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IwmMmtt ALMA MATER At the foot of the mountains Is our college proud she stands. Serving all who want her service, Blessing all with outstretched hands. Alma Mater. Alma Mater. We sing our love to thee; We pledge our hearts in deep devotion- Our love, our faith, e-ter-nal-ly. PNDPO LP DLVfXOPMOTT DOILINC SPfMNGS COLL V. bM-LIL • i CUl TLCT 77. L-e G dne bb ' VMVERS1TV Boiling Springs. N.C 28017 THE 1943 BUBBLES Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF GARDNER -WEBB COLLEGE Boiling Springs. N. C. RACHEL BROWN. Editor EUGENE POSTON, Business Manager 5 DEDICATION THE dream of a " Greater Gardner-Webb " has made its debut as a result of the whole-hearted support of Mr. Horace Easom and Ex-Governor O. Max Gardner. Mr. Easom has given unstintedly of himself, and it was he who awakened interest in the college in the minds of new friends and reawakened interest in minds of old ones. We have greatly benefited from their gifts in more ways than one. So many of us would have been unable to come to college if Ex-Governor Gardner had not so kindly aided in the form of scholar- ships. Much of the beauty of our campus would have been lacking if he had not given generously. He also gave a $100,000 insurance policy and through his influence others have contributed. In recognition and appreciation of their generosity we inscribe this, the 1943 BUBBLES, to them. We appreciate their generous gifts of time and mon ey and we assure them that the magnanimity of their hearts will live on in the memory of each of us. Appreciation of Mr. Gantrell For four years our beloved President, the Reverend John R. Cantrell. has carried the heavy load of operating a college on insufficient funds. He came to the school during its darkest hours, and it was through his efforts and foresight that people began to see the need for " A Greater Gardner-Webb.- He gave of himself unreservedly and asked nothing in return. His euery waking hour has been spent in thought for Gardner-Webb and her students. He has met every demand with a sense of understanding and friendship which has inspired love and admiration in students and colleagues alike. Our hats are off to him. and never will we forget the things he has done for us. Truly we can say of Mr. Cantrell. " he was a good man and a just. " Appreciation of the Boys in Service We highly honor our boys in Uncle Sam ' s service who so bravely set forth with a smile and a wave of the hand to assure us that " the star spangled banner forever shall wave o ' er the land of the free and the home of the brave. " ' Baptist Church 6. B. Hamrick Buildim Washburn z lemorial Library Panorama £ t tat FACULTY Frances Cuthber Monroe. N. C. Enalish. Dean of Women w W. Davidson Boiling Springs. N. C. Bible. Psychology Hubert C. Dixon Boiling Springs. N. C. Dean Mathematics. Economics Mrs. Hubert C. Dixon Boiling Springs. N. C. Registrar. Director of Religious Activities Velma Goode Boiling Springs. N. C. Librarian Elma E. Harper Trenton. N. C. Myrna Hathcock Oakboro. N. C. Physical Education Annie Hh i Enoree. S. C. Home Economics , FACULTY j. L. Jenkins Boiling Springs. N. C. Homiletics Martha Louis Jessup Newton. N. C. Voice J. L. Lovelace Boiling Springs, N. C. Bursar Abbie Miller Owensboro. Ky. Music Mrs. Lillian Ritch Boiling Springs. N. C. Dietitian Jennie Smith Cowpens, S. C. Social Science Paul Stacy Shelby. N. C. Science LlLLA E. WATKINS Jackson, Georgia Commercial W i ,, . SENIOR AND FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR OFFICERS Ruth Bland President Rachel Brown ' ne-President Genevievi Gosnell Secretary Louise Hamrick FRESHMAN OFFICERS 1 reinsurer L. M. Kanipe President Bobby Crapps ' ice- President Mabei. Spangler . Secretary Marietta Hamrick . 