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— « " PMjii iip m i||iy» -J - . - Vi - _- = I Z g7- TAKBA LOOKfy V9,wwmwmf qim - n m jO ' : ty I ' i ; ; GEE Wl it ' s the TOANCHOR We ' re the G.-W. steadys. She ' s Gee and I ' m Wizz. We ' re here to show you through this prize, the 19 52 Leap Year version of the Anchor, annual publication of Gardner-Webb College, Boiling Springs, North Carolina. Doris Adair, Editor-in-Chief and Bobby Pettyjohn, Business Man- ager, as the representatives of the Sophomore Class, tell the Story of Leap Year as lived on our campus, in the classrooms and other activities here and there. May this book live in our archives as a reminder. Dover Memorial Library - 5 rw- ! ' ■ upppwyw " m i % ;, !| w cwy» " . .... ... O. Max Gardner Memorial Cafeteria and Student Activities E. B. Hamrick Building Administration and Classes - - Hoey-Anthony, Padgett- Young McMuRRY, SUTTLE MEMORIALS Women ' s Residence Halls Boiling Springs Baptist Church : " mn . - mm flE r Decker Hall Men ' s Residence Hall S. S. Royster Memorial Clinic ' . . . as a token of our esteem WE DEDICATE THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO ANCHOR to Mrs. Bessie Atkins Huggins and Reverend James Lineberry Jenkins, who have given a great part of their lives to Gardner-Webb College. Mrs. Bessie Atkins Huggins Counselor, guide and friend, one who is ready to inspire; a pioneer of Gardner- Webb College whose forty-five years of lasting influence will be written on the pages of the hearts of those who have known and loved her through these years. Reverend James Lineberry Jenkins Pastor and friend, one who is ready to serve anytime; also a pioneer of Gardner-Webb College whose twenty-five years of service will always be remembered by those who have known and loved him through these years. Wj mimm m IfttMf ni ' » ' Dr. Philip Lovin Elliott President and English B.A., Wake Forest College; M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina; Ed. D. Carson- Newman; Additional graduate study, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University; Gardner-Webb College, 1943- To Our Students: What is a college? It is a place to which our parents send us; or it is a place to which we go to get ready to make a better living easier. It may be a place to which we go that because of comfortable surround- ings and interesting companions we may have a pleasant place to loaf. College may be a place to which boys and girls go because of a sense of mission. To those it is a community ' of kindred spirits who, smitten with a love of truth, seek the answers to the basic questions of the human heart. To those also the real college is a thing of the mind and spirit. It is an atti- tude. Perhaps better it is an atmosphere which creates a certain attitude: A certain gayety of spirit in contempt of fortune. This annual, The Anchor, will have significance to you according to what it reminds you of. It will remind you of the college you found here. It will also remind you of the hunger, the dreams, and the desires created here. " I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel ' s kick and the wind ' s song and the white sail ' s shaking And a grey mist on the sea ' s face and a grey dawn breaking " ■ ' ■ ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY BENJAMIN COLEMAN FISHER Executive Assistant to the President English B.A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Andover-Newton; Graduate work, Wake Forest College, University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1947- JAMES YOUNG HAMRICK Dean of Men English B.A., Elon College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Gardner-Webb College, 1945- MABEL STARNES Dean of Women A.B., Carson- Newman College; M.R.E., Baptist Seminary; Gardner-Webb College Southwestern 1950- JAMES ORVILLE TERRELL Dean of Instruction Social Science B.S., Western Carolina Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Additional graduate study, Peabody; Gardner-Webb College, 1945- ADMINISTRATION AT GARDNER -WEBB FRANK CRAIG RICHARDSON Business Manager B.S., Stetson University; Graduate Work, Stetson Uni- versity; Gardner-Webb College, 1950- MRS. DOROTHY WASHBURN HAMRICK Registrar A.R., Meredith College; Gardner-Webb College. 1946- WILLARD WYAN WASHBURN. M.D. College Physician B.S., Wake Forest College: M.D. Jefferson Medical College; Gardner-Webb College, 1946- JAMES LINEBERRY JENKINS - Pastor A.B.. Wake Forest College: Th.B. Louisville Seminary; Graduate Work. Wake Forest College: Gardner-Webb College, 1927- JANIE BELLE ODOM Dietitian Gastonia Business College; Gardner-Webb College; Lewis Hotel Training College; Gardner-Webb College, 1948- MRS. BESSIE ATKINS HUGGIXS Counselor for Girls A.B.. Erskine College; Gardner-Webb College, 1907- MRS. OSTER WHISNANT SHYTLE Counselor for Boys Gardner-Webb College, 19.50- LEONARD AXCEL ALLEN Custodian Gardner- Webb College. 1945- MRS. ARTHUR LINDSAY Secretary to Mr. Hendricks B.A.. University of Florida; Gardner-Webb College, 1951- MRS. ANITA E. PARKER Secretartj to Mr. Fisher B.S.S.A., Woman ' s College of UNO; Additional gradu- ate study, American University; Gardner- Webb. 1951- BILLIE BURNETTE FALLS Secretary to Mr. Richardson Attended Gardner-Webb College 1950- ' 51; Gardner- Webb College. 1951- MRS. EMILY DEARYBURY MOSELEY. JR. Secretartf to Dr. Dyer Gardner-Webb, 1950- 10 ' AND FACULTY AT GARDNER -WEBB M. A. MOSELEY, JR. Natural Science B.S., Wofford College; M.S., North Carolina State College; Additional graduate work at University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1950- PAUL JOHN STACY Natural Science B.A., Duke University; Graduate studv, Duke Universi- ty; Gardner-Webb College, 1941- CLEO WITH ROW Home Economics B.S., Asheville Teachers College; M.A., Columbia Uni- versity; Additional graduate work, University of Ken- tucky, Cornell University, Iowa State College; Gardner- Webb College, 1950- EUGENE W. VOSECKY Commerce B.S., Northwestern University; M.A., Northwestern University; Additional graduate study, Northwestern University; Gardner-Webb College, 1949- LILLA ERMINE WATKINS Commerce B.A., Bessie Tift College; M.A., Mercer University; M.S., Peabody College; Additional graduate study. Bowling Green College of Commerce, Georgia University, Uni- versity of Kentucky; Gardner-Webb College, 1942- MRS. MARY DYER Voice B.Mus., Salem College; Graduate work, Juilliard School of Music, New York; Gardner-Webb College 1950- DR. ROBERT ALLEN DYER Psychology and Religion B.A., University of Louisiana; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Two years Graduate Work, Columbia University; Two years of study and work in the Orient; Gardner-Webb College, 1946- CAROLYN LAMAR WRAY Library Science and Latin B.A., Meredith College; A.B.L.S., University of North Carolina; M.S.L.S., George Peabodv College for Teach- ers; Gardner-Webb College, 1943- ABBIE CATHERINE MILLER Piano B.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; M.M., Cincin- nati Conservatory of Music; Gardner-Webb College, 1937- JAMES STEPHEN MORRISETT Religion and Greek B.S., Columbia University; M.A., Cornell University; Tli.B., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Addi- tional graduate study, Curtis Institute of Music; Ecole Wanda Landowska, Paris; Gardner- Webb College, 1945- DOROTHY JONES Organ B.A., Carson-Newman College; Graduate study, Peabody Conservatory of Music; Gardner- Webb College, 1950- NORMAN HARRIS Physical Education and Coach B.A., High Point College; M.S., Peabody; Gardner- Webb, 1949- 11 SARANAN MORGAN Physical Education and Hygiene B.S.. George Peabodv College for Teachers: Gardner- Webb College, 1948- ' CHARLES WAYNE BRADBURN Physicial Education and Coach B.S., Western Carolina Teachers College; M.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee; Additional graduate study. University of Tennessee; Gardner-Webb College, 1946- ELMA HARPER POLLOCK Romance Languages B.A.. Woman ' s College. L T niversitv of North Carolina, MA., University of North Carolina; additional graduate study, University of Marvland: University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College, 1936- MRS. DANA HARRIS Social Science A.B., Winthrop College; M.A.. Winthrop College; M.A.. Columbia University; Work toward a Ph.D.. University of North Carolina; Gardner-Webb College. 1950- S. L LAMM Religion B.A.. Wake Forest; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Gardner-Webb College. 