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J ii 4 rrrr • II) • III ii 1 ' » ' ■ TffT ■ ■ ■■ »»«r t rrrr 1 • I • t f • • III rrrr 1 1 f I • ■ f J 4 B 1 ' ' . Tl ' « « • J ft Ci ■•■ ■■■• la] ■ f ■■ " IS U :li HBil ■J I ■r;1t Mil r c J I JMUm M JOiM I INSPmATIONAL TOWER . . . strong and durable, stands as a symbol of the ideals and goals that Gardner- Webb College students strive to reach. FOR 1962 • PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF GARDNER- WEBB COLLEGE • BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Robert Phllyaw Editor Rob Weir Business Manager CONTENTS Administration • Faculty Activities Features Sports Students Advertisements " Jesus experienced a balanced growth in four areas. He grew intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. " — Clarence R. Lassetter 7- ■ - r r r w b -W s 05 Oi N N S :w Xm V ' ' L ia v jr -C .:«. :«» ;.it .V...:i. L •• " A2t. --4 • t - - . . v . - •.nf»- Jjs ; . «l ■tV V d ta PRIMARILY THE PURSUIT IS INTELLECTUAL . . . requiring self-discipline, determination, industry, and research . . . BUT IT ALSO OFFERS THE CHALLENGE FOR in classes, in intercollegiate sports, in in- tramurals, and in leisure time. PHYSICAL GROWTH STUDENTS LIVE IN A CHRISTIAN ATMOSPHERE where spiritual goals are stressed . . . 12 .is jmmmmmm AND IN A SOCIAL STRUCTURE that encourages favorable human relationships. DEDICATED TO OUR COACH In recognition of the outstanding record he has compiled during his 13 years at Gardner- Webb . . . for his firmness and fairness in dealing with students and colleagues . . . in respect for his joyful victories and his gracious defeats . . . in appreciation of his warm friendship and capable leadership . . . in sincere regard for a devoted coach and teacher . . . we, with affection, dedicate the " 1962 Anchor " to COACH NORMAN HARRIS Practice mates perfect. A Saturday afternoon chore Mrs. Harris A future quarterback for Gardner-Webb? Coach Norman Harris Ml. Hubert C. Dixon, with more than 25 years of service here, symbohzes the dedicated Christian faculty at Gardner-Webb College. i» " Qdi rai Gardner-Webb faculty and administrators, devoted and capable, help lead students to the culmination of their varied goals. ?S S Ms S Administration and Faculty The president — haid at work Our President Dr. E. Eugene Poston Dr. E. Eugene Poston A. A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A.. Wake Forest College; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner- Webb College, 1959 — ' ■ ' " i The president ' s home — Joveiy in its winter setting. r ' 5: Mr. Allen told the G-W story as he recruited for Gardner-Webh. W. Lawson Allen University of Tennessee; B.S., Western Carolina College; M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ad- ditional Graduate Study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest College; Gardner-Webb College, 1944-46; 1953 — . Our Vice-President W. Lawson Allen Faculty tnembeis in a tense working session. Ribbon-cutting at formal opening of new Science Building. fB-f VBSl pMiiii 1 1 iii|iiiiiiiiiii Wim mummsmmmm if Administrators Lead d They, wise in experience and background, push us forward as we strive to reach our objectives. James OrvUle Terrell Dean of Instruction; Social Science B.S., Western Carolina College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Graduate Study, George Pea- body College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb College, 1945 — Michael H. Palmer Assistant in the Department of Public Relations English; Journalism A.A., Charlotte College; A. B. Univer- sity of North Carolina; M. A., Appala- chian Stale Teachers College; Gardner- Webb College, 1960 — " Did you scr your grandmofher died? M W. Gordon. Jr. Business Manager A.B., Furman University; Gardner-Webb College, 1957 — Mrs. Dorothy W. Hamrick Registrar A.A., Gardner-Webb College; A.B., Meredith College; Gardner- Webb Col- lege, 1946 — ■ Academically, Socially, Spiritually John B. Hiott Dean of Students A.A., Gardner-Webb College, B.A., Bay- lor University; B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; Addition- al Graduate Study, Harding College, University of Texas; Gardner-Webb College, 1959 — Miss Ruth C. Klser Dean of Women; Psychology A. A.. Wingate College; B.S., Carson- Newman College; M.R.E., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner- Webb Col- lege, 1961 Garland H. Allen Director of Guidance; History B.A., Ouachita Baplist College; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theologi- cal Seminary; M.A., Memphis State Uni- versity; Additional Graduate Study, Memphis State University; Gardner- Webb College, 1961 — T. Max Liiuiens Pastor A.A., Gardner- Webb College; B.A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner- Webb College, 1958 — Mr. Gordon keeps the books balanced. iM mMmm .mm Faculty Professois Dixon and Dedmond served as chairmen of committees that planned the successful Founders Day celebration in October. Charles S. Andrews Head, Department of Languages; French A.B., Wofford College; M.A., Emory University; Additional Graduate Study, Appalachian State Teachers College, Sorbonne, University of Paris; Gardner-Webb College, 1960 — C. Allen Burns History,- and Government; Tennis Coach A.A.. Wingate College; B.S.. Wake Forest College; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Duke University; Additional Gradu- ate Study, Duke University; Gardner- Webb College, 1958 — Robert R. Blackburn Basketball Coach, Football Line Coach, Track Coach; Physical Edu- cation; Health A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Erskine College; M.A., George Pea- body College for Teachers; Addi- tional Graduate Study, Clemson Col- lege; Gardner- Webb College, 1958 — Miss Kathryn Copeland English B.A., Baylor University; B.M.T., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Baylor University; Additional Graduate Study, Univer- sity of California, University of Chi- cago, George Peabody College for Teachers, University of Missouri; Gardner- Webb College, 1954 — Francis B. Dedmond Head, Department of English; For- ensics Coach A.B., Catawba College; Th.M., South- em Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Duke University; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina. Duke University; Gardner- Webb College, 1952 — Hubert C. Dixon Head, Department of Natural Science and Mathematics; Mathematics A.A., Gardner-Webb College; B.A., Wake Forest College; M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Study, Clemson College, Florida State University; Gardner- Webb CoUege, 1935 — Members Provide Direction For Our Goals Mrs. Ann Hamiick Elliott Assistant to the Librarian A.B., Meredith College; Webb College, 1961 — Mrs. Nettie R. Gidney Voice, Choir Gardner- Guilford College; B.M., Westminster Choir College; Additional Graduate Study, Wesleyan College, Appala- chian State Teachers College, Private Voice Lessons; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1945-46; 1953 — mes T. Gillespie ijector, Church-Community Devel- [iment A., Wake Forest College; Th.M., puthwestern Baptist Theological sminary; Additional Graduate .udy, Southwestern Baptist Theo- ' gical Seminary; Gardner - Webb bllege, 1959 — Norman A. Harris Head, Department of Physical Edu- cation and Health; Head Football Coach, Baseball Coach; Physical ed- ucation Duke University; B.S., High Point College; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1949 — Librarians Miss Mitchell and Mrs. Ellioit provided leadership hefitting a junior college library. ames P. Henson lead, Department of Vocational [.rts; Business Education ,S., Appalachian State Teachers Col- ■ge; M.A., Appalachian State Teach- :s College; Additional Graduate ludy, Appalachian State Teachers ' ollege; Gardner-Webb College, 957 J. D. Hillman Head, Department of Religion; Bible, Greek A. A., Jones County Junior College; B.A., Mississippi College; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1961— Mrs. Gidney delighted faculty and students on numerous occasions with her beautiful singing. Registration Day is long and hectic for students — and taculty. ■laiifl Mrs. Lucille G. Hillman Homer C. Hudson English; Religious Education Physics; Mathematics B.A.. Berea College; M.R.E., Carver B.A., Furman University; M.A.. Univer- School of Missions and Social Work; sity of North Carolina; Additional Grad- Gardner-Webb College, 1961 — uate Study, University of North Caro- lina, Appalachian Stale Teachers Col- lege. Easl Tennessee State College; Gardner- Webb College, I960 — M. Lansford JoUey Head, Department of Social Science; History A. A., Gardner-Webb College; B. A., Wake Forest College; M,A., George Pea- body College for Teachers; Ed. S., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1957 — Miss Doris Jones Bible B.A., Furman University; M.R.E., South- western Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1956 — l i flk k K ' S. L. Lamm Bible; Speech A.B., Wake Forest College: Th.M.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1950 — Mrs. Betty H. Logan Secretarial Practice B.S., Woman ' s College. University of North Carolina; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner-Webb Col- lege. 1957 — Miss Abbie C. Miller Head. Department of Fine Arts; Piano, Theory B.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory ot Music; A.B., Kentucky Wesieyan College; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1937-54; 1955 — Mrs. Patricia G, Miller Biology, Physical Education, Health A, A.. Gardner-Webb College; B.S., Ap- palachian Stale Teachers College; Grad- uate Study. George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1959 — Bible pTotessor Doris Jones registers students for her classes — which are always full. Miss Faye J. Mitchell Head Librarian A. A., Anderson College; B.A„ Winthrop College; M.A.L.S., George Peabody Col- ege for Teachers; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1961 — Mrs. Princa G. Moore Latin A.B., Georgetown College; Graduate Study, George Peabody College for Teachers. University of Kentucky; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1960 — 25 Faculty Members, like Students, work after Class These four — Mrs. Pollock, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Stacy, Miss Miller — complete 102 years service to the College this year. They ' re called " The Century Clubr Popular English Professor Thirlen Osborne, typical of the G ' W professor, spends hours in his office " catching up on my paper grading. " Mrs. Ruth H. Piaster Mrs. Elxna H. Pollock Organ Spanish B. M., Brenau College Conservalory; A.B., Woman ' s College, University of Graduate Study, University of Wiscon- North Carolina; M.A., University of sin. University of Norlh Carolina; Card- North Carolina; Additional Graduate ner-Webb College. 