1 i easurer Page Eiaht ■lie ;Jct— -«- 5 rtJL, n.%»ur f » SENIORS LlBBY ALEXANDER Stony Point. N. C. A. R. L. S. (I. 2): Class Treasurer I I): BUBBLES Staff 2 : B. S. U. Council (2). Presi- dent ( 2 ) ; Marshal ( 2 ) ; I. R. C. ( 1 . 2 ) ; B. T. U. ( 1 . 2 ) : Y. W. A. ( 1 . 2 ) : Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion (1, 2); Freshman Basketball Manager (1): May Queen Attendant ( I ) . Neil Armstrong Shelby, n. C. Ministerial Band ( 2 ) ; A. R. L. S. ( 2 ) Blanche Alice Baxter Fallston. n. c. Pfeiffcr Junior College ' 42 : Student Council ( 2 ) Secretary and Treasurer ( 2 ) : Cheerleader ( 2 ) : A. R L. S. ( 2) : Varsity Soccer (2). Mattie Sue Beam Route 2. Shelby. N. C. A R. L. S. ( 1 . 2 ) : B. T. U. ( 1 . 2 ) . President ( 2 ) : Y. W. A. ( 1 . 2 ) ; I. R. C. ( 1 . 2 ) : Marshal (2): BUBBLES Staff (2); Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation (1, 2); Basketball (1): Volleyball (1). Ruth Bland caroleen. n. c A. R. L. S. Y. W. A. (2) : Association ( 2 ) . 2 ) ; Class R. C. (2) ; resident Girls ' Athletic Rachel Brown Shelby, n. C. u. Class Vice-President ( 1 . 2 ) ; B. S (2) : B. T. U. (1. 2) : Y. W. A. ( 1, (1. 2): Glee Club (1. 2): BUBBLES Editor-in- Chief (2); A. R. L. S. (1, 2): Girls ' Athletic Association (1. 2), Secretary and Treasurer (1): Basketball ( 1 , 2 ) : Volleyball ( 1 , 2 ) ; Archery ( 2 ) . John Butler Acme. N. C. K. K. L. S. (I. 2); B T. U. (1. 2) : B. S. U. Council (1. 2) : (2) : Basketball ( 1 ). (1. 2) : I. R. C. Ministerial Band C fu Jl JUANITA : Cash chesnee, s. c A iAiJ. K. K. L. S. (1. 2) ; I. R tion (1. 2). Softball (1. 2 ) : Vo Soccer (2) ; Archery (1,2): B. T. U. (1.2): Y. W. A C. (1, 2): Girls ' Athletic Associa President (2) : Basketball ( 1, 2 I eyball ( 2 ) : Tennis (1.2) (2). c •- . • . . . • . - .-.- ' is ' -EWTbins ' ' ■• " ■ Sara Nell Dii i I IROLEEN N. C. [. R. C. (1. 2): A. R. L. S i I 2) Secretary I i . Y V A (1.2); Marshal (2): B S U Council (2) : BUBBLES Staff (I 2) Foothill Echo Staff (21: Girls Athletic Association (2) Student Council i 2 I Katherine Bam i awndale, n. c B. S. U. Council il. 2); Glee Club (1, 2); I R . C. (I): Maid of Honor III May Queen I 21: A. R. 1.. S. I 2 I. Secretary (2 l Y V A I 1. 21. Secretary (1) K K I S ill Girls Athletic Association (1.2) Fern Goode RUTHERFORDTON. N C B. S. U. Council (21 : K K I S i I 2) B. T. U. (1.2), President (2) : Y W A (1.2). President (2 1. I R C (1. 2): BUBBLES Staff II 2) I Girls ' Athletic Association (I. 2). Genevieve Gosnell LANDRL ' M. s. c Y V. A il. 2 I : Girls Athletic Association ( 1. 2) . K K I. S. fl. 21 Secretly (2): May Queen Attendant (2 I , B I ( .1 ' Bl BB1 I S Sufi ti) ;-.... ih,U Echo Staff i2i Class Seen My (IV. ; , • r» ' • " ■ ' ' Eloise Greene ' Boiling Springs. N. C. .A R 1 S (1. 