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anchor 1963 Published by the Students of Gardner-Webb College Boiling Springs, N. C. BILL WATTERSON CAROL WATTERSON NANCY SELF Co-editors Business Manager FOREWORD We of the 1962-63 Anchor staff have compiled a year- book which we beheve to be full of pleasant memories and unforgettable experiences. We ha e tried to re- capture the ball games, school work, social events, and all of the other highlights of the past vear here at Gardner- Webb College. We hope that this year ' s Anchor wtII be pleasing and satisf -ing to each student and facult - member. Our goal has been to create a -earbook which will be a source of enjoNxnent fond memories, and a treasure which you will cherish for many years to come. CONTENTS Curriculum FacultN and Administration Classes The Program in the Arts Activities Features Sports Advertisements Cu t ttCu{um Study . . . Beauty . . . Recreation All a part of Gardner - Webb. Some subjects require tedious study Ui a ' " ' ffVp w 1 nVB| BB ( ■•W6N nu»i i- sis . . . Willie others employ free discussion and modern equipment . m 10 Able Christian leaders guide students both spiritually and academically. f ' • u fc? - Physical development is also stressed 12 s - •; T Some students pursue their interests in the field of business. 13 _ ' . :-i ,-:. ' Xi.-;-f-a Skill and refinement are acquired through diligent practice. u 15 Library facilities are excellent. 16 • • • 9 acuftij md J(dmml8itiailoi{ DEDICATION Every student admires certain characteristics in a teacher. Some of these characteristics are patience, kind- ness, understanding, and, above all, a dedication and a sincerit - toward his work. The teacher should be a devout Christian, seeking through his work to serve his pupils, his school, his country, and his God. We of the 1963 Anchor staff believe that all these and manv other characteristics haxe been exhibited by Mr. H. C ' Di.xon, who is now in his twent --eighth year of service at Gardner- ' ebb. For this reason we ' dedicate this 1963 Anchor to our professor and friend, Mr. Hubert C. Dixon. Rela-xing in his favorite chair, Mr. Dkon enjoys reading his newspaper after a busy day of teaching classes. Being very proud of their new car, Mr. DLvon and his family were very easily persuaded to pose for this picture. iiti 91 iji mji V mmmjm. The " natural habitat " for Mr. Dixon is his office or his class- room where he is surrounded by books, papers, and students — the things which make up his wo ' -k and the things with which he loves to work. )8 MR. HUBERT C. DIXON 19 FIRST ROW: Mr. J. Toliver Davis, Mr. Horace Easom, Mrs. O. Ma.x Gardner. Mrs. Rush Stroup, Miss Charlene Stamey, Mr. I. A. McLain. SECOND ROW: Rev. W. T. Hendrix, Mr. J. L. Sutde, Jr.. Mr. Richard Williams, Dr. Ralph Falls, Mr. Claude Hinson. Rev. Wilson Padgett. Mr. J. D. Fitz. Mr. J. T. Moore, Mr. J. C. Hames, Mr. Lloyd Bost, Rev. M. O. Owens, Jr.. Mr. Woodrow Jones. Mr. A. T. Withrow, Mr. Arnold Kincaid, Ir. R. P. Reece, Rev. Emory Trainham, Mr. T. R. Hendrix. (Absent when picture was made were: Rev. R. O. Baker, Rev. Jack Bracev, Mr. J. R. Dover, Jr., Rev. Robert Hamb), Mr. Clifford Hamrick, Mr. W. C. Hennessee, Mr. J. L. Nichols, Jr., Dr. A. L. Parker, Mr. D. A. Rawley, Sr., Mr. Ralph Roberts, Mrs. Hattie P. Self, and Mr. Wayne DeHart.) OFFICERS Mr. J. C. Hames Secretary Mrs. Rush Stroup Treasurer Mr. Toliver Davis Chairman BOARD OF TRUSTEES EXECUTIVE COMMTTTEE FIRST ROW: Mr. A. T. Withrow. Mrs. Rush Stroup, Mr. Claude Hinson. SECOND ROW; Mr. J. L. Suttle, Jr.. Mr. ToHver Davis, Mr. J. C. Hames, Mr. Lloyd Bost, Rev. Wilson Padgett, Mrs. O. Max Gardner, {. bsent when picture was made were: Clifford Hamrick, ' ice-Chairman, Board of Trustees and Chairman of Executive Committee, and Richard A. Williams.) c. p GARDNER-WEBB ' S PRESIDENT DR. E. EUGENE BOSTON A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Wake Forest Col- lege; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seirunary; Gardner-Webb College, 1959— Dr. Poston in academic regalia, appeared in high spirits while waiting for his inauguration to begin. Dr. Poston greeted new students and welcomed returning students during the student- faculty reception. Dr. Poston chats with Congressman David Henderson. 21 Mil null ii- VOM M. W. Gordon, Jr. Business Manager A.ti., Fiirman University; Gardner-Webb CoUege, 1957- R ,W. Abrams Director of Promotion A.A., Gardner-Webb College; A.B.. Wake Forest College; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1962- r v- ADMINISTRATORS Thomas J. McGraw Director of Development Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Wake For- est College; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College; Additional Graduate Study, Duke University; Gardner-Webb College 1962- Francis B. Dedmond Director of Cultural and Creative Activities; Professor of English A.B., Catawba College; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Duke University; Additional Graduate Study, University of North CaroUna, Duke Uni- versity, Columbia Universitv-Bamard Theatre Workshop; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1952- Donald D. Moore Director of Guidance .A., Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Da- vidson College; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, N. C. Baptist Hospital, Bo vman Gray School of Medicine, Yale University, Appalachian State Teachers College, Gard- ner-Webb College, 1962— Leonard A. Allen Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Western Carolina College; Gardner-Webb College, 1945- Eugene M. Keebler Dean of the College B.S.. Uni ' ersitv of Southern Mississippi; B.D., Th.n.. New Orleans Baptist Theo- logical Seminapi ' ; PIi.D., University of Soutliern Mississippi; Additional Graduate Studv. Appalachian State Teachers Col- IcRe. Florida State University; Gardner- Webb College, 1962- Robert B. Isner Dean of Students; Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Davis-Elkins College; M.A., Appa- lachian State Teachers College; Additional Graduate Study, East Carolina College; Gardner-Webb College, 1962- Mrs. Dorothy W. Hamrick Registrar A.A., Gardner-Webb College; A.B., Mere- dith College; Gardner-Webb College, 1946- OF Miss Faye J. Mitchell GARDNER-WEBB Head Librarian A. A., Anderson College; B.A., Winthrop College; M.A.L.S., George Peabody Col- leg For Teachers; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1961- Miss Ruth C. Kiser Dean of Women; Assistant Professor of Psychology A.A., Wingate College; B.S., Carson-New- man College; M.R.E., New Orleans Bap- tist Theological Seminary; M.A., Appa- lachian State Teachers College; Gardner- Webb College, 1961- T. Max Liimens Pastor A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner- Webb Col- lege, 1958- inTMimmi Garland H. Allen Professor of Bible and History B.A., Ouachita Baptist College; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Bap- tist Theological Seminary; M.A., Memphis State University; Addi- tional Graduate Study, Memphis State University; Gardner-Webb College, 1961- Charles S. Andrews Professor of French A.B., Wofford College; M.A., Em- ory University; Additional Grad- uate Study, Appalachian State Teachers College, Sorbonne, Uni- versity of Paris; Gardner-Webb College, 1960- Deck W. Andrews Professor of Business Education A.B., Wofford College; M.S.B.A., University of Georgia; Additional Graduate Study, Wofford College, Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege, Western Carolina Teachers College; Gardner - Webb College, 1962- Howard M. Bennett Instructor of Engineering Drawing B.S.E.E., Ohio University; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1962- FACULTY Miss Kalhryn Copeland Professor of English B.A., Baylor University; B.M.T., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Baylor Universi- ty; Additional Graduate Study, University of California, Univer- sity of Chicago, George Peabody College for Teachers, University ' ■ ' Gardner- Webb Col- of Missouri; lege, 1954- Hubert C. Dixon Associate Professor of Mathematics A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B. A., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ad- ditional Graduate Study, Clem- son College, Florida State Uni- versity; Gardner-Webb College 1935- Mrs. Robert Doggett Instructor in English A.B., Winthrop College; Addition- al Graduate Study, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1962- Mrs. Ann Hamrick Elliott Assistant to the Librarian A.B., Meredith College; Gardner- Webb College, 1981- Mrs. Nettie R. Cidney Assistant Professor of Voice, Choir- Guilford College; B.M., Westminster Choir College; Ad- ditional Graduate Study, Wesle- yan College, Appalachian State Teachers College, Private Voice Lessons; Gardner-Webb College, 1945-46; 1953- James T. Gillespie Director, Church-Community Development B.A., Wake Forest College; Th. M., Southwestern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary; Additional Grad- uate Study, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner- Webb College, 1959- Miss Joan Katherine Goforth Instructor in Spanish A.B., Greensboro College; M.A.T., Duke University; Additional Grad- uate Study, Scarritt College; Gardner- Webb College , 1963- I Norman A. Harris Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Head Coach Duke University; B.S., High Point College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb College,1949- FACULTY Mrs. Jane H. Harris Instructor in Business Education High Point College; B.A., Lime- stone College; Gardner-Webb Col- Iege,1962- Thomas M. Harris Instructor of English B.A., Belmont College; M.A.T., Vanderbilt Univlersity; Gardner- Webb College,1962- M. Lansford Jolley Associate Professor of Social Science A.A. Gardner-Webb College; B. A., Wake Forest College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Ed.