesse 0;.tes, Wayne iiKhtcr, Jininiy NolancI, D:imiy Hilton. rt Lanpley, Bobby Elkins, Larry Land, Wayne Kennedy. I Men ' s Intramurals MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS David Hill, Pat Wilkinson, Bill Seel Snell Sellers. NOT PICTURED: Clar- ence Mabe. Spring brines " field day " and time for fun and relaxtion. 131 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Rachel Deviney, Carolyn Pruitt, Nancy Waters, Gladys Cross, Barbara Westray, Janice Lewis. Women ' s Intramurals The ball is tossed up and Janice Lewis taps it to one of her teammates. Volleyball provides plenty of fun and entertainment for the girls on campus. 132 Circle of cheer, q . " You boys haven ' t been hitting yet! ' 6 m . . . Sink it, Zeke. " Sorry, Coach, I didn ' t get much sleep last night. ' riibi v iatT ir. mmmmmm m Engagement under the arch. " Arthur, quit fhrting with tlie girls. Vou ' re not quite old enough. " • (J{(lwa{ 5 Icliabod was smart, but he had no head. " But Professor should you cliew your nails? " emembe i • . . Well, the decorations have to come off the tree sometime. Sophomore Activities Directory ii[ AllreA Dorothy Janet-Dav Student Asso- ciiition 1; Choir 2; Y.W.A. 2. Almon. Jerr Martin-Choir 1. Akpaugh. Bett Jo- Anderson, Syh-ia Dianne— Y.W.A. 1,2, Sec- retar. -Treasurer 1: B.S.U. Council 2: Public- ity Chairman 2; Christian N ' olunteer Band 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2, TreasTirer 2. . nthony, Thomas Keith-D,i Student .As- sociation 1,2. B Bag vell, Donald Keith-Track 1; MonoEram Club 1; Newspaper 1. Baker, Herbert Marshall, Jr.- Ball, Gary Flo d-Superlati e- ' ittiest 2. Barlow. Thomas Jones— Bartles, Cecil Ray- Bartlett, Larry Kemper-Choir 2; Mono- eram Club 1.2. Bentley, Carolyn Morgan-House Council 2. Y.W.. . 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Ma ' Court 1 Be-iTs, Thad Maurice-Football 1,2; Mono- gram Club 1.2 Biggerstaff, Franklin Joe- Bishop, James Harold-. ll M Sons 2 Choir 1.2; Christian ' olunteer Band 2 B.S.U. Executive Council 2; Pilot Staff 2 Superlative-Friendliest 2. Black. Elizabeth Emma-Choir 1,2; Hap- piest Millionaire 1 Blackstock, L Tida Sue— International Re- laHons Cluh 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Choir 1,2; The Importance of Being Earnest 1; House Council 2. Blanton, Jinuny Pryor— Blanton, Richard Coleman- Boger, Brenda Faye-House Council 2- Y.W.A. 2: B.S.U. Greater Council 2. Bowen, Myra Gail-Da Student .Visociation Bowman, Linda Kay-Choir 1,2; B.S.U. Ex- ecutive Council 2; B.S.U. Mu.sic Chairman 2; I.W.A. 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 1.2; Superlative-Most Talented 2. Brewer, Kenneth Larry- Bridges, Donald Gene- Bridges, Joyce Diane-Day Student Associ- ation 1.2. Brntherton. William Paige, Jr.— Brown, .Nancy Louise-B.S.U. President 2; Christian olunteer Band 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Program Chairman 1; Superlative-Best A . round 2. Buchanan, J. V.-Da Student Association 1,2; President 2; Ministerial Conference 1, 2; Jail Program Chairman of Ministerial Conference 1; Vice-President of Mimsterial Conference 2. Buckner, Charles Newton— Buckner. Clyde Van— Da Student .Associ- ation 1,2; Choir 1,2. The Importance of Being Earnest 1; The Happiest Millionaire 1; Pilot Staff 2; Editor 2; B.S.U. Vice-Presi- dent 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1.2; Superlative- Most Talented 2. Busic, Karen Lee-Y W .A. 1.2. .Anchor Staff 2. .Associate Business Manager 2. Butler, Donald Y ' oimg— Choir 1; House Council 1; Freshman Representative to the Student Govermnent 1; President of Stu- dent Government 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1.2; Ministerial Conference 1,2. C Caldwell, Harold Jenkins, Jr.