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4BM |g|. H i i ii - -nT iiii ' - 1 r - i -r Gardner Webb College Library ri 1 1 1 4 .,, _ ,» d 1 ' • i T . • - «-. v ' t|p ■-ia»?3- ' ■ ) u . ;■ f- ' ? W - . ; If W- i IM U nHftH mA MM Kn 3 r MM This book is our effort at capturing the rich heritage of Gardner-Webb College ... the indomitable spirit present in the loyalty of her students, in thf hope of those who overlook all barriers in steering her progi iss, and in the devotion of those who guide her students in the paths of learning . . , and a reflection, many-sided, of our college . . . rooted in the past traditionally, yet living vitally in the present, and eagerly anticipating the future. Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Seven A STUDENT PUBLICATION GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Boiling Springs, North Carolina Patsy Cook Editor Bill Stephens Business Manager Kfi Dover Memorial Library cclebyating , . . OUR GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Gardner-Webb College was charted in 1905 as Boiling Springs High School. It was built and supported by the Kings Mountain and Sandy Run Baptist Associations of Cleveland and Rutherford Counties. The school opened its doors for the admission of students in October, 1907, with Professor J. D. Huggins as principal. In 1912 the Gaston Association joined with the other two in the support of the school, and the .Memorial Building was completed in 1925. The high school became Boiling Springs Junior College in 1928, with J. Blaine Davis as its first president. Succeed- ing presidents have been Dr. Zeno Wall, the Reverend James L. Jenkins, . . C. Lo elace, Dr. George J. Burnett, the Reverend John R. Cantrell, and the present president. Dr. Philip Lo in Elliott. The big problem which faced the college until it became Gardner-Webb in 1942 was one of securing adequate support. In 1937, the .Memorial Building burned. In the early forties, the school was dragging on, but the people of North Carolina were not ready to see the college die. Former North Carolina Governor O. Ma.x Gardner got interested in the school, and in the summer of 1942, gave S10,000 for scholarships. During the ne.xt five years, Go ernor Gardner poured thousands and thousands of dol- lars into the college, which in 1942 was renamed to honor the Gardner and ' ebb families of Cleveland and Ruther- ford Counties. ( Continiift! on page 7 ) a dcpictint GUIDANCE Page 10 i m ,5 ACHIEVEMENT Page 20 STRIVING TRADITION Participation Page 82 f h d cars GROWTH - Jj ! - WW i_-- In July of 1 943, Dr. Elliott accepted the presi- dency of the college, bringing with him a com- munity-service concept of education. Shortly afterward, the Memorial Fund Enlargement Campaign was launched. By the first of 1946, the college was free from debt and the appraised value of all assets was $850,000. Two years after Governor Gardner ' s death, a building was dedicated bearing his name— the O. Max Gardner Memorial Student Union. In 1948 Gardner-Webb was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and unconditionally admitted into the North Carolina Baptist Family of Colleges. Just one year later, the College Community Health Center opened, and in 1952, the John R. Dover Memorial Library was dedicated. In President Elliott ' s tenth annual report to the Trustees, he listed the college ' s total assets at $1,718,288. And since that report a new girls ' dormitory, costing approximately $240,000 has been built, and a combination gymnasium-recreation center and a swimming pool to cost about the same amount is under construction in this Golden Anniversary year of Gardner- Webb College. —These facts have been gleaned from Lengthening Shadows, a history of the college written by F. B. Dedmond, published this year. SPORTSMANSHIP Page 104 CITIZENSHIP Page 126 . Philip Lovin Elliott To one who has successfully guided our college through perilous years ... to one who leads by his example ... to one who is a teacher in the true sense of the word ... for gi ing us insight, courage, understanding . . . and for being a friend . . . we humbh- and gratefulK dedicate the 1957 Anchor to our Pres- ident. Dr. Philip Lo in Elliott. J ccause of his nig It ideals ana n IS ' l«.ii ' J.t « »., • ASSOCIATiOK ORCANHEOHOV, 27. J Dr. Elliott, who came to the college in 1943, is shown in these pictures in his characteristic hard-working manner. From dictating letters to Miss Davis, to guiding the progress of construction, to overseeing the entire college— he exerts an influence, strongly felt. Useless efforts to create a better scltool f h u cars • . . Philip Lovin Elliott President B.A.. Wake Forest College; M.A.. University of North Carolina; Ed. D.. Carson-XeuTiian; Additional Gradu- ate Study. John Hopkins University. Duke Uni ersity; Gardner- Webb Col- lege. 194.3- THE PRESIDENTS HOME The President ' s Home, a t vo-stor - brick structure in a pine grove with spacious lawns, is encircled by Mem- orial Drive. Faculty- homes are located around the Drive. The Woman ' s Missionary Unions of the Kings Moun- tain, Sandy Run, and Gaston Asso- ciations led in raising money for the home. Mrs. Rush Stroup of Shelby, chairman of the campaign committee, was called the moving spirit in the completion of the building, which was occupied by the Elliotts in 1949. ADMINISTRATION W. Lawson Allen Vice President and Director of Public Relations, Reli- gion B.S., Western Carolina College; M.R.E., South- western Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, Southern Baptist Theological Sem- inary, Wake Forest College; Gardner-Webb, 1944-46; 1953- James Orville Terrell Dean of Instruction, Social Science B.S., Western Carolina College; M.A., George Pea- body College for Teachers; Additional Graduate Study. Peabody; Gardner-Webb College, 1949- James Young Hamrick Dean of Men, English B.A., Elon College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1945— DoHis Jones Dean of Women, Bible B.A., Furman University; M.R.E., Southwestern Bap- tist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1956- B.A., 1946- DoHOTHY W. Hamrick Registrar Meredith College; Gardner-Webb College, Eugene W. Vosecky Business Manager, Commerce B.S., Northwestern University; M.A., Northwestern University; Additional Graduate Study, Northwestern University, University of Tennessee; Gardner-Webb College, 1949- JoHN E. Roberts Assistant Director of Public Relations, Journalism B.A., Furman University; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1954— John S. Farrar Pastor B.S., Wake Forest; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Sem- inary; Gardner-Wei)b College, 1952- iiiMiaiifiilfii James Marvin Anderson Business Law. Shorthand, Typewriting. B.S., Western CaroHna College; M.. ., George Pea- body College; Gardner- ebb College. 1956- RlCHARD CHANfBERS BaRNETT History B.A., Wake Forest College; M. Ed., University of .North Carolina; Gardner- Webb College. 1956- Gail Baucom Assistant Librarian B.S. in L.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; Gardner-Webb College. 1956- Claude H. Britt, Jr. Spanish B.A., Wake Forest College; M.. ., University of Ala- bama; Additional Graduate Study. Middlebury Col- lege; Gardner- Webb College, 1956— Faculty members gather at regular meeting. !- FACULTY Kathryn Copeland English B.A., Baylor Uni ' ersity; B.M.T., Southwestern The- ological Seminary; M.A.. Baylor Uni ' ersity; Addi- tional Graduate Study, University of California, Uni- versity of Chicago, George Peabody College for Teachers, University of Missouri; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1954- Francis B. Dedmond English B.A., Catawba College; Th. M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Duke University; Addi- tional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 19.52- Mbs. Robert Doggett Latin A.B., Winthrop College Hubert Conrad Dixon Mathematics B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Study, Clemson Col- lege; Gardner-Webb College, 1935- Jessie Franklin DeShong Librarian B.S., B.S. in L.S., Western Reserve University; Grad- uate Study, School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, American University; Gardner-Webb College, 1954- James Gardner Garrison Physical Education, Coach, Mathematics A.B., Western Carolina College; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1955- Nettie Ravle Gidney Voice B.M., Westminster Choir College; Gardner-Webb College, 1945-46, 1953- JosEPH Godwin Psychology, Religion B.S., Alabama State Teachers College; B.D., South- western Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, Baptist Hospital and Bowman Gray School of Medicine; Gardner- Webb College, 1956- FACULTY Xell Hines Harris History A.ti., M.A., South Carolina College for Women; M.A. Columbia Uni ersit -; Additional Graduate Study, Uni- versity ' of North Carolina; Gardner- Webb College, 1956— Norman Harris Coach, Physical Education B.A., High Point College; M.S., George Peabody Collegt for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1949— Hester M, Haynes Physical Education, Health B.S., Western Carolina College; Gardner-Webb College, 