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Graduate Study, George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb College, 1957- Paul W. Jolley Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Physics B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1962- 2f Miss Doris Jones Associate Professor of Bible B.A., Furman University; M.R.E., Southu-estem Baptist Theological Seminar ' ; Gardner-Webb College, 1956- Robert Lamb Assistant Professor of Speech B.A., Stephen F. Austin State Col- lege; M.R.E., Southwestern Bap- tist Theological Seminary; Addi- tional Graduate Study, Westmin- ster Choir College; Baylor Uni- versit ' ; University of Houston; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College 1962- Mrs. Bett ' H. Logan Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S., Woman ' s College, University of North Carohna; M.A., Apoala- chian State Teachers College; Gardner- Webb College, 1957- Miss Abbie C. Miller Assistant Professor of Music B.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; M.M., Cincinnati Conserv- atory of Music: A.B.. Kentucky Wesleyan College; Gardner-Webb College, 1937-54; 1955- FACULTY Mrs. Princa G. Moore Instructor in Latin A.B., Georgetown College; Grad- uate Study, George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers, University of Kentucky; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1961- M. A. Moseley, Jr. Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., Wofford College; M.S.. North Carolina State College; Addition- al Graduate Study. Clemson Col- lege, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1950- Thirlen Osborne Professor of English A.B»i Kentucky Wesleyan College; M.A.. University of Kentucky; .ad- ditional Graduate Study. Univer- sity of Kentucky, University of North Carolina; Gardner - Webb College, 1957- Mrs. Ruth H. Plaster Instructor in Organ B.M., Brenau College Conserva- tory; Graduate Study, University of Wisconsin, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1953- 76 Mrs. Elma H. Pollock Profci.iui of Uumaiice Languages A.B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina, University of Maryland; Gardner-Webb College 1936- Robert J. Shepherd Instructor in Art ?.-A- ' . S ' . ' S ' College; Gardner- Webb College, 1962- Mrs. Mary Ann Hill Smarr Assistant to the Librarian B.S., Winthrop College; Gardner- Webb College, 1962- A.A B.S Miss Lynn Smither Instructor in Physical Education for Women Virginia Intermont College; Uni ' ersity of South Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1962- FACULTY John S. Snencer Instructor in Physical Education B.A., Shepherd College; P S Shepherd College; M.A., Appala- chian State Teachers College- Gardner- Webb College, 1962- plWr V Paul John Stacy Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., Duke University; Graduate Study, Duke University; Gardner- Webb College, 1941- mM J. O. Terrell Professor of Social Science B.S., Western Carolina College: M.A., George Peabody College foi Teachers; Additional Graduate Study, George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1945- Dr. W. Wyan Washburn College Ph ' sician B.S., Wake Forest College; M.D.. Jefferson Medical College; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1946- ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Mrs. Linda C. Childrez Secretary to Director of Promotion A.A., Gardner-Webb College; Gardner-Webb College, 1962- Mrs. Lucile J. Dixon Secretary to the Registrar B.M., Meredith College; Gardner-Webb College, 1933-36; 1940-45. 1957- Mrs. Maggie L. Goodwin Counselor Gardner- Webb College, 1957- Mrs. Nancy A Griffin Secretary to the President A.A., Gardner-Webb College; Gardner-Webb College, 1953-54; 1955- Mrs. Janelle H. Hicks Secretary to Director of Development Gardner-Webb Evening College; Gardner-Webb College, 1954- Mrs. Katherine Hicks Switchboard Operator Kings College; Gardner-Webb College, 1962— Mrs. Nita B. Lefler Secretary to the Business Manager Kings Business College; Gardner-Webb College, 1955— Mrs. Emily D. Moseley Secretary to the Guidance Director Gardner-Webb College, 1951-54; 1957-59; 1961- Robert E. Holcombe Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Polly R. Wylie Secretary to the Dean of Instruction Gardner-Webb College, 1961- Hal B. Greene Maintenance James Horace Scruggs Maintenance 28 DECKER DORMITORY SCIENCE BUILDING 29 T b K 1 1 i 1 H ■ hA li rrr:: V- .. ■■■- . . STROUP DORMITORY TT [T -ii. fe Ml in ir " K m --- - - - u: H .:. c. r. ■ ' A ' -t - - - «, O. MAX GARDNER MEMORIAL 30 ' i-» i sa E. B. HAMRICK BUILDING WEBB ADMINISTRATION BUILDING PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING HOEY-ANTHONY-PADGETT-YOUNG DORMITORY C aggGs SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ralph Cox VICE-PRESIDENT David HoweU SECRETARY-TREASURER Mike Pearson David Monroe Andrews Colonial Heights, Va. Martha Lou Bafley Spruce Pine, N. C. Marian Christian Bagnal Winston-Salem, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Marilyn Damaris Barnwell Henderson viUe, N. C. Joseph Wayne Barnwell Lenoir, N. C. William Floyd BenHeld Boiling Springs, N. C. . James Ilarold Bishop Rutherfordton, N. C. Sandra Bee Bostic Ellenboro, N. C. Joyce Ann Blanton Kings Mountain, N. C. SOPHOMORES James Lerov Bracken Pinnacle, N. C. James Thomas Bowen, EH High Shoals, N. C. Jimmie Carol Brackett Shelby, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Dee Ann Briggs R ural Hall, N. C. William Alton Bridges Shelby, N. C. ■W David Eugene Brindle Kannapolis, N. C. Aquilla Ann Brown Gaffaey, S. C. Richard Walter Bruggemann Budd Lake, N. J. Robert Pierce Bro -n Gaffney, S. C. SOPHOMORES Robert Gerald Buckner Gaffney, S. C. Do le Winston Bo son Sylva, N. C. Craig McLoud Bumette Walnut, . C. Steven Samuel Callahan Cliffside, N. C. William Terry Byrd Cliffside, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Clarence Luther Campbell Forest City, N. C. Diane Elaine Canipe Gastonia, N. C. ■ Alan Judson Carpenter Hickory, N. C. Carolyn Fave Causby Shelby, N. C. Sandra Jean Carpenter Asheville, N. C. SOPHOMORES Cecil Allen Childers Belmont, N. C. Mary Frances Chaffin Union Grove, N. C. 40 George Montrose Clemmer Gastonia, N. C. Donald Lloyd Cobb Arden, N. C. Byron Theodore Collins Gastonia, N. C. Frances Ann Cobb Lowell, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Ralph James Cox Pilot Mountain, N. C. James Bland Conyers, Jr. Greenville, S. C. James Haskel Criswell Gastonia, N, C. Gar - Dean Da TS Lawndale, N. C. • VC Bobby Gene Deviney Lau-ndale, N. C. Judith Roberts Davis Spindale, N. C. SOPHOMORES Annie Vera Dilling Kings Mountain, N. C. Theron Woodruff DiDard, Jr, Hickory Grove, S. C. ■p Pansy Kathleen Duncan Spruce Piiie, N. C. Mrs. Nancy Snead Dyson Marion, N. C. Elizabeth Ann Echerd Charlotte, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Michael Hiram Elmore Cliffside, N. C. Wyatt Peeler Edwards Lawndale, N. C. Paul Scott Paris Gastonia, N. C. 43 Gerald Lynn Featherstone Gastonia, N. C. Clarence Melvin Flvnn Pilot Mountain, N. C. George Roland Ferrell, Jr. Chester, S. C. SOPHOMORES Mrs. Laura Sears Fox Elkm, N. C. Loretta Lee Foster Kemersville, N. C. Henry Jackson Freeman Thomasville, N. C. JS SSi Ronny Glen Freize Gastonia, N. C. Wayland Thomas Gamer, Jr. Liberty, N. C. Richard Phillip Frye, Jr. Newton, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Charles William Gidney Shelby, N. C. Paul Carson Cibbs Rockingham, N. C. James Henry Greene Boiling Springs, N. C. « y Stephen Chauncev Grigg Shelby, N. C. Claude Irwin Hamricic Cliffside, N. C. Rebecca Jane Guffee Lowell, N. C. SOPHOMORES - aron Dejuan Hardin Belmont, . C. Herman Oliver Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. Benjamin Hackett Harding, Jr. Elian, . C. Patricia Ann Harrill Bostic, N. C. Becky Jo Harris Concord, N. C. Andrew Darrell Harris High Point, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Edna Eloise Heavner Waynesville, N, C. Raymond Wayne Harris Elkin, N. C. r K39 «r: Karl Holmes Hedrick, Jr. Boiling Springs, N. C. wmamm Johnny Elmore Heffner Granite Falls, N. C. Roland Gilbert Henderson Nanjemoy, Md. SOPHOMORES Doyt K. Hoffman, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Reginald Morris High Dallas, N. C. Jack Eugene Holder Gaffney, S. C. kjm « MjtiMmmwnm Cornelia Ann Jenkins Mooresboro, N, C. Jacynthia Murl Jones Moncks Comer, S. C. Glenn Edward Johnson Reidsville, N. C. SOPHOMORES Linda Diane Jones Shelby, N. C. Johnny Lewis Jones Kings Mountain, N. C. Edith Jane Kincaid Kings Mountain, N. C. Richard Campbell King HendersonviUe, N. C. Roy Carl Kincaid Boiling Springs, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Rebecca Catherine Kiser Shelby, N. C. Melvin Luther Kiser Bessemer City, N. C. Herman Wilson Knight Ahoskie, N. C. ■ • " ■-iTfriia Margaret . jin Ledford Kings Mountain, N. C. BiDv CarroU Lemons Shelb X. C. Richard Verlon Ledford Lincolnton, X. C. SOPHOMORES Paul Douglas Long Xew Bern, X. C. Ora Jane Long Gaffney, S. C. 52 Gar Reade Lowe Durham, N. C. Mrs. Shirley Ramsey Luckadoo Mooresboro, N. C. Enoeh Newton McCarter, III Honea Path, S. C. Beaufort Theron McCants Ravenel, S. C. CLASS OF 1963 Larry Franldin McEntire Lawndale. N. C. Warren Russell McCurry Cliffside, N. C. Frances Ellen McKinney Reidsville, N, C. Troy Thomas McMahon Morganton. N. C. Janet Manell Miller Connelly Springs, N. C. William T. Mauney Stanley, N. C. SOPHOMORES Brenda Carol Moore Charlotte. N. C. Judy Fay Miller Shelby, N. C. Clay Wesley Moricle Summerfield, N. C. , 1 ) Linda Lou Morrow Inman, S. C. Van Lewis Morrow Shelby, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Elwanda Hope Mull Gastonia, N. C. Dwight Henry Ormand Bessemer City, N. C. Lois Jean Norton Marion, N. C. Benny Thomas Painter Gaffney, S. C. Mar - Elizabeth Parsley Spruce Pine, N. C. Charles Thomas Pett ' Chesnee, S. C. Michael Francis Pearson Gastonia, X. C. SOPHOMORES Brenda Sue Porter Winston-Salem, . C. Charles Lam- Philbedc Shelby, N. C. F 56 Sandra Ka e Powell Tnma n, S. C. Allen Edward Proctor, Jr. Saint George, S. C. James Eugene Putnam Shelby, N. C. Jerry Leroy Punch Maiden, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Patricia Anita Ramsey Gaffney, S. C. Mrs. Rebecca Elaine Sherrill Ramsey Statesville, N. C. Arlen Roy Rash Millers Creek, N. C. Fvm m 57 Lonnie CarroU Ra Forest City, N. C. Pearle Elizabeth Reese Monroe, N. C. Kenneth Charles Rayfield Kings Mountain, N. C. SOPHOMORES