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Gardendale High School - Rendezvous Yearbook (Gardendale, AL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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[ wPlPiljg U1.M ' I " " ; .iil-ili ' .H-! i)JJ9 (jy % I U0 -L cvj ' J Ys nil •t m— ' W C!!o-(£bttors 4 l mal n Morgan mh Cliff Beal cv i[ 0t rha|i, (iititi i Ty ' W TZ mas hntn m 1671. Irttlo trfti the Ur ev nf that ftr«t Umh nf steel knnltJ a bnumtnu rtt tttmiiti sprhtg from that imnmtatn xtf tf t ' .- -. Amnma A m ifaMMHu vaMMHU I )FntE OF u - ' V fa ' cn i I4«)l7TtHM«f an|«j«»tap«T Mt««» , ,»6 » y( . - - .y « ty ' P mO, mf iti g AI ■99U ' J . -h , f ' K « tltmbtng sk ltn . a Rflr v»-ji±-fl S CB T " Btrmmghani ijnUit in il Hrffu i bi rom thi ' {cm t ntir m the tate. fiihi mitumui ciumtnr rhe htci« tciiight hi th} stn tuu o.f her Uja0 luu jjrnitttk! LlllBfCil-iiir ' WKto ' tM, i ' A fK: M, All k - ii j r s n . 1 B H fci v Kf H - ,.__... _,, ,_..- T i - ■- " " — v-3 m IMM. ■ . tf 8L_ t tNi i««o!°£j::i : 1ilHHHH z JT ' Twfc S AfHo vim.- WArt.(«BM milB ■■O H kJlLf.£ " ' £3 ' ! 1 p te W ff gMflLjBBi 1 fn lmmi Sn i hkp i.jflL ir - -»•«? ' HIT -- = gss 13 Ambttt0ns of UM anb storba ate aflm tkt 0amg - Jir ebiim, pursuit of knxJhil b e, (She n b to xmth a goal 13 I JJ ' I ' J " ti iii K «i i nU | l i — — iid,isi6imm!: ii iftljj-befbtt mcmnriT. SLnhni i- r % A : »; i %Ht. %« . %»♦ • " K ' X ♦ : 1 I m | 2j K« R i .■4 BCTWtt t , ' B srilf I %■ 4 ... . ' ; ' •: Hc ' lte mtl i iu«t luni,im. 3n B bttattun We would like to dedicate the 1971 Rendezvous to Mr. Hovt Washington, our new principal. He has done more for this school than any one person since its beginning. Introduction Organizations Athletics Academics Activities Features Classes Advertisements page 1 page 18 page 46 page 76 page 90 page 112 page 132 page 176 m ©rgant attun OFFICERS: CLIFF VEAL - President JENNIE HARDEN - Treasurer • DAVID MOMAN - Parliamentarian SPONSOR - Mrs. Glaze MIKE HAWKINS - Vice President CYNTHIA FRANKLIN - Secretary DLANE RAWDING - Chaplain MmtiH hx) 20 - Y5r. J . i. OFFICERS: LEV BRAGG - President JAN ALLEN - Secretary KIM ALLGOOD - Chaplain DOUGLAS HAND - Vice-President ROBIN GREEN - Treasurer Chamtt r 21 i ' iV ' cA ' j lQi: President JENNIE HARDEN Vice-President CLIFF VEAL Secretary KATHY SIMPSON Treasurer NANCY HOLMES Sponsor MRS. LeDUKE Math Oriub lusij at Mark 22 Olluh President GARY ROBBINS Vice-President HOWARD MAYFIELD Sponsor MRS. HUDSON 23 • ' h V T 1, L ' |L ' iljj U ■191 •■. ager to clp I f 1 1 f nftf n A , ' A M »-Tl ! ' ilunt0r l tgh dhxitr 26 President- Linda Cooper, Vice-President- Debra Neely, Secretary- Margaret Campbell, Historian- Carolyn Key, Sponsors - Mrs. Burkett, Mrs. Godfrey. 27 V S " t V k- inhmt Olounttl ©fftcers i President - GARY BURGETT Vice-President - PAT LAWLEY Secretary - DEBBIE WOODS Treasurer - RHONDA HOWARD Head Usher - RODNEY CAMP Sponsor - MISS REESE Ir. kjlc a rs 32 C im ra! Attwnl! 33 President - Terry Bailey, Vice-President - Larry Giithrie, Secretary Jeanie Waters, Treasurer - Gary Schultz, Historian - Linda Lowery. emars MEMBERS: Karen Atchison, Jeffrey Bailey, Lori Chandler, Pat Cotton, Richard Bowen, Beverly Doss, Yolanda Deason, Eileen Gowins, Gay Hamilton, Emily Grimes, Dennis Guthrie, Millie Harris, Kathy Lindsey, Randy McGee, Anita McSpad- den, Malcolm Marler, Sheila Owens, Pam Parker, Patti Ratliff, Randy Schultz, Teresa Shirley, Becky Ward, Maurice Wadell, Gail Wood Jimmy Myers Mark Fountain Cindi Welshans Paul Abel Connie Bristol Wesley Lowery Pam Stacks Debbie Hansen Marsha Belzer Ricky Cato Patty Shaling Cynthia Burns Jeannie Reeves 34 Hlcmb rs Charter Members Linda Lowery Bill Brooks Ann Wills Gary Schultz Larry Guthrie Nancy Hudson Buck Douglas Marcheta Isbell Ann Wood Terry Bailey Ricky Crawford Ricky Allred Steve Blaine Greg O ' Rear Randy Otis Lee Raybon Scott Douglas Patti Smith Beverly Lovell George Underwood Susan O ' Mary Maria Pounders Debbie Black Sheila Piny an Carol Malcolm Debbie Stripling 35 f-Oriub President PAT LAWLEY Vice-President DENNIS STEPHENS Treasurer TOMMY MORTON Secretary RANDY SCHULTZ Sponsors COACH LOVE COACH HOLSOMEBACK 36 A President PAT LAWLEY Vice-President BOB RHODES Secretary - - MALCOLM MARLER Treasurer LARRY BRADFORD Sweetheart JANE BARTON Faculty Advisor MR. JIM GARNER 37 - . ' Vv ■y A T» f Leisa Rogers, Ricky Fines, Janice Tombrello, Elaine Renshaw, Terry Jan Allen, Allen Rubley, Vicki Trotter, Harolda Lit- trell, Karen Martin, Joan Hooten, Danny Griffin. OFFICERS; TERRY HOGELAND - President ALLEN RUBLEY - Vice-President ELAINE RENSHAW - Secretary- Treasurer 40 Mike Moore, Donna Pitts, Susie Gregg, James Carroll, Jeanie Fike, Linda Lowery, Ronnie Harding, Scarlett Wall, Luann Godwin, Terry Hogeland, Debra Walters. 41 he Morkct Sltmgs i Iris Jones, Rose Ann Douglas, Ronnie Hard- ing, Betty Cornelius, Steve Pitts, Allen Rubley, Terry Lee, Donna Lessenberry, David Odom, Rhonda Howard, Lonnie Cardwell, Karen Atchison. Phyllis Glenn, Cynthia Franklin, Kathy Lindsey, Teresa Shirley. 42 p:ak 0 th r 00 Editor JYMALYN MORGAN Art - TERRY LEE News DONNA LESSENBERRY Fine Arts ROSE ANN DOUGLAS Features iris JONES DIANE RAWDING Sports STEVE PITTS Business Managers ANGIE HALEY CYNTHLA FRANKLIN Circulation BERRY CORNELIUS Sponsor -- MR. ALAN THOMAS Terry Trotter, Gary Robbins, Elaine Renshaw, Linda Lowery, Angle Haley, Doug Gamble. Jymalyn Morgan, Karen Jorgenson, Diane Rawding, Larry Bradford, Bobby James, Jane Barton. 43 1971 nhezbous taff . T- CO- EDITORS: Jyrilal n Morgan Cliff Veal . BUSINESS MANAGERS •Gay Hafiiilfon ' Becky Baker SPONSOR: Mfs. Gregg i ' - CLASSES: • . _ ■ Cyhdy Merchtntn iBdr- Stephanie Flancock • crthy Hunter Cprinie S K)RtSi.. • David-Womanptd . John Gbolfety Gary Water? Debra Waiters : sbs - - - FS iXURES: Annette ' ' Gilfit, Ed. Debbie Trew XerrTTrStter ORGAi lZAaiONS: Jennie.Hard n f d-. Kim Mayaris » Donna Lessdnbeffy JSrlicp Greer or. ' .- n: V ' t , Rhonda Ho s ardrid. Susan Morgan Wav Mullins - -. . .rfKS- Piant; Rav JingT I ' d. ■ Tatty .ilaTl iff r;feg Pair • ,iJ Hoiif!e - Atkkttt ' rn Baseball A mx to Mgmemhgr Coach Dennis Love and his ' 70 baseball team worked hard before and after the season opened. The team opened the season with a loss to the University of South Ala- bama Freshmen. But, the Rockets came back to have a sizzling season, winning the first Northern Division Championship in G. H. S. history. 48 49 50 SI 1970 feck This was our first year for track. The boys had a tough time finding posi- tions they could enjoy. But then, the right com- bination was achieved and Coach Holsomback led his team to a first place trophy in County competition. o ( r 52 S3 ROCKY HICKS DAVID SMITH v V . ' :» a, ' GARY ROBBINS 54 DENNIS STEPHENS JERRY WARREN S5 JiufltbaU a The ' 70 season was one of the best in G. H. S. football. The season opened with a 17-0 upset by Tarrant. Next the mighty Rockets recovered and were victorious over the Blue Devils 32-0. In the third game Rocket strategy surpassed Hewitt to end in a 34-24 G. H. S. victory. The Rockets then went to Warrior, where the Indians, out for revenge, were mas- sacred 20-0. 56 ROCKET SCORES Tarrant 17 Jordan — «• Hewitt 24 Warrior Huffman 6 Phillips Erwin Tuscaloosa Co. 34 Minor 26 McAdory 57 In the Huffman game, Quick ' s PAT brought about a Rocket victory of 7-6. The muddy battle between Phillips and G. H. S. , our Homecoming game, finally ended in a 0-0 tie. The Rockets, mad after a Homecom- ing tie, outmaneuvered the Eagles for a score of 23-0. After a smashing vic- tory over Erwin, the Rockets went to Tuscaloosa, where they suffered an agonizing defeat of 34-0. Next came a very important game, Minor. If the Rockets won, they would have a chance for the Dental Clinic game, if they lost, well . . . The final score was Minor 26, Gardendale 9. Although the Rockets weren ' t victorious, we were proud to have scored more points than any other Minor opponent. G. H. S. ' s final game was played at MacAdory where the Rockets pulled out a 15-0 victory. 