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THE ANCHOR . V v. m ' Bi yrv ' tm RV Gardner Webb College Librar ff JSi«r ,.., c We, the Anchor staff, sincerely hope that we have brought hack to you, the stu- dents, faculty, and friends of Gardner- Webb College, all the memories and thoughts that you have cherished within this past year. GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Boiling Springs North Carolina Ljardner - Weoo f- roudlu [- resent A . . . My message to you is simply " Listen and Learn. " There ' s nothing quite as pleasant to the eye as beauti ' . The meeting v ill come to order. The name ' s the same. Page Two I. Dedication II. Administration III. Faculty IV. Classes V. Activities I Table of Contents VI. Honors VII. Sports Vni. Advertisements Foreword It has been the aim of the Anchor staff to lead you, the student, down the trail which holds the dearest and fondest memories for you. Hop- ing that this has been accomphshed, we wish for you a most happy journey as you walk again the paths once traveled. L 1961 y nckot Page Three ' A-wr " m »» k U i ' mi -ZS- V i»..M ir " • -j A ' ■ -wi;-- ■.v» V ' ' v ' ;:; - tv;.% r-. rs. i!5 ' ' k3l " - IHi i|i . ' ■ - ' fll 1 sniT ' ja A w;- H ■ ■■ ' , • ■. j4 " , t - SS ZJhe nchor S tahf Mincer etu J Oi r ed , , , Editor Joyce Philbeck Advisor Mr. M. H. Palmer f I FRONT ROW: Joyce Philbeck, Loretta Spirlin. Helen Norman, Janet Cagle, Jackie Jones, Amelia Hedrick. BACK ROW: Mr. M. H. Palmer, Dennis Jones, Rev. John Hiott, photographer. Page Six It all starts like this. itmikm The way to a student ' s heart is through his stomach. Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen. nat l Ultnin his (15ook Page Seven M IJou lAJiil Ssrind a C heridhed etnori ¥ Time to relax. dont 90 round Mind ASK A job worth doing is worth doing well. Beheve what you sa ' ; say what you beheve. Page Eighl DELTA PSI OMEGA The purpose of the Gardner- Webb chapter of Delta Psi Ome- ga, dramatic fraternity, is to stim- ulate interest in dramatic activi- ties, to secure for the college all the advantages of a large nation- al honorary fraternity, and by electing worthy students to mem- bership, serve as a reward for their efforts in participating in the plays staged by the dra- matic organization for the Col- lege. LEFT TO RIGHT: President, Morris Lynch; Secretary, Ann AUman; Treasurer, Reginald Lut2; Faculty Sponsor, Mr. F. B. Dedmond. W G W G The Student Radio Workshop and Broadcasting System of Gardner-Webb College is one of the newest organizations on the campus. The purpose of the radio station is to bring to the resident student body radio pro- gramming that is of interest and value. It is open to any student of the College. SEATED is Earl Thomas. Left to Right; Richard Cormelly, William Fields, Polly Hamrick, Mr. M. A. Mosely, Jr.. Faculty Sponsor; Alfred Dobbins, Morris Lynch. Page Nine I Page Ten DEDICATION A radiating smile, a willingness to listen, a keen insight into human affairs, an understanding nature, and always a desire to help— these are some of the admirable qualities that belong to a faculty member known affectionately to the students as " Miss " Pollock. For twenty-five years Mrs. Elma Harper Pollock has removed stumbling blocks so tliat the paths taken by students here have been made easier to travel. We, with warm regard, dedicate " The 1960 Anchor " to her. R- OUR PRESIDENT DR. PHILIP L. ELLIOTT Dr. Phillip L. Elliott serves as our much-loved and respected president. His patience, understanding, and fairness to all make each path we travel, no matter how difficult, just a little easier to walk. A.B., Wake Forest College; A.M., University- of North Carolina; Ed.D., Carson-Newman College; LL.D., Wake Forest College; .additional Graduate Study, John Hopkins University, Duke University; Gardner-Webb College, 1943— Page Twelve H i a.; Jtt iM mnrtam sometimes hold it half a sin To put in words the grief I feel; For words, like Nature, half reveal And half conceal the Soul within. In Memoriam —Alfred Tennyson PHILIP LOVIN ELLIOTT September 22, 1891 - April 14, 1961 " He that can apprehend and consider vice with all her baits and seeming pleasures, and yet abstain, and yet distinguish, and yet prefer that which is truly better, he is the true way- faring Christian. " —John Milton " Aieopagitica " OUR PRESIDENT DR. PHILIP L. ELLIOTT Dr. Phillip L. Elliott sen ' es as our much-loved and respected president. His patience, understanding, and fairness to all make each path we travel, no matter how difficult, just a Uttle easier to walk. . .B., Wake Forest College; A.M., University- of North Carolina; Ed.D., Carson-XewTnan College; LL.D., Wake Forest CoUege; . dditional Graduate Study, John Hopkins University, Duke University; Gardner- Webb College, 1943— Page Twelve May 6, 1944 . . . Juauguration Day. Dr. Frank P. Graham, then the president of the Consolidated UnivcrsHtj of North Carolina, congratulates Dr. Elliott as the late O. Max Gardner looks on. Winter, 1948 . . . O. Max Gardner Memorial Building begins to rise. HAPY had already been completed in ' 46; Decker was to njc in ' 49; Dover in ' 52; Stroup in ' 56 the gym in ' 57; Webb in ' 60; and science huilding in ' Gl-all a part of Dr. Elliott ' s dream for CardncT-Wcbh " To labor conslanthf for the world with no thought of self, to fincl wdiffcrence and opjwsi- lion where you ought to have active assistance, to meet criticism with patience and the open attacks of ignorance without resentment, to plead with others for their own good, to follow sleepless nights with days of inccs.sant toil, to strive continuously without ever attaining— this it is to be a college president. " Spring, 1955 . . . Dr. Elliott returns to his duties as president, after recupcralina from a heart attack. W. Lawson Allen, acting prr ' .id ' ' iit ' Uitmh- ' hi ' , nhscnce, welcomes him back. " In 1943 a teacher came donm from the mountains of Western Carolina to be president of Gardner-Webb College. He possessed the tenacious spirit of true moun- tain folk which refuses to know when it is whipped. He was possessed by a dream ... a dream of a fellow- ship of learning where young minds could be stretched and young souls fired in an atmosphere of greatness. A man who wouldn ' t quit came to the little school that had refused to die. He has seen much of his dream come true, Tlie school of three buildings and 70 stu- dents has grown to 24 buildings, 1.100 acres of land, and some 650 students. But his deeper mark has been made in the lives of the faculty and church members among whom he lived, and in the minds and hearts of the students which were touched by his spirit . . . " . — T. Max Linnens Program, Boiling Springs Baptist Church April 9, 1961 Then the gates of his heart were flune open, and his joy flew far over the sea. And he closed his eyes and prayed in the silence of his souh But as he descended the hill, a sadness came up- on him, and he thought in his heart. How shall I go in peace and without sorrow? Nay, not without a wound in the spirit shall I leave this city. Long were the days of pain I have spent within its wall, and long were the nights of aloneness; and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness; with- out regret? Too many fragments of the spirit have 1 scat- tered in these streets, and too many are the chil- dren of my longing that walk naked among these hills, and I cannot withdraw from them without a burden and an ache. It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin that 1 tear with my own hands. Nor is it a thought I leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst. Yet I cannot tarry longer. The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I cannot embark. For to stay, though the hours bum in the night, in to freeze and crv ' staUize and be bound in a mould. Fain would I take with me all that is here. But how shall I? A voice cannot carrj ' the tongue and the lips that gave it wings. Alone must it seek the ether. And alone and without his nest shall the eagle fly across the sun, Now when he reached the foot of the hill, he turned again towards the sea, and he saw his ship approaching the harbour, and upon her prow the mariners, the men of his own land. And his soul cried out to them and he said: Sons of mv ancient mother, you riders of the tides. How often have you sailed in my dreams. And now you come in my awakening, which is my deeper dream. Ready am I to go, and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind. Only another breath will 1 breathe in this still air, only another lo ing look cast back-ward, And then 1 shall stand among you, a seafarer a- mong seafarers. And you, vast sea, sleepless mother. Who alone are peace and freedom to the river and the stream, Oonlv another winding «ill this stream make, onlv another murmur in the glade, And then shall I come to you, a boundless drop to a boundless ocean. -Kahlil Cibran " The Prophet Read bv his daughter Rachel at his funeral, April 16, 1961. Spring, 1961 . . . fust before his death. Dr. Elliott poses in his office in the Webb Building. " What more of a success could a man attain than to have it said of him he has made this world a better place for his fellow-man? " -Sijka Herald, August 4, 1943 " HU biggest dream was the college that he helped to con- struct, to mold, to lead, to iiupire. And al l the little dreams took their places within this big dream for the little college whose leadership he took in hand eighteen years ago. Into this college be poured his strengths, his abilities, his imagina- tion-indeed his life these eighteen years. " -Michael H, Palmer, April 15, 1961 " But this is only half the truth. To be associated with ambitious youth and high-minded men, to live in an atmosphere charged with thoughts of the world ' s greatest thinkers, to dream of a golden age not in the past but in the future, to have the exalted privilege of striving to make that dream a reality, to build up arcat kingdoms of material conquest and make daily life richer and fuller, to spiritualize wealth and con- vert it intti weal, to enrich personal character and elevate all human relation.ships, to leave the impress of one ' s life on a great and immortal institution - this, too, it is to be a college president. " -Chancellor James Hampton Kirkland " What It Is To Be A College President " OUR VICE-PRESIDENT W. LAWSON ALLEN W. Lawson Allen is our vice-president, director of public relations and instructor in religion. His quiet and courteous manner has gained the respect of every student. His understanding for those in need has certainly caused many young people to receive an education who otherwise would not have. University of Tennessee; B.S., Western Carolina College; M.R.E., South- western Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest College; Gardner- Webb, 1944-1946; 1953- Page Thirteen ADMINISTRATORS To these, our administrators, We the Stu- dents of Gardner-Webb College would like to say " thank you " for leading us down the right trails. MRS. DOROTHY W. HAMRICK Registrar " A single conversation is worth ten years of study. " A.B., Meredith College; Gardner- Webb College, 1946- Poge Fourteen ADMINISTRATORS FRANK M. WALL Assistant in the Department of Public Relations; Student Pro- curement " He smiled, and the shadows departed. " B.S., Western Carolina College; Graduate Study, Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner- Webb College, 1960- MICHAEL H. PALMER Assistant in the Department of Public Relations; English " Nothing endures hut personal quality. " A.B., University of North Caro- lina; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner- Webb College, 1960- M. W. GORDON, JR. Business Manager " Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows. " A.B., Furman University; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1957- JAMES O. TERRELL Dean of Instruction; Social Science " Quiet bu t not idle. " B.S., Western Carolina College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional Grad- uate Study, George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb College, 1945- Page Fifteen ADMINISTRATORS JOHN B. HIOTT Dean of Students " Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined. " B.A., Baylor Universit -; B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminar}.