19.5.5- S. L. Lamm Religion, Speech B.A., Wake Forest College; Th. M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 19-50— Laura Kav McGee Music, Choir B.A., Furman University; Gardner-Webb College, 1956- Patricia Jean McSwain English, Dramatics Gardner- ebb College; B.A., Wake Forest College; Graduate Work, Duke University; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1956- Abbie Catherine Miller Piano B..M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; M.M., Cincin- nati Conser atory of Music; Gardner Webb College, 1937-54; 1955- Jame-s Stephen Morrisett Bible. Choir, Greek B.S., Columbia University; M.A., Cornell University; Th.B., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Graduate Study, Curtis Institute of Music; Ecole Wanda Landowska. Paris; Gardner- ' ebb College, 1945— M. A. MosELY, Jr. Chemistry B.S., VVofford College; M.S., North Carolina State Col- lege; Additional Graduate Study, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1950- RuTH Howie Plaster Organ B.M., Brenau College Conservatory; Graduate Study, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin- Gardner-Webb College, 1953- Elma Harper Pollock Romance Languages B.A., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; M.A., University of North Carolina; Additional Graduate Study, University of Maryland, University of North Caro- lina; Gardner-Webb College, 1936- Paul John Stacy Biology B.A., Duke University; Graduate Study, Duke University; Gardner-Webb College, 1941- Seth L. Washburn Physics, Mathematics, Biology B.S., Wake Forest College; Graduate Study, Wake Forest College; Gardner-Webb College, 1956- BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS Leonard Ancel Allen Superintendent Gardner- Webb Csllege, 194«- Hal B. Greene Assistant Horace Scruggs Assistant ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS K. THLEEN Holt Davis Secretary to the President B.S., Western Carolina College; Graduate Study, Um- versitj- of North Carolina, Columbia University; Gardner- Webb College, 1952- N ' ancv a. Griffin- Publications Secretary Gardner-Webb College; Gardner-Webb College, 1953- 54, 1955- Janelle Hicfc. Public Relations Secretary Gardner-Webb College Night School, 1953-54: Gardner- Webb College, 1954- lv. L. HOWINGTON Secretary to Guidance Department NrrA B. Lefleb Assistant to Business Manager Kings Business College; Gardner-Webb College, 1950- MlLDRED B. POSTON Assistant Registrar Gardner-Webb College; Gardner-Webb College, 1956— OsTEH WhISNANT ShTiTLE Counselor for Boys Gardner- Webb College. 1950— Mrs. M. a. Stroup Counselor for Cirls Gardner- Webb College. 1956- The Gardner-Webb College Com- munity Health Center, officially known as the S. S. Royster Mem- orial Clinic and Health Center, is a unique institution on the campus. Constructed with money donated by the late Dr. S. S. Royster, and supplemented by gifts from his children, the clinic offers a distinct ser ice to the college and commun- ity with its staff of trained nurses and efficient doctors. CAFETERIA Janie Belle Odom Dietitian Gastonia Business College; Gardner- Webb College; Lewis Hotel Training College; Gardner-Webb College, 1948- 5;3-, 19.55- CLINIC Miss Eunice Hamrick, college nurse, checks a student ' s vision. Dr. W. Wyan Washburn, clinic adminis- trator, heads plans for expansion. As a part of the Golden Anniversary Campaign, plans for the expansion of the clinic are well under way. The propos- ed addition will include more beds, a diet kitchen, and a staff room. THE CLINIC ; Erected 19lt9 Added 1953 1 1 L Proposed Expansion 1957 mm mmmmr THE OFFICERS Donald Shull President Faye Branch Vice-President Bentha Self Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS 22 5t. Earl Absher 314 Randolph Street Morganton, N. C. Baylor Ministry Ministerial Conference 1,2, Chair- man 1; Choir 1; Glee Club 1; Christian Volunteer Band 1. Freida Kathryn Austin Route 10, Box 185-H Charlotte, N. C. Business Administration Y.W.A. 1; Cheerleader 2; Mono- gram Club 2; Anchor staff 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2. Herman Charles Absher 514 Bostian Avenue Kannapolis, N. C. Catawba Ministry Ministerial Conference 1,2. Bertha Ann Bagwell Route 6, Asheville, N. C. Carson-Newman Elementary Ed. Y.W.A. 1,2; Choir 1; F.T.A. 1; Revival Team 1. Sandra Storey Ammons Box oz8 Johnson City, Tennessee Presbyterian Hospital Nursing F.T.A. 1: Y.W.A. 1,2; State B.S.U. Choir 1,2; B.S.U. Council 2; Girls " Sextette 2. Betty Jean Banning Box 14, Edneyville, N. C. Meredith English Marshal Club 1,2; F.T.A. 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Monogram Club 2; Cheer- leader 2; Pilot staff 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Choir 1; I.R.C. 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 2. i IS Robert Bavlxs 1512 Chillum Road HyattsriUe, Md. Carson-Newman Marshal Club IX Chief Marshal 2; Student Government 2; B.S.U. Council 2. DAvm Cavenv Route 2, Shelby, N. C. Lenoir Rh ' ne Business Administration RoNxiD Rav Lenoir, X. C. Lenoir-Rhy-ne Physical Education Basketball 1.2; Monogram 1.2, F.T.A. 1,2; Circle K 2. ' ice-pres- ident 2; Pilot staff 2. Biixi- G. Reason BoiUng Springs, X. C. Day Student 1,2. Paul Bell 59 Pine Street Great Falls, S. C. Davidson Business Administration Band 1,2; . . chor staff 2; Circle K2. GrETEL BlGGEBST.AFF Box 4-3, .A ondale, X. C. -Appalachian Education Y.W.A. 1,2, Council 2; F.T.A. 1,2, Nice-president 2; I. B.C. 1,2; Hik- ing Club 2; Sigma Pi .Alpha 1,2; Girls Council 2. Gloria Bolch 308 Arthur Avenue Castonia, N. C. Appalachian Business Administration Delta Psi Omega 1.2; Homecoming Sponsor 1,2; " Our Town " 1; Anchoh staff !. Barbara Faye Branch 1015 Carter Street Valdese, N. C. Secretarial Course B.S.U. Executive Council 2; Re- vival Team 1; May Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Home- coming Attendant 2; Marshal Club 1,2; Superlative. Sylvia Borders Brooks 322 Gold Street Shelby, N. C. N. C. State Mathematics Marshal Club 1,2; Glee Club 2; Choir 1. Barbara Cordelia Calton Box 73, Bostic, N. C. Day Student 2; Hiking Club 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 1,2; Y.W.A. 1; Glee Club 1,2. Thomas Dixon Carroll Route 2, Forest City, N. C. N. C. State Agriculture Alpha Beta Gamma 1; Circle K 2; F.T.A. 2; Anchor staff 2. Frances Elizabeth Causey Route 4, Box 53, Morganton, N. C. Wake Forest Elementary Education Hiking Club 1,2; Pilot staff 1,2, News Editor 2; Glee Club 1,2; Y.W.A. 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Basket- ball 1,2. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS s Al Cobb Box 229, Lowell, N. C. Wake Forest Law James Collette 1617 W. 4th Ave., Gastonia, N. C. Ministerial Conference L2; Day Student 1,2; B.S.U. Executive Council 2; Christian Volunteer Band 2; Glee Club I. Edmond Ferrell Conder Route 1, Pineville, N. C. N. C. State Chemical Engineering Hall Proctor 2; House Council 2. Patsy Christine Cook Box 5, Route 3, Forest City, N. C. Limestone English Day Student 1; LR.C. 2; Home- coming Sponsor 2; Marshal Club 1,2; Anchor staff 1,2; Editor 2; Superlati ' e. Carolyn Sanders Cooper Route 4, Box 325, Gaffney, S. C. Limestone Elementary Education Hiking Club 1,2; I.R.C. 1,2, Secre- tary 2; Y.VV.A. 2; Anchor staff 2. Robert Reid Crawford Route 1, Blaeksburg, S. C. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Caholyn Crocker Rt. 4, Box 103, Gaffney, S. C. Limestone Education F.T.A. 1,2, President 2; Pilot staff 2; Anchor staff 1,2; Hiking Club 1,2, President 2; Honieconiing Sponsor 2; Basketball 2, Landon Brank Deal Marshall, N. C. Texas Technical Science Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Base- ball 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. Robert Franklin Davis Route 4, Shelby, N. C. C. State Agriculture Carl DeBrew Shelby, N. C. N. C. State Day Student 1,2. Agriculture Macie Belle Day 311 Park Drive, Statesville, N. C. Charles Edward Dedmon Route 1, Shelby, N. C. Business Administration maiMliai m Harris Wesley Devine Route 3, Lawndale, N. C. F.T.A. 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; B.S.U.; Choir 1. William Rowland Evebette 603 Hines Avenue, Kinston, N. C. East Carohna Business Administration Robert Lee Downey 1 14 Kinney Avenue Thomasville, N. C. N. C. State Science Student Government President 2; Delta Psi Omega 3; " Blythe Spirit " 1; Marshal Club 1,2; Superlative 2. Maby Frances Gamble Boiling Springs, N. C. Limestone English Band 1; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Day Student 1,2; Winner Gardner- Webb Contest. Peccy Jean Early Route 2, Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Education Day Student 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 2; I.R.C. 2; Y.W.A, 2; F.T.A. 2; Band 1,2. M. ry Harriet Gibson 919 Tennessee Ave., Lakeland, Fla. Florida Southern English Y.W.A. 1,2, Council 2; " Blythe Spirit " 1; " Sun Up " 2; Hiking Club I; Revival Team 1. Martha Louise Goforth Rt. 2, Box 122, Cherryville, N. C. Women ' s College Home Economics Y.W.A. 1; I.R.C. 2; Glee Club 2. Margaret Lee Gold 922 Logan Street, Shelby, N. C. Western Carolina English Homecoming Attendant 1; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Marshal Club 1,2; May Court 1; Homecoming Spon- sor 2; Anchor staff 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; B.S.U. President 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1; Cheerleader 1,2, Co-chief 2; Superlative. Charles Thomas Gordon 1726 Waughtown Winston-Salem, N. C. Western Carolina Business Administration Day Student 2. Jane Caroline Greene Boiling Springs, N. C. Wake Forest Enghsh Sigma Pi Alpha 1,2; Marshal Club 1,2, Chief Marshal 2; I.R.C. 1; F.T.A. 2; " Our Town " 1; Christian Volunteer Band 2; Choir 2.