1950- GARLAND HENDRICKS Church-Community Development A.B.. Wake Forest; Th.B., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gardner-Webb College, 1950- MRS. SARA G. FISHER English A.B.. Barnard College; M.A.. Columbia; Graduate work, Universitv of Pennsvlvania and Harvard LTniversitv: Gardner-Webb College, 1951- HUBERT CONRAD DLXON Mathematics B.A.. Wake Forest College; M.A.. University of North Carolina; Additional graduate studv, Clemson; Gardner- Webb College. 1935- 12 _-— OFFICERS Bobby Pettyjohn President Pat Withers Vice-President Jonelle Teague Secretary-Treasurer Paul Stacy Faculty Sponsor The astronomers of Julius Caesar in 46 B. C. settled the solar year at 365 days, 6 hours, but these hours at the end of four years made a day which was added to the fourth year, making 366 days. It was stated then that each year which was divisible by four ( except centesimal years, which must be divisible by four hun- dred) was a Leap Year; that is, it ' leaped over " a day of the week. The custom for women to woo during leap year has no satisfactory explanation. In 1288 a law was enacted in Scotland that " it is stated and ordained that during the year known as Leap Year, the maiden lady of botli high and low estate shall have liberty to speak for the man she likes; even though he refuses to take her to be his lawful wife, he shall be fined in the sum of a pound or less as his estate may be— except and unless he can make it appear that he is betrothed to another woman, then he shall be free. " Subsequent laws have been passed in France, Genoa, and Florence. I doubt seriously if the astronomers of Julius Caesar knew about Gardner-Webb College, but one thing is certain— we do. We also know that cupid strikes the bull ' s eye of the hearts of many T i the voung people on our campus each year. Every day contacts are made in class where we learn to study together, in the student center where we learn to have fun playing together. and in religious services where our hearts meet together in spiritual understanding— yes, these are only a few of the contacts we make here with each other which lead into that unknown, fathomless way of love and yet to that sacred and productive end we call marriage. Of course all the contacts we make don ' t end in marri- age, but end in a long, lifetime friendship which we shall learn to treasure more and more as the years pass by. Even though the astronomers back in 46 B. C. didn ' t know about us, maybe those great men and women in the years to come, your children, can share some of your real experiences during these two years on our campus through the medium of this book. It has been our objective and aim to tell the story of Leap Year as found on our campus on the pages of this book; of course it may be exaggerated in some parts, but with the thought in mind always of preserving some of those " great hours " we have shared at Gardner-Webb. I hope that this year ' s Anchor will always be one that you will cherish and will be a reminder of the friends vou have made here. May it be as we meet in future years that we ' ll say with Alfred Lord Tennyson. " I am a part of and be proud of it! I have met. ' Doris Adair. Editor SOPHOMORE CLASS 14 -— SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Thomas LeRonne Abernathy Football 1 Day Student Shelby, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Doris Mabie Adair . . Wayland Missionary Christian ' Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Mental Hygiene 2; Editor of Anchor 2; Marshal Club 2; Superlative 2; Biology Laboratory As- sistant 2. Lorene Marie Arrowood . Spindale, N. C. Appalachian Teacher Sigma Pi Alpha; Christian Volunteer Band; Day Student. Hazel Anne Belcher .... Lodge, S. C. Secretary Y.W.A. 1, 2; Home Economics Club, Vice Presi- dent 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. Mary Frances Allen Teacher Day Student Boiling Springs, N. C. Graham, N. C. Thurman Wheeler Allred Wake Forest Minister Marshal Club 2; Day Student President 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Ministerial Association 2. Rebecca Browning Benfield ( Mrs. Marion W. ) . Winston-Salem, N. C. Carolina Religious Education Choir 1, 2; Home Economics Club 2; Mental Hygiene 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. Leola Bettis Appalachian Teacher Glee Club 1, 2. Earl, N. C. SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Billy Elias Bingham . . Lawndale, N. C. Appalachian Teacher Chemistry Laboratory Assistant 2. Samuel Wayne Bingham North Carolina State Agriculture International Relations Club Laboratory Assistant 2. Lawndale, N. C. 2; Chemistry Robert Reid Blackburn . Mooresboro, N. C. Duke Basketball Coach Basketball 1, 2; Football 2; " The Hill Between " 1; Monogram Club 1, 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Robert Kelly Bolick . . . Gastonia, N. C. VVayland Missionary Greater Council 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Ministerial Association 2; International Relations Club 1; Marshal Club 2; Glee Club 2. Cline Wilson Borders . . . Shelby, N. C. Wake Forest Minister Christian Volunteer Band L 2. Jo Lena Bridges Shelby, N. C. Carson-Newman Religious Education Y.W.A. 1, 2, Pres. 2; International Relations Club 1, 2, V. Pres. 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2; Home- coming Sponsor 2; Superlative 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Peggy Joan Bridges .... Spindale, N. C. Missionary International Relations Club 1; Choir 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; B.S.U. Council, 1st V. Pres. 2; Home Economics Club 1; Mental Hygiene 2. Joe Millabd Bunn . North Carolina State Agriculture Engineer Basketball 1, 2. . Pikesville, N. C. 16 " ■ ) ' l »lll SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER -WEBB COLLEGE William Detroit Byrd . . Roy Wilson Carson . . . W.C.T.C. Business International Relations Club 2. Bob Franklin Chambless . Jonesville, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. . Tyler, Texas Caroleen, N. C. Martha Jane Coffey . Carson-Newman Teacher Marshal Club 1, 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, Sec. 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Asst. Editor of Pilot 2; Y.W.A. 2. Joseph McWayne Cole Winston-Salem, N. C. V.P.I. Electrical Engineer Captain Football Team 2; President Monogram Club 2; Football 1, 2. Sara Mull Cooke .... Lawndale, N. C. Lenoir-Rhyne Teacher " Antigone " 2; International Relations Club 2; Home Economics Club 2; Y.W.A. 2. Shirley Jane Dedmon . . . Shelby, N. C. Carson-Newman Teacher Y.W.A. 2; International Relations Club 2; Cheer- leader 1, 2; May Court 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2. Gerald Bobby Denny . . Nantahala, N. C. W.C.T.C. International Relations Club 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; Marshal Club 2; Student Government 2. SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER -WEBB COLLEGE Ruth Kathaleen Dickey . Missionary Christian Volunteer Band 2 Glenn Alton Doveb North Carolina State Teacher Betty Anne Edwards Laboratory Technician Mental Hygiene 2. Ethridge, Term. Choir 2. Kings Mountain, N. C. . Ellenboro, N. C. . . Albany, Georgia Allyn Douglas Gibson Wake Forest Interior Designer Cheerleader 1, 2; ■ ' Taming ofthe Shrew " 1; " The Hill Between " 1; " Antigone " 2; Anchor Staff 2. Kenneth Ray Grayson . Wake Forest Merchant Baseball 1; Football 1, 2. . Shelby, N. C. William Harold Griffin . . Kannapolis, N. C. Wake Forest or Appalachian Business International Relations Club 2; House Council 2; Homecoming Escort 2. Benjamin Franklin Haddox Columbia, La. Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Vice President 1; International Relations Club 1; B.S.U. Council 2; Choir 2. Martha P. Hawkins . . Rutherfordton, N. C. Wake Forest Religious Education Glee Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. 18 SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER - WEBB COLLEGE Mollie Jean Hawkins . . Gastonia, N. C. Carson-Newman Religions Education Y.W.A. 