— Callahan, Sandra Gail— Y. ..A. 2. Canipe, Ronald Gene— Cappsi, M Ttjs Ellen-Christian Volunteer Band 1.2; Y.W.A. 1.2; House Council 1.2; Phil Theta Kappa 1,2; Vice-President, House Council 1,2. Chandler, Linda Jane- Chapman, Mrs. Gloria Xolen- Clark. Larr Victor- Football 1,2 Co-Cap- tain 2; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1.2; Mono- gram Club 1,2, Secretar -Trea,surer 1.2: Sportsmanship Award, Football; A ' ice-Presi- dent. Freshman Class 1; Treasurer, Sopho- more Class 2; SuperlaHve-Most .Athletic 2. Clark. Sandra Lejeune— Clary. Bobby Dean-Dav Student Associa- tion 1.2; Choir 1. Clayton. Hubert Wayne- Cole, Thesa Delores-Christian ' olunteer Band 1.2; Y.W.A, 1,2; Choir 1,2; B.S.U. ExecuHxe Council 2; B.S.U. Chapel Devo- tions Chairman 2, Collins, Kenneth— Comior. Paul Lindon— Cook. Barry ' Thomas — Cook, ,Mar Ahce- Cooke, Jimmy Calvin- Cooper, Peggy Janet-Y.W.A. 1,2, President 2; B.S.U. Executive Council 2; Secretary- of Student Government .Association 2; May Court 1 ; Homecoming .Attendant 2. Craig. , eal Leon-Dav Student Association 1,2; Science Club 1,2. Craw ford, William Edward— Crout, .Arlar Carthel, Jr.-F o o t b a 1 1 1,2; Monognim Club 1.2, Baseball 1,2. Crowder, Patsy Elizabeth- Day Student .Association 1.2; Choir 1. D Dabne , Gayle Eileen-Y.W.A. 2; Language Club 2. Vic-e-President 2. Davis, Timothy Monroe-Football 1,2; Track 1; Monogram 1,2. Dedmond, Ph Ilis Andrea— DePriest, Joseph Sanmel. Jr - Deviney, Mary Rachel-Y.W .,A. 2. Dixon, Roger Hood-Monogram Club 1.2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Basketball 1,2; May- Day Court 1; A ' ice-President of Shrden ' t Go emment Association 2; Superlative- Most Popular 2. Dowd, Cl de Brantle — Drane, Henry Edward- Duncan, Richard Wayland-Superlative-Un sung Hero 2. E Earley, Elizabeth-Science Club 2; Program Committee 2. Edwards, Wyatt Peeler- Eisenman, Mrs. Sara Carter- Ellis, Harold Dean- Eskew, Sherrill Ann-Y.W.A. 1,2; Choir 2; ChrisHan ' olunteer Band 1. Evans, Charles Early, ITT— F Fetzer, Daniel Johnson- Few, Jimmy Eugene- Fisher, James Caldwell- Fisher. Robert David-Baseball 1,2; Day Student -Association 1. Fowler, Ka Frances-Da Student Associ- ation 1,2. Freeman, .Alfred George-Da Student As- sociation 1,2. Francis, Saimny Earl- Freeman, Henry Jackson- Freeman, Patricia ,Aim-Y.W.,A. 2, Secre- tary; B.S.U. Greater Council 2; The Hap- piest Millionaire 2; Choir 1,2; House Coun- cil 2. G Gabriel, Darmy— Football 1,2; Student Gov- ernment .Association 2; President of New Dorm 2; May Day Court 1; Superlative- Best Looking 2. Gilmer. Stuart Gordon— GI Tnph. Joseph Seabom-Dav Student .As- sociation 2; Golf 2. Godfrey, Stanley Lewis- Grant, Ronnie Thomas- Greene, James Henry- Greene, John Lee- Greene, Lynora Jane-Y.W..A. 2; Typist for -Anchor 2; Superlative-Wittiest 2. Griffiths. Barbara Jane -Cheerleader 1; .Monogram Club 1. H Hall, Carrie Elizabeth -Y.W A. 2. ! Ilaniinoiul, Charles Kirby, Jr.— Ilainrick, Charles Wymail— Ilainrick, Marsha L iuie— tlaniioii, Jaiiies LeMaster— Football 1,2; All ConfcrL ' inv, All Rcnion-Foolball 1,2, Co- Capt.iin 2, Lineman of tlie Year 2. Harrill, Max Dean— Day Student Assoeiation 1,2; Basketball I; Track 1,2; Monosram 1,2. IlaiTis, Ira James, Ill- Harris, Mrs. Lida Mai-tiii- Harris, Sylvia Ann— B.S.U. Executive Coun- cil 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; Choir 1.2, Community Missions Chaimwn of V.W ' .A. 2; Sunday School Representative of B.S.U. 2. Hayes, V ' eniice-Cheerleader 1; Monounnu Club 1 Haymaker, Sylvia Anne-Homecoming At- tendant 2; Cheerleader 2; Monogram Club 2. Heath, Dennis— Hedrick, Dana Sue-Day Student Associa- tion 1,2; Phi Theta Kiippa 1,2; -Manager of Pilot 2. Henderson, Robert Preston- Hicks, Norvel Dennis- Hoffman, Oscar Talmage— Holden, Bobby Neil- Holland, Wallace Martin-International