58 ' » 59 P Hi -« 1 fv B ' ( . H ' ) l i J M B f S PAT MCRGAN MIGHTY BECKY SHUTTLESWORTH MELISSA LINTON 60 JAN REID ROCKETS km. PAT THOMPSON STEPHANIE HANCOCK GO! «i N ' j iSSSS .-iK»l9- DEBBIE WOODS Co- Head Mr. Waites and the Rocket Marching Band lei LEFT TO RIGHT - Phyllis Morgan, Linda Towns, Vickie Bailey, Robin Green - Head, Kathy Lindsey - Co-Head, Donna Sylvester, Pam Hughes, Lisa Comett. 62 n. ' hool spirit. SHERRY EASLEY DEBRA WALTERS Co- Head SUSAN JOHNSON 63 KAREN BAILEY BETTY CORNELIUS JANE BARTON 64 SHARON WILSON CAROL MILLER, SANDY CAMP DEBRA NEELY Maruon f trls Arc at (©nljj jprcttjj lut Also Arc Monbcrful l ostcsacs anb (Jrcat spirit Boosters «5 d arhenbale xa,h thxiai PATTI RATLIFF JEANIE WATERS 66 51 = ! ra VICKI GLAZE Band Sponsor - DIANE HEADRICK Drum Major - RICHARD BOWEN Gardendale High School Band began its march toward excellence under the direction of Mr. Spenser Shaw. Both individually and collec- tively, many honors - including a superior rating at State Competition in 1969 and an excellent rating in 1970 - have been won. Currently luider the direction of Mr. Douglas Waits and Mr. Danny Glaze, the band is proceeding toward its goal of presenting an excellent program in marching, concert, and individual performance. MILLIE HARRIS 67 percus0ton Jane Baker Melissa Freeman Randy McGee Connie Bristol Mike Aycock Saxophones Kay Boatright Steve Osborn Cynthia Gravlee Rochelle Aaron Layne McCurry Randy Turner Sandra Bain Brian Malone Mike Smith Judy Eubanks Bob Cox Franklin Byrd George Richardson Into Braa« Norma Schultz Donna Miller David Densmore Richard Coggin Dwight Coggin Marty Airhart 6S (Jllarinets Donna Singleton Dajwanna Motte Bonita Beaver Nancy Huffman Sheila Pinyan Audrey McGowan Debra Chatham Karen Lindsey Glenda Bain Jim Smith Mike Fountain Howard Mayfield Emily Grimes Karla Shackleford Richard Belcher Donna Freeman Pam Stacks Cynthia Hicks ©rumpcta Larry Boone Terri Todd Craig Wingard Dale Wilkerson Mark Fountain Jackie Ayers Marc Duncan David Pilkington Mike Weems JlUit e» Yolanda Downey Maria Pounders Vicki Harbison Annette Williams Karen Atchison Gail Thrasher Yolanda Deason Cyndy Merchant «9 Wrestling is a sport of the finest. Size doesn ' t matter in wrestling. You are pitted against someone your own size , and the one with the most pride, second effort, and go-get-em is victorious. Our school should take a great amount of pride on the achievements of our team in its second year. After a slow start our team scored five consecutive victories. Coach Wallace stated the team has got great potential all it needs is experience. This was proven after the sectional tourna- ment which showed that Gardendale has become one of the formost teams in the county. After the results of the tournament Gardendale sent three wrestlers to the state playoffs. Pat Lawley, Jimmy Wallace, and Randy Schultz received the honor of being in the top twelve wrestlers of the state in their respective classes. Also it should be noted that Johnny Douglas led the team with nine wins and two loses. The team had a 5-8-1 overall effort this year. With the young material and bright prospect wrestling is destined to have a great season next year and years to come. 70 i A mx itix r03r 00 7 Basketball 1970-71 Gardendale Opponent 66 WOODLAWN 67 60 TARRANT 52 70 MORTIMER JORDAN 65 56 BERRY 66 61 HUEYTOWN 62 71 CORNER 73 90 PINSON VALLEY 57 92 DORA 58 64 MT. BROOK 85 73 HEWITT 72 85 MINOR 66 73 ERWIN 71 74 MORTIMER JORDAN 62 65 LEEDS 49 85 TARRANT 52 71 DORA 67 59 LEEDS 60 95 MINOR 75 75 ERWIN 62 101 HEWITT 72 92 VESTAVIA 63 72 A 1 sk 1 Vmev. Uk ■ ' 1 HH l@i BHHHB Vlft JKb R- Hm 73 The comment any basketball team enjoys the most is that the team has poise in the rough games. At the first of the season it looked as if Gardendale would be striving to win ten games this year. At the Christmas break the Rockets had a 3-4 record. After the holidays. Coach Monte Brake- field, came on the court with a fired up Rocket team. This was the turning point of the season. For the next fourteen games, the Gardendale cagers were one of the hottest teams in the county, losing only to Mt. Brook and Leeds. By stressing good shooting, hardnose defense, and aggressive rebounding, the Rockets received the benefits of having a fundamentally sound ball club. 74 The Rocket five weren ' t blessed with height this year with John Goolsby 6 ' 2 " , David Brooks 6 ' 2 " , Dabo Johnson 6 ' 0 " , Ted Dial 5 ' 9 " , and Kenny Brown 5 ' 9 " . To compen- sate for height the Rockets had to be quick and shoot well. Kenny Brown led the team in scoring with 21.4 points per game. The team averaged 75 points per game to the opponents ' s 64. John Goolsby led in rebounding. Dabo Johnson had the best field goal percentage with 56.2 o. Kenny Brown led the team with 51 steals and a foul shot percentage of 79° o. Coach Brakefield accredited the winning this year to the job done in shooting free throws. The team ' s per- centage extended to a strong bench from the line was 69.7%. Also thanks should be extended to a strong bench, the heros who made the varsity team work to achieve perfection In practice. Coach Brakefield is to be congratulated for a fantastic season. The Seniors graduating from the team are Kenny Brown, Dennis Alexander, and Thomas Graves. 7S Atah mtt0 - I •m J ia M 1 T 1 (Bifxtt mxti (l uthant MR. HOYT WASHINGTON MR. BILL WILLIS 1 H F 1 " !S " ' mB ihB wm MISS JEWEL VAUGHN MR. ROBERT COLE MRS. BARBARA FOWLER MRS. NELL SPIVEY MRS. NORMA GO WINS 78 Alhtajjs Alert lEthrartans MRS. CHERYLL BURKETT MRS. JACKIE GODFREY MRS. LOUISE SANSING 7» the iiflrlh Mab. The Over-th SO • malkr ©hruugh ©nglt h tuh MRS, MYRTLE (XAZE MRS, LOISCHAFFIN MR, ALAN THOMAS MISS DONNA FREEMAN MISS SARAH MUELLER MRS. NANCY SMITH MRS, MARY GRIMES MRS. MICKEY NAIL MISS BEVERLY HANCOCK MISS JEAN McKAY •1 ©h I|t0tor MR. GEORGE HOWELL MRS. LINDA POWERS MRS. JUDY ALLRED MISS BARBARA DKON MRS. RUTHLAWSON 82 B apartment Jinrtoarb tn th MRS. DALE HUDSON MR. HARRY SLAGLE MISS MILDRED SWIM MR. WILLIAM MEADOWS 84 iflitglb flf M Math B partm nt MISS ANNE REESE MRS, DONNA GOBER MRS. JANE COOPER MISS CREOLA GARY MRS. SUE BOWMAN MR. TOM JENNINGS MRS. LINDA LeDUKE I 86 Jiiir tgn iEanguag H ttm (£t0nxjmtt0 MRS. CATHERINE INGALLS I MR. MONTE BRAKEFIELD MRS. LINDA GREGG Bu0tn 00 (0hutatt0n MRS. MARGARET MUSSLEMAN MR. JOHN ROGERS 87 P h T ttal ®tiutatt0n: Jiun MRS. ANITA SCHIENERT COACH RICHARD MOON H - ' ' ' ■ __ ' V b - lUi ■ 1 xftf ft f . ' mt ' 5%.t iC t ■fcr- i ] i F f 1 ■ajjife ' j ? Hp iSr Jl MHi ' COACH ROY HOLSOMBACK COACH DENNIS LOVE MISS lOLA BAYLOR 88 1 nttuti in 71 GARM:r, the janitor? MRS. CARLA Wi KING T H MR, JAMES HlVW h l GARNER Ifi tk: y l HiH MR. DOUG ' HV -F WAITES mi: MR. DANNY J r _ GLAZE BlSi H Assistant E3 89 Atttbttt il ■ D w K wjL, rj i M m V H a H H 1 i i !!U!S!!!!!!iu I 92 ip At mx Much (Hna late d noh ©le iEunthrrmm 93 94 N(l X 00 l X 95 96 ®lt0 Wntk ©h ptrtt 5Ih0 Sam ©h lain ®li Sam 97 ffiattng faking 98 99 HI IIH mmi M 1 ■ • -:l_ if ' mk } «H ri ia £ ' i-i i us fe 101 102 BiQTeAA ! let ' s fa, 31 m STtreh. t ' 0 f 0, let ' s mg, let ' s (f 0. let ' s f 11, 103 104 A Bail txi flan 105 Bog atth ffiiJincs U (f arb ttbak 106 ■ 107 llahh-llahhh Mduxe After 108 109 110 ®h0 ffinh of a Bail Sh ffinb iif a g ar She ffinb 111 mtnxm Jllt00 M nh b0U0 J . " ilil J KL3 fit " Kfflr ' 4 1 ' ' ' I I, Debra Walters is charming, talented and very beautiful. These characteristics have been both in and outside Gardendale High School. Debra was first crowned Miss Rendezvous at G.H.S. Later she received another crown for Dental Clinic Queen. A combination of her beauty and talent led her to be Jefferson County Junior Miss. These honors foretell a bright, successful future for a deserving young lady. Bobra fflaltors 114 m f T» 116 l0t Alt rnat Kane Barton 2nb Attematt u«an ifohnson 117 3rtt Alt rnat B bra I eel ,5 W5 1 ©. ' i " - • ' • • i i i Hi ' 118 4th Alternate Bonna ISessenbcrr 119 ri-.rM Y fh. ' nTl nT 100 iii nii m IHK. ]f J Irl F f M,:. 