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1 79 ' S m H H H J WkiWRfi »v O s " s h L ' i r ' -J. - _ C BETTY JEAN EMMETT Editor JOE LONG Business Manoger - ll the world ' s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts . . . " As You Like It I N 1 , i ' ntina to uo u Ir a n 1 f p 1 h 1; O. Max Gardner Memoriol Building PLAY WITH . . IV I in pieadu P re un 4 By the ANCHOR Staff of Gardner-Webb College Boiling Springs, Nortti Caroli |i »! jy5J!(j WBJgi g.J f » 9 ' , i mimm ' i W S w ' mKs M. W " SS A ffi P- W CONSTANT SCENERY IHf i mU% dnsk •-o iH Hoey-Anthony-Podgett- Young (Girls ' Dormitory) Is ss l| 7Z ne muaic arow to love it t Id a 6 matt S. S. Royster Memoriol Clinic of tke settina id that, Somehow, we .... S tructureS .... merelu decrepit . . • • School, but there are those who love it . . • iK.ememoereci Ljlofu and cltanaina niauerd . . . laina niau or i aridud reaAo J cA ' .onS @ 1943 g05 TW C. _ cane(J e-dIrector, " For a review of ' Gardner-Wlbb ' 54 ' . " early as iQ W e idea of establishing a school of high school grade, cre the young . . . could have the best possible;Q; ation!Jtf n- Jge? under the distinctive Christian influence, ' .Was Jurmy fiijaM pe inds of the people of the Kings Mountain Assocrawn.- By 19TO Boil- ' ine Sjprings was selected as the location of such a schrolj ahd the school is chartered as The Boiling Springs High School, Incorporated. In instruction work on the main building (Huggins-Curtis Hail v " ) waf tS ed, and tjiu corns stones %ere laid in June. l ' 1928 the school was opened as a jjyiior college with J- Blaine Davis " ' in the plant until 1939 reirovated and beauti- S 150,000.00 o thirty-fivt ged k iWne dff the in- ior College in honor of two prominent ied. In 1942 the people were led «i«an as Its first president. Very little chani|»as amdt when the buildings a d ouffflTs were partially pie were led «i«ang|tfort to raise ; tsiSof the can Bs froi tivKc ir ffle tru t¥!ss c Riged re ifflni )r College in honor of t ' it Hi 3 t € Baptist tRB9 ' which resulted in the|e kcres, and in that sanje stitution to Gardner-Webi North Carolina families In 1946, the college was HMRId to " ' t € Baptist IBlBiy of colleges of North Carolina on the condition that by November, 1948 the friends of the institution in addition to $75,000.00 for a plant, raise $250,000.00 for endowment. These conditions were satisfactorily and completely met. Also, in this year the college achieved the goal of attaining the highest accreditation within its reach — full and unqualified membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. " Behind the curtain ' s mystic fold, the growing future lies unrolled. " . » 1 I w I iVft ' TiiiliOi V. OUR DRAMA IS DEDICATED TO DEAN J. O. TERRELL . . . PPRECIATION for his loyalty, devotion, and all-around interest in ardner-Webb. Every Student comes into contact with Dean Ter- during his stay on the campus. He is the Dean of Instruction. office at Gardner-Webb since 1945. For his service to this school icate the 1954 Anchor to Dean J. O. Terrell. n mm] DR. PHILIP L. ELLIOTT " All the world ' s a stage " The external drama we see going on about us is but an objective manifestation of an eternal drama that ever goes on within, whose actors are unseen, but whose outcome is ever consistent and true. On this page I have always tried to give you a picture in words taken from someone who could express it better than I. This time it is a critique of this inner drama by James Allen — As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the result of your thoughts, but you can endure and learn, can accept and be glad. You will realize the vision (not the idle wish) of your heart, be it base or beautiful, or a mixture of both, for you will always gravitate towards that which you secretly most love. In your hands will be placed the exact results of your thoughts, you will receive that which you earn; no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your wisdom, your ideal. You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration. James Orville Terrell . . Dean of Instruction, Social Science B A,, Western Corolino Teochers College; M A,, George Peabody College for Teachers, Additional groduate study, Peobody, Gordner-Webb College, 1945, Jomes Young Hamrick Dean of Men, English B. A., Elon College, M. A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gordner-Webb College, 1 945. Mabel Starnes Deon of Women A.B., Corson- Newman College, M R E , Southwestern Boptist Seminary, Gardner-Webb College, 1950. John Worth Long Director of Public Relations, English B,A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Crozer Theological Seminary; Gordner-Webb College, 1953. W. Lowson Allen . Church -Community Development, Religion BS .Western Carolina College; MR.E,, Southwestern Baptist Theologicol Seminary; Additional Graduate Work, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Woke Forest College; Gardner- Webb College, 1944-45, 1953. Mrs. Dorothy W. Hamrick Registrar A B , Meredith College; Gordner-Webb College, 1 946- JulionW. Horn rick Business Manoger B.S. in Commerce, University of North Carolina; C.P.A., Georgia; Gordner-Webb College, 1953. Leonard Ancel Allen Gardner -Webb College, 1945. Mrs. J. R. Borneft Assistant to the Dean of Women Slippery Rock State Teachers ' College, Appo- lachion Stote Teachers ' College, Columbio University; Gardner- Webb College. 1952 Sam J. Crawley, Jr. College Physician B S , Wake Forest College; M.D,, Bowman- Gray School of Medicine; Gardner -Webb Col- lege. 1953 Kathleen Holt Davis . Shorthand Secretory to Dr. Elliott B S , Western Carolina Teachers ' College; Groduate Study, University of North Carolina, Columbia Uruverwty, Gardner-Webb College, 1952 Francis B. Dedmond English A.B.. Catawba College, Th M , Southern Bap- tist Seminory, MA., Duke University; Addi- tional Graduate study. University of North Carolina; Gordner-Webb College, 1 952. Hubert Conrad Dixon Mathematics B A , Woke Forest College, MA,, University of North Carolina; Additional Graduate study, Clemson, Gardner-Webb College, 1935. Dr. Robert Allen Dyer Psychology and Religion B A , University of Louisiono, Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Two years Graduate work, Columbia University; Two years study ond work in the Orient; Gardner-Webb College, 1946. Dr. Robert N. Elliott, Jr. Social Science B S., Appolachian State Teachers College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Caroline; Gordner-Webb, 1953. f - " B iL ' ' f --- fc ± fe ' . mLjL John S. Forrar Pastor B-S., Wake Forest; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Th M., Southern Bap- tist Theological Seminory; Gardner-Webb Col- lege, 1952. Nettie Royle Gidney Voice B M , Westminster Choir College; Gordner- Webb College; 1945-46; 1953 Mrs. Nell Hines Harris English A.B , Winthrop College, M,A.. Winthrop Col- lege, Columbia University, Additional Grod- uote study, University of North Corolina, Gardner-Webb College 1950-51; 53 Norman Horris Physicol Education, Coach B.A., High Point College, MS, Peobody, Gordner-Webb. 1949. Dr. Thomas C, Holland Lotin A B , Wake Forest Colleqe, M.A., Wake Forest College; Th M , Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary, Additional Graduate study, Harvard University, Gardner- Webb College, 1915-17. 1953. S. L. Lamm Religion B.A . Woke Forest; Th.M,, Southern Boptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1950. Abbie Catherine Miller Piano B.M , Cincinnoti Conservotory of Music; M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Gardner- Webb College, 1937. Saronon Morgan Physical Education and Hygiene B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1948 Jomes Stephen Morrisett Religion ond Greek B.S-, Columbia University, M.A,, Cornell Uni- versity, Th B . Southern Baptist Theologicol Seminary, Additional graduate study, Curtis Institute of Music; Ecole Wonda Sandowska, Pons, Gardner-Webb College, 1945. M. A. Moseley, Jr. - . - Natural Science B,S , Wofford College; M.S., North Corolmo State College, Additional graduate work at University of North Carolina; Gordner-Webb College, 1950. Jonie Belle Odom Dietitian Gostonia Business College, Gordner-Webb College, Lewis Hotel Training College; Gord- ner-Webb College, 1948. Mrs. Ruth Howie Plaster . - Organ B.M , Brencu College Conservotory; Graduate Study. University of North Carolina, Univer- sity of Wisconsin; Gordner-Webb College, 1953. Mrs. Louise Moore Plybon Librorian B.S , Appolachion Stote Teachers College; B,S- in L.S,, MS- in LS., George Peabody College for Teachers, Gordner-Webb College, 1953. Mrs. £lma Horper Pollock Romance Longuages B.A,, Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; M.A,, University of North Carolina; Additionol groduote study. University Mary- land; University of North Carolina; Gordner- Webb College. 1936. Mrs. Oster Whisnant Shytle Counselor for Boys Gordner-Webb College, 1 950. f Poul John Stacy .... Natural Science B.A., Duke University; Graduate study, Duke University; Gordner-Webb College, 1941. William F. Troutman Social Science B.S., Western Carolina Teachers ' College, M.A., Duke University; Additional graduate study, Duke University, Gordner-Webb Col- lege, 1 949. Eugene W. Vosecky .... Commerce B.S., Northwestern University; M.A., North- western University, Additional groduote study. Northwestern University; Gardner- Webb College, 1949 Willard Wyon Woshburn, M.D. College Physician B.S,, Woke Forest College; M.D., Jefferson Medical College; Gardner-Webb College, 1946. SECRETARIES: Noncy Anthony Public Relotions Secretory Attended Gardner-Webb College, 1 95 1 -53; Gordner-Webb College, 1953. Billie Bumette Falls Secretary to Mr, Julian Homrick Attended Gordner-Webb College, 1950-51; Gordner-Webb College, 195 ' Mrs. Emily Deorybury Moseley, Jr. Secretary to Dr. Dyer Gordner-Webb, 1950. I WE TAKE THE TRAGIC ROLES ... of those appearing longest Ours is the role which gives to the drama its meaning and power. We look on the last year as phenomenal grow-th, for what we see in the mirror is amazing mental maturity. How could we have learned so much in such a little time! Because of our great elevation we look upon the freshmen not as our " former selves " but as representing stupidity that must be punished. Now. in our greatest role, we must offer a quiet and sincere " thank you " to those who have made it a success — our directors and prompters, faculty and administra- tion, those who have done the hard and thankless work backstage, and those of the other class, our supporting cast. We have reached the end of this run and we are leaving a cast of friends and a stage we have come to love. The lights are dimming and the play is done: the last lines are spoken and the last gestures made — sad, foolish, gay, or wise — and cannot be re- called. Yes, the play is done, not a very good or very wise play, perhaps, but we are sorry to see it end . . . sorry to reach the words " e.xeunt smiling " . . . Curtain going down. OFFICERS Bunny Price President Sfonley Rose Vice-President Nodo Hester Secretary-Treasurer f J 1 jfcc. 14 SOPHOMORES -1954 Hoyt Watson Abroms , . Washington, D. C. Ministry Day Student 1 , 2; Choir 1 , 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, Potricio Ann Adorns ... Southport, N. C. Business Administration Glee Club I; Y.W.A. 1; Homecoming Spon- sor 2. Williom Neil Armstrong , . Belmont, N. C. North Carolina State Agriculture Dovfd Austin Winston-Salem, N. C. Florida State Radio, Journalism Student Government Council 2; House Council President 2; I.R.C. 1, 2; President 2; Pilot Staff 1 , 2; Executive Editor 2; Delta Psi Omego 1, 2; " Jone Eyre " Student Director 2; " Measure for Measure " I ; " Weep No More My Lody " Technicol Director 1 . Elizobeth Ann Bonning . . . Asheville, N. C. Meredith Music Pilot Staff 2; Choir 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Bond 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Delto Psi Omega 1, 2, " Jane Eyre " 2; " Weep No More My Lady " Valeria Esteile Banning . . Horse Shoe, N. C. Meredith Music House Council 2; I.R.C. 