-; Additional Graduate Study, Harding College; Gaid- ner- ' ebb College, 1959— JOSEPH GODWIN Director of Guidance; Ps ' cliolog - " Politeness is the chief sign of culture. " B.S., . labama State College; B.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; .addition- al Graduate Study, N. C. Baptist Hospital, - ubum Uni ' ersity, Universib. " of North Carolina; Gardner- ' ebb College, 1956— II MISS DORIS JONES Ad ' isor to Resident oinen; Bible " Wisdom and virtue combined. " B.. ' ., Furman Universit% ' ; M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theologi- cal Seminar ; Gardner- ' ebb College, 19.56- T. MAX LINNENS Pastor " A ready smile lifts a world of sorrow. " B.A.. Wake Forest College; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theologi- cal Seminar ' ; Gardner-Webb College, 1958- Page Sixteen FACULTY As M CHARLES S. ANDREWS French " Oitr link to other worlds. " A.B., ' offord College; M.A., Emory University; Additional Graduate Study, Appalachian State Teachers College, Sorbonne, University of Paris; Gardner-Webb College, 1960- ROBERT R. BLACKBURN Basketball Coach, Football Line Coach, Track Coach, Physical Education, Health " His ideal is to have two minds share a single thought. " B.S., Erskine College; Graduate Study, Clemson College, George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1958- C. ALLEN BURRIS History and Government, Tennis Coach " The man tliat loves and laughs must surely do well, and here ' s a millionaire. " B.S., Wake Forest College; B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Duke Uni- versity; Additional Graduate Study, Duke Uni- versity; Gardner-Webb College, 1958— MRS. JANE R. BURRIS Assistant Librarian " Sincere and true, she strives in all her best to do. " B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; Gard- ner- ' ebb College, 1959- MISS KATHRYN COPELAND English " Her devotion to duty forms high character and brings much honor. " B.A., Baylor University; B.M.T., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A.., Baylor Uni- versity; Additional Graduate Study, University of California, University of Chicago, George Peabody College for Teachers, University of Missouri; Gardner- Webb College, 1954— MISS JANNIE LOUISE CROWE Librarian " She is the lifeline to the library " B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; Gradu- ate Study, Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina, George Peabodv College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb College, ' 1957- WILLIAM W. DAVIDSON Bible, Latin " He who has known kindness knows the heart of man. ' B.A., Fumian University; Th.M., Southern Bap- tist Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, N. C. State College, University of North Carolina; Gardner- Webb College, 1938-46; 1960- FRANCIS B. DEDMOND Head, Department of Enghsh; Forensics Coach " He can be imitated by none nor paralleled by anyone but himself. " A.B., Catawba College; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Duke University; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina, Duke University; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1952- Page Eighteen FACULTY HUBERT C. DIXON Head, Department of Natural Science and Mathematics; Mathematics " The wealth of mankind is the wisdom they leave. " B.A., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of Noilh Carolina; Additional Graduate Study, Clemson College, Florida State University; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1935- MRS. NETTIE R. GIDNEY Voice, Choir " Where she meets a stranger, there she leaves a friend. " B.M., Westminster Choir College; Additional Study, Wesleyan College, Appalachian State Teachers College, Private Voice Lessons; Gard- ner-Webb College, 1945-46; 1953- JAMES T. GILLESPIE Director, Church-Community Development " Good-natured men find the world kind and true. " B.A., Wake Forest College; Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Grad- uate Study, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1959— NORMAN A. HARRIS Head, Department of Physical Education and Health; Head Football Coach, Baseball Coach, Physical Education " Wins without boasting, loses without excuse. " Duke University; B.S., High Point College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb College, 1949- JAMES P, HENSON Head, Department of Vocational Arts; Business Education " An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow. " B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College; Additional Graduate Studv, Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner-Webb College, 1957- HOMER C. HUDSON Physics, Mathematics " • ■ ■ and gladly wotdd he learn, and gladly teach. " B.A., Furman University; M.A., University of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Study, Uni- versity of North Carolina, Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner- Webb College, 1960— M. LANSFORD JOLLY Head, Department of Social Science; History " Humor is the harmony of the heart. " B.A., Wake Forest College; M.A., George Pea- body College for Teachers; Ed.S., George Pea- body College for Teachers; Gardner- Webb Col- lege, 1957- S. L. LAMM Bible, Speech " Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind. " A.B., Wake Forest College; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb CoUege, 1950- Page Nineteen FACULTY MRS. BETT ' H. LOGAN Secretarial Practice " A mighty spirit fills this little frame. " B.S., oman ' s College, University ' of North Caro- lina; Graduate Study, Appalachian State Teach- ers College; Gardner- ' ebb College 1957— MISS ABBIE C. MILLER Head, Department of Fine Arts; Piano, Theorj- " Her music is well said to be the speech of angels. " B.M., Cincinnati Conserv ' ator - of Music; M.M., Cincinnati Conservators- of Music; Gardner- ' ' ebb College 1937-54; ' 195.5- MRS. PATRICIA G. MILLER Biology, Physical Education, Health " Success is hers uho says little, hears much, and thinks deeply. " B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; Grad- uate Study, George Peabody College for Teach- ers ; Gardner- ebb College, 1959— MRS PRINCA MOORE Latin " A wisdom that is charm " . .B., Georgetown College; Graduate Study, George Peabody College for Teachers, LTniver- sitj ' o fKentucky; Gardner-Webb College, 1960— M. A. MOSELEY, JR. Chemistn. ' " He intermingles jest with earnestness. " B.S., ' offord College; M.S., North Carolina State College; . dditional Graduate Study, Clem- son College, L niversit - of North Carolina; Gard- ner-Webb College. 1950- THIRLEN OSBORNE English " He is a gentleman from crown to sole " . .B.. Kentucloi- Wesleyan College; M.A.. L niver- sit - of Kentucky; Additional Graduate Study, Universit)- of Kentucky, L niversit)- of North Car- olina; Gardner- " ebb College, 1957— MRS. RUTH H. PL. STER Organ " A smile is a trademark of a happy soul. " B.M., Brenau College Conservator) ' ; Graduate Study, University of ' isconsin, University of North Carolina; Gardner- ' ebb College, 1953— MRS. ELMA H. POLLOCK Head, Department of Languages; Spanish " Her smile is worth a million dollars, but it doesti ' t cost a cent. " .K.B., " oman ' s College, Universitv- of North Carolina; M.A., University- of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Stud -, Uni ersit - of North Carolina, L ' ni -ersits ' of Maryland; Gardner- Webb College, 1936- Page Twenty FACULTY DR. E. EUGENE POSTON Head, Department of Religion; Bible, Greek " A kind and ' gentle heart he has to comfort friend and foe. " B.A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Tli.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner- Webb College. 1959- PAUL JOHN STACY Biology " A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature. " B.S., Duke University; Graduate Study, Duke University; Gardner-Webb College, 1941— DR. ' . WYAN WASHBURN College Physician " You give but little when you give of your pos- sessions. It ' s when you give of yourself that you tndy give. " B.S., Wake Forest College; M.D., Jefferson Med- ical College; Gardner- ' ebb College, 1946— Faculty members take time out for a game of tennis. " The passing of an era . . . Dr. Elliott ' s proposed retirement. ' Dr. Elliott survey.s the confusion after moving into the Webb Building. Miss Crowe, our hbrari,in, instructs one of our working students in tlu ' operation of the library. Page Twenty-One ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS MRS. ROSE C. BLACKBURN Secretary to Guidance Director " Good things come in styiall packages. " B A.. Erskine College; Gardner-Webb Col- lege. 1959- MRS. PEGGY P. BYROADE Secretary to Dean of Instruction " Of all the many things to wear, expression is the most important " George Wasliington University, Gardner- Welib College. 1960- MISS KATHLEEN H. DAVIS Secretary ' to the President " Life is just a an. and she enjoys every inch of it. " B.S,, Western Carolina College, Graduate Stud -, University of North Carolina, Co- lumbia University; Gardner- Webb College, 1952- MRS. LUCILE J. DIXON Secretary to the Registrar " Happiriess is a perfume you can ' t smear on others without getting a few drops on yourself. " B,M„ Meredith College, Gardner-Webb College. 1933-36; 1940-45; 1957- MRS. SHIRLEY W. DOCKERY Receptionist, Switchboard Operator " When you get along with everybody, you find a path toward lasting happiness. " Gardner- Webb Cnllege; Gardner -Webb College, 1960- MRS. MAGGIE L, GOODWIN Counselor " Not very tall, in fact, quite small; her good nature is loved by all " Gardner-Webb College, 1957- MRS. NANCY A. GRIFFIN Secretary to Assistant in Department of Public Relations and Alumni Secretary " A sweet content, passing all wisdom for its fairest flower. " Gardner- Webb College; Gardner-Webb College, 1953-54; 1955- MRS. JANELLE H. HICKS Secretary to Vice-President. Director of Public Relations, and De ' elopment Pro- gram Director " Friendliness does not cost, it pays. " Gardner -Webb College Night School; Gardner-W ebb College, 1954- MRS. NITA B. LEFLER Secretary to Business Manager " Wherever she finds herself in life, she ' ll make a good addition. " Kings Business College; Gardner-Webb 1955. LEONARD A. ALLEN Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds " Surehj he is great who says. 7 under- stand. ' " Western Carolina College; Gardner-Webb College. 