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Home Economics Club 1; B.S.U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2; House Council 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Homecoming Sponsor 2; Superla- tive 2. Chables Robert Heffner Rutherfordton, N. C. Furman Teacher Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Anchor Staff 2; Mental Hygiene 2; " The Taming of the Shrew " 1. Conan Doyle Hendrick, Jr. . Shelby, N. C. University of North Carolina Doctor International Relations Club 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Kenneth Lee Hollifield . . Shelby, N. C. Barbara Austin Holt Winston-Salem, N. C. (Mrs. Jack A.) Furman Religious Education Meredith College 1; Cheerleader 2; International Relations Club, Secretary 2; Homecoming Queen 2; " Antigone " Student Director 2. Jack Arlen Holt . . Winston-Salem, N. C. Furman Minister Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 2; Monogram Club 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; " Taming of the Shrew " 1; Student Government President 2; May Court 1. Reese Honeycutt, Jr. . Boiling Springs, N. C. Appalachian Teacher Choir 2; International Relations Club 1. Betty Joyce Hoover Bailey . Spindale, N. C. Teacher Day Student Council 2; Pilot Reporter 2. SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER -WEBB COLLEGE Columbus Burwell Hopper Forest City. X. C. University of Georgia Teacher Mary Helen Humphries . . Shelby. X. C. Limestone Teacher Home Economics Club 1; Glee Club 2; Y.W.A. 2. Marie Christine Hyde Brvson City, X. C. W.C.T.C. Teacher International Relations Club 1; Anchor Staff 2. Pilot Staff 2; Home Economics Club 1; Mental Hvgiene 2. Marcaret Elaine Jackson . Beulaville. X. C. Wayland Missionary Christian ' Volunteer Band 1. 2; Y.W.A. 1. 2; International Relations Club 1. 2. Margaret Faith Johnson . Magnolia. X. C. Furman Teacher Y.W.A. 1. 2; Christian Volunteer Band I. 2: B.S.U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2: Superlative 2: May Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor 2. Peggy Love Jones Shelby. X. C. Baptist Hospital. Winston-Salem. X. C. Xursing International Relations Club 2; Y.W.A. 2; Christian Volunteer Band 2; Pilot Staff 2: Home Economics Club 2. Joanne Kincaid Gastonia. X. C. Wake Forest Secretary Mental Hvgiene 2; Homecoming Sponsor 1: Mav Court 1; Student Government Secretarv 2: Glee Club 1; Choir 2. Horace Cecil Kirkman . . Gastonia. X. C. Wayland Minister Christian Volunteer Band 1. 2; Ministerial As- sociation 2: International Relations Club 1. 20 II SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Amos Monroe Kiser, Jr. . . . Waco, N. C. Appalachian Teacher International Relations Club 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Day Student. Howard Elimuel Laney Newton, N. C. William Franklin Lattimore Lawndale, N. C. Furman Teacher Choir 1; International Relations Club 2. Nancy Hanks Lincoln . . Lynchburg, Va. Young Life Cheerleader 1, 2, Chief 2; Freshman Vice Presi- dent; May Court 1; Homecoming Sponsor 1; Anchor Staff 2; Superlative 2; International Relations Club 1; Basketball Queen 1; Mental Hygiene 2. Thomas Max Linnens . . Graham, N. C. Wake Forest Minister Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2, President 2; Marshal Club 2; Day Student Council 1; Ministerial Association 2. Gaylord Leon Lehman . . . Inman, S. C. Furman Minister B.S.U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2; Student Director Radio Department 2; Choir 1; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Ministerial Association 2; Science Club 2; International Relations Club 2; Mental Hygiene 2; May Court 1; Homecoming Escort 2; Superlative 2. Charles Donald Lowery Wake Forest Medicine Day Student Avondale, N. C. Lowell, N. C. James Allen McAllister Minister Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Marshal Club 2. im i mm SOPHOMORES AT GARDN ER - WEBB COLLEGE Harvey Grisom McElroy . . Shelby. N. C. Julia Hesteb Martin .... Shelby. N. C. Appalachian Physical Education International Relations Club 1. Joseph Lee Medford Carson-Newman Minister Day Student . . Canton. N. C. Peggy Allen Millen . . . Belmont, X. C. Carson-Newman Domestic Science Home Economics Club 1; Choir 1. 2; Y.W.A. 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Hugh Graham Miller, III YV.C.T.C. Physical Education Basketball 1. 2. . Shelby, N. C. William Banks Miller, Jr. Lawndale. N. C. Football 1. 2; Baseball 1: Monogram Club 1. 2; " The Hill Between " 1. Jerry Allen Merrill . Lenoir Bhyne Commercial Baseball 1; Monogram Club 2 Morganton, N. C. Mary Dean Mlnges . . . Gastonia. X. C. Lenoir Rhyne Teacher Student Government 2; " Taming of the Shrew " 1; " The Hill Between " 1; " Antigone " Student Director 2; Glee Club 1. 2; Anchor Staff 2; Y.W.A. 2; Mental Hygiene 2. 22 ■ - SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER -WEBB COLLEGE Otis Ervin Mitchell, Jr. Day Student Avondale, N. C. Belmont, N. C. Reba Joan Helton Mize (Mrs. VV. R., Jr.) Furman Religious Education Day Student 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Day Student Council 2; Mental Hygiene 2. William Roscoe Mize, Jr. . Belmont, N. C. Furman Minister of Music Choir 1, 2. Gilbert Morgan Monfrado . Spindale, N. C. Salesman International Relations Club 1. Marcus Billy Morehead . Berryton, Georgia Freida Maxcine Moss . . Aberdeen, N. C. Meredith Teacher Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Hal Robert Mulkey . . . Andrews, N. C. University of Georgia Forestry International Relations Club 1, 2; Science Club 1; Homecoming Escort 2; House President 2; Student Government 2. Martin Eugene Nichols . . East Bend, N. C. Wake Forest Mathematics Pilot Staff 1, 2; International Relations Club 2. N SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Grace Maxwell Nielsen . Edneyville, N. C. Wake Forest Nursing International Relations Club 1; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Marshal Club 2; Pilot Staff 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Bobby Vernon Nlx . Summerville, Georgia University of Kentucky Coach Football 1, 2; Monogram Club 2; Baseball 1. 2; Basketball 1; International Relations Club 1 Geneva Juanita Osment . . Gaffney. S. C. Carson-Newman Missionary- Day Student Collier Melzie Ostwalt, Jr. Belmont, N. C. Wake Forest Minister International Relations Club 1; Ministerial Association 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1. 2; Day Student. Yihis Nadain Ostwalt . . Troutman, N. C. Carson-Newman Religious Education Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2. Bobby McCall Pettyjohn Summerville, Ga. Georgia Tech Engineering Sophomore Class President; Business Manager of Anchor 2; Football 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Superla- tive 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Hugh Glenn Pettyjohn Winston-Salem, N. C. Salem or Wake Forest Law Football 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2; Freshman Class President; Superlative 2; Mental Hygiene 2; " Ths Hill Between " 1; May Court 1; Pilot Staff 1, 2. William Harry Pressley . . Canton, N. C. Carson-Newman Minister Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Ministerial Association 2. 24 SOPHOMORES AT GARDN ER - WEBB COLLEGE Gerald Wray Price Wake Forest Business Shelby, N. C. Hoyt Mason Roberts . Belmont, N. C. Bryan McBride Putman. . . Shelby, N. C. Carson-Newman or Wake Forest Minister Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Ministerial Association 2. Charles Henry Rabon . . . Lugoff, S. C. Furman Minister International Relations Club 1; May Court 1; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Homecoming Escort 2; Superlative 2; Choir 1; Mental Hygiene 2; Ministerial Association 2. Frances Ann Rhyne . Bessemer City, N. C. Carson-Newman Cheerleader 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1; Choir 1, 2; Mental Hygiene 2; Glee Club 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Dorothy Jean Robertson Union Mills, N. C. A.S.T.C, Librarian Glee Club 2; Choir 2; Mental Hygiene 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Norma Marquean Ross . Morganton, N. C. Religious Education B.S.U. Council 2; Marshal Club 2; House Presi- dent 2; Superlative 2; Choir 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. Peccy Jeanne Sheppard Secretary or Teacher Day Student Shelby, N. C. SOPHOMORES AT GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Helen Joyce Shytle Religious Education Spindale, N. C. Kings Mountain, N. C. Maby Jane Sisk . Appalachian Home Economics Club 2; Y.W.A. 2 Lewisville, N. C. Kenneth Ray Snyder . . Wake Forest Teacher International Relations Club William Ray Sprinkle . Hamptonville, N. C. North Carolina State Agriculture International Relations Club 2. Mary Elizabeth Suddreth . . Lenoir, N. C. Secretary Y.W.A. 2; Glee Club 2; Pilot Staff 2; Internation- al Relations Club 2. Margaret Bailey Swann . Statesville, N. C. W.C.U.N.C. Teacher Sigma Pi Alpha 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Marshal Club 2; House Council 2; Glee Club 1. Jonelle Teague Hickory, N. C. Lenoir Rhyne Music Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class; May Court 1; Pilot Staff 2; " Antigone " 2. James Arthur Trantham . . Canton, N. C. Wake Forest Missionary Football 2; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; B.S.U. Council 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2; Anchor Staff 2. 