1953 — Study, University of North Carolina, Uni- versity of Maryland; Gardner-Webb Col- lege. 1936— M. A. Moseley, Jr. Chemislry B.S., Wofford College; M.S., North Caro- lina State College; Additional Graduate Sludy, Clemson College, University of North Carolina. " Gardner-Webb College, 1950 — Paul John Stacy- Biology B.S., Dulce University; Graduate Study Duke University; Gardner-Webb Col- lege. 1941 — Thirlen Osborne English A.B.. Kentucky Wesleyan College; M.A„ University of Kentucky: Additional Grad- uate Study, University of Kentucky, Uni- versity of North Carolina; Gatdner-Webb College. 1957— Dr. W. Wyan Washburn College Physician B.S, Wake Forest College; M.D., Jeffer- son Medical College; Gardner-Webb College 1946 — 26 ■■ ' ■- -■ yii i-: ■.■■ .■V Y ' -. ■■ ' •- ' I ' ' . ' VIVIS),! ■ft.-... .■ i - Vr-. ' - . ' ■.■■.•.. ' ■.■ ' t ' -.. ' ■ ' Matbemaiics and Physics PiofessoT Homer Hudson ar- rives for work at his office in the new Science Build- ing. Administrative Assistants Behind the scenes and unostentatiously, these Gard- ner-Webb personnel make major contributions to the effective operation of the College. Their tasks, for the most part, go unheralded, but their efforts in behalf of our goals are immense. Mis. Ludle I. Dixon SecrelAxy lo the Registrar BU.. Meredilh CoUege: Gaidncr-Webb CoUege. 193336; 194C-!5: 1957 — Mis. Nita B. Leflei Secre ' .ir to the Business Manager Kings Business CoUege: Ganiner-Webb CcHege, 1955 — Mrs. laneUe H. Hicks Miss Kathleen H. Davis Mrs. Nancy A. Griffin Mrs. Maggie L. Goodwin Secreiary to Vice-Piesidenl. Diredor oj Secretary to the President Secretary to Assistant m Department cl Counselor .t ub;:- pelatiOTis, and Derelopment Pro- B5., Western Carolina College; Grad- Public Relaboas and Alumni Secretary Gaidner-Webb College. 1957— CTi - -- uate Study. Univeisity of North Caro- AJ ., Gardner-Webb CoUege; Gardner- Gs ::llege Niqhl School: lina. Columbia University: Gardner- Webb CoUege. 1953-54; 1955— Gi.-- ..: .. . ZcAege. 1954 — Webb College. 1952 — The Moseleys are caught by the camera during an evening meal. Mrs. PoUy H. WyHe Secrelary to Dean oi Instructioa Gardner-Webb CoUege. 1961 — Mrs. EmUy D. Moseley Secretary la Guidance Director Gardner-Webb CoUege. 1951-M: 1957- 59: 1961 — 2S Mrs. Ruby G. Hudson Leonard A. Allen Receptionist, Switchboard Operator Superintendent of Buildings and A.A., Gardner-Webb College: Gardner G ' ° " ' is Webb College. 1961 Western Carolina College; Gardner- Webb College. 1945— They keep the wheels of G-W turning. Horace Scruggs Assistant Hal B. Greene Assistant Students learn responsibility and earn their way with part-time jobs. Formal education is classes. But it is also extra-cur- ricular activities that provide intellectual stimulation. Jo Lee Loveland, varsity debater, is typical of students whose thirst for thought goes beyond the classroom. Here she debates the national collegiate query: " Re- solved, that labor organizations should be under the jurisdiction of antitrust legislation. " 30 i:. .f- Tt yy nm Through the varied activities program at Gardner-Webb, students learn the values of self-discipline and hard work; they have fun and make new friends; they learn the give-and-take of life; they ' re stimulated in activities that complement the intellectual training of the classroom; and they learn to be humble in the face of the Unknown. HBgg , ar? ' ' ■ ' %»m ti H MM m SI SK BKS f mlSS . ml m M Activities Students learn that there ' s more to getting out a year- book than plain wishful (hinting. Dean of Students lohn B. ffiott Advisor Charles " Buddy " Freeman President College Government Association StudenI Government at work: Secrelary-Treasurer PrisciUa Under makes her point, to the amusement of other members: Waller Fortune, president of Decker Hall; Nancy Sorrells, vice-president and president of Stroup Dormitory; Buddy Freeman, president; Floyd Beaty, presi- dent of Day Students; and Ken Sanford, president of HAPY Dormitory. All Students ore members of the College Govern- ment Association, which gives them an opportunity through elected representatives to shape the policies under which they live while students at Gardner- Webb. Leadership qualities are sharpened for those elected to lead, and all students are stimulated socially. . ' 4 The Baptist Student Union gives direction to spiritual goals on the Gardner- Webb campus. Council members lead in Sunday School, YWA, Vespers, and Training Union. Their influence is felt in all areas of student life. Jim McSwain President John B. Hiott Director Baptist Student Union Don Horn Gene Vallini Lottie Strickland Bob Blankenship Dcnnie Hyatt Becky Blalock Treasurer Devotion Music LISTEN Publicity- Chapel Devotional Chainnan Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Kay Elium Darrell Garner Jim Sams Frances Hanka Don White Guy Fisher Sunday School Sunday School Training Union YWA President Christian Ministerial Representative Representative Director Volunteer Band Association Row 1: Judy Mintz. Janet Miller. Francis Hanks, Kay Elium, Sandra Hideout. Row 2: Brenda Porter, Carolyn Cook. Mary McCracken, Judy Shannon, Ellen McKinney. Bow 3: Martha Witherington. Becky Blalock, Evelyn Green- hill, Carolyn Moser. Patsy Swafford. How 4: Beatrice Pendleton, Mary Ruth Michael, Brenda Carler, Marinell Ledford, Anne Taylor. Loretta Foster, Becky Jo Harris, Jackie Bliott. Row 5: Kathy Ehancan. Brenda P. Moore, Penny Taylor, Priscilla Linder. Freida Hamrick. Helen Rowe, Vida Madden, Amanda Warlick. Nancy Sor- rells. The Yoixng Women ' s Auxiliary provides an oppor- tunity for women to learn more about home and for- eign missions. International Relations Club f Y W A The International Relations Club attempts to stimu- late interest in current events and encourage a deeper concern and understanding of peoples of other coun- tries. Row 1 : Martha Stroup, Mary Frances Jackson. Marcelle McSwain. Row 2: Vivian Hamrick, Dizabeth Ledbetter, Dan Packard. Gary Davis. Row 3: Mrs. Genevie Mode, James Mitchell. Lansford Jolley, Faculty Advisor. 34 , fi « 5t Chief Marshals Tillie Wilson Bob Blankenship The Marshal Club won first place in Homecoming display contest with this revolving Bulldog-chase-Bull- dog unit. ACTIVE MARSHALS: Front: Judy Flake, Mrs. Teresa H. Huggins, Marcia While. Tillie Wilson, and Jo Lee Loveland. Back: Joe Deaton. James McAlister, Bob Blankenship, Jim McSwain, Robert Philyaw, Donnie Hyatt, and Joel Walker Marshal Club The Marshal Club is Gard- ner-Webb ' s honor society. Membership is awarded to those who have demon- strated qualities of charac- ter, service, and leadership and have achieved distinc- tion scholastically. Inactive Marshals Floyd Beaty, Becky Blalock, Mike Broach, David Fox, Charles Holland, Dianne Mc- Swain, Tim Peterson, Fay Mc- Swain, Jr. christian Volunteer Band Left to right: Row I: Don Horn. Brenda Moore, Don V hite, Jerry Dunnagan. Becky Jo Harris. Mary ChaKin, Miss Ruth Kiser. Advisor. Row 2: Gene Vallini, Janet Miller. Amanda Warlick, Mary Parsley, Allen Proctor, Janice Pope, Lena Osborne, Kathy Duncan, Jim McSwain. Row 3: Evelyn Greeniiill, Paul Raynor. Helen Rowe, Lottie Strickland, Freida Hamrick, Martha Witherington, Brenda Porter. Sandra Rideout. Kay EUum. Row 4: Faye Causby, Brenda Carter, Jackie Elliott. How 5: Nancy Sorrells. Martha McAlister, Joe Deaton, Richard Ledfcrd, Kathy Roach. The Christian Volunteer Band is composed of stu- dents who want to learn more about the Christian way. Members conduct services in various churches in communities surrounding the College. Radio Club-W G W G Lefl to right: Tim Peterson, Emerson Thomas. Joel Woody, Don BagweU, Ralph Cox, Gary Lowe. The Radio Cliib, with broadcasting studios in the Hamrick Building, gives stu- dents the opportunity to gain practical experience in radio program planning and an- nouncing. The station, WGWG (Watch Gardner- Webb Grow), beams pro- grams for student entertain- ment and interest. M Choir ♦ The Gardner- Webb Choir, under the direction of Mrs. munity, and conducts a tour during the spring semes- Gidney, makes regular appearances at school func- ter. tions, for meetings in the larger Gardner- Webb corn- Row 1: Ruth Starnes, Carolyn Cook, Janet Miller, Loretia Foster, Judy Flake, Lena Osborne. Nancy Reese, Ann Sanderson, Patsy Swafford, Faye Causby, Mary Francis Chaffin, Mrs. Robert Gidney. Row 2: Freida Hamrick, Glenda Turner, Brenda Porter, Becky Blalock, Carolyn Moser, Sandra Hideout, Renee Champion, Laura Huskey, Kay Elium, Sylvia Harris. Row 3: Lanny Hinson, Paul Little, Jim Tail, Frank Coffey, Bob Buckner, Earl Thomas, Tim Peterson, Billy Bridges, Don White. Row 4: Dave Johnson, Rob Weir, Jackie Heath, Jerry Dun- nagan, Donnie Hyatt, Jerry Helderman, Jim McSwain, Joel Walker, Terry Young. T L 7 Si li - ' ■V - L i ULPI fi M -. S ' il ' i J t I - 1 ' t 1 f I. j olEVnM Ministerial Conference The Ministerial Conference is composed o£ students planning to enter the ministry and or already engaged in this work. They meet regularly and conduct a daily radio program in Shelby. Row 1: Jim Brackett. Floyd Benfield, Guy Fisher, Johnny Heffner, Bob Buckner. How 2: Donald Ross, Charles Hamrick, Robert Redding. Gene Vallini, Allen Proclor. Bow 3: Wayne Dixon, Carl Kincaid, Bob Deviney, Bill Ford, Jerry Gamble. Row 4: Dejuan Hardin, John Edwards, Walter Fortune. Left lo Righl: Larry Bartlelt, John Willig. Mrs. Pat H. Wall, ]o Lee Loveland, Robert Smith, Coach Francis B. Dedmond. Through the years Gardner- Webb ' s debate team has been one of the most active organizations on the campus — under the direction of Coach Francis B. Ded- mond. Students participate in a number of tournaments during the year and usually come away with good records against some of the strongest opposition in the country. The usual debate topic is the national debate query for the year. Day Student Association The Day Student Association is organized to pro- mote understanding among students not living on campus. Through organization these students can bet- Left to Right; Marcia White, Mrs. Ann L. McSwain, Diane Jones, Patsy Harrill, Ellen Washburn, Frances Jackson, Floyd Beaty, Presi- dent. ter communicate with other students and with faculty. This otherwise loose group of students find a sense of belonging in their Association. House Councils Row 1: Jim S ms, Bill Lewis, Ken Sanford. Walter Fortune, Darrell Harris. Row 2: Rob Weir, James Mitchell, Joe Deaton, Mike Broach, Eddie Dean, Norman Williams, Frank Coffey. The house councils are the regulatory bodies for dormitory students. They serve as liaison agencies between students and deans. The councils ore com- posed of president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and hall proctors, who are carefully selected to help maintain harmonious relationships among students and between students and administrators. Row 1: Brenda Carter, Frances Hanks. Priscilla Under, Carolyn Cook, Collette White, Rebecca Blalock. Row 2: Freida Hamrick, Nancy Sorrells, Sandra Carpenter, Helen Howe, Lottie Strickland. 