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1; May Court 1 Homecoming Spon- sor 2. 15 SOPHOMORES- -1954 Peter Bonus New Brunswick, N. J. House Council 2; I.R.C. 2; Pilot Staff 1, 2; EDITOR 2; Radio Club 1, 2; Delta Psi Omega 1, 2; " Jane Eyre " 2, Superlative 2. Betty Wise Botes Lincolnton, N. C. English Day Student 2, Active Morsho! 2; Delta Psi Omega 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2; " Jane Eyre " 1 ; May Court 1 ; Homecoming Sponsor 1 ; SUPERLATIVE 2; " Death Takes A Holiday " 1; " Measure for Measure " 1; Best Actress Award 1. Richard Neol Boss Belmont, N. C. University of North Carolina Business Football Manager 2; Baseball I, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2. Alice Abigail Boucom . Rockingham, N. C. East Carolina Social Studies STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, VICE-PRESIDENT 2; Marshal Club 2; House Council 2; I.R.C. 2; Choir 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2; Treasurer 1; Homecoming Spon- sor 2. Ted Allen Bechtler ... Blacksburg, S. C. University of South Carolina Business I.RC. 2; Band 1, 2. Catherine Beck AsheviMe, N. C- Christion Volunteer Band 2; Y.W.A. 2; Mars Hill College 1. 16 SOPHOMORES -1954 Joy Lynne Bell Durham, N. C. University of North Carolina Sociology Active Marshal 2; House Council 2; Pilot Staff Business Manager 2; Anchor Staff 1; Christian Volunteer Band 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Vice-Presi- dent 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; SUPERLA- TIVE 2. Shirley Ann Bell Gostonio, N. C. University of North Corolinc Educotion Anchor Staff 2; Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. 1; F.T.A. 1, 2; Cheerleader 2; Homecoming Sponsor I; Band 1, 2. Betty Jo Bivens High Point, N. C. Business Administration Morshal Club 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 1; Christ- ian Volunteer Bond 1; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Betty Ann Bowman Marion, N. C. Carson-Newmon Religious Education Day Student 2; Choir 2; Christian Volunteer Band 2; Y.W.A. 2. Paul Davis Breedlove .... Lexington, N. C. North Carolina State Engineering Football 1, 2; Monogram Club 2. Dorothy Moe Bridges Shelby, N. C. Baptist Hospital Nursing I.R.C. 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. 17 SOPHOMORES- IPS 4 Marfha Elizabefh Brooks , . . Gostonia, N. C. A.S.T.C. Elementory Education Choir 2; Y.W.A. I; Cheerleader 2; Homecom- ing Sponsor 2 Ernesf Lindsay Byerly . . . Thomosville, N. C. University of North Caroline Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Monogram Club 1. 2. Evelyn Frances Carswell . . Forest City, N. C. Wake Forest Science I.R.C. 1, 2; Pilot Staff 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1; Y.W.A. 1. Rachel Amanda Cloer .... Alexis, N. C. Boptist Hospital Religious Education Morshal Club 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. I.R.C. 1; Y.W.A. I, 2, William Eddie Crapps . . . Hickory, N. C. Baylor Ministry Pilot Staff 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Choir 1, 2; Ministerial Associotion 1, 2; Christian Volun- teer Bond 1 , 2. Gorro Jane Crowford Shelby, N. C. W.C.U.N.C. Christian Education Day Student 1, 2; Active Marshal 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 1; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Bond 1 , 2. 18 SOPHOMORES -1954 Doris Ann Dedmon Shelby, N. C. East Carolina Education Christian Volunteer Bond 2; Y.W. A, 2; F.T.A. 2; Meredith 1. Linda Ann Earp Boomer, N. C. A.S.T.C, Social Studies B.S.U. Council Secretary 2; Choir 1, 2; Christ- ion Volunteer Bond 1, Y.W.A. I, 2. Gerald Edwards Beuloville, N. C. Margaret Cleory Edwords . . . Shelby, N. C. Day Student 2; Choir I. Woyne Bronson Edwards Day Student 2. Shelby, N. C. Thomas A. Ellington - - Cromerton, N. C. Woke Forest Ministry 19 SOPHOMORES -1954 Phiflp Lovin Elliott, Jr. . Boiling Springs, N. C. Furmon Chemistry Day Student 1, 2, 3, IRC. 1, Choir 3; Foot- boll I, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club 2, 3. Betty Jeon Emmett Gostonio, N. C. A 5 T,C Education IRC 2, Pilot Staff 2; Anchor Staff 1, 2; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 2; Choir I, 2; Glee Club I; YW.A. I; Delta Psi Omega 2; " Jane Eyre " 2; Moy Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor ], 2; Bond I, 2, SUPERLATIVE 2. Janet England Marion, N. C. Baptist Hospital Nursing 8 5 U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2; I.R.C. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, Christian Volunteer Bond I, 2; Y.W A. 1 , 2; FT. A. 2, Homecoming Sponsor I, 2; Home Economics Club President 1. Robert Lee Estes Mount Airy, N. C. University of Richmond Literature Day Student 1, Student Government Council 1, 2, President 2; B.S.U. Council 1, 2; I.R.C. I ; Ministerial Associotion 1 ; Christian Volun- teer Bond President 2; Basketboll 1, 2; Mono- gram Club 2; SUPERLATIVE 2. MyrI Julia Farris Shelby, N. C. Christian Volunteer Bond 1. 2; Y.W. A. 2. William Joseph Fitzpa trick, Jr. AsheviHe, N, C. North Carolino Stote Engineering Football 1, 2; Basketball I, Monogram Club I, 2. 20 SOPHOMORES -1954 Melvyn Twitty Flynn Gaffney, S, C. Ministry Doy Student 1, 2; B.S.U. Council 2, Ministeriol Associotion 1 , 2; Christian Volunteer Bond 1 , 2. Martha Nan Gantt .... Ware Shoals, S. C. History Delta Psi Omega 1, 2; Vice-President 2; Cheer- leader 1 , 2; Chief 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Homecoming Queen 2; SUPERLATIVE 2; " Death Takes A Holidoy " 1; Home Economics Club 1. Hubert Henry Gault .... Blacksburg, S. C. University of South Coroltna Geology I.R.C. 2; Bond 1, 2. George Denis Georgion . Rutherfordton, N. C. Wofford Chemistry . j . Footboll 1, 2. Carl Gordon Gibbs .... Greensboro, N. C. Elon Ministry Day Student 2; Active Morshol 2; Choir 2; Ministerial Association 1 ; Christian Volunteer Band ). Patricio Ann Godfrey . . . High Shoals, N. C. Business Administration Pilot Staff 2; Choir 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Radio Club 2; " Weep No More My Lady " 1. 21 SOPHOMORES -1954 Dorothy Goforth . . . Kings Mountoin, N. C. Business Administration I.R.C. 2; Anchor Staff 2; Y.W. A. 1, 2. Jim Goode . . . . Day Student 1, 2, Ruth, N. C. Lois Jeon Goodman - . . Follston, Maryland WC.U.N.C. Home Economics Marshal Cluh 2; Pilot Staff 1, 2; Anchor Staff 2; Y.W, A, I; May Day — Student Director 1; Home Economics Reporter ] . Peggy Mordecio Greene .... Shelby, N. C. A.S.T.C. Education Day Student 1, 2; Glee Club I, 2; Homecom- ing Sponsor 1 . Helen Bruce Gurley . . Rutherford ton, N. C. Furman Sociology Choir 1, 2; Y.W. A. 1, 2; FT A. I, 2. Delois Elizabeth Hamrick . . Coroleen, N C. Furmon Religion IRC, I, 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 1; Christian Volunteer Bond 1,2; Y,W A. I, 2, Sigma Pi Alpho 1, 2. 22 SOPHOMORES -1954 Jomes Kethel Hardin Day Student 1, 2. Shelby, N. C. Norman Clifton Hardin . . Forest City, N. C. Day Student 1; FootboM 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2. Doris Gwendolyn Horkey . . Lincolnton, N. C. Builness Administrotion I.R.C. 2; Pilot Staff 2; Anchor Staff 2; Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. 1. Eula Velma Lee Harmon Elk Pork, N C Baptist Hospital Nursing Glee Club 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Troy Grant Harmon, Jr. . . Statesville, N. C. A.S.T.C. Accounting Baseball 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2. Borboro Caroline Horrill . . Lincolnton, N. C. Lenoir Rhyne Business I.R.C. 2; Anchor Staff 2; Y. W. A. 1. 23 SOPHOMORES -1954 Richard Durham Harr II ... . Shelby, N. C Bosketboil 1. Doris Roe Harris . . .... Marion, N. C Carson-Newman Religious Educotion Y.W.A. 1, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2. Dorothy Corol Houser .... Advonce, N. C. Business Administration I.R.C. 2; Pilot Staff 2; Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. I; Homecoming Sponsor 2. Robert Keith Howkins Shelby, N. C. A.S.T.C. Business Administrotion Day Student 2; I.R.C. 1. Kotherine Elizobeth Hazeltine Dona, N. C. Carson-Newman Elementory Education B.S.U, Council Social Chairmen 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2, F.T.A, 1, 2; President 2; Home Economics Club 1; Active Marshal 2. Meredith Herbert Henderson . Marbury, Md. Ministry Day Student 1, 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2; Christion Volunteer Band 1, 2. 24 SOPHOMORES -1954 Ronald Lewis Henry Kinston, N. C. English Radio Club 2; Delta Psi Omego 2; Football 2; Boseball 1; Monogram Club 1. Mory Alice Hensley . . Rutherfordton, N. C. A.S.T.C. Primary Education House Council 2; I.R.C. I, 2; Secretary 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Radio Club 1. Nada Mildred Hester Morion, N. C. A.S. r.C, Education Sophomore Gloss Secretory 2; B.S.U. Council 1st Vice-President 2; Marshal Club 2; Choir 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Bond 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; FT-A. ], 2; Secretary 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2. Boyce Buron Higgins Bostic, N. C. Thomos Earl Hill Enoree, S. C. Furmon Business House Council 1; I.R.C, 1. Robert Bernard Holder . . Mount Airy, N. C. Wake Forest Religious Education Day Student 1, 2; Active Marshal 2; I.R.C. 2; Christion Volunteer Band I, 2. 