2): B T. U (I. 2 : hall ill. Girls Athletic Association l I I . Basket Louise Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. A R 1. S i I. 2i . B T U i 1 2 i . Class Ereasuret (2); Girls Athletic Association i I 2i Basketball I 1 I M !U K K (1, 2); I S I R Eunice Hoyle n r ' K fi c VALE. N. C. T t ' " I I 2 I . Y W A I I 2i . B. T. U. C. (I 2 ) President i 2 I : Girls ' 2 I : Basketball ill: Athletic Association (I 21. Basketball (1) Sofi sail (I. 21: Volleyball (I. 2) Marshal (2) BUBBLES Staff (2): Student Council (2). Presi dent (21 ■ B. S (1. 2) A K I El LA |( Nl II I ll ' NKIN ' S Boiling Springs, N. t U. Council (2 I Student Artists Hmi.i Glee CluH (1. If Y V A. (I ' r , S. (I. 2): Sextette t t. 2 i Girls ' AihKn, ssofialion ( 1 I) htcrlfadct i I i SENIORS Pearl Lattimorh LAWNDALE, N. C. Glee Club (1. 2) ; II. 2) ; Y. W. A. I I B. T. U. (1.2). Girls ' Athletic Association 2): K. K. L. S. (1. 2); Mrs. J. L. McCluney Henrietta. N. C. Day Student. Beverly Manous Shelby. N. C. I. R C. ( 1 . 2 ) ; Glee Club ( 1 . 2 ) ; A. R. L. S. (1. 2), Vice President II): Y. W. A. (1. 2): Girls ' Athletic Association ( 1 . 2 ) : Foothill Echo Editor-in-Chief (2); B. T. U. (1, 2). Presi- dent (2): Volleyball (1. 2): Archery (2).. , A LEONAJPEJ • , y SON 1 DELCO, N. C. Girls ' Athletic Association ( 1 . 2 ) ; K. K. L. S. (I. 2), President (2); BUBBLES Staff (1, 2). Literary Editor (2); B. T. U. President (2); Y. W. A. (1.2); Volleyball (2) ; Basketball (2) : I. R. C. (1.2); Softball ( 1 ). Eugene Poston Shelby. N. C. Class President (1); Ministerial Band (1, 2), President (2); BUBBLES Staff (1. 2). Business Manager (2); Chief Marshal (2); B. S. U. Coun- cil (2). Mrs. Eugene Poston Shelby. N. C. Marshal ( 2 ) ; BUBBLES Staff ( 2 I , Art Editor ( 2 ) . Sylvia Pruette ELLENBORO. n. c I. R. C. ( 1. 2) : A. R. L. S. ( I. 2), Vice- President ( 1 I. President (2) ; Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation (I, 2), Vice-President (2): Foothill Echo Staff ( 2 ) ; BUBBLES Staff (2) ; Glee Club ( 1 . 2 ) ; Y. W. A. (1. 2) ; B. T. U. (1. 2) : Basketball (1, 2): Volleyball (I. 2); Soccer (2): Softball (1. 2); Tennis (2): Student Council (2). Jane Putnam Shelby, N. C. K. K. L. S. ( l, : (1. 2) ; B. S. U. Association ( 1 . 2 ) . ) ; I. R. C. (1. 2) ; B. T. U. Council (2); Girls ' Athletic . SENIORS BeJljna Mai Ruber is JClNGS MOI M MN, N. G :W 1 1 v- Qlee CTl 4 I .-2 I: K K B|. T. U. (1. 2) L. S. Girls ' Athletic Association ( 1. 2) : Y. W. A. (1. 2) : Evelyn Roberts Shelby. N. C. Y V A (1. 2); B. T. U. (I. 2): A. R. L. S. il 2). Secretary (1): Glee Club (1. 2): Girls ' Athletic Association i I 2 ) : Bubbles Staff ( 1 . 2 i , Photo Editor ( 2 I . Basketball ( 1 . 2 : E R. C 111: B S U Council |2I: Softball il. 2); Volleyball I 1 2 l ; May Queen Attendant I 2 i Jennie Lou Si ei GAEENEY. s. c. B. T. U I 1. 21 ; Y. W. A. (I, 2): I. R C. II. 21 : K. K- L. S. I I. 21 ; Girls ' Athletic Assoc. ation (I. 21. Softball (II; Volleyball (21. Hellon Hope Trout chesnee. s. c. Student Council (2), Vice President (2 I. Y V A ( E 2 I ; B. T. U. (I. 2) ; Girls Athletic Association (I. 2): K. K. L. S. I I. 2); I. R. C. (1. 2) ; Shuffleboard I 2 I Ernest Upchurch GAFENEY. s. c Ministerial Band ( I 2 I . Secretary (2) . Wn lard Upton VALE. N. C. Class Secretary 1 I I . K K I S. I I . 2 I, Y W A. II. 2 1: B. T. U (1.2 1. President (2) : Girls ' Athletic Association (E 2 i Volleyball (I 2i Soccer ( 2 I . Basketball III: Softball ( I I ; Tennis (2); BUBBLES Stafl (2) Foothill Echo Staff (2). Stokes Wright Kings Mot main. n. c. IRC I 2 I . Mars Hill College ' 42. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 1. Eugene Poston Most Influential 4. Ernest Upchurch . Most Likely to Succeed 2. LEONA PETERSON - . Most Intellectual 5. Ruth Bland Most Popular 3. BEVERLY MANOUS . . Most Versatile 6. Juanita Cash Most Athletic HISTORY Dear Diary: We. the class of ' 43. wish to narrate some of our experiences on B S. C. campus September — College life begins Gosh, but we were so green we made the grass turn pale m contrast We had never felc quite so forlorn before, but we soon fell into the groove and life lan smoothlv. Boom ' It fell like a bomb on 3 calm day. our " big sisters were kindly going to initiate us into being full-fledged college gals. They really accomplished a major feat, too! Confidentially. Diary, we were dreadfully scared, especially at rat court, but it was all fun. We really mixed honey with our peas to keep them on our knife (since that was the only utensil with which we were allowed to eat) October — Dairy, this month was crowded and I mean jammed with work We came up lo bat on rest and " honest injun " some few of us made home runs ' November — Just think. Diary, three more weeks until Thanksgiving holidays. AH of us walked around with our heads in the clouds and a song in our hearts. We returned in high spirits ready for work and more work. December — Diary, it makes me sad just to think of it — the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor and a great sad silence cast its shadow over our campus: with somber faces we embarked for Christmas holidays with our families. January — Ah! It ' s a new year and New Years resolutions fell thick and fast. Our mid- semester tests fell on the week beginning January 25 (that date is burned on our minds I . and at the end of the mental grind we flung ourselves with characteristic abandonment into the job of having a good time. February — Burr it seemed that old man winter had just arrived with all his cold cohorts. It was also during this month that Mr. Horace Easom really began to get results from his hundred-thousand dollar campaign. March — It is snowing. Diary, just wait until I get out there in it The boys have made a lovely looking snowman who sits placidly on the front lawn. April — Goodness. Diary, but that banquet, our Junior-Senior, was a big success with everyone Every boy took his best girl all decked in her finery and we realty had fun. We also began work on our May Day. Practice practice. May — Diary, the end of a perfect year is drawing nearer day by daw As May Day and the crowning of Margaret Jones as May Queen ended in great splendor, our minds were turned again toward that mental monster, final examinations. The seniors got their parchment, which s:ands for two years of hard labor, and the curtain fell on the last scene of Act I of this tragic-comedy. Goodbye now. Diarv. but we ' ll confide again in your sacred pages on September 15. 