39 First row: Coach Bob Blackburn, Doris Winchester. Sandra FUdeout, Jo Lee Loveland, Linda Cannon, Kathy Duncan, Donna Hennessee, Coach Norman Harris. Second row: Roy Wilson, Don Horn, Jimmy Caldwell, Bill Mauney, Clay Chriswell, Jim Moten, Ray Stanley. Third row: Harold Billings, Dave Sifford, Larry McEntire, Jerry Dun- nagan, Billy Hunsinger, Alan Taylor. Rick Hulse, Charles Secresl. Fourth row: Ralph Smith. Steve Daves, Gene Allen, Steve Shehan, Johnny Wimberly, Dale Duncan, Lionel Brooks. Fifth row: Lynn Monogram Club Membership in the Monogram Club is open to men who letter in a varsity sport and to women cheer- leaders. Featherstone, Arthur Crocker. Alan Carpenter, George Ferrell, Robert Brovtm, Richard Rankin, Fay McSwain, Oakie Canipe. Sixth row: Jerald Campbell, Edgar Cox, Jack Gregory, Jimmy Criswell, Mike Pearson, Larry Hyder, Woody Dillard, Ken Sanford. Seventh row: James Conyers, Enoch McCarter, Norman Williams. Don Moore, Mike Broach, Hubert Thrower, Bill Lewis. Eighth row: Joe Phillips. Roy Crisp, Calvin White. «. ' K S •oiaiaiiiiiMHHHHi The enlaigei. . . an important piece of photog- raphy equip- ment. Bill Morton sets clock as he prepares to process nega- tives. Joe Phillips, Vice-President of the " Click Club " and an etiicient photographer, lines up his subject. Left to Right: Max Robinson, John Hiott, Steve Brooks, Bill Morton, Joe PhiHips. Click Club Advisor John B. Hiott 41 During a visit to Keys Printing Corporation, Michael Palmer, Advisor, and Bohert Philyaw, Editor, talk with Morris Kenig concerning layout procedure. Rob Weir, Business Manager, and Robert Philyaw discuss how to best approach the ad selling campaign. The Anchor Staff The annual publication provides an outlet for artis- tically inclined students to put their talents to work in producing a book of beauty, artistic design, and orig- inality. Students strive to present the usual classes and clubs in a fresh and different way. The staff works under faculty supervision. Left to Right: Jerry Dunnagan. Robert Phil- yaw. Mike Palmer. Rob Weir, and Mrs. Rachel Philyaw and lo Lee Loveland, As- sistant Editors. ■ ? ' at . J- Business Manager Vivian Hamiick and Advisor Mike Palmer talk with Editor Tillie Wilson concerning the press date for " Pilot. " The Pilot Staff The College newspaper is a monthly publication, giving students interested in journalism an oppor- tunity to gain practical experience in newswriting, lay-out, and other features of newspaper work. The staff, working under faculty supervision, keeps the student body informed of various activities of the school and promotes better school spirit. Staff ' •••V : ;. ' :htt»=- Travelling With TUlie By ' Kllie Wilson The waves beat upon the rocky ore, sending a spray of salty st into the tangy air. Auto- obiles whiz by on the hdghway arby, sometimes hidden by the mt redwood trees. This is the atest fascination of California redwood trees and rolling an. Tie highway leaves the sea d stretches on through dark ,ests. Sunlight filters through thickness of the trees and iples the road. A damp cool- 3 fills the air. i» ageless Sequoias in the na- larks stand in grandeur ral Grant and General rds of the forest. Gen- in Kings Canyon second largest tree It has a greater cir- any other, but ?kes It bow Sherman, ' n the the highest mountain peak. The sea roars as waves splash against august black rocks or bound far up on the short stretch of sandy beach. Driftwood is hurl, ed upon the shore with every new surge. One particularly far-reach- ing wave swirls foamily around the ankles of a green, unwary A . . . Tillie mer, leaving a deposit In his shoes. CORMORANTS coast at La Jolla, cor- swoop low over the ♦ainlng food for their ' in towering cliffs -« Black wings (La JoUa, There were lonq work sessions — Gr- and occasional laughs from the 1962 stail: Jo Lee Loveland, Elizabeth Ledbetter, Bob Weir, Vivian Ham- rick, Mike Palmer, Tillie Wilson, and Charles Secresi. 43 T Dover Memorial Library O. Max Gardner Memorial w w « r Ir; nun Hoey-Anthony -Padgett-Young (HAPY) Dormitory E.B. Hamrick Building The silken rustlings of satin, the luxiirious, languorous scent of the rose, the regality of a delicately laced tiara — these are the symbols of a beautiful girl — a Queen. A gentle, cheerful smile coupled with warm, inquisitive eyes ... a lilting laugh and a friendly spirit . . . meet " MISS GARDNER-WEBB " midi Qarc ner-U eU •T»Iiss Gardner-Webb " Nancy Ann Campbell Caroleen. N. C. Sponsored by HAPY Dorm First Hunnerup Linda Diane Jones Shelby, N. C. Sponsored by Day Student Association Second Runner-up Donna Lou Hennessee Sylva, N. C- Sponsored by Monogram Club aljonna 2) lane (Left To Right) COLLETTE FAYE WHITE, Casar, N. C, Sponsored by West Wing — HAPY Donnitory; BRENDA CAROL MOORE, Charlotte, N. C, Sponsored by BSU; JUDITH MAE FLAKE, Wadesboro, N. C, Sponsored by Marshal Club; WEECE SAMPAIO RODRIGUES, Recife, Brazil, Sponsored by " The Anchor " ; LINDA LOU CONNER, Swannanoa, N. C, Sponsored by Majorettes. X ' WiAA Q-W Conteitanti Front (left to right): Inez Hooker Ewing, Rockingham. N. C, Sponsored by Decker Hall.- Sylvia Kay Elium. Salisbury, N. C Sponsored by Christian Volunteer Band; Mary Louise McCracken, Canton, N. C. Sponsored by Young Women ' s Auxiliary; Ann Louise Sanderson. Morehead City, N. C. Sponsored by International Relations Club; Back: Brenda Katherine Kirby, Carthage, N. C, Sponsored by Cheer- leaders; Sandra Jean Carpenter, Asheville, N. C. Sponsored by Classical Language Club; Mary Elizabeth Parsley, Spruce Pine. N. C. Sponsored by Cafeteria Staff; Estilla Rebecca Wilson. Lattimore, N. C, Sponsored by " The Pilot. " Inset: Christine Mavin Parker, Hickory, N. C, Sponsored by Stroup Dormitory. " Miss Gaidner- Webb " contest- ants pose foi a formal group portrait. Nancy Ann Campbell " Miss Gardner-Webb 1962 " Leil: Diane Jones, First Runner-up Right; Donna Hennessee, Second Runner-up Gail Robertson " Miss Gardner-Webb 1961 " Linda Sharpe " Miss Gardner- Webb 1960 " Left; Jackie Jones, First Runner-up. Right: Peggy Jo Puett, Second Runner-up. Sylvia Starnes " Miss Gardner-Webb 1959 " Memories of past years . . . thrilling moments in the lives of former " Miss Gardner-Webb " winners. J omecomina a ueen Ellen Lavinia Abernethy The roar of the crowd . . . the crash of a hard tackle . . . a winning team, and pretty girls . . . add up to romecomin Doris Elaine Winchester Freshman Attendant Ellen Lavinia Abernethy Queen Brenda Gail Hall Sophomore Attendant ponior5 T ' Collette White Calvin White Peggy Hoyle Roy Crisp Mary Ann Hill Bill Smarr Christene Parker Gene Allen Rosemary Temple Ken Sanford Cheryl Earley Larry Hyder Donna Hennessee Ezra Munn (Not Pictured: Janice Wilson Edgar Cox) Doris Winchester i |k i M i 1 1 ' a9 w X Ellen Abernethy Gail Hall 33 The light frolic . . . the fun-iilled fantasy of the first days of spring . . . the festival of the Q ueen of Wa 1961 Crown Bearer Rickie Griliin; King Jerry Richard Walker: Queen Palsy Jacqueline Jones: Flower Girl Robin Stikeleather. IB V ■ 1 mt It m - ' vC Mk. ' Maid of Honor Inez Hooker Ewing Escort Robert Joseph Blankenship Attendant Emily Dean Rhyne Escort Don Ray White JtL . ' k Attendant Brenda Faye Stallings Escort Tommy Alvin Johnson Attendant Rebecca Gale Weeks Escort James Edwin McSwain Presenting: Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts (Carol Lou Hamrick) and her Cards in attendance. Front: Joe Phillips, Carol Lou Hamrick, Rob Weir. Middle: Amelia Hedrick, Carolyn Ingram. Back: Phil Hicks, Linda Thompson, Joyce Philbeck, Mike Champion. A A Attendant Suzan Rebecca Madaris Escort Paul Douglas Brooks Attendant Emily Dianne McSwain Escort Donald Edward Moore 1961 Wu C ourl The King and Queen of May and their court were enter- tained by the fanciful antics of Alice in Wonderland and the delightful characters she en- countered on her trip in the enchanted land Through The Looking Glass. ss Attendant Doris Marie Hartley- Escort Joel Edwin Walker i Attendant Sue Buckner Perry Escort Robert Franklin Oales Alice (Gail Hall) tweaks the whiskers oi the White Rabbit (Bill Mauney). J aooerivocky ' Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. " Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch! " He took his vorpal sword in hand; Long time the manxome foe he stJUght — So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought. And, as in uffish thought he stood. The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, And burbled as it came! One, two! One, two! And through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! 56 Attendant Nancy Jeanne Castle Escort Samuel Mack Graver " The lahbex- wacky " from Through the Look- ing Glass. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle ■ Dum clowned as part of the program. (Becky Taylor and Bobbie Oates) Attendant Mary Ann Powell Escort Coley Jason Brannock I 1 y Attendant Ruby Carolyn Young Escort William Robert Glasgow f96f Wau Court ' .-r ki I Nancy Reese Frank Coffey .... Most Talented Pair . Lottie Strickland Don White .... have personaUty plus . L ft ajv TAia vvuSU_. KyuiAtanclina oph 9 -»« » ' omored Jo Lee Loveland Jerry Dunnagan " To have friends — be one! 57 Sara Lou Davis Ezra Munn ... to wit . . . they ' re wilty! Gayla Morgan. Gus Thomas . . . we can depend on these . KyuidtandinQ opn 9 - P ' lontored Marcia White Jimmy McAlister . . . the crystal ball says " success! ' Janice Wilson Ken Sanford In sports they take the trophies Dianne McSwain, Gene Allen . . . Our unrecognized hero and heroine . K ULAtcindinQ » opho 9 - ' « ' ' moreA Brenda tCirby Darrell Garner . . . the most handsome couple . Marelena Pearson, Joel Walker . . . endowed with high IQ ' s . . , 59 Coach Bob Blackburn gathers bis team in a huddle for a strategy session during the Asbeville Biltmoie game that G-W won 76-67. Gardner- Webb is a member of the Western Carolinas Junior College Athletic Conference. Varsity teams participate in collegiate competition in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and track. The athletic program, both intercollegiate and intramural, is under the direction of Coach Norman Harris. Bob Blackburn is his associate, and Mrs. Patricia G. Miller directs women ' s activities in physical education. Lione] Brooks carries tor a first down in G-W ' s rout of Davidson Frosli 40-0. This Bulldog drive was typical of the team that won the Western Carolinas Confer- ence football championship. Edgar C ox C 70) and Larry McEntire (foreground) are in on the play. Bill Lewis (35) is in on a good block. ' Mr . Head Ccsch Kcnnan Harris Geri) poses with Co-capidins Bill Smarr and Calvir. V.liile and Line Coach Bob Blackburn during an early season practice session. All-American Nominee Ken Sanford Qeft) was named most valuable by his teammates. Edgar Coi (right) received the best lineman distinction. Roy Crisp was named best sport. The award was Sanford ' s second consecutive honor; he shared the distinction with Coley Brannocfc last year. Football 1961 2 96 J Western CaioUnas Junioi College Conference ChampioDS . fO ) ; w rn Bill Smarr Quarterback Gene Allen Guard Roy Crisp Fullback ■Ll ' . Football Results 1961 Sept. 16 Chowan 0- 6 Sept. 23 Furman Frosh 2-13 Sept. 30 Lees-McRae 19-13 Oct. 7 Mars Hill 12-13 Oct. 14 Wingale 19-19 Oct. 21 Lees-McRae 0- Oct. 28 Wingale (Homecoming) 20-14 Nov. 4 Mars Hill 26- 7 Nov. 9 Davidson Frosh 40- Nov. 18 Florida Military School 19- 7 Record: Conference 3- 1-2 Over-all 5-3-2 Lionel Brooks Haliback Blood, sweat, and anxiety . . . . Charles Secrest Sports Reporter " Wild Bill " Lewis End Larry Hyder End 1961 Varsity Footba Calvin While Tackle Steve Shehan Linebacker Norman Williams Guard Davidson tacklers iinally stop a Bulldog after G-W makes a big gain. A big TD that led, on the conversion, to an important tie with Wingate— 19-19. Jimmy Criswell Guard ' f ' m.