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Dai " ARCHIVES Ow «r-Woteb University Bailing t Hnwt, N.C. 28017 b " THE ANCHOR 1945 Presented By THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF GARDNER-WEBB COLLEGE Boiling Springs. N. C. Mary Grace Queen Editor Robert Beason Paul John Stacy d HUGGINS-CURTIS HA LI, BAPTIST CHURCH GARDNER-WEBB Hmn E. B. HAMRICK BUILDING PANDBAMA esa PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE GRhl riNI IS Ordinarily. I would not approve printing a book that could be dispensed with at a time when the shortage of paper is so great and the problem of labor so pressing. In this book, how- ever, is recorded much of the life you have spent here. Here is a photographic gallery of your friends and many happy days. For the rest of your lives you will come again and again to this book and by its magic enjoy afresh the radiance of these youthful years. Ii will be a link to bind you to this college. Sincerely yours. P. L. Elliott. President. Page Eight SECDND YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Wise . . Diligent . . . Competent J. T. JONES. Jr President ELLWANDA SCRUGGS Vice-President COLEEN TALBERT Secretary ELIZABETH SCISM Treasurer Page Eleven PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Greetings : Ordinarily, I would not approve printing a book that could be dispensed with at a time when the shortage of paper is so great and the problem of labor so pressing. In this book, how- ever, is recorded much of the life you have spent here. Here is a photographic gallery of your friends and many happy days. For the rest of your lives you will come again and again to this book and by its magic enjoy afresh the radiance of these youthful years. It will be a link to bind you to this college. Sincerely yours. P. L. Elliott. President. Paqc Light wmmmm masm SECOND YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Wise . . Diligent . . . Competent J. T. JONES. Jr. President Ellwanda Scruggs Vice-President COLEEN TALBERT Secretary ELIZABETH SCISM .......... Treasurer Page Eleven ROBERT Bi Boiling Springs. N C. " We have bent friends U In sunshine and in shade. " A. R- I.. S. (1. . ' : Annual Staff (1, 2), Business M»n- V T. C. II. 2), Vicr-Prcsiilcnt 12 I. OVELLA BENEFIELD Charlotte. N. C " Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. " K K I.. S. CI. 2): 1. R. C. (1); Y W A (I. - ' : Ministerial Band 11. 2); A (I, . II S V. Coun ril il. 2), President l- ' i: V. T. C. (I. 2). MAO BLANTON Spindale. N. C. " To those who frww thee not. no words ean faint. " K. K. I. S. (2); V. W. A. (2); I ir (2). MARY KATE BOST1C Bostic. N. C. " ,i i ood name is better than precious ointment. " K K. 1 S (1. 2); V. W. A. (1, 2); I. R. I MARTHA HLLEN CALTON Bosiic. N. C. " For she uas jes ' the gnit Whose nature never varies. " K. K. I.. S. (1. 1. R. C. (11. !); Y. V A. (1, 2 . A A. (I, 2): POLLYANNA CAMP Shelby. N. C. " szvift to resent. But as sreift in atoning for error. " A. K L. S. il. 2); College Choir (1. 2): Animal Staff (2); Y A A I :. 2). LUCILLE CASH Cowpcns. S. C. hath a daily beauty in her life. " K. K. I.. S. II. 2), PrcM.lcnt (2); A A II. 2). Vice-President (2); College Chun RUBY COM Hickory. N. C " The -.oarmth of rich fcelirui — the deep, the pure With strength to meet s ottM V and faith to endure. " A R. L. S. (1, 2): Y. Y. A. (I, 2); College l. 2), President (2); Ministerial Ban.l II. 2); I. R. C (2); Y 1 i i i. - " . v A. A. (1. 2), Seerel er Staff 12); Octetli SECOND YEAR STUDENTS Piiijt ! BDW PAULINE COSTNER Lawndale, N. C. " She is a bonny ' .fee thing. " K. K. L. S. CI, 2); V. W. A. CI, 21: W. A. A. (1. 2), Council (- ' I; College Choir 11, 2). LOUISE EDWARDS Bryson City. N. C. " Golden hair, it ' .- sunlight streaming on the marble of her shoulder. A R L S (1. 2); Y. W. A. (1); I. R. C. (1); Class Secretary (II; Annual Staff (11; May Court At- tendant (11; Newspaper Staff (2) Editor (2)j Marshal (2); Marshal Club (2); Student Council (2). SAM GREENE, JR. Mooresboro. N. C. " On the stone he teas simple, natural and affecting. " A R L S. CI, 21; Annual Staff (1. 2); Chief Marshal ( ' )• ' Marshal Club (21. President (21; Class Vice-President (1); Baseball (2); Football (2), Captain (2). BETTY JEAN HAMRICK Boiling Springs. N. C. " Her voike was ever soft, gentle, and lor ' . An cxeellent thing in woman. " A. R. L. S. CI, 2); Y. W. A. CI, 2). HILTON HAMRICK Shelby. N. C. " He .ias not only a chip off the old bloel;. But the old block itself. " A R L. S. CI, 2); Annual Staff (2); I. R. C. (1); Football (2); Basketball (2). EVELYN HARRILL Lawndale. N. C. " As pure as a pearl, and as perfect, A noble and innocent girl. " L. S. CI, 2); I. R. C. (11: Y. W. A. CI, 2); A (1, 21; Annual Staff (2); Newspaper Staff W (2); College Choir (2). R. Colleen Hill Shelby. N. C. " Grace was in all her steps. In every gesture dignity and love S. CI, 21. President C2) ; Ma shal (21; Marshal Club (21, Treasurer (2); W. A. A CI); Y. V A (1 2); Student Council (2); Annual Staff (1. 2). Literary Editor (2), Class Representative (II; Quartet CI, 2); Y. T. C. CI, 2); Newspaper Staff (1, EUGENE HOYLE Kings Mountain, N. C. " He is a man. take him for all in all. " L. S. CI, 2); Y. T. C. C2); Football Team (21. JM , ji|| SECOND YEAR STUDENTS Page Thirteen SECOND YEAR STUDENTS JACQUELINE HUSKEY Shelby. N. C. fiet gestnri motion, and her smiles. Her wit, hi • : ait . imv ht ,jff beguili I A R. I., s. (1, 2); Class [ " reasurer u ; I. R. C. C1J ; V. T. C. Hi. A A i. ' i. Annual Siait (2), Associati Editor (2); College Choii (1, 2) i Newspaper Staff 111: V W i I. 2). J T. JONES, JR. Shelby. N. C. " The mildest manners with tin bravest mind. " Class President CI. - ' ); A. R. L. S. (I. 2); 1. R. C. Ill; Classic Entertainers (1); Annual Start 11. 2); Newspaper Staff (2), Associate Editor (2); Student Coun cil (. ' ). Secretary (2); Marshal l. ' l: Marshal Club (2) ; [udicial Board i ' i: Basketball (I, 2) Co-I rptain (1. 2); Baseball II. 2), Captain (1): Football (2). MARY SUE KEETER Cliffside. N. C. " rVitk gentle yet prevailing force. Intent upon her destined course. ' A. R. L. S. (I, 2); V. W. A. (1. 