25 SOPHOMORES- -1954 Marian Davie Horton Canton, N. C. Carson-Newman Elementary Education : R.C. 2; Glee Club 2; Christian Volunteer Band 2, Y.W.A. 2; FT. A. 2; Berea College 1. Mory Myrtis Horton Jefferson, S. C. Day Student I, 2, Y.W.A. 2. Pouletto Dophene Howard . Albemarle, N. C. Meredith Music Choir 2, Glee Club 2; Y.W.A. 1; May Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1, 2. Fronk Moson Hudspeth , . Mount Holly, N. C. Walce Forest English I. R.C. 2, Choir 1; Ministerial Association 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2. Virginio Barron Huggins Boiling Springs, N. C. Y ake Forest Nursing Day Student 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Active Mar- shal Chief 2; I. R.C. 1; Choir 2; Christian Vol- unteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. I, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2; SUPERLATIVE 2. Joyce Lessola Hyde .... Bryson City, N. C. Western Carolina Elementary Education IRC. 1; Anchor Staff 2; Y.W.A. 1 26 SOPHOMORES 1954 John H. Isiminger . . . Winston-Salem, N. C. Mathematics Active Marshal 2; House Council Vice-Presi- dent 2; I.R.C. 2; May Court 1; SUPERLATIVE 2, Janet MJntz Jordon . . Boiling Springs, N. C. Day Student I, 2. Willie Robert Kimberlin .... Lenoir, N. C. Vv ' ake Forest History Choir 2; Ministerial Association 1 , 2; Christ- ian Volunteer Band I, 2. Theodore Allen Kincoid . . Morgonton, N. C. Georgia Institute of Technology Aeronouticol Engineering Football I; May Court 1. Owen Roscoe La wter , . Mooresvi I le, N . C. Georgia Institute of Technology Aeronautical Engineering House Council 2; I.R.C. 2. John Robert Leach Statesville, N. C. 27 SOPHOMORES- -1954 W Ml Joe Anne Ledbetter Day Student 1, 2. Boiling Springs, N. C. Joseph D. Long Gostonia, N. C. University of North Carolina Business House Council 2; IRC. 1, 2; Anchor Staff BUSIN ESS MANAGER 2; Choir 2, Radio Club President 2; Baseball 1, 2. Vernon Edward McAbee . . Chesnee, S. C. Furman Bible Day Student 1 , 2; Ministerial Association 1 , 2, Christian Volunteer Band 1 . Harold Matthews ... Bessemer City, N. C. Wake Forest Dentistry Charles Floyd McMonus Sanford, N. C. North Carolina State Mechanical Engineering Pilot Staff 1; Choir 1, 2; " Weep No More My Lody " 1; Band 1, 2. Billy Joe Mace Shelby, N. C. North Carolina State Mechanical Engineering Day Student I, 2. 28 SOPHOMORES- 1954 George Metcolf Forest City, N. C. Day Student 1, 2. Gene Byors Mintz . . . Boiling Springs, N, C. Limestone Business Administration Day Student 1, 2; I.R.C. 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2. Jomes Elden Moore ... Thomosville, N. C. Unive.sity of North Carolina Social Studies Football Manager 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2. Dornold Dee Nonney . . . Forest City, N. C. East Carolina Business Administration Day Student 1, 2; Football I, 2; Monogram Club I, 2. Lucille O ' Neil Mount Airy, N. C. Day Student 1, 2; Choir 1. Sam Henry O ' Neil .... Mount Airy, N. C. Ministry Day Student 1, 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Bond 1, 2. 29 SOPHOMORES -1954 Albert Floy Ostwalt . . Statesville, N. C. Ministry Ministeriol Association 1, 2; Christion Volun- teer Bond 1, 2. Harold Dean Pearson . Kings Mountain, N. C. University of North Carolina Journalism House Council 2; LR.C. 2; Pilot Staff 2; Rodio Club 2; Basketboll Manager 2; Baseball 2; Monogram Club 2. Helen Georgeanna Pope Boiling Springs, N. C. Day Student 1, 2. William Henry Pope Boiling Springs, N. C. Wake Forest Ministry Doy Student 1, 2; Ministerial Association ), 2. Henry Win field Price, Jr. . Miami, Florido Physical Education Sophomore Class President 2; Student Govern- ment Council 2; House Council 2; Football 1, 2; Basketball I, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2; Vice- President 2; SUPERLATIVE 2. Sally Bridges Queen Day Student 1, 2. Ellenboro, N. C. 30 SOPHOMORES -1954 Horold Esley Queen Grover, N. C. Wake Forest Religious Education Day Student 1, 2, 3; Ministerial Associotton 2, 3. Peggy Loujean Quinn .... Cowpens, S. C. Limestone Sociology I.R.C. 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1. Lillie Daphne Randolph , . Burnsville, N. C. A ST.C, Science Day Student 2; I.R.C. 1, 2; Pilot Staff 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1; Homecoming Sponsor 2. Jock Roy Mebane, N. C. Wake Forest Ministry B.S.U. Council 2; Choir 1, 2; Ministerial Asso- ciation 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. Loudene Wright Riggs . . Mount Airy, N. C. Day Student 1, 2; Choir 1; Christian Volunteer Bond 1, 2. William Poul Riggs . . Mount Airy, N, C. Ministry Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2, Day Student 1, 2; Active Marshal 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2. 31 SOPHOMORES -1954 Cecil Rollins Greenville, S. C. Furman Art " Jane Eyre " Stoge Designer 2; Basketball 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2. Stonley McNeil Rose . , . Mount Airy, N. C. University of North Carolina Business Sophomore Class Vice-President 2; I.R.C. 2, Choir ] ; May Court 1. Fu ' od Sokhnini Nazareth, Israel Ministry Day Student 1 , 2; Active Marshal, Chief 2; Ministerial Association 1 , 2, Christian Volun- teer Bond 1, 2; SUPERLATIVE 2. Corel Alene Silver Marshoil, N, C. Wake Forest Religious Educotion House Council 2; Christian Volunteer Bond 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; F.T.A. 2. Margoret Ruth Sperling Waco, N. C. A.S.T.C. Elementary Educotion Christian Volunteer Band 2; YW.A. 2; F.T.A. 2; Meredith 1. Helen Marie Stinson Ramseur, N. C. A.S.T.C. Mathematics Marshal Club 2; IRC. 2; Anchor Staff 2; Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Secretary 2; F.T.A. 1, 2; Reporter 2; Sigma Pi Alpha Vice-Presi- dent 2. 32 SOPHOMORES -1954 Morcus Whitfield Stone . . . Rock Hill, S. C, Furman Ministry House Council Secretary-Treosurer 2; I.R.C. 2; Pilot Staff 2; Choir I, 2; Ministerial Associa- tion 1, 2; Ch ristian Volunteer Bond 1, 2; Radio Club 2; Basketball 2. Elizabeth Anne Stroupe .... Alexis, N. C. Meredith Music Student Government Council 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Choir 1 ; Christian Volunteer Band 1 , 2; Y.W.A, 1 ; Homecoming Sponsor 2; House Council President 2, Dorothy Mae Stubblefield . Cherryville, N, C. Carson-Newman Religious Education B.S.U. Council 2; House Council 2; I.R.C. 1; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Gwyn Sullivan Lenoir, N. C. Ministry Day Student 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Bond I, 2; Ministerial Associotion 1, 2. Edgar Neil Teogue, Jr. . . Fayetteville, N. C. North Carolina State Engineering Football 2; Monogrom Club 2. Grover Forrest Teague Shelby, N. C. Baylor Ministry Day Student 1, 2; Active Marshal 2; Choir 2; Ministerial Association 1; Christian Volun- teer Bond 1 . 33 SOPHOMORES -1954 Edwin Goil Thomas Hiddenjte, N. C. Wofford Physicol Education Day Student 1; Basketboll I, 2; Baseball 1; Monogram Club 1 , 2. William Grady Thomas Chorlotte, N. C. A.S.T.C. Science Footboll 1 , 2; Boseball 1 ; Monogram 1 , 2. Sally Sue Thompson Woxhaw, N. C. Western Carolina Business Administration Freshmen Closs Secretory-Treasurer I ; Active Morshol 2; Anchor Staff 2; Glee Club 1; Y W.A 1; Delto Psi Omega 2; May Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1, SUPERLATIVE 2. Lewis Chorlie Toney . . . Mooresboro, N. C. North Carolina Stote Chemistry Marshal Club 2; Choir 1 . Roy Clyde Trommell Shelby, N. C. U-N.C. Personnel Day Student 1 . Bobbie Jean Trivette . Winston-Solem, N. C. Wake Forest Religious Education BSD. Council 2; I.R.C. I; Christian Volunteer Bond I, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Sigma Pi Alpha Sec- retory 2. 34 SOPHOMORES -1954 Esther Marie Turner Marion, N. C. A STC, Education I.R.C. 1, Anchor Staff 2; Choir 2; Glee Club ], 2, Y.WA. 1. Doris Anne Vance Boone, N. C. Woke Forest Medicine Student Government Council 2; Marshal Club 2; House Council 2; I.R.C. 1, 2; Pilot Staff 1; Glee Club 2; Christion Volunteer Band 1 , 2; Y.WA. 1, 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 2. Horry David Vonce Sylvo, N. C. Carson-Newman Christian Education Day Student 1, 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2. Joyce Kathleen Whisnont Boiling Springs, N, C. Business Administration Day Student 1, 2. Evaleen Marie Wiggins . . . Gostonio, N C. I.R.C. 1, 2; Glee Club I. Alice Josephine Williams Kings Mountain, N. C. Carson-Newman Religious Education Christian Volunteer Band I, 2; Y.W.A. ], 2. Richard Meek Yeorwood . . Knoxville, Tenn. Vanderbilt English Freshman Class President I; Student Govern- ment Council 1; Pilot Staff 1, 2; Sigma Pi Alpha President 2; Football 1, 2; Monogram Club I, 2; President 2; SUPERLATIVE 2. 35 Again we must pause in our presentation of GARDNER-WEBB ' 54 to refresh our memory of an ' ole fellow who was a " natural " on the Gardner-Webb campus for al- most eight years. There are many happy scenes in our drama, but here we have one of the saddest. When the students returned to the campus after the Christmas holidays, we were greeted with the words — " Butch is dead! " — the faithful mascot of Gardner-Webb who seemed a part of the campus. He had the good ' ole school spirit of Gardner- Webb and could do almost as he pleased. The annual staff and those who did appreciate this symbol of Gardner-Webb dedicate this page in our drama of GARDNER-WEBB ' 54 presented in this, the 1954 Anchor, to the memory of Butch and what he represented. W E TAKE T H E COMIC ROLES ... of the Jolly Freshmen We found ourselves where the plot turned on situation and the characters were sub- merged in incidents and accidents. The curtain went up on some bad stage-fright, a few hams — and many who would soon become stars. Backstage for the first time, freshmen were kept busy learning directors, stage, and props. Through orientation and the first semester we learned lines and developed make-up, with a little prompting at first, but with increasingly deft characterization. .Among the costumes of the comedy were quite a few with the brass-buttons of future officers, and con stant talk of drafts and deferments mi.xed with rumors and ratting, but the new actors played their parts with a light and capable touch. Now on the stage of college life they can truly " strut and fret " as seasoned hams should. Their performance had even the hardened critics in the aisles and gave promise of increasingly polished and mature drama in later years. OFFICERS Bob Richardson Howord Proctor Vice-President President Poggy Reovis Secretary-Treasurer 38 FRESHMAN CLASS DANIEL WILLIAM ABERNATHY GALE LORETTA BALL LEWIS FRANKLIN BALLARD SARAH ELIZABETH BALLARD NANCY REBECCA BARNES BILL BELL ANITA KAY BOSTIC BULLY GRAY BOVENDER EFFIE JOANN BRIDGES MARTHA WARREN BRIDGES JAMES JACKSON BUCKNER BILLIE SUE BULLARD ROBERTA GERALDINE BUNDRICK RONALD GRAHAM BURNS OTHELLA CABE ANNIE DARLEENE CABLE MAX EMMETT CALLAHAN 39 FRESHMAN CLASS 1 ROBERT JOSEPH CALLAHAN MARY ELIZ ' .BETH CALLOWAY ELIZABETH LEE CAMP DUANE THEODORE CARTER HAZEL JUANITA CLINE GENE LEROY COBB MARIE ELIZABETH COBB CYNTHIA ANN COVINGTON BOYCE RAY CRAWFORD MINNIE ELLA CURRIN KENNETH PAUL DETTMAR CHARLES DENNIS DORMAN WILLIAM ARNOLD EDWARDS BILLY JOE ELLIS ELIZABETH ANN EPLEY HAROLD EUGENE ESKRIDGE FAYE KEY ESTES 40 FRESHMAN CLASS ROBERTA GAYNELLE FISHER HENRY LEON FOGLE BETTY JOANN GASKINS JESSIE PAGE GIBBS WALKER CLYDE GIBSON FRIEDA LOUISE GLADDEN JOHN LUTHER GLADDEN OVIE LEE GREGORY CLAUDE WILLIAM HAMILTON ECTOR LEE HAMRICK DALE IRA HART FRANCES REBECCA HART WILLIAM WAYNE HAYNES RICHARD DEAN HEDRICK CAROLE JOAN HELLARD PHYLLIS ANNE HENDERSON EDWARD McAFEE HILL 41 FRESHMAN CLASS o a iWliil GARY FRANKLIN HOOK CARLISLE YOUNG HOSTETTER RAY ORMAND HOVIS MAROLYN JANE HOWELL LOIS MAE HOYLE EDWARD VALENTINE HUDSON BEULAH ESTELLE HUFFMAN WILLIAM EDWARD JONES RALPH TRUETT JOYNER DORIS DEAN JUSTICE AAARGARET CLESTINE KIMBERLIN PHYLLIS JO KiNNAMAN LOUIS LEONARD KITCHEN MARY LEONA LAMM NANCY FRANCES LATTIMORE DOROTHY ANN LONG NANCY GRAY LUFFMAN 42 FRESHMAN CLASS ROBBIE DEREE MAYBERRY DORIS EVELYN MOODY ELIZABETH JEAN MOORE CONRAD WOFFORD MORRIS ROSALEEN JEANETTE MORROW RAYMOND COY NEEDHAM BILLY W. NORRIS CLARENCE TOM OAKMAN ' " f iiilil BOBBIE GAYE OXFORD JAMES CLIFFORD PARKER BETTY LOUISE PEACE DORIS VIRGINIIA PHILLIPS TRUMAN GARLAND PHILLIPS VICTORIA HOWIE PLASTER ROBERT GLYNN PORTER GLENDA DEAN POSTON HUGH DEAN PRICE 43 FRESHMAN CLASS MARY FRANCES PUTNAM PEGGY ANNE REAVIS SHIRLEY ANNE REAVIS ROBERT FRANKLIN RHYNE WILLIAM JOE RICHARDS BOBBY ARTHUR RICHARDSON GRACE CAROLYN ROLLINS JO ANN ROLLINS LESLIE MARIE RUDISILL ©f a JOE HENRY SAUNDERS RACHEL KATHRYN SELLERS BETTY KATHRYN SHIRLEY ZOE ANN SHYTLE WILLIE MICHAEL 5ITT0N CHARLES FRANKLIN SITTON 44 FRESHMAN CLASS JAMES CONWAY SMITH NANCY JANE SMITH LEE ROY SMITH PHYLLIS LEE SMITH DWIGHT SPURGEON SNIPES JULIAN MELTON STABLER CHARLES MORGAN STARNES BETTY JOAN STATON THEOLA BERNICE STEWART REGINALD ALLEN STROUPE WALTER JOHN SUBER GEDDES LEE SWOFFORD RUBY HUMPHRIES TALLEY ERNEST TED TURNER HAL DEAN UPTON 45 FRESHMAN CLASS LARRY DEAN VON CANNON ERVIN ROSS WAGNER JANET JOAN WALKER BARBARA ANN WALL BEVARLY WALTON WARD SUE CARLENE WARNER GERALD GENE WEATHERS SHIRLEY RUTH WHITESIDES LLOYD HORACE WHITLEY DELLA ANN WILLIAMS BARBARA JO WILLIS AUDREY FAYE WILSON DONALD HICKS WILSON WILLIAM HAROLD WILSON GRACE EMILY YELTON 46 I STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Bob Estes President Gale, Boucom Vice-President Doris Vonce Secretary-Treasurer Miss Mobel Stornes Faculty Advisor Mr. J. Y. Hamrick Faculty Advisor The Gardner-Webb College Government Association is the official representative body of the students. Every student becomes a member of this organization when he enrolls at G. W. Officers are chosen from the students, and the pri- mary and sole purpose is to serve students. A President, the most responsible student officer on the campus, is 3lected in the spring, along with other officers. Bob Richardson, Tommy Ellington, Gale Baucom, Bob Estes, Doris Vance, David .Austin, Libby Stroupe. .Absent: Bunnv Price. 