1945- HORACE SCRUGGS Assistant " ... to laugh is proper to the man. " HAL B. GREEN Assistant " Silence is a great peacemaker. " Page Twenty-Two TRAIL BLAZERS FRESHMAN PRESIDENT Bob Blankenship SOPHOMORE PRESIDENT Sam Graver PRESIDENT OF COLLEGE GOVERNMENT Jerry Walker EDITOR OF NEWSPAPER Sam Graver EDITOR OF ANNUAL Joyce Philbeck Page Twenfy-Three There are times when we are faced with a choice of roads to take. This is the time when Mr. Moseley, our class sponsor, displays his abiht ' in helping us to make the right choice. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS CLASS SPONSOR Mr. M. A. Moseley, Jr. PRESIDENT Sam Graver ICE-PRESIDENT Buddy Lee SECRETARY Monea White TREASURER Bett%- Stott Lee, Graver. ' hite, Stott The Sophomore Class officers are the scouts for their class. Their sincerit - and ambition add to the popularit - of the Sophomore Class. These four diiring ad enturers would not dare let one of their classmates walk the trails at Gardner- Webb College until they had made sure the journe - would be safe. Poge Twenly-Four SOPHOMORES REVA ANN ALLMAN Sylva, N. C. Religious Education Stetson University Chri ' stian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Choir 2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Secretary 1,2; " Ah, Sweet Mystery " 1; Radio Club 2. CHARLOTTE ALICE ANDERSON Boilina. Sprinfis. N. C. Elementary Education A.S.T.C. ANCHORStaff 2; Day Student 1,2. EDITH MINNIE BAILEY Ellenboro, N. C. Pre-Nursing N. C. Baptist Hospital Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; YWA 1,2; President 2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; " Ah, Sweet Mystery " 1; ANCHOR Staff 1; D ramatics Award 1. FRANK WILLIAM BARLOWE, JR. Gastonia, N. C. Business Administration U. N. Monogram Club 1,2; Track 1,2; Tennis 2. C. JAMES ROBERT BATCHLER, JR. Gaffney, S. C. Liberal Arts Day SUident 1,2. JOSEPH JACKSON BEAM Shelby, N. C. Liberal Arts Day Student 1,2. Page Twenty-Five SOPHOMORES JERRY WESLEY BEANE Lenoir, N. C. Liberal Arts Monogram Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Most Valua- ble Basketball Player 1; All-Conference 1; All- State 1; House Council 2; Student Govern- ment 2. BETTY CHRISTINE BENNETT Marion, N. C. Elementary Education Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; House Council 2. SANDRA GAIL BENNETT MocksvilJe, N. C. Journalism East Carolina BSU 1; PILOT Staff 2; ANCHOR Staff 1. MAURICE FRED BOSTIC Gaffney, S. C. Liberal Arts Monogram Club L2; Football 1,2. WILLIAM TED BRACKETT Lawndale, N. C. Business Administration U. N. C. Baseball 1,2; Day Student 1,2. RICHARD FLOYD BRADLEY Gastonia, N. C. Liberal Arts G. T. I. Poge Twenty-Six SOPHOMORES DESMOND EUGENE BRAMLETT Shelby, N. C. Mathematics Monogr;uii Club 1,2; Football 1,2; Baseball 2; Day Student 1,2. COLEY JASON BRANNOCK North Wilkesboro, N. C. Business Administration Western Carolina Monogram Club 2; Vice-President 2; Football 2; Football Co-Captain 2; House Council 2. ANDERSON KEITH BRIDGES Ellenboro, N. C. Mathematics Pfeiffer HENRY GRADY BRIGHT, JR. Graham, N. C. Liberal Arts Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1,2. ELIZABETH LOUISE BRITT S Pauls, N. C. Elementary Education East Carolina BSU 2; Choir 1,2; FTA 1. PAUL DOUGLAS BROOKS Graham, N. C. Engineering N. C. State Monogram Club, 1,2; Football, 1,2; Baseball, 1, 2; Basketball, 1,2; All-Conference Baseball, 1; May Court Escort, 1. Page Twenfy-Seven SOPHOMORES JOE LEE BUCKNER Gaffneij, S. C. Ministry to Deaf N. C. School for Deaf Christian Volunteer Band 2; Choir 2; Day Stu- dent 1,2; Ministerial Conference 2. MARTHA ANN BURKE Sanford. N. C. Liberal Arts Wake Forest Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; BSU Coun- cil 2; House Council 2; Marshal Club 1,2. GENE RICHARD BYROADE Shelby, N. C. Foreign Affairs Day Student 2. NANCY JEANNE CASTLE York, S. C. Languages Lenoir Rhyne Choir 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Miss Gardner- Webb Contestant 1; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; " The Man in the Bowler Hat " 2; PILOT Staff 1. ALICE JEAN CHILDERS Hiddenite, N. C. Elementary Education A.S.T.C. Christian Volunteer Band I; Choir 2; Basket- ball I; Homecoming Sponsor 2: House Coun- cil 2. LESLIE RAY CLARKE Gastonia, N. C. Liberal Arts BSU 2. Page Twenry-Eight SOPHOMORES JOHN HOYTE CLINE, JR. Luwmlale, N. C. Business Administration Da - Student 1,2. RICHARD ALBERT CODY Gastonia, N. C. Electrical Engineering Univ. of Georgia RICHARD L. CONNELLY KannapoUs, N. C. Forestry Choir 1; Radio Club 2. MARYTAMARA CORNWELL Kin s Mountain, N. C. Sociology Meredith Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Choir Director 2; BSU Council 2; Choir 1,2; IRC 2; Cheerleader 1; YWA 1,2. BELINDA ALICE CRABTREE Rutherfordton, N. C. Mathematics Wake Forest BSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; Secretary 2: Marshal Club 1,2; FTAl; YWA 1,2. DORIS YVONNE CRANFORD Kins.s Mountain. N. C. Business Administration BSU 1,2. Poge Twenty-Nine 1-HHSH SOPHOMORES SAMUEL MOCK GRAVER Lexington, N. C. Pre-Dentistrv U.N.C. Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1,2; Track Team Manager 1; House Council 2; Secretary 2; Presi- dent Sophomore Class; Marshal Club 1,2; PILOT Staff 2; Editor 2. VICTOR E. CRAWFORD Shelby. N. C. Liberal Arts N. C. State Dav Student 1,2. LESLIE L. DAVIS Mooresboro, N. C. Liberal Arts Choir 1; Day Student 1,2. ROBERT EUGENE DEDMOND CUffside, N. C. Engineering Glemson Football 1; Dav Student 1.2. ROBERT CHARLES DOBBINS Cliffside, N. C. Engineering Clemson Mathematics Award 1; Day Student 1,2. JOSEPH BERNARD DOGKERY Richmond, Va. Chemistry, Biology Wake Forest Dav Student 2. SOPHOMORES WAYNE EDWIN DOVER Shelby, N. C. Liberal Arts Day Student 1,2. JOHN LAWRENCE DUNCAN Sharon, S. C. Forestry Clemson JERRY THOMAS DYCUS Shelby, N. C. Electronic Technician Massev Tech. Institute Marshal Club 1,2; Day Student 1,2. JACQUELYN DOLORES EDGERTON Rirtherfordton, N. C. Physical Education, Social Studies A.S.T.C. Day Student 2. NEAL E. ELLER Statesville, N. C. Ministry Wake Forest Marshal Club 1,2; Ministerial Conference 1,2; Day Student 1,2. MRS. ELLAREE WHITLOCK ELROD Gastonia, N. C. Primary Education Wake Forest Choir 2; Day Student 1,2. Page Thirty-One SOPHOMORES JAMES RWDOLPH ELROD Gastonia, N. C. Ministrv Wake Forest Clioir 2; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Tennis 2; Mar- shal Club 1,2; Day Student 1,2. DONALD WAYNE EPPLEY Crnmerton. N. C. Liberal .Arts Dav Student 2. JAMES JUNIOR ESTEP Henrietta. N. C. History Dav Student L2. Limestone WILLIAM ANDERSON FIELDS Charlotte. C. Philosophy Wake Forest BSU 1; Delta Psi Omega 1; " Ah. Sweet Mys- tery " 1; ANCHOR Staff 1; Forensics Team 1. 2; Science Club 1; Radio Club 1,2; Radio Sta- tion Manager 2. CHARLES STEVEN FLOYD Thomasville. N. C. Business .administration Monogram Club 1.2; Basketball 1; Day Student 2. JAMES PRENTICE FR. NKLIN Gastonia. N. C. Forestry U.N.C. BSU 1; Choir 2; Tennis 2. SOPHOMORES JOYCE CAROLYN GANTT Shelby. N. C. Sociology Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; HSU Council 2; Choir 1; House Council 2; Marshal Club 1,2. RUBY ESTELLE GIVENS Gastonia, N. C. Social Sciences Carson-Newman BSU 1; IRC 1,2; Secretary 2; PILOT Staff 1; FTA 1; Vice-President 1: Radio Club 2; YWA 1,2, WILLIAM ROBERT GLASGOW Lon hurst, N. C. Ministry Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; BSU Coun- cil 2; Choir 1,2; Track 1; Vice-President Fresh- man Class; May Court Escort 1. WILLIAM ROBERT GOODEN Hiddenite. N. C. Business Administration U.N.C. Track 1 . MARY JO GREENE Sylva, N. C. Pre-Nursing Watts Hospital Choir 1,2; Homecoming Sponsor 2. SANDRA ELIZABETH GRIGG Shelby, N. C. Elementary Education A.S.T.C. Dav Student 2. Poge Thirty-Three SOPHOMORES LAWRENCE CAMPBELL GRUBBS, JR. Gastonia, N. C. Pre-Medicine East Carolina BSU 1,2; Radio Club 2. GUNNAR ERIK GUMMESSOX Morganton, N. C. Business Administration Catawba Dav Student 1,2. BARRY EDMOND HAMBRIGHT Shelby, N. C. Liberal Arts Carson-NewTnan Day Student 1,2. CAROL LOU HAMRICK Boiling Springs, .V. C. Elementar - Education Meredith BSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; Marshal Club 1.2; Chief 2; Delta Psi Omeea 1; " Ah, Sweet Mvsten, " 1; Dav Student 1,2. CLIXE BORDERS HAMRICK Boiling Springs, N. C. Mechanized Agriculture N. C. State Day Student 1,2. CLYDE OTIS HAMRICK Shelby, N. C. Ministry Day Student 1,2. Poge Thirry-Fou SOPHOMORES JAMES EUGENE HAMRICK CUffside, N. C. Pre-Forestrv Clemson Day Student 1,2. JAMES RAY HAMRICK Boiling Springs, N. C. Engineering, Mathematics N. C. State Marshal Club 1,2; Dav Student 1,2. LYNDA HAMRICK Shelby, N. C. Secretarial Practice Day Student 1,2. PAULINE WESSON HAMRICK Bessemer City, N. C. Dramatics U.N.C. Delta Psi Omega 2; Forensics Team 2; Radio Club 2. JAMES LARRY HARRILL Forest City, N. C. Business Administration Wofford Day Student 1,2. RICHARD WILLIAMS HARRIS Cliffside, N. C. Social Studies A.S.T.C. FTA 1,2; Day Student 1,2. Page Thirty-Five SOPHOMORES JOHN FELIX HART Lenoir, N. C. Liberal Arts Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 2; BSU Council 2; Tennis 2; House Council 2; Student Government 2. DORIS MARIE HARTLEY Kinston, N. C. Nursing BSU 2; Choir I; House Council 2; House Presi- dent 2; Student Goxernment 2; Marshal Club 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 2; " The Man in the Bowler Hat " 2; Forensics Team I. PEGGY ANN HARTLEY Hudson, N. C. Liberal Arts BSU 1,2; Student Government 2; Secretary 2. BERNARD STOKES HARVEY Gaffney, S. C. Physical Education Wofford Football 2. DARRELL JACKSON HEATH Winston-Salem, N. C. Religious Education Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; President 2; BSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; Choir 1,2. CHRISTINE AMELIA HEDRICK Boilinp. Spriniis, N. C. Secretarial Practice ANCHOR Staff, 2; Business Manager 2; Day Sttident 1,2. Page Thirly-Six i tt SOPHOMORES CLARENCE GERALD HELDERMAN Thomasville, N. C. Bible Carson-Nev ' man Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; Choir L 2; Tennis 2. DEAN DAVID HENDRICKS Shelby. N. C. Law Wake Forest Dav Student 2. LARRY DALE HICKS Mooresboro, N. C. Liberal Arts Choir 2; Marshal Club 2; Chief 2; Forensics Team 1,2: Day Student 1,2. FRED ANDERSON HIGH Gastonia, N. C. Ministry Limestone Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Foot- ball 1: Track 1,2; Day Student 2. MRS. LORA LIPSCOMB HIGH Gastonia, N. C. Religious Education Limestone Christian Volunteer Band 1; BSU 1,2; Freshman Class Treasurer; Marshal Club 1,2; Miss Gardner- Webb Contestant 1; PILOT Staff 2; Forensics Team 1; Day Student 1,2, NANCY SUE HILDEBRAN Hiklebran, N. C. Pre-Nursing N. C. Baptist Hospital Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Choir 1; Delta Psi Omega 2; ANCHOR Staff 1. Page Thirty-Seven SOPHOMORES BARBARA ANN HOFFMAN Thomasville, X. C. Secretarial Practice BSU 1,2; Choir 1.2; Glee Club 1,2. BILLY CHARLES HOFFMAN Gastonia, N. C. Reliaion Furman Marshal Club 1.2; Dav Student 1.2. MINNIE FRANCES HOFFMAN Gastonia, N. C. Missionarv ' BSU 2; Day Student 1. DORSEY BUDWOOD HOGGARD. JR Baltimore. Hd. Histor ' A.S.T.C. IRC 2; Cheerleader 1.2; Track 2; House Council 2; Delta Psi Omega 2; PILOT Staff 2. GENE EDWARD HOLLIFIELD .A arion, X. C. Business Administration