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 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF BOILING SPRINGS COLLEGE BOILING SPRINGS N. C. J. C. Digh. Jr., Editor James B. Cain, Bus. Mgr.R E W O R As time is swiftly drawing the curtains which shall mark the end of our experiences as students on the campus of Boiling Springs College, it is our purpose in this edition of Bubbles to bring together some pleasant memories of our two years here and to turn the hour glass on another successful year in the development of a GREATER BOILING SPRINGS COLLEGE of tomorrow.DEDICATION . . . Jo a Cjreater BOILING SPRINGS COLLEGE This, the 1940 Bubbles, marks a step of progressiveness for us and our institution. We sincerely believe that in future years Boiling Springs College will live in the hearts of its patrons as never before. This renewed interest is, and will be, a result of the tireless work of our faithful president, Mr. J. R Cantrell, who has placed our college before the minds of people throughout the state, causing a bright future to shine for the dearest institution in the world. Therefore, to do a tiny part in paying a tribute to the future of our school, we dedicate this issue of Bubbles to the GREATER BOILING SPRINGS COLLEGE of tomorrow. 1929:r . . At the fool of the mount jins Is our college—proud she stands— Sel l ing all who want her service. Blessing all with outstretched hands. Alma Mater! Alma Mater! We sing our love to thee. We pledge our hearts in deep devotion. Our love, our faith, eternally. In our hearts we enthrone thee: Take our homage—death denied— Brings no sacrificial service. But for thee all love had died. Alma Mater! Alma Mater! We sing our love to thee. We pray that we. in deep affection. May work, may serve, eternally.ADMINISTRATION JL ministration This building has been the center of all college activities since its construction in 1907. It contains forty-four dormitory rooms, a chapel, library, class-rooms, a music studio, parlors, and executive offices. In the basement of the building arc the dining room, kitchen, and storage rooms. During the past year, improvements have been made in the building including new flooring and re-wiring. Fond memories of this dear old building will always remain in our hearts.VL 1940 tlullL Rev. J. R. Cantrell A.B., U"aAe Foresl College President Our President, Rev. F. R. Cantrell, is the first alumnus to return as president. He finished Boiling Springs College in 1919. After receiving his A.B. from Wake Forest College, he attended short sessions at the Southern Baptist Seminary. His first pastorate was the First Baptist Church of Hillsboro. He was then with the General Board as an Evangelist for three and one-half years. He was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Newton for seven years, then Calvary Baptist Church in Morganton for about one and one-half years. Mr Cantrell came to us at Boiling Springs in 1939, and has given this college one of its most successful years. flUa Jrom There are certain ideals that have, as you know, always characterized this institution, and may it be highly resolved by one and all ol us that these ideals and traditions shall not be lost, nor lowered, but shall be exalted anil perpetuated, thereby giving the old School more prestige and power. The foundation has been laid; the interest of our people has been enlisted; several years of successful work have been completed; an undying spirit has been generated. With this heritage we stand on the threshold of greater development for this institution, a vision for the future new buildings, larger student body, sounder finances, higher standards, and a richer curriculum. 