26 » ! T SOPHOMORES AT GARDN ER - WEBB COLLEGE Doris Jane Upton Vale, N. C. Secretary Y.VV.A. 1, 2; Anchor Staff 2; International Rela- tions Club 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 2. Amy Mariana Vance . . Crossnore, N. C. Wayland Missionary Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Choir 2; B.S.U. Council 2; Mental Hygiene 2. Raymond Donald Wagner Thomasville, N. C. Tennessee Temple College Minister Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Ministerial As- sociation 2; International Relations Club 1. Harrill Gene Washburn . . Shelby, N. C Wake Forest or North Carolina State Mathematics of Civil Engineer Football 1, 2; Editor of Pilot 2; Marshal Club 2 Polly Jane Williams .... Tryon, N. C. W.C.U.N.C. Home Economics Teacher Glee Club 2; International Relations Club 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2, President 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2. Jimmy L. Williamson . Forest City, N. C. Bowling Green Business University Accounting Day Student Joan Patricia Withers . . Gastonia, N. C. Religious Education Anchor Staff 2; Vice President Sophomore Class 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2; Mental Hygiene 2; International Relations Club 2. Donald Earl Woods . . Summerville, Ga. Georgia Tech Chemical Engineer Football 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Monogram Club 1, 2. J. Z. WRIGHT G. F. WRIGHT B. R. WRIGHT James Zebulon Wright . . . Shelby, N. C. University of North Carolina Administrative Education Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2; Anchor Staff 2; Pilot Staff 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; " Taming of the Shrew " 1. George F. Wright . Kings Mountain, N. C. Limestone Teacher Ministerial Association 2; Christian Volunteer Band 1, 2. Billy Richard Wright Shelbv, N. C. We Had Fun 28 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICIALS Bobby Workman President Carolyn Harless .... Vice-President Henry Smith Secretary-Treasurer M. A. Mosley, Jr. . . . Faculty Sponsor Helen Irene Abbott Belmont, N. C. Nancy Rebecca Anthony Shelby, N. C. Charles Max Auton Cramerton, N. C. Donald Clark Bailey Spindale, N. C. Howard George Barnes Boone, N. C. Carrie Belle Barton Hendersonville, N. C. Harry Donald Batehelor Gaffney, S. C. Billy Gene Bates Converse, S. C. Martin Harrill Beam Ellenboro, N. C. Tommy Floyd Beard Thomasville, N. C. Dorothy Lillian Bell North Wilkesboro, N. C. Billy Broughton Blair Bostic, N. C. Moseline Jeanette Blanton Shelby, N. C. Nancy Ann Boger Mocksville, N. C. Elzie Zemri Borders Shelby, N. C. Laura Jewel Borders Shelby, N. C. Betty Ann Bowman Marion, N. C. Ira Kenneth Brady Miami, Florida Earl Brafford Gastonia, N. C. Bobby Joe Bray Thomasville, N. C. Hoke Mitehem Brittain McAdenville, N. C. Alexander Michael Bromir Miami, Florida Harold Dean Buchanan Drayton, S. C. Willard Dean Buff Belwood, N. C. Eloise M. Bumgarner Connelly Springs, N. C. Ellen Burnett Rutherfordton, N. C. Hellen Burnett Rutherfordton, N. C. Fannie Ruth Burton Kannapolis, N. C. Donald Franklin Bynum Alexis, N. C. Yates Woodrow Campbell Gastonia, N. C. Boyd Harvey Cannon Shelby, N. C. Clifford Clarence Carpenter Butlierfordton, N. C. Henry Lawrence Carroll Kings Mountain, N. C. William Johnson Cathey, Jr. Skyland, N. C. Alfred Harper Cobb, Jr. Huntersville, N. C. Edwin James Crisp Lowell, N. C. Jack Miller Crouch Kings Mountain, N. C. Bobby Nick Deloatch Shelby, N. C. Betty Jo DeWeese Salisbury, N. C. Ernest Diaz Miami, Florida Ned Palmer Digh Morganton, N. C. Clarence Edward Dodgens Lowell, N. C. Joyce Elizabeth Dover Shelby, N. C. Hazel Greene Edwards Kinston, N. C. Donald Coleman Elliott Shelby, N. C. Thomas Wade Estes Mt. Airy, N. C. Frances Faye Evans High Hilderbran, N.C. Rachel Faucette Mebane, N. C. Douglas George Fitzpatrick Asheville, N. C. William Charles Fletcher Elkin, N. C. Howard Cullev Gamble ... Miami, Florida James Gardner Garrison Weavervflle, N. C. Nell Gold Shelby, N. C. Maxwell Walker Goode Boiling Springs, N. C. Bobby G. Green Mooresboro. N. C. Carl Wilson Greene.. s Shelby, N. C. Charles Stanley Greene Lawndale, N. C. Glenn David Greenway Avondale, N. C. Eunice Emma Haas Hudson, N. C. George Wilson Hamrick Lattimore, N. C. r Joyce Ann Hamrick Winston-Salem, N. C. Samuel Scott Hamrick Shelby, N. C. Sara Lee Hamrick Bessemer City, N. C. Carolyn Louise Harless Lenoir, N. C. F m e - ■ fa. iUfc C: t:. ft fi fikiSk Irk in .- 3 ZLiL c$ C. a% - L shk± c ' « 6L iff- m, gtf = ■ jtt £v Carolyn Jean Harrill Avondale, N. C. Myrtle Annette Harry Grover, N. C. Amos Glenn Henson Forest City, N. C. Charles Wray Hill Rutherfordton, N. C. Mary Joyce Hines Campobello, S. C. Betty Lou Hinson Richfield, N. C. Richard Harry Hollifield Drexel, N. C. James Lee Huffstetler Bessemer City, N. C. Marvin Deck Hutchins Forest City, N. C. Joseph Carl Jackson Beulaville, N. C. John Brojdus Johnson, Jr. Belmont, N. C. Miller Trammel Jones Shelby, N. C. Norma Jean Jones Jacksonville, Florida Frances Eleanor Kendrick .... Henrietta, N. C. Sarah Mae Kincaid Kings Mountain, N. C. Mildred Elizabeth Laney Maiden, N. C. Betty Faye Ledford Kings Mountain, N. C. Charles Earl Ledford Alexis, N. C. Marjorie Ann Lee Lattimore, N. C. Baxter Joseph Leigh Shelby, N. C. Betty Gray Lindsay Lexington, N. C. Robert Blair Little Winston-Salem, N. C. Adrian Mowers Littlejohn Shelby, N. C. Rebecca Ann Luffman State Road, N. C. James Horace McCurry Bostic, N. C. Frances Hildegarde McGinnis Shelby, N. C. Jean Elizabeth McRae Kings Mountain, N. C. Patricia Jean McSwain Shelby, N. C. Vesler Jeff May Flats, N. C. Mary Lynn Methfessel Hampton, Iowa James Stephen Morrisett. Jr. Boiling Springs, N. C. Bobby Eugene Myers Thomasville, N. C. Charles Edward Osment Annie Laurie Pack James Franklin Parham Richard Blaine Parham Gaffney, S. C. Mill Spring, N. C. .. Canton, N. C. Waynesville, N. C. Walter Flav Payne Kings Mountain, N. C. Billie Joe Pearson Shelby, N. C. Carol™ Juanita Philbeek Shelby, N. C. Frances Marian Phillips Jacksonville, N. C. Janice Gaynell Pigford Catherine Dwyre Prince Delia Louise Putman Juanell Randolph Gaffney, S. C. Thomasville, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Cane River, N. C. Lester Joseph Reavis Hamptonville, N. C. Marilyn JoAnn Rhinehardt Gastonia, N. C. Charles Edward Rich .. Harris. N. C. Billie Sue Richardson Bessemer City, N. C. Virginia Ruth Roberts Carl Truitt Rogers Joan Rogers Bettv Lee Rose Shelby, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Jacksonville, Fla. Mt. Airy, N. C. Harold Lee Rumfelt Margaret Rachel Scroggs Mary Valeria Shearon Frank Thomas Sherrill Belmont, N. C. Roaring River, N. C. Varina, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Henry Leroy Smith Gastonia, N. C. Lester Willard Smith Mebane, N. C. Patricia Ann Smith Lincolnton, N. C. Robert Leroy Smith Chester, Pennsylvania Keith Spurling Snyder Lenioir, N. C. Wayne Everett Sorrells Franklin, N. C. Martha Anita Stone Florence, S. C. Sue Ereel Suggs - Albemarle, N. C. Peggy Marie Summey Lexington, N. C. Roland Ellis Tate Grover, N. C. Fred Amick Thomas, Jr. Ramseur, N. C. Paul Henry Thomas Winston-Salem, N. C. t John Jacob Thornburg Kings Mountain, N. C. Barbara Joan Tomblin Spindale, N. C. Billie Hugh Toney ... Forest City, N. C. Rufus Ray Tugnun North Wilkesboro, N. C. O v Of P M$1 luck Franklin Turner Hamptonville, N. C. funie Martin Tutterow Cooleemee, N. C. Clara Sir ' Vance Vilas, N. C. Janice Carolyn Wall Campobello, S. C. William Alnnzo Wallace Sanford, N. C. James Robert Ward - Caroleen, N. C. Cora Catherine Warlick Mooresboro, N. C. Martha Jerleen Waters Shelby, N. C. Jackie Watson Kannapolis. N. C. James Bryce Weaver Arlington, Virginia Janice Lee Wellman Shelby. N. C. Lee McBride Wells Kings Mountain, N. C. Thomas Dennis Whitesides Clover, S. C. Charles Darrell Wilson Mooresville, N. C. Samuel Bright Wilson Shelby, N. C. Marilyn Alma Womack Avondale, N. C. Geraldine Lorraine Woody Valdese, N. C. Bobby Darrell Workman Thomasville, N. C. Doris Ann Wortman Shelby, N. C. What za ' got in them sacks? Jlat Special for upperclassmen only: Rich Shave. Don ' t affect me— I ' m a " Green " rat! Happy with a D— on out? Ring— Wow! Regressing, Allyn? 34 - .%■ ft ' ACTIVITIES Jack Holt, President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Jack Holt President Mary Dean Minges .... Vice-President Joanne Klncaid . . . Secretary-Treasurer Thurman Allred . . Day Student President Bob Mulkey Men ' s Residence Hall President ( absent ) . . Women ' s Residence Hall President Freshman Class President . . Men ' s Residence Hall Vice-President Bobby Pettyjohn Sophomore Class President Miss Mabel Starnes . . . Faculty Advisor Mr. J. Y. Hamrick .... Faculty Advisor Marqu e an Ross Bob Workman Bob Denny . . 