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A BANK IS KNOWN by its wllllngness to take care of its customers requirements Your inquiry on Gardner Trust Company The People s Bank Branches Ashburnham Baldwlnvllle South Gardner Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation F l I 1 any phase of banking is cordially invited. 9 in 1- Q 4' N af 1 -A' I.. Q L I I J TI-IE ARG-US VOL Entered as Second Class Matter Dec 6 1909 publlshecl ancl prfntecl by the pupils of the Gardner l-llgll School XXXXIX JUNE 1953 NUMBER 3 at the Post Offlce at Gardner Mass under the Act of March 3 1879 Publlshed at GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS Co Edlf07S Clrculallon Manager Aduertlslng Manager Carolyn Anderson 53 Lucllle Rlchard 53 Janet Barthel 54 Paullne Gllnskl 54 Constance Osborne 54 Barbara Rose 54 Psltrlcla Henry 55 PIITICIR Smlth 55 Sandra Bujnlckl 56 Albert Ahlstrom 53 Joyce HSHCDEJ 53 Aldona Butkus 54 Janlce Laroche Arlene Laltmen Art Club Assemblles Band Bovs Sports Camera Club Forman Polzcy Club French Club Futu re Teachers ofA merlca Gxrls Sports Iunzor Red Cross Carole Congram Judlth Rlchelleu George Hardlng 54 Albert Ahlstrom usan Pearson Sheila Driscoll Ass! News lwlllnre Lawrence Cohen Art I dztor BUSINESS BOARD Rachel Goguen 53 Evelyn Joslyn 53 Janet Sl fl 53 Selm l Atter 4 Prlscllla Blythtr 54 Dorls Boudreau Shlrlew Johnson 4 Ruth Llndstrom 54 Jane Parrlsh 54 Ele mor I aync Harry Wllcolt 54 Marle Codl 55 Phyllls Hlll 55 Evelyn Kllskex 55 Vlrlzlnll 570C 55 Ads-ll VVlsnlevl skl 55 Patrlcla Drlseoll 56 M lrth1 lxultzyk 56 LITERARY Shella Bohman 53 Janet Borey 53 Shella Lal' OI tune 53 Janet Saarl 53 Carole Congzram 54 Shelll Erlllson 54 Judlth Rlchelleu 54 Emlly Wlckman 54 Bennett Whltestone Judlth I lneen 55 NEWS STAFF Patrlcl l 7lJlk0WSkl Carole Longr lm Loulse Ixmsllousk IS Thom as I' lrl lsh Suzanne Tllrtotte Judlth Rlclltllell Robert Couture Aldona Butkus Audrey Glll Beverly I-lelno Latin Club Mathernahcs Club Muszc Club Natural Tru nu C' Pflnflpdl s Lllblflf Pro lllcrzla Radio Club Ravzng Rcparter Stamp Club Workshop JOKFS I Joanne Laprade 54 Peter Berry 55 I- vangellne Leblanc FX C H ANG F Chalrman Helen Amor 51 Karolln Manackas 54 ALUMNI Estelle Wasklewlcr 14 Chalrman Ann Duplaey 54 Wand 1 Gage Ann lwygard 54 Ile mor Payne 54 ART Natalle Davls 53 Dlane Martel 53 Patrlcla Lblkowskl 53 PI CTU RE Loulse Kraskouskas 53 Jan1ceLlttleheld 53 Co Chalrmen Helen Lawdanskl Pl'lYlllSJEllgO 55 Janet Jodaltls 55 TYPISTS Loulse 'V!cKeIllck 53 Chalrman Shlrley Duncan 53 Lorralne Marlon 53 Jeannette Schaffer 53 Glorn Wllllslms 53 Neus C0 Ezlllurs Loulse lxraskouslvls J ll"llC6 Llttlelield I oulst Melielllck orr llne L lczlsse l,?llI'lCl3 Popple Lorralne INIBYIOH Omer B lb neau Jane Ch'ltowskl Karolln Manackas June Rem Jennle Gems Fleanor L'l1ole Shell l Blouln Aldi Moschan Anne Clllev Glorla hvllll ms George I-hrdlng Besslc. Exarchos Filth Loreoran Rlcllard Joslyn blllflt y IVLlls Ruth I lnclstrom Loul e Ixr lskousk ls 'ltrlt la 5 llerno Dolores Nobrega Prlscllla Plerce Albert Ahlstrom Ruth MaeGuBfle Ellrabeth Ward John Baker Rlchard Neunherz Nlarle Merrow Phyllis Roy Eleanor Erlckson Fleanor Lajole Rachel Goguerl Angela Zampogna FACULTY ADVISERS Co Advlsers Mlss Mary L Horrlgan Mr John Gearan Buszness Mr Martln Lahtlnen Illustrations Mlss NIRTJOFIL Runge Prlntlng and Bmdlng Mr Joseph T Klvlln Slngle CODICS 50? Yearly SUDSCTIDIIOU S100 All SUDSCFIDIIODS should be sent to the Clrculatlon Manager Issued three tlmes a year Dec Aprll June ' 1 - ' I '53 ' - ' . ', - ' 1. , 1 S 4 ' '53 2 ' 5 ' '53 f ' ' ' s A ' " za ' ". 1 X '5 2 l . . H .,, , A iv ,5 , J ,K . I " ' ' " 2 2 ' '54 ' , ,54 , , , ,x . , ,. . A . , ,55 . 4, , . X 1 ' 41 . ' J ' '53 A Q ' ' ' 1 r X 1 1 '54 ' ' . ' , ' 2. J '53 L " ' .ub .' , L ' '53 ' A '. ' ' 's ' Z. i 2 ' 'Y ' ' '54 M 11 2 -'55 ' - . 4 ,54 , I I .h . , V l A - ,53 . ' ' '53 ' J '54 " "' I ' '55 '. J J ' ' ' '54, I 1 'ff A'53 ' 'ff ' I 'U . ' ' MISS DORRICE SHELDON Yzncerztg a gg? dzvzne Use lt well and God zs tlzmel We, the Class of 19.53 affectionately dedicate our .Senwr Argus to Miss DORRICE SHELDON a most smcere frlend and teacher Generous wlth her trme and efforts she provlded the encouragement whlch students need when con fronted by their many problems She dld more than xmpart knowledge she helped us dlscover and appreciate enduring values 'lhls Innate qualxty of understandxng was graciously conveyed through thoughtful words and deeds We shall always fondly remember Miss Sheldon s desire to lmbue our mmds wxth the qualltres of character which lead to the ultlmate goal of success Nllss Sheldon through her mvaluable work on the Argu: and many other school actlvltles greatly enriched our school hfe lor these and all the other Intangible glfts which she has glven us we express our most smcere appreclatlon Between our mmds unlzmdered ran All underxtandzrzg that no word: could lend .fi ,- ' , . 1 7551 K ff I, I - . , . . ,I Z' Ji ,. ? .jj HH' .1' . V? . , H . . . . . K Y 4 . . . ,, , . , , . . , . , . . , . . . Q N ' , . ,Y . . . '. L .'. x , ' .X ' 4 . , . . . , , . H . . ' !Y Table of Contents Dedzcafzon M1QsSheldcm Cmzmzzffu Wfxrgcry Crouph jimcb IXIOSCSS Vhrtm XI1ChOlb0I1 QLlS'll'1 Pe lrson Fmdffafzolr Freetmgc NIISS Sheldon You mm' I Paul Mdnnmg 13 BCWl71llI7Zg0l'IlZIf' Sus in Pearson 5.3 Addins of W1 lmmf Martm Nlcholson 53 Clms Hzxsforg Lzttlc Omar? Senzof Pzcfzmfs S1101 is Eoenfs 5072107 Puff D1 sz 11 D1 mme Mirtel J Sports Pagc DlSl1,Il Pitrlcla fblkOWQkl Ezenls P11 fl Dfw II Not llle Dans Cover Duzgzz Dldnne Nhrtel 53 f y f xnxx.. N . N i ,, Q . . . c ' 1 A .. . L A y c c 1 1' . L I ' lr' . . . , , , , .5 L - C 1 ,,.. , . , 1 ' ' 7 . ,Z 7 ' , X. . . . l i. .1 yr, hr '. Aff c c -.3 W I . .V , . ., , , 2 x 1 . , . 5.5 . , . . V ' rf Pri ' Z 1 '53 - rv - .-N ,' ', v , '. x.!c .. v Graduation Greetings Dorrsce Sheldon Class Adviser IQQQ l952 R57 D 0 .5 To the Class of 1953 Greetings During the four years smce my in troduction to you as your class adviser your Hrst measure of success gradua tion from Gardner High School 'lhe enthus1ast1c cooperation you demon strated in your earliest class activities Seniors has continued to be a class trait Furthermore you have culti vated characteristics bred by HSSOCIH tion with the highest values and the noblest tradition of a high school education Thus you have grown in character as well as 1n knowledge until today each of you has within himself and the capacity for keener Judgment In the degree to which you choose to demonstrate such traits as impelling enthusiasm hearty cooperation keen Judgment and true wisdom you may reach higher levels of success in the future For moments of reflection ID that future I leave with you an adaptation of an old precept With your old friends keep faith To your new friends give hope Towards all people show charity . . l l ,M . .0 - -f- 1 you have labored diligently to achieve a truer sense of worth-while values V Q. l . 3 , I levnalfwzxx You and I Paul Manmng 53 oQ.:nX-Briar a A man called Mark Twaln put them 1n a book but they wouldnt stay there You can t keep boys llke Tom Sawyer and Huck Flnn cooped up ln a book They came bustlng out of the page barefoot and d1rty and they l1t out for the free and open spaces and they re been rompmg around there ever s1nce One day you met them and Tom let you Wh1t6W3Sh hls fence and Huck let you touch hls dead cat Suddenly you knew you were home So you threw away your shoes you cut yourself a fishmg pole and lay on your belly IH the soft moss at the rlver bank You played hookey you smoked cornsllk you got slck and you learned You were trymg out freedom gettmg the taste and heft of It learmng to handle lt You were an Amerlcan growmg up You learned much from Tom and Huck They showed you how to make lost marbles come back and how to cure warts Wlth ralnwater from a hollow stump You learned what a hoot owl says and what the wlnd wants to tell you when lt haloos ln the trees at nlght Some of thlS learnmg you forgot later but Tom and Huck taught you one thmg youll never forget and 1ts th1s Theres a speclal quallty to belng young IU Amerlca Theres a speclal a1r of freedom a SDCCIHI k1nd of hopefulness and a deep down fa1th that l1fe w1ll turn out for the best Every adult who remembers how It felt w1ll do all he can to keep falth ahve for the youngsters who follow s M- , 4 . , - - l l ' A 4 l I i . , I . , . , . , . 7 7 ' 7 , . . . 7 1 ! . , , ' 7 ., .t , . . . , . I . . . , , . ! o , - l 1 ' , . Y , . R Beginning or End? Susan Pearson l Co Editor Argus KLPYETQDU As the strams of the processlonal drlft mto the gym and the class of 1953 hnes up to march ln many thoughts w1ll be ln the mlnds of the graduates At that moment we shall be thmklng of the wonderful tlmes weve had here IH the last four years We shall be refiectxng on the frlends weve made and how thelr frlendshlp has helped us The partles w1ll stand out ln our mmds We shall recall how we felt our freshman year at gradua tion tlme and how we thought June 17 thoughts w1ll be m our mmds as we walk to the stage For most of us lt w1ll be the end of our formal educatlon never agam shall we enter a school as students For us rt w1ll be the beg1nn1ng of a career Now we shall Joln the busmess world wlth no one to take notlce or care whether we make progress or fall by the way Yes for the maJor1ty of our class th1s IS the end of our formal educatlon Now our future rs strlctly up to us As a c1t1zen of free dy namxc ever progressing Amerxca we shall find no dlctator to tell us what to do The opportunltxes w1ll be hmlted only by the v1s1on of what the future may become our 3bllltl6S and how we ut1l1ze them our character and our determmatlon For others of us lt w1ll be Just another mxlestone rn our educatlon Next fall we shall be entermg 1nst1tu t1ons of hlgher learnlng There we shall prepare to take our place ln the buslness world but we shall be on our own All of us are startmg on one of the most 6XClt1Ug adventures we shall ever have We know that 1f we want to get the most from l1fe we shall have to organlze our plans We shall need to use foreslght m acquxrmg those Sk1llS WhlCh w1ll be most valua ble to us We shall have to plan our leave the plan flexlble enough to get around obstacles Many of the boys 1n our class w1ll enter a branch of the armed forces They w1ll be preparlng to defend our country so that those who remam may contmue ln thelr chosen Held Whether they succeed or fall w1ll de pend entirely upon each 1nd1v1dual It w1ll be up to them to advance So no matter what we undertake It w1ll be up to us 1nd1v1dually to make our way We shall no longer be shel tered and helped as we have been m the past We w1ll be startmg a new hfe In a sense It IS the beg1nn1ng of adulthood and the end of adoles cence People w1ll no longer thmk of us as boys and glrls but as young men and women We must make our new begmnmg a 5 I O I v 1953, would never come. Yes, many lives well and follow the plan, yet good one We owe 1t not onlx to our Qelxes but to the mam peoplr who efumot let then down Il me make 21 poor beq111n1r1g, we eh 1ll bt dt,wlIOXll'1g, the dreams of mam peoole People are lookmg to us the present ger1e1f1 A RC lflfbll for 1 b11ql1terfutu1e llllf 11111Nl1ecl lux 11.2115 W11l1out El good l1cg11111111se Q ll ls our ux 15 tu 16 elf ew to make a good 5 Cut 111 16 r ght cl1rect1on ij Tllli 1 SFS have put their trust and fz11tl1 111 us: we we shall be unsuccessful 111 all we u11- ' J 1 ' . ' U ' ' dertz1ke,,o ' d tj, 2.5 ' tt.r ' -1 .1 f lzlif, ' 'V' ' tl 1 ' y A A 1. . 1 li ' ' . Iprmczpal A of GDS if Earl Ziillllllams Garbner 'high School GARDNER H GH SCHOOL FACULTY ICLJYETUJI Address of Welcome Martun Nucholson We the class of 1953 are assembled here th1s evenmg to celebrate the culmlnatxon of our school days at Gardner Hlgh We W1Sh to extend a hearty welcome to you our parents teachers and frlends who have done so much for us and to whom we owe a boundless debt of gratltude wh1ch we can never hope to fully repay You are the ones who have made thxs achlevement DOSS1blC for wlthout your guldance encouragement and falth We would have found lt lmpossxble to contlnue on the rugged path of knowl edge I am sure not one of us could adequately express our feelmg of thankfulness Wlth mere words but thls entxre graduatmg class IS deeply cogmzant of what you have done for us and we w1ll show our appreclatxon by whatever success we make of our llves 1n the years to come As we are about to leave the class room of our Alma Mater many memo rles well up whxch have made our four years IH thls school so satlsfymg If you were able to turn back the clock to September 1949 you would see us movmg tlmorously through the corrl dors of Gardner Hlgh Yes we were once the neophvtes of thls school Durlng the four years that have passed slnce that day a growth has occurred that has transformed us mto reasonably responslble and mature young men and women Durmg those years we gradually began to realize and appreclate what was being done for us ln order that we mlght galn a sound and well balanced educat1on Our study of the academlc subJects combmed Wlth such related act1v1t1es as the school clubs athletlcs and dances contrxbuted greatly to the change 1n our manner of thmkmg and our Hblllty to get along wlth others Today educatlon has reached m credlble proportlons ln the Unlted States No other expanslon of our democrat1c 1nst1tut1ons can compare m magnltude or IH slgnlficance w1th that of educatlon Just as one example IH 1870 about 350000 attended hlgh school now we have more than 7 000 O00 m our secondary schools As our secondary tra1n1ng comes to an end we may as well ask Just what does It mean to have a hlgh school ed ucatlon It certamly does not mean merely an academlc background What good IS any klnd of educat1on unless that knowledge IS functlonal ln our hves 1n brmgmg us success and happ1ness'9 We must utxllze thls edu catxon to asslst us ln lmplementlng and developmg our mdlvldual 1nterest Graduatlon from school does not mean the end of our educatlon Whether we go to college enter the armed serv lces or take up employment IH some 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 0 1 1 1 1 - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - 1 , . , . THE ARGUb l311S11'1tSS We must contlnue to study and learn In fact our days of learnlng must never end No other statement expresses thls fact any more clearly than the old proverb He who can learn no more has not really learned anythmg As We d1d four years ago We are now about to take another momentous step However the obstacles now con frontmg us are much more fornndable We are movmg xnto the most demand mg of all schools the world lhe World classroom IS one of tLlfITlO1l and confuslon COITIITIIIHISIH permeates the atmosphere of freedom Crlme and pol1t1cs are too frequently found keep mg company Fear of atomlc destruc txon rankles IH the mmds of all Yet these problems are not beyond solu t1on The first step ln conquermg these dlfflcultles IS a llberal educatlon and we can truthfully state that we htve made a Sl,lbSt3.Iltldl start ln that dlrectlon Wxth your contmued good mll and falth and mth the help of God the class of 1953 steps forth Wlth confidence and a hlgh heart always bearmg IH mlnd our class motto Not for self but for others 1 i . X 7 I . , . , .. c . , ' ' . . , U u f ' . ,, . . I . : . , . r r .1 . c . . 