Re- lations Club 1; Pilot Stiiff 2. Horn, Mrs. Shirley White-Christian Volun- teer Bimd 2; B.S.U. Executive Council 2, Secretary 2. Houston, Shirley Anne-Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; V.W.A. 1,2; Ah, Sweet Mystery 1. Howell, Bette Lou-Cheerleader 2; Y.W.A. 2; Monogram Club 2. Hudgins, Amelia Frances— Basketball 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 1; Choir 1,2. Hudgins, Marvel Kay— Day Student Associ- ation 1,2. Humphries, Dorothy Sue— All My Sons 2; Science Club 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2, Secretary 2; Day Student Association 1,2; Science Club, Secretary 2. Humphries, Sandra Kay- Hurt, Floyd Williford, Jr.-Pilot Staff 2; An- nouncer of Ball Games 1,2; House President 2; Hall Proctor 1; Student Government 2; International Relations Club 1; Debated on T.V. 1. Jackson, Alonzo Shaird- James, James Mason- Johnson, Glenn Edward- Johnson, Gloria WUlene— Y.W.A. 1,2; Monu- Rram Cluli 1,2; Checrk-;ider 1,2; MaN Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Home- coming Queen 2; B;isketball 1,2; Superla- tive-Best Looking 2. Johnson, Grant— Choir 1,2. Johnson, Gwendolyn Carol— Homecoming Sponsor 1; Y.W.A. 2. Johnston, Grayson Eugene, Jr.-Day Student Association 1,2. Jolley, Alicia Gay- Choir 2; Glee Club 2; .Accompanist 2; All My Sons 2. Jolley, James Richard-Day Student Associ- ation 1,2; Choir 2; Science Club 1; Inter- national Relations Club 2. Jolley, Linda Suzanne— The Importance of Being Earnest I; The Happiest Millionaire 1; Music Recit;d 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Choir 2; Voice 1; May Day Court 1; Best Actress .Award 1; Superlative-Friendliest 2. Jolley, Marian Rachel-Da Student Associ- ation 1,2; Choir 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 1. Jones, Johnny Lewis-Dav Student Associ- ation 1,2. Joyce, Espie— Keller, Richard Earl- Kennedy, Theodore Woodrow— Kincaid, Edith— Kingsmore, Dannie Jesse— Kingsmore, Dormie Edward- Kinzer, David Frederick, Jr.-Sciencc Club 2, Kirby, Bobby Russell— Kirkman, Annie Katherine-Christian Vol- unteer Band 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2. L Ledford, Margaret Anne— Y.W.A, 1,2; Choir. LeGrajid, Richard Ware— Lethco, Jerry Donald-Day Student Associ- ation 1,2; Ministerial Conference 1,2, Vice- President 1, President 2; B.S.U. Executive Council. Lewis, Janice Rose— Basketball 1,2; Y.W.A 2, House Council 2, President 2; Student Government 2; Maid of Honor-May Court 1; Fresliman Attendant-Homecoming 1; Su- perlativc-Most Popular 2. Lineberry, Richard Boiling— Choir 1; Plii Theta Kappa 1,2, Reporter 2; Pilot Staff 2, Assistant Editor 2. Lockaby, Jo Ann— Christian Volunteer Band 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Day Student Association 1,2. Lockliear, Dianne Joyce- Long, Stephen Ray— Lutz, Robert Franklin— Lyda, Oscar James, UI— Golf 1,2; Scienci ' Club 2; Superlative-Most Depandable 2. M McVbee, Ronald Lee— McCauley, Violet Camille-Y W A. 1,2; Pro- gram Chairman 2. McClain, Donald Ray— Track 1,2. McClellan, Sandy Marilda-Y.W.A. 2. McKinney, James Roger-Monogram Club 1,2; Baseball 1. McKinney, Ronalds Bates— Day Student As- sociation 2. McSwain, Mary Linda— Day Student Associ- ation 1,2. Martin, Joyce Ann-Diiy Student As- sociation 1,2; Choir 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; Pep Band 2. Mast, Janice Ann-Y ' .W.A. 2; Monogram Club 2; Cheerleader 2. Mauney, Mary Sally- Mayo, Frank Shapard— Mintz, Sam Herbert- Moore, Marion David- Moore, Sarah Elizabeth— International Re- lations Club 1; Publicity Co-Chairman 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Hall Sponsor 1; Choir 1; House Council 2; Co-Editor of Anchor 2; Super- lative-Most Dependable 2. Morrow, Kenneth Legrand— Morrow, Thomas