48 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL Eddie Crapps President Mr. Stephen Morriseft Faculty Advisor Rev. John S. Farror Faculty Advisor The Baptist Student Union seeks to correlate the religious activities on the college campus and to serve as a link be- tween the campus and the local church. This organization makes Christianity collegiate, college life Christian, spiri- tuality preeminent, student friendships happy, and student Christianity maximum. Every Baptist student is a member of the B.S.U. Daily worship services and the presentation of outstanding religious leaders to the student body are planned and sponsored by the B.S.U. Jack Ray, Nada Hester, Bobbie Trivette, Dot Stubble- field, Meredith Henderson, Linda Earp, Bob Estes, Janet England. Melvin Flynn, Virginia Muggins, Katherine Haz- eltine, Eddie Crapps, Libby Stroupe. 49 ACTIVE MARSHALS Fu ' ad Sakhnini, Co-Chief John Isiminger Bob Holder Carl Gibbs Forrest Teague Paul Riggs i absent) Virginia Huggins, Co-Chief Joy Lynn Bell Kotherine Hozeltine Solly Thompson Jone Crawford Betty Bates The Marshal Club is the honor society of Gardner-Webb. Election to membership in the Club is the supreme award for a well-rounded student. Only those who prove to pos- sess the ideal qualities of good character, high scholastic standing, capable leadership, and sacrificial service are eli- gible for membership. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate scholarship, to develop character, to encourage leadership, and to create good fellowship. MARSHAL CLUB Fau ' d Sakhnrni, Virginia Huggms, Sally Thompson, Bob Holder, Rachel Cloer. Betty Bates, Lewis Toney, John Isiminger, Gale Baucom, Oons Vance, Helen Stinson, Janet England, Betty Jo Bivens, Noda Hester Absent; Paul Riggs. Forest Teague, Lois Goodman, Katherine Hazeltine. »l 50 I. R. C. David Austin President Mofv Hensley Secretary A popular and growing organiza- tion on the campus is the Inter- national Relations Club. Its pur- pose is to study local, national, and international affairs, to in- terest each member in these af- fairs, and to relate their signifi- cance to him. An effort is made to obtain the best speakers available for our weekly meetings. All students are eligible for member- ship in this organization. David Austin, Mary Hensley, Evelyn Corswell, Minnie Ella Curnn, Lib Moore, Nancy Lottimore. Roy Craw- ford, Ted Bectitler, Mr. Terrell, Gail Baucom, Daphne RandolpKi, Morion Horton, Michoel Ledbetter, Noble Boll, Grace Rollins, Mr. Troutmon. Ston Rose, Gene Bridges, Ruth Whitesides, Joe Long, Lois Hoyle, Mary Gollowoy, Dot Goforth, Jo Ann Bridges, Mortho Bridges, Pete Bonus, Barbara Wall, Rosaleen Morrow, Theolo Stewort, Jo Ann Goskins, Betty Staton, Henen Stinson, Mason Hudspeth, Ronald Burns, Doris Hor key, Louise Gladden. Chorlotte Simmons, Hugh Dean Price, John isiminger. Absent: Janet England, Hubert Gault, Velmo Mormon, Barbara Harrill, Detois Homrick, Dot Houser, Tommy Hill, Mac Hill, Boyce Higgins, Owen Lowter, Derec Mayberry, Tom Ookmon, Harold Peorson, Nancy Smith. Dons Vance, Erwin Wogner, Evoleen Wiggins, Betty Jean Emmett. F. T. A. Jonet England, Phyllis Smith, Bobbie Oxford, Dons Horns, Mr Dedmon, Helen Stinson, Helen Gurley, Lois Hoyle, Corlene Worner, Alene Silver, Dons Dedmon, Kathenne Hazeltine, Node Hester, Ruth Sperling, Velmo Harmon. Absent: Shirley Bell, Morion Horton, Deree Mayberry, Noncy Smith, Minnie Ella Curnn, Becky Hort, Gay Fisher, Barbara Wall, Gail Baucom, Janet Wolker, Dot Stubblefield, Zoe Ann Shytle. Katherine Hazeltine .... President Bobbie Oxford .... Vice President Nado Hester Secretary Lois Goodman Treosurer Mr. F. B. Dedmon Faculty Advisor The purpose of the Future Teach- ers of America Club is to learn about the opportunities in teach- ing, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster the development of student leadership. The Gardner- Webb chapter of the F. T. A. is affiliated with the North Caro- lina Association and the National Education Association. This gives them the advantage of being a part of a professional organiza- tion. BETTY JEAN EMMETT Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF OF THE BUSINESS Dot Goforth Barbara Horrill Joyce Hyde Deree Moyberry Bob Richardson Helen Stinson Morie Turner 52 Gole Ball Shirley Bell Lois Goodman Doris Horkey Richard Hedrick Betty Staton Solly Thompson Bevarly Word ANCHOR STAFF OF THE ANCHOR JOE LONG Business Monoger 53 THE PILOT Published by the students of G. W. C. Boiling Springs, X. C. The Pilot is published monthly under the direction of Pete Banu5. editor. The staff is made up of representatives from the student body who are interested in this t -pe of work. The purpose of this magazine is to publicize student activities, to inform the patrons of the school, and to promote better school spirit. Everj ' college student is a subscriber to The Pilot. Editor-in-Chief News Editor EDITORIAL BOARD Refer Bonus Lois Goodman Associofe Editors: Deree Mayberry, Clubs; Doris Justice, Activities; Johnny Elliott, Literature; Harold Pearson, Sports; Eddie Crapps, Religion; Mary Fronces Philbeck, Personalities. Editorial Assistants: Richard Yearwood, Betty Jean Emmett, Bevarly Ward, Pot Godfrey, Dot Hauser, Bobbie Oxford, Janet Jordan, Tom Waugh, Betty Botes, Ralph oyner, Howard Proctor, Ector Hamrick, Moson Hudspeth, John Isimimger, Ann Banning, Doris Harkey, Betty Staton, Lib Moore. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Joyn Lynn Bell Business Manager Gene Weathers Assistant Business Manager Richord Horrill Distribution Generol Staff: Nan-v Lottimore, Shirley Reavis, Hugh Weose, Houston Weose, Ann Banning. Advisors: Dr. Robert Zlliott, Mr. Francis Dedmon, Mr. Julian Hamrick. 54 CHOIR The College Choir has become a vital part in the lives of the stud- ents and of the college extra- curricular activities. The Choir is composed of 40 voices, selected at the beginning of each year by the director. During the year the Choir presents a number of pro- grams from the Huggins Memor- ial Communication Center located on the campus. In the spring the Choir travels through Piedmont and Western North Carolina, pre- senting programs that are an in- spiring source of spiritual stimu- lation to churches in this section. Mr. Stephen Morrisett is the di- rector. Mr. Morrisett, Juanita Cline, Phyllis Kinnman, Beulah Huffman, Noda Hester, Mone Cobb, Linda Earp, Deree Moyberry, Joon Goskins, Betty Jo Bivens, Virginia Huggins, Joonn Rollins, Delois Homrick, Joan Bridges, Dons Phillips. Janet Wolker, Nancy Barnes, Leona Lamm, Helen Gurley, Morttlo Bridges, Cynttiia Covington, Ptiyllis Henderson, Gail Boucom, Betty Jeon Emmett, Ann Bonning, Gale Boll. Ann Epiey, Pat Godfrey, Mone Turner, Eddie Crapps,, Joe Long, Bobby Porter, Bill Jones, Jack Roy, Hoyt Abrams, Carl Gibbs, Roymond Needtlom, Ctiarles McManus, Loyd Whitley, Absent: Charles Starnes. GLEE CLUB The Gardner-Webb Glee Club is a girls ' chorus of thirty voices. Student accompanists are used, and instruction in choral con- ducting is given. The club parti- cipates in radio programs, campus activities, and various community functions. Mrs. Nettie Rayle Gidney is the director and Valeria Banning is the accompanist. Peggy Quinn, Mone Cobb, Elizabeth Camp, Joon Hellard, Dot Bridges, Becky Hart, Paula Howard, Othello Cabe. Valeria Bonning, Mrs. Gid ney, Dophne Randolph, Zoe Ann Sytle, Joan Bridges, Elizabeth Moore, Grace Rollins, Nancy Lottimore, Betty Peace, Faye Wilson, Marie Turner, Phyllis Henderson, Joonn Rollins, Margaret Kimberlin, Doris Vance, Minnie Ella Curnn, Velman Harmon, Mary Collowoy. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Melvjn Flynn Frank Sitton Ed McAbee . President Vice-President Secretary Frank Sitton, Melvin Flynn, Ed McAbee, Tommy Ellington, Detano Huneycutt. Gwyn Sullivan, Roland Simmons, Meredith Henderson, Fu ' ad Sakhnini, Chorles Osment, Reggie Stroup, Joe Richards, Harry Vance, Will Kimberlin, Jack Ray, Howard Procter, Leroy Smith, Lee Gregory, The Ministerial Association is an organization on the campus of Garner-Webb College composed of students who are in training for the Christian ministry. The group meets weekly for a period of medi- tation and fellowship. All mini- sterial students are invited to join. Dan Abernathy, Mason Hudspeth, Raymond Needham, Hugh Price, Dole Hart, Richard Plyer, Paul Riggs, William Pope, Michael Ledbettcr, Claude Hamilton, J. C Beol, Mork Stone. Absent: Eddie Crapps- CHRISTIAN VOLUNTEER BAND Mork Stone, Ruth Sperling, Bob Estes, Gwynn Sullivan, Bob Holder, Dot Bridges, Beulah Huffman, Bobbie Oxford, Rachel Cloer, Libby Stroupe, Janet England, Jo Williams, Mary Hensley, Grace Rollins, Nado Hester, Othello Cabe, Leslie RudisiM, Dons Harris, Mcry Calloway, Janet Walker, Noncy Luffman, Barbara Wall, Faye Wilson, Doris Vance, Alene Silver, Bobbie Jean Trivette, Louise Gladden, Gay Fisher, Doris Phillips, Doris Dedmon, Virginia Huggins, Nancy Barnes, Rosie Morrow, Velma Harmon, Ruth Whitesides, Richard Plyer, Tommy Ellington, Meredith Henderson, Fronk Sitton, Fu ' ad Sakhnini, Melvin Flynn, Mason Hudspeth. Lee Gregor , Willie Kimberlin, Eddie Crapps, Jack Ray, Michael Ledbetter, Dale Hart, Joe Richards. Bob Estes ...... President Gwynn Sullivan Vice-President Foye Estes Secretory-Treasurer Mark Stone and Ruth Sperling Song Leoders The Christian Volunteer Band is composed of men and women who have accepted the call to full-time Christian service. This organiza- tion is for those students who want to hear of Christ and how to become better workmen for Him. The meetings are weekly, and the topics chosen are varied and instructional. This organiza- tion is open also to all students who wish to have fellowship as they seek after the high calling of God. YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Virginio Muggins President Joy Lynn Bell Progrom Chairman Helen Stinson .... Secretory Mrs. John Pollock Faculty Advisor The Young Women ' s Auxiliary, which has one general meeting and one circle meeting each month, seeks to educate those women who are interested in the world-wide need for Christ. Through this organization one is given the opportunity to contrib- ute to home and foreign missions by prayer, service and financial aid. The aim of the Young Wom- an ' s Auxiliary is to unite the young women of our campus in an enduring missionary enter- prise through which they will show forth the purity and beauty of the Christ-like character, living a radiant and convincing life in all social relations. j r: f .