91 latrtcia (tuttnn tss (ilangentaltt 123 unna Ue imbern? Annette ©rant Unrrte ilalnrenre Bmtiee S tmp mt Big Man an (ilampus Mike Quick was selected by the popular vote of the Senior class as Big Man on Campus. He is an active member of his class and participates in all school activities. Mike is also President of his homeroom. He is an all-around good guy. 126 (Bnxtk 127 1970-71 lan Barton 12t II p S( ■ H 1 Hlhi h k ll H i -s i 4 ' k M P ' ' ' 1 1 ll ■ i 1 Ciucen - iianc Barton 12th - Bcttjj (Unmelius nth - te;ihanie l antotk IDth - patt BltJorc 9th - Bath iEinbscjj 8tk - Itbhij ' Maoxt 7th - lEaura Ibester 129 2nb Uiu Annual 0rk0h0p Ijjmal n Morgan Cjjttbjj Merchant Annette (frant B.A.I. fflttt enshtp Muse Ann Bougks 130 At mxt , Arkansas Citff Mmi 131 Ck00 0 :i DENISE SIMPSON and RICHARD PACE Bubba Abbott Susan Abney Donna Acholly David Alexander Patty Alinder Jeff Arnold Kenny Aw try Mike Aycock Bonita Beaver Debbie Bentley Gay Black Tim Boggins Stanley Boone Dale Briar Cosette Brown Mike Bunn Gary Burton Larry Burton Tammy Camp Cindy Campbell Vicki Carlisle Kevin Cato Teri Connell Joey Cotton b nth (f rah Terry Carroll Guy Carter Eddie Culpepper Robin Davidson Dorothy Davis Kevin Dean Tammy Denny Beth Dial BiUy Dial Jack Dial Jodie Dial Sidney Dingier Steve Dyess Linda I gle David Fetner Carla Flowers Jeff Former Greg Gafford Gwen Gamble BiU Glass Jim Gazola Debbie Glynn Randy Gowin Vicld Goodwin Stephen Gowins Nancy Graham Danny Gray Cindy Gregg Jeff Grimes Larry Grimmett Diane Gunter Brenda Guthery Michelle Hadoway Danny Hale Phillip Hale Josephine Hall Randy Hall Robbin Hammons Randy Hancock Cathy Handley Bo Harris Sue Hayes Tammy Haynes Terri Higg " PamHill zgins Randy Hogeland Stanley Hogeland Berry Holmes 135 J)itnh0 5[h m0 lb ! Diane Hood Nita Horton Peggy Howard Alisha Hubbard Debbie Hughes Wanda Hunt Greg Jackson Lynn Jeager Jeanine Johnson Candy Jones Jennifer Jones Sandra Jones Virginia Jones Danny Juliane Patrick Keedy Darrell Kelley Mike Kelley Dennis Kelso Willy Kier Debbie Knight Jelinda Krotzer Butch Lakey Buddy Lawson Tim LeSeur Buddy Lingo Debbie Lucky Debbie Lyncn Mike Lynch Kathy McAnnally Dellyn McCombs Paula McDuffy Reda McKinney Randy McLeroy Vicki McLeroy Robin McSwam Carla Malone Lisa Martin Caroline Meadows Steve Moody Kathy Moon Steve Moore Bonnie Murrell Rick Nail Randy Nation Tim Nicholson Steve Noojin Clint Norwood Richard Pace Gene Parker Max Periyman Steve Perkins Teriy Perry Delores Pmllips Don Phillips Susan Phillips Sherri Pinyan Barbara Pounder John Purser Kim Purvis Cynthia Raglan d Debra Ragland Mike Raithmore Mitzi Ray Brenda Rnoades Chuck Russell Gail Sadler Johnny Salters Steven Salyets Debbie Scott Richard Shaling Debra Shelton Denise Simpson Rhonda Siniard Darlene Smith Ginger Smith Judy Smith Lynn Songer Oiris Sorenson Kathy Stodgehill Laura Sylvester 1M in to urr0unhmg0 Pat Sylvester Diane Tarley Karen Tatum Beverly Temply Karen Thacker Eddie Thompson Melanie Tiddle Russell Tiddle Johnny Tidwell lisa Tittle Mike Tittle Pam Todd Terti Todd Michael Trice Brian Trotter Donnie Vaughn Mike Vaughn Debbie Walker Gene Walker James Walker Peter Walker Lisa Ward Barry Waters Cathy Webb Mark Weems Kathy West Lisa whitlow Tommy Wideland Teresa Wilkinson Susie Wilson Jeffrey Works 137 Tommy Abney Debbie Adams Ramona Allcom Teresa Archer Kevin Atchison Jill Bagwell Darla Bailey Karen Bailey Terrell Bailey VicW Bailey Sandra Bain James Barnes Carol Bates Kelly Baty linda Belcher Mike Belcher Nicky Bailey Cathy Billings Nancy Bland Kay Boatright Eddie Bowman Pam Bodine Debra Brake Ray Brock fflass 3ialinrttes II I ' " 1 DONNA HOLMES and FRED MALONE fl , «- tb %ufi 1M Teresa Bryant Barbara Bullaxd Danny Burks Mike Butts Percy Byrd Van Calvert Sharon Camp Bobby Campbell Glenn Canoll Shirley Caroll Robby Carter Jerose Caudle Darrell Chambers Ricky Champion Mike Chandler Debra Chathem Tomniy Clevenger Patsy Colbum Randy Collman Toni Connell Mike Comelius Lisa Comett Bob Cox Colleen Cox Lee Cowgill Vicki Crawford Sandy Cupps Dee Cutcher Jeff Davis Robert Deason Renee Dean Jackie Dial linda Dye Roy Ellis Connie Epperson Curtis Farmer Pam Farmer Karen Fault Pam Ferguson Helen Fields Linda Fields Terrell Fields Jackie Fike Donna Fogg Carol Frew Karen Frew Terry Gambrel Tina Gann Turner Gibbs Amanda Glaze Roy Glenn Jimmy Godsey Bruce Gohn Jerry Graham Jeffrey Graves Kenny Graves Cindy Gravlee Debbie Green Tom Green Patricia Grigsby Mark Grimes Ricky Guthery Teresa Hale Jimmy Hancock 139 Steve Hancock Debra Hand linda Hand Martha Harden Tim Hatfield Eddie Hayes Paula Hayes Chris Heinl Jill Heptinstall Tim Herring Cynthia Hicks Tammy Higginbotham Ray Hill Kenneth Hines Mike Hinkle Barbara Hodges Mary Hodges Ricky Hogeland Diane Hollis Donna Holmes Steve Hubbard Jean Hudson Patti Hudson Kathy Hulsey Mike James David Jarvis Bill Johnson Randy Karrah Ronald Key Mike Kinniard Tim Kinnaird Sam Krotzer David Lacky Herbie Lang Gary Large Karen Lindsey Vicki Lingo James Lowery Eric McCoy Joylene McCiaiy Richard McCravy Layne McCurry Donnie McElroy Audrey McGowan Robin McGuirk Dale McKinney Fay McKinney Sylvia McKinney LaClaire McSpadden Brian Malone Fred Malone Mike Malone Anita Manning Donna Marcus Rose Marie Mike Marler Steven Mayfield Kevin Merchant Anthony Metcalf Dennis Miller Debbie Moody Kay Moon Greg Moore libby Moore Teriy Moore Phylis Morgan Mitch Muncher Burk My rex Diane Neal Renee Neely Ricky Nesbitt Diane Newman Jack Nix Billy Norwood Kerry Otis Carol Owens Reba Pannell Marlin Paris Sandy Parker Pam Parsons 140 Joy Pate Donna Pennington Debra Pollard Frank Posey Mike Ragland Mike Reeves Darlene Rhoades Anita Richardson Bobbie Robertson Peggy Roper Rioiard Russell Richard Russell Bruce Rutherford Debra Salter Eddie Scarborough Karla Shackleford Raymond Sharitt Diane Sibert Jimmy Simpson Butch Singleton Pam Skeleton Kathy Smith Michelle Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Patti Smith Russell Smith Richard Stegal lArnn Stell cfonnie Stewart Natalie Stewart Phillip Street Tommy Strickland Michelle Summers Diane Swann Greg Swann Teresa Swann Carol Sylvester Debbie Taylor Donna Thomas Jeanine Thomas Teresa Thomas Lori Thompson Vicki Todd Craig Tolbert Carol Travis Debbie Travis George Traywick Pat Trimm Ronald Vaughn Sandra Veal Joy Vines Clarice Wall Denise Wall Perry Wall Steve Watts Phylis Weeks Mike West Virginia Wicks Connie Wilkinson Sheila Wisener Joan White Tim White Debra Whitson Randy Whitten Allen Wilson Lane Wilson 141 KATHY UNDSEY and STANLEY EUBANKS Rochelle Aaron Sherry Abbott Randy Adams Angela Alexander Carol Alexander Jan Allen Ben Allen Kim Allgood Helen Amason Teresa Archer Myra Ash mo re David Aycock Karen Bailey Jane Baker Melissa Banks Debbie Beard Patricia Beasley Dabid Belcher Teresa Belcher Pam Blackwell Don Boley Lev Bragg Kerry Brasher Charles Brazeel 142 Gary Briscoe Connie Bristol Randy Brock Doug Brom Barry Brooks George Brooks Debbie Brown Brenda Bunn Nan Burbage Steve Burkett Sherry Calven Leigh Camp Keith Campbell Lyn Carroll Linda Carroll Teresa Casey Jeff Childress Tommy Clark Debbie Clay Keith Comett Teresa Creel Steve Crocker David Cupps Rhonda Davodson Martha Davis Marlene Davison Charlotte Dobbs Clint Doss Judy DuBose Evelyn Duncan Rodney Estes Karen Fetner Darlene Fields Anita Fines Rhonda Fines Gary Flowers Mark Fountain Johnny Fowler Donna Freeman Susan Fratigar Sharon Fulgham Tim Fulton Marty Glass Mike Goode Cathy Goodwin Rhonda Gowins Al Graham Janice Graham Janice Graham Myra Graham Robin Green Susie Gregg Vicki Gregg Wesley Greer Rancty Gunter Jeff Hadoway Brenda Hale Jimmy Hale Allen HaU Barbara Hamilton Doug Hand Ternf Harbison MicKey Hathcox Danny Hayes Gary Hays Danny Heam Ronald Ho(%es Sandra Hollis Ronald Hooly Hay den Holt Sandra Holt Terry Hood Gary Horsley Chuck Huffman Pam Hughes Debbie Hyatt Robert Ingram Sherry James Betty Johnson Terri Johnson 143 3i«0h mm Karen Jones Ricky Jones Sharon Jones Joyce Kilgore Kenneth Kinnaird Bill Kressler Vicki Krotzer Susan Lakie Kathy Lindsey Randy lingo Ruth Lingo Clydie Little Debbie Love Brucr Loweiy Darrell McAnnally Judy McCrary Tim McGuirk Steve McKiever Robert McKinney Wilma McSherdon Anita McSpadden Randy Manning Jan Mayfield Randy Mayfield Charles Meszell Becky Miller Donna Miller Renee Miller John Mitchell Mike Momah Debra