2); I. R. C (1, 2); W. A. A. (1. - ' l: II. S. V. Council l J i. IDA LATTIMORE Shelby. N. C. " It is good to lengthen to the last, a sunny m I K, K. L. S. II. 2); Y. W. A. CI. 2)l W A A. CI, 2). ELAINE LEDBETTER Boiling Springs. N. C- " I. f irr in thought us angels are To know Iter tear to love her. " A R, I.. S. (1, 2)1 Y. T. C. CI, 2). MIRIAM LIPSCOMB Boiling Springs. N. C. " .! lover of sports, a winnei of games. " A. R I.. S. II. 2)1 Y. W. A II. 2); W. A. A. (1 J I. I R. C. (1)1 Y. T. I i;i Soft Hall Tram 111. I : i . Ill BERNICE MCMURRY Lawndale. N. C ' she doeth little kindnesses which most Icavt ttndorn A R. L. s n. 2), Secretary (2): I R C. I I, 2); Y. W. A il. 2); Student Council (2), President - ' Fudicial Board C2 i " ii, W. A. A. (1 Newspaper Stall (I. 2). News EditOI Y. T. C. (1. - ' i. Sei n lai ■. ■ ' CORINNE MAR I IN Chesnee. S. C. ring angel shall »«.v tisti bi K. K. 1„ S il. 2); Y W A. II. - ' 1. ' lurttftn " It matters EMMA MILLARD Tryon. N. C not how long we live but how. V W A. (1. 2); Ministerial Band (1, 2); I. R. C. (1, 21. MARY GRACE QUEEN Lawndale. N. C. " Wise to resolve: patient to perform. " R L S (1, 2), Vice-President (1); I. R. C. (1. ), Secretary (1). President (21; Annual Staff (1. 2) Editor-in-Chief (2): Student Council (1. 21; Judicial Board ( ' )■ Y W A. (1, 2); Newspaper Staff (1), Editor (1); W. A. A. (1. 21; Marshal (21; .Marshal Cluh (2). W. G. RHINEHARDT Gastonia. N. C. " A noble man; yes. he worships bis creator. " Ministerial Band (1, 2). MARGARET ROBERTS Shelby. N. C. " Fair in that she never studied to be fairer than nature made her. " A. R. L. S. (1, 2); Y. W. A. (1, 2); I. R. C. (1, 2) W A A (1, 2). Vice-President (1), President (2); Stu dent Council (1); Annual Staff (1, 2); Marshal (21 Marshal Club (2), Secretary (2); College Choir (1. 2) Quartet (2); Y T. C. (1): B. S. U. Council (2); News paper Staff (2). JEANE ROLLINS Bostic. N. C. " Charms strike the sight but merit wills the soul. " A R L S. (1, 2); Marshal (2); Marshal Cluh (2) W. A. A. (1); Y. W. A. (1. 2); B. SU Council (21 Annual Staff (2). Literary Editor (2); I. R. t. (1, 21 Y. T. C. (1, 2). PAULINE SCHOOK Banner Elk, N. C. " Devout yet cheerful. Active yet resigned. " Columbia Bible Institute (1); K. K. L. S. (2), Secretary (2); Student Council (2); Y. W. A. (21; Ministerial Band (2), Secretary (2); Annual Staff (21. ELIZABETH SCISM Shelby. N. C. " As patient and as still And as full of good will. " A. R. L. S. (1. 21; I. R. C. (1. 2); Y. W. A (12); V. A. A. (1, 2); Class Treasurer (2); Annual Staff (2). ELLWANDA SCRUGGS Chesnee. S. C. " What is yours is mine and all mine is yours. " K K. L. S. (1. 2). Vice-President (2): B. S. U. Coun- cil (2); Y. V. A. (1. 21; W. A. A. (1. 21; I. R. ( . (D- SECOND YEAH STUDENTS Page Fifteen SECOND YEAH STUDENTS jAMfc sue Scruggs Boiling Springs. N. C. A tender heart, a will inflexibl A. K L. S. u. 2); Y. V. A. (1. 2). Robert Shaw Harmonv. N. C. " ll ' ith Ins eyes in flood with laughter. " Mars Mill College lit: A. R L. S. (2); Y. T. I (2) COLEEN T ALBERT Cliffside. N. C. " Her ivory hands on the ivory keys Stray,;! in fantasy. " K K. L. S. il. 2); College Choir (I, _ i: Octet (1); I. K C Hi; Y W. A. (1, 2): W. A. A. (I, 2); Y. T. C. _ ' : Newspaper Staff (2); Class Secretary 2l. EARL TOWERY Hollis. N. C " The laborer is worthy of his reward. " K K I. S. (1, 2); Y. T. C. (I, 2), (2); Basketball Team (I, 2). MARGARET WACASTER Cherryvillc. N. C. " Noble by heritage, generous and free. " A I; I.. S. II. 2); Y. W. A. 11. 2), Sccretarj 11. ; I R i Ui; Y. T. C. II. 2)1 Y. A. A. (1. ii (I. 2); Quartet (2); B. S. I Ministerial Band (2): Marshal 1 2 1 : Marshal Club (2), Yice-Presideol (2): Annual Staff I - ' I : Newspaper Statt May Court Attendant 1 1 .. Martha Ann Walker Ellcnboro. N. C. " Mirror of constant faith. " A. K 1 s. il. 2); Student Council (1); u A A u. _ ' .; Y. W. A. il. 2); I. R. C. (1); Ncwspapei Sialf Ui. Y. T C. H. 2). RUTH WARE Kings Mountain. N C rth all the hazards you can run. " K K L. S. (I, 2). ERLENE WASHBURN Shelby. N. C " Iter ways ar,- :... h. k I. s. II. 2); B. S. U. Council (2)1 I. R. C (I); N u A. (1, 2), President (2); Y. T. I .1. 2); W. A. A. (I, 2) Page s CLASS PROPHECY While enjoying my second cup ot coffee on the morning of October the twelfth, nineteen hundred and fifty three I was glancing over the morning " Times. " A title about halfway down the front tw 8 i .■ and I brought the paper closer for a better view. In black type were these »« " »: ;» ' £ " £; Webb Junior CoHege - Celebr Eiftneth Anniversary. • I „. jgg-H ™ |» making plans to attend this event. bad been founded Reading further mv interest grew, and 1 immediately began making plans to attend tnis eveni hich e was E Jbe heW o " n October the fifteenth. Fortunately for me t his date, was betwee „ ™ «nriu ed oadcasts. so I immediately contacted the law partners " Bdwar .and Jon«„wta lived just arounflM wh broai block I inquired if they would be interested in accompanying they had already closed their office and were seeking reservations Leaving New York the next day. we were filled with the expectation of seeing many of our form, classmates Boiling Springs. To my surprise next south bound train. e Hoyle. She confessed to me that she ing her knowledge l_ _ at New York, had had a short talk with Ge in his dashing uniform of an admiral. While passing through Baltimore. Maryland. Mary Grace told me that Jackie Huskey was now a Laboratory Technician at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and that Erlene Washburn had reached the position of Supervisor of Nurses. Reaching Washington, we were told by Louise that Ida Lattimore had secured the position of secretary to Senator Clyde R. Hoey. (incidentally, he was first elected Senator the year " " " J " " » Gardner- Webb I and that Emma Millard was Religious Educational Director of the Calva.y Baptist Church there in Washington. We paused to rest and to admire the scenery: however, we soon became aware of the ™nversat.on going on between the couple in front. Louise was telling of a long letter she had received faorn Folb C:,n,P in which she told about her success in coaching the winning girls basketball team ,n the South. Yes even these commodious air conditioned trains could not provide hearts were again lifted when J. T. remarked wondered if we would see returning to my seat from the diner, I vacated seat. My love for books caused me to stoop to rad the i newly published psychology book edited by Colleen Hill. familiar voice. I stopped and turned to find Mary Kate Bostic — from a visit The ride was becoming tiresome everything. When approaching Richmond. Virginia, our that Bob Shaw was now the postmaster there. As the train sped Bob at the celebration. Meal time came again, and as I chanced to see an open book lying title. To my profound surprise it Going on down the aisle. I h " 3S£ in gtiSSEStiSt £1 £ T SS JU. Bible there. Mary Kate was to the Baptist Sent...