- Glee Club 2. Patricia Anne Greene Route 4, Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Science I.R.C. 1; Y.W.A. 1; F.T.A. 1; Marshal Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2; Cheerleader 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, Secretary 2; Basketball 1,2, Captain 1; Girls ' House President 2; Superlative. William Stanford Gricc 411 Gold Street, Shelby, N. C. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Beverly Guffee 316 S. Main Street, Belmont, N. C, Appalachian English Sacred Heart College; I.R.C. 2; F.T.A. 2; Y.W.A. 2; Hiking Club 2. Douglas David Hamrick 14 ' Vest Randolph Road Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Business Administration Marshal Club 1,2; I.R.C. 1,2; Circle K 2, President 2; Superla- tive. Mary Tempa Hamrick 116 Hillcrest Ave., Lancaster, S. C. Secretarial Course Homecoming Sponsor 2; Winner Miss Cardner - Webb Contest; Anchor staff 2; Glee Club 2; Christian Volunteer Band 2; Hik- ing Club 2. Sarah Cordelia Hardin Catawba Heights, Belmont, N. C. Secretarial Course May Court Attendant 1; Home- coming Attendant and Sponsor 2; Superlative. Shelby Jean Harmon Rt. 1, Box 37, Forest City, N. C. Nursing Christian Volunteer Band 2; Day Student 1,2. JiMMiE Wells Harris Route 5, Gaffney, N. C. Limestone Ministry Ministerial Conference 1,2; Chris- tian Volunteer Band 1,2; Day Stu- dent 1,2. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS J. O. Habhis, Jb. Kings iMountain, N. C. U.N.C. Business Administration Intramurals 2. Ned Hendrick 518 South DeKalb Street Shelby, N. C. U.S.C. Mabtha Jean Haulk 524 Harmon St., Forest City, N. C. Appalachian Elementary Education Day Student 1,2; Glee Club 1,2. Abel Dillard Hiatt Mout Airy, N. C. Wake Forest English F.T.A. 2; Anchob staff 1,2; Re- vival Team 1; Pilot staff 2; Art Club 1, Vice-president 1; I.R.C. 2- " Sun Up " 2. Robert Lee Hearn Box 467, Lincolnton, N. C. U.N.C. Business Administration Day Student 2; Pilot staff 1,2; Anchor staff 1,2. James Higcins Route 2, Nebo, N. C. Carson-Newman Ministry President, Huggins-Curtis Dormi- tory 2. ■■m Clark Griffin Hoyle Alexander Sub. Station Forest City, . C. V C. State Pilot staff 2; Hall Proctor 2; Intra- mural sports; Circle K 2. Cn-DE Humphries Route 3, Shelby, N. C. N. C. State Engineering WiLMA Faith Houser 2 Pleasant Street, Bebiiont, N. C. Furman Religious Education I.R.C. 1; Choir 1,2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Y. A. 1,2; Anxhor staff 1,2; B.S.U. State Choir; Re- ' i ' al Team 1. Arnold Isaacs, Jr. Cornelius, N. C. Western Carolina Physical Education Football 1,2; Monogram 1,2, Presi- dent 2; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2, Co-captain 2. James Elbert Hxjey Marshall, X. C. Wake Forest Football 1; Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2; Monogram Club 2. J.AMES Edward Johnson Wabut, N. C. Lincoln Memorial Physical Education Football 1,2, Co-captain 2; Basket- ball 1; Baseball 1. " E Shirley Jean Jolley Route 1, Mooresville, N. C. Wake Forest Business Administration B.S.U. Executive Council 2; Hik- ing Club 1; Girls ' House Council 2; Anchor staff 1,2; Pilot staff 2; Y.W.A. 1; Choir I; Sigma Pi Alpha 2. James Kelly Kee Box 548, Belmont, N. C. U.N.C. Business Administration Basketball 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2. Harold William Kincaid Route 3, Box 624, Lenoir, N. C. U.N.C. Journalism Anchor staff 1; Pilot staff 1,2, Editor 2: I.R.C. 1,2. Carroll Smith Kirby Hudson, S. C. Lenoir Rhyne Education Horace Ledford 715 Douglas Street, Shelby, N. C. U.N.C. Business Administration Day Student 1,2; Howard ' s Busi- ness College; University of San Francisco; Phi Theta Pi. Charles William Loftin 259 Cooke Road, Denton, N. C. Catawba History I.R.C. 1; F.T.A. 2; Clee Club 1,2; Pilot staff 2. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ■ Richard Edward Marshall Route 1. Flat Rock, N. C. Clenison Engineering Shannon Marie Maunev Route 5, Shelby, N. C. Diiy Student 1; Y.W.A. Council 2; Social Standards Committee 2; l.R.C. 2; Anchor staff 2. Peggy Nell McDowell Route 1, Canipobello, S. C. Appalachian Elementary Education Basketball 1.2; F.T.A. 1,2; Cheer- leader 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Glee Club 2. Paul Alexander McLendon Route 1, Biscoe, N. C. Stetson Psychology Mars Hill; Football 1,2; Monogram Club 2; Intramurals 1,2; Decker Hall Vice-president 2; Student Council 2. Shirley McSwain Route 4, Shelby, N. C. Music Major V.W.A. 1,2, President 2; B.S.U. Council 2; l.R.C. 1; Choir 1. Bobby Charles Meeks Bo. 2064 Pinckney Station Gastonia, N. C. Furnian History Chri.stian ' olunteer Band 1,2; Min- isterial Conference 1,2; Marshal Club 2; Circle K 2; l.R.C. 2; Youth Revi al Team 1. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ir Eunice Margaret Melton Box 122, Caroleen, N. C. Berea English Hiking Club 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 1,2; F.T.A. 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Glee Club 1. Priscilla Anne Morgan 13-B West Terrace Apts, Asheville, N. C. West Forest Business Administration Y.WA. 1; Pilot staff 2; Hiking Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Girls ' House Council 2; Student Govern- ment 2, Secretary-treasurer 2. Frances Janette Middleton 510 Ford Street, Kannapolis, N. C. Catawba Elementary Education Choir 1; I.R.C. 1; F.T.A. 1,2, Secretary 2; Glee Club 2; Hiking Club 2; Y.W.A. 1,2. DiLLARD Leon Morrow 505 Harmon Street Forest City, N. C. Western Carolina Mathematics Monogram Club 2; Circle K 2, Secretary 2; F.T.A. 2, Reporter 2; Pilot staff 2; School sportswriter 2. Willie Dean Middleton 510 Ford Street, Kannapolis, N. C. Catawba Business Administration Edsel Lee Mull Lawndale, N. C. Lenoir Rhyne Ministry Day Student 1,2; Christian Volun- teer Band 1,2; Ministerial Confer- ence 1,2. T7S Eddie Sue Neal Route 1, Grover, S. C. Fuiman Liberal Arts Sigma Pi Alpha 1; I.R.C. 1; Choir 1; Y.W.A. 1; Anchor staff 1,2. Ben Louis Poston 2 Fanning Drive, Shelby, N. C. Limestone Education Day Student 2; F.T.A. 1; Football 1; Anchor staff 2. Edwin Eugene Peeler 832 West Warren Street Shelby, N, C. High Point College Education Monogram Club 1,2: Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Football Manager 1,2 ; Anchor staff 1. Ruth Ann Price Route 1, Casar, N. C. Carson Newman Education F.T.A. 1; Hiking Club 1.2 ■. I.R.C. 1,2; Glee Club 2; Y.W.A. 1,2. Walter N. Pope, Jr. Box 16, Waco, N. C. Jackie Adderson Reavts Angier, N. C. Eastern Carolina Physical Education Baseball 1,2; Monogram 1,2. Daphene Reid Route 2, Gastonia, N. C. University of Virginia Science YW.A. 1,2; Glee Club 1; Home- coming Sponsor 2. Ray Harold Rollins Route 2, Cherryville, N. C. U.N.C. Journalism Day Student 1; Pilot staff 1,2, As- sociate Editor 2; " Sun Up " 2; I.R.C. 1,2, President 2; Circle K Club 2. NoHMAN Rush 830 Dixon Ave., Asheboro, N. C. University of Miami Business Administration N.C. State; Football 2; Intramural Volleyball Champion; Intramural Basketball 2. Sybil Ann Scruggs Box 111, Gaffney, S. C. Furman Elementary Education F.T.A. 1,2; Choir 1,2; Hiking Club 1,2; Pilot staff 1,2. Bentba Ernestine Self 108 Alwran St., Morganton, N. C. Wake Forest Education Y.W.A. 1,2; Class Secretary 2; B.S.U. Social Chairman 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 2; Anchor staff 1,2. Paul Morris Short P, O. Box 5, Ellenboro, N. N. C. State Day Student 1,2. C. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Barbara Moore Shull 209 Gold Street, Shelby, N. C. Business Major Y.VV.A. 1,2; B.S.U. Council 2, Secretary 2; Band 2, Majorette; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Mi..ihal Club 1,2. Donald Baxter Shull 209 Gold Street, Shelby, N. C. Western Carolina Biology Anchor staff 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 1,2, Vice-president 2; Class Presi- dent 2; Day Student 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Superlative. Hal Douglas Sinrrn Route 1, Rutherfordton, N. C. Irva Frances Smith 606 Rankin Ave., Gastonia, N. C. Appalachian Business Administration May Court 1; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; " Blythe Spirit " 1; Cheerleader 1,2. Co-chief 2; Basketball 1; Class Treasurer 1; Anchor staff 1; Homecoming Queen 2: House Council 2; Superlative. Harolyn Jane Sparks Box 175, Cliffside, N. C. Y.W.A. 1; Anchor staff 1; Pilot staff 2; Hiking Club 1, Girls ' House Council 2; Student Govern- ment Vice-president 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 1,2, President 2; Band 2; Marshal Club 1,2. William James Stephens Willow Springs, N. C. U.N.C. Business Administration Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Mono- gram Club 2; House Council 2; Anchor staff 1,2, Business Man- ager 2; Circle K 2. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Mary Reece Upchubch Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Business Administration Band 2, Chief Majorette. Robert Earl Webb 652 12th Avenue, Hickory, N. C. Football 1; Monogram Club 1,2. WiLLARD Howard Upchurch Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Business Administration Delta Psi Omega 1,2; House Council 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Anchor staff 1. Claud Edwin White Route 3, Shelby, N. C. N. C. State Agriculture Day Student 1,2. Jack Allan Waters Ellenboro, N. C. U.N.C. Law Thomas Jerry Whitmire 619 Lineberger St., Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Medicine Anchor staff 1; Sigma Pi Alpha 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2; Day Student 2. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS xs Bernice Juanita Williams Rt. 1, Box 46, Forest City, N, C. Appalachian English Day Student 1,2; Glee Club 1. Ronald Williams 506 Fifth Ave., S.E., Hickory, N. C. Purdue Science Hiking Club 2; Anchor staff 2; Pilot staff 2; Baseball 1. Olin Delano Wilson Box 9, Valdese, N. C. Lenoir Rhyne Business Administration F.T.A. 1,2; Sigma Pi Alpha 1,2; Marshal Club 1,2; I.R.C. 2; B.S.U. Council, Treasurer 2. Alfred Rohert Wright 815 N. Church Street Kings Mountain, N. C. Patsy Eablene Wright 406 Battleground Road Kings Mountain, N. C. High Point College Library Science Wesleyan Methodist College; Pi7o( staff 2; Glee Club 2. Sophomores Not Pictured Jimmy Cummings Shelby, N. C. John Holland Route 11, Box 431 Charlotte, N. C. Robert Benson Henrietta, N. C. Steve Holland Shelby, N, C. Ray Doggett 102 Church Street Forest City, N. C, Hill Hughey Route 3 Kings Mountain, N. C, Joe Dysart Route 4 Cartersville, Ga. Allen Jolley Route 1 Mooresboro. N. C. Budd Elhngton Box 36 Gilkey, N. C. Robert Montgomery Route 2 Mocksville, N. C. Joe Ellis 407 West Warren Street Shelby, N. C. Bud Falls Route 1 Dallas, N. C. Bill Funderburk Lowell, N. C. Jerry McKeithan Spindale, N. C. Gene Massey Box 83 Lattimore, N. C. James Moore 816 Trinity Street Gastonia, N. C. Joe Greene Route 2 Marshall, N. C. William Greene Route 1 Mooresboro, N. G. Douglas Greer 718 Warren Street Shelby, N. C. Renard Nolen 618 Clyde Street Gastonia, N. C. William Potter Gaffney, S. C. Paul Roberts 212 Osborne Street Shelby, N. C. Gerald Southerland Wallace, N. C. Richard Coins 610 Mauney Avenue Kings Mountain, N. C. John Waters Route 1, Box 20 Forest City, N. C. Harold Hicks 213 West Golf Street Forest City, N. C. Robert Whitener 810 Carolina Avenue Gastonia, N. C. T5 OFFICERS Shelba Jzax Pack- m) . . Secretary-Treasurer E. J. HuFFsncKLER President Jack Anthony Vice-President THE FRESHMAN CLASS ■ ft. K J Vi •,w , A W i First row: Dan Adernold, Ellenboro, N. C; Anne Abernathy, Box 1580, Hickory, N. C.- Judith Alexander, .301 Poplar Street, Shelby, N. C; Mildred Alexander, 40 Brown Street, Gastonia, N. C; Second row: Louise Allen, Boiling Springs, N. C; Patricia Alsbrooks, Route 4, Box 218, Gaffney, S. C.; Jack Anthony, 217 East 8th Street, Gastonia, N. C.: Billy Ashley, Jonesville, N. C. Third row: C. L. Austell, 406 Whisnant Street, Shelby, N. C.; Edward Baldwin, 115 Conrad Street, Thomasville, N. C; Cecil Ballard, Route 1, Alexis, N. C; Ronald Ballard Route 1, Box 280, Belmont, N. C. M. Billie Beason, Route 1, Mooresboro, N. C. 1 First row: Nancy Bell, Route 3. Kings Mountain. N. C; Winifred Benfield, Route 1, Casar, N. C; Linda Berr ' , Box 301, Valdese, N. C; Shirley Bess, Box 2432, Gastonia, N, C. Second row: Rachel Black, 1802 McFarland, Gastonia, N. C; Bilhe Rose Blankenship, Allen Street, Rutherfordton, N. C; Earl Blanton, Route 2, Shelby, N. C.; Z. V. Blanton, Route 3, Shelby, N. C. Third row: Jeanette Bolick, 106 North Belvedere, Gastonia, N. C.; Billy Brackett, Box 419, Lawndale. N. C.; Betty Bridges, Route, 4, Shelby, N. €.; Glenn Bridges, 214 Monfrado Street, Shelby, N, C. Joyce Bridges, Box 26, Mooresboro, N. C. FRESHMAN J First row: Lewis Bridges, 1620 West Airline Avenue, Gastonia, N .C.( D. B. Byrd, 3.542 Eastwood Drive, Charlotte, .N. C; Martin Brooks, 892 Adair Avenue, N. E., Gastonia, N. C.; Carolyn Brown, 408 Cherokee Street, Kinjjs Mountain, N. C. Second row: Carlos Bulle, Wallburg, N. C; Janice Cabaniss, Route 5, Shelby, N. C; Joe Camp, Route 2, Shelby, N. C; Steve Carver, 5 Carig Street, Box 607, Fountain Inn, N. C. Third row: Virginia Cash, Route 2, Kings Mountain, N. C; Sandra Champion, Route 3, Kings Mountain, N. C; Charles Christmas, 709 Gardner Street, Shelby, N. C; Rebecca Clark, Route 4, Shelby, N. C. David Cline, 805 W. Warren Street, Shelbv, N. C:. u First row: Larry Cline, Box 4996, Granite Falls, N. C; Paul Cline, 385 Woodlawn, Cramerton, N. C; Gary T. Coffey, Route 1, Hudson, N. C.: Fain Combs. Ill Brookhill Road, Shelby, N. C. Second row: David Condrey. Route 1, Box 36A, Forest City. N. C; Janet Cook, 221 East Main St., Cherryville, N. C.; Jerry Cooper, Union Mills, N. C; Rebecca Deaton, Route 1, Mooresboro, N. C. Third row: Joe Dednion, Route 1, Shelby, N. C; James DeLozier, Route 3, Shelby, N. C; C. L. Devine, Route 3, Lawndale, ' N. C; Dora Devine, Route 3, Lawndale, N. C. Fletcher Edens, Tiox 102. Wilmington. N. C. FRESHMAN First row: Bill Edwards, Route I, Box 231, Lexington, N. C; Keith Eller, 238 8th Avenue, Cranierton, N. C; Sara Elliott, 109 Grover Street, Shelby, N. C; Clarence Elmore, 603 Hines Avenue, Kinston, N. C. Second rmv: Max E inglon, 602 Beech Street, Gaffney, N. C.; Shelby Jene Forrister, 20 Watts Street, Canton, N. C; Joy Fox, Route 2, China Grove, N, C; Emma Jean Frady, 651 S. Main Street, Ruthcrfordton. . C. Third row: Ronald Freeman, Route 2, Rutherfordton, N. C; Frances Frye, Route 1, Pinnacle, N. C; Maxine Gardner, Route 5, Shelby, N. C; Lois Gillespie, 604 Clairmont Avenue, Decatur, Ga. Douglas Goans, 617 V. Graham Street. Shelby, N. C. CLASS i- First row: James Grtene, Boiling Springs, N. C; Joann Greene, Alexander Sub. Sta., Forest City, N. C; Leona Greene, .319 Church St., Spindale, N. C; Lloyd Greene, Route 4, Shelby, N. C. Second row: Rachel Greene, Route 4, Shelby, N. C; Paul Gunn, Yarboro Street, Forest City, N. C; Jean Hambright, Route .3, Kings Mountain, N. C; Betty Jo Hamrick, 209 Pressley Street, Clover, S. C. Third row: Bruce Hamrick, Route 4, Shelby, N. C; Loretta Hamrick, Route 2, Shelby, N. C; Maxann Hamrick, 608 Suttle Street, Shelby, N. C; Philip Hamrick, Box 273, Boiling Springs, N. 6. Sara Mae Hamrick, Route 3, Kings Mountain, N. C. FRESHMAN J Jk First row: Jimmy Hardin, Box 217, Caroleen, N. C; Gerald Harris, Box 75, Mooresboro, N, C; Kay Hartsville, 403 East Baya Avenue, Lake City, Florida; Glenda Hawkins, 22 Landsford Road, Lancaster, S. C. Second row: Robert Herlong, 304 RR Avenue, Gaffney, S. C.; Darrell Herndon, Duke Village, Cliffside, N. C.; Milton Hester, Route 1, Ellenboro, N. C.; Floyd Hoffman Route 3, Gastonia, N. C. Third row: Bob Hollar, 68 Woodlane, Granite Falls, N. C.; Bruce Hood, Route 7, Box 138, Lenoir, N. C.; Hamilton Hudson, 191 Center Street, Cramerton, N. C- Charles Huey, Box K, Marshall, N. C. James Huggins, Boiling Springs, N. C. CLASS First row: Judy Hughey, 404 Church Street, Spindale, N. C; Charles Hunsinger, Route 4, Box 618, Charlotte, N. C; CUfford Hunt, 904 Lake Street, Thomasville, N. C; Donald Hunter, Route 4, Box 51, Marshall, N. C. Second TOW: Steve Humphries, Box 52, Cliffside; Jerry James, 451 West Main Street, Elkin, N. C; Jack Jenkins. Liberty Street, Forest City, N. C; Perry Jones, Route 1, Ellenboro, N. C. Third row: Patsy Justice, Route 4, Shelby, N. C; Linwood King, 114 W. Marion Street, Shelby, N. C; Charlene Kiser, 323 Clegg Street, Shelby, N. C; Claude Lavender, Earl, N. C. Ruth Lineberger, Box 143, Holly Ridge, N. C. Jkm FRESHMAN 5 h First row: William LinviUe, 2115 East Spragues St., Winston Salem, N. C; Steve Long, State Road, N. C; Jane Mann, 2167 N. W. 93rd Street, Miami, Fla.; Odell Mann, Route 4, Mebane, N. C. Second row: Duane McDougald, Hamrick, N. C; Frank McFarland, Route 1, Campo- bello, S. C; Pauline Mcintosh, Bald Creek, N. C; Suzanne McSwain, Route 4, Shelby, N. C. Third row: Virginia McSwain, Box 122, Henrietta, N. C; Carolyn McWhirter, 1201 S. Lafayette St., Shelby, N. C; Don Miller, 224 W. Main St., Thomasville, N. C; Kathryn Miller, Route 2, Vale, N. C. Ronald Mitchem, Box 319, Ellenboro, N. C. CLASS i i;i-=:safei.v. ■.■ ■Jj . . ■ -SLj .