-. " -;:.-, 1 SSfl T,ssass -?t7;iifPfHrV.-fc ' M«T i - Virginia Huggins, Doris Harris, Dot Bridges, Ann Banning, Helen Stim- son, Joy Lynn Bell, Mary Hensley, Jo Williams, Mrs. Pollock, Delois Hamrick, Doris Vance, Darlene Coble, Nancy Lottimore, Lois Hoyle, Nancy Barnes, Kotherine Hozeltine, Mary Colloway, Myrtis Horton, Barbara Willis, Zee Ann Shy tie, Billie Sue Bui lard, Cynthia Covington, Bobbie Tnvette. Anno Jean Lamb, Becky Hart, Betty Shirley, Rachel Sellers, Minnie Ello Currin, Bobbie Oxford, Beulah Huffman, Lesie Rud- isill, Helen Gurley, Alene Silver, Velmo Harmon, Othello Cabe, Grace Rollins, Sarah Bollard, Jonet England, Ruth Sperling, Rachel Cloer, Doris Dedmon, Janet Walker, Noncy Luffman, Ruth Whitesides, Bor- baro Wall, Dnris Phillips, Goy Fisher, Foye Wilson, Betty Peace, Nada Hester. Phyllis Smith, Charlotte Simmons, Carlene Warner, Betty Bow- RADIO CLUB Velmo Harmon, Pot Godfrey, Juonito Cline, Pete Bonus, Harold Pear- son, Ronald Henry, Jotinny Elliott, Mork Stone, Joe Long. Absent: Joe Long President Ecfor Hamrick Vice-President Pot Godfrey Secretory Johnny Elliott Student Director Mr. John W. Long . Foculty Advisor Ector Homnck, Joyce Wtiistnont, Helen Gurley, Horold Queen, Cecil Rollins. The Radio Club is composed of students who are interested in radio and its many services. Membership in this club is made more interesting due to the fact that we have a communications center located on the campus. By special arrangement programs are transmitted from this studio by station WOHS in Shelby and are picked up by stations in Western North Carolina. A full coverage of college activities is broadcast regularly. SIGMA PI ALPHA Delois Homnck, Mason Hudspeth, Mrs. Pollock, Helen Stinson, Bobbie Trivette, Richard Yeorwood, Doris Vance. Richard Yeorwood Helen Stinson Bobbie Trivette Mrs. Emma Pollock President Vice-President Secretary Faculty Advisor The Sigma Pi Alpha Honorary Language Fraternity of Gardner- Webb College is composed of students talking foreign languages. To become a member one miKt have an unusual interest in lang- uages and a high scholastic aver- age. The purpose of the fraternity is to stimulate interest; to acquire a more intimate knowledge of the people, life, customs, geography, history, industries, and cultures of foreign countries; and to make a contribution toward bringing about a better understanding be- tween these countries and ours. DELTA PSI OMEGA David Austin, Charles Stornes, Sally Thompson, Martha Gontt, Betty Bates, Mr. J. Y. Hamnck, Ann Ban- ning, Betty Jean Emmett, Ronald Henry, Pete Bonus. Pete Bonus President Mortha Gantt Vice-President Betty Botes Secretary Mr. J. Y. Homrick Faculty Advisor The purpose of this fraternity is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities of Gardner-Webb by promoting and producing plays that will develop and train the student in speech and drama. The qualifications for membership are somewhat rigid and membership in the club is indeed an honor. A student must be an active par- ticipant in the college dramatic department, take part in play pro- ductions by either acting or working behind the scenes, and maintain a satisfactory scholar- ship to be eligible for the club. v. ' JANE EYRE ' CAST Pefe Bonus Rochester Betty Botes Jone Betty Jeon Emmett Mrs. Fairfax Charles Stornes Moson Ann Bonning Blanche Ingram Phyllis Smith Grace Poole Betty Stoton Lady Ingram Bill Kimberlin Mr. Wood The Delta Psi Omega dramatics fraternity of Gardner- Webb College made its semi-annual bid for honors in the field of entertainment by presenting two performances of Charlotte Bronte ' s " Jane Eyre " in the E. B. Hamrick Audi- torium December 15-16 at 8:00 p. m. Students, faculty and alumni who attended the play acclaimed the production as outstanding in all respects. 59 HOUSE COUNCILS David Austin President Libby Stroupe Vice-President Doris Vonce ... SecretOiy The House Council is composed of residents of the girls and boys dormitories who are appointed by the Legislative Body to serve as proctors. The Council is respon- sible for the order of the dormi- tories. It administers to the of- fenders of house regulations and penalties in the light of construc- tive improvement for the indivi- duals concern and the campus morale. .f? VJ. w V Valeria Banning, Mary Hensley, Joy Lynnc Bell, Libby Stroupe, Dot Stubblefield, Alene Silver, Gail Baucom, Doris Vonce, Joe Long, John Isiminger, T. G. Harmon, David Austin, Tommy Hill, Mark Stone, Edgar Teague, Pete Bonus. Absent: Bunny Price. COLLEGE-HIGH SCHOOL BAND The college instrumental students ore: Morion Norton, Betty Jeon Emmett, Shirley Belt, Shirley Reovis, Jane Crawford, Peggy Reovis, Glenda Poston, Grady Thomas, Ted Bechtler, Richard Hedrick, Hubert The College-High School Band was organized in 1952. Because neither the college nor the high school had a sufficient number of instrumental students to make up a band, it was agreed upon to have a combined band under the direction of Mr. J. Y. Hamrick. The Band Patrons ' Club of Boil- ing Springs raised the money for the uniforms which were bought this year. This picture includes the college and high school stud- ents who participate in this or- ganization. Goult, Duone Corter, Clyde Gibson, Ken Dettmar, Wayne Edwards, Charles McMonus, Mary Fronces Putnom. Absent: Margaret Edwards, John Isiminger. r® J H H m m i ar G. w. top; FOOTBALL The Bulldogs began the season inauspiciously at Chowan where they fought a 0-0 battle in the sand. In their next encounter they were handed a 14-0 de- feat by the Bulldogs of . sheville-Biltmore. After this loss the boys seemed to round into better shape as they gained a moral victory in their 12-6 defeat by Lees-McRae. Xorth Carolina ' s representative to the Golden Isle Bowl at Brunswick. Georgia. The boys appeared to gain confidence after this game and proceeded to run up a string of three consecutive victories. They defeated Mars Hill 13-7. Lees-Mc- Rae 14-6. and then in their Homecoming game they soundly trounced Mars Hill to the tune of 31-0. This was undoubtedly their peak performance for the year because they fell off sharply in their next contest. I , NEWS REEL 1953 In their finale with Asheville-Biltniore the boys appeared sluggish and worn as they suffered a 13-6 setback. This was their poorest offensive perfor- mance of the year. Although this has not been a banner year for football at Gardner-Webb, we believe the Bulldogs have given a respectable account of themselves in compiling a record of three wins, three losses, and one tie. We believe that Coach Harris is to be commended for the fine job of rebuilding he has done this year. He took his small group and molded a winning combination despite injuries and manpower shortages. The coach and the team should be praised highly for their un- dying efforts in our behalf. 63 ? FOOTBALL NORMAN HARRIS Coach First Row: Ronold Henry, T, G. Phillips, Bunny Price, Ernie By- erly, Walter Suber, Bill Fitzpotrick, Bob Boling. Second Row: Edgar Teague, D.on Haire, Ronald Burns, Jim Smith, Alfred Stepp, Norman Hardin, Dean Upton. Third Row: Dove Austin, Gothard Overcosh, Phil Elliott, Richard Yeorwood, Bill Norris, Paul Breedlove, Grody Thomas. Fourth Row: Dee Nanny, Richard Boss, Henry Fogel, James Parker, Joe Huffstetler, Coach Harris. ;v.. ■ % ■50 ill ft iitmiru ttM 64 ERNIE BYERLY, Coptoin GOTHARD OVERCASH RICHARD YEARWOOD EDGAR TEAGUE RONALD BURNS ALFRED STEPP DEAN UPTON NORMAN HARDIN GRADY THOMAS PAUL BREEDLOVE BUNNY PRICE 65 From left to right: GENE MINTZ BILL BELL BILL BOVENDER GAIL THOMAS DEE NANNY MARK STONE CECIL ROLLINS BILL MORRIS LARRY VONCANNON BOB ESTES BILL JONES MAC HILL DEAN UPTON BUNNY PRICE 66 VARSITY BASKETBALL NORMAN HARRIS Coach BUNNY PRICE ond GALE THOMAS Co-Coptoins Contrary to pre-season predictions the ' 53-54 Bull- dogs began the season inauspiciously, dropping their first encounter by an eighteen point margin at the hands of a strong Lees-McRae five. They followed up this defeat with a victory over Pfeiffer, but then to everyone ' s dismay they ran up a string of six straight losses. When they broke this string it was in a commendable fashion, a forty-one point margin over an impotent aggregation representing Charlotte College. Following the Charlotte mas- sacre, they pumped in ninety-six points to trounce Pfeiffer, but after that it was their misfortune to just " come close. " The boys improved throughout the season but it appeared that Lady Luck was against them. Firs Row: Don Baily, T. G. Hormon, Steve MornsetT, Henry Smith, Cooch Horns Second Row: Jerry Lufz, Emie Byerly. Ph.l Elliott. Gail Thomas, Bob Myers. Third Row: Ken Qi een. Richard Bass, Bill Walloce, Wal- loce Mullis, Mgr. Fourth Row: Tolmodge Hall, Darrell V ilson, Bill Bates, orvl Ernie Beheler. BASEBALL-1953 The baseball team was not to be omitted in the final sports analysis at Gardner-Webb in the 1952-53 banner year. Norman Harris, capable Bulldog director, had one of the finest teams in the historj ' of Gard- ner- " ebb College. The team was sprinkled with e.i!perience. loaded with hitting power, and was very fast and well-balanced. Throughout the season the Bulldogs won sixteen games while losing only two. The two games lost were non-conference affairs. In a twelve game spree in the rugged Carolina Conference, the locals did not lose a game there- by finishing the season as undisputed champs. 68 THE WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC PROGRAM The Woman ' s Athletic Program is designed to present for all students an interest in wholesome leisure time activities, to organize and administer a varied and interesting athletic pro- gram, and to stimulate a spirit of fellowship and comradeship through participation and competition. There is keen competition between classes in volleyball, bas- ketball, and Softball tournaments as they try for the trophy awarded on Field Day. Individual standouts come into their own in shuffleboard, pingpong, and badminton. The Woman ' s Program is climaxed in the spring with the annual May Day Festival. 