4 6r VL 1940 8uUL F A C Marjorip Chi hi’, B.S., Appulaclilan Stall Teachers College Coach ll'omm' Athletic Director of Health mat I’hi xiral Education Mamip L«p Chomp. A.A., Moiling Springs College Secret ant to the resilient W. W. Davidson. A.II.. Furman University; TIi.M.. Soutliern llapti-t Seminary—Head of Bible D imrtment Mrs. Klm Horslp.v Davidson. W.M.U. Training School Teacher of Hnjh School Subject Hi hi Hr ('. Dixon, A.H.. Wake Forest College Dean of Men Head of Mathematic Department Harrii.t Downer, A.11. in Music. Limestone College -Dean of ll'omen Head of Voice Depart-menI Vmm t Goode, A.II. in Library Science. Kmory University—Librarian L T Y Klm K. Mario r. M.A., University of X. C. Head of Moitern Language Ih-inirtment Inman. A.II.. Limestone College; M.A.. University of X. C. (to he awarded isio)— Head of English and Dramatic Department J. I.. Lovpi.acp. A.B.. Wake Forest College—Burxar A ship Millim. B.M.. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music—Head of Piano Department I)an W. Moohi. Jh.. B.S.. Furman University Head of Science Department—Bops' Athletic Director Mrs. Kinda C.oook M IImavpr, A.H.. Limestone Co!-lege Head of Commercial Department Mrs. Lillian Km 11 Dietitian Jpnnii Smith. A.H.. Chleora College: M.A.. Vanderbilt University; Peabody; Columbia University- Head of Social Science Department Marcari.t Timor. A.A.. Moiling Springs College College Secretary and BookkeeperOle 1940 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief................J. C. Digh. Jr. A!locuie Editor. Nancy Carroll Moorf Literary Editor...............JENOIS PROCTOR I George Chatham Associate Literary Editors Ruby Dixon I Robert Brooks At! Editor........... Associate An FJitor Photo FJitor........ Sporti Editor....... Catherine Jenkins ----Dan W. Jones .....James Rotan Yvonne Ray Anoaatt Sports Editor.. .Eugene McKinney BUSINESS STAFF Bmines Manager . James B. Cain 4}si. Bui nen | I Wii i ii Mae Toms • R. C. Doggfft Associate Bui. Mana m Miidrid Martin Inf Putnam RonrRT Morgan Walter Jenkins 8C L A S S E n emoria t The walls of this burned building are under reconstruction. When again completed, it will contain a large and adequate auditorium, biology and chemistry laboratories, music studios and classrooms. It is expected to be used by students in the fall of 1940. This building is the first of four new ones to be started. However, it is hoped that the foundations for the others will soon have been laid. 9Senior OFFICERS President.................................................James Rotak Vice-President............................................Guy W’alkfr Secretary............................................ Willie Maf. Toms Class Motto: "A workman is known by his works'' Class Colors: Red and BlackZJlie 1940 BullL Arlan Bailey "Bailey” Kutherfordton. X. Minis ter UI Band (I. 2). Pres (2 ; K.K.L.S. (I. 2). Chaplain 121; Chorus (2 ; I RC. (I. 2 ; B.S.U. 12 . "Loyal hearted, strong of mind, never n Holder ho y you'll find." Reba Brooks Shelby. N. C. A. R.L.S. (2); Olrls' Ath. Assn. (2 ; Phyi K Majors Club 21; B. T.U. (21. "She delights to serve those around her mid moke them happy and content." Geneva Cash Gaffney. S. C. I R.C. 1 . "A light that riots our eyes, a girl that war ms our hearts." Victoria Cash "Vick" Gaffney. S. C. I.R.C. l . "She's kind, modest, sincere, and true; a better friend hare none of you." Joe Compton Cliffside. X. C. I R.C. (2). "The man who blushes is not Unite a brute." Katherine Bankhead "Kat" Shelby. X. C. A.R.L.S. (1 2), Pres 21; Clio:us (1 ; Pres Y.W.A 2 ; BS.U (2). Girls' Ath. Assn. (I. 21. "Her gentle speech, her moil e t wags left others to award the praise." James B. Cain "Killer" Cramerton. X. C. Football 111; Basketball 1. 21; Tennis 1. 2 ; K.K.L.S (1. 21. Pres. 21; Boys' Ath. Assn ; I RC.; BUBBLES SUIT (I. 2 . Piedmont Piper Stall ill; Band 111. "I'm willing to be convinced but I'd like to see the person who ran do it.” Ola Mae Cash Cliffside. x. c. I R C. 1. 21. ".-I manly form by her side she saw." George Chatham "The Great" Chainblee. Georgia A.R.L.S. 11: K K L.S. (2); I R.C. 1. 2). Chief Cheerleader 2l; BUBBLES Stall 121. "A'aw mg Uncle Will Chainblee ” John Compton Cliffside. x. c. I R C. 21. "MY grant, although he had much wit. he was verg shy of using it." eniord 11Dlxe 1940 A J. C. Digh.Jr. ’’Roger" Forest City. . ('. A.RLS. t. 2). Prrv (2 : BY. P.U 1, 21. Pres. 121: Band (1. 21: Men's Quartet (1.31; Chorus cl. 2»: Piedmont Piper Ed cl); Voice cl. 2); BSU c2 ; Ministerial Band (1. 2l; Ed -m-Chiet o! BUBBLES 1. 2»: Boys' Ath. Assn. (2); Tennis (2 . " '« rmj foot hath music in it." R. C. Doggett Lattiroore. X. C. K.K.L S. (1. 21; Basketball 1. 21: Football Hi: IRC. (li: BUBBLES Stuff 21; Boys' Ath. Assn and Secretary (21. ‘‘.-I luvcr of sport , a iminer of game ; this is the honor that he maintain ." Marie F. Hamrick Gaffney. S. C. I R C. (11. “.I lovahtr being in a nice gniit nag; a kind that ix difficult to find toeing." Rosalie Harrill Bostic. X. C. A T.C. Ill: Y W C A 11; A R L.S. 21: Olrls' Ath. Assn. 'To kno r hrr it to tore hrr.” O. B. Lancaster S|)in lalc. X. ('. "Who art a light to guide, a rod to check the erring, and reprove " Seniord Ruby Dixon "dreaxg" Kins- Mountain. X. C. KKLS (1. 21: Girls' Ath. Assn. (1. 21; I RC. (21; Phys, E Major Club ill; B.S.U. i2 ; Chorus 2l: Y.W A (21; BUBBLES Staff 12 . "Tin icorld i so fining to ini'." Frank Dover Kinir' Mountain. X. C. KKLS. (1. 2); chorus ill: B T.U. (1. 21: Boys' Ath. Assn, il. 21. "Ever logal, en-r true to ichatrrrr task he found to do." Mary Harrill Bostic. X.C. A T.C (11. Y W C A (11; AR L.S (21; Olrls' Ath. Assn. (21. "Her irags are irags of pleasant nexx." Catherine Jenkins "Cathg” Boilinir Spring . X. ('. ARLS 1. 2l; BUBBLES Staff (1. 21: Ath. Assn. (1. 21: Chorus (1. 21; Qu-rtet (2 : May Queen Attendant (11. •'Ri tter late than nercr." Thomas Lee "Tom" Shelby. X. C. Pres I R C. (21; KKLS 1. 21; Mgr Boys' Basketball Team 21. “Ercrg inch a man What a man !" 1 12VL 1940 SdlL Mary Martin Cowpcns. S. ('. K.KLS. 1. 2): Olrls' Ath Assn. 1. 21: Phys E Major Club (2): Chorus 1. 2 ; Y.W A 1. 2); Tennis (2); Basketball (2); Volley BM1 21. •• ■ )H!ek all till troubles in thr bottom of imi heart, sit nil the Ini anil smile." Ruth Martin Cowpcns, S. C. North Greenville College (I): K K L.S (2) Y.W.A 21; Capt ol Volley Ball 2 ; Basketball 21. "Her stature tall—I hate a dumpg Iranian." Beatrice Phillips Shelby, x. C. Marshal ill; I RC. (1. 