BcttA Ruth Richie Mocks -ille, N. C. James Milton Rhoney Boiling Springs, X. C. S5 Sandra Lee Rideout Lewis " ille, X. C. 58 Nancy Jennie Lee Rider Gastonia, N. C. Brenda Joyce Rink Maiden, N. C. Miles Curtis Ridgeway Union, S. C. CLASS OF 1963 Kathryn Angela Roach Mill Spring, N. C. " ■■ ' ' " ' " miiimrr Weece Sampaio Rodrigues Recife, Brazil Bett ' Ann Rogers Wairenton. N. C. Mrs. Patricia Garrison Roebuck Boiling Springs, N. C. SOPHOMORES Charles Robert Secrest Charlotte, N. C. James Eugene Sams Clover, S. C. -! - ' J Nancy Eloise Self Greensboro, N. C. Judith Dianne Shannon Gastonia, N. C. David Falls Sifford Clover, S. C. Frank Edwin Shytle Valley Falls, S. C. CLASS OF 1963 Jack Bryan Spainhour, Jr. Lenoir, N. C. Jacqueline Irene Spangler Shelby, N. C. liiiriiiiiMmiiTiirii Lynuel Jason Starr Newton, N. C. Uriah Joseph Strickland Lenoir, N. C. Phyllis Eva Strickland Gastonia, N. C. SOPHOMORES Patricia Virginia Swaf ford Charlotte, N. C. Robert Kenny Stuart Gastonia, N. C. William Winfred Swofford Cowpens, S. C. Mary Ann Taylor Cheiryville, N. C. Rebecca Mae Turner Union Mills, N. C. Clenda Ann Turner Raleigh, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Sarah Amanda Warlick Icard, N. C. Margaret Diane Wallace Gastonia, N. C. :f .. ' - ' ' Johnny Wayne Washburn Shelby, N. C. C Thomas Hiott Watson, Jr. Maiden, N. C. William B. Watterson Shelby, N. C. SOPHOMORES Jesse Norman Webster Kings Mountain, N. C. William Armstead Way, HI Union, S. C. James Lewis Wells Henrietta, N. C. I Kelly Albert WeUs Farmville, N. C. Howard Taft WOliams, Jr. Chesnee, S. C. Martha Joanne Wells Bostic, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Elford Terry Willingham Mooresboro, N. C. Jesse Norman Williams, Jr. Bishopville, S. C. Charles Lamar Willis Dallas, N. C. Keith . mold Wilson Spindale, N. C. SOPHOMOKhlS Martha Ellen Witherington ' inston-Salem, N. C. «6 1 ' « ■ Johnny Mack Wimberly Ne«-ton, N. C. Jem Miles Wood Chesnee, S. C. David Allen Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. Doris Elaine Winchester Sunset, S. C. Philip Charles Woodruff Berlin, Conn. Michael Harvey Wray Shelby, N. C. Joel Benson Woody Franklin, N. C. CLASS OF 1963 Barbara Loretta Wright Shelby. N. C. How did I get in the sophomore section? FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Artie Treadway VICE-PRESIDENT Larry Clark STUDENT GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVE Don Buder SECRETARY-TREASURER Jerry Waldrop 68 Dorothy Janet Allred Gastonia, N. C. Jerry Martin Almon Charlotte, N. C. Betty Jo Alspaugh Taylorsville, N. C. Sylvia Dianne Anderson Jacksonville, N. C. Thomas Keith Anthony Kings Mtn., N. C. Becky Arnold Raleigh, N. C. Barbara Ann Atchley Rutherlordton, N. C. Herbert Marshall Baker Denton, N. C. Gary Floyd Ball Lexington, N. C. Raymond Oliver Banker Winston-Salem, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 Billy Davis Barker High Point, N. C. Thomas Jones Barlow Hickory, N. C. Cecil Ray Bartles Union Mills, N. C. Edwin Hugh Beam Shelby, N. C. l- fl Brenda Lee Belcher Gaffney, S. C. Carolyn Morgan Bentley Asheville, N. C. Thad Maurice Bevis Union, S. C. Franklin Joe Biggerstaff Elon College, N. C. Elizabeth Emma Black Casar, N. C. Billy Lee Blackburn State Road, N. C. Lynda Sue Blackstock Granite Falls, N. C. Brenda Faye Boger Mocksville, N. C. Myra Gail Bowen Mooresboro, N. C. Linda Kay Bowman Hickory, N. C. B " ' " ' " ■ ' " " ■ " " ' Kenneth Larr - Brewer Dallas, X. C. Joyce Diane Bridges Mooresboro, X. C. Linda Elaine Bridges Hildebran, X. C. William Paige Brotherton Maiden, X. C. Nancy Louise Bro»-n Valdese, X. C. J. V. Buchanan Mooresboro, N. C. Charles Newton Buckner Green -ille, S. C. Clyde Van Buckner Gaffnev, S. C. Ethel Mae Buff Spindale, N. C. Karen Lee Busic Sparta, N. C. FRESHMEN Donald Young Butler Clover, S. C. Wilda Diane Butler Gastonia, N. C. DaWd HiiUp Cabaniss Grouse, .X. C. Deaima Fay Caldwell Gastonia. X. C. Judith . nnette Callahan Forest Cit . .X. C. Ronald Lee Callahan CUffside. X. C. Sandra Gail Callahan . she -ille. X. C. Phyllis Elaine Capps Gastonia, X. C. Betty L -ndell Carriker Charlotte, X. C. Brenda Gayle Causby Morganton. X. C. Rebecca June Champion Shelb -, X. C. Clayton Harrison Chriswell Bath, S. C. Lairy Victor Clark Pendleton, S. C. Sandra Lejune Clark Jacksonville, X. C. 70 Bobby Deaii Clary Shelby, N. C. Hubert Wayne Clayton Greenville, S. C. Josephine Cogdill Marion, N. C. Thesa Delores Cole Rutherfordton, N. C Kenneth W. Collins Greenville, S. C. Barry Thomas Cook Mount Airy, N. C. Christeen Cook Lawndale, N. C. Oscar Franklin Cook Cottage Grove, Ore. Peggy Janet Cooper Valdese, N. C. Neal Leon Craig Rutherfordton, N. C. Arlar Carthel Crout, Jr. Greenville, S. C. Patsy Elizabeth Crowder LatHmore, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 Thomas Midiael Deaton Troy, N. C. Phyllis Andr Dedmond Cliffside, N. C. Charles William DeKrafft Charlotte, N. C. James George Demet Clearwater, Florida Joe Samuel DePriest, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Roger Hood Dixon Clover, S. C. Henry Edward Drane Winston-Salem, N. C. Judy Alice Diane Duke Montgomery, Alabama Richard Wayland Duncan Pageland, S. C. Elizabeth Gale Earley Jacksonville, N. C. n 71 WnC?B!;»3$$S9 B2 Donald Gene Edmonson Shelby, X. C. Robert Rhinehart Elliott Shelby. N. C. Harold Dean Ellis Kings Mountain, . C, Sherill - im Eskew Spartanburg, S. C. Charles Early Evans, TTT ' inston-Salem, . C, Patricia Street Evitt Gastonia. X. C. Williams Earl Evitt Gastonia, X. C, Jimmv Few Greer, S. C. James Caldwell Fisher Trv-on, X. C. John Michael Fogle Shelbv. X. C, FRESHMEN Kav Frances Fowler Cherr.- -ille, X, C. Alfred George Freeman Bostic, X, C, Danny Clav Gabriel Shenill ' s Ford, X, C, Randv Leslie Gantt Shelbv, X. C, John Kelly Gay. HI Wilhamston. X. C. Stuart Gordon Gilmer Taylors, S. C. Patricia Lee Gilreath Shelby, X, C. June Cowan Inman, S. C. Mary Glynn Grady DrexeL N. C. Roimie Thomas Grant Cramerton, X, C, Alfred William Greene Shelby, X. C, L ' nora Jane Greene Glade Valley, N. C. 72 George Killian Griffin Forest City, N. C. Carrie Elizabeth Hall Drexel, N. C. Charles Edward Hall Shelby, N, C. Marsha Lynne Hamrick Shelby, N. C. James LeMaster Harmon Forest City, N. C Max Dean Harrill Shelby, N. C. Ira James Harris Lowell, N. C. Brenda Anne Holt Hastings CheiTwille, N. C. Bobby Amos Hatcher Gastonia. N. C. Margaret Vemice Haves Rock Hill, S. C. William Donald Hayes Mayo, S. C. Dennis Marshall Heath Winston-Salem, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 Norvel Dennis Hicks Wadesboro, N. C. Evelyn Christine Hodge Piney Flats, Term. Oscar Talmadge Hoffman Shelby, N. C. Wallace Martin Holland Westminster, S. C. Jerry Stevenson Hollar Rosman, N. C. Ervin Hillard Houser Kings Mountain, N. Terry Lee Houser Cliffsidc, N. C. Shirley Ann Houston Fnmklin, N. C. Betfye Lou Howell Wnyiics ' ille, N. C. Jerry Hovle Shclbs ' , N. C. 73 . iiielia Frances Hudgins States ille. X. C. Mar ' el Kav Hudgins Forest Cit -. X. C. Dorothv Sue Humphries CUffside. X. C. Sandra Kav Humphries Cliffside, X. C. Flovd WiUiford Hurt Charlotte. N ' . C. Larr " Cobb Inman Mount Air , X. C. . Ionzo Shaird Jackson, Jr. Union, S. C. Richard Hem- - Jackson Clover, S. C. Joe WiUiam Jenkins. Jr. Dallas, X. C. Gloria Willene Johnson Sumter, S. C. FRESHMEN Grant Johnson Gastonia. X. C. Gwendoh-n Carol Johnson AsheNiUe, N. C Gravson E. Johnston. Jr. Forest Cit -. X. C. James Richard Jolley Mooresboro, X. C. linda Suzanne JoUey Rutherfordton, X. C. Marian Rachel Jolley Mooresboro, X. C. Espie Melvin Joyce. Jr. Mayodan, X. C. Theodore ' oodrow Kennedy Shelby. X. C. Dannie Jesse Kingsmore Buffalo, S. C. Donnie Edward KingsmcH-e Buffalo. S. C. Da nd Frederick Kinzer, Jr. Culp epper, Va. Bobby Russell Kirby Lenoir. X. C. Annie Katherine Kirkman Mount . ir ' . X. C. Julia . nn Koolman Portsmouth, Va. 74 Garland Wavne Koontz Salisbury, N. C. John Ronald Landis Charlotte, N. C. Douglas Aver ' Ledford Lincolnton, N. C. Marion Patricia Lemmond Cliarlotte, N. C. Jerr ' Donald Lethco Gastonia, N. C. Clehis Richard Ellenboro, N. C. Janice Rose Lewis Thomasville, N. C. Ralph Lee Lewis, Jr Newton, N. C. Richard Boiling Lineberry Galax, Va. Jo Ann Lockaby Gaffney, S. C. Nancy Eugenia Lutz Shelby, N. C. Oscar James Lyda, in Gastonia, N. C, CLASS OF 1964 Ronald Lee McAbee CUffside, N. C. Linda Deloris McArthur Forest City, N. C. iMmM Violet Camile McCauley Greenville, S. C. Donald Ray McClain Gastonia, N. C. Thomas Garland McClure Dallas, N. C. William Arlen McHaffie Greenville, S. C. Paul McLeod Gastonia, N. C. David Colon McSwain Shelby, N. C. Mary Linda McSwain Shelby, N. C. Lyndon White Manheim, in Greenville, S. C. Joyce Ann Martin Rutherfordton, N. C. Billy Carroll Matthews Marion, N, C. 75 Man- Sallv Maunev Stanley. N. C ' Frank Sliapard Mayo Henderson -ille, X. C. Clarence Everette Miller Blacksburs. S. C. John H. G. MitcheU. Jr. Hickon-. . C. Brenda Ann Willis Monarek Shelby, X. C. Clarence Robert Monday Clover, S. C. Sarah Elizabeth Moore Gastonia, X. C. Kenneth Legrand Morrow Paiihne, S. C. Thomas Wilson Morrow Green% ' ille. S. C. Douglas WilsOTi Moss Kings Mountain. X. C. Ronald En-in Xannev- FRESHMEN .Amanda Gail Norville Cliffside. X. C. Thomas Frank Oates. Ht Rutherfordton. N. C. Thomas Lanier Ogbum Leaks ' ille, X. C. Dan Wilson O ' Shields Shelby. X. C Berlin Churdiell Owen Rosman, X. C. Linda Lee Owsley Rutherfordton, X. C. Paul Allen Pace Saluda, X. C. Ruben Stephen Pace Saluda. X. C. Victor Wa ' ne Packard Mooresboro. X. C. Danna Renn Palmer Casar, N. C. 7« Mrs. Mary PhilLps Patterson Morgmiton, N. C. Richard Dale Pearson Shelby, N. C. Georgia Cornelia Peele Salisbury, N. C. Dorothy Annette Pennington Forest City, N. C. George Lee Pickler Valatie, N. Y. Gilbert Ra Tnond Porter Piedmont, S. C. Robert Lacy Price Cliffside, N. C. Larry Dean Proctor Columbia, S. C. Ada Carolyn Pruette Vale, N. C. Richard Joel Putnam Shelby, N. C. Hen Wilson Queen Bostic, N. C. Mitchell Clyde Queen Shelby, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 Stanley Hal Queen Kings Mountain, N. C. Linda Sue Query Concord, N. C. William Bruce Rabon Lugoff, S. C. Thomas