36 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL Gaylord Lehman President Joan Bridges . . Enlistment Vice-President Mariana Vance . Devotional Vice-President Freida Moss Secretary Frank Haddox Treasurer Charles Rabon Sunday School Superintendent Faith Johnson . . Training Union Director Jo Lena Bridges .... Y.W.A. President Max Linnens . . Christian Volunteer Band President Mollie Hawkins .... Music Director Marquean Ross Pianist Jim Trantham .... Publicity Director Stephen Morrisett . . . Faculty Advisor Gaylord Lehman, President 37 MARSHALS Chiefs: Gaylord Lehman Faith Johnson Max Linnens Freida Moss Gene Washburn Jo Lena Bridges Robert Boliek Mollie Hawkins Jack Meachem Grace Nielson Marquean Ross Thurman Allred (absent) MARSHAL CLUB Gaylord Lehman— President Faith Johnson— Vice-President Mollie Hawkins Marquean Ross Jo Lena Bridges Freida Moss Grace Nielson Jo Mize Margaret Swarm Bob Denny Doris Adair Bob Ward Joan Bridges Martha Coffey James McAllister Alma Thrift Robert Boliek Max Linnens Thurman Mired Jack Meachem Gene Washburn Faculty Advisor Mabel Starnes 38 ■ ' INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS Bob Ward, President Jo Lena Bridges Vice President Barbara Holt, Secretary J. 0. Terrell, Faculty Sponsoi Helen Abbott Billy Bingham Wavne Bingham Bobby Bray Jo Lena Bridges Roy Carson Martha Coffey Sara Cooke Stanley Green Harold Griffen Scott Hamrick Martha Hawkins C. D. Hendricks Glenn Henson Richard Hollifield Barbara Holt Margaret Jackson Jerry Johnson Peggy Love Jones W. F. Lattimore Gaylord Lehman Martin Nichols Nadain Ostvvalt Robert Rankin Ray Snyder Billy Sprinkle Mary Suddreth Margaret Swann Paid Thomas Jack Turner Doris Upton Bob Ward Jim Weaver Janice Wellman Pollv Williams Pat Withers Zeb Wright MENTAL HYGIENE SOCIETY r OFFICERS Bob Ward, President Max Linnens Vice President Jo Lena Bridges Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Robert A. Dyer Faculty Sponsor Jo Mize Christine Hyde Joanne Kincaid Jo Lena Bridges Pat Withers Frances Rhyne Dorothy Robertson Margaret Swann Joan Bridges Peggy Milieu Grace Nielson Peggy Love Jones Mariana Vance Mollie Hawkins Faith Johnson Betty Edwards Mary Dean Minges Bobby Pettyjohn Joe Cole Gene Washburn Jimmy Moselv Hugh Miller Banks Miller Don Woods Glenn Pettyjohn Max Linnens Zeb Wright C. D. Hendricks Doris Adair Hovt Roberts C. B. Hopper Reece Honeycutt James McAllister Allyn Gibson Bobby Blackburn Bob Mulkev Robert Bolick Richard Hollifield Gaylord Lehman Joe Medford Charles Rabon Rav Snvder Bill Wright Bobby Nix Bobbv Bush Bob ' Ward 39 SIW WW _ PUBLIC Gene Washburn Editor-in-Chief Peggy Jones Business Sfanagcr THE PILOT EDITORIAL Gene Washburn Editor-in-Chief Martha Coffey Associate Editor Grace Nielson News Editor Bob Myers Sports Editor Glenn Pettyjohn Feature Editor Carolyn Harless. Christlne Hyde, Zeb Wright. Joyce Hoover, Jim Trantham. Dorothy Bell. Valeria Shearon. Martha Stone, Darrell Wilson Reporters BUSINESS Peggy Jones Business Manager Alton Dover . Assistant Business Manager Martin Nichols . . Circulation Manager Mary Suddreth. Rachel Scroggs. Jonelle Teague Typists Mr. M. A. Mosley - , Jr. . . Faculty Advisor 40 wmBmmtm , A T I O N S THE ANCHOR Doris Adair Editor-in-Chief Bobby Pettyjohn .... Business Manager Jim Weaver Photographer Douc Fitzpatrick (absent) .... Artist Saranan Morcan .... Faculty Advisor Allyn Gibson Nancy Lincoln Doris Upton Mary Dean Minges Zeb Wright Carolyn Harless Bobby Heffner Christine Hyde Pat Withers Doris Adair Editor-in-Chief Bobby Pettyjohn Business Manager i 41 GARDNER -WEBB CHOIR GLEE CLUB Leola Bettis Jo Ann Rhinehardt Sue Suggs Dot Robertson Frances Rhyne Shirley Dedmon Rebecca Luffman Mary Helen Humphries jeanette Blanton Valeria Shearon Doris Wortman Pollv Williams Ruth Roberts Helen Abbott Martha Hawkins Jewel Borders Nell Gold Mary Suddreth Mary Dean Minges Jean McSwain Janice Wellman Jack Turner Charles Fletcher Robert Bolick Walter Hill Wayne Bingham Allyn Gibson Dean Buchanan Mrs. Robert Qyer Director Rebecca Benfield Joan Bogers Frances Phillips Marquean Boss Sue Vance Joanne Kincaid Nancy Boger Joan Bridges Bachel Faucette Mollie Hawkins Bettv Hinson Betty Ledford Jo Mize Frances Bhyne Dorothy Robertson Martha Stone Betty DeWeese Eunice Haas Joyce Hamrick Mildred Laney Mr. Peggy Millen Betty Rose Kathleen Dickey Jean McSwain Carolyn Harless Jonelle Teague Mariana Vance Dean Buchanan Bobby Heffner Charles Ledford Joe Jackson Don Bynum Beese Honeycutt Adrian Littlejohn Jack Meachem Harvey Cannon Allvn Gibson Bill Mize Stephen Morjrisstt Director CHRISTIAN VOLUNTEER BAND OFFICERS Max Linnens President Frank Haddox Vice President Jo Lena Bridges Secretary Joyce Hamrick Program Chairman James Trantham Publicity Chairman Joe Jackson Chorister Jo Ann Rhinehardt Pianist Mr. Stephen Morrisett Faculty Sponsor Mariana Vance Joan Bridges Janice Wellman Jo Ann Phinehardt Patricia Withers Marquean Ross Doris Adair Jo Lena Bridges Joan Rogers Norma Jean Jones Frances Phillips Nell Gold Sara Lee Hamrick Billie Sue Richardson Martha Hawkins Betty Rose Mollie Hawkins Betty Hinson Carolvn Harless Martha Stone Carrie Barton Joyce Hamrick Geraldine Woody Ann Pack Janice Pigford Faith Johnson Helen Abbott Nadain Ostwalt Freida Moss Becky Luffman Betty jo DeWeese Margaret Jackson Sue Suggs Betty Ledford Dorothy Robertson Jean McSwain Delia Putman Kathleen Dickey Joanne Kincaid Mary Lynn Methfessel Max Linnens Thurman Allred Carl Green Yates Campbell James McAllister T. W. Estes Clarence Dodgens Fuad Sachnini Cline Borders Charles Rabon Gaylord Lehman James Trantham Ray Snyder Peggy Love Jones James Parham Blair Little Charles Ledford Ray Hill Wayne Sorrells Joe Jackson Frank Haddox Robert Bolick Don Bynum Don Wagner Hovt Roberts Bill Bvrd SIGMA PI ALPHA OFFICERS Zeb Wright President Jim Trantham Vice President Martha Coffey Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Swann Program Chairman Zeb Wright Martha Coffey Jim Trantham Margaret Swann Jo Lena Bridges Lorene Arrowood Mrs. Pollock Faculty Sponsor HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Polly Williams President Hazel Belcher Vice President Juanell Randolph . . . Secretanj-Treasurer Mary Jane Sisk .... Program Chairman Martha Hawkins Sarah Cooke Grace Nielson Peggy Love Jones Mollie Hawkins Miss Cleo Withrow Faculty Sponsor Jack Ha Gaylord Lehman Faith Johnson Bob Mulkey C. D. Hendrick Jack Meachem Bobby Denny Margaret Swann Alma Thrift Mr. Paul Stacy Faculty Sponsor SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Jack Meacham President Bobby Denny Vice President Margaret Swann Secretary 44 OFFICERS Jo Lena Bridges President Polly Williams Secretary Doris Upton Program Chairman YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Nadain Ostvvalt Community Missions Chairman Miss Elma Pollock . . . Faculty Sponsor MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Yates Campbell President Bill Byrd Vice President T. W. Estes Secretary Don Wagner, L. W. Smith Program Committee Mr. S. L. Lamm Faculty Sponsor 45 4 r w m 46 HUGGINS MEMORIAL COMMUNICATION CENTER Gaylobd Lehman .... Student Director PUBLIC RELATIONS STAFF Bobby Myers Reporter Joanne Kincaid Stenographer Stanley Gbeene Photographer Jim Weaver Photographer Ben C. Fisher Faculty Advisor I T; WHAT ' S THE USE THLETIC5 i nujiH i w i n i ' i ' wpi P Norman Harris .... Coach Wayne Bradburn .... Coach Joe Cole, Jack Holt Co-Captains FOOTBALL First Row: Kenneth Queen, Henry Smith. Ned Digh, Blair Little, Bobert Smith. Bob Chambless, Bob Workman, Junie Tutterow, Jim Mosley. Third Row: Coach Bradburn. Fred Thomas. Phil Elliott, Alex Bromir. Gene Washburn. Dee Nanney, Bobby Pettyjohn. Glenn Pettyjohn. Bob Blackburn, Jack Holt, Coach Harris. Second Row: Darrell Wilson, Kenneth Brady, James Trantham, Bobby Greene, Ernest Diaz, William Cathey, Bobby Nix, James Garrison, Billy Bates, Steve Morrisett, Bill Wallace, Gerald Freeman, Douglas Fitzpatrick. Fourth Row: Bill Tones ' , Don Woods, Bill Morehead, Joe Cole, Charles Auton, Edwin Crisp, Kenneth Grayson, Clinton Spencer, Clifford Carpenter, Bob Bush, Hugh Miller, Bob Jones. I s m ■ ' 88 f 2F 70 i8 .