2). ".■I ladg neat, well-bred anil learned." James Price Gaffney. S. C. I RC. 2); Marshal (1). “({rave IS the manner of liable men." Inez Putnam "Putt" Shelby. X. C. Girls’ Ath. Assn. (1. 2): Marshal (I): BUBBLES SUff 1.21; Debate Team 1): BT.U. 1. 2 ; BSU. Council (2): IRC. (ll: Y.W A 1. 2). V.-Pres. 1. 2 ; A.R.L.S. (1. 2). V.-Pres. (II: Piedmont Piper Stall (1. 2). "Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain.” Mildred Martin "Mid” Cow pens. S. C. Class Sec. (II: Marshal ill: BSU. Council (21. BUBBLES Stall (21: KKLS 1. 2). Sec (2): Delegate to B S U National Convention. Memphis (1). Pres. Olrls’ Ath Assn. (2): I K.C. (I. 21; Capt Volley Ball (2); Capt. Basketball (21; Capt. Track 11; Cupt. Tumbling (2): Phys. E Major Club (1. 2 ; Cheer Leader (2). "Pep in her fingers, p in her toes: a jalln goad sport wherever she (toes." Nancy Carroll Moore "Xancy" Hulling Springs. X. C. A R L S. (1. 2). Secretary (2): BUBBLES Stall (2); Chorus (1. 2); Quartet (2). "Ih r lovely singing voire would stoii a nightingale an its highest note." Lemuel Phillips Gaffney. S. C. I R C. (1. 2). "Light-hearted and content.” Jenois Proctor "Track" I.incolnton. X. C. K K L.S. (1. 21. V -Pres (1. 21. Sec (2): Girls’ Ath. Assn. (1. 2); Chief Marshal (1); BSU Council (21; Ping Pong Champion (2); BUBBLES Stall (21: Y.W.A. (1. 2); I RC. (ll; B.T. U. 1. 21. Pres. (21. "Happy am I. from rare I'm free; who aren't ting all content like met" Yvonne Ray ".■I von" Mayo. S. C. A R I. S. (1. 21; Ath. Assn (1 2); Phys. E Major Club (21: Band (21; Y.W.A (I. 21. Chorus (1. 21: Sextet (21; BUBBLES Staff 2): IRC. (1. 21; Mgr Tumbling 21; Basketball. Soft-bnll. Volley Ball. Tennis. Soccer. "Tearh me hall the gladness that thg brain must know." SeniorsOke 1940 EuilL James S. Rotan "Jim" Cramerton. X. C. Pro Claw (21. V.-Pro. CU» 1) KK.I.S. (J. 21. Pro (21. Censor 21: Pro Bops- Ath Assn (21: B -sketball (1. 2t. Capt 21: Tennis 1. 21: Quartet 2l; Chonis 21: BUBBLES SUB 1. 21: Piedmont Piper St»JT 21: B.S.U. Council 2 ; Marshal 11. ".4 reputation is more valuable than money." Jesse Sprinkle, Jr. Cow-pen . S. C. I R C. 21. "If"it subtle wit — that's what he has." Guy Walker Cramerton. X. C. K K US. 1. 2). Pro. 21; B S. U. Pres 21: Chorus 1. 21: Ministerial Band 1. 21. V.-Pro 21: IRC. 111. To thy duty now and erer." Lettie Scruggs Gaffney, S. C. Marshal (11: I R C. 1. 21. “.-I yood disposition is the yrratest of all possessions." Willie Mae Toms "Sunshine" Bostic. X. C. K.KLS 1. 2). V.-Pro 2t. Critic 21: Y.W.A, 1. 2); Class Sec (21: Ath. Assn. 1. 21: Black Capt. 121: BUBBLES SUB 121 Marshal 121; May Queen Attendant ill: BSC Council 21; Chorus 1. 21; I R C. (21. "Rather be small and east a liyht than larye and east a shadow." David Lee Wilson. Jr. "Arehie" Littleton. X. C. A R.L.S (1): K.K.LS (21: Pianist 12): Cheer Leader 1. 21: BS.U. Council (2l; I RC (21; Boys- Ath. Assn. (2t; Chorus (2): Quartet (2): B T. U. 1. 2). V.-Pro 2t. "He is the pineapple of politeness." 