1 ' . , . . l . 7. . 7. . . , 1 . - , , - Q ,. . , . C , x t JT .' 'i , Y' we ., . , , KPDFEAX Class l-llstory Louxse Kraslcouslcas Chairman Barbara Bell Sheila Boliman Mary Ann Burns Sbella Duncan Audrey Gull Raymond l-laapaoja Wllluam Laalcso Helen Lashua Thomas parnsli Gordon Slwevls Beverly Stxclcney Norman Valley Dennis Wardwell Thomas Wlieelen R o Lxke those of all young chlldren who are first learnmg to walk our first steps ln the openlng days of the 1949 term were shaky and uncertaln but Wlth the upper class to help us we gradually galned confidence ln our selves and were soon to dlscover that hlgh school was really fun There was so much work to be done' We began delvlng enthuslastlcally mto new subjects both fascmatlng and lnterestmg Up there on the th1rd floor our senses became tuned to our envlronment The unfamllar odors emanatlng from the cookmg and scx ence labs the gay pamtlng ln the art room and the Welfd sounds lssulng from the muslc room cast a spell over us Everywhere there breathed an atmosphere of act1v1ty and an 1nsat1 atable appetlte for knowledge But our guardlans were wlse They carefully saw to It that we would not become mere bookworms by pro v1d1ng us wrth numerous athlet1c fields the boys lookmg forward to the days when they would spark our football team and the g1rls asplrmg to posl tlons on the hockey team Although our own freshman football team dxd well It was the g1rls who brought us our first athletlc honors Angela Zam pogna was given a place on the varslty team Durmg the wmter we took the g1rls lnter class volley ball champlon shlp a fine reward for our hard work Our sturdy legs had taken us up the first steps on our stalrway to success ln sports Many of us had begun takmg muslc lessons early that fall under Mr Henry Gates himself a product of G H S who had returned to head the muslc department When we were not busy on some athletlc field we were quick to don our snappy black and orange unlforms and tag rlght along and at times our freshman legs found the stretch a llttle long The hohday season soon was upon us and we maugurated our Chrlstmas vacatlon by presentmg Why the Chimes Rang It was that year that Homecommg Day at Gardner High was lnltlated a day on which we have our reumon The A A Ball was held the same evemng end1ng the gala pre yuletxde events There were many partles durmg our first year but the one that was of spe Clal lnterest to us was the Freshman Party It was held on St Patrlcks Day ln the gym which was gaxly deco rated 1n the colors of old Ireland As members of a large muslcal fa mlly many of us Jomed the Musrc Club We had a wonderful tlme m the Tourlsts and Native chorus ln the operetta Crocodlle Island None of our classmates had leads but sev 1 , A A ,,,, ,. . 1 .....A u l Q l I . . . l , . 1 , . 1 , . . . ., 1 1 1 . . . . . N . . ,, - 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 , . , - v 1 , - n ' ' u ' H N ' H ' ' ' If ' if . , . . , . . . - - Y - THE ARGUS eral were understudles while others were members of the chorus For many students t1me passes slowly but that wasnt true for us Wlth the band fest1vals Held trips and flnal exams suddenly lt was June' After our last final assembly we left school to go our separate ways for the summer Sophomore Year Tanned and shlnmg faces were agam seen at school where old frnend shlps were renewed and new ones made Our self confidence Improved when we realzzed we were no longer the b3b16S of the G H S famlly Future football stars Paul Haras lmowxcz Dxck Feltmarch Butch Ma zeJka Dexter F1sher and Tom Parrxsh helped our team to Wm the State Class B Champlonshlp Thls athletic prowess was continued throughout the year when members of our large and talented famlly walked away Wlth bas ketball honors At tlmes l1ke these we knew that the rest of our famrly was proud of us because we had con trlbuted to the success of our school The band progressed rapxdly 1n the course of a year and for the first t1me ln several seasons nts members were allowed to travel to all the out of town games They certamly presented some dellghttul entertalnment Our Sophomore Party held 1n the gym Just before Halloween was well attended Of course bemg a year older and havlng become better ac quamted wxth our fellow classmates We enjoyed thls party even more than the first one Infact all the dances were well attended that year by many students of the class of hfty three Remember the A A Ball Muslc Club dance and the Pound Party? The band agaln hlghhghted our second year ln hlgh school Wlth 1ts brllllant annual concert and tr1ps to Palmer and Boston where we per formed at the Hatch Memorlal Shell on the Esplanade Never before had such tremendous crowds llstened to us We felt proud to have been chosen to play there At the annual Pro Merlto assembly Margery Crouch was presented the award for the hxghest rankmg sopho more Her name was the hrst to be mscrlbed on the lamp of knowledge whlch IS now 1n the trophy cabmet Although the year was one to be re membered our thoughts drlfted away from school Wlth the advent of the on commg summer Junlor Year Then came the half way mark' Up per classmen at last' That was the year Johnnle Ray wh1te bucks poodle cuts and ponv talls were m style Athletlc events were agaln glven an honored place IH our social agenda for that fall Although we won no hon ors we achleved a fine record ln good sportsmanshlp Probably one of the most antlclpated events was the Jun1orSen1or Prom when we were host to the semors Later there was the Choral Concert the first of 1fS k1nd ever presented at our Alma Mater We enjoyed many wonderful mo ments that Junlor year but the Wash mgton trlp was undoubtedly the most excrtmg at least to those fortunates who were able to go Stormy Weather came upon us the day of our depar ture but nothxng could have dampened our enthusiasm New York was our hrst stop where we vlslted Radlo Clty Muslc Hall the N B C Bulldlng, 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . ' . ' 1 . . , . . . . - 1 ' ' ' ' - u 77 - 1 1 1 1 - . u ,, . . . . . . 1 1 ' 1 . ' ' , ' 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 , . 1 1 ' n N , , - 1 t . n , - 1 ' . - , s . . , , , . , . . . THE ARGUS and the Volce of Firestone featurmg Patrice Munsel Our opera fans are st1ll ravmg about her magnlficent per formance We embarked very early the followmg mornmg for the Capltol of our natlon Three dehghful days of slghtseelng ensued There was a great deal of rushlng done ln order that we might VlSlt as many hlstorlcal shrmes as posslble Among the most lmpressrve were Annapolls Washing ton Monument Arllngton Cemetery the Capltol Bulldmg Mt Vernon and the Natxonal Art Museum All of us were avld shutterbugs durlng the five days Sleep seemed to be lacklng Even though curfew was at a reasonable hour few took advantage of the rest perlod Remember the squeals of de llght by those who were 8SSlgHCd a sulte of rooms complete Wlth televlslon sets? But tlme passed much too quxckly and all too soon lt was tlme to start Clty where we took a ferry to the Statue of L1berty There we thrxlled to that fabulous New York skyllne Weary but burstmg Wlth the news of what we had seen and done we pulled mto Gardner late Frlday mght In fact many are stxll l'CI'Il11'1lSC1I'lg about those glorious days Other noteworthy items durmg the last of the year were C M I P A electlons our own Albert Ahlstrom became the new presldent and LOUISE Kraskouskas was voted secretary to the organlzatlon Boys and glrls State delegates were also announced Albert Ahlstrom Bob Sauter D1ck Joslyn Catherlne Murphy and Betty Galdanowlcz The flve selected had an excellent opportunlty to learn about our governmental system Our thlrd year had come and gone and wlth 1ts passmg we bud farewell to a good frlend and teacher MISS Shel don who had served as our class advmser for three years Although we were sorry to have her leave we wrshed her success and happmess m her new career +-iecffaksv-4 Semor Year Wlth three years of experxence and fun behlnd us We re1o1ned our class mates to spend the greatest year of all as senrors The girls sport1ngD A s and the boys enthuslasts of the Zoot SU1tS The conservatlve styles seemed to have become a thlng of the past but next year somethmg new wlll un doubtedly be added The glrls hockey team dlrected by Coach Power had an undefeated sea son It was a great thrlll to all fans and players as xt has been many years smce the team had had such asuccess ful season Our football and basket ball teams had rather good seasons who buoyed us on through thlck and thm Senior cheerleaders were Cath erme and Elxzabeth Murphy Suzanne Turcotte and head cheerleader Sylvla Kajander The glrls won second DTIZC at a cheermg tournament and a trophy was granted to the school ln recogm tlon of our cheerleaders fine ab1l1ty Our semor play Our Hearts were Young and Gay scored a tremendous hxt after two months of rehearsals Well never forget the hxlarxous cos tumes of the 1920 era Remember Robert Sauter and Gordon Shevlsm wh1te kmckers Wllll3m Laakso as the dashmg French actor Norman Valley as the great Ot1s Skmner and hls lov mg wlfe played by Patrlcla Cook? Audrey Glll and Sheila Bohman cer talnly had trouble wlth the dentl frxce but thelr wonderful Enghsh Y . , ' ' J 7 7 1 l ' 7 . , . 4 7 ! 1 ' , ' v - ' homeward. We returned to New York and we give thanks to our cheerleaders . . . . , l Y P , . , 1 . , . Q - . u n . Q' . 7 X v n , . . . , . . . . , . , . . 4 I . . 5 . . y P Y 3 Y 7 9 ' C . n - - N 'I . Q l . ,, . . THE ARGUS accents added a d1st1nct flavor to the play Sue Pearson and Sylvxa Ka Jander won laurels for the leadmg roles of Emxly Klmbrough and Cornella Otls Skmner The entlre cast put on a memorable performance However the play wouldn t have been pOSS1ble wlthout the competent dlrectxon of Mlss RHVESI aSSlSt6d by Margery Crouch and hard workmg commlttees A new treat was the Semor K1d Party Dressed 1n clothes of the younger generatlon we for a week afterward renewed the memor1es of our rollerskatmg days Many of us nursed brulsed knees from falhng so often or sore sldes from laughmg so much Prlze wmners for the best costumes went to LOUISC McKell1ck Norman Hxcks and Larry Cohen However the star of the evenmg was Santa Claus portrayed by Albert Ahl strom The glfts that he gave out were later contrlbuted to char1ty Another successful band concert and choral concert were dlrected by Henry Gates The varlety and good sp1r1t1n the programs were two qual 1tl6S that helped to make them popular wlth the audlence The year'sfest1v als were held IH Turners Falls and at the Un1vers1ty of Connect1cut A large number of us hated to leave the orgamzatlon as we had become very attached to xt durmg four years Preparatlons for commencement were here before we knew lt The call for graduatlon speakers was out and all of us s1gned up for commlttees to help Wlth the fmal act1v1t1es The Senior Receptlon and Banquet deslg nated the end of our hlgh school days yet the full lmpact d1d not affect us untll that last moment when we held IH our hands a beautlfully embossed dlploma symbohzmg the successful completxon of our courses at G H S Ours was the first class to have lts hlgh school l1fe recorded on film Mr Wlll1amS took movxes of many of our act1v1t1es 1n order that we mlght rellve those days ln later years But for all of us the future holds many new experlences We must not l1ve on our past memor1es alone for that would be stagnatlon We must contlnue a forward march and ant1c1 pate reumtmg Wlth our classmates of 1953 Upon our leavlng we have made room for another class to be come part of our growmg famlly of loyal Gardnerltes . , . , . . 7 ' ! 1 Q 7 ' Y 1 , . - r - ' , PPO l LITTLE OS-CARS 9P BUYS Handsomest N611 C1111 Most Dependable James KIOSSSS Best Mannered Dav1d Schaffer Best Athlete Paul Haraslmowlcz Most A rtzstzc Bzggest Tease Best Solozst Best Lobbyzst Cutest Crewcu Martin Lore Dennxs Wardwell Martln I O1 e Law rence Cohen t Henry Mazejka Most Optzmzstzc Fdwm Hastbacka Wzttzest Fashzon Plate Nzcest Eyes Best Actor Rene F redette Dennls Wardwell Nell Glll Dexter Flsher Norman Valley Most Lzkely to Succeed James Kxosses Frzendlzest Eugene 'I urgeon GIRLS Prettzest Janet Borey Most Dependable Louise Kraskouskas Best Mannered Loulse McKell1ck Best Athlete Angela Zampogna Most A rtzstzc Natalle Davls Bzggest Tease Nozszest Glorla Roblch lud Best Solozst Margery Crouch Best F zlzbusterer Patrlcla Cook Cutest Cozjure Carlyn W1ckman Most Optzmzstzc Marjorle Morrlssey Wzttzest Audrey Glll Best Stylzsts Catherlne and Ellzabeth Murphy Prettzest Eyes Natahe Davls Best Actress Sylvla Keuander Most Lzkely to Succeed Margery Crouch F rzendlzest Dolores Nobrega COM IVI ITTE E. Susan Pearson Shella Bohman Dlane Martel Helen Lavu danskl V, 7 , V ,fr Y . . p I l 1---Q' fff- ---new -- - L B-'rw-l+S"' 'W'-N--'na , . ,. 1. . I - , 2. Q s 3' . . ' 4. 5. . . . . Noisiest Rene Fredette Marguerite Bourgeois . . 