Tillman Ragland Holly Springs, N. C. Peggy Jane Ramsey Marshall, N. C. Ronald Bruce Ramsey Mooresboro, N. C. Charles Arthur Redden Asheville, N. C. Jerry Wayne Redding Winston-Salem, N. C. Clyde Franklin Reid, Jr. Union, S. C. James Richard Reid Pilot Mountain, N. C. Richard Darnell Reynolds Charlotte, N. C. Bobby Joe Rice High Shoals, N. C. 77 ujicai a sa John Frederick Richardson, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Malinda Mae Roberts Boone, N. C. Earnest Arlen Robertson Greenville, S. C. William Clavton Rodgers, Jr. Apex, N. C. Donald Rogers Union, S. C. Emmitt Harvey Rogers, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Ronald Rogers Union, S. C. Sarah Anne Rollins Shelby, N. C. James Robert Roper Gastonia, N. C. Craig Monroe Roseman Kannapolis, N. C. FRESHMEN James Timothy Ruff Rutherfordton, N. C. Larrv Franklin Runyan Shelby, N. C. Richard Allen Savage Gastonia, N. C. George Coleman Scruggs Spencer, N. C. Donna Kay Self Shelby, N. C. Mrs. Caroline R. Sellards Lewisburg. W. Va. William David Sellards Lewisburg, W. Va. Hildred Darlene Sheffield Morganton, N. C, Mary Dianne Sherrill Denver, N. C. Sandra Laqueta Simmons Morganton, N. C. Winifred Rae Sinclair Washington, D. C. Alva Marshall Slaughter Roxboro, N. C. H3da Marie Sanders Franklin, N. C. Randy Rruce Sanders Clinton, S. C. 78 Dalton Leroy Smart Forest City, N. C. James Smart Forest City, N. C. Mrs. Patsy Rabb Smith Gastonia, N.C. Linda Lou Springs Buffalo, S. C. Alpha Anne Spurlin Cliffside, N, C. Darrell Keith Stewart Clinton, S. C. Joe William Strange, Jr. Shelb -, N. C. Randolph T. Street Shelb ' , N. C. Diane Elaine Sumrell Greenville. N, C. Russell Carr Swicegood Bostic, N. C. Russell Gene Swink Connelly Springs, N. C. Benny Joe Swofford Franklin, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 Carol Ann Tessneer Shelby, N. C. Betsy Jean Thompson Stanley, N. C. Geneva Kaye Thompson Rutherfordton, N. C. Joseph Chfton Thompson St. Pauls. N. C. Eleanor Gail Thornton Tampa, Florida Jimmy Roscoe Thrift Long Creek, S. C. Joel Randall Thrift Long Creek, S. C. Ouida Diane Toole Cheravv, S. C. James Patton Towery Sumter, S. C. Annie Louise Trantham Andrews, N. C. 79 " WMililkllMMl mamsm Camice Arthur Treadway Greenville, S. C. Larrv Triplett Shelby. N. C. Henr ' Ronald Turner Union, S. C. Robert B. Turner, Jr. Gaffney. S. C. Wallace Clemson Tyser, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Edward David Veasey Gastonia, N. C. Jerry Wayne Waldrop Gastonia, N. C. Hassell Goyen Wall, Jr. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Coy Carlton Wallace Wilmington, N. C. Stephen Edward Warren Canton, N. C. FRESHMEN David Bruce Washburn Boiling Springs, N. C. Waylan Tyree Washburn, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Lloyd James Watson Lenoir, N. C. Louwanda Sue Watson Forest City, N. C. Jesse David Webster, Jr. Haw River, N. C. Peggy Jean Welbom Greensboro, N. C. Ehzabeth Faye Wells Gastonia, N. C. Jessie Mae Wesson Shelby , N. C. Andrea Martin Whisnant Morganton, N. C. Phillip Paul White Forest City, N. C. Shirley Jean White Mooresville, N. C. William H. White, Jr. Slulby, N. C. Nancy Edgerton Waters Rutherfordton, N. C. Peggy Lynn Waters Casar, N. C. 80 Ruben Long Whitfield, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Nancy Patricia Wiggins Oakhmd, Md. Samuel Walker Williford Union, S. C. Betty Diane Willis Fallston, N. C. Peggy Lynn Willis Bakersville, N. C. Patricia Ann Wilson Shelby, N. C. Linda Elaine Winters Berkley Heights, N. J. Linda Pearl Wood Advance, N. C. Joseph Earl Wright Westfield, N. C. Oren Melvin Wyatt Boiling Springs, N. C. Wayne William Yelton, Jr. Rutherfordton, N. C. Anna Carol Youngman Pineville, N. C. CLASS OF 1964 Kathryn Nell Zuver Bumsville, N. C. iHOf ; V s, 7 j GARDNER-WEBB ' S CULTURAL AND CREATIVE EMPHASIS 3 ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jolley and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harris enjoy refreshments at the Faculty- Student Reception. Dr. Kermit Hunter, author of plays and outdoor dramas, led off the Program In The Arts with a lecture on the outdoor drama. Eugene List and Carroll Glenn appeared at the col- lege in cooperation with the Sheby Community Con- cert Series. This talented team of pianist and violin- ist thrilled both students and faculty members. Dr. Leo Eddleman, President of The New Orleans Bap- Theological Seminary, lectured to students in chap- el and talked privately with ministerial students. vi A scene from Oscar Wildes The Importance of Being Earnest. " This was the first play given by tht Gardner- Webb Playcrafters. Many people from the college and surrounding comraurity attended one or more of the three excellent perfoi - For the enjoyment of the students, fac- ulty, and members of the community, The Program In The Arts brought Ste- phen Kovacs, renowned concert pianist, to the college. LeGette Blythe, famous North Carolina writer and lecturer, spoke to the student body about the fne points of writing and about the life of the late writer, Thomas Wolfe. !. .•►• UBitd ■-- ' - ' " amm sm Dr. Gratis Williams, Dean of The Graduate School at Appalachian State Teachers College, amused and dehght- ed both students and facult with his singing of ballads and folk songs. Glenda Turner and Professor Thomas Harris in " The Importance of Being Earnest. " Dotty Pennington casts a fearful eye in the direction of reassuring Tom Harris in the Gardner- Webb Playcrafters ' production of " The Importance of Being Earnest. " il 1: Mbr » -. y (Jkdwii ' m UMttaMi Mr. Robert B. Isner, Dean of Students, Advisor; Reggie High, Vice- President; Richard Ledford, President; Wayne Barnwell, Secretary- Treasurer. COLLEGE GOVERNMENT OFFICERS MISS DORIS JONES FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSOR MR. JOHN SPENCER SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR FIRST ROW: Kathy Duncan, Faye Causby, Weece Rodrigues Brenda Moore, Ellen McKinney. SECOND ROW: BiU Bridges! Bill Mauney, Don Horn, Jimmy Criswell. THIRD ROW: Jerry Punch, Bobby Buckner, Mary Parsley, James Conyers. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL President Don Horn Vice-President Kathy Duncan Secretary Mary Parsley Treasurer Buddy Conyers Social Chairman Ellen McKinney Vespers Chairman Jimmy CrisweU Music Chairman Faye Causby Chapel Devotions Chairman Bobby Buckner LISTEN Chairman Weece Rodrigues B.T.U. Chairman Bill Mauney Publicity Director Glenda Turner C.V.B. President Jerry Punch Ministerial Conference President Jim Brackett Y.W.A. President Brenda Moore S.S. Representatives Amanda Warlick Billy Bridges PASTOR ADVISOR: The Reverend T. Max Linnens. FACULTY ADVISOR: The Reverend J. T. Gillespie. rsa FIRST YiOW: Kathy Duncan, Hilda Sanders, Sally Mauney, Mar - Ann Taylor. Syhia Harris. Wilda Butler. Narie - Brow-n, Sarah Moore, Brenda Moore, Diane Anderson. SECOND ROW: Shirley Houston, Linda Bridges, Karen Busic, Malinda Roberts, Ameha Hudgios, PhyUis Capps, Becky Jo Harris. YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB FIRST ROW: Dottie Pennington. Wallace Holland. Da id Wilson, .Andrea Whisnant. SECOXD ROW: Winfred Swofford. Sarah Moore, J. O. Terrell. .Ad Tsor, Joel Thrift, Lansford JoUev, Ad- %isor. THIRD ROW: Wallace Tvser, Danna Pahner, Mrs. Deanna Caldwell, Nancy Rider, Espie Joyce. FOURTH ROW: Troy McMahon, Linda Blackstock, Paul Gibbs, Lynn Featherstone, Benjamin Harding. r ■ f T 9 FIRST ROW: Diane Jones, Barbara Wright, Shirley Luckadoo, Nancy Rider, Rebecca Brackett. SECOND ROW: Bill Watter- son, David Johnson, Jack Spainhour, Walter Davenport. THIRD ROW: Floyd Benfield, Charles Gidney, Jerry Punch. FOURTH ROW: Melvin Flynn, Bob Deviney, Wilson Knight, James Hol- land, Robert Brown. LAMBDA OMEGA CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President Charles Gidney Vice-President jack Spainhour Secretary Shirley Luckadoo Treasurer Robert Redding Program Chairman Nancy Dyson Social Chainnan Diane Jones PHI THETA KAPPA Miss Kathryn Copeland, Faculty Advisor; Miss Ruth Kiser, Faculty Advisor and Honorary Member. (DB ™ . i? ' " " l Omega is the local chapter of the NaHonal Fhi Theta Kappa Honorary Fraternity. It is the honor club at Gardner-Webb. A student may become a mem- ber by havmg a 3.2 quality point average and being approved by the faculty. Students in the club serve as ushers at school and civic events, and at any other time when their services are needed. W) LEFT TO RIGHT: L iin Featherstone, Robert Price, David Washburn, Bobby Buckner, Gary Lowe. DEBATE TEAM Mr. Francis B. Dedmond Debate Coach OFFICERS OF THE DAY STUDENT ASSOCIATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Dotty Pennington, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Watterson, Vice-President; Becky Kiser. Student Government Representative; Bobby Deviney, President. I l « Mr. Thomas Harris Faculty Advisor 1 GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE CHOIR FIRST ROW: Rachel JoUey, Pat Freeman, Loretta Foster, Patsy Crowder. Patricia Gilreath, Ora Jane Long, Betty Willis, Edna Heavner, Faye Causby, Mrs. Nettie R. Gidney-Director. SEC- OND ROW: Brenda Porter, Linda Bowman, Ann Wilson, Thesa Cole, Mary Ann Taylor. Harriett McLester, Linda Snrings Sarah Moore, Mary Frances Chaffin, Diane Toole. THIRD ROW: Glen- da Turner, Brenda Moore, Harold Ellis, Mitchell Queen, Har- old Bishop, Everett Thomas, Douglas Ledford, Norman Webster Priscilla Brooks. Gail Thornton. FOURTH ROW: Amelia Hudg- ins. Cecil Childers, Darrell Harris, Ken Rayfield, Billy Barker, Billy Bridges, Bobby Buckner, Clyde Buckner, Don Butler, Jer- ry Almon, Jacqueline Norman, Becky Jo Harris. MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE FIRST ROW: Bobby Deviney, Ervin Houser, Robert Redding Carl Kincaid, Clarenae Campbell. SECOND ROW: Bobby Buck- ner, Don Horn, Bobby Hatcher, Dennis Heath, Roy Rash Bill While. THIRD ROW: Jim Brackett, Dr. Garland Allen-Ad- visor, Gene Vallini, Floyd Benfield, Allen Proctor, J. V. Bucha- nan. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Lethco, Don Ross, Don Butler, J. T. Gillespie-Advisor, Johnny Heffner. 