- First row: William Mitchell, 1219 S. Lafayette St., Shelby, N. C.; Patricia Mobley, Route 1, Box 436, Gaffney, S. C; Carroll Moore, Shelby, N. C; Larry Moore, 700 S. Morgan St., Shelby. N. C. Second row: Dan Moss, 620 Ruby Lane, Gastonia, N. C.; Larry Mosteller, Route 1, Jonesville, N. C.; Miriam Motts, Route 4, Gaffney, S. €.; Marie Needham, Route 1, Box 417, Winston Salem, N. C. Third row: Ann Nichols, Earl, N. C.; Bettye Oliver, 82.3 C Street, North Wilkesboro, N. C.; Grace Ollis, Box 357, Cranberry, N. C; Shelba ]. Packard, Box 224, Cliffside, N. C. Glenda Parton, Box 7, " Spindale, N. C. FRESHMAN 54 First row: George Passes, 809 Washington St., Weldon, N. C; Ruth Ann Poole, Box 562, Thoniasville, N. C; Doris Porter, Route 1, Shelby, N. C: Dianne Privette, Short and Jackson St., Concord, N. C. Second roii;. Beth Proctor, Route 4, Hendersonville, N. C; Carolyn Proffitt, Box 111, Bakersville, N. C; Arthur Putnam, 1127 E. 7th St.; Gastonia, N. C; Roland Rabon, 404 S. Washington St., Shelby, N. C. Third roic: Modene Radtord, .31.5 Park St., forest City, N. C; Paul Raynor, Box 139, Route 1, Holly Ridge, N. C; Marilou Reepe, 92 Oakley Road, Biltmore Sta., Asheville, N. C; Robert Reid, Shelby, N. C. Shelby Jean Reid, Box 21, Stanley, N. C. CLASS iu, mmim J ,1.. First row: Bryon Rippy, 605 Gardner Street, Shelby, N. C; Richard Rollins. 216 McGarity St., Green ille, S. C.; Elizabeth Scruggs, Box -352, Cliffside, N. C.; Nina Scruggs. Box 334. Gaffney, S. C. Second rote: Cecil Self, 1213 Patterson St., Shelby. N. C.; Patsy Sheppard, 310 S. Poston St., Shelby, N. C.: Dick Shull. 716 E. Warren St.. Shelby, N. C.; William Sh tle. Shelby, N. C. Third row: Jeff Simmons. Candor. N. C; Jayne Smith, 2917 East Long . venue, Gas- tonia, i . C; Sara Spangler, Route 1. Shelby. N ' . C; Carolyn Sparks, Route 3, Box 136, BakerSNille, N. C. Roscoe Spellman, 403 North ' ilmington St.. Raleigh, N. C. »i FRESHMAN First row: Freida Stanley, 211 Market St., Wilmington, N. C; James Strickland, Route 2, Shelby, N. C; James Swoffard, 1945 Greene St., Charlotte, N. C; Bryson Sweezy Maiden, N. C. Second row: Dean Turner, Route 1, Mooresboro, N. C; Reginald Turner, Route 1, Moore, S. C; Patricia Trantham, Route 6, Box 69.3, Asheville, N. C; Joyce Toney, Route 1, Ellenboro, N. C. Third row: Jean Tipton, 809 East Main St., Spindale, N. C; Robert Thurkill, 36 West Randolph Road, Shelby, N. C; Ann Walker, HI Spindale St., Spindale, N. C; Marian Walters, Route 3, Mebane, N. C. Dean Ware, Route 3, Shelby, N. C. CLASS First row: Bill Waters, Route 2, EUenhoro, N. C; Bill Williams, 4 West Raleigh, Asheville, N. C; Douglas Wilson, Route 1, Kings Mountain, N. C; Joann Wilson, Route 1, Lake Lure, N. C. Second row: Floyd Wright, 406 Battleground Road, Kings Mountain, N. C; James Wright, 612 Neil ' St., Gastonia, N. C; Joann Wright, Lawndale, N. C; Sue Wright, Route 5, Shelby, N. C. Third row: Richard Wortman, Route 3, Box 16.3, Shelby, N. C; Bobby Vaughn, Route 5, Union, S. C. FRESHMAN CLASS Freshmen Not Pictured Arnold Anderson Reid Armstrong Relda Barnette Pressly Beaver Arnold Bell Bill Benson Bumber Biggerstaff Wiley Bishop Carolyn Blanton Saralyn Blanton Troy Blanton Philip Bradley James Branch Charles Braswell Mrs. Charles Braswell Dean Bridges Don Bridges Glenn Bridges James Bridges Carroll Bridges Loretta Brooks Thornton Brooks Frank Bumgardner Guy Cabaniss Martha Carpenter Sandra Clark Max Crawley Robert Dickey Mrs. Clothel Dillingham Dan Drummond Angela Dudley Bill Edwards Melvin Eitel Rachel Elliott Joe Ellis Andy Falls Mrs. Horace Falls Cody Forrester James Gantt Mrs. James Gantt Billy Barrett Wilham Graham James Greene Douglas Greer Marj ' orie Greer Harry Grier Charles Grigg Carolyn Hanibright Dan Guffey Carole Hamrick Wyman Hamrick Dennis Hamrick Carolyn Hamrick Suzanne Hamrick William Hamrick Martha Harrill Wayne Haynes Edward Hendrick Larry Hicks L. J. HoUifield Jimmy Hopper E. J. Huffstickler Steve Humphries McLendon Jamison Bobby Johnson Sam Jarrell Ronald Johnson Mrs. Cothenia Jolley Allen Jolley Mrs. Sarah Jolley John Knight William Lackey Lamorris Lail Robert Lattimore Paul Lemmongs Mrs. Thelma Liles Mrs. Billie Logan WiUiam Logan Robert Longmeyer Troy McCraw Sandra McGinnis Charles McKee William McKee Jerry McKeithan Buddy McKinney Martha Mason Lawrence Matheny W. P. Miller Jinimie Mode Guy Moore James Moore Ted Moore Garland Morris Beulah NobHtt Marian Packard Jerry Page Morris Page Pierce Peeler Judy Pope Elson Potter John Powell Flay Price Sara Putnam Mrs. Aubrey Quakenbush Garland Queen Chester Ruff Stanley Runyans T. L. Saine Hubert Sanders Dan Shannon Mary Shytle Harold Smith Joanne Sorrels John Stroup Mark Summey John Tate Glenda Tenery Reid Tolleson Larry Tomblin James TomMin Dennis Toney M. C. Turner Larry Tysinger Charles Walker Danny Wall John Waters Jesse Watts John Weathers L. B, Weaver Ralph Wilson Clayton Worley M -fx ' Xi i Lc, :,:2£.Gfiu.S3!v ' i.. til% . TRADITION ■b; HOMECOMING AND Dr. J. C. Canipe, Founders ' Day speaker, takes part in the ground-breaking for the new gymnasium. On October 27, President P. L. Elliott pre- sided at the Founders ' Day program to open officially this traditional homecoming and celebration of the college ' s founding. Dr. J. C. Canipe, President of the Baptist State Convention, brought the address, and with Dr. Elliott, took part in the ground- breaking for the new gymnasium. After an Open House at the new Girls ' Dorm- itory, students and guests gathered at the stadium to watch the Bulldogs win the foot- ball game with Lees-McRae and to watdh the President crown the Homecoming Queen. The day ended with a barbecue supper on the Huggins-Curtis lawn. Gardner-Webb had officially begun her golden anniversary year. President Elliott turns earth for the new build- ing on this milestone day. Miss Doris Jones and Mrs. Ruth Plaster prepare to meet guests at Open House. FOUNDERS ' DAY c; J kc v , neen . . . MISS IRVA SMITH Jlontecom{ng ' ne MISS FAYE BRANCH MISS CORDELIA HARDIN an J k ey attendants do 17 HOMECOMING SHELBA JEAN PACK. RD Bob ToiiBLiN CORDIE H. RDIN John Holukd FREIDA AUSTIN Ed Peeler R,ACHEL GREENE Joe Dvsart TEMPA HAMRICK Arnold Isa. cs FRANCES GAMBLE Sophomore Class MARY ANN PARRIS Freshman Class I k ■ SPONSORS WILMA HOUSER Band MARGARET GOLD Marshal Club DENNIS RUTH HAMRIGK Bill Stephens GLORIA BOLCH Delta Psi Omega BARBARA MOORE Baptist Student Union T cftooi spin ' tea IR A SMITH JOHN ' HOLLAND SUPER MARGARET COLD DONALD SHULL FAYE BRANCH ROBERT DOWNEY £ H Kt % Vfl 1 k - ■ T L. PATRICIA GREENE DOUGLAS HAMRICK CORDELIA HARDIN JAMES JOHNSON LATIVES PATSY COOK THOMAS WHITMIRE pcrsonalitvi pli4s T The age-old May Day festival took its origin in England long ago. but its festi ities are renewed each spring on the campus of Gardner-Webb in the celebration of this gav occasion. On the first Saturday in May of 1956. the campus was transformed into a spring garden bursting with blossoms and i - -. THE 1956 I = k £ The most colorful affair of the year, the pageant heralded the approach of spring with its gay gowns, bright flowers, ceremony and song. A picturesque sight was the crowning of the Queen of the May and the presentation of her court, chosen by popular vote of the students. Betty Jo Williams, Ruth Turner Janet Beam, Barbara Ziedonis = to rCoxiali x,aitx) Ann Ellis, Irva Smith Tf v HIGHLIGHTS ■Entrants pose after the " Miss Gardner-Webb " contest. Student president Robert Downey crowns Miss Gardner- Webb, Billie Rose Blankenship. Students and faculty members meet at fall reception. ? «■ •W ;ia :: ' ' ' -iiJi v .-. ' . . PARTICIPATION Patsy Greene, Priscilla Morgan, James Higgins, Downey, John Holland, Harolyn Sparks. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION This association is the official representative body of the students. Composed of e ery stu- dent on the campus, the group is headed by officers elected e ery Spring. Aimed at giving constructive discipline and order to the cam- pus, the powers of the organization are subject to the appro al of the administration. HnliClLL. MOBCAN H.AROLV.N SpaRK-S Robert Downey Secretary y ice-president President o. raayi izatio n s 78 First row: Douglas HaniTick John Holland Bill Stephens Second row: Ferrell Condor Clark Hoyle James Higgins First row: Shirley Jolley Patsy Greene Harolyn Sparks Priscilla Morgan Second row: Carolyn Proffit Gretel Biggerstaff Irva Smith Beth Proctor HOUSE COUNCILS " Lights out! " and demerits are a part of the special province occupied by the House Coun- cils. The members, who are the proctors of their respective dormitories, are headed by the House President, elected in the spring after a vigorous campaign. Wholesome fun, as well as order and discipline, are the councils ' contributions to stu- dent life. promote leadership .,• » ftTfiS PILOT STAFF Editors: Ronald Beane, Prisciila Morgan, Harolyn Sparks, Charles Loftin, Patsy ' right Staff writers: Louise Allen, Rowland Everette, Dillard Hiatt Sports writers: Dillard Morrow, Clark Hoyle, Ronald Williams, Duane McDougald Business Staff: Maxann Hamrick, Clark Hoyle. Shirley JoUey, Carolyn Crocker, Ruth Lineberger Each month marks the appearance of the Pilot, the student newspaper, a product of the coopera- tion and loyalty of its staff. Sports reports— club news— human interest— the Pilot goes far toward John Roberts Adviser keeping the students well-informed and school spirited. Made up of students interested in journ- alism, the staff contributes talent, work, and enthusiasm to its pages. First row: Ruth Lineberger, Louise Allen, Shirley Jolley, Betty Banning, Prisciila Morgan, Freida Stanley. Second row: Duane McDougald, Clark Hoyle, Dillard Hiatt, Dillard Morrow, Bob Hearne, Charles Loftin, Carolyn Crocker, Ronald Williams, Harolyn Sparks. ANCHOR STAFF Bob Hollar Photographer EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Janet Cook Freida Stanley Bentha Self Wilma Houser Tempa Hamrick Sue Neal Standing: Frances Carolyn Ronald Dillard DiUard Carolyn Glenda Causby Cooper Williams Morrow Hiatt Crocker Hawkins ' -TV- Seated: Gretel Biggerstaff, Carolyn Crocker, Frances- Middleton. Standing: Olin Wilson, Margaret Melton, Ruth Price. Caroline Greene, Pegg - Early, Be erly Guffee, Carolyn Cooper, Ruth Lineberger, Grace Ollis. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Future faculty members meet monthly to gain Carolina Education Association and the National insight into the- profession, develop the charac- Education Association, the group is under the teristics of a good teacher, and discuss the prob- leadership of F. B. Dedmond. lems to be o ercome. Affiliated with the North ii - «». )Ccializaiion ... SIGMA PI ALPHA Composed of students with a high scholastic average and an unusual interest in language, the Sigma Pi Alpha promotes an interest and know- ledge of the people, life, and customs of foreign nations as well as in language. Members are chosen at the beginning of each semester on the basis of scholarship. Seated: Shirley JoUey, Crete! Biggerstaff, Caroline Creene, Patsy Greene, Sue Neal. Stand- ing: Harolyn Sparks, Margaret Melton, Olin Wilson, Mrs. Pollock, Adviser, Mr. Britt, Adviser, Peggy Jean Early, Bentha Self. . . ' M 1 I DEBATE TEAM Glenda Parton Jeanette Bolick Lois Gillespie Sandra Clark Carolyn Proffit F. B. Dedmond Adviser The debating group, composed of those students interested in the debate and pubhc speaking, has participated in several debates this year with The Social Standards Committee makes sugges- tions to the students pertaining to the amenities good results. The members take part simply for the joy and satisfaction of debating. of modern etiquette. Guided by Doris Jones, the group sets the style for social affairs and conduct. SOCIAL STANDARDS COMMITTEE Marilou Reepe Fain Combs Doris Jones Adviser Shannon Mauney Fa " e Branch «. { 1 - Tk -mm,, interest DELTA PSI OMEGA The Delta Psi Omega is an honorary dramatics fraternity, composed of students who have been active participants in the production of plays, either on stage or behind the scenes. Qualifica- tions for membership are strict; it is a high honor to become a member. Its main purpose is to stimulate interest in dramatics and to pro- duce and promote plays for the enjoyment of the college and the community. Irva Smith, Robert Dcwney, Gloria Bolch, Margaret Gold, Willard Upchurch XJSSAlh pariicipaiion HIKING CLUB The members of the Hiking Club gain whole- enjoys many hikes and picnics planned by its some fun, fellowship, and exercise from its meet- activity chairman under the leadership of its ings. Composed of acti e students, the group president, Carolyn Crocker. Seated: Ruth Lineberger. Carolyn Crocker, Grace OUis. Standing: Patsy Cook, Ruth Ann Price, Frances Middleton, Be erly Guffee, Gretel Biggerstaff, Carolyn Cooper, Margaret Melton. Seated: Patricia Mobley, Dillard Hiatt, Glenda Hawkins, Freida Stanley, Judy Hughey, Patsy Cook, Bill Kincaid. Standing: J. O. Terrell, Adviser, Peggy Jean Early, Martha Goforth, Olin Wilson, Douglas Hamrick, Beverly Guffee, Carolyn Cooper, Gretel Biggerstaff, Ruth Price, Ray Rollins, President, Richard Harnett, Adviser. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club has as its aim the stimulation of interest in international affairs. Meeting monthly, the club ' s program includes speakers expert in the interpretation of world events, and supplements the work of the social studies department of the college. i.-.. Chnstian Volunteer Band Glenda Hawldns Caroline Greene Tempa Hamrick Alfred Wright Jimmy Swoffard Bob Tlmrkill Martin Brooks Jeannette Bolick Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association meet with their ad ' iser. S. L. Lamb. to hear the speak- er of the da - and discuss questions revelant to his messaee. ... spiyitualitxi ... The Christian Volunteer Band is a Christian group interested in working for God in all fields. Providing opportunities for service to the campus and the community, the Band meets weekly to discuss the varied areas of Christian vocations. The Ministerial Association meets to create con- structive and inspirational fellowship while dis- cussing problems of the ministry and Biblical or denominational questions. The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary strives to create in its members an interest in the work of the mission fields by a program of mission study and activities. This church related group is affiliated with the Woman s Missionary Union. Young Woman ' s Auxiliary Seated: Harriet Gibson Judy Alexander Grace Ollis Ruth Lineberger Jeanette Bolick Marian Walters Doris Porter Carolyn Sparks Freida Stanley Standing: Ruth Price Margaret Melton Mildred Alexander Dianne Privette Frances Middleton Gretel Biggerstaff Beverly Guffce Bentha Self Patricia Mobley Peggy Jean Early President, Shirley McSwain, not shown. Seated: Margaret Gold, President, Bentha Self, Faye Branch, Shirley JoUey. Standing: Barbara Shull, Bob Bayles, Olin Wilson, Kathleen Davis, Adviser, Dorothy Hamrick,. Adviser. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION service BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The student who aligns himself with the local church or with any of its organizations automatically becomes a member of the Baptist Student Union. The activities of this organization are directed by the Executive Council, composed of the general officers of the B.S.U. and the presidents of the unit organizations, such as Sunday School, Training Union, Y.W.A. group. Volunteer Band, and Ministerial group. The Greater Council of the B.S.U. includes all those who serve in the units. The local pastor and a faculty adviser serve as counselors. The fellowship within this group is of the highest order and should set a standard of Christian character for the campus. ACTIVE MARSHALS Seated: Margaret Gold Faye Branch Betty Banning Sylvia Brooks Patsy Greene Caroline Greene Standing: Donald ShuU Robert Downey Robert Bayles Olin Wilson Bobby Meeks MARSHAL CLUB The members of the Marshal Club, the honor society of the campus, serve as ushers at public affairs and as marshals at graduation. Membership is one of the highest honors of the college. The chief marshals are Robert Bayles and Caroline Greene. ACTIVE AND HONORARY MARSHALS Seated: Margaret Gold, Faye Branch, Betty Banning, Sylvia Brooks, Patsy Greene, Caroline Greene. Standing: Harolyn Sparks, Donald Shull, Barbara ShuU, Robert Downey, Robert Bayles, Olin Wilson, Bobby Meeks, Douglas Hamrick, Patsy Cook. . son g,... lUf a.i..M i L ■ m . i b n Vn ., T First rou): Dr. Morrisett, Jeannette Bolick, Louise Allen, Faye Branch, Betty Jo Hamrick, Joann Greene, Grace Ollis, Doris Porter, Glenda Tenery, Ruth Lineberger. Second row: Carolyn Hamrick, Caroline Greene, Nancy Bell, Nina Scruggs, Patsy Sheppard, Shelby Jean Reid, Carolyn Sparks, Marian Walters, Sybil Scruggs. Third row: Wikna Houser, Betty Bridges, Virginia Cash, Sue Neal, Frances Frye, Diane Privette, Frank McFarland, Larry Mosteller, Flay Price. Fourth row: Martin Brooks, Jimmy Hardin, Clothel Dillingham, Carolyn Brown, Carolyn Proffit, Lois Gillespie, Judy Alexander, Sara Mae Hamrick, Joann Wright, Bob Beason, Bill Linville. CHOIR The college choir provides a varied program of pleasure and beauty, not only to its audiences of nearby churches and meetings, but to the college chapel hour. Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Morrisett , the choir is a group of selected 95 « S ' Jp ltot TRUMPETS Jimmy Greene Jimmy Hamrick Bill Bracket Charles Hunsinger Ellis Newton Carl Hedrick Ted W ' hisnant Henr ' Greene Majt. Hamrick CLARINETS Shelby Jene Forrister Penola Hardin Shirley McSwain Teresa Hamrick Jane Beason Susie W ' hisnant Carol Lou Hamrick Linda Hamrick Wilma Houser Jo Xeil Bridges MAJORETTES Man- Ann Reece NS ' ibna Houser Barbara Shull Elizabeth Brooks Mar ' Beason Janeth Hamrick Martha Hamrick Loretta Hamrick Amanda Wall Linda Cra vle - Ginger Blanton TROMBONES Phillip Hamrick Jinmn Hamrick Carroll Kirby Kenneth Crawley Jan Bridges Cline Hamrick BELLYRE Johnnie Greene BASSES Hoyle Blalock, Jr. Tommy Kendick SAXOPHONES Janet Crawley Elnora Hamrick MELLOPHONES Ellis Newton Henry Greene FLUTES Amelia Hedrick Lois Wilson BAND The band is made up of both Gardner-Webb College and Boiling Springs High School stu- dents. The majorettes and the band, as well as presenting some fine half time performances at the football games, have played for other special occasions during the year. The group is under the direction of J. Y. Hamrick. COLLEGE MAJORETTES Mary Ann Upchurch Chief Barbara Shull Wilma Houser wm mimmtmm _ _ ' Jfe« on tnc gyidi iron The Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb College started the season in a fine way in a thriller on Sep- tember 15. The team, aided by Reg Turner ' s fine punting, defeated Ferrum Junior College 20-0. It was almost impossible for the Ferrum team to mo e against our powerful Bulldog line. First Tou:: Coach Garrison, David MuUis. Bill Garrett, Don Miller. Landon Deal. Cody Forrester, Hamilton Hudson, Coach Harris. Second tou:: James Johnson, Floyd Wright, Dean Turner, Reg Turner, John Holland, Jerry James, Paul McLendon, Bob Reid. Third row: Lawrence Matheny, Keith Eller, Bill Mitchell, Jack Anthony, Clifford Hunt. Don Smith, Bobby ' aughn, T. L. Saine. Fourth row: Ed Peeler, Jack Benfield, Roscoe SpeUman, Reid Armstrong, omian Rush, Richard Coins, Roger Mode, Paul Roberts. Fifth row: Bill Stephens, Dalton Cranford. Jim Tomblin. E. J. Huffstiekler, Paul Chne, Bob Tomblin. Carlos BuUe. Coach James Garrison, Co-captains Paul Roberts and James Johnson, Coach Norman Harris. 