Montgomery Freda Montgomery Randy Moon Susie Moon Mike Moore Stuart Moore Vickie Moore Tina Morgan Sheila Muncher Lamar My rick Debbie Odom Judy Pannell Charles Parker Debbie Parker Joey Petruzella Sheila Pinyan Donna Pitts Maria Pounders Nora Pridmore Margie Rascoe Mark Ray Gary Reid Roboie Reid Ronald Reid Ricky Reynolds Ran ay Roberts Leisa Rogers Vicki Richadson Kathy Ryder Don Sanders Kathy Sanders Stanley Sansing Bobby Scarbrough Pam Schnittker Norma Schultz Curtis Shipp Joe Smith Rocky Smith Gary Speegles Pam Stacks Randy Stegall Edward Stell Dixie Stinson Kenny Stripling Connie Stewart Donna Sylvester Stanley Tankersley Mark Tatum Regina Taylor 1 xV £fi £ . BM 144 A Beginning i l j Debbie Thomas Greg Thomas Richard Tidwell Donna Tilby Linda Townes James Trimm Pam Verdier Marsha Waddell Jimmy Wallace Brian Ward Kenny Ward Mark Ward Jeffrey Waters Shelby White Randy Wilhite Dale Wilkerson Cindy Williams Denise Williams Debbie Wills Craig Wingard Steve Woods David Worsham Donny Yarbrough 145 0|ih0m0r 0 ©ffi tt rs MALCOLM MARLER President SHERRY EASLEY Vice-President JOY PARKS Secretary BECKY MORTON Treasurer SCOTT AWTRY LINDA HOGELAND JANET PITTS Parliamentarian Chaplain Student Council Rep. 146 Paul Able Janet Absher Randy Akers Jean Alexander Randy Allinder Scott Awtry Cindy Bailey David Bailey Glenda Bain Rhonda Baker Mike Banks Danny Bateman Dennis Bates Becky Bearden Teresa Beasley Richard Belcher John Biddle Terry Biasing Calvin Boone Larry Boone Mike Boone Jack Booth Ricky Brooks Ferris Brown Miriam Brown Randy Bush Peggy Byrd BiUy Caine Becky Cato Dale Champion Holly Clark Dwight Coggin Randy Cooper Yolanda Deason. Drennan Defhal 147 €Jbi«s Jiabant s John Densemore Dennis Dickey Beverly Doss Scott Douglas Yolanda Downey Bradley Drake Phil Driver Sherry Easley Lynn England Judy Eubanks Janis Fike Cathy Foster David Foster Michael Fountain Sparks Freeman Jeff FuUer Mike Gamer LuAnn Godwin Susan Goodall Randy Goodwin Emily Grimes Dennis Guthery Emet Hallman Dieina Hammaker Pam Hancock Rebecca Hannah Chick Harden Millie Harris i Bf Ft ' m ' ' IM mg m . N SHERRY MANNING SCOTT DOUGLAS 148 B l Steve Harris Janet Harrison Jeanie Hayes Mike Headrick Johnny Hennley Don Heptinstal Rex Hodges Linda Hogeland Myra Hollis Aurelia Hallman Joan Hooten Gary Hopson James Horton Jim Hubbard Greg Hudson Nancy Huffman Sherman Humber Debbie Hyde Chip Johnsey Dabo Johnson Latricia Johnson Marty Johnson Steve Johnson Jeff Jolly Randy KelUng Mike Kelly Philip Kinard Paul Lais 149 Carol Lang Karen Latta Phillip Lawson Harolda Littrel Beverly Lovell Donis Lowery Wesley Lowery Terry McAnnally Alan McCleney Ricky McCoy Clifford McCreless Randy McGee Kim Madaris Norma Maddox Carol Malcolm Sherry Manning Malcolm Marler Karen Martin Howard Mayfield Jack Miller Jerry Miller Janice Mitchell Ernie Mom an Patty Moore Wayne Moore Becky Morton Jimmy Myers Donnie Noles Percy Norwood Danny Oden Susan O ' Mary Rodney O ' Rear Debbie Owen David Owens Rowland Pace Greg Pair David Parker Joy Parks Cindy Peoples Debbie Peny Michelle Peters Janet Pitts Desi Powell Terry Reed Tommy Reid Chris Reeves Jeanie Reeves Jackie Reynolds Frankie Rhodes Ken Riemer Susan Roberts Dennis Sanford Randy Schultz Mary Shapielac Gregory Shelton Meldre Shipp ISO James Soaf Debbie Simpson Alan Sims Jim Smith Dennis Snow Denise Spencer Bill Stewart Debbie Stripling Cliff Sylvester Richard Sylvester Teresa Thrasher VicW Trotter Dottie Turner Randy Turner Greg Underwood David Veal Debbie Voce Billy Walker Scarlett Wall Becky Ward Mike Watts Mike Weems Cindy Welshans Lary Wilkinson Annete Williams Buster Wiliams Victor Wilings Dennis Wilson Ronnie Wilson Gail Wood Randy Woods Wallace Woods 55 R l . 151 i(unt0r 0rk00 tc r« LARRY QUICK President DAVID BROOKS Vice-President PATTI SHALING Chaplain JEANIE WATERS Secretary RANDY LATTA Treasurer TERRY BAILEY Parliamentarian GAY HAMILTON Student Council Rep. 152 Marty Airhart Steve Akers Randy Alexander Philip Arnold Karen Atchison Terry Bailey Becky Baker JoAnn Barbour Dale Barr Bill Barron Marsha Belzer Debbie Black Steve Blane Richard Bowen Pam Bowman Stephen Brake Jeffrey Brasher Mike Briscoe Paul Brock Linda Brora David Brooks Randy Browning Steve Burford Cynthia Burns Franklin Byrd Steve Camp Brenda Carlisle Ricky Cato Becky Clark Debbie Clay 153 fflk«0 3)iatnJntes SUSAN JOHNSON and RANDY LATTA Leisa Collins Lynn Davidson David Densmore Ted Dial Chuck Dobbs Steve Doss Buck Douglas David Driver David Duffner Clyde Easley 154 ifuntiir arttripat I Lee Edwards Tennis England Eddie Faggard Eddie Ferguson Randy Ferguson Joey Fields Jeanie Fike James Fines Bill Franklin Allen Frew Debbie Frew Mike Gafford Doug Gamble Vicki Glaze Ginger Good all 1SS tth Mcartng John Goolsby Eileen Gowins Bengie Green Gay Hamilton Stephanie Hancock Debi Hansen Robert Hardesty David Hanis Sheila Hays Debbie Headrick Sue Henley Ricky Herring Rod Hicks Danny Hill Vicki Hodges Steve Holcombe Mike Holmes Nancy Holmes David Horsely Sue Horsely Tommy Howard 1S6 th tii Benny Howell Bo Howell Nancy Hudson Pat Hutto John Jackson Bobby James June Johnson Steve Johnson Susan Johnson Marie Kassaw Larry Keedy Randy Latta Lori Lawrence Tim Lindsay Melissa Linton Coy Lippeat Melba Lipsey Norman Loebler Steve Lollar David Lowery Robert McCarty 157 i(unt0r0 Teresa McClendon Mike McDowell John McGowan Mark McMinn Randy McPherson Eddie Meads Cyndy Merchant Charlotte Mezzell Debra Mitchell Roy Mitchell Ted Mitchell Moie Moman Gary Moore Danny Morgan Pat Morgan Tommy Morton Kay MuUins Jack Myrick Debra Neely Marylyn Nix Larry Noles Dee Odom Gary Ogles Greg O ' Rear Randy Otis Debra Parker Phil Pearce James Perry Tommy Raegan James Ragsdale . 158 Clntt Patti Ratliff Jan Reid Jan Reid Gary Rhodes George Richardson Sharon Russell Jimmy Sanders Connie Scott Patti Shaling Kathy Simpson Helen Singleton Danny Stewaart Scotty Swak Mike Tate Sherry Terrell Pat Thompson John Trimm Anita Vines Mike Wallace Gary Waters Jeanie Waters Billy Whaley Ray Whidby Gerald Wiggins Eugene Wilkinson Jesse Williams Ann Wills Mobo Witcher James Yarbrough 159 JANE BARTON Student Council, Secretary; Pep Club; Concert Choir , Accompanist; Homecoming Queen; Key Club Sweetheart; Maroon Girl. DEBRA WALTERS Co-head cheerleader; Miss Rendezvous ; Art Club; National Honor Society; Rendezvous Staff; Pep Club. BENTON WHITE Key Club, Project Committee; Homeroom President; Concert Choir, Assistant Director, Assistant Accompanist; All- State Choir. 160 RICK ALLRED Student Council, Vice-Presi- dent; Science Club; Concert Choir; Ushers Club; Projection Club. DONNA LESSENBERRY Student Council, Treasurer; Celestial Delight; Christmas Seal Princess; National Honcw Society; Rendezvous Staff. mxdx u|j0rktTb s JYMALYN MORGAN ttendezvous Staff, Co-Editor; Rocket Times Staff, Editor; Math Club; National Honor Society, J CLIFF VEAL Math Team; National Honor Society; Co-Editor, Rendezvous ; Math Club; Boys ' State. JOHNNY DOUGLAS " G " Club; Football Captain; Wrestling Team; University of Alabama Alumni Award; All- County Football. 