1 7. l ' ' ' 2 ' , ' 8. ' ' 9' . . . . ' X ' 10. ' ' A 11. ' ' ' . I 12' . . . - - - 13. ' 14. ' ' ' 15. ' ' ' U 16. ' I ' 1 f 17. ' I xx Stnlurs E I ivy 1 Q, q z' J 4 K, ' bb 4 S G 3 x - ,.,- A 1 . t 0 4 Ac I . J f ' 'A .1 Martmj Nxcholson Marty 157 Woodland Avenue Our class presldent has proved to be a natural leader and a SCFIOUS student durmg hls years at G H S Hts llkeable personallty and mtelhgence assure h1m a success ful future Prmclpal s Cabmet class treasurer 3 class pres1dent4 varslty basketball 2 class basketball 1 Clubs Latln 2 Mathemat1cs3 4 Pro Merlto treasurer Freshman Party Sophomore Party junlor Semor Prom Semor Play Semor Kld Party and Semor Banquet Commlttees Patrlcla P Salerno a 20 Barthel Avenue Pat IS a kld that everyone knows has made a very capa ble vxce presldent Wxth her qunet manner shes sure to remam a true frlend to all her classmates Prmclpals Cabmet class vlce presldent 4 Argus News Staff 4 varslty basketball 2 class vollevball 1 4 Club Mustc 2 3 4 Pro Merlto secretary Operetta 2 Chorus 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Freshman Party Sophomore Party Jumor Semor Prom 4 and Semor Receptlon Commlttees Nell H Glll Nellle 345 Chestnut Street Good looks sharp clothes and an all round fellow fit our Nexhe perfectly He can always be found Jltter bugging, at hrs best both for your enjoyment and hls Prmcnpal s Cabmet class treasurer2 4 Argus Write ID Commlttee varslty track 2 Operetta 2 Band 1 2 Junlor Semor Prom Athletlc Ball and Graduation Decoratlon Commxttees Louxse Kraskouskas 19 Nuttlng Street As a practical Joker and a great fihbusterer Loutse wlll surely be a success at Simmons College We all agree that she has done a fine Job as a leader of our class Prlnclpals Cabmet class vlce presldent 1 class secre- tary 4 Argus News Co Edltor 4 Argus News Staff 4 Argus Picture Board 2 3 4 Central Massachusetts Interscholastlc Press Assoctatlon secretary 4 Good Government Day State Representatxve alternate4 Clubs Workshopl vlce presldent 1 Muslc 2 3 Masquers 3 Future Teachers of America 2 Pro Merlto Band 1 2 3 4 secretary 3 4 Fresh man Party Sophomore Party Semor Kld Party Semor Play and Class History Committees - - 11 71 . . . , . . . , . x i - . , ,. 1 , - , 1 ' 1 " 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 , ' 1 1 . . 1 . , . - - up tn 1 . . . . , . . , . . . . 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' Y U V I 7 Y P 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . . U . . ,, -, ' . . N.. . ,, . . . l , . . . , . . . ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 Y - - , . . . 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , . f' Y' YY tk-,bf 'mr fi? an 'W' " , NAME 3 . 45 A' -f., A ff fs ' ' 43 v f?f"JV W My I 5 Robert C. Ahlstrom 89 Waterford Street Bob is one of the happy-go-lucky boys in our class. A ready smile and a kind word for everyone have made him an enjoyable companion. Clubs: Stamp 1, Mathematics 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Grad- uation Decoration Committee. Carolyn K. Anderson 583 West Broadway Even though Carolyn is slight, you can always spot her because she's full of spirit. Her friends never have a dull fI'l0l'l'l6flt. Argus Business Board l, 2, 3, 4, Argus News Staff 33 Clubs: Workshop 2, Music 2, Sophomore Party and Senior 'S Reception Committees. Albert R. Ahlstrom "Al" 55 Korsholm Avenue Albert is a hard worker with a good sense of humor and a great deal of intelligence. With these qualifications he is sure to make a success of his chosen profession, the ministry. Argus CoEditor 4, Argus Literary Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Argus News Staff 4, Argus Catalog Committee, Central Massachusetts Interscholastic Press Association, president 45 Good Government Day State Representative 43 Clubs: Stamp 1, 2, 3, 4, president 4, Mathematics 3, 4, vice- president 4, Foreign Policy 3, 4, Pro Merito, Senior Play, Band 1, 2, Boys' State, Freshman Party and Class Gift Committees. uB0bn Shirley M. Albee "Shirl" 245 South Main Street With her willingness to work and her friendly person- ality, Shirley is sure to succeed. If you can find a Plym- outh, you can find her. Clubs: Camera 1, Masquers 4, Graduation Decoration Committee. "Carol" Q' . 'Hf"1a3ifQxfl Robert A. Ashe "Bob" 292 Union Street His gymnastic and diving skills assure Bob a lively career. No doubt we'll soon see him on television with the "Bouncing Bodos," a professional trampoline group he has joined. N. E. A. A. A. U. Meet, Bronze Medal 3, varsity swim- ming 4g Club: Gymnastic 1, 2, 3, 4. Ioan W. Ballentme "Joni" 18 Coyle Street Joan's friendly smile and personality will help to speed many a patient along the road to recovery. She is one of the many girls who are making nursing their career. Argus Catalog Committee, class volleyball 1, Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, Masquers 33 Senior Play and Senior Banquet Committees. P. Roland Beaudet "Rolly" 176 Pleasant Street Rolly, with his mature mind andiwinning personality, has made many friends among us. We're sure that some school will gain an excellent history teacher in the future when Rolly joins its faculty. Clubs: Stamp 3, 4, French 1, 2, 3, 4, vice-president 3, co president 4, Future Teachers of America 4, treasurer 4, Senior Play. Barbara C. Bell "Barb" 26 Sunset Road With her sincere personality and love of children, Bar- bara will make a fine teacher of tomorrow's citizens. Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, French 45 Operetta 2g Chorus 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Party, Senior Play, and Class History Committees. ! H. Roy Berkenstock, Jr. "Berk' 177 Elm Street With a quick wit and an eagerness for work, Roy be- 'W came well-known and well-liked. Varsity baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 class basketball 1, 2g Clubs: Latin 1, 2, Mathematics 3, 4, Pro Meritog Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Senior Banquet Committees. Jeannette Bernard "Jeanne" 194 Parker Street Jeannette is a wonderful friend and a good worker. Her friendliness is one of her most valuable assets. Flo rence Stove Co. will gain a fine oflice worker when she leaves G. H. S. Beverly A. Bjorson "BJ" 152 Peabody Street There's never a dull moment when you're with Bev. She sparkles with energy, and we are all sure that that energy will carry her far. Varsity basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, softball 1, 2, class volleyball 1, 25 Club: Music 1. Eunice M. Blyther R. F. D. 298 B Eunice is a quiet and attentive girl. With these quali- ties she is sure to find success. Sheila A. Bohman "Skeeta" 21 Cross Street You'll always find Sheila in the middle of a good dis- cussion on psychology. She'll make an excellent child psychologist. Argus Literary Board 1, 4, Argus Picture Board 2, class volleyball 1, Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, Masquers 4, Foreign Pol- icy 4g Senior Play, Operetta 1, 2, Chorus 33 Band 3, Soph- omore Party and Class History Committees. 22 Knowlton Street Janet V. Borey "Jan" 62 Union Street The Boy Scout Office has a valuable asset in Janet. She has a very pleasing personality and a generous smile for everyone. Jan will go far in the business world. Argus Literary Board 2, 3, 4, All New England Concert Chorus 45 class volleyball 2, 33 Clubs: Workshop 1, 2, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Masquers 3, 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 1, 2, 3, Operetta 1, 2, Chorus 3, 4, Band 45 Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Play, and Senior Recep- tion Committees. H. Paul Bourgeois Boog Marguerite R. Bourgeois "Maggie" 13 West Street Maggie's humor has kept many a class in an uproar. She can always be heard before she can be seen. Her per- sonality will always win new friends for her. Club: French 35 Pro Merito. lt's always the bell and then Paul never Paul then the bell. Helen's written plenty of admit slips for him. Best of luck in the Navy. Varsity football, assistant manager 1, track, manager 3, 4. f Joan M. Burns 27 Jackson Park Jocose, Optimistic, Active, Neat. This spells the name of a truly delightful individual. Besides all of her activi- ties, Ioan always hasa cheerful word and a helping hand for others. Argus Write-up Committee, varsity basketball 3, 4, Club: Music 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Kid Party Committee. X 1'-, ' , t David H. Butler "Fireball" 9 Willow Street David has a quick wit and is the all-round good person 2 anyone would wish for a friend. We are confident David will spread happiness along the path of life. Henry E. Burns "Pete" 288 Parker Street Pete's ability and success on the swimming team is well known. He has all our hopes that he will prove a similar success at music school. Varsity football 1, baseball 2, swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Club: Radio 2, 3, 4, vice-president 4, Band 4g Athletic Ball and Senior Banquet Committees. NJC!! W. -ti. - i. 'W My ig gm, -f Q. Mary Ann Burns 292 High Street Although Mary Ann gives the impression of being the silent type, her friends will describe her as being the one person who is loads of fun. Class volleyball 1, 23 Clubs: Music 1, 2, Masquers 3, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Play, and Class History Committees. Alice L. Casey 14 Lincoln Street that a gathering will never be a "foul ball" with Alice around. Good taste and manners add up to a social "homerun" every time with our "li' l Casey." Jeannine I. Charbonneau "Charb" 17 Way Street see Marie, you can be sure Jeannine isn't far away. Pauline M. Canty 201 Regan Street Good things come in small packages certainly defines this little miss. She's always ready with a helping hand and her secretarial future is assured. X' ,. :V -'fffff',ff'7fg1g5fz5f"- wi ' Perhaps "Mighty Casey" struck out but you can be sure Band Twirler 3. Hugh G. Chapman "Mickey" 7 Glazier Street Hugh is a happy-go-lucky person who has won more than one friend here at G. H. S. Class basketball 1. Jeannine's favorite subject is a certain airman. If you Club: Natural Science 1. Arnold R. Chipman "Amy" 210 Waterford Street Arny is quiet around school, but we hear that he is a different personality in Athol. Here's hoping that he will be happy in whatever the future brings. Varsity basketball 1, 25 class basketball lg Club: Natural Science 2. Josephine A. Cichanowicz ,Io 63 Harvard Street Jo is a quiet girl. But the hockey team will be lost without her. We are sure that whatever she chooses in the future will be done to perfection. Varsity basketball 1, 4, softball 1, hockey 1, 4, class vol- leyball 1, 4. Ann Cilley 82 Temple Street Ann, who just loves stories without endings, will be found in the nursing profession next September. How can anyone stay sick, with those bright eyes and that cute giggle to take care of him. Argus Literary Board 43 Clubs: Foreign Policy 4, Music 1, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Senior Reception Committees. Elinor H. Cloutier "Ellie" 17 Pleasant Street, South Royalston Filled with personality and always ready to give a help- ing hand-that's Elinor. Here's to your future. Senior Play, Graduation Decoration Committee. Lawrence A. Cohen "Larry" 47 Bickford Hill Road lf speech be the gift of God, Larry is the most gifted person in Gardner High. His ever-ready wit and fluent tongue will not soon be forgotten. Argus Advertising Manager 3, 4, Argus Business Board 1, 2, 3, 43 varsity tennis 2, 3, 4, Clubs: Latin 1, Music 1, 2, Masquers 4, Mathematics 3, 4, Foreign Policy 2, 3, 4, vice- president 3, president 4, Senior Play, Operetta 23 Band 1, 2, 3, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Senior Banquet Committees. Irene M. Coiteux "Renie" 42 Main Street Irene is a pert little miss with a twirling baton. We wish her much success in her college career. Varsity basketball 3, 43 class volleyball 2, 3, 4, Clubs: Workshop 1, Music 2, 3, 4, French 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, Chorus 3, 4, Band Twirler 1, 2, 3, Assistant Drum Major 43 Sophomore Party and Senior Play Committees. Patricia A. Cook "Cookie" 115 Edgell Street Oftentimes we have caught Cookie in serious concen- tration. She'll keep the patients in Newton-Wellesley Hos- pital in stitches with her great mental images. Argus News Staff 1, 2, 35 Clubs: Workshop 1, 2, Stamp l, Camera 2, Masquers 3, 4, Foreign Policy 4, Pro Meritog Senior Play, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Kid Party, and Class Gift Committees. Marcia V. Couture "Mark" 32 Jean Street Marcia has the ability to win friends and keep them. Whether it's college or a business office for her, she'll be tops. Pro Merito. . .M,..,i,, Richard N. Crichton 53 East Broadway teristics will carry him far. l ville, Massachusetts, 1949. Margery Crouch "Margie" 45 Elm Street Here is a sincere worker who has done more than her share in making our stay at G. H. S. successful. Her untiring efforts made her one of the best student directors any Senior Play cast could ask for. Her personality and willing attitude will win her many friends. Principal's Cabinet, class secretary 35 Argus News Staff 4, Argus Write-up Committee, D. A. R Good Citizenship Award, Pro Merito Award to highest ranking Sophomore, National French Contest Awards 2, 3, All New England Concert Band 3, class volleyball 23 Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, third vice-president 3, 4, French 3, Masquers 3, 4, secretary 4, Mathematics 3, 4, Pro Merito, Senior Play, Operetta 1, 2, Chorus 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. secretary 2g Orchestra 1, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Kid Party. Pound Party 3, 4, and Class Gift Committees. ji J Margaret M. Crowley . M 160 Summer Street "Dick" Although Richard may seem quiet in nature, he is a good friend to all who know him. We know these charac- Transferred from Templeton High School, Baldwin- uMaggien Q "Quietness, good nature and sincerity make a steady character." Maggie will be a valuable asset in some office. ge C 4 , Class volleyball 1, 2, Clubs: Camera 3, Music 1, 2, 3, 43 if 1 Operetta 1, 2, Freshman Party and Senior Reception Q S Committees. 4 i 'fs I X Q ' f Charles F. Damon 84 Euclid Street Charlie is one of our quieter classmates, but he always has the right answer when called on. Best of luck, Charlie. 