- . ' ■F Ik-- f i ' %. n m Enoch McCarter Tackle Woody Dillard Center Gerald Campbell Tackle Line Coach Bob Blackburn tiained a rugged line. Here Coach Blackburn hangs on as McCarter shoulder blocks. !fi«;T4ii Larry McEntire End Clayton Chriswell Halfback George Ferreli Tackle BiJJ Small punts in a game against Wingate. Richard Rankin Old David Siiford Tackle 1961 Varsity Football " Butch " Williams (80) closes in on David- son ball carrier as Steve Sheban (44) makes desperate attempt at tackle. Billy Hunsinger End Johnny Wimberly Guard Furman Frosh thrashed Bulldogs 13-2. Here Lionel Brooks makes futile attempt to snag ball carrier as he crosses goal line for TD. Dale Duncan Quarterback Gerald Featherstone Guard Steve Shehan intercepts a pass and cuts back up field as Larry Hyder throws key block in Bull- dogs ' 40-0 rout of Davidson. James Conyers End Left to Right: High, Woodruff, Harris, Byrd, Poston, McSwain, R. Johnson, Thrower, Pearson, Daves, G. Johnson, Robinson, Coach Bob Blackburn. Results 1961-62 Dec. 2 Charlotte College 63-63 Dec. 7 Furman Freshmen 68-77 Dec. 9 Asheville Biltmore 75-67 Dec. 11 Brevard 96-111 Dec. 14 Mars Hill 72-64 Dec. 16 Wingate 67-82 Jan. 5 Furman Freshmen 59-77 Jan. 6 Chowan 62-55 Jan. 11 Lees-McRae 47-67 Jan. 13 Spartanburg 66-60 Jan . 22 Charlotte College 69-46 Jan. 27 Wingate 40-70 Jan. 29 Anderson Junior College 73-80 Feb. 1 Brevard 74-62 Feb. 3 North Greenville 80-94 Feb. 5 Asheville Biltmore 63-65 Feb. 8 Lees-McRae 57-54 Feb. 1 Spartanburg 65-61 Feb. 12 Anderson Junior College 84-73 Feb. 15 North Greenville 63-90 Feb. 17 Mars Hill 66-68 Record: 10-11 (Conference 6-8) Tournament: Mars Hill 79-58 Wingate 71-79 Brevard 83-91 CO -CAPTAINS Mike Pearson and Steve Daves Woodrutf (12) lets go with a long jump shot in game with Asheville Biltmore as Daves and Robinson close in foi the rebound. 66 Steve Daves Forward Fay McSwain Forward Hubert Thrower Forward Ronnie Robinson Forward 1961-62 Basketball en Sanford has managed the basketball team for the past two seasons. Big Mike Pearson makes a valiant attempt to block a shot made by a Brevard player. G-W lost 96-111. With opponents closing in, High goes high to lay in two easy points. G-W cheerleaders lead the stu- dents in a cheer to support the Bulldogs. Bruises and bumps climax the short struggle for a rebound. ;eo 3. ' i Mike Pearson Center Phil Woodruff Guard Reggie High Guard 1961-62 Basketbal Dariell Harris reaches above opponents to lay in two points as the Bulldogs coast over Asheville Biltmore 76-67. Darrell Harr: Guard A Bulldog releases a long jump shot as his teammates move in to back his shot. On jump ball Pearson reaches high but not high enough as Asheville Biltmore center gets tap. I Jq |- ' , Richard Poston Guard High scores again for Bull- dogs. Woodruff exhibits his ability to leave the flooT and shoot accurately for two points. Bulldogs move down court to set up defense after an unsuccessful scoring attempt. Daves (14) scraps tenaciously for the ball as Woodruff and opponents look on. " fm TO m S:anley. Pitcher; Peu Results 1961 Baseba 1961 Mar. 25 Furman Frosh 4-8 Apr. 2 Wingate 6-4 Apr. 8 Asheville Biltmore 22-5 Apr. 1 1 Asheville Biltmore 6-2 Apr. 18 Lees-McRae 14-10 Apr. 19 Davidson Frosh 8-15 ApT. 21 Spartanburg 1-14 Apr. 25 Mars Hill 4-3 Apr. 28 North Greenville 4-2 Apr. 29 Davidson Frosh 8-2 May 2 Wingate 0-5 May 5 Mars Hill 4-8 May 9 Spartanburg 0-3 May 15 North Greenville 2-14 May 19 Lees-McRae 9-3 Record: 8-7 Kneeling: Bobby Hoover, Pitcher; Phil Turner. Pitcher; Don Horn, First Base; Sam Callahan, Left Field; Eugene Bramlett; Oakie Canipe, Third Base. Norman Harris Coach m WB ' L Jim Jessup, Catcher; Larry Motsinger, Pitcher. Ronald Wright, Catcher. P ■ Ul Gene Vallini Right Field " " Jerry Beane, Right Field; Mike Broach, Third Base. Managers Jimmy Caldwell and Calvin White 73 Track Results 1961 Apr. 12 Gaidner-Webb Lees-McRae . . . .74 .57 Apr. 20. May May 10. Gardner-Webb 76% Lees-McRae 45% Brevard 36 Gjidner-Webb 59 Wingate 72 Gardner-Webb Brevard .108 ..23 Wingate 44% Lees-McRae 41 May 13 Gardner-Webb 36% •(Conference) Mars Hill 31 Brevard 11 Record: 3-1 Bob Blackburn Coach Sam Craver Manager Here ' s hoping those shav- ings below are soft. Don Moore demonstiaies the ease of clearing the high hurdle in an inifiai track meet. Runners gel set for the gun en the hundred-yard dash. Left to right: Ezra Munn, Larry Hunsucker. Ken Sanford. Jerry Walker, Lionel Brooks. Lloyd Porter. ' fiH ' AithuT Crocker burls the heavy discus in a trial of strength and skill. This quartet of cindermen added zest to G-W ' s running effort in 1961. Left to right: Alan Taylor, Mike Farnan, Ray Clarke, and Joe Deaton. Tennis -« « c? Results 1961 Apr. 7 Wingate i.g Apr. 18 Lees-McRae 4-2 Apr. 25 Mars Hill 4-5 May 2 Wingate 0-9 May 5 Mars Hill 5-3 May 12 • Brevard 3-0 May 1 9 Lees-McRae 2-5 Record: 3-4 ,i ' imiki iAf .3 f .Q T ' % J(i Tennis Coach Allen Burris dem- onstrates the forehand stroke. THE 1961 TENNIS TEAM Kneeling: Jerry McKinney, Alan Freeman, Louis Hen- derson, Kelly Wells, James Franklin, Ray King, Ted Mills. Standing: Coach Allen Burris, Doyle Smith, Dan Spangler. Dennis Tones, Willie Goforth. David Kester. Ronnie Cole, Dale Spangler. 75 Volleyball Champions Left to Right: Woody Dillard. Mike Broach. Johnny Johnson, Larry Hyder. Bill Lewis, Lionel Brooks. Men ' s Intramurals Intromurals are conducted for men in volleyball, touch football, and basketball. Tournaments are held to determine champions in these sports. Games are fiercely fought. In the spring, a field day, in which men and women participate, is held. Classes are dismissed for the day and a festive air prevails. Touch Football Champions Row 1: Harry Waters, Eddie Kerr, lim Moten, Rick Hulse. Row 2: Don Moore. Ray Stanley, Leroy Young. Row 3: George Culler. lames Mitchell, Jerry Dunnagan, James Watson, - Basketball Champions Front; Gene Allen, Mike Brosch, Enoch McCarter, Robert -Philyaw, Bob Blanken- ship. Back: Leonard Earle (standing). John Landis. Lionel Brooks, Bill Lewis. Woody Dillard. Basketball Champions Left to Right: Vida Madden, Patricia Ramsey, Jackie Spangler, Janice Wilson, Becky Jo Harris, Elizabeth Reese, Freida Hamrick, Nancy Self, Mary Parsley. Women in physical education classes also have the oppor- tunity to vie for the volleyball championship in an intra- mural program. Basketball Co-Champions Left to Right: Barbara Bridges, Shirley Ramsey, Vivian Hamrick, Ellen Washburn, Sandra Geer, Martha Siroup, Linda Robinson. Women ' s Intramurals In addition to classes in physical education, women have the opportunity to participate in com- petitive sports. Intramural contests are hard fought. Tournaments are keenly competitive. ■ If- « ' ., i i Webb Administration Building In Winter Dress, Gardner-Webb Campus in Late Spring , mill Physical Education Building The New Science Building Completed In September, 1961 80 The exodus from the Science Building at 9:30 each morning. In day-to-day class attendance we inch gradually toward our primary goal: academic achievement. .- ■j fi H ? ' • ' % ■■-Av ' ' «« ' ?- 3i ' ' 1 ■ ' ' ■ ' ! ' ■ " I ' l KBM| H ' ' 5?y C asses 4j| Pens move in sviiiX attack dui ' mq examinations. ■:! ' ■; -Jf " SPONSOR C. Allen Bums SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jeff Shields President Alan Freeman Vice-President Gayla Morgan Secretary Judy Flake Treasurer flegistration iox thai final round January, 1962 82 WILLIAM JACKSON AREY Shelby, N. C. JAMES HOBEHT BATCHLER, JR. Gaffney, S. C. HARRY DALE BARNES Gastonia, N. C. MICHAEL NEWTON BEAM Cherryville, N. C. FLOYD I. BEATY Charlotte, N. C. I 83 ARIEN A. BEAVEH Shelby. N. C. EMILY REBECCA BLALOCK Gastonia, N. C. Sophomores SIDNEY GREEN BLANTON Shelby, N. C. ROBERT JOSEPH BLANKENSHIP Canton, N. C. RICHARD COLEMAN BLANTON Shelby, N. C. MRS. NANCY HAGER BOGGS Fallston, N. C. BARBARA ANN BRIDGES Ellenbcro, N. C. JAMES MICHAEL BROACH Lenoir, N. C. LIONEL ALLISON BROOKS Dillsboro, N. C. class of 1962 GENE RICHARD BYROADE Shelby, N. C. lAMES HAROLD CALDWELL SAMUEL STEVEN CALLAHAN Belmont, N. C. Cliffside, N, C, JANET YVONNE CAGLE Sylva, N. C. TOMMY CARROLL CASH Lincolnton, N. C. ION MICHAEL CHAMPION Shelby, N. C. ROBBIN RENEE CHAMPION Shelby. N. C. I. D. CLARK, JR. Shelby. N. C. JERRY E. CHILDERS Belmont, N. C. L JERRY WALLACE CONNELLY Kdnnapolis, N. C. FRANK LINNEY COFFEY Boone, N. C. Sophomores EDGAR COX Honea Path. S. C. BRENDA ANNE COON Bessemer City, N, C. CAROLYN SUE COOKE Reidsville, N. C- ORLEN KENNETH CRAWLEY B-.ii " n S rini? N C, ARTHUR EDWARD CROCKER Union, S. C. CHARLES STEPHEN DAVES Boiling Springs, N. C. PATRICIA ANN DAVES Marion, N. C. Class of 1962 JOSEPH CURTIS DEATON, JR. Greensboro, N. C. SARA LOUISE DAVIS Spindale, N. C. EDWIN LITTLE DEAN Charlolle, N. C. CLEMENT MODE DELLINGER Cherryville, N. C. «M fn ( t % o4 ms l m 4.. l fe J k ROGER DALE DUNCAN m.4t ■ ii tfW Spruce Pine, N. C. JOSEPH CURTIS DISMUKES Gastonia, N. C. II ■1 JOSEPH YOUNG DOGGETT Henrietta. N. C. i LOY WILSON DEVINE Lincolnlon, N. C. EDWARD JEROME DUNNAGAN Durham. N. C. 87 RIB STIRL GEBALD DYSAHT Lincolnlon, N. C. HAROLD M. EDWARDS Tryon, N. C. Sophomores JOHN TAYLOR EDWARDS Gastonia, N. C. GEORGE ANDERSON ELAM Shelby, N. C. SYLVIA KAY ELIUM Salisbury. N- C- INEZ HOOKER EWING Rockingham, N, C, GUY FRANKLIN FISHER JUDITH MAE FLAKE Hickory, N. C. Wadesboro. N. C. WALTER BURTON FORTUNE Columbus, N, C, Class of 1962 DAVID LEE FOX Granite Falls, N. C. ALAN MERRILL FREEMAN Rutherfordton, N. C. ALLEN KIRK FREEMAN Lincolnlon, N. C. CHARLES WILLIAM FREEMAN Kings Mountain, N. C. JERRY FRANKLIN GAMBLE Shelby, N. C. DARRELL EVERETT