161 mwx 011 00 ©fftt r President JENNIE HARDEN Vice-President STEVE OSBORN Secretary ROSE ANN DOUGLAS Treasurer ANNETTE GRANT Parliamentarian DAVID MOMAN Chaplain RHONDA HOWARD 162 ©h mxtix of 71 JOAN ABSHER DENNIS ALEXANDER RICK ALLRED JACKIE AYERS JEFF BAILEY KAREN BAILEY MKE BARNES CHIPPER BARGAINEER JANE BARTON ANTHONY BATEMAN RILEY BIBB LARRY BRADFORD HELEN BRAZEEL CATHY BROWN GARY BURGETT MKE BUSH 163 " T JOHNNY DEAN abe Muth 164 U M m mh r ELLIS EWING CHARLES CLAY RICKY FINES CYNTHIA FRANKLIN MELISSA FREEMAN TIPPY FULMER RICKY GAMBREL JANE GIBSON 165 ®h Mill M m mb r PHYLLIS GLENN DAVID GODSEY KATHY GOBER BILL GOGGINS BOB RHODES and JYMALYN MORGAN TIM GOWINS MARY GRAHAM ANNETTE GRANT THOMAS GRAVES JIMMY GREEN MKE GREEN 166 JANICE GREER JOY GRIFFIN ANNETTE GRANT and JERRY WARREN SUE GUNN LARRY GUTHERIE LORNA HALL ANGIE HALEY Viae I HARBISON JENNIE HARDEN MARY HARDESTY RONNIE HARDING l«7 aim 00. MDCE HAWKINS ROCKY HICKS TERRY HOGELAND DONNIE HOLLIE RHONDA HOWARD 1 TERRY HUGHES KATHY HUNTER KAREN JORGENSON HAROLD JOHNSON JOHNNY DEAN and SUSAN MORGAN KEITH JOHNSON 1«t l|atipm 00. BEVERLY KING ROSE ANN DOUGLAS and DENISE STEPHENS BETTr LAMON VICKI LATTA GWEN LAW PAT LAWLEY RICHARD LAWSON STEVE LEGG DONNA LESSENBERRY MKE LOPEZ 169 %Mti 3iflrk, DAVID MITCHELL DIANE MITCHELL DAVID MOMAN ALBERT MOORE 170 CINDY MOORE X MKE MOORE JYMALYN MORGAN SUSAN MORGAN DAJWANNA MOTTE MARCELLA OETH STEVE OSBORN STEVE PARKS 171 1 ; anb Jiru tratton. STEVE PITTS MKE QUICK DIANE RAWDING BETTY RAY RICHARD RAY LEE RAYBON TERRY REID ELAINE RENSHAW BOB RHODES HUGH RICHARDSON GARY ROBBINS SHARON ROBBINS 172 lut llxist ai All SUSIE ROWLAND GARY SCHULTZ STEVE SCOTT BECKY SHUTTLESWORTH CYNTHIA SIMMONS ANN SIMPSON DONNA SINGLETON DAVID SMITH DENNIS STEPHENS DAVID STEWART GINNY STODGEHILL NANCY STOUGH 173 ©he Mill lemember DONEVA STRICKLIN TIM SWANN REX TOLBERT GARY TOWNES TERRY TROTTER KATHY TUNSTILL CLIFF VEAL RICHARD WADDELL DEHIA WALTERS JERRY WARREN ROBERT WEBER NELL WEST LINDA WHEELER BENTON WHITE 174 xmm har b ©ug th r 175 ■ Ahherttsemcnts Compliments of BLANKENSHIP STUDIOS 631-4084 WEDDINGS PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL MOBILE HOMES BILL BAILEY - President P. O. Box 5 Gardendale, Alabama Phone 631-2911 lEurth ' Class Rings on Terms CHOICE OF White or Yellow Gold We Will Stand on Our Heads to Please! 178 Jfm m _ M Mfh Roebuck, Alabama •■■ i ' ' ffl l GLASS OF ' 72 WINS BOOSTER DAY JUNIOR OFFICERS: President LARRY QUICK Vice President DAVID BROOKS Secretary JEANIE WATERS Treasurer RANDY LATTA Parliamentarian TERRY BAILY Chaplain PATTY SHALING Student Council Representative GAY HAMILTON 179 " Buy Your Furniture From " CLAYTON FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE " Home-Owned and Operated " 0iJ ' !W-.- .- -vcw " FOR THOSE DREAM-HOUSE FURNISHING ' Si BOWL For Family Fun and Entertainment Highway 31 North in Fultondale Phone 841-4353 180 MR. JENNING ' S SR. II HOMEROOM IVIRS. GREGG ' S lOMEROOM Stephanie Terry- Danny DISCOUNT FURNITURE GALLERIES Highway 31 North YOUR TROUBLES VANISH aT HURST AND HURST GARAGE Phone 841-2680 P. O. Box 106 Fultondale, Alabama Complete AUTO and TRUCK REPAIR Body Work and Painting CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE AND ANTIQUES A B FURNITURE CO., INC NEW AND USED FURNITURE 2913 North 27th Street 324-2591 Birnningham, Alabama BUDDY SPARKS HARDWARE 2520 31st Avenue North Phone 251-0561 182 Complements of BELMONT STUDIOS 183 MRS. POWERS ' HOMEROOM 184 V. J. ELMORE ' S 5 10 ROGER FASCINA Gardendale Shopping Center EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE 185 DRUM MAJOR - RICHARD BOWEN BAND SPONSOR - DIANE HEADRICK - • -«» GARDENDALE T.V. AND APPLIANCE 1228 MAIN STREET GARDENDALE PHONE - 631-3801 Largest Selection in Town on Zenith Color T. V. ' s - Radios - Phonographs Ampex Tape Equipment SALES AND SERVICE SKILITE RESTAURANT CAFETERIA STYLE LUNCHS - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT TAKE OUT ORDERS 3107 27th Street North Phone - 251-1834 S xx h0 0 Gardendale, Alabama BENSON ' S Fultondale, Alabama 187 STE I NWAY SOHMER WURLITZER FORBES EVERETT! CABLE NELSONt ALLEN ORGANSi WURLITZER ORGANSI gEMOPTOB v rN D J- O IM ESTABLISHED 1869 I AN O Co I PANY, Inc. 1914 4TH AVENUE. NORTH • BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA 35203 " Everything In Music " JOE LINTON HOMEBUILDERS, INC Phone - 841-5401 P. O. Box 335, Fultondale, Alabama 35068 GARDENDALE STANDARD JERRY CRANE " Service With A Smile " 188 w Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1971 THE CITY OF GARDENDALE GILBERT JACKS MAYOR Council: BILLY HATHCOX RAFORD JONES H. B. THOMPSON, JR. T. A. WEST BETTY DICKEY City Clerk MILDRED MYERS Asst. City Clerk HOY ATT McCAIN Chief of Police E. M. ERWIN Fire Chief Perhaps the Most Valuable Result of All Education Is the Ability to Make Yourself Do the Thing You Have to Do, When It Ought to Be Done, Whether You Like It or Not; It Is the First Lesson That Ought to Be Learned; and However Early a Man ' s Training Begins, It Is Probably the Last Lesson That He Learns Thoroughly. THOMAS HENRY HUXLEY 189 GARDENDALE PHARMACY The Complete Drugstore Free Delivery Gardendale Shopping Center 631-2611 190 ■MA riiik. SSSS 5 Burth anh ©ant FORMALS FOR EVERY OCCASION 192 C. R. BURNS lllstale Family Home Health Car Business Your Allstate Agent in Gardendale NUBY ' S UNION 76 Gardendale, Alabama HAMBU Fl-0 -RS 5j| ssssw . " 9S LM A i F inuiii ' i. - »■•■ ; „ . is -- i ' v 4r ri fl T ' l fc, i » - i. 1 GARDENDALE FLOWER GIFT SHOP GARDENDALE BARBER SHOP Phone 631-4914 Next to Laundromat 3 BARBERS TO SERVE YOU NO WAITING Tues. thru Fri. 9:00 - 6:00 Sat. 8:00 - 6:00 ALL STYLES 195 3) CD c 2) o CQ 0) o o o Q 196 GARDENDALE FABRIC CENTER Brand Name Fabrics at a Discount SaJ utrng the graduating class BOTUED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COU COMPANY BY 197 . JlZ2 " •7 RTCR M V " r— . u- GMOVCRS k ft- ' ody EgZHEI a G si mm- ' ' ' k)Ai -PAjfy fl-l ' i l-J;l;r.crFF1 36 H ' R.- XS ' ' " ) Y ump is src3i i urjum isirui U ' I n n o tt r-7«f o- .-, ' J t A Gtot it 200 V UinnJ : 6 7 ff3 fif OLD nuBOR 0RiQir)IhLQo 6 " Fiir, TILL r XT iBf R " ml r% V . V V N Karen =f y 72 I?ecKc) Warci " H 3 " JOE WlLL E? ' 0-i-7 ' TEAA IE A VD PAT " 72 " .rIRoLLTlD£. ' i rrrmk owaX P C iaUkM Cff M ill r) V AZ XVVOOD ' 7V 201 PATTt MTUPf 7t .,, . ... . ARCH I F i 1.RR72 Wo ii Eou € Ho T, ' dt Pig- (R e)Rf)WD7 Broujhinq Crb) 6EAR iORKS- W0ND£RS! yi . ar(gra J. M . J• J • S,1 T .M. A. i . l.d. $.P. K.1L C .V. 202 ) t onna Lessenberry ' Ivlelissa Freeman acharrf Lawson vlis. Glaze ohnny Douglas Jrk you ! Kenny Brown Steven Grady Legg I Roll Tide toll Tide IJest Hr. Teacher - Mrs, Powers Iv at a Bum, What a Bum vlodene Gunch (projec. Club) 71 David Moman " 71 " nnette Grant ' 71 athy Hunter ' 71 3reg Shelton ' 73 Vlichael Kinnaird ' 75 Doug Brom ' 74 Donis Loweiy 73 Debbie Parker 74 Becky Morton ' 73 Donna Holmes ' 75 Dennis Guthrie 73 Tern Johnston ' 74 J.P. ' s " Window Wonderland " Mike Wallace Jo Ann Barbour James Fines John Jackson JH and GP Go Raid Can ' 73 D. and J. 72 Donna Singleton and Pete Sheila Pinyan 74 Debbie Traries ' 75 R,H. and K.H. - Silly Witch - 71 John and Rhonda ' 71 Kim Madaris ' 73 Ricky Brooks ' 73 Sharon and Jerry ' 75 Kim Allgood 74 Terry Harbison 74 Jan Allen 74 Patti Ratliff 72 Gary Schultz " 71 " John Borden Sue Gunn Joy Griffin (WAR EAGLE) Joan Absher Go Gators! (KU) Mike (• 71) Green - Rool Tide Shep Guthrie Larry Earl and Mary Ann Loma Hall Willie Goggans 71 Pink Pussy.Cat. 7 Mary " Roll Tide " Graham Willlarri Yaibrough Cap ' n Hogeland Roll Tried Annette Grant (Roll Tide! ! !) War Eagle - 71 Cynthia S. Elmer Snodgrass Sweet Tunes, Jerry Roll Tide! (KLJ) Lonnie Cardwell Margaret Campbell " 71 " Best Hugh Richardson WAR EAGLE Vickie and Riley Chuck Dobbs Hondo Vavlichek Becky Greene Vicki Hodges Adolf Shickelgruber Ricky Cato Norman Loebler Greg O ' Rear Einahpets " 72 " Dr. Whimey Pfluger 11-n Marty Airhart 11 Danny Griffin Lori Lawrence Norman Greenbomb Bill Banon Captain Klutz RdU Tide Roy Mitchell Steve Brake 11 Kathy Simpson Coy lippeatt Randy Latta Patti Ratliff Jessee Williams Saturday Nite Convention Ricky Herring Greg O ' Rear Roll Tide Gary Waters Randy Alexander Biscuit Jubilation T. Compone David Densmore Gary Ogles Steve Camp Frster Bester Jester Pam Bowman Francis Kroorty Fearless Park Sot Beer Belly Mike Tate ' 72 Johnny Musso (1, 372 yards) Debi Hansen Roll Tide (Rick) Honey Dumpling Adolph the Snake Nancy Huffman ' 73 " Punk " 73 Mike Weems ' 73 Jeannie Reeves ' 73 Jeannie Hayes ' 73 Philip Kinnaird ' 73 Coach Brakefield Clifford Slyvester ' 73 Johnny Musso 1 Janice Mitchell ' 73 Kenney Snow ' 73 Super Joe ' s idol ' s Malcolm Mai had white shoes first! Chris say 39 on your program, 1 in your heart. Bugar Loves puddin ' John Biddle Rodney O ' Rear Becky Ward " 73 Joy and David Marty and Sheree Percy Norwood ' 73 RoU Tide! Janet Harrison ' 73 Greg Pair War Eagle ' 73 Thomas 7th period Eng. Meldie + Doyle Amo Te, Doyle Slick Stick Miriam Brown War Eagle S.J. Go Big Orange Randy Woods Tide -0 Tennessee -24 No fruit wins like the Big Orange No fruit wins like the Big Orange Anita Vines Bill Willis says - Flattops are here to stay. C.S. Roll Tide 73 Richard Karen Clifford Linda Jeb Harolda Lee Mange rides again Sharon Robbins PhyUis Glenn GO ROCKETS! Dajwanna Motte Debra Wingard Sweet Tunes Forever Ted Kelly Sullivan to Beasley War Eagle B.C. andJ.G., K.M. andM.A. Ricky A. and Karry D. Van and Leisa Richard Bowen RT ichardray owenbay Anita Vines RB ' 72 11-N Herman Ginkelmeir Steve Moode Mike Kelley BiU Glass Danny Gray Archie Wall Gayhill Black Diane Hood Laura Sylvester Kathy Stodghill James Walker J McCay Michelle Summeis Pat Keedy Billy Dial Karen Tatum Peggy Howard Denise Simpson Ginger Smith Nandy Hudson says War Eagle! I 33 to 28 War eagle Eddie Faggard 11 Peter P. Pinworthy from Pittsburg Nancy Holmes Debbie Holmes Debbie Mitchell War Eagle Butch Singleton Mike James Gregg Moore Jimmy Godsey Patty + J.F. War Eagle ' 75 Tammy Higginbothan Ronald + Michelle 203 Debby Clay Mike Gafford H, Dumpty 11-N Salwin R. Veeblefetzer 11-N Dd)ra Neely John Trimm Herman J. Tingding John Goolsby Eddie Meades ABLEM YESPIL Yak SniUum Jeffrey Brasher 72 Big " E " 72 Dave says Big Orange Tommy Morton Mighty Mac 54 KAK SACKY UVES Gregg ' s Grimlins 11-N Melissa Linton Eileen Gowins Russell Smith Gordon Trotter Ronnie + Michelle Jill Heptinstall + Micheal Kathy Smith + Robert McKinney " Gravelwong 11 " Joylene McCrary M. J. Class of 70 Debbie Greer WAR what, Mrs. Grimes? Kiss me, I ' m American ! David Veal 73 Pluck War Duck 75 Mike Moman 74 Glen Canoll loves Cyde Reeves " Little Capp " Jeffety and Paula Karen L. Bailey says War Eagle Bobbie Jean Loves Scott Douglas Lee Cowgill says GO ROCKETS Miss S to vail Jeannene Thomas Pam Skelton Thresa Archer Karen Bailey War Eagle Darla Bailey War Eagle War Eagle Debbie Adams Little Mike Pam + Allen Joe WiUie - M.R. David + Veal Shirley Carroll Amanda Glaze War Eagle Tiixie Hill Bear Who? Jimmy ' s Cousin Fike Connie Epperson Alabama is better than War Eagle KA + KS Judy DuBose Rodney Estis Donna and Stanley Donna and Stanley Leigh Camp Teresa Casey " Yea Ala. " Rocky " Yea Gardendale " Helen Lany Loves Fish Angle + Patrick Jimmy loves Debbie " dumplingmandercito " Judy McCrary Debbie Love Mickey Hathcox Peace Buzzard Sharon Jones Karen Jones Kenny Ward Kenny Awtry L. S. +J.C. ' 76 Marlene and Randy Class of ' 73 Miss Mueller Gary Flowers ' 73 Gary Hopson " 73 " Brenda Bunn 73 David Veal 73 Terry and Layne ' 73 Dennis Spencer 73 Richard + Pam " Woman Beater " Mike Banks 73 Scott wrote this Don Heptinstall ' 73 Sherry Easley 73 Janet Pitts " 73 " Patty Moore " 73 " Becky Morton 73 Joy Barks Farris " Wheel " 73 Janet Absher 73 Malcolm Marler Cindy Bailey Drennen Defnall Finley ' 73 Latricia Johnson 73 Yolanda Downey Randy Cooper 73 Richard Stegall 73 Karen Martin 73 Urry Cheek " s " ' 73 James Horton 73 Pam Hancock ' 73 DN and MB say Roll Tide 73 linda Hogeland ' 73 Ernie Moman ' 73 War Beagle Marty Glass ' 74 Don Boley 74 M.H. says Roll Tide M.H. Loves K.L. Larry Boone ' 74 David Belcher ' 74 Ronald Hodges ' 74 DS Loves SE Mark Ray ' 74 R. G. says War Eagle ' ' 74 Pam Stacks ' 74 Dmmmer Girl ' 74 Mrs. Lawson Class of ' 74 Jeffery Waters ' 74 Maria Pounders ' 74 Connie Bristol ' 74 Kathy Ryder Charlotte Dobbs " 74 " Chuck Russell ' 76 yeoj nottoc Roll Tide War Chicken Debbie WiUs " 74 " Carolyn Alexander 74 Sherri Abbott Ginny Sto hill " 71 " Go Vikings Becky Cato ' 73 Jeff Jolly (Archie) ' 73 Donnie-Noles " 73 Howard T. Mayfield ' 73 Tommy Reed ' 73 Jerry Densmore ' 73 Dwight Coggin ' 73 Yea! Big Orange Jackie Reynolds ' 73 Steve Johnson In memory of K. K. Turkey J. + Turkey M. Go Go Jo Jo (DP) ' 73 Jeb Smith ' 73 Jeb lives on beer! Glenda Bain ' 73 George Underwood ' 73 Santa Glaze ' 73 Emily Grimes ' 73 Dottie Turner Lee Gary ?? Joan Hooten Donis Lowery 73 Anne He Williams Rhonda Baker Pocahontas (JP) Danny Oden ' 73 Wally Woods ' 73 James Shoof ' 73 Frankie I oades 73 Donna and Stanley ' 74 Drummer Girl ' 74 Rodney Estes ' 73 Karen Bailey ' 71 Strawberries Go Class of ' 72 Go Class of 73 Class of ' 73 Sophomores are the best Billy Wood Kwitchabellyakin Norman Peters Steve Burford 72 Cyijthia Bums " 72 " M. H. says - Shake that thing, Martin Guffaw Wuh War Eagle Donnie Williams 73 Butch Singleton Mike James Gregg Moore Jimmy Godsey Patty + J. F. War Eagle ' 75 Tammy Higginbothan Sandy Parker Bobbie loves Scott Cynthia Gravlee Teresa Bryant Karla Shackleford Sharon Camp Phyllis Morgan Linda Hand 204 Carol Hand Shidey Carroll Tim Herring Toy Pate Miss Hancock Mis. Grimes Vickie Bailey fudy Kendrick Diane Neal Mike and Jill Susan Phillips " 76 " Mark Weems " 76 " Mike Bunn " 76 " CUnt Norwood " 76 " iDonnie and Janelle " 76 " Kathy Webb " 76 " Cindy Campbell " 76 " Debra and Larry FranMe Adams ' 76 Randy Lingo ' 74 Ted KeUy Susan loves Frankie Susan loves Frankie Susan loves Frankie Susan loves Frankie linda Cooper Linda loves Ted Ted loves linda Linda loves Ted To Jack with love " Hershel " Jack C. and Diane M. Sharon Robbins Dajwanna Motte Debra Wingard Sweet Tunes Forever Ted Kelly Phyllis Glenn Go Rockets! GO ROCKETS! H.P. 205 » ( . ,N: : W. 1 tss Meesc ' s i omeronm rss Baybr ' s llcmeroom COMPLIMENTS OF GARDENDALE FLOORING CARPET - TILE - HARDWOODS ORIGINALS FLOORS REFINISHED T. A. WEST PHONE 631-4413 208 Phone: 324-4887 Brintxin 3(iniiflr i (Jin. Guaranteed Watch Repair 3010 N. 27th Street North Birmingham, 7, Ala. Office Phone: 631-2961 Residence Phone: 631-4264 J. R. " BOBBY " BAKER 305 Fieldstown Rd. Gardendale, Ala. 35071 CHEVROLET ED MOLLISON CHEVROLET, INC. 3228 North 27th St. Birmingham, Alabama 35207 Chevrolet Chevrolet • Chevy II • Corvair • Corvette BIRMINGHAM ' S ONLY TEEN NIGHT CLUB THE TEEN CLUB AGES 13 THRU 21 8:30 - 12 P.M. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ROEBUCK SHOPPING CENTER NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED 210 TOMATOES WHOLESALE BOXE Bas P CHARLES 474 Finley Avenue Birmingham, Alabama 35204 Phones 328-3033 323-7372 211 SOPHOMORE WHO ' S WHO BEST ALL AROUND Sherie Manning and Marty Johnson BIGGEST FLIRTS Joy Parks and Ricky Brooks 219 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Sherry Easly and David Baily WITTIEST Joy Parks and Jeff Jolly MOST ATHLETIC Sherry Easley and Randy Schultz SOPHOMORE SPONSOR - Miss Mueller BEST PERSONALITY Cindi Peoples and Ricky Brooks MOST POPULAR Becky Morton and Ricky Brooks BEST LOOKING Yolanda Downey and Malcolm Marler 213 J. H. BERRY REALTY MRS. MUSSLEMAN ' S HOMEROOM 214 A Complete Line of Whirlpool Appliances HOME SUPPLY CO. 3006 27th Street, North Birmingham and Mt. Olive Road ENiTH Phone: 252-1049 631-3850 FUL TONDALE RADIO T.V. SERVICE DIXIE SUPER STORES Gardendale, Alabama The Friendliest Store in Town Savings Plus Top Value Stamps Quasar and All Other Makes and Models 841-7311 Phone - 841-6488 A. A. AUTO PARTS EARL E. POSEY - Owner New and Used Parts We Buy Wrecked Cars of All Kinds 3010 Stouts Road Fultondale, Alabama ais MISS MUELLER ' S 1 0TH GRADE HOMEROOM 216 W. A. ADAIR TIRE CO. 3016 Stouts Rd. Fultondale, Alabama Compliments of BRASWELL FURNITURE North Birmiingham LATTA AMERICAN RADIATOR REPAIR - ALIGNMENT PHONE 324-5977 Compliments of FULTONDALE DISCOUNT DRUGS Fultondale, Alabama ai7 CARLISLE ' S GARAGE Mt. Olive, Alabama FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF GARDENDALE A Friendly and Growing Church in the Heart of Gardendale Sunday School - 9:30 A. M. Morning Worship - 10:55 A.M. Training Union - 6:15 P.M. Evening Worship - 7:30 P. M. Phone - 251-5676 PERKINS JEWELERS Watches and Diamonds Wedding and Graduation Gifts 3004 N. 27 Street Birminghann, Alabama MACK ' S MARKET Mt. Olive Road - Mt. Olive Phone 631-4311 218 DIXIE DAIRY KREME ' TASTY SOD FANCY SUNDAES TAKE-OUT SERVICE Compliments of PINSON VALLEY FURNITURE Pinson, Alabama Congratulations To THE SENIOR CLASS OF ' 71 FROM FREW RUG SERVICE EXTRA SAVINGS FOR YOU WHEN YOU CARPET YOUR PRESENT HOME OR THAT " SPECIAL " DREAM HOUSE 2024 12th. Ave. N. Birmingham, Alabama Phone - 322-1734 220 WHEN IT COMES TO BEING BEAUTIFUL, HALF THE FUN IS LEARNING HOW. VISIT YOUR GARDENDALE MERLE NORMAN STUDIO FOR " YOUR FREE " LESSONS IN BEAUTY I Marguerite Craft Marinox Moore Merle Norman Studio Adams G ' dale. Plaza Gardendale, Ala. Phone - 631-4133 DISCOUNT SHOES AND FABRICS Gardendale, Alabama tti CLIFF MELVIN UNION 3201 North 26th Street Phone 252-9202 ARWOOD SERVICE STATION P. O. BOX 527 Fultondale, Alabama THRIFTY DRUGS FOUNTAIN SERVICE Gardendale Medical Center 631-4782 631-9081 222 MR. HOWELL ' S HOMEROOM Dennis SMOD- GRASS 323 ...the family store (and I [CATALOG ORDER Ceimt ER GARDENDALE T.V. APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE PHONOGRAPHS COLOR T.V. ' S STEREOS RADIOS T. V. REPAIR PHONE NO. 631-3801 225 MRS. GLAZE ' S HOMEROOM 226 (Tho iiau " 5 Uu ' «t)i ' nt cit (Oarboniiale. ill or tho lu ' " 5t l l ' 5 nf mir life. (Tlu " nuimont " 5 pa-st Uu ' Uiish tn last. (I ' ur " C-pirit Uiill nolier iiio. Blarmm antt (5roii. nur rnlnrs true. iUo Uiill itis lau Uiith priiio. jFriiMiii-shiii. Inualtu. antt Unio iUc oil or nUio tn tho. A-i Uio Uialk thrmiijh lifo nn nur separate Uuius. (On a untrnou that starts here iUo fool a hnnb that tiralus us rinse. Anti ties us thrnuijh the uears. Blarnnn anii 0)re , nur rnlnrs prnub. tanit far ahnlio the crnUiti. (OnUuirii. IllpUiartt. as Uu ' rlimh, Ule still Innk hark tn thee. . -sV ' . 