'r Ki .ggai4f"H' ' .,f., 4 M . it. l , iii '21 , Natalie A. Davis "Nan" 219 Union Street Natalie is quiet but friendly. She will make a good nurse. Patients will like her no matter how sick they are. Argus Art Board 4, Club: Art 3, 4, treasurer 4, Senior Kid Party Committee. Victor A. Dembek "Sinney" 37 Dublin Street His quick wit and ready smile make him a friend to all. We hope it will help him in whatever he chooses to do. Varsity football 3, 4, basketball, manager 3, 4, track 2, 3, 45 class basketball 13 Club: Gymnastic 2. Marion C. Diamond "Mo" 162 Smith Street Between working at S. Bent 8z Bros. and school, she's quite a busy girl. She's a terrific friend and a wonderful coworker. Argus Write-up Committeeg varsity hockey 1, 2, 35 class volleyball 1, 2. David W. Dow "Dave" Old Boston Turnpike, Hubbardston David should go in for story writing because he sure knows how to tell tall tales. Best of luck to a swell kid. Clubs: Stamp 1, 2, Masquers 43 Senior Play. Shirley H. Duncan 79 Keyes Road With her jovial laugh and her willingness to help others, Shirley is bound to find much success in the world. Argus Typist 4, Argus Catalogue Committee, Club: Natural Science 3, 4, Senior Play and Class History Committees. ' Bertrand J. Duplessis , "Bert" ,' 131 Peabody Street A flashing red streak labeled "Mercury" denotes Bert's presence. Bert is one of those friendly fellows that always has a shrewd grin that hints of mischief. Transferred from Oblate Seminary, Bucksport, Maine, 1950. Janice M. Dupuis "Jan" 59 Lincoln Street Find a blue Chevy coupe and you've found Janice. Her natural curly locks are her crowning glory. Transferred from St. Anne's Academy, Marlboro, Mas- sachusetts, 1949, class volleyball 25 Clubs: Music 1, 2. 3, French 1, 2, Masquers 3, 4, Chorus 3. Richard L. Duverger "Dick" 351 South Main Street Dick is a good looking lad who can really make life worth living when you get to know him. He will be re- membered for his work behind the scenes of many G. H. S. productions. Stage Squad 2, 3, 4, Senior Play and Senior Reception Committees. David W. Eddy 337 Elm Street David would be a lot happier if those referees Wouldn't be so particular at the basketball games. Best of luck. Varsity basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4, cross coun- try 1, 25 Clubs: Natural Science 1, 2, Music 1, 23 Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Athletic Ball Committees. John E. Erickson 194 Conant Street A pleasant smile and a generous nature have won John many friends at G. H. S. We wish him Godspeed in the Air Corps. Class basketball 1, golf 1, 2, 3, 4. Stanley R. Dymek "Sonny" 3 Chatham Street Stanley has been a friend to everyone in Gardner High and a nice guy to have around. Stan is also quite a sport behind the wheel of his Dad's Olds. Best of luck, Stan. Club: Ski 4, Freshman Party and Senior Play Com- mittees. "Dave" 1 32 i A. Neil Erickson "Curly" Depot Road, Hubbardston Around G. H. S. Curly is a quiet fellow. When he's with the boys, it's a different story, we hear. "Smiley" Richard H. Erickson "Dick" 93 Ash Street Dick puts his best into any job he undertakes. If he keeps up the good work, we know he'll be a successful accountant. ' All New England Concert Band 4, Club: Mathematics 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play and Graduation Decoration Committees. Richard C. Feltmarch "Felty" 94 Green Street "Felty" should be given an "A" for both athletics and studies. He is always willing to try anything once, and if it appeals to him, it becomes a habit. Varsity football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Club: Natural Science l, 2, Freshman Party, Junior-Senior Prom, and Class Gift Committees. Dexter A. Fisher 174 Lovewell Street Dex has proved himself a top notch athlete and a gen- uine friend. There is no doubt he will do well in what- ever career he chooses. Northern Worcester County Sportswriters' Football Team 43 varsity football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 33 class bas- ketball 1. John I. Flanagan 17 Mechanic Street John, with his red hair and joking personality, has made many friends at G. H. S. We wish him succew as an accountant. Class basketball 1, 2, golf 1, 2, 3, 4. ' if 5, Rene H. Fredette 20 Water Street Whenever there's fun to be had, we're sure to find Rene around. His friendly personality has won him many friends. Club: Music 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, Chorus 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. Elizabeth L. Gaidanowicz "Betty" 275 Gardner Road, Hubbardston In basketball Betty's always running away with the ball . while everyone else is still looking for it. The WAF's are her goal after school. Varsity basketball 4, softball 3, 4, swimming 4, class volleyball 2, Girls' State. 5 Dawn M. Fred "D21Wf1i6" 107 Washington Street As she is very fond of sports and dancing, Dawn has made many friends. Her welcoming smile is sure to bring her much success. Argus Business Board 3, Argus Write-up Committee, varsity basketball 1, 2, 3, softball 1,2, hockey 2, 33 class vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, Club: Music 1, Freshman Party Committee. Joseph R. Gabis "Joe" 375 Pleasant Street Tall, muscular, and friendly describes Ioe perfectly. We also know him for his speed on the football field, proved by the many points he has scored for G. H. S. in the past four years. Varsity football 3, 4, track 2, 3, 4, class basketball 1, wrestling 3, 4. ,L ,L . N., 'W' Audrey J. Gill "Audge" 345 Chestnut Street A quick wit, a friendly smile, and that English accent have made Audge well-liked among the students at G. H. S. The people in the "roaring twenties" couldn't do the "Charleston" as well as Audge. Argus News Staff 4, varsity softball 2, 3, hockey 2, 3, 4, class volleyball 1, 2, Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, Masquers 3, For- eign Policy 3, Future Teachers of America 2, Senior Play, Operetta 23 Chorus 3, Band 33 Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Class History Committees. .2 V Rachel A. Goguen "Rae" 38 Sand Street Big things come in small packages. She possesses friendliness, wit, and humor. Argus Business Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Argus Picture Board 2, Argus Typist 4, Argus Catalog Committee, Club: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 35 Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior-Senior Prom, and Pound Party Committees. Teresea A. Goral 152 Peabody Street whatever path of life she chooses. ,xl I Charles W. Griftin, jr. "Charlie" 156 Park Street Charlie is always there when he's needed. Wherever there's a basketball game going on, there you'll find Charlie playing his usual best. Clubs: Mathematics 3, Ski 4, Band 1, 2, Graduation Decoration Committee. f 1 ix V 3 Q-5 as Mfg .t it , 1'-. E A -Jw Underneath her quiet attitude there is a warm person ality. We are sure her quietness will bring her success in 6 Raymond V. Haapaoja "Happy" 68 Halford Street Ray is one of the quieter members of our class and a true friend to all who know him. He has all our best wishes for a successful career in music. All New England Concert Chorus 2, 3, 4, Clubs: Latin 2, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class History Committee. Paul P. Harasimowicz "Harris" 293 Elm Street Pete is equally at home on the basketball court or foot- ball Held as in the classroom. With this versatility he is sure to be a success in the future. Northern Worcester County Sportswriters' Football Team 45 varsity football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 3, 4, baseball, manager 1, track 2, 3, 4, Club: Latin 1, 2, Athletic Council 4' Athletic Ball and Senior Banquet Committees Edwin A. Hastbacka "Fat" 93 Peabody Street Edwin is naturally inclined to be cheerful and hopeful. These traits should help him win promotions in the Air Force. Varsity football 1, 4, baseball 4. Beverly A. Heino "Bev" 192 Pearl Street Bev has much friendliness and kindness packed into that small frame. These attributes are sure to bring her success. Argus Catalog Committee, Clubs: Workshop 1, Natural Science 1, Music 2, 3, 4, Masquers 3, 4, Operetta 25 Fresh- man Party and Senior Banquet Committees. Joyce A. Henchey 86 Park Steet Joyce has a quiet personality and a willingness to help. 'K We wish her much success in her future. i Argus Literary Board 43 varsity hockey 35 Clubs: Camera 2, Natural Science 1, 45 Graduation Decoration Committee. , W 1 , If, gui 4- . Q , ., " 'C-. w f Paul A. Hentnik "Paulie" 74 High Street Paul is a classmate with a heart of gold. He is always willing to give anyone a helping hand and a ride in his Buick. Varsity football l, 2g Stage Squad 2, 4g Club: Ski 4. Norman W. Hicks "Hicky" 87 Washington Street A quiet, yet inspiring young man is our Norman. He has a cheery word or the latest joke for everyone. Club: Stamp l, 2. 3 Barbara L. Hill "Barbs" 14 Maple Street This quiet blonde is often seen but seldom heard. Maybe she has the Air Force on her mind. Argus Write-up Committee. Carol J. Hoglund 35 Mayfield Road Committees. Marie E. Janssens 55 Vernon Street Her pleasing smile sets her apart from the crowd. Her dependability makes her tops. Her commercial future is assured. Argus Business Board 1, varsity basketball, manager 3, hockey 3, Clubs: Natural Science 1, Music 2, Senior Ban- quet Committee. 77 Marquette Street naval pilot. Varsity track 2, 3. Robert L. Johnson " " 30 Foss Road Be it a closely contested basketball game or a heated debate over hunting rifles, Bob is always trying his best. In Bob's case, Success and Johnson are a pair of seven let- ter synonyms. , Class basketball lg Club: Ski 43 Pro Merito. Soon she'll be a southern belleg but she'll always bring a pleasant memory in the minds of her classmates. Class volleyball 2, 33 Clubs: Latin 1, 2, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Masquers 33 Operetta 2, Chorus 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Junior-Senior Prom, and Senior Play Richard F. Januszkiewicz "Dick" Dick is one of those fellows who are always on hand when someone needs help. His ambition is to become a g'-HFS? Evelyn J. Joslyn "E. I." 95 Coleman Street This quiet miss should make some sick person well in a short time. Her bedside manner should please the most discriminating. Argus Business Board 1, 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Party, Sen- ior Play, and Senior Reception Committees. Richard R. Ioslyn "Dick" 31 Euclid Street His ability to accomplish a task in a quiet effective man- ner has given him success in high school which we know A will follow him in later life. Argus News Staff 4, Argus Catalog Committeeg Clubs: Latin 1, Stamp 1, 2, 3, 4, treasurer 3, 4, French 3, 4, Mathe- matics 3, 43 Pro Meritog Boys' State, Freshman Party, Soph- omore Party, Senior Kid Party, Senior Play, and Gradua- tion Decoration Committees. V. Sylvia Kajander 320 High Street Her gay, infectious laughter and her spirited cheering at Gardner High's athletic contests have made her a well- known and well-liked girl at G. H. S. Argus Literary Board 23 Acadian Club French Award 2, class volleyball 1, Cheerleader 3, 45 Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, French 2, 3, secretary 3, Masquers 4, vice-president 4, Mathematics 4, Pro Meritog Senior Play, Operetta lg Chorus 4, Athletic Ball 3, 4 and Senior Reception Committees. Donald G. Kendall "Don" 44 Washington Street In addition to a good sense of humor, Don is very con- scientious and hard-working. We know that Franklin Institute is extremely fortunate in acquiring this versatile young man. J ames T. Kiosses "jim" 127 West Street jim's ability to take the initiative will enable him to travel the road of life with ease. We sincerely thank Jim for all he has done for our class. Principal's Cabinet, class president 2, 33 class basketball 1, Clubs: Latin 1, Mathematics 3, 4, Pro Merito, president, Operetta 2g Chorus 3, 4, Band 3, 43 Freshman Party, Junior- Senior Prom 3, Senior Kid Party, Senior Play, and Senior Reception Committees. john F. Kuehl "jackie" 248 Pearl Street We hear that John spends most of his time trapping. He also has a great interest in the history of the Amer- ican Indian. Verna E. Kumpulainen "Vern" 262 Pearl Street A bright future is ahead for Verna, whether it be nurs- ing or writing to fellows in Korea. She is a good sport in every way. Argus Catalog Committee, varsity hockey 2, class vol- leyball 25 Clubs: Workshop 1, Latin 4, Camera 1, Music 2, 3, 4, Masquers 3, 4, Operetta 2, Sophomore Party, Senior Play, and Senior Banquet Committees. William B. Laakso "Willy" 56 Dyer Street His wonderful personality and grand sense of humor have made him the center of many friendly groups. Am- herst College will be receiving in Bill one of the best of Gardner High. Argus Write-up Committee, varsity baseball 3, 4, class basketball lg Clubs: Workshop 1, 2, president 2, Latin 2, French 3, 4, Radio 4, treasurer 4, Masquers 3, 4, Mathe- matics 3, 4, Foreign Policy 4, Senior Play, Band 1, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Class History Committees. Lorraine L. Lacasse 217 Connors Street A pert white nurse's cap on her lovely curls should bring sunshine into many a patient's heart. We know she will make a fine nurse. Argus News Staff 4, Clubs: Natural Science 1, French 2, 3, Masquers 3, Mathematics 35 Pro Meritog Graduation Dec- oration Committee. Shlrley A. Lacousiere 269 Coleman Street "Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, But a happy mingling of them all!" They are fortunate who call Shirley a friend Sheila A. Lafortune 36 Union Street Burbank Hospital and Fitchburg State Teachers Col- lege will receive a valuable addition to its student body when Sheila arrives. Argus Literary Board 2, 3, 4, Argus News Staff 4, class volleyball 1, 2, Clubs: Workshop l, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, French 3, 4, Masquers 3, Pro Meritog Operetta 1, 25 Chorus 45 Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Play, and Class Gift Committees. Paul G. La1oie "Red" 85 Olney Street Red can usually be found in the middle of a group telling one of his many jokes. He'll probably still keep them laughing when he becomes a mechanic in Uncle Sam's Navy. Argus Write-up Committee, class basketball 3, baseball 1, Freshman Party and Senior Play Committees. Anna Lavoie 287 Baker Street Here's a quiet lass who appeals to everyone. Her pleasing personality and pretty smile will help to make her life successful. Clubs: Camera 3, Natural Science 1, French 1, 2, 3, 4, secretary 3, Pro Meritog Class Gift Committee. Arlen B. Leroy 18 Knowlton Street Arlen