GARNER Asheboro, N. C. SANDRA KAY GEEK Forest City, N. C. SYLVIA GAIL GEORGE HAROLD EDWARD GODSHALL Cherryville, N. C. Union, S. C. 89 warn Sophomores MARY EVELYN GREENHIIL Hickory, N. C. CYNTHIA CAROL GREGORY Shelby. N. C. JOHN W. HALL Shelby, N. C. PATRICIA GAIL HALL Winston-Salem, N. C. FREIDA LOUISE HAMRICK Shelby, N. C. PAULINE WESSON HAMRICK Bessemer City, N. C. VIVIAN FA YE HAMRICK Shelby, N. C. MARY FRANCES HANKS State Road, N. C. BERNARD S. HARVEY Gaifney, S. C. 90 CLARENCE GERALD HELDERMAN Thomasviile, N. C. DEAN DAVID HENDRICE Shelby, N. C. DONNA LOU HENNESSEE Sylva, N. C. PHILLIP WINSLOW HICKS Gastonia, N. C. JAMES McIVER HILL, JR. High Point, N. C. CHARLES LEE HOLLAND Shelby. N. C. ROBERT CARL HOOVER Lawndale, N. C. DONALD KEHH HORN Kings Mountain, N. C. ROBERT CURTIS HOUSER Kings Mountain, N. C. MRS. TERESA HAMRICK HUGGINS FRED CARSON HUGHES, IR. Boiling Springs, N. C. EUenboro, N. C. WILLIAM FREDERICK HULSE Charlotte, N. C. MYRA KAY HURST Reidsville, N. C. 92 Sophomores LAURA ANN HUSKEY Forest City, N. C. MRS. LOUISE WOMICK HUSKEY Spindale, N. C. HARRY DONALD HYATT Gaftney, S. C. HARRY LEE JENKINS Hickory, N. C. JOHNNY ALLEN JOHNSON Stalesville, N. C. CAROL ANN JACKSON Shelby, N. C. FRANCES CARLA JACKSON Shelby, N. C. Class of 1962 TOMMY JOHNSON Slatesville, N. C. BRENDA KATHEBINE KIRBY Carthage, N. C. MELVIN LUTHER RISER, JR. Bessemer City, N. C. PAUL JAMES JOLLEY Chesnee, S. C. ANNIE SUE KIDD Dobson, N. C. Robert Lee Land, Ir, Dallas. N. C. Elizabeth Leona Ledbetter Beijing Springs. N. C. Mrs. Audrey Merchant Ledford Hickory, N- C- MarineU Tabor Ledford Tapoco. N. C. Sophomores Billy LevTis Burnsviile, N. C. Priscilla Alice Linder CcA ens. S. C. James Allen McAUsler, Jr. Boiling Springs, N. C. Josephine Lee LoTeland Shelby. N. C. Glenda Kay Luifman State Road, N. C. 94 Mary Louise McCracken Canton, N. C. Larry Gene McCraw Shelby N. C. Ralph Haynes McNabb Clifiside, N. C. Class of 1962 Mrs. Ann Lee McSwain Mooresboro, N. C. Barbara Marcelle McSwain Lattimore. N. C. Donald Wells McSwain Shelby, N. C. Emily Dianne McSwain Belmont, N. C. James Edwin McSwain Lattimore, N. C. Odus Fay McSwain, Jr. Lattimore, N. C. » 4 m Clyde Herman Mauney Ellenborc. N. C. Fred Darrel Mauney Shelby. N. ::. William Timothy Mauney Stanley. N. C. Sophomores Mary Ruth Michael East Bend, N. C. Wallace Anthony Midkilf Greensboro, N. C. Oliver Miller, Jr. Hudson, N. C. James Theodore Mills Shelby, N. C. Judith Amelia Mintz PolkviUe. N. C. James HiotI Mitchell Ware Shoals, S, C. 96 Edward O ' Grady Mixon Varnville, S. C. Mrs. Genevie McNeilly Mode Casar. N. C. Donald Edward Moore Gastonia, N. C. Class of 1962 Gayla Ann Morgan Fallston, N. C. Carolyn Sue Moser State Road, N. C. James Edwin Moten Gastonia. N. C. Mrs. Rowena Bailey Nelson Spindale, N. C. Mrs. Jane Beason Nolen Boiling Springs, N. C. Helen Kaye Norman Morganton, N. C. 97 Barbara Jane Oates Chester, S. C. Lena Anne Osborne Shelby, N. C. Steve Harrill Padgett Boslic. N. C, Sophomores Sonja Marelena Pearson Shelby. N. C. Yates Ethiel Pearson Shelby, N, C. Bobby Dean Peeler Walter Timothy Peterson Cherryville, N. C. South Amboy, N. J. Mrs. Rachel Pearson Philyaw Lenoir. N. C. Robert Kenneth Philyaw Lenoir, N. C. Joe Carma Phillips Gastonia, N. C. Mrs. Linda Brown Plummer Willard, N. C. Wallace McBride Putnam Shelby, N. C. Class of 1962 David Willis Rabb Shelby, N. C. Charles Dennis Ramsey Cherryville, N. C. Nancy Carolyn Reese Mounl Holly, N. C. Larry Joe Rikard Cramerton, N. C. Beverly Bums Riley Gastonia, N. C. Ferry Hall Roberts Mount Holly, N. C. Nonnan Leo Robertson Rutheriordton. N. C. Helen Rulh Rowe Havelock. N. C. Margaret Olive Robinson Lincolnlon, N. C. Ann Louise Sanderson Morehead City. N. C. Eric Jeffrey Shields Winston-Saiem, N. C. Frederick Berley Ropp, III Shelby, N. C. Sophomores Haskell David Sides Lincolnton, N. C. William Dean Smarr Hickory Grove, S. C. Joyce Faye Snipes Spruce Pine, N. C. Nancy Kaye Sorrells Waynesville, N. C. David Michael Spangler Shelby, N. C. Class of 1962 Marvin Wilton Sparks Calvin Yates Spurlin Cliffside, N. C. Cliffside, N. C. Brenda Faye StalUngs Patsy Anne Stamey Ruth Elaine Starnes Lottie Merle Strickland Cliffside, N. C. Kings Mountain, N. C. Ashevi lle. N. C. New Bern, N. C. 101 mmmmmmmmK Maltha Ann Stioup Shelby, N. C. William Terrell Sweety Lawndale, N. C. Alan Ferguson Taylor Black Mounlain. N. C. Sophomores Penny Sue Taylor Fmnklin. N. C. Everett Gusta Thomas, Jr. Hendersonville, N. C. Henry Earl Thomas York. S. C Hubert Fairley Thrower, Jr. Belmont. N. C. Everett Earl Tyner Shelby. N. C. Carroll Gene Vallini Marion. N. C. Betly Maxine Vanderburg Forest City, N. C. Joel Edwin Walker Lattimore, N. C. Mrs. Patricia Hall WaU Hialeah, Florida Class of 1962 Mrs. Rebecca Brooks Wallace Boiling Springs, N. C. Jonathan Robert Ward Rutherfordton, N. C. Elizabeth Ellen Washburn Lattimore, N. C. James Harris Waters Rutherfordton, N. C. David Farrell Wease Lawn dale, N. C. Mrs. George Ann Lee Weaver Lattimore, N. C. 103 sm Robert Coleman Weir, Jr. Chesjei. S. C. Sophomores Calvin Ernest White Simpsonvilie, S. C. Marda Bea While Forest City. N. C. Donnie Ha7 White AsheviUe. N. C. Collette Faye White Casar. N. C. Mary Delores White Kings Mountain, N. C. Elford Terry WUUngham ?. ' ccresbcrc, !, - C. Estilla Hebecca Wilson Lattimore. N. C. 104 Janice Marie Wilson Gastonia, N. C. Sarah Diane Wright Shelby, N. C. Leroy Daniel Young, Jr. Union Mills. N. C. Class of 1962 ■ ■ r H ' H 1 m T EM aM ' ■ »? r K j 4H fM»- JflE.. 5ti V vp ' V Kta ' ' S H " ' " ' H Terrell Robert Young Gastonia, N. C. S(uden(s (urn in then seats to ioUow Homer C. Hudson ' s lec- ture in General Physics. Students changing classes iall behind Michael Palmer ' s hurried pace to meet his 9:30 English lec- ture. .V v, FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Jimmy ChurchilL Doyle Bryson Brenda Porter President Vice-President _Secretary-Treasurer uU SPONSOR Miss Doris lones Freshmen At the beginning oi the school year the " old " meets the " new " as sopho- mores and heshmen " get acquainted. " 106 Ellen Lavinia Abernethy Stanley, N. C. Gene McFarland Allen Union, S. C. Donald James Almond Shelby, N. C. David Monroe Andrews Petersburg, Va. Harry Ernest Arthur, Jr. Cherryville, N. C. Marian Christian Bagnal Winston-Salem, N. C. Martha Lou Bailey Spruce Pine, N. C. Joseph Wayne Barnwell Lenoir, N. C. Larry Kemper Bartlett Galax, Va. William Floyd Benfield Hickory, N. C. Class of 1963 Joyce Ann Blanton Kings Mountain, N. C. James Walter Booker Shelby, N. C. Sandra Bee Bostic Ellenboro, N. C. James Thomas Bowen, III High Shoals, N. C. Bobby Neal Bracket! CItffside, N. C. Jimmie Carol Bracket! Lawndale, N. C. Rebecca Sue Brackett Ellenboro, N. C. Daniel Alfred Bradley Bostic, N. C. Francis Lamar Bradley Gastonia. N. C. James Marvin Bradshaw Hickory, N. C. Harold Dean Billings Lincolnton, N. C. Mrs. Linda Shuiord Billings Lincolnlon. N. C. wsa A Joseph Robert Brannon Chesnee, S. C. Wade Hampton Breeland, }r. Belmont, N. C. Edward Anthony Bridges Greenville, S. C. Beverly Ann Bridges Shelby, N. C. William Alton Bridges Lattimore, N. C. Dee Ann Briggs Rural Hall N. C- David Eugene Brindle Kannapolis, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Brock Mount Airy. N. C. Larry Stephen Brooks Mooresboro, N. C. Winona Priscilla Brooks Shelby, N. C. Billie Eaye Brown Sumter, S. C. Robert Pierce Brown Gaffney. S. C. Fresh men Richard Walter Bniggemann Budd Lake, N. ). Doyle Winston Bryson Sylva, N. C. f iPP Robert Gerald Buckner Gaffney. S. C. Robert William Buff Casar. N. C. Craig McLeod Bumette Wahiut. N. C. David Allen Burton Delmar. Delaware William Terry Byrd Cliflside, N. C. Kay Hoyle Cabaniss Shelby. N. C. Elizabeth Marie Caldwell Gaslonia, N. C. Forrest Jerald Campbell Cramerton, N. C. Nancy Anne Campbell Caroleen, N. C. Diane Elaine Canipe Gaslonia. N. C. 108 Jasper Oakie Canipe Shelby, N. C. Ronald Gene Canipe Shelby, N. C. Linda Lou Cannon Slanley, N. C. Alan Judson Carpenter Hickory, N. C. John David Schenck Carpenter. II Shelby. N. C. Sandra Jean Carpenter Asheville, N. C. Brenda Sue Carter Mason, Ohio Brenda Jo Castleberrjr Sanford, N. C. Carolyn Faye Causby Shelby, N. C. Mary Frances Chaifin Union Grove, N. C. Cecil Alien Childers Belmont, N. C. James Clinton Childers Nebo, N. C. Class of 1963 Clayton Harrison Chriawell Balh, S. C. James R. Churchill Thomasville, N. C. George Montrose Clemmer Gastonia, N. C. Jo Anne Cline Lawndale, N. C. Frances Ann Cobb Lowell, N. C. Nancy Carroll Cobb Shelby, N. C. Byron Ted Collins Gastonia, N. C. Otha Edward Collins Shelby, N. C. Joseph Dewitt Coltrane, Jr. Lowell, N. C. Joe Marshall Condrey Cliffside. N. C. Lynn Vernon Connell Hickory, N. C. Linda Lou Conner Swannanoa, N. C. f f f£ 109 4 wmanmsmm James B. Conyere, Jr. Greenville, S. C. Carroll Wayne Cooke Vale. N. C. Ralph lames Cox Pilot Mountain, N. C. Roy Andrew Crisp Greenville. S. C. James Haskel Crisweli Gastcnia, N. C. Emily Ruth Ciirtis Sumter, S. C . George King Cutler, Jr. Charictte, N. C. Walter Welbom Davenport, Jr. Greenville, S. C. Billy Joe Davis Shelby. N. C. Gary Dean Davis Lawndale, N. C. ilTtiiil Judith Roberts Davis Spindale, N. C. Charles William deEraift Charlctle, N. C. Freshmen Bobby Gene Deviney Lav. ' ndale, N. C. Brenda Carol Deviney Forest City. N. C- James Ophus Devinney Casar, N. C. Calvin Wayne Dixon Statesville, N. C. David Paul Dobbins Shelby, N. C. Pansy Kathleen Duncan Spruce Pine, N. C. Mrs. Nancy Snead Dyson Mancn. N. C. WyatI Peeler Edwards Lav.-nda!e, N. C. Howard Coleman Elliott, Jr. Shelby. N. C. Jacquelyn Lee Elliott Raleigh. N. C. no ■ Michael Hiram Elmore Cliifside, N. C. Mrs. Zelda Coffey Epley Shelby, N. C. George Charles Falls Lawndale, N. C. Paul Scott Paris Gastonia, N. C. Gerald Lynn Featherstone Gaslonia, N. C. George Roland Ferrell, Jr. Chester, S. C. Mary Jacqueline Flack Rutherlordton, N. C. Loretta Lee Foster fCernersville, N. C. Henry Jackson Freeman Thomasville, N. C. Ronny Glen Freize Gastonia, N. C. Class of 1963 Wayland Thomas Gamer. Jr. Liberty, N. C. Charles William Gidney Shelby, N. C. James Henry Greene Boiling Springs, N. C. Joseph Ray Greene Ellenboro, N. C. Jack Rogers Gregory Union, S. C. Michael Talmadge Griffie Gastonia, N. C. Eugene Daniel Grigg Kings Mountain, N. C. Stephen Chauncey Grigg Shelby, N. C. Rebecca Jane Guffee Lowell. N. C. Ernest Gordon Hall Spruce Pine, N. C. Charles Hugh Hamrick Shelby, N. C. Charles William Hamrick Mooresboro, N. C. 4 Claude Irwin Hamrick Cliffside, N. C. Herman Oliver Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. Aaron Dejuan Hardin Belmont. N. C. Howard Eddie Harrill Shelby, N. C. Patricia Ann Harrill Bostic, N. C. Andrew Darrell Harris High Point. N. C. Becky Jo Harris Concord, N. C. Mrs. Patricia Motfitt Harris Shelby, N. C. Raymond Wayne Harris Elkin, N. C. Sylvia Ann Harris Morganton, N. C. Bessie Faye Hart Gaslonia, N. C. Howard Walter Haskell Shelby. N. C. Freshmen ]ohnny Elmore HeUner Charlotte, N. C- Kenneth Yewitt Henderson Union, S. C. Roland Gilbert Henderson Nanjemoy, Md. Charles Paul Herron, Jr. Gastonia. N. C. Helen Diane Hicka Henrietta, N. C. Reginald Morris High Dallas, N. C. Lanny Clarence Hinson Kershaw, S. C. Doyt K. Hoffman. Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Jack Eugene Holder Gatfney. S. C. James Thomas Holland Shelby, N. C. f i 112 John David Hooper Hendersonville, N. C. Virgil Raymond Howard Miami, Fla. David Cecil Howell Greenville, S. C. Glen Ernest Hudson Hickory, N. C. Donald Howard Huffstetler Kings Mountain, N. C. Billy Frank Hunsinger Spartanburg, S. C. Larry Stanley Hyder Spindale, N. C. Ronald Waverly Ingle Weaverville, N. C. Patricia Dianne James Lawndale, N. C. Cornelia Ann Jenkins Mooresboro, N. C. Cla ss o Douglas Terrell Jones Cedar Falls, N. C. Ernest James Jones Clover, S. C. Johnny Lewis Jones Kings Mountain, N. C. Lynda Diane Jones Shelby, N. C. Charlie Marks Justice Rutherfordton, N. C. Joe Harold Kanipe Grover, N. C. Robert Lawrence Keever Hickory, N. C. Max Henry Kennedy Statesville, N. C. Edmond C. Kerr, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Edith Diane Kincaid Kings Mountain, N. C. David Hugh Johnson North Augusta, S. C. Glenn Edward Johnson Reidsville, N. C. 113 4 ffif Roy Carl Kincaid Kannapolis. N. C. Rebecca Catherine Kiser Shelby, N. C. Herman Wilson Knight Ahoskie, N- C. Charles Plnkney Lattimore, Jr. Forest Cily. N. C. John Broadus Lattimore Lattimore, N. C. Bobby Nelson Laws Cramerton, N. C. Charles Calvin Lay Slanley. N. C. Billy Grifien Ledbetter Shelby. N. C. Richard Verlon Ledford Lincolnton, N. C. Michael Stephen Lee Shelby. N. C. Billy Carroll Lemons Boiling Springs, N. C. Judith Ann Lineberger Dallas. N. C. Freshmen Ora Jane Long Gaffney. S. C. Paul Douglas Long Porlsmouth, Va. Stephen Ray Long Cramerton, N. C. William David Lowdermilk Forest Cily, N. C. Bain Wilkerson Lowe Stanley. N. C. Gary Reade Lowe Durham, N. C. Gerald Boyd Luckadoo Mooresboro. N. C. Martha Anne McAlister Biscoe, N. C. Enoch Newton McCarter Honea Path, S. C. Warren Russell McCuny Cliffside. N. C. Danny Lee McDaniel Cliffside, N. C. Ford Crisp McDonald Shelby, N. C. Larry Franklin McEntire Lawndale, N. C, Frank Walker McFadden Jamestown, N. C. Reece Leroy Mcintosh, Jr. Burnsvi)]e, N. C. Barry Lee McKenna Lynchburg, Va. Frances Ellen McKinney Reidsville, N. C. James Roger McKinney Canlon, Ohio William Wilson McKinney Ellenboro, N. C. Harriette Ann McLester Charlotte, N. C. Troy Thomas McMahon Morganton, N. C. Charles Arnold McSwain Shelby, N. C. Class of 1963 Vida Muriel Madden Gold Hill, N. C. Judy Mae Mason Spruce Pine, N. C. Charles Ray Mathis Gaffney, S. C. Janet Manell Miller Connelly Springs, N. C. Judith Faye Miller Shelby, N. C. Sam Herbert Afintz Gaffney, S. C. David Erb Monday Bostic, N. C. Brenda Carol Moore Charlotte, N. C. Marion David Moore Forest City, N. C. Samuel Terry Moore Bostic, N. C. Don Calvin McSwain Henrietta, N. C. Ronald Wood McSwain China Grove, N. C. MA 115 - " T Clay Wesley Moricle Summerfield, N. C. Linda Lou Morrow Inman, S. C. Van Lewis Morrow Shelby. N. C. Billy Edward Morton Hubert. N. C. Clevous Frederick Mull Shelby. N. C. Ezra Heathman Munn York, S. C. Robert Eric Neumann Brevard. N. C. Lois Jean Norton Marion, N. C. George Herman Ncrville CUifside. N. C. Dwight Henry Ormand Bessemer City, N. C. Ned Bunyan Owens Shelby. N. C. Dan Tbunnan Packard Mooresbcro. N. C. Freshmen James Steven Padgett Shelby, N. C. Benjamin Thomas Painter Gaffney, S. C. © Christene Mavin Parker Hickory, N. C. Dennis Allen Parker Gastonia, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Parsley Spruce Fine, N. C- Joyce Brenda Patterson North Belmont. N. C. Judy Inez Patterson North Belmoni, N. C. Michael Francis Veanon Gastonia, N. C. Mary Beatrice Pendleton Shelby. N. C. Margaret Sue Penley Swannanoa, N. C. Charles Thomas Petty Chesnee. S. C. Charles Larry Philbeck Boiling Springs, N. C. p p p p p Janice Evelyn Pope Rockingham, N. C. Brenda Sue Porter Winston-Salem, N. C. Thomas Logan Porter, Jr. Bostic, N. C. Clyde Richard Poston Shelby, N. C. Sandra Kaye Powell Inman, S. C. Francis Norman Price Forest City, N. C. Robert Perry Pritchard Asheville, N. C. Allen Edward Proctor. Jr. St. George, S. C. Carrell Pruette Vale, N. C. Derell Pruette Vale, N. C. Cla ss o Patricia Anita Ramsey Gaifney, S. C. Shirley Ann Ramsey Mooresboro, N. C. Richard Dion Rankin Belvedere, S. C. Arlen Roy Rash Millers Creek, N. C. Lonnie Carroll Ray Forest City, N. C. Kenneth Charles Rayfield Kings Mountain, N. C. Paul DeRalne Raynor Maple Hill, N. C. Robert H. Redding Bessemer City, N. C. John Stanley Reece Winston-Salem, N. C. Pearle Elizabeth Reese Monroe, N. C. Jerry Leroy Punch Maiden, N. C. 117 John I. Reiily Stater. Island, N. Y. Mrs. Patricia File Rhodes Fair.-iew. N. C. James Milton Bhoney Vale, N. C. Charles Richard Rhyne Gastcr a. N. C. Betty Ruth Richie Mocksviile, N. C. Charia Kaye Riddle Sprjce rine, N. C. Sandra Lee Rideout Lewisvilie , N. C. Nancy Jennie Lee Rider Gastcnia, N. C. MUes Ctirtis Ridgeway, Jr. Unicri. S. C. Ronald Lloyd Ringslaii Greer.-. " e;. S. C. r% » H Sheila Brown Ritchie vf Chester. S. C. c M L m Eathryn Angela Roach t Ivim Spring, N. C. I Fresh men James David Robbs Kings Mcumain. N. C. Earsel Lee Robinson Casar. N. C. T ' Ttrfa Joyce Robinson I. ' cunt Holly. V- . Z. Max Calvin Robinson WccresbcTo, N " . C. Rodney Lewis Robinson E ' elmcnt, N. C. Ronald Dean Robinson Mcunl Hcily. N. C. Weece Sampaio Rodrigues Recife, Brazil Betty Ann Rogers V. ' airenton, N. C. Amelia Ton! Rose Fcrest City, N. C. James Hubert Ruppe Cliiiside, N. C. James Eugene Sams Clover, S. C. 118 Jimmie Roy Seagle Mocksville, N. C. Charles Hoberl Secrest Charlolte. N. C. Michael Ervtn Sellers Kings Mountain, N. C. Judith Dianne Shannon Gdstonia, N. C William Stephen Shehan Spindale, N. C. Rebecca Elaine SherriU Slalesville, N. C. Frank Edwin Shytles Valley Falls, S. C. David Falls Sifiord Clover, S. C. Carol Juaiiita Sisk Shelby, N. C. Nancy J. Slawter High Point, N. C. William Dennis Smart Forest City, N. C. Mrs. Betty McGinnis Smith Mooresboro, N. C. Class of 1963 Linda Leona Smith Shelby, N. C. Mis. Patsy Rabb Cherry Smith Mount Holly, N. C. Ralph Rollins Smith Lincolnton, N. C. Robert lames Smith, III Glyndon, Md. Jack Bryan Spainhour, Jr. Lenoir, N. C. Jacqueline Irene Spangler Shelby, N. C. James Guy Spangler Shelby, N. C. Alton Radford Stanley Durham, N, C. Betty Jane Stames Granite Falls, N. C. Lynuel Jason Starr Newton, N. C. Lois Waybum Storle Lenoir, N. C. Alvin Adam Street Bostic, N. C. 119 4 Mrs. Judith Putman Strickland Mooresboro, N. C. Phyllis Eva Strickland Gastonia, N. C. Uriah Joseph Strickland Lenoir, N. C. Henry Aswell Strohecker, III Charlotte, N. C. Robert Kenny Stuart Gastonia. N. C. Guy Percival Sumpter, III Havelock. N. C. Patricia Virginia SwaHord Charlotte, N. C. P lford Everette Swain Winston-Salem, N. C. William Winlred Swoiford Cowpens, S. C. James Beard Tait Boone, N. C. L L Emerson Ledbetter Thomas, Jr, Hickory, N. C. Jim Roscoe Thriit Long Creek, S. C. Mary Ann Taylor Cherryvjlle, N. C. Freshmen r Glenda Ann Turner Waco, N. C. Rebecca Mae Turner Union Mills. N. C. Albert Ted Upton Belmont, N. C. Danny Steve Warlick Lawndale, N. C. Sarah Amanda Warlick Icard, N, C. Waylan Tyree Washburn Shelby, N. C. WilUam Eari Waters Union Mills, N. C. William Burroughs Watlerson Shelby, N. C. Jesse Norman Webster Kings Mountain, N. C. James Lewis Wells Henrietta, N. C. ' k Samuel Howard Wilson Boiling Springs, N. C. Johnny Mack Wimberly Newton, N. C. Doris Elaine Winchester Sunset, S. C. CI ass of 1963 Howard Allen Wise Lincolnton. N. C. Martha Ellen Witherington Winston-Salem, N. C. Martha Joanne Wells Bostic, N. C. KeUy Albert WeUs Rich Square, N. C. H. Barton West Unionlown, Maryland Howard Taft Willtams Chesnee, S. C. Norman Jesse Williams, Jr. BishopviUe, S. C. Stephen Edgar Williams Boiling Springs, N. C. Charles Lamar Willis Dallas, N. C. David Allen Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. Roy Roger Wilson Shelby, N. C. Mrs. Lynn Greene Wilson Boiling Springs, N. C. John William Wittig Bronx, N. Y. Lewis Lester Womack. Jr. Hendersonville, N. C. Jerry r es Wood Chesnee, S. C. Philip Charles Woodniii Berlin, Conn. Joel Benson Woody Franklin, N. C. Billy Lee Woolen Yadkinville, N. C. Michael Harvey Wray Shelby, N. C. Anna Claire Wnght Germantown, N. C. Barbara Loretta Wright Shelby, N. C. Lewis Robert Wright Lincolnton, N. C. iik M 121 i Activities Directory HOYLE BRADLEY ALEXANDER, JR. — BSU, 2: Choir, 1; Glee Club, 1. WILLIAM JACKSON AREY — Football, 12: Ten- nis. 2; Day Student Association, 2. B HARRY DALE BARNES — Day Student Associa- lion, 1,2. DOROTHY JO ANNE BAHTLES — BSU, 1; Mono- gram Club. 2: Cheerleader, 1,2: Delta Psi Omega. 1. " Man In The Bowler Hat " : YWA. 1,2. JAMES ROBERT BATCHLER. JR. — Day Student Association. 1.2. MICHAEL NEWTON BEAM — FTA. I: Day Stu- dent Asscciation. 1.2. FLOYD JENNINGS BEATY — IRC. 1: Marshal Club (Inactive). 1.2; Day Student Asscciation. 1,2. Pres- ident. 2: Ministerial Conference, 1.2; Classical Language Club, 1,2, Vice-President, 2. ARLEN ALBERT BEAVER — Day Student Associ- ation, 2. EMILY REBECCA BLALOCK — Christian Volunteer Band, I: BSU, 1,2; BSU Council. 2: Choir, 1,2; House Council, 2: Marshal Club (Inactive), 1,2; Forensics Team, 1. ROBERT JOSEPH BLANKENSHIP — Marshal Club. 1.2. Chief Marshal, 2; Class Officer. Presi- dent, 1: BSU. 1.2. BSU Council. 2. RICHARD COLEMAN BLANTON — Day Student Association. 1.2. SIDNEY GREEN BLANTON — Day Student Associ- ation. 1.2. MRS. NANCY HAGER BOGGS — Day Student As- sociation. 1.2. BARBARA ANN BRIDGES — Day Student Associ- ation, 1,2. JAMES MICHAEL BROACH — BSU. 1.2; Monogram Club. 1.2: Baseball. 1: House Council. 2; Mar- shal Club (Inactive), 1.2. LIONEL ALLISON BROOKS — Monogram Club. 1.2: Football. 1.2: Track. 1. GENE RICHARD BYROADE — IRC. I. President. 1; Day Student Association. 1.2. JANET YVONNE CAGLE — Choir, 2; Anchor Staif, 1. JAMES HAROLD CALDWELL — Monogram Club. 1,2: Team Manager, Football, 2, Baseball. 1: Day Student Association. I. SAMUEL STEVEN CALLAHAN — Baseball. 1; Day Student Association. 1.2. TOMMY CARROLL CASH — Day Student Associ- ation, 1,2. JON MICHAEL CMAMPION — Day Student Associ- ation. 1.2. ROBBIN RENEE CHAMPION — Transfer Student. Carson-Newman College. I: BSU. 2: ChoiL 2: Day Student Association. 2. FRANK LINNEY COFFEY — Choir. 1.2. CAROLYN SUE COOK— BSU. 1.2; Choir. 2; IRC, 2: House Council, 2. BRENDA ANNE COON — Day Student Associa- tion. 1,2. ORLEN KENNETH CRAWLEY— Day Student As- sociation. 1.2. ARTHUR EDWARD CROCKER — Monogram Club. I: Football. I: Track. I. CHARLES STEPHEN DAVES — Monogram Club. 1.2: Basketball. 