93 FIRST ROW: Amelia Hudgins, Peggv- Willis. Aim Kirkman, Janet Miller, Chiisteen Cook. Maiv . im Taylor. Elaine Canipe ' Xano ' BrowTi. SECOND ROW: Shirlex Houston. Sally Mauney. Jo Anne Lockaby, Hilda Sanders, Linda Bo«-man. Dianne .An- derson, AquiUa Brow-n, Wilda Butler. THIRD ROW: PhyUis Capps, Jinuny CrisweU, Rachel Jolley, Malinda Roberts, Becky Jo Harris, Jerry Punch, President; Rebecca Guffee, Secretary- Treasurer; William Mauney. FOURTH ROW: Miss Ruth Kiser, -• d isor: . inanda WarUck. Thesa Cole, Brenda Causby, Darlene ' Sheffield, Douglas Moss, Da -id Brindle, Harriette McLester, Eyerett Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Martin, Carol Tessneer, Kathy Dun- can, Keith Wilson. CHRISTIAN VOLUNTEER BAND WOMEN ' S HOUSE COUNCIL SEATED: Linda ' ood, AquiUa Brown, Glenda Turner, Secretary; Amanda Warbek. President; Brenda Moore, Martha Witheringfon, EKvanda Mull. ST.ANDLXG: Mary Parsley, Martha Bailey, Brenda Rink, .Ann Taylor, Vice-President; Sandra Rideout, Phyllis Strick- land. $ K H.A.P.Y. DORMITORY FIRST ROW: Ezra Munn, Secretary-Treasurer; Reggie High, In Charge of Building; Enoch McCarter, President. SECOND ROW: Hall Proctors: David Burton, Kenny Stuart, Tom Watson. MEN ' S HOUSE COUNCILS DECKER DORMITORY FIRST ROW: Hall Proctors: Flyod Hurt, Don Butler, William Mauney, Darrell Harris. Espie Joyce. SECOND ROW: Johnny Wimberly, President; Roger Dixon, Vice-President, Ronnie Robin- son, Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Ledford, In Charge of Building. MONOGRAM CLUB FIRST ROW: Head Coach Norman Harris, Kathy Duncan, Becky Jo Harris, Nancy Self, Sandra Powell, Sandra Rideont, Betsy Thompson. SECOND ROW: Gary Lowe, Larry Clark, Keith Wilson. Jack Spainhour, Allen Carpenter, Jimmy Few, Don Horn, Charles Redden, Van Morrow. THIRD ROW: Phil Wood- ruff, Billy Way, Richard Ledford, Lynuel Starr, Johnny Wim- berley, Jimmy Criswell, Ezra Munn. FOURTH ROW: Steve Shehan, Enoch McCarter, Robert Brown, Darrell Harris, Lynn Featherstone, Butch Williams, Larry Morrow. FIFTH ROW: Craig Roseman, David Webster, Tom Watson, Danny Gabriel, Buddy Conyers. SIXTH ROW: George Ferrell, Cleyton Chris- well, Dion Rankin, Reggie High, Larrv Runyan, Ronnie Turner, Tim Davis, Doyt Hoffman. SEVENTH ROW: Billy Joe D.wis, David Siffurd, Roger Dixon, Carthel Grout, George Scruggs, James Harmon, Ronnie Robinson, Larry Hunsinger, Larry Mc- Entire. 9 u. ■ ' . A W jw « , w m lA mi KL, ,, . FIRST ROW: Mr. H. C. Dixon, faculty advisor; Joel Woody Zelda Epley, Carol Ann Jackson, Mr. M. A. Moseley faculty ' advisor; Mr. Robert B. Isner, faculty advisor. SECOND ROW- Sandra Carpenter, Diane James, Doyt Hoffman, David Wash- bum, Mr. Paul Stacy, faculty advisor. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Putnam, Charles Hall, Leon Craig, Frank Mayo. FOURTH ROW: David Moore, James Jolley, Dennis Smart, Mr. Paul JoUey, faculty advisor. SIGMA DELTA PSI President— Doyt Hoffman Vice-President-Joel Woody SCIENCE CLUB AW Secretary-Treasurer-Sandra Carpenter Program Chairman-David Washburn Faculty Advisor-Mr. H. C. Di. on 9. FRONT: N ' ancv Self. BiU Watterson. BACK: An- drea Whisnant, Carol Watterson. ?Tlie J[nckoii GARDNER- WEBB ' S YEARBOOK The Co-Editors discuss with Mr. Robert Abrams the selection of materials for the 1963 Anchor. Mrs. Linda Childrez, Secretary to Mr. Abrams, aids the staff photographer in choosing pictures. 1962-1963 ANCHOR STAFF BiU Watterson, Carol Watterson „ Co-Editois Nancy Self Business Manager Andrea Whisnant Assistant To The Business Manager Lee Pickler Photographer Mr. Robert Abrams Advisor i - Dave Johnson and Jerry Punch look over a recent issue of the Pilot and discuss plans for future GARDNER-WEBB ' S NEWSPAPER PILOT STAFF FOR 1962-1963 Dave Johnson Editor Business Manager Jerry Punch Sports Editor Alan Carpenter Ad Solicitor Becky Jo Harris Editor, Dave Johnson, discusses a recent article with Mr. Robert Abrams, Advisor. 99 1l o i l V W BOILING SPRINGS HOME J GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE r Si 5 fi " ; iifl rt.i- JjfW ?2 .3ie . BOILING SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH BOILING SPRINGS METHODIST CHURCH 9 minm HOMECOMING QUEEN lllliii l Srenaa X arol frioore t,_,i-, .3;i,JS3 X_ Miss Janice Lewis Miss Rebecca Kiser FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT ATTENDANT SPONSORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Gloria Johnson (Norman Williams), Vemice Hayes (David Sifford), Carolyn Bentley (Robert Brown), Sandra Powell (Johnny Wimberley), Elizabeth Reece (Jimmy Chriswell) Gwen Johnson (George Ferrell), Carolyn Pruette (Ezra Munn) Emily Curtis (Woody Dillard), Doris Winchester (Larry Mc- Entire). ' w ■_ r. f;. rrrj rrj- QUEEN — Miss Donna Hennessee KING -Ken Sanford KING AND QUEEN OF MAY 1962 107 Brenda Moore— Maid Of Honor Mike Pearson— Escort Diane McS wain— Attendant Charles Freeman-Escort Patsy Harrill -Attend ant Eddie Kerr-Escort Inez Ewing-Attendant Royjohnson-Escort Brenda Kirby- Attend ant Jeff Shields-Escort Gayla Morgan -Attendant Darrell Harris-Escort Diane Jones-Attendant Rob Weir-Escort Becky Jo Harris- Attend ant Jim McS wain-Escort Sandra Rideout-Attendant Ralph Cox-Escort yft rjW W.Jit ' TH - H. 1962 MAY COURT In May of 1962 the circus came to Boiling Springs. It was not the Barnum and Bailey Circus but the Gard- ner-Webb Circus in the form of a May Day program in the Physical Education Building. Seven acts were given, with Joel Walker serving as ringmaster. Such delightful events as a cycling act, a bouncing ball act, and a group of trapeze artists, served to thrill the large crowd that was present for the festival. One of the most hilarious acts was a performance by the ' Capering Clowns. " Bill Bridges and Dave Johnson thrilled everyone with a re- alistic elephant act. Nancy Campbell— Attendant Reggie High— Escort 109 SOPHOMORE BEST LOOKING Brenda Moore— Dion Rankiia BEST PERSONALITY Ralph Cox — Brenda Porter SUPERLATIVES FRIENDLIEST David Sifford — Brenda Porter WITTIEST Ralph Cox — Glenda Turner SOPHOMORE MOST POPULAR Ezra Munn — Brenda Moore BEST ALL AROUND Mike Pearson — Brenda Moore SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC Patricia Ramsey — Mike Pearson MOST BASHFUL Joyce Blanton — Wayne Barnwell 113 SOPHOMORE MOST TALENTED Charles Gidney — Faye Causby MOST DEPENDABLE Enoch McCarter — Amanda Wariick 114 SUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Charles Gidney — Nancy Rider MOST INTELLECTUAL Mrs. Shirley Luckadoo - Walter Dav enport 115 116 2f)0 tt8 WESTERN CAROLINA REGION 10 CHAMPIONS FOR 1962 FIRST ROW: Manager Lynuel Starr, Larry Clark, James Har- mon, Alan Carpenter, Jimmy Few, Thomas Ragland, Charles Redden, Ralph Lewis, Clayton Chriswell, Ezra Murm Manager Billy Way. SECOND ROW: Manager Charles Secrest, Donald McClam, Johnny Wimberly, Larry Runyan, Hack Wall, Alonzo Jackson, Maurice Turner, Ronald Turner, Enoch McCarter, Norman Williams, Keith Stuart, Manager. THIRD ROW: Rob- ert Brown, Carthel Crout, Tim Davis, Jimmy Criswell, James Conyers, David Burton, Richard Rankin. Robert Monday Craig Roseman, Jackie Furr. FOURTH ROW: Line Coach-John Spen- cer, Ceorge Ferrell, Mike Pearson, Jerald Campbell, David Sif- ford, Franklin Biggerstaff, David Webster, Tommy Morrow Voody Dillard, Head Coach-Norman Harris. FOOTBALL 1962 SCORES 1962 Sept. 22— Ferrum 12- 7 Sept. 29— Furman Freshmen 19-22 Oct. 6— Crowan 0-19 Oct. 1.3— Lees-McRae 13- Oct. 20- Lees-McRae 21- Oct. 27- Chowan 26-13 Nov. 3- Mars Hill rl 6-7 Nov. 10- Davidson Freshmen 35- Nov. 17- Gordon Military 6- 6 I Head Coach, Nonnan Harri. ' In an impressive chapel service, Head Coach, Norman Harris, and Line Coach, John Spencer, present a lettered football to Enoch McCarter and Woody Dillard, co-captains of the 1962 Bulldogs. The Bulldogs line up for a practice run during one of the many afternoon work- outs. A host of angry Bulldogs close in for a tackle during the game with Davidson Freshmen, which the Bulldogs won 35-0. 119 Larry McEntire-END James Conyers— END Mike Pearson— END SOPHOMORE PLAYERS Dion Ranlcin-END George Ferrell-TACKLE ' Robert Brown-TACKLE 7 5 N w ' A •» V 1 Enoch McCarter-TACKLE Jimmy Criswell-GUARD David Sifford-TACKLE A]an Caipenter-GUARD Nonnan Williams-GUARD Johnny Wimberly-GUARD Woody Dillard-CENTER Clayton Chriswell-BACK Ezra Munn-BACK WESTERN CAROLINA TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS FOR 1962-1963 hfn ' P C T - ' a ' HarrUl. Larry Clark, Larry Brewer, S. W. WiUiford, David Webster, Ronnie Robinson, Roger Dixon, George Scruggs, Mike Pearson, Tom Watson, Terry Bwd, Reginald Hieh Phillip WoodruH. BASKETBALL 1962-1963 Mike Pearson. co-caDtain, receives the tournament trophy from Congressman Basil Whitener. SCORES 1962-1963 Dec. 1 Kings College 86-54 Dec. 4 Davidson Freshmen 58-87 Dec. 6 Lees-McRae 44-38 Dec. 8 .Anderson 78-72 Dec. 13 Asheville-Biltmore 75-87 Dec. 15 Wingate _ 56-71 Jan. 4 Western Carolina " B " 71-67 Jan. 5 Lenoir All Stars 62-53 Jan. 8 Furman Freshmen 45-41 Jan. 10 North Greenville 59-70 Jan. 12 Anderson 59-62 Jan. 15 Brevard 36-50 Jan. 17 Spartanburg 72-71 Jan. 19 " Old Timers " 53-44 Jan. 29 Davidson Freshmen 64-87 Jan. 31 Kings College 51-49 Feb. 2 Wingate 57-63 Feb. 4 AsheviUe-Biltmore 61-57 Feb. 7 Lees-McRae 60-54 Feb. 9 North Greenville 79-63 F ?b. 11 Western Carolina " B " 51-65 Feb. 14 Brevard 72-63 Feb. 16 Spartanburg 68-59 TOURNAMENT Gardner-Webb 87 Anderson _ 60 Gardner-Webb 53 North Greenville 49 Gardner-Webb 59 Wingate 57 REGION 10 PLAYOFF Gardner-Webb 54 Brevard 74 122 .Jl n •i.- •; Ik- »J Ronnie Robinson and Mike Pearson, Co-captains. SOPHOMORE PLAYERS Freshman, Roger Dixon, chalks up two points for Gardner- Webb while opponents look on helplessly. Phillip Woodniff GUARD Ronnie Robinson FORWARD Tom Watson GUARD Reggie High GUARD Mike Pearson CENTER 123 ' ■ .) » r :. FIRST RO ' : Oakie Canipe. James Moten, Sam CaDahan. Rick Hulse. Joe Dismukes. James McKinney. SECON ' D ROW: Benny- Roberts. Alton R. Stanley, Jimmy Cooke. Mike Broach. Don Horn. Tem- B Td. Bobb - Hoo er, Jeny Childers. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Hill. Harry Jenkins, Mike Pearson, Lionel Brooks, Ronnie Robin- son. Billy Joe DaWs, Coach N ' onnan Harris. BASEBALL 1962 SCORES 1962 March .30 Gardner-Webb 3 Anderson 1 kp-A 3 Gardner- ' ebb .