always comes up with those "big" words. He sounds like a walking dictionary. Good luck to a friendly EUY- Argus Write-up Committee. Helen E. Lashua 254 Pleasant Street Helen's friends will never forget her humor. When there's work to be done, Helen is always ready with a helping hand. Argus Catalog Committee, Senior Play and Class His- tory Committees. ng . Helen A. Lawdanski 287 Pine Street Here is a girl who truly knows the meaning of friendship. Everyone who comes in contact with her has a pleasant word to say about her. We are sure that Helen will succeed in anything she undertakes. Argus Picture Board 3, 4, Argus Catalog Committee, class volleyball 2, 4, Clubs: Camera 4, secretary 4, Music 1, 25 Pro Meritog Sophomore Party, Senior Play, and Senior Banquet Committees. Anne B Levell Annie 88 West Broadway Although Anne hasnt been with Gardner High for long she has made many friends Best of luck to you Anne Transferred from Orange High School Orange Massa chusetts 1952 Clubs Music 1 2 3 4 Artl Senior Play Minstrel Show 2 3 Operetta 4 Senior Banquet Committee Rolandj L Homme Rolly 213 Greenwood Street Rolly has been a quiet fellow during his three years xx ith us but he has won the friendship of many W know he will find success Transferred from St Bernards High School Fitch burg Massachusetts 1951 Club French2 Senior Play and Graduation Decoration Committees f 28' Janice M. Littlefield an 15 Sunset Road Janice has never been known to doajob poorly. W hope that during her four years at Mass. State she will make as many friends as she has here. Argus News Co-Editor 4 Argus Picture Board 2 3 4' varsity softball 1 2 3' class yolleyballl 2 3' Clubs: Stamp l 2 3 4 secretary 4 Music 1 2 3 French 3 4 Masquers 3 Mathematics 3 4' Pro Merito' Bandl 2 3 4' Chorus 3' Freshman Party Sophomore Party and Senior Kid Party Committees. Martin R. Lore Mike 401 West Street Mike will long be remembered for his guitar rendi- tions as well as for his cheerfulness and good manners We know that success will be Martin's constant compan- ion throughout his life. Varsity basketball 1, 2, 3, baseball 1, 2, 45 Club: Gymnas- tic 43 Band 1. John D. Magner 395 Chestnut Street John has proven himself a very studious and intelligent lad. His quietness and studies haven't prevented him from making friends. We know he will succeed in what- ever he undertakes. Varsity football 2, 3, track 3, Club: Future Teachers of America 4: Sophomore Party Committee. ie, 1 ' , Lillian G. Mailloux 174 School Street If you should discover a Mailloux creation in a future copy of "Mademoiselle," look closely, for it will probably be one of Lil's. No doubt her career as a dress designer will one day make her well known throughout the world. Varsity hockey 2, 3, 4, softball, manager 1, 2, Clubs: Workshop 1, Music 25 Athletic Ball 33 Senior Play and Senior Reception Committees. James E. MacDonald, Jr. "Fink" 63 Glenwood Street Who has always got a cheerful "Hi" and a friendly word? Who is one of Dean Johnson's best assistants? Who is one of the best bowlers on the "team" on Mondays? Why "J im" MacDonald. Who else could it be? Varsity baseball 1, 2, 3, class basketball 13 Club: Radio 1: Stage Squad 1, 2, 3, 4. njackn Doris A. Maillet "Shorty" 156 Leamy Street Petite and a very good business student. She will al- ways be liked wherever she goes. Clubs: Camera 4, Natural Science 1, 2, French 1, 2, 3, 4, Pro Merito: Sophomore Party and Senior Play Committees. uldiln Lorraine A. Marion 52 Halford Street This practical girl has in nursing by working at the hospital. With all this ex- perience, she should be well ahead of the rest when she goes into training this fall Argus Business Board Party Committee. Barbara A. Martin 139 Main Street Our head majorette who steps high to represent G. H. S. Barb has done a great job in keeping the spirits up. We all hope that she meets success soon-we are sure she will. Class volleyball 2, Clubs: Workshop 1, Music 2, 3, 4, French 2, 3. 4, Operetta 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Twirler 1, 23 Drum Major 3, 4, Graduation Decoration Committee. Paul M. Manning "Doc" 68 Jonathan Street Though we have known Doc for a long time, he was a member of '53 only this last year. However, he has con- tributed his share in making this last year the best we have had. Transferred from Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Varsity baseball 3, class basketball 1, Club: Latin 1. begun preparing for her future 2, 3, 4, Argus Typist 4, Freshman Diane L. Martel "Dede" 107 Rich Street Her voice was soft, but her opinion was always heard. She's the kind of friend who always lends a sympathetic ear. Argus News Staff 2, Argus Art Board 45 class volleyball 23 Clubs: Latin 4, Camera 1, Music 3, 4, French 1, 2, 3, 4, co president 4, Art 3, 4, president 4, Masquers 3, 4, Chorus 33 Freshman Party and Graduation Decoration Committees. "Ba bs" Henry C. Mazejka "Butch" 47 Wright Street Butch has proved his merit on the football field, on the basketball court, and in the class-room. These qualifica- tions should spell out success in the future. Varsity football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 2, 3, 4, track 3, class basketball lg Club: Gymnastic 23 Athletic Ball Committee. Louise McKellick "Lu" 510 Pleasant Street A true friend to all who know her, Louise always has a bright smile and a cheery "Hi" to greet her classmates. Argus Assistant News Editor 4, Argus Typist 4, class volleyball 2, Clubs: Workshop 1, French 3, Masquers 3, 4, Pro Merito, vice-president: Sophomore Party, Senior Kid Party, Senior Play, and Graduation Decoration Committees. Lorraine A. Melanson "Lorry" 31 Branch Street Lorraine is one of those people who has the ability to put a laugh into almost any situation. We hope her life will continue to be as gay and happy as it has been the past four years. Class volleyball 4. Marie J. Melanson "Joyce" 23 Nichols Street Marie usually keeps her thoughts to herself, but she has a willingness to be helpful. Club: French 3. M. Claire Metcalf 205 Pine Street Quiet when in school but not when out. Here's a girl that always has a laugh for you. We certainly wish her the best of everything. Club: Camera 1. Jeannine M. Monette "Jeanie" 256 Baker Street You'll find her wherever Doris is. They are true friends and definitely inseparable. We feel sure Jeannine will always succeed in the years to come. Clubs: Natural Science 1, 2, French 1, 2, 3, 43 Pro Mer- itog Sophomore Party Committee. G. Patricia Moore "Pat" 186 Summer Street Though quiet, Pat has found her place in our class and has won many life-long friends. Edward T. Morrissey "Eddie" 187 Waterford Street Here's a boy with a happy smile and a Hot Rod "Chevy." Ed will do a fine job as a mechanic or a printer for our Gardner News. Wrestling 43 Club: Gymnastic 1, 2, 3, 4. Marjorie A. Morrissey "Marge" 42 Main Street Here's a girl with an open heart for everyone. She is a very nice person and you can be sure of plenty of laughs when Marge is around. Argus Literary Board 3, class volleyball 25 Clubs: Work- shop 1, Music 1, 2, 3, French 1, Operetta 1, 2, Chorus 33 Twirler 1, 23 Assistant Band Drum Major 3. Richard C. Mulqueen "Dick" 146 Nichols Street With his quiet, yet worldly manner, Dick is likely to become anything from movie star to president. But he's so busy with his job at the First National, he can't quite make up his mind. A915 Catherine E. Murphy Murph 23 Maple Street Murph plans to enter the nursing profession. We know she'Il keep the patients in as good spirits as she' s kept us these past four years. Argus Write-up Committee, varsity softball 3, 4g class volleyball 4, Cheerleader 3, 45 Clubs: Workshop 1, Latin 1, 2, Ski 43 Girls' State, Athletic Council 4, Senior Kid Party, Athletic Ball, and Class Gift Committees. Elizabeth Murphy "Murph" 23 Maple Street Libby is a happy, carefree person who has a smile for every friend and a friend for every smile. Varsity hockey 2, 3, 4, class volleyball 4, Cheerleader 4, Clubs: Workshop 1, Latin l, 2, Foreign Policy 4, Fresh- man Party, Sophomore Party, Senior Play, Athletic Ball, and Class Gift Committees. Wallace J. Nelson "Wally" 115 Olney Street Mr. Johnson will look long to find someone to replace Wally on the stage squad. Class basketball lg Club: Music 43 Stage Squad 2, 3, 43 Senior Play and Senior Reception Committees. f!Del17 Dolores E. Nobrega 216 Ryan Street Del has been a great asset to our class. This tiny miss has a personality that can never be forgotten. With her ability and sincere friendship she will be successful in any- thing she undertakes. Argus Write-up Committee, Clubs: Workshop 1,Stamp 1, 2, 3, vice-president 3, Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, secretary 3, Masquers 3, 4, Pro Meritog Chorus 3, Senior Reception Committee. Jacqualyn M. Olechnicki "Jackie" 248 South Main Street Jackie is always ready with a smile and a witty joke. When she goes into nursing, she will no doubt continue to keep her friends entertained the way she has entertained us in the past four years. Argus News Staff 33 class volleyball 13 Clubs: Workshop 1, Latin 4, Music 2, Masquers 3, 4, Band 1, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Senior Play Committees. Patricia J. Parkhurst "Pat" 39 Sand Street Pat's a generous girl and will give freely of her time and friendship. Ask the basketball team. They'll all say they had a terrific manager. Argus Exchange Board 4, varsity basketball, manager 4, softball 13 class volleyball 3, 43 Clubs: Latin 4, Music 2, 3, French 1, 2, Radio 4, Masquers 4, Mathematics 3, 43 Chorus 3, Senior Play Committees. Thomas D. Parrish "Tom" 114 Pearl Street Tom is a jack-of-all-trades and master of most. He suc- ceeds in everything he undertakes and does a good job. We all hope that his success will continue in the future. Principal's Cabinet, class treasurer lg Argus Write-up Committee, Argus News Staff 3, 43 All New England Con- cert Chorus 3, 4, varsity football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, swimming, manager 2, 3, 4, Clubs: Music 2, 3, 4, president 4, Mathematics 3, 4, treasurer 3, president 4, Pro Meritog Operetta 2, Chorus 3, 4, Athletic Council 4, Freshman Party, Athletic Ball 3, 4, Pound Party, and 310 West Broadway Class History Committees. Susan H. Pearson "Sue" 34 Woodland Avenue Gardner High will miss Sue's talent for acting. If she does as well on the stage of life as she has on the stage at G. H. S., she will surely come out on top. Argus Co-Editor 4, Argus Literary Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, treasurer 2, Masquers 3, 4, presi- dent 4, Mathematics 3, 4, secretary 3, Foreign Policy 3, 4, Senior Play, Operetta 1, 2, Chorus 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Party, Sophomore Party, Pound Party, and Senior Reception Committees. Phyllis M. Pernoski Fllss Alvin P. Perreault 46 Greenwood Street Alvin is quiet but always ready to join in the fun. His friendly smile will help him withstand many of life's hard knocks. With the personality this girl has, she is bound to get anything she wants out of life. Phyllis possesses a charm and personality which helps her achieve the friendship of all those who come in contact with her. Argus Literary Board 2, 3, 4, Argus Catalog Committee, class volleyball 1, 23 Clubs: Workshop 1, Music 1, 2, 41 Operetta 13 Chorus 4, Freshman Party and Sophomore Party Committees. Joan A. Poirier 316 Parker Street A shy but wellvliked girl who certainly is a credit to G. H. S. We are sure she will meet with success as easily as she does everything else. Clubs: French 1. Patricia J. Popple "Pops" Hill Street, R. F. D. Here is a girl who is always willing to do her share and does it well. Pat has entertained us many times on the trampoline. She should prove to be a fine commercial art- ist in future years. L -s-. , Argus Art Editor 4, Argus Art Board 3, 4, Argus Write- .rf 4 V up Committee, Clubs: Natural Science 1, Art 3, 4, Gymnas- tic 1, 2, 3, 4, Pro Meritog Senior Kid Party and Class Ban- l V quet Committees. . Q. ' ,ff if V lyvq 2 Frank E. Prentiss Main Street, Hubbardston If Frank's outstanding talent is his mechanical ability. It should enable him to achieve his other goals in life. Priscilla M. Putnam 38 West Broadway Everyone knows that good things come in little packages. This readily explains why Priscilla has so many friends at G. H. S. who will never forget how cheerful she always was. Argus Picture Board 2, Club: Natural Science lg Fresh- man Party and Sophomore Party Committees. Katherine L. Ray "Kathy" 2 Sunset Road A willingness personified, Katherine is always ready to do any job which needs doing, no matter how large or thankless. Clubs: Natural Science 2, 3, Art 4, Operetta 23 Chorus 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Kid Party, Senior Play, and Grad- uation Decoration Committees. Cecilia M. Richard 83 Greenwood Street Cecelia may be small in stature but she has a big heart of gold, which makes up for it. She has made many friends here at G. H. S. and will make many more in the years to come. "Celia" Class volleyball 1, 4, Clubs: Natural Science 2, French 2. Noella M. Richard 142 Parker Street This little Canadian miss has made many friends at G. H. S. As matrimony is in her picture of the future, we'll take this opportunity to wish her all the happiness in the world. Club: French 1, 2. Lucille D. Richard "Lulu" 158 Greenwood Street Lulu appears to be quiet and demure, but don't let that fool you. She is loads of fun and her personality has gained many friends for her. Argus Business Board 1, 2, 3, 45 Club: Music 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, Freshman Party and Sophomore Party Committees. .5 Gloria M. Robichaud 213 Park Street Club: Music 3, 43 Chorus 3. Janet M. Saari 32 Clark Street Always ready with a helping hand describes our Janet. One can always depend on her to do her part and do it well. Argus Literary Board 4, Argus Business Board 1, 2, 3, 43 Club: Radio 2, 3. There's laughter where Gloria is. She has a way of making people feel happy. We know she will continue to make friends just as she has at Gardner High. , . .,,.,,.,,,, . ..,. 