69 M M I I CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders endeavor to in- spire enthusiastic supyport from the students for the ball clubs at Gardner-Webb. Miss Saranan Morgan not only complies as sponsor for the cheerleaders but is among the most vehement sports enthusiasts especially where the Bulldogs are concerned. With Martha Gantt as chief, the spirited cheerleaders have boosted the Bulldogs through commendable seasons of football and basketball. Marttvi Gantt, Chief; Phyllis Kinnofnon, Martha Brooks, Peggy Reovis, Shirley Bell, Shirley Reavis, Bevarly Ward, Virginia Muggins. MONOGRAM CLUB T. G. Harmon, Dennis Dormon, Ronald Henry, Bunny Price, Bill Fitzpatrick, Don Haire, Jim Smith, Henry Fogel, Grady Thomas, Spuirrel Thomos, Richard Bass, T. G- Phillips, Eamie Byerly, Ronald Bums, Coach Harris, Edgar Teaguc, Phil Elliott, Bill Norris, Paul Breedlove, Speedy Rollirw, Joe Saunders, Richord Yeor- wood, Jimmy Moore, Dean Upton, James Parker. I i. I fit) The Monogram Club at Gardner- Webb College is composed of all boys who earn letters in football, basketball and baseball — the three intercollegiate sports which the college sponsors. The purpose of the club is to further good relations between Gardner-Webb and the various schools in the Carolina Junior College Conference, the league in which college teams participate, and to promote the good-will and sup port of the student body for the athletic teams. . V . •■■ MAY DAY 1953 QUEEN . . . Rebecca Lujjman KING Don Moore CROWN BEARER . Sammy Crawley TRAIN BEARER . . . Alicia Farrar PAGES Betty Gray Lindsay and Anne Scott ;f Mildred Laney Valeria Banning tAAy COURT Sue Vance Betty Jean Emmett uperia live A p The sophomores, whose pictures appear in this section, were chosen by the members of the Sophomore Class for their various characteristics Sally Thompson Pete Banus Betty Bates Bob Estes " fa which go to make up a " super " person. Each has a distinct personality; the richness of which will be felt only as they have influenced your life. Virginia Muggins Fu ' ad Sakhnini J4o meco mlna — 1 53 Queen MARTHA G.AXTT Crowning The freezing temperature which prevailed November 7 failed to cool the spirits any at all for the gala events of Homecoming Day for Gardner-Webb. Friends, rela- tives and alumni gathered for the festivity and the thrill- packed football game between the Gardner- A " ebb Bull- dogs and the Mars Hill Lions, at Forest City, which resulted in a ,?1 to victory for the Bulldogs. The familiar faces of last year ' s students who " came home " were certainly a welcome sight to all of us. We were glad to see so many return and join in the fun. po SOPHOMORE BOYS ' SPONSORS VolerJQ Banning Phil Elliott Betty Staton Ronold Henry Joy Lynne Bell . . . Grody Thomas Libby Stroupe Ed Teague Paula Howard Ernie Byerty Peggy Reavis , . Richard Yearwood Mortho Gontt Bunny Price Dot Houser Paul Breedlove Martha Brooks . . Gothord Overcash Shirley Reavis . . . Norman Hardin r ndord CLUB SPONSORS Janet England . . . F.T.A. . . . Bobby Porter, escort Nado Hester . . . B.S.U. . . . Howard Proctor, escort Gail Baucom . . Student Gov ' t. Assoc. John Isiminger, escort Jone Crowford . . . Marshal Club . . . Bob Holder, escort Betty }eor Emmett . . . Bond . . . Richord Hedrick, escort Daphne Randolph . . . I.R.C. . . . Tip Carpenter, escort P. A. Adorns . . . Decker HoU . . . Stonley Rose, escort Rochel Sellers (Absent) Day Students . . Jimmie Gamble, escort 77 TWIRP DAY AT G. W Get that coffee up! Pick up that book! Open that door! That ' s the way Twirp Day began and ended. But golly-glory, what fun we had. Date slips were signed for the mood. Paris on a pogo stick and such places as seemed far fetched. Mrs. Shytle, the boys ' mother, made the statement that there would be no hand-holding in the boys ' dormitory. We carried out the demand to the fullest of our ability. Each girl had a date whom she picked up at six forty-five in the living room of Decker Hall. We all assembled in the O. Ma.x Gardner Building and were quite well entertained. We then adjourned to the cafeteria where boxes relinquished their wrappings and all sorts of refreshments appeared. After eating, the couples went their ways to spend an evening furnished completely by the girls. COLLEGE SNACK SHOP " Sand wiches A Specialty Sn jdents Hangout Jim Season, Manager BOILING SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA 80 Compliments of DOVER TEXTILE GROUP SHELBY. NORTH CAROLINA 81 HARDIN-DIXON, INC. Headquarters for Ford Tractors Dearborn Farm Equipment SHELBY, N. C. Phone 8121 Compliments of NEHI-ROYAL CROWN COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 6041 SHELBY, N. C. SPANGLER REALTY CO. p. 0. Box 125 SHELBY, N. C. SPANGLER SONS Transit Mixed Concrete Dial 799J 303 South Morgan Street " Anything in Concrete " Subscribe to THE GASTON I A GAZETTE " Gaston County ' s Great Home Newspaper Since 1880 " W. J. DIXON AND SONS Trade with Home Folks Where Your Trade Is Appreciated FALLSTON, N. C. LUTZ-YELTON TRACTOR fir TRUCK COMPANY International Harvester Tractor Implements — Trucks Headquarters for Dairying Dairy Barn Equipment SHELBY, N. C. D. A. BEAM CO., INC. Manufacturers of SUPER-GRO FERTILIZERS Field Seeds, Cool and General Merchondise Dial 6382 SHELBY, N. C. 82 LEE ' S HOME OFFICE SUPPLY 1 East Marion St. Shelby, North Carolina Phone 5248 School Supplies Stationery Gifts Office Supplies Dealers for Royal Portable Typewriters Sales and Service BOILING SPRINGS DRUG STORE Gifts — Fountain Service " Prescriptions a Specialty " Phone 3111 BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. GASTON I A FOOD-0-MART GRADE-A-MEATS Fancy Groceries and Seafoods 702 South Linwood GASTON I A, N. C. WINN CLEANERS AND FLORIST Quality and Dependable Service BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. 83 Compliments of GAMBLE ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Shelby, North Carolina ELLIS LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Supplies R-3, Shelby, N. C. Phone 2-1414 FAUDEL SISTERS LADIES READY-TO-WEAR 111 W. Graham Street SHELBY, N. C. PHONE 7263 BELL ' S YOUR ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER LATTIMORE E F 1 R D ' s Qualify Merchondise at Popular Prices 2145 Lotayette Street Shelby, North C arotina SUTTLE ' S DRUG " Se rving You in Sickness And in Health " Fills Any Doctor ' s F rescription PHONE 7221 SHELBY, N. C. CAMPBELL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " Everything for the Individual, Form and Home " SHELBY, N, C. Compliments of KESTER-GROOME FURNITURE CO. SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of STERCHI BROS. SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of HAMRICK BAI LEY Furniture ond Appliances BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA LEE WOOD ' S AUTO TRIM SHOP 312 South Lafayette Street BOX 561 SHELBY, N. C. PHONE 7245 Compliments of THE GASTON CITIZEN Gaston County ' s Only Morning and Sunday Newspaper GASTONIA, N. C. DIAL 8551 McNEELY ' S SHELBYS BEST LADIES STORE Compliments of COLLEGE CLEANERS SANITONE CLEANING PROCESS G. T. McSWAIN General Merchandise Furniture and Electrical Appliances BOILING SPRINGS COMPLIMENTS of CO-ED THEATRE 84 JONES MOTORS DODGE— PLYMOUTH MOTOR VEHICLES 215 South Washington Telephone 61 1 1 SHELBY, N. C. Owner — Clarence J. Jones Siiii i Briiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiniiin lllillllllll " co :a-cola bottling co. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA " You Trust Its Quolity " SULLIVAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. SALES i Zfr SERVICE Cars and Trucks CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliment ' s of A FRIEND J. LAWRENCE LACKEY Buick Sales and Service Dial 5284 SHELBY, N. C. CAROLINA MADE " Carol ina ' s Finest Flour " EAGLE ROLLER MILL SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA 85 CLEVELAND CLOTH MILLS DIVISION of J. P. STEVENS, INC. MANUFACTURERS Fine Rayons and Silk Fabrics SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA VAN WAGENINGEN CrCOTHRAN A.I.A. ARCHITECTS Cleveland Times Building SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA BRONSON ELECTRIC CO. CONTRACTORS DEALERS Quality Workmanship Materials 126-128 West Grahom Street Phone 5238 SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA FREIGHT CARRIERS CORP. STAR PUBLISHING CO. Publishers of THE SHELBY STAR Commercial Printers 86 Compliments of CRAWLEY ' S Drygoods — Super Morket " Tops in Quolity " BOILING SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA 1911 1954 Compliments of A. V. 6 WRAY SONS SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA 43 Years of Service and Quality Compliments of UNION TRUST COMPANY When Finoncial Problems Arise See One of Our Offices Shelby, Rutherfordton Fallston, Forest City Lowndale, Ellenboro, Spindole North Carolina ANTHONY ANTHONY INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE John A. Anthony Oliver S. Anthony Oliver S. Anthony, Jr. Gardner Building SHELBY, N. C. 87 Compliments of CORNWELL DRUG CMPANY North LoFayette Street Shelby Medical Center WALLACE BARBER SHOP BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. Compliments of HEZE ' S BARBER SHOP GASTONIA, N. C. BELK-STEVENS COMPANY SHELBY, N. C. Your Home of Better Values Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 4161 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA CREST STORES COMPANY Your Friendly 5 10 SHELBY, N. C. RITE-WAY CLEANERS SPINDALE QUALITY CLEANERS RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Compliments of J. C. PENNY COMPANY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA A. DICK DUDLEY G. E. Appliances Sylvania Television SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA C. J. HAMRICK SONS, INC. Clevelond County ' s Oldest Mercontile Establishment BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. NANCY SCOTT SHOPPE " Styles of Distinction " Blanch b. Moore - Marian b. Crowley SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of STATE THEATER NORRIS LACKEY MOTORS CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 115 E. Sumter St. SHELBY, N. C. PHONE 5287 FOGLE BODY SHOP " BODY WORK AND PAINTING " Dial 2-1962 405 Carolina Ave. SHELBY, N C. Compliments of CAROLINA DAIRY SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of HAMRICK JEWELERS SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA 88 Compliments of Morgan Compa ny INCORPORATED Phone 6061 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Z. J. THOMPSON LUMBER COMPANY 500 North Washington Street Dial 4303 " SEE OUR ART DEPARTMENT " SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA REACH FOR WALDENSIAN BAKERIES 89 HUDSON HOSIERY CO. Manufocturers of LADIES FULL FASHION HOSIERY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA J. L. SUTTLE, JR. COMPANY, INC. INSURANCE 110 West Marion Avenue Telephone 5261 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA LUTZ-AUSTELL FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 7211 SHELBY, N. C. J. G. DUDLEY, Established 1906 JR. Depen doble Plumbing — Air Conditioning Heating P. 0. Box 1149 SHELBY, N. C. Phone 7291 SUNSET DRIVE-IN THEATRE Highway 74 West of Shelby " Say It With Flowers " GILLIATT ' S FLORIST And MODERN GIFT SHOP SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of LACKEY PONTIAC And CADILLAC CO. Compliments of SHELBY CAFE One of Shelby ' s Most Modern SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA 90 COLLINS-EVANS CO. Ready To Wear for Men, Women, Children We Clothe the Family Correct Styles Good Quality — Low Prices East Main FOREST CITY SPINDALE NORTH CAROLINA CLEVELAND HARDWARE COMPANY