=; . nderson 1 . pril 9 14 Gardner-A ' ebb Gardner-Webb 4 Da idson 6 . pril Wingate 8 April 17 Gardner-Webb 5 Snartanburg 7 , pril 18 Gardner-Webb fi Da idson . pril 21 Gardner-Webb .-) Brevard 15 April 21 Gardner- " ebb Brevard 6 April 24 Gardner-Webb r Lees-McRae April 27 26 1 Gardner-Webb Gardner- ' ebb Gardner-Webb 7 1 9 Lees-McRae 4 April North Greenville 4 May Mars ' an . 8 Mav 4 Gardner- Webb 3 Wingate 9 May 8 Gardner-Webb 16 Soartanburg 9 May 11 Gardner-Webb 5 North GreenvDe May 15 Gardner-Webb 9 Mars Hill 3. ' fy -• ■, e . v " sU- .X y. t ' SSfi LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Smith, AI Watson, Kelly Wells. H. B. West, Jeff Shields, Charles Secrest, Jack Spainhour, Jim B. Tait, Coach C. Allen Bums.. Jack Spainhour and Bob Smith prepare for a practice session. r- A t, TENNIS TEAM 1962 March March April April 28 30 3 9 14 4 9 SCORES Gardner-Webb 5 Gardner-Webb 6 Gardner-Webb 4 Gardner-Webb Gardner-Webb Gardner-Webb 5 Gardner-Webb 1962 Shelby High Anderson Anderson Davidson 3 3 5 9 April May May Wingafe Mars Hill Wingate 9 3 9 12« •; . - •; SCORES 1962 April 4-Gardner-VVebb 66 Wingate 64 April IS-C.ardner-Webb 111 Lees-McRae 18 April 25-Gardner-Webb 52Mi Lees-McRae 11 Brevard 87% April 30-Cardner-Webb 62 Brevard 69 May 2-Gardner-Webb 88% Wingate 36 Lees-McRae 35% Conference Meet May 12-Gardner-Webb 27 Lees-McRae 5 Mars Hill 20 1 5 Wingate 47 3 5 Brevard 65 1 5 Jerry Durmagan is caught by the camera as he crosses the bar on a high jump. TRACK TEAM 1962 FIRST ROW: Ezra Munn, Roy Wilson, Milton Rhoney, PhiUip Woodruff, Guy P. Sumpter, Arthur Crocker, Don Cobb, Don Bagwell. SECOND ROW: Fred Ando, Doyt Hoffman. Lynuel Starr, Van Morrow, Gary Lowe, Ralph R. Smith, Richard Led- ford, Alan Taylor. THIRD ROW: Gary Davis, Jerry Dunna- gan, E. L. Thomas, Dennis Smart, Wayne Barnwell, Bill Levris, Ken Sanford, Daniel Bradley, Coach-Bob Blackburn. U7 BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS FIRST ROW: Joe Condrey, Charles Lav, Milton Rho- ney. SECOND ROW: Terry Byrd, Clarence Miller, Warren McCurrey, Mickey Elmore, Calvin Spurling, Sam Callahan. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS FIRST ROW: James Conyers, Jimmy Criswell, John Landis. SECOND ROW: Tom Watson, Troy McMahon, James Watson, W. T. Gamer. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS FIRST ROW: Jimmy Criswell, Troy McMahon, W. T. Gamer. Tom Watson. SECOND ROW: James Conyers, James Watson, John Landis. •r- •-. k ' - : F -r . — — — 1 Z ■ L • _ — ( — ( ' Hi tK ' ' ' 1. W 11 n i 1 V 1 R| . 4. ' Al L _ ' J B " t SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY DAVID MONROE ANTIREWS B MARL X CHRISTIAN BAGX.AL MARTH. LOU B.ULEY-House Council, 2. JOSEPH WAYNE B.ARN-S ' ELL-Track, 1; Monogram Club, 2; College Government Association, Secretan ' -Treasurer, 2. MARILYN D. MARIS B.ARN ' ELL Wn.LTAM FLO T) BENFIELD-Day Stu- dent Association, 1, 2; Choir. 2: Ministerial Conference, 1,2: Phi Theta Kappa, 1J2; , s- sociate Director of G-W Radio Vespers, 2. JAMES H. ROLD BISHOP-Choir, 2. J.AMES PRYOR BL.ANTON JOYCE AN-N BL-AVTON-Choir, 2. SAN " DR. BEE BOSTIC-Day Student As- sociation, 1,2. JAMES THONL S BOWTN. IH MRS. JOYCE McGINNIS BO ' L N JIMMIE CAROL BR. CKETT-Day Stu- dent . ssociation. 1.2: B. S. U. Council, 1,2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2; President, 2: G-W Radio Vespers. BOBBY H-U. BR. DSH- W J.A.MES M.ARV1N BR. DSH. W EDWARD .A.NTHONT BRIDGES 1LLI. M . LTON BRIDGES-B. S. U. Council Sundav School Representati ' e, 2: Choir, 1,2; May Day, 1. DEE .ANN BRIGGS - Christian Volunteer Band. I; Y. W. A., 1,2: B. S. U., 1. D.WTD ELGEN " E BRINDLE - Choii, 2; Christian olunteer Band. 1.2: Science Club, 2. WINONA PRISCILL. BROOKS - Day Student Association, 1,2: Choir. 2: B. S. U.. u. AQUIL. ANN BRO ' N-Christian Volun- teer Band. 1; International Relations Club, 1 ; Women ' s House Council. 2: B. S. U., 1,2. ROBERT PIERCE BROWN-Football. 1.2: Monogram Club. 1.2: Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2. RICHARD W. LTER BRUGGEMANN- Science Club, 2. •■ DOYLE WTNSTON BRYSON-Freshman Class President, 1. ROBERT GERALD BUCKN ' ER-Choir 1.2; ' The Cell " , 1; B. S. U. Council, 2; Debate Team. 2. CRAIG McLOUD BURN ' ETTE - Radio Qub. I; International Relations Club, 1,2; Science Club, 2; Intramural sports, 1,2. DAVID ALLEN BURTON-Football. 2. WILLIAM TERRY BYRD-Basketball, 1.2: Baseball, 1. )30 SAiMUEL STEVEN CALL. H. . -BasebaU 1,2; Monogram Club. 2. DARI.NDA LEE C. .MP FORPJEST JERALD CAMPBELL-Mono- gram Club. 1,2; Judicial Council, 2; Dorm President 2; Football .All-Conference 1,2; Football All-Region, 2. DL -NT: ELAINT CANIPE-Day Student Association, 1; Christian Volunteer Band, 1 . ALAN JUDSON C.ARPENTER-Monogram Club, 1J2: Football. 1,2: PUot StaH, 1,2; International Relations Club, 1,2. S. .NT RA JE.AN CARPENTER-B. S. U., 1,2; Classical Language Club, 1; Women ' s House Council, 1; Miss G-W Contest, I; May Day, 1; E irector of " Ah. Sweet Mys- tiey , " I; Secretary of Sigma Delta Psi, 2. C.UtOLY ' N FAYE CAUSBY-Christian ' ol- unteer Band. 1,2: Choir, 1,2; Y. W. A., 1,2; B. S. U. Music Chairman, 2; Women ' s House Council, 2. M. RY FRA.NCES CH.AFFIN-Choir, 1,2; Y. W. A., 1; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; B. S. U., 1,2; May Day. 1; Classical Language Club, 1. CECIL . LLEN CHILDERS - Choir. 2. GEORGE MONTROSE CLEMMER DON.ALD LLO T) COBB FR. .NCES ANNE COBB-Basketball, 2. BraON THEODORE COLUNS OTHA EDWARD COLLINS, JR. - Day Student Organization, 1,2. JAMES BL. .ND CONY ' ERS, JR. - Mono- gram Club. 1.2; Football, 1,2; B. S. U. Council, 2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2. BRENDA .A.NNE COON R.ALPH JA-MES CO.X-Radio Club, 1; May Court Escort. 1; .Anchor Staff. 2; Fresh- man Class ' ice President, 1; Sophomore Class President, 2. J. MES H. SKEL CRISWELL-Monogram Club. 1J2: Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2: Football. 1.2. EMILY RUTH CURTIS-Choir. 1; Vice President of Stroup Dormitory, I. WA .TER WELBORN DAVENPORT. JR. —Phi Theta Kappa, 2. BILLY ' OE D-WIS-Baseball, 1.2: Mono- gram Clue. 1,2. G.ARY DEAN DAN ' IS-Intemational Rela- tions Club, 1; Science Club, 2; Intramural Sjxjrts, 1,2. JUDITH ROBERTS DAVIS BOBBY GENE DE TNEY-Ministerial Con- ference. 1.2; Program Chairman, 2; Choir, 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 2. THERON WOODRUFF D1LL- RD. JR.- Football, 1J2; Track. 1,2: Intramural sports, 1.2; Student Government - ssociation, 2; President of H-APY Dorm. 2; Football Co- Captain, 2; Monogram Club. 1.2; Basket- ball .Manager, 2; Football All-Conference, 2; Football .yi-Region 1, 2. .A.N " NIE N-ER. DILLLNG JOSEPH YOUNG DOGGETT-Day Stu- dent .Association. 1,2. P-AN ' SY K-ATHLEEN DUNCAN-Cheer- leader. 1.2: Monogram Club. 1.2: B. S. U., 1,2; Vice President 2; Y. W. A., 1,2; Chris- tian Volunteer Band, 1; Choir, 2. NfRS. N.VNCi ' SN ' E. D DYSON-Phi Theta Kappa, U; Program Chairman, 2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1: .Anchor Staff, 2; Wom- en ' s House Council, 2; Spanish Award, 1. ELIZ.ABETH . NNE ECHERD-Choir, 2. WT.ATT PEELER EDWARDS MICHAEL HIR.AM ELMORE-Day Stu- dent .Association. 1,2. F P.AUL SCOTT F.ARIS-Monogram Club, I. GER-ALD L NN FEATHERSTONE-Foot- balL 1; Debate Team. 1,2; International Relations Club, 1,2: Monogram Club, 1,2. GEORGE ROL-A.ND FERRELL. JR.-Mono- gram Club. 1J2. JIMMY EUGEN ' E FEW-Football, 2; Mon- ogram Club, 2; Football Sportsmanship Award, 2. CLARENCE MEL ' IN FL ' i ' NA ' -Phi Theta Kappa, 2. LORETTA LEE FOSTER-Choir, 1,2. MRS. LAUR-A SE.ARS FO.X-Science Club, 2. HENHY JACKSON FREEM.A-N RON ' NT GLEN FREEE RICH.ARD PHILLIP FRTO. JR. G WA ' iTA.NT) THOMAS G.ARNTR. JR. PAUL CARSON GIBBS-Intemational Re- lations Club, 2. CH.ARLES WILLLA-M GrDNTY-Day Stu- dent -Association, 1,2; Classical Language Club, 1.: " ice President, 1; Phi Theta Kap- pa, 1,2: President 2: Latin .Award, I. JAMES HENDRY GREENT STEPHEN CHAL ' NCEY ' GRIGG REBECCA JA.NE GUFFEE-B. S. U., 1,2; Y. W. A., 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; Secretary, 2; Choir, 2. H CL.AUDE IRWIN H.A.MRICK-Day Shi- dent .Association, 1,2. « •. ' Il ' •.r ' m B. siSi A c»i« i s«: ; HERMAN OLIVER HAMRICK-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2. AARON DEJUAN HARDIN-Day Student Association, 1,2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2; Secretary Treasurer, 2. BENJAMIN HACKETT HAKDING, JR- Tennis, 1,2; International Relations Club, 1,2; Vice-President. 2. PATRICIA ANN HARRILL-Day Student Association, 1,2; Choir, 2; Day Student Council, 1; May Day Attendant, 1. ANDREW DARRELL HARRIS-Choir, 1, 2; Men ' s House Council, 1,2; Basketball, 1; Intramural Sports, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; B. S. U., 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1; May Court, 1. BECKY JO HARRIS-Y. W. A., 1.2; B. S. U., 1,2: Cheerleader, 2; Monogram Club 2; Choir, 2; May Court, 1,2. RAYMOND WAYNE HARRIS E DNA ELOISE HEAVNER - Choir, 2. KARL HOLMES HEDRICK, JR.-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2. JOHNNY ELMORE HEFFNER-Ministeri- al Conference, 1,2; Program Chairman, 2. ROLAND GILBERT HENDERSON HELEN DIANE HICKS-Day Student As- sociation, 1,2. REGINALD MORRIS HIGH-Basketball, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; Track, 1; Stu- dent Government Association, 1,2; Vice President, 2. DOYT K. HOFFMAN, JR.-Phtography Club, 1; Monogram Club, 2; Science Club, 2; President, 2; Track, 1,2. JACK EUGENE HOLDER JAMES THOMAS HOLLAND-Dav Stu- dent Association, 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2. DONALD KEITH HORN-Christian Vol- unteer Band, 1.2; Vice-President, 1; B. S. U., 1,2; President, 2; Treasurer, 1: Ministerial Association, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2. DAVID CECIL HOWELL - Sophomore Class Vice President, 2. FRED CARSON HUGHES, JR. - Inter- national Relations Club, 2. BILLY FRANK HUNSINGER-Football, 1; Monogram Club 1,2. J CAROL ANN JACKSON-Day Student As- sociation, 1.2; Choir, 1; Classical Language Club, 1,2; Science Club, 2. PATRICIA DIANNE JAMES-Day Student Association, 1; Science Club, 2. CORNELIA ANN JENKINS-Day Student Association 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 1. DAVID HUGH JOHNSON, JR.