1,2: Day Student Association, 1.2. PATRICIA ANN DAVES — Christian Volunteer Band, 1; BSU. 1.2; Choir, 2. SARA LOUISE DAVIS— BSU, 1. EDWIN LITTLE DEAN — House Council, 1. JOSEPH CURTIS DEATON. JR. — Christian Volun- teer Band. 1.2: BSU. 1.2. BSU Council. 2: Track. 1.2: House Council. 2: Marsha l Club. 1.2; Min- isterial Conference. 1.2. CLEMENT MODE DELLINGER — Day Student As sociation, 1,2. LOY WILSON DEViNE — Ministerial Conference 2; Day Student Association. 1,2. JOSEPH CURTIS DISMUKES — Day Student As- sociation, 1.2. JOSEPH YOUNG DOGGETT — Day Student Asso- ciation. 1.2. ROGER DALE DUNCAN — Monogram Club. 1.2, Secretary-Treasurer, 2: Football, 1,2: Basketball. 1. EDWARD JEROME -DUNN AGAN — BSU. 1.2; Choir. 2; Monogram Club. 1.2: Track. 1.2: Delta Psi Omega. 1.2. " Man In the Bowler Hat " : Anchor Staff. 2: Radio Club. 2. HAROLD MAURICE EDWARDS — House Council, 1: Click Club. 2. Secretary. 2. JOHN TAYLOR EDWARDS — Day Student Associ- ation. 1,2. GEORGE ANDERSON ELAM — Day Student Asso- ciation. 1.2. SYLVIA KAY ELIUM — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2: BSU. 1.2. BSU Council. 2: Choir. 1.2. INEZ HOOKER EWING — Cheerleader. 1; Home- coming Attendant, 1: May Court, 1. Maid of Honor. 1. r GUY FRANKLIN FISHER— BSU. 1,2. BSU Council. 2; Day Student Association. 1.2; Ministerial Con- ference. 1.2. President. 2. JUDITH MAE FLAKE — Christian Volunteer Band, 1.2: BSU. 1.2. BSU Council. 2: Choir, 1,2; Class Officer, Treasurer, 1.2: Marshal Club 1.2. DAVID LEE FOX — Marshal Club (Inactive), 1,2: Radio Club. 2. ALAN MERRILL FREEMAN — IRC. 2. Vice-Presi- dent. 2; Monogram Club. 2: Tennis. 2; Class Of- ficer. Vice-President, 2; May Court Escort, 1. ALLEN KIRK FREEMAN — Radio Club, 1. CHARLES WILLIAM FREEMAN — Christian Vol- unteer Band. 1,2: BSU, 1,2: House Council, 1; Student Government, President, 2: May Court Es- cort, 1: Classical Language Club, 1. G JERRY FRANKLIN GAMBLE — Day Student Asso- ciation, 1.2; Ministerial Conference. 1,2. DARRELL EVERETT GARNER— BSU. 1.2. BSU Council. 1 .2. SANDRA KAY GEER — BSU. I. BSU Council. 1: Day Student Association, 1.2. SYLVIA GAIL GEORGE — Day Student Associa- tion. 1.2. HAROLD EDWARD GODSHALL — Monogram Club. 1.2: Football, 1: Basketball. 1: Day Student Association. 1.2. MARY EVELYN GREENHILL — Christian Volun- teer Band. 1. CYNTHIA CAROL GREGORY — Christian Volun- teer Band, 1. H JOHN WINFRED HALL — Radio Club. 1: Minister- ial Conference. 1.2: Day Student Association. 1.2. PATRICIA GAIL HALL — Anchor Staff. 1: Miss Gardner- Webb Contestant. I: Cheerleader. 1: Homecoming Attendant. 2. FREIDA LOUISE HAMRICK — Christian Volunteer Band, 2: (Thoir. 2; House Council. 2. Secretary. 2. PAULINE WESSON HAMRICK — Day Student As- sociation. 2; Radio Club. 1. VIVIAN FA YE HAMRICK — BSU. 1.2; IRC, 1,2: Pilot Staff. 2. Business Manager. 2: Day Student Association. 1.2. MARY FRANCES HANKS — Christian Volunteer Band. 1; BSU, 1.2, BSU Council. 2; House Coun- cil. 2. BERNARD STOKES HARVEY — Day Student As- sociati on. 1,2. OLIN DEAN HAWKINS — Day Student Associa- tion. 1.2. DARRELL JACKSON HEATH — BSU. 1.2. BSU Council, 1.2. President. 1; Choir. 1.2. CLARENCE GERALD HELDERMAN — Christian Volunteer Band. 2; BSU. 1.2; Choir. 1.2; House Council. 2; Student Government. 2. DEAN DAVID HENDRICK — Day Student Associa- tion. 1.2. DONNA LOU HENNESSEE — Transfer Student, University of Tennessee. 1; Monogram Club. 2; Cheerleader. 2: Homecoming Attendant, 2; Miss Gardner-Webb Contestant, 2. PHILLIP WINSLOW HICKS — Choir. 2: Radio Club. 2. CHARLES LEE HOLLAND — Marshal Club (In- active). 1.2; Day Student Association. 1.2. ROBERT CARL HOOVER — Monogram Qub. 2: Baseball. 1. DONALD KEITH HORN — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2; BSU. 1.2. BSU Council. 2; Monogram Club. 1,2; Football. 1: Baseball. 1,2. ROBERT CURTIS HOUSER — Day Student Associ- ation. 1.2. MRS. TERESA HAMRICK HUGGINS — Marshal Club. 1.2; Day Student Association. 1.2. FRED CARSON HUGHES. JR. — Day Student As- sociation. 1.2. MYRA KAY HURST — Choir. 2. LAURA ANN HUSKEY— BSU. 1.2; Choir. 2: Day Student Association. 1.2. MRS. LOUISE WOMICK HUSKEY— Day Student Association. 1,2. HARRY DONALD HYATT— BSU. 1.2. BSU Coun- cil, 2: Choir. 2; Marshal Club. 1.2. I CAROL ANN JACKSON — Choir. I; Day Student Association. 1.2; Classical Language Club. 1,2. FRANCES CARLA JACKSON — IRC. 2: Day Stu- dent Association. 1.2, Day Student Council, 2. HARRY LEE JENKINS — Day Student Association, 1.2. JOHNNY ALLEN JOHNSON — Track. 2; Tennis, 2. TOMMY ALVIN JOHNSON — May Court Escort. 1. K ANNIE SUE KIDD — Transfer Student. Wake For est. 1. BRENDA KATHERINE KIRBY— BSU, I; Miss Gard- ner-Webb Contestant. 1.2. MELVIN LUTHER KISER. JR. — Choir. 2. L ELIZABETH LEON A LEDBETTER— BSU, 1.2: IRC. 1,2; Pilot Staff. 2; Day Student Association. 1.2. MRS. AUDREY MERCHANT LEDFORD — Christian Volunteer Band. 1: Classical Language Club. 1.2: Day Student Association. 1,2. MARINELL TABOR LEDFORD— BSU. 1.2. BILLY LEWIS — Monogram Club. 1.2; Football, 1.2: Track. 1. PRISCILLA ALICE LINDER — Chrislidn Volunteer Band, 2: BSU, 1,2: Choir, 1; IRC. 1; House Coun- cil, 1; Sludenl Government, 1, Secretary. 1, JOSEPHINE LEE LOVELAND — BSU, 1,2; IRC, 1,2: Monogram Club, 2: Cheerleader, 2: Marshal Club, 1,2: Delta Psi Omega, 1, " Man In The Bowler Hat " : Pilot Staff, 2: Anchor Staff. 2, As- sistant Editor, 2: Forensics Team, 2; Radio Club, 2. GLENDA KAY LUFFMAN — BSU, 1,2. M JAMES ALLEN McALISTER, JR. — Marshal Club, 1.2; Day Student Association. 1.2; Chemistry Award. I. MARY LOUISE McCRACKEN — Christian Volun- teer Band. 1.2; BSU. 1.2: IRC. 1,2; Classical Lan- guage Club. 1.2. LARRY GENE McGRAW — Day Student Associa- tion. 1.2. MRS. ANN LEE McSWAlN — Christian Volunteer Band. 1: BSU. 1,2: Day Student Association, 1,2; Classical Language Club, 1,2. BARBARA MARCELLE McSWAIN — Christian Volunteer Band, 1; IRC, 1,2; Day Student Asso- ciation, 1,2. DONALD WELLS McSWAIN — Radio Club, 1,2; Day Student Association, 1,2; Ministerial Confer- ence, 1,2. EMILY DIANNE McSWAIN — May Court Attend- ant. 1; Marshal Club (Inactive). 1,2. JAMES EDWIN McSWAIN — Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; BSU. 1.2, BSU Council, 2; Choir, 1,2: May Court Escort, 1; Marshal Club, 1,2. ODUS FAY McSWAIN, JR. — Monogram Club. 2; Basketball. 1,2; Marshal Club (Inactive), 1,2: Day Student Association, 1,2. CLYDE HERMAN MAUNEY — Day Student Asso elation. 1.2. FRED DARRELL MAUNEY — Day Student Associa- tion. 1,2. WILLIAM TIMOTHY MAUNEY — BSU, 1,2; Mono- gram Club, 2; Cheerleader, 2. MARY RUTH MICHAEL — Christian Volunteer Band, 2: BSU, 1,2: Delta Psi Omega, 1, " Man In The Bowler Hat " ; Band, 2. WALLACE ANTHONY MIDKIFF — Football. 1; Baseball. 2. JAMES THEODORE MILLS — Day Student Associa- tion. 1,2; Tennis, 1 ,2. JUDITH AMELIA MINTZ — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2; BSU. 1,2, BSU Council, 2, Secretary, 2; Choir, 2; Glee Club, 1 ,2. JAMES HIOTT MITCHELL — BSU, 1.2; Choir. 2; IRC. 1.2; House Council. 2. DONALD EDWARD MOORE — Monogram Club. 2: Track. 1.2: May Court Escort. I. GAYLA ANN MORGAN — Choir. 1.2; Class Offi- cer, Secretary, 2; Day Student Association, 1. CAROLYN SUE MOSER — BSU, 2; Choir, 2; IRC, 2. JAMES EDWIN MOTEN — Monogram Club, 2; Team Manager, 2. N MRS. JANE BEASON NOLEN — Day Student As- sociation, 1,2. HELEN KAYE NORMAN— BSU, 2: IRC, 2; Anchor Staff. 1. O BARBARA JANE GATES — Anchor Staff. 2. LENA ANN OSBORNE — Christian Volunteer Band. 2: BSU. 1.2: Choir. 2: IRC. 2; Glee Club . 2; Day Student Association. 1. STEVE HARRILL PADGETT— Day Student Asso- ciation. 1.2. SONIA MARLENA PEARSON— BSU. 1.2: Marvin Miller Memorial Award. 1; Freshman Scholastic Achievement Award. 1; Day Student Association. 1.2. YATES ETHIEL PEARSON — Day Student Associa tion, 1.2. BOBBY DEAN PEELER — Day Student Association, 2: Transfer Student, Brevard College, 1. WALTER TIMOTHY PETERSON — Christian Vol- unteer Band. I; BSU. 1.2; Choir. 1.2: Marshal Club (Inactive). 1.2: Delta Psi Omega, 1; Radio Club. 1.2; Click Club. 2; Ministerial Conference 1. MRS. RACHEL PEARSON PHILY AW— Choir. I; Anchor Staff. 2. Assistant Editor, 2; Day Student Association, 1,2. ROBERT KENNETH PHILYAW — Marshal Club, 1, 2; Anchor Staff, 2, Editor, 2: Day Student Associa- tion, 1,2. JOE CARMA PHILLIPS — Choir, 1; Monogram Club, 2: Pilot Staff, 1,2: Anchor Staff, 1,2: Classi- cal Language Club, 1,2: Click Club, 2, Vice-Presi- dent, 2, MRS. LINDA BROWN PLUMMER — Chr istian Vol- unteer Band. 1.2; BSU. 1.2; Classical Language Club. 2; Day Student Association. 2. WALLACE McBRIDE PUTNAM— BSU. 1.2; Day Student Association. 1,2. R DAVID WILLIS RABB — Track. I: Day Student As sociation. 1.2. CHARLES DENNIS RAMSEY — Day Student As- sociation. 1.2. NANCY CAROLYN REESE — Christian Volunteer Band, 1.2; BSU. 1,2: Choir, 1,2. LARRY JOE RIKARD — Choir, 2. BEVERLY BURNS RILEY — Transfer Student. W.C. U.N.C., 1. PERRY HALL ROBERTS — Day Student Associa- tion. 1.2. NORMAN LEO ROBERTSON — Day Student Asso- ciation, 1.2. MARGARET OLIVE ROBINSON— BSU, 2. FREDERICK BERLEY ROPP. Ill — Monogram Club. 1.2; BSU. 1.2: Choir. 2; House Council. 2: Latin Club. I. HELEN RUTH ROWE — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2: BSU. 1,2; Choir, 2; House Council, 2; Latin Club, 1. S ANN LOUISE SANDERSON — Christian Volunteer Band, 1,2; BSU, 1,2; Choir, 2; IRC, 2, Secretary, 2. JOHN KENNETH SANFORD — Monogram Club. 1.2. President. 2: Football. 1.2, Most Valuable, All-Conference, 1,2, Twice Nominated For Ail- American, 2: Track, 1,2; Basketball Team Man- ager, 1,2; House Council, 2, President, 2. ERIC JEFFREY SHIELDS — Class Officer, Presi- dent, 2. HASKELL DAVID SIDES — Day Student Associa- tion, 1,2. WILLIAM DEAN SMARR — Monogram Club. 1,2; Football. 1.2. Co-Captain, 2. JOYCE FAYE SNIPES — IRC. 2; Monogram Club. 1.2; Cheerleader. 1; House Council. 1. NANCY KAYE SORRELLS — Christian Volunteer Band. 1,2; BSU, 1,2; House Council, 2, President, 2; Student Government, 2, Vice-President. 2; An- chor Staff. 2; Classical Language Club. 1.2. DAVID MICHAEL SPANGLER — Monogram Club, 1,2: Track, 1,2; Day Student Association, 1,2. MARVIN WILTON SPARKS — Day Student Asso- ciation, 1,2. CALVIN YATES SPURLIN — Day Student Associa- tion, 1,2. BRENDA FAYE STALLINGS — May Court Attend- ant. I; Day Student Association. 1.2. PATSY ANNE STAMEY — BSU. 1: Day Student Association. 2. RUTH ELAINE STARNES — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2. LOTTIE MERLE STRICKLAND — Christian Volun- teer Band. 2; BSU. 2. BSU Council. 2: Choir. 2; House Council, 1, Vice-President, 1; Miss Gard- ner-Webb Contestant, 1, MARTHA ANN STROUP — IRC, 2; Day Student Association, 1,2. WILLIAM TERRELL SWEEZY — Day Student Asso- ciation, 1,2. T ALAN FERGUSON TAYLOR — Monogram Club, 1,2; Track, 1. PENNY SUE TAYLOR — Christian Volunteer Band. 1; BSU. 1.2. HUBERT FAIRLEY THROWER. JR. — Monogram Club. 1.2: Basketball. 