1 tgma 5[au (l amma Debbie Woods, Debra Walters, Karen Bafley, Terry Trotter, Jeanie Waters. Donna Goolsby, Nancy Holmes, Jean Garner, Donna Dean, Gwen Law, Debbie Martin. Susan Johnson, Debra Linton, Debra Parker, Linda Brom, Jan Reid, Lorrie Lawrence Annette Grant, Jennie Harden, Becky Shuttlesworth, Donna Lessenberry, Jymalyn Morgan 22t Melissa Freeman, Sandy Camp, Dajwanna Motte , Donna Single- ton, Karen Hinkle. Trina Motte, Debbie Frew, Kim Madaris, Gay Hamilton. I al W Susan Morgan, Kathy Gober, Betty Cornelius, Jane Barton. 229 mxtix Btr tt r ABSHER, JOAN, Acad. ; Pep Club; Nurses Club; Campus life. ALLRED, RICK, Rendezvous Staff; Pep Club; Jr. Classical Uague; Science Club; Ushers ' Club; Concert Choir; Vice-President, Student Council; Track Team; Pro- jection Qub; Rep. to Law Day U.S.A. Senior Super- lative; All-State Choir, Adv. Acad. AYERS, JACKIE, Acad.; Band; All County Jr. and Sr. High Band; Title HI Honors Band; Pep Band Director; Asst. Student Conductor; Band Manager; All State Ensemble; Ushers Club. BAILEY, KAREN, Acad.; Maroon Girl, Pres. (70-71); Pep Club, Pres. (■69- ' 70), Vice-Pres. (•70- ' 71); School Spirit Award; Concert Choir; Latin Club; Junior Qass Vice-Pres.; " Oklahoma " Cast. BARTON, JANE, Adv. Acad.; Jr. Qass Treasurer; Sec, Student Council; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club; Paper Staff; Accom. , Concert Choir and All-County Choir; Latin Club; Honors Day Cholc Award, 1970; Celestial De- light; All State Band; Homecoming Queen; 1st. Alter- nate, Miss Rendezvous; Key Club Sweetheart; Treas. , Maroon Girl Senior Superlative; Senior Favorite; Senior Class Rep. to Drug Alert Symposium ' 71. BARGANIER, CHIPPER, Acad.; Student CouncU; Pro- jection Club, Treas.; Pep Club. BIBB, RILEY, Acad.; Pep Club; Homeroom Officer; Wrestling. BORDEN . JOHN R. , Acad. BRADFORD, LARRY, Acad.; Vice-Pres. . Concert Choir; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club; Ensemble; Treas. , Key Qub; Paper Staff; Jr. Classical League. HIAZEEL, HELEN, Acad.; Nurses ' Club; Pep Club; Library Club. BROOKS, BILL, Acad.; Baseball Team; Projection Club, Pres.; Drama Club, Pres. BROWN, KATHERINE. Acad.; Concert Choir. Drama Club; Pep Club. BROWN, KENNY, Acad.; 3 years Varsity BasketbaU; All County Basketball. BURGETT, GARY, Acad.; " G " Club; Pep aub; Ushers ' Club, Pres.; Wrestling; Baseball; Basketball; Foot- ball, Captain and Most Valuable Back; " Back of the Week. " BUSH, MKE, Acad.; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club. CARDWELL, LONNIE, Rocket Times Staff; Ushers ' aub. CALVERT, ROGER, Acad.; Concert Choir; Ensemble; Drama Club; Key Club. CAMP, RODNEY, Acad.; " G " Club; Civitan Citizen- ship Award; Ushers ' Club. CAMPBELL, MARGARET, Acad.; Pep Club; Nurses Club; Sec. and Treas. ' 71, Library Club. CAMPBELL, RICKY, Acad.; Track Team. CARGO, GLENN, Acad.; Junior Classical League; Drama Club; Ushers ' Club. CARLISLE, LARRY, Adv. Acad.; Honor Society; Math Club. CARROLL, JAMES, Acad.; Art Club; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club. CARSON, RICKY, General A. CATHY, Acad. ; Junior Classical League; Maroon Girl; Pep Club; Concert Choir; Most Photogenic; Miss Rendezvous Pageant, CLAY, CHARLES, Acad. COGGINS, RICHARD, Acad.; Band; Stage and Pep Band; Vice-President; All-State White Band (1970); All- County Jr. and Sr. High Band (1968- ' 71) Title HI Honors Music Program; Student Band Director; Asst. Pep Band Director; All-State Solo and Ensemble. COOPER, LINDA, Acad.; Pep Club; Nurses ' Club; Pres. and Historian, Library Club. CORNELIUS, BETTY, Acad.; Pres. and Vice-Pres.. Maroon Girls; Concert Choir; " Oklahoma " Cast; Miss Rendezvous ; Favorite; Sr. in Homecoming Maid; Stu- dent Council; Rocket Times Staff; Rep. Gov. Day for G.H.S.; National Honor Society; Pep Club. CREEL, EDWIN, Acad. CUTHBERTSON. GARY, Adv. Acad.; Key Club; Home- room President; Jr. Classical League. DEAN, JOHNNY, Acad.; " G " Club; Football; Wrestling; Concert Choir; Ensemble; Key Club; Senior Favorite. DENSON, ANGELA, Acad. ; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club. DOUGLAS, JOHNNY, Acad.; " G " aub; Football Cap- tain; Wrestling; U of A Alumni Award; All County Football; Senior Superlative. DOUGLAS, ROSE ANN, Acad.; Senior Class Sec; Honor Society; Rocket Times; Drama Club, Sec; Concert Choir, Treas.; D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl; Senior aass Favorite; World History Award ( ' 68- ' 69); Rep. Alabama Citizenship Conference ( ' 69- ' 70); Drama Award ( ' 69- ' 70); Who ' s Who in American High Schools; Student CouncU Rep. ; Homeroom President; Choir Ensemble. ENGLAND, JIMMY, Academic. EWING, ELLIS, Academic. FINES, RICKY, Art Club; Campus Life; V.P.; Ushers ' aub; Drama aub. FRANKLIN, CYNTHIA, Acad.; Drama Club; National Honor Society; Rocket Times Staff; English Award ( ' 69- ' 70); Nurses ' aub. FREEMAN, MELISSA, Adv. Acad.; Band Sec; Nurses; Qub Officer; Jr. Classical League; All-County Band ( " 67- ' 70); Title m Honors Band. 230 FULMER, TALMAGE, Academic. GIBSON, JANE, Acad.; Nurses ' Ciuh; Drama aub; Volleyball Team; Pep aub; Sr. Girls Choir. GLENN, PHYLLIS, Pep Club; Spanish aub; Home- room Officer; Rocket Times Staff. GOBER, KATHY, Acad.; Pep Club Pres.; Student Coun- cil Rep.; Concert Choir; East- West Baseball Queen; F.T.A. GODSEY, D AVID, Academic. GOWINS , TIM , Adv. Acad.; Math Qub; Math Team; Optimist Club Scholarship Rep.; Band. GRAHAM, MARY, Adv. Acad.; Pep aub; Nurses ' Qub. GRANT, ANNETTE, Acad.; Sr. aass Treas.; Rendezvous Staff; Pep aub; Spanish aub; Art aub; Drama aub; Treas.; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Favorite; Celestial Delight ( ' TO- ' ?!). GRAVES, THOMAS, Acad.; Art aub; Basketball. GREEN, JIMMY, Academic. GREEN, MDCE, Academic. GREER, JANIS, Pep aub; Art aub; Nurses ' Club; Ren- dezvous Staff; Acad. GRIFFIN, JOY, Acad.; Nurses ' aub; Pep aub. GUNN, SUE, Acad. ; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club. GUTHRIE, LARRY, Acad, , Ushers ' aub; Projection aub Pres. and V.P.; Drama aub; Concert Choir; Jr. Classical League. HALEY, ANGIE, Math aub; Rocket Times Staff; Drama aub; Pep aub; Nurses ' aub; Jr. aassical League. HALL, LORNA, Acad.; Pep aub; Nurses ' aub. HARBISON, VICKIE, Acad.; Band; Pep Band; F.T.A. HARDEN, JENNIE, Adv. Acad.; Sr. aass Pres.; Jr. Class Sec; Sr. National Honor Society Treas.; Ushers Club; Pep aub; Math Club Treas. ( ' 70) Pres. ( ' 71); Math Team; Jr. Classical League.; V.P. Rendezvous Staff; Concert Choir, Ensemble; Geometry Award ( ' 69); Algebra II Award ( ' 70); U of A Alumni Award; National Science Foundation Training Program at Emery University; Who ' s Who in American High Schools. HARDESTY, MARY, Adv. Acad.; Jr. aassical ; Nurses ' aub; Pep aub; Bank Board of Directors; U of A Alumni Award HARDING, RONNIE, Acad.: Rockets Times Staff; Art aub. HAWKINS, MIKE, Adv. Acad.; Math Club; National Honor Society Vice Pres. ; (1969) Biology