High Point Monogram Club 2; Baseball 2; Radio Club 2. TROY LEE HOUSER yiooreshoro, N. C. Liberal Arts Western Carolina IRC 1; Marshal Club 1, 2; Day Student 1. Page Thirry-Eighl ll fe SOPHOMORES PEGGY JEAN HOYLE Shelby, N. C. Secretarial Practice Day Student 2. ROGER LARRY HUGHES Ellenboro, N. C. Business Administration Lenoir Rhyne Day Student 1:2. CHARLES HERMAN INGLE Lincolnton, N. C. Ministry Dav Student 1,2. Furman CAROLYN lOLA INGRAM Charlotte. N. C. Religious Education Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Choir 1,2. DENNIS WAYNE JONES Shelby, N. C. Liberal Arts East Carolina Tennis 2; ANCHOR Staff 2; Radio Club 2; Day Student 1.2. PATSY JACQUELINE JONES Lattimore, N. C. Liberal Arts Christian Volunteer Band 2; IRC 2; Miss Gard- ner-Webb Contestant 1; ANCHOR Staff 2; Dav Student 1,2. Page Thirfy-Nine SOPHOMORES CHARLES EDrARD JCRGENSEN. II Shelby, N. C. Law William and Mar ' Tennis 2; Cheerleader 1; Radio Club 2. JOE CARSON K. MPE Grover, K. C. Ministr Limestone Dav Student 1.2. JANET ELIZABETH KELLER Lenoir, A ' . C. Historv-, Physical Education Lenoir Rh Tie Choir i.2; BasketbaU I. DAVID GARY KESTER Bessemer City, N. C. Liberal .Arts Lenoir RhTOe Tennis 2; Dav Student 1,2. Music Education Dav Student 1,2. MARL NNA KING Shelby, N. C. A.S.T.C. BOBBY LEON KIRKEND. LL Shelby, N. C. Business .Administration East Tennessee State Tennis 2; Dav Student 1,2. Poge Fo y fe SOPHOMORES HAROLD RAY KITCHEN Gastoniii, N. C. Chemistrv N. C. State BSU 1; Day Student 1,2. CONNIE REID KOGER Gastonia. N. C. Elementary Education Carson-Newman Cliristian Volunteer Band 2; Dav Student 2. MRS. ANGELA DUDLEY LACKEY SheUni, N. C. Ensli.sli U.S.C. ELIZABETH HOPE LEE Shelby, N. C. Medical Technologv U.N.C. BSU 1,2; r VA 1,2. ■ LEONARD TAYLOR LEE Mount Holly, N. C. Music Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Treasurer 2; BSU Council 2; Choir 1,2; Sophomore Vice- President. JENNY HOUSTON LINEBERGER Gastonia, N. C. Liberal Arts Christian ' olunteer Band 1; BSU 1,2; Choir 1,2. Page Forty-One SOPHOMORES EDDIE NORRIS LIPSCOMB Boilinp, Springs. N. C. History A.S.T.C. Day Student 1.2. DOROTHY IRENE LIVINGSTON Boomer, N. C. Primarv Education A.S.T.C. BSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; Choir 1; IRC 2; Presi- dent 2; Mar,shal Club 1,2. MARSHALL GR. Y LONG Durham, N. C. PhN ' sical Education Western Carolina Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1.2; Track 1,2; May Court Escort 1. DONALD BRICE LOWE Belmont, N. C. Forestry Western Carolina Monogram Club 2; Football 2; Baseball 1,2. RUFUS REGINALD LUTZ Lenoir, N. C. Social Science Wake Forest IRC 1; May Court Escort 1; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Treasurer 2; " Ah, Sweet Mystery " 1. MORRIS KYLE LYNCH Gastonia. A ' . C. Philosophy Wake Forest Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; President 1,2; " . , Sweet Mystery " 2; PILOT Stafi 2; Forensics Team 2; Ministerial Conference 1,2. Poge Forty-Two fei SOPHOMORES ROBERT ALLISON McCRACKEN Soda Spririfis. Idaho Engineering RONALD DALE McCRAW Danville. Vn. Building Construction V.P.L House Council 1; Vice-President 1. JAMES EDWIN McGINNIS Shelby, N. C. Religion Carson-Newman BSU 2; BSU Council 2; Ministerial Conference 2; President 2; Day Student L2. JERRY DOUGLAS McKINNEY Cherryville. N. C. Political Science U.N.C. IRC 2; Tennis 2. ANNA CATHERINE McSWAIN Shelby. N. C. Science A.S.T.C. Day Student 1,2. DONALD WELLS McSWAIN Shelby, N. C. Liberal Arts Dav Student 1,2. Page Forfy-Three SOPHOMORES DONNIS AMELIA McSW AIX Shelby. N. C. English A.S.T.C. Day Student 1,2. PHATE MLLIAM McSWAIN, JR. Shelby, X. C. Religion Wake Forest Ministerial Conference 1,2; Vice-President 2; Day Student 1,2, SHIRLEY XATOMA McSWAIN Boiling Springs, -V. C. Business Administration Day Student 1,2; PILOT Staff I. WALLACE ANTHONY MIDKIFF Greensboro, N. C. Mathematics N. C. State Football 2; Baseball 2. PAUL EUGENE MILLER W instoji-Salem , N. C. Social Science A.S.T.C. BARBARA ANN MODE S7ie 7;( , A ' . C. Sociology ' ake Forest Dav Student 1.2, Poge Forty-Four b SOPHOMORES LINDA JEANNETTE MORETZ Hickonj. N. C. Elementary EtUication Lenoir Rhvne Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1.2; Choir 1,2; Marshal Cluh 1,2; FTA 1. Physical Education DAL CURTIS NANNEY Forest City, N. C. A.S.T.C. GLENN WHICKER NEAL Morganton, N. C. Ministry Day Student 1,2. lANET LEIGH NEWTON Shelby, N. C. Religions Education Carson-Newman Christian Vokmteer Band 2; BSU 2; Choir 2; Day Student 2. ROBERT FRANKLIN GATES York. S. C. Liberal Arts Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; President 2; BSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; President 2; Choir 1.2; Presi- dent 2; ANCHOR Staff 2; Forensics Team 1; House Council 1; Student Goyemment 1; Fresh- man Class President. LARRY FERRILL OLIVER Chesnee, S. C. Social Science Western Carolina IRC 1; FTA 1; Day Student 1,2. Page Forly-Five SOPHOMORES CARL NELSON PACE HendcrsonviUc. N. C. Business Administration East Carolina Monogram Club L2; Football 1.2; Baseball L PHILIP GROVER PADGETT, JR. Kiniis Mou ntain, N. C. Psychology Hampden-Sydney EDGAR EUGENE PASSMORE. JR. Shelby, N. C. Ministry Ministerial Conference 1; Day Student 1.2. YATES ETHIEL PEARSON Shelby, N. C. Religious Education Dav Student 1.2. Poge Forty-Si MAX LEE PENDLETON Shelby, N. C. Dentistry Limestone Day Student 1.2. SUE BUCKNER PERRY Gaffney, S.C. History U.S.C. " Homecoming Sponsor 2. ta J SOPHOMORES JO ELLEN PETTIT Gaffney, S. C. Medical Secretary Greenville General Hospital JOYCE ELIZABETH PHILBECK Boiling SpriuEis. N. C. Sociology ' W.C.U.N.C. BSU L2; IRC 1; ANCHOR StafiE 2; Editor 2; For- ensics Team 1,2; Dav Student 1,2. WINNIE RUTH PITTILLO Hendersonville, N. C. Religious Education Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; Secretary 1; BSU 1,2; Vice-President 2; IRC 2. ROBERT JUNIOR PLUMMER Madison, N. C. Home Missions Wake Forest Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Choir 2; IRC 2. JUDY ANN PONDER Gastonia, N. C. Elementary Education Winthrop Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 2; " Ah, Sweet Mystery " 1; ANCHOR Staff 2; FTA 2, WILLIAM LLOYD PORTER Old Fort, N. C. Physical Education A.S.T.C. Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1,2; Co-Captain 2; Track 1. Page Forty-Seven SOPHOMORES JUDY BESS POSTON Rutherfordtnn, N. C. Sociology Wake Forest BSU 2; Dav Student 1. MARY ANN POWELL Shelby. N. C. Political Science Choir 2; Radio Club 2. U.N.C. JAMES KLNCHEN POWERS Maple Hill N. C. Liberal Arts East Carolina Choir 1,2; Glee Club 1. LEONARD ELTON PRESSLEY Hendersonville, N. C. Ministry Bebnont Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; Choir 2; Track 1; Glee Club 2; House C ouncil 2. SHIRLEY RAYE PRESSLEY Glenville, N. C. Primary Education Western Carolina Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; Choir 2; House Council 2. MILDRED MARIE PRICE Mill Spring, N. C. Pre-Nursing N. C. Baptist Hospital Page Forty-Eight SOPHOMORES ROY HUBERT PRUETT Shelby. N. C. Ministry Ministerial Conference 2; Day Student 1,2. MITCHELL McKINLEY PRUITT hrlhy, N. C. Ministry Limestone Day Sti ' ident L2. DAVID TILDEN PUTNAM Shelby. N. C. Engineering N. C. State Day Student 1,2. MRS. JOYCE HARRIS PUTNAM Mooreshoro. N. C. English Limestone Dav Student 1,2. JUDY LORRAINE PUTNAM Kings Mountain, N. C. Primary Education A.S.T.C. Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; Choir 1; House Council 2; Vice-President 2; Marshal Club 1,2; FTA 1. SUZANNE ELIZABETH PUTNAM Shelby, N. C. Ps x-hologv Carson-Newman BSU 1; Choir 2; Cheerleader 1; Y ' WA 2- Glee Club 2. Gardner Webb College Libraty Page Forty-Nine SOPHOMORES DOROTHY LOUISE ROBERTS Boone, N. C. Religious Education A.S.T.C. Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 2. FREDERICK JEFFERSON ROEBUCK .Yea- Bem, N. C. Liberal Arts Track 1: Dav Student 1,2. JULIA ANN ROSS Shelby, N. C. Business Administration East Carolina Choir 1; Day Student 1,2. MRS. AULIDA LONG SAMON Rock Hill, S.C. Missions Southwestern Seminary IRC 1; BSU 1,2. GEORGE WILLARD SHYTLE Shelby, N. C. Psychology University of Georgia Day Student 1,2. HASKELL DAVID SIDES Denver, N. C. Business Administration Wake Forest Dav Student 1,2. Page Fifty SOPHOMORES JAMES STEPHEN SINCLAIR City, N. C. Soil Science N. C. State WALTER LAMAR SINIARD Brcvnrcl. N. C. Coaching A.S.T.C. Monogram Club 2; Football 1,2. DOYLE LEE SMITH Lcxm0on. N. C. Science East Carolina IRC 2; Tennis 2. FRED DEAN SMITH Hampton, Tenn. Social Science Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 2; House Coun- cil 2; PILOT Staff 2. JENNINGS EUCENE SMITH Gastonia, N. C. Business Administration Belmont Abbey Monogram Club 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Marshal Club 1.2. DANIEL GALE SPANGLER Shelby, N. C. Forestry N. C. State IRC 2; Tennis 2. Page Fifty-One SOPHOMORES JOSEPH DALE SPANGLER Shelby, N. C. Liberal Arts MARVIN WILTON SPARKS Cliffside, N. C. Engineering N. C. State LORETTA LEE SPIRLIN Gastonia, iV. C. English Wake Forest Cluistian ' olunteer Band 1; BSU 1,2; ANCHOR Staff 2; Day Student 1,2. WILLIAM JESSE SPRINKLE, III Chesnee, S. C. Liberal Arts SYLVIA DELL STARNES Pageland, S. C. Elementary Education A.S.T.C. Homecoming Sponsor 1; Homecoming Attendant 2; Miss Gardner- Webb 1. WILLIAM CALVIN STEELE Charlotte, N. C. Liberal Arts Lenoir Rhyne Baseball 1; Tennis 1. Page Fifty-Two SOPHOMORES BOBBY LAWRENCE STRAUGHN Ciri ' cnslioro, N. C. Ministry Wake Forest Christian ' olunteer Band 1.2; President -2: RSU 1,2; BSU Council 2; Da - Student 1.2. BETTY JEAN STOTT Union Mills, N.C. Liberal . rts Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1.2; BSL ' Council 2; Choir 2; Sophomore Class Treasurer. WILLIAM EDWARD SUGGS Belmont, N. C. Forestry N. C. State Monogram Club 2; Football 2. THELMA LOUISE SUTTON Gastonia, N. C. Religious Education Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 2; Y VA 2; BSU 1.2. GENE RAY SVVINSON Mor anton, N. C. Sociology Louisiana Monogram Club 1; Baseball 1; Manager 1; Minis- terial Conference 1; Day Student 1,2. HENRY EARL THOMAS York, S. C. Forestry Presbyterian Choir 1,2; Track 1; Radio Club 2. Page Fifty-Three ERNEST EARL WALL Casar, .V. C. Mathematics Lenoir Rh " ne Monoaram Club 2: Basketball L2; Team Manager Baseball 1. LLOYD LEONARD ALL Casar, S. C. Social Studies A.S.T.C. Monogram Club 2; Basketball 1,2; Co-Captain 2. SOPHOMORES PHILIP ELLIOTT TURNER Latvndale, S. C. Forestn,- N. C. State Monogram Club 2; Secretarv 2; Baseball 2; Stu- dent Go ' emment 2. JERRY R1CR. RD WALKER Lenoir, N. C. DentistTN- U.N.C. BSU 1 ' ; BSU CouncQ 2; Monogram Club 1,2; President 2; Football 1,2; Co-Captain 2; Basket- ball 1,2; Track 1,2; Football Sportsmanship Tro- phv 2; House Coimcil 2; Student Go " emment 2; President 2; Marshal Club 1,2; PILOT Staff 1. MICH. EL R. Y WARD Shelby, .V. C. Dentistr Day Student 1,2. GEORGE RICR RD WARE Shelby. X. C. Liberal Arts Guilford Page Fifty-Four SOPHOMORES Mathematics Dav Student 2. |ACK LEE WATERS Shelby, N. C. N. C. State DIANNE MYRTLE WATKINS Mnoresboro, N. C. Sociology W.C.U.N.C. Christian Volunteer Band I: BSU 1,2; ANCHOR Staff 1; YWA 1. STANLEY DAVES WEBB Shelby, N. C. Religious Education Carson-Newman Christian Volunteer Band 1,2; BSU 1,2; Choir 1,2; Day Student 1,2. CYRUS PRESTON WELLS Haiv River, N. C. Liberal