1942 My, what a transformation! I can hardly believe mv eves — that shiny new building, all the equipment: our school even has a new name. Gardner-Webb College. September — Hello. Diary, my but wove missed you! It is just like coming home, meeting all of those people who have come to mean so much to us. Gosh, the freshman class is large and just full of nice looking, intelligent people. School gets under way again and it is wonderful to be back. October — At last we get to pay off the damage done to our vanity at initiation last war The sophomores were terribly afraid they would oversleep, but there wasn ' t any peaceful sleep after six u clock on that fateful daw We had more fun playing tricks on our " little sisters. " but they were grand sports and could take it and have fun too. My! Its grand to have all these conveniences — more boys included. Due to labor shortage, " lots of us turned farmer and farmerettes and helped the community people pick their cotton. November — It is so hard to siudv when everything calls yonr attention away from work We got a verv short holiday, but we didn ' t mind if it would help to dear busses. December — We had a wonderful Christmas dinner, even if some kinds of food were a little less plentiful than usual. We got nice long holidays, but holidays just weren ' t the same with so many of our friends in the service January — We had just gotten settled down to work again when mid term tests came along but all of us got by without being seriously dimaged. February — We attended the dedication of the chapel in the new E. B Ham rick Building and we were all deeply impressed by the sincerity and earnestness of our beloved President ' s speech. You know. Diary, there are lust thirteen more weeks of school and we can hardly believe it. March — March has been kinder this year: it left much of its wind and coldness behind. Goodness. I ' ve never seen quite so much spirit and interest as is shown in our two literary sociel ■ » April — April showers and just look what they brought — Junior Senior Banquet with loads of fun for all concerned Gee ' Freshmen, we ' ll nevei forget that good time! May — Diplomas and May poles Graduation and May Dav ! Sorrow and gladness Kat made a lovely May Queen, and the program was excellent We strutted with pride at the dedica- tion of the E. B. Hamnck Building with the former Governor O. Max Gardner and Governor Broughton as guest speakers. Well Diary, our furlough at Gardner- Webb has ended and we did shed some real tears along with the joy I wonder what all of us will be doing a year from u revoir. Diary. FRESHMEN Charles Auten Sarah Bankhead W. B. Beam Gastonia, N. C. Lattimorc, N. C. Waco, N. C. THANIEL BELL Kings Mountain. N. C. Gwendolyn Biggerstaff. Shelby, N. C. GERALDINF Blanton Lattimorc, N. C. Jeanne Blanton Shelby. N. C. MAVIN BOYLES Belwood, N. C. Hessie Bridges Boiling Springs, N. C. Nancy Bridges Boiling Springs. N. C. E. W. BUCKNER Boiling Springs. N. C. Catherine Burnett Wilmington, N, C. Amoret Butler Merle Butler Jessie Calton Acme, N. C. Avondale, N. C. Bostic, N. C. Dan Camp Shelby, N. C. Thelma Cash Gaffney, S. C. Betty Cashion Shelby, N. C. K ZZ Yf FRESHMEN LUCIELLE CAUSBY Mooresboro. N. C. Ruth Champion. Kings Mountain. N. C. Mae Chapman Kings Mountain. N. C. Verdie Chapman Shelby. N. C. Sarah Clark Shelby. N. C. Dorothy Clint Fallston, N. C. Robert Crapps Shelby. N. C. R. L. Crawford. Boiling Springs, N. C. Marvin Dameron Gastonia. N. C. Mrs. Marvin Dameron. Gastonia. N. C. Grady Fletcher Lucy Fortune Gaffney. S. C. Bostic. N. C. Mrs. Dorothy Franklin Morganton, N. C. Robert Frye Louise Garrett Frances Gillispii Villi Greene Pearl Grigg Drexel.N. C. Mayo. S. C. Henrietta. N. C. Ellenboro. N. C. Shelby. N. C. FRESHMEN fc? Millard Hall Marion, N. C. Ami II mK I A Sam Hames Ellenboro, N. C. WL. MARJORIE