3 32 Grant Street uB0b7! Robert B. Sauter 87 South Main Street Bob's winning personality and sincere motives have won him a host of friends at G. H. S. He is a conscien- tious worker who will some day make a name for himself. Argus News Staff 3, varsity basketball 4, class basket- ball 1, Clubs: Workshop 1, Latin 1, French 3, 43 Pro Meritog Senior Playg Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Boys' State, Freshman Party and Class Gift Committees. Arnold J. St. Pierre "Amy Arny isn't often heard around school. He is a hard worker outside of school and usually achieves his purpose K 'WHY David V. Schaffer "Davie" 235 Pine Street To anyone with such a conscientious, steadfast nature, surely will come success of a high degree. ior Reception Committee. Jeannette M. Schaffer "jan" 29 Branch Street Full of fun and always talking, she loves to go roller skating and is really quite good at it. She certainly had us beat at the Kid Party. Argus Typist 4, class volleyball 1. Gordon R. Shevis "Shev" 101 South Main Street Quiet in nature, Gordon's adaptability and geniality make him well-liked by all who know him. Clubs: Workshop 1, treasurer 1, Latin 1, Masquers 4, Mathematics 4, Foreign Policy 43 Senior Play and Class History Committees. Bernard P. Skamarycz "King" 252 Cross Street lf you're looking for a good worker, Bernie is your man. He can do a hard day's work just as easily as he can have a good time with the "gang." ln addition to this fine quality, he possesses one of those rare and sparkling personalities. Varsity football 1, manager 2, basketball 1, 2, 3, baseball 23 Club: Natural Science 2, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Athletic Ball Committees. Clubs: French 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Sen- Charles O. Slaby "Chuck 25 Chatham Street Chuck is the fortunate owner of one of the broadest smiles in school. He and Denny should add quite a lot to the Coast Guard during the coming years Transferred from Cushing Academy Ashburnham Massachusetts l95O' Clubs: Natural Science 2 3 4 Music 3, 45 Operetta 3, Senior Reception Committee f35'W'5 Norman G. Smith "Smitty 229 Sherman Street If you see a cloud of dust whiz past you, don't be alarmed because it's probably "Smitty" on that motor cycle-his pride and joy. Perhaps we'll one day hear that he has broken all the speed records in the motorcycle world. Club: Camera 1, 2, president 2 fp- I Beverly A. Stickney Bev 'N' S 370 Mill Street We dont hear much from Beverly in class but the chorus is going to miss her next year. Argus Typist 4' class volleyball 1' Clubs: Music 1 2 3 4, Masquers 3, 4, Pro Meritog Operetta 1, 23 Band 3, 4, Sen- ior Play and Class History Committees. Eugene D. Stowell "Gene" Gene is a polite and studious fellow who is bound for a bright and happy future. His generous heart and broad smile will help him along the way. Transferred from Templeton High School, Baldwinville, Massachusetts, 19523 Class treasurer 1, 2, 3. 55 Minott Street 5 Patrica A. Sylvester "Pat" 42 Smith Street Pat is full of spirit and personality. Her patients will be bound to like her. Good luck in training. Freshman Party and Senior Play Committees. Francine T. Symonds "F ran" 334 Pine Street Friendliness and an even disposition are Francine's assets. We wish her success at Lasalle Junior College and happiness as a'medical secretary. Varsity softball 1, Clubs: Workshop 1, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, French 3, 4, Radio 4, Art 4, Masquers 3, 43 Operetta 2, Chorus 3, 43 Senior Play and Senior Banquet Committees. John F. Talbot "Jack" 20 Washington Street John is usually quiet, but whenever there is work to be done, he is always on hand. This attitude should help him go a long way in life. Club: Latin 1, 2, Senior Reception Committee. Priscilla A. Thompson "Pit" 31 Grant Street Pit is a girl who has a smile for everyone. She's loads of fun and a nice girl to know. We know Priscilla will succeeds in whatever she undertakes. Argus Catalog Committee, Club: Music 1, 2, Operetta 1, Sophomore Party and Class History Committees. Anne-Marie Trudeau 260 Cross Street wishing her the best always. Suzanne B. Turcotte "Sue" 126 Park Street A gracious person and a good cheerleader-our only regret is that we weren't able to share her many talents more than two years. Transferred from St. Anne's Academy, Marlboro, Mas- sachusetts, 1951, Class vice-president 1, 2, varsity basket- ball 1, 2, softball 1, 2, class basketball 1, 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Clubs: Camera 3, 4, vice-president 3, president 4, Music 3, 4, French 3, 4, Masquers 4, Senior Play, Chorus 3, 4, Athletic Ball and Graduation Decoration Committees. 115 Vernon Street 1, 1 'S :Qi Gene is a friend to all and is welcome in any group His winning personality has won him many a friend at i X irr, Gardner High. Senior Reception Committees. Pauline M. Turgeon "P, T." 53 Monadnock Street Polly's full of pep and energy and puts just that into ev- erything she does. A friend to all and to all a friend aptly applies to her winning personality. Varsity basketball 3, hockey 3, 4. We don't see much of Ann-Marie except in school but her smile for everyone will always be remembered Here s Graduation Decoration Committee Eugene A. Turgeon Gene f Argus Write-up Committee, Clubs Camera 4 Natural Science 1, treasurer 1, Band 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Party and Norman R .Valley Princeton Road, Hubbardston Norm's wit and ready humor has added much life and Jules P. Vaillancourt 303 Coleman Street Jules is a likeable lad who has made many friends here at G, H. S. We usually see him speeding after school with many of his friends packed in his car. His carefree man- ner will carry him far. Club: Music 4, Chorus 43 Stage Squad 4, 11NOrmll color to our class during these four years. His perform- ance in the Senior Play will long be remembered by all. He will make good in whatever field he pursues in the fr future. Class basketball 1, Clubs: Radio 1, 3, 4, president 4, Mas- quers 3, 4, Mathematics 3, 4, Foreign Policy 2, 3, Senior Playg Class History Committee. Phyllis A. Vautour "Phyl" 82 Green Street Phyllis has only been with us since her sophomore year, but since then, she has made many friends at G. H. S. She'sa good sport and her pleasing personality will help her to succeed in whatever she does. Transferred from St. Anne's Academy, Marlboro, Mas- sachusetts, 19503 Argus Typist 4, class basketball 1, Soph- Dennis Wardwell 71 Banner Road In the band as well as in the classroom his presence is always heard. We know that Mr. Gates will miss him as a drummer as much as we will miss him as atrue friend. All New England Concert Band 45 varsity football 1, track 3, 45 class basketball lg Club: Music 3, 4, Chorus 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 4, treasurer 3, president 4, Freshman Party. Sophomore Party, Junior-Senior Prom, Senior Kid Party, and Class History Committees. omore Party and Senior Play Committees. Shirley A. Wells "Shirl" 19 Beech Street Whether you know her or not, Shirl has a big "hello" for everyone. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to all. That drum section always sounded good, Shirley. Principal's Cabinet, class secretary 1, 2, class vice-presi- dent 3, Argus News Staff 4, Argus Catalog Committee, class volleyball 2, Clubs: Latin 1, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, secretary 4, French 3, Masquers 3, 4, Senior Play, Gperetta 2, Chorus 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, Junior-Senior Prom, Senior Kid Party, Pound Party 3, 4, and Class Banquet Committees. Thomas L. Wheelen "Tom" 185 Woodland Avenue Tom is a friendly boy with a quick smile and a cheerful greeting. With these assets we are sure he will succeed in later life. Varsity football 3, baseball, manager 2, 3, 4, Clubs: Mathematics 4, Foreign Policy 4, Senior Play, Athletic Ball, and Class History Committees. Carlyn S. Wickman Carlie 13 Pond Street The band members, as well as the rest of us, know that Carlyn will be as successful at the University of New Hampshire as she was at G. H. S. Principal's Cabinet, class vice-president 2, varsity bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, softball 2, 3, 4, hockey 3, class volleyball 2, 3, Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Party, Sophomore Party, Junior-Senior Prom, Pound Party, and Class Gift Committees Harold O. Wickman "Wickie" 42 Main Street, Westminster Harold is sure to make as good a record at the U. of M. - where he will study agriculture - as he has made here during the past four years. Varsity baseball 1, class basketball 1, baseball 1, Stage Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Party, and Senior Play Committees. Gloria M. Williams 109 Monadnock Street Our fashion plate of G. H. S., who has everything else to go with it. She wins all who meet her with her pretty smile and great personality. Argus Literary Board 3, 4, Argus Jokes Board 3, Argus Typist 4, Argus Catalog Committee, Clubs: Music 1, 2, 3, 4, French 23 Pro Meritog Operetta 43 Freshman Party and Senior Play Committees. Carol A. Wilson 19 Tracey Street This pretty young miss is another girl who finds that nursing is the career she wants. Her smile will no doubt catch the eye of many an interne as well as her patients. Transferred from St. Bemard's High School, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 19505 class volleyball 23 Club: Radio 4. 95 Montvale Road Martha A. Wood Woodle We may have laughed about Woodle s horses but none of us who knew her will ever forget the fine friend she has been. Varsity basketball 3, 4, softball 3, hockey 2, 3, class vol- leyball 1, 4, Clubs: Camera 3, Natural Science 1, Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Gymnastic 2, Operetta 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Party and Senior Play Committees Angela M. Zampogna "Angie" 27 Harvard Street Angie can always be found either on the field or in the gym, spiriting her teammates on to victory. Here's wish- ing the very best to a "gal" that certainly deserves it. Argus Typist 4, varsity softball 2, 3, hockey 1, 3, 4, class volleyball 2, 3, 43 Athletic Council 4, Athletic Ball Committee. Patrlclar F Zblkowskl 1 24 Jackson Hlll Road Pat s frankness and her ablllty as an artlst have dlstm gulshed her at G H S If xou re looklng for Pat you can usually hnd her on the trampoline Good luck at Brrdgewater Argus News Staff 4 Argus Art Board 3 4 class volley ball 4 Clubs Lat1n4 Natural SCICDCC 2 Art 3 4 Gymnas tlcl 2 3 4 Freshman Party Sophomore Party Semor Knd Party and Senior Banquet Committees fl'- 115 263 Conant Street Here s a carefree fellow who wlll dare to go down any slope when sknng It IS dlflirult to find Chet around town on week ends Llass basketball l Llub blu 4 .Q , ' ' I. . ' ' "Z'b" . sk v , 3 . K 1 3 Z Y 1 1 1 ' . ' 1 1 1 Z v 9 5 4 l I "f'.'., W , st I - , T f', xx 4 ,sp ' Chester E. Zdanowicz "Chet" Q""l ,, N. l H ' ' .. .S . i 1 " A-if . X A E S 39 A ' gljufff' MMR THE ARGUS 1952 1953 Sports ln Revlew Boys' Sports Football Our football team under Coach Wal ter Dubzmskl and Co captalns Henry Butch Mazejka and Dick Desroches experienced a better than average season Although they lost their open mg encounter to Clinton the Cats clawed back and ended up with a 6 and 3 record After losing to a powerful Clinton squad 270 the home club won two straight taking St Bernard s 26 7 and Springfield Tech 190 Their fourth game was against the undefeated Hud son eleven In the only night game of the year Hudsons big l1ne and fast backs Wore down the Cats running away with a 270 victory After th1s defeat the local team strung together three straight vlctorles Included in thlS streak was a hard fought 20v1c burg In addition a 210 win over Worcester South and a 120 victory over I'urners Falls contributed to the winning streak On November 8 the Wlldcats lost their second game to an undefeated club Leominster 340 A week later the score was duplicated this time however the Cats won over Athol The season was filled with highlights Of these two stand out strongly in the Il'llIldS of Gardner fans The most lmportant play of the entire season was the first play from scrimmage in the Fitchburg game A mlxup of signals in the Red and Grey backtield caused the center snap to roll into and out of the end zonf giving the Cats two polnts and the game Although the local boys controlled the ball for the most part throughout the game they were not able to push lt across the line The most exc1t1ng play from a Wlld cat viewpomt was Dexter Fishers 95 yard touchdown run ln the Athol game This run came at a time when the Cats held only a one touchdown margln and lt broke the game wide open Fisher also scored two more touchdowns in this game and had an other one nulllfied by a penalty Other plays some dlsastrous to the Cats also stand out the 95 yard run back of an lntercepted pass by Hud sons Dick Lyons the two blocked punts of Leomlnster lmemen wh1ch gave them two quick scores and broke the game open and the work of the W1ldC3lS defensive line which gave up only seven points Except for the losses to the two undefeated clubs and to twice beaten Clinton all these and others combined to make the 1952 sea son a memorable one Two Wildcats were named to the Northern Worcester County Sports ter Fisher the team s leadmg scorer was named to the first team Paul Haraslmowlcz the team s leadmg lme man was glven a tackle DOSltlOl'l on the second team Next year looks equally bright for the Cats Co captains Peter Jodaitis and Richard Miller will lead several lettermen back for another year Wlth an especially strong backfield leadmg them the Wlldcats could easily 1m prove on this 5 ear s fine record Basketball Three weeks after football ended Dave Eddy and Butch Mazejka as co captains led a galre but lnexperl enced Wildcat basketball team into its first practice SCSSIOH The Cats 2 3 . . . , 7 -. y - u Q - . . - . , ll ,Y ' ' . , ' 0 r , . . . V . , - ' , I , 1 . 1 . - , . . ' . 1 ' . Y . 1 ' 1 D , ' ' 1 1 1 ' , . ' . ' 1 . . , . . . , , . . u I Y , ' - 1 ' ' v . tgfy Over the Red and Gray of WI'llB1'S, All-Stal' Team. FlJ1lbaCk Dex- , . . , ,.- . , , 1 - I , , L . - ' . . , A . . . 1 ' ' ' i . y . . . 1 . 