Wholesalers Retailers SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA " Nearly Everybody Buys Their Hardware from Woshburn ' s " WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Kenneth Hill, Owner RUTHERFORDTON, NORTH CAROLINA THE CLEVELAND TIMES Job Printing Publishing Engraving Phone 7264 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA PILOT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY C. R. Webb, General Agent Life — Group — Hospitalization — Accident And Health Insurance 1 1 1 West Marion Street SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of ORANGE CRUSH — DOUBLE COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Double Cola — Orange Crush Cheerwine — Nugrape Phone 5-1131 SHELBY, N. C. GASTON I A, N. C. bundrop Phone 6951 91 Compliments of COCKER MACHINE FOUNDRY COMPANY GASTON lA, NORTH CAROLINA 1 HUDSON ' S Department Store In Shelby Features Peter ' s Shoes For the Entire Family Weatherbird, City Club and Velvet Step DAVIS SISTERS Reody-to-Wear for Ladies-Who-Care Dial 3511 East Main Street FOREST CITY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of HILLS HARDWARE Your Crosley Dealers RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Compliments of CLEVELAND MILLS COMPANY Congratulations to Class of ' 54 COHEN ' S OF SHELBY 24 Years of Guaranteed Satisfaction — Thrift Quality — Style — Fit Modern Free Alteration Twin Insurance Air Conditioned Compliments of THE BORDEN CO SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA " If It ' s Borden ' s It ' s Got to Be Good " 93 L LY MILLS COMPANY THREADS COTTON YARNS 1 SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA CAROLINA CHAINSAW EQUIPMENT COMPANY McCulloch Chain Saws Pumps — Earth Drills Merry Tiller Garden Tractors Compliments of D. W. DAWN COMPANY Interior and Exterior Decorating 1330 West Franklin Avenue GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of COLLEGE GULF SER. STA. BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. Compliments of CRAWLEY CHEVROLET COMPANY 94 Compliments of American Surgica Supplies Corp. 469 Peachtree Street ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Phone 4948 SPINDALE, NORTH CAROLINA O. G. PENEGAR COMPANY Underwood Typewriters Adding Machines PHONE 5-1236 GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of DRUM FUNERAL HOME LINCOLNTON, N, C. Compliments of A FRIEND FREEMAN ' S SHOE STORE SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 224 S. LoFayette St. SHELBY, N. C. 95 Compliments of SUPER mifSM MARKETS FOOD FAIR OF N. C, INC General Office WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. 96 HOUSER DRUG CO. " We Fill Any Doctor ' s Prescription " Phones 4771-221 CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Hl QuaU ood DEFTLY blended of choice In- dias, Ceylons and rare Dar- jeclings, every bag of Sherman Luxury Tea recalls Emerson ' s words: " there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea. " Sexton Sherman Luxury Tea is the choice of your favorite eating place. It can be yours, too, through the better independent grocers. John Sexton Co,, Si Square, CKicago, III. Suppliers of Quality Frozen and Canned Foods Exclusively to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions SELECT FOODS, INC. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Phone 6585 97 STUDENT DIRECTORY FR — Freshman, SO — Sophomore, SP — Special FR ABERNATHY. DANIEL WILLIAM Rt. 6, Box 615-21, Charlotte, N. C SO ABRAMS, HOYT WATSON 1524 " C " St. NE, Woshington, D. C. SO ADAMS, PATRICIA ANN Box 41, Southport, N C. FR ADKINS, DONZELLE LOU Hamlin, West Vo- SO ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM NEIL Box 408, Belmont, N, C. FR ASHBY, CHESTER MONROE 1106 E 23rd St., Winston-Solem, N. C. SO AUSTIN, DAVID QUENTIN 1619 Sprague St., Winston-Salem N. C FR BALL, GALE LORETTA Box 258, Swonnanoa. N. C. SO BALL, NOBLE LEE 410 E Walnut St., Gostonia, N. C. FR BALLARD, LEWIS FRANKLIN Rt 2, Mooresville, N. C. FR BALLARD, SARAH ELIZABETH Rt 2, Mooresville, N C SO BANNING, ELIZABETH ANN 1 1 I Winchester Place, Asheville, N. C. SO BANNING, VALERIA ESTELLE More Shoe, N. C. SO BANUS, PETER Box 5, Road 26, New Brunswick, N. J. FR BARNES, NANCY REBECCA 2528 Manchester St., Winston-Salem, N. C. SO BASS, RICHARD NEAL 6) E. Catawbo St., Belmont, N. C. SO BATES, MRS. BILLY GENE Rt 1, Lincolnton, N. C. SO BAUCOM, ALICE ABIGAIL Box 54, Rockingham, N .C FR BEAL, JOHN CLIFTON Rt. 1, Maiden, N. C. FR BEAM, EDWIN AUBRY, JR. 817 Hawthorne Rd , Shelby, N. C. SO BECHTLER, TED ALLEN Box 212, Blacksburg, S C. SO BECK, CATHERINE MAE 332 Hazel Mill Rd , Asheville, N. C. SP BELL, JAMES HENDERSON 605 Martin St , Shelby, N. C. FR BELL, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. Lattimore, N C. SO BELL, JOY LYNNE 19091 2 James St., Durham, N. C. SO BELL, SHIRLEY ANN 213 W. 7th Ave, Gostonia, N. C. SO BIVENS, BETTY JO 525 Cable St., High Point, N. C. FR BOLING, JAMES ROBERT 117 Cherokee St, Murphy, N. C. FR BOSTIC, ANITA KAY Rt. 2, Bostic, N C. FR BOSTIC, GEORGE MICHAEL Rt. 1, Bosfic, N C FR BOVENDER, BILLY GRAY A- 1 Sunnyside Homes, V inston-Solem, N. C. SO BOWMAN, BETTY ANN Rt 1, Box 172, Marion. N. C. FR BRANTON, NANCY CAROLYN Lowary St Shelby, N C SO BREEOLOVE, PAUL DAVIS Rt 5, Lexington, N. C FR BRIDGES, BETTY Boiling Springs, N C. SO BRIDGES, DOROTHY MAE Rr 2 Shelby N, C FR BRIDGES, EFFIE JOAN Rt. 3, Shelby, N. C. FR BRIDGES, HUBERT EUGENE Rt 1, Mooresboro N C FR BRIDGES, MARTHA WARREN Rt 1 , Mooresboro, N C FR BRIDGES, MILTON DALE 425 Crowford St Shelby, N C. FR BROOKS, MARTHA ELIZABETH Modena Extension, Gostonia, N. C. FR BROOME, HORACE EUGENE Rt 9, Concord, N. C SP BUCKNER, JAMES JACKSON Box 61 Whitnei, N C FR BULLARD, BILLE SUE Box 72. Gibson, N C FR BUNDRICK, ROBERTA GERALDINE 326 Young St, Forest City, N C. SP BURGER, ROBERT TILMAN 308 Mortin St., Shelby, N. C. FR BURNS, RONALD GRAHAM Rt 1, Box 444, Spartanburg, S. C. SO BYERLY, ERNEST LINDSAY, JR. 210 June St., Thomasville. N C. FR BYERS, WILLIAM GENE Rt 1, Blacksburg, S. C. FR CABE, OTHELLO Rt 4, Franklin, N. C. FR CALLAHAN, MAX EMMETT Peachtree Rd , Lattimore, w-N. C FR CALLAHAN, ROBERT JOSEPH 738 West Sumter St, Shelby, N C. FR CALLOWAY, MARY ELIZABETH Stote Rood N C FR CAMP, ELIZABETH LEE Groce St , Kings Mountain, N C. SO CANOUTAS, NICK CONSTATINE South Shelby Extension Shelby, N. C. FR CARLTON, WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, JR. Colonial Court Motel, Valdese, N. C. SO CARPENTER, CLIFFORD CLARENCE 416 E. Green St, Rutherfordton, N. C. SO CARSWELL, EVELYN FRANCES 316 Big Springs Ave, Forest City, N. C. FR CARTER, DUANE THEODORE 407 College St . Mooresville, N. C. FR CLINE HAZEL JUANITA 180 E. Mossol St, Valdese, N. C. SO CLOER, RACHEL AMANDA Box 29, Alexis, N. C. FR COBB, GENE LEROY Rt. 2, Morgonton, N. C. FR COBB, MARIE ELIZABETH Rt 1, Box 82, Kings Mountoin, N. C. FR COVINGTON, CYNTHIA ANN 328 N. Lee St, Rockingham, N. C. SO CRAPPS, WILLIAM EDDIE 1458 12th St Dr N W., Hickory N C. FR CRAWFORD, BOYCE RAY Rt 1, Rutherfordton N. C SO CRAWFORD, GARRO JANE 1501 Kings Rd., Shelby, N. C. FR CREECH, JOHN GRAHAM 211 Chestnut St, Shelby, N. C. FR CROWDER, LEE VERNON 204 Poplar St , Spindole, N. C FR CUMMINGS, LETTIE JO 619 S, Washington, Shelby, N. C. FR CURRIN, MINNIE ELLA Stovall, N C SO DEDMIN, DORIS ANN Rt 1, Shelby N C FR DETTMAR, KENNETH PAUL 7 1 Third St, Smyre Station, Gostonia, N. C. FR DORMAN, CHARLES DENNIS Box 5, Cowpens, S. C SO EARP, LINDA ANN Boomer, N C, SO EDWARDS, ARTHER GERALD Beulaville, N. C SO EDWARDS, MRS. WAYNE BRONSON 402 Earl Road, Shelby, N C. SO EDWARDS, WAYNE BRONSON 402 Earl Rood Shelby N C FR EDWARDS, WILLIAM ARNOLD Rt. 1, Forest City, N, C SO ELLINGTON, THOMAS ALEXANDER 374 14th St, Cramerton, N. C. FR ELLIOTT, JOHN WESLEY, JR. Rt. 2, Shelby. N. C. SO ELLIOTT, PHILIP LOVIN, JR. Boiling Springs, N, C, SP ELLIOTT, RACHEL ELIZABETH Boiling Springs, N C. FR ELLIS, BILLY JOE Rt 2, Shelby, N. C. SO EMMETT, BETTY JEAN 724 S Broad St., Gostonia, N. C. SO ENGLAND, JEANNETTE Cross Mill Stotion, Morion, N. C. SO EPLEY, ALBERT LEE Rt. 1, Box 150, Morgonton, N. C. FR EPLEY, ELIZABETH ANN Mountain View Dr Valdese N C FR ESKRIDGE, HAROLD EUGENE ' 214 Ford St, Shelby N C. FR ESTES, MRS. ROBERT LEE Rt. 3, Mt Airy N C SO ESTES, ROBERT LEE 265 F. St , Copeland Pk,, Newport News Va FR FALLS, ANDY BURGON, JR. Rt 2, Kinas Mountain N, C. SO FARRIS, MYRL JULIA 618 Gardner St Shelby N C FR FISHER, ROBERTA GAYNELLE 4609 Eastern Ave, Washington 18 DC SO FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM JOSEPH 930 Hendersonville Rd , Asheville N. C, SO FLYNN, MELVYN TWITTY Rt. 3, Gaffney, S. C FR FOGLE, HENRY LEON 513 E. Suttle St.. Shelby, N C. FR GAMBLE, JIMMY NEAL 30 Laney St Shelby N C SO GANTT, MARTHA NAN 49 Smith St , Wore Shoals, S. C. FR GASKfNS, BETTY JOANNE 421 Woodlown St, Cramerton N C. SO GAULT, HUBERT HENRY Box 355, Blacksburg, S. C. SO GEORGIAN, GEORGE DENIS Box 631, Rutherfordton, N. C. SO GIBBS. CARL GORDON 1209 Gregory St Greensboro, N. C. FR GIBBS, MRS. CARL GORDON 1209 Gregory St, Greensboro N C FR GIBSON, WALKER CLYDE Rt. 2. Piedmont, N. C FR GLADDEN, FREIDA LOUISE 213 E Parker St, Kinas Mountain N, C. FR GLADDEN. JOHN LUTHER Box 127, Blacksburg, S C SO GODFREY, PATRICIA ANNE 13 Church St Hiah Shoals N. C. SO GOFORTH, DOROTHY FRANCES Rt 2, Kings Mountoin N C. FR GOFORTH. RAY CONRAD Box 234, Grover N C SO GOODE. JIM Box 95. Ruth N C. SO GOODMAN, LOIS JEAN FoMston Maryland FR GRAY, FRANK J. Forest City N C SP GREENE, JANE CAROLINE Rt. 3. Shelby. N C. SO GREENE. PEGGY MARDECIA 514 Dover St , Shelby N, C. FR GREGORY, OVIE LEE 134 Masfen Rd , Winston-Salem, N. C. SO GURLEY. HELEN BRUCE C o Louise Blonkenship, Rutherfordton, N. C. FR HAIRE. CHARLES DONALD 11 Eiahlh St, Belmont N C FR HAMILTON, CLAUDE WILLIAM Rt 4 Box 389-C, Konnopolis, N. C. FR HAMRICK BETTY ANN Rt 3. Box 407, Shelby, N. C. FR HAMRICK. CHARLES WYMAN 410 Mill St Spindole N C SO HAMRICK DELOIS ELIZABETH Box 156, Coroleen. N. C. FR HAMRICK. ECTOR LEE Rt 2 Box 105. Shelby. N. C. FR HAMRICK, JOSEPH LANDRUM Box 87, Boiling Springs, N. C. SO HARDIN. JAMES KETHEL 513 Kings Rd., Shelby, N. C. SO HARDIN. NORMAN CLIFTON 535 Harmon St., Forest City N C SO HARKEY, DORIS GWENDOLYN Lincolnton, N! C SO HARMON. EULA VELMA LEE Elk Park, N, C SO HARMON, TROY GRANT, JR. Star Rt. 3, Stalesville, N, C. SO HARRILL, BARBARA CAROLINE Box 566, Lincolnton, N, C. SO HARRILL. RICHARD DURHAM Rt. 4, Shelby, N, C FR HARRIS. ALBERT BROCK 306 W. Marion St , Shelby N. C. SO HARRIS. DORIS RAE East Morion, Marion, N. C. FR HART, DALE IRA Rt. I, Hudson, N C. FR HART. FRANCES REBECCA Rt 5, Oxford, N C. FR HASTING. BUREN PRESTON Casar, N. C. SO HAUSER. DOROTHY CAROL Rt I, Advance, N. C. SO HAWKINS. ROBERT KEITH 5 1 4 Martin St, Shelby, N. C. SP HAYNES. WILLIAM WAYNE Rt 2, Kings Mountain, N C SO HAZELTINE. KATHERINE ELIZABETH Box 1052, Dona, N. C. FR HEDRICK. RICHARD DEAN 35 Brown St., Gostonia, N C FR HELLARD, CAROLE JOAN Rt. 6, Salisbury. N C. FR HENDERSON, MRS. MEREDITH HERBERT Marbury, Maryland SO HENDERSON. MEREDITH HERBERT Marbury, Moryland FR HENDERSON, PHYLLIS ANNE 110 Lake Ave., Shelby N C SO HENRY, RONALD LEWIS Kinston, N C SO HENSLEY, MARY ALICE 32-1 S Mom St., Rutherfordton N C SO HESTER, NADA MILDRED Cross Mill Station, Marion N C SO HIGGINS. BOYCE BURON Rt. 1, Bostic, N. C FR HILL, EDWARD