- President of the Seminary, and that Ovella Benfield was professol ... her way to meet Polly Shook and Mrs. Wentz and family, who were to sail with hi early date. As we crossed over the line into North Carolin Tar Heel State Capital we got off. the train m Rjo - - -J, " , and added much to University obtained a Master ' s Degree j.11 drew a sigh of relief. Upon arriving in the Raleigh and started seeking a place where we might ' d ™«edV of North Carolina, and that Ruth Ware hi French joined us for " coke " or of Physical Education J ' r r eneh De " p7rbnenr atV the_ University, and Hilton ' Hamrick was serving in the capacity of Professor of Mathematics at State College. Was O tT of the Central High School in that fair city. At last we were nearing familiar territory. As the driver Church our t _ Connor. She was living Ruby accompanied us on to Gardner-Webb f. Auditorium was rapidly filling. We took voice Professor at Columbia University called out " Shelby. " we made a dash for . almost ran from the bus. Standing just outside the bus station was the former Ruby n Shelby and had become a valuable asset to the r irst Baptis the celebration. When we arrived, the E. B. Harm ick back seat and eagerly glanced at the program. Evelyn Harrill. o. New York, was to sing: she was to be accompanied by Coleen Talbert Professor of Piano at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Ellwando Scruggs who had just secured a Doctor ' s Degree in English was to deliver the main address. After a wonderful program I hurried out to greet old friends. Bernice McMurry. Dean of Women A wtkinfaway In %SSJTi SST-? A ttttTJttSrtl laboratory long enough to attend the program. Entering Huggins-Curtis Hall we met Margaret Wacaste, and " Bobhy " who were leading the South in a great Baptist Training Union movement. When we entered the dining room, a familiar figure came from the kitchen to tap the bell. Miriam Lipscomb was now Gardner-Webb ' s efficient dietitian. At the head of my table sat Martha Ellen Calton. who was now professor of Home Economics at Meredith College. Teanne Rollins came in shortly after the bell had rung. She had gained the position of Professor rf Enghsh atBaylo, University. I later learned she was giving up her position in the coming spring to become the wife of one of Dallas ' prominent doctors. Margaret Roberta, who was the owner of the horse that won the last Kentucky Derby, accompanied Jeanne. I spotted Mary Sue Keeter over at the table in the back. I was told that she was now Professor of Dramatics at Limestone College. Prue Parker, seemingly very happy, passed by on the arm of her World War II Veteran. Betty Jean Hamrick and Janie Sue Scruggs were still living in Boiling Springs, and were the present leaders in the community life of the college center. ve bade each other good-bye and returned to _our respective fields ' of duty. Uppermost in our minds wi her influence upon our lives and upon those of countless others after year. SAM GREEN. JR.. Class Prophet. Upon, the »™ ™ . " f rSraatadrin ou7 " hearVfor " our " Alma Mater and for ,vho chanced to pass through her portals Page Seventeen CLASS HISTORY History repeats itself we are told, hut pondering over our class history I sometimes wonder if such could be possible. Approximately sixty hale and hearty teen-age youngsters entered Gardner-Webb Junior College on September the ninth, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-three. At this port we dropped anchor for two years. We greatly outnumbered our superior upper classmen, but that did not prevent a deep feeling of inferiority among us. Slowly but surely the fog began to lift, and we were drawn into the college circle by our already selected " big sisters " and brothers. Too. the Baptist Student Union Council came to our rescue. They assisted in getting us settled, acquainted and provided for our entertainment. Mrs. James P. Morgan, our Dean of Women, soon won our hearts, and in her we found one who would always listen and understand. I will always remember her as the one who made the rounds at ten-thirty to say the " goodnights. " No doubt ihis simple feat led to sweeter dreams during our first year in college. Just when we thought we were approaching the realms of the intellectual, we awoke one morning to the shrill shouts and merry peals of laughter of our honorable upper classmen. Armed with long scrolls of suspicious looking print, they were invading our rooms and tugging at our sheets. Yes. truly this was the day of our doom- — Rat Day ! ! ! We pulled through after two days of extensive workouts, supervised by the sophomores. We were then fully established in our abode. Our first gala occasion for the year was that of the reception for President and Mrs. Philip Lovin Elliott. For this occasion we all stepped forth in our prettiest formals. and wore our most becoming smiles. Eagerly we sought to give them a royal welcome into our midst. In the month of October, the season when ghosts are prone to wander, the Athenean-Rhamsaeur Literary Society entertained with a Hallowe ' en party. Although chills played up and down our spines, we had a thrilling time. An event we always looked forward to was that of the monthly birthday dinner. Here we enjoyed a bit of formal gaiety after a day of toilsome study. The smell of cedar and tinkling of bells were in the air. Yes. the most joyous season of the year was drawing near. Strains of the familiar " Hallelujah Chorus " drifted from the choir rehearsals. We were all dreaming of a " White Christmas. " A few days before the holidays the College Choir presented excerpts from " The Messiah " in the E. B. Hamrick Auditorium. Never could we forget our Christmas dinner, when we ate by candlelight, and played " Jingle Bells " on our water glasses. AH right — maybe it was childish, but it was still fun ! After the holidays we returned with a mixture of feelings within us. We had had a wonderful time. But there was something missing because our minds often turned to our loved ones who were away fighting for us. We were glad to get back, and