4 1 ' - ' l , . . . , ' y s . - 1 4 . . , Y Y 1 , . ' - . ' i Y r - V If 1 u 11 ' , x . . . , S . , A . - , , s . I K . W. i i . , THE ARCUS started with a couple of bad breaks by losing their first two games to the Alumni and Clinton by one point This bad luck persisted throughout a season ln which the local club won only two while losing thlrteen The Wildcats two victories came at the expense of Orange and Clinton both by four polnt marg1ns Six of the losses were turned in by power ful teams Greenfield s Valley League Champions defeated them twlce and Leominster and St Bernards both won a pair from the Cats These six were games in which the Wildcats were up against a decidedly stronger foe However all of the other seven losses could have gone either way Athol took the Cats by six points twice Fltchbulg won by a one point and a three point margm and Orange defeated the Wildcats by seven These losses coupled wlth the one point defeats by Clinton and the Alumm show that wlth 1 better break in luck the Cats could hav improved considerably on the1r record Dave Eddy and Paul Harastmowncz were the individual Wildcat leaders Dave played a consistently good floor game and in add1t1on his driving lay ups and one hmd pushes kept the opposition off balance Haras was the teams bucket man and high scorer and did a great Job of rebounding Butch Mazejka improved through out the season and was especially val uable in the last five games Bob Sauter and Dick Feltmarch were six footers who were steady rebounders all year Next year Co captains Bob Btbeau and Bob Donegan lead a small group of return1ng varsity men back to ser vice With the sophomore studded Junior varsity which won 11 games against 4 setbacks this year added to these varsity men the outlook for next year IS good 4-Qofdikev-4 Swimming Captain Henry Burns was the leader of Coach john Tinker s swimmers this season and he sparked the Cats to the coveted State Championship and the Worcester County Championship A1 though the swimmers failed to win a dual meet thelr balance was great enough to offset any 1nd1v1dual stars that faced them Four of the Wlld cats losses were to prep school and college freshman teams Andover Academy Deerfield Academy Wor cester Academy and the Massachu setts Institute of Technology freshman squads all dealt the local boys defeats In add1t1on Pavxtuckets two high schools East High and West High de feated them Despite these losses the Orange and Black had enough power to beat the l'161d in the State Meet Sophomore backstroker B111 Remblslewskl and the freestyle relay team of Dick Miller Parker Chapman Bob Saarl and Fresh man B111 F ontalne were the lone W1ld cat winners Seconds and thirds however turned the tr1ck Roger Clifton and Larry Scheehser of defend ing champion Springfield Tech were double winners Cl1fton took the 50 and 100 yard freestyle events while Scheehser set a new record IH win ning the 200 yard freesty le and also took the mdlvndual medley Next year and especially 1n 1954 the Cats look very strong Only two seniors breaststroker Pete Burns and diver Bob Ashe are lost to the club Dick Miller and Bob Saarl will be the lone seniors on next year s team Sophomores Don Henchey B111 Rem DlSl6WSkl Parker Chapman Paul OConnell and Freddie Smlth wi h s Y - - . . . . , . , . . . , . . , 1 Y . 7 ' ' 1 , - . , . , - 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 ' , . . . . l . . . , . , 1 . . , ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 2 . . , D . . . . . , C ' 1 1 1 ' r . . . ' 1 1 ' 1 ' Z - , . . . . , . - 1 u 77 ' ' ' ' 1 ' . 1 1 1 1 . ' , . , 1 - 1 . , I . . . , n , - , I f . . Y 4 . . .1 1 1 1 ' THE ARGUS Freshmen B111 Fontalne Dlck Bur nyshafsk1 and Bob Arsenault brlghten the outlook for both next year and 1955 Glrls' Sports Hockey The success of thls years hockey team seemed to be three fold For the first lIlfl'161I1 many years the team came through the season undefeated Then too the Lady Wildcats managed to beat Keene our most form1dable com petltor whom we havent beaten for covered that old pep and sp1r1t that characterized the Lady Wlldcats IU the past Perhaps the proudest members of the team are the followmg SCDIOFS Angela Zampogna, Paullne Turgeon Ehzabeth Murphy Josephme C1chano wlcz L1ll1an Mallloux and Audrey Glll because they have been on the thelr freshman year and Working for Just such a team slnce have been season Q--quqfgwv-4 Basketball The 1952 53 basketball season Wasn t very successful for the Lady W1ldC3tS for out of seven games they captured only one Though the majorlty of the team members were only falrly tall 1n stature they were tall ln Splflt deter mlnatlon and teamwork In a great many of the games the Lady Wxldcats were leadmg at the half but were not able to retain the margm sureness 1n thelr plays SIX senlors Wlll be leavlng th1s year These glrls have been falthful players and hlgh scorers and they wxll be greatly mlssed Carlyn W1CkmaU Beverly Bjorson Betty Galdanowlcz Joan Burns Iosephlne Clchanowlcz and Martha Wood flV6Y631'S- Ar1dlaStly.the teblm f6diS- as the opposition gained speed and FOOTBALL SQUAD F1rstRow R Roulo D Fxsher J Gabls T Parrlsh R Desroche H Mazepka P Haraslmowxcz R Feltmarch E Hastbacka R Carr Second Row Coach W Dubzmskl R Boone R Valllan court J Tarpey R Mxller F Kapacz1wesk1 P Jodaltxs R Penttmen V Dembek Assxstant Coach M Anderson Thzrd Row G Schremer R Pavlosky R Hebert S Merkel D Turner M Drewskl R Pratt W Shumskn GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM FzrstRow L Maxlloux A Zampogna P Kelley J Korhonen A Nygard J Chafowskl Second Row J Clchanowlcz E Murphy P Turgeon A Glll Coach P Power : . , . ,. , . , . , .l . , . U , . , . - , . . l i : N . u . . , . ' - 9 ' I ' If ' .1 ' I ' I ' I .n . :' . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : ' . I. ' I ' l ' ' I ' I ' .p : . , . , . , . , . . .-4-L.. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Fzrst Row P Racme J Burns J Knox B Blorson M Wood B Sund Second Row CoachP Power S Atter J Cxchanowlcz A Tulskula J Rlchelleu P Parkhurst sg? sawn, 23 BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row M Drewskl R Sauter D Fddy H Mazejka P Hara lmowlc B Feltmarch Second Row R Blbeau R DTISCOII A Rehnstrom J Tarpev Coach P Tarpey ' .Q 9 If - 4 5 2 N e I J .f . B . 4 I A ' I BOYS JAY VEE BASKETBALL SOUAD Fare! Row R Pavloeky G Schrelner R Rlchard S Merkel N Juvonen A Rousseau J Draskouskaa Second Row Coach M Lahtlnen T Jalllet H Zablonskl E Bagdonas D Evensen B Sheehan H Jalllet R Makl Thzrd Row R Franklm R Goguen D Nxcholson R Fountain J Luplen L Sharron GIRLS' JAY WEE BASKETBALL TEAM F1rstRow I Colteux B Marean B Rose D Guertm N Erlckson J Goguen Serond Rou B Footrlck L Ferguson R Cutter B Galdanowlcz E Lajole J Jodams Coach P Power GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM Fzr.:tRaw J Korhonen S Atter E Malloy S Drlscoll Coach P Powers B Marean E L3.J0l9 J Jodaltls Scrond Row C Murphy A Zampogna B Sund C Wlckman E Murphy S Pearson BOYS' BASEBALL TEAM Juvonen A Rousseau P Chapman Semnd Row H Jalllet G Shevls R Rahalm G Schrelner D Desroches R Collette L Kauppx M Sobol R Dems H Rexd Thxra' Raw E Nyman M Drewskl T Whelan V Sevlgny A Moore S McKell1ck B Mannmg R O Hearn Coach Walter DUbZlHSk1 9 ' : . , . , . , . ' , . , . First Row: R. Richard, W. Laakso, S. Merkel, F. Kapacziweski, C. Graves, M. Lore, N. 1 , I y , 1 su - , ' , ' 4.3. aa-'nm Z neg -swag? v7 -dl. .i ,A-n I- VJ D-4 VJ Q9 cz K-1 a.: D-.c O 'B O .Lf "Gi +4 l1l 1 D-1 Q ii VJ Q2 A-3 O an CI D-1 fll cz o .Q ev P-'rn WD o pq! ai an 'ics CI O .C va 51.403 A , In 5 Q1 9511151117 figxo M 5 QAM! 6 f J 1, I X v , x 45 5 -4 Of' "' Q ,K be R, T JQK 5 A OA ,J .fi 1' ,u J iw Wo G fri- Wt' in Y' JJ b gk ' '1 'A u A b OA THE ARGUS Semor Play The gay carefree moments of the mrd twentxes when two Bryn Mawr sophomores suddenly turn cosmopol ltan sophlstrcates were dellghtfully captured ln the annual Semor Play Our Hearts Were Young and Gay whlch was presented 1n Pearson Aud1 torlum on Tuesday and Wednesday nlghts November 25 and 26 The play was expertly dlrected by MISS Marle Ravesl faculty member and her student 3SS1StHUt Margery Crouch A frenzled Cornelxa Otls Skmner played by Sylvla Kajander and a dellghtful but flustered Emlly Klm brough played by Susan Pearson greatly amused the audlence ID thelr first cabm scene outbound for the con tment Harrlet andW1n1fred frlght fully rlppmg Engllsh glrls plaved by Shella Bohman and Audrey G1ll Lawrence Cohen hard talkmg purser Dlck W1nters and Leo McEvoy knlckered Harvard medxcal students Sauter all contributed many hllarlous moments Others 1n the cast were Davld Dow the dutlful soft spoken steward Pat r1c1a Cook the star gazmg but stern Mrs Sk1nner Norman Valley as Ot1s Skmner Albert Ahlstrom as the Ad mlral Carlyn Wlckman as the stew ardess Elmor Cloutler the baffled French Inspector Shlrley Wells as Ma dame Ehse and Suzanne Turcotte her daughter Therese Roland Bewdet phxlosophlc wmdow cleaner and W1l llam Laakso the dashmg NIOIISIELIY de la Crolx romantlc lead of lAcadem1e Francalse Our Hearts Were Young and Gay catches the we re 19 almost 20 Mlsses Skmner and Klmbrough dread fully bored and accustomed to ocean gomg ways ln thelr first crossmg to the Contment St1ll fathoms deep 1n grand 1llus1ons however there comes a raprd successlon of 3gOIl1ZlIlg mo ments The shnp sails wlth a stow away and MISS Klmbrough who wants to be 1n on the chase nearly kllls the unfortunate man when she drops a deck chalr on h1s head as he wallows m the dark waters below a man overboard In one of the plays funnxest scenes just before dockmg Mlss Skmners face breaks out ln a blotch of red Dreams of her meetmg Wlth the great M de la Crolx fade wlth the threat of a quarantme Helpfully the student doctors qulckly d1agnose lt as measles In the end however Mlss Skmner averts the quarantine but narrowly es capes the mental asylum Llfe ln Parls IS equally challengmg The bubble finally bursts however when M de la Crolx a schemer h1m self and mtent on an Amer1can theater Skmner bluntly mforms the stage struck M1ss Skmner You have talent but please take up dressmaklng The SkmnerK1mb1ough act1v1t1es were greatly enhanced by excellent settmgs Acts 1 and 2 were staged ln reallstxc cabin surroundmgs Wllll6 Act 3 took place ln a Parls mldtown house The followmg faculty members and students worked on the followmg 1m pol tant backstage commlttees Mlss V rg1n1a A Aldrlch NLISS Helen Chaf fee and Mlss Marlon V16tS were ad vlsers to the property commlttee Student work was handled by Joan Ballentme Carol Hoglund Martm NlCl'lOlSOIl Ann Crlley Verna Kum pulamen Thomas Wheelen Irene C01 teux Ellzabeth Murphy, and Martha Wood ' 1 1 1 9 Y Y Q! V! ' ' ' 7 1 - 7 9 ' W n v . , - 7 ! 1 ' 7 , . 7 7 ' Y I ' 7 . - y , . . v y - - 1 ' 1 1 1 N 1 ' 1 ' xy 1 played by Gordon Shevis and Robert tour under the wing of Mr. Otis 1 1 ' ' ' Y! ' 7 7 . . . ,, , . 1 ' Q ' ' I 1 ' 1 1 . g ' . , 5 , , l u Z I 1 S - . i 5 . . . ,. . 1 C 1 l - 1 ' Y ' 1 ' ' ' 7 3 H 77 ' ' , 1 1 ' U 7 Y! ' ' 1 1 1 " - , ' THE ARGUS Costumes were the responslblhty of MISS JoAnn Rutherford and Mlss Nancy J OgllVl6 and student 3SSlSt ants Barbara Bell Shrrley Duncan Helen Lashua Patrlcla Parkhurst Franclne Symonds Joan Burns Lor rame Lacasse Lllllan Mallloux Kath erlne Ray Glorla Wllll3mS Mary Ann Burns She1la Lafortune Loulse Mc Kelllck Beverly Stlckney and Mlrtha Wood Wallace Nelson was student man ager under the d1rect1on of Mr De an E Johnson Stage settmgs were bullt and redecorated by the lHdl,1St1'1dl arts classes Others helpmg IU the project were Leo Burke John Kuehl Rxchard DuVerger Paul LHomme Harold W1CkmHH Dexter Flsher and James MacDonald Mr Johnson also ad vlsed on llghtlng and sound effects Miss Marjorre E Ramge was att consultant to a seven member student commlttee of Dons Dunham Pearl La 1016 Sally Lester Eleanor Exlckson Bernard Skamarycz Sandra Fred and Patrlcxa Sylvester Promotlon and busmess detalls were worked out under the superv1s1on of MISS Carolyn A Thatcher and James K1osses student chanman Actxve commlttee workers were Roy Berken stock Rlchard Erlckson Shella Lator tune Janlce Lrttlefield Gordon ShEVlS Mary Ann Burns Rlchard Joslyn Helen Lawdanskl Jeannme Monette Suzanne Turcotte Ann Crlley Lourse Kraskouskas Roland LHomme Mar tm Nlcholson and Thomas W heelen Mrs Murlel Zager presrdent of the Gardner Theater Guild advlsed the makeup commlttee of Barbara Bell Janet Borev LOUISE Kraskouskas and Martha Wood Mr Joseph T Klvlm prmtmg mstructor supervxsed the pro gram preparatlon Mr Kenneth E Bowen had charge of pubhclty and Mr Henry M Gates muslc Miss Geraldine Foskett was ln charge of the ushers Student ushers were Carolyn Anderson Lorrame La casse Ahce Casey Marlon Dlamond Clarre Metcalf Margaret Crowley Evelyn Joslyn Dolores INobrega Bev erly Hemo Patrlcla Parkhurst Verna Kumpulamen L1ll1an Mallloux Jean nette Schaffer Helen Lawdanskl Jacqualyn Olechnxckx Francme Sy monds Dorls Malllet and Phyllls Vautour + Semor Kld Party On Frlday evenmg December 12 one hundred twenty members of the Senlor Class had a wonderful t1me at the annual Ixld Party held 1n the gym naslum Besldes the customary kld costumes the party was held on roller skates rented from a Sprlngfield rmk Several games were enjoyed under the dxrectlon of a skatmg mstructor A parade of the students enabled the faculty members present to choose the DYIZC wlnners The followmg DTIZCS were awarded most approprl ate Lousle McKell1ck most Oflglnal Norman HlCkS slllyest Lawrence Cohen Refreshments of lollypops CO0kl6S and coke were served followed by a VlSlt from Santa Claus who dlstrlb uted g1fts to all present from beneath a beautlful Chrlstmas tree Under the supervlslon of Mr Ken neth Bowen class advlser the follow me COmmllt66S helped make the party a success Decoratlons LOUISE McKel l1ck Patrlcla Zbnkovxskl Patrlcua Pop ple Natahe Davls and Elizabeth and Catherlne Murphy under the dlrecton of Mlss Marjorle Ralnge of the faculty Refreshments Shnley Wells Patrncra Cook Jan1ceL1ttlefield Katherlne Ray James KIOSSCS, and Rnchard Joslyn . . , . 1 1 f 1 ' , Y 5 9 , Y 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' I 'Y 1 Y 1 1 - ' 1 1 ' 1 1 C 1 1 l 3 . . . - - 1 ' 1 1 r . Y , . . . 1 - 1 1 Q I 1 1 , . . 1 1 f . . ,. . 1 1 ' . . , . I . . I 1 I . I . 1 , ' . . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . . . ' . ., , 1 I - . 