Award. mCKS, ROCKY, Acad.; Homeroom Officer; " G " aub. Chaplain; Concert Choir, Pres. (1969- ' 70); Ushers ' Club; Pep aub HOGELAND, TERRY, Acad.; Art aub, Pres.; Drama aub; Art Award ( ' 69- ' 70). HOLLEY, DONNY, Adv. Acad.; B-Team Basketball. HOWARD, RHONDA, Acad.; Homeroom oMcer; Pep Club; Drama Club; Ushers ' Club; Nurses ' Club; Rendezvous Staff; Rocket Times Staff; Class Chaplain. HUGHES, TERRY, Acad. ; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club. HUNTER, KATHY, Acad.; Pep Club; Marching Band. JOHNSON, HAROLD, Acad.; B-Team Basketball. JOHNSON, KEITH, Adv. Acad.; B-Team Basketball. JORGENSON, KAREN, Adv. Acad.; Pep Club; Drama Club; Ushers Club; American Government Seminar; Rocket Times Staff; Junior Achievement Treas. KELLY, TED, Academic. KING, BEVERLY. Adv. Acad.; F.T.A.; Spanish Club; Nurses Club. LAMON, BETTY, Acad.; National Honor Society; Con- cert Choir; Pep Club. LATTA, VICKIE, Acad,; Jr. Classical League. LAW, GWEN, Acad.; Concert Choir; Pep Club; Jr. Classical League. LAWLEY, PAT, Acad.; " G " Club, Pres.; Key aub, Pres.; Ushers aub; Concert Choir; Wrestling; Foot- ball; Track; School Spirit Award, ( ' 70); Homeroom Officer; Pep Club. LAWSON, RICHARD, Acad.; Concert Choir. LEE, TERRY, Acad.; Art Club; Rocket Times Staff. LEGG, STEVE, Acad.; Concert Choir; Pep Club. LESSENBERRY, DONNA, Adv. Acad.; National Honor Society; F.T.A.; Student Council, Treas.; Home- room Officer; Rocket Times Staff; Rendezvous Staff; Pep aub; Senior Superlative; Christmas Seal Princess; Celestial Delight; 4th Alternate, Miss Rendezvous ; English Award, ( ' 69-70). LOPEZ, MKE, Acad.; Football; Wrestling. LOWERY, LINDA, Acad.; Projection Club; Drama aub; Art Club; Rocket Times Staff. LOWERY, SKIP, Acad.; Jr. Classical League. MALONE, DAVID, Acad.; Concert Choir. MARLER, DAVID, Academic. McANNALLY, CHARLIE, Acad.; Pep Club; Art aub; Drama Club; Football; Track. McCORMICK, BILL, Acad.; Pep aub. McCURRY, DENISE, Acad.; Art aub. McKINNY, DAVID. Adv. Acad.; Pep aub; Ushers aub; Drama Club; Art aub. MINER, MAL, Adv. Acad.; Basketball; National Honor Society; Math aub; Math Team; Who ' s Who in Am. High Schools. MITCHELL, DAVID, Acad.; Track. MITCHELL, DIANE. Acad.; Pep Club; Art Club, Adv. Acad.; Rendezvous Staff; National HOTor Society; Honor Spanish aub; Math Club; Math ream; Key 231 Club; Class Pari. MOORE, ABERT, Academic. MOORE, CINDY, Acad.; Pep aub; Ushers Club; Art Qub. MOORE, MKE, Acad.; Art aub. Drama Club; Pep Club. MORGAN, JYMALYN, Adv. Acad.; Rocket Times . Editor; Rendezvous . Co-Editor; Pep Club; Ushers Club; Math Club; Honor Society; Class Favorite; Senior Superlative; Journalism Award ( ' 70); Who ' s Who in Am. High Schools; Homeroom Officer. MORGAN, SUSAN, Acad.; Concert Choir Officer; Rendezvous Staff; Homeroom Officer; Senior Favorite; Pep Club; Student Council Rep. MOTTE, DAJWANNA, Acad.; Band Hist.; Nurses Club; All- County Band; Title III Honors Program. NELSON, FRANK, Acad.; Football; Basketball; Wrestling; Track; " G " Club; Pep Qub. OETH, MARCELLA, F. T. A. ; Pep Club; Acad. OSBORN, STEVE, Adv. Acaa.; sr. Class V.P.; Science Club; Drum Major; All State Blue Band; All State Red Band; All County Band; All State Honor Band; Title III Honors Band; Samford Honors Band; J.S.U. Student Gov. Conference. PARKS. STEVE, Adv. Acad. PATTERSON. CATHY, Acad.; Library Asst. Library Club; Pep Club. PENN, LuANN, Adv. Acad.; Math Club; Drama Club; Math Team. PENNINGTON, RICKY, Acad.; Math Club; Pep Club. PETERS , NORMAN , Acad. PITTS, STEVE, Adv. Acad.; Rocket Times Staff; Science Club. QUICK, MKE, Acad.; B.M.O.C.; Homeroom Officer. RAWDING, DL NE, Acad.; Drama Club; Ushers ' Club; Chap. , Campus Life; National Honor Society, Chap.; -Student Council, Chap.; Rep. You± Appreciation Week; Pep Club; Hone Ec. Award; Rendezvous Staff; Rocket Times Staff; Volleyball Team; F.T.A. RAY, BETTY, Acad.; Jr. Classical League; Art Club; Girls ' State; All State Band; Title III Honors; All County Band; Student Council; Homeroom Officers; Paper Staff; 2nd Science Fair. RAY, RICHARD, Adv. Acad.; Jr. Classical League; Math Club. RAYBON, LEE, Acad.; Projection Qub. REAGAN, ANDY, Adv. Acad.; Track Team. RENSHAW, ELAINE, Acad. ; Drama Club; Art Club; Sec, and Treas. ; Gal. Grandest. RHODES, BOB, Acad.; Key Qub, V. P.; " G " Club; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club; Sr. Class Favorite. RICHARDSON, HUGH, Acad.; Campus Life; Band; All County Band; All State Ensemble. ROBBINS, GARY, Adv. Acad.; Math Club; Math Team; Science Club, Pres,; Chemistry Award; Track Team; Rocket Times Staff. ROBBINS, SHARON, Adv. Acad.; Pep Qub. RUBLEY, ALLEN, Acad.; Rocket Times Staff; Art Club, V. P. SCHULTZ, GARY, Acad.; Projection aub, Treas.; Jr. Classical League Track; Campus Life. SCOTT, STEVE, General A; SHUTTLESWORTH, BECKY, Acad.; Cheerleader; Concert Choir; Treas.; Ensemble; Pep aub; Drama aub; Home- room Officer. SIMMIONS, CYNTHIA, Acad.; Band; Pep aub; Nurses Club; All County Band. SIMPSON, ANN, Acad.; Pep Club; F.T.A.; Concert Choir; G.H.S. Bank Board of Directors. SINGLETON , DONNA , Acad. ; Band; Nurses Club Officer; All County Band; Title III Honors Program. SMITH, DAVID, Acad.; Track; Science Club. STEPHENS, DENNIS, Acad.; " G " aub, V.P. Concert Choir, Pres.; Ushers ' Club; Key Club; Football; Pep Club; Homeroom Officer. STODGILL, GINNY, Acad.; Concert Choir; Pep Club. STRICKLAND, DONEVA, Acad.; Art Club. TOLBERT, REX, Acad.; Ushers ' Club; Pep aub. TOWNES, GARY, Adv. Acad.; Football; Science Club. TROTTER, TERRY, Acad.; Jr. aassical League; Miss Rendezvous Favorite; Rocket Times Staff; Rendezvous Staff; Drama Club. TUNSTILL, KATHY, Acad.; Cheerleader; ( ' 68- ' 69): 3rd Alternate to Miss Rendezvous ( ' 68- ' 69); Jr. aassical League; Maroon Girl; Homeroom Officer; Pep Club. VEAL, CLIFF, National Honor Society, Pres.; G.H.S. Bank Board of Director Pres.; Math aub, V.P.; Stu- dent Council, Pari.; Rendezvous Staff, Co- Editor; Senior Superlative; Math Team; Boys ' State Rep. Adv. Acad. WADDELL, RICHARD, Acad.; Campus Life; Concert Choir; Football; Track; Pep aub. WALTERS, DEBRA, Adv. Acad. National Honor Society; Cheerleader, Co- Head; 2nd Alternate Miss Rendezvous ( ' 70); Miss Rendezvous ( ' 71); Dental Clinic Queen; State Honors Art Program; Art Club; Pep Club; Rocket Times Staff; Honor Language aub; Senior Superlative; Rendezvous Staff. WARREN, JERRY, Acad.; " G " aub; Pep aub; Key Club; Football; Track. 232 WEBER, ROBERT, Acad,; Art Club, Pep Club Ushers Club. WEST, NELL, Academic. WHEELER, LINDA, Acad; Marching Band; Campus Life. WHITE, BENTON, Acad.; Senior Superlative; Concert Choir, Ass ' t. Director; Ass ' t. Accompanist; Key Club; Homeroom Officer; All-State Chorus ( ' 68). WILKERSON, SHARRON. Acad.; Nurses Club; Pep Club. WILLIAMS, YEVON, Acad.; Nurses Club; Student Council Rep. ; Pep Club Treas. ; Rocket Times. WILLS, JUDY, Acad.; Pep Club; Projection Club; Homeroom Officer; Band; All-County Band. WILSON, DWIGHT, Acad.; Library Club, Junior Classical League; Campus Life, Drama Club . WINGARD, DEBRA, Adv. Acad.; Sr. Girls Chorus, Math Club; Honor Society. WINNETT, PHILLIP, Academic. WOOD, ANNE, Adv. Acad.; Honor Society; Sr. Rep. to Student Council; Math Team; Math Club; Marching Band; Rocket Times Staff; Projection Club, Sec. WOODS, DEBBIE, Acad.; Co-Head Cheerleader; Ushers Club; Concert Choir, Sec . ; Ensemble; Homecoming Court, CBS-eg, ' 69-70); Home- room Officer; Drama Club. YARBROUGH, WILLIAM, Acad.; Junior Classical League. Compliments of HOOVER MEMORIAL Highway 31 North Gardendale, Alabama AND J. DRUGS S ptnt " That ' s alright " S ptral Ba in the iStfe uf the Mgnbg bous 235 E D AmithiT foar ha« lMl c . A m r that lu«ijan In tho u-sual nui- fiuiinn anit ijri ' Ui intn a uoar filloh luith oxritiMUiMit. ito jpair. harii Umrk. tmi,i ' tlu ' rm ' 5. toar 5 anit inu. n tho (i ' la 5 =. nf ' zi 4hinu h Uu ' prai-so umir pa st. Uu ' aluto mnir futiui ' . IJmi halu ' luilu iuet luu un. " MarUzJ f •79 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Teylor-made " c .5r 3r 2l I Z O 3 ' xr !? - O 91, ■?y . '

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