to admire and share in the excitement over beautiful gifts. But — . there was one something that bothered us. Naturally, any college student would realize what came shortly after Christmas — mid-term exams I No doubt about it. we were approaching the season for the burning of the midnight oil. We tasted French at breakfast; conversed English at lunch; smelled chemistry at the " Shop " amid a stack of equations; ate home eonomics at dinner; and handed out history dates at bedtime. When grades at last came out. I imagine we were a bunch of drab looking kids— with torn hair. strained eyes and wrinkled brows. During a short period of rejoicing, we threw our cares to the wind and enjoyed life to the fulle st degree. February brought parties to the mind. This time the Kalagathian-Kalliergeonian Society was on the entertaining end. At their expense we enjoyed a full evening of " hearty " entertainment at the club house. In the early spring the Dramatics Club and the College Choir presented " Stephen Poster. " This was the major dramatic production of the year, and it revealed that Gardner-Webh was a possessor of much unusual dramatic and musical talent. Later in the spring we honored the seniors of our college with a Hawaiian Banquet at the Charles Hotel in Shelby. Hours were Spent in preparing for this occasion, and I imagine that for days pre- ceding this festive event, palm trees and teis danced through the dreams of those who were our interior decorators. Yes, it was some of our own number who created for us a real Hawaii at leasl tome of the faculty thought so. Somehow. I doubt the seniors having had a better time than we did. Then came the red-letter day of our college history — the inauguration of our President. College officials from this and other states were present at this event. The main address was delivered by Dr. Frank Porter Graham, President of the University of North Carolina. Among the other notables who appeared on the program were I President Leslie Campbell, of Campbell College ; Reverend Perry Crouch, Vice-President of the Baptist State Convention ; Major Isaac Newton Carr. United States Army and former Dean " f Harfl Hill College ; President Hiram Hunter, of Western Carolina Teachers College : and President Boyt Blackwell of Mars Hill College. Professor Paul Stacy presented numerous delegates from other colleges who did nol appeal 00 the program. Reverend William W. Davidson spoke in behalf of the faculty of the college and Robert W. Crappa represented the students. Honorable 1 I Ha Gardner presided over the entire program, and Judge Edwin Yates Webb, chairman of tin- Board of Trustees, • investiture to which President Kllion iponded. The afternoon program featured a historical pageant written by Miss Frances Cuthbertsi.n. our English professor. This colorful pageant depicted the history of the college from the time it was founded in ] 908 to the present dsj I fitting climax was reached when Miss Marietta Hamrick. of Boil ink ' Springs, win Crowned " HISS Gardner-Webb. " Those attending her were: Miss Helen Lancaster, U Maid of Honor, Misses Jeanne It Ian ton, Ruth Moseley, Sarah Bank head, Ozell Martin, Louise Edwards, and Margaret Wacaster. Reverend R. " tor of the Fin I Baptist Church in Columbia. South Carolina. DTi a fitting message to the graduates on Sundayi May the twenty-eighth. Honorable O. M. Mull, of Shell. . delivered the address the following day, when, to the last strains ■ if " Pomp and Circumstance " the Sophomores and our former classmates launched forth into their own broad sea of life, leaving 01 to carry their torches high. Page Eighteen CLASS HISTORY parting, and with our new responsibilities we left, in hopes With hearts laden with sorrow of returning the coming fall. nrharw tThe uXL foSd-nV rL ay a friend,, word when tears of home- sickness were about to stream forth. , , i tv, „ „, rinmia annitment which housed our two new members of the Luto %r £»™£ " " «, had also been made in the snacious Huggins-Curtis Hall. tune of " I Love You Truly. We soon realized that our number had slightly decreased _ S™ had fallen .victims of Cupid .arrow and had departed from us. Some had grown tired of book s and »»»6 md n B other colleges. After a few weeks of school the four new members of our " » ' £ ™ " " " J mfxed flow™ reception in Curtis-Huggins Hall, which was decorated beautifully with autumn leaves and mixed now A member of the faculty who was not new to u. but who waa this -ar serving in a new capacity zn Madras a -Kr SSsirJBR «rss etc is s.r iJf , , SH i, , 3sri™ - be- h ei P n d advice. October ' s -bright blue weather " brought visitors lore , The Kings Mountain Baptist Associa- Y ' of ra 1 oTtVe mer as T SrS%S " ' " Picture as possible. Later in the month came our chance for revenge, so to J ' JZ f toZ our when we could display our authority and importance. Rat Day for the freshmen ca fun. but at the end of two days we tumbled into our beds rejoicing tnat in one ' s college life. In celebrating Hallowe ' en. Mrs. Harris contributed a great deal in the way of food and decorations. We had a program consisting of the visits of the most common campus ghosts. In November, our new voice professor gave a lovely recital in the E. B. Hamrick Auditorium: a reception followed in her honor. We were growing older: yes. time was hastening on, «»? «£■ " » ™ f ed -A ChriaS for the holidays, the College Choir Presented a P ram of Chnst rr,as ™ s £ r ™X Occasion with our We Sr -tESta ZkttJ TZ ?