Wilson— Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1,2; Freshman Sophomore Banquet Committee; Hall Proctor 2; Basket- ball 1; Football-player of the week 1,2; All Region Ten Team 2. Motsinger, Larry Joseph— N Nanney, Ronald Ervin— Day Student Asso- ciation 1,2; Choir 1,2; Pilot Staff 1. Norville, Amanda Gail-Girls Basketball Team 1,2. Oates, Thomas Frank, III— Ogburn, Thomas Lanier—Clioir 1,2. Olson, John Charles-Science Club 2: Presi- dent 2. Ormand, Dwight Henry— P Pace, Paul Allen- Pace, Ruben Stephen- Pack, Mrs. Margaret Anne— Parket, Margaret Kingsland— Peele, Georgia Comelis-Pilot Staff 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 2. 137 Pennington, Dorothy Annette— Day Student Association 1,2, Secretary-Treasurer 1; In- ternational Relations Club 1,2- Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Anchor St.aff 2; Business Man- ager 2; The Importance of Being Earnest 1; The Happiest Millionaire 1; French Award 1: Ideal Teacher ' s Scholarship 1; Debate 2; Superlative-Most Lilely to Succeed 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1. Porter, Leonard Dewey— Prestvvood, Barbara Jean Wright- Price. Robert Lacy-Debate 1,2; Day Stu- dent .Association 1,2. Pruette, Carrell-Ministerial Conference 1,2. Pruitt, Ada Carolyn-Y.W.A. 2; All My Sons 2; Choir 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Homecoming .Attendant 2. Putnam, Richard— Queen, Ben Wilson, Jr.— Queen, Clyde Mitchell- Query, Linda Sue-Y.W.A. 1,2; Homecom- ing .Attendant 2. Rabon, William Bruce-Ministerial Confer- ence 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2. Ragland, Thomas Tillman- Ramsey, Ronald Bruce- Rash, Arlen Roy- Redden, Charles Arthur-Da Student As- sociation 1,2; Football 1; Trainer 2; Track 1,2; Monogram 1,2. Reid, Clyde Franklin, Jr.-Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1,2. Reid, James Richard- Reynolds, Richard Darnell- Rice, Bobby Joe- Richard, Cletus Eugene- Richardson, John Frederick, Jr.— Science Club 2; Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Volleyball 1,2. Roberts, Mah ' nda Mae-Christian Volunteer Band 1.2; Follow-Up Committee; Choir 2- V.WA. 1,2. Robertson, Earnest . rlen— Rodgers, Wilham Clayton, Jr.- Rogers, Donald-Monogram Club I 2 Bas- ketball 1,2. Rogers, Ronald-Monogram Club 1,2; Track 1,2. Roseman, Craig .Monroe-Football 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. Rostan, .Athos, Jr.— Ruff, James Timothv-Football I; Latin Club 1.2. Runyan, Larry Franklin-Football 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. Sanders, Randy Bruce- Savage, Richard Allen-Choir 2; Interna- tional Relations Club 1; Vice-President of Sophomore Class 2. Scruggs, George Coleman-Basketball 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. Self, Donna Kay-Day Student Association 1,2; The Importance of Being Earnest I. Shehan, William Steve- Simmons, Sandra Laqueta-Y.W.A. 1,2, Choir 2; House Council 2. Simpkins, George Gary-Choir I; Track 1. Sinclair, Winifred Rae— Slater, Kenneth Train-College Photogra- pher 2; Anchor Staff 2, Pilot Staff 2. Slaughter, Alva Marshall-Choir 1,2; Base- ball Manager 1,2. Smith, William-Football 2; Monogram Club 2; Track 2. Spell, Roger Earl— Spurlin, Alpha Anne-Dav Student Associ- ation 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. Stewart, Darrell Keith-Football 1,2- Track I; Choir 1,2. Sweet, Randolph Tulane- Swafford, Benny Joe-Tennis I; Intramural Football. Basketball, Volleyball 1,2. Swicegood, Russell Carr- Swink, Russell Gene-Track 1,2; Monogram Club 2. Tate, Carey Kirkpatrick- Tesseneer, Carol Ann-B.S.U. 1,2; E.xecu- tive Council Chairman 2; Choir 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; Dav Student Associa- tion 1.2. Thompson, Betsy Jean-House Council 2; Y.W.A. 2; Monogram Club 1,2; Cheer- leader 1,2; Chief 2, May Court Attendant 1,2; Sui3erlative-Best School Spirit 2. Thompson, Geneva Kaye— Thornton, Eleanor Gail-Touring Choir 2; House Council 2. Thrift, Jim Roscoe- Thrift, Joel Randall- Toole, Ouida Diane— Towery , James Patton— Turner, Henry Ronald— Tyser, Wally Clemson, Jr.