HAMMETT GafFney, S. C. , m 1 M - ro. N. C. JS£ f Marietta Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. Miriam Hamrick. Boiling Springs, N. C. _g. S h;vl«7 fll ' .lhecVl jl Jr M A Mrs. E. W. Hamrick Lattimore. N. C. ■ r +W Margaret Harrill Forest City. N. C. Katherine Harris Myrtle. Miss. " Matt Hastings Drexel, N. C. ■» • ' 1£a ' Mabel Herndon Grover, N. C. .4 . fl " ' Carolyn Hill Enoree. S. C. A I James Hill Enoree. S. C. Jmv4 M » Dorothy Huskey Avondale. N. C. ' M M r Bett y Lewis Jenkins HA I S - ' Boiling Springs, N. C. Hfll Guy Johnson Rutherfordton. N. C. j Bob Jones Boiling Springs, N, C. it m. L. M. KANIPE Lincolnton, N. C. m U I B. ilk V - i 2 i. 4 FRESHMEN iMrs. L. M. Kanipe Lincolnton, N. C. Helen Lancaster Joe Lattimore Spindale. N. C. Polkville. N. C. Clyde McAlister Shelby. N. C. Lloyd McClrry Bostic. N. C. Meredith McGinnis Charlotte, N. C. Kathryn McKlNNEY Chesnee. S. C. ) , Alonzo Martin Forest City. N. C. HAZEL Matheson Cramerton. N. C. Inez Malm -i Lawrence Miller Ruth Moseley Polkville. N. C. Lenoir. N. C. Forest City. N. C. LORENE PADGETT Forest City. N. C. Mabel Padgett Spindale, N. C. Oscar PADGETT, Jr. Ellenboro, N. C. Boyd Parker Lois Peterson Casar. N. C. Delco, N. C. Rosa Mai Phh beck Kings Mountain. N. ( . loi Queen N. C. FRESHMEN Virginia Scism Mabel Spangler Fallston, N. C. Shelby. N. C. Mozelle Sparks Lawndale. N. C. Bertie Lee Spurling Belwood. N Forest City, N. C Joyce Tate Vera Taylor Gaffney. S. C. Leonard Thomas Gastonia. N. C. Geraldine Walker Casar, N. C. Sarah Frances Walker. Gaffney. S. C. Frank Wall Shelby. N. C. Virginia Ware Kings Mountain. N. C. Eugene Washburn Lattimore, N. C. Margaret Washburn. Lattimore, N. C. Raye Washburn Lillian Waters Lattimore. N. C. Ellenboro. N. C. Elizabeth Watkins. Mt. Holly. N. C. Mary O. Watson. Rutherfordton. N. C. Blanche Whitaker. Mooresboro, N. C. Margaret Whitaker Mooresboro. N. C. H t BUBBLES EDITORIAL STAFF BUBBLES BUSINESS STAFF Pagt Turn:y - » C - Jl ' - u o I _L -r-v -v : D-. - : MINISTERIAL BAND Page Tiven(y-one £ |£ t Page 7 iitnru two KALACATHIAN-KALLIERCEONIAN LITERARY STAFF ATHENEAN-RHAMSAEUR LITERARY SOCIETY Page Twenty-three GLEE CLUB MARSHALS | | ■ ■ -u fout FOOTHILL ECHOES STAFF GYMNASIUM Page Twenty-five MAY COURT MAY DAY Page Ticcnty-stx JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Page Twenty -seven CHEERLEADERS ti ■■ W. A. A. Page T u en iu eight GIRLS ' BASKETBALL BOYS ' BASKETBALL Page Twenty-nine BOYS ' BASEBALL GIRLS ' SOFTBALL ' uj. Thirty GIRLS ' TENNIS fa i 4 f -f F ' if Kl9 1 9 BOYS ' TENNIS Pfl e Thirty-one GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL ' S ,K : ® PriD - M ■ ■V H GIRLS ' SOCCER e - )u -w. -Mvv-Aj, i ■ r- n . A J i a. ' hirlu tWO CLEVELAND CLOTH MILLS Manufacturers Fine Rayon and Silk Fabrics Shelby, N. G. Page I birty six BELMONT COTTON MILLS COMPANY Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE CARDED YARNS Shelby, North Carolina Page Thirty-seven Compliments of DOVER and ORA MILL COMPANY + + RAYON SPECIALTIES + + Shelby, N. C. Page Thtrtycighi Photography By HORD ' S STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS OF QUALITY Shelby, N. C. PHONE 877 ROYSTER BUILDING Page Thirty-nine SHERER and FOGLE DKSOTO AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service AUTO BODY WORKS DUCO PAINTING WHEEL ALIGNING FRAMES STRAIGHTENED Telephone 1 ii [ 6 North Morgan