-Choir, 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Pilot Editor, 2; Chris- tian Volunteer Band, 1,2; May Day, 1,2. GLENN EDWARD JOHNSON JACYNTHIA MURL JONES LINDA DIANE JONES-Day Student As- sociation, 1,2; Council, 1; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; May Court:, 1; Miss G-W Contest, 1. MELINDA IRIS KELLER-Day Student Association, 1,2. EDITH JANE KINCAID - Choir, 2. ROY CARL KINCAID - Ministerial As- sociation 1,2. RICHARD CAMPBELL KING MELVIN LUTHER RISER - Choir, 2. REBECCA CATHERINE KISER-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2; Homecoming attend- ant, 2. HERMAN WILSON KNIGHT-Choir, 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2. CHARLES CALVIN LAY-Day Student As- sociation, 1,2. MARGARET ANN LEDFORD - May Day, RICHARD VERLON LEDFORD-Mono- gram Club, 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; Track, 1,2; Choir. 1; Student Govern- ment Association President, 2. BILLY CARROLL LEMONS-Day Student Association, 1,2. ORA JANE LONG-Y. W. A., 1; Choir. 2. PAUL DOUGLAS LONG WILLIAM DAVID LOWDERMILK BAIN WILKERSON LOWE GARY READE LOWE-Track, 12; Mono- gram Club, 2; Radio Club, 1; Debate Team, 2; Intramural Sports, 1,2. GERALD BOYD LUCKADOO-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2. MRS. SHIRLEY RAMSEY LUCKADOO- Day Student Association, 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2. M BEAUFORT THERON McCANTS ENOCH NEWTON McCARTER-Mono- gram Club, 1,2; Footb:ill. 1,2 Vice-Presi- dent HAPY Dorm, 2; Football Co-Captain 2; Most Valuable Football Player, 2; W.C J C All-Conference Team, 2. WARREN RUSSELL McCURRY-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2. FORD CRISP McDONALD-Day Student Association, 1,2. LARRY FRANKLIN McENTIRE-Football 1,2; Intramural Sports, 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. FRANCES ELLEN McKlNNEY-B. S. U., 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1; B. S. U. Council Social Chairman, 2. PAUL RICHARD McLEOD-Day Student Association, 1,2. HARRIETTE ANN McLESTER-Choir, 2; " The Importance of Being Earnest, " 2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; B. S. U., 2; Library Assistant, 1,2. TROY THOMAS McMAHON - Classical Language Club. 1; Program Chairman, 1; International Relations Club, 2; President, 2. MRS. ANN LEE MeSWAIN-Day Student ciation, 1,2; Council, 2; Classical Language Club, 1; B. S. U., 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1. WILLIAM TIMOTHY MAUNEY-Christi- an Volunteer Band, 1,2; " The Importance of Being Eamest " ,2; B. S. U. Council, 2; May Day, 1,2; Men ' s House Council, 2; Cheerleader, 2. JANET MANELL MILLER-Choir, 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2. JUDY FAY MILLER-Day Student Asso- ciation, 1,2. BRENDA CAROL MOORE-Christian Vol- unteer Band, 1; Y. W. A., 1,2; President 2; House Council, 2; B. S. U., 2; Choir, 2; Homecoming Queen, 2; May Day Maid of Honor, 1 ; May Queen, 2. MARION DAVID MOORE-Science Club, 2. CLAY WESLEY MORICLE LINDA LOU MORROW-Intemational Re- lations Club, 1; Y. W. A., 1. VAN LEWIS MORROW- " The Importance of Being Earnest, " 2; " The Cell, " 1; Track, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; Choir, 2. CLEVOUS FREDERICK MULL ELWANDA HOPE MULL-Choir, 2; Chris- tian Volunteer Band, 2; Women ' s House Council, 2; Y. W. A., 2. EZRA HEATHMAN MUNN-FootbaU, 1,2; Track, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2. LOIS JEAN NORTON-B. S. U., 1,2; Chris- tian Volunteer Band, 1,2; Intramural Sports, 1; Y. W. A., 1,2. DWIGHT HENRY ORMAND BENNY THOMAS PAINTER-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2. MARY ELIZABETH PARSLEY-Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2: Women ' s House Coun- cil, 2; Miss G-W Contest, 1; B. S. U., 1,2; Secretary, 2. MICHAEL FRANCIS PEARSON-Football 1,2; Track, 1,2; Basketball, 1,2; Most Valu- able Basketball Player, 1; May Court, 1; Monogram Club, 1,2; President, 2. CHARLES THOMAS PETTY CHARLES LARRY PHILBECK-Day Stu- dent Association, 1,2. BRENDA SUE PORTER-Christian Vol- unteer Band, 1,2; B. S. U., 1,2; Choir, 1,2; Y. W. A., 1; Secretary-Treasurer of Fresh- man Class, 1. SANDRA KAYE POWELL - Monogram Club, 2; Cheerleader, 2; Homecoming Spon- sor, 2. ALLEN EDWARD PROCTOR, JR. - Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2; Cafeteria Staff, 1,2. 131 JERRY LEROY PUNCH-B. S. U., 1.2; Council, 2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2;. Pilot Business Mana- ger, 2. JAMES EUGENE PUTNAM-Day Student Association, 1; Science Club, 2; B. S. U. 1,2. R MRS. REBECCA ELAINE SHERRILL RAMSEV-Choir. 1; Y. W. A., 1; Christian Volunteer Band, 1. PATRICIA ANITA RAMSEY-Basketball, 2. RICHARD DION RANKIN-Football, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; Secretary-Treasurer, 2. ARLEN ROY RASH-Ministerial Confer- ence, 1,2; Day Student Association, 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1. LONNIE CARROLL RAY KENNETH CHARLES RAYFIELD-Day Student Association, 2; Choir, 2. ROBERT HERMAN REDDING - Day Student Association, 1,2; Choir, 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Treasurer, 1,2; Ministeri- al Conference, 1,2; Music Director, 2; Chris- tian Volunteer Band, 1. PEARLE ELIZABETH REESE - Basket- ball, 2; Homecoming Sponsor, 2. JAMES MILTON RHONEY-Day Student Association, 1,2; Track, 1,2; Most Valuable Track Team Member, 1; Monogram Club, 2. BETTY RUTH RICHIE SANDRA LEE RIDEOUT - Choir, 1, Cheerleader, 1,2; May Court, 1; Monogram Club, 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1; Y. W. A. 1; Secretary, 1; " The Cell " , 1. NANCY JENNIE LEE RIDER - Intema- Uonal Relations Club, 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2; Secretary, 2. MILES CURTIS RIDGEVVAY, JR. - Day Student Association 1,2; Intramural Sports, 1,2. BRENDA JOYCE RINK SHEILA BROWN RITCHIE-Y. W. A. 1. KATHRYN ANGELA ROACH - Choir, 1; " The Importance of Being Earnest, ' 2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1, 2. CLYDE BENJAMIN ROBERTS - Choir 2; " The Importance of Being Earnest, " 2; B. S. U. 1. RODNEY LEWIS ROBINSON - Basket- ball 1,2; All-Conference, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; May Court, 1; Secretary of Deck- er Dorm, 2. WEECE SAMPAIO RODRIGUES - B. S. U., 2; Miss G-W Contest, 1; May Day 2. MRS. PATRICIA GARRISON ROEBUCK —Day Student Association ,1,2. BETTY AN NROGERS S JAMES EUGENE SAMS-Ministerial Con- ference, 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; Men ' s House Council, 1. CHARLES ROBERT SECREST - Tennis, 1,2; Monogram Club, 1,2; Pilot Staff, 1; Sportswriter, 1,2. NANCY ELOISE SELF-Cheerleader, 2; Anchor Business Manager, 2; Monogram Club, 2. JUDITH DIANNE SHANNON - Choir, 1; Y. W. A., 1. FRANK EDWIN SHYTLES - Choir, 1; B. S. U., 1,2. DA TD FALLS SIFFORD - Monogram Club, 1,2; Football, 1,2. NANCY JANE SLAWTER - Christian Vol- unteer Band, 1,2; Y. W. A., 1,2; May Day, 1; Student Government Secretary, 2. WILLIAM DEAjN SMARR - Monogram Club, 1,2; Football, 1,2; Co-Captain, 1; Baseball 1. WILLIAM DEAN SMARR-Monagram Club, sociation, 1,2. WILLIAM DENNIS SMART-Day Student Association, 1,2; Track, 1; Science Club, 2. MRS. BETTY LOU McGINNIS SMITH - Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. JACK BRYAN SPAINHOUR, JR. - Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2. JACQUELINE IRENE SPANGLER-Bas- ketball, 2. LYNUEL J. SON STARR-Monogram Club 1,2; Track Manager, 1; Football Manager. 2. PHYLLIS EVA STRICKLAND - Day Stu- dent Association, 1; Women ' s House Coun- cil, 2. ROBERT KENNY STUART PATRICIA VIRGINIA SWAFFORD - Y. W. A., 1; Choir, 1; May Day, 1. WILLIAM WINFRED SWAFFORD - In- ternational Relations Club, 2; Reporter, 2; B. S. U., 1,2. ALAN FERGUSON TAYLOR-Monogram Club, 1,2; Track. 1,2. MARY ANN TAYLOR - Choir 2; " The Cell " Assistant Director, 1; Christian Vol- unteer Band, 1,2; Women ' s House Coimcil Vice President, 2; B. S. U., 2; Y. W. A., 1,2; Training Union General Secretary, 2. MARY JANE TAYLOR-B. S. U., 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band, 2. GLENDA ANN TURNER - Choir, 1,2; " The Importance of Being Earnest, " 2; B. S. U. Publicity Chairman, 2; Women ' s House Council Secretary, 2; Y. W. A., 1,2. REBECCA MAE TURNER V CARROLL GENE VALLINI - Monogram Club. 1,2; Ministerial Conference, 1,2; Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; B. S. U. Ex- ecutive Council, 2. W SARA AMAiNDA WARLICK - Christian Volunteer Band 1.2; President of Stroup Dorm 2; Student Government 2; B. S. U. Council 2; May Day 1; Y. W. A., 1,2; Sunday School Representative 2. JOHNNY WAYNE WASHBURN - Choir 1. THOMAS HIOTT WATSON, JR. - Bas- ketball 2. WILLIAM BURROUGHS WATTERSON Day Student Association 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; .