-Dav Student As- sociation 2; Debate 2; International Re- lations Club 1,2, Secretary 2; Model Gen- eral Assembly Representative; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2, Vice-President 2; Superlative- Most Intellectual 2. W Waldrop, Jerry Wayne- Wall, Hassell Goyen, Jr.- Wallace, Rebecca Ann- Wallace, Coy Carlton-Track 1,2; Intramu- ral Football, Basketball, Volleyball 1,2. Washburn, David Bruce-Phi Theti Kappa 1,2, President 2; Anchor Staff 2, Co-Editor 2; Day Student .As.sociation 1,2; Debate 1,2; Chemistn ' Award 1; Math Awiird 1; Sigma Delta Psi 1,2; May Day Court Escort I; Superlative-Most Likely To Succeed 2. Washburn, Waylan Tyree— Waters, WiUiam Earl- Wafers, Nancy Edgerton-Choir I; Y.W.A. 2; Latin Club; Basketball 1,2; Superlative- Most At hletic 2. Waters, Peggy Lynn-Dav Student Associ- ation 1,2; Choir 2. Watson, Lloyd James- Watson, Louwanda Sue-Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Science Club 2, Vice-President; Pilot Staff 2, .Associate Business Manager; Super- lative-Most Intellectual 2. Webster, Jesse David-Football 1,2; Basket- ball 1,2; Baseball 1,2: Monogram Club 1,2, Vice-President 2. Whisnant, Andrea- White, Phillip Paul-Choir 1.2; Da - Student Association 1,2; Latin Club 1. Williford, Samuel Walker— WiDis, Peggy Lynn-Y.W.A. 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 1,2, Secretary 2; LISTEN Program 1,2. Wilson, Claude Thomas- Wilson, Patricia Ann-Choir 1,2; Basketball 1,2; M;iy Day Court I; Homecoming Court 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Secretary of Sophomore Class 2. Wilson, Keith Arnold- Winters, Linda Elaine-May Dav Program I; Y.W.A. 2. Wofford, John Greenberry— Wood, Linda Pearl-House Council 1; B.S.U. Executive Council 2; Social Chair- man; Y.W.A. 2. Wright, Zane Gray-Science Club 2 Youngman, Anna Carol-Choir 2; House Council 2. Secretary-Treasurer; B.S.U. Ex- ecutive Council 2; Training Union Repre- sentative 2: Superlative-Unsung Heroine 2. Sanders, Hilda Marie— 13S Veasey, Edward David- Index I Activities Anchor Staff Baptist Student Union Council College Government Association Choir Christian Volunteer Band Day Student Association Debate Team International Relations Club Men ' s House Councils Ministerial Conference Monogram Club Pep Band Phi Theta Kappa Honor Fratemitv Pilot Staff Sigma Delta Psi Science Club Women ' s House Council Young Women ' s Auxiliary Administration Administrative Assistants Office of the Business Manager Office of Cultural and Creative Activities Office of the Dean Office of Development Office of Guidance Office of Promotion President Trustees Alma Mater Athletics Basketball Coaches 98 115 100 102 110 108 103 107 111 105 109 113 111 106 114 112 104 109 18 26 25 23 22 24 23 24 20 21 116 123 118 Football Golf Men ' s Intramurals Tennis Track Women ' s Intramurals Cheerleaders Dedication Faculty Department of Business Education Department of English Department of Fine Arts Department of Languages Department of Math and Science Department of Physical Education Department of Religion Department of Social Science Features Homecoming Activities Homecoming Attendants Homecoming Queen May Queen May Queen ' s Attendants May Queen ' s Maid of Honor Superlatives Freshman Class Officers In Memoriam Sophomore Class Officers Directory The Program in the Arts Highlights 118 130 131 130 127 132 122 33 27 32 28 29 30 27 31 31 32 80 84 83 82 85 86 85 88 67 66 33 37 36 136 94 I BL - mc

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