SHELBY, N. C. ( ' ompliments of UNION TRUST COMPANY OF Shelby and Br VNCHES RUTHERFORDTON— FALLSTON FORFST CITY— LAWNDALE ELLENBORO— SPINDALE Member Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation Banking Insurance Trusts Page forty Compliment of C. J. Hamrick Sons + GENERAL MERCHANDISE BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. Compliments of Mooresboro Creamery Co. 1909-1943 " Oldest Creamery in the State " • Highest Cash Prices Paid tor Cream MOORESBORO. N. C. Page Forty-one PADGETT and KING Furniture and Undertaking Ambulance Service Dial Day or Night 3951 If No Answer If No Answer Dial Dial 3507 3592 FOREST CITY. N. C. Salary Checks For Your Sunset ) ' ears A Constant Monthly Income Assured Through The Pilot ' s Income Plan Unfailing Security In Old Age is Possible For Those Who Prudently Plan For The After Years For Complete Particulars Consult: C. R. WEBB. General Agent Lineberger Building Shelby. N. C. A. I. JOLLY. Res. Agent Boiling Springs. N. C. PILOT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY GREENSBORO. N C. TtU-tWO Carolina Made " Carolina ' s Finest Flour " EAGLE ROLLER MILL Shelby, North Carolina BOST ' S BAKERY DELICIOUS CAKES At Your GROCER • PHONE 158 SHELBY, N. C. Page Forty-three Compliments From SHELBY COTTON MILLS • Shelby, N. C. Compliments of the Bakers of WALDENSIAN BREAD and CAKES WALDENSIAN BAKING CO. VALDESE SHELBY, N. C. Page Forty-four LILY MILL COMPANY Spinners of Sewing Thread LILY, TULIP AND DAISY LILY SIX-STRAND FLOSS LILY CROCHET YARNS and LILY TWINES Shelby, North Carolina We Invite Gakdner-Webb College to make BELR-STEVENS COMPANY " Shelby ' s Shopping Center " Your Store Congratulations to GARDNER-WEBB GRADUATES COHEN ' S Department Store shelby, n. c. Page Forty -five ( ' ompliments of MORGAN CO. FEED SEED FERTILIZERS SHELBY, N. C. Phone 345 FOREST CITY FURNITURE CO. Reuben M( Brayi k. Prop Complete Home Furnishers Hi tfi r Fin mt mi Fur . .• Minn y Forest City, N. C. HOTEL CHARLES NEW— FIREPROOF Shelby. North Carolina " SHELBY ' S Newest and Best " ELD8N HAMRICK Building Materials, Feeds, Seeds, and Fertilizers Ellenboro, N. C. ' jj. Forttf ' Stx MAXWELL-MORRIS KENNEDY FURNITURE Philco Radios Frigidaires shelby, n. c. J. G. Dudley, Jr. Established 1 J06 Dependable Plumbing and Heating Telephone 151 Iron Fireman Winkler Stokers Esso Oil, Burning Equipment SHELBY, N. C. D. L. McMurry General Contractor SHELBY, N. C. Free Estimates and Personal Supervision on Every Job We Specialize in Repair Work Phone 851 P. 0. Box 696 Cleveland County Style Center For the Well Dressed Spring Lady V. C. McNeely Co. SHELBY, N. C. Page Forty-seven GILLIATT, Florist Phone r t Shelby, N. c. Shelby ' s heading Florist Kdt Blue Ridge Ice Cream Phone 182 Blip Ridgk Products Company Shelby. N. C. CARTERS Women ' s Wkar and Apparel shelby, n. c. Comfort i what you .vant; and that is h . ' -nil gel i hen we rebuild your shoes nrithoul nails or Pitches. law ii mowers and scissors sharpcm ' -•. i i.tnl hand shoe i ... sale. Sellers Shok Shop W ( ' . Sn.i krs, Proprietot Boiling Springs Aluminus 1 ipposit. I irsl Bs itist Cliiii. !l SHE! BY N C Cleveland Hardware Company Washburn ' s 52 Years of Service Established 1880 Shelby, N. C. J. H. Suttle, Jr., Manager Insurance Dept. of Union Trust Co. All kinds of insurance Telephone 19CH — MOW Marion Si SHELBY, N. C. Cleveland Building