£ZFSft£ gift encircling the third finger, left hand. Many had been refreshed with the extra sleep: but some Z l °l™ mons tnV J2S. ft Hoover, " wi th ll rL ™ owl proud we were! Sam Greene. Jr., and J. T. Jones, Jr. .vho gave us such a cordial welcome to his garden of fresh flowers and .cool °- " ,or the Tnninr-Spnior occasion Too. we will rememher charming Alice i raarjut le « uiw= ■ »» t- taaX S anT r ab " e° a°ll Reverend Paul Hardin ' s addresa Th™ we ™ -«Vl ™ Our heart, were filled with pride and we were accused of even being °tistical when w .saw one of our own number. Margaret Roberts, of Shelby crowned Queen of the May. 1 h» « " " m p me m 0ri es. the background of those lovely campus greenS M If they °™ ld D X£n M ™™ , " " „„„ " Misses Doris wouldn ' t they? Margaret ' s attendants were: Mrs. Dorothy Dame on " ■ ™ ' " V ' nn " r Louise Edwards, Coates Velna Ivester. Marjorie White. Patricia Sumner, Jeane Rollins. Kub Connor ijoui e and Margaret Wacaster. How happy yet how sad were the actual closing moments of on, stop at Gardne, Webb. . Eugene Washburn. W. B. Beam. Robert Jones, and Sam Hill— those v. ho " ■ " ■ ° e " be comp leted. claisroom to the battlefield. Their education had been interrupte I in order that ouis nygM to co p We paused there at commencement to offer a prayer that fighting would cease would reign supreme over all the earth. Laden with baggage, plus diploma, we paused for one last word with classmates and for one last glimpse of our Alma Mater. Then, with perhaps a few tears, we puled up anchor and sailed forth into a new world— resolving " to strive, to seek, to find, but not to yield. MARGARET WACASTER. Class Historian. Page Nineteen LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We. the Sophomores of Gardner-Webb College, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty- five realize that our days at Gardner-Webb are speedily drawing to a close. Desiring to make a disposal of all our valuable possessions that they may be of use to those who follow in our footsteps, we do hereby draw up this, our last will and testament. SECTION I Item I — To our parents and friends, who through sacrifice and love for us have permitted us to spend these happy days of preparation at Gardner-Webb, we offer our sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude. SECTION II Item II — To our dear Alma Mater, we leave our gift as a memorial to our days spent in study and training here and as a token of our love and loyalty. SECTION III Item III— To the faculty, we give our love and esteem, with the assurance that they have not labored in vain and that we shall strive to fallow their precepts. SECTION IV Item IV — To the student body of the year 1945-46. we bequeath the spirit of school loyalty, .if cooperation, of serious purpose in study and of making the most of opportunities — This we know the class of ' 45 possesses in great abundance. SECTION V Item V — To Mr. Elliott we give our love, our respect, our greatest appreciation for his loyalty to the class and his influence upon the life of each member. SECTION VI TO VARIOUS STUDENTS: 1. I. Bernice McMurry. will to •Dot 11 Franklin my ability to play " taps " in the dining room. 2. I. " Lib " Seism, will my front seat in history to Ila Mae Davidson. 3. I. Evelyn Harrill. will my disposition to " Dot " Mitchell. 4. I. Erlene Washburn, will my hope for a " White Christmas " and dreams to become a " NAVY " nurse to Martha Lynn. 5. I. Lucille Cash, will my position in basketball to Nancy Trout. 6. I. Ovella Benfield. will my letters from Chapel Htll to any innocent by-stander. 7. I. Colleen Hill, will my interest and intelligence in the field of science to the three Bessemer City girls. v I. Polly Costner. will my ability to get along with men to Nancy Plonk. 9. I, Martha Ellen Calton. will my medicine cabinet to Louise Martin. 10. I. Margaret Roberts, will to " Pat " Sumner the nagging letter-beggars. 11. I. Mary Grace Queen, will my biology laboratory key to some deserving freshman. 12. I. Jeanne Rollins, will my coquettish ness and my microscope to Mary Ingle. 13. I. Polly Camp, will my roommate. Lillian Gilbert, and part-time roommate, Anne Lundien. to the best incoming freshmen. 14. I. Coleen Talbert. will my seat at the piano in Glee Club to Velna Ivester. 15. I. Prue Parker, will my mortgage on the telephone to Sume love-sick freshman. 16. I. Ellwanda Scruggs, will my deep love for the Navy to Leila Jones. 17. I. Margaret Wacaster. will my fondness of Wake Forest to Doris Coates. 18. I. Mar Kate Bostic. will my Spanish translations to Delores Jackson. Gladys Johnson and Elaine Kendrick. 19 I. Ruth Ware, will my bed in the infirmary to " Rat " Crawford in hopes that she will like it better than I. 20. I. Ida Lattimore. will my roommate and " good money " to Shirley Phillips. 21. I. Jackie Huskey. will my interest in the Air Corps to Martha Connor. 22. We. Louie and J. T.. will to Saranan and Jack our seat in the Student parlor. 23. I. Ruby Connor, will my conquering achievements t» Betty Howling. 24. I. Martha Ann Walker, will my ghostly ability to Sara Jane Davis. 25. I. Bob Shaw, will my football uniform to J. S. LeGctte. " Power Hon-. 26. I. Gene Hoyle. will my fancy talk to Thomas Philbeck. 27. T. Hilton Hamrick. will my " pin-ups " to Zeno Crump. -■ I ' : i Be MB, will my thinness to " Lanky " Jolly who so needs to reduce. 29. I. Mirian Lipscomb, will my honorable seat in government to Myrtle Whitaker. 30. I, Sam Green, will to Carl Jollcy my enormous eating capacity. 31. I. Janie Sue Scruggs, will my ability to make talks in English to Bertie Blalock. 32. I. Betty Jean Hamrick. will my answers in government to Marjorie White. S3. I. Mary Sue Kceter. will my library ' hours to Marigold l ong. 34. I. Pauline Schook. will my interest in biology to " Jim " McKnight. 35. I. Elaine I edbetter, will my interest in sailors to Erin Smith. SECTION VII Given under our hand and seal this the third day of the month of January, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty -five, CLASS OF 45. MARGARET ROBERTS, Testator. Page 7 tventy FIRST YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Capable . . . Loyal . . . Active. Marjorie White Jack Hoyle Louise Martin .... President Vice-President . . . Secretary Helen Queen Treasure Page Twenty-one FIRST YEAR Wayne Ashe Belmont. N. C. Charles Auten Boiling Springs. N. C. Thelma Altrey Marion. N. C. Leonard Belcher Gaffney. S. C. Bertie Blalock Mooresboro. N. C. Bill Blanton Ellenboro. N. C. Louise Brackett Forest City. N. C. Sarah Callahan Shelby, N. C. JUANITA COLI Forest Citv. N. C. Kathf-rine Crawford Spindalc. N. C Worth Bridges. Jr. Ellenboro. N. C. Calvin Crowe Ellenboro. N. C. Doris Coates Shelby. N. C. Martha Connor Forest City. N. C. Helen Crocker Grover. N. C. Zeno Crump Connelly Springs. N. C. FIRST W. Marvin Dameron Gaffney. S. C. Ila Mae Davidson Statesville, N. C. James Doty Shelby, N. C. Janice Falls Lawndale. N. C. Grady A. Fletcher Gaffney, S. C. YEAR Mrs. W. M. Dameron Gaffney, S. C. Sarah Jane Davis Shelby. N. C. Ruth Eller Statesville, N. C. Juanita McS. Fitch Kings Mountain, N. C. kkd Dorothy Franklin Morganton. N. C. Theresa Gathings I A Bessemer City. N. C. V » Charles C. Green. Jr. f Ys Tryon. N. C. k W Clarence E. Hampton -- Gaffney. S. C. Lillian Gilbert Rutherfordton. N. C. Eloise Gryder Statesville, N. C. Lois Louise Hamrick Mooresboro, N. C. FIRST Hazaline Harmon Bessemer City. N. C. Martha Howell Greer. S. C. Marjorie Hoyle Casar. N. C. Velna Ivester Lawndale. N. C. Gladys Johnson Polkville. N. C. Lanseord Joli I y Boiling Springs. N. C. Elaine Kendrick Shelby. N. C. YEAR acille Hemphill Marion. N. C. Jack Hoyle Shelby, N. C. i 1 Mary Blye Ingle Washington. D. C. Delores Jackson Shelby. N. C. Carl Edgar Jolley Mooresboro. N. C. Ella Lancaster Jones Boiling Springs. N. C. Iya Jean Kincaid Bessemer City. N. C. Catherine Lai hmori Shelby. N. C. James S. LeGette, Jr. Shelby. N. C. FIRST Marigold Long Forest City. N. C. YEAR Nellie Lovelace Wendell, N. C. Anne Lundien Falls Church. Va. ■ N X Martha Lynn Rt. 3, Greer. S. C. Jimmy McKnight Rutherfordton, N. C. Dorothy Mitchell Sharon, S. C. Claudia Pearson Rt. 6. Statesville, N. C. Selma Philbeck Mooresboro. N. C. Shirley Phillips Robbinsville, N. C. Louise Martin Gastonia, N. C. Saranan Morgan Shelby. N. C. Doris Pearson Rt. 1. Mooresboro, N. C. Thomas Philbeck Rt. 4. Shelby, N. C. Nancy Plonk Rt. 1, Kings Mtn„ N. C. Alice Price Rt. 1 . Cowpens, S. C. k Janette Price Rt. 1 . Cowpens, S. C. FIRST Helen Queen Rt. 1, Lawndale, N. C. Patricia Sumner Bat Cave. N. C. Louise Towery Rt. 1. Lawndale. N. C. Myrtle Whitaker Rt. 4. Shelby. N. C. Beatrice Wilson Kings Mtn.. N. C. Ruth Wright Shelby. N. C. YEAR Eris Smith Forest City. N. C. Leonard Thomas Forest City. N. C. Nancy Trout Forest City. N. C. Marjorie White Rt. 4. Shelby. N. C. Annie Wright Shelby. N. C. Page TiVcnty-six immaaBBKUi SPECIAL STUDENTS Berry. Ruth Rt. 1 . Valdese, N. C. Bowling, Betty . . . Shelby. N. C. Brooks. Clarence E. Gastonia. N. C. BUMGARNER. D. L. Fisher. Robert G. Frye. Robert A. Taylorsville, N. C. West Gastonia. N. C. Drexel, N. C. Frye. Mrs. Robert A. Drexel. N. C. HAMBY. GRADY H. Granite Falls. N. C. Hastings. Matt L. Drexel. N. C. Hill. William C. Gastonia. N. C. Hodgson. Mrs. Olene Statesville, N. C. Hudspeth. J. Frank Gastonia, N. C. McKlNNEY. CARL Marion, N. C. Martin, Alonzo Forest City, N. C. Ramsey. John Welford Valdese, N. C. Sheppard. Thomas A. Stewart. Ruth Young. William Gastonia, N. C. Nashville, Tenn. Icard. N. C. Page TiVenty -seven Page Twenty -eight I IIIMIMMMIWI III m mm SUPER IM oMargaret Roberts Genuine . . . flaxen -haired . . cosmopolite . . . Marshal Club . . Navy . . . casual sophistication . . J. T. Jones, Jr. Versatile . . . raven-haired, but " Blondie " . . . math wizard . . . ichatta man . . . I ' aqv Thirty ■ HMM -« Si mvES Ovella Benjield Dependable . . . competent . . . serene . . . luminous . . . Carolina . . . ■■Jolly " . . . Hilton Hamrick Trusty . . . argumentative . . ■ carefree . . . Appalachian . . . knack for ties . . . steak eater . . ■ Page Thirty-one SUPER L| Ruby Connor Influential . . . radiant smile flowing voice . . . sincerity . silver, china, crystal . . . zMary Qrace Queen Successful . . . publications . . . journalistic . . . extraordinary . . . dignified . . . broivn eyes . . . Page Thirty two iTIVES Jackie Huskey Vivacious . . . petite . . . tip tilted nose . . . titian blond . . . glowing . . . Army Air Corps . . . dark eyes . . . Robert Reason Popular . . . broivn-eyed-friend- liness . . . pal . . . Pharmacy . . . dimples . . . Page Thirty-three SUPERI 1 ( Margaret Wacaster Sparkling beauty . . . May Court . . . Crupps . . . mischievous . . . green eyes . . . Sam Qreene Handsome . . . militant . . . baritone . . . Stephen hosier and Scrooge . . . Bull Dog Captain . . . hearty . . . J ante . . . I ' tiijt I hirlu (out ATIVES zMmam Lipscomb Energy plus . . . enthusiastic . . . congenial . . . lovable . . . jovial . . . Qene Hoyle Athletic . . . witty . . . collar hut- ton . . . dreamy-eyed . . . curly top . . . ladies ' man . . . Page Thimj-Uve ou ■ GARDNER-WEBB DAY On Saturday afternoon. May the sixth, as the clock struck four, the history of Gardner-Webb from its founding in 1 903 until the present day was unfurled in a colorful historical pageant entitled Onward Gardner-Webb. " The beau- tiful magnolia and cypress trees on front campus formed a lovely setting for the occasion. Both the speech choir and the singing choir presented bits of history which were enacted by various students. Serving as a climax of the pageant. Miss Marietta Hamrick of Boiling Springs was crowned Miss Gardner-Webb. " Never shall we forget how beautiful Marietta and the ladies of the court were as they marched from the church through the archway and down through the spacious oak grove which graces our campus. Little Miss Sonya Hedrick. granddaughter of the late Pro- fessor J. D. Huggins. founder of the college, was crown bearer. After Miss Helen Lancaster, president of the Student Government Association, had crowned Miss Gardner-Webb the national anthem was sung. As a closing gesture buglers played taps. All of us will agree that this was the End of A Perfect Day. " President Elliott had been inaugurated: Miss Gardner Webb " had been crowned. As the shadows lengthened the thought uppermost in our minds was that Gardner- Webb would ever move " Onward. Upward. Outward " in the field of Christian education. Page Thirty-eight MISS FULLER ' S RECITAL Artistic . . . Entertaining . . Inspiring. RECEPTION Well-planned . . . Pretty . . . Delightful. MARSHALS Outstanding . . Active . . . Scholarly . . . Versatile. CHRISTMAS DINNER Colorful . . . Festive . . . Joyful. Mary Grace Queen Anchor Editor ANCHOR EDITORIAL STAFF Efficient . . . Conscientious . . . Persevering. I : : forty fitfo Robert Beason Business Manager ANCHOR BUSINESS STAFF Capable . . . Energetic . . . Keen. Page Forty-three STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Understanding . . Loyal . . . Cooperative. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUE Jucattonal . . . Informative . . . Internationally Minded. Pogt Forty four GIRLS ' CHDIR Harmonious . . . Melodious . . Colorful. i 11 ' huh in n r PILDT STAFF Recent . . . Informative . . . Industrious. Page Forty- five Gay . . . Lovely . . . Unique. ATHENEAN-HHAMSAEUR SDEIETY Literary . . . Auspicious . . . Fun-loving. ■ I 3 h IfpW V %rr Merry . . . Decorative . . Joyful. KALAGATHIAN-KALLIERGEONIAN SOCIETY Serious . . . Admirable . . . Efficient. Page Forty seven MARSHAL CLUB Cooperative . . Intellectual . . . Capable. YOUTH TEMPERANCE COUNCIL Influential . . . Guiding . . . Helpful. ' .ij. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL Christian . . . Faithful . . Genteel. MINISTERIAL BAND Inspirational . . . Influential . . . Consecrated. Page Forty-nine CHEERLEADERS Energetic . . r ivacious . . . Dynamic. CLASSIC ENTERTAINERS Brilliant . . . Dramatic . . . Talented. ftttu ■ FOOTBALL Persistent . . . Sports-loving . . Spirited. BASKETBALL Quick-minded . . . Sure-footed . . . Winning. Page Fiftu-tivo BASEBALL Never miss . . Lively . . . Capable. TENNIS Quick . . . On the ball . . . Popular Page Fifty-three WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Pert . . . Invigorating . . . Enthusiastic. A SPORT FOR EVERY GIRL Versatile . . . Collegiate . . . Active Page I U TENNIS Nimble . . . Spirited . . . Energetic ARCHERY Accurate . . . Agile . . . Dexterous Page Fifty five Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Griffin R O M I N A AND PASTIME THEATRES Forest City, N. G. Page Fifty-nine Compliments of DOVER AND ORA MILL COMPANY RAYON SPECIALTIES SllKLBY.N.C. Page Sixty CLEVELAND CLOTH MILLS • Manufacturers FINE RAYON and SILK FABRICS Shelby, N. C. Page Sixty-one Compliments of DOUBLE COLA DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Shelby, N. C. YELTON MULING C O M ? A N Y Serving This Section For Over A Quarter Of A Century Dim, 4322 RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Page Sixty-two Compliments of Cleveland Lumber Company LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 162 Shelby, N. G. ORA MILL STORE GROCERIES, MEATS, DRY GOODS Phone 684M Shelby, N. G. Page Sixty-three Compliments r r A tj r ROEBUCK AMD CO. 206 SOUTH LAFAYETTE ST. Shelby, N. C. • ff V Specialize in Telephone Orders Gall Us at 1050 Compliments of COHEN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Shelby,N.C. Page Sixty-four Compliments of NORRIS LACKEY MOTORS CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 400 Shelby, N. C. Lutz- Austell Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 33 Shelby, N. C. Page Sixty-five Photographs in Annual BY WILLIS PHDTDGRAPHIC STUDIO Commercial and Portrait PHOTOGRAPHY PHONE 1137 SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of YOUREE CHEVROLET COMPA Shelby, North Carolina Page Sixty-six Compliments of Shelby Cotton Mills Shelby, North Carolina Carolina Made ' Carolina ' s Finest Flour " EAGLE ROLLER MILL Shelby, North Carolina Page Sixty-seven LILY MILL COMPANY Spinners of Sewing Thread LILY. TULIP AND DAISY LILY SIX-STRAND FLOSS LILY CROCHET YARNS and LILY TWINES Shelby, North Carolina Bosr S BAKERY DELICIOUS CAKES BUTTERFLAKE AND TOASTMASTER BREAD At Your Grocer PHONE 158 SHELBY, N. C. Page Sixty-eight Compliments of CLEVELAND SANDWICH SHOP Fountain Service — School Supplies MAKERS OF GRADE " A " SANDWICHES Wholesale — Retail BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. " See Bob and Ask Jim ' SHERER and FOGLE DESOTO and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service AUTO BODY WORKS DUCO PAINTING WHEEL ALIGNING FRAMES STRAIGHTENED Telephone 155 116 North Morgan SHELBY, N. C. Page Sixty-ntne THE SHELBY DAILY STAR • • • Cleveland County ' s Newspaper Since 1894 Publishers and Job Printers Lee B. Weathers Publisher Holt McPherson Mumming Editor Ensign Henry Lee Weathers. Business Manager (On leave with the Navy) PADGETT AND KING Furniture and Undertaking Ambulance Service Dial Day or Night 3951 If No Answer Dial 3507 It No Answer Dial 3592 FOREST CITY. N. C. Page 5 Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Shelby, North Carolina PROTECT yVHAT " YOU HAVE ' IS A eooo WARTIME. RULE. YES, AMD YOU CAN GET MANY HELPS AT KENDALL-SPANGLER DR.UG CD. . Eat Blue Ridge ICE CREAM Phone 182 BLUE RIDGE PRODUCTS COMPANY SHELBY, N. C. Page Seventy-one 2Bi ( ' ompliments of J. C. Penney Co. SHELBY. N. C. John Mdlrl hur s Tin Shop BARRETT GRAVEL AND BUILD-UP ROOFING SHELBY. N. ( ' . M. S. TIRE SERVICE Seiberling Tirks Willard Batteries Tire Recapping PHONE 5821 FOREST CITY, N. C. MORGAN AND COMPANY SHELBY, N. C. 114-116 South Morgan Street PHONE 345-3003 RETAIL AND WHOLESALE FEEDS— SEEDS— FERTILIZERS GINNERS AND BUYERS COTTON— COTTON SEED- COTTON PRODUCTS Page Si venty tu • Compliments of GILLIATT FLORIST PHONE 7 SHELBY, N. C. FARMERS MILLING CO. Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FLOUR FEED AND MEAL • CLIFFSIDE, N. C. Francis and Wilson GULF PRODUCTS Gas, Oil, Tires, Tubes, and Accessories WASHING AND POLISHING 300 E. Warren Street SHELBY, N. C. Phone 769 p endleton ' s Music and F urniture Store + t ' We Sell It For Less " 127-129 N. Lafayette Street SHELBY, N. C. Page Seventy-three Compliments of Everette Le dbetter GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 241 SHELBY, N. C. For Genuine Dry Cleaning and Dependable Service R. C. DRY CLEANERS CLIFFSIDE, n. c. SHELBY SUPPLY COMPANY MILL SUPPLIES AND HARDWARE Phone 121-120 SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of SHELBY HOTEL and DINING ROOM In The Hi art of Shelby SHELBY, N. C. Page Seventy-four THE RECORD SHOP Headquarters for Phonograph Records Meet Your Friends Here And Listen To The Latest Recordings Maxwell - Morris and Kennedy PHONE 788 SHELBY, N. C. W. H. CHAMPION FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES PHONE 49 SHELBY, N. C. A. BLANTON GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERIES PHONE 53 SHELBY, N. C. BOLT ' S DRUG STORE DRUGS— SUNDRIES " We Fill All Prescriptions " • PHONE 466 SHELBY, N. C. Page Seventy-five BH For Genuine Dry Cleaning and Dependable Service WHITEWAY CLEANERS 209 N. LaFayette St. SHELBY. N. C. Phone 105 Hotel Charles NEW — FIREPROOF ' Shelby. North Carolina " SHELBY ' S Newest and Best " Ideal Service Seiberling Tirf.s Tire Repairing and Recapping Phone 194 SHELBY, N. C. We liirit, Gardner-Webb College To Makt BELK-STEVENS COMPANY " Shelby ' s Shopping Center " Your Store Pag? ' The Style Center OF SHELBY AND CLEVELAND COUNTY For the Well Dressed Lady J. G McNeely Co. • THE MAN ' S STORE Nationally Advertised Men ' s Furnishings FOREST CITY, N. C. Dial 3261 SHELBY, N. C. STALLINGS JEWELRY STORE DIAMONDS — WATCHES JEWELRY GORHAM SILVER CAMBRIDGE CRYSTAL Stallings Bldg. FOREST CITY, N. C. Compliments of UNION TRUST COMPANY OF Shelby and Branches rutherfordton — fallston Forest City — Lawndale Ellenboro — Spindale Member Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation Banking Insurance Trusts Page Seventy-seven KfffiB Compliments of Shelby Beauty Shop 212 S. Washington Street Shelby, N. C. BLANTON ' S VARIETY STORK ' When Vim Are Always Welcome ' SHELBY, N. C. A V. WRAY and SIX SONS Shelby ' s On Stop Shopping Center SHELBY, N. C. ( ' omplimi nts of KENDALL MEDICINE COMPANY SHELBY, N. C. State Beauty Shoppe Permanent of All Kinds At Reasonable Rates " We Aim To Please " Phone 823 SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of TILLMAN ' S SERVICE STATION C. C. Tillman, Oh mi i Phone 804 SHELBY. N. C. Compliments of G. C. McSWAIN GROCERY " The Street Car On the Corner ' Boiling Springs, N. C. Compliments of GRIFFIN P. SMITH GROCERIES and MEATS 605 X. Washington Street SHELBY, N. C. Sei ' rntij-viqht Cleveland Building Loan Association " We Help Folks Build Homes " 110 West Marion St. Phone 1103 SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of FARMER ' S HARDWARE Forest City, N. C. Compliments of COLLINS -EVANS COMPANY Forest City, N. C. Dial 397 LOOK YOUR BEST VASSEY ' S Cleaner and Tailor DIAL 5691 FOREST CITY, N. C. Compliments of REMNANT SHOP EFIRD ' S PRICE GOODS AND HOSIERY Department Store • SHELBY, N. C. Forest City, N. C. Compliments of SMITH ' S Department Store ready-to-wear and shoes Forest City, N. C. Compliments of Charlie ' s Soda Shop SANDWICHES— FOUNTAIN DRINKS Mrs. Dora Huckaby A. C. Underwood Etta Hester Forest City, N. C. Page Seventy-nine smKmmgm ( ' omplimi nts of Gliffside Beauty Shop We Appreciate Your Business Phone 592 CLIFFSIDE, N. C. Compliments of M. T. GREEN CLIFFSIDE. N. C. Compliments of CLIFFSIDE GARAGH CLIFFSIDE. N. C. ' ompliments of MILLS DRUG COMPANY CLIFFSIDE. N. C. Compliments of CRAWLEY ' S 5, 10 25c STORE " Where Quality and Price Meet " AVONDALE, N. C. Gliffside Textile Shop AND Antique Shop gifts a specialty cliffside. n. c. Compliments of J. A. TALBERT CLIFFSIDE, N. C. ( ' ompliments of CLIFFSIDE MILLS CLIFFSIDE, N. C. Puijf ! KESTER-GROOME Furniture Company Complete Home Furnishings SHELBY CHERRYVILLE ELLENBORO Compliments of Rutherford County News JOB PRINTING Feature School and Church News RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. B. D. WILSON INSURANCE REAL ESTATE SUTTLES Shelby ' s Finest Prescription Drug 115 W. Second St. Phone 4972 RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Store CUT RATE DRUGS SHELBY, N. C. WILSON CABINESS SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil, Washing and Greasing Pennsylvania Denman Tires Auto-Lite and Willard Batteries 131 N. LaFayette Street Phone 878 SHELBY, N. C. Kiser Feed Seed Co. PURINA CHOW SPARTAN FEEDS BABY CHICKS PITTSBURGH PAINTS Phone 1008 Shelby, N. C. HUNTER ' S GROCERY WE DELIVER GROCERIES Phone 23 SHELBY, N. C. Magness Company meats N. Lafayette Street Phone 5 Shelby, N. C. Page Eighty-one CITY DRY GLEANERS " Foi Quality and Service " Dial 3492 Forest City, N. C. CLYDE ' S BARBECUE GRILL Forest City, N. C. " Meet Your Friends at Cleveland Drug " WALGREEN AGENCY PHONE 65 Shelby, N. C. SHELBY CREAMERY COMPANY Makers of the Celebrated Shelby Gilt Edge Creamery Butter SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of G. T. McSWAIN ' S GROCERY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Boiling Springs, N. C. Compliments of UNION BARBER SHOP Phone 210-W SHELBY, N. C. J. L. SUTTLE, JR.. Manager Insurance Department Union Trust Co. Insurance of All Kinds Phone 1103 Shelby, N. C. I. G. WATSON Heating mid Ventilation LENNOX FURNACES COMBUSTIONEER STOKERS Phone 1061 Shelby, N. C. Page Eighty Wo MESSIGK ' S SODA SHOP SHELBY, N. C. J. Lawrence Lackey BUICK— PONTIAC Sales and Service Phone 501 SHELBY, N. C. LILY MILLS STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE SHELBY, N. C. Bronson Electric Company ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Appliances and General Repairs 110 W. Graham Phone 590-J Wray Greene Jeweler Jewelry — Watches — Diamonds Grady ' s Credit Clothing LADIES ' MEN ' S T!FAT " )Y TO WFAR WATCH REPAIRING South Washington St. Shelby, N. C. 215 South Lafayette Street SHELBY, N. C. O. E. FORD GO. SINCE 1888 FARM MACHINERY FERTILIZER BUILDING MATERIALS SHELBY, N. C. Compliments of BEAM ' S SODA SHOP Phone 9143 SODAS— SANDWICHES— CANDY James Beam, Owner Page Eighty-three Compliments 0 ROGERS (Shelby ' s Leading Theatre) and THE CAROLINA Housi 0) Stagt and Screen Hits T. W. Hamrick Co. Diamonds — Watches Silverware Wedding Gifts A Specialty Shelby, X. C. Compliments of LUTZ - YELTON OIL COMPANY Shelby, N. C. Phones 830—832 Congratulations, Class of 1945 EAGLE STORES CO. Merchandise 5c — $1.00 Shelby North Carolina mi it i- what j 1 u « ant ; and thai is what you get when we rebuild vour shoes without nails or stitches. Lawn mowers and scissors sharpened Second hand Shoes for sale v.WDALS MADE TO MEASURE Sellers Shoe Shop V. P. SELLERS. Proprietor Boiling Springs Alumnus Opposite First Baptist I ' m hoi SHELBY, N. C. Forest City Hardware Company SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 315 East Main Street Dial 3412— Call us Forest City, N. C. Compliments of D . A. BEAM CO. FEED. SEEDS. AND FERTILIZERS SUPER-GROW FERTILIZERS SHELBY, N. C. SHELBY DRUG CO. When Friends Meet Professional BUILDING S. Washington St. Phone 771 SHELBY. N. C. Pagr Eighltf ' fout Compliments of C. J. Hamrick Sons General Merchandise + Boiling Springs, N. C. ix)cuv (Bondiu Compliments of BELMONT HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Boiling Springs, N. G. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Page Eighty-Roe -ivsngff HOUSE 4 n ' . ■ ■ BTy ■ anchor LIBRA 1945 US E ONLY copy i LIBRARY USE ONLY Copy 1 Anchor 1945

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Gardner Webb University - Web / Anchor Yearbook (Boiling Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Gardner Webb University - Web / Anchor Yearbook (Boiling Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Gardner Webb University - Web / Anchor Yearbook (Boiling Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Gardner Webb University - Web / Anchor Yearbook (Boiling Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Gardner Webb University - Web / Anchor Yearbook (Boiling Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Gardner Webb University - Web / Anchor Yearbook (Boiling Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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