7 Practice on a liot afternoon. On September 22, the Bulldogs rolled over a strong A.S.T.C. " B " team by the same score 20-0, showing their strong offensive potential. PAUL ROBERTS Co-captain Halfback JAMES JOHNSON Co-captain Quarterback Simalf RONALD BALLARD Tackle A strong Lees-McRae team edged the Bulldogs defeat a powerful Hargrave team by the score 17-13 on September 29. This heartbreaker was of 26-18. Paul Roberts, with the direction of the Bulldogs ' first conference game. quarterback Jim Johnson, scored t vice for the On October 5, the Bulldogs fought hard to team. Bulldogs gain yardage. : -iJ ajfifei sL— ' i. -- ' ' " ■ ' - " .y-ii-i-. ri-r ' i.rti -. - . ■ -t -J: X DEAN TURNER End _K7 BILL STEPHENS End ' c. CODY FORRESTER Quarterback v_ r BOBBY VAUGHN Halfback • •• in detcat ... Defeat came to Gardner-Webb with the hard- well for this loss by winning their next game, fighting Mars Hill team. The score was 21-18. The opponents were Wingate College; the score However, the Gardner- Webb boys compensated 18-12. LANDON DEAL Halfback BILL GARRETT Fullback lyi coiyipetition ... Homecoming saw an inspired Lees-McRae team fall to the onrushing Bulldogs, keeping the tra- dition of never losing a Homecoming game with the score Vi-1. On November 3 the Bulldogs tied the Western Carolina Junior College conference in a three wa - tie b - setting back Mars Hill 20-13. The final game with Wingate WTapped up the 1956 season as the Bulldogs won 40-0. JACK ANTHONY Center First row: T. L. Saine. Floyd Wright, Ronald Beane, Jim Bridges, Dean Bridges. Second tow: Coach Garrison, Bob McKinney, Buzz Biggerstaff, Ed Peeler, Coach Hams. Third row: Steve Humphries. Steve Carver. Bill Bcason. Paul Cline. BASKETBALL TEAM on Visitors the court ... Western Carolina 79 Western Carolina 75 Lenoir Rhvne 80 Mars Hill ' 65 Fumian Freshmen 88 Campbell 64 Wingate 85 Mars Hill 76 Wingate 82 Spartanburg 74 Lees McRae 59 Brevard 81 Spartanburg 75 Asheville 83 North Greenville 86 Lees McRae 79 Furman " B " 68 Brevard 72 Asheville 68 Gardner-Webb 69 68 68 86 68 61 56 83 73 84 53 74 66 81 84 62 67 75 90 James Harris, Coach, Norman Harris, Coach, Paul Cline, Manager The Bulldog basketball team came through their regular season with more games in the loss column than in the ictor - column, but they showed a courageous and fighting spirit that is t pical of a Gardner- Webb team. The Bulldogs finished conference pla ' with a record of 5 wins and 7 losses. . s the . nchou goes to press, the Bulldogs are competing in the ' estern Confer- ence tournament at Spruce Pine. The first conference game saw the team, hitting with deadly accuracy, defeat their arch-rivals. Mars Hill. ' 86-65. Defeating this team in the next game 83-76 won them the ne.xt conference BUZZ BIGGERST. FF Center game. Spartanburg Junior handed the Bulldogs their ne.xt ictor -, 84-74. but Lees McRae ' s Bobcats defeated them 59-53 for their first conference defeat. The losing streak continued as Bre ard won the ne.xt conference game 81-74, and Spartanburg won 75-66. . string of heartbreakers followed: Ashe ille Biltmore won with the close score of 83-81, orth Green -ille won in the last seconds of the game with 86-84, Lees McRae won by the score of 79-62. The game with the Furman Freshmen ended in a stor - book finish with the scoreboard show-ng a 68-67 loss for the Bulldogs. DEAX BRIDGES Guard JIM BRIDGES Guard STE E C. R ER Center t 1957 Basketball Season The tables were turned when the Bulldogs took an overtime thriller 75-72. Gaining revenge for earlier losses, the team racked up their highest score of the season as they defeated Asheville Biltmore 90-68. In the last game of the regular season, the team traveled to North Green ille to be defeated 93-62. The Bulldogs, packed with plenty of po- tential power, lost only two sophomores this year. Ronald Beane and Ed Peeler play their last games for the team in the con- ference tournament. Floyd Wright led the Bulldogs with a 14.3 average. Dean Bridge and Buzz Biggerstaff came in close for top honors with the averages of 11 and 10.1 respectively. STEVE HUMPHRIES Guard T. L. SAINE Guard Mj i Shelby Jean Reid, Slielba Jean Packard, Katherine Miller, Betty Bridges, Pat Trantham, Frances Causby, Patsy Greene, Elizabeth Scruggs, Peggy McDowell, Janice Cabiness. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The women ' s teams play in all aspects of sports-from varsitv basketball with their own team to intramural volleyball and field sports. Under the guidance of Hester Haynes, the g roup this year established an enviable record of only one loss in their basketball games with other school teams and industrial leagues. Il 6 BASEBALL 1956 f. .1 t m These scenes, although representing only a few of the outstanding events and players of last year ' s baseball, take place on the campus with the coming of spring and end of basket- ball season. This year Coach Harris has high hopes for a winning team with the promising material shown so far. ffufm First row: Dan Moss, Jimmy Swofford, Irva Smitli. Co-cliief. Margaret Gold. Co-chief, Freida Austin. Sandra McGinnis, Back nm.-: Peggy McDowell. Pats - Greene, Shelba Jean Packard. Dennis Hamrick, Racliel Greene. Betty Banning. CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders ha e given generously of their time and effort in supporting the team and boosting school spirit. Cheering at the games-selling ribbons-raising funds-the ' lead the students in backing the athletic program. First row: Reg Turner, Dean Turner, Dillard Morrow, Don Miller, Ronald Ballard, Floyd Wright, Cody Forrester, Hamilton Hudson, James Tomblin, Keith Eller, Paul Cline, Jimmy Swofford Dan Moss, Lawrence Matheny. Second row: Norman Harris, Adviser, John Holland, Paul McLendon, Joe Dysart, Bill Stephens, Robert Webb, Ed Peeler, Kelly Kee, James Huey, Landon Deal, Ronald Beane, Jim Johnson, Arnold Isaacs. MONOGRAM CLUB Composed of those who earn letters in football, basketball, baseball, or cheer- leading the Monogram Club aims at making the most of good sportsmanship on the campus as well as in competition. To promote school spirit and serve as a fellowship group are other goals of the club. f h ears . »Fs?SS?o!5s» S=?S5mss S . 9i mL. I I v 41 V .V, ■• . ' :■ .s . « ■. " ' %! " ' ? ' il CITIZENSHIP T Compliments of DOVER TEXTILE GROUP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA JENKINS SON ROUTE 4, SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone Lattimore 2914 " JENKINS SPECIAL " LIVERMUSH Purepork Sausage A Variety of Sandwich Spreads " The ham makes the difference " GRADE " A " PLANT AND PROCESSING ' " ;i iiiiiiii. i iiwmi i I II ' II III " I COLLEGE SNACK SHOP " Sandwiches a Specialty " STUDENTS ' HAN GOUT Jim Beason, Manager BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Extends Greetings to Gardner-Webb College Congrotulotes its Closs of 1957 Invites Inquiries from Graduates Seeking Higher Education An Accredited Senior College Emphasizing Christian ' Character and Scholarship Summer Session Begins June 10 Foil Term Begins September 9 Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Phone 4948 SPINDALE NORTH CAROLINA REACH FOR WALDENSIAN BAKERIES, INC. BAKERS OF SUNBEAM BREAD AND CAKES All-America favorite ■••ice-cold Coke Compliments of DOUBLE COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Double Cola Orange Crush Cheerwine Nugrape Sundrop UN 5-1131 . GASTONIA, N. C. 6951 SHELBY, N. C. «9WM|NI VAN WAGENINGEN COTHRAN A.l.A. ARCHITECTS Cleveland Times Building SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 4161 RUTHERFORDTON, NORTH CAROLINA MERIT DEPARTMENT STORE " For the friends you know ' BOILING SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA J. P. STEVENS CO., INC SYNTHETICS DIVISION FINE FABRICS SINCE 1913 Cleveland Plant SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA PILOT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY C. R. Webb, General Agent LIFE - GROUP - HOSPITALIZATION ACCIDENT HEALTH INSURANCE SHELBY 1 1 1 West Marion Street NORTH CAROLINA LUTZ-YELTON TRACTOR TRUCK COMPANY International Harvester Tractors — Implements — Trucks Mall Chainsaws — Clinton Chainsaws SALES and SERVICE SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA MAXWELL PRODUCE FRUIT PRODUCE FRESH — FROZEN — CANNED FOODS Telephone 2-2381 — 2-2382 213 South Liberty Street SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA D. A. BEAM CO., INC. Manufocturers of Super-Gro Fertilizers Field Seeds — Coal — Insecticides Dial 6381 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA FIRST NATIONAL BANK SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Member F.D.I.C, SHELBY DAILY STAR Cleveland County ' s Home Newspaper Since 1865 Compliments of STAR PRESS, INC. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of ZOAR BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Rev. L. M. Tenery Compliments of MORGAN b COMPANY INCORPORATED Phone 6061 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA SELLERS SHOE SHOP 123 N. Lafayette Street SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 6568 Oldest Man in Shoe Repair Business CHARLES A. HOEY, INSURER INC. We Sell The Earth — We What ' s On It Insure 207 S. Washington Street SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA A BOILING SPRINGS DRUG CO. Cosmetics — School Supplies — Costume Jewelry Phone 6111 BOILING SPRINGS JORTH CAROLINA WALLACE ' S BARBER SHOP We need your head for our business BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA FAUDEL SISTERS Ladies ' Reody-to-Weor 11 1 W. Grohom Street Phone 7263 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA " Neorly Everybody Buys Their Hardware From WASHBURN ' S " CLEVELAND HARDWARE CO. Established 1889 Paints, Hardware and Sporting Goods TEDDER MOTOR CO. Dodge-Plymouth Service Phone 6111 215 S, Washington St. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CRAWLEY CHEVROLET CO. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of LUTZ FURNITURE CO. Compliments of ROYSTER OIL CO. SHELBY, NORTH, CAROLINA Compliments of SHELBY DRUG COMPANY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of COLLEGE CLEANERS BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA ALSTON BRIDGES BAR-B-Q 620 Grover St. Phone 2-1998 Below Hudson Hosiery Sliced Bar-B-Q Plote $.95 ROGERS ' USED CARS (Below Rogers Theater) " If you can ' t trade with us, you can ' t trade ' SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CORNWELL DRUG COMPANY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA HAROLD A. ELLIOTT JEWELER 624 S. Lofayette Street SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of SHELBY BARBER SHOP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of ALL-DA BARBECUE SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA i ' CARSON-NEWMAN COLLEGE JEFFERSON CITY, TENNESSEE An accredited coeducational college noted for its pre-professional courses, training of teachers and emphasis upon the church vocations. Strong in music, science, home economics, business and physical education Excellent Foculty • Friendly Atmosphere • Individual Attention • Reasonable Rates " WHERE CULTURE AND CHRISTIAN CHARACTER MEET " Compliments of UNION TRUST COMPANY When financial problems arise, see one of our offices. SHELBY -RUTHERFORDTON FALL5T0N FOREST CITY LAWNDALE ELLENBORO SPINDALE NORTH CAROLINA BOILING SPRINGS Banking In Union There Is Strength Insurance . . . Trust Member F.D.I.C. LILY MILLS COMPANY Threads . . . Cotton . . . Yarns SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA I ifiil GAMBLE ' S ESSO SERVICE Phone 9135 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 4161 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA HAMRICK ' S MEN ' S SHOP Next to Hotel Charles SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BOILING SPRINGS DRY CLEANERS Phone 6149 BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of TOWN HOUSE MOTEL Rt. U. S, 74 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA BELK-STEVENS COMPANY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA " Your Home of Better Values " Compliments of NEW METHOD SHOE SHOP 107 E. Graham Street SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of ROYSTER OIL COMPANY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Oscor D. Palmer, Jr. Charles C. Sperling LOY ' S MEN ' S SHOP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA TONY ' S ICE CREAM COMPANY " For that delicious taste in milk shakes and ice creom. " SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA G. T. MeSWAIN General Merchandise Compliments of SHELBY GLIDDEN PAINT CENTER SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Furniture and Electrical Appliances BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of HAMRICK JEWELERS SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of COHEN ' S Wearing apparel for the family SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA HUDSON ' S in Shelby, N. C. Feature City Club Shoes " Say It With Flowers " GILLIATT ' S FLORIST MODERN GIFT SHOP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA I THE CLEVELAND TIMES Printers — Publishers Engraving Phone 7264 SHELBY, N. C SANITARY LUNCH SHELBY. NORTH CAROLINA CcmplimenTs of SHELBY CAFE One of Shelby ' s Most Modern SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA ANTHONY ANTHONY " A Complete Real Estate Service " Reoltors SHELBY, N. C PHONE 4336 NORRIS LACKEY MOTORS Chrysler- Plymouth 1 15 E. Sumter St. Phone 5287 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of ALBERT L. GLENN LUMBER CO. BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WATERS ESSO SERVICE SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CAROLINA DAIRY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA CLEVELAND SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Same Location and Number as J R Suttle Insuronce Co. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA CAROLINA MADE " Carolina ' s Best Flour " EAGLE ROLLER MILL SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA C. J. HAMRICK CrSON GENERAL MERCHANTS BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA " Serving the Public Since 1875 " Phone 6222 COLLEGE GULF SERVICE STATION Tires - Batteries - Accessories Road Service - Auto Repair Phone 9971 BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of PEARCE-YOUNG-ANGEL COMPANY WHOLESALE FOODS SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA Compliments of THE BORDEN COMPANY " If it ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be good " SHELBY NORTH CAROLINA - LADD W. HAMRICK FUEL SERVICE p. O. Box 277 BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. ESSO Heating Oils - Cool - Gasoline Motor Oil - Lubricants Telephone Lottimore 2227 ■■■HHMHiiiM Section of 170-acre campus, Including plans for development MEREDITH COLLEGE RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Fully Accredited liberal arts college. Departments of ort, business, home economics, music. Supervised teaching in Raleigh schools. Progressive educational program promoting Christian chorocter and service. Distinguished record of student honors. Attroctive location in Raleigh, " the educationol center of the State. " Beoutiful campus of 170 acres. A $2,250,000 Expansion Program now in progress. Summer Session of six weeks begins Monday, June 20, 1957. CARLYLE CAMPBELL, President Raleigh, North Carolino OUR COMPLIMENTS FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH FOREST CITY NORTH CAROLINA SULLIVAN MOTOR CO. Sales — FORD — Service Cars and Trucks CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CLEVELAND LUMBER CO. Everything for that new home. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA- Compliments of HAWKINS HARDWARE CLIFFSIDE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CARSON ' S SPORTING GOODS GA5T0NIA, NORTH CAROLINA Subscribe to THE GASTON I A GAZETTE " Gaston County ' s Great Home Newspaper Since 1880 " HOME FOLKS CAFE Home of Good Food Specializing in Good Steaks CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of MIDDLEBROOK JEWELERS CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of MILLS DRUG COMPANY CLIFFSIDE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of THE SHAKE SHOP Highway 150 CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Thanks for your cooperation. The ANCHOR Staff liiiiiiiiilHiiiMiiliMi _l_ m BRONSON ELECTRIC CO. Everyth ng Electrical 126-128 Graham Street Phone 5238 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA HUDSON HOSIERY CO. Manufacturers of Ladies ' Full Fashion Hosiery SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA SPANGLER SONS TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE Diol 7991 303 S. Morgon Street SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA " Anything in Concrete " J. L. SUTTLEJR C0., INC. INSURANCE Telephone 5261 1 10 West Morion Street SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA LUTZ-AUSTELL FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 7211 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA WALDROP ' S MEN ' S BOYS ' WEAR manhattan shirts McGregor sportswear crosby square shoes 106 E. Main St. FOREST CITY, NORTH CAROLINA SHOP at BELL ' S For your complete line of College Clothing Clothing for Boys and Girls LATTIMORE, NORTH CAROLINA Just Four Miles From The Campus lOS Off for all College Students r I ' I .- ., ' ,-- " - ' ■. ' ' y j ' -if.-. 91 n. Ill I ' M • Jiitii mtmmi ttiammmmit immmmmilmmmimm ri-|1i ■i ' l Gardner Webb CoffegelfbTi . LIBRARY USE ONLY The Anchor 1957 LIBRARY USE ONLY The Anchor 1957 5f 3 '

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