14Z)L 1940 L- lass HOROSCOPE An the Class of 1940 was contemplating it coming commencement exercises, it fell to my lot to forecast the future of these fair damsels and gallant young men. After vainly endeavoring to cultivate what is commonly known as "second sight," I concluded that prophetic vision was not my strongest point. The only resource left was the immortal crystal hall so, resigning myself to its powers. I discover the fate of my fellow-students of the Class of 1940 at Boiling Springs College. Upon gazing into the clear crystal, I see a blur of faces. One comes nearer to my point of view and I recognize the president of our class, James Rotan as Sports Editor of the Crarmrlon Daily Next in line of vision comes Inez Putnam who is making her debut into New York society. She is a recent product of Martin's Success and Glamour School, owned and operated by Mildred Martin. R. C. Doggctt owns "Bright Spot," a theater on Broadway, where Bernice Cain's (Richard Taylor) latest picture, "Hearts Aflame," has been called back for a return engagement. At a nearby night club. I see George Chatham, the head waiter. His sweet little wife. Miss Clark of the class of '41, is at home with the kids. In Chicago, J. C. Dighviscofvitch is director of a symphonic orchestra. Mr. O. B Lancaster is president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of the First Baptist Church in z tlunta, Georgia. Also in Atlanta I see Jesse Sprinkle, president of a Charity Board. Mr. Guy Walker is pastor of the First Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Mrs. R F. Morgan, none other than "Sunshine" Toms, is retired head-nurse of the Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. She has a job of housekeeping now. Joe and John Compton are twin internes in the newly founded hospital at the New York of the South, Cliffside, North Carolina. Mr. D. L. BullL Wilson is the mayor of this thriving town, much aided by his helpful and loving little wife. Ruby Dixon. Ola Mae Cash is still happily married in the same town. In Shelby, quite a few class-mates are located Frank Dover is a policeman. Geneva and Victoria Cash have a thriving business as seamstresses for the town. Arlan Bailey is pastor of the First Baptist Church in Shelby Mrs. Bailey, the former Miss Rcba Brooks, is quite an inspiration. Catherine Jenkins teaches voice in Shelby High School, where Yvonne Ray is an excellent piano teacher. Her latest popular song. "Rose m Spring.” has just been printed. Rose and Mary Harrill have a very exclusive dress shop in Shelby. Next door is The Powder Puff," a beauty parlor, efficiently operated by Mrs.---------------------, the former Marie E. Hamrick. Familiar campus scenes now enter the crystal ball. Back at Boiling Springs several friends have met once more. The college has grown and the campus covers about forty acres, with twelve beautiful buildings. In the faculty I see Jenois Proctor, head of the French department, Mary Martin, head of the Commercial department, and Nancy Carroll Moore teaches voice. Katherine Bankhead lives in the community as Mrs. Jenkins. Thomas is manager of a ten-cent store in the town. A small broadcasting station has been erected and I sec Ruth Martin presenting an excellent daily talk on successful candy making. The Mathematics department of the college is using a book compiled by James Price and Beatrice Phillips. Lcttic Scruggs operates an ice-cream parlor on the campus. The misty blur of faces again fills the crystal ball, and the prophecy is complete. I find that my friends have been successful in their chosen careers, whether in home-making or the professional world. Part of this success is surely due to tlie influence and advice gained at dear Boiling Springs College. Jenois ProctorOle 1940 EullL Senior Sup erlaliues Best all round........................ Mon intellectual..... Most talented........... Most apt to succeed Most schorl spirit........... Most efficient.......... Most popular ........ Most original......................... Best looking.......................... Most athletic................ ........ ....Jenois Pkoctor. James Rotan ......Inez Putnam. James Rotan Catherine Jenkins. J. C. Dich Jenois Proctor. O. B. Lancaster Mildred Martin. James B. Cain . Jenois Pkoctor. Guv Walker Willie Mae Toms. James B. Cain Ruth Martin. Georcf Chatham Catherine Jenkins. James B. Cain Mildred Martin. R C. Doggftt 16Hubert Beam Shelby. N. ('. Claude Blanton Rllenboro, N. C. James Blanton Slielby. X. (. Sarah Blanton Luttimorc. X. C. B. Bobbitt Kings Mountain. X. ('. Anne Borders Patterson Springs. X. C’. Dever Branch Gaffney. S. ('. Betty Lou Bridges Mooreslmro. X. ('. Paul Brock Spindnle. X. C. Mrs. Paul Brock Spindale. X. C. Robert Brooks Mooresboro. X. C. ELIZABETH CABANISS Slielby, N.C. Agnes Camp Gaffney. S. C. Mary Hester Clark Newton, x. c. Dorris Cline Slielby. x. c. Juanita Davidson Cliesnee. S. ('. Hal Ded.mon Slielby. X. C. Betty DePriest Slielby. X. C. oj 19 41Die 1940 Sullies Dorthy Sue Hamrick Knjliii" Spring'. V. ( John Berry Hamrick Shelby. N. C. Margaret Hamrick ltoiliiisr Springs. X. C. Marie Hamrick Gaffney. S. C. Mae Harris Shelby. X. C. Elizabeth Hawkins CUMde, N. C. Ei i ABETH Henderson Hickory. X.C. Howard Hoyle Shelby. X. C. A. C. Hughes Shelby. X. C. Elbert Hutchins Kllenboro. X. C. Jacie Jarrett Lexington. X. C. Walter Jenkins Shelby. X. C. Marion Jenrette Asl». X. c. Dan W. Jones Boiling Springs. X. C. Miller Jones Shelby. X.C. Bertie Lee Kendrick Splndale. N. c. Olen Kendrick Splndale. X. C. Rebecca Kendrick Shelby. X. C. iJhe (L-laSi of 1941 Z)L 1940 SAIL Mrs. O. B. Lancaster Spimlnle, N. C. Melvin Lowery Hoilint; Springs. X. Robert Morgan Sliclby. X. C. J. D. McAllister Itoilinjr Springs. X. ('. J. L. McCluney Forest City. X. C. Mrs. J. L. McCluney Forest City. X. C. Betty I.ou McClure Shelby, X. C. Martha McKeithan Bostic. X. c. Eugene McKinney Harris. X. C. Clara Lee McSwain Shelby. X. C. Ray McSwain Shelby. X. C. Fidelia Padgette I.attimore. X. C. Margaret Philbeck Shelby, X. C. Elvin Price Kllentwro. X. C. Cecil Propst Bclwood. X. C. Myrtle Lee Reynolds Kings Mountain. X. C. Melva Sf.ttlemyre Kings Mountain. X. C. Olan Speagle Vale. X. C. Blanche Taylor Gaffney. S. C. VL CLu of 1941 20ACTIVITIES The church is the center of Christian activities on our campus. Since the majority of our students are Baptist, it is quite natural that the Baptist Church should be a nucleus for Baptist work. The building, constructed at a cost of more than sixty-five thousand dollars, contains one of the most beautiful auditoriums in Cleveland County. All class rooms are systematically arranged around the auditorium.Vie 1940 EullL KALAGATHIAN-KALLIERGEONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY First Row Kusk I Kokh. Ciatl Phoikt, Ihvu Bramii, Mari.aret Hamrick, Acm. Ctur, Kii .aritii Hin HERRON. Mini HaMRIi K. Will II Mil ToY1». MllMlIi MARTIN. Ill IM III TAYLOR. Mllv Hl.VTIR ('uni, Mum Joni . David l.ii Wilmix. Kim Dixon. Jim.i. Pro tor. Mi . Pah Brock. Mm Martin Mi! Moore (Family SponM-n. Second ;«! • Eivin Prici. Oi »n Stlilu, Tmiimi Lie. Ari an Bulky. Koiort Ior .in, k (• Jami B. Cain. NIyrtu I.ik Kiynold . Ki tm Martin. Diori.i Chatham, Mi h»rt Bi am. j,Mi» Kotin! GfY Walkiji, Pai l Bro k. ATHENIAN - RHAMSAEUR LITERARY SOCIETY bok . Ji ANITA Davidrin. Bkttv IHPriiat. Bitty Dh; McClire. Cum. V «nn, ...