1,2. EVERETTE EARL TYNER — Day Student Associa- tion, 1,2. V CARROLL GENE VALLINI — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2; BSU, 1,2, BSU Council, 2: Monogram Club, 2; Baseball, 1. BETTY MAXINE VANDERBURG — Day Student Association. 1.2. W JOEL EDWIN WALKER — BSU. 1.2; Choir. 1.2; May Court Escort. I; Marshal Club. 1.2. PATRICIA GAIL HALL WALL— BSU. 1.2; Foren- sics Team. 1.2; Latin Award Winner. 1. MRS. REBECCA BROOKS WALLACE — Day Stu- dent Association. 1.2. ELIZABETH ELLEN WASHBURN — Day Student Association. 1.2. DAVID FARRELL WEASE — Day Student Associa- tion. 1.2. MRS. GEORGE ANN LEE WEAVER — Day Student Association. 1.2. ROBERT COLEMAN WEIR, JR. — Christian Volun- teer Band, 1: BSU, 1.2: House Council. 2: Delta Psi Omega. 1. " The Man In The Bowler Hat " ; Anchor Staff. 2. Business Manager, 2. CALVIN ERNEST WHITE — Monogram Club. 2; Football. 1.2. Co-Captain. 2. COLLETTE FAYE WHITE — Christian Volunteer Band. 1; BSU, 1,2; Homecoming Sponsor, 2: House Council. 2: Delta Psi Omega, 1, " The Man In The Bowler Hat " . DONNIE RAY WHITE — Christian Volunteer Band. 1.2: IRC. 1: BSU, 1,2, BSU Council, 2: Choir, 1,2; Glee Club, 1,2; May Court Escort, 1; Delta Psi Omega, 1, " The Man In The Bowler Hat " ; Foren- sics Team, 1; Radio Club, 1. MARCIA BEA WHITE — Marshal Club. 1.2; Day Student Association, 1,2. MARY DELORES WHITE — Day Student Associa- tion. 1,2. ELFORD TERRY WILLINGHAM — Day Student As- sociation. 1,2. ESTILLA REBECCA WILSON — Miss Gardner- Webb Contestant, 2; Marshal Club, 1,2, Chief Marshal, 2; Pilot Staff, 1.2, Assistant Editor, 1, Editor, 2. JANICE MARIE WILSON — Homecoming Sponsor. 2; Day Student Association. I. SARAH DIANE WRIGHT — Choir. I; Delta Psi Omega. 1. " The Man In The Bowler Hat " ; Day Student Association, 1,2. Y LEROY DANIEL YOUNG. JR.— Radio Club, 1.2. TERRELL ROBERT YOUNG — Choir. 2. m ' Index Section Page Activities 30 " Anchor " Staff 42 Baptist Student Union 33 College Government Association 32 Choir 37 Christian Volunteer Band 36 Click Club 41 Day Student Association 38 Debate Team 38 House Councils 39 International Relations Club 34 Marshal Club 35 Ministerial Conference 37 Monogram Club 41 " Pilot " Staff 43 Radio Club 38 Young Women ' s Auxiliary 34 Activities Directory 122 Administration 20 Administrative Assistants 28 Buildings Dover Memorial Library 44 E. B. Hamrick Building 45 Hoey-Anthony-Padgett-Young Dormitory 45 O. Max Gardner Memorial Building 44 Physical Education Building 79 President ' s Home 18 Science Building 79 Webb Administration Building 78 Classes 80 Freshman 106 Sophomore 82 Dedication 14 Faculty 22 Features 46 Homecoming Court 52 May Court, 1961 54 " Miss Gardner- Webb " 48 Outstanding Sophomores 57 Introduction 2 Sports 60 Baseball 72 Basketball 68 Football 62 Intramurals 76 Tennis 75 Track 74 124 Complimenis of PETPS DRIVE-IN Shelby, N. C. SPANGLER SONS TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE HU 7-8556 303 South Morgan Street Shelby, N. C. " Anything in Concrete " ROGERS THEATRE " Show Place of Cleveland County " Operated by Colonial Theatres, Inc. DON HOLLAR, Manager P. O. Box 169 - Phone 487-5451 - Shelby, N. C. Complimenfs of MORGAN COMPANY INCORPORATED Phone HU 7-6061 Shelby, N. C. ONE HOUR MARTINIZING THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING 408 South Lafayette St. — Shelby, N. C. Compliments of EAGLE STORES COMPANY Shelby, N. C. Compliments of WALLACE BARBER SHOP Boiling Springs, N. C. HUDSON ' S Department Store in Shelby Allows 10% Discount to All G-W Students Compliments of COLLEGE CLEANERS Boiling Springs, N. C. Compliments of C G FURNITURE CO. 316 S. Lafayette St. - Shelby, N. C. I You sparkle together . with ice-cold Coke Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Shelby G. B. HARRILL PAPER AND SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALE MERCHANTS " A Full Line of Paper Products, Laundry and Dry Cleaners Supplies " Telephone HU 2-2 1 1 2 1 32 W. Warren St. Shelby, N. C. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Forest City 228 East Main Street Forest City, N. C. " The Only Full Coverage of The Bulldogs " SHELBY DAILY STAR SHELBY, N. C. S m f3So{m CUrVELMD COUNTY ' S OLDEST SAVINGS AND LOAN v- |,-5 ,_ Tender Tested ti S 1 WAIKMSIAM ? Reach for Barter Whipped mPSBE- WALDENSIAN BAKERIES. ..BAKfcRS OF SUNBEAM BREAD C. J. HAMRICK SONS GENERAL MERCHANTS Boiling Springs, N. C. " Serving the Public Since T875 " Phone HE 4-6222 Compliments of RON AND EDDY ' S Forest City, N. C. Compliments of BRIDGE ' S BARBECUE LODGE Shelby, N. C. Harrili Brothers Wholesale Co, 6 Young Street Forest City, North Carolina Our Comp Zments First Baptist Church DAVID HOKE COON, JR. Pastor JEANNE SAUNDERS Minister of Music and Education Forest City, North Carolina Compliments of LILY MILLS COMPANY THREADS -:- COTTON -:- YARNS SHELBY, N. C. COLLEGE SNACK SHOP " Sandwiches a Specialty " STUDENTS ' HANGOUT Jim Beason, Manager Boiling Springs, North Carolina G. B. HARRILL AGENCY, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE SINCE 1919 Forest City, N. C. BOILING SPRINGS DRUG CO. Cosmetics — School Supplies Costume Jewelry Phone HE 4-61 1 1 Boiling Springs, N. C. Opportunities Unlimited Young men and women contemplating a career will find the textile business offers real opportunity for a bright future. New methods, new products and new markets create a constant demand for new personnel. You can choose no more wisely than to decide upon a future in textiles . . . this state ' s industrial backbone! Check with your vocational guidance counselor or come to see us. J. P. Stevens . Co., inc. SYNTHETICS DIVISION CLEVELAND PLANT -:- SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA GRADUATES . . . For the greatest opportunity in textiles, we heartily recommend that you continue your education at one of the fine textile colleges in the South. COMPLIMENTS OF Carolina Plant FIBER GLASS DIVISION v -v Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company rAIlf u mlto HOMOGENIZED MILK CompWmen i of CAROLINA DAIRY Shelby, N. C. FRAZIER ' S SHOES Shoes for the Family — Ladies Hats, Bags and Accessories Shelby, N. C. Complimenfs of LOY ' S MEN ' S SHOP Shelby, N. C. Bo« V ee " " Voo ' i efs JeHerson Trousers LUTZ-AUSTELL FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone HU 7-7211 Shelby, N. C. Compliments of YOUNG BROTHERS Shelby North Carolina SHELBY AUTO PARTS, INC. 501 North Lafayette Street Shelby, N. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Shelby, N. C. Member F.D.I.C. ?o Lonaon fog cellar Ae n° SKvrts Skh irfs ° " dBI, ouses (yi?tne free ' :n a " Shoe Of i ' Ok, Ho b, 7 " °°k Sk BeXVs " " i " ' LATTtMORE,N.C. PHONE HE 4-2523 " % ' " " " -•neSweoters ' " Ai ' o Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of BRUMLEY PRINTING CO. Gastonia, N. C. Compliments of McBRAYER MOTORS, INC. VALIANT CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Shelby, N. C. LEE ' S HOME AND OFFICE SUPPLY SALES AND SERVICE Royal Portable Typewriters Shelby, N. C. Compliment of LUTZ FURNITURE CO. Shelby, N. C. - III HUDSON HOSIERY CO. 1 DRINK iH . 1 Manufacturers of LADIES ' FULL FASHION HOSIERY AND SEAMLESS HOSIERY Shelby, N. C. Royal Crown3 Better Taste calls for RC J If ifs fresher then BOST ... ifs still in the oven- BOST BAKERY Shelby, N. C. LUTZ-YELTON TRACTOR TRUCK CO. Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of BENNETT BRICK TILE CO. QUALITY BRICK TILE Phone 434 Phifer Road Kings Mountain, N. C. Compliments of A FRIEND W. A. D. A. 1390 On Your Dial Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of M. H. HAMRICK SONS Shelby, North Carolina GILLIATrS FLORIST Shelby, North Carolina Complimenfs of STAR PRESS, INC. Shelby, N. C. THOAAAS AND HOWARD CO. Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of DOVER TEXTILE GROUP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of YOUR FRIENDS AT FAIRLANES BOWLARAMA 74 By-Pass East Shelby, North Carolina FIRESTONE TEXTILES Division of the FIRESTONE TIRE RUBBER COMPANY Box 551 Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of PIEDMONT MACHINE SHOP Gastonia, North Carolina BRUCE ' S AUTO PARTS AND USED CARS Wilkinson Blvd. Phone VA 4-2616 Gastonia, North Carolina MASSACHUSETTS MOHAIR PLUSH COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Yarns and Fabrics NEISLER DIVISION Kings Mountain, North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina Double Shoals, North Carolina Boiling Springs, North Carolina Ellenboro, North Carolina Mayo, South Carolina I Compliments of COLLEGE GULF SERVICE Boiling Springs, North Carolina CLEVELAND SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION " Save to Build Complimenfs of VICTORY CHEVROLET CO. Kings Mountain, North Carolina Build to Save " Phone HU 7-5261 Shelby, North Carolina 1 1 Comp imenfs of BELK-STEVENS CO. " Your Home of Beffer Values " Shelby, North Carolina SIDNEY ' S HAIR STYLING SALON Shelby, North Carolina COTTONWOOD RESTAURANT Highway 29 - 74 Gastonia, North Carolina G. T. McSWAIN Complimenfs of GRIFFIN ' S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Kings Mountain, North Carolina SUPER MARKET Boiling Springs, North Carolina - THE GASTONIA GAZETTE " GASTON COUNTY ' S HOME NEWSPAPER " Esfablished in 1880 Gastonia, North Carolina JUVENILE FURNITURE WELSH COMPANY OF CAROLINA Maiden, North Carolina FIBER INDUSTRIES, INC. Eari, North Carolina Complimenfs of SUTTLE ' S DRUG STORE THE CLOZEHORSE Phone 487-7221 Corner Graham and DeKalb Streets Shelby, North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina FREE PARKING Compliments of Compliments of WARREN GARDNER ' S TWO LOCATIONS A. A. RAMSEY AND SON, INC. 175 W. Main and Alters Shopping Center Shelby, North Carolina Gastonia, North Carolina CHAVIS TEXTILE SALES 920 N. Highland Street Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of UNIVERSAL AAANUFACTURING CORP. Manufacturers of LADIES ' HOUSEWEAR Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of ANTIBES FASHIONS 119 W. Marion Street (Next Door to Gilliatt ' s Florist) Shelby, North Carolina " We Cater t o the Co-ed " Compliments of MARY McLEAN ' S BRIDALS 204 S. Broad Street Gastonia, North Carolina Complimenis of ROSE ' S VARIETY STORE Shelby, North Carolina WESTERN AUTO 312 S. Lafayette Street HU 7-4161 Shelby, North Carolina Complimenfs of SECURITY BANK TRUST COMPANY Forest City, North Carolina Comp imenfj of WALDROP ' S, INC. MEN ' S AND BOY ' S WEAR lJi DIES ' SPORTSWEAR Forest City, North Carolina MACK ' S FLOWER SHOP Spindole, North Carolina Cowpliments of THE CLEVELAND TIMES PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS - ENGRAVERS Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of PENNEY ' S ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of EAST WING •m T I llll fill ' ' ip. rt H. ;

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