McAFEE 82 N Mam, Woodruff S C SO HILL, THOMAS EARL Enoree, S C. SO HOLDER, ROBERT BERNARD 276 South St., Ml, Airy, N C SP HOLLIFIELO, L. J. 328 S. Washington St., Shelby N C FR HOOK, GARY FRANKLIN 321 E Maryland Ave., Bessemer City N C FR HORN, BRANDT BARTLETT 205 Beaver St., Forest City N C SO HORTON, MARIAN DAVIE 8 Harrison St., Canton, N. C. FR HOSTETTER, CARLISLE YOUNG 318 19th St., Beuna VIsto Va SO HOVIS, RAY ORMANO Bessemer City, N C SO HOWARD, PAULETTA DAPHENE 425 Stonewall St., Albemarle N C FR HOWELL, MAROLYN JANE no Kelly Ave., Mooresville N C FR HOYLE, CLARENCE FLAY 706 N. Morgan St., Shelby N C FR HOYLE, LOIS MAE Rt. I, CherryvMIe, N. C SP HOYLE, ODELL SYLVANUS Box 220, Shelby N C FR HUDSON, EDWARD VALENTINE 159 8th Ave., Cromerfon, N C SO HUDSPETH, FRANK MASON Box 261, Stanley, N. C. FR HUFFMAN, BEULAH ESTELLE Rt. 1, Box 137, Morgonton N C SP HUGGINS, MRS. J. D. Boiling Springs, N. C SO HUGGINS, VIRGINIA BARRON Boiling Springs, N C FR HUNEYCUTT, WILLIAM DELANO Box 92, Chesnee, S. C. FR HUSKEY, LAURA ANN Sandy Mush, Rt I, Forest City N C SO HUSS, EDWARD EUGENE 205 N. 11th St., Bessemer City N C SO HYDE, JOYCE LESSOLA Box 58, Bryson City, N. C SO ISIMINGER, JOHN H. 324 w. 25th St., Winston-Salem, hj C FR JONES, WILLIAM EDWARD 926 3rd Ave, W,. Hendersonville N C FR JOHNSON. LEWIS BERNARD Alexonder Mills, Forest City N C SO JORDAN. MRS. JAMES KARL Boiling Springs, N. C FR JOYNER, RALPH TRUETT Rt 2 Woxhow N C FR JUSTICE. DORIS DEAN 212 Pine St, Rutherfordton N C SO KIMBERLIN. WILLIE ROBERT Rt. 2. Gronite Falls, N C FR KIMBERLIN. MRS. WILLIE ROBERT Rt. 2, Granite Falls, N. C SO KINCAID. THEODORE ALLEN Rt. 2, Box 331-K. Morgonton N C FR KING. CHARLES NORMAN 704 N. Morgan St., Shelby N C FR KINNAMAN. PHYLLIS JO Woodlown Sto , Lowell N C FR KISER, BILLY JAMES 3 N. Vincent St., Shelby, N. C. STUDENT DIRECTORY FR — Freshmon, SO — Sophomore; SP — Special FR KITCHEN. LOUIS LEONARD, JR. 525 251h St, Virginia Beach, Va. FR LAMB, ANNA JEAN Ingold, N. C FR LAMM, MARY LEONA Memorial Dr , Boiling Springs N C FR LASSITER, CHARLES WILLIAM Rt. 3, Box 502, Shelby, N. C FR LATTIMORE, FRANKLIN EDGAR Box 366, Lowndole N. C FR LATTIMORE, NANCY FRANCES Rt. I, Lawndale, N. C. FR LAWSON, JAMES PRESSLEY 501 Ridge Ave., Mooresville N C. SO LAWTER, OWEN ROSCOE 312 Dingier St., Mooresville N C SP LAZENBY, MARY 617 E. Graham St., Shelby N. C SO LEACH, JOHN ROBERT Box 264, Stotesville, N. C. SO LEDBETTER, JOE ANNE Box 82, Rt. 2, Shelby, N C FR LEDBETTER, JOE DEAN Rt 3, Box 371, Shelby, N. C. SO LEDBETTER, MICHAEL A. Star Route, Black Mountain N. C. FR LONG, DOROTHY ANN Rt 6, Box 32-B, Morgonton, N. C. SO LONG, JOSEPH DANIEL 806 W Airline Ave., Gastonia N C FR LUFFMAN, NANCY GRAY State Rood, N. C SO McABEE, VERNON EDWARD Mayo, S. C. SO McKEITHAN, JERRY RICHARD Box 661, Spindole, N C FR McDANIEL, FERMAN Rt. I, Kings Creek, S. C. FR McKINNEY, CLAUDE MAX Rt. 1, Ellenboro, N. C. SO McMANUS, CHARLES FLOYD Rt. 4, Sonford, N. C. FR McMANUS, IRIS LORETTA Rt 3. Box 101, Comden, S. C SP McSWAIN, SHIRLEY Rt 4, Shelby, N. C SO McWHIRTER, CARL OWEN 1201 S. LoFoyette St , Shelby N. C FR MABRY, CAROL JANE 937 Toms St., Shelby N C SO MACE, BILLY JOE 408 Blonton St., Shelby N. C FR MAGNESS, GEORGE LEE Rt. 5, Shelby, N C. FR MARTIN, JIMMIE RAY Mill Springs, N. C FR MATHENY, PATRICIA ANN Henrietta, N. C. SO MATTHEWS, HAROLD OWIGHT Box 126, Bessemer City, N. C. FR MAUNEY, WILLIAM GLENN Elizabeth Ave., Shelby, N C FR MAYBERRY, ROBBIE DEREE Modena Ext., Rt. 4, Gostonia N C SO MESSICK, JAMES EDWIN 129 Cascode Ave., Winston-Salem N C SO METCALFE, GEORGE FLETCHER Rt. 2, Forest City, N. C SP MILLER, HANNAH Cliffside, N. C SO MINTZ, GENE BYARS Boiling Springs, N. C. FR MOODY, DORIS EVELYN Sylvo, N. C. FR MOORE, ELIZABETH JEAN 1003 Buffalo St., Shelby N C SO MOORE, JAMES ELDEN 816 Trinity St., Thomasville N C FR MORRIS, CONRAD WOFFORD Rt 1, Cowpens. S. C FR MORRISON, CARMIE EDWARD Rt 3, Lawndale N C SO MORROW, PAUL LEONARD 505 Harmon St., Forest City N C FR MORROW, ROSALEEN JEANETTE 38 Garden Road, Asheville N C SO NANNEY, DARNOLD DEE 303 Liberty St., Forest City N C FR NEEDHAM, RAYMOND COY Rt 7, Winston-Solem, N. C FR NORRIS, BILLY W. Box 173, W Cromerton, N. C. FR OAKMAN, CLARENCE TOM 134 Edwards Ave, Spartanburg S C SO O ' NEAL, SAM HENRY 192 Orchard St., Mt. Airy, N C SO O ' NEAL, MRS. SAM HENRY 192 Orchard St, Mt. Airy N C SP OSMENT, CHARLES EDWARD Rt 4. Box 61, Goffney, S C SO OSWALT, ALBERT FLAY Rt 3, Stotesville, N. .C SO OVERCASH, GOTHARD ALBERT 114 S Mom St, Mooresville N C FR OXFORD, BOBBIE GAYE Rt 1, Kings Mountoin, N. C. FR PARKER, JAMES CLIFFORD Rt 4, stotesville, N. C FR PEACE, BETTY LOUISE Rt. 1, Box 368, Rutherfordton, N C SO PEARSON, HAROLD DEAN 10 Clinton Drive, Kings Mountoin N C FR PHEAGIN, WILLIAM HOMER 602 Smith St., Shelby, N. C. FR PHILBECK, MARY FRANCES Rt. 3, Shelby, N. C FR PHILLIPS, DORIS VIRGINIA Whitmire Hwy., Joanna S C FR PHILLIPS, TRUMAN GARLAND Rt 1, Mooresville, N. C. FR PLASTER, VICTORIA HOWIE 525 S. Washington St., Shelby, N. C. STUDENT DIRECTORY R — Freshman, SO — Sophorr FR PLYLER, RICHARD ERVIN Modena Ext , Rt. 2, Gastonia N C PAGE 100 SO POPE, MRS. WIILIAM H. Mooresville N C POPE, WILLIAM HENRY 209 w Wilson Ave, Mooresville N C PORTER, ROBERT GLYNN 611 E 4th Ave, Gostonio, N C POSTON, GLENDA DEAN 107 Cedar St-, Mooresvjlle N C PRICE, HENRY WINFIELD, JR. 1773 N W. 39th St, Mrami Flo FR PRICE, HUGH DEAN Rt. I, Cosar, N, C PROCTOR, HOWARD ANSEL Box 17, Boger City, N. C PROPST, ALVIN JOAN 110 Brookhill Rd , Shelby N C PUTNAM, MARY FRANCES S Main, Boiling Springs N C SO QUEEN, HAROLD ESLEY Rt. 1, Grover, N. C. SO CUEEN, MRS. HAROLD ESLEY Rt 1, Grover, N C SO QUINN, PEGGY LOUJEAN Box 316, Cowpens, S C SO RANDOLPH, LILLIE DAPHNE Box 433, Burnsville N C RAY, JOHN BINGHAM 110 E. McKinley St., Mebane N C RAYNOR, HUSTON EGBERT 605 S Third St , Mebane N C REAVIS, PEGGY ANNE 402 W 16th St, Winsfon-Salem N. C REAVIS, SHIRLEY ANNE 402 W 16th St, Winston-Solem N C SP REVELS, PURVIE ALLIS 341 Highland Ave, Shelby N C RHYNE, ROBERT FRANKLIN Box 174, Ellenboro N C RICHARDS, WILLIAM JOE Gronite Falls, N, C RICHARDSON, BOBBY ARTHUR W, Washington Ave , Bessemer City N C SO RIGGS, MRS. W. PAUL 333 Rockford St, Mt. Airy N C RIGGS, WILLIAM PAUL 333 Rockford St Mt Airy N C ROLLINS, CECIL HENRY 17 Choice St, Greenville, S C ROLLINS, GRACE CAROLYN Rt 2, Box 1 12, Shelby N C ROLLINS, JO ANN 102 Mam St, Coroleen, N C ROSE, STANLEY McNEIL Rt 4, Box 507, Mt Airy N C RUDISILL, LESLIE MARIE 712 N Laurel St, Lincolnton N C RULE, WILLIAM HOWARD 821 Walker Rd . Winston-Salem N C SP SAKHNINI, FUAD HANNA Nazareth Israel SP SAKRAN. GHAZI FARAH Nazareth, Israel FR SAUNDERS, JOE HENRY Box 423, Stanley N C. SP SCISM, ELVIN RAY 511 Gardner St, Shelby N C SELLERS, RACHEL KATHRYN Rt 3, Kings Mountoin, N. C. SHIRLEY, BETTY KATHRYN 4200 Albemarle Rd , Charlotte N C SILVER, CAROL ALENE Rt 2, Box 70, Marshall, N. C. SHYTLE, ZOE ANN Box 15, Forest City N C SIMMONS, CHARLOTTE MOZELLE Smyre Station Gastonia N C FR SIMMONS, ROLAND SANFORD Rt 2, Mt Airy N C SITTON, CHARLES FRANKLIN Ann St , Morgonton N C SITTON, WILLLIE MICHAEL Horse Shoe, N C SMITH, JAMES CONWAY Rt 2, Box 182, Granite Falls N C. SP SMITH, MRS. CLYDE 208 Ledbetter Rd,, Spindale N C SP SMITH, LEE ROY 1612 N Mom St., High Point N C FR SMITH, LOYO BAXTER 1024 5 Morgan St, Shelby N C FR SMITH. NANCY JANE Box 1 12, Taylorsville N C FR SMITH, PHYLLIS LEE 2663 Thomosville Rd , Winston-Salem N C SNIPES, DWIGHT SPURGEON Rt 2, Lenoir N C SPERLING, MARGARET RUTH SO FR FR SO FR SO FR SO SP FR FR FR FR FR SO SO FR FR SO FR FR FR FR SO FR FR SP FR FR FR SO FR FR FR FR FR FR _Rt 2_,Cherryville, N C TON STABLER, JULIAN MELTfl Rt I, North S C STARNES, CHARLES MORGAN 281 Windsor Dr , Faye tteville N C STATON, BETTY JOAN 709 E 18th St , Chorlotte N C FR STEPP, ALFRED PAUL 523 S Oakland St , Gastonia N C STEPP, MRS. ALFRED PAUL 523 S Oakland St , Gastonia N C STEWART, THEOLA BERNICE Rt 4, Morgonton, N C SO STINSON, HELEN MARIE Box 125, Ramseur, N C. SO STONE, MARCUS WHITFIELD 615 E Mam St. Rock Hill S C SO STROUPE, ELIZABETH ANNE Box 12. Alexis N C STROUPE, REGINALD ALLEN Rt, I, Stonley, N. C SP— Special SO STUB8LEFIELD, DOROTHY MAE 305 White St , Cherryville N C FR SUBER, WALTER JOHN 231 S. Hampton Dr , Spartanburg S. C SO SULLIVAN, GWYN, PAUL Rt. 3, Lenoir N C SWOFFORD, GEDDES LEE Cowpens, S C. TALLEY, RUBY HUMPHRIES Box 1 184, Shelby, N. C. TARLETON, BETH Clitfside, N. C. TATE, BOBBY GERALD Rt I, Box 214, Forest City N C SO TEAGUE, EDGAR NEIL, JR. 333 Howley Lane, Fayetteville N. C. TEAGUE, GROVER FORREST Rt 5. Shelby, N. C. THACKERSON, HUDEAN 607 Grover St., Shelby N C SO THOMAS, EDWIN GAIL ' Box 207, Hiddenite, N. C SO THOMAS, WILLIAM GRADY Rt 4, Box 724, Charlotte N C FR THOMPSON, LEROY WILLIAM 32 Gregg St , Graniteville S C SO THOMPSON, SALLY SUE Rt 2, Woxhow N C SO TONEY, LEWIS CHARLIE Rt 1, Mooresboro, N C FR TILLER, JOHN THERON Rt 6. Morgonton N C SP TIMMS. CLIFTON E. Rt 2. Kings Mountain N C SO TRAMMELL, ROY CLYDE 408 Ford St , Shelby N C TRIVETTE, BOBBIE JEAN C-315. Wayside Dr , Winston-Solem, N. C. TURNER, ERNEST TED 40 N Mam St., Clover S C TURNER, ESTHER MARIE Eost Morion, Marion N C UPTON, HAL DEAN Box 205, Shelby, N C SO VANCE, DORIS ANNE 150 Britol Rd , Boone, N. C SO VANCE, HARRY DAVID Box 492, Sylvo, N C SO VINCENT, MRS. DAVID Rt 4, Box 129, Kershaw S C VON CANNON, LARRY DEAN Ellerbe, N. C WAGNER, ERVIN ROSS Rt 1. Lake Lure, N C WALKER, CHARLES MADISON 431 Cherry Mtn St, Forest City N C WALKER, JANET JOAN 254 Surry Ave, Elkin N C SO WALKER, LARRY HOLLAND Boiling Springs, N C FR WALL, BARBARA ANN State Rood. N, C SO WALLS, THURMAN HAYWOOD, JR. Forest City, N C FR WARD, BEVERLY WALTON 38 11 Ponce De Leon Ave,, Jacksonville Flo SP WARE, RICHARD EVELYN Rt 2. Box 52 Kings Mountain, N. C. FR WARNER, SUE CARLENE Long Dr , Rockingham N C SP WASHBURN, ALFRED 405 E Marion Shelby N C SO WAUGH, CHARLES THOMAS 409 S Academy St Mooresville N C FR WEASE JAMES HUGH Rt 5, Lincolnton N C FR WEASE ROBERT HOUSTON Rt 5, Lincolnton, N C FR WEATHERS, GERALD GENE Rt 5, Shelby N C SO WELCH, GENE RAYMOND 104 S Tracy St Kinas Mountain N C. SO WELLMON, MABEL JOY Box 556, Rutherford Colleae N C SO WELLMON, W, M. Rt 1 Belwood N C SO WHISNANT. JOYCE KATHLEEN Box 73, Boilino Sprinos N C FR WHITESIDES, SHIRLEY RUTH Rt 4 Lincolnton N C FR WHITLEY, LLOYD HORACE Rt 4, Albemarle N C FR WIGGINS BOBBY IS N Mam St Dover Villaoe, Shelby N C SO WIGGINS, EVALEEN MARIE 510 Yates St, Gostonio N C SO WILLIAMS ALICE JOSEPHINE Rt 2, Kings Mountain N C FR WILLIAMS, DELLA ANN Star Rt 3, Stotesville N C SP WILLIAMS, HUBERT ODELL Follston Rd Shelby N C FR WILLIS, BARBARA JO Morion Rd Rutherfordton N C FR WILSON, AUDREY FAYE 9 School St , High Point, N C. FR WILSON, DONALD HICKS Rt 4. Box 25 1, Morion, N C FR WILSON, JOHN TERRELL Belmont, N C FR WILSON WILLIAM HAROLD Box 492, Spmdale, tM C SP WRIGHT, RAYMOND BROWNING Rt 2, Kings Mountain, N C SO YEARWOOD, RICHARD MEEK 2410 Barton St, NE Knoxville, Tenn. FR YELTON, GRACE EMILY Rt. 3, Shelby, N. C. FR FR SP SO SO FR SO FR SO FR FR FR FR FR •4 : r 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 A ' » •1 3 ■i : nrii iiii ltt!ll ' «iM,I? . ' li iwy 1 1 MM:.- ' •.« .IVt O.- , ' » m ,.. i. .-,. « j(K ' JSJ 6s| . t • ' ' «? Wf!af ' !ft - ' ' -«i ' .ja5 P?r.

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