__T. aritii Caranin . Catherine Jenkinr. Nanay ( ARROIL MoORE. r Khmii K mirii k Mary IIarhill. Birth I.m Kinoruk. Marion Ji.nritti. Katiiirvni I». Ki. i Harrill. Mari.arit Philria k. Martha M« Kmtiian. Ini . Pitnam. Bitty I.m Bridge . First Rut r ID ha Br Kay. Jack: Jarritt, Srcnnit Rate Bankhead. Mai IIarrih, Mi . Inman (Faculty S|hiii t). Thiol R..„ U Blanton. Dan W. Jonm. J. C. Dkh. Jami B. anta.n. Hal Diumon. VL 1940 EullL e. BOYS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION■JL 1940 BullL WOMEN'S SEXTETTE CHORUS MEN'S QUARTET27Ole 1940 EullL GIRLS' BASKETBALL GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL 28ADVERTISEMENTS n 11 orm it onj This brick structure contains twenty-four rooms used exclusively by boys. In the last year it has been completely renovated with newly plastered walls, new bath equipment and replaced windows and damaged doors and jams. A cement porch has been added, and a recreation room inside—all of which make the boys proud of the fact that their building has been changed from a barn into a very livable dormitory.VL 1940 ML Belmont Cotton Mills Company fljanu[acturers of1 HIGH GRADE CARDED YARNS ☆ Shelby, North Carolina 30Vke 1940 BullL Cleveland Sandwich Co. Sandwiches That Are Good Wholesale — Retail Boiling Springs, N. C ZEN BRIDGES Staple and Fancy Groceries Heavy and Shelf Hardware • Notions and Tennis Shoes GAS, OILS AND ACCESSORIES Fruits and Vegetables • Fertilizers and Feeds PATENT MEDICINES • CANDIES AND SMOKES • SCHOOL SUPPLIES Country Produce Bought and Sold Facing the Campus BOILING SPRINGS — NORTH CAROLINA QUALITY CLEANERS Shelby, N. C. 31Uke 1940 EullL For Genuine Dry Cleaning ond Dependable Service Whiteway Cleaners Shelby, N. C. MeSwain Service Station Gas—Oil—Ice Creom and School Supplies Boiling Springs, N. C. GENERAL INSURANCE See us before you buy your insurance. Reliable Companies— Courteous Service — Prompt Adjustments. E. L. WALKER General Agent 0. P. HAMRICK Local Rep. LILY MILL CO. "9 Lily Tulip and Daisy • Lily Six-Strand Floss Lily Crochet Yarns b Lily Twines SHELBY, N. C. Spinners of JS eivi 32D,le 1940 EuilL Bosts Bakery Delicious Cakes at Your Grocer Phone 158 Shelby, N. C. 33Z)L 1940 Sullies The Auto Inn Deolers in Goodyeor Tires Independent Gas and Oil Dealers) Shelby, N. C. M. H. Hamrick £r Sons Cleveland County's Largest Candy Jobber Shelby, N. C. Phone 2411 Compliments of Union Trust Company of Shelby and Bronches Ruthcrfordton — Follston Forest City — Lowndalc Ellcnboro — Spindolc Member FDIC Compliments of MORGAN CO. Feed, Seed and Fertilizers SHELBY, N. C. PHONE 345 34OL 1940 JSuUL Mrs. D. 0. McSwain's Dairy Home of Quolity Milk Protect Your Family's Health Grade A Milk Phone 2414 "You con whip our cream, but you can't beat our milk." Dennis Drug Co. Phone 774 Professional Building S. Washington St. Shelby, N. C. Comfort is whot you want; ond that is what you get when we rebuild your shoes without nails or stitches. Shine 5c at Sellers Shoe Shop W. P. Sellers, Boiling Springs Alumnus Proprietor Opposite First Baptist Church Shelby, N. C. Nestor G. Hamrick Groceries Garden Seed ond Plants in Season 121 