1 1 1 -1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 - - , , n a - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 f1 ' . .x 7 . . Y ' C ' u , 1 n - , . . . .. . . . . Y - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 .1 - 1 1 f ' . . . , , ,. ' . ., 1 - - 1 - 1 1 '1 1 THE ARGUS G1ftS Margery Crouch and Carlyn WlCkmaD The followmg members of the faculty were guests at the party Mr and Mrs F Earl W1lll3mS Mr Kenneth Bowen M1ss MarJor1e Ralnge Mr and Mrs John Tmker and Mr John Gearan Jumor Semor Prom The Jun1orSen1or Prom took place on Frlday january 16 l953 at Clty Hall Audltorlum The stage was attractlvely decorated wlth the class numerals whxch were made by Sally Lester and done ln the colors of the respectlve classes The mvlted guests were Mr and Mrs F Earl Wllllams Mr and Mrs Danlel Nlcholson Mr and Mrs James Baker, Mr and Mrs Frank Parrlsh Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bowen Mlss V1rg1n1a Aldrich MISS Marlon V16tS and MISS Murlel Sutherland Dancmg was enyoyed by the stu dents and guests to the muslc of Gene Kmg s orchestra and the romantlc shower of the crystal ball The Grand March was led by the Jumor class oH:1 cers John Baker Jane Parrlsh Harry W1lcott and Helen Amor the Semor class officers Martm Nxcholson Pa tr1c1a Salerno Loulse Kraskouskas and Nell Glll and the members of the Iunlor and Semor classes and therr guests Durxng the brlef mtermlssron re freshments were served to the 1nv1ted guests by the refreshment comm1ttee headed by Ruth Lmdstrom After ln termlsslon danclng contmued untll twelve when a very successful dance came to a close ' 1 v . . . y - , . . . . , . 1 7 . . , . . ' Y Y , , . . . ' x y . l , - ! Y 3 7 9 ' ! , - . . , . . . ' Y ' ' Y , . , . . , . wP4Pm Umezmw 1:3 an ca Draw ng Class 1953 Fonta ne - Saunders - Mr T nker 331' Qs: -c mum-.oqu-us.. 9-ND Ovoscto o 5 CD I .2 P aa S FD L5 I G on CDM EHQMFQ BHMQ 7 uu- Pa D-edu PCDZU QZQ U47 o :div wb. C0 u .1 0 H 5 N W K P13 w-lm U25 -PMN ld 9 'U C N .? N M 2 9 Y Pa W C1 Q z m Q., W , in ' . 9 ' ,. 5 - ,,', Costumes and Stage Squ waz one mmm- :Jazz 5+-mmm operty and Art Bus ness and Mak SENIOR KID PARTY ,-Indus-tw. UO..:'.o:'. Lou se McKe ck Os- cs: I uggw v,,,..--ff'mv!'+ 'WV in X!.b F"-ann-a..f Ire W-'OI-4 Q.OQ.w 15- London Br dges Skat ng A ong JUNIOR SENIOR PROM ox E 2. Fgett S L M t Sa P P z 3 0 CQ 5 N U O m L.. G' N O Cd 4-1 VJ a 8 Q-4 3 .Q Q N "5 I.. N N O N 'U 0 i as E N A E C 5 a 4 Em Q55 E245 Hi S: U QE N E-1 bd O QQ CQ 0 Ptun 8 9. d S S Om 5 im 3 2 Jgi 5256 246' Aogmg 46x : rn Nm 'Jag cv E M2 md-cm CMO ' Q9 'W 3 E 4295: 'o ' 2 Jggp .. 2 'C ggigm :gi E? 'Q O gg mfcio EQ Q . 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Modern Methods Sanitary Conditions Newest Equipment Pasteurzzed Mzlk Irradzated Vztamm D Mzlk Cream Ice Cream Gardner Creamery 287 Central St Phone 335 Help our advertisers who have h lp d us. The Warren Kay Vantrne Studro, Inc to the Class of 132 Boylst n St Bosto Mass Help our advertlsers who have helpe us. Official Photographers 1953 ' d F EUREN CE STOVE C0 RANGES MED EEEMERS Z 0 0 Z f X Z Qumw-12 Z VZ Z f 4 Headquarters for Portable Typewrlters SALES SER VICE RENTALS Complete Offzce Servzce T 1 ph 414 Gardner Offlce Supply C0 J RICHARD O NEIL CO OFFICIAL SCHOOL CLASS RIN G .IE WELERS J RICHARD ONEIL CO CAMBRIDGE 39 MASS Hlp d t hh hlpd O I I ee one O I 277 entral Street 7 O O 9 O O , 0 oura ver isersw 0 ave e e u W. Siebert Company Manufacturers of Baby Cawzages Doll Cawzages Veloczpedes Congratulatlons Class of 1953 GO0DNOW PEARSUNS 9 fardnert Shaping Uenler H I our d tisers who haveh lp d TIME STAMPS WATCHMEN S CLOCKS Slmplex Tlme Recorder Co HOME OFFICE Gardner Mass U S A Port of Spam Trlmdad B W I 0 PAYROLL RECORDERS COST RECORDERS Help our advertlsers who have helped us 9 O FACTORIES: Gardner, Mass., U. S. A. BECKER JUNIOR COLLEGE WOI'CeStef M3SS3ChUS6ttS A Career School of Busmess The demand for those who have the h1ghly techmcal sk1lls ln buslness IS far ln excess of the supply This IS your opportumty to prepare for a successful and happy career Accountancy Medlcal Secretarial Business Administration Executive Secretarial Administrative Secretarial Secretarial Finishing Stenographic Secretarial Mid Year Term begins February 2 Fall Term begins September 14 Transfer prwzleges wzth many of our leadmg colleges Authorzzed to confer the Assoczate zn Sczence Degree Catalog on request Gardner Auto Co., Inc Ford Sales and Servzce 486 Chestnut St. Tel. 490 Help our advertisers who have helped us. Retail Merchandising Commercial Journalism C LESLIE S INC Your Kodak Dealer Headquarters for MOIIOH Plcture Equipment Books Phonograph Records Estabrook Shaeffer and Parker Pens and Penclls Eaton F me Wrltlng Papers 50 Parker Street Phone 1325 Where Gardner Buys Its Greeting Cards Hatton Prlntlng Co , Inc Complete Letterpress Sz Offset Servzce Booklets House Organs Forms Reports Letterheads DlSDlayS Tlckets Labels Nlchols Sz Stone Co The Home of Windsor Chazrs f . ' JEWELER Opposlte Orpheum Theatre Gardner Telephone 1180 Help our advertlsers who have helped us 9 , 0 O O Catalogs - Broadsides - Folders - Circulars I Gardner Upholstered Furniture C0 , Inc Manufacturers of Qualzty Lwmg Room F urmture unlholm Mfg Co Mike S J enney Service Station Mik Z p p Aero Tomorrow s Gas Today Super Aero Power Glazing Speclallsts in Road Action Lubrication We Pick Up and Delwer Your Car Road Service 214 Main St Gardner Tel 2679 Ch1tow's Petroleum Company Unzon Square at the depot Gasoline Motor Oils Accessories Vulcamzlng Greaslng Range O11 Fuel O11 Tel 1231 Edward Chitow Prop Help our advertisers who have helped us K . O O i O , O O e Vemak, ro rietor 7 Light Repairing - Washing . . . H . ,, . . I, O O . , O M A Hubbard 8: Son F urnlture Planos Machmery Local and Long Distance Movzng Leonard S Hubbard Mgr Tel 383 487 Mam St Lllly Varnlsh Company Gardner Mass Stams Fzllers Lacquers Enamels Varmshes Wholesale Dealer of Malt Beverages Try o r extra dry Gznger Ale It costs less than some others 201 Pleasant St Gardner Mass The Gardner Dally News Is the only newspaper publlshlng all news of 3Ct1VltlCS ln the Gardner Hlgh School Speclal reports of foot ball baseball basketball and other sportlng events Also soclal events Help our advert sers ho ha e helped us. Thomas Brazell Burns Dmer and Dalry Bar A Good Place to Eat Corner of Parker and Graham Streets HULETTE TRANSPORTATION Dally Servlce Gardner to Boston Boston Offxces Home Offxce 15 Merchants Rovs 381 Elm Street Gardner Mass C p t l 68856 68857 963 Our Fashlon Brlght TGP TOPICS SHIRLEY LEE PETITES FOR TEENS Strught A style students spot these dresses as musts D for vacatlon days ahead' .5 XJ 0.764 Bolster O11 Company, Inc. 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I 0 l 'Z ESTABLISHED 18 V I CK ' 2, , . 0 , 0 n I I I C O O O O 0 O Complxments of Owen A Hoban Sulte 21 M Alan Moore Savmgs Bank Budding Nelson L Kendall .Ir Room 10 Wllllam A Loughlm Rooms 8 9 Trust Co Bulldlng Wllllam M Quade Room 16 63 Parker Street Gardner Lawyers r 0 , . Stevens Building Comphments of Magnus A Carlberg 12 Cnty Hall Avenue Greenwood Bros 2 Vernon Street Harry B Heselton 15 West Lynde Street Joseph P 0 Connell 45 Main Street Leo Reponen 63 Parker Street C F Rlchardson 81 Co Inc 268 Central Street Gardner Insurance Agencies John J. Mullaney 66 Parker Street G. H S 1952 1953 Senlor Class Preszdent Martln Nlcholson Vzce Preszdent Patrlcla Salerno Treasurer Nell G1ll Secretary Loulse Kraskouskas J unlor Class Preszdent John Baker Vzce President Jane Parrlsh Treasurer Harry Wllcott Secretary Helen Amor Sophomore Class Preszdent Deane Turner Vzce Preszdent Constance Wells Treasurer DaV1d Evensen Secretary J udlth Hedstrom Freshman Class Preszdent Paul Belllveau Vzce Preszdent Mary Carlton Treasurer Guy Turcotte Secretary Patrlcla Keyworth Help our advertlsers who have helped us O O 0 . . Q . . .- - .- . 0 . . . - - . . . . - - . . . . 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Stewart Motor Sales Pontzac Sales and Servzce 'Vlam St at Sherman Phone 8 Tel 367 R La Fortune Funeral Home W E Andrews LOUIS H Lafol-tune Ladles and Gents Garments Dry Cleaned Reg Embalmer Funeral Darector Pressed and Repa red 197 Nichols Street Quality Kc Servzce 30 Temple St Gardner Mass Rod s Auto Electrlc Servlce Automobile Specialists 85 Jean Street Tel 357 F F eclothesto RAHAIM BROTHERS INC or ln Sult the Entlre Famlly M"ch"'e"y Dealers C O H E N S Rahalm F urnlture Co 43 45 Parker Street Custom Furmture 49 Rugs 63 W l t St Clty Shoe Repalr 5 West Lynde St Gardner Mass WHEELEN SUPPLY CO Everythmg m Plumbmg and Heatmg Supplzes 114 Mam Street Gardner Mass Tel 860 W Help our advertisers who have helped us. . l ' . 26 . . . - ' l , . . ' 1 Visit 1'e1.424 41 Chestnut sn , 0 n . a nu reet . . . , . . , I O - - Conant Ball Co Furmture Makers For the Dance L M For the Girl Phone 85 or 86 The Corsage from For Reliable Merchandzse S Authorlzed Agent for Blrdseye Frosted Foods Tel 955 W 68 Mam S People s Ice and Coal Co ce Coal Wood Kerosene and Fuel 011 Truckmg and Furniture Mos mg The Fowler Pharmacy L M Glddmgs Ph G Casey S Market Prescrzptzons Drugs Where Quality Tells Fountazn Service and Price Sells 929 B 218 Cross St Tel 1461 The Touslgnants, Realtors Gardner Fltchburg SAUQUOIT PAPER CO , INC Gardner, Mass Help our advertlsers who have helped us W Q 0 - Q 1 O O 7 ! I 1 - . 63 Main Street Tel. 489-W 9 . . , . . 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Compllments of Rousseau Bros Mfg Co , Inc Edi:,e,ZS2i:l?ge G 81 G Cleaners, Inc Quality Cleaning AAA AEALA Servzce Prompt Pxckup and Dehvery Service Gardner Te' 975 Mass 162 oak Sz Phone 1.11 7 292 Central Street Tel 2600 or 2601 A J Blbeau Hardware Co H,,,,,,,,,,,, Smarts Pharmacy Raymond A LaFortune Ph G Electncal 8: Plumbing Supphes Paants and Wallpaper Free Delwery Servzce 59 Parker St Tel 718 Phone 269 W Gardner Mass Gardner Bassmet Corporatlon HOWE BROS. Hay, Grazn, Lzme 8: Cement Help our advertnsers who have helped us Potter Electrical Co., Inc. 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O n, , n o ' TERESA ROARK The Shop of Personal Servzce 306 Central Street Tel 228 W CARROLL lgfygs COSMETICS JOHN B CARBONE 31 C0 NA T10 NA LLY ADVERTISED CHOICE FRUITS 81 VEGETABLES M Cigars Tobacco and Groceries Tel 1474 44 Mann St 9 Parker St Gardner LIGHT HEAT POW ER At Your SeI'VlCe Worcester County Electrlc Company Tel 63 17 West Lynde W T Grant C0 I Quallty Pad Company Department Store ' Furmture Packmg Pads Chick Box Pads Papex Kleanpack Plllo Pak 18 Parker St 30 Summer St Gardner Mass Dependable Dazly Ser vue Between Gardner Athol and Sprmgfleld Haarala Trucklng Co 237 West St Gardner Mass Custom 8: Modern Upholstermg Co The C az M Line 158 Mann Street Tel 2485 Help our advertisers who have helped us I . I 0 Patent edicines, Cosmetics and , H meNeedsatS 'gPi t y . - .- . . I I O I l . . . , . . . , . - -. 1 I ' 0 . , . I . ca 99 - . . 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Phone , . . ar er S reet GARDNER ARTIST STUDIO Nestor Maki Sz Son Studzo and Home Portrazture Commerclal Photography 63 Parker Street Phone 615 Compliments of PRISCILLA CANDIES MCKe0gh S Pharmacy 9 Pleasant Street n Ga d e a Gardner Mfg Co , Inc Man fa t Morrzs Chazrs Platform Rockers Modern 3 pzece Sofa bed Suztes 581k Ma St et G dner Massach sett Our Styles and PFICCS Comvllmems of Wlll Please You Anthony Kraskouskas Rome Bros Mam Street Superlor Bottled Gas Servlce, Inc Pyrofax Bottled Gas 176 West St S. Bent 81 Brothers, Inc Colomal and School Furmture Help our advertxsers who have helped us I l ' Compliments of 7 U ion Square r n r, M ss. I C I u c urers of in re ar , u s O O I U . O I 0 1 . . O Hearn Manufacturlng Co Colomal Furnzture 252 Parker Street Gardner Mass A E R S I Enfinnvlnaco S1:1JerfMarket 44 PORTLAND STREET WORCESTER MASS PHOTOENGRAVERS and 212 218 West S' Te 887 COMMERCIAL ARTISTS WEED S SMART SHOP Natzonally Advertzsed Dresses for the Mzss and Junzor Mzss Newest Styles Courteous, lnterested servlce 76 Parker St Tel 2880 Gardner Mass Stats PhOtO lljlglihgiibs Chalr Clty Press Mlmeographmg Job and Nyman s Photo Servlce Commefclal Pfmfmg 18 Osgood St Tel 2164 Llggett Bldg Tel 2328 W La Chance Televlslon and Appllance Co , Inc Sales 81 Servlce Westmghouse Dumont RCA Vzctor 318 Central St Tel 1930 Gardner Mass We encourage small accounts from S1 00 840 per month Gardner Co operatlve Bank 33 Pleasant Street Gardner Mass Help our advertlsers who have helped us , 0 I g 4 , 9 f 0 I - . l. 9 . Q , Q - u 5 I . . . . , 3 . 0 J n 0 , n Chazrtown Lumber Co Everythmg for Bulldlng off Barthel Ave Tel 333 Co pl ments of Fontalne Bros , Inc C Raymond Beauregard Maple and Bedroom Chalrs Gd STANLEY S GARAGE INC OLDSMOBILE SALES 8: SERVICE GENERAL MOTORS GENUINE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES 31 CITY HALL AVE TEL 800 GARDNER MASS 9 Broadway Soda Shop 5 X ,W South Gardner X F U U D STU R E Seal Test Ice Cream LEADER q A LWAYS TAS1-yLUNCHES Brockelman s are 1nvar1 ably fxrst to glve you the Open untxl 1000 P M beneflts of prlce drops and Always Brockelman Qualzty Ne Owne Charles 01 a Leads S K I IETELEQ N Y KEROSENE FURNACE AND RANGE OILS TELEPHONE 197 36 WRIGHT STREET Complzments of Gem Crlb and Cradle Co Baby's Best Bed Buzlders Help our advertlsers who have helped us O I O O I f . W . - - 0 m i O I Manufacturers of I r ner, Massachu tt 7 , . . .' OR? 49 - I I 1 oCK I'1 Nm, ,, 1 ., , , X, . I 1 I L , . . I . . 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GRANITE 82 MARBLE ' ' etterin in eme eries l George Charles Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Life - Accident 81 Health Hospitalization Group Tel 583 21 Pleasant St Res 1375 Gardner Mass Frank W Smlth, Inc Screw Machine Products Modern Muslc Shoppe Sheet Music Photo Supphes Records New and used mstruments bought and sold Help our advertlsers who have helped us . , , o 0 0 C I 16 Main Street WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING BANK SERVICES Checking Accounts . ed pt Savmgs Department 810000 Vacatlon Clubs Tax Clubs ' Travellers Cheques Bank Money Order Checks Collectlon of Notes Drafts Coupons Bonds etc Purchase and Sale of Secuntles for Customers Loans for all Purposes Sale of Defense Bonds AND EVERY BANKING SERVICE BANK BY MAIL PLEASE CONSULT Us AT ANY TIME The Flrst Natlonal Bank Gardner, Mass Member of Federal Reserve Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon I' . '-'i' "'-"' 'I ' ? Each account Christmas Clubs , W O O d L p V A .J

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