Arts Elon BSU 1,2; Monogram Club 1.2; Football 1,2; Base- ball 1. BETTY JANE WHITE Bostic, N. C. Religious Education Wake Forest Christian Volunteer Band 2; BSU 1,2; YWA 2; Secretar ' 2; IRC 2. RITA MONEA WHITE Forest City, N. C. Religious Education Carson-Newman Sophomore Class Secretary; Day Student 1 2 BSU 1,2. Page Fifty-Five SOPHOMORES SYLVIA LAVONNE M ' HITMIRE Shelby, N. C. Elementan ' Education Georgia State Delta Psi Omega 1; " Under the Milkvvood " 1; Day Student 1,2. SAMUEL BOYCE WILEY Gastonia. N. C. Social Science Dav Student 2. LINDA JANE WILSON Shelbij. N. C. Music Furman Choir 1,2: Delta Psi Omega 2; Day Student 1,2. RONALD SAMUEL WITHERS Gastonia, N. C. Physical Education Lenoir Rlivne Monogram Club 2; Baseball 1,2; Marshal Club 1, 2; Dav Student 1,2. RONALD PARRIS WRIGHT Asheville, N. C. Social Studies Western Carolina Monogram Club 1,2; Football 1, 2; Baseball 1,2; Team Manager 1. MARTHA INEZ YELTON Rutherfordton, N. C. Business Administration Day Student 1. RUBY CAROLYN YOUNG Union Mills, N. C. Business Administration BSU I; Choir 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1; House Council 2; Sec- retary 2; Mav Court 1. Page Fihy-Si to THE TRAILS YOU TAKE I 7 would not choose my own trail, As on throua}i life I go. 1 would not make my own plans. They would be wrong I know. I cannot walk my own path, And travel where I choose. I cannot knoio the best way; I know I wotdd but lose. I cannot see my own life, For down this trail it lies. I must not try to plan it; What means my feeble cries! I must but trust my Saviour. He knows my every plan. He sees my feeble efforts. I do the best I can. He leads me down the pathways. Where everything seems dim. Then leads me on the mountain. To gain new vietvs of Him. 1 catch a better vision. I love to see His face. I arm myself for battle. And staH anew tlie race. I trust Him for the future. I follow where He leads. He gives me so much comfort And understands my needs. The trail is hard to follow; But joyous is the way. When we but yield to Jesus- Go where the path may lay. I give my all to Jesus To use as He shall choose. I now submit to His plan And know He ' ll take me through. These lue ' t But hrave hca t1 ' " ' With 7 When things go wrong, as they sometimes will. When the road you ' re trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must, but don ' t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. As everyone of us sometimes learns, And many a failure turns about— When he might have won had he .stuck it out; Don ' t give up though the pace seems .slow— You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out— The silver tint of the clouds of doubt; And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit It ' s when things seem worst that you must not quit. The freslimen find it difficult to keep their direction along the right trails, for college life is completely new to them. Because this is true, they are proud to have Mr. Allen Burns for their class advisor. Each day finds him in the role of counselor to some freshman who has strayed from the right trail. « CLASS SPONSOR Mr. C. Allen Burris FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Robert Blankenship VICE-PRESIDENT Larry Himsucker SECRETARY Judy Flake TREASURER Jeane McPherson I Hunsucker, McPherson, Flake, Blankenship. Dare to be bra e! How ' much courage it must take to assume the role of a college freshman class officer, when e ' erything about college is completely new. But meeting the challenge of leadership leads us down tlie Trail of Success. Poge Fifly.Eight WILLIAM CLIFTON AARON Shelby, N. C. HOVLE BRADLEY ALEXANDER, JR. Gaffney, S. C. GENE McFARLAND ALLEN Union, S. C. KATHRVN STEWART ALLEN Shelby, N. C. WILLIAM JACKSON AREY Shelby, N. C. ELIZABETH ROWENA BAILEY Spindale, N. C. THOMAS WAYNE BAKER Union, S. C. LARRY DOUGLAS BALL Thomasville, N. C. ggg FRESHMEN FORREST IVES BARBER Forest City, N. C. HARRY DALE BARNES Gastonia, N. C. DOROTHY JOANNE BARTLES Union Mills, N. C. RAY HUGH BAYNARD Forest City, N. C. MICHAEL NEWTON BEAM CherryviUe, N. C. WILLIAM HAROLD BEAM Shelby, N. C. ELIZABETH JANE REASON Boiling Springs, N. C. FLOYD JENNINGS BEATY Charlotte, N. C. Page Fifty-Nine ARLEN ALBERT BEAVER Shelby, N. C. LARRY NELSON BELL Newi:on, N. C. EMILY REBECCA BLALOCK Gastonia, N. C. PEGGY JUNE BLANKENSHIP Canton, N. C. ROBERT JOSEPH BLANKENSHIP Canton, N. C. RICHARD COLENLAN BLANTON Shelby, N. C. SIDNEY GREENE BLANTON Shelby, N. C. MRS. NANCY HAGER BOGGS Fallston, N. C. FRESHMEN . DE H.AMPTON BREELAND, JR. Belmont, N. C. AUlS AUSTIN BRIDGEMAN Henderson -ille, N. C. BARBARA ANN BRIDGES EUenboro, N. C, JAMES MICHAEL BROACH Lenoir, N. C. BE " ERLY DAWN BROOKS Gastonia. N. C. LIONEL ALLISON BROOKS Dillsboro. N. C. HAROLD BENN BROW N EUenboro, N. C. LINDA HELEN BROWN WUlard, N. C. Poge Sixty I ORA GILBERT BUCHANAN Castoniii. N. C. CHARLIE MAX BUMGARDNER Slielby, N. C. ELMER UDEAN BURKE Lincolnton, N. C. JANET YVONNE CAGLE Sylva, N. C. JAMES HAROLD CALDWELL Belmont, N. C. SAMUEL STEPHEN CALLAHAN Cliffside, N. C. MRS. RUBV DILLINGHAM CAMP Lawndale, N. C. KORNEV JOEL CAMPBELL Lincolnton. N. C. FRESHMEN iiiMi Attiife JASPER OAKIE CANIPE Shelby, N. C. BARRY LEE CARPENTER Cherryville, N. C. JOHN DAVID SCHENCK CARPENTER, II Shelby, N. C. JOHN THOMAS CARPENTER Shelby, N. C. TOMMY CARROLL CASH Lincolnton, N. C. JON MICHAEL CHAMPION Shelby, N. C. JERRY EVON CHILDERS Belmont, N. C. J. D. CLARK, JR. Shelby, N. C. Page Sixty-One ROXNEY EUGENE COLE Kings Mountain, N. C. JOHN WOODROW COLLINS Ridgeland, S.C. JOSEPH DEWITT COLTR. NE Belmont, N. C. JERRY WALL- CE CONNELLY Kannapolis, N. C. BOBBY JOE COOK Pilot Mountain, N. C. CAROLYNS ' SUE COOK Reids%-ille, N. C. EDGAR COX Honea Path, S. C. ROY ANDREW CRISP Green ille, S. C. FRESHMEN ARTHUR EDWARD CROCKER Union, S. C. PAUL RICH. RD CURRENCE Clover. S. C. GEORGE KING CUTTER Charlotte, N. C. CHARLES STEPHEN DAVES Boiling Springs, N. C. PATRICU ANN DAVES Marion, N. C. EDITH LORETTA DAVIS Mars Hill, N. C. SANDRA JO DAVIS Old Fort, N. C. SARA LOUISE DAVIS Spindale, N. C. Page Sixfy-Two EDWIN LITTLE DEAN Charlotte. N. C. JOSEPH CURTIS DEATON, JR. Greensboro, N. C. AUDREY RANDOLPH DEDMOND Cliffside, N. C. CLEMENT MODE DELLINGER Cherryville, N. C. LOV WILSON DEVINE Lincolnton, N. C. JOSEPH CURTIS DISMUKES Gastonia, N. C. CALVIN WAYNE DIXON Statesville, N. C. ALFRED GREGORY DOBBINS Forest City, N. C. I FRESHMEN JOSEPH YOUNG DOGGETT Henrietta, N. C. ROGER DALE DUNCAN Spruce Pine, N. C. EDWARD JEROME DUNNAGAN Durham, N. C. STIRL GERALD DYSART Lincolnton, N. C. HAROLD MORRIS EDWARDS Tryon, N. C. JOHN TAYLOR EDWARDS Gastonia, N. C. GEORGE ANDERSON ELAM Shelby, N. C. SYLVIA KAY ELIUM Salisbury, N. C. Page Srxfy-Three HOW ARD COLEMAN ' ELLIOTT, JR. Shelby, N. C. KATHV IRENE EVERETT Shelby, N. C. INEZ HOOKER EWING Rockingham, N. C. NL RVI RICHARD FALLS Clover, S. C. FRANCES XAVIER FARNAN, III Charlotte, N. C. WILLIAM ANDERSON FIELDS Charlotte, N. C. GUY FRANKLIN FISHER Hickory, N. C. KATHERINE NEIL FLACK Union Mills, N. C. FRESHMEN JUDITH MAE FLAKE Wadesboro, N. C. WALTER BURTON FORTUNE Columbus, N. C. DAVID LEE FOX Granite Falls, N, C. ALAN MERRILL FREEMAN Rutherfordton, N. C. ALLEN KIRK FREEMAN Lincolnton, N. C. CHARLES WILLIAM FREEMAN Kings Mountain, N. C. CLIFFORD ROY FREEMAN Hendersonville, N. C. CLAUDE HUBERT FULBRIGHT Clarcmont, N. C. Page Sixty-Four JERRY FRANKLIN GAMBLE She lby, N. C. DARRELL EVERETT GARNER Asheboro, N. C. DAVID RAY GARRISON Lincolnton, N. C. SYLVIA GAIL GEORGE Cheiryville, N. C. SAMUEL WATSON GILLESPIE Sumter, S. C. HAROLD EDWARD GODSHALL Union, S. C. DANIEL BRUCE GOFORTH Asheville, N. C. WILLIE RALPH GOFORTH CherryvUle, N. C. FRESHMEN ROBERT MILTON GOLD Shelby, N. C. DAVID JACKSON GOODE High Shoals, N. C. DORCUS ANN GOUGE Unicoi, Tenn. LARRY ROLAND GREEN Asheville, N. C. BRENDA LEE GREENE Shelby, N. C. JAMES CRAWFORD GREENE Shelby, N. C. JOHN LARRY GREENE Boiling Springs, N. C. MARY EVELYN GREENHILL Hickoiy , N. C, Page Sixty-Five CYNTHIA CAROL GREGORY Shelby, N. C. JACK ROGER GREGORY Union, S. C. WILLIAM CHESTER GREGORY Ronda, N. C. MACK RUSSELL GRIFFIN Lenoir, N. C. JANE CARLTON H AAS Chester, S. C. BRENDA GAIL HALL Kinston, N. C. PATRICLV FAIRCLOTH HALL Spindale, N. C. CHARLES WILLIAM HAMRICK Mooresboro, N. C. FRESHMEN EDWIN WAYNE HAMRICK Shelby, N. C. FREIDA LOUISE HAMRICK Shelby, N. C. GLEN ROBERT HAMRICK, JR. Forest City, N. C. VIVIAN FAYE HAMRICK Boiling Springs, N. C. MARY FRANCES HANKS State Road, N. C. RAPHAEL TIBBS HARRIS Matthews, N. C. BERNARD STOKES HARVEY Gaffney, S. C. HOWARD WALTER HASKELL Shelby, N. C. Page Sixty-Six OLIN DEAN HAWKINS Shelby, N. C. ROBERT THOMAS HELMS Shelby, N. C. CLAUDE GORDON HELTON Ellenboro, N. C. LOUIS LEONARD HENDERSON Maxton. N. C. MRS. LINDA PEELER HENDRICKS Shelby, N. C. PHILLIP WINSLOW HICKS Gastonia, N. C. JIMMY McIVER HILL, JR. High Point, N C. MAXWELL ROBERTS HOLDE R, JR. Charlotte, N. C. FRESHMEN WILLIAM ROGER HOLDFORD Hendersonville, N. C. CHARLES LEE HOLLAND Boilings Springs, N. C. SHELBA JEAN HOLLAND Cashiers, N. C. ELMER CARL HOOPER Falls Church, Va. ROBERT CARL HOOVER Lawndale, N. C. HARVEY BROOKS HOPKINS, JR. Charlotte, N. C. DONALD KEITH HORN Kings Mountain, N. C. LARRY WAYNE HOSKINS Danville, Va. Poge Sixty-Seven JAMES BELTON HUDGINS Shelby, N. C. GLEN ERNEST HUDSON Hickory, N. C. MRS. TERESA HAMRICK HUGGINS Boiling Springs, N. C. FRED CARSON HUGHES, JR. Hollis, N. C. WILLIAM FREDERICK HULSE Charlotte, N. C. JAMES LARRY HUNSUCKER Albemarle, N. C. MYRA KAY HURST Reidsville, N. C. HARRY DONALD HYATT Gaffney, S. C. FRESHMEN LARRY STANLEY HYDER Spindale, N. C. GLADYS ICENHOUR Shouns, Tenn. RONALD WAVERLY INGLE Asheville, N. C. FELECIA SUE IRWIN Fayetteville, N. C. CAROL ANN JACKSON Shelby, N. C. FRANCES CARLA JACKSON Shelby, N. C. HARRY LEE JENKINS Hickory, N. C. JAMES THOMAS JESSUP Mt. Airy, N. C. Page Sixty-Eight RUBY MAE JOHNSON Jefferson, N. C. TOMMY ALVIN JOHNSON Statesville, N, C. PAUL JAMES JOLLEY Chesnee, S. C. CLARENCE J. JONES, JR. Sfielby, N. C. HENRIETTA CARLTON WARWICK JONES Lumberton, N. C. LEONARD ROSS JONES York, S. C. ROSCOE DEMPSEY JONES, JR. Chenyville N. C. CHARLES MARKS JUSTICE Rutherfordton, N. C. FRESHMEN l iiliit KAREN PAYNE KALE Shelby, N. C. ANN LADD KINC Winston-Salem, N. C. RAY JAMES KING York, S. C. ROGER MARTIN KING Asheboro, N. C. BRENDA KATHERINE KIRBY Carthage, N. C. MELVIN LUTHER KISER, JR. Bes.semer City, N. C. ROBERT LEE LAND, JR. DaUas, N. C. JOHN BROADUS LATTIMORE, II Lattimore, N. C. Poge Sixty-Nine kUiM BILLY GRIFFIN LEDBETTER Shelby, N. C. ELIZABETH LEON ' A LEDBETTER Boiling Springs, N. C. MRS. AUDREY MERCHANT LEDFORI Hickory, N. C. MARINELL TABOR LEDFORD Tapoco, N. C. ALVIN LEINWEBER Shelby, N. C. BILLY LEWIS Bald Creek, N. C. PRISCILLA ALICE LIXDER Cowpens, S. C. DONALD WAYNE LOFTIS Shelby, N. C. FRESHMEN ROBERT WAYNE LOHR Richmond. V ' a. STEPHEN RAY LONG Cramerton, N. C. JO LEE LOVELAND Shelby, N. C. LINDA GAY LOVETTE Aberdeen, N. C. GLENDA KAY LUFFMAN State Road, N. C. JAMES ALLEN McALISTER, JR. Mooresboro, N. C. SAMUEL LEE McCARTER Kings Mountain, N. C. CARL HOUSTON McCAHTHY AsheviUe, N. C. « Page Seventy MARY LOUISE McCRACKEN Canton, N. C. LARRY GENE McCRAW Shelby, N. C. DAVID PERRY McDANIEL Boiling Springs, N. C. MRS. DENICE SPANGLER McKEE Shelby, N. C. CLYDE ROGER McMAHAN Forest City, N. C. JAMES KEITH McMAHAN Rutherfordton, N. C. RALPH