N. Lafayette St. Shelby, N. C. Webb's Gin Carolina Made "Carolina's Finest Flour" Where satisfactory service is guaranteed and where all are accorded equal and courteous consideration. Eagle Roller Mill Co. TOY B. WEBB—Shelby Route 4 Owner and Manager Shelby, N. C. 35VL 1940 BAIL Crisp Quality Underwear Co. Garments That Are Made To Fit Champion Oil Co. Shelby, N. C. Mrs. S. A. Crisp, Proprietress Grover, North Carolina Messick's Soda Shop Compliments of Houser — Brewer Shelby's Popular Spot Brownbilt Shoe Store Shelby, N. C. Home of Good Shoes That Fit Shelby, N. C. Compliments of Cleveland Lumber J. LAWRENCE LACKEY Company "Everything to Build With" Shelby, N. C. Shelby, N. C. 36Vie 1940 BullL Photography By Van Dyke Studio 'lA here f hotoaraphy is an -Art 124Vi East Main Street Spartanburg, S. C. 37Ole 1940 gulLL BOILING SPRINGS COLLEGE CLEVELAND COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA A Junior College for Men and Women A Christian institution owned and supported by one hundred Baptist churches of the Piedmont section. COURSES Two years of standard college work leading to title of Associate in Arts. Special courses in piano, voice, expression, commercial subjects. STUDENT ACTIVITIES Athletics, deboting, dramatics, glee club, literary societies, religious life, social activities. EXPENSES Opportunity to earn part of expenses. Totol charges for year for room, boord, tuition and fees 'except laboratory) $270.00. For catalogue and other information write to PRESIDENT J. R. CANTRELL BOILING SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA 38D,L 1940 SAIL Pilot Life Insurance Greensboro, N. C. Safety — Service — Satisfaction FIRST NATIONAL BANK Pilot Life Insurance Company of Greensboro, N. C. Shelby, N. C. A. 1. JOLLEY, Special Agent Boiling Springs, N. C. C. R. WEBB, General Agency, Shelby Hawkins—Proctor Furniture Company Furniture, Stoves and Ranges ''We Feather Your Nest With A Little Down" Southeast Corner Court Square LINCOLNTON T. B. Hawkins J. L. Proctor Phone 22 39Dke 1940 MAIL MOORESBORO CREAMERY Mooretboro, N. C. domplim ents Miss Rosine Hamrick BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. Evelyn Greene SHELBY, N. C. Floyd Harrill FOREST CITY. N. C. Rev. J. A. Brock SPINDALE, N. C. C. C. Horne SHELBY, N. C. Freeman's Shoe Shop SHELBY, N. C. L. 0. Hamrick LATTIMORE. N. C. J. S. McKnight SHELBY, N. C. James "Tip" Rayburn SHELBY, N. C. Lyman Martin SHELBY. N. C. A. A. Powell SHELBY, N. C. Mrs. C. E. Laughridge BOSTIC. N. C. Irene Roberts SHELBY. N. C. Maxine Cabaniss SHELBY, N. C. Mrs. C. B. Cubreth SPINDALE. N. C. A. V. Hamrick SHELBY. N. C. Mrs. M. A. Jolley BOILING SPRINGS. N. C. Rev. W. V. Tarleton CLIFFSIDE. N. C. Rev. J. W. Suttle SHELBY. N. C. Propst Barber Shop SHELBY. N. C. Mr. 1. W. Walker SPINDALE. N. C. Mike L. Borders SHELBY. N. C. T. W. Grayson BOSTIC. N c. Rev. C. w. Walker FOREST CITY. N. C. Miss Estelle Hamrick BOILING SPRINGS. N. C. Rev. E. G. Atkins HIGGINS, N. C. Captain J. F. Roberts SHELBY. N. C. Dewey Horne LATTIMORE. N. C. Mr. A. F. Geer RUTHERFORDTON. N C R. T. Jones SHELBY. N. C. Mr. C. 1. Putnam BOILING SPRINGS. N. C Rev. D. F. Putnam SHELBY. N. C. Frank Dover KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. The Uultn Pm Inc . Chirlotl N C School Publication 40y, - ’ % ' t » • r 0 0000 00208390 7

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