■ nchor Co-Editor 2; Vice-Presi- dent Day Student Association 2. MRS. CAROL S. WATTERSON-Day Student Association 1,2; Anchor Co-Editor 2. WILLIAM ARMSTEAD WAY, III-Foot- ball 2; Monogram Club 2. JA- 1ES FLAY WEATHERS-Day Student Association 2. JESSE NORMAN WEBSTER-Day Student Association 1,2. JAMES LEWIS WELLS-Day Student As- sociation 1,2. KELLY ALBERT WELLS MARTHA JOANNE WELLS-Day Student Association 2. HOWARD TAFT WILLIA.MS, JR JESSIE NORMAN WILLIAMS, JR. - Monogram Club 1,2; Choir 1; Christian Vol- unteer Band 1,2; Vice-President 2; Men ' s House Council 1; " The Cell, " 1. ELFORD TERRY WILLINGHAM - Day Student Association 1; International Rela- tions Club 1. CHARLES LAMAR WILLIS DA ' ID ALLEN WILSON KEITH ARNOLD WILSON-Monogram Club 2. JOHNNY MACK WIMBERLY - Football 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. DORIS ELAINE WINCHESTER-Cheer- leader 1,2; Intramural Sports 1,2; Choir 1; Homecoming Attendant 1; Homecoming Sponsor 2. MARTHA ELLEN WITHERINGTON - Christian Volunteer Band 1.2; B. S. U. 1.2; Y. W. A., 1; Women ' s House Council 2. JERRY MILES WOOD PHILIP CHARLES WOODRUFF - Bas- ketball 1,2; Track 1; Choir 2; Monogram Club 1,2, Basketball Trophy 1; Conference Broad Jump Record 1. JOEL BENSON WOODY - Christian Band 2; Science Club 2; Vice-President 2. MICHAEL HARVEY WRAY-Day Student Association 1,2. BARBARA LORETTA WRIGHT Theta Kappa 1,2. Phi 132 LUTZ-AUSTELL FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 487-7211 409 W. Marion Street Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of BENNETT BRICK TILE CO. QUALITY BRICK TILE Phone 434 Phifer Road Kings Mountain, N. C. CHAVIS TEXTILE SALES 920 N. Highland Street Gastonia, North Carolina Comp iments of UNIVERSAL AAANUFACTURING CORP. Manufacturers of LADIES ' HOUSEWEAR Shelby, North Carolina MASSACHUSETTS MOHAIR PLUSH COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Yarns and Fabrics NEISLER DIVISION Kings Mountain, North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina Double Shoals, North Carolina Boiling Springs, North Carolina Ellenboro, North Carolina Mayo, South Carolina C. J. HAMRICK SONS GENERAL MERCHANTS Boiling Springs, N. C. " Serving the Public Since 1875 " Phone HE 4-6222 Compliments of PENNEY ' S ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Shelby, North Carolina ROGERS THEATRE ' Show Place of Cleveland County Operated by COLONIAL THEATRES, INC. DON HOLLAR, Manager P. O. Box 169 Phone 487-5451 Shelby, North Carolina ' ' ' " ' s A Friend y Complimenfs of AAARY McLEAN ' S BRIDALS 204 S. Broad Street Gostonia, North Carolina Compliments of THE CLEVELAND TIMES PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS - ENGRAVERS Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of COLLEGE CLEANERS Boiling Springs, North Carolina Complimenfs of LUTZ FURNITURE CO. Shelby, North Carolina Complimenfs of CORNWELL DRUG STORES Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of MORGAN COMPANY, INC. Phone 487-606 ' l Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of BELK-STEVENS CO. " Your Home of Better Values " Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of COLLEGE GULF SERVICE Boiling Springs, North Carolina Complimenfs of LOY ' S MEN ' S SHOP Shelby, N. C. DUCK $500 $2,000 IN EDUCATIONAL GRANTS PER YEAR! HIGHEST ROLLED DUCKPIN GAME BY A BOY PINS HIGHEST ROLLED DUCKPIN GAME BY A GIRL F A 1 R IX L A N E XN 1 s inc. TEN HIGHEST ROLLED TENPIN GAME BY A BOY PINS HIGHEST ROLLED TENPIN GAME BY A GIRL THIS MONEY IS PUT IN TRUST FOR FURTHERING YOUR EDUCATION UPON ENTRANCE in the COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY OF YOUR CHOICE BOYS and GIRLS ... 7 to 18 years Highway 74 East Shelby, North Carolina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Forest Citv 228 East Main Street Forest City, N. C. G. B. HARRILL AGENCY, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE SINCE 1919 Forest City, N. C. BOILING SPRINGS DRUG CO. Cosmetics — School Supplies Costume Jewelry Phone HE 4-61 1 1 Boiling Springs, N. C. MOORESVILLE ICE CREAM CO., INC. DE LUXE ICE CREAAA HARVEY MILLSAPS Director of Soles Mooresville, North Carolina Residence Phone NOrth 2-3882 Business Phone NOrth 3-5141 HARRILL BROTHERS WHOLESALE COMPANY 6 Young Street Forest City, North Carolina CADILLAC SALES AND SERVICE " Where To Buy If BLANTON PONTIAC-CADILLAC, INC. 124 W. Warren Street Shelby, North Carolina Phone 487-6364 Comp imenfs of PIEDMONT MACHINE SHOP Gastonia, North Carolina SHERER OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE Complimenis of GRIFFIN ' S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Kings Mountain, North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina HUxiey 7-4333 R. O. HUFFMAN AAorgonton, North Carolina «« • «» ' SJT ' m Opportunities Unlimited Young men and women contemplating a career will find the textile business offers real opportunity for a bright future. New methods, new products and new markets create a constant demand for new personnel. You can choose no more wisely than to decide upon a future in textiles . . . this state ' s industrial backbo ne! Check with your vocational guidance counselor or come to see us. J. P. Stevens Co., inc SYNTHETICS DIVISION CLEVELAND PLANT -:- SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA GRADUATES . . For the greatest opportunity in textiles, we heartily recommend that you continue your education at one of the fine textile colleges in the South. Compliments Of DOVER TEXTILE GROUP Shelby, North Carolina Bos Jefferson Trousers in the O London Fo9 cellar Ae no otne SKir s freemo " k irts " " c B , " uses Shoes o f A ' , ».; ' ■ -, Wo t, •JA ' ■oo r S ,, ' " Tt , " I ' ltj BeU ' s LA TTtMOREjN.C. PHONE HE 4-2523 " c ' ° " Paine ' " At Sweofers ' o Ik- .T ' m.- _. Compliments Of CAROLINA PLANT FIBER GLASS DIVISION PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY It s " Tender Tested Reach for WALDENSIAN BAKERIES. ..BAKERS OF SUNBEAM BREAD " The Only Full Coverage of The Bulldogs " SHELBY DAILY STAR SHELBY, N. C. KNOB CREEK STUDIO 204 S. Green St. Morganton, N. C. Wagon Wheel Lamps — Tables With Wrought Iron Bases— Decorative Items in Early American Furniture LUTZ-YELTON TRACTOR TRUCK CO. t?a , A " Shelby, North Carolina " ' CUT.TLfiJ.D COUKTY S OLDEST SAVINGS AND LOAM Best Wishes To Gardner-Webb College PERSONAL LOANS From Burke County ' s PEOPLES Home Newspaper LOAN FINANCE CO. THE NEWS HERALD 125 N. Lafayette St. Shelby, N, C. DAILY— Monday - Friday 7-6421 - Phone - 7-6403 " DEDICATED TO SERVING YOUR J. D. Fitz, Publisher MONEY NEEDS " «. m )b ' . - Compliments of LILY MILLS COMPANY THREADS-COTTON-YARNS Shelby, N. C. WASHING-WAXING MUFFLERS INSTALLED LUBRICATING-OIL CHANGE MOTORS CLEANED Dealer Clean Up LUCKY ' S GULF SERVICE F S Gold Stamps With Every Purchase G. C. Luckadoo, Owner-Operator Phone 487-9278 606 N. Lafayette St. G. T. McSWAIN SUPER MARKET Boiling Springs, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA DAIRY Shelby, N. C. Compliments of ANTIBES FASHIONS 119 W.Marion Street (Next door to Gilliatt ' s) Shelby, N. C. " We Cater to The Co-ed " Compliments of EAGLE STORES COMPANY Shelby N. C. Compliments of WEBB DRUG COMPANY Compliments of SEARS-ROEBUCK COMPANY Compliments of CRAWLEY CHEVROLET Compliments of WALDROP ' S INC. MEN ' S AND BOYS ' WEAR LADIES ' SPORTSWEAR Forest City, N. C. LEE ' S HOME AND OFFICE SUPPLY SALES AND SERVICE Royal Portable Typewriters Shelby, N. C. BELK - LOGAN " Remember, You Always Save At Belk ' s " Forest City, N. C. Compliments of WHISNANT ELECTRIC COMPANY Morganton, N. C. " Home of Miss North Carolina " Janice E. Barron DALTON BROTHERS Dealers In Men ' s and Boys ' Clothing— Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready-To-Weor— Trim Tred and Poll Parrott Shoes For the Family Forest City and Rutherfordton, N. C. DICK PALMER ' S Shelby, N. C. " For The Finer Things In Life " Compliments of RON AND EDDY ' S Forest City, N. C. CLEVELAND SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION " Save to Build — Build to Save " Phone 487-5261 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE SNACK SHOP " Sandwiches a Specialty " STUDENTS ' HANGOUT Jim Beason, Manager Boiling Springs, North Carolina If ifs fresher than BOST ... it ' s slill in the oven- BOST BAKERY Shelby, N. C. Compliments of C. S. FURNITURE COMPANY 316 S. Lafayette St. Shelby, N. C. SUTTLES DRUG STORE Phone 487-7221 Shelby, North Carolina FREE PARKING W. A. D. A. 1390 On Your Dial Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of YOUNG BROTHERS Shelby, North Carolina BT GILLIATT ' S FLORIST SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA SPANGLER SONS TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE HU 7-8556 303 South Morgan Street Shelby, N. C. " Anything in Concrete " HUDSON HOSIERY COMPANf Manufacturers of LADIES ' FULL FASHION HOSIERY AND SEAMLESS HOSIERY Shelby, N. C. PATTERSON ' S VEL-TONE CLEANERS 627 S. DeKalb St. Shelby, N. C. A. W. Patterson 487-5491 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING 408 South Lafayette St. - Shelby, N. C. Compliments of McBRAYER MOTORS, INC. VALIANT CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Shelby, N. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Shelby, N. C. Member F.D.I.C. You sparkle together . . . with ice-cold Coke ] Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Shelby SHELBY SEAMLESS HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Manufacturers of Ladies ' Seamless HOSIERY In All Styles Plain Stretch Mesh Runless m INDEX SECTION PAGE Activities _ oy " Anchor " Staff I " " " IIIIZIIIIIIIIIIimZI 98 Baptist Student Union Council 89 College Government Association l " " ' i " ' [Z ' Jiy_ 88 Choir go Christian Volunteer Band miI " ZZZZ " ZZZIIII I 94 Day Student Association 92 Detjate Team go International Relations Club ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIZZZZZZZZIZZ 90 Men ' s House Councils g5 Ministerial Conference 93 Monogram Club gg Phi Theta Kappa Honor Fraternity qi " Pilot " Staff l. " ___l " --I- " I- " II " II iri ]r " I ' " 99 Sigma Delta Psi Science Club 97 Women ' s House Council qa Young Women ' s Auxiliary ZIH Z Z Z Zl HZllIllll " " 90 Activities Directory 13.-) Administration - _ " 22 Administrative Assistants 1 " H 28 Aerial View Of Campus -_ „-_ I IZII 100 Buildings • . . ' - ' ' ' ' ' " Decker Dormitory ng Dover Memorial Library ' ig E. B. Hamrick Building oi Hoey-Anthony-Padgctt-Young Dormitory --IIII I]IIIimm mmmi 32 O. Max Gardner Memorial Building _ 39 Physical Education Building 32 President ' s Home 4 Science Building 2Q Stroup Dormitory 39 Webb Administration Building 111111111111 31 Churches Boiling Springs Baptist Church j9j Boiling Springs Methodist Church !_!___ ' 101 Classes " 00 Freshman 1 1111 11 RS Sophomore 3 Curriculum o Dedication -.q Faculty " IIIIIIir Z II " " IIIIIIII] IIIIim IIIZIIIIIIZZ l 24 Features ,«„ Homecoming Court 1111111 104 May Court 1962 ZZZ " IZ_ZZZIIZZrr " Z " ZIIZZZ " Z " I " " 107 Sophomore Superlatives jjq Sports ,,- Baseball 1962 ,94 Basketball 1962-1963 igg Football 1962 ' __ ZZZZZZZZZZ ' ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ' ZZZZZZZZZ " " 118 Intramurals " " 190 Tennis 1962 Z Tqr Track 1962 ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ 127 The Program In The Arts y_ _ _ _ ZZZZZZZZZZZ 83 Trustees ' „„ ssasssaissiiassKEr Ni cm ■ : -.- -:-:: : At;twiaiJiy ; :-4 ' sa vtaa;»asiiK-t-i;KS ' aM; S;;:;

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