HAYNES McNABB Cliffside, N. C. JEANE ELLEN McPHERSON Greensboro, N. C. FRESHMEN MRS. ANN LEE McSWAIN Shelby, N. C. BARBARA MARCELLE McSWAIN Shelby, N. C. EMILY DLANNE McSWAIN Belmont, N. C. HUGH KARR McSWAIN Shelby, N. C. JAMES EDWIN McSWAIN Shelby, N. C. ODUS FAY McSWAIN, JR. Shelby, N. C. JUANITA FRANCES McVEIGH SOver Springs, Md, GRADY WAYNE MABE Walkertown, N. C. Page Seventy-One JACK KENAN MARSH Asheboro, N. C. CLYDE HERMAN MAUNEY Ellenboro, N. C. FRED DARREL MAUNEY Shelby, N. C. JAMES LEROY MAUNEY Gastonia, N. C. WILLIAM TIMOTHY MAUNEY Stanley, N. C. SUZ. N R. MEDARIS Chickamauga, Ga. NORMA JEAN MERRELL Charlotte, N. C. MARY RUTH MICHAEL East Bend, N. C. FRESHMEN DOROTHY ANNE MILLER Greensboro, N. C. OLn ' ER MILLER, JR. Hudson, N. C. JAMES THEODORE MILLS Shelby, N. C. JUDITH AMELIA MINTZ Lawndale, N. C. JAMES HIOTT MITCHELL Ware Shoals, S. C. EDWARD OGRADY MIXON Vamville, S. C. MRS. GENEVIE MlNEILLY MODE Casar, N. C. DONALD EDWARD MOORE Gastonia, N. C. Poge Seventy-Two r " SANDRA JACQUELINE MOORE Nortli Augusta, S. C. GAYLA ANN MORGAN Fallston, N.C. MRS. C:E1ULD1NE SCHHONCE MORGAN Lincolnton, N. C. JAMES EDWARD MORRIS Union Mills, N. C. CAROLYN SUE MOSER State Road, N. C. DAVID JAY MOSTELLER Spindale, N. C. JAMES EDWIN MOTEN Gastonia, N. C. LARRY JOE MOTSINGER Winston-Salem, N. C. FRESHMEN CLEVOUS FREDERICK MULL Shelby, N. C. EZRA HEATHMAN MUNN York, S. C. SANDRA ADA MUNN Rock Hill, S. C. FLOYD CLEON MYERS Graham, N. C. JAMES RUFUS NEIL Clover, S. C. BOYD SMITH NELSON Pilot Mountain, N. C. GERALD ARTHUR NICHOLS Charlotte, N. C. JAMES OTIS NODINE Spindale, N. C. Page Seventy-Three ) HELEN KAYE NORMAN Morganton, N. C. GEORGE HERMAN NORVILLE CUffside, N. C. BECKY FAYE OAKLEY High Point, N. C. BARBARA JANE GATES Chester, S. C. LENA ANN OSBORNE Shelby, N. C. NED BUNYAN OWENS Shelby, N. C. DAN THURMAN PACKARD Mooresboro, N. C. ELIZABETH GOOCK PADGETT Forest City, N. C. FRESHMEN STEPHEN HARRILL PADGETT Bostic, N. C. RICHARD EVANS PADGHAM Old Fort, N. C. CHARLES NORMAN PAGE Forest City, N. C. MRS. FRANCES HARRISON PASSMORE Shelby, N. C. SONJA MARELENA PEARSON Shelby, N. C. WALTER TIMOTHY PETERSON South Amboy, N. J. JOE CARMA PHILLIPS Gastonia, N. C. MRS. RACHEL PEARSON PHILYAW Lenoir, N. C. fes ' m Poge Seventy-Four £ ROBERT KENNETH PHILYAW Lenoir, N. C. BENJAMIN LEONARD PONS Valdese, N. C. CLYDE RICHARD POSTON Shelby, N. C. WILLIAM ELMORE PRUITT Honea Path, S. C. WILLIAM NED PRYOR Clover, S. C. GORDON CLIFFORD PUTNAM, JR. Shelby, N. C. WALLACE McBRIDE PUTNAM Shelby, N . C. TONEY BONNELL QUEEN Morganton, N. C. i£iil FRESHMEN DAVID WILLIS RABB Shelby, N. C. ' 4ARLES DENNIS RAMSEY Cherxyville, N. C. NANCY CAROLYN REESE Mount Holly, N. C. EMILY DEAN RHYNE Belmont, N. C. LARRY JOE RIKARD Cramerton, N. C. KENNETH RAY ROBERTS Weaverville, N. C. PERRY HALL ROBERTS Mount Holly. N. C. GAIL PHYLLIS ROBERTSON Spindale, N. C. Page Seventy-Five MARGARET OLIVE ROBINSON Lincolnton, N. C. PATRICIA LEE ROGERS Hendersonville, N. C. FREDERICK BERLEY ROPP, III Shelby, N. C. HELEN RUTH ROWE Havelock, N. C. RONALD JUDSON RUMFELT McAdenville, N. C ANN LOUISE SANDERSON Morehead City, N. C. JOHN KENNETH SANFORD Hartwell, Ga. ERIC JEFFREY SHIELDS Winston-Salem, N. C. FRESHMEN RICHARD GEORGE SIEBURG Charlotte, N. C. WILLIAM DEAN SMARR Hickory Grove, S. C. JAMES RE ID SMART Forest City, N. C. DAVID KENNETH SMITH Spindale, N. C. NORRIS HENRY SNELLINGS Shelby, N. C. JOYCE FAYE SNIPES Spruce Pine, N. C. NANCY KAYE SORRELLS Waynesville, N. C. DAVID MICHAEL SPANGLER Shelby, N. C. Poge Sevenfy-Si) JERRY MICHAEL SPARKS Rutherfordton, N. C. CALVIN YATES SPURLIN Cliff side, N. C. BRENDA FAYE STALLINGS Mooresboro, N. C. . PATSY ANNE STAMEY Kings Mountain, N. C. ALTON RADFORD STANLEY Durham, N. C. JOHN GRIER STIKELEATHER Statesville, N. C. ALVIN ADAM STREET Bostic, N. C. LOTTIE MERLE STRICKLAND New Bern, N. C. Mt L FRESHMEN MARTHA ANN STROUP Shelby, N. C. AUSTIN TOMLINSON SWAIM, JR. Thomasville, N. C. MILFORD EVERETT SWAIM Winston-Salem, N. C. WILLIAM TERRELL SWEEZY Lawndale, N. C. BRENDA REBECCA TAYLOR Gaffney, S. C. MARY JANE TAYLOR Marion, N. C. PENNY SUE TAYLOR Franklin, N. C. RUTH MARIE TAYLOR Lewisville, N. C. Poge Sevenry-Seven EVERETT GUSTA THOMAS Hendersonville, N. C. HENRY EARL THOMAS York, S. C. ALLAN AUDREY THOMPSON Rutherfordton, N. C. LINDA GAIL THOMPSON Gastonia, N. C. HUBERT FAIRLEY THROWER, JR. Belmont, N. C. FLOYD LEONARD TONEY Spindale, N. C. ROBERT FRANKLIN TONEY Union MiUs, N. C. JACK LEE TRANTHAM Naples, N. C. FRESHMEN J. D. TURNER, JR. Shelby, N. C. ELIZ. BETH ANN TUTTLE Walkertown, N. C. EVERETTE EARL TYNER Shelby, N. C. CARROLL GENE VALLINI Marion, N. C. BETTY MAXINE VANDERBURG Forest City, N. C. LINDA ANN WALDREP Shelby, N. C. ARTHUR JOE WALKER Spindale, N. C. BETTY JEAN WALKER Gaffney, S. C. Poge Sevenly-Eighl JOEL EDWIN WALKER Shelby, N. C. MRS. REBECCA BROOKS WALLACE Boiling Springs, N. C. JONATHAN ROBERT WARD Rutherfordton, N. C. ELIZABETH ELLEN WASHBURN Lattimore, N. C. JOHNNY WAYNE WASHBURN Shelby, N. C. JAMES HARRIS WATERS Rutherfordton, N. C. DAVID FARRELL WEASE Lawndale, N. C. REBECCA GALE WEEKS Rutherfordton, N. C. FRESHMEN P ' f? f ROBERT COLEMAN WEIR, JR. Chester, S. C. KELLY ALBERT WELLS Rich Square, N. C. HOWARD BARTON WEST Uniontown, Md. CALVIN ERNEST WHITE Simpsonville, S. C. COLLETTE FAYE WHITE Casar, N. C. DONNIE RAY WHITE Asheville, N. C. JOHNNY MAC WHITE Lenoir, N. C. MRS. LINDA WALKER WHITE Boiling Springs, N. C. Page Seventy-Nine MARCL BEA WHITE Forest City, N. C. MARY DELORES WHITE Kings Mountain, N. C. NANCY JO WILES Hiddenite, N. C. BERTHA GERTRUDE WILLIAMS Brevard, N. C. HO VARD TAFT WILLL MS, JR. Chesnee, S. C. ELFORD TERRY WILLINGHAM Mooresboro, N. C. RONALD MONTGOMERY WILLIS Shelby, N. C. ESTILLA REBECCA WILSON Shelby, N. C. FRESHMEN JANICE MARIE WILSON Gastonia, N. C. HOWARD ARNOLD WISE Lincolnton, N. C. VIRGINIA LORETTA WISE Asheville, N. C. LEWIS LESTER WOMACK, JR. Hendersonville, N. C. JERRY MILES WOOD Chesnee, S. C. CHARLIE CLAYTON WORLEY- Spindale, N. C. MICHAEL HARVEY WRAY Shelby, N. C. DOUGLAS PERNELL WRIGHT Holly Hill, S. C. Page Eighty FRESHMEN SARAH DIANE WRIGHT Shelby, N. C. ZANE GRAY WRIGHT Avondale, N. C. LEROY DANIEL YOUNG, JR. Union Mills, N. C. TERRELL ROBERT YOUNG Gastonia, N. C. Another freshman enrolled at Gardner-Webb in time for homecoming; Victor found that he had no classes, only sports events to enjoy as the school ' s official mascot. Freshman Bobbie Oates and Bobby Oates, whose home towns are only about twenty-five miles apart, found tliat it can be iun to have like names. A pleasant memory of the ' 61 school year for entering students is the fellowsliip at meal time. Informal, spontaneous " get-togethers " around the old piano are vivid memory for many a student. 9 m m JH ' jp Um dKL ' " J r 1 mi %i 1 e «««rni lM Page Eighty-One o fi rt )4 PS c S 0) Q -3 ex h-l 0) H c ' 2 H 1g £ S U " «. z c- ■ c tf ri o p m § o C 3 hi: C tS S S -nJi .9 !;u -c -Q bO (U 3 i NEW TRAILS TO TRAVEL wssBJinr Sketch of new science building now under construction. Two sleets halted construction in January and February, but the building con- tinues to rise out of the mud between Dover Library and Decker Hall. I. 3. 4. JOMn R. DOV£R MEMORIAL WMH ucLn ibOiLpinc S. ' . aoY T£R MEMORIAL HOSPITAL O. AAAX c;ARC ttEE MtMO|Z.|AL M MURRAY PORMIJORY FOR HotY-AnTHonr- FAO iETT-Y uno POH.M1TORY FOR. BOY$ 5unu poRMiyoRY w« cirLs DECKER «ALL POR B€ Y - A MEMORIAL TO ihrnVl VVE ARPKER WEBB APMINI TRATION W pRE JPLrtX WOME 14. FA6ULty wou inq I . PHY5ICAU EDUCAjtOM AHO f ecREAjton BuiLDin lb. PROpOSEO cLAS5Room ftUlLPlMG 17. |?ROpO EC CJcflCt 5LP£ . 18. THE 5TROUP GIRL5 DORfn. 19. PROPOSEI? BOY ORtn. ZapROpoStP PACuLtt APARTMEHT tl. FROpOitO dRAnp TAHP t . oRictnAL AoiLmo }PRm4 til COMMUniTY PLAY iROUnp t4. 6OILINC Fumq aApTt- T CHURCH 8. 6U$INE$5 DISTRICT CAMPUS TRAILS BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL The Baptist Student Union Council consists of students who have a desire to create a Christ- ian atmosphere on the campus. They are in charge of meetings such as Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women ' s . uxiiiar -, and Vespers. JACKIE HEATH President DR. EUGENE POSTON Facult ' Advisor DEAN JOHN HIOTT Director JOYCE GANTT Vice-President BELINDA CR. BTREE Secretary MARTHA BURKE Chapel De otion Chairman BETTY SCOTT Chapel Devotion Vice-Chairman BOBBY GATES Christian Volunteer Band President EDWIN McGINNIS Ministerial Conference President C. ROL LOU HAMRICK Social Chairman JERRY WALKER LISTEN Chairman DOROTHY LIVINGSTON Publicity Chairman TAMARA CORNWELL Music Chairman , FELIX HART Sunday School Representative BOBBY GLASGOW Training Union Representative EDITH BAILEY Y SA President Poge Eighty-Six COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ¥ A 1 1 tt JERRY WALKER President. College Government President, HAPY Dormitory FELIX HART Vice-President, College Government PEGGY HARTLEY Secretary, College Government JOHN B. HIOTT Advisor The aim of the College Government Association is to represent the student body. This trail has not been easy to travel, but the College Government members have traveled it courageously and with progress. PHILIP TURNER President, Decker Hall DORIS HARTLEY President, Stroup Dormitory " Mission-minded Travelers " Y. W. A. The aim of the Young Women ' s Auxihary is to better acquaint the young women with the different mission fields. The Christian Volunteer Band leads services in various churches in communities surrounding Gardner-Webb. This organization is composed of students who want to learn more about Christ and how to become better workers in His name. CHRISTIAN VOLUNTEER BAND " Onward, Christian Soldiers " Poge Eighty-Eight I. R. C. The aim of tlie International Relations Club is to stimulate interest in current e ents throughout the world. The man) ' programs given during the year encourage the stu- dents to deselop a deeper con- cern for our many foreign friends. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Freeman, Ray Kitchen, Ruby Givens, Doroth - Livings- ton. ROW TWO: Robert Broome, Taniara Comwell, Tholma Sutton, Gav Lo ette. ROW THREE: Jerry McKinney, Marcelle McSwain, Winnie Pittillo. ROW JFOUR: Lansford Iolle -, Advisor; Mrs. Aulida Sanion, Betty White. RO ' ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Hollifield, Ronald Withers, Jennings Smith, Don Lowe, Philip Turner, Jerry Walker, Colev Brannock, Gene Swinson, Paul Brooks, Lloyd Porter, Smith Nelson, Coach Robert Blackburn. ROW TWO: Lloyd Wall, Cleon Myers, Jack Marsh, Henry Bright. Sam Cra er, Ronald Wright, Marshall Long, Walter Siniard, Jerry Beane, Bobby Cook, Coach Norman Harris. ROW THREE: Edgar Co. , Billy Lewis, Larrv Green, Johnny Stikeleather, Johnny Nhic White, Larrv Hunsueker, Jerry Dys:irt, Eugene Bramlett, Cyms Wells, Arthur Crocker. Fred Bostic. ROW FOUR: Jim Hill, Larry Hxder, Richard Padgham, Dale Duncan, Woodv Collins, Gene Allen, Bill Suggs, Bernard Haney, Bob Lohr, Bill Pruitt. ROW FIVE: Don Horn, Richard Bradley, Jack Gregory, Kennetlr Sanford, CaK ' in White, Ezra Munn, Lionel Brooks, Roy Crisp, Bill Smarr. MONOGRAM CLUB Membership in the Monogram Club is open to men students who letter in a varsity sport at Gardner-Webb. A spirited enthusiasm underlies all of the Club ' s acti ities. Page Eighty-Nine H O U s E C o u N C I L S LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Putnam. Carol™ Young, Joyce Gantt, Doris Hartley, Betty Bennett, Martha Burke, Carolyn Ingram, Shirley Pressley, Jean Childers, Joyce Snipes. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie McCraw, Paul Brooks, Dean Smith, Philip Turner, Morris L -nch, Budd - Freeman, Ronnie Wright. STANDING; Coley Brannock, Jerry Beane, Jerry Walker. Bob Lohr, Steve Sinclair. The house councils are the re- gulator ' bodies for dormitory students. They serve as Haison agencies between students and deans. The councils are compos- ed of president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and hall proctors, who are carefully se- lected to help maintain har- monious relationships among students and between students and administrators. Poge Ninety A C T I V E LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Walker, Belinda Crabtree, Billy Hoffman, Mrs. Lora Lipscomb High, Randy Elrod, Carol Lou Hamrick, and Larry Hicks. Not pictured, Jerry Dycus. The Marshal Club is Gardner-Webb ' s honor society. Membership is awarded to those who have walked successfully the trails of character, service, leadership, and scholarship. M A R S H A L S CHIEF LARRY HICKS MARSHALS CAROL LOU HAMRICK INACTIVE MARSHALS Martha Burke, Sam Craver, Neil EUer, Joyce Gantt, Jimmy Ray Hamrick, Doris Hartley, Troy Houser, Dorothy Livingston, Linda Moretz, Judy Putnam, Jennings Smith Ronald Withers. Page Ninety-One CHOIR There is nothing more angelic than the blending of voices. " There is music in the air " ROW ONE. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Wilson, Jenny Lineberger, Gayla Morgan, EUie Elrod, Dorotln- Miller. Kav Elium. Mar ' Jo Greene. Louise Britt, Garol - nn Jackson. Judy Flake. R0 " TWO: Mrs. Xettie Rayle Gidney. Conductor; Janet Newton, ' irginia ' ise, Diane Wright. Tamara Comwell. CaroUTi Moser, Carohn Ingram. Janet Keller. Linda Moretz. Jeane McPherson, Nancv Reese. ROW THREE: Larr - Hicks. Accompanist: Jackie Heath, Randy Elrod, Bobby Oates, Jerr - Heldemian. Frank Coffew Johiin Washburn. Don White. Earl Thomas. .Mr. M. W. Gordon, Jr. RO V FOUR: Stanley Webb, Rob Weir, Udean Burke. Joe Phillips. Joel ' alke , Buddy Lee, Jimmie Powers. Jim McSwain, Joe Buckner, Tim Peterson. " Ministers on the move. " AH ministerial students are eligible to become members. MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. T. Gillespie, Ad ' isor; Gene Vallini, Neil EUer, Edwin, McGmnis. Gene Swin- son, Stanle Webb, Joe Kanipe. RO " TWO: Robert Plummer. Roy Pmett, Joe Buckner. Wayne Dixon, Clyde Hamrick. Don Horn. John Edwards. Walter Fortune. ROW THREE: Rand - Elrod, James Batchler, Charles Ingle, Tim Peterson, Ned Pr or. Jerr ' Gamble, Bobby Glasgow, Guy Fisher, Joe Deaton. Poge Ninety-Two LEFT TO RIGHT: Donnie Hyatt, Don White, Joyce Philbeck, Rebecca Blalock, Patricia Faircloth Hall, Gay Lovette, Gladys Icenhour, Morris Lynch, M. F. B. Ded- mond. Advisor. Larry Hicks was absent when picture was made. DEBATE TEAM The debate team is one of the most active organi- zations on the Gardner-Webb campus. The de- baters participate in some of the larger debate tournaments in the country against competition from the larger universities. It is not unusual for the debate team to bring home top honors against such strong opposition. Professor F. B. Dedmond is coach for the team. Lynch, Blalock, Hicks, Philbeck, and Coach F. B. Dedmond. Morris L nch and Becky Blalock are the varsity negative de- baters for Cardiier-W ' cbb, Larr - Hicks and Joyce Philbeck arc the members of the team who carry the brunt of the affirmative. Poge Ninely-Three PILOT STAFF THE PILOT, college newspaper, is a monthh ' publication. The staff, working under faculty ' super ision, is composed of students interested in journalism. They work together to keep the stu- dent bod ' informed of the various activities of the school and to promote better school spirit. EDITOR Sam Graver ASSISTANT EDITOR Tilhe Wilson SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Michael H. Palmer, Advisor; GaU HaU. ST. NDING: Sam Graver, Skip West, Gail Bennett, Max Holder, Tillie Wilson, Jeff Womack. Page Ninety-Fou THE DAILY TRAVELERS f " ij E k. 1 ■1 ■ , fll Bl ttfeil %- MP v l 1 E " 4 • •d k K . " M H Im H i gffis ( 1 1 W! !!: !; ' • t!.5 S;- ' iiilMliifliii ' m: f ' •? vi iife , , -f mm f;m: l «ii ri ' " ' S. pit SH i®:: sm ' ' . m m. Wm ttjjf m M ' M ' - H ' )y;i « o Jiiii o mm HOMECOMING COURT QUEEN MISS GALE WEEKS FRESHMAN ATTENDANT MISS INEZ EWING SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT MISS SYLVIA STARNES K gtSSt " ■1 %J 2 H 9 ■trflpK hJLA n Page Ninety-Eight i HHa HOMECOMING SPONSORS Miss Sue Perry Miss Linda Owens Miss Suzan Medaris Mrs. Kay Taylor Bramlett Miss Martha Yelton Miss Mary Jo Greene Miss Jean Childers Miss Karen Kale Sponsored by Marshall Long Sponsored by Jerry Walker Sponsored by Paul Brooks Sponsored by Eugene Bramlett Sponsored by Don Lowe Sponsored by Lloyd Porter Sponsored by Sam Graver Sponsored by Walter Siniard Page Ninety-Nine i HONOR ATTENDANT AND ESCORT MISS LINDA SHARPE MR. BOBBY GLASGOW Page One Hundred 1960 KING AND QUEEN OF MAY MISS LINDA MORGAN MR. NED DUNCAN I wmmmm imm THE 1960 MAY COURT MRS. PEGGY PUETT NEAL MR. MIKE DEL GRANDE MISS LINDA MORGAN Queen MISS GWYNN WARD MR. WAYNE EPPLEY Page One Hundred One MAY COURT MISS JERI McCORMICK MR. MARSHALL LOXG MISS JO AXS TESSXER MR. JOHN J EXN IX GS, JR. MRS. LORA LIPSCOMB HIGH MR. BUDDY FREEMAN MISS CHARMAIXE AVSTIX MR. TED ANTHONY MISS JACKIE JOXES MR. PAUL BROOKS MISS ELIZABETH RABON MR. JACK GAXTT Poge One Hundred Two MISS CAROLYN YOUNG MR. GILMER BLACKBURN MISS JO ANNE BRITTAIN MR. DENNIS BROOKS MISS GARDNER-WEBB MISS GAIL ROBERTSON First Runner-up MISS ANN POWELL Second Runner-up MISS JACKIE JONES Page One Hundred Four BSS»i»?A;«.! ■i,V - ' »P ' V.,fiV; ' J. . ' . ' . ' ,;£ ' . ' ; ' i-V " ' ' .: .-;, ' i:, ' . " ■.. ' • " ■,t,V ' ' ' -T-tiJO|7i. MISS GARDNER-WEBB CONTESTANTS pi MISS BRENDA KATHERINE KIRBY MISS EMILY DEAN RHYNE MISS RUBY ESTELLE GIVENS MISS JUDITH LORRAINE PUTNAM MISS LOTTIE MERLE STRICKLAND MISS DOROTHY IRENE LIVINGSTON MISS GARDNER-W MISS SUE BUCKNER PERRY MISS BRENDA GAIL HALL MISS SANDRA ADA MUNN MISS BETTY JEANETTE STOTT I MISS SUZAN REBECCA MEDAj 1 1 1 MOST POPULAR SUE PERRY LLOYD PORTER BEST PERSONALITY JENNY LINEBERGER RANDY ELROD TRUE WORTH BEST LOOKING JACKIE JONES SMITH NELSON MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CAROL LOU HAMRICK SAM CRAVER FRIENDLIEST DORIS HARTLEY BOBBY OATES BEST ALL ROUND BETTY STOTT JERRY WALKER IS IN BEING U wrmEST EDITH BAILEY DON LOWE MOST TALENTED NANCY CASTLE LARRY HICKS • «•■ ' " ■ MOST ATHLETIC JEAN CHILDERS PAUL BROOKS MOST DEPENDABLE MONEA WHITE JACKIE HEATH NOT SEEMING BELINDA CRABTREE JERRY DYCUS UNSUNG HERO AND HEROINE JOYCE PHILBECK RAY CLARKE n Hi n p o I gn , m A CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dean Rhyne, Sandra Moore, JoAnne Bartles, Joyce Snipes, Rob Weir, Rowena Bailey, Gale Weeks, Bobbie Oates, and Gail Hall. l cf ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lewis Henderson, Wally Mid- kill, Don Lowe, Cleon Myers, Woody Collins, Ezra Munn, Man- agers Larry Lee and Larry Hoskins. ROW TWO: Manager Jim Greene, Gene Allen, Jack Gregory, Bill Suggs, Don Horn, Larry Hyder, Eddie Godshall, Sports Reporter Barton West. ROW THREE: Line Coach Bob Blackburn, Fred Bostic, Smith Nelson, Paul Brooks, Lloyd Porter, Bernard Harvey, Bruce Goforth, Bill { -s? Head Coach, Nonnan Harris Line Coach, Robert Blackburn M Page One Hundred Twelve mammM Pruitt, John Stikeleather, Coach Norman Harris. ROW FOUR: Henry Bright, Ken Sanford. Bill Smarr, Walter Siniard, Jim Hill, Don Loftis, Oliver Miller, Jr., Dale Duncan, Richard Padgham. ROW FIVE: Ronald Wright, Dudley Pace, Bill Lewis, Larry Hunsucker, Coley Brannock, David McDaniel, Bob Lohr, Cyrus Wells, Arthur Crocker. ROW SIX: Sam Carver, Eugene Bramlett, Marshall Long, Larry Green, Jer ry Walker, Robert McCracken, Roy Crisp, Edgar Cox. MANAGERS Barton West, Reporter; Jim Greene, Larry Hoskins 1960-61 VARSITY The Bulldogs had their first losing season in eleven years. They ended the season with a 3-4-2-record. The season ' s opener went to the Bulldogs 24-14 over Chowan. The second con- test ended in a 6-6 tie with Mars Hill. Coley Brannock ' s outstanding play in this game won him Player -of-the-Week honors; Brannock was also named to the NJCAA All-American team. GW traveled to Banner Elk to take on the Lees McRae Bobcats; the ' dogs bowed to the ' cats 7-2. Wingate was the ne.xt team to fall to the Bulldogs by the score of 20-6. The Bulldogs and Mars Hill tied a second time 12-12. Be- hind the brilliant running of Ken Sanford the GW Bulldogs whipped the Davidson Frosh 17-7. Sanford gained 225 yards in this game. The Bulldogs dropped their Homecoming game to Lees McRae 7-0. The Bulldogs lost their last two games, the first to Wingate 13-0 and to Furman 22-6. CO-CAPTAINS Coley Brannock and Lloyd Porter Page One Hundred Thirteen 1960 VARSITY FOOTBALL KEWETH SANFORD LIONEL BROOKS CAL ' IX WHITE JERRY WALKER SMITH NELSON PAUL BROOKS ROV CRISP BILL SMARR MARSHALL LONG LLOYD PORTER i RONALD WRIGHT i SAM CR. VER EUGENE BR. MLETT WALTER S1NL RD EDGAR COX EDDIE GODSHALL ARTHUR CROCKER BOB LOHR WOODY COLLINS DON LOWE Page One H„r,cj;ea lfe:«A ' These are the times that try men ' s souls. Ken Sanford loose on one of his long touchdown runs LARRY HUNSUCKER BILL LEWIS FRED BOSTIC BERNARD HARVEY LARRY GREEN BILL PRUITT DON HORN GENE ALLEN RICHARD PADGHAM LARRY HYDER EZRA MUNN DALE DUNCAN JOHN STIKELEATHER BILL SUGGS DON LOFTIS CYRUS WELLS ■, ' i -M ' Page One Hundred Fifteen 71 n A Results - 1960-61 Nov. 2S Erskine JV 67-53 ,24 30 . ' Dec. 1 Furtnan Frosh 54-86 Dec. 3 Groves Thread 73-SO 1 ' 1 ■ ' Dec. 8 Mars Hill 62-77 f LJ " -. l k ■ Dee 10 Lees McRae 56-83 Dec. 15 AsheWOe Biltmore 59-60 Dec. 17 Wingate 67-59 Dec. 19 Clemson Frosh 52-75 Dec. 20 Groxes Thread 62-58 i B S V 9 B 1 Jan. Furman Frosh 74-72 f B Jan. 12 Brevard 47-56 Jan. 14 N. Green Tlle 73-86 Jan. 28 M ' ingate 62-47 Jan. 30 Mars Hill 79- 4 mj L M H 1 Jan. 2 Lees McRae 60-66 Feb. 6 Brevard 64-73 Feb. 8 Spartanburg 110-52 Feb. 9 Ashe ille Biltmore 85-59 BM E Lg K Feb. 11 Clemson Frosh 64-77 Feb. 13 Erskine JV 59-51 Feb. 16 Spartanburg 77-57 CO-CAPTAIXS Feb. IS X. Green ille 79-80 Lloyd Wall and Jem- Beane Feb. 23 ' ingate 93-71 (Tournament) Record: 10-12 (Conference 6-S) J Coach Blackburn directs the team in a tense moment of one of our home games. . . Wingate, Dec. 17. GVV won: 67-59. BASKETBALL 1960-61 ROW ONE. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Stanley, Lionel Brooks. Paul Brooks, Dale Duncan, Harrys Waters, Fay NkSwain. ROW TWO: Steve Daves, Hubert Thrower, Tim Gates, Ernie Wall, Roger King. ROW THREE: Coach Bob Blackburn, Jeny Walker, Jerry Beane, Lloyd ' all, Ed Godshall, Manager Ken Sanford. Page One Hundred Sixreen BASKETBALL 1960-61 HUBERT THROWER RAY STANLEY ED GODSHALL Page One Hundred Seventeen BASEBALL 1960 ROW OXE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Callicutt, Gene Hollifield, Don Lowe, Jennings Smith, Philip Turner, Bill Nix, Ronald Withers, Coach Norman Harris. ROW TWO: Manager Ernie ' all, Randy Elrod, Paul Brooks, Eugene Bramlett, Ed Chambers, Jim Euliss, Cyrus Wells, Ronald Wright, ROW THREE: Jerr ' Cook Jerry Dysart, Ed Lohr, Lloyd Wall, Dal Nanney, Bob ' Lohr, John Keeter. Brackett, Callicutt Callicutt, Wells, Keeter, Chambers _, , . , , From this group of prospects. Coach Harris began his search March brought not only the baseball season-but snow! for a catcher. Poge One Hundred Eighteen BASEBALL 1960 Coach Norman Harris had his first losing season since he came to G- ' in 1949. The Bulldogs finished the sea- son with a 7-9 record. The ' won two games from Mars Hill, whipped Gaston Tech once, and dropped one to the Fiirman Frosh. The Bulldogs won and lost one to Davidson Frosh, Lees McRae, and Brev;u-d. North Green- ille, Spartanburg, and Wingate toppled the Bulldogs twice before the season ended. THE RECORD 6 North Greenville 7 4 12 Spartanburg Davidson 5 6 6 Lees McRae 5 5 Brevard 6 12 Furman 17 3 9 Wingate Gaston Tech 5 5 7 Mars Hill 6 10 5 Spartanburg Lees McRae 12 9 2 7 Wingate Mars Hill 6 5 3 North Greenville 7 8 Brevard 4 Paul Brooks: all-conference, hon- orable mention for all-American, played at short-stop. Bill Nix . . . played third base. Jerry Callicut . . . caught and played in the outfield. Ronald Withers Phil TiuTier Ed Lohr . . . first base. Dal Nanney TRACK 1960 RO ' OXE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Bradley, Bilh Ray Turn- er, Steve " iUiams. Earl Thomas, Fred High, .Alfred Dobbins. James Schulhofer. ROW TWO: Raeford Painter, Bob Glasgow, Smith Nelson, Carl McCarthy, Frank Barlowe, Lloyd Porter, Walter TENNIS 1961 CampbeU, Jack Marsh. ROW THREE; Coach Bob Blackburn, Manager Sam Cra er, JeiT - Walker, Walter Siniard, Marshall Long, Robert Gooden, John Jennings. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach . llen Burris, Ronney Cole, Dennis Jones, Dan Spangler, Bobby Kirkendall, Doyle Smith, Dale Spang- ler, Jerr " McKinney, Man Freeman, Ted Mills. i lf% 1P 7 1 ' i ••• " TF xiu ' ' •» fi ' . :ji i» Page One Hundred Twenty INTRAMURAL CHAMPS: FROM HAPY LEFT TO RI GHT: Jeffery Shields, Wayne Hamrick, Bill Whise- nant, Jerry Dunnagan, Dudley Pace, Jim McSwain, Roger Hold- ford, Phillip Hicks. THE RUNNER-UP: FROM DECKER HALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Hunsucker, Smith Nelson, Doyle Smith, Wally Midkiff, Don Lowe, Lloyd Porter, Richard Ware, Marshall Long. Skip West, sports reporter; many a long night, after the game. Victor leads the crowd as they growl for victory. FOOTPATHS TO HAPPINESS The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. — Eao-tse Resolve to be thyself; and know that he who finds himself loses his misery. —Arnold Remember this —that ver ' httle is needed to make a happy life. —Marcus Aurehus Life is not life at all without delight. — Patmore To be of use in this world is the only way to be happy. — . ndersen Time ripens all things. —Cervantes They can conquer who believe they can. — ' irgil What is left when honor is lost? — C tus Xo one can work me injun.- but myself. —Emerson No bird soars too high, if he soars ith owm ings. —Blake Our character is our will, for what we will we are. —Manning Too low they build who build beneath the stars. —Young Page One Hundred Twenty-Two I Opportunities Unlimited Young men and women contemplating a career will find the textile business offers real opportunity for a bright future. New methods, new products and new markets create a constant demand for new personnel. You can choose no more wisely than to decide upon a future in textiles . . . this state ' s industrial backbone! Check with your vocational guidance counselor or come to see us. Stevens J. p. Stevens . Co.. inc. SYNTHETICS DIVISION CLEVELAND PLANT -:- SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA GRADUATES For the greatest opportunity in textiles, we heartily recommend that you continue your education at one of the fine textile colleges in the South. PenneyS AtWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of SHELBY DRUG CO. Shelby North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of W. H. HUDSON CO., INC. " 10% Discount for Students " Shelby North Carolina A. A. RAMSEY SON, INC. CONTRACTORS Phone HU 7-8101 Highway 74-A East Shelby, N. C. CHARLES A. HOEY, INC. INSURER We Sell The Earth - We Insure What ' s On It 403 South Lafayette St. Shelby, N. C. I Compliments of LILY MILLS COMPANY THREADS -:- COTTON -:- YARNS SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of DOVER TEXTILE GROUP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA A fDW CH £iimCMeam£Ap Cleveland Counfy ' s Only Home Bakery BOST BAKERY, INC. Shelby, North Carolina HOUSE OF FLOWERS Jack and Marilyn Shelby, N. C. SPANGLER REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE - RENTAL APPRAISALS Phone HU 7-8586 Shelby, N. C. Compliments of BELK-STEVENS COMPANY " Your Home of Better Values " Shelby, N. C. Compliments of YOUNG BROTHERS Shelby North Carolina HUDSON HOSIERY CO. Manufacturers of LADIES ' FULL FASHION HOSIERY AND SEAMLESS HOSIERY Shelby, N. C. S m f3Somi CLEVEUIMD COUNTYS OLDEST SAV7NCS AND LOAM r3 Comp imenfs of ALL-DA-BARBECUE Shelby, N. C. Compliments of BOILING SPRINGS DRY CLEANERS BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. CLEVELAND SAVINGS SPANGLER SONS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE HU 7-8556 " SAVE TO BUILD 303 South Morgan Street Shelby, N. C. BUILD TO SAVE " " Anything in Concrete " Phone HU 7-5261 Shelby, N. C. COMPUfAENTS Of Carolina Plant FIBER GLASS DIVISION Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company PEARCE-YOUNG-ANGEL COMPANY WHOLESALE FOODS Spartanburg, South Carolina " The Only Full Coverage of The Bulldogs " SHELBY DAILY STAR SHELBY, N. C. •OfnO UNI R AUTHOIITT Of IM COCA-COIA COMPANY IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Shelby, North Carolina LUTZ-YELTON TRACTOR TRUCK CO. Shelby, North Carolina HAROLD A. ELLIOTT, JEWELER 624 South Lafayette Street Shelby, N. C. It ' s " " ' ' . P ' sN .i:. WAWeHSIAN Tender Tested 1 Ts mSsSST ?S WALDENSIAN BAKERIES. ..BAKERS OF SUNBEAM BREAD Compliments of BENNETT BRICK TILE CO. Compliments of MORGAN COMPANY INCORPORATED Phone HU 7-6061 Shelby, N. C. QUALITY BRICK TILE Phone 434 Phifer Road Kings Mountain, N. C. SHELBY AUTO PARTS, INC. 501 North Lafayette Street Shelby, N. C. LUTZ-AUSTELL FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone HU 7-7211 Shelby, N. C. THE BORDEN COMPANY " If ; ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be good " Shelby, North Carolina MASSACHUSETTS MOHAIR PLUSH COMPANY. INC. Manufacturers of Yarns and Fabrics NEISLER DIVISION Kings Mountain, North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina Double Shoals, North Carolina Boiling Springs, North Carolina Ellenboro, North Carolina Mayo, South Carolina Rehearsal for " Man in the Bowler Hat " Thanksgiving Dinner: a long tradition. COLLEGE SNACK SHOP " Sandwiches a Specialty " STUDENTS ' HANGOUT Jim Beason, Manager Boiling Springs, North Carolina Clothing of Style and Distinction for the Young Gentleman on his Way to Success COLLEGE CORNER in the cellar FIRST NATIONAL BANK Shelby, N. C. Member F.D.I.C. LATTIMORE, N. C. the DEB SHOPPE upstairs for JUNIORS, MISSES, PRE-TEENS Compliments of Exclusive Fashions for the Young or Young- in-Heart ... on Campus or in Career STAR PRESS, INC. Shelby, N. C. IN THE FOOTHILLS OF THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS AND SUR- ROUNDED BY BEAUTIFUL LAKES IS CARSON-NEWAAAN COLLEGE, OFFERING BOTH BROAD AND SPECIALIZED STUDY DIRECTED BY A WELL TRAINED FACULTY A Baptist related school where academic and spiritual values can be found in high degree. For literature and general information: DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS CARSON-NEWMAN COLLEGE JEFFERSON CITY, TENNESSEE SPECIAL PROGRAMS OF STUDY ENGINEERING FORESTRY LAW MEDICINE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY THEOLOGY EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS BUSINESS MUSIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Forest City 228 East Main Street Forest City, N. C. CompWmenis CONE MILLS CORPORATION FLORENCE PLANT Forest City CLIFFSIDE PLANT Cliffside HAYNES PLANT Avondale G. B. HARRILL G. B. HARRILL PAPER AND SUPPLY CO. AGENCY, INC. WHOLESALE MERCHANTS GENERAL INSURANCE " A Full Line of Paper Products, Laundry and SINCE 1919 Dry Cleaners Supplies " Forest City, N. C. Telephone HU 2-2 1 1 2 1 32 W. Warren St. Shelby, N. C. 2-2=4 SIMPLE MATH but an indispensable SUM when it ' s TOTAL YEARS IN COLLEGE ADD those PLUS YEARS at leae NASHVILLE 5, TENNESSEE Fully accredited Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science " nie the Registrar for Particulars Harrill Brothers Wholesale Co, 6 Young Street Forest City, North Carolina EXCELSIOR MILLS RETAIL STORE Cleghorn Street Rutherfordton, N. C. FINE WOOLEN FABRICS Excelsior Rutherfordton Mill A Division of Deering Milliken, Inc. CLAUDE LOWERY FURNITURE 1 IMI |L " 1 338 East Main Street BBt " Ti M hI Forest City, N. C. L IBftF Compliments of 1 r B -«— . HARRIS STYLE SHOP Forest City, N. C. HI S? - ' - ?9CaMF B HHBV Countmg the loot to finance Victor. Comp imenfs P. S. WEST CONSTRUCTION CO. Box 751 Statesville, North Carolina Phone TR 3-4326 430 South Center Street c. J. HAMRICK SONS GENERAL MERCHANTS Complimenfs of Boiling Springs, N. C. NATIONWIDE FINANCE CO. " Serving the Public Since 1875 " Forest City, N. C. Phone 6222 Compliments of M. H. HAMRICK SONS Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of LOWE ' S ASSOCIATE STORE Shelby, N. C. STAMEY ' S-A FRIEND Rutherfordton, N. C. G. T. McSWAIN SUPER AAARKET Boiling Springs, N. C. Our Compliments First Baptist Cliurch DAVID HOKE COON, JR. Pastor JEANNE SAUNDERS Minister of Music and Education Forest City, North Carolina Compliments of McBRAYER ' S MOTOR COMPANY VALIANT DeSOTO PLYMOUTH Shelby, N. C. Compliments of McGINNIS FURNITURE COMPANY Kings Mountain, N. C. Compliments of GRIFFIN ' S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Kings Mountain, N. C. Compliments of VICTOR CHEVROLET COMPANY Kings Mountain, N. C. WALDROP ' S, INC. FAMOUS FOR QUALITY AND VALUE 106 E. Marion Street Forest City, N. C. YELTON MILLING COMPANY Rutherfordton, N. C. " YELTON ' S BEST " FLOUR AND MEAL RUTHERFORD COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Forest City, N. C. Compliments of UNIVERSAL MANUFACTURING CORP. Manufacturers of LADIES ' HOUSEWEAR Shelby, North Carolina LUTZ FURNITURE CO. TRADE AND SAVE With The Lutz Twins Phone HU 7-5236 Shelby, N. C. LEE ' S HOME AND OFFICE SUPPLY SALES AND SERVICE Royal Portable Typewriters Shelby, N. C. Comp menfs of CAROLINA DAIRY Shelby, N. C. BOILING SPRINGS DRUG CO. Cosmetics — School Supplies Costume Jewelry Phone HE 4-61 1 1 Boiling Springs, N. C. SIDNEY ' S HAIR STYLING SALON Shelby, N. C. CARLISLE STUDIO 214 South Lafayette Street Shelby, North Carolina Phone HUxley 7-4621 LUTZ-YELTON OIL CO. HU 7-5254 Distributor of CROWN PRODUCTS Shelby, N. C. THE CLEVELAND TIMES PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS - ENGRAVING Shelby, N. C. W. A. D. A. 1390 On Your Dial Shelby, N. C. TSardner Webb College Library r :5W l y:M: wm ni ' mm-; §m. ' mMt f ■mMm v ' ' -i t: 1 v.. mMmMm- ' ymi m. wmmm ■f Ai V; .■■■ir- ' , ' ■ V ■■,v .-. ' . mi , ' f$ ,r-v:,;V;v,v.: ' LIBRARY USE ONLY The Anchor 1961 LIBRARY USE ONLY The Anchor 1961 m i

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