Loan Association A home for your savini s Phone 1 1 0% 1 1 West Mjrion St, Shelby . N. C. Forest Dale Laundry and Dry Cleaning Modern as today with a touch of tomorrow Forest City Phone 5501 Spindale 4285 Forest City, N. C. T. H WAi-l v Manager ' hi . Forty tiiihi Compliments of McSWAIN CASH GROCERY Boiling Springs, N. C. Com pi intents of G. C McSwain Ownc of Street Car Boiling Springs, N. C. PAUL DOGGETT Distributor SHELL OIL COMPANY, Inc. Forest City, N. C. Forest City Hardware Company SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 315 East Main Street Dial 34 12— Call Us Forest City, N. C. The City Dry Cleaning Company Better Quality Dry Cleaning Sewing and Dress Making a Specialty We Make Covered Buttons and Buckles Satisfaction Guaranteed " On The Square " Forest City, N. C. Phc 3492 SHELBY SUPPLY COMPANY MILL SUPPLIES Phone 121 Shelby, N. C. Compliments from Farmer ' s Hardware Company Forest City, N. C. LOOK YOUR BEST VASSEY ' S Cleaner and Tailor Dial 569 1 Forest City, N. C. Page Forty-nine Cliffside Textile Shop Off-grade terrv towels at mill prices, Number one blanket and tea towel remnants bv the pound Seamless sheets and sheeting cheap Cliffside, X. C. J. W. HUGHES Jeweler Romina Theatre Building Forest City. X. C. Phone 1407 King ' s Cash Carry Dry Cleaners Shelby. X. C. Bring your clothes and save the difference Compliments from Carolina Dairy Shelby. X. C. Queen Ann Mills Ellenboro. N. C. II i Specialize in Bed Spreads and Mattress Ticking HAYNES BANK Cliffside. X. C. St ran y — Const rvative Reliable Compliments of Kester-Groomf. Furniture Co. Shelby. X. c. For ( ' ,( nuint Dry Cleaning and Dependable Servict Whiteway Cleaners Shelby. X. C. J jje bitty Compliments Kiser Feed and Seed Co. Phone 1008 Shelby, N. C. S. C. Gettys Bostic, N. C. E. M. Grindstaff Ellenboro, N. C. Beason ' s Service Station and Grocery Boiling Springs-Cliffside Road Moore Stewart Shelby, N. C. Dixie Bakery Forest City, N. C. G. Fred Harrill Ellenboro, N. C. R. E. Dedmond Grocery and Fresh Meats Cliffside-Boiling Springs Road Cliffside Garage Cliffside, N. C Doc ' s Radio Hospital NEW AND USED RADIOS Repair Work Done Right Shelby-Boiling Springs North Carolina T. W. Hamrick Co. Diamonds — Watches Silverware Wedding Gifts A Specialty Shelby, N. C. Supreme Radio Specialist Frank Connor. Prop. North Morgan Street Shelby, N. C. Expert Radio Repair Work BUY WAR BONDS Page Fifty-one General Insurance See Us Before You Buy Your Insurance ;. liabh ( ' ompanies Courteous S rvict s Prompt Adjustmt nts E. L. Walker General Agent O. P. Hamrick Local Representative Beason ' s Grocery FRESH FRUITS AND GROCERIES Next Door to Cleveland Sandwich Shop Compliments of CLEVELAND SANDWICH SHOP Fountain Service — School Supplies MAKERS OF GRADE A SANDWICHES Wholesale Retail BOILING SPRINGS. N. C. -x " S i Huh " ami " Ask Jim " t ' jijt Fifly-twa OBSERVER t " T g HOUSE ,-vLf i i o- J VUVVL J ' . (fcu- - ■ y - . . ' .- _ Jy aUti c y ITM-i: -i - • , -i Gr • - osAe»y , WW ' s u C o 4 g « vU r ALMA MATER At the foot of the mountains Is our college proud she stands. Serving all ivho want her servict Blessing all with outstretched hands. Alma Mater. Alma Mater. We sing our love to thee; We pledge our hearts in deep devotion- Our love, our faith, e-ter-nal-ly. PFOPO E.D DE.VE.LOPMEJTT DOILINC SPRINGS COLL

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