« a 67 . SO,, 6E 47 , fi $ 83 38 fli Wayne Bradburn, Coach Norman Harris, Coach 19 5 1 The 1951 Gardner- Webb football season was the most successful one in Gardner-Webb histo- ry. The team, mentored by Wayne Bradburn and Norman Harris, won eight straight seasonal games. Copping the state crown, the conference pinnacle, the locals then proceeded to partici- pate in the first bowl game ever offered a Gardner- Webb team. After climaxing an unde- feated campaign, Gardner-Webb traveled to Brunswick, Georgia, on November 30, where they met strong South Georgia Junior College in the second annual Golden Isles Bowl game. Even though they were defeated 6-0 by the Georgia champs, the 1951 grid season will live long as the granddaddy of football seasons up until this point. Gardner- Webb 25; North Greenville Gardner-Webb invaded Greer, South Caro- lina, on September 24, and after 60 minutes of spirited play, the locals came off the field with their initial win, a 25-0 triumph. Jack Holt turn- ed in a brilliant performance with a very effec- tive aeria l barrage, heaving two touchdown passes in the first quarter. Halfback, Gerald Freeman; fullback, Bobby Bush; and fullback. Bob Chambless; played important roles in the bout. Gardner-Webb 18; Asheville-Biltmore With one win under their belts, the locals were entertained in Asheville by the Bulldogs of Asheville-Biltmore on September 29. Even the linemen got into the scoring column in this test; guard, Joe Cole, grabbed a pass and travel- ed 37 yards for a score. Gardner-Webb had scored twice in the second half; after Cole ' s interception, halfback Gerald Freeman counted both times. Freeman banged over from the two- yard marker; later he intercepted a pass on the 35-yard line and danced along the sidelines for the score. Gardner-Webb 18; Gordon Military Academy 7 For two games, the Gardner-Webb defense had held without an opponents ' mark, but the team now prepared for the toughest tilt of the season, as it turned out. Potent Gordon Military Academy of Barnsville, Georgia, came to Forest City on October 6, when the locals engineered a surprising 18-7 upset win that proved the morale-builder for the remainder of the cam- paign. Little Bobby Nix chalked off an 80-yard run on the first play from scrimmage that was never topped all season and stands as the longest jaunt. Nix scored twice in the game and Ernie Diaz added one. Guard, Joe Cole; tackle, Bill Morehead; and end, Dee Nanney; reigned over the Bulldog defense maneuvers. 49 Gardner- Webb 25; Lees-McRae 19 On October 13, Gardner-Webb engaged in their closest scoring tiff of the season, when they challenged Lees-McRae in Banner Elk. and won 25-19. It was the first win over the Bob Cats, sparked by quarterback Joe White, in three years. Bob Bush. Jack Holt, Gerald Freeman, and t ackle Bobby Jones, were the kingpins in this triumph. Jones turned in the second touch- down recorded by a Bulldog lineman. The 19 points were the most totaled against the locals all season. Gardner- Webb 39; North Greenville After edging past Lees-McRae. the Bulldogs turned on the steam against hapless North Greemille in an October 20 bout here. When the field day maneuvers were over. Gardner- Webb had racked up 39 points, sparked by runs of 10 and 60 yards chalked up by James Garrison and Bob Bush, respectively. End Billy Bates snagged one of Jack Holt ' s touchdown bound aerials; Dee Nanney swiped a North Greenville pass and raced 53 yards for a score; Henry Smith rolled up 19 yards to paydirt; and later tallied from the four-yard line to lead the Bulldog offensive attack for the day. The Gardner- Webb line was a path of destruction all dav for the North Greenville backs Gardner-W 7 ebb 25; Lees-McRae Lees-McRae returned for a conference match on November 5 at Shelby, and the 25-0 outcome initiated the second seasonal win for the locals over the Banner Elk delegation. James Garrison was the chief offensive punch for the locals: while Bush. Holt, and Diaz chipped in on the scoring. Tackle. Bob Jones; guard, Joe Cole; tackle. Tom Thomas; and end, Glenn Pettyjohn; were the big men on defense for the Bradburn- men. Gardner-Webb 25; Asheville-Biltmore Asheville-Biltmore came back on November 10 for a looper. The results were 25-0 in Gardner- Webb ' s favor; making it the fifth game that Gardner-Webb had held the opponent scoreless. Again, end Billy Bates got on the scoring record after snagging a 13-yard pass from Holt which initiated three other Gardner-Webb scores. Holt heaved later to halfback Gerald Freeman for the second marker. Bobby Bush turned in a 60-yard scamper in the third quarter, but James Garri- son displayed the running ordeal of the day with a 67-yard paydirt march in the waning minutes of the second period. Again the defense play was superb as Nanney, Cole, Jones, and Bill Toney starred. Gardner- Webb 34; Mars Hill 7 It was homecoming on November 17 as Gardner-Webb wound up the regular season here with a 34-7 win over the Lions of Mars Hill. Gardner-Webb ' s Bush ploughed over from the one-half yard line in the first quarter and moments later Holt tossed a 30-yard aerial to end Glenn Pettyjohn for a second score that started the ball rolling. About midway in the second quarter, Bulldog tackle Tommy Thomas recovered a fumble that set up number three, and James Garrison recorded a two-yard plunge. Opening the third period. Holt heaved to Bush, who counted his sixth touchdown of the season to lead in that department. In the fourth period, Garrison got his fifth touchdown of the year on a one-yard crash. He was second in the scoring columns for the year. South Georgia 6; Gardner- Webb On November 30, it was bowl time for the locals who departed on November 29 for a two- day trip to Brunswick, Georgia, where they were defeated 6-0 by an undefeated South Georgia Junior College eleven. Although the Douglas crew wound up on the winning end, Gardner- Webb, led by Smith, Garrison, and Bush; along with Jones, Nanney, and Bob Pettyjohn played their best game of the season. Gardner- Webb staved off four Georgia threats holding the game 0-0 until two minutes were left in the fourth period, when a pass interception set up a Georgia score. Gardner- Webb threatened seriously twice, but a potent defense overruled these skirmishes. Gardner- Webb compiled perhaps the highest statistical mark of any junior college team in the state. Coach Wayne Bradburn has twelve mono- gramed freshmen back for the 1952 campaign. 51 BASKETBALL G-W trounced Brevard 81-56 to start the season with a bang, as Smith poured in 21 markers, but it was a different story when Asheville-Biltmore invaded in December to hand the locals a 67-59 licking. In the initial conference game after a December vacation. Ashe ille-Biltmore, led by Forward Martin Hare, who ripped the cords with 31 points, bested the Bulldogs 69-49. In the scoring department, the Bulls were hapless. On January 9. Fred Dickerson ' s strong Lees-McRae outfit, rated tops in the Western division unleashed a scoring spree, with Forward Richard Keller at the wheel, that spelled defeat by 78-51. The Bulldogs tripped North Greenville 76-57 in a January- 18 meeting here, and came back on the 19th to shellac Brevard, in a return match- 75-57. Smith threw in 41 points in these two bouts, while Bailey tossed in 33. Charlotte College ' s Owls fell by an overwhelming 90-58 count on January 21, making it three wins in a line for the locals. The first battle of the campaign resulted in a tilt with Oak Ridge on the latter ' s home floor January 24. The highly-favored Cadets had their hands full for thirty-five minutes of pla ing time before edging the locals in a fourth period spurt. 72-64. Bailey had 16 and Smith 14 in the slugfest. Spartanburg ' s Pioneers invaded on January 26th. and the Bulldogs managed to hold a slim four-to-five point margin for four quarters and down the boys of Mooney Hann 70-61 in a test that saw the scoring dhided about evenly among the Bulldogs. Bailey, Bates, Smith, and Blackburn hit the double digits, while Miller hit for seven. Center B uck Hallman, a gangling six-feet four incher, shoved in 27 markers for the Pioneers. On January- 28th, Belmont Abbey invaded for a con- ference tilt and were punished 68-63 by the Bulldogs, but a non-loop engagement with Vic Bubas ' State College junior varsity on the 29th proved too much for the Bradburnmen, by 85-31. However, Mars Hill came to town on January 31 and left with a 52-43 licking, as Henry Smith poured in 15 markers. Lees-McRae ' s Bob Cats came meowing around in a return match at the Shelby Community center February 2. Forward Richard Kellar. one of the leading scorers in the Western Division, bucketed 25 points to spark the Cats ' 71-46 win. Left to Right: Coach Wayne Bradburn, Banks Miller. Tommv Beard, Howard Gamble. Ernie Beheler, Bobby Blackburn (Captain), Don Bailev. Don Elliott. Billy Bates, Joe Bunn, James Garrison, Alex Bromir, Henry- Smith, Coach Norman Harris. 52 1931 - 1952 Hapless Charlotte College was trounced 84-54 by the Bulldogs here February 4, but Tee Fyre ' s Oak Ridge Cadets won a heartbreaker by 63-61 here on February 7. It was the second close triumph over the locals by the Cadets this season as Jack Powell threw in 22. Mars Hill pulled a surprise 67-57 win over the Bull- dogs in a match at Mars Hill, February 9, and a fatal trip to Wingate on the 14th spelled doom by 94-58. Wingate ' s AU-American forward, Darrell Floyd, rippled the cords with 30 markers. Wingate invaded Boiling Springs on February 18 and once again handed the Bulldogs a terrific 98-64 licking. Forward Joe Granger outscored Floyd by one point in this match, hitting for 23 and 22 respectively. The locals edged Spartanburg there 52-48 in a return bill, but it was not decided until the last minute when a sudden burst overcame a Pioneer lead. Center Buck Hallman tallied 25 for the losers, while Don Bailey dropped in 13 for the winners. The season ' s final conference tilt was played at Belmont on February 21. Frank Rozelle and Phil DeTurk bucketed 41 points between them to call the locals ' hand by 74-54. Henry Smith paced the Bulldogs in conference action with 291 points in conference tests, an average of 15.3 per game. The little Stanley guard was selected to the Junior College All-State squad selected by coaches in the loop. Forward and Captain Bobby Blackburn was an honorable mention. Gardner-Webb 81 Brevard 56 Gardner-Webb 59 Asheville-Biltmore 67 Gardner- Webb 49 Asheville-Biltmore 69 Gardner-Webb 51 Lees-McRae 78 Gardner- Webb 75 North Greenville 57 Gardner-Webb 76 Brevard 57 Gardner-Webb 90 Charlotte 58 Gardner-Webb 64 Oak Ridge 72 Gardner- Webb 70 Spartanburg 61 Gardner-Webb 68 Belmont Abbey 63 Gardner-Webb 31 State J.V ' s. 85 Gardner-Webb 52 Mars Hill 43 Gardner-Webb 46 Lees-McRae 71 Gardner-Webb 84 Charlotte 54 Gardner-Webb 61 Oak Ridge 63 Gardner-Webb 57 Mars Hill 67 Gardner-Webb 58 Wingate 94 Gardner-Webb 64 Wingate 98 Gardner-Webb 52 Spartanburg 48 Gardner-Webb 54 Belmont Abbey 74 Gardner-Webb 79 Stanley All-Stars 71 Gardner-Webb 64 Stanley All-Stars 75 Gardner-Webb 64 Oak Ridge 61 Shelby Tournament Gardner-Webb 65 Campbell ( Semi. ) 100 Gardner-Webb 69 Louisburg ( Con. ) 71 53 -wir • l WW 1 " " •feft BASEBALL 1951 First Row: Coach Harris, Jerry Merrill, Bobby Nix, Frank Wilson, Hugh Miller, Bill Stout, Charles Morton, Sam Travis. Second Row: Tommy Newton, Al Homesley, Andy Sealy, Alex Bromir, Howard Gamble. Bobby Bush, Earl Bradford, Tommy Barrow. Third Row: Donald Dixon, Charles Shelton, Joe Anthony, Bob Blackburn, Doug Harris, Kenneth Grayson, A. M. Kiser. Gardner-Webb 7 North Greenville 2 Gardner-Webb 11 Pfeiffer 3 Gardner-Webb 6 Wingate 7 Gardner-Webb 3 Belmont Abbey 10 Gardner-Webb 10 North Greenville 2 Gardner-Webb 4 Pfeiffer 5 Gardner-Webb 8 Spartanburg 1 Gardner-Webb 16 Brevard 4 Gardner-Webb 5 Mars Hill 1 Gardner-Webb 11 Oak Ridge S Gardner-Webb 4 Spartanburg 2 Gardner-Webb 10 Belmont Abbev 2 Gardner-Webb Oak Ridge 1 Gardner-Webb 2 Wingate 3 Gardner-Webb 3 Mars- Hill 1 54 _- Li MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Joe Cole President Bobby Bush Vice President Bobby Nix Secretary-Treasurer Bill Bates, Bobby Bush, Bobby Nix, Henry Smith, Hugh Miller, Banks Miller, Jimmy Moselv, Ernie Diaz, Bob Smith, Bill Stout, Gerald Freeman, Jack Holt, James Garrison, Norman Harris, Sponsor, Gene Washburn, Darrell Wilson, Glenn Pettyjohn, Joe Cole, Bobby Blackburn, Don Woods, Bobby Pettyjohn, Bill Morehead, Howard Gamble, Junie Tutterow, Jerry Merrill, Tommy Thomas, Wayne Bradburn, Sponsor (Absent) CHEERLEADERS Nancy Lincoln Chief Barbara Holt Mary Lynn Methfeessel Shirley Dedmon Frances Rhyne Catherine Prince Allyn Gibson Saranan Morgan Faculty Sponsor 55 ipp ■VP MHnB P THE WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC PROGRAxM The Woman ' s Athletic Program is designed to promote for all students an interest in wholesome leisure time activities, to organize and administer a varied and interesting athletic program, and to stimulate a spirit of fellowship and comradeship through participation and competition. There is keen competition between classes in volleyball, basketball and soft- ball tournaments as they vie for the trophy awarded on Field Day. Individual standouts come into their own in shuffleboard. ping-pong, and badminton. The games and contests tomorrow will be the same variety as those in men ' s competition. The Woman ' s Program is climaxed in the Spring with the annual May Day festivities. 56 Mollie Hawkins • Bobby Pettyjohn Mollie: a lieart of overflowing love, loving and living doing both well, humanely captivating. Bobby: sincere, chivalrous, reliable in great or small tasks. Doris Adair • , Max Linnexs Doris: comedy an art, uses both intelligence and common sense, works doubly hard to attain goals. Max: deep understanding of truth, a brilliant mind and an inspiration to all. 58 Faith Johnson Gaylobd Lehman Faith: deep spirituality, understands human nature and problems, qualities of leadership. Gaylord: ironically witted, high leadership ability. interesting. On these two pages arc the pictures of twelve sophomores who were voted by the members of their class as outstand- Marquean Ross • Jack Holt Marquean: dry witted, very artistic, outwardly reserved but a sense of high goals. Jack: " top notch athlete, " lasting influence, whole- hearted devotion to Gardner-Webb. Nancy Lincoln • Nancy: athletically inclined well-rounded personality. Glenn: tactful, sharp tongue for " gab, personality, athletically inclined. Glenn Pettyjohn reserved attractiveness, Jo Lena Bridges Charles Rabon most likeable Jo Lena: excels in both studies and sports, unique sense of humor, distinct leadership qualities. Charles; conservative but congenial, unfeigned attitudes, most accomplished. in». Each has a distinct personality; the richness of which will be felt only as they have influenced your life. 59 mm SARA REECE Q, Keen 60 Jnaii d)i if asaij Doris Grigg Jim McDaniels Rachel Smith James Stamey Iris Atkinson Jack Holt Beth White Charles Rabon Jonelle Teague Rob Mullinax Sara Reece Queen Al Homesley King Nancy Lincoln Rill Morehead Julia Hancock O. G. Morehead Shirley Dedmon Rudy Wardell Joanne Kincaid Glenn Pettyjohn Faith Johnson Gaylord Lehman Mary Elani Page Mary Frances Howard Page Paul Washburn Crown Bearer Susan O ' Leary Train Bearer ' 95 ' J - WPfF " P " »P " Monfrado ' s Gip Joint " -No Charge Accounts ' . ... Get any mail? I didn ' t! . . . We hate to lose you. we ' re so used to you now . . . Suggs vs. Moss? Where ' s Freida? Those Freshmen Term Papers-outlaw them! . . . What is it. psyco students, anna or clovie? . . . Was this at the " home " ? Yes. I was there! 62 ; „.: Easter bonnets in November? ... Is it a Presidential Parade? . . . Handsome-but married . . . William Wordsworth ' s Recluse . . . Bull ' s Bowl Bound! . . . Like ta have frizzed that day! 63 ■ . MVVgf „p ■■ ■i mm Vwiqh.iulij. mini in i i.ii Proverbs 3: 5, 6 " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. " In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. " 64 LOOK THE ADS OVER FOLKS MEET SOME REAL NICE. PEOPLE WHO HELPED US 2 : 2 ' Tide ' s in. dirt ' s out " . . . " Yen. that ' s the girl, chief . . . " We never were a very affectionate family, were we now. were we? . . . " And we shall suffer; we shall feel the pain rising in us, until we know it must stop " . . . ASK FOR Bost ' s Toast - Master Bread Delicious Cake Serving Western North Carolina Compliments of MORGAN AND COMPANY. Inc. PHONE 6061 Shelby, North Carolina 66 i COLLEGE SNACK SHOP ' Sandwiches A Specialty " Students Hangout Jim Beason, Mgr. Boiling Springs, North Carolina Compliments of CRAWLEY ' S Drygoods . . . Super Market " Tops In Quality " Boiling Springs North Carolina Compliments of Marion Yarn Mills, Inc. Fine Combed Yarn Boiling Springs North Carolina 67 T !, " ; 1 .. ' ' . 1 ! ' . " - 1 -™ " . ' . ■ " ' ■■Vl,. | t ■ ' " ■ CO-ED THEATRE " Always a Good Movie " Boiling Springs, N. C. Suppliers of Quality Frozen and Canned Foods to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions SELECT FOODS. INC. 1900 South Boulevard Phone 5-4431 Charlotte 3. N. C. Compliments of PEGGY ' S BEAUTY SALON " Beauty in its Entirety " Peggy Monfrado Stylist Phone 4411 105 Center Street Spixdale, North Carolina Compliments of GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Bookstore Soda Shop Recreation Center Con pratuJatiow, Graduates! o YOU ARE GRADUATING into the freest economy on earth . . . the only one left where you can pick your own job and work out your own ideas about mak- ing it more productive and more profit- able. Your diploma is a challenge to understand Our Way ... to Keep It Free and Make It Better DUKE POWER CO. Serving the Piedmont Carolinas 68 Compliments of COLLEGE GULF STATION Gas and Oil Washing and Greasing Boiling Springs, North Carolina Compliments of C. J. Hamrick and Sons, Inc. One Stop Shopping Center Boiling Springs, North Carolina Compliments of Hardin Tractor and Equipment Company Ford Farming Headquarters PHONE 8121 Shelby, North Carolina Boiling Springs Drug Store Prescriptions . . . Cosmetics Fountain Service " Our Best Always " for our customers Boiling Springs, North Carolina G. T. McSWAIN General Merchandise Furniture and Electrical Appliances Boiling Springs, North Carolina C. R. WEBB, General Agent Pilot Life Insurance Co. Ill West Marion Street Shelby, North Carolina •ws? s " ?r m WINN CLEANERS and FLORISTS Quality and Dependable Service Boiling Springs, North Carolina Wash The Economical Way BOILING SPRINGS SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Robert Bridges, Owner G. C. McSWAIN Groceries and Feeds Boiling Springs, North Carolina For Best Results Use Gulf No Nox Gasoline Gulfpride Motor Oil Royster Oil Co.. Inc. Distributors Shelby. North Carolina Congnituhtions to Class of ' 52 o J Compliments of COHEN ' S of Shelby 21 Yeafs of Guaranteed Satisfaction . . . Thrift . . . Quality Style . . . Fit . . . Modern . . . Free Alteration Twin Insurance Air Conditioned 70 WASH YOUR CLOTHES " KLEEN-KWICK " In Gastonia, North Carolina G. D. Taylor, Jr. Co. Inc. COTTON Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of GASTONIA PLUMBING HEATING CO. 1301 W. Franklin Avenue Gastonia, North Carolina APPLIANCES CONTRACTORS Compliments of COCKER Machine Foundry Co. Gastonia, North Carolina FLINT-GROVE SUPER MARKET PAUL H. CLEMMER, Owner and General Manager WESTERN BEEF FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES THE HOME OF COUNTRY HAM East Gastonia, North Carolina 71 fjm — 3 — mmmfmm mi m mi rM rwnm i , | nnwpiW " Carothers Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE Dial 6337 " Home of The Green Ambulance " Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of MORRIS JEWELERS GASTONIA ' S LEADING JEWELERS Corner Main at South Street Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of The Gastonia Gazette ' GASTON COUNTY ' S GREAT HOME NEWSPAPER " Seventy-Two Years of Service Established 1880 Gastonia North Carolina Compliments of Z. J. Thompson Lumber Co. 500 N. Washington St. Dial 4303 " SEE OUR ART DEPARTMENT " Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of Kluttz Machinery and Foundry Company Gastonia, North Carolina 72 r CLEVELAND CLOTH MILLS DIVISION OF J. P. STEVENS, INC. MANUFACTURERS Fine Rayons Silk Fabrics Shelby North Carolina 73 ■VPwpmoOTOTgppa .ijimn. m.41 1 mil mn«i H Hi McDANIEL AND SMITH Authorized Pontiac and GMC Truck Dealers Used Cars FOREST CITY, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 3946 " Say it with Flowers " Gilliatt ' s Florist and Modern Gift Shop Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of Hill ' s Tractor and Implement Company RUTHEKFORDTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of The First National Bank OF SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA 1874— Serving Shelby and Cleveland County— 1952 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Shelby, North Carolina 74 Listen to Radio Stations WGNC and WGNC-FM 1450 KC and 101.9 MC " The Voice of The Spindles " Gastonia, North Carolina American Broadcasting Company Compliments of Shelby Sporting Goods Finest In Athletic Equipment Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of HAWKINS HARDWARE Cliffside, North Carolina Compliments of WARREN Y. GARDNER GASTONIA NORTH CAROLINA 75 y ii yn J i r T w " ■ m m i ' y— ' ■ ? ' ■ • « ■ . HH The Sports Mart, Inc. Sports of All Sorts Hobby Supplies 32 Battery Park Avenue Dial 3-3953 ASHEVILLE, N. C. BRONSON ELECTRIC CO. Contractors Dealers Quality Workmanship and Materials Shelby, North Carolina SP ANGLER SONS Transit Mixed Concrete Dial 7991 303 South Morgan Street " Anything in Concrete " W. D. LEWIS GROCERY MEATS AND GROCERIES 1205 Ozark Street Gastonia, North Carolina Maxwell Brothers Furniture Phone 9063 227 S. LaFayette Street Shelby, North Carolina Lutz-Yelton Tractor Truck Company International Harvester Tractors Implements — Trucks Headquarters for Dairying Dairy Barn Equipment Shelby, North Carolina 76 ' ' II II FARMERS FEDERATION Oliver Farm Machinery Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers Phone 2468 Forest City, North Carolina Compliments HAMRICK ' S JEWELERS Shelby, North Carolina J. L. Suttle, Jr. Co., Inc. Insurance 110 VV. Martin Street Telephone 5261 Shelby, North Carolina DAVIS SISTERS Ready-to-Wear for Ladies-Who-Care Dial 3511 East Main St. Forest City, N. C. Shelby Self-Service Laundry Shelby, North Carolina Campbell Department Store " For 50 years — Your one-stop shopping center " 112-14 North LaFayette Street Dial 7271 Shelby, North Carolina LILY MILLS COMPANY THREADS — COTTON — YARNS Shelby, North Carolina 77 If «l 1 1 in .,11 MMH ROSES 5-10-25c Store s Forest City, North Carolina Compliments of SHELBY COTTON MILLS Shelby ' s Leading Manufacturers Shelby, North Carolina O. G. PENEGAR CO. Office Equipment and Supplies Agent, Underwood Corporation Typewriters, Adding and Accounting Machines New and Used Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of The HOUSE OF FLOWERS Compliments of Cleveland Barber Shop ' We appreciate your patronage ' Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of THE BORDEN CO. Shelby, North Carolina ' If it ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be good " 78 1911 1952 Compliments of A. V. Wray 6 Sons Shelby, North Carolina 41 Years of Service and Quality Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Phone 4948 Spindale, North Carolina Compliments of SHELBY CAFE One of Shelby ' s Most Modern Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of SPINDALE MILLS, INC. Spindale, North Carolina WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Kenneth Hill, Owner RUTHERFORDTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of UNION TRUST COMPANY Shelby, Rutherfordton, Fallston, Forest City, Lawndale, Ellenboro, Spindale North Carolina 79 ml .«■ • " ' ' " T. ' 1 " ? " ' .. " " M STAR PUBLISHING CO. Publishers of THE SHELBY DAILY STAR Commercial Printers SHELBY SUPPLY CO. Mills Supplies and Hardware Dial 5271-2 Shelby, North Carolina D. A. BEAM CO., Inc. Super Grocery Fertilizers Field Seeds Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of SHELBY PRINTING CO. Shelby, North Carolina CAROLINA MADE FLOUR rs EAGLE ROLLER MILL COMPANY SD Shelby, North Carolina 80 Carolina Chain Saw and Equipment Co. Shelby, North Carolina McCulloch Chain Saws HUDSON HOSIERY CO. Manufacturers of Ladies Full Fashion Hosiery Shelby, North Carolina The Cleveland Times " A Part of the Life of Cleveland County " Job Printing Publishing Engraving Phone 7264 Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA DAIRY The Milk of Superior Flavor Extra Care Makes It Extra Good Dial 8031 Shelby, N. C. HUDSON ' S Department Store In Shelby Features Peter ' s Shoes For The Entire Family Weatherbird, City Club and Velvet Step 81 Compliments of DOVER TEXTILE GROUP Shelby, North Carolina 82 EFIRD ' S Quality Merchandise at Popular Prices 2145 Lafayette Street Shelby, North Carolina Collins -Evans Company Ready To Wear for Men, Women, Children We Clothe the Family Correct Styles Good Quality — Low Prices East Main Forest City Spindale North Carolina Compliments of HORD ' S STUDIO Shelby ' s Modern Photographer 314 South Lafayette Street Phone 4621 Shelby, North Carolina Compliments of Fitzpatnck and Sons John Deere Farm Implements G. M. Diesel Power Asheville, North Carolina Rutherford Dairies, Inc. Quality Dairy Products " A Home Organization Seeking to Serve Home Folks " Grade Whole A Milk " Pasteurized " Phone Rutherfordton 4606 Myer ' s Department Store Dress-Shoppe-2nd Floor " The Friendly Store " Kings Mountain, North Carolina 83 Tea Lovers Treat The pick of India ' s famous Darjeeling gardens. If you cannot purchase this in your home town-write us-P.O. Box J. S-, Chicago 90) Sexton Compliments of . . . ANTHONY and ANTHONY Real Estate and Mutual Insurance Oliver S. Anthony John A. Anthony Shelbv, N. C. Compliments of I ■ " " " " i